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iff Of ■ ' mm -tM- fm Mi lip H jrsnaf; llflll OEH 3 1833 01877 9105 GC 977 402 T41TH, 1980 Three Rivers High School Proudly Presents: The Wildcats ere all lined up for a Homecoming confron- tation with the Gull Lake Blue Devils. Coach Zonyk discusses gunne strategy with Gary Henderson as the Three Rivers team looks on. Student Council President Laurie Smith presents the 1 973 Gnend Marshali, Mr. Don Moore, with the special boutoniere. Mark Roth gives his full attention to the T.R. fight song at the Homecoming Assembly. ' " - f •T ' ' Judi Smith goes all ouC for Purple and White Day. Angie Beard Sue Neale pause for a photo in the midst of a busy Homecoming week. Student Council Vice President Paul Marsh and Presi- dent Laurie Smith present a new school flag to be flown in front of the high school on game days. Scott Bunce gives a suoe p -- o a " The House of the Rising Sun " et z--e i coming Assembly- The 1979 Senior FloaC entry feecured our own Wildcscs kicking the Blue Devils to Czeckoslovakis while the coneheads cheer victory for Three Rivers. ,J k.JMm ; : SJ-: " niiiffiT — - " King ond Queen of the 1973 Three Rivers Home- coming. Friday Night Live, Billy Baker and Judi Smith. ( i ' ' ' mas y r - ,« I " Vtl, Mr. Ron Hiopel. science instruccor, demonscraces the cheory behind Pom-Pom waving. Mike Johnson puts the finishing touch on King Billy Baker while Tom Brady shows his " better side. " Kara O ' Malley and Kelley Murray give their all for another T.R. victory. Tim Beal displays his very own " CoNA ' wash " at the 1379 Centreville Fain. Tennis coach Myrna Myers wants to check out her own camera angle. All the Friday night live fans watch eagerly as our Wildcat slices the head of " Mr. Bill Blue Devil " ; a super effort by the Sophomore class. Sophomore Court representatives: Paul Bales, Ellen Welch, Duke Jeff Zerfas. Duchess Becky Weidenbeck, John Pass, and Ann McKenzie. Hundreds of balloons cover the conference room cell- ing as student council members prepare for Che half time festivities at Homecoming 1373, Mr. Jacobs cries Co round up Che scragglers while This adorable T.R, cheerleader looks aloe like our Doug Chapin cies one lasC balloon. drum major, Paul Marsh. Don ' t you chink so? OLL The lays Grand Marshall and Marshallette. Mr. Don Moore and Mrs. Annette Jarnad. As with all assemblies, the 1379 Honnecoming As sembly begins with the singing of the National Anthenn. Three Rivers High School Marching Bend displeys their talents in the Homecoming parade. v HREE RIVERS H.S. PRODUCT ONS: ACADEMICS hei OvQ-te CucW H t ACT. SCENE. i -? iii I hi fei i ' m .» ■• " mtem m m ! I jii . : Schools Strive For Energy Conservation FRONT ROW: Kay Davis, Secretary; Richard Verheul, President; Arvid Norton, Vice President. BACK ROW: Leo Meyer, Trustee; Luther Ash, Trustee; William McDonough, Trustee; Delman Eastes, Treasurer. L 3 " A raise? The teachers already get too much! " The Board of Education continued tl-ieir efforts to update and improve the educational system at Three Rivers this year. Much effort was placed on energy conservation throughout the district. New energy saving roofs were authoriz- ed for Andrews Elementary and over the gym portion of the high school. The board has also ordered several diesel powered buses. The high school gynn has undergone complete renovation this yean including a new suspended ceiling, nesA lights, freshly painted walls, refurbishing of bleachers, window drapes, floor refinishing, and a rebuilt scoreboard. On the elennentany level, new mathe- matics textbooks were purchased, and for the first time ever, the hot lunch pro- graim was extended to all the elemen- tary schools. Once again Three Rivers can be proud of its educational leaders as they con- tinue to provide our students with the best educational system around. Dedicated Leaders Head TR Schools Ronald Reece Superintendent Don E. lott Adm. Assistant Lois Carmody Connn-i. Sch. Director ABOVE: Is that " no-cal " popcorn. Mr. loct? LEFT: 1 know we haven ' t had any snow deye. but I ' n not God. High School Has Excellent Leadership William J. Jacobs, Jr., High School Principal Gary C. Ford Assistant Principal Jeff Zonyk Athletic Director The high school administrative team is responsible for the entire operation of the high school, both academics and athletics. As Principal, William J. Jacobs, Jr. is responsible for student scheduling, computer grading, student activities, teacher supervision, and plant operation. Mr. Jacobs is also the ad- visor of the student council. Assistant Principal, Gary Ford ' s duties include student at- tendance and the never ending job of discipline. Mr. Ford is also the Junior Class Advisor this year. Jeff Zonyk, Athletic Director, oversees scheduling of all athletic events as well as securing officials. He also runs the home contests of all our various sports. ABOVE: Mr. Jacobs hBS a moment to relax. ABOVE RIGHT: Like father, like son. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Zonyk and Mr. Fogliino admire their game plan. 22 Secretarial Work Done Efficiently -J M Suzette Warner, Business Office Harriet Jackson. Purchasing Office Eunice Harding, Financial Sec ' y Nancy Rcxjsfi, Comm. Sch. Sec ' y Diane Hoyt, Central Office Kathy Headley, Sec ' y Ass ' t Superintendent Helen Laue, Payroll Clerk Judy Spencer, Sec ' y Superintendent Dorothy Ransbottom, Principal ' s Office Florence DalPonte, Ass ' t Principal ' s Office Frances Shutes. b itchboard Operator Eiieen rv noier. Guidance O- ' e 23 The Sound of Music r- ' -N I h mtM Shirley Livsnec Robert L. Smith Will Larry Carpenter be another Ted Nugent? Again the Music Department of T.R.H.S. has provided enjoyment for both our community and our school. Concerts by the instrumental music department were directed by Mr. Robert Smith and performed by the Concert, Pep, and Marching Bands. Concerts by our vocal music department were directed by Miss Shirley Livanec and per- formed by the S A ing Choir and the Senior High Singers. This year there was also a new musical group on guitars which gave us much musical en- joyment. ! Mike Jolnnson says. " Look at me. MOM! " 24 Art Classes Encourage Creativity Marcia Blackman Mrs. Blackman demonstrates the hump-mold process. Debbie looks surprised, " I finally got it! " Chris Baker puts the finishing touches on her iarnp. A wide variety of art classes is offered to promote the creative spirit in individuals of all academic levels. Art students Inave an opportunity to try many different art forms including Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Cenannics, Design, and Crafts. Also, for the first time in over six years, Mrs. Marcia Blackman, art instructor, has begun an Ant Club. The club has been involved in many projects both for the school and for the community. 25 Guidance Office Makes ABOVE: Snoopy and Woodstock wait for guidance. RIGHT: Sue Neale and Mary Stahl think about enter ing a Catholic college. ii " ' LEFT: Mr. Hawkins smiles. " I ' m on Candid Camera? " ABOVE: Jerry Foote and Roger Bradford are excited about col- lege? 26 College Night A Success ABOVE: " See. I really do have a three piece sur, " says Mr. Stomp. ABOVE LEFT: Parents and students listen to a col- lege night lecture. BELOW LEFT: Mrs. Mattson says. " Don ' t worry! Snoopy and I will solve all your problems. " The Guidance Department, continues to assist students in educational, vocational, and personal matters. In addition to these important duties, the guidance personnel handles the scheduling of all students, gives various tests throughout the year, and assists students in job placement within the connmunity. Special ennphasis is placed on ad- ministering aptitude tests to the Sophomores. PSAT and ACT tests to the Juniors and SAT tests to the Seniors. The guidance counselors follow the Senior year of students closely, helping to choose cc - leges and assisting with applications. As a special service, the Guidance Department offers an annual College Night for any interested students and parents to gather facts on prospective schools and universities. 27 Library Important Factor Shirley Rasmussen ■ m ' ' B H . «t J_ - — —jl K ■ V ife J 1 The library has always been an im- portant resource center at T.R.H.S.. and this yean was certainly no excep- tion. Our library not only provides various research materials, but it also gives many students a comfortable atmosphere in which to work and study. Shirley Rasmussen has been effi- ciently running our library operations for the past ten years. She is assisted by secretary, Gladys Wellington. Both are always willing to offer service with a smile. Councils Aide I— I.S. Operations FACULTY COUNCIL: Dolores Leist, Diane Korr, Annette Jarrad, Betty Mattson, E. Vincent Hawkins, and Russell Cannon. Mark Bielang. A illiann Jacobs, Jr.. Robert Jones, Harold Stofer, CURRICULUM COUNCIL: Marcia Blackman, Wylda Longanecken, Janice Stuckey, Williann Jacobs, Jr.. Katharine Langwonthy, Sue Henderson, Shirley Rasmussen, Shirley Livanec. Betty Mattson. Standing: Ronald Riopel, Rudy Stonnp, Felix Skalski. Rod Nedervett. John Johnsonbaugh. E. Vincent Hawkins, and Gary Fond The Faculty Council is a group of fourteen high school faculty mennbens who meet monthly with principal, Mr. Jacobs to discuss issues which affect the over-all operation of the high school. Discussion items include: schedule, policies, new programs, and any additional items on concerns of the council. This is the fourth year of the Faculty Council ' s ex- istence. The group is very helpful to Mr. Jacobs and to the school. The Curriculum Council consists of twenty key people from all the departments of the high school. The monthly meetings consist of curriculum including course changes, new course offerings, textbook changes, graduation requirements, and all other fac- tors affecting instructional procedures. The council continually evaluates all programs, studies new methods and techniques, and updates the curriculum process. 29 Social Studies Help Students Greatly The Social Studies Department welcomes a newcomer to T.R.H.S., Michael Rutenbsr. Mr. Rutenbar has proven himself a worthy addition to the already superior social studies staff. The depart- ment is exploring a change in curriculum in the near future with the addition of World Geography as a requirement. Annette Jarrad Michael Rutenbar Norm Foura on one of his good days Mrs. Jarrad shows movies of Pete. Foreign Languages Add Culture Mrs. Stuckey ' s class would obviousty rather be France. T.R.H.S. offers three foreign languages this year. Mr. David Honeywell has been teaching Spanish for 13 years. His knowledge of Mexican culture is a great asset. Mrs. Sherrill Simon teaches German I S II. Her fluency in German enhances her classes considerably. Mrs. Jan Stuckey, having taught French for 3 years, stresses French culture as much as the language itself. 31 English Classes Help All Students aT N Wylda Longanecken Wallace Mollema Eleanor lott ABOVE: 1979 Teachers of the Year: Rod Nedervelt and Barb Erickson. ABOVE RIGHT; Mr. Mollema barely keeps everyone a A ake. RIGHT: Mrs. loct ' s sophisticated Modern Classic Novel class. r!j School Newspaper Is Now a Class The English curriculum continues to be one of the outstanding areas of T.R.H.S. There is a variety of drf- fenent classes ranging from Prep English to Modern Classic Novels. There is a ne A addition this year. Newspaper Production. Taught by Mrs. Enckson, the class produced its first issue of the " Purr-pie Press " just before Christmas break. The teaching staff is still the same with Mrs. Longanecker, Mrs. lott, Mrs. Erickson, Mrs. Stuckey, Mr. Newrton, and Mr. Mollema still waging war on the double negative and dangling participle. James Newton Barbara Erickson Becky Brundige. Scott Duren, and Trudy Shingledecker enjoy Wildcat Weekly. 33 Math Strives To Improve Test Scores The Math Department has always been an innportant pant of Three Rivers High School. The various math classes are designed to accomodate any caliber of student. Several classes offered are Prac- tical Math, Algebra I and II, Plane Geometry, Senior Math, and Honors. Disco Dick assists Enrol Thornton. O Robert Jones l John Johnsonbaugh Richard Konwinski Gene Seals Dave Carter studies his math diligently. Everyone nods off in Mr. Jones class. 34 Computer Science Proves Successful Ronald Riopel Charles Riley Diane Karr The computer displays a biased opinion. " Is this really part of me, " wonders Mark Roth. The Science Department is under the leader- ship of Ron Riopel. Science is a large part of T.R.H.S. ' s academic program. The science teachers would like to change some of the courses so more students would enroll in the biological sciences rather than physical science. By adding outdoor labs and the use of tele- scopes in the near future, this situation will change. 35 Industrial Ants Teaches Harold Stofer James Powell Frank Wallach ABQVE: America ' s future architects! BELOW: Who ' s teaching whom? ABOVE: How long did you say I have to hold up yhis car ' ? BELOW: You really think this is going to run? 36 Many Useful Skills Loren Lane There are eighteen different classes offered by the Industrial Arts Department, these classes vary from Mechanical Drafting to Vocational Welding. Loren Lane is a new teacher on the staff this year taking over for Bill McQueen s ho retired from teaching. Mr. Lane used to teach at A estern Michigan University. He is currently teaching Machine Shop, and Vocational Welding. Rounding out the re- mainder of the teaching staff is Jim Fox, the head of the Industrial Arts Department, Jim Po ell, Hal Stofer, and Frank Wallach. Martha, the " Mechanic " . Baker paying careful attention as usual. Yes. I can stand up and sleep at f e same time. 37 Shared Time Programs ABOVE: MPS. Mary Miller, Food Management instruccor. BELOW: Welder, Lloyd Strieker, hard at work. ABOVE: " I don ' t believe we ' re getting a grade for setting the table and washing dishes! " BELOW: Are Mr. James Martin and his Electronics class planning to short circuit Glen Oaks? The Shared Time Programs represent a county-wide effort to offer vocational educa- tion for students. This year our students par- ticipated in five different progranns. The Building Trades class, taught by Mark Beilang, built a house from foundation to paint on the walls. EInora Raiche taught the Health Occupations class which studied various jobs in the health field from nurse ' s aide to venterinary assistant. These two classes are taught in Three Rivers. Food Management is taught at the Sturges- Young Auditorium by Mrs. Many Miller. Students are trained in restaurant work. Both Vocational Welding and Electronics are taught at G.O.C.C. with Mr. James Martin teaching Electronics. 38 Classes Offer On-The-Job Experience LEFT TO niGHT; Jane Whitner, Anne Nottoli, Mrs. Raiche. Rita Beebe, Doris Deitrich, Monica Rodwick. Joy Roggelin. Brenda Phillips. Lorrie Knauss, Melonie Tyler, Midgje Woodin. 39 Home Ec. Teaches Basic Skills Delores Leist This year ' s Home Economics Department has offered several new classes. Creative Cooking is a chance to explore the dif- ferent types of ethnic cooking found in both the U.S. and in foreign countries. For those less experienced in domestic arts, Independent Living teaches the basics in cooking, sewing, and general home management. Both classes are instructed by Delores Leist. The department is led by Katherine Langworthy who teaches Marriage and Family Living, Interior Decorating. Housing, and Child Development. ABOVE LEFT: Dave Combs learns womanhood. ABOVE: Kim Vetcer laughs aC her mistakes. Classes Strive For Physical Fitness John Messenger Diane Suterko ABOVE RIGHT: Jackie Sangalli waita to use the bathroom whili Diana Combs tumbles flexibly. BELONA : Building up thigh muscles. As usual, the Physical Education Department is ex- tremely active. This yean T.R.H.S. has a new gym teacher, Diane Suterko. She is a welcomed asset to oun faculty. Some of the courses offered this yean in- cluded Weight Training, Conditioning, Basketball, Tennis and Badminton. Again this year, John Messenger ;s tne head of the Phys. Ed. Department. Mr. Messenger ' as been teaching at TR for ten years now. Business Classes Prepare You For The Future Glen Dallariva Cheryl Reisch Rod " Ned " Nedervelt Co-op Offers Qn-The-Job Experience ABOVE: Pam Edwards and Theresa Frye on the job at Johnson Corp. BELOW: Melissa Pinkerton does drafting for GTE. BELOW RIGHT: Pam Jones diligently working at Armstrongs. Angle Hall works the switch board for GTE. This year in the business department, we have a new teacher, Mrs. Diane Ford. She replaced Glen Dallariva who retired at the end of the first sennester. Mrs. Fond teaches Typing I and Per- sonal Typing as well as a Conditioning class. An integral part of the business department is the Co-op program. Students are able to receive school credit while having a job. They are enrolled in five regular classes at the high school and are re- quired to work a mininnum of fifteen hours per week at their job. 43 Special Students Given Equal - A Sue Henderson Elaine Fitzgerald Alia Alturk ABOVE: Study Time! ABOVE RIGHT: Barb Nichols discusses school with Regina Geegan and Miss Alturk. The special education program has a new teacher this year, Mrs. Henderson teaches the El class. She also has a new aide, Mrs. Fitzgerald. They give their students individual help in their own room while trying to mainstream them into other classes as well. Heading the EMI progrann is Miss Alturck. She has been teaching this program at TRHS for ten yeans. Barb Nichols, a teacher consul- tant from St. Joe Co. I.S.D. helps students not in EMI or El but who need special help with school A ork. I thought 44 Opportunity For Success Betty Meyer Wendy Barnham C.E. Y.W. is a special class which helps pregnant young vs omen finish their education. It teaches about their nutritional needs dur- ing pregnancy, the development of the baby, and the care of the child from infancy to the age of four. After the baby is born, there Is a room where the girls can leave their babies A ith a well trained baby-sitter while they go to their regular classes. Mrs. Wendy Barnum, their teacher, is new to our school this year. Betty Meyer, head nurse, com- pleted an awesome assignment this year as she had to bring all the students ' immunization records up to date. LEFT: Is Mr. Zonyk being humorous? ABOVE: Mrs. Meyer trys to guess whet ' s in her sandwich. Adults Offered Classes For Their Graduation Serah enjoys registering new people. Hey, what ' s the answer for question 5? Smile you ' re in the yearboolc. ABOVE: Can you pick out which person is typing improperly? BELOW: Is this class for daydreaming? The Community Schools program of- fers a wide variety of worthwhile ac- tivities for the Three Rivers area with a concentration on " YOU CAN " , the adult high school completion program. Adults from 1B to SO have an opportunity to earn their coveted high school diploma. Classes are offered in every area so that regardless of the credits an adult needs, he will have the chance to make them up for graduation. The Summer Recreation program, City League sports, and a wide variety of enrichment programs offered all year long are all part of the Community Schools busy schedule. 46 Students Get Extra help They Need nflr Denise McAdams, Mr. Fisch. ScoCt Pierce. Lee Johnson, Dave Holm. Mrs. Seman. Leon Barz Dave Holm Oeniee McAdeme Scoct Pierce Sceve WHSams Lee Johnson !8 5S Carole helps a student with a word in the dictionary. Carole Seman Forrest Fisch Forrest and student have a pleasant chat. This year ' s football homecoming float. Second Chance is an alternative education program designed for those students who are not able to adjust to the routine of regular high school on junior high. Mr. Forrest Fisch and Mrs. Carole Seaman, instructors, offer individual help to their students, giving them the knowledge they will need to cope in today ' s society. ..literally s " Second Chance. " 47 Cafeteria Strives For Good Nutrition The auxiliary personnel at the high school are an essential part of the daily routine. Our cafeteria staff continues to upgrade the food service pro- gram each year. The cooks try to be innovative in their menus while keeping good nutrition as their top priority. The excellent physical condition of our building is the responsibility of the maintenance staff. Under the direction of Lee Hawkins, our hallways and rooms are kept neat and clean. Lee ' s right-hand lady in the high school, " Ev " , is always willing to do anything in her powers to keep the school in Tip-Top shape ' . The responsibility of transpor- ting our students to and from school rests in the hands of our very capable bus drivers. Their skills are thoroughly tested on the many treacherous country roads in the Three Rivers School district. A well-deserved Thank You to all of our auxiliary staff. BELOW: Students rush for their food. BELOW RIGHT: Sue Persson says. " Mm- mm good! " FRONT ROW: Belva Drair Donnely, Nancy Burda. e. Martha Jackson. BACK ROW: Mary Ellen Krawcyak, Ar Students ' Safety Is In Good Hands Evelyn McCollum stops for j picture. FRONT ROW: Don Smith, Daryl Green. Jesse James. Evelyn McCollumi. BACK ROW: Winton Oswalt. Viola Swan. Howard Hensel. Edward Bnookens. Lee Hawkins. FRONT ROW: Dave Bent. Bonnie Nowicki, Norma ArnefC. Bett L css. Be-r V atsD-. Jackie Connally. Joyce Brockway. BACK ROW: Joan Wilcox. Bonnie M - c . -He e- -a-e. Pearl Collins. Bev Kundert, Graden Kundert. Lois Schull. Jerry Sanders. Pa Avery. Gary Graystone. Dave Collins wonders if there ' s any more coffee in his cup. 49 ACT. sczm — 4- _— . ' ■ n J : -H i J r . »F S t •.• ' ■i: y }Si ■ ' imm rJ ' ' i SPRING SCOREBOARD ' Ski N ' S TRACK I TR OPP VO ' Ai Dowagiac bb: 70M. Colon 9 VOVu Buchanan D 3a Plainwell 34 47 Sturgis B5 47 Ocsego B5 57 Allegan 75 5B i Gull Lake 75Vfe B5 Bronson 47 BA ' A South Haven B7% 7B Paw Paw 5B S3 Con sCock 33 73 Vicksburg 53 7 TR VARSITY SOFTBALL OPP 11 Vicksburg 3.3. 7 Otsego 23 D Allegan 7 B Gull Lake 24 13 Colon 22 S South Haven 44 2 Paw Paw 13 5 Plainwell 14 t B Otsego 3 7 Hackett IB l1 Allegan ID B Vicksburg IB 3 Gull Lake IB 3 South Haven 11 O Paw Paw lO O Plainwell 7 B Comstock 13 16 Marcellus 1 S Paw Paw 13 TR J.V. SOFTBALL OPP 1 Vicksburg 37 11 Otsego 35 37 Allegan 4B 17 Plainwell SO 5 Otsego 13 B Allegan 2B a Vicksburg 13 o Gull Lake 21 3 South Haven 14 B Paw Paw 21 O Plainwell 7 ■ Comstock %m 1 J.V. BASEBALL 1 TR OPP 4 1 5 1 Vicksburg Qcsego Allegan Gull Lake 3 3 B 3 B South Haven O 14 Plainwell 8 B 2 B Otsego Allegan Gull Lake 6 1 7 4 South Haven 3 4 Paw Paw B 3 Conns took 3 K W 5 -J 1 M .vl ' J VARSITY TENNIS ■ TR OP 7 Coldwater C 7 Constantine m :: 2 a i? " ■ Vicksburg it Otsego 1 117 Allegan ■ " ■ B Gull Lake 1 7 Bronson 7 Comstock Q 7 South Haven Q 7 Paw Paw 1 " ■aa K S 1 WOMEN ' S TRACK r R OPP 57y3 Coldwater 65% 40 Sturgis B3 B3 Constantine 59 51 Plainwell 72 3rd Hastings Relays B4 Otsego 53 7th Otsego Relays 54 Gull Lake S3 32 53% SSVk 1 1 th (tie 4B 30 Bronson Vicksburg South Haven Paw Paw Comstock Relays Comstock Allegan Regie 31 33% B3Vi BS% 77 33 ■ ■■1 H Hj VARSITY BASEBALL TR oPiS , 7 Vicksburg P 1 Otsego sZT " 1 Allegan ' , . ' • (r 11 Gull Lake j y i 1 3 Sturgis -. ' 1 Bronson 7 14 South Haven 10 14 Paw Paw 1 PlainweH - 1 5 Otsego 2 1 2 B Otsego B " Vicksburg 3 7 Allegan 4 4 Comstock 5 4 Coldwater 3 1 Gull Lake B 11 Gull Lake 5 6 South Haven 10 Sturgis 5 ■ 3 ' Paw Paw C - ' 1 Paw Paw V 4 Plainwell 1 5, 3 Comstock 1 »6 m - Is © w @ - FRONT ROW: Charlie Yancey, Mark Milnamow, Jeff Coniglio, Gary Green. Jim Stockdale, Ken Ridge, Dave Burson, Gary Sclnull. SECOND ROW: Dennis King, Roger Wolf, Keith Weiandt, Dave Rose, Gary Gilchrist, Ed Lillie, Scott Oswalt, Andy McCaiiey. Coac Mark Bielang. NOT PICTURED: Enc Large, Mike Fnye. Tm S -f The J.V. Baseball team led by Coach Mark Bielang started off the season slowly, losing three out of four games. They came back strong, however, winning four in a now, only to fall back into a slump, losing three of four again, for a B-S con- ference record. The J.V. ' s had problems with rain forcing the cancellation of some of their games. ABOVE: Mark Bielang and Andy McCalley talking it over-. ABOVE RIGHT: It ' s homenun time! I FRONT ROW: Ron Weiss, Gary Henderson, Terry Raver, Joe Ghenna, Dave Griffin, Tom Reick. SECOND RO A : Coach Felix Skalski, Tom Brady, Ken Rose, Greg Bowersox, Matt Bradford, Tom Pearson, Jeff Bnueck Jeff Weir, Coach Don Moore. NOT PIC- TURED: D.J. Bell. Scott Ourren, Roy Quinn. FAR LEFT: Greg Bowersox delivers. LEFT: Catcher D.J. Bell BELOW: Joe Gherna All State The Varsity Baseball team finished the season with an overall record of 11 -ID, and a league record of 9-7. They finished in third place in the Wolverine Conference. The team did an excellent job this year. The awards for the year are as follows: Joe Gherna was elected Most Valuable Player, Tom Pearson was the Most Innpnoved Player, and Jeff Brueck and Greg Bowersox were the Honorary Captains. Congratula- tions to the Varsity Baseball team for such a great season, and to Coach Moore for his outstanding coaching ability. 56 T mx,i ABOVE LEFT: The boys talking ic over. ABOVE RIGHT: Jeff Weir with impeccable form. LEFT: Matt Bradford looks and takes it. BELOW LEFT: Mighty Casey has struck out. RIGHT: First baseman, Dave Griffin BELOW: Jeff Brueck connects. BELOW RIGHT: Call me " Geeze. " says Hile. i| FRONT POW: Wendy Hitz, Kara O ' Malley, Tammy Reece. Shelly Brundige. Kelley Murray, Diane Boughton. Maura Donnelly, Susie Ransbottom. SECOND ROW: Angle Beard, Chris Lillle, Marcha Baker, Lon Jones, Lori Boulette, Sally Webscer, Angie Springer, Lisa Coniglio, Jackie Raver. THIRD ROW: Roxie Mader, Cyndi Haas, Michelle Fausnaugh, Joye Bye, Kelly Belshaw, Shern Henderson. Sheri Baker, Coach Sceve Fneese. FOURTH ROW: Michelle Seal, Connie Satterlee, Deb Ashby, Brenda Berth. Ellen Welch, Becky Wiedenbeck. NOT PICTURED: Kelly Zerfas, Michelle Rohrer. RIGHT: A haC is Wendy Hitz running from? FAR RIGHT: Tammy Reece sprints. The Women ' s Track team finished with an overall record of 1-9 for the 1979 season. Never theless, the teann came up with Sonne great individual perfor- mances; such as, Diane Boughton " rebroke " the two mile record she established last year; Tammy Reece set a new 4« 0 record; Kel- ly Zerfas broke the record for the 220 low hurdles; Kara O ' Malley led the overall scoring; and Angie Beard threw the shot- put 3 4 feet. Shelley Brundige was really on top of it this year, as she was the captain, the most valuable runner, and she also broke the previous record for the mile run. Congratulations track team on a real record- breaking season! 58 ABOVE LEFT: Shelly Bnundige runs. ABOVE: Is that the real Diane Boughton? ABOVE RIGHT: Deb Ashby over the hur- dle. LEFT: " It isn ' t as easy as it looks! " says Kara. RIGHT: Angle Beard puts in a little disco. BELOW: Shelly Bnundige. all by herself. WSrSSW. mm ' i 59 FRONT ROW: Coach Jim Newton, Del CooK. Kurc Martin. Dave Oswalt, Dave Furlong. Scott Bunce. Chip Durren. Bill Baker, John Oswalt, Ed Bradford. Coach Burnett. SECOND ROW: John Rent- frow. Demanco Haley. Mark Kramb, Wolter van den Brink. Keith Lynes, Tony White. Fred Ulrey. Chris Johnson. Mike Todd. Earl Thornton. THIRD ROW: Dan Swartzentruber. Mike Johnson. Don Ferguson, Chris Joslyn, Tony Cain, Dave Lammon. Mark Joslyn. Marcus Hicks, Jerry Jones. FOURTH RO A : Dave Combs, Grover Thornton, Marty Wilson, Bill Hartman, Terry McLaughlin, John Hall, Ron Thurman, Frank Lamnnon, Brett Homer, Dave Appoloni, John Hagman. NOT PICTURED: Dewayne Lannbert, Herb Martin, Tim Kraychin. ABOVE: Kurt Martin going for the lead. RIGHT: Ron Thunnnan hands off to Chip Durren. The Men ' s Track team record for the season was B- " 7 overall. The League standings were 3-5, The team posted their nnost impressive victory against Colon when the score was VOVs to 9. At the end of the season they won their last three meets, with scores of 78-56. 33-33, and 73-53. Keith Lynes and Ernol Thornton went to the State Finals. Enrol made a field record in the Long Jump. Keith set a new school record in discus throwing. Congratulations to the team for a good job this season. Also, congratulations to Coach Burnett for a good season, and an outstanding team. 60 ifwl 61 FRONT ROW: Tammy Nichols, Becky Ruth, Annecte Pisco. Judi Smith. Kelli Timm. Sana Tomlinson. SECOND ROW: Manager Beth Benny. Angle Benny, Mickey Jamison. Kelly Wannen. Juli Dec. Kir Campbell. Chnis Rivens. Coach BIN Kennedy. Bittersweet best describes the memories of the 1979 Girl ' s Varsity Softball Team. Under the coaching of veteran Bill Kennedy, the teann completed their season with a one win, fifteen loss con- ference record; posting the single victory in an 11-10 battle against Allegan. The season was not without its rewards, ho A ever. Junior, Juli Dec and sophomore, Angle Berry displayed their talents by receiving All- Conference Selection; along with Junior, Tammy Nichols, who received Honorable Mention. All three will return next year as members of the Varsity Team, adding a strong initiative to the 19BO Softball Season. RIGHT: Julie Dec pitches the ball. ABOVE RIGHT: Kelli Timm throws to first ABOVE: Judi Smith is waiting for a hit. 4i FRONT ROW: Been Clark. Tammie Beal, Linda Gleason, Lori Blivin. Dannda Reese. Denese Fox. SECOND ROW: Coach Sally Kiggins. Angie Robercs. Susan Neale. Tonya Beard. Sally Jones. Annette Wilson. Laurie Brunner. Coach Dick Sandee. NOT PICTURED: Stacey Bnggs ABOVE LEFT: Annette Pisco gets a hit. LEFT: Angie Berry waiting for the pitch. ABOVE: Angie Roberts digs in for a hit. ABOVE RIGHT: Sally Jones pitches the ball. The Junior Varsity Softball team record A as 0-15 overall; It was 0-13 in the League Con- tests. The teann put up a good fight. The 1979 captain was Denese Fox, and co-captain was Laurie Brunner. Denese ' s team leader ship proved itself throughout the season, as she walked away with Most Valuable Player honors at the annual spring banquet. Tam- my Beal A as named Most Im- proved Player. Good luck to the J.V. Softball Team as they prepare for the 19SO season. 63 ® w © FnONT ROW: Jack Pyricz, Steve Masnsn, Todd Satterlee. PaC Armstrong, Dave Dykstra, Mike Karle. SECOND ROW: Todd Nichols. Jeff Reece. Scott Turner, Darin Watklns, Jeff Satterlee, Ron Buckhold. THIRD ROW: Jerry Marshall. David Concannon, Todd Davidson. Gary Hughes. Jeff Johnson, Coach Hal Stofer. NOT PICTURED: David Kiewiet. Tim Beal. BELOW: Number one singles Dave KievA it RIGHT: Todd Nichols serving. FAR RIGHT: The Toad dances " Ballef? 64 Men ' s Tennis posted an inri- pressive S-O record in con- ference to win first place this year. They were 12-0 overall go- ing into the Regionals. The tennis team opened their season by beating Coldwater " 7-0. After that their closest nnatch came from St. Joseph whom they beat 5-2. Overall the team posted nine 7-0 matches in their twelve match schedule. This was the schools 23rd Con- ference Championship in a row. Todd Nichols and Jeff Sat- terlee played second and third singles while also being team cap- tains. David Kiewit played first singles and was the first person from Three Rivers to A in first flight singles in regional compete tion. Jeff Reece occupied the fourth singles flight, while Pat Armstrong and Todd Sstterlee played the first doubles, Dave Dykstra and Jack Pyritz second doubles, and the team of Scott Turner and Steve Masnari held down the third doubles. Steve and Scott held the position down well as they placed second in the " State. " Pat Armstrong was voted the Most Improved Player, wh ' ie David Kiewit, Most Vaiuabe. Coach Hal Stofer ' s team piacec second in the Regionais and Sth in the State. 65 FALL SCOREBOARD HI M :i« GIRL VARSITY BASKETBALL pIR OPP " bo Constantina 37 37 Sturgis 30 W?»9 Otsego B 33 South Haven 3B -4D Allegan 42 71 Paw Paw 12 G Gull Lake 35 40 Comstock 33 53 Coldwater 47 57 Vicksburg 30 51 South Haven 39 as Plainwell 25 B3 Paw Paw 19 51 Otsego 21 47 Connstock 42 42 Allegan 43 77 Vicksburg 33 42 Gull Lake 40 3S Plainwell 27 40 1 Hackett SB 4v 4 Connstock 3S 47A . Paw Paw 26 29 Gull Lake 31 ] CROSS COUNTRY R aPF 2Q Brandywine 43 S7 Watervliet 28 20 Niles 35 22 Dowagiac 39 2S Buchanan 27 23 CokJwater 32 24 Mendon 31 31 Vicksburg 6 17 Allegan 4S 15 Parchment 50 38 Otsego 13 33 ' " ' " South Haven 22 IB Connstock 43 3B Gull Lake 23 31 . Plainwell 24 15 ' Paw Paw SO h GIRLS J.V. BASKETBALL TR OPP 14 Constsn tine 22 lO 10 5 Stung Otsec South H s aven 27 45 IB m Allege ■ Paw P n 3W IB 41 - 1 Gull La (ion-istc ke DCk 25 30 24 Coldwater 47 21 13 Vicksburg South Haven 2B 26 2B Plain ' A ell 28 2B Paw Paw 20 S Otsego 22 10 Connstock 31 27 20 Allegan Vicksburg 23 24 11 Gull Lake 35 25 Plainwell 34 31 Hacke tt as n ■ =i -. ■ 1 i BBB ■ i J.V. TENNIS - trJ y Comstock a Vicksburg OPPV. 2 - ,■ 3 4 3 F 5 3 Plainwell , | ' 2 4 4 Allegan f 1 3 Niles ' 3 Gull Lake j St. Joseph 5 3 3 2 South Haven J Sturgis f 2 ■V ' 1 VARSITY TENNI TR •■ OPP 7 Connstock 7 Coldwater 2 Vicksburg 5 3 Plainwell 4 7 Otsego 4 , Allegan 3 •_1 ' C3ult Lake 6 " - — 7- Niles 7 Brandywine S St. Joseph 5 B South Haven 1 Sturgis 7 4 Paw Paw N IBOREES T7L HI!Lke SrPb C|il 1 lent - 1st ISO SCurgis, Portage Northern " let 155 Coldwater 17P ISO Three Rivers ieH| 152 Bronson, Constantine Isl 160 Otsego 149 Paw Paw 1st 161 Vicksburg lBte 16B Allegan 3rd 1B7 Plainwell 3rd 163 • South Haven 3rd 16B Gull Lake 2nd 170 Comstock and 323 Conference 2ncl 374 Regional 5th FRONT ROW: Rick Verhuel. Ed Brown. Matt Roth, SECOND ROW: Eric Rohner, Tim Milnamow, Dave Rose, Dave Shatter, Scott Mines, Larry Evans, Mark Bradford. THIRD ROW: Gary Hesher, Gary Shull, Nathan Carter, Glen Johnson. Coach Riley. Arlen Dykstra. Ken Rose. Gary Gilchrist. ABOVE: What ' s wrong, boys, a little bother you? LEFT: Glen gets Into the svying of it. The Three Rivers Golf Tearn finished second in the Conference and fifth in the Regionals this season. At the match at Paw Paw, they set a new team record score at A9. Coached by Mr. Charles Riley, their record for this yean was three first place finishes, three seconds, and four thirds at the Jamborees. They also beat seven non-conference teams including Sturgis and Col- dwater. The Most Improved Golfer was Ken Rose, A ' hile his brother, Dave Rose, was chosen Most Valuable Golfer. The Co- Captains were Mark Bradford and Glen Johnson. We are very proud of our golf team and hope Coach Riley and his team con- tinue their winning ways. 67 LCH LEFT TO RIGHT: Liz Roberts. Tammy Reece, Kelly Zerfas, Kathy Griffin. Robin Atkinson, Pam Ed «ards. Lisa Borger, Sally Webster. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jacl ie Sangalli, Linda Parnneter. Beth Clarl . Tomejo Houts, Becky Wiedenbeck, Kathy France. Sherri D ' Dell, Belinda Rhodes. ABOVE LEFT: At the pep assembfy Usa Borger kicks Kathy Grrffin cxjt of the «yay. ABOVE RIGHT: Why is Robin Atkinson nneditating instead of cheering? ABOVE: Lisa Borger says. " Just what I need, another hot fudge sundae. UGH! " MIDDLE LEFT: J.V. cheerleaders smile f r tatiously. LOWER LEFT: A big turn-out for the Weight Watchers meeting tonight! The cheerleaders added much support and spirit to all our fall sports this year. Besides cheer- ing at football games, they also helped fire-up the student body at all the pep assemblies. For the varsity squad, Liz Roberts served as captain and was also selected Most Valuable Cheerleader. Kathy Griffin was chosen Most Spirited. For the junior varsity, Linda Parmeter was captain as well as being selected Most Valuable. Belinda Rhodes was voted Most Spirited. Prior to beginning practice last August, the entire squad attend- ed a four-day camp at Notre Dame University. The cheer- leading advisor is Jeanie Dykstra. 69 mQC) FRONT ROW: Karen Kline, Trudy Shingledecker, Janie Albright, Ellen Welch, Diane Boughcon, Cheryl Egmer, SECOND ROW: Todd McDonald, Bill HarCman. Dave Furlong, Kurt Martin, Doug Clutter, Doug Rentfpow, Dave Oswald, THIRD ROW; Chris Snow. Don Cot- tingham, John Rentfrow, Phil Freese. Kris Lupton, Coach Fred Burnett. NOT PICTURED: Tim Allen, Doug Chapin, Norm Foura. The ISTS Cross Country Team finished the season with an overall record of 10 wins and B losses and a 3 win-5 loss record in conference com- petition. Seniors John Rentfrow and Con Cot- tingham served as team captains. Dave Furlong and Don Cottingham shared Most Valuable Runner honors. Dave Furlong was also presented the " Roadrunner Award " for being the most dedicated. Todd McDonald A as named Most Improved. For the first time ever, there were enough girls to form a team, Diane Boughton led the girls team as she placed second in the conference and won the county meet. Ellen Welch, Cheryl Egmer, and Janie Albright all did a good job. Coached by Fred Burnett, the team has a good nucleus of strong runners returning next year. I •j mtm i LEFT: Why is everybody going down Che yellow brick road? ABOVE: David Oswald, why are you so tired? BELOW LEFT: Norm, are you lost or something? BELOW: Snnile everybody! BELOW RIGHT: Don ' t worry, just a few more miles. Kelly Murray, Debbie Ashby, Kara O ' Mally. Judi Smith, Mr. Konwin- ski. Sara Tomlinson, Judy Willma, Kathy McNary, Stacy Briggs, Angle Berry. ■ ■■■ ■■■ BHHi -■ i ' I THREE RIVERS HIGH SCHOOL WOLVERINE CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS!! GIRLS OASKETBALL LEFT; Kara concentrating on the basket. ABOVE: The sign explains it sill IB. I FRONT ROW: Ronnie Hartman, Tonya Haley, Shiela Duff. Debbie Bougfiton, Debbie Walker, Yvette Brown. SECOND ROW: Geraldine Spivey. Elise Brown. Kathy Miller, Kacfiy Tayor. Amy Sul livan, Crystal Crummins, Kate Willma, Miss Sutei do. ABOVE: Sana posing for a statue. RIGHT; Mr. KonvA inski explains the ganne ' s strategy to the team. T.R. ' s Girl ' s Varsity Basketball Team finished in first place in the Wolverine Conference. Coached by Mr. Dick Konwinski. their record was 20-3, losing a heartbreaker to Gull Lake in the district finals. Two players made First Team All-Conference, Sara Tomlinson and Kara O ' Malley. Judi Smith was selected Honorable Mention. Kara O ' Malley was also selected All-State Honorable Mention. The team set many new records; Sara Tomlinson scored 327 total points for an all time season high and 31 points in one game for a new record also; Judi Smith set a new assist record with S3. This year was a building year for the J.V. team as they finished the season with a 3-20 record. Coached by Ms. Diane Suterko, outstanding players were Cathy Taylor and Tonya Haley. Good Luck next season! @ w @ ABOVE: Darcy waiting to swat that fly. FRONT ROW: Tracy Honeywell, Martha Baker. Darcy Miller, Susan Gilroy. SECOND ROW: Tamnny Nichols, Laurie Smith. Laurie Satterlee. Anita Malcolm. NOT PICTURED: Connie Satterlee. Suzy Verheul. FRONT ROW: Fay Livanec. Maria Paas. Mem Garvey. Linda Hub- Dobrowolski. Brenda Berth. Melanie Greene. Coach Sue Jackson, bard. SECOND ROW: Karen Stumpf . Melissa Marietti. Joanne NOT PICTURED: Lisa Baima. Brenda Haas. Simone Schmidt. FAR ABOVE: Stick your left foot out Tammy. ABOVE: Coach Meyers with her victory smile. FAR RIGHT: Wildcat Fans. RIGHT: Reading a book between wins. The Varsity Tennis team. coacl-ied by Mynna IVIeyers, posted an S-5 overail record. They posted a 5-3 conference record good for fourth place in the Wolverine Conference standings. Laura Satterlee was voted the team ' s Most Valuable Player while Connie Satenlee was voted Most Improved. The Junior Varsity team, coached by Sue Jackson, posted a 5 W n 3 loss 2 tie overall record for a -i-l-l conference record. Congratulations Girl ' s Tennis for another ' ine season. Varsity Club Establishes Athletic Unity FRONT ROW: Gary Henderson. Dave Griffin, Kurt Martin, Kelley Murray, Sarah Tomlinson, Lisa Borger, Diane Boughton, Kelley Tinnnn, Deb Ashby, Tannn-iy Nichols, Judy Wilnia. Terry Kutz, Mark Kramb, SECOND ROW: Maria Paas, Kelley Zerfas, Liz Roberts, Billy Baker, Pam Edwards, Frances Martin, Tom Brady, Suzy Verheule, Laurie Smith. Marty Wilson, Tim Leer, Todd Davidson, Artie Keller. THIRD ROW: Trudy Shingledecker, Martha Baker, Anita Malcom, Dwayne Lambert, Chris Joslyn, Scott Bunce. Scott Durren. Jack Pyritz, Pat Armstrong, Steve Masnari. FOURTH ROW: Bill Hartman. Dave Os A ald. Don Cottingham. Norm Foura. Mark Smith. Dave Dykstra. Chip Durren. Matt Bradford. Todd Scatterlee. Ken Rose. Steve Brown. FIFTH ROW: Larry Carpenter. Kara O ' Malley. Jeff Weir. Laura Satterlee. Keith Lynes. Mark Bradford. Julie Meyer. Tom Oswalt. Tammy Reece. Dave Boeschenstein. Bob Kintz. Fred Ulrey. Russ Gearhart. FRONT ROW: Andy Schirk mgr., Brett Homer, Charles Yancy. Shawn Johnson, Darnel Cook, Mark Joslyn, John Rivers, Marty Wilson, Steve Ashby mgr. SECOND ROW: Curtis Henschel, Lonnie Thurnnond, Tony Raterling, Ken Ridge, John Todd, Bob Annett, Todd Davidson, Mark Roth, David Burson. Tom Baker. THRD ROW: Coach Rutenbar. Barney McCain, Jim Drake. Steve Boyer. Herbert Martin, Jeff Zerfas, Ron Thurmond, Pat Gray, Ja Tn Clipfell, Greg Lambert, Coach Bovenkirk. FAR LEFT: Zerfas, Joslyn, and Thurnnond. LEFT: John Rivers trying to fake Colley. BELOW: Barney ready for the snap. The Junior Varsity Football Team posted a 3-3-2 overall record and a 3-2-2 conference record. The J.V. team seenned to lack depth but came together as a team, and also benefitted from some fine individual per- fornnances. Mark Joslyn was voted the teaims ' Most Valuable Offensive Player. while Jeff Zerfas was the teams ' Most Valuable Defensive Player. The team was coached by Scott Bovenkirk and Mike Rutenbar. Botr coaches are looking forward to passing on some talented boys to t e varsity team next season. S r ? St ' - FRONT ROW: Spencer Leer, Aaron Lehman, Ken Cochran, John Boeschenstein, Managers. SECOND ROW: Eric Large. Dwayne Lannbert. Bob Kintz, Scott Bunce, Mark Kramb, Jeff Hunt, Paul Stutesman, Chris Joslyn, Dave Griffin, Billy Baker, John Moore. THIRD ROW: Todd Satterlee, Matt Bradford, Ricky Brown. Lamar Medema, Craig Pond, Dave Dykstra, Jeff Weir, Mike Todd, Mark Connelly, Mark Smith, Chip Durren, Russ Gearhart. FOURTH ROW: Coach Zonyk, Coach Foghino. Tim Leer, Steve Brown. Terry Kutz, Grover Thornton. Dave Boeschenstein, Mike Marietti, Larry Carpenter, Tom Brady, Fred Ulrey. Gary Hender son. Coach Messenger. ABOVE: The Three Rivers offensive line. ABOVE: The football team is one big fami- 78 FAR LEFT: Coaches think Wally is out for a sandwich and coke. MIDDLE: Dave Griffin staring down his opponent. ABOVE: Scott Bunce is pulling another scam. LEFT: Jeff Weir looks like he is ready for baskettaall. BELOW: Dave Dykstra is at the driving wheel. ABOVE; Red Raiders do it agair The Varsity Football team began the season in August with three weeks of " t A o-a-day " practices. After scrimmages with Buchanan, Bronson, and Berrien Springs, the Cats looked forward to an im- pressive season. Despite having the personnel, the Cats just couldn ' t put it all together. The Cats opened the season with Vicksburg, losing for the first time in four years. They then lost the next two to Plainwell and Otsego before beating Allegan 21-13. Three Rivers hosted Gull Lake for the homecom- ing game losing a heartbreaker, " 7-6. Although the Wildcats completed the season on a losing note, they never gave up. Before a large Parents ' Night crowd, T.R. stormed back to upset Paw Paw, 1S-G. Scott Bunce was voted Most Valuable Player while Fred Ulrey was voted Most Improved Player. All Conference honors xA ' ent to first team linebacker, Scott Bunce; second team defensive halfback, Dave Griffin, offensive tackle, Larry Carpenter, defensive lineman, Mark Smith; and honorable mention, guard, Tom Brady. Many thanks to head coach, John Messenger who handled offensive backs and defensive ends, and to assistant coaches, Jeff Zonyk who handled offensive receivers and defensive backs, and Tom Foghino who handled the offensive and defensive line. Winter Scoreboard i H I HH m i R VARSITY WRESTUNia H ' ppp a Vicksburg S2 , 4th place Vicksburg Invitational 57 Constantine IB , and place Plainwell 23 1 White Pigeon Invitational r 35 Otsego " • 30 9ch place Portage Northern Tournament ' 3rd place ; so Southwestern Invitationel .-i " Allegan -ll 12 33 •44 Gull Lake ™ 2B Bronson 22 4th place Three Rivers Invitational ■ 64 Paw Paw B , eo Comstock A Snd place Conference j J 7th place Districts M j ■ J.V. WRESTLING HPI K ' ■TO ■ OPP- • 32 Vicksburg B ' 35 Bth place Mendon Takedown Touri HHSS „ S Constantine 1 2S M 21 Plainwell HEr; 3 M ■33 Otsego 30 m 24 , Allegan 24 fl ;ia , .4 Gull Lake 1S 9 30 Bronson 21 9 B, Paw Paw Comstock nH 2T ' ' S W irt V : TR 72 51 45 B2 47 3B 40 BO B4 5B 43 B3 52 B5 52 BB 37 55 57 Plainwell _ Otsego Allegi Gull Lf Vickfebuj y — Holiday Tipurnamant ■ StLfr- iS Lake Sh South Ha SB PavA Paw Coldwater ComstoOi:, VickaburglS O.T.] Plainwell Otsego Bronson Allegan JS Gull Lake South Hayfen » Paw Paw[2 %I " .] Comstool — -► 1 J.V. VOLLEYBALL VHH TR OPF !B o Sturgis 2 1 O Comstock 2 M O Colon 2 .9 - ■ijk Plainwell 1 3 r ■•■• ■ ' Sturgis ; Otsego ■%, S o S o Allegan J s o Gull Lake " WK 2 1 Bronson S| ' 2 Q .South Haven 2 O Paw Paw 2 o w Comstock VARSITY VOLLEYBALL a TR OPP Sturgis 2 Q Comstock- 2 ■ O Vicksburg 2 o ' ' .- Colon 2 1 Plainwell 2 a Sturgis a 1 OtsAki 2 1 AlleAh a Q Gull ij ke 2 O O Nil -1 Berrien Springs 2 e s Bronson 1 o South Haven M Jk 2 o PawPdk K ■ _ 2 o °-T liln 2 J.V. BASKETBALL 1 1 TR sinm pp 51 Plainwell .JSU Ka BB Otsego 1 fes 53 Allegan 1 ■SB 51 Gull Lake ' 1 fea B5 Vicksburg . " ' i HI Bas 4B Sturgis a 41 Lake Shore Hbs 54 South Haven K 54 Paw Paw ' •sa 73 Coldwater ■■ B7 33 Comstock SO 4a Vicksburg 47 63 Plainwell 41 B7 36 " %■ Otsego (kE ' 5B ■Allegan " B 43 Gull Lake 7 71 South Haven go 46 Pow Paw 43 72 Comstock 66 1 W Manager Ron Buckhold, Mark Joslyn, Darryl Cook. Randy Schultz, Dave Kiewit, Steve Boyer, Tony Marietti, Coach Steve Freese, Jim Bonebright, Jeff Zerfas, Mark Daniels. Charles Ya ' cey, Sha « Johnson, Jerry Jones. BELOW: Dave Kiewit " man-handles " the ball. RIGHT: Steve Boyer shows us his teeth. In his first year of J.V. coaching, Steve Freese led the J.V. Basketball Team to a very respectable season. The team showed a great deal of poise and desire as they gave their all, time after time, on the courts. Dave Kiewit demonstra- ted aggressiveness as ne controlled the boards for the Wildcats ' J.V. team. Quickness and agility were demonstrated by Mark Joslyn as he handled the ball throughout the season. The J.V. ' s consistent play- ing throughout the season will certainly add depth to next year ' s varsity squad. Congratulations Coach Freese on an excellent first season as J.V. basketball coach. SI Reggie Tolbert, Chip Durren. Ricky Brown, Jeff A eir. Dave Boeschenstein, Coach Pat Sexton, Mike Meersma, Mike Marie tti, Rick Pierce, Herb Martin, Dave Dykstra, Darren Hinton, Manager John Wiser. BELOW: Dave Dykstra shows his form shooting freethrows RIGHT: Coach Sexton looks worried about sonnething. TOP LEFT; Dave Boeschenscein and Darren Hmcon put pressure on che ball car-i ier. ABOVE: Did you see the legs on that cheerleader! LEFT: Mike Marietci pulls down the ball from the boards. BELOW LEFT: Chip Durren and Reggie Tolbert try to force their zone. BELO A RIGHT: " Hollywood " Herb shows off his stuff. The Varsity Basketball Team displayed poise and growth for the 19SO season. The Cats proved they were a talented team, but they couldn ' t put it all together for any length of time. Coached by Pat Sex- ton, the team was greatly improved from its last year of play, placing fourth in the Wolverine Conference. They gave every team they played a rough time. Allegan and South Haven, the leaders of the Conference, both had a hand time trying to get by the Wildcats, as they had to go to the buzzer to pull out the games. Dave Boeschenstein and Mil e Meersnna controlled the boards for the Cats, while Chip Durren, Dave Dykstra and Reggie Tolbert did the ball handling. Senior, Jeff Weir, and Sophomore, Herb Martin, added depth to the team. Good luck team on continued improvement next season. V %. I r.. i INTEi CHEERLEADERS Liz Roberts. Robin Atkinson, Lisa Boger. Janie Albright, Suzy Verheul, Sheri Baker. Tammy Reece. Curis Draime. Kathy France. Kim Johnson. Becky Wiedenbeck. Beth Clark. Tomejo Houts. Linda Parmeter. Jackie Sangalli 84 ABOVE: Their leader, Jeanie Dykstra. BELOW: What ' s Che problem Janie? BOTTOM LEFT: Two smiling TR cheerleader ABOVE: The J.V. Cheerleaders doing their thing! The txA ' O cheerleading squads St TRHS have added a great amount of enthusiasm and spirit to our winter sports schedule. In January the Jr. Varsity and Var- sity squads went to a clinic and competition at Glen Oaks Com- munity College where the Varsity A on a 2nd place trophy and the Jr. Varsity received 1st place honors in their division. The Vars - ty squad A ould like to pay specia thanks to the Athletic Dept. and the Varsity Club for buying tneir new uniforms. 85 Faye Livanec. Chris Lillie. Lori Jones, Deb Ashby, Coach Diane Suterko, Laura Satterlee, Connie SaCterlee. Maria Paas. FRONT ROW: Julie Raver, Sherry Hendet son, Ann Mckenzie. BACK ROW: Sonya Horner, Melanie Fulton, Melissa Marietti, Sue Stephens. Both of the Three Rivers High School Volleyball Teams had a rough time of it this season. The Varsity squad coached by Diane Suterko, won only one nnatch. Laura Satterlee, the only senior teann nnember, led the girls in points served. Juniors Faye Livanec, Chris Lillie, Lori Jones, and Maria Paas and sophomores Deb Ashby and Connie Satterlee will add a strong nucleus to next years squad. It was also a disappointing season for the J.V. squad as they too won only one match. Coach Sue Stephens says her team is to be commended for their hard work even A ' hen the chips were down. Best of luck girl ' s volleyball, as you rebuild for the new season next yean. 86 FRONT ROW: Mi ke Livingscon. Jack Pyntz. Mike Draime. Marty Wilson. Mark Smith. Tom Brady. Bob Kmtz. Rex Larken. SECOND ROW: Dave Alfred. Brian Steel. Fred Ulrey. Al Carpenter. Ken McDonald. Tom Kmtz. Bill Baker. Paul Stucesman. Scott Bunce. Mike Bunce. BACK ROW: Sam Staffen. Enc Large. Coach Scott Bovenkirk. Cnaig Pond. Larry Carpenter. Tom Smith. Terry Kutz. Russ Gearhart. Jeff Haag. Ron Thurmond. Coach Richard Bunce. LEFT: Bob Kintz is getting ready to show off another medal. BELOW: Jeff Haag applies some torque on his wrestler. ABOVE: Smitty shows Paw Paw how to get down! ABOVE RIGHT: Carp goes into a trance before a match. RIGHT: Marty asks the guy, " How many lights are there? " BELOW: Bovenkirk shows a " little " excitement during a match. The T.R. Wrestling Squad had the best season in their history finishing second in the Wolverine Corv- ference. Coached by Scott Bovenkirk and Richard Bunce, the Wildcats wrestled well all year with many individual standouts. Freshman IVIike Bunce was definitely one of the standouts, losing only one match this season. Mike placed 1st in the Conference; and was a regional qualifier. Bob Kintz also excelled as he placed first in Conference, and was a regional quaiifer. Another regional qualifier, Billy Baker, won the Southwestern Invitational and placed second in Conference. Senior Scott Bunce was injured at the beginning of the year but came back to win the Conference at 1B2. Congratulations to the entire wrestling squad on an outstanding season! 89 .. w - RIVERS H.S. PRODUCTIONS wBsammi act: SCErOE. " ■ir- - - J 1 1 Ml It jm i m 1 f ' 03 w B ■7 » ' ( ' { .- fcT ■ ' flwfl IS " t Midl S » i xi. f i!,j :f!f! " " f!?H ' ' • ' j|; ' 1!» 1 .!• - _ U m . i If- i iA y Congratulations To The Class Of 19BO The graduating class of 19BO had a busy three years at T.R.H.S. As sophomores, they took part in all Homeconning events and also won the High School Bowl. As juniors, they participated in the magazine sales and won the High School Bowl once again. They staged a very successful Junior-Senior Prom whose theme was Castle of Dreams. This year as seniors, the class staged a semi-formal Christmas dance called Snow Fest. The class also went all out for basketball homecoming striving to make their last year a memorable one. The senior guy cheerleaders led the way as the seniors won the class competi- tion assembly. Many thanks to their advisor. Miss Diane Korr. for her con- tinued hard work and efforts in making the class of 19BO a wor- thy beginning to a new decade at T.R.H.S. J Sally Webster, Treasurer; Diane Korr. Advisor; Kelli Timm, Secretary; Mark President; NOT PICTURED: Luke Parsons, Vice President. ABOVE: Miss Korr, hard at work as usual. RIGHT: The cheerleaders beat a hasty retreat leaving Mr. Stofer displaying his fine " end-table " form. ' wiM r Timothy A. Beal With High Honor Scott Bunce With High Honor Michael A. Johnson With High Honor Anita Jo Maicotm With High Honor :: : iS:,. ' - Mmk:.i,msmm % ' . Douglas M. Mathews With High Honor Kara A. D ' Maliey With High Honor Anne Christine Paluszak With High Honor Tamarah Kay Reece With High Honor Laura J. Smith With High Honor Jeffrey Hile Weir II With High Honor Debra A. Bishop What ' s Joanne doing in Dave ' s booth? 96 - ' J Melissa Bntcon What an evening! A Coke, A calculator, and Physics. Dawn Bnown 97 98 Duane Ronald Conrad Scott A. Cooley With Honor Class Flower: Blue Carnation Mark Eecon ABOVE: Call the ambulance. This could be fatal! RIGHT: ' Tis the season to be jolly. Darla Lee Evans With Honor Michael E. Evans Tammy Fosdick Norman Allen Foura 100 Class Colors: Lt. Blue Gl Dk. Blue Linda L. Gleason With Honor Dan Granzocto Brian Ross Greene With Honor David C. Griffin With Honor 101 Brenda M. Hartzell MerCy Hartzell Randy Hennenway Gary Williann Henderson Angela Henry Wendi Hicks Manilou M. Higgin With Honor Raipfn S. Humes jr rCONGRATULH, i NATIONAL MERIT FIJ ALISTS . £ ANNE PALUSZAK [I SCOTT BUNCE JEFF WEIR The pride and joy of T.R.H.S. Sandy Ann Janies David Jansen Glen Charles Johnson Andrew Wate " Jc " es Randy Lyall Kramb Susan Anne Krannb DeWayne Lambert WiCh Honor Qlivier Patrick Laveille With Honor John Masnari Alonzo Lee MasC Kelley Jean Murray With Honor Theresa Nerad Tammy Nichols With Honor Robin Eileen Norton Rick Pierce Susan Pierce 107 " Out Of School Life And John David Rentfrow Kathy Mae Rhodes Jon W. Rice 108 Into Life ' s School " ABOVE: If he doesn ' t ask me for a date soon. I ' ll kill myself. LEFT: " A sprinkle a day! " explains Ricky. Elizabeth Ann Roberts With Honor Franklin Edward Rosen Re " ee g- Laura Ann Satterlee With Honor Simone Schmidt With Honor Catherine L. Schneider Mikk! L. Schuitz Marybeth Stahl Penny Steiner Gina M. Stickney Jay D. Swinehsrt Kim Tallman Lloyd Stricken With Honor Steve Stump Kr Michele Suber ABOVE: Beth ' s favorite job! BELQW: Give me a P, give me an I, give me Z-Z- Laura Jean Thompson Eric Lydell Taylor Georaeanre T " -c " -: John W. Weiser The Candy Counter Quintet SENIORS NOT PICTURED Becky An Tania Brum. With Honor Patsy Carpenter Regina Geegan Dottie Marmon Craig Raymond P.A.U.L. Spells Paul. Senior W :4 - ABOVE LEFT: MOST LIKE- LY TO SUCCEED: Sheila Yoder S Jeff Weir. ABOVE: MOST STUDIEST: Linda Gleason S Tim Beal. LEFT: BEST PARTIERS: Mellissa Pinkerton S Arlen Dykstna. RIGHT: BEST PHYSI- QUE: Scott Bunce S Anita Malcolm. FAR RIGHT: CLASS CLOWNS; Dave Boeschenstein S. Lynn Martin. Superstars mm. ABOVE LEFT: BEST PER- SONALITIES: Kelly Zerfas Gary Henderson. ABOVE RIGHT: MOST CREATIVE: Daria Evans S Tim Beal. LEFT: FOREIGN EX- CHANGE STUDENTS: Rika Abe, Mark Engeler, Taniia Brum, Oliver Laveille, and Simone Schmidt. RIGHT: MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT: Liz Roberts Tom Brady. LEFT; MOST SHY: Doug Mathews S. Tam- my Nichols. FAR LEFT: MOST ATHLETIC: Scott Bunce S Kara O ' Maliey. JUMIORS € itntH ' ( .?M .V ' -i?C r lPCF ' |. rt iiiw»- ' , RS m " B M f fn 1 • 4c - 3 I f l J.r4. ■ r R m ' i Junior Yean Initiated n0 Secretary, Loni Boulette; Vice-President, Sheri Baker; President, Paul Rench. Chris and Robin checking out the guys. Advisors, Mr. Skalski, and Mr. Ford. This year ' s Junior Class has been busy. They began the yean on a successful note when they won the float connpetition for Football Homeconning. During the sale of magazines the Juniors nnade a total profit of over $2, SOD. This n-ioney will go toward the 19BD Junior-Senior Prom. Plans for this year ' s Prom have continued throughout the year, with the end result coming sometime in May. The colors for the Class of 1981 are light blue and yellow; the class flower is the yellow rose and the nnotto is " Today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomor- row a vision of hope. " Members of the Junior class have made a good transition from their sophomore days. With the enthusiasm of this group, their senior year will surely be a happy and successful one. Junior class going " berserk " at homecoming pep rally. 120 By Success JanieAfartE Mona Amos Pot Armetrong Joe AaH Lynn As n Ftob«i Actcneon Vaughn Avery Lisa Barna Merrna Bakei " Si-e- BBker J- e Bac3 rt Lee Ber-ze A ' g Beard Sts e Beckar Ar-r Be Angea Ber-r-y i LorS BIfvin David Blood Mar-y Boggo Jenome Bonnie Diane Boughcon Lori Bouletrce Matrc Bradfcnd Roger Bradford Dave Brooks RiCk Brawn Ursula Brown Becky BrvjnQ ge Brenoa BLjsn NIad - e Busn Joye B e Tony Cs- Reg a Cs-t Ja s Ca " t:e " T ae Carter Sne a Cassei LeRoy Casde Jeff Conigfio 121 Sherrel Conely Sandra Cook Cary Coccrill Dan Curtis Jon Dalponte Thomas Decker llona Dimancs David Dodgson Rachel Dohnelly Chris Draime Chip Durren David Dykstra Kathy Earl Lonnie Eaton V ■ 1 1 V . ' . Roland Edmisten Laurie Edson Linda Edson Julie Eggeleston Cheryl Egnner Brian Ely I ' m m Christy Ely Brian Emory Jim Erdos Deb Evans Dan Ferguson Terry Ferguson Martha Fields Jeff Frtch Mark Flenning Jerry Foote Mike Frye Nancy Fuller David Furlong Tammy Garoutte Elain Gaylor Scott Gearhart Richard Gibson Gary Gilchrist Lori Granzotto Gary Green Kathy Griffin f Cyndil Tom I Ignijw I rid I JotTn Hagmen Genine HoKttcox St-iawn Hele Penny Harr«on Ma-y -iert, Glenn Hacrze Dff n h-tenee Steve Hjggne David Hom-i Jeff Hunt Joe Hotaon Randy Hu CK Alexanc a Imgn-nc! Don Inderty Tom Jackson Ladonna Jones Lori Jonea Sally Jones Chris Joslyn Guy Kanninga Mike Karle Chns Kellogg Wayne Kibby Dennis King Robert Kintz Gail Kipker Tom Kipker Pam Kruse Terry Kutz David Lammon Eric Laroe Laura LaviS Rcky L ' Esperance Roy L ' Esperance Cnrts Lillie Carl Lipl-ifoiTd Kris Lupcon Faye Lh arvec Sara Luncfciepg Juniors Look Forward Mike Marietci Kurt Martin Theresa Manjsek Steve Masnari Pamela May Steve McBride Linda McCollum Ken McGee Troy McGee Allen McGlothen Caroline Meersma Bruce Mejeur Tami Menges Cindy Miller Darci Miller Suzanne Miller Vicki Miller Mark MilnamoNA ' Garry Moore John Moore Mike Mooreland Susan Neale Gloria Nerad Insuk Norton Julie Null Carla Nykun Sherry ObeHander David Oswald Maria Paas Nadine Paris Tami wishes she was with Martin while Becky ignores her. J. . .- PIPI Martha Baker is star gazing while Chris end Dennis enjoy the game. Cheryl Egmer salutes the camera man. To Their First Prom Betti Craig Pond Brenda Porter Damita Pocta Jack Pyrrtz David Quinn Julie rie a rdon Peter Recier Paul Rer ; ' - Nboc Rce Sceve n ; ' -ipncx- 3 j Angela RoDer-ta c Roberts Rot)t ie Robnson Tricia Rockwel Joy Roggeien Michete Rohrer Ken Rose , Bryan Ross fr ' if j Norman Ruggies Beci y RuWi Leona Sanders Todd Satrceree Gary Scriu- Terry Scl-iultz Mike Schuster Louis Sernon LaChaunj S»-ietton Steve Sherry Sheri Baker getting the " potty paper " ready for use. " Who put the honey in the " . sa = Cheryl. 125 Tnjdy Sl-iT Bdecker Jeff Shutes Joel Sigman John Smith Mark Smith " imothy Smith Christopher Snow Karen Soule Gail Spencer Martha Spivey " Which way did it go? " says Laura Laws. Tanni Menges, end Sue Neale. Sam Staffen Eugena Starks Jim Stockdale Lynn Stover Janelle Strieker Jack Stryker Jeff Stump Karen Stunnpf Paul Stutesman Judith Summers DenE Errol Thornton Grover Thornton Reggie Tolbert Michael Tout Shari Trewhitt Fred Ulrey Ron Vanderaa fill h i L M.M ' ' ■ ' ' v ' ABOVE: Michelle Rohrer and Lori Jones have a " blast " at the fair BELOW: " What a boring game. " says Suzy Verheul. Sory VertmJ Tom Ward Van oDo a Warr- Kurt Webb Keith We«ndt Kent: Weto _ _; Sarah Weecfal Oave Wt-ieac ercV Wed e rbeo- r latt Wikne Boan vjr rcirxe Tom Wse i%L: Mike Manietti says. " Shucks. " as ChrSs Draime escorts him. 127 Juniors Enjoy The Present While Lori Blivin is fascinated by the pep rally ABOVE: " I did so well! " says Cheryl Egmer. BELOW: " Could ic really be a Wildcat Touchdown? " 128 Working Toward The Future Martha and Darci concentrate on winning. Could it really be Alec " A ildcat " imgrund? The Junior Float after winning the float competition at Homecoming. K-». PHOMQRES • ' J ' ' J ' M.ltlff y - XD, Jl ik- -r W W Sn p3 ■JFT - 1 i.. i .- r ' : A : .fc - s « .• ' l M- h Class of " S2 " Enters High School Vice-President Jon Rivers, Secrecary Deb Ashby. Advisor Mrs. Simon, Treasurer Sherry Hillard. President Pat Hipskind. The sophomores each year learn to deal with the differences that come from switching to high school from junior high. This year sophomores are no different. They seem to have adjusted well and have settled into the daily routine at TRHS. One of the highlights of the sophomore year is ordering class rings. Sophonnores placed their orders in October and the rings A ere in by Christmas vacation. With the new responsibilities of high school life also come a few new privileges. There are many more pep assemblies and a great many nnore freedoms. Next year the Class of ' B1 will become upperclassmen and on their way to graduation. They have shown spirit, enthusiasm, and drive throughout the year. Sophonnores put a lot of effort in their float. With High Hopes And Expectations ' ' Wi ' f Veroni c a Amoe Leona ABen Tn I KjU y Alen Tma AngteTieyer Oave Appoioni Bob Amecc Dean Aahtji-oak Oetra Aehby Julia Angtemeyer Thomae Batcer Paul Bales Mark BarrrfTarT: Patncia Barr-ooe Brervja Bar-tn Tammie Beal Tonya Beard Trezevarrc Ben rt w " " L j ' Wi % % r f li f? If you wanted to sit on my lap you could have asked first Kelly Belshaw Mict-ielie Bent Cindy Bigelow Karen Brppus Amy Bishop Lon Block Deo a B err ilM A " " i?Mi Ja es 3r — e Gb ' Bc ognton Steve Boyer Stacy Br ggs Ca ' - ' B ock vay Steve Bnonsterter K-s B-c v- Jef ' B-_-= ge Pc- B = -cci De- se B_ cs ' David BuPSon Ter-esa Caletrt 135 Jayne Cassei Thomas Castle Darrell Chapman Doug Chapin Bech Clark Gloria Clark John Cline John Clipfell Douglas Clutter Kim Collins Dianna Combs David Concannon Roxanne Conde Chris Cook Darryl Cook Mark Daniels Darlene Davis Daniel Daughenty Jesse Dear Todd Davidson Deborah Davis Ted Deisinger Brian Dennbinski Scott Demott Bob Dodson Michael Drainne Jannes Drake John Easte Frank Eggleston Imant Ejups 2. ODD lbs. today, 4, DOC tomorrow. " groans Deb Ashby. Jeff Erdoo Rotjert Erdoe Tereeo Fa« fvlc ide FauanBu i Karen Fenwck Martc Feme Corot Fettero f Cnriecoa Fek Richard Fitcti Pat For oc m a n Km Foote KactTy France Melon« Futton Mantyn Garxjner Kevo Gave Kann Gavin Todd Gearttarz Susan Gi!roy -I 1 f 1 Doug Chapin proudly displays his Irish " sentiments " (and thereby gains an A in Advanced Biology.] Roger Good i Lori Gooding Brenda Granges Pat Gray Pe— - G-css L - da Ha f cox Jackie Hagman Tetey MackenCLrg 137 Sophomores Receive Class Rings Bryan Harden Chris Harmon Gary Hart John Harvey Stephen Hayden Melinda Hemerrway Shern Henderson Elise Henry Rhonda Henlme Curtis Henschel Marcus Hicks Rhonda Higgins Shernll Hilliard Patrick Hipskind Sara Holderman Bret Homer Tomejo Houts Gary Hughes Susan Hulbert Rick Hutchinson Nancy Hutson Robert Johnson Aaron Johanson Jeff Johnson John Johnson Kimberfy Johnson Patricia Johnson Robin Johnson Ann Jones Jerry Jones Mark Joslyn Lisa Kain Paul Bales throws a temper tantrur Mark Roth puckers for some lucky lady. 138 Sophomores Have Success In Athletics John Kaneen Joseph Kaylor Dan Keith Rotaert Ke«ogg Don Kemp Jack Kmbte Dave Kiewiec Laurie Kleer LeRoy Ktr O-necne Krauvczsk Missy LaHue Gregory Lambert Frank Lammon Mydisa LawCon Lori L ' Esperance Jeff Levandoeki Terri Lewis Terry Lewis Jeffrey Linn Mike Livingston Joe LudNAng David Lunsford Penny Mencey Tony Manett Laura Marsi Charles Martn Herbert Martm Robin Martin Sharon Martin Veronica May Caria McAdams Barney McClan Melvn McCloud Ann McKenzie Terry McLaughlin Sandy McLellan Tina McLeod Kathy McNary Laura Miller Michelle MilnamovA ' Lisa Moore Mike Moser Rebecca Moyer Bruce Muehberger Marc O ' Brian Sherry O ' Dell John O ' Malley Scott Oswalt John Paas John Paluzak Linda Parmeter Crystal Perkins Robert Perry Kenneth Phillips Annette Pisco David Pittman Did John O ' Malley and John Paas ride their horses to the Is Connie Satterlee in deep thought about the tennis match or about a game? certain someone? John BictTmcxxJ Jeff ery Rider KenRibge John Rrvero Zetphe Rogere Elinor RotTm Dave Roee Kathy Roeeon S " eryl Roeson Mark RotM Mcheiie RotJ-i Jackie Sangaili Connie Saccenee Jeff Scnabes Rancty Scnuftz Sceve Scl-iuecer Christine S Telton Mark Sherer Bruce Snirk Jeff Snuperc Br n Srna ComtDe Craig Smelser Lori Sn-irth Spenner Gary Stahl Bin Steele Kim Steee Casey Svva(ti ;C7 , k. Kc Tang Angela Tessm Dana Tnomes Mike Tnompson a " Time for lunch. " says the Sophomore Class. 141 Sophomores Put Forth Great Lorenzo Thornton Annette Thurman Ron Thurmond David T John Todd Dan Tomlinson Kelli Turner Kim Vetter Franl Wagner David Waldron Diane Wallace Johnny Water-s in Kelly Warner . " I think I can. I think I can. " says Scott Oswalt. Effort For Homecoming Potncia Wete J«Ti Wh eeler ' rx H I B VAAsLks beck Cattiy Wilure Tom WScina Marcy Wieon Tim Wa»f Wotfe BUI Wotgamood M ce WorxoTQer Charfie Yancey Cact-iy York Jeff Ze fas ' I know I ' m tough, " says Mark Roth. Patty Wells poses for her picture. L4- ■jSli iJMliM ACT SCEN »K ,v ' i ■ M WM ■■ ■1 HI Hi ■§ 1 1 n afe. ' . HB H " 1 L i JIr H El b r " S ? 1 ' VI p v 4 E 1 1 T Vf A ? ;Hf|i i : . Student Council is Involved! Ijiiii n II! I FRONT ROW: Sheila Yoder. Kim Johnson, Sherri Henderson, Alex Imgrund, Gins Starks, Chris Draime, Julie Meyer, Tammy Reece, Nancy Fuller, Janie Albright, Michelle Rohrer. SECOND ROW: Paul Marsh, Ellen Welch. Tomejo Houts, Anita Malcom, Joanne Dobrowolski, Laurie Smith. THIRD ROW: Tim Beal, Matt Bradford. Jeff Weir, James Welch. Tom Brady, Mr. Jacobs. Tim Rice, Lynnl Martin, Angela Beard. Brenda Barth, Becky Brundige, Gary Henderson. NOT PICTURED: Lori Boulette, Doug Chapin, Lori Jones, Ann Mekenzie, Maria Paas. Robb Robinson. UPPER LEFT: Tim Beal thinks he should stick to photography. LEFT: Laurie Smith. Anita Malcom. and Joanne Dobrowolski. ABOVE: Does Michelle Rohrer really know what she ' s doing? EXECUTIVE CABINET, FRONT ROW: Treasurer " Tim Seal. President Laurie Smith, Vice President Paul Marsh, Secretary Joanne Dobrowolski. BACK ROW; Chris Draime, Tim Rice, Advisor Mr. Jacobs, Gary Henderson, Sherri Henderson. ABOVE: Ellen Welch and Mana Paas f-aK- ing leaves. ABOVE LEFT: Nancy Fuller has an in- teresting painting form. LEFT: Doug Chapin, Lynn Martin, and Mr. Jacobs. The Student Council ' s main project again this year sup- ported Muscular Dystrophy. Besides the teeter-totter marathon, the council began a Senior Citizen Work Project. Members did a variety of jobs in- cluding leaf raking, washing win- dows, and snow shoveling for senior citizens who couldn ' t do it for themselves. Once again, the student council presented excellent activities to celebrate football and basketball homecoming, all-school movies, and many other fine assemblies for the student body. Hats off to Mr. Jacobs, advisor, and the en- tire student council for another fun-filled year. 149 " Dungeon of Doom ' Billy Baker shows how good the food at the prom supper was. David Boeschenstein A ishes he had the body of Tom Oswalt so he could enter Miss Three Rivers. Laurie Honeywell enjoys her " Algae a la Moat. " With the guidance of advisor, Diane Korr, the Junior Class put on a beautiful pnonn last yean. The theme for the pronn was " Castle of Dreams " , and it was definitely appropriate. The pronn was held on May 15 at Glen Oaks Connmunity College with music performed by Century of Sound. The evening provided juniors, seniors, and their guests with many enchanting memories. " Dungeon of Doom " was the theme for the prom supper, held traditionally the night before the pronn. After an enjoyable nneal, the attending juniors and seniors were treated to a very hunnorous pnogrann presented by the juniors. Congratulations Juniors on a very successful pr om. The Creature of the Black Lagoon invades the prom supper. 150 ' Castle of Dreams " Band Provides Much Entertainnnent vr Sarah Westfall, Scott Oswalt, Paul Marsh, Roger Bradford, Michelle Bent, John Rivers, Mike Johnson, Jeff Schutes, Jerry Jones, Laurie Smith, Mark Roth. Dave Timm, Jeff Levendowski, Eric Roberts. Jim Wheeler, Jon Rice. Gina Starks. Karen Kline, Janice Carter. Jinn Busch, Dave Waldron, Mike Wortinger, Lynn Hampton, Scott Gearhart, Aaron Johanson, Dan Thomlinson, Scott Grindell, Scott Cooley, Frank Wagner, Karen Bippus, Gary Hughes, Wayne Kibby, Lynn Ash, Randy Kramb, Janice Pelon, Mark O ' Brian, Ellen Welch, Mary Boggio, Sandy McLellan, Pat Hipskind, Marty Wilson, Pam Kruse. Kathy Schneider, Craig Smelser, Roger Wolf, Daria Evans, Karen Soule, Nadine Parris, Jeff Johnson, Dawn Hensel, Karen Gavin, Deb Blood, Deb Joslyn. Alec Imgrund. Chris Harmon, Kathy Earl, Sara Lundberg, Julie Hagman, Teresa Caletri, Deb Evans, Michelle Preston, Angle Beard. Chris Cook, Becky Wiedenbeck, Sue Persson, Chris Snow, Sherry O ' Dell, Michelle Rohrer, Wendy Wiedenbeck. Dawn Brown, Tonya Beard, Ann Jones, Doris Deithrich, Roxie Mader, Sherri Henderson, Kathy France, Judy Wolff, Laura Laws, Tina Livingston, Linda McCollum, Colleen Ward, Sally Jones. Darci Miller. Cheryl Egmer. NOT PIC- TURED: Dave Concannon, Charlie Yancey. FRONT ROW: Sherri Henderson. Judy Wolff. Tina Livingston. Col- leen Ward. Darci Miller. Roxie Mader BACK ROW: Kathy France. Dons Diethrich. Laura Laws. Cheryl Egmer. Sally Jones. Linda Mc- Collum The Marching Band was very active this yean. They perfornheid at all four home games, at each pre-game, and half-time ceremonies. The band also performed at Comstock with the Comstock High School Band, and did a great job. At the end of marching season the band held their annual marching banquet. It was held at the famous " Greco ' s " restaurant in Kalamazoo. At the banquet, certain band members were honored, such as, Best Marcher: Lynn Hampton; Best Squad: Sue Persson, Chris Snow, Michelle Rohrer, Sherie O ' Dell; Best Squad Leader: Janice Pelon; Most Improved Mar- cher: Becky Wiedenbeck. The drum majors, Paul Marsh and Sarah Westfall, were honored also. " Marriot ' s Great America " asked the band to play at their amusement park in the spring; Mr. Smith and the band accepted, and will be traveling to Illinois in May for their performance. Congratulations go out to the marching band for this very special honor. Once again our very own Wildcat Marching Band has given its all for an outstanding season. 152 Pope Paul blesses his disciples. " My Cuba says Oom-papa, how abouc yours? " says Aaron Jonanson. ABOVE: Paul plays the Pied Piper of T.R. RIGHT: " I tip my hat to you. Mr. Smith. " thinks Jerry Jones. 153 Concert Band And Pep Band FRONT ROW: Deb Evans, Becky Wiedenbeck, Chris Cook, Angie Beard, Roxie Mader. Linda McCollum, Laurie Laws, Kathy France. SECOND ROW: Sarah Lunbeng, Dawn Hensel, Sue Persson, Karen Gavin, Wendy Wiedenbeck, Dawn Brown, Sally Jones, Chris Snow, Michelle Rohren, Sandra Cook, Tina Livingston, Pam Kruse, Alec Imgrund, Jerry Jones, Roger Bradford, Michelle Preston, Julie Hagn-ian, Theresa Caletri. THIRD ROW: Deb Joslyn, Kathy Earl, Sherry Henderson, Ann Jones, Doris Dietrich, Deb Blood, Chris Harmon, Mary Boggio, Cheryl Egmer, Mark O ' Brian. Ellen Welch, Greg Snnelser, Roger Wolf, Jodi Timm, Karen Soule, Nadine Parris, Daria Evans. FOURTH ROW: Michelle Bent, Jeff Shutes, Wayne Kibby, Scott Cooley, Gena Starks, Frank Wagoner, Paul Marsh, Gary Hughes. Randy Kramb, Eric Roberts, Karen Kline. Jim Wheeler. Lynn Ash, Judy Wolfe. Dave Concannon, Mark Roth, Jeff Levandoski, Sarah Westfall. Dave Waldron. Charlie Yancey. Jim Busch, Mike Wortinger, Lynn Hampton. BACK ROW: Aaron Johansen, Dan Tomlinson. Pep Band does a great job at a pep assembly. Stunned at the sight of the camera. 154 Provide A Musical Year " A e are the popcorn poppers! " announce Linda and Angle. The Concert Band started the yean in full swing with a Christmas Concert followed by a fantastic concert in February. The band also went to Schoolcraft for a district contest in March, doing very well. The band nnen-ibers all participated in the local Solo Ensemble. Then those who again qualified went on to State Solo Ensemble. The Concert Band doesn ' t just perform in concert. They also have a small nucleus, The Peo Band, who plays at every home basketball game and at all pep assemblies in the school. 155 Choirs Fill T.R.H.S. With Song SENIOR HIGH SINGERS. FRONT ROW: Veronica May, Damica Potts, Rhonda Higgins, Howard Preston, Patti Barrone, Debbie Davis. Cambi Shupert. SECOND ROW: Martha Fields, Missy LaHue, Paul Bales, Jodey King, Carol Fetteroff, Sheryl Rosson. THIRD ROW: Kelli Turner, Tomejo Houts, Karen Fenwick, Michelle Binoin. Mary Blasius, Julie Rider, Nancy Rice, Vicki Miller. BACK ROW; Trudy Shingledecker, Wendi Hicks, Jeff Rider, Gary Stahl, Mark Nothdruft, Char Dailey, Tina Spanner, Ms. Livanec. Diction, girls, diction! Both the Swing Choir and Senior High Singers did a superb job at the kick-off assembly for Homeconning, the open house they held, and their spring con- cert. Some of the choir members also participated in the Band Follies. Ms. Shirley Livanec, choir director, took the choirs to the South Western Michigan Vocal Music Festival in March. Several choir members also participated in Solo Ensemble contests again this year. SWING CHOIR. FRONT ROW: Mary Blasius, Ms. Livanec, Lynne Stover. SECOND ROW: Lynn Ash, Vanessa Warr, Nancy Fuller, Faye Livanec. BACK ROW: Melissa Pinkerton, Angle Roberts, Susan Gilroy, Joye Bye. Art Club Is New Addition To Student Life i ir J Rhonda Henline, Shelley Hackenberg, Nadine Parris, Simone Schmidt, Carol Tokarski. NOT PICTURED: Dania Evans, Maria Paas, Paul Bales, Chris Baker, Terry Ragins, Lori Smith, ABOVE; Dania Evans and Nadine Parris enhance Santa ' s grey. RIGHT: Paul Bales " belting " Santa. w 1 fl i 1 M m- i i It ABOVE: Mrs. Blackman, Ad- visor. LEFT: Maria Paas paints under watchful eyes. T.R.H.S. has a new club that it has not seen for over six yeans. ..The Art Club! This group has been extremely active in its opening year with projects for the school and the community in- cluding painting Homecoming signs, illustrating the Newcomers Cookbook, and re-painting the giant Santa Claus. Co-advised by Mrs. Marcia Blackman and Ms. Carol Tokarski, the dub has of- ficers Paul Bales, President, Lori Smith, Vice President. Chris Baker, Secretary, Rhonda Henline, Treasurer, and Maria Paas, Student Council Represen- tative. ,__ 15 Basketball Homecoming 1 3BD " The Old West " Cowboys and cowgirls made Basketball Home- coming 19SO, " The Old West " , a huge sucess. The competition assembly, won by the seniors, kicked off the week. It included the male ch eerleaders, the eating contest [swallowing beef jerky], and a basket- ball game of P-l-E. On Wednesday, students dressed up like Gunsmoke characters and competed in the tug- of-wan. Next came the nnini-f loats; each was a version of the Conestoga wagon. A faculty volleyball game ended the assembly. On Friday scenes of the Old West were presented by each class. Winter sports teams were recognized and Mr. Team Supreme 19SO, Michael Meersmia was introduced. The final competi- tion was Spirit Tinne. At Friday night ' s halfcime cere- monies the overall winner was announced: the Class of ' S1. Honnecoming 19BO was climaxed by our Wild- cats ' stunning defeat of the Comstock Colts. UPPER RIGHT: The junior cIbbsbb ' xwinning gym decorations. ABOVE LEFT: Mr. Jacobs congratulates Mr. Team Supreme 1980, Mike Meersma. ABOVE: The soplTOmores mini-float version of the conestoga wagon. ABOVE RIGHT: The " Lovely Ladies " of the Class of ' BO. BELOW LEFT: " Miss Kitty " Bunce shows her stuff. BELOW: Sophomore spirit means crumbs for everyone else. BELOW RIGHT: A Wildcat victory ends s perfect Home- coming 19BO. Brings Co A boys And Indians To TRHS kr ■MS ; . i TOP LEF=T: Merk O ' Brian loves jerky. TOP MIDDLE: " Doc " Bales Co the rescue. TOP: RIGHT: " Please. God. don ' t let me throw up! " UPPER LEFT: Is Becky on the warpath again? UPPER MIDDLE: Is this Crazy Horse ' s double? UPPER RIGHT: Yum, Yum. my favorite recipe. ABOVE LEFT: A double-date tonight with us! ABOVE: Get up Ned, even prayer won ' t help us no A . ABOVE RIGHT: You guys assured me you could hit the basket! LEFT: Well, they only said I had to wear it, nobody said where. RIGHT: Did General Custer start this way? Pom Cats Provide Entertainment FRONT ROW: Veronica May. SECOND ROW: Terri Lewis. Trish Johnson, Melinda Hemingway, Martha Spivey, Kelli Belshaw. THIRD ROW: Lynn Martin, Kathy Rhodes, Frances Martin, Teresa Marusek. The Pom Cats have added much enjoyment to our sporting events. They have a new advisor this year. Barbara Jo Danner has provided them with a great deal of leadership and help. The Pom Cats attended a pom pom camp at Ball State University where they learned many useful routines to provide us with exciting entertainment. ABOVE LEFT: Do you suppose the " Rockettes " started this way? ABOVE: " I ' ve got to be a Macho-Man! " 160 New Things Come With a New Advisor YEARBOOK STAFF: Eric Large, Alec Imgrund. Lisa Bongen, Sara Tomlinson. Kelley Mur- ray, Judi Smith. Paul Bales, Linda Gleason, Laura Laws, Tim Rice, Tim Beal, Jerry Foote, Paul Marsh, Kara O ' Malley, Gary Henderson, Advisor Mrs. Blackman, Lori Jones, Tami Menges, ABOVE: Lisa Borger and Gary. Gicrrst. LEFT: Sara Tomlinson and Linda G eason watch Russ Whitehead from Modem Yearbook Company, The 1SSO T.R.H.S. " REFLEC- TOR " is entirely new, including f-e advisor, Mrs. Marcia Blackrr-an. An excellent staff of sixteen " as worked many long hours to bring you this new look. Besides the new advisor, the yearbook staff also got a new room in the hallway, under the gym. But that ' s not all that ' s ne n : the cover design, a lithographed art work by Paul Bales; the theme which is movies: and an ad- ditional 24. pages. The entire staff is to be com- mended for their hard work and super effort on the 19SO Re- ac- tor. 161 French Club Travels to Chicago Art Institute An afternoon A ith Toulouse Lsutrec at the Chicago Art In- stitute highlighted French Club ' s activities this year. Accompanied by mennbers of the Art Club, the group traveled to Chicago by bus. Upon arrival, they toured the Art Institute and enjoyed lunch together. They also spent part of the day shopping in Chicago. The club also visited a French restaurant in Kalamazoo, ordered T-shirts with French in- signias, made French valentines which were delivered at school on valentine ' s day, and held a Mardi Gras dinner at the Junior High. The club advisor is Mrs. Jan Stuckey and this years officers are Lori Jones, President; Tam- mie Beal, Vice President; Gail Boughton, Secretary; Kia Kjen- skrud. Treasurer. Lori is also the Student Council Representative. Once again French Club is an ac- tive group. BELOW: Sherry ponders who to send her valentine to. BELOW LEFT: Tricia shows how to say " Je T ' Aime. " SITTING: Missy Simon, Dessie Ponczyk, Deb Davis, Leslie Turner, Kris Hudson, Sonye Horner. KNEELING: Kia Kjenskrud, Mary Boggio, Linda Hubbard, Melissa Marietti, Ann Stoppenbach. Gail Boughton, Mrs. Stuckey. STANDING: Janie Albright, Scott Durren, Lori Jones, Warren Ware, Sherry O ' Dell, Tricia Rockwell, Ann Paluszak, Brenda Haas. NOT PIC- TURED: Tammie Beal, Sherry Pollitt, Rika Abe, Kathy Miller, Sue Rigel, Melissa Savage, Peggy Flager, Vicky Knudsen. Merri Garvey. Val Schull, Diane Boughton. Spain Is Alive And Well In T.R, FRONT ROW: Regina Carta. John Zerfas. Alec Imgrund. Gena Starks, Doris Diethrich, Tom Decker, Deb Evans. SECOND ROW: Kurt Webb. Greg Lambert. Cheryl Egmer. Lisa Kain. Sandy Mc- Clellan. Joye Bye. BACK ROW: Mr. Honeywell. Tracy Honeywell. Chris Cook. Nancy Hutson. Karen Gavin. Dess e Pa-czy . Ten- e Ragins. Mike Gardner. Roger Bradford. NOT PICTURED: Kns Lup- ton. Joe Tobon. Bill Oakley, Joyce Hackenberg. I B ' IP ■i V ' v y vwP rt ' m mtkk. ? M Hpl_ T H ' « B SP K ABOVE: " See it is alive! " comments Cheryl Egmer on Kris Lupton ' s food. The Spanish Club has again been a very active organization in our school with such activities as sponsoring a post game dance, making pinatas, and eating out at a Spanish restaurant in Kalamazoo. The club, advised by Mr. Honeywell, has officers: Presi- dent, John Zerfas: Vice Presi- dent, Alec Imgund; and Student Council Representative, Gena Starks. The club also traveled to the Spanish speaking section of Chicago in the spring. 163 T.R. ' s Hardest Workers: School Service ' »»»V- f J i VJ) " i ' ' ' ' LJClt Rittia Hall enjoys her work?? Karen Stumpf states, " My, I ' m having fur ABOVE: Tim Rice tries Co r jn from his duties! RIGHT: Shiela Yoder LOVES attendance updates! Variety Hut Is " Sticky " Business Our school scone ' s o A n three stooges. " Oh my gosh we ' re out of Lifesavers. ' ABOVE: " Alright Kris, stop stealing Reece ' s peanut butter cups! ' LEFT: Of course I can handle an I.R.S. audit! The Wildcat Variety Hut of Three Rivers High School had another great year. The school store carries a ■wide variety of items including many types of clothing bearing the Wildcat in- signia, all school supplies, and a big selection of candy. Heading the Variety Hut is Rod Nedervelt with the assistance of manager Kris Peters, Cathy Appoloni, and Tim Rice. 165 ' Snowfest " Becomes New T.R.H.S. Tradition ABOVE LEFT: And we brush our teeth three times a day. ABOVE: Hi. I ' m Tomi Oswalt. Will you be miy friend? LgPY: My dance partner? Well, he ' s here somewherel BELOW; " Last time I ' ll be an advisor! " thinks Diane Korr. The Class of 1930 began what they hope will become a new tradition at T.R.H.S. They sponsored a Christmas dance entitled " Snowfest. " The dance was held in the high school gynn under a ceiling of snowflakes and nnany other beautiful decorations. Couples had an opportunity to remember the occa- sion with a portrait in a Christmas setting complete with fireplace and Christmas tree. Cake and punch were served. Congratulations to Miss Korr and the Seniors for a superb effort! ABOVE; I can ' t A ait till the band starts. ABOVE RIGHT: Tom Brady enjoys himself. RIGHT: I want 11x1-4 color glossies for Mom, Grandma, Aunt Mary . . . BELOW: Timothy " LOOSE ANKLES " Beal. BELOW RIGHT: Everybody ready? Let ' s dance! Ip« . i mMt4Md A T vvHHHHstf l i v — T sivm Homeconning is Live on Friday Night Chris Joslyn wishes he were reaily being " pinned " by Becky Weidenbecl . " Friday Night Live " was the theme for this year ' s Homecoming anid its many ac- tivities. There was a special dress-up day " Favorite Character Day " , on which you dressed as your favorite character from the T.V. show Saturday Night Live. Activities that everyone enjoyed were: Mr. S. Ms. Congeniality, Mr. S Ms. Amibi- tion, Mr. S Ms. Fall Sports, Sports Bake, Talent Show, Poster Contest, Dress Down Day, Purple-White Day, Dress-Up Day, Sack Race, Three-Legged Race, Wheelbar row Race, and lots of yelling contests bet- ween the individual classes. The Junior Class A on first place with their float entry, and they also placed first in the spirit competition. Before the game, the traditional Homecoming Parade led fans out to Arm- strong Field. ABOVE: Queen Judi lool s stunned while King Billy jumps for joy. BELOW: " If you ' re happy and you knoxA ' it clap your hands. " Laurie thinks. " Boy. is Paul ' s speech excitir LEFT: Mark Bradford is caught embezzling senior class functe? BELOW LEFT: Cathy Appoloni. Kris Peters and Lynn Martin are T.R. ' s o A n " Wildkittens " . BELOW: Carol Fetterolf shows off her entry in tne Sports BaKe. WmmM Jjfi ft ' HH - " " B KL . fc m - m H v H • HH ' m V ■ mM H fi qA H m [JM IDH Li ' 1 li mH Hfl l K H WpM H H iJ Bri 4 i% y ji B H 169 Candystripers Volunteer At Blood Bank I FRONT ROW: Julie Anglemeyer. Frances Marcin, Carta McAdams. Tenri Lewis. BACK ROW: Sherry Oberlander, Linda Edson. ABOVE: Gloria looks like she ' s enjoying her work almost as much as he does! RIGHT: Terri hopes she ' s doing everything okl The Candystripers perform many important duties as volunteers at the hospital. They carry out nnany of the same duties a nurse or nurses ' aide would. The candystripers main work project for this year was to work at the Blood Bank. They would take the pulse and blood pressure of the donors as they went in and came out of the Blood Collection Center. The highlight of the year ' s activities is the capping ceremony at which each girl who has worked twenty-five hours or nnore receives a cap, cer- tificate or pin. 170 Cadet Teachers Enjoy Working With Kids " If we ' re good all day. then what do we get? " The Cadet Teaching program offers those students who are interested in a career in teaching, a chance to try the job first hand. Cadet Teachers travel to one of our elementary schools where they work for two hours assisting the teachers and helping the kids with their work. Mr. Charles Riley coonidinates the prognann at the high school. Greg Pedue helpa out at Hoppin school as a par-c of the Cadet Teaching program. National Honor Society Brings FRONT ROW: Linda Gleason, Tamarah Reece. Kelli Timm, Tim Beal. Liz Roberts. Paul Marsh, Jeff Weir, Lisa Borger, Kelley Mur- ray. BACK ROW: Laura Satterlee. Sheila Yoder. Laurie Smich, Marl Bradford. Scott Bunce. Tom Brady, Brian Green, Dave Grif- fin, Kara O ' Malley, Joanne Dobrowolski, Sara Tomlinson, Sue Persson, Advisor Ron Riopel, Janice Pelon. iwl H f 7 %?« ' i i ■ i y ABOVE RIGHT; Judith SmiCh, Laura Satterlee. and Anita Malcom work diligently at the concession stand. RIGHT: Janice Pelon awakens Nadine Parris. ABOVE: Todd Satterlee receives pm from Superintendent Reece. " The Spirit of Christmas " All Year FRONT ROW: David Dykstra. Pam Jones, Deb Evans, Tina Liv- ingston, Sara Lundberg, Trudy Shingledecker, Nadine Parnis, Mark Milnamow. Tricia Rockwell, Alexandra Imgrund, Pam Kruse, Becky Brundige, Jim Welch, Collen Ward. SECOND ROW: Janie Albright, Kathy Griffin, Ann Paluszak, Sarah Westfall, Sheri Baker, Lori Jones, Eugena Starks, Laura Laws, Robin Atkinson, Martha Baker, Diane Boughton, Ken Rose. Regina Carta. Tan " Nc ' -o-a. THIRD ROW: Scott Cooley, Lon Boulette, Chip Durre ' -i. Tcac: Sat- terlee, Mike Marietti, Nancy Fuller, Bob Kmtz, Chns Jcs . Keen Lynes, Mike Johnson, Suzy Verheul. Daria Evans, Da zn Herse . Maria Paas. N.H.S. at the Pathfinder Center for the Chnstnnas Party. The Cecil Delong chapter of the National Honor Society inducted 4-2 new members this yean. The theme of this year ' s induction was " The Spirit of Christmas " with the cafetopium being beautifully decorated. The President of N.H.S. was Jeff Weir with Paul Marsh as Vice-President, Liz Roberts as the Secretary, and Tim Seals as the Treasurer. The Executive Board was made up of Laurie Smith, Shiela Yoder, Scott Bunce, and Laura Satterlee. The N.H.S. made its annual trip to the Pathfinder Center just before Christmas treating the children to gifts and doughnuts. T.R.H.S. Debaters Enjoy Winning Season SEATED: Anne Palusak, Brenda Haas, John Higgins, Julie Alger. Stan Adams. STANDING; FRONT ROW: Janice Pelon, Sue Jackson, Linda Gleason, Scott Dilley, David Curtis, Sonya Horner. BACK ROW: Pat Hipskind, Roger Bradford, Dave Pittman, Melissa Marietti, Linda Hubbard, Warren Ware, Scott Durren, Jeff Weir. T.R.H.S. debaters captured third place in the tough Kal-Area League, First Place in the Wolverine Conference, and third place at the Edwardsburg Invita- tional. Varsity debaters Tim Seal, Scott Durren, Anne Paluszak, and Janice Pelon led the squad to an 1Bth place finish in the Class B state tournament. 174 A Brand New Batch Of Forensic Talent In TR " We all want that coffee Mr. Mollema. ' ! ABOVE: " And then.. .Boys and Girls, " LEFT: " Look! up on the A all, it ' s a bird, it ' s a plane, it ' s the cicxik. " BELOW LEFT: " Conne on everybody, wake up! " BELOW: " HEE HEE. " Cheat. Cheat. Cheat.... Each year THRS students compete in individual speech contests knc vn as Forensics. Events include serious and humorous oral interpretation, story- telling, duo and multiple interpretation, extempore, oratory, infornnative, radio broadcasting, and inn- pnonnptu. Mr. Andy Mollema is the Forensic coach. Mr. Mollema has high hopes for this years squad as they go into tournament competition. Each stu- dent competes in five tournaments before entering district, regional, state competition. 175 Lack Of SnoNA Doesn ' t Dampen izi.ii ixMvi—, j-za::..u :.xi mai n ; u . .: :: ' i j j 1 1 . , . i I. L SEATED: Mike Gardner, President; Liz Roberts. Vice-President; Mr. Nevvrt;on, Advisor; Ellen Welch, Secretary; " ricia Rockwell. Treasurer. SECOND POW: Kelly Zerfas, Mark f r.c ater. Dessie Panczyk. Lori Jones. Becky Wiedenbeck. Sue Neale, Martha Baker. Caria Nykun. John DalPonte. BACK HOW: Jerry Foots, Mike Wilma. Warren Ware. Cary Cottrill. Gary Henderson. Marilyn Gardner. Tim Rice. Tim Smith. John Clipfell. Liz laughs at the carnera i Ellen and Becky think they ' re cool! The Ski Club got off to a slow start this year since the weather did not cooperate. There was not enough snow to ski until nnid-January. The ski club had a garage sale to raise money for their ski trip which was fairly successful. Then the ski trip to Traverse City was cancelled due to lack of snow. The snow finally came in February nnuch to the group ' s delight. Swiss Valley granted the club members all week passes, so the skiers finally got to enjoy sonne winter weather. Again this year, Mr. Jannes Newton was the ski club advisor. Because the trip was cancelled, Mr. Newton organized a final ski club get together with ski races and other activities. Ski Club ' s Spirit Kelly never knows what she ' s doing! , ' jt ' i- " Look out beloNA !!! " yells Paul. t 4r » a vlr. Newcon demonstrates his Olympic downhill form. School Spirit Kept LEFT SIDE: Faye Livanec. Alec Imgrund. Nancy Fuller, Carol Fet- teroff. FRONT ROW: Char Dalley. Angle Roberts. Miss Livanec. Vicki Once again Purple Pride has been a great spirit booster at TRHS. The organization functions as a pep club to support our sports teanns. Under the watchful eye of advisor, Miss Shirley Livanec, Purple Pride began their spirit building during football homecoming. They painted signs for both the halls of the high school and the football field including the " run-through " for the introduction of the Wildcat team. The group also presented each football player with a Candy Dynannite Stick. Purple Pride continued their spirit boosting by making all signs for basketball homecoming. 78 Miller. Nancy Rice. RIGHT SIDE: TerrI Nerad. Joye Bye. Lynne Stover. Janelle Strieker. Nancy and VIcki shoxw their talent at art. f: Alive By Purple Pride w " i , i Sue Miller will be the next Picasso. Alec shows her talent at mixing paint. kf fe A side view of Char Daily busily at work. Char Daily showing one of ' - er- s poses. " WILDCAT WEEKLY " And " PURR-PLE PRESS " , " Hurnmmmm not bad. " says Nancy Fuller Whac a class! Experts take a break to give us a smile. What a smile!! 180 Staffs Have A Knock-Out Year " SMILE, your on candid camera. " says Briar The advisor for the school newspapers, the Wildcat Weekly and the Purr ple Press, is Mrs. Barbara Erickson. This is the fifth consecutive year she has been the advisor of the Wildcat Week- The Wildcat Weekly publishes a page each week in The Three Rivers Commercial with columns such as " You Said It " , Sports, and " Mystery Student. " Purr ple Press is the new in school newspaper with articies geared to student imput. Tne very first issue was delivered to the student body just before Christmas. The paper was very well received by all. 181 JrBlflm MJkM COMMuwirr CoKHWl kBM ACT. SCENE. - f firl V THE E CW ' ?A? A ' j J ' i¥ ' 4 n ja ' IPra 3« • ?ifc . ■Xv«. $ Eb HIPHH M W S ; mr ;T | 1 Ji A f ' k£? I ■ i- A II ■ c Vlf " r- • ji w x Parent Patrons Allen S Julie Beal Mr. Sl Mrs. Wilbur L. Berry, Sr. Judie BoNA ser Paul S Doris Brady Mr. Sl Mrs. Harry Brown, Jr. Mr. Sl Mrs. James Busch Hope Ron S. Sally Carpenter Mr. Sl Mrs. James DeBoer George Sl Donna Dietrich Mr. Sl Mrs. Chester Dobrowolski Ronald Sl Carlene Evans Mr. Sl Mrs. John Gearhart Mr. Sl Mrs. Douglas Griffin Fred S. Diane Hartman Williann S Lillian Hartzell Mr. Sl Mrs. James Hasse Mr. Sl Mrs. Terry Henry Mr. Sl Mrs. Dennis Huyck Dick S. Vicki Imgrund Eugene S Thelma James Dave Sl Nancy Joslyn Alex Sl Judy Kovac Jim S Shirley Kramb Fory S Linda Leer Mr. Sl Mrs. Robert H. Mader Dr. Sl Mrs. James Malcolm Mr. Sl Mrs. Hubert McDonald Geraldine J. Murray Herb Si Bonnie Nash Tom S. Cindy Nelson Mr. Sl Mrs. Rolland Nichols Mr. S. Mrs. Patrick O ' Malley Mrs. Sandra Qswalt Mr. Sl Mrs. Bernard L. Paluszak Mr. S. Mrs. Ronald Reece Sl Jenny Mr. Sl Mrs. Walter Reick Harold Rice Family Mr. Sl Mrs. Lavergne Smith Mr. Sl Mrs. Robert L. Snnith Dean S. Marian Suber Mr. Sl Mrs. Fred Tallman Mr. Sl Mrs. Harold Tilford G. Wayne Sl Charlene Timm Mr. Sl Mrs. Ealy Tomlinson Sl Ryan Glenn S. Sally Welch Al Sl Donna White Wayne S. Nancy Wilcox Lois Boulette Yoakam 186 Church Patrons Church of Nazarene Assembly of God First Presbyterian Timothy Beal iavid Bosschenscein Thomas Oswalt Tamanah Reece Lloyd Strieker Michael Todd J mes Welch Thomaa Brady Harrys fown Michele Bnunner Mike J. Gardener Dan Gnanzotto Julie Hagman Brenda Hantzell David Japsen Gary Johnson Glen Johnscjn Anne Paluezak , iiylelissa iPinkehton Tim. Rice Laura Satterleo Laura Smith Mark Smith Jamie Spenner Judy Willma • Steve Mark Kramb Roxanne Mader Mark Nothdruft Elizabeth Roberts First LInited Methodist Immaculate Conception St. Johns Lutheran St. Peters Lutheran Trinity Episcopal 187 Congratulations to the Class of ' 80 U.S. 131 M60 P.O. Box 62 Three Rivers, Michigan 49093 (616) 278-1695 HACKENBERG-SCHREIBER YOUR HOME FOR COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE 279-7979 273-3675 Three Rivers, Mich. 445-3826 Cassopolis, Mich. Dimmick Petroleum Enterprises, Inc. JOBBER OF SHELL PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, TIRES AND AUTOMOTIVE ACCESSORIES 503 SOUTH MAIN STREET THREE RIVERS, MICH. 49093 SERVING HOME HEATING - INDUSTRIAL - COMMERCIAL AGRICULTURAL PETROLEUM NEEDS Shell Accessory Mart 503 South Main St. Three Rivers Shell Tire Mart M-60 U.S. 131 Three Rivers PHONE 616 273-1315 Shell Accessory Mart M-60 Jones Stop in and enjoy a drink witli us. JCPenney SP p .-. k ' 1 BH HJ ' J 70 N. Main Phone:278-1016 KWIKEE PRINT ' Camera ready copy printed while you wait " T i a ' U OFFSET JOB PWNTING WEDDING INVITATIONS Phone 279-7448 130 West Michigan Ave. Three Rivers, Michigan 49093 Ts»E - . - ' ::a ' fi . " URSOLINE 1 — i y — CUSTOM-BLENDED fil " " pi lU i e i i t r 1 7 yfSL I Bowlin ' s Sunoco Service m-60 Jones. fTli. 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE Open-7am to Sprn Weekly 12pm to 6pm Sundays CERTIFIED mECHflNICS COKE SALUTES THE 1980 GRADUATES CELEBRATING 75 YEARS OF SERVICE COKE ADDS LIFE r CIMA PRECISION CORPORATION S SELF-TIGHTENING HOSE CLRfnPS. CimO hose clomps ore monufoctured by using q double strand design. The resulting domps ore eosler and safer to Insto ll both In the plant and In the field. OTHER FINE Cimfl PRODUCTS INCLUDE: VINYL COVERED CLIPS • CLRfnPS • fiND BRACKETS CimO con monufocture ond vinyl coot many clips to your specifications for securing tubing, wires, or small hoses In your monufacturing process. R.R. 2, Heimbach Road Three Rivers, Mi. THREE RIVERS IRON METAL SUBSIDIARY OF STURGIS IRON AND METAL 206 E. Broadway ph. 278-1785 190 -aTy :;»!ihtifat . UJcM LUDDERS CLEANERS 96 - 5th Ave. - ph. 273-5 1 65 your complete cleaner suede and leather finishing draperies-decorator fold alteration- formulas-band uniforms North American North American Products Corp. The Fastest Growing Name In Carbide Cutting Tools Michigan Division Congratulations Class of 1980 702 Webber St. Three Rivers CARDINAL HOMES Area ' s Largest Builder of Custom Homes U.S. 1 31 -5 miles north of Three Rivers Phone 279-5590 191 Congratulations, Seniors Huddlestun Lumber Company Western And Southern Lumber 243 S. Main St. Phone 278-1915 Three Rivers, Michigan 49093 f ! Best Wishes Bonf oey Jewelers 40 N. Main St. Three Rivers v ■. . •.». ;. » rT_.jr , .itumiM - Butler Foods 808 W.Michigan CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1980 Continental Forest Industries Bleach Products Division Three Rivers, IVII Clifton Engineering Company, Inc., fflichigan Electrical and Gas Construction find fflcxintenance 1602 North fTlain Three Rivers, PTIichigan 193 Congratulations to the Class of ' 80 Three Rivers Downtown Merchants Association Amencan National Ban . eans N Things Outlet Bence Bacon Firestone Siore Kalamazoo Savings Loan Association Bonfoey Jewelers Kauszler Bros. Hardware Carl ' s Jewelry Mastercraft. inc. Coast- to- Coast Srore Newberrys Don ' s Furniture City J, C- Penney Co. Edythe Shop Pol-Poum Falvey ' s Store for Men Boys Reish ' s Shoes Family Bakery Rigels Pharmacy First National Bank Three Rivers Savings . Loan Association Hudson Drug Company Wellingtons Painl Wallpaper Store WLKM, tht Voice of Three Rivers Three River s Publishing Company il ' F Tm - ,( " rs Ford fluthofized Soles 6 Service ' When flmerlcQ needs a better ide x it ' s at your local Ford Dealer. " GARY FORD INC. Ph. 278-1 965 203 South Main Congratulations Seniors from Bippus Standard -Automotive Service Your Headquarters For Rll Your Home Care Needs RPPLIflNCES TIRES ♦BATTERIES LflWN ' GARDEN EQUIPfTIENT •HOfTlE imPROVEfTlENTS HOmE ENTERTRINmENT CARPETING WATER TREATfTlENT EQUIPfTIENT 11 00 North Main St. Mon.-Tues.-Wed. Thurs. Sat. 9:30 to 5:30 p.m. Fri. 9:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 279-7471 Tackle Barn Complete sporting goods center Clothing-camping equipment Guns— Fishing tackle— Live bait 1108 W. Michigan Ave., Three Rivers 278-2145 -i ' fURNITURE CITY OFFICE FURNITURE . Don ' s Ftimiture City Office Equipment 15-17 North Main St. Three Rivers Michigan 49093 Devon Louise Albin R 2 MarceUus Free Delivery Financing Available Office Phone 279-5756 Poor Peddler Saloon Food Emporium 4 N. Main St. Three Rivers, Michigan I 195 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS -rty ' -iftyiLtek. DAYCO CORPORATION U.S. 131 THREE RIVERS, MICHIGAN 279-5161 j " .. REDI-MIX.NC. .„ " " f 600Y SHOP ND SONS 196 Three Rivers Dairy Equipment, inc. ih Phone 27B-2570 U.S. 131 a Millard One International of a Lawn ft Garden Center " We Back Our Sales With Parts ft Service " Quonset Steel Buildings Quonset Grain Bins POST BUILDINGS Designed To Your Requirements ROHRER ROHRER INC. ' The Construction Makes The Difference ' Licensed Contractors Locally Owned Insured Free Estimates 59780 Shafer Bros. Rd. Call- 244-5901 " Congratulations Seniors From X-L Machine Company RR 6 Box 236-B— Three Rivers 197 BERGER INSURANCE AGENCY James E. Berger Phone: (616)278-6905 (616)279-7855 .over quarter century of service 200-202 South Main St. Three Rivers Michigan 49093 r mister Donut OPEN 24 HOURS R DAY 7 DRYS fl WEEK U.S. 131 BY PASS 273-7495 Good Luck Seniors from Roy ' s Motor Sales W. Michigan Ave., Three Rivers 198 INnaRPQRATED )5 Come oj C tne (ZTumilure, ( loor (coverings ana Cy eaatng 2B-3a N. MAIN dTREET THREE RIVERS, MICHIGAN 49D93 PHPNE Z73-22Q5 AUTO PARTS INCORPORATED U.S. 131, North of Three Rivers Phone 273-1265 32 Acres of Parts, New and Used CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES from DEBOER MATERULS Hoffman Rd. Phone- 273-5385 COmPLIfTlENTSOF flAII 1 CASSELiAH IMC 1 i,;r| f : ] Mechanical Contractors Electrical Contractors Plumbing - sprinkler systems - healing - air conditioning - sheet metal Three Rivers 123 Water St. Sturgis 310 N. Centerville r Gar-V Manufacturing, Inc. Specialists In Small Stamping 1111 River Road Phone 279-5134 Three Rivers, Mich. 49093 CONGRflTULflTIONS SENIORS FROM FAMILY BAKERY 56 N. Main Three Rivers 200 Manufacturers of: JOHNSON ROTARY PRESSURE JOINTS AND ROTARY SYPHONS SOLENOID VALVES STEAM HOT WATER HEATERS COMPRESSED AIR SEPARATORS AND AFTERCOOLERS STEAM SEPARATORS VACUUM BREAKERS SIGHT FLOW DEVICES LIQUID LEVEL CONTROLS JOHNSON CONDENSATE HANDLING SYSTEMS FOR LIFTING, PUMPING, AND VACUUM SERVICE The Johnson Corporation Three Rivers, Michigan 49093 201 Jay and Kay Floral Shop Country Cupboard Constantine, Ml. 435-2175 Peterson Plaza Three River, Ml. 279-7453 crestwood homes 1725 N. Main Three Rivers, Michigan 49093 [616] 273-2015 JOE BELSHAW MOTORS W. Michigan Ave. Three Rivers, Mi. 49093 Dick Boughton Insurance 180 E.Mich. Ave. Three Rivers Mi 279-2521 See Me For All Your Insurance Needs AUTO, LIFE, FIRE, HEALTH . Congratulations Seniors " aW , MK-. " : - ' IIJ Cl ' OSUflfe i)fVJ«ION . . . iipim uksr Ji BBB fl H 1 Owens Illinois, Inc., Constantine Closure Metal Container Division Peterson Spring Corporation Congratulations to the Class of 1980! Congratulations Best Wishes To the Class of 1980 from BUY LOW MARKET of Three Rivers CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS GENERAL MOTORS ® H B HYDRAMATIC One Hydra-matic Drive Three Rivers, Mich. 49093 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS From WELLS-INDEX CO. 1100 W. Broadway and WELLS MANUFACTURING 407 Jefferson A Great Place To Nork Pet ' s ' N ' Things 60 N. Main St. 278-8625 Congratulations Sen iors See us for your Pets ' n ' things AuSmk AUTOMOTIVE iHflrflf PARTS SUPPLIES MACHINE SHOP SERVICE , ,3 ' THUC irviis Al TOMOn 279-7423 wHin notOM ii ro«ioTTvi 483-2155 517 369-6465 come in to a NAPA store to«3a If it has wheels, we ' ve got parts for it. we help keep America moving ijni mmm M S : DRUGS Re Hudson Drug Company Your Walgreen Rgency " You fire Always Welcome at Hudson ' s " PRESCRIPTION PHRRfTlflCIST Stationery • Cameras • Cosmetics • Gifts • Films 24-Hour Developing Service 47 N. Main J American Bank THE AMERICAN BANK OF THREE RIVERS. N. A. Member FDIC Open Monday thru Friday 8:30-5:30 Saturday 8:30-3:00 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1980 FROM KINNEY TRUCK LINE N. MAIN THREE RIVERS, MICH. The Student Center. PCs OF THREE RIVERS NOBODY CAN DO IT LIKE MCDONALDS CAN 206 N r MEYER BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION CO. P.O. BOX 350 THREE RIVERS, MICH. 49093 PHONE (616) 273-1815 _) REAL ESTATE 1205 N. MAIN ST., THREE RIVERS J V. . .« ' -.0 A . C " t vS RemingtoD Insurance Agency ' ' Phone AKlKde UMcUitt A OKif 279-5191 - 1115 W. Michigan Ave. Three Rivers, Mich. 49093 JON COOK proavjTi e cafuawy ' 207 r Wildcat Variety Hut Congratulations Seniors from Bishop ' s Swimming Pools M-60 279-2165 y K Come to see us for your school supplies, candy and TR emblemed clothing Jim Vetter Chevrolet-Buicic Inc. 15241 M-60 West; P.O. Box 117 Phone:278-1485 208 Steam Traps Automatic Air Vents Strainers Compressed Air Traps Refrigerant Purgers ' Conditioned Steam and Evaporator Pan Humidifiers Mm, % Your business depends on energy, our business depends on conservdng it. 209 K D BODY SHOP RR 6 ROBERTS Road, East THREE Rivers. Michigan 49093 KEN KAISER BUSINESS: 279-7915 HOME: 273-8204 i r PHONE (ei6) 2va-i6is SPARTAM MOTEL ArR CONDITIONED - COLOR TV - PHONES IN ROOMS M-60 a US. 131 BYPASS Nelson Se Fran Mejeur p. o box 2ie Your Hosts THREE RIVERS, Ml. 49093 i • Ijv eco. V . .--. -,- ■: =-» ■■ " 1 V erlcan ? iv electric r:: MICHIGAN POWER COMPANY 210 CO fW TlCs ' ' X ' ' ■. ' i . ■X. Congratulations RIGEL ' S PHARMACY Congratulations To The Class of 1980 Kauszler Brothers Hardware Three Rivers Oldest Retailer Congratulations Seniors from Harding ' s Market St. Joseph County Colon Sturgis T.R. Constantine 2n Compliments of MARO, INCORPORATED Schoolcraft, Michigan 679-5237 uni»nj J V. BEST WISHES to the Class of ' 80 from Three Rivers Gas Oil uni®n r Congratulations to the Class of 19BO from W.F. WELLS SONS Heimbach Road Three Rivers The First National Bank of Tiiree Rivers Westland Now at two new locations • North of Maple Lane Plaza CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS from PHONE 244-8259 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 8. TRENCHING R 5 BOX 240 COREY LAKE THREE RIVER. Ml 49093 GOOD LUCK The quality of life comes in many forms. Food, shelter and clothing. Edu- cation. Health care. Recreation. These go into the quality of life. And we want to help our em- ployees and their communities achieve the quality they want. By providing jobs — and a chance to learn and grow on the job. Through taxes for schools and With our efforts to protect the environment. By encouraging employee par- ticipation in government and community functions. By manufacturing useful and dependable products. And by managing our forest lands to provide recreational opportunity, and to serve as a habitat for wildlife. A Margaret ' s St[;hng Studio Children ' s Boutique Halrstyling For The Entire Family. Children ' s Clothing Size 0-14 f V J Lin wood Custom Built Homes Designs Drafted To Your Needs New Homes Remodeling ( " All 616 244-5294 GERALD LINN LICENSED CONTRACTOR LONG LAKE THREE RIVERS N r CONGRA TULA TIONS SENIORS CHICKEN COOP Martin ' s iviarket WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES 273-2825 602 South Main Street qNLY ) Ji n?! " O - - LnUlut Three Rivers MORE FORIESS QUALITY FOODS We Welcome Food Stamp Shoppers i ■ " n OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK (9a.m.) to (9 p.m.) IT Bradford Insurance Agency GOOD LUCK WILDCRTS Congratulations, Seniors HALVERSON CHAPEL Corner Kelsey and Rock River Three Rivers, Michigan -c«s»- i KALAMAZOO SAVINGS 115 N. MAIN THREE RIVERS PHONE: 273-8481 OTHER OFFICES • OTSEGO • GALESBURG • WESTMAIN MALL • SOUTLAND MALL • PARCHMENT • GULL LAKE •HOME LOAN OFFICE 4210 W. Main St. • MAIN OFFICE • Kalamazoo, Ml 215 East Michigan Ph. 349-2631 Compliments of Carl ' s Jewelry ■ t Honne of Orange Blossom Engagement diamond rings. r , -T--d ' ' ■ ' . " rtedalist " • Standard Sieel " t i is Ji -i , 1 ■ A. . :5? ' - " - ' — ■• r STANDARD STEEL 420— 14th St., Three Rivers BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS of 1 9BO I Windmill Restaurant Ralph and Janet Wilkie Under New Ownership Wishing lots of prosperity to graduating seniors 1205 N. Main St. T. R. OMEGA CABLE TV 10 North Main Three Rivers, Michigan phone 273-8408 Serving Southwestern Michigan r Best wishes to the Class of 1980 WOLVERINE AUTO supply 72 N. Main St., Three Rivers 218 Congratulations Class of 1980 FROM YOUR FRIENDS AT I in Li AM1510 - FM 96 THREE RIVERS. MICHIGAN rnutual broadcasting system, inc. u n..ea (bl) Tnternational Hohner Funeral Home 118 North Main Three Rivers, Ml Phone 279-5282 219 Chuck ' s Body Paint Shop 1209 South Main ESSEX l :,Subs.Jaryol GROUP ii.»- - ' TECHr OLOGIES. CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ' 80 BOESCHENSTEIN MOTOR SALES 1000 W. Michigan, Three Rivers CDREY LAKE RECREATION AREA Congratulations Seniors from Roberts Corey Lake Recreation Area WHERE BUYER AND SELLER GET TOGETHER m MM STURGIS THREE RIVERS WHITE PIGEON OFFICE 651-3713 OFFICE 273-5235 OFFICE 483-9252 Constantine Office 1050 S. Washington 435-7262 BUY AND SELL WITH CONFIDENCE • WITH LAMMON REALTY • WHERE " YOU " ARE APPRECIATED Phil Blanchard Ruth Bnzosko James Lynes Gladys Mclaln Larry Gaines Allen S Donna Strawser Hay Oldenberg Faye XA hitf ord Carol Mangold Stanley Bloom Donna Makukfe Herb Barb Strawser Rosemary Mohney B51-BB43 Ruth Smith 435-3325 Judy Lynes 273-3301 Irene Hoover 044-5077 Dale Grover B51-7403 David Bloom 435-7283 Jane Barnes 432-3B27 Cheryl Whitfopd 432-33B4 Walt Weale 432-2554 Barbara Alexande 244-5333 Verl J, Davis 244-BOB1 Vivlenne Ward B51-315B Manena Kwnatko 273-5034 2 S-5S5S 27S-9C3-- 279-2635 244-S4C3 651-3548 273-95 ■ e 244-5BSS 279-7345 27B-SB75 517-3B3-4--3 244-525S r Kwik Serv Burger Dairy Store 130 W. Michigan Ave. Three Rivers, Mi. 279-7448 Congratulations to the Class of 1980 from J.C. Klosterman ' s Kalamazoo, Mich. " Eat Candy It ' s Dandy " Good Luck Seniors from American Metal Fab. Inc. 55515 Franklin Street Three Rivers, IVIicti. y V. ERA Royal Realtors 714 W. Michigan Three Rivers, Mich. 279-5202 RENTFROW ELECTRIC CO. AUTHORIZED WINCO GENERATOR DEALER COMPLETE LICENSED SHOP MICHIGAN 02178 sp ecializing in: RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL - CHURCHES ELECTRIC HEATING THREE RIVERS BRANCH 244-8179 YOUMOS PR i|R|F PD Quality Electric Materiel KENDALL ELECTRIC INCORPORATED 15708 WEST MICHIGAN AVENUE THREE RIVERS, Ml 49093 (616) 273-8644 800-442-2025 wholesale only Daily Luncheon Specials • Sandwiches • Snacks ♦Beer Wine • Cocktails 273-4155 1650 North Main Three Rivers IkMii r Bronsick Equipment Co. Schoolcraft, Mich. your Case, Gehl, New Idea, and Kubota Dealer Congratulations to the Class of 1980 from Glenn E. Rifenberg Associates Inc. Insurance is Our Only Business Best Wishes To The Class of 1980 JONES FARMER ' S CO-OP MAIN STREET JONES, Ml. Best Wishes Class of 1980 from RALPH ' S AUTO SUPPI.T, INC, Complete Automotive Parts Supply Name Brand merchandise U.S. 131 By Pass, Three Rivers, fTlich. Phone 279-5155 COn GRATULATIOl IS SES ORS DOCK FOUNDRY COMPANY xau Dxon ana czrflLous.a Caiiinni. TELEPHONE 27B-1765 THREE RIVERS, MICHIGAN 49D ' 93 225 Bealert Farm Congratulates the Class of 1980 CONGRATULATIONS from the glen oaks community college FACULTY SENATE teachers dedicated to quality J K jttfe c esaj - ■ ' jp " ' " I CONGRRTULRTIONS TO THE GRflDUflTING CLASS Michigan Natimial Bank Michiana WISHES THE STUDENTS OF THRE RIVERS HIGH SCHOOL Continuing Success " we look after your interest " V7S4 M ember FDIC • Equal Opportunity Lender lOJAPP ROOFOfft roMPAanr 600 orth Ene Over 50 Years of Trusted Service -- ' ' ■ ' :r fed? 4 ' tr feO tfe ' ' ' eir -a f= Dr. Jolm A. Mathews Dr. Thomas E. Mathews OPTOMETRISTS 3y2 North Main street Three Rivers, Michigan 49093 Phone 278-5755 Fr ankle ' s Pizza V r N. MAIN ST. AT U.S. 131 Family Dining THREE RIVERS. MICHIGAN 49093 and Cocktails WHAT YOU DON ' T KNOW ABOUT RUSTPROOFING CAN COST YOU YOUR CAR TUFF-KOTE DINOL RUSTPROOFING 1620 North Main Street Three Rivers, Ml 49093 61 6-279-2462 ONLY THE WORLD ' S LARGEST AUTOMOTIVE RUSTPROOFER RUSTPROOFS YOUR CAR TWICE ■ L ERCURYJ ' •:j» ; 4S liUSTHIHL LIFT TRUCK %m m SERVICE li. 718 W. Broadway Three Rivers, Mich. ibre Cyonverters, 3nc. Manufacturers of Laminated Paperboard Plastic Coated Paper and Paperboard 1 25 East Broadway Three Rivers, Michigan Phone 279-5171 230 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the graduating Class of 1979 MllCHIAIMA IuIrethaimes I llMC. 467-7705 320 South Shimmel Sturgis, Michigan 49091 David Frays SPRAY APPLIED URETHRNE FORfTl Congratulations to the Class of 1980 FIRESTONE 38 N. Main St. • Three Rivers Three Rivers Savinss Three Rivers Union Cassopolis Plainwell Schoolcraft Wayland Constatine NEIGHBORS HELPING NEIGHBORS South Main Superette 1207 South Main Best of Luck to the Graduating Class of 19SD Septic Tanks Basements Dry Wells Fill Dirt Herb Nash Excavating Three Rivers r Goldies Snack Bar Maple Lane Plaza Three Rivers UlaadhauEn ttsal EstatEjnc. 711W. Michigan Three Ri PROFESSIONAL PROPERTY SERVICE ♦SELLING ♦TRADING ♦FINANCING ♦BUYING LIST WITH US ♦APPRAISING RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL WE SELL m MIS NATIONAL REFERRALS List With Us ... We Sell FAMILY PHARMACY (Formally Harding ' s Friendly Pharmacy) Expanded Hours and Complete shopping for the whole family Future convalescent supplies Jovan-Coty-Revlon Cosmetics and Hair Care Prince Matchebelli Sealtest milk ice cream Hallmark Cards Gifts Photo Supplies: processing by Hite Housewares, Toys, Jewelry Sanders Candies Complete Prescription Department Mike Gierra 9A.M.to9P.M. Mon.-Sat. Pharmacists John Ridgley Donna Tanis 10A.M. toSP.M. Sun. Located in the all-new Westland Mall 58696 U.S. 131 Three Rivers 279-5137 Bucknell-Evers Agency Insurance Division of Bucknell Agency Inc. 1717 N. Main Three Rivers, IVIich. 273-8150 273-3765 " More than a Jean Store 226 E. Main Street Marcellus, Mich. 646-3211 Congratulations Class of 1980 9? } 233 r o % M-216 %. u. s. 1 3 1 SENIORS OUR CONGRATULATIONS! o. Everything For Your Convenience % Participating in Progress for Titree Rivers Manufacture and World-wide Distribution of . Dura-Craft lanks (C ' ELECTRONIC CRUISE CONTROL 15016 M-60 Three Rivers, Ml 49093 (616) 279-7470 234 LAND BANK Best Wishes to the Graduates of 1980 Elaine ' s Beauty Salon 208 Rock Rock River Ave. Three Rivers, Mich. 278-8092 REDKiN Products Fuii Service Salon Stylized Cutting Color Restructuring Waves To Suit Your Individual Needs For Guys and Gals Call Mon.-Sat. for Appointments Try the Rest and Then Stay at the Best! billow JSa e (Bampground 4mmm Between Kalamazoo and Three Rivers on U.S. 131 1-61 6-279-71 24 Activity Building Includes Hot Showers Flush Toilets Grocery Store Laundry Facilities Recreation Room Game Room Modern and Primitive Camping At its Best Electric Water Hook-ups Swimming Pool Fishing: Bass, Trout, Panfish Wooded Campsites with Firewood, Boats, and Ice Available Your Hosts: " The Martins " Paul and Rosemary Nancy, Paul Jr., Kurt, and Brock 235 VILLAGE INDUSTRIES INC. Van Truck Conversions and Accessories 121 Main Street ' Let US customize your van ' Jones, Mi. 49061 616-244-5868 236 DAIRY FOODS Distributors Of A Compiete Line Of Farm Maid Products WESLEY ICE CREAM For Home Delivery Call LOCKSHORE FARMS Divisor) Detroit Pure Mill wtiole sale 343-1291 retail 3717 King HWY ■ Kalamazoo ALBRIGHT OLDSMOBILE INC. 11 70 W.Michigan Ave. Three Rivers, Michigan Congratuiations Seniors Congratulations Seniors from PRYOR ' S HEATING y niR CONDITIONING 223 Portage Ave. Three Rivers Poor Peddler Saloon Food Emporium 4 N. Main St. Three Rivers, IVIichigan All The Best To Graduates of 1980 Business Patrons Anne ' s Beauty Salon Associated Services Real Estate Bell Pipe and Supply, Inc. Bill ' s Barber Lounge Bobby Hankins Music City Bob ' s " BB " Service Broadway Market Business Guidance Services Coast to Coast Construction Sales and Service R.F. Donley, Jeweler Edythe Shop ETC. Gifts and Crafts Factor ' s Annny Store Dr. Dan R. Frew, O.D. Frosty Bowling Lanes Gearhart Body Shop Glass Products Co. HSR Block Happy Landing Cafe Jack W. Hill. D.D. Hunt ' s Bth St. Grocery Jeans ' n ' Things Kramb ' s Superette LaFennme Beauty Salon Long Lake Food S Book Shop Maple Park Recreation Mixing Bowl Papa Joe ' s Kitchen Pine View Golf Club Portage Metal Quiet Time Marine Redwood Motel Ridgeway Florist Riventon Industries incorporated Roberts Coney Lake Campground Spike ' s Barber Shop Stan ' s Super Service Templin Feed S Seed Sl Garden Stone T.R. Laundny S Dny Cleanens Thnee Rivens Pness T.R, Tool and Engineening Wellington Paint S Wallpapen Stone Wyatt Excavating, Inc. Abe. Rike 96, 115 Albright. Janie 10. 70. 71. B4. as. 11B. 1S1. 162, 173 ALBRIGHT OLDSMOBILE 237 Aden, Aden, Tinnochy 135 ALTURK, ALIA AA AMERICAN BANK 306 AMERICAN METAL 222 , Mona 121 , Veronica 135 Anglemayer. Julia 135. 17 Anglemeyen. Tina 135 Appolon., Cachy 9S. 147. 165, 169 Appoioni, Dava 60. 135 ARMSTRONG MACHINE WORKS 209 Armscpong. Pac GA. 121 Arnecc. Bob 71, 135 Bippus. Karen 135. 152. 155 Bisf op. Amy 135 Bishop, Oebbte 25, 96 BISHOP POOLS 20S BLACKMAN, MARCIA IB. Hampcon. Amelia 102. 152. Harder. Bryan 13S Harding, Eunice 23 HAROINGS 2T1 HARDINGS F=PlErvJDLY PHARMACy 233 Harmon. Chna 132. 13S, 152,154. 2 Harrison, Penn| 113. 123 Hart. Gary 133 ;49 1BO . Sandy 1 03. Jansen, David 92. 103 JARRAO. ANMETTE 14. " H as. 30. 1B4 ■ JAY S KAY 202 i JC PENNEY laS Johansen. Aaron 13B. 139 152. 153. 154 Johnson, Chr s 3S. 60 JOHNSON CORPORA TICj 201 Johnson. Glen 3B. B7. Johnson. Jeff 64. 13S. l3 i(Sha 13B , Randy 102 , Gary 2.6.51. SB, 76 -7R cj Qff - Qg SA7 Henderson, Shem SS. So, t33. 13S. 1 1. 147. ISa. 154 HENDERSON. SUE -d 2. Rhonda 13S. 1 57 1S7 Hef r-v. Angela 103 Henry, Efcse 13e Her 6CfiOl. CuftjB 7 ■ ' 36 Henset, DawnSI, 123 ' 52 1S4. 173 Hense . Howara 4S Hicks, Mb cus 6 O, 1 3B H-cks, Wendi 103. 156 Higgins. " .larjiou 03 H.ggin£ Johnson. Kimberly B4, 136 Johnson. Lee 47 Johnson. Mike S. 24. BQ, S3 S5. 152. 173. 242 j Johnson. Patricia 13S. f60 Johnson. Robert 13B I Johnson. Robm 13S JOHNSONBAUGH. JOHN 18. 2S LaHue. Missy 139. 156 Lambert, DeWayne 76 104 Lambert. Gregory 77. 163 Lammon, David BO, 61, Lammon. Frank 60, 13S LAMMON REAL ESTATE 221 LANE. LORREN 37 LANGWORTHY. KATHERINE 2S Large. Enc 16. 17. 7a. SS. 117. 123. 246 Loue. Helen A. 23 Laue. Helen 49 Laws. Laura 11 152. 154. 161. 173, 246 Lawcon. MydJsa 139 L ' Esperance. Lor. 13£ L ' Esperance. Ricky 123 J L ' Esperance. Roy 123 Leer. Tim 76. 7B, 105 LEIST. DOLORES 29 LePert, 154 Lewis, Term 133. 139. ISO. V , 105 loar MAT IEWS ETRISTS 22B , Douglas 95. 115 TTSON, BETTY 26. 27. 3 . Pamela 124 . Veronica 139. 156, 160. 242 , CarlQ 139, 17D ' McAdams, Oemse 47 McBride. Steve 124 cCaully. Andy 53 McClain, Barney 77. 139 McCloud, Melvm 140 McCollum. Evelyn 49 McCollum, Linda 124. 1- 152, 154, 155 MCDONALDS 206 McDonald, Kenneth SB, McDonald, Lucinde 42. McGee. Troy 124 McGlothlen. Allen 124. 1 McKenzie, Ann 11, 132, 133, 135. 140 McLaughlin, Terry SO. 1 40 McLepd. Ti(!l6 ' 140 McNany. Kachy 72. TvlcNary Vlar Medeniaf! Mearsma. Caroline 124 Meersma. Michael SO. 32, IDS. 15S Mejeur, Bruce 124 Manges. Taml 124. 125. ' 161. 133.246 EMGER. JOHN 19. 7B. 243 MEYER BROS. CONSTRUCTION 207 eyer. j,_. e 1, 6. 42, 106. 166. 16B, 242 ICHIAMA, URETHANE O Oberlander. 3nerry 1 24. 1 70 0 ' Br,an, Marc 14 0. 152. 153 O ' Deli. Shg ry 6S. B5. 133. 1.40. 1 2. 1B2 O ' Malle John 140. IBy. 242 a ' MBltf . Kara 1.9. 52. 58, 5ar72 73. 31, 95. 115. 1p1. 172. 247 a ' Sh,elds. Jack 107 OMEGA CABLE TV eiB Oswald. Dav.d 10. 60. 70. 71. 124 Oswalt. Wir i133. 135. 139. Paas. Mana 10. 74. BB, 92, 124, 157, 173, IBS |30. 35. 103. Hooce, Tammy 5a, S3. 58, SB, B4. B4, SS, IBS, 17a, IBB Reeeo. Dartnda S3 Reick, Tom 5B, 10B REISH, CHERYL AS. 15B REMINGTON INS. aD7 Ranch, Paul iaO, 135 RENTFROW ELECTRIC aa3 Rentfrow, John 3B, 53. BO. 70, IDS, iai Rhodes, Belinda BB, 140 Rhodes, Don 140 Rhodes, Dweyne, 140 Ksthy 10B, 1BO oh 10B, isa Nancy iaS, 15B. 178 Rice. Tim 10B. 147. 1B1, 1B4, B5, 17B, IBS, 1B4, a4B RIchimond. John 141 Richmond, Steve 125 Rider. Jeff 141. 15B Rider. Julie IDS. 15B. 1SO 77. 141 rigECS pharmacy aii RILEY. CHARLES IB, B7 RIDPEL. RONALD B. 39. 17a RIVERA 23B ■( Ko Riv«r9ia IBS ' . Rober 1SB,3j RDBEIi ' |hn77. 134, 141. .ngela 83, 125, COREY LAKE IROUNDS 22D 125, isa, 154 rank 109 T S3. 10S 28. 52. 88. 76 114. 172, 178 lobbie laS ' 5, 1B2, 1B7 Sandera, Jarry 49 Sandare, Leono 125 Bangalii, Jackie SB, 84, 141, ai8 Satcerlee, Connie 5B, BS, 140. 141. 188 Satcerlee. Laura 74. 88. B7. S3. 10S. 17a Satcerlee. Todd 52. 84. 78. 125, 172, 173 Schabee, Jeff 141 Schmidt, Simone IDS, 115, 157 Schneider, Catherine IDS, isa Sohull, Gary 87, 125 Schull, Lois 49 Schultz, Terry 125 SchuICz, Mikki 109 Schultz, Randy 81, 141 Schuster, Mike 125 Schuster, Steve 141 SEMAN, CAROLE 47 SEARS 194 SEMAN, LOUIS 125 SEXTON, PAT 82 Shelton, Chris 141 Sheiton, LaChauni 125 Sharer, Martc 141 Sherry, Steva 125, 242 ShingiedBcker, Trudy 24, 33. 70, 71, 137,158, 173, 17S, ISO Shirk, Bruca 141 Shoesmlth, OaHIrf-IIO SHOPPERS GUIDE IBS Shupsrt, CaiTtbi 24, 158 Shupert, Jaff 141. 154 Shutee, Frances 23 Shutes, Jeff 127, 152 Sigman, Jael127 SIMON, SHEBRILL 18, 31 SKALSKI, FELIX 27, 29 5B, leO, 127 -nallcombQ.-Bt?l3f{ ' " 3a. 133. Smai K-Eraig 141, 1SS — Smith. Don 49 Spanner, Tina 132, 141, 1S6 Spivey, Martha 128, ISO Staffen, Sam SS, 128, ISO Btaffen, Sheila 110 Btahl, Gary 141, 158 Stahl, Mary Beth 28, 110 STANDARD BTEEL 217 Btarke, Eugena 126, 152, 154, 173, 183 Steel, Bill 141 Steele, Kim 141 Sterner, Penny 110 STEHENS, SUE 88 Stlckney, Gina 111 Stockdale, James 128 STOFER, HAROLD 29. 36. 94 STOMP, RUDY 26, 37, 29 Stover, Lynn 136, 156, 17S Sticker, Janeiie 136, 178 Strieker, Lloyd 38, 9a, 111, SSB Stryker, Jack 128 STUCKEY, JANICE IB, 29, 31, 182 Stumpf, Karen " 74, 119, ia2, 126,164,166 Stump, Jeff 126 ' Stump, Steve 111 Stutesman, Paul 53, 78, 7B. BB, 128 Suber, Michelle 111 SULT, SARA 21 , 46 Sumrniers, Judith 136 SUTERKQ, DIANE 39, 73, SB Swan, Viola 49 Swartzentruber, Dan BO, 128 Swiatkovi ski,-Osy 141 Swinehart, Jay 48, 111 Sw insick, Mike 111 Todd, Mtte eo, 78, 112 Tokannki, Carol 1 7 TabBt-r,, Rsg a SO. 81. SS. S3, 128, a42 Tom n»o , Dor. 133, 142, 134 TonrAnsoo, Sara 17, 52, BS, 7a, 73. 78, 112, 1 SI. 172, 24 7 Toot, hA " . ' ,, ' ■ " r -. TFiA Fi. cceesr r.;r ' _i 234 Trewhitt, Shan 128 Tuesle , Robert 112 TUFF-KOTE DINOL 229 Tullo, Dale 112 Turner. Kell. 142,.156 WaW. Orm 14S WELLS rOEX SOS W « . Kane 1S7 Wala, fmfW 1 93 ' AimtK t . Svan 127. iae. 154,173 i e tfa«, Scocc 113 r- ' FRMAijeeFi oo 3i4 Ji ■■ EL13 S SON S12 • ■• ' .•. D»v 3 137 ■ .»rnr, Jrr 143, ISE, 154 WTrte. Jut 113 u Se, 13S. 133, 143. ise. 15d. IBB. 178 W«aef )ac . Wana 127. 152.154 W«CCK , Joan 49 W4COX, Wayr 113 •JVIir Cotrr 143 W«cins. N latC 127 43 1S7. 173 VETTER. JIM 20e Vecter. Kim 133. 142 VILLAGE INDUSTRIES S36 VLKf.- 5- ■. ' oCf. T " T ohn127 - t Jf udi A. S. 7, 4.. 17. ' Bar ? Kathy 141 Sheryl141. 158 3. 77. ' l3B.i41. 154 " . Nancy 33 RkALTORS ee j MOTOR SAE ' te 1 9a orrnen 135 _ . MICHAEL 30. 4.7? Ruth, aecky SS. 119. 125 7e. 73, 107. 110. 161. 1SS. 172. 347 nhith, Judy K. no Smith. Laura 3. 5. 74. 76. - SBi 93. 95. 97. 1S3. IBB, 168.173 Smith. L.ori 141 Smith. Mark Aten 127 Smith, Mark 7S. BB. 89. 146 SMITH. ROBERT 24, 155 Smith. Timothy BSi-lav, 176 Snovw. Christopher 53. 136. 1S2. 1S4 Soule. Karen 138. 153, 154 . SOUTH MAIN SUPERETTE 231 SPARTAN MOTEL 21 D r. GaillaB Spencer. Judy 33 Spenner. Jamie 98, 1ia. iaO, aas TACKLE BARN 195 Tallmsn. Kim 111 TaiTO. Kit 141 TesBin. Angei jQ: . - Tliomas. Dan© 141 T omp «Jfii, LBura:lli Thornis l. ErrolSfe, SO, 126 Thornton, Sroyer 612, 7B, 126 ' i Thonton, Lorenzo . Sl THREE RIVnS GAS ' fclL ' 313 THREE RIVERS IRON S METAL 190 THREE RIVRS SAVINGS 331 Thurmei Thurmond, Ron 6Q, 7 142 Tilford. Georgeanne 1 1 TIME OUT 323 , David 142. 153 , Jodi 11a, 154 , Kelli Sa, 76, 94. , , -.13. -5.3 -5- i w V. - .3 -iod. W«e -45 wc . EP»ge i- — s pp-.. e B ♦ WfD GZIMAVE ' . 335 Wagner, Frank 142. 152, Wor- -gar. M - =e 1=3 " 5 154 ■. |g Waldron. David 14 153. 1B4 1 « Weliace. Diane Bfe ' X Wallach. Frani 19, 3B, 37 Ward. Colleen lia, ;5£, 154, X-L »CH«ME ' 9- 173 Ward, Thomas 137 Y Ware, Warren 99. 112, IBS " Warner. Kelley B2. 133, 142 Warner, Suzy 23 Warr, Vanessa 127, 15B. I 159 y Waters. Jot-in 142 Wacson, Alberta 43 , !f= Webb. KuCt 1S3 ? ■ Webscer. Sally. SB, 6S. 33, 34 Yancey. Cnar«s 77. 154 Yoder. St eAa. 113. il 172 York, CaftJ-iy 143 Young. Sl-ier-oe 1 27 t m: If IT ( Professional Directory ALIA ALTURCK M.S. Kansas University M.S. Indiana University E.M.I. Teacher WENDY BARNUM B.A. Michigan State University C.E.Y.W. GENE L. BEALS B.A. Grand Valley State College M.A. Western Michigan University Senior Math Algebra II Business Math Applied Math MARK T. BIELANG B.S. Western Michigan University Vocational Building Trades I S II Co-op Freshman Football Coach MARCIA BLACKMAN A.A. Glen Oaks Community College B.S.. M.A. Western Michigan University Beginning Art Ceramics I S II Painting I II Crafts Publications I S. II Yearbook Advisor Curriculum Council Art Club Advisor SCOTT BOVENKIRK B.S. Northwestern of Iowa Elementary Physical Education J.V. Football Varsity Wrestling FRED BURNETT M.A. Western Michigan University American Government American History I Current Issues Varsity Track and Cross Country Coach LOIS CARMODY B.S., M.A. Northern Michigan University Administrative Assistant RUSSELL JAMES CANNON B.S. Western Michigan University M.S. State University of New York M.A. Western Michigan University American History Independent Study Advanced Placement History GLEN DALLARIVA B.S., M.A. Western Michigan University Typing I Wt. Training Consumer Economics FLORENCE DALPONTE Secretary, Assistant Principal BARB ERICKSON B.A.. M.A. Western Michigan Univ ' Sity Preparatory English I Communication Skills I Media Ecology Practical English I Newspaper Production Wildcat Weekly Advisor ELAINE FITZGERALD Teachers Aide, Sp. Ed. GARY C. FORD B.S., M.A. Western Michigan University Assistant High School Principal Drivers Education Junior Class Advisor Second Chance Co-Coordinator JAMES N. FOX B.S., M.A. Western Michigan University Architectural Drafting I S, II Mechanical Drafting I S II EVELYN GENDRON Secretary to the Superintendent ELBER J. HAWKINS B.A. University of Notre Dame M.S. Indiana University Counselor. Senior and Junior High School Faculty Council Curriculum Council KATHY HEADLY Secretary to Assistant Superintendent SUSAN HENDERSON B.S. Wright State University M.A. Western Michigan University Special Education, E.I. DAVID H. HONEYWELL B.A. Bryan College Spanish I S. II American History Spanish Club Advisor DIANE G. HOYT Board Office Secretary DON E. lOTT B.S. Eastern Michigan University M.S. Western Michigan University ELEANOR K. lOTT B.S.. M.S. Western Michigan University Modern Classic Novel World Literature Preparatory English Reading Variety HARRIET JACKSON Purchasing Clerk WILLIAM J. JACOBS. JR. B.S. Wisconsin State University M.A. Western Michigan University Principal Student Scheduling. Student Activities Staff Development Budget Building Management Student Council Advisor ANNETTE JARRAD B.A. Western Michigan University World History I II Supreme Court Comparative Government Historic Personalities American History JOHN JOHNSONBAUGH B.S.. M.A. Western Michigan University Math I Algebra I Honors Math 10 and 11 7th and Bth Grade Track Coach Curriculum Council RICHARD RAY KONWINSKI B.S. Michigan State University Honors Math 12 Algebra II Practical Math Womens ' Varsity Basketball Coach Freshmen Basketball Coach DIANE KORR B.A. Adrian College Physical Science Plant and Animal Biology Science I Senior Class Advisor LOREN R. LANE B.S., M.S. University of So. Mississippi Machine Shop KATHERINE E. LANG A ORTHY B.S. St. Mary ' s Notre Dame M.A. Western Michigan University Child Development Housing Interior Decorating Marriage S. Faimily Living Basic Clothing Advanced Clothing Custof-n Sewing I S II Curriculum Council HELEN LAUE Payroll Clerk DELORES E. LEIST B.S. Central Michigan University Basic and Adv. Foods Independent Living Creative Foods SHIRLEY LIVANEC B.M. Western Michigan University Senior High Vocal Music Junior High Vocal Music Purple Pride Advisor WYLDA LONGANECKER B.S. Wittenberg University Short Story Reading Variety Preparatory English BETTY J. MATTSON B.S. University of Pittsburg M.S. Michigan State University Faculty Council S Curriculum Council JOHN MESSENGER B.S. Western Michigan University Basketball and Softball Weight Training Conditioning Gymnastics Tennis and Badminton Volleyball and Track Varsity Football Coach Varsity Club Advisor BETTY MEYER H.N. Lewistown, Penn. School Nuree, K-ia WALLACE A. MQLLEMA, JR. A.B.. M.A. Central Michigan Univeraity Debate I, II, and III Composition II Reading Variety Preparatory English Basic Speech Faculty Council Director of Debate and Individual Events ROD " NED " NEDERVELT A.A. Grand Valley State College B.S. Western Michigan University Retailing I S. II Bookkeeping Junior High Basketball Coach School Store Advisor Curriculum Council JAMES A. NEWTON B.S. Central Michigan University Preparatory English Introduction to Theatre Grammar II Ski Club Advisor S Track Coach JAMES POWELL Assoc. Ferris State College Vocational Auto Shop I S II Auto Shop I Co-op ELNORA RAICHE R.N. Newport School of Nursing Health Occupations I S II Health Occupations Co-op DOROTHY RANSBOTTOM Secretary to the Principal SHIRLEY RASMUSSEN B.A., M.S.L. Western Michigan University High School Librarian RONALD P. REECE B.A.. M.A. Western Michigan University Graduate Work M.S.U. and Ball State Superintendent of Schools CHERYL S. REISH B.S. Western Michigan University Business Ed. Vocational Certification Coordinator, Secretarial Clerical Co-op Internal Accountant Vocational Office Lab Personal Typing Office Techniques Typing II Shorthand I S II Faculty Council CHARLES S. RILEY A.S. Jackson Junior College B.S., M.A. Western Michigen University Anatomy S Physiology Adv. Biology Physical Science Cadet Teaching Supervieor Eighth Grade Basketball Coach Varsity Golf Coach RONALD J. RIOPEL B.S. Western Michigan University Physics Chemistry Computer Science Laboratory Techniques National Honor Society Advisor Curriculum Council NANCY L. ROUSH Registered Medical AsBistant. Elkhart Business University Secretary, Community Education Office MICHAEL M. RUTENBAR B.S. Olivet College Annerican Government Sociology Psychology Eighth Grade Basketball Coach Assistant J.V. Football Coach J.V. Baseball Coach FRANCES M. SHUTES Switchboard Operator SHERRILL SIMON B.A., M.A. Western Michigan University German II Sophomore Class Advisor FELIX D. SKALSKI Western Michigan University Junior High Guidance Counselor High School Job Placement Coordinator Junior Class Advisor Jr. High Girls Basketball Coach Jr. High Boys Basketball Coach Assistant Varsity Baseball Coach ROBERT L. SMITH B.M., M.A. Western Michigan University High School Band Director Marching Band Concert Band Pep Band Stage Band JUDITH SPENCER Board Office Secretary HALSTC3FER BS.. MA. Weetem Michigan Urwerstty Woodehop Furniture Productton Auto Shop Varsity Men ' s Tennis Coach RUDY STOMP B.A. Western Michigan University M.A. Wayne State University High School Counselor JAN STUCKEY B.A. Hillsdale College M.A. Western Michigan Uni ersity French I.II.III.IV Preparatory Engisn Seventh Grade Engkeh French Club Advisor Curriculum Council SARAH J. SULT A.A. Glen Oaks Community Coiege B.S. Central Michigan Unrversrcy Assistant Community Education Direc- tor Adult High School Advisory Council DIANE SUTERKO B.S. Michigan State University Tennis S Badminton Conditioning Health Education Individual Sports Techniques J.V. Basketball Coach Varsity Volleyball Coach Assistant Softball Coach FRANK WALLACH B.S. California State College M.A. Western Michigan University Small Engines Auto Shop I Vocational Auto Shop I Introduction to Automobiles SUZETTE WARNER Financial Secretary GLADYS WELLINGTON Library Secretary KATHY WISE Attendance Recorder JEFFERY W. ZONYK B.A. Olivet College Athletic Director Weight Training Assistant Football Coach Leuna Laws Continuity Girl Lisa Borgei Director Kara O ' Maicy Ctnematograp»-»er Gary Henderson Producer X : X v •? V - r mi II II ■ ■• i •■ i V f I B U58SUI ri-:T ' (;l i ■ iiliiittv •♦ ' ic -j W ••••%. r«i«a«i

Suggestions in the Three Rivers High School - Reflector Yearbook (Three Rivers, MI) collection:

Three Rivers High School - Reflector Yearbook (Three Rivers, MI) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Three Rivers High School - Reflector Yearbook (Three Rivers, MI) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Three Rivers High School - Reflector Yearbook (Three Rivers, MI) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Three Rivers High School - Reflector Yearbook (Three Rivers, MI) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


Three Rivers High School - Reflector Yearbook (Three Rivers, MI) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


Three Rivers High School - Reflector Yearbook (Three Rivers, MI) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 1


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