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.,- cf- .. 1' 1 11 AP' ,' if X 'ie ' ,nr .131 Q ,QW Q l if .mt-.ff ff - A-.. ,NM - ,: .Y , . K' 4-' if ' 1 xt , 1 Q wg Q, i Y' ,J -I, .,1,w.. J..--.yi ' . U Y-3' A E.u:1Q. .uv 4 .k?5M:.4QxV-Jt'Xlj:"., . f.J G :. Ha, f -T ,xli- ,:.',1,-" 'U. . vi ,, ,M 'WW ' .. -TT" ..,',. puffy .4 'Q . f.-g,,3. iefiiv' Q 1 5 ,, ' ' rpg! v ,-Lv ,.. .gf " ,Q ,V 3,23 , ,A K. .vyl fr fx, . . a 2' ,, . , ,sw 15 .QC I 'ff T 1 J 4 7 , C 3, . " , , ,X . SM :Feta ii' Jn J V ,i I 1 ' X 'Lx -, . V R ln, 2 ,. ' f ,VW ng, f - .51 Hgh' V A x ' ff'g11f"-, . , 3921 fl F11 , -f. " Q.. 'fs' 3931 f' -743' if V . ,, .,,K-. 'A' . -. T1'v-. -A - .w . IQ," - uw .su : , ,--.., A ' :,.1g41,f, 1- .1 cv ,Q 1L,Eh.4:f..' .. , 11-xgifi 'H ,v' i 2pfw'EA-'piffw' ' A . ' IQ ' g'-.e"1,,-7 . ' - .. in iv A ' - Qty 'J 65, ml i' 4 514 n ,.-.4 J H- A 1 7 AQ 5 A f, X-gfgj-' . , ,-X ' 'Q , 4 Lis V ,,,,,:'g!2' . Q.. , 'TM 132- ' 1' - gf . X17 'af V .. Q51,n'1xL':1v '. W- , 1: , . ,A-., -4 4', .L Iliff I R X 'E I 1-he in-....4r" PM 7-...... L..... E 5 X 3 I I 4 'A 'fy' ' Q-,X 1 . f- -" '4 ,.., 1 .. . 'L MN .'f"7"v Q' TN.6fv4,Q,r- -Nm " ' , -' 'W---' ' L, M hm wi ..f"" 15 nw..-1 J! i . L... X' . mm K it 1.. , I Q, rf V- K, ,,..-,......ff 5 ,- x ' f ' X ' 2 f V x z, wi If , ,- " f ,2 X I f Wf a , , ffl A ,ji J 1 iv 1 , , ,,... ,.......-v-"' 'H N. L. .-.nwv"'A'f 2 X X4. ,- 1974- 1975 TIDEHA VEN HIGH SCHOOL EL MATUN, TEXAS F ORE WORD . 3 1 E.-fr x 'r 3-wr f Y L S L 3 . , 3 , 5. , - l 2 i Q ' z 4 t A 5 ' It if , 3 ,,. . a y E S- . ly.. .1 l 5 5 1' 5 'Vk' , R , 3-A Recession and inflation were factors that concerned everyone during the 1974- 1975 school year. Even unemployment began to be a problem. This enforced the fact that a good education is a highly valued commodity. Students at Tidehaven experienced the effects of rising prices in many of the pro- jects used to raise money. But, because most students were dedicated to their class andfor club, raising money was not much of a problem. All students contributed a part in these projects and other activities to make THS what it was then and what it will be in the future . I sincerely hope that students and faculty alike will be able to "keep in touch" with one another through the pages of this yearbook that my staff and I have so devotedly put together. Q CZMZ-it Editor DEDICA TIUN The annual staff of 1974-1975 is greatly pleased to dedicate this annual to Mr. and Mrs. Ira Rose. Both have played a significant part in the growth of Tidehaven and its students. They have not only set high goals for the education of their stu- dents but also for themselves as teachers . BOARD OF EDUCATION SEATED: G. W. Hejtmanek, Dee Cowger, Stanley Genzer. STANDING: I. E. Foltyn, Victor Zemanek Carl Jensen Clarence Piwonka. ALMA MA TER Tidehaven High, to thee our hearts are given In loyalty to each familiar scene We pledge to thee our love and our devotion: We pledge to this now, and for years to come. And may we strive to bring greater glory With honor won for Tidehaven High. I Mflvfgpff 5f?aiWM J 45 ' .44fZzfZ?1c'i jfs? 15ff4ff CP k 4, J f H J f if M I l ' , , XX XF' i Wnavx wg Q, """v' 'Z' 1- " .3 23,5 H 4 flikw xl,,,SSi '-iii' , " - . - - 5 F . Mir", f w w' ' ., ..:?fffA"75IIii I "" t if --' f K 9 U P MR. DELVIN TASKA E R I N T E N D E N T 9 E C R E T A R I E 9 MRS . DORRIS LOWRIE MISS MILDRED DORNAK P R EE R I N C I P A L 9 E 0 R E T A R Y MRS. "TINY" PIERCE MR. JESSE O. BAKER gpg.: PEUPLE ,QW ., "rf:-2 2 2 521 -X Q XX X QX. M461 XX-sqfmw f--- 1 -X ,.. ..: f New W XX mlwnu A2 ,.XX, g,: Y3 X, X Xb?-r-:,' H ' 'Www w w , XX X gn W X lj. ':,2JXeXX Y QM 1' 3jXf" ,24 XM? X: X uuu' .,,, ,ggg:,,3:X:,M,, :2iX1assAzfr33,XX H W' XX X H as f E ' , i ?55li?L'g 'Q Wil? fi I , Z ' Q A " ' ' '-4 X--KQV' ' I ,gzmwswa ' ,, I , 'W , X ' fig! ,Q X XX 5" EX y 2 ' 1" 23 '1"s':f,,'1'-Wi", WZ? " 3' 2 'HW m a ,, , 5 . . 8. ' 'J :'- 'X XX: 5 + 'ffEQIl2f"5if . QW "5 PY fl-X 5" " if f , A " ' E' R 1' ' M W W +1 ,w':':sX vs ,,XXXQ,z,X,gg X ' vw ' , 1 X jx 5 5 ' 5 X 443531-1 ,QQSMS 5 X w i ! - X ,.qguX,, f4,Xg,Q X435 ,gg 5,X,,X X W- WX. .n V :mtg Wa XJ ' Wir MXL X 5 2 A Mwllml WM P6WTr"'H?9fi?5"f:2?i,ff" W1f"Wi'5'I,,,2'l? EV'kl,2i5sff':f: 'r '.' h"' "3ff,,?QF1?fQ XM XX'5'X,X1X:"',ifff::':f, Y1.i3i'1i!f'?i'21' k:2XjI,K, , iff' - W, ilfiwv i 1, mi -.i?'F!E'fig X - 1: "lf: X N. 5XV'II'11f-W Wi' 315W'1?1i,Xi,,,:5 N? -MW N, WX M W vif W Q X5??v W, iw' " 1551? 'W XX Iwi 'i'!5?fMmQililiissXsXXX 'M 'Y 'w,'31vw1-, - , V 5 . g ' wXXXsQ,XXXXf,s M, , XX , I, ' f X Xb +X qw -- . A X XX 1 " 5 Q 5 . ggi X A f x if , K - 'F Mil' , i QQN- 2 , X ' ' ,V V V ,- M5 4 W :sf N f 5 5 ' P law: X, XM g f ' . vm' . ,W , -w-- FT 5- XJ?5l52f, X J ,,,, , 'f I Eli212X?si?:EEfi5isQs',Ef21 X XXXX XM - and PLACES . .yn , .,,,,,:,,s,. :ucazzzfew Ara? MRS. EDITH HURTA MR. W. G. KING T. H. 9. CAMPUS ff'M""q' dkfxf , ,,fl1M,fff'f1LC7f'L.x..Q'f ,LEA ,,,. .K ff ,,L44g1.p g4J,!,L:Lf f V ma nf, f J4gfZNfvf' f ' ff'-4 75 ,, I 1 I X . ,nf 1 M " ff! mid f , rm ,f M f at ff , f lk ff -r A ...- V! LA, if if if ,MM I 1 1 , url, ,I if .- 1 'I 5 v fi , , , 17: A 4 1 If 1 fi ' f' X ,..f5Q'y ,R it Q fx 1,-A-gmf47,,-7, " QR' ,U up 5 X ' V ' inf 'lf N' gina K if I 1' .M f I fxik K X JM u-mpiw ,J S vw . , ,f .' Q,-,- .MW - , f f ,. M 1114 W" Y' K' " , . .,.M. f75'?.QI Aff? M . I .. .. gif ,filmgif f M1 f f a ' if ,J af' 4,5 f ff ' A J, J P' g? X ,X cl '73' MRS. LOUANNE ZACEK Resource MR. ALTON NELSEN Math - Science MR. DENNIS OLSOVSKY Band- Music fx Q Z i ' I , . 74.2-fv QS , f 2 ' ff f JG- Pi 1' ki yi! Why W 1 5724 "C5.':'. 'f me F, Q4 W MRS. VERNA KING Librarian MR. CRAIG GLASSCOCK Coach - Chemistry - Math MRS . NANCY HURLEY Commercial MRS. FRANCES ROSE History - Typing MRS. ONA LEA PIERCE History - Speech MR. CLARENCE THOMPSON Coach - Social Studies W S MISS JERRY EMMONS Coach - History MRS. BEULAH SPARKS English MR. WILLIAM BLOSKAS Coach - Biology MRS. GLORIA SABRSULA MR. IRA ROSE Industrial Arts MR. DENNIS BARTOSH Industrial Arts , .... f seRq,w' I Homemaking MRS. KATHRYN DANNELS Math - Science MRS. DOROTHY SPARKS English MRS. MILDRED PENNINGTON Spanish - English LQ? ei f , O L X V: V k: . k A IASA MRS. CHRIS RAY Nurse LUNCHROUM PERSONNEL Hilda Jalufka Irene Green Lena Saha MAINTENANCE EQIGINEERQ REMINDERQ OF T. H.9. 0 Q if kind' K n' 4 LQiff't.VQ,s.i's?,,.:irnv L' uf' .AOVHV 1 E , - sf- ' ' N. -v ',, , -I af' 'f ,few f ,-Rui 'fi gg" G" 'ti 514 Q9 i '5k,,4Q. I .3a,Zi0!".!iP Ca! kVQlgf!gaA',,55s4k- t4,k,,4:'1':S,Mi..aU: guksiaitagl 'glfix . 5 4 ,aft U ,A ,I-K.. K,l7.::!.'Q',k,,g.!n,..lr,N 4.59, llgfnrff :f.":!"5"::fvi':g':n iff fk'u 'Viv YV x""-Syklf 531' Iii' , - Q Wing! - q 4 K, ! 5 I 1 I i E gr. ? C7 ' 4,1 " ' "1 Qlfllw .Z"Qf7ff ff ff' XG' if Q4 fffkf' 542 gf f ffffdg ff f M, .f Qfigffg Q 44 ddlyfjgfgagf Jjfff 4 C 'gfffwflff ,544 g12iJI'4LL ff' Nw L A' fi! 3.2 ff 4 iw W' 'W 'fffkfifff f' lfffjfiffg fggff m' ,fM ' ,fy f' ff 4m " f!'fifEfg,4f fi A1566 XZ' fwfr 41.4.1 f'?iC QQ-Qinfffrfi-f-f 1 af' ' , f -A-Y' 3 45' 1,1 - ',4A 55245 "' ' f tftdiif zzz!! JL ,M AjWf .3 , N! Af' ffjfi' A9-'X 'K fLV'7'fl-Qi?-"2 QLMCIJWQAQKJLZ5 H427 3 MF, , M - if 1 F 1 I W ...,,.., 1 Z 1 5 E 3 i l K if MOTTO - "Today we sail, when shall we anchor?" SONG - "When Will I See You Again?" FLOWER - Red Rose COLORS - Red and Blue CLASS FAVORITES - Debbie Mitchon and David Sanders President - Mike Crain Vice Pres. - Dennis Havel Secretary - Gina Darby Treasurer - Cheryl Hadden Reporter - Grace Hickl Sgt. at Arms - David Sanders Sponsors - Mrs. Kathryn Dannels Mrs. Frances Rose JANET ALINE BANKHEAD Class Favorite 35 F.H.A. 1, 25 F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Lang. Arts 1, 2, 4, Off. 45 Band 1, V.I.C.A. 3: Explorer Club4 ROSE MARIE BEYER F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 49 Explorer Club 3, 49 Bskt. 1, 2, 3, 4, All Dist. 3, Outstanding Defense 35 Track 4 nvv 11 1 H.. GLORIA JEAN BOONE F.H.A. 1, 2: V.I.C.A. 3, 4 JOSEPH MICHAEL CANO MARY ANN CHAVEZ F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4g Lang. Arts 1 2, 3, 4: Student Librarian 2, 31 Tiger's Tale 3g Class Reporter 35 Explorer Club 3 , 4, Absentee Monitor 4 RUSSELL LYNN CLAXTON Class Off. 3: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Sup. Solo 1, 2, 4: Fest. Band 1, 2, Dist. Band 3, 4, Reg. Band 4: Band Pres. 4: Band Beau 4: John Philip Sousa Award 4: Lang. Arts 1, 2, 3, 4: Yearbook 3, 4, Editor 4: Who's Who 4: One Act Play 4: N.H.S. MICHAEL D. CRAIN Class Off. 4: Council of Pres. 4: Class Favorite 2: Boys' State 3: Ftbal12, 3, 4: Bskt. 2, 3: Tennis 2, 3, 4: 1st Dist. Tennis 4: Golf 3, 4: Who's Who 4: 1st Dist. Slide Rule 4: Fire Warden 4: Paper Staff 4: Lang. Arts 4: Explorer Club 4, I Dare You Award 4: Prom King 4 GINA CMCKISSICKJ DARBY Class Off. 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Off. 4: Fest. Band 3, 4, lst Twirling Solo 3, 4, Head Twirler 3, 4: Twirler 2: F.T.A. 1: F.H.A. 1, 2: Volleyball 1, 2: Track 1, 2, 3: Track Reg. Qual. 3 RANDY CONRAD ELLIS EDWARD LEE GURECKY Class Favorite 3 ,ii , t 1 . CHERYL ANN HADDEN F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, Class Off. 45 Track 1, 21 Lang. Arts 3g Explorer Club 3, 4g Student Librarian 4 DENNIS RAY HAVEL Class Off. 45 Band 1g Lang. Arts 3: Council of Pres. 43 Explorer Club Off. 4: Fire Chief 43 Ftball 1, 2, 3, 4: Golf 3, 4: Tennis 3: Exp. Club 3, 4 wrt? DOUGLAS LEE HAVEL Fire Warden 4g Explorer Club Off. 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Ftball Capt. 44 Golf 3, 4: Lang. Arts 2, 3: Band 1: Explorer Club 3, 4 JOEL PATRICK HAYES Class Off. 1, 33 Council of Pres. 13 N.H.S. 2, 3, 4, Off. 45 Year book 45 Bskt. 1, Track 1g Tennis 4 DANIEL ALLEN HICKL F.H.A. Beau 4 GRACE DIANE HICKL Class Off. 4g F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, Off. 3, 4, High Point Sr. Div. Fair 3, 45 Lang. Arts 1, 2, 3, F.T.A. 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Off 4, Sweetheart 4: 1st Class Musi- cian 4g N.H.S. 2, 3, 4, Paper Staff3, 4 JUNE SANDRA JENSEN Salutatoriang Tiger's Tage 2, 3, 4, EditoI4: F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 49 N.H.S. 2, 3, 4, Off. 4: F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Off. 4, Lang. Arts 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Off. 4 GAIL VERONICA JUNEK Class Off. 23 F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Off. 2, 4: F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Off. 4, Lang. Arts 1, 2, 3, 4, Off. 3, 43 N.H.S. 2, 3, 45 Year- book 3, 4g Explorer Club 3, 4, Off. 3, 4, Cheerleader 4g Track 1 K ,,., - SANDRA JOY KUBALA Valedictoriang Class Off. 3: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Off. 4, Fest. Band 35 F.H.A. 2, 3, 4: N.H.S. 2, 3, 4, Off. 43 Top Hon. Student 1, 2, 3, 4g Fire Wrd. 4g Lang. Arts 3, 4, One Act Play 35 Who's Who 3, 43 DAR 43 N.H.S. Swtheart 4: Volball 1, 2, 3, All Dist. 2, 3: Bskt. 1, 2, 3, 4, All Dist. 3, 4, Outstanding 3, 4, A11 Tourney 3, 4, Capt. 4, Swtheart 4: Tennis 3, 4g Perf. Attend. 33 Tex. Chem. Award 45 2nd Class Musi- cian 4 JOE FRANK LONGORIA Ftball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4 IANICE ROSE MERTA Class Off. 23 F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, High Pt. Student F.T.A. 1, 2g F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Off. 2, 3, 4: Lang. Arts 2, 3, 45 Paper Staff 2, 4: Student Lib. 45 Fire Wrd. 43 Bskt. 1, 2, 3, 45 Volleyball 2, 3, Track2 WILANNA CLAIRE MIDGETT Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Tiger's Tale 1, 2, 3, 4, Lang. Arts 3, 4, Explorer Club 3, 4, Off. 3, 4g F.T.A. 3, 4, Off. 4 DEBBIE LANISE MITCHON F.H.A. 3, 4, Off. 4, Tiger's Tale 45 Class Favorite 4 DEANNE LYNETTE MOZLEY Class Off. 1: F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Off. 2, 4, Dist. Finance Secy. 39 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Lang. Arts 1, 2, 3, 4, Off. 4, One Act Play 45 All Star Cast Hon. Men. 43 Class Favorite lg Fire Wrd. 4: Tiger's Tale 4g Who's Who 4g Miss THS 45 F.T.A. Swtheart 43 Cheerleader 45 Bskt. 1, 2, 45 Volball 1, 2, 33 Track 1, 2 CATHY LYNN NEDBALEK Class Off. 2, F.T.A. 1, 2, 33 F.H.A. 1, 25 Lang. Arts 1, 2, 3, 4g V.I.C.A. 3, 4, Off. 3, 4 LINDA DIANA NELSEN Class Off. 23 Council of Pres. 25 F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Off. 2, 3, 43 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Off. 4, Betty Crocker Award 4g Lang. Arts 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Twirler 3, Drum Major 4, Twirl. Solo 1st 4, Musician 1st Class 4: Paper Staff2g N.H.S. 2, 3, 45 Off. 49 Yearbook 3, 4, Who's Who 3, 4: U.I.L. Feature Wr. 3rd 43 Girls' State 3: Explorer Club 3: Bskt. 1, 2: Tennis 1, 3, 4 IOE FRANTZ NEWBERRY MARIA CONCEPCION PENA F . H . A . 1 IANIE MARIE PIWONKA Class Off. 1, 35 Council of Pres. 3: F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Off. 2, 4 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Off. 3, 45 Lang. Arts 1, 2, 3, 4, Off. 4, One Act Play 4, All Star Cast Hon. Men. 4: N.H.S. 2, 3, 43 Girls' State 35 Who's Who 4g Cheerleader 43 Yearbook 3, 43 Tiger's Tale 4g Bskt. 1, 23 Vol- leyball 1, 2, 3g Track 15 Tennis 2, 3, 4 RANDALL LLOYD REED N.H.S. 2, 3, 4, Off. 4g Boys' State 35 U.I.L. Slide Rule 2nd 4 Number Sense 49 Ftbal. 2, 3 DONNA ANN ROADES Class Off. 23 F.H.A. 1, 25 Council of Pres. 29 Lang. Arts 1, 2, 33 F.T.A. 1, 23 N.H.S. 2, 3 49 Tiger's Tale 2g Student Librar- ian 23 V.I.C.A. 3, 4, Off. 3g1st Dist. and State V.I.C.A. 31 Bskt. 1, 2g Volleyball 1, 2, 3 MICHAEL JOHN SAHA Class Off. 2: Band 1: F.T.A. 3, 4, Lang. Arts 3, 4, Football lg Explorer Club 3, 4 if 1 nm -JESUS! DAVID MARK SANDERS Class Off. 45 Class Favorite 4g Lang. Arts 1, 2, 3, Football 1 2, 3, 49 Track 1, Tennis 4 CAROLYN ANN SANFORD F.H.A. 1, 2: V.I.C.A. 3, 4 KEVIN B. SPARKS V.I.C.A. 4 SHARON MARIE STEFFEK DAVID JOSEPH ZAPALAC F.H.A.3,4gLar1g.Arts3g V.I.C.A.4 Explorer Club 3, 4 VICKIE IO ZIELONKA F.T.A. 1: F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 DAVID JOE WOODSON Off. 3, 4: Student Libra. 3, 4 Lang. Arts 3, 49 F.H.A. Class Off. 25 V.I.C.A. 4 Swtheart4 X . 44f4 A ,M nf .. , , ...... W, .W 1 1 a I 54 -f, Q? 1- i 'Fi 's f .a .2 'num , l 1975 Senior Class Prophecy It is the year 1985 in the experimental underwater city of Nelsenville, named after Linda, The Chick of the Sea, planned and constructed by that eccentric genius, Mike Crain. He burned up ten sliderules in the process, while his assistant, Randall Reed just sat around in his swimming trunks playing tiddly winks. As we enter this city, we see Russell Claxton opening for the morning his prospering business of "Fifi's Poodle Shop. " Well, what do you know, his first customer is Poochie Mozley coming in for her daily hair straightener. As we turn the corner, we notice that Zapalac's Welding Shop has fallen down and David is desperately trying to weld it back together. Kevin Sparks is standing by laughing in his exter- minator shorts, and David Woodson is walking a lizard and a parrot named Dennis and Douglas Havel around the remnants of the shop. There's Gloria, the new owner of Boone's Slenderbolic , watching very depressed as her latest customer, Gina Darby, walks out of her shop. Gina has done in one day what Gloria has been trying years to do. And here is Roades' Beauty Salon, owned and operated by Donna. Her model for today and every day is Mary Pena who is trying out the latest style - the blown Afro. As we see Edward Gurecky's glasses fogging up, we turn to find the reason - it's the swinging hips of Cathy Ned- balek who is now the current go-go girl of Nelsenville. Down the street a couple of blocks, we see Mike Cano and Randy Ellis' Bubbly Ice Cream Bar. They serve the "strongest" rootbeer floats this side of the Atlantic. Tonight's entertain- ment in this shop features none other than the delightful Rainbow Mermaids, Rose Beyer, Mary Chavez, Cheryl Hadden, and Sharon Steffek. Hey, what's that we see next? Why it's Frank Longoria , the hairy legged lifeguard for the Kiddy Pool. He's sitting on a tall ladder trying to show off his physique. June Jensen and Grace Hickl pass up Frank while campaigning for Wilanna Midgett, who is going on the fifth hour of her speech. This year she's running for president of the Underwater Newspaper. Wait, she must be finished, no, she just stopped for a short breather. In the local Underwater Church we notice the Reverend Dan Hickl and his wives, Gail Iunek and Janie Piwonka, assisting in the marriage of Mike Saha and Janet Bankhead . It took her ten long years to get him to the altar. The Salmon Sisters, Janice Merta, Carolyn Sanford , Debbie Mitchon, and Vickie Zielonka are singing "Hey, Little Goldfish." Nearing the end of our underwater journey in Nelsenville, we stumble upon Sandra Kubala instructing Joel Hayes and David Sanders in the latest dance, "The Bumpy Wave." As our journey through Nelsenville finally comes to an end, we wish the inhabitants as happy a life in the future as they seem to be leading right now. I 975 Senior Class Will To the teachers of T . H. S . we, the Seniors of 1975 , would like to leave all of our old homework papers and to the junior class we leave the honor of being seniors of T . H . S . GINA DARBY leaves her brains in chemistry to ANDREW JASEK and FRED TOBECK. JANIE PIWONKA gives CONNIE LEZAK her small features. GAIL JUNEK leaves her nail-bitten fingers to MARY KASPAR. GLORIA BOONE leaves her sexy shape to DEBBIE LEE. DENNIS HAVEL leaves to VERNON RICKAWAY his permission to take CAROL FRICK to the dances at K. C. Hall. RANDY ELLIS leaves the vocational bus and Mrs. Green to WYLENE CRAIN and PEDRO AGUILERA. RUSSELL CLAXTON leaves the office of Band President to MICHAEL GREEN in hopes that he will get along better with the Band Director. JOEL HAYES leaves his love for the scenic Tidehaven campus to ADOLF JALUFKA and BENNIE HAVERLAH . MIKE CANO leaves his surf board and F.M. Stereo to RICKY GRAFF and TRACK WARN. MIKE CRAIN leaves to SUSAN KUBALA what little "wits" he has since she needs all she can get. DOUGLAS HAVEL leaves his ability to get along with Mr. Rose to JAMES DAVIS and WILLIAM JONES . JANET BANKHEAD leaves her dark hair to LIBBY ROADES. FRANK LONGORIA leaves his ability to grow hair on his legs to HUMBERTO GARZA and his big broad shoul- ders to DAVID LONGORIA . DEBBIE MITCHON leaves her natural red hair to MARY JANE DABELGOTT. VICKIE ZIELONKA leaves her height to TIBBIE SAHA and GINGER VACEK. ROSE BEYER leaves to CONNIE GRANTHAM the people who form the gossip column of T. H. S. and her hips to LINDA MCGINTY. CHERYL HADDEN leaves all the T . H . S. broads to ALPHONSE REVIS. MARY CHAVES leaves her great speeches to OTTO WILLIAMS and CHARLES BOONE. CAROLYN SANFORD leaves her ability to get lifted to CEDRIC LEWIS and JAMESETTA SHEFFIELD . DANIEL HICKL leaves his fantastic grades in English to LAVERNE HICKL and RUPUS NUNN. JANICE MERTA wills her cowboy boots to CINDY DABELGOTT and JIMMY PIWONKA. DAVID ZAPALAC leaves his ability to weld and dip snuff to DANIEL RODRIQUEZ and MILTON VAVRA. DAVID WOODSON wills his Ha Ha and boots to ELROY HEBERT and RODOLFO MARTINEZ. MIKE SAHA wills his good looks to BENNY RUSK and MICHAEL SCHURTZ . RANDALL REED leaves his slide rule to MIKE GREEN and MICHAEL ROBERTS . EDWARD GURECKY wills his ability to get along with Mr. Nelsen in Physics class to FRED TOBECK. SANDY KUBALA leaves her athletic ability to CEDRIC LEWIS. LINDA NELSEN leaves her UIL Science Score to PAUL KANA. JUNE JENSEN wills her editorship of the TIGER'S TALE to LISA BEANE. MARY PENA leaves her quietness and courtesy to HERMINIA AGUILERA. GRACE HICKL leaves her three dirty lockers to MARIA HARTER. WILANNA MIDGETT leaves her first chair in band to SUSAN KUBALA and her good English grades to LINDA NEDBALEK. CATHY NEDBALEK leaves her winning fights on the bus trip to Bay City to VIVIAN SOUTHALL and BRENDA KELSO. DONNA ROADES leaves her enjoyable school days at T . H . S. to MARILYN PESAK and TELISA CUMMINGS . SHARON STEFFEK wills her study hall class at lunch and all of the gang to GLORIA CI-IAVEZ. DAVID SANDERS leaves his old Civics classes to TERRY RAY and PAUL KRENEK. DEANNE MOZLEY leaves her curly hair to CONNIE LEZAK . We hope that by using what we have willed them , the Juniors will be as good at being Seniors as we were . . . Graduafes of '75 mv- we Ln- YUN fix, www 1""? - -s.,-.- Ns. "VK -ww md- 10 ,-vs. A ww: ...A-Q -wa.,- wsu? I .1 E E ! icy! Xffxl J X 4 WW M W , , ,, MM Ti:l M---im-WMMW W M ZfQf,fM0f,fff,M :, .. vc..w.. .?,,f,,,l z. ,Li,,f ,N,M gm, 'fg 4,,'fef ggi, gnfef W ,j,gv' fi , J' Rf' ' J X577 E ,, , , 'W , ff' 'ff , A - . 5 ff ' Mine' All !4'f59'5775'5'f , 3 . 2 ff , 1: .,5.q:QzfiAg,2ft Z v I I 2 E E I i i , E E 2 I i ,,,,,,W,,,,m,,,,,,.:h,V , A ,YV,rYYY, QF Y Y 2 3 H H H f .-ww , ,,,, I MOTTO - "Don't Walk in front of me. I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead . Just walk beside me and be my friend . " SONG - "Mandy" FLOWER - Daisy COLORS - Yellow and Orange CLASS FAVORITES - Paul Kana and Connie Lezak .WI ,Awww . E2 ' ' If 6 A Y Q, ,x 't-- ' I N 43 .v,,,,.Aff CX ,. PRESIDENT - Susan Kubala VICE PRES. - Linda Nedbalek SECRETARY - Tibbie Saha TREASURER - Rachel Rusk Mary Kaspar REPORTER - Connie Grantham SGT. AT ARMS - Terry Ray SPONSORS - Mrs. Beulah Sparks Mr. Ira Rose Herminia Aguilera Pedro Aguilera Lisa Beane Charles Boone Frank Brown, Jr. Brenda Buchanan Gloria Chavez Wylene Crain Telisa Cummings Cynthia Dabelgott Mary Dabelgott Kirby Davis George Fisher Carol Frick Humberto Garza Ricky Graff Connie Grantham Michael Green Zulerna Guerrero Maria Harter 'W Bennie Haverlah Elroy Hebert La Verne Hickl Adolf Jalufka Andrew Jasek Paul Kana Mary Kaspar Brenda Kelso Paul Krenek Susan Kubala Debra Lee Cedric Lewis Connie Lezak David Longoria Linda McGinty Rodolfo Martinez Linda Nedbalek Rufus' Nunn Marilyn Pesak Jim Piwonka Terry Ray Alphonse Revis, Jr Vernon Rickaway Elizabeth Roades Michael Roberts Daniel Rodriquez Benny Rusk Rachel Rusk Tibbie Saha Michael Schurtz lamesetta Sheffield Vivian Southall Fred Tobeck William Tweedle Virginia Vacek Milton Vavra, Jr. Tracy Warn Kathryn Wiley Ronald Wiley Otto Williams E vu 'Q 5 I 3 Aw ,,.. .18 wif' I lf! , Mjff .M..W-,W - - -. .-w -. 1 .., .n -W H . IX, . . I . FVUY f - ,G uf r ,.., .QA---,:':f"?A 1" ,f. 4 . fl t V L64-'fai--ffl! 06' Q lf ,f1fk,'2ig4' ki H! if xv, W, --N--574, .,,.. ,,,.... X.,...f,4k. ,,, - f f f .' .A I - f L. IAz4gg1ff3f-iffq? Q41gffQf:fl1f1:2w4,aZffZ4'fiQ1Q11Q.'fiffgQggj5f3 ff2fZ2gQ.A:Aig..,4f 1 lx fi , .5 ff, ,I ,vii n W K '. , 0 J M' I 47? . ' AXE f fffmffeiifw 4221 ww: i 1 Wifi ww? f Lf gf ' f ' 5 f,LC29'54'.ffQ'2Qii.-2?:',iffjQ,'i 5- 1: V A L mi W 'Ss"'?z' PRESIDENT - Anthony Woods MOT'i1O1iVeLWe the 11fe you love and love the 11fe VICE PRES. - Greg Cummings Y ,, ' ,, SECRETARY - Tammy Saha SONG - Mandy . . . TREASURER - P3II'1C13 Warn FLOWER - Orchld . . . REPORTER - ChIlSIlI16 Nemec COLORS - Red, Whlte, and Blue . CLASS FAvoR1TES A1' ia S10 and SGT' AT AWS ' David Krenek lc. OP SPoNSoRS - Mr. Dennis Olsovsky Davld Krenek . r. ral asscoc M C G1 k lpn- , W - an -nf - New-1 aa, QA ,vi ' E , E ,. .. ' .1 4 . ,. . ,, . : Carol Adams Avelina Aguilar Theresa Allen Larry Baker Pamela Billington Lee Brown Mike Carter Billy Cowan Iami Cowan Deedy Cowger Greg Cummings Richard Curnutt Esmeralda Delgado Darla Dornak Karen Drozd Unice Edwards Fermin Flores Florentine Flores John Garcia Stella Garcia William Green Paul Hahn Deborah Harvey Anna Hawkins Yolanda Hebert Cheryl Hejrmanek Jeanne Hickl Cindy Holzapfel William Holzapfel Cecilie Ialufka Rosemary Janak Nancy Jasek Mickey Johnson Charles Iunek Larry Kacer Linda Kelley Patrick Keszler David Krenek Karen Kubala Terry Landers Lottie Mangum Sylvia Martinez Elizabeth Moore Richard Mozley Colleen Murphy Patricia Nelsen Cheryl Nemec Christine Nemec David Orr Shirley Orr Sylvia Pendleton Garry Quinn Cynthia Saha Tammy Saha Johnny Salas Debra Sliva Alicia Sloop Steven Sloop Theresa Svetlik James Vacek Juanita Vavra Patricia Warn John White Anthony Woods Earl Woodson 'H' 1 f' 5 E Z E 2 E 5 E 1 4 " A fi , .- ,f' 1 M--ff ,. . , f !,4' Lfiff1,f -ff Lf """'m'w""'h' "'7mf,fi 1 MffT'Mm ' M " 'MMMWWMWM'M27A ,.,. A. , X .,.,... 5 -"f . iff, n Wguixj i X E-ff-,Vtyf '-ff-' My A.yA G K I ,AQ-72' ' If r -4-3-fpt 2 R "" I , . , "T "A' W , rt ' i ,7fgi54fWfZQf5!fM.42E7f!52iii'affAg3!4.QQ2L .-,.-,, f if ,f -W 1 1 f Aff f 'af ' I , 'flf',f1?' f," --'- 1 if .MN ..,,., A, w-W"'L Mmfff-L, N.i,M ,. . .,. , ,, f if fx. Q fy Q 1 ,,,, ..,-,..-..- ..... ,- ,,.,,M.,..,.,,,N..m.,.4, N 'inau- Nw! i I 3 l 5 v I 1 5 1 E E i i 5 if 4. 7L,.,..., Y-mf--Q-W----M-q----W-Q-M----if -fff- V, -w....W.w...M.,..,N. .n.. ..,.,,, ,,.. -NM x MOTTO - "Good, better best, Never let it rest Until the good is better And the better is best. " PRESIDENT - Pamela Quinn VICE PRES. - Linda Savage SECRETARY - Gail Nedbalek - vvMandyvv ' Janet Foltyn FLOWER - Red Rose ORTER - Betty Zemanek COLORS - Red and Blue SGT. AT ARMS - Paul Plwonka CLASS FAVORITES - Pam Quinn and SPOIXSORS 11 lgfkclafence Th0mPS0n Clarence Piwonka I 1 OS as Floyd Benton Frances Benton Theresa Beyer Ronnie Bloskas Leroy Boone Sherry Broussard Donna Buchanan Agapito Chavez Renee Coale Janie Cowger Darrell Crain Renee Crain Joe Cruz Clifton Curtner Rebecca Damuth Margaret Dannels Sylvia Flores Janet Foltyn Esther Galvan Lionijes Garcia Celia Garza Leon Garza Mary Gutierres Mona Hadden Gay Hahn Georgeann Hadley Kenneth Havel Teri Hebert Donald Horton Max Johnson Linda Landers Judy Laslie Douglas Lezak Donna Merta Frank Midgett Kennerh Miller Gail Nedbalek Laura Nemec Charlotte Parr Shirley Parr Christene Pena Clarence Piwonka Paul Piwonka Sammy Powell Pamela Quinn Ronald Revis Randell Rickaway Stephen Saha Annette Sanford Linda Savage Mark Savage Betty Seifert Jeanette Sloop Charles Soto Kim Southall Mark Steffek Anita Tobeck Sandy Urban Kenneth Vacek Andrew Volek 5 ' 3 f V915 1 vw 6' if E? f 5 ' 521 f if 5 " Sw Z 1: f 5 l if' 5- if 'Q , M ig? gl J Mis , f 1 2 53 ,Z 'Lf " ef W 551,152 A 'I' 'Y 11,55 di T11 if xx ,i , JJ , .,,. min? , tl5fS,f:Y:f?!i: Paul Zapalac Betty Zemanek Charleen Zielonka Barry White Amelia Wiley Hester Williams Matt Williams K -1 1.8. M, ,,-,,,-f B .3 . f f'f'fT ?i' f Q fx l-i1 M: E .. . ., - . ., ,mi MM r 2 Y ff . N...-- i D ,. I , LW X, 4.12 A A Q55 QQQV' A! 5 ' ' ' V ,f 1 'Vfj 1 '- , A K f . W - . af , 'f nj f " f 1-1 -N -N , 'lilj 'Zia' , ,V f' J lg A I Q W ,f A 1 , ,dad ,Z'f!Zf.1,! ,. 444Z42f1a..Z2'fm,, ' . , 1 -" ......w......Mm 1 e 4 , . H , .... " , is If , ,.rL6fa44e,m44,fQ,Q'f, at f, WM -,,,,,,,,-,,-,,,,,, , ,jf , ,- V ". XV! " ff ' If f - , ' f f f,m.q ,5' QE 2 ,w ' .QM V 'F m" v"'Hr'f +4-4412 4 if f5i2qi,g2. M I44f:: Vihfgim, Q V . V - - +A ff M- --WW--,A - ,." 2 -1 M--M i ' f:.'L-mfsf inrrw gh- ..,Zm32N M-QM J 1, "" . ,A 5 ,w.WfZ'gfZf,,., A -'hp , 15. - 2 - gzirzirrffl ' ffff M i 1 . ,. H w W WA- - F , 'iff ' 2 K gk ..':f2+-L-M, ,. ,, QI? A-ti V 'x " nc ...ig-.fx-9. .WI 6 gi, 4 xl,i,gi an ,MW N , fgG,,, - ., .,g. - 1'-Q31 Q, ,xmx Q -f.f?f 1egg,f ---P- - W+ -M W ,X 3 A f' is .'5,,' ' Q.-:fQ'fii Egfffigj A 1 'I lg-mv A E Q' A 'V Y' . . A b 5,2 . 32-lg YV V' -'f i V ' ,. -A 2 fgsr fi -i--..f, "'ff if f "-'-H---M -- ' , ZQQH . an '.L.,l,,' vf X 2 5 13 5 if 2 Sz, v -' 2 we X ' - "' w N 1 , 714, 'xv f w V"1af.15l.,.3:.,. Favorife People and Places -ag R eg? r, www- 'a N. X F r, PRUM KING PROM QUEEN Mike Crain Janice Merfa Russell Claxto I1 Janie Piwonka Sandra Kubala WHO'9 WHO Deanne Mozley WHO'9 WHO Connie Lezak . Ricky Graff 'is Sa 5 Terry Ray WHO'9 WHO Paul Karla oifzmfff J- VALEDl0TORlAN Sandra Kubala June Jensen QALU TA TORIAN BETTY CROCKER Linda Nelsen Sandra Kubala D.A.R. AWARD A 1'A NV. 11 Qfajf-f' v :T i t 1 'S S HW? Susan Kubala Connie Lez k GIRLS' STA TE BOYS' STA TE Ricky Graff Terry Ray JUNIOR Paul Kana Connie Lezak OLA99 SENIOR David Sanders Debbie Mifchon FA VORI TE 9 QOPHOMORE David Krenek Alicia Qloop FRESHMAN Clarence Piwonka Pam Quinn FOOTBALL 9 WEET HEAR T AND EQCORT Tibbie Qaha Dennis Havel CANDIDA TES ESCOR T9 Tammy Saha Tibbie Saha Carol Frick Ronnie Boskas Dennis Havel Stephen Saha BASKETBALL BEAU - QWEETHEART Cedric Lewis Sandra K ubala TRACK QUEEN AND ESCURT Ginger Vacek Ronnie Bloskas CANDIDA TES AND EQCOR T9 Paul Kama, Carol Frick, Ronnie Bloskas, Ginger Vacek, Tibbie Saha, Stephen Saha 3 z 1 i iid .... ..l...........n. W-.......,.,,, , .4 s ,X 5 I! Z' . in A zzfmzla, FM' ff M5256 2 'ffl' 5 E X ., i, ,.,.w,...,,,., Y , 1 2 2 i X 5 5 Z J, Z T 1 NMW""'M"""?' i S Q W ,,,,. -,,.,,.,,,..-.5 .Y,, 1 5 E Q , s E i E 3 E i 5 2 i M... 2 ,bg 3 E 5 is , LJ organizafions a sense of ifjlgt ' ,112 - A .LQ if- .L K .Elf Q, 1 ,--- , ,." --"'h J Q a WE 11 W fm wigs? 'Qi -. :W Laimzs Q4--vi.:-.z-3-L:1..Q.2E:f::1 ----- f 1 f mn., ..,, ,-., ' f , N ,T:Kf'?'Si'kiV?5'jg,,f'?f1d W2 , 31" 'Sufi-9'F!5.?.'f' "" Liu' , .,.., ,mn T? i H 5 Q give sfudenfs belonging. ? R 9.31 'i gli' , ,g-. 1 l 5 1 I 1 ' ' . Q Ti A. m h ' 1, YEARBUOK STAFF EDITOR Russell Claxton ASSISTANT EDITOR SPONSOR Colmie Lezak Mrs. Verna King STAFF Linda N elsen Janie Piwonka Gail Junek Joel Hayes Ricky Graff Paul Kana Mary Jane Dabelgott Terry Ray CAbsentJ Eager Janie Piwonka leading the way to sell ads. REPOR TERS Grace Hickl Connie Lezak Christine Nernec Connie Grantham Wilanna Midget! Berry Zernanek Janice Mena Deanne Mozley Janie Piwonka Pam Quinn Mike Crain EDITOR June Jensen ASST. EDITOR Mary Jane DabeLgoH SPONSOR Mrs. Nancy Hurley TlGER'S TALE STAFF TYPISTS - ARTISTS MIMEOGRAPH STANDING: Janie Cowger, Grace Hickl Patricia Warn, Patricia Nelsen, Debbie KNEELING: Linda Nedbalek, Theresa Svetlik, Gloria Chavez, Jeanne Hickl, Connie Lezak. Mirchon, Patrick Keszler, Max Johnson. Council of Presidenfs Pam Quinn, Linda Savage, Greg Cummings, Anthony Woods, Mike Crain, Dennis Havel, Susan Kubala, Linda Nedbalek, Mr. Jesse Baker Fire Qfaff STANDING: Janice Mena , Sandra Kubala, Douglas Havel, Deanne Mozley, David Sanders, Mike Crain and Fire Chief Dennis Havel. Nafional Honor Qociefy Off7cers ----------------Randall Reed S y ------------------ June Jensen Sg A ---- ------ I oel Hayes T - Linda Nelsen V P -- Sandra Kubala R C rmi Lezak NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY x ff S q 5 . 5 2 A 7 Qi Vs If 9 WEE THEAR T AND BEAU Sandra K ubala Joel Hayes CHEERLEADERS 1974- 197 5 DRUM MAJOR LINDA NELQEN DEBBIE QLAVVA I 9 74- I 9 75 TWIRLERS A A rAMMY SAHA HEAD TWIRLER GINA MCKIQSICK TIBBIE QA HA 1974 TIG R PRESIDENT Russell Claxton VICE PRESIDENT Gina Darby SECRETARY Grace Hickl TREASURER Wilanna Midgett REPORTER June Jensen SGT. A T ARMS Sandra Kubala BAND O F F I 0 E R S JOHN PHILIP SOUQA A WARD Russell Claxfon I sf Class Musicians Grace Hickl Linda Nelsen 2nd Class Musician Sandra Kubala Isf DIVISIUN SOL09 Trumpef Russell Claxton Tuba Joe Cruz Twirlers Tibbie Saha Tammy Saha Gina Darby Linda Nelsen 9 WEE THEAR T AND BEAU Grace Hickl Russell Olaxfon ALL REGION BAND Russell Claxton Terry Ray Cabsentb ALL DISTRICT Michael Shurtz Joe Cruz E1 b hM B kyD h F ufure Teachers of America ADVISOR Mrs Frances Rose OFFICERS as President Deanne Mozley Vice President --- ------ Gail Junek NX ll Secretary ----- ----- P atsy Nelsen Treasurer ------------------------ Linda Nelsen ' Parliarnentarian -------------------- June Jensen Historians -------- Nancy Iasek and Debbie Harvey Reporter ------------------------ Janie Piwonka J A w F ' 'Vliffl 5 4 ,' SWEETHEART AND BEAU Deanne Mozley and Billy Cowan Connie Lezak District President-Elect TOP TEN SCRAPBOOK - Nancy Iasek, Debbie Harvey. Slate Convention Goers Linda Nelgen SENIOR AWARD Fufure Homemakers of America ix SPONSOR - Mrs. Gloria Sabrsula OFFICERS Treasurer ---------------------- Nancy Jasek Reporter ---------- ---- G race Hickl lst Vice President ---- ---Janice Merta President --------- ---- J anie Piwonka 2nd Vice President --- --------- Gail Junek Secretary --------- ---Vickie Zielonka 3rd Vice President --- ----- Linda Nelsen 19. rrluf' S WEE THEAR T AND' BEAU 1 Vickie Zielonka it Daniel Hickl M? Matagorda County Fair High Point Winner, Grace Hickl - Other Fair Winners, Darla Dorrrak, Christene Nemec, Nancy Jasek. Preparing F. H . A. refreshments uage Arfs V. I. C.A lndusfrial Arfs mama. - Library Qfaff Vickie Zielonka. Mrs. King, Gloria Chavez, Mary Chavez, Cheryl Hadden, Libby Roades, Janice Mena , 4 U. I.L. Winners - -'-New , awww I I 5 as if? X154 ' ' 'L -:E Sponsors - Mrs. Beulah Sparks and Dorothy Sparks:'FEATURE WRITING, Linda Nelsen 3rd, Mary Kaspar Znd: READY WRITING, Susan Kubala lsr, Nancy Jasek 2nd, PROSE,.Pa1sy Nelsen 2ndg EDITORIAL WRITING, Berry Zemanek 3rd: JOURNALISM Nancy Iasek 3rd, TYPING - Sponsor, Mrs. Frances Rose: Juanita Vavra 2nd Dist. SCIENCE and MATH - Sponsor, Mr. Alton Nelseng SLIDE RULE, Mike Crain lst Dist. , Randall Reed 2nd Dist. I Y K 1 A i 1 1 5 Z E f- "ffm M W. . , . M, W, ,,mYA .1n. ,M. MM i . M . MM,.,,,,, 6 Q A QLZQ5gmLmQQgQmN2gggfgmcQxL,img QQQLMQZQAQQMQ W.-Ng..,ZfQz, aff! z?Zf?7fid4'f1ig,f,u1Mf.Z'2f:fQ1,,4MfLgQA!A2?Qg:,g41Qgf14f 'fA Q f 4 -ff:,f:L,,2f?Q4,ffM .-W ff" L, ,, 7 A .X I 5 'KTM' ff ,,.' ' TM- ' wiv 'f ,MW 4W . M55 5Q fQ 35f1mAa4M M gf, ,' , ,f 6 , ,3L:MiNf.M?:j, I V, ,, ' f . 5 M ,f . I ,ff fy' 1 Q ,4 cf 5 ,ii . g i,a.0. 4 V I Q .jf 5 MM Q M, - .W . . , ' wfg x . ? Q: M E f l?fm Pfyy W, vi,fw f W 1 W .. . ,fA,. M ., , M, ' ff ' 'fwmmw N w gf ' 'HfW' ' WM mWA"' MWWMMWW H-W-H w QQ wr, fwrf M M - - wwwgyqy -WMWM 5 b:. I Q Q . 5 ..,, M ' f XL if 1 m'n"'H"W'N M'MN W'm'W ' "'W M W A ' hlli, j f-W WY N UMW X if: .f5?5f iii? 3, ,ffdf 1"A ' 3 igkii :AI f f "'-N M 'M-N -W-W---M-W ' ' - M- -W--www ----"' -V I' gf? .nVb 1y', . ,-' -..M..w.. 5: if 1 - .......m......Q,....W..,.W ,,,H.u,.,,,, M.. ,,,,,,. QYVSVX Q, l , ,,,,,-Nm-, - mm ' 2: WW pf -gl -. K J. 2 A gy, Xw E i i 5 - 5:11-'Q N ,f . W ..,,.,,,,, W .,u, ?W....-A..- ,.,,, .,-,.,,.... , Y , ,Z ,lwn WM,wWNm-MM M wwwfri -V R i V inn? F vw-M I ffrf fain' f ' i .M.MWmMM W M ,WM ' J-if 2, .HL R , 5 Z E l p?g7'Qf3 A U4- f? " 1' i V .M ', NN 1 LA . 5 1. Rif f-iq K H - f P Y-- k 5 f 5 3 'V 5 , , 1.519 L- 33 ' ,- 2 W. . w M t s Q . M ,M ,W 3 - 75352 is 4 X -fa' T 3' 'f P U .,......,u.l.....w m..-N H. M .M ,..M .M -m.. , ,, Q ii 2 3 ' . . f i i 2 E Sv - in Q! T? -M. ...k WM... ,,,,,,,. W,.,..m....M....m... ,u.. N.. u,,..,. ..w,-M. ..-- 5 . H , , , ?g,,Wu,WW,WWW' E '- 1 id N 'JTXX --mm 'V!!NN-- W M-!--- --m-1-n-m.,--,-N-.-m-N-.,w.-q...w.......s.,....lA..,.W- M.- .... W.. . ' ,,-,,,M..,W.W.,.,,.. ,,,,,, W ,,,, ,,,4,,,, - 3 W 1 .W -M iifiiwifi DOUGLAS HAVEL RANDY ELLIS RUFUS NUNN DAVID SANDERS "Don't just stand there - HELP 1 Aw 1 in ln OTTO WILLIAMS FRANK LONGORIA RICKY CURNUTT WSH DENNIS HAVEL RICKY GRAFF RONNIE BLOSKAS "Ready or not, here I come!" ANTHQNY WOODS ALPHONSE REVIS MIKE CRAIN JIMMY PIWONKA QE LARRY BAKER LARRY KACER CEDRIC LEWIS MATT WILLIAMS "Oops, I think I went the wrong way!" PAUL PIWONKA KENNETH MILLER STEVEN SAI-IA MIKE GREEN GREG CUMMINGS CHARLES BOONE A ,gm Hey! Why don't you guys ever throw it to me?" RAY RUSK LEE BROWN ANDY JASEK GEORGE FISHER k .,VV ' TIGER VARQI TY RRII 7 -A-- j K K WW 3 I Y if 5 'Q ' 'fl' Y? Iii R Ri I -f . I v- - gi I 1 ..12 A . Sw, K .Qu A VK W I I. A' R R R 5 H' ' '-M.. 'T uf' :rl ' ' , " 3:1 'A 5 P' ' ' "'L f"f"4- QQ' . 'L Q I 52 Q K' A' 5 -'jI?r N- , I E '13 233 V, I . 'fi L"'A . , - fl V H - E, k If 15 i LQ 7 ,, , '. h1 I " R Q I 'T if " I 3, 1 1-b E . WWA 5:-E ' 55. ' R. R I I R I f - I RR I Ki I ,, :Q fa f . IR W R S Q' f v 'l 4 " 'Els A-1 ,If .J niflw- '-A-um' s HQJLN' 59" 1i,fv'Rw I I I Q Q I IIRI 1,4 fg ' Q ' A wan ' 5 .IWZ I - I 'L f A ' v 'Q I' ' N"' 1-1 . I xy I I w i nf I I fn ER I E I I -wa. : ,sri 2 ' ' lee . ..,, .., , , .I . f .I I 'V' 14 E' . ',,' " " f --U ., . T -f'k ' I .... I i I I T I " i R A IRII I .- Z.Z I ,,,AAA , N ,A I A' I Q I I R I , I, I Z1 A I 5 . K iii H I ,,.,,,.W,.- -af 1-" V Q Q I l K. a Qi , . Q- 4 1 ,,.ll if Q U fi H .A I -f' wa- 1 .gg I Q-" f '-'h V I 1 I ' . ' 5 ' ' , ,,,, b-1 f , Y 9 'f.. - . I ' ' If Y' "1 '15 V+, S7 ,1' 4, I 5 11.34 , SX--. ' 'A-2A fr Fisfz I. . ' f R I -I J , ,I 1l I . Q " IIII - IIRR ,,., , R' I I I Q'- W-LL Q I ' ' 'AWL Q' '-",L ' ' . ,. CAPTAIN9 ALL DISTRICT L. to R.: Havel, Woods, Williams, Piwonka. ALL DISTRICT: Otto Williams 173D HON. MEN.: C. Lewis and R. Graff 2 TIGER JR. VARSITY , K 2 , 4: ',-1i1 - 1 A , J R R X 1 .. 6 .12 TOP: B. Cowan, R. Rickaway, M. Williams, L. Boone, M. Vavra. MIDDLE: D. Krenek, G. Quinn, C. Soto, W. Tweedle, B. White, Coach Thompson. BOTTOM: A. Chavez, B. Holzapfel, I. White, I. Garcia, M. Carter, K. Vacek. MANA GER9 COACHES -f"' K. Havel, C. Piwonka, S. Powell, P. Zapalac. TOP: Craig Glasscock, Bill Bloskas. BOTTOM: Clarence Thomp- son. TIDE HA VE N SANDY KUBALA LibbY UP for IWC! ROSE BEYER 9 T A R T W Rik 'fy I N G . TIBBIE SAHA SUSAN KUBALA CONNIE LEZAK TIGERETTES LIBBY ROADES Here I am! DEBBIE LEE D HON . MENTION I Tibbie Saha 9 A ALL DISTRICT T Susan Kubala L R Connie Lezak L I Sandra Kubala C HON. MENTION T Libby Roades IANICE MERTA GINGER VACEK DEANNE MOZLEY SEASON RECORD 17 wins 8 losses DISTRICT RECORD 7 wins 3 losses GANADA TOURNAMENT lst place CANADA ALL TOURNEY Sandy Kubala Susan Kubala BLOOMINGTON TOURNAMENT Consolation BLOOMINGTON ALL TOURNEY Sandy Kubala Susan Kubala nX"3?3 Kung Fu figming? Daddy 50118 Legs? Rose hard at work! COA OH AND MANAGERS Coach: MISS JERRY EMMONS Managers: SANDY URBAN BETTY ZEMANEK TELISA CUMMINGS uJe:ua:.r,, SS .,". ' Lim H .. f fm'- Ty ,pa-fe I I A... 'S' 5 CAPTAINS BEYER KUBALA Tigerettes plan their plays. STANDING: R. Coale, L. Savage, C. Holzapfel, M. Darmels, T. Allen, C. Nemec, R. Ianak, D. Cowger, B. Seifert. KNEELING: L. Landers, U. Edwards, T. Saha. ,,,.-f HK' I ' ' 1f'?:""' K if 'f ' ii: 2 , J.. QW, .. 'H -bf--1123!--iff,...mmQ.,: ' wr: f , M TIGER VARSITY CAPTAINS COACH AND MANAGERS ALL DISTRICT Coach Glasscock Larry Baker Rufus Nunn 'V wx f .N an Q 2 5 ALL DISTRICT: O. Williams ' HON. MENTION: P. Karla, C. Lewis V. B TEAM A. Chavez. M. Carter, I. Vacek, I. Garcia, G. Cummings, B. Haverlah, R. Curnutt, A. Woods, M. Johnson, B. White, D. Krenek, B Holzapfel, Coach Thompson. GIRLS TRACK FRONT ROW: G. Vacek, A. Sanford, R. Coale, C. Flick, M. Hadden, T. Saha, S. Urban. BACK ROW: Mgr. L. Landers, U. Edwards, G Holzapfel, B. Damuth, S. Kubala, H. Williams, I. Cowger, D. Cowger, Mgr. R. Janak. REGIONAL OUALIFIERQ S. Kubala C. Frick U. Edwards A. Sandford M. Hadden R. Coale TRACK SQUAD 3. STANDING: Coach Bloskas, P. Krenek, L. Baker, R. Rusk, M. Williams, L. Boone, P. Piwonka, D. Krenek, Coach Glasscock, Mgr. M. Roberts. KNEELING: A. Woods, R. Bloskas, R. Rickaway, B. Cowen. R. Graff, R. Cumuu, P. Kana, O. Williams. SITTING: C. Soto. L. REGIONAL OUALIFIERQ TOP ROW: K. Vacek. P. Krenek, C. Boone, P. Kana. BOTTOM ROW: L. Garza, R. Bloskas, K. Miller, O . Williams. FIELD EVENTS FRONT ROW: R. Rickaway, A. Woods, C. Lewis, R. Graff, R. Curnuu, K. Miller. BACK ROW: P. Krenek, L. Baker, N. Williams, L. Boone, P. Piwonka, D. Krenek. RUNNERS FRONT ROW: C. Soto, L. Garza, S. Saha, F. Longoria, K. Vacek, K. Miller, J. Garcia, P. Krenek. BACK ROW: M. Williams, A. Woods R. Bloskas, R. Rusk, L. Baker, B. Cowan, O. Williams, P. Kama, L. Boone. 102 'A' TEAM VOLLEYBALL T. Saha, C. Ialufka, L. Roades, C. Nemec, D. Lee, C. Lezak, S. Nemec, C. Frick "B" TEAM S. Garcia. S. Urban. M. Darmels, T. Allen, J. Vavra, L. Landers, T. Saha. TENNIS TEAM f FRONT: Billy Cowan, Susan Kubala, Janie Piwonka, Renee Coale, Clarence Piwonka, Mike Cano. CENTER: Joel Hayes, Mike Crain lsr Dist.. Terry Ray, Steven Sloop, Jim Piwonka, John White, Greg Cummings. BACK: David Sanders, Linda Nelsen, Sandra Kubala, Libby Roades, Ginger Vacek, Randy Rickaway, Kenny Vacek, Janie Cowger, Pam Quinn, Coach Glasscock. GOLF TEAM Coach Bloskas, Douglas Havel, Tracy Warn, Dennis Havel, Ronnie Bloskas, Mike Crain, Cliff Curtner. cmwgggg, EVM MW f " f x fffwwfigfgfmfzhwm wfldfif W 'MUJ55 wwf - Y, A b. 1 -if A xx 'M Nfx - X f X431.NQyF 1 f N i EW . I . x X M S V .,.....,,.. ,K ,, Principal MR. RA Y SPARKS' Resource 1 Mrs. Joyce Carr Lunchroom - Frances Hlozek, Angeline Kopnicky Cusfodian 1 Delfino Galvan Eighfh Grade FRONT: T. Tomas, C. Parr, B. Sneath, D. Taska, P. Miller, L. Minor, S. Alvarez, T. Patterson. CENTER: I. Nedbalek, B. Rodriguez, D. Rush, C. Lewis, W. Witham, B. Valigura, G. Vacek, Mr. Pennington. BACK: S. Urban, D. Moore, A. Williams, T. Mitchon. S. Rodri- guez, L. Schurtz. ABSENT: J. Midgett, B. Soto. Eighfh Grade FRONT: R. Davant, A. Garcia, D. Frick, D. Crain, G. Cummings, J. Brooks, C. Aguilera. CENTER: J. Coale, J. Aguilera, I. Carrillo, A. Chavez, M. Drozd, I. Freeman, Mr. Oldham. BACK: R. Galvan, W. Davis, S. Brown, D. Sandefur, T. Garza. ABSENT: B. Cano, L. Aguilera, A. Reyna. 7 Eghfh Grade FRONT: R. Harvey, S. Holzapfel, E. Haverlah, L. Jalufka, A. Kelly, C. Benavidez, F. Molina. CENTER: L. Hickl, F. Krenek, T. Har- vey. L. Green, W. Haverlah, M. Laske, Coach Robert Hutto. BACK: L. Jackson, R. Kuecker, J. Iasek, B. Henkes, D. Kelso, D. Green, R. Kirby. ABSENT: Sylvia Leos. Sevenfh Grade l 1 1 FRONT: S. Collins, P. Franklin, M. Garcia, J. Cloyd, T. Billington, T. Benton, T. Aguilera, L. Frick. CENTER: D. Ellis, D. Burney, R. Broussard, D. Beane, G. Dorsett, J. Hoffman, G. Crain, Mrs. Betty Rusk. BACK: F. Fitzgerald, B. Boone, J. Frick, P. Cowger. L. Bloskas, J. Dreadin. ABSENT: D. Bustamante, D. Castaneda. Sevenfh Grade FRONT: E. Rutherford, S. Piwonka. T. Midgett, R. Seifert, L. Sliva, J. Wiley, T. Sloop, P. Sreffek. CENTER: D. Soto, E. Rush, E. Sheffield, D. Naiser, C. Saha, M. Pierce, R. Patterson, Miss Sandra Rogers. BACK: S. Schurtz, M. Olguin, V. Quinn, B. Renfroe, K. Murphy, B. Murphy, G. Rusk, I. Soto. Qevenfh Grade FRONT: M. Merta. N. Garcia, C. McKissick, B. Genzer, C. Gonzales, D. Losoya, P. Gough, D. Guerrero. CENTER: S. Kaspar, R. Havel, R. Henkes, D. Reyna, M. Mena, F. Horton, I. Lara, Coach Gene Ebner. BACK: K. McKissick, B. Maroney. M. Green, N. Mangum, N. Longoria, P. Lee, R. Hawkins. ABSENT: E. Garza, M. Gomez. Pep Squad and Cheerleaders i BACK: G. Cummings, S. Urban, P. Cowger, L. Jackson, B. Renfroe, B. Cano, P. Miller, D. Taska, A. Kelly. 2nd: R. Seifert, E. Haver- lah, E. Garga, C. Gonzales, B. Genzer, S. Schurtz. M. Gomez, D. Losoya, C. McKissick, L. Sliva. 3rd: Miss Rogers, N. Hernandez, I. Wiley, S. Holzapfel, L. Ialufka, C. Benavides, B. Snearh, M. Garcia, N. Garcia, T. Billington. 4th: M. Merta, E. Rutherford, T. Tomas, D. Guerreo. T. Midgett, P. Ellis, T. Patterson, R. Davant, T. Sloop, P. Steffek. CHEERLEADERS - Susie Piwonka, Head C. Rena Harvey, Dee Ann Frick. Rhonda Kuecker, Lois Frick. Foofball yiy, , .,,,.., 5? Q 'wQ44 N 7 G2 Q2 72 i 2 Q I FRONT: J. Lara, I. Coale, G. Crain, B. Valigura, 1. Freeman, R. Patterson, M. Pierce. 2nd: D. Soto Mgr. , C. Saha, D. Burney, P. Rush, I. Soto, R. Havel, D. Ellis, S. Kaspar Mgr. 3rd: Coach Ebner, G. Rusk, J. Nedbalek, T. Harvey, L. Bloskas, F. Fitzgerald, K. McKissick, D. Beane, Coach Huuo. TOP: J. Carrillo, N. Longoria, F. Krenek, W. Wirham, J. Midgeu, R. Kirby, M. Drozd. BOYS' BASKETBALL FRONT: J. Coale, M. Merta, M. Laske, S. Kaspar, I. Freeman, M. Pierce, J. Lara. Znd: Coach Ebner, D. Beane, G. Vacek, C. Saha, M Drozd Mgr., R. Havel Mgr. , D. Solo Mgr., Coach Hutto. 3rd: F. Krenek, F. Fitzgerald, T. Harvey, G. McKissick, J. Nedbalek, D. Ellis 4th: L. Bloskas, R. Kirby, I. Frick, D. Kelso, N. Longoria, W. Witham. BOYS' TRACK 1.01 FRONT: J. Lara, R. Havel, S. Kaspar, C. Saha, D. Ellis, J. Soto, G. Crain, M. Pierce. Znd: J. Freeman, T. Harvey, R. Kirby, B. Vali- gura, G. Rusk, F. Krenek, I. Neclbalek. 3rd: R. Patterson, M. Drozd, A. Chavez, N. Longoria, W. Witham, I. Frick, L. Bloskas, D. Soto 4th: Coach Ebner, K. McKissick, J. Midgett, T. Garza, D. Kelso, F. Fitzgerald, D. Lee, Coach Hutto. GIRLS ' B A 9 K E T B A L L FRONT: L. Frick, T. Midgett, S. Piwonka, S. Schurtz, C. McKissick, M. Olguin, T. Sloop, P. Gough. 2nd: M. Merta, Mgr., L. Ialufka, G. Cummings. S. Urban, D. Frick, L. Schurtz, R. Kuecker, L. Minor. 3rd: Coach Ebner, R. Harvey, M. Garcia, D. Taska, P. Miller, R. Seifert, S. Holzapfel, Coach Hutto. 4th: V. Quinn, I. Iasek, P. Cowger, T. Mitchon, D. Losoya, D. Crain. FRONT: L. Frick, T. Sloop, D. Losoya, T. Midgett, S. Piwonka, M. Olguin, R. Seifert, M. Mena. 2nd: T. Patterson, L. Ialufka, B. Cano, G. Cummings, D. Frick, R. Harvey, E. Haverlah. 3rd: C. Benavidez, D. Taska, T. Mitchon. P. Miller, J. Iasek, N. Mangum. P. Cowger, G. McKissick, Coach Ebner. T R A C K FRONT: L. Frick, S. Piwonka, L. Sliva, R. Seifert, D. Losoya, C. McKissick, I. Olguin, V. Quinn, T. Midgett. 2nd: R. Davant, E. Haverlah, R. Kuecker, D. Frick, G. Cummings, S. Holzapfel, R. Harvey, T. Patterson. 3rd: Coach Ebner, B. Cano, P. Miller, A. Williams, J. Iasek, N. Mangurn, P. Cowger, S Schurtz, S. Urban, D. Taska, Coach Hutto. ,mf N, .wwwu WM YV Y 'Lww' - f f ,ff Mm My 'Z 4,-1 L... A L- f luff, ' J lllig - I , , 1 li , f fl KLM . up . ,, . , x 'A 'YW '-,Uf fl? X' . N 2-,ff .J I11, ky' ng-al. I , ,ifd . f A Y use f' A " 14,1Qc7f7f5ffzfi55??! ,L ,fffif ff :I f ff " W I ' .Alfa .rid . .,... .... - 'avi k-'kLV N' ,fy I .tv ff? ' Q ' inf.-f' M1421 wr ""Q"""'L M. -W-1 494211 .,fef2s4f -.Q 4.454 W Fm Fir , f f-.A,....z"f""' F, DM. fa...,.., ,L smr,,....w V it guys ggi: Y ' tr, 1 "5 5 . '5':'? si , Q i1WWWWQ -ff S V.VL i fr. I' ,f ff , 'gf 5 V W if fi f "lQ ,,.. .... -, 11.55 2 wax i 2 W- s 2 X 1 f ,f--Mi E ff-1' 'Q ,, x. K' ' FW N-.....,.-ff' Blessing MR. EARL A AMS Elemenfary Principals Markham MR. GERALD WYNN Special Teachers and Aides Blessing June Havei - Aide Patsy Nance - Aide Anna Matusek - Resource Barbara Gillett - Remedial Reading Juanita Dominguez - Aide L. to R.: Patsy Cowger - Aide: Betty Pollard - Lang. Arts: Nancy Gray - Resourceg Eloise Denbow - Aide: Ma am James Pennington - Musicg Gloria Flores - Aideg Ruby Sanford - Aide: Frances Lamm - Remedial Reading Lunchrooms and Cusfodians Blessing Lunchroom Bernice Cessor Olla Mae Logan, Mgr. Alma Buchanan Custodian Earcel Hadden Custodian - Allen Dabelgottg Lunchroom - Ernestine Dabelgott, Lillie Bohuslav Markham Mgr. , Annie Sparks. Blessing Sixfh Grade FRONT: E. Mondrik, G. Kuecker, K. Ialufka, A. Longoria, M. Garcia, S. Schurtz, D. Longoria. Znd: D. Moore, M. Coale, M. Richard- son, A. Galvan, S. Biskup, R. Longoria. 3rd: M. Jasek, D. Gonzales, G. Piwonka, J. Sliva, M. Manriquez, C. Frick, M. Chandler, Miss Banks. 4th: R. Longoria, M. Kelso, M. Ianak, S. Tomas, S. Harvey, M. Murphy. BACK: G. Lara, C. Nemec, T. Curnutt, K. Griggs, F. Lara, R. Carrillo. Markham Qixfh Grade FRONT: M. Hoffman, G. Drozd, M. Brooks, M. Benavidez, N. Garcia, J. Carter, P. Flores, J. Folryn. Znd: M. Rush, A. Haverlah, R. Rodriguez, T. Warn, A. Krenek, D. Sanford, D. Reddic. 3rd: S. Hayes, H. Gomez, T. Snearh, J. Quinn, D. Shepard, D. Savage, Mrs. Curnutt. BACK: D. Seifert, I. Williams, G. Woods, T. Cloyd, R. Franklin, D. Garza, T. Bohuslar. Blessing Fiffh Grade FRONT: A. Coale, S. Pierce, M. Paiz, R. Carrillo, M. Garza, S. Murphy, J. Dorsett. 2nd: M. Hickl, L. Longoria, D. Miller, I. Mozley M. Murphy, I. Sliva. BACK: K. Lee, G. Grantham, L. Hatter, E. l-Iadden, M. Southall, R. Nance, R. Dannels, Miss Burgess. Blessing Fiffh Grade FRONT: D. Merta, C. Connor, S. White, E. Gonzales, J. Fabrygel, E. Sliva, R. Kirby. 2nd: J. Davant, R. Saha. I. Saha, A. Lara, K. Ballinger, R. Martinez, Mrs. Schaer. BACK: J. Garcia, P. Lara, J. Adams, J. Cruz, D. Cunningham, D. Beyer, N. Longoria. Markham Fiffh Grade FRONT: J. Jones, M. Cano, L. Drozd, E. Rodriguez, M. Garcia, S. Jenkins, D. Cornelius, I. Wiley. 2nd: S. Quinney, P. Schurtz, M. Rush, W. Benavidez, R. Tovar, G. Crabb, V. Naiser, Mrs. O'Neal. 3rd: C. Pan, D. Walker, P. Broussard, R. Bram, B. McKissick, D. Cornelius. BACK: S. Jackson, M. Franklin, I. Rodriguez, M. Rodriguez, T. Midgetr, C. Krenek. Markham Fourth Grade FRONT: I. Lopez. D. Hawkins, D. Hoffman, J. Maroney, L. Olivarez, M. Shepard, D. Castaneda, J. Genzer, A. Haverlah. Qnd: J. Grif- fis, I. McCumber, T. White, J. Rodriguez, M. Midgeu, J. Foltyn, T. Rush, I. Benton, Mrs. Clements. BACK: J. Neuman, R. Hawkins, C. Dybala, L. Fisher, E. Parr, R. Castaneda, G. Quinn, S. Woods. Blessing Fourfh Grade FRONT: M. Chandler, P. Vacek, C. Iunek, D. Guerrero, B. McKissick, M. Kuecker, D. Vacek, S. Havel. 2nd: A. Martinez, I. Nemec, E. Saha, B. Longoria, H. Longoria, M. Nance, K. Murphy, Mrs. Deadrick. BACK: D. Harvey, K. Schurtz, B. Jasek, A. Rickaway, D. Nelsen, D. Kacer. Blessing Fourfh Grade FRONT: C. Murphy, C. Graff, M. Reyna, M. Maldonado, T. Hebert, M. Chavez, C. Henkes. Znd: T. Mosley, R. Chavez, V. Solo, B. Ialufka, S. Galvan, A. Longoria, Mr. Loff. BACK: D. Beyer, E. Galvan, I. Dannels, T. Nemec, R. Piwonka, J. Biskup. Markham Third Grade FRONT: G. Hernandez, C. Garza, C. Haveriah, R. Williams, M. Rodriguez, R. Sanchez, L. Garcia, M. Aguilera. Znd: M. Tobar, W. Parks, T. Miles, C. Gardner, D. Rush, L. Lewis, W. Cano, Mrs. Scoggin. 3rd: M. Gay, J. Losoya, P. Reinhardt, J. Watkins, S. Hoffman J. Krenek. BACK: B. McBride, P. Garcia, P. Brown, B. Sardinea, T. Baugh, C. Santos. Markham Second Grade FRONT: R. Flores, L. Thompson, C. Cano, C. Myers, K. McBride, D. Castaneda, K. Parr. 2nd: E. Sanchez, C. Sardinea, E. Rodriguez, R. Martinez, D. Walker, R. Molina. BACK: N. Blackman, C. Neuman, A. Rodriguez, I. Duenez, I. Baugh, D. Rush, Mrs. Roecker. Blessing Third Grade FRONT: T. McC1anahan, L. Jalufka, R. Galvan, F. Cobia, E. Martinez, L. Junek. 2r1d: R. Lara, S. Nance, M. Cruz, R. Kirby, F. Krenek Mrs. Cornett. BACK: B. Grantham, C. Rickaway, D. Hadden, W. Gonzales, N. Maldonado, S. Henkes. Blessing Third Grade FRONT: M. Longoria, R. Carrillo, L. Sliva, K. Hebert, C. Carrillo, C. Holzapfei. 2nd: D. Taska, D. Saha, R. Longoria, R. Lara, B. Harvey, Mrs. Morris. BACK: I. Laslie, I. Mondrik, R. Chavez, J. Maldonado, D. Kacer. Markham Second Grade FRONT: R. Fisher, J. Garza, D. Tovar, P. Frick, T. Rogers, L. Gomez, B. Savage. 2nd: I. Brooks, K. Brown, G. Wynn, T. Miles, M. Molina, J. Reyes. BACK: A. Coulter. D. Rodriguez, G. Aguilera, O. Rodriguez, J. Losoya, D. Hayes, T. White, Mrs. Gray. Markham Firsf Grade FRONT: A. Quinney, L. Garcia, A. Ramariz, M. Landers, Y. Benavidez, A. Hernandez. 2nd: L. Rush, A. DeLeon, G. Carter, S. Garza M. Hawkins. BACK: K. I-laverlah, M. Brown, C. Clark, D. Bradley, D. Garcia, K. Stratton, Mrs. Erie. Blessing Second Grade FRONT: D. Iunek, M. Merta, K. Longoria, P. McKissick, S. Armstrong, K. Tomas, T. Connor, S. Longoria. 2nd: I. Martinez, J. Shiflett, C. Ballinger, R. Maldonado, M. Galvan, M. Davant, J. Garcia, Mrs. Roades. 3rd: M. Miller, C. Dominguez, J. Rickaway, T. Galvan, L. Pierce, G. Vacek. BACK: K. Vacek, T. Lee, A. Dannels, C. Claxton, N. Carrillo, E. Jasek, G. Murphy. Blessing Firsf Grade FRONT: R. Kacer, L. Piwonka, D. Neuman, L. Maldonado, S. Michalik, K. Longoria, C. Sliva. 2nd: J. Moore, V. Galvan, J. Edwards, C. Skutca, R. Dominguez, R. Guerrero, T. Martinez, Mrs. Wintterle. BACK: R. Chavez, C. Revis, M. Lara, J. Jasek, R. Ruiz, P. Sliva, J. Nemec. Markham Firsf Grade FRONT: I. Madison, L. Hanson, S. Dybala, M. Garcia, P. Lezak, L. Losoya, M. Sanchez. 2nd: D. Garcia, K. Broussard, B. Parks, J. Aguilera, R. Hill, A. Gomez, Mrs. Wynn. BACK: F. Rodriguez, N. Cruz, R. Coulter, S. Griffis, R. Sneath. r Markham Kindergarfen FRONT: C. Savage, R. Howard, T. Winkley, Y. Gomez, D. Ray, V. Hawkins, T. Reinhardt, J. Jones, D. Perez. Znd: K. Parks, T. White, I. Garcia, D. Barnes, C. Jenkins, K. McKissick, J. Sanchez, J. Folryn. BACK: Miss Flores, R. McBride, W. Rush, E. Duenz, M. Kuyken- dall, I. Garcia, L. Tobar, D. Loose, Mrs. Beard. Blessing Kindergarfen FRONT: S. Jurasek, T. Wallis, C. Reyes, L. Maldonado, N. Presley, I. Davant, I. Junek, A. lager. 2nd: J. Dees, D. Jager, V. Galvan, P. Brown, R. Dominguez, T. Chavez, T. Guerrero. BACK: R. Kelso, M. Ellis, T. Porras, M. Mondrick, C. Carter, L. Lara, F. Murphy, C. Lara, Teacher - Mary Beard, Miss Flores - Aide. Easier Egg Hunf Blessing First Grade Markham First Grade Markham Third Graders Blessing Fourth and Sixth Graders I 33 ff ' ' L 4 - a b ' , f'f4 ff' af' f X 'M M N256 by -5 ' fi 7 J ,O - . , ......,-...,.h,.,. J, i I E i I K 'x X Y f S j 1 Sifliiw i if Y ig V U V V V V aff M. A. PARKER, Executive Vice-President RICE BELT WAREHOUSE BLESSING DIVISION Dryer, Warehouse and Office Blessing, Texas 77419 P. O. Box 458 Telephone 588-6811 Rice Drying and Storage Seed Rice and Fertilizer i PORTRAITS Lllilbt t f I 091135 Brides - Children by AduH's - Groups Seniors l8I5 Seven+h S+. Bay Cify, Texas Phone 245L2l32 Compliments Compliments of of LEO NEUZER AND E. M. HUITT I 2120 - 7th Street Bay City, Texas 'Bay CNY, Texas P. o. Box ees 77414 GRAIN BELT ENTERPRISES, INC. P. O. Box 274 Manager: Ronnie Strnadel THE CAK eRovE Czxsizm DISTRIBUTING HOME COMPANY INC. PARK Bay City Texas Miles East of Blessin 38 Pontiac Olds Cadillac Guaranteed Service oval Avenue G at 8th Street Bay City, Texas 77414 Phone: 713f 245-8348 HALL'S FLOORS HUSTON DRUG STORE 308 West Jackson Street Phone 543-3736 E1 Campo, Texas 77437 "You Stand on Our Reputation 2128 Ave. F Bay City, Texas Your Rexall Store Complete Prescription Service Specializing in Distinctive Gifts and Hallmark Cards Owner - Dick Burford INDEPENDENT RICE DRYING ALLEN FORD SALES A N D R E H O U S E CO. Complete Parts Department Factory-Trained Technicians 24-Hr . Wrecker Service Leasing Phone 245-8363 Post Office BOX 950 301 Main Street Day Ph 972 2524 1607 Avenue L Bay City, Texas 77414 palaciosy Texas Night 972 2292 TRISKA FUNERAL HOME .... .jfai-1 L .. X .nh . ..,.".::..-...,,,. 15 5: 5 5 T I s K A 5 1.51, I I FUNERAL HOME f " - -: is ' at -f'z use - ' -: r '. . -37: -' -T J' '- f L-' gy ...' , ,i,. . .- lu -1 xsr . f 3, X N 7 ' PHONE U 3-3681 612 MERCHANT ST. EL CAMPO, TEXAS T237 Funeral Directors and Ambulance Service Pre-Arranged Funeral Arrangements EL CAMPO MEMORIALS Largest Display of Finished Markers and Monuments on the Gulf Coast We Deliver Anywhere Without Charge was 'fl ,ra r Perpetual Care Cemetery Oak Lawn Memorial Park 1407 East Jackson El Campo, Texas Telephone 245-2 I 3I P, O, Box l428 Telephone 245-27I I MATAGORDA TRACTOR 81 IMPLEMENT CO., INC. Bay CiI'y, Texas 774I4 Combines Tra c'I'ors Lawn Tra c+ors Ren'raI Equip. used Equipmen'r service , . --31'-7' I A non WELLS GLEN WHITE H. I. WHITE Lumber - Building Maferialg Concrefe Pipe - Hardware Ready Mixed Concrefe AUTO SALES Dp dabl C Bgh1s1dF d 2615 'ith St t Dial 245-8366 Bai' C ty P o B 830 1913 A enu I Bay C ty T x s W 2. AYVYAVVA , Q.. U gf" . , 7 fs 5. fy 1v.-1 fffff ' O... . 'M W ji 1 Effie E, ' ,,.Q:, , it Auf ' 'v"'N- -fw qm, i we V' ..,,Y. ,T,... L. .t. , ., - , El 11 -f , , W 1 .A f s f ff if -' 2f2f.zff'1f1 C yfffflf MRS. FLORENCE B. RIEDEL ---- ---- C hairman of Board and President B. G. HUMPHREY ----------- -------- E xecutive Vice-President J . ROBERT MELANSON ----- ---------------- V ice-President FRANK KRUPPA -------- ------------ V ice-President MILTON PETERSON ---- ---Vice-President and Cashier BAY EQUIPMENT of COMPANY Service INTIINATIOIAL HAIVISTII Your International Harvester Dealer 1 :wig v EW Q ,wk and Box 1229 On the Wharton Highway Bay City, Texas CI 5-8383 COLLINS MUSIC CENTER MART Ill Bay City E1 Campo 110 North Mechanic Pt' Lavaca El Campo, Texas Casual Wear PIANOS - BAND INSTRUMENTS REPAIRS - ACCESSORIES Telephone Circle 5-5506 1913 Seventh St. Post Office Box 1087 Bay City, Texas 77414 WALKER SEED 84 GARDEN CENTER Bay City, Texas 1120 Ave. F Phone 245-2902 Box 1151 Fra nk Bra nga n DELTA ELECTRIC CO . 1708 Avenue F FD EEAL Electrical Contractors Box 346 , Bay City , Texas Q if Industrial - Commercial - Residential Phone: 245- 2-2.6 4017 Phone 245-8169 Residential - Commercial s 9 Lennox A! C Industrial ie- '51 2824 vm sr. Q 1 sn REDDY G fe gg EMERGENCY POWER co. Li R411 ' Q it 0041 J 4 Electrical Contractor O - , - I By l9ABELL 1 ,TD Q. ' . Phone: 245-5383 1006 Ave. F away Bay City, Texas 77414 Bay City, Texas COASTAL ELECTRIC MOTORS Westinghouse Electric Motor Distributor Service and Repair Jacuzzi Pump Sales and Service 1300 Avenue F. CI 5-2058 Night CI 5-8531, C15-8734 Bay City, Texas EXXON CO. U.S.A. MIKE PRUEH Agent Phone: 245-2201 North Hwy. 60 Bay City, Texas Wholesale Petroleum Products Tires Batteries llIli..lIl.l....Il.lll.l..lll 245l4914? IIICWBOA1' TWIN DRIVEIN ODCUUOIIIOOOIUIIOOIOOUQ Where The Best Pictures Play and Good Friends Go FRANZ CLEANERS "We Strive to Please" 2114 E. 7th st. Ph- CI Bay City, Texas We ' 77Zczae Pizzas Lasagna Spaghetti Po' Boy Sandwiches Salads Phone 245-6791 Bay City, Texas 77414 5 - 32 1 3 Highway 35 G. W. TOWNSEND LEASE SERVICE Boa rd Roads Lease Crews P.O. Box 470 Home Office 7I3 245-8345 Warion Highway Shell Roads Pipelines Back Hoes Bulldozers Mainiainers Bay Ciiy, Texas Housion Line Edna Office 225-69I l 5I2 657-2426 602 Wes? Main GREEN BROTHERS jx 1' , .!fWf!f1?5 ffftxxx smcs 1909 Over 65 Years QD R 5 In Bay City 6 ' Q Q X 0' O . if THE BUTCHER sr-lop WALLY HART - Owner 2201 6th St. Bay City, Texas Bay City, Texas Compliments of QPOOIVEMORE K' OFHCE SUPP! V Printers and Stationers Typewriters - Adding Machines School Supplies Bay City, Texas Phone 245-4651 LE TULLE MERCANTILE CO. Gene ral- Hardware Phone C15-8441 1840-44 7th St. Bay City, Texas Courte sy of OSHMAN'S SPORTING GOODS "Some stores have all the fun" "Finest Sporting Goods in the South" Bay City, TSX?-S P. O. Box 869 Area Code 713-245-8777 RANCH MAN'S SU PPLY CO. Gulf Coast Minerals, Drenches, Vaccines Feeds, Seeds, Leather Goods, Boots and Haus E. M. CEddiej Douglas 2905 Avenue F Home Phone 245-4978 Bay City, Texas PRIHODA WELDING SERVICE, INC. FRED I. PRIHODA - Pres. If No Answer Call Pipe Line Welding DAVID HUTCHESON - Welder Rig UP Work 543-4398 Industrial Welding High Pressure Welding 24 Hour Service Cn Location Service 543-4725 Day or Night .ffl 5 Portable . Welding Rigs Acetylene and Electric ff 241 .. 'Hao - .- Q to A -' fe -2---"ergo -'- -e Hwy 7I N. EI Campo, Texas CAIN'S Jo an RESTAURANT Flowers "Open 5 AM - 12 PM" ' Q 3018 7th St. Bay City, Texas Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Riis-Due ess.. . Gifts Antiques M CO M PANY ' Phone 245-2974 . 1812 Sixth Street Bay Guy' Texas Bay City, Texas 77414 Compliments of I . I CO N N I E S STU D I 0 Photography 112 West Hillje St. - Dial LI 3-4211 N E I El Campo, Texas I9I2 N, MECHANIC A P. o. sox 910 PHONE 54372753 EL CAMPO, TEXAS 77437 Compliments. of DR. AND MRS. FRED AND CHILDREN Palacios, Texas HUNTS SMITH FOOD MARKET 81 PACKING Palacios, Texas Phone: 972-2818 P. O. Box 781 "Meats at Wholesale" Congra+uIaI'ions Tigers! eesfee ss II' s I I ,taa PA LAC: os B EACO N S "4f '-"-121.13 rl- T' --I iw -. -r4: 211. Sz' ':-" r 1551 "-'1" 5 Dial: 972-26I0 Palacios. Texas Palacios, Texas Compliments of PITTMAN'S VARIETY Charlie and Peggy Pittman JOE JOHS STATION Box 372 - Ph. 588-6211 Blessing, Texas 77419 Ammunition - 22 and Rifle Shells Guns Ordered by Appointments Compliments of BEN HADDEN, JR. ELLIS' CAFE Buffers Seafood - Steaks Outstanding Mexican Food Weekdays 6 til 9 Sundays 7 til 3 p.m. S+yIe Shop For Smart Women Exclusive Ladies Ready-To-Wear E1 Campo, Texas Blessing, Texas Complimenfs of F"'e . Associate Store Harold Bell 4I6 Main S'rree'I' Frank S+ewar+ Palacios, Texas Phone 972-27I3 CARL'S FEED AND SEED Blessing, Texas 44.10 DEPARTMENT STORE 500 Main CAMPBELL- HUITT INSURANCE Palacios, Texas 77465 Phone: 972-2915 H. C. CAMPBELL J. FRED HUITT Palacios, Texas WALKER 84 SON GRASS FARMS A P. A . 1 St. Augustine, Tiff Green, Bermuda, Flortan F110 R 1 81 S y T 77480 B y C y T 1 ph N b 245 116 2 5 6011 M bl Ph 2 5 73 1 U 1775 GERBERMAN BURES JEWELERS SEED A RICE Zzgwdedte fecaefzg BRA N D TEXAS-WEST INDIES COMPANY EL CAMPO TEXAS 7I3 543 2744 Ph 543 436I EI C T Compliments of EI CAMPO LIVESTOCK COMM. Owned SL Operated by BILLY 8a TONI BODE Sale Every Tuesday "Selling Service That Satisfies" Ph. 713-543-2703 Box 985 El Campo, Tex. H. M. ORR GROCERY AND MARKET AND THE E-Z WASH Phone 843-2311 Markham , Texas Tom Henderson, President Phone C7135 543-2726 I Bud Childers, Manager Registered ' Certified 4 lc., Seed Division Seed Rice Box 766 .'amEQA J Phone C7135 543-9121 Soybean Seed El Campo, Texas 77437 WHARTON COUNTY SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Home Office: El Campo, TX HART TV and ELECTRCNICS FERGUSON RADIATOR SERVICE 2236 Ave. G Bay City, Texas Auto Industrial Phone 245-5515 RCA ,,LafayeiiCsSIEiiate Storen TAPES 1401 Avenue F, Bay City, TX THE SPORTS CENTER Phone LI 3-4441 119 N. Mechanic El Campo, Texas Complete Line of Athletic and Sporting Goods and Hobby Supplies MOTOR HOTEL CLUB AND RESTAURANT R - B DEPARTMENT sToREs School Functions Welcome Where Service Comes First Bay Ci+y, Texas El Campo, Texas ,ft 5 fig ' '--. i 1 - . --.A , V c L, 1 magnum..- S TIQNAL BOX 4170 BANK or ELCAMPO EL CAIVIPOQ TEXAS 77437 Member F.D.I.C. Member Federal Reserve Sysrem HOUSTON . 1 NATURAL A GAS CORPORATION Ge eral Off1ces Petroleum Bldg. P O Bo 118 Ho ston Texas D a 1080 P 1 s 'T as EL CAMPO coc:A-coLA ,K T w v-ff, w I, Y N BOTTLING COMPANY E1 Campo, Texas 77437 A, 'Em 1' Tom McMi11ian, Manag "WHERE YOU ALWAYS BUY 'THE BEST FOR LESS" Gl SON'S , 0 5 Q. 1 T E811 Hy 71N Elc p Ba yCty H y 35W Complimenrs of RUGELEY M01-QR COMPANY CURTIS Fooo MARKET Phone 245-5742 2028 Avenue F Bay Ci+y, Texas 774I4 Palacios, Texas FLoYD's cp-P FLOYD SZYMASZEK Phone 245-3281 Owner 1916 Sixth Bay City, Texas 77414 Compliments of EL CAMPO ALU M I NUM COMPANY E1 Campo, Texas Come see us .for a complete line of Western Apparel and 2917 7th Street Bay City, Texas riding equipment. C mpliments f PETERSEN'S RESTAURANT D wntown Pala Palacio Te C mpliments f HAMLIN'S MINIMAX P1 T C p1'memsof O S pS ' POSTON'S SERVICE STATION TYC hmwhw hS hBgRdT s E R VACEK SR O Ph 588 9586 B1 g T PALACIOS PHARMACY ' RELIABLLQO - ...x SCRIPTI Ph 972 256I P I T FAST 'SERVICE PIERCE INSURANCE AGENCY positor insured to '20,000. L Lg .MA Q 1 Alu- The City State Bank Palacios Texas 77465 DEPOSITS NOW INSURED T0 540,000 BY FDIC I I All I l!l2D00ll t?xN EI' xc 'fx X I F ' ,X A I Z' ' 1 'L X , -f - x mm jg!! Pu I 'I 1 I I I In , 2 R n l Ir lu'-.J 4 or P STAT 1 ...,,,, - . ...mmm 1 I Maia 5 3 'faqg IIIIIEDE I 4 WI VIH Us E-Q75 I 'I I I W J F512 mu ' HI 'I 'I VQAVIN f -za 2. QTL OF PALACIOS EPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION The City State Bankm S SERVING THE PALACIOS AREA FOR OVER 30 YEARS We Are Here To Serve You, And Your Business ls Apprediated. Pala cios, Texas 774 6 5 A FULL SERVICE BANK DANR TUCKER IR -E ' V' P d LAURAF BACHUS C h' CLAXTON UPHOLSTERY Refinishing Used Furniture Antiques 604 lst Street Palacios, Texas Home Phone: 972-2265 BLESSING STORE TOMMY GRESHAM , Owner P. O. Box 518, Blessing, Texas Ph. 588-6512 -, 1 5 2 E 'I E- gi 3 "I W - - V v IIIYWI ron s nr mu-asf 'Q I I -r ... - .- 1.14. -I W:-E. ' 14 ' 'f W 0 , , , 1 2 , 6 ,1 y ,-gi-,,, -xy- I DIAL 588-6231 ' Nights 588-6219 I Q BUILDING MATERIALS - BUILDERS I! HARDW f ARE ROOFING MATERIALS III, CEMENT PRODUCTS In BENJAMIN MOORE PAINTS I H I PLUMBING SUPPLIES I I T IWIIIIVIIIIIII un W BLESSI N G AND SERVIC K I BIN D 1 " I .MII SEWER PIPE STORM WINDOWS SCREENS AND BUILDERS SUPPLIES EVERYTHING IN THE - LUMBER CCMPANY Blesslng BUILDING LINE C ON GRA TULA TI ONS I 974 Seniors Eli Mayfield and Family Mr. and Mrs. Verner L. Bowers Ir. Palacios, Texas . I X -, XX 9 COMPLI MENTS OF DUMAS SEAFOOD, INC. NO 9 - 8TH STREET PALACIOS TEXAS PALACIOS PHONE 972 2527 E. N. DUMAS HOME PHONE PALACIOS PRESIDENT 972-3I75 C5125 588 6312 C-LEVEL AVIATION SERVICE CESSNA AGRICULTURAL AIRCRAFT CLARENCE CUNNINGI-IAM P O B 366 Co-Manager Bles g T a 77419 FRANK CUNNINGHAM A' p 1 2 5 M 1 S E C Manag MATAGORDA COUNTY RICE FARMERS COOPERATIVE P. O. Box 827 Bay City, Texas 77414 3 E s EAT AND ENJOY EVERY DAY ,, r" , I ,, I I I K S , 4 I P, I iff, ki 1710 Avenue K Ph. 713-245-9131 " LI r: II Art, Crafts and Hobby Supplies ER 1727 Seventh Street A Bay City, Texas 77414 BELL'S DRIVE-INN Grocery and Package I O I rm H :Jax wunoul HIGH VII I I Wilma and Bryan McDonald Fast Friendly Service Groceries - Ice - Picnic - Fishing Supplies 2625 - 7th Street Phone 512-588-6837 Bay City' Texas 77414 Hunting and Fishing Licenses Blessing , Tex. ALAMO BOEKER RADIO 81 TV MAGNAVOX SALES and SERVICE Building Materials Repair Remodel New Homes Ready Mix Concrete ZOO9 Seventh Street Bay City, Texas Phone: C15-8301 2809 7th Street Bay C:Hy, Texas 245-3120 Compliments of W. O. SALTER IMPLEMENTS Bay City , Texas 1 EARL I WARD ! Furniture and Appliances Real Estate and Insurance Bay City, Texas 2801 7th Phone 245 5522 BAY CITY On the Square 1741 7th St 245 9171 The irst ational Bank of Bay City BAY CITY, TEXAS BANK OFFICERS I . C. Lewis - Chairman of the Board and Trust Officer Lois S . Smith - Asst. Vice President and Secretary to the Chairman Frank H. Lewis - Vice Chairman and Trust Officer John H . Wilson - President and Trust Officer Mary P. Cheatham - Asst. Cashier and Secretary to the President Frank J. Baker, Jr. - Vice President and Trust Officer Peter Murphy - Controller and Auditor Wade Ashcraft - Vice President and Cashier Kathryne Chenault - Vice President Ford W. Smith - Vice President Gene Schulz - Vice President Esther A. Adams - Asst. Vice President Pauline S. Hickey - Asst. Vice President Sandra Page - Asst. Vice President Maurine D. Cole - Asst. Vice President and Trust Officer John L. Underwood - Asst. Cashier Evelyn Michalik - Asst. Cashier DIRECTORS I. C. Lewis Layton Moore Tom M. Ottis Rowland Rugeley George H. Allen Frank I. Baker, Ir. R. S. Dicks Frank H. Lewis TRUST COMMITTEE R. B. T rull R. L. Williams John H. Wilson Lois S. Smith Frank H. Lewis, J. C. Lewis, John H. Wilson, F. J. Baker, Jr. , Maurine D. Cole Capital and Surplus 351 , 500 . 000 . OO Resources S43 , 000 , 000 OO -A . Q wdfi., gg ,M -im .GM , ,H k vf " 52fg9,,ib? IIIIIIIII II lITI't"IIif11-Shaw-g12if"r 3 'FA lf- : 3 jr I in :IN Xu! I f H A writ I I n Bw 55 Mme or E -W SAVINGS8cLOAN ASSOCIATION TELEPHONE 245,B3B6. P. X 359, BAY CITY. TEXA RICE BELT BOTTLING CORPORA IIQN I8OO Marguerite Street 1 PEWSE ? Boy City, Texas 77414 'IE .mf " .,iJMv'I3 PHIL WILSON, Locksmith Complete Lock and Key Service Wilson Home and Auto Supply 2224 Ave F Telephone Bay City, Texae 245-2162 Southwest Land Title Co ot Bay City, Inc. MERLE L. TEAT, Mgr. P. O. Box 372 Bay City, Texas 77414 Phone 245-2292 Fl WERS 5 GIFTS A6 iGR,q,', 'IP O ITD N 9 91' ' O .1 s- 1 'Q UL yo' 0' 4 . iv' 015 DIAI 240 5381 1"36 SIXTH Sl' Bay City, Texas 77414 TAYLOR-STEVES I FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Home Furnishers Since 1909 Corner Sixth at Avenue EI Bay City, Texas 77414 . C15-4611 Complimenfs of NEUMAN'S DEPARTMENT STORE Bay City, Texas BEN FRANKLIN DRAWER 'IO8 BAY CITY, TEXAS 77414 Where Your Dollar Buys More JCPenney Downtown Shopping Plaza Bay City, Texas BROCKMAN'S DEPARTMENT STORE Mens and Ladies Ready-to-Wear 2138 Ave. A Bay City, Texas L.C.L. THEATERS INC. Texas Theater 245 -2112 Show Boat Drive In Theater 245-2914 Bay City , Texas In Bay Ci+y l'r's ETIE'S RESTAURANT and CCDFFEE SHCP 42 Years Serving the County South Highway 60 C2416 Ave. FJ 5:30 am 9 30 pm JEWELER- QW On fhe Square Bay Ci+y, Texas Phone 245-4646 Regfsterea' fewefer American Gem SOL-igiy Featuring NAME BRAND Merchandise 2200 Ave. F Bay City, Texas TAYLOR BRCS. FUNERAL HCME PALACICS FUNERAL HOME 1300 West Seventh Street . Serving ijAf5 COI1lHlllIll'!y .Sill n!"4Dlg Nuhmlnlifzlj-Eugmiidml "Nr: AUG! fe 7909 Bay City Texas HARLEY S. SAVAGE FRANCIS I. SAVAGE FRANCIS I. SAVAGE, IR. IANG FARM 81 RANCH SUPPLY CO. 713 I 5-2733 MATAGORDA HIGHWAY BAY CITY, TEXAS 77414 DR. GORDQN E. ' -'irf-1-' 1 RICHARD N I 4- - 4' so '31 - OF BAY cm, mc. Optometrist I I M BOX 1510 BaY CNY: Texas Furniture Offic ez Appliances 3211 Avenue F 142OFou1't1'1St. Phone 245-6371 Bay City Ph. CI 5-8476 BAY CITY OFFICE SUPPLY an THE BOOK SHOP I83I Sevenfh S'I'ree'I Bay Ciry, Texas . Phone 245-6358 or 245-4002 f :irs - Q., Fine Men's Wear 1713 Seventh Street Bay City, Texas Phone 245-5536 Vg , Ernest and Dolores Go Get'm Tigers d OU R WORLD A11 tile Little Cottons I. I From Q il O M I .4 DAEHNES 46 I, U' D G gg DIVISION OF BABY WORLD I 1709 7th St. Bay City, Texas X 5 - , Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Wood 1820 Sixth Street Bay City, Texas 77414 Le Tulle Insurance Agency and Real Es'ra+e 2001 Ave. G v'Vv 1':i.... Vv 'A x xazx 4 E.'f T' V if O x s ft! X I "FS 4 0" - U,-' ' v Q30-'L I' " . s'.+f,47' 'Ve 3, -f"' 121' "sift i f Eff' N. 4 'it Ski'-.'2J -. -4 xxx. 565 lt, Qty f.. , 4 E-A 2.7 f ' I U, 1-X , 'za' ' We 1 , ' ,. ' il... I 1 A K , Cf? Bay City , Texas 713-245-4687 FLINTEX OIL COMPANY R. R. STRIDDE P. O. Box 426 Bay City, Texas 77414 BAY CITY PARTS 8: SUPPLY PIIIITEER A 'GI 8' : 0 W 4 h T Wharton Hwy Phone - 245-3361 Bay City, Texas 77414 Phone 245- 8706 PARKER BROS. 84 CO., INC BAY CITY PIANO COMPANY SHELL FOR New and Used Pianos Roads Driveways Fills Surfacing 1617 Avenue C Bay City' Texas can 245-5571 Bay City Ofc. 2042 F Complimenis of MA N N I N G' S I3OI 7+I1 S+ree+ Bay CI'Iy, Texas RRRRRRRROR 5 RRRRUCRR MORRIS RADIATOR WORKS Atlasxiigoffffries I705 Ave. F Phone 245-4545 Wharton Hwy. Bay City, Texas 77414 IOffice Phone 245-2981 A CompIe+e Radiaior Service Bay Ci+y, Texas CGMDLIMENTS of BAY c w BANK a Tkusr co On The Square A FULL Ba Cit Texas SERVICE Y Y' Each depositor insured to '20,000. i FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Proudly Serving Matagorda County Since I898 BANKIMERICARU Ph 245 5781 A Premium Will Not Break You - A Loss May LUDCLPH HEILIGBRODT "Insurance For Every 1619 Sixth Stre working on tomorrow's energy needs today OWER AND LIGHT COMPANY :pkg HENRY SEIFERT 245-7321 843-3791 Mobil Unit 3755 SEIFERT WELDING SERVICE Pipe and Metal Fabrication P. O. Box 95, Markham, Texas 77456 Phone 713-843-3791 K.D.8f J. FRUIT MARKET DANNY RODRIGUEZ Mgr. Wholesale - Retail Markham Phone Cut-off 843-4521 Compliments of MARKHAM GAS CORP. Certified Shop and Field Markham, T exas Insured Day and Night FGXS v HERRMANN ,TE co Fooo 3. CATERING SERVICE I -10" Frank Herrmann , Jerome W. Karstedt Phone: 543-4281 205 W. First St. Markham Texas E1 Campo, Texas 77437 RODRIOUEZ TRIM SHOP Furniture and Auto Upholstery Free Estimates Daniel Rodriquez Phone: 843-4031 Markham, Texas Good Luck Seniors of I 975 u :W J ws... 4 -Wg., ,,... l 1 K K I X X X X 1 R X Q-W ...,.., , ..... ,,,,,,.7 ,. - ,,..V- .-.--..-T.-NVQ... P f' f If 4 N A' . i -.v-...M ...- W.. - -.- .!"i., ... X - , If X. X Il if S--ig ,-' 'xg - X I ,. x Y . lf' ...ew- s 'V' ,. i f I ,f" ani., 2 N. k I x XX I , n YN af X ' V 5 I , - ! f f li X F x .f ..-.,,f' Xe I ,I ff! I x xg , .N I X f l' 1 --S '--N.. "-Q.-...,. x e i .K , 'xx' s f.fT'7.'T""'f'T7f'f"vr"'A , va ,ff . ,. 4. - . ,.,. - ri,fmc+:g D . f -- - - Q X f f V--, . -,ivy-k..'Vu ,ix 'iff - .1 .". A ?isf,:sf1 5? , A 3 ,,, N .tujll f 1. U A 3' :Nt ' . , .,f '. Qffhx. f ,E ,ff 4 ay, ' ' .- , ,rl 'Ji ,. , , W., -, . ,'1bl,,x,? , 1 'Y-J 4 -4 "7-3' tk. 'fail 1, ' Q 'Q-94.1.-.fl , "Q 'W Q. W N f fa - Q , f 9 E ' 9 J 'f' j M" Qf .VT-nk .xvny ' . .y f:!Q,.!4q,,mq :V 2 . K Q. ' wi-A nf . " u .- r A A . Hi.-' . . ,V 'amd L'-9.1 t A , ,AI is ' ix? .-fy w ' Q ,gl i- ' t ,-- 'J' .fx XV QRS, -. -J, ' 'If 1- - .. ...U ,V 3 ,r ,Jig . 1 wig 1 sf- ,NYQ4 4,-'jf '41-:,'A 1 . . . K. 34' 1 -gg ,V V 5 NL . ggg Q "WA If . 5 I 11' :fn 'w , Xi V- .Hug 'V' ', Va '1 A A f'r!'..A ,1 1 i mpg, L ..... , A, , v N

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