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nefzwm 1954 fl 'VL 'Hom' -4- 4 1 ' Q I"' 1 " v-...4. y, A -- bsxsx if r -- ,.,., 1 ,LL 5 Q-: Y' X - "' - . ... ' 5 . x,- K I N, .XS ' x ,1 Q.. I 4 'Q-... To our ever-willing teachers, working hard to bring us knowledge .... To our custodians, helping us with arrangements for our parties and plays .... To our leaders, guiding with their ideas, plans, and dreams .... To our "Wildcats", winning and losing games, the band playing, the students cheering . . . To T. R.H. S., which we will never forget To all this, we the Class of '54 dedicate our annual. MR EDMUND BLANK MR WALTER HORST Prmclpql Superintendent of Schools A B Western State Teachers A.B Olivet Colle90 College M A. University of M A University of Michigan M'Cl"90n Mrs Cooper Mrs Henning Miss Warner THE BOARD OF EDUCATION Seated: Norman C. Meyers, Pres., C. David Hall, Vice Pres., J. K. 0'Dell, Sec. Standing: S. C. Penzotti, Trees, L. J. Fleming, Member E cf' 'D"L CAT JC'-Q' V fb O EK ,-4 I C9 , ff, 4, J' Q9 ..--E: J 21. 1 , J I 2 5' :z 7 52 + 91 ' tp if fa' P" Q , D06 fb 'I-LQ 1 ff - Q Url! . X L I J xp Q1 -g 'I -'Qv"r. 5 " , 1 --: r.. if feng, ' 4 if 5 mf' X E -L ff ' .f ' L1g fha!! lr' ui? Q, MARY B ANDERSON B S Western Michigan College Shorthand Typing Clerical Office Practice Senior Class Advisor Dean of Girls NELLIE RELLER BARLOW S.B Kalamazoo College M S University of Chicago Mathematics Sophomore Class Advisor WILLIAM E BROWN B S Western Michigan College Woodshop Industrial Arts Club Advisor Stage Manager ALICE LAJUNE FITCH B S Michigan State Nonnal College Home Economics Consumer E lucation F H A Advisor Guidance Counselor PHYLLISM GIBSON A.B Western Michigan College Michigan State College American History, Speech Girl Reserves Advisor Guidance Counselor 6 ESTHER M AVERY A B Albion College M A Columbia University Home Economics F H A Advisor Future Nurses Club Advisor Guidance Counselor BLANCHE BLANK Life Certificate Western Michigan College University of Michigan Vocal Music Supervisor CECIL D De LONG M A University of Michigan Chemistry Physics Annual Staff Advisor Student Senate Advisor Guidance Counselor DALE A FUELLING A B wesfem Michigan College Biology Assistant Football Coach Varsity Club Advisor ORVILLE J GRIFFITH A.B Adrian College Michigan State College Ball State Teachers College Mathematics Hi-Y Club Advisor . ., ' ' A.B., Kalamazoo College . . X A ' W. . 4 xy I , I D 3 R l Q, Q . 'I fl AGI I 0 l VERNA HANCOCK A.B University of Michigan Library Certificate Western Michigan College Library Library Staff DEANE O HARSHA A B Western Michigan College Enalisl French Spanish Spanish Club Advisor French Club Advisor EDWARD T JOHNSON B S Hillsdale College Physical Education Health Basketball Coach VGYSITY Club Advisor LORETTA MAGNER A.B Michigan State Nomwal College Latm English Jumor Class Advisor DOROTHY MURRELL A B North Texas State Physical Education Health Girl Sports Advisor Cheerleaders Advisor Tennis Coach if LEO C HANDL EY B S Westem Michigan College Mechmcal Drawing Industrial Arts Department Director Industrial Arts Club Advisor Chairman Guidance Committee DAVID E HARSTROM B S North Texas State College University of Colorado English Student Assemblies Chairman JOSEPH R LASKO State Board Machine Shop Industrial Arts Club Advisor Jumor Class Advisor DOROTHY METZGER B S. University of Pennsylvania M A. Unaversity of Michigan English Wildcat Weekly Advisor WILLIAM PETERSON B S Western Michigan College Michigan State College Government Sociology Senior Class Advisor Student Senate Advisor Guidance Counselor 7 JOHN W RAY A.B Olivet College Notre Dame Unlverslty of Mlchugan History Football Coach Baseball Coach MILDRED SNYDER Westem Muchugan College Umversuty of Wnsconsun Syracuse Umverslty Art Instntute of Chncago r E A STUTESMAN B S Central State Teachers College M A Umversnty of Mlchlgan Mathematics HI Y Club Aclvrsor Gulclance Counselor HAROLD A VOORHEES A B Kalamazoo College Columbna Unnversuty Umversnty of Montana Umversnty of Mnchngan Westem Mlchngan College Druver Educatoon ROBERT W WINTERS B.S. Central Mlchugan College M.S., Michigan State College Englnsh Freshman Class Advusor Zlwliq GERALD ROYS Life Certlflcate Ferns Instntute B S Western Mlchlgan College Gregg School Bookkeepmg Typmg lnternal Accountung PAUL SNEDEKER B M Ohio Wesleyan Umversuty M M Umversuty of Mlchlgan Band ROBERT L THOMPSON B S Westem Mlchlgan College Umverslty of Nevada Mlchlgan College of Mnmng 8x Technology Umverslty of Mlchlgan History Reserve Football Coach Reserve Basketball Coach Rhlnle Class Advlsor ZELDA VOORHEES A B Unnversnty of Mnchngan Unuversnty of Wnsconsln Umverslty of Montana English Dnrector of Junlor and Sensor Plays " IIIED X XXX ff I X W Seniafrfi W W X If sf X X 1 E X, + r nf , I f 5' y,f-' if-, W CLASS HISTORY Nuneteen fifty four us a year that wull long re- maun un our memorues We are, at last, the Senuor Class of Three Ruvers Hugh School We can look back upon our years un T R H S with prude lt was in the fall of 49 that we, as Rhunues, unvaded these famuluar halls My, but we were proud' It wasn t long, however, before we realized how small and unslgnufucant we were un the eyes of the rest of the school Nevertheless, It was an excutung year of work and fun We made many new fruends of students from other wards We numbered among our achuevements a large representation on Jean penzom Treasure, the honm' roll and Several members ln the Band Standing Mr Peterson Advisor Betty Burns Vuce president which presented such a successful Band Follues Muss Anderson Advfsof Mr Murphy was our advusor Our Freshman year was really one of pep and enthusiasm The fellows went out for football, basket ball and baseball, whule the gurls loaned J H S F H A. and Gurl Sports Durung the Christmas our class Mr Babula was our advisor Our Sophomore year was very successful both scholastucally and academically On the honor roll, we numbered eleven We were proud of our three Reserve Cheerleaders and many boys on the Reserve squads We even had two boys on the Varsuty Football team As Sophomores, we sponsored our furst post game dance after the Dowaguac basketball game ln the sprung we held a profitable bake sale and paper druve Mrs Barlow was our advisor Oh' Was our Junuor year a busy one' It certainly was a thrill when we receuved our class rungs W were very busy un the fall of the year sellung at two of the football games and sponsoring the post game dances We proved ourselves capable edutors and reporters when we took over the Jumor Reflector Two of the girls became Varsuty Cheerleaders and we had a large number of boys actuve in Varsuty sports In January we had a bake sale February 25 we presented our play Room for One More durected Mrs Parker May 9 was a day we worked long and hard for The .lunuor Senuor Prom W chose as our theme Rhapsody un Rhythm and ut was one of the loveluest proms T R H S has ever had Much of the success of our Junuor year was due to our advusor, Muss Magner We ended the year gettung wet lwhether we wanted to or notl at the Jumor Senuor Pucnuc When the Senuors marched out on the last day of school we were sorry to see them go, but we were ready to take theur places At last we were Senuors So here we are' We have the best seats un the audutoruum, the first sectuon un the annual, and the admurung glances of the underclassmen We were busy again this year sellung at two of the football games and sponsoring the dances after the games Our magazune sales really boosted our treasury The annual staff was busy most of the year puttung out the 54 Reflector In February we presented our play No More Homework, durected by Mrs Voorhees Then came sugns of graduatuon Senuor puctures taken, cards and announcements ordered, and measurements for our caps and gowns ln May the Junuors put on the prom un our honor The Junior Senuor Picnuc and our trup to New York ended our wonderful year. Our advusors were Muss Anderson and Mr. Peterson. Thus us gust a brief hustory of the class of 54 . Its many fond memories remund us that T.R. Hugh has guven us a foundation for a brught and happy future. 515' 0 f , -f-kkfilj-V Y 0 ' T. . . . I A, holidays we had a very successful paper drive. We broke a record in T.R.H.S. with l60 members in h . U .... . 8 I n e e g I by e e 2 . ' . c e I u Il n e . v . I I. 0 u 9 . . . . . a 1 u u 0 I' n Q I Q Seated .loan Shannon Secretary Ray Bowers Presudent Hama! JERRY JOLLY Busmess Manager BONNIE KLINGEL Graphic Edufor 'U -A RONNIE ATKINSON Subscruphon Manager J EAN P ENLOTTI K Ednfor In Chnef JIM GLEASON SANDRA BITTING Chronologls, Achvnfues Edntor JUDI BRANDENBURG Typls? wr F29 Ax 1-1 1? wif tk MR DeLONG Advn sor ska ROG ER STUTESMAN ssocnate Edvfor CARL ENE MARI ETTI Literary Editor MW .JAQL Nt BARKALO: Art Edutor JOHN MARVIN Sports Ednor JEAN JOHNSON 11 Typnst Q I al l P . 1 1, 4 X ,, if ' A A ' ' A A17 , 1 'J 2 f ' J' rx r J AN SHUMAK E R Solufotonan DORIS MECHLING JEAN JOHNSON LINDA RUGGLES JULIE WIEANDT BONNIE KLINGEL NORMAN ROBE RTS DARL ENE BARKALOW JUDI BRANDENBURG I2 JEAN ELEANOR PENZOTTI PATRICK ANDREW CARRIER valedlcffiflafl Voledlctorlun SHEILA OY HARING DAR Pnlgrum GRADUATING WITH HONOR SANDRA LEE BITTING Sa I utctorn an CARL ENE MARI ETTI ROBERT WORLINE RONNIE ATKINSON JAMES GLEASON ROGER STUTESMAN JOHN MARVIN LARRY CARTER JERRY JOLLY SHEILA HARING BASIL HARVEY ASH Base College I cannot thunk of two things at a time so I thunk of her and let my studles go Intramural I 2 3 4 anush Club I 2 Band I 2 LEE ALAN AUSTERMANN College Rascals are always socuable Intramural 2 3 Varsity Club 4 Hn Y 2 3 4 Treas Football I 2 3 4 Tennus 2 3 Junlor Play 3 Sensor Play 4 CAROLE ANN BAILEY Doll Commercial She us peppy wee and gay dancing wrll banish the sknes of gray Girls orts I Girl Reserves 3 4 S D 2 3 A SANDRA L EE BITTING Sandy College Wnth Hugh Honor A blend of all graces ns rarity Indeed Wnth beauty charm and Intelligence- She s de tuned to succeed " Girl Sports I 2 3 4 Sec 2 4 Gnrl Reserves 3 4 Sec 4 Class Sec 3 Wildcat Weekly 3 4 Pep Club 4 Annual Staff 4 S Jumor Play 3 Senior Play 4 Honor Scholarship I 2 3 4 DENNIS LEE BOHM Denny General A football man, a basketball man but most of all a Iadnes nun Centreville H S. I 2 Varsity Club 4 Football 4 Baseball 4 Basketball 4 ff --Q WWW RONALD WARD ATKINSON Ronnie College With Honor The more we see hum the more we luke htm HI Y 2 3 4 Vnce-pres 4 Pres 4 Student Senate 4 Wnldcat Weekly 3 4 Assoc Ed 3 Annual Staff 4 Lvbrary Staff 2 3 4 Vice-pres 3 Pres Sensor Play 4 Glee Club 2 3 Choxr 4 Sec 4 Male Quartet 4 CARL TON LAWRENCE AWE Car College Lute as one grand good time Intramural I 2 3 4 Varslty Club 4 HI Y 2 3 4 Vlce-pres 4 Student Senate 3 Wuldcat Weekly 3 Football I 2 3 4 Track 2 Tenms 3 4 DARL ENE BILLIE BARK ALOW Dar College Wvth Honor Her accomplishments are many, her fanlures few- and when she sets upon a task she always sees It through Gnrl Sports I 2 3 4 Vsce-pres 3 4 Glrl Reserves 3 4 Class Treas 3 Wlldcat Weekly 3 4 Soclety Ed 3 Annual Staff 4 D 2 3 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Cheerleader 4 RONAL D DOUGLAS BLOOD Ron College I ve served my tlme- now good bye"" Varsity Club 4 Spanish Club 2 3 4 Football I 2 4 Baseball I 2 3 4 Basketball I 4 Track 2 RICH ARD EMME TT BOUGH TON Ruch Col ege Although he has much wut we know he seems afrasd hrs worth to show Intramural 3 4 H Y 4 Football I 2 Golf 4 RAY DEAN BOWERS Beanie College He lets has light shlne wnthout turning the spot on himself Intramural I 2 3 4 Varsnty Club 3 4 H Y 4 Student Senate Treas 4 Class Pres 4 Wnldcat Weekly 3 Track 3 4 Tennis 2 Band I 2 3 4 Natl Muslc Camp 2 3 4 DOUGLAS WALTER BRUNDIGE Doug Industrial I luke to thunk of all the roads that lead away from here Industrnal Arts 2 3 4 Band I 2 3 4 DUAN E RAY BURGERT Burgee General Me thought I heard a volce cry sleep' Intramural I 2 3 4 Varsity Club 3 4 TmCk234 4 Bona 1234 ' VADA GRACE CARPENTER C Commerclal Full of fun happy and gay w a luke her she strikes us that way Glr orts I 2 Glr Reserves 3 4 Pep Club 4 D 3 Bookstore 4 EDGAR A CARTER Ed College He made a nuckel go so far he buffalo got sore feet Intramural 3 Varslty Club 2 3 4 Hn Y 4 Football I 2 3 Baseball 2 3 4 Track I 2 4 I4 JU DITH LOUISE BRANDENBU RG Jud: College Wnth Honor A little but of sunshine will go long way Glrl Reserves 3 amsh Club 2 3 4 Annual Stall 4 H S Honor Scholarshzp I 2 3 4 JEANETTE IRENE BUEL Shorty Commercnal In classroom or hall a welcome smile she has for all Gurl Re serves 3 4 A 2 ELIZABETH LOUISE BURNS Betty" College Always smlllng IS this gal nobod enemy everybody s pal Gmrl Sports 4 Girl Reserves 3 4 Vuce-pres F N C 4 Class Vice pres I 4 Wrldcat Weekly 3 4 Band I 2 3 4 Vnce-pres 3 4 Sensor Play 4 PATRICK ANDREW CARRIER Pat College Wnth Highest Honor Wutty and a clever lad with hum lolly time IS had Intramural 2 3 4 Capt 3 4 H Y 3 4 Sec 4 Student Senate 3 4 2nd Vice pres Wnldcat Weekly 3 4 orts Ed 4 Pep Club 4 Go I 23 4 Capt 4 Sensor Play 4 Handbook Committee I "lonor Scholarshnp I 2 3 4 Wolverine Boys State 3 Grade School Coach 3 LARRY M CARTER Bones College With Honor I m not an authornty b t I ll t Il the world I have my opmaon Varsity Club 2 3 4 Student Senate 3 Wnldcat Weekly 3 Sports Ed 3 Baseball 2 3 4 sketball I2 3 4 FAITH CAROL COWLEY 'Chick' - Commercial 'Quiet, courteous, never blue, she makes a friend ever so true!" Girl Reserves 3,4 Library Staff 4 D. S. 2 PATRICIA ANN DANE Pat - General Cheery as the sun s first ray may good luck come her w y Girl Reserves 3 4 A S 2 3 STANL EY LEE DETWIL ER Stan General Never a care in a carload Intramural I Varsity Club 2 Industrial Arts 2 Football 3 Track I RUTH JAN E DRISKEL Ruthie Commercial Sometimes given to serious thoughts but usually full of mischievous plots Girl Reserves 3 4 A S S CLIFFORD EDWIN FRANKLIN C if Industrial Small but combustible as an atom Intramural l 2 3 4 Varsity Club 2 3 4 H Y 3 4 Industrial Arts 'I 2 3 4 Football l 2 Tennis 2 3 4 Library Staff 2 3 4 8 hvfnw Q . '- ,I A x fag xiii 1' JAMES D. CREGO "Jim" - College 'A rollicking nature, full and free, athletics will always his hobby be." Varsity Club 2,3,4g Pres. 4 Football l,2,3,4, Capt. 4 Basketball 'l,2,3,4 Track 2 MABEL ELLEN CRISE Mab - General Quiet but oh so nice Girl Reserves 3 RICHARD ELWIN DOANE Dick College Tull and dark is this gay lad always happy never sad Intramural l 2 3 4 Varsity Club 2 3 4 H Y 2 3 4 Football 'I 2 3 4 Tennis 2 3 4 Capt 4 Senior Play 4 Choir 4 Boys Glee Club 2 3 Boys Quartet 4 SHIRLEY PEARL FL AGG Commercial Her dark eyes carry a sparkle of cheer everyone s happy when she IS near Girl orts 3 4 Girl Reserves 3 4 A F N C 4 Pep Club 4 S PATRICIA FAY E FRYLING Pat Commercial Tho she s small and very sweet we know her friendship can t be bea Girl Reserves 3 4 F H A. I D S 2 ELIZABETH ANN GARLAN D Ann College It s nice to be natural when you re naturally nice Girl Reserves 3 4 F N C 3 4 Sec 3 4 Wildcat Weekly 3 4 S D S 2 3 Dramatic Club 3 JAMES HENRY GL EASON Jim College With Honor School is a good thing but let s not overdo ntl" amsh Club 2 Wildcat Weekly 3,4 Annual Staff 4 Library Staff 2 3 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 DIXIE LEE HAGENBUCH Dlx Commercial A little mild and meek, but or friends she needn t seek Girl Reserves 3 4 Accounting Dept Assist 4 F N C 4 BETTY ANNE HAGERMAN Commercial I m not a but flirtatious lust rt- terested Girl Reserves 4 Wildcat Weekly 3 D S 4 Junior Play 3 Senior Play Prompter 4 Band 2 3 4 Junior Band I DICK ELROY HAWKINS Industrial He looks like a saint but we know he ain t. Intramural I 2 3 4 Varsity Club 3 4 H'-Y 2 3 4 Student Senate 3 Industrial Arts I 2 3 4 Tennis 3 4 I6 You 0 4 WILLIAM HARRISON GEARHART B Industrial If silence were golden I d be a millionaire PAULINE JEANETTE GRANZOTTO Jeanette College Her funny bone neve fails her Girl Sports I 2 3 4 Girl Reserves 3 4 anish Club 3 4 Wildcat Weekly 3 Pep Club 4 S D S 2 Junior Play 3 PATTY LOU HAGENBUCH Pat' Commercial During class and when school s done her hobby is always having un Girl Reserves 3 4 S SHEILA JOY HARING Sheik College With Honor She is a leader In everything she tries and she tries everything Girl Sports 2 3 Grl Reserves 34 Pres 4 Student Senate 3 4 Band I Class President 2 Wildcat Weekly 3 4 Jumor Play 3 Senior Play 4 Prom Co-chairman 3 Chemistry Lab Assist 3 4 D A R Pilgrim 4 Honor Scholarship I 3 EMILIE ANN HEMENWAY Emmy Lou - Commercial Laugh and the world laugh with you--but she giggles Girl Reserves 3 4 A S D S 2 Ind Arts Office Assist 4 BETTY CARLENE HILBERT Red Commercual Here s a gurl that s sure to wvn wsth halr flamung red and a great bug gran GnrI Sp0tsI234 Glrl Reserves 3 4 amsh Club 2 3 4 Wildcat Weekly 3 4 Feature Ed 4 Pep Club 4 Football Queen s Court 4 Mlxed Choir 4 S 4 Sec Jumor Play Prompter 3 GERALD LAVERNE JOHNSON Jerry lndustrual My memory ns what I forget wnth Intramural 3 4 Football I Baseball I GERALD LOUIS JOLLY Jerry College Wnth Honor A studnous boy but he has a good fume has pals all think that he ns me Intramural 3 4 Varsity Club 3 4 H Y 3 4 Student Senate Sec 4 Class Presndent 3 Basketball 'I 2 Golf 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Honor Scholarshup 'I 2 3 4 Wolverine Boys State 3 BONNIE LOU KLINGEL Klunk College Wuth Honor She consnders her studles a lark but she d due If she got a poor mark Glrl Spo ts I 2 4 Glrl Reserves 3 4 Wlldcat Weekly 3 4 Pep Club 4 Annual Staff 4 Jumor Play 3 Chemlstry Lab Assrst 3 Ind Arts Offnce Assist 4 Honor Scholarshap I 2 3 4 NORMUND KRIEVINS Norm College Whoever rides on my car takes hls turn pushnngl Intramural 2 3 HI Y 4 Track I Tenms 2 r' QQ xx? if CHRISTOPHER C HSIAO Chrns General Happy I am from care I am free why aren t they all contented luke m Band 4 JEAN ELAINE JOHNSON Jeanne College Wnth Honor Here s a gurl wlth a heart and a smnle who makes the bubble of Isle worth whsle Glrl Reserves 3 4 Class Treasurer I Annual Staff 4 S D S 2 3 4 Treas 4 Honor Scholarshrp I 2 3 IMOGENE YVONNE JONES Gene General A mald of friendly dlsposntuon Girl Reserves 3 Dramatuc Club 3 JAMES FRANKLIN KRAMB Jam Industrial Many have suffered by talk but few by sulence Industrnal Arts 'I 2 3 Baseball 'I Tenms I 2 Stage I 2 3 CHARLES ARTHUR LILLIE O1UCk General Classes should be ten mnnutes long fnve to come and fnve to go Band 1234 17 S 0 ll I - - ur - pq - . . r I I I e." Sp ' D. . .4 A I ' I ' u I - - , in I - ll - ' .Il B I , I J.H. . 1 v", ' ' ' ' I ,' e .I ' ' ' f' L .. .., , at H . - - -- .- ' , Iv . I' I " F.H.A. 2 . ' ' ll' il I , X VI I ' AI I. ' r , , I . 1 I ,a A I I . I I I I I u I ' .. . V N ,, - . . ' I. V 1 1 I BARBARA JEANNE LINTEMOOT Barb Commercual Play and I II play wuth you study and you II study alone Gurl Sports I 2 3 Gurl Reserves 3 4 S S Pep Club 4 CARLENE ANN MARIETTI Car College Wuth Honor A uolly sport talkatuve too classy cute a fruend most true Gurl Sports I 2 3 4 Gurl Reserves 3 4 Treas French Club 4 C 3 4 Pres Wuldcat Weekly 3 Annual Staff 4 S Senuor Play 4 Honor Scholarshup I 3 ROGER HAROLD MARVIN Rag College The more we study the more Ignorance we duscover so I say why study' Intramural I 2 3 4 Varsuty Club I 2 3 4 H Y 2 3 4 anush Club 2 3 4 Pep Club 4 Football 3 4 Golf I 2 3 4 Capt Senuor Play 4 RICHARD LEE MAST Duck Industrual He captures the gurls wuth hus curls JANET IRENE MILLER Jan College She s a quuet gurl but quute a gurl Gurl Reserves 3 4 Spanush Club 3 4 S 3-4 JOHN ARTHUR LUCK Johnny General Just luke a star out every nught Intramural I 2 3 Varsuty Club 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 JOHN ALDEN MARVIN Johnny College Wuth Honor Tall of stature wurnung smule u blue eyes and rught un style Varsuty Club 2 3 4 Class Presudent I Class Vuce Presudent 3 Wuldcat Weekly 3 4 Football I Basketball I 2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Honor Scholarshup I 2 3 4 Student Senate 4 EDITH VIRGINIA MASSIE Toots College She drowns her thoughts un a stream of words chatterung as she goes and she goes on forever Gurl Sports I 2 3 4 Gurl Reserves 3 4 French Club 4 Pres Wuldcat Weekly 3 4 Sensor Play 4 DORIS MAE MECHLING Curly Dee Commercual Wuth Honor To know her us to luke her Gurl Reserves 3 4 FH A I Vuce-pres 2 Sec 3 PYGS Student Senate 3 Wuldcat Weekly 3 S D 3 Bookstore 4 Accountung Dept Assist 2 3 JOYCE ANNE MILLER Joy Col ege She s good to look at but better to know' Gurl Sports I 2 Gurl Reserves 3 4 Spanush Club 2 French Club 4 Wuldcat Weekly 3 Pep Club 4 Dramatuc Club 3 DIXIE MARLENE MITTS Commercial Fun and gay un a nice sort of way Girl Sports I 2 Girl Reserves 3 4 F H A. 2 Accounting Dept Assist I 2 4 PATRICIA LOU ISE NORTON Pat College Always happy seldom sad that the kmd of friend to have Girl Reserves 3 4 amsh Club 2 F N C 3 4 Junior Play Prompter 3 Band I 2 3 4 JAMESS O DELL Jim Industrial He s quiet so they say you I him right away Intramural 3 4 Varsity Club 2 3 4 Class Treasurer 2 Tennis 3 4 Football Manager 2 3 NORMAN EARL ROBERTS Norm College With Honor Our idea ofa regular fellow. Wildcat Weekly 3 4 Library Staff 2 3 4 Senior Play 4 Honor Scholarship 3 CARROLL EUGENE ROMIG College Girls may be a puzzle but hell never give them up Intramural l 2 3 Varsity Club 2 3 4 H'-Y 3 4 anish Club 3 4 Industrial Arts Club I 2 3 4 Tennis I 2 3 4 Glee Club 2' Pres 3' Treas 4 D3 LEE LENN MOHNEY Putt Industrial He never seems gloomy never seems sad with wit and frolacs h makes us glad Intramural 2 3 4 HI Y 4 Football I 2 3 Track I 2 PAULINE FRANCIES MYERS Pinky Commercial A lass with a smile IS a lass worth while Library Staff 3 4 H S. D S 234 VlcePres JEAN ELEANOR PENZOTTI Jeanne College With Highest Honor Such beauty and brams are a rarity the Princess of Pep Posse, and Personality Girl Sports I 2 3 4 Treas Girl Reserves 3 4 Class Treasurer 4 Wildcat Weekly 3 Football Queen 4 Mixed Choir 4 Annual Staff Edntor in chief 4 .I H S Pres I D S. 2 4 Senior Play 4 Handbook Committee I Cheerleader I 2 3 4 Capt Honor Scholarship I 2 3 4 VIVIAN JOAN RICE Viv General Silence is one ofthe great arts o conversation Olympia Washington H S. I2 3 D S 4 JUDITH ELAINE ROSE Judy - College Brown-eyed brunette and full of fun of her kind there is only one Girl Reserves 3 4 F H A. I2 34' Vice-pres 4 Wildcat Weekly 3 S D SI 2 3 4 Junior Play 3 LINDA ANN RUGGLES College - With Honor 'A quiet tongue shows a wise head.' Girl Reserves 3,4 Wildcat Weekly 3,4 Pep Club 4 Library Staff 'l,2,3,4 Senior Play 4 Honor Scholarship l,3,4 JOAN MARL ENE SHANNON J College Why gentlemen prefer blondes Girl Sports l,2 3 4 Girl Reserves 3 4 Class Secretary 2 4 Wildcat Weekly 3 Pep Club 4 Cheerleader 2 JAN SHUMAKE R College With Hugh Honor A modest maid rather shy one you will not In mischief spy Girl Reserves 3 4 Spanish Club 3 4 Wildcat Weekly 3 4 Ed 4 Pep Club 4 Library Staff I 2 3 4 S D S 2 Senior Play 4 Ind Arts Office Assist 4 Honor Scholarship I 2 3 4 DONNA ROSE SL ENTZ Commercial Never a harsh word to anyone Girl Sports l Girl Reserves 3 4 A 2 3 4 Sec Wildcat Weekly 3 S D S. 2 JAMES EDWARD SMAGALA Jim College Vim vigor and vitality with plenty of personality Intramural 2,3 4 Varsity Club 4 H Y 2 3 4 anlsh Club 2 3 4 Student Senate 4 Pep Club 4 Football I 2 3 4 20 i WALTER ARTHUR SCHMIDT 'Walt' - College 'Manners and modesty are this gentleman's key." Baseball 2 GERALDINE BEATRICE SHELTON Pane General She us thoughtful and sweet from her head to her feet " LARRY GENE SINDT Industrial Every inch a man Including his eet Intramural 3 Varsity Club 2 Football 4 Track 2 RAYMOND HERBE RT SLOAN Chesty Industrial Hrs limbs were cast in manly mold for hearty games and contest bold Intramural 4 Varsity Club 3 H Y 2 Industrial Arts Club 2 Football 4 Baseball 4 RUTH ELLEN SOULE Ruthie Commercial Attractive and fair with pretty blonde hair Curl Reserves 3 4 Junior Reflector 3 BETTY LOU SP ENCE Boots Commercnal Eyes that see her fund It hard to turn away Glrl Sports I 2 3 Girl Reserves 3 4 HS. LEROY GEORGE SP RINGER College He s rather qulet but can cause not lndustrual Arts 3 ROGER GORDON STUTESMAN Rog College With Honor One more good man on earth as better than an extra angel un heaven Intramural I Y 2 3 4 Pres Class Secretary I Annual Staff 4 .IUDIOY Play 3 Honor Scholarship I 3 PETER ANTHONY TITTA College Every unch a man but more man than inches Varsnty Club 4 H Y 4 Student Senate Pep Club 4 Football I 2 4 ERWIN DENNIS TOBLER acehappy College lllke the gurls the gurls luke mel What could be a better arrangement? Intramural I 2 3 4 H Y 2 3 4 anlsh Club 2 3 4 Student Senate Pres Pep Club 4 Football 4 Baseball I 2 Senior Play 4 Prom Co chalrman 3 S . i MARILYN GEORGIA SP ENCE Commercual I do not look for favor or fame graduotnon IS now my only asm GUI Sports I S I7 3 MARL ENE ELIZABETH sTRouD Blondie Commercial Her haur as golden her nature four full of fun but debonalr url Reserves 3 4 2 Tappan Intermednate School Detroit l NORITA ANN TESSIN Reet Commerclol Ol the sux senses the mlghtnest xs umor Gtr Sports 'I 2 3 4 Gurl Reserves 3 S DS 23Pres 4 JOYCE MARLENE TOBIN Toby Commercnal She has a smule that could knock the blues out of the sky Gnrl Reserves Pep Club 4 LINDA KAY TUESLEY In Commercxal Never a harsh word to anyone Gnrl Reserves 3 4 J H S. I CAROLE JEAN TU RNE R College Always a ready smile Girl Sports 2 3 Girl Reserves 3 4 F H A. 2 F N C 3 4 Wildcat Weekly 3 S Junior Play 3 Senior Play 4 Prompter KATHRYN ANN VICK RE Y Kathy General Rolluckmg, snappy always gay a carefree gal, with a carefree way Sweet rings Missouri, H S I 2 3 Girl Sports 4 Girl Reserves 4 JAMES FRANKLIN WALTER Jlm Industrial Of all the things I like the best I much prefer to sit and rest Industrial Arts I 2 3 4 SHIRLEY MAE WEBER Commercial Whatever her task may be she II d it willingly Girl Sports 3 Girl Reserves 3 4 F H A 3 4 DALE ARDEN WEINBERG Industrial I love work. It fascinates me. I could sit and look at it for hours." Intramural I,2,3 Industrial Arts I,2,3,4, Sec. 4 Football I,2 22 O ROBERT CLARK ULRICH Rob Industrial I hate work' It s against my con stltutlon H Y 2 3 4 Industrial Arts I 2 3 4 Baseball I 2 Stage I 2 3 4 ETHEL EEN JEAN WADDELL Ethel Commercial An all around pal, a likeable gal Girl Spots I 234 Girl Reserves 3 4 A D S 2 JOHN LEE WARNER Industrial l trouble not studies studies trouble m Industrial Arts I 2 3 4 Jumor Play 3 JULIE ANN WEIAN DT J College With Honor A miss who us full of mischief Girl Sports I 2 3 4 Girl Reserves 3 4 Treas 4 anlsh Club 2 3 4 Wildcat Weekly 3 4 Pep Club 4 J H S Treas I -' D S 2 Dramatic Club Treas 3 MARY JANE WELBURN College "Joyous, gay and sweet is she, the best companion that can be.' Girl Reserves 3,4 F.H.A. 2,3 F.N.C. 4 HAROLD EDWARD WESTERLUND Hank General Nota ladies man but o lady s man Intramural 2 3 4 Muskegon Hugh School I ELOISE ELISE ELIZABETH WHITE Weese General She IS thoughtful and sweet from her head to her feet Grrl Reserves 3 4 JOYCE ARL ENE WING Maud College Oceans of pep wuth o laugh on every wave Gnrl Sports 'I 2 3 4 Pres Gzrl Reserves 3 4 anlsh Club 2 3 Wnldcat Weekly 3 Pep Club 4 Cheerleader 2 3 4 4 Treas 4 RICHARD L WETHEPBEE Duc Industrlal Don t let those shy Iookxng people fool you Intramural 4 Industnal Arts I 2 3 4 Treas MAE VIRGINIA WILLIAMS .I General Her heart IS an ocean wude and deep where whurllng waves of frnendshnp meet Cassopolxs Hugh School I2 3 MARGARET ANN WOODALL Peggy Commercral Quiet courteous never blue s e makes a frlend ever so true Girl Reserves 3 4 A S ROBERT JAMES WORLINE Bobo College Wrth Honor A mlghty fine splrlt fslls that Inttle frame Vcrsuty Club 2 3 4 Sec 4 Hu Y 4 anlsh Club 2 3 4 Wildcat Weekly 3 Football I 2 3 4 Baseball I 2 3 4 Go l,4 Tennis 2,3 4 Band 'I,2,3,4 Honor Scholarship 4 Natl. Music Camp 3 23 C4444 Wd! We,the Senior Class of l954, being of unsound mind, insane judgment, and undying wit do hereby will our following characteristics, be they good or bad, to the students and faculty of Three Rivers Hidw School. To the Rhinies we leave the far-off dream of someday becoming a Senior. lAs Rhinies we had 1-haf dream, too.I To the Freshmen we leave our school spirit. CLots of it.D To the Sophomores we Ieaveour everlasting ambition.fYou'Il need it as Juniors.I 1 'fi my x iff, I X -, I -1 To the Juniors we leave what we inherited last year--just a name that means so much--"Seniors", I, Richard Boudtton, will my Chevy to anyone who wants an excuse for getting home late. I, Jim Smagala, will my pet name of 'Smooch' to Mike Marietti. l.We, Jim Kramb, Gerald Johnson, and Richard Wetherbee, will our enormous statures to Jerry Frank. sn. A I, Erwin Tobler, leave my suave, debonair, sophisticated, smooth, intelligent manner of charming 'gi the girls to James Bower Stokoe. I I, Carlton Awe, leave my blond, curly hair to Earl Avery. .5 ,J ,F ,,,, '?f.. I, Bonnie Klingel, leave my A's to anyone who will work and worry for them as I have. We, Joan Shannon and Joy Miller, leave- ---- for Centreville. We, Janet Miller, Marilyn Spence, Pat Fryling, and Peggy Woodall, leave to join our men who have graduated before us. I, Sheila Haring, leave my little 'Nash Rambler' and my old geometry book to Mrs. Barlow. Ill It I " I Pat Carrier, leave my immense and colorful wardrobe to my brother Mike. I, Jim Crego leave as the ninth Crego to graduate from T.R. We, Clifford Franklin and Lee Mohney leave our outstanding height to Nick Sass and Peter Lang, I, Dick Doane, will my tenor voice to Dick Ward for next year's glee club. We, Darlene Barkalow and Jean Penzotti, leave our outstanding cheerleading ability to our sisters, Cuddles and Sally. I I, Arlene Wing, leave my petiteness to Mary Ann Breth. I, Bob Worline, leave my chair in band to Judy Bitting. 5 he if sf g I, Ronnie Blood, leave my determination to grow taller to Tommy Reed. llt pays off.l I, Mabel Crise, leave my nickname of 'Mab' to Mabel Amold. I, Roger Marvin, leave my record for tI1rowing golf clubs to Mike Comar. We, Dick Mast, John Warner, and Bill Gearhart, leave our shyness to Gussie Weidenbeck, Nancy Baker, and Janice Tobin. I S' We, Norm Krievins and Norm Roberts, leave our sartorial elegance to Jack Roberts. We, Jeanette Granzotto and Emilie Hemenway, leave our giggles to Georgia Tobler and Peggy Cook XI We, Jan Shumaker and Judi Brandenburg, leave our pen pals to anyone who has time to write. ,. I, Kathryn Vi ckery, leave my southern accent to Pat Casey. We, Geraldine Shelton, Imogene Jones, Mae Williams, and Eloise White, leave---for Chicago I, John Luck, leave my iokesf?i to Doug Turnbull. I, Mary Jane Welburn, leave my good naturedness to Betty Barkalovw 5- , yy, I, Larry Sindt, leave my dancing techiques to March Durren. V Iiiht J I We, Jeanette Buel, Ruth Soule, and Dixie Mitts, leave our sweet ways to Sally Reed, Sandra Hall, I I and Barbara Smith. I, Ruth Driskel, leave my eyebrow to Jim Griffin. I, Jerry Jolly, leave my outstanding scholastic record to Norman Johnson. I, Raymond Sloan, leave--for California. lBetter luck this time.I I, Dale Weinberg, will my car to my brother, David. I, Charles Lillie, leave md I'm glad of it. ,H N, ' We, Betty Hagerman cnd Marlene Stroud, leave our blond locks to. . no, on second thought we take them with us. I, Shirley Weber, leave--taking all my characteristics with me. I, Julie Weiandt, leave my car l?l to the poor Rhinies who eally need one. 4' 62 ' elddd Wd! I, Jim Gleason, leave-for Michigan State. 4 I, Lee Austerman, leave my iob as taxi for the Senior girls to Freddie Cordola. We, Carroll Romig md Dick Hawkins, leave our tennis rackets to Kenneth Romig and Dean Hackenberg. I, Walter Schmidt, leave my blushing ability to Johnny Coates. I, Pat Norton, leave my pleasing personality to some bashful Freshman girl. we, Puffy Hagenbudw, Betty Spence, and Pauline Myers, leave our iobs at the theatre to anyone who needs IU a little pin money. I, LeRoy Springer, leave my hilarious remarks to Jud Miracle. We, Carole Tumer, Linda Tuesley, and Ethleen Waddell, leave the good times we've had this year to Aletha Amey, Lorelie Fuller, and Sheila Blalock. I, Bob Ulrich, leave my job as stage manager to Russ Cooper. We, Roger Stutesman and Ronnie Atkinson, leave our iobs as Hi-Y officers to two of next year's active members. I, Jim Walters, leave my short walk to school to Armand Krievins. ' I, Jean Johnson, leave my piano talent to Pat Stickler. I, Duane Burgert, leave my blushing face to Ruth Dean. I, Carlene Marietti, bequeath my hilarious slumber parties to Sally Peterson. I, Ray Bowers, will my sister Sarah to Three Rivers Hid1. I, Betty Hilbert, leave my long, shining, red hair to Larry O'Dell. I, Barbara Lintemoot, leave my bottle of peroxide and ammonia to my sister, Janet. I, Pat Dane, leave my ability to 'crack" gum to Judy Tobin. We, Pete Titta, Stanley Detwiler, and Denny Bohm, will our football ability to Kenny Blade. We, Larry Carter, Edgar Carter, and John Marvin, leave our outstanding basketball ability to Chick Boeschenstein, Gordy Carpenter, and Joe Fornaresio. I, Chris Hsiao, leave my ability to get 'tickets' to Nancy Verhuel. I, Jim O'DeII, leave my blue eye to somebody and my brown eye to somebody else. We, Linda Ruggles, Dixie Hagenbuch, and Vivian Rice, leave our quiet ways to Dave Hurd. I, Edith Massie, leave my acting ability to Marna Kemmerling. I I, Betty Burns, leave my height and short hair to Pauline Mitchell. I, Sar1dra Bitting, leave Judy to carry on the Bitting name. We, Vada Carpenter and Doris Mechling, leave charge of the bookstore to a couple of ambitious Junior girls. I, Ann Garland, leave my bright sparkling eyes to Jeanette French. We, Shirley Flagg and Carole Bailey, leave our craving for jive to Jean Miller and Jo Ann Wood. J I, Doug Brundige, leave----witha head start as usual. We, Judy Rose and Donna Slentz, leave our pie baking ability to Janet Meyers. I, Faith Cowley, leave my talent as an accordionist to Joe D'Amore. We, Joyce Tobin and Harold Westerlund, Basil Ash and Narita Tessin, part from TR, but not from each other. limtbwwv - 91440 Qwyvw - ijimwzbif 'Va Rwwvktbba- 'E bww s lf, H S6 I I... 'I ' Glafup The year IS 1964 A D the age In which space has been conquered Thus us a feature broadcast of WTRH l Rocket Shlp S4 IS about to blast off to the moon Head pllot Erwin Tobler and his asslstants Larry Carter and John Marvm are maklng last mmute preparations ln the crowd surroundmg the blast-off area we recognize Jan Shumaker and Jeanette Granzotto, top press correspondents of the Doane Journal and their otographer Norm Krelvms Now boarding the shlp are Pat Carrier and Roger Marvin Pat IS golng to recover the ball he drove from the earth to the moon, and Rag IS seeking the club he threw In a fit of anger Mechanucs Richard Boughton Basil Ash and Harold Westerlund are triple checkmg the shup for take off ln the crowd we see their wnves Bonnie Norlta and Joyce, wavlng a fond farewell Here come the earth s champuonshap football team Captain Crego and his teammates, Detwuler Sloan Bohm Tltta,Awe, Slndt, Smagala Blood Worllne and manager O Dell Tomorrow rs the bug game be tween the Moon Goons and the Earth lmps , you know Following them closely are their faithful cheerleaders, Jean Darlene, and Arlene lNlce stncklng to the same team there gurls Now boarding the shlp are Doctors E Carter, and Burns and nurses Marlettl Norton Garland and Tuesley, as IS medical technologlst Harmg, ID charge of the space blood supply umt 5 4 3 2 l BLAST AWAY l As we leave the earth we see Joanve waving goodby to us from her farm and Judy Rose, lnterplanetary ple baking queen counting her blue ribbons Tuning rn our radio, we hear Betty Halbert and Emllle Hemenway now stars of Grande Ole Opery Entering the lounge we fmd Norm Roberts microphone In hand directing hrs TRHS TV knnescope crew, lntervlewmg such famous person ages as Mass Eduth Massue vacatlonlng after her 100th movxe The Hot Tallu From the drnlng room we see commg toward us the former Marllyn Spence Mable Crlse Peggy Woodall, Geraldine Shelton Shirley Wolcott, Barbara Llntemoot Vnvran Rice, Ruth Drlskel Jean Johnson Pat Frylmg Doris Mech Img Marlene Stroud, who are with their husbands on their second honeymoon The stewardesses are Mae Wllllams, Shirley Flagg Etheleen Waddell and Carole Turner more of our old friends from T R Also on board IS a contingent of farmers who are going to the moon to establlsh the furst space farm Among the group we see Jum Gleason Ray Bowers, Duck Wetherbee, Lee Mohney Walter Schmldt Leroy Springer Dale Weinberg, and Bull Gearhart Another former pal of ours Betty Hagerman IS golng to the moon to be the first missionary there Pruncupal Ruggles IS goung to an unterplanetary principal s con vention as the U S representative Good Heavens, there goes Chris Hsnao, saulmg by In hrs super rocket and here come the cops Must be they are after hum as usual My but that s a pretty dress that Sandra Buttlng, has on lShe s a model you know Where dad you get It Sandra 7 Oh so It s one of Jud: Brandenburg s creahons Now one of the children has spslled chocolate on nt Well lust send It to Luck s Cleaners when you get to the moon lYou II feel lucky when you get lt back l Why, there s Duck Hawkuns Ha ha I guess he gave up the Idea of goung to California or maybe he got the wrong trcket l hear that Kathryn Vlckery and Joy Muller are lllustratmg puctures for Janet Mlllers new book Llfe on the Moon We have a famous broadway actress wnth us Julue Welandt who has gust flnushed playung a sax week run as Lady Macbeth ln New York Cnty She says a couple of our old friends Patty Hagenbuch and Betty Spence are ushermg at the Palace Theatre an New York . ., . U . n . . . . . . 1 1 1 ph , . . ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' ' u n u u . . . , - . -D ' 1 1 1 1 , . - - - . - . l , . , . I I . - . . . . . . 1. n . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 I ' , 1 1 1 1 ' ' . ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 . . . . . , . . , . . 1 . . , . 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 . , . . . . 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 ' . , , , . . . . 1 , , 1 - 1 . 11 . ll - ' - I 1 I I 1 1 1 ' 616440 Carole Bailey Imogene Jones Elolse Whlte and Pauline Meyers WAVE Recruits are gomg to the moon to seek other enllstees there l can hear accordsan music coming from the lounge It must be Falth Cowley and her accorduan bond I ve heard they re on a concert tour There s Ronnie Atklnson m the lab, testlng the lens on the shups telescopes He s an optometrust you know, and Duxle Hagenbuch us workmg on the accountung books tryung to straighten out the ship s books as usual Jerry Jolly ns also an the lab workmg on the Improvements In desugn for rocket shrps Jeanette Buel Mary Jane Welburn Ruth Soule Dlxle Mitts Vada Carpenter and Donna Slentz are gomg along on the trlp to record Important data concernmg the trup I ve heard that we re golng to see some more of our old pals at the fuelmg statlon mechanlcs Jam Kramb John Warner Duck Mast Bob Ulrich Jlm Walter and Doug Brundlge l see Pnlot Tobler has signaled all passengers to fasten safety belts as we re rapidly approaching the landing sute Thus has been Rag Stutesman broadcastmg the space lourney ofthe famous Rocket Shup 54 The next voice you hear wall be that of our lunar representative speakmg from the control tower on the moon Take It away Lee Austermann I C5 4:-'Y N' " L-L N' .P mf? fl 6 YL? E CAN, we MUST, Wf Lwzc BLUE fwmri WHITE R056 r' D . ' l . . I . I . I . 1 1 . I I I . H 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 I l 1 , . 1 1 1 l I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 I I 1 I 1 G 1 1 . ' 1 . I . I . . 1 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ll 1 II . 1 1 1 1 ' 1 . D l 4 S V 1 ., , D Q g, V! cg f I L fl , Q ' ,A Q ,,1 1 , 1 5: Q' rl w '11, I ffl? I A A 1 ' 1 ' ' , ., ,Q ' 1 1 ' 55, , kx ,, K M 11 , ,.,.. - I 1 . 4' . .a ,14 e -Q x ' , M. I 'Qt 1 xv ls , 8 4 In A Y , 1 , ,, A 4 .' 5,4 . -Q 4" 1 - , ' i 1 I 'll ' W ' ' I is 1 - I 32 .X "lik I If vthfeff I I 'N 1,-'N Q Q. G, ' ,XMMAX ,X 2' rf ,MGM MOS T LIKELY TO SUCCEED CLASS BOOKWORM John Morvm Sheila H0"5"'9 Jim Gleason Jan Shumaker NICEST SMILE BEST LOOKING CLASS PRIMPER Denny Bohm Betty Burns Roger Marvin Jean Penzotti Norm Robe.-15 Cqrleng I ,mzam .L V823 ii K. I I MOST ATHLETIC MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Jim C"e90 BUYING KIir1geI Lcrry Carter Darlene Barkalow BEST DANCER ' sHYEsT CLASS JOKER Toble' Beny Huber' Chris Hsiao Vivian Rice John Luck Jeanette Gronzoffo 'Ulf 'Cui 9 if' L ' 1 LA n L4 GITIOUI' The modes? type l " Those grins! K , i 0, Q on g sfer s Aa-:AL Dreamy duet Bathing beciuts .locnie ond Dar L , '-- grx V .. 'Vw A " in W,,' ' boils" Carter here- fx il I. ii, Mump eepy time gal was S! K -, A Q I Hot-rodders -ii l!l"'i ...N Q 1' Y .AA Comic Glenn QW 459 QQ Il S E I 5,9 Livjf i' f fN CX, XX F ,ff ,xxx ij sf x Eisxx "y - L rg ' Ky 0 Q x " , 1 xg X ' Q ' QQ, X . -- m 7- K , Seated: Ann Carroll, Janet Meyers, Nancy Verheul. Standing: Sally Peterson, Norman Johnson, 3 . Marna Kemmerling. li . gh , 33. ' I gl Linda Ruggles, Jean Penzotti, John Marvin, Judi V' 2 d' . ?rangl:nbULQ, Ngrrgravn Rlobertsb. C Q 1 I. 9. ggixxgizaiigrjflrj Bifoyngne, at arrier, Darlene ,Mk Q. XE ' 231 ' rf JISLD ,Rfl1L'l'5 E i 655 Uerfjf' A 4.-V ff, C5 x-may A A Q V 5 .1 A V LAW :IB S' ,YAV gr' Hum. QS. assess J x J A qYlll6Il'5l,i X A JB' infil l, yy I P r4,,, ding: Thomas, Jean Groiean. 'X 'In f i xi Seated: Edith Llnsner, Jane Griffith, Norma E . -if "fwfr, Nancy Pritchard, Sally Penzotti, Helen Turner, Dorothy? xr W X ' ' Baker, Mary Reed. Y' "" -1-3 K 'D Pauline Mitchell, Sandra DeLong, Carl Slocum, Adele ' xqgge VV I Qxily fx J , J WM Peggy Cook, Margaret Hoshel, Roger Miracle, Philip Fife, Marybeth Hazel. Torn Reed, Donald Neamen, Jim Stokoe, Pellegrom, Kathryn Reed. Seated: Standing: Dave Standing: Sally Reed, Russell Emmerling, ' John Coates, Judy Bitting. A PKK v,,.,...--- Seated Todd Beck President Miss Magner Advisor Jim Hurd Vice president Standing Sally Peterson Treasurer Pat Stlckler Secretary As the class of 55 we have completed a year of service, profit, and enioyment We are all looking we put this year aside and look toward our last year as seniors, let us reminusce over the activities in which we have participated as Juniors Remember when we got to sell hot dogs and cokes at several of the football games and then spon sored the dances afterwards? That was only the begmnlng of this eventful year On December 2 we presented on the highlights of being a Junior the Junior Play We chose Once in Every Family Marrniane and Joseph Hayes Under the capable supervision of Mrs Voorhees, our play was very successful What a thrill it was to see our fellow classmates on stage actmg lust like professionals' After the Christmas holidays we got back into full swing again We decided on a bake sale as a money makmg progect This was held on January l6 at Banker s Paint Store With almost everyone contributing baked goods, the sale netted a sizable profit for our treasury On May 'IS we sponsored the biggest event of the year the Jumor Senior Prom It was a lot of work, but we thought our efforts were all worthwhile as we walked into the starlight ecstasy A w entered the door, our eye was cau t by the huge, glittering, revolving star suspended fro'n the middle of the ceiling Our attention was then drawn to the constellations outlined on a dark blue background Several backdrops produced the effect of the Milky Way and a shooting star Surrounding the room were garden like settings creatmg a romantic atmosphere in the starlit night The evening sped swiftly by as we danced to the music of Bobby Davidson s Orchestra To conclude the activities of our Junior year, members of our class served as ushers at Baccalaure ate and Commencement We also supplied flowers for the stage We can t let the year end without thanking our competent and patient advisor, Miss Magner, for all the help and advuce she has given us on our progects Miss Glbson's class enloys slides Typing rapidly in Mr. Roys' class 0 1 XX t K. ' Q- X x 73 ' 'o ff' 1 ' s V. Syl 2 6 ' wif' ' .al - ' 'A forward to our final year when we will be the leaders of TRHS -- the Senior Class: But first, before by In . 1 1 . . . . . S e gh . . I . . I . Anderson Daisy Arney Alefha Arnold Mable Avery Beverly w Q M Avery Earl Beal Mary Beck Todd 0 fn 'FIV' Beadler Gene WIT 'i J fi 'UG' -... Bmgaman Dole Bnxler Richard Blalock Shenla Blood Joseph Bobb Jay Bowlby Dennrs Bradford Lavern Brooks Carolyn Bullock Larry Carroll Ann -3 3' Chapman Janet Cooper Russell v-1,2 l Cordola Fred Crlppen Wayne Drethrlch George Dragon: Carmela J s Dunnnngfon JoAnn Earl Richard Edwards Shirley Elrschele Theresa Elliott Sharon Evans Ronald Feliz Alnce Feliz Jeannetie Fife Eugene Q 'vw Q' Foghmo Jum V N7 Foghuno John Foust Kenneth Frohler Bernard Dean 92 'D-6 fs' Y"'P gf-n "' 4 A F i L Q95 J" 30 fix ,f "Ass Fuellnng Donna Fuller Lorelle --sas, 6, Gearharr Charles A9 ,,Q, A .K Q 0 ' mg? ' , A A L A I In .Y-Ae I :Q vnrv E ,X I SKE4 A l ' A le , A D Qiglll ll l so 'Q : ' N ', A V 41. " Y' 4 5 J., 1' Illlflfge M ' 5' K l C J. f a A A ' . l A A ,Q -fp E 'A , f by Q r rr. fri Q m , A Q l 1 N . U, Q , 'f , 'l ' 4 ' ,Q N ' li' ig!-'fig' - A fn..- I. 0 , L' B I 5' ,Tl':QF f x . f: A 0 ' X7 ' ' - 1 " ,- I , A ' . 5... . . - h, ,r X . : Ry. Q A X. 4 in 5' Q I -av M E N, in Q, K, . gh W? N , Q , . . 4 . V J. lr ' :- , 2, J ' J r r ,lv I if ' XX , I l l f Q 1. : I L ' Y J l l Y K E if aa ' : v Q A 1 Ni-'XQ-Y. -. ' ' r '- 1 .ECW N ' L ,. 'li AX ll l " - H, l Q ' JT' vu may cm tg , - N ' 1 ' Ql A di X' Q l A x l F' Q0 U1 i 35- 'sr 'IV' 'T 31 T? +411 Jw-TS' 'F' if JF? Sf: Aw Geuer Irene wg Gottlieb Pat Grlffln Douglas ""' Grlffrn James Grrme Larry Hackenburg Dean Hackenburg Rclland Hall Dovud Halter Norma Herschleb Ray Hrcks Mary Houseworth Marne Houts Lewxs Huey Loss Hurd James Jackson Clyde Johnson Norman Kauffman Pat A Kemmerllng Marna Kern Monte Kllne Ronald Knapp Marlene ,.,., Lang Peter Lewvs Etta Lucas Mary Martln Delores Marusek Ruchard Marvun Gwendolyn Meyers Janet X6 Miller Jean M Iler Paul bg y Mmo Delores Miracle Judson Mohney Clayton Monroe Charles Muffley Donald Newman Frederuck lv Nrchols Beverly Norton Ardnth '3 3' Neighbors Sandra X ' . 1 ' ' .' " . , ' 'if Y A F ' A A . 1 .I J if ' u 'ff , 7 7- b I "Z, 1 M Q 3 f 1 , 1 .3 ' - F , - --f Yi, , - , , V ,fx 2 ' I I I lf A NT J ' ,Xl , I , ' ,5 4 i' ff p' I . .s T? A . K- . r J y I ki ' Q J I 'I f ' 4 4 ' ' V :Dwi I DJ I 'J '. . I . I - A 4' I 7 ,V f V, . , etl .- ff -fs ' - f W ffl , I , V ' . L K - Hb: W K 9, V 'Q rf: I -Q' Vw ki l . J X I . . 195 1 I , li 4 1 f . , . I 1 , QW . - . J I ls' 1 ' . Xl " J" -, . fs i , . i I 1 J I , , . I K i eg, ' J A f :Q Q Q . ' I iw My 'JW U 'e I gli - A I 1 V I-' 'f N fl: A w if ' ' - 'N .' I, Q, 1. 'J ' i+ , 'U I 'J - K J 1 I ' -, R. F . R -r ., X, K y - y' 8 1. I H AM 1 V , E ,Y C, -Q O Dell Larry Olin Judy QQ, Peters Lamar Peterson Sally Poe Rrchard Rabbers Doris Radke Nancy Ronsbottom Ronnre Rrfenberg Carlene Roberts Clarence Romug Kenneth Rouse Kenneth Schmidt Richard Schultz Ronald Schwa b Ruth 3 Scott Kenneth Smith Thomas Spooner Shrrley Stevenson Maureen 'I Stlckler Patrlcla f Stumpf Robert Tavermer Dale 4 ,w Taylor Mary Sue Tobin Judy Townsend Dan Turnbull Douglas Van Selous Margaret Verheul Nancy Wagner Sam Welandt Donna Werandt Linda Wllhelm Connre Wolcott Iola V7 Woodall Betty York Wnlllam Kramb Gerald Wood Joann Pat Casey Young Francles Zerfas Robert 1 1' NI' 'Sv Wan S? 1 I Rfyme me ""F"' '17 ,S Q", JP' 311 0 . I E N ' 1 ' 1 1 . 4 f ,, 'W g 4 , 1 f 2. . , -, :vb A ... 1 .5 1 V X S' -., . v 1: 1 . Ai I 0 fi" 1' F 2 I h f,. 7. Q' . J -- 0 I " 'T' ' 'f:' -1 , ' , W4 1 L .arg , l :ge fr'-A' H , A . I I P I . I y I .-IA". sc . 17" . 1. 2 ' ' .., ' ' ,-S A ' .- ' -:- 'c' A xg I C' ' ' ' 've I J, fr y f fr' . Y 1 1 .I - xr- ' 4 K l fro , 'R v. f A nv- , " f' av 1: ' " - - ' 153 ., I ' ' -J gs, .Q "y I s I N f 1 V ' -. 1 '1 ff' Q I RQ S ff , . ' , 1 . ,, 1 S' . ' D .A ,,.-' 3 , ' gi ,Q "' ' Q - , - f -. r . S 1 +1 -- 1 , I as ' KY' , . . I , I .. v. 'A p . I , 1 f f ,-if .- ., ' , , i' 'K' . I I y J . . I . - 1 A 1 I N 6 -- -X " "I .A Pl A f- -I .. ' 'q t , 117 Q ., - W , 3 1 I , I 1 g Y - ' 4 N L KJ 1. I 1 q , 1 Q A 7 , A g . sr fl:-WD. ' . . 'Y lf , , ff r .. , . 1" 4 - QT' was V 'n F Pm if Wide open SPGCQS X X . ,if ' , ' X uf, if ang on Morl ene' 5 D 1 x.. IZA Sf? Av Seated: Betty Barkalow Vice-president' Dave Hurd President' Sally Penzotti Secretary Standnng Mrs Barlow Advlsor Pauline Mitchell Treasurer This year, as Sophomores, we really caught the School spurlt with our fine representations on the football, basketball baseball, and track teams We were especlally proud of Dave Hurd who made the All State Football team, the only Shophomore nn T R H S hlstory to attain this honor Along wlth sports we commend our four reserve cheerleaders Gall Erickson, captain Ruth Dean Sandra Bellezza, and Sally Penzottu But that s not alll Just look at our academuc record' We had eleven ambltlous students who macle the T R H S Honor Roll ln April, under the able leadershnp of Mrs Barlow, we sponsored an All School party havung a wonder ful tume planning and attending xt, and also boosting our class treasury Now, as we leave our Sophomore days behind, we are eager to take on the role of Juniors next year Now If angle A equals angle B then hm m G 'QQA fx, A pleasant assngnment un Mass Magner s class T.,-ne for reports m Mrs Voorhees class I I I ' Adams John Anable Charles Ash Barbara 'T' Atknnson Alex H V"Y 3 .I 'IMI 4-1 "'?' -.D G13 s.,,,i -s "" fn? Nl 43.5, as 0? 1? Q-v 40, ,.r I I I 'T x , ' L 2 K . J I , L ,LQ f qi QA f I xi' l V an U ,Vi f .' ' - .AQ ' 'f I - mf I ' , Lf I elf' ' j L h 5 V nfl' 3 1 -1 ld "'- ' ' - ff I A ..g I 3 5 .5 3, F V . Q ' . . I 1 V, 1 NJ - - 2 ff, ."' 1 . f ,L , Q , A .-3' M 6 I sl 4 , 'll - pf an A- I I X., ff A at . 1 I ll , I W ri' . ' ' i If , . I . 4, ..' n 7 , M -wax " 3 5 I , ,f- y - V ...- K gy J , ,- ' 'gf an uv I . . . W , 9 -.A' f f .LQ B. ,A I as .. 4' 5' ., "' S 2 V 1 Q fl QQ f. X Bile DA M - ' '- 1 D 3a 1 ' ' 'Q .L V ii . V M - I fv'L' in A . T 5. Y eq 4? r Bubefzl Mtngaret A4 t 1 A A aes ' 7 it Eff U I i , ffl l . 1 1 ,f f ' y rfss y ,-:- M fy D it M 5 ,.,. 15 4 "" L I 'Rm X A .f: X .1 K fl: -M N G is I . :yd ,E his , I 5 Q I 1 f N' - fp 1 - . , . . x "'. 'A 4 ' ' - - f y x be.-fy 1 Q . ly 3 r C., fx: -1 l. fm? I .. . I ' 2' ,., 6' 4 1 - f ' v' , v - -.J .- f ,, .- H I V . I xx- ' I A I 4 2 I' - . I , . 1 1 f I tl . , , ' 4 ' I 4 - Y I r 1, . I . 4- A. . 4 4 ., ' , ' ' ' K ' .1 1 'ill I A ' A if f ' W7 QU' X J I I Avery Martha Baker Dorothy Baker Nancy 73 Baker Sharon Barkalow Betty Barker Clell Barth Bettle Bellezza Sandra Bera Jacquelyn Bsngaman Rosalle Bnshop Robert nxler Stanley Blade Ernie Blood Margaret Babb Duck Breece Phnlrp Breth Mary Ann Brooks Martha B rns BII Carrier Mike Coler James Comar Mlke Cook Cora Davss Kenneth Davls Melvm Dean Ruth DeBest Dennus DeLong Sandra Defwller Dwayne Drew Larry Emmons Judy Ernckson Gall J Esmay Glorm Y? Evans Gerald French Jeanette Goldsmlth Jessve Grolean Jean Hackenberg Joyce Hagenbuch Dale "v Hall Annette Handy Jlm Harder Wlllord Headley Walter Hemenwoy Ralph Henschel Betty Hull Charles l en Hall Sandra Holm George Horner Janice Houts Martha Hurd Dave Jackson Fred Jackson James Jarratt Joyce Jarrett Ja meg Johnson Charles Johnson LeRoy Jones Carol Jonker Edward Judsen Paul Karstetter Ralph Kauffman LeRoy Kauffold Davlcl Kelth Franklin Klpker Janet Klme Shlrley Knapp James Knauss Jerry Lammott Walter Lane Lorene Lelster Marlon Llerman Stephen Llnsner Norman Llntemoot Janet ,- E T7 vr 2' Q-5 T il 4 fs ,,. 9 6 ""' -,slr 'Fl nk 5 ,,, mf 'aft 5 our 'll lllll My ,., Q... "4,f7-v" 5 ES ' Tv 1-'T' 5-it 41 . I . b . : Q' 5 I. V I J - 0 ,' J , f , J J J at Q J' ' or I . ' T :T l .. LA li W . H Q, 1 ' I , 6- 1 ' ' " V, I 5' 5 -1' I . A x 1 , , In A -I l' I 0 1 ' y . - . 'gym Illil K . .H -s 0 " f' ' , -P7 .. 1: ' 1 J .J ' ' -A P' ' A A " y -' I T- , l q I 3 ,.- ' .iff-W I ' A ff iz, " , I QV , ' V ,f jf Z- 1 ' x I V A , A J .f' -" 1 'P 1 I X " ' 0 Q xl -f-A " ' ' I LV I 0, iz, 'Q vi , , I fl- ' ' ,hi 'g , -? f , In I f T 'H W - 71 ? bl! I A J ' I I I X ,' 1 l I -.. 9 r"'f+ ' X . 'W J gf ' cf ' Q Xl' 5-' AI I 1:2 f I , k V . I F yt, E , ,f 1, I V I I ' , 9 .-Q ' 'yi-J' J ' ' I .. lf: Q ' i, I . -.. J! . V? I ,xx-f - wt., P if -2.4:-' I . . I . 0 M ,. - V f q W' 1: VL " .0 I N f ...H I In I u - v g -K Rl I 3 I f K. I A , . , . f ' - MA I . 3' E 23,3 4 ' r ,I I v J Y -jf V 1 V .V ., .K I A K va . ' . 'K . . A f ff? f V , , ' - 1' 4 'vu K -sffi . ?5 'bfi-my Q 'Y 4-sv '77 S L. Y 2:1 42 'uv 'S' Losik, Shirley ' - I.. g Loveioy, Betty Lunsford, Duaine McLean, Kerin Martin, Venice ,,. O QQ .,, S I , Marusek Lorraine Mast Patricia Mayer Roger ' Mechling Nancy Miller George ' If Miller Harriet Miller Jackie Minnuear Bonnie Mitchell Patsy Mitchell Pauline lv- Mohney Betty Mohney Janet Mohney Jerry Mohney Keith Naylor Donna RTO Y-1 I Nichols Violet Oberlander Charles 'N Oswalt Betty Palmer Sherry Patrick Frederic Paul Donald Pendleton Ted Penzottl Sally Peters Phyllis Pritchard Elsleann Pritchard Nancy Quake Larry Reed Barbara Reed Mary ? Reed Shirley Rnfenberg Patty S. J Roggeluen Trossa Rose James "" v' 9 Rossow Charles Rouse Harry Q5 S Rumsey, Eileen A Sanders, John ST .9 R l' sr - 1 -9 Ro Schanz, Nancy 4 4 , ,A A ., - - 6 , Shire, Sandra , Slocum, Carl Z lv V1-C T A mln ' Smivfendorf, Gordon V Snyder, Bob A ,. , ' 5 Sr k sh' I F 1 " " 1 " ' ' ' "' , ar , ir eY ,J ,, , vc, FI' N, Sfeininger,Connie Yi' ' w' ' yt. , .Q 'I M Sweef, William lx v ' . . -,. f ' . . if Sw inehart, Nancy Thayer, Richard 4 F 1: G if Q1 f" Thomas, Adele 6 Q4 .,r 5 - ' '1-Y Thomas, Richard In ' I "' , Tobler, A th ff' ' r ur ,,. K ,lm-,A Turner, Helen A Ware, Joyce V if , 13 Q 4: 5 ,R Waters, Sara ,. ,,g, , ' Welburn, Larry f "" , in if 1 Wells, Gary ' 'V . r 'Q as A 0 5- 'ohn Edwards 'F 9 S 4' .- 'r'ierQq,r1f,eck, Roger .Y I Li. . ' -R 1 wr Williams, Dorothy . L , rs Woodall, Helen -K., - ' - Missing: Reber? Kovac 'x v I s 4 4 Seated Jum Stokoe Presudent Aluson Bramer Secretary Phulup Fufe Vuce presudent Standung Mr Wunters Advusor Roger Muracle Treasurer Thus year, as Freshmen, we began to feel that we really belonged to T R H S The gurls uouned the Gurls Sports Club and Future l-Iomemakers, the boys went out for football, basketball, and baseball One of the gurls, Prusculla Barkalow, was chosen as a reserve cheerleader We were also proud of our large number of honor students, eleven un all Peggy Cook, Phulup Fufe Marybeth Hazel, Sandra Heckelbower, Margaret Hoshel, Roger Muracle Donald Neaman, Davud Pelle grom, Kathryn Reed Tom Reed, and Jum Stokoe As thus year of l953-54 comes to an end, we look forward to our future years un hugh school wuth the hope that they wull be as satusfyung and enloyable as our Freshman year has been - Ray s Hustory class must be fun' .04 A spellung sessuon wuth Nr Hdrslw Mrs Barlow s eager algebra students 45 3 E, 'W' I Ames Conme Anderson Beverly Anderson Carol Anderson Nancy Baker Nancy Barkalow Prvsculla Be l udy Berry Richard Blncler Wnlllam Bnxler Barsha Blade Kenneth Blalock Kenneth Bloom James Boeschensteun Charles Boise Jerry Bonfoey Steve Borger Judy Boulette Harrns Boulette Janda Bramer Alason Brlstol, Charlotte Bubetz RoseMarne Burchard Wllllam Burgert Beverly Carpenter Gordon Coler Daniel Cook Peggy Cook Toby Cosner Roberta D Amore Joseph Davis, Stuart DeLong Darlene Dlmmnck Veronica Drew Marlene Dunnlngton Sandra Durren March Eastes Delman Facktor Ronald F fe Phnl p Futch Richard Fornaresvo Joe Fornaresuo, Ruth Fosdlclt Peggy Fryllng Jack Gearharf Rlchard Gotscholl Thomas Grnffnn Potrucna Gross Jacauelnne Hackenburg Sandra Halter James l'l0l'Sh Louella H01Sl Marybeth Heckelbower Sandra Herndon Wllllam Hull Joyce Hoshel Margaret Houghfalmg Edward lrwm, Mildred Jacobs Laura Jansen John Jessup Ida Keefer Sandra -F Keller Helen Kllluan RoseAnn Kung, Donald Kleer Fred Knauss Larry Lemense Michael Llllle Caryl Lusk, Suzanne McCally James McCally Jerry Maruehl Mike Marvm, Charles Mayer, Januce ,h Muller Barbara Muller Shirley Q, Mlracle Roger Mohney Bonnie Mohney Jame s Q pl 1 IA 'HBV l I Y ' , . ' . if ' ' - C kv I lj' ' 1 ' ,V A ,W ' , - ' ' 1 ' 1- 1 . ' it a R, t Y , 7 ' ' , , 1 ' e I I ' - Y , - J ' 2 J A x. , . . I . . if . ' . C - I -45 , , Q 'V ' A 6 f V 7.5 2' . . W ff 5 I , ,A j ' u 5' AP' I .LVM I I if ,I ,. ,. . 'V " ' 2 7 I ' , or . , Q --3 - ff , - I , W., I 5 , V' ' I , ' ' W ,V ' ,s , nf ' M' I V: J ' , ' 'J All , 1 , . ,,,,, I J I AV,, I I I ' ' V, 7 'al V. e 1 . TQ 'J' I I ' "' Y ' , . . + 12 ' 1" . . -J 4 9 U l . I - ff 1 ' I . . I . 1 I ' A f- I , , h . lj ' .-,X f ' f lm' il ' ' 'V I ll ' AA' l I il - J . I J . I l J ll, . A .sw ' Q Q , -" - EL I ' Q' I l Ili 4 "in 4? F? C? 5 '7 'bf I .LJ ' MM' F D Il ,' H 4151 'I lift!! 4 I -5 vi 'T 4:5 'pf Morrns Richard ers James Nash Donald Neamen Donald Nenghbors Nancy Parsons Kermnt Pellegrom David Petersen Elanne Pierce Robert Ransbottom Janet Reef-l Connue Reed Kathryn Reed Thomas Relff Terrence Rice Dwane Roblson Lunda Rosek Robert Rosson Kenneth Ruple Homer Ryan Darla Sarley Arla Fay, Schmldt Norman Scott Patrtcta Shure Jerry 5Pence Zoan SPencer Charles Stanard Lee Steclc Martha Steely Emma Jean Stevenson CYYUS Stokoe JGITIOS 5 Thompson LGSYCI' Tobm JGHICB Tobler Georgia Todd Ted Tuesley Sharron Van Orman Ernest -4 Ward Richard i Warren Jane l H. . I T 5. 1 MY 1 , sf -4 A I ' ' 'ul' lx ' . . I .1 ' l ' 5' . , j T ,V f ' :Y I ' . f' " F . 4 I Q I l 3 ,E J ..- .A T . - X52 . ' Y , 1 r f ' ,T , A T jj f I 1 - V 'Y :T , ' :Q fi .V A I , ' 1 ' 71 ' I . - . 9' I I T ' 'ff' ' A - " x w - s - I Q T f , 'K' ,T T. T 1 . T' . I . f- S' , I - r 1 l I 5 ' Q .- - 'ff , A -v1 :v v . , f' . V, T ' 1,27 .- , , ' .sy ,T .f . v , V - I . ft " a , ' T f T T T I 1 fl ' Y T ' -QQ I, . I Q w I Ayr . 1: ' l jk l I " T -' F V I . . ' I ii l . I T 43- T . ' Ai' .- ln? ' sr ' 6 . ' jk A T I .ff I 31 I N fl X I 71 ' .V 'A 1 . A Smith John f a:-"5 .T 1- ft "- ff-'r x 15-T , at I Z . I' ' T. I --' f T . . Tf' 2 ' xt - ii j . r, I is if ' J T 'Tl I ' wr- E ' . I xg ' , 4 ' T l F . A 5' r ' I ' , f In Y - I - 1 .- 4 ' 1 l 2 ' 1 A - I fi' I 5 . , I 1. .5 3 , ' . I - . I 4 T I T I ,Lf Cx J 8 -1 N ? "" A li f' I ,-. 49 , X A' 'fist X , N- f 'IO 1 'Ink Zi, Fd 'f v Gd Seated: Ealy Tomilson, President, Mr. Thompson, Advisor Rex Durren, Vice-president. Standing: Judy Reed, Secretary, Sally Reed, Treasurer After seven years of grade school, we finally reached high school. Several of our students were on the honor roll. They included: Judy Bitting, Patricia Havens, Sally Reed, Edith Linsner, and Judy Reed. ln the middle of the school year the eighth and ninth grades got together and had ap arty. At the end ofthe year, we had our annual picnic. t' st A If Wav,-' W R 1. s. '34, .X and Sally ' pose ra... f 5 I V4 Babcock Richard Bell Charles Bell Marllyn Blttang Judnth Black Thomas Blood Jewel Boughton Kenneth Bradford Duane Brandenburg Kurt Brefh James rooks Agnes Brooks Edward Brown Wnlllam Brunduge Eugene Brunner Leslie Buckhold Chris uel Roy Captain Wayne Chapman Ardlrh Clark Walter Coates John oombs Dolly D vas Phllllp Davls Ruchord DeHaan Ronald Defwller Marquuta Dleihrrch John Dolph Peruanne Drew Sandra Dunnmgton Gene Durren Rex Edson Harold Ely Norma Ely Raymond Emmons Roger Fish Ruth Forshey Davld Franklm Jerry Frederuck Ruchard Fryllng .ludnth Garland Betty Q Gazella JoAnn Gllchrusf Brenda Gilbert Geraldme Grlffufh Jane 01 Gunderson Dale Hackler Shirley Hall Sandra Harsh Mary Havens Patrucua Hawknns Bonme Hemenway Carole Henschel Marlene Henschel Ronald 6 5 Herschleb Jerry a Hllluard Theodore Houseworfh Loretfa Houfs Mary Jo Jarratt Janet Johnson Darlene Josef Patrlcua Kauffman Kenneth Keene Sandra t Keene Theodore 'R Kenth Kathleen Kelser Jeffrey Kelly Norma ng B 1' "i Kline Jan 4 4' 4 Kline Wayne Krnevms Armand Lewis George 7 3 Lmsner Ednfh 'V Lunsford Mary 4 I McCally Davnd McJury Beffe Marhn Jay Meyer, Leo y ' M'ller Linda Mi' v4 1 -29+ gulf ' 1 Q! O 'S J 5 ,f L Iii Mohney Richard Morres Earl Myers Ruth Neely Dale Nelson Robert lchols Dorothy NldY Eldon Orr Andrew Oswalt Nancy Patterson Thomas Payne Judith Pearson Suzanne Pope Yvonne Porter Deborah Pursell Patty Reed Judlth Reed Sall Y Q "7 Remmgton Richard Race Delores Rlegle Larry Rnfenberg ShlrleY Shelton Wlllastyne Sloan JGHICC Smith Barbara Spence Jour! Studebaker Mary Swanwlck Kathryn Swlnehart Norman Thompson Gale Tokarsku Mary Tomlinson Ealy Townsend Darllynn Wagner Margorne 3 Wagner Phyllis 'vs Wagner Thomas Ward Harry Warner Charlotte Warner Michael Watson Sandra Whufney Charles Wood Roy Woods James Yorton Allison Zuesmer Grace Emmerllng Russell D I3 Aczfwufm ff j X ffji f Q ? Q Q 1wW'fza5'l 5 'gf 9 , , jf , Q ' X xx 5 M f' fl 71? sg 8641616 x ERWIN TOBLER JOHN MARVIN pwgden, Toon BECK FIrst Vuce Presndent Second Vnce PresIdent Qt Q I. ,Q vii? I JERRY JOLLY RAY BOWERS Secremw Treasurer The Student Senate was In lfS second year of operatIon thIs year After a vlgorous campalgn by ambltlous candldates, Erwln Tolaler was elected presldent, John Marvln, flrst VICE presldent Todd Beck, second vlce presldent, Jerry Jolly, secretary Ray Bowers, treasurer Wlth Mr DeLong Mr Peterson, and Mr Blank as advlsors, thls year s Senate really got thlngs started One achIevement was the formatlon of a Pep club to supplement the cheerleaders Todd Beck led thls group The Senate amended the constltutlon, changlng the procedure of electlng offlcers The noon hour program, Improvmg the lunch tlme set up for students who carrled theIr lunch, was formu lated by the Senate Other Important accomplishments were the lyceum programs whuch entertalned the student body, a post game dance, and a new arrangement of the trophy case and hall of fame In the upper hall When we reallze that the Senate has done all thus ID such a short tlme, we conslder that It has been very successful and promlses to be even more so In the future Nr. BLANK Mr pETERS0N Mr DeLONG Advlsor Adwsof Adwsor . yy ., X1 1 .P I V ,,. X .I 3 , . W f- X x , I 5 . - ' V A , X ' X l l N if ' 'J y ,Q I K 1- ' ig lf ?f'lfffi'.M'3' ' V. -I ' 55555. L , ff ' flffi ' . . . - . I . - . n 5 I . l I - . a a I 1 X . rx Smde HOMEROOM Basement 308 Furst Ro Todd Beck Dale Ta ernuer la es Stokoe Charles Marvun Da e Pellegrorn Phul Fufe Kurt Brande burg EalyTomlunson Nancy Pr tchard Shurley Stark Gwen Mar un Ed th Lunsner Pat H ens She la Har ng Second Row E Tobler Ray Bo ers Bull Burns Ken Hll J mSmagala Doug Turnbull Jerry Jolly Pat Carr er Joe D Amore Peter T Na John Mor SENATOR Pat Carruer Sheula Harung Jum Smagala Bob Ulruch Ray Herschleb Gwen Marvun Doug Turnbull Dale Tavernuer Fred Jackson Ken Hull Shurley Stark Nancy Prufchard Bull Burns Charles Marvun Dave Pellegrom Joe D Amore Phullup Fufe Jum Stokoe Patty Havens Ealy Tomlunson Kurt Brandenburg Eduth Lunsner HOMEROOM OFFICERS ALTERNATE Ronnue Atkunson Dorus Mechlung Roger Sfutesman Jay Bobb Fred Newman Judy Tobun Duck Schmudt Ed Jonker Denny DeBest Mary Reed Paulune Mitchell Betty Barkalow Muke LeMense Tom Reed Charles Boeschensteun Bull Herndon Januce Tobun Jane Gruffuth Duck Remungton Judy Butfung Bull Kung SECRETARY Sandra Buttung Joyce Muller Joan Shannon James Kramb Beverly Avery Jud Muracle Marna Kemmerlung Don Muffley Janet Luntemoot Jum Handy Arthur Tobler Phyllus Peters Sharon Baker Muke Maruettu Connue Reed Aluson Brarner Sandra Hecklebower Ted Todd Sandra Hull Barbqra Smuth John Coates Nancy Oswalt TREASURER Darlene Barkalow Roger Marvun Lunda Ruggles Norma Halter Donna Weuandt Nancy Verhuel Jum Foghuno Norman Lunsner Jeanette French Euleen Rumsey Nancy McCoy Clell Barker Barbara Muller Donald Nash Steve Bonfoey Peggy Fosduclc Martha Steck Carole Hemenway James Wood Rex Durran Ruchard Mohney : rwin I , w , ' , i , i , I I i , ' , i , vin. 51 . . . . . 53 . . . . . . 303 ' ' 305 Peter Titta Arlene Wing Julie Weiandt Bob Worline 40l ' lOl l03 ' ' ' 'IO4 ' ' 404 . . . . . I3 . . 56 . . loo . . 102 . . . . 3l0 ' 55 . . . . . . l05 ' 302 ' ' ' 402 . . . . 0 . 203 . . . . 304 ' ' 'PM Furst Row Fauth Cowley Etheleen Waddell Eduth Massue Carlene Maruettu Jan Shumaker Pat Dane Jean Johnson Mary Blood Carole Bauley Ann Garland Joyce Muller Pat Norton Second Row Betty Hulbert Jeanette Granzotto Julue Weuandt Sandra Buttung Joan Shannon Arlene Wung Darlene Barkalow Mary Jane Welburn Lunda Ruggles Judy Rose Betsy Martun Janet Muller Jean Penzottu Betty Burns Sheula Harung Kathryn Vuckrey Thurd Row Pat Frylung Emulue Hemenway Dorus Mechlung Marlene Stroud Duxue Hagenbuch Carole Turner Pat Hagenbuch Ruth Soule Betty Lou Spence Margaret Woodall Joyce Tobun Barbara Luntemoot Shurley Flagg Shurley Weber Jeanette Buel Lunda Tuesley Donna Slentz Betty Hagerman The Gurl Reserves, an organuzatuon composed of Junuor and Senuor gurls, carrued a full schedule thus year The formal unutuatuon, a very umpressuve ceremony, was furst on the agenda the date beung October 2'l Informal unutuatuon, a slumber party, was held un the Fourth Ward Gym helpung the gurls get better acquaunted Of course, the annual Gurl Reserve Formal was a huge success The theme thus year was Deep Sea Paraduse, wuth decoratuons carryung out the underwater motuf Ray Fufer and hus Orchestra furnushed the musuc At Chrustmas tume the club was really busy Besudes sellung Chrustmas Cards, and decoratung the audutoruum, the Chrustmas Chapel for the whole school was presented the last Wednesday before the holudays Also, the Gurl Reserves had theur own Chrustmas Other actuvutues keepung the gurls busy throughout the year were sellung football puns, basketball puns, Valentunes Day Candy, sponsorung a dance after the East Lansung game, and puttung on bake sales, a paper druve, and a bunny raffle ln the Sprung the club went to the Kalamazoo Cuvuc Theater, and also spent a wonderful weekend at St Mary s Lake Camp All un all the Gurl Reserves had a very successful year wuth the help of the sponsor, Muss Gubson Seated Julue Weuandt Treasurer Sheula Harung Presudent Sandra Buttung Secretary Standung Carlene Maruettu Treasurer Betty Burns Vuce presudent Muss Gubson Advusor : I I I I I I I I I I I ' : I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' : I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' ' I ' I I O I I ll - . . a Q n C l D O l I 1 O I , . ' I I I I .S 1 ' 5 u i u ' , . .- , I f r l l ll MR4 First Row: Second Row: Third Row: ltll ll , J lll i i ii Aletha Arney, Linda Weiandt, Jeanette Feltz, Sharon Elliot, Nancy Radke, Donna Fuelling, Lorelie Fuller, Sandra Neighbors, Doris Robbers, Margaret Van Selous, Marna Kemmerling, Connie Wilhelm. Carolyn Brooks, Norma Halter, Marie Houseworth, Beverly Nichols, Judy Olin, Mable Arnold, lola Wolcott, Marlene Knapp, Ann Carroll, Mary Jo Lucas, Daisy Arderson, Jean Miller, Put Gottlieb, Joann Wood, Etta Lewis, Pat Stickler, Carmelo Dragoni. Mary Sue Taylor, Irene Geier, Theresa Eirschel e, Maureen Stevenson, Donna Weiandt, JoAnn Dunnington, Ruth Schwab, Alice Feltz, Ardith Norton, Janet Meyers, Gwen Marvin, Delores Martin, Sheila Blalock, Sally Peterson, Nancy Verhuel, Judy Tobin, Lois Huey, Betty Woodall, Delores Mino, Mary Lou Beal. 1 U 'W 3 1 K 4 Q E - lumen! Fursf Row Erwln Tobler Roger Marvin Jlm Smagala Carroll Romlg Bob Worllne Pc? Carrier Muke Carrier Ari Tobler Mr Griffith advisor Sieve Llerman Ray Herschleb Richard Boughton Ray Bowers Carlton Awe Bull Burns Doug Turnbull Peter Tltfa Norm Krlevlns Jerry Jolly Duck Doane Ronnie Second Row Atkinson Mr Sfutesman advusor Roger Stuiesman Lee Mohney Edgar Carter Jnm Foghnno Joe Blood James Coler Jay Bobb Earl Avery Clifford Franklin Duck Hawkins Tom Sm: Third Row Furs? Semester Offrcers Second Semester Offncers Seated Mr Stutesman Advisor Roger Stutesman Presndent Seated Ronme Afkmson Presndenf Carlton Awe Jnce Preslde M' G"H'lh Adwso' Sfandlng Lee Ausierrnann Treasurer Doug Turnbull Secretory Standlnq Pa? Carrier Secretory Erwm Tobler Treasurer Ronme Afknnson Vice presudenf 60 fl 1 l ,I i ' -w X I I v 2, - . Y ' ll v- X. Q l ' 1 I 1 1 f ' - l , . 1 . I .I . I .l . I . I . . I . : ' . I I . I A I I ' I I I I I I . l I I . I . . I n I . D l 1 I I I . . I I I I I . .I . . I .tht ef- gf: fn 'I 5 ' I . I X 3 S. 1'- fj K I Ig I 1 ' 42 t . I -..4' ,x . 1 - f J - ll ' ' 11 AX. T- ' 2 - , ' 2 , ' 1 1 ' A , ' 1 . 4 ' ' A ' I ' ' ' ' 1 , 5 , - -7 1 I 1 ' . . I . - . Q Ala- Zf ' J x " Q 'I -L Formal intitiation of new members. The Hi-Y club can look back at i953-54 as a period of achievement and expansion. The club brought in about twenty new members, doubling its former size, and added a new sponsor, Mr. Griffith, to aid Mr. Stutesman in directing the organization. Besides prelegislative training at Albion and actual chance at putting their training to use at East Lansing, the boys had pot-luck suppers, hay-rides, visited var- ious churches in the community, sold programs at football and basketball games, attended the Older Boys Conference in Dearborn, sponsored a post game dance, and gave their time to render a variety of services for the school and community. Some of these services were running a player board at the basketball games, aiding teachers in charge f d h ll o stu y a s, collecting absentee cards, singing in different church choirs, and promoting spirit by use of streamers on days of football games. Hi-Y sold programs at the home football and basketball games. Potluck supper in February. 61 ai Spnfzld Glad First Row Llnda Welandt Ann Carroll Marlene Knapp Marna Kemmerlmg Dons Rabbers Judy Olun Connne Wllhelm Lorelle Fuller Sally Peterson Judy Tobin Nancy Verhuel Danna Fuelllng Second Row Mane Houseworth Beverly Nuchols Joan Wood Donna Welandt Maureen Stevenson Aletha Arney Mary Lou Beal Sandra Neighbors Pat Shckler Betty Hulbert Jeanette Granzotto Norlta Tessln Carlene Marlettn Betty Burns Jean Penzottl Dalene Barkalow Ednh Mqssle Third Row Sandra Blttlng Arlene Wmg Julne Welandt Kathryn Vlckrey, Etheleen Waddell, Joan Shannon Barbara Llntemoot Shirley Flagg The umtnatlon of new members marked the begnnnmg of another year for the Glrl Sports Many new names were added to the lust this year To begun the year, teams of elght were orgamzed for volleyball Marlettn's team won the volleyball champlonshlp On January 15, after the Battle Creek Lakevuew game, the club sponsored a very successful post game dance During the wmter basketball was taken up In addltlon to a tournament, some of the gurls traveled to Centreville for a game In May, to end a successful year, the annual Mother Daughter Banquet was held, and the long awalted letters were glven out Furst year members received a small TR emblem, second year gurls received reserve letters, whale the Semors were awarded varsaty TR s 4px Wie My VMQFX a Jil, Seated Jean Penzottl Treasurer Arlene Wnng Presudent Sandra Buttlnr- Secretary Standnng Miss Murrell Advisor Darlene Barkalow Vrce presrdem : ' ' , ' I - I . l . I . ln the Spring, many sports were taken up, including tennis, golf, and soft ball. f u 1 H I Q' ,Q yf 4 'r- y X Q Z 'Q-X I z. 1 Yv. f q l ll ' ' A 0 I 'J h Q -I A lm x. nl Spnala Glad N19 Fl rst Row Second Row Thlrd Row' ,Wi Barbara Ziegler Connie Ames Janet Welburn Pearl Loslk Barbara Muller Elalne Peterson Sandra Dunmngton Connie Reed Georgia Tobler Mary Reed Mary Ann Breth Sally Penzottn Barbara Reed Marfha Steck Ruth Fornareslo Janlce Tobin Shirley Muller Judy Wellington Bettie Barth Rosalie Blngaman Jackle Bera Betty Mohney Martha Brooks Margaret Blood Sandra Keefer Sandra Heckelbower Alison Bramer Jeanette French Gall Erickson Jecn Grolean Janet Llntemoot Betty Loveloy Prvscllla Barkalow Sandra Wledenbeck Nancy Baker Nancy Schanz Patsy Grlffln Barsha Blxler Sandra Shure Mary Beth Hazel Peggy Fosdlck Dorothy Baker Kerm McLean Adele Thomas Beverly Burgert Hornet Muller Janet Klpker Donna Naylor Judy Emmons Carol Jones Shirley Reed Pauline Mitchell Sandra Bellezza Eileen Rumsey Nancy Baker Shirley Stark Sharon Baker Helen Turner Betty Barkalow Ruth Dean Joyce Jarratt Betty Oswalt Jackie Gross I 63 14 464414 J ! Mr Handley AdVlSOfI Mr Lasko Advisor Mr Kowal fAdvisorJ Dale Weinberg James Kranb Jlm Foghlno Carroll Romlg Dick Hawkins Clifford Franklin James Jarratt Kenneth Romlg Dean Hackenberg Leroy Springer Jim Jackson Jxm Walters John Warner Dick Thomas Lcrry Quake Don Muffley Jim Griffin Gerald Kramb Duck Thayer Rolland Hackenburg Bob Stumpf Bob Zerfas Gene Beldler George Diethrlch Fred Cordola Wayne Crlppln Doug Brundlge Doug Griffin Ken Scott John Sanders Pete Jackson Sam Wagner First Row Second Row Third Row Fharle s Gearh art This year we have eighty members In our Industrial Arts Club, thirty of whom are new and were initiated this year The membership of the Industrial Arts Club is made up of boys enrolled IH any one of the number of Industrial Arts or Vocational Education classes One of the bag advantages enloyed I A the Industrial Arts Club members is that they are insured whale pursumg any of the Industna rts nal Arts Club The initiation as held nn the fall and always proves to be fun, entertanmng, and exciting Other recreation and entertainment is gained through the Christmas party, theater party, and sprung picnic Each year the club conducts an orgamzed educational tour which is always enloyed by the club b Throu h the years we have vnsnted the Oldsmobile plant at Lansing, the Ford factory in mem ers g Detroit the Studebaker plant at South Bend, the Museum of Science md Industry at Chicago, and many I others The advisors of the club feel that the trip vusltatnons are extremely educational and enloyable work, recreation, or entertainment pertaining to Indust 64 Seated: Mr. Lasko, Advisor, Mr. Handley, Advisor, Mr. Brown, Advisor. Standing: Dole Weinberg, Secretary, Raymond Sloan, President: Jim Kramb, Vice-president, Richard Wetherbee, Treasurer. 4 ha Q . , A I x A yt' ' ",! , -u KM MR , . . x , I 'sg ' ' N- -.4 QQ ff' -I 'Q 1 -:V :Lf v I X Q N-w N . 'I' an Q Muff fa Q 1 1 I First Row Mrs Hancock flabrarlanl Sally Peterson, Aletha Arney Theresa Elrschele Jan Shumaker Jlm Gleason Clifford Franklun Alex Atklnson Francnes Young Second Row Earl Avery Linda Ruggles Norm Roberts Dave Hall Ronme Atkinson Janet Meyers Pauline Myers Fanth Cowley Thus year the malor undertakung of the Library Staff and of Mrs Hancock, the lnbrarnan, was to move the Lnbrary from the old, crowded room to more spaclous quarters across the hall nn the former Mechan :cal Drawmg departrrent This mvolved plenty of work' The Staff held a business meeting every Monday morning durmg Homeroom A social meetmg was held the third Monday evemng of each month Such events as the Hallowe en Party, a Book Week party a Chrustmas party a slengh rude, a Valentune party, a progressive dnnner, a wen ner roast, and a trup to Mlchngan State College Lnbrarues were enloyed by the group The year s actlvltues culminated In a pncnlc at Ronnie Atkunson s home at Fisher Lake At thus time the eught semors were presented wnth a farewell gnft from Mrs Hancock and the other staff members. ...,L.... Seated Sally Peterson Treasurer Jan Shumake: Secretory Library Scene Standnng .hm Gleason Vlce presadent Ronnle Atkinson President ' ' I I r 1 I , , - ' I I I 1 r I , 0 U . n . Q - Q I O I I O , . . . . . . . . . r . - Q a .3 U ' x X .xt ,. 44. X , , . xx . 2 1 I 1 . l 1 ' I , . auufq Glad First Row Ray Bowers Duck Doane Jum Hurd Jlm Crego Bob Worllne Pat Carrier Make Carrier Jerry Jolly Second Row Mr Ray advlsor Stuart Davls Larry Carter Edgar Carter Doug Turnbull Stanley Detwller Duane Burgert Larry O Dell Todd Beck Richard Schmidt Make Camar Mr Fuellmg advisor Duck Hawkms Cllfford Franklin Dale Tavernler John Marvsn John Sanders Jlm Grlffm The mam oblect of the Varslty Club us to keep all the different athletes together In one Important orgamzatnon ln order to become a member of the Varsity Club, an athlete must earn a Varsity letter on one of sux sports whlch we have an our school One ofthe most Important prolects of the club IS the purchasing of sports equipment for the school Last year the Varsity Club bought new side lme coats for the football team The ushers at the basketball games were Sensor members of the Club. Mr Fuellnng Mr Ray, and Mr Johnson are the sponsors of the Varsity Club. Ray t, f Seated Jlm Crego Presndent M Fuelllng Advusor Jam Hurd Vice President Stanclung Bob Worlune Secretory Doug Turnbull Treasurer U l lv, . V X , Q X , if f , x l f , l l J l oh-- Third Row: Carroll Romig, John Luck, Carlton Awe, Dave Hurd, Roger Marvin, Jim O'Dell, Don hftuffley, 0 ' , 0 0 D . C- V ' I 4-V . ' t u 'S X I Mr. ' I- . 1 -' ' Q' AX f 1 ' , ' : f- ' , ' 1 ' . ' - 4...-41. 14. Glad 1' 5 First Row: Jackie Miller, Shirley Weber, Miss Avery fAdvisorJ, Mrs. Fitch fAdvisorJ, Iola Wolcott, Norma Halter. Second Row: Donna Naylor, Judy Emmons, Janet Kipker, Shirley Losik, Betty Loveioy, Dorothy Baker, Judy Wellington, Barsha Bixler, Patsy Griffin, Helen Turner, Jackie Gross, Peggy Fosdick, Jeanette Buel. Third Row: Margaret Blood, Pearl Losik, Nancy Schanz, Sandra Keefer, Sandra Heckelbower, Ruth Fornaresio Bonnie Minniear, Jessie Goldsmith, Kerin McLean, Shirley Reed, Ardith Norton, Donna Slentz. The local Future Homemakers of America Club is a part of both the State and the National organiza- tions. They meet on the first and third Mondays of every month and their purpose is to make better homemakers. The officers for this year were Doris Mechling, president, Judy Rose, vice-president, Nancy Mechling, treasurer, and Donna Slentz, secretary. Miss Avery and Mrs. Fitch served as advisors The well-planned year began with the initation of new members in October. ln December the girls held a Christmas Party for under-privileged children. They also made and sold Christmas corsages. During the basketball season the F.H.A. members had charge of the cloak room and in January they sold pencils. February I7 the 'club went roller skating at the Blue Plaza. One of the big events was the St. Patrick's Day Party in March. The club invited clubs from Constantine, Sturgis, and Centreville as their guests. Shirley Losik and Janet Kipker were elected to attend the State Convention in Grand Rapids in March. The F.H.A. ended the year with a picnic at which officers for next year were elected. 'Check your coot, Seated! Donna Slentz, Secretary, Judy Rose, Vice-president, Nancy Mechling, Q Treasurer. Smndingf Miss Avery, Advisor, Doris Mechling, President, Mrs. Fitch, Advisor. i . Wulme XV lad Furst Row Janet Meyers Ann Garland Carlene Maruettu Betty Burns Mary Blood Carole Bauley Shurley Flagg Muss Avery odvusor Second Row Pat Norton Arduth Norton Ruth Schwab Carole Turner Duxue Hagenbuch Mary Jane Welburn Mary Lou Beal Maureen Stevenson The obuect of the Future Nurses Club us to create unterest un nursung careers for hugh school gurls The club was organuzed only recently, and held one meetung each month to help the gurls learn more about nursung Outstandung meetings uncluded a formal unutuatuon at the begunnung ofthe school year, and a meetung featurung a guest speaker The gurls were thrulled to receuve theur FNC puns un the sprung The club had a very worthwhu le year, and every member looks forward to next year s actuvutues The nurse consultant for the year was Gwendolyn Cosner, R N Mrs S C Penzottu was the Women s Meducal Auxuluary representatuve, and Muss Avery was helpful as club sponsor Theur co operatuon was greatly apprecuoted by all members Seated Ann Garland Secretary Mary Lou Beal Vuce presudent Standung Muss Avery Advusor Carlene Moruettu Presudent Pat Norton Treasurer f T t l f ,T 'Q T' .4 f f , A1 T , me . - ir T I : x ' ,ze 4 I ' Y J J xrf, ,- f' 'll f ll 3 . : I I ' ll 1 1 I , I I I I ' ' : I I I I I . . I ' , . . . . . . . . . . . . , . .. 9 u. , . ., . . . 5 . . r . -1 f I . 4 . N .IX A X Y V u .fn r 1 A . , x 1 : I I 5 1 I ' ' I . 5 u I I I If A I , . First Row Marlene Knapp Julle Weoandt Jeanette Granzotto Betty Hulbert Arlene Wing J n Shumaker Jud: Brandenberg Mr Harsha advnsor Second Row Connie Wilhelm Mary Lou Beal Margaret Van Selous Marna Kemmerllng Nancy Verhuel Sharon Elluott Judy Olm Dons Robbers Judy Tobm Delores Martm Ann Carroll Sally Peterson Sheula Blalock Loss Huey Nancy Neighbours Janet Muller Sally Penzottu Third Row Erwin Tobler Carroll Romlg Jlm Smagala Bob Worlme Ronnie Blood Roger Marvsn Dave Hurd Jlm Hurd Larry O Dell Doug Turnbull Bull York Jam Handy Norman Johnson Ken Hull Tom Smith Bull Burns Bob Zerfos The Spanish Club has done many lnterestmg tlnngs thus year, under the capable durectuon of Mr Harsha Followmg the election of officers at the first meeting, the year s program was planned to promote increased knowledge and understandung ofthe Spannsh language and Spamsh speokmg people Actnv mes mcluded a Chrustmas party at the Van Selous home, and a much antaclpated trap to Chucago, wlth a meal at a Spamsh restaurant In Aprul the club co-operated wuth the Future Homemalcers To sponsor an all school party which was enloyed by the whole student body Hughlughtlng the closing weeks ofthe year was a banquet In honor of Latvn Amerucan students attend mg Western Muchlgan College Seated Larry O Dell Presldent Arlene Wing Secretary Standmg Jlm Hurd Vice-presudent Mr l"arsha Advnsor Dave Hurd Treasurer Seated Edith Massle Loss Huey Mary Ann Breth Joyce Ware Martha Brooks Rosalie Blngaman Joyce Muller Pat Gottlieb Standmg Carlene Marvettl Gwen arvm erry fAdvlsorl M Sh Palmer Peter Lang Larry Bullock Eugene Flfe Mr Harsha A newly organized club IS the French Club whlch met every thlrd Monday of each month Durmg the year the French Club had three guest speakers Dr Noble, who teaches at Western Michigan College and studied In France, a young French gurl, and a young Frenchman Some of the members also attended the French play at Western Michigan College The meetings were held an the students homes Duscusslons on the culture of France were an nm portant part ofthe meetings Mr Harsha as the sponsor of the club Seated Sherry Palmer, Secretary, Eduth Massle, President, Martha Brooks, Treasurer Sfdndlng Loss Huey, Vuce president, Mr Harsha, Advnsor f Glad l ' 2 QI ' ' l , ' Q 5 ' A I ' ., , " C 5 S Jig ' C . - ff n, ' UD X7 Frm ? f J g- li, ff, I ? , ffl U f,I,X I ,I 4, CLARINET Alison Bramer Judy Payne Linda Miller Steve Lierman David Kauffold Larry Knauss Donald Neaman James Rose Sarah Waters Shirley Spooner OBOE Knaomia Wilson Kenny Davis HORNS Ray Bowers Ronnie Factor Geraldine Gilbert Walter Bowersox BASSES Fred Patrick Chris Hsiao CORNET Judy Batting Dean Frahler Ray Ely Gerald Evans Betty McJury Carl Slocum PERCUSSION Kenneth Blade Ronald DeHaan Kenneth Foust Pat Norton TENOR SAX Betty Henschel BASS SAX Charles Lillie FLUTE Kathryn Reed Sara Bowers AX Duane Burgert Martha Houts Margaret VanSelous TROMBONE Roberta Cosner Dave Hall Roger Mayer Betty Hagerman BASS CLARINET Larry Bullock Betty Burns Laura Jacobs ALTO CLARINET Janda Boulette Edward Jonlcer BARITONE Bill Burns Dave Hurd Tom Gotshall Eldon Nidy The Marching Band started their busy schedule immediately after school started. On September 22 they made their first appearance by representing Three Rivers at the St. Joseph County Fair. The band again marched at all our home football games, and put on amusing skits during halftime. ln October, the band went to Sturgis for the annual Southwestern Michigan Marching Festival. Here, after displaying their musical talent and novelty routines, they were awarded a first division, their twenty-ninth in eight years. ln one of their last performances, the Marching Band, composed of girls and boys, took part in the l'ialIowe'en parade. After the marching season, the Concert Band immediately began rehearsals for the District Band Con- test held February 26 at Kalamazoo. Here the band received a straight first division rating, thus qualifying for the state contest. ln addtion to contests with other bands, solists played important roles in the program of the music department. A local contest was held for all students in both Junior and Senior Bands and a large number qualified for the District Solo Contest. ln February, eleven members were chosen to represent Three Rivers in the All-Star Band which met in Niles. The annual Spring Concert entertained an appreciative audience on March I7 Then, with the school year drawing to a close, the activities of the Concert Band came to an end another out standing musical group ending a successful year under the capable direction of Mr Paul Snedelcer 1954 All Stars Left to right Dave Hurd Edward Jonkers Fred Patrick Ray Bowers Betty Burns Roger Mayer Robert I 1 , 1 ' 1 1 1 1 Worline,Steve Lierman, Knaomia Wilson, Kathryn Reed. The Junior Band plays an important part in the instrumental music program of the school This band is made up of students from the grades and from high school and meets every day during the fourth hour Its purpose is to prepare members for the Senior Band The Junior Band participated in the Spring Concert and some of its members took part in the Solo Con test in January Roger Atkinson Chuck Barnhardt James Beck Marilyn Bell Kae Bowden Walter Bowersox Wayne Captain Judith Dobrowolski Beverly Fick Betty Garland ,N v J 1 . Junior Band Members Larry Gordon Harold Cllpfell Peggy Hackenburg Larry Haclcenberg Mary Houts Larry Houts Betty Houts Robert Headley Marlene Henschel Barry Heywood John Jackson Kent Johns Bill King Keith Lillie Kenny Martin Rosalie Maystead Kathleen Moyle John Slocum Joseph Smetana Doug Smith Paul Tobey Susan Waters James Wagner Douglas Welburn Betty Wetherbee Penny Warner Sharon Werner Grace Zisner X I f Furst Row Second Row Thurd Row uylz.-School Ghaw Nancy Swunehart Prusculla Barkalow Sandra Wuedenbeck Knaomua Wulson Gaul Eruckson Mary Reed Mary Ann Breth Sally Penzottu Nancy Prutchard Barbara Reed Joyce Ware Beverly Avery Nancy Radke Sandra Keefer Sandra Heckelbower Roberta Cosner Geraldune Gulbert Betty Henschel Martha Brooks Steve Luerman Roger Mayer Joe Fornaresuo Ray Herschleb Bull Burns Carroll Romug Duck Doane Jackue Bera Rosalue Bungaman Donna Fuellung Shurley Stark Helen Turner Janet Meyers Shurley Edwards Betty Hulbert Noruta Tessun Jean Penzottu Jeanette Feltz Lunda Weuandt Sharon Elluot Judy Payne Januce Tobun Pat Stuckler Paulune Myers Lorelue Fuller Delman Eastes James Coler March Durren Paul Judson Ted Todd Edward Jonker Charles Boeschensteun Fred Patruck Ronnue Atkunson Carole Bauley Mary Blood Jean Johnson Thus year, for the furst tume, the Muxed Chour took the place ofthe Boys Glee Club, under the leadershup of Mrs Blank The chour us composed of the male vocal students along wuth selected vouces from the D S and J H S The Clour dud an excellent 'ob un the Chrustmas and Sprung Con certs They also sang for chapel and on local talent day Four ofthe boys composed the male quartet and several members dud solo work Pat Stuckler was accompanust for the group The Chour met every Fruday mornung durung the furst peruod Thuer furst year was a very success One Seated Ray Hershleb Treasurer Ronnue Atkuruson Secretary Standung Duck Doane Presudent Carrol Romug Vucepresldeht Boys' Quartet Duck Doane, Ronnue Atkunson, Roger Mayer, Edward Jonker 77 I I us u 1 1 1 - 1 1 Spf f is 1 1 lu i l ' I . A 5 F ff ' E 5 3 I . ' " -. gl I , u 1 3 , Q , xy f ' ' ' T: W! . , , , ,J .X - ff -A 4 l '- 1 'al 1 - 1 ' u- ' 4 ' . 4 1 ,. I X fly' - r . ,"9 -xjpuh R f . : . I I . . I . I I . . I . . I . I . . I . . ' I 1 .1 ' 1 1 ' : 1 1 1 1 1 ' I 1 1 1 l 1 1 l 1 ' . I . I . ' . I . . I . I l 1 1 1 ' 1 I 1 l . I l : l 1 I 1 l 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 I I ' 1 . . 1 l 1 1 ' . 1 1 . - I . . . . . . . . 0 s U l T I 0 ' 74: . . . . . . . . . . . rt ,X ful 1 , o , I A V 5 gl ,asm I 5. ' H ' . 1 F g ug u . 1 ' ' I ? .TTI . I l 1 l 5 . ' '0- First Row: Theresa Eirschele, Jessie Goldsmith, Barbara Ash, JoAnn Dunnington, Mary Hiclzs, Beverly Avery, Donna Fuelling, Helen Turner, Shirley Stark, Janet Lintemoot, Mary Reed, Mary Ann Breth, Jean Groiean, Gail Erickson, Ann Carroll, Ruth Dean. Second Row: Jeanette Feltz, Nancy Radke, Martha Brooks, Sherry Palmer, Rosalie Bingaman, Betty Mohnev, Jackie Bera, Martha Avery, Nancy Pritchard, Patty Rifenberg, Carol Jones, Marlene Stroud, Ruth Schwab, Alice Feltz, Vivian Rice, Norma Halter, Sally Penzotti, Betty Hilbert, Pauline Myers, Narita Tessin, Jean Penzotti, Lorelie Fuller. Third Row: Shirley Edwards, Betty Loveioy, Carol Edwards, Betty Woodall, Linda Weiandt, Sharon Elliot, Mary Sue Taylor, Donna Naylfr, Judy Emmons, RoseMarie Bubetz, Harriet Miller, Eilene Rumsey, Jean Johnson, Carole Bailey, Mary Blood, Nancy Swinehat, Betty Henschel, Pat Stickler, Patsy Mitchell Joyce Ware, Connie Steininger, Janet Meyers, Judy Rose, Pat Dane, Barbara Reed. The D.S. Club has completed a very successful year under its new director, Mrs. Edmund Blanlc. At Christmas time the members worked with the J.H.S. and the High School Choir to present a in . beautiful Christmas Concert. The annual Spring Concert was also 2 .' , a huge success. The D.S. Club also sang at Teachers' Institute in February, at Baccalaureate in June, and for several chapel f programs. Six ofthe D.S. girls brought honor to the club as the D.S. Double Trio and several of the girls were members of the High School Choir. At the end of the year, the second-year girls were awarded D.S. pins and the third-year girls were awarded T.R. letters. Pat Stickler was the accompanist for the group. D S. Double .mo 5 Seated: Pauline Myers, Vice-president, Narita Tessin, President, Standing: Betty Hilbert, Secretary, Jean Johnson, Treasurer. Seated: Lois Huey, Aletha Arney, Marna Kemmerling, Connie Wilhelm, Judy Tobin, Nancy Verhuel, Norma Halter, Janet Meyers. Standing: Jim Griffin, Doug Griffin, Monte Kern, Lewis Houts, Larry Bullock, Peter Lang, Todd Beck, Earl Avery, Mrs. Voorhees lDirectorJ. It all took place in the rumpus room ofthe Brooks's home. The center of attraction was Mr. Brooks fTodd Beckl who was left at home alone with all the kids while Mrs. Brooks lNancy Verheull went toa college reunion. There was never a dull moment when Betsy CAletha Ameyl, who was the Brooks's youngest daughter, was around. Mr. Brooks was ata complete loss trying to solve all the problems of his oldest daughter Barbara lMarna Kemmerlingl with her boyfriend, Jerry fLarry Bullockl. Things got a lot worse when Barbara tried to patch things up for her best friend Jill, Uudy Tobinl and Jill's boy- friend, Shipahoy Uim Griffinl. Mr. Russell lEarl Averyl was a henpecked old man who later showed Mrs. Russell Uanet Meyersj who was boss. Bruce fLouis Houtsl was the Brooks's eldest son. Bruce really started a riot when he came home on an unexpected leave and brought two friends, Jughead lMonte Kernl and Pee Wee fDoug Griffinl, with him. Ruthie lNorma Halterl and Louise fConnie Wilhelmj were unknown to the Brooks family, but despite this fact caused a lot of commotion trying to entertain the soldiers. Mr. Brooks's boss, Mr. Willis, fPeter Langl made him an end man in a minstrel show as a result of an argument. Mrs. Willis lLois Hueyl talked all the time and never had anything to say. The play was verv ably directed by Mrs Zelda Voorhees. Ill! 5 -'wwf Y JS! Kneeling: Darlene Barkalow, Erwin Tobler. Seated: Jan Shumaker, Linda Ruggles, Ronnie Atkinson, Sandra Bitting, Pat Carrier, Sheila Haring, Jim Gleason. Standing: Carlene Marietti, Lee Austermann, Roger Marvin, Dick Doane, Betty Burns, .lean Penzotti, Edith Mass ie, Norm Roberts. "Well, it's all over nowl Wasn't it fun? Remember all the fun we had at play practice?" ul sure do! l'll never forget all the trouble we had getting Carlene to say 'eekl' She said she couldn't do it, but she finally did." ul think Sheila and Jim were the funniest. They really played their parts well. A couple of times I thought Jim would hit someone with that bucket." 'Remember all the trouble Sandy had trying to thank Roger for clearing her of the crime? But with the coaching of the rest of the staff, it finally looked realistic. And remember how Roger always forgot to cut in on Jean's lines, and she stood there yelling 'You, you, you---' She got so mad at him, but l guess he was iust playing to perfection his part of always sleeping or eating." "Ronaldl Everytime I think of that name, it reminds me of Erwin's part. Of course, playing the part of a wolf was right along Erwin's line. I really think he liked it." "Of course he did! lt was a good thing Lee's foot healed before the big night. It sure was funny in practice seeing a limping coach." 'Remember how Linda sneezed at the first practice. It was so funny, we all had to laugh." 'And Toots was a scream! She had trouble crying loud enough, remember, but she finally made it. She must be a born actress." "And remember out first and foremost instructions from Mrs. Voorhees, our director: Don't miss your cues lll How did she put up with us? We missed them more often than not. "Now that it's all over, it's nice to look back on all those practices. Even the eight o'clock's Saturdav moming were fun. We were usually all so tired, we couldn't see straight man! The mystery is about to be solved D0 I 99' oVe"f'm0 0' don l rllfluj .5 :C a 'l::a.,....' X is N Qurlf",,, M c"Y7 ' 5' W5 Q52 9 Il, Q L 1 Lx X ' f- 4 . V , .',- tv '. 1. 1'-.' L- -: vii ' ' all .N Q N ' 1' ' wx-, X ' . 1 A --I --,L I .lx ,..-fr If J, - - v - -. -, ...- - H., Kneeling: Doug Turnbull fManageri, Denny Bohm, Stanley Detwiler, Bob Worline, Jim Smagala, Larry Sindt, Pete Titta, Carlton Awe, Jim Crego iCaptainD, Lee Austermann, Dick Doane, Erwin Tobler, Ray Sloan, Ronnie Blood, Stuart Davis fManagerl. Standing: Coach John Ray, Bill York, Mike Carrier, Joe Blood, John Foghino, Don Muffley, Larry O'Dell, Russ Cooper, Dave Hurd, Jim Hurd, Bob Zerfas, Jim Jackson, Jim Foghino, Jay Bobb, Ray Herschleb, John Adams, Dick Schmidt, John Sanders, Mike Comar, Larry Quake, Dick Babb, Roger Marvin, Coach Dale Fuelling. The Wildcat gridders coached by John Ray and Dale Fuelling had an excellent season highlighted by many thrilling games. After starting the season with an easy victory over Coldwater, they were humbled by the Champion- ship Lakeview Team. Then came the breathtaking Sturgis game. Stan Detwiler scored twice on long broken- field runs to put his team ahead at halftime. But Sturgis fought back and barely failed to upset the game. Following defeats by Marshall and Albion, they bounded back to beat Adrian. Dowagiac then beat the Wildcatters, who ended their season with a victory over Buchanan. The Buchanan game was high- lighted by a spectacular touchdown pass caught by Russ Cooper. Although the team had an even season some of the individual players were outstanding. Dave Hurcl and Larry O'Dell were selected as first- stringers on the All-Conference Team. Don Muffley received honorable mention. Dave was selected also as first team center on four All-State team polls. Larry got honorable mention on the same ones. The team elected Jim Crego as Honorary Captain for the season: Jim Hurd and Larry O'Dell were selected to be next years co-captains. Next year our Wildcats should really go. Only four regulars, Jim Crego, Ray Sloan, Stan Detwiler, md Denny Bohm graduate. Lion's Reserve Football Rotary Varsity Football Banquet Banquet Len Colby, speaker T.R. 19 Coldwater 6 Frank Hann, speaker 0 Lakeview 28 13 sfufgas I2 l3 Marshall 26 6 Albion 7 6 Adrian 0 0 Dowagiac l3 l9 Buchanan Zzaaldalf .Queen Football Queen, Jean Penzotti, Queen and her Attendants: Jeanette Pfesenfed with COVSUQ'-5 BY Sf'-'dsnf Feltz, Katherine Reed, Queen, Betty Senate vice-pres. John Marvin Huber, Pauline Mucha., I R 4 This year's reserve squad had a successful season considering the lack of experience and personnel Bob Thompson's squad won one, tied one, and lost four games during their season. In all their games the Wildkittens displayed fight-to-the-end spirit. One of their outstanding games was against Dowagiac. They were i9 points behind at the half but came back and almost won the affair. The reserve team serves as a proving ground for future Varsity ball players. They show much promise for the future. TR--21, Dowagiac-25 TR--32, Vicksburg--0 TR--O, St. Joseph--33 TR--0, Sturgis --0 TR--O, Sturgis--i3 TR--Og Niles--41 First Row: Dick Bobb, Mel Davis, Tom Gotschall, John Adams, Mike Marietti, Gordon Carpenter, Roger Wieden- beck, Charles Boeschenstein, Lwry Quake, Ernie Blade, Mike Comar, John Sanders, Gordon Smittendorf. Second Row: Dick Davis fmanagerl, Kermit Carsons, Bob Moore, Denny DeBest, Jim Bloom, Charles Spencer, Joe D'Amore, Mike Lemense, Lee Stanard, Bob Bishop, Larry Welburn. Third Row: David Pellegrom, Cyrus Stevenson, Joe Fornaresio, John Smith, Steve Bonfoey, Jim Stokoe, March Durren, Phil Fife, Dick Fitch, Coach Thompson. 2 X, H.. i OYYXC 9 1 i K K Y f -.AA.A, . 1 v I 3, r be 'f ga ki 2 ,4 , L '20 " ff' QQ Y NC g R B me F rst Ro Roger M cle Rucha d Ea l Duck Bobb Muke Blalock Claude W lluams La ry Qu ke Joe Fornaresuo Second Ro Coach Bob Tho pson Ju Jackson Jum Ha dy Dave Pelleg o Rog W denbeck E nu Blade Charles Boeschenste The Wuldkuts had a wunnung season despute some setbacks After losung their furst two games they beat Marshall East Lansung and Albuon un that order Sturgis beat the Kits next but agaun they came back wuth three more wuns Lakevuew Buchanan and Coldwater The rest of theur season they dus played hot and cold nights wunnung three and losung four more They ended a good season by luckung Lakevuew Letter winners were Jum Jackson Chuck Boeschensteun Larry Quake Roger Muracle Duck Earl Roger Wuedenbeck and Dave Pellegrom After the scheduled season was over Jum Cowboy Jackson moved up to the varsuty for tourna ments Jum and Ernie Blade led the reserves un scorung during the year Coldwater Adruan Marshall E Lansung Albuon Sturgus Lakevuew Buchanan 88 Coldwater Nu les Adruan Marshall E Lansung Albuon Sturgus Lakevuew , un. Gorden Carpenter, Claude Williams, Dick Bobb, Ernie Blade, Joe Fornaresio, Mike Blalock, Mel Davis, TR 19 30 TR 42 TR 26 ' 27 TR 3l ' TR 40 33 TR 47 ' TR 48 . ' 19 TR 40 TR 42 ' 41 TR 32 . ' TR 30 ' 44 TR I9 ' TR 35 ' 30 TR 36 ' TR 26 I3 TR 39 ' afviilqfa' , , ummm! A... L V FWS? Row Carl Slocum Manager Jlm Crego John Marvln Larry Carter Edgqr Carter Bob Wo,-lm, Ro Blood nn" Second Row Larry O Dell Jrm Foghmo Bull York Jud M l D lrac e ave Hurd Jlm Hurd Coach Ed Johnson District Champs l That pretty well ldentlfles a team that went uphill all the way Team IS the rfect wc, fl In every sense The boys who were working together In the game were supported tre mendously by the players on the bench wanting to get In The Wlldcats had a successful season They fanushed thlrd In the Conference with a l0 4 record Strong teams lncludlng Sturgns Marshall and Niles were beaten by the Wildcats an thrllllng ball games Going unto the Dlstruct Tournaments the Wlldcats were sand to have little chance for a trophy They drew Coldwater who had pressed the Cats to two defeats during the season But the Cats outfought and beat Coldwater 55 43 Then came the championship game wath Sturgis whom the Cats had beaten twlce by very narrow margms ln a wade open game that was fast and thrllllng the Cats triumphed 60 5l and were agaln Dlstrlct vlctors for the third consecutive year Hope for Regionals was snuffed out by Grand Ledge a week later and the Wxldcat season was over Team members were John Ma vm who was elected Honorary Captain by his teammates Larry Carter Jim Crego Dave Hurd Bull York Edgar Carter Ronme Blood Jzm Hurd Jud Mlracle Larry Larry Carter was given honorable mention on the All State team and Larry and John Marvin were selected for the second team All Conference Jim Crego led the team In scormg wuth T99 pomts Dave Hurd had 182 John Marvin l8l Larry Carter I77 Bull York T37 and Ed Carter l05 Coldwater 51 Coldwater 59 Adnan 35 Nlles 36 Marshall 62 Adrian 36 East Lanslng 46 Marshall 63 Albion 41 East Lansing 42 Sturgns 39 Alblon 53 Lakeview 46 Sturgis 63 Buchanan 70 Lakeview 60 Tournaments Three Rivers 55 Coldwater 43 89 Three Rlvers 60 Sturgis 51 Three Rivers 48 Grand Ledge 64 ' r 1 j, ' I - I I I . ' . O'Dell, Jim Foghino, Bob Worline, and Denny Bohm. Jim Jackson was on the Varsity for the Tournaments. TR -48 - TR -40 - TR - 53 ' - TR - 38 ' - TR - 70 - TR - 50 ' - TR -6l ' - TR -65 - TR - 64 ' - TR -49 ' - TR - 41 ' - TR - 59 ' - TR -43 ' - TR -65 ' - TR - 46 - TR - 58 ' - 90 pep Glad The Pep Club was started dumg the Football season but because of the dnffncultues of orgamzatnon ut dad not function untul the second basketball game The purpose ofthe club ns to nncrease the school splrlt un general and to Improve the cheering of the student body Each member IS equipped with a megaphone at present md future plans call for beames and sweater emblems At dnfferent times through the year flash cards were used This year there were approximately 'l'l0 members They were seated together an the mlddle of the student section at football games and on the west end of the gymnasnum durlng basketball season Next year offlcers wall be elected and the Club wull probably assume addntnonal responsubllltles So far the Club has done a very good 'ob .Ill Beck Pep Ffh' ..- A H T f --::. 'funn' 1 ' ll ,, W t 2 ev KV fzl J' 1 f fsz + 7 f ' ' v 4 N 1 g. f wr.. 5 ,- 5 'gk ' KX XHVE6 f First Row Ramon Lasco Dick Jones Don Muffley Larry Carter Edgar Carter Larry O Dell Todd Beck lmanagerl Second Row Duck Shutes Dick Schm dt Roger Wledenbeck John Luck Johnny Sanders Gus Armstrong Ray Sloan The Wildcat baseball team of 1953 wound up their season in third place in the Twin Valley Con ference This can be considered a good showing smce it was the Cats first year in that conference and also their first year under the tutelage of Coach John Ray The Wildcats lost to Battle Creek Lakeview, conference champions, on one of the coldest days spring They were set back also by Marshall and East Lansing There were a number of thrilling ball games One of the most exciting, however, was the game at at Adrian in which our Wildcats emerged victorious 6-5, after nine innings Trailing 54 in the top of the ninth inning, Ed Car ter singled Dick Shutes was quick to follow with another single George Carter then rifled a double into left field to score both runners for the ball game Carter s clutch hitting also helped win the game against Albion by driving in two runs to break a l l deadlock Gus Armstrong was the team s outstanding pitcher He turned in brilliant performances that saved many ball games Dick Shutes was the team s leading and most consistent batsman A number of players received awards at the close of the season They were- Larry O Dell Ra Lasco Dick Jones, Edgar Carter, Dick Shutes, Larry Carter, Don Muffley George Carter, John Luck John Sanders, Dick Schmidt, Gus Armstrong, and Ray Sloan TR--2, Marshall -- 4 TR-- 45 Col dwater--'I TR--35 Albion--1 TR TR--Op East Lansing--2 7 TR T R--6, Dowagiac--3 TR--2, Sturgis--l -Og Lakeview--7 --6, Adrian--5 f 92 5 1 mek IL. Sedfed Coach Johnson Doug Turnbull Dale Tavermer Bull Ruggles Jlm Roberts Jlm Hurd Stanley Detwaler Standmg George Carter Ramon Lasco Wayne Crnppun Rlchard Poe Duane Burgert Eugene Marvln John Marvln Dave Hurd Ken Hull Gerald Evans Bull Burns Denny DeBest Don Boudeman Make Mapes The 1953 Wuldcat thmclads had a very successful season They started whlpplng Nlles and Sturgls In a triangular affaur They kept rolling by beatlng Coldwater and Albuon again an a three way event Next they lashed Sturgus, our old county rlval After losing to Marshall, which was thelr sole upset of the regular season, they took Dowaguac by a large margln The Conference and Regional meets were held before the Wildcat s last regular season meet They frmshed wnth an nmpresslve second place ln both events with many local boys getting flrst and second places The Regional meet was a heartbreaker slnce Three Rivers lost by only 3X4 ofa point B C Lakeview took flrst place both times Seeking their lust revenge the Wuldcats beat Lakeview and Sturgis nn thear final season meet Three Rivers was well represented an the State track meet Fuve local tracksters qualufned for the event They were Bull Ruggles, Ray Bowers, John Foghlno, Dale Tavermer, and Jam Roberts, who was the only point wmner collecting 8 V2 points Coach Johnson presented awards to some of has hustlers Letter winners were Jam Roberts Bull Ruggles Jlm Hurd, Dale Tavermer John Marvin, Jake Mltchell Stan Detwller, Doug Turnbull George Carter Mike Mapes, Ray Bowers, Duane Burgert John Foghmo Ray Lasco, Wayne Crlppln Jerry Evans, and Eugene Marvnn, Co captams for the season were Jam Roberts and Bull lDartol Ruggles Managers were Stuart Davis and Jlm Gruffun The Wildcats complete schedule and scores were TR 67 V2 Nlles 37 V4 Sturgls 32114 Marshall 65 TR 44 TR 55 3fI0 Coldwater 49 7fl0 Alblon 32 V10 Conference- 2nd place TR 61 Sf'-'f9'5 48 Regional 2nd place TR 67 DOWGQWC 42 TR 52112 Sfufgls 32 V2 B C. Lakev-ew 52 Hcsfmgs RBIUYS 5fl" Place State- 8 V2 polnts Jlm Roberts 93 3- ' fig, - V e ., E F P T t A x . X' YR "' l x l X , ,ov v , ' x 1 ' I l I . I ' 1 l a . Z I I I . 1 I . , ' I I I 1 1 1 ' . . by . . . U - . . . . . . . l . . 1 C C . . . . l O I I U C 1 , Q . - 5 1 1 I I ' , ' I I I - ' . l n . U .- .- I ' .- -. P ,, -- I -- I -- . " f " ' -- " I " .- I -- Q Q " W! S Left to Rnght Jerry Jolly Frank Meyers Jerry M tchell Coach Mel Carrier Pat Ccrrler Roger Mavm Mlke Carrier The l953 verslon of the Three Rivers golf team probably the best ever to grace the falrways for the Wuldcats posted an 8-2 season mark to go along wuth their Twm Valley Conference and Regxonal Championships and a second place flmsh In the State The Cats broke the old scoring record of 324 many tlmes durnng the season their best effort being a 304 total against a tough Dowaglac team On May 9 T R celebrated nts flrst year un the Twnn Valley swampnng all opposltlon to wln the con ference champnonshnp by 29 strokes At Battle Creek on the following Saturday Three Rivers won the Regional edgmg Hullsdale by 3 strokes and DONAGQIGC by 5 Hlllsdale was the only team to beat the Wildcats at the State meet held at Jackson Even though the Hillsdale golfers won the State they had prevnously succumbed twlce to the Cats during the season After the regular season the team got together for the Three Rivers Hugh School Champlonshlp h d which Nano Masnarn won un 72 holes over the wnnd swept Sauganash Country Club It was his t ur consecutive wln In the annual event Frank Meyers was named Captam by his teammates durung the year The letter wmners lncluded d Captam Meyers Jerry Mltchell Nano Masnaru Pat Carrler Roger Marvln Mike Carrier Jerry Jolly an Make Comar T R was agann under the very able guidance of Coach Mel Carrier Three Revers 333 Lakeview 381 Three Rivers 15 Smie High 0 Three Rivers 339 Coldwater 469 Three Rivers 6 Hullsdale- Three Ruvers 334 Lakevuew 409 Three Rivers 9 Dowoglac 3 Three Rlvers 333 Adnan 371 Coldwater 432 Three Rlvers 8 Hlllsdale- 7 R I f 331 Three Rivers 3M Dowaguac 86 eglonc 'rs' Three Rivers 12 State Hugh 0 Slate second 9347 Conference- flrst 3135 Medal score an T X . : I ' i I . ' . I . t . . . I , I . . . . . . . . . , . . . . I . . . . . D ' . . . . by . . . . I . . . . I . . l . . . . . . O . I . . , . . I . . . . l . . . . . - . - - . . . . . . . . U - - . I . I . .I . ' . I . - I l ' l I l . . . ,, . nf U . n . . I .. X ,. t l O! ' -D ' o ' -- 5 -14 'k ' .- . ' -- . ' I -p F -- 1 ' U- . ' -- . ,. I I , 4 ' ' I ' . , - ,, . - N 1 -- K l I . . P"W " -. .- -T is n N. 94 ' 9 , , 4 , - xx, S 5- Furst Row Bob Worlune Duck Hawkuns Duck Doane Clufford Franklun Carroll Romug The 'I953 Wuldcat tennus team gauned experuence uf not fame The team lost only one player Lynn Herschleb to graduatuon Next year the team us expected to be much stronger sunce some of the players wull be four year men They have been out for tennus every year ut has exusted at T R. The best match of the Cats was at Albuon when they came close but lost 4-3 Here they won two matches Duck Doane was the number one player on the squad and Duck Hawkuns number two These boys show strong sungles abuluty but the double s matches seemed to be T R. s strongest Letter wunners for the season were Duck Doane, Duck Hawkuns Clufford Franklun, Bob Worlune Lynn Herschleb, Carroll Romug Jum O Dell, and Carlton Awe The team was under the capable guudance of Muss Dorothy Murrell TR 2 Coldwater 5 TR 2V2, Albuon- 4'2 TR l Coldwater-6 TR 3 Dowaguac 5 TR 3 Albuon 4 Conference- 'IM P4 X C - . . f , 15' U ' ' ' J . f kr . .' , , - T T . 'R T 2 1 A 4, r. ' Qi. T . ,U Second Row: 'Harold Westerlund, Jim O'Dell, Dean Hackenberg, Carlton Awe, Kenneth Romig. . . . . . 0 I I l I n n 1 n I Q . I o e . : . . . I . . . I . o I I I -- f -- f-- - ' - f .. I . -0 I ' .. .6 Go V -4 5 G nw" , Ln ul", . L 1 1 - u - .9 l Q In K T f .U , ' X- xl f 1,2259 ,1 JE. 5 September , 5' School begsns For the Rhsnses the begsnnsng for the Sensors the end Assembly sn the audstorsum at 3 PM Mr Blank revsewed the rules and tradstsons of the school Pep rally sn back of the school at 7 PM After wards a snake dance out to the football fseld where the team was practscsng under the lsghts Fsrst football game wsth Coldwater there We 'l9 they 6 Hurray' A good start Freshman football game at Sturgss They 21 we 0 No comment Pop corn peanuts, hotdogs' We were excused a half day for the fasr Reserve football game at Dowagsc They 25 w 21 Almost but not quste Stand Pat' Wsn wsth Erwsn' Our yearly polstscal rally was held sn the audstorsum at 2 PM Football game wsth B C Lakevsew there They 28 we 0 Oh dear' Our fsrst chapel of the year was held sn the audstorsum Reserve football game wsth St Jae here We 0 they 33 Football game wsth Sturgss here We 13 they 12 Hurrah for T Rl Jumors sponsor a post game dance Freshman football game wsth Sturgs s, here 20 they 0 Now we re rollsng Gsrl Sports snstsatson Gsrl Reserve slumber party Nobody got much sleep Football game wsth Marshall, here We 13, they 26 Aw, too bad J H S snstsatson Another fsrst dsvssson for the band at Sturgss I5 'I6 Yeah' Na school Teacher s lnststute Football game wsth Albson there They 7 we 6 Sob' Reserve football game wsth Vscksburg, here We 32 they 0 That s our team' Gsrl Reserve formal snstsatson Reserve football game wsth Dawagsc here W tsed 0 to 0 Chapel wsth the Reverend Sattlemeser pressdsng Football game wsth Dowagsc, there We 0, they 0 Jw I-'ma El 6' al' 'Q J LJV IEFQ AJ ,J -fa f November 5. Reserves lose thesr last game of the season to Sturgss 4l to 0 Bao Hoo Hoo' Sensors start thesr annual magazsne subscrsptson sales Goal S900 00 Pep rally sn the gym wsth the speech class gsvsng the skst The Mssssng Football Caper Last football game of the season ws th Buchanan here We 19 they 7 Hurray' Sensors sponsor a post game dance after our vsctory over Buchanan Doesn t everybody look dsfferent when they get all dressed up? The Gsrl Reserve Formal, Deep Sea Paradsse was a huge success E Our annual Thanksgsvsng Chapel 27 Over the rsver and through the woods to randmother s house we ll go Thanksgsvsng Vacatson December Jan uory Prevsew of the Junsor play Pep rally sn the gym Sob' Sob' F1 fs fsrst basketball ga-ga-game wsth Coldwater They 51 we 48 The Junsor play There s One ln Every Famsly was gsven and what a scream' Assembly program on Safety Basketball game ws th Adrsan here We won"' 53 to 35 Reserves lost 27 76 Rotary football banquet Assembly program on Safety Pep rally Basketball game ws th Marshall here We 70 they 62 Reserves we 40 they l9 Basketball game wsth East Lanssng there We 61 they 46 Reserves we 48 they 19 .lan 5. Chrsstmas vacatson' Back to school after vacatson Fsrst basketball game of the new year here wsth Albson We 64 they 43 Reserves we 42, they Assemblyto see a very good movse A Thousmd Hands Pep rally sn the gym Basketball game wlth Sturgss to fsght out a tse for second place We 41 they 39 Reserves we 30 they 44 Assembly dursng whsch the football letters were gsven out Sensors ordered thesr cards and announcements Basketball game here wsth B C Lakevsew It was a heartbreaker We 43, they 46 Reserves we 35 they 30 Post game dance Basketball game wsth Buchanan there We 46, the 70 No comment Reserves we 26 they Chapel fsrst hour Assembly at ll AM ws th an excellent guest speaker Doctor Rockdale Basketball game wsth Coldwater here We 40 the 59 Reserves we 42 they 30 Post game dance 26 27 Semester tests Basketball game wsth Nsles here We 38 they 36 Yeah team' Reserves we 31 they 37 End of the fsrst semester Basketball game wsth Adrsan there We 50, they 36. Reserves we 47 they 34 11" ' f 1, 6, ' 's . l " N U' . . l u 5' I l ' ' 1 -4 13. ' " ' '- - ' ' 2 13. - ' , l s , 0 . ll 1 I Q 13. ' I xg 'C b J l s ' J - ' ' 21. ' - U' I -- 24. 5.1. . Dayf ' n I . - - 25 - ' . I - 26, . ' ' , - G I s .ss . . , . . .' L ' ' . -. , 1. - i . 1. D I 3.-. . I . 0 l 2. - I I - I' h ' . , e 4 - Q . . . . . . 4. ' ' . , , , 1o. . . . 11. . - - , 11. ' . , . . ' . I 18. l . I . . ' ' ' - I , I , 18. - . - " . . ' ' 4. ' . . I . we 5. 'U D ' .' '. .. . ' 4L , ' 6. ' ' ' , a. ' . 8. . . . . . . .. n ' U. . II. U H ' ' ' ' V ' 11. ' ' . ' . , 15 ' . . - . s 1 . sl s . l ls. I . , ' ' ' 19. ' . y ' ,' , , , . . 1 , Il . . u Il zo. ' . A s ,, 2L , ., ' 22. ' . , y ' 5 ' -, 22. ' . ' N N 7' 1 25, , . . xfs - 26. ' ' . , . - A I . .1 ,315 I ' A W 29 . D . , . A . . Fe bruary March Aprsl 30 30. Back to school for the second semester Basketball game wsth Marshall there lt was a thrsller We 65 fl-.ey 63 Basketball game wsth East Lanssng here We won 49 32 Reserves lost 39 32 Pep rally at 3 30 sn the gym Post game dance after our vsctory over East Lanssng We won the basketball game at Albson 59 53 R serves lost 19 25 Sensors gave a prevsew ofthe Sensor play No More Homework Sensors cards and announcements arrsve Pep rally sn the gym at 3 40 PM Basketball game wsth Sturgss here lt was o psp We 65 they 63 Reserves We 36 they 43 Chapel wsth the Reverend Dorr Garrett pressdsng The Sensor play Na More Homework a hslanoug comedy was gsven Basketball game wsth B C Lakevsew there W lost a heart breaker 58-60 Re serves won 39 33 Another fsrst dsvssson for the band at Kalamazoo We won our fsrst tournament basketball game from Coldwater at Sturgss 55-43 We won we won we won by golly we won the dsstrsct champsonshsp for the thsrd strasght year by Had the fsrst Regsonal tournament game at Albson wsth Grand Ledge We 48 they 66 Enough sasdl Cheerleaders sponsor the all school party Twsn Twsrl l Dsdn t everybody look keen dressed up lske twsns" Go meet wsth Dowagsac here at 3 PM Baseball game wsth Dowagsac here at 4 PM D S Annual Sprung Concert Golf meet wsth Cassopolss here at 3 PM Track meet wsth Nsles and Sturgss at Nsles at 4 B C Lakevsew came over here for a golf match at 3 PM We went to Coldwater for a baseball game at 4 PM We had a track meet wsth Albson and Coldwater at Coldwater at 4 PM Golf meet wsth Hsllsdale there at 3 PM We played a baseball game wsth B C Lakevsew there at 4 PM I9 Hurrayl Easter Vacatson Track meet wsth Dowagsac here at 4 PM Baseball game wsth Sturgss there at 4 PM Tennss match wsth Coldwater here at 3 PM Track meet wsth Sturgss here at 4 PM Tennss match wsth Dowagsac there at 3 PM Baseball game wsth East Lanssng there at 4 PM Golf match wsth Dowagsac there at 3 PM All school party sponsored by the Sophomores Track meet at Hastsngs Golf meet wsth B C Lakevsew there at 3 PM Track meet wsth Marshall there at 4 PM Baseball game wsth Marshall there at 4 PM Golf meet wsth Marshall and East Lanssng at Marshall Tennss match wsth Dowagsac here at 3 PM Track meet wsth Dowagsac there at 4 PM. Golf meet wsth State Hsgh There at 3 PM. All School party sponsored by the F.H.A. and the Spanssh Club. A1371 Ju ne I X Golf match with State Hsgh here at 3 PM Baseball game wsth Sturgss here at 4 PM Golf meet wsth Cassopolss there Baseball game wsth Adrsan here at 4 PM Twsn Valley Conference Golf meet here Twsn Valley Conference track meet at Coldwater at 4 PM Golf meet wsth Hsllsdale here at 3 PM Tennss match wsth Coldwater there at 3 PM Baseball game wsth Albson there at 4 PM Regsonal track meet Regsonal Golf match Baseball game wsth Coldwater here at 4 Pls Track meet wsth B C Lakevsew and Sturgss here at 7 PM State Golf meet State Track meet Baseball game wsth Portage here at 4 PM 29 Boy What fun' Sensor trsp to New York Baseball game wsth Howe there at 4 PM Baccalaureate Commencement School closes For the underclassmen the end of another school year For the Sensors the end of high school the begsnnsng of greater expersences 2. 2 I . Q . ' . . ,lr 9 3 5. . , I . t I X L7 . . . . 11 . , 5' 1 ' - X .1 5. - . . Y cs' l2' ' , - . e- l x 3 sa. ' ' - . . G l8. ' ' G - . . l9. ' 1 I l9. ' - . I I ' . V l I 24. - ' '. . 3- ' ' . 24, ' " ls . . . 4- I I . ' I 5. . . . 26. - i . , e 7. ' ' , . I 8- ' . 26. ' ' ' ' ' ll. ' , ll. l ' ' , 4' , l2. ' ' , ' l4. ' ' . 6' . . ' , ' , , , ' l5. ' . beating Sturgis 60-5l. ls' U ' I2 , , , l5. Junior-Senior Prom. ' , , 'l8. ' v'. 19. ,, , l9. . . ' ' . ', 22. . I ' 22. . 25. ' . 2- 'V ' ' - 26 - . - s - - . 2. ' ' . 7. . . ' . 9. ' ' . 9. . . . . PM. l3. . . ' I 'L - l3. . 6, ' 15- ' ' so. ' ll. , l6. ' ' . u . l6. ' . . ' - I - - . l6. - . . ' . 20. ' ' . 20. ' ' . 2l. ' ' . 2'l. ' ' . 22. ' ' ' . p 5 22. ' ' . -'- 23. ' ' . 23. - . 24. ' . 26. ' . . ' - 28. l . : 29. . . 29. . . . I 30 ' ' THANK YOU! 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K XB. .x T ll ll - The Pioneers of Horizontal METAl CUTTING BAND SAWS llll EIECTRIC MEAT BONE AND FISH CUTTERS I THE SIGN OF SERVICE 5 5 I WELLS MANUFACTURING CORPORATION Three Rivers Mlchlgun Complmwnzs of ARMSTRONG MACHINE WORKS Manufacturers of Steam Traps Humldlflers Refrigerant Gas Purgers Paper Machme Speclaltles Hot Water Heating System Controls I O I O I I or or I I l I I I I I I THE -JOHNSON CORPORATION .o-5..f'.!..e...c.n1.. A--f"'V"r' I J QQ ' un.:-if PRECISION SPRING CORPORATION nsmolr THREE RIVERS f. B05 WOOD STREET ' THREE RIVERS, MICH. M CF rr u 6 I7 f f fr 0 0.4. ' ' U I - ' I ' V. .-'T t T .11 ' I - vu' 'r ' 1' ' hp' I 1 l ': l ' 1, ,I . ,Y r-4,.-"T 7... ,ilu ,,i. 103 THE EDDY PAPER CORPORATION KIEOKHEFER CONTAINER COMPANY MANUFACTURERS FIBREBOARD SHIPPING CONTAINERS FOLDING CARTONS AND PAPERBOARD CALIFORNIA ALAMEDA COLTON LOS ANGELES WHITTI ER FLORIDA JACKSONVILLE TAMPA ILLINOIS BELLEVILLE ROCKFORD IOWA CEDAR RAPIDS LOUISIANA NEW ORLEANS MAINE WESTBROOK '1'IIRl 1 Rnru-., N I MANUFACTORIES MARYLAND BALTIMORE MICHIGAN DETROIT THREE RIVERS WHITE PIGEON MINNESOTA ALBERT LEA MISSOURI ST LOUIS NEBRASKA HASTINGS NEW JERSEY CAMDEN DELAIR NEW YORK ROCHESTER NORTH CAROLINA PLYMOUTH TEXAS DALLAS HOUSTON McALLEN WASHINGTON SEATTLE VANCOUVER YAKIMA WEST VIRGINIA PARKERSBURG WISCONSIN MANITOWOC Fulrbunk Morse 0 A NAME WORTH REMEMBERING eowaucs womens mc Judah IIIIJIMM A cc 5111. I ' 8. C I o . cc u

Suggestions in the Three Rivers High School - Reflector Yearbook (Three Rivers, MI) collection:

Three Rivers High School - Reflector Yearbook (Three Rivers, MI) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Three Rivers High School - Reflector Yearbook (Three Rivers, MI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Three Rivers High School - Reflector Yearbook (Three Rivers, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Three Rivers High School - Reflector Yearbook (Three Rivers, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Three Rivers High School - Reflector Yearbook (Three Rivers, MI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Three Rivers High School - Reflector Yearbook (Three Rivers, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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