Ticonderoga High School - Carillon Yearbook (Ticonderoga, NY)

 - Class of 1927

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Ticonderoga High School - Carillon Yearbook (Ticonderoga, NY) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Cover

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' x f 1 I ' f 1 tix -- ' f' Q , f ,fy , f f I I fy 7 V, 4 f .Au aj g l 4 4 W! fi ,M ? I' ,fl 7 , ,al ff 5-E args V it , X, t i a tte 1 lljfii t DEDICATION' ' lf, the class of '27. sincerely decli- cate the "Carillon" to Superinten- rlent liaymmicl Nash in hearty appre- ciation for his many kiuclnesses during nur four years of high scliimlg for his inspiration that has tenclecl to clraw out these splenclicl qualities for which 'l'. ll. S. stanclsg through whose sup- port we have been able to publish this. uur first year book. f f ,. AK 1 ff. Q, 1, Q1 ff f,4,4,' ff ,I .7 jig, , ,,jZ2Z' , - 'L ?f,g,Q7'T fi f " 2:5015-1' I Xl R, f 1- .5 , , ,Ze , I ,, K Ci.1if7i" lf fi f by ,232 df ff fiffi ,df I ,cf fm 4 eff ! t QQ! ,fe i t a ,, ,,-,,, , -, i 1 ,V W .ff , .. f ff ' X -K ff-WM., ,f -f fi' ,.4:f2f',f, " X . .4 55,21 Hffijfgi K -'le ,,,::.. fan 5 , ,-73?gj,,:3- fr ' - f- 'Thr' ,. ',. ' 4-ms' , 'I , 2 -Y" uf, gf' , , ,, 2 A gh L' fi"-a gf ' ExX'f,...' kg t.-A f H i 1 ft . 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Q - 1 1 ,A-wa.-. - - , - A A. x Q-rf'-If, is 4 'BJ -9 f' V I ,Q Q1 mkuvluuni. , .' 1 ' ,,, .,,..b---3 Page seven OOLHOUSE SCH CENTRAL -X I L 197.71 A if . ,. 1 cm su. o A-We ' , FAQADE HANCQCK HOUSE r- ' ' ' 1 " n ..f,::L?:g- X C." - ,' ' 1 1 A , --w4-'L- - . "5 "' K -E' """ -,A lf.-I A-" - gc!! MQ H fllillllhi f ' - : 1 . -A 1- f 1 "5 " - -..,, , -A ' .- 4 ' ' ,, ,., - ,J 1 A-- - ,,, P--,.--J Page nine A N P t. i N HANCOCK HOUSE BUILDING COMM UNITY wma? A V W wx- .2 ev Sn y m R fa W. ff .W Liv -Q: , 'N ga Ni? . 1 K K f -Ma-N --bf-W, ku Y N ,f X my xx-s Ms K li Ii OHS H QGQX GA-X'l'Ii TICUNDERL I, FOR' . , KAP- , , ,,., mv 'X - f 1 fQ YJ' g,cAa1uu..L1aNk fI f 1 ' - , "- KfC4Q..f4'K 1 H ' - V U ff . ' gf 'fs 1- f Q 'Q QV' 9 I ,,.,, , 4 N O 5 L r . Q .1 ' ' 7 -mffwg, A. A- , Agjw: , .W ,A Lgyzrgfzq, -I f ,'.amf,,+ ,f 5, g f fi . 1 k . MOSES CIRCLE MONUMENT fi Q 1-..,. dh-, ff - f 'ny - A- 4 " K 'V In .. Y x A-,V f ' fx ,.2z.1QZg' ' C" - ,' ' I A , --1-AUQ Y . T -'- 1 -s ""' -, K ,L ln.-f .21 - F" " Yl'f..'1l1g51yi- f , . A , H-A - '4 x J, ---' .-, N K ,,' 1 N ff- , '2- -.- J Page thzrteen 1 , TS'-Fff I -5. 1 ' 'f CAUULLON f - ' -, ' - I .fed-ff'-1, L - IJ 2 Q 1 7 gg I 97 'x , , Q2' M. , JW' - ? FACULTY 1926-1927 NQX M li I'OSI'l'lCJN Rilylllflllfl NV. Nash ...,.,, ....., S 11111-1'i11le11clc11t of Sclnmls lllfWlll'll fl. Spfllfllllg ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, I '1'111c111g1l-Mg1tl1Q111g11ig-5 l'.111111:1 I1es1g ..1,,1,,., .IfllIll lxlilfllll ...1,,,,... Cieurge I1111'r1111gl1s ..,,. l"l111'e11ce Pelletier .. l'.llgllSl1 W.,m,,,V,..........Scieuce listury ..,,......,...l..1ti11 flCI'U'l1ClC lllwliltfy ,,.,,,... YY,,,, ,,,,Y,,,,V,,,V I 7 rgnqh C'z1tl1e1'i11e IllCg2L1lll2l1l .1,,,,. ,1,,1,,.w,,,,,,,,,,,1,,,,A1 Q 1111111191-1-i111 filrulys Rwlwerts ........ 11.111,....11..11............1..1..,111 C '11111111e1-cial ,Xssis1z1111 lxlilfiilll UCSSQUC v...wVw.YYY.,,YY,,.,1,...,..,,,,,,,.,...,,,,,,,,,,,, lQl1gllSl1-LllJl'ZlI'lZl11 JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL I:l'CflCl'iC Hillel' .....,,,.,,,., ......................,,,1,,,,,,,1,,,1,,,,,,,1,,,A X 1'i1l1111ctiQ C111'e11:1 l'. Gallant ,,,,, 1,.Y,,,,..,. C ,1e11g1':111l1y-XX'1'iti11g-Spelli11g Irene Hall w,...V7..,VO..7O,,,.l,,,l,..l,,,.,Y...., HlSttPl'f'-NZl1l1l'C Stllfly-LIf'glCllC Mary ll?lj'CS ,,..,,,..,,Y,l,,YYY,,,1,,,,1,,,,.,,,,,,,7,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.... lf11glisl1-Rezuli11g CENTRAL SCHOOL Agues Wviley .,,1...,.,.Y,,,,,,..,YV.,,,1..w,..,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,..,., Iil11ClCTQ,'Zll'tCll Mae i'z11'1'c1ll ,.....,,....1,,,Y,,,,,1.1,,..,,,.,.,,,,,,,l,.1.1...,,,.1, .,,,,.,,,v,7,,,Y,,,,.,, I 5110 LlZllllCI'lllC lXlClXll1l'f1'f' ,,,, .....,.,, ' Vwu llezltrice .XI'tlll1l' ,,,.,,,,,, ,,,,1w,,...w..,,,,,, ' lllll'CC .Xgues .luyee ....11,.,,,,, ..,l.,,,,....,....,,,.,,, l 'lllll' lfflith ll1'1111'11 ,,.., ,,7,,,. l "ive-Gec1g1'I111l1y' Blue fJvAlCZ1l'2l .1,,.1 111,,,, l five-lX1'i1l1111ctic Susie 81511111111 ,,,,,, ,,,, ,.,.,.,... F 1 YC-l':llgllSll lfs1l1e1' AlZll'Sl1 ,,,,,,,,7,,,,,,7.,, 77......,,.,,.7,,, S ix lfl1zz1l1e'1l1 lXlcCa111l11'iclge ,,,,......l,,.......,,,,1,....,Y.Y7,,,, ,.,..,... S ix llelin 'llllL1l'lONY ,,,,........,1,,.lr,.....,.,,,,,,,,,.......,v,,,,,,,,,VV,VV ....... SCYCI1 ALEXANDRIA. SCHOOL AlElI'Q"ZlI'CI 'K l'ROl1l'liC ....,LL,.....vv.YLC.LL,,............L,,L..,.1...V,LL F0111-l'1'111ci11:1l Mary 'llllUI1l1JSO11 ,l,,. .,............Y7 ' lllll'CC Xlz11'g:11'et l'1'iCe .,,,,.......,,,,.,.,....,,,,....7,,,......,........,,,. ...,,V r VWO Mary lylllylllll ,,,1,,,,,,l.....,,,,,........,,,,,...V,,,,,,......VV..VVV,V l..vVVV 4 5110 WEEDVILLE SCHOOL fxlglq XYiqkQ1- YY,,,,,A,,,,,w,,,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,l,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, lfu111'-P1'111e111z1l ISlI1lZ1 .XIISOII 11,Y...,.. .........V,..V.. I l'l1TCC XX'i11il1'ecl Kelly .,......,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,......,.Vl...l,..,,,,,...... ...VYV ' VWO Klz11'g:11'et Malz111ey 11,,,1,1.,..11..,1.Y....,,.,.,....V,,..,....YVVVV..l. .,YVV,VVV.... 4 77110 SPECIAL TEACHERS F1'erle1'ick C, Stull ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,...7..,7,,.......7,,......,,,,.. l'l1j'SiCLll DIYCCWI' Maude M111-g-2111 ..... ...,Ye.....,eel,,..eeee R Iusic S1111e1'v1s111' IQZLCIIQI lhmeg e,e,, ,,VV,.,......e,,.e,,, I J1'z111'i11g S11pe1'vis111' lXlg11'y I'lc1lg1114l ,A,,, ,,,,,,, l lezlllll 'llCZlCll6T Zlllfl NUTSC 312.1-Q' 1111111ipg Aeee ee4,,,e,,.,eeeee ' 111313116 Supe1-vislur . fn, - ,- u , N 4 , '- , x Q-pm. . , -1 9 - 1. 235, 5, . . I I H C ' '1 "- I A1514 'F ' ""'!' Q 7 ,57-fl1g111n:,, cg 9 --- -------2" 3. ri I-' In Page fifteen l l l l l l l l l 'J XV I? ' '." .1 I V l9'2.7 . , eAnuu.LoN if , 2 f , 're il'?f!2-if-4:1 4 921' - e r v - FCLTY X the even course of the pages of this, our "Carillon," one finds many topics pertaining to or concerning the students of old Ti. lligh. XYith a school like ours, possessing it's full share of knowledge, happiness and work, there is yet another thing necessary and essential to every school-a faculty. XYith the greatest of pleasure and truthfulness we say that we have a faculty, who are just the hest ever. Oftentimes hetween teachers and stu- dents there exists a feeling which may he classed as emnity, hut it is im- possilmle to find such a feeling in Ti. High. XYe know that all teachers are our friends, sometimes severe ones, hut always with an interested eye on our future. Try, however. 'fto put something over" on them, and you'll come out wrong. lispecially is this true concerning our learned and illustrious red- haired history instructor. To no avail does the unfortunate one who hasn't studied his lesson try hluffing, for the simple reason that Mr. liurroughs has had experience. Everything one tries, he has tried hefore us tperhaps to some other teacher's tormentj, and every time he heats us at our own game, pursuing, overtaking and surpassing us in all arts known to hluffers. Ile is one of the hest liked teachers we have, and the seniors with one ac- cord will he sorry to ahandon him for others to enjoy, when they leave in '27. It would he unwise to proceed further on the way in this little item, without making some mention of our superintendent. XYhat can one say of him who shares our joy and sorrow, our success or failure, who inspires in us the thought of bigger and hetter achievements, who can deliver praise quite as well as scolding. and who is the real pivot around which the ma- chinery of our school life revolvesfwords fail us-hut to him we take this opportunity of rendering our thanks and our hest wishes. XYe hope that in future years he may he successful in every new venture, and somehow or other, we douht not hut that we shall hear great things of his success. We have another teacher with us. who might he classed with those you read ahout. hut very seldom see. NYhen we first saw our French teacher. and. as the popular saying goes "sized her up", we had the utterly wrong and foolish idea that she was easy. liut on the very first day, in the very lirst French class, we discovered our sad mistake. and we are still trying to rectify it. 'XYe discovered that the hottom had fallen from our heautiful dreams, and they lay shattered far lmelow our sight, hecause she's a lady who hclieves in learning and nothing else hut learning during class per- iods, lt is no fault of hers that our progress in the language is not marked and rapid. XYe now wish to take the opportunity to thank Miss liesig for her sunpport in helping to prepare the Friday afternoon programs, If . ,gy .. , ,Q L' 5 ,. ' n . . -19-. s. -- - ' ' 1" ' -an K -:""'- sc .'n." .91 ' ""'!1" 1 . Vl7..'H!l51Vil - f 5 - ' - .- " - 'l .- ' fa- " 0 ,,k.....-Q Page sixteen f i "f'1 'f , 'swf 1- fi". cnotliflom K+ X' ai ' - tT3ZjJe3,,,,g.,k , I y f ef. The whole school is rejoicing since Coach Stull has decided to return next year. Everyone knows what Mr. Stull has done for the school. He is a good coach, tireless, with unliinited energy, one who instilled courage in the hearts of the boys. and one to whoni too much praise can not be given. Since he has been here. he has niet with inany successes in all athletic events. and more than that, he taught the boys to meet victory or defeat with proper spirit . .Xh yes! a great coach! Vie niust not neglect to speak of our l'rofessor, Mr. Spalding. lfor two years he has been with us, and it is possible that he may come bacl-: for a third term. We think he likes the Students at Ti. lligh. despite the fact that he niust have worn out several pairs of shoes trying to keep track of the girls who persist in standing' in the cloak rooin. We all would niiss hini if he went, and everyone will be glad to see hini return again. As the students go on in life. their thoughts will often turn to Blix Martin as their teacher, and deep down in their hearts they will pay honi- age to hini. Miss Pelletier is not only honored and obeyed as a teacher, but she i,-1 also loved personally. Day after day Miss llcfjuillan inspires in us a respect for law, order, and authority which in the future we will all thank her lor. Miss Roberts is a fine. faithful, and industrious Connnercial teacher. And last but not least Miss liessette is respected for the many hours work she spends in finding books. in order to satisfy the wants of every student. This, l believe, ends the resume of a faculty as intelligent and per- severing as they are jolly and contented. and now in behalf of the Senior class of '27 we wish to give deserving thanks to them. our instructors. , K ,,,,,, W ff ...filly 'C"- 1 I - A. c c' ,T , xi W A lTf .:Vl..' :cu!.N-li-r .njiugmiill A id - ,Q " .1 - Ha- ' -V in ,Q 9 V- - -Q., Page scventeeiz x . Af , f A infix 1' U- ' u rx- , ' X Fixx V'.,'iZ , iff .l X.:Oi xx X N 4142, 'Q' " -,-i- , ,, T x E A max f 4 sr K1 WI 1 IQ ' I I - Ab' -IA- a wi 'H' r ,gl JL , xpvllk M" lj , 'l'-LYl?1'-Wggyvilgfljx I xg ,a , 31 ' 1 7 MA MW u's'f9'iW WMWLJISQ HQ Y'1wW'x'555!'3f?' " '.-P "'- " OWN . Qwf E52 xv X 'If ,, V Q5 ' gh lf ffefffg, 5 1 1ofL ff5" ,il 5- ' A 1 'lu 1l.l ISE , A rv XL QQM ' ,fp he . AW,-iX1a:-'Sf,f,'Hfix A.mv ,A' ' A515 T.WtQl g fx if 1 X A , 1 ! 11i, Mq A1 gif ,fWf1.5L,,' f5 3n:.f133- , ., 463555 E. v,'l.l l E Iv Q, v2.1-x'1 ',,.l,LI w',EL2Ex,s,4a5lf' L!v'V,i1QEl'.'jllTfg:'g hh!! an 9 '-'f'Wv' f 'F 'lx VN A-X"f'!J' 'L N ' , ,Q "eff '53 W4' I 11 U-if W' Q" Z X 9- 'Z' ,.-f"' ,,-----' 4' 'T il: MPX " . V - 'Hi il ' , ' W "WW '-if ,gflf-iff4fif?f'5f-" " '7 X, Z u Vxkfafkf-.zr af, ' " 'i V5 EMI," ixlwflry ai' g12ffffEg5L.pv-1'-T z-,P Y' I u W 25,3 at q-ig 9? . I j ,yf j --as . 1 V 'J I'-I ,Y P 1- 1 A Q f I V 1f3i4::,, Q , . V , 4 IW. H' A--xv Ju il ggi 4 A In " ' ' -1'i ' - ' " - V X , ,,. ml ,fig if -L, - - .N- - H A 'X' K, gi' , .fg11f5,1 ., 1,1 . ' "J, f i. K H, '-A, 4 I pr if' gglya - , Sw Q5 Y + 1 ' CWS W ff I ' 'S-'TR ', V15-115' 1' ff V xixl A rag E Q ,. 'I .2122 'TL XL' fb' 5 T' .x IAS., If ,v fi - nn 'G ' L - X"ifgf'f 1- ,f X Zi ' Wa, ' X' I I mmwfw' F ll ,Zi Q H ' i917 I canuuon fitft H 1. 1 i REGINALD ACKERMAN "Reg'." Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers. Through years of school-a glorious career. Reg, like the old time Paul Revere, Staunch, patriotic to dear olcl Ti High. Made the days brighter as years rolled by. Ready with jokes, a smile on his face. He charmingly filled his own big place. And now we can hope that he may retain His record in all things, his name and his fame. Class Treasurer 19265 Ass't. football Mgr. 1925. Ass't. football Mgr. 19263 Senator of student council 19265 Ass't. editor year book 19273 Joke editor Tie Tattler 1927, Varsity Track '26g Valedictorian. JOSEPHINE ARTHUR "Joe," We have a girl in our class who is very wise. One sees it in her courage, and her big brown eyes. She never whimpers if she fails, but she surely takes it to heart, and now that our school days are over. We regret that from Joe we must part. Vice Pres. Freshman Classy Basketball Var- sity, Vice Pres. A. A.g Athletic editor, Vice Pres. Senior Class. RICHARD BLAKELY "Dick" Being president of our A. A. keeps Dick busy every day, Football, Lessons, Girls too. Make just a bit more for Dick to do. Nor does he complain about all this work. Never stumbles and never shirks. Does everything with all his might. Can he help but come out right? President A. A. 1926-27g Varsity track '25- '26g Mgr. Baseball '26, '27g Class President '26g Varsity football ,265 Business Mgr. year book '27. l C' 4 A Q law. . ,- 1. 7,7 'A .f.,-H ., 5 t, ',,.,L,L, . .1 , Q--0-. " ' I. L- . A' -- niimumi. V C . 1 s, I Q r 'V , , 'N-4+- ' . . V- ii l ur 0 ---' Page twenty . frvh I L A917 , il, ' 'O' CARKLLON f , , A Q Q ff -A , M- l- B U ,Z ff- e VZ? ,., S MQ: ' f J. ALICE C. BRANNOCK "Pat" For her we reserve a wee little space. How we wish it might be more! For classmates have seen that friendly face Since the days of their mother goose lore. She has been to us just one of us, a pal who's worked hard and won. But We hope she'll remember this little space, as one spot that Tie High shines on. Gen. News Mgr. Year Book 227. ANN C. BURROUGHS "T" Four years has she been with us from the far away time We entered upon our frightening and mysterious high school career. Quiet, sin- cere, sweet, gay-she is a desirable addition to any school. Let us hope that in coming years she may as snugly fit into any task as she did in that of T. H. S. BERTHA CAESAR "Bert" Joyously through life she goes, Treading on springy dancing toes. Willing and helpful, always a joy. At once an attraction, a sweetheart, a toy, and even if wishes should do no good, still we can't help wishing they may, and wish for Bert the best of life, success and triumph in every strife. Capt. of Girls' Basketball ,263 Girl's Var- sity Basketball l27. ff . . ,. ,als . ,. ., 4 K , , ' I sg- A - ' f . , , I .. 1,-:::Qf Q" - .' -f I ff-' 'f-'f ' . , X xi-s--, 4 g b: ,- . use - anitwunggiyi-4 Q ar. , - ' " - A in r ' ' - . -ii f lg c ,ms Q 'fe M--a A Page twenty-0119 'W i ll 'Y c nilfilon ' ' . T' 1- 4"' A , A .ht f f . BERNICE CAZA "Buddy" Seldom does one find a rare combination of beauty and intellect, two qualities which make a charming young lady-but Buddy possesses both. Not all of our school years has she been with us, but those she has been here, were ones which are sacred to our memory, priceless pearls of a priceless time of life. General News Committee for "Carillon". RAEBURN COLLINS "Rae" Raeburn never woiries Raebuin never frets And she always does the thing that we all forget. Drawing is her hobby. Her talent we pursue, If you need a true blue pal, Go to Raeburn she's the gal. Sec, of Junior Class. JOSEPH DELANEY "J0e' Tall, manly, handsome, sincere. A boy who made his judgment clear. A friend indeed to those in need. And one well able and fitted to lead. He serves his school in many a way, Mainly as treasurer of Ti High's A. A. May life give him all joy sublime, But chiefly good marks at Regent's time. ball '27g Business Committee of t'Carillon." ...ui rf f-L . ,- . , 'Q , D J f ' ' , . f fs . ., .1.Z 5 ' f.' .- .' ' I I fri' '- Qi-lax k ,-i--f--f,, xx A lb, 43 " . .. u ,f.,'llljgLyi. V if - ' : 1- - .l' ' ' - . "Zi ' ' 4 ,,.. . - .. - I YJ Page twenty-two Treasurer of A. A. '27g Manager of Foot- . A N. ,".. lg?-7 -. r- CAIRILLON if r - - K teas,-.., ya, g ' o H l ggi- 1 ol' NY' 7 1 4 A A - 4. - f 1 ,0 , l fy 1 , 5 I Q: ! w O K 5 4 1 Q. 2 J , LEONA DENNO L- is for Leona, loyal too E- is for eager, for something to do O- for obedient, observant of you N- is for neat, nifty and nice A- is for ambitions-she takes all advice, MAE DENNO Tall, graceful, studious too, Loving, gracious, always true JOHN DETHLEFSEN "John" John is a quiet boy, one who some day will make his mark in the world. Everyone likes him, who could help it? He's so cheerful, so agree- able, always ready ot help in work or play. That he may retain these excellent traits is the hearty wish of his classmates. Baseball Varsity '2Gg Capt. of Baseball '27g Business Committee of "Carillon." What can one say of a girl who worked dili- gently enough to make high school in three years-except to wish that during all her life she may accomplish every task in the same way. ff Q fl, . , . Q K. , 1' e fr f 0 ...,.,zf cf' - 1 - 1 'Af - -ge.-s X -T""f- Raef A v"'! -f,.'HlIfLYil -' sr. , ,, 1 . t at .. , K -I- - -- Il , - , I - , i,-,,,.....: 0 Page twenty-three ll L TEV gf - canuulon fl ft 2 l , .NV 2 f f, c - 'fllsff-cn 4 Jw' i - W' A r Y . - . , - it be a speech he is touchdown he has to we are all assured of will be and who can numerous girl friends cess. l THORLEY DUROSS Thorley is something like a fight Original, powerful, honorable, bright, Clean in mind, in thought, in deed, LEIGHTON DUFFANY 'tDuffy" What is he? An all round good sport. Whether requested to make or a make, Duffy is always right there with the goods. He's ambitious and the success he some day tell but that one of his may influence that suc- Football Varsity '26-'27, Track Varsity '26. Sincere and honest, what more does he need. In lessons the same as in football game A good sport, tlue blue, not out for fame But out for old Tie. High and let's hope right here, He retains that talent, thru many a year. VINCENT FLEMMING "Vinc,' "Zink', Where there is a way-I'll Bluff. Through four long years, Vink has toiled Q?J. When a question on any subject whatever, was hazy in his mind, he never hesitated to try and answer. He could talk an hour on nothing in physics class. In his senior year Vink became one of the mainstays of our great eleven. Here's to Vink-- may he never cease to bluff. Pres, of Sophomore Classy Sfnator '26, Ass't. Track Manager, Varsity Football '25- '26 I C 4 .... I V5 . Y- 1. 1 1 , I, I- f I . - - ,f -:- - In it-----l - f n . Af A.-Y-f. - - . I - - no L i s'--f s. c Jaffe. , x- L f'l'if9! 'f1'i' as - H- . A .. , -. .....-P 4.4 9 1...-.i,,..' Page twenty-four If 1917 Z1 1 ' CARKLLON e -Q ' .f'.,,,..f-ff"'xp U , J s I L., '75 1, A gf, ,gh . Q1 3 1, 2. ' rg 1 1 ' nfl, ,,. ,i 1 -' 4' 9.3 N a 1 f- V - ' Y, ! 5- 'W ' ' , ELIZABETH FORCIER "Betty" A wonder, a marvel, a beauty too. We love her, admire her, we know its true That the boys all love her-she was born to play, And to have a good time thru all the day. Yet when she studies, she does it right, And her cheerful ways make passing days bright. Down the long lane of future years, We hope she may keep her good heart and cheer Class Willg Girls Basketball Varsity '2'7. MARY GAUTHIER "Mary" Her favorite autograph- "Non est vivere, sed valere, vitaf' M- is for mirth, and mildness too. A- is for amity which she has for you. R- is for righteousness, she has a great deal. Y- is for you, Reg, who admires her zeal. Senator of Student Council of 1923g Edi- tor of Tie Tattler of 19255 Ass't. Editor of Tie Tattler of 19263 Secretary of Student Body of 19265 Editor-in-chief of "Carillon'lg Capt. of Girls' Basketball '27g Salutatorian. CATHERINE GONYEA "Cat Day by day as the years wheel by Thru the grades and then Tie. High. Nearer and dealer our school mates grew, Close to our hearts come a chosen few, But nearest and deaiest of all this throng, Is Cat-athletic, studious, and strong. Our wish for her-here's hoping it lasts, Is a future as glorious as her past. Girls' Basketball Val sity '25, '26, '27, , . ,Ay ' -' 'M 4 , , 1 'lla-l !f fff'i'- : 1-, . . f 1 - V ,-,.-f- as - fggrsm., .4 42- 0 T'-Tv ' -1- '--'--' A-i A TT T' Page twenty-five .J i917 f 'R d CARILLON 'E f f ,z . ,Q Y, , 4 fx 1 STEPHEN HOYT It's difficult to write of him Tall, an athlete, veiy' slim Fond of books, the girls his joy Proud of good marks as any boy But there's a thing he loves more yet One that Tie High won't forget When they needed a man on the football field. It was up to Stevie to make them yield. Four Letter Man. ELIZABETH GREENE "Elizabeth" To the girl who always will have the last word in any argument come what may-there is left but little to say. In aiguments she always ex- celled and in those she frequently will have with life after leaving us-may she then, too, suc- ceed. "Steve" EUNICE HUNTLEY "Booty" If you meet a timid, shy, young lady-that's Booty. She's so shy, yet so sweet, one can't help but love her, Her smiles are rare-but precious. She loves languages and studies them intensely. What would our class be without Booty? ff 4 f-L . A- ... " f "', .4-is w -1" G, ,'. ,g.f H"'! ,l7-Mlltlhi, 1 21 " V 'I .l- ' V Y "ii - '4 -,- , 0 'F S--fe h ' b Page twenty-six l9'1'l , I ,.,' cAnuu.LoN jj'yf f ,4 ,i ,- K 'if44fg.iL'f"'1 , I 75 . X 1 ' 'Ps A 4 K Q ,lm 9 I OLIVE JOHNSON O- stands for Olive, obedient too. L- for the love she has for you. I- for idle-she's never that. V- for victory-that's down pat. E - stands for euge-all that is best. Perhaps you'd better guess the rest. Class Prophet. "Olivia" JEAN KING "Jean" We've loved her in springtime, in summer, in fall. Through four years of high in our old study hall, Through hard work, through long work, Through tasks great and small, We've loved her in springtime, in summer, in fall. We regret that from Jean it is now time to go. In SHOW. NIAZIE LAROE "Toto" Men show their character in nothing more closely than in what they think laughable. Not eveiyone in every school can gain a fam- ous reputation, but our Mazie surely can. She is considered the champion giggler of T. H. S. We all hope that in coming years she may not lose her reputation, since We value her cheer'- fulness and love of humor-but that she may go thru life as joyfully as she has through "high", 'Cause we'l1 love her in sunshine, in rain, and Class Historian. I ff rl, . A. . 'A ' ' ' ' . ' fs ...,:ZlZ25 QV.- ,' ' I Y I f -'f'4-1'- - --A. 1 -'g""- -n gimp!!-F . mule Q - ,lT..'llll!ghq, Q ku . W' i - . 'ii ,,,, Qv .f , " , fi, ,,....--1 , --.,,, f.- fa 0 A Page twenty seven V Jggw 1 1917 Q cmuuon jeff c CARROLL LETSON "Jeff" A jolly good fellow with a ieady smile who in love affairs has been devoted to frails bear- ing the handle Mildred. Jeff has wended his way through High in a determined, aggressive manner, Although he made a quiet start, during the last year he has glided his Way over many a waxen floor and trudged many a mile with the local Ambulance Corps. May he have good luck with future Mildreds. FRANCES MULVEY "Munson" Some girls stand for fame and glory Some are much more like a story And others ale little, cute, petite, You'd like to hug 'em-they are so sweet. Miss Frances Mulvey is one of the best And now, dear audience, imagine the rest. Second Prize Lincoln Essay. ELEANOR MURRAY "Eleanor Blithe and bonny, happy and gay, Dear to us all in many a way, Many a friend sincere and true Among the Juniors and Seniors too. An excellent student, a better cook. We give a good place to her in our book. If rl, " I ,H " 1 " "2 , - f my B -A Jjlly 1. 5 Q- -7- s. .V , , V mg,-, . -ig x qw- ,, s A I lnyfivf- 7 Q gjfuvnlmh. A , ,, , J 2, . X all.. 'Ni ' V- Y -21 , , 4 VF: ..,,, S. ---, L .4--4? 4-l fa 9 """"""5 Page twenty-eight L l9'27 - ' a 1 ,- 1, 4 novel!! U 1 Y I V 7 ll ,ez I ' ' 452-L' 1. ' ARILLON "X F 9 4 fffl q Arff, HOMER NEWELL "Nugget" He was president in our senior year. ' In French session a source of cheer, l In Virgil class the only boy, 3 Nugget was always a spiritual joy, A joy in work and a joy in prank, He takes the cake in any rank. President of Senior Classy Business Com- mittee for "Carillon". BETHANY PERIA "Betty" There are Bettys like silver and Bettys like gold Bettys of school days and Bettys of old Bettys we love, hate, admire But one of whom we never tire The very best one we'll ever meet Neat, charming, helpful, little, and sweet. Senior Play '26, BERNARD PORTER "Bern" In the lines of purple and white We see Bernard willingly fight, To win for his school, more than a name Hono1', glory, renown, and fame. To make of himself a real man, too That he's on the right road we know is true. ff 4 ,. , . ,Ay ' " ,', 5 - 5-' a i- -b 4 1 I f 'UL-5? V A. x -T, ' .K lp, '51 , ' Yi Q1-jiilgmhl 1 W- Y Q , . , ' -. - u n L A- 1' G " Page twenty-nine 4, I L Mn i927 .fwyx I1 3 Q ,l V 1. ' cAnuLLoN fe 2 .145 . 161' - . Q QQK fx 'A ' r' - , V - , .N-ql.-:ff"x 5 X95 V V ADA SAUNDERS In the senior class are many girls, Likeable, lovable, truly pearlsg But one especially tall and fair Filled to flowing as any book, Her name is Ada-our shining light, Committee for "Carillon". 'Adai Distinguished looking with curly hair Possessing' in Tie High her own nook Let's measure her character by her height. Sec. of Senior Classg Vice Pres. of Junior Classy Ass't. Editor of Tie Tattlcr '26g Joke 1 CHARLES SCHWARTZFEGER "Chink" "Bix" Charles greatest delight is to deliver an or- ation. He loves Oral English. What can we Wish for him. except that he attain the goal for which he has so enthusiastically set out, and bring from the realm of orators-a victory, ELLA M. SHACK ETT Ella is a quiet girl Who loves her studies sog We know she'll be successful Wherever she may go. Always ready to help anyone Whoever it may be She's a pal for everyone. Don't you agree with me? Literary Ed. of Tie Tattler '26g of "Carillong" Prize Lincoln Essay. "1-Ella' Literary Ed T b- J rs-gh-, li inuviyi. B"'n-- 41 X239 lv .----2 f V ff I IA, . If L. " Y ' I, .- x Y I f" V ' A ,QZLLZQ j' K if . - ,' ' A I l 4--'-ALQ A - , Y 5 ' , 'E' ' x , I, Lf' -. s 11 , V, D f - 3 1, - A QM.,-" F ,I , Q. - gr:-1 .V .4 ' .Q zif ' A ' -'c' Page thirty Q xr I ,'-' 597.7 ' cfxoluuon V, ff if .. 4 ,, 5 5 -,K , QVZZI 1, , V1 1 u , 3,5 X . 9' c 5, W if I I0 A -5' , ': O 2 I , . 4 , , - EVELYN STEWART "Eve" I She's small, shels sweet, she studies well Francis thinks she's quite a belle. She's firm, she's stern, yet so beguiling One always catches her a smiling 1 A ray of sunshine in study hall, And we are sure this is not all. Can you blame Francis for thinking she's grand That there's no girl like her in all the land, j, Our adjectives are pretty slim For a boy like Townsey so full of vim. A baseball hero of stalwart fame He won for himself and his school a name, A student of no insignificant mark But they say no dog' is known by his bak. Look from the Window on any day- Senior Senatorg Varsity Football '26. l KENNETH TOWNE "Ken" You'll see on the board-Walk-Kenneth and Mae. ROBERT TUCKER "Bob Down on the farm they felt quite gay When Bob joined the ranks of Tie High one day. And let us tell you-you've got to speed If you surpass Bob in work or deed. If they're all like him down on the farm To belong to one would do no harm, , ff . . ., I , ' 0 , J ,if 5' '. A . ' ' ' W' ' 'f ' ' X ? ki--uv it Alvvg,-F A , - Yi i qliiugmhl ig 1. W. M o ---' G- YJ Page thirty-one X f I L --Q 197.7 V ' L' 1 ' 'f CAIRILLON "' Z A U f 2 . f lk Q. 2 f, me- f, of 1- .H 2. ifa-g.q1, wa' 1 rv - DOROTHY VVILSON "Debby" Her nickname is Debby She likes it real well. It may be a hobby One never can tell. A good sport and student, Does everything right, Sometimes likes to argue Sometimes to fight. Business Manager of 'tTie Tattler" 19265 Editor of "Tie Tattlerv 19275 Ass't. Editor of "Carillon" 1927 I ' Y V HILDA VVITHERBEE 'Shrimp" She's so small, one can hardly see her-but in a debate the real force comes out With such dynamic force that We must admit she's made of leal stuff. "Shrimp" finds time for every- thing, lessons, athletics, and let us whisper it- 1 even for entertaining "Boon" when all the work is done. Vice Pres. of Sophomore Classg Reporter for Tie Tattler '26, Joke Editor for "Carillon". STANLEY VVOOD "Stan" Stanley was always a quiet boy And because of that a teacher's joy, But somewhere. there is a verse we keep, That still waters are bound to run deep. He's good in Physics, English, and History. To him our praise and then a victory. Basketball Squad. f-5, 1. - .,, , ' '.-- r ' ' N A 1' -'U n ..f:.ifQf' T CQ", ,f '. 1 I A , Mimi? -- . . A' s -T 1 W N .k.y,g.f r"'! , , - .Ii:.'1l1m.i- , f f y f -.fer f ,, "' , . -S, Q Page thirty-two , L sk ,,'.' l9'l7 a r 'f vJ canuuon 1 H A X 1 ' 7 'X 2 M7 6 w t !q.4:.1'4c'1 , "V-if GEORGE VVRIGHT "Boon" George Vlfright was the captain of our famous football team. Do you wonder that he studies to keep his maiks supreme? He works both in and out of school, Of couise he is admired For no one ever hears him say, I can't because I'm tired. Capt. of Football '26g Varsity Track '25, 326. 4...-... ---- -- ---- .,.-..4. 1 1 l E Q 1 1 1 1 I I l T JOHN LAMBERT "John" T i Whether it's rainy or whether it shines , i F John has some prank ready to make joyous his time. I i Is it not right Whenever he may i I To be optimistic in work or in play? F T Manager of Basketball '27. I i L l L I 4. -M ..-..---. Qu W MARJORIE JONES "Manly" Ma1'g'y's always happy Marg'y's always gay We hope she may continue so Thru every passing day. Is not this a priceless gift To cheer another! road? Some day she'll reap her own reward, If she keeps up this code. Treasurer of Junior Class. if A. i t -T". L, V ,'g.4.:f, ""'! p klifgllilil. . .-' - -- . p -E , - . . A - .a 1 - , o i Page thirty-three 1928 OF CLASS , ' i917 ' L n - ff' CA OU LLON ljxff 2 " ' ,v qs ,- I cf L 1 6-ftfg'-B -xt ' , Q .Xllen, Irene Bourgeois, ,Xrchibald Catlin, Kathryn Courtney, XYard Craig, Frank Crowningshield. Gerald Dethlefsen, XYilliam Dilley. Ruth Dion. Margaret Dowd, ,lohn Dudley, julia French, Marjorie JUNIORS llayes. Richard llughes, Robert Isaacs, Nelson Lambert, Beach l.a Tour, Rose I.edger, Robert Illcfaughin, Richard Malaney, Milton Klelius, Alice Nadeau. 'Arthur Norcross, Yaleska I'helps, janet Rostkoski, ,lohn Ilopkins, Margaret Sargent. Vera Schwerdtfeger. Iflsie Sisson, Iiyelyn Spellman, IXlildred Sturtevant, Charles XYlfl1HCl', .-Xllene Wiilson. Reginald XYinters. Illarion Wright, XN'alter Young. Margaret JUNIOR HISTORY It seems ages, but it was only three years ago that we were freshmen-- only Iireslnnen. XYC entered with fear and dread in our hearts, both of miss- ing a class and of the upper classmen. Xlthough we were considered dumb. we really were a very bright lot, and second only to the seniors in scholar- ship standings, lfour or five of our more courageous classlnen defied Klr. Nash and started a rumpus by putting carbide in the inkwells to cause a sickening odor and an incessant boiling. Our professor stopped this by a sound thrashing. and we've seen none of it since. In our Sophomore year. we had grown up a lot, and we held a serious business meeting and elected Yera Sargent I'resident of our noble class, In this year, Frank Craig joined our forces. XYe also became acquainted with new teachers, Mr. Spalding. Miss llesig and lXliss Bones, Of course all of us could not keep up with the qmurse, and there were a great many farewells. as the stragglers left us. Now we were bluniors, and we settled down to good hard work, to ar- complish our tasks ahead of us. We annexed .Xlice Blelius, Irene ,Xllen. janet llhelps and lletty Howard. liyerything was going along very suc- cessfully, until a sudden tragedy befell us. One ol' our most esteemed class- mates, Iiyerett Porter, took his own life, and left us to mourn his fate. Ifyerett will always remain in our memories, as a friend and loyal class- mate. The last lap of our -Iunior year is about to close, and we are looking forward to the day we will become Seniors. rf 1 rl, ... . Q17 -.Q J. Wifi. - 6 c e! q ...V N I 1114 , L-ug 5 M yntiiiglltlig, ,A - g .- Q i f- I ci- 0 -I A Page thzrty-five .cm WT - CAIRKLLON f-ff ffm'-,e,,,,, f 1 3 -Xl f ll ! 1 A if: . 72' l N 3 ,. ,. 'fl c-, S 1' r' ' ' ' SOPHGMGRES 'tl' A liarber, lilizabeth llavern, :Xlton Malaney, Aldevab Bingham, Grace llavern, lfrsula Manley, livelyn Hlancliard, Grace llayford, Ruth Myott, llenry liradley, Robert llebert, Lillian Paige, Dorothy Caesar, Lloyd lloplqins, Thoinas Pendell, Joseph Catlin, Ileen Condon, Alice Craniniond, Elsie Denno, Francis De Rosia, Francis Du Rose, Stanley Ifvans. Mary livans, Robert Clilleo, Ida Good, Bernard Green, llelen Gunning, Leonard lloward. llctty lluestis, Martha Hughes, Frances Johnson, 'Dorsey King, Anna l.a Pointe, Karl Letson, Isabel McAllister, Melvin McCannali, XYescott McCaugl1iu, Jane Melntyre, Gladys McLaughlin, Mae Porter, Pauline Potter, :Xrtliur Price, George Richardson, Marvin Rol verts. Genevieve Sawyer, Otto Shattuck, Helen Simplqins, Mary Spr ague, Kenneth Stean, Stella Val NVa iquette, Oscar shburn, Dorothea A gf . , ny ' -f' 'fx V- ,-,,- , X Lf- . , A 1 l ,.n,Q,,:-i i 5 I ,, f - fi h ..,1.1-.f: sk rf . . U I v, . S W Q N-V Q. S c -2-1 Pw r-- - - S- . - v.. , 1 V W" , .,...--2 alfa 0 Page thirty-six ff --..xKfv'YX I 2 t9?.7 . q!,,,1..--.K .lf , '2-.. ' , W 2 . f . CARI LLON 3 ,A H 5 L '- ',. 4 Oleg! L- , ' 1, FRESHMEN Arthur, Richard Aunchnian, Robert Barber, Dorothy Hate, James lieahan, Alle11 lilaise. lsador lilanchard. Edna lllancharcl, Julius llolles, Lucille llolles, Regina Brook, Ralph liurgey, Gertrude Hush, Kathryn Catlin, llernard Charboneau, John Cheney. Herbert Cobb, lrcne Cook, XYarner Cunningham, John Curran, Millard Delaney. Alice l'JeKlar, Katherine lJeRosia, John l'7eRosia. Marion lfitzgerald, John Fosco, lllike Fosco, Samuel Garfield, Katherine Gilleo, Mary Gilleo, Millard Gonyea, Robert llanlner, Ruby llarris, lilizabeth Heath, Dorothea Hood, Francis Howard, Orrin Hoyt. Robert lluntley, Richard Ives, Richard Johnson, Helen E. Johnson. llelen R. Joubert, Karl Kissel, Frank Layniond, lilden Lockwood, Alice Lonergan, Frances McCormick, Genevieve hlcformick, Joyce Mahew, Thomas Malaney, Maurice Matthews. Charles May. Mildred Mercure, Helen Miller, Mildred Moore, Dean Nadeau, XYillia1n U'Dell, Mary Louise l'endell, Hazel Porter. Bernard Rafferty, Lydia Rodriguez, Alice Slattery, Bernard Slattery, Rolland Stean, Joseph Stewart, Harold Sturteyant, Doris Swinton, Beatrice Thatcher, Helen Thatcher, Marjorie Tlioinpson, Burke Troinbley, John Wells, Alvin XYhitconib, Mary XYickcS, Loella XYilson, Lucille XYood, Kenneth ,I 4 v . .- ' ,J fir .efilzz N - .' ' 1 Y ' 'f"'eif ' X ,T--1, 4 ,IN -:yr . - . , inignllirhn , 1 ef " - K ,.l- ' ' - ' "?'1-' ' 4 -L Y' ' 'ite ,, , A ,,,, A ,..,.....-2' 9 Page thirty-seven TJFK Ki!! U If Q fx.-. e canuuon EIGHTH GRADE Porter, Thais Schuinn, llilda Spearman, Rhesu Stinipson, Georgia 'l'honipson, Margaret lliarren, lietty XYrig'l1t, Ruth .Xnderson, Phillip Catlin, Norman Catlin, xvlllllllll lfernette. Kenneth llarris, Kenneth llebert, George lluntingtou, lsaac l.UllQl'g'Zlll, illl'l0lll!lS llalaney, lllaurice l'endell, lirnest Provost, llarold Sage, Donald Seyinou r, Anthony Shattuck, lidward St. l.aw1'ence, Charles Tobin, Samuel 'l'rombley, hliohn XYendell, Xlvalton XX'hite George XYilson, Carroll llexins, Marguerite llurgey, Mildred liarber, llerbert liartlet, Carney liourgeois, llubert Coley, Joseph Cu nn i n gh ani, lfdward l3el.ano, Robert llellosia, Gilbert Donovan, llasil llier, Nllilliani l.UllCl'g'Z'LI'l, Thonias Manning, bless Matthews, Charles Core, llelen Cowin. llelen llenno, Kandace Derby, lflizaheth llc-Rosia, lflizabeth Donahue, l"atricia Diskin, Sadie llerbert, Eleanor llopkins, Frances Lapointe, Dorcas Myott. Constance U'Dell, Elizabeth Clark, Phyllis Dellosia, Yeroniea Dolbeck, Geraldine Focier, Mildred Lloyd, Anna May, Gertrude McCormick, Joyce l'reston, Olive liolles, Regina ff A ,!, . ,. ,tive J' tl -gags K -1""'?.'. Alvy C ,lT..'llllLihu '.4'.Z'i'3l .- f - 1 1- f , - ' - "ti ' f ,. . . . Ya - , - , Y Affils 9 -....,,,........ Page thirty-eight , 1 nm !9'l7 H 1 Q ' ' Anuuon f f-'G -,.,,f...+ s - 'de i 4 I 4 i f. . ..,j..-a'! 'X xl U 'W-Y V SEVENTH GRADE .fXrthur. James lilancharcl, Kenneth lilancharcl, Harry Carpenter, lfvan Curtis, Yernon Ileinar, Marcus lleliosia, Silas lJonag'hue, liernarrl lirinlqwine, james lluprey. Kenneth llayes, ,lil1Ull1ZlS Merett, Fclinonrl Roberts, Robert Sprague, llarolcl Szoetalc, Charles Yiglotii, Michael llenjaniin, lilaclys llenway. llelen lliganaisse. Helen liroclcney, Yeclna Cllillllllillgll, l.ax'erna Vloclgo, Bethany lleliosia. fiertrucle Dion. Katharine Dowd, Doris liactean, Margaret Cionyea, Cleo lireen, Susie llier. lfllen llolclen. lilizahetn lies, Sophie lmwkowiecz, Eugenia Malancy, liayaclene McCa1nhriclge. Agnes McCrac. Margaret l'orter, Marjorie Riley, Margaret Roosevelt, Cirace Ryan, Mary Smith. Dorothy Slean, Lucille llevins, Franklin Chanipaigne, Kenneth foley, Mike Davis. Donald llolheclc, Merrill lluross, Merrill lfnller, George liihharcl. George llolclen, Cleon Ives. Vernon liahatore. Xxvlllifllll Melius, Myron l'hillips. Francis Porter, Marvin Rayno Clifford 1 Spring, Kenneth St. Dennis, iieralrl Tobin, Clifford XYells, blames XYhite, lfclgar lianten, Mary Brock, Blanche Chapleau. Iilizalueth Cloclgo, Constanee Cossey. Ruelah Fraseo, Rose Ciarfielcl, Eclna Garrancl, Margaret Vonvea. Blanche Iouhert, XVil1na l,amhert, Betty l.aniherton, liurtns l,aymonfl, Gladys Lester. Lorraine Malaney. Ruth Myott, Cecelia Nacleau. lsahel XVarren, lane Wilson, Mona Dawson, Marjorie O'l!rien, Constance ff I . f-LV V. A. Iii, 6 kd 1141, ,?,,.4 ,I I :I f..,g.L,:.: 0 "ei E M--J Page thu ty izzne ueiffffv-X-X ' ' fy! giizif' CAUIKULLON ' 3 X' , " - , '-'-ng.-J-7413.-:ff 'x 4 g - X' U f 1? . if cw , 1 e. W I XY' 2 'W . ff' ' 'N L ' - -Q O ff rv AUTOGRAPHS rf "ls ' -' V'A' I1 x ' - gq, , - ' . ,,- ' ,,.. - f' ' , J-' , ' I, 4 , fl ".': -- x ,,. V ,,,f 1 Ml fs ,.,-.:f, Y , . I., I . - K xv n I J gf I null! , 1- -1 nhlmgfyi Q . , p Q 'E , " '- . 117,-'f V W . - ?:' - - ,QL '- Ku' .1 -i-?ai,,....s-- 43 0 ---' Page forty ,ZZ Pxctwkixes ,121 Z l9?.7 7.713 it ...,,3..A, Q ' I vig, f gl. ' - ll A . 1 ','j" i, . " SCR Dill LLON : i i N 4 , A is ,fx 41- Q f' 1 Y r- .. i V i i L. THE CARILLQN BQARD QF EDITURS Mary llzlntliicr, Iiditor-in-chief Reginald QXCIQCXINZIII, Asit. Ifclilui' Uurotliy XYiIsun iyllUIUQ.'1'ZllJi1iL' Ifclitor Kssistant Frlitor Richard lllakclv, Business Mgr. llmnei' News-ll, .Xss 't. Business Mgr. Alice 15ffI.1lHlJl'k,,, General Nc-ww Ruth Uillcy ,,,, ,,..,...,,, 1 'Xrt Hcrnicc Caza ,,,,.... Hficnerzil Newrw F1121 SIIHCIQCU ....fV,77,.,..V,V...... I4iTCl'Zll'j' Iuscphine A,X1.t1uu. V '-, AA Xthlctii- john Detlilcfscn ,,SL1iJSCl'i17tiUl1 Mgr. Hilda xyitherbcc -mmriukw joseph Delaney ...., 'Xclvertising Mgr. Ada gumdem lokm George Wfright Sulmscripticm Mgr. Maxis La Rue ,.,7,, Ifisturiun 'ixldevah Mamflcy """"" Q A"' 1 """""" t. Silbscriptimi Mgr. Olive ,Iohnson ,,,, ,,,,,,i I 'mplicl H i , X incent Ifle-niining ..,,,..,,,,i, ,,,,,.,Yi,,,,,,4 Iiieuy FU1'Ci61' VVVY Y,-f',V C IHSS XYU1 ....,,,,..,,,..., ,Xss't. Fuiuscriptiun Mgr. I 4 . ,. F 1 . .JV-f' 6 -LL?YE:4:, 5 gg- - x. .Y I 1 , If .4p3L,:.: -3-as x i -E""'- . 4'..g,gif I H"'! fgllbilii, ,L 373' ... ,, f 1 fk " - 1 -- , fair ' ,g ci 0 """'-, Page forty-two N ,2L Q ".. ' l9'7-7 A ' CARKLLON , g v -TS' Xl' gag fe If , . ,Ay f' -' " , 0 71, , , L , 'll f f' -dgguf 5 ,,Y',,. h' I, A , ff Y- . -iqg,-, x ?q""""v ,A , IDJJQ 7' K :ci 1 .1 lflillllmi. ,- ' 2 1' .ff-' 6 ' - ' 1' -'A . , " - f 0 --J Page forty-three I 1 197.7 . , ' . l K ,-P u i fe f f- 'Z' 1, ,Q'12' - 1 i' 'A I1 I 2 Q . l 1. '75 'N Q A ., 1 4 Hp' ' OFFICERS OF THLETIC ASSUCIATIGN Rieharcl Blakely, President Josephine Arthur ,A,,,,, ,,,,,, N 'ice President VVillia1n Dethfelsen ..............,, Cheer leader Joseph Delaney ,,,,, ,,,v,,,,,,, T reasurer Ruth Dilley ,,., ,,,,,,,,.,,,, A sst. Cheer leader Nlary Gauthier ,,,,,A, ,,.,,, S eeretaiy Robert Evans ..,,,,, ..,,,, A sst. Cheer leader szlfc the lzlil her mir 1 sinking' cwiiclitinm. :incl the lmnttetecl ship which was nur scliuol, -ly intw :L calm sen hy that lll'QIllllXZll.lllll which has dune ACTIVl'l'll'iS UI" A. A. NYC, 'l'icimcle1mg:1 lligh. were rcscnecl as we stnml listless in an almost was steewrl sn much fm' sclnml. the ,Xllilvtic .XssoCiz1liu1i. lt has lwuuglil fnwlei' frmn cliznms, serenity funn cwniftisimi, x'ic't1n'y front with sclmcmls ure. ,Xncl inure than that. it has put the sclnml nn ll level etcmlwre tlnmglit in he our siiperiurs, and in ll inajnrity of cases has raised slzlnclarcl aluuve lhusc very unes. The ,XSSUClZlllUll itself takes care uf much sclnml 'red tape' and plays Ln i ' ' A' ' inpnrtzint part in lmnsiness znlznrs, zttliletically and scliolastically. Officers fur tennis are electecl in its inc-elingsftliere heing' nu small nunihcr of vztlient ywuths xvlnm liave achieved fznne and power lay means of the .X. A. Un liriclay zilterinmiis, again the Ul'Q,'Z1lllZZll.lUll plays its role, :L 1Pl'OQl'l'Z1!l1 ul necessity, must he put forth and it is nu small task to encleavor to please the variety of taste luuncl in a rumii sheltering two hunclrecl peuple. Thus, dear readers, you must admit that the president of an A. A. has to be "up and co1ning'." He must have perseverance, couiage, fight and a Ngo getting" attitude. Let us inform you that our Dick lacks none of these. To him, and to those presidents of former years, we owe intense gratitude for helping to land our ship successfully. If 1 - " ',"ff'l'f .17 L ' Sqn ,,. ,N f,-.. n -,,,,-,g--,5 7 ,if-3 5- 1- , V I J. hs? . ini.-. V, -I" L , . lvl f f an su nhvlum-H. .-..- 3 - a s 2? -H. -4..,.-'- f -an 1--, 0- .- .. . -, -xr , 3 -. 0 We f- A--e Page forty-four J 1 N927 A CA ull LLON 1 ', I F -T ,,,:..1:.'g' 'Al Q Osijll f gf w '3 Q H M -9 1. K. U, , QFB, 4- 5 ' gf ' ' A A 1 ffl' , . " A' " ' fav- . - s ' E GLISH CLASSES To many it seems easier to work in an organized hand. So to promote study, the linglish classes have lmeen organized in clulms. liach clulm has its officers and according to the year's work has its specific program. We will take for instance the senior class. livery week this class or club has three new officers, a chairman. a critic, and a secretary. These officers are changed weekly so that everyone will have a chance to act. The senior year of linglish is given over to argumentation. Therefore it is hut fitting that this senior clulx have a deluating society. Today in every school no matter what its size may be, we find these debating clulms. These are most essential since they not only teach one the hest principles of linglish but are also the means of increasing one's V0- eabulary. The debating clulu in our school could easily compete with the hest that can he found. We have discussed several of the most interesting questions of the day. These have always heen most lmeneficial. But do not think that all our time is given over to argumentation, for among our number one can find several poets. This art is not confined to the senior elass, To prove this we shall give you some examples of these artists' works: THE SNOW STURM l,ast night as l sat in the gloaming Thinking of days gone lmyg Listening to the tree tops moaning Made hy the wind to sigh, I heard a noise at the window And hurriedly looked to see The snowflakes large and shining As they fell so rapidly. They piled up on the ledgesg They played upon the hillsg They whirled down in the valleys: They played upon the hillsg Until the earth was covered Xlvith a mantle snowy whiteg And all the earth was laden Wvith a crystal, gleaming bright. Grace E. lilanchard '29 ff , . 'AM .- ,- 01-16 n V v L ,- . , A 14, T .' I ' .1 V? -l--if x- ' I ' .S-gg X qw , ix A Ivy: fr I QU! gjiaymilv H H.. V 4 mi -J A-2 Page forty-five I L B' Hu- lgtz.-I , ' ' cmiuuon y -Q . -f ., - '31, A A I Y u 2 . if-' n 14 , fxfff l Q' -fc - SALLY THE SKY Shes just sn lmrinnning o'er with lilue as the Ocean, fun XYitl1 white fleeey wzivesg 3 ,Ye're really tenipterl everyune, Rolling then tossing To think the sports not half lmegun Un 21 warni Sl1llll11Cl'.S clayg XYithuut Sally. lilaek as the coal mines, :Xml when we're feeling Hcluwn :mtl XYith Z1 moon that thruws light. out," Stars in the lJ21Cligl'Ul1Ilfl, Anal want tu cry, sullc and puut. Ot such is the night. XYhu can make the sun cnme out Like Sally? C. Roberts YQ R. Ledger 'ZS .Sl .SC .Sl THE MASQUERADE Dazzling lights throw their glare Un a erowcl uf clzlneing, swirling furnis Nnw here. now there, now everywhere. .X clown, zi sheilc, Z1 Russian freak. See nnw there 21 lzuly fair llzxneing with Z1 eluinsy hear. , -X Mzisquerzulef M. Huestis '29 Al N 1:8 THE WIND 'l he wincl is the queerest thing. Xtith its niany hicling places, It will ennie su slowly That you can lizircllv hear itg Then it will burst out like AX huge uninizml :tfter prey. .Xncl all ol 11 SllflZlCIl it will Sneak ziwzny as it' soinelmucly XYere after it. 0. Yaliquette '29 ,I Q 0 vm., f - Q7 'f .girzfe if-1' - .- -. 1 1 . dffm- - 1169 t Q-?,.,--.f1V:. b IM A? V gang -1 njnuivi. ,- - Z 1 '- -- '-'T-'74 ,Z " -.Y 1 4 , V -,.......: 9 2""""" Page forty-six X - 1 ex jjfys 1 , Mk X ,. yy. 4' ff' fi 45 1 454 ff ff , , 4' . I 37' fK1 1744 W W i 3f+f5 ' ff IT A 51' iii X , Q3 W4 ' . f,f' X j '.-ff -L . N qw!!! ' ' If 4, 1 -Y . Y v x 3? k I - W F 75a f fax'-M 1' rs. E 'A EQ A f 1? Q - if iss ' xxwwuffs . 'A V w wwf 'Z' ' X A A X X25 -l vale, ' x V X If ff ,gf - ' x n Q ' L 5' - il, 4' ' ' - ff f ' f f f 1 X! ff I X -1927 1926 QTBALL SQUAD FCE ,, , ,. -- - 1 -if 2 'g Q 'in - 197.7 , sh. i L "f'- CARILLON 'N f' ' -M e '14 4 ' 'P-J if 19 Y' Q FOOTBALL PORT HENRY 0 Vs. T. H. S. 18 Superior scholastically, it is but fitting that none should surpass us on the field of sports. As the school year of ,26 dawned and all animation was turned toward football, many thought that the banner team of ,25 could not be duplicated. However, T. H. S. has put upon the field a football machine which surpassed all in the locality. Our yet untried football team took the field for the first time on Oc- tober Znd. and chose Port Henry as their opponent. "Bullet', Duffany shot the last chalk mark scoring the first touchdown of the season. The first quarter ended with the score 6 to O. De Rosia and Mahew scored during the second quarter making the score 18 to 0. During the second half a number of the regulars were replaced by Usubsu who showed their ability to hold llort Henry. The game ended with Tie. 18 Port Henry 0. LAKE PLACID 0 Vs. T. H. S. 18 Although weakened by temporary loss of several regulars Ti dis- played flashes of her usual power against Lake Placid on the Playground Saturday Oct. 9. Touchdowns were scored by Uuffany, Hoyt, and DeRosia. PORT HENRY 0 Vs. T. H. S. 37 Displaying a crushing offensive and a powerful defense Tie. vanquish- ed Port llenry on the rival gridiron. Duffany scored the first toiuchdown on a brilliantly executed fake play. In the second period Franny inter- cepted a pass and raced for a touchdown. Stewart made the next touch- down after Mahew had fumbled from kickoff. Score at half. IS-O. ff a fi. . , 5 ,.. ,V , Q , MQ, -1 v. , , , ML.. , - Q H f at-T""V N V A 'Tr ,eff 7 z-5, V' K flilllllfglig ' , ' - "W 'A ra- al -.- ,Ang 0 --- ,,.,...J K K Page forty mne -Y -L,...,-, Afg- 'N L , 1917 -I ,.5- ',j-- V . .-,, ' cAnuu.LoN ft T, gf- ' rf 7 1 ' 4 ,, r.. Neither side scored in the third period although Tie. was always threaten- ing. ln the fourth period Hank Mahew hauled down a long pass and scored. Hoyt next scored on a fake pass. The whistle blew just as Hoyt crashed over the line for another touchdown. In this game the backs were given almost perfect interference and the tackling of both sides was hard and clean. SILVER BAY 0 Vs. T. H. S. 15 The Silver Hay Prep school's machine found that they were no match for the Purple and XVhite. Tie. although not at her best showedi flashes of form and pushed over two touchdowns and a safety, when La Place tried to circle back of his own goal line but was downed. MINEVILLE 0 VS. T. H. S. 40 By completely overwhelming the strong Mineville team 40-O in the game on November 6 T. H. S. moved to the top of the league. Tie. played her best game of the year and Mineville defense was liter- ally torn to pieces as "Ties, powerful line swung into action. Everyone of f'Ti" players played superbly and deserved much cdedit. SARANAC VS. T. H. S. Playing on a slippery treacherous gridiron, under continous drizzle, T. H. S. suffered its first defeat in two seasons at Saranac lake, dropping a close encounter to the highly touted Resorters, l2-O. livery one of the 21 men who played in this game came up to ex- pectation and fought only as a "Tien player can. Saranac had a fine back in Wallace but her line found their match when it hit our line. XVright, Rostkoski, and Cunningham played a wonderful defense game and Duffany and De Rosia made many nice plays. Hoytis punting was a feature. PLATTSBURG 13 VS. T. H. S. 9 ln a hard fought, well played game T. H. S. football team went down to defeat before the fast Plattsburg eleven, 13-9. "Hard Lucki' dropped on the Purple and XVhite team laying costly penalties at vital points of the game. MINEVILLE 6 VS. T. H. S. 3 T. H. S. football team journeyed to Mineville and suffered a 6-3 defeat which put Tie, and Mineville in a tie for first place in the league. Ed. Cook for Mineville scored the only touchdown of the game and Boone XVright's pretty placement kick scored "Tiels,' only points. Tt was a hard game for us to lose but we fought right up to the last whistle for victory. SILVER BAY 6 VS. T. H. S. 6 ' V On Thanksgiving day T. H. S. journeyed to Silver Bay for the last game of the season. Much hinged on this as to win the cup Tie. had to beat Silver Bay. Silver Ray played as if inspired. while Tie. just didn't seem to get going. De Rosia on a pretty run back of a punt scored the first touch- down. Silver Bay came back with a touchdown when Gilbert caught a for- ward pass and raced 75 yards for a touchdown. IX last minute opportunity for a score came Tils way but an intercepted forward pass lost her the ball. Thus Tie. ended her season with 6-6 tie. Rostkoski's work at tackle in this game was a treat and much will be expected of him next year. A if . . - "fs, , ' " -'V - E.-11-. ' -.- 1.1 ,if-Lag ...-f X -TT"'!l.'i Jn , 'Ffh ' .'l':Y!!'lLYiu. S J ... -f J 'inf - ..-Q' ' lf -a. f--- .--1--', 6.74 fb Q -,q-g-.-?,...--o- Page fifty L -,NX sm! H ' 7 z , ,k- x 2 Q 1 0 1 'f' ' ' 64 ff. ob, - , ' " . . Q f :lla e. CADULLON y 1- ,g , ' N -A Vzjl 1 7? "z - f . --5----.'f."'-4 . - 'A Iillllllilllj' I". ll. Du Rusizl li. ll. ll. Stewart I,. ll. li. lluyt li. Sturtevzmt IQ. li. liostkowslqi R. ll. Leclger l. ll, Nlzllmexx' l,, lu :l:W'1'ig'l1l li. 'lf lflemming Lf. lilnlcely l,. 'l'. 'l'mx'nc Lambert Blyutt Slattery lluglles Newell S. Du Russ lfuseu Cook 'Isaac Purtel' Duwtl Xllmcl Stewart Price Pemlall Clllllllllgllillll lfusco COZ1Cl1 l:I'CflCl'lL'li Stull RlIlIlZlgCI' .Xss't. Klanztgev Al. Delaney R. lXelcermzm xl. Lnmlmcrt rl, .. ,V ff ff A r - ,H-,V -'v. rX A ..,f.:l2Lf- 'f-,-', 5- . Q ,,z."-5: .. U -. A -1 . ,n - A.f..ff4g.F , J na-5 Efgglllihg D . - -- -.. ' fir' 4 MY, ' 1 . -, 0 Q-1---M ---1 1 Uyfr' ffffjf-1 44 1926-1927 D , Q LTA S 5K1fI'l'Ix!ALL B IX KAN! ,L -1 -Y 197.7 A-ggi 1 CAGULLON If 'z Y-' if '1 4 ve.. ,I MZ. dw g Qi + - ,,, Vg, A ' " B ASK E T B A L L Il Again the liaslcethall seasmi ' V comes around with the 111 thc 111th 'SQ he 1 i 1' ful T. H. S. felluws i ii tpmttite F11 out lm' the Iirs 1 " ' . three weeks tinach Stull and the lmys wurlqed with 11nt11'- ing eftnrts ill urder tn 1 lurth a 1'ict11ri1111s tea111 for the coming season. Tie 29-Alumni 11. Un Dee. lil, T. H. S. play:-cl practice game with the ,Xlll1lllll. gaining an over- whelming' Victory. Score 29-11 Plattsburg 20-Tie 14. 1,11 Dec. Zl, T. H. S. played their first real game of the season, l'lattslu11rg as their ri- val. Tl1is was a very exciti game and llIllitll'lllll21tC'lj' some regulars were missing. The tCZllll worked hard thru tl1e whulc game lllll nevertheless was forced Tie 35-Mineville 13. fill vlan. 7. T. ll. S. played the tirst league gilllltt of the seasun, witl1 Klineyillc. T. ll. did nut lnse her lighting spirit hy the former defeat and tl1e Purple and XX'hite came thru with victory. Tie 22-Elizabethtown 15. T. H. S. jtnurneyed tn liltown lan. l-l to play their first 1111t-ot-town game. The game was clusely contested froin start to huish hut at the end of the last quarter T. ll. S. scured hasliets that put tl1C111 i11 the lead NYlllL'll they held until the final wl1istle. wut ng to face defeat. Tie 24-M. A. I. 19. Returning with victory frcnn ITUJXYIT, T.H.S. l1ad to play another hard game on the evening of ian. 15. withKl.gX.l'. ln a Very thrilling and ex- citing game nld T. ll. S. showed her overwhelm- ing power hy defeating this fast and tireless team. Tie 27-Ft. Edward 14, Seven of the loyal T.l'l. S. 111e11 went to lit. lid- ward -lan. Zl. T. ll. S. started slowly hut iinish- ed in a whirlwind. which rushed the lit. Edward ff 4 1 .. Y. ,f u... '11 , A K gr., , . t 1 I I .AQQQLI if . X 4----ff ' ' ' I, 1 f 1 " mivllbirii 'S ZIV 1 "., Af..-' ff . 'eai'-" V-Q ""' , 7 . .. 3 ,,, -1-1?-'J Q W - ' C.- Ly . Page fifty-th ree l l 1 ...A I g l9'l7 T cAnuu.oN 7 r g b ' . 2 f f. o' - ... 'ff...f..f:-'iw a OW' . IJ ' Q A- i TK ia r .. ' ' team off its feet. Ft. liclwarfl ' was very anxious to avenge its two defeats of last year and played line lzall, hut coulcln't E quite come up to the lightning like pass work and shooting of the Tie players. Tie 23-Silver Bay 11. On liriday blan. 28, Tie faced the olcl rival Silver Bay on the local court, T. H. S. outplayed Silver l-lay thru out the game and added another league vic- tory to its list. Glens Falls 33-Tie 23. I Ian. l9 T. H. S. journeyed Glens lfalls. i-Xltho T. ll. S. worked hard and played good N hall thru out the game they ' ' were unalmle to hold their o m- A l , ponents. The gaine ended with Glens Falls 33 and T. H. 5. 23. Port Henry 20-Tie 15. On Feli. -l, T. ll. S. journeyed to Port Henry and suffered her first leag defeat. Tie made a fast start and led at the half, hut llort llenrv put up 1 liig light and elnerged with victory. ' Ft. Edward 32-Tie 29. On Feb. 5. T.H.S. lost to her rival Ft. lidward. It was any- hody's gznne right up to the time when the final whistle blew. The last quarter was one of the most hectic in the his- tory of the high school. Tie drew up on equal terms with her rival and then established a one point lead, but one of lit. Tfdward's men got two more baskets just before the final gun sounded. Tie 29-Elizabethtown 15. Qn Friday lfeh. ll, T. ll. S. regained her former track and scored a decisive victory over liltown, 29-l5. At no time dur- ing the game did E'town threaten Tie's victory. ff . ,ns I I In ., K t . Ar .ji A ' , . fi .17 1' .Cf - .' '. 1 1 I 4 'M'-'-I ' . i i" ' -. , 4 "A: , "f a .fi4!!linu. , .4 . - ' Q " 43 fa. aff, o 3--..--V ----' Page fifty-four L , 1917 H CAD1lLLON,Zf f - , 1 ' . T ..-,.?..-:.'0f' '1 5 g l 'gs' u , 5,5-. - 0- . 3 1 A 4 f 1 ,W 9 I .-f "O v 5 'Q J- . 4 oh, ' " Tie 15-Mineville 10. T. H. S. went to Mineville lfeb. l8, and played the sixth league game ol' the season and again emerged with victory. Glens Falls 26-Tie 18. Monday night, lfeh. Zl, T. ll. S. dropped a hard game to Glens Falls. The seore was about even up to the fourth quarter. Tie played a last age gressive game and deserved to win. Plattsburg High School 14-Tie 11. T. ll. S. haskethall live journeyed to Plattshurg Feh. 26 to meet Platts- hurg High team on lfriday night and Mt. Assumption on Saturday night. Un- fortunately the loeal team dropped hoth games, Friday night's defeat was most disappointing, for had our lmoys had a little luck, the game would have re- sulted in an overwhelming victory for T. H. S. M. A. I. 23-T. H. S. 19. Un Sat. nite Feb. 26. T. ll. S. returned to some resemhlanee ol her former almility to score and altho beaten with the score, 23-lf! hy Nt. .Xse sumption, she put up a fast game. Tie 17-Port Henry 15. On Mar. -l, T. ll. S. faced her strongest rival l'ort llenry. on the local court. In the most exciting game of the season, T. ll, S. emerged with vie- torv. T. H. S. 21-Silver Bay 10. On Mar. O, T. ll. went to Silver Hay to play the last league game of the season. This was one of the fastest and hest played game of the year. T. ll. S. held the lead thru out the game. Having lost only one league game during the entire season. T. H. S. is ahle to hold the lissex County championship cup for the second year. On May 18 and lf? T. H. will enter the contest at Tupper Lake which will decide the championship for Northern New York. If l IM, .- 4- X v , 'I f , +- ' ...ff-.2195 si' - .' ' - I .fe iw: - 'fin X -T"""' s, A 'H J I ,, .. ull! ,ngiQlI5Llii4 4 f - : 1- - A ,,-l- B- - .ai A -L v-a -f Q se--e . Page fifty-five IX fx I 3. v-4 I C 5 I SN v-1 A ,... f :-w A N., UI - ,- w , .,4 , , 1 J, 1 .4 m . - Z NJ is . i917 .gi ,t '1", iffy I, CA31lH-,LUN . 1 k U ,z , ' gf . 79 -pf , - - , 'fi " ', ' i'Q!z..f:-ffgm 4 vig! gt.. i " GIRLS' BASKETBALL Un our return from Thanksgiving vacation Coach Stull started Girls' Basketball practice. Mineville 14-Tie 4. Un Ian. 7. the girls played their first game of the season, choosing Mineville as their opponent. T. ll. S. team was practically new and inert- perienced. .Xltho every girl worked hard, they were unahle to hold Mine- ville, thus having to face a defeat. T. H. S. 7-E'town 6. Un blan. 14, T, H. S. went to li'town. .Xltho the court was small and the referee far from coming up to standard, T. ll. S. came through victorious. E'town-T. H. S. On Felm. ll, T. ll, S. again faced lC'town. T. H. S. was handicapped in i this game, since she lost one of her lnest players. .-Xgain the girls were forced to face defeat, Mineville 26-T. H. S. 4. Un Fell. 18, T. ll. journeyed to Mineville. The girls worked hard throughout the game, hut were unalule to hold Mineville. The game ended with the score of 26-4. Glens Falls 26-T. H. S. 4. On Feh. 26, T. ll. S. played Glens lfalls on the local court. Altho the score doesnt show it, every girl worked hard and the team played one of the lmest games of the season. This vame closed the O'irl's ldasketlmall season, and ended the Basket- EN -Pu f ball career M. Gauthier-Side Center Capt. I B. Caesar-Righ Guard B. Forciere-Left Guard I. ,Nrthur-Center for many of the regular players. M. Denno-Center .X. Melius-Side Center I-. Xlvickes-Guard l. CohlmfGuard G. MCUmrmickflforward C. Gonyeafliight Guard Bl, Hopkins!lforward J. Klcfaughin-l.eft Forward IQ. Dilley-Manager E. Stewart-Forward F. StL1llACOZlCl1 ,- "is '-7 'H . ' -,.. :x x i t 'T .g,lis'i "f'f' i g -'l uiruii .4-" "t2f 'L 42 9 ik A it H ii' 1- ,B ii Page fifty-seven , Q E mv - A- '... - cmuuiom f if - , I - 1 5 A 'g U f 2 X E' 'T js 2 MZ. 'P f h ffl A 1 -5 OZ! an r r' ., I BASEBALL The hasehall season of '26 opened May lst. with T. IT. S. playing Port Henry at Sunset Park: Sturtevant, Cook, and Towne took turns in the hox. Morrison Hoflnagle and XX'illiam Dethlefsen lmoth had a chance to show their skill at catching. llicky pitched and Connelly caught for Port Henry. Tie. triumphed l8-1. The second game of the season came off on May Sth. with Silver Bay on the home diamond. Ken. Towne pitched and XYilliam Dethlefsen caught. Draper pitched and Clemmings caught for Silver Bay. Tie. again triumphed 13-9. T. H. S. journeyed to Mineville on May 17. The batteries were Towne and Dethlefseu for T. ll. 5-. and Finnesey and llurgreois for Blineville. Tie again was successful, the score heing 9-4. T. H. S. traveled to Port Henry May 22 and returned victorious. the score heing l2-3. Cook pitched affectively for 7 innings and then was re- lieved hy Sturtevant. XYilliam Dethlefsen caught. llickley and Scozzafava did the pitching for .l'ort Henry and Connelly caught. ,Al 4 L.. , - W. " " ,'. ' , ,,.. -923, is-' - ' -Y 1 I A , -'fflsvfq ,545-. W q"""'.ffx Y Aln de 4' - 'gl ' . yfillllllllil, Q , . , 3 7 1 ' ' " . -ini ,ab -1:-nf 0 we--Q-fe-fe-' Page fifty-eight A 8 I927 H ,z T ' ,. ' CAUULLON ,rw ,, Un May 26, 'lf ll. S. faeerl Silver Hay there ancl again triumphed, the Score was 7-2. 'lhvvne and XYm. llethlelsen were the hatteries fur ulcl 'l'ie Higli. llupn pitehecl ancl Clemmings eaught lor Silver llay. Hn May Sl, Tie, faeecl the strnngest team ui' the season l'lattsluurU' lligh School at Tieonrlernga. l-But, nevertheless Tie. emergecl victorious a Clipse score of 12-ll. 5 lmy Sturtevant was relieved hy 'llmvne in the 15th, inning' ancl Hill Dethlefsen caught. Carr ancl Parker pitehcrl anrl DuQnette caught for Vlattslmrg. I ll N L Xlmex l 1 li lu lc 'lllllblli nc in ii On June 4. ' '. . m it 1 ' ril e c nt e ca ll la l tn' e4l thei X ul away lay the score uf U-fm in our favor. Cowl: startecl fur Ti lint was reliev A bv Towne in the 7th inninff. llill llethlefsen was un the rcceivinv' encl. lfin . 15 D nesey pitehecl anrl ltliirgeois caught for Klineville. Un ,lime 9th, T. ll. S. taelclecl the much stronger town team and w flefeatecl hy a seure of U-l. Sturtevant ancl 'Vmvne pitched ancl llill eaugf for 'lf H. S. Clil'tm'cl pitchecl anml liurhes eauglit fur the town team. ere ht 'l'. ll. S. journeyed tu Pattshurg un bl une l2 and again came out on trip with a seure 8--l. Towne aml Sturtevant pitehecl ancl liill llethlefsen caught for 'lf H. S. Carr ancl llurcliek pitehecl and DnQuette caught for l'lattsbnrg'. Thus clraws to a eluse the must sneeessful haselvall season that 'l'. ll. S. has ever experienced. 3 rf f ' ' , f- fi .1145 X sri- ,- 1 . , ..4.-,Z'f - - an -T' - N - Aka, fr I rule .liiuugiyi-V ' ' . "9 i W H 11 ' ' ,QL 1-Q -f 1 , - ...V fav 0 -'M Page fifty-nine 8917 Q , ' '13 ' , ' - CA nu LLON ' f z - f ' E' -QW? 1 5 K .3 N , , X 2 i 1 7' XY' 5 l gf, A 'Q A ff"- 04+-- ef ' f.. l - ,. . Top Row, fleft to rightj-Barthelomew, W1'ight, Coach Nash, Manager Johnson. Second Row-Clark, Cook, Porter, Blakely, DeRosia, Evans. Third Row-Belden, Hoffnagle, Miller, Wells, Duffany. TRACK Candidates were once more called out to get in trim for Track. Faith- fully these boys trained and Superintendent Nash spent much time in coaching them. On hiay see T. H. S. 29, a great representation from Tie went to Silver Bay to compete with Glens Falls, Silver Bay, and Mineville. Altho T. H. S. niacle a fine showing, Silver Bay came out ahead. Un June lissex County 4, T. H. trackmeu went to NVestport to compete with the teams, Mineville being the chief rival. ln this meet T. H. S. came through as victor. 1 fly. .- ,- Q 'q '-" Q V- ' ' .LIL I. Y . .- 0 -VII, f. 1 gb- ' A L- . 4 . I ,1,4,.,. , . Q e L . qw" . J.4,f1 - 'E e , .fyfmi-, A .4 ... . -V i ' 'e. V, Q tk--.,, 'V...- ---+ Q. L, Page sixty , S W ,- L i927 "Pj, 1. ' CARKLLON y ff - , 5 " ' , e .,1..-:ef 3 , N f 1 42. - 9. - , 1 ' 1 I X Q J lf My 1 1 ,. "' fs 1 - . 4. QQ, ' 4, CLASS POEM XYG are tiny skiffs on a turhulent sea Hreasting the trouhled waves. Wve sail neither North nor South nor XXX-st, Yet we follow the course clay-hyaclay. , Our' way we cannot decide as yet. Our voyage has just hegung Yet we weather the gales and forge ahead XYith the thought of a victory won. Wfhat place will we fill in liI'e's machine? XYill we use our gifts aright? Will each one have wrought some truly fine thing? Will we claim to have fought a good fight? XYill it he said that we played the game? That our life was productive and real? Ur will the world say, as it goes on its way, "He was only a cog in the wheeln? XYe'll push on with the zeal of pioneers. lirealqing' the Virgin soil. XYe'll span the distances thru the years. Knowing' the prowess ol toil. XVe'll work lor a goal that's within our reach, Still confident for the hest: ,-Xncl when the games done with the hattle won, XYelll share in the joy of success. lilla M. Shacliett Class of '27 4 ly., . - "N, ' " ,', Sli", ,' -.1 I I ff'3-3? " ,. 4 a ..-M--2 fi-i J Page sixty-one ft!- , Q-:Y ,ril -A i927 K - ,g 5 - 'I ,,e,,-fff -1, , OZ-lj Y I N 2 X , ennuuon e mg?-0 ,L 5 Q? - . , YZ! FX if rn v l CLASS HISTQRY "Life is but a ship adrift." lVe might, as N26 closes upon us. compare our past four years of life with a voyage, the end of which is near at hand. Our ship is about to begin another voyage on the stormy ocean of life. 'l'o where? Oh that we might know! Four years ago we entered 'Viconderoga lligh School, knowing little of what was in store for us. At first, completely overwhelmed by the tide of our new school life, we did not realize our responsibility as a class. XVho of us cannot remember that first Freshman meeting? just as a ship encounters a terrible storm at sea needs the help of its master's hand to guide it safely on, likewise we had to call upon Nr, Nash to restore order and start us safely on our journey, guided by his good advise and by the firm hand of our superintendent. Mr. liurdick. XYe soon learned to stand on our feet and not be led on by our upper classmen. Wie entered our sophomore year, more sophisticated than when we were lfreshmen. This year some of our boys started their long eventful career on the gridiron, diamond, track and basketball court. Although we had left many of our original number in the Freshmen rows, we struggled on- ward raising our scholastic standing far above our Freshmen status. Un the first day of our Junior year we saw an austere and perhaps a sterner man sitting on the platform. VVe soon learned he was Mr. Spald- ing, our new princple. Vie all appreciate the great interest he has shown in our affairs and his incessant willingness to assist us in any difficulties. .Xlthough we had taken a part in athletics during the previous years, this year we took a still greater part in fact some of our boys proved to be stars. Among these were Duffany and Blakely in football, 'l'ownes and Dethlefson in baseball. VVright in track and Hoyt in basketball. Needless to say the girls would not let the boys surpass them and a few showed their skill as basketball players. Among these are Gauthier, Arthur, Gonyea, and Caesar. ,Xs the days drifted into months we all worked together with only one purpose in view-that we all become seniors. XYhen june finally approached we were glad to learn that nearly all of us would enter the senior class and that two of our class. ,lennie Stean and Agnes Peria had won scholastic honor in graduating in three years. .-Xnd now our journey is almost at a close. .Ns Seniors we have tried our best to carry on the work of our school successfully. Although we must. in a very short time leave "lie High" its name will always be dear in our memory. ,-Xs Coleridge said: "To know, to esteem. to love-and then to part, Make up l1te's tale to many a trailing heart. - ' " ' r 4 L" r f A fi . ,slag Q-'- . 1 , gf. . . 5 r f Q---. .R gt., y, gy ...E .Q Vn,,,.,,m,,' W .. 3152-.L . 9' af.. 'o ' 'ss ' '-s X ri --H' Page sixty-two , . I L 'im i917 1 ' 1' ' - ' fmlji. -:ffl si Q r-X2-V. I i - .Y ' - V ll ff . ' sg - cAnuLLoN , i HH- THE CLASS PROPHECY 'l'arrytown, New York Dear Mr. Nash, june 27, 1927 Since you have always shown such interest in our class, l ani sure that you will be glad to know what wonders have been accoinplished by our members. As you know, l have always possessed great genius in fore-telling the future. ls it not remarkable that everything, which I have foretold has come to passgliven to the fact that llonier Newell has becolne president of the League of Nations. ' His wife, forinerly ,losephine Arthur, has greatly aided his success by her ability as a social leader. They say that she is the niost fashionable lady in l'aris. Recently they entertained George XY1'lffl'l't and Carroll Let- son. United States .Xinbassadors to lingland and France respectively. XYhile on a tour abroad, lflizabeth Green was niadly pursued and won by the l'rince of Wales. 'lust think "The Queen of England". Every night along the great white way, llernice Caza has been danc- ing her way to fame. .Xnd now she has reached the pinacle of her glory in marrying the XYorld's Famous Comedian, Oscar Yalequette. Leighton Duffany has been heralded as Red Grange. the Second. After being Captain of the Yale football Yarsity for two years. he has joined the New York League. XX'e are very proud to say that the teani is strengthened by three of our old friends, Steve Hoyt, llernard Porter, and 'l'horley Duross. XYe all took it as a joke when Dick lllakely voiced his opinions about attending the Military Academy at NYest Point. llut in this case, building air castles has made Dick Coinmander-in-Chief of the National Guard. In the late election there was a contest between Charles Schwertdfeger and Reginald Ackerinan for governorship of New York State. Reginald was running on the Uwetn platforni and Charles on the "dry". This is the nlost hotly debated question of the day, whether the country will be Hwetu or "dry". 'l'o the great joy of everyone, Charles won. .l have just read the latest novel "The XYonderful Day" written by ,lean King. Oh, niyl but it is wonderful. Mr. Nash, you inust not niiss the opportunity of reading this novel as ,lean is considered one of the best novelists in the country today. If your wife ever goes to New York City shopping, tell her not to lose the opportunity to see Mary Gauthier display gowns at the "Paris" design- A ff . . '15 " 'T "' ,-. . Lfe . I., . A . ek ...,...Qf- . - . - I 1 - ,---A-- -1-he at Q-i"""f-.J tliapf, P-5 y ' llglllllttil .4 ' if -' : zz - Q 'f.,l" 1' - . 'ii ' ., ,A Y' K' Q e " as -M Page sixty-three ,. . ,l9'1'IKvxX . v - 'til-.yfg3,cAn1uLLoN ,Zn ,, 1 J i F' .. 'X f I I 4. ' ,W .N 2 . A 4 29, 4' f , f Q .MF . "' 1 V 1 -. 0 ff ! v ed by Marjory hlones. Of course you know that Marjory has shown great talent and originality in her designs and Mary wears them very beauti- fully. Lfpon entering the leading store of l'otsdam of which Ralph Richmond is Manager, l was pleasantly surprised to find lietty Forcier as head clerk. She also says that she is very pleased with her new position. livelyn Stewart is following in the footsteps of her sister. She is now the Superintendent of the lirooklyn Hospital. She is very successful but why shouldn't she be with such a good staff of nurses as Raeburn Collins, child specialist, Leona llenno. and Mazie Laroe. Kenneth Towne has become the forelnost ,Xmerican .Xce. lle attended an aviation school at Maryland and has shown such unusual skill in manag- ing the planes, that he has been sent by the government to make a trial fly around the world. -lohn llethlevfsen will accompany him. Olive johnson, a gifted soprano, and Vincent Fleming, tenor, are now the leading characters in the "Metropolitan Opera." The critics were favor- ably impressed. .-X great future is predicted for both. lilla Shackett as we all perceived is one of the great poetesses of the day. .Xda Saunders was verv full of ambition when she went to .Xlbanv Busi- ness College but it didn't 'last very long because shey vamped one off those '2Xlbany Sheiksl' and now she lives up on the liouleyard. llilda Xvitherbee is a verv conscientious school teacher, since Karl has decided to remain a bachelor. 1 Catherine Gonyea recently graduated from Cortland Normal. She has obtained a fine position as physical trainer' in .Xmherst College. .Xnn Bur- roughs and Dorothy XX'ilson have joined the Lyceum course. llobby is a wonderful harpist while .Xnn excells in readings. Nay llenno and lietty l'eria have become first-class Secretaries. They graduated from the Albany liusiness College and now May' is Secretary to Charles. who is Governor of New York State and Betty Peria is Secretary to llick lilanchard, who is in the taxi business. .Xlice llrannock, after many years of work and study has acquired a Master of .Xrts degree in the Columbia Lfniversity. Eleanor Murray and Margaret llopkins are also graduates of Columbia University. Frances Mulvev and liuniee Huntly are both very successful nurses. Robert Tucker is one of the best scientific farmers in the country today. l.ast but not least ,lohn l,ambert. Stanley XYood, and joseph Delaney are famous swimmers. blohn Lambert just swam the English Channel. Perhaps this seems like a most unusual class but you know: "l"or the man with a will, Success lies over yonder hill." Sincerely yours "The Prophet of the Class" ff . las ,- ,- . V N I h 'a . c r- ' fp f 0 .Uv KEIQ5' K s'..' - ,' ', 1 l , 11144. f - . Ak q--'vin i N - 4 ff i f Q1 ,m'iil'lm'ri. Y V. f f , Q - 1- ' - 41 . 2 . vo as - -- Page sixty-four i 4 A" I L Q Mm N917 . '-321 " CADULLON j gif JT' IJ 2 . ' THE CLASS WILL U We. the elevated, intellectual and ambitious members of the Senior Class, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and twenty seven, upon our departure from the portals of Ticonderoga High School, Essex Couny, State of New York, in this United States of America, considering the needs of the inferior class, the Juniors, do make public, and declare this to be our last will and testament. ln general we bequeath the following: To Wlalter W'right-'Yincls skill as a public speaker To Frank Craig-Duffyls ability as a sheik. To Archibauld Bourgeois-Some of John l,ElH1lJCl'tiS length so he will be noticed. To Vera Sargent-Bernice Caza's back seat so she can get the same attention from the boys Bernice got. To Janet Phelps-Charlie Schwerdtfeger leaves his seat so Des. can come back to school. To jolm Roskoskif-George XYright's Ford so when Johnnie goes to Fort lidward next year he won't have to walk from Fort lfdward to Hud- son Falls and back. To Margaret Young-lNlary Cauthier's capability to do classical dancing i and acrobatic stunts. To Aileen Vvidmer-Elizabeth Green leaves her receipt for her school l girl complexion. , To Rose l.a Tour-Some of Mazie La Roe's vampish styles. i 4 To Arthur Nadeau-Some of Kenneth 'l'owne's knowledge of slow l walking so Arthur wont take such generous strides. , To Charles Sturtevant-A drag with the other teachers like the one , i he has with Miss Besig. To Reginald XYilson-A girl that can come up to his ideal. i To Mildred Spelhnan-Bethany Peria's art at being a true blonde. As you know, gentlemen prefer blondes. To Evelyn Sisson-A microphone so she can be heard. To Marjorie French-lilsie Schwerdtfeger leaves her a lolly-pop so her mouth will get a little exercise. ,I 4 l,. , - N. ' -' ,'f -i---, --. In ,H--.asf - , K l--..rf-u-I' I i V 6 1 f Y ia t ni nlYl'!ul'. V ,V -s. if , 1 in A E fr , Avg, ll, --4 A 'gin' --- w-Q M 2 , ' '-- - ,.s.- ..-1---3' Q il--Q, Page sixty-five y A, ,aw I .- If . 2 fa, A . -f , it ',,. l9'l7 r gf ev , J ' ' Er IRILLON r,,3.f 1, 1, - .. y - r .? , ' '- To Catherine Catlin-lfleanor Murray leaves her secret of her girlish figure. To Robert llughesffarrol Letson leaves all fthe stuffed dates he hasn't been able to eat. To lrene Allen-'l'he piano and all the song bool's the high school doesnt use. as X o To Vxfard Cortneyflieg .Xckerman's ability as a dancer. To Beach l,ainbcrt-.N Self starter on his ford, to prevent any more broken wrists. 'llo Margaret Dion-joe .Xrthur's athletic ability. To ,lulie Dudley-,X bridge across Lake Champlain, so llernard can call more often. To Alohn Dowd-Robert 'l'ucker's skill at milking cows. To Bill lJethlefsen-Individual instructions as a cheer leader. To Ruth Dillcy-.-X life like picture of Dick. and the song. "Lest we Forget." To Richard Mcfaughin--A-X couple of wooden legs in case of necessity in climbing mountains. To Yalcska Norcross-.VX few more hours of school. so she can see Vtfalt Hvright and she wont have a chance to get lonesome. To Richard llayesfkn excess supply of pipes so hc will be sure to have one in case of necessity. To Gerald Crowningshieldvk larger library for Miss Melcomb so hc- can continue his search for knodledge. To Margaret llopkinsgillive johnson leaves her beautiful hazel eyes so Margaret can make goo, goo eyes. and last but not least to Robert Ledger the best kind of behavior, because you know, Hob, you have to become serious and settle down in your senior year. And now we leave these portals fair lfndowed with knowledge. hopes, and cheers But our standards will never forsake, "Upward and Onward" still will keep. XYe'll display to advantage our worth ,-Xnd bring honor to the fair name The Class of Twenty-Seven. M. l.aRoe ,27 C fl, . . . 5 , " . f , .dxf with - 1 - .., x Q-, --f. ax A A inf li ."' I paugx-if -jmuguni-N'-pg' it - W ai ,E v- . C.. 15 0 - - , Page sixty-six v eff M. . - "fs, V,,.., WJ.:-dk, . R . i . N, --- -. eg. QQ-.g.- r Q g A , e 'x 4133 ffili , ,' ' J ,Q '11 , ff!! X k if' X Y i' X f ffyfxy ' X 1 N' Q 1 mg PUNISAH f 5 OLD WLNT5 K ' ' wo D l A nb T 0 'NN i V W M A K ff ' ' 1, Y : ' .. H M gf'fQ .A ff'-A" ' l 2 -V fr 't1I'f5 "" ' : Rx ' W FW . av qfwwim 5 EW ' ' 1' 1 RV ' I' lil M "X , X1 If A' ' " ' f 'i .. ' X -ef - A HW ffv aj K f 2 I N 'J wi A .J -. 4 .v---- cf I H 2:51.-5 . A1 A.'V- ' F' . -N ,V '-ay, 1 51 , ff " , V 5- 5 5 1' 5 LOVE 2 'M ff, is., ' ,,--.fkyvv ' 'il ' ,, ata' .5 A SQJQZ' f 1' g r, N X ' C, ff r ' X L 1 - ,f X if , ff MMWZMWW3 ,, fm , , ' .- 54 ,gm A - Q4 . so ' N927 Sh- ' CARKLLON - f N 2 . if x A '7 'M 'Q lf - . 9 ff If Q y . 1 , ... JGKES Mary Gauthier-HlYill you love 111e as lllllfll i11 june as i11 FE'lDI'1lEl1'y?'l Reg. :XCkClAII1Z1IlfUlXlC1I'C dear, there are two lllUl'6 days i11 june." .Fl 3 A3 lileanor Murray-"XYhat has that cow got a hell tied around l1er neck for?'l Robert Tucker ta f21I'II161'j-n'TllZlt'S to call the calf NYllCl1 dinner's ready." -,SZ JZ A8 Miss liuckley: "Cant you find anything to do?" llomer Newell: "Ain l supposed to find the work and do it too?" M M A! "john Lanihert is very thinf' said a friend to llernard Porter. "Yes',, replied that worthy, "He is so thin, he has to wear a claphoard o11 his hack to keep his hackhone from cutting his suspenclers in twof, V59 M .52 Miss Besig: "Give a sentence using tl1e word ulXlOl'U11.H Dobhy lVilson: "Mother said l couldnlt go out till l llllt lll0l'O11.U 3 H Q53 Catherine had a little skirt, This skirt was very tight. VVho gives a KlZ1I'll for Cz1therine's skirt XYhen Catherine's calfls i11 sight? L4 ,SC JC Mr. Martin-"I wish some of you were less honest and more studiousf' Reg. .Xckernian-"Clear up tl1e mystery. Prof." Mr. Martin-f'XYell. l find that so111e of you are so extremely holiest that you'll read a text hook from cover to cover and take nothing from it." Q4 3 :fl Mr. Burroughs Iliconomicsj-"Most economists agree that wealth is in reality, a disease." Steve Hoyt lpalways hrokej-"NYell. I wisl1 they wo11ld explain how one can contract that diseasef, 3 3 tsl Homer Newell fito his sister who goes to eollegejd"XYl1at does l..l..D. after your teachers name 1nea11?" Sister-"lYhy, Horner, you surely have heen taught tl1e meaning of L. L. D. "XVhat do you think it means?" Ho1nerH"lYell, I suppose it might mean lung and liver l5octor.'l ,I Cf 4 .k, , . 'sl I' " - 11:92 . , -. . , 1 , .-....f, . , -. X -re'-'W L. p q',.. ,e Q V17-5113121111 ,Af i e' , K -1 .. Page sixty-eight hw? ' f . Ji W........ W wg, 4 , 'L e ':" 1 V CARILLON -A i - ,A 'ff .,,1 ,nafffmg . H ff 1 I l hi , we A Flapper's Prayer-Lead me not into temptationmbut tell us where it is and we will hunt most diligently for it. at JF 3 Reg. Ackerman-"I see two of everything. What shall l do?" -Iohn Dethlefsen-"L'se them at the beachfi Q53 ,sl 3 Stretch Lambert was robbing a bird's nest when Miss Morgan noticed him, "You wicked boy!" she exclaimed. "XVhat will their poor mother 7 think when she finds her babies gone? "Better ask her!" replied Stretch, "1 think that's her stuck in your hatf' Q4 Q59 .55 lflla Shackett-"From what Mr. Burroughs tells me about the way Roman women heated their houses, they must have worn queer clothesf, Mazie l.a Roe-"XYl1y?'l lflla-"XYell, they carried charcoal in brassieresf' ,SC A ,Al Ceorgef"XYhat did Mary have when she lost that strip poker game last nite?" llilda-"A roval flush." ' :sz ,-c ss Joe .'lxl'tl111l'-nl think Steves the meanest man on earthf' Olive hlolmson-"XYhyP" joei"l've made up my mind to refuse him, and he won't even propose to me!" 3 nl A9 Bernice-"You look worried, what's the matter?" Alice-"The doctor told me I had a floating kidneyf' liernicew"XYell, teach it to swim." Q59 Q83 JZ Temperance lecturer-"Is there anyone in this large and intelligent looking audience that is in favor of wide open saloons again ?,' 'Homer Newell tfrom the galleryj-"just open enough to squeeze in, is all l ask!" V59 Q53 ,Bl Mr. Stewart to "Stubbie"-Hllere son, why don't you get outside and and tool around rather than playing in the house?" Stubbie-"Nw gee, yer always shovin' me aside, Ya even did in your wedding picture l" ,l 4 us.. 'vb ' A' ' nf I K In I . f ' ,, V 1-515 sl -- ,' ' 1 1 I 4-M1 ' -ew k sf" 4, l'-f x - R.. . - kmfunmni .Af f- -rf x'4l' - "Iii 5.3 --s ' 0 ii i ' P ' "fli1""' i 'fu- age sixty-nine Q ' V-J'17 - n L, Qi ' . Zflfjf ' Mx ' rn v 4 - "" 1 1 iff., 1. 5 omg!! V is " ' 151 NAME FAVORITE SONG 1 Ackerman .,,Y. ....... I ,et me call you sweetheart A..--.--v v--.-Y---,-------A----- 2 Arthur ,,,,,A7,,, ,,,.... N o one knows what a red-headed mzlrnma C2111 do. 3 Blakely ,,,,. ..,,,., O I Boy! What a Gall ,,,,.....,YV.....,,,,.,.AA---------ff,,,,,,,----' 4 Brannoek ,,, ,.,,,.. A m I wasting my time on you ....,. 5 Burroughs .. ......, Lonesome and 'Sorry 4,........, .. 6 Gonyea ....,.A ...,,,, C harleston ,,,,,.,,.......,,,,,...,,,,,,, 7 Caesar .... ......, A fter the dance was over .......,, 8 Caza .,,...., ....... l ,ovey Dove ,,,..,,,............V.,......,...-.. 9 Collins ,,,,,,, ,,,... S how me the way to go home ...,V,A 10 Delaney ...o. ,.,.,. A ll alone ...........,............,......................,.......,,,A,,,,A,A,A.-- 11 Denno .... ,,,,,. I love you ,.,,Y,,.,,,,..,........ ....Y...,,VVVY,,AVVV...,-----------VVV--,,Y'- 12 Denno ..,,.,,,,, .... . There's a little bit of bad in every good little girl 13 Dethfelsen ,..,.. ,.,,,. I ain"t noboby's clarlin' ,,,V,.,,,,,V..,,....,.,..V,,...............Vll- 14 Duffany ...,.. ...... Y our lips tell me no, no but- 15 Du Ross .,... ..,.,. Y ankee Rose ,...,...,,..............,..V........V,,,,VVV... 16 Flemming' ,,,.,, Gimme a little kiss, will 'ya huh ,,i.,.. 17 Forcier .... ...... T oo many parties and too many pals ....... 18 Gauthier .,., ,...,.. K eep your skirts down, Mary Ann ....,.., 19 Greene ....... ,,,,,, W here's my wandering boy tonight ..... 20 Hoyt ,,...,., ,,,,,,, B lue Skies ,,.,,....................,.....,,.....,,.,,,,,, 21 Huntley ,,.,.. Nearer My God to Thee .............. 22 Johnson ,,.... Love sends a little gift of roses 23 Jones .... ...... I 'm tired of being' alone ..,.i,,,,,,,.., 24 King ...,,, ...... H earts and Flowers ,,................,. 25 Lambert ...i.. How dry I am .............,......,,,.,,,, 26 La Roe ...,,. ...... T hat Certain Party .,.,,,....,,,,,,,...... 27 Letson ,.,...i ,,.... W hat a blue-eyed baby you are ....,.. 28 Murrey ,.,, .,.,.. VV 'hy Should I ery over you ,,,,.,. 29 Mulvey ,,,., ..... T he Parlor is a pleasant place ...... 30 Newell ..,.. ...... L ittle Brown Jug- ,,......,........,,,,,, Y 31 Pcria .... .,.... S eventeen ,,,,,,,,,,....,.,...,,,,....,, 32 Porter ....,.. ..,.... S omebody stole my gal ..,,..rr, 33 Saunders ,.i,e,,...... .ee.,.. N o Foolin' ,..,,v,,e,,,,..,........,i,,,,,,,,,,,, , 34 Sohwerdtfeger ,e,,,. ...,... C lap hands, here comes Charlie ....,. 35 Shackett .,,,.,,. ...... A ngel Child ,,,,.,.,.,....r,.,..,,,,,,,,o,,,,, 36 Stewart ...,,. .,.,.. H e's got hot lips ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 37 Towne ....... ...... W hy did I kiss that girl ,..... 38 Tucker ......, i..,,. T he old gray mare ,,..,,.,.,,r,.,.,,,,,,,, 39 VVilS0n ...,,,,,,. .,.,,.. G et away, old man, get away ,,,,,,, 40 Witherbee ,,,,,, ,... . Ol How I miss you to night ,,,, 41 Wood .......,, .....,. T he old oaken bucket ., ,,,,,.,,., 42 Wright ....... ....... T hanks for the buggy ride ,,,., I 4 fx.. A - 'W-., ' ' -i-9- ,- 1- ,fffaisf 4- -ga. i -1" -'lf' In-149.7 to ,ligjuiihu 'ig -ng" .- ,,r- , gf - .fir - W 'ir ' ,L 0 T---5---We-' Page seventy f' -1. , X-.X jk Ivi' .cal A lg?-7 ,A , -f I N N M K , , 4 0 'Q . AMBITION Missionary ,...,...,..... . School marm ..., . Safe Cracker . Hash Slinger .,.,... , Lawyer ...,........,. . Stiongr woman ..... . Movie Vamp ....,,, ...,,7.. Any man's wife ,,..,, . Artiste .....YY.,.....,,, . Priest ..., Modiste ..... Nurse ,.,,,,,,,. Baseball star ,... Farmer .Al..,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Chicken thief .....,,,,,.....,, Buck and wing dancer Follies girl ..,.......,..,.,..... Nun ,,.,.............,....,.iii,. Silver Bay teacher ,,,,. A1lt1St,S model .,,i..,.... ....... Broadway moth ..,. Chiropractor ......,..,..... Just a sailor's sweetheart .. Singer ....,,,,........,..........,....,. Dealer in antiques .......,.,.... Radio announcer ....,............ . Movie sheik .......................... Teacher at Silver Bay A Cl81'kyS pet ........,........,.,..A. Cider presser ...................... Wife of a taxi driver ....,... A perfect lover ..,................. Danseuse ..,,..,.... Pugilist ,, Poetess ,,,i.,,,,,.,.., Frannie-'s nurse ...... Auto mechanic ...,.. .,,, .... Street road sheik ...,. Farmerette ,......,......, Mrs. Boon Wright ........r..... Minister .,........,,.... .,...... FAVORITE MOVIE The Barbarian Lover .,.,.,.......,,.., The Campus Flirt .. A Minute to Play .. HANG-OUTS You'd be surprised Anywhere with Stevie Hollywood Behind the Door .,... ,........ T he ReX Cinderella .r.......,. ,........ C hurch Fast Company ...i.,.. ......... H ague Road in tht? Summer Madame Sans Gene v,... ......... C loak YOOIYI The Temptress ........,.. ......... Sparrows .A............ . ....,.. Desert Bound ..... Rose Marie ........... Lost at Sea ............. ........ Beauty Parlor .Mt. Hope School The old fort .Port Henry The Angel Child ....... Brown of Haward ,..... Son of the Sheik ,,... Gigolo ........,.......rrrr,,. The Midnight Girl ,...,, Flaming Youth .... Nobody's Widow .,...... the parlor .The Sporting Lover .,...,,, ......... Rose of the Tenements Home struck ....,.,,.....,....., ......... VVhite Gold ..,.....,... Syncopating Sue ..... The Riding Fool ........................ So Big .,......rr.,.,,,...........r............,. Night Life of New York .....,,r Kitty Kelly ......................,....,...... . The Fate of a Flirt ..... The Prodigal ............. Ankles Preferred ..... Bllghted Loves ,,r,,.,.................v,.. v Don t ................rr.r......................., Home Tie Inn Main Street I'd hate to tell you Oldsmobile roadster Nobody knows Joe Al'thur's Prayer meeting Her for chariot and daddy Mt. Hope Cemetery Sargent's Most any place Everywhere Some dance hall Silver Bay McNeal's Bradley's Ccider sale, Dick's taxi Baldwin Library The Man from Glengary 1Glen- burneb .v,.........,,,,.......,...,.......i...... Wedding Bells rr,r,,.,..,, Three Hours ......,.. Lover's Island r,,,r Flat Rock for Home with her beau Any cozy corner Mae's house The We God The Iron Horse ................,,.,..... Moderns ..,,,,,,,i..,,,,.,.i............ Gave me Twenty Cents Last of the Mohicans ....,,,. .Just a Ford Anywhere but home A dark, lonely road Movies Zoo director ...,..... ....... T he Speed King ..........l.,........... Lake George Avenue I ff 4 V., . f .5 . Y- . ,V V t 1-w. . , Q 1 , ,,.,,g4Q,, x 3 , o h . 1, ...-f: '- -, V iz- J q,..-uv xx AIT, '5 V F IV vfllglflh. -A , --1 0 -A--Q-ff MJ Page setenty one I' N liz. Q ','. X .917 igvl V? OMULUWQWK 3. MGRE JOKES Yinc: "flow did you like the girl you took to the .l'rom Fl' Steve: "Not so wood." Ps Yinc: "I didn't have such a hot time with her either." J! J! ,SZ liernard Porter: "Say waiter, luring me some bread." Wvaiterz "Do you want it now or then?" fllernard: "Noyv.l' Vvaiterz "Fine vou want it thenf' 7 r .sz .4 .4 Dohhy: "Oh Frank. l just love your presence." Frank: f'Yeah, hut I didnlt luring' any this timt 1." 3 J! A9 Mary Qin his carj : "May I ask you how you got such a well develop- pn ed pair of arms. Karl Stewart: "Playing baseball. And may l ask if you ever went out for track?" 14 ,el H Keg. Ackerman: "Pardon me v Catherine, hut your skirt's awfully lug'h.', "XYell, haven't l a perfect right?', Reg: "Yes! And a perfect left, toof, ,SF ,ll ,SC l3on't think you're the captain of this ship just hecause your feet are mates. joe Delany: "Did you catch her under the mistletoe last nite?,' Holi Tucker: 'fNo, hut l am going to take her on a sleigh ride tonite." J! Q55 AI ls she pretty? Say, kid, she's so good looking that she can walk down 'University ,-'Xvenue at noon and not a single fellow will know the color of her stockings. .-z ,sz .4 Mae lNlcLaughliu: "l told Ken not to see me anymore." lda Gilleo: "VVell, what ditl Ken do? Mae: "Ile turned the lights out." H JZ L4 Reg, .Xckerman: "No woman ever made a fool out of me." .Xda Saunders: "XYho did then J! Al N! Steve lloyt: twriting the reaction of Potassiuin lodide on Sulphurj KISZ-Kiss Proceeds more favora- hly in the dark, and is often accom- painecl hy slight explosions. J! ,Sl ,Nl XYalt XYright: "How funny! This novel says, 'She picked up her skirts and ran., " Ycra Sargeant: "l don't see any- thing funny about that." XYalt: "lt ought to he. fShe pick- ecl up her skirts and tried to runf' A if 4 , . -.51 ' -' I" 4 ,-7. y t N...- . . 1 I, ',,.4.4,,,g . . V t Q-,,,,v f. bl n U, K A , .gj3,,u,, , ref' Q,-1 --m,rf45 . '-49-- .1 -- -.., , I - ... , ...-sb-l, .1145 0 ---' Page seventy-two ,as N927 Q, - QL, muumN,ff yi- - i4Ig,,J agp A ylfef I1 g g t '75 f .7 E, 6 af Z5 Q I . M 'b f,v 1- Q! A 4 4-. 4, ! I JOKES I went to call on my girl last nite and as usual had to wait. XYhile sn- ting on the davenport looking at the family alhum and quietly whistling, "l Xvent to the .Xnimal Fair," I heard .Xlice ask her mother what dress she would wear. ller mother said, "Uh, wear the long one. the one that comes to your knees." ,NZ .Sl Al Knock, Knock, Knock! john Lamlmert: "XYho is it? "lt is I, CJpportunity.'l john: "You can't tool me Oppon- tnnity knocks hut once." ,NI ,Sl ,Nl Father: "Think of the future my son ll' Steve: "I ean't it's Qloe's birthday and I haye to think of the present." .4 .4 J! Mary Ifvans: "Do you know who is in the hospital?" Sox Caesar: "Xo. XYho?" Mary: "Sick people." .4 .sz .4 Mr. llurroughs: "Give me an ex- ample of slow torture." George lYright: "IX ride with an old fashioned girl in a second hand Fordf' Q4 JU Q59 Mary l.ou U'lJell: "Most people admire my mouth do you?" llernard Porter: "l do, I think its Illiss llesig: "Can you give me the derivation ol auditorium?" llick lllakelyz "From audio meaning to hear: and taurus, hull: a place where-" Miss llesig: "That will do-that will do." 95 9' .92 lfvelyn Stewart: "l7on't you me any more?" like lfran : "Sure I like women all right. hut, like toast and coffee, l'll he darned if l like them cold." .4 A2 Q99 'I'horley llu Ross: ".l7oing' any- N 7 thing this evening? .lulia lludley: "Nothing.U 'l'horley: "XX'ell, l :nn-Cioodhye., ,Sl ,ll JZ I'edestrian: ,X person who be- lieves that automolmiles are corrupt- ing the morals of the nation. .-z .-z .-z Ilert Caesar: "My policy is to keep at arms length." lletty liorcier: "I7on't he silly, Dear. l.ook what happened to Yenus tlC Illllof' .42 .Se .NC Alter dwelling for an hour on the warts Jlaved lxv carliohvdrates. Jro-I l . . - teins and lats in the upkeep of the lmody, Mr. Martin asked, "Now what three foods are required to keep luody in health?" the Mary Simpkins: "Breakfast, luneh immense I" and dinner." ff , . f as .. .1-5- f I si -- .' ' - I f --ff "-'r -' -. x ' k-1"""". ,l .ql,,1V'5,"r K -fhrlumh. E .f " 'i ' , ., -'.' " Afii I 4 .K Y T 1 rr 0 S e -- ----' as Page seventy-three I ' a,, l9?.7 WXX Az ' h .., A-1 V l Ja f 1 , fi 1, V Al' , , U 2 Q agqxi- fre : L We 2 .f - - l 1 JOKES Yincent Fleming: "Have you evei traveled with a circusF" Irene Allen: "No. hut l've gone around with lligh School boys." M JC 03 Val Norcross: "lle's an old fash- ioned lnoyf' Dohhy: "XYhat made you think zv' SO. Val: HXYhen he left he wanted to play Post Office." ,4 nl .59 Frank: "Smatter, Dorothy, don't you love me any moreF XYhy aren't you wearing my pin F" Dohhy: " 'Course 1 love you. Frank. Hut my other boy friends say the pin scratches then rv 1. J! JZ ,'-5 Betty lloward: "Say, could you tell me how l can find the Chemistry v room F' Reg. hotly." Wvilsoni "Sure, ask some- ,4 .4 .4 .lulia Caesar Dudley: mlqhey say hlulius was as tough as leather." Mae McLaughlin: "Yep, he was the original veni, vidi, vici kidf' .4 8 M Betty lloward 4 -H g1rlF Speck llavern 1 "Do you know that : "XYait till 1 see it Nlr. Spaulding: "No smoking al- lowed on the school grounds." liernard Porter: "Sorry but it's hetter to smoke here than hereafter." ,NI ,NI ,NI llethany Peria: 'lYou know, darl' ing. seeing is lielievingf' Dick Blanchard: "Well, how men must luelieve in the woman of today." ,sz :sz ,-z Mrs. Blakely: "Dick where did those empty bottles come from F" Dick: "I don't know mother, I never lmought an empty liottle in my life." ,NZ ,Sl .58 "This means a good deal to me," said the poker player as he stacked his cards. .4 93 ,Bl Stub Stewart: Hllrofessor. what was the chief recreation of the old feudal lordsF" Blr. Hurrouglis: "Riding the serff' .SB J! A "l've some loving' to do." sighed Solomon as he made out the day's schedule. 14 3 A Leona Denno: "lt runs in the lmest of familiesfl Raehurn Collinc: "XYhat's thatF Silk stockings she matches this powder on my coat Leona: A'No, the water in the kit- sleevef' chen sinkf' A Cf 4 . is '-' '. vu- .. , g , ,,..1..,gf - J .. f' n . ff ..-.-f: s-- -- - - A. 1 -T""'- sh V 45.4.5 fr 'V l"'! ,nflfllihl I 4' I -- ,, . A I 9 : F "" Page seventy-four Qssvirfii' was L Q ',,. ' N927 IJ 1 ip x ,bi ., ' YO 9 , 5 - F '2 I fl 0- 4 as 5 ,J 'J I , E - E f 'Q f fr emuuon -5 l Iv WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF Fran and livelvn had a fight? llomer Newell ever kept still in English Class? Mary Gauthier lmeeame an old maid? lllargaret llopkins agreed without an arguinenti Hilda XYitherlmee grew tall? Boon XYright stopped writing notes to llilda? lietty Forcier stayed in nights? Yine Flemming stopped lureaking' hearts? Reg Ackerman stopped passing' remarks? Dot XYilson ever sent lfrank home before midnight? joe and Steve would elope? 'lolm l..amlmert shrunk? Duffey hecame bald-headed? J! J! A THINGS WE'D LIKE TO SEE Homer Newell in the Senate. Vine Flemming with something on his mind hesides girls. Charles Sehvverdtfeger say something when he talks. Steve lloyt at home once in a while. Reg .Xckerman without his usual line. hlohn l,amlmert as midget in a circus. Dick lilaekely playing "Romeo" to Ruth llillv. 'lohn lilethlefsen with a girl. Cat Cionyea in the Salvation Arinv. lierniee Caza in the movies. jeff l.etson in a suit of armor. Marv Gauthier at a thimlmle tea. Josephine ,Xrthur without her freckles. Hilda XYitherhee without George. ,n , fi ' .1 ' fi' f. ,,,-.:l'4- fi"- ."1 1: ,,.,,,..,g. . i s L -i""" -. E ,'y.4i.2f, , E "'1' .'7i!.!Qmn, -f .., ,,, E 43- oi wfZ....-4-----' 5 ' Page seventy-fiive L S 'in - , ' - Q 4 avi, j List, -1 I 1 v H ,z X ' ' CARKLLON e 71 . 5 fa' , . g 1,1 Z j M 'ef- LITERARY REVERIES OF A BACHELOR As I sit in front of the fireplace here, enjoying the luxury of my well- cushioned arm chair. the aroma of my favorite cigar. and the crackling sound of the lmlaze upon the hearth. a thought. drifting through my mind. suddenly begins to take shape and to form itself into a question. Yes, even a stronger word than questionga challenge. It has appeared often. this challenge. hut I have never thought it worth while to accept ity perhaps-f and I hesitate at the thought-I was afraid to. Xt this insinuation, my senses quickly rouse themselves. and I tell myself Inirriedly that I have already threshed the problem out many times before. Ilnt deep in my heart I know I lie, XYhy have I allowed it to go hy unchallenged? liecause it was just a little matter, an absurdity. not important enough to discuss? If so, why should I let it trouhle me. fill my thoughts. when, each evening lnefore going to hed, I draw up lmefore the fireplace to smoke and dream? "You know why!" IX little voice within me accuses "You're afraidg you know you're afraid!" "I'm not," I reply in a voice which I try hard to make emphatic. hut which sounds more like the tearful promise of a punished child, "I'm not a hit afraidf, "Then accept the challenge. I dare you!" comes the quick rejoinder of the little imp from within. 'flint I don't want to. It's just a little thing, a trifle. not worth lmeing discussed. Ilesides. l'ye forgotten it," I add, trying to extricate myself from the fix I am in. "lint I havent" comes the laeonie reply of my torturer. "IIere it is' Why don't you 1l1Zl1'I'yfH 'Ifhere is no avoiding the question now, I suppose I must face the music. or that little tyrant will he forever reminding me of my cowardice. llc- sides. it ought not he a hard task to answer that question. So I light my pipe and sit hack. just why should I marry? I have a fine. quiet. comfortable home, in which I may do as I please. There are no sticky-fingered toddlers pulling my trouser legs. no scampering little rascals racing about the house, up- setting this. and upsetting that. I'eace and quietness. then. it one reason for my wishing to remain single. The little Imp from within. however. isn't satisfied with just one reason, so I go on. Xvhen I come home from the office at night. tired and weary I can ff ...ee N q---.44 Ala gf ,I 'z--: , n.:muin. .Brill W, Y V 1 :- . f -J . Y, "fi '- 4 ,ka 'F' " . Q f .....f-1 ---f--2 T4 Page sefuenty-seven To I wry. ,-.rim . L ' i927 ' I I. caluuon , if i .ra . ,Y -X , Y -1- A1 . forget the cares of the day and act "at home". I generally throw my hat and coat on the nearest chair, take off my shoes and toss them in the cor- ner. pull on a pair of old slippers, light up that villainous smelling old pipe of mine. and then, sprawled out comfortably in my chair. with my feet on the lilmrary tahle. read the daily paper and "take things easy" in general. Think of the reproaches any one of these actions would draw from even the mildest tempered of wives! I smile contentedly at my luck in heing unmarried. and chuckle at the discomfort of the little imp from within. Twice a week, Mrs. llempstead, a kind. old. widowed housekeeper comes around and "tidies" up. I eat at a little restaurant around the cornerfa place whose motto is "As flood .Xs INlother's." Of course. this isn't quite true. lmut at least they're as good as wifie's would prolialuly be, Dash it! My pipe has gone out. And the fire needs another log. Wiell. that's done. Now what was I thinking ahout? Oh yes, aliout marriage. XYCII, I settled that. I tell myself convincingly. Ilut the Imp thinks otherwise. So l go on. There's black XX'ilson, for instance. Vie went to college together. Such a carefree. happy-go-lucky fellow I never knew. Then he married. .lust recently I spent a week-end at his home. lloor black! I hardly recognized him. Streaks of gray shone through his hairg his once cheerful face showed traces of care and worry. The reason? Ile wouldnit tell me, hut lmefore my visit was over. I partly guessed the truth. XYhile at dinner, a quarrel over some trifle arose. and l saw an exhilwit of his wife's nasty temper. I.ater I learned that she was living lmcyond his incomefand the poor chap was worrying himself into the grave trying to please her extravagant whims. XYliy should I risk the same fate? The Imp remains silent. The fire is hurning low now. .Xhl hut isn't that just like love? lluring courtship. the fires of love hurn high lapple saucel, hut when the cares of married life liegin to present themselves. they die down till only a smould- ering heap of stern realities is left. Marriage is a lvusiness proposition. I tell the Imp, and nearly everyone finds out to his regret that husiness has no time nor place for such ethereal things as love or sentimentfif there really is such a thing. After this argument, I am sure that the Imp must he satisfied. hut he isn't. "You gave .lack as an example." he said. "XX'hy don't you say some- thing ahout Tom Viilliams fl, - .- - ff . 1' r ' ' , - 0 -1 J- ,iff 5- ' .jj ' - ,' - 1 A , -'11-A-Q - ix K ?g-"""'. , 1,4 gf . :unix 1 -1 jim I .- , - i -7 . . V 4 , , . , ,, X-...I , NJLL iq, .4 W. f - A A l -V ,. -.1 ' ,gh 61 9 i e -fu Page seventy-eight 'vt K J I1 ,z . ,S - 5 .91 sf 3 . -. Ig , 1 4. G dl 'T Q ,, I 1 I i917 I 'as ff' ff I - ', Q P I ,,,,-:ff"x 3 avg, y -L' I - , ggi r' X 2 ,, ,, 1 0 A ,- 211- Mme ff 'l'hen I think of 'l'um's married life. Ile surely did have some luek 'Ibm was just a pour lad, working his way through eullege, when I first knew him. Ile met Mary at a danee while still at enllege, and, after grac tion. married her. Iua She certainly proved a great helpmate. and now 'Ilnn uwns a husiness of his uwngsinall. it is true, hut a paying propositimi. .Xnd their love fer eaeh uther, if anything. has increased. Perhaps I did put the wrong in tei pretatiun nn the lmurning dnwn nf my fire. I must, fur a fire dues nut lmegin tcm give heat till the euals appear and the flame has vanished. Perhaps their mutual love fur 'I'mn hlr. has strengthened the lwnd of affeetiun lmetwe them. Ile surely is a fine ladfthat ,luniorfand what a great time Tc will have in giving him a few pointers un fuotlaall when he gets a lit older! ".Xh. hut I thought yuu said marriage was all a mistake." eries the Ii "hawk at IIQOII1. .Xnd then, there are yluhll, and Iiarl, and Joe. and Iiill and hundreds more that are just as lueky as 'I'om. find then, how are y en mm tle np. U11 giving tn spend your last days? Alone, hruken dmvn in health. with in one tn eare for you? Ur are you gaming to he like 'I'nm. with a kind, eh ful wife tn emnfnrt ynu. and to eare fur yuu when you are ill?" CCI' "IJun't lmther mel I'm too sleepy tu answer yuur fuulish questions," I retnrt. and rousing myself. I hurry tu lied, hefore the Imp has a ehane take advantage uf my drowsy state mf mind. Richard Blakely '27 N 14 Ji THE GOOD OLD WINTER TIME Now, folks. dc1n't think we have slipped a eng and put in the wr C tw ung wurd, Uve have net, "'I'he lioml Old XYinter 'I'ime" for usg we dun't care fwr yuur Utjoocl Old Summer Tiinef' In the first plaee. summer is tmi,f-ali-warinl liven with present dav styles one ean't he pleasantly emil. If one "takes to the tall timber" tu escape the eity's heat and grnani thwusancls, he unly rushes in among ng Dame Natures huzzing millions. 'Iihere the imrscpiitoes, flies. and all their pestering kin4have the advantage over us pmir humans for they are un their native snil lexeept when they are nn our anatwmyl. .Xnd they are insufferalmlel llut we're nut. XYe stiffer a suffer. nd .Xhl Ilnw different is the grand Qld winter time! Ilow pleasant to awake If 4 . , ,Ay ' A' 'J ,L 1, - I--' - . , 1 5 ff-ALC: -ee, X iq----jg ' 'flu gf . 'ES-ii ynifsivnmily 4 TB!!!- ,-, 5 V , : 1 ' '- , lags." P -' - 'ti ' Ha. v' ,I o ee A --- ,W 1, 1,,s..A.q 3' Page seventy-nine fx!- 'I E p N917 5.1 CARKLLON jf C ' f' ' -,- A ll , N K i 7 - -5, J., ll f 2 Q ggi' 1 97 N 1-X 2 if 2 4 ffl' o'zI ' " rw ' S i , Q Q' J ! in the hour just helore clawn on a winter morning. As one lies, contemplating getting up. he may hear an early sleigh go creak-creaking over the snow, ln the rlim light, he may see cloucls of his own hreath arising, ancl he thinks. "lt is, incleecl, going to he pleasantly tor unpleasantlyj cool today." The minute that he puts his feet on the floor. he knows that it is. llonit vou en'ov winter smorts? Thev are so invifforatinffl There are . , . . 6 b skiing, skating. coasting. tohoganning, snow-shoeing. lXYe never shall forget the first time that we went skiing. XYc started right joyously hut alter the 919th fall we clcciclecl that fishing was much hetter husiness. XXX-ll, it gives one th goocl feeling of a martyr. if one is to clie, it is in a goocl cause. - gf Skating is the most mleasinff to the artistic minrl. for what heautiful 5 Pr constellations one heholcls as he lies gazing upwarcl just alter a collision hetween the hack ol' his heacl anfl the ice. lf there are any of you girls that have a rival whom you want to make look ridiculous, just get her to go snow-shoeing, XYe challenge anyone to he graceful, walking with a pair of snow-shoes on ton his feet, not strappetl on his hack for carrying purposesj. We say, "Hurrah for 'The Cioocl Ulcl XVinter Tinie'." Marjorie Ifrench '23 .sz .-z .sz MUD Clay mufl is a rich comhination of clay soil ancl water. lt has peculiar. yet not altogether invisihle, powers. ,X goocl Christian man, aye, even zi Scotch lleacon, can sometimes he so aflectecl hy mucl, as to cause his vocal organs to emit such worcls as woulcl put XYehster or Funk anrl Wagnalls in an emergency hospital. l l Y That l helieve is the cartoonist's way ol expressing vulgar ancl otherwise non-christian language. l am a church memher ancl have not usecl the alphahet in expressing a Scotch Deacon? hy-worcls. l must tell you ahout the circumstances of this incident in which the hero was a llacLaughlin ancl the villian. Klucll Somewhere in Putman there is a hill upon which peas were plantecl ancl never grew: The hill hecaine l'ea-fielcl Hill. ancl a roacl. went over it. .Xt the loot of the hill was a huge .1 , ff . ,y ,, . . f wx ' - " . 1 . ' ., r f- f' n .. 1.14225 X if - ,' -, - A , --'-4w.f5 V v p q,--1, ,N A lb, r, fr . g-ull! . kgfljjumh- Q , f " ' ' , fl' ' f- .. "?- ' V 4 ,GL ""' -.- V 0 Rf s -W Page eighty e 1,gE'7ff" , ,!f'?'1u ' 9 ' .9fT?f' M- 1 cA1uu.LoN 71, - 'V ' L M' 7' f if 2 '4 , ' f 6 'Q' '1 , ' ' -Q V , ' ' 7' deposite of blue-black-gray clay. Deacon john Donald Robert 1Xlacl.augh- li11 had his 111a11 get out l1is buggy and road horse that he 1nigl1t drive to Ticonderoga. lle had gone a couple of miles when raindrops started spat- ' tering about hiin, Two 111ore miles were covered and the deacon's shay was at the top of l'ea-field llill. liy 11ow the deacon's derby sagged, his clothes all dripped, and a picturesque cataract poured from his'queer little 'nose. The church-inan gazed down, and there Zll1llU5f ca111e to hi111 the sinell of black meal gruel as he looked. .- 'Tlo-on. Duncan", he growled. The faithful equine started, stopped. and slipping to his haunches slid down l'ea-field llill. At the bottom the horse arose and the deacon alighted from the wreckage. He paddled about, unhitched the horse from the ruined wagon, and lead him to the side of the road. and tried to mount him. The horse was slippervg the deacon slipped off the side toward the road. Down and into tl1e depths sank the Deacon of the Y. I". In a minute or so, up rose the poor, blasphemous mud-man, swear Oh, how that human swore! XYhen he ran out of the Christian oaths, he ran on with Scotch Clans. lie scraped the Illllfl from his eyes and spat out a few mouthfuls. after which he swore more evenly. .lohn 11lUlllltCCl Duncan once more, but the horseis hi11d feet slipped and over the tail went the deacon. XYould you believe it, the collection plate-bearer arose with fresh oaths. as a spiritual guide, I suppose. "XYl1y. Deacon Klacl,aughlin," came an indignant voice from above. flint a11d brimstone. and nae else will be your fate". John looked upg there before l1i1n in her husband's two horse-shav with a top on it. sat Mrs. Knox Shear. the parson's wife. Ile asked her pardon. but the haughty woman drove on calling back that the world would learn of his blasphemy. lint it was no ti111e for weeping, so the muddy Dea- con wearily started for hime, Duncan trotting and slipping along behind. NYhen the deacon came to church the following Sunday, bonneted heads bent toward each other Zlllfl a low buzzing seemed to rise and fall over the room. .Xfter this all was quiet. Tl1e world had learned of his blasphemy. Wvard Courtney '23 fl, . A. . 7 , ' .f ' ,. It ..,pz1 - 1 as 4 - A. x q-rv-f. sh lb! ! V- s sq nhvl'wih. I ,- - . K 4. .. 1. Y - nf, . -4 ,L ---- V Q "fe s -- Page eighty-one wi ,.1,..rFg2.'Q1, ' -ff - ui ,l ag, I 1917 - canzuuom r ' L Q ' 7' ff' t' 'I 1 ' sf if g 'aj , . Q ef? ' -- r I , ,Q . ...z....ff'-sf . BGOK KEEPING Recently some poor misguided friend with few brains to speak of sent me a book keeping book. Not for the reason that I'm going to keep books, this book especially, do I cherish this wonderful gift, but simply for the reason that it's a book that no one in his right mind will borrow. My best friend will conscientously return my dime cigar holder that was left at his house last night, he will personally deliver that diamond pin of mine that he found on the floor after I left, he will even suddenly bring back that long-missing unbrella with the dog's head on the handle, that I thought I'd never sec again. but, concerning my dearest possessions, my books. he hasn't any qualms when he comes over to "get something to read for to- nightf' How I'd love to go over to my friend l3ill's library and take a volume from every series on his shelves as he has done to mine. For audacity, for sheer nerve. a book borrower takes the grand prize. Perhaps Iim a little too severe on Hill for borrowing 1ny books, Maybe he's trying to get a whole series together. I know I shall ask him the next time he comes over if he doesn't want that Yolume Seven of Stevenson's works. He has the other six. A book borrowed evidently works according to the rule that if a book is poor, it's not worth returningg if a book is good, it's too valuable to re- turn. ,-X book, although I bought it, is no more my property than the air around me. Really. books should not be read but used as a sort of inter- national tender forthcoming to those hateful words, l'Say, Nug, got a good book I can borrow for tonight?H Ilowever. I shouldn't worry because the inflow of books is as great fprobably greaterl from the libraries of others as the outflow. That's why I tolerate book borrowing. Homer Newell I27 ,I if . . - "S, ' " .' - ' fi - 3 ' - ll rr'-4-'-'r -.gs f 5-:""P I ' '.1 .ef . sniU!l:Jil Lg . -L ty . c , x,4,. . H 1 ,L u .. :WS 0 ' Page eighty two xv- . ,J l Q , E12-Fff V fav' ' CAIRILLON .7 .ye u 2 . 1 " I an 0-5 if ' e 59' vi - sf ,ft-Qt' , 'i I '- ' . 4411.65-vigx 4 cigzj A Y J if ' ' 9-1 What a Wonderful, Wonderful World tXYith all due apologies to Rudyard liiplingj Uh what a wonderful world it is ,X'Yhat a wonderful wonderful world! 'l.'here's nothing at all for us to do, And yet itls all a hullabaloog Up at 8:50 with one hasty bite. A rush for the book that isn't in sight. .X rash discovery made too late: Une ean't study Latin at 3:48, Out of the door in a hasty scramble, Uh, that Stocking, it's gonna rayel, Down the street at a break-neck speed. Une doesn't have time to do a good deed ln this wonderful, wonderful world. Uh what a wonderful world it is, A wonderful, wonderful world, One tries to blunder thru his lesson. .Xnd feels assured there's a 4:00 session, That awful "no" in Chemistry class. When one ean't find refuge in a laugh, No luck to be had, but prof will say. 'KX little methods the only YYayN. XYith a eony'iet's grin, we start again To trace the footprints of de Champlain, To tackle our lfreneh with might and main, To try to forget our aching brain In this wonderful. wonderful world. Oh what a wonderful world it isl VVhat a wonderful, wonderful worldg A man-made marvelous 'Place-of-XYorlc, Fl'hat's out of joint if the Seniors shirlcg But. oh! for a world with no conjugating. No acute angles and no debating, No worry about the Senior dues. Nothing to bttther,-nothing to lose. No struggle to get the bargain price. No shiyery gym as cold as iee. Never a carpet or floor to sweep, No one to scatter a rubbish heap. But time for a real good womanly weep, And an ever-so-long and peaceful sleep, -Xway from this wonderful world! lilla Xl. Shaelcett '27 , . 'AS' " 'U N , ' ri.. -ge. ?--f--1-"fi" "I 0 , .-ffv2l22:' ' - ,7 -V. Q 4 , , Q ... ,. 1 , . 'S . , 1 if "" ' Qllflflltliql J4 'ltr ' V , 4- 0 -9 -..., ' as on -. ss Page eighty-three iii 3 ' ,ti 1 ff' - " w'f1P!'-fm--K152 w r N ' nv. P x A F r I s' I, ,, . V l w AT! X, 4 J i f X' X f A Te Ye f IJ 3 'L , C0LvS'g5,Cl15jR5C a Q, Y! 1 UGS, Z-UBS'59NdleS eggs, laid , QUSGGA URNS, N IIfQnr?iavc.WhiT5, Cooggfgin , V 51dHd2Oo'x1iKj5 lx 1 mme fy X , w 'fo-Tf9 f 1 Q 14 it A , AHa - Va' I x 1' 7 'i - ,V .5 1 h' ly :xl ff! ! '44 ' if ' KS W Q '7' A ii- Q . X.i:,uJl, Y eva-' ' ' 'rj 1 2 4' 1 ' J I .-5 'f-N3 N' If 'L . K wr, A, , il Lf 1 ff X f W K 64, , , sdff, ,., Wfwwv Him PHOTOCRAFT STUDIO The Photography of this Year Book a Product of Pl-IOTOCRAFT STUDIO H When you think of Photography link it at once to Ticonderoga's most modernly equipped Studio where just that final touch of artistry makes your picture snap with distinctiveness. Our enlargements and oil tinting have called forth much commendation. The. apparatus specially designed for our needs make Kodak finishing by us a guarantee for your satisfaction. PHOTOGRAPH STUDIO GROVER AND KING S Lake George Avenue Ticonderoga, N. Y. A, .. , ,. , U lar r : fl 5- ,If 54 .In the Winter It Pays S4 If Social Season to- 01' Look Your Best: f N I Hfg7Sl1ll1:m61' :ami I' Jfx w e THE PALM BARBER SHOP and BEAUTY PARLOR Under the Palm Restaurant, Ticonderoga, N. Y., is efficiently equipped for facials, manicuring, marcelling, finger waving, hair cutting, scalp treatments, and the famous LeMur method of permanent waving. TRY A WIDE LOOSE WAVE Phone Your Appointment-282 LEWIS H. RISING, Prop. is e - A v L Q A, A COMPLIMEN TS GF PEOPLE'S GARAGE INE annuals, like brilliant victories, are brought about by the co-or- dination of skillful generalship and trained effort. 'llhe jahn 82 Ullier Engraving Co, is Americas foremost school annual designing and engraving specialist, because in its organization are mobilized Americas leading ere- ative minds and mechanical craftsmen. THE JAHN 82 OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. Photographers, Artists and Alakers of Fine Printing Platesfor Black and Colors 817 W. WASI'lINGTON BLVD., Ci uoxoo lfsfiflv v Y . . ' :V DE LANO AND MALANEY THE YOUNG MEN'S SHOP BOSTONIAN SHOES, MANHATTAN SHIRTS. STETSON HATS Complete Outfitters for Men and Boys Don't forget your Hometown Jeweler When you are in the market for Badges, Class Rings, Loving Cups, Medals, or Plakuettes and find out first what he can do in the Way of Competition. Estimates freely furnished. OSCAR R. CAESAR'S Jewelry Store is a Guarantee for Quality l- S llrel COMPLIMENTS OF P E D R O ' S BARBER SHOP . N PROP. H. LAROE 57 West Exchange St B U I C K NEW HUEST IS GARAGE TICONDEROGA, N. Y. A WINNER Can Not BEATEN Step out in your Peters' Bostonians You will be ahead of the other fellow. C. V. PETERS CU. GLENS FALLS, N. Y. Compliments of MIN ER 81 PRICE GROCERIES AND MEAT Phone 43-370 .ab ,551 lVlALANEY'S GARAGE ANIDIJVERY Storage, Cars Washed, Saddle Horses for Hire McCormick We w Street Phone 3 To the Graduating Class of Ticonderoga High School ish you success and happiness and ma Ideals you have formed serve as lasting guides for your future GGNRONS PHARMACY Ticonderoga, N Y y the Mc-Neal Grocery and Provision Co. TICONDEROGA, N. Y. Dealers in Groceries and Meats Prompt Delivery Phones 61 - 62 If It's Lumber or Coal Say So To PoND LUMBER AND CQAL CO. A N 0 Long Waits No Short Weights Phones 127-30 ' 2 THE GREATEST OF ALL JOYS Is Creating the Possibility of Having Things LEARNING how to save dollars is the foundation of a possi- bility. WHEN you save as much as you cang WHEN you educate yourself for the greater thingsg WHEN you keep track of the small things and have a bank account to do it With, you will accomplish whatever you set out to do. USE our bank for that purpose. TICONDEROGA NATIONAL BANK TICONDEROGA, N. Y. F. T. McDONALD, Cashier Nathan Smith ' Clothing Furnishings Ticonderoga, N. Y. Haw bf M Compliments of Towne' Bros. Garage -l'L if .3 .. " A V K NA W 1,6 N A 1 -:wa 1 . :,, , -, . 4 Q M' V I 1- ' W ' ""'M '45-V . 1 ' "- v ff' eq, -r ' ' . . , -. , I , A 1 , . -v A55 f Q iw., I. ' g ' . .- av K V V J ,, Y f . g H, e ,...M1!? V ' . Compliments of Compliments of WHITE STAR Dr. K. J. Bowers CANDY CO. COMPLIMENTS of Every student should own B A S C O M S ' - the always reliable H. L. simpkins, Prop. Waterman Fountain Pen Hardware Glass S Paints 8: Oils Sold By Guns 8a Fishing Tackle Charles L. Ross, Radios 8a Supplies Druggist Phone 50 Ticonderoga, N. Y. N-'ml-I". I Adkins SI Scott Q GRAND UNION S Can help you with- U E z z Breakfast Grocery Stores Dinner EA Inc. Supper E L V 5 E 2 Lunch I West Exchange St. I Picnic Wigwam Bldg. Banquet :T C, E Ticondemga : , or any other function Y E where good food is desired. n 1 : Just phone 75 or 76 Compliments of M- J- WILCUX THOMAS WARD Furniture Sz Undertaking The Newspaper Store Ticonderoga, N. Y. 2 Ticonderoga z New York may " f "Wi 4 .- , . .. ' "' , L A , 5 , M ,1 7 7 r . W i Air W-f V, .. J - ., , Mayan- -H 16- 41- f COMPLIMENTS of L. A. Clements Chas. H. Ferguson American Oil and Gas Groceries, Sweet Milk Sz Cream Ticonderoga, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS of SID ROSEN Huestis Co. INC. Hardware and Sporting Goods Atwater Kent Radios - who -W ei ,A . Congratulations and Best Wishes As you step across Threshold of Life at This Time We Want To Take The Opportunity To Say To You: "GOD SPEED" May Life Hold For You Only the Best Health, Happiness, Prosperity, Enough for All Your Needs and an ever Abiding Faith in the Future of This Great Land Of Ours The Troy Business College Can train you for a better Business Position, then will place you in excellent employment with steady ad- Vancement. Consult Warren, Aderhold Xz Backensto, They will advise To Your Interest Boardman Building Troy, N. Y. V, -f ,sgvff ff- 'fi df, A I , in 1 , 4 -E I 2 - X: - 2 ? 'Y E in C ircle the l1Jop'1d f 2 Q Q' Sport wztlz 1 , ' Q, s ,djj.fZI.,, Q' 52 state Street Y i E ALBANY 5 V Sf. 2-X. Hlranrr Ci FINE .JEWELRY Q ONDS-WA 3 HIGZ-4 CLASS REPAIRING DIAM 61WEST excv-4,-.Noe smear -ruoounsnocb., N v '49 f'41Q at DQ4..sw'fTfl- Q .S if 14 , A, 'xi '2"-""'1' ,.,,.,.. . y ,z if ,::,:A-,,:f:,.:,. f"-E., -'-- : ,,,. Q .. 5. ,,,. A H , I' 'Z Q' "':,g:::i,5j4:.,!- , 'I'-ye:-5 lj ' i ' Q 9 we carried in stock by the following in Ticonderoga Drake Sons Department Store Conron's Drug Store Ross' Drug Store Cunningham's D111 Store Lee's Variety Store "The New Store"-Thomas Ward ' Miner and Price ' Adkins and Scott DIXDN i ,, "Tl'CON'DER'0GA An extraordinary Eve cent pencil Pencil Sales Department JOSEPH DIXON CRUCIBLE COMPANY r Jersey City New Jersey 1827-ONE HUNDREDTH YEAR OF DIXON SERVICE-192'7 ,V ACKNOWLEDGMENT To those who have so kindly helped in publishing this, our first annual, we wish to show our most sincere gratitude. Howard G. Spalding Raymond W. Nash Members of the faculty Mrs. P. Paris Grover 8z King The Merchants of Ticonderoga and of Glens Falls The entire high school. Carillon . .it 5, 1 V. ' H I E P ' 1' L 2 5 BENTON 5 E REVIEW SHOP E z fm me f Fowleg. Ind. I w 1+ -. ,fqwm f 'W v , W K A'-:A nn JS. mg-,',m-. 4-'-4 1- ' W, ' -' m ' ..m.-4: - V. -, - :Jw ,-' 7'2:1'1'f -- T9 25.1" '.fi:"F4 'Z 'Sha ' . M14-+u 4'w: A 5' ' "f 3-35' W " ' 2' th-' fn , k ' aiHL.wv,:',- H K ,,..:f f-2.-'.,,wwv 7 uw f.-1.1 J- , . lr , - . ,' - ,.-,,. , , V ., r ' llv mg'-fi-,,.aL,.S,-,X , ,. . , . D yJ,,,v. U F 1, f ,.,v ya Af-A -- A , V L N 4-, . lqxv .4 - Ju Y, , rl-U., ,,, 1 Lew' " + 5. if L 1 A ' ' wx 4 f,,. ., . ,,z'e1.A.v. -13' 'gy f 9714 'Rf f ' . '- -fP'.'v..x ' -f .Z " w AMC ' 1 ,J,flf-N35 'A Cul... .- A- - ,L f X gy' --Ffa? - j 2?-fi, - r,.xfy,'e 1 Q' "' "'L"f"L 1 1 ..,:-, , w- If si ,SI-,J 1 . Q' a. , ,psf 4 1 A-35, I' " if 'Lv e ' ,mrmff 53 'ffzffsl' 'Biz x M ' w Ev' v 5 L , . + is -1 f. ' X v I 5 n I 'I .4.:N...J.., .. . 4,1 L . , .f. .-...,.......,.,......., ., - , , 1, , . .1 K. . ,S .. ,L ' Arr- ev . , 5 , of 'z ,QA 1. v 1 7v ,4. f i., Q fag, A s 1 . 4. 5 ,.,A,L,. Ie I 1 '11 ,x Xe, - .1,.', WJ-.., VV,-5-.,v:5w:41Qf..-.ff-..-22?'.,.-::11:L:,Q:.L-..--4.,Q,74.' A-lr K L., an-my X . . , , , , MY. , ,V . ,lx . f '- , . W, ,u f 1' f Q. f if ' af-- I 1 -1" ir" ""

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