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To G friend and fellow Slvipmofe EM3 Ronald Cecere 1946 -1967 USS TidewaTer TAD-371, builf by The CharlesTon Naval Shipyard aT a cosT of Ten million dol- lars, is named afTer The TidewaTer area of The soufheosfern UniTed STaTes. The firsT arc of The keel was sTruck on 27 November, 79174. The ship was launched on 30 June, 7945, wiTh Mrs. RoberT N. ScoTT, wife of The Commander Naval Shipyard, acTing as sponsor. The TidewaTer, builT on a C-3 hull, is 1192 feeT long wiTh a frame of 70 feeT and a weighTof 77,500 Tons. The ship has one propeller wiTh four blades and is 27 feeT 8 inches in diameTer. The propeller shafT is 79 inches in diamefer and carries 8,500 horsepower To The propeller. Since com- missioning The ship has log ed more Than 700,000 nauTical miles. The primary mission ofgThe TidewaTer is supporT repair for The desTroyers of The fleeT. The ship is a small floafing shipyard. The ship has many shops, including machine, boaT, e7ecTronics, carpenTry, weapons, and foundry To carry ouT iTsmission. DesTroyers are assigned a specific Time when The Tender will repair Things beyond The capabiliTies of The desTroyer's ship's company. The TidewaTer provides special service To The desTroyers. WiTh a compleTe medical and den- Tal deparTmenT, The ship can handle mosT personnel needs of The desTroyer men. The supply de- parTmenT can supply The desTroyers wifh parTs and special supplies plus shoe shop, laundry, and on special occasions, a soda founTain. T W ln OcTober, 7957, The ship reporTed To CommanderfTraining Command, U. S. Aflanfic FleeT for Training in The Chesapeake Bay area and subsequenf assignmenf in February, 7952, To Com- mander DesTroyer Flofilla Four in Norfolk, Va. During February, 7953, The ship was deployed in The Caribbean area To parTicipaTe in exercise "Springboard". TidewaTer deparTed on her firsT MediTerranean cruise in February, 7954. The TidewaTer focused all available faciliTies Toward her primary duTy, mainTaining desTroyers in peak operaTional efficiency. ln January, 7955, The ship once again deparTed Norfolk on her second Mediferranean cruise and was designaTed as flagship for Commander Service Force SixTh FleeT. ReTurning To Norfolk in July, 7956, TidewaTer resumed her primary duTy of Tending desTroyers. She again deparTed for The Mediferranean in OcTober, 7957. She reTurned To her homeporf ofNorfolk, Virginia in February, 7958. The TidewaTer enTered The Norfolk Naval Shipyard for upkeep on 7 July, 7959, and remained unTil 5 SepTember, 7959. She Then deparTed for refresher Training aT Guanfanamo Bay, Cuba, re- M45 EU' L Turning in Ocfober, 1959, To Tend desfroyers unTil deploymenT To The MediTerranean on 14 March, 1960. Deploymenf broughT The ship To AugusTa Bay, Villefrache, Naples, Barcelona, and Palermo. The highlighT of The cruise was a visiT To The ship by Queen Fredericka of Greece. CompleTing a successful Tour, The TidewaTer was relieved and on 21 SepTember headed for Norfolk and home. Upon reTurning To desTroyer- submarine piers in Norfolk in June, 1962, The TidewaTer resumed repair funcTions unTil November when she enfered Norfolk Naval Shipyard for overhaul. When The ogljrhdaul was compleTed in February, 1963, a helicopTer plaTform and associafed spaces had been a e . 1 OcTober, 1963, saw The TidewaTer deparT Norfolk on her sixTh MediTerranean deploymenT. On 7 March, 1964, The TidewaTer reTurned To Norfolk and a brief resT before reTurning To her duTy of Tending desTroyers. Early in 1965 The TidewaTer reTurned To The MediTerranean for The sevenTh Time. ln AugusT she reTurned To Norfolk where she immediaTely Took up The job as flagship for COMCRUDESFLOT 11 and primary Tender of The TidewaTer area for The remainder of 1965. From 1 January unTil 9 February, 1966, USS TidewaTer TAD-312 was engaged in operaTion ' ' Springboard" in San Juan, PuerTo Rico and ST. Croix, Virgin lslands. Upon The compleTion ofThe exercise, The TidewaTer reTurned To her homeporT aT Norfolk, Virginia and remained There unTil March when she sailed To CharlesTon, SouTh Carolina To assume desTroyer Tending duTies unTil her deparTure for shipyard overhaul in BalTimore, Maryland on 17 July, 1966. The overhaul aT BeTh- lehem STeel Shipyard, Key Highway, lasTed unTil 1 November. The TidewaTer Then fiTTed for sea, loaded ammuniTion, fuel, and sTores, and be an lndependenT Ship's Exercises in The Virginia Capes operaTing area unTil her deparTure for refiesher Training in GuanTanamo Bay, Cuba on 17 No- vember. 1 During The calendar year 1966, USS TidewaTer spenT 2 monThs in her homeporT and The remain- ing 1O monfhs eiTher engaged in acTiviTies in oTher porTs or in overhaul aT BalTimore, Maryland. The Tidewafer remained in Norfolk, Virginia unTil March, 1967 when once again she deparTed for The MediTerranean making iT The TidewaTer's eighTh MediTerranean cruise. The coveTed Engineering ' 'E" was awarded To The TidewaTer for The firsT Time in 1957, and she received The award Through baTTle readiness compeTiTion for The fiscal years 1959 and 1962. H -I -- -,lu-I-I --ip ,.1..T....' ' -,Q,m,..-.....,M..,N. -. ,. , .- .... ff -f . , 1, k,-1 up , 2, , I 22 fficw CapTain PoberT S. l-larward was born on The 21sT of November, 1922, in New York CiTy, New York. l-le graduaTed from The UniTed STaTes Merchanf Marine Academy aT Kings PoinT, New York, in 1943 and enTered The UniTed STaTes Navy in November of ThaT year. Assigned To USS SumTer as his in- irial duiy sTaTion, CapTain l-forward served on board Through The MC1fShGll lslands campaign and The invasion of Saipan and Guam. PeTurning To The Uni- Ted STaTes in SepTember, 1944, he as- sisTed in The formaTion and Training of The crew of USS Eond Du LGC MPA' 1661 and served on board during The in- vasion and occupaTion of Okinawa and The iniTial landings of American Forces aT Sasebo, Japan. His nexT assignmenT was as Engineer Officer, USS SGTITG lAKA -391, and in SepTember, 1946, was furTher assigned To USS NaTchaug MOG' 541 and served in This ship during mid- pacific operaTions unTil December, 1947, aT which Time he reporTed To USS Merapi CAF-382 and while on board parTici- paTed in The evacuaTion of TsingTao, China, prior To The occupaTion of The , China Mainland by CommunisT Eorces. CGTJTGTT Roben S' Harward' USN PeTurning To The UniTed STaTes in May, 1949, CapTain Harward reporTed To USS CompTon TDD-7052 and served in This ship unTil May, 1951, when he was or- dered To duTy as insTrucTor aT The Officer CandidaTe School, NewporT, Rhode ls- land. ln SepTember, 1953, CapTain l-larward reporTed To USS l-larveson TDEP-3161 as ExecuTive Officer and remained on board unTil May, 1955, aT which Time he was ordered To STanford UniversiTy, Polo AlTo, Cal- ifornia for a one year Tour of duTy under insTrucTion. Upon deTachmenT from STanford CapTain l-larward assumed duTy as ExecuTive Officer, Uss Lloyd Thomas lDDE-7641, and served aboard during ThaT ship's AnTi-Submarine Warfare Training Cruise To SouTh America. l-le assumed command of Uss Pillsbury lDEP- 1331 in March, QOTl, aT ArgenTia, Newfoundland, and served in This ship, which parTicipaTed in The AT- lanTic Barrier Early Warning OperaTions, unTil AugusT, 1959, when he reporTed To The U. S. Naval Academy for duTy. CapTain l-larward's nexT assignmenT was as Engineer Officer of USS lndependence KCVA-622, and his Tour of duTy in This command included parTicipaTion in The embargo operaTions occasioned by The Cuban Missile Crisis. Upon deTachmenT aT CaTania, Sicily, he reporTed To MayporT, Elorida, To assume command of USS AulT CDD-6981. CapTain l'larward's nexT assignmenT was on The sTaff, Commander in Chief, U. S. Pacific EleeT locaTed aT Pearl l-larbor, l-lawaii. l-le assumed command of USS TidewaTer KAD- 31i, on OcTober 21, OOYY. CapTain l'larward wears The Philippine LiberaTion Ribbon wiTh Bronze STar, The AsiaTic-Pacific Area Campaign Medal, The World Warll VicTory Medal, The Navy OccupaTion Service Medal wiTh Europe and Asia Clasps, The China Service Medal lexTendedi, NaTional Defense Service Medal, and The Armed Eorces ExpediTionary Medal. CapTain l-larward holds a MasTer of ArTs Degree from The George WashingTon Universiry. l-le was mar- ried in 1953 To The former Carol Jean PaTTon of EvereTT, WashingTon. The Harwards have Two sons, James Newby and RoberT STiles, .lr., age 12 and 10 years, and one daughTer, Susan, age 8. ffcka Commander Charles G. Baffen, USN Prior fo reporfing onboard USS Tidewafer MO-312 in June, 7966 for dufy as Execu- rive Officer, Commander Baffen served on The sfaff of Commander in Chief, U. S. Naval Eorces, Europe, as Assisfanf Ordance Logisfics Officer for Convenfional Ammunifion and Guided Missiles. Offver dufy assignmenfs include ClC Officer, USS Taylor KDD-11682, Operafions Officer, USS Mansfield COD-728l, Elecfronics Advisor fo The Republic of Korea Navy, U. S. Naval Advisory Group, Korea, Execufive Officer, USS Eursuif MGS- 171, Execufive Officer, USS Eessenden KOER- l42i, Oirecfor, Communicafions Division Sfaff, Milifary Sea Transporfafion Service, Aflanfic Area, and Execufive Officer, USS iDyrofAE-241. Commander Baffen, whose Home is Toms River, New Jersey, was commissioned Ensign, Uni fed Sfafes Naval Reserve following graduafion from New Jersey Sfafe College, Trenfon, in June, l952. Having augmenfed To five regular Navy in 79511, Commander Baffen was promofed To his presenf rank July l, l966. v+, MQ. LEET: Moron 27Tn, 7967 DESTINATION: Rofo, Spain AT SEA: II Days EVEN TS: Voriefy Snow Opening of New Sodo Eounfoin Hurry Horne, Dear or ' 'Don'T Sfoy Gone Long" 0 eeT,TT 1, ,Y ,Q 1'1 .-'e A -. ,fn . ,W S I o'on'T core if you changed your rnino'-We're nof puffing if book ' 'Beoufifulu iSn'T if! See you guys in Augusf of Yu!-ge. km 3...fv A65 A.. l-leyl Don'r leave now Anybody wanf a swap? Wlvaf- We l'raven'T leff yer? lbefore Alvl Tl1aT's more like ill lafferl Alriglwf - LeT'S gef going Pssr! Have you lveard we're going To flve ' 'Med"? Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel in background l I A-Q Fm 6411 ROTA, SPAIN ..... ..... 6 APRIL To 9 APRIL, I967 NAPLES, ITALY ...... .... I 3 APRIL fo 3O MAY, I967 SOUDA BAY, CRETE .... ...2 JUNE To II JULY, I967 NAPLES, ITALY .... .... I 3 JULY To 5 AUGUST, I967 ROTA, SPAIN ..... ..... 8 AUGUST fo 9 AUGUST, I967 NORFOLK, VA. ... .... I8 AUGUST I . ,back ' , T 3 5 ff' , W P lf ff f 44f.,,. Egxfg f, gf ff,f . ,,,,, W, QQ- , , , . fw X' . " Y .-1 ft ,!" 71 : 'S' 5 W ' V 7, M 1 529 4 5 X sw l If 1 'f f y f' if A y fi Q 'fffz fetus .f ,U ffr-fff+rqfy'rfg f V' wi, ' lfrf If eff ,lf W X A WMV' , I k V7 L r f,5,-wff2!Zry?Q4zW1WmM,MWQQL,aww A,,,, Line Handlers-Pulling in glggk fine QS Ship moves in background wifh Two Arrival of USS closer fo fhe pier. Subs GfOI'lQSiO'e. onopus Z Z Crusade , A ! ,, f f If 4 i , ,Rf CgpT'S of Cgsgde and Tide- STILL fooking for swaps! Tglk QbOUf being Close! wafer greefing each orh er ' i i X if . f ' X Our main purpose for going To Roig View of Rorg's bose ,wwW,..-mxwM,,- . . - .. ,,,,,., , 7 For various reasons The liberTy aT RoTa was fimifea' To The base. As a resufT ,. I The main aTTracTior: for The off a'uTy hours was The ' 'EM Cfub . As you'll see below, rnosT of The crew weren'T Too unhappy since The floor show aT The dub was greaT. , fy CapTain Harward-FirsT CusTorner GRAND OPENING OF REMOOELED SODA FOUNTAIN The proTiTs of The ship's sTores were used mainly on The Tours Taken while overseas. The ship paid 4025 of The c:osT per individual and The resT was paid by The person going on The Tour. T' 1 New Coke dispenser did away wiTh The nec- essiTy of sToring T5 ounce cans, and Thus saved considerable space in The sTore- rooms .a,gw....f ' li... .l......i-Y A Comedian Counfry - Wes fern ' xihns My Moflwer dresses me funny The FOUf lolqefs The Girls pop Musjc Folk Music The Girls from 407 Ligl1TSTreeT Musfang Sally Balfimore Maryland Guardian Angel -afin Flavor 'XXX X- .ii X wwe ns f l Tfled, l Tfledj, "BeQf MGHM ' 'You know now if is." Wfwfedf 75454 SiTuaTed on The souThwesTern coasT of lTaly, some ZOO miles souTh of Rome, Naples was originally named lNleopol's K The new ciTy l by Greek refugees who seTTled in The area abouT 600 B. C. Here, in addiTion To MalTa, The ATlanTic l:leeT Tenders Tie-up for availabiliTy To de- ployed ships of The FleeT. The ciTy has many inTeresTing siTes ThaT aTTracT The visifor including San Carlo Opera l-louse, The CasTel Nuova f New CasTle Q, Church of SanTa Chiara, and many galleries and museums including The famous lXlaTional Archeological Museum. Cameo facTories are numerous Too. ln close proximiTy are The famous ciTies of Pompeii, SorrenTo, and Salerno. A few miles off The coasT lie The romanTic islands of Capri and lschia where work-weary 7-idewaTer sailors were able To bask lazily in The warm sun, shop in The auainf shops, or visiT The famous GroTTos and Towering peaks. During our nine weeks in porT, by Tour or privaTe excursion, iT is doubTful ThaT any significanT place of inTeresT was missed by TidewaTer TourisTs. ,C W fjw ii T x LZ 1.1, Q ' T' ss, 4 ,Q ,. : NW 55, ' if 5 'Z ffl? A 1, 5 .L- kf I Msgs, 1 Q 0 1 i Zsw ' U X, - wif, ,I , W 5 i s is Q .413 X X amps, su, Z A msmss- W,44fsw s . F Q -J f s T .ff K f ,f ,swarm ls! Qs v,. - X X ' N N' 0 V 'XJ' H x X ' V . 'V 4' - .4 lLa.c ' Q-. .f C, , W K W ""'--...M Caprain Harward addresses a porfion of ships company on The imporfance of ships mission and sfresses each man s key role in fulfilling Thar mission The Naval Hospifal, Naval Air Facilify and Naval Suppon' Acfivify are some disfance from The pier area. Wifhouf milifary vehicles for fransporfafion we would have been aT The mercy of local buses and raxis -and we do mean mercy! sn, A Q, Fax 'Sv Naples is a cify of confrasfs. From The wide colorful boulevards one has only To walk a few blocks fo fhe narrow sfeep sfreefs where one car can barely pass. Mounr Vesuvius appears in fhe back Ouflined in a brighf display of lighfs, The Tidewafer vvifh ships alongside presenls a pic- Ture of beaufy and Tranauillify. - -:.""..li.f'- , Like Rome, Naples is a cify of churches X, 7 c ,i Aw Y l X ? fig: 2 , Eyes wide wiih wonder and minds filled with quesfions fhese dependenfs of American servicemen sfafioned in Naples and sfudenfs from fhe elemenfary school fake a four of The ship's spaces. 06144 X X EE 46454 Who hasr1'T dreamed of visifirzg These rorrzarzric islands? These scenes reveal why They were SO popular wifh fhe Tidewarer sailor. S is W A N , cs ASW A527 ,3y5,..,w WM. f - , ,ss ix UndouhTedly The mosT pop- ular excursion from Naples was The Three-day Tour To Rome. Known as The ETemal CiTy, IT is ever popular wiTh The American serviceman. Included mosT ofTen as musTs on his visiT are: The VaTican and an audience wirh The Pope, The Coloseum, The Forum wiTh iTs majesTic col- umns, Trevi FounTain, PalaTine l-lill, ana' The ancienr Appian Way. WheTher a man's inTeresT was in arT, hisTory, religion, archirecrure, or jusT leisure and enjoymenT, he coula' fino' iT all There in ThaT heauTiful ciTy of anTiquiTy graced by modern cul- Ture and influences as well. K 1 M-dun. I W6 A. W, W. My vw 'V 2 Y Jaw D1444..,, f Mwww. f',0'6, f .4 . if I 1 f f ,nf ?QQ9?W. 476571 f f Q iw mx XXX ,wx w Q f' Z Q,,g f gm Q 2 4 Z Z, 2 Wi M ,ww f, , , ,Q4 p2Z2, Ml 22242 ,, fffik QZ42??Z fmqgggg fNM . 9,, 1 ff f ff 4 ,A 3 be vw J' MV X an Waxman 40 v -. N f Q 2 Awww' Q J fx 'W f N Q Qi A X gk 'wwmwf' X. W-,,..Q, Wkwvxmx 3 A A ,X , 5 5 X X ex X .. ' H k i. ff,- ! Q Q Q - X , I W--' -f.cx,..,., .WX X r 'Sy i A 1. N m,.N-1 E QT i N X. .. X ia,,.,,. ...- xx X 4551 X L SQ SEEN Qgili Swim ,SWL x -'-Y '12 Ss aww, M. wi mm, L S ww, if f ff' 1 ,, X ry 1 S N vii if QQ Mfixjglga Qi' sei, wx i S 2 -ww N, 1 k JY: has r in :X 5 f f 'MN' QMA V f ,A , vw-Af fv. .V .vs X , X, S, V- 'iw -X j , - V .X ,, X5 fs A f , , Q . , V , 5 'Q s 'r1 . :4 ' S 45:4 'Ji Q 45 f 'QW f f 1 r ,Q f m 1 3 214 .3 5 " ' x gm .yr Y fi , xf VW A is z ,Ar L 7, N Y ,Q ,W f ,L ,fer sf-vre,,, . f, w X ' , ' ' ,f'C9z. "y'f35'2-'SWK ' f f' f .. 4 U ' w A 'P -1 y , w . "' PJ7fz"'5 f'1f3?"'7 fQJfw.wL,f-iffifsfiwl "Q s X? R' fi-xy ,ff .wa Vfgy- Z 'sfffwzg ,WA xiii? Ygwnff, 'XAQ J if 4 fn' Q ?f"'3k " f 43 W 's 4,-wif 3W" ' 3Lf4's1,fwf'm f Www iw as W ' wah' 2' +1 ' s if ,fr f 4- .if xy 4 ' -'fx ' -'Q f fw'1f ,mn 'wynfa ,Mt ,r 31 - fr ,ww f 'rv 'fs +6 'Q Q ff! 'f f ' i fnfliw 2 f f firil is 3 NW' 'W an Q' "if -5 , , wk Qfiw I f, if ,L dig I 5 Sf Wx . w -1, .5 QAKQAJ ,, lr , ' in , W!! V, b lwhlv W. , Q5 hfynwx V KFWKZZH ,ffk ' as if fig 1 'JQL 1 sfff ,f 4 42 , .-:jg rf W, .X M ,J -,fr X V gl -1 m ws Q K IQQV, M if is M5 j- : , Q rs, , ,riffs v Q Q, l f f .1 x y 'v'- f" 2' . if V , Q , . ' -'C '72 A P , Q, 2 'W ' , 5 f f , VVS?-Q ' ,av Y Y. 'I Q 58 Q ,gf r ' Q M vw M- QM fi 4, X' 1 ,Rf ,g Q Mf f K - 1 X ,451 rf fi 'vs 4 1 ' f,:' ?:: , AM -f 6, J 'f N Y I ,, ,Q , m, Q , Q M I MV, f PM if-Q W A Ms, ,N F isgyj gi ,Q 4? p A , ,, X 1 V X .S ,Ml if . f x VW X 2, , r W Q' os W '- 4, , ' o f of 5 9' , F , X 7 7 '73 5 M f of I f f m W Y f PQ M f 5 sj i W Q ff ' X eff iv 9 Q3 JY f I f f 1, f H m ,vf , 4 W , r X 'V I N Q 5 , Nj Xf i y l xt Y .1,,, W r , i f Q f , 4 X, V, , V , . X, V V, ' ' 1 - X V' r r r u ff if K f M S ,N I www jf M W5W"2:w.,K A' Q - M ww, A N M my vows "Nw , ' ' , fr . A " QWWQM ' 'f Q r r f.. 9 f, n ws ,fwwg-Z. 2:2 ,, awww-,MGM 42, ww, ge esac 4cpf.r-mam. - ,wwmwwhwffe +542 ,r ff f AWG' ' f f WW Jfcffr-640-2 6-,C WZVZN f - 2 , rf 4 ff K7 W2 ' Jawa, f' ' 3 W , Wh 67' , .f wwwfm' V'-M. ,ww -M , M , mwnpm Wa' , ,s X QIZMQHCYZ M np-Q,.r?C'2f,' '30 ,W,W,, 2 ,MV -UM, . Awww ,,,. , .,., ,A Wrwyam ffm, Mg. Q Mmm gwy M ,Q 1 2 , 4ffw,,,, 'A , wwe 'f W Each Sunday Thousands of pilgrims, Pro Tesranrs rogerher vvifh Catholics, wan' In fhe giam' Sr. Peters Square for fhe rroonday appear ance of Pope Pau! VI. M.. , . .,. V,-Y H .V,. ..,, .. ,..:..,T.,n .. . ..,, .4., ,. ..,. W.- :..,.....A.. .., .....,.. ..-,..,.,.,.,1.,...,,.-. ,...,.,,,..,,.......i..,...-...f-.-. W. -u.1.,.-.-fr-V ------A--V -W ----L'--f --uf 1 p A 1 1 E JAP" Pompeii was known as The ciTy of wine women and song. During The vvarmTh of summer monfhs some 7500 years ago vvealThy people and poliTicians of The Poman Empire would come To Pompeii where They vvould lead a carefree l ife Pompeii once a prosperous provincial Town vviTh a populaTion of 20,000, has always aTTracTed visiTors from every parT of The world vvho are asTonished aT iTs maje sTic remains. The ciTy, wiTh iTs heauTiful buildings, gar dens, and monumenTs, was desTroyed in The 794AD erupTion of MounT Vesuvius. Today olmosf compleTely uncovered, These remains Tell us The sTory of a definiTe epoch of anTiauiTy and serve as one of The mosf imporTanT sources of our knowledge of ancienT domesTic life Www? ' , syhm..-,VI X wff w MounT Vesuvius, rising in majesTic soliTude and beauTy from The Campanian Plain near The sea, represenTs The souTheasT exTremiTy of a highly volcanic disTricT buT for The pasT Three cen- Turies has been The only acTive craTer on The European mainland. The firsT recorded erupTion of Vesuvius came in Augusf, 79 AD, Taking place wiTh appalling fury, overwhelming Pompeii, Her- culaneum, and many oTher small Towns. The mosT recenT of her erupTions came in March, i944, when once again she belched forTh sTreams of whiTe hoT lava which engulfed The small Towns of Cercola and San SebasTiano. Tours were offefed by The ship To Mounf Vesuvius and many of The crew members parTici- paTed. To reach The peak of Vesuvius you firsT Travel on a very winding road which only Takes you half way up Vesuvius. The resT of The way up you geT To ride in a liTTle chair, which is indeed The ride of a lifeTime. Once aT The Top of Vesuvius you see a view rarely seen by man, The inside of a once acTive volcano, which is I mile in diameTer. T I i gag, i The sudden erupTion of The Middle EasTern crisis hroughT ahouT many changes, including The deploymenT of The Tide- waTer from The husTling ciTy of Naples To The auieT and reserved Tempo of The Souda Bay on The island of CreTe. CreTe is The fourTh largesf island in The MediTerranean, and was once The seaT of one of The earliesT European civili- zaTions known as The Minoan CivilizaTion. l-lere in The deep clear blue waTers of The hay The TidewaTer anchored. During The weeks ThaT followed, TidewaTer was called upon To pro- vide many services in addiTion To her normal responsibili- Ties. DesignaTed as an advanced base officers and men were called upon To meeT heavy worlc loads and long hours. ThaT TidewaTer successfully fulfilled her mission in an ouTsTanding manner was evidenced hy The series of mes- sages from ships and senior forces and Fleef Commanders, lauding TidewaTer's ouTsTanding performance and accom- plishmenTs. i . . - V . Y .. Y- .. - ...H . .-, L- ww- h , Av -W.-., v .Q-Y........- ,.-.,.,....,.f,..f, ..1-wf.-w-7,-- -4. ...v,..,,.5,7,f-.7,....,.....--.A-:. -,5.f.fu.1.y -V-----A-,N .,-v.-Lv.-Y-ur--W 1 v I H .,,f,,,,,, , ' X 1 J I f Q Y . 5 Y gf ' lif x if ii fl iw k . W xl 1 ,Q 4 Y 1 num-,....w. , i ' w w , 1 I E ' fp - 1 1 w I F 1 la 9 1 X 4. ,N I ,f 5 U 1 Q, -.. .f.- 4 L 4 x i c , S Q ' 7 X S N 4 fb , 1 M jfmy' X1 4 , M i' ' , K La A secondary mission of every SixTh FleeT ship is To express in Tangible means The good will of The UniTed STaTes Toward The peoples of counTries where The SixTh l:leeT ships visiT. MosTof The Handclasp worlc was carried ouT on The island of CreTe under The supervision of The ship's Chaplain, wiTh several officers and men assisTing him. Much of The donaTed goods of cloThing, house- hold uTensils, hand cremes, soap, shoes, and counTless oTher iTems were given direcTly To individual needy families locaTed in several mounTain villages near Souda Bay, CreTe. Books, pencils, and crayons were donaTed To The grade school in Souda Bay where men from The ship had painTed and repaired many of The classrooms. Several carTons of medical supplies were de- livered To The Boys' Orphanage and The Day Nursury for Children in The ciTy of Chania. The picTures on This and The preceeding page show some of The happy and appreciaTive recipienTs. 1 P K I i i i K I a w 1 1 ,JJ E fl My f f 5Qwf4 xKQf fi f 4 WM! X! f iffif WX J xW' f ff! f f W X ,M ,- . K4 7 lwwffx' WWWVA- . VJ ,U 0 f T W , ff Q, ,M 4..- ...., ,... ,. ., - . ,, - .. , M... .,,. ,, 1 K. ' 'ir 1 T T i T I T T I K T T 4 Ti 'f Modern meThoa's of replenishmerw make The Transfer of food and supplies quick and corwer1ienT. NOT corn- plerely elerninaTed, however, is The need for sTrorzg arms, shoulders, ana' backs of The individual sailors To Trans- P orT These oods To The ro er sTora e lockers. P Q P F7 Q' 1 ,sfnm ,v jx 2 X X f f f H! , iwiff K Ts , , X Z ZW li U! ,lrl I fl I I I .c ff -MMM , C f T E T T 1 1 I T + r Q 1 . 5 n W ! I I W 1 il I I i r P 5 1 1 F r , 1 , N E ni' ' 2 M., N x A425049 'Y 'Zi X 0 wi Assigned under X Division is The M. E. BOLLE -2'-7 ww Paper work always receives firsT class TreaTmenT by The men of This di- vision. To properly mainTain and handle The service records of all ships person- nel, process leave papers and idenTiTi- caTion cards, coordinaTe The assignmenT of men To divisions, and handle The mul- TiTude of leTTers, messages, and oTher correspondence are jusT a few of The areas of responsibiliTy for These men and They do a firsT class fob. W. R. SKELLEV, JR. SEN 0101 CHAPLAIN PERSONNEL OFFICER Boyd, BM 7 H. Patton, PNCS R. Hefwux, DCC J.Rob4Lmon, VN1 C. Holmbfneg, VN2 - Ship's Chaplain, or "Padre" as he is popularly referred To. His primary re- sponsibiliTy is To provide for The relig- ious needs of The ships company. ln addiTion To conducTing his own l5roTesT- anT services, he arranges for chaplains and priesTs of oTher TaiThs To come on board To conducT services. Counseling, Teaching religious worship classes, and conducTing weekday discussion groups are also parT of his responsibiliTy. The Family Life Conference conducTed dur- ing our reTurn from The Med was a high- lighT in The Padre's program. J- BROWN, VN3 T. Canpenzen PN3 j Q Az aw? ff! Fknlz, R Jonea, 3 D Thofmton, VN3 VX Vx . ,N f wwmmm f 5, iff f if ' X Zz! Z , , , W Z, ff! 'T'-Q'4'5' f? m jf fa 2 1 ff! AZ' W i ' I. W W Z 5 ws, W my f ' WV f X Www zwfux Ydfhx 5 . M Q , 7 N S: , VZ , ,ww W ,, f -Q , wt sf 7 2 ' Q , . ,i ,A . W, 0 NWfW5Z2K2Z2QW' Wxf f A , av ff, f A swrff Q S 4 WWNS 9 4 40k Q s, wifi 4 O, XZKL l' Lx tr' W 'f , v Q - XYZ- W 2 . WNWV, lf, f , f 7 5 , .inf ' ' Lffw, K fi X N zskg zff , ,f ff -QW 1 XA wx F 2.7 ,k 1 ,f QQ, f K yzpw . Msg X A - S. ,,, Q A y I , Qf X if 'Q f W 2 . 2 f X A l N X Ni, Z wx .M , QW 'yi X L: N, , Mr X 2 V 4 . W- f N ,WX X , S? 1' SN c. L J. muon, vlvs 12. sawn, SN N' GLW M' a . SN lmabae SN C. Nauu, SN D.PoLudn4afa, SN 17- Rambezt' Y 0 D LT. M. R. KOZIEWICZ OPERATIONS OFFICER None could cerrainly be more well pleased vvifh a "big job, well done" Than fhe people of our Operafions Deparfmenf. The work load of fhe radio and visual cornrnanicafions divisions in- creased fanfasrically during our deploymenf fo Soudo Bay, Crefe and The For Easf Crisis. Yef fhey handled rhe job olreceiving, Transmiifing, duplicaring, and disTri'bUTing of messages wifh real professional slcill. 0m,.. I ENS. UI. F. HILL C Thameb RMC COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER H. Glnegolny, SMI D. Salhm, RMI G. Box, WZ R. Quinn, RMZ T. Alum, R123 G. Blwwn, CVN3 T. CKIIULUKL, W3 -f KW I X V . ' , -, -ff ,, , IZA v X' I 2' 4 , I fl ff 4 2 ,f Q 1 K if .Mx I 1 f WZBW S. Feezefz, W3 G. Rvntana, RMS ,ml - D. HammondA,LM3 L. Kelley, CVN3 M. Pefmin, RD5 L. Stafdzeg, S45 X U. Temple, JIL., S43 R. Tomabbi, W3 T. Taacy, RN43 G. Wailea, RM3 P. wlzobeii, CVN3 L. Keahm, PMSN J. Micklic, CVNSN 3, . Z7 Q f J' 5 f my J wf 5 W! as X 0 W AW ' X w ' ,f M R f .f Q I A X L X: KSW 4- A VL, 1 . R Q, 1 fx I . A 1 k My f .X QM-WM,.:.,,.4f.,Rvw x..., , A H - M QQ Q Q .. VX WS- 4 W I B Ways.,-fy,-ww-Rf,-, WNW X 'ZX ' ' V ny , 72552 ff P -1- ,- ww, 4I"V34.Q: f SM X as 7 w ' " ' ,S ASS 5 j - ,f' M . N 7 2 X ,XM if 4 f yu. . N , f Q f ' fx' -, ' 6- U r v. ' . A . mf , , 1 , , f Y -f wg 'avg M.. ,.. 1 R. Re,LgnefL,RN4SN R. Stone, RDSN A. Auzvtin, SN G. Bannen, SN L' CbL,,Le6ebfe,L, SN R. Wingate, SN F 1 i S I me 2 T MainTaining The smarT appearance of The TIDEWATERE exTerior hull can be crediTed To The men of This deparTmenT. i L . "Deck Apes" as They are afTecTion- aTely Called by Their shipmaTes have, in s - addiTion To Their dUTies of chipping and ' painTing, The responsihifiTy of rigging F and unrigging accomodaTion fadders, I handling mooring lines and boaT booms, 5 sToring and handling ship ammuniTion, as j i vveil as providing care and mainfenance i 5 Tor The ship's boaTs. fl T i T 31 i if T LT. c. P. HELMS ENS. D. 12. BEARD FIRST LIEUTENANT SHIP'S BOATSUTAIN 1 V T 0 I Q' X MQ A X KQV XSS 'Z J 1 pm sv' sew! s, S ff 0 , ,x X . Q01 y X x , My e X ,5 'VM X ini' 1 xx "X X 55 S ' g my iw if 3 in A ,Q Q :NWSQANAW , T is QT , x s so pw f 1 M . , Sh ..,,,,. A .X gh K K MM ,Nw .M -XX X N M, Mmm M MW l-dimly.. gpix M, We A o, .., ,p,, ,, W W X X f - ...www QW I , NV fin' w,a,,wwM'W WM-sf , 49 X 2, QNX X X507 XS? W NXXVQXXX, , 1 r sv XX X X90 eww X564 fi f , XXXwXXXn MXN? X4XXa.X-'N2X'Xz VX V 5 X QXMXX XXX, X X .XX , , XWWXXX, A0 aX,'zX X, YXXM f X :XXX Xw XX X 3 'X 2 f JXNQX VX, wX X5Xw VME, MXXXA FXX f QXXQ1 TXXNT f X 2 Q X fy f X I...-Hp, ,X ,125 ,, X wig f XXX Sf X X 1, W,fZ3g51?3jgQ5,: , XQX7 XXX X RX',fW.XX,X M X X. f X f g 'ZR'-SQWCSX' VXXXQZTXX X-XQNKQ FVFXTXS X XX, 'Q XX X X 'Z f QyZZ1Y?g?f:?fg'XJ : 2 , N X , f wewwfl' -X! L QNX E f V iw , X ,, FN jf 7, X XXX N ,VX ,V 44 XX f X X , X f' X X . f' 1 ag A X' .X Sf? X S WS f "XV f X 2 wg 'X ' X ,. Mg ,QSXQQ F XzN',XX,,Qz I f X, ' Q 7 . 2 QXUX f . 7 gf X VX Xg 1 'QW , , 4' -,,wX,, T?X'f"' ,jk I , X. ,, ' ' 4 M 113 XXXXSVXMX X X , X f QNX, X-,Y.X,,gXX X 5 f X fx X 5' 7 1733 A X, f W' 'xx X f NX, agx,X.VsAk.7Xk,XX.,f,XX,NXX X, Y I '57, M V CXX, j XX, ,N X ,, .. ' A . ' , X 1 . ' , K5 , PQ ,wav X ,fd X Q ,X 4, QRS. Q e XX XX X -,XX X W X 1 - Xa, ff H.. ..1 if , XX! X X X V X X f 'X f it " , 1: Q J f XX 'XX X' X X X W K W 1X Xl' 1 5 I N XY 5 XX 'XX X X X' ,e fffXH af 155 1 X - , X LX, X, X , vm 1 'Q S L X -XX, Xxf' 'S X XX XIX ' 'Z AX ,, X X 1..X X X, A 1X ' ' F X X X X . X U f,3',?X,, J, l W X Xw.. . .X K. X x X Q4 an 4 1 1 i .f:' XL ag .X v gf X' 1 X X eXX.,X X ,. 14ff'5 V X f X X X X IX 5 2 Q if Y '- ' X 9 'H ' if c QX fb ' .X X, V X X. . s f- f ,fwf X' X X K, 2X-" XR 5 Q ' 2 Xw X X X , - . X 1 X, 'VX X. X , 4 X H 2 .,QXX, -. P Q SX . U W . ,I gX 1 y f i ' 1 Q - X , , 'xy f if X! , F X K X 7:5 , .. W f -9 1 I X ' 1 T N X K X5 x , M.. X .r-Qf 'X--37 f' ' 'fx fp Tags 'X ' 'vw-XXX ,,',..M ,XW iw, 1....fw fMXXX' W 'I' 5- X,,.-. .6,,,... Mm rv X' X , , ., ,X if 1 fl gg " 2, - Xi' X: f Q vf XX 5' 1..,X -X X Q f " - . - , ff ' f X X . ' Thisfxl, ' L. , f f-XXX 0,110 ' X V XW' 'X f 1 1 XL ' "Xp XXXX3. gg.-!,..... fy- UM- X' X I ,f f' 'tif "' N, K X 1 f xx, ff ,S , I W A , X, XY ws. 'N'- ' X ' w, , QM-X0 ' , WW,.. FX... 2 i :f X X A. ..,.-.'v,AE.-' ...nw ' X-mn, -Q X., we-X ...Q ,Q . I i Q get .SVN X s 4 X X X , . f I , ZS ,hh X, 7. 1 I Q l X l Q , 5 . 5 11,51 XgX gif X. X fE WAX, 4. X ., 21 N X ., 1 4 ,-4'fX 3 -X X XXX! . , f A ' f X 1 Q , ...XJ A 1 ' , ,Y an ,Q , A- X .. f , K X, X f X-gfui X 1 s 1 , X 3 XX x X X XY ' 3.5 I f 3 ' 2 X X 1 x f 5 X x XX9? X. f W .XA xx N Q I wir. , 1 , 6 , X , . S? 5 gf ' ' , 1 x 1 x Q 2 - W ,, f,,-- I -V 39- Q , , uw. WX- , g .X ,-1, X! 2 "H f 'iw " .iw S9?."'1 , 3' A, X, , 'f if Q.. , f Q '.. ' X .Am I ' XX ' . , H35 , u, Z' ,RXXH ,,? M . XX. ' M ' kg Je J- 3 I A N' X N ' 3 A , 5 N ' 4, X! E-XY' f I 'Xiw ' f ' . Xs...,,-. X5 K - 1 f A, X 1 .I X Awww f . ,, " 1' Q- , .N -X ,,,,, Or sk ,,,, ' , gum.- .. , ff ' Xi DV' W 1 f , S ga N 5 Xxlgx thc! D... X ,.: L f- fl za X Us X I 1' ,lc if X f' ff Y XX:' .X'.l-xaflwf Q X1 mf, AX XJXWQ X Km. 2 , 7. . Q M""""-fm, , XX, , www. W., 3 P. Fwmg, BN12 J. Gafndenea, B142 R. vuhafmaimms G- Owwb, BM5 E. Taban, H113 J. schmauzz, GMGSN F, Bamham, SN J. Bendea, SN P, DQHUUJ, SN D. Degufs, SN G. Douglm, SN w. Eamea, SN J.Ga1iafLza, SN J. Gnavefiq SN P. Honahen, SN A. Kapuaxa, SN D. Kochan, SN G. Kubeah, SN A. Milken, SN L. Mallloliy, SN E. M CGAZVLVL, SN M . Mumphg, SN X sw! 6 v V .J YW A wx, S N ,KS . f Y ASV 5 'wM4,'.fs Q S . S ki ZLSY A gf 4 f I' gf if GJ X X A S gf, if f f , Q A ,Hx 1 4 V S f Aw Q X Q oy x Nw QW y S., , , f . ' SM Q95 3 -1 In Q . 7 Sf J. PnLAing, SN J. Puiatti, SN J. Rude4aL, SN R. Schulze, SN T. Sflmmona, SN J. Tooley, SN J. lmughn, SN S. Shgbnge, SA f C. Bywatenfs, MRI B. Gatewood BM5 G. McKLnne. GMG3 , y, w. Vcden, GMG3 R. Bayliifsb, SN I I f Y J . Baizelu, BMC I 1 JB Xi 2 U 3. CI, A , W1 ,, :X . NW my M 1 f f 576' X' X NWN fl .S X ' , SW WW W! ' X ff wg W f f' . M c-wm,'wvMf ff Q -- X W .7f'fw..4fw'25."f , 1 w I I N I w iv I 7 f ff W w N 4 , 1 r 1 j 1 1 N 1 3 1 Q N N J. Bialelz, SN F. Blggea, SN UJ. Blain, SN R. Baoadbenft, SN J. Coggin, SN M. Cumming, SN R. Eabten, SN M 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1+ , , i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,1 11 1 , 1 11 1 1 1' 5 11 11 A 1 1 1 1 1 I1 1 1 1 1 1 , ,, , '1 Q 1 1 1 11 11 11 11 11 1 R.Ma.liL1lnAon, SN L. Mafmixfft, SN 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 T. eau, SN L. cfm, sw R. Hudwgefl, SN 1- 14042121 SN 1? 5 1 1 1 if 'M , ,.,, ,A, , , 21596 - fffmij ' W - , R-xg--5 f 1 mm wm ' 1 , 4 11 S 1 -1 -ASSS 111+ 1 1 N? gl: Xxx , ... -if I 1, A , fi N x 1 1 X A. Neaumg, sn K. obmun, sw Q5 1 xx S S X ff ' ' wi X X 1 , X Ev x .1 1' 1' Xkhx Q 2 1 1 X X 11 yi 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Q , E. Rivalna, SN J. Sciabcia, SN C. wallefz., SN T. wyman, SN J. Helden, SA C. Maman, SA R, Pedal, SA 11 11 111 M ... dx .5 .Q iys , , X X N 5 Qi Q .nf ff 7 S X ...'v ,UZ Z 1 - ,G f Q 1. if - f mls: S MN W . - mf , 'X'-.,. D. Mayo, B115 E. Muvulz, EN3 J. Teal, ENS U. MLZZQIL, MM FN R. Andnewb, SN T. Blnennen, SN M. Bullhebf, FN M. Cagney, SN J. Cafsfsell, SN L. Cauzsleg, SN R. Davia, FN T. Rzbano, SN L. Flieftchelz, SN J. FZWLQA, FN E. Flowem, FN R. Gmlggflfth, SN R. Jonu, SN 2 V14 A L.Lamou.lLeux,SN N. LaReau, FN K. M cKLm, SN R. M ohlefn, SN V. Pabnen, SN D. Slipping, SN L.S!.e1Lahow,sfu,,SN G Vahubow4lu.,SN D Longley SA ..,.,..,,g ff W-- rj- W' Mazmw' SA W- Nvflfflfwp, SA C. vaniqa, FR LT. H. CHANDLER E DIVISION OFFICER 0 O The Ship's Engineering DeparTmenT personnel are concerned primarily vvirh Two areas: firsT, mainTaining The numerous con- veniences vviThin The ship iTselif and secondly, keeping The main propulsion planT in Top operaTing condiTion. Some of The "hoTel conveniences" for which They are responsible include inner Tele- phone communicaTions, air condiTioning, refrigeraTion, welding piping, and lighTing. The main propulsion planT which produces 8,500 horsepower, and propels The ship aT I8 krioTs is also Their pride and joy. To keep iT in Top running condiTion requires consTanT aTTenTion To Turbines, reducTion gears, pumps compressors, and main gener- aTors. Their prompT aTTenTion To our needs meanT all oTher de- parTmenTs could carry ouT Their missions vviThouTinTerrupTion. 2... w. Mofmow, SPCM H. Phibbb, ENI R. Dawson, EN2 H. Dgbon, MM3 QU :SX ne QQ, f J S K J. Galndneln, EN3 G. Gunten., MM3 J. Reyu, ENS LU. Singleton, MM3 D. withenelli, MM3 G . Hooven, ENFN D. Spunloch, MM FN R. Lam, FN B. Maaaibea, J. M ontalito, FN M. Pafsftlnano, F G. Pulmelil, FN C, Savage, FN G. Teague, FN UJ. wiliaon, FN D... l f H. Tallbelat, BTI R. Bafutan, BT2 R. Lea, BT2 T- 9061023-, BT5 A. Gfuag, BT3 G. Halndems, BT3 H. Hegnen, BT3 J. Patlulcfz, J. webbcm, FN J. Pefmg, FA R. Honalzefz., BT3 R. Lang, BT3 M. Sexton, BT3 1 4 wi-ff Aye w ith, BT3 J. Eagle, FN M. McBane, FN . f- , ' S sz QW :Mi fi 2 f fv , A 2 W' ' f " I A 'sz . ,E 1' ' X , Q , Q, 5 . F . '4 , , I 4 W 7 Q ' A f Z Q if C010-3 J. M. WHITESIUE ELECTRIC REPAIR OFFICER W, 4' Z ff nk? . Mg! R.Me1Z1tLe, H47 J. Stebbivm, BWI P. Sftoama, ICI UJ. HLZLUL, EM2 C. Sftaggb, EM2 J. Benftliey, IC5 D. Cummingb, EMS fi Nix All R.CummLngA, ENA3 R. Gam, EM3 D. Haughney, EM3 R. Lflghi, EMS T. Tagllon, H43 J. Thompfson, H45 T- B0-1071, ICFN ' W X X SM 1 5 7 4? - J ff Q f M ' ,fifw , f Z X, Y f ' 92 if QW W f W f f 6 rf 1, " , 6 nl 1' QKV f f " , Q SZJ W QQ ' M 1 V4 X 1 my ., ! :V Q , L .f - ,' , Q ' -. - 7 , .. V 6 Q R. cuban, EMFN L. HuguefaQr,1cFN 12. muon, zcru G. Tufmm, EVFN E. Saundefw, W 1- Vfwvyfd. FN A- whiwield, HV 771 J. Sodenena, MM2 L. Finley, MM 5 D. Gadaw, MM3 R. Guam, MM3 S. Glzeeven, MM5 C. Tarman, MMC T. Schneide.1L,MM 3 J.ShaMalLma.n,MM 3 H. Smiih, MM 5 R. vena, MMS P. Jacfwon, FN M, Kmgh, FN fy R. Q M YYZIQSW x.,.I' M5 a .,,, iQ Q., Y fl. f A ft F M ' 1' S. Kunanogg, FN R. Maimome, HV F. M ehakeh, FN H. Mobbenley, FN A. Nicholia, FN UI. Reilly, FN R. Reinhafut, FN R. Svlyden, FN K. Thelen, FN L. wagonen, FN J. Wibehaaft, JIL., FN D. MLLZPJL, MM FA LiJG'cSNTgbLL3gE?E2g R. Fuzz, vccs J. Sande6e1, UCCS DAM GE E. Lzzzy, sF1 R. szzz, srvs W. Bfzuce, SFP3 D. FlL41edefLLchA,UC3 LU. SOIULQZZ, DC5 R. Kalzpeln, UCFN J. Robb, DCFN J. Debonzlze, FN UI. Fluzntz, FN R. GUM, SN A. Hadgznz, FN R. Lanefz, FN M. M gems, FN R. Smeiiand, FN S. Bowfshefz, FA J. Stoggea, FA COMMANDER J. H. BURNETT REPAIR OFFICER The can-do spiriT and The ab- iiiTy of The Repair DeparTmenT To Tackle any assignmenT was demonsTraTed ThroughoUT our de- pioymenT. Their repair shops in- clude sheeT meTai, carpenTry, heavy duTy machinery repair, prinTing, eiecfricai and gyro re- pair, The diving locker, and The highly sophisTicaTed elecTronics repair shop where The iaTesT in our Navy's eiecTronic equipmenf receives skiiied aTTenTion. To- geTher, These men Tuifiiied The primary mission of The Tide- waTer - ThaT of pro viding needed repair To ships of The SixTh FieeT. The receipT of many mes- sages of appreciaTion and con- graTuiaTions from ships and senior commanders in The FieeT speak for The high qualiTy of re- pair vvoric provided by The Tide- vvaTer. LT. R. E. TEETER ASSISTANT REPAIR OFFICER i3icTured above are members of The diving Team. Having To ' 'eaT on The run" was an occasional reguiremenT To finish The job on Time. 2,1 D... A. smzh, vccM 1- Bwzflof SFC H' Much' SFC E- Albfligfllf, SFI J. Bafzeln, SFI F. Coleman, SFI J. Cfmwgolzd, SFI ' fl f V , , SFC L. Doyle., SFC A A A. SuUi1,van, X is ., W-Nymgw, D. Flowefu, SFI 0. Gill, SFI M. Haabe, SFI J. Kallliam, SFI C. Ludwig, SFI E McCa.n1iA DCI E X4oncILie6 DCI . I 'I Y X I F. Steen, SFI E. Tllggany, SF7 LU. Williiamb, SFI R. VQILVIQZK, SFP3 R. Bgafnly, B142 J. Glmy, SFM2 R. Helmb, SFPZ D. Hen1uLch4megefL,SFPZ R. Myefus, SFM2 C. Newlsome, SFMZ w. Tannen, PM2 w. Chefsinut, SFP3 B. Hutton, W3 J. Jonea, SFP3 R. Mclnftgne., DC3 R. Pend!ie1ovl,SFP7 M. Pexfalm, SFP3 7 . R. Shbneg, PM3 T. williiamb, SFP3 E. UJAZAQ, SFP3 R. Befttu, FN w. Bnobenne, FN P. Butlen, FN D. Clank, FN J. Uampxlen, FN R. Duane, FN D. Hegg, FN R. HfLZZenbach,FN V. Hoggman, FN R. Lupftafa, HV B. McCoy, HV J. McDaniel, FN M. Thompbon, IN w. wllbniebful, FN W N N W W r 4 r s i 1 I i fl I 1 M Q I x V E i i 1 1 v i 1 . K1 'A 1 M I . 'r l 1 ,, f n M1 M M 11 QP il 'N Q M A 4 ii M li L N. M1 M ,I 's 1 I H Pi M M 11 i R 9 M r 5 w X 1 5 X 1 1 4 w w I ly 4, aj N H I -2 -MW LT. 1. 1. MQGARRV R-2 v1v1s1oM oFFzcfR J. Joyce, Bzecs w. mama, Bro c. Mezzweefl, MLC C. Bnadlieg, M R7 w. Goundow, MR7 E. Huftchflnfs, MM7 R. Lando, MR7 G. MLLAQM, src G. Mendez, MRI F. Plulboch, BRI S. Booman, MR2 A. Douglafs, MR2 w. wiiiliiamza, MRC G . UMM , MM 1 J. Fanmen., BT2 D. Filippo, MM2 R. Geeve, MR2 J. Gfnanda 1a66,BT2 J- MLN-M, MM2 M. Reach, M122 c. smun, M122 v. mmmmga, MR2 . 'HF A. Ca4afLano, MR3 J. Couch, MR3 R. Debcampb, MR3 J. Ffwbt, ML3 A.Gamache,JfL.,BT3 D. Gibafs, BT3 R, GILOOITIAI BT3 inn-aff 'Q ' fwzfww L! .WR ,X 0. wx ,f I. F. Nunefg, M R5 E. P1wphefte2L,MR3 N' Rondeauy MR3 R. Schefmea, MM3 D. wimmen, BT5 1. Gall, M1-FN W R. Hoofzen, MRFN G. McCachlLen,MRFN R. Menedith, MRFN U. Ro4A1Lcone,MRFN J. Sande5alL,MRFN UJ. ThLbodea.ux,MRFN C, webii, MRFN . 44" w-M7 J C. Aafaew, FN J. Banleijft, FN P. BLULFLQ, FN R. Cliafnfze, FN J. Diliofneiio, FN M. Dudfte, SN K. Kali, FN md' J. Lvmbmdo, FN G. Lvveu, FN zz. Maman, FN G. Mcvomfaa, FN L. Sumnefu, FN c. wadun, FN J- Wife. FA 2-5 D B. Mmm, lccs J- '6 k RL ga, EMC CWO R-3 4 A. w. Howell Divibion oggicen w E J. Bnachztt, ICI B. Fneeman, EMI T. Macuna, L11 H. Ahinb, X M2 L. Bagley, ICZ A. Mencado, Emz v. wnzghz, EM2 R. Canten, IC3 w. Cline, IC3 R. Conteb, ICS nf f 9 I w. Cuabelio, IC5 w, paubmann, EM3 M. Hendeaoon, IC5 D. Novak, L13 R. Pilechi, EM3 S. Roach, PH3 J. Chabak, LZSN B. Conklin, EMFN T. EAZQA, ICFN E. Gold, ICFN ff Z f ,W R. Manple, EMFN G. Penegay, EMFN MMHM B.R0dnLguez, EMFN E. Hubbell, ICFN J. Stawiiz, ZCFN J. Agenb, FN tm R, Bngffegg, FN 5, weffenl AN D. Danaldbon, FN K. Hanaia, SN L. Pickup, FN M. Raneg, SN D. Vandanboach, FN 1 f 1 1 1 ,1 1 11 v fyr, 1, -1 LTJG. R. G. SCHLUENDINGER ELECTRONICS MATERIAL 0FFICER 1 1 1 1 1 1, 11 ' ,1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 E . Bang UL, RMC 5 1 5 1 1 J. Cluaig, ET7 J. Bmlndle, ETR2 J. Duncan, RM2 J. Finley, ETR2 R. Gibelyou, ETN2 J. Haluulbon, ETN2 G, Mahimoio, ETRZ 1 1 1 1 , 1 1. Q7 S 5 j 1 , --1' 11 1 , - 5:13161 ' , , f-1 A 'S , Mf 1, 1111 ff ' 23' , 2, , ,MfA5.Q.,s51:'1-flew fx A I Nxifm k my 3 .,-5 :SN gy . My 1.6. ,t I N, , X A Z ,ff V? Emi l. If , K. 1 R . QI ,? - s . .. K 1 V, 1.,, 4 c ,qv ,I V x , 4 f .sw 'Q f 1 , LAW '.4,,fy:w.Q ,Q X' ?Yff'WY K f , M...,.- A , 5 iii. X M 1 sv., X W x R + I xx, SW Jf ff,1,s'NI'- 1 f X' 1 f Z- .rj K N1 -1--- 'B - 1 1' 1 A W A Q 11 I Q 91 111 ' Q 1 ' 5 11, 1 1' K NX 1 '13 X 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 w. McCanILn, ETRZ D. McCaAland, ETNZ G. Ogden, ETR2 R, wyafg ETRZ I ,ax J. Abuizzan, Erws w. Andeaaon, ETN5 W MP' M My w. Boyd, ETR5 X X 2 XL f., 3 A. vyen, ETR5 S. Kolachl, ETR3 R. Llndea, ETN3 A. Pope, ETR3 R. Cox, ETNSN J. Kelly, ETNSN W. Blow, SN R. wnlghi, SN -5 , , , LT. E, mggwg C. Ricfzmefm, FTG1 R. Cause., IM3 J. Chapman, OM5 QRDINANCE REPAIR OFFICER T. cmy, GMCS P . sgvf mffk 5 X869 fx PM ,IQ na s. enum, oms s. vepiezno, emes v. vzzzey, GMG3 A. Gzzzezxe, FTG5 R. Kondeb, Pres M LuLpe44bQch oMs F T zzz IM3 - , .u. e, ,, n . J. wilaon, IM3 J. Cook, IMSN J. Hill, IMSN J. Johnbon, IMSN T. PhLKh0wen,OMSN R. Sellenb, OMSN D. WQZZA, IMFN R, Finnie, SN J. Gannell, SN R. Mobeb, SN S. Pachen, III, FN 3 . S , ff K COMMANDER R. KAUOER SUPPLY OFFICER D To GdSQUGTSbf descnbe The viTal services of The Supply De- parTrnenT would require several paragraphs. They provide for The procuring, receiving, sToring, issuing, shipping, and accounT- ing for all The mulTiTude ofparrs and sTores broughT aboard The ship. They also insure fhaf our sailors are properly fed, receive adequaTe pay for Their hard day's vvorlc, have a place where Their cloThes can be laundered, Their hmrneaHyTnmmed mxiashkfs sTore vvhere iTems ranging from Tape recorders To razor blades and soap can be purchased. So vve're preTTy dependeni' upon Them Too-They're an irnporTanT parT of The Team. LT. J. C. LUNO ASSISTANT SUPPLV OFFICER R. Bonln, SKCS C. Hoah, DKCS A, Leadingham, SKC Nw' w. Baown, SKI R. Buhnham, DK7 J. Flnh, DPI J. McCaughn, SKI M. Patnon, SK1 G. Mahan, SK2 0. Peienaon, SKZ J. Bonem, SK5 R. Fonbeb, UK3 O. Jonea, SK3 M. Ravland, SK3 R. Sullivan, SK3 J. Tannen, DP3 F. wagnea, SK3 rfv S. Suwlnakl, SKSN D. wlglngton, DPSN D. Bahen, SN D. Blnczah, SN J. Colnen, SN C. Camba, SN H. Davlb, SN G. Debcampb, SN G. Dial, SN A. Pnaznlh, SN J. Hawhlnb, SN R. Koan, SN L. Mandlle, SN C. Snlnn, SN S-5 1. Eliab CSCS ENS. C. J. GIEGEL COMMISSARV OFFICER xg? H. Davio, C51 B. Hawhinb, C57 N. Gamble, C52 H. Hogan, C52 F. Kohlen, C52 J. Tindel, GMM2 R. Conbon, C53 R. cuzuwn, css J. vefmg, css J. Mangan, C53 W. Smith, C53 T. Spence, C55 T. Amenabaeh, DPSN N x S b X lf WEQ Y Xqhy KX 7 WX ,QR fx X 10 X S Q Qs A14 I , V3 X X eww? SV f fx 40S Xfbsxfkfx W X J X fwpg m MDN fl? 2 T. agen, ew FN Fqvufw X Ana if f X I Q0 XX ff fx T Bu.lgelL,MRFN R DlLenVLr1n,CVNSN J Edwandb, ETNSN f , jffmfvfv 442 fn, U 'Q V WWW! if f 7 AZ? X f xl fx f fx! Xf W xf Z f Wi l fl fxlf ff M f Hamm, Ja. . Helntz, IC FN M. Kelly MM FN L. Sheppafnd BMSN R. webft, EW FN J. Began N R. Boulndon, SN R. Campbell SN R. Clank, HV R. ClL0bLA1Yl., SN P. Dodd, SN R. Gentng, SN R. Ollvea, SN J. Schell, SN G. Slelnmea, SA , FFFF , ff! f f fyfffvf X ff' , ff' f f ' 'K ff ,f' 'ff H ' N!! , ff , if , X Q! ff gf 4 , WWfMfM,h 'ff ,, ,, ry, , f s-4 D--' 1 S. Euancho,SH1 C. Rothhau.A,SH7 H. Selig, SHI J. Dixon, SHZ 1 LUO1 B. C. FRANK SHIP'S STORE OFFICER X H. GILQQVUL, SH2 M. Tupab, SH2 F. Bendig, SH5 J. 0'ReLlL1iy, SHS C. WLKAOYL, SH3 J. wolndyfae, SH3 xnxx .. Ak N 7 is x X R .X 7 , 7 ' 'f WW' 'aw' 4, if faq .1-' ., -' , J? Q X 7 , 204 'V 'f f 7? I QQ? 1 f I 4 - X U 1 .v.,--WWW' f . .MM . f ,MM X 'QQQQ ffw, Zv 2.4 W ...f ff 7 , L, BuchhoZtz,SN J. Cence, SN S. Dudeh, SN R. Fnoai, SN fwi vpn. R. Hanaib, SN R. Kemp, SN A. Kiingele, SN R. Kolanda, SN , ia 5 , f S. Lynn, SN w.McDan1LeJZ, SN C. Nelaen, SN w. Talley, SN A. ThLeneman,SN R. Timbealahe, SN B. WLZLLA, SN R. Gateb, SA ,M LTJG. D. H. HOLMES DISBURSING OFFICER 4 5- J. Alumaftead, S171 N. Dizon, S172 L. Penez, SD2 H. Johmon, S123 A. Reyeb, SD3 G. Camelw, TN A. Eateban, TN R. Ebffllddd., TN B. Gancia, TN J. Quingua, TN A. Tonic, TN 5 ... Deep within the confines of the ship you will find men for whom "regular" working hours are difficult to define. Sudden demands for transferring andfor repairing weapons can often mean the loss of weekends and holidays. Checking, repairing and trans- ferring these weapons requires time and skill as well as care. The Dash personnel you will find on the OI level aft with working spaces in what is known as the Hanger Bay. They are respon- sible for keeping several Dash Helicopters in readiness for transfer to Destroyers, while repairing those returned for maintenance. LT G L TUCK LT -7 U CON WEAPONS OFFICER EXPLOSIVE s xx, f W I as A 1 N Moo Tse- Tuck swimming in the Yangtze-June 67 WD... F. Adam, TM7 M.AUzLnAon, TMI C. Va.vLDufselL, 'IM7 D. Buftton, TM2 J. Hagedofnn, TMC R. SUZKBULA, TMC J. Colbelng, 'M2 J. Henlny, NZ L. NfLchoZA, GMT2 C. Cafvnolli, ETR5 J. ChfuL4LLan,GMT3 D. Kozel, VN3 R. Landwenlen, TM3 . gy A A. . ,vw WK wwf, , .1 fig 'Z " , ' NA W, 121 fx xx , .v s - "M " 'W vi 2 M V.. . M x' ff 1 CQT4 frli' - - Q Q, 2' A I 'Q an X. Y ' KY Q X ff? , Q 5? j ' J 0, . f .Q px f' f 1 ' , ' ' . - f V A 1.-A .4 .. H A . in I . I .ff : -,., .3 wg X ' Q - .V fl? -..X..-w,..,.,N4 , 2'-.fx . 'N g' .J Q . H. M cone, N3 D. Paaftfuldge, W3 A. Poland, TM3 K. Rflchftcm, TM3 L. Smith, GMT3 U. Bell 'IMSN M Rgmand GMTSN A. Ruggua, NSN W. A4htovL, SN S. Dempewol6,SN R. Hoppeb, SN A Kobh SN T Lgd60fLd SN 9 U ,thy SA ' i u , l Q ' WQW X , L 4 Sf' 1 S mm an 2" J. Winton, EN1 ' R' COMM' Am U- WMU, AUR2 LT. E. G. FELSENTHAL DASH OFFICER Wwfrwwwvwvcwmwwfxwrv R. EluLcfz40n,ETR3 J. Gunmen, ETR3 J. l7avLdAon,ADJAN J. Johvmon, SN G. M clngan, SN J. Schachil, SN W. Vanbant, AN LT. B. S. MAVER MEDICAL OFFICER P 0 1 c. e fe f - Needles, pills, X-rays, sfifches, an operafing room, sick bay-These are all parr of keeping or resforing The Tidewafer sailor fo peak physical condifion. Sfaffed by one medical docfor, a chief, and five corpsmen, The Medical Deparirnenf provides rou- Tine as well as emergency medical care To pafienfs, conducfs annual physicals, and is responsible for periodic inspecfions of ships food preparafions, serving and eafing places, berfhing com- parimenis, and all ofher areas relafed To healrh and welfare of The crew. Wifhouf Their careful arfenfion and Treafmenf of our sore Throafs, cracked knuckles and foes, flu bugs, and all ofher minor ailmenfs, producfiviiy would cerfainly Take a noiiceable drop. w. Jacobfs, HMCS f Z fe S r fa . we R . . Q HQA X My J, , 99555. Cappa, H441 R. Cohen, HNAZ games' K Homatofd, HNAZ C. Palmen, HMZ T. waliizefn, i-M2 M. Dowellii, i-M3 H. Gorman, SN B. Kuzsftwon SN w P04124 HN , . 2enz'a6D COMMANDER C. J. CUNNINGHAM DENTAL OFFICER LT' L. GALL0 E J. eondon, SN LT W. E. ZMLACH One has only To enTer The i'idewaTer denTal clinic door and glances aT The modern, srream- lined, high speed equipmenT To realize The wondrous changes ThaT have Taken place in den- TisTry. The modern equipmenT was in- sTalled aT a cosT of over 520,000 noT including The piping, wiring, and hundreds of man hours of Those who insralled iT. On board is a uniT which spec- ializes in cleaning and TreaTing TeeTh wiTh sTannous fluoride. AnoTher uniT provides crowns, bridges, full denTures, parTial denTures. The endodonTics uniT specializes in TreaTing "dead" TeeTh so They can be reTained. All This is in addiTion To The "general" denTisTry of fillings and TreaTmenT of gum diseases. The primary mission is To pro- vide denTal care for desTroyer personnel wiTh a secondary mis- sion To fulfill needs of Tide- waTer sailors. LasT year 23,900 procedures were performed on 9000 paTienTs. fi, W G- Slanleu, DTT R. Bnnnnn, vrz D. Bnnnnnn, DT2 U. Stillion, Ura A. wana, Urs P. Dodd, SN R. Knnmnn, DN ff' Q Z fu f X 2 X , ff.. 6 X - - ,swf W .ww ff fr -is Q SWK, if r is V S f f T ,-4wafw!4, RD3 RoberT STone receives a ' 'CerTificaTe of CompleTion" from Professor VenTuri vvho con- ducTed a class of insTrucTion in The lTalian lang- uage. Professor VenTuri was from The John F. Kennedy School of Languages. RMC Bqrger receives The SecreTary of The Navy AchievemenT Medal from Rear Admiral McNiTT, DesTroyer FloTilla Four Commander, aT ceremonies' aboard The TidevvaTer Upon reTurn To The STaTes. CapTain R. S. Infar- ward, Commanding Officer, assisTs in The presenTaTion. NoT picTured buT also receiving The award: GMCS Ted Cary While sTaTioned aT Naples, a call was re- ceived from local hospiTal aUThoriTies for a rare blood Type ' 'OH negafive, needed for a newborn child. Having iusT received The capTain's personGl words of appreciaTion are The donors: SN FVYGVT SN Johnson, SN Philhovver, SN GlypTis, SN Griffef 5? jaw, , v...,..Q,.1..Y,..f.,, .. -- -,,.4..,L,,x, V ' -H4-...-,-4, "-'--A ,.-, . 2444142414504 47 Z fr ,,,, Alrer alrnosr five rnonfhs abroad, The ship enfers ifs homeporr of Norfolk, Virginia. Here we are greefed by dignifaries as well as ladies of heauiy and fashion. BUT besf of all fhere was Mom and Dad, wife and liffle Tors, sweefhearfs and friends -All vvaifing with expecfanf and hap- py faces for fhar momenr of reunion. lf was a greaf deployrnenf. We had accomplished our as- signrnenf vvirh flying colors. lf was good To be home again. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 111 M 1 1 1 1 ,1 1 1 I .11 1 -11 1 11113 1 11 11 111 1 11 ,1 E, 1 1 11 1, 11 1 ,, 1 1 . an 1 1. V1 H1 11 1 1 1 1 1 11 j'1 '11 1 l H11 111 1711 111 1 1 111 1 111 Wm' 111 1 111 3 1 1112 W mf un ' N4Y0N ,. f L . .,,. AU-ns Y 'QU X ww if v ffm vw fi 22 c Z ,s, N ' 1 ,,.- ,-. .. -.,., , -Y,...,. , 1 0 Chaplain M. E. Bollesen EDITOR ASSTSTANT EDlTOR Dr. L. Gallo, DC YN3 J. Brown RN3 T. CarpenTer RH3 B. WeTTer YN3 R. Jones IT was The inTenT of This book To poriray for you some small porTion of The accomplishmenTs, The Trials, The laughTer, and The fun of our MediTerranean cruise. Years from now, your cruise book sTaff hopes you and your loved ones will siT down wiTh This book and sTill look back wiTh pride as well as amusemenT aT This small porTion of your Navy experience. There were, of course, many Things The camera could noT capTure: The weariness and sTruggle To compleTe a difficulf job on Time-and The pride of success ThaT followed, The loneliness ofa waTch in The darkness of nighT, The long waiT for a leTTer from home, The sadness or joy which a Red Cross message broughT. Above all The camera was unable To capTure The growing, maTuring process which Took place inside of you as you masTered new skills, assumed new responsibil- iTies, found yourself exposed To new peoples, ideas, and culTural influences, so ThaT The horizons of your mind were widened and you experienced The Thrill of discovery, and learning and underf sTanding The world in which you live. These Things no cruise book could ever capTure. These are recorded in your sTorehouse of memory. We TrusT ThaT for you The memories bring The greaTesT and mosT meaningful saTisfacTion. Xumqg l 6 . .1-0011! is ' Avenue, nonim-

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