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0 M546 YJQYTW 7-, lf. Q-,5 H 21 W 'AWN 'wi' JW EQ 45 M 6117! 'CW 0 77,46 .7 xx - T Ay ilyjlllllgllv g QL 'avifx' I! f Q? J I 12115 2 FlEC ! . NN M' , 5 fs :Q -:- i 4, K XZ are WP D x.. I NOW: -x . ,., is W- .f-' I , , .MK 'K Q M-""" W W, 5 Wgwnv ga NW . --,U z I ' 3 4 llfik L1 mg -mg, .f QV E, , 1. 1 if-SESFIZ, '?.'f'n1s' LA"-ss-.. .-1 ...4 un-' W" TRH5 :Tens :TAKS-,ETRHS -5, jf? -5-TRHS -.3-Tkusgmus .-Emu fonewono This has been a very important year in Three Rivers High School. With the dedication of Armstrong Field and the other numerous activities in which we have engaged, almost every moment of our time has been occupied. Using the Wildcat emblem as a theme, the annual staff of '52 has tried to graphically portray our last memorable year in Three Rivers lligh School. "I Z SH 5-snxr-52 Ui SH MXL'-ri Ll-:Z +-isnu-isam:-smll SH81 OSOICAIIOH Q72 w N! We, the class of '52, co-dedicate our Reflector to Mr. joseph Lasko and Mr. Edmund Blank with sincere appreciation of all they have done for us during our years at Three Rivers High School. Mr. Lasko has always been a willing teacher and a helpful friend to all. Mr. Blank's helpful advice and understanding have endeared him to each of us. Sr lIOVLAlllJ N. l5lCQKll'f, Principal Ruth llcnning, Secretary WAl.Tl'fll HORST, Superintendent of Sclmolx Cfutlmryn Mllcosz, Secretary e in! AOITIIH I SUQAU 011 l 4 I -.aff 6 Y . 5 ,k,. ,aw ,, lx.. -. l Clifford Wellington, prcsidentg David Hall, vice-presidentg S. C. Penzotti, trensurerg N. C. Meyers, secretaryg Kenneth O'Dell, nqcmbcr. CQ faculty '? ' fx- J' " 0 on '.9.:2 ,Ji I N? facult MARY ll. ANDERSON Business Education Yearbook Sponsor NELLIE BARLOW Mathematics Sophomore Class Sponsor WI LLI AM BROWN Wood Shop Industrial Arts Club Sponsor Stage Manager LILLIAN A. COMAR Mathematics Dean of Girls Senior Class Sponsor Guidance Counselor MARGARET DONOVAN Vocal Music Supervisor 8 wviw ESTH ER AV E RY Homemaking-Department Direct Future Homemakers Sponsor Guidance Counselor EDMUND W. BLANK Government and Sociology Varsity Team Basketball Coan Guidance Counselor LOUIS BURMEISTER Business Education Internal Accounting Adult Education CECIL DELONG Physics, Chemistry, and General Science Guidance Counselor DALE FUELLING Ass't Football Coach Tennis Coach Biology if A . PHYLLIS GIBSON History and Speech Girl Reserve Co-Sponsor VERNA HANCOCK Librarian xml EDWARD JOHNSON Physical Education Reserve Basketball Coach Ninth Grade Sponsor Intramural Coach LORETTA MAGNER Latin and English junior Class Sponsor DOROTHY METZGER English-Department Director Junior Reflector Director facult IIEL EN GOULD English Senior Play Director junior Play Director Adult Education LEO HANDLEY Industrial Arts Department Director Mechanical Drawing Industrial Arts Club Sponsor Guidance Counselor JOSEPH LASKO Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club Sponsor BERNARD MANKER, JR. English and Spanish Spanish Club Sponsor DOROTHY MURRELL Physical Education Girls Sports Sponsor 9 Facult WILLIAM J. PETERSON World History . Eighth History I 1' fi f f' ' F . I EMERSON STU TESMAN Mathematics Hi-Y Sponsor Guidance Counselor x W IRVIN VAN SLUYTERS Instrumental Music Supervisor 10 MILDRED SNYDER Art Supervisor ROBERT THOMPSON History Eighth Grade Sponsor Reserve Football Coach Baseball Coach ANN WEBER English Girl Reserve Glo-Sponsor F , I' SGHIORS -QS. -,, Q -'- Q- T-Y:"""4Z' K 1- -- -sg, 9 -3-I-1 Q- .-. :.. - ...-Q Q 1' 1- rf T .- - -:--- 2 A 3 -,Y . T 3 e ' g - Q r ' 5 iw .L i QU v gf? ifZ1Q3QwL fi m EEQEZE ,fafnfai i 5 '4'f"f s g "-,'E3.fL153?Ef2E. - 51227 N , - 3457 13111--.lgaimfh ,aff " "'3f,, Vsbf., 11 '.' 40", ' '1',l:t'h 'eg' X 'XV-" ' 4:3 ' 0 af ' 5 D Q wwf V ', I x I I ' - EJ 1 'C X f 1 , 4 X x 5 ,V 75, AF., I 'N' A - Ll: HW 'Ill' E A " " f V M , LP- 'ti - ,QQ- X qi- Q I , - -3 gnooma 'si DIOR class NISIICJI2 It was the fall of '47, and we, then known as the "Roaring Rhinies," invaded the halls of T. R. High. We were so busy studying and finding our way through the halls, and catching the epidemic of school spirit that we had time for little else. jackie Elliott created a "something to remember '48 by" when she broke her arm. We romped into the ninth grade, eager for anything that came our way. We were very proud of our freshmen cheerleaders, and don't think we didn't do our share of bragging about our boys who made the re- serve football and basketball teams and track team. j We were still thinking over all the fun of our freshman year when along came the Seated Marlene Hilbert, secretary, Pauline Shook, vice-president, Ytandmg: Dave Cooper, president, Mary Lou Porter, treasurerg l ' . Miss Comar, advisor. As sophomores we put our studies first in fall of '49, bringing a busy sophomore year. mind and worked hard and determinedly, being rewarded with a high representation on the honor roll. We sponsored 'The Shamrock Shuffle," a school party complete with wishing well and Blarney Stone. We assumed the responsibility of being juniors in the fall of 1950 and began work eagerly by sell- ing hotdogs and cokes at the Sturgis and St. High games and sponsoring two very successful post game dances. Like every junior class, we took over the publication of the junior Reflector, worked hard toward it all year, and enjoyed every minute of it. February 21 of 1951 was one of our big moments - our junior play, "One Foot In Heaven," directed by Miss Gould. We had a wonderful time. Then came the night we had worked hard for and looked forward to - the night of our junior-Senior Prom, 'Destina- tion Moon." We had fun giving a supper and short program before the Prom, and then we enjoyed a marvelous evening of dancing on the Moon. Far from least important event of the year was the fun- packed junior-senior picnic at Corey Lake. Of course, 1951 meant a lot of fine seniors would be leaving, but their places weren't left empty, for a very willing group of juniors soon took over. Still hardly believing we were those 'Sophisticated Seniors" everyone dreams of being, we started the busiest and best year of high school by selling at the Niles and St. joe games and sponsoring two post game dances. Under the capable direction of Miss Gould, we presented the thrilling mystery, "Ten Little Indians," and we will never forget the fun we had in giving our senior play. We enjoyed the supper and the wonderful junior-Senior Prom given by the class of '53, We began to really feel like seniors when we had our senior pictures taken, ordered our announcements, selected caps and gowns, and, as the highlight of the fun, enjoyed a cruise to Niagara Falls for our senior trip. Then our senior year was over and it was time for Commencement, which is now a well-recorded memory in every senior's scrap book. It's hard to realize we are no longer students of T. R. High, but we are all looking forward assuredly to a bright future. We know it's going to be a bright future simply because we plan to tackle the future as we did everything else that came our way - with eagerness, with determination, and with a love for things well done. 12 "QW . i CHESTER BINGAMAN DENNIS FIFE PAULINE SHOCK Valedictorian Salutatorian D. A. R. Pilgrim I 1 5 5 S GRADUATING WITH HONOR First Row: Don Ely, John Ulrich. Second Row: Marlene Hilbert, Helen Smith, Dolores Karstetter, Patty Mitts, Edith Boles. Third Row: Joanne Handy, Mary Lou Porter, Lola DeLong, Mancelyn Lowe, Pauline Shook, Nancy Marvin. , r ? 5 SEHIORS ALLEN L. ANDERSON MANDY" Industrlal-He looks quiel, but. . . if GQ ' V NJANCY LOUISE AVFR JNAN' fornmercial -Asszyayqgvlea y to smile. Iunlhor Reflecto LGilr Pie erves 3,45 Typlng Certificalte., .1 I 1 s. I fx MI' .IW ' ynl, , ,f M -I V CO EFCI -Ha lee an autumn j or R ctor, yping Certificate ' se ves 3,43 IIS- 2,3,49 G Sp ts 2,39 H.A. 2. I .f Mflgii ELLEN BA R 'RUSTY' MAR l KT ' Col - . ie ' Oo . hall. juni 3, Hi-Y , 4- rslty 3 1' n LI 'al Arts l,2,3 QB ys' C 33 Spanish Cl b 3,45 Foot- ball I, ,4g Basketball 3,45 Intra- mural . f egg, If -IOA T L NJOANIED C0 erci -I1 ly lakes fl song r 1 r o sca the tl uds away. niO Reflect rg Typi g Certificateg la. Secre y 33 G' Reserves 3,4, . . . 13 I . 2,3, refident 479 .' nf ' ' S r 1,23 llilncl " ' . 14 I 1 BRUC I VN .Yi j d Industr' - oo sovwigoo S LJ f f' 'du' ecto afxslty 4 ' ' fl 5 Q xyl ll 2,1 ioeiljleside 'I f R servi.Foot dl I 2 39 's ziiggklgdggpil Ass' l3oys'gS?rg'e Cglzrm u 7: l 31.9 I l' 2'- DELORES EABCOCK 'DEE' College-Deviltry is ber middle name. Girl Reserves 3,45 D.S. 2,33 J.H.S. 15 Girl Sports 1,2,3,4. RO LAINID BA NHART KR "' effigy- Ely full ymljgbd ffizd , ' lfyohe. Z1 iff dv.fez 'I,AAx b1,6.3,4 's"Q ' ug 1. ot a 1,2 ba eglfimt ' qfEf?i1,2,3,43 JuXl,OrYXlafsit CIlub4,2. r, ' A GLENN BEIDLER College- You can tell him by tb noise be doesn'l make. I-ix-Y 2,3,43 Intramural 1. I ll ffl' v fx 1 . I Q f . l,!lY9 LELAND BELL, JR. College-A laugh for every occasion. Ili-Y 2,3,4g Industrial Arts l,2,3 Boys' Glee Club 3g Football I5 Intramural 3. CHARD BELL 'DICK' allege -He ' s on every maiden d breaks to any hearts. irsity C b Football 1,2,3,49 ack , ramural 1,2,3,45 Band 2131 My IALD BLOOD "JERRY" lege-Sports is his middle name. .or Reflectorg Varsity Club 2, 3,4, 'e-President4Jg Hi-Y 2, 35 Typing iificateg Class President lg Annual fg Football l, 2, 3, 4 CCO-Captain lasketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 3, 4 -Captain4Jg Wolverine Boys' State 3 ITH MA leg - fairness compounded, ki unbounded ior ectorg Annual Staffg :in ertificateg irl Reset es 3,43 . 2, ,4 CTrio 3:4 ' H. ecre- ' D5 Senior no olar- p 1,25 Lib aff , ,4g ldbook Sta . bRMAN BRUNNER NNORM' llege -He captures 1 girl rause of his curls. iss Vice-Pres de ys' Glee l Y 3 My 400 ll X l, lege It S ior e Club 3 yping ior Varsity Club 4. HIORS CHESTER BINGAMAN 'CHET' College -He leads them all a merry chase -the teachers and the girls. junior Reflectorg Annual Staffg Class President Zg Boys' Glee Club 33 junior Playg Sen'or Playg Honor Scholarship 1,2, ,43 ,arfd 1,2,3,-4 CVice-Presidentl Pre ide 3, Secretary 45. if MNT 4 gf ,f X JOHN BLOOM Industrial -Never discouraged, but willing to smile and go on. Intramural 45 Industrial Arts l,2,3,4. fs if Q' 'rfb l C .7 1 'P'.-I -' HK, '1 BARBARA BRINKMAN "BRlNKIE" College -Her heart is always doing lovely things. junior Reflectorg F.ll.A. 3,43 Typing Certificate. NORMAN M. BUCHAN KABEAH Industrial -He'll do what you ask, no matier what the task. Football 23 Track 2. :U--51' .1 NORM LE V KE' lndusr i - e oe 'I make a lot of od e Iii!-Is me-,of the other boys. B d 1,2 ',4. ' A KV llg CPM N A 15 DIORS JOHN WILFORD COOK 'COOKIE" College--We'll often see his name in the hall of fame. tr Spanish Club 2,59 Senior Play. LOLA DELONG "DODli" College -Pretty to walk with, witty to talk with, and pleasant to think about. junior Reflectorg Annual Staffg Prom Chairman9 Typing Certificate9 Class Vice-President 29 Girl Reserves 3,4, ILS. 2,3,4C'1'reasurer 459 j.H.S. 19 junior Playg llonor Scholarship l,2, 3,4,9 Bookstore. ,fr- GARD DOLPIP, Industrial -Always a pleasant outlook on life., " Industrial Arts 1,2,3,4gtenior Play. 'I ' ' - fail' 'ess' JACQUELINE ELLIOTT College -Personality plus junior Reflect0r9 D.S. 2 fDouble Trio 3l9 l.H.S. I9 Girl Reserves 3 49 Spanish Club 3,4 CTreasurer 415 Girl Sports l,2Q junior Playg Cheer- leader 1,2,3,49 Band Follies. ,x ,. A 2? of 5 ,,, ,ma 5 iz , 5' . - if ROSEMARY FAVORITE 'ROSIE' General -A pretty smile for every- 0715'- Typing Certificateq Girl Sports 29 Girl Reserves 3,49 D.S. 2,39 j.ll.S. li F.H.A. 2. .......,4g A L .eff l, DAVE COOPER "PAT" Industrial--An ideal leader--liked and admired by all. junior Refle torg Annual Staffg Class Presider 3, 4g ui-Y 2, 3, 4, Presider-153. Intramural 2, 3, 4, Junior Playg Senior Playg Boys' Glee Club 3g wljootball 2. 3, 4- ICO-Captain 4,3 Olverme BOYS' Stateg Industrial Arts 2, 3, 4 CSec'y 355 Martin lligl School 1 THEODORE ELLSWORTH DOAI 'TED' College -We never caught him speechless. junior Reflector-9 Library Staff 1 Hi-Y 3,49 junior Play9 Intramura Boys'iGlee Club 39 Prom Co-Ch: man9 Football 1,Z. JAMES EDWARD ELY 'klllwln General -A mannerzbrig t as summer sun, a pleasant word for everyone. Boys' Glee Club 3,4g Spanish -Clull 39 Hi-Y 2,3,4. DON ELY . Industrial-If he works like he 1 football, we'lI see his name eve where. Hi-Y 2,3,49 Varsity Club 2,3,49 Industrial Arts,1,2,3,4 CTreasurr President 5,9 Football 2,3,49 Int mural 3,43 Honor Scholarship 39 junior Varsit Club 1. 'Z44-GA , ?f,'4f"1-df A ' -3' ff' iff? DENNIS FIFE 'DENNY' College -A leader, a helper, a friend. Honor Scholarship 1,2,3,49 Hi-Y CPU-:sident 459 Boys' Glee Club junior Reflector CEditorD9 Annua Staff CEditorj9 Typing Certificatr Wolverine Boys' State. YRA ELLEN FOUST eneral -Gentle and kind, sweet 'd refined. .rl Reserves 3,43 D.S. 3,4g mite Cloud High 1,2 fr .r"'16 'SALIE FRANKLIN "RO" lle e -In her eyes a hrig t nlefe, in her Iaughia lig tin e. ping Certifica eg unio :torg Gir e v , nual , p , ,Junior Ulef' 'HN GARLAND "BUGS" rllege -Everyone's friend-you, rnder why? He thinks of more In the one called 1.3 -Y 2,3,4g Varsity CI b 25,49 ys' Glee Club 3' S " Club I , P 55 Football 1,2,3,'4g' r ck 1,Ql3,4: ramural 1,l2,3,4. X , I 1 -. lx I " 1 il 4 I , 5 ,l ECIL HAAS lustrial -Men of few words are 2 best men. ,W Le . I 3 W' l L 4 fl ' I f JROTHY Il E- ORTI' ' lmmefci Ls fb t,JpZk12, z af e, ll ofinand 1 too. ' if , ' eflgigglrglfypin Agrtifi- t irl etves ,-4 S. 2g,' ' .S. lg Girl Spor 3f4 f'Bfesi- nt 413 Clihensaglr law ' 1 f . ' .v QL I1 ORS BETTY F IMLIN NFRANKIE' Commerci Not 'Id nor Irish but a r just t same. Girl e erves 9 D.S. 2,3,43 Ha 5 Girl ports 29 F.H.A. 1,2. Y , D v ,I I 3 n y I if n f 1 y I . I If I J: DONA LIN I 'I' I ener -A fs like suhziilerg . e,, t nd c y. Res , s 4' a High I fir JERRY GASKELL College - r or sing than do rn h' Hi-Y 2 lub 2,3. JOANNE HANDY 'Joi' College -Lovely as a summer fjlower, makes at new friend every our. junior Reflector, junior Playg Senior Play? Honor Scholarship 15 Typing Certificateg Spanish Club 3,45 Girl Reserves 3,4 CVice-Presi- dent 413 Prom Chairmang Band 1,25 Class Treasurer 2. . ,xx .QCA EDITH MARLENE HILBERTNBABE Commercial -A leader in everything she tries, a friend on whom every- one relies. Annual Staff, Spanish Club 3,49 junior Reflectorg Girl Sports 2,3,4 CTreasurer 333 D.S. 4 CVice-Pres1- dent 453 1.1-l.S. lg Girl Reserves 3,4 CSecretary 433 Typing Certificateg Class Secretary 4. 17 DIORS College-Man with a million do ar personality. Boys' ' e Club 33 Track 2 ts St W WW I -X LORET SON 'J IE" Genera -ll ' I always nice to recall' omg s ofllhis 'den liked by al? W he juni? Rellxgtor Gir orts li Gi ese v , Q F. . 2,3,4. 'Q WT l fi DONALD JONES 'AL' College -Never known to admit defeat. . junior Reflectorg Varsity Club 43 Boys' Glee Club 3,42 'IjfaCk 1,4g Intramural 1,2,3,4g junlor Play? Senior Playg Football 1,2,3,4- DOLORES KARSTETTER 'DEBE' College-Her smile is no more sunny than bcr beart. Junior Reflectorg Typing Certificateg Class Treasurer Z3 Girl Reserves 3,43 Girl Sports 1,2,3,4g junior Playg Senior Playg Honor Scholarship 29 Library Staff 1,2,5,4CTreasurer 4,5 . , X MARY JEANIETTE KNAPPWAY' Commercial -Her pep .artrltsmile-xare ve worth wb ile. 'x justin' Reflectorg Typing Certificatkg Girl Reserves 3,49 junior Play. , ,,.-.,.LL , SX' sf, Y, x X 5:-' I f 'l!"" Y lk. L e,L.,.L, I W, K , ri JOYCE HULL "JO" Commercial -Afsmile that is rear cheery and steady. junior Reflectori Typing Certificz Girl Reserves 3,49 Girl Sports 1,2 , ,f ,hgfj ' ' iff ' 4,f,vtg9 Z C S ' EVERETTcjOIINSONy?EV"7 L4 Industrial -Quietness is the key to SHCCFSS. junior Reflectorg Industrial Arts l,2,3,43 Boys' Glee Club 3. 4,1 DWENDOLYN iNES College Lo mg on be brzglit 5 rather than the blue. Typing Certificateg Girl Reserve: j.H.S. Ig Spanish Club 35 Girl Sp junior Play Prompter. I I EV P EVIE' Co cess of pep, poi nd mzlity. Juni eflec rg Spanish Club 33 Class Secretary 35 Typing Certifi categ Girl Reserves 3,4g D.S. 2,3 CSecretary 453 Girl Sports 19 j.H.E ROBERT CLAWRENCEI BORGEl RBOB' Industrial -Worry is unknown to Industrial Arts l,2,3,4. CNW A ANN R ' A' Iomme ia A s eat with n v ile o s e . .,f . H flee ping Certificate, .. Q ve 3,49 D.s. 2,331-H.S. 1, 54. ' ,3,4g F.H.A. 1,2. Xi DUANE D. LUCAS "LUKE" Ifyjlzsfflal -Life is so short, let's H ave' un. Industrial Arts l,2,3,43 Intramural 3,4. 1 , , , . ,if ,' ,far ,fl.,,t,,.f ., fx, ll I f I ,ik 1 C 1 , f, - ' Ii, x 'x LyX Q0 UAl ix H STU" -16116 As go a h as 1, roula' o . , I Stur i Hi Gi , ,I V STANLEY MECULING HSTANW Industrial -Abe Lincoln luclstall, too, but he ufas11't gOOdllOOk,77lg- ll ,fi A T X pm: BETTY LOU M 1 E'i""BE'r " College-Her ri als are map , her foes - K I jj Girl Resef is 3,42F131.7il.lll'1,2,3,4 fVlC6' sident 4l. ti sl T - its V iff!" ' I J f'kV , if f 1 I I , f I - ts , Q 2. . . Q i , - . . , 'ig ,t ! , :l 5' :H -5 - arf'-1 - , A ' iiit i U - SEDIOQS MANCELYN LOWE RMANCY' College -She possesses a crown of iold. Gir Reserves 45 Band 43 Bad Axe High 1,2,3. ,alflfvu Je"f!' J' SHANNON MARIE LUCAS 'LUKIE' Commercial -She'll make any house a home. junior Reflectorg Girl Sports 1,29- Typing Certificateg D.S. 2,33 junior Play Prompterg Girl Reserves 3,43 F.H.A. 2,5. 1 I I NAN Y I " C 11 jus fS I from n. ' .f of CVO!! Prom Chairmang 355 C 1' fy 19 Girl Rleserves3,4g Spanish Club 3,43 D.S. 23 ,l.H.S. 19 junior Playg Honor Scholarship 1,2, 3,43 Handbook Staff. PATRICIA MITTS "PATTY" Commercial -There is nothing more queenly than kindness, and nothing more royal than truth. junior Reflectorg Typing Certificateg Girl Reserves 3,45 Girl Sports 1,29 Honor Scholarship 2. A 4 7177! DOUGLAS MO l 'DOUG' Industrial -qf ning of him we like to Ili hat he is ,liked so well. , V Typin' ertificateg Hi- tr' Arts 1,2,3'49 Hoy ee Qj1ub3, fflk f VT. ,I 1 I. I 1 . T ji ' 19 0 'RS HUBI2 IOIIN 'HSE' Indu l- nd to everyone. lndu ial .,2,3,4g Intramural .fl IV 1- -fp SYBELLA' CIXN PARFSS "CIS Com erci eA capqzb ehgqtd, and awil g fart. I V Typi Certificalgftiirlrg-serves 4 t K S e An, .J , -. all I IK ' C- ' jf S . " ' G ' ' alStaff ' x,.I C X r SH E N ' " -1 e S ,' . y nd Ju g h 1 to ll X Girl 5' r es 34g irlS t ,I 1.11 15 . ,ZE Por S PAULINE QUAKE Commercial -The heart of this maiden, with gladness is laden. Typing Certificate 39 Band 1,2,3,4. , .W 1- 7 Y .J 7 ' l ' ' , , I DALE ROBERTS CURLY College-They go wild, simply wild over me Club 4' Industrial Arts 1 2 3 4' Intramural 1 2 3. Tx N PY i Q , H2 .t Basketball 49 Track 3,45 Varsity EU KL J V If ' 20 4, '19 mr I , l f . I . .ff i"'f 'X f 5 IVAN NICHOLS 'NICK' Industrial -His good looks plus his magic way, make any maiden smile. Induirijllfflffs I,2,? 4.- sr QL I,,. I LLB' J, . , I Q uf 4 -ff lililgvtet Lffpf, ,Li A I t ,LX A! 4 .fi 1,45 1 ey: 1 MARY LOU PORTER College-She'd take the hest of everything and give it to a frien junior Reflectorg Annual Staffg Typin Certificateg Class Trea: 45 Girf Reserves 3,43 D.S. 33 Gi Sports 2,39 Honor Scholarship I r'Q...7Ql'!""l'-lf' V. 1 f.f. I ff,f f I DUANE QUAKE Il'lClUSfri3l - Thought is deeper than all speech. Band I,2,3,4. nw YW he . a M My the JOYCE REGAN "LIZ" College -Generally speaking, s generally speaking. Girl Reserves 3,43 Spanish Cluh YVONNE ROLLERSON 'CARM Cfbllege -Loved hecause she fi her days with words for others of praise. junior Reflectorg Girl Reserves D-S- 2,3,49 Spanish Club 3g can Sports 29 junior Playg Libraryi CV1ce-President 45. , . DRMA SCHMIDTENDOR F F " NORM" nmmercial-To know her is to fe her. rl Reserves 4. Aa .ii X I I ROL SCOTT KSCOTTIE " nmercial -Something to sing lui. , 'K ,Jai ior R flecrorg T pin Certificate, 5? Y S l Reserves 3,45 D.S. 2,145 ,S. 1, Junior Play, F.H.A. 2. GHT SMITH "SMITTY" V .strial-I don't let my studies rfere with my high school edu- on. lstrial Arts l,2,3,49 Intfamufal 1- KMES STANARD "BLACKlE" :neral - We expect great things you. -Y 2,39 Spanish Club 2,33 Senior ay, Band l,2,3,4. I I r 1RMA TASE Iommercial -As for me, 1 am the une all men are my planets. unior Reflector, Girl Reserves 3 ,4. A Wx R X i Q ,, Q, 'Karl X l 5, - ff -.. 4 'T , Q ,,.. 1 3 f an-f :fl f sd? JA HIORS HALENE CWOLCOTTD SCHULTHIES "MICKlE" Commercial- Three little words - quiet, sweet, and nice. t junior Reflectorg Typing Certificate, Girl Reserves 3,49 I.H.S. 1,25 F.H.A. 2. ' f PAULINE RUTH SHOOK USHOOKIE College -She can hola' her head with pride: the best and she are side hy side. junior Reflectorg Annual Staff, Typing Certificate, Class Vice- President 49 Class Treasurer 33 Girl Reserves 3,4 CPresident 419 D.S. 2,3,45 Honor Scholarship 1,23 Band Follies, Trio, Bookstore, Library Staff. HELEN MARIE SMITH College - We'll new r ai? Again why gentlemenpfiifb ndes. junior Reflecuor, Typing Certifi- cate, Girl Reserves'3,4g D.S. 25 J.H.s. 1I,Spanish'Club 3,49 Girl Spor sr-1, Cheeglleader 3,43 junior Pla W I ,f JANE STOCKING ROSS TRACY College -Keep in line, girls, you may get a chance. Typing Certificate, Band 1,23 Prom Chairman, Boys' Glee Club? Hi-Y 3,4 CSecrerary 45. 21 HIORS JOHN PAUL ULRlCll 'JP' College -A serious though! now and then, mixecl with all the fun. junior Reflectorg Baseball 4g junior Playg Senior Playg llonor Scholarship MARY GEORGIA VAN SELOUS College --Her lessons were flways done, but she slifll found' I nie for fan. -J junior Ref ector' Gil-mph? rves 3,4 Cfreaspre 415 go? la Prompter Library ecretafy1. Lf! I 0,6 l .11 if 0 llllwl Commerci EIU r on to thinle she's f s e es high on lhe glad se. pi i icateg Girl Reserves 45 ,3 . l.S. 13 Girl Sports 1,2, o PHYLLISJ Q upHILn , g F .A.1,2. DUANE WING RWEINNIE' College Xbu're only young once. lntramur l'l'l,2,3g Band 1,2,3. Q. ll , fl' M l Ax l'Yli,f' Nl id , .wif i: A A .V L SX, 1, i 1 l il 5 A A 7 1 22 . l pf K ef F All ,A 2 Q, ,z .1 D 4 , 2. C , Qt ,. V E A J ' N it Q, .Ay- 'rex gn 5 DONALD VAN L00 'DON' College -If only all boys coula dance lilee he Can. Intramural l,2,3,49 Senior Playg Band 1,Z,3,x4. ex f .L lx 1. fi -, U 4' x 1 . A ' X .i . 1' f xv N Xi KX it ,ciffg N' C SALLIE JANE WARD 'MUSCLE General-Dance, laugh, and he merry. Typing Certificateg Girl Reserv. 3,43 D.S. 29 J.H.S. 15 Girl Sport. 2,3,4 CVice-President1. ll A on my C1212 JUNE WESTERVELT 'BUTCH Commercial-A pleasing persor combined with a pleasing smile Typing Certificate 33 F.H.A. 3 CTreasurer 31? Girl Sports 2,53 4 Reserves 3,43 junior Reflector. Gmliln M JIM ZIMMERMAN "ZIMMY" College -A wonderful friend, a wonderful football man. Hi-Y 2,3,4 CSecretary 315 Varsit Club 2,3,4 fVice-President 31g Boys' Glee Club 39'Football 1, Baselball 2,3,4 fCaptain 413 Intr mura 2,3,4. 'x xqkmxs IASIT Ill AND GSTSAINGDII Be it known, that we, the Three Rivers High School Graduating Class of 1952, being, despite sundry evidence to the contrary, sound of mind, all adverse influences being in absentia, striving to contemplate without machination' that day when we shall be absolved from bonds of pedagogy which now govern our activities, and realizing that this is a vicissitudinous life, do hereby formu- late and declare this to be the First, Last, and Only Will and Testament of the Senior Class of 1952. We appoint Miss Lillian Comar as executrix of this First, Last, and Only Will and Testament, by virtue of her esteemed position of sponsor of our class. To the juniors, we leave the best seats in the auditorium. To the sophomores, class of '54, we leave the Discus Thrower which was left to us by the class of '48, which was left to them by the class of '44. We hope it will always remind them of Mr. Lasko To the freshmen we leave our school spirit. To the rhinies we leave our ability to stand under the pressure of hard work and merciless teachers so they, too, may become seniors. To the faculty we leave our never-dying sense of humor. We--Stanley Mechling and Alan Anderson--leave our shy and quiet ways to John Luck. I, Bruce Arney, leave my notorious giggle to Donna Fuelling. We--Betty Franklin and Nancy Avery--leave our long hair to Becky Porter. I, Delores Babcock, leave my big, brown eyes to Toots Massie. I, Mary Ellen Baker, leave my luminous red hair to Nancy Michel. I, Rolland Barnhart, leave my wide-awake look to Gus Armstrong. We--jim Eley and Martin Barth--leave our weight and height to Fritz Hagerman. I, Glenn Beidler, leave my dignified ways to Carol Bailey and Barbara Lintemoot who have trouble appearing dignified. I, joan Bell, leave my ability to stick to one man to janet Houldsworth. We--Leland Bell and John Ulrich--leave our witty sense of humor to Russ Cooper. We--Dick Bell and Don Van Loo--leave our ability to attract girls to Art Holden. I, Chester Bingaman, leave my place on the honor roll to my sister, Rosie. I, jerry Blood, leave my egotistical ways to my co-runner, George Carter. We--john Bloom, Ivan Nichols, and Cecil Haas-leave our rowdy ways to quiet Roger Decker. I, Edith Boles, leave my ability to chatter constantly to Barbara McCale. I, Barbara Brinkman, leave my quiet ways to Arlene Wing. I, Norman Brunner, leave my 'knack for always having a joke ready' to Ray Sloan. I, Norman Buchan, leave my salesmanship ability to all juniors in case they decide to sell magazines in their senior year. We--Herbert Coates and Jim Zimmerman--leave john Gearhart behind to carry on alone. I, Norman Coler, leave my dark curly locks to Bob Milhollin. I, John Cook, leave my acting ability to all future casts of the junior and senior plays. I, David Cooper, leave my cute red, curly hair to Ronnie Blood. I, Lola DeLong, leave my ability to play Cupid to Bob Moyle. I, Ted Doane, leave my powerful lungs to Normund Krievins. I, Gard Dolph, leave my red hair to Jim and John Foghino. I, jackie Elliott, leave my place on the cheerleading squad to my sister, Sharon. 23 last Ill ano testament I, Don Ely, leave my love for football to Jim Roberts. I, Rosemary Favorite, leave my famous yodeling ability to Larry Carter. I, Dennis Fife, leave my 'brains and know-how' to Jim Crego. Myra Foust, leave my friendly ways to Peter Titta. Rosalie Franklin, leave my smile to Betty Burns who's always smiling, too. I, I. I, Dona Fryling, leave my "hot-rod" to Sheila Haring. I, John Garland, leave my good looks to Larry Jones. I, Joanne Handy, leave my sweet disposition to anyone who feels downcast. Dorothy Hice, leave my sparkling blue eyes to Maureen MacGowan. Marlene Hilbert, leave my admiration for all Roberts' to "Reet" Tessin. Glen Huey, leave my colossal vocabulary to Frank Meyers. Joyce Hull, leave Dixie Mitts to walk to school every morning. We--Everette Johnson and Donald Jones--leave to see what we can find in the world. We--Dolores Karstetter and Mary Van Selous--leave to go horesback riding. Evonne Knapp, leave Mr. Blank's class, still not convinced. Jeanette Knapp, leave my tall stature to Sandy Gearhart. Robert Borger, leave my cheerfulness to Don Boudeman. JaAnn Longacre, leave my soft voice to Ramon Lasco. Duane Lucas, leave my gaiety--no, on second thought, I'll take it with me. Dale Roberts, leave my sympathy to all the girls still in school who will have to get along without me. Helen Smith, leave--for Michigan State. Sallie Ward, leave my brains to Burneice Wells. We--Phyllis Warner, Halene Schulthies, and Carol Scott--leave our 'school-girl days' behind to become successful housewives. I, Stuart Mahana, leave my Sturgis school sweater behind with the solemn promise to buy a purple and white one. I, Mancelyn Lowe, leave to seek Doc. I, Ross Tracy, leave! and just when I was beginning to feel at home. We--Sybella Parsons and Norma Schmidtendorff--leave all the notes we've written to any- one who's too tired to write their own. I, Joyce Regan, leave my laugh to Mary Lou Beal. We--Loretta Jackson, Pauline Quake, and Dwendolyn Jones--leave our quiet appearance to Harriet Eaton who always is so noisy. I, Jerry Gaskell, leave the school dances to Jim and Dave Hurd, who love to dance as much a We--Patty Mitts and Betty Lou Mohney--leave our dark hair to Iola Wolcott. I, June Westervelt, leave my naturally curly hair to Jack Burbank. I, Duane Wing, leave my height to Dennis Houghtaling. I, Mary Lou Porter, leave my straight A report cards to Bill Ruggles, who doesn't believe ther are such things. I, Yvonne Rollerson, leave my unassuming ways to all future seniors. I, Shirley Perry, leave my determination to ignore all males to Ann Lamb. We--Doug Mohney and Hubert Mohney--leave because there are too many Mohneys here now. I, Shannon Lucas, leave my love for the camera business to all other camera fans. I. I. L I. 1. 1. I. I. I. I. I. I. slo E I, Jim Stanard, leave those uncomfortable class room chairs and go home to a comfortable bed. , .si ln , f...L-exp. , ,air ,,. I, Pauline Shook, leave my cheerfulness, and there's enough to go around for everyone. I, Dwight Smith, leave Alice, much against my wishes. I, Erma Tase, leave my studious ways to Nancy Verhuel. I, Nancy Marvin, leave jake in the custody of Barb Handley. In testimony whereof, we have hereunto set our hands and seals of official designations this sixth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty two. C00-PDU ,Sean N31-9-SN-NI' Jf2.,a,,, QWMGQ, 1 f Iff56. to We hereby attest that the foregoing document was, at the date hereof, in our presences signed, sealed, and declared by the class of 1952, the above named testator, to be its First, Last, and Only Will and Testament, and we being two disinterested and unbiased parties, have at its request, in its presence, and in the presence of each other, signed our names as witnesses thereto this sixth day of June, 1952. QFNVCI PHA. CEM, Clsfzff class DRGDNGCV It was the year of 1969, and out north of the city of Three Rivers there was a small general store. The sign on the store said, Don jones, Proprietor. Don, Norm Brunner, and Duane Wing sat inside, near an old wood stove, and the three men were catching up on the latest gossip. "The other day," Don was telling, "Robert Lawrence came in here, and he was hoppin' mad. It seems jim Eley borrowed Robert's tractor the other day, forgot who he borrowed it from, and returned it to Mary Ellen Baker. She's in the farming business, too, you know. Now Mary Ellen won't give it back to Lawrence -she claims it's a pretty good tractor so she'll keep it." Duane commented, 'That so? Speaking of tractors, it seems Allan Anderson got his driver's license taken away for a short period and so he drives his tractor to town. Don't have to have a license for that, you know." Norm spoke up, "Say, did you boys know that Betty Franklin and Rosemary Favorite are singing on the radio now? Yep, thCy're on every Saturday night, spon- sored by Dolphie's Dog Food, invented by Gard Dolph. Loretta jackson was telling me about it last time I was at the hospital. Loretta is Superintendent of Nurses at the hospital now." About that time the door banged open and in walked Mary Lou Porter and Sallie Ward, carrying a gas can. 'How about a gallon of gas?" Mary Lou asked. "Ross Tracy and Glenn Beidler are down the road a ways and their car is out of gas. Sallie and I were passing by -hitchhiking home from Mexico- and volunteered to get the gas for them." Sallie added, "Better hurry. They're having a fit because they are late for work and they know that Kroger Store can't open without them." Don got the gas for them and they left. "You fellows heard about that new play that just hit Broadway?" Duane spoke up 'Dolores Karstetter, Joanne Handy, and Chet Bingaman have the lead parts in 'North Atlantic," And jackie Elliott has the musical lead, sharing the spotlight with Duane Quake and his jaZz band, 'The Quizzical Quakers.' And if I'm not mistaken, Babe Hilbert wrote that play." 'Speaking of New York, I was to Chicago last week," Norm volunteered. 'Did you see Barbara Brinkman and Carol Scott?" Duane asked. 'I hear they're teaching at a nurses' training school in Chicago." Norm replied, "No, but I saw lots others. Yep, went to the Aragon Ballroom and saw joan Bell -she sings there. Went to court one afternoon and heard Lola DeLong present a case - she's an up-and-coming lawyer now. Visited the famous laboratory in Chicago and talked to the head scientists, Glen Huey and Dennis Fife, who are working on their new invention, the Huey Bomb. And I ate lunch in jerry Gaskell's famous restaurant, 'jerry's joint. U The door banged open once again and in came Norm Buchan. "I'm selling tickets to the concert next week. Pauline Shook, accomplished pianist, will play. Edith Boles, magnificent soprano so- loist, will sing. Evonne Knapp, famed soprano, will sing.' 'Wonderful salestalk," Don applauded, 'and we'll all buy a ticket. Now, might as well have a chair and listen to the all-star game with us." He snapped on the radio and a voice said, "Hello, sportsfans. This is Herb Coates, your sports announcer, bringing you today's game. But first, a word from Coach Blood." jerry Blood's voice came, 'All I want to say is that if all my boys will play like my backfield men, Dick Bell and jim Zimmerman, wq'll come through." Then Herb intro- duced, "Now, a word from the opposing coach, Coach Cooper." Dave Cooper admitted, "We're up against a tough team, but it won't be easy for anyone to get through our line with Mart Barth, Don Ely, Bugs Garland, and Bruce Arney holding the fort." .M -i.1,,- .lie , af... ...., ....4,-, .4 ,L nl, .. S. The afternoon passed quickly, and the game ended in a 26-26 tie. The sound of cheering fans came over the radio as Dorothy Hice, cheerleader, led a 'Yea Team" for the Cooper Cats and Helen Smith, cheerleader, led a 'Yea Team' for the Blood Buffalos while the college band, di- rected by Norm Coler, played both school songs. The radio was turned off and talk turned to last week's motorcycle race that Dwight Smith nearly had cinched until Stanley Mechling came from behind on his scooter and won by a wheel. Then talk turned to the new Commercial course that Patty Mitts was introducing to T.R. High with Jeannette Knapp teaching shorthand, Patty teaching bookkeeping, Dwen jones teaching typing, and Sybella Parsons in charge of the machine room. The door opened and in came Erma Tase. Erma, they discovered, had bought the Three Rivers Commercial and was out trying to sell her first edition. They bought a paper and Norm Brunner began to read the latest news to the group. 'Cecil Haas just got elected mayor of Three Rivers. Yep, and I see John Ulrich is offering this year's seniors- a new and different senior trip-out West. Dale Roberts is coaching basketball at T.R. High now. Shannon Lucas won a cherry pie baking contest. It also says that john Cook, famous doctor from the hometown, is building a clinic in town, and Rod Barnhart is doing all the designing for the clinic. John Bloom is putting up a new farm implements store in T.R. Phyllis Warner and Halene Schulthies have organized a "married girls' club. There was a screeching of brakes, the door banged open, and in came Don VanLoo. 'Anybody interested in going East? One of my transport planes is flying East tomorrow, taking Nanka Marvin to an alumni tea at some Eastern college, and taking JaAnn Longacre to New York where she has a modeling job. We're coming back through Washington to pick up Ted Doane and Betty Lou Mohney, who both work for the FBI and are coming home on vacation.' Duane said, 'I heard you bought the Transport Air Line from jim Stanard. What is jim doing now?" Don replied, "Oh, he's planning his 1964 campaign. Going to run for president. Mancy Lowe is planning to run against him. Says she'll be the first woman president." Norm continued, "Yep, it says that in the paper. Also says that Dee Babcock and Joyce Regan are in charge of a nurses' college in Battle Creek. Ivan Nichols has his own auto repair shop in T.R. Hubert Mohney has started his own shop, too, and Everett johnson is the head machinist. It also mentions that Doug Mohney is going into business in T.R., and it really must be a big concern for he has two private secretaries-Nan Avery and Norma Schmidtendorff, and two receptionists -Myra Foust and Yvonne Rollerson. More news-Leland Bell won the hot rod races last Friday. Stuart Mahana has opened a new depart- ment store in T.R. june Westervelt is head of the office, Pauline Quake is in charge of the pur- chasing department, and Shirley Perry and Rosalie Franklin are the models. And one more item in the paper,' Norm concluded, 'Mary VanSe1ous owns her own rodeo show in Texas now." just then the door flew open and Dona Fryling rushed in. 'Come on," she said. 'Duane Lucas just com- pleted all his farm buildings on his new farm and he's having a celebration -a reunion of the class of '52." The store was vacated in a flash as everyone, including the proprietor, headed for the big celebration. u. , X, H Y . I - VIAIIQ' lvilzi unc' Amor .xw.xy." llltifxk' XYk'l'1'flH' 'LQUUKI ul' L14lVS.Y Hvlpmg h --. ,.,-.,.......-.11 41 lJ.u mlrc'.1rninlL wif N' 4 . .Q vv, xxv ax X., wi NU K XX , , ifw' ' 1 4 -rf L r L---amd VL' X. if ii ax, fl A Q .4 sLxndXU2l A 'syn 1 , gg W 'V Uyok if-W Qt., '5'wsP'a N: i ' A S, 4 K .Q gn sh K x 7 ac , .B x N-. 'Q . g ky X if-nr XA .f 41.7 " 'XUW , OUHYQ--, n 5? E 0 ffV12 4 3 L CX. N . Noni A L cr!u1nighz,',,, " NX c w er c Q 1 . - N. . , . x L . . 1 M, pf. . 2' bg, uvaggjf- FW 5 from mx 3 115' V, Q IL Huw I 'x N- , 4 i W, I S W --,.,k .S ' QQ annual staff 3137.2 DENNIS FIFE DAVID COOPER SHIRLEY PERRY Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Subscription Manager x I I NANCY MARVIN CHESTER EINGAMAN MARLENE HILBERT PAUUNFASHOOK GfaPhiC Edifof Assistant Editor Literary Editor Art Editor .-W, 7 wf:""""Z i , ,' Q WW Q "1-ln!" LOLA DELONG MARY Lou PORTER GERALD BLOOD P'-Aninhifik AM. ,,,. cus--- v-1-. 6 iw 29 EDITH HOLES ROSALIE FRANKLIN MARY B- ANDERSON Typist Typist Advisor HOUOI2 stuoents . , -Q ,fax 3? E ' 5 'sri ' 1 : . First Roux: john Ulrich, Dennis Fife, Chet Bingaman. Second Row: Joanne Handy, Nancy Marvin, Pauline Shook, Lola DeLong, Marlene Hilbert, Mary Lou Porter. lb classes 'L .Xb x x 4 px 5?? ' X fx 49 ,f x", OV T ,'- Q ' 'ZOE on ' Cl ff' Q fs I ,, ,, 5 ,Z K N 1 Xl C I If QQ -. ll. 0 9 f M Q M, Q L 'vfkw f Ml-5 -Q. fi' e 'iv '-1 X , f I I i 5 V S I .J I 4 kg - - , 554, f S 'via -- xi A U YY E 'ist' ff ' . Ag! 1:55 n U gp YV Y V i P E Y hy Yv- N I 542: -'Ze E Q ,,..g Q n , TEHVI Z' honon stuoents 121751 Ruwg Eugene Marvin, Mike Mapes. .Second Row: Berneice Wells, Karen Bramer, Nan Olin, Kate DeLong, jan Weiandt, Sandra Palmer. First Row: jean Johnson, Sandra Bittings, Jan Shumaker. Second Row: Second Row: Pat Carrier, Beverly Schmidtendorff, Bonnie Klingel, Judy Brandenburg, jean Penzotti, Louise Tregidgo, jerry jolly. intl A First Row: Eugene Fife, Larry Grimes, Norman Johnson. Second Row: Sally Peterson, Nancy Verhuel, janet Meyers, Narna Kem- merling, Lois Huey, Patsy Stickler. 32 1' First Row: Dorothy Baker, Mary Raed, Svfozid Rout: Adele Thomas, Sally Penzotti. Q Sl X Q F JUHIGQS 6 ff- l wr' K Nino lN1ns.nnri, pu-siderrtg Bernard Wittenberg, vice-prcsidentq Barbara llnndley, tra-asurcrg Kathryn lk-Long, secretary? Miss Mi1H.l'1Cf, advisor- This year was a successful one for us. Under the leadership of Miss Magner we started the year by selling hot dogs and cokes at some of the games. We spon- sored three post game dances. In january we put on a bake sale and selected our class rings. At last, on March 25, we presented our long awaited play "Our Town" by Thornton Wilder. Miss Gould did a remarkable job of directing and the play was a huge success. Then came the Prom which we had looked forward to sponsoring all through high school. We carried out a "Southern Plantation" theme and Lew Gorce provided appropriate music. After this very successful year, we feel experienced enough to assume the dignified role of seniors next full. Junlons First Row: Sherrill Sass, Shirley Reames, Sally Rose, Barbara Lee Ruth, jan Weiandr, Carolyn Wible, Jeannine Ruple, Margaret Watkins, Daisy Waters. Second Row: Verlynn Reed, Geraldine Thomas, Sylvia Tomlinson, Joyce Schmittler, Lois Riggs, Lenora Rindone, Burneice Wells, Grace Underwood, james Wittenberg. Third Row: Roger Wolf, james Wiseman, Jerry Wright, Gary Wilson, james Wilma, Richard Shutes, Bill Ruggles, john Stickler. Fourth Row: Bob Ruggles, Fred Zweering, Lavergne Smith. Missing: jack Burbank, Warren Alexi- ander, Phyllis Black, Jerry Bloom, Charles Chrisman. First Row: Ruth Buel, Harriet Eaton, Ramona Evans, Mary Arnold, Muriel Cole, Kathryn DeLong, Frances Fuller, Karen Bramer, Sandra Gearhart, Shirley Gottlieb. Second Row: George Carter, Roger Decker, Earl Ford, Douglas I-Issig, Bill Frederick, Donald Bent, Merrill Armstrong, Russell Breyfogle. Third Row: Norman Iimmons, Dwayne Donmyer, Donald Boudeman, Russell Dodge, Sam Green, Bert Fosdick, Gerald Bradford. Missing: William Mader, Cleon Soule, Robert Thayer, Charles Welburn, jan Wells. 4 JUDIOQS First Row: Nanette Olin, Maureen MacGowan, Sondra Mayer, Patricia Poe, Dawn Pendleton, Earnestine Pope, Vera Pope, Sandra Palmer, Marybeth Nash. Second Row: Robert Moyle, Mike Mapes, Donna Manier, Barbara MCCale, Sherry Sue McCullough, Sherril Miller, Becky Porter, Paul Miller. Third Row: Donald Mohney, Eugene Marvin, Jerry Mitchell, Frank Meyers, Nino Masnari, Paul McDonald, Jack Matthews, Rolland Nichols. Fourth Row: Bob Payton, Gary Orr, Bernard Nisonger. Missing: Marilyn Collins, Jerry Earl, Jerry Gaskell, John Gearhart, Pat Haines. '13 it fe First Row: Barbara Handley, Ann Lamb, Janet Houldsworth, Judy Leverentz, Jacklyn Haringer, Elaine Kleer, Carol Hackenberg, Shirley Hill, Shirley Jarrett. Second Row: Richard Jones, Fritz Hagerman, Mary Ellen Love- joy, Lynette Haynes, Carolyn Jones, Joan Kline, Delores Harsh, Gerald Henke, Third Row: Frank Lemmerhart, Richard Hicks, Lynn Herschleb, Gordon Knauss, Richard Kline, Jan Hagerman, Richard Hanson, Dennis lloughtaling. Fourth Row: Richard Kahler, Donald Houseworth, John Lott, William Hopkins. Missing: Norman Gearhart, Joann Kauffman, Robert Kipker, Ramon Lasco, Jane McC0sh, Bill Walter, 35 I31dyouw1nruQ to img? gk, If Wmrnrtxnmc day, 5' xx ck-n :ss , A ii" Um EL. Rjusr restingj' H1-yo Sliver! Pals! ff A fllan :S bas! fr i0f1GSt A be MQCOSII ,i , 54 X fx Y Y Q Q FX pei ? x ' sy E. x -l 'RSX v I "What'll you have?" L 'xi V MQ W N . . x 9- in L N 8 After the Ball was 'W 'Come up and get me." SODNOITTORGS ,your 95 6 K Q is -I3 Y., Shelia Haring, presidentg Larry Carter, vice-presidentg jim O'Dell, treasure-rg joan Shannon, secretaryg Mrs. Barlow, advisor. This year we sophomores sponsored our first post game dance which was held after our basketball battle with Dowagiac, December 1. We had a grand turn out and the profit boosted our treasury quite a ways. This spring we held a profitable bake sale and paper drive. Our sophomore year has been successful both scholastically and academi- cally. We had two boys on the varsity football team and as many as eleven on tl honor roll. 'f'1555C' 'Q' ,. SODHOITIORGS .,c!" 'ff .Q. f ,2"Ls - ' ,Q X L . 9.2 MQ, Firs! Row: Ruth Soule, Beverly Schmidtendorff, Arlene Wing, Joan Shannon, Julie Weiandt, Donna Slentz, Margaret Woodall, Marilyn Spence, litheleen Waddell, Carole Turner. Second Row: Neva Clase, Delores Stutes- man, Betty Spence, Joyce Tobin, Jan Shumaker, Bonnie Stoddard, Louise Tregidgo, Norita Tessin, liloise White . , . ,, , , - - ,, 1 d Shirley Wolcott, Linda luesley. TlJzr1IRou'.' Charles White, Raymond Sloan, James Walter, Harold Wester an , John Warner, Roger Stutesman, Jim Smagala, Irwin Tobler. Fourth Row: Richard Wetherbee, Dale Weinberg, Walter Schmidt, Larry Sindt, Bob Ulrich, Chuck Sohrt, Leroy Springer, Bob Worline. Missing: Myrna Wagner, John White. Mary We lhurn , . , 'J Cf 4 V 75-v, ,. w .,, , ,r,v.. . ,,,,, .Mr Huh A S-1 ai an J fi., 0 if J X , 'As ., in f, , , A I r 'i ' A V .5 5.0.1, rw A V N 5 Qinfk I X Q' , ' ily 6 . x A H: at 'L tl :RW gf n.- ,S P 1 'Wx 'Q' 'lv 4 L 1 v X I Q Y I sl W he J. HJ' f 1 'L '41 if .ff Yi, , ' L Ziff X' 38 i v tiff' fl 1' U Pauline Myers, Barbara Lintemoot, Pat Norton, Joyce Miller, Janet Miller, Edith Massie, Judy Rose Doris Meehling. Sc'c'or1a'Row.' John Luck, Linda Ruggles, Dixie Mitts, Virginia Rouse, Carlene Marietta, Jean Penzottx, .JlI'I1fYl7Cll. 'I'l9ira'Rr1w: Danny LeMieuz, Carroll Romig, Lee Mohney, Paul Miller, Jim Render, Roger Marvin, Bill Pierce, Carl Musser. Fourth Row: Norman Roberts, Dick Mast, John Marvin, Normund Krievins. A1iss1lng.' Robert Milhollin, Rex Oberlander, Jim Roberts. lfirsl Row: ,4 SGDNOITIORES First Row: Sandra Bitting, Betty Burns, Darlene Barkalow, Faith Cowley, Mabel Crise, Joan Burt, Carole Bailey, Mary Blood, Vada Carpenter. Second Row: Doug Brundige, Ray Bowers, Judy Brandenburg, Pat Dane, Monna Abrams, Rebecca Chiddister, Ronnie Atkinson, Jim Crego. Third Row: Floyd Curtis, Stanley Detwiler, Carlton Awe, Basil Ash, Jck Cunic, Duane Burgert, Richard Bixler, Lee Austermann, Ronnie Blood. Fourth Row: Lavern Bradford, Dick Doane, Richard Boughton, Larry Carter, Pat Carrier, Edgar Carter. Missing: Janette Buel, Dean Choinacky. First Row: Betty Hagerman, Mary Lou Hitesman, Pat Fryling, Shirley Flagg, Patty Hagenbuch, Janice Hasbrouck, Alice Kennedy, Dixie l-lagenbuch. Second Row: Jeanette Granzotto, Jean Johnson, Dolores Knapp Bonnie Klingel, Emilie Hemenway, Betty Hilbert, Sheila Harmg, Shirley Johnstone, Imogene Jones, Ann Garland. Third Row: Bill Gearhart, Eugene Hasbrouck, Clifford Franklin, Jim Gleason, Jerry Jolly, Dick Hawkins, Carl Jarrett, Larry Jones. Fourth Row: Jim Kramb, Gerald Johnson, Walt lmel. Missing: Arthur Holden, Fay Hull, Mary Keller, Mary Kent. 5 T. fn L A, , 4 f W1fh 7'5" ,, ,QTZZMPWX in .HQ I . L , iw, , Y , Q. 5 -5 4 sr., , w, ,, , N fin , , KUNG g W X nv i 'Anybody wanna fight?" h-jk, ff -'+A' ff.x - 11,0 My PYF-inlid 1 Q' S xv th X uc' 'rg- tvk, A Quill 1 fAI4Fc'wiD by on - I , "' f , See no evil. , Q .425 7 ,NW -an lcd 11,4 4 fbi" ll JW i ', - S! ",' My be S f frfen, ,, J v mn' . y, 44, 111 1 VL, xx, I:l26Shm Ianet Meyers, presidentg Jim Hurd, vice-presidentg Nancy Ver- ieul, treasurer: Mary Lou Beal, secretaryg Mr. johnson, advisor. This was our year. As freshman we felt more ex- perienced than the rhinies and were well acquainted with the school. We attended the dances and games sponsored by the various cluhs of the school. Our greatest achievement was the pnper drive which helped increase our treasury. We were proud of the fact that two of our reserve football players were promoted to the varsity tovvnrd the end of the season. They were jim liurd and Larry O'I7ell. Although we had fi lot of fun this yenr we nre looking forward to the next year. 41 Dzeshm - w I Y ' Y .r 'J M' N' ,J 1 ,. V ,4 v ,, - A9 74 f "M 'TT' . 5 Q31 F N 'i.'1Lai: , ':f,,:f.i:'1, 7, My , yah: ' Y . 193 ' 4 A x t 1 W i i iv 5 ' illegal First Row: Aletha Arney, Mabel Arnold, janet Chapman, Carolyn Brooks, JoAnn Dunnington, Darlene Crane, Beverly Cooper, Daisy Anderson, Caroline Coler. Second Row: Mary Lou Beal, Sheila Blalock, Sharon Elliott, Beverly Avery, Carmella Dragoni, Theresa Eirschele, Shirley Edwards, Dale Brundige. Third Row: Ronald Cunic, Ronald Evans, Fred Cordola, Russ Cooper, Joe Blood, Earl Avery, George Diechrich, Todd Beck, jay Bobb. Fourth Row: Larry Bullock, Dwayne Detwiler, Dennis Bowlby, Richard Earl, jerry Collins, Dale Bingaman, Gene Beidler, Wayne Crippen. Missing: Ann Carroll, Bruce Coler, Donna Hagerman, Mary jo Hicks, Arlene Kline- S-nLQ"!7,. Yau A ,r T .Q Q9 'fu ee-M A First Row: Marlene Knapp, Mama Kemmerling Lorelie Fuller Lois Hu D ' k B ' Ilouldsworth, Donna Fuelling, Pat Gottlieb. Siecond Row: John Foghingfi,Ray,rllSeiiscChliLl3I:,PaitK,a1?frf?1igSriy,Dhei3i1fa Iforeman, Noreen Hughes, Barbara Kline, Ronald Kline, james Griffin, Charles Geafhart, Third Row.. lien Ford V ' . our ow: oug ri in oger os 1 ' H G'1b F 4 . Johnson, Russell Kelly. Missing: Cierald Kramb' c , ewis outs, 1 err OX, Dave Hall, Eugene Fife, Norm 42 N I flzeshm n Firsl Row.' Nancy Verhuel, Margaret Van Selous, Donna Wells, Connie Wilhelm, Mary Sue Taylor, Joann Wood, Ramona Thompson, Ruth Schwab, Donna Weiandt, Francies Young. Second Row: Irene Geier, Shirley Spooner, Maureen Stevenson, Iola Wolcott, Delores VanAtta, Dorothy Swiatkowski, Carole Taylor, Betty Woodall, Dick Poe. Third Row: Ronnie VanAtta, Eddie White, Ken Romig, Dick Schmidt, Ken Scott, Ronald Evans, Ron Schultz, Ronnie Hackenberg, Tom Smith, Sam Wagner. Fourth Row: Clay Mohney, Max Sussdorf, Kent Thompson Bob Stumpf, Bob Zerfas, Doug Turnbull, Bill York, Chuck Price, L. D. Rockwell, Dan Townsend. Missing: Raymond Schmidtendorff, Hazel Shumway, Pat Stickler, Eugene Swan, Dale Tavernier, Peter Titta, Judy Tobin, Linda Weiandt. irst Row: Ardith Norton Nanc Radke, anet Rhodes, Joyce Jackson, Mary JO I-110255 Sally Peterson, Efta Iliewis, Barbara Kline, Deilores Martin, Jegxn Miller. Second Row: Judy Olin, Sandra'Ne1ghb01-US, NHUCY Mmhel, Sara Murphy, Doris Rabbers, Janet Myers, Beverly Nichols, Carlene Rifenberg, Jackie Miller: Gwen Marvinzi Third Row: Peter Lang, I..aMar Peters, Judd Miracle, Ken Roush, Clarence Roberts, Larry O Dell, lim Hui' v Richard Marusek. Missing: Stanley Losik, Charles Monroe, Donald Muffley, Fred Newman, Sylvester Oden, Norma Paul, Harvey Price. 3 f 1 , , ,A ,J Q ,g, M, -fx 1 A, Lusk f .. fu? had to Slay k:?lL ini ' -s-tg ff? M" K , ww. 'C rp Sweet and lovely J A 1" "Don't hit me! " l' ,S LA or km 5. ., wh M14 Masculine! pulchritude XX' 111,111 5f1Ql,9 W KCIUYL "Don't take- my X YQ Rhlhl . Dave Hurd, presidentg Ed jonker, vice-presidentg Sally Penzotti, treas- urerg Roger Wiedenbeck, secretaryg Mr. Thompson, advisor. Our first year of high school was full of new experiences and hard work. We attended the dances and other activities and plan on sponsoring some of the activities next year. As a class, we are looking forward to joining some of the clubs and entering the cluh activities. Several of the hoys went out for reserve sports and did a good job. Rhlnl -.u-1+ ' .L ixkt ,Xl W' X 'Wu I-'irsl Roux' Martha llouts, Jean Groiean, Sandra Hill, Barbara Hack, Carol Jones, Jeannette French, Karen Fox, Jessie Goldsmith, Joyce Jarrett. Second Row: Janice Horner, Annette Hall, Betty Henschel, Joyce Hill, Daisy linir, Marie Jones, Barbara Foreman, Charles Hill, Jack Jurhs. Third Row: Norman Gregory, Dale Hagenbuch, Willard Harder, James Jackson, Ralph llemenway, Carroll Hogden, George Holm. Fourth Row: Paul Juclsen, lfred Jackson, James Handy, Sam Hagerman, Dave Hurd, Ken Hill, Edward Jonker. Firsl Row: Gail lirickson, Margaret Castle, Martha Brooks, Beverly Anderson, Cora Cook, Marsha Briggs, Jacquelyn Hera, Sandra Bellazza, Sharon Baker. Second Row: Mary Ann Breth, Betty Barkalow, Ruth Anne Dean, Rosalie liingaman, Betty Barth, Barbara Ash, Carol Edwards, Dorothy Baker, Nancy Baker, Judy Emmons. Thirfl Roux' Kenneth Davis, Philip Breece, Larry Drew, Melvin Davis, Dennis DeBest, Bill Burns, James Coler, Alex Atkinson. Fourth Row: Gerald Evans, Dick Bobb, Mike Comar, Mike Carrier, Charles Anable, Robert Bishop. Mi.s.s'1'r1g: Stanley Bixler. 46 Qhlnl jf. ,4,'4,g . dia :fc Z Firsl Row: Betty Lovejoy, Janice Mayer, Betty Oswalt, Harriet Miller, Donna Naylor, janet Kipker, janet Lintemoor, ljlsieann Pritchard, Violet Nichols, Bonnie Minniear. Second Row: Norman Linsner, Ralph Kar- stetter, Shirley Kline, Nancy Mechling, Betty Mohney, Shirley Losik, David Kauffold, Walter Headley. Tlv1'ni Row: jim Knapp, George Miller, Duane Lunsford, Franklin Keith, jerry Knauss, Bob Murphy, Lorenc Lane, Roger Mayer. Fourlb Row: Marion Leister, Keith Mohney, Michael Milhollin, Charles Oberlfinder, Steve Lierrnln lBnl ' "S rzrsl Kowi Kose , D l Q , , y , ar ara Reed, llelen Turner, Shirley Stark, Conn1e'Steininger, Nancy Pritchard. Second Row: johnny Sanders, Roger Wiedenbeck, Sherry Palmer, Sally Pr-I-nZOtt1, Mary' Reed, Nancy Swinehart, Sandra Shire, Sarah Waters, jack Roberts. Thin! Row: Donald Paul, Larry Quake Richard Thomas G NX" ll ann Rhodes, Shirlee Reed, Adele Thomas Wilma Stoddard jo ce Ware B b d9rf, Fred Rossow, ,lames Rose., Fou lb R ,- 'lk e: Sl Anhll' Toblerl Tad Pendleton' Golden Smlitcn' r ow Nic Sass, lred Patrick, Robert Snyder, Carl Slocum, Larry Welburn. 47 - 2 A A A 2 lv' X' 'X my M N 'nil hai' . Il uyyw flew Sv v ? i r 1 I Summertime Kappa Kappa .fjfwlg-I 'A ' I dnn't thmk I know the answer, teache rl 5 1 Wa Kappa Gamma fy 'Y 6 pp ' mf f?-1g43' p' ACUVIIIISS Lfw I Jil' I, ,Q Qilfef X ja 4' x' KX .. x4' fL A---iuKai.xuc g 'Way I Q93 WX K KA!! I ' 'k V34 2: :G N- ' I ,556 4 1.6 K Z " Q. Q S - . , f J-42509515 ffri YL fd um f - CQ f X? 5 , ,A . 1 A f g Y , -5 Vlwly ---l. 1 y I rf: 5' LF I"ll'Sf Runs: Shannon l.uci1s, 'loycc Regan, 'lonnne Kauffman, Dorothy llicc? Marlene llilhcrt, Sallie hard, Delores linhcock, In Ann l,1lIlgllL'1'C, joan llull. Swror1dlZou'.' Carol Scott, Putty Mitts, lkwlorcs Knrstuttcr, Xlury Lau- Pnrtcr, Inycr: Hull, Rosemary liavoritc, Loretta jackson, llvulene Wolcott., Nzlncyrzhcry. lhlniiRim'.' Xliiry lyllisn Hiilzur, lrninncttc Knapp, Henry lfriinlilin, Nlyrri lfoust, Rosalie Franklin, lzvonnc lxnnpp, llclcn Smith, liutkty Xiivhncy, Yvunncillullcrscmn. llllllflh Run: llwcnrlolyn lanes, klunc llcstcrvclt, lfrnigl Tnsc, Mary Xldll Salons, lfuulinc blwnk, Lulu, Shirlcy Perry, Nanlcu Nlurvin, Joanne llamly. ...... - - i x ,1-x- 50 lffmt I3uu,: Muriel Cole, Sunrlm Gr-urlmrt, Shirley jurrcrr, Grace- Unrlcrwnurl, Sondra filnycr, ,Innn Kline, Daisy 'Mini-rs, jun Wciarirlt, Clrirul llrxckciihurgz, Shirley llill, ,Icnnninc Ruplc. S'vr'm1il'f'Qfm'.' Sully Ross, Sherrill Nliller, Cliirnlyn Wilmlc, lxiirwral llinilonc, Carolyn jones, lfrncstinc Pvpc, VL-ral ljopu, l.ivix Riggs, nlzlckir- llairingcr, Put POL, Cicrail-line' 'I'l1oni.1r:, ll.irlmr.1 Ruth. TfifrrfRm1,- Shirley llemncs, ll.1H1UI1L1 lfvunb, Shy-rry Suv Xliifiilloiigli, .Iurly l.uvL-rvnw, l.ynctLL: llnyncs, Phyllis Khirncr, S5-lu-lla Parsons, Nornm Schmirltomlortiti, Xlnncvlyn Lowa-, Xlary lic-th Nimh. lfwrzrfli limi: Shy-rrill Sass, Shirley Gottlieb, Kuta DL'l.UI1j1, lfrzlncfs Fuller, Xliuirccn X1z1rQ9mx'.1ii, lunar lliiulilawnrrli, Nan Olin, Mary lille-n l.m'r'iny, -loyrc Schmirtlc-r, Dolores llnrSh, Dnxvn Pcnrllc-ton. lffllf' Ron: Sanrlr Viiliiicr, Knrifn lirniiicr, Sylviii lomlinmwn, liiirhiirii llrxndlcy, Ann Lnnih, Hr-clay Imrgr-r, llnrricrt lfnron, Ruth Nucl, lhxrlmrzi Nic! ailc, lJUl1HL1 Miinicr. qml nesenves You might say that a Girl Reserve year starts in the spring, because it's in the spring that they say good-by to the graduates and install new offi- cers. Then in September all junior girls receive invitations to join the Club and are subjected to an informal and a formal initiation. After the initiations this year a real western roundup at the E'l3ar None Ranch" was the year's first all school party. Christmas found the girls selling Christmas cards, presenting a chapel, and having their club Christmas party. The formal was "An Evening in Parisn with Ray Fifer's orchestra, a park, a sidewall: cafe, and a modern art exhibit. They next sponsored a post game dance featuring, an all girl orchestra. In the spring the girls made Faster favors for the hospital and spent a weekend at St. lXlary's Camp, and lo and behold, another year was over. C2 pv- Seurml: Miss Weber, advisory Pauline Shook, president, Miss advisorg Sf11rm'rng.' Marlene Hilbert, secretary, Joanne Handy president, Mary Van Selous, treasurer. 1 "Don't st ick mel" Sleepytime Gal C Qc, f .L Wx. lsllrlfll oo .C li zrll,lQf?3grgf... 5-iiirimi .. Y fm ,, W-au, .wwf an lggfiggi , amiga: Y. 1,4 H.. . Johnnie Gibson, vice- Appleseed 51 Q57 ffirsr Row: Doris Mechling, vice-presidentg Miss Avery, advisor, F.h.A. Our local F. H. A. club is a part of both the state and the national organization. Their ple for the year was all setup in advance, beginni with their initiation. To get practical experie in entertaining they held a supper for their dac on November 21, and a boy-girl mix January 36 and entertained an out-of-town F. H. A. In the spring the F. H. A. attended civic play in Kala mazoo, presented a style show, and held their ceremony conferring degrees. They ended thei year with a May morning breakfast and picnic three days later. Shirley Reames, president. Second Row: Janice llasbrouck, treasurer, Sherrill Miller, secretary, Beverly Schmidtendorff, corresponding secretary. Firsf Row: Sandra Palmer, Shirley Reames, Doris Mechling, Joyce Schmittler, JoAnn Wood, Ramona Thompson, Jeannine Ruple, Sherrill Miller, Shirley Flagg. Second Row: Janice Hasbrouck, Carol Turner, Iola Wolcott, Clarlene Rifenberg, Judy Rose, Donna Slentz, Rebecca Chiddister, Mary Blood, Neva Tase. Third Row: Aletha Arney, Jacklyn Miller, Betty Lou Mohney, Barbara Brinkman, Loretta Jackson, Betty Lou Greg, Beverly Schmidten- dorff, Ruth Huel, Shirley Wolcott, Donna Miller. 52 BUSINESS IDOUSITRY EDUCATION CA mf--Q In 1949 the Three Rivers Teachers' Club with the cooperation of the Chamber of Commerce promoted a Business Industry Education Day and have continued this project in 1950 and 1951. Instead of having one full day this year, the program was scheduled for two afternoons. The purpose of such a day is to acquaint the faculty and student groups--juniors and seniors-- with the type of industries and businesses in Three Rivers. Such a day creates a better understanding of the problems that face business and industry as well as the school. The program for this year was as follows: A Flannel Board presentation by a representative from Dow Chemical of Midland, Michigan, visits to seventeen businesses and industries, and a banquet. Mr. J. Don Phillips of Hillsdale College acted as narrator for the discussion groups at the banquet and Dr. Arnold Schneider, head of the Business Department at Western Michigan College, was the main speaker after the banquet. With the help of the students and business men the following committee laid the plans for this year's B. I. E. Day: Teachers--Howard N. Dickie, Co-Chairmang Phyllis Gibson, Co-Chairmang Mary Andersong Veryl Clarkg Paul Frenchg and Lillian A. Comar, President of Teachers' Club. Business Men--Dr. Roscoe 1. Fortner, Chairmang Arthur L. Jonesg "William llolbertg Harley Shookg Adam E. Armstrongg 'Xfalter llorstg and William J. Bott, Secretary Chamber of Commerce. Yi ' . l' '35-. J. h. First Roux' Linda Vleiandt, Karen Fox, Janet Meyers, Judy Tobin, Sandra Neighbours, Marlene Knapp, Carol lidwards, lilsie Ann Pritchard, Janice Mayer, Betty Lovejoy, Roseann Rhodes. Second Row: Sharon Elliott, Janice llorner, Noreen llughes, Sara Murphy, Pat Kauffman, Aletha Arney, Judith Emmons, Sally Penzotti, Jean Grojcan, Gail Erickson, Joyce llill, Daisy Fair. Third Row: Martha Houts, Mary Jo Lucas, Donna lfuelling, Jackie llera, Mary Ann Breth, Betty Barkalow, Janet Lintemoot, Dolores Martin, Mary Sue Taylor, Sherry Palmer, Marna Kemmerling. Fourth Row: Nancy Verheul, Shirley Edwards, Francis Young, Donna Xkeiandt, Marie Jones, Annette Hall, Marsha Briggs, Patsy Stickler, Etta Lewis, Beverly Anderson, Nancy Swinehart. Fifth Row: Lorelie Fuller, Lois lluey, Mary Lou Beal, Shirley Kline, llelen Turner, Barbara Ash, Ardith Norton, Nancy Michel, Nancy Radke, Betty Henschel, Wilma Stoddard. The Junior High Singers are eighth and ninth grade girls. This year they met first hour every Tuesday and Thursday. In most cases this year's group has made fine progress. They sang for a chapel and took part in the Spring and Christmas concerts. Pat Stickler and Nancy Michel were accompanists for the group. I M. J' ID! 3 '-1 I f -J .f dlx X7 :J J sa Sealed: Nancy Verhuel, president, Judy Tobin, vice-president, Standing: Marlene Knapp, secretary, Miss Donovan, director, Aletha Arney, treasurer. 54 O. S. CIUB Firsr Row: Carolyn Bailey, Jeanette Granzotto, Julia Vleiandt, Faith Cowley, JoAnn Burt, Mary Lou Hitesman, Margaret Watkins, Pftheleen Vladdell, Carol Scott, Dolores Knapp, Louise Tregiclgo. Second Row: Muriel Cole, Sandra Palmer, Mary lillen Baker, Shirley Jarrett, Jeaninne Ruple, Jan Shumaker, Bonnie Stoddard, Lynette llaines, Yvonne Rollerson, Barbara Lintemoot, Norita Tessin. Third Row: Jean Penzotti, Kate DeLong, Marlene llilbert, Pauline Shook, JoAnn Kauffman, Jean Johnson, Marilyn Spence, Myra Foust, Daisy Waters, Ann Garland, Darlene Barkalow. Fourth Roux' Pauline Myers, Mary Blood, Pat Dane, Alice Kennedy, Fran Fuller, livonne Knapp, Pat Poe, Barbara Ruth, lirnestine Pope, Vera Pope. Fiflb Row: Joan Bell, Lola DeLong, Betty Franklin, Donna Slentz, Judy Rose, Carolyn Vkible, Jan Vleiandt, Lois Riggs, Beverly Schmidten dorff, lilaine Kleer. The D.S., made up of senior high girls, has had a very successful year under its new direc- tor, Miss Donovan. As is the yearly custom, they gave a Christmas concert as a gift to the community. In April they presented the annual Spring concert and throughout the year they sang W at chapels. The accompanists this year were l Pauline Shook, Jean Johnson, Fran Fuller, and Pat Norton. The double trio consisted of JoAnn Burt and Pauline Shook, sopranosg Edith Boles and Louise Tregidgo, second sopranos, Carol Scott and Daisy Waters, altos. i Seated: Marlene Hilbert, vice-president, Joan Bell, president, SlH7'1dZ'77g.' Evonne Knapp, secretary, Miss Donovan, director, Lola DeLong, treasurer. 55 '+--1?-ff' X L - ,w 3. 34441-as 134 , in 31881 . 3 A Q I 4 LM 'i fl . AV ztigz jf 3,1341 1 Lfff-v-3 i ' 1 - I ' . . a A i i Vs v Q tiff-3 5 fi 4 i ifslsll ,.cx1"fQ5"f'aL-...... ' fs. f'.A'48"', ' ' "EW f' cf 9 Kit 'o JJ' J!-4 5 5 45485: ' , . 4 8 Q L I .A ,- ' P I BGYS GIGS ClLlB First Row: Fritz Hagerman, Erwin Tobler, Carroll Romig, Dick Doane, Ray Dean Bowers. Second Row: Donald jones, Chuck Sohrt, john Warner, Don Ely, Paul McDonald, Ronald Atkinson. The Boys's Glee Club did a very fine job this year under the direction of Miss Margaret Donovan. Their participation in the Christmas Cantata and the Annual Spring Concert merits our worthy compliments. Although they organized last year, this is the first time they have been on a regular schedule, meeting first hour on Fridays. A km I Xl. fx X K V, - G Q Q Q I K ft ,of f , .X fi if' ,411 ,ff " iff ff W -vs 'L 5 l ' 5 A 9 os nc, PW 5 ic N' I 1 XL A-an-n"'-"" Z 57 - ' . yi" ' C D t A r r - A SDAHI h CIUB lfirsl Rnuu' Marlene llilhert, llelen Smith, Rosalie Franklin, Mary Lou Porter, Nanka Marvin, Joanne Handy, Barbara Handley, Judy Leverentz, Karen Bramer. Second Row: Shirley Johnstone, Muriel Cole, Nan Olin, Kathryn DeLong, Janet llouldsworth, Ann Lamb, Maureen MacGowan, Sally Rose, Pat Poe. Third Row: Pat Norton, Mary Beth Nash, Yvonne Rollerson, Joyce khmittler, Dawn Pendleton, Arleen Wing, Betty Hilbert, Julie Weianclt, liolores Knapp. lfourlh Roux' Hob Moyle, Russ llreyfogle, Merrill Armstrong, Frank Meyers, Ramon Lasco, Jerry Wright, Fritz llager- man, Bill Ruggles, Martin Barth. The Spanish Club is made up of people who have qualified hy having at least one semester Spanish. Mr. Manker, its sponsor, was new to ' Three Rivers this year, and both he and his win devoted a lot of time to the club. The first meet ing of the year consisted of electing officers an. planning the cluh's activities for the year. Late meetings included a Christmas party and ahayrid - n Bula Moyle, presidentq Fritz Hagerman, vice-president, Jackie lillint, treasurer, Judy Leverentz, secretaryg Mr. Manker, advisor. 5 8 ARSIIV ClLlB Q,-To Roig- jerry Mitchell, Ray Sloan, jim Zimmerman, john Gearhart, Bill Ruggles, jim Roberts, liill Ra ttrs, I ruce Dirnkeys, Second- Rong- Dave Cooper, Dick bell, jerry Blood, George Carter, Lavergne Smith, Mdmfllfj 145550, 'C Pllufffsf Mllie MHPQS, Pat Carrier. Third Ron: Fritz Hagerman, Don lily, Larry jones, iffflg Bfilliffonlili lUU,llUI'Cil, lim Crego, Don Boupdeman, Dick jones, john White. Fourfb Row: Martin art , o 5 ugg es, line O Dell, Frank Myers, Nino b'l3Sl'li1I'1, Larry 0'Dell, Don jones, Roger Marvin. fi? rc- 'ax David Cooper, president, Jerry Blood, vice-presidentg George Carter, 'easurerg Mike Mapes, secretaryg Mr. Blank, Mr. Fuelling, Mr. Yancey dvisors. ' This year the Varsity Club, composed of boys who have won a varsity letter in any sport played in T. R., promoted several new projects. Some ofthe new projects carried out by the Varsity Club were the selling of Wildcat T-shirts and sweat shirts, the promotion of a Klleat St. joe' Week during basketball season, and sponsoring a junior Varsity Club which is made up of boys who have won a reserve letter. At tournament time they sold basketball pins to the fans with the Wildcat emblem on them. With the co-operation of all the club members they handled the concessions at the basketball games. This year the club even took over sponsoring the Industrial League basketball games with out-of-town teams. The Varsity Club purchased new track uniforms for the entire track team. They made a presentation to the school early this spring. The success of their projects was all made possible by the Varsity Club advisors, officers, and members who worked conscientiously the whole year. 59 hl- ..-vg. -Ll -41 lfnqp leant: john Garland, Lee Austerman, Bernard Wittenberg, Fritz Hagerman, Dick Doane, Norm Brunner, Herb Coates, jinw Zimmerman, Glenn Biedler. Second Row: Lynn Herschleb, Roger Wolf, Paul' MacDonald, Russ lireyfogle, Dong lxssig, john Stickler, liugene Marvin, Donald Boudeman, Bill Ruggles, jim Roberts, jack Burbank. 'l'lv1r1l Rona: jerry llright, jerry Gaskell, Bruce Arney, Dave Cooper, Roger Decker, Don l'.ly,XRod Barnhnrt, Martin Barth, Ross Tracy. lfwurrla Row: Carleton Awe, Irwin Tobler, Dick Hawklns, jim O'Dell, Clifford Franklin, 'llwl llonnc, Dennis Fife, Leland Bell, jim Fly. 2 The Hi-Y Club, advised by Mr. Stutesman, held its initiation in September. During the fall, club members . sold streamers and programs at football games. In Cctober the club was host to all Hi-Y and Tri-Tli-Y clubs in the St. joseph district at a district conference and banquet. Eugene Marvin and Dennis Fife were representatives of the club at the Hi-Y legislature in November. Prior to the second semester initiation, the Doctor O'Dell presented a series of talks to the club. in May and concluded the year's activities with a social gathering and installation of new officers. Yvrllvifl Bruce Arney, vice-president, Dennis Fife, president, S'lmnlmg.' Don Boudeman, treasurer, Mr. Stutesman, advisor, Ross Tracy, secretary. G0 The Hi-Y club sponsored a successful all school party Firsl Row: Roger Marvin, Bob Ulrich, Dick Hawkins, Lee Austerman, Dick Doane. Second Rouy: Roger Stutesman, Irwin Tobler, Doug Essig, Norm Brunner, Paul MacDonald I"f1sl lxlflllh' Dick jones, jim lTavi s, Gard Dolph, Floyd Curti s, Hob lllrich, Dick Hawkins, Frank l,vmmt-rlmrt, john Vaarner, Richard Wetherhec. Serrmn' Row: john Bloom, Ronnie Cunic, Paul Miller, Donalil Nluflley, Stanley Dcftwiler, lloh ferfas, Dick Kahler, Warren Alexander, Martin Barth. Third lJwu.' Doug Griffin, Duane Lucas, Dwight Smith, Hubert Mohney, Doug Mohney, Clyde j ackson, Dave Ciiiipi-r, If-rucc Arney, john Ciearhart. Fozzrffw Rozw: Dick Marusek, Kenneth Ford, Charles Vlelburn, I,avL-rpne Smith, Gerald llcnke, Leland Hell, Ivan Nichols, Gerald Collins, Don lily. lfirsr lion: Wayne- Clrippin, jim Xlixlters, Carol Romig, Dale Weinberg, Russel Cooper, George Diethrich, Bill Hopkins, lfrt-tl Cjortlola ,Stu m1flI?ouf.' Bill Mndcr, Lamar Peters, Kenneth Romig, Kenneth Scott, jim Foghino, jim Griffin, jim Kramh, lfxercrt johnson. Third Row: Charles Chrisman, LeRoy Springer, Norman johnson, "Jax Susmiorf, Duane Dclwiler, Rolland Ilackenburg, Rollan Nichols, Dick Kipker. 152 moustmal ants Bruc e Arn ey pre si d , entg john Gearhart, vice-presidentg Roger Wolf, treasure-rg Rolland Nichols, secretaryg Mr. Brown, Mr. Lasko, Mr. Handley, advisors. Any boy taking machine shop, wood shop, or mechanical drawing courses is eligible for member ship in the Industrial Arts Club. They started the year with their initiation of all new members CQ'girls" properly dressedj. Their annual father and son banquet was held at the Barrows School, December 18. They sponsored the post game dance after the St. Joseph basketball game and all school ' party, April 18. You will always find Industrial Arts' Boys helping around school. They put in a good many hours of work on the stadium. The large pennants, one for each school in the conference, that are on display at the stadium were donated by the club. Throughout the year they have helped in the gym and on the stage. A tri I p to Lansing was one of their closing activities of the year. The Industrial Department is lookin g forward to their new quarters in the proposed addition. 63 'iw Aga l e ' q"l'N"w: 'il. , Av u .. wk ,fi-41 -'S "s, 'T' llBl2al2 ClLlB First Row: Geraldine Thomas, Sally Rose, Dolores Karstetter, Mary VanSelous, janet Myers, Burneice Wells, Mrs. Hancock. Second Row: Eugene Marvin, Russel Breyfogle, Norman Roberts, Yvonne Rollerson, Linda Ruggles Jan Shumaker, Earl Avery, Ronald Atkinson. This year the sixteen members of the library staff under the supervision of Mrs. Hancock have continued the fine work they have been doing in assisting students and teachers. The officers of this library club are Sally Rose, president, Yvonne Rollerson, vice-president, Mary Van Selous, secretary, Dolores Karstetter, treasurer. During Book Week this year the library staff brought the event to the attention of everyone through the program which they presented to the high school over the intercommunication system and the book displays in the Kathryn Shoppe and the high school library. Every month throughout the school year the staff held a social meeting which included a get- acquainted party, a Halloween party, a Christmas party, a Valentine party, and a progressive dinner. In the spring the entire staff took a trip to Holland where they visited the llope College Library, the Holland Public Library, and the Holland Senior High School Library. Eugene Marvin, Russell Breyfogle, Dolores Karstetter, and Mary Van Selous, accompanied by Mrs. Hancock, went to Clear Lake Camp at Dowling, as representatives to the student Librarians Conference. The year's events culminated in a picnic at Sand Lake. 65 Junlon Bano The junior Band is an important part of the musical system in the Three Rivers Schools. From the junior Band come the players who eventually make our High School Marching and Concert Bands. In the fall a number of boys from junior Band fill the vacant spots in the High Schools Marching Band. At the beginning of concert season the boys from the junior Band try out for the Concert band and the boys who do not make the grade are sent back to the junior Band. The girls who have shown progress in junior Band are taken into the High School Concert Band. Often junior Band is called on to provide entertainment for P. T. A. meetings and other grade school programs. Each year the junior Band has its own portion of the Mid Season Concert and the Spring Concert. T! l ala? x r N uni?" X skviqivf-,Q , D 5 1 '7 WARN .Ahh AAfll1 ,fm I tvs. "f D11 manchmo Bano Cur Three Rivers High School 43 piece, all boys Marching Band was one of the flashiest in Southwestern Michigan during the 1951-1952 season. Members of the band met two hours each morn- ing for two weeks before school started to practice the fundamentals of marching. That shows the good spirit which was a prevalent characteristic of the band. Two weeks after school was under way our band made its debut of the season at the St. joseph County Fair on the afternoon of September 21. The boys returned home and that night made their second appearance at the St. joseph football games. After this the boys had no break for three weeks straight. They marched for the football game at Sturgis on September 28, and entertained at the Buchanan and South Haven games here on October 5, and 12, respectively. The climax of the marching season came on October 17, in Coldwater, when the Southwestern Michigan Marching Band Contest was held. At the contest the band added another first division to its evergrowing list. Following the contest, our band finished out the season with marching performances at the State High game here on October 26, and at the season's finale against Niles here on November 2. Besides the major performances mentioned, the band played at all the pep rallies for the football games and marched in two city sponsored parades. 67 CGHCGRI BANG The Three Rivers High School Concert Band, under the direction of Irvin Va 'X Sluyters, was one of the top class "B" concert bands in the state. For Z1 perio seven years our band has been among the top five class NB' bands in the state "" At the district solo and ensemble contest our contestants brought home twer r N three first divisions. These people in turn entered the state contest. W I Members of our concert band must be at practice every sixth hour. They ha' to attend ensembles for an hour every Tuesday night and they have to attend si X tionals and extra rehearsals once a week. For a number of years it has been tl l I hard work of the bandsmen and the able direction of Mr. Van Sluyters that has i 1114 our band a top notch organization. FIRST DIVISION WINNERS Q FIRST ROW: Don.1ldNerimnn, Sarah Bowers, Katherine Reed, Knaomi Wilson, Ronnie liiicktor, Ciurl Slocum and Kenneth Davis. SECOND ROW: Douglas Iirund- IFF: Sl1lIlC5'SIWOIWr, Sum Waters, Allison llramer, Shirley Stark, Pat Norton, Carol 38 'l'.xylor, Dunne Quake, l,nrry Grimes. TIIIRD ROW: Bob Ruggles, Lavergne Smith llnuline Qualte, lic-tty liurns, james Wittenberg, Dave llurd, Dave Ilall, Ray Dunn liowcrs, Wayne flrippen. Russell Dodge and Roger Meyer are not in the photo. ALTO CLARINET Sharon Baker janda Boulette BARITONE Bill Burns BASS Gene Beidler BASS CLARINET Larry Bullock TENOR SAXAPHONES Martha Houts Ken Hill Duane Burgert ALTO CLARINET Edward jonkers ALTO SAXAPHONE Carole Taylor Pat Norton Margaret Van Selous BARITON E Dave Hurd Gerald Bradford BARITONE SAXAPHONE Pauline Quake BASS Fred Patrick BASS CLARINET Betty Burns TROMBON ES Roger Mayer Robert Ruggles LaVerne Smith Douglas Brundige Norm Emmons Dave Hall ...rt . ,445 MEMBERS OF THE JUNIOR BAND CLARINET jerry Boise Betty Garland Larry Gordon Mary jo Houts Laura Jacobs Dave Kauffold Linda Miller Lee Stanard CORNET Judy Bitting Mike Facktor Eldon Nidy Van Orman MEMBERS OF THE CONCERT BAND CLARINET Russell Dodge Steve Lierman jim Stanard Shirley Spooner Donald Neaman Nancy Baker Sara Waters Marlene Knapp Alison Bramer jim Rose Larry Knauss Judy Payne CORNET Larry Grimes Carl Slocum Robert Worline jim Handy Wayne Crippin Tom Gotschall Raymond Ely Dean Choinacky Gerald Evans DRUMS Laverne Bradford Roger Fosdick F LUTES Sara Bowers Sandra Keefer FRENCH HORNS Walter Bowersox Geraldine Gilbert Betty Houts TROMBON ES Roberta Cosner Harris Boulette DRUMS Lynn Herschleb Chuck Welburn Donald Van Loo Kenneth Faust Mancelyn Lowe F LUTES Jim Wittenberg Dwayne Donmyer Becky Porter Shirley Stark Knaomi Wilson Kathryn Reed FRENCH HORNS Ray Bowers Ronald Fracktor OBOE Kenneth Davis TENOR SAXOPHON E Duane Quake Betty Henschel 69 ..ll..,... oml sponts N is ,Q:.b 5:- , W his ' N ' ' Xt x',J,'7If'lV 'lf " , K",".",'g ,lf -,L-4 ' , X X 'xiii ' ,Q-9 , i f, .71 X sf! Q 2.7 N S tw if X X l f it ' iii ,.. -A me-.will s XVI, N 5 ,F . Je 5 f Dorothy llice, president, Sue McCullough, vice-presidentg Joan Shannon, treasurer, Sandra Bittings, secretary, Miss Murrel, vp ' A J- it I advisor. .50 ' fa 1 1' ,' . 'gi . The Girl Sports meet every Tuesday night in the gym. Their activities include volleyball, basket- ball, bowling, tennis, golf, and softball. Throughout the year they participated in out-of-town play days and entertained other clubs here. They Sponsored an all-school party March 14. The Girl Sports have installed a new award system in which freshmen 'receive a small circle monogram T R, sophomores receive small T R, and good work in both junior and senior years merits a large T R with a Girl Sports emblem. The girls entertained their mothers at a banquet to complete the year. IJIIYY Noun' Delores Martin, Bonnie Klinglu, utly Tobin, Mary jo Lucas, Shirley Gottlieh, Vlirli,-ne llilhert, Sallv Wllfsl, Uelores liahtocli, jarlnne Longaure, Dorothy llife. .fez'w1n1Ro1r.' jean Penzotti, Ltirltne Xlnrwt-tt.x, joyee jackson? Nlaureen Stevenson, Carol Taylor, JoAnn Kauffman, Shirley Realnes, Faith Cowley, ,Ioyee Miller. 7'b1n1ARfi1w:' Nlurlvl Cole, Barbara Lintemoot, jeanette Granzotm, Carol Daily, julia Weianilt, Shirley Violeott, liiith Buel, Vlwfgllllll Rouse, Uyt-Q Sghmittlq-r, Follfllv I3rn4',' lletty Spence, Delores Stutesrnan, Shirley Flagg, Donna Manler, lhnna Slentz, Dolores Karstetter. lfzrsl Roni: lfixie Mitts, Sandra Gearhart, Jeannine Ruple, Nancy Michel, Ardith Norton, Pat Gottlieb, Doris jackson, Sherry Sue Nlelfullough, Nlyrna Vlagner. Serrfllzl Rilllh' lftlith Massie, Ioan Shannon, Darlene Harlvllow, Qintlra Hitting, Sheila Blalock, janet Myers, Uoris Rahhers, Barbara Lee Ruth. 'I'lv1'n1' Rnu'.' Nancy Iiatllce, Sara Murphy, Put Kauffman Aletlu Arney, Clarm ella Dragoni, Maureen lN1acGowan, janet Iloultlsworth, lftheleen Waddell, Hazel Scliumway, Theresa lfirschcle. lfozzrflv Rong' Connie Willielnw, Sandra Neighbors, Irene Geicr, JoAnn Wood, llllflillfil Kline, Nlargaret Watkins Mary Lou Hitesman, Pat Fryling, Daisy Anderson. Flflb Row: Sharon l'lliot, Marna Kc-mherling, Lorelit- Fuller, Nancy Verheul, Linda lleiantlt, Louise Tregidgo, Noritn Tessin, ,lutiy Olin, Betty Ililhert, Vatla Carpenter. '71 mon pta Lv 'Ten Little Indians," an adaptation of one of Agatha Christie's blood-curdling stories, was presented by the seniors on November 14 under the direction of Miss Gould. Ten people, all of whom had at one time been accused of murder, were invited to spend a short time on an island off Devon, England, and were ferried over by Fred Narracott CGard Dolphj. Once there they discovered that one of them was a mad, ingenious killer. But which one? During the first evening, young, flippant Anthony Marston CDon Van Looj and Mrs. Rogers, the but1er's wife, cook and housekeeper for the party, CDolores Karsterterj were both poisoned. The next morning the butler, Rogers, Cjim Stanardj went out to chop wood and was killed with an ax. Later in the morning General MacKenzie, a retired army man, CDon jonesl was found stabbed. That evening Emily Brent Uoann Handyj, an elderly busybody, was discovered killed by an injection of poison, Sir Lawrence Wargrave, a judge fChet Bingamanj, was found supposedly shot, and one shoe belonging to Dr. Armstrong, the nerve specialist, Qohn Ulrichj was found on the edge of the cliff where he had been pushed into the sea. That same night Mr. Blore CDave Cooperl, a private detective hired to watch the guests, met an untimely death when a large clock fell on him. Only Vera Claythorne, a secretary Cl-Edith Bolesj, and Philip Lombard Uohn Cookj, an adventurer and explorer, are left. Naturally each believed the other to be the killer, though they had fallen in love with each other in their brief acquaintance. Vera finally succeeded in shooting Philip only to discover that Sir Lawrence was still alive and the guilty party. Lombard's wound proved not too serious and he killed Wargrave, so that only the lovers survived. 72 W age' Q w where we I Saw In we M90 ,V du fy My eu 1 new and df d 1.5. a "Guilty, My Lord, Guilt " XX down 3950 he 1 5K hav be Ca 6 Modem . gd 5 Be X4 vile e S5 ' The 11181: Jumon pla The junior Class presented "Our Town" by Thornton Wilder on March 25 with the help of Miss Magnet and the direction of Miss Gould. The entire play took place in Grover's Corners, NEW HHmPShifC, iii the eaflY Part of the men' fieth Century. The usual scenery and stage properties were lacking, so the background was ex- plained bythe stage manager who acted as narrator. In the first act, the history of the town was outlined and a typical day in the h0uSeh0ldS Of the town newspaper editor, Mr. Webb, and Dr. Gibbs was shown. The second act concerned the love affair between young George Gibbs and Emily Webb which eventually led to a marriage. In the third act as the townspeople attended the funeral of Emily, her restless spirit did not want to ac- cept death so she was permitted to relive one day of her life. Unhappy at the blindne ss of people who are living, she joined the townspeople who have died- r ti 5 4: sf lil if Eli FIRST ROW: Bob Ruggles ffiaseball Playerj, Gerald llenke fSam Graigj, Jerry Wright CStage Managerj, Fritz Hagerman 1Wally Webbj, Dick jones Cjoe Stoddardj SECOND ROW: Maureen MacGowan CMrs. Webbj, Frances Fuller fRelnecca Gibbsj, Roger Decker CGeorge Gibbsj, Barbara llandley CEmily Webbj, Pat Poe CMrs. Gibbsj, Russell llreyfogle CDr. Gibbsj, Lynette llaines CWoman in the Balconyb THIRD ROW: Miss Gould CDirectorD, Iiill Ruggles fBaseball Playerj, Jerry Mitchell CAssistant Stage Managerl, Eugene Marvin CSimon Stimsonj, Dwane Donmyer Cljrofessor Willardl, Norman Emmons C-Ioe Crowellj, Bernard Wittenberg fMr. Webbj, Lavergne Smith fllowie Ncwsomej, Muriel Cole fMrs. Soamesj. Not in Picture: Dawn Pendleton fWoman in the Auditori- umj, jim Wittenberg CConstable Warrenj, Russell Dodge CSi Crowellj, Jim Wilma fBaseball Playerj, George Carter fAssistant Stage Managerj. Q9 P 74 , S 1 xflqq' T t I? 1- 5 . W 45"-3" facult pla I FIRST ROW: Edward johnson fDonaldj, William Peterson Clidj, Margaret Donovan flissiej, Cecil DeLong CTony Kirbyj, llelen Gould CAlicej, Howard Dickie fMartin Vanderhofj, Lucile llaring CPen- elope Sycarnorej, Paul French fPaul Sycamorej, Alma Wells CRhebaj, SECOND ROW: joseph Lasko Qhlr. De Pinnaj, Bernard Manker CBoris Kolenkhovj, Cristina Manker COlgaj, Ann Weber CMrs. Kirbyl, Walter Ilorst CMr. Kirbyl, Kenneth O'Dell Cllendersonj, Phyllis Gibson fGay Wellingtonj, Leo Hand- ley, William Brown, Dale Fuelling CThree Menj. "You Can't Take It With You," a popular comedy by Moss Hart and George Kaufman was given by the Teacher's Club on February 13 in the high school auditorium under the direction of Lillian Comar. The setting of the play is the living room of Martin Vanderhof or Grandpa. The room is the scene of many unusual activities since each member of the family pursues his own interests. Because her family is so lovable but different, Martin's granddaughter Alice feels she can never be happy with Tony Kirby, her employer's son, although they love one another. When Tony's parents arrive for dinner on the wrong night they see the Vanderhofs as they really are, busy making firecrackers in the basement, playwriting, and practicing ballet in the living room. After a difficult and embarrassing evening, Alice decides she will leave home and never marry Tony. Grandpa shows her and Mr. Kirby, Senior, that her family has learned to enjoy life. Tony persuades her to marry him as he starts out in a new career. 75 Jumon Reflectors X'vfzlr'd.' jim Wittenberg, associate editorg Nun Olin, editorg Miss Metzger, rtdvisorg .S'lam1mg.' Barbara llundley, exchange editor' lloh Y liuggles, sports editorg Judy Leverentz, feature etlitorg Put lloe, copy rearderg Kathryn, copyrenderg Karen llrrxmer, society etlitor. This year's junior Reflector staff has tried to get as much school news as possible into four columns of each Saturday's Commercial. These thirty news- hounds also supplied 11 concession for the Hi-Y Carnival and put on a party for last year's staff. The editors made out assignments, did the proofreading, and exchanged papers with other schools. Miss Metzger was again their ahle advisor. l'llVN'i' Ron: lfugene Mnrvin, Dennis lloughtnling, Paul McDonald, jerry Wright, llernard Vlittenlverg. hi!'!'f1i11lJ Ruin- Sherry Sue Nlcflullough, llurneice Wells, janet llouldsworth, Ann Lamb, Maureen 713 Nlnclvowzln, lirzrnces lfuller, Snlly Rose. Tlvird Roux' Daisy Writers, Ruth lluel, Muriel Cole, Delores,1-Inn Weinndt, Cnrol llucltenburg, Geraldine Thomzis, Sherrill Miller, lilarharar Ruth, Shirley tiot ie 1. SDGRITS J' Q' f W' x fg?o?f9 fww j ,, f X 44 f NX ' ' X xx x , XR 4 f. ' X W x.. f W NJ TRACK First Row: Mike Mapes, Bill Ruggles, Buck Roberts, Jerry Sangalli, Dick Bell. Back Row: Coach john Babula, john Gearhart, Bill Mader, Al johnson, Don Rollins. The 1951 Track team had a reasonably successful season. They started the season off by taking second place in a triangular meet of which St. joseph was the winner and State High the loser. The team won two dual meets over Buchanan and State High but lost the last regular meet of the season to Dowagiac. On May 12 the track team took fourth place in the Big Seven Conference Meets. The next outing ing of the team was on May 20, which was the Regional Meet held at Kalamazoo. The Three Rivers Wildcats brought home an eighth place in this meet in which eleven teams participated. At the Regional meet only one of our trackmen qualified for the State contest, Buck Roberts. Buck did well for himself and Three Rivers by taking a third place in the class B pole vaulting. St. joseph 66, Three Rivers 49, State High 22. Three Rivers 68, Buchanan 41. Three Rivers 72, State High 35. Dowagiac 65, Three Rivers 44. Conference meet: Niles 64, St. Joseph 35, Dowagiac 33, Three Rivers 22. Qol F ,A Mike Carrier, Frank Meyers, Nr. Mel Carrier coach, Nino Nasnuri, Pat Carrier As we look back on the 1951 golf season, we find that the team did quite well. The resulte of this season were Three Rivers losing five meets and winning four. In the Big Seven C onferente Meet they placed fifth, third in the Regional Meet, and eighth in the State Meet at Kal am lzoo State High Dowagiac Buchanan Niles Buchanan St. Joseph State High 4'Q Three Three Three Thr ee Three Three Three Rivers Rivers Rivers Rivers Rivers Rivers Rivers f 2 BASGBAH Y Firsl Row: Dick Shutes, utility playerg Bill Walters, pitcherg jerry Blood, ZBQ Dick Bogasch, SBQ Dick Verhuel C- F-Z Gfaden KI-mdeff, F.g George Carter, L. F.g jimZ1mmerman, R. F. Second Row: Coach Francis Pelle- gromg Fritz Hagerman, pitcherg Ramon Lasco, 1B5 Tom McCoy, catcherg Jack Miller, catcher. This season was the second year we have had a baseball team in Three Rivers. The team turned in a very commendable season in winning three and losing five of their games. They gave their opponents a good fight. The most outstanding games played this season were the two with Sturgis High School. They were bitterly fought and lost both by one run. Even though we did win, those two ball games were played in the traditional way by both schools. It built up a strong rivalry between the two schools. At the end of the season the honorary co-captains were elected for both the '51 and '52 season. Dick Bogasch and Dick Verheul were co-captains for the '51 squad. Sturgis . . Three Rivers Niles . . Three Rivers Dowagiac . . . Three Rivers State High. Three Rivers Sturgis . . . Three Rivers St. Joseph . Three Rivers Buchanan . Three Rivers South Haven .... Three Rivers gl ' li I J! xv-X 'l N If ,P Ry G .uf In '11 .J , sk J x is 8 x mv' A I r M. ., ' I 3 S f wx Q. "N-wa-I S M24 I S 3 K Nsulf fx.. 5 Q. K X. X af, 4 Ray ...xx ' 'Q'-u-MQZ7 ARSII Looman Top Row: Dick jones, Mgr., Raymond Sloan, Lavergne Smith, Nino Masnari, jerry Ruggles, Mgr. Second Rout. R. Thompson, Coach, Bruce Arney, Don jones, Merrill Armstrong, Larry jones, Dick Bell, jim Crego. Third Row: D. Fuelling, Coach, Martin Barth, George Carter, john White, john Garland, Larry Fitch, Franklin White jim Roberts, W. Yancey, Coach. Bottom Row: john Gearhart, Don Ely, jim Zimmerman, Dave Cooper, jerry Blood, Bill Ruggles, jerry Mitchell, Mike Mapes. The 1951 Wildcat season was highlighted by the thrilling game which dedicated Armstrong Stadium. The 8-7 loss to Buchanan was an exciting game which has best described the 1951 whistle was the pattern of our club which team. Coming from behind and fighting hard to the last dropped hard-fought, well-played games. The measure enjoyed by the club is not reflected in the won-lost column. The team, the town, and the Coaches realized we were building from the bottom of a low cycle that often shows up in high school circles. Lacking in depth, experience, and weight, the team seldom fell short in heart, courage, or Immediately following our season, plans were begun The season's play was led by Jerry Blood and Dave Blood was voted by the team as the outstanding player. merits as Blood made the All Southwest Michigan team All State. Jim Roberts was voted to the Big "7" Squad team that played game after game with high spirits and breaks and close losses. Coldwater . St. joseph . Sturgis . . . Buchanan . South Haven. . . . . Dowagiac . State High . Niles . . . . 84 Three Three Three Three Three Three Three Three sportmanship. to build toward brighter and better days. Cooper, a sterling pair of captains. Jerry This choice was later given stronger and was on the honorable mention list for . The top honors, however, must go to the lots of fight in face of a number of bad Rivers. . . . . 14 Rivers. . . . . . 20 Rivers. . . . . O Rivers. . . . . 7 Rivers. . . . . . 40 Rivers. . . . . 13 Rivers. . . . . . 33 Rivers. . . . . O RESERVE YOOTIBAU First Row: Norm Krievens, Bill York, Bernard Wittenberg, Edgar Carter, Lee Mohney, Russell Breyfogle, Don Boudeman, Eugene Marvin, Russell Cooper. Second Row: Lee Austerman, Fritz Hagerman, Dale Weinberg, Pete Titta, Bill Fredrick, Ronnie Blood, jim Griffin, Don Muffley, john Warner. Third Row: Tom Smith, jim Smagala, Lewis Hours, Dick Doane, Doug Turnbull, jeep Roberts, Larry Sindt, jerry Wright. Fourth Row: Doug Griffin, Pete jackson, Dale Tavenier, jerry Henke, Todd Beck, Dick Boughton, Fred Cordola, Cliff Franklin. Fifth Row Bob Worline, Larry O'dell, jim Hurd, jay Bobb. Coach Bob Thompson finished his first year as coach of the Wildkittens. He, in his first season as coach of the reserve team, turned in a creditable job. The Wildkittens won one and lost three this season. Doing a fine job considering the lack of experience and physical size, our reserves were as big as any of the teams they met in mind and courage. What hurt the reserves was that two of their biggest backfield men were moved up to the varsity. This left a big hole to fill. The two boys were jim Hurd and Larry O'Dell, both won varsity letters. The boys have turned in an acceptable season considering their having a new coach and a new system of football. The defensive team was a standout all year. The offensive team couldn't seem to score when it moved into scoring territory. Next season with a year of this new system behind them, the offen- sive team should begin to get rolling. We are expecting to see a lot of our Wildkittens next season. Dowagiac ...... O Three Rivers. . . . . 13 Sturgis . . . . . 27 Three Rivers. . . . . O Sturgis . . . . 7 Three Rivers. . . . . 0 Niles . . . . . 13 Three Rivets. . . . . 0 85 AQSIIY BASKETBALL First Row: Fritz llagerman, Frank Meyers, jerry Blood, George Carter, Ramon Lasco Jim Roberts. Second Row: Coach Blank, jerry Mitchell, Dick Shutes, Bernard Nisonger, Dale Roberts, Merrill Armstrong, jerry Wright, Manager, Coach johnson. - The Wildcats completed this season with a very commendable record of fourteen wins and five defeats, this includes the tournaments also. George Carter, this year, set a new individual scoring record with two hundred and sixty-one points. This was held formerly by jerry Mitchell who was runner-up this year with two hundred and forty-seven points. George Carter and jerry Mitchell finished first and second in conference scoring too. To top this off, Carter and Mitchell were selected for a berth on the All-Conference team, the second year that Mitchell has held a position and the first for Carter. Congratulations, fellows! Along with Carter and Mitchell were the regulars: "Gym" Roberts, Ray Lasco, and jerry Blood. The reserves were Dale Roberts, Gus Armstrong, Frank Meyers, Dick Shutes, Skip Nisonger, and Martin Barth. This year the Wildcats lose only three Seniors-two one-year men on the Varsity, Martin Barth and Dale Roberts, and one regular, jerry Blood, Losing only one regular won't leave Coach Blank any great problem. ,Some expect to see great things from next year's team. To top off the season this year, the Wildcats won their first District Championship in ten years. They were beaten in the first game of the Regionals by Holland Christian. I 'Three Rivers .... 62 C0il-iwafef - - "Three Rivers. . 48 Sturgis - - - - Three Rivers . . 50 D0Wa8iaC- - - Three Rivers. . 47 St. JOSGPII- - 'Three Rivers. . 67 Si- Augustine Three Rivers. . '53 i3llCi1aI13H - - Three Rivers. . 72 Niles ---- - Three Rivers. . 77 State iiigii- ' Three Rivers. . 57 South iiaV9U- Three Rivers. . . 42 Dowagiaf - - Three Rivers. . . S5 Sf- l05ePii- - 'Three Rivers. . . 75 Siufgis - - - - Three Rivers. . 42 Blmilaflan - - Three Rivers. . . 63 Niles - - - - - Three Rivers. . . 68 State High' - Three Rivers . . 68 South Haven ""Three Rivers. . . 57 C0idW-Riel' - - "Three Rivers. . . 52 Sturgis - - - - "Three Rivers ......... . . 39 Holland Christian " Non-Conference Games H Tournament Games 1 'u I in RESERVES BASKEITBAU Fzrst Row C Roberts, R. Blood, L. Carter, Marvin, E. Carter, J. jolly B York J Mrfaqle Second Row Coach Ed johnson, B. Worline, J. O'Dell, J. llurd, L. O Dell C Sohrt Mgr Pat Carrier This year the Wildkircens under the able coaching of Ed johnson came through the season with fourteen wins and two losses. They were beaten once over at St. joe by the score of 40-29, and once over at Niles, 44 43 Jim Crego was high scorer for the Wildkittens with IM points. Larry Carter was runner up for this honor with 161 points. At the close of the regular season, jim Crego, Larry Carter and john Marvin moved up to the Varsity for the tournament games. Our congratulations to Coach johnson and his team for a job well done Coldwater . . Sturgis . . . Dowagiac . . St. joseph. . St. Augustine. . . . . . Buchanan . . Niles ..... State High . . South Haven Dowagiac . . St. Joseph. . Sturgis .... Buchanan . . Niles ..... State High. . South Haven. Three Three Three Three Three Three Three Three Three Three Three Three Three Three Three Three Rivers Rivers Rivers Rivers Rivers Rivers Rivers Rivers Rivers Rivers Rivers Rivers Rivers Rivers Rivers 'Rivers 1 ai ' s'MxlL NRL 3' X 4 41 ' J Am 1 44 ,,,.pwvH"" 7'k'v 5 'Q Fi... f M 1' M- XX ww-"""'6 n rfJM'-anyom W-v K WN, Wd.- ,-f"" ...MH 'K K ,,,,..--"fn n .wx ' is .-j,,-5:-"'-15" Q4 P' N Off it . , -Q.-4 1 . ,'9'r f X I rf' 1 153 5 Sketched by Marlin Griffin 4 IIIBIIIUKIAL DLAUIUIII anm mono Helo In September of 1951 the first home athletic contest was played at Memorial Stadium, Armstrong Field, and the dedication program was held on October 5. The time that elapsed between 1945 and 1951 was well filled with careful plans and action. In September of 1945 the idea for a Memorial Stadium was discussed. At the beginning the old athletic field was the accepted site for the stadium. But as plans and work progressed, the need for a different site was evidentg and in 1949 Mr. A. E. Armstrong donated land, forty acres of the old air- pQrt site, for our Memorial Stadium. Besides our football field there is a hard base- ball diamondg and land is available for tennis courts, a softball diamond, a picnic area, and even a swimming pool. Our thanks and appreciation are extended to every club, organization, taxpayer and individual whose contribution of money, material, or time has helped to make this Memorial Stadium a reality. 8 14 September 18 21 28 October 3 5 11 12 15 16 17 19 24 26 November 1 2 14 15 16 19 20 21 22 23 27 30 De cember 3 7 19 21 22 Chl2OnO loo School opens First football game at Coldwater. The score was 19 to 14 in their favor. County fair day. St. Joseph travelled here to win a football game 27 to 20. Juniors sponsored a post game dance. Football game at Sturgis. They won 29 to O. Reserve football game at Sturgis. Dedicated our new stadium during a football game with Buchanan. They 8, we 7. The Seniors sponsored a post game dance. No school--MEA in Kalamazoo. We won a football game with South Haven on our own field, the score 40 to 0. K Reserve football game here with Sturgis. Marching band contest at St. Joseph. We took a first division rating. Football game at Dowagiac. They won with a score of 21 to 14. Girl Reserve formal initiation--of course, it rained. State High came here to lose a football game 13 to 33. juniors sponsored the post game dance. Reserve football game at Dowagiac. Football game with Niles played here. The score was their favor. Post game dance was put on by the Seniors. Senior Play--'Ten Little Indians.' All the Seniors looked very tired. All school party sponsored by the Girl Reserves. BIE Day--juniors were included this year for the first timeg banquet at the Armory put on by the businessmen. Chapel Program. 26 to O in School dismissed for Thanksgiving vacation. Basketball game with Coldwater played here--we 62, they 47. Basketball game at Sturgis. They won 50 to 48. Rotary football banquet. Basketball game here with Dowagiac. We won 50 to 31. Sophomores sponsored a dance. D.S. Christmas Cantata. Girl Reserve Christmas Chapel. Alumni Dance. Jan uary February March April 4 7 9 11 15 16 18 21 22 23 25 28 30 31 1 8 13 14 20 23 29 14 15 25 26 28 1 4 8 10 11 14 15 16 18 22 25 29 Basketball game with Buchanan here. We 53, they 23. School resumes after Christmas vaction. Chapel Service. Basketball game at Niles. We won 72 to 57. State High came here for a basketball game. We 77, they 46 No school--County MEA meeting. Basketball game at South Haven. We 57, they 44. Semester exams. Band Concert. We won a basketball game at Dowagiac--42 to 35. End of first semester. Beginning of second semester. Local Ensemble Festival. Pep Rally in preparation to meet our big foe--St. Joseph. St. Joseph came here to win a basketball game 56 to 55. Basketball game at Buchanan. We 42, they 43. Lincoln Day Banquet. Teacher's Institute--no school. Faculty Play--"You Can't Take It With You.' Teachers all gave tests. Basketball game at State High. We 68, they 38. Chapel Service. Girl Reserve Formal Dance--'Evening in Paris." Basketball game with South Haven here. We 68, they 47. Girl Reserves sponsored the post game dance. All school party sponsored by the Girl Sports. Fireman's Ball. Junior Play--"Our Town." All Sports banquet. Chapel Program. All school party sponsored by D.S. Club. Band Festival at Kalamazoo. Golf with State High at Kalamazoo. Dowagiac came here for golf. Golf with Buchanan here. Baseball game with Niles here. Chapel Service. Track--Three Rivers at Niles. Golf with State High here. Easter vacation. Golf at Buchanan. Track meet with State High there. Baseball game at Sturgis. D.S. Spring Concert. Track--Sturgis, St. joseph, Three Rivers here. Baseball game with Sturgis here. Golf with St. Joseph here. Golf with Dowagiac at Dowagiac. Baseball game with State High at Kalamazoo. Baseball game at Dowagiac. Track--Buchanan at Three Rivers. .5 Fig , May June All school party sponsored by Hi-Y Club. Baseball game at St. Joseph. Track--Dowagiac, Three Rivers at Dowagiac Golf at St. joseph. Band Concert. Baseball game with Buchanan here. Conference track with Buchanan here. Golf--conference meet at Buchanan. junior-Senior Banquet and Prom--'Southern Plantanon Chapel Program. Baseball game at South Haven. Golf--regional meet at Battle Creek. Regional track meet at Kalamazoo. State golf meet. Girl Reserves go to St. Mary's Lake C Seniors take trip to Niagara Falls. Baccalaureate. Commencement. Last day for the Seniors. I 4 amp DA ITROLI1 S AMERICAN LAUNDRY - DRY CLEANERS 'Thoroughbred Quality' AMERICAN LEGION Hice-Shutes Post No. 170 ARMSTRONG MACHINE WORKS Manufacturers of Steam Traps ORIN R. ASH AND SON, INC. Your Oldsmobile Dealer AUSTIN'S FUNERAL HOME ORA A. AVERY - REALTOR BANKER'S PAINT STORE 'Compliments of E. L. Banker' JAMES E. BERGER GENERAL INSURANCE BINANDO GROCERY Quality Meats BONFOEY'S DAIRY A Good Dairy To Know GEORGE BRADFORD FOR INSURANCE NEEDS BROKER'S STANDARD BUY'S STORE FOR MEN C 8: L JEWELRY Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry CONNIE SHOP T. R. COX jEWELER'S DALE'S PASTRY SHOP DAUGHERTYS BAKERY DAVIS AND TEED Paint - Wallpaper - Glass - Linoleum 94 DECHNIK'S TEXACO SERVICE DON F. DEISCH CO. DIMMICKS AUTO SERVICE D-X oils - Gasoline - Tires and Batteries DOCK'S FOUNDRY Compliments of C. W. Dock DOOL EY'S JEWEL RY THE ECONOMY Huge Evans - John Shuman Dry Goods - Rugs - Linoleums EDDY PAPER CORPORATION FABIUS FARMS STORAGE FALVEY'S FIDELITY GROCERY STORE FIRST NATIONAL BANK PAUL E. HAGENBUCH 200 N. Main Phone 3-2315 Buick - and - GMC - Truck HALVERSON'S CHAPEL HAMILTON MOTOR SAL ES Chrysler - Plymouth HARTMAN HEATING co. HETTWER DRAPERY STUDIO JACK w. HILL, 0. D. HILMERT'S SALES AND SERVICE Frigidaire - Philgas Compliments of HINCKLEY - MARVIN CO. Chevrolet and Cadillac - Sales and Service FLORENCE HOLLAND SHOP HOOSIER CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY 'For better cleaning' WARREN W. HOSHEL HOTEL DE HAMBURGER HUDDLESTUN LUMBER COMPANY Building Material and Fuel HUDSON DRUG Your Always Welcome at Hudson's HURLEY REAL ESTATE THE JOHNSON CORPORATION Manufacturers of Steam Specialities jOHNSON'S MEN STORE ARTHUR KARSEN REAL ESTATE KAUSZLER BROS. HDWE. R. M. KELLOGG COMPANY KEYNE PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICE Robert K. Hanegan Compliments of FRANK S. KNAPP 8: SONS KROGER STORE Live for better for less THE LEPLEYS Photographers - Portrait and Commercial LINTZ STORE Clothes for Ladies LOCAL FINANCE CORP. 8 N. Main St. Phone 3-4795 'Money When You Need It' LUCK'S DRUG STORE MALCOLM'S BOOK SHOP MARY ELLEN BEAUTY PARLOR MASTER MARKET MASTERCRAFT FURNITURE "Quality at Lo.w Cost' Compliments of MAYSTEAD GROCERY MERLE'S STANDARD SERVICE MILLER COTTON SHOP MILLER'S DAIRY STORE MUTUAL FINANCE CORPORATION NEFF'S FLOWER SHOP 'Flowers for all occasions' J. NEWBERRY CO. NELSON OIL CO. Phillips '66' Products A. E. Jeffers, Owner Office phone 3-5805 P.O. Box 26 West Michigan Ave. Quality Products Friendly Service NICHOLS - NEWS J. W. OLIVER LUMBER CO., INC. PAUL'S DINER 'Place to Dine' J. C. PENNY COMPANY Shoes - Drygoods - Ready-to-wear PETERSON'S SHOE STORE PRECISION SPRING CORPORATION REEN'S SUPERMARKET RIVIERA BEAUTY SHOP BILL ROBERTS Excavating and Grading Phone 3-3175 ROCKY RIVER PAPER MILL ROWLEY'S SHOES Three Rivers Family Shoe Store SANDS CAFE SAVING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION SAVERY AND BOGASCH Firestone Dealer Store 38 N. Main St. Phone 2-4583 'Save at Savery's and Bogasch by gosh' SMITH INSURANCE AGENCY Compliments of STUCKEY - MCGAFFIN COMPANY SUNSHINE DAIRY TASE'S TEXACO SERVICE Merle J. Tase, Owner Phone 2-9155 B. F. Goodrich Tire and Batteries 261 E. Mich. Ave. THREE RIVERS BRASS AND ALUMINUM F OUNDRY THREE RIVERS CASTING CORPORATION Quality Grey Iron Castings L 9, I THREE RIVERS HARDWARE THREE RIVERS IRON and METAL COMPANY 200 W. Broadway THREE RIVERS PACKING HOUSE THE VAUGHN COMPANY "Always the latest for High School Students' HOWARD K. WAGNER Dodge - Plymouth WARNERS CLEANERS AND DYERS WEIANDT'S ELECTRIC STORE WELLS MANUFACTURING CORPORATION WESTERN AUTO WITTENBERG NEWS AGENCY GLEE D. WOLF - REALTOR 'Action and Satisfaction In Every Transactionn WOLVERINE MOTOR SUPPLIES Auto Parts JAMES WYATT Cranes and Bulldozers THREE RIVERS COMMERCIAL THREE RIVERS FURS Budd Spadaluh GOWAPCS BPOUTSPS lu Min. mlillll 1952 9'-'42-Gus, qw on . """fLm9-2-'H"4-92's5 'ifsgg ? 4' 2622 2, if 11107 'WWf,f55MR 15 lip!! "PQ ff 55fif , ,,4 M345 X53 653689-y' W ' ff ylvnww sf VON' ef I dwsizfyf Mfmpfyfg' W bQ,,?6yp,,KjvfK ' fp f 1 W if qw BJ., Nba ' C, if GMX My .5 935301 5 5 gig? 2f55 iQ.:4?wf Sk gf.. Szfiw M ,X Q Q f jf Mm ,551 Q ff ' ' 'ffwsf SRM MM . D ,NL SX W W , fX ,awww X

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