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i 1 I i 4 I Y I T . if 3 1 I 1 l - i i 5 . i - L V A i . i E Q I I s WESTERN PACIFIC 1965-1966 USS TICONDEROGA QCVA-14j CARRIER AIR WING FIVE USS TICONDEROGA QCVA-14j CARRIER AIR WING FIVE WESTERN PACIFIC 1965-1966 THE YEAR GF ENGAGEMENT Q Wahl. THIS BOOK IS DEDICATED TO THOSE WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES IN THE SERV- ICE OF THEIR COUNTRY. lqii 451 qi' 'ff no 44N or F 7 fi 9 l pac? I X ' 43 XXX J ,f ', ' cmfsns fy gfgif W t Xi? m - QQX X fl -41 Q K' My 44 gx .. Jyjf Xvjf 6 fl 'll z E- - -. V fi 1 I. ll '1 llllll! l HU l" , "' :"'2-,-1 fr' Q Lvlfiitwllll-N, 111-Xilhilln llfvwllwlglllt 1 ,ll l1'1'i'?Q5lg,,ll" fill'-wllflll it it fl' 1 f'1lls-':ll, 'l""ll' 111491 11 1 9 i 'illllyllll lu ,i'll lr1iWii" 1 ' . wi. --.-..- N 'I 'If-1 I "X , A! Ay ll -f, 'Wlllllll ixjwl fr is 'iif fi' 1 e 517 ' 'E Elllgmwf 1 S , " Qi jg!! S ig ru 1, Tig Q H- 1 9 X XS XO X -ex X- XX 9 1 url If li X ex R , e - 1 CONTENTS Preparations 1 1 The Pilotls Story 38 Special Guests and Visitors 49 Official Guests, Ceremonies and Events 67 Air Operations 82 Unreps 95 Divisions and Squadrons 107 Ports of Call 161 Personnel 192 7 lw l I iii PREFACE A book of this nature is rather ditiicult to tie together under a single theme. The most commonly used method is to follow the cruise chronology. This device was felt to be insufficient for the 1965-66 Cruisebook. The purpose was to commemorate the year of engagementg the Ticonderoga in the act of war. Anyone who has participated in that event will always want to remember how he served his country. Do not look for an exact evocation of everyone's life during the cruise, this book was not designed to be a diary. Only the high points are touched. It is bad psychology to admit one's errors but some were unavoid- able. Special mention of OC, V-1 and V-5 are required at this point. Their at-work shots did not print. Other errors are not known to us at the present time. We will be aboard for the next cruise so please don't feel any hesitation about pointing them out. Perhaps your criticisms will make a better book next year. Nonetheless the business of a preface is not apologies. We're too happy that the thing is done, and we hope you will share our en- joyment. j.G.S. 9 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The staff for the 1965-66 Cruisebook consisted of James G. Sofko, editor, and Eugene White, who handled sales and distribution. Special assistant to the editor was John H. Bates who did all layout for the individual shots. Photo credit goes first to the Photo Lab, with special mention to Jose Rivera and Jerry Mersand. The winner of the Photo contest was Richard Jernigan of the COMCARDIV 9 staff. Other contributors were as follows with last names only: Page page Page Page page Page Page Page Page Page Page page Page Page Page page page page page Page Page Page Page 10 50 54 62 63 58 59 162 167 170 171 172 173 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 185 184 191 Spellman in Wardroom-Runge, Mass-Runge, Captain Miller Greeting-Toneray, Father Zemites with-Pikich. Martha on Flight Deck-Runge, on Forecastle-johnson. Kay Stevens-Chapman. Hope as a Beatle-Pikich. Anita Bryant-johnson, Bob Hope-johnson, on the 20th Green, and the Match-Pickich. Duffer-Chapman, Island Structure-Guzman, and Miss World USA-Guzman. Dragon-Geary. Golden Gate-Yamashita, Cable Car-Geary. Welcoming committee, sunset-Pikich, Tico at Ford Is- land-Guzman, Waikiki-Myer. Waikiki at night-Runge, Waikiki beach-Pikich, Fort Derusi highlight-Myer. Reflecting pool, Summer House, Dancers, market-Guz- man. Treeclimber-Pikich. Landscape, Hut-Yamashita. Sunset-Yamashita. Olongapo home, streets, shadows-Guzman. Manila-Guzman, Independence crowd, Casa Blanca- Pikich. American Memorial-Childs. Bus-Flewelling. Buffalo and children-Runge Guide- Pikich, Rice field-Pikich, Buffalo and men-Pikich. Vista with sailor-Flewelling, Market place-Owens, Trees, 19th hole, and old woman-Flewelling. Dolls-Myer. National Gymnazium, interior-Bishop. Tower-Con- treras. Ginza-Runge. German Bridge-Toneray, Imperial Palace Pikich. Datsun-Pikich, Temple stairs-Contreras, Kiymizu Tem- ple-Yamashita, Sacred Torii, sunset-Yamashita. Tent City, sampan-Flewelling. 1 Y YI ,rv .li- ixlw., . .:,.-1MMmm- W A ,if Li. X! 9 1 iz,-,. r, .!, J ng, .ri 1 I ua' . S., g, 34 2 as YK- Q-new wx sa 'r'k'w6 1' Q 401 In li AVL? , I. t. ki. Q-:amz . ill , Q L Il' 1 , '21 T f.44.4,:Q" Q1 J W I gfmfywfww ,x,,wf:ggf,3, gf 'M' Y M,,A,..,,,,,,r 3, .nv- ,L l, LH., iwpmmwwwa, , L V ,nw mwmyfrwmw-aww WWW Ht 94-www W -xii-vw? E E 3 2 E 3 M X , 'YP A--.MQ -....m H 'K ' 3 vff fi Wi! NJ' 7 5 . in ..p. 1-, . l UN' '1- 5 4.1 . -+A N .,, x x .RN " --W-4, Z' - use S2 if ,- -, ., ina: ' un ig.-. as Er Ox ,,- n N-4 uw wg -s u ,... NX- ZA. Q x 5 s 5 Q JQIZ.. .. ..-.......u-.rf-re-rv-S-uf'-1"iHf?"?" '-- ' ' "' ' If ,ii JQEEEPPFFFF , hile in the San Francisco Naval Yard Ticonderoga received major repairs to her hull and machinery. The engineering plant was reworked in many critical areas. Some equipment was replaced for the first time since the ship's original commissioning. We were one of the few ships to ever come out of the yard on schedule, and all things considered we were much the better for the work, and the liberty. 13 ' ,, I 1 Q " ? W ' - gm-:A . ' 1 X 1 i W X 3 I A x 'R ' 3 l'j If S ' ' 2 'W V Adpiyz, an U . ,, f,, ..,f,,mw . ,M N, mwfwsx'-rmowffw 1 , -Q- ' Uf,,,M,,WN, W W, 3 i M- wwwdfzne-,www f I4 f ff , ,W w . If ,M X 4,-fwl 1 ,,,, ,W wt., 4 Unfortunately we could not show pictures of the ship's hull. Those shots, while interesting, are classified, The lower shots give you an idea of the night they took the plug out of the drydork. We didn't sink, whirl: really came as a small surprise. up 1 Y im 3 1 s l 1 s X Q 'fl 4. M N 'S Ji , , Vw- sm 'M W, vii I u 5 L it Q ..nngl...m-...un-:4m.amL - V 4 - I CHA GE GF CQMMA Our Change of Command ceremonies took place in the San Francisco Naval Shipyard while Ticonderoga was still undergoing overhaul. Captain R. N. Miller succeeded Cap- tain D. W. Cooper as commanding officer. It fell as Cap- tain Miller's job to wrap up the overhaul and prepare Ticonderoga's crew for the enormous task to come. His success and that of the Ticonderoga can be measured by the fact that his ship never once failed to meet a commitment while on the line. if A xanax: 3 as 5435? ,. - mfwf , , W. K :mv , Ei Umm www'- a A TICO DEROGA WIN THE "Ev Once again, the fourth time in five years, Ticonderoga won the Battle Efficiency "E" for the period 1964-65. This was merely a formal way of acknowledging a fact that we had known for some time, namely that Ticonderoga was the best ship among aircraft carriers in the Pacific Fleet. Secretly we feel that her excellence extends into the Atlantic but we don't boast about it. The coveted "E" was presented by Vice Admiral P. D. Stroop and accepted on behalf of the crew by Capt. R. N. Miller. Also winners were Communications and Operations departments, both cited for exceptional efficiency. 1 2 1' t jf 4r,,'H If Q I WH: 2 ' '7 fa 'I f . ' ,nf '. , 5 .2 ,B V s wb n . V BAE? u x . 1 . --, 51:44 . 9 F. 'mr' ., Q' .1 1?-J . A 1 . I Y, , Y- ' b -W H M..?'fi" ' b W - f--f V - .. 2-::' N ' La '-G' , . . 'Z ,,-, K,' 5 S L' Aa-0 44 M w,.wnu yfgg' "5-K,-ff' ,sw 1 s 7 1 PARTY K C 11 wif 'kv ,W 'K WWW This was an informal occasion designed to acquaznt everyone wzth everyone else Ens Carruthers merely got a lzltle better acquaznted than most 4 ,i I I 1 me Q I ' 5 I ' kkh, E453 1 1: 9 i. 1 E W X ., Y W 1 Q s s 3 1 l 24 I il :gl 5, fX X ., , .s so feuwwh , 4 ,,., FORMAL BALL W --.f' A formal ball has to be taken seriously. In spite of that everyone seems to have had a smasbingly good lime. C7 . wg 25 ,mm ne f afwffwu awww EQEE fv Kfglf' A 414059 iff LN-an nv- :vs 4325 - ww '?'- 4 fx' 'fm-4 fqgnwe l "'5'3 . ! , 1 if ,www in ,f MX , L, ,ww f A, 1+ , ."V+ i Ji. lf, M 1, X ,, WIIA M, ,qw ' wil an giiiw 1 1 -QW, WN , '5 fi f W. Q X Q-,, uf' 'QQ ,g , Q , , .,.- X., M MW! Rf 5 2 , K f, ' J' xx ' W 4 K A 4, 2 Q 1 fvs "'k" fzxw 4, HN VR W 1 a I I 5 i x i I 1 I 1 if Q ,P Mm aw, n-"Af: Nxta ...w"' .ai Q-qua W N,,L,L3,,,x ,wv 'K , M ff ff 'Mw,w,-W 'W-ar' 6,5 .4 I A M ' 'ik A ' J W W M ' ' 5' 'Q A W M "'W f 'Me e JJ' M, Q af 3 ' f FINAL PREPARATIONS 5 lii ff' is Al, 'Y .fy Q ' X ,. N51 x X W f ,--z-:-v:- :F-....-,-3-11-5.--wr.,-.,,..,,.....Q TI CON DEROGA DEPARTI N G f" i 'VT GOO BY' GOOD BY! D A s Q 5: f WQQLW K-Q. x xx L' Ap ,U I Ii X A -Adi' 1 N 1 vrw .r .,,,Mgg M 1 f f 9 1 M an W , .Ai . 4 ab., , i f V' X , fi W . Q 'wi' warns ,fd Sw 'jwiw THE PILOT,S STORY Feature by john Bates Since naval aviation began, man has mad?-greet Sffldgs m the combat airplane: its construction, its capabilities, its mission. The men who fly these war Chariots of the sky out of necessity have had to advance with their machines. The evolution from the intrepid pilot of World War One vintage biplanes to the highly trained technician-aviator of the giant globe-girdling jet bombers of today has been nothing short of remarkable. One breed of flier is employing the latest in modern war tech- nology and flight strategy in the Vietnam war effort I0d2Y- HQ 15 the Navy attack pilot operating from the mobile airbase of the high seas, the attack aircraft carrier. I . LT fj.g.J Robert W. Sturgeon, a fledgling 24-year-Old Pllof of Attack Squadron Fifty-six QVA-565 aboard the attack carrier Ticonderoga is such a pilot. A redhead from Atlanta, Georgia with a deep southern drawl and a quick sense of humor, Sturgeon jockeys A-QE Skyhawk jets twice daily in raids over hostile Viet Cong installations in Vietnam. His daily routine seldom varies: it's mostly hard work-and risky. His job is to deliver his bomb payload on target and return to his mother ship. . Bob Sturgeon has undergone intensive training in such technical fields as aerodynamics, higher mathematics and structural mechanics to prepare for his job. His ability is exceptionally high, his dedica- tion absolute. He is bound by the Navy Flier's Creed: "I am a United States Navy flier. My countrymen built the best airplane in the world and entrusted it to me. They trained me to fly it. I will use it to the absolute limit of my power. "With my fellow pilots, air crews, and deck crews, my plane and I will do anything necessary to carry out our tremendous responsibilities. I will always remember we are part of an un- beatable combat team-the United States Navy. "When the going is fast and rough, I will not falter. I will be uncompromising in every blow I strike. I will be humble in victory. "I am a United States Navy flier. I have dedicated myself to my country, with its many millions of all races, colors and creeds. They and their way of life are worthy of my greatest protective effort. "I ask the help of God in making that effort great enoughf' Sturgeon was commissioned ensign in the U. S. Navy in 1963 after graduating from Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in aerospace engineering, He attended flight training school for nearly two years. "While in college I learned how to build aircraft." Bob says, "I learned to fly them in the training command." His first assign- ment after flight training was VA-125 where he was introduced to the A-4 Skyhawk. His second assignment was VA-56, a unit of Carrier Air Wing Five, presently operating off the USS Ticon- deroga CCVA-141 in the Pacific. He has been flying strike missions over Vietnam for three months. The plane he pilots is a single place, light-weight bomber, the smallest jet-powered combat aircraft ever built for the United States. The stubby A-4E is 39 feet long and has a Wing span of 27 feet. The plane carries a two-ton payload at speeds of over 600 miles per hour. An average day would find the junior grade lieutenant hustling through the early morning: reveille at 0600, shower, breakfast, possibly a chat with his fellow pilots in the oflicer's wardroom. His hrst briefing for the day goes at 0700. This day finds him preparing for a major strike at 1030. "The morning briefs give us the big picture of what to expect in the target zone," says Sturgeon. "The pilots are given the weather forecast around the target area, enemy and friendly forces distribu- tion, and 'rules of engagementf " Rules of engagement specify just how the pilots are to attack. At 0800 the pilots gather in the squadron "ready room" for a secondary briefing. "This," explains Sturgeon, "is where we find out how our 'hop' will be conducted-what radio frequencies will be used, emergency procedures and plans of attack." Sixteen A-4's forming four flights of four Skyhawks each will bomb a railway bridge in North Vietnam. One half hour before the flight, Sturgeon dons his flight gear. This bulky outfit includes an oxygen breathing unit, a life vest a survival vest, a torso harness for the parachute, an anti-"g" suit, a portable emergency radio transmitter-receiver, pistol, ammunitiogi and a crash helmet. Altogether it weighs about 50 pounds, Dressed he works his way to the flight deck via ladders, goes through ati inspection of his A4 with an enlisted plane captain who maintains the plane and then clambers into the cockpit. The signal to Start the jets is given 15 minutes before launch. "A flight deck .full of strike aircraft preparing for a launch," relates, Sturgeon, ts quite an impressive display of Amefj might.' Flight deck personnel are rushing about making last mining Photos by jose L. Rivera checks and counter-checks. Loose gear and tools are tied down or put away-a hammer or chisel could become a deadly missile if caught in the exhaust blast of a jet. The deafening crescendo of 20 jets turning up lends an air of immediacy to the operation.. The 42,000-ton Ticonderoga pivots slowly and majestically into the wind to aid in giving the planes the air speed needed to lift them aloft, The jets, one after the other, are positioned on two powerful steam catapults forward and launched in rapid succession. One can feel the carrier shudder as 125,0?0upounds of thrtlilst slams the aircraft off the ship-one "cat" at u power can t row an automobile one mile in the air. Bob Stur eon is the eighteenth pilot to go off the cat. He taxis into positiong and his plane is hooked up to the catapult harness. He jams the throttle forward to full thrust andqchecks out his cockpit instruments. "Here's where I get a bit excited," -says Stur- geon. "The cat shot that begins each hop has a sensation all its ownf' Sturgeon salutes the catapult officer signifying he is ready for launch. The cat officer returns his salute and signals the cat crew to fire the catapult. In a little over 200 feet, the 23,000 pound A-4 is accelerated to 175 miles per hour and launched' into the sky. The cat shot takes about two seconds and Sturgeon is busy raising his landing gear and flal-ps as he scans the horizon searching for the other planes in his f'lig t. Si htin his fli ht ahead, Sturgeon joins up and the planesg headg for the gcoast of North Vietnam. "The carrier is usually 100 or 150 miles from the coast," reveals Sturgeon. "Today it was closer because of the distance to our target." The planes fly at about 400 miles an hour until they reach the target zone, The pilots approach the railway bridge ag :Lbout 10,000 feat. "We be an to ick up some flak as we neare t e target," reca s Sturgeori "ThePmuzzle flashes were clearly visible on the ground and the shells left small gray-black puffs of smoke as they exploded around our aircraft. Since we were constantly changing our altitude, heading and airspeed, the gunners on the ground couldn't track us. Only a lucky hit could have downed us. "As we rolled in on the target, I didn't have time to worry about enemy defenses-my hands were full just concentrating on delivering my weapons on targetf' Accelerating to over 500 miles an hour, the A-4's swoop down on the railway bridge and release their loads. They level off by about 3,500 feet, pulling five "g's" in the process, and streak out- bound for the coast. "We were 'jinxing' or flying irregular flight patterns," Sturgeno says, "all the way back to the coast today to elude enemy retaliation." One A4C pilot from VA-144, a fellow squadron aboard Ticon- deroga, did not make it back this day. He was shot down by enemy anti-aircraft fire over the target. h "After we reached the coast," Sturgeon recalls, "we headed for ome." Sturgeon approaches Ticonderoga in a landing pattern making a large orbit of the ship to begin his approach to the carrier's flight deck. "We're on a frequency with the landing signal officer who guides us down, but a flight deck landing is strictly solo. It's the pilotFwho hanqleshthehcontrolsf' Sturgeon explains. f " rom on ig , t e carrier's fli ht deck looks the size o a P09386 Stamp," says the young pilotgult doesn't look much bigger from astern as you approach for the landing. Unlike a stationary runway, our 'landing platform' isn't always steady. A carrier some- times pitches and rolls in heavy seas." Sturgeon makes the approach at approximately 150 miles an hour-slow enough to be caught by the arresting cables on the flight deck, fast enough to take off again if he misses. Today Sturgeon snags the number two arresting cable on the first try is thrown forward violently in his seat as the plane is slowed to a stop in two seconds from 140 mph. He taxis forward I0 ahuparkgng area," climbs out of his plane and goes down below to t e rea y room. After the flight Bob Sturgeon will go down below to the ship's air intelligence office to a "de-brief." Here he gives a run-down on what he experienced on the mission and his opinions-both pro and con. Sturgeon will probably take an hour or so break for coffee after the de-briefing. Later, he may find time to write a letter home- AI 1330 the flight routine begins again for the afternoon hop scheduled for 1550, ."Why' do I fly?" asks Sturgeon, "Well, it's like this, I like flying and I like the Navy. Out here 'on the line' I get a lot of personal satisfaction using the skills and training I've acquired for some tangible reason-to support our national policy." KH :?'!5?:t,.-,.. . Am. 'wx , 45,1 fi v .y-9, . ,fry Left. A natural rutup, Sturgeon makes a mockery of a dry Navy. "What a time for a beer."' Right. Going through a .vuiting up every hit as intricate as that required for Medieval armor he grabx a few minute: when he doe.vn't have to think. , ,wt ,W , i nf , , W , f. 5,-wwyy 1 3. ,Vp f A . H .4 , Y .wgasyw ' .Ju 1 7'-f JYW M' ,ew f 1 A ig - if '1l I I K.,V VVKL- K- , Left, A penxive Sturgeon ascend: the escalator to hix plane waiting above. Below he checks his ar- mament before entering the A4. ,S , bv. 5. X xx n ' 1 f J K ' f f 1' ' i if A J A . , , X ' --main gi v AN fa. .M SZ' 3 ,A , , ,, 1 f, Nm u ?? Q Q Q WM ,Ey- x J V 1 ' gf l 21 , 3- , - .,.x, W, .f ,Tn f M .nx, , X1,L 1 . . ,, , W by M 1 cf H I a i i K a .K fo f' I 4 .flgffp ' 'z X , A I pg. fw.a,f 4,1-Z . Af W , .-J' , fi-, THE WAR CLOSE I These photos were taken hy a member of the ship's company who spent a tour of duty in Saigon. His interest in the war is active and vigorous. All of his off duty hours were spent on patrol or investigating the hatlle area. His photos have a journalistic flavor about them, and his camera is the dispassionate, all seeing eye. Because it was considered inappropriate to take personal photos of the ground war in Vietnam his desire for anonymity has 57 been honored. ' je f X 31 1" 2 f av 1 , , 3 ,J 3 49 P J ,, MM K w if 25 X' 'fiiig 0 K f A: 3' t LZ 5' xg f J avi V1 X 444 K Qaka 1 I is a vsp., ' 4.01" Ji igsa W ,t I rx aim' bg Mk ry,-za' -,fx 2'-414-W ag' N T K ' 'u P 41, I r1'fc3'Xff 3 f ri JTXL xx UW' he f! ' ,,, K ,Q 1 fuk 41.1 ,Qu , V- 1 lx ' 'Q 1- 5-svn? s S V-UQ v ANR if We .1-G". X rf: IWC? gwagmw ng 88 :R fgggy Lifffb Ziff?" 44 me 'fgpwgffjff J 55' s,-1 npfxiawi iz 'nfl Y 'Hi f 'tb i' gg an fx A ' 1 X K 1 7 'A rdf :W ' MW 'L f if agapg. no if ,fs AM rw ,yup-H Irs' " I gl!! XIX Vf 1 Wm ,lffggx We at . ,ff .vw-vv ,1 ' X 4 I T X, -'-ay! 'QA vs 2 xx, 11" S J-fffls M' W f3.fr,-QF www. fc 15" ef 57f,gf""u-5.1 Lthgqiqk' ?-Lf -Q25 at lsr -Q-cs: ...ff sim s5A."i?gff-vflib, 2.95556 4? Km ...1-ass..-w?, .5 fb sz-Q iagmff 2 M3 .35 " y v3 XL. k sq 3 4 3-, V Q, L 7 v ' 'cg 1. ', xy: 5: 'L a ' .Q li . . ' 15 s o as 1 on T ww 1.ffr,,f f' 'f R f' 'fy 3 19 'I i i max , - ig, X 71 f .,f' Y .-. ,Qin 'J' 5 N f f yi '- 1, 1, 'f Q c .- My .4 . 'e r 1,'.,.' ,Q 1- ,, .. n ll 4 1 . - . f ,E -s .V , ,.., .vs r I 35 x fly? by s .fu ryq xxx., . .Q f, Q Y? V Z , , I pkg- Wi Wfiww ,. 'gy R V ,Vis .Ly W I . if , 3 if. gf N ff, 'X 124' 5 , . f 31 .- ,F V' L'. 4, rv., '. , j N if " wi" f t .3 7 .5 Jw -ff f fd, -, 4- ,gf n i . -1 . . In K , ff Hr -ff 4.9 . f 'f,1' f T' A ' - -. , Vela, t . t ' , ,iy , yfvfww A 'ff 9... Nigw, f:f.f,fZ , , .- s- wrt' ' ,lk -L' 9 fs 1 vi I . 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A' ff' ' Q 2.17-5 -fg. 1 l :xl :J Siam: 1:nt3.k.u Vlrfiheigv ,f -. ag, V V yr ativlvv , ,T J If .W xl' " 1- -ra .. iiffflw Kicks' -sg '.-' .ft 3.1 " ., rf ' N' P N .. 46 """ x ,.-nf" ,gd M,-nf' f M 2 L.. , s 4 K The pbolos on ilaese pages show a patrol in Ike Mekong Delta region. The prisonerx on the right are Viet Cong, the one farthest left Iurned out io be a young woman. f"'1f"'lhq , '?N,'-1 fx' 'fl ' 1, '2 Mm gum- Q' .iwgstews 'Q X nal If .,.-M l X 5 1 i ,. 5 4 0 l I , J s I ,,.- rw .W -av '-M A W,- 9 -.. av i ' -Q ' 'f new "'c"" 'G-iw' may Ifyfm ggw M fmf' if mf' 4 ann I 3 nw Q ,iff yn x," qty Q. 5' T K1 my if JP " gn uv' lf GMM uw 44" 1. x 4 few 414, fwsisaf N aww 49,5 wud 12:2-k Thu zs a Vzelmzmese lramzng camp for underwater d olzlzan teams The currzculum zncludes guerrzlla tactzcs and band to hand combat 1- ying W. f Q. i f W ea ,A , I w 'A - if I K, 5. , ' .frxta . -2'-1 A, :F '13-'-M .. K Lf, 13' Emi ,Q - N J f N - . . , , em' .5 5 V ,V rig RL' I I x , ' A V H ,. M E A , ,Q ,KE ,V Vklv ' , Q - 313. , W f" ' k "' ff , ' K . . .. .f- A -,I Q . ,V - I g -- ,, !, F ,7 , - 4 M H H . - L., I - ,gm -A -4 ,, f ,:, QM 'M N , ,N f . ' ' f ,, S- ,. , ,M V "" , , W Nl' ,Q " . bf 1,14 ' 'f ' , ' ' ' 'K " 'f - ' , ' ff K K "A M ' " 1 'J ff V W K M ,aww messy WV ' , . 4 11' .. " W , ,.. ' ,f , Q Aw ,, ' W 4' ' M -' A A ' . . , W NW.. ' " we ,,,,,, ,K . ' ' ,mf f 2 ., ' . M W , ' , f,,,j,f- " -I . V Lf' . ,x R A f ,f 1, A ' " K, V. 4 l ,f ,M , T, . ' A fu" jr W , 'V M n W - - , ' J "' uf nf K ,, , . , use ,, M, W K- - v . ' , 9 N 4, W ' W i. ,5 - W, - ,A W V an- , I W mn M We - . .. it 41, ' ' g Q, f . 'wr A A-, WL .. ,. V ' 4 . 'V I . Wg , ' , . - W 'jim N -- ' . H I . .9 i L . W N . .gm 'V' , - ,I 5 , A, . ,V -Y 0 qw 'Uh , 0 -, M if h A ff A gfwww 1 WJ, ,Q Ji " I . " ' ' M-fr up ' , W ,, ,f " f , ':6 v' 'JA W 4 9 - ww... K ww, iz ma 5, m I ' A, 1, -nv . ' , , 1 Q- f' 0-' Wwy, "M - Q -Q T t ., . :if qt ,W 4, lj, .,,,, K, 'L 'V .4 f us K .. My A. I,-. Q' H. V. V A .44 . 4. ,wb N N , , A we , mr, QA' 'fx by W W ' if ' ,, 3 ' ' W' ., ' N, M F .gi , , , W kg ,K Us 3, ,,, . 'U , .. J ' 1 , M , ' P " L qv , W . , v 5 ,W A W A A . 8 . E.. y F' . ' ,f W 'P' A Y ' -f ' rv ,, , dw J N, ""' W' 'A " f' - XL M 'W , ':. --X - ' 1 .5 1 my 5 I , , ,A V , W ' - ' . .' ' ' , 1' ' ' f W 454 , - -f ,., ,,,"'. we Q W 'W , - f . K ,L . W Q X f , x 1 f' VISITORS CARDINAL E iconderoga crewmen spent the 1965 Christmas at sea but it was abundantly clear that we were not forgotten by the folks back home, for we were hosts to some of America's foremost personalities The came as - Y emlssaries of good will and lifted our spirits mightily First in importance and first in good will was H' is Eminence Francis Cardinal Spellman, Cardinal Archbishop of New York who Hew aboard on the second day of Christmas, December 26. Upon his arrival he was greeted by RAdm. Ralph W. Cousins, Capt. Robert N. Miller, and a host of Ticonderoga sailors. His eminence, whose advanced age enhanced the sig- nificance of his visit, offered mass in han ar ba h g y one w ile attack aircraft were launched to their targets in Vietnam. The sound of his words was often obscured b th y e roar of the jets but the meaning of his benediction was not lost on Ticonderoga's men, some of whom were fortunate enough to talk with him. Cardinal Spellman departed later that afternoon to continue his Christm ' ' ' ' Vietnam. as visit to American servicemen in 50 l TW.. ,, . gif, , - L, 41, X..., , ,, up Y . , . E My gg, ig, Q J I J 1 fi ?.,k,i,, ,U 1 , 'fn Q -A , if f 3, iw xy lf 4 4 , ,Z-X, W ,' 4 af , . f, f 452 - ,Q ip w I ,, , , A 'Sf 4, B' 1 , ,ww X, , as X 1 a ' 55. va M5 M' f! IQ A31 :Vg QW' 331 D - E? -" 'V : al.a+1f1f,,..., 75,355 - f M, fe N.-1 xi f VT in L f 1 52"-1 , 1 - Wk , ,' , ..x,:. 'ii izyfi H , ,,, a:4 , ' . 1' . ff 11 y r .2231 is 55:5 1 --Yi" Ney' -vw - rw '-. 2 -:N MVT. VKX .ifP'Lf."u 9" 5 52 6 ifiilzeyg ' - , , "r- '.!.,,'f:r' 4- .Air W . Ji- 'ay 'if if V NK N gm IL wi kip: 01:35 'f vfvf ' m Ifw.f1sw.,,.,v - gf-2 wil 21,1-fx Q , ,- ,Q .m 1 zz,-in ':. 1- ' , ., .. , ,. W- . .- . fm f gf- ----' Q, X N Em ,321 Milf ' 3 V F3421 , 'f , , -- ,. Lgfg, M., .V XX X ,L 3- if db. -K - 1 , 5' 1 '11 I if ' I ,sf in A if v xl K 1 'N ...fd HJ ," ' ' ,,,, ' 5 J .26 ' H "'-- . ,V. 5 ':,, 11 'gi B S Y Q.-A , X v 5-1- X 'va "X ,X Q! xx-1 X, 8 f" fif' 1 W ' ' gqgzxkw :CAL- W ,,f 'ff , . , - , N 1,153 21 gf 1, Tr X'x ,,...., , 1 f F,,.g"""N1f1, ': . ' . -rf - ' ' ilffrsi f di, , L 2 2 1' - MW , N- , 'v Hn, . U . -ELS X- 'mg x Qu F, I f sigh ' ' 1 ' :im 'xx K xllhi ,L I, ' x . 'S .,,,, W-, , ,, 4: , I .-. 4 he Bob Hope Christmas Show was a welcome relief from the schedule Ticonderoga had been keeping while on the line. It, like the Cardinal Spellman visit, and the Martha Raye show, was positive proof that some folks back home really did care what we were doing. We counted ourselves fortunate to have had the oppor- tunity to host these wonderful people. As these pictures show their very presence was an uplift. The Hope Show was a Public Relations heightg for a short time at least Ticonderoga was the center of all that attention that the great Hollywood star brought in his train. There was a great deal of work that made this visit possible, and certainly this is the appropriate place to give our thanks. Much of our appreciation muSt go to the PIO staff aboard Ticonderoga, at that time under the benign tutelage of Commander Drew Chevalier, the former Weap- ons department head. Before the show the troupe relaxed with the crew. We were a little nonplussed when they merrily said that ilaeir visit aboard Ticonderoga was a welcome relief from their busy, tiring, and dangerous schedule. That statement made us think how, in many ways, we really were lucky during the Christmas week of 1965. 59 1 ---.1,,.-U .........,....,..,.Y.......-Yf,,f?E,..,i.,.a,.i1Y::-iw.-9-.,1,:g, -,,. Y , ,V V, qg k V 2 ' , 1 16555,-as 1 Ig ' A V ' x ' t in Q Q P ,wj.., ,g ' - mr X , fi! , " A' 4 an I ' 'V iid' F J ,iv Y 1 - A N ,N ,, xg. ,h5ffW'f52f Q 3 fa ux ' ' fl, I, 7' ' . W Q- i Q, an A ,, , f r ji' 1? MV, g 7,2115 1 Q A 'nh I H 'fffif 3 ,, ww' A .Bid , .X f1aw+f"" -4,Q-:ff -fs ""Mezsni in - A gmf.?f532,F.? g ,' J ,W X i if I Ns r"' 'f x j ' X. ,N 52 'X i .53 v 'SW ui Q ' l 5,5 f ,t . f I ,K , ' -.L ., , I V . V1 V, ' v V A " X K 'i ' 5 i Af ' - 1 -5 fllsf- ,-1 :W ---fi . ,Mbna in.. . : , ,L L. 1 ,A i IJ if 93 I s.. X. 3 ,V :Yi 'l Q . -I . F , in f "nv I ' ra f vn"': Y U' f I ix - - . 'gkzifmil The show was a series of delights. The Leader, Bob Hope, wax in high good form, to say nothing of Kaye Stevens, Linda Battsa, Anita Bryant, and joey Heatherlon. I 62 F 1 ! I 9 av... By all counts Anita Bryant was the maxi popular member of the Hope troupe. Here the Sweetheart of Tico Ti caaxes a not too reluctant tiger Io share the spotlight. N 64 1 he Bob Hope Christmas Show landed on the Ticonderoga Hight deck on December 29. What a Christmas present! The actors and actresses made their way through hundreds of screaming, biting, kicking, pushing, happy Tico Tigers, all gathered in the smallest possible area to wish the troupe welcome. Also there, for the same purpose, were RAdm. Ralph W. Cousins and Captain Robert N. Miller, whose delight at the ac- tuality of having such notable guests was equal to that of the crew. Once aboard, the troupe, which consisted of actresses Carroll Baker and Joey Heatherton, singers Kaye Stevens, jack Jones and Anita Bryant, Miss USA-World 1965 Diana Lynn Battsa, the dancing Nicholas Brothers, Jerry Colonna, and Peter Leeds plus a support crew of it seemed thousands, lost no time getting around to visit. Strangely there seems to have been an untoward amount of hugging and kissing involved. Of course the show was great, something so eagerly awaited cannot hope to fail. There was only one incident to mar the otherwise perfect affair. Pilot LTJG William S. Brougher of Fighter Squadron 53 was nearly lost as his plane crashed on the flight deck the night before the show. Luckily he ejected in time, and for his quick thinking received a kiss from Joey Hea- therton along with world wide news coverage. in ay, ,ff Qgisw' em' 8 H ,wx , , ,ff ., 1 ,Q 1 Q f . 1 xy?-' -X 'Z ., A ,V fi " Vwvwh VW7, will W ff w,,.,w- , ,M - UW ,ii OFFICIAL GUESTS CEREMO IES AND EV TS -g Q ,,..,. V, Wit -. nf. t v U I M , . , M jg. W - X 4 1 , ,,,:,L,,. . W-my, INA, , .. ,MA ,. ff5x,,.v :V ,L . VT ' 'L '4 3, 5 u D ,' X .T,... ... 1 1 i l K . Q . f l 1 l I l l l L l l Y w 1 I L. A. VICE-ADMIRAL RAMAGE, Commander First Fleet, arrives for Weapons TRAEX. In addition to the special civilians who visited us to uplift our spirits, Ticonderoga was honored by dignitaries from all branches of oliicial life. They came to see the action of a CVA firsthand and to gather information about the progress of the war. Hardly a week went by when Ticonderoga was on Dixie Station that we did not host diplomats, Colonels, Governors or Congressmen. PIO was hard pressed just to keep a running count of their names let alone arrange suitable accommodations. We are happy to report that this stalwart ofiice never flagged, and it always did the best to present full and complete coverage. No one ever went away feeling that he had not seen enough. All departmentsswere involved as each provided its share of tour guides or whatever other services were required. Everyone was anxious to display Ticonderoga HI her best. Among the notables were Governors BABCOCK, BELLMON, ROMNEY, HOFF, HANSEN, REED, HUGHES, CHAFEE, SANDERS, and BURNS: Congress- men GRIDER, TEAGUE, DARIO, CASEY, GIAIMO, MACDONALD, REID, and Senator JOHN TOWER. Mil- itary visitors included Brig. Generals SPRUANCE, WIL- LIAMS, FREUND plus numerous Admirals and high ranking naval dignitaries. Ticonderoga was happy T0 have them all. S-I N -fd! 5 IB 59" 3200- iiill use 5310 23.39 5. W ,a an ,W 2 I if 5 5 a Zig ff ' 22 , N GOVERNORS VISIT Above. Cdr, Halshouser ex- plain: the finer paint: of navigation to Mai, General Putnam. Next page. Acting SEVENTH FLEET, Admiral Williams pays a visit to Ticanderoga. Below. Ad- miral Couxim and Captain Miller turn out to greet Commadore Bradway, ,,,, Wm.. f' f ' -Y--Y4+f .I , X, , jigx M , 9 , Q f, n X. 2 V hm " va' E fx my , rf Arcompanied hy General Heinlges seven ambassadors to the Southeast Asian Mission from Bangkok visited the 5 ,-Q Ticonderoga january 15, 1966. Many of them expressed relief at the respite in a tough schedule. They left look- ing forward to a hela excursion of the Mekong Delta plus a convoy ride through enemy territory. I5 ,NX O I 1 Z ,S gi 9 Q- w'h Q , 9 Qi K as O2 E 6: QD x K, I 22? 'N ' , si 1 fi, , A 5, Hi gg, KK 6 4 'f im CVW-5 CHANGE DF CUMMAND CDR. SNOWDEN IS RELIEVED BY CDR SNYDER CAPT. MILLER RECEIVES THE BIRD AS VA 44 MAKES HIM AN HONORARY ROAD RUNNER TICO MOKER ww" x . A .ff ' I , ,fn X Q '9 Q J Y . fi q M 2 ,, f , X J ff 41 if R, 1 fi XX .' WX ? Q M M K W , 4 Q ix 2 4 gwuf f' K L Q X. 1 ff' . mm .A ' , W,,f' K V: Y l 4 n X, i Y I xl'-" if 2 X X f XAAA A .EQ ' A ' Q 1 Q31 , gf? gf W 'f uw. '4 " ,xr M? -I :M i 1, Q Y' 'A s E1 ., W VX? Q fu J' yu 4 fn W 4 e 4 ,J 33 M 1 COOKIE FRGM ARIZO These men are enjoying the bene- fits of lbe Clairixlmas ,vpirit of their fellow Arizoniam. "Now all Ari- zonians lay up to the Flight Derk to rereive cookies." Q 80 I X Ls- SURVIVAL TRAINING su' may 81 I J ff VL F 74 . fi , Z f fi I V f 375 .31 lis- 90" -Minimum-vi rv-.gf--par 'wanna-uw' was uuubuuw' -au..'wav" ,pwmsn Q S mm ,N 9f,.,w.W...-, .W W, 1 2 ..,. . M ,f .A W . . 4 ,,,,, ,,fk f ,,.,,,,. W , 1 -.. h? 6.01 ' 2 ' Q Ep ' ww do 'f v f 1 W' , Q ' , fi ' QZZZ 29 A y ' ff , 4-'Q '49 1- A 1, , ' . 1 0, f, 4, 4 9 A , , A W 'W M 1 5,41 ,da 5 3 5 5 swf , Q f 1,1.,,"N,fw , -i u,g fL12 i4p23i1g., 5' kwzgfefff,pgfpffwlf H , ,,,, ,, ,.,, , - MM-W.v,mX ,, 5. :QL , f ,.,,,fy!4r11i ''W?YW'LMXWW?r5Si5ffK1w193iji3w4vflwviuwwuw "xl f WivQ7fi"'Tf W":'f'ffpm,5I1' iii f 5 f ,, I .,,, ., ,A .,,,W,,!,,,,, .MWMW Lmd:3,Mf,,w f -. ,uf f,fm -Y' ,AQJAA W- ff ..,, ,1 , - ,,,,f , .W y f H ' " " , Nlvfy-weM'ff'ffN" - f- f M lmff' -ww 'A-mg:-f ,..,..., ., M. H, r M ,,..-ffw-ww A+? .V,,M, ,,,,wk, he two jobs that involve complete teamwork are unreps and flight operations. This year's schedule was probably the most intensive Ticonderoga has seen since her commissioning. More sorties per day, more unreps per week. Fatigue was something everyone shared in equal amounts. This year we had unreps in order to have flight opera- tions. More ammunition was passed from ship to ship and ship to plane than ever before. Looking back at the sheer volume of work that made-up the 65-66 cruise is enough to make a man feel despair. But few did and Ticonderoga kept CVW-5 flying around the clock. W4 ,MWMf.4 "W-efff--... f I TWG EMERGENCY LANDINGS vm I . 1.,,-.nw V MW Wu. E '- N R 1 J 5 k Q ,.Q. I 'sk 4 'Ei V' , -5 A xx HS a. K K' 32 F- ,Q . N, 1 fag, . A-W" 3 ' ff' 'A,' V f' ,ff jig 2,1 ,nw 1. , ,, A V 'QM -f2,f,- , WJ 'if ,,.:?,-fgfE'fa'f X ' , 1 K X' J' fi X x bf.-I' r ,. I ,vw If ff A ,y ' A' ,. jf 1 I n Q . ,H 1.W11x4 , X Q -. my 4? F A 3 pw L X , 3l1fffff FAVORITE PLANE FAVORITE PILOT f W .,,1 ,,.. , X'53fiY:! ., w fwf . . . , vw, 4.1, 4 . 1 X, f , ,.., X , ix gf.: K Wai. . , , ,MZFV-'L' W ,ff M W- A 15,4 'Hemi V :Lk I Z 1 z 2 ,Y X as K ' ., Vx! is . 32539 r 7 V , un., -..., I ,,aw+saw"M 'QT' K M wwf-f -MW X 44 m UNREPS gl.. ff! .W NM.,-s if x 'Q O S I ,Q If ,W W, AN 4, ..,, .awk www, O ,vw in s 5 wi fr, ,fm N3 5 M, 'fmasilis A Q 9 , 3 A..mLAi? K r x , ff. 2211 517' Lk - . -.g::2.., Y W4-av a A.. 7 4 . xff :Qs Qig- "1 4 ff, 42 14? y fffyf ff f A J 'im gi , ,... x 1 1 f I 1 5' 1 5, , Li Y . .g 1 s :Q I y 1 XX ' Q 'Ng , ' 5 gl' X . XX . F y x wig ' f , , X P25 I mg K 'QS ...AA -- yu ' 1 -P - A' 1 5 I 8 1 , ' P I f N If ,mpg N' 'Wd' M ,Mg E , 7. . ., ,TW M Z, X - wu7:.'2-if 'F N x A , 1 .2..' I., vt Nw N95 aux Q f Q x nr 1, Y M,.,, xi MTE! W? " 5:1 ,f .1 531.1 ASQ 2 -- ,,M .A....i .-,?x. 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' -Q ' 'ff-' x ' , 9, , V ..V, Q V A 1 ..,f V K , vw, M M w H , mn X VF-5 1 -1 fl s Fi? 1 f f V f, . .sf 1 w 1 ' s ri qs 5 my ' , 5 WI I . , W 1 ' I Li X W ,U , 1 E38 ww.-.4.... 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Al night from Twin Peaks Mark-el Street wears a lasie ul gliller made no fess remarkable by life art tba! it is rapidly beroming Amerira's mos! ugly boulevard. Le t below. This is the view from Yerba Buena in the mid- dle of San Franciseo Bay. At dusk the entire peninsula seems to radiate ils own light. Right above. View from Coil Tower looking soulbeasl on a sunny windy perferl San Franrisco day. Right below. Looking wesf lou-ard lbe Pacifir and Marin. f f f f 1 ,wi . 2 JI Vi.. x W i Q , i Q '1 .H H" rv WH, ,, ,V H, 'E 2 FHIQ fn-... E Q 'E me 'I 1 N X I. f ? n " I 'u li gf! 51 fl 1 l W i 1 f I x Close zn San Franczseo has special znterest for the uatrh ful eye Far left above Cozt Tou er a ords an zntrzguzng fuxtaposztzon o square and round forms Mzddle left From Russian Orthodox to Buddhist this Epzsropal Cathedral pzr lured uzth zts rerlory hzgh on Nob H111 San Franrzsfo zs a :ity of all azths Left below Like a chame leon sunnzng ztself on a leaf thzs woman uas oblzvzous to the .fzdzvzty on the street below Rzght above Wzth zts hills and streets San Frantzsro seems to haze been hull! uzthout any thought for the honzontal The last tuo pzr tures need no comment Xl Wm-',,u. 5. NV f A ' lo 1 . . ' 1 I f . 4 - Z if .ww xx! , l,j4y:'.gaL A ' 1 I-512' " V. - ,, ,q.,,,Lg ,qu 1 49' Y-I 1 j . . .- . .4 1 ,, f ,'7 .A A: new 1' r-- .' w ,,- ' . y-in 4 v 1, A , Y' .N ,px ,,,,H'g.i,T:',f .,f: 1.471 83,-M ,, 3 ds.,-Q x -4' 'X 'A -fl f?J"' ,Q if ,nf ., ,'-J, ,ar .. f V. 3, 'U 1 ' r "ki, v K. h as 3,49 fvil: . A ' Q ,I ' ti: fs.-'pil inf. fy ' 2 ,, 5 , -V 1,..T:L H ,lk px. " 1 , 'f an ,U ' : xr, M A -1 . " 0- - - wk ' v..-? , nf 31,1 sf a I , F-I ug" 5 in-r 1 .Y W " 2 A ' w-,D ,' f Y 1 , 7 Y F . Q O 5 sas?-vs v - -'NTEQ' 14,-' ' ' -h 3' '54 fl ' " r-W' -x-' ,,.,,,.s. , ' , , ' 'PJ 1 , ' .z . 1 U . 4 "' 4, QF ' ' , if . - " 'f 12 . x. " 'K 7 . HJ 5'-1, 5 Q K L I 3' ,r - , .- . , . A ar- I N 4, . iq - wqdglwm 1- .O . -fd is ' 4-ff ' ' f ,Q 'of' ,, 4 7- s', o I ,l , - 6 ,- . 1, A v ,, ,.., ,,-- ,, I Q.. Q-:.,,..,z J hm -ff, 'Hs ,W - ' " fwfffr - V , ,,. ,Q gpgr,-A :sap 'Y , W 40- fk' 2. . 1 X 4"',4 V . ,..f' , , ' "' " 14 "W 1' .zf',,3 "' ,' ' ' V' any " f '---Q ..f'! rs L, .1 ,wg W, ' w 'O ,V K M G f , 6 A " kW3..4'f '-A -gf' V ' my ' V ,,,. v A W rd I . ' .P :ww . Q, 'A 1 1 W' , 7, NV Wai ,Q A In Q. fain 1 I A 'fc Ai' Y t F f - 'mr 4' ,M I 'swf ' -'fe fv, . A V, , 5, my 'ji A, 0 f - .V---6 f if an Q03 r rf' f f 1 4. ,X K .7 1 Hn W, ,, 0 ','-M2111 , My w A .- ,1. .,, , ' ,. , ' , li AN. , 53 5,41 153-Y1:1,.j54a:g:7gg5,:rg.1w"2f,q- f -- x I ' . ' ' , ' "lg, V. .Ag-1" '-lriu " Q,ff::."'ifCr,.:f ,W Y-.4 -- ,,u4m4,,M,,M, WM M, M ,W , ' A .. ,,,A,,,,,A,, , . vt-11. .::,,. 1 m,2f2QL1.1..,-gL:v.e4af5fL fibgshii-:SQ Q 4 :Ui ang. 'Qu Above top. From the sea Oahu promises to he the paradise of Everyman's imaginings. Above. Our welcoming committee was exactly what one might expect, Unfortunately they didn't stay around long enough to greet everyone person- ally. Right. Tieonderoga alongside. Below. Some were fortunate enough to catch a few minutes of late afternoon sun on the beach he- low Diamondheacl. -. .'r-l 'i-I' - uname v " ' ' f7i1iee,. 942.gif , ? . . have-I 4 Trigg 15 aa n the way from Pearl passing through some of the most enviable industrial slum areas this side of Gary, Indiana, the cab driver assured everyone pres- ent "This is paradise, no?" Even though he posed it as a question there could be little doubt that we were supposed to agree. Strange, because he had only to look at the con- gested highway, and the salt flats with their oily, city scum water to see that he was speaking a falsehood. Truly there is something false about Oahu, which seems to have raised from the ocean merely as a pretext for Honolulu's cancer- ous urban sprawl. While it is true that Hawaii's beaches are among the most beautiful in the world one must question their eco- nomic value, particularly when one IS lying in the shadow of a twenty six dollar a day and up hotel bill Somehow that shadow makes the view of Dramondhead very cheap indeed But, like everyone who comes to Hawaii we be gan to forget the falseness, and after a while we came to bel1eve To see the true beauty of Oahu, turn the page 'WW Above. Waikiki Beach as it is meant to be. Below left, If one has the truly advenlurou: spirit one can collect all varieties of tropical beach life, in it: natural habitat, or nearly so. Below. Waikiki al night. 1 x ,, ,H l 4 1 'w I N H W 1 wr I ' z N N 2 WA 1 , 1 Q. I , I 4- rr f . U' , 4 I 1 I il ' 1 li vi! .Y J fl ,1 5 172 Getting into the Hawaii we all read about. Above left, page 172. The Mormons were among the first and most successful missionaries, A large community of native Mormons live near the Mormon sponsored cultural center on the northeastern tip of Oahu. This is the view from the steps of the Mormon temple, looking east toward the Pacific. Above right. Victorian is the style of the summerhouse located on the royal palace grounds. The remaining views are of a somewhat commercialized "All Hawaiian" night during which the beholder is pleased to think of the way it used to be. Middle right, page 172. Yes, there are still people nimble enough to climb coconut trees, Middle left, below. Away from the city the beauties of the land still reward the faded eye. Below. This is it . , . the original little grass shack. W k , 5 Ir r H ii W - E I I f 2 g V a 1 X2 , ' w W X3 . N N rw, r Qs-3 Qui'- HMT Q-we If one takes the road on the nartheaslern .wde of the zsland yes even past the Crourhzng Lmn Inn he is very ap! to mzsx the bex! szghl zn all Oahu A tourzsl lrap true but 1l07ld67'f1llly znarcesxzhle It requzres at least a thirty mmute walk through lush breadfruzt type forex! The path 15 dlbzicult and many a .vhouerxhoe hax fafled In make the way But the reward zx greal Behold Sarred Falls Qufte uorth the trouble 175 "' wr. ,, , K ,Q V Q, ng. . . . ' ' 1 . , ' . , . , . Y . V , , . , , f . THE PHILIPPINES are WU Suhic Bay and Olongapo, the Naval Base and the port town. They go together, as though they deserve earh other, Here are some affectionate shots of the booming metropolis. One uses the word advisedly, even though it is dijicult to fathom such astounding growth with so little economic support. It is almost as though the Olangapooans have discovered new vitality in cottage industry... OLO GAPO . 3 5s,,.X ' 1 1 :':1.,.,J? A2 sv. at -ua-Rv .-hm, b 7' Same were fortunate enough to get znto Mamla The Pearl o the Onent 15 ax roxmopolztan and dynamzc czty as any zn the world As capital city of the only work mg democracy m Southeast Asza Mamla".v boulevard: and monuments are a fittzng tribute to the Phzlzppznes natzonal matunty :fl-fa MA ILA 177 ' ny -Yi' ' , 3 - NJ. nz' F . , :-i" ' ,1-If .. ' , '- qs, A' 3 w .1 ', : 1 H , ,-,,...+,A-.,.,.? ,,......FV., - -' 1 - k Y -3- .f,. Qfi-Afigf,-',,11.5-1-,532 C "Y-'Y' ' ' ' ' - 4 --- -yf V wr' -q:vwxa1's:3:'?-'1-'A' KW ' A L I .. j at N . Lb ,. 4,..,-w-:.-In 3. A H . . :pw "rm ugly- kr'-,:"' L'h,1'u'." "Pf""f:J"-,gv:,,,:. -1,-':"i.':J1' f Y ' . ' .T . ' - L 4v.m'1'?vg-'.f.qf1:x75 '1f1. 1f5.fi-f,,g.LQT., ri-Ilg5?a'p5LQf:ff"'Yf' -'54 '-y r '- .SQ ' , S -ill., QL-x, I' fm' nfl P f - - ., mv IIWYQ:-' S-fmaf ' ' ' , , .1,fLaL,1wif-3y.g1'1'w'.-,-J:--'vim gwj-M' 'l51:"f" - Jw K L ' v b ' 1' 1 ' i ,N ,I L. U, H J., ,,. 45. x::-4' UN., ' . . 'G .4 --A' m iid "'f41'f?-7 ff M " . K Vu 2:9 MLA f .5 IT41' Li? 5 ?"4' .. u, . 1 '- - ,Q f' ,Q ,Q If 3 I .1 112,13- V4 rgQL',,3'!qH,. lr ,f if :Miva 4 Mlm . . v ,ESS ' z iw: i"?21 71" 1 Li .JJ 'g x .M f RXKW 'Y .,, J.. wx V ,, ,hr G I fs!- 4 , , U K ' I .Wt xl -fm' L HYT WYX lr, ., If aah! " 1 A X 1 ' . ,' .J ' 14 'V .Q L, if '41 X X" ' Y .- . F' 5 'Y 15 T -4-- ' -:- F J 4 1 ' ' "inf, Y 1 " A :ik 1 l lx, I1 R A Lu ,nm 4 , 1, ,fly 5 ig, 4 ,iyfjx K M k t, N,llQi,,xJ,aN91. ,fx J -- V: .f 5 V- 'UA 1-l, fgfr' V" V if V IV .:Y4.ql1:4 FALL TOUR Tian page If dezofed io fbe tour to Pasasan Fallx one o Tbe 1-:de up the mam vfemr delfebh a Lu an Ixhmd rzzer 1: an exrellent um to Set a ruvie of tbe Iropzcs L4 as 1 BAGUIO Baguzo has the character of a rest home and after lhzrty days at sea what rould be more del1ghtful9 If one tzrex of golf and .vkeet shootzng the wllage ajords an opportumty to get taken zn by the hfll people t 15 disappomnng to have so little space for the Pl'l1l1PPlI'l9S Certainly by the end of any Western Pacllic crulse Sublc Bay IS the port most often seen by Amerlcan sailors Unfortunately the Philippines are hard to know To judge the entlre natlon by the port town of Olongapo IS hardly fair and after all one IS hardly escapmg anythmg lust outslde the gate In fact whatever Olongapo has 15 most likely catchmg Actually the Phrlrppmes are exactly like Hawau You owe It to yourself to get out and see lf l 179 No matter how hard we tried not to think about it Christmas was drawing rlose, and there we were, six thousand miles from home. The citizens of Yokosulau were very kind, they tried to mention it as little as possible. JAPAN iconderoga sailors got to see a lot of Japan during the 1965-66 cruise. For many it was a familiar country whose fascination grew as they came to know her better. In many ways japan is uniqueg no country has met the modern world and its technology with so graceful a preser- vation of its historic identity. The West, and particularly, America, has always known evolution, even to the extent of worshipping it' as an end in itself by giving it the name of progress. It was very different for japan since she is a comparative newcomer to the cult. The specter of modernity was thrust upon her rudely and all in a rush. The opening of japan was so calamitous an event that it revolutionized the power struc- ture and betokened the rise of the outward looking Mejii. Outward and inward as well for the Mejii realized that what was worth preserving could only flourish in a japan strong enough to stand among the progressive nations of the West. Japan's success was convincingly demonstrated in her defeat of the Russian Navy in 1905. But success proved a weakness in the end, and JHP3f1,5 mission of self-preservation led to disastrous excess, in fact, to the most egregious empire lust. Her defeat in World War II served to turn her in on herself, in some ways as before the Mejii, but with the significant difference that she had un- veiled a talent for modernity that could not be denied. And, in spite of it all she perseveredg more than ever she WHS japan. 180 Two examples of modern japanese architecture are pic- tured here, Left. Tokyo tower. The remaining pictures are various views of the National Stadium built for the 1964 Olympics. It is a modern palace of sport featuring a unique, support-free roof which hangs from a sus- pended cable. Left, below. The cable anchor. 'fr J W '--- ee , ll I 'T YQ! 'lll ' Lx. 'gk-W-5? 1 147' Eff! hmm? s ij! 'ifig VSQIT JX-" 1 A ' , 1 1 - F' ff' - -'f3I5F?if... if ' 'T , ' ' H , f 1 LJ ...Q ' Q ' ' !".:'5.'I'i?l: ' W " Q ' 'Y " M- 1 ff , -Q Wi ' ":T'Sa' ' - f if- ,., -if J .e.,v , 4 . W, N- . V M -V -' -. 4 5 f.-,l-4 , -1,-ff ' 'Q M ' if ' 5. '- ff- 1 1' - in : J' .re A .- 1 " an f-""" V- 'V . Above, The Ginza lights are said to draw sailors like moths. Right. The Old and the New. A wooden bridge that actually carries trafic to the ultra-modern expressway in the heart of Tokyo. Below, left. Kamunzawa Stadium, built for the 1964 Olympics. Below, rigbt. lap- an's Buddhism was imported as was tbis statue at the National Museum of Art, Even in Ike renter of Tokyo there ,vlzll exzxt ulands of tmdztzonol :sm .vueb as the Mein Gardens fn u bose shrine marrzagex are xizll per ormed III the lmze honored uay Smularly the Imperml Palare u 1111 11: loans! lazlored ground: harbenx Io the part Modern day rz zzens of Tokjo lzke to fall anyone ubo unix lhem a armer ' 5 g A "'o fl: m elf. I... .r I. .t. I , I V V.. ' nf ' In S. Opposite page, above. The Datsun Buddha al Kamakura is :erenely unaware of the pigeons roasting on his brow. Below, left. An ancient temple in Tokyo seems to sep- arate the seasons. Right, Kiyomizu Temple rise: above the mists. Page 185, center. Two -views of the sacred torii of Miyaiima ou!- side Hiroshima. ' vrgqy' 'r .W " 1.1 , 1 -X , 1,7 ',:g5.f1' ,'V,,.:-,ff 1 , W ' I 1 li. , ' 1, - - X 5 Q I I 1' -1- W,-' ici: , V1 ' if fl 744 4 -fgrj' -.::f' ,J ,, ff-' L if .AH -". 131743: f. ' " -, , , . Trigg- . 43 , K LW" i.:Ls2iaaf- "' f1-L - ' - M9422 M ' 1-ge-V . ...gil-f ' 4, - Mfr. f-'.-4,5 , '- -uf'-' V V-H w 11.-,..:g --Q ' ing' A wg-pad: ' ,M, 1, 1 ,V 4 J .. ..,- L Wu ,NW A-, .1 ' . f , . , "4-.Z'f'- .-.M--4- ,fe N-'f I"f--.gf N , ,, .. . . Q bv, W K , N -.B V eg, " 'fi-,f,,g,QA-4,,4r,,: ' ' gn A f gh . - ..- sm!-5.?EE,,xjf, SWL-. "W W-V "1 ,. ,H , E i" " ia- -' Hong Rong zs the sperzal lzberly port of any .vhzpx Wextern Pac: c nurse These two pzrtures typzfy the energy and beauty of tbzs mast excellenl bar bor czlgv The modern Hang Kong sky lme was made by some of the most przmztzve buzldzng methods on rerord, as for example ihzs uooden slagzng rzxes twenty stones above street level HONG KONG 186 ith very few exceptions the following photos of Hong Kong were made by one man over a period of two years. Richard Jernigan is a rated draftsman who served aboard Ticonderoga as part of Carrier Division Nine. His photography is so good that it outclasses all contenders, of whom there were many with great talent. Good photography is measured in many ways, but for the needs of a book of this type the most important consideration must be subject matter. There are many things to see on a Western Pacific cruise but very few people are able to discover those that constitute a good picture. Jernigan possesses this faculty in abundanceg he has the eye. The degree to which this is a matter of previous training is not always easy to decide. ernigan is an artist presently studying for a degree in architecture Thus it could be said that he has mastery of tech nique and therefore has an edge over the rest of us But as a case in PO1Ilt who else saw the San Miguel sign the way he did? Below Q . .J I l ff -1 V-"qv'fQ x '-.F T88 Hong Kong zs not the Orzental Venzre, that tourzsl entzrzng tztle alls to Rangoon or Bangkok Stzll zt 1: a tzty o the uater It: people lzve rommute haggle and rbzp by water, and ufztbzn the harbor and all :ts varzous arterzes plzex the worlds most varied haf: f I l. . I, I.. 189 "' """'-WLXLI. ...fn- Q, 43'3.' l ,, ' - T v H--' , 'Jeff , - L -.,-5,-'fx Y J i 1- L' ,E ,juli - 'J 1:-1. f 'I - 4 ...W X H f V uk by 5- I-.rl u ,A ' I '- 5 1 fi jfxj ax' -im .4 mg A if ' f Jw--. 'fl-1 ' ' V 4 'I'f'5j3fL 19 " H T ' ,, , 5QT'1 ' ,..,"",,,5R-V 71 Y yi' A we " ' -fm, 'iffg . '.'-m.g,g-:W . I? X: -n 1 ', f - ,, ' ,yi . . i" "71iE2?" K 5- f "Ll i wx ' 53 .isa-N -m 131,17 V .-W" Q. f- ,, N1-.t . -Y 1 ---x '- 4-RJ Q . -.-. v f,. ,--ww, ' ,, 2" A 'L V V W' -'ff Plvff-sl-f'V , 2 1 121 .- 'F-A- , k"L',. ,f ' ' Y 1 L-4 ' V r- ,, :J ff j XM, V S , Av ' V- ,. -V sg- bv 'xx-N mf, Q HM-. NW Few- v i, ,-nz - ' , v 'f 5-5' w e 1: '21 ."-Eu'-' .r -1 ' f- 6 A ' , 2 1 Q57 "' I .4 13' ,, . 1: QF W Y A X 190 I 4 Ong Kong has no resources but her people and at that she has too much of a good thing From the sampan ghettoes of Aberdeen to the tent and shanty towns on the h11ls the city s people are a mahgnant cancer feedmg on xtself Yet even as the populatron threatens to suffocate ltself more refugees pour rn and breed and suffer They pre fer thxs slow death to the more menaclng one that looms over the moun tarns They could always go back but once safe rn the enclave e sanctuary of self respect very few elect to return from whence they came Hong Kong 15 a fragile artrficrahty bullt on a gxgantlc scale xt rs the lrght that shlnes 1n Asla after the sun has gone down Its astoundmg success 1n relatxon to the oppressmg farlure of the mamland will always be the condemnatron of the system that made these people refugees 191 3 7 ' ' . , ' -th Q CAPT. D. . CCDOPER . Q :Q f 9 2' 4 ..ainqgsi.. Captam Damon W Cooper graduated from the Naval Academy m 1941 After two years aboard a destroyer he attended fllght school at Pensacola Florxda and was deslgnated a naval avlator 1n September 1945 Captaln Cooper was subsequently Commandmg Ofli 69 He attended Naval Intellrgence School rn 1947 and served on the staff of Commander A1r Paclflc He was then Offrcer ln Charge of VF ATU 4 at Naval A1r Statron Cabanlss Fleld Durrng the Korean Conilrct he was Intelligence Officer aboard USS PHILIPPINE SEA QCVA 47, and served on the staff of Commander Crus1er D1v1s1on FIVE He was Commandmg Officer VF 821 and spent 23 months as Aircraft Armament Offlcer at OPNAV He has been Com mandmg Ollicer Attack Group THREE aboard USS SHANGRI LA QCVA 34j Operatrons Offxcer on the staff Officer USS INDEPENDENCE QCVA 621 and Com of Commander Naval Arr Forces Pacrlic Fleet Executive mandmg Officer VA44 Captam Cooper spent a year at the Natlonal War Col the staff of the omt Chlefs of Staff m Washlngton DC In Apr1l 1963 he assumed command of the USS PINE ISLAND QAV 12j Capta1n Cooper was relieved of duty as Trconderogas Commandmg Offxcer by Captam Robert N Mrller rn cere monres May 14 1965 at the Hunters Pornt Naval Yard San Franclsco Cal1f cet, VT-24 and Navigator, USS KASAAN BAY QCVHE- ' ' - J. ' ' lege and, in 1962, reported to Programs Branch j-5 on . . . J . . . . , I ' m-,W CAPT. R. . MILLER Born in San Diego, Calif., Captain Miller is a graduate of the U. S. Naval Academy. Upon graduation in 1940 he was assigned to the USS HELENA KCI.-50, where he served principally as the Assistant Navigator, followed by assignment to the USS BANCROFT CDD-4875. He was in the USS HELENA when she was attacked at Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941. While serving aboard the USS LARDER he participated in the Solomon Islands campaign. Captain Miller became a naval aviator in 1943 after which he served as Com- mander of various aviation units. The Korean conflict saw Captain Miller serving as Command' Oli A in cer, ttack Squadron 44 aboard the USS MIDWAY KCVA-41j, followed by iuccessive tours on the staffs of COMSIXTHFLT and COMFAIRQUONSETg student, Naval War Collegeg instructor, Naval War Collegeg and commander of Air Group THREE. He has also served as T ' ' raining Officer COMFAIRJAX, Executive Officer at NAS, Norfolk, Va., and as Operations Officer on the staff of COMCARDIV ONE. Captain Miller took command of TICONDEROGA in May, 1965 after a tour of duty as CO of the USS ALUDRA QAF-553. CAPT EF GODFREY OCT 64 DEC CDR LW ADAMS DEC 6 EXECUTIVE OFFICERS .' - .'65 J5- COMCARDIV NINE RADM. R.W. COUSINS 196 Far ugh: CAP1 R I DE PREZ KAI! others rom left to rzghtj CDR W H HUDSON CDR H T QUINN CDR H L OGIER CDR I H MURPHY CDR D D SMITH LCDR I W HUDSPETH LCDR GEORGEM FURLONG LCDR W K RHODES IR LCDR G O BERNARD LCDR P B LAQUEUX LTIG W R AUSTIN LTIG L M ROSS ENS R C GILBERT ENS L P MITCHELL ENS F, R. BOLTON ENS L. M, HARDT ENS E. I. KUSZMAR W9 CHIEF OF STAFF A I CAPT W H HOUSE 197 CARRIER AIR WI G FIVE CDR. JACK L. SNYDER LT. O. G. RICE LCDR. K. B. STAFFORD LT. E. H. WEST LCDR. G.A. SCOFFIELD LT. V. ROOME LT, E, C. BEACH 198 IV. D. BRUCE W. E. STEELE T. W. MORRIS I. B. NELSON 1. D. GODFREY P. R. FRANCISCO R, 1. CARTER A. D. CRUZ 1. BUSARSKY, JR. 1. M. WENZEL E. 1. NOKES R. 1. GRIBSBY 1.L.CHR1sT1ANsoN . M RVC f - :gi T. Gf ' ' R.A.RE1NHART .R . . ., Y E' I. B. NELSEN A QA, Q ,J ...Y 1' . ', I Vg L. W. SOUTHWICK R Q. - 'S 1 ., ' 7 .-' Y f ' " M f XA 199 FIGHTER QUADR0 56 CDR. W. P. NEALON CDR. C. RAY SMITH LCDR I. B, PAISLEY LT. I. O. BELCHER LCDR. I. O. HOLLAND LT. W. L. CAIN LTIG. E. A. PFEIFFER LTIG. D. M. PALMER LT. IAY SHOWER LT. H. A. MERRILL LT. 1. DELESIE LTJG. M. MORGAN LTJG. 1. HALVERSON LTJG. R. SIMMONS LTJG. R. W. STURGEON ENS. E. R. PHELPS ENS. 1. 1. KAUFMAN '+Ra- D L. Patterson E R. . Hin R. C. Hrzsrall R. L. Vergara L. C. Edwards I. Beatty R. R. Thurman I. Trumbly S. R. Abalos F. "E" Bonar R. L. Naylor M. R. Reyex A. L. Hanson I. P. Coffee R. C. Martin A. S. Cornwell R. R. Redding R. I. Slusarczyk R. C. Harris K. D, Taylor H73 . L, Edrnixter . L. Brown D. L. Mitrbell L. N. Prilrbell G. C. Floyd D. G. Karou' G. L. Wolf W. L. Perry P. M. Satlerlee R, L. Underwood P. E. Perrault M. G. Hague M, I. Lawerence L. G. Mitchell M. G. Proulx x if ' 'W I l .. . l l..aa' .ilu A! 1 an lofl l al g L . lll. Q. .., A K I .,,,'.. A X. xv .,, 1. l" , J ... VVV I f ll AB ,ag 1. in A l 2.T.- . .. . W. 'ff 2 -1 T6 1. R . fr F 7 Te, gf' ... V , mffmt of AX 'Am MN' M 201 A l Farar W I Brazeau W I Wallan Pratt Murry D Erzckson W Monlgomery A Scholol A Trask M Coen B Allen Wallare A Branonz D Carlin H Vzens Amber Lucas Kennel Wilson Barber Rzerken Lambert Pafufnl . N. Dawson . L. Alex . N. Patierson W. E. Su-eitzer D. E. Prosise R. F. Skelton 1. I. Douglas W. I. Walin L. G. Mitchell R. M. Gallaroa H. A, Burgelt W. W. Moody C. F. MrCready R. Wilson I. R. Cunningham WL. F. mm flv-1 02 D R Gentry I R Eltzroth W E Tompkzns S Lzndsey H Lane I S Shaw M 1HrDan1el I E Mznzx I W0lld56k R Baelo B Lewzs L Tbzll W Cullzgan T Roberls I McCarney M Coleen Adams I E Wfoodly L I Swenson W Rzchardson I V Iolan D L Dolzel P F Pzzzarella Murphy C hwy W Gzbson Ross I ones F Isamen R Crossley La aye Buncher R Bzggs . Fontane . Trumbly . . Lure . , Cass . G. Kelley Q, -ff 'C27 'GA l A 'K' F 76'- f G K' L. L. Slawler D. I.. Dunn F. R. Swanger E. C. Holmes D. R. Weekly j. M. Bronxan A. P. Anoerson W. C. Grimes G. L. Brown I. C. Paull K. F. Dannemfzn P. Barreti L. . Reynolds I. Arrington L. Szizz FHBP1 WWFHSU OP?"m5 mfghgn' 5.522 Q-5 rm um " 3 Q Q -e 39. I. L. fezrell L. R, Snyder R. L, MeCaxl: I. Hanna R. D. Russell W. F. Smitla I- N. Palmure F. Powell W. W. Blackburn D. L. Shanks L. Solo C. L. Tanner D. W. Gibson G. E. Reed ' ' ,Q , 1 , ,:, ,rm .I W if . :H X f L K ... ' if ' K vlr ' fi -'i" ' if f . .. ""'f A... . I 3 A-15 2, f 'ir ' f 9' , y, g? f ff . f f. . f ' "5 W4 ,W Pa f 9 f Q 99 v ,, 1 vgf -N 1 Q . 0 ax QQ, QW-i1 ff ,K K- X A52 N . l V I 1 . A i n x VV,. I n W, J 204 A . E '63 ity- Q N417 5 E 79'-J ATTACK QUADRQN 52 CDR IOHNC MAPE CDR ROBERTR WORCHESEK LCDR IOHNF WANAMAKER LCDR DANIELA FOLTA LCDR ROBERT I WALTERS LCDR IAMES W MCGRATH LT ALLEN D WILSON LT RICHARD L AIKA LT IAMES W DONAHLE LTIG PORTER L PIERCE LTIG PAUL G GIBERSON LTIG RONALD L BOSBOOM LTIG CHARLES E DEHNERT LTIG IOSEPHS MCBRIDE LTIG CHARLES E MATTRAW LTIG HARVEYM BROWNE LTIG MARLOW E MADSEN ENS GEORGE H DUSKIN ENS JOHN E LEE LTIG. IULES B. GUSTIE W-1 Eugene A. Wells I. L. Aescbiliman K, L. Akin -E. S. Anderson A. Y. Armenlia R. I. Arriola C. F. Benlz R. E. Aulgur D. L. Baker D. E. Ballazor I. H. Booth B. R. Blakley I, H. Bligh D. W. Boyd R, D. Brammer G. R. Brands I. B. Brennan R. 1. Shiel, Ir., R. L. Burkhart R. N. Cameron W. L. Cam: I. A. Chaple S. A. Cofin I- E. Clentimack C. M. Collier F. M, Cruz T. Malay o L X XXX A I my , .. w . ..,, M N .R e H , B , LLBL Ae . .lmmf K.k, 5. ' , f. K ...., M Z X . ff W M ' 'LLBLlL'B A 'BLLMJ A ' fz. b Pefo" 'e.I A B "7 1 ...,. ' 2 ' 5 C L a . 'P ' , a 'A A B: mz. .E A X f QF Z8 .f ,Q CW mm, ff Q . L. Cuneo E. Curry . L. Dale D. A. Davison WH G Davenport DeVaney W Doran Fletcher S Dujfeld W El I zson Fasbender Flemzng Fehrenhark A Freemon Gibbs R Godfrey Gzer L Had en Harper Gernsh H artner W Harrzs H :gh Hughes Iafkson A johnson G Huller johnson F johnson I junda W jones j jones I junk jr I Lznton Loyd L Koleser M V Labrador Margolm Mangess Mal elto Morgan Mxrrphy Wxlson Marshall mwmws. P'7i"11UO '11 49 km 'Wm 'fr Af- , so-f W- vw. A Q 7 nifh leb- B, A. McCumber R. D. MrDuUie T. F. Miller R. M. Mooney T. E. Mullaney I. L. Mosley R. D. Brown I. L. Wristen R. L. Myers W. Peraino M. E. Ollendorf R. C. Overcash H. K. Purdue L. I. Quail M. N. Baker S. A. Kelly G. D. Saunders V. M. Romer M, T. Saladono D. R. Shue I. W, Scan D. L. Scbuboe G. L. Scott A. Shelton, lr. P. I. Senatore G, B. Sharkey G. G. Silvia I. M. Siler llll . ' V'l5l . ... . ' N , 5 Yay! M I A, M . 'Q 0 ... l K ' , -f':--1 I K M XX 1 A fl lllll . J . an .. b M A we ',k. A .V fDoll "'l S X ...f -. Q A f f - . J ., g V m' .Y . W V V g in ki Q .. -yyl K .k:- jj, M ' ' Q I in ,. ... V '. wk in 1 K . 208 T, E. Slape H. D. Simpson L. M. Spinney H. R. Smith R. M. Smith C. S. Spaide L. M. Spinney L. A. Stamper L. K. Slillman I. B. Sterling I. W. Steele I. Streelman Swartzlander B. A. Taylor I. M. Tenenty B . Vandergrijj' I. W. Wenke I. W. Valdez H. K. Wall M. E. Walsh R. A. Waltz R, I. Weismann M. N. Weisser F' 50 3 ? Q H S'X?'9?f F'-FHFCJ .SESS A E29 :S-3-in .SQL V .Q , , - .. ,1 W .,.. . .1 e 'A' l 'f' elle 2. any as v i f 'sm S ,.., N'l' , ' f W ..::, :YIL ,. ll.. , ' X. ll'l . M fu li ,,-Q ig glee 4 M 2 Q 3, K . ....,. : b A . .' 1 Q- ... lf: lv 5 1 ,ff W 'Q ' ll . -,- 'A L ., Ae ,i ff L A lf L A ' 53... A elil A A M .. Am f l elll A lg. N. e- -f 1 Q - ,L 1,2 A an fv.. .5 FIGHTER QUADRO - 5 CDR. CHARLES B. McDANIEL CDR. ROBERT E. FERGUSON LCDR. RONALD T, EVANS LCDR. ROBERT I. LEIBEL LT. ROY E, MILLER LT. RICHARD W. HASTINGS . IOHN P. EPPINGER ". f 1 . FREDRIC M. DALE 'ti . IERE L. FRANCIS LT LT LT LT. I. B. ALLEN ' LT. IVILLIAM R. POPPERT LTIG. WAYNE A, SRAGGS LTIG. THOMAS H. KLEIN, JR. LTIG. CHARLES D. DICK ,wp W-Q. LTIG. THOMAS F. CARRIER ENS. GARY W. RIESE ENS. RICHARD A. CHRISTIANSON ENS. RICHARD H. TUCKER 210 R H Zzegler I C Azken C F Azuohz W R Wrzght L Allenbaugb L Andrews B Arreola E Babrork G C Bagley R Baka D C Ball Bannzster T Barbera I Woods E Barton P I Barzare E Beague A Bedwell Bennet! M Wfzdmann G Benson Bzllman D Boner Boucher W D Brooks Wlodyka Burger Burke Wal ke G Weldon 'VNWN . Cairy , Caldwell I. Caldwell . Weatbersl W. T. Watkins 97'FJ3'1 G. I. Caraway R. F, Casamenlo R, D. Castillo B. W. Clark W. E. Clark U71 - -nu I. C. Claunrb E, H, Clenveland L. Coats I, P. Watkins M, R. Washburn N, F. Creel D. L, CresaI7 C, W. Szekrelar 1, W, Dabner K, A, Darrow E, C, Davis R, N. Davis R. L. Degen G, A, Slrope W, Dempsey, Ir. S, B. Denlon I. W. Thompson D. L. Slater E. R, Dixon W, F, Donaldson F. A. Draina H. L. Ellingson R. D. Enno H, T. Ferguson I, A. Bedwell L. G. Free F. A. Fulrh W, D. Pickeu V, W. Geesaman D. L, Gerdod T. H, Gieim G. A. Henderson I. L. Greer B. C. Bull M, Harrison L. E, Harvey IV. E. Hawkins I. T. Barbers H. I. Smalley I. M. Hills F. H award F1 R. K. Humphries B. 5. Hunley C. W. Hosly V. I. lmbrenda P. Iosifides R. N. Davis A. Iimenez E. D. Iobnson B. B. Iahnslon E, jones D. L. Iuslisx F, Kavanagh D, L. Kealm R. E, King R. M. Knurkey D, R. Kutner N. I. Laiorra I. E. Ylennis I. G. Lassiter W. L, Ledger I. W. Lee W. M. Lessner L. E. Long I. D. Stagner B, I. Mai M, V. Marlinez S. V. Martinez L. O. Malbix I. C. .Maltbewx R. L. MeCou'n M. H, MfDonald P, P. MrGuire H. R. MrKeon R. O. MfLain D, L. MCLdllfy W, I. Meehan R. L, Mellgren N, D. Smilb O, D. Metcalf 'R- tg 5 1. - 1 eh..,., , WLT 1.31 R. D, Miriteno R. A. Mishefske Q. W. Mama I. E. Moore I, E. Moore W. B. Morgan P. M. Morrixon C. H. Moper G. D. Nido G. B. Smilla I. A. Ollervides D. B. Onlivero: G. R. Smith W. L. Overxtreei H. I. Smalley I. A. Polakoski R. D. Pool M. M. Potier G. Poulin I. W. E. Powell R. L. Price C. K. Pyba: P. I. Redmond C. D. Reirhert T. I. Roberls D. R. Slocum M. Salvatore, Ir, I. A. Schlag FIGHTER QUADR0 53 CDR. ROBAIR F. MOHRHARDT CDR, WILLIAM A. GURECK LCDR CHARLES E STEEL LCDR GAIL R BAILEY LCDR ROBERTP RICE LT GERALD LAFRANCE LT IOHNM WELCH LT DAVID L BOURLAND LT RALPH E JAMES LTIG BOBBY I FORTENBERRY LTIG HALA LONEY LTIG WILLIAMS BROUGHER LTIG TRENWITH R WARD LTIG RANDALL G LANFORD LTIG ROBERT G LYON LTIG DOAALD P BRUMGARD LTIG JAMES H HISE EINS IAMESL WEBBER NW' vs if 'Sf' v-14, 2 H. S. C. Goo, Ir. L. R. Bebrendi H. F. Payxinger R. L. Kaser T. D. Ape! I. V. Iardan G. L, Baker, Ir. W, L. Everett C. M. Browning E. R. Rana R, E. Lindxey T. I, Brown G. A, Ellis I. L. lumen R. B. Minijield C. L. johnson R, R, Bowmen M, A. Giron S. M. Wilxon A. L. Noteman D. V. Biorgo R. W. Alexander I. C. Geesey E. G. Theriaull B. I. Fournier B. I. Ienkinson G. R. Page A, L. Murdock I. W. Enfnger W. B. Tucker L. A, Wanta C.. A. Beckenlbal C. L. Lee I. R, Tbomison A. D, Frisch R. A. Besbears V. L. Pland M, F. Ciron, fr. C. W. Warlack K. W. Moore 5 X. 5 , Q, 1 N 1 4 X ,,,,..,,, V W ' Q 'N 3- 53 - .. Q 'lg K' 'K' 48. '3- 2 'Ci I, W. Flood D. F. Wells I. L, Brown R. E. Widdop I. D. Kelley R. E. Page, Ir. D. Baskin R. I. Williams I. W. Havens I. C. Piazza D. M. Neilson I. Trewloitt G. W. Fail E, H. Beales D. L. Coates R. R. Rogers F. A. Bowman E. I. Fachin, Ir. W. L. Brown I. W. Cooper, Ir. I. L. Arendell R. L. Clanton R. T. Chandler C, W. Iolmson G. L, Loundenslager F. A. Mitchell R. MrQueen T, I. Brown R. B. Baxter R, N. Morgan "I" E. McCormick M. L. Mounre V. McKnight I. P. Laguardia C. H. Fairchild R. W. Starks C. L. Holland, Ir. R. T, Iarkson M. I. Formanaek I. L. Homan ,- fy if if 'lk is IB... 'H- 'bf 429 C 217 2' 4 1 . w w r 1 Q. yr . U V E, 1. Fritz R, W. Eby R. W. Slater R. W. McBralney W. Young B, L. Peterxen B. C. Rabino R. O. Steiger D. R. Walker W, I. Underwood D L . . Wallen G. M. Turner F. D. Swab W. W. Beckermon D. R. Hinsley I. W. Hugman I. L. fumes W. E. Thomas R. L. Andrews E. C Lowr - J' N , L. Luxk E. Gamboa I. G. Gibbs F. W. Lormore, Ir. A. I. Secomber C. E. Dunham P. P. Bojador E. R. Hatcher V. D. Towne: 1. M. Dosrh E. I. Donahue, Ir. I. L. Barber I. W. Bush, Ir. S. L. Ballard W. I. Brieden 1. S. Coltone H. D, Gordon 4-. 'LT 3' Wm 218 ATTACK SQUADRQ CDR DAVID B MILLER CDR I RICHARD POWELL LCDR ROGER C BOS LCDR BERNARD A WHITE LCDR HOWARD W ALEXANDER gf' LCDR KENNETHI IURGENSEIN LCDR MAURICEE FITZGERALD LCDR LELAND C CALDWELL LT RONALD V BOCH LT LUTHER T VEAZEY E R HOTELLING PATRICK T DONLAN EUGENE A KRYGER RONALD E THOMASSON LT PATRICK R HALE LT LEWIS W DUNTON LTIG 1oHN V MCCORMICK LTIG R c BERG 9 LTIG. ROBERT A. MAIER LTIG. DANNY E. GLENN LTIG. JERRY L. PINNEKER LTIG. IERE C. DURHAM LTIG. LEONARD G. JENKINS LTIG. IACK G, THOMAS CWO-3 BOB OATES, IR. ENS. ARTHUR N. CHRISTIE I. R. Biggs P. D. Holder I. Defigueroa L. Settle A. Koxark B. R. Zawalick f. Maltbow C. T. Hewizz N. R. Keller B. O. Deboer B. R. Mooney R. F. Wagner Gagna Kallix . F, Graxsinge 'UPUP' 9 S5555 WEE? SFEW Sgr V. F. Husk W. B. Taylor W. E. Lawless B. L. Rusk T. R. Miller T fx 51" L' WC' 'W 'Q' O 'ff f af dd J-ii-L .gy T "4 ' ia 1 al' 41 1 41 N.. .X YY , in Qan- L Ki 2.32 34 4 A h X awk 5 ' P1 1 G D Horton Ba Simpson I R Ieffr ex I E Taylor I L Posey L D Szlax W Delyons T Shea C A Guxe R Iejfers L R Campos D Schumaker I R Delk C L Ouen I F Rush L Derousse R I Kzrsth L R Slaymaker G R Parker G L Gzroux Potter R W Cross R D Mafken A H Gardella D Price I I Killer A D Soles D R Beyer W M Heyn Gardner Humphrey Bernhard! V A Holme: L Hevelone G Bell H Kreuter D Selvy G Kzrkxey X T 'X P '71 writ? Q ag?" ww ws:- an 52 EJ Y R 9 A 'QW' ya af gow Qi 'df' Q? x--gg hy' X ,J ...Ap 4 f 7"S-:vw 25? we D16- Rf Lf Il gy P. I, A 1, R. ' ' Z , I I I I ' ' '.QV 2 4 ,Ah.h ' N of g fe- " he 'ff l. . y , K? L4 ' I - ' I , i. v l , . A V16 Vy.. V , We Vi? if A ' ' ,, I 1 1 lhfr .. 15' 'X I Sf : 'v A.vA If rr V qv I C I , U i V I f ,,,, f ,1 'Vi A , , I y I I feyr , I "V . 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Henry W. M. Branza M. R. Marshall B. L. Bachman F. R. Messmer R. Burrilt H. R. Hollinsworlh C. W. England . , L v- 1 1' ' ll 1? " : 542 ' ggg 4, .ri. fn ff 1 'X ,f T' ew rj N 2 f mt- M Vs W A f A 433 Vw 1 '21, 5 I V A f 'veg ff A Uff i' 5 fa. ...far . ' ,vw Q ... . ,., , ., I f .rg - Q I f , ,i re f - 1 V... .. veg AW if-,favs 435 xx X -- fr s -15. k. .,. " .. Q x 51 N N R vw . X . . , f ,,. .. ' Jax .p gin? N . . fx 44" i ,, 'G- 'Sh "!':w 222 Bryan! Flynn Kerleey Torres E Broun W H Wolfe E R Yaw G N Baldwzn in I R Bzlls E Pratt I L Leber Q Devera G L Bryan Shaw Nb McCollum I Porter Wallhall Clarence D A Dahl Burrzlt I H Duck E I Wager M McK1m I B Manderfizeld f ar Wann I R Srhmgx D L Dawx S LQR MrMull1n L I Iatkabowskz Ir I F Mrffullzgb ,av ff fm 7""F' 62- .sh 77 fxW Zi 'fs' 'Q ,- ,f 'fs As W 1 1 M AIRBOR E EARLY WARNING SQUADRG Ii N DEIACHME I BRAVO iN? H LCDR. JAMES R. TONCRAY W 2 Y I ' L S.. HW LCDR. SAMUEL T. CLINTON wg LT. BRUCE 1. SKIBBY LTIG. GILBERT A. BAKER LTIG. GILBERT L. FoRsT 1, N ,. 3 1 1 I LTIG. H. G, MAHUGH LTIG. WILLIAM E. ROLLINS LTIG. IAMES B. CONNAUGIITON LTIG. DARRYL I. MAEGEL1 B12 '01 .W W l - LTIG. RONNIE I. HARTINGER LTIG. WAYNE A. ARMSTRONG LTIG. DONALD F, WOLFE I LTIG, CHARLES A. WENGER I I LTIG. PAUL D. MC MAHAN LTIG. OLIVE G, SCOTT I 224 L ,N V E. F. Larson T. I. White K. I. Strange M. B. Dunk W. E. Rose D. Beck R. E. Whittaker D. P. Brooks R. M. Barnes K. L. Iackson R. W. Wilcox M. L. Laughlin C. W. Martin A. L. Baker I. L. Holland C. H. Nelson I. R. White R. T. Rohrer R. D. Allen N. Coleman A. I. Diuito K. R. Lucas L. H. Cormier R. W. Knight S. G. Lincoln M. A. Behr F. P. Wilson R. A. Keith W. D. Hayes K. R. Knight H. T. Flippo W. C. Lafever V. I. Stevenson I. Plummer D. H. Anderson H. I. Prestier I. O. Osias W. S. Smith S. Gray G. C. Erlnein R. L. Stewart P. Codd I 'ZQIWV . H I we M V x mi , 4, , . 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Wisebart 226 R E Walters P R Alexander G L Dam: W M Davenport IV G Mztcbell A C Mortenxon B L Denms P L Evans D M Wzlcox M E Hood Napolz E Danzel W Loss I F Gezblg M Orr D Long 1' Blssonette P Parrzxh W' I Mrffloskey I I Aloore L B Stone G E Mueller Hzldenbrand IV H Cook E lx Despazn IV E Coleman E Calwell M I Kublman S Barrett R N MrMorn.v E Smzth G W Dzckey A Davenport W L Shawver G W Cotner N Lavow D Lynch C M Adamx f ow X 57 2' ww 7.5 7 l k A PHOTOGRAPHIC RECQNNAISSANCE SQUADRON 63 LCDR. DONALD C, PACLUCCI LT RONALDF BALL LTIG ROBERTE KAY LTIG VERN A DuBOIS LTIG MICHAEL D LONG I Bernethy Ch zn K H :ll Revock myth . Cooney . ubunk: . Hinshaw . Neighbor: M. O Bryan! DETACHMEN T BRAVO 7.5 a f fix' I" ,, LA L Lf A fab L H Q. 'RS E Snyder G Turner P Albergbme W Arnold Clay Faye Floyd Gzlmartzn Guzllont I1 all ey Macamber Spa: ks C oxta I Fowler R Harlmgx W Rush I Taylor S Goullont Macomber D Bramble R Troubrzdge I Fzsher I M Wzmberl EJ' Ons. F182 Q15 12: hm .... 5499 22 if NEB. --., .. 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ADAMS EXECUTIVE OFFICER CDR H F SYMONS LCDR 1 F ZEMITES LCDR P A WILLE LTIG K L WILCOX CHAPLAIN CHAPLAIN LEGAL ADMIN AssT 'Q :QSM EEE Q: QS' ogg 2'-LE Z2 D1 'AE U3 gr: FU QE D-E We '42 H1 Ez, SE 1-U EE ez 5 FI: hi Nj 'Sm am V3 HE NI H1 R1 2 fl: E l'Hf"X Ss FU hx S H1 we inl"C'XK"k M H arrzs W Dunn Moreno Lucrherz X DIVISION A ya.. f I ' fl A 'If A .t C, Goss , ' I if , f ! . I. Y A .L 'f'x - 1 . it 9. ,, Af, 5f:5li,1f5VL -1L.. 1 K QV, Z f 231 I. C. Mann H. M. Thomason, Ir. C . Hensler B. V. Espiritu F. Contreras I. R. Stamps E. L. White I. B. Walters K. I. Vap D. R. Robertson I. T. Miller W. L. Blinde T. G. Bonvouloir D. R, Drewry I. H. Bates I. M. Ryan D. L. Winslow F. Yamaslaita R. R. Hartman M. P. Czech R. L. LeBlanc T. L. Sayers R. E. Snook L. L. jordan K. Belcher E. A. Moore R. Romero I. I. Dunn D. Vara I. L. Anderson T. E. Hendren R. T. Suiter R. Harrison D. Garcia H. D. Ward R. L. Phelps D. H, Lukas ' G. E. Wingeiflvltz F. W. Quirk I. R. Britton TP i 1215 is A U 232 Hebert Sufka I E Roubal Havertape Gould Holcomb E E Rezd P I Vzllanueva L Chapman Houghto I E French A Snavely I Standrew Burke Be Taylor M Solomon Ir A Lurclsesz Thomaxon Ir I E Haywood G D Clayton T Stull I A Ollerwdex Wzllxams L Akm H W Carnes I. F. Maltbew . B. King . W. Davis W. D. Powell I. H. Brown P, Borosch P. A. Baker D. C. Bevington M. R. Fouse R. L, Phelps if MAA '51 Gr- 4' gg, . l g 2 33 W 'JZ' 'K ww if 'Q' 4 C u NAVIGATION ASS'T. NAVIGATOR N DIVISION LT, I. E. ROBSON CDR. I. A. HOLSHOUSER LTIG. C, A. DYER VIGATIO DEPARTME T W. H. Hellwege D. S. Stewart S. H. Drew I. P. Silvers N. W. Burt R. I. Carlton R. 1. Cooper R. D. Childs N. H. Gleicber P. T, Reynolds P. I. Carmody T. M. Trulli R. M. Tubolski M. D. Bearman R. H. Roy R' l- Roberls R' C Hofman D. G. Hartman l. R. Thomas R. I. Klein G M Bruba - - leer R. F. Albrecht IN 234 OPERATIO DEPARTME CDR. C. V. MERRELL CDR. W. E. CROSS CDR, C M. ROSS OPERATIONS AIR OPERATIONS CIC ,,,.,2-V. LCDR. W. H. ROBINSON LCDR. D. B. YOUNG, IR, LCDR. I. N. FORD OPS DEPARTMENT CATC ASS'T. AIR INTELLIGENCE LCDR. I. D. LARISON LCDR. W. F. WOLFE LCDR. C. D. CLOWER OPS DEPARTMENT OPS DEPARTMENT OA DIVISION P77 il A. Aix: I 6-fm i Q , - ,M V ,FY Jil... I . .- ,N LT. 1. R. T1LToN LTIG. W. 1. WILLIGAN LTJG. W, E, SPRAGUE OPS DEPARTMENT OPS DEPARTMENT OPS DEPARTMENT LCDR. W. Y. CREECH, IR. CIC ASS'T. LT. W, L. MYERS OE DIVISION LT. M. B. TALLENT OP DIVISION PHOTO LCDR. T. R. GRIFFIN OPS DEPARTMENT LT, 1. R. HOWARD ADMIN, ASS'T. LTIG. T. D. BUCKLEY AI ASS'T. NWN' 'Dfw LTJG P, G, VREELAND LTIG, D. W. CHRISTENSEN LTIG. R. MARCANTONIO LTIG. T, L. WHANG OPS DEPARTMENT OI DIVISION OPS DEPARTMENT OPS DEPARTMENT OI DIVISION K. R. Ayers H. Gander, Ir. C. F. Carmichael ENS. H. M. KINLAIV ENS. H. H. SULLIVAN ENS. M, A. HEU OPS DEPARTMENT OPS DEPARTMENT OPS DEPARTMENT R. D. Goss D. F. Doherty W. T, Smith I. C. Stewart III. I. Igoule . E. utlle R. D. Aheda , 51 J if iv 6' lv L. Alexander +1 ' I I I K I. H. Allen U . -' 'E W' Hfff- ' I ' A. D. Aschbacher f I I , j' I if ' V N P- L- Fefe .. ." . QR- I . - E. D. Gaiflfffm -I I I K4 ,, P' 'E...' .. ' , ' . , ' I "2 ' ff' f , , f H . P, Harherl I .iw 13. N. Hoist T' Yi 'I '- . ' g . .H. Halz f, I A Y I , f ,-gx. TP L. F' joy 35, - V -X I V, In K va, Vkk. Q ,.rL V kk .. K K R' A' Mack Dfw. I M ix? ' , f, Q . . I 236 I I Mater I 1WIcCallz.vter R L Pmkerian D L Quzgley M P Riley R W Sbeber W Turner R G Feaver M I Gagnon E E Iker E F Iobmon P I Lorentz G I Malta: K I Kuzanskz H R Sleuart L Sullzvan Wzekwt R Wolfe Anderson F Baird F Bernard Boyer Bucholz W Burdge I F Deaxy L DeGraff R I Ellzol W Foster L Garrelson E Iones . L. Keefe . C. Kersnowxki . W. Kirby . I. Kirby N. H, Lampman M . Marble K. B. Matthew . M. Mctfaferty , E. Monahan G, I. Murphy as efi 1 fi. mm qw if 'VW' wif vii' 418 s 5' 5 f bg? 'ga H .QF I W if I 1' '15- few Q' ' IL , L e 2 237 -sv, 149' 'yew 11, QU' D. I. Oleinik I. G. Petrurci W. I. Prange I. L. Sanchez D. I. Traban Tribbey E, Veil Vincem' T' T' F1313 Dbwrfln F-9- ERFESE SEEN N n ESQ 'k ga S3 lbw C. W. Iohnxton P. D. Marshall I. A. Cane A. B. McCoy R. R. Rosxander I. H. Sheetx 1. C. Stone D. I. Tirapelle K. A. Green I. Brant: Af- D. Broude T. N. Buxxe I. C. Cook T. S. Davis I. I. Gelz R. I. Holm S. O. Iawers I. W. Kingery R. I. LaRo.fe R. A. Lincoln -Y 27, 1 M J, my W f f Mg f .f if , 1' ,ff ' I f Wa' If V! x 4 X . af ,,.,l . on I 4 a . . n.rr 3 .'al 1 I . I2 . . 'I I . .aan , Q I . ' ' ws, - L 5 I ., K . 5 ' I ' -:1f M ' ' . . .... -. 5 . 7+ " T '29 ff ".,,' I 'If I i .V l 'I 1 , YV' ill . raon 1 I N ' 5, rl'r 1 If I I I I . .if ' 1' I I " I rroo ,,. . f' fr II I . ., , , I , , ' - I' I . 'I Q L ,IVW 1 , . E.: X Z - ,V , ., :I M I, Y " W I-if - . . ',.. I N N I f .A I 3 -' I - may .L vm' WV11! N. Y' I 1.. . 51 We ' I .M - iw? . .5 J.: - ,fx I X I 5 I 4kV,l H I lgl ,l.. .L ,. WSI Z N 'I I I .... l I If km' r , . . 0' X1 I I '.-:-' I I ,. ..... 2 IIIIII' , .- I .I 'WV , ,rs ff' " I - I .5 as max a .nm x ' 238 D. M. Maleta R. D. Marquadi I. H. Matthews L. S. Morris E. N. Ofstad I. G. Padilla D. G. Palmer M. I. Rubenstein B. I. Sanders L. F. Saum G. C. Shafter C. B. Smith D. R. Sperry L. A: Stelling R. l. Werber L. W. Blarkledge I. S. Canfeld D. A. Gabe! I. C, Hammond S. S. Hildebrand A. C. johnson R. P. Kennedy R. L. Killingswor G. S. Lukart T. T. Olsen I, D. Powell W. O. Crews R. M. Santimays R. P. Shields I. A. Wright W. B. Asbill R. G. Beaton T. R. Bourgeois G. L. Larsen G. L. Edwards G. W. Iohston tb E. I. Giaculino, Ir. R. P. Koerner R. C. Wheeler , x .gg , 1? .... v ,.,. 4 lg.. N XX A. ff ' '2': , I S I f Am' tm ,.,. ,,,. . ,.., , LAX iff'-4 L fi f " If v ' K, R . . I , ,I A a re as 4 R n lllll esll . ..,.. V'lfl .'. G , A L f G R ... W L., , NV kb a s W '31 , .M M - v'-. , 'lll R' G . L ll' sl.. eeee ......... ..eeoe . l ' We me . me gm . V . e , 5' - 5' 1 Q . W R! lll' Tis. 'few , , .e' . . ,.. , ,... , fr. ., : I an , W , . ot.. .oee .... Z 1 e 1 m y M R Q W .ese L . ' -f oee. ' W- nm A .. . . m f 4:4 S , ll tlel i i ' ' N' M "'L I X K, 'r ','W', L if , gi .. jr E- 3 I . .L ' " 239 R. M. Thomley G. E. Reutter H. C. Bennet! L. G. Cobb R. E. Hughes A, H. Lerner C. E. Frazier C. R. Harmon S. M. Dubin I. H. Palmer E. Iones T. F. Eddy I. L. Norfleet R, W. Dujin I. C. McBride R. E. Davis L. L. Dixon I. T. O'Brien H . W. Carnes A. L. Zim: K. C, Malito I. D. Gab' C. Olxen R. M. Bergquisl D. A. Barnes H. A. Cheatham 1- L- Rivera S. Thomas H. L. Harper E. W. MfAVOy L. R. Amaimo 1. Dirkxon If "G" Bruno G. I- Miles L. M. Caltell C , D. johnson OC DIVISION Na 5' 4- in I x 7 R 5 B' 9 9' 4. ' ' 1 'TW LII! m M V .kW-' , ' ' A . 1 I 4 W J it A, ..... , L I' I in I gf Qi F. 4 if Y A av. A X C I - . 4 ... we f - IA K. I ,Vx H J .fe K ,X QM, I 5 F 1 OP DIVISION , f fl I 4 K. Z A .. .. 4' I '- 7 x Q f' if A w lun ' -Q " . , ' ' C - ' X 2 ' am 0 1 ' X We m f 24 O C. P. Strumellow P. M. Kezar T. E. Caons I. W. Abrens G, C, Garcia G. P. Solomon V. H. Manz W, A. Sixxmitb I. F. Hedgex s. E. Gilivfd S, S. Noble R, M. Harris G. M. Mersand C. N, Miller E. Hathaway H. C. Gullatt D. R. Taber L. A. Morrell S. L. Kominek D. L. Springborn A. I. Abernathy I. L. Nicbols H. Beiancourl G. M. Herzog L. N. Lorentz C. L. Crislip G. E. Pikicb R. A. Collins R. A. Fixcher D. E. Abare D. S. Drummond S. W. Castro l- A. Lewis A. D. Kara D. C. Percival C. A, Ienkim' R. L. Daily OA DIVISION 655 '54 ,,..-. he K7 MEDICAL DEPARTME T -an-...- LT. 1. A. CAPOZZI LCDR. I. C. RALSTON, IR. LT. L. I. FLEWELLING MEDICAL ASS'T. MEDIC D. E. Pigolt F. R. Becker W. E. Adams M. D. Stenberg F. G. Samaviski C. R. Anderson A. B. Collins C. A. Francis I. G. Czekner B. M. Rayer B. B. Shirley C. I. Owens I. Gonzalez A, C. Ostrowski M. W. Ortroye L. D. Gilpin I. M. Dill E. D. Holsey I- I. Ioaclaim A. M. Lucero E. V. Larkin l. R. Luchs G. E. Pedersen G. L. Sanders R. L. Marlin AL H DIVISION H DIVISION - 242 COMMUNICATIONS DEPARTME LCDR R E LEAMAN COMMUNICATIONS LTIG W R WRIGHT LTIG A W SARGENT LTIG R E WALLICK IR LTIG E L CARUTHERS COMM DEPT COMM DEPT COMM DEPT CS DIVISION ENS D G THEURER ENS D G HABERS ENS D I MORRIS ENS GIBBINS CR DIVISION COMM DEPT COMM DEPT COMM DEPT CR DIVISION C C Hood Frayne D B Hzckman Baker A D Falcozne 4 CIA: , LIC.. 1 2 3 D. E. Allen W. P. Myerson I. D. Emjinger O. E. Clark R. Lawrenre I. R. Evins D. E. Franck P, lanahan D. L. Cobb I. P. Willia1ns V. E, Auglye W. Tharp C. T. Hyman R. W. Simmons U. Green R. O. Ovre T. L. Tarvin T. R. Rhodes T. E. Lawbead D, K. Hodshire S. D. Melnick A. I. Casson C. P. Cronkrigh! I. Hudson H. V. Dreyer T. H. Popovirb D. I. Malby P, D. Barron D. E. Gerbing A. W. Paulson I. E. Martinez I. D. Helms S. I. Stottern G. W. Connolly C. A. Crosley IV. M. Doxzon H. G. Hanna E. Potier R. D. Snider G. D. Dunlap G- 'Wu -N, F9 "f - A aw. f'-Q: 'WST ' A-s, EEE' D42 15:3- ,W fv- Q' 'fu 244 pw... C. M. Smith G. L. Smith R. A. Schmidt I. I. Collins I. B. Simpson L. P. Pills T. Hudson P. C. Soda F. I. Gowens D. L. I-Iarvel L. L. Bission C. W. Smith E. T. MrDonald A. E. Wolfe W. C. Cline C. I. Coldiron A. F. Salzman W. I. Hearne B. I. Brown W. I. Coomes C. A. Ham W. G. Eichinger E. I. Iernberg R. P. Clark C. K. Cforker C. E. Morgan V. I. Thompson L. L. Gable l. L. Hentosh P. I. Morin W. I. Sandlin M. D. Fomby V. E. Martin B. M. Powell C. H. Ream T. Thomas R. Willianzs M. M. Tanzy R. Darris MQW. CS DIVISION Q51 ff- ,ek vu- 2-? J... Z fp. I ' . . . . Q L I ' Ti m. sslss A I fs xx. P 9 245 1 UPPLY DEPARTME T LCDR. W, F. WRIGHT CDR. W. H. IOHNSON LT. E. S. EATON SUPPLY ASS'T SUPPLY STORES LTIG. L. D. COULTER LTIG. T. I. HICKEY LTIG. R. A. GEE LTIG. M. I. DAVIS S-6 DIVISION S-4 DIVISION SUPPLY DEPT. STORES ASS'T ENS. R. D. MAYES ENS. THOMAS j. COSGROVE CWO4 W. H. WALLACE S-3 DIVISION SUPPLY DEPT, SUPPLY DEPT. S-3 DIVI I0 G, Alipio W. Beran I. G. Bugayong E. Cimiskey I. E. Drake 246 I. Fleming C. F. Crawford I. P, Lofton R. W, Phillips I. D. Rains A. L. Rolison M, Williams T. L. Hulchison B. L. LaBonte A, Landry D, I. Leach D. MacDonald R. L. Matson F, Maynarich C. H. Messner R. N. Mercado F. Milchell L. Muldrew I. Newromb R. Pullum I. M. Rertor M. G. Simard S. I. Snider R. W. Southworth D, E. Stone W. L, Thomas R. L. Trowbridge D. R. Flannigan I , L. Carrion W. H. Hoeflich H. R. Ferguson T. High R. M. Barnes P. T. DePaul D. I. Condron C. W. Brooks I, L. Cleveland R. L. Carson M, Howell 'Sir 1-. 247 I. A. Ankron I, E. Briggs T. Brown T. E. Cain I. R. Cardwell C. C. Cauxey R. H. Clark R. L. Clifton P. DeLuna D. W. Duboe T. I. Duxek L. L. Fast E. E. Ferris M. L. Hempkin: R. F. Hoxtofer D. E. Hamilton A. Iolmxon I. Kennedy R. A. Long D. C. Lurgio I. M. Marsh I. M. McQuin'n W. R. Pack I. Person R. D. Randall L. W. Reed I. A. Roderiguez I. T. Raymond R. E. Oberley W. D. Rowland H. L. Ruel I. Sana M. F. Schwartz W. F. Shelton E. E. Sorbel D. W. Steele R. L. Miller I. I. Sai: S-2 DIVI IO 248 'El' T 19 ww. L. S. Poe D. C. Villanueva R. A. Blackman O. L. Kelley R. Sevilla M. C. Balagta: H. L. Ioynes P. F. Naiarira H, A. Bogtong S. L. Bray B. M. Caxiano M. L. Copon E. G. Gore E. C. Gray I. H. Iolmxon F. O. Manugo N. P. Nam A. 0. Navida E. Patterson A. M. Reyes R. C. Adriano R. B. Alix ga A .E- s. S D. Bacolor G. l. Banalo W. I. Banlad A. A. Bautista E. A. Buenallor I. C. Cabanyan S. C. Cabral S. N. Castillo T. C. Vinluan C. B. Carina R. R. Cbaniegro G. M, Cuevas A. E. Perma E. T. Itiona S-5 DIVISIO A ap., Qs fs YOU' iii. "" ,,- f bm. . Nui, 'Y AN Kam M 'as Q, 2:4 : 'F-'I' bf? " e' 249 H. I. Kalagyan I. G. Manahai I. B, Mangahis B. A. Meiica S, S. Mercado M. C. Miranda M. H. Vera I. S. Obusan R. M. Olaes I. R. Pachew A, L. Punuga M . M. Paris L. T. Pira A. A. Quiiano A. M. Sarte A. D. Serafica R. D. R. Sucgang A. C. Toralba C. F. Mann D. C, Thayer W. F. Oheremp! G. E. Wallis A. L. Shire L. R. Manske G. W, Tweeten E. M. Myeis D. V. Owens G. W. Mitchell C. W. Branco S. H. Vaughan M. L. jones R. B. Spence R. G. Leaxher 5 . X ZX +2 5 ? A X f w W n W? f f fl V Z V, ly 'Q A 7,91 - 7 W :gg f Q -M if S-6 DIVISIO A ff my M 'Y'- R. W. Ingle I. D. Deloarb P. R. Glas: W. E. Pylko W. L. Frazer R, H. Micbalies L. W. Kelly E. F. Mazula E, R. Libby S, D, Rachal F. 1. Arevalo G. O. Hall R. C. Aguon R. W. Clark I. C. Mendiola C. M. Butber C. W. Cooper G. L. Hamhaw L. C. Holcomb R. L. Lanker T. Mane T. R. Madren I. C. Newcomb V, P. Roberts R. W. Solomon A- A. Vivo L. W. Quillen W. E. Arfxten A. G. Barca K. R. Carpenter R. W. Cook G. W. Copeland I. V. Gaytia G. R. Horton ...p pp.. .i f fff ... S-1 DIVISIO 1' , L- wa ig.. '. 3 f 'P , , ., -'H R. G. Kemmerer M. N. McHenry I. L. Rowland M. W. Smith P. Thompson M. E. Turner S. R. Venelianer W. E. Warren H. G. Woods R. E. Herring A ff, 1-www ww. Giga? M sw? 2 Q 2 " '4 N. N N W. Chmielewski . L. Goodnough Crawford, Ir. F. L. L. A, Preszler R. L. Rayne G. D. Freeman T. Oulbier Ek kwflwf, ......, W. sz:':aSW2' ff S-4 DIVISIO 1 Q mi f Q Y s fifh! b L 5' x f ' ww Q s X V Q, ,Q r X' 1 ., .gg 'fix . M... W -1:2 1 -Q 'Pa V , an y j .1 - if 5 V' QQ. iz ' , " ,Q ' U I 5 N l, S Q -.ares X 4 . ' N X , Q., .. ..,... M, fwqwi 23 4 222 f' W .fa x Q X 1 . 1 .z.f1'.zf"G . N . .. Q fx ?-. :ff fl- I 3 S' - . - ' g 5515. 4 ' V ,n .QV '-Q. V , . f Q, ,I , S-7 DIVISIO 252 I, E. Draganosky A. 1. Mecchi E. V. Gull F. L. Middlleton P. A, Luis K. W. Wertz DENTA LCDR. D. M, ANDERSON DENTAL ASS'T D. Sanchez E. N. Rowland L. L. Painter C. N. Ponce N. W. Schuermann I. T. Pape CDR. R. E. FIELDS DENTAL 253 LT. E. L. SMITH WEAPO CDR. H. L. IONES WEAPONS LCDR. I. A. DICKSON LCDR. R. N. LIVINGSTON LCDR, C. W. MYER CAPT. D. E. WILLIAMS WEPS. DEPT. WEPS. DEPT. WEPS. DEPT. MARDET LT. R. E, HAILEY LT. R. E, DENSMORE CAPT. H. K. SHAW LT. BISHOP W. DIVISION IST LT. MARDET XO WEPS. DEPT. LTIG. W. 1. FORD LTIG. F, G. WINANT LTIG. I, WHITSETT LTIG. E. F. JONES, IR. WEPS. DEPT. WEPS. DEPT. GM DIVISION WEPS. DEPT. LTIG. R. L. BURKE WEPS. DEPT. G. P. Alaniz B. K. Barrow M. E. Benning F. E. Biggs M. E. Bodine I. G. Bright S. B. Bristol A. E. Brust 0. R. Bubhler P. C. Cantey I. Chada P. O. Chandler L. M. Christensen C. I. Okhon, Ir. I. M. Collins T. C. Daniel W. D. Downer R. L. Gibbs R, L. Galloway T. M. Gilbert I. A. Graham I. F. Guterrez D. Harding R. D. Harris P. L. Hedge 'f five. . ENS. A. E. ROBINSON ENS. C. L, GUM ENS I O WYLIE G DIVISION WEPS. DEPT. BOATSWAIN IST DIVISIO N f a V - ' f H 4 Xxx. 7- X I , .Q gs, F S1 , ' L P f b ff gl i, 1 'Z I 'E 255 fx D, G. Heigelson E. L, Hemphill T. A. Iabnsan D, L. Iordan I. A. Kindrirk I. S. Lynch R. I. Machesney I. C. Madigan C. Meyer L. D, Moore E. E. Poindexter W. E. Reynolds F, A, Russo D. B. Sandidge A. N. Senerrhia W, N, Shumale W. S. Skidmore L. T. Slalsby C. A. Stanley W. M. Tompkins E. P. Thompson S. L. Valentine C. B. Washington R. W. Zinzel L. Spivey P. L, Adermalt C. M. Abrens P. L. Bates I. Baliste L. C. Bennett G. P. Borrelli C. L. Carson W. Christe V, L. Christensen 2ND DIVISIO A .av 'Ww- Y W L Collzm C I Conner I H Cormsh H Cnado F W Cussner S Duzl y awdxon Devaull zll on Doss I., , , . . .... ... - -.HPF WQPFF -3m ' ' ' ' "',' .mA .aw'. , wpm Duwr. .f 7 I f L ' ' l I 1 I 5 ,iff ,,Yl Q W I qyfvl 1l el' N d1fkklX S A ' ' ' QQQIIK ,I H fiillm M I gbx ellhllx . il. H .H5Qw?E, L My Jgy il NE1, ,,,,-:, iiwyw .v'-44 Ebel' ,xr P23 N , 1 l F ' - I In , - ffyf N 'YM " I 1 lg , , Le - I I I v.:., 1 ' it xwwx ilffwg. , ,. , X ,fffr J N , 1 L ,,,,f,L Q ,w4N, 5 S, Q w,w,, N I , , L ., , , wx ' e ' M u ll N I 5 2 X H 5 -4Q-L X 1 M I I E , ' ,,'X I , xx A? , ' , 5' .ea l e H Q3 H Q' . r' I R 5 el eff l ill . D 9 I , . I e Q -I X , I . ww, eip I D - ,1 :fy . f M W ,' M I , 4 T1 ., , Vi - . ' ' 1' U ' D L f I ls' 9 13' I . 'I Q l f fl me I1 Q,I f l ,m eoI'fN T ,"Qw QQ5t' l?:YwFW I 'e ,L Q 12 Dumas Elam F osbee IV Fuller H Garland wumgw R Glen W Gzlxon Gould H I acke t F Hodge.: wnnmg mmm? mwqx 2255 asia SEEN. Q D I ones Kellum I Kzdon Kubel Lazare o e D Mundanzobl R D Nzrcum Nzrhols I G Peckham D Peterson B R Quznn D E Rrcketts E R Rizzo I H Srhlaegel T R S1eler H W Simmons 'W enum- nz Am Am! 15' s G' MA! 'W' A my me 'Q' am 47 an 354 hx we 427 ans A AAf Q., Q Q. 1? G2 fi f Rama D. D. Smith F. R. Smith H. A. Spires F. I. Tilley R. L. Underwood I. C. Vanronk C. G. Washington A. R. Watson E. R. Weidner D. E. Wheeler I. H. White C. Wilrot H. M. Williams C. R. Loveland D. W. Helwig W. E. lanes C. I. Dillon F. L. Courtney T. Phillips D. C. Phillips I. P. Baumann R. G. Curran G. R. Flick B. A, Hayes W. D. Penton S. A. Brown R. E. Whitehead G, E. Rice T. G. Cavinder ' I. I. Noonan R. E. Arnold P. R. Martin I. A. Kilgo 5523 QQ' g. .,,, 'ki f ' M... . SRD DIVISIO - i'... G Q l'le W Y l.ll ii 1 ..i.Q Qi R so ix ..' 511223 .. f' :"f' . 4 ,olie ie.. A it . C . f .ei R R ','i , . ...t. R A ' eool ., W fl f i'.1 V . v f My K ' A L .,.. .wifi A " ' '-'I . , ig- . . , .K V R .'.y . VV . V Q , , Wt R .,. , R... o of .eoe , Ciie f . we l , + 1 I eel R - 4 C . iili R eee - s R f L R ' .eey " eiiie ' ' XM K Vrlr ., ,... K Q, 1. sk .5-.gg '51 We G R . - is f- f, ff . . Q lg ly. - . Q fn- vias - . 2, .fra K ' R4 L -. Q- A Se . . ' . -' wwe H W 'A - iff' , XX 5 A-N X ,L 1? NA 'VN N Q' M.." l ' A 11" A K W ' A I ' .i A ' X x 1 N 258 V. R. Randall I. A. Williams B. L, Moon G. A. Hetzel L. I. Farland I. A. johnson G. E. Snyder C. Vartgesx W. E. Polls R. S. Daw A. A. Aldrich C. L. Curtis D. L. Murphy W. E. Wallace R. C. Thompson D. G. Dunbar E. I. Colter P. E. Reyes R. L. McConnie M. W. Buelow I. Pena W. E. Mackley M. D. Iejfries I. W. Reid R. W. Carpenter G. B. Murray C. W. Trusxell I. L. Covault R. L. Maples' A. S. Bernikojf W. S. Pearson I. H. Rikle R. M. Grass D. I. Benson E. A. Palmer E. H. Ogle R. R. Sears M. A. Camarda L. A. Pinkslon D. R. Ford E. R. Pellom ,- 5,--may P-war f w' gg V4"' M' ,. 1, , A .. I 'C lel A A f , 'X 4 "1" mr Sc.. Q A 4: N K , , -,., ... .r na- e ' ' ...W 'W-max' if 7 mf" Q by-vw , Q .. r yy..aP R A 4 ... Q 1 ' A . . R Afvs- .F N... I hw if A .L X 'Q 'E' w .,,- .. .vv A ,f K' f ,. 32 r . if I A L 259 M I . D M .y,, . . .5 . w A ' fe. L A E C Vafner W L De Shang IV D Gob' R B Stanlon D I Stevenson M Mandzcb E Cafferty S Cruz I R Garrett W D Powell D R Duey I H Sanrhez I I Burn: I P Galvan G Cable I. M. Rzge D. W. Griggs . L, Caxlleberry . R. Sbackleford . Garfield . D. Peek . C. Schoen . L. Richmond . G. Gonzalez . R. Duncan . W. Peters . W. Lyons I. E. Chaney . E. Boyer . I. Dezarn P. E. Bailey A. Pipkins M. R. Clem G. R. Pearsol G. L. West STH DIVISIO 260 WFUPUAUJ Cannon H Holman Angle F Peece E Bank: 'NZPJ Devoe Petersen Radford M L Beaule D Day M G McCrary Wzlson H Green C Tew R Trowbrzdge '71l"N4h1 PIIPUVJFXQN Nwgxgw Q Wm 'Q Na a ,, fwwNv.QN Ewing: :R Q-N: QE I L Farguex W Morey A Damphzer W L Chandler R N Hzbbler W E Kawa M D McGee M E Nelson L A La Vzne I E Stone W L Montgomery K H Regzs R D Tmer W L Waymzre C T Weslergaard i I G DIVISION 261 T. L. Billingsley M. Sanchez . D. Grimes D. L. Cornwell B. H. Schon I. R G. P. Lonien T. H. Standley B. G. Curry G. L. Colbert I. E. Lloyd R. D. Lewis R. I. MrCowen C. M. Sharp R. R. Bailey V. E, Denslow D. R. Gilmer I. E. Daniel P. C. Vincent I. H. Brown R. L. Capel W. Murray G. A. Isenhurg R. D. Villarreal F. D. Proulx I. P. Sha-ver R. Herrera I. T. Coney W. F. Bailey I. L. Brown H. I. Meininghau I I. R. Sharp R. H. Chamberlain C. Iames C. E. Austin F. L. Huff C. T. Paxlon D. M. Iohnson L. T. Weller D. A. MacPhail I. E. Hanson , s...., L. i B 4. . JET B Q llo H A C , .zv W K , 5 x ,i g g- J d xf me J . .X Fi I 262 R. D. McGinley I. D. Redman R. W, Mang I. W. Stokely G. D. Roo! S. R. Cason H. E. Perry T. M. Chamber: P. I. Kelly F. Heilman G. F. Flaim D. B. Mitchell C. T. Blumer R. Wilson R. G. Baxter G. D. Matlock I. G. Bell T. E. Srribner E. A. Brown G. A. Hamm G. E. Matson H. E. Drews L. W. Kastler D. W. Norlla D. M. Mitrhell S. R. Vertbein D. B. Bobannnn L. H. Meyer M. S. Phelps W. F. Owens E. M. Carmourhe D. C. Pfotenhauer GM DIVISIO .,...f 263 JWQ FQQPE swggr-r ' n SME: QNEFQ :gm-U' WNDW9 E. Shows . L. Baker F. Haas R. Sloan E. Warburton A, Proulx E, Mrlntyre F. Fitch M. Conan Heggen FZIVFNFU F Tarantino . Mason . Montooth Stark D. L. Buettner HTIPYU pany I. M. Arridson G. W. Schreyer I. S. Thomas B. W. Fernandez E. T. Gimeno I. H. Seymour G. W, Black R. M. Walker D. H. Ross G. C. Churchill L. B. Hedgepatb FGX DIVI IO , -ry. 264 al-0 ... K l if H. E. Dunn R. E. Morgan H. D. Baxter T. L. Ellis R. E. Kuker R. E. Meyer E. I. Carroll B. M. Clark R. W. Knowlex I. S. Little F. P. McAleer I. A. Flinn K. T. Brim I. T. Buczkowski I. H. Carlile A. W. Carpenter P. A. Froeblich S. L. Gable W. R. Gilchrist D. L. Howler T. W. Karpen R. P. Kreger I. R. Munson R. N. Palmer I. B. Peteix I. A. Sexton G. I. Smith I. W. Somern F. A. Whyte, Ir. L. A. Wilson B. H. Bertolin I. M. Carriger, D. M. McKee W DIVISIO s 265 D, K. Allen M. Ambrozi, 111 L. Ashford E. D. Barber, Ir. E. W. Beelbe R. D. Blair P. R. Bowman I. T. Brack I. W. Buckwaller L, R. Carp M. Casriano W. Chedestef D. Clark M. A. Decker G. I. Drexldr D. Freeman, Ir. R. L. Gaiko T. L. Gallant I. D. Graltan I. M. Gutierrez A. Guzman, Ir, R. M. Hamby T. W. Hoff T. G. Houston C. C. Kelly C. F. Kernan W. P. Knarr l. W. Kleist R. Larser Z. R. Laska . lf- MARDET 266 M Lzttrell A Martin L Melgaard R Mesxamaker I Mzlton wqmmw SSUHXQ D Moss W Morgan Mrasek C Munger R Nzcoson R1t'3f0h175 H Pope I Cuzrouet Rapas A Rxker G Szmmom HGQUQ NI 3' K a '-QQ HE' 5 EXW -:vw-N u-mag Yfbvs. as-gh 'ESQ a- m'N"1'1 Gin-1 B Spearman H Spelger M Slensby D Thomas F Thomas 555217: Hunt Dzckerson Vzllegas Stem . R. . G. . P. 6. If NGINEERING LT. C, F. OLIVER CDR. G. E. GOBBLE LT. D. H. FRASER ELECT, OFF. ENGINEERING MAIN PROPULSION LT' :flu ffMf: HARRIS DCA LT. G. I, KELLEY ENG. DEPT. ENS. D, G. ROBERTSON ENG. DEPT. fx.-' fr' 5 . if J., ww... ..- ner' . . M . . M 15 .2 . " 1, --'EYYWQ . ' A 1' I EES? LT. W. R. SHIVELLE M DIVISION LTIG. I, E. SIPTAK ENG, DEPT. ENS. M. L. VORKAPICH ENG. DEPT. 268 LT. G. F. SYPHERS LTIG K. NAUGLE B DIVISION ENG. DEPT. LTIG. 1. T. BELL LTIG. G. LAURICK ENG. DEPT. ENG. DEPT. ENS, D, L. MUEHLER GW04 T. W. WILLIAMS ENG. DEPT. ENG. DEPT. D, E, Zieser H. C. McNeill L, W. Brat! W. L. Finlay F. C. Fitzgerald W, M. MrCutcbeon C, W. Seller R. Garcia E. A. Toll I. C. Cbalik M. N. Kopf H. L. Palmer T. E. Coltran M. T. Winkle gm' prlwv-PQ Fbawb F S521 229719 PHQFSQ P WR ' ses: EQEQ EMEQE S ug-s wmv-. akdgm v. mst- Smeg! sign N am- ,www :NNN 1-ng QYBQ 'Q E FP M. McDonald C. Hollzrlaw L. W. Siverly A. G. Abeila R. A. Webster D9 1. Rothenberg C. Woodruj A DIVI IO 269 W. Thompson K. E. Maule T. R. Nistler B. L. Conard E. A. Gawlik R. A. Austin P. 1. Frieberg D. I. Naylor T. D. Bednarek R. A. Elmore S. L. Kirme D. S. Corey G, L. Paul D. E. Ioslin B. E. Ashley D, P. Bachik R. D. Boekholder I. R. Braalen I. E. Carlisle R. Chandler 0. E. Davis I. A. Goad, Ir. T. E. Hopp D. Kaiser B. R. jackson G. E. Koenen T. Koonsman I. P. Kron I. Anquein V. L. Lewks G, Lokey I. A. Madderra W. McCar11er N. R. Pearce R. O. Prokop K. C. Reagan C. R. Rahrhaugh D. I. Springer D. W, Stepro B. R. Stewart 270 1 I N f x W W V A w I J 1 l Y ? 3 w l K i l 1 N C W Stzdlmm R Trufzllo Vance Verrzll E Webster Wzckhum Wzllzams Wznsand Wynn Zawuekz If Zmzmer I Barton C E Gephart C R Lyom' Auger H R Perorz Swan K R Wood C R Thompson R L Rowand A M Cununan S Brown D L Dolpb A Harrzs C D Hall W F Neeley . A, McCollaugb . I. Orzulak R. M. Polk E. Pool L. I. Kepner R- I. Cable N. A. Rexxer W- I. Berkemeier W. D. Bebm G. D. Bode W4 is B DIVISIONI 271 R. P. Borys C. I. Bergeron I. R, Booker R. G. Campbell I. R. Carler F. L. Clark N, B, Edwards G. P. Flanagan G. W. Goodwin M. Hill R, E. Harris F. D. H ealla D. D. Hodges S. Kexller K. E. Knighl R, I . Mallory W. McMillen G. L. Moore B. E. Pruitt I. K. Rice K. Rico I. D. Safe I. M. Spaulding I. W. Tillman L. R. Siayton L. R. Tlaompxon R. L. Van Horn N. P. Sally I. L. Vanorlwirk R. P. Trigo M. E. Weddle C. E. Weston R, E. Williams I. S. Marquez R, A. Zigler H. I. Abbott D. R. Alcanlara D. W. Baker C. E. Banker W. P. Bli-ven 4 ., , , 5? V? ?f 912: Z. x J' A f fy e ., fl f X . V. . .... .. , 5 K 53. , W 0 ...fp . aw, ' " 4 " ,fail " fn' ff! - 2 Z Q W' 2 3 J f ' A Z , f 4 .f 4 ef 1 , .. .. 024- '. 4 S if me I Z 'f f wus. 'CZ' , 77 A L X K 1 f, f X 4 9 rf , '. ' " 'Vim "Je W "M A. B. Buller L, G. Boyd W1 B. Boyd R. Bottoms M. E. Bradbury W. L. Brandenburg S. A. Braswell N. C. Budd X. C, Bowie F. A. Burk IV G Byas R A Carrzrk W Carrol A I Ceballes C E Clement D Cook L Craft R Culver I Cunzj I Dams C Daestch W Fash R Fznn R Ferguson T Flower W Foster N Funderburg I L Graznger R L Gore I R Graves I A Hansen M G Hansen C D Hays E R Harp E Conklin W L Hampton D E Hanlon F D Hztcbrock R A Hopson L H Holmes X f KL 73 ff Rf . A D. . l B. . ' E. . HHHI . L. . M. . ' G. . L. . s. . 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Felder M. L. Fisher G. A. Goodger R. D. Hall D. A. Haines I, E. Harden R. E. Hombeek L. R. Howard R. C. Howe G. E. Kell P. W. Kloolwyk A. M. Kozell H. E. Lister R. L. Lanham B. I. MrBride E. MrKay I. S. Morrison K ? N h ,K f- '-rw f 44 y Q' gg, 7 .f M-v .. . .,. ,.., A. T. Moss M. H. Page R. F. Pollard R. R. Phillips D. W. Proetel T. S. Razmann K. F. Sugar F. W. Salter R. D. Sandberg I. N. Sanders I. A. Schooling S. M. Snyder F. Stien W. B. Taylor T. R. Tisrhner T. I. Turk A. R. Watts I ,W. Wegner L. M. Wells F. W. West I. Wickum M. L. Wilson R. M. Stafard P. E, Gebbard L. H. Wicbman F. W. .Smith I. G. Darris A. Romero F. Allen L. A. Edwards R. Q. Hahn L. Hadley R. C. Hill M. R. Beard B. W. Alzenbajfer M 2. , if .f ggi Ai I I Af' , ' .1 ,, , 3. Q fl' ' r J VX . ,. 'wif e ' 4. , fy, m W I ,rg kQ'9v .Q A , S f 1 --w:14 t' f U . , 1 1 1 ' j 5 9 l 1 ifl'l'5:., .. u ' 5 -45 ' ' a.-' '5 t.u..,.EJ, .. .Aw , ,fd A ' ' S 1 W2 lu: . w l. Pix v. L X .aff af' as fr. -' , 'K , ' 5 .2 H Q ,,... 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Crosgrave H. L. Paul D. L. Byrd R. Ellis W. G. Milcbell C. Sanders M fb. fs. W AIR DEPARTME T LCDR. G. E. KOLLMAN AIR DEPT. LCDR. C. R. WYLIE AIR DEPT. LTIG. V. BERNARDY AIR DEPT. '11 R4 1 . , ,. , .Z V F . . th C S , . I 1 is LCDR. W. H, BRAHLER1 AIR DEPT. 1 LT. M. C. CARTER LTIG. D. K. RUNGE AIR DEPT. CDR. W. E, CARMAN AIR 28 4 LCDR. W. C. GIDEON LCDR. G. I. FENZL, IR. V-I DIVISION V-2 DIVISION LT, S. N. HALLMARK LT. I. R, MEHELICH AIR DEPT. AIR DEPT. LTIG. R, L. SANDERS LTIG. I. L. HAMMERSTRAD AIR DEPT. AIR DEPT. S, C, Quinlan I. L. Suter P. D. Dodson W. K. Alexander R. M. Foster B. L. Henderson R. F, Malone I, A. Waternzarz A, K. Langley L, E. Watkins I. C. Moore D, F. Connelly H. W. Bragwell C. L. Gallagher I, R. Lees R. B. Fenker H. W. Baldwin R. I. Pelky M. I. Hoilien T. M. Carter E. I. Srlzaller I. R. Pullman L. C. Fixber D. E. Glasrork G. W. Wilxon B. L. Flower: R. I. Olson I. P. Orel B. R. Hall B. B. King R. Irvin? C' Heard D. Gavlitr 31. R. I-lugber ll M. Souza V-1 DIVISIO 41: . i C lef ' ,. ,.,f j Nic! I 1-'fl a ' 4- .Q . I I. S. Annan W. M. Keagle N. O. Good R. I. Luskey I. P. Corcoran E. 1. LeFeure I. L. Gramest T. W. Walsh F. L. Patterson E. I. Regan L. Frank W. E. Stich F. C. Genovesi A. Richards . W. Weise 1. G P. A. Totten 1. A. Denny I. C. .Moore I. Cerda D. A. Cass D. A. Weather: B. R. Hall S. G. Perez D, E. Webb W. P. Igo F. I. Chaudoin A. R. Gant T. G. Duerr A. G. Brown T. L. Lopez M. L. Turner f. A. Guillot I. Alvarez R. W. Morgan C. W. Hunt A. M. Moyflitt K. L. Roxenbum I. R. McMahill D. W, Olson H. E. Wheat . 1-Q1-gf? 1 RX 4 Q QS' 1 4 X A . 1 A 'Si f X .ei I A 4-m f? A ah'- ' 53 'X gi 3' 5253 - Ass. af.. Q BW . ,K if . , .I 1 etr. .9 fi K 4... M M. R. Subar I. R. Pugb R. M. Brock R, F. Basquez B, A. Petty S. C. Quinlan D. R. Davix R. F. Malone V. L.. Simmon R. E. Rupe W. F. Klender H. M C. A. R. L. A. G R. D C. S. L. Guthrie V. Santacrore W. Lezvir M. Steele Irving Hawthorne F. McDonnell Badami H uguenin H. Milxtead C. Alxup C. Moxer W. C. Knight R, W. Brown D, E. Bagley L. F. G L. Best I. Barrett . O. Caldwell K. M. Hazzard D. E. Naplin K. L. Vargas F. I. Dwyer W. F, Sweerzy C. E. Koontz T. L. MrDonald G. Royal A. A. Miller I. L. Snapp R. N. Beblke If 'A 1 . p. an , ' f 3 . I 5 'LMI I ' V5 Qt" r Qx Qwffk Q N .1 -CZ" -A -sf 287 .nv E. A. Dienert M. D. Boyer R. R. Rielher I. W. Boulay C. W. Wilber R. L. Gellaxh I. P. Buckman R. L. Smith R. C. Norris D, G. Carter A. L. Hightower I. W. Robertson K. L. Delune QV G. R. lVaugarnan W. C. Hetzler H. R. Iordan W. E. Houze R. E. Farr W. A. Hurt I. H. Kruse W. B, Blair I. E. Lethcoe C. D. Fitzgerald C, McMullen F. G. Short R. D. Shelton I. W. Manning A. A. Oslerbuhr C. T. Iobnston M. A. Fluaitt R. N. Kelley R. G. Moore R. L. Farnam F. I. Geary V-2 DIVISIO is ' ,gpm fv- 288 S. E. Murray I. R. O'Shea W. H. Smith F. E. spill... C. N. Simmermann I. Bicxak A, I. Brothers P. Heldreth M. R. Hencley E. R. Holmes T. E. Remley A. I. Goodall C. W. Maloney N. MrClellan R. C. Weighous F. W. Compton R. W, Heuer N. C. Holman I. R. Salerno T. M. Smith B. L. Armentrout R. H. Bramel R. Lennon R. A, Palmer E. Barnes M. H. Glas: Grams O. W. Haggard I. R. Lunsford F. R. Vasqueze I. L. Berger E. Boggs H. R. Campbell D. M. Iaensch I. T. Logsdon I. Ryan C. V. Wright D. B. Brower D. D. Burrus I. R. Collins Q-3 Sad! 1- ff? 1 , 1' ' v I A '9- mlflfz Q4 5- I X 3 I' .. ,Jax ?N, 4 ...F 3 ' Q ' .V ' A W' " -W' , Z - 289 A' A im A 9-Q 'U- Q' 9 'Q W. I. Deuerkk H L . . Waldrop A. E. Iester R. F. Kurz K. R. West D, E. Easton R. T. Cotterman I, H. Iames R. K. Payne R. I. Surls P. A. Graziano D. H. Hill C. W. Stiles D, E. Messner F. R. Gibbs I. D. McClure D. E, Thompson W. Loe D. C. Hughes I. L. Shaw ncn uLn Lindsey H. D, Ferguson M. I. Lang T. H. Billings S, Wellington R. W. Clements D. R. Hall T. A. Kayne D, S. Ragucci R. Martinez W, L. Cook E. L. Schofield F. H. Oliver F. L. Zollin L. Lemons Af 'W R' ' f 'ee 5 C . . I f , . A A N fl Qi f A Q noi' 2 , , gf in ZF 'W yf 1 L A V-3 DIVISIO f kr! '1 M ,K fy, Sz.. ..... T F x.kgL, U f Q9 f fy f We l l 'T ol - glieiw Vktk ,IVV I 1 V' ,gf 'X ' 'H ' W f C. 5 ' -.f ku V gg 7 A x :QL L W. 5 . C... 7 i k f fm W 'N ' W- .A . , na? .QV I 'il A V V.. az' f xx "' J X . 290 G, A. Harris R. E. Hawes R. M. Gonzales D. I. Westfall R. L. Gheringer G. L. Gruttadaurio I, A. Donahue I. I. Keneven D. R. Bryant T. G. Hutchinson L. K. Dasovir L. I. Declautte P. R. Terry G. F. May I. H. Walker L. Perk C. D. Sherman I. F. Morris P. E. Iewell B. Llamas I. R. Terrones E. R. Oil E. D. Loggins R. I. E zanuel 77 R. Salomone M. H. Kocko R. L. Armacost G. D. Slagle . V. Clark G D. I. Marke K. Mead E. Broadman lg. A. Bushnell . L. Hayes W, L. Harrell L. L. Clay L. D. Christensen K. M. Timothy C. R. Lund P. I. Fiabane D. I. Anderson . I U - SK O QI ,hi f V' 'I ?'t 'f 2 ff 45 ' ggi -3' 'F 6 .... 54" I , ' t I f . Q ,, . .II.. . If 5 5 ' N A fill Z I z f zlg A "UA .D I 291 E. I. Carroll R. T. McGee R. S. Garret! R. A. Partlow I. E. Danczak G. A. Vandel P. R. Roberts A. Whitfeld W. I. Kent P. Tartaglione R. F. Gilliam D. M. Hood E. W. Adams T. C. Straxser A. E. Fox R. T. Romberg W. Cintron D. L. Wau'razc T. E, Merrill D. P. Erickson I. I. Bratton S. R. Evans T . S. Smith T. R. Bode R. G. Tucker I. T. McGee P . D. Llewellyn S. K. Frankenberg G. E. Perkinxon R. L. Olligax L. W. Iolmson I. G. Tutwiler L. Ervin A. L. Christopher F. P. Amtlaow V-4 DIVI IO 3 292 A, S. Fronrkowiak D, E, Hewitt C. E. Hays B. E. Cribbs E, M. Ray L. S, Dunson C. F. Grafton L. H. Grewell C. Bilyeu D. Depew M. P. Goodall B. S. Mclntosb F. A. Moffat V Hauer C Munch R Penny W C Rzdner F L Plazllzps H S Hall R Castro T S Wzllzanzs IV E Slabneou W R lomax E Phzllzps P D Brure I Mancmo T Tucker W M Hohes W Kenny L Grovex K Taylor I Adcofk D A Morgan A Adams E Wezrzzer H L Welborn W P Egger! I L Golforth S Mzdgett G L Franklm ww GM mf' W is gr' 9 ww' new R. L. Barnes R. E. Smith P. E. Warren I. F. Tillery R. D. Laruence P. F. Washington L. I. Kacsamdy E. I. Hensley M. G. Travelute A. T. Collelto I. D. Kindsrhuch L. C. Peterson E. R. Allan P. I. Ewing S. I. Moffett I. D. Elkins A. K. Brown A. W. O'Malley P. 1. Zimmerman I. R. Hill M. F. Garand A. P. Sclnlidt B. K. Lollm' L. A. Rickett R. C. Pruden L. E. Aliafer I. E. Stevens D. A. Morrow V-5 DIVISIO 294 D. E. Milstead I. E. Lee G, W. Gose E. M. Forbes 1, W, McGrath M. L. Myers A, Smith C. R. Thompson W. S. Woodard M. R. Fouse B. Gumola M. P. Monti L. Sixro R. L. Grayson Hemmerl R. I. Borkouuvlei H. E, Engstrom H. D. Hollix I. Scbimelfening I. I. Potrykus R. L. Bilodeau T. R. Gonzales C. T. Horner L. E. Huffman K. W. Baird S. K. Roberts S. B. Robinson I. R. Baranoski K. B. Beally A. G. George A, Holmes P. I. MrGovern N. L. Iaromay C. H. Rirkert I. A. Burda V-6 DIVISIC 's Qs 295 D. L. Post L. I. Salerno W. W, Curry I. R. Litz C. Westerguard W. G, Shubert F. H. Driver I. T. Duplessie B. L. I ohnson D. L. Shockey A. V. Mihalsky W. E. Thompson H. S. Butler I. S. Knight D. I. Tesxmer D. I. Iudice M. V. Ragan R. I. Brode I. P. F. Oakes A. V. George W. A. Perry D. A. Foster E. G. Dowdy F. W. Hirkx D. L. Walls A. W. While D. Dunaway B. I. Soucy K. E. Puckett I. A. Bradshaw I. M. Kilgore R. L. Bilodeau R. I. Borkawski P. L. Hara R. L. Hemmert R. R. Robertson F. W. Smith V. S. Lass D, I. Tadsen R. H. Sirk 'Q f I . 5 T - ' Q4 Z . ,,.,..,,-.. tn A rv , A i ,.v' . ff- - - rv- , .4 1, Y h ELA :K , -. w . ,1 .R 'Y T 296 rv V . Q.: ' 4-9 1 f ' 4 2. 1 , 2 I 'f ' Mm if .ve V ,gl A ,. ,. , 4 t Q fx . ,J 4 . 2 7-I I fin ef Wu. We be I C Harrell C L Tucker M D C Stewart R Esposzto Slefank VA 56 Burk VF 51 Woods VF 51 Bynum VF 51 Ruppe VF 51 Demos VF 51 folly VA S6 Busch VF 51 Flores VF 51 Wzllzams VF 51 Ellzot VF 53 Brooks VF 51 Roberts VF 51 Foss VF 53 Szndle VF S3 Farrar VA S6 Hawkzns VF 51 Iackson VA 56 Benson VF 51 Roud VA 144 Taylor VAH4 Callzns VF 51 Zapfel VF 53 Debnerl VF S3 Savoy VF 53 Sanders, VF 53 lary, VF 53 Lewngston, VF 53 Wrzgbt, VF 51 Wasson, VF 51 xg av X fr.. A D PERSONNEL fif- am K 297 Smith, VF-53 Bowman, VA-56 Mendez, VF-51 Hunker, VA-56 Burkner, VA-144 Harvey, VF-53 Odom, VF-51 Fuller, VA-56 Harvey, VF-53 Hill, VF -53 Dieger, VF-51 Aldridgee, VF-51 Barrett, VF-51 Brown, VA-56 IN MEMORIAM: CDR John C. Mape LT Richard W. Hastings LTJG john V. McCormick LTJG Gerald L. Pinneker LTJG Douglas M. Webster LTJG Stephen G. Richardson Charles O. Dixon, AN MISSING IN ACTION: LCDR Render Crayton , . 4. ... . .,..n,.......a ......, ,,. --w---G.-A

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