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E2 D: -22: ZODNRO NQJWIUEQLM 2 RUE.-'QQ JOOIUM I-2:-3 -EE EVE: 5:2--: he :SING-Um Elm mlsl be F23 95: SN gm Gsm' hmmm?-'bz0m 01 UCFU-Z0 PN Sola ox Seq Naam? :Nm lag N342 ax SEQ mo! :im UOBDD on mDC9:.6z . . . P. 0. IOTTZPZQ OID-DKPZ -QOOIQH Nana? gm 12: :WSW ox SEQ Srl? gm Q-NODQM mbmddzs TOWZTN 00,2-U zmzmmmx X xxxxxvzmwmzargmgmmx dl-ni.-'Ilm V ED? gg Ms Sa? NVQ X-Dae: XIX S FEE- RGS: UCUOW-I OOZZZ-A-,mm E QE alas: sm 5223? ox :SF P-:mmm mob dim un?-OOP but-za.-135:02 . . . OmoD0m Nmff-OK. TZ-Z0-7,75 Ea :vga ER: ga :Nils SN FEW Smgmsmm HIC-Nm.-'OZ I-DI MQ!-OOF SSS QE FEPSS? Tok :im Tbbmzdd . . i PZOM 0-FIOCF -ummm-UmZA-'Q A-IC'Nm40Z I-QI M0100-I TL., TON HIM M-'CUNZHM . . I MCWPZ '-mPZm- Tlmm-UmZH -umom-my-S 415:02 :Coma moz mxmruszn in .'t..........lm'-..-'.-.....-'-.......'....'........- I,-Moro mm,-I-I Uma-nb.-'Oni vzbqmm .."...' mmgmmmzo nl ib4zm ommomzm msalao-ag: om mn-so-M I-:Cass 0-:Eze-J O-ash-J -zqongizoz .ul-.-.--I.."..'.'-.....'.."...- mm4mmmz-U Oni,-I LOIZMOZ noznmxqo omouuo zo. w ....'.'.......-.....-....-...'-.'.-.-.-----..- nommrr- no-:U 9-.or no-:Sc-iq OTC-6-J A-Taxa: Ia-J Misa- 91:0 mam.-:En MT:-ex moz.: 0:0230 zb-Eozbr Lzq-Im! :mam on :Pmoiznm -."-'...,.-.' .'-.' m X20-hmm vo: NE Summa ..',- .-..-..- m 285:02 ISP: ...-'- fc'-hz M. moz ,Z bzmmzubz no-LA mI,vMoD1 ....-..-.....'.."..'....... Qmczomzbz nm-65: BIRD? P25 not-J: 1:15:33 IST mn-gl mea han-A m-cu? glenn.-oz I-or MQ-BOP ,rib ix:-mx .A-.. ...V m Elm-umoz bm-N. M-'CMM xmnooz-I-:oz om Mvmn-br Qcmml-'M 'III T-,norm mm,-I-I noagsom 0,623 me.-Ls nam ORTOUQS vxmmmzqx-:oz om mcziu-zo ...-.....'.'--.. 01,3-'mm mzo-0044 mmzmosnlzoz U..Iul--I'.....,-"".'.'...-..- mmgmxmzo I-,4 Io-umz,Z im-3:3 ea msmmnozslkqnfrsnz K? 42503 OT'-RT om 071: THE YEARLI G - I96I FIRST EDITION - Editor ......... .... Business Manager Copy Editors . . . . . . . SPRINGFIELD, OREGON Index Edifofs - - Photographers . . . . . . Advisor . . . Melba Smith Dani McC1uskey Aleen Crabb Frances Marshall Darleen Zeller Aleen Crabb Gary Odom Dee Rodli Mrs. Cheshire ' TW? j-if , , .., - R ,ia Uncertain and hesitant at first, Thurston High's first students set about forming a school, complete with traditional activities, organizations, and policies. Important decisions were an every day occurance at first, as the student body decided to have a white shirt section instead of a formal pep clubg composed and adopted a constitutiong started traditional dancesg developed school spiritg formed and supported fifteen organizationsg and most important, learned 'many things not discovered before through the classrooms. l Sportsg dances, club activitiesg conferences and conventionsg friendsg unusual incidentsg the experience of being in ' Q. 2 ff i a position of authority, no matter how small or unimportantg an interesting class--these are the things that will be remembered in the many, many years to come. Sophomores became a part of the school as few other schools have allowed them to. Seniors, upon the top rung did imagined ladder, needed help from sophomores and juniors alike to realize the potential of Thurston. W, 5 This experience, of establishing a new school, will undoubtedly be a part of the memories--fond, bitter or I l indifferent--of all who experienced it. ' X 3 SUPERINTEN DEN TS MR. HAROLD BEALL Superintendent MR. WALTER COMMONS 4 MR. GUY LEE Assistant Superintendent Assistant Superintendent SCHOOL BOARD S.B.M.: Mr. James Izett, Mr. Gordon Vance, Mr. Al Hoffman Qchairmanj, Dr. Warren Glaede, and Mrs. Mildred Holly. Dr. Warren Glaede, Head Booster 5 I f i 1 X r ff t i , 1 -i , , if 'LfA N- e . 1 In his office GEORGE ZELLICK, principal Mr. Zellick has worked hard to make the school a worthwhile, respected center of learning and part of community life. His motto: Go first rate, or don't go at all. His many efforts have helped make THS's first year one to remember forever. Speaking at the Dedication of THS 5 Relaxing on the patio during warm weather. MR. FLATEN, Dean of Boys The deans are helpful counselors to all students, especially to the seniors, in applying for scholarships Girls' League and Boys' Alliance are also under their guidance. MRS. HOWARD, Dean of Girls 7 MISS BAILEY MR. CANNING MR. CARLSON MRS. CHESHIRE MR. CLINGMAN MR. COCI-IRAN 'li :S I MISS DAGGETT MR. DELLINGER MR, DRAKE 8 'E Si' gf if !s if gxgiirig I wg if if 2 -'SS S ., Ig IAA 3 1 1-f , 'E' 5 j '!..' .', 2 , I 1-: ' 2,5 :S , I :as Y I 'I "Wil 1 if. l . i ' X 1 S O i , ES S MRS. ELLEFSON MISS FOSTER MR. HUMPHERIES MRS. JOHNSON MISS KNEELAND MRS. LOOMIS MRS. MILLEGAN MR. MARTIN MRS. PATTERSON 9 MR. POWELL ,MRS. RAMSING MR. RENWICK MR. RICE MR. ROTH MR. SLUSS MR. VANWAGONER 10 COOKS: Mary Howard, Edna Maddox, Helen Ayers, Gyda Combs Mrs. Elizabeth Eich SCHOOL SECRETARY CUSTODIANS: Francis Dubendorf, Elmer Grace, Ernest Kingery, Mrs. Helen Lynch Leonard Hall. SCHOOL NURSE n FLL X mg , 7: fm., . . . 1 1 H x-:wwf ,L 3 51, fy? 4 f as 'S k f -Xi v :.:'Xf" ,si ' Wav ii 1 f Wi? f it s ' 1 f T K' ' f -- L, - 531 I' 555 f. ' I+ :W w ,, Q .Q ' 17 . - gyyiix 1, "-Mfrs-ffsfiziqg nk, gy - Q. , ' ,kmgg k 1- , 5,11 ,. .. m, ,mxA ,,,.. I . Q y . , - Vi Q: 4 ' 'L-1,--fw.ff.f'ff9: I V L L 1 55' Lm,' Q - Q x . L A ,g . fA'f'fili3T.. "f1 T, L' 3335 ef - lim-inf? .Z gl , 1 v iff, r Mvfw- wg M51 S, . I -Pix-- Ufk.Q,v, La. L.. gl' 1 451 5 ll I efwyf ' fg ,zi i f 35 53?fQ mf f 1 if ist: A J I 4-il. 1-LZAIY' ai-K f mf :RQ fifmsffggf f'?'wiiJ , . Wx! x 353 1 3 xg! H ov 1 Rigs f X : ., " gig, ggi, wif' K mf? 4 Q 1, my ACTIVITIES All students attended Flag Raising ceremony the first day of school Couples trample balloons at Harvest Heaven Dance. 14 i . ' 'iii' Wigged Springfield Rally beauties, pro mote pep. "Marryin' Sam" mock Weds Hazel and Henry at the Hobo Hoedown. "Bouncing Bunnies" enjoy Hardtime Hobo Hoedown. HONOR SOCIETY FRONT ROW: Beth Klud, Sylvia Dobes, Aleen Crabb, Hazel Cook, Susan Jeans, Sandy Hemmingsen, Marilyn Evans, Ken McAlister, Dick Putnam. SECOND ROW: Ron Menke, Sharon Kilian, JoBeth Henderson, Janet Neice, Maralee Copeland, Jeanine Edmiston, Dani McCluskey, Dixie Lee Merrell, Tom Staten, Al Bean, Don Rittenbach. THIRD ROW: Bill Holly, Bob Jorgenson, Dave Strom. SITTING--Sandy Hemmingsen, Beth Klud, Marilyn Evans, Sharon Kilian, Jo Beth Henderson, Janet Neice, Hazel Cook, Sylvia Dobes, Susie Jeans. STANDING--Al Bean, Dick Putnam, Bill Holly, David Strom, Kenner McAlister, Ron Menke. Y. F.C FIRST ROW--Kathy Babcock, Sharron Prociw, Joyce Roberts, Tawna Wilson, Cheryl Lanier. SECOND ROW-- Marilyn Evans, Penny I-Iarkey, Harriet Sever, Beth Klud, Linda Estes, Iris Janz, Brenda Sizemore, THIRD ROW-- Roy Mackey, Mark Denham, Ralph Bivens, Dan Klud, Bob Newby. The Youth For Christ Club presents an interesting, well -rounded -program centered around a religious theme. The purpose is to present a more wholesome recreation for the teenagers. This Youth For Christ Christmas float won second prize. 5 33W bum ., w w...F-f six f W x y 5 M!!! Mg Q if V+ .J W fy-W, iii l i ,if , M XM, Wwrwig. M -1-45-fm .ML M X N 1 L.: , W x -:X f . gig M L, fi! 4 HQ New fi , V 11. -'W ,vm 11: Qwfg of L ,www 1 Hi. STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW--Al Bean, Susan Jeans, Gay Estes, Linda Btes, Joel Heacock. SECOND ROW--Melba Smith, Royce Kirk, Robert Winnop, Gary Odom, Allan Lueck, Robert Sage, Norma Nauss, Lucy Reid, Sara Rust, Martha Stanley THIRD ROW--Aleen Crabb, Gary Winnop, Cheri Tumey, Sharon Johnson, Jean Winsor, Dani McC1uskey, Laurie Wilson, Carol Daniels, Carol Busby, Mike Ayers, Sandy Hemmingson. FOURTH ROW--Sylvia Dobes, Cheryl Lewis, Walter Judish, George Momb, Curtis Langer, Dick Richardson, Jack McCreary, Sharon Prociw, Rosanne Elliot. FIFTH ROW--Judy Wise, Claudia Pruitt, Marilyn Campbell, Gary Daniels, Bennett Huff, Floyd Wicls, Pete Olin, James Staten, Joe LaFleur. SIXTH ROW--Carolyn Winningham, Sharon Wright, Charoliene Sanne, Carol Knecht, Janice Jones, Dick Busby, Bob Ashley, Tom Staten, John I-l.ill. The first student council had a big job paving the way for the future of the new school. Some of their undertakings were: to pass the constitution. being host at the first region VI student council conference, and directing two leadership workshops. A1 Bean, Vice President Dick Putnam' S ond V'c Pr 'd V 'K' J is , ec 1 e esr ent x X12 lf? Ei 3 . 3 ,Ea Q s ., , gma il v gl , A I I .ag iv VARSITY KNEELING--Dick Putnum, Bob Newby, A1 Bean, Bob Wicks, Bob Cox, Toby Stucky, Jim Boyd. STANDING--Joel Heacock, Fred Willis, Jack Mc Creary, Merrill Burge. The Colts' first football team, although smaller than most, had a successful seasong winning three and tying one. Plagued by injuries, the team showed excellent spirit and plenty of desire and hustle. Throughout the football season, the Colts were a team Thurston could be proud of. ,lack McCreary was chosen Most Valuable Player by the Boosters at their annual football banquet. Colts mash another Miller T.H.S. T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S Coach Bo Clingman Marshfield ...... 47 Sutherland ...... O Roseburg . . . . . 45 Albany ....... 19 Cottage Grove . . . 32 Sweet Home .... 13 Willamette . . . 0 Springfield . . . . 6 Harrisburg ..... 13 Boyd blocks as Hill scores. Heacock gains ground around end. N One more Indian bites the dust CROSS COUNTRY 5 -A,L I ss y 1:11qA LEFT TO RIGHT--Bobbie Mounts, Ken Curry, Larry Hull, Gary Odom, Gordon Jones, Tom Thompson, Wayne Janz, Carl Howes, Larry Randall, Mr. Dellinger. Ken Curry races to finish. 95 Team-mates chat between races. Helen Arneson Linda Baker Edwina Ballew Diana Barnes Kay Batchelor Larry Bates Betty Bean George Benson Karst Bergsama Karen Bergstrom Denise Birdseye Ralph Bivens Larry Brant Carol Busby James Cash Gordon Childers Clyde Christensen Phyllis Class Mildred Clopton Doyle Colley Lonnie Crabtree Jerry Crawford Donna Dalbeck Carol Danieis Donna Davis Mark Denham Vernon Dent Lee Dickens Sam Dominy Bill Dooley Sandie Dow David Dvorak Pat Elliott Steve Evans Vern Farmer Stan Fisher Dawn Fraytag Diane Fraytag Sidney Friedle Bob Fuller Dale Garrelts Patti Gerhman Kathi Gilmore Terry Gilmore Bonnie Glenn David Glenn Darrell Graham Darlene Gray David Guth Gene Guthrie Mildred Haire Larry Hampton Bob Haupp David Haxby Wayne Headlee Sharol Henderer Brenda Henderson Shirley Hicks Millard Holt Mary Hooker Sandi Howard Don Huberd Ron Huberd Roy Huenerguardt Sally Irelant Viki James Charlene Jenkins Charlette Johnson Jim Johnson Paul Johnson Sharon Johnson Wayne Johnson Mary Jones John Keeler Ron Keller Gary Kephart Lavonne Kerber Doyle King Sharon Kitachuck Danny Klud Dan Koozer Steve Koperski Carol LaChappe11e Joe LaFleur Darlene Lambert A1 Langdon Cheryl Lanier Leone Larson Dub LaShot Bonita Leaming Karen Lewis Jolene Long Martha Lowell Rolynne Mackey Roy Mackey Ty Mailen Joyce Maish Rickey Maish Ben Mannix Ken Manthey Frances Marshall Rod Massengale Gail Mathers Alba Matteson Bob Mc Clennen Carol McCumsey Sharon McGuire Carol Menke Julie Mills Deloris Millus Gary Miner Veronica Morgan Alan Morris Don Munyon Diane Nelson Gary Odom Paul Osborne Moria Ostrem Carolyn Overbye Ben Paladiczuk ,ff 13 news- J 3' Sandra Towlerton Cheri Turney Sharon Vance Dennis Wartenbee Shannon Wearin Margaret Weller Sherrill Willmarth Laurie Wilson Robert Winnop Sharon Whitten Harvey Yarborough Alice Youmans Darleen Zeller Everyone enjoys lunch -time 32 J OURN ALI SM Staffs--Gary Odom, Jeff Randall, Melba Smith, Frances Marshall, Bob Ashley, Deloris Millus, Sharon Vance, Norma Nauss, Ron Randall, Leroy Randall, Connie Stevenson, Larry Bates, Venita Snider, Tawna Wilson, Dani McCluskey, Jean Winsor, Aleen Crabb, Mrs. Cheshire. Reporters at work. Melba Smith, Annual Editor, Aleen Crabb, Newspaper Editor. '-xn -- -...rv 1 , -P' L. ,Vx .1 aww- qw- X W 3 3 ,law mm :K f . 5 3 mwqwwwlgfhtfgcw .gmac S 5 H s vdinlvlwlww N . it X X 1 xx x s 5.1-as I - 'L as-Q. A visa i fg " is Q xxx f 45+....fe My Q' 5 Q .flfW 1 ACTIVITIES Linda Bebout and Jeanine Edmiston were seen taking a siesta at the junior chili feed. Lila Bamhart and Merrill Burge were chosen royalty. Everyone enjoyed the Winner Party "The first snow-fall" l Cheryl Lewis plays the part of a gangster in a play presented at the Sophomore-Junior potluck. uick Richardson and Susie Jeanswere chosen King and Queen of the Valentine dance intitled Valentine Enchante. GRA FRONT ROW--Carol Shorey, Aleen Crabb, Margaret Weller, Helen Arneson, Donna Davis, Martha Stanley, Shirley White, Mildred Goddard. BACK ROW--Cheryl Lanier, Marilyn Hibma, Betty Rackley, Melba Smith, Sharon Wright, Donna Dallbeck, Martha Lowell, Susan Shorey, Carolyn Overby, Norma Nauss, Cathy Bates. The tumbling team, part of Girls' Recreation Association, entertained at halftime. 38 LETTERMEN Seniors FIRST ROW--Larry Randall, Dick Busby, Jack McCreary, Tom Fountain, Ben Wicks, Bennett Huff, Dave Taylor. SECOND ROW--Bob Cox, Bill Winsor, Clint Harris, Mike BeBout, Bob Wicks, A1 Bean, Bob Jorgensen, Gordon Jones, Phil Jensen. THIRD ROW--Lyle Fox, Bob Newby, Fred Willis, Dick Putnam, Merrill Burge. FIRST ROW- -Joe I.aFleur, Al Langdon, Vernon Farmer, Rod Massengale, David Guth, Jim Staten, Gary Davisson, Gary Skirvin, Gary Odom. SECOND ROW--Bill Hirning, Wayne Janz, Bobbie Jo Mounts, Jim Boyd, Joel Heacock, Wayne Headlee. 39 Usherettes rs mamly a servrce club servmg the school and com- mumty m any way poss1b1e Thrs group made up of 36 Junior and Senror glrls usher at graduauon class potlucks, all basket- Nancy Fent Vice President Gay Estes Se cret ary-Treasurer Linda Estes Susie Jeans Diane Bray Charoliene Sanne Sharon Killian Donna Silano Sandy Winnop Sharon Prociw Beth Klud .X M pg? K lv, se 1 -A ffm Xe cy- , Q fx, X '35 a my S6 Wh VARSITY BASKETBALL KNEELNG--Wayne Janz, David Bxainard, Kenner McA1ister, Lyle Fox, Mike Humphreys. STANDING--Larry Randall, Joel Heacock, Fred Willis, Tom Staten, Gary Davisson. Coach Roth gives boys last minute pointers 42 J. V. BASKETBALL Mr. Drake, Terry Gilmore, Alan Morris, Joe LaF1eur, Wayne Headlee, Ron Keller, Bob McC1ennen, Jim Staten, Tom Thompson, Roy Huendergardt, Larry Bates, Don Munyon, Clarence Cooper. Everyone tries for the ball. W 43 The Thurston Colts' first basketball season was successful as far as improvement was concerned, even though the final scores did not always indicate success. The team was handicapped because few in the team had previous varsity experience. They showed a lot of determination and desire to win as they represented T.H.S. in the best possible way. Fred Willis scored as second high point man in District 5-A-1 competion and was chosen for the all district team. Yes he's a big one Fred, but . . . T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S T.H.S 44 T.H.S. Randall goes in for a lay ln shot Albany - Corvallis - Corvallis - Sweet Home . Sweet Home - Albany - Roseburg - North Eugene - Cottage Grove . Marshfield - North Bend . Willamette . Springfield . South Eugene . Cottage Grove . Marshfield . North Bend . North Eugene . Willamette . Springfield . South Eugene . Roseburg Y.. Sly!! , gl 212' 2. 1' fp Qf.L 5 ik, - . Q. 'l .... ff,- -QL 6, -' fe Q ln -:fix ,, it . V - 1 . if 114 W. ' ms .S ff EiA'QisLi:3gi.X :H , um Nw. .,A-- "" .W-9 S93 1 534 1, W? A 7 f '- Q .I X ' W 'ff if? vi, ' fi QD Q5 Q0 'J 42 I Q Q." A "W Qa- 3 gf? " 4 J? H - fx-: JUNIOR CLASS Council--Joyce I-Ii11, Treasurer, Gay Estes, Secretary, Hazel Weniekie, Social Promoter, Clem Cooper, Vice President, Tom Staten, President, Henry Kerns, Social Promoter. Business courses are popular among the juniors. 48 Mike Alberts Tom Alexander Bob Ashley Kathy Babcock Beverly Balzer Cathy Bates Linda Bebout John Bennett Mary Beshears Melody Bolken Doug Boyd Jim Boyd Richard Brown Shawn B1'0WI1rigg Gary Buss Marilyn Campbell Don Chenoweth Shag-gn Class Tim Coburn Doug Collins Clarence Cooper Maralee Copeland Noel Corliss Howard Cowan Aleen Crabb Karen Cunningham Gary Davisson George Downs Delene Dunwald Jeanie Edmiston 49 Gay Estes Roger Ferren Ken Ferris Marvin Floyd Marshall Fox Neal Furlong Jeannie Gillett Mildred Goddard Lester Hale Jeanette Hanson Penny Harkey Donna Harris Jeanie Hart Jan Hassell Cheryl Hougen Karl Hayden Joel Heacock Joe Headlee James Henderson Pat Henderson John Hill Joyce Hill Bill Hirning Carl Howes l James Hornolka Larry Hull Sandra Hummell Mike Humphreys Wayne Janz Louise Jewell 50 Ray Jones Carl Judish Sheri Lippincott Larry Lott Allan Lueck Karen Lupon l Dick Lusby Charlotte Lynch Gerald Lyons Mike McCarthy Dani McCluskey Don McMurry Ken McNeale Dixie Merrill Bonnie Mills Karen Mitten Jane Morris Bob Mounts Norma Nauss Pete Olin Nancy Peais Kathy Pinkham Nick Platt Bill POUCH Dexter Price Dan Prociw Claudia Pruitt Betty Rackley Lucille Reid Dennis Riley 51 Don Rittenbach Joyce Roberts Arlene Ross Elva Sabin Robert Sage Harriet Sever Gary Skirvin John Smith Marlys Smith Sherry Smith Steven Smith Kathy Spehn Martha Stanley Tom Staten Connie Stevenson Margaret Stone Toby Stucky Charles Tallent Aaron Taylor Gary Thompson Tom Thompson Susie Titus Sandy Umphenour Janice Vance David Weleberr Walt Whitson Floyd Wicks Hazel Wienecke Earl Williams Richard Wilson 52 Tawna Wilson Carolyn Winningham Jean Winsor Judy Wise Sharon Wright Jim Boyd Sharon Class Karen Cunningham Mark Denham Cheryl Hamilton Marilyn Hibma 53 SPR ww nm X , , ,Q Qi., KW . . ,, K M 'Al f A ' ,. 2 , . - k - 9 ' Me. ,- L , W- , M V -- I R 54" X .A 'Q is ' . W5 ..... N , .mwwwQ RQ L T X f A ,gulm . ,. X A, X M, , , 5' "Z 'K' ' .. g g S xx Mi v: I " "X""'- S QQ .W , .,. x t Q w - 5-Q Q Q H Q 4- - , L 3 SM A . ,. X ' i kfNQALM.1? ,,-, - -1- - - y ' 4 A W,Q,.,,N,,,,,,,A, V- . . A ' ' - ig, Q-M N... I Y Q --'44:' V""ffI ,wsfsxivw A t B z' -, A i 3 'NSF -Y-Q, : - ,L Qw.....iLr , H A f x 7... NNQN K w . .. fww-wugwlw AW , ..,- f --Qzsw,.w:.aff' -Sli wsewga Q X 'L Tl.. A ' ' ---w..x.,ff --E ,M SW "' n M - , 2 'L' My M MQ . ,x ' ,5yAmtjgfgwL,A , gf j , A . ,X,,,M - 'MW X qw ' -M-fxwQm.,1. N i , 4 -- . Q ., . fs W W - -55. Skl,x:i Xa. navy - Vy f ACTIVITIES Below: Assault and robbery--new method of influencing voters. Good laughs were plentiful at the campaign assembly preceeding student body elections. Susan Je ans and Dick Richardson were Queen and King of Valentin Enchante. Shirley Howland and Mike Ayers were first princess and prince. 56 SENIOR e Ayers and Bonita LaFleur in "One Word Alone" skit. At right: Shirley Howland, JoBeth Henderson, and Judy Mercer sang "Side by Side." TALENT ASSEMBLY Tom Fountain, Bill Winsor, Bob Cox, Mike BeBout, and David Taylor in "Froggy Went-a- Courtin"' skit. 57 MUSIC lst ROW: Paul Johnson, Kathleen Babcock, Vera Harkey, Sandy Dow, Kathy Gilmour, Carol Daniels, Frances Poe, Margret Ingwerson, and Janet Niece. 2nd ROW: Sharon Wright, Sally Irelant, Sue Southard, Patie Gehrman, Karen Mitten, Leone Larson, Nick Platt, Martha Lowell, Sharon Brownrigg, Hazel Cook, Dennis Riley, Mike Ayers, and Don McMruuay. 3rd ROW: Sandra Towlerton, Joe Ayers, Pete Olin, Lyle Fox, Chuck Corliss, John Keeler, Larry Brandt, Roy Steege, Bill Himing, Mike Gehrman, and David Strom. STANDING: Richard Brown, Gordon Jones, and Mr. Sluss. Miss Foster, George Benson, Lavonne Kerber, Bill Holley, Paul Ruttencutter, Sharon Kilian, and Jared Smith. 58 F: F. A. FIRST ROW: Mr. Rice, Ralph Bivens, Robert Winnop, Jerry Crawford, Roy Stucky, Dave Bray, Gary Morris, Mike East, Spencer McGuire, Ben Wicks, Jack Scott, Leroy Steece. SECOND ROW: John Reid, James Brown, Ray Spen- cer, Toby Stucky, Robert McClennen, Phil Jensen, Marshall Fox, Kenneth Ferriss, Harry Plous, Doug Collins, Walter Judish, Noel Corliss, Doug Boyd. THIRD ROW: Larry Hull, Carol Howes, Paul Osbome, Vernon Dent, Wayne Janz, Lyle Fox, Eugene Shutt, Dub Lashot, Dick Lusby, Millard Holt, Alfred Elliott, Karst Bergsma, Lester Hale, Tom Fountain. The purpose of the Future Farmers of America is to en- . courage the members to im- prove the farm home and its surroundings and strengthen the confidence of the members in themselves and their work. Wayne Janz checks one of the seed- Dave Bray, Ben Wicks, lings planted by the F.F.A. boys and Phil Jensen in- near Thurston Junior High. spect F.F.A. wheat crop. 60 THESPIANS Chuck Corliss, JoBeth Henderson, Cheryl Lewis, Mrs. Ellefson, Janet Neice, Hazel Cook, Carolyn Winning- ham, Marlys Smith, Susan Jeans, Kay O'Bryant, Charoleine Sanne, Sylvia Dobes, Carol Knecht, Melba Smith, Kitty Barnhart. The purpose of the National Thespian Society is to ad- vance excellence in dramatic arts and to create an active interest in drama. 61 Tl-IESPIAN INITIATES SITTING: Sandy Umphenour, Claudia Pruett, Linda BeBout, Margaret Weller, Venita Snider, Helen Ameson, Cheryl Lanier. STANDING: Bob Sage, Mike BeBout, Joy Ayers, Gary Buss. DISTRICT SPEECH WINNERS SITTING: Shirley White, Jean Winsor, Janet Neice, JOBeth Henderson. STANDING: Mrs. El- lefson, Cheryl Lewis, Kay O'Bryant, Venita Snider. AWARDS Susan Jeans receives a life -time Activity Pass from Mr. Zellick. Mr. Zellick gives Mr. Beall a Life-time Activity Pass. Ron Menke gives his Valedictorian speech. Sharon Kilian delivers her Salutatorian speech Dick Busby, Senior Class President, presents Tom Staten, new Student Body President with a check for the senior class project. Ron Menke receives the Georgia-Pacific Scholarship. ASSEMBLY Larry Randall, named Athlete of the Year for his track, basketball, and cross-country. Mrs. Massey awards Bonita LaFleur the McKenzie Willamette Auxiliary Scholarship. TRACK STANDING--Mr. Dillinger, Jack McCreary, Clint Harris, Bob Cox, Al Bean, Lyle Fox, George Momb, Fred Willis, Mike BeBout, Ron Menke, Phil Jensen, Dave Taylor, Larry Randall, Mr. Cochran. KNEELING--Danny Prociw, Larry Hull, Ken Curry, Bob Mounts, Dennis Riley, Tom Thompson, Wayne Janz, Gary Buss, Carl Howes, Clyde Christian- sen, Richard Sabin, Jeff Randall, Gary Odom, Terry Gilmore, Darrell Graham, David Haxby. Jack McCreary hands off to David Fred Willis tries for a new javelin record. Haxby. TENNIS STANDING--Paul Ruttencutter, Jared Smith, Larry Brandt. KNEELING--Larry Bates, Bob Jorgensen. Larry Brant shows the fore hand Bob Jorgensen shows the back hand 65 BASEBALL - Q, wie, STANDING--Don Munyon, Gary Davison, Bob McClennen, Dave Guth, Joel Heacock, Bill Winsor, Dick Putnum, Robert Sage. KNEELING--Harvey Yarborough, Ray Dell Jones, Vemon Farmer, Mike Htunphreys, Al Langdon, Wayne Headlee, Joe LaFleur, Robert Fuller, Bill Himing. . The Colts' Hrst baseball team played a good game, and team spirit was high throughout s the season. Joel Heacock makes first. 66 Al Langdon hits a homer. i CONSTRUCTION Chemistry Room Q H gt ' -.X .px Pi riwyaw if 'A i .N ki sg. 3. Mi NX :,.,,gf 'TN is Y. if VW Q xv HQ' gfsfilw g o ' E 'i X F 'E .'-X' ff fi QS fy ,X ffl N? S X, W' "3 JK Fr Q my --w"4f w 1 lfsffff 2. 'A ,QS We H H Ea: Q wk wwf N , is ,, -1 'uf A mv' " k x M i . .4 ' X iff I-. Q, . , ff ef W -sf "5 mn -5-Q sgA is G uw is f "' 3 122 sf gf ff gf P .mi +f'T2w Q ilk I 1 BEV ARNESON JOE AYERS MIKE AYERS LOLA BARNES KITTY BARNHART LELA BARN!-IART QUITA BEAGLE ALVIN BEAN MIKE BEBOUT DAVID BRAINARD DAVID BRAY DIANE BRAY MERRILL BURGE DICK BUSBY 69 SENIORS RICHARD CARLSON HAZEL COOK WAYNE COOPER CHUCK CORLISS BOB COX GARY DANIELS SYLVIA DOBES ALICE DOMINY DIANA DOW LARRY DuBRAY DANNY DUCKWORTH ROSANNE ELLIOTT DAN ELLISON LINDA ESTES 70 MARILYN EVANS NANCY FENT LYLE FOX RON FOX IRENE GREEN MARLENE HAVARANEK MARIE HILL BILL HOLLY L TOM FOUNTAIN ARNOLD FOX CHARLES FULLER MIKE GEHERMAN SANDY I-HEMMINGSON JO BETH HENDERSON SENIORS BEN HUFF SUSAN JEANS BOB JORGENSON MARGARET INGWERSON PHIL JENSON WALTER J UDISH ARLENE HOLT SHIRLEY HOWLAND IRIS JANZ JOY JAQUES GLENN JOHNSON GORDON JONES SHARON KILLAN COLLEEN KIMBALL ERLA KIRK ROYCE KIRK BETH KLUD CAROL KNECHT BONNEY KOOZER KAREN KREUTZER BONITA LaFLEUR TOM LANE l l CURT LAN GER CHERYL LEWIS DELLA LONG KARHSI LYNCH LINDA MANN KEN MART 73 SENIORS LINDA MATSON KENNER McALLISTER JACK McCR.E.ARY BILL McMILI.A.N RON MENKE JUDY MERCER GEORGE MOMB JANET NIECE ROBERT NEWBY CHARLES NORRIS KAY O'BRYANT KATHY OSBORNE SHARON PROCIW DICK PUTNAM 74- OWI-N QUINN LARRY RANDALL LeROY RANDALL DICK RICHARDSON CAROL ROMBOLD SARA RUST CI-IARLENE SANNE DONNA SILANO MELBA SMITH DAVID STROM ROY STUCKEY DAVID TAYLOR JEFF TYVOLL SHIRLEY WHITE 75 SENIORS BEN WICKS BOB WIC KS FRFD WILLIS FRANK WILSON GARY WINNOP MIKE WINNOP SANDRA WINNOP BILL WINSOR LOUIS WINTERSTEIN DAVE WISBEY 76 ew' 1 I 1 .Qu se . K, . . N . I mfg: 1 f ' 'gs' CRY 2 I iw M 1 A fw F"'fw?wAL.i"-eff 'ww-Q5 i. , f"' ,.-M. wwf ,,, ww x I SQ. 2 2 Karen Lupon and Tom Staten, Junior Escorts, lead the seniors to the ceremony. Alberts, Mike, 22,49 Alexander, Tom, 22,49 Arneson, Beverly, 69 Arneson, Helen, 27.38 Ashley, Bob, 21,33,49 Ayers, Joe, 57,58,69 Babcock, Kathy, 17,41,49, 58 Baker, Linda, 27 Ballew, Edwina, 27 Balzer, Bev, 41,49 Barnes, Diana, 27 Barnes, Lola, 69 Barnhart, Kitty, 69 Barnhart, Lela, 36,69 Batchelor, Kay, 27,59 Bates, Cathy, 38,49 Bates, Larry, 27,33,43,65 Beagle, Quita, 69 Bean, Al, 21,22,23,16,64, 69 Bean, Betty, 27 INDEX BeBout, Linda, 36,41,49 BeBout, Mike, 18,22,39,57, 64,69 Bennett, John, 49 Benson, George, 27,58 Bergstrom, Karen, 27,47 Beshears, Mary, 49 Birdseye, Deniece, 27 Bivens, Ralph, 17,27 Bolken, Melody, 49 Boyd, Doug, 60,49 Boyd, Jim, 22,23,24,39,49 , 53 Brainard, Dave, 42,59,69 Brandt, Larry, 27,58,65 Bray, Dave, 60,69 Bray, Marilyn, 40,69 Brown, Richard, 49,58 Brownrigg, Sharon, 49,58 Burge, Merrill, 22,23,36, 39,68,69 Busby, Carol, 21,26,27,47 Buss, Gary, 49,64 Campbell, Marilyn, 21 ,41, 49 Carlson, Richard, 59,70 Cash, James, 27 Childers, Gordon, 27 Chenoweth, Don, 49 Christensen, Clyde, 27,64 Class, Sharon, 41,49 Class, Phyllis, 27 Clopton, Mildred, 27 Coburn, Tim, 49 Colley, Doyle, 27 Collins, Doug, 49,60 Cook, Hazel, l6,58,59,7O Cooper, Clarence, 43,48, 49 Cooper, Wayne, 70 Copeland, Maralee, 16, 41,49 Corliss, Charles, 58,59,70 Corliss, Noel, 49,60 Cowan, Howard, 49 Cox, Bob, 22, 23,39,57,64 70 Crabb, Aleen, 16, 19,21, 33,38,49 Crabtree, Lonnie, 27 Crawford, Jerry, 27,60 Cunningham, Karen, 49 Curry, Ken, 64,25 Collins, Doug, 49 Dalbeck, Donna, 27,38 Daniels, Carol, 21,27,58 Daniels, Gary, 21,59,70 Davis, Donna, 27,38 Davisson, Gary, 39,42,49, 66 Denam, Mark, 17,53 Dent, Vernon, 27,60 Dickens, Lee, 27 Dobes, Sylvia, 16,19,21, 70 Dominy, Alice, 70 Dominy, Sam, 27 Dooley, Bill, 27 Dow, Diana, 59,70 Dow, Sandie, 28,58 Downs, George, 22,49 DuBray, Larry, 70 Duckworth, Danny, 70 Dvorak. David, 28 Dunwald, Delene, 49 Edmiston, Jeanine, 16.36, 41.49.59 Elliot, Pat, 28,59 Elliott, Rosanne, 2l,46,70 Ellison, Dan, 70 Estes, Gay, 21,40,50 Estes, Linda, 17,4O,21,48, 70 Evans, Steve, 28 Evans, Marilyn, 16,17,71 Farmer, Vern, 22,26,28,39, 66 Fent, Nancy, 40,71 Ferren, Roger, 50 Ferris, Ken, 50,60 Fisher, Stan, 28 Floyd, Marvin, 50 Fountain, Tom, 39,57,60, 71 Fox, Arnold. 71 Fox, Lyle, 39,42,58,60,64, 71 Fox, Marshall, 50,60 Fox, Ron, 71 Freytag, Dawn, 28 Freytag, Diane, 28 Friedl, Sidney, 28 Fuller, Charles, 71 Fuller, Robert, 28,66 Furlong, Neal, 50 Garretts, Dale, 28 Gehrman, Mike, 58,71 Gehrman, Pattie, 28,47,58 Gillett, Jeanine, 41,50 Gilmore, Terry, 28,455.64 Gilmour, Kathi, 26,28,47. 58 Glenn, Bonnie, 28 Glenn, David, 28 Goddard, Mildred, 38,50 Graham, Darrell, 22,28,64 Gray, Darlene, 28 Green, I.rene, 71 Guth, David, 22,26,28,39, 66 Guthrie, Gene, 28 Haire, Mildred, 28 Hale, Lester, 50,60 Hamilton, Cheryl, 53 Hampton, Larry, 28 Hansen, Jeanette, 41,50 Harris. Clinton, 39,64 Harkey, Penny, 17,41.50, 58 Harris, Donna, 50 Hart, Jeanie, 46,50 HaSse1l,Jan, 50,59 Haugen, Cheryl, 50 Haupt, Bob. 28 Havranek, Marlene, 59,71 Haxby, David, 22,28,64 Hayden, Karl, 50 Heacock, Joel, 21.'22,23,24, 31,42,50,66 Headlee, Joe, 50 Headlee, Wayne, 22,28,39, 43,66 Hemmingsen, Sandra, 16, 21,59,71 Henderer, Sharol, 28 Henderson, Brenda, 28 Henderson, James, 50 Henderson, JoBeth. 16.57, 59,71 Henderson, Pat, 50 Hibma, Marilyn, 38,53 Hicks, Shirley, 28,59 Hill, John, 21,22,24,50, Hill, Joyce, 48,50 Hill, Marie, 71 Hirning, Bill, 18,22,39,50, 58,66 Holly, Bill, 16,58,'71 Holt, Arlene, 72 Holt, Millard, 28,60 Homolka, James, 50 Hooker, Mary, 28 Howard, Sandy, 29 Howes. Carl, 25,50,60,64 Howland, Shirley, 46,57 . 59,72 79 Huberd, Don, 29 Huberd, Ron, 29 Huenergardt, Roy, 29,43 Huff, Bennett, 21,22,39,72 Hull, Larry, 25,50,60,64 Hummell, Sandra, 50 Humphreys, Mike, 42,50,66 Ingwerson, Margaret, 58, 72 Irelant, Sally, 29,58 James, Vicki, 29,59 Janz, Iris, 72,17,59 Janz, Wayne, 25,39,42,50, 60,64 Jaques. Joy, 72 Jeans, Susan, 16,20,21,36, 40,72 Jenkins, Charlene, 29 Jensen, Philip, 72, 22,39, 60,64 Jewell, Louise, 50 Johnson, Charlotte, 29 Johnson, Glenn, 72 Johnson, Jim, 29 Johnson, Paul, 29,58 Johnson, Sharon, 2l,26,29, 47 Johnson, Wayne, 29 Jones, Gordon, 25,39,58,72 Jones, Janice, 21,40 Jones, Mary, 29 Jones, Ray, 51,66 Jorgensen, Bob, 16,39,44, 65,72 Judish, Carl, 51 Judish, Walter, 21,60,72 Keeler, John, 29,58 Kehoe, Tom, 59 Keller, Ron, 22,29,43 Kephart, Gary, 29 Kerber, Lavonne, 29,58 Kerns, Henry, 18,48 Kilian, Sharon, 16,40,58, 72 Kimball, Colleen, 59, 72 King, Doyle, 29 Kirk, Erla, 73 Kirk, Royce, 21,73 Kitachuk, Sharon, 29 Klud, Beth, l6,17,18,40,73 Klud, Dan, 17,29 Knecht, Carol, 19,21,73 Koozer, Bonny, 73 Koozer, Dan, 29 Koperski, Steve, 29 Kreutzer, Karen, 59,73 LaChappelle, Carol, 29 LaFleur, Bonita, 18,57,73 LaFleur, Joe, 21,22,26,29, 39.43.63 Lambert, Darlene, 29 Lane, Tom. 73 Langdon, Al, 29,39,66 Langer, Curtis, 21,73 Lanier, Larson , LaShot Cheryl, 17.29.38 Leone, 29,58 , Dub, 29,60 Leaming, Bonita, 29 Lewis, Lewis, Cheryl, 21,36,73,68 Karen, 29 Lippincott, Sheri, 51 Long, Della, 73 Long, Jolene, 29 Lott. Larry, 51 Lowell, Martha, 29,38,58 Lueck, Lupon, Lusby, Lynch, Lynch, Lyons, Allan, 21,51 Karen, 78,51 Dick, 51,60 Charlotte, 51 Karen, 59,68,73 Gerald, 51 Mackey, Rolynne, 30 Mackey, Roy, 17,30 Mailen, Tyron, 30 Maish , M aish , Mann, Joyce, 30 Ricky, 30 Lynda, 40,73 Mannix, Bev, 30 Manthey, Ken, 30 Marshall, Francis, 30,33 Mart, Ken, 73 Massengale, Rod, 22,30,39 Mathers, Gail. 30 Matson, Linda, 74 Matteson, Alba, 30 Menke, Carol, 30 Menke, Ron, 16,62,63,64, 74 Mercer, Judy, 57.59.74 Merrill, Dixie, 16,51 Mills, Bonnie, 51 Mills. Julie, 30 Millus, Deloris, 30,33 Miner, Gary, 30 Mitten, Karen, 51,58 Momb, George, 21,64,74 Morgan, Veronica, 30 Morris, Allen, 30,43 Morris, J ane,'51 Mounts, Bob, 25,39,51,64 Munyon, Don, 30,43,66 McAlister, Kenner, 16,42, 74 McCarthy, Mike, 51 McCluskey, Dani, 16,21,33, 41,51 McClennen, Bob, 60,3O,43, 66 McC1-eary, Jack, 18,21,22, 23,39,64,68,74 McCumsey, Carol, 30 McGuire, Sharon, 30 McMillan, Bill, 74 McMurray, Don, 51,58 McNeale, Ken, 51 Nauss, Norma, 2l,33,38, 41,51 Nelson, Diane, 30,47 Netherton, Vergil, 22 Newby, Bob, 18,22,23,39, 74 Niece, Janet, 16,58,74 Odom, Gary, 21,25,33,39, 64 Olin, Pete, 21,51,58 Osborne, Kathleen, 74 Osborne, Paul, 30,60 Ostrem, Moira, 30 Overbye, Carolyn, 30,38 Paladijezok, Ben, 30 Parks, Harry, 31 Peais, Nancy, 19,41,51 Pinkham, Kathy, 46,18,51 Platt, Nick, 22,51,58 Poe, Frances, 31,58 Potter, Bill, 51 Pratt, Norman, 31 Price, Dexter, 51 Prociw, Danny, 51,64 Prociw, Sharon, 18,17,21, 40,68,74 Prociw, Bill, 31,22 Pruett, Claudia, 61,21,51, 59 Putnam, Dick, 16,22,23, 39,66,74 Quinn, Donald, 31 Quinn, Owen, 75 Rackley, Betty, 38,51 Randall, Jeff, 31,33,64 Rand all, Larry, 25,39,42,63, 64,75 Randall, LeRoy, 33,75 Randall, Ron, 31,33 Reed, Joanne, 31 Reeves, Ken, 22,31 Richardson, Dick, 21,36,75 Reid, John, 31 Reid, Lucille, 21,41,51,59 Riley, Dennis, 51,64,58 Rittenbach, Don, 16,52 Roberts, Bill, 31 Roberts, Joyce, 17,41,52 Rombold, Carol, 40,75 Ross, Arlene, 52 Rust, Sara, 21,40,75,59 Ruttencutter, Paul, 31,65, 58 Sabin, Elva, 52 Sabin, Dick, 22,31,64 Sage, Robert, 61,21,52,66 Sanne, Charolene, 61,21, l9,40,59,75 Scott, Janet, 31 Seavey, James, 31 Sever, Harriet, 17,52 Shorey, Carol, 31,38 Shorey, Sue, 31,38 Shutt, Eugene, 31,60 Silano, Donna, 40,75 Sizemore, Brenda, 31,17 Skirvin, Gary. 39,52 Smith, Eric, 75 Smith, Jared, 31,58,65 Smith, Jennifer, 31 Smith, John, 52 Smith, Marlys, 19,41,52, 61 Smith, Melba, l9,21,33, 38,61,'75 Smith, Sherri, 46,52 Smith, Steven, 52 Smith, Stanley, 31 Snider, Venita, 31,33,61 Southard, Sue, 31,58 Spehn, Kathy, 52 Spencer, Ray, 60,31 Stacy, Eddie, 75 Stanley, Martha, 21,38,52 Staten, James, 21,22,31, 39,43 Staten, Tom, 16,21,42,45, 48,52,63 Steege, Roy, 31,58 Steel, Gary, 31 Stevenson, Connie, 33,41, 52 Stone, Margaret, 52 Strom, David, 16,58,75 Stucky, Roy, 60,75 Stucky, Toby, 22,23,52 Taylor, Aaron Taylor, David, 22,39,5'7, 64,75 Tallent, Charles, 52 Talley, James, 31 Thompson, Gary, 52 Thompson, Robert, 31 Thompson, Tom, 25,43, 52,64 Titus, Susie, 52 Towlerton, Sandra, 32,58 Turney, Cheri, 21,32,47, 59 Tyvoll, Jeff, '75 Umphenour, Sandra, 19,52 Vance, Janice, 18,52 Vance, Sharon, 32,33 Wartenbee, Dennis, 32 Wearin, Shannon, 32 Weleber, David, 52 Weller, Margaret, 32,38 White, Shirley, 38,76 Whitson, Walter, 52 Whitted, Sharon, 32 Wicks, Ben, 22,39,60,76 Wicks, Floyd, 21,52 Wicks, Robert, 22,23,39,76 Wienecke, Hazel, 48,52 Williams, Earl, 52 Willis, Fred, 22,23,42,44, 64,76 Willis, Leland, 22 Wilmarth, Sherrill, 32 Wilson, Frank, '76 Wilson, Laurie, 21,32 Wilson, Richard, 52 Winningham, Carolyn, 21 19,53,59,61 Wilson, Tawna, 17,33,41, 53 Winnop, Gary, 21,76 Winnop, Mike, 76 Winnop, Robert, 21,32,60 Winnop, Sandra, 40,76 Winsor, Bill, 39,57,66,76 Winsor, Jean, 21,33,53 Winterstein, Louis, 76 Wisbey, Dave, 76 Wise, Judy, 21,41,53 Wright, Sharon, 21,38,53, 58 Yarborough, Harvey, 22, 32,66 Yoder, Joanne, 41,59 Youmans, Alice, 32 Zeller, Darleen, 32 Norris, Charles, 74 O'Bryant, Kay, 19,40,59, 61,74 The annual staff would like to express a sincere thank you to Modeme Studio for the understand- ing and help they offered us. 63127 1 I Y 4 1 1

Suggestions in the Thurston High School - Yearling Yearbook (Springfield, OR) collection:

Thurston High School - Yearling Yearbook (Springfield, OR) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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Thurston High School - Yearling Yearbook (Springfield, OR) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 32

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Thurston High School - Yearling Yearbook (Springfield, OR) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 69

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Thurston High School - Yearling Yearbook (Springfield, OR) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 89

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