Throp High School - Hialitza Yearbook (Throp, WA)

 - Class of 1951

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Throp High School - Hialitza Yearbook (Throp, WA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 78 of the 1951 volume:

thorp hlgh school Volume IX of the hzczlztza presents edltor Karen Karlson advlsor MISS Hutchmson ass't. editor . . Marjorie Wade 1 UU HEX M lin' - rm dedlcatlon 'wr wr H Pm U I if fha mr "QW 'dvd 0 ,1 ,:f"T V-.VT 1 'i wifi, Q mfr' -" 1 'F 1- i-1' "USF-GC' AQ: 5"' 3 :j,..'!cI"'Q, Q.1iUr.,,Q xgcnrier Q-3,1 5 '..:liiffiv.i-, Min "Ls: 'Leith 'ncwcs :xv 'Q :iso if A jg ,'.1 ' Q,,.-"'V,fJ'Wf p' :ws 1i""T'S N3-3-rg IIi'iiS 5' 77 cffw ff1bC "5 'P'-: "':i't3 51:3 m 13 ,l.A, W1 Q",:"'1i'3 -'PV 5- 'iefafwci W c:p1Mi.":3 it Jil '1""w. 5 -4 ,. L. iqfo, LL :,' ,,,. . i:-Qcfiiaie 'Fe 751 si:"'1' of fe UFZQ. classes activities sports administration F 'x class credlted for thorp precmct vote The Thorp precrncT recorded The largesT voTe ln :Ts hrsTory rn The novernoer 7 general elecTuon ard The american governrnenT cla s aT Thorp hugh school alces a share oT Tre cred T uperrnTendenT VncTor Karlsons class puT on a sTrenuous ampalqn To geT elugrble voTers To The polls and had sTrrlcnng success a ToTal oT 276 persons casT balloTs ID The precrncT ouT oT a ToTal regusTraTlon oT 340 and ouT oT The 340 reor Tered v rers oT cou se There were many who cTually were noT sTlIl rn The drsTrrcT elecTlon oTTu esTrmaTe Tl' T The e prooably are no more Than 300 acTual elrqsble v Te s rn The Thorp pre rncT geTT1ng ouT The voTe was made a class proIecT and each sTudenT ln The c oT Q7 was g ver a qL,oTa oT resldenTs To conTacT They made personal ca"s on The persons on Therr lrsTs made Telephone calls ano enT ouT pamphleTs a d 'eTTers urgrng resloenTs To reg1sTe ard To voTe -excerpT from ellensburg dauly reco d I 0 . , . . S T , . r l. . . T 1- px . ,. . c , JS O , F , E1 . - .Jr . 5 , , Cro: :J T . . C Y . C. I ' l-ff 7 ' , co, T T ' . . ,C , J . ., . TT T F . . I V' Mr V1c+or Karlson supermfendewf b a wh' man co1Tege u s hssfory washmgfon ha fory drwers educahon Mr Efdred Glendemmmg b cenfrai wash mqfon college of educahon boys sporis M Eleanor Hufclmnsom b washmgfon b+a+e ccllecze fypwrg shorfhand home econormcs new paper loookkeepnrg Mr WaNdo Kung b Cerina! washmdrom oNeqe of educahon C om ser EIVVJ O Wd mus appre lahon Mrs Fern Newman emgdrsh lwbrary dramafxc Mr Beffy Jo 0 Donahue cenfraf waghmqmn colPege of educaiwon r sporfs ood s :ence hea!+h we mngfofw Psfory r Warrer S of cenr ww mg? coxege em. xor biology shop .a.- I ' Iss ' .a.- ' ' I S , 'x .a.- ' J Q ' H 5, Hof b L.. Quricr N , xC C. A , . . I H . 0.6.-umwerefy 0 was vgfow n . ' 5 S, W w w b.a.- Q ' ' QE , S ' Q' , , -5" , Z M . , Q f b.a.- 1 55' on H of 7545? ac ltq H7' uperintendent K rlson r Plendenninv M133 Hutchinson Mrs. Newman Mrs. O'Donahue Mr Klng I'II'o Scott A y' .f'ln "'N. 'V' S-gn J" ik.. ',v-N W!"" tlylent , council, Hutchinson, Bunger, Dubee, George, Kast- ning, Green, Wilcox, Dyk, Croshaw, Karlson President...............Richard Hutchinson Senior Representatives Roger Kastning Lillian Bunger Junior Representatives Leroy Green Rhoda Dyk Sophomore Representatives Garna Dubee Keith George Freshmen Representatives Ned Croshaw Carol Wi1cox.... ......Secretary Advisor............ ....Mr. Karlson ,hhee, Hunger, George, Hutchinson .s.h. offitql up 2 A I n . ' 1 3 5 2 'S a -4.7 N Dr9si1enL..... ...Richard Hutchinson Tice President... .......KeiLh George fenzrenary... ...Lillian Bunger MFL' ' 3 Ariel.. Q u 1 l 0 ..x 'lift' w I , fdqgg Q I rf 111 Quil 34-x ,us .-, gay eijht-ies..madame Nilcox..wh.L's orln 4 ilu f 1 U l 5 V 'I I. , off, wnn zis?....five little frwsui s SQy fag eseW...before..and..aftQr ditto for next two girls, no smoking!..1ong, long Gro 1ost...where's the dummy "Pi- ' x . "YE -off' 'QQ' 'A 'J P .0-' 5 J xi I the ut' x-1 -1tA.1 . Xk Kl.v1. 'X .,, X ..z' :1""l reclin .Yi - -41 J.. ar --vw - I- .. -A-A I Sl?lll0l'S 1 ein Brova 11 P n ellqueen- miew' ba s v. x , 7 v V 'ee '39 -J IT - 1 ' f , re K L l3 Z- Z I H 'lf a"' ipren Karlson chorus-1235 band-123A bumble bee staff-12 student conference-ZA student council-3 ass't. editor hialitza editor hialitza-L Class secretary-L Chrif Secretfry-L yellgueen-L Claude Walnon class secretary-1 library-2 sports Letterman-F L suwient iouncil-3 atoient 2,nTeren2e-Z Eumile Lee staff-2 :oys state-3 3. ru' v. :rf lien'-4 h Sus-'A Roger Kastning Qgrdor besketball manager-2 Q,gy,5- 1ibFaFY:3 soprts kllex Klub-3 foogbal chorus -L ,1+t,.vw- stuicnt council v.gresro QA.ygg Robert Wilcox class L1-141, DA. -- .'xiH' v. irw h Q ".',. Zo 'fx +V? of I gr nn v '- FIJI' m . B av"' -P,, .1 wx-1 v 9- class hlstory Thus was found To be 'rhe ouflnne for Mr Karlsons presenlahon of 'rhe class speech af fhe T951 gradualron ceremony much ns To be sand for lhe cla s of 1951 Enleen Brogard Gordon Leavrfr Karen Karlson and Vlrgmra Wm on have rarsed The mus c deparlmenl slandards ro a hrgh evel Marlorue Gregerxch Karen and Emleen have yelled and lumped hugh enough fo wealcen bolh +he floor and rallers of rhe gym roohng for Claude Wallon Reber? Wllcox and Gordon +he baskefoall players 1 col scared durrng fhe performance of chosl' farm fhe gre-al oann 'rhey made me wan? 'ro be prnnce charmrng af fherr nderella banquel and prom fhss class comprlsed of fhrrfeen +alen+ed sludenfs The aoove seven and Lrllan Bunger Joanne Bll ngsley Esrh Dyk Arvln lvlarchel Jerry l-larrel and Roger Kaslnung will go a long way IH lhe world fheyd be-Her becau e Ive losf many of my precious halrs over fhem vw I C l . . . ., l . I r A 'S E - ' I ,. . . i , and laughed al fhe comic siluahon of 1 . cI. ' - . . , , l V ' E , TI l , er , , S .. on november 10 Jrlwe Iunlor class of 1950 51 came Info +l1e lumelugln' wlllw +l'1e presenfaluon of rwo one acl plays soclefy ndes agaln and llwey pu+ on a play llwe annual lunuor sensor banquef and prom was lrmeld on may l'wen+y 1:1111 under 'llne supervision of our advisor Mass l-lulclwnnson cornplemenhnq +l1e 'rlweme a nuglwl al' llwe cnrcus 'rlwe gyrn was decoraled xn a predomuna+e red and wlule background WI 'Flyunq rrapezes balloons annmal cages and a merry go round punch boo+l1 unior '1llY III' wrtiqv back row: Joan Killgore, Carl Ritchey, Irene Harrel, Richard Hutchinson, Rhoda Dyk, Ernest Green, Marjorie wade, Miss Hutchinson front row: Dwena Bertram, Reta Bennett, Bernice Gregerich, Barbara Tierney, Nar- rret Howes, Alice Hatfield, Lorraine Berger, NOE ShCWH, iartl Christian oresident...... ...Marjorie wade vice president.. ..Alice Hatfield seCretary......... ..Uwena Rertram rr dent council Dnofa U'k J rra r freer 01711 S fresnm sophomores or G ee f nf Se v rr on FJGS! V 6 S JUG eerv Pusher arf e V1 Q C Ke Ho Ceo ge Reber? uVuq'wDerdK1 row NGNVTWUW Svva Rlfdwey Gln ys GT e c 9 Ge me Dube Maw Hu cfm N S Defi'd KA gore Don Callahan Doc es Pless G VKFJ Dllb e Ke fh George freshmen 4 ar ce Br ,ce E n Wels back row: Frank Greqerich, J er e 'S , L y Ge Q , D: CQWTWW, I 1 f , f r P, Pa? P, el Wgore. ro A: Mfg. 1 L, fi ' , cd HI Deores P -Ss, wr, e, 5 ffw r'd,T. ...... f. '1 E: prefd of , , . . , Q . S9CF6fiT",f . ,. , . . ,. . I ' e ' f ' 'f icuii! an ,f e beef few: Jfe V , 1 Q' , ar?e e F ,Carol NN' Qex. seized "iw: Reber? Hiris, Beffy Bikes, EfFel STAT? fwfs Cx! f1h'x1', se ea BLFJWT, Fcrerce Erfek- sf', Nei Crfglmw. ':'? ff.-1: Vdrw, Vgegh , e 'y Lufze Meer, Den- Sd Cece Rc-fe 03' 5 , Mr. SCQH, pfeedeff , .. , .. uv el d Bake v':e pfefderf , . . ... .... , 511 o e' S seefefgyf .. . .., ,. ....,. Ho err: Eflckizn skier' Q :ff . .,.. , . 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Hu ' es Huef Hu y co e d, r Hu ' ll 5 ' 'ru r. ' I ' eJ .o d 'f. f s ' I , ' a ' ' e . ' E . ' e 7 f I F , if' ' I If ls lu ', lu,r ' f 'slui l, nd I ' d 7 , ' I , r 7 I I . . ,I ., - y . .I if if's el ' ' Y . d ' l. . . .lu .mu F, 4. ,X I cfw y 3 'B' iU L1 4 Aw v 1 if ' ' h V 'l' .1 , - - ' . 'fd Lf-.1 , 1.-ZZE Q . 'fgQ4,g --ci-,'Q' ogzobsr tt , IA' Q- 1 4 Al' , I -4 . 1 iv-: 3 1 Lf , 3 , A . I ff ' a' '?"' 5 ' 5 - c .' I , 1 f Z- X ' - ' ' ' ' F N' I., 3 L I 1-skating party 6 21 W2 ZF I rr Hi htower 5 c-mb Tguksa 4 i v 13,04 r 2-student conference at ellensbu -evening movie-nmickeyn -christmas program L -high school christmas party -jen.l-christmas vacation '-'fA -1 1 L .ov:mber 1- 3- 1C- 21- 23- national assembly Bob Hoods freshman return party junior class plays autumn music concert ZA-thanksgiving vacation - .J y 'X lc-evening movie-nshep comes homen 17-n4tiona1 assembly-'Steeple jack and jilln 5 r? 4,9 0 0' 6 vb" e s P- ru5sDAYcemYe-I U '50 WEDNESD4y rHuRsDA Y UP and NOP ge' . g 90 W' 1149 -F , NXNN 3 nxtlonal assemH 'm1ssissippia 21 wa: 9, nth M V Q . r-J SPu-0F SU avian? rl janlir-sv bnnquvt f ., , ,., bd-C31uL Wcmwrial Cowmenf 1 0-4m .AA V 41" fate of the faculty please. dear class cl lilly-four lero an ear lo me while E fell you somefhlng more of lhe end of 'rhe laculry by chance 'rhey all ascended lhere rhls ye y gruesome four llney all ma ched up lhe golden s anr d eadrng fh l ln slore when suddenly lo lhelr wondernng eyes appeared a hgure al 'lhe gale Then llke us each one pondered on whal' was hrs lerrlble fare when lhey came before sl peler M s l-lulch was lnrsl IU vne she lhouohl of lhe kll hens she could h ve keel healer ano lhe 'hme she npped lhe b md he enlenced her wllh a blg lh k boo ro 'leach rhe angels how lo cook nexl an nne was lne english le cner who dre oed her lerrlble lale sh wa hocng hed n ye g e rea h er lel ner de The o d o a s le'n'1 oo s M Newman wr, e a p elry ooo Pkiilifi o aw euco s x muro e er vhhweln ur Mr. Scoll lhen came al lasr- he had a worried look. bul sl peler so very lasl' presenled hum wulh an algebra boo he sand Mr Scoll rm easy on ou do problems one lo 'Four hundred wo Mr Karlson lagged behind because he fell so low sl' peler shoured hurry up you are so very slow here s a huslory book wulh prlnl so 'frne rhal you shall memorize lnne by lane now dear class ol fully lour donl' 'Phunk 4 am a preacher buf for yours and heaven s sake pease don 'r be a leacherl Carol Wllcox fun wlth words lels have some lun wllh words sefecesuwln n l warl you ro re ne uoe lwe hoo o lea o rounded bul we due wlsh v k wa 'la er Ll nan Bunger l 2, - lf- .M F A : . I H . I .. . , r Y . F 'f . F . 1 . 1, . l G . . ,, ,. F ' ' I I . I n 4 I is . ' ' ' l' . .C . , . . . . . . K l 1 . ' C , s . ' ' , lc ' k l ' . - Q- I - 5 r I C - 1 ' . G r . p ,e s I F ' e r ufl c h - . A . .N. , Zllgl' , ll: JETS. ben 'Ang n her o . l l k he ald, rs. 1, 'lr ' ' 7 o . ' k, lhe n 1 ' il 'ghl, llne ' - 1 ally lry lo sea how many words are wrlle. anor' r s ' c l' 'ear is hsforyx lhe ageless rerf a Ala 'Q ,MA ,f l A ex laln how arnerlca was e, 4 l, c d .lr ar e, , A f' a'fh:,gh scrnef 'nes -fe s ' are '- f ' r' - f- ' ,- rh hefgshpz CT right ng pc ly, -- 2 V - 1 Tc. hfnk Es guler fare. 'l" , Jumor plays socueTy rrdes agann a sTory oT calamuTy sal The champlon rrder who Turned ouT To be a horsebaclc rrder lnsTe d oT a wrrTer was presenTed on november IO along wTh They puT on a play a play wuThun a play xnvolvlng an amaTeur Troup of acTors who suddenly Trnd a gangsTer an Therr m1dsT casT oT characTers socaeTy ndes agarn CalannrTy Sal MargreT Howes Mrs Burns Barbara Trerney Bobby Sox Bernlce Gregerlch Geraldlne Burns ReTa BenneTT Mrs CavorT Allce l-laTTleld Mrs Rockerhlll lene l-larrel Mrs Van STowslcl Joan Krllgore rs Myers Lorraine Berger They puT on a play o Macy Rhoda Dylc Jimmy Hadley Rlchard l-luTchlnson Clara WaTson Alice l'laTTleld Mrs Wallace Joan Krllgore Mrs Cammeron Margie Wade The CarpenTer Carl RrTchey Ch1eT oT Polxce Ke-:Th George Joe Denms ErnesT Green semor play The Charles Dnclcens masTerpnece greaT expecTaTnons was given by The sensor class on may I8 The presenTa Tron xnvolved careTul sTudy oT cosTumung a new perman enT seT TU Tne 1850 pernod was made by The sensor boys whlch Q n be re decoraTed and changed as :T rs needed casT of characTers 1 Roger KasTnung Mrs Joe Gargary Joanne Brllrngsley Joe Gargary Arvln Marchel Provrs Gordon LeavlTT SergeanT of The Guard KerTh George Mass l-lavlsham Es her Dyk EsTella Karen Karlson Sarah Pocl4eT Lrlluan Bunger Buddy Vrrgrma Wllson Mr Jaggers RoberT Wllcox HerberT Pocl4eT Claude WalTon Slcvllens Marlorre Gregerrch Molly Geraldlne l-larrel Clara Barley Erleen Brogard BenTley Drummle Jerry Fischer I I M .. ...,. I.. M ' D T .........,.. Mary Blair ..., ld...-.-Dwena BerTram I P'p .......,,..... . . ' , . 1 E2 PF U 1 ' -w ,Q ... 'T' 5 Q Q ri- X , ' Q, ' A I t, his s 2. X : , E ' Q I -fp Q X105 Q, 1942 Z 0 9,1 99,9 X c 4 Virginia Wilson 9 o 509 Yr if' 169 0 X 'bo o x' of 15' if ' 59 -C0 so 9 xo Geofdbov f Stagg gfofv :ga fb 0' -925209 ,QPCSQ5 0 o 'o Karen Karlson Eileen Brogard Gordon Leavitt fx' 01,5 ge 6 5 909 fa 3 1 Q H fa? 4- ' Q ,vb Q h Rotary Minstrel Show muslc department the 50 ESI school year has produced many gauns tor our department under the abe dnrectlon ot Mr Kung the proceeds trom our autumn con ert resulted an chonr rnser made by Roger Kastnnng a musmc appreclatron and theory cl ss was organlzed whnch although comprused ot only three members undertoolc as one ot Its prolects the re de or tuon ot tI'e music room the ultimate goal ot each y ar IS the contest and testsval held at cwce at which thre ot our groups the duet nonette and octet be Ides the chour band and sololsts partucvpated calendar of muslcal events o tober 3 october I9 november november november n vember november de ember december d emb em er mr arIQI my 7 o VT7:1y3I Marge Wade and Barbara Tnerney duet blueblrd party Gordon and Enleen duet Iclwanls club ellensburg duet tmal tryouts at palomar theater seattle nonette duet Iunlor plays duet rotary mnnstrel show ellensburg duet good roads conventuon ellensburg autumn concert nonette assocnated rural women s meetnno ellensburg boys ouartet duet home economlc club husband s party h c ade hool chnstmas program chonr carolnng party onette olznd assocuatlon meetnng elle-nsburg ouartet lmcoln day banquet ellensburg Iq rtet bro ght n 6 quartet cattlemen s banquet ellensburg quartet tarm bureau banquet qua tot du t otella club tashlon show ellensburg e e duet or nge g vel mee Ing solo and ensemble c ntet ellensburg due I nonette II octet I by G don I E Ieen II trombone oo oy Ronald Karlson I duet thu sday cluo ellensburq cholr and band contest and testuval sprung contest aureate chorus pxano solo by Vrglnva vocal by Gordon commencement chorus octet duet vocal by Enleen I music I ' ' . ' . 5 . . V . - C 6 . 1 . i . G . , e ,... S , . C . . f c . , , , . I . . .. , 'I . , IO , . . , , , , , ' ' I3, I4 , , , I I o I7 ,. , J ' I I QI . . . . . , ,, . w ,Q 4 I , , ' ' ' J, 9 ' I , , ' s I I ec er 9I . c- olr, rf sc ' dec b, QQ A ' ' lf,'un'yI3 ,n . .,". , ' ' ,' , telifuary I9 W f , 'I I, , te'o'u:"y I3 quartet, duet, solo by Gordon, march ot dimes radio show, I ua I u I I SIC? I tCIiI7l1f-rw YO , , C ,' , mvili 3 , .. , , march 7 , r - , e , ' ' , march IO nonnftt , , J 3 a t' march I3 .. I o s , t . I vocal sclcs or . , I , s I ' a ch QQ ,. . ... .....,...,. .. , r ' , , apr?l Q7 . . . ..s, .,... . . . ' a 9 'accal , , ' , 7 ' ' , , band sfandrng Mr King Alrce Hallseld Carol Wulcox Rela Bennefl' second row Gar a Dubee Dons Callulwan Ronald Alder Velma Vauglnn Derald Kllgore Rclward l'lulcl1un on Roberl Dylc Jlnn l-lulclwrrson Ronald Karlson 'larsl row Eileen Brogard Karen Karlson Gladys Sullnvan lvlary l-lul lwln on Owen Ka lnmg Kelllw George presndenr Kelllw George vice presldenl Owen Kasl lng secrelary Allce Hallneld chorus Klng De ad K lg re Fr Gre Sl lm Roberl' Sree lx lllw Ceo oe Gorclcn L MH Qoberl Wilcox Clauoe W llcn Rl lwaro l-lulclmn n Roger Kaslrlrg Paul V uqlwn Varclnu Wllson o o Ma lone Gregenclw Be nice Greqer lw liorence Erl lcson Ga na Duoee Ellwel Srnullm oe lv ra Tler ey E e e lvl Wulclwn Caro VVlcox Ve rna V uglwn mrs row Syvn Rllclwey Delore P can Klllq re Irene l-l rrel Marqarel l-'owes Eleen Broc rcl Dwena Berlram Rela Bennell June Van cl Brlce pre oe E een B ooaro vlce yo e clenl Claucle W lon y Karer Ka sow lorar an Rlla Be-rnell : u . I . . I . Z U I . . I . . 5 . l ' 2 ' , . . 1 C . S X 3 .X I . . . n' bacn row: Mr. ' , r l il o , arlr o rc , n, 'e' H r, . c el 7 , ' ' , ' a , 'c l ' , f. . a , ' 1' 'a Sec n ' row: ' ' , F ' - lc , lr 'c , f ' , ' , Gladyz Sullivan, Doris Ca"l1an. Karen Karlson, lvlancrie Wa' , Ear Q ' n , arlen VV Slay ary . ' fcn, l 'N ,, l f N. l' cl : l 2 ' , 9 legs. J ' c , a . ' 1 . 'l e a . SY l rl , , S: r ' 'v r gl N . A lf 51 sec'elar' .. , . . ffl ., . . C ' 0 .5 . ol. f' O ' a o , ' 0 0 p n l - 4 I W D Q.LQ- xreve '. N744 Y g . e OOV. A 915 g5,XXBOf, ag Bvngef '. 4 50970 Llxx , -, , ,x A , - rfex ' 'G X YL ' Y Ha , CJ zz TN-3 A A ' 3. "lf ,A , A - 7 N . I l V 1' QL . jun ' 0. V ASNIA w. n. f lf' N' X 'M f T250 QP' 'v Q. "Q" TD tor ' N Bunget' ed :Irene Xro 1tOp Hal., X ' rel . X f 1 far: kXfQ5g faq Q5 ,' Q-. I Ca. 'X lm -' 74 ' J JA a x ' - - , N . ' , 4' Pg - ' zjx 5 5 '7 St f - , N I A K., ff, f ff . X Ca -,P . 1 a fluff" I ' rfkil-1Q,'rL X! .xy ., lb A I V X! 'fir' lfxf kby-+ 'we,,52y, diem ,'?ff: ff f :'f,2" .56 Q f -,gl wif ,4"'i:O, 43 X Z wk, N f G X YQVTL ., I ' ta Bernice M ' XX'-x 'ig vfix- Marget. Howes , - .f xp' -Q :-- 'f 1 i aff-. ' oe? , Yen X -Q9 AQ, Y HaEL3eld, I Nfl A I 1.3 'Ylef XO yhafa' . - ff,i5,c,Q' Mn, f, '-. I nett, Mar, ',or1e . Gfegaeflc .Le Hai' ' 1,-" XKQH' Qfff' 'A Joan Yillgfore . we Q1 , w,f -muy p,, tie 1,1353 9 X6 ,X 009- - xc, .0 .X 4 L Q , - 'xx'.'k kd -1 . 5, - We x XX C10 ' f 'i 161 5 O CN, 'Z U7 0. f, Theo? O-QS XJ u coco? 0-S 5 O 6 150 -Q03 ,X C ' x X ap Ha ' '-Q X Sv. N -199 Q1 1 lliv- Dubee ' L ' KX , fjfxvi he an, Mn ! L' I Q3 sn- 3, 1 D .dp J ad, ,- , new f ylv-3 -el Y pa .fs -' K' ld gf. 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Suggestions in the Throp High School - Hialitza Yearbook (Throp, WA) collection:

Throp High School - Hialitza Yearbook (Throp, WA) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 1


Throp High School - Hialitza Yearbook (Throp, WA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Throp High School - Hialitza Yearbook (Throp, WA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 17

1951, pg 17

Throp High School - Hialitza Yearbook (Throp, WA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 8

1951, pg 8

Throp High School - Hialitza Yearbook (Throp, WA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 65

1951, pg 65

Throp High School - Hialitza Yearbook (Throp, WA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 44

1951, pg 44

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