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5 o 5 1 FQANQE SPANN wx Izmuq, Cbglfl use, ZLSS. 7 f tvfn ,, W. V s .f ' !,,!-D1. ?e5fzaafzq 70- puzq 10, 1956 The contents of this book, which you are about to read, have been compiled and edited by the Officers and crew members of the United States Ship Tidewater lAD-3l l. The ensuing pages which you will read and the pictures at which you will presently gaze, depict a living drama which is part of practically every'Navyman's life?-the Mediterranean Cruise. It is true that on such a cruise one is afforded the opportunity of viewing the ancientploces and customs of an old world which has formed a goodly portion of the foundation on which our own much beloved way of life is based. However the Mediterranean Cruise also presents us with a privilege that tends to be overlooked amidst the strains and stresses of our daily activity, that privilege-the grant to serve ones country in a positive manner and thus contri- bute to the preservation, and safety of our homeland's shores. As an anonymous member of a United States Navy crew has so aptly stated: "But we were bode by duty to sail across the sea and to accept ones duty, in the true man's policyl' We fondly dedicate this book not only to the Officers and men of the USS TIDEWATERA but also to the loved ones who waited--for theirs was the greater chore. I S r L , p , I NU fly! mf ' ' -rf, ff!! xx Xlxlxflr 1 I! .5 . ' ..' 11" x , , my , , Q 4. XX M X M il. px . x 'fx 1 XE lx: XXX . X ll XX XX X: s S.. Kw- J r L s ,,,.o xwwwm ,S L XX .x - , N 1, 'X'l'M A f 1 . .. A I x M"""" x ' 4. VT' 'X XY- -zmf well Q X- W fr A . ,,..QW...N.,.. X N, W 'N -NM .pxamgp-V .A ,xx . .. xv 4 . M K . .,.,..Q +5 Q x f x xy: A H wQ.5sXX- . . , f . V ""'-'HQ-uNk,,,NMf,,,N -W' mf., 'Q xwr ,M X. K M .. V.-N.,.A5 M ,..N, , ' MM" L. Q "'N"w . ly-f ,ff W N X fx- ,-il M 'Q!...Q.w,we""'f1" W ' 1 'W -gf A "' . NM A N , K V, 'Q,g"'1 X X ww . x 1..-H' - x I , .E wwf I MX N .ww X , , ,A W www M... ,ww M ,M-A , I fw X- ki - . M, ...wg x M M' W R QW ' lfx-M-xg Xf' W x:X:f"'NiS1'5l""Q"x"X NK W ,, , ,XX , V XX A my , x W A ., f"'W , , ,V + '7 " - f Nm,-Q x ai-X Q - WW.-W "Q - .f ,,f,,3.f. H W L -- M ,I ,.. xx x X Q Nj -X ff- ,a-NHPF A , www' 'f W 'Q--'ff-ff-V+ . ' 1 W-" - f " "Sq" X YQ nun v ' N K X' "5""""A"" 'A N' it QM' ill' wr V, I L 7 ,V W , , ,Y 45-V'-in A ,f I . M R K Q I N A x Q f Q A xx x X qw -N W , .ff x x ' 'W X 'L ,y-,..,,,,.-w-X"',. M-f' 'mf' wmv ' ' M" X' ' x , M MM , ,xmlmnnunaf-N."'N x "' ' .W .N 6' ,,..Q-.. f .V X hi' 'Y' ' R' A W N5 N-Q K Mx " X..,.' W , ,,.- f- fl- ' , .Q-nf' ,.w,p.r -1 , x - -M X A x 'JDK J--. -- . -x +X,,a1f' xi ..- f x A W x 5 x wk A-3 ,ay-.,,,xpv -If-" ' x Q N- My .5 X- - M X..g-73.3,-,Ny X J"""'f'3' '7x'1:"' ,,,. ..,... , -- "' A--'1f9""' "" ' - -- ,,,,,,,,..,g. ,N ,., - A The USS TIDEWATER lAD-31 J built by the Charleston Naval Shipyard at a cost of ten million dollars, is named after the Tidewater, Virginia Area of the United States. The first arc of the keel was struck on 27 November l944 at ceremonies attended by Rear Admiral Jules James, Commandant of the SIXTH Naval District at that time. The ship was launched on 30 June i945 with Mrs. Robert N. Scott, wife of the Commander of the Naval Shipyard, acting as sponsor. The TIDEWATER, built on a C-3 hull, is 492 feet in length with a beam of 70 feet, and a full load dis- placement of l7,5OO tons. The ship is equipped with machine shops, carpentry and pipe shops, and a com- plete foundry. The ship's propeller has 4 blades and a diameter of Zl feet, 8 inches, with a shaft of l9 inches. Since commissioning the ship has steamed more than 57,2lO nautical miles. The primary mission of the TIDEWATER is one of service to the Fleet. Destroyer type ships are assigned availability dates during which time repair and maintenance beyond the capacities of the ship's company are performed by the tender. Supplies of every description are available as well as medical, dental and regular religious services. When the TIDEWATER was placed in commission on l9 February l946, Captain Frank H. Ball was des- ignated her first commanding officer. Successive commanding officers were: Captain H. S. Harnly, Captain J. W. Ailes, lll, Captain W. H. Watson, Captain E. B. Mott, and Captain Burton S. Hanson, Jr. The TlDEWATER'S first assignment after commissioning was to Sub-Group THREE of the Atlantic Re- serve Fleet. While so assigned, the TIDEWATER was a part of the nation's insurance for survival should conflict come, and thus was ready for early activation when Korea occurred. ln October l95l the ship reported to Commander Training Command, U. S. Atlantic Fleet for training in the Chesapeake Bay Area and subsequent assignment in February l952 to Commander Destroyer Flotilla FOUR in Norfolk, Vir- ginia. ln the fall of l952 the TIDEWATER participated in Operation "MAlNBRACE" sponsored by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. During February l953 the ship was deployed to the Caribbean Area to participate in Exercise "SPRING- BOARD." The TIDEWATER departed on her first Mediterranean cruise in February l954. Such ports as Naples, Leghorn, Barcelona, Algeria, Palermo and Hyeres, were among those visited. Returning to the Convoy Escort Piers in Norfolk, Virginia on 5 July l954, the TIDEWATER focused all available facili- ties toward her primary duty, maintaining destroyers in peak operating efficency. ln January i955 the ship once again departed from Norfolk to take part in Operation 'lSPRlNC-BOARD" in the Caribbean Area. Returning home on l2 February she again resumed her primary duty of tending destroyers. On lO February l956, the TIDEWATER departed on her second Mediterranean Cruise . BURTON s. HANsoN, JR. CAPTAIN UNITED STATES NAVY COMMANDTNG OFFICER Captain Burton S. Hanson, Jr., Commanding Officer of the USS TIDEWATER iAD-3ll graduated from the U. S, Naval Academy in the Class of l93O. His first tour of duty after graduation was in the Cruiser CHESTER, followed by tours in four destroyers and the battleship COLORADO. During World War ll he served on the staff of Battleship Division TWO, Fleet Admiral Halsey's South Pacific Theater Staff, and the staff of Commander THIRD Amphibious Force in the Pacific Area. During this time he par- ticipated in the South Pacific and Philippines assaults. Following World War ll he received orders to the Strategic Plans Section of the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations in Washington, D .C. This duty was followed by an assignment to the staff of Commander in Chief, U. S. Naval Forces, Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean in London, England. At the out-break of hostilities in Korea he was ordered to comm and and recommission the USS CAPRICORNUS lAKA-57l. Prior to his present dutv as Commanding Of- ficer of the TIDEWATER, Captain Hanson was the Director of the Plans and Policy Control Division of the Bureau of Naval Personnel in Washington, D. C. Captain Hanson is married to the former Margaret Fair Cillen of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They have one child, Elizabeth Fair Hanson, who is presently a Lieutenant, Junior grade in the WAVES. LAWRENCE D. EARLE COMMANDER UNITED STATES NAVY EXECUTIVE OFFICER ,. xX A ' r Commander L. D. Earle graduated from the U. S. Naval Academy in the Class of I938. Since then he-has serv- ed in old four stack Destroyers, the Battleships South Dakota and Missou- ri, as Executive Officer of the Adiron- dack and as Commanding Officer of the U. S. S. Hambleton, lDMS-l9l. His shore duty included a tour at the U. S. Naval Academy as an instructor in Physics and as Executive Officer at the Naval Ammunition Depot in Shumaker, Arkansas. Commander Earle came to the Tidewater in l955 from duty in the U. S. S. Missouri where he served as Operations Offi- cer. ' I I f , W ADOLF J. MILLER CAPTAIN UNITED STATES NAVY COMMANDER SERVICE FORCE SIXTH FLEET I XGIE : WI I I5 6 'THOMAS H. COPEMAN CAPTAIN UNITED STATES NAVY CHIEF STAFF OFFICER SERVICE FORCE SIXTH FLEET FH Ip I I .1 ' .5 H X rp' I 1' I ll I ,IIIQI IH CDR. E. T. DOBBYN Logistics SERVICE FORCE ASIXTH FLEET STAFF orncsns CDR. T. E. BLADE CDR. B. E. TOON ' Legal Plans - Operations CDR. J. E. RAYNES CDR. R. J. FLEISCHAKER Viiu A LCDR. J. W. WINTERS Assistant Logistics ' M d' ' - - - G ICU' Administrative Assistant Same one Saud Wee: Smgg Oggaww LCDR. J. SALOP LCDR. L. E. BRYAN LCDR R, T, LUNDY Assistant Plans Assistant Operations Assisfqnf Lggisficg LT. R. R. DEIBLER LT. J. D. DAVIDSON LT. R. W. BATES Communications Electronics Material Intelligence i LT, G, K, ARMSTRONG LTjg. M. K. PATTERSON LTjg. D. SCHNABEL Assistant Logistics Administrative Assistant Assistant Communications Disbursing THE CRUISE BOOK STAFF THE EDITORS LT. B. w. LoNc - CHC - usN - EDITOR LT. E. P. uNosLoM - DC - usN - EDITOR mg. s. P. 0'ROURKE - usNR - EDITOR A. w. KRuEnELsAcH - PNI - usN - Ass'T EDITOR E. J. PARKER - RMSN - usN - ASS'T EmToR M. I. TILLMAN - PHa - usN - PHoTocRAPHER o. c. HEATH - 'PH3 - usN - PHOTOCRAPHER C. J. GOODRICH, JR. - DM3 - USN - ARTIST ei 129' iavnf' 0 N9 9-xy ,Q I-1304 Joe' ei ite saga- 5' ul M sv! wf'k'o'eo" J isis! 4:3093 in Mm Q6 YJ- avfoarz 'YYEOYEEGX' cr'd1 YF-5' 0'5" 49311 1 5 iooqnrxff 39689 'flue 'Q i 1 Y 4.-bv: ec Q db OYGEM5 bei 'if 0 in ,1'3?3o3w,,g,5 2120 tb ' . 1 ana 9 - 19151 -X0 'oh Q fesarga can ,i KX 195 gg an 'HK 0 , me 91 9 C ff , I txfgirg. C3215 v'1f'::a:fX:A?Q::1'1e?5Hq:na xgowg bf, 'P 1 Y'uf3' feasaqf- X o Q 62953 939' fo NLG faq ,Q of a to ana, 2 ,baggage .gal-yan were amuse . vox nifdtg 'J 0 Q as 0 'frat' tai' ana 1 ut 953633: waist ony' W 011 Tx. oisga-swag ode Q, od. lb AQXXQYLQXQ-ue f 7559131 5 A Seal Cboix-.6 'f"sna9 'Q 56? I 5 9 50" i as Yi, 'D 050' '94-, -a 5 Wu D6 Pkbe ,CQ 'Lash qoiishisxokbg qi1?G9coN5x Xkgxjgasdx CED 09246 an u Q .8 1g'na .xi 5 31132, g"3213vyi.f 91 fi' G dn. Egg-+f3-519.5 xi' monosuo g iooiaifefa for ant, we ' 501-" haf' 6:1 Q- i agag o .SSTP-xl of 9 rt bu19Q.. 9. 395 ogfou 90919 Ot Q Q55-5 0 .iso vang, 533359695 sfo zolyfo 9089650 i0ft1t1io1j,f-Quai, 4 a 212111 or 0 We -f 11315 Q ge Q vu 1 Jus: Il ,JN Tito do 1-,Ylffx an .c alyhxofls asf, is 0 ttionvqg 9.01-9 . 0209 gown 9na9"!-A -9 efntwtaxg Yo aw' Koh Aon 1.52 at u' X159 thaw faqqlos we J-ww H' 1 5 Aer '-i Gfxsbf. am "f"'Q:u 0 Y' tbemhl no La Q95 ,over avg Wx 8, in-:net Y. bam 'fnjrgx' X29 39 ,X A at gfikafl to C' g th -ini Bxwagw Q. . 0 -5 naoafxx AQtQq 9 YK Y on .g5z?QQg:3g513,:: so 5 Oanevoa up 'Q -Si .986-55335 gg,-0 9' gvueffbe 6 rqc' 3 ?', '0-Wpoipidla ' Sxzbnex ,oafnaqfyaqe ,pu . QTLC 1-gzag U' vga-5 ""' .eip xl . o 3 ixb3at0g"'d0 -' 1' 3195?-D ffno tm' 'J ff Y n .. .9 Q wwf, "' ax -1' Wild ,A Enom Q39 A 'Two'-h c-LOA, 23 Shogi ies 59 0 -WJ' - 5 .tv 8 0 a.L119:1.'0t Warqngi vga YK :fre T- T, at that f'i'WJ' M011 -21-e coace r 'zr 5 e 'Wea dljployfd to distaqt plqcegjdgoq 53051 1:1 mb, ies Q1-e ooacehqed 'vitlz the 'fell beige, of their ' i 'QP -9s-vllr-ince as Officer that Wu, 1, recei ve tbe best possible cire Qqd attention . W 'dll be there ' rfjftilgl 'lib to way rlmwezm. si a eveljp port of' cill. .POD CY tb V9.9 ' be av:g1a1,1?L:.:ZQQ,h5I be QP:-'idged for tlze 01 4912021 faeili ' selvices of olv tba mea. Pau usb-iqd ' an hw 67225 "' 'U seeihg Oppom' ' '911rp1e Qqd .Mm 2511 'e ti es ' for mea o 'QQ Ju ' I 'vo J, .t. tofu-s 'fizbpge arranged Czes to ,blue-base gin-.v for . F110 ed?-Qgtqges or travel creatioizil -hd Gducqtjoqql ppggpqm lg, 6 "'9l1'Ql'ifr from olu- Ivorlr. .Zedi 0121 e '2"2'elQb ' at 'ill time-v, and Poli 1' all 1'-iirlu 'fig be provided, adfiitioa to z-be ' A e' ' Qld lilfe to faeatioa tzzrgmssigfnqluded ff ' ' be d 'v dggadbfiz the Q1 eb sflggested Qad g-ious il: tl: Gd as operat' that y -me co 6 Dqaeadelzts Oooltle Pibi J' s 'bl log soueduzgofaiafo sl 6 ou use Qir cy-iq for fu-ect address is: 1' 8 , but ' ship. It 'QQ Jfollr let A awe: Divis' wr ' po is ters. Jozirry lon: -Qt "7f7i1 Qddre stage fo - JQ1339 I2 Ji ' ' USS A' sseq' ' r .2 11 Ouesti Qper n 851 '38 d , sag osx 'fzsiou 410315174278 Ove of Ah' lu 's 111 olvgil .letwlz ous coace . C40 fleet ' Ibm- terj. aaaeb 'Yliae' fobuaa ' NJ-U I ost Off' , 43-'ry Por rGglLire yolu- ill dbg' ff! S. Ab O ice -4- s only ohqea 0 cer 'ff 'Ya 0111 lmeur Qlev tlze 6c o ce 01. . Q11 Z' sl: Qld be rolnllwed to: an Center Pisionj QI 0' -14, Ojlfc eeuqlf laess e 6 .l2'U'1?eli'e1j oralgyscgzi-aclzgzilgto we Qestrqyer Qotilla 100105, Pe fred flirec-lily to the ' et fobglq in CQIQZQQ attached. r sllip 6 12 P8012 D . der 'wh Pie .Ted Cross, :Ig Offfice, Cofvqfilzder 6.1 uessages can be traqsx la aocolw-u1ce hritb tlze inst cti Q ll! Oflielj ILS. Alllanltic fleet Notyge 0 S QI'-leave can be gr t eatfz or serious JQZ1qes?iqedtg:I5QZ2aieb3'?QfgUQ,?Pi,ZiZ, :fy 5:3 212:02-25. be Vefflfded by the Red Cross or the Oureau or It is 'qy iqtdqtioa to lreep each or' you ilzfolrged of tlze acti Viti es or the TIDQZTQY and its ner, Wzgle iq the ,'fvQ5're1q-aqeaq, by sending y a personal copy of the ?YOL7lf4T4'5?? paper 'dligb Ii de" at frequent i , S-XXX-Q I ' 1, of colu-so, be ple-2.9011 to beflz- frdm you at b ""! i mttzi pert ' ' to the rv'-111 being ofyolu- Ml -'xx'-, Capt .' X 1 dll aterv 'my rim busbfuyd. QI-1. e colzcehg ,Zur x . MGD' vw WW Q6 A SAD DAY IN FEBRUARY A t I ly dy 5 iss' 1 I I 'Q Pt tly tg in Q QQ 1- Glad to see us? Away all boafs Sunny Riviera? P x , ,ff 'i ,ze A Z Z W xx if 6 NAVV DEPT 1 f i?': iiiivp ' ' jd XXL'f I Y-1' f 5 , 5 I f Www 0 I - f EXW ff 0 -u. of xv 7 Many long days . and hard work , W L , 1 1 l , , ni fn ,f Q .sa-- fm X :fm ' ' x '7,,,3,,, 'T-ffl' , x fxgg . M'-wr WNW fx, x N, any VW' W WAY ALL IN A DAYS WORK ACTING UP Q74 N .. STROMBOLI Stronnholi .... Once thought to be the home of the fire god Vulcan by the ancients and the entrance to ' ' ' ' Y ' ' I f I 'ses 3,022 ft. pargatory in Midaeval times, is an Island off the No.thern coast of Sicily, Its o ty vo cano rn oat of the sea and is in a state of constant activity. 3, Yesterday's Fire-drill was marred by one major discrepancy-Repair Party , U.S.S. TIDEWATER KAD-51, Working Division: Sth -------PunoFrHEDAY----------------- C R'Dl"S LOUNGE! 'JATCH 1600-1900 PRADSHAW, SH3 . 1900-2200 FERRIS, EMI Wednesday, 25 April 1956 Follow normal see routine, except: 0615 0700 0800 1245 1500 1330 1430 1530 1930 1945 1. 2. A11 C57 Dept. working party, See Hote Qsj Rig after station for wire 30 empty gas cylinders Q10 ecetylenej in exchange for ing party assemble empties ceived cylinders. fb, Rig forward fueling static 0530 Early reveille for deck force, Engineers fueling detail and Repair l. highline transfer to CANISTEO of eachp carbon dioxide, oxygen and filled cylinders. Repair Dept work- at transfer station and stow re- ll. faboutj Alongside CANISTEO for fuel and gas cylinders. Muster on stations. Turn to. General Quarters crew man CIC for surface target tracking. Cab Commence CIC exercise Z-12-CC. fbj Special Court Martial convene in Crew's Lounge. All lst and 2nd Division not on watch report to messhall for medical lecture. All, B, M, and Staff Division not on watch report to Crew's Lounge for medical lecture. All General Quarters lookouts and director crews report to Operations Officer on signal bridge for instruction. fSunsetj Darken Ship. Muster night watch personnel with BK on watch. General Quarters. ivan:-rmnnevvrm LOTES xxnxvrvrxmxt J Furnish l PO and 15 hands working party from Repair Dept, Ol deck aft at 0615 to handle gas cylinders. - Paint will be issued between 0800-0900 and 1300-1400 daily and is to be turned into the paint locker at 1550 the same day. hands having baseball or softball gear in their possession, return same t0 Athletic-Gear Locker at noon today. failed to rig second hose at scene. The OBA teams did very well. 4. The below named personnel were advanced in rate effective 16 April 1955: From 3-5 to E-6 DCBOS 5Tl PAYNE M51 FILLEY QM1 SPINELLI MMI 5. Any enlisted nember of the naval service interested in being selected for Officer Candidate School indoctrination and appointment to commissioned grade in the Line, Supply Corps, Q Civil Engineer Corps - check BUFERS INST. 1l2O.llA in Coptain's Office or Personnel Officer for information and requirements. 6. -GJD Tests will be administered in the 'rew's Lounge at 0850 for tle fnllowin A - v 1 g named men: 1 ADALS, BM? GRAHAM, IMSH PARPER, SA CANNON, FA ZAXFIELD, TM2 LONTGCESRY, IGFN BALL, SA Q ELLIOTT, FA HALL, LAS HUNT, FN BLUCL SA "iTD'1cvL9s-L L. D. QARLE CDR, USN Executive Officer iw I ,ls ix Y: E .. 5, M V a JV rg 4 'gf A ii, v , . .. ,, Mk Tidewater with tlock Med moored at Pireau-s, Greece Pireaus, Greece 3 March-15 March, 1 May-8 May .......... Cannes, France 23 Feb.-25 Feb., 23 March-2 April, 7 April-I6 Aprilp 16 June-26 June Suda B'ay, Crete 21 April-23 April, 9 June-ll June Rhodes, Greece 2 March, l4 May-I7 May, 22 May-23 May Izmir, Turkey 24 May-4 June Palma, Spanish Majorcas 28 June-29 June REAUS The seaport ot Pireaus, the main seaport of Athens, Greece, has been of major importance since ancient times. Fortified walls connected Pireaus with Athens in 445 B. C. The Athen- ian Fleet was based here and it was from Pireaus that the Greek Fleet sailed forth to the Trojan Wars. The port was destroyed by the Romans in 86 B. C. and the name was changed to Port Leone. When Athens became the Capitol ot Greece, the an- cient name of Pireaus was re- stored. Pireaus quays, break- waters and drydocks have been rebuilt and once again Pireaus is the Chief Port for Athens, Greece. n IS :e ld Th 1. it lk lil fd id lil lle n. ,eu lk- ell IUS ns, L fl -l FLEET CANTEEN AT ATHENS Have the rolls left the ship? How many Hot Dogs will we need for to- morrow? These are familiar words to the Supply Department upon enter- ing port and setting up a Fleet Can- teen. For just as important as runn- ing a liberty boat schedule or mak- ing a Med Moor was the convenience and hospitality of the Fleet Canteen. Are you hungry? Have a Hot Dog. Are you warm? Have a cool drink. Want to dance? Here's a hostess. ln every port the Fleet Canteen was a major morale builder. f Mfg able Cree Us TI, Us e Sa Und Hoflqr do' fo 40,5 0 f ' C C. Ce feeh Pqy U hnoh AW! fd f ,, ,ff i My Z ff Q W, ,, I ,f ' f f ,yi -W, 5 X - "How did the General Mess Cup get here?" N W fiiiltl 4 E ,N N ,l l ill y T i i l fl A T i . l" 4. ,k,,-f-1, . .,. W kr MWA WJ- , .. ,,,,-,, ,ff-' ,- ----- e-' we. I- v - -., ,. -. ,, ,, . ,..V . ,L .,uu.M,m,M,, Cannes rangg, E 1 V is Pu 53 22 iff! if! I 4!5 ,ff 'z I E1 1 fs ml ,fr '1 I I lsfi iff' 2 Lf 'E 'K 5 . I f ,I 'Y F ?. 'qv in JI 5 A . A 1 'gill W ,.. L .lib Elf , D gg. . , f 1 X ,Minsk-ww Wm f f ffm!! W, ,ws ZS, my fgfxwly p w , W ss ,,-Q QVW, KN! T W, W www wwwm W I fm U ,, 31612, at M A ff CANNES, THE HEART OF THE RIVIERA Cannes, along with C-olfe Juan, Juan les Pins, Antibes and Grasse, forms the major portion of the resort area known as the French Riv- iera. Little is known of its early history ex- cept that it was twice destroyed by the Sara- cens in the Sth and lOth centuries. Napoleon landed in this area in 1815 on his return from exile on the Island of Elba. Opposite the town is the Island of Ste. Marguerite where, in the fortress, the Man with the lron Mask was confined from l687-l698. Associated with Cannes are such things as: Perfume, Ro- mance, Bikini and Beauty. Monte Carlo Fw l-3 Us 'T yAJ f ' ff? 92,5 1 I Y A I, T , 1 Y K 1 X I s L . wx I it f 4 , Q 5 mx ii h i 11-si 2 1iL ,L , H 1 Fliig wif, 1 .,, g 5' 1' L ggi- 127, , ,g,-5 :gif Qi E CANNES OFFERS A VARIETY I MM!" Q UWM f Quite Strolls Q if D Boating ff . . ' ' D' t i ts scemc Drives Quaint Business I5 I' C The Island of Rhodes was inhabited in pre- histoic times, lt participated in the Trojan Wars. Having conquered the Phoenicians the Island enjoyed self rule until the 7th century when the Pelopennesian War came. The Rhodians fought in this war on the side of the Athenians. ln 4000 B. C. the pesent city of Rhodes was built. - In 304 B. C. the Collossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world was built. The statue was over l00 feet tall with a staircase leading to the hollow head of the figure: An earthquake in 227 B. C. destroyed the statue. ln l309, the Knights Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem made the Island a fortress and settled here after the Crusades. They ruled for more than two hundred years. The old walled city with the Grand Master palace and ancient fortifications are still to be seen today Some did it the hard way Follow f he leader xiii ff. Casey at boi' . n Trdewdfel' wma X ' W W V .X 1 s-Wfgsjvz S :gg ,nv Z Q Wgsgifzfsbri. W X ' H ss . s,, day? if X- f , f ff ,f sf 'Aw , is -ff W , ,W X. xx J Us, fxsfssw Q, sw ?wMQ.- W, ff W W Jw X XWQ-wa ' X f ' M5525 s f ,W I Z Passing the buck shipping over chow QW. s -il 3 . Krew QQ . K 5 V1 QM t fl I cl , ,,t,,, : 1 xi"Thf If 'JAX T , ,,Z,'7' 5 ' 7' " ,. Y agi-gf, , 4 ' ,flQiQ'fl'ff' N 'f rf, I fa, W' 4 I, ,,Xf, 1ff,,. , ,'- " ,, ts fm, I ,al 335.1 - . te, , M x an xg M,-ft ' f ,ffqlg mv , -, "VA Z, iC',i'- 'i ft ff 'CV in ,"f vlvivfxz' 'x ' .',pf!smg1 ,3 X, f 6 f r f 1 -fs. 52211, I !,,,,,.. ,V Z t .,, L , , . it nl 4 x X I x X wx ,,, P , I?sxt,,!:5 ,, 5 ' K , I ft' in it f 1 f I' F ,, ' 4 ,gf 944' X' ,Q iw "4 -3e,,', , P X. 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A modern city amidst the history of the ages, Izmir today is the symbol ofthe new spirit of Democracy in the Middle East. ' Taxi? Izmir Fleet Landing I ph'thGurJ3 '1 Y Of- the r Seqq, ifher he, s 4 xof QM' ,Q , . k x fff w qf fm X?E,j, zj 'Q!fQ Ak VV :Wei . X Sat N' Q... X kshiigfx N is .. . S Q M " K' Pwr iii ,1gfi'fjY" - - H 45 X 1-3 X AMA 1 f ,E X If A ' ' i, cm, Q at ,. ,gee , ,kanji 1 - ,,, fx ' 0lf0.F5 -6' M fn ' T rousb Emi it ' 'N ik " - -W vi 1 ifk V. ' ,Iii . , Nxtlwx Wg! k .1 -fi' ,Q r ff 'gn' , ,L , ld Hlrffyx X. Q, 1 it I f" i . H K . ,yt . T - X ,Mix , rx I .' Xf. I Mfg? "pr, , ' A iifhisf, fm' f 1' , ji,i'7g.HN Jfgw reUSU?f " N J, QE, - I X W QQ, W , J tory of, Working on another l . Tidewater Victory of therf ile East V A an ,SJ X hx V' , - 3 ' ,jx ff. , 4 iw A 5' ff in t qfif, A Vi-if l 5 T ,I W X T iw 1 5133 ia 51" ff. L 4, ' - fn 5 hi' ,' H Q ,4f"jQ.'2 'ff , gf,z52 iw Q.: Q U fgbl k Q? Q L, M , ' Wiqgiiw ,qv J , 1- Y I ' . Xffifigfa , T A T Q . ' T fC'5 U4f W? ra ' x A MMM' QW of e N,H'nzfg ffl Q, T M A 5.1 ' Zfr fflm gpg g k mfwgfh t ,A 'N 'W Q , 1 We my , we W f- !3'1'12i?gi5'p5iWifieZziy?5i2kfW2af-Wig, T, .fffif . hip, 1, M' W ,fy WAN?-4: ,Ni X, QV, W ,Nvz f ,f T M3252 A Q X QQ 5 ,wb is 1, Q , - V ! X I We ,q T f ff f fry, K f Mx fc ai f c ff cringe ow f Qt fi in f . ,Y gf f ""'Mf M 'rf ' ' T z ,, A f W 5 N, f -fa, , 2 4 ff WN v ,W S f .M ff gf. . X e 'kit Vw --37 ilff 4 ' , -' bs Av , A , la I is yin Al ifkltwbey ff ,X , , W ff 'f A ,y fl5'5'X--4 T if Seventh inning stretch W 'fm The canteen The Staff P Now pipe down early chow While we visited Izmir the presi- dential yacht steamed into the harbor with the President of Tur- key and the Shah of Iran aboard. We r e n d e r e d honors and manned the rail. The Honor . Guard Seated, L to R: Mr. Donald B. Eddy, American Consul, Izmir, Kemal HAD- IMLI, Governor of lzmirg' Captain Adolph J. Miller, COMSERVFORSIXTH- FLT, Faruk TUNCA, Deputy Mayor of Izmir, Captain Tevfik INCI, Turkish Navy, Commander Agean Naval Base. Standing L to R: Captain Burton S. Han- son, Commanding Officer USS TIDE- WATER, Captain . . Maclvlahon, Com- manding Officer, USS MISS-ISSINEWA Said BENER, Official of the American Consul ltranslatorl, Captain T. H. Copeman, Chief Staff Officer, COM- SERVFORSIXTHFLT, Commander . . . Smith COMDESDIV I4Z, Commander . . . E. T. Dobbyn, Logistics Officer, COMSERVFORSIXTH FLT. I l .. . s- -5 - 5 - -r .r s vs i U' .f W 1 "' 1' f f Suda Bay located on the North West corner of the Island of Crete is a well protected, deep water harbor which has been a part of the centuries old history of the Island. As tar back as ZOOO years B.C. The Sea Kings of Crete were plying their ships through the Mediterranean carrying commercial products to all ports of the known world. Her famous Navy under the Sea Kings protected the ships of Egypt as they carried their car- goes trom the land of the Pharos to all parts of the Eastern Mediterranean. On the Island are found the ruins of the Ancient Minoan civilization with its an- cient palaces at Knossis and its famous ruins of tour thousand years of history. The beach party '4- N h Q QESLANT F0rm 2100-1 1121521 V 6 '21 , - ,ya O0 oc. Qs. 63, J?44,, N 4, 'Sy lpqqy 4061, 13500 94 'ZCIATE voun convsv oun THANIS 'ro voun naman AN Q 9514, ' n Exczusur Asslsnncs nunmc Pnsr Few M fb Q Q9 sr SERVICES nscsrvsn IN A Lone rm AQ? '89 ' QQSJ .900 45' ,bfi QQ 00,06 Q29 C110 42" X 0 '9 I wo 4? AQ-1+ 0672: .??'5' 1 X 'L MESSAGE sunx QS A f ODA 0 ,Q 0 6 gg HEADING S SNXOQYQ NAVYQDPPO 5,,,D,,, ,? 0 0000 '9,b4?,7' Q0 Q fx 0 0 A Q Q00 s ' 6 'fo if Q, e Q9 '91 279 0 X 4 vfo ' ' 4, 954 ' ' 43' 'yew XJ 62' 0 Y' ' 'S' 'l Be-'O ,',- ,,L'w.,,fsg, - Amr Appnscl 46' 4 4 X59 .XXXXK .va ' AA Y 6 05:k'3NL,V5 194, 0 Q 4 'Vo B 0 CY new 59 W 49 4 ,gi 'hfffr NX A for fic? Q , 4' ,NY I X 'fait' Xp! N I O 93' 205+ xo Q 41, ,156 N5 '90 41, N 51 51,24 Q 06' Q. X4 -905 ,o 5752, 4443 659 9 G09 ' JW Q9 AWD' 237 Xyovg 99 I Mess ' A - nf-9' HEA . s"'fQ"Q f DESLAN A P 'DQ X 0 . . 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Al: . , : PFW 5 sw 2 ' g XTHFLTXXX' s x on Pyle? 3 1 I ' ,una 5 -' -1 . n Egggmggggg w gg Q ,mg X ma ww --I "A'm'F"'AT'0A' ! H0 les E ' ' ' ' ' F55 mt You . PLAIN A . s cw, voun 13189101 X TH' 5 Z 'G ' Q ' ' If fa 4Q W 'Q 5 "6 ' fi? 51567. -1 ' A n 0 ' . . 4? can '74 Q9 CU,y . ' . Po . " 1 x AFFW' OT HEC "0 0674 '40 B 1315311 2495 G05 N h 'F ' 131895012 YW mu: num 14 WW 5 6- 0 7. 6? Q 0 Se ez X ss1aLE A 111 YOUR g91'g5TRANSRER P0 RELEAS 0 .X I... 13153 ADNN5 -55555566 se l 0 Us Y Q l 4'1- BOUTWE ts ATEJUME MAY -. g' 0 qc x l vu! HlN9fw'V'vf5'K'f'D 132g38?"" ll .4, N of C -cc 1f'!'inevMTE"',-- 1 N' T no OV x "Wai -p , A . Q, .v D , zzsvzg ff USS J- x 0 f TOUR eww 25' ' f x.,,v- y - .-'Iii J W-..X,,h,,c I ....."'f::v' 'fic ' -lg '13 H1 .ATI-VE Massive pillars pointing to a cloudless skyg Age old traditions and folkloreg Religious myths whose origin is lost in the antiquity of the agesg Busy street corners with their teeming throngs of peopleg The majesty of the brolgen columns of the Temple of Jupiterg all this is Athens, Whether standing in the old market place or high on the summit of the Acropolis, one is impressed with the beauty and magic that is Ath- ens. , V ,-wi f V mumt. N .,,, ts-wmv .W WW f. v"' ! e Xw' X..d"S,X . X. Q. . ,X,..XWX-Q-A-W X X X , Y X X M f X Q , f , . N ' SYN 2 Q S 5 V' i V VQK QA' X k -'F 5 ' 'X I "nXF'f " ' 1L?fSfy"?'?'.f'5'..,.'f.?'My " K ff" 3,X , ,f -- TQ S ' X322 X ,f"!"'f,Wf Ni X , . I ff X x X ? 1, - .. K , Q ,fbi ,X W +'.,,g X 2 wi P' , f FWQFQ, , ' , , x 1 2 f -1' '5'1x. X X, f ai ' in ,fs ,A V5 ff, ,'Vw'Q'-f 'K X XX ,si ,XX ywvhnii. 1 SSQSQZHWX Q, 1 . W X rg i SY' f W JV x if X XQX ff X 'JW ? bg Q .ig X fx, xxvs! XM X x K Qwjwfj' Y X ,I 0, X S X ,I zfgsgsgs XA gpm, H Xe ,gggffr glvgfg, R, Q 'X i ' 1 H 4 ' ' q's:S'17 4 fib V will K , Q 1255 fi ' SRX X9 Q xf C XEQQJPI iffiiff ii ".n. Xfgpyifeby gigs puff' X!! 2? X V 'X 'W5w15Xf f "pi,-'99-va 5+ E 2915 fl V. if 4 qw 3 X K K '15 ,av I 4.7 wgss' +4 9 fuk-1'7QiX ,FV f 4 ,Q.XXg1X.X lr - , 4 XiL Xi51Yl4,sf2'.61gy ?', 1 ,Q ' 4 95 K 1 ly ry lsr Q 4 f I t ' " X if, . S' 5 , Q ' Q 4 3 x in NX J V , 4 'M a 3337? 1?z" ""'X 'W R, ,X Q ,, + 2 v ,j W, X, - X x,-XXM74 XX,. A, f , , Mm XXXA ws f W If I f' 5, .,,. Q t , 1 ' fu Z X Q Q J ?"7s"Mi ,,,,, Q ,f fi X X X W WX Q K f 1: X fm. 4 X X ar UV' 91,1 l S XM 4 571,345 ff XJ? A' V vp GAS 4 4 5354. , X V V fi f 7 Y- 4 '40 ,,.- E, ,,,vN,X fN-a- -'s.'V'N-. i X 'xl --N f- as 1, Nil Valberg, high in the Maritime Alps, is a world famous ski resort. It is here that peo- ple trom all over the world come each win- ter to enjoy the excellent ski slopes and the warm hospitality of this quaint mountain village. A few years ago the winter Olym- pic Games were held here. -Ax- -A N.-. 5 4' V --1-:Hi 'fb' - - - " I 462: ffWA" f 1 n f, ff ,iff . Qhf J' W ' A fry, AM X MQW ,. ffg Nwah , f W Aff ,f f I yqayxf. . Z MWA 0 Qf f 7 Z f 0 'C 'WV h Wfgiqm W 3 X 0 fl Q 2, ff f W4 Wymv ,J Q I ,1, I' ,Ay iff" ff, ' 1 1 , V , I ,, My M ,QM 1 V W K ,fxkwmmw fwfywifw ff w ww?-WW gym, ' fWf7 X xwwm www fy Aww ww WMM ' ' Wzzfwff' ' Rl "The Glory that was Rome", ..... These words of the poet have a new meaning tor the man who made the Rome Tour. For one cannot stand in such places as the Old Forum, the Colosseum, the Circus Maximus, or the Palatine Hill without capturing some of the past glory of a truly great civilization. Add to all this the beauty of St. Peter's, the glitter of the mod- ern shopping centers and -the fury of a taxi cab ride and you have a fair picture of a tourists impressions of a trip to Rome. St. Paulfs sfafue at sf. Pau'ls B Gsilica ou . f file s'de Walls af Rome The heart of Rome St. Peter's Basilica l suit, I ff VESTIGES OF ANCIENT ROME The old Roman Senate where the Caesars made their laws The Colosseum, scene of many a fight in the ancient times. l X 1 X wwnmnv-If T Out of the ruins of the 1 Roman Forum have come our i laws of today. uf 9" f,-f ek Q T 1 1 5 E A hiv 'THE GLCRY THAT IS ROME Victor EmmanueI's Memorial Three coins in the Fountain We didn't see it all in two days, but we tried. The Old Tiber 7 1 I. X X Qc Xf Q ,X W i X it fX,Xx,XX gt X 4 ZX, V X QAXXYX , XXX, a ERN 3 'X X X ,M XX XX X KX 'XES 'AXA E , XXX Xci + w ,'i.Y .4 f ' ' ii 2 X X X X X X X X X K X XX X X X X XX X X X MX X XX, X X X io X XX X VX X X, X KX X XA X X X X X X S X XX X X dx X X X X X X X Q X xx X X M XXX, X A X X X 'XS X X w X X XX X X X XX X ff XR X XXyXX3c X XX? I X X X ik YW X Q N K X Ni XX,XX X XX N ,XZX X X A X XX f X XXX XX Wi k X X X X X X X X XXX 7 X X.er,.fNX iw wg ' if X X, ,, Xf 1 J V xy ff A !ll' X ' Va ,ff -sea ,. U, no if Qwnf E ,J A - Q, , . 'A-,egg-ee:-'lfgc ' " "'- ' - " c.. . -:-E-iz-"Y -gf-,tg-P3 fs X. f 1 X Q 7 f ' X , g Q 2 f . , " ' ""4f' 7' 3-' L. X 1 1 " M X ' ' X ll' x'j fL,,,Ll-f, l X X X 5, l - WW F42 ,7 i W i. 1. X "l't'i"fif'?"" f-i-. 7 'fwfi X it fwh, - 1 1, , ff , 'f f 4,1 ,. '. A - FV JX ,K ' 7 fl c qw , ff, WM ' 2 4 qv, ' 'J' A y X vdivf! ,nl W' ,' fn.,Z Z , .fr 5 7, . , XX Nl' ' -' 7--'A "9f'V' frm "'W77lW 'J Q7-Za i - , 4 f' ' ' ' if . 1 .24 -nf 154' ie f V' W 17 f f awww? hi ' A ' f ,ff ' , ' V , ,. I fp Y' Q' -,egg i XX,,N-hf-- f 1' ' 1 f f sr - RK Nik lgxik L f " " Once the greatest city in Aisa Minor, the city of Ephesus is now buried under a mound of earth and rocks. Excavations made in the last century and recent ex- cavations made a few years ago, revealed a city whose grandeur and beauty made it one of the marvels of all time. lt was here that the Temple of Diana, one of the seven wonders of the Ancient world was located. As we walked through her historic ruins the voices of the past captured our imaginations and a city long dead sprang magically into life once more. 1 l ,-, . X6., i ,I bc' 1 f" . . x 1 I , K" W X WM ,466 Depmmmfw ,.,, i Q i J f. -- Q M : , A ff? N ' jf' R -1 ' gl Q " x' , Q - A I 5 fl' Cv I +' i 'X 1 4 C '- fx 1 ' Q3 Q0 l fi A 1 CT 2 gQZ?',E'.? .i,,,..... Izumi-S 9009! 123' of' -aw 7 Q? 4 wr , I . we rn 5, 1 '- AIN I5 ' V - 1 Q7 CD? fi? iff! I ,MMM U L , A l l S i X ! X' X . so g X X f ffm BX , ,XXX VX X X W A L, f, 1., . 6 5,55 K :XX WAX X Dis f 1 XX X- X ' X 'f"'? -X X' s sf i tsl if Q X , s X N wx: Vs X155 X , W X X if js fs .X W X X X I ff WSX if iss? X 14 as . s X ' Q ,rn 9: f 4 A X5 . 2 X- X X V XX Y S,Xs,lsQJ X A Q 5 Y X' 'Y Y 0 ff X LJWX sy sv Xxfsf s s i 1 of - sf we xv fXXX 4 2 f XQXX7 if XV XX: X., X fjsgf Q is X 7 i fim mg Wftiffi XZ XQQQK 1s,X4Xw s of -s X4 X' XA, X XX X4 ,ww .K gay ,XX X- XXfX , .V ,SfwX iltwfws 5 'MYWN IVJVXX5 if alms!! X WX Xmas' X Uses J WWW UXX 4 9 Z f SXXZXQ, Xp, XXQQZX, f 4 f N553 . ,' 2 Sf, s'X,fgQf Q- X! ,NWWXX4 ,sv X,XXfX, Fispskff Nw V N' XQX ' 2' 'S ,iss 44 or ' of f SN? XQYRSQ 'X,j XX XWS Xzmsgsgg X X X XX, X Xu ,syoy , Xi wysys f X itz -,sw if Slxf 2- 655 f XX X Ni LT. P. C. ZIPZER First Lieutenant Gunnery Officer Mission: During the Med Cruise the Deck Depart- ment maintained the good appearance at the ship, transferred personnel and material by high line at sea, manned the guns, operated the boats and off loaded vehicles at ports of call. Division: First - Handling of boats, booms, moor- ing and anchoring gear, ammunition magazines, 4OMM and 5" batteres for forward section of ship. Second - Handling of boats, booms, towing gear, ammunition magazines, 4OMM and 5" batteries for after section of ship. CHBOSN. G. L. JONES Ship's Boatswain Ziff' CHCUN. M. C. FLEMING Ship's Gunner W0-if ENS. C. F. POLLARD Division Officer "Ist" DIVISION Ist DIVISION COUNTRY Now Go To Your Stations All The Special Replemshment Detail W..- TOE RowL to R. Lowery, N. A., GMC, McNease, S., BMI, Hollingsworth, D. L., BM1 , Moore, W. J. BM2, Conner , H. J., BM2, Van Pelt, H. W. , BM2, McGuire, F. L. GM2. 2nd Row L to R. McG1asson, C.B. BM3 , Wheeler, J. W. , BMSN, Kokowetz, S., BMS N, Madrid, F.S., GMSN, Johnson, J. T., SN, Johnson, E.L. FTASN, Sheets, D. S., SN. 3rd RowL to R. Lathery, K. R. SN, Ball, F. J. , SA, Ward, P.R. , SN, Griffin, M.F.,SA Thompson, H. D., SN, Hampton, W. S., SA, Miller, E. J., SA. 109 Row L to R. Lucas, T. L. , SN. Nails, R. M. , SN, washington, R.R. , SN, Smith, R.R. ,SA, Baker, L. E., SA, Josephson, W. W., SA, Woznicki, E. R., SA. 2nd Row L to R. Smith, R. R. Varnadpre, R. S., SN, Dring, , SA, Scruggs, M., SA, Combs, C. R., SA, James, T., SA, N. P., MRFA, Ferguson, A. A., SN. Below L to R. Ellis, R. , SA, Griffin, M. F., SA, Brown, R. L. , SA, Hobbs, J. H., SA, Mi ,.,...n"' UP T0 THE BOSUN'S LOCKER Artis, R. , SN, ller, E. 0. , SA, Wallace, C. L. , SA, Harlolson, W- , SA- ,f Now The Smoking Lamp Is Ou-t Throughout The Ship. .." Replenishment "ExerciSe" if ENS. W. G. LUCAS D' ' ' Off' "Now The Next Run Will Be A Firing Run msmn L 'Cer For 46 MM. Batteries to Starboard" .... Top Row L to R. Shoffner, C. E., BM1, Seipel, F. E., BM1, Fumagalli, L. Merrell, W., BM2, Butcher, C. L., FT2, Quinn, B., BM3. R-z DIVISION p F. , BM2, 2nd Row L to R. Hartley, J. E. , BM3, Hull, J. , SN, Lubich, E. E. , SN, Brooks, W.R. ,SN, Flynn, G. J., FTASN, Lewis, J. D., SN, Hartly, M. E., SN. Bringing Patient Aboard By Helicopter. . .And By Highline "2nd" DIVISION Top Row L to R: Greenhow, J. R. , SN, McNutt, R.C. , GMSN, Keepler, E. L., SN, Baker, D. W., SN, Langston, N., SN, Thomas, J. A., SN, Brown, W. E., SA, 2nd RowL to R: Harper, J. W., SA, Foley, F. M. , FTSA, Kirby, R. P., SN, MIMS, J.F., SA, Casey, D. M. , SA, Smith, B.R., SA, Burch, D.W. , SA. Too Howl. to R:Cocchia,A.T., SN, Youngblood, T. L., SN, Jones, R. L., Nixon, H. L., SN, Fredrickson, C.R. , SA, Jackson, S.R. , SN, Frack, D.L. , SN, 2nd Row L to R: Thompson, H. W. , SA, DeMou1in, D. W., SN, Chilcote, R. E. , SN, Wiseman, R. L. , SA, llzndll . . .He Flies Tl'll'0LIgh The Air With The Greqfesf gf Ease KEEPING THE BoA'rs IN SHAPE whof, AI II Agana!" I I I I I I I I u I I I 1 I I I I I. i "A" DIVISION Mission: During the Med Cruise the Engineering Department maintained the ships propulsion and auxiliary machinery, the electrical and air conditioning equipment and functioned as our LT. H, W. EVANS Damage Control experts. E"9i"ee'l"9 Office' Division: A - Auxiliary equipment, boat and vehicle engines, air conditioning, ice-machines. B - Boilers. E - Electrical equipment. M - Main propulsion. R - Hull repair and damage control. LT. JC o- B- P. I Dagyoiff. UAQ '2?I-QQKE Control Qing! r THE SALT WATER EVAPORATORS 1stRow L to R1 Spinelli, A.J., MM1, Anderson, R.P.. EN2, Genz, A-DA, MM2' ZHf1.R.0WL L0 R: lVIOl21nde1'. PB. EN2, Lowe, P.R., MM3, CARD, DP., EN3, Iird Row Lao Puomlor -' ll R J FN W' 'L .J, FA Whitmore, P L., FA, Winters, C. F., SA. T.M. EN3, Myles, M., FA, Perkins, R.I., FA. Darichulc, M.'T.. FN, DOd1'i - - -Y ' , 'I 0 J , , "A" DIVISION AIR CONDITIONING "HMMM Ofs Of M.,,,, lhery I ll The I Above lst Row Lto R: Vinson, O., FN, O'Brien, L. M., SN, Gunson, R.C, FN, Hilty R. T., FN, 2nd Row: Matos-Morales, P., FN, Colvsjell, G., FN. 3rd Row: Mauterer, P. W. , FA, Mayo, D. J., FN. A 1 it 2 I ,, ,,,.f-'N ,. M. Om? Brandon, G. F., FA, Ayers, J. K., FPFAg Riley, R.A., FA, Green, J. M, MMLFNg LaBadie, J. J. , FA,Oh1er, J. J., FN, Whitfield, M., MMFN. IIAII lst Row ........l-LQ.. FN R2 7 Fosters B Jerome' N-C . ini, FA, Fregin:'N, Cabiness Il, C I , S.C . ., Hen'v FN, Goot , Sen D ee, M W , 'GZ FN - 'S FN SW 9 , ann C ' -J ,W ww MM LOG ROOM we som sx-mov aoYs AT womc T.J. , FA, Sligh, KL., FN, Newton, WB., FA,P21YUG, K-PM G.J Kervin , Label , W L to Eg MMFN, Bottom Ro rx, G. E. MNH , Cadso HBH DVISIICN ff f W " C 7 , , L V A 'X' , Q f Be I L , -:MJ . , 713' X f F 4 , Q 5 XM ' f M, 'N ' 3 X. , wr ii.. , ng., QQ. o - ' X ' Wy? 5' 'ff 7 - .4 , R .Q ' f . , XX W fx Q on - R W ,W ef. - 3,- , XZ Q ,,, CHMACH. G. STEPHENS Div. Off. B ff Main Propulsion Officer EVERY TH, lst Row, Lto R: Cale, J. A., BTC, Shelton, P.R., BT1: 2nd Row, L toR: Rasnake, C.W. , BT1, Crites, R. G. , BTI: 3rd Row, L to R: Mixon, S. M.,. BT1, Dobos, D. , BTlg 4th Row LtoR Urey, P.K. , BT2, Harden, R.D., Bt2 Cleary, J. J., BT3, Turnmire, R.L., BT3, Tyrell, H. T. , FN., 5th Row L to R: Haga, W. L. , FN, Walter, D.D., FN, NOCE, G. W. , FN,Deib1e,C. H., FN NC OK, Down: Cannon, P. D., Stricker, M. W. Elliott, J. M., L to R 4th Row: Harper, R. W. Winger, S.E. Down: Mazzucca, V. E., Fowler, "G', "C, Souppa, T. E., H FA FA FA, FN FN FN FN FA THE BLACK GANG 09' x09 PBA Cv "E" DIVISION . 5 , I , , . 5 I ew.. . . Q - f f an pf . '39 ELECTRIC SHOP POS1VaCh, L. E. , ICC, osloslne J J EM1 Conley J R EM1 Barrett D. G. IC2 A T 9 ' ' 9 7 I ' ' I 2 Lowery, D. D. , EM2, Down 2nd Picture: CHEQEF- ,C.. uw. CIBBONS Dlvnslon Officer Electrical Officer Bahrman, P. ,EM2, Davis J. R., EM2,' . H , , , dk.ins.R. F'.-FtM9 "Which One CPM'-"D7 We Don't Know Either Whot's The Movie? em ,, ,,,,,, Q ww.. , I .W . , WW .X I W ,CW W . ,X . ,L Q X, G f- I gms? D251 f Z wif - f -XXX N' r - ' S 'K , M, . V Aw, fff Qgsjw fffff 14 xg I 5 . - .X V X A , . ,I M f X ,, sy,-W , xy .7 ,,.,,, , U Q , I ' 1 Ay fy ' ' ' S . f fs f ' . ff ' I, f ,W 1 f , 0.5 .. . , X, , -I , , f r e sn ,. W.-.-vw--p ff M f I ' E, Qin I XZ .. ' KL . 4 Y 'Z Wm - f f. " ma' ff' 'H I , . fo, . 'Z X: ' . f , X .vp . f F . ,., X . g F7 .W AQ? ,ff Z . ,Z fy Fw , ' V if nf U ., ,, X V 4? b e: v , f X 1 X, f' Q ,. f' Q1 sh I P? fa S l I WWW an .E Y 'ff I Q F , I f . 1, X ' f , . ':. . X M . sf V Q Down: Mitchell, F., IC3, Denning, R. D., EM3, MacDowe11, H.R. , FN, Montgomery, C. F. , FN, Carroll, E. , FA, Travis, E. C. EMFN, Webb, H. J., FA,. Across Lto R: Woomer,C E., EMFN, Steed, J. F., EMFN,-Dobish, F.s.,FN, Ashley L. H., EMFN, Jones, R. J., FN, Monaghan, J. M., FN, Lamb, J. R., FN. I "E" DIVISION MOP' M2 Zndgow R., B. 9 M' N Hana ueshaw' M 3- MM3, Ore, G-P' ' Mwiegsxgein, P' DMiv131YlCOWXey, CD51 , 'FN' d 1 SMMMXQQMQQ MM2, lgxiikefv J' EEN Greaves, R' . ea' 7 D , ' . , Q . 9 7 ' don, ' K., ' ' G. G-- ' 25555, J0neS,WG' MM3. We1SCh' 'R' 1 5 'PI-e'S-lay? H. , FN' Greenf W' , MAIN THROTTLE BOARD A "Which One, George? Conner, D., FN, Hoisington, P. N. , FN. ll ."M" DIVISION F1schett1 T A FN Buege G F , FN. 2nd Row, Clark, J.E., FA L to B100H1, J.E., FA, 3rd Row: Chilcote, J. R., FN, McGarry, D. V,, FM, Albert D. A FN "R" DIVISION OUR GP-NG scott, B. E., FPC Below L to R:Suit, C.J. , DC1,Marsh, S.W. , ME2, Meranda D. K., FP2, Prince, O. E., FP3, Delong, A. T., FN, Parker, J. B., FN, Maloney, A R. L., FN., Bottom Row: Butler, G., FN. 1 . -s ,f if ww-s ' i -X :rss yr' N . , ,, .. si ,-,... f -s 'flf-Zjt , ff '.:.g.'s,' ,. , r f i . . ws-.3 if 5 xx . M.. , H - .Q , wi, -.11 sf i B' "H m y .g ssgsz f' f" -W 1 - - 'fs X .- ., K if 1 i ' -.. V "Lg: j 4 .. ff X - if V5 ' Wi. , s , C . . 977 -. f ' Xe . f ,Ns 1- X 1 4 s f vii.-1' it I .. .S , fx E fx' Ms Q ' " E27 f- ' Yiw u L ' .42 fs Nr X f X sw f f f ff my H . fs- .ps V . .2-:P-724 4, 9 Q -. --we 0 LT. I. H. READERMAN Medical Officer Division Officer "H" DIVISION Mission: During the Med Cruise the Medical De- partment fostered an energetic program of active and preventive medicine. Charged with the health and sanitation of the ship, they kept us all in our best physical condition. Division: "H" - Clinical laboratory facilities, op- erating room, X-ray and physical therapy, Forty two beds available. DIAGNOSTIC LABORATORY "Now Take A Deep Breath And Hold It." 5 y f fl ff ' Y uHll Now Breathe Deeply And Count To Ten. . . X X W Q4 Top Row L to R: Barkowski, F. J. , HMC, McQuade, B. G. ,HM1, Bishop, R. E. , HM1, Carswell, C. H. ,HM2., Bottom Row L to R: Andrews, C. D. , HM2, Quinti11iN. , HM3. Bienhaus, J. F. , HM3,DiMarcantonio, E. , MELM3. "How Big Are Those Needles? Anotlser Highline Transfer ll DENTAL DEPARTMENT 1 Operation Falsies S X ,1 W.. 42 X24 . r .4 X W ,,f4 A A X ff X X 'ill X W X W is 3 4: X M X X? X N 4-X X X Q .X 5 N, .Q 4 W ' S X- Q4 .X W W ,WZXXI N Y .QW W ' " , X X X 7 f AX X, K f f 2 4 5 X 1 '4 1 W X f Q S S 4 f A W W X X f XX X A W ff 41 f X i ,, . ,,,, 7 ,ff ' V, 'X 04X 3 g' ,V 4 X, 4, X 4 . fX- MX , X :XX ll ll ', ,V .-ff ,V 4 .XXX4 X535 f ff, LT. F. P. LINDBLOM Assistant Dental Officer Division Officer fag X. ,XS ,,X 4 MEX XX Xmzy V Wy X W , +X XX 2 XSD -Xs4X 4 X 4 VX wwf, 7 X 4 X 7. X ar T 5 Z WX Q! V .4 f , ,Wg ihxfi M3 5' 'Sir k 'lf 7-Skff W4 , 4 if K Xyig X , , ' ,, ff , , ,, V ,J , QW ,WV Wf Zfif 24 Q7 V A 4 0 4 If Q 4. 4 yf 4 49 N X Nfl f , X , , X 4 Q 7 ,fps 4 . V X , i 4 0 X ff Qf f f , Af K , J ,4 44 41 X .44 - , ,X ,, A2 Xl? 7 X 44 X, 4 WX CDR D C HAWKINS Dental Officer 4 4 ,I 74 K 7K 1 ff f gfx fxf? fy , I Z ff X J Mission: During the Med Cruise the Dental 4, , X4. f, , Department provided a complete program for the prevention and control of dental disease Division: " " +- Dral surgery, operative and 'U 'K O U3 'U' T CD '22 0 Q. CD 3 '22 U1 FQ' 'K S 24 1 O ' K rw 7 -XY WQAX, XX 44 Xr 4. '- f f-1, gv 'Y 15,551 .4 N X4 Xin 'Z XS W4 X Q4 f 4 X 4X A KX XfX X f? f XGX 4X6 S48 XON? fsfm XX X4 X WZX 45,4 fX X 4 4X Y' X , .,,, X . ,,.X X , . , , ,, . .,, , . 4 Q, . ,, Nh if I 4,QX- 4, , , , 1' N, 'Xt 7 X 1 Q3 ' 445- L4 'XX 74 SZ - HX. , 44 , 4' X 4 4X ., V X X , ., A . .X WX , - I A :W Q Z,' ' f 4 X 2 W X ' ,, f X 4 ' . ,, , sr, XX 4 X 4XX .X ,. S X f 4 X X XX .X 44X f ,X-Qg 4 4 X 4 . , X. 4 Jr, , 2 . f XV, , f 4, T' 34 g X 7 ' V 4 ,XX X 4 44 XX X X , X9 A 44 4 4 K j':X'4'X" 4, ' XXYQX 4 44. 4X ,4 ,X QX 4 4 X f OX - X 4X ,SZ 1 4 4 X7 ff 2XXf 4X X-Q49 , ' f X X 4 ft X V S 5425 44 4 4 X f M 4? X287 X 4X4 X X44,xgX44 'X X 4 ,X X,X , X435 X4 0 4 Ke D 151 f XfX 4X 3 ' , -X X ' .X4 .X 2,445 .X Q ff 5 - 4 4 Q 4! 4 XXX4 D 4 - WXXX 4,5 , ff X 47. V4 XMIM K 7 .X X ., 4 fy V - 4 4 44 ...X X 4 XQFX . 4 , X 2343 Sf LT. A. A. CAPOZZOLI -Assistant Dental Officer L to R: Pless, J.E. ,DTC, Hayes, G. A., DT1, Kehoe, J.J. , DT2, Scuderi, R,A. , DT2, Boyle, R. S. ,DT3, Dam1er,J.R.SA. efaaclw D Mission: During the Med Cruise .the Repair Department accom- plished repairs for all ships attached to the Sixth Fleet. This in cluded ships of all types and sizes. Division: R - 3 - Electronics, electric, gyro compass and in- strument repair, blue print, photographic and print shops. R - 2 -- Machine shops light and heavy, boiler, foundry opti- cal and refrigeration. R -- l -- Shipfitters, sheetmetal, welding, canvas, carpenter blacksmith, pipe and coppersmith shops. R - 5 - Ordance repair, fire control, gunnery, typewriter, torpedo shops and diving facilities. R-5 DIVISION REPAIR OFFICE B ROW L t0 R Falls R E TMC, Pittman, R. D. , TMC. Sutphin, H. W. ,YNC, Stover G. L OMC H111 R V IMI Newton, A. V., GM1, Stobaugh, A. C. , FT1, 2nd Row L to R: Underwood W G IMI Bell W. R., TM1, Oliff, G. K., MZR1, Charles, F. F., TM 2, LGVVIS G C OM2 Cale G F., IM2, Barfield, T. E., TM2. VK' . .1 . Sv """ 1 "-'Bam-mi... - CH . - ' . officer Torpedo Rgzzsln officer Assistdnf DW Top RowLto R: Gardner, B. L., FT3, Hendrickson, A. R., TM3, Hardy, B. L., GM3, Funk, D. D. , FT3, Schmitz, T. H., OM3 Carr, T. P., OM3, 2nd Row L to R: Graham, J. E., IM3, Hendricks, R. G., IMSN, Sutton, J. C., SN, McIntosh,eH. , SN, Coates, M. L., SN. Boeshans, H. H., SN, Dozier, W. H., TMSN, Reisig, L. G., SN. 3rd RowL to R: Burke, J. L., SN, Connor, R. L., ' sn, Colard, DQ o., SN, Peele, R. L., SA, Carnes, P. D., SN, Kohl, R G FA ' Tour ir P OHUFFMAN E , CHCUN. W. E. LONG Division Officer i Ordnance Repair Officer R-5 DlvlsloN 3 Torpedo Shop 3 1 . 'Y N 5, A! if ff' A - , X N -11, Z nn., 1, 1 jr 0 Q l, . W A Z f f ' ,X X 'f if . S sl ,MX N fi ,, x Kg, X A W 52 I X X , N e X X f J 'inf X , N A X i x ,Q f f V: Y X A SX 7 , A X f 'f , . iff ci-icmzv. J. WQ aoawxsorx Huii Repair Oiiicer Division Officer 'Q R" D'VlsloN M4 Q , 1stBow Lao R1 James, RAN. ,MEC,Th0m9S0n,J- A- , wma, simmer, H., Jr. occ, simmon,M.E.,NIEC, to Rzikoss, D. G., DCC, Bi.aok1!10n,?- W- , Padgett, M, W. , M51- 2ndRowL . C. , FPC. 5 1 Hot Sfuff 4 I Tait, R MEC, Just A Ch. :P Off The Qld Block 2 Q 1-my x BSIOW L to R. , ya B, , H' 9 ' -, FP1 JAC 1 William , J A S, J' B., ' " FP1, Deratto, 6RLne1', R. E., l . ., 12 5 1 mt I 7 If I 1 2 EL X 3: vw, , X E Z ,, Z g A Q ykjai Q 1L,"ff" N ' fl U C' 1 i x - 3 ,Q V Xe A f J Sheet Metal Craftsmen Stallings, J. W., ME2, 2nd Row L to R: Arnold, J. C., DC2, Shoppell, S. J., PM2, Grant, C. L. , DC2, Skipper,G. L.,FP2, Drake, C. G.,'FN, Girardin, R. G.. PMFN, Brassard, R. W. ME2, Janczak, H. J. , FP2. 3rd Row L to R: Wieties, D. E. FP2, Early, L. M. ,ME3, Dean,-H. E.ME3 Samples, E. L.,'1V.IfE3, East, W. E., DC3, Martin, W. L. , DC3, Pardue, J. O. ,DC3 Dewberry, H. M., ME3. R-I DIVISION Travel, Adventure, Excitment .... 1 I X. . L.....d. W , .N 4,. .W,,,pMgW,,,,, -X X ng.,-.nh Top Row L to R. Murray, J, T., ME1, James, G. J. 2nd Row L to R: Jordan, O. H. , FA, Arnold, K. T. ,SA, Adams D. W. , SA. 3rd Row L to R: Tucker, A. J, , ME3, Scott SA, Haley, E. D., ME3, Walls, M,, FP3, Neely, H, E. Jones, R. C. ,ME3, Harrington, G., MES, Samples, E. L. gh Row L to R: Roppolo, A. J., SN, Lockard, W. D. Hunt, E. A., FN, Miller, B., SN, Gaspard, R. I., FN, D., SA, Clark, S. E., MEFN, Hunt, V. V., FA. R-I DIVISION Pipe Shop I ' W l P 1 X 2 X WW' I .sk Ii w' 9 , 'RSV W, A N' R-Z DIVISION SD W if A 1577522 s x ,QS X! sms sf six QW f fQ NW , V ,SH , 4 ff - f was ff.. M ,SWK Top Row L to R: Hordeman, L. A., MEC, Wiseman, A. CHMACH. L.C. HARRIS Machinery Repair Officer D. , MRC, Chrismer, F. E. , MRC, Jamison, E. J. ,MLC. 2nd Row L to R: Bill, V. E., MLC, Crawford, J. W. , BTC, Smith,B. E., BTC, Adkins, H. L., MMC. W. W l r i l 5 - SI10P hm?- I- HeoVY Moc I 1 ,Dek, L., FN, KOS-Hcheff, B., FIN, Moore, C. O., FA, Allen, J, F., FN, 5 arger, J. W., FA, Hertel, K. J., FA, SUHHGSIC, G- H- , FA, 2nd Row L to R: Royse, R.H,, MR1, Swanson, H. F., BTl, Taylor, O. D., BTI, Turnbull, R. L., MR2, Edwards, C. IW, I ' MIR2, Talbott, J. K., MR2, McTee, R. D., MR2, l EEE, P. L., MR2, Harris, T. H., MR2, W. F., Mez, Snyder, J. R., MM2, Above:1stRoWLtoR: Sharpe, E. R. , MR2, 2nd Row: Dziuban, F. J. , MR2,Rozanski, MORE MACHINES 222151 Q Qrd Row: Buice, W. B., ML2, Byrd, R. L., MM3, Wright, B. D., MR3. . . . IE ,- :ze nz," sp' '3,7f"4'yy'f eww X . A.--1: -. -:fa-2:3:Q3??ff3i',1i?Qf13514? 4, W r , 4.15 I' .iff . . f , ., f,.- Dx. f,.-f,-X.--.1-.,-. s ,g 1: 'MU' N ' gf af' ,Lux ,f .-.pr .,1. -. , f .- . . . , , , .. .--new -Qgiufiffiz' ' , f f, ,Ly f' 1 109' ':":f':C',f :fzff-1-1',2:?2--'-" 'iszz---3911. 1 -V ff. mfiflf.--Q: afaiwcrve ' ' viz XO: ..,-qmifiuifciiggiz-Czircjzglvi,-::11, 1 93.5314 1. :n.,y1:11,, - 1121122221: :'.Qf,f:? 1 1. fy-.1-1.9 naw:--zfz-': ez.-'zen ::.,.:-'21,-1' 4. . .Q :A-ag g 1- .. 2. ir. fy' 'F' K. 2.0:--152' - - - -- -a 4. ,.,:,f.,--,,,-.,,.4,.g',.Jg.f.i Ay.. , ,. , ,.,,- y gf-52: gig H.,-5 ,f -,, - ,la - , ,,..gr:51g 7,'5,:,w:3 5::g1:g-:g::1Q:g..y.-..-,,-.N- -f . Mg., ,. , ,,, . .. ,., ,af-.f-. 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S., RMC. LagO1'y, RMC. W L to RZ -Bus 9 ' ' Robert B. , ETCA EMC, Martm, Electrical RePair Sho P 6 , 'f ffyW6H W . . M WV zf ,1 , , 4 M ,,, of f Law Q ,f f f wp W, V fy 2 , X ' V 4 477 f , W off ,ff V Mm 4 , , my f f . .. L.X. ., of , A W, QW wg 2 af Z ' Lf Wie, 2 'f ' Z QW I Z A 3 ,gg fern. -NW L ,, EL :L-412. E -f51:fbfi"'0f, ,, 7 C . - X f f Elec - 0 -T K! X nf! " 45 f 0 Q f W l XS X gnf I W X4 x w X N, f f Zxfy f f X ,f N X 5 Xf Axxf Q Q Zvg we jx f 1 fx Y f N sf I ,f Q in f Y Q A I , ,Xf M 4 f Q? 'X Q X H X A X f X5 X S, Q X X f N 3 fs N on X A X Xxx I X NA f a 8 f f x .ef W fp-ic ' " H0 epq - MPS ' ef xf Q, 0 X mXVN,ww'Xj7 f Y xv! ' ,U X f , ' .1 xi , Jef Q W 5z Zh? ,, .113 f, W LSA no-Jgie O - ff X, g ,f ,Q Qfxogef A h f A V 7 W f ff 5749 ' XXV E, V f Q- X 2fWfaZ7LX.4 ,N N. X , x X' ' www ,-of f N 1, XX 3 5- 45 ,Wgwwr . , ,, . , Q . 2 v Q 1. wyiz, , Q, ,- Z K ., X m fg M 0 an 1 5 X- ' A X Q X, gv - NW INVWW w Q MKJJA 'X 'f ' X -- f 5 , 1 , , . ffm A Q , , ' A AK ,of , Q5 4 Qfwwee- 7 A 5- SX- 5. ,g f f Qwf-fe-Qvwf ai? ff q w x ww .WWE Wg X0 5 xy -f 1. Q, f -4 f- ,f an f, ff' of Xgefx-,-of f ,f . - .z, 9 wx ' . ' . X ' fx C-of-S--,Yfg WZ Zjefmi 'X if f -N -v 4 Jw? ' ,gwx f W f.4.QAXe:wefX,b Q Z , f f f ' 1 W f fx 'wi-Sy AW f'4g4ex4sSrf7rpag f X F, mm - W , M 721, Qvfsnfsn XZ W Q Wgngww f, A I V J ,gf he ' A Y. Q 155 055 ' - A y - 4 wg' 6S:.fsXz '- f sag fvwp f Z fu gk ,-X 1 x , N , f XM ' r N-v-f f .0 ff Rf 'wfsisf W W-QNJWX 0 Q ff X7 V 45? 5' x dk M Axe 1 New ,ff W , ,Q ff, 1 ' ' -' gag. f, fwr Q KVNNY5 g y f N -in ,gf fffe .wry . f W is V - " fx v ' MW y ,.,, f. , ,, sw 'gm' -vw: 1 , ., 4,3 . fees-1 o f 4 K es S ffl ff : he :I 5 Wa P . S. OP PERI Q cneemc. Electronics Richard, M Repair ., 1CC, Hurlbut, Dr. Ofhcer 'B.Jr, EMC, Kowalsx , R EM1, Ferris, P. -, EWU, , Hutchinson, R. J. , EM2, Balm' F. L., 103' R Bottom R0 - Cosgr w Lto R- Lawson, R. -, ove, K. M- , TC 2, . ., ETB, Meade, 4-1 R-3 DIVISION The Photo Lab F Print Shop 1239129.12 Leis, c.A. ET3, Goodrich, c.J, DMT3, 5 , NW f . if su aH aww, nur ff FIOWGTS, C.J. EM3, Znd. Row Rogers, J.A. LI3, Heath, D. G. PH3, Niedentoh1,J,,M, FN 3rd. Row LtoR Fuller, E.L., EMFN, Snow, A,K,, ICFN, Roessler, R.L, ETSN, Wolf, L.A, FN, Hopkins, J.B. ETSN, Strom, R.D. ETSN, Gregg, J.D., ETSN, 4th, Row Farkas, R.F. ICFN, Edwards, G.E. ICFN, Doyle, E.R, FN, Journe, J.M. FN, Luther, R., M. jr. FN l Q 1 i Mission: During the Med Cruise the Supply Department pro- cured, stored, issued, shipped, transferred, sold, for and maintained all stores and supplies, ln addition they replenished our depleted pocketbooks on Pay Day. "Volunteer" Working Party LT. JG. R. P. BRENNAN Store Officer Division Officer "SJ" DllVISl0N accounted LCDR. W. E. GIBSON Supply Officer Division: S - l - Stores. .lover 76,000 items in stockl and S - 4 - Clothing and small stores, ships store, laundry, barber shop, tailor and cobler shops, uniform shop, com- missary store. S - 3 - Commissary. . S - 5 - Stewards. i l 1 l l l l lg MCDade' F'lL' Korpis E.A. Harris, R. M. DK1 ' l 1 1 l l l ll 'll .I T09 Row LtoR DeGuzman, V, B, SK3, Barnes, E. SK3, Lebel, N, G, SK3, Van Eyck, D. SK3, Goggin, L,G, SK3, Briggs, R.W. SK3, Hupp, J.B. DK3, 2nd, Row LtoR Begler, J,H. DK3, Woodland, T,M. ETRSN, Johnson, W.F SN, Puckett, D.A. SN, Brown, H,,C. SA, Harris, S. SA, Culver, R.D, SA Disbu-rsing Office "S-1" DIVISION , Top Row LtoR Nunn, O,E, SN, Scott, R.E, SN, Lineberry, C. SA, Chiavelii, R. SN, Carr, H,B., SN, Russell, L.lIElI. SN, Calp, W.Rn SN, Znd. Row LtoR White, W.'M., SN, Washington, G. SA, Marshall, E.O. SA All 'fs ww f S K . X X X , W, Ns L XX A fs, f M f f f E 2, "f r W 5 S was Nw 4 N7 wwf. X7 4 2 V f :ww Ay .X sy I V Q ,xx vi if ,, 1 I QE g EA , rss! n 4 .s w , 1 Z - I - f 'Zf'fIfnFiff s I fi I " Q Q , df, , , ' In f s -sf xnxx qw-ff k I .e wes , , ,f FWNQ- x ss N5l"', ' S- N N N N J . s A x I , , , , MQ 2 VX 1 X fi in ' X x 2' gp-f h X .s we - Jeff , ,ft- f , I ,. 37 -1, , In Xi 04,44-wfvi' 'L X " V 'iff ' L W JZFX WXM ' X f W- x, Y?'f , X sus- -J - , ss 5 V 4 Q. ff f f V. W fo n ug!-"' A s ess-f s. is . Q -44.2 Q W . Q-fs if X I N , f il X X X CHPCLK. J. C. SZELICA Commissary Officer Division Officer "S-3" DIVISION f 'L "Try A Little More SaIt" ,KM siixif Top Row LtoR Durbin, P.L. CS2, Tay1or,J H CS2 Barrigar E CS2 Heard E CS3 Hou t J 0 0 1 3 ' 7 I 5 ' ! S on! Q El Anderson, K,,E. CSSN, Kiger, C.L, CS3, 2nd, Row LtoR Ferguson, H,L., CSSN, Shula, F,,P, CS3, Martella, J. SK3, Formisano, C.A. CSSN, Bernstein B.T. CS3 H , , arrop, L,C. CSSN, Lambert, B.E. CSSN, Arndt, W.J, CS3 "Hof Rolls coming up" CHPCLK. E. W. TIPPETT Commissary Officer 1 I I l Q3 I .Ag-., W.. ' fi R "s-3" DlvlsloN 1 fw, M f ,L ' ' W . of Y ,, ,- , ff I . To Row LtoR Wooten C C CSC Russell JR CS1, Brzyck1,C,,Co CS1, Q-WM Chief Petty 0fficer's Galley .-1-P 7 il 0 ! 7 u o Owens, J,,D. CS1, Znd. Row LtoR Kain, R,J, CS2, Lawson, JUA, CS2, Richard, E. CS2, Rogers, L,C, CS2 Virtue Has Its Own Reward Down In The Reefer - Inspecting The Scallions "S-4" DIVISION Y WX, :N y X U "Wa wks ' Q0 V ' QQ' if if if f, X2 I N, ,E 3 X Q ' ' 'Q ri QV x f" 'fs pf f,: 6 ' W -Si ,I P , 5 X , f W N 5 this - 1 I-rw ..,, I W , g, X , ,, xx, , N Kg, X f. fx f , X - , Q ,X 2X - 4 N fi, :sr wifi f . se, K f ' Xi .Q V ' Xxx : Qgirgxi XX., X X J, 4 9 ' W N7 Q - fi X f f Xi gi, gsxsg K If ' 2 'Vfff A - '2 Vx- w1':N-s .EEN . . X K N., N 1,5 X, sm! . ,A f i x 25, X 73 X Qt -- J' , , x 'rt 5 ff ' 1 nf QC yu . My , 4 My CHPCLK L. E. NEWILL Division Officer Ship's Store Officer 'I1t,t :ply , Minnie ' 4 ll ,, 4 5 All H , y 'f V Hfnvf'-, ,IHUHUHII ilY'fHHZ'11Hu:rlu11 , HUHM4., 1 ' 4v1!6'f"',' '1,w',,, U , wwf fA,V,,, ,H "' 11 i 4 I Injen H ,HV ! V xt 41 , A :'H'UU ll ,114 ,H f 4, 3, N wn',H't,4y V1 ' H fr 5, 2, My Iiffivvfr ,1f" ,, 'v Q d , V,"5'f",:1H' ,, U ' ' HM, + an ,i,"11f, ., ' Ili' 4, wwf, ff 4, MNH, 4 1 , H 1 it Yl Vufffs ,1llf,,,+n:f" , H H1 3 an A 'rn' 'g,1Hf,A'vnf ' H ,,, :as , 'f' ',l'5fz,,,'H' 'fn ' 1 -, ,lv 1, f P, ,HH l 'n,rI. fyffnlf H, Z" 1, HQ' fr, wcryx AUM, H. 6' f ,X HH, 4,14 1 , ' 1 JH ,MUN QQ, 11,10 na. ,,, 1: 4, jim IAQ! U 74, 44, 'f ', ri' ff 12f'Q,'ff-Q Il' ,u,'m','1f,g ,f1',r2 !if,4',H',, ,Auf UIQ 4,3lw,, 1 ,,,,yAl1C', U','f4f'11 ,..,fm,g' -.-" 'V 9119. - "I would Like To OPGH A ChGf9e Account" ' ,W Y X S Ye Olde Laundry "Just A Little Off The Sides Please" Top Row LtoR Garrett, JJ SHC Parham, J T SH1 Roubal, E F SH1 . 0 , - - , . ., , Blanton, J. W. SH2, Holter, D,,O,, SH2, Rudder, G.D. SH2, Abernathy, G.E,, SH2, 2nd, Row LtoR Brad ' Shaw J A SH2 Laughlln M SH2 E t b , ., ., , 1, . , rzerger H. SH2, Koiner, C-.E. SH2, Harden T.E,, SH3 M h , , HTS , D. F., SK3, Earley, J.,A., SH3 ,W. f. if Af J ,mA,,f.Q. ll 14" 'I f A f ' ffl fill fi! ,y!9g1', 'fuifii 1. ' "W xl, f,4 1 ,Wa fl as ' w I X i v Y 1 .I L1 5 fl x4 El P., Top Row LtoR Watson, R. J. SH3, Weems, J.E. SN Land L P SN Todd G C SN Hardy T L SN V1 Leonard,A. SN, 2nd, Row LtoR Lee, P.H. SN, Fowler D H SN Stanley C M SN Lester W R SN V Komender, R.A. FA, Gan-ny, L,N, SA I? i " , , And 'What Else?" QRWI1 H2 I v -wx. , QW AQ IH? i r 'Q J ' The Tailor Shop "S-5" DIVISION ,,,,1n! ,, A fa-Aff Q--uf I ENS. L. A. STEGER Disbursing office, Mealtime In The Wordroom Division Officer I Top Row L to R: Brooks, L. SD1, R , , . , , . B. SD2, Johnson, J. A. SD 2, Martin, C. H. SD3, Eikerenkoetter, B. H. TN, 2nd Row L to R: M 1 " " I cKe ly, H, C TN, Guanga, N. B. TN, Goodwin, S. R. TN. Nora, D. W. TN, Harper, W. E. TN, Wa1ker,C. TA. ounsaville, L., SD1 Palber TL SD2 Hoskins H 9'- -al 2 ? I 1 ii . Q: Wordroom Pantry 5 I '3 B1 f I I ,,, lr-I :N 11 Hi I-1 LT. JG. F .T. HEATH Operations Officer Mission: During the Med Cruise the Operations Department col- lected, evaluated and disseminated all combat and' operational in- formation required for the assigned mission and tasks of the ship. Division: "O" - Combat Information Center, radio communica- tions and visual communicatons, post office V "X" - Ship's administration and Master at Arms Force. Top Row L to R: Kennedy, P. C. , RM1, Miller, E,R. , RD2, Sohnell, J. J., RM2, Embree, S. V., TE3. Adrian, G. "G", TE3, 2nd Row L to R:Eg1inton, E. J., TE3, Niedentohl L. W. , RMSN, Taylor, C. B. ,SN. "O" DIVVISION , The Radio Shoe k i i ENS. R. M. HURST Division Officer Communications Officer ,X Qaxi in "O" DIVISION N' f L . ff 2, . QT ' S wk f f X X I X X X L to R: Masck, T. L., SN, 2nd Row L to R: Brodbeck, W. E. , SN, Gensel, D. W. , SA, Love, W., SN, Craig, C.C, SA, Filley, D. C., QM1, Graff, C. F.,SN, Bateman, R.L.SN 3rd Row Lto R: MC Daniel, R. C., SA, Craig, R. B., SA. ' W"'M""fww-.m.,,' Another One For The "Eleventh" Divisionl? x ' v, ,tl".k 4 ZQQK Q S V f' ' 4 wlf A K A . X , . i XJ A ,R A, ln M 44 , ef ky A ,s v 7 X2 ,, , ,QQ 1 . - . X w rx , Lf :-J , 1100 v, 1 ,Le Z ff, ?Z X, W" A , X .-A. 'f VNS, 2 , W . N S7 .S Y ' - 11- Q .fy . V ,, , .,1. ,. A we if QQ 43' :ff fx, ww, ' QW ' f gs.: , , . ,.1. . 5 - Q , fJ f , 1 . fr ' Aa " ' , , ' ' A 0' . :fig - f Nik ' I - zt f 1 . "- X my ' ,f Q. wx - ' ' - Q. GQ H223 T . X if Qi . ,f- - ,.f'-X137 . ' f' MRA "' 4513 'Z ,mfggf ji' f Top Row L to R: Scolloway, J. E., TMC. Prouty, A. R. , PNC, Kruedelbach, A. W., PNB, Burres, G. E., E. P., ME1, Green, R. A., PN2, Cox, P. J. ,' EM2, 2nd Row L to R: Gregg, H. A., BM2, Bogard, R Marshall, D. L., PN3, Belz, K. C., PN3, Murphy, P. H., YN3, Wahlen, T. J., SN, Lukat, C. L., SN. CAPTAIN'S OFFICE "X" DIVISION . 9 ,..,...re .. . .. , , EW W' W" , f , v 'WWWFK m"'W"""""lUa9myw:4ffW81 Q Q LT. L. B. DECAROLIS Personnel Officer X Division Officer "Who Done H FP1, Blanton, , . L. , YNT 2, Below: Schmelling, E T, , SN, Callahan, R.M SA Quackenbos, G S To Bad, No Sun O I "N" DIVISION If , 1,58 LT. JC. E. L. BRASSELL Ship's Navigator "N" Div, Officer. 5 . Tucker , 9 , SN R' S. T- 7 L '00 ' 1312119 Mission: During the Med Cruise the Navigation Department was responsible for the safe Naviga- tion and Piloting of the ship. Division: "N" - Navigation and weather data. Keeping The Deck Log fl n 2 I ! l 1 3 I F i I 1 i Q f l i S i i 0VlQGl1l i Novlgi "T" DIVISION LT ic. w. J. BLASCZAK G WEE' LCN Putting A New Paint Job On One Of The Vehicles C1 Lukens, F' M., MR C, Pittengefv Go ii Duncan, B' E' ' DC1 Sharpe, "A" "ZZ FP1' L Taylor, R' D" FP ' Durin the Med Cruise the motor vehicles in the Sixth Fleet Motor Pool if ddlil 9 were, woshed greosed, pointed, driven ond mointoined by the members of the T Division. Working mqny long hours the T Division kept us roll ng when we come into port. . Below 1stRowLt0 R: Lewis, F. D. ,OM , ag , . ., . . . llering, J. D., MR3. , 3rd Row L tg-13: Wylds, L. J., FN, Bachofen, D. A., SN, Martin, J. E., MRFN, Thompson, B. M., FN, Hasenzahl, B. A,, FN, Taylor, J. L., FN, Williams, L, K., FN, Bland, C.L.,FN. 4th RowLto R: Sa.nsone, G. E., FN, Stewart, h lenu,R. D., SO2. 3 2 P onis G E EM2 2nd RowL to R- Peters,J.J,FP2, Coffey, MES, Miller,T.P.lVlIR3. C T FN, Payne, L. E., FN, Marco, G. A., FN, Stoddard, T. H. SO3, Roee CHURCH CALL -fs 55' fC wfww' iv f' 44 fi , Vf W5 4 3 'V f Cf VLC f ' C if f., 1 Nita 'C ', 5 Wgw' s. ,1, 1 Cfiffwf fxhv 'f S C , Ni Q fm 'off 'X Q1 wma X sexy 5 , , M2 SZSASW W ' , , YCQCMQWSKQ' ,S af C ,C ' C sr S '?Wz,, 7 .ff-W Y Tiff f fx , . 4- V -"-Cf-mwmu,-C , f ,N WS fs 'L Ms C M.. .., s A C, WC, f ,, ,fs W , - V, I I f, f, C C I -NC' I Zx flWgg,Y,,g,S! f f C C ' C r S: S: S yy, ,M f , ff W f C ,CW WV-W' M " C Sf ' r w w WMC ' C t S f -.AX C N We fx 5 -V f ' 'am , C, ,Q V W M ,C C, ,, , C 2 QZC , f I - , W A :HK Q , ff, f fs? f g f 'f s,fs2s Viy,,fi,yx f fl ,X WVWWSWS 1, . ,fr f ff Wfwp alxfs f A f f X 1 1 f CC,fw7rf MS ws,-WW -f MWWAMC -'K A Wfvyfzfs 1 S W fi lil? S - 1 ,5Q,Ef , L , Q X i ff . l ' A ffafy WT Cy,-, , " Q C C : V'YzW"W t 'f fCfC Www, an W , Q ISA xf W r fx , Syyfffgf , X is 0 fx LT. B. W. LONG Chaplain During the Med. Cruise the Chap- lain conducted Divine Worship, organized church parties for men of all faiths and served as Force Chaplain for Service Force Sixth Fleet. In addition to his religious duties he served as Tour Coordina- tor tor Service Force Sixth Fleet. ,g ,,,,V W. , ,,,,,,,.....aaunvlwrM H, Q 1,35 Wy. DIVINE SERVICES Protestant Sunday Morning Worship Service In The Crew's Lounge Wwwww""""' W-w""'N 4 ..uull"""f ff I if-,,.-.-'- f if J 4 ff 4 yf' ,7 , I ' Q. 7 . , N A , , ,,f, MW Catholic Mass On I A Sunday Morning 149, COMMAND SERVICE FORCE SIXTH FLEET STAFF dministrotive office Staff A Top RowL to R: Wilcox, W. M., YNl, Daylo, B. D., YN1, Vainani, J.. C. , PN1, Dupree, C.L.,Jr. TEM1, Rowe, F.A., TE1, Brunton, H. C. , TE2, Norman, W. A., RM2, . 2nd Row L to R: Washington, KA. , SK2, Valdez V., YN2, McCoy, C. G., DK2, Jones, W. J., RM2, Crowley, J. T., RM3, Ertmatinger, R. A., SK3, Komenecky, J., RM3. 3rd Row L-- : Owens, F. T., TE3, Johns, R. L., TE3, Witta, M. W., RM3, T , . . SN, Beene, J. F. , RMSN. arr G R , PNSN, Warga, G., SN, .. X , -' if Donely, J. L. HERE AND THERE ABOUT THE SHI P .... -iw yvoxxxf .dwg . ow- .. , T. x mWWM,,..,,nwUN"4"A I I 1 out On H i ' u W1 L Ej .' ,4 T Look Ou' ' ' ' 1 , I ef The Af The Helm- W W 'Yxvff-,.,,,,, 591 L ng cum Ubem? 0 u Or Now Sweepers Start Your Brooms The Band ln ACYIOII Replenishment Exercises Were Enlivened By Martial Music Captain Hanson Makes Awards To Tidewater Men Who Advanced In Rate - I8 May A Party For The Third Section Of The Engineering Watch For Winning The Fu-el Oil' H In Consumption Contest At The End Of A Busy Day - Relaxing In 'The Crew's Lounge JI ,I llGeel co nfnes A nd Eyel'Y thing ! "Boys Will Be Bo ysll 5"Wen+,,,,, . XFN X Q 1 ! gif We lnififafion xQf Th P e New First Class effy Officers To The Fi rst Class Mess "The Next' Best Thing To A Cabana On The Riviera" Rushing The Season Tidewater Motor Racing Clqggic fUnofficiaI7 AND DURING SUN BATHING HOURS .... "What, No Beach Chairs?" And Meanwhile, Below Decks. . ." Poppy" Russell Gets Things Going N, f Z 57 ig. f Klqwx, H -j ffm f .,.:s.,,,Z,g, f Wwwm, Z 4, is , jaw Mfg, , sl, W, 1- , 7 ' dy, I '? - ' J , fm , I 'MRM J f WY N I ff ' -N, 1 I f g 4 f Pfdcticing up l "HAPPY-HOUR" The Cong's All Here 5 Sweetest Music TMS Side Of Heaven my ,-4: lm. I 1, Wx 1 X 'Y ig s vlq' my ,. x ,,,,, 2 f C' The Last Replenishment All hands were manning the rail as the USS CASCADE appeared on the horizon on the morning of Z3 June. Four monthS to the day after we arrived in the Med, the CASCADE moored alongside and we began the transfer of our responsibili- ties. All hands again were topside 3 days later as we watched the CASCADE and Cannes Harbor fade into the dis- tance behind the fantail . Bon Voyage for Home! Polrnci . . . our port of reloxotion ond fun wos visited otter the cores ond responsibilities of our Medit- erroneon Cruise had been handed over to our relief, the CASCADE. This quaint ond interesting port fomed for its climate, its shopping ond its recreotion did much to re- vive us after the nord work we per- fermed in the Med.. oovnuupmo ovncca o 5 5- uowlnea hom- 1,,f-mee 0 NE QF THE ge-If YES. 1: Aoee not agen yeuibie mu is 915 fin moth! use whit you concerning che Agolqlgsgnc of che 1199451111 eo che hgsicefrgnegn, it gulf, have been Arco our sour of gsffi ahh che Syd-h fleet is the hd' Lcefrgneen is' reomlg c,-.595 co a close, me in fact, msc of us 50 newly salary, have. Yrkor no actually .Alana h.w"f, 1 -fish W anti' you for your cgoverefion ,mile 10 10r0 sat? . 1 csv tlguf' 'IN WN'- craleccers you Q1-One coscfibuwi uvetgufnbli to che sccmvxilwwi 01 minion here. Since Xen.,-xx!! Ylorfolk on 10 Yeht-asf? 10 hi-10 bow V695 bu!! si Yr? P Aiccei ,mile ca,-ff!-05 out e hose iutei-Osqjrri schedule. N40 CUVUTQA W0 L A gpclfe hesicefranqsn ss inaicstei in the cqgi-es oi YGGKYTXUY- swf- Y-0 700 aurlng. che cfuise, vigifjxxti- the was of Cgxves, Frances Swat Bd , 0f0'f'3 Yiraexls, Greeceg ignir, 'NYVGYB the 19596 of Bhoiesg we stovpixxb bi A- Yana an the Spanish maqorcaa em-ooze heme. Ve ,531 have seemed une H 13,000 miles, Qwest as for as arfkxns the uorXAB , have been an Q06 67- M his we spent B9 says an ses. Suse of che ,hips with when 10 hu' over ' E md ,mile in che Sgr'-h Fleer. 501 the circuit cgfiers who Cbpsvldi, f fticonieg-Og.: ond istfevio, the cruisers 8,1996 840, Llbgni , S510 .Q Xlorf-y,s99f.on, ,nfl of Se,-do force cphers ,ni ,19911 lbiyl, the gvhiv tous ships can-YKP5 the M459 es, es, ,ni A of qu! Aescg-cies ,pla- 1-olls of 8 shi-Qs each. WADE some of our cfsise 10 uve wi fairly god -.Maher .nfl ,wfh sjlgxg ilth the oceycion of Q19 big stofmi, ose out oi Spd!! 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' I , , 'Q 0,51 'Q R 'Q DECK LOG Loc or U. s. s, TIDEWATER mp-sn MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE FEBRUARY TO JULY 1956 FEBRUARY I956 ' F'd,Fb.IO: rl OYO36 Underway from Pier 2O, Convoy Escort Piers, Norfolk, Virginia. '3OO Passed Cape Henry Lighthouse abeam to starboard, distance I mile, and took departure from Norfolk, Virginia, proceeding to Cannes, France. ' 32O Entered International waters. Monday, Feb. I3: , 'OOO Passed IOO miles due North of Bermuda, set course for the Straits of Gibra tar. ' Tuesday, Feb. I4: Emergency Appendectomy successfully performed at sea. Monday, Feb. 2O: , '5OO Sighted Cape Spartel, on the Nothwest Coast of Africa, 27 miles off the starboa '8OO Commenced transiting the ' traits o 1 ra ar. '83O Sighted the Rock of Gibraltar. '9OO Passed the Rock of Gibraltar abeam to port, distance 5 miles and entered the Mediterranean Sea. I Thursday, Feb. 23: , OIOO Sighted Jetty Light, Cannes, France. O645 Commenced making approach on USS YELLOWSTONE KAD-27I, anchored in Golfe de la Napoula, Cannes, France. O8OO Moored alongside USS YELLOWSTONE IAD-27l. I4OO Commander Service, Force, Sixth Fleet, Captain A. J. Miller, USN, broke his pennant on this vessel, and came onboard with his staff. I7I2 USS YELLOWSTONE IAD-27l, underway from alongside. Saturday, Feb. 25: l6OO Underway from Cannes France,proceeding to sea for Fleet Exercises. Sunday, Feb. 26: , O9OO Transited the Straits of Bonifacio, between the Islands of Corsica and Sard- inia. Monday, Feb. 27: O8OO Passed the Island of Stromboli abeam to port, distance 5 miles. IIOO Transited the Straits of Messina. MARCH i956 Friday, March 2: O6OO Made preparations for anchoring at the Island of Rhodes, Greece. O645 Anchored at Rhodes. O94O Underway from Rhodes, Greece, proceeding to Pireaus, Greece. Saturday, March 3: O84O Entered 'Pireaus Harbor, Pireaus, Greece. . b O9OO Moored stern to berth 66 in Pireaus, Greece, using ci Mediterranean moor. USS WADLEIGH IDD689l, USS C. YOUNG IDD-793l, and USS REMEY lDD-688l moored alongside to port. Thursday, March IS: l6OO Underway from Pireaus, Greece, proceeding to sea for Fleet Exercises Sunday, March I82 ' IOQZ Transited the Straits of Messina. 4 Passed the Island of Stromboli ' ' Thursday, March 22, abeam to starboard, distance 2 miles. I-4OO Set course for Cannes, France, Friday, March 23 0800 Ar1CI'1OI'eCl in GOlfe de IG Napoule, Cgnneg, Frgnge, rd bow. S fC'b It April l956 Monday, April 2: l000 Underway from Cannes, France, proceeding to sea for Fleet Exercises. Friday, April 6: l200 Set course for Cannes, France. Saturday, April 7: 0800 Anchored in Golfe de la Napoule, Cannes, France. April, I956 Monday, April l6: , ll00 Underway from Cannes, France, proceeding to sea for Fleet Exercises en- route to Soudha Bay, Crete. Wednesday, April l8: l800 Transited the Straits of Messina. Saturday, April 2l 1 0600 Made preparations for entering Soudha Bay, Crete. 0800 Anchored in Soudha Bay, Crete. USS HAZELWOOD lDD53ll, moored along- side to port. Monday, April 23: 0900 Underway from Soudha Bay, Crete, proceeding to sea for Fleet Exercises. Monday, April 30: l200 Set course for Pireaus, Greece. MAY l956 Tuesday, May l: 0700 Entered . 0845 Moored USS HAZELWOOD moored alongside to moored alongside to Tuesday, May 8: l500 Underway from Pireaus, Greece, proceeding to sea for Fleet Exercises. l3 Pireaus Harbor stern to berth '63 in Pireaus, Greece, using a Mediterranean moor. lDD-53l, USS RAY lSSR-27lli and USS CROAKER lSSK-346i starboard. USS MCGOWAN lDDl678l, USS McNAlR lDD-537l port. Sunday, May 1 l600 Set course for Rhodes, Greece. Monday, May l4: . 0500 Anchored at Rhodes, Greece. Thursday, May l7: 0830 Underway from Rhodes, Greece, proceeding to sea for Fleet Exercises. Monday, May 2l : l830 Set course for Rhodes, Greece. 2 Tuesday, May 2 2 0900 Anchored at Rhodes, Greece. Wednesday, May 23: 0830 Underway-from Rhodes, Greece, proceeding to Izmir, Turkey. Thursday, May 24: 0700 Anchored in lzmir Harbor, lzmir, Turkey. USS FISKE lDDR-892l, USS HAWKINS lDDR-873l , and USS RUSH lDDR-7143, moored alongside to port. 0900 The American Consul came on board to make an official call. 0925 The American Consul left the ship and a 7-gun salute was fired. '400 The Turkish Army Area Commander came on board to make an offical ll. CG '420 The Turkish Army Argo Commander left the ship and a l5 gun salute was f' d. Ire '425 The Turkish Aegean Naval Base Commander came on board to make an of- f' ' l ll. 'CIO 54055 The Turkish Aegean Naval Base Commander left the ship and a 7 gun sa- lute was fired. , Q l500 The Governor of Izmir came on board to make an official call.. '525 The Ggvernor gf lzhrrir left the ship and a l7 gun Salute was fired. 1300 Full dressed ship, broke the National Ensign of Turkey and lran at the main- truck. 1330 Manned the rail. l ' 1415 The Turkish Presidential Yatch SAVARONA, standing in with the President of Turkey and the Shah of lran on board, passed close aboard to port. Fired a 21 gun national salute in honor of the President of Turkey, followed by a 21 gun national salute in honor of the Shah of lran. Wednesday, May 30: 0800 Half-masted the colors. 1200 Fired 21 minute-guns to commemorate Memorial Day. 1220 Two-blocked the colors. Monday, June 41 0930 Underway fom Izmir, Turkey, proceeding to sea for Fleet Exercises. Friday, June 8: 1400 Proceeding to Souda Bay, Crete. SATURDAY, June 9: 0800 Anchored in Berth Hotel, Soudha Bay, Crete. - Monday, June 1 1 I 0630 Underway from Soudha Bay, Crete, proceeding to sea for Fleet Exercises. Thursday, June 14: 1300 Proceeding to Cannes, France. l 2300 Transited the Straits of Messina. Friday, June 152 0230 Passed the lsland of Stromboli abeam to starboard distance 3 miles. Saturday, June 16: 0900 Entered Colfe de lo Ngpgulel Cannes, France. 0945 Anchored in Berth Foxtrot, C-olfe de Ia NOpOule, Cannes, France. USS HAYNESWORTH KDD-7001, ond, USS WAI-DRON lDD-6991, moored alongside to port. Monday, June 25: '000 Commander Service Force, Sixth Fleet, shifted his pennant from USS TIDE- WATER CAD-311 to USS CASCADE CAD-161. Tuesday, June 26: '000 Underway from Cannes, France, Dl'OCeeCling to Palma, Majorca.. Wednesday, June 27: '000 Anchored at Palma, Majorca. Friday, 29 June: '000 Underway from -Palma, Majorga, proceeding to Norfolk, Virginia. Saturday, 30 June: 400 Sighted the Rock of Gibraltar. '500 Transited the Straits of Cibraltaf, Chopped to Commander in Chief, U. S. At- lantic Fleet. Monday, 9 Julyg 1430 Sighted Chesapeake Light Ship. 1530 Sighted Cape Henry, Virginia. 1630 Passed Cape Henry Light House abeam to port, distance I mile, Em-ered Hampton Roads, proceeding to Convoy Escort Piers. 1830 Moored Convoy Escort Piers, Norfolk, Virginia. in HIP' OFFICERS 'lfArmstrong, George K. 'F Bates, Richard W. 'F Blade, Thomas E. Blasczak, Walter J. Brassell, Edward J. Jr. Brennan, Robert P. ?Bryan, Leonard G. Capozzoli, Albert A. Jr. S Copeman, Thomas H. 'lf Davidson, John D. Decarolis-, Laurence F. 3' Deibler, Robert R. 'F Dobbyn, Edward T. Jr. Earle, Lawrence D. Evans, Harold W. at Fleischaker, Robert J. Fleming, Morris C. Gambill, Maurice A. Gibbons, George W. Gibson, William E. Hanson, Burton S. Jr. Harris, Leason G. Hawkins, Donald C. Heath, Frederick T. Huffman, Fred P. Hurst, Robert M. Jones, George L. Lindblom, Fenner P. Long, Bradford W. Long, William E. Lucas, Wilder G. '5fLundy, Robert T. PF Miller, Adolph J. Newill, Lawrence E. Oppert, Peter S. O'Rourke, Bernard P. "-:Patterson, Milton M. Jr Pollard, Charles F. ?Raynes, James E. Readerman, Irwin H. Robinson, Jacob W. ff Salop, John QND fl' Schnabel, Donald QND Steger, Louis A. Stephens, Garner QND Szeliga, Jerome C. Thompson, Lewis C. Tippett, Elbert W. f-4 Toon, Buster E. 'F Winters, Joseph W. Zipszer, Paul C. CHIEF PET TY OFFICERS CREW Abernathy, George E. Adams, Daniel W. Adams, Goodwin D. Adkins, Rush F. Adrian, Albert, Anthony F. John F. Jr. Gus IIGII Allen, 'l'Anderson, Alden R. Anderson, Kenneth E. Anderson, Ronald P. Andrews, Charles D. ?FArmas, Ruperto T. Arndt, Walter J. Jr. Arnold, James C. Jr. Arnold, Kenneth T. Arters, William H. Lt. LSCJ Lt. Akins, Harry L. Cdr- - Barkowski, George J. Lt' JC' Bean, Glen T. Lt-JG Bin, veivin E. Lt-JG Blackmon, Presley "W" Lcdf- Bush, Edwin QNX Lt- CD05 Cale, James A. Capt- Chrismer, Frank E. Lt- Cockrell, Jimmie M. Lt--TG Collins, Virgil P.. Lt. Crawford, John W. Cdr- QSCJ Duncan, Burrell E. Cdr- Falls, Roscoe E. Lt- Garrett, Jordan J. Cdr- QMCJ if Goidberg, Philip QN5 CWC Gunter, Harry Jr. L05-13 Guthrie, Donald L. CWC Hochheim, Harold CND LCC3-13 QSCJ Hordeman, Louis A. Capt. Hurlbut, Doctor B. Jr. CWC James, Ralph W. Cdr- QDCJ Jamison, Ernest J. Lt- JG Korpi, Ernest A. CWC Lagory, Richard M. Ens. Lander, Frank S. CWO Long, Harold P. Lt- QDCJ Lowery, Nile A. Lt- QCHCD Lukens, Frederick QND CWO Martin, Robert B. Ens. McDade, Furman L. Lcdr. Mitchell, Richard G. Capt. 1fOshaughnessy, J. P. CWO Pittenger, George M. CWO Pittman, Robert D. Lt.JG Pless, John E. Lt. JG Posivach, Louis E. Ens. Prouty, Arthur R. Cdr. Ross, David G. Jr. Lt. QMCJ Scott, Burton E. CWO Shannon, Malcom E. Lcdr. Smith, Bird E. LtsJG Solloway, John E. Jr. Ens. QSC? Stover, Gordon L. CWO Taft, Richard C. CWO Thompson, Ivy B. CWO Thompson, John A. CWO 'FWilson, Don C. Cdr. Wiseman, AAron D. Jr. Lcdr. Wooten, Clifford C. Lt. 'ff Staff ComServ For Sixth Flt Artis, Lloyd R. Ashley, Larry H. Austin, Allen F. Ayers, James K. Bachofen, Donald A. Bahrman, Peter QNJ Baker, Donald W. Baker, Frederick W. Baker, Luther E. Ball, Freddie J. Barfield, Troy E. Barger, John W. Barnes, Emmett IND Barrett, Donald G. Barrigar, Earl QNX Bateman, Robert L. Jr Baxley, Robert R. Bayly, Carlos E. Bazilla, Paul J. 4fBeene, Joe F. Begler, Joseph H. Bell, Robert W. Bell, William R. Jr. Belz, Kenneth C. :5'Benton, Seth F. M. Jr. Bernstein, Bernard T. Bernstein, Fredic A. Bess, Walter D. Bienhaus, James F. Bishop, Robert E. Jr. Bisnett, Jon A. Bland, Curtis L. Blanton, Ernest P. Blanton, Julius W. III Bloonfi, Edward P. III Bloom, Jerry E. Boeshans, Hubert H. Bogard, Robert L. Boyle, Robert S. Bradshaw, James A. Jr Brandon, Gearld F. Brassard, Robert W. Briggs, Robert W. Brodbeck, Williarn E. 'P'Brooks, James T. Jr. Brooks, Leon CND Brooks, William N. Brown, Henry C. Brown, Robert L. Brown, Walter F. Brown, Wardell E. 'ifBrunton, Homer C. Brzycki,. Carl C. Buege, Gerald F. Buice, Winfred D. Burch, Donald J. Burgess, George M. Burke, Joseph L. Burres, George E. Jr. Burroughs, Charles E. Ferguson, Aubry A. Butcher, Charles L. Butler, Gordon A. 'FButler, Robert C. Byrd, Robert L. Cabine s s , Stephenson C. Cale, Gene F. Callahan, Robert M. Calp, Walter R. 'F' Canaynay, Jose E. Cannon, Cornelius CND Cannon, Paul D. - Cantu, Andrew Jr. Card, Donald P. Carlson, Gordon E. Carnes, Paul D. Carr, Henry B. Jr. Carr, Thomas P. Carroll, Earnest CND Carswell, Clifton H. Jr. Casey, David M. Chappell, Winston A. Charles, Fred F. Chiavelli, Ralph CND Chilcote, James R. Chilcote, Roger E., 'F' Cicero, Joseph D. Clark, James E. Clark, Larry D. Clark, Stanley E. Cleary, John J. Jr. Coats, Marion L. W' Cobb, Bruce E. Cocchia, Anthony T. Colard, Donald O. Colwell, George CND Coffey, W. J. Combs, Charles D. Conley, J. R. Conner, Herschel J. Connor, David Jr. Connor, Robert L. Cosgro ve, Kenneth M. Cowley., Clifford Jr. Cox, Paul J. Craig, Claud C. Craig, Richard B. Crites, Raymond G. ff Crowley, James T. Culver, Robert D. Danner, James R. Darichuk, Michael T. Davis, Joseph R. Day, Bernard C. 'D' Daylo, Bonifacio D. Dean, Harry E. Deguzman, Vicente B. Deibel, Charles H. Delk, Lois CND Delong, Alvin T. A De Moulin, David W. Denning, Ronald D. De Ratto, Charles F. Dewberry, Hollis M. 'F' Dial, 'Daniel S. Dilleshaw, Bill CND Di Marcantonio, E. J. Dobish, Frank S. Jr. Dobos, Donald CND Dodrill, Raymon J. 'F' Donley, John L. Doyle, Edward R. Dozier, William H. Jr. Drake, Calvin G. Dring, Nathaniel P. Dunaway, Carol G. W'Dupree, Charles L. Jr. Durbin, Patrick L. Dziuban, Benedict J. Earley, James A. Early, Louis M. East, Walter E. Edwards, Clayton W. Edwards, George H. Eglinton, Edward J. Eikerenkoetter, B. H. Elliott, James M. Ellis, Ronald CND Embree, Stanley V. Jr. Erb, Philip L. 'lf Ermatinger, Richard A. Ertzberger, Wade H. Fagan, Peter E. Farkas, Robert F. W' Fazenbaker, Melvin W. Ferguson, Howard L. Ferris, Paul T. Filley, Donald C. Fisch-etti, Thomas A. Fitzgerald, James R. Flanagan, Richard E. Flannery, Shirley T. Flowers, Charles J. Jr. Flynn, George J, Foley, Fred M. Formisano, Carmine CND Fortune, Harry H. Jr. Foster, Billy CND Fowler, Danny H. 'F' Staff Com Serv For Sixth Flt Pk if Pk Fowler, IIGII IIC!! Frack, Douglass H. Fredrickson, Charles R. Freeman, Carroll I. Fuller, Emory L. Funqagalli, Lester F. Funk, David D. 1 Galang, Demetrio M. Gardner, Baxter L. Garrity, Leonard N. Gaspard, Robert I. Gensel, David W. Genz, Armin D. Gibson, John M. Girardin, Robert G. Givens, Dan Jr. Goggin, Leo G. Goodall, David L. Goodrich, Charles J. Jr Goodwin, Samuel R. Jr. Gootee, ,Merle W. Jr. Graff, Carl F. Graham, James E. Grant, Christopher L. Greaves, Ronald J. Green, Jerry M. Green, Robert A. Green, William Green, William H. ' Greenhow, John R. Gregg, Herbert A. Gregg, Jackie D. Griffin, Michael F. Jr. Griffin, Walter W. Jr. Griffith, Ralph CND A Guanga, Nertino B. Gunson, Richard C. Haga, William 'L. Hall, Ronda R. Hampton, Winston S. Harbison, Willard CND Harden. Robert D. Harden, Theodore E. Hardy, Barney L. Hardy, Thomas L. Harper, James W. Harper, Raymond D. Harper, Williarn E. Harris, Robert M. Harris, Sherman CND Harris, Thomas H. J' Harrop, Lester C. Jr. Hartley, John E. Jr. Hartley, Marvin E. Hasenzahl, Bruce A. Hayes, Gerald A. Heard, Earnest CND Heath, Douglas G. Helmlinger, Lester F. Hemenway, Leslie R. Hendricks, Robert G. Hendrickson, Ardie R. Henson, Denis G. Hering, John D. Hernandez, Amado M. Herrington, George CND 5 Kiger, Cyril L. Hertel, Kenneth J. 'F He s s, Johathan, QNX Hill, Robert V. Jr. Hilty, Ralph T. Hobbs, James H. Hoisington, Phillip N. Holbrook, lra J. Hollingsworth, Donald L. Holter, Desmond O. Hopkins, Joseph B. Hoskins, Hugh B. Houston, James E. Jr. 'F Howard, Norbert' L. 'l'Howard, Philip E. 'lf Hughes, Felix W. Hull, Jose QNX Hunt, Edgar A. Hunt, Virgil V. Hupp, James B. Hutchinson, Richard J. Jackson, Sidney R. Jarnes, George J. Jr. Jakoway, J. A. James, Thurman QNX Janczak, Harry J.. 'ig Jenkins , Franklin D. Jerome, Norman C. Johns, Robert L. Johnson, Edrnund L. Jr. Johnson, Jack T. Johnson, John A. Johnson, William F. Jr. Jones, George K. Jones, Harry Jr. Jones, Ralph C. Jones, Richard QNX Jones, Richard L. Jones, Robert J. Jones, William C. Jr.. Jones, William J. Jordon, Oliver H. Jr. Josephson, Emil W. Journe, John M. Kain, Raymond J. Karriker, Jack H. F Kauffman, James K. Keepler, Edward L. Kehoe, John J. Jr. Kennedy, Paige C. "FKernechel, Robert D. Keryin, Thomas J. Kirby, Robert P. Knight, James R. Kohl, Ronald G. , Koiner, Charles E. Kokowetz , Stephen Jr. r Komanecky, Jame S "N" Komender, Robert A. Kosacheff, Boris QNX Kowalski, Robert J. Kruedelbach, Al W. Labadie, John J.. Jr. Lamb, James R. Lambert, Buddy E. Land, Louil P. Jr. Lane, Jimmie L. Langston, Nathaniel QNX Larkin, James R. Lathery, Kenneth R.- Lattanzi, James L. Laughlin, Milton' QNX Lawson, James A. Lawson, Rosco R. Lebel, George J. Jr. Lebel, Normand G. Lee, Phillip H. Leis, Charles A. Leonard, Alonzo QNX Lester, William R. Lewis, Fred D. Lewis, Glenn C. Lewis, Jackie D. Lineberry, Claston QNX Lockard, Willis D. Logsdon, John W. 9-4 Lope, Antonio QNX Love, William Jr. Lowe, Peter R. Lowery, Delbert D. Lubich, Earl E. Lucas, Thomas L. Lukat, Cuvier L. Luther, Robert M. Jr. MacDowell, Harold R. Madrid, Frank S. Maloney, Roger L, Marco, George Ai Marsh, Desmond F. Marsh, Sidney W. Marshall, Dalmer L. Marshall, Edward O. Martella, John Jr. Martin, Clarence H. Martin, Jimmie E. Martin, Wyatt L. Masck, Thomas L. Matos-Morales, Pedro Mauterer, Paul W. Mayo, Donald J. Mazzucca, Vincent E. 'FMcConnell, Joseph A. ?McCoy, Charles G. McDaniel, Ralph C. McGarry, Daniel V. McGlasson, Caleb B. ' McGuire, Francis L. Mclntosh, Herman QNX McKelley, Homer "C" McNease, Sollie Jr. McNutt, Ronald C. McQuade, Bernard G. r Staff ComServ For Sixth Flt bk :lc :la J, .P if McTee, Raleigh D. Meade, Frank L. Meranda, Donny K. ll, Walter QNX Merre Miller Bobby "N" Miller Elija J. 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