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,M ,..-X f a , mm-M wf'sQ'mg-M43' pm. ww 41 gwfxwlwizgaim-f-is 1 'fave 1 V , ,, W -, gm M.: ,QM N , ,, .,. ,Z Y' 1 ' ew ,swirl ' . , ' u 1 ,0- ,Maw 11.- 1 1 x , A 1 1 , I . I , 1, "5 T545 , x-Fl -xv, . ,.g,,., ,nu 5--lr qv ,-.,,, ---Q-is-9...-M.. -ll: - - -.,.-.., - "W F-L-f-mg. The TIGER TIDEHA VEN HIGH SCHOOL EI Maton Texas 1972 73 A good life is determined by the quality of its memories. If we have lived reason- ably well, the recollection of our high school memories should not hurt us too much but give us pleasures, as does a refreshing fountain. One of the nicer things about memories is that sharing them with our classmates does not diminish them either in number or vividness. And through the '73 TIGER, I sincerely hope that your memories of THS will only be restored and enhanced. I would like to sincerely thank the TIG ER staff and sponsor, Mrs. King, who deserve much recognition for the splendid work they have put into this edition. They are truly a Qnestaff and I have greatly enjoyed working with them. No annual could possibly be published without the dedicated help and valuable advice from Mrs. King, and I am very grateful to her for her patience and understanding. My staff and I only hope that we have put "our heads together" in the right way so that you will always be able to relive those cherished moments at Tidehaven High. 75 C? Kathleen Ianak Editor DEDICA T10 Because both have dedicated their lives to T HS in their ideals of education, leadership, and counsel, we would like to dedicate the '73 TIGER to them , Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Nelson. Because of his own ideals and high values, Mr. Nelson has encouraged students and teachers both to excel in leadership, education, and spirit at THS. An outstanding and energetic sponsor of the Fl-lA pro- gram , Mrs. Nelson has given endless time and energy to educate and prepare the girls at THS for their roles in life as successful homemakers. As a result, both have been a vital part of the progress of THS for the past 37 years and we would like to extend our deepest gratitude. I BO RD OF EDUCATIO STANDING: Victor Zemanek, I. E. Foltyn, G. W. Hejtmanek, Clarence Piwonka. SEATED: Carl Jensen Benjamin Gainer, Leo Neuszer. TIDEHAVEN HIGH Tidehaven High, to thee our hearts are given In Loyalty to each familiar scene We pledge to thee our love and our devotiong We pledge this now, and for years to come. And may we strive to bring greater glory With honor won for Tidehaven High. ' fa I IIINIY' ' TIIIN '. Q, cqiwaqi 1 4 'ff 1 l'P:5f.'-,iff ljvjifix-I1',-j.Q'.11-f,..I3, W . -Y-"".-'--if:-1:-1',1:f:.f -" '?.:,1-13" if 7 - U 'if fir W' 3 ?'3",f,"a"f.j' ,. ,,,,, aj L5 I "JL 1 ' fI,.Qff'ffQ, 'av if X " V 5 JELIH: Ikea- Q :,'.'.i-, ,.J,l,k . ', .4'.'-nucf' .- 'NL 5 " . ,Q "' ' Nzfj ' d"" L , f,. ,:'pf " - 'j',""3f.3 p,l,',' ', .. " ,'- I '-I' SWT? -sp- 2 5531 M'-U" I, x ' .-33'-'e fl' . f "fl.'Al5z'g ff' '--AQQVQQQ , J-2-1, f",',','1',i ' ' ""fffff'-'."1. v if '17"l.' ,-""'.M'4'f Wx 1 'r 5-'hw,f1'L',l.Qa'.:i'-'P'R. "'-.-ff'f'y'!' . 1, ' 'lvzfwtm :Z n 4- X.. I "v'.':-, .QE .' 'fl-.' W Yaxflhfh-'a'. i'u'."' I - ' ,.'.'..,,'i,, 'QV'-'I 'Jaw' '.2"..'f"K M 53" V N -'5X11'1- HY' ' "-1f1.ff::,:: f ' f fd! 1. Fi' 4? 'w.1f'fif?f:'x" f Q ' "Wa 15 U . ' "' W 'f A. l Q Av xx 1 Q EN-W' 3 1 mfg L ',f,ga,.1-V 3 V . M 'HH lp' .H duff, .2 1' 1' i f-4.:1 -' , - J., P7 a f f .A .,'-.--1.4 '-.-. N.-N . 11. f :iff '- : 1 -- Nd 170 Ji:1r'.5:?N"- 'fi' VS' V '77 ' , 5" " --wie:-2 ,M .jf .. ..ga.:v .1 5 :-BSA" ii!-:--,A'231"5:-:Q .1 'N ., If '-".'-Ln' - .lf-3 . 'efril' ff' P-'-F" "ln IQ?" 55--1. 1 I-l -'5g,:' -' ' -. I-'i Qu ga 1 W : 'QI53' ,.-d'.:' - "EQ:-Q 'h' -' 1 ' 45:57 wfilf K ' ,N . ij-swag 1 ,mice I '- ' 5, N "SUV" X--'f f wg ff ' ' , 1 435' ,B it .xl N .I b'..,1gts:Xf-- :if--I all lr' .. ':',-g -, .24 "H, . '3gQfi.,- ,ff fgigjfff . Y 3' "' .w!3?EW4'f" "F, ' ' 'f' + W W e., b- 41,3-at 5 ff,2f43f r X .. - .-l., Erin: ! lp.. W- 1 .4 , h ' N -f d., X in xqigigggxggf ,X ,, , L "H if- l IX 'J lil Y x -,'R'xQMS, B K Br ' .E Q x If .' '- . 'tx I' " ' ' X 4 .. xx. we Am. X .I MM MY- 'cp If ll 1+ Alf' X . A N " 'xfgg e I ' l x' ' a lf' Y -' S UPERIN TEN DEN T ASS T. to th e 5 UPERIN TEN DEN T ' PRINCIPAL ' SECRETARIES Tideha ven WN., Is A Rainbow K 'M I, www!! . . . of people, of happenings, of dreams , of spirits , and of friendship FACES AND PLACES 559 H . f' ff, - - . - - V?q,1 - Xfw-3: 4 :TLT-77'jI"' V i 3 ,, 2 22 MRS. DOROTHY SPARKS English ,..'lm"""H MR. ALTON NEI-'SEN MRS. W. G. KING MR. GERALD WYNN Math -S Ci6UC6 Librarian Coach-Government MR. KENNETH RASKA MRS. IAMES PENNINGTON Band Spanish-English MR. JAMES PENNINGTON MR, BILL BLOSKAS MRS. EARL ADAMS MUSiC'Baf1d Coach-Biology Commercial MRS. LEE H. PIERCE MR. DENNIS BARTOSH Coach-History Industrial Arts MR. CRAIG GLASSCOCK Math-Chem istry-Coach MRS. G. K. NELSON Homemaking MRS. GEORGE SPARKS English MRS. BILL DANNELS Math MR. IRA ROSE Industrial Arts E. if fi 2 MRS . IRA ROSE History-Typing Mrs. Vernon Ray Nurse AIN TENAN C E PERSONNEL ENGINEERS M Sah Gre Fa bygl Ial fk THE OF ,713 We c1ren'1L qefiinq 0 den.. We are jus+ qewurinq befjrer! l K X Mm 5' X X WE,- XKXXQ ff lg I1 IJXX...-1--'Tw YI ixw? I mmm Th X Ill l W uwwummnx W X iw Q E nm ww Wi 1 HIIHNYFQ f , Q - , X ,Q Qfiii Qsx 1 ' ' if- .LQ1 'gs-'XQQ' '- fwbg X f Rx. -'f ' K KX, x an V nk N , . W N' Q, -, - X - 1, , f , - " if' lx X Ji- ,X - WN I l V I- t -v1,Ili5.iIn1!'E:l' K X - 5f'SX -iff . 4 ff' -a'9.'.41k11I11-ki ' "'iI'yi I R U A x Qsgs. 5 '5' QQ Wi H ' , - ' Xxx nyfs ' ,f-ff , WX X X Xi X-:CM X 'I' xt b tw V NN K X N QKSHQ A1554 X A 1 :sv -X amid? 'Q' , X ' . .4 ' if XX S 'ix - XL R: X ' -f X S : 73,11 uh ' 1 xk VV -4 I ffl 5 ' W w, - l if- AY- - , N. , X ' ' "'g?"1X 4- Y 4 1 NX 1, W 71 I 1 5.1! - Q K L-sa. U UW 'lW1'5x'11 Ml L Q14 W :V 1 LI 1 V ' . ' V- ,J I ' 'N ,,-'w .il ' 4 f ' E ,i s Y - 1- AV 15 F ' -'M N HI 9 ' E 'n " I ' , ' s .. q in ' 3 3l ? xy " . H! X X ' ,Nan-. .T ' t I :F V ,, xg: I - f ' N i 1 A f A S PRESIDENT: GLENN HAYES V ICE- PRESIDENT: DONNA HARTER SECRETARY: SANDRA NEDBALEK TREASURER: ANDREW PENNINGTON REPORTER: ODIE MILNER SERGEANT AT ARMS: BONNIE ORSAK SPONSORS: MRS. D. SPARKS and MR I. ROSE FAVORITES: KATHY IANAK and DANNY NEMEC SONG: "ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH" COLORS: RED and BLUE FLOWER: RED ROSE MOTTO: "TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF TI-IE REST OF YOUR LIFE. " "BB" THE "ODD" COUPLE "Some kids never grow up! " JUDITH LYNN BANKHEAD Class Officer 29 Class Favorite 2: F. H. A. l,2, 3g F. H, A. Officer 3g F. T. A. 1,2,3,4: Band l,2,3: Twirler lst Sol 2g Language Arts 2,49 National Honor Society 2,3,4g V. I. C. A. Officer 4. ALICE MARLE BooNE F. H. A. l,2,3: F. T. A. 25 V. 1. C. A. 4. GWENDOLYN ELOISE BRAM Class Favorite 2: F. T. A. 1,2,3: F. H. A, 1,2,3gF,H, O A. Officer 3g Paper Staff 35 Basketball l,2g Volleyball 1,23 Student Librarian 3,45 V. L C. A. 4. IANICE KAYE BROWN Band 1,2,3g F. H, A. 1,2,3,4: F, T. A. 2. ERMELINDA CHAVEZ. F. H. A. 1,2,4g Student Librarian 3,4. MICHAEL VON CLAXTON Football 3,4. FREDRICK LEWIS CORNELIUS F. T. A. 1,23 F. T. A. Officer 2: Fire Staff 4. DEBORA JEAN DABELGOTT F. T. A. l,2,3,4: F. H. A. l,2,3,4: Language Arts l,2,3 45 One-Act Play 2, 3,45 District All-Star Cast 3g Band l, 2g National Honor Society 2,3,45 N. H. S, Officer 35 N, H. S. Sweetheart 43 Paper Staff l,2,3,4g Yearbook Staff 3,45 U, l. L, Prose Reading 35 Basketball and Volley- ball Mgr. l,2,3,4. GENEVA AGNES DABELGOTT Class Officer 35 F. T. A. l,2,3,45 F, T, A, Officer 3,45 F. H, A. l,2, 3,45 F, H. A. Officer 45 Language Arts l,2, 3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Band Officer 45 Band Sweetheart 4g National Honor Society 2,3,4g D, A, R, 4g Basketball and Volleyball l,2, 3,45 Basketball All-District and Outstand ing Player 45 Basketball Capt. 45 Yearbook Staff 3,45 Fire Staff 4: Paper Staff 4: Cheerleader 4g Who 's Who 4g Miss T. H. S. 4. RHONDA EDY THE DENBOW F. T. A. l,2,3,45 F, T, A. Officer 2,3,45 Band l,2,3,4g Band Officer 45 Drum Major 2, 3,45 Twirling lst 2,45 En- semble lst 25 Festival Band 2,45 Language Arts l,2,45 Language Arts Officer 45 Basketball lg Tennis 15 National Honor Society 4. 5 is 3,5 Nr 4534 EH SUSAN ANNETTE DRO ZD F. T, A. 1: F. H. A. 1,2,3,4: F. H. A. Officer 4: Band 1, 2,3,45 Twirler 3,45 Band Officer 45 Twirling lst 3,45 Head Twlrler 4. ERNEST LaBAUVE EDWARDS, IR PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE ,J-5, Football 1,2,3,45 Baskerbml 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,4. A 5 J f Q K ! VIC EMIL FABRYGEL IR 4 V I C A Reporte MARY NELL FIKES IULIAN GARCkIA Flag Monitor 4. r Band 1 fp? SAMPSON GARDNER, FR. Football l,2,3g Basketball 19 Track 2,39 V, I, C, A, 4, STANLEY EDDIE GENZER, IR Class Officer ls Football 1,2,39 Track l. GAIL LEE GOTH Class Officer 39 F, T, A, 2,3,49 F. T, A. Officer 3,49 Miss F. T, A, 4g F, T, A, Delegate 3,49 F, H, A. l,2,3,49La1'1- guage Arts 1,2, 3,49 National Honor Society 2, 3,49 N, H, S. Officer 49 U, I, L, Spelling 3rd 29 U, I, L, Short- hand 4g Paper Staff 3,49 Highest Rant Student 39 Ameri- can History Award 4. DONNA KAREN HARTER Class Officer 4: F. H. A. l,2, 3, 49 F. H, A, Officer 49 Band l,2,3,49 Festival Band 2, 3,49 Band Ensemble lst 2: Tiger's Tale Editor 3, 49 Paper Feature Writer 29 Who 's Who 4g President of Council of President 4. GLENN RUSSELL HAYES Class Officer 4g Council of President 49 Who 's Who 4. SHERRY LYNN HE BERT F, H, A, 1,2,39 F, T. A, 29 V. l. C. A, Officer 49 Prom Queen 4. PAUL GREGORY HICKL Class Officer 29 Football l,2,3,49 All-District Football 3 49 Track l,2,3,49 Track Reg. Qualifier 2,3,49 Prom King 4. KATHLEEN ANN IANAK Class Favorite 49 Class Officer 39 F, T, A, 1,2,3,4g F. T. A. Officer 3,49 F. H. A. l,2,3,4: F. H. A. Officer 3, 49 Language Arts 1,2, 3,49 Band 1,2, 3,49 Band Officer 49 Festival Band 2,49 National Honor Society 2,3,49 Girls' State 3g Basketball 19 Yearbook Staff 3,49 Yearbook Edi- tor 49 Paper Staff 3,49 Who's Who 49 Danforth Award 4. TERRY LINN KEITH CARLTON LEE LA BEFF Band lg F, T. A. 29 Language Arts 29 Fire Chief 49 Foot- ball l,2, 3,49 Football All-District Honorable Mention 2: Football Captain 49 Basketball 1,29 Track 1,2, 3,4g Pole Vault Reg. Qualifier 2, 3,49 Pole Vault State Qualifier 39 High Jump State Qualifier 49 Tennis 3. MARK LOUIS LEZAK Basketball 1,3,4g Football 2, 35 Track 1,3,4. MICHAEL LEE MCKISSICK Bm ig Arhlerils Manager 1,2,3,4 FORTUNATO fTONYj MARTINEZ Football 1, 2, 3, 4. LARRY ESPINOSA MARTINEZ Absentee Monitor 3,4g Flag Monitor 4. WILL IAM ODIE MILNER Class Officer 4g Band 2, 3,4g Band Ensemble lst 3g Festi- val Band 2: Band Beau 4g F, T, A, 4g Language Arts 4g F, T, A, Beau 45 Paper Staff 4g Tennis 4g Track 2, 35 Foot- ball 3,4s Basketball 3,4. ,, f. V- :1ff:..,, 5, . ,, 1- 'ffe' wgierzxisese gf! , ,nf ,3 .5559 it 5 I Fi S' it JQNW - . . ,, - 1 my Ifzz ' 3 1,45 3 f ,H S ANDRA JEAN NEDBALEK Class Officer 4g F, H, A, l,2,3,4g F, T, A, l,2,3g Lan- guage Arts lg National Honor Society 2, 3,4g F, H. A. Sweetheart 45 Paper staff 3,4g Student Librarian 4. CECILIA MARIE NEMEC F, H, A, l,2,3,4. DANNY RAYMOND NEMEC Class Favorite 45 Football l,2, 3,4. 5 . Q- ri iv, fly it . - .. uw ..,,r , 1.44 e W, 3, . K HSS' H' tiff! .5 km 'HH f X:::L in t i DAVID OLGUIN lv' itz' ' Football ls Basketball l,2s Track lg V.l.C.A. 3,4. 'V Qi Q , .Mm , tiki Wt' 4 Jost OLGUIN ffifre'-ws vw-W if i . .Qu - 'R, 'Hs Band 2,3g V, I, C, A, 45 Football lg Basketball lg Track l. s.rs, rrrr , ,,..,,, .,.... .,..,,,.. ,,..., 9 , , ..,,, A MARY LEIGH ORR Class Officer 15 Council of President lg Band 1,25 Festival Band 25 F, T, A, 1,2,3,45 F, T, A, Officer 2,3,4g F, T, A, State Officer 3, 45 F, T, A, District Office 29 Language Arts l,2, 3,45 U, I, L, Best District Actress 25 One-Act Play 2, 3,45 District All-Star Cast 45 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Who's Who 3,45 Basketball l,2,35 Tennis 1,2,3,45 Golf 45 Cheerleader 45 F, T, A, Sweetheart 45 Football Homecoming Queen 45 Fire Staff 4. RONALD SAMUEL ORSAK Class Officer 45 Football 2,3,45 Football All-District 3,45 Track 3. JOHNNY JACKSON PARR Flag Monitor 4. MARY RUTH PARR DOROTHY JEAN PESAK Band l,2,3,4g F, H, A, 1,2,3,4-5 F, T, A, 25 Paper Staff4 PATRICK A NDREW PENNINGTON Class Officer 3,49 Band 1,2,3,49 Band Solo 1st 1,21 Fes- tival Band 2,49 Band Officer 49 F, T, A, 1,29 National Honor Society 2,3,49 N, H, S, Officer 4g Yearbook Staff 3,49 Boys' State 39 Athletic Trainer 2,3,49 U, I, L, Prose Reading 1st 2, 2nd 39 Who's Who 3,49 Language Arts 39 Danforth Award 4. FREDRICK LESLIE PIERCE Class Favorite 39 Fire Staff 49 Football 1,2, 3,49 Football All-District 29 Basketball 1,29 Track 1,29 Tennis 49 Golf 1,2,3. DARRELL JOE PIWONKA Class Officer 3g Language Arts 3,49 Language Arts Officer 49 One-Act Play 3g Fire staff 49 Tennis 1,2,3,49 District Tennis 2nd 49 Football 1, 2, 3,49 Football All-District 39 Football Captain 4: Track 2. RICHARD G, RAY Class Officer 29 Band 1,2,3,49 Festival Band 2,3,4: Band Solo 1st 39 District Band 49 Language Arts 2,3,4: Paper Staff 3,4. MARK ALAN RICKAWAY Class Officer 39 Council of President 39 National Honor Society 2,3,49 N, H. S, Officer 3,49 Yearbook staff 3,49 Who's Who 2,3,49 Boys' State 3g U, I, L, Prose Reading 2nd 29 U, I, L, Science 1st 3g 2nd 49 U, l, L, Slide Rule 3rd 49 Time-Life Current Affairs Test 2nd 19 Salutatorian 49 Football 1,2,3,49 Track 39 Texas Chem. Science Award 49 American Legion Award 4. IANICE KAY ROADES Class Officer 29 F, H, A, 1,25 F, T, A, 1,2g Band 1gLar1- guage Arts 25 Paper Staff 25 Basketball 1,29 Volleyball 1, 25 V. I. C. A. 3,45 V. I, C. A. Officer 3,4. TERRY LEE ROBERTSON F, H, A, 1,2,3,4g F, H, A, Officer 4gBaI1d l,2,35 F, T, A, 1,2,3,4g Language Arts 1,2,3,4g Paper Staff 3,45 Betty Crocker Award 4. EMIL JOHN VACULIN V, I, C. A, 3,4. - YVONNE ANN VAVRA A' ff F, T, A, l,2, 35 F. H. A. 1,25 Band 1,25 Festival Band 29 T ' District and Reg, Band 25 Language Arts 2g Basketball 1, 'I A 'l,, 25 Volleyball 1, 25 V. T. C. A. 3,45 V. l. C. A. Officer 3,4. r.f - DAVID WILLIAM WAKEFIELD Band 1,2,3,4g Festival Band 3,4. x .X K 1 'f rg' 5- ffl' - :FZ Wm ii: 5 2:59 ,F A asa. .ENN 5,5 . ,3 at .:arf:::u!n5..f:1,:5:,,.:::18822 .:s2f111:f'.5- " .,. His' 5: DENNIS DSWAYNE WARN Track 1,2,3,45 Track Reg. Qualifier 45 Band 15 Football 1,2,3. DANIEL LEE WILLIAMS Paper Staff 45 Football 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2,35 Track 35 Basketball All-District 2, 35 Football All-District 35 Track Reg. Qualifier 3. GREGORY PAUL WILLIAMS Class Officer 25 Language Arts 1,2, 3,49 One-Act Play 2, 3,45 Language Arts Officer 45 All-Star Cast 2: Band 1,25 Council of President 25 Who 's Who 3,45 Boys' State 35 Football 1,2, 3,45 Football All-District 3, Honorable Mention 45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Basketball All-District Honorable Mention 45 Track 1,2,3,4: Golf 1,2,3,4. WALTER LEROY W OODS Football 1,2, 3,45 Football All-District 2, 3,45 Track 1, 2,3,45 Track State Qualifier Shot Put 4. LILLIAN LYN ZEMANEK Class Officer 15 Cheerleader 2, 3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Fes- tival Band 3,45 Band Officer 45 F. T. A, 1,2,3,45 F. T. A, Officer 2, 35 F, H. A. 1,2,3,45 F. H, A. Officer 2,45 Lan- guage Arts 1,2, 3,45 Language Arts Officer 3,45 One Act Play 1,2, 3,45 National Honor Society 2, 3,45 Highest Rank Student 1,2,45 Who's Who 3,45 Girls' State 35 Track and Football Queen Candidate 45 U. l. L. Poetry 3rd 25 2nd 45 Fire Staff 45 Paper Staff 3,45 Basketball 15 Girl 's Athletic Manager 3,45 Valedictorian 45 American Legion Award 45 John P. Sousa Award 45 Balfour Award 4. 1972-1973 SENIOR PR OPHE C Y The graduating class of 1973 had the chance to gather together in the year 1988. The occasion was the joining of MARY ORR to FRITZ CORNELIUS in holy matrimony. After 15 years of courtship, Mary is gliding down to the altar to "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife. " Awaiting at the altar we see the members of the wedding party. LILLIAN ZEMANEK, expecting her sixth child, acts as matron of honor opposite her husband, GREG WILLIAMS, best man. JUDY BANKHEAD, the famous prosecuting at- torney, and SUSAN DROZD, twirling her bouquet from years of habit, are opposite MARK LEZAK and MIKE CLAX TON, joint owners of a local distributing co. We turn our attentions to RHONDA DENBOW, who is still singing after years of practice in small churches, accompanied by ERMA CHAVEZ, on the organ, Her husband, TONY MARTINEZ, performs the ceremony. We see beautiful flowers provided by STANLEY GENZER and GLENN HAYES, who own the local florist shop. After the ceremony, we go to the El Maton International Hall, a great ball room, owned by TERRY ROBERT- SON and DEBBIE DABELGOTT, for the dance. Upon entering, we find KATHY IANAK registering guests and MARK RICKAW AY snapping pictures. DONNA HARTER is run- ning around getting a scoop for her column, Harter's Heart Throbs. We sit down to a fabulous supper, prepared by Ron 's Fish Palace owned by RONNJE ORSAK and GENEVA DABELGOTT, The supper is served by 3 efficient waiters, EMIL VACULIN, RICHARD RAY, and JULIAN GARCIA. Afterwards we have the pleasure of dancing to the music of the Olguin brothers, DAVID and IOE, backed by ALICE BOONE, IANICE BROWN, and ERNEST EDWARDS, Hearing a commotion, we turn to find TERRY SMITH, chief of police in Markham, arguing with MARY FIKES, ambassador to Clemville, over a boundary dispute running through the now densely populated El Dorado. As we weave among some of our old friends, we ask the whereabouts of FREDRICK PIERCE and DARRELL PIWONKA. Last heard, we are told, they were playing tennis in China. PAUL HICKL, who after graduation from the University of Texas, went on to play with the New York Giants, making a good career for himself by keeping MICHAEL MCKISSICK as his personal manager. We talk to some who found success staying in the area of their old alma mater, among them DENNIS WARN, who finally became owner of LeTulle Ranch. SANDY NEDBALEK is now running Mid-LaCroix Market in Midfield. We see an old familiar face, ODIE MILNER, who kept in his business of high school and opened his own business, Milner's Morgue. We find GAIL GOTH, who loved Tidehaven so much that she returned after graduation from Southwest to teach history. Just as the reception is breaking up, we talk to ANDY PENNINGTON, who has made fame for himself in the practice of veterinary medicine, specializing in poultry. Following the beloved couple, we arrive at Fabrygel 's Resort Hotel in Mark- ham, owned by EMIL FABRYGEL. Upon entering, we see IOHNNY PARR and DAVID WAKEFIELD rush to take our luggage. After finally getting an elevator, we find the cause of our delay being LARRY MARTINEZ. It seems he gets his fun from riding up and down the elevator without picking up any people. Next we find the beauty shop run by DOROTHY PESAK, specializing in manicures, MARY PARR styling hair, and CECJLIA NEMEC giving facial massages. Going into the hotel bar, we see DANNY NEMEC and DANIEL WILLIAMS, bartenders. Hearing cheers from a group, we see WALTER WOODS on the barroom T. V. On the side of the ring is SAMPSON GARD- NER, his personal manager, watching "Tiny" compete in the featherweight competi- tion in Canada. We hear SHERRY HERBERT asking "Copenhagen, Happy Days, Scoal, anyone?" Tonight being western night we are entertained by Carlton and the Nitt Kickers, headed by CARL TON LABEFF and backed by KAY ROADES, YVONNE VAVRA and GWEN BRAM. As we say goodnight, we all promise to gather together in the near future, 1 SENIOR CLASS WILL MICHAEL CLAX TON leaves his ability to keep his cool to TIMMY NEMEC. FREDER- ICK CORNELIUS offers his long pretty brown hair to GARY FINCH. I, EMIL FABRY- GEL, leave my ability to get along with Mrs. B. Sparks to LEONARD JASEK. JEANNE BUCHANAN AND JOCELYN HEBERT shall inherit from JUDITH BANK HEAD her shy quiet ways. ALICE BOONE leaves her cigarettes and lighter to VENETA BOONE. I, STANLEY GENZER, leave my name "Boots" to LARRY FRICK and "Possum" to TERRY FRICK, GLENN HAYES awards ROY REED his Spanish II class. PAUL HICKL leaves his ability to get along with Mrs. Pierce to WENDELL REED, I, JANICE BROWN, leave my ability to wear low cut dresses to TENNIE BROOKS. ERMA CHAVEZ pre- sents her ability of running around and getting caught by her parents to CAROLYN HART. CARLTON LABEFF yields all of the football pep rallies to GEREN ROECKER To LENA JUNEK, MARK LEZAK leaves his dainty nose. DEBORA DABELGOTT bestows her husky voice to PAM CURTNER in case her voice gets any squeakier. FORTUNATO MARTINEZ presents his ability to be absent to DANNY GALVAN, I, GENEVA DABEL- GOTT, will my ability to do "round offs" at football games to SI-IERRY BLOSKAS. LARRY MARTINEZ unregretfully leaves his seat in English IV to TINA CANO. I, MICHAEL MCKISSICK, leave only my ability to stay off Coach Glasscock's bus. RI-IONDA DENBOW presents her middle name, "Edythe, " to CAMILLE CORNELIUS. ODIE MILNER sacrifices his bench warming ability in basketball to CARLTON JENSEN. DANNY NEMEC leaves Mrs. B. Sparks to MARVIN SAHA and Mr. Rose to EUGENE WOODSON, I, SUSAN DROZD, present my dilapidated twirling boots to SUSIE MIL- NER, may she strut in peace. JOE OLGUIN takes pleasure in leaving his tremendous height to CATHY MERTA. DIANE GLAZE shall inherit from GAIL GOTH her ability to keep Mrs. "Frannie B" frustrated. RONNIE ORSAK offers JEANETTE RICKAWAY his ability to stay awake in Spanish. JOHNNY PARR ungretfully bestows his English IV class to JENNIFER DROZD, I, DAVID OLGUIN, will to LUPE GARCIA my great name of "Meskin. " TINA CANO is the recipient of the Tiger's Tale and Mrs. Adams from DONNA HARTER ANDY PENNINGTON leaves CARL TON JENSEN his best slide rule, may he "rule" the world and "slide" in peace. To VICKIE HEBERT, SHERRY HEBERT leaves her ability in not finding the way to school on Monday. FREDERICK PIERCE awards his cowboy boots and hat to TOM BLACK and his great ability to play tennis to KIM SPARKS. I, KATHLEEN JANAK, will just leave. I, DARRELL PIWONKA, would leave something if Ihad it, but I don't so lwon't, and I can't so I ain't. To NANCY DANNELS SANDRA NEDBALEK gives her typing on the Tiger's Tale, RICHARD RAY grants his ability to lose in any game played in Spanish II to JAMES MIDGETT, I, CECILIA NEMEC, will DAWN SLOOP my shorthand notebook, and may she have good luck with it. DAVID GAINER inherits MARK RICKAWAY'S ability to get along with Coach Glasscock and 7th period weight lifting class. MARY ORR grants GAIL FRICK every mud puddle on every tennis court. I, EMIL VACULIN, leave my knowledge of writing research papers to JAMES BEYER PAMELA MCGINTY is the recipient of MARY PARR'S tallness. To NED BROOKS, DAVID WAKEFIELD presents his ability to fail English IV. I, DOROTHY PESAK, will my dancing ability and my rosary to DEBBIE SOUTHALL and my ability to get engaged to NANCY HOLLAND. DENNIS WARN gives his ability to work cows to MARK FRICK and his boots to KATHERINE HAVEL. DANIEL WILLIAMS loans his Spanish book and his ability to speak Spanish to NED BROOKS. KAY ROADES awards ANN HICKL her height. I, GREGORY WILLIAMS, leave next year's basketball lectures to RALPH WILLIAMS. To LOU ANNE HAYES, TERRY ROBERTSON regretfully hands down her refreshments. WALTER WOODS presents his ability to life weights and his muscular arms to RALPH WILLIAMS. I, GWEN BRAM, will my red hair to SHIRLEY MILLER, JULIAN GARCIA awards MARK FRICK with his knowledge of writing research papers. LILLIAN ZEMANEK leaves her "s1inky" figure to SANDY FREEMAN. ERNEST EDWARDS, JR. , offers his deepest affection to DIANA FISHER To CAROL NEUSZER and DONNA MOZLEY, MARY FIKES leaves her ability to miss 2 weeks of school at just the right time. I, TERRY KEITH, will my suave, masculine charm and alluring smile to PATRICIA KASPAR and MARCELLA SMITH SAMPSON GARDNER, JR , bestows his cowboy boots and hat to BILLY REVIS. YVONNE VAVRA yields to CYNTHIA HUNT her skinny legs. The entire SENIOR CLASS leaves their ghostly memories in the halls of Tide- haven to haunt the SENIOR CLASS of 1974. .. V5 . 5? I rv 'nuff- I w :i:-1::r:- , Q . - ,. L... :--- '4 ,f -K f I 5 X A A - 1 'x Y "9--H: Ll ' W . 3 SJELFLZ? P 4, ,Q - u -- Q ii! XV A R- 1 l 1 4 ,r f f i fi L-fi I-rail' , E: , , X V. rf- . I 32 1 Wg , , f, I a 1 HH " l , , N, N13 I E jhq , wr f .- I Q: Q Q 35 1 l ,-7-...W gi-LL ' U wx N Q5 f f i 2 1 5 : I LINIIIIRE ' x ' r S g xx- -at THE CLASS OF '74 PRESIDENT - Carlton Jensen FAVORITES VICE -PRESIDENT - Pam Curtner SECRETARY - Nancy Holland TREASURER - Lena Iunek REPORTER - Kim Sparks SERGEANT at ARMS - Andrew Woods SPONSORS - Mrs. Rose, Mr. Nelsen, and Mr. Bartosh Charlotte Johnson and David. Gainer SONG "I Believe in Music" COLORS Red, White, and Blue FLOWER Red Rose "My what? ! !" MOTTO "The love in your heart wasn 't put there to stayg Love isn't love till you give it away. " James Beyer Torn Black Sherry Bloskas Veneta Boone Ned Brooks Tennie Brooks Rosie Brown Jeanne Buchanan Lucia Cano C arnille Cornelius Pamela Curtner Nancy Dannels Jennifer Drozd 'lx Gary Frnch Diana Fisher S andra Freem an 'Hit ,, " q Gail Frick 2 if Larry Frick Mark M in B rrre i ' '," Terry Frrck ' , " I David Gainer , B yyy, l B J ,V gi N J lr u r Q 1 iw fx ,QQ 'Q X X t 5-r Guadalupe Garcia Mariana Garcia Diane Glaze Henry Gutierrez Carolyn Hart Kathryn Havel Lou Anne Hayes Jocelyn Hebert Vickie Hebert Ann Hickl Nancy Holland Cynthia Hunt Leonard Iasek Carlton Jensen X xx Charlotte Johnson Lena Iunek Patricia Kaspar Eulojio Lopez. Ir. Pamela McG1nty Catherrne Merta James Midgett Shirley Miller Susan Milner Donna Mozley Timmy Nemec Carol Neuszer R oy Reed Wendell Reed Billy Rev is Jeanette Rickaway Geren Roecker Marvin Saha Dawn Sloop Marcella Smith Deborah S outh all Kimberly Sparks Bernard Vacek Ralph Williams we Andrew Woods Eugene Woodson 1gjf2g:,gsf?i ' ' 5 ophomo ,?,i.i,-i 5X'fwf" ' I ,,-? C X " ' N V f I--in 1'f ,'f'l'."1l, 2, X ,M ij?-'fqfiw Z X' .V -QW lf MQW X X f ff X, W , ' , Q 5 ' X f ' f fr XX -,X n,- XX f? pa !!,u1iX,? ., Mb XXX X Y 1131, ' il f Q X A st, XX -ff N-diggs X4 1 -,-y 'fy X XL. XXX RX X X X ,f , - 1' f ,'.,, ' - -fufiv ' 1 .", ' X? 1 ,, ' .' X , Q W ,, X , ni R . mt ff? 'J ' 79? Lf : X X VX w ,Z X I ,E ,,X .X X ' X.. VX.: X lii X 7 fi' Y XXXXXXXX XX, . , A xt ,f , ga X.. X,X X gyjfy - :fi 1 1: , gf Xpga !,fXf,X 07 ,, 'L ' 11 , X Xl 5, ,Ml 15 'Masq ,gg gf XX, I 'X . ... X I, -, x 'M X riwk ig X .X J , i X X ,, -J - WA: F f , , u f 1 1 X X n VX X X . f ! 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' ..,6 .,.,X.X' Qu Ao, BND ' X If X XX X , ,, 52, It e in !!M ' A 'Wt JW g 5? 'IM L 'wi wx f 7 i 9 ' 1 I'f'f ' f ff aw 1 ff. Q-'f f- 0 :O OO f f --.ff - 4' - X ' ' 'W ' Y ' x W 1 fs?vXXXx,?! ' fl X: 4, X900 . G 4 ' 1, X r , 'X X5 ' 4 ,iz XX X . , x X m is e 6 1.3-:.i3Tg .i,: ,,'X.1.X Jx X, , X ,XC XX Xuan , J: X V5.7 IX Xf f fa T ffrx ' X H. NX D fo ,X " ',', M Y J' F Alf? X X7i1, X '- f V O ,' r ' ' .' - ' ' . f ,fi-aafaxg ' Q-A - 5 'fQ:1- " , I? N , ,Q N, 1 - 0. - - ,Le ,, 1' ,,-., --1 Q - 4 1 Aw, : .-: fa-,x v ' X f I x X ,ff X , f X f 5 ff f , Y j ' f , I fry X! ff' X1 I I . 1 i THE CLASS OF '75 PRESIDENT - Donna Roades FAVQRITES VICE-PRESIDENT - Linda Nelsen Grace Hickl and Mike Crain SECRETARY - Cathy Nedbalek SONG TREASURER - Gail Iunek "Jambalaya" REPORTER - Janice Merta COLORS SERGEANT at ARMS - David Woodson Purple and Hot Pink SPONSORS - Coach Wynn and FLOWER Mr. Raska Orchid MOTTO "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to no one. " Feet at THS 001116 ifl 2111 sizes. shapes, and smells. "Officer, I think it is the one second from the left. " gg, ff WV ' yr 3 ,,,.1 A FEL. 4 Mark Adams Janet Bankhead Rose Beyer Gloria Boone Lorise Brooks Michael Cano Mary Chavez Russell Claxton Kathryn Conlee 'A J ,hu :sew-2.11 it Mlke Craln 4 'TY in' y f 1 f 1 W Q l f I It Artis Edwards B B ' Randy Ellis 3 lr,,,... or Michael Gainer Daniel Galvan Martin Garcia ,, ..,, f f - J Roberto Garcia Saul Garcia Ursula Guerrero jfs gi. K bww Edward Gurecky Cheryl Hadden Dennis Havel Douglas Havel Theresa Hav el Margarita Hawkins Ralph Hawkins Joel Hayes Daniel Hickl i Grace Hickl I une Jensen Kay Johnson Gail Iunek Sandra Kubala Martha Lara I oe Longoria Gina MCKISSICR Pedro Medina Janice Merta Wilanna Midgett Lawrence Mitchell Debbie Mitchon M f ' an i ll 2 u o wl " 2 W., filfzf - My X 9 ,W FA , X XM? . ., - I J! ..-'M aff, W 2 ' QQ, .ww .4 521: Mx I 1-far jzigiig .,. , .r.,i'i11,,,,,5Zi11 .-zfiiflf" 'l' l-'Adm 4""""'-Mn H ,,.g g , ,W I K . ' H r J s W 45' l rv al aa 4 - r ,i K ,L l y if . -Vi ,, :' ' w " ,iw I ,W an J- .- 'S 3 , " 'A 2 ' EQ' ,rf 22 fl ff M., nr f f ff f f , ,f, f f K V V iw? MI " 'E Nfl 4- y E .K,. ,ff W l 1 IL. Deanne Mozley Cathy Nedbalek Linda Nelsen Mary Pena Ianie Piwonka Kenneth Quinn Randell Ree Donna Road Michael Saha David Sanders Carolyn San ,VZ '7 0. CQ . fa WS , -P .1 1 . .,5. , , n 14449, f A QPF. fix 'ip v ' 5 IW iv ia? 6 3 af 'Y W . ford Danny Sliva M ido we 4? . i f iiiili Eliia Sliva rvir e on l Arthur Thurmond l yfr -. :4' 5 rv Calvin Timberlake V Scott Wakefield 5 X h 7:, David Woodson David Zapalac Vickie Zielonka 5, ,.., Il, W., W--f f ff I - -M -W---. 11 ,ff,, .---WM ,,,. ,fiwqwff,-W,-nf W.,.L-y.--W-gw,,,,,,,,,,l,,,lw,b I I wi. L- A pf, fvfff :uw--1,zf..m,Mm,,,m,,,K ,lm , ,,' " , ,QQ ,E1 P x 1 X ,..'q w l D" Q2 Ax .Vx ,7- ,,,,.1... ,-ii. W , Y , . v r n 7 J N .. 1 'k'1I'H"y,1, I A ,-, .. , w , ,. " 'rw vm rl IN .li 1 . !'f 7 f 'f il Y' ' '3 ""V ' u1 Ql'Y 1" Tw - ' '- 'f"' " i: TTT"'ffW"T3 " 'VV ' 1 -- "' --sC1---'-f-!-'f-' -5u'U"L"k4":g7'Q99' Hi" . Q, lf I' w,x1V'w' ' U-H i""'1--' AriN' um--:::!g:1.1H ji ""'- r,r2'f.'m'ji'gE",w "fx xh' 'f"'v51" fig "" ' ,f ' gf QQi '1 Q"'W l WHULL "'QlQig5 '1' ' H Q'ImlW'Y'+2?-'SW'W 'Ui" A f' e ' A 'J 'F'fV'V' ' ""l':A " wv E'1T 'i 1 1 '! . 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' 1112?-vii?-i ?,-f Y -igyfgw f , 5-551, xA X 'xg lx ' ff ,f "N f M f 4537 K Q' Y' ,u. ,,,.,? - ,, xw w, NX- f I Xwf. ff? F Y ,f -W"W,'iN ' ff X yf . . Q -+1 f' X f?xi., MAil "1'-X THE CLASS OF '76 PRESIDENT - Jimmy Piwonka FAVORITES VICE-PRESIDENT - Connie Lezak Dina Laslie and Ricky Graff SECRETARY - Lisa Beane SONG TREASURER - Ricky Graff "You're So Vain" REPORTER - Tibbie Saha COLORS SERGEANT at ARMS - Paul Krenek Maroon and White SPONSORS - Coach Bloskas and FLOWER Coach Glasscock Red Rose MOTTO "Today we follow, tomorrow we lead. " Can you guess which hands wash dishes with new blue The "Pillsbury Dough Girls" S aniflush? ff ,ij ff No Photo AV Al LABLE .. 1.1-W .. my-3 5- f if: . 1 J'-' W I kfziffffil 'A - .W5"" yrs' tari ff '. f', , sewn' ..fi'?'f ' w:1Hfr:ir::w..y,..l? 'zff2Ffs?Ss21,f?v ilfyzutidi' 7522512 Herminia Aguilera Pedro Aguilera Lisa Beane Charles Boone N I Frank Brown 'J - Y :L .. Brenda Buchanan git-ju Juan Castaneda Gloria Chavez Wylene Crain Telisa Cummings .n.,- ' i i Absenf when pictures were mode F 9 Q A Q . . if . if 1 . M. ' a2i p 9 f rua V flgw rvja fl X W 1 n Q M, ,Ll rm. l lll g "ll 'll"' 1 1 I W Cynthia Dabelgott ,A. , y Mary abelgo r B Kirby Davis Harold Edwards Ge orge Fisher Carol Fri ck Donald Gardner Humberto Garza Sylvia Garza Ricky Graff im. B ss W? A g 5 'v,:, 3 'igfx T m, VV i ,,1,,,.,,.,, hh 5ff,I,QL:5 1,VL' 'zy W!"- E5,if5'1 ' x, I uf' k,Q?j.ff'f A ' gi! ffrw . if :'f -frffis. 517575, ,"fE V ,, : , ',,'- lY: """" , " A A wif L ' ,m'A . . ,,,,,,,,, 5, K -'ii 4 il ' y ii, icky ju. is 1' PR I i 7 kk,' , - Ii ' ' ' ar' u iz ,. Km .. , i H S 195222 : TS' 2573, "" 24 K 6 i ' ig? 1 f f Q 1 . Linda McGinty David McKissick Linda Nedbalek Jacqueline Nettles Rufus Nunn Marilyn Pesak Terry Ray I immy Piwonka Shirley Powell Alphonse Revis Vernon Ri ckaway Elizabeth Roades Daniel Rodriquez Benny Rusk Rachel Rusk T ibbie Saha Michael Schurtz Gary Sliva Diane Sneath Vivian Southall f ' f :FEW F N s X 3 Q, Q gf 5 +R " 1 N, is - if ,Z M9 3 z I .. i h pf D. fils sssas R? iiiii " :'i 1 ' isii ' ,f V f :.- 3 .f,- A - 5,5 1 f -2 R fi iili if lsii as EA .i,, X 1 , W lilifglstiszsss . 'K .2 N95 QQNIVQ WS , . s -w 'km ,fi ws .. . 5' ' W f We Q 1 , A -Q 1 if .h E, , x 1' I t i I' n M5 f X M5373 5: Q21 A 1 , 1 X. I 4 a oritesf Kathleen Ianak and Danny Nemec rv 'i55FWi"r- - ' Sf 1 W J-Z 'i -1 '1'-ff! 5 f1i:'J" 1f "H J, 'ff-.,:Jff-5131-51:5'trss-:ff-.Jw 'T , , 1 1 1 ,Q-t,.t.W. M 11 J - 1 xt -vw MW, M fs-H mx XSQ-m1+e4'55v.fv- - 1 1 1 1, 1 1 u t 1 133 W2 H F - 1 5 "ul 1:12. 1 ' 5 31 ra - 1- 11111 sS1ii,m L. 15 , -X 11 . L fx: 'k-k ' 1 , 'ig 932' ...,,.Ni ,. -. ..,.,., , 1 1 ,,.., ,.,,. QA it 1.-M1 -. 1f 1' 4'W- .5 25 5 Ms 1 1' "f Q .- - - iv A A 1 S P ,U s .1 Sf x K Y R N 1 Y N R " w X 5 3. 1 if 'W gi t ex E X ' 5, -S' Q K J' 1? Q, 5 35,3 1 t . kia my we I x gg A 3 .g Y- N- Y Q W5 b 5 N by 4 ,mf gf f K tm + 'V , X8 f- ,K S xx N " W t N 5 ,R X Q s N Q st X 'L .1 A . 1f1 1 f.. inf ,W if b-" , 1- i -, pk,.1r.,- 11 i F I ,Ut , I "5 1 K ' 1 . f .iiffm-f6sfr11f.11,-1Q . 1 .ken "' 't+15s1.,,.,f1MSfq.1f CLASS IU IOR Charlotte Johnson and David Gainer FA VORI TES SOPH OM ORE PRESI-IMAN FOOTBALL S WEE THEAR T rrrrrr :tr ,,,, . "The Crowning" Mary Leigh Qu- by Walter Woods Candidate Lillian Zemanek, Escort Greg Williamsg Sweetheart Mary Orr, Escort Fredrick Pierceg Candidate Diana Fisher, Escort Andrew Woodsg and Candidate Sherry Bloskas, Escort Tom Black. CANDIDATES AND ESC ORTS LJl11an Zemanek Greg Wl11l2L1TlS Diana Fisher Walter Woods TRACK QU1515 A D ESCORT Camille Cornelius Carlton LaBeff MR. AND MISS TIDEHA VEN Geneva Dabelgott Paul Hickl ' Y4 PROM QUEEN AND KING KYZSVLQQW Sherry Hebert and Paul I-Iickl BASKETB LLSWEETHEARTAND BE U ff Dlana F1sher Ralph Wllllams VALEDI C TORIA T SAI. U TA TORIAN 6-, G21?i2Ti9 TA E5 B5 f37y5TffT15 I ' - , A 4 N . V VM? 'Mm ,,. V 2323. , Camille Cornelius Sherry Bloskas Carlton Jensen David Gainer Wh o's E ,Mx Kathy Ianak Donna Hatter G R1.m Lillian Zemanek Greg Williams Who 1 um-'V ,W,, M ..., , b-,- ff -f -.WM M .,,. W.. , 5 ' , ,..1 W' ' 1 fff' M' W v ' ,, ,,. V ff . :1rHf:w ' In f- ww . ,. , 1. ,ig Z . , .f x Il, V " - ..,, ,- - fe n , IW " - f" 'm:"'f-1 'W-ff f VMf. ,, .a-we w"v f, - -,2.. u , V ' mem M3 , il k , f Ag. . H gZ,y?ff - ,,, . my 6? ,.,, as W , .W , '- W ' f 4,2 . A - 1 , J f l i ' ',g',,f4y-f f V," - ' -g ig ' f ..wwa,. ' f+,?:Z1W i'5gf" -V+,-4:2 ' " K -,K K 2 . , 4, " :fQt,f.f4S,1,xs In ' G-W 5'Q 4 V,w'j45""-'f'5,.,' , A 'ivff 1 f J 5435" ff f. Q-'ff n l f' ,, NA 1. , , .,,, , ,K JN eenn n if " e n e .Y - 1- ' "4 ' .. 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Gi1'I's Basketball '73 VARSITY SQUAD - D. Fisher, C. Lezak, K. Sparks, G. Erick, R. Beyer, C. Cornelius, G. Dabelgolt, L Hayes, P. Curtner, D. Roades, S. Kubala, S. Kubala, I. Hebert. 5 CAPTAINS - Geneva Dabelgott COACH - Mrs. Ona Lea Pierce Diana Fisher Geneva Dabelgott Diana Fisher Jocelyn Hebert Lou Anne Hayes Pam Curtner Well Pam, you did it again - You SAT the whole game. Gail Frick Kim SparkS Camille Cornelius Rose Beyer Sandra Kubala if ,,..., H "You've got to be kidding! ! !" Connie Lezak DISTRICT WINNERS Donna Roades "Wow! What a figure! CBut she isn't a "42"F i Jocelyn Hebert, 2nd teamg Geneva Dabelgott, lst teamg II A Diana Fisher, 2nd team. Susan Kubala MANAGERS Linda Nedbalek Lillian Zemanek B TEAM - FRONT: I. Piwonka, C. Frick, I. Merta, D. Mozley, C. Grantham, T. Saha. BACK: G. McKissick S. Bloskas, D. Lee, L. Roades, L. Nelsen, R. Rusk, D. Mozley, Coach, Mrs. Ona Lea Pierce. FOOTB LL Darrell Piwonka Danny Nemec Mike Claxton Walter Woods Greg Williams Ralph Williams Danny Galvan ROHTUC OIS9-R Leonard Jasek Carlton Labeff Tony Martinez David Gainer "Coach, your quarterback won't give us the "Can't it wait, Mom, I'rn busy now. " football. " M r Artis Edwards Eugene Woodson Paul Hiflkl Andrew Woods Marvin Saha Mark Rickaway Fredrick Pierce Lupe Garcia dd dd H f" .:, . f f ' Tom Black Ernest Edwards Odie Milner "B" TEAM I BACK ROW: R. Ellis, D. Havel, S. Garcia, C. Timberlake, C. Iensen. THIRD ROW: D. Havel, F. Brown, R. Nunn, C. Boone, D. Sanders, R. Reed, J. Zeller, R. Graff. SECOND ROW: A. Iasek, O. Williams, G. Sliva, C. Lewis, P. Krenek, I. Piwonka, D. Sliva, M. Crain. FRONT ROW: Coach C. Glasscock, R. Wiley F. Longoria, A. Revisf G. Fisher, M. Green. -. 9 L 6 , X .. r..f' . .. - ...... ...... ...... f.,::,f Q '.'1-i, ,,:,- :IA ,,, . . . "'W"' "": r - "" ' "'-----, are ':.'. .li rii Asrrr A ,.,, 5-gg 7 1,4 ,K I -KK:,, A! if sg: VVLV .J r,.,L ,VA A 1 C. rrr Q rirr eiiil ff 1 G' ' L I -,... 'C'.AC f .... 1 1 B. irss 1 srrr srrl sllrllrwl in iirr. BTT.. ....r ...TT ei'-C ,..'-f .1 I. i ".L "L. kd"- f" q ' - ' , .f in - ".". ,g-5 . ' . 1. A ' lf N ' ."'.G 1 irii 'r.Ci" ' FRONT: R. Williams 12, D. Piwonka 70, F. Pierce 62, R. Orsak 66, L. Iasek 64, C. LaBeff 61, A. Woods S2 STANDING: A. Edwards 11, G. Williams 10, E. Woodson 21, T. Black 22. F385 . ' A it if a . 1 5 i 1 l1 2 ., A i 9 if g l, , , . ' fr: Q VARSITY SQUAD - FRONT: Garcia, Woodson, Rickaway, Williams, Gainer, Milner, Edwards, Piwonka, Pierce, Jasek. STANDING: Coach Wynn, Nemec, Claxton, Galvan, Black, LaBeff, Woods, Orsak, Martinez, Hickl, Williams, Woods, Coach Bloskas. '91, 'W' j . V , ,il . Aalii I I2 ALL DISTRICT - Woodson, Hon. Men.g G. Williams, All Dist.g R. Orsak, All Dist.g R. Williams, All Dist.: P. Hickl, All Dist. g A. Woods, Hon. Men. g W. Woods, All Dist. A slsii ssst , .ttstt sr A I zs' 1 , , 2 mt. or 2' ,srt dssssstiiss it sssd s sslt ego: sss, 4. ,,, ssdss, A titlt " sss tlfi ssss it , S if .,, llssi ssss Q3 stssf ltiiidiiiis as itss is . issss ssls f st. 'tss ssst itsslsls llsi dlss iis C , sssl issi sssltsiis - I ,iiX 'ddlit tstt I A I ,.,, I s lidsl J isilssa .s al ssii I I. s A... i Qiii, ,,2ee5 ' 6 iiabi 'std dsddt s.i, isss , 2,ss .sit . sits DEFENSE SQUAD - L.TO R.: A. Edwards ll, LaBeff 61, Williams 12, Gainer 77, Piwonka 70, Woods 78, Orsak 66, Martinez 52, Hickl 80, Woodson 21, Woods 82. COACHES - Head Coach - Bill Bloskasg Line Coach - Gerald Wynug "B" Team Coach - Craig Glasscock. R aaac , CAPTAINS: Carlton LaBeffg Darrell Piwoukag Walter Woods. MANAGERS: Andy Penhingtong David Mcliissickg Mike Schurtzg Mike McKissick. BASKE TB LL Ralph Williams Greg Williams Andrew Woods Odie Milner Mark Frick Carlton Jensen George Fisher Mark Lezak Ned Brooks COACHES - Gerald Wynn Craig Glasscock BASKE TB LL VARSITY SQU D SEATED: Fisher Dist. Hon. Men.g Woods, Dist. Hon. Men.g Ralph Williams, All Dist.g G. Williams, Dist. Hon. Men.: Jensen, Milner, Lezak. STANDING: Mgrs. D. Mcliissick, M Mcliissick, A. Penningtong Coach Craig Glasscock. CAPTAINS Greg Williams 1 IIBII M C. Lewis, M. Cano, P. Krenek, O, Williams, R. Ellis, R. Rusk, C. Boone, P, Kana, A. Revis, M. Crain, M. Schurtz, R. Wiley, Coach Gerald Wynn. FOOTBALL MANAGERS David McKissick Andy Pennington Michael McKissick GULF Greg Williams Fredrick Pierce Mary Orr TENNIS GIRLS - LEFT TO RIGHT: Roades, Lee, Bloskas, Orr, Frick, J. Piwonka, Lezak, Sparks, Hayes, Saha BOYS - LEFT TO RIGHT: Crain, Ellis, Pierce, J. Piwonka, Vavra, D. Piwonka, Davis, Milner, Ray, Cano. COACH: Glasscock. VULLE YB LL Il II Janice Merta, Donna Roades, Sandy Kubala, Camille Cornelius, COACH - Mrs. Pierce, Geneva Dabel- gott, Connie Lezak, Pam Curtner, Janie Piwonka. ll ll D. Lee, D. Mozley, M. Dabelgott, D. Mozley, T. Saha, R. Rusk, M. Pesak, S. Kubala, C. Frick, G McKissick, C. Grantham, COACH - Mrs. Pierce. 5 BOYS' TRACK FRONT: Jasek, Graff, Williams, Boone, Haverlah, Longoria, Krenek, Sliva, IBSCK, Kama, lVlCLXJ.SS.l.CK, Pennington. TOP: Coach Wynn, Adams, Rusk, Gainer, Lezak, Warn, Woods, LaBeff, Woods, Williams Hickl, McKissick. STATE QUALIFIERS: Carlton LaBeff, High lump: Walter Woods, Shot: Tom Black, Pole Vault, RUNNING EVENTS so ,N so as I 5 s rKUN'1': Williams, Hickl. 2nd R.: Longoria, Haverlah, Williams, Warn, Sliva, Krenek, Iasek, TOP: Kana, Boone, Jasek, Galvan, Woods, Rusk. FIELD EVENTS avi' rmml: uaverlan, Kama, Williams, Black, Hickl, Krenek. TOP: Gainer, Graff, Warn, Lezak, Woods, LaBeff. REGIONAL QUALIFIERS FRONT: Greg Williams, Gary Sliva, Dennis Warn, Danny Galvan, Paul Hickl. TOP: Leonard Jasek, Tom Black, Andrew Woods, Ralph Williams, Carlton LaBeff, Walter Woods. "We've got it wrapped up. " "You wanna fight? " R - R - Rip. l GIRLS' TRACK ,UWM LEFT TO RIGHT: Merta, McKissick, Hebert, G. Frick, Hadden, Vacek, Manager Zemanek, Coach Pierce, Kubala, Rusk, Fisher, Saha, Grantham, C. Frick, Mozley. .. - L r ,,,, , 2 2 Ai , T T .eae-w so T,Ta T . eaea is WW 1 .T 3 e 'f eeTTe me ra , s .Q T ' 41-me e 4 M - e,,, A v,,,, M-. Q TTTT ' I -a aa T,TT F' faaae Wggrrrhhr I ' , ,,lL,, .,,., 1 -z'-1e1i1vin-f-- f, Y ' N F kk,,k I., "1k:" , 'L ' V JF V Tiger Fans. Our Queen with trophies for the winners. "Queen" admirers. "I thought I had lst. " .P AC WITIDS 9-. N. . 4--in , -M xx-x 1:2 '-.1--.?,xxNx:.xXQ- D -AL.-nd..--. if 'f ' Sx R , , ,,,,,L i A , 1., .. 1 jjiiiifv ww w f 1 WN 'w 4 w W 695' M X if Xxx X1 X X 'N i, '--.XS " gk 'Z-.fir ff f X 'r .9 X. . X..-1, . 1. ..4.-- XXX , '45 nf' ga-Q-.T-.a'---q-I:-2:1-' ni :Q Hggz lx- .5 X13 1 - X XX ' X qw , M' ' W X XX 3 3-.T -X v Nw, . ' l- .sq 'NX , N ur: -.-a X ix wiv X 2 ffww-X-'M Q:-..,ji.5.3g-.,j3 Qi , Q - -,-X 'fpqvi X ""iX""" -lip.. I '41 ff' If .E1xqw,.-mf' W "4 7' -K 4 rv' . .A Wkvi i -' "'7:'4Qf1'..-y1?775.'7v""' RQ'-.w"'m Q?-My, f 4 Q A, XX -'-'-'- f -f I L' NF:-1-'tl I l V1a'?'?r'4f"'g?L 65" 'lxm 7' K :.- ' . WU'-uf .:. ' 4: '-f5.uP'4 f' -121'-' 1 Ka' 'I f"f'qI"Wlf'5f'0!".v"fP7Z -4 U- "'2- XW3 f-?"f-1' ' ' Q ,w.?1,'E'g, YA .3 ' f,?.'f'Q--, Nw H5 -Q:-.?fB'4fn,'i'w94'f -'::5Q.,v,. L, X 1 x 5xQ?E--'-'I -is ff x Q . 'asf' FW 4114? f ifffffffw ,W Y ' -'Yip' '5-11+N-I.-.ga-a."Vx'Xfg3-Q. . I4 "51'?9A ,tkJ?f4:2Q2n,., 4 " N-. '-Sig., ' 2 Yi N Qfflff' 7 Nw -f rl-"?7'5j!yflI! 4 uk N, ,, X g's'193'fZ4AQ'r0 gfbijyf' ' iw- W XXM '.'.-If,yfzf.Jf2' Q Wise' S N Q 3' fx . f2i1i1:W5m5' f' PW! .1i",,f,'g-iq ' XX, XX MQW' QP -Qui 312, c4i3!2liI4'p7-"35.f ff ,A ' 1' flu ..- ig S-L'-yfff ff 0 Q - X X A A j am N . X-ir? + HMQLS-'aisfif MX 'f X , ,iQfsim ,' f K X ' :9fNSf,'?1if X V 0 Av X x. vs- W fff NX M u K Q . ,. xg-s g , WM W W., L, fa :fp Nl CG 'if ix- YiNa"YQmX'xx N2 , 95. 105 , Jw zQQAi"K-ffitm M X Q' Q QQ, fsgxegii f 1,5f"gQg lk 'J N :fp mg il ffflj4 V 5543.5 M -Mags: I I 1 :kb Q, ks 3,4242 WGS '. Vw l' R - 13 Q- 'L lem I f' gh ix, - Ne. in Yiwu " f " "X xf- Xff ski. ' ' -' Q. I - ---.,,x, if 'Q . M -v-Av W-df N W Az1 f f fv -5 ex? . -fe- QU D, -4 m ijE ,-4125-liffifcg-a.lii9..2Q J mfif-, .2 y - --- , .M - 6, N B ' " . X51-N 1T?f'L.,...f ggi- J,,,....rk.i ,, -- L Y,,.,.-fi-X575 i , i 5 " D ----- ---- f--'A-xfzf!-tx rg -r-.-ldiix cf-i-.,f ..,.. '-'JL . ' . --' f- 51 if 'NNEPEQJFEE It is in honor of Mr. Kenneth Raska who has been dedicated to the goals ofthe Tiger Band for the past four years that we dedicate these four band pages in THE TIGER. Because of his guidance and committment, the Band has reached high goals, one being the Sweepstakes title. We will always remember him for his enthusiasm, confidence, and music appreciation and we will always be proud of these memories. Mr. s Kenneth Raska, MW ,Nw N at TIGER BAN t A Band - SEQ? Rhonda Denbow SECRETARY Geneva Dabelgott VICE-PRESIDENT Kathy Janak REPORTER Andy Pennington S ERGEANT -AT -A RMS Lillian Zemanek TREASURER Susan Drozd SWEETHEART AND BEAU Geneva Dabelgott and Odie Milner PRESIDENT e x ?! "Chicago" in Concert! !! . ' X 1 . N BAND XX DIRECTOR it Ei KENNETH RASKA 5' If V if - Q, , s f K ff - 7 ..,i ,, ' JJ... 1 l IOH PHILIP SUUSA A WARD Lillian Zemanek was awarded the John Philip Sousa Award for earning the title of Master Musician with 150 points qcenterj, Richard Ray qleftw, lst Class Musician, earned 130 points and 2nd Class Musician was Andy Pennington qrightj with 105 points. BAND MEMBERS EXCEL TO PEREECTION lst PLACE ENSEMBLE: K. Kubala, R. Rusk, B. lst PLACE SOLOS: R. Claxton, T. Ray, M. Buchanan. 15 Schurtz, S. Drozd, R. Denbow, D. Southall - v EE E if a f if i ALL-DISTRICT BAND: Richard Ray, Terry Ray, James Midgett, ALL-REGION BAND: Terry Ray, James Midgett. . 1 J f f Z' fa ?iQi??i f mv 'fi f. 1 iibl, rf ,v. --- gf 1 'J X if QW K I Vi .,.1l,,, Q. - , 1 7, r, '5' ig :ix 2,WQ Q Mg, ,,Myy yy-i3T,gW yyrya T ,,,, 1 ,. f r ' A 4, Sai .ral 1, ,W ,W W M Y A -QM Ag me ,f- ' v 4, r Q Mary Orr Lillian Zemanek Geneva Dabelgott THE 1972-73 CHEERLEADERS Lou Hayes Sherry Bloskas e Cheerleaders at camp " P' 1 if., THE 1972 - '73 TWIRLERS Cynthia Hunt DRUM MAJOR. Rhonda Denbow Tibbie S aha HEAD TWIRLER Susan Drozd FIRE STAFF Fritz Cornelius Mary Orr Darrell Piwonka Geneva Dabelgott Chief, Carlton La Beff r Lillian Zernanek Fredrick Pierce COUNCIL OF PRESIDENTS . M., X'-. W'-rump! Q g n.1r:g,,,mw x Sponsor Mr. I. Baker Donna Harter Carlton Jensen Pam Curtner Donna Roades Glenn Hayes Linda Nelsen Connie Lezak LEFT TO RIGHT: Editor - Kathy Janakg Asst. Ed. - Lou Anne Hayesg Sports Ed. - Mark Rickawayg Asst. Sports Ed. - Carlton Jenseng Photographer - Wendel Reedg Asst, Bus. Mgr. - Sherry Bloskasg Bus. Mgr. - Andy Penningtong Asst. Classes Ed. - David Gainerg Classes Ed. - Geneva Dabelgott. NOT SHOWN: Deb bie Dabelgott - Photographer. E Classes Editor sleeping on the job! Sponsor Mrs. King planning the yearbook with "DE" - Dumb Editor! TIGER'S TALE STAFF Editor DONNA HARTER R Sponsor MRS . E. ADAMS ww Asst. Editor TINA CANO L. TO R.: M. Orr, G. Goth, T. Robertson, L. Zemanek, S. Nedbalek, N. Dannels, D. Pesak, T. Brooks. L. TO R.: C, Conlee, J. Rickaway, M. Harter, W. Midgett, I. Jensen, D. Roades, T. Saha, L. Nelsen, D. Wil liams, I. Merta, K. Ianak, G. Dabelgott, K. Sparks, O. Milner, R. Ray. FUTURE TEACHERS OE AMERICA PRESIDENT: Gail Goth PARLIAMENTARIAN: Deanne Mozley VICE-PRESIDENT: Kathy Ianak HISTORIAN: Nancy Holland SECRETARY: Pam Curtner TREASURER Geneva Dabelgott REPORTER: Linda Nelsen ADVISOR: Mrs. Frances Rose HIS TORIAN: Cathy Nedbalek HIGH POINT STUDENT Janice Merta STATE VICE- PRESIDENT Mary Orr 1 972 -73 Senior Award SWEE THEART: MARY ORR BEAU: ODIE MILNER DISTRICT DISTRICT RECORDING SEC. RECORDING SEC. Lou Anne Hayes Deanne Mozley 1972-73 1973-'74 MARKHAM .... ,.,:.:,.L...a.,.I , N I iffi ',,5, 1 , . 2 , . Q ' , . a1, M limfiz: , 'K+ .. j 1 - S' ' E il: :WYE I ZA' H lan I SSII i I fn Iaaa - C',E1 f ITI ' I .. W- SES . I K wx I .,,. gx ..,' b--C L 58" A FUTURE I-IOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA SPONSOR SWEET HEART BEAU ma P 11 " Mrs. Alera Nelson Sandy Nedbalek Pokey Pierce F.H.A. OFFICERS an-""' 'J MAKfR5- n-1-JL Mrs Nels on QA NEW HO WY. O O 455 A1 5' K r-3 gg Ehnm, F, fi' ' ., 4 5 MEETINGS and PARTIES ....ui Mr Nelson LIBRARY STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: Cathy Merta, Termie Brooks, Mary Chavez, Kathy Coulee, Marcella Smith, Donna Roades, Ermelinda Chavez, Sandra Nedbalek. INDUSTRIAL ARTS ,, ATIONAL HO OR SOCIETY FRONT: C. Jensen, G. Goth, M. Rickaway, A. Pennington, G. Dabelgott, P. Curtner. SECOND: L. Hayes, S. Bloskas, I. Piwonka, L. Iunek, G. Hickl, I. Jensen, J. Bankhead, A. Hickl. THIRD: Sponsor, D. Sparks, D. Harter, S. Nedbalek, N. Holland, G. Iunek, L. Zemanek, M. Orr, L. Nelsen. TOP: I. Hayes, M. Gainer, K. Janak, S. Kubala, D. Roades, T. Brooks, D. Glaze. OFFICERS: Gail Goth, Geneva Dabelgott, Pam Curtner, Mark SWEETHEART AND BEAU Rickaway, Andy Pennington, Carlton Jensen. Debbie Dabelgott, Marvin Saha LANGUAGE ARTS CLUB The Bus Ride. THE CAST: Greg Williams, Mike Gainer, Mary Orr, Debbie Dabelgott, Lillian Zemanek. The Parents. "CHILDHOOD" U.I.L. WINNERS SPEECH: Fritz Cornelius - 3rd Informative SCIENCE: Leonard Jasek - 3rd Science, Mark Rick Speaking. Sponsor - Mrs. Pierce. away qnot picturedy - 2nd Science, 3rd Slide Rule. Sponsor - Mr. Nelsen. LITERARY: Terry Robertson - 2I1d EC1ifO1'i2i1 Writ- BUSINESS: Gail Goth - 2nd Shorthand. Sponsor ingq Lillian Zemanek - 2nd Poeuy, Sponsor - Mrs. Mrs, Adams, Sparks. ,imW,,5,,,.,,,,u,,. X, . W .. Q....,.x x ,, 1-.I 1 JHN HIGH .MM TI DEHA VEN IN TERM E DIA TE ,xx-hm LUNCHROOM PERSONNEL and CUST ODIAN Mrs. Hlozek Mr. D. Galvan Mrs. Ianak MR. RAY SPARKS Principal TIDEHA VEN EIGH TH GRADE FRONT: C. Holzapfel, S. Pendleton, S. Garcia, T. Svetlik, I. Cowan, D. Fikes, D. Sliva. MIDDLE: Mr. Snider, C., I-Iejtmanek, W. Henkes, L. Brown, D. Dornak, C. Adams, J. Garcia, C. Iunek. TOP: G. Quinn C. Nemec, L. Kacer, L. Baker, M. Johnson, P. Warn. FRONT: Mr. Pennington, M. Carter, A. Aguilar, S. Sloop, C. Saha, P. Hebert, I. Vacek, B. Holzapfel. MIDDLE: R. Standifer, D. Keszler, R. Ianak, D. Nelsen, D. Cowger, Y. Hebert, U. Edwards. TOP: K. Kubala, T. Allen, F. Flores, R. Curnutt, D. Green, I. Salas, P. Hahn. 'TIDEHA VEN EIGHTI-I GRADE FRONT: Mr. Oldham, R. Mozley, J. Hickl, A. Hawkins, A. Sloop, D. Harvey, S. Iurasek, G. Cummings. MIDDLE: K. Drozd, C. Ialufka, N. Iasek, R. Revis, J. Vavra, A. Woods, L. Mangum. TOP: B. Cowan, R. Garcia, S. Nemec, L. Hebert, F. Benton. TIDEHA VEN SEVENTH GRADE FRONT: Mrs. B. Rusk, R. Crain, P. Chavez, I. Folryn, R. Garcia, R. Coale, N. Garcia, S. Flores. MID- DLE: D. Crain, C. Curtner, M. Hadden, L. Boone, F. Benton, M. Guiterres, G. Hadley. TOP: T. Beyer D. Buchanan, M. Dannels, C. Powell, B. Damuth, I. Cowger. TI DEHA VEN SE VEN TH GRADE FRONT: Mr. Mansell, I. Laslie, D. Lezak, G. Nedbalek, C. Garza, C. Piyronka, C. Pena. MIDDLE: R. Rick- away, C. Parr, T. Hebert, K. Miller, M. Johnson, S. Parr. TOP: L. Nemec, P. Piwonka, F. Midgett, A. Lopez TIDEHA VEN SEVENTH GRADE FRONT: B. White, P. Zapalac, K. Vacek, L. Savage, A. Tobeck, B. Zemanek, B. Valigura. MIDDLE: Miss Rogers, D. Sandefur, A. Volek, S. Welborn, M. Williams, A. Sanford, A. Wiley. TOP: B. Seifert, S. Broussard K. Tatum, K. Southall, I. Sloop, C. Zielonka. IN TERM E DIA TE FOO TBALL FRONT CHEERLEADERS: B. Zemanek, T. Saha, D. Sliva, A. Sloop, R. Coale. 2nd R.: D. Sandefur, E. Valigura K. Havel, P. Zapalac, A. Chavez, K. Valek, D. Lezak, S. Saha, C. Piwonka, C. Smith, D. Green. 3rd R.: M. Carter, B. Holzapfel, D. Crain, B. White, M. Johnson, S. Powell, I. White, G. Cummings, R. Rickaway, R. Moz- ley, Coach Snider. 4th R.: Coach Mansell, C. Powell, F. Flores, K. Miller, I. Salas, R. Curnutt, M. Williams, R. Bloskas, L. Baker, L. Boone, R. Revis. TOP R.: P. Keszler, D. Krenek, M. Savage, I. Garcia, C. Iunek, G. Quinn, B. Cowan, P. Piwonka, F. Midgett, A. Woods. IN TERMEDIA TE PEP SQUAD 3 FRONT R.: M. Hadden, G. Hadley, R. Crain, G. Nedbalek, A. Hawkins, D. Harvey, A. Tobeck, S. Flores. 2nd R.: Miss Rogers, A. Sanford, S. Garcia, J. Sloop, C. Parr, S. Parr, C. Zielonka, L. Savage, A. Wiley. 3 L. Nemec, R. Standifer, I. Cowger, E. Edwards, J. Cowan, B. Seifert, T. Beyer, S. Pendleton, S. Welborn. 4th R.: P. Nelson, C. Holzapfel, F. Benton, P. Warn CSec.J, C. Hejtmanek, T. Hebert, N. Jasek, C. lalufka, Y. Hebert. TOP R.: I. Vavra fV. Pres.J, B. Damuth, K. Drozd, T. Allen, K. Southall, R. Janak CTreas.J, S. Nemec D. Dornak. ABSENT: Deedy Cowger fPres.J. rd R.: IN TERMEDIA TE GIRLS' BASKETBALL - FRONT: N. Garcia, B. Zemanek, R. Garcia, T. Beyer, J. Laslie, L. Savage, J, Foltyn, D. Harvey. 2nd R.: Coach Snider, I. Cowger, D. Dornak, D. Cowger, N. Iasek, C. Holzapfel, B. Sei- fert, S. Welborn, J. Cowan. TOP: P. Warn, S. Nemec, C. Nemec, K. Southall, T, Allen, R. Janak, I. Vavra, S. Garcia. VOLLEYBALL - FRONT: R. Garcia, A. Sanford, C. Garza, L. Savage. 2nd R.: Mgrs. D. Harvey and S. Garcia, P. Quinn, C. Parr, T. Saha, G. Nedbalek, N. Garcia, S. Pendleton, S. Parr, Mgrs, M, Hadden and B. Zemanek, Coach Snider. TOP: C. Adams, Y. Hebert, D. Cowger, R. Janak, K. Drozd, C. Ialufka, D. Dornak. C. Holzapfel, T. Hebert. Q32 TRACK - FRONT: K. Drozd, A. Wiley, A. Sanford, T. Saha, L. Savage, B. Zemanek. 2nd R.: Coach Mansell, B, Seifert, M. Hadden, P. Warn, T. Hebert, J. Cowger, T. Beyer, U. Edwards. TOP: C. Nemec, H. Williams, K. Drozd, C. Jalufka, N. Iasek, D. Cowger, C. Hejtmanek. IN TERME DIA TE BOYS' BASKETBALL - FRONT: K. Havel, A. Chavez, C. Piwonka, K. Vacek, B. Holzapfel, M. Carter, D. Le- zak, P. Zapalac. 2nd R.: Coach Mansell, B. White, M. Johnson, A. Woods, K. Miller, D. Sandefur, D. Crain, I. Vacek, Coach Snider. TOP: F. Midgett, R. Rickaway, R. Curnutt, L. Baker, G. Cummings, P. Piwonka, I. Garcia, D. Green. TRACK - FRONT: M, Lezak, K. Havel, P. Zapalac, B. Holzapfel, M. Carter, S. Saha, C. Piwonka, K. Vacek, A. Chavez. 2nd R.: S. Powell, Mgr. , D. Crain, R. Mozley, B. White, I. White, M. Johnson, C. Curtner, G. Cummings, I. Vacek, Coach Snider. TOP: Coach Mansell, D. Green, Mgr., K. Miller, D. Krenek, R. Curnutt, L. Baker, R. Revis, L. Boone, F. Midgett, A. Woods, J. Garcia. .1 :'1'1 LL I j A 2-1 -g--'ffm 1 11w wgUj3i 1 ,111 1 ' 1 XX 1'XyX 1' Q 'WWA 1 1 1H,:41 Aruf 21... N- 1 fix .Wiz i11 N'3YmCi-21111, ' - -nz- - -1 - 1 11g1gg119Wi'y1 Q l L1 J 14.1 Q' x'5WbjL?fJ '1E.1?-'1'11yI1m" x Q XIX In 'QNX sv" in " -I ' vx gvgwikxxig -' jk F' I7 11 Xgxxlsx 1 A L X R311 . ! 11!X' 11111. 5-SX Q 1' 11' IP X 1' 1 133.51 ff-1 ,Q-,x.wi,3:m.:,,:,gg,:::..8XQ , X X XX N ., 1 V Ll . X A X1-1-, W,j:,tg'ff 91' X ,ff 711, W 1111, 1.11 X ff 1 1X111111,gm :EEN ---1111111 1 ,Q -.SX -21, 1 1- , X 1 4 X 1,1 qyf,s? .-x1 I l --A NNN: x sxs 1 1 Q 1 . 1 . , -1- H -JP: ,l 'sc'-,Qvs :Eg his 1 A ,N 1 wb ,1 ,SX Y' yxxfdf 111 vu 1111, S EE-gist X55 ly! WJ, 1 I4 ky , A -N ul -9- 1 H1 X VBA,-IEE! Iwi I 1 -SQ '1 AX Q -1 li V7,f'1F 1121071 Q 2 1 1 Q, 1-I N I11'5llU1 l' 1 1X Y X! 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'lull 'il SRJHH 1, 1 ,QT Q 51"--N4 - "H" 111115115 'Q-:,f'!7f." L K 44' ,,1l 1-'W ".'1 N 1111111113262 511211. 'N-121551 -'E11,g.:Q4..l X1 111 1 7,50 '-',f' . '1 4 ' .",1-161-5:32 'QW QQ-1.1::11!i'if4-1. N5 ie fill 1"- 2'-25?-5 "fig ' YS' I V1 1 ,. 1,1 1 ,. I,-31 ,uv xu:,qn1 mEl1,Qg!,1 X, 551.5 wi kv YQ x,:s1::,,-.Maki I . lb.:-.Eu Q M ,A 1 1 ' 111.1 1, f1:H:151a111 1112 3125132 'X-51111511 Q 111 511 '1 V 'J 1 1 1 '11 4133152125 151155 '11-'E?1.311l111E2e 191111 55111 'Q ga if 01 111 11 1 1 1- 11 1y15j:i1313' 212539135 -1 1 Su 111111, -" 1 ' 111 I ' ' : 11. 131,f1:1:r1.1 1'1l5M111zN1-9 '1f1,i4i:gxii1' 51111253.1411 - .ff X1 'W 'f-'mei .E:s1,1.1.. - ' 'lj 1 ' 1l:ll1'1!1I11Ik 2el'ul'1'1'11-xl'51' gl-l'1.'r'1fi132l'u"f lyk' i -:NIJ X ',Iu:l'hil:,fg' 115-1:-:g1g:jJ:1g:.., . 11 I E U 1 I1 1ig:lm121,!g 51-:531i1111iigLEE 11g1:1e1.551-521555.-411.211 pg EX 1111- 111. . Nwusgps 113311311 P 1. - 1 1521 1,11 15111112115 21354111 1515515123 g21:?f3fr ?:11k.3: 1 1. 111.11151 ' .1 '1 ,11,.'g,., 1111112512113 '1 111, 1 , I 1 ig :Q 1 if 2g121Q::1!gQ,.:1gf,111 g13311531!155:g5f:f31 11315113 gmglg K '::' 2i92Q2:fg1" -'Nw1,15'f'evl1 Nm -1114113 11 1 -y G L 1 ' J E L E2fEE1?s!1!551?QEi5 ?".,E1'1?1ZZ"fW11 ,JMX S9 I --., lumfwx ni E fg ...QL iciiijliff! , '11 Qfiijgj'-lgiiifgifsllf 115155193 1igza "i1 5545 "" A' ff 1 , . " My 1,1 I 3, I X551 1 L- 15 1' 1 'M 51.515 E Wg, 15g!ig1g3ii!1:52i:gff1'E1312152511 132 A 531 11 1 11 -'- 93113-15111 ",G - F 1- -, IX Q L '- ' 1 F ' 1 1 1 1g1'11?f5. f1 I - QLV11. ' .4 11 N11 1- ix .5-9,,:,V1 ,0 1xg..,1!, ,ga , 11 - 1 F NJ "W 2-1111.131-1,1311 . mx . NN - 1111 .A ,Q .IL "' 'Q 0 BLESSING ELEM. PRINCIPAL - Mr. E3.1'1Ad3IT1S,I1'. I Judi! is MARKI-IAM ELEM. PRINCIPAL - Mi- Wiiiiiiii G- King TEACHERS AIDES B lessdi n g - June Havel, aideg Mrs. James Abernathey, Readingg Miss Mildred Dornak, ai e Mrs. Eloise Denbow, aideg Mrs. Frances Lamm, Readiugg Miss Patsy Cowger, Markhaln aideg Miss Glora Flores, aide. BLESSING LUNCHROOM AND C USTODIAN SEATED: Mrs. O11a Mae Logan, Mgr.: Mrs. Bernice Cessor. STANDING: Mrs. Buchanan, Mr. Earcel Hadden, Custodian. MARKHAM LUNCHROOM AND C USTODIAN SEATED: Mrs. Lillie Bohuslav, Mgr. , Mis. Annie Sparks. STANDING: Mr. Allen Dabelgott, Custodian, Ernestine Dabelgott. 2 MIS. BLESSING KINDER GAR TEN , 4 Teacher, Mrs. Wintterle, Dominguez, Lara, Longoria, Bankston, Galvan, Carrillo, Juarez, Aide, Mrs. Dominguez. MARKHAM KINDERGAR TEN i i x FRONT: I. Brooks, D. Castaneda,C. Sardinea, D. Tovar, N. Blackman, K. Parr, R. Sneath, I. Garcia, C. Cano. MIDDLE, Teacher, Mrs. Beard, B. Savage, R. Fisher, D. Walker, D. Rodriguez, W. Clayton, I. Reyes, K. Mil- ler, K. McCa1-ter, T. Miles, Aide, Gloria Flores. TOP: D. Garcia, F. Rodriquez, I. Losoya, I. Duenz, G. Mayo, I. Calloway, P. Frick, D. Rush. ABSENT: I. Williams,f P. Aguilera. 7 BLESSING SIXTH GRADE FRONT: Coale, T. Harvey, Vacek, Kuecker, Witham, Nedbalek, Standifer, Kirby. MIDDLE: Teacher, Mr. Bob Guttenberger, Carrillo, Garza, R. Harvey, Miller, Chavez, Ialufka, Iasek. TOP: Taska, Henkes, Sappington, Kelso, Galvan, Cross. BLESSING FIFTH GRADE FRONT: D. Soto, Pierce, Dorsett, Saha, Stegman, Lara, Ellis, Henkes. 2nd R.: Teacher, Mrs. Louise Guttenber- ger, I-Iavel, Kaspar, I. Soto, Gough, Piwonka, McC1anahan, Sloop, Rusk, Merta. 3rd R.: Fikes, Beane, S. West, Bloskas, Gonzales, Guerrero, McKissick, Sliva. 4th R.: Wiley, Olgin, Frick, Longoria, Cowger, Renfroe, Glidden Burney. MARKHAM SIXTH GRADE FRONT: J. Crain, F. Krenek, D. Frick, I. Haverlah, L. Jackson, I. Brooks, E. Stanley, J. Ming eff. DIXKAIXZ R h, A. Williams, B. Sneath, A. Kelly, G. Aguilera, C. Cum Teacher, Mr. Walker, W. Davis, T. Hawkins, D. us rnings, Teacher, Miss Acosta. ABSENT: S. Leos, T. Mitchon. MARKHAM SIXTH GRADE FRONT: Teacher, Mrs. Gray, T. Patterson, L. Neuszer, M. Drozd, C. Aquilera, E. Haverlah, R. Guytion, C. Parr, I. Aquilera. BACK: A. Garcia, D. Crain, G. Wakefield, C. Lewis, B. Cano, L. Schurtz. ABSENT: S. Brown, J. Freeman, S. Rodriguez, S. Wiley. BLESSING FOURTH GRADE FRONT: Piwonka, O. Frick, R. Longoria, A. Longoria, Coale, Jasek, Kuecker, Garcia, D. Longoria. 2nd R.: Teacher, Mrs. Ruby Deadrick, Richardson, Chandler, Jalufka, F. Lara, G. Lara, R. Longoria, D. Gonzales, Sliva, Teacher, Mr. Geo. Mansell. 3rd R.: R. Galvan, C. Frick, Biskup, A. Galvan, I. Gonzales, Nemec, Fikes, West Kelso. 4th R.: Carrillo, Ianak, Griggs, Cumutt, Sheffield, Harvey, Teacher Mr. Arvid Loff. BLESSING THIRD GRADE FRONT: Teacher, Mrs. Sandra Wynn, Lara, Hickl, Wiley, Coale, Sliva, Dorsetr, L. Longoria, Martinez, Murphy. MIDDLE: Southall, Adams, Garza, Lee, Fabrygel, N. Longoria, Kirby, Nance. TOP: Cunningham, Rutherford, Gough. MARKHAM FIFTH GRADE FRONT: T. Midgett, D. Garcia, G. Crain, D. Castaneda, P. Rush, B. Zeller, L. Frick, R. Patterson. 2nd R.: Teacher, Mrs. Peggy O'Neal, N. Garcia, K. Mcliissick, R. Broussard, T. Benton, V. Quinn, R. Hawkins, P. Franklin. 3rd R.: B. Genzer, R. Seifert, P. Lee, D. Losoya, D. Naiser, T. Billington, M. Gomez. TOP: B. Rodrigues, N. Mangum, B. Boone, I. Cloyd, J. Zamora. ABSENT: M. Garcia, l. Garza, I. Wiley, T. Aguilera. MARKHAM FOURTH GRADE I. Carter, P. Flores, G. Drozd, S. Hayes, M. Brooks, D. Sanford, M. Rush, J. Foltyn. 2nd R.: Teacher, Mrs. Clements, M. Gomez, I. Krenek, R. Rodriguez, T. Warn, S. Oros, L. Neuszer, C. Haverlah. 3rd R.: D. Savage, D. Seifert, M. Welborn, R. Franklin, J. Quinn, K. Auld, B. Stanley, D. Shepard. TOP: G. Woods, M. Castaneda, N. Garcia, I. Tatum, T. Dently, T. Sneath, T. Bohuslar. ABSENT: T. Cloyd, I. Williams, A. Ar- sola, D. Garza, D. Wiley, T. Postert. BLESSING THIRD GRADE FRONT: Lara, R. Saha, Holzapfel, D. Gonzales, J. Saha, Mozley, Merta, Pierce, Miller. TOP: Teacher, Mrs. Dorothy Cornett, Dannels, Carrillo, West, Beyer, Hadden, E. Gonzales, Harter, Murphy, R. Gonzales. BLESSING SECOND GRADE FRONT: Shiflett, Vacek, Mozley, G. Iaurez, Henkes, Powell, Longoria, Martinez, Galvan. MIDDLE: Teacher, Mrs. Shirley Roades, Chavez, M. Jaurez, Graff, Nance, Kacer, Soto, Piwonka, Saha. TOP: Jasek, NGIUGC, McKissick. MARKHAM THIRD GRADE FRONT: R. Tovar, I. Rodriguez, I. Garcia, D. Walker, C. Parr, M. Garcia, D. Cornelius, S. Quinney, A. Haver lah. TOP: Teacher, Mis. Elaine Scoggin, T. Midgett, R. Bram, T. Flagg, I. Cruz, S. Jackson, B. Mcliissick, M. Rush. MARKHAM THIRD GRADE FRONT: L. Drozd, G. Crabb, M. Cano, P. Schurtz, D. Clayton, D. Cornelius, E. Medina, B. Zeller. TOP: Teacher, Miss Jeanne Gibbs, E. Rodriguez, R. Williams, M. Rodriguez, I. Rodriguez, M. Franklin, S. Jenkins, D. Rutherford. ABSENT: C. Krenek, T. Bradley. BLESSING SECOND GRADE FRONT: Junek, Havel, C. Murphy, Chavez, Nernec, Vacek, Chandler, Ialufka, Biskup. MIDDLE: Teacher Mrs. F. Morris, Beyer, K. Murphy, Kuecker, West, Nelsen, Hebert, Galvan, Guerrero, TOP: B. Longoria, Dannels, Harvey, H. Longoria. BLESSING FIRST GRADE FRONT: Saha, Iunek, Martinez, Nance, Kirby, R. Galvan, Harvey, McC1anahan, Holzapfel, Henkes. MID DLE: Teacher, Mrs. Anna Matusek, Sliva, B. Galvan, Taska, Kacer, Maldonado, G. Gonzales, Stegtnan, Jalufka, West. TOP: W. Gonzales, Rickaway, Cross, Stegman, Mondrik. MARKHAM SECOND GRADE FRONT: R. Rodriguez, D. Hawkins, T. Rush, R. Castaneda, I. Rodriguez, I. Benton, J. Foltyn, I. Lopez, B. Stanley. MIDDLE: Teacher, Mrs. Hazel Roecker, J. Genzer, J. Maroney, T. Welborn, G. Quinn, C. Dybala, D. McCarter, M. Midgett, L. Powell. TOP: P. Broussard, I. Flagg, S. Woods, L. Fisher, E. Parr, I. Tatum, R. Hawkins, M. Shepard. ABSENT: M. Oros. MARKHAM FIRST GRADE FRONT: L. Rodriguez, B. Cano, R. Williams, O. Rodriguez, W. Parks, T. Moore, R. Sanchez, L. Crain, E. Rodriguez. TOP: Teacher, Mrs. Bonnie Erie, J. Krenek, T. Bollinger, P. Garcia, B. Sardinea, T. Baugh I. Watkins, L. Flagg, I. Losoya. ABSENT: E. Sanchez, M. Aguilera, D. Rush. , WWW BLESSING FIRST GRADE FRONT: R. Carrillo, M. Galvan, R. Maldonado, C. Carrillo, R. Longoria, M. Longoria, R. Lara, Dominguez Martinez. TOP: Teacher, Mrs. Alice Wintterle, Chavez, Hebert, Hadden, N. Maldonado, Laslie, R. Lara. MARKHAM FIRST GRADE FRONT: G. Hernandez, C. Haverlah, I. Baugh, P. Reinhardt, H. Hadden, M. Rodriquez, M. Cruz, M. Tobar, R. Rodriquez. TOP: Teacher, Mrs. Gayle Hahn, I. Lewis, T. Miles, D. Rutherford, I. Garcia, I. Mosley, P. Brown, A. Sanchez, M. Shimek. ABSENT: G. Aguilera, L. Garcia, S. Hoffman, V. Monralvo, C. Garza. , , 'R vw-- .+.f!, x f MI Bl'liSill!l In Bay City it's . . g . . . 7' I I RESTAURANT I COFFEE SHOP 'Ji l I " Am s 4 Q K .Q 0 '..' ,Win E fu R. B. TRULL, President RAYMOND L, CALLIHAN, Manavger BLESSING DRYER 81 WAREHOUSE, INC. Dryer, Warehouse and Office Blessing, Texas 77419 P, O, Box 458 Telephone 588-6811 Rice Drying and Storage Seed Rice and Fertilizer TAYLOR BROS. FUNERAL HOME 81 PALACIOS FUNERAL HOME Serving wid Communifg .Sane 1909 nrwnz. Nalimmliclftbgmflizimn ly IN' 1xoIf4 nn FAST 'SERVICE In Time of Need ..... Contact PIERCE INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance That Insures P O Box 365 Phone 2241 Blessmg Texas RUGELEY I 0 a S T S MOTOR COMPANY Phone 245-5742 2028 Avenue F I . u- ,u ' M., ' ,- ,nik ,I .I "gl ,u' 'Lv Xu" ,u' Y,-L ,.' . ,u , Bay Cify, Texas 774I4 MOTOR HOTEL CLUB AND RESTAURANT School Functions Welcome Bay Ciiy, Texas gvfiofogiaflfiy 55 COASTAL ELECTRIC COLOR SPECLALISTS W6StT.HgI'iOuS6 EI.6CIZI"iC Brides - Children AduH's - Groups Seniors WEDDINGS - PROMS Resioraiions - Commercials Por+rai'I Frames I8 I5 Seven+h S+. Bay Ci'I'y, Texas Phone 245-2 I 32 Motor Distributor Service and Repair Jacuzzi Pump Sales and Service 1300 Avenue F. CI 5-2058 Night CI 5-8531, CI 5-8734 Bay City, Texas COMDLIMENTS OI BAY CITY BANK S TRUST CO. On The Square Bay City, Texas Each depositor insured to 920,000 F I FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Proudly Serving Matagorda County Since l898 As aft addrrronat corwsnrence to our customers, we nod accept Barrnmertcard Il you dont yet have this handy att purpose Credit Card you Cart prfk up an appircatton DI! next time you come by of at any Banttfimerrcard bank Th t0tat" credrt card rs avattabte to att credit worthy persons MWWQ Ggaifgfm' CCASTAL FARM 81 RANCH SUPPLY Ranch Supplies and Seed Paymaster Feed Fencing Material Paris Milling Feeds Wendlands Feed Western Wear A it sieasmzr were 5?-emerge iai5P5iE,,,V ,X Q ew :uf V 3 t.fag':+f i E Wi iss: 5 ,Eggs , Q, it n1 F in F W. E. RICHARDSON, Owner 2021 Ave. F CI 5-6491 Bay City, Texas Se 1'V1Ce mrEnnAnouAL nnvzsfn COMPANY BAY EQUIPMENT Your International Harvester Dealer Box 1229 Bay City, Texas On the Wharton Highway Cl 5-8383 SEED mt. RICE BRAND TEXAS-WEST INDIES COMPANY EL CAMPO, TEXAS 7I3 543-2744 Four Locations in Matagorda County to Serve You: Three in Bay City, Texas One in Matagorda, Texas M .SJAEVB PHIL WILSON, Locksmith Complete Lock and Key Service Wilson Home and Auto Supply 2224 Ave F Telephone Bay City, Texas 245-2162 C ON GRA TULA TI ONS 1973 Seniors Eli Mayfield and Family Mr. and Mrs. Verner L. Bowers Ir. Pala ci os, Texas AMERICAN LEGICN RESTAURANT Tillie and Rudy Wralislaw Blessing, Texas INSURANCE SSWI3 GROUP BUD BEASLEY BILLY J. KRENEK Dial CI 5-8572 2303 Seventh Street Bay CNY, Texas 77414 Complimenls of CARL'S FEED AND SEED Blessing, Texas BUILDING MATERIALS - BUILDERS HARDWARE ROOFING MATERIALS CE PLUMBING SUPPLIES LINOLEUM ' nwwm rf - 1 A ' - V,.,.I I 'I A A I Cvlnv :U4F!S ' Sf ' N X ' DIAL 588-6 3 - , I Rx u Nighis 588-6219 W I Mem Paooucrs 'L KUHN s coows mms In I I II I . , .. , I .. .I WWII ffn1rrc1IlInnvf9W IIN g BLESSING MII: srosIzEnwvIrIIusIgISws - scneeras 6" LUMBER COMPANY 5 4 ' survues 5' U evenvn-:ING IN me 0 Blessing aunomcume DR. J. A. MOUNT C I' 'I' ' 'I GERBERMAN BURES P me HS IO09 Nor+I1 Mechanic SI'ree+ EI Campo, Texas Phone 543-26I I Zzgawdte fewehq LE TULLE MERCANTILE CO. Generalr Hardware Phone CI 5-8441 Phone 543-4361 184044 7th St' EI Campo, Texas Bay City, Texas For Good Home Cooked Food Homemade Pies, Do-Nuts, and Kolaches Try Ours-- TOBOLA'S SNACK SHOP Phone 2861 Blessing, Texas 'XTEXACO Compliments of KTEXACO ,, X One Stop Service VACEK'S SERVICE STATION "Trust Your Car To The Man Who Wears The Star-- The Big, Red Texaco Star" E. R. VACEK, SR.--Owner Phone 588-9586 Blessing WE SALUTE THE YOUTH OF T.H.S. 'DALE Asn!-SYSTEMS l AGRI-BUILDER P. O. BOX l7I BLESSIN6, TEXAS 77419 24 HouR Nswsnme SER ICE Acfm 2452580 BUSINESS OFFICE ACf5I2 - 588-6194 SYSTEMS FOR: RICE, GRAIN, FEED, LIVESTOCK, FARM STEEL BUILDINGS . JOE JOHS SHAMROCK For A11Occas1or1s SHORT ORDER CAFE GREEN BROTHERS Blillif 12233 iiffff' HOL'N-ONE DONUTS MADE FRESH DAILY ' , PLACE YOUR ORDER Now 6 ' '3 Q DON'S T.V. fe-3 . Color Exper+ T.V. Radio Sfereo "". Give us a Iry And you will agree Service is bes+ A+ Don's T.V. Bay City, Texas 588-6559 588-6277 Biessing, Texas 5? - . 1V 1 ' Mf4 1. A ew.. I .. ire s . Wxifwmwy AE . if , ,Q W. , !A 4,,A .A 7 ifwi fi 'ef A. J. RIEDEL ................ MRS. FLORENCE B. RIEDEL . B. G. HUMPHREY .......... J. ROBERT MELANSON .... FRANK KRUPPA ......... MILTON PETERSON .... . . . .Chairman of Board and Presicleni' . . . . . . . . . . .Vice Chairman of +he Board . . . . . Execu'I'ive Vice-Presideni . . . . . . . . . . . .Vice-Presideni . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Vice-PresicIenI' . . . . .Vice-Presiden+ and Cashier FASHION FABRICS "A11 Your Sewing Needs" 1111 N. Mechanic E1 Campo, Texas Phone 543-5820 ROLAND'S PACKING COMPANY Cus+om SIaugh+ering and Processing EI Campo, Texas Phone LI 3-446I Turn Iefi' off 7I af Drive Inn Thea+er COMPLIMENTS OF BAY CITY MACHINE CO. I6I6-7+h S+. BAY CITY, TEXAS 245-294I THE DIFFICULT WE DO IMMEDIATELY THE IMPOSSIBLE TAKES A LITTLE LONGER GEORGE D. WAINNER AA 'L xx 'ff gag, TRISKA FUNERAL HOME -.,,,. ....... ' ,.....,.5 .nun "'..".' .'..::i:.' .--vnu., GH., .."". ' .- -.- "- ,...-....,. ', .3-"":-. 3. - fa ..l5'-r:--.213 52. ig -, ? 3 T R I s K A 5, FUNERAL, Home I. .- .2'2E- E- L 1 521. 5 . - -1? -E - I' 1 I - r Q 2. -- : ' -- 2 --- ' "- 4 ,...- A.. . ' ,- ...Q I ll-1 1 f I 'i.,..' Wg fY i W E Y PHONE L13-3681 612 MERCHANT ST. EL CAMPO, TEXAS 77457 Funeral Directors and Ambulance Service Pre-Arranged Funeral Arrangements EL CA MPO IVIEIVIORIA LS Largest Display of Finished Markers and 1407 East Jackson Monuments on the Gulf Coast We Deliver Anywhere Without Charge El Campo, Texas C omplime nts of A ,775 I 3 Agia? Intners' CONNIE S STUDIO I JM , by Il2 w. Hillie 543-42II 34 ISABEI-L EI Campo, Texas 245-8169 ilrl 2824 - 7th sr. A Bay City, Texas Complimenfs of BEN FRANKLIN Phone: 972-2584 Palacios, Texas Congra+ula+ions Tigers! '-sf""'f--1'- - 2 --- 'QAZ' N PALWOS BEACUN TV -T I VAA. H V' W T TIWV I -A "For all your prinfing needs" Dial: 972-26IO Palacios, Texas TEQHQAQ EL CAMPOQ TEXAS 77437 Member F.D.I.C. Member Federal Reserve Sys+em 6. W. TOWNSEND LEASE SERVICE Board Roads Lease Crews P.O. Box 470 Home Office 7I3 245-8345 Warfon Highway Shell Roads Pipelines Back Hoes Bulldozers Mainfainers Bay Cify, Texas Housfon Line Edna Office 225-69I l 5l2 657-2426 602 Wesf Main HUBBARD'S HAIR FAS:-noNs fm' 27' si' s-.,,3-.. - ,z :y . ,fi X if fx! I300 Avenue M Bay Cify, Texas Phone 245-7306 JEWELERS On fhe Square Bay Cify, Texas Phone 245 4646 HUNTS FOOD MARKET 81 PACKING Palacios, Texas Phone: 972-28I8 P.O. Box 78I "Mea+s a+ Wholesale" CompIeI'e Service on Cus+om SIaughI'ering Cooling .... ............ .... C u Hing Wrapping .................... Freezing We Make Smoked, Cured Bacon SKYLINE FORD SALES, INC. 1912 N. MECHANIC - P. o. Box 910 PHONE 543-2753 EL CAMPO, TEXAS 77437 HERRMANN FOOD 81 CATERING Frank Herrmann Phone 543-428I 205 W. Firs+ S+. EI Campo, Texas 77437 THE SPORTS CENTER Phone LI-3-4441 105 W. Jackson E1 Campo, Texas Complete Line of Athletic and Sporting Goods and Hobby Supplie s I wom EN 5 1 j 1- v 309 WEST JACKSON STREET x....3! ui PHONE S43-3736 COUNCH- '- EL CAMPO, TEXAS 77437 M 'MY QQWMQW n E A L T o R RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL - FARMS Tnluphone Z 5 ES CKSON S E 3 - 543-3728 E C 0 S 3 Nightorb "You S+and On Our Repu+a+ion" MATAGORDA PHARMACY "Your Dependable CompIimen+s of THE FASHION SHOE SALON Bay Ci+y's Leading Shoe S+ore PosI' Office Box 734 Bay Cify, Texas 774I4 Pharmacy" STARNES' r,., On The square Bay C+y T Pai' and Peggy Boepple ewners Infants' and Chi1dren's Wear Gifts and Toys 1945 - 7th St. CI 5-5347 Bay City, Texas CompIImenI's of HUITT INSURANCE Palacios, Texas 77465 H. C. CAMPBELL J. FRED HUITT Palacios' Texas Compliments of DR. AND MRS. FRED SMITH The values are here every day. AND CHILDREN Palacios Texa I708 6+I1 S'rreeI' Bay CII'y, Texas 46 The First National Banlz ot Bay City T iaaa f T ,,, - . ' F' ' 4t,.f, I ,aai 'S aatit A H E T K A s BAY CITY, TEXAS BANK OFFICERS J. C. Lewis - Chairman ot the Board and Trust Otticer E. L. McDonald - President and Trust Otticer Frank H. Lewis - Senior Vice President and Trust Otticer John H. Wilson - Executive Vice President and Trust Otticer Frank J. Baker, Jr. - Vice President Wade Ashcratt - Cashier Kathryne Chenault - Assistant Vice President Kirby Dismukes - Assistant Vice President Ford W. Smith - Assistant Vice President John L. Underwood - Assistant Cashier Lois S. Smith - Assistant Cashier Esther A. Adams - Assistant Cashier Pauline S. Hickey - Assistant Cashier Sandra Page - Assistant Cashier Maurine D. Cole - Assistant Trust Otticer DIRECTGRS R. S. tBobl Dicks Frank Hurley, Jr. Layton Moore Tom M. Ottis F. J. Baker, Jr. - Advisory Director TRUST COMMITTEE J. C. Lewis, E. L. McDonald, F. H. Lewis, F. J. Baker, Jr., and John H. Wilson R. B. Trull R. L. Williams George H. Allen John H. Wilson J. C. Lewis E. L. McDonald Rowland Rugeley Frank H. Lewis Capital and Surplus Resources S I ,500,000.00 S33,000,000.00 "WHERE YUU AILWIVS BUY 'THE BEST FOR LESS" clssows , 0 'F' . .- "WHERE YOU BUY THE BEST FOR LESS" Hwy. 35 West - Bay City, Texas 9 Courtesy Of MATAGORDA COUNTY OSHMAN, R'CE SPORTING GOODS FARMERS COOPERATIVE "Some stores have all the fun" I7I0 Avenue K "Finest Sporting Goods Bay City, Texas 774I4 in the Southf' Bay City, Texas. X.-nb., Compliments Of ,"AI1f2Q"' Qif:3tr.' I NEUMAN S E. J. RALEY, JR. DEPARTMENT STORE Staff Manager National Life and Accident Insurance CO. Bay Texag Ph. P. O. Box 245-5381 Bay City, Texas 77414 14 T, P' 95" Compliments of CPeP5i5 RICE-BELT i BOTTLING COMPANY Seven-up Suncrest Pepsi-Cola Phone CI 5-5777 1800 Marguerite St. 'yluh' .... U l X -Q ""7' Tv .f . "" ' 'sv' B ay C lty :iff 014 Texas In .,,,, 4 0 ,Z ,777 ' """ """"' ' """" s HUSTON DRUG STORE 2128 Ave F Bay City, Texas Your Rexall Store Complete Prescription Service Drugs and Sundries Specializing in Distinctive Gifts Owner - DICK BURFORD BEN FRANKLIN DRAWER 108 BAY CITY, TEXAS 77414 Where Your Dollar Buys More TELIPIIONI Cluu I-IIOO 1913 ssvsnru sr. rosr omc: lox lou wr cmr, was 77414 RICE BELT WAREHOUSE, INC. Rice Enterprises, Inc. Rice Drying and Siorage Hiway 35 Bay Cify, Texas Compliments of .QPOOMEMORE K' UFHUE QUPPZ V Printers and Stationers Typewriters - Adding Machines School Supplies Bay City, Texas Phone 245-4651 H. E. B. FOOD STORE "Where Friends Meet" Texas Gold Stamps Complete Shipping Needs 245-5356 Bay City, Texas Courtesy of BAY CITY AUTO DEALERS ASSOCIATION ANDERSON BROS. BAY CITY AUTO SALES BAY TEX MOTORS INC. RUGELEY MOTOR CO. Bay City, Texas 50 H. M. ORR GROCERY AND MARKET AND THE E-Z WASH Markham, Texas Phone 843 2311 SANDERS RADIO 8: T.V. Service Aaexlhkzjsaiaeljd Models I8l2 Nichols Bay Cify Texas Phone 245 3059 Building Materials Repair Remodel New Homes Ready Mix Concrete . Compllmenfs 2009 Seventh Street of Bay City Texas Phone C15 8301 MANNING'S I30I 7+h S+ree+ Bay Clfy Texas R. M. COLE C-BRASS FARM Wharton Hiwy. 245-3403 Bay Ci+y, Texas 774I4 245-2992 2I Years Commercial Turf Experience ik .6 EW Dial 245-558 I 1736 Six+i'1 S+. Bay City, Texas 774I4 gGRAp 40' 'fo '9 9 1. '21 2 -4 1.- 1 FTD 5 1' 0.1 Q, e, "G.A . 40 irs BIRKNER LUMBER COMPANY Lumber - Hardware - Paint Fine Men's Wear Phone 245-6381 2215 Tenth St. 17.13 Seventh Street Bay City, Texas Bay City, Texas 77414 . ggi MODERN DRY CLEANERS ,QQ , I E E , Phone 245-9I77 Bay Ci+y, Texas R M DEAN j Q I709 7+h S+. 2305 - 7th st. 245-8406 Pfescfipfion-.Drugs - Cosmetics - Bay City, T exas ERNEST R. COTTON, Owner y A V Y ,, , , . ,..,, is f , M .., M.. .im 1 1 3 K M122:if413'-f1.ssff1,,?zfQ,i1ga Az ,- "" iii HF '-"' The City Sta te Banks SERVING THE PALACIGS AREA FOR OVER 30 YEARS We Are Here To Serve You, And Your Business ls Apprectiaied. Palacios, Texas 77465 , A FULL SERVICE BANK DAN R. TUCKER, SR. - Execu+ive Vice Presiden+ FRANK "SKlPPER" OSBORNE - Ass+. Vice Presiden+ LAURA FORD - Cashier GLADYS RUNYON - Ass+. Cashier l ga ezawaf . . . CPL electricity . , .the power behind the good things in lite. Like your music loud? Turn on power that gives you real volume at a low cost. VVant a break from dishwashing? Load them in an electric dishwasher and away you go. Want convenience? Get a load of little things . . . like an electric toothbrush, cofteemaker, hair curlers, power saw. Then cool it . . . with electric air conditioning. The hidden asset behind them all is low cost, dependable electricity... L Go Power. Compliments M. L. "Sparky" HALE Your Real Estate Broker Bay City, Texas Phone 245-4895 Compliments ot FOUNTAIN TERRACE MOTEL DAVID'S FIRESTONE Headquarters tor Hobby Supplies Bay City, Texas Hiway 35 North Palacios, Texas "Palacios Largest and Newest Motel" X WFHQN X x COMPLIMENTS OF DU MAS SEAFOOD, INC. NO. 9 - 8TH STREET PALACIOS, TEXAS PALACIOS PHONE 972-2527 E. N. DUMAS HOME PHONE PALACIOS PRESIDENT 972-3I75 FDELTA4 BAY CITY 'ig if oFFlcE SUPPLY ,ir'c9'r and FRANK BRANGAN Delfa Elec+ric Co. I708 Avenue F. Box 346, Bay Ci'l'y, Texas Phone: 245-4OI7 Elec+ricaI Con+rac+ors Indus+rial - Commercial Residenfial THE BOOK SHOP l83I Seven+h S+ree+ Bay Cify, Texas Phone 245-6358 or 245-4002 Sou+hwes'I' Land Ti'I'le Co. of Bay Ci'ry, Inc. J. W. EDDENS, Presideni' MERLE L. TEAT, Sec.-Treas. P.O. Box 372 Bay Ci+y, Texas 774l4 Phone 245-2292 HAMLIN'S MINIMAX "Minimum Prices Maximum Quali+y" Phone: 972-2534 Palacios, Texas Compliments of PETERSEN'S RESTAURANT Downtown Palacios ALLEN Pala c io s , Texas I ll I ,,,., ,Z--'-.i.".i Iiggpjli 'rf-d , l - 5 Nu , '?:TT'E'i'! 254 'I' 1X . . E faq, :.55E5,l.-ZSQMTEJ S 'qLtAg A A FQRD SALES GLEN WHITE H. I. WHITE Sales and Service Lumber - Building Ma+erials Renlil Cars Concre+e Pipe - Hardware Comple+e Body and Pain+ Work Rea'-'IY Mixed Concreie 30I Main S+ree+ Dial Cl 58366 Palacios, Texas Phone 972-2524 P- O- BOX 830 I9I3 Avenue I Bay Cify, Texas A DAIRY QUEEN Oueen Queen . xt "Live A LiHle" Drive Thru Window Service For FAST Pick-up Service - PHONE . . . 972-2660 PALACIOS, TEXAS OPEN SUN. THRU THURS. FRI. AND SAT IO:00 AM-I0:0O PM l0:0O AM-I I OO PM Y RESTAURANT The Place 'ro Eaf Highway 35 Palacios, Texas Assoclate Store WESTERN AUTO Harold Bell 4l6 Main S+ree+ Frank S+ewar+ Palacios, Texas Phone 972-27I 3 PALACIOS PHARMACY Q RELIABLILI - ...J SCRIPT: Phone 972-256I Palacios, Texas A Premium Wi11Not'Break You - A Loss Mayi LUDQLPH HEILIGBRCDT "Insurance For Every Need" P.O. Box 67 1619 Sixth Street Bay City, Texas 77414 Phone 245-8343 TAYLOR-STEVES FURNITURE COMPANY Cornp1ete Home Furnishers AA,q.' A A ' if 'Qi y, 1909 Corner Sixth at Avenue E A A DEPARTMENT gow A A A Bay City, Texas 77414 . C1 5-4611 Q . , WWQZINW5 1727-31 7th St. Bay, City, Texas Featuring NAME BRAND Me rchandise 2200 Ave. F Bay City, Texas 7 HOUSTON NATURAL GAS CORPORATION General Offices Petroleum Bldg. P.O, Box 118 Houston, Texas Drawer 1080 Palacios, Texas pliormocy 1415 Avenue G. Bay City, Texas Phone: 245-5501 "The sick need the best" FIESTA LAN ES Phone 245-3574 Hwy. 35 Wes+ Recrealion 'For 1'l1e enlire 'Family Bowling Ping Pong Pool Snack Shop Trailer Park REALTOR P05 0 FICE BOX 206 6 3 NORT MEC C STREET P 7 3 543 3373 EL CA O EXAS 77 37 MORRIS RADIATCR WORKS I705 Ave. E Phone 245-4545 A Comple+e Radia+or Service Bey Ciiy, Texas FRANZ CLEANERS "We Strive to Please" 2114 E. 7th St. Ph- CI 5-3213 Bay City, Texas Compliments of ew: Jfwflfw WALKER 'Av SEED s. GARDEN CENTER Over 63 Years Bay City' Texas In Bay CH'y HART TV M. J. and ELECTRONICS 81 2236 Ave. G Bay Ciiy, Texas Phone 245-55I5 RCA RECORDS TAPES FARM EQUIPMENT "La'Faye1'+e Associaie S+ore" SALES and SERVICE Ni lull! I-UCI'-I-E'5 BEAUTY BAY env, TEXAS 774I4 SHOP Compleie Service Welding ' Tracfors ' Elec+ric 2105 5iX+h Sfreei ' Farm Equip. ' Aceiylene Bay Ci+y, Texas Phone - 245-847I Phone 245-834i I308 Ave. F. 60 P. O. Box I428 Telephone 245-27I I Telephone 245-2I3I :OU Dfw- MATAGORDA TRACTOR .81 IMPLEMENT CO., INC. Bay Cify, Texas 774I4 Combines Trac'rors Lawn Trac+ors Ren+aI Equip. Used Equipmeni' Service SANDEFUR'S GROCERY BQEKER RADIQ 3. Tv 589'68'2 MAGNAVOX SALES and SERVICE BLESSING, TEXAS Phone LI 3-4I22 2809 7+h S+ree+ fx l Bay Ci+y, Texas Nl EL CAMDOIDACKING co. , WHOLESALE - RETAIL HOME CURED BACON - HAM5 - PORK Bm BEEF SAUSAGES CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING 51 PROCESSING 245-3 I2O Mr. and Mrs. Les+er Lu+ringer N. Mechanic EI Campo, Texas GEORGIA HERRETH'S LARRY'S STUDIO IH TV AND RADIO n WE REPAIR ALL MAKES AND MODELS MAKEUP POISE EXERCISES Mmtorola Sales 3224 Avenue K LARRY and IDA MUSKIET Bay Ci+y Texas 2204 7+I'1 S+. Bay City PARKER BROS. DAVIS 31 CO-. INC. REFRIGERATION SHELL FOR ROADS DRIVEWAYS HEATING Call 245-8179 . Bay City Ofc, 2042 F 2I07 4I'I1 S+. Bay Clfy can 245-2419 245-565' N- W' x- K 5 D EI- ZARAPE NNW VO-be - .Je 1- CAFE "meeI' your 'Friends here" Phone 245-2097 I520 AVE. I BAY CITY, TEXAS I9II Seventh S+. Telephone 245-2963 Bay Ci+y, Texas 'nonsu s I ,ff Complete Catering Service 'X Custom Fitted Bros 8gGirdIes I " 'M 1 'E 2901Sixth street Ph. 245-9181 1906 2nd Street Between Ave. H 81 I BAY CITY, TEXAS Bay City Texas Coslal Equipmenl' Com pa ny J. l. CASE TRACTORS AND EQUIPMENT P.o. Box 729 P.o. Box su EL cAMPo, TEXAS . BAY CITY, TEXAS 77437 774 T 4 ETTTE 1 A 4'44 ' A . 1 1 1 T,T . ait 774 AT4 4A 41 A .,,.,.f 5 T TTTAT ADDA 744 7747 ' 4T T Qgegw TAAT AT7 DR. GORDON E. .- Q' Rl C H A R D S O N Alfred Optometrist u Says X . BOX 1510 Bay city, Texas Ll E O ff i C e : 3211 Avenue F Ph. CI 5-8476 IIB! IEE! "Hallelujal1! The Seniors of '73 finally made I+!" Furniture and Appliances --'fx 2801 7th 245-4861 ,rg F Q x ffwsn-gm , H . , ., if my -M..Wf,:.. 1-,mmf W ::f.,,f..,. I .wW.,.m1" ' Q.-Q-.,,9g, . ...- . A 1, A"'v"'I fn... . , , .,.., .1',f, ,A ,I .4 .. . . .... ,..,,.,J ,.. ..w-. 2.37 ...fn ..- .,,,,. . ..- . 'am 'ICF .,. Q. . .ia .,., . 1 .x,1. , , ,A 5.5, " W i ' 3 f. 1 'ff ,- f . 'f , . '. ' . '-a'f,.fAgY ' 'kick' ::...'f'm:M'H2.f-,fu 'wf1l.1:,ff:,-,,. .3 -.av I I s '-N 1 if mf" """ .ftjgff -. ......x.. J ,L-1--932+ mfg: . V ':L.g..,. -M' f Ffa ' f ' ...Q-,Q .u.4,i:,ia.f. W f' ',.:' gi Q, Q" !"f'51.-'fffw '3'4?iN1-73. ' , .1 ,r ,, Q' rf..1.g - . -' 1-L' ,.', -42 ?"' ' R+: . ,1'f:f.'.1f.Q3g..4fSfa2Ti . . ,M .. - -A-,-.gn-V ', ,. . .. H.. N.. ,nn mf . . -. . .. ., , .. , . .- .L- . .. - .. r vll ' ,Zl'f.' ,Tf'... rf.. UPU: j...... II.-1 . .. rf .4 . H., .mga if . ,., 'Q -J. , r. 1713" . ,,,.. ...Q . . . . ' 4 . 1 1

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Tidehaven High School - Tiger Yearbook (El Maton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


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