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Avg: I !1iWItl QUNZW 'mf ivfl I' Epi' 4 :Hr --',251:11-1-.--:f-1'Ili-"ei-11:1-1-31:211-14:-sl:-'1I'-1:-:-512 af-"1-.':: '14 ?":":1:-1 "Q: - 'Pi:i"2i1P:1:ii:'?'fir-:i'2':1431if' ?.1'1if'U-1'2' :I 1:2 -2:1'f13:l:-:gl SG:"li-1iiL'tF"-rfif'-2:i:I'f'12i2-',I :1:f:3il!'1'lil':lEi:iZ4I:1,2giililfi-i-Zi' I ' E?11:E1E:2zflz212'?i5i5Aiiiizkfziff.-5i.:1'p1.'il.Zi4"1 fi !'E: 'fri-3-If iI1Sf11if'1-Ii'?S,:?f25eiizf.ll4f if:Ii-Lf'A.5I:!:e:l':i5??:2:2ifiiifilif'-4!3:Z2!f:If2F:?2'122121Irezizyzq11Im!111-231-Ifzvmft-tlifih'-tliffglifi:il--1119152:Excl?-tlr?fg2:-i-1-:5tg1gfg11E:'!-1 " .I 1 'X QQ,-fuuq Q Wait ' . -,1-I L: .,-1-,-,yn -. -,...-.-1 ' ,a.., - , , ... . . v .. - . . . .1 - 'A A 1:11215-.1 '-f:f:ff:f:fs11?:f:erQfffllfrmfff-vii inanzm- 5fiiQfEq1:Q?f.,.2?.fm ,ffLtif .,51?ti.1:,.,f.i:F4r5 1,2953 2 i i E5 3 14,?F1zx:A, f'iS!:'f2i:i114'5! gzflf r i5:f.5i5tEi5iiffii!tEiR?15:?:sfr,55??:?1 f' H3 L A ' i ff?-V Fm my ..,,. 4 -. 1' 1 r f 4 1 :gh iv, egfifg A ' A , v ,,w,"T xv, , K' f-A 'Y f ' xg? Zi f f -f'f ' Fi gh,: r N wNQvN AQ Fi , , f 5 liiiiififjf -' 49Q,5,2fu1q , ' W A asm, f Q ,-'sf MW. . Lt ., , ' i'fi2J1fi1:E9,"'S3 2 fl 1 21 ' . 5. , lf. ' My L. 4 M f . - , , , 2, V H f , ., ' - , 4 Q ' 311175 P k ffqfr ': 42sw9X ' ie11 l ?'f A 7 , 7, ga ig: E . ,L , 3 x f vii i? 'f' V " 9 ' Q my Q ' f A , :ggi . ' .., 'flfrgff ,LQ,,f',N11,. A , . . ,X mah-LN i- -- M-W---M '--, in-wpu ,-fX,u,.w. - - - M W Thunderbird High School 1750 W. Thunderbird Road 0 I I I 1 Phoenix, Arizona 85023 1976 FREEDOM RECOGNITION ENTHUSIASM DISOOVERINO OUTGOING MATURING FELLOWSHIP OFEERINGS AMEN LISTINGS LOGOS M KV 5? iz li GV' 0 I+, Rx , ,U 332314132 'MN f I' I , If ,igiiy M I "ha 2 A I ITION T G TH? U ASM I QSeniOrsb D ER G QJuniOrsD .G E M G G X OphOmores5 G Qlreshmenb F' ELLOW -,Z I 5 OFFERING RIVALRY - AMEN LISTINGS I 'A LOGOS 5 ff - 2 'A .ga 'M' IP 'fz Iiigw? ix J ff ,' XV" Ju' in ' .y off 14' "Q . ur . 1 -Q 1 -q Ei an N Ax, .1 , k Law? .1 v 'if 5 2 ff' E I ?'l 52 . an 'V E! U? 9. First homecoming royalty crowned eff- .- Debbie Pursell was crowned queen and Corey Turner was crowned king at Thunderbird's first homecoming celebration on October 31, 1975. 'X f Xl Senior Attendants: Kathy Tveit and Mike Ortega Sophomore Attendants: Vinnie Waldron and Mary Gerkin -'nf - K1 ,. I-XX if v 12 ? W K . cl .1. U r. f ., 1 ' ' A y a Q r , Q- g. W V' 2 , s A . ef 4' 2 ' 5 9 ,Q I 4 A 'Q F N S ' I J, pf X? xx A If ' A 4 5 I I 1 N f in 5, 8 V fs. ,L ' 1 -5 g , 2 5 X :C ,af ,... fu H 4 - 6 4 K 9 5 R 2 uv ' W HSN wk' , , , L sv W :Z 3- 65' 55 'il s , f fl Q es -X Wx 4 VV? , s " "' QW R 5 Q ,. S f Y a vw if if uf Q . fi Junior Attendants: Jody Rall and Rod Anfinson 7 551331 ' Kggffg. H' f ,g,. 1 , Digg 1 Faaeein gif'-,if A i Freshmen Attendants: Tim Vollette and Anne Heid- man ws. Kathy reigns as Sweetheart Queen SWEETHEART ROYALTY 1 Kathy Tveit, Queen. 2 Barb Christofanelli, Attendant. 3 Andrea Mangione, Attendant. The Sweetheart Queen was chosen during the week of Feb. 13. Each club nominated a girl from their club to be represented. The girls were then interviewed by the Key Club. After all the girls had been interviewed, the Key Club then voted for the girl they thought should win. Kathy Tveit was crowned the night ofthe dance by Chip Zeeb, Key Club President. BICENTENNIAL YOUTH DEBATE DISTRICT WINNERS ROW I Jim Kerwood, Randi Hedin, and Tony York. 2 OPTIMIST ORATORICAL CONTEST WINNERS ROW 1 Gail I-Iolsten, Bob Costa, and Randi Hedin. Speakers claim communit titles In the Bicentennial Youth debates this year held in our District, Jim Kerwood took first place in the Persuasive category. Randi Hedin won first place in the Extemporaneous speaking, while Tony York won with his specialty, Debate. Then in the North Phoenix Optimist Oratorical Contest with all the people making speeches to the theme of Tomorrow's Promise, Gail Hosten placed third in the Gir1's category, while Randi Hedin won the Girls' speaking. Bob Costa placed second in the Boys' Division. E y . 3 4 Chip Zeeb John Shelly John Allan Corey Turner Boy's State held in Flagstaff, taught participation four counties, and then into cities, in which they in a learning process. The boys were divided into two worked on committees, and participated in state elec- parties, the Federalists and the Nationalists, then into tions. THS partakes in State activites Girl's State was held in Tucson this year. The girls There were also political meetings in which participa- were interviewed, and wrote essays to be selected. Elec- tion was stressed, and guest speakers addressed the tions of cities, counties and state officers were held. girls. 5 Kathy Tveit 6 , Rene Erwin 7 Lark McNaughton aw. "'- 3-se , -J 5 A Q - - 'wigs , r KW". inun- Optimist club honors THS students "iY"' in human relations, and had religious speakers and Sabra Ehrhart, Jim Saunders, Bob Ledwon, and Kim Altemus attended Anytown held in Prescott. The idea was to meet as many people as one could, and not stay with one person. The participants had workshops 2 presentations every night. At the end of the week the participants got to know themselves better and had a better understanding of others. j.i1,,,w . . 4, , , K A If Kathy Tveit Walter Riordan Diana Sutter Letters Science Arts Kathy Tveit, Walter Riordan, and Diana Sutter was held for them at the Civic Plaza. They attended were chosen by the Optimist Club for their outstanding with their parents, and Mr. Kelly Purdy. Speeches achievment in Arts, Letters, and Science. A banquet were presented on the individual, and self awareness. THS fills four spots on All-Regional Chorus ALL-REGIONAL CHORUS ROW 1 Mike Sokol, Kim Cotter, Pam Mandile, and Larry Barker. ,Uhr g we mire-.,"n ' 1l" I This Year the All-Regional auditions were held Jan. 31. These four people were all chosen to sing this year and were notified on Feb. 6 that they had spots on the choir. In the auditions they were to perform a musicianship and a solo. They per- formed with all the other winners on Feb. 21 in a special concert. Three of the four made high enough scores to try out for All-State on March 13. They were Kim Cotter, Mike Sokol, and Larry Barker. Band wins ten spots in All-Regional ALL REGIONAL BAND ROW 1 Carolyn Sutter, Robin Woldt, Lark McNaughton, and Sabra Ehrhart. ROW 2 Vicki Meeks, Diane Sutter, George Clark, and Brian Tucek. ROW 3 John Shelley and Chip Zeeb. Auditions for All-Regional Band were held Jan. 31. The people who tried out had to perform four things. They were: play 3 etudes, the scales, a solo, and sight read. Those who made it were notified Feb. 6. They then combined with all the rest who made it and gave a con- cert on Feb. 21. Eight of these ten made marks high enough to try out for All-State on March 13. They wereg Sabra Ehrhart, Lark McNaughton, George Clark, Carolyn Sutter, Diane Sutter, Vicki Meeks, Brian Tucek, and John Shelley. Top lfk works 4 years to get there TOP 195 ROW 1 Sabra Ehrhart, Rene Erwin and Chris Smith ROW 2 Walter Rior- dan and John Allen. After seven semesters in high school 5 students compose the top 1'Zw of the graduating class. These students have taken many accelerated classes and put forth special effort to do their best academically. They have Worked ex- tra hard on the studies to be placed among the top 5 seniors of 1976. 3 students make up five percent TOP 55? ROW 1 Mary Yaney, Vicki Meeks, Paul Kestler, Diana Sutter, and Karen Kaasa ROW 2 Julie Stiak, Susan Powell, Jodi Falk, Kathy Tveit, Rene Erwin, and Christine Smith ROW 3 Zachery Smil- janie, Sabra Ehrhart, Kim Altemus, George Clark, John Allen, and Larry Calloway. Each year the senior class is broken down into the top 1056, 596 and IW for the colleges. This year's top 596 consists of approximately 20 people. These people have excelled in their classes and have gotten excellent grades throughout their high school career. Because of their hard work they will easily be accepted to colleges. Their hard work has paid off for them. Foreign exe Alvaro Gonzalez came here from Osorno which is in southern Chile. In America he likes to play tennis, listen to music, and talk with friends. At Thunderbird he is active in the Speech Club, Spanish Club, and performed in "Inherit the Wind". He likes America because "It's a beautiful country and the people are friendly." He came to America to learn about different cultures, customs and ways of life. a: ,Q . ,g2'?'g-I'.g GL PM fide' fl .35-E, ., qi ,gk f ft r' I C23 ' F fc. A! ne' j Lg E 1 1 hange students visit THS Horst Klammer is from Aldenburg, Germany, a city with a population of l40,000. He is liv- ing with the Yaple family. He is attending Thunderbird as a scnior. Horst must go back to Ger- many in June, but he would like to return to America to attend college. If he goes to school in Ger- many he will have to wait two or three years to go to college, during this time he would like to travel. Susana Pantelidou is from Thessalonia, Greece, the second largest city with a population of one million. She is living with Mrs. Nancy Dodd. Susana wanted to be a foreign exchange student because she likes the experience of meeting people and their cultures. "We learn from each other." After graduating she will return to Greece to attend college and study psychology and law. if 1 15153 4 Q' MU, N, X 'TT' 'Elf gg 415' , 4 ' :g .. M .Y MN, 35, THUS ASM Freedom begins with enthusiasm. -Susan Oremus Two hundred years ago our freedom was won through the vigor and enthusiasm of our forefathers. The revolution began because a few men were enthusiastic about a new system of government. They saw the opportunity to effect change and they accepted the challenge vigorously. It is this same enthusiasm that we must also achieve to maintain the freedoms we have. One of our first oppor- tunities to accept challenges and respond with enthusiasm is during our high school years. If we avoid the challenges now, we will un- doubtedly side-step them in the future. If we accept the challenges offered by involvment in our school, then we will develop the strength, confidence and enthusiasm to face the challenges ahead. 1? Ma 451 ZH lifts ifwffgipi 357 if in l iff . fl I V H 5 ,5gsw:k5.,gjL K .L ,wg ,1x4g,MYfM-- --- - y . .4 ,, N W 1 'Q 'Q--an lpn ! Pf ' Q Q o 'S V ' .f ' A .T wig x - .E , ' '.J1" ' 5 , gi f f M ? " ,m, X 'ge A 'Qi H ' 5 x g xy - M ' f ' f A U ' Q I 1, ewwwsff- W , ,K if 0 . hifi . , AP! 'ig .,,1i'f5 , : 1?ff'T f 4 fii? 'IL59-if?'542,f1L fx? fix L' LL Q g f3i5? 5'Yf4l " .LVI Qwgwffg, pw gfru 2- , f-fwif - Q 'fr'3- f f 9 EEF x My f it if farm' X A 5 wif' fi, Wing? 1 f V f V: Q A I . vi , , 2 Y - I r. if 13' K ' T A ' l .- -24 4-weviivf 1 1'.J3fe,y. W 'g4g,,j'x,1-'mv u,f,4..' ,' 'E' ,-,- ggf : ' 1 M,- Q is v w' 'f- ,L -' ' 1 gm: A .. ,.g, , 2 , 3 v ' J ,y ,F 4 f W , r. gpg ?5r.b3Q5 :if 4 . , M . ,,1,.,Lg 5 an is I Indian students wore traditional costumes to school to celebrate state-wide Indian Day. Freshman Darrel Lumpmouth pauses to show off his velvet costume. 2 Mr. Dave Doerrer and Mrs. Irene Clegg demonstrate how to do the bump, during an assembly early in the year. 3 Mr. Gene Maison and Ms. Kirstie Kaiser engage in a chocolate marshmallow eating contest. 4 Thunderbird's three foreign exchange students, Alvaro Gonzalez, a junior from Chile, Susana Pantelidou, a senior from Greece and Horst Klammer, a senior from Germany, take a minute to relax on campus. 5 Karen Miller and Paula King en- joy eating their lunch on the grassy area near the cafeteria. 6 Jim Yaple indulges in eating french fries. Sharing silly moments highlights autumn days 6 .MWQ 2 1 wi 'X-, Expressions of spirit fill ' W ' 7 "7 W" 4' 5 October 1 Lorrie Bingham, Lisa Neimeier, and Holly Grieser help support the Chiefs by going to the Thunderbird-Prescott football game held in Prescott. 2 Kielan McCollum recites his prepared speech for the Bicentennial Youth Debates. 3 Rick Turkiewicf and Tom Thornhill try their skills in a skate boarding contest. It's made its come back this year. 4 Penny Houben and Rene Erwin sell balloons to students before the Homecoming assembly. 5 Lynda Swenson, a junior at THS helps support the Forensics club by buy- ing and eating a candy apple. 6 Students had the chance to be greasers once again during Thunderbirds 50's day. It was one of the many fun filled events tak- ing place during Spirit week. Joe Halik is pictured here dressed as they did in the 50's. 5 1 W 4 Lim if s Spirit Week encourages enthusiasm 1 Mrs. Shirlene Bruce and Mrs. Arneida Miller show their spirit by wearing overalls on Hillbilly Day. 2 John Hubbel holds Jean Sawyers to show off her war paint. 3 Sharon Worthen dresses in school colors to show her spirit. 4 Carla Cuellar and Ephram Cor- dova tease Kim Honer about her GAA initiation war paint. 5 Josh Voynick holds up his Alaska sign, hoping to get recognized by the chairman. 6 Scott Buzan dresses like Superman to encourage peo- ple to vote for him for president. 7 Students throw confetti in 3rd hour U.S. Government class to ex- press support for their candidate. MUN- Q 'X V Y 'X ,p whigmfi, 1' .ujgtmg is .iv it .1 f?sQ.T 2 1i5 :1 Superman campaigns in first annual convention. ,ff-vrumfim M M.. .1 .ww--A'-A , :Ea,gw5.nesf' imwxfiifw W MM' S 5 C , V , T147 X Greek Week intrigues juniors to become gods 1 Ben Watts and Stewart McCray are pictured here arm wrestling, for thats what the gods told them to do. 2 Rod Anfinson, Jim Law, John Schubert, Susan Tress and Rudy Cordova sit dressed as gods, while Sue Blevins leads a victim to her fate. 3 Karen Holstin and Pam Crum bob for apples. The gods chose innocent bystanders to come before them and do whatever was requested of them. 4 Gwen McCulley took the part of Medusa, the goddess of evil, dur- ing Greek week. All kinds of events take place during Greek week, mostly having to deal with Ancient Greece and its customs. 5 Cindy Bedoy, Kim Peters, Chris Riordan, Susana Pantelidou, Charlie Stuart and Linda Duke participate in a Greek dance. The dance consists of forming a circle and dancing arm in arm together. 2 T 5, , Q., vu n , .. K , '1gJ'J. if V5 Y Chiefs celebrate first Homecoming M . , , -..miwl ffvsww A e- ,yu ef w 5, ' f -W,w,:,1y, X W x ' W 5 , - eip :- -A ,.,.,,- . Ve ii 9 T 4 ' fm--lM.."'l X l The Sophomore class challenged the other classes to try building a human pyramid. The Sophomores won. 2 Mr. Carl Riney attempts chewing his bubble gum to blow the biggest best bubble in order to win the bubble blowing contest. 3 Mark Soyster demonstrates his winning bubble gum blowing style. 4 The entire student body gathers in the football stadium to cheer at the Pep assembly. 5 Kim Honer wraps up David Pusateri in toilet paper during the assembly. 6 Anthony Wagner was called before the audience to be rated on the "sexy machinef' After Anthony won, Becki Wettlaufer ran after him to reward him with a kiss. 7 During halftime at the Homecoming game, Debbie Pursell was crowned Queen and Corey Turner King. 4. 'Q z1gr ,3 J N ., , X if -' N i -ex - 4 f Z Hmm' f-- ,U 1 N A N 'le N 1 .ig 5 .2 yi "yn 'fi f M, .A :"'i. QQ 1 Q' u X iq, X 1' X 5 ig 5. is is . l sv. HW' 5 l"f'l:t'4i'H tw 1 X .ga we ' ' . 'Nw if We 'xii , aww ll as 4. l l ,J Convention main event in November 1 In the fall play "Inherit the Wind", Rick Higgins portraying Henry Drummond shakes hands with Richard O'Keefe playing the role of Matthew Brady. 2 Matthew Brady takes the witness stand to give his testimony to the judge, played by Mark Van Kleeck. 3 Lin- da Green portrays Rachel Brown speaking to Henry Drummond. The play was performed on November 13, 14 and 15. 4 Carrie Olsen and Kim Abrecka were the maitre dames hostessing the Arizona An- nual Student Council convention. 750 student delegates came to THS on November 22 and stayed at the Greenway Sheraton Inn. 5 John Clark and Carrie Olsen made sure everyone was seated and that dinner was on the way. 6 John Clark and Corey Turner were the maitre de's. Playing hosts for the evening. 2 9-hui: Qty' s Q if J' 1 . QS gf? -1 5 35. in Linda- 4 3' . xg., . ,N he --L' 5 X ,n.f-A avi '??:32l'W'-'. J., K 2 ,- A ' N.. v, 'ki 3 ..., ..-2 , . 1 X l 'sm ffm.. 1 5 M I . ff-.P ' 3 M' ,N L25 I M iiji 'i'f A 4 K .x f " f EQ 1- X w Pk -v Q. ...SQQK J, 6 M , M L:'Q3.f+?Tf-if 1 Creativity 1 Parents get the chance to chat with teachers and to see some of the examples of work that students are doing in class. The fourth annual Open House was on December 4 this year. 2 Mrs. Corley leads the chorus in a special Christmas choral con- cert. The festivity took place on December 18. 3 Bootsie Schimmels playing the part of Santa Claus, along with friends Kielan Mc- Collum, Kathy Butler, Marei Good- man, Chris Crawford and Karen Holstin performed the skit for neighboring elementary school children. 4 l'Frosty the Snowman" was the second play performed by the speech class students. They played at ASU on December 11. 5 Cindy Kosty and Laura McGilvray go back into their childhood while singing at the choral concert. 'fd .5 Q, .v ,lm .5 gag' . 912 , - i . A ,,,v,,.....----"" hind l E5 5 Sadie Hawkins dance hosts hillbillies 1 It was hillbillies night at the Sadie Hawkins dance, friday January the 9. The dance was very informal and the shin-dig went well with the sounds of Gold Myne to dance to. 2 Jill Jones wears her beannie to the Spanish Club dance while hopping to the tunes of Stewart Sherman. The dance took place on January 30. 3 Brad Greswald and Marla Kaplin enjoy a slow dance. 4 John Clark, Vicki Hansen, Larrie Francis, Diane Powell, Penny Houben, Kent Grantham, Mark Herrin and Rene Erwin entertain the audience during half time by square dancing. 5 Students enjoy the chance to sit a spell on benches instead of grass. The benches were generously donated to us my Mrs. Henry Macklin in memory of her late hus- band who was a custodian at THS. 1 " .2 'P 1- ? 'i E 4 I , . N i f'Q'mQ.,,'v,L'f'i' 5 V L , Q ,5 :,. - 4, ' ' .. yu - ' ,P 8.91.1 f.,.. :diff .Lg pi, V M Q . y ,,.'q:,',5fs.,.g, . . V f ,B wgvaif ggrlw -H- ff J . Y' -:QQ 1 'H' Wx, 17 ,Q L -" 'nn X .-.,,,w-- .' v, ek, fx, A - ., . , A ,yy L ,IL MQ.-x:. ,safe -fy., ,A M X Qzfgsfiwi .ivfzvix vamp.-. ups-, YQ. 1 ,f s Queen is named at Sweetheart dance 1 The Pom line demonstrates its talent during the Congratulations Assembly held in honor of the Swimming team, Wrestling team and the Basketball team. 2 Two students enjoy playing basketball on the new courts that were put up and completed in February. 3 Fri- day the 13 wasn't a bad day for all. The Sweetheart dance turned out well, and all who went had an enter- taining evening. 4 Couples danced to the sounds of Orpheus. There was a pretend chaplain present to marry couples for 12 hours. 5 All the Sweethearts lined up to await a decision for queen. Kathy Tveit won the contest and was crowned Sweetheart queen. 2 5 l ., L V A W Q5-'yuan' . ' .gig 6, YN! 211-i , S ,li J A. 4 ,ff wx M W in Q- 2. th, .-fs . L. . L Q, .fa aim Backpackers hike into Superstitions pl ,4 .A,fi" A -sf" Drama club presents spring comedy 1 Lester Ordway, George Rodek, Jim Saunders, Maureen Dowell, Jack Zimmer, Joe Weller, Michelle Caron, Randy Faith and Mike Bacon pause on their long hike into the Superstition mountains. 2 A solitary Saguaro cactus stands in the Superstitions. 3 The back packers climb all over the mountain side, exploring new trails with Mr. Morris Bailey. They went for the whole day on Saturday, February 7. 4 Rick Higgins portraying the part of Captain Fisby, Suzanne Whisman playing the role of Sakini, and Anne Kelley playing the part of Lotus Blossom discuss matters at hand in the spring play "Teahouse of the August Moon" 5 Captain Fisby and Paul Smith playing Colonel Purdy talk to one another while Sakini takes a short nap. 6 Gigi Gordell puts make-up on one of the performers who performed in the play on the 19, 20, and 21 of February. ENDURI To achieve freedom we must endure all kinds of hardships. . . . Kathy Gessner Seniors . . . the final year. With the total enrollment of 2053, and 409 seniors' have won their freedom. The hand of life is held out to them, ready for the taking. And the seniors grasp that hand with maturity, openess, the air of dis- covery and the sense of endu- rance. They are ready to accept the freedom that will soon be theirs. They can step into the world and take their place. Many will go to college. Many will start an un- familiar new life with new relationships. Most have met the responsibility of freedom. But all of them leaue with anxiety and sadness. Anxiety of what the future will bring and sadness for the memories left behind. K . Qsxf, Q. , z K. vgx V51 .N J S A wi QVS XLJ, iw '. wry. Tw f .T ai JL. J, xii 14,45 5 hey fi. i. 31 4 , 17 fe 'ft -Q ,X . 1 s 'H' X7' Y , E24 view K -it , xx X X if N if ' f :I ii f i 'T fi WX fi T' His' , SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS 1 Corey Turner 2 Jody Falk 3 Kathy Tveit 4 Diana Sutter SENIOR CLASS SENATORS 5 Kim Tanner 6 Marty Voss 7 Patty Bailey 8 Kathy Hill 9 Kathy Lay NOT PICTURED Kim Altemus. Harlan Adams David Agnello John Allan Ned Allen Dave Allert Kimberly Altemus William Anderson Roy Anthes Terri Attinger Venus Austin Don Back Patricia Bailey Kim Abrecka Randy Ackman Conventlon unleashes party pol1t1cs Judith Ball Kim Barker Larry Barker Valerie Barker Brian Barr Julie Beattie Michael Beck Scott Becker Robin Bell David Bennallack Vickie Bernards Lynn Bigsby Lorrie Bingham Matthew Birch Joy Blanchard Margaret Blood New career center assists seniors Patti Ann Boesch 1 Larry Bonebrake Judith Book , Noel Boucher - ,t Q V. W z 5 Diana Bowerman Debbie Bowers Terri Bradshaw Gail Branch Gary Brasher Kathleen Briant Laura Brooks Melissa Brown Pennie Brown Stephanie Brown Martha Broyles Christopher Bruce ,,....-as E James Burch Kenneth Burford Thomas Burkhart Kathleen Butler Scott Buzan Charles Bynon Larry Callaway Judy Campbell Elizabeth Cannon Martina Capulli Brian Carlson Michelle Caron George Catlin Ginger Cecich Eugene Cecil Robert Chase Seniors were released from classes on October 28 to attend College Day in the gym. Representatives from state and private schools throughout Arizona were there to answer questions. David Clark Y Debra Clark George Clark Lori Clark , Ruth Clark Eddie Clift Deborah Clifton Anna Cook Katrina Cooper Leslie Corbin Jack Cossell Kim Cotter October College Day draws seniors ii, " H' X ' ,, ee W i 1 i lk? X fig . Q ,, Q ,, ,lv :kk ',. R x 1 Iiexwx " . SDI ' ex, if Q b it x 5 fl 5 3 Q' Alfred Countryman Beverly Cox Lynette Craft Frances Crawford Sheri Crowley Mark D'Agostino Scott Dahl Linda Daly Patricia Damiano John Danko Michelle DeDonatis Cynthia Delbrook Nancy Dettling Debra Dickson Patricia Dickson Keith Diggs Steven Doepke Linda Dow Maureen Dowell Shavone Drenten Thomas Drew Kathy Dunn Cheryl Eacock James Edelen Delaine Egle Sabra Ehrhart Karen Ellison Cory Erickson Karen Erwin Jody Falk Bruce Farrell Glenn Fisher C.O.E. pI'OV1dBS Jobs for 22 glrls pr Karey Fitzgerald Sean Flanagan Ellen Fleming William Flesner Margaret Jan Florez Diana Foggy Darlene Foster Dudley Foster Janie Foster David Francis Susie Franke Alan F ultz David Furman Mitchell Garland Dale Garrow Michael Gerber W 53 The class of '76 honored the spirit of '76 with their entry in the Homecoming float competition. Katherine Gessner l . -5? 7 Robert Gilbert Dolores Gonzales Donna Gonzales Marei Goodmann Thomas Goodmann Jeff Graham Joe Green Holly Grieser Joreen Grisham Kathy Grunden Roger Grunwald J J ' il 5. Q Senior float salutes Bicentennial is 47'-is ,ki , n iw Est if az iw. 'I s jf. at i ,, , Ji X Q 5, .. S8 N .., A fl .Q K E 55' 4, ,diiszaf A Vi' Scott Gunn Joeseph Halik Naomi Halitzka Mary Lou Hammond Vicki Hansen Mike Hayden Connie Hermansen Mark Herrin Janice Herrington Brian Heye Brad Hicks Terrance Hicks Nikoli Highland Kathy Hill Leayne Hilliker Vicki Hilton Family Living unveils real problems Rodney Hines 4 Jody Holcomb . Diana Holowell Penny Houben E, Richard Howley Pamela Hyde Julie Hynes Gary Ivan air. Josephine Jaramillo Bradley Jones Delisa Jones Glen Jones wi-nec A5255 wxwi Qxzzf ggvab? ms, ggwlr, . , We W-HK Susan Jones Tony Jones Fredrick Josefsen Paul Joesph Q' I x ,QV-A Nga Karen Kaasa Charles Keenan Micheal Keller Larry Kiper Horst Klammer Susanna Koenig Charles Kossow Cindy Kosty Eric Krch Jacques La Branche Jeffrey Laibe Becky Lanford Susanna Lange William Lange Micheal Lard Timothy Lass Senior Vicki Hansen attempts to get around the end as Carol Franke gives her a block in Powder Puff football action. James Lassley Laura Latimer Kathy Lay Thomas Lewis Bruce Liebert B X Tina Lipson Susan Loftis Rahlan Long Laura Longfield Bruce Lowell Gary Luthander Cherry McCasland I Seniors tie juniors in powder puff 5 X.,,.., Debra McCoy Stephen McCray Stewart McCray Robert McCulley Roxanne McDavitt Kim McElwain Laura McGilvray James McMellen Lark McNaughton Brian Mach Robert Malone Pamela Mandile Bradly Marchant Steven Marek Ronnie Marks Anna Martinez Mock Senate clarlfies b1ll processes Starlean Marsh Daniel Mattausch David Mattausch Charles Medici Vicki Meeks Mary Merrill Cathy Midkiff Julie Miller Lawrence Miller Mary Miller Tamera Miller Patricia Mitchell Jay Moninger Tammy Montgomery Debbie Moore Henry Moore Laura Morgan Vicky Mousseau Karl Mueller Micheal Munsell Cynthia Munster Danny Napier Lisa Niemeier Charles O'Bryan Carol Ockenfels Erin O'Connell Susan Oesterreicher Peggy 0Keefe Richard OKeefe Micheal Olas Lester Ordway Susan Oremus Terri Ottinger Kenneth Oviedo Frank Palermo Susana Pantelidou Michael Parcell Dee Parker Michael Pastor Cathy Patterson Carl Pelton Alice Pennington Dennis Peters Russell Peters Michael Ortega Diane Ostheimer 1. D.E. seniors attend Seattle session SEM Kwan.. X ,X J in P 55-'91 ' sinww- Sally Peters Micheal Peterson Thomas Pettijohn Rebecca Pick Tom Pickering James Pingitore Carl Pinney Timothy Plummer Lisa Pool Jeff Powell Susan Powell William Price Debra Pursell Gerald Purvis Peter Pusateri Deborah Rabe Seniors sponsor Christmas dance Judy Rafidi Dave Raimonde Micheal Raymond Rickey Reese Beth Reinhart Joey Rexing Pat Richardson Walter Riordan Rebecca Rivera Edward Rivers Patricia Robbins Randy Roberts George Rodek Paige Roepke Micheal Rossier Robert Rotisky My ,-5 Victoria Rotolo Micheal Rotsteen William Rouse Steve Rucker Annetta Ruggles James Saunders Valerie Scheuermann Joseph Schneider William Schneider Cindy Schrock Micheal Schroeder Nicola Schutte George Seff Christine Severance Julaine Sexton Pete Sezate John Shelly Brenda Shintaku Tammy Short Dennis Shoup Donna Siegert Laura Simpson Christopher Slingluff Zachery Smiljanic Chris Smith Christine Smith Lynn Smith Patricia Smith Q-- Kathy Briant sits quietly while being tapped for blood. DeEtte Shaw Bloodmobile arrives to tap seniors Laurie Solomon John Soto James Souris Mary Spahn Lyndall Sprague Linda Stapleton Alan Stein Richard Steinke Randall Stenquist Constance Stevenson Barbara Stewart Janie Stiak Julie Stiak Nancy Straight Carla Strain Charles Stuart Physics students plan trip to Portal Daneil Sullivan Diana Sutter Douglass Swenson Kim Tanner Nick Taylor Gail Tellinghuisen Jeffery Theison Cindy Thiers TW Joan Thum Sharon Tieman David Tinnon David Totten Teri Travers Cristy Treat James Tress Lauretta Trombley M Debra Trudeau James Tryon Steve Tucek David Tucker Jolene Tunks Corey Turner Kathryn Tveit Shelley Utton Albert VanWolde David Vandeberg Breck VanKleeck Douglas Veldhuis Kathy Vezaldenos Thomas Visconti Mitchell Vitkovich Marty Voss l l Joseph Voynick Anthony Wagner Randy Walls Benjamin Watts Pamela Weaver Joseph Weller Jeff Wendorff Katheleen Wengrowski Alan Wessel Jackie White Tena White Miriam Willard Deborah Williams Micheal Williams Rusty Williams Diane Williamson wg Senlors plan weekend on Queen Mary Linda Willyard Diane Wilson Julie Wilson Nancy Wilson Richard Winkler Thomas Wissert Lisa Wolf Linda Worthen Mary Yaney Damon Yates Anthony York John Younkin John Zanzot Chip Zeeb Jack Zimmer Michele Zito DISCOVERIN G Freedom is dis- covering who we are and what We will become. . . . Kim Tanner Juniors . . . the beginning of the end- as upperclassmen, a new responsibility. Their freedom begins to bad like the beginning of spring. Their independance comes in the form ofa driver's license and a car. With this independence comes the chance to discover and understand the person within. They are allowed to grow and be free-freer than they have ever been. They mast begin to find themselves for in one short year they, too, must be ready to accept freedom. x fr' , ix i . 'T - Ni' Y. X ,xi . Xffxf 7 if xv I ,fy ,A- 5 A -,-4 Vi. gf, " .A my L X ,er M. if V. xgl 1 we i ,si Xbqxxx , ig. w I' ,. + 4: -x N, X 1 w N-gk! :V A I 1 '-S . ,,A, .ig if 'P' if kx! xx Q7 I 1 'Ji KX E1 rf if W , px jf if Li I AX. ii! 3. 1 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS ROW 1 Karan Holstin and Sally Eastin ROW 2 John Clark and Nancy Gerkin 2 JUNIOR SENATORS Lisa Lawrence, Cathy McBride, Lesley Parke, and Tracy Swerdferger. NOT PICTURED Terri Zumwalt. Students portra founding fathers Patty Arriaga April Ashby Lorrie Ashenbrener Tammy Austin Vanessa Austin Gary Bacon Lisa Bailey Mike Bailey Cathy Baker Julie Barker Larry Barker Lori Barlow Colleen Bartlett Diane Bayus Edward Beall Jeff Beavers Jim Beck Greg Becker Shelly Becker Cindy Bedoy Manuel Bedoy Cheri Bevolo Richard Bingham Steve Birch Julie Blasdell Susan Bleavins Eric Boers Grant Bohlman Andrea Bottorff Kevin Boucher Jay Abbas Ruth Ackerman Darlys Adams Jodi Adams Judy Adams Paul Adams Ed Agnello Christina Alba Mark Allsop Rod Anfinson 2 vig if ny, ,J A ,L X 8 , V , y Ah: 5131 .-, ,A 6, nv 4 4.4 ,vue , n ,.n,,gx ,s e fan. 'Q Q-RY. , un,L ,,-flu'-, :nuns emu," 'puuui urn, inn- in., 4 can-f 1 .-..,, .. . I K A 111- a . 1' l ij W, . 225415 ' fi an V-6, on if 1 ,..,,..' if 5 ,,, Z -fs . 1, y 1433 me 11' LRE fl 2 fs: 5 HW? ll w li lt'l Gu f 3 ,fir 5 iyre I In I VI 1 ii i? .,,v ..,i- Junior, Kari Newcomb portrays John Adams in the U.S. History classes' presentation of the play 66177677 sz a. 5 .1 Nanette Bowdish B A Elizabeth Bowman A Lynn Branch Y 14" A.. "K 4 Vi, , Q, ,Els ' Glenda Brandt 8 T' A ' Tamra Brazell .. . ' Marty Breedlove " i 51 pfii 5 :W,,,,, .,,,,, . ft , N B-.. 3 , .. ' g 7 l Q' Paul Briguglio Terry Brogan Jeff Broker QJKM W5 , ig Q 'L f' bw- if sic Curt Brown Fay Brown Monica Broyles Cheryl Brubaker Patricia Bruce ,E ffl' if X if I y -s. ' w af f i ttami .X f' 5 - Q Vi ggi 1 I fe f 'a fit N E 5 4 ., 4. isgv- ' asf.. si Christine Brunk Mark Bryans Laura Buck Kathy Buckley Jill Buckwalter Nora Buelow Irene Burkhart David Burns Beverly Busch Cindy Butler Paul Callow Kenneth Campbell Christy Capps Dave Carlin Jim Carlson Diane Carroll Harry Chang Stephanie Cimino " 17 7 6" explores America's beginning John Clark Judy Clark Linda Clark Cathy Clarke Steven Clayman Thad Coffey Allen Coker Mary Colby Judith Collins Mary Cook Kim Cooper Rudy Cordova Kelly Coryell Karen Cossell Deborah Couch Kenneth Countryman William Craft Heather Craig Richard Crain Eric Crane Elisa Crawford Pamela Crum Anna Cullari Thomas Curry Scott Curthoys Kelly Curtis Charles Dabney Mike Dafferner Lane Darling Alice Davis Alvin Davis Kim Davis Phyllis Davis Pixie Davis Stuart Davis Ralph Dean Patricia Delair Joesph Delbrook Greg Deming Matthew Denison Lori Depinto Richard Dickson Darleen Dill Ty Dircks Diane Dirks Craig Dolence Sheril Donaldson Guy Downer Kathy Dray . 9 ., .,,,, ii 'fa Rx, ,- S Y, it if is 3212 5 xx 'FF' ' rf-3, 1, ..s- A- . , ,- . i .. yEf"?.' fn RQQ -uk iz 1- ': ':.1,LL:,:: " wk, l X X 0. Q . aa, - , . ai ik .. ,, .K , . '- av- S or .W 4!"w fx -ef' 5 9 .At . . S-'i',"i3 .3 Q .. , Q . , ,r-. '- WL ,ACJQ . . 3 l- - . A at f ' 4' SX x . lin-5 s f , f is . 3 1" L 40" It-n. ,if H are It Z-.-4-ai' W sa " I ' -. . ' lil . 5 2 4 .f ,v er 1 . M V can ms, ew w s ' hi ggi N-ii rx .,- Zawf X 1: K , C , .of ., , ,. ZA, D Q t as - - fix f 13 at if " ,N 1 5 x li YR l l wary, L' 1 i 1,9 ii 5 2 1. , Gigi Gordell Eric Crane and Christy Capps discover first hand the workings of the Continental Congress as they par- ticipate in the U.S. History classes presentation of "1776". ,, T A ' 1: I ' rm'- 4 A i I 1225 T 331' if :- af' i Q2 .. r ,. - 7 ' 1 . A ,, ,fi g. il? rr' .v.fv.. K .- 41 49- 4, -iff K 'liz' - 5, iv, la M . i f sino W Scott Dressler Linda Duke David Duncan Pam Earley Sally Eastin Donald Eastman Angela Eckstadt Cathleen Ellis Cole Erickson Joe Espinoza Vicki Ewing Jesse Fanion Steven Ferradino Richard Ferry Janet Fetterman John Fischer Donna Fischer Moira Flanagan Joyce Flesner Larry Francis James Fredenberg Monica Fredenberg Joni Freshman Jonathan Gerstner v N VPL James Getz A 1 Gary Giesie 5 ,W ii Kelley Gillette 'V V Robert Gill " '-,G + ' z fiat Alvaro Gonzalez Donna Goodby Carolyn Goodrich Gigi Gordell Joyce Graf - Michael Graff Mark Gramer James Grantham Randy Gray Terry Gregor Mark Grether Michael Griffin Terry Griffiths Mike Groeneveld Benita Guderjohn Jeff Gunter Lynn Halawith Warren Halbig l Junior Eileen Weisman adds her dancing talent to a special half time show during football season Joan Friedl Nelissa Fuller Sandra Fulton Jan Gardner Nina Garigali Billie Gatlin Darla Gatlin Michele Gerber Nancy Gerkin .3 " e if f i E T e rigs? X as X if 93 1 1 P vi , ii .L BP Juniors add snap to halftime shows Laura Halitzka is -. Q., ,Q James Halsema K Johnny Hamn AQ , -F Julie Hannasch r ' A J Q4 xg f Melanie Hargis up hifi I ,lg c l " i ' . - 4 h R ,y Bruce Harrington 5 3 Q 'il 'Z 4 .. 5 .,-, 5 Colleen Harrington 1 sl ' -- P g ., it J Shelli Hart l,,, . Q A , Q Q I . i l A - Q U, ' L Q, Keith Hay r S . mi 1 'Ee f ' A 1 f Gregory Heath 2 ' 'Q - - .ai . , uf- Mike Heatherly x 3- P- r 'lx an ,A is Lane Hein A - - f - ' J ' " ' Q Paula Hensley ' qw.. , igg. li . J M A - Shirley Herrin ll" J S . A 3 Jeffrey Hicks ier J If -will 1.1, A f - , ' K ,1 .-im:-1 :vp 3 ,. tlxifrlw'-lk, m1l.lLl2iE .- - ' ilu all " . . if" lr 1' Q Richard Higgins Q X ffm Joannie Hill V ' Sandy Hinds E, , fi x Q , . . -, Q X Q F 4, y S .-if i is 3 li '? Q so y 'asf if ai af' e fi so ,jfnh , K ia ix? Stephen Hohn Roxanne Holbrook Stephen Holland Kanren Holstin Bill Holt Greg Hubler Danny Hudson Jim Hughes Roger Hughes Bob Huston Julie Hyett Jeffrey Ivan Susan Illingworth Jacqueline James Joan Jogerst Andrew Johnson David Johnson Pamela Johnson Steve Johnson Stephanie Johnsto Denise Jolly Il Libert bell reveals class ereativit Byron Jones Elizabeth Jones Larry Jones Randy Jordan Ricky Jordan Sally Jung Cindy Keats Kathy Kelley Gerald Kelly Robert Kemp Donna Kenimer Michele Kennedy Lela Kenyon James Kerwood Jean,Kestner Tom Kiehl Cheryl Kilduff Patrick Kinahan Paulette King Deborah Kirkland Kenneth Kirwin William Kleier Nathan Knochel Dan Korp Janet Kosty Joseph Kovalesky Ryan Krch Dawn Kress Dianne Kroll Louise LaBranche Marty Lard Bob Larive Lynn Latimer Jim Law Bob Ledwon Kerri Lester Diana Lewis Billy Lipska Timothy Little Jim Lively Daniel Londen Lynn Lott William Loy Cathy McBride Tery McCoy Gwen McCulley Ann McKinney Annette McMurray M455 Stephanie Mangione L Q - L we 5 - ' 'N 5-. 'PE M rf fx, ' I a-N' --4 x' .fa - rw aaes . , , Ser J J 5 ff , it ., a 'jf w X ' 1 ,. W 'li . 'Q 1 nNsu, twat it w ' fi! A -e lf: 11 rf, -S ,Li -- X.-fm. . sf . .sa X . e f, "E, V ' A ' ' 'A x gi We v X, fi kggfibk, L R A X Q 1, ta- , 2. ei We E fv' N Qt 5 K. Q 25: 'Y i zejhefte M 1 1 1 i JJ? rrge ti: - A 11 S xg ffm 'E V. K .hr Vh V 5 'airfff5rit,,ef gee' 1-. " 9 E as ri 3, lf N5 Jn C ggxg ' .asv 4 YE D' - . v 5 ,Mg . . 131, ' V as , M: . I ' t':1.., V Q, J , J' ,,5, ' K , x 1 fra " QHQKY ' f ' v ' --V' .as ' F " g f. if hw , Sue Tress and Robin Reed serve as flag carriers for the Junior class homecoming float. ' V ,, A ' A K ' Rodney Maroney , ' l Q" W , H Tamera Mason ' -if ' ' .A U vw, J, jul J'5 'EE Sharon Massey 2 .V 'I , " Q , 1? Fred Mathews , ' 3 l ' Bill Mattausch . , f f we J 5 Q M if .1 1' A i 1255 i i l i Y 'F' ,,'. . V . 1 , I h i,.i, H, . ' ' 5 Vg ,. V Brad Mauer E 5 VAAHA , ' gm , , V,,,, ff Dan Micko 4 ,,,, W, ,, ,. ,,., ,hp , aj f .. .gh Matthew Milldebrant 1' If 5 H 'img y 'W Cynthia Miller - , " Karen Miller AQ., --:- e" f i! L ' ' Michelle Miner i ' 'W ,if if 5 ful' Q ' "i'i Q ' ' 0' if "'ff I D, , ssnl '-, e I 'X-gla m , 1 V in ' ' 3 ,-'N .. N 32 " i :M in K 1 . 3 X 21" lf J Xa i 'll ii Stuart Miller David Moceri Daniel Moeller Judy Monahan Diane Monteser William Morphew Ed Morrow Rex Mosher Debbie Mullet Tony Murphy Frank Mysliwiec Barb Napier Juniors Becki Wettlaufer and W Julia Sykes pretend to be 9 ' cheerleaders as they work on one of the cheers. gif ii R Q 'H H.. ,, ,'XXv' We .. - ,L .V sm Joseph Nordquist Barbara Nodzak Christine Nc-zicka Allen Ockenfels Carrie Olson Lorraine Opocensky Cecilia Ortega Dennis Overby Mickael Owen Jeffrey Panasiti Lesley Parke Thomas Parks James Partridge Dorene Patterson Connie Paul Debbie Peddle Dennis Peets Annette Pelletier Kim Peters Brent Peterson David Nelson Kari Newcomb Toby Noble is o-P" Xe Rita iff, NPV' .3 X - ,J 45 ,NA er L mf' , 1. I L D1 J. I vu' 'QL' Q M V' 'V t as y . st! -,' 5. iii: ' A-: '-i-im 2,-A-eixiau E' -J 1 ' Ie :--E ' fr- P' ' X o to 1 . ' ,p L' '? S!! Q 5 M", . '25 rg ' Q ar - r '-f ri Qi gg U 'iiy t . is X L m it it i s . I . V 2 K in 1. ,IQ 1 J? .:.f3:2f5'Ql ' ' F "V iii. ,lL i is ' H ' ' K, S Pvwms uniors display youthful exuberance A. .wean-az. G . ,. , up 1 . ' I A Y 4 " no r if 'W 1 7 1 -gi t t N 4 , l li ' Y FQ P lf-.ll 1, 1 uwlfr - 95 E5 M .A ,Q :gig QA Ji , 'iv' .AM Us iw-'x. ' " E J rv ' " ,J J ' f a ,., 3 wx 9' ' G kr H mf xr fx-xx Q,-za. ,, X f ,X i fy -1 u e, .... 5 l F51 ll I H 1 5 ' any Q Q3 l l D 6 get x we Lp , ee'. EQQQN 5 M' 4 ' ,,., ' Af.. , , Nm E. X I A x , , xv ai J Q 4- ,. I - e ., X Z . 5 'R ya., -I-Q ., '. if Q N- SB 1 , x 2 I Q 1 . ' E. -- 'P 'f Y i K J fs Q t'f1:',x ' i. I ' " ., 'rx W1 J P -for M- by . '-it ii. uee 1 , f David Peterson Pamela Peterson Sandy Peterson Lisa Pietrocarlo Teresa Plemens Paul Poore Diane Powell Tammy Prin David Prince Debra Pruitt Veronica Puglise Sheryl Puype Tim Rademaker Kathy Rafferty Jeffrey Rajuniec Jodi Rall Michael Ratliff Victoria Ralph Daniel Ray Kim Raymond Sylvia Reavis Robin Reed James Remele Kevin Riley Christopher Riordan Cary Riter Julie Roberts Jan Roehlke Leigh Roepke Robert Riosinski Debbie Rotisky John Russell Sherry Russell John Scavarda Loren Schall John Schubert Cheryl Scott Sherri Sezate Tim Shafer Bruce Shannon Judy Sharp Judy Shaw Brett Shepard Herman Shelton Jennifer Shelton Rodney Shugg Mike Siebert Mark Simpson Tamera Singleton Neatness counts in drafting class Alan Skinner Renee Slingluff Jean Sloan James Smegal Donna Smith Janene Smith Margret Smith Paul Smith Mark Soyster Kathleen Spencer Anthony Spisak Brenda Stanley Debra Steele Richard Stewart Mark Steyerman Mike Stiak Linda Stone Terry Stoops Carrie Stopek Philip Stults Honey Sullivan Jennifer Summers Randy Surakus Lynda Swenson Tracy Swerdfeger Julie Sykes Liz Taylor Gina Thacker Bill Thaller Tom Thornhill Harold Thorsby Mark Tiffany Michael Tilley Patricia Totherow Mike Townshend Susan Tress Valerie Trull Brian Tucek Glenda Tunks K. C. Vale Barbara VanBrunt H i Mark Van Kleeck Jeff Van Orden Robert Vaughn Greg Voss R. S. Vrooman Wayne Wagner Jim Wahlers Susan Waite P' fi ,N X ,I if .S S " eilggl 55731 that arg Q Q s l 5 Q .AASZ .S ..., ,' ::,. '7-QS' . 3 . J l I I . t. I A 4' , H-,g gg? , , sf: in Junior Jeff Hart developes his talent for A drafting. 'V i , ,Q ' ff- f Lorraine Walker ,Q-, ' K - Howard Waltz t f ' Linda Warne , Jack Warren . 13? ff ,..- Q i i . R f A: 4. ,: ', J , x -I , , . fx 5' X'j 1 '? x N ' J ' V Q . Q U if, S ,LX '. Z " .J,,: 1 M my lf ' , i ' fn Q in . ..i, , ,, 4. T ef, 1 rTXQ:i1:'i"2 ii N . r it I l N,-it 4 .f r , g, mi, V" img ,, x ' , M l .wiw 3-Ai -J f iff' W5 as . fit, T Wm xg, Q FP girly A ., 1 , wi, 1 ., 5' 1 " gli i ,N V . 4 ' , K 1 ' i Q 'aka I I I-t Aw' w 'Qlf""t. i ,hw-Q. lily' air ' L2 1 r f e Li ' -W aa w wf 'Aa Teresa Weber Timothy Weber Eileen Weisman Alex Wekow Mary Wells Ann Wemyss Donna Wengrowski Patrick Wermes Eric West Becki Wettlaufer Sharon Whisman Dale White Veronica White Natalie Wilder Jim Wilkie Terry Williams William Wilke Tina Wilmouth Angela Wilson Dean Winkelmann Christopher Winkler Gary Wisniewski Brent Woods Penelope Woodward Kevin Woodward Joel Woody Judy Worthman Steven Wygant Jeffery Wyman Teresa Yates Lucille Yazzie Sophia Zanzot Susan Zimmerman Ronald Zint Terri Zumwalt OPENING Freedom is a Whole new kind of open- ing. . . Mike Williams Sophomores-the second year- a time of waiting. Held suspended between the freshman and junior years, the sophomores see a whole new horizon opening for them. Their liues become fuller and richer. They wait with open arms for the future-a future that will bring the reality of what freedom is very close. As they wait, they will hopefully grow and learn to accept and cope with the openess and freeness of our society. ffxfxf Liege. .f Q31 ,JN A iffy ftfv 7 ,X I- A, V4 diff' Lv' YP 817' 14. , ,X . TA fl 5 , 1 J: w X X f fi 'F f wx-g X :fx-gli., 'J X jj X, 'Y-J X'Q.x -H ' Li i fl A x Y J Y 'xl ,ak f f' Xia? X ilgl'-I'-rf '., f . 1--, . . 'Nw ' Q . 2 Na if Xi, l . if E. ,ff sl Will Ely' l il lt lil CV, A 1 r NW Ng. 1 SOPHOMORE OFFICERS ROW 1 Carol Bell and Robin Woldt. ROW 2 Susan York and Yvonne Lybbert. 2 SOPHOMORE SENATORS ROW 1 Chris Yaksak, C.P. Dillehunt, Lynn Lott, and Gail Holsten. NOT PICTURED Terri Leon A guest speaker from Hughes Air West ex- transport business to Mr. John Geames plains the many opportunities in the air sophomore English class. Tawnee Abbe Nancy Abbott Craig Ackerman .James Adams Cindy Agnello William Agnew Lauren Ahrenberg Wayne Allen Joann Allison Vicki Allison Julie Anderson Robert Anderson Rick Anfinson Kelly Archer David Arner Jill Arroyo Robert Ashby David Ault Veronica Austin Sally Baab Sylvia Back Keith Baer Angel Bailey Michele Bailey Kathleen Baker Carolyn Ball Karen Barker Wendy Barlow Bryan Barr Laurie Barr Leanne Barr Gregory Barrett Elizabeth Basso Toni Bears Robert Beck ,qw fs, .4 us- 1, '. if 5 . if al l 1 i - Qi ii to .p, El Q V' 'l 4 A as ' if 'N Q , W Y M W , , .a Q74 1 y f 4' vga 41231, 1 I f " ,ff ,f ,if r f X SK r Q U! Jb- 1 'wi' , Mi X' my l .. ,M A ga, Q, , xx f ' fl' ,, . fr, f all mi .g 6 r X X 'A Speakers add insight to career unlt " Q ' "' h t fkl swat 44- X A S t I il . ,f . Q A .X 4? 3 N .- N ,N fl: 4 g B ln l l 1 ' . L ', , Q. 5 1' il 1 J .K -L N I fat' 0 ,vs 1 N if xet Q if fi' A , 3 of ' " xxux Q4 1 is N, .' Xa .N s J 1 -vt .. an ,Z k . S K ta , . 1 . 1- X 5- 4 ft , ,, g A xi S ff el f as ,A , S J' li fl fd 1 . q ,,q, , r . if 'L Peggy Becker Billy Beebe Carol Bell Chuck Bell Keith Belsby Kevin Bender Robert Benson Judith Betts Diana Betz Tracey Binder Donna Birch Bendy Bivans Peter Bjelopetrovich Lori Bladon Linda Blohm Jill Boissoneau Mike Bollier Alan Bond Scott Bordow Timothy Bourgeois Diane Bowers James Boyle Edward Braaten Sherry Bramwell Bryan Brazell Karen Brebner Christopher Breen Terence Brethwaite Donald Brink Duane Brown Scott Brubaker Bruce Bruno Jody Buchanan Diana Budde Jerry Butler Stanley Capelik Rose Carter Curt Cavett Roberta Cecil Kerri Chambers Dawn Chase Randy Chorba Barbara Christofanelli Thomas Christy Kelly Clark Tricia Coghill Kevin Colbert Carol Colby Philip Conrad Gary Cooper Tammy Cooper Ephram Cordova Robert Costa Rick Costaines Micheal Craig Callina Craven Pamela Cross Francine Cullari Jeffrey Cullinan John Cullinan Cynthia Cunningham Bonnie Dahl Cynthia Dake Dawn Daly Joseph Danko Nancy Davidheiser Cheryl Davis John DeDonatis John Deer Jeanette Deming Matthew DePinto Katherine Dettling ,, if m .raw ee' X 1' W' 4 , :il M 't E if ' ? 1- , ,.. , ,J , Q 3 .iy Y will W it ,, 2 55,4 '7?i ..irv m1ig,,.,3,i H V' IT' Q r . ni W' xg W O , f I 7.x if Q Q. , 'Mx I 8581 ,wff f'- ,, 1 Sophomores Barbie were Christofarelli and Mary Jane Gerkin traveled to Prescott tc torious foo cheer on our vic- tball team. if QQ sf aw' V" Sophomores cheer at away games f Penny Dickerson 1 ... W Robert Dickson 'f 3 ,. g ' 'A Melissa Dietz V Aeea- ' A -X' h 1 Page Dillehunt 1 A X ' ' , ' Susan Dirr n -V e fy i A ' W' Joan Dixon 1 I i ff i . 1' - . -. , "I " "i ' a . "- ,g - vt y ik. 9' V Pwr S it S ,X Q 'F X' . f' 'V' 3 aff S N a ,A 4 1 Q, I ,www l ' 3 ii 5' D i fi K i' J I Y, 'eg V L " F ii 3. L . i, X 'F F is di " ' Q Q33 z Tfiq.. gg p .1, . 1 x t is :ik kia A - FS ,Q W i S '..i V V --1. I X + - .QSf:g..,.a1if S x ,' N .11 U x VK X n J fix Q33 W :ig S A , . ' Eze " , , Nik? NLQK 'N . ., i Q , f-js'-"T ' t fl f,,- , , Q ' . as "" fi r is is 8 N 'Q A 5, V tk ' Q K Q QT, 1 QF. Q y, liek, i- i s 1, I X. , Jim Doesburg Victoria Dollman Lorrie Donald Carmen Dorcey Debra Dow John Drake Valerie Drakos Rory Drwinga Vickielynn DuPont Gregg Dyke Richard Edmondson William Edson Jeffrey Edwards Nick Elardo Darryl Emmett Lori Erickson Mark Erwin Scott Fairley Roxanne Falk Donna Fann Nadine Feldman Jeffrey Fertig Beth Fisher Lori Fitzgerald Barton Flint Stephan Flood Suzanne Flood Donald Frazier Fredricka Fredricks Mary Friedl Billy Friend Cynthia Fulton Jeri Gabhart Carol Galey Melia Ganley Steve Gee Sheira Genemaras John Gerber Mary Gerkin Keith Giles Wendi Gillespie Richard Glaze Fall play cast includes sophomores Cindy Goetz Arthur Gonzales Wendell Graber Steven Grand Lisa Grl nt Scott Gliatham Jeanna Gray Vicki Giray Linda Green Sandra Grysho Kimberly Gunter Dolores Guzman Micheal Hadley Jacqueline Hadorn Philip Haggard Meryl Hall Joseph Hannasch Jill Harrington Jeff Hart Shaun Hasse Emily Havey Nena Hawkins Joel Hawkley Rick Hawks Anne Hayden Randijean Hedin Cindie Henningsen Gail Herrin Jackie Herrin Suzanne Herrington Gregg Hicks Wesley Higgins Jannie Hill John Hinds Timothy Hineman Scott Holiday Gail Holstin Lance Holtorf Sandra Honahi Gail Hovis Micheal Howley James Hughes Pam Hughes Kelly Hunsick Janet Hunt John Inthout Robert Jackson Jaunita Jacobs ff if ff t Q if fx 'Wav i 4 4 Gi a 1 J AWK, i g-, , A an 4 uv H it ,iq 1 if is-ff ip- ' E' an '1 Vx , -.,,, h Maj X . xxx? vs E , ' a- -. , L , vw I a ."'ff4s, .f A -O had L,-,i Q fii, g - L figs., 3 Qui.. 4 in I-V' ! ' -Q , 'S 'B it v 'Min X 'kv av S 4 A 1 fm Pi J I' l 1' ni 'W ks 4 -Q f . K' . ry A 1 if ,r .,...f- A,,,a.a.... fwhmwfmifihmv .wan Lge-lley and Marilyn Leon both served in supporting roles in the fall play, "Inherit the in . ,N -. 5- 3, ir, .. - WA i ,X M ,. iff ' -i c -rp it , ' ' 4 v' xx x f- . ' V S 4 1 ,. M i., ... ,.. if . 5. 5, 'z, 4- "' ., I N , 6: " f ,,' ' .1 1 in ,M 'f ' .V EK ' A , u ,V gn.. , A V , af rw .-ff T H' 3 A T' r, 'Z' 0 'wa .V Alex Jacome Amy Jaramillo Micheal Johnson Pamela Johnson Angela Jones Barbara Jones Bonnie Jones Terry Jones Mary Jordan Willaim Jung William Kahn Dianne Kaliski Kathy Kane Marla Kaplan Annette Katz Timothy Kauffman Tina Kearns Therese Keenan Bill Keller Kimberly Kelley Micheal Kelley Rae Kelley Mark Kestler Shawn Kilduff Richard Kirwin Clancy Klein Paul Klinefelter Theodore Knochenhauer Derrick Knott Cheryl Knudtson Darren Koons Robert Kostelny Andrea Kovacs Susan Kozak Charles Krauss 93 Luncheon loungers linger listless y Dinah Krenklis Janet Kuefner Nicholas LaFronz Brian Landauer Cathrine Lancendorfer Denise Larsen Kelly Larive Amy Lass Shelly Lassley Floyd Lathem Tami Lauber Thomas Law Melonie Leach Steven Ledwon Lisa Leitz Gregg Lentz Marian Leon Theresa Leon Cheryl Lewandowski Teresa Lohmeyer Sharen Lott Lisa Lowe Shelly Luthander Yvonne Lybbert William Lynn Patricia McAllister Melody McAskill Danny McClusky Kielan McCollum Michelle McDavitt Connie McDonald Micheal McDonald Laura McFarland Melinda McGrath Patricia McGrath Rodney Mclntyre John McKihhon James McNally Jennifer Mack Lydia Magee Roseann Maisto Donna Malone Lisa Marchal Valerie Marsh Ralph Marshall Annarita Martinolich Randy Matusky Norman Mentor Cindy Merrill Darrell Micheal my ,, 3, 9 ,.-N rn fflijffv , I ll i ::' Q .b::'..-5 Y 'S 'zfif f iw ,, . X. 2-Q -R I 5 vt at 1 I gk. it jx 'L 4.4 , qi 2 V -' '- fi., ,, 'Y , , - 2. , y , 1 -, L ' L n S 5 xg , . A . .. A , A fi: A fi xnxx I ,irjfgslt 1 g : . M.. -5, A - i N I ,. , t MQ Qi f l I M Q Av I. Afiifi. gg 12 . , 3' V ,x 43' in y 35. 'I f' L t i Q "f"Y'2m?- '- 9 A oil CS A , l 1 N 'Q " r .J" 1 js X S Q 3 W -N N , r .t . ' at .M ' ix t s . E::iH I - ' I ik, 5 17' t 1 " . i fl t hx l ' , 5- ' it A l ,is U . X 1 K K i ,, lm, We S' yu , -5 Q ji' lf'h",1 QA: I l fx' A A fli , Q K. 5. . , : N . X . I -.s ,R K- I Ni" f 'Q K i r ' 1. x , .3 .4 3 -- it ii i L.. 'il - Q fi H A' .W X -is '- K' x- , V RW resigns. D ' i gf W i Julie Milham James Miller Scott Miller Steve Miller Melody Milliron Bret Minogue Deborah Missineto Susan Moen Anthony Montana Dan Montgomery Dawn Moody Kelly Moore Margaret, Moran Charles Morehouse Susan Morphew Kelly Morris Ellen Marrow Calvin Motley Monty Mousseau Frederick Mueller Dean Murphy Lance Murphy Harold Myers Kevin Myers Sandra Nail Becky Nelson Roland Nelson Lynne Nesslar Micheal Nesslar Theresa Newman Susan Newport Richard Niemeyer Danny Nilles Donna Norris Kristi Norris Sophomore girls take it easy in the quad after lunch. Brian Ban, Jim Doesburg, Melody Milliron and Jeff Hart View slides of plant cells in Mrs. Monica Montgomery's biology class. Larry Nunley Rickey Nunley Karen Oconnell Stacy Offerman Virginia Olivo Travis Olroyd Karen Orchard Claudia Ottinger Sue Paffumi Richard Page Joanne Palermo Stephan Palm Julie Parke Stacy Parker Tamera Parks Donald Parrish Pamela Parry Don Patterson Jack Paul Kelly Perdue Douglass Peters Mark Petersdorf Debbie Peterson Patricia Peters Micheal Pettijohn Mitchell Phiefer Sherry Pickering Angela Picone Steven Plante Katryn Plein Wanda Poore Lorie Pruitt Cynthia Pursell Lisa Pupye Keith Racette 53? My T155 T 4 E Ji i la H-f' ,lg by x is ' ' ig as L, , . -h i ,. ,,.., , -K en. , F . f - P .fs rs. 'X 3 - s .L ,.r' ' P 1 " ' ' ' f . , , r- , ,Q W S W . , , ii . in J- i gi is 'ffwx K k,kL ix: 'L K ' , J 3 ' K wa X , g ,nj ,L My gt. M- 1 . 'hy XA-Q If .. P - Y .E.-e :,' I A 4- , - NN - iii vt 1 . my K l G , ' in 'I Q.. fkq E Q t Q ical-if 2 . 33, 4 - wang i 'Q ,J 6, 9 5 4x A W at s C . fr. 'WF ' 1 A 'am ' fr X i Es ,vw Qin-if ps g Biology microscopes open new world 4! ,gi f 1 Q51 Y sv ,f yi f ss- V sw 5- in ,. 1. or r E0 Sli W ,lg ' N gm? if i s o , si" U' . . l V 1 5 ' K f' -5:,, .. i f ks , 7 K 4 XkL,,,'irZ as LX!! S will s ,rs " A- - in B il ,fl 2 as ii tx 'si n s s 'Q I Q e e for so X 4 '-gf 1-sry Q awafr 2 R 4 . X any . i-mm 4 K Aa. L- ,QYL . 4,' l ' f X ..V,., ff, -f l as , Q. use , , SQX , ,. ,lx N . in Ruth Rafidi Willard Reger Garrett Reichow Joel Resler John Richard Donald Rivera David Roberts Jennifer Roberts Cyrus Roedel Thomas Roehlke Stephen Rogers Steve Rosales Michelle Roseniski Ron Rossi Robin Rolsteen Eric Rovelli Tami Roggireo Randy Russell George Rust Sandy Sadler Kelly Sample Laura Sanerbier Frank Sansome Laura Sapp Shelly Sawyer Ruth Schaefer Lance Schall Tammy Schettler Elizabeth Schoeman Lisa Schoonmaker John Schroeder John Shumann Robert Schwale Lori Scola Jeff Seff Roy Semerdjiam Claudia Sezate Laurie Shagana Deborah Short Todd Showalton Deborah Shulda Diane Shultz Wayne Shurbet Mark Siegert Paul Simpson Byron Singleton Tanya Sloan Steven Smegal Club cooks Churros at Upen House Mark Smith X Gene Smith r V A - Karen Smith , i 'wi A I Nancy smith an B E3 ' " 49 Raymond Smith . l 5 RV ' Rhonda Smith H .- ' ' ,r . W 5 i ,N e , t JK t i t 1 4. '15 Lori Smyser Tracey Synder 5 y Micheal Sokol ' i - Christine Sommer Q f is Q Debbie Spayd Ni' b A f Shelly Sporleder 1 Q t E .. , , 16. 3 i t ". M?" Douglas Squires Kristy Staggs Donald Starnper Sharilyn Stanley Vincent Stern Cindy Steinke Mark Stell Stephanie Stawart Lorna Steyerman Paul Stiak Sharon Stone Cynthia Stoops Vicki Stoops Carla Stretch John Strickland David Stroud Brent Tesille Sherry Theirs Curtis Thomas Mathew Thomas Brian Thornquist. William Travers Mark Trebitowski Gordan Troan Darrell Tunks Dawn Ullrich Micheal Vance Roger Vanleeuwen Lynn Van Syoc Neil Vaughn Deborah Vineyard Lori Vinyard Cathryn Vollmer Cynthia Vontobel Annette Voss Mildred Vaughn .5 T, X it E . M 52 t 1' V -I ,Q PK . Q in 5, A xg R3 , . as C if My-:S Xgwjii X l , E NIS it ,,rs A , P C , f i .1 an Q, , e'er we if at ' to i , L K I i Q ii" l y . QS X A it X i M 1 x 3 :W ,-wg.: ., I I if I. " , K t C Qi' z 1 I ' in 7 .Y A T' A 1 Y ' ..b' iii? , R' Q Y A . " .eff ef A , ., lit f g r 1, as, , i MXN ,t 'nvxg F tef- 1' f A Nr Xt, , vkrxf, Spanish Club members Lorrie Bladen and Rhonda Smith prepare authentic Churros for parents who visited the Spanish Classrooms during Open House. rl i ,: V 5 x l M Q. 3? ,V si., ' 'mhvf E . X , - 'C f N, 'E' .fra .. , O 5 ft . ,132 ' rv'- i If ii' I x K x A 5 We pn- " X' f 'ii fl S t,.,, i sig Q Elk if .i S ii N X R wi, M A 1 AW H ff YY ia . S as Tit lf ,,ii S 7' r x ,ES rl K f , , 1 Y XS 4' A FQ r ' N 5 N" I-3' Q tt,i -. 'K ' in ll .'..hrf. 1 .nt q '. "f s ' Marie Wald Vincent Waldron Stephan Walker Randy Wallenburg William Walp Darwin Walrath Allison Walrath Geoffrey Waltz Stephan Wasley James Warmuth Brandy Watson David Way Reed Weber Thomas Weller Laurie Whitlock Kimberly Wickert Robert Weir Bruce Wiley Andrew Williams Cindy Williams Thomas Williams Wendy Williams Christi Winters Robin Woldt Joan Wons Sharen Worthen Nancy Yanez Kristine Yatsak Geraldine Yazzie Saralyn Yoder Susan York Christine Zade Scott Zarder Waydre Zeller Julie Zimmer TURI M a t u r i t y is recognizing your freedoms, not abus- ing them and being Willing to fight to maintain them. . . . Jean Bremser Freshman . . . the beginning. They are free to mature, to unders- tand the requirements of freedom. Through maturity and only through maturity they begin to become an actiue team member in the game of democracy. They begin to understand what is expected of them in order to gain future freedom. They are trusted in a new society, a society that is more relax- ed and freer than before. This new society also requires, as a democracy requires, a mature person. MVA SYM f vii TA7X Tif- .ei 4? if JL- qx ii,'f1.N. get YW?-'XX -t 7 Ki I .rx i'Nt3iti' TN 5 X ,asv , P ,X its-ig.lx, ,Fri .X X, 'fi2s-fi if 1 Qi, Sip, ' XC Y iw N f! 1: .-AEE: M fi S31 T M W i i i . 1 A G- X f-E lt my tf tt 1 FRESHMEN OFFICERS ROW 1 John Goodrich and Sharon Walker. ROW 2 Chris Dodson. NOT PICTURED Mark Ramsey 2 FRESHMEN SENATORS Jackie Woelfel, Michelle Geske, and Tricia Hofferber. NOT PICTURED Gayle Smith and Lisa James Tara Abrecka Tracy Abrecka Mark Adams Steve Ahrenberg Cindy Alba Katherine Allan William Allen Debbie Alrich David Ancona Deana Anderson Dennis Anderson Randy Anderson Joseph Anzelmo Tammy Armata Shawn Arney Barbara Ashenbrener Tim Ates Carrie Atwood Marcia Ault Wayne Austin Anthony Aviles Michael Bacon David Bahr Robert Bailey Terri Bailey Lisa Baldwin Lori Barker Marcia Barker Diane Barrett Karen Beach Alan Beall Greg Beard Jean Beard Laurie Bebb Josie Beddy Nunzio Bellecomo Michael Bennett Jerry Betterson Scott Beversdorf Treasa Birchett Carol Bitler Sandra Blood Thomas Boesch Monte Boers Allen Boom Richard Boulanger Vickie Bradshaw Cynthia Bragaw Linda Brandt Dolly Breedlove Shelene Brinson Greg Brockman Cheryl Brogan Richard Broker Nick Brokeshoulder Courtney Brown Jody Brown David Bruck Charles Bryson Ed Buckley Karen Buckley Gary Burgess Marlene Burkhart Dwayne Butler S A ,L if 61. A 0 i ' 4 -mf- we , . ,Qc . Ks ,Q 4' V .. is r l A ' tt' aw Q - Ex F 1 V r ., lvl ft ef in aj t alfa- f it Q .,,. A iii so - l ' Y t ' E. 2 in E X ..., , , fs ' i : 2,9 A .,.a , .. . 5 is ' 1:,J', , V 1 I , , V' 6 l o Al i 2 'ima ol , ffgj:-gf. 3 X 'TL gy ' Y- ' eel f' JZ iv-, 1 1.. 1' e, -In, 5 X, f' Q hw. ,' 'B . N 5 :A I 5 , ' 4 S Je Zgfffi 1' 1 fr h l V s4's y Af A7 ex , ll 5 for f' 1 . W? Metals students work with equipment Freshman John Christie works with the lathe during his metals class. Vicki Byrd Margaret Caldwell Q Randy Caldwell Steve Caldwell Anne Callow .pl Cheryl Cappello X Q "' K 3 is l J David Carlson Lt J iv Tiff, , fi Brad Caron r w Q94 :gn I ,. tiiuxss-A7134 .1 . I Henri Carpentier f ' ' f y David Carrera we ' f - Sharron Carroll V I ,W f 4 Diane Carter I 1, ,. I Q? s 1- V Q -L Pamela Carter V 4 A b Susan Casey A .4 y is A P Kathy Chandler X I 1 Q. Gerald Chestnut X xy .MX Q y , , sr ,,.. 5 V 1 John Christie lf I 4 X Janet Christmas 'Q ' P 'QW ' 2 Pam Clark b ' if V Tammy Clark .5 1 'X f 1 ' Christopher Coffey b 'At l A - K H, I ' K r Carol Collins 'jg' A' ' P N Q. ,Q 134' W Q ffw .-.4 of-fm +....,.,f' James Contino 1 t . ii 5 1 g ZZL V lr' ' rf ' W ii?" ""' Nicholas Cook f. 4 - 1 1 ,, t V. . M. F W ,. ii,. 4 ' ' - fi Xe 13 W 'if' 77563 ---...A-1' ' X' ,- Lani , .L vs 4, fi' - as x . -ii A Danelle Cooley -' Q Ceya Costianes L Isaac Crawford J Vernon Creamer Carla Cueller Robert Cunningham William Curry Ceclan Curtis Algebra learns new math techniques M Basic algebra class takes a little A break while Mr. Bruce finishes taking roll. irx Bob Damiano Bob Danner - . Richard Darling Q y A Ronald Davis ' M" , 1 i 2 r 3 U y Dennis Davidson - - - ' -- - 'i i Shirley Dean A4 ,Q Q- U N ggi X P X. - W Dann Deboer Q, C xx A A it -v 3. r ll I P Michael Deerr Fff,4,-Q gf' In 1 .V -'I 4 ,f l ri.. I 1 f' gilgisixfgifli "- , 9 if iam - if ' i" N Laurie Defazio Kenneth Deines Carolyn Delair Robert Demaio Karen Deming Joy Demoss Susan Desjardins Charles Dettling Cindy Dickson Gary Dircks Kristina Dodson Paulette Dodson Kirk Dolence Barry Dombrowski Glen Dombrowski Pam Donald Sonya Donaldson Charles Douglas Jimmy Drakos Darlene Drew Janet Drozda Randall Dwinga Dawn Dyke Tia Dunn A is is 1 . slag ' ' s Qi --.. f i xg? . 436:18 ii f 'Misra 1 H ll ' I vu Q. ll. 'JI ll .i iii-xii!-auilm' lla gsiin , .. , QV N wen- Y xv. 15 PX! ' l ' D X A1458 3 nf 1 5'!iEf9f.f ff'5v l E -if F ' li Y? We x ar.. of Q 1 ' ' if- 3 fi r. ' .rx 4 V x ,, , Q Q , ' 1 ' 5 , Q '25, in 'elif 4 Z, A is ,f ff A Ki 4' . ' 5 - 1 f ij as .X W as it .Q .Q I ,.,m Qi'3Q?,fi N, . , gny .g ag K N Q' a l 4- T ' Y t i 2 A 'fa , fi , .4 4. I I me , r 4-, , fy. , , , ,r , i ' ' fr 5. 91343 ,fi 'ff ' R. , .- . M14 SP: ' "Qv" ' i .hfh f f Q, ,W A 'Av , 1 I l Q 'A 1 ti a e 45 3- if ..h, . fi, Q Malt. Ti' ,Q ff I re, V X 522.2 Zi' at-." " I af? A A fa, I if 'Aa' gr Ag: r' , 1: U X i 4 x l- 4-fu 1 f Q 'N Q ,fl , "J f 4 A V A ie. Q "if . i ' :VZ ,3geSf ' 1 rf 1 4 'X -sfo' QW Ay y tv r 3' V eil- :I Z A! " "V ,AI 4 i T . zsr ., g X fi' at rt' it fa- l unzip. ik T 1 . if 4 'Q' Rudy Eckerman Caroline Eckstadt Glenn Edmond Cindy Ehrhart Stacy Eidell Greg Elkins James Elliott Steven Ellis Karen Elson Paul Emfinger Wayne Eschler Peggy Evans Randell Faith Roseanne Falaschetti Danny Farris Samuel Fechenbach Denise Feller Kim Fenchak Rhonda Ferradino Ruth Finch Stephan Findura Patrick Flanagan Tracy Fliegel Kevin Flood Francisco Flores Johnny Ford Lynn Fordiani Timothy Francis David Franck Terri Fraser Pamela Frazier Thomas Frechette Ellis Fredericks Brenda Freeman Christine Frees Ronald Fryer Kit Fuller Jerry Gardner Desi Garrigan Theresa Gatlin Connie Gerkin Bryan Geschke Michelle Geske Richard Gessner Glenn Giarrusso Michelle Gibbs Richard Giesie Gary Gignac Denver Gilbreth Paul Giza Thomas Glaze Robert Godich David Goettl Edward Goins Gloria Gonzales John Goodrich Elisa Goodwin June Gower Sherryl Grahm Thomas Grahm Laura Grapshi Kristi Green Tanya Greer Steve Groeneveld Melissa Guderjohn James Guerard Cheryl Gunty Diana Gustafson Debra Gutierrez Erma Guzman Robin Halik David Hall Pamela Hamer Cindy Hamilton Dawn Handley Edward Handy Susie Hannasch Steven Harness Jeffery Harrington Luann Harris Timothy Harris Arthur Harrison Ted Hart Deborah Havens Kevin Hay Michael Hazel Ann Heideman Diana Henson Karen Hering Dennis Hermansen Eric Herndon Robert Hession Linda Higgins James Hineman Bennie Hobson Tricia Hofferber Kate Hohn Clay Holiday Heidi Holtorf Kathrine Honahni Kim Honer Claudia Hopson Kirby Houben Dana House Greg Howe John Howk Jonathan Hubbell C A Huebsch Cynthia Hunt David Hussey Lisa James Kris Jamsa Suzanne Jarman Carole -Jennings Rick Jensen Luke Jeziorski Charlene Jones Gerald Jones Jill Jones Lisa Joslyn Steve Kaiser Edward Kaplan John Kapski Karl Kauffman Robert Keats Margaret Keenan Alisa Kerns Eric Kerns .gg i we J 'H ae , b ,C 5, , 9, 'if is s 'ie' ' bf' In Z if g ,L - , ., xr 'x T4 4' 2--A T A Al , my 'Ni ' ff I . . ,, V "" fs fi f , unix, X -V, i t 1 . f , 'wjli'-54 A -mx-ri F , , W my" ff ' ' 4.. ' , - I A ,, A ,TT ,V , P ,gf L i J in y I Y A V A . A ii , 1 5, in I i .jAT4 gq N - fi, ' , 'Li , 1 ' A K V'lVVVZ V,'x ' t kixfi l kb me-fifty MY is R W . ragga? I ,. , fi mi- V ,... H A , if .N M . tri' I swf. Y ,tl ,vt . if i C If Ja juz' :AT - i X ' I Q V at gig A 2 , .- Q 1 'Q l 4 ,Y AL, , ' s o 2,3 1 3-51 ,- ,"., it --, 4 1- ' ",i , f, 'f ' 1 I N-.. Student Council takes frosh urvey tg i L25 t x P P 'T' -1 it ' 1 L' Alice Pennington explains the J , ' it' procedure of a survey taken by stu- t ' dent council. N., is fl ?""" ' , ,mg 5 Q ik i'f 1 . "3 x X tx 'N' A ,Q X- 1.5. X E x K. qgxt it - - r QQ: s 4 " it , 1 'I' t Q., ' ' ,im Q At ig . . ,, RAN . 5 xx 1.-A K -- A E 3 2 "Eli Wm ttt i ER li ililrlllf , . N Joann King Christen Kinhan Myrla Kinsley Joyce Kiper 'Tina Kiper Marilyn Kirkpatrick Jennifer Kirley David Klatt Ramona Kleespies Scott Kleist Herb Knochel Karen Konopasky Deann Korp Kathy Kott Kimberly Krienke Laurel Kristick Francis Krolak Danny Kuefner Gary Kuntz Laurie Kurz Diann Kuznitz Joseph Lame Paula Lame Patricia Larrahee Lisa Larson Rana Lassley Larry Latouf Linda Lavine Kent Lay Randy Lee Vera Lees Cynthia Lentz Thomas Lenz Lorraine Leon Uthynia Leonard Robin Levine Susan Lewis Donald Lindquist Christina Lipska Kenneth Lipson Michael Lloyd Jack Loesing Debra London Faron Long Loran Lory Brett Lowe Darrin Lowe Terri Lowe Kristen Lowell Tina Lowell Darrell Lumpmouth Renee Lynn Roberta McAuliffe Howard McBride Mary McCallum Victoria McCray Steve McDonald John McGann Cathleen McNally Elizabeth McNeil Brian McVicker Jackie Mack Kenneth MacPherson Barbara MacVicar Michael Magras Roberta Magyar Tammy Malachesen Rae Malmos Robert Mancuso Elisabeth Mandile Andrea Mangione Tim Manley Kent Maroney Jeff Marquis Ladonna Marshall Lisa Martin Fred Mast Greg Mauer Janice Mavis Diane Mayer Keith Meerhoff' Debbie Messina Thomas Metzger Darla Michael Jody Miller Michael Miller Steve Miller Bobbi Milliron Mathew Milliron Kyle Milne Constance Minsky Christine Mion James Mitchell Mark Mitchell Carol Moen L n QUOPYWV itfdlflf' SOOO! ' 1' AS 1 r a 6 X Q i at nw s il N fi ' 'A A Q lmrfx,?.i M is I 'fav f .f ff 'Q 7,1 V - 'if " l fr ' al, X 1 lg. I 'G f . , 'vi ,Q if I ' ki N If yxli r Q A R 2 ? 5' CWM u Q i ' it Vu 5 M 1 4, 'F' wi l l A Q 1 X 85' 1 F' E f , 2 K 2 l' f' ii 1 fi il H. 'W 1 M 3 0' ,AQ F Va fr ' 'r K K 11- Q lf ' Vvtf -1,1-is , uf ft . . vU:,,v? s, 1. :ri ,sw,R 1 7. W M t f 'A L rn' skimlf' J a , if 'I A f xx A ,VF -v V.: ,kxy K :R 'W a i f Sa Q t ervctc I W . 2: 1' J EN 4 , l t 5 Wk it tv r Kimberly Montgomery .A 1 f f hr Q if: , MM, an ,, Q t ,, 5 ... 6x5 - .. vw 4 v 'r 4 I .r 'wa 'i ' I 'K x 4 1 , . A li " " ,I W qi 2' xi -. 'ff iiei 1 Q12 H " A t J , . rr. J if gf . . . . , . . ,. 2 it ' . 'X 1. X ' will , -yflk 4 I tag Qllif, .1-1' z , X, 3 i V.: J .-:Ltr y i 4 M1 . , 5 ,. A, 91' f A James Moore ' f ' Perry Morehouse f - -. 1 Carrie Morgo ' , :l, - , :ig ' x Karen Motley . 1 1- rr 'lzilga' Darrell Mullet M .. K ' i 5 3 N K '-l' Carrie Mullings ' I 551553 Q Q' O ,V l x I X Daniel Munding l l X 1 ' I 2 ff! 2 3 . XRS' W, Karen Munsell '. f ' '5 . at W All 4 x 'X 4 A ., K " 'Ig A lla' O ' e .T 3,23 fs- PX "Q mi R :gil . few- ix 11.--A -iv x 5 I QB it er Lisa Munsey Ruth Napier Ginger Neel Annette Newman John Nichols Joanne Niemeyer Mary Nordquist Colleen Norman Forrest Nutter Myra Nybakken Nancee O'Bryan Thomas Ockenfels Donna O'Connor Kathy O'Keeffe Hope Oldenburg Kathleen Orloski VN Susanne Ortiz my Q Elizabeth Osegueda 'rf Dawn Ostheimer r Teresa Owen Q ' ,QF " Scott Padgham k ' , rr-.t I I .F C th ' P 1 lg Joaanlerlensaleirriomo 1 ' , r 5' Grace Parscandola ' ' N X R . fl, imizii Freshmen learn with new methods Forrest Nutter, Ceclan Curtis and fellow classmates learn with the use of a record player. Toni Parks Mike Parrish Katherine Pauweis William Pearre Diana Peddle Jeff Pelletier Joey Pergola Scott Perruccio Kirk Petersdorf Robert Peterson David Peterson Glen Peterson Janette Peterson Randall Peterson Robert Pettijohn Marshall Petty '- ' 'E , '..-of' - -gg M1111 . f W.,N "-vs 3, -er , K x ,H ,,,, ,., :tx V, A , as 5 'v Y Freshmen P.E. students horse around while waiting for roll to be taken and class to begin. inth graders relax before roll call Steve Phelps Brenda Pierce James Pierce Micheal Pietro Janelle Pietrocarlo Terri Pogue Beverly Polley Daniel Powell Kimberly Preach Kelly Price Bradley Pruett Sherri Puglise David Pusateri William Rademaker mek Chuck Rall fi' f , V 'V qi, Q igfggg yi if 3, I ' L ' N Douglas Ralph f 9355 L. ' 1 . Il f ,. i ,ZQWQ 3 A Mark Ramsey Charles Rand Teresa Ray Pamela Raymond Mary Reavis Cindy Register Rodney Reinert Sharon Remele Bonnie Reynolds Keith Reynolds Frank Richard Kay Richmond Larry Rider Scott Rimbey Harry Rimbey Michael Roberts Sheri Roedl Geoffrey Rogers Maryellen Rosinski Cheryl Rovelli Brenda Saenz Darren Sanangelo James Sansome Maureen Sarner Stephnie Sawyer Roberta Sawyers Mitzi Schardt Charles Scheible Heidi Schillings Luttina Schimmels Greg Schneider Fred Schroeder Victoria Schroyer Kelly Schurtz Duane Scissons Kevin Scott Zac Scott Robert Sexton Cathy Sfalanga Dan Shagena Mitchell Shappley Timothy Sheehan Terry Shepherd Leslie Shone Tara Short Mark Shreve Gregory Shupe Clifford Sirks Dawn Siebert Connie Slettebak Susan Slettebak Terry Slingluff Lois Smiljanic Gayle Smith Greg Smith Kelley Smith Mark Smith Paul Smith Theresa Smyth Bill Snee Robyn Softley Glenn Sommer Fred Sparks Vickie Sparks it ,4 an hw '44 " S .K ' A 9 .y 1 yr p , I .I A 'Rf '5 11: V f, ' ' . . gi I , ,gy ' ' A if ,A V , t G J Y , V!.,,. , y M, Q , In mm, T' .J .- f in .a Z., 'K V Y :"'. " 1 'K " ro' V r . 3 V S , ,fe .V l, x va M ' , ! V K s I I ki xxgy 1' ,-" -g , J rm qv -,,,,,E .E 1 1' ,,, , I V. 5 M I C 2 ,. im Eff if 1 L -o A " " , ,ra M 1 1 qw , S Q 'Q f is 5 ag X ww . Q 4 . I 2 , " Sw , , VA .l 'gsafk' sf Z? ' lx 6 2 4' w l Q., ,. 1 if , Wt 'X ' Ei u 4 ,fy I ,, ., 3 ' r .fe ,, , , O I x l ti' v s . 4 A 11 . ' 45 .9 Len Spiller Karen Sprague Natalie Squier Susan Squires Michael Stanley Troy Staten Jolene Stevens John Stevenson Michael Stewart Stephanie Stewart Robin Stineback Sharon Strain Robert Strong Jolynn Stulce Patrick Stults Kathy Sullivan Lisa Sullivan Debbie Sussex Carolyn Sutter Darrell Swank Tammy Tabor Ellen Taylor Lee Taylor Thad Terrin Marla Terry John Theisen Bryan Thomas Cynthia Thomas Teresa Thomas Jim Thompson David Thorpe Bill Thorsby Jacque Tieman Matthew Tiffany Steven Timm Jack Tinsley John Tinsley Judy Tipsword Laura Torrejos Beverly Tress Barbara Tress Janine Troan Steve Tucker Thomas Tucker Richard Turkiewic Karen Tyrrell Cindy Uhland Donna Ullery Donna Urey Vivian Venckus Timothy Vollette Rita Voss Ronnie Wahlers Glen Walker Mark Walker Sharon Walker Stephanie Walker Johnny Warren Cheryl Watts William Weaver Buddy Wehde Marrianne Wekow Marie Wells Z e ., 1 ,g r 1 Xa f xx V In ! l ,. 1 yi 4. I S si' Ward E V -. 4 ' 9 I '19 ,gyl A taris . .-,.. , J ., 1 vi ' , " I 3 ,Q ffl 'VC L V , . . yn 'aiu , M ,jj Q L. , , , max: y uf' 1 gig any y 'la 'A t J ' J ' ' I J if nl' ,. J Ji 4 g. Mn RQ. 2 V V,,,,,,,, . rj . l x 0 H f f . ' '1 I , .J 4 . M- I ' 9 t l. L, :QR ' I? ' ' x T r 4' A152 ' - Q . .V QV , fi 'Q -W ' x X .,-, - in , gr 45 L . ' a n . .. ,QW V . 'vi Y ' Q A al T V, Q f k.,,, f 1 fr' l rf , 90,1 it x x, , v3, , Q 2 5 55's ., 2 . QQ f ii A lg Q. ,Y I lv in' xanga ,hi i i 'F W va f .. .... ,., ev . X N.-Y Q I . 'Q A ,rf .2 l X fi fxfj' I f , 1 E - . K . K f K t ul I 5 x 1 ,gs L l rl' 'ef' tl ta 'A Y- I f ll, F -. .17 ' ' .ff-ri: ra'- aw. 1-12 23 . ii 1 W fy, Ti 9- , -1 L , .. A, , w v .f", i-....,..- B yn at Q. ' -4 +5 . L A .fe T fe K , ..... J J ,J ,AQ A , 1 f Az 1 , r-1 Q if f J tr Q, ie ,. ' , fi uf 'X og X tg it '55 v r' Wk XX 1 mf N l ln, - gf, Shawn Wheaton J 'r 5' I 'f 'V NM 1 l it mi fy a 1 M ik K M a if if Nt? JJ, ir r gp Guest speaker helps students learn SW' i'1'srrlf't'rtwm ' Guest speaker speaks to the freshman math classes on "Ap prenticeship of tradesn. 1.5 1- W ' f ' Martin White i Q, K Mi K Bill Whitney 1.1 V , X... .W ,ge I on 1 5 pigs ,L E f A I in ' '- ", ' 1 ' L K lf J. v 7 ll' . , ,rf e 1 F , J W : Wk' ?'l'Pr2l'i fl I 3: :Q 333 L 16 QE -A 'vb 5 - If , . ' fi ' L 9-ff? .Q , , wt kv V lei, er QW .. W5 L: I Kr' L fb fi 5 M, is A fzg i my !!: 'i , at '.:'!"??PbPEf,'J r 'l ' .1 Q F .f Q J y J, A . ' ' 1 " f Q. M' " f Q gf! X - M , iei i 1 J J ' s Q . e if -, f X 1 fi be . fe l V f. . y 5' 33 I 'Tipp ima. . iififffa - Q ' ...J ,. Y W Q as T sg, . L , .A ml' 5 4 Nl, 3, 1 :qs X V g2?:vi i,, KM F . V '..5 ' 1' I S . n iisifill N, 1 Xia: A Dwayne Wilhite Jeff Wilhite Michelle Wilkins Scott Williams Deena Willis Greg Wilson Lori Wilson Mark Wilson Rhonda Wilson Robert Wilson Gary Wingrove Timothy Winkler Tracy Winter Jacqueline Woelfel Jeff Woldt Linda Womack Joseph Wood Bradley Woods Kelly Woodward Mark Wright Chris Wylie Marianne Yeager Dennis Yinger Pamela Yoder Rhonda York Jami Young Steve Yazuik Bryan Zahariades James Zanzot Dave Zimmerman Kristen Zumwalt John Zydel FELLOWSHIP Freedom includes the special privi- lege of self-eX- pression. . . . Joan Thum In our society, there is a great emphasis on being ourselves. This is true in this country much more so than in any other country. This is true because in this country our freedom includes the special privilege of self-expression. In school we are allowed to express ourselves beyond our academic ability, through special interest clubs. In these clubs we not only are allowed to express our opinions and special abilities and interests, but we also haue the opportunities of fellowship. We have the chance to be with people we enjoy doing things we like and expressing ourselves freely. This is true fellowship. A i fx, IT X Elle f Q31 X. 257 if . is fi I X4 , ,. X 4 S pg wi, J, A , TX! I I l XX 551 X " X T QT?-irl I J' f I , 'ij X 'lgfilfl FI! 8,17 xi,'Q3.f r it ,--fikv x ill 'fi i . ' IX A ,. . va . ll 1 22 if 1 Chip Zeeb fPresident of Student fChief Justicel. 4 Mr. Ronald Shone Bodyl. 2 Cheryl Kilduff fVice- CStudent Body Sponsorl. 5 Carrie Presidentl. 3 Lark lVIcNaughton Olson Vllreasurerl. 6 Carrie Stopek 5 QQ fl- if I' jk- "AHRE Jil 1 .. 31 fqtm vi, fSecretaryl. 7 Mr. Jim Jeffries iStu- dent Body Sponsorl. 5 1 1 3 2 fi -5 vi K Y! 1 SYMPHONIC BAND PART 1 FIRST ROW Bill Lange, Bill Allen, Larry Barker, David Clark, and Tim Plummer. SECOND ROW Cindy Miller, Lynda Swensen, Linda Stone, Marcia Barker, Val Barker, and Becky Rivera. THIRD ROW Cathy Ellis, Kelley Archer, Sharon Tieman, Sabra Ehrhart, and Diana Sutter. 2 SYMPHONIC BAND PART 2 FIRST ROW Judi Book, Lark m .Q , ,Ai McNaughton, Carolyn Sutter, Craig Acker- man, Diane Powell, Michele Kennedy, and Ginger Neel. SECOND ROW Kathy Tveit, Chris Smith, Vicki Meeks, Kim Cotter, Sally Baab, and Cherly Scott. 3 SYMPHONIC BAND PART 3 FIRST ROW Robin Woldt, Jackie Voelfel, Cathy McBride, Cindy Goetz, Laura Longfield, and Diane Shultz. SECOND ROW Tom Christy, Jon Gerstner, Tom Hasse, Jeff Cullinan, Mike Bailey, Matt Milldebrandt, Brian Tucek, and Bob Huston. 4 SYMPHONIC BAND PART 4 FIRST ROW Jim Wilke, Karl Kauffman, John Shelley, Teresa Ray, Howard McBride, Frank Mysliwiec, and Luke Jeziorski. SECOND ROW Greg Smith, Steve Harness, Bill Schneider, Leon Adams, Brent Woods, Chip Zeeb, and Tony Spisak. Band performs Bicentennial music 6 Music department forms new band 1 SYMPHONIC BAND PART 5 FIRST ROW Tom Thornhill, Julie Milham, Clay Bloomquist, Robbie Jackson, Steve Holland, Chris Yatsak and Page Dillehunt. SECOND ROW Jennifer Kirley, Phil Haggard, Larry Callaway, George Clark, Brian Clark, and Matt Birch. 2 STAGE BAND FIRST ROW Laura Longfield, Brent Woods, Chip Zeeb, Bill Schneider, Robin Woldt. SECOND ROW Mike Bailey, Diana Sutter, Tom Thornhill, Sabra Ehrhart, Robbie Jackson, Mark Trebitowski and Brian Tucek. THIRD ROW Jeff Cullinan, Kathy Tveit, John Shelley, Frank Mysliwiec and Matt Mildebrandt. 3 INTERMEDIATE BAND FIRST ROW Cathy Palermo, Michelle Wilkins, Mike Magras, Randy England, and Debbie Londen. SECOND ROW Charlene Jones, Myra Nybakken, June Gower, Cindy Thomas, and Kris Lowell. THIRD ROW Lori Barker, Donna Urey, Mark Mitchell, Kathy Honahni, Kathy Baker, Gregg Lentz, Lee Taylor, and Vernon Creamer. FOURTH ROW Phil Haggard, Mike Stewart, Larry Rider, Linda Stone, John Nichols, Gary Cooper, and David Bahr. 4 CONCERT BAND FIRST ROW Caroline Eckstadt, Sandy Honahni, Donna Siegert, Cheryl Gun- ty, Karen Recker, Kim Barker, Cathy Lancendorfer, Jennifer Roberts, Jill Harrington, and Anne Hayden. SECOND ROW Connie Gerkin, Dennis Yinger, Tom Weller, Judi Book, Diann Kuznitz, Cindy Lentz, Mark Siegert, Jimmy Drakos, Bev Polley. THIRD ROW Heidi Holtorf, Carol Bitler, Laura Sapp, Scott Kleist, Cindie Henningsen, Mark Trebitowski, Cindy Cun- ningham, Paul Fisch, and Geoff Waltz. FOURTH ROW Eric Ziegler, Lance Schall, James Yaple, Wendy Crosby, Alan Wessel, Frank Mysliwiec, Dan Deboer, Mike Kelley, Darrell Swank, Fred Mueller, and Brent Teselle. ,am , ' ,Q ,-4 K? - uf 6 A ff' Y F23 ,.I' 1 Student Council hosts convention. 1 LEADERSHIP CLASS FIRST ROW John Allan, Chip Zeeb, Kathy Lay, Kathy Hill, Carrie Olsen, Mark Siegert, Diana Bower- man and Lark McNaughton. SECOND ROW Sabra Eahrhart, C.P. Dillehunt, Nick Taylor, Bruce Liebert, Darlene Dill, Ruth Ackerman and John Clark. THIRD ROW Corey Turner, Carrie Stopek, Mary Cook, Mike Flood, Lisa Lawrence, Jeff Theisen and Kim Tanner 2 NEWSPAPER COMMITTEE Sabra Ehrhart, Kathy Lay, Nick Taylor, John Allan and Chip Zeeb. ov' 'K W' , 5551! I f 1 MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY COMMITTEE FIRST ROW Diana Bower- man, Kim Tanner, Mary Cook and Mark Siegart. SECOND ROW Darlene Dill, C. P. Dillehunt, -Ieff Theisen, Lisa Lawrence, John Clark and Ruth Ackerman. 2 CONSTITUTION COMMITTEE Sabra Ehrharl, Kathy Lay, -lnhn Allan, Lark McNaughtnn, C-hip Zeeh and Carrie Stopek. S Q 'iii 'il Ski club prepares for overnight sunrise trip S wk 0 1 SKI CLUB FIRST ROW Kent Lay, Robby Jackson, Joel Ressler, David Pusateri, Kim Peters, Lisa Lawrence, Jan Roelke, Cheryl Scott, Carrie Olson. SECOND ROW Carrie Darcy, Pam Peterson, Caroline Eckstadt, Ann Hayden, Cindy Henningsen, Michelle Rosinski, Peggy Moran, Honey Sullivan, Mary Cook, Julie Parke, and Penny Woodward. THIRD ROW Pat McGrath, Kevin Scott, Tom Thorsby, Pat Stults, Chuck Stewart, Tom Weller, Tina Womouth, James Getz, Kerri Lester, Vicki Ewing, and Anna Cook. FOURTH ROW Heather Craig, Joyce Graf, Lynn Halawith, Alan Wessel, Mark Erwin, Tom Roehlke, Rob Vaughn, Teri Travers, Mike Lard, and Debbie Kirkland. FIFTH ROW Guy Downer, Neil Vaughn, Philip Stults, Monica Fredenberg, Melissa Brown, Leslie Parke, Shelly Sporleder, Mike Olas, and Gary Bacon. SIXTH ROW Chip Zeeb, Kim Altemus, Lori Clark, Mr. Maison, Cary Riter, Pete Pusateri, Cole Erickson, Brett Shepard, Gene Smith, and Frank Mysliwiec. 2 TRI W FIRST ROW Judy Sharp, Jacque Tieman, Kelly Curtis, Pam Clark, Mike Sokol, Judy Clark, Tammy Clark, and Lori Bladon. SECOND ROW Lisa Joslyn, Kathy Tviet, Joyce Graff, Lynn Halawith, Lark McNaughton fpres.J Laura Longfield, Becky Rivera, Chris Smith, Sharon Tieman, Susan Powell, and Linda Stapleton. Q.. 1 1 HORSEMENS CLUB FIRST ROW Heidi Shelling, Janet Christmas, Dolly 2 STUDENT UNION FIRST ROW Mike Keller. SECOND Breedlove, and Pam Raymond. ROW Jim Yaple, Jeff Wendorf, Jon Lord, and Loren Schall. Backpackers plan for Weekend hikes 3 BACK PACK CLUB FIRST ROW Dan Debore, George Rodek, Mike Bacon. Randy Faith, Pat Flanagan, and Sandy Nail. SECOND ROW Steve Phelps, Jack Zimmer, Bill Thorsby, Lester Ordway, Joe Weller, -lim Saunders, Maureen Dowell, Mark Siegert, and Robin Melville. 3 'va kids 511.1- Clubs assist with athletic programs 1 MAT MAIDS FIRST ROW Debbie Moore, Connie Minsky, Sue Tress, Lisa Ward and Tina Schimmels. SECOND ROW Carrie Morgo, Kelly Schurtz, Bev Tress, Pam Crum, Karen Tyrrell and Val Barker. THIRD ROW Lynn Lott, Margaret Blood, Barb Tress, Teddi Deming, Kerri Chambers, Nan Bowdish and Kristen Zumwalt. 2 BASEBUNNIES FIRST ROW Jenny Kirley, Jamie Young, Tricia Larrabee, Terri Lowe, Kitty Fauwels, Amy Lass, Carole Jennings, Tina Schimmels, Kathy O'Keeffe and Jill Jones. SECOND ROW Janet Dioyda, Linda Short, Ronnie Puglise, Brenda Puice, Sherri Puglise, Anne Hayden, Gayle Smith, l Marianne Yeager, Kathy Sullivan, and V. V. Lees. THIRD ROW Mrs. Sherri Butout, ad- visor, Terri Pogue, Vicki Schroyer, Laura Grapshi, Teresa Owen, Lisa Joslyn, Jackie Woelfel, Charlene Jones, Ann Heideman, Lisa Baldwin, Kay Richmond and Mrs. Darlene Fritsche, advisor, 2 I V 1 NURSES OFFICE STAFF FIRST ROW Kim Raymond. SECOND ROW Janet Kuefner and Lucille Yazzie. THIRD ROW Lisa Poole, Karey Fitzgerald, and Lisa Lowe. 2 MEDIA CENTER STAFF FIRST ROW Chuck Bell, John Drake, Jon Lord, and Jerry Butler. SECOND ROW Joey Pergola, Tawnee Abbe, Anne Sullivan, Cindy Butler and Ellen Fleming. Students volunteer to contribute their skills f""'N 1 BOOKSTORE STAFF FIRST ROW Pat- ty Boesch, Tammy Miller, and Laura Latimer. SECOND ROW Dave Bennallack and Tony Spisak. 2 ATTENDANCE STAFF FIRST ROW Cheryl Knudtson, Lori Vinyard, Susan Deri, Melody Milliron, and Janet George. SECOND ROW Rodney McDaniel. THIRD ROW: Jeri Gabhart, Lisa Lawrence, Bennie Hobson, Paula King, Kathy Chandler, Louise LaBranche, Lori DePinto, and Margaret Smith. FOURTH ROW Steve Birch and Mike Beck. Y 2 Joan Dixon Roxanne Falk Vicki Gray Lisa Marchal Karen Orchard Rene Erwin Naomi Halitzka Penny Houben Pam Peterson Jodi Rall A A , Leigh Roepke Paige Roepke X if 3 I if '1 rf f P 4 Q ,V '35 '34 f 'vi' ?. A an M X lk H i f' Cheer squad improves school spirit CHEER FIRST ROW: Roxanne Falk and Pam Peterson. SECOND ROW: Paige Roepke and Karen Orchard. THIRD ROW: Lisa Marchal and Jodi Rall. FOURTH ROW: Joan Dixon, Naomi Halitzka, Leigh Roepke, Rene Erwin, Penny Houben and Vicki Gray. 1 1 Cheer squad earns Kachina Award The THS cheerleaders won the Kachina Award at Cheer Camp. This is the highest award possibleg it is for all-around school. They also won the "Spark Plug" for the school best-liked by all. l VARSITY CHEERLEADERS FIRST ROW Paige Roepke, Pam Peterson, Penny Houben and Jodi Rall. SECOND ROW Leigh Roepke and Rene Erwin. THIRD ROW Naomi Halitzka. 2 JV and VARSITY CHEER- LEADERS FIRST ROW Rox- anne Falk, Karen Orchard, Joan Dickson, Leigh Roepke, Vicky Grey and Paige Roepke. SECOND ROW Rene Erwin, Naomi Halitzka, Pam Peterson and Jodi Rall. THIRD ROW Penny Houben and Lisa Marchal. 2 COE sells cand for sprlng banquet 1 - 1 COE FIRST ROW Judy Rafidi, Kathy Hill, Jan Harrington, Dee Parker, Tammy Miller. SECOND ROW Mrs. Arneida Miller, ad- visor, Susan Lange, Anna Martinez, Carol Ockenfels, Beth Reinhart and Debbie Bowers. THIRD ROW Patti Mitchell, Delisa Jones, Roxanne McDavitt, Debbie Pursell and Patti Damiano. 2 VICA FIRST ROW Ruth Clark and Jim Pelton SECOND ROW Tom Visconti and Gail Branch THIRD ROW Gene Cecil, Dette Shaw, Connie Hermanson, Bill Flesner and Allan Fultz FOURTHROW Lisa Poole, Patti Smith, Brad Hicks, Wayne Tinnon, Frank Palermo and Mr. Dean Price, advisor aww. DECA sells buttons to raise money for trips I l DECA FIRST ROW .loe McDonald, Bill Chase, Chuck O'Bryan, Darlene Dill, Ruth Arkerman. Gina Thacker, Kathy Lay, Kelly Coryell. Tom Burkhart, Cheryl Kilduff and Robert Rosinski SECOND ROW Cathy Midkiff. Ed Beall, Susanna Koenig, Gary Ivan. Randy Slenquist, Marylou Hammond, Judy Ball, Mrs. Shirlene Bruce, advisor, Judy Shaw, Stuart Davis, Shelli Harris, Judy Collins. Larry Bonebrake, Eugene I-Iasse, Scott Buzan and Charlie Keenan. 2 FBLA FIRST ROW Mrs. Diana Sweet, Debbie Missineio, Treasa Birchett, Linda Green, Tami Parks, Jean Kestner, Monica Broyles, John Warren and Liz Cannon SECOND ROW Mrs. Tana Sherwood, advisor, Diane Bowers, Sharon Worthen, Debbie Trudeau, Peggy Becker, Nena Hawkins, Anne Kelley, Carolyn Ball, Irene Burkhart, and Beth Jor- dan. Pom line supports the Spirit of 76 The THS pom line contributed many things to the school this year, especially during Pow Wow Week and Homecoming. Their sponsor, Mrs. Debra Johnson, was ill all that week, but the pom girls did an out- standing job preparing for Homecoming on their own. They also, want to thank the cheerleaders, War Party, and the senior class. l FIRST ROW Julie Blasdell, Joan Friedl, Eileen Weisman and Sue Jones. SECOND ROW Donna Goodby, Joannie Hill and Kathy Butler. THIRD ROW Tammy Montgomery and Janice Florez. 2 Special acknowledgement goes to our senior pom girls, Tammy Montgomery, Kathy Butler, Janice Florez and Sue Jones. The Aeroettes put on a clinic for the Washington Elementary School District this year to help raise money for their sweatsuits. The clinic was very successful, as about 350 interested school girls attended. 1 FIRST ROW Karen Ellison and Bonnie Dahl. SECOND ROW Alisa Kearns, Denise Moody, and Karen Smith. THIRD ROW Lori Scola, Kelly Moore, Kim Preach, and Barbie Christofanelli. 2 FIRST ROW Laurie Barr, Ruth Rafidi, Lynn Latimer, and Shaun Hasse. SECOND ROW Leanne Barr, Judy Monahan, Sylvia Back, Danelle Cooley, Debbie Vineyard, Cindy Lentz, Rhonda York, and Heather Craig. THIRD ROW Karen Smith, Kim Preach, Alisa Kearns, Bonnie Dahl, Karen Ellison, Lori Scola, Denise Moody, Barb Christofanelli, and Kelly Moore. Aeroettes hold clinic for junior high 1.4, , lib. - l ADVANCED GIRLS: FIRST ROW Chris Crawford, Mary Colby, Bev Busch, Debbie Shulda, Carol Bell Marcia Barker, Donna O'Con- nor, Pam Frazier, and Lisa Leitz. SECOND ROW Bev Polley, Sue Herrington, Kay Richmond, Vicki Allison, Cheryl Brogan, Cindy Bragaw, Lydia Magee, Michelle Dedonatis, and Brandy Watson. THIRD ROW Cheryl Brubaker, Kim Montgomery, Wendi Gillespie, Sheryl Graham, Susan York, Shaun Hasse, and Kristi Green. FOURTH ROW Brenda Stanley, Marie Wald, Stephanie Brown, Vickie Ralph, Debbie Kirkland, Valerie Marsh, Gail Holstin, Laurie Shagena, and Lorna Steyerman. GIRLS ENSEMBLE: Val Marsh, Nelissa Fuller, Shelly Becker, Cheryl Eacock, Diana Sutter, Kathy Tveit, Becky Rivera and Linda Stapleton. 4 Chorus prepares for wlnter show BEGINNING GIRLS FIRST ROW Vanessa Austin, Jolynn Stulce, Susie Hannasch, Kathy McNally, Annette Newman, Ellen Taylor, Bonnie Reynolds, Veronica Austin, and Lisa Joslyn. SECOND ROW Jean Sloan, Robin Levine, Toni Bears, Kit Fuller, Memory Olsen, Jacque Freman, Jeanna Gray, Debbie Londen, and Shirley Dean. THIRD ROW Kathy O'Keeffe, Cheryl Hudson, Deena Willis, Janine Troan, Mary Reavis, Elisabeth Mandile, Darla Michael, and Valerie Marsh. MEN'S CHORUS FIRST ROW Robert Wilson, Herb Knochel, Mike Bacon, Frank Flores, and Rodney McDaniel. SECOND ROW Steve Ellis, Ed Gains, Bob Kemp, Eric Huebsch, Roy Semerdjian, and Faron Long. THIRD ROW Doug Veldhuis, Paul Smith, Roger Van Leeuwen, Tom Kiehl, and Bill Walp. .VJ 3,- Q QW' n ' - f , :K x ,lil ' . W? A . ' A' - . ' an Q , V . J I - - as , 1 tri:-,J - 2 ' l 'L r.Q -'r"- 3' ' N, . -, 4 , time e,...r A , Chorus goes to Westside Invitational l CONCERT CHOIR FIRST I Row Karen Barker, Kathy Keuey, 2 Janet Kosty, Cheri Bevolo, Bill Walp, Kim Cotter, Cindy Kosty, Gary Bacon, Chris Smith, Jan Roehlke, David Bennallack, Deb- bie McCoy, Pam Mandile and Laurie McGilvray. SECOND ROW Diane Williamson, Doug Veldhuis, Linda Willyard and Mike Sokol. THIRD ROW Mary Lou Hammond, Lisa Bailey, Dave Francis, Kerri Lester, Andy Ferguson, Cheryl Eacock, Janie Foster, Rick Nunley and Teri Travers. FOURTH ROW Susan Powell, Jeff Beavers, Nelissa Fuller, Tony Jones, Larry Barker, Debbie Williams and Julie Miller. FIFTH ROW Roy Semerdjian, Dan Londen, Ed Braaten, Kari Newcomb and Alan Bond. 2 MIXED ENSEMBLE FIRST ROW Sue Powell and 'l1?a:?fl'if'ffkQ' " -' 1311531-X 'bf' .' , "' ' " 3 .ff ,f - I. - ,'., ' ' -I C" I " ,. ,. ' Larry Barker. SECOND ROW ,gg-!?'?7' rf 3.42,--,354 ya 51, JA I Q., , A - . 'Mg ,fi ,- -, I.: ips: .xv we w 'wr - affg' - Pam Mandile, Dan Londen and ff l'g,, f- ,r-Q51--x.' "1"-fg ' y,ggf,p'ff,.s,illQi " 'R-1.,,,qu, 5.42 , . ' - - A 1-x.ff' vw f-ff' Clndy Kosty. A'l:e?"l,Q" Q, - g,,.j:"'ff:,lF?i" Y E 'A ll Y IWW :VA ' . . . , 1:3-3. ,L fl-ff .A , M fgv'-gzivgy, . , f 'V f ' ' fe' Laurie MCGUVYHY and Mike . ., uf ' .I -51 V ,':fg,1f,:.1'3gZf'-Liffsmuf Sokol. M5115 ' 3553-13---feng. as E if War Party wins first 7 O place for unique float 'Hill i 4 l WAR PARTY COUNCIL FIRST ROW Becki Wettlaufer- tHistorianJ, Lisa Pool- tRecor- ding Secretaryi, Holly Grieser- tPresidentj, Cindy Delbrook- tVice-Presidentj and Linda Stapleton-tCorresponding Secre- taryb. SECOND ROW Mary Friedl, Vicki Hansen and Cheryl Eacock. THIRD ROW Rita Voss, Susan York, Betsy Bosse and Benita Guderjohn FOURTH ROW Michelle Geske, Kristen Zumwalt, Annette Voss, Ruth Raiidi and Sue Jones. NOT PIC- TURED Penny Houben, Debbie Moore and Wendi Gillespie. War Party started a new ac- tivity this year, along with their an- nual candy sale, dance, and rooter bus ticket sales, they made scrap- books on each ofthe Varsity players. They also took first place with their float of the Boston Tea Party. ar party supports athletic spirit n -W A I 9 B r - r B re 'Q ' in if 4 2 77 ". I L-E-.fl 2 138 1 FIRST ROW Kristen Zumwalt, Lisa Leitz, Michelle Geske, Rita Voss, Becki Wettlaufer, Andrea Kovaks, Linda Stapleton, Lisa Poole, Cindy Delbrook, and Holly Grieser. SECOND ROW Julie Milham, Suzanne Jar- man, Ruth Rafidi, Vicki Hansen, Julie Hynes, Penny Houben, Gail Hovis, Avvette Voss, Margaret Blood, Cheryl Eacock, and Betsy Basso, THIRD ROW Margaret Keenan,,Kim Peters, Naomi Halitzka, Rene Erwin, Cheryl Gunty, Becky Rivera, Barb Tress, Carrie Margo, Bev Tress, and Roberta Magyar. FOURTH ROW Charlene Jones, Andrea Mangione, Laurie Ahrenburg, Karen Orchard, Jackie Hadorn, Sue Tress, Pam Peterson, Cheryl Kilduff, Jennifer Mack, Teddi Deming, Candy Uhland, and Melody Miliron. FIFTH ROW Sam Ulrich, Leanne Barr, Jodi Rall, Joan Dixon, Terri Keenan, Michelle Rosinski, Heather Craig, Connie Stevenson, Vicki Gray, Diane Powell, Julie Sykes, Leigh Roepke, and Lisa White, 2 WAR PARTY Works on bulletin board at each meeting to keep it up to date. Forensics plans trip to Santa Fe I FORENSIC CLUB FIRST ROW Lynda Swenson, Marei Goodman, Randi Hedin and Gigi Gordell. SECOND ROW Diane Monteser, Diane Wilson, Alvaro Gonzales, Eric Crane, Kerri Lester and Cindy Miller. THIRD ROW Gail Holstin, Shawn Wheaton, Chris Crawford, Kathy Butler, Mrs. Irene Clegg, advisor, Jim Kerwood, Roberta Magyar, Mike Stanley and Elisa Crawford. FOURTH ROW Kielan McCollum, Tony York, Mike Tilley, Dave Bennallack, Debi Steele and Mark Grether. 2 Forensic Club members relax between rounds at the ASU tournament. Staffers struggle to meet deadline 1 2 R2 Z y M. 3 fy, fr Jfffgik 5? 5 7 'T I ., -, W gf: ' 6, 55 .4 ' ' ' f A - L-2 fwfr, ' ff-fy n,,1..iw, 'i :Q -1-swag, 7.1, ,'g - in wise ir, fi .sf Q- we -iq?-a-v-.... -.Ik -,...,..,L..,..lw ug.. 1, iz E14 ,fa K ..,-gg.. g.fXfk.5m.-4 ' . ll-,g3,'-r.,,5," f"7.,Eg,,.,.'e- " Q-u.,,,,, 5 -4.4. -N--. V ,-- . , ,gcgwih , 1 NEWSPAPER STAFF FIRST ROW Advisor Jean Brernser, Jack Zimmer, Ginger Cecich, Jody Holcomb, Kim Abrecka, Lynn Smith, Micky Zito and Dave Moceri. SECOND ROW Keith Diggs, Connie Paul, Julie Barker, Becky Wettlaufer, Vicki Hansen, Tammy Schettler, Patti Damiano, Donna Smith, Lucille Yazzie and David Bennalack. THIRD ROW Richard Craine, Stuart Miller, Cin- dy Butler, Marty Voss, Nick Taylor, Brian Carlson, Alice Pennington and Laura Morgan. 2 Becky Wettlaufer plans the layout for a page in the War Chant. 1 YEARBOOK STAFF FIRST ROW Robin Bell and Sue Oremus. SECOND ROW Kim Tanner, Anna Cook, Connie Paul, Beth Reinhart and Nick Taylor. THIRD ROW Ginger Cecich, Christy Capps, Tom Lewis, Joan Thum, and Kathy Gessner. FOURTH ROW Dennis Shoup and Mike Williams. 2 Nick Taylor and Connie Paul work to meet December deadlines. Nick alphabetizes class photos, while Connie prepares mailing envelopes. I PHOTO CLUB FIRST ROW Peter Bjelopetrovich, Barbara Napier, Harry Chang, Tammy Cooper, Margaret Blood, Jeanne Grey, Brad Marchant, Ryan Haynes, Mike Kellar and Priscilla Robert. SECOND ROW Tom Lewis, Bill Rouse, Dale Garro, Kathy Briant, Walt Riorden, Chip Zeeb, Jim Partridge, Keith Diggs, Rick Steinke, Greg Aranowski, Laura Simpson and Jim Tryon. 2 PUBLICATIONS CLUB FIRST ROW Becky Wettlaufer, Beth Reinhart, Connie Paul, Cindy Butler and Vicky Hansen. SE- COND ROW Kathy Gessner, Dennis Shoup, Julie Barker, Dave Bennelack and Stuart Miller. THIRD ROW Jack Zimmer, Joan Thum, Marty Voss, Nick Taylor and Richard Crain. Publications club backs yearbook, newspaper 2 Honor Club has elegant 1n1t1at1on l NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY, PICTURE 1, FIRST ROW Cheryl Kilduff, Beth Reinhart, Elisa Crawford, Chris Crawford, Joni Freshman, Kari Newcomb, Kim Peters, Pam Peterson, Diane Montesor and Veronica Puglise. SECOND ROW Advisors: Mrs. Phyllis Lambeth, Mrs. Anita Heyn, Linda Swenson, Sabra Earhart, Diana Sutter, Kathy Tveit, John Shelley, Richard Howley, Jack Zimmer, Lynn Halawith, Bob Ledwon, Jim Kerwood and Eric Crane. PIC- TURE 2 FIRST ROW Chip Zeeb, Larry Barker, Jamie Stiak, B.J. Wengrowski, Laura Longfield, Lark McNaughton and Martha Broyles. SECOND ROW Julie Barker, Corey Turner, Lesley Parks, Cheryl Scott, Mary Yaney, Sharon Tieman, George Clark, Nick Taylor and Mrs. Kathy Brackney Head Advisor AA has slumber party after game GAA OFFICERS FIRST ROW Tracy Swerdfeger-QHistorianb, Sandy Peterson-QRecording Secretary, Vicki Hansen- QPresidentJ, Rene Erwin- CCorresponding Secretaryj, Kim Peters-QTreasurerb, and Jodi Rall-QPublicityJ. SECOND ROW Managers- Angela Picone, Cindy Delbrook, Sue Tress, Heather Craig, Leigh Roepke, Joan Friedl, and Jacki Hadorn. THIRD ROW Barbie Christofanelli, Diane Powell, Denise Moody, Ruth Rafidi, Leanne Barr and Paige Roepke. One of the biggest G.A.A. events of the year was the slumber party they had after the game on Oct. 2 in the gym. Over 200 members showed up to enjoy games, and have a pajarna and hairstyling contest. Every one contributed to the party by bringing lots of homemade cookies, candy, and hot dogs. 1 GAA FRESHMAN SPEED-A-WAY WINNERS FIRST ROW Suzanne Jarman and Carrie Atwood. SECOND ROW Jackie Wuelfel. THIRD ROW Barb Tress, Myrla Kinsley. Marcia Barker, Diana Peddle, Kim Fenchek and Lisa Baldwin. 2 GAA UPPERCLASS SPEED-A-WAY FIRST ROW Terry Keenan, Julie Sykes, Sam Ullrich and Becky Nelson. SECOND ROW Leigh Ropepke, Laurie Ahrenburg, Kelly Moore, Jennifer Mack and Michelle Rosinski 1 L, i X ,-., 4 : Lf in Y , ,iff I' if 'F EN .HIE ' 'V'Q " 46' A f I ' "5 FR 2,195 'ge . ' ' f 2 "-3 - f ' W '-QUIT I I . 3 I ' Iva le- "' 5 A I I I I W I I I I I I I H I' ,,'i"f 1 I ' 4 ll.. I , I .L any f A A ., ,,,, l k We rI,, jg? Q Q Q' I , , . MV N www V any V . rr., 5 Alar- 145 I GAA FOOTBALL FIRST ROW Vicki Hansen, Ruth Rafidi and Sue Tress. SECOND ROW Diane Powell, Becky Wettlaufer and Betsy Busso 2 GAA VOLLEYBALL WINNERS FIRST ROW Bev Tress, Kelly Woodward, Kathy Sullivan, Sandy Blood, and Shelene Brinson. SECOND ROW Tricia Hofferber, Kris Dod- son, Andrea Mangione, Rhonda Ferradino, Sharon Walker and Carol Bitler. Follies successful thanks to GAA Drama performs two plays at THS FT 1 DRAMA CLUB FIRST ROW Linda Green, Sharilyn Stanley, Suzanne Whisman, Marian Leon, Shelly Sporleder, Chris Crawford, and Gigi Gordell. SECOND ROW Alan Bond, Laurie Shagena, Anne Kelley, Tom Weller, Dave Prince, Jim Pierce, Tammy Austin, and Mike Stanley. THIRD ROW Mr. Ray Sargent, advisor, Rick Higgins, Tony York, Richard O'Keeffe, Dave Francis, Bryan Brazell, Kelly Sample, Alvaro Gonzalez, Bob Cunningham, and Mary Friedl. 2 SPANISH CLUB FIRST ROW Terry Leon, Karen Smith, and Marian Leon. SECOND ROW Mrs. Anita Heyn, advisor, Lynn Halawith, Heather Craig, Laurie Ahrenberg, David Hall, John Goodrich, Chuck Scheibel, Alex Jacome, Robin Reed, Suzanne Whisman, Sandy Lamonds, D. J. Wengrowski, Paul Emfinger. THIRD ROW Patty Arriaga, Joyce Graf, Joni Freshman, Joy Blanchard, Julie Stiak, Judi Betts, Gail Herrin, Beth Fisher, Ellen Morrow, Susie Newport, Betty Petro, Tim Rademaker, Willy Rademaker, Mr. Ralph Gaxiola, advisor, and Lisa Baldwin. FOURTH ROW Nick Taylor, David VanWolde, Alvaro Gonzalez, Carol Franke, Pam McGrath, Tammy Schettler, Lori Bladon, Patty McAllister, Joan Jogerst, Diana Betz, and Susan York. 2 , ,ew ,, , ..,. J 1 I KW Foreign languages sing at assembl 1 GERMAN CLUB FIRST ROW Alan Bond, Ken Deines, Chris Rior- dan, Bootsie Schimmels, and Juanita Jacobs. SECOND ROW Ed Braaten, Kathy Grunden, Mrs. Kathy Brackney, advisor, Miss Ellen Ladenburg, advisor, Randi Hedin Cpres.l, Linda Higgins, Gail Herrin Cv.p.J, Beth Fisher. 2 FRENCH CLUB FIRST ROW Randi Hedin Cpres.J, Bootsie Schimmels, Kristi Green, and Beverly Polley. SECOND ROW Andrea Bottoorff, Carmen Dorcey, Susan Dirr fv.p.J, Linda Higgins, Cindie Henningsen, Cindy Cun- ningham, Joey Pergola, Mrs. Kathy Brackney, advisor, Miss Ellen Ladenburg, advisor Key club sponsors dance for need 1 KEY CLUB FIRST ROW Tom Wellar, Ron Potter, Lane Darling, Mark Trebitowski, Mark Erwin, Scott Buzan, Lester Ordway, Alan Wessel, and David Totten. SECOND ROW Bob Ledwon, Jay Moniger, Mark Soyster, Bob Gilbert, Jim Kerwood, Charles Stuart, Jeff Theisen, Corey Turner, Paul Joseph, Mike Lard, Dale Garrow, Bill Holt, Terry McCoy, and Eric Geshke. THIRD ROW Marty Voss, John Younkin, Nick Taylor, Greg Voss, Chris Riordan, Eric Crane, Tom Rfohlke, and Kevin Woodward. 2 KEY CLUB OFFICERS FIRST ROW Chip Zeeb, Terry McCoy SECOND ROW John Shelly, Corey Turner and Jeff Theisen. 1 LETTERPERSONS FIRST ROW Cheri Bevolo, Ditti Rotolo, Cheryl Eacock, Jennifer Mack, -Iackie Mack and Vicki Gray. SECOND ROW Leanne Barr, D.J. Wengrowski, Terry Leon, Leigh Roepke, -lulie Sykes, Heather Craig, Judi Collins, Diane Powell and Rene Erwin. THIRD ROW Bruce Boucher, Sue Tress, Cheryl Kilduff, -loy Blanchard, Barbie Christofanelli, Denise Moody. Bonnie Dahl, Penny Houhen, Vicki Hansen, Pamela Peterson and Noel Boucher. FOURTH ROW Larry Kiper, Danny Napier, Chip Zeeb. Bob Gilbert, Tim Lass, Brian Mach, Rick Anfinson, Larry Francis, Tom Pettijohn, Woody Back, Dave Agnello and Dave Francis. 2 SPIKETTES FIRST ROW Sharon Worthen, Sharilyn Stanley, Lori Bladon. Carol Colby, Rhonda Wilson, Myrla Kinsley. Maureen Sarner and Lorraine Leon. SECOND ROW Sandy Sadler, Andrea Mangione, Karen O'Connell, Kelly Perdue, Terry Leon, Ronnie Puglise and Brenda Pierce THIRD ROW Sandy Honahni, Lori Fitzgerald, Lori Smyser and Carrie Atwood. Two honor ar clubs combine as one -ffm is 1 i 'Q il ' 3 . .- ,sum Kg Z, 1 QP' Learning and gaining know- ledge is one of the obligations of free- dom -Connie Paul Freedom allows many privileges and opportunities, but along with these come duties and obligations that we must meet in order to main- tain our freedom. One of the basic obligations is to learn and gain knowledge, for this is vital to a democracy. Uneducated people fall prey to dictatorships and oppressive governments. Our massive public school system is designed to eliminate this threat, but schools can only offer the information. It is up to us, as students, to absorb and use this knowledge. This is our first step to true freedom. 15373233254 454 Ei x I I Q 141 School Board discusses problems 1 Dr. William Jones listens atten- tively at a district administrative meeting on Independence High School. 2 Mr. Gordon Wagner, Mr. Richard D. Stapley, Dr. Arthur N. Lindberg, Rev. Dr. Everett Luther and Mrs. Anne Schultz, members of Glendale Union High District School Board. 2 1 T.H.S. principal ends second year ,Q . ,O 4 4 ,v 0' 4 it 1,4 46 mage yi sf' vr+".S .:N'Q35 I 4 453g nigga' Dr. Ardeth P. Cropper has been principal of Thunderbird High School for two years, she was previously assistant principal at Moon Valley High School for one year, and principal of Wilcox Junior A '40 High School for two years. She also taught several subjects. Dr. Cropper has her Doctorate in education. She has a twelve year old son named David. Administrators confer with students Mr. Stan Edelman Mr. Ron Sipus Mr. Dennis Welsh dministrators confer with students Mr. Ron Sipus, the Assistant Principal for Student Activities, has been a member of the Thunderbird staff for two years. He had previously taught English, Biology, and Health. He has a Masters Degree in Health. Mr. Sipus is married and has two childreng Kimberly, age 7, and Heather, age 5. Dr. Dennis Welsh, Dean of Students, recently received his doc- torate in higher and adult educa- tion, which gives him the education needed to become an administrator at the University level. This is Dr. Welsh's second year at Thunderbird High School. He taught mathema- tics at Moon Valley before coming to Thunderbird. He is married and has three children, Greg, age 11, Scott, age 7, and Julie, age 6. As Dean of Students, Dr. Welsh is in- volved in the dropout recovery program and Night School. He is also the sponsor of Key Club. Mr. Stan Edelman, assistant principal for student services, has been at THS since it first opened. He received both his degrees at Arizona State University. Before he came to THS he taught at Prescott for 14 years. He is married and has 4 children. Dr. Dennis Welsh encourages a stu- dent to apply himself in class. 'C e i"'f 'Q 1: I 'r Q f l Mrs. Maxine Daly Mr. Dave Doerrer , Q '56, V Qt.. .W g Mr. Larry Henderson Ms. Sharon Legge 5 .Q V, .- . Jam fx Qual, Mr. Tod Prouty Mr. Al Wolfe Career Center adds to counsellng This year the counselor's offices have been moved to a new room and they have added a Career Center where students can look through files, folders, pamphlets, and even films to find the career that best suits them. After the career has been chosen, there are files iden- tifying the requirements for entering that particular career. Mr. Prouty, who previously taught Anthropolo- gy, took over the duties of Mrs. Maria Hoffman, after she acquired a job at Tumbleweed, a half-way house for runaways. 1. Mrs. Lois Hussey, Career Center coordinator, talks to Steve Ledwon about job opportunities. 2. Mr. Tod Prouty raps with Guy Downer about different colleges and careers. efflclency 2 l7"'9.1?l'1 Language Arts Mrs. Mabel Anderson English 1-2 Mrs. Jean Bremser Mrs. Irene Clegg Mrs. Chryss Ms. Susan Elkins Journalism Speech Danielek English 1-2 English 3-4 Mr. John Geames Mr. Mike Gessner Mr. James Jeffries English 3-4 Mrs. Phyllis Lambeth English 3-4 Mrs. Jan Korte Miss Ellen Ladenburg English 5-6 English 1-2 English 1-2 Comm. and Career , L5 ' V Q. .-' i QQ j A . I . . Q Y SSW. K my any X 4. .af rg, . . - -.,,.- . . N . 1, sg 14 me A MR .Q . Mrs. Jan Rowe Mr. Ray Sargent Mrs. Jackie Mrs. Sarah Talich English 5-6 Drama Schonaerts Rem. Reading English 3-4 Mrs. Julia Willis Mrs. Noreen Mr. Eli Wucinich English 5-6 Wingham Dev. Reading Comm. And Careers This year all freshman and sophomore English students took a criterion reference grammar test required by the district. The test results helped teachers know what to concentrate on during the year. The freshmen read several novels and explored the various course offerings at THS. The sophomores enjoyed various guest speakers dur- ing their unit on careers. The junior English classes again celebrated "Greek Weekn in which they ended a mythology unit by portraying Greek gods. Mrs. Julie Willis replaced Ms. Debbie Johnson when she left the staff just before Christ- mas this year. The newest course, Communications and Careers, focused on communicating ideas to others verbally and through other methods, such as body language. 1 Mrs. Jean Bremser helps Tammy Cooper with one of her newspaper layouts in beginning Journalism class. 2 Mrs. Julia Willis helps some of her junior students while study- ing Shakespeare. 3 Foreign ex- change student Horst Klammer talks about his country, Germany to l Mrs. Clegg's advanced speech class. 1 Yi T AY 4 F s b to U aff, f Language Arts copes with new tests D f Business Education X is S 1gj1-ffftfq Mr. -lay Arnote Mrs. Shirlene Mrs Sheri Butout Typing Bruce Office Practice D.E. and DECA Mrs. Artie Miller Mr. Steve Mrs. Tana Mrs Diane Sweet CCF. Ogborne Sherwood Gen Business Business Machines Typing The Business Department has started a new clubg FBLA, Future Business Leaders of America. In early February, FBLA attended a conference at Phoenix Union High School, at which they competed with other schools in such areas as shorthand and typing. They also had discussions on money-raising activities and ways to spark interest in the club in order to obtain new members. Both C.O.E. and D.E. held an employee-employer banquet in the spring. In February, the old C.O.E. girls kidnapped the New C.O.E. girls and took them to breakfast. ln C.O.E. and D.E., students work for one-half day, and go to school for the other half. In ad- dition to pay, they get two credits for the course. 1 Judy Clark types up her latest assignment. 2 Chris Crawford learns proper usage of an adding machine. 3 Business machines student uses an adding machine to do his classwork. 4 A typing student learns to keep her eyes off the keyboard. :. , WH, ,fa Q 9-iv 'Q .. fffr 4 z . - ?- , ,, f . V . Q ,F W 3 T .-... W 1 Vs, 1, W I V "sm I Social Studies Mr. Morris Bailey Mrs. Marilyn Mr. Ron Dickson Mrs. Nancy Dodd Arizona History Davidson Arizona History Man In Society World Geography Mr. Mike Mr. Al Gonzales Mrs. Holly Mr. Bob Heaps Dougherty U.S. History Hasenbuler U.S. History World History Special Education Mr. Jerry Heck Mr. Scott Johnson Mr. Kelly Purdy Mr. Jim Relph Arizona History Special Education U.S. Government U.S. History Qi ' Y ':', if Mr. Carl Riney Mr. Ron Shone Mr. Darryl Stacy Mr. Steve Sue Psychology U.S. Government U.S.Government Anthropology I 1 Senior Jeff Grahmn heads a com- mittee during a Mock Congressional session. 2 Joe Weller and Bob Gilbert write a bill for government class. 3 Mr. Ron Dickson helps stu- dent to understand Manifest Destiny in Arizona History. 4 Mr. Kelly Purdy's third hour Free Enterprize class gives attention while reviewing for a test on Supply and Demand. Social Studies program offers Arizona Histor This year a new one-semester course in Arizona Government has been added to the Social Studies section. This is a required course for graduation. Seniors in U.S. Govern- ment and Economics assumed the responsibilities of U.S. Senators in the Mock Senate which took place in November. The "Senior Senate" voted and debated on bills and propositions, just as a regular senate does. Juniors in U.S. History went on a field trip to see the Freedom Train, in honor of the Bicentennial. Also, the Juniors put on the play, "1776" for other U.S. History classes, and video-taped parts of it for Open House. X v,5:5,aSp . , Home Economics TZ' 1 .- '5fgga' , : , Gif J, W qx Mrs. Marilyn Alt Mrs. Janet Howard Child Dev.!Bach. Family Living Survival 1 4' ' ' ' . . Mrs. Joanne Micheal Home Ec.1-2, 3-4 Foreign Language , .,.k iq....,,s , -5 :,. L ' N '-M ----:: f- Qi f' ii" ' ""' .. fi Vrr,, Mrs. Kathryn Mr. Ralph Gaxiola Brackney Spanish German-French ig . Mrs. Anita Heyn Mr. Manny Rivero Spanish Spanish Students learn to care for children . ,,,, , . 1... ..,,vM.1- My -- .Q . - as .gran . M nnnnn nL ii X, The Home Economics Depart- ment prepared students for adult life through simulated societies, field trips to model homes and stores, sewing, cooking, and caring for children. Senior Tamara Hohn won the Betty Crocker "Search for Leadership Award" from our school, and will be presented the "Family Leader of Tomorrow Awardv from Thunderbird at the graduation awards ceremony. ln Foreign Language classes, students learned to communicate in four different classes. 1 Nancy Abbott officiates with onions while friend Zelda Frehm looks on. 2 Nina Garigali, child development student, sits with Martin Gaxiola during playschool. 3 Mr. Ron Parra, U.S. Immigration Service Investigator, talks to Spanish classes on Custom checks. 4 Melinda McGrath marinates steak before beginning to cook it. -Q A J . ...E Industrial Arts as KQQ its 'i Mr. Don Adams Mr. Lee Metals Harkelroad Autos Mr. Norb Kissel Mr. Robert Woods McKnight Metals K g 23:1 1 .4-. F s 123 , 1.1, uw .aw . - , W. . ,Q Mr. Emerson Mr. Gene Rettler Price Drafting Autos, ICE 1 Mr. Norb Kissel demonstrates the proper use ofa hand drill in woodshop. 2 A Metals student welds two metal bars together in order to finish his project. 3 Richard Feiry uses clamps to glue the siding on his woodshop project. 4 A metals student stirs liquid metal in the foundry. ff "A.,, Q. if A Sak X.. Y sf A ' mae' 1'- 'N Nt -6 -H-"' ,Q- l Z Industrlal rts offers new course Industrial Arts classes include Woods, Metals, Autos and a new course in Auto Maintenance. There is one work study program under the Industrial Arts curriculum, In- dustrial Cooperative Education. This is the second year for ICE. It involves any career that is not in- cluded in COE, DE, or HERO CHome Ec. related careersj. In the ICE program, which is only offered to seniors, students go to school for one half day and hold a job related to their career choice for the other half of the day. Mr. Emerson Price, the coordiantor of the program, hopes to have the class offered dur- ing early bird period next year. Allied Arts ,Z . r rf' W' K . agp? . . lf: 3.4. 11,5 H A .,.r . 1. . Mrs. Kathy Beale Crafts X 6 's A Mr. Richard Gross Mrs. Shelia Corley Uhorus Art siii f , M ...N V A K. Z . ,RA 'J , inf r 3 ' ' til' Mr. John Tatum Mr. Gerald Jenson Band Guitar Guitar classes have a new teacher this year, Mr. John Tatum. A new art class has also been added to Thunderbirds curriculum this year. Mrs. Kathy Beale is teaching the new sculpture class. The chorus classes had several concerts again this year and under the direction of Mr. Jerry Jensen, the Thunderbird band played in the Fiesta Bowl in which ASU upset Nebraska. .1 4' . --we - . 7' r . f"'f' --fy -11:1 ,W 1- . . 'A K. , r . ' -4 " f .sf 5: , ,.... 1 . , .. if of - , P k AK- Irs -, ge 'HA I- we ... 4. , , as A an 11, new . T f -r V.- T M fp 'K . QR 543 V 35.3 gg- , sn -'L,'3.Iyy.E X . .. D what - - -,Q up-iz: r, t E ' V 1,5 C5 1 ' 1 f - t'ff1"ew, T sazf 5 sf.: .. his . V . .i g-,Q f 1 fr ff f ' 'Q . ,' . .Li - N i ..,, .vw M -, wus: , . 5 ww ! Sl' W f- aa . ' M. l 1 . N aww VY X ...E i . gm 3 ig., 3 - , Q.. W we--:ea 'fggfv -is K ,. 1---. - -Y V , -.. L ,gw-va-' :..:. Q , ,, I -. f 1 M. Af .,, ' ' ., 1 H' of - - "wa "1 rf" --3 f"4Fg.24':ji'-1M.4,,,s 'W M 1 , 1. ,W ,N."""W!?L RELggHx ' -:gg m e- - .1 g wgfaaivsa. ,mask . , , X. t - . - - tt f cg fri' A " A' . w as X gf ' ,g-Ungar, fix Q: iv' lr'-I F- Q ' "" 'ff"fj "-:'- ...f . '- -P '-' 1- - . e.g4:'aw,w.fq.l'3,, xg.axixf:s.,f,'yrgrj:g:.1.:i-fiigg5y,p.1mg,2,?.5Lve1s-. 1, is ws, Q N.. ,Q .31 - Ji, vein., f5... ,,f- pf . as -,.. ' - 6 t .MM - r 4 bf -4 away lr 8 M . ..ssS'wamx7'f'w1f.:!''f" -1 l Marching Band performs in Fiesta Bowl halftime we' fu U,-v-""" ,M ,,...4 iuillllii 1., , gg . , in W iv 2 l Mr. Jerry Jensen's Marching Band practices before school out on the foot- ball field. 2 Student teacher Bill Risingor conducts Intermediate Girls Chorus during a Christmas concert. 3 THS Band gives a performance in the school gym. 4 An art student works with modeling clay in Mrs. Kathy Beale's 3rd hour craft class. r Mathematics s :YW 'ta Sf' I ':,f 4 Mr. Dale Bauman Mr. Greg Bruce Mrs. Diane Emmons Algebra Blk. Algebra Blk. Geometry 45552 rl ll 2 5 , t 3' Z Yi iff. ' ici my- , .L Mrs. Darlene Mr. Robert Ms. Diana Lepon Fritsche Iovinelli Geometry Alxwlwra TLA Alrmhrn Rllr Mr. Steve Mrs. Phyllis Shaw Mr. Joseph Van Plummer Algebra 3-4 Dyck Algebra Blk. General Math The Math department has offered three new classes this yearg Computer Programming, Probability and Statistics, and Functional Math. They have also added a new program for freshmen which deals with algebra. "Algebra Block" is the program, and has used the computer and welcomed a guest speaker this year. "Think Metricl' week was this spring for freshmen, in order to increase their understan- ding of the metric system. They also had a Math Science Fair and a State Math Contest. 1 Mr. Robert Iovinelli records grades for his classes' string art projects. 2 Mrs. Phyllis Shaw uses the overhead to teach her algebra class. 3 Mr. Greg Bruce teaches his algebra students about graphing. 4 Peggy Becker does string art in Mrs. Emmons geometry class. K we mt--Q Q . .111- Aw I 5 N' ,em,.,W KA fn Ku if aj if W A if Q? , . , - f' . ::! "" Science , j , I S4 5 Mr. Rush Faber Earth Science Mr. Fred Brown Earth Science , T Q 3, ' A ,li f SSYYPM :VS Mr. Gene Maison Biology Mr. Cary Kruse Earth Science ' . i ,K I n aw, if , 3 i me i t 2 XY ltimgr 5 's U .ffilSi61istSS!C Physics Mr. Jim Forsman Mr. Gary Johnson Biology 'V ,Jr :Ei p s!4 1 K' 945 + . c-. 5 ,ii, if N. l .Aim 2 fee, idle 5 f l E., nl' MT' ' I , ,Q 'ix' V 7 Ma Mrs. Edna Miller Mrs. Monica Chemistry Montgomery Biology Mr. Larry Mr. Jack Storey I Prochnau Earth Science Biology 1 Susan Morphew and Scott Zarder work together on a Biology project. 2 Mr. Jim Forsman gives Alvaro Gonzales instruction in Physics. 3 Gene Smith focuses his microscope before starting his project. 4 Ad- vanced Biology student, Donna Gonzales, disects a cat for a science grade. S Science classes expand knowledge of the earth 4 There are presently four basic science classes. They are Earth Science, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Earth Science is a re- quired course for freshmen and Biology for sophomores. The rest of the classes are electives. 'Tr' Physical Education Mrs. Claudia Bullard Gir1's P.E. y 4 is! 1, Mr. Ernie Dora Boy's P.E. Mr. Ron Jepsen Boy's P.E. , I- E ,., Av ,V X X3 Ji Mr. Jim Fernandez Boy's P.E. ,rrr g , , E if , ff' M f , ' ' ' .,rEfa.,24QiE::,a Q ,ar'fe:,gs:rgg:.1.e 1 st. P Ms. Kirstie Kaiser Mrs. Mary Pappas Girl's P.E. Girl's P.E. Safety Education ,,r. . ,. 'lpn 4 '-Ar . ,SW f. f :iii Mr. Mike Clupper Mr. Bob Noice Safety Education Safety Education S sf .,. s Students show sports abilities in P.E. V q The Archery Club is a new club to Thunderbird. It was started in February, for anyone with an in- terest in the sport. Next year the team expects to participate in com- petition with other schools. The club met on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Both Boys and Girl's P.E. touched on many different athletic activities. Physical Educa- tion is a requirement for freshmen, both boys and girls, and may be repeated as many times as desired. This year the P.E. classes held something new to Thunderbirdg Sports Week was during the first week in March. 1 Students join to learn how to square dance as a unit of physical education. 2 Students participate in a friendly game of basketball during P.E. 3 Students learn the proper archery techniques. 4 Coach Ron Jepson talks to boy's P.E. about wrestling. MS- S'-19 AUSIEY Mrs. Edie Krombein . .f 12 Mr. Bob McGregor Mr. Jerry Zimmerman Physical examinations will no longer be required for students tak- ing P.E. Students need only have a waiver signed by their parents and placed on file in the nurse's office. The Media Center has added one more clerk, more books, and audio- visual equipment, and enlarged the reading room. Rather than using the microfilms, as has been done in the past, magazines starting with 1974 were on microfiches. The microfiche is a card, which has one month on it, rather than one year. This enables more students to take advantage of the magazines on film. Officer Jerry Zimmerman has returned to THS as a Police Assisting Youth Section officer. During the year, he spoke to classes and answered individual students questions on the law. 1 Mr. Bob McGregor and Ms. Sue Ausley relax during their busy mor- ning schedule. 2 Carrie Fitzgerald and Lisa Poole listen while Mrs. Edie Krornbein explains routine Health Center Procedures. 3 Mr. Jerry Zimmerman, THS Pays Of- ficer, smiles as he takes time and Tony Spisak study in the Media Center during class. page 178 Media Center changes audio-visual center 1 x-ff 4 3 M ., 2 Q 6 The cafeteria has added a new speed line in the student cafeteria, in order to avoid congestion at the hot food counters. The speed line is designed mainly for those students packing lunch or getting a burrito or sandwich rather than the hot lunch. This line is equipped to handle beverages, sandwiches, burritos, and cinnamon rolls. The snack bar has introduced a similar feature, with the addition of two new lines, one of which serves only candy. The other can handle drinks and ham- burgers, fries, and chips. The cafeteria emphasized entrees more this year, also. 1 Cafeteria workers take a break during their hectic morning schedule. 2 Cafeteria staff members from LEFTQ ROW 1 Mary Thomp- son, Delores Shraff, Paula Farr, Queen Jones, Betty Drake. ROW 2 Vivian Pelfrey, Hazel Miller, Annette Zile, Lillian McCoy, Virginia Robnett, Anne Meringer. 2Cafeteria staff takes short break aintenanee men clean up campus 1 DAY SHIFT ROW 1 Ed Jarvis, Charles Trenasty, Robert Ayala. ROW 2 Leo Gatlin, Clifton Wesley, Earl Pocock, Mike Kiepke, Paul Polyak. 2 NIGHT SHIFT ROW 1 Earl Graham, George W. Arehivar, Duane Dodds. ROW 2 George Habluetzel, Earl Pocock, Terry Scofield, Charlie Derck. I7 Secretaries I A I S 92" 'J s - I 'ew 5 is I 3 Mrs. Abbie Mrs. Bonnie Mrs. Maxine Mrs. Ginger Harden Doeshurg Greene Grunder Teachers' Aide Receptionist Audio-Visual Attendance 'Ev fr ,E 'Q u 1 ni .. 'Ri ' A ' Q 57 gf . x' X . E Mrs. Vi Harris Mrs. Lois Hussey Mrs. Mary Kersey Mrs. Ruth Leonard Date Processing Career Center Principal's Sec. Secretary IV 3 A ', 1 1, .... . it - J l l Mrs. Mary Mann Mrs. Eleanor Mrs. Irene Mrs. Stephanie Secretary IV Sacco Sanderman Young Audio-Visual Bookstore Records The secretaries had their hands full this year with attendance records and other student records. In the career center, Mrs. Hussey assisted students with their career goals and helped them determine which classes should be taken to at- tain their goals. 1 Mrs. Stephanie Young looks up a students record for Mrs. Stan Edelman. 2 Mrs. Vi Harris uses the computor to figure the attendance correctly. 3 Mrs. Abbie Doesburg writes a message she has just taken from the switchboard. 4 Mrs. Max- ine Grunden files notes she has received from students. Secretaries learn usage of attendance computers RIVALRY Freedom is the choice of competi- tion. . . . Beth Reinhart One of our greatest freedoms in this country is our freedom of choice. We haue the choice of voting or not, of serving in the armed forces or not, or of competing in sports or not. In many countries these choices are not existant. For us, we not only haue a choice of whether to com- pete, but we also haue the choice of what sports to compete in. We are not forced to compete in any certain sport-nor are we forced to work beyond our abilities. Our only pressures are the goals we set for ourselves. It is important that we realize how extremely lucky we are to have the freedom of choice both in sports and life. l,1 ,Nfvf 5 is fvffx 4 ,AQ qqx Q it X7 5 U Rjhkv ff!! M' KLM, ,. U Q , 1 sjl . f-1: ffv 3 Xnff., ,eff QR, I','X"'l V41 had -Xhf 'sf ffflifr. A XXX ff E i N W wi il b f il if i it Al A il gf, ,AA it 'Hrv- , ,g . J 5.5 , . gary. ' 19 . ! b IL' . Ut, 3? 'ff ix " , I -f Q2 Q'-' Q, Vx K i . A , -?""fg N 3 V Il - I 'I its mi K 1 K K- if X " 1 -SQ Y, ff? A Q ,f .V ,if 5 5 53- 'eluQ . X 6 4,3 K .gi 55 1 . kk xxx J ,Y X - 'MY , - f X "': k . K uv. . . xi l x K , 11.4. ,Q V7 -, . , , , I . . s f K Vkk' . an-uf - 233, ,W A - Q F. . ' . - I 1 1 . ., .W - , 4 X L F' 5 186 Uffense sets season, game records -3' is z V 3, , W , "H ' 1: if '4 A 7 1 if f Z if -1 f rf: . . , . f f n . -ev +2 1 .s ' , ,L ff' w -e 4433 fy 1- S-Z v Sa3fwK3'?fSvburw 1 Gary Brasher 1341 runs over a Greenway defender on his way to some of his school record 755 yards rushing. 2 Bryan Edelen is hauled down after a short gain against Prescott. 3 The clock tells the story as the last second ticks off in the Greenway game. The 31 points represents the most points ever scored by the Varsity. 4 Bryan Edelen skirts right end against Greenway. 5 Mike Ortega confers with coach Mike Clupper. arsity starts fast, ends at 5 4 1 David Agnello Rod Anfinson Bruce Boucher Noel Boucher Gary Brasher Mark Bryans Tom Burkhart Larry Calloway John Clark Greg Deming Steve Doepke Bryan Edelen Mark Erwin Dave Francis Larry Francis James Getz Randy Gray Mike Hadly Don Higgins Glenn Jones Larry Kiper Bill Klier Steve Klinefelter Charles Kossow VARSITY FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD Trevor Thunderbird Browne Peoria Thunderbird Glendale Thunderbird Paradise Thunderbird Valley Washington Thunderbird Sunnyslope Thunderbird Prescott Thunderbird Greenway Thunderbird St. Mary's Thunderbird Moon Valley Thunderbird , New . K .W . F llln. Jim Fernandez, Mike Clupper, Ernie Dora, Bob Staskelunas, Coach Coach Coach Mgr. Bill Loy Brian Mach Stuart McCray Steve McCray Dan Micko Jay Moninger Karl Mueller Dan Napier Mike Ortega Russ Peters Tom Pettijohn Rick Reese Charles Roberts Cy Roedel John Schubert Jeff Theisen Dave Tucker Greg Voss Vinny Waldron Howard Waltz Ben Watts David Way Mitch Vitkovich Kevin Bender, Mgr iii? 6 The Varsity football team continued its winning tradition with a 5-4-1 record following last year's 5-5 mark and the previous season which saw a 6-3 squad. The defense was headed by Juniors Rod Anfinson and Tim Little. Anfinson was named to the second team Skyline All-Star squad, and Little received Honorable Mention. The offense was sparked by the pass catching of Glen Jones and the running of Gary Brasher. Jones caught 21 passes for 470 yards, and led the team in scoring with 42 points on 7 touchdowns. Brasher broke school rushing records with 755 yards on the season and 128 in a single game. Both were given Honorable Mention. 1 V Chiefs battle despite record Despite a poor 1-7-1 record, the J.V. football team fought hard all year. They had several good games, almost winning them. They lost by only 1 point to Shadow Mountain, only 2 to Peoria, and they tied always tough St. Mary's. With another year of practice and hard work, the men on this team can look forward to a good season on the Var- sity squad. 2 A hard hit by No. 44 of the Chiefs, Dave Burns, causes a fumble by a Glendale runner. Travis Olroyd 1501 moves in to repover the loose ball. JV FOOTBALL ROW 1 Joel Resler, Steve Miller, Jeff Hart, Nick Elardo, Scott Brubaker, Tim Kilduff, Rosey Rosales, Scott Stamper, Frank Sansone, Mark Trebitowski, Bill Mattausch, and Kevin Colbert. ROW 2 Bill Reger, Rick Anfinson, Darren Koons, George Rust, Derrick Knott, Ray Smith, Bill Kahn, Travis Olroyd, Chris Breena, Byron Singleton, Eric Rovelli, Doug Peters, and Wayne Allen. ROW 3 Terry Brogan, Ron Potter, Mike Messlar, Tom Drew, Brent TeSelle, Lance Muphy, Gary Reichow, Tank Brink, Steve Walker, Curt Thomas, Bill Greer, Steve Birch, Don Parrish, Bill Walp, and Wayne Shurbert. I J .V. FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD PEORIA 18 THUNDERBIRD GLENDALE 14 THUNDERBIRD PARADISE 42 THUNDERBIRD VALLEY WASHINGTON 20 THUNDERBIRD SUNNYSLOPE 28 THUNDERBIRD SHADOW 13 THUNDERBIRD MOUNTAIN GREENWAY 12 THUNDERBIRD ST. MARY'S 12 THUNDERBIRD MOON VALLEY 46 THUNDERBIRD 1 Derrick Knott is stopped after a good gain around end. 2 Rick Anfin- son drops a Glendale runningback for a loss. 2 Mr. Jim Relph, Coach was Mr. Manny Rivero, Coach an wry so a Eaa 'ZH-D " " team has tough, losing season The Freshman "A" football team staggered through a disappointing 0- 7-1 season this year. There were few bright spots as the Chiefs scored only twice all year. But they did manage a tie with Glendale, lost by only 2 points to Peoria, and only 6 to Shadow Mountain. So the ability was there, and with a little hard work and practice, this ability will show through. ROW 1 Flores Francisco Jerry Betterson Ceclan Curtis Richard Broker David Klatt Mark Ramsey David Bahr Robert Keats ROW 2 Mike Parrish Denver Gilbreth John Nichols Dwayne Wilhite Clay Holiday Howard McBride Greg Beard Mark Walker ROW 3 Greg Smith Edward Goins John Kapski Shawn Arney Courtney Brown Glen Walker Larry LaTouf Kevin Flood FROSH "A" SCOREBOARD PEORIA THUNDERBIRD GLENDALE THUNDERBIRD PARADISE VALLEY THUNDERBIRD WASHINGTON THUNDERBIRD SUNNYSLOPE THUNDERBIRD SHADOW MOUNTAIN THUNDERBIRD GREENWAY THUNDERBIRD ST. MARY'S THUNDERBIRD Frosh " " rolls to great season HBE! if T The Frosh "B" football team en- joyed yet another great season. Only a loss in the last game of the season to Moon Valley marred their record, as they rolled to a 6-1-1 mark. Run- ningback Mike Deerr ripped for over 1000 yards rushing in only 8 games, showing he is a true Varsity prospect. Coach Dale Bauman con- tinued his coaching excellence at the freshman level, upping his career mark to 14-1-1. 1719? ROW 1 John McGann Scott Perruccio Jim Hynes Jeff Woldt Mike Pietro Larry Martin Tony Aviles Jeff Harrington Kent Lay Faron Long Bill Pearre Tom Tucker Nick Brokeshoulder Tim Winkler ROW 2 Bill Rademaker Robert Pettijohn James Sansone Isaac Crawford Clifford Sirks Zac Scott Dennis Hermansen Tim Vollette Forrest Nutter Gary Kilduff Tim Sheehan Kent Maroney Mark Adams Greg Brockman Kirby Houben ROW 3 Brian McVicker Jim Thompson Charles Dettling Chuck Rall Kevin Scott Tim Francsis Mike Deerr Robert Sexton Jeff Wilhite Glen Drombrovski Dan Powell Greg Schneider Dan Kuefner Greg Elkins Barry Dombrovski James Zanzot Dave Hall Rick Jensen FROSI-I "B" SCOREBOARD PEORIA 2 THUNDERBIRD GLENDALE 8 THUNDERBIRD SHADOW 0 THUNDERBIRD MOUNTAIN 2 WASHINGTON 8 THUNDERBIRD SUNNYSLOPE 14 THUNDERBIRD CORTEZ 0 THUNDERBIRD GREENWAY 8 THUNDERBIRD MOON 7 TI-IUNDERBIRD VALLEY Dave Bennallack George Clark Lane Darling Eric Geschke Bill Holt Tim Kauffman Terry McCoy Mike Pastor Charles Stuart Kevin Woodward Chip Zeeb Coach Dave Doerrer VARSITY C. C. SCOREBOARD TREVOR 26 THUNDERBIRD BROWNE SHADOW MOUNTAIN 48 THUNDERBIRD PEORIA 63 GLENDALE 19 THUNDERBIRD PRESCOTT 23 THUNDERBIRD PARADISE 60 VALLEY WASHINGTON 37 THUNDERBIRD SUNNYSLOPE 15 THUNDERBIRD PRESCOTT 22 THUNDERBIRD GREENWAY 22 THUNDERBIRD CORTEZ 29 THUNDERBIRD MOON VALLEY 32 The Varsity, J .V. and Freshman Cross Countrv teams all had disab- pointing seasons. The Varsity finished out 4 wins and 8 defeats while J.V. finished with 5 and 6 and Frosh ended with a 3-5 season. Thunderbird varsity team started the season wrong by losing to Trevor Browne 26 to 31, on the otherhand J .V. came over Trevor Browne with a suprising 15 to 50 win. Four hard practices later the Varsity Chiefs flew past Shadow Mt. with a 19 to 48 upset. The J .V. team had their 2nd perfect score of 15 to 47 over Shadow Mt. Prescott and P.V. were the Chief's next challengers. Thunderbird's Varsity team lost to Prescott, but beat P.V. 23-41-60. The J .V. also lost to Prescott 28-3 but beat P.V. 36-57. The Colts of Cortez and Rockets of Moon Valley paid Thunderbird runners a visit. The Colts galloped by the Varsity Chiefs 29 to 66 and the Rockets or- bited by THS 32 to 66. g'Xz"'-. 4.4-Q 4 I O Varslty runners Wm at four meets i i if i M Z h 1 Lane Darling leads the pack in the i i7 -f" A 1314- Thunderbird Invitational meet. 2 Tim! Kauffman makes a fine effort V at a meet. . ., Frosh enter in THS Invitational 3 i r L , l 3 1 Tom Parks jets along side one of his heat runs. 3 More than 200 Thunderbird Invitational. 201 boys his opponents. 2 Terry McCoy gets a runners from 50 different schools finished the three mile run. few last minute instructions before entered in the Novice Race of The a '-.N Q 1 i 1 all -1.3m i . mn, .,,,,i . I A, .sri -of l I--L".f5l1,5 1 -:, . 4 1 1' x , 4' Q ' li' f 'sf ll ,, v K., Q, L,bW,,, 7' I, A 5 i -A, l fin FROSH C.C. ROW 1Mitch Shapplay, and Darrell Swank. ROW 2 James Guerrard, and Jim Hancock. J.V. C.C. ROW 1 Jim Kerwood, Greg Dyke, Keith Baer, and Jim Adams. ROW 2 Steve Flood, Don Rivera, Terry Jones, and Andy Williams. 2 ,-Q 197 . .. - , ,. ,, , .. ,,,,. ' ' 1' L:::f:,,J44L5.,g,iL I 'll VARSITY PLAYERS Holly Grieser Vicki Hansen Jane Stiak Julie Stiak Tracy Swerdfeger Penny Woodward J.V. PLAYERS Kim Cooper Cindy Delbrook Lisa Niemeyer Tammy Rugerio Laurie Shagena Claudia Bullard, Coach With a seasonal record of 4-6 the Thunderbird Badminton team went into divisionals with Julie Stiak and Penny Woodward seeded for singles and doubles teams of Tracy Swerdfeger-Jane Stiak and Vicki Hansen-Holly Greisser. The end results were 7th place for Penny and 2nd for Julie, sending Julie to state. Julie then went on to place 5th in State. She was named Most Valuable player for the team at the banquet. Laurie Shangena was Most Im- proved player. Laurie started out the season playing the number 11 position and at their last two matches was playing no. 5 Var- sity. The team finished 3rd in Divisionals and 7th in State. BADMINTON SCOREBOARD Peoria Thunderbird Moon Valley Thunderbird Washington Thunderbird Agua Fria Thunderbird Apollo Thunderbird Apollo Thunderbird Glendale Thunderbird Paradise Thunderbird Valley St. Mary's Thunderbird Sunnyslope Thunderbird olleyball's 6-4 record Wlnds up second season 2 The girls volleyball team had a good season this year with a JV record of 8-2 and a varsity record of 6-4. They went to Divisionals played at Shadow Mountain on November 5 and 6. The team played three games at Divisionals losing the first game 15-10, then making a com- eback in the second game with a score of 15-10, but the third game was lost by 15-3. Miss Kirstie Kaiser was the coach, Kathy Baker the Manager and Dawn Ullrich was the scorekeeper. At the banquet on November 18, Darlene Foster was named Most Valuable player and Mary Gerkin was named Most Im- proved Player. They also saw a film called "Leo Brewermann about a person who overcame his handicap. 1 Carol Franke bumps the ball as Diane Powell gets ready for a set. 2 Monica Fredenberg goes for a dig. 3 Cheri Bevolo bumps the ball during a hectic practice session. Diane Powell Kathy Vezaldenos Mary Gerkin Jackie Mack Jennifer Mack Cheri Bevolo Carol Franke Monica Fredenberg Darlene Foster VARSITY VOLLEYBALL SCORES Glendale Thunderbird Apollo Thunderbird Agua Fria Thunderbird Peoria Thunderbird Prescott Thunderbird Washington Thunderbird Sunnyslope Thunderbird Moon Valley Thunderbird St. Mary's Thunderbird Paradise Thunderbird Valley Apollo Thunderbird JV VOLLEYBALL SCORES Glendale Thunderbird Apollo Thunderbird Agua Fria Thunderbird Peoria Thunderbird Prescott Thunderbird Washington Thunderbird Sunnyslope Thunderbird Moon Valley Thunderbird St. Mary's Thunderbird Paradise Thunderbird Valley JV Vollyhall Team ROW 1 Dawn Ullrich Liz Schloeman, Nancee O'Bryan, Jannie Hill Connie Gerkin, Kathy Baker. ROW 2 Diane Peddle. Carole Jennings, Judi Sharp. 1 Ditti Rotolo Qlane 33 and Cindy Goetz Qlane 55 get set in their blocks. 2 Rotolo and Goetz dive into the pool in the 200 Meter Freestyle. 3 Lesley Parke Qlane 33 splashes along in second place in the Butterfly. 4 Cindy Goetz fires off the starting block in the 200 Meter Medley relay. 5 Ann Heidemann comes up for a breath in the Butterfly. v xv -x1.!.'au-'S-I' 'fin ......,. . ,R sm if Q f tx x f Mid "x5!Y'i3'5A- L 2 3 State mark falls to Chiefs Rotolo w 4 , -f-' ,..r'7"'Lf 5, ,rf 'V ' ,Q ...X W-"""'-w....,,,,w,m7,,,..w-1' , - f 4 . fa ,wi 153 J ww 1 if 19' ,Y f 4, A. 4 Q, V I , . N, If , If K , ,, U 5 V f I 4-. .. , ,, . f 1-. W 1 ,f A .,,, "' gif A Q Y f ft 1 ww 'yd A f '-4 w-1. 'Au . S ,W H, e - . is Adv . ,. ' ff. , ,,.,...,-.WN f,, , A - A 3' A mm' V" , ' . ,,KN . ky! 15 .,. ' K . ..,w -ff A., f 0'-ff ,W t 2 ,,,,5,,,, .2-1-. ,av '4Kvk1'AGJ' ' ,,,,,,: W A Kelly Archer Vickie Bradshaw Lisa Bailey Joy Blanchard Carla Cuellar Cindy Cunningham Kris Dodson Jan Drozda Lynn Fordiani Cindy Goetz June Gower Jackie Hadorn Anne Hayden Ann Heidemann Cindie Henningsen Tricia Hofferber Kim Honer Jill Jones Lisa Joslyn Sue Kozak SWIMMING SCOREBOARD Para- 45 Thunderbird 127 dise Valley Xavier 65 Thunderbird 88 Shadow 66 Thunderbird 105 Mountain Apollo 107 Thunderbird 185 Cortez 119 Thunderbird 145 Wash- 159 Thunderbird 138 ington Skyline Meet lst Place State Meet 3rd Place The girls swim team had an excellent season this year, win- ning Thunderbird's first skyline title, and finishing third in the State Meet. In the State Meet, Thunderbird accumulated 128 points, to finish behind Agua Fria, the winner, and Westwood. Thunderbird was led by Senior Ditti Rotolo and Sophomore Julie Parke. Ditti won the 500 meter Freestyle, setting a state record, and took second in the 200 meter Freestyle. She was also voted Most Inspirational Swimmer. Julie finished second in the 200 meter medley, and second in the 100 meter backstroke, and was also chosen the Most Valuable Swimmer. Other awards went to Ann Hayden as the best diver and Kim McElwain as the Hardest Worker. Also, Lynn Fordiani was the Most Improved Swimmer, and Kim Honer received the "Come a Long Way" award, given to the best girl in her first year competi- tion. Lisa Lawrence Lorraine Leon Terry Leon Kerri Lester ,. ZW I 5 X Laura Longfield N Kim Mclslwain Lesley Parke Julie Parke .X Girls swim team places third in State Sandy Peterson Sue Powell Ditti Rotolo Renee Slingluff Brenda Stanley Kathy Tveit Barbara Van Brundt Sharon Walker Ann Wemyss Diane Wilson Cindy Kosty, Mgr. Gene Maison, Coach 8 ,X x 5 if 5 Aff M' TA'-gm M If '..-f If Q F -'F 353 . if 4'-h"' . l4,,,,5,'g f 1 'fF- fn Q", avg- ,,..L W' QQ., , J ,ff 'h 1 , , lr ' ., H 'ig 'X . N ,Q . .- K' K , N. ' A , . , , a , . ffl! jf-A , Q , .V -W G 5 3, in A I , f. ,H ' 5 M I ,L .. i X 6 -n....f-' ,i -Q21 1 Mike Ortega puts up a free throw. 2 Thunderbird sets up it's defense. 3 Dave Dove leaps in an attempt to Win a jump ball. 4 Jay Moninger takes a jump shot from the top of the key. 5 John Younkin fires a short jumper. 6 Steve Grand cuts loose a long one. Ch18fS own 13 12 mark for season 4 , V Leg 9' XNS ' ii-he -"""""'-0---M - wiv' Varsity earns first trip to pla offs Bruce Boucher Curt Brown Dave Dove Steve Grand Bill Kleir Jim Law Jay Moninger Mike Ortega Mark Riley Mitch Vitkovich Greg Voss Marty Voss John Younkin Kevin Riley Mr. Jay Arnote, Coach VARSITY SCOREBOARD Trevor Thunderbird Moon Valley 40 Thunderbird Browne Greenway 57 Thunderbird Chaparral Thunderbird St. Mary's 53 Thunderbird Camelback Thunderbird Prescott 47 Thunderbird Central Thunderbird Washington 54 Thunderbird Peoria Thunderbird Sunnyslope 71 Thunderbird Greenway Thunderbird Paradise Thunderbird Glendale Thunderbird Valley Agua Fria Thunderbird Moon Valley 39 Thunderbird Gerard Thunderbird St. Mary's 51 Thunderbird Washington Thunderbird Prescott 51 Thunderbird Sunnyslope Thunderbird Washington 57 Thunderbird Paradise Thunderbird Agua Fria 59 Thunderbird Valley The Varsity basketball team went all the way to the playoffs this year, but needed a 51-50 overtime upset of Prescott in Prescott to make it. The score was tied 50-50 at the end of regulation play, but Bruce Boucher hit a free throw to win it for Thunderbird, There were many honors for the Chiefs, topped by the selection of Mr. Jay Arnote as co-coach of the year in the Skyline Division. John Younkin and Marty Voss were selected to the second team B league All Star squad, and Younkin, Voss, and Mike Ortega were all given honorable mention on the Skyline Division team. S ill Q ii Junior cagers finish season 10-9 The J.V. basketball team finished the year with a tough 7 point victory in Prescott to clinch a winning 10-9 season. All four Thunderbird basketball teams had winning seasons, with a combined record of 44-32. S0 next year these players can look forward to a successful Varsity year, and possibly a second trip to the playoffs. J.V. BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD Trevor 38 Thunderbird 36 Browne Chaparral 46 Thunderbird 42 Camelback 45 Thunderbird 43 Central 71 Thunderbird 38 Peoria 53 Thunderbird 67 Washington 61 Thunderbird 39 Sunnyslope 49 Thunderbird 34 Paradise 34 Thunderbird 69 Valley Moon Valley 28 Thunderbird 32 Greenway 63 Thunderbird 75 St. Mary's 46 Thunderbird 39 Prescott 39 Thunderbird 38 Washington 29 Thunderbird 38 Sunnyslope 46 Thunderbird 48 Paradise 31 Thunderbird 64 Valley Moon Valley 43 Thunderbird 47 Greenway 52 Thunderbird 59 St. Mary's 54 Thunderbird 51 Prescott 36 Thunderbird 43 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKET- BALL TEAM ROW 1 Paul Stiak, Nick LaFronz, Steve Kleinfelter, Lance Murphy, Tim Kaufman, Vin- nie Waldron, Tom Christy ROW 2 Roger Van Leeuwen, Bill Greer, Steve Walker, Curt Thomas, Gary Reichow, Keith Belsley, Bret Edson and John Gerber, Jim Adams Mr. Larry Prochnau, Coach WB!-X. 1 2 1 Vinnie Waldron drives to the basket for 2 points. 2 Gary Reichow gets set under the boards for a possi- ble rebound as John Gerber shoots from the corner. 3 Vinnie Waldron looks for an open man underneath the basket. if " K Wu, ,, , A , fred fl a vt--e, NS ,,'-'A fx lv, QW l ., r 3 in T V K -Q--54. 1.-.f-""" i ---.w...,,,. jnjwjff. - . ff ff ,A r,, ,MM 211 Freshman Orange wins 10 of last 13 FROSH ORANGE SCOREBOARD Agua Fria Thunderbird 57 Brophy Thunderbird 48 Apollo Thunderbird 54 Peoria Thunderbird 53 Washington Thunderbird 61 Sunnyslope Thunderbird 53 Paradise Thunderbird 47 Valley Moon Valley Thunderbird 60 Greenway Thunderbird 42 St. Mary's Thunderbird 59 Prescott Thunderbird 55 Washington Thunderbird 37 Sunnyslope Thunderbird 54 Paradise Thunderbird 52 Valley Moon Valley Thunderbird 51 Greenway Thunderbird 66 St. Mary's Thunderbird 53 A big mid-season rush pushed the Frosh orange basketball team to a 10-7 record this year. They were l-4 after 5 games, but won 9 of the next ll. They had winning streaks of 3 and 4 wins in a row. ROW 1 Bill Curry, Jim Moore, Cliff Sirks, Zac Scott, Hal Hermansen, Isaac Crawford ROW 2 Clay Holi- day, Shawn Arney, Kevin Flood, Brad Pruett, Ken Deines, Allan Beall NOT PICTURED Kent Lay, Forrest Nutter Mr. Greg Bruce, Coach Blue basketball finishes with rush ROW 1 Keith Reynolds, Steve McDaniel, Rich Broker, Robert Keats ROW 2 Steve Miller, Mike Parrish, Glenn Walker, Matt Tif- fany, Dan Kuefner NOT PICTURED Kris Jamsa 6 Mr. Norh Kissel, Coach 8 wins in the last 10 games gave the Freshman Blue basket- ball team a fine 11-5 record for the season. They won their last 2 games including a satisfying win over St. Mary's and a 3 point squeeker over Prescott on the Badger's home court. The Blue team had lost earlier in the season to St. Mary's by 40 points. FROSH BLUE SCOREBOARD Agua Fria Brophy Apollo Peoria Washington Sunnyslope Paradise Valley Moon Valley Greenway St. Mary's Washington Sunnyslope Paradise Valley Moon Valley Greenway St. Mary's Prescott Thunderbird 57 Thunderbird 54 Thunderbird 55 Thunderbird 43 Thunderbird 52 Thunderbird 67 Thunderbird 64 Thunderbird 61 Thunderbird 59 Thunderbird 56 Thunderbird 57 Thunderbird 41 Thunderbird 55 Thunderbird 58 Thunderbird 40 Thunderbird 86 Thunderbird 58 Grapplers win Skyline Division Title 5 1 Rod Anfinson works for move to pin his man from Washington. 2 Keith Racette prepares for refs signal to wrestle as he is in the referee position against his oppo- nent from Auga Fria. 3. Scott Dahl pins his Agua Fria opponent. It was just one of many for Scott. 4 Rod Anfinson has his hand held in vic- tory as he wins one more match on his way to becoming the 169 lb. Skyline Champ. 5 George Seff and a Washington Ram battle for position in the 98 lb. class. Wrestlers win Sk line Championship Rick Anfinson Rod Anfinson Matt Birch Scott Dahl Greg Demming Charles Kossow Tom Little Russ Peters Kieth Racette George Sefi' ,lim Tress Mr. Ron Jepson, Coach 0 1 'Ky 'Y' ff "fbi HE'-div wa , - A -A" KS Sac, wk W V fr Y, - '. f- -4.-': 'JI A libel 'M VARSITY WRESTLING SCOREBOARD The Varsity Wrestling team Trevor 21 Thunderbird Browne Peoria 26 Thunderbird Chapparral 26 Thunderbird Apollo 12 Thunderbird Washington 9 Thunderbird Moon Valley 12 Thunderbird Agua Fria 9 Thunderbird Paradise 4 Thunderbird Valley Prescott 15 Thunderbird Sunnyslope 5 Thunderbird captured the Skyline division cham- pionship this year, headed by Rod Anfinson, who won the division crown at 167 pounds. The Chiefs then moved on to the State AAA tournament, where they finished 12th. With the successful J.V. men moving up, to the Varsity level, the Chiefs will have a good chance to re- tain the division crown, and move up in the state tournament. 1 1 JV grapplers roll to 9-2 season J.V. WRESTLING SCOREBOARD Trevor Browne Peoria Chaparrall Apollo Washington Moon Valley Greenway Agua Fria Paradise Valley Prescott Sunnyslope Thunderbird Thunderbird Thunderbird Thunderbird Thunderbird Thunderbird Thunderbird Thunderbird Thunderbird Thunderbird Thunderbird ROW 1 Mike Stiak, Scott Grantham, Don Back, Mike Olas and Tony Montana ROW 2 Mr. Ernie Dora, Coach Jeff Seff, Scott Stamper, Bill Walp and David Francis The J.V. wrestlers enjoyed an outstanding year, winning 9 of the 11 matches. They won 6 straight at mid-season, lost one, then Won their last 2. Most of these wrestlers, will move up to the varsity level next year, and can expect a winning season. Freshman wrestlers end season big The Freshmen wrestling team continued a winning tradition, beating 7 of 11 opponents. High points of the season were victories over Agua Fria, Prescott and Sun- nyslope. They blasted Agua Fria 69- 6, and closed the season with a rush, posting victories over Prescott 56-12 and Sunnyslope 54-6 in the seasonls last two meets. 218 FRESHMAN WRESTLING SCOREBOARD GLENDALE 29 THUNDERBIRD PEORIA 43 THUNDERBIRD CORTEZ 6 THUNDERBIRD APOLLO 33 THUNDERBIRD WASHINGTON 27 THUNDERBIRD MOON VALLEY 21 THUNDERBIRD GREENWAY 6 Tl-IUNDERBIRD AGUA FRIA 9 THUNDERBIRD PARADISE 32 Tl-IUNDERBIRD VALLEY PRESCOTT 12 THUNDERBIRD SUNNYSLOPE 6 Tl-IUNDERBIRD ROW l Michael Stewart, Jeff Heintz, Tom Graham, Wayne Eschler, Mike Bacon. ROW 2 Glen Dombrovski, Jim Sansone, Bob Sex- ton, Kent Maroney, John Stevenson. ROW 3 Courtney Brown, Steve Harness, Greg Smith, Denver Gilbreth, Mike Woods J 5 A The Boys Freshman tennis team was the best in the school's history, posting a 6-3 record. They opened the season with a win, and finished with 3 in a row. ROW 1 Gary Kuntz, Rick Darling, Jim Drakos, David Goettl. ROW 2 Loren Lory, Darrel Lumpmouth, Perry Morehouse, Pat Stults. NOT PICTURED Bill Curry, Fred Most, Steve Tucker, David Pusateri, Mike Stanley, Aric Huebsch, Desi Garrigan, Bryan Thomas, Chris Coffey FROSH BOYS TENNIS SCOREBOARD GLENDALE THUNDERBIRD AGUA FRIA THUNDERBIRD PEORIA THUNDERBIRD APOLLO THUNDERBIRD GREENWAY THUNDERBIRD SHADOW THUNDERBIRD MOUNTAIN CORTEZ Tl-IUNDERBIRD MOON VALLEY THUNDERBIRD SUNNYSLOPE THUNDERBIRD Frosh tennis works hard all season FROSH GIRLS TENNIS SC OREBOARD GLENDALE THUNDERBIRD AGUA FRIA THUNDERBIRD PEORIA THUNDERBIRD APOLLO THUNDERBIRD GREENWAY THUNDERBIRD SHADOW THUNDERBIRD MOUNTAIN C ORTEZ THUNDERBIRD MOON VALLEY THUNDERBIRD VALLEY SUNNYSLOPE THUNDERBIRD The Girls Freshman tennis team finished the season with a record of 4-5. This was the first year of coaching for Mr. James Jefferies, who is also the assistant coach for the Boys Varsity tennis team. ROW 1 Teresa Thomas, Debbie London, Carrie Morgo, Carrie Mullings, Lori Wilson, ROW 2 Donna Urey, Barbra Tress, Lisa Munsey, Tammy Armata, Mr. James Jefferies, Debbie Messina, Laurel Kristick, Laura Grapshi, Grace Parascandola, Susanne Ortiz, Cindy Register. Carol Franke Monica Fredenberg Karen Orchard Jane Stiak Julie Stiak D.J. Wengrowski Penny Woodward Coach Diane Emmons NN., Girls plan on being tops in Division VARSITY TENNIS SCOREBOARD March 16 Sunnyslope March 18 Apollo Greenway 1 Thunderbird March 23 Prescott Agua Fria 1 Thunderbird March 25 Moon Valley Washington 3 Thunderbird March 30 Greenway Xavier 6 Thunderbird April 1 Agua Fria Glendale 1 Thunderbird April 6 Washington Paradise April 8 Xavier Valley 4 Thunderbird April 13 Moon Valley Peoria 0 Thunderbird Cortez 2 Thunderbird Shadow Mountain 0 Thunderbird The Varsity Girls Tennis Team, after last year's 17-1 record and a se- cond place finish in Divisionals, are back to try it one more time. They won 8 of their first 9 and were look- ing forward to being Divisional Champs and have a shot at State. r at :rj mkh N 4' ' s i ? ,...: X ! Q tgp? ,.t' ,W g :V - 7, -I A 1': Jw' if M K ' AA ' s If I 'i.i'B'l!" "'v::,A lv in in ' l k 'itil . in ,F Q lf' 3 ..:. 3 'Q A l W . f N. ,lf V R ' . 3 Q k.-:L R , I K ,.Ag 1' affair ts t , is ff ,gp-Efggwgwbgig MN . .' L,1,,jfff,,,,5gV1 N ,Ala fpaa.,-M in , H ,ff vw .M . , t ' A t 'Q A L s .14 445'-"L-f""i""' mmA: W b'-, 'izi' W' Q , A "h' 4 "LA ' ry ...K . fl ,,rrL., ,ig Qtxvgkxiikyfmf-f:":, sg. Q n t e r 1 Li Vg .M QQ? l 'Afi g5?"""' A Mlm . .rf -.., f ma x , I ,LM imp, '- is ,, W -' ' . , , 3 1 2 1 Jane Stiak stretches out to return a forehand against her Xavier oppo- nent. 2 Julie Stiak goes for a cross court forehand in a match with Agua Fria. 3 Teresa Thomas hits forehand volley at net for a Winner. 4 Julie Stiak works to return high shot against her girl from Peoria. I L A.. filiilelif 1 , vw . , '5"TQff" - 'E sgfr. ,SWSQTL V. 1. P ,V . 1. t A milf, ii Q wig. .M mi i A Q sm-1, wars, fe .X 1 se i ,W-:.sspe,fw:itg .1 -g,,av,, 1 V. -uuf1g::g:1g,aqfi2e- -my ,T f z, 1 5 , A --2 ii . is 1' f 1-. '---' , ff-w-.w:::+-1'pew-- - uf.: tk-.1 eggs 4.3-3 L . .X W ai. vigfur- Dave .sso 1 N it i . Goeffl 5. " fa f- i 2' 1 if ' Mike hyy. I- 1 i ., -- -- f , - J.. 17 ' . - ,S Azz- . , fiflai, ,':g,w'.g'Q.f, - , Parcell L 1 1- or Q '1ZEi5if'f4,4 L H 'fi f31:'S:ZG:f 41. I -1 o' Paul 'xifzizirz . . - 'gli ' ffjfff Poore i i ,-.fl Zi' fag!! 2 1 Randy A A X my 1 , f Q if Russell o fr " ' - to - A 1 Efrggzae. ,. H " ,S . . mai, . Ay warn E a fs A 1 ml ' ' Sums - Nick Taylor A '-"Q:-33:3 . in at 438.5 . ,,,1,, gg 1 fr 2 f4g.m,a Coach Gary at Johnson E, , t 4, . ,,: Q ikx, ilk, Boy's team improves with VARSITY TENNIS SCOREBOARD Greenway 4 Thunderbird 5 Agua Fria 9 Thunderbird 0 Washington 8 Thunderbird 1 Brophy 9 Thunderbird 0 Glendale 5 Thunderbird 4 Paradise Valley 8 Thunderbird 1 Peoria 0 Thunderbird 9 Cortez 7 Thunderbird 2 Shadow Mountain 4 Thunderbird 5 March 16 Sunnyslope March 18 at Apollo March 23 Prescott March 25 at Moon Valley March 30 Greenway April 1 AguaFria April 6 at Washington April 8 at Brophy April 13 Moon Valley April 23-24 Divisionals May 1-2 State AA Q ,M .,. 1 1 l. gig up-r no , each match Q' at A' - gwaw we 'K V JF- WMM, , :: .,,. ...- ..- -, .F .aw-W ww' M' """" i' . 34, ., ,..,,..,.-..-W -,,. Nick Taylor goes for backhand perienced team. They improved volley while doubles partner Phil with every match and should be a Stults looks on in match against very strong contender for anyone Peoria. This year the Varsity Ten- I'16Xt year. nins Team is a very young and inex- C 3 '4 . 1 i' JK A, , - , ',--".Wf Q.. gn .Q , , -A ss, ff NT., - ft, .x ef- 7"'f? . 'L I L X V -- V ws12VzV2f 1 ii i 2. 1 1 Mike Parcelhl reaches out to return forehand in match against Washington. 2 Nick Taylor hits forehand volley over net for winner in a match against Cortez. 3 Randy Russell hits a backhand across the net in a match against Shadow Mountain. 4 Paul Poore hits lob over man from Greenway for a winner. Vai? , 'V ' A it ' 'Q ' ,V Ig r.rrr EW' " ' J, VV , 4 gi" 55, gg? my f f :Q -:, me , :f Q- f-ze 33211. am , ' V ,V , -- 2 3 - ll 0- , 'V ' ff ,.":222 'JW' - k fx 'ti' X : "' 'fxf ,GL in-f2.75517?N' ' ' - , i -I fir f + A "" "" , - gr, A 2 M HV Lv .4 if Y H , ,V V V , 1 4 5 . .Q V-11,W,,semVi,1,.,se-.i safs ow V , ,lV?S?S4.f:,ti -2 V V 'M -w i? aw M, . i 5 f 'fxli-W i ' . Tf'fQ5i'7fF""1 f f w ' A 1' au f ,. "2 W - p :fei.:1sr??fs5H"V 2 V A -H41 Swv? VV 1 M-sms Msg? wfef aff-2 V . :fre K S Ngfwgs- '-5g,i,1i 231' K i ' f WSE 2- 3- isaivi ' 5 i 'f ' W , x yy , ' fi Y , ,. ,., A D Q -ii, V V g s , V 1: I ' 11 if A ,ff 223 . . Girls off to fast start, win 7 of first 9 1 JV GIRLS TENNIS ROW 1 Teresa Thomas, Tricia Hofferber, and Debbie Lon- don ROW 2 Wendy Williams, Cindy Williams, Shelley Sporleader and Kathy Zumwalt. 2 Wendy Williams-hits forehand back in match against Shadow Mountain. The JV Girl's Tennis team got off to a great start this year, winning most of their matches. The girls are play- ing consistant and should do a good job. J .V. TENNIS SCOREBOARD Greenway Thunderbird Agua Fria Thunderbird Washington Thunderbird Xavier Thunderbird Glendale Thunderbird Paradise Valley Thunderbird Peoria Thunderbird Cortez Thunderbird Shadow Mountain Thunderbird March 16 Sunnyslope March 18 Apollo March 23 Prescott March 25 Moon Valley March 30 Greenway April 1 Agua Fria April 6 Washington April 8 Xavier April 13 Moon Valley -fr P .: ,wat ,V , 4 pl. -..L,,.,,w ,..,.,,,i Vk.. , 3, mam,- J.V. netters for 9, best start in 4 years J .V. TENNIS SCOREBOARD Greenway Thunderbird Agua Fria Thunderbird Washington Thunderbird Brophy Thunderbird Glendale Thunderbird Paradise Valley Thunderbird Peoria Thunderbird Cortez Thunderbird Shadow Mountain Thunderbird March 16 Sunnyslope March 18 Apollo March 23 Prescott. March 25 Moon Valley March 30 Greenway April 1 Agua Fria April 6 at Washington April 8 at Brophy April 13 Moon Valley 1 JV BOYS TENNIS ROW 1 Scott Bardow, Jim Drakos, Alvaro Gonzales and Bill Curry. ROW 2 Pat Stults, Perry Morehouse, Mike Howley, Roger Van Leeuwen and Mike Tilley, 2 Bill Curry lobs ball over his Peoria man for a winner. The JV Boys Ten- nis Team started off the season Well winning about half their matches. It is a very young squad and should do very well this season. As the school year ends and the Bicentennial celebrations drau' near, the im- portance of freedom in our lives becomes ap- parent to all of us. Some of us face a summer of freedom, some of us face the freedom of career choices and those of us continuing our education face the academic freedom of selecting our course of study. We have graduallv come to take such basic freedoms for granted. We d0n't eoen stop to think that we are free to moue, free to voice our opinions, free to make our own decisions, free to succeed or fail on our own. Ever since our nation began, individual Americans haue struggled to maintain these freedoms, In order to maintain these freedoms each one of us must be willing to accept the responsibilities that come with these freedoms. Our responsibility to our country is to try to maintain it 's freedoms, to die if ice must. A responsibility to ourselves is to continue maturing and growing and the responsibility to continue renewing our lrnozcledge. It is these responsibilities that mahe freedom a constant struggle. But through the struggle we achieve our goals. We achieve the goal of maintaining our freedom but most of all ice achieve our ul- timate goal: FREEDOM FUR ALL. We would like to express special thanks to Vince Stein for the cover design and to Walter Riordan and Rick Steinke for Photography. Ars! ,, is Ijuifxilfix ,ff ECA. if if all gf, lf' x gl X-fl I .1 wax, x . .L A ,Vt ,, 1 . . X? i , L, , W ,M , i'Cf', , if 1 Vail 1477! -H x ,.,..l 4 ' -'- lxtlf f"""r-I cfm" R41 , . W, fQ - 3, X, W,f we X v N ac, jf' .PQZU My ii 'i ,xl 99. . ll all ill fx 1 X f s, lI'1 PX' '. vi! W Warrior ww i 4 efaimm U - ! - ,X b,..:m,,,,,LW,,,,vg ' 1 K- K X - 4 f Q, i , ..,:,..f g,,, wk - A ,, 1 ,' W 1 3 Staff A ima wfyw U"xRId'y QPP3 fb , X- iff ,MQf6,77NI,i K KLM , Shldffi ML wma f ,gf n X o ,1-J g,,Qz'l.. W , x..,Jf R S T fx A f fv' A fxP'x?N'Yixg A ffx 5 X,- QL LI 'I' 3 S IN GS X Qfiix xii, 'ag i KP 1197+ ' X v fi Q 6 f W W Af U ,fm wg L, W m 'I General Index Administration 156 Aeroettes 133 Allstate Band Regional Winners 114 Allstate Chorus Regional Winners 115 Anytown 13 Art 158 Attendance Staff 127 Back Pack Club 123 Badminton Team 199 Band Concert 119 Intermediate 119 Stage 118 Symphonic 116, 117, 118 Base Bunnies 124 Basketball Varsity 206, 207, 208, 209 J.V. 210, 211 Frosh 212, 213 Bookstore Staff 127 Boy's State 12 Business Department 160, 161 Cafeteria Staff 178 Cheer Squad 128, 129 Chorus 134, 135, 136 COE 130 Counselors 157 Cross Country Teams Varsity 194, 195 J.V. 196 Frosh 197 DECA 131 Drama Club 148 English Department 162, 163 FBLA 131 Football Varsity 184-185, 186-187, 188-189 JV 190, 191 Frosh 192, 193 Foreign Languages 164 Foreign Students 18 Forensics 139 French Club 149 GAA 144, 145, 146, 147 German Club 149 Girl's State 12 Homecoming Royalty 8 Homecoming Attendants 9 Home Economics Department 165 Industrial Arts Department 166-167 Key Club 150 Letterpersons 151 Maintenance 179 Math Department 168-169 Matmaids 124 Media Center 176 Media Center Staff 126 Model UN 125 Music Department 159 Newspaper Staff 140 National Honor Society 177 Nurse 177 Nurse's Staff 126 Optimist Winners 13 Outstanding Seniors 19 PE Department 170-171 Photo Club 142 Pom Pon Squad 132 Principal 155 Publications Club 142 Quill and Scroll 125 School Board 154 Science Department 172-173 Secretaries 180-181 Ski Club 122 Social Studies Department 1 Spanish Club 148 Spikettes 151 Student Council 120-121 Student Union 123 Sweetheart Queen 10 Swimming Team 204-205 Tennis, Boys Varsity 222-223 J.V. 225 Frosh 219 Tennis, Girls Varsity 220-221 J.V. 224 Frosli 219 Top 1fi of Seniors Top 5"i of Seniors Tri-W 122 VICA 130 Volleyball 201 War Party 137-138 Wrestling Varsity 214-215-216 .I,V. 217 Frosh 218 Yearbook Staff 141 7 Student Index Abbas, A Jay J 74 Abbe, Tawnee 100,126 Abbott. Nancy E 100,165 Abrecka. Kim A 46.141 Abrecka Tara M 102 Abrecka Tracy A 102 Ackerman. Craig V 100,116 Ackerman, Ruth 74,120.1f11.121 Ackman, Randy C 46 Adams. Darlys E 74 Adams. Ha1'lan 1.416.116 Adams. James P 100.197 Adams, Jodi 'll 74 Adams. Judy 74 Adams. Mark 1. 102.1931 Adams. Patil J 74 Agnello. Cindy L 100 Agnello. David M 46,186,151 Agnello. Ed J 74 Agnew, Ahrenb Ahrenb William M 100 crg. Lauren D 100.138,148.145 erg. Steve P 102 Alba. Christina M 74 Alba, Cindy L 102 Allan. John W 12,16,17,46,120,121 Allan. Kathryn G 102 Allen. Wayne L 100.190 Allen. William G 102.116 Allert. Dave C 46 Allison. Vicki J 106.1214 Allsop. Mark L 74 Altemus, Kimberly A 1J1,17,45.46.122 Ancona, David 102 Anderson. Anderson. Anderson. Anderson, Anderson. Anlinson. Anliuson, Anzelmo, I Deana C 102 Dennis P 102 Julie R 100 Randy W 102 William C 46 Rick A Rodney R 9.74,186.215 Ioseph S 102 Aranowski. Gregory J 142 Archer, Kelly .1 100.116.2114 Armata, Tammy M 102.219 Arner. David E 100 Arriaga. Pattv A 74.148 Arroyo, Ashby, Ashby. .1111 too April A 74 Robert 100 Ashenbrener. Barbara L 102 Ashenbrener, Lorrie J 74 Ates, 'll1111 102 Ault. David F 100 Ault. Marcia L 102 2 coli. + . 22.185 Austin, Tammy S 74.148 Aust in. Vanessa J 74.1315 Austin. Venus J 46 Austin Aust in. Avilcs. Axley. Veronica J 100.1515 Wayne F 102 Anthony A 102.193 Lori E B Baab, Sally J 100,116 Back. Don 'll 46.151 Back. Sylvia L 100,133 Bi Gary YV 74 1 Bacon, Mitfhael A 1o2,12:1.1:15.21a Baer. Keith A 100.197 Bahr. David L 102.119.192 Bailey. Angel L 100 Bailey, Lisa R 74.lT16,204 Bailey. Michelle '1' 74,100 Bailey. Mike C 116.118 Bailey, Robert W 102 Bailey, Baker. 'Perri 102 Kathleen D 100,200,201 Baldwin. Lisa M 119.124.148,145 Ball, Carolyn, A 100.1511 Ball. Judith M 47.1331 Barker, Julie M 74,141,142 125 Barker Barker Karen S 100.1J16,201 Kim I 47 119 Ba1'ker, Larry M 74,14,116 Barker. Larry '1' 47.1516 Barker, Marcia L 102.116.145 Barker, Valerie A 47.116124 Barlow VVendy J 100 Barr. Brian D 47 Barr. Bryan L 100 Barr, Laurie S 100.13151 Barr. Leanne M 100,1J1Z3,138,1-14,147,151 Barrett. Diane L 102 Barrett. Gregory D 100 Bartlett, Colleen M 74 Barton. Elmer F 91 Basso. Elizabeth M 100,138 Bayus. Diane 74 Beach. Karen L 102 Beall, Alan J 102.212 Beall. Edward A 74,1211 Beard, Greg A 102,192 Beard, Jean L 102 Bears. Toni M 100.1115 Beattie. Julie M 47 Beavers Jell' E 74,136 Beck. Michael V 47,127 Beck. Robert H 100 Becker Becker Becker Becker Bedoy, Greg L 74 11.-ggy 1o2,1:s1.17o Scott D 47 Shelly S 74,134 Cindy A 74 Bedoy, Josie E 102 Bedoy, Manuel 74 Beebe. Billy R 102 Bell. Carol M 87.102.1S1I1 Bell. Chuck D 102,126 Bell. Robin A 47.141 Bellecomo. Nunzio L 102 Belsby. Keith 102.210 Bender. Kevin E 102.187 Bennallack. David A 47,127.1J16.141.1 1219 Bennett. Michael R 102 Benson. Robert W 102 Bernards. Vickie D 47 Betterson. Jerry L 102.192 Betts. Judith K 102.148 Betz. Diana M 102. 148 Beversdorl. Scott -1 102.210 Bevolo. Cheri R 74,200.20l.1116 19 Bigsby. Lynn 47 Binder. Tracey S 102 Bingham. Lorrie L 25.47 Bingham. Richard R 74 Birch. Donna M 102 Bi1'ch. Matthew W 47,118 Birch. Steve J 74,127.190 Birchett, 'llreasa J 102.1211 Bitlcr. Carol L 102,119,146 Bjelopetrovich, Peter 102,119 Bladon. Lori L Blanchard, Joy E 47,148.204.151 Blasdell. Julie D 74,132 Bleavins. Susan M 74 Blohm. Linda K 102 Blood. Margaret R 417.124.1738 Blood. Sandra D 102,146 Bloomquist. Clay W 118 Boers. Eric L 74 Boers. Monte R 102 Boesch, Patricia A 48,127 Boesch. Thomas M 102 Bohlman. Grant L 74 Boissoneau, Jill A 102 Bond. Alan D 102.1J16.148.149 Bonebrake. Larry C 48,131 Book. Judith L 48.116119 Boom. Allen W 102 Boi-dow. Scott E 102,225 Bosch. Steven W Bottort't'. Andrea 74.149 '1 Boucher, Kevin B 74, Boucher. Noel 1-1 48,186,151 Boulanger. Richard P 102 Bourgeois. 'Pirnothy -l 102 Bowdish, Nanette A 75.124 Bowers. Debbie M 48,130 Bowers. Diane R 102,131 Bowman. Elizabeth A 75 Boyle. James 102 Braaten, Edward K 102,136,149 Bradshaw, 'Perri A 48 42.194, Bradshaw. Vickie L 102,204 Bragaw, Cynthia N 102,134 Bramwell. Sherry K 102 Branch, Gail L 48 Branch, Lynn M 75 Brandt. Glenda L 75 Brandt. Linda M 102 Brasher. Gary P 48.186187 Brazell, Bryan W 102. 148 Brazell, Tamra J 75 Brebner, Karen M 102 Breedlove. Nathen M 75 Breen, Christopher S 102,190 Brethwaite. Terence 'I' 102 Briant, Kathleen A 47.66 - Briguglio, Patil 75 , Brink. Donald C 102,190 Brinson. Shelene P 102,14 Brockman. Greg A 102,193 Brogan, Cheryl L 102,134 Brogan. Terry A 75,190 Broker. Jeffrey M 75 Broker. Richard P 102,192,213 Brokeshoulder, Nick T 102,193 Brooks Laura L 48 Brown.i Courtney E 102,192,218 Brown. Brown, Curtis W 208 .may 11 102 Brown. Melissa H 48,122 Brown. Pennie S 48 Brown. Stephanie D 48 Broyles. Martha E 48,75 Broyles Bruce. Bruce. Bruck. , Monica L 1511 Christopher D 48 Patricia J 75 David A 102 Bruno, Burce R 102 Bryans. Mark E 75.186 Buchanan. Jody L 102 Buck, 112111111-I 75 Buckley, Ed J 102 Buckley. Karen B 102 Buckley. Kathy A 75 Buckwalter, Jill R 75 Budde. Diana J 102 Burch. James 49 Burtord. Kenneth A 49 Burgess. Gary A 49,102 Burkhart. Irene M 75,1311 Burkhart. Marlene J 102 Burkhart. Thomas S 49.13l1,186 Burns. David G 75,190 Busch, Beverly A 75,1514 Butler. Cynthia L 75,126, 141,142 Butler, Dwayne Z 102 Butler. Jerry A 102,126 Butler. Kathleen L 34,49.132,139 Buzan, Scott L 26.49.1i11,151 Bynon, Charles L 49 Byrd, Vicki A 103 Caldwell. Randy C 1033 Callaway, Larry W 17.49,118. Callow. Anne E 1031 Callow, Paul VV 75 Campbell. Judy L 49 Campb ell. Kenneth W 75 Cannon. Elizabeth R 49,131 Capelik. Stanley D 102 Cappello, Cheryl M 103 Capps. Christy R 75.141 Capulli. Martina L 49 a rlin. arlson Dave R 75 , Brian R 49,141 arlson, Jim E 75 186 , 1 C Carlson. David G 103 1 Caron. Brad A 1033 Caron, Michelle S 43,49 Carpentier, Henri L 1031 arrera, David G 103 arroll, Diane M 75 Carroll, Sharron A 103 Carter. Diane L 103 Carter. Pamela 103 Carter. Rose M 102 Casey, Susan C 103 Catlin. George E 49 Cayett. Curt W 102 Cecich. Ginger L 49.141 C. C. Cecil, Eugene K 49 Cecil, Roberta D 102 Chambers, Kerri L 102,124 Chang, Harry J 75 Chase, Dawn R 102 Chase, Robert D 49,131 Chesnut, Gerald W 103 Christie, John A 103 Christmas, Janet 103,123 Christofanelli, Barbara K 10,90,102,133,144, Daly, Dawn D 90 Daly, Linda J 51 Damiano, Patricia 51,130,141 Danko, John P 51 Danko Joseph M 90 Danner, Robert C 104 Darling, Lane B 76, 194, 195, 151 Darling, Richard L 104,219 Davidheiser, Nancy S 90 Davis Alice A 76 Eckerman, Rudy T 105 Eckstadt, Angela F 77 Eckstadt, Caroline A 105,119,122 Edelen, James B 52,186,187 Edmondson, Richard T 91 Edmund, Glenn 105 Edson, William B 91,210 Edwards, Jeffrey C 91 Ehrhart, Cindy S 105 Ehrhart, Sabra L l3,15,16,17,52,116,118,120, 151 Christy, Thomas R 102,210 Cimino, Stephanie F 75 Clark, Brian 118 Clark, David B 50,116 Clark, Debra D 50 Clark, George E 15,17,50,118,194 Clark, John F 38,73,76,120,186,121 Clark, Judy A 76,122,160 Clark, Kelly S 102 Clark, Linda S 76 Clark, Lori 50,122 Clark, Pam L 103,122 Clark, Ruth E 50 Davis, Alvin D 76 Davis Kim E 76 Davis Phyllis L 76 Davis Pixie G 76 Davis, Ronald P 104 Davis Stuart A 76 131 Davison, Dennis D,104 Dean, Ralph S 76 121 Eidell, Stacy L 105 Elardo, Nick D 91,190 Elkins, Greg A 105,183 Elliott, James R 105 Ellis, Cathleen J 77,116 Ellis, Steven G 105,135 Ellison. Karen A 52,105,133 Clark, Tammy L 103,122 Clarke, Cathy H 76 Clayman, Steven E 76 Clifton, Deborah A 50 Coffey, Christopher C 1,03 Dean, Shirley A 104,135 Deboer, Dann 104,119,123 Dedonatis, Michelle M 51,134 Deer, John R 90 Deerr, Michael A 104,193 Defazio, Laurie A 104 Deines, Kenneth J 104,149,212 Delair, Carolyn J 104 Delair, Patricia E 76 Delbrook, Cynthia S 51,137,138,144,198,199 Delbrook, Joseph H 76 Emfinger, Paul E 105 Emmett, Darryl J 91 England, Randy D 119 Erickson, Cole S 77,122 Erickson, Cory S 52 Erickson, Lori M 91 Erwin, Karen R 12,16,17,25,38,52,128,129, 138,144,151 Erwin, Mark A 91,122,186,151 Eschler, Wayne 105,218 Espinoza, Joe 77 Coffey, Ray T 76 Coghill, Tricia 102 Coker, Allen R 76 Colbert, Kevin S 102,190 Colby, Carol L 102,151 Colby, Mary A 76,134 Collins, Carol A 103 Collins, Judith M 76,131,151 Conrad, Philip W 90 Contino, James G 103 Cook, Anna 50,122,141 Cook, Mary 20,76,122,125,120,121 Cook, Nicholas 103 Cooley, Danelle 103,133 Cooper, Gary M 90,119 Cooper, Kim A 76,199 Cooper, Tammy L 90,158 Corbin, Leslie 50 Demaio, Robert K 104 Deming, Greg V 76,186 Deming, Jeaunette E 90,124,138 Deming, Karen A 104 Denison, Matthew 76 Depinto, Lori 76,127 Depinto, Matthew J 96 Desjardins, Susan M 104 Dettling, Charles E 104,193 Dettling, Nancy A 51 Dickerson, Penny L 91 Dickson, Cindy R 104 Dickson, Debra A 51 Dickson, Patricia M 51 Dickson, Richard N 76 Dickson, Robert H 91 Cordova, Ephram 26,90 Cordova, Rudy 76 Coryell, Kelly A 76,131 Cossell, Jack L 50 Cossell, Karen S 76 Costa, Robert E 11,90 Costianes, Rick B 90 Cotter, Kim K 14,50,116,136 Couch, Deborah A 76 Countryman, Alfred M 51 Countryman, Kenneth F 76 Craft, Craft, Lynette M 51 William E 76 Craig, Heather N 76,122,133,138,144,148,151 Craig, Michael E 90 Crain, Richard P 76,141,142 Crane, Eric 76,151,139 Craven, Callina C 19 Crawford, Elisa M 76,143,139 Crawford, Frances C 34,51,134,148,160,139 Crawford, Isaac D 103,193,212 Creamer, Vernon C 103,119 Crosby, Wendy L 119 Cross, Pamela M 90 Crowley, Sheri L 51 Crum, Pamela 76,124 Cullari, Anna M 76 Cullinan, Jeffrey J 90,116,118 Cullinan, John J 90 Cunningham, Cynthia L 90,119,149,204 Cunningham, Robert 103, 146 Curry, Thomas L 76 Curry, William R 103, 225 D Curthoys A S 76 Curtis, Ceclan C 103,109,192 Curtis, Kelly L 76,122 Dabney, Charles P 76 Dafferner, Mike L 76 Dagostino Mark A 51 Dahl, Bonnie G 90,133,151 Dahl, Scott M 51,215 Dake, Cynthia K 90 Diggs, Keith W 51,141 Dill, Darleen M 76,120,131,121 Dillehunt, C P 87,91,118,121 Dircks, Gary R 104 Dircks, Ty M 76 Dirks, Diane M 76 Dirr, Susan K 91,149 Dixon, Joan M 91,128 Dodson, Kristina D 101,104,204,146 Dodson, Paulette E 104 Doepke, Steven G 52,183,186 Doesburg, Jim R 91,96 Dolence, Craig A 76,104 Dollman, Victoria L 91 Dombrovski, Barry J 104,193 Dombrovski, Glen A 104,193,218 Donald, Lorrie J 91 Donald, Pam K 104 Donaldson, Sheril A 76 Donaldson, Sonya J 104 Dorcey, Carmen L 91,149 Dove, Dave M 208,209,207 Dow, Debra 91 Dowell, Maureen A 43,52,123 Downer, Guy C 76,122 Drake, John C 91,126 Drakos, Jimmy H 104,219,225 Drakos, Valerie 91 Drenten, Shavone M 52 Dressler, Scott L 77 Drew, Thomas H 52,190 Drozda, Janet I 104 Drwinga, Randall L 104 Drwinga, Rory A 91 Duke, Linda M 77 Duncan, David C 77 Dunn, Kathy L 52 Dunn, Tia I 104 Dupont, Vickielynn J 91 Dyke, Dawn M 104 Dyke, Gregg W 91,197 E Eacock, Cheryl M 52,134,136,138,151 Eastin, Sally L 73,77 Eastman, Donald D 77 Evans, Peggy J 105 Ewing, Vicki L 77,122,125 F Faith, Randall C 43, 105,123 Falaschetti, Rosanne M 105 Falk, Jody K 17,45,52 Falk, Rozanne D 91,128,129 Fanion, Jesse M 77 Fann, Donna L 91 Farrell, Bruce W 52 Fechenbach, Samuel L 105 Feldman, Nadine M 91 Feller, Denise A 105 Fenchak, Kim C 105,145 Ferguson, Andy A 136 Ferradino, Rhonda L 105,146 Ferradino, Steven P 77 Ferry, Richard A 77 Fertig, Jeffrey R 91 Fetterman, Janet D 77 Finch, Ruth K 105 Fisch, Paul E 119 Fischer, John L 77 Fisher, Beth V 91,148,149 Fisher, Glenn D 52 Fitzgerald, Karey M 53,126,176 Fitzgerald, Lori A 91,151 Flanagan, Moira A 77 Flanagan, Patrick F 105,123 Flanagan, Sean A 53 Fleming, Ellen 53,126 Flesner, Joyce P 77 Flesner, William G 53 Fliegel Tracy M 105 Fiondfkevin F 105,192,212 Flood, Michaelyn A 120,125 Flood, Flood, Flores, Florez, Foggy, Stephan J 91,197 Suzanne M 91 Francisco M 105,135,192 Margaret J 53,132,147 Diana M 53 Ford, Johnny E 105 Fordiani, Lynn B 105,202,204 Foster, Darlene K 53,200,201 Foster, Dudley G 53 Francis, David A 53,136,148,186,151 Francis, Larry B 38,77,183,186,151 Francis, Timothy S 105,193 Franck, David G 105 Franke, Carol J 58,148,200,201,220 Franke, Susie E 53 Fraser, Terri L 105 Frazier, Donald L 91 Frazier, Pamela J 105,134 Frechette, Thomas N 105 Fredenberg, James P 77 Fredenberg, Monica A 77,112,200,201,220 Fredericks, Ellis L 105 Fredericks, Fredericka A 91 Freeman, Brenda K 105 231 Frees. Christine C 105 Freshman. Jodi L 77.143,148 Friedl, Joan M 78,132,144 Friedl. Mary F91.1!17.148 Friend. Billy E 91 Fryer. Ronald D 105 Fuller. Kit L 105.135 Fuller. Nelissa L 78.134.136 Fulton. Cynthia L 91 Fulton. Sandra L 78 Fultz. Alan D 58 Furman, David K 53 G Gabhart. Jeri S 91.127 Galey. Carol L 91 Ganley. Melia A 91 Gardner. Jan L 78 Gardner, Jerry 105 Garigali. Nina F 78,165 Garland. Mitchell D 53 Garrigan. Desi 105 Garrow. Dale A 53,151 Gatlin. Billie L 78 Gatlin. Theresa A 105 Gee. Steve M 91 George. Janet R 127 Gerber. John R 91,210.211 Grether, Mark C 78,139 Grieser, Holly J 25,54,137.138,199 C-rilliin. Michael J 78 C C 1 C I f I C I 4 K irisham. Joreen 54 lroeneveld. Mike 78 lroeneveld. Steve D 105 lrunden. Kathy J 54.149 lrunwald, Roger 54 lrysho. Sandra A 92 luderjohn. Benita D 78 luderjohn. Melissa M 106 luerard. James J 106,197 lunn. Scott A wuntcr. Jelt 18 Gunter. Kimberly 92 cf. I 1 uunty. Cheryl L 106.119.1538 Iutierrez, Debra F 106 luzman. Dolores 92 Guzman. Erma J 106 H Hadley. Miehael E 92,186 Hadorn. Jacqueline R 92,138,144,204 Haggard. Philip L 92,118.119 Halawith. Lynn M 78,122,148 Halbig. Warren A 78 Halik, Joseph F 25.55 Halik. Robin M 106 Geschke. Gerber. Michael E 53 Gerber. Michele A 78 Gcrkin. Connie G 105.119.2111 Gcrkin. Mary J 991,200,201 Gerkin. Nancy L 73,78 Gerstner. Jonathan P 78.116 Bryan W 105 Geschke. Eric D 194.151 Geske, Michelle L 101.105.1218 Gessner. Katherine E 44,54,l41,l42 C 101 lessner. Richard K F Getz, James W' 78.122.186 Gibbs. Michael S 105 Giesie. Gary VV 78 Giesie. Richard N 105 Gignac. Gary 105 Gilbert. Robert J 54.162,151 Gillmreth. Denver J 105.192.218 Giles. Keith S 91 Gillespie, Wendi 91.1334 Gillette. Kelley M 78 Gilmore. Tammy L 60 Giza, Paul F 105 Glaze. Thomas C 91 Godich. Bob 105 Goell C indy 192116 702.204 Goettl. David D 105.219.222 Q ' . - ' fir. loins. E lward L 100, .2 Gonzales, Arthur R 92 Gonzales. Dolores L 54 Gonzales Gonzales Gonzalez 1319 floodlly. , Donna L 54,172 . Gloriamarie 105 . Alvaro K1 18.21l. Donna L 78.132 Goodman, Marel 34,54,139 Goodman, Thomas H 54 Goodrich. Carolyn L 78 Goodrich. John H 101,105,148 Goodwin. Elisa 105 Gordell. Alice R 43.78,148,139 Gower. June D 105,119.204 Graber. Wendell D 92 Graf. Joyce M 78.122,148 Grail. Michael S 78 Graham. Jett D 5-1 Graham. Sheryl K 105,134 Graham, Thomas G 105.218 Gramer. Mark E 78 Grand. Deborah S 70,136 Grand. Steven M 92.208207 Grant. Lisa L 92 Grantham. James K 38,78 Grantham. Scott R 92 Grapshi. Laura A 105.12-1,219 Gray. Jeanna M 92,135 Gray. Randy E 78.186 Gray. X icki J 92, 11 Green. Kristi L 105,134.149 Green. Linda G 92,131.148 Greer. Bill R 190,210 Greer, Tanya M 105 Gregor. Teresa G 78 Halitzka. Laura E 79 Halitzka, Naomi K 55.128.129,138 Hall. David M 106,148,193 Hall. Meryl J 92 Halsema. James A 79 Hamer. Pamela S 106 Hamilton, Cindy A 106 Hamm. Johnny M 79 Hammond, Mary L 55,131,136 Hancock. James D 197 Handley. Dawn M 106 Handy. Edward G 106 Hannasch. Joseph G 92 Hannasch. -lulie L 79 Hannasch, Susie 106,135 Hansen, Vicki L 38.55,58.137.138,141,142, l99.l46.15l Hargis. Melanie L 79 Harness. Steven M 106,116,218 Harrington. Bruce H 79 Harrington, Colleen K 79 Harrington. Jeffery L 106,193 Harrington. Jill A 92.119 Harris. Luann 106 Harris. Shelli J 131 Harris. Timothy J 106 Hart. Jett' W 84,92.96,190 Hart. Ted P 106 Hasse. Eugene W 131 Hasse. Shaun M 92,13Z1.134 Hasse. Tom H 116 Havens. Deborah A 106 Havey. Emily J 92 Hawkins, Nena M 92,131 Hawkley, -loel F 92 Hawks, Rick H 92 Hay. Keith M 79,106 Hayden. Anne M 92.119,122,124,204 Hayden, Michael K 55.106 Hayes. Tracy L 79 Heath. Gregory R 79 Hedin. Randijean G 11.92,149.139 Heideman. Ann M 9.106,124.l49.204 Hein. Lane A 79 Henningsen. Cindie K 92,119,122,149,204 Hensley, Paula C 79 Hering. Karen L 106 Hermansen, Constance J 55 Hermansen, Dennis H 106,193,212 Herrin. Gail M 92,148,149 Herrin, Jackie J 92 Herrin. Mark E 38,55 Herrin. Shirley L 79 Herrington. Janice N 55.130 Herrington, Suzanne E 92.134 Hession, Robert J 106 Heye. Brian P 55 Hicks, Bradley W 55 Hicks. Gregg A 92 Hicks. Jetlrey A 79 Hicks, Terence L 55 Higgins. Donald E 186 Higgins. Linda -1 106.149 Higgins. Richard P 43.79.148 Higgins. Wesley J 92 Highland. Nikoli A 55 Hill. Joannie L 79.92,132,201 Hill. Kathy L 45.55,120,130 Hilliker. Leayne L 55 Hinds, John K 92 Hinds. Sandy A 79 Hint-man. James M 106 Hincman. Timothy E 92 Hines. Rodney J 56 Hobson. Bennie R 106.127 Hol'1'erbel', Tricia A Hohn. Kate A 106 Hohn, Stephen P 79 Holbrook, Roxanne 79 Holiday, Clay W 106,192,212 Holland. Stephen A 79.118 Holowell. Diana L 56 Holstin. Gail D 11,87,92,134,1fl9 Holstin. Karen L 34,711.79 Holt. William E 194.151 Holtorli. Heidi J 106,119 Holtori. Lance J 92 Honahni. Katherine M 106,119 Honahni, Sandra D 92,119,151 Honer. Kim A 26,31,106.204 Hopson. Claudia R 106 Houben. Kirby S 106,193 Houben. Penny D 25.38,56,128.129.138,151 House. Dana R 106 Hovis. Gail M 92,138 Howe, Greg S 106 Howk. -lohn 106 Howley. Michael A 92,225 Howley. Richard M 56 Hubbell. Jonathan C 26.106 X Hubler. Greg S 79 Hudson. Danny L 79 Huebsch. C A 106.135 Hughes. James J 92 Hughes. Jim E 79 Hughes. Pam A 92 Hughes, Roger K 79 Hussey . David L 106 Huston. Robert J 79 Hyde. Pamela A 56 Hyett. Julie L 79 Hynes. Jim L 193 Hynes. Julie A 56,138 I lllingworth. Susan E 79 lnthout, John 92 Ivan. Gary P 56.131 lvan, Jellrey S 79 Jackson, Robert J 93.118122 Jacobs. Juanita L 92,149 Jacome. Alex 92.148 James. Jacqueline L 79 -lames. Lisa F 106 Jamsa. Kris A 106 Jaramillo. Amy A 93 Jaramillo. Josephine T 56 Jarman. Suzanne 106,138,145 Jennings. Carole M 106,124,201 Jensen,Rick J 106,193 Jeziorski. Luke M 106,116 Jogerst . Joan E 79.148 Johnson. Andrew W 79 Johnson. David L 79 Johnson, Michael E 93 Johnson. Johnson. Steve M 79 Johnston. Stephanie L 79 Jolly, Denise K 79,130 Jones. Jones. Jones, Jones. Jon es. Angela S 951 Barbara A 93 Bradley G 56 Byron L 80 6 Pamela A 79.93 Charlene M 10 119,124,138 Jones. Delisa M 56 Jones. Elizabeth K 80 Jones. Gerald 106 Jones. Glen A 56,186 Jones, Jill D 88,106,l24,204 Jones, Larry W 80 Jones. Susan E Jones, Terry L 93,197 Jordan. Mary E 93 Jordan, Randy L 80 Jordan. Ricky D 80 Joseph. Paul C 56,151 Joslyn, Lisa D 106,122,124,135,204 Jung. Sally L 80 Jung, William C 93 K Kaasa, Karen A 17,57 Kahn, William A 190 Kaiser. Steve R 106 Kaliski, Dianne M 93 Kane, Kathy A 93 Kaplan. Edward A 106 Kaplan. Marla E 38,93 Kapski, John P 106,192 Katz, Annette L 93 Kauffman, Karl J 106,116 Kauffman, Timothy M 93,194,195,210 Kearns, Alisa L 133,106 Kress, Dawn L 80 Krienkc, Kimberly K 107 Kristick, Laurel L 107,219 Krolak. Frances A 107 Kroll, Dianne L 80 Kuefner. Danny B 107,193,213 Kuefner, Janet L 94.126 Kuntz. Gary P 107.219 Kurz. Laurie S 107 Kuznitz, Diann V 107,119 L Labranche, Jacques R 57 Labranche, Louise M 80,127 Lafronz, Nicholas J 94.210 Laibe, Jeffrey W 57 Lame, Joseph 107 Lame. Paula E 107 Lancendorfer. Catherine A 94,119 Landauer, Brian F 94 Lanford, Rebecca A 57 Lange, Susan M 57,130 Lange, William R 57,116 Lard. Michael G 57.122,162,186,151 Larive, Kelly 94 Luthander, Shelly J 94 Lybbert, Yvonne M 87,94.l20 Lynn. Renee M 108 Lynn, William A 94 Mach. Mack Mack Brian A 59,187,151 , Jackie M 108,210,151 , Jennifer A 94,138,201,1 MacPherson, Kenneth J 108 45,151 Kearns, Tina 93 Keats. Keats. Cindy 80 Robert 'l' 106,192,213 Keenan, Charles E 57,131 Keenan, Margaret M 106,138 Keenan. Therese M 93,145 Keller. Keller Bill 93 Michael C 57,119,123 Kelley, Kathleen L 80,136 Kelley. Kimberly A 93,131 Kelley, Michael B 93 Kelley, Rae A 43,951,148 Kelly., Kemp, Kenim Gerald J 80 Robert C 80,135 er. Donna L 80 Kennedy. Michele K 80,116 Kenyon, Lela S 80 Kerns, Eric W 106 Kerwood. James R 11.80.197 Kestler. Mark A 93 Kestlcr. Paul D 17 .151,139 Larrabee, Patricia A 107,124 Lass, Amy L 94,124 Lass. Ti Lassley. Lassley, Lassley. Latham, mothy J 57,186,151 James A 58 Rana M 107 Shelley J 94 Floyd E 94 Latimer, Laura A 58,127 Latimer, Lynn K 133 Latouf, Larry B 107.192 Lauber. Tami L 94 Lavine, Linda C 107 Law, Jim D 80,208 Law, Thomas R 94 Lawrence, Lisa A 73,122,127,205,120,121 Lay. Ka thy S 45,58.120,121,131 Lay. Kent A 107,122,193 Leach. Melonie L 94 Lcdwon, Robert P 13.80.151 Ledwon, Steven D 94,157 Kestner, Jean A 80,131 Kiehl. Tom M 80.135 Kilduff. Cheryl 80.115,120,125.131,138, 131 Kilduff. Gary J 193 Kilduff, Shawn T 93,190 Kinahan. Patrick J 80 King. Joann 107 King, Paulette J 23,80,127 Kinhan, Christen M 107 Kinsley, Myrla K 107,145,151 Kiper. Joyce A 107 Kiper, Larry 57,186,151 Kiper. Tina M 107 Kirkland, Deborah L 80,122,134 Kirkpatrick, Marilyn L 107 Kirley, Jennifer J 107,118,124 Kirwin, Kenneth R 80 Kirwin, Richard G 93 Klammer, Horst W 18,23,57,158 Klatt. David L 107,192 Kleier. William J 80,186,208 Kleist, Scott C 107,119 Klinefelter, Paul S 93,186,210 Knochel, Herb D 107,135 Knot-bel. Nathan -1 80 Knochenhauer, Theodore G 93 Knott, Derrick J 93,190,191 Knudtson, Cheryl L 93,127,135 Koenig, Susanna 57,131 Konopasky, Karen L 107 Koons, Darren F 93,190 Korp, Dan G 80,107 Kossow, Charles J 57,186 Kostelny, Robert J 93 Kosty, Cynthia M 57,34,36,125,136,205 Kosty, Janet L 80.136 Kott, Kathy L 107 Kovacs. Andrea D 93,138 Koyalesky. Joseph E 80,186 Kozak, Susan H 93.204 Krauss, Charles R 93 Krch. Eric L 57 Krch. Ryan G 80 Lees, Vera 124 Leitz. Lisa K 94,134,138 Lcntz, Cynthia A 107,119,133 Lentz, Gregg A 94,119 Lenz, Thomas J 108 Leon. Lorraine B 108,205,151 Leon, Marian R 93.94.148 Leon. Theresa M 94,148,205,151 Leonard. Uthynia K 108 Lester, Kerri so,122,1:16,2o5,139 Levine, Robin S 108,135 Lewandowski, Cheryl L 94.134 Lewis. Diana L 80 Lewis. Susan K 108 Lewis. Thomas W 58,141 Liebert, Bruce 58,120 Lindquist, Donald D 108 Lipska.Billy D 80 Lipska. Christina A 108 Lipson. Kenneth T 108 Lipson. Tina L 58 Little. Timothy B 80,186 Lively, James VX' 80 Lloyd. Michael W 108 Loesing, Jack E 108 Loftis, Susan M 58 Lohmeyer, Teresa J 94 Londen, Daniel R 80,136 Londen, Debra R 108,119,135,219,224 Long, Faron L 108,135,193 Long, Rahlan F 58 Longfield. Laura L 58,116,118,122 Lord. Jonathan D 123,126 Lory, Loran S 108,219 Lott, Sharon L 80.87,94,120.124 Lowe Lowe. . Brett L 108 Darrin D 108 Lowe, Lisa 94,126 Lowe, Terri A 108,124 Lowell. Bruce T 58 Lowell, Kristin M 108,119 Lowell, Tina R 108 Loy, William 80,187 Lumpmouth, Darrell R 23,108,219 Luthander, Gary L 58 MacVicar Barbara S 108 Magee. Lydia M 94,134 Magras, Michael G 108,119 Magyar, Roberta A 108,138,139 Maisto, Roseann 94 Malachesen. Tammy J 108 Malmos, Rae D 108 Malone, Donna J 94 Malone. Robert M 59 Mancuso, Robert li 108 Mandile. Elisabeth D 108,135 Mandile, Pamela M 14,59,136 Mangione, Andrea C 10,108,138.146,151 Mangione, Stephanie 80 Manley. Tim L 108 Marchal. Lisa A 94,128,129 Marchant, Bradly S 59 Marek. Steven E 59 Marks. Ronnie A 59 Maroney, Kent A 108,193,218 Maroney, Rodney L 81 Marquis, Jeff L 108 Marsh, Starlean D 60 Marsh, Valerie L 94,134,135 Marshall, Ladonna K 108 Marshall, Ralph L 94 Martin, Lisa A 108 Martinez. Anna J 59,130 Martinolich. Annarita E 94 Mason. Tamera A 81 Massey, Sharon M 81 Mast, Fred 108 Mathews. Fred V 81 Matuskey, Randy L 94 Mauer, Brad W 81 Mauer. Greg A 108 Mavis. Janice A 108 Mayer. Diane T 108 Mayhew, Kristy D 94 McAllister, Patricia M 94,148 McAskill. Melody D 94 McBride, Catherine L 73,180,116 McBride. Howard A 108,116,192 McCallum, Mary E 108 McCasland, Cherry 58 McCluskey, Danny M 94 McCollum. Kielan J 25,34,94,139 Mc-Coy. Debra S 59,125,136 McCoy. Terry S 80,194.196,151 Mc-Cray. Stephen W 59,187 McCray. Stewart 59,187 McCray. Victoria J 108 McCu1ley, Robert J 59 McDaniel. Rodney. 127,135 McDaniel. Steven V 213 McDavitt, Michelle F 94 McDavitt, Roxanne G 59,130 McDonald. Connie J 94 McDonald, Joseph P 131 McDonald, Michael T 94 McDonald, Steven W 108 McElwain. Kim E 59,204,205 McFarland, Laura S 94 McGann, John W 108,193 McGilvray, Laura E 34,36,59,136 McGrath. Melinda S 94,165 McGrath, Patricia A 94.122 Mclntyre, Rodney B 94 McKibbon. John R 94 McKinney, Anne E 80 McMelIen, James A 59,94 McMurray. Annette L 80 Mc-Nally, Cathleen B 108,135 lN'lcNaug1hton, Lark P 12,15.59,115,116120 122.121 McNeil, Elizabeth C 108 McVicker. Brian L 108,193 Medici, Charles J 60 Meeks, Vicki L 15,17,60,116 Mcerhoff, Keith 108 Melville, Robin L 1213 Menter. Norman L 94 Merrill, Cindy S 94 Merrill, Mary I, 60 Messina, Debbie L 108,219 Metzger. Thomas E 108 Michael. Darla G 108.135 Micha el. Darrell L 94 Micko, Daniel R 81,187 Midkilli. Cathy I, 60,181 Milham. Julie A 95,118,188 Millde brandt, Matthew G 81,116,118 Miller, Cynthia 181,116,118 Miller James B 95 Miller. Jody A 108 Miller, Julie I 60,125,136 Miller, Karen E 23,81 Miller. Lawrence D 60 Miller Michael K 108 Miller: Michelle M si Miller Scott F 95 Miller, Steve B 108 Miller, Steve F 95,2121 Miller. Stuart. A 81,141,142 Miller, Tamera K 60,127,130 Milliron. Bobbi J 108 Milliron. Mathew M 108 Milliron, Melody A 95,96,127,188 Milne. Kyle 108 Minogue, Bret C Minsky, Constance L 108,124 Mion. Christine 108 Missineio. Debborah A 95,131 Mitchell, James J 108 Mitchell, Mark W 108,119 Mitchell. Patricia J 60,130 Moceri, David M 151 Moeller, Daniel D 81 Moen, Carol A 108 Moen, Susan L 95 Monahan. Judy L 81,133 Moninger, Jay C 60,187,208,207,151 Montana, Anthony 95 Monteser, Diane R 81,143,189 Montgomery, Dan C 95 M ontg Moody omery, Kimberly A 108,132,134 '. Dawn D 95,133,144.151 Moore, Debbie -I 60,124 Moore, Henry 60 Moore. James W 109,212 Moore. Kelly A 95,133,145 Moran. Margaret A 95,122,141 Morehouse, Charles W 95 Morehouse Perr A 109 219 225 Morga 1 Y 1 4 n, Laura J 61,124 Morgo. Carrie A 109,219 Morphew, Susan E 95,172 Morphew, William D 81 Morris, Kelly S 95 Morrow. Eddie J 81 Morrow, Ellen J 95.148 Mosher, Rex G 81 Motley. Calvin T 95 Motley. Karen L 109 Mousseau. Monty J 95 Mousseau, Vicky L 61 Mueller, Frederick M 95,119 Mueller. Karl J 61,187 Mullet. Darrell G 109 lV1ullet,Debbie J 81 Mullings, Carrie L 190,219 Munding, Daniel J 109 Munsell, Michael S 61,109 Munsey. Lisa I 109.219 Murphy, Anthony W 81 Murphy. Dean 95 Murphy. Lance P 95,190,210 Myers. I-Iarold E 95 Myers, Kevin E 95 Mysliwiec. Frank T 81,1l6,118,119,122 N Nail. Sandra F 95.1231 Napier. Barbara J 81 Napier, Danny D 61,187,151 Napier, Ruth A 109 Neel, Ginger K 109.116 Nelson, Becky M 95.145 Nelson. David VV 82 Nelson, Kerry 82 Nelson. Roland Y 95 Nesslar, Lynne M 95 Ncsslar, Michael L 95 Newcomb. Kari D 75,136,143 Newman. Annette L 109,135 Newman. Theresa M 95 Newport, Susan G 95,148 Nichols, John F 109,119,192 Niemeyer, Lisa A 25,61,199 Niemeyer, Richard C 95 Nilles, Danny 95 Noble, Toby L 82 Nodzak, Barbara 82 Nordquist. Mary E 109 Norris, Donna J 95 Nozicka, Christine C 82 Nunley. Larry E 96 Nunley, Rickey A 96,136 Nutter, Forrest F 109 Nybakken, Myra K 109,119 O O'Bryan, Charles R 61,131 O'Bryan, Nancee Y 109,201 Ockenfels, Allen A 82 Ockentels, Carol M 61,180 Ockentels, Thomas P 109 O'Connell, Erin J 61 O'Connell, Karen L 96,151 O'Connor, Donna M 109,134 Oesterreicher, Susan A 61 Otferman, Stacey K 96 Okeefe. Peggy A 61 Okeeffe, Kathleen A 109,124,135 Okeeffe, Richard F 61,148 Olas. Michael Z 61,122 Olroyd, Travis P 96,190 Olson. Carrie E 82,115,120,122 Olson. Memory G 1315 Opocensky, Lorraine A 82 Orchard. Karen A 96,128,129,138, 220.151 Ordway, Lester S 43,61,12f1 Oremus, Susan A 20,61,141 Orloski. Kathleen A 109 Ortega. Cecilia M 82 Ortega, Michael A 9,10,62,183,187, 208,207 Ortiz. Susanne M 109,219 Osegueda. Elizabeth A 109 Ostheitner. Dawn 109 Ostheimer, Diane 62 Ottinger, Claudia J 96 Ottinger. Terri A 62 Overby. Dennis E 82 Oviedo. Kenneth D 62 Owen, Michael K 82 Owen. Teresa M 109,124 P Padgham. Scott T 109 Palermo. Catherina 109,119 Palermo. Frank B 62 Palermo, Joanne 96,109 Palm. Stephen J 96 Panasiti, Jeffrey J 82 Pantelidou. Susana C 18,253.62 Parascandola, Grace E 109,219 Parcell, Michael J 62,222,229 Parke, Julie M 96.122,204,205 Parke, Leslev A 7J1.82.122,125.202,205 Parker. Dee G 62,1310 Parker, Stacy S 96 Parks. Tamara L 96,131 Parks. Thomas E 82,196 Parks. Toni L 110 Parrish, Donald I, 96,190 Parrish, Mike J 110,192,218 Parry. Pamela J 96 Partridge, James S 82,227 Pastor, Micheal S 62,194 Patterson, Don E 96 Patterson, Dorene 62,82 Paul. Connie S 82,141.142.152 Paul, Jack H 96 Pauwels, Kathrine A 110 Pearre. WVilliam B 110.198 Peddle, Debbie L 82 Peddle, Diana L 110,201,145 Peets. Dennis L 82 Pelletier, Annette J 82 Pelletier, Jett F 110 Pelton, Carl J 62 Pennington, Alice K 62,107,141 Perdue. Kelly S 96,151 Pergola. Joey J 110,126,149 Perruccio, Scott A 110,193 Peters. D Peters. D Peters. K Peters. R Peters, Sally J 631 Petersdor Petersrlorf, Mark D 96 , Robert M 110 Petersen Peterson v Peterson, Peterson ennis E 62 ouglas E 96,190 im S 82,122.138,148,144 ussell W 62,187 f, Kirk 110 Brent H 82 David C 110 David R 83 Peterson. Janette 110 Peterson, Michael D 63 Peterson, Patnela L 83,122,128,129 lZI8.l4fI.151 Peterson, Randall M 110 Peterson. Sandy J 83,205,144 Petro, Patricia A 96,148 Pettijohn. Michael J 96 Pettijohn. Robert B 110,193 Pettijohn. Thomas E 613,187,151 Petty, Marshall W 110 Phelps, Tracy S 110,128 Phiefer. Mitchell 96 Pick. Rebecca I, 63 Pickering, Sherry L 96 Picone, Angela J 96,144 Pierce, Brenda L 110,151 Pierce, James C 110.148 Pietro, Michael L 110,193 Pietrocarlo, -Ianelle A 110 Pietrocarlo, Lisa M 83 Pingitore. James D 65 Pinney. Carl A 68 Pippin. Robert L Plante, Steven M 96 Plein, Kathryn 96 Plummer. Timothy .I 63,116 Pogue. Terri L 110,124 Polley, Beverly A 110,184,149 Pool. Lisa M 6Il,126,137,138,176 Poore. Paul R 851,222,228 Poore. Wanda S 96 Potter, Ronald E 190,151 Powell, Daniel B 110,116,193 Powell. Diane L 88,8511fl8,144,200,201 117 151 Powell, Jett' S 621 Powell, Susan E 17,6J3.122,136.205 Preach, Kimberly 110,133 Price, Margaret L 184 Price, William M 63 Prin, Tammy L 83 Prince, David L 83,148 Pruett. Bradley H 831,110,212 Pruitt. Debra A 821 Pruitt. Lorie A 96 Puglise, Sherri J 110.124 Puglise, Veronica L 82l.124,l48.151 Pursell, Cynthia J 96 Pursell. Debra S Purvis, Gerald 63 Pusateri, David J 81,110,122 Pusateri. Peter L 621,122 Puype. Lisa 96 Puype. Sheryl E 851 R Rademaker. Timothy J 831,148 Rademaker. William R 110,148,193 Ratterty, Kathy E 83 Ratidi, Judy A 64 Ratidi, Ruth A 97,130,1J13,138,144, 147.146 Raimonde. Dave E 64 Rajuniec, Jeffrey T 83 Rall, Chuck A 110,198 Rall, Jodi L 9,10,83,128,l29,l88, 144.147 Ralph, Douglas K 110 Ramsey, Mark A 101 Rand, Charles W 111 Randolph, Pamela J Ratliff, Michael R 83 Ray, Daniel L 83 Ray, Teresa C 111 Raymond, Kimberley J 83,126 Raymond, Michael K 64 Raymond, Pamela A 111,123 Reavis, Mary B 111,135 Reavis, Sylvia D 83 Reed, Robin C 81,83,148 Reese, Rickey R 64,187 Reger, Williard E 97,190 Register, Cindy R 111,219 Reichow, Garrett A 97,190,210,211 Reinert, Rodney J 111 Reinhart, Mary B 64,130,141,142,143 Remele, James S 83 Resler, Joel R 97,122,190 Rexing, Joey J 64 Reynolds, Bonnie J 111,135 Reynolds, Keith A 111,213 Richard, Frank J 111 Richard, John D 97 Richardson, Dixon P 64 Richmond, Kay D 111,124,134 Rider, Larry D 111,119 Riley, Kevin M 83,208 Riley, Mark V 208 Rimbey, Harry E 111 Rimbey, Scott M 111 Riordan, Christopher P 83,125,149,151 Riordan, Walter C 13,16,64,125 Riter, Cary E 83,122 Rivera, Donald A 97,197 Rivera, Rebecca A 64,116,122,134,138 Rivers, Edward A 64 Robbins, Patricia A 64 Roberts, Charles A 187 Roberts, David W 97 Roberts, Jennifer A 97,119 Roberts, Julie A 83 Roberts, Michael H 111 Rodek, George J 43,64,123 Roedel, Cyrus J 97,187 Roedl, Sheri S 111 Roehlke, Jan M 83,122,136 Roehlke, Thomas L 97,122,151 Roepke, Leigh A 83,128,129,138,144, 145,147,151 Rogers, Geoffrey S 111 Rogers, Stephen D 97 Rosales, Steven M 97,190 Rosinski, Maryellen 111 Rosinski, Michelle 97,122,138,145 Rosinski, Robert J 83,131 Rossi, Ron C 97 Rossier, Michael B 64 Rotisky, Robert A 64 Rotolo, Victoria A 65,202,204,205,151 Rotsteen, Michael R 65 Rotsteen, Robin D 97 Rouse, William E 65 Rovelli, Cheryl F 111 Rovelli, Eric A 97,190 Ruggireo, Tami L 97,199 Ruggles, Annetta D Russell, John D 83 Russell, Randy J 97,222,223 Rust, George S 97,190 S Sadler, Sandy J 97,151 Sample, Kelly W 97,148 Sansone, Frank J 97,190 Sansone, James D 111,193,218 Sapp, Laura A 97,119 Sarner, Maureen 111,151 Saunders, James A 13,43,65,123 Schall, Lance K 97,119 Schall, Loren J 83,123 Schardt, Mitzi M 111 Scheible, Charles G 111,148 Schettler, Tammy J 97,141,148 Scheuermann, Valerie K 65 Schillings, Heidi D 111,123 Schimmels, Ada E 34,149 Schimmels, Luttina R 111,124 Schloeman, Elizabeth D 97,201 Schneider, Greg S 111,193 Schneider, Joseph J 65 Schneider, William T 65,116,118 Schrock, Cindy S 65 Schroeder, Fred L 111 Schroeder, Michael J 65 Schroyer, Victoria R 111,124 Schubert, John M 83,187 Schurtz, Kelly S 111,124 Schutte, Nicola S 65 Schwalb, Robert W 97 Scissons, Duane T 111 Scola, Lori J 97,133 Scott, Cheryl L 83,116,122 Scott, Kevin N 111,122,193 Scott, Zac T 111,193,212 Seff, George E 65,215 Seff, Jeff J 97 Semerdjian, Roy V 97,135,136 Severance, Christine A 65 Sexton, Sexton, Sezate, Sezate, Sezate, Julaine L 65,193 Robert F 111,218 Claudia T 97 Pete S 65 Sherri L 83 Sfalanga, Cathy 111 Shafer, Tim A 83 Shagena, Dan C 111 Shagena, Laurie A 97,134,148,199 Shannon, Bruce W 83 Shappley, Mitchell K 111,197 Sharp, Judith L 83,122,131,201 Shaw, Deette 66 Shaw, Judy 83 Sheehan, Timothy D 111,193 Shelley, John J 12,15,66,110,118,151 Shepard, Brett A 83,122 Shepherd, Terry L 111 Shintaku, Brenda C 66 Shone, Leslie S 111,125 Short, Deborah L 97,124 Short, Linda M 124 Shoup, Dennis D 66,141,142 Showalter, Todd S 97 Shreve, Mark W 111 Shuzg, Rodney G 83 Shulda, Deborah J 97,134 Shultz, Diane J 116 Shupe, Gregory D 111 Shurbet, Wayne A 97,190 Siebert, Dawn R 111 Siebert, Mike W 83,119 Siegert, Donna L 119 Siegert, Mark W 97,120,123,121 Singleton, Byron L 97,190 Singleton, Tamera C 83 Sirks, Clifford D 111,193,212 Skinner, Alan K 84 Slettebak, Susan G 111 Slingluff, Christopher L 66 Slingluff, Renee P 84 Slingluff, Terry V 111 Sloan, Jean M 84,135 Sloan, Tanya D 97 Smiljanic, Lois A 111 Smiljanic, Zachery P 66 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith Chris B 16,66,122,136 Christine G 17,66,116 Donna K 84,141 Gayle A 111,124 Gene A 97,122,172 Gregory M 111,116,192,218 Smith: Janene K 84 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Karen E 97,133 Kelley 111 Lynn M 66,141 Margaret E 84,127 Mark J 97,111 Patricia C 66 Paul J 43,s4,111,135 Raymond L 97,190 Rhonda 97,98 Smyser, Lori E 97,151 Smyth, Theresa R 111,148 Snee, Bill M 111 Snyder, Tracy A 97 Softley, Robyn M 111 Sokol, Michael R 14,97,122,136 Solomon, Laurie J 67 Sommer, Christine 97 Sommer, Glenn C 111 Soto, John R 67 Souris, James J 67 Soyster, Mark 31,84,151 Spahn, Mary J 67 Sparks, Vickie 111 Spayd, Debbie L 97 Spencer, Kathleen 84 Spiller, Len H 112 spisak, Anthony B 36,84,116,127,176 Sporleder, Shelley L 97,122,148,224 Sprague, Karen J 112 Sprague, Lyndall K 67 Squier, Natalie C 112 Squires, Douglas T 97 Squires, Susan J 112 Staggs, Kristy L 97 Stamper, Donald S 97,190 Stanley, Brenda K 84,134,205 Stanley, Michael L 112,148,139 Stanley, Sharilyn M 97,148,151 Stapleton, Linda A 67,122,134,137,138 Staten, Troy B 112 Steele, Debra S 84,139 Stein, Alan V 67 Stein, Vincent J 97 Steinke, Cindy J 97 Steinke, Richard W 67 Stenquist, Randall J 67,131 Stevens, Jolene R 112 Stevenson, Constance M 67,138 Stevenson, John W 112,218 Stewart, Barbara L 67 Stewart, Michael J 112,119,218 Stewart, Stephanie A 112 Steyerman, Lorna R 97,134 Steyerman, Mark D 84 Stiak, Janie E 67,199,220,221 Stiak, Julie A 17,67,148,198,199, 220,221 Stiak, Mike J 84 Stiak, Paul E 97,210 Stineback, Robin 112 Stone, Linda M 84,116,119 Stone, Sharon L 97 Stoops, Cynthia L 98 Stoops, Terry M 84 Stoops, Vickie D 98 Stopek, Carrie D 84,115,120,125,121 Straight, Nancy F 67 Strain, Carla J 67 Strain, Sharon R 112 Stretch, Carla R 98 Strickland, John W 98 Strong, Robert A 112 Stroud, David B 98 Stuart, Charles L 67,194,151 Stulce, Jolynn R 112,135 Stults, Patrick E 112,122,219,225 Stults, Philip M 87,122,222 Sullivan, Ann M 126 Sullivan, Daneil R 68 Sullivan, Kathy F 112,124,146 Sullivan, Patricia 84,122 Summers, Jennifer K 84 Surakus, Randy 84 Sussex, Debbie A 112 Sutter, Carolyn J 15,112,116 Sutter, Diana C 13,15,17,45,68, 116,118 Swank, Darrell E 112,119,197 Swenson, Douglas D 68 Swenson, Lynda L 25,84,116,l39 Swerdfeger, Tracy A 73,84,120,144, 199,147 Sykes, Julia C 82,84,138,145,15l T Tabor, Tammy B 112 Tanner, Kim J 45,68,72,120,141,121 Taylor, Elizabeth J 84 Taylor, Ellen F 112,135 Taylor, Lee A 112,119 Taylor, Nicholas D 68,141,142,148,222, 151,223,120,l21 Terrin, Thad 112 Teselle, Brent L 98,119,190 Thacker, Gina K 84,131 Thaller, Bill J 84 Theisen, Jeffery L 68,120,183,187, 151,121 Theisen, John A 112 Thiers, Sherry K 98 Thomas, Bryan N 112 Thomas. Curtis M 98,190,210 Thomas. Cynthia M 112,119 Thomas, Mathew D 98 Thomas, Teresa L l12,219,224,221 Thomps Thornhi on, Jim R 112,193 ll. Tom F 84.118 Thornquist, Brian J 98 Thorsby. Bill E 112.123 W Wagner. Anthony W 31,70 Wagner, Wayne S 84 Wahlers, Jim 84 Wahlers, Ronnie A 112 Waite, Susan A 84 Thorsby. Harold T 84,122 Thum. Joan K 68.141142 Tieman. Jacque L 112,122 Tieman. Sharon D 68,116,122 Ti1'1'any, Mark A 84 Tillany, Mathew J 112,213 Tilley. Michael D 84,225,139 Tinnon. David W 68 Tinsley, Jack D 112 Tinsley, John R 112 Tipsword. Judy L 112 Totherow. Patricia L 84 Totten. David G 68.151 Townsend, Mike D 84 Travers. Teri L 68,122,136 Travers. William G 98 Treat. Cristy J 68 Trebitowski. Mark J 98,118.119,190. 151 Wald, Marie H99,134 Waldron, Vincent R 9,99. 183,210,211 Walker, Glen H 112,192.213 Walker. Lorraine D 85 Walker. Mark A 112.192 VValker, Sharon E 101,112,205,146 Walker. Stephanie A 112 Walker, Stephen B 99,190,210 Wallenberg, Randy A 99 Walp, William F 99,135,136,l90 Walrath, Allison L 99 Walrath. Darwin L 99 Waltz, Geoffrey E 99,119 Waltz. Howard D 85 Wamsley, Stephen A 99 Ward. Lisa M 124 Warmuth. James A 99 Warne, Linda L 85 Warren, Jack T 85,131 Tress, Barbara C 1l2,124,138.219,145 Tress, Beverly B 112.124,138.146 Tress. James A 68 Tress, Susan S 81,84,124,138,144, 146.151 Troan. Gordon T 98 Troan. Janine L 112,135 Trombley, Lauretta J 68 Trudeau. Debra L 69,131 T1'ull, Valerie A 84 Trvon, James D 69 Whitney, Tucek, Brian M 15,84,116,l18 Tut-ek. Steve J 69 Tucker. David L 69.187 Tucker. Steve E 112 Tucker. Thomas D 112.193 Tunks. Darrell L 98 Tunks. Glenda L 84 Turkiewicz, Richard W 25,112 Turner, Corey A 8.9,12.31,45.69. 120.151 Tyeit. Kathryn C 69.116118,i122.134.205 Tyrrell. Karen L 112,124 U Uhland, Candy L 112,138 llllrich, Dawn C 98,l00,138,201,145 llrey, Donna M 1l2.l19.2l9 Warren, Johnny R 112 Watson, Brandy L 99,134 Watts, Benjamin A 70 Way. David T 99,187 Weaver. Pamela K 70 Weaver. William A 112 Weber. Reed H 99 Weber. Teresa A 85 Weber. Timothy R 85 Wehde. Buddy 112 Weisman, Eileen A 78.85.132 Wekow, Alex N 85 Wekow. Marrianne N 112 Weller, Joseph P 43,70.123,162 Weller, Thomas G 99, Wells, Ada M 112 Wells. Katherine K Wells. Mary A 85 Wenflorl't'. Jeff T 70,123 Wengrowski, Donna J 85,148,220,151 VVermes. Patrick A 85 Wessel, Alan S 70,119,122,151 West, Eric C 85 Wettlauter, Rebecca M 31.82.85,137. 138.141.l42,l46 Wheaton. Shawn E 112.139 Whisman. Sharon S 43.85,148 White. Dale E 85 White. James P White. Lisa A 138 White. Martin T 113 White. Veronica L 85 Bill 113 Utton. Dana J lltton. Shelley A 69 V Vale, K C 84 Vanbrunt, Barbara A 84,205 Wickert, Kimberly A 99 Wilder, Natalie A 85 Wilhite. Dwayne R 113.192 Wilhite. Jeff T 113 Wilkie. James L 85,116 Wilkie. William J 85 VVilkins, Michelle A 113,119 Willard, Miriam M 7 Willev, Donald B 99 Vance. Michael E 98 Vandeberg, David K 69 Vankleeck. Breck E 69 Vankleeck. Mark 84 Vanleeuwen. Roger L 98,135,210,225 Vanorden, Jett' L 84 Vansyoc. Lynn M 98 Vanwolde, Albert D 69,148 Vaughn. Mildred E 98 Vaughn. Neil S 98,122 Vaughn. Robert L 84,122 Veldhuis, Douglas J 69.135136 Venckus. Vivian A 112 Vezaldenos. Kathy M 69,201 Vineyard. Deborah L 98,133 Vinyard. Lori A 127 Viscrmti. Thomas J 69 Vitkovich, Mitchell N 69,187,208,209 Vollette. Timothy J 112,193 Voss. Annette M 98 Voss. Gregory C 8-1.187.208,151 Voss. Martin A -15.fi9.l4l.142.208,151 Voss. Rita H 138 Voynick, Joseph J 26.70 Vrooman. R S 84 Williams, Andrew 99,197 Williams, Cindy R 99,224 Williams Williams Williams Williams. Williams. Williams , Michael A 70.86,14l . Rusty S 70 . Scott P 113 Thomas E 99 Wendy K 99,224 on, Diane M 70,136 Willis. Deena D 113,135 Willyard. Linda S 71,136 Wilmoth. Tina S 85 Wilson, Angela Y 85 Wilson. Diane M 71,205,139 Wilson, Julie D 71 VVi1son, Lori M 113,219 Wilson, Nancy M 71 Wilson. Rhonda L 113,151 Wilson. Robert L 113,135 Wingrove, Gary R 113 Winkelmann, Dean A 85 Winkler, Christopher R 85 Winkler, Richard W 71 Winkler, Timothy E 113,193 Winter, Christi L 99 Winter. Tracy L 113 Wisniewski, Gary S 85 Woelfel, Jacqueline C 101,113,124.145 Woldt. Jeff D 113,193 Woldt. Robin L 15,87,99.118 VVomack, Linda A 113 Wood. Joseph J 113 Woods, Bradley 113 Woods, Brent 85,117,118 Woodward, Kelly M 113 Woodward, Kevin M 85,194,151,146 Woodward, Penelope S 85,122,198,199 220 VVooCly, Joel G 85 VVoo1t'. Joan E 71 Worthen, Sharon L 26.99,113,151 Worthman. Judy L 85 Wright. Mark W 113 Wygant, Steven K 85 vvy-lie, Chris L 113 Wyman, Jeffery B 85 Y Yaney, Mary G 17 Yanez. Nancy L 99 Yaple. James A 23,119,123 Yates, Teresa A 85 Yatsak, Kristine D 71,87,99,118 Yazzie, Lucille '1' 85,126,144 Yeager, Marianne 113,124 Yinger, Dennis K 113,119 Yoder. Pamela K 113 York. Anthony E 11,71,184,139 York. Rhonda 1 113,133 York. Susan 87,134,148 Young. Jamie S 113,124 Younkin. John L 71,208,207,151 Z Zahariades. Bryan W 113 Zanzot. James J 113,193 Zanzot. John A 71 Zanzot, Sophia A 85 Zarder, Scott W 99,172 Zeell. Chip R 10,12,15,71,115,116,118, 120,l21.122,194,151 Zimmer, Jack P 43,123,142 Faculty, Staff Index Anderson, Mabel 158 Adams, Donald 166 Alt, Marilyn 164 Arenivar, George 179 Amote, Jay 160 Ausley, Sue 176 Ayala, Robert 179 Bailey, Morris 43,162 Bauman, Dale 170,193 Beale, Kathy 168 Brackney, Kathryn 149,164 Bremser, Jean 100,141,158 Brown, Fred 172 Bruce, Gregory 104,170,212 Bruce, Shirlene 26,160 Bullard, Claudia 174 Butout, Sheri 124,160 Clegg, Irene 23, 139,158 Clupper, Mike 174,187 Corley, Sheila 34,168 Cropper, Ardeth 155 Daly, Maxine 157 Danielek, Chryss 158 Davidson, Marilyn 162 Derck, Charles 179 Dickson, Ron 162 Dobbs, Duane 179 Dodd, Nancy 162 Doerrer, Dave 23, 157 Doesburg, Abbie 180 Dora, Ernie 174,187 Dougherty, Mike 162 Drake, Betty 178 Edelman, Sanford 156 Elkins, Susan 158 Emmons, Diane 170,220 Faber, Rush 172,227 Farr, Paula 178 Fernandez, Jim 174,187 Forsman, Jim 172 Fritsche, Darlene 124,170 Garden, Ginger 180 Gatlin. Leo 179 Gaxiola, Ralph 148,164,165 Geames, John 88,158 Gessner, Mike 158 Gonzales, Albert 162 Greene, Bonnie 180 Graham, Earl 179 Gross, Richard 168 Grunden, M-axine 180 Hakluetzel, George 179 Harkleroad, Lee 166 Harris, Vi 180 Hasenbuhler, Holly 162 Heaps, Bob,162 Heck, Jerry 162 Henderson, Larry 157 Heyn, Anita 143,148,164 Howard, Jan 164 Hussey, Lois 157,180 Iovinelli, Robert 170 Jarvis, Edwin 179 Jeffries, James 115,158,219 Jensen, Jerry 168 Jepsen, Ron 174,175 Jones, Queen 178 Johnson, Scott 162 Johnson, Debbie 132,158 Johnson, Gary 172,222 Kaiser, Kirstie 23,174,200 Kaufman, Rex 166 Kersey, Mary 180 Kiepke, Michael 179 Kissel, Norbert 166,213 Korte, Janet 158 Krombein, Edie 176 Kruse, Cary 172 Lambeth, Phyllis 143,158 Ladenburg, Ellen 149,158 Legge, Sharon 157 Leonard, Ruth 180 Lepon, Dianna 170 McCoy, Lillian 178 McGregor, Robert 176 McKnight, Robert 166 Maison, Gene 23,122,172 Mann, Mary 180 Meringer, Anne 178 Michael, Joanne 164 Miller, Artie 26,130,160 Miller, Edna 172 Miller, Hazel 178 Montgomery, Monica 96,172 Noice, Robert 174 Northrup, Jane 164 Ogborne, Steve 160 Pakka, Lauri 179 Pappas, Mary 174 Pelfrey, Vivian 178 Plummer, Steve 170 Pocock, Earl 179 Polyak, Paul Jr. 179 Price, Emmerson 166,167 Prochnau, Larry 172,210 Prouty, Tod 157 Purdy, Kelly 13,162 Relph, James 162,191 Rettler, Eugene 166 Riney, Carl 131,162 Rivero, Manny 164,191 Robnett, Virginia Kay 178 Rowe, Jan 158 Sacco, Eleanor 180 Sanderman, Irene 180 Sargent, Raymond 148,158 Schonaerts, Jacque 158 Scofield, Terry 179 Shaw, Phyllis 170 Sherwood, Tana 160 Shone, Ron 115,162 Shraff, Dolores 178 Sipus, Ron 156 Staskelumas, Robert 189 Stacy, Darryl 162 Storey, Jack 172 Sue, Steven 162 Sweet, Diana 160 Talich, Sarah 158 Tatum, John 168 Tompson, Mary 178 Trenasty, Charles 179 VanDyck, Joseph 170 Welsh, Dennis 156 Wesley, Clifton 179 Willis, Julia 158 Wingham, Noreen 158 Wolfe, Al 157 Wucinich, Eli 158 Young, Stephanie 180 Zile, Annette 178 Zimmerman, Jerry 176 Senior Activities KIM A. ABRECKA Spanish Cltib I: Tennis 1: I.eatlcrship 4: Newspaper 4 HARI.AN I.. ADAMS Football I: Wrestling 1.2: Band l.2.21.4 DAVID M. AGNELLO Football Wrestling 1.2: Track 1.2 -IOHN W. Al.l.AN Photo Staff' 1: Forensics Club 1: Student Seminar 1: Sports Statistician 2.51.4: GEMS 11.211 Curriculum G Research Committee 51.41 National Honor Society 21.-1: Student Government 41 hltitlvl l'.N. 4 NED H. ALLEN Tennis 1: Football 2.21: Wrestling 21 KIMBERLY A. AI.TEMl'S S. C. Representative 1.25 Science Cltih I: G.A.A. 1.2: Tennis 2: Powder Putt' 2.11.11 Prom Chairperson 21: Spiketts 11: Class Senator -1: Ski Club 4: Model ll.N. 4 WILLIAM C. ANDERSON D.E.C.A. 21.4: DE 4 ROY E. ANTHES Key Club I: Spanish Club 1.2 VENUS -I. ACSTIN G.A.A. 1: War Party 1: IJ.E.C.A. 11 DON T, BACK Football 1: Track 1: Wrestling l.2.21.1: Weightlifting 2.51.-4: Letterinen 2.3.4 -lI'DY M. BAl.L D.E.C.A. 11.4 KIM l. BARKER Band l.2.51.-1: Drama Clttb 2.4: Chorus 51 l.ARRY T. BARK ER Advanced Choir 1,2.11.4: Band l,2.51.4: National Honor Society 21.4 BRIAN D. BARR Football 1.2: Track 1.2: Ski Club 2.:1.-1: VICA -1 -IULIE M. BEATTIE G.A.A. 2: Ski Club 2 ROBIN BEl.I. Yearbook Stati' 21.4: Science Club 1 DAVID A. BENNALLACK Tennis 1: Track l: Choir National Honor Society 2.21.-1: Varsity Basketball 51.-1: Newspaper 51.4: Quill and Scroll 4: Publications Club 4: Cross Country 4: Forensic Club '1-1' I cttermens Club I VICKI D. BERNARDS War Party 1.2 LORRIE I.. BINGHAM G.A.A. 1: War Party 2.21: Band l.2.21.: DECA 51.4 MATTHEW W, BIRCH Band Wrestling l,2.11.4: Lettcrmen Club 2.21.4: Prom Committee 212 Key Club 4 .IOY E. BLANCHARD Tennis 1: G.A.A, 1.2.11.-1: Spanish Club 2.51.41 Badminton 21 Swim Team 31.41 National Honor Society 2.11.4 MARGARET R. BI.OOD Pep Club I: Newspaper I: G.A.A. l.2.11.4: War Party 2: Powder Pu1'l'2.11: Mat Maids 21.41 Track 4 Cl.AY W. BLOOMQUIST Football 1: Band Chorus 1: DECA 31 PATTI A. BOESCH COE 4: FBI.A 4 I.ARRY C. BONEBRAKE D.E.C.A. 4 NOEL H. BOl't'HER Football l.2.51.4: Basketball 1.2: Baseball l.2.21,-I DEBBIE M. BOWERS G.A.A. 2: I-'.B.L.A. 4: C.O.E. 'I TERRI A. BRADSHAW G.A.A. 1.211 War Party 23 GARY P. BRASHER Football l.2.f1.4: Wrestling 1: 'I'i'at'k l,f1.4 I.Al'RA L. BROOKS DECA 21.-1: D.E. 4 MELISSA H. BROWN Spanish Club 1.2: Ski Club 2.21. 1: National Honor Society 21.4 S'l'l'IPHANlE D. BROWN Choir 4 MARTHA E. BROYLES G.A.A. 1: Tri-W 2.21: National Honor Society 21.41 D.E. 4: D.E.C.A. 51.4 AMY C. BRCDER Band 1.2: Spanish Club 1.2: G.A.A. 1.2: Spikeltcs 2.111 Photo Club 33 .IAMES D. Bl'RCH Key Club 11 Football 2 TOM S. BI'RKHART Football l,2.11.4: Basketball I: Chorus 1.2.1l: Track l.2.211 Photo Club l: Lettermens Club 2.21.-1: D.E.C.A. 21.4: Spring Play 21: D.E. 4 KATHLEEN L. BU'I'LER G.A.A. Forensics l.2.11.4: Pom Pon 1.4: Basebunnies 1: Drama Club War Party 2.11.-1: Spikettes11: Matmairls 21.-1: Tumbling 51: Lettergirls I1.4: National Honor Society 21.11 Spanish Club 2.71 SCOFI' I.. Bl'ZAN DECA11.-4: D.E. 4: Key Club 4 I.ARRY W. CALLAWAY Football Wrestling l.2.l1.4: Band l.2.i1.-1: Track 1.2.41 National Honor Society 2.51.12 D.E,C.A. 21 .Il'DY L, CAlNll'I1El.I. D.E.C.A. 11: War Party 51: Mat Maids .1 MARTINA I.. CAPULLI War Party l.2.21.-1: Mat Maids 2.51. l: ti..-LA. l BRIAN R. CARLSON Newspaper 4 1XIIClIEl.LE S. CARON Warparty 1.2: Basebunnies 1: Ski Club 2: Letlergirls 51: Backpack Club 4: G.A.A. 1.2: Diving 'Team 51 GEORGE I-1. CATLIN Football 1 GINGER I.. CECICH Powder Putt' 2: Yearbook 41 New-paper I EICENE K. CECIL Stage Band 1: Concert Band I: Marching Band 1: V.I.C.A. -1 ROBERT D. CHASE D.E.C.A. 31.4 DAVID B. CLARK Band l,2.21.4: Basketball DEBRA D. CLARK G.A.A. I: War Party 2: Choir 2: Tri-W -I: Track 4 Y l GEORGE E. CLARK Band 1,2.21.4: Spanish Club 1.2.-1: National Honor Society 31.11 IlF1lSSV1'll111l"F"1 Rl'TlI E. Cl.ARK Badminton 2: V.l.C.A. 4 DEBORAH A. CLIFTON Tennis 1: Basebunnies 2: War Party 2.51.11 Badminton 11: D.E.C.A. 51: G.A.A. 4 ANNA COOK G.A.A. 1.2.21: Pom Pon 2.21: War Party 2: Ski Club 2.51.-1: National Honor Society 21.4: Year- book 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Gymnastics 1 .IACK L. COSSELL Baseball 1.2.21 KIM K. COTTER Library Club 1.2: Band 1.2.f1.4: School Club Panel 2: Choir 11.-t: Spring Play 21 ALFRED M. COUNTRYMAN Baseball 1. Band 1.2 BEVERLY L. CON G.A.A. 1.2: Tennis 1: Tumbling l: Cheer 2: War Party 2.21: Badminton 2.21 LYNETTE M. CRAFT G.A.A. 1.2.21: War Party 2 CHRISTINE F. CRAWFORD Drama 1,2.11.4: Spanish Club 1: G.A.A. 1.2: Chorus 2.21.4: Track 31: Speech 11.4 SHERI L. CROWLEY C.O.E. 4 MARK A. D'AGOSTlNO Spanish Club 1,21 Ex- change Student 21 SCOTT M. IJAHL Football 1: Wrestling 1,2.21.4 MIKE E. DAKE Spanish Club 1.2: Key Club 1: Ski Club 2.21.4. PATTY A. DAMIANO Newspaper 21.4 MICHELLE M. DEDONATIS Chorus 2.21.4 CINDY S. DELBROOK G.A.A. War Party 2.:1.4: I'ou'tler Pul't' 2.11.4: Basketball 2.11: Badminton 51.4 NANCY A. DE'l"I'l.ING International Club 1.2: Tri- XV 4 PATRICIA M. DICKSON German Club 21: C.0.1-I. 4 KEITH W. DIGGS Photo Club 2 STEVE G. DOEPKE Football Basketball I 2' I ettt-rm-in Club '7 '14 LINDA M. DORAZIO G.A.A. l MAUREEN A. DOWELL Spanish Club 21.42 Tri-W 4: Backpacker Club 4 LTCIXI H. DREW Football 1.51.4: Track 2.71.4: Key ' ub 1 KATHY I.. DUNN Science Club 1: Tennis 1: G.A.A. I IJELAINE S, EGLE Pep Club 1: Chorus 21 SABRA l.. EHRHART Band War Party 1.2.21, 1: German Club 1: Drama Club 1.2: G.A.A. 1.22 National Honor Society 2.i1.4: Anytown 21. Powder Pull' 21 RENE K. El-IWIN Pom Pon 11 Cheerleader 2.3.41 G.A.A. l.2,51,4: War Party l.2.21.4: National Honor Society 21.-4: Spanish Club 112 Ttimbling 2 -IODY K. FALK Spanish Club 1.2: G.A.A. 1.2: Spikettt-s 2.11: National Honor Society 31.41 Photo Club 31 BRl'Cl-I W. FARRELI. Tennis 1.2 GLENN D. FISHER Photo Staff 2: Key Club 4 li.-X111-IYM. FITZGERALD G.A.A. 1.2.21: Aeroetts 2 ELLEN l.. FLEMING War Party 21.4 WILLIAM G. FLESNER V.I.C.A. 4 MICHAELYN A. FLOOD War Party 1: Tennis 1: Spanish Clttb 1: G.A.A. 2: Student Council 2.31: Ski Cltib 2.51.4: Leadership 4: Track 4 MARGARET tl. FLOREZ G.A.A. 1.2.51,4: Spanish Cltib 1.2: War Party 2.4: Pom Pon I1.4: Powder PuI't'-12 Lettergirls 4 DIANA M. FOGGY G.A.A, I: Drama Club 1 DARLENE K. FOSTER War Party l.2.21.4: G.A.A. Volleyball 2.51.-4: Spanish Club Horst-man's Club 21.-1: Spikettes 2: Powder Puff 2.4: Leltergirls 21.4 -IANIE E. FOSTER Chorus 1.2.3.-4: Yearbook 2.21.4: Newspaper 21: Publications Club 21 DAVID A, FRANCIS Football 1.2.51.-4: Chorus l.2.I1.4 CAROL -l, FRANKE Tennis Spanish Clttb l.2.:t,4: National Honor Society I1.4: Powder Pufl' 2.51.4: Lcttcrgirls 11.41 Volleyball 31.-t: Model l.l.N. 4. G.A.A. 1.2.11 SllSIE E. FRANKE Spanish Club 1.2: Tri-W 2: Ski Club 21.4: Tennis 2.21.4: National Honor Society 31.4 ALAN D. FULTZ Y,I.C.A. 4 -IODY I.. GALLXHOLCOMB Band 2 Ml'I'CH D, GARLAND Football 1: Baseball 1.2 KATHE E. GESSNER G.A.A. l: Warparty 1.22 Publications Club 51.4: Spanish Club 2.51: Yearbook 21.-I BO11.l. GILBERT Track Band l.2,32 Key Cltib '11 Prom Committee 31 TAMMY I.. GILMORE G.A.A. 2.21.4: Twirler 2: Spanish Club 21 War Party 2.11.42 Pom Pon 21.4 -IEFF D. GRAHAM Football 1.2: Golt' l.2.21.4: Stu- tlt-nl Goxcrnment 1.2: Ski Club -1 llOl.l.Y -I. GRIESER War Party l.2.21.4: G.A.A. 13.11.-1: Badminton 2.51,-1: D.E.C.A. 51.41 D.E. 4: l.t-ttergirls 11.-1: Spanish Club 31 .IOREEN GRISHAM G.A.A. 1,2 -IOE F. HALIK Gymnastics 11 Track 1: Basketball 1 NAOMI K. HALITZKA G.A.A. Spanish Club War Party 2.21.-1: Pom Pon ll Cheer "1 MARY I.. HAMMOND Chorus l.2.51.4: War Party 2.21.41 G.A.A. 2: D.E.C.A. 11.4: D.E. 4 VICKI L. HANSEN G.A.A. 1.2.l1,4: War Party 1.2.:1..t: Spanish Club 1.2: National Honor Society 41 Badminton 2.4: Acroctts 2.21: Publications Club 4 El'GENE W. HASSE Football 1: Photo Club 2: D.E.C.A. 51.-4: D.E. 4 MICHAEL K. HAYIJEN Spanish Club 1.2.31 CONSTANCE 11. HERMANSEN V.I.C.A. 4 MARK E. HERRIN Football 1: Wrestling 1.2,21.-4: Lettermans Cltib 2.21.4 .IANICEN.HERRlNt1'I'ON C.O.E. 4: I-'.l1.I..A.4 BRIAN P. HEYE D.E.C.A. 51.41 D.E. 4 BRADLEY W. HICKS Baseball D.E.C.A. 21: ICF 1- VICA1 TERRY I.. HICKS D.E.C.A. 21 NIKOl.I A. HIGHLAND G.A.A. Ski Club 2: Basketball 51 KATHY I.. HILL G.A.A. l.2.21: Spikettes 1.2.f1: Spanish Club 1: Student Council I1.4: C.O.E. 4 LEAYNE I.. HILLIKER Spanish Club 21 TAMARA -I. HOHN International Club I: G.A.A. 1.31: Tri-W 2: Ski Club 2: D.E.C.A. 51: National Honor Society 31.41 Drama Club 51 DIANNA L. HOl.OWEl.I. Chorus 1.2: D.E.C,A. 51.4 PENNY D. HOUBEN Spanish Club I2 G.A.A. War Party 2.21.-1: Aeroetts 2.21: Cheer 4 RICHARD M. HOWLEY Spanish Club 1.2: Photo Club 2: National Honor Society 3.4 -ll'I.IE A. HYNES G.A.A. I.2.51: Basebunnies l.2.21.4: Student Council 21: Matt Maids 4 GARY P. IVAN D.E.C.A. 21.42 D.E. 4: Spanish Club 1 er DELISA M. -IONES C.O.E. 4: F.B.L.A. 4 GLEN A. -IONES Football l.2.51.-I: Basketball 1: Track 1 SITE E. JONES G.A.A. 1.2.:1.41 Spanish Club 1: Ski Cltib I: Pom Pon 2.21.4: War Party 2.21.41 Powder Puff 2.11 l.ettci'girls 21.4 TONY W. -IONES Tri-W 1: Baseball 2: Chorus 2.21.41 Caroscl 31 RICK M. -IOSEI-'SEN Basketball 1 PAl'l.t'..lt1SEI'H Football 1.2.21: Prom Committee 51: Key Club 4 KAREN A. KAASA G.A.A. 1.2.51: Tennis 1.2,21: Spanish Club 1.21 Ski Club 51: National Honor society 2.31.4 IVIICHAEI. C. KELLER Spanish Club 1.2.21: Photo Club -1 ROY M. K ENNEY Football 1: Basketball l: Wrestl- ing 2 LARRY KIPER Football 1,4 HORS'I' W. KLAMMER Foreign Exchange Student 4: Track -I SUSANNA KOENIG G.A.A. l.2.21: Tennis 1: Powder Putt' 1.21 Badminton 2: Spanish Club 2.51: D.E,C.A, 31. 1: Ski Cltib 21.41 National Honor Society 3.4: D.E. 4: I.ctu-rgirls 4 CHARLES J. W. KOSSOW Football 1.2.f3.4: Baseball 1.21 Wrestling 2.51.4 CYNTHIA M. KOSTY Basebunnies 1.2.3: Concert Choir l.2.11.4: G.A.A. 1.2: Swim team 11.45 National Honor Society 21.4: Powder Putt' 51: Lettergirls 21: Spr. ing Play 21 ERIC I.. KRCH Soccer 1.2 -IEFF W. LAIBE Football 1 REBECCA A. I.ANFORD G.A.A. 1.2: Volleyball 2: Powder Putt' 2 SCSAN M. LANGE G.A.A. l.2.21: Spanish Club 1.2: War Party l.2.51: Aerottcs 2.31: F.B.L.A. 4: C.O.E. 4 WILLIAM R. LANGE Intermediate Band 1.21: Ad- vanced Band 2: Symphonic Band 4: Ski Club 4 MICHAEL G. LARD Wrestling 1: Football 2.21.4: Track 2.11.41 Key Club 4 TIMOTHY -I. LASS Football Basketball 1.2: Baseball 1: Wciglitlitting Lettermen 21.4 LAURA A. LATIMER Spanish Club 2.21 KATHY S. l.AY G.A.A. 1.2: Mat Maids 2: Student Council 51.-I: Speech 21: D.E.C.A. 51.4 TOM W. LEWIS Football 1: Track 1.2: Yearbook Stat! 4 SUSAN M. LOFTIS G,A.A. 1 RAHLAN E. LONG Drama Club 41 D.E.C.A. 3.4: Forensics 4: Spring Play 21: Prom Committee 21 LAURA I,. LONGFIELD G.A.A. 1.2: Spanish Club I1 Tri-W Band 1.21 Swim Team -I: National Honor Society 41 Prom Committee BRITCE 'I'. l.OWEI.L Wrestling 1.2: Chess Club 1: German Club 1: Cross Country 1: Backpak Club 4 CHERRY Mt-CASLAND G.A.A, 1: War Party 1.2: Baselninnics 2: Spanish Club 2.21.4 DEBRA S. McCOY War Party 2: Accoinpanist 2.3.41 Spikt-tts 51. 1: Voice Club 4: Forensic Club 4 STEPHEN W. Mt.-CRAY Football l,2.314.4: Track 1.2 S'I'EWAR'l' W. McCray Football 4 LEONA S. McCLlLI.EY G.A.A. 2: D.E.C.A. 21 ROXANNE G. lVIcDAVlTT Tennis 1.2: G.A.A. 1.2.:1: National Honor Society 2.51.-I: War Party 21: Volleyball 31: C.O.E. 4 .IOSEPH P. McDONAI.D D.E.C.A. 21.4 KIM E. McElwain G.A.A. l.2.51.4: Spanish Club 1.2: War Party 1: Tennis 1.2: Batlininston 2: Swim Team .1.4. Iratlt 51. D.E. .1 LAURA E. McGlI.YRAY Concert Choir 1.21.41 Gym- nastics 1: G.A.A. l.2.21: Spanish Club 1.2: War Party 2: Ski Club 2: Chorus 21 LARK P. McNAllGHTON Band Chorus 1.2: Math Club 2: Chorus 2: Yearbook 2: Tri-W 21.-4: Girl's Statc 51: Chief .lustice 4 BRIAN A, MACH Football l.2.J1.4: Basketball 1: Track l.2.11.-1: National Honor Society 21 ROBERT M. MALONE Cross Country 21 T.R.A.G,Y.C. 4: Backpack Club 4 PAMELA M. MANDILE G.A.A. 1.2.512 YVar Party 2l Chorus 2.:1.4: Forensics 2.31: Ensemble 21 RON A. MARKS 1Yreslling 1.2 S'l'ARl.EAN D. MARSH YVar Party 1.2.-I ANNA-1. MAR'1'lNEZt1.A.A. 11 Spanish Club 1.2.51: Modern Dance 21: C.O.E. 4 DANIEL I.. MA'Ivl'AUSCH Football 1.2: F.F.A. 12 Baseball 1.2: Wrestling 21.-1: W01gh111fl1l1H 11 DAVID G. MATTAIISCH Football 1.2: I".F.A. I2 Baseball 1.2: Weightlifting 21, Wrestling 21.42 Basket- ball 2 CHATYI..MIDKIFI-'G.A.A.1.2.31:S17anishClub1: War Party 2.51: Aeoretts 2: Lettergirls11:D.E.C.A.21.4 -IITLIE I. MILLER Choir 2,51,4: Basketball I: Drama Club 1: G.A.A. 1: Spikettes 2.21: War Party 2: Photo Club 11: National Honor Society 4 MARY -1. MILLER Powder Puff -1 'l'A1X1l K. MILLER G.A,A. 1.2: C.O.I'I.-1: l".B.L.A. 4 l'A'l'l'l -l. MI'l'CHI'lI.l. 1i.A..-X. l.2.Z1: 1Var Party 12 C.O.E. 4: F.B.L.A. 4 JAY C. MONINGER Football 1,43 Basketball l,2,3,43 Key Club 43 Baseball 2 DEBBIE J, MOORE G.A.A. l,2,3,43 War Party 2,3,43 Matmaids 3,43 Track 4 HENRY MOORE Football 1,2,33 Basketball 1,23 Track 1,2 LAURA J. MORGAN News aper 4 VIKKI L. MOUSSEAU D.EEC.A. 3 KARL J. MUELLER Band I,2,3I Football l,2,3,43 Track 13 Basketball 1,2: Ski Club 4 MIKE S. MUNSELL Wrestling 23 Track 2,3,4 CYNTHIA L. MUNSTER D.E.C.A. 3 DANNY D. NAPIER Football 43 Baseball 4 JODI L. NEWMAN Tennis 1,2 LISA A. NIEMEIER War Party l,2,3,43 G.A.A. 23 Badminton 2,3,4 CHUCK R. O'BRYAN Ski Club 2,3,43 D.E.C.A. 3,4: F.B.L.A. 43 D.E. 43 Key Club 43 National Honor Society 4 CAROL M. OCKENFELS National Honor Society 2,3,43 Tri-W 2,33 C.O.E. 43 F.B.L.A. 4 ERINJ. O'CONNELL G.A.A. 13 Warparty 23 Chorus 3: D.E.C.A. 3 RICHARD F. O'KEEFFE Baseball 1,2,43 Drama Club 43 Spring Play 3 MICHAE Z. OLAS Football 1,32 Speech Club 23 Ski Club 2,3,43 Wrestlinrg 3,4 LESTER S. ORDWAY rack l,2,3,43 Auto Club 2,43 Backpack Club 43 Key Club 4 SUS N A. OREMUS Drama Club 33 Publications Club 33 Newspaper 33 Yearbook 3,43 Leadership 4 MIKE A. O TEGA Football 1,2,3,43 Basketball l,2,3,43 Track 1,2,3,43 Tri-W 13 Lettermens Club 2,3,4 DIANE G. OSTHEIMER Ski Club 23 Hiking Club 33 Internation Club 3 KENNETH D. OVIEDO Key Club 1 FRANK B. PALERMO Football 13 Basketball 1 SUSANA C. PANTELIDOU Speech Club 43 Tennis 43 Forei Exchange Student 4 MIKE .EHPARCELL Tennis 1,2,3,4 DEE G. PARKER G.A.A. 1,2,33 Spanish Club 1,23 War Party 2,33 Student Council 23 C.O.E. 43 F.B.L.A. 4 MIKE S. PASTOR Track 1,3,43 Key Club 13 Science Fiction Club I3 War Party 13 Cross Country 4 JIM PELTON Baseball 1,2,4 ALICE K. PENNINGTON Leadership 3,43 Newspa er 4 DENNIS E. PETERS Wrestling 1,4 RUSS W. PETERS Football l,2,3,43 Baseball 1,2,43 Wrestling 2,3,4 SALLY J. PETERS G.A.A. 1,23 Cheer 23 War Party 23 Ski Club 2,3 THOMAS E. PE'I'I"IJOHN Football l,2,3,43 Wrestl- in 13 Track l,2,3,4 TOM M. PICKERING Football 1,23 Track 1,23 I.C.E. 43 V.I.C.A. 43 Volleyball 4 CARL A. PINNEY Football 1,23 Track 1,2 TIMOTHY J. PLUMMER Band 1,2,3,43 Key Club 43 Model U.N. 4 LISA M. POOL G.A.A. 1,2,3,43A.F.S. 13 Tennis 13 Volleyball 13 Pom Pon 13 War Party 2,3,43 Powder Puff 2,3,43 Spanish Club 2,3,43 National Honor Societ 3,43 V.I.C.A. 4' SUSAILI E. POWELL G.A.A. 13 War Party l,2,33 Choir l,2,3,43 Swimming 3,43 Tri-W 4 DEBRA S. PURSELL G.A.A. 1,2,33 Powder Puff I,2,3,4Q Lettergirls 33 Spiketts 33 C.O.E. 43 F.B.L.A. 4 PETE L. PU ATERI Ski Club l,2,3,43 Football 13 Wrestling 13 Key Club 43 D.E.C.A. 43 F.B.L.A. 4 DEBBIE J. RABE Cheerleader 1: Pom Pom 23 D.E.C.A. 3,43 Ski Club 43 D.E. JUDY A. RAFIDI G.A.A. 13 Spanish Club 2,3 RICK R. REESE Football 1,2,3,43 Wrestling 1,23 Track 1 MARY B. REINHART G.A.A. 13 Spanish Club 1,2,33 National Honor Society 2,3,43 Yearbook 3,43 Publications Club 3,43 Quill and Scroll 3,43 C.O.E. 43 F.B.L.A. 4 PAT D. RICHARDSON S anish Club 13 Key Club 2 WALTER C. RIORDAN Photo Staff l,2,3,43 Photo Club l,2,3,43 Spanish Club 1,2,33 Cross Country 1,22 Model Airplane Club 13 National Honor Society 2,3,43 Debate 23 Key Club 43 United Nations 4 BECKY A. RIVERA Band l,2,3,43 War Party 2,3,43 Tri-W 43 Girls Ensemble 4 PATRICIA A. ROBBINS ipiketts 1,23 G.A.A. 1,2,3 CHARLES A. ROBERTS ootball l,2,3,43 Baseball 3 GEORGE J. RODEK Chess Club l,2,3,43 Student Body Senator 13 T.R.A.G.Y.C. Club 4 LARRY RODRIQUEZ Football l,2,3,43 Letterman Club 2,3,4 PAIGE E. ROEPKE G.A.A. l,2,3,43 Powder Puff l,2,3,43 War Party 2,3,43 Letter Girls 3,43 Pom Pom 1,23 Cheerleader 3,43 Badminton 23 National Honor Societ 4 VICKIIA. ROTOLO G.A.A. 13 Track 13 War Party 23 Swim Team 2,3,43 Volle ball 1 MICHAEL R. ROTSTEEN Football 1: Basketball 1: Trac 2 BILL E. ROUSE Science Fiction Club 1: Photo Club 2 STEVE M. RUCKER Football 13 Baseball 1,2 NETTA D. RUGGLES Band 13 C.O.E. 43 F.B.L.A. 4 JIM A. SAUNDERS Football 13 Anytown 33 Backgack Club 4 VAL RIE K. SCHEUERMANN Powder Puff 4 JOE J. SCHNEIDER Football 13 Tennis 2,3 BILL T. SCHNEIDER Orchestra 1: Band 1,2,3.4 CINDY S. SCHROCK Pep Club 2: G.A.A. 43 War Party 4 MICHAEL J. SCHROEDER Marching Band 1.23 Pep Band 1,23 Football 33 Tennis 3 GEORGE E. SEFF Wrestling 1,2,3,4 CHRISTINE A. SEVEVERANCE Pep Club 1.21 Spanish Club 13 Speech Club 23 Cheerleader 1,23 Base Bunnies 3 DEETTE SHAW Spanish Club 1,23 G.A.A. 1,33 Track 33 V.I.C.A. 4 JOHN J. SHELLEY Spanish Club 1,23 Basketball 13 Track 13 National Honor Society 3,43 Band l,2,3,43 Key Club 3,4 BRENDA C. SHINATKU G.A.A. 13 C.O.E. 4 TAMMY SHORT G.A.A. 1: D.E.C.A. 3: I.C.E. 4 DENNIS D. SHOUP Football 13 Chess Club 13 Inter- national Club 13 Baseball 23 Newspaper 2,3,43 Year- book 3,43 Publications Club 3,4 LAURA R. SIMPSON War Part 13 D.E.C.A. 3 ZACHERY P. SMILJANIC Football 2 CHRIS B. SMITH Baseball 13 Basketball 13 Spanish Club 1,2,33 Ski Club 33 D.E.C.A. 3,43 D.E. 4 CHRISTINE G. SMITH Tennis 13 Band 1,2,3,43 National Honor Society 2,3,43 Chorus 3.42 Tri-W 4 LYNN M. SMITH Swim Team 13 Leadership 3,43 News ager 4 PATILI C. SMITH Drama Club 2,33 V.I.C.A.'4 REID P. SMITH Track 13 Basketball 1,2 LAURIE J. SOLOMAN Spanish Club 1,23 Student Council 23 G.A.A. 1,2 Ski Club 23 Backpack Club 4 LYNDALL K. SPRAGUE Trige iuartet 13 Pep Club 13 Band 1,23 Track 1,2,33 .E. .A. 33 D.E. 4 LINDA A. STAPLETON War Party l,2,3,43 Spanish Club 13 Tri-W 3,43 Powder Puff Football 3 ALAN V. STEIN Football 1.2 RICHARD W. STEINKE Spanish Club 23 Photo Club 2,3,43 Photo Staff 3,4 RANDY J. STENQUIST Spanish Club 1,23 Key Club 13 Drama Club 23 Student Council 23 Forensics 23 Ski Club 3,43 Photo Club 33 D.E.C.A. 3,43 Back ack Club 4 ELVX M. STEVENS Basketball 1 CONNIE M. STEVENSON G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Powder Puff 1,2,43 War Party 1,23 Spanish Club 1,23 J.V. Tennis 13 Basebunnies 13 Spikettes 13 Track 3,43 Lettergirls 4 JANE E. STIAK Tennis l,2,3,43 Spanish Club 2,3,43 G.A.A. 2,3,43 Tri4W 3,43 Badminton 43 National Honor Society 4 JULIE A. STIAK Spanish Club l,2,3,43 G.A.A. 1,2,3.43 Tennis l,2,3,43 National Honor Society 2,3,43 Lettergirls 3,43 Basketball 2,3,43 Badminton 3,4 CARLA J. STRAIN Spanish Club 3, Ski Club 3, Tris W 4 CHARLES L. STUART Track 3,43 Forensic Club 3,43 Cross Country 43 Key Club 4 BARBY S. SULLIVAN .A.A. 13 D.E.C.A. 3 DANIEL R. SULLIVAN Ski Club 2 DIANA C. SUTTER Band l,2,3,43 G.A.A. 13 National Honor Societ 2,3,4 TRACY SWERDFEGIETR G.A.A. 1,23 Tennis 13 War Party l,2,3,4: Badminton 2,3,43 Track 2,3,43 Tumbl- ing 23 Mat Maids 2,33 Senator 2,83 National Honor Society 33 Horsemens 33 Lettergirls 3 KIMBERLY J. TANNER Student Council 1,2,43 Senator 1,2,43 Ski Club l,2,3,43 Archery 13 Field Hockey Team 23 Leadership 43 Tri-W 43 earbook 43 guill 8: Scroll 4 ICK D. TAYLORS anish Club 1,2,43 Basketball 13 Tennis 2,3,43 D.E.C.ig. 33 Yearbook 3,43 Publications Club 3,43 National Honor Society 3.43 Newspaper 43 Quill and Scroll 3,43 Key Club 43 Leadership 4 JEFFERY L. THEISEN Football 1,43 Basketball 1,2,43 Basketball 13 Band 1,2,33 Track 3 CINDY L. THIERS Spanish Club 1,23 G.A.A. 1,23 War Party 2,3 JOAN K. THUM G.A.A. 13 War Party 23 Newspaper 23 Yearbook 3,43 Publications Club 3,4 SHARON D. TIEMAN G.A.A. 12 Marching Band l,2,3,43 Concert Band l,2,3,43 Tri-W 2,3,43 Prom Committee 33 J.C.M.R. 33 National Honor Society 4 DAVID W. TINNON Football 13 Wrestling 2, all Play 33 I.C.E. 4 CINDY L. TOCK Leadership 3 DAVID G. TO'l'I'EN Wrest ing 1,23 Ski Club 3.43 Key Club 4 TERI L. TRAVERS Choir 3,4 JIM A. TRESS Wrestling l,2,3,43 Cross Country 23 Football 3 LAURETTA J. TROMBLEY War Party 4 DEBRA L. TRUDEAU G.A.A. 1,2,3,43 Forensics 1,23 War Part 13 F.B.L.A. 4 JIM D. 'IYRYON gpanish Club 1 DAVE L. TUCK R Football 1,3,43 Track 1,2,3,43 Lettermans Club 2,3,4 JOLENE L. TUNKS G.A.A. 1,2,33 Spanish Club 1,23 War Party 2 COREY A. TURNER Football 13 German Club 13 National Honor Society 3,41 Track 3,43 Keg Club 4: Boys State 33 Student Council 33 Ski lub 3,41 Leadershgi 4 KATHY . TVEIT Band 1,2,3,43 Spiketts 1,2,33 Ski Club 2,3,43 G.A.A. l,3,43 Powder Puff 3,43 National Honor Society 3,43 Track 3,43 Swimming 3,43 Tri-W 43 Chorus 4 DOUG J. VELDHUIS Choir 3,4 KATHY M. VEZALDENOS War Party 1: G.A.A. 1.23 Powder Puff 1,2,43 Volleyball 2,4 MITCH N. VITKOVICH Football l,2,3,43 Basket- ball 2,43 Wrestling 33 Track 3,4 MARTY A. VOS Basketball I,2,3,4Q Key Club 4: Baseball 2,3,43 Newspaper 4 .IOSH J, VOYNICK Track 13 Photo Club 33 Photo Staff 3: Cross Country 1 ANTHONY W. WAGNER T.R.A.G.Y.C. Club 4 RANDY L. WALLS Football 1 BEN A. WATTS Football 1,2,43 Basketball 1,2 PAM K. WEAVER F.F.A. 1,2,33 Pep Club 13 Stu- dent Council 2 RONNIE E. WEBSTER Track 13 Cross Country 1,2 JOE P. WELLER Forensic Club 1,23 Backpack Club 4 JEFF T. WENDORFF Chess Club 1: Science Fiction Club 13 Key Club 13 Student Union 3,4 KATHY C. WENGROWSKI Spanish Club 1,23 Creative Writing Club 13 Archery Team 23 Bridge Club 23 Arts and Crafts Club 3 ALAN S. WESSEL Football l,2,3,43 Wrestling 23 Baseball 2,31 Basketball 33 Backpacking Club 43 Ski Club 3 MIRIAM M. WILLARD G.A.A. l,2,3,43 Spikettes 23 War Party 23 Swim Team 33 Spanish Club 4 DEBORAH S. WILLIAMS Chorus 2,3,4 MICHAEL A. WILLIAMS Photo Club 3: Yearbook 43 Publications Club 4 RUSTY S. WILLIAMS Football 2 LINDA S. WILLYARD Choir 1,2,3,4 DIANE M. WILSON Tennis 13 S anish Club 1,23 War Part 2,33 Forensics 2,3,43 Sjwim Team 3,43 National Honor Society 4: G.A.A. 43 Lettergirls 4 JULIE D. WILSON G.A.A. 1,23 War Party 3 NANCY M. WILSON G.A.A. 1,2,3 RICHARD W. WINKLER Football 1,2,3 MELVIN R. WOOD Baseball 13 Football 2,32 Basketball 23 Track 4 JOAN E. WOOLF D.E.C.A. 3 LINDA D. WORTHEN G.A.A. 1: Spanish Club 2 MARY G. YANEY Spanish Club 3,43 Ski Club 3 ANTHONY E. YORK Football 1,2,33 Basketball 1,23 Science Club 13 French Club 1,2,33 Baseball l,2,3,43 Forensic Club 4 JOHN L. YOUNKIN Basketball l,2,3,43 Track 1 CHIP R. ZEEB Student Council 13 Track l,2,3,43 Spanish Club 1,23 Band 1,2.3,43 Cross Country 2,3,43 Key Club 2,3,43 Letterman Club 2,3,43 C.C.R. 4 JACK P. ZIMMER Basketball 13 Track 13 Publications 2,3,43 National Honor Society 3,43 News aper 33 D.E.C.A. 3 MICKDY ZITO G.A.A. 13 Leadership 4: Newspaper 4 . .. LUGOS ,. K,- Q NW ffx- YC4vv7i ,Qi 10 If Q jf. lx Q2 gf wr. X . X, X X' if LNQX, X .5 5 -.-' V1.2 if T Xl x, xx .. -1 x,,.1 ' VX-f r1'L"'f' x WND fx ". , ., XMifQ .3 xl' 'eff LH, xwvw fgyqgif' AX , Q-lf! X A XY V E 1 yt! XM X m 5 f GY EN ew? Tl! S ALEC H. ALLEN 12804 N. 19th Avo. Pl enix, A izona 602-997-2122 SPISAK IEHLNEE AEAIDEMY NORTHWEST AREA SINLE I960 IN ARIZONA BALLET ALROBATIE SLIMNASTLCS ALL AGES BOYS CLASSES 942 8990 2832 VV PEORIPL AV Iwo Answen cm 0 X f TAP Mzz J WALSWORTH Marceline, Mu., LISA , gf- ,A ,S , ag- a L .Q..,.,r,! W , v 'Q V wr Q af - W r- K 1? s ,,,,g,M .... 5, w,gi,gfggg,Qj4Qg2 my , ,A , W. , wg. . f A W ,f mf V , if ' 1 ., :..u,,4y 'W L "f': " '1 WV, . U -, , I f :Q L , Z ,, I -W W if W fy' kkk' ' ' A 4 ,. .fi ..ffi l'.A,.gkQf.,,-. , L-i,.,.4gL...A-. Q. UMW, , ,7 1 A ww! a mia .Q : gf-wif 'AU If ' . I ' ' 1 'fv'w1. .'.1,'.'.'-'-1- -iv JH-'ll-.'.'.:L':-1-:'4'l.4 - aw'-2 .'r.'1':'-1- .': Q . -- - -I ,L . . .. .. . . ' ' f ' 'I " A""'1' I E ' -sit'-13 A-"ii -1-'-'-'-2-fl 'FH-'Aff-gi.1'-'i""'-2-1 zf!-1'Q'.Mi'-f-1:r!fff2:-2-it-Z-Q-PZ'E:1f4:-i- 1 If u I 1 1 ' ' ' ' v . W 1 1 , , " ' ' " 'x'r""'--" "' H"-2---i-.1-,---g".uv-I .,.-,I-min... .A ' ' ' ' - 1 "'f'i71,-4.'z'.1.'3-1-f-,'l- A.-.e-.uf - .. .. , , v 1 .fn.-iw-.----1-1-12.-L-iw.r-t't.:..Jf-I.2-1+il:e1-1:3151thy-is-1g:gqqS:+gLgI:3.gtgQg55.g,y51g:1f1:g:l,1,gE1!,:s53gg,g5194535111135ggggggigfzgg-'I1: pg A ., 1 fi, ,MN . lg, I Mb KU

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