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Mi-7"N""""-"'- 1........F" PROPLR I X Ol 41- Q, i P 11 1 F -4 ,Uk 'J ., f K 'BC D if . vs Qu EDICATIUN T' Ls X 'x X DEDICATION The Class of 1950 wishes to dedicate tlis, their year tireless efforts and genaine interest in our class Without her antlring encoqragement, our yearbook would never have been possible book,, to Miss Elisabeth Simpkins in appreciation of her I 'r 1 L pfu. EVJXQ L ' f x Ll h Y' Q NA N NN Mon 5 K. NN xhox x. ENN n L N N x.q,L Xx NA JH x. M x -o- x Y. xxx, x Qx xxx, sa. Xxx. UO QV N NX X Xxx, xx X 's up x. x xl NK Xxx. - C' x XXX r Raymond W Nash, Superlntendent of Schools George F Burroughs, frlnclpal FACULTY Seated left to rlght Ellzabeth Owen, Jacquellne Stroh Joan Tlllotson, Jane LCCOPmlCK, Barbara Domaszenicz, Irene Hall, Ellsabeth Simpklns, Marguerite MacAll1ster, Ella La Mont, Vera Cook, Beatrlce Selleck Second Bow left to rlght Thomas Johnson, Graham Davls Wallace Stevenson, John Cunnlngham, Raymond Nash George Corena Gallant Thlrd Row left to rlght Charles Lalonde, Freda Howard Mae O'Meara, Mary Thompson, Laurel Snyder, Helen Hayward, Margaret P11ce, Wlnifred Kelly, Margaret Malaney, Bdlth Saunders, Hazel Gayzur, Uvelyn Stevens Fourth Row left to rlght Beatrice Turcotte, Phyllls Gllbert, Margaret O'RourKe, May Carroll, Vsther Hu hes, Mabel Hornburg, Genevleve Bush, Mary Crownlnvshleld, Susle Stanton : ' : ' . ' , L , . , . T a a : ' l A ' , v ' . Burroughs, Gordon Harris, Philip Austin, Charles Royce, I. L' : . . : l , , . H J g C FACUL AUTUGRA TY PHS 'x QI v 4 Q GL,-f J 'T 1' Ai 1950 ,ff Jack Abarp Helen Anauo Raymond Backus Margaret Barbpv Earl Bemis Lawrence Benway Patricia Blanchard Nancy Bryan 1 We A D ,X ZW. ' 3-. xx P R Richard Dudley Claire Contois Edward Dolback Mary Burleigh Bruce Francisco Eleanor Crammond Mortimer LaPo1nte Rosemary Dimakis 1 o Clayton McDougal Patrlcia Gandron X Neil McKinstry Hazel Graham W ' is 1 X Phillip Ormsbee Beverly Hurlburt James Ryan Jane Ellen Lape if ' ,fl hm K 9 Kenneth Smlth Patricia MbKbown Robert Spring Marilyn Moore Frank Tenniafl Jeannette Poulos Donald Thibault Jr 'iolores Spring O O L Melverne Towne Kathleen Wickes The Senior Class of Ticonderoga High School wishes to thank the advertisers, contributors, and all others who have helped to make this yearbook a success. Below is a list of the Seniors with their activities for four years: Abare Jack President 2,5,4 Secretary 1 Chorus 1 2 and 4 Christmas Cantata 1,2,4 Easter Cantata 5 Platt sburg Festlval l,2,5 Spring Concert 2 All State Chorus 4 Junior play Senior play Cheerleader 5 Ti Highligh co ed1tor Yearbook 4 ckus, Raymond Junior play, props Senior play props Bemis Earl Chorus 2,5,4 Christmas Cantata 2 4 Easter antata 5 Plattsburg Festival 2 5 Sprlng Concert 2 Ti Hlghlight 5 Junlor play Senior play Baseball 2,5, Basketball 5 nway, Lawrence Football 2,5,4 Basketball Manager 2,5 4 Track Manager 2,5 lback, Edward Football l,2,5,4 CCapta1n7 Basketball 2,5,4 Junior play dley, Richard Junior play Franclsco, Bruce Football 2,5 4 CCaptainD Basketball 2,5 4 Baseball 2 Junlor play LaPointe, Mortlmer Football 2 Basketball 2,5,4 Junlor play Senior play McDougal, Clayton Soccer l,2,5,4 Basketball l,2,5 msbee, Phlllip Chorus 2,5,4 Christmas Cantata 2 4 Easter Cantata 5,4 Sprlng Concert 2 Plattsburg Festival 5,4 Junior play Senior play Track 4 Basketball 2,5 4 CCo captalnj Yearbook yan, James Junior play Senior play ith, Kenneth Basketball 2,5,4 CCo captalnb Yearbook pring, Robert Football 5 Basketball 5,4 Choru 1 Plattsburg Festlval l ChTlqtm3S Cantata 1,2 Tennlan Frank Football 2 Basketball 2,5 Junlor play Ti Highlight, Sports Edltor Yearbook Baseball l Thibault Bonald Chorus l,2,5,4 Christmas Cantata 1,2 4 Easter Cantata 5 Plattsburg Festlval 2,5 Sprlng Concert 2 All State Chorus 2,5 Banc 5,4 Ti Hlghllght Junior play Senlor play Track 5 Towne, Inelverne Football 1,2 Baseball l '1lI110I' Playa props Senlor pl y, props All State Chorus 4 t ' I A ' ' gn 15 Ba - - ri - - . , - C 0 t 1 ,sv 1 1 Be ' ' , ' u, Do - - ' - Du - ' n 5 i i 1 . , 1 3 , - - McKinistry, Neil - Baseball 2 - Senior play, props Or ' - . - 2, - - .- - 5, - 9' ' ' ' R - - Sm - . - - ' - S - , - -, - s - U ' ' - 9 Anauo, Helen Junior play Library Club 5 Barber Mar aret Chorus 2,5,4 Chrlstmas Cantata 2 Easter Cantata Spring Concert 2 Plattsburg Festival 2 5 Junior play Blanchard, Patrlcia Chorus l,2,5,4 Band l,2,5,4 Christ ms Cantata l,2,5 Easter Cantata 5 Sprlng Concert 2 Plattsburg Festival l,2,5 All State Band Secretary, High School Band Junior play Senior play Yearbook, Photography Editor yan, Nancy Chorus l,2,5 Christmas Cantata 1,2 Sprlng Concert 2 Plattsburg Festival 1,2 Junior play Cheer leading 1,2 gg elgg, Nagy Chorus l,2,5 Christmas Cantata 1,2 Sprlng Concert 2 Platt burg Festival l Cheerleading 1, 2,5,4 Treasurer, 5 Ti Highllght Secretary 4 Junlor play Senior play Treasurer l ntois, Claire Chorus l,2,5,4 Christmas Cantata 1,2 Easter Cantata 5 Spring Concert 2 Plattsburg Festlval 1, 2,5 Cheerleading 1,2 5 Junior play Senlor play Secretary 2,5 Treasurer 4 Yearbook Christmas Cantata 2 Easter Cantata 5 Plattsburg Festi val l,2,5 Spring Concert 2 JUn1OT play Senior play, props T1 Highlight, co editor Bowllng 4 Yearbook makis, Rosemary Chorus 1,2 Christmas Cantata 1,2 Sprlng Concert 2 Ti Highlight, Joke Edltor Plattsburg Festival 1,2 Senior play All State Orchestra 1 Year book, Literary Editor Bowllng 4 Gandron, Patrlcia Chorus 1,2 Band 1,2 All State Band 2 Christmas Cantata 1,2 Plattsburg Festival 1,2 Senior play Bowling 4 aham, Hazel Junior play Senlor play Treasurer 2 burt, Beverly Chorus 1,2 Christmas Cantata 1,2 Plattsburg Festival 1,2 Spr.ng Concert 2 Band 1 Junior play Lapg, ane Ellen Chorus l,2,5 Band 2 All State Chorus 2 Christmas Cantata 1,2 Easter Cantata 5 Spr ng Con cert 2 Junior play Senior play Vlce President l,2,5, 4 Yearbook, Editor in Chief HbKeown Patricia Junior play Bowling 4 ' ' 0 Br - - ' - ' B l ' ,- - - Co - ' - . ,4 4 1 , 1 1 . Q Crammond,'Eleanor - Chorus l,2,5 - All State Chorus 2 - Di u - + , - Gr - ' - ' - Hurl - . - - J 1 1 I 1 re, Marilyn Band l,2,5,4 Chorus l,2,3 4 All State Band 2,5,4 President, High School Band Chrlstmas Can tata l,2,4 Easter Cantata 5 S,ring Concert 2 Platt sburg Festival 1 2,5 Junior play Poulos, Jeannette Chorus 1,2,3,4 Christmas Cantata 1 2 4 Sprlng Concert 2 Plattsburg Festlval l,2,Z5 Orchestra 1 All State Chorus 2,3,4 Junlor play Senlor play Cheerleadlng 1,2 Ti Highlight prlng, Dolores Senior play, props T1 Highlight, Art Editor Yearbook, Art Editor Wickes, Kathleen Chorus l,2,5,4 Chrlstmas Cantata 1,2 aster Cantata 5 Sprlng Concert 2 Plattsburg Festival l,2,5 All State Chorus 3 Band 2 5,4 Orchestra l All State Orchestra 1,2 Junior Play T H Q Ti Hlgh, the class of 'SO Must say farewell to you We 54 happy Seniors Bid you fond aoleu Ve have learned of onders great But the OutS1dP world 13 callln Je must go to learn our fate Some wlll go tq-college, Many wlll marry I kno Business wlll call the others All of us must go' And as we journey mile apart, Recalllng days ln olt T1 Hlgh, We w11l thlnk of frlends and school events, nd glve a 1OHLlHg slgh Our thoughts wlll be vlth the students You wlll shelter ln future years may they bring you joy and honor As you help to mold thelr car ers So be contented as we leave We feel prepared to do our best, Come what may ln future llfe Ve'll ne'er forget you, T H S Hazel Graham Moo - - , - - - 'rj - - , - V Y 0 V 1 1 I ' , , 1 I I - - 1 ' ' - ' S ' -' - - Y 'rr 'K -xl - - . , 4 - :LN u ' - "TO 0 -skin 1 9 Studying within your walls ', m . ' . 'L . ' O 1 O ss xy , T ' ' dr 7 0 . yY, . I ' JS A . W Y. . . v ' X' .. . . 7 1 I I s , ' e . I I Y I I Q YE!-XRBGCDK STAFF From left to rlght Frank Tennian Sports Editor Phillip Ormsbee Associate Sports Editor Rosemary Dimakis Literary Editor Patricia Blanchard Photooraphy Editor Dolores Sprlng Art Edltor Jack Abare Sales Manager Claire Contols Advertising Manager Jane Ellen Lape - - Editor-in-Chief -C' 1 ul lf:-Osffi YQ 'Q . 1 ,4 Q u x x Ji , L si 2, ... - W 'pg f E , L E I f i rf' ill!!! ,X .D -r ' First Betty Joann Dor1s IUNIQRS row left to rlght Elleen Rafferty, Glorla Sweet Johnosn, Norma Dedrlck, Thomas Thompson, Joan Miner, Dulln, Jack Overstreet, Bette Potter Lols Blanchard Anne Moore, Geraldine Weed, Elleen Wikstrom Second row left to rlght Mr Davis, Class Advisor, Jean 0'Dell Luclnda Flemlng, Dalsy Barnaby, Margaret Townsend Margaret Mero, Anita MO1lHSkl, Paullne Porter, Paullne Forbes, Frances Hall, Grace Denno, Nancy Thompson, Anita Morin Thlrd row left to rlght Paul Gauger, Arthur Anauo, Rlchard Clark, George Wendell, Barbara Hopkins, Patricia Varmette, Rosann LaPo1nte, Clalre Johnson, Donald Smlth, Edward Moore, Richard Hogle, Joseph Gravelle Fourth row left to rlght R1chard DeRos1a, Cllnton Carter, Vernon Smlth, Carl Bennett, Jack Ormsbee, Gerald Russell, Wllliam Denno, Armand Morin, David Burroughs, Thomas Cummings - . . - I Q 0 n , ' . n A n I l 1 . I o ' 0 - u I 0 0 Q n ,r U f I . a Q Q 1 l . . . n 0 0 s n - . . . . . n 0 c Q 4 0 X XX 'sr' SGPHQMORES First row left to rlght Domlnic Panlccla, Edwln Thompson Donald Barber Arthur Ryan, John Whitty John Atchinson, Henry Hurlburt, Thomas Burlelgh, Thomas Driemlller, Patrick Foley, Fdward Wiley, Richard Anauo, Frank Sturdevant Second row left to rlght Janice Robblns Frances McCorm1ck Shirley Bain, Joyce Johnson, Shirley Thatcher, Mary Cioppa, Nancy Carr, Jane Cowan Yolanda Bonano, Norma Jean Blackm r, M ry Donovan, Shella Badger Lorraine Arthur Third Row left to rlght Mr Royce, Class Advisor, Janice Marvell, Molly Marcoux, Mary LaPointe, Michelle LaPointe, Joan McCarthy, Rebecca McKeown, Janet Davis, Jacquelyn Thlbault, Joan Swinton, Laura Treadway, Alma Thompson, Barbara Eichen, Nancy Bain, Marilyn Kalland, Ann Tompkins, Paullne Dimakis Fourth row left to right Jes e Barnaby, Reginald Ha3fo d John Coley, George LaPo1nte, Gordon Blood, Donald Ledger John Warren, Michael Martln, Robert Musser, Francis Trudeau, Earl Betts, James Spring 2 . : . . . . , Sue Whan, Karlene LaPointe, Alice LaRock, Elsie Scuderi, L : . : ' s f r , o I , O WFS "" 1' -W Y. , 'il s -' fr 1 J ' W , ,- n I I' ' Q N2 A H. n so , 5 ,T bg... l I ' Avql X - . v. .ki T "Y. A , ' " "Sf 'Qikjfffg '21, f " if ,J FRESHMEN First row left to rlght Donald Nehmeyer, Ronald McDonald, Stanley Dicklnson Fdgar Moore, John Heustls, Joseph Driemlller, Gerald Ryan, John Gallant, All n White, James McLaughlin Second row left to rlght Margaret McCarthy, Angeline Paul Betty Filllo, Rita Bigelow, Marlon Sturdevant, Barbara Schryer, Prudence Wood, Carol Mayhieu, Mary Wendell, Pileen Barber, Norma Curtlss, Irene Barnaby, Lorraine Hundson, Geraldine Scuderi Devere Rafferty, Sandra Rafferty, Elleen Moran, Barbara Nadeau, Joan Peters, Carol Cummings, Donna Belle Newton, Beulah Porter, Blanche Moore, Veroncia Trombley, Virginia Davis, Anne Ormsbee, Joan LaReau Fourth row left to rlght Douglas Sprlug, Harold Schryer, Lena Brown, Norma Flemlng, Shirley O'Ne1l, Rita Barnaby, Elizabeth Schryer, Leona Alteri, Margaret Smlth, Shlrley Wells, Shirley Holmes, Lois Moody, Frederick Stull, Stewart Sturdevant, Basll Fortier, Jon Potter, Stanley Varmette, Peter 0'Dell, Lawrence Wllley, Rlchard Trudeau, Joseph Fillio, Jack Croto, Willlam LaFrance, Patrlck Arthur, Theodore Hebert 0: Third row: left to right: Mrs. MacAllister, Class Advisor, LEMENTARY fi 'aff' 5 EIGHTI-I GRADE First row left to rlght James Root, Anthony Paniccia, Dayton DeLorm Robert Vanderwarker, Kenneth Hurlburt, Edward LaRock, Lee Anauo, Robert Connors, John Mero, Thomas Cowan, Henry Sturdevant Second row left to rlght Peggy Benway, Carol Potter, Janice Curtis, Jean Anauo, Carol Hier, Beverly Murray, Joan Arm strong, Ann Burlelgh, Nancy Vlllmore, Jean Arthur, Sue McKeown, Marilyn LeJoy, Elsie Namer, Faye Hughes Third row left to right Miss Hall Marie Coley, Betty Por ter, Janice Lamica, Marie Nadeau, Claire McCarthy, Shirley Snyder, Joan Beck, Geraldlne St Andrews, Carol Macomber, osemary Bevilaqua, Geraldlne Gonyea, Carmella Filamino, Miss Hayward Fourth row left to rlght Karl Kaufman, Bud Denno, Jimmy Burrills, James Thompson, Dawn Trombley, Jane Montbrland, Betty Jean Montbriand, Joan Hebert, Richard Noel, Michael Gunning, James Young, Roger Barnaby Fifth row left to rlght Ephriam Blood, Martln DeLorm, Robert Wickes, George Trudeau, Teddy Pezzulo, Peter Wendell, Donald Clark, Albert Hefner, Albert Powvorznik, James Donovan, Norman Provancha Robert Burns o ' 5 o u 0 ' 0 f o Q ' , F' 1 . . I u - 0 7 ,- o n , . 0 - . 0 ' n 0 c . . o ' o ' 9 o ' 9 SEVENTH GRADE First row left to rlght Lawrence Condon, Davld fanchett, Harrlson Scott, George Burns, James IcCorm1ck, John Arth ur, Kenneth Curtls, Vlctor Fuller, Patrick O'Connor, Dick Malaney, Floyd Bennett, Leon Woodard, John Gljanto Second row left to rlght Elalne Thatcher, Rosemary Led ger, Mary Carney, Carol WllCOX, Mary Gonyea, Geraldlne Denls, Joan Woodard, Patrlcla Connors, Betty Trombley, Sally Coley, Charlene Dolback, Helen Pavosnlck, France Peggy Benway, Mrs Owen Third row left to rlght Mrs Gallant, June Paulo, Betty Vradenburg, Barbara LaBounty, Bethany Moore, Kathleen Keast, Mary Arthur, Nancy Monty, Jean Phllllps, Ann Lore house, Shlrley Lambert, Mary Lou Ives, Shirley Graham, Harlan Cole Fourth row 1 to r Mr Johnson, Rlchard Madeau, Robert Young, Paul Burroughs, James Clark, Tommy Dolback, Nelson Blalse, Donald Hurlburt, Shlrley Fleury, Doris Barnaby, Sandra Manley, Ronald Olcott, Arnold Kauffman, Raymond Snyder, Thomas Hervens Flfth row 1 to r Bruce Dickerson, Robert O'Born, Harold Schryer, Don Letson, Don Crammond Jerry Donovan, Henry Keast, Bobby Rock, Albert Carey, Robert Ackerman, O : ' ' St. Hopkins, Lucinda Armstrong, Ametta Gonyea, Mary Keogh,h Donald Varmette, William Provancha, Donald Creale, M.Porter mf ' f M rw I - , , f f 5 1 ,i, ,ENjZf g, W , -,zz Q f 1 f ' 6 4 ji? 'f 7 z 5 M . . Y i s If v 4 Af , V m 'Q 1 fb 4, 1 2 fun, Sw , , , n , gl Q, 5 1 H' ,Q ,Q WJ ff ' any V' , , M , ,Q Q J f LY? A, 7? W , Y Y y M , W -.. 6 - 'Ai 4 . M, , -, .f W ' Muzi lsr is M3 f ,, - ,Ziff ,, 1 vang. V- we 2 asf: g Ji 'lymfisi X K Ev vm, ak Q s E gs. 1. fx K 1.3 W F' 2 x. 7 s W , , - ., - y 3 y A2 4 4 7 N i g ii 3 UTUGRAPHS AUTUGRAPHS C v I X S 1 AUTUGRAPHS 1 I' 'K X X W 5 i 1 i w if 'BWV' ,.., W GK CLASS HISTORY In September 1946 fifty four small seeds were planted in the Freshman class of T H S Durlng the first year, we grew llttle by little under thc constant supervislon of our upper classmen A few of u perished but most of us llved to master the flelds of Elementary Algebra and to set foot along the path of General Sclence During our second year of existence, our roots grew stronger and began to push up further in search of hlgher educatlon We received our flrst taste of Caesar and made our first expedltion into the land of Geometry Some of us were not sturdy enough to withstand the hardships of the Sophom re year, and consequently, the crop dlminished Our third year found us blossomlng lnto qulte handsome plants, anxiously awalting our chance as upperclassmen W presented our Junior plays, held our Junlor Prom and estab began to lncrease and our frlends began to decrease" But we were persistent and our labor was to be rewarded The fourth year found us fully blossomed and working hard toward a Senlor trip and Yearbook Now that we had at last become Senlors, we could look back upon the stages of our development Our number had conslderabl decreased, but our vitallty remalned Anon n eu Ve put on our Seniors play, held class suppers and sold candy raffle tlckets and numerous other artlcles To our posterity we leave the tradltions of the Soph omore Twirp Dance, the regular selling of candy at basket ball games, and memories of the French Club in Iontreal After four short years of growth and development, we the Class of 1950, are ready to take our places ln the fields that l1e beyond "Kathy" Wicke s , - - . '., l s 1. , .' ' ' . e lished the reputation of being Ngo-gettersn. Our treasury , . CLASS WILL Being of sound mind etc , we, the Class of 1950, hereby bequeath our most treasured possesslons wlth every intent of fulfillment 1n thls, our last wlll and testament To Mr Nash, Mr Burroughs, Lembers of the Board of Educatlon, the Fac lty, our parents, and friends we leave our deepest gratltude for their effort in our behalf To the JHnlOPS we bequeath our Midas touch, as they wlll certainly need lt Jack Abare leaves his merry laugh to Jo Ann Dulin Use lt wlth discretlon, Joey Helen Anauo wllls her deslre for detalls to Pat Varmette Raymond Backus leaves hls golden sllence to none other than Gee Gee Wendell Peggy Barber leaves her agllity ln gym to Blanche Moore Earl Bemis leaves his helght to Alan Whlte CPoetic, aren't we?D Larry Benway leaves his love of llterature to Armand Lorin Pat Blanchard bestows her dramatlc ablllties on the herolne of next year's Senlor Play Nancy Bryan confers her cravlng lor Crown Point upon QaweJMmmn Mary Burlelgh leaves her gay abandon to Margarete Townsend Eleanor Crammond leaves 'Oll1e'N Claire Contois leaves her qulck wit to Lois Moody Rosemary Dimakis leaves her passion for parties to Pauline. Ed Dolback leaves his dimples to Bill Denno to charm his teachers. Dick Dudley bequeaths his booming baritone to Jackie Gallant. C Bggce Francisco leaves his way with wimmin' to Tommy Min Pat Gandron leaves her roving eyeS to Joan COne Manj er. . . Q . . . . . Q ff 0 0 'J ' 1' w vt ' e hu L Q ' 1 . . o o . . . O . . . o . . L P o . . ' o . . C . H o . . . . . Q ' O . Q - I O o . 0 Hazel Graham leaves her dependability to any irre- sponsible underclassman. Beverly Hurlburt leaves her love of a good joke to Vernon Smith Jane Lape leaves her enthusiasm for class activities to the Class of '51 Timmy Ia Pointe bequeaths his broad shoulders to Tom Dreimiller Clayton he Dougal leaves rosy remembrances to Barb Nadeau Pat Lc Keown leaves her speed to Pat Foley We hope that it will come in handy in escapint Nmimiu La Pointe Neil Mc Kinstry leaves his bouncing bulk upon the future football team Here's hoping' Marilyn moore leaves her size 5 sneakers to Jackie Thibault Phil Ormsbee leaves a multitude of broken hearts Jeanette Poulos leaves her radiant personality to Lois Blanchard Jimmy Ryan leaves his dancing ability to Tom Cauthor of the 8 steph Burleigh Kenny Smith leaves his throng of female followers a mile long to Donny Wehmeyer Good luck, Donny Dolly Sp ing leaves her artistic ability to future Art classes There's more than enough for everybody Frank Tennian leaves his practical jokes to David Burroughs to be played on some unsuspecting Frosh Don Thibault leaves his hamsters to Lr Harris in the interests of science hel Towne leaves the typewriters to Miss Mc Cormick to be fixed Kathy Wickes leaves her linguistic abilities to our Jerry CParlay vooz francaysh Russell Lastly, we leave dear old T1 High with fond memories of grand times and firm friends The Class of '50 Bob Spring leaves his determination to Donny Smith. T z N Q. w X R xx uw , sK"f',i!,l J gf Q iw 7' f 1- if 'eva X Aw Qf W Qu- 1 if Q Q Alfa BID X sal D 'X . Q55-J fm yf 455 x WWE 2 ff mxwjx X QE: Kjkf X X1 J! Lb jf!-V H Aff 1 f I 1 rf ,f I x f . -9 fs 5 '5 ' ' N f 0 i 5 0 w X D Y 0 -w dj x X XX YT . A t Y X ff,Jj A t 39 L, I ,s K . uix X . N x ff' "" .4 ff V I 1? V 4 ' W 'fvbu ,J ,X 9 8 ffl!! 11, i W xx X xx- Va x x , M X K A X gf .f ! , f Iv A ' - f x 6 , V , . I X I X, x + . g r ff f x ' . - X 4' . 'ff F XX xx X V," X kzldtj 'Rx X X X , V I E X X hx I .aff D 5+ I if - lA' 'fs N 'T- I fi 7 V Z gf., f f' Q, w G32 sf 'L x BS if QU 637 J ' B KW 'En 5 V4.1 'CSD' 'CLNQ , ' ex: 3 X X ' 'f f ' df 55' 0 Q f Q 2 '02 M f f ' 1 -Q-1 X X X t t g If f- 34241 f ' :I P - ' Z QV OX Xxx ,xg-1' A 'H c m X Q X I f fl ." ' ng 'I U 'ij ff CL f S 7 .K j,V , X! Q u Z2 , ' , Ak X WE W, l f ff p Yi NV N, 1 I IJ' I A gf ii I , 4 f 5 , Name NJHCKN Abare NHelen' Anauo NRayW Backus Peggyn Bar 'Earln Bemis 'Benny' Benway nPatN Blanchard 'Nancyn Bryan 'Mary' Burlelgh WCudge' Crammond NCla1re' Contols nROqlSn Dlmakis nEddyN Dolback 'D1ckN Dudley 'Brucen Francls o nHazelN Graham 'Patn Gandron gout Gllbo' Home Home Cloppa s hontcalm Montcalm Home Montcalm The Burlelgh house Chomel Montcalm Lontcalm Montcalm State theater Lyers Armory Schroon Lake Post office Ambltion be president the U S travel be a baseball player just to be happy to have a good ob to be a book critic to travel around the world to be content to teach school to be a dress designer to be a farmer's wlfe to marry an athlete to be a sallor to be wealthy to be a card sharp to be successful to be a Home Ec teacher Favorite ..jL.J5 nVous avez des poux WAre you kidding 'I don' known 'Holy Mack WYou're only youn once ' 'There s tomorrow W NYee Gads WI can dream, no 1 'I'll screamn UGO away Now c mon HEat, sle p drlnk and be merry' 'Aw shut up' uL1fe's a struggle HStand up for your own rlghtsn HYou're kiddlng, of coursen Han ' Sa ln ' S to of . . W ' to 7 oo to ' t N ber ' ' W J S ' ' ' no 'It's OK1' ll v ?' . . , n B ' ' Il I ll . ' 9 . I , , , . C . li UBevu Hurlburt UJanen Lape UT1mN La Polnte NMM'M:Rom Nhelln hc Klns y 'Claytu Mc Dougal 'marllynn Moore NPhil' Ormsbee nJeannetten Poulos nJ1mW Ryan UKenn Smlth NDollyN Sprl g WBobN Sprlng "Frankie" Tennlan DonnTh1bault NMelHTowne NKathyN Wickes Dimakis's Home Lontcalm montcalm Buck Lt Pond Home the Nbench the WShack Myers montcalm Pottersville the Wbenc N the Armory Youth Center Towne's Garage Montcalm to marry a tall boy at 25 to marry a Unlon graduate to be a mllllonalre to be a lawyer to be free, wdlte and 21 town ldler to be a teacher Cklndergartenl to be a wealthy old bachelor to be a wealthy old maid to be another Clark Gable to be a billlonaire to be called Nifey' haven't declded to grow to be ln buslness for himself to be a mechanic to be a language teacher Jeeze nHonestly 'Aw beans WHoly C3tflS N What that?n doin?n NOh, fine'n WI'm too youngl ll I got big deal On' ll NCurses NYou vant somet1ng?N nHoly Cown 'There reason nHoly Gee nThlHgS are bad enough without working for someone elseln NPlymouth builds great cars! NFiddle!N ll I ll Il ' ' :T ll ' L. . . h .r ' I ' tr 1 1 1 . Il I S ' ' f Pine Laige to be the nWhat'cha , . . N Il I a - ' 2 n n ny 1 . h . , ,S a ll - I n N . . . . 4 Z ,gg N 4 ff ss' x ,f 4 5 Q X l,gm'n5.L I ., W f R. -as 5 5' I x','?? ,. v "" m 5, -X Yi ' .7,:'f1,,f'l' N V - ' 'i'LiE'1"fh m iff i ' f 'ag5.w . ,W NWT, ,L A, fx .5 lj., 36 My 'M -'f',ffM. N . Q 1, N --C Y f ,, 1, K. ff P -ar 1 , Q 3. H ,,g if a vi I 1 1' L...-, V 1 'Gi ,Ef 1 ,, . . ii y 4 2 ,jrqf f v it 'fu .55 2 , A Y nvf:'f' - ' A X, f I 1 1 nf, ffm X Q, ex A it 5. A q B iw A .xl ix wx , x fx CTI ITIE SENIOR PLAY First row left to rlght Pat Gandron, Jeannette Poulos, Hazel Graham, Jack Abare Pat Blanchard Jane Ellen Lape, Director Earl Bemis, James Ryan, Mary Burlelgh, Claire Contois, Phil Ormsbee, Don Thibault Back Row left to rlght Dolly Spring, Eleanor Crammond, props Timmy LaPointe, Rosemary Dimakis, Narrator Melverne Towne Stage Manager 9 D Second row: left to right: Mrs. Melvin MacAllister, , T . I I , F BAND Front Row left to rlght Elleen Rafferty, Betty Johnson, Joan Beck, Teddy Pezzulo, Billy Ben ay, Mary Donovan, Marllyn Loore, Frances Hopklns, PatPlCla Blanchard Second Row left to rlght Carol Wllcox, Sally Clark, Betty Porter, Evelyn Benway, N ncy Vlllmore, Peggy Benwa Burroughs, Jane Cowen, Ronald LcDonald, Robert Wickes Cllnton Carter, Rlchard Wrlght, Mary C rney, Carol Potter, Anne Ormsbee, Donna Belle Newton, Norma Dedrlck Back Row left to rlght Dorls Anne Moore, Kathleen WlCK8S Donald Thlbault, Donald Wehmeyer, Glorla Sweet, Harrlson Scott, Jon Potter, Davld Burroughs, Dlrector W Philip Austln . 3. . 4 y Johnny-Joe Carpenter, Shirley Holmes, Dawn Trombley, Paul, D CHCDIR First row left to rlght Director W Phlllp Austln, Larg arite McCarthy, Eileen Rafferty, Mary Donovan, Lois Blanchard, Jon Potter, Yolando Bonano, Anne Ormsbee, Shlrley Holmes Geraldine Scuderi, Karlene LaPo1nte, Jeannette Poulos Second row left to rlght Barbara Schry r, Mary Wendell, Dorls Anne Moore, Joan LaBeau, Jack Ormsbee, David Burr oughs, Phlllip Ormsbee, Paul Gauger, Donald Wehmeyer, Patrlcia Blanchard, Larllyn Loore, Dalsy Barnaby, Jac quelyn Thibault Kathleen Wickes, Betty Johnson, Dona Belle Newton, Earl Betts, James Spring, Robert Wickes, John Whltty, Edwin Thompson, Norma Dedrlck, Anlta horln, Nhry Cioppa, Marg aret Barber, Ba ara Elchen Fourth row left to rlght Dorls Crammond, marilyn Kallan d Joanne Dulln, Molly harcoux, George Wendell, Lortlmer La Pointe, Melverne Towne, Earl Bemls, Donald Thibault, Clin ton Carter, Jack Abare, Shlrley O'Neil, Lorralne Arthur, Patricia Varmette, Mary LaPointe . . , Third row: left to right: Gloria Sweet, Clalre Contois, FRENCH CLUB First Row left to rlght Miss Beatrlce Selleck, Jeannette Poulos, Jack Abare, Kathy W1CKGS, Pat Bl nchard, Jane Ellen Lape Second Row left to right Davld Burroughs, Frances Hall, Third Row left to rlght Karlene LaPo1nte, Mary Donavan, Laura Treadway, Patricia McKeown, Jacquelyn Thlbault, Pat Foley Fourth Row left to rlght Paullne Dimakis, Armand Morln, Richard Dudley, Jack Warren, Frances Ann McCormick Joan Miner, Bette Potter, Jerry Russell, Phillip Ormsbee THLETIC ' N 4 6 FOOTBALL Front row slttlng from left to rlght Tom Burleigh, Gordon Blood, Joe Dr1emiller, Pat Arthur Second Row left to rlght David Burroughs, Tommy Thompson, Michael Martln, Bruce Franclsco, Carl Bevilaccua, Carl Bennet, Don Smith, DlCK Hogle Third Row left to rlght Ed Dolback, Dominick Panniccia, Bill Denno, Eddy Wlley Back Row left to rlght Lawrence Benway, Manager, Theodore Hebert, Reggle Hayford, Charles Royce, Assistant Coach, Wallace Stevenson, Coach, Art Anauo, ASS1StaHt Manager, FPQHClS Trudeau, Henry Hurlburt Armand Morin, Pete O'Dell, George Wendell, Stan Varmette, VARSITY Francisco, Tommy Thompson, George Wendell, Kenneth Smlth, Phll Ormsbee, Tlmmy LaPointe, Robert Sprlng, Dominic Paniccia, Coach Wallace Stevenson Left to right: Jack Crmsbee, Carl Bevilacqua, Bruce JUNIOR VARSITY Front Row: left to right: Donald Smith, Gordon O'Dell, Back Row: Stanley Varmette, Bill Denno, Bob Musser, Jack Overstreet, Jack Croto, John Atchinson, Henry Hurlburt, Coach Charles Royce TRACK Donald Thibault, Robert Spring, Bill Denno Back Row. Manager Lawrence Benway, Coach Charles Royce Front Row: left to right: Gordon Blood,,Phil Ormsbee, CHEER LEADERS F rbes Lary Burle1gh, Semi clrcle left to rlght Paullne o , Shiela Badger, Joan Mlner, Peggy Mero, Paullne Dimakis, Seated. left to rlg Bonano ht Clalre Johnson, Jane Cowan, Yolanda . . . 1 . l I ' o 0 ' . 1 - . . I I 0 A' GIRLS' BOWLING CLUB Standing left to rlght Yolanda Bonano, Rosemary Dimakis Joanne Dulin, Carol Cummings, Pat Gandron, Rosann LaPo1nte, Eleanor Crammond, Sheila Badger Molinski, Jane Cowan Right Row top to bottom Sue Ann Whan, Lois Blanchard, Doris Moore, Paullne Dimakis z ' z , Left Row: top to bottom: Pat McKeown, Joan Miner, Anita CLHIVG RWE G29 ANCHOES 19' DUE PFES IOEIY7' USING H15 H6190 we M155 CLQSS 117000 oy 7'A1fA7OVEff ofyE AID ALL 0.4 0 LS Xx R 4 XK .5131 NIO X C as va, , A '9 ,A kc' i ,Pagblrl Q 69 o '9 I' 744' 6 -0 6 fue' f xx' of E001 00 ,6 fr 'D 6 , ova 6 I BATTERY U P H Tuo Ninas AKA: BETTER THIN mme' ATALL!! 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JAMES M LONERGDN 074276 Q fzcwdfzf Jwwwffmi EM vjfidizg, cj JC E, M R jfwwgg CL!-JXQ fi OH M I C . for Mmvrcnzu STREET T1 c ONDERDGAJ NY TEL 92+284 eY8l"'5 V 7 Ti oi I 'N FUEL on 44, KEMSENE 55 if M D u 'l7coNpep-UGA Fowl' HSNRIY Tl MOTORS INC ZJa.6ZLv7.Jt2,..,47, alba 5wZ14fu?,,0 FORD www fhv-wwf 7 yeaww fr1fMZ?a,ym6Z4,,.,,4,,,,,4,,.,,,,4, fm4,Lm? Ayadvw wwku ff?-wel, lQoa,l1A4y' C2W7w,,,,0.,Zg, Zfwwwo CH X5 I . I ' fctflxbqj ' 0-4-A ' 0-'Iv CCAC ,oafpaanwa . I 'CKEZ STREET PHONE 513' 7'foofvaE1?o6f? fy. . 67.1 6642! CXCDNNQ' ffjdi c"'c'5V ,M LUMBER MILLWORK ROOFING FLOORING INSJLATION 185 SOUTH MAIN STREET PORT HENRI, N Y Phone 205 T96 M 5 I IDWEST PRICES ON HIGH GRADE BUILDING LATERIALS Am Gfwfff REST!-XLLRANT WE S E R vm: IHE l3tSi J Q '- bug ON LY SUQCQSS ROMEO A.l30NT0as To GYOCERNCS .- HN o M eats C5 Phone 34 CLASS Ol- H 50 GM? TIMARINE INC BLACK? NT R Acf oc HJEZR emj N Y '2ZQig45L4Z3fM6 Chrw CYQPT M ! 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FEED, SEED, PAINT COIVIPLJ MENT5 5,qCrEN'5 MENS S HOP PORT HENRY N Y BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF .5'O GOOD LUCK T0 THE' CLASS OF IO VALLEY VIEW POULTRY F-'ARM AR D ABARF CCNIPLIM ENTS KIRBY D WILCOX FURNPTUFZE GFTIMES FLORAL co FUNERAL DIRECTOR PH NE 5' TICONDEROP Y OP J I I I I OL en-or,,q, my OF J U Q 1... A N. . HONTCALM RESTAU RANT AND SHDl9An BPsR Roseau PROP 0,g,GRAPH BEST WISHES FQR succ css TO 'THE CLASS OF F750 THE v :nouns ROGA SENT: N EL ELANCHE Mos IER REALTOR HOMES--FARMS BUSINESS RE50RT PROPERTY TWCQNDEROGA CALL TXSGT 42 hone fvgw yon K C A R E E R VRITE OR VISIT HAYDEN P WALLACE 6711491 USA R JSAFRS NORTH WAIFE AVENUE 738 Ticonderoga N Y mn J 4 A QW Q- z T 8 Q 2. O P P O R T U N I T I E S AF- , ' K' 5 '?ag"'e I 7 HORTON STRoNe Qvm 711-4646117 ifilii ffoiaify '7'?"'bf4Zv5v64,a4auD-1 fdafazefhacgw flax 5' Z fimg B? dlof Z !?fufA!7Dfv2l ML ff-1 If if 74964151 ZZWQM7-ff-ff4f1 XQQ-flag? '77 77 f Zia, 54 6' , Q - ' + . Z 621,41 'Q 5' 1 " 1 0 al W7 60 . 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Suggestions in the Ticonderoga High School - Carillon Yearbook (Ticonderoga, NY) collection:

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Ticonderoga High School - Carillon Yearbook (Ticonderoga, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 145

1950, pg 145

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