Three Rivers High School - Reflector Yearbook (Three Rivers, MI)

 - Class of 1923

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Three Rivers High School - Reflector Yearbook (Three Rivers, MI) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 154 of the 1923 volume:

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Vi! ,.:5'fH:L-" ':1'P45'v" 3' 'f" "ff lfsff - W . -'fa v . . . a"11.: g?-Hzpv1ifi.rf'2 V 1 V ,f,f1.:,v.1,,1 T"f,3fvS:,'!!'-1 ' ' 2 .A-'SWE.,wmv .'.'. , , 1'-if-3.-R-.diffs iw:-.4 iztaf wi- '- - I- 1 -H1 f . . Q . 'I - .A-.:.-W f A -. . :gm--,g, - mit TEL. .5'ff's2Qf2'f ,sn f ,, f-1 P . -:-:A1::- 2 .' x '-iff: up f, gfgpjikif fiv ,,x,,.k,. , N. . 7 .1 YV. . 1, . fvmg ...EZ gn., 5,1 1 if ,. -. E. 'ii 1..9?53.,Y,l ...wh ...T 9,63-+55 L !:9h:.igL.5v - . , il ,:,,, .Q ,H 4 -A,-2 2, 3 ' .U V' ' - w fffe ' . ' 'H+ 'W-,Q SFC' .,- fl fi'-" s uf 1. I nj. fi ' ,: . Ziff' f 'Fi ?"lfl5"'--f'- , Wifi:-iii? 4. -. 13 vs. ,Y 4 mg- -. 1.-J5,5..1, - Q -:" In f fx. 'ir 0' Y X"-L V -N gf -1 5.1, - F1-A' 15" ' ., -1 , -V-,sp xij - 15. 3.1.5 g1,,.!- ' . k 1. ' , 'effwy .,g,':f- ,gvQ'3:f,..w-25:-, ? .. g4,.,Y 4i,,. M5 if .fSQ,?5,.i.. d.5"v M??.g,Qg,3-5,k,f,3,y,yf g-Q fx, .I V 45254, 3:55 1 V: Q If . ' if rg gugi ' In ' gc qx., ,'.,4. '," - rf-wi' '.e,1,' pag ih- . 'L :-.M 'QL' Z, Q - T' '-:V if -L' 1--' .ff-L1 33.3 , x 5 9455-?,..-' if-1 1-, A,-gf 'C '- 4-,V MPP -ef X 'fSw:A: ' .'f,vfl.-il dwis H5. L'25x-efff'2 ?i1f Q L i!-gig-' mg f - 45: ::. W.. . 'P- f f -' 'Q '?'55'iy:YfiNY!::,,5:gQ:QQ-1i5rg,H?!Jq,sQ,-1A:5 A' 14, - 12 -p,,ZK,4fE?, 'ml ,i:ij7, Lfi,-w ' -iv ' Al.. gf,-1-'Q-5? il .r:,.:3- ' I ' 'H-' f- -- --- - 1--LM M-1 ,wfv--,H iv.-Eff - ff . .,g,,,,,:'-- , .,. s., igr' - . Q..-.4 "l m . -1f-',,4..-N , -,f-.--- -. Lf ,. --.Q , 1. A ... 4: , .N I Q S u F 2 E E s s E z E Q H 9 f 5 3 2 2 E 4 1 5 'E L 3 S if 1: Q I K E 5' li I s E Q 5 2 b L 2 L Q 1 2 Q 3 5 2 2 1 3 2 The Fourteenth Annual REFLECTUR of the Three Rivers High School Published by the SENICDR CLASS I.. ARMSTRONG, Editor-in-Chief. E. HESSMER, Business Manager 96' Photography by Victor H. VanHorn Engraving by Pontiac Engraving Co. Printing by the Three Rivers Press Z' THREE RIVERS, MICHIGAN JUNE15,1923 QHQCQKQBLP Giqvjul-l x-gEu 0CW'a FOREWORD UR chief aim in the publication of this book has been to record in as pleasing a manner as pos- sible the many interesting events which happen during the school year. We have been greatly aided in our work by the splendid cofoperation of the students, faculty, and business men of Three Rivers. The Re- flector Staff wishes to thank all those who in any way have helped to make this annual a success. We have endeavored to make it live up to its name and we sin- cerely hope that in the years to come it may be a true "Reflector" for you. GKQI'-il'Il lI cfm - 5 .. A Tn the ,HHBIIIUJZQ nf that 1111111111121 nf flu: 651155 nf IHA QELIQPIIB j:Xll1e1 iuhusz srhnnl life taught 115 hm tnmrth 111 same t 1nhnlesn1m: me111l111rss 6111211011952 heath 111 the mxhst uf sshnnl exnztrinirzs me the 0112155 uf IW? 1 hu hvhrmfe this Ulil Rl?fl2IflJ1 . X ' 1 rj , , e 1 -WI, PF' ' 0 5 V 1 . 7 1 slyutunh an ihcal nf lngaltg, A "I ' 'y - 'N 1 . 0 . 7 5 5, .O -7+ Z 1 x 1 K ig- , I n -9- -1o- ' ay- , N Z f K f ff ix if ff f- I ff , ,,Za,f ,ff f - mf, ' If fffff f M ff 3 gf f W mst? ,f n l':Iz4 1 4 -A A- gif ,935 rf ,,7 fy - 725 4 My 'yg , ' X X X f ,Vx ff, if f i 'FZ' Q WX ' r fx 7? Aff ,jf Q Z -' M J f- ' ,: 'ZBA 1:55 1 1 R V -,ilizg I ,A Rriixkr EH iii I 1 X , iii ' ' " ,Z M11- 3 a m12- . I 1 -14- ,- f A JL Z X' VN ' ' I L 1 f L X ! I 1 X ff ' I 1 I' ' ':?t 'E I, af! fy A f1 r X X -' :riff "" X 5 4:2 , ,il 1 f xl xi NX JH JYM2lr,,,W7m:M VA , xl! Ng Q I f' ul if ' . 1' lf, ' V IH, I ', X, Y 3 . Q4 1, , , , A ' -- .6 2 Q ' 1 NUM. 'Y fab ' f s. x4X.,,,,...77 5 -LL, L Nfl ?" ' 'Q K - " , ,Qf Mi'-fp f . 7 11 5 "' Z 7 f ,W + -:fe XJ? 'Qaii Qi! Magik Qqias '-" 7 7 4'-, I1 ' jj " A IW!! Ami 41? fi 1297 wigiiy f f 13 , W VI J 5 :ri ,M 1,3-E H 'if' m if, RWMQ WIN ,, gmnmxxx if 'Wi' x Emww .14 "anim , ' mai' fi HIEHIEEM P-'LTI f lqfilwlulf Ei! ff if , 0.1. mimi QESSQWEEEHEEQ: easel!-me--ies x. --f1ff-- QTY?-'5"-1 .Q -Y ' ' Lil I-'ez' ' v . - .g I . 'QF' L f? ,1fff - ', ':: 1X fx ff 4-2 W' Wg' Af - RQ 1 ,ff-ff Q s ' 9 Armstrong, Lawrence Seniors President .... ........ . . . . . . . Pauline Goodbrake Secretary .... ....... H elen Fulcher Treasurer ............ . .. . .................... Evertt Hessmer Class Motto: "We Tint Our Own Skies." Class Colors: Rose and Silver. Class Stone: Sapphire. Class Flower: Aster. Class Roll Mullett, Clarence Breyfogle, Warren Burns, Herthel Churchill, Lois Creed, Walter Drew, Corwin Ernest, Myrtle Frisk, Signe Fulcher, Helen Goodbrake, Pauline Handy, John Hart, Wynona Hess, Ione Hessmer, Evertt Johnson, Quentin Judd, Bernadean Kern, Edna Krull, Elsie Nash, Dorothy Rahn, Malcolm Reiling, Beatrice Rix, Madra Roberts, Violet Sandberg, Charlene Sisco, Leslie Sterritt, Frederic Sweitzer, Mildred Tobler, Alice Van Horn, Robert Wagner, Beatrice Whitesell, Marie Whonsetler, Mary Withers, Maude Wittenberg, Orrin ' EVERTT HESSMER "PETE" COLLEGE PREPARATORY "Little I ask, my wauts are few." an ii Track '20 Baseball '22 '23 Debating Team '23 Whose Little Bride Are You?" '23 Glass Slipper" '22 High School Carnival '19 '22 Glee Club '22 Pres. '23 Bus. Mgr. Annual '23 Pres. and Sec. L. M. S. A. Lit. Soc. '23 Chorus '22 Interclass Basket Ball '23 Tennis Club '22 Gym Team '22 Yell Master '22 '23 MAUDE WITHERS GENERAL "Love is the fire and sighs the smoke." Basket Ball '20 '21 '22 Capt. '23 Gym Team '22 Girls' Athletic Ed. '23 Pres. D. S. Musical Club '23 Glee Club '22 Interclass Basket Ball '21 Interclass Volley Ball '22 Chorus '19 '20 '21 '22 '23 Excelsior Lit. Soc. '22 0. F. Lit. SOC. '21 "Fire Prince" '22 Glass Slipper" '22 Junior-Senior Banquet Com. '22 MARY WHONSETLER COMMERCIAL "Assume a virtue, if you have it root." D. S. Musical Club '23 "Fire Prince" '22 Chorus '20 '21 '23 L. M. S. A. Lit. Sor'. '23 LOIS CHURCHILL COLLEGE PREPARATORY "Soft is the music that would charm for- The ever, flower of sweetest smell is shy and lovely." Chorus '23 U. D. Lit. Soc. '23 American Lit. Soc. '22 DOROTHY NASH "DOT" COMMERCIAL "Brevity is the soul of wit." Chorus '19 '20 '21 '23 "Fire Prince" '22 U. D. Lit. Soc. '23 "Joint Owners in Spain" '22 D. S. Musical Club '23 LAWRENCE F. ARMSTRONG "ARMY" SALUTATORIAN COLLEGE PREPARATORY "So wise, so young, they say, do ne'er live long." Chorus '19 '20 '21 '22 Orchestra '22 '23 Band '22 '23 Glee Club '22 Pres. '23 Tennis Club '22 "The Glass Slipper" '22 Gym Team '22 '23 Junior-Senior Banquet Com. '22 Pres. U. D. Lit. Soc. '23 "Whose Little Bride Are You?" '23 Editor-in-Chief Annual '23 Vice-Pres. Class '21 Class Treasurer '22 Christmas Pageant '22 CLARENCE MULLETT AGRICULTURAL "How should I your true love know From another one? " Chorus '20 '21 '22 Grain Judging Team '22 Second Stock Judging Team '23 Vice-Pres. Ag. Club '22 "Whose Little Bride Are You?" '23 VIOLET ROBERTS COLLEGE PREPARATORY For to the noble mind Rich gifts wax poor when givers prove unkind." D. S. Musical Club '23 L. M. S. A. Lit. Soc. '23 Interclass Basket Ball '22 '23 1 BEATRICE REILTNG ' "BEE" COLLEGE PREPARATORY "To hold as 'twere the mirror up to nature." Chorus '21 '22 '23 Operetta '22 Volley Ball '22 Gym Team '22 D. S. Musical Club '23 Christmas Pageant '22 HELEN FULCHER VALEDICTORIAN COLLEGE PREPARATORY "But if you want a friend that's true, I 'rn on your list." "In India" '19 Class President '20 Chorus '19 '20 '21 '22 '23 "The Glass Slipper" '22 "Betsy Ross" '22 Oratorical Contest '22 Student Council '22 Tennis Club '22 Gym Team '22 '23 Glee Club '22 '23 Interclass Volley Ball '22 Interclass Basket Ball '21 '23 Canning Team '19 Junior-Senior Banquet Com. '22 Librarian '22 '23 "Whose Little Bride Are You?" '23 U. D. Lit. Soc. '23 Chronologist '23 Christmas Pageant '22 CHARLENE M. SANDBERG "CHUBBYH COMMERCIAL "Thou flndest to be too busy is some danger" "In India" '19 Glee Club '19 Basket Ball '21 Interclass Basket Ball '21 High School Store '21 '22 District Typewriting Contest '22 "Joint Owners in Spain" '22 Chorus '19 '20 '21 '23 D. S. Musical Club '23 "Whose Little Bride Are You?" '23 Interclass Basket Ball '23 Sec. L. M. S. A. Lit. Soc. '23 Lit. Ed. Annual '23 Christmas Pageant '22 ROBERT VAN HORN HBOBH AGRICULTURAL "Thou art inclined to sleepy 'tis a good dullnessf' Student Council '21 Ag. Club '21 '22 Grain and Stock Judging '21 '22 "Whose Little Bride Are You?" '23 Critic U. D. Lit. Soc. '23 Adv. Mgr. Annual '23 sse- ELSIE M. KRULL "K1zULLY" GENERAL "Oh, a cherubirn thou wast that did pre- serve me." Chorus '20 '21 '22 Orchestra '21 '22 L. M. S. A. Lit. Soc. '23 D. S. Musical Club '23 Junior Operetta '21 Interclass Basket Ball '21 "Betsy Ross" '21 MARIE E. WHITESELL UPINKIEV COLLEGE PREPARATORY "The observed of all observers." "In India" '19 Chorus '19 '20 '21 '22 '23 Declamatory Contest '20 '21 Interclass Basket Ball '21 '23 Interclass Volley Ball '21 Orchestra '22 '23 "Fire Prince" '21 "The Glass Slipper" '22 Junior-Senior Banquet Com. 'ZZ Tennis Club '22 D. S. Musical Club '23 Glee Club '22 Librarian '22 '23 High School Store '23 L. M. S. A. Lit. Soc. '23 Gym. Team '22 Basket Ball '23 Art Editor Annual '23 WALTER CREED "WALT" GENERAL My soul is heavy and I fain would sleep." Mendon High School '20 '21 Base Ball '20 '21 '22 Basket Ball '21 Soccer Ball '20 '21 Football '22 '23 Orchestra '22 '23 Band '22 '23 Declamatory Contest '20 '22 "Glass Slipper" '22 Chorus '22 MADRA RIX "IMMIE" COLLEGE PREPARATORY A gentle disposition brings its own reward and many friends." Chorus '19 '20 '21 '22 '23 "In India" '19 "Fire Prince" '21 Declamatory Contest '21 '22 Class Treasurer '21 Interclass Basket Ball '21 '23 Glee Club '21 '23 "The Glass Slipper" '22 Gym Team '22 Orchestra '23 L. M. S. A. Lit. Soc. '23 "Whose Little Bride Are You?" '23 Ass't Lit. Ed. '23 Junior-Senior Banquet Com. '22 LESLIE SISCO HCICEROU GENERAL In the east my treasure lies." Chorus '19 '20 '21 '22 '23 Glee Club '23 Vice-Pres. U. D. Lit. Soc. '23 American Lit. Soc. '22 SIGNE FRISK COMMERCIAL M aiden! with thy meek grey eyes, In whose orbs a shadow hes." D. S. Musical Club '23 "Fire Prince" '22 "Glass Slipper" '22 Shorthand Contest '22 Gym Team '22 QUENTIN JOHNSON "EBER" COLLEGE PREPARATORY "Life is realg life is earnest." Chorus '21 '23 Glee Club '23 Sec. U. D. Lit. Soc. '23 Sub. Mgr. Annual '23 Junior-Senior Banquet Com. '22 Interclass Basket Ball '23 Ag. Club. '22 '23 Gym Team '22 MILDRED B. SWEITZER GENERAL "Best safety lies in fear." Chorus '20 '21 '22 "Fire Prince" '22 "Glass Slipper" '22 U. D. Lit. Soc. '23 EDNA KERN "TED" COMMERCIAL Every man shift for all the rest, and let no rnan take care of hirnselfg for all is but fortune." "Joint Owners in Spain" '22 "Whose Little Bride Are You?" '23 Critic U. D. Lit. Soc. '23 ALICE W. TOBLER "Tolar" COLLEGE PREPARATORY Speak the speech, I pray you, as I pro- nounced il to you, trippingly on the tongue." Traverse High School '19 '20 Astronomy Club '20 Sec. and Libr. D. S. Musical Club '23 Pres. Ag. Club '23 L. M. S. A. Lit. Soc. '23 Basket Ball '22 '23 Gym Team '22 Junior-Senior Banquet Com. '22 Interclass Volley Ball '22 Capt. Senior Basket Bail Team '23 Christmas Pageant '22 PAULINE GOODBRAKE "PEGGY" COLLEGE PREPARATORY Zlhereis daggers in men's smiles." A Class President '21 '22 '23 Declamations '20 '21 "Case oi Suspension" '20 Student Council '21 Chorus '20 '21 '22 '23 L. M. S. A. Lit. Soc. '23 "Whose Little Bride Are You?" '23 Debating Team '22 '23 Society Ed. '23 FREDERIC T. STE RRITT UFREDDIEH COLLEGE PREPARATORY "I rnusl be cruel, only to be kind." Football '23 Debating Team '23 "Whose Little Bride Are You?" '23 Interclass Basket Ball '23 Giee Club '23 CORWIN H. DREW "coRKY" GENERAL "But yet I 'll make assurance double sure." Cincinnati High School '20 '21 Sec. Class '20 Spanish Club '21 Chorus '22 '23 Amer. Lit. Soc. '22 L. M. S. A. Lit. Soc. '23 MYRTLE ERNEST COMMERCIAL "Beauties in vain their pretty eyes may roll, Charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul." Chorus '20 '21 '23 D. S. Musical Club '23 Interclass Volley Ball '22 Interclass Basket Ball '21 L. M. S. A. Lit. Soc. '23 WARREN BREYFOGLE COLLEGE PREPARATORY "But for the glorious privilege of being independent." Soccer Ball '20 '21 Football '22 '23 Basket Ball '22 Capt. '23 Baseball '20 '22 '23 Interclass Basket Ball Capt. '21 L. M. S. A. Lit. Soc. '23 Amer. Lit. Soc. '22 Grain Judging Team '23 Ag. Club '22 '23 "Fire Prince" '21 G m Team '22 '23 Cliorus '20 '21 '22 Student Council '21 '22 Boys' Ath. Ed. '23 Junior Volley Ball '22 Military Club '19 WYNONA HART HWY.. GENERAL "Had we never loved sae kindly, Had we never loved sae blindly: Never met-or never parted, We had ne'er been broken hearted." Chorus '19 '20 '21 '22 Glee Club '21 Basket Ball '22 '23 Gym Team '22 Interclass Basket Ball '21 Excelsior Lit. Soc. '22 "The Glass Slipper" '22 Orchestra '20 '21 '22 U. D. Lit. Soc. '23 HERTHEL BURNS GENERAL "Li fe is long and time is fleeting." Chorus '19 '20 '21 '22 '23 May Festival '20 Interclass Basket Ball '21 Junior Volley Ball Capt. '22 Gym Team '22 '23 Junior-Senior Banquet Com. '22 D. S. Musical Club '23 Ag. Club '23 L. M. S. A. Lit. Soc. '23 "Fire Prince" '22 MALCOLM RAHN "RUBEN GENERAL "My words fly up, my thoughts remain below, Words without thoughts never to heaven go !! Chorus '19 '20 '23 Military Club '19 Soccer Ball '19 '20 '21 Pres. Excelsior Lit. Soc. '22 French Club '19 Gym Team '22 '23 Junior-Senior Banquet Com. '22 Ag. Club '23 Joke Editor '23 JOHN HAN DY "JACK" COLLEGE PREPARATORY 'AI only know she came and went." Manistique High School '20 '21 '22 Chorus '23 Pres. U. D. Lit. Soc. '23 Interclass Basket Ball '23 Glee Club '23 Ass't Adv. Mgr. '23 Vice-Pres. Ag. Club '23 Gym Team '23 IONE HESS COLLEGE PREPARA T0 RY For she was just the quiet kind, Whose nature never varies." Chorus '20 '23 "Fire Prince" '22 V Sec. Ag. Club '22 U. D. Lit. Soc. '23 BERNADEAN JUDD UDEANU COMMERCIAL "To say why gals act so or so, Or don't 'onld be presumirf, M ebby to mean yes an' say no Comes natural to women." Chorus '23 D. S. Musical Club '23 Christmas Pageant '22 L. M. S. A. Lit. Soc. '23 ORRIN WITTENBERG "BLONDY" GENERAL uoh H shame! where is thy blush? Chorus '21 '23 Interclass Basket Ball '23 Vice-Pres. U. D. Lit. Soc. '23 American Lit. Soc. '22 Ag. Club '23 Ass't Sub. Mgr. '23 Junior-Senior Banquet Com. '22 BEATRICE WAGNER HSQUEAKSH COMMERCIAL "All torment, trouble, wonder, and amaze- ment inhabit here." Chorus '20 '23 Track Meet '21 CKa1amazooD Volley Ball '21 CKalamazooJ American Lit. Soc. '22 U. D. Lit. Soc. '23 The Old T. R. H. S. If you're looking for a good school, Where you Want to get the best, Here's a few reliable pointers, Concerning old T. R. H. S. We have a group of teachers That no one can e'er surpass, When it comes to being jolly And conducting an interesting class. Our classrooms, they are airy, Some are large and some quite small, All are clean and properly lighted, Windows large and painted walls. Then We have a fine gymnasium, Apparatus bright and new, Where we learn to be good sportsmen And to be athletic, too. We have teams of all descriptions, Football, Basket and Base Ball, Teams for track and for debating, Something here for one and all. We encourage love of music Thru our orchestra and band, And those who favor singing In the Glee Clubs take their stand. We can offer several courses, General, Commercial, College Prep, And our Aggie and Home Economics Help us with other schools to keep step So when you're looking for a good school Put these pointers to a test, Prove to yourself that no school's better Than dear old T. R. H. S. -Marie Whitesell 23 -25- Class History PROLOGUE Before the curtain rises on the four acts of our High School career, the characters have been preparing themselves in many different schools for their entrance into T. R. H. S. Many do not make their appearance until the third or fourth act. . ACT I Time-1920. Place-Three Rivers High School. CAST President .................... .Helen Fulcher Secretary and Treasurer ..... Margaret Branch Sixty-eight Freshmen All during this act the students are trying to adjust themselves to High School life. Some are successful and some leave the stage, causing the cast to grow considerably smaller. ACT II ' Time-1921. Place-The same. CAST President .,...... ....... P auline Goodbrake Vice-President. . . , . . Lawrence Armstrong Secretary ........ ......... M ary Zander Treasurer ........................ Madra RIX Fifty Sophomores. The original cast has become much smaller. Many things interfere with the cast's pursuit of knowledge, matrimony and failure being in the lead. Some of the cast show signs of intelligence. A student council is formed and two representatives are chosen from each class. Miss Madery-"Eugene, give the passive of this, 'All loving men dislike to fight! " Eugene Alber-"All men like to be loved." ACT III Time-1922. Place-The same. CAST President ...... ......... P auline Goodbrake Vice-President. . . .......... Evertt Hessmer Secretary ..................... Helen Fulcher Treasurer ............... Lawrence Armstrong The cast has now shrunk to the total of thirty-five. Only the fittest survive. The element of tragedy enters this act 5 we lost our beloved Mrs. Cauffman. She will be missed by all the cast to whom she was always a friend and helper. The Junior-Senior Banquet looms large during this act. . ACT IV Time-1923. Place-The same. CAST President. . . .... . . .Pauline Goodbrake Secretary- - . . . . ....... .Helen Fulcher Treasurer ................... Evertt Hessmer We are still thirty-five and our trials grow greater. Death again enters and takes one of our cast, Eugene Alber. As the end of the act draws near several members of the cast wear a weary expression, others one of fear. The action becomes hurried and the play nears the climax. Two plays are presented by the cast. CCURTAIN3 EPILOGUE In the future the cast sees a graduation and the social activities connected with commencement. At last each member of the cast goes his own way, carrying always the memory of this High School drama. Their fellow-actors have changed with the setting, for their stage is now the world. -Pauline E. Goodbmke, '23. To Gut Football Players You're as fine a bunch of fellows As football ever knew, And I wish to tell each player The school is proud of you. Although you may have lost a game, I am sure we all can boast, With our fellowship and spirit, We deserve the,honor most. Upon the field you all prepare To meet the coming strife, In reality you're being trained For bigger things in life. Which do you think the better, To capture every goal? Or to master fairness, squareness, And the use of self control? You've done your very best, sirs! You've given us the joys That come from every clean fair play, The school's behind you, boys. gCorwin Drew, '23. Class Prophecy Thru hazy mists of future years, it's been my lot to see The fates of all my schoolmates, the class of '23: Miss Goodbrake, high soprano, is the latest Broadway Rose, Walt Creed now runs a laundry and cleans and presses clothes. Miss Krull, trapeze performer, does many daring tricks. The laundry run by Walter Creed is owned by Madra Rix. Dean Judd is in the follies, Pete Hessmer's on the screen, And impersonating Rudolph, he surely is a scream. Poor "Blondy" Wittenberg, alas! his fate we must bemoan, His family numbers thirty-six Che runs an orphans' homey Our friend Fred Sterritt goes to sea, and joins a Pirate Crew, But settles down and marries a dark-eyed little Jew. John Handy and friend Johnson have spent ten years in jail As the sad result of meddling with U. S. bonds and mail. Miss Sandberg's name when mentioned connects the minds of most With a certain traveling salesman who sells the "Evening Post." Van Horn and Mullett, doctors, will sell you home-made pills, Cure headache, colic, rhumitiz, or any other ills. Miss Fulcher is a leader of our country's suffragettes, And has placed a bill in Congress to abolish cigarettes. Maude Withers owns a circus, the best in all our land, While Warren travels with her troup and runs a peanut stand. Young Armstrong is a lawyer, he's never lost a case, And Corwin's with the Giants, he covers second base. Miss Burns and friend Wynona run a very swell cafe, Their "sinkers," "hash," and "java" are known for miles away. Miss Churchill is a palmist, she knows you by your hand, Miss Whitesell is the leader of Sousa's famous band. Miss Tobler owns and operates a moving picture show, Miss Ernest is U. S. Treasurer and guards our country's dough. Miss Roberts is a Red Cross nurse in far off sunny France, She amputates or sits and mends the soldiers' worn out pants. L. Sisco drives the street car to Centreville and then, Transfers his badge to Ione Hess, who drives it back again. To write and publish novels is "B" Wagner's great delight, While Mildred Sweitzer's in the "ring" and swings a wicked "right.' Miss Frisk, Miss Nash, and Reiling are all typists for the firm Of Literary Brokers, "Whonsettler and Kern." While all I do is smile about the fates of all my chums, And stroll about my residence, "The Home for Busted Bums." -Malcolm Ralm, '23. Class Will We, the Class of '23, being of sound mind and memory, and being deeply and duly impressed with the imminent and approaching end of this precaucious existence called our school life, and desiring to have a fair, honest and equitable distribution of our valuable goods, do hereby on the twentieth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand, nine hundred twenty-three, publish, ordain and declare this our last will and testament. SECTION ONE I. To the Senior Class of '24 we will and bequeath several things: to wit- lst. Our splendid example of dignified and sterling conduct. We hope ibut do not expectj that they will main- tain it. 2nd. Our honored seats in chapel with which goes the privilege of marching out first. 3rd, The duty of being of all possible assistance to Mr. Horst and the faculty. 4th, The duty of seeing to it that Sturgis is trimmed in the next foot-ball game with Three Rivers. 5th and lastly, the heart-breaking knowledge that they can never excel the class of '23. II. To the Sophomores we leave the teachers, home work, tardiness, and everything that pertains thereto. III. To the Freshmen we leave the motto "Be strong and of good courage." SECTION TWO I. To the entire faculty we leave our heartiest thanks for their aid in installing the knowledge necessary to make our entrance into the sea of life successful. Also we leave to each member of the faculty a ten-foot pole to be used on next year's crop of sleepy Seniors. QThey never can be reached with less.j II. To Mr. Perry in kind thoughtfulness we leave the motto "To their merits always kind, to their faults a little blind." We wish more of the faculty had used this little motto. SECTION THREE 1. To Marion Tombaugh, Edna Kern leaves her slimness. We know Marion will appreciate it. 2. To Kenneth Campbell, Evertt Hessmer leaves his sense of humor. 3. To all girls in school who feel that they are in need of it Wynona Hart leaves her kind disposition and quiet ways. 4. Malcolm Rahn leaves to Lester Naylor his distinction of being the craziest inmate. 5. Lulu Ledbetter is made the sole beneficiary of Charlene Sandberg's ability to use a typewriter to good advantage. 6. Gail Pixley is left in entire possession of Dean J udd's vamp- ish gaze. 7. To Wilma Godshalk are bequeathed all of Helen Fulcher's HAYSH. ' 8. A copy of "Speeches I Have Made" will be given by Pauline Goodbrake to any one interested in making a study of Bolshevism or oratory. 9. To Murray Reed we leave the few pretty girls who are left and a microscope to find them. 10. To Harry Schoch we can leave only a memory to fill the aching void. 11. The entire class hereby leaves to Mr. Adams all its text- books, themes and note-books, that the school may not suffer from a fuel shortage next winter. 12. All our property not herein provided for is bequeathed to Mr. Horst, whom we know will use all such property justly and wisely. Mr. Coon is named executor for eternity. 1 MMM? WW7 Wawazaf 777mg gmwz ' ciaftmadwwaxaj. 7-LJf,.., 99 Manatee MMA ZUJLILLW WMM f, .. Qifee, XZMLKMM Q , . 01514230665 f2,,,..1,4z.A,WW EQQMMZZW -Sli wiillwf ..32g.. My Six-Year Course in High School For six long years I've slaved and toiled to pass a four-year course, And as I think of Wasted hours it causes much remorse. So here are some of the mem'ries that I never have forgot, When Dad thought I was safe in school, tho' really I was not, Those days that I went fishin' when I should have been in schoolg Those balmy springtime freight rides when again I broke the rule 5 Or when on listless summer days I'd smoke my pipe and sigh, As from some grassy river bank I'd Watch the clouds go by. Again on frosty autumn days, with heart and spirits light, I'd search the Woods for "Bunnies" from morn till late at night g Or yet on icy winter days when all was froze out doors, I'd sit and read the "Whiz Bang" at my office in at Rohrer's. When meetings of the "Jake Club" required my presence there, The seat assigned to me at school would once again be bare. Again when entertainments 'rose and finances were low, I'd get a job and go to work to earn a roll of "dough". But- Remember 'ere you think my course is just a mark for jokes, That pumpkins grow in sixty days, but it takes years for oaks. -Malcolm Ralm, '23. A green little Junior in a green little way Some chemicals mixed, just for fun, one day 3 And the green little grasses now tenderly wave O'er the green little J unior's green little grave. "A standing account Is a queer thing," said Dunsg "The longer it stands, The longer it runs." Professor: "What do you mean by such insolence? Are you in charge of this class or am I?" Student Chumblyjz "I know I am not in charge, sir." "Very Well, if you are not in charge, don't try to act like a con- ceited ass." Junior: "If a burglar entered the cellar would the coal shoot?" Peewee: "No, but perhaps the kindling wood." Said a clerk to a customer who had just been served with a glass of ginger ale: "It looks like rain." Customer Cthoughtfullyj: "And tastes like it." Salutatory Tonight the Class of 1923 extends a very hearty welcome to the parents, teachers, and friends who have gathered here to witness these Commencement exercises. We realize that this is truly com- mencement time, the beginning of our experiences that lie beyond High School. It has been said by men of wisdom that humanity cannot stand still, or remain in a fixed condition. We must either go forward or backward, and this being the case, it certainly behooves each one of us to keep constantly before us the idea of Progress. Theodore Roosevelt always preached the doctrine of the strenuous life, the kind which he himself lived. To quote his own words-"It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed. We get nothing, save by effort .... A mere life of ease is not in the end a very satisfactory life, and, above all, it is a life which ultimately unfits those who follow it for serious work in the world .... Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat." How encouraging it is to us to study the lives and work of such men as Columbus, Bell, Edison, Lincoln and others, who were never content to let well enough alone, but kept constantly trying to make conditions better for their fellowmen. Civilization has advanced because of the intelligence, visions, and energy of such men as these who knew that no work was ever so well done as to render improve- ment impossible. True, we cannot all be Roosevelts or Edisons, but each one of us has some definite work to do, and our constant aim should be to do that work better, as well as to be willing to do more than may be expected of us. We know, too, that our parents and other patrons of the school have not been content in the past to let well enough alone, but have continually sought to give us better school facilities-often at great sacrifices to themselves-and it is due in a large measure to this fact that we have been able to finish our High School course. And so I wish to say to you that we all hope to prove worthy of your efforts and sacrifices in our behalf and to accomplish with credit whatever task in life may be ours in the future. I am sure that I speak for every member of the Class of 1923 when I bid you, one and all, a Very cordial "WELCOME" -Lawrence Armstrong, '23 Valedictory On a train from Boston was a little elderly lady going to visit her son in the West. There was nothing remarkable about her for her hands were rough and toil worn and her face had a hundred wrinkles. What little hair she had could have been done up with a single hair pin and her black serge dress was neat though plain and patched. As the porter came through the car in the morning she spoke to him pleasantly, "Good morning. I'm sure you must be very tired this morning for I heard you pass by so many times last night. I'll make up my berth tonight as I'm used to working." The journey con- tinued, and every opportunity that offered itself the little lady un- selfishly and willingly offered her services. The people soon grew interested in her and she told them her history. She had raised a large family and was now caring for a grandchild, but her son in California had insisted upon her taking a rest. As the end of her journey drew near, she became a little nervous about getting off at the right station, and so ten minutes before she was to leave the train the porter came through and called her station. Nearly everyone got off the car to see the happy meeting of mother and son. After she was gone everyone missed her, and a wealthy lady who had traveled all over the World said, "I have traveled nearly everywhere, but never has there been one half as much attention paid me as that paid to the little grandmother." Why did everyone love her so dearly and miss her so much? It was because of her sweet person- ality. For many years our class has been on a journey, and our goal has been a personality that would be admired and would help us to be of the most service to our associates. The learning which we get from our books in school is by no means the greatest part of the ed- ucation which we receive there. The training and development of a good personality is the greater part of our education. What good would any amount of knowledge which we could acquire be to us, if our aspirations and ideals were low? An educated crook is one of the most dangerous and harmful individuals that menaces the lives and property of any community. It is for the needs of the future that we have been planning, but we have tried not to forget that the accomplishment of each day's tasks was the surest assurance of success, for True worth is in being, not seeming- In doing each day that goes by Some little good-not in dreaming Of great things to do by and by. For whatever men say in blindness, And spite of the fancies of youth, There's nothing so kingly as kindness, And nothing so royal as truth. And slight is the sting of his trouble Whose winnings are less than his worth, For he who is honest is noble, Whatever his fortune or birth. Our journey has not always been easy, often the way has been weary and our tasks irksome. Many times during tests of courage, trust, and fidelity we have sought aid from those of you who have learned through experience the thing which we needed most. We rejoice tonight in the fact that we have successfully traveled thus far- Although words cannot adequately express our feelings, we wish sincerely and gratefully to thank the mothers and fathers who have not only given us material aid, but have encouraged us when we were disappointed and discouraged, and who have rejoiced with us in our successes. The knowledge and experience of our teachers has ever been an inspiration to us and we thank them for their untiring efforts to impart knowledge to us, when it often seemed a hopeless and thank- less task. One of the pleasantest parts of our school life has been the friendships which have meant so much to us, and We thank all of our friends and classmates whose sympathy and cooperation have made our school life a joy. And so, although we have come to the first parting on our journey, it should not be a sad one for we will often be together again in person, and always in memory. Hoping that we have gained a personality during our school life which will enable us to continue our journey with happy hearts and faces, eager to labor, eager to be happy, if happiness be our portiong and if our lives be marked with sadness, strong to endure it, and trusting in that Providence which guides us always on our way, we bid you all farewell. -Helen Fulcher, '23. 3 rivers Mishshygun Mai 31, 1922. Dere John: I'm in skool so I haven't anything to due. U no its bin sum time since I rote to u but ive bin so durn busi that I can't git nothin' done. U no, John, that I'm most threw Hi skool. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever git thru. Mi inglish teacher ain't overly ankshus to pass me. I don't no why, but she says I don't no much. Of course- tween me'n you'n the rest of us-I no more inglish in five minutes than she swallowed during her 4 years of college. Of coarse she thinks she's sum buryes, and that she nose all about inglish but she's coo-coo their, Kid! The other daie she axed me to shoot a line bout the leson. Believe me, I maid a perfect resitashun and then she says, "Pritty good, Warren!" That maid me hot under me nek cover and I says, "Pretty good nuthing. It's perfect!" All the kids gave the merrie ha ha, but I don't sea nothin funnie their, do u? They sure have sum phuny teachers here. They spend all their time makin us work. They are still layboreing under the delushun that we cum hear two studie. All the block-heads ain't croaked yet, and they say the more we studie the better off we'll be wen we git threw skool. They think we are sponges and soak up all they spill out. But they can't put nothin' over on your little Warren! I'm tellin u, kid, cuz believe u me, I no the less studyin' u dew, the easier skool is. I've learned that much in mi fore yeers hear, and any teacher that tells me to study-Well I no sed teacher is crazier than an old ram when he's fighten!!! U no I take agriculture. The teacher is kinda funny and he said he didn't no weather I was taking it, but that I was exposed to it. And then I seys, quick like, so as two impress him-"Well, I'm carry- ing fore subjeks, I am!" And he kinda screwtineyeses me and sed "No, Your mistaken! Your just dragging 'em!" The guys lafed but I couldn't git the drift-wasn't drifting my way, maibee. Well we took up the studie of feeds and feedin and our teacher sed it was simple and that that was wear I should shine. I wonder what he ment-maibee cuz he nose I have got a heep of intelligeants. Of coarse he nose that I no more'n he does, cuz I've fed hogs for eighteen yeers. Well, I told him that and one of the fellos sed-"Yah, you mean you've fed yourself that long." And one of the other guys yelled out-"Well, what's the dif'frences?" Now Iwonder what they ment? That's like Miss O'mans eyes, eh? Deep and confusing! We had too studie dygestion and the differants beetween a hoarse and a kow. U no, Now I no why a kow kan eat more ruffage than a hoarse. It's because she's got four stomachs. I axed the teacher why they didn't call a bull a gentleman kow and he sed kinda wither- ing like because a bull is neither a kow nore a gentleman. I felt like two cents in german marks. Its a grate life if you don't feed the fish. Ask Miss Storr she nose. Speaking of feeds they say carbydriates make a person fat. Dorothy Nash must have ate a ton. I'm jest going to eat proteins and vitamines-whatever those things are. Teacher says they are important and that lettace is full of em. But I axed ma if the letace we had last nite had em in, and she slapped my face and sed the idie-she'd washed that lettuce twice. Well I've lived eighteen yeers without them and I can con- tinue mynus 'em. Sum of the fellos and girls hear are phuny two. There is one fellow with red haire. He's got freckles alover his face, but they don't seem to make any differance to him, he tries to go with all the girls anyhow. Lots of em seam to fall for him somehow. Leastways he's most all ways talking with them. Mebbe he's makin' himself obnoxshious, but I don't know. Then there's another fello that is a piture on the ball teem. He is a big chop, and he's got a girl. She's nice girl too, I guess, from what I hear, and wenever he pitches she goes to the game. Must be nice to have a girl like that. He most genally wins if his girl is there cuz he pitches like everything. I wish I had a gal like that. Maybe I will get one when I go to collige, cuz I hear when a fellow is a collige man he kin get most anything he wants. Well I want a lot of things, but I'm planning on gitting 'em next yeer when I go two collige. Affeshuntly forever and a nite, Ure old siderake, Warren. MHA!! A Taking Girl She took my hand in sheltered nooks, She took my candy and my books, She took that lustrous wrap of fur, She took those gloves I bought for her, She took my words of love and care, She took my flowers, rich and rare, She took my ring with tender smile, She took my time for quite a while, She took my kisses, maid so shy, CShe took, I must confess, my eyej, She took whatever I would buy, And then she took the other guy! JUNIORS .4 A'f'Af'f' JUNIOR CLASS Juniors President . . . . . .... . ..... . . .... Marion Tombauglc Secretary ..... . . . . . Laverne Brannan Treasurer ..,.... . . .... . . .... A... ......... . L averne Brannan Class Motto: "Through Trials to Triumph." Class Colors: Purple and Gold. Class Stone: Yellow Sapphire. Class Flower: Yellow Rose. Class Roll Anderson, LeRoy Ireland, Donald Shook, Vera Anderson, Sophie Jacobs, Shirley Shumaker, Robert Arney, Naomi Lackey, Leonard Shutes, Earl Barker, Coral Lackey, Virgil Sloan, Virginia Black, Arlene Lamb, Martha Smith, Loene Bowie, Gordon Lewis, Donald Snyder, LaVern Brannan, Laverne Lull, Adabeth Spaulding, Leah Brown, Howard McPherson, Eugene Stanard, Doris A Campbell, Kenneth Meyer, Genevieve Storr, Edna Churchill, Walter Miller, Leona Sterritt, Albert Clifford, James Naylor, Lester Theurer, Gertrude Cribbs, Adelaide Naylor, Raymon Tombaugh, Marion Doherty, Marian Pixley, Gail ' Trickey, Marguerite Edwards, Jay Preston, Ruth Turner, Harold Ellsworth, Florence Ray, Hollen Ulrich, Willis Garrison, Keith Reed, Morris Van Dyke, Margaretta Gebby, Russell Reed, Murray Van Horn, Bernard Gebhart, Remington Ridgley, Wallace Weaver, Ida Godshalk, Wilma Riegle, May Wetherbee, Leona Grosskunze, Elwyn Schoch, Harry White,Grace Hart, William Schweitzer, Beatrice Weidenbeck, Fern Harwood, Neva Scott, Otto Wilson, Kathleene Heckelbower, Thelma Shafer, Clinton Hinkley, Dorothy Shelline, Marguerite -41- At Last! About the time when tree-toads cry, And through the shadow night-wings hurtle, Our Elmer screwed his courage high, And want to pay a call on Myrtle. He rang the bell and stood there dumb, To see her, slender, sweet and rosy, She said, "How good of you to come!" And "Ain't our parlor bright and cozy?" And "Don't you like my chiffon dress?" Andgwhat could Elmer say but "Yes." She made him take the deepest chair, "The one," she laughed, "for folks to stay in He liked the way she did her hair? And had he put his summer hay in? And wasn't Rex a pleasant boy? But Neil was just as nice, though duller. And wasn't Madge a perfect joy? And ain't her eyes the sweetest color? And had he heard of Tom and Bess? And what could Elmer say but "Yes." With aid from Myrtle, Elmer turned The portrait album's gilded pages g Of aunts and uncles, learned Their occupations, weights and ages. Of other kin of solemn mien And how they fared and where they tarriedg And here was ma when just eighteen- "The year that pa and she were married." "They say I'm like her, more or less." And what could Elmer say but "Yes," And then they wound the graphophone, And John McCormick sang a ballad About "I love but you alone!" While Myrtle served the herring salad, And other things to please a man Whose appetite is fairly hearty, And then she smiled as Myrtle can, And said, "I hope you like my party, And ain't that pie a grand success?" And what could Elmer say but "Yes." -42- And when the hour was come to part, So dear she looked, so quaintly charming, That Elmer's tongue obeyed his heart And cried with ardor most alarming, "Oh, Myrtle! Won't you marry me?" While neck to browibegan to redden. And Myrtle cried, as all agree, "Oh, Elmer, this is awful sudden!" But that was not his fault, I guess, So what could Myrtle say but "yes!" -Earl Shutes, '2!,. NMMA! It was only in the movies That the shack behind the hill Produced the liquid moonshine From a gun protected still. But now We find the neighbors Making "liquer" smooth as silk, With only coffee tubing And the can that held the milk. -Foster Pixley, '24 M A! Af A! To a Shiek Blessings on thee, Flapper Boy, With thy grin and smile so coy, People do not call you Happer When you look so nice and dapper, 'Stead they love to call you "SHIEK!" When you dress up like a freak, In your pants of corduroy You surely are a clever boy, With your hair slicked down so fine In a regular "RUDY" shine. But be your hair so straight or curly, I am glad that I'm a "girly." -By a School Sheba .. 43 - 2 , , , 1 1 E P -44.. l9Z4 Reflector Staff At a meeting of the Junior Class the following people were elected as members of the 1924 Reflector staff : Morris Reed . . ..l. . . .... .... E ditor-in-Chief Donald Lewis ...... ..... B usiness Manager Adelaide Cribbs ...... .... . . ..... Art Editor Marguerite Shelline . . ...... . .Literary Editor Lester Naylor . . ..,.... Subscription Manager Robert Shumaker. . ..... Advertising Manager Earl Shutes . . .... ............ . .Joke Editor LeRoy Anderson . . . . . . .Boys' Athletic Editor Sophie Anderson ...... . .Girls' Athletic Editor Wilma Godshalk . . . . . . . .Activities Editor Marion Doherty .,.. . . . .... Chronologist Fern We1denbeck......... .... .. .....Typ1st Alumni Reunion The thirty-seventh annual Alumni Reunion was held on June 15, 1923, at the K. P. Hall. About one hundred were present. Presi- dent James Comin welcomed the Class of '23 and Pauline Good- brake, President of the class, responded. The following officers were elected for the coming year: Russell Breyfogle ..... .... . . . . .President Paul Avery ...... . . . . . .Vice President Alva Godshalk. . . . ....... Secretary Slgne Frlsk. . . .. . , .... ...... . . . . . .Treasurer be Plans were discussed for a banquet at Christmas time, as it was thought that just as many or perhaps more graduates of T. R. H. S. would be able to attend at that time. After the business meeting the evening was spent at cards and dancing, and refreshments were served. -45- An Idle Dream I had just decided that all the admits for the morning had been signed and was arranging my desk in the proper order when in ran a little tow-headed boy about fifteen years old. "Late as usual, aren't you, Walter?" I asked. "Didn't I tell you that this daily tardiness was utter nonsense? I was never late to school when I was a girl." His big blue eyes filled with tears and the little yellow curl on top of his head was so cute that I could scarcely maintain my severity. However, I gave him a pink admit and bade him hurry to class. Later, my work being done for the morning, I settled down for an hour of pleasurable reading-rapid furious knocking at the door -enter Miss Storr, firmly grasping young Master Horst by the ear and pushing him before her into my ofiice. "Well, Walter," I said with a sigh, "what now?" "Miss Ellsworth, he was chewing gum, and when I told him to throw it in the wastebasket, he became very discourteousf' This from Miss Storr, "Very well, Miss Storr, you may return to your class and I will see that Walter is properly punished." Exit Miss Storr. "Walter," I began solemnly and severely, "gum chewing is a very bad habit. When you chew gum, go to your own room, close and lock the door, pull down the window curtains, then crawl under the bed and chew, if you must. But never chew gum in public. Added to this, your insolence to your teacher was very ungentlemanly. Now what have you to say for yourself?" "Aw, where'd you git that stuff? Gum chewin' is O. K. Times have changed since you went to school. Why don'cha wake up?" And he grabbed my arm and shook it repeating again and again, "Wake up." So "wake up" I did and ran to school to avoid being late and again going thru the pink admit episode with Mr. Horst's position and mine changed about. , -Florence Ellsworth, 'ZA OPHO ORE , If f 147- SOPHOMORE CLASS Sophomores President .. .. . . .......,.............,. Harold Barnhart Secretary . . . . . . . . .... Dudley Priestley Treasurer .................................... Dudley Priestley Class Motto: "Rowing, Not Drifting." Class Colors: Green and Gold. Class Stone: Diamond. Class Flower: Water Lily. Class Roll Alcook, George Amlie, Suzanne Barnhart, Harold Barton, Marguerite Bent, Dorothy Bingaman, Violet Bivvins, Ruth Bowers, Raymond Brannan, James Breese, Maxine Buergin, Vivian Campbell, Ethel Carr, Florence Clevering, Berylle Combs, Jeanette Connett, Frank Copp, Kenneth Daniels, Rufus Ferrarotti, Eugene Floutz, Claire Fulcher, Catherine Gebby, Mae Gemberling, Eva Hackenberg, Madeline Hart, Maurine Hart, Maxine Henry, Harry Hewes, Dorothy Houldsworth, Arthur Hyatt, Gordon Kapp, Kathryn King, Vera Kline, Earl Luck, Warren Malbone, Clyde Marietti, Mike McCarthy, Mildred McLaughlin, Dorothy McQueen, Helen McCain, Gordon McJury, Florence Miller, Velma Mohney, Marie Moore, Margaret Naylor, Dorothy Neff, Raymond Pierce, Marion Priestley, Dudley Rahn, Evageline Rearick, Ruth Reardon, Arthur Shook, Arnold Skebiskie, Leo Smith, Lois St. John, Gilbert Tobler, Louise Tombaugh, Katherine Wellington, Clifford Wetherbee, Lois Wetherbee, Mildred Wilhelm, Paul Wolf, Wallace Wuerfel, Margaret Youells, Eva Young, Zelda Lyme Lyte Lymeryx There is a young teacher named Burke, Who has a great liking for work, She gives lessons in Caesar As long as do please her, And then gives us "E" if We shirk. A basket ball star from Three Rivers, Went by the name of Maude Withers, She threw the old ball The whole length of the iioor, And gave all the kids there the shivers. There is a young teacher named Hicks, Who, on Sophomores, loves to play tricks, He gives out a lesson That keeps the class guessin', And laughs when he sees us in a mix. Lester never had his lesson, He always depended on guessin', He would kid with delight From morning 'til night, Then sleep while the class was in session. There is an instructor, Sir Walter, Who says we should Work Without falter, It is his great delight From morning 'til night, To lead us around by the halter. -Catherine Fulcher, '25 - 50 - l Would Like to Be I'd like to be a Senior, And with the Seniors stand In a row upon the platform, Diploma in my hand. I'd like to be a Junior, And with the Juniors stay Right tight to school work, When they would rather play. I'd like to be a Sophomore, And with the Sophomores be A friend of everybody in The whole big faculty. I'd like to be a Freshman, And with the Freshmen play I'm going to be a Sophomore Some grand and glorious day. I'd like to be a Rhinie, And with the Rhinies Work The History or 'Rithmetic, They're never known to shirk. I'd like to be a Peewee, And with the Peewees stare At everything in High School, The first day they are there. -Ruth Reomck 25 -51- 4 I -52- "The Kat" CHARACTERS: The Girl ,.................. Violet Bingaman The Boy ..................,.. "Corky" .Drew The Kat ........................... Himself Time-Night time. Place-Residence of V. B. ACT I. Scene 1.-CThe Boy is seen walking jauntily down the street with a box of bon-bons tightly clasped under his army. Scene 2.-The Girl comfortably settled in a big Morris chair reading "The Sheik"J. Ting-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling. The Girl-"Oh hang, there goes that old door bell again!" CShe goes to doorj. CThe Boy comes in, gives her the bon-bons, much to her delight, takes off his coat, and follows her into the other room. He sees the book lying on the table.D The Boy-"What are you reading?" ' The Girl-"Oh, just a narrative." The Boy-"What is a narrative?" The Girl-"A narrative is a tale Ctailj. The Boy-"Oh!" The Girl-"The lamp is smoking, extinguish it!" CEditor's Note: This play took place in the days of kerosene lampsh. The Boy-"What is extinguish?" The Girl-"To put out." CThe Boy turns lamp down. They settled down again! ! ! ! lj Crash! Bam! I CFrom the regions of the kitchen.J The Girl-"Oh, what was that?" The Boy-"I don't know, but I will go out and see." CTWO minutes elapse. The Girl sits in suspense.D CThe Boy reappears with a satisfied look on his faceh. The Girl-"What happened?" The Boy-"Oh nothing, the Kat upset a pan of milk and I just picked him up by the narrative and extinguished him." The annual's a great invention, The school gets all the fame, The printer gets all the money, And the staff gets all the blame. Teacher-"The early bird gets the Worm." Bright Student-"Yes, but who the deuce would want a worm?" Reardon Startles Sport World "Art" Reardon, world famous scholar and cow-puncher of no small renown, has gained great distinction in the sport world for his bravery and discovery of a brand new method for catching that rare creature, known to sportsmen as the Woof-um-poof. "The Woof-um-poof," Mr. Reardon explained, "is a cross between a Gilihoo bird and an Umph fish, and is not to be trifled with. My method is extremely simple and fruitful, if accurately followed out. The first requirement is a row boat Cone without holes in the bottom preferredj. After securing the boat, row out to the middle of the lake Cto insure proper depthj. Then take out an auger and carefully bore a hole in the water. "When this is done, quickly place a banana peel on the edge of the hole and remove to a safe distance Ca mile or twoj and watch developments. The Woof-um-poof comes up to see what has caused the hole in the water, slips on the banana peel and dashes its brains out on the edge of the hole. Then of course, all that remains to be done is to row up and transfer the dead Woof-um-poof from the water into the boat Ca derrick is often convenient in this connectionbf' Mr. Reardon's discovery will, no doubt, cause his name to go down in history with Hoyle and Santa Claus and the rest of the great men of his time. NURSERY RHYMES Sometimes it's in the parlor, Sometimes it's in the hall, But I'm kissed a hundred times each night, Don't be shocked, I'm a billiard ball. It is easy enough to be pleasant, When you're looking and feeling flip, But the girl worth while Is the girl who can smile With a cold sore on her lip. A peach came walking down the street, A Sophomore, bright and fair, A smile, a nod, a half-closed eye, And the peach becomes a pair. ANOTHER TONGUE-TWISTER If a Hottentot taught a Hottentot tot To talk ere the tot could totter, Ought the Hottentot tot To be taught to say "aught" Or "nought," or what ought to be taught her? -54- Q F4 x N Y Ky ,Qu NR QV, Ng X., ,usilgv K N6 A 14':fiea' 1-'QS K5' 59 I A M331 , is-13 '4 'ff' ' Q N ' K 0 E" X K ., ,I IL I 9 my J ' 0 XS? CL'-Ly' ' Q9 " 1 f j d: f' F ' , . N Us , ,uf X 1 ' X I .-B FR ,fp X ' 3' ' r O,-. XGA I 5 1 N fi, r, A f f ,Q 1 0 Aoi 1, .. f w I N , N W .55 Q-A ' x r N l X Yi X, ,S . 'gif ' .' Q N WAL,"21 Mix . g ' C-3 ' , sew 2 1 H 21' r X W Q- 4 J X X E+, N H J Q ' 1 , X- Ps . A ' ' v S L N I: f ' ' A K T I K I T - Y N N 1 f , , w 7 S W L 2 l w I YSZB ' N N ' fe-5 f diiar K ' W . ' ' , 3 7 -F7 - V ' "' ' ! f 1 2 bfrk I, l 1 f 'f B1 f I I ' I lfifigm-, H I 'I 'Llzn y f f 1 fliglykdp 15? K QQ, L K1 FRESI-IM EN CLASS President . , . . Secretary ..... Treasurer ..,.. .. .. Freshmen ..,...................DonnaEverhart Class Motto: "Success" Class Colors: Green and Gold. Class Stone: Sapphire. Class Flower: Daffodil. Anderson, Violet Arney, Harold Artley, Doris Bahls, Harriet Bauserman, Emily Beeman, Glen Beeman, Lloyd Beers, Elmer Bernhardt, Ruth Bivvins, Olin Black, Stephen Bloom, Marguerite Boggio, Irene Boise, Mary Branch, Robert Breyfogle, Helen Bricker, Sidney Brown, Devere Buchan, Margaret Buck, Hazel Butler, Roy Christner, Fannie Churchill, Mike Cook, Lawrence Doherty, Dorothy Drew, Newman Dunigan, Betty Ellsworth, Eleanor Ely, Everett Engle, Yolo Class Roll Everhart, Donna Fitch, Helen Floutz, Aletha Fox, Lucene Frisk, Lawrence Gage, Verna Garrison, Chandler Gates, Lloyd Griner, Clarence Halvorson, Anna Halvorson, Daniel Hewes, George Hodges, Mildred Hutchison, Gladys Irvin, Arthur Ivins, Harold Jacobs, Doris Johnson, Walter Kline, Thelma Knachel, Ruby Kramb, Vivian Ledbetter, Lulu Lott, Winfield Milhahn, Flora Miller, Veda Miracle, Wilfred Moore, Robert Nash, Kathryn Newman, Frank Ohlin, Genieve Eshleman, Mildred Papulski, Alexander 157.- . . . . .Chandler Garrison . .. ..Helen Breyfogle Pierce, Foster Pierce, Raymond Preston, Leatha Ream, Viola Reardon, Kathryn Riegle, June Ruggles, Alfred Shook, Norma Simons, George Starr, Charles Stell, LeRoy St. John, Chester Summers, Henry Thorns, Melbourne Thurston, Wesley Tobin, Noel Tulloch, Jerome Underwood, Helen Walter, Mildred Weiandt, Laurence White, Dale Wilhelm, Mary Wilson, Donald Wittenberg, John Wright, Walter Youells, Madeline Young, Ross Young, Ruth Weiner, Bessie RECIPES , How to Cook a Husband. A grea man husbands are utterly spoiled by mismanagement. Some women eep them constantly in hot water, others let them freeze by their carelessness and indifference. Some keep them in a stew by irritating words. Others roast them, and some keep them in a pickle all the time. It cannot be supposed that any husband will be tender and good when managed in that way, but they are really delicious when properly treated. In selecting your husband do not be guided by a silvery appearance as in buying a mackerel, nor by the golden tint as if you were choosing a salmon. Be sure to select him' yourself, as tastes differ. Do not go to market for him as the best ones are always brought to your door. It is far better to have none unless you will patiently learn how to cook him. A preserving kettle of finest porcelain is the best, but if you have nothing better than an earthen one, it will do with care. See that the linen in which you wrap him is nicely washed and mended, with the required number of buttons and strings tightly sewed on. Tie him in the kettle by a strong silk cord called comfort, as the one called duty is apt to be weak. Make a clear, steady fire, out of love, neatness, and cheer- fulness. Set him as near this as seems to agree with him. If he sputters and sizzles, do not be alarmed, some husbands do this until they are quite done. Add a little sugar in the form of what confec- tioners call kisses, but no vinegar or pepper on any account. A little spice improves him, but must be used with judgment. Do not stick any sharp instrument into him to see if he is becoming tender. Stir constantly, watching all the while lest he lie too flat in the bottom of the kettle and so become useless. You cannot fail to know when he is done. STOMACH CAKE Line one small boy with green apples and cucumbers. This can be prepared at short notice. , LOVE CAKE 2 cups of handholding 1 tablespoon kisses 1 cup squeezes M cup love nuts Flavor with a little moonlight, place on garden seat. Leave till morning. ... 58 - English As She is Writ I'll tell my little story In the modern English way. In almost any newspaper You will find it reads this way. She was a "Sheba in knickers," He was a "Sheik" tall and trim, Galoshes encased both her "kickers," "But she hadn't nothin' on him." He wore a small cookie duster, .And surmounting his mug was a lid. This Bimbo and Geek was a buster, And "believe me," he was surely some kid. They ankled along to the movies, Where they clamped their glims to the screen. And this is the gab that they handed, So that they would not appear green. "Quite the bee's knees," said fair Sheba, "I'd say the gnat's teeth," said the Sheik. Sweet daddy! but wouldn't that jar ya? AND THIS IS THE ENGLISH WE SPEAK. HMA!! A Lesson in Grammar You see a beautiful girl walking down the street. She is, of course, feminine. If she is singular, you become nominative. You walk across to her, changing to the verbal, and then become dative. If she is not objective, you become plural. You walk home to- gether. Her mother is accusative and you become imperative. You walk in and sit down. Her little brother is a definite article. You talk of the future, and she becomes the object. You kiss her and she becomes exclamatory. Her father becomes present, things are tense, and you become the past participle. - 59 -I l -60- Advice to Freshmen, Rhinies and Peewees In promulgating your esoteric cogitations and in articulating your superficial sentimentalities, amicable philosophical or psy- chological observations, beware of platitudinous ponderosity. Let your conversational communications possess a clarified concise- ness, a compacted comprehensibleness, a coalescent consistency, and a concatenating cogency. Eschew all conglomerations of flatulent garrulity, jejune babblement, and asinine effectations. Let your extemporaneous descantings and unpremeditated expatiations have intelligibility and veracious vivacity, without rhodomontade or thrasonical bombast. Sedulously avoid all polysyllabic profundity, pompous prolixity, psittaceous vacuity, ventriloquial verbosity, and vaniloquent vapidity. Shun double ententes, prurient to cosity, and pestiferous profanity, obscurant or apparent. In other words talk plainly, brieiiy, naturally, sensibly, purely, and truthfully. Keep from slang g don't put on airs 5 say what you mean, mean what you say, and don't use big words. Those Changin' Blues Gosh, I'm lonely, Gee, I'm blue, Haven't got a thing to do. Wish to heaven I were dead, No more books to tire my head. What'd you say, the telephone? Tell the boob I'm not at home. Wait a minute, guess I'll go. This you Jack? Hello, hello! Yes, I hear you. What'd you say? Oh, of course, why sure you may. Uh-huh, I'd love to-half past eight? Hot dog, girls, I've got a date! The English Language We begin with a box, and the plural is boxes, But the plural of ox should be oxen, not oxesg If I speak of a foot, and you show me your feet, And I give you a boot, would a pair be called beet? If the singular is this and the plural is these, Should the plural of kiss, be nicknamed keese? Now if the plural of that should be called those, Should hat in the plural, ever be hose? And the plural of rat be rats, or rose? Then the masculine p onouns are he, his, and him, But imagine the feminine, she, shis, and shim. So the English now is, I think you'll agree, The most wonderful language you ever did see. Miss Burke-Cln Latinj- "What does 'Quid' mean, Quentin?" "Eber" Johnson-"A chaw of tobacco." -61- Ode by a junior Lives of Seniors all remind us, As their pages o'er we turn That we're apt to leave behind us, Ponies that we ought to burn. Some wear silk and some wear lisle, And some wear cotton strong, Then some wear knit. Some like the style, Of course-but-then-that's wrong. Some are long and some are short. Others of medium height. Some flare out, some hard a'port And some a wee bit tight. Some like clocks, still others don't, Merely a matter of taste. Some give shocks, others won't, Depends on Where they are placed. Some like them this way, and some that, Others don't like them at all. But give me the girl, either thin or fat, Who knows how to put on her gloves. The Seniors were born for great things, The Juniors were born for small, But no one has yet found the reason Why the Sophomore was born at all. The barbers cut your gosh darn hair And charge you forty cents, We let our hair grow long and save The overhead expense.-House of David. They first met on a summer night, But never after that, For he is what we call a brick, And she a warbling cat. Mary ate a little lamb 'Twas good beyond all question. And so she ate a little more And died of indigestion. A pretty young Miss met a Mr., And gently yielded as he Kr., So the Miss became a Mrs., Just because of love and Krs. Pupil-"I suppose you had a pleasant sea voyage? Miss Storr- "Oh, yes, everything came out nicely. ..52- Q? my Rl-nivxles I F 9x f 145 N . X , ., N 4 M X 'x M -X-'Q'-. -Ara Ay fm A A Nw fb 4 61 ,Z qf X 'mx 1 Q X ' Z' , f", U 5 X 4fHU fxw jf1i i O xx I1 JAX 4 1, Y' ' N f Y Il ' is N V , 47,4 kki? ,Q .-L 4. ..J 1 f ' ATV? 63 RHINIES Rhinies President . . . ................ .. ..Violet Knapp Secretary . . . . . . , ,...... . . . . . . Linn Hazen Treasurer ,..... .... .....4........... . . . ...... .... H elen Eberly Class Motto: "We are trusting, we are true, If you'l1 trust us, we'll trust you Class Colors: Blue and Gold. Class Stone: Sapphire. Class Flower: Sweet Peas. Class Roll Akey, Angeline Ash, Antoinette Barnhart, LeRoy Barnhart, Laura Beeman, Mildred Bickle, Margaret Blodgett, Edna Boggio, Emma Bourgoin, Rita Bowers, Doris Bowersox, Evelyn Bulluck, Edith Burrow, Viola Creager, Basil Cunico, Adolph Dailey, Mariane Davis, Pauline Dean, Leonard Dougherty, Stuart Eberly, Helen Eldridge, Kathryn Fenstermacher, Lillian Fitch, Alfred Fosdick, Kathryn Fulcher, Jeanne Gleason, Henry Graves, Helen Gregory, Grace - Hackenberg, Marjorie Handy, Kathryn Hazen, Linn Henry, Onie Houghtaling, Gerald Jacobs, Alice J ors, Earl King, Benjamin King, Betty Kingsley, James Knapp, Violet Lee, Laverne Lehman, Helen Lincoln, Evelyn Linsner, Bessie Linsner, Thelma Luck, Anna May Marenzano, Armando Meck, Galen Meredith, Vern Merrill, Mary Jeanette Miller, Eileene Miller, Jesse Moyer, Elton Neidhardt, Mildred Norton, Dale Preston, Burton Rahn, Lucy Ruggles, George Ruggles, Lucile Ruggles, Warren Sandvig, Muriel Sears, Willis Silverthorn, Joel Slack, Mildred Sloan, Raymond Snyder, Wanda Swantusch, Virgin' Swartwout, Lorenz Tobin, Wend Tobler, Erw Tobler, Est er Ulrich, Eld n VanSickle, aymon Weiner, Le nard Wellington Cleon Wolf, Rex Yorton, Roy Youngm , Lorai I 65 '-' I 1' If ,ll x fl The Cat That Came Back There was an old Deacon Johnson, Who had troubles of his own. He had an old yellow cat, Who wouldn't leave his home. He gave him to a preacher, Who was going far away He told the man to take the cat And told the cat to stay, And the cat came back. The cat was a terror, so they all thought it best, To give him to a nigger, who was going out west. But as the train went round a curve, it struck a rotten rail And not a man about the place was left to tell the tale, But the cat came back. A small boy said he would kill the cat, And received a dollar note He took him to the river in a little open boat. He tied a brick round Tommie's neck. A stone that weighed a pound. Now they're dredging in the river For the little boy that drowned, But the cat came back. The Deacon swore he would kill him the very next night, He loaded up his musket gun, with nails and dynamite, And waited in the garden for the cat to come around, A half a dozen pieces of the man was all they found. But the cat came back. ' X A dance, A class, A date, A quiz, Perchance We Hunk, Out late, Gee Whiz! Horst: "It's a nuisance, these trains are always late." Conductor: "Sure, what good do you suppose the waiting rooms would be if the trains were on time?" REFEREE: "Foul," Wynona Hart: "Huh, I don't see any feathers." Blondyz "Well, you see this is a picked team." Min: "Can you keep a secret?" Chubby: "I'll tell the world." ' What a wonderful bird the frog are, When he stand, he sit, almost 5 When he hop, he fly, almost 5 He ain't got no sense, hardly, He ain't got no tail, hardly, either. When he sit, he sit on what he ain't got , almost. We offer a pound of gold toothpicks to any one who can answer correctly the following: If watermelon costs 8 cents a pound how far will a yellow orange peel have to fall to break a peanut? ' If Miss Dorothy Nash's foot is 11 inches long how many gallons of water flow over Niagara Falls per year? If two sticks of dynamite can be heard seven miles away, how many freckles are there on Fern Weidenbeck's nose? Fats Campbell-"We have a funny cat at our house. It only has fur on one side." ' Keith Garrison- "Which side?" Fats-"The inside, of course." The night was dark and stormy, It was raining hard, you bet 3 Q The train pulled into the station, . The bell was ringing wet. Bob Shumaker-"Anybody got a thumb tack?" George Simons-"Wouldn't a finger nail do?" Maude Withers-"What is it that keeps the moon from falling?" Alice Tobler-"I guess it must be the beams." Doctor-"I don't like your heart action. You have had some trouble with Angina Pectoris." John Handy-"You're partly right Doc, only that ain't her name." Miss Briggs-"Maxine, illustrate 'heroes' in a sentence." Maxine Breese-"A man sat upon a chair. A tack was on the chair. He rose." - ll Daughter, did I not see you sitting on that young man's lap when I passed the parlor door last evening?" Yes, and it was very embarrassing. I wish you had not told me to." Good heavens! I never told you to do anything of the kind!" "You did. You told me that if he attempted to get sentimental I ' must sit on him." ll ll "When I finish this curve, I'll call it square," said the engineer. Keith Garrison approached nervously. "Here's where Ido some tall reflecting," remarked the mirror. -67- 5 i 2 5 E 1 A Raymon-"Let's go out for a ride." Wilma-' Oh my, I couldn't go without a chaperone." Raymon-"We don't need any." Wilma-Well, I don't want to go then." Not that I love the grass less, but the lawn mower. As she stifled a yawn she asked sweetly, "Is your watch going, Jim?" "Yep," replied Jim. "How soon?" queried the sweet young thing. Bill-"Our house is finished with Beaver Board." Jim-f"That's nothing, ours is plastered with Mortgages." Wanted: Man to milk and run a Ford car . . . Apply Clarence Mullett. The book of Hoyle must be revised 'Tis very clear'y seeng Ten spots or any kind of Jack Will cop most any queen. Bernard Van Horn-"Have you ever seen a man with a football mustache?" Warren Breyfogle-"No, what is it?" Bernard-"Eleven on each side." Maude-"Gee Harry, you've got nice lips, they'd look great on a girl." Harry-"Well, I never miss an opportunity." Mrs. Hoekzema COn week end vacationb-"Goodness Jim, I forgot to turn off the electric iron before we left home." Jim H-"Don't worry dearie, there won't be any fire. I forgot to turn off the water in the bath tub." Murray-"What has eight legs and sings?" Warren-"I don't know, what has?" Murray-"A quartet." Murray Reed-"Where were you this afternoon?" Clinton Shafer-"At the dog races." Murray-"Did you win?" BEHOLD ! Her beautiful face was upturned, Her head held back with pride, Her eyes shone like celestial stars, Upturned toward the vales of Avalon, As though beseeching justice. Her cheeks like roses crowned with dew, Giving to her features an expression of anguish, Her delicate lips were moving, Her face revealed soul-searing emotion, Behold! She was gargling. -Kenneth Copp. A MODERN HOUSEKEEPER She fills her fireless cooker With seven kinds of grub, Turns on the suds and puts her duds Into the scrubless tub. She starts the dustless sweeper On gear keyed down to low Powders her nose and gaily goes To see a picture show, -Hazel Buck. If Herthel Burns is John Handy? Is Lois Church-ill? If Corwin Drew would Signe Frisk? Is Myrtle Ernest? Is Arlene Black? Is Grace White? Can Murray Reed? If Earl Shutes is Howard Brown? If Maude Withers will Harry Schoch peanuts? The faculty's a happy bunch, They feed on text books for their lunch, In theme paper sheets they pass the night, And play "report" cards with delight. I'd like to join the faculty too, When I'm a man, now Wou1dn't you? Bones Malbone-"My father was in the Confederate Army but he wore a Union suit." Smith-"Did you want to use the truck next hour, Hoekzema?' Jim-"Yes." Smith-"Don't go far because we lost the gas tank." "Why do you call your girl 'Hinges'?" "Because she is something to a dore." Miss Russell: "Lots of girls use dumbbells to get color in their cheeks." Martha Lamb: "Yes and lots of girls put color in their cheeks to get dumbbells." -70- PULJU5 -71- PEEWEES Avery, Everett Bahls, Helen Barton, Francis Beck, Carmelita Bitting, Buryl Bowen, Robert Bowersox, Walter Buck, Marshall Campbell, Alvin Cerutti, Robert Choinacky, Edward Christner, Lena Coler, Charles Coler, Irene Combs, Wilbur Cowling, John Cross, Lyford DaMore, Tony Daniels, Luvetta Davis, Calvin Davis, Lawrence DeBest, Harry Dehn, Billy DelPonte, Mary Dimmick, Robert Dircks, Loretta Drew, Marlie Dunn, Willis Eshleman, Iva Evans, Eflie Fellows, Lawrence Ferguson, Lyle Ferrarotti, Vera Frisk, Walter Furtenbaugh, Ernest Peewee Class Roll Gemberling, Ralph Grean, Clarence Grean, Waleta Crime, Ernest Grodi, Valma Haas, J. C. Hall, Robert Hanshue, Harry Heckelbower, Eldon Hoover, LeRoy Houldsworth, William Huffsmith, Marjorie Hyatt, Jack Jackson, Wanneta Jones, Russell Kaiser, Guy KanKamp, Thelma Keith, Ruth King, Olive Knapp, Dwain Lewis, Warren Lovejoy, Jeanette Lunger, Eva Marietti, Irene Markle, Mildred McCarthy, Evelyn McPherson, Paul Miller, Ethel Miller, Gladys Mohney, Eleanor Moore, James Munk, Kenneth Naylor, Jasper Neidhardt, John Nivison, Ovid -73- Osborn, Donald Pease, Walter Pratt, Charles Prouty, Dale Pursel, Paul Reiling, John Reist, Donald Reynolds, Alice Rix, Harriet Rowe, Harold Savage, Robert Schoonmaker, Alice Scott, Lyle Seekell, Robert Session, Vivian Shutes, Lois Simons, Shirley Skinner, Mary Smith, Lavergne Spencer, Eunice Stanard, Loydia Stem, William Sterritt, Elizabeth St. John, Ercel Tessin, Herbert Tribbett, Elmer Wagner, Marlyn Wetherbee, Pauline Wilhelm, George Woodworth, Wendell Wyman, Cleo Young, Maurice When he was young and careless, Archie he was called, But now he's old and hairless, They call him "Archie-bald." Willis Ulrich-"Who was that fellow you spoke to?" Pat Snyder-"Oh, he's my partner in a laboratory." Willis-"But he didn't return your greeting." Pat-"No, he never returns anything." Porter-"Miss, your train is - -" Precise Passenger-"My man, why do you say my train when you know it belongs to the company?" Porter-"I dunno, why do you say my man when you know I belong to my wife?" Some people are so dumb they think that: I. W. W. is a broadcasting station. Oliver Twist is a new kind of dance. Celluloid is Harold Lloyd's father. Sing Sing is the Chinese National Anthem. HOW DO THEY 'DO IT? One day their hair is short and bobbed, Next day it's done up in a wad, And then into a braid it's grown, The question, boys, is it their own? If we were girls 'twould be a plight, Our barber bills would be a fright. Mr. Ringle-"If any one will lay enough stress on their mind before they go to sleep they can wake up any time they wish." Wy Hart-"I guess I'll have Butch try that the next time he comes over." Herthel Burns-"Oh, look at that fellow over there smiling at me." Loene Smith-"That's nothing, I don't blame him. The first time I saw you I smiled out loud." Pete-"Tell your Mother that my love for you is like a gushing river. It will make it easier for me when I ask her for your hand." Marguerite-"Yes, dear." Later ------ Pete-"Did you tell your Mother?" Marguerite-"Yes, dear." Pete-"What did she say?" Marguerite-"Dam it." -74- I , School Alphabet stands for Annual, Dear to both girls and boys. is for the Band, Which makes a lot of noise. is for the Chemistry class, They're always doing harm. stands for Dutch, He's just a false alarm. is for Senior English, I hope that no one fails. is for the Football men, Each one as hard as nails. stands for those who Graduate, I hope to be among. is for the Hardluck, If in this hope I'm stung. stands for Illness, An excuse which is much used. is for the Juniors, They think that they're abused. is for the Kiddies, Who go to Junior High. stands for little Lester, Who never told a lie. is for the Money We've asked for every day. that stands for Nothing, Which We do in every Way. is for the Orchestra, We like to hear them play. is for the Physics class, They grow dumber every day. is for the Question That makes us feel so sad. stands for the Reasons Which we give to soothe poor dad is for the Seniors, Of course they are the best. -75- T is for our many Teams, Who fill our trophy chest. U is for the Useless ones, So few and far between. V is for the Victories, We always get them clean. W stands for Willie Bite, The guy that wrote this junk. X is the Unknown quantity, The Freshmen call it bunk. Y is for the Yell Leader, "Why don't you yell?" he moans. Z stand for Zero, ' Which causes many groans. HA!!! "Sir, when you eat here you needn't dust off your plate," the indig- nant restaurant keeper said. "Beg pardon, just force of habit," said the base ball umpire. Teacher: "Johnny, name a bird that is now extinct." John Handy: "Our canary. The cat extincted him this morning." The street car was crowded. At one stop it took on another pas- senger. She was young, pretty, and wore a trim sport suit. Up jumped a man and with a polite bow said to the miss: "Won't you have this seat?" "No, thank you," replied the young lady. "I have been sitting down all afternoon--I've been skating!" Myrtle Ernest: "Why was that player put out?" Charlene Sandberg: "Off his base!" Myrtle: "Oh, crazy!" Teacher: "Edna, can you tell me what is wrong with this sentence? The horse and cow is in the field." Edna Kern: "Yes ma'am. Ladies should come first." Bystander-"Did you get the number of the car that knocked yon down, madam?" Victim: "No, but the hussy that was driving it wore a three-piece tweed suit lined with canton crepe, and she had on a periwinkle hat, trimmed with artificial cherries." -77- Popular Election Handsomest boy .... Prettiest girl ...... Most active boy ..,..., Most active girl .......... .... Future matrimonial case ....... Biggest booster ....,.., School Flapper ..,,..... Most interesting girl .... Most interesting boy .... .... Most popular girl ...,.......... Most popular boy .............. Person most opposed to exertion . Most jollied person ............. Biggest bluifer ............,.... Cutest girl .............. .... Most pampered person ..... ,.... Most irresponsible person ....... Neatest girl .... Neatest boy .... Biggest giggler .... School optimist ..,.. School pessimist .,.. N oisiest person ...,..., .... Most inquisitive person ..,....,. Most dignified person ..... .... Wittiest person ..... School genius ....... - ........... Student with best personality. . , . School Heathen .,..........,... Handsomest man ..,........... Prettiest woman ...........,... Teacher with best personality .... Most popular teacher ........... Most active teacher ............ FIRST Albert Sterritt .,.. Laverne Brannan .....,,. Evertt Hessmer. , . Maude Withers. . , Maude Withers and Harry Evertt Hessmer, . . Dean Judd ......,. Alice Tobler .... Fred Sterritt ...... Maude Withers. . . Fred Sterritt. . . . . . Clyde Malbone .... Orrin Wittenberg. . Pauline Goodbrake ..,.... Martha Lamb ...,. Kenneth Campbell . . Walter Creed ...., Lester Naylor Martha Lamb ..... Albert Sterritt .,.. Leah Spaulding, . . Lester Naylor ...., Wynona Hart ..... Lester Naylor .,... Ida Weaver .....,. Pauline Goodbrake Malcolm Rahn ,.., Lester Naylor Lawrence Armstron Alice Tobler ....,. g ..,... Malcolm Rahn ...... Faculty Mr. Ringle. . . Miss Omans .... Miss Russell .... Mr. Hicks .... Mr. Hicks .... Teacher with best sense of humor Miss Storr .... Most dignified teacher ........,. Miss Burke .,,.. Most quoted teacher. . . .... Mr. Horst. . . . Jolliest teacher ...,..., .... M r. Hicks .... SECOND Evertt Hessmer Martha Lamb Wilma Godshalk Lester Naylor Alice Tobler Schoch Fred Sterritt Violet Bingaman Wilma Godshalk Lester Naylor Leah Spaulding Evertt Hessmer Malcolm Rahn Lester Naylor Lester Naylor Alice Tobler Murray Reed Orrin Wittenberg Wilma Godshalk Corwin Drew Marguerite Trickey Leah Spaulding Kenneth Campbell Evertt Hessmer Clyde Malbone Keith Garrison Myrtle Ernest Murray Reed Kenneth Campbell Evertt Hessmer Fred Sterritt Harry Schoch Willis Sears. Mr. Hicks Miss Russell Mr. Perry Miss Comar Miss Russell Mr. Hicks Mr. Perry Mr. Perry Miss Storr Mr. Perry L H4927 L1 Lv- 'f" , 61' ff gf, f f Q I - 1 ,.fx,:. 1 zf- - ,Wy -"ii 41" cf? 'X ,xx-...nlg1 4f2Qqig, '77 Ll,- gfvf ' g , , A, figgx ' 'm Ns , 'fm ' i p ,- - , , :L - ,,... -' , 4fQ4'1g1, ,Z-' , - , hw- ' ' t- '1:Z3??'fv' A- ffi- ??i3fi"2:2 ,N XX x X , x, i2E5my?x:'?Q733 :3354 M 3 1 0 we"!,'i"Xa?:-SLIWX X A -N ' . x . -- 4 ., f f X , 1444, i T wzimfvf X X ' X . W ,, A WX v . g 1 gm ew. fi, 3151" 5 ,fif 'Q f" 'f-7 Z5-SJ-iiqx Y A'-fg i- f ,4 ,,, 9 7 4 K 2"2?:iX,X if Q' 'f'57:4?2S " ' ' J.G?5f?u..:. W. ,.f2ff2fr?'F 1 ffapf Zi!! fav. I K Nfbllh .fry-smsfffff' " N ar:'..'Q,fw Vf,'l7f45'9? fd? ,fu , FQ 'Q' Sgg2Z26Z4a4ay4a-fn f ' ' ' 'G wifi M vf44Q6Q 8949 If ' 4----W , 1' Jiri? 15 mweega af-5 f A ' f N , 5 , ff-a , f I . ..q4.9,s-,Qy uv. -M a ,Y -'MEZMQ ' A 1 . '-ww Yi- 3.1 f -:.46?' I 'ff A ,Q '- 9- Q- f Y-4:1 i 1:1 Z 1.-r gym nu H - 21 ., , , 5 ,, ,, ,.. ef W '- f .6170 3, if fr? KZ' -' A 1 -, 'f Q,-7 - 4 N A 4 -Ylv Tigw, . f R y . f ' ' ,,, .-1'-f.g:feF,7?,1,Q 7 X ,- 1 L1-f!" 'M'-H Y- V V-,...-l--- K 5 x, Y A , 5- 1 T 7 if K ' ' ' K iq lv n. if ,fff W19- W , f 4 f ,f 1 Football With the opening of school Sept. 11, foot ball practice started off in earnest, as our opening game was with Marshall Sept. 16 there, and the following Wednesday the boys played Vicksburg at the St. Joe county fair. A number of new men came out and showed up well. Among these were Virgil Lackey, Frederic Sterritt, Warren Luck and Harry Schoch, all of whom won a regular position on the team. The squad Worked hard and put in many a long hour on the field. Capt. LeRoy Anderson was high point man with 43 points to his credit, while Clifford and Sterritt were second and third with 24 and 18 points respectively. The team scored 116 points to their oppo- nents' 68. Out of nine games played they won 5, lost 3 and tied 1. The following men received letters: Capt. Anderson, Capt.- elect James Clifford, V. Lackey, W. Wolf, C. Malbone, W. Brey- fogle, L. Naylor, W. Luck, H. Schoch, F. Sterritt, E. Alber, Murray Reed, W. Creed, Morris Reed and C. Shafer. Of these 15 letter men all but four will be available for the team of next year. While the past season was more successful than the previous year, we hope for a still better one next fall. The following Schedule was played: Score Opp. T. R. Sept. Marshall ..............., There ..... Sept. Vicksburg ............... Centerville Sept Kalamazoo Central ....... There ..... Oct. Vicksburg ............... There .... Oct. Kalamazoo Normal High. .Here .... . Oct. Vicksburg ............... Here ..... Oct. Coldwater ............... Here ..... Nov. Howe Military School .... There .... Nov. Sturgis .................. Here ..... --31- l -82- Girls' Basketball Basket ball went off with a whiz and a bang this year. With only two players remaining from last year's champions, ateam was formed which won eight and tied one out of ten games. Maude Withers proved a worthy leader for the 1923 team, and she and Alice Tobler made a fine combination as forwards. Wynona Hart and Herthel Burns, two very active guards, were always on their toes blocking their opponents' passes, and deserve much credit for pre- venting high scores against us. Genevieve Meyer as jumping center and Burnette Crose as running center were big factors in keeping the ball in action and starting plays that resulted in baskets. Besides the above mentioned girls, Marie Whitesell and Sophie Anderson also won T. R.'s. The following is the schedule: Opp. T. R. Bronson, here ..... . . . 5 27 Coldwater, there .... . . . 14 16 Plainwell, there ..... , . 7 48 Constantine, here .... , . . 6 28 Hastings, here ...... . . . 17 15 Coldwater, here ...... . . . 20 20 Battle Creek, there ..... . . 5 17 Plainwell, here ....... . . 6 27 Schoolcraft, here .... . . 1 37 Constantine, there .... . . . 14 34 95 269 -33- -84- Boys, Basketball The tournament at Kalamazoo marked the closing of a very successful basket ball season in Three Rivers High School. The team under the able leadership of Capt. Warren Breyfogle won 13 of the 16 games scheduled. They scored 371 points against their opponents' 237. The team the past year was made up of live hard working men. On offense LeRoy Anderson was the high point man with Virgil Lackey and Harry Schoch close behind. The star of the team was Warren Breyfogle. Warren played back guard and could always be counted on to out-play his man. It was Warren who intercepted the ball and sent it down the Hoor on offense and it was Warren who was always in there working and fighting his best for Three Rivers High. The following men won T. R.'s: Capt. Breyfogle, LeRoy Ander- son, Virgil Lackey, James Clifford, Murray Reed, Clyde Malbone, and Capt.-elect Harry Schoch. Of these. seven letter men, Capt. Breyfogle is the only man lost to the team for next year, as he graduates in June. Three Rivers should have the best team in the history of the school next year. The following are the games played and the scores: Opp. T. Bronson ..... .... 2 0 21 Coldwater ..... . . 6 27 Plainwell .... .... 1 7 19 Marshall .... .... 1 3 12 Hastings ..... .... 2 0 25 Coldwater ..... . . 7 26 Marshall .... .... 1 1 13 Albion ........ .... 1 3 29 Schoolcraft ............. .... 1 3 46 Allegan ...................... 27 32 Kalamazoo Normal High ..... . . 19 17 Plainwell ................. . . 6 9 Allegan ................ . . 5 26 Constantine ......... .... 1 9 37 Hart QTournamentj .... .... 1 7 20 Niles CTournamentD .... .... 2 4 12 237 371 BOYS' SECOND TEAM Boys' lnterclass Basketball The boys'interclass games brought forward some good material for the High School team. The games were all close, attracting much attention among the students. The Juniors were declared school champions, after defeating the Freshmen and Seniors. They also defeated the Faculty in a post season game. The Junior team was composed of Capt. Clifford and Garrison, centers, M. Reed, Shafer, Bowie, forwards 3 and Shumaker, L. Naylor, and Lewis, guards. In the first game the Freshmen, with Butler as Captain were defeated by the Juniors 11 to 7. The Seniors won from the Sophs, piloted by Priestly, by a score of 6 to 4. In the last game the Seniors, captained by Sterritt, were forced to bow to the Juniors by a score of 11 to 6. Girls' lnterclass Basketball The girls' interclass basket ball series attracted much attention this year. More interest was shown than ever before, not only among the members of the different teams but the student body asa whole. The Juniors had the winning sextette, capturing all the games they played. The winning team was composed of Kathleen Wilson and Laverne Brannan as forwards, Sophie Anderson and Marion Tombaugh as guards, and Capt. Genevieve Meyers and Burnette Crose as centers. The Seniors were second being defeated by the Juniors by a 13 to 7 score. This game was very exciting, both teams playing hard and the members of the two classes turning out to root for their own team. The losing team was captained by Alice Tobler. The Sophomores captained by Violet Bingaman lost to the Seniors with a score of 14 to 7. The Freshmen with Captain Donna Everhart were at the small end of the score when they played the Juniors, the score being 35 to 2. -87- -88-- Baseball Early in March baseball was started in the gym. About thirty- five candidates reported. Of this number, seven Were letter men from last year. Fifteen games were played, of which 12 were won and 3 lost. Capt. V. Lackey and Harry Schoch divided the pitching duties. Both of these men turned in some mighty fine exhibitions of pitching. The one big fault of the team was found in its inability to hit the ball. Of this year's team only two men are lost by graduation, namely, Warren Breyfogle and Evertt Hessmer. The following men earned their baseball T. R.: Capt. V. Lackey, Harry Schoch, James Clifford, Warren Breyfogle, Evertt Hessmer, Clinton Shafer, Murray Reed, Wallace Wolf, Leonard Lackey, and Eugene Ferrarotti. The following games were played: Three Rivers ........... 6 Schoolcraft ..., ..... 5 Three Rivers White Pigeon .... Three Rivers Constantine. . . Three Rivers Schoolcraft .... Three Rivers Centerville ...... Three Rivers Marshall ........ Three Rivers. . . .... 4 Howe Mil School Three Rivers Constantine ..... Three Rivers Centerville .... Three Rivers Marshall ..... Three Rivers Vicksburg ..,. Three Rivers Constantine ..... Three Rivers White Pigeon. Three Rivers Vicksburg ..... Three Rivers Burr Oak ..... 123 45 TRACK Field Day Results For the third consecutive time Sturgis won the County Track and Field Meet. Bohn Grimm again won individual honors, cap- turing four firsts and a second. This is the first county meet in which girls have taken part, but they proved that they can do as well as boys in interscholastic competition. The following are the boys who won T. R.'s: Capt. Naylor, St. J ohn,VanHorn, V. Lackey, Beeman, Wolf, Anderson. Points scored: Sturgis, 97, Three Rivers, 50, Mendon, 21, Constantine, 13, Centreville, 4. Shot Put-DeVries, Constantine, first, V. Lackey, Three Rivers, second, Rogusta, Sturgis, third. Distance, 38 ft., 3 in. 50 Yard Dash, Class A-St. John, Three Rivers, first, Warren, Mendon, second, Tooley, Sturgis, third. Time, 6 1-5 sec. 50 Yard Dash, Class B-Grimm, Sturgis, first, Rogusta, Sturgis, second, Beeman, Three Rivers, third. Time, 6 2-5 sec. Girls' 50 Yard Dash-Ferner, Sturgis, first, McLaughlin, Sturgis, second, Wilhelm, Three Rivers, third. Time, 7 1-5 sec. Running Broad Jump-Grimm, Sturgis, first, White, Sturgis, sec- ond, Stark, Constantine, third. Distance, 18 ft., 5 M in. Girls' Baseball Throw-McLaughlin, Sturgis, first, Alexander, Con- stantine, second, Bowersox, Three Rivers, third. Distance, 156 ft., 5 in. 100 Yard Dash, Class A-St. John, Three Rivers, first, Warkentine, Mendon, second, Tooley, Sturgis, third. Time, 11 4-5 sec. 100 Yard Dash, Class B-Grimm, Sturgis, first, Rogusta, Sturgis, second, Bolender, Centreville, third. Time, 10 4-5 sec. Girls' Relay Race-Three Rivers, first, Mendon, second, Sturgis, third. Time, 2 min., 12 sec. 120 Yard Hurdles-Grimm, Sturgis, first, Naylor, Three Rivers, second, Clemmons, Sturgis, third. Time, 15 3-5 sec. Running High Jump-Rogusta, Sturgis, and James, Constantine, tied for first, White, Sturgis, third. Distance, 5 ft. 5 in. 440 Yard Dash-Rommel, Sturgis, first, Anderson, Three Rivers, second, VanHorn, Three Rivers, third. Time, 58 3-5 sec. Girls' Basket Ball Throw-Alexander, Constantine, first, L. Tobler, Three Rivers, second, Bowersox, Three Rivers, third. Distance, 60 ft., 1 M in. 220 Yard Dash-Rogusta, Sturgis, first, Grimm, Sturgis, second, Bolender, Centreville, third. Time, 25 sec. Pole Vault-Carrigan, Sturgis, first, Grove, Sturgis, second, Clem- mons, Sturgis, third. Distance, 9 ft., 3 in. Boys' Relay Race-Sturgis, first, Three Rivers, second, Centreville, third. Time, 1 min., 40 4-5 sec. Volley Ball-Three Rivers, undisputed. Girls' Indoor Baseball finals-Sturgis 4, Constantine 1. Three Rivers was handed another defeat in the county champion- ship baseball game, Burr Oak Winning 4-2. -91- Wearers of the T. R. , FOOTBALL GIRLS' BASKET BALL Anderson, LeRoy' .... ...'22 Breyfogle, Warren ...... '22 Clifford, James ..... . . . '22 Creed, Walter ...... . . . '22 Lackey, Virgil .,... Luck, Warren. . . Malbone, Clyde. . . . . . '22 Naylor, Lester ...... . . . '22 Reed, Morris .... Reed, Murray ..... . . . '22 Schoch, Harry ..... Shafer, Clinton .... Sterritt, Frederic ..,.. Wolf, Wallace .......... '22 BASEBALL 7 Breyfogle, Warren. . . '20 22 7 Clifford, James ...... '21 22 Creed, Walter ........ Ferrarotti, Eugene. . . . Hessmer, Evertt ...... Lackey, Leonard .... . Lackey, Virgil ..,..... .. '22 .. '22 .. '22 Reed, Murray ....... '21 '22 Y Schoch, Harry ....... '21 22 Shafer, Clinton ....... Wolf, Wallace ....... BOYS' BASKET .. '22 BALL Anderson, LeRoy .... '21 '22 Breyfogle, Warren .... Clifford, James ...... Lackey, Virgil .... , . . Malbone, Clyde ...... Reed, Murray ..... , Schoch, 'Harry ..... . .. '22 '20 '22 .. '22 .. '22 Anderson, Sophie .......... Burns, Herthel ......... '22 Crose, Burnette .,.. .... Hart, Wynona ...... .... Meyer, Genevieve. .... . . . . Tobler, Alice ..... ......... Whitesell, Marie ........... Withers,'Maude. . '20 '21 '22 SOCCER BALL Breyfogle, Warren ...... '20 Rahn, Malcolm ..... .... ' 20 TRACK Anderson, LeRoy .... .... Beeman, Lloyd ..... ...... Butler, Roy ..........,. '22 Hessmer, Evertt ..... '20, . . Lackey, Virgil .... ....... Naylor, Lester ....... '20 '22 St. John, Gilbert ........... VanHorn, Bernard. . . . . . . Wolf, Wallace ............. PUBLIC SPEAKING Amlie, Suzanne ......... '21 Creed, Walter .......... '22 Fulcher, Catherine ...... '22 Fulcher, Helen ......... '22 Goodbrake, Pauline. . '21 '22 Hessmer, Evertt ........... Lull, Adabeth ............. Rlx, Madra ......... '21. . . Sterritt, Frederic ........... Theurer, Gertrude .... .... ,921 X LK D N X Hx 2 A 9 L T' .xl if fl X ,rg Kf XX 4. 1 F f' j J m X .Q co! r W' A 3 X QQ 8 I 1 fx X E I fy , n x 1 1 , , , X M iw, X E I 1 X X X! ,iff 4 f ff ff f K X f f 1 "f X C ,AEK 6 Z ,. Y- 5 'gf bw: 'L XX in fmt F1 5-H ,XX if Z , .qi ,,-A i if W V f X I f It A ,r g ,w 6 , ' ,X '- af k '11 ffl , E 'Y ,ffgifbfx ' -3. 'ff' L' X 4? 1, fy 2? T49 , ,-.-, xy 59 W XM 3 X XJR 'xlx w ' N ' X NX Y N 3 , f 5 45' ' f " mffip kl Q0 5 -X if f v M ,JW x ,f 1 s wb N WYW, -ff ..93.. 1 ,, f ' ' , 1 ! P all ff ' 'fr' f QQ QM F3 'Z 63 1- Q JN The Orchestra The orchestra at the beginning of the year was somewhat handi- capped by the graduation of several fine musicians with the class of 1922, but taking the year as a whole, it has had a very successful season. Mr. Raymond Hicks has been the director this year. Both he and Mr. Perry are good violinists, and with their help the orchestra has made several very fine public appearances: at the Musicale, given before Christmasg the operetta, "The Gypsy Rover"g Senior playsg and in chapel. INSTRUMENTATION lst Violins. 2nd Violins Cornets. . . Trombone . Baritone. . Saxophones ..... .... Adabeth Lull Newman Drew Raymond Neff Donna Everhart Gladys Hutchison Walter Creed Lawrence Armstrong Raymond Sloan James Kingsley George Simons Lloyd Gates Robert Shumaker Bennie King Antoinette Ash Clarinets. . Willis Ulrich Gordon Bowie Piano. . . . Madra Rix Gertrude Theurer Drums .... Donald Ireland The Band Under the careful direction of Mr. Hicks, the band has had a very successful year. It played at all the home games and also accom- panied the Football Team to Vicksburg, the Basket Ball Teams to Plainwell, and the Baseball Team to the county games, as well as playing at all of the "Pep" meetings. The band is credited with being the "peppiest" organization in school. It is out to support the teams any time or any place in any kind of Weather. Although the band at present has only fourteen members, it is expected to enlarge it next year, and to have still a better band than we have had this year. Cornets ............... Baritone ...,.. ..,. Saxophones ..... ..., Trombones ..,.. .... Clarinets ...., .... Bass Horn .,.... .... Snare Drum ..,. . . . Bass Drum ..... ...,.. INSTRUMENTATION Walter Creed Lawrence Armstrong James Kingsley Raymond Sloan Lloyd Gates Robert Shumaker Bennie King George Simons Evertt Hessmer Willis Ulrich Gordon Bowie Raymon Naylor . Donald Ireland Keith Garrison Boys' Glee Club The Boys' Glee Club made its first appearance this year in the High School Musicale, in which several quartette numbers as well as numbers by the entire club were given. Members of the Club also took many leading and minor parts in the Operetta, "The Gypsy Rover." The Kalamazoo College Glee Club was brought to Three Rivers by the efforts of the members of our Club, all of whom aided in making the concert a success. The social life of the Club included a sleigh-ride, and a Hfeedx' put on for the College Glee Club after their concert. The Club was directed by Mr. Perry with Mr. Hicks as pianist. The roll of the Club is as follows: L. Armstrong - E. Hessmer G. Bowie Q. Johnson R. Bowers R. Naylor K. Campbell H. Schoch W. Creed A. Shook K. Garrison L. Sisco J. Handy F. Sterritt W. Hart H. Turner OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President ............ Evertt Hessmer ....... Lawrence Armstrong Vice-President ,......... .................. L eslie Sisco Sec. and Treas. ...... Walter Creed ......... Kenneth Campbell Librarian ....... .... L awrence Armstrong. . .Evertt Hessmer 1961 D. S. Musical Club The D. S. Musical Club was organized at the beginning of the school year by a group of girls from the Senior High. A constitution was drawn up by the girls, and two officers were elected forthe year. Maude Withers was selected as President, and Alice Tobler as the club's Secretary and Librarian. The club limited its membership to forty. The club has sung on many different occasions, being especially in great demand for chapel services, club meetings, concerts, and other special events. On each occasion the organization acquitted itself admirably, winning the enthusiastic applause of its hearers. A very successful Christmas party in the gymnasium was one of the social features of the year. Many interesting games were played, clever stunts were presented, and delicious refreshments were served. To complete the evening, Santa, who proved to be Marguerite T rickey, appeared with useful as well as comic gifts for all. Much credit for the year's successful work is due our two very competent accompanists, Madra Rix and Dorothy Hinkley. Dorothy played throughout the winter during Madra's absence. Personally a great deal of pleasure and enjoyment has come to me through working with the girls of the club this year. Whatever improvement has come to them is almost wholly due to their keen desire to show progress in the work and worth of the club. I have only one regret at the end of the year's work, that a number of the girls are Seniors, and will not be with us next year. They will be missed sorely in the organization. However, a number of talented Freshmen girls will endeavor to take their places. No effort will be spared to make next year's club as finely balanced and as thoroughly capable as was the present one. -Beatrice V. Omans. -97- When Willie Goes to Bed When Willie goes upstairs to bed, The noises that he makes Would rouse the prehistoric dead. Floors rock, the ceiling shakes, The fixtures of the chandelier Vibrate to Willie's tread, There's nothing like an idle ear When Willie goes to bed. His program, starting on the stair, Crescendos to his room, And down the racket comes from there In crash and thunderous boom. He drops his shoes like catapults, His necktie's made of lead, It's somewhat trying on adults When Willie goes to bed. "Young man," his father says, "less noise." His mother: "Willie, dear, Be quiet like the other boys," Which prompts a filial sneer. "Like other boys?" A gradual grin O'er Willie's face is spread. He makes that night an extra din On going up to bed. When somewhere on this world's round face The seismographs declare An earthquake shock has taken place, And no one knows just where, We feel 'twould be a friendly act If Science simply said: "Don't worry. It but states the fact That Willie's gone to bed." -93- ZZ! X X ' Y if 'ffl f.+,-fff, ff f-, fx W54.,g,Lp,-f'fQL'L+ 3 -I Ai-,f ff ,- , - ,-fwfr, ,AA f f3,,- , 1 fs j ' ji ff ', T 5 . ,fa if 2fQ1f'A2fE7f:?i?5g 1 153' f ff 1 QQ? Q, fi - by , 'pry' iff-4, 5 f X, 4 Kai? ff M hi f ,,, ff 1,,. yf H? ,fx 1 .,1 K - f L ""4 'J 1' 1439? ,h fl V, ,V 1 i, ' ' " if f'f W, YY 1 5,4 , R rxfx Uv? I -r. ' 2741" SBK -Aff ,ff w x-4 5 ly! E, N :JVX4 -M 'X ' 'Ti' X - . U, an , , ,Q-.a" ,Tj "'----- -"iii.-Ff51-..f1 ef f 7.x'N 4 K Ng- xx i ,,,,,, J!! 4 . 7,1 . I fi I, gi- , A Y"Hff Wi ff N15 wf mx 1 ' " N ,Z f -,A H 7 f? J rt 1,1 44 fy --' filo af ' .,, : 53, jf? ff, ' , ff' 7 244 ' Y iii- f-MZ: K: f ,r,f' v.-Q qgxki S' i ' 7 V51 1, - ff, ff + if iff 2 Qi? V, q, 44-M- , -A X1 I Wil A xiffaf-Q " 5 Q 5:1 r i nil, I I ,- , My i ii f g 7 ' ff"-' V 'Ffh x "Whose Little Bride Are You?" The plot of the play hinges on the matrimonial intentions of Dr. Bellows which included both himself and his daughter Florence. He decides on an old sweetheart for himself and the nephew of his old friend Simeon Singleton for his daughter. Mrs. MacEckron, a widow, is also seeking a husband and decides on the Doctor. Augustus May, the new butler, arrives and is mis- taken for Algernon Clawhammer, the nephew. Maggie Brady is mistaken for Florence Bellows and causes a great deal of amusement. At last the Doctor's bride-to-be, Amelia Tobin, arrives. She brings her son Georgie along. Amelia does not appear to have kept her girlish charms and the Doctor's love dies. The play ends when by the clever arrangement of Dolly Mac- Eckron, who wishes her mother married so she may "grow up," Mrs. Tobin is persuaded to take Mr. Singleton on whom she also has "evidence" Everyone is happy and all ends well. The play was a very clever comedy and seemed to be written especially for the class of '23. Miss Comar coached the play and it was due to her untiring efforts that the play was a success. CAST In order of their appearance Mrs. MacEckron. ......... Pauline Goodbrake Dolly MacEckron. . ....... Charlene Sandberg Florence Bellows .,............. Helen Fulcher Dr. Bellows ....... .... L awrence Armstrong Maggie Brady ....... ........... M adra Rix Mrs. Amelia Tobin ..... ......... E dna Kern Georgie Tobin ......... .... C larence Mullett Augustus May ,...,........,. Evertt Hessmer Algernon Clawhammer ...... Robert Van Horn Simeon Singleton ....... ...... F rederic Sterritt -100- "Clarence" The Senior Class chose "Clarence" for its Commencement play. It is a clever four-act comedy by Booth Tarkington which has proven very popular. The plot deals with the troubles of the very interesting Wheeler family. Love affairs, breach of promise suits, a mistaken name, and other troubles make the plot interesting. Clarence, a returned soldier, is taken into the family and clears up all the troubles, makes everyone happy, and finally marries the governess, Miss Pinney, much to the sorrow of Bobby and Cora Wheeler. Mrs. Wheeler, a jealous wife, is satisfied by finding that her husband still loves her. Hubert Stem, the scheming widower, is outwitted. Della, the maid, and Dinwiddie, the butler, furnish a great deal of comedy to the plot. The players were well coached by Mrs. Malleaux. The cast in the order of their appearance are as follows: Mrs. Martyn ..................... Elsie Krull Mr. Wheeler ..... ..... L awrence Armstrong Mrs. Wheeler .... ............ M adra Rix Bobby Wheeler .... ........ C orwin Drew Cora Wheeler ..... ........... A lice Tobler Violet Pinney ..... ..... P auline Goodbrake Clarence ....... ...... F rederic Sterritt Della ........ ...... M arie Whitesell Dinwiddie .... ...,. C larence Mullett Hubert Stem. . . .............. John Handy - 101 - "Gypsy Rover" "The Gypsy Rover," a musical comedy in three acts, was given on March 30 by the High School Chorus, under the direction of Miss Omans. Rob lives in a gypsy camp with Meg and Marto, and thinks that he is their son, but in reality he is Sir Gilbert Howe, heir to the Howe estates. His foster mother had stolen him when he was but a baby. Since everyone believes him to be dead, the Howe estates fall to Lord Craven, who is engaged to Lady Constance, daughter of Sir George Martendale. While riding in the forest, Constance and Craven discover the gypsy camp. Rob fallsin love with Constance. Later he is imprisoned, but escapes and with Meg's help, proves his identity. He returns to Constance, who has never married Craven, but remained true to Rob. The love affairs of Zara and Sinfo, and of Nina and Capt. Jerome are very amusing, and a robber scene by Sinfo and Marto was especially enjoyed. Rob and Constance deserve much credit for their solo work and Lord Craven for his acting. The following is the cast: Rob, later Sir Gilbert Howe ....... Gordon Bowie Meg, an old gypsy woman ........ Helen Fulcher Marto, her husband ............. James Clifford Zara, a gypsy belle ........... Gertrude Theurer Sinfo, in love with Zara ........... Murray Reed Lord Craven, an English fop .... Raymon Naylor Sir George Martendale ..........., Walter Creed Lady Constance, his daughter ....... Vera Shook Nina, his second daughter .... Charlene Sandberg Capt. Jerome, of the English Army ....................... Evertt Hessmer Sir Toby Lyon ............,..... Clinton Shafer Sir Francis McCorkle .... ...... R oy Butler Lackey, the butler .,.............. Charles Starr Accompanied by Dorothy Hinkly, Pianist, and High School Orchestra. -102- U. D. Literary Society Early in the school year the members of Miss Storr's seventh hour Senior English class organized the U. D. Literary Society U. D. stands for Utile Dulci, which means "The work with the plea- sure." Meetings were held every Friday, a different committee being in charge of the program each week. At one meeting we had a mock trial which attracted much attention in school. It was a divorce suit brought against Orrin Wittenberg by Wynona Hart Wittenberg. On the day of the trial the defendant failed to appear and the decree was granted by Judge John Handy. This was only one of the many interesting meetings enjoyed during the year. The oflicers are as follows: First Semester Second Semester President ............ John Handy .,....... Lawrence Armstrong Vice-President ......, Orrin Wittenberg. .... Leslie Sisco Secretary ....... .... Q uentin Johnson ..... Wynona Hart Critic ....... ........ R obert Van Horn .... Edna Hern -Lawrence Armstrong. L. M. S. A. Literary Society The first hour English class organized a Literary Society, known as the L. M. S. A., drew up a constitution, elected its ofiicers, and made by-laws. We met every Friday. The work was original, and included: poems, stories, one act comedies, current events, class prophecies, book reports, mock trials, and an Irish program. The meetings were in charge of the following ofiicers: First Semester Second Semester President ............ Frederic Sterritt ...... Evertt Hessmer Vice-President ....... Walter Creed ........ Clarence Mullett Secretary ....... .... E vertt Hessmer ...... Charlene Sandberg Critic ..... . . . .... Warren Breyfogle .... Frederic Sterritt -Charlene Sandberg. Gym Exhibition The gym exhibition which was held on the night of February 22 was a great success. It demonstrated to the public the work that was being done by the girls and boys in the gymnasium and the careful training of the instructors, Miss Russell and Mr. Weather- wax. The exhibition consisted of marching, calesthenics, apparatus work, figure marching and dancing. The training which the students receive not only goes to show the building up of the body but also the development of the mind. The exhibit was held as the climax to a successful exhibit of the High School classes and their manner of work. -103- judging Teams Three Rivers again showed that in agricultural lines she is capable of holding her own against any other high school in the state. Before school commenced some of the students who had taken Animal Husbandry the preceding year started judging stock. Many trips were made to different farms in this part of the county and considerable live stock was judged. The students selected to represent the Three Rivers High School at the West Michigan State Fair were: Robert Van Horn, Clarence Mullett, and William Hart. Competing with about thirty-ive contestants, the Three Rivers team took third place, giving us a pennant. Robert Van Horn received a silver medal because of his receiving second in individual work, while Clarence Mullett received fifth place. The Livestock Judging Team, however, was not so fortunate as the Grain Judging Team. Very early in the semester the boys who had had Field Crops started doing extra work in judging. After a series of eliminations Bernard Van Horn, Warren Breyfogle and Eugene Alber were selected. They proved worthy of the name "Grain J udges" for they were placed above all other schools. Also Bernard Van Horn was given a silver medal, Warren Breyfogle, a bronze medal, while Eugene Alber was given seventh place. Out of the six pennants Three Rivers received two Qthe most she could getj and out of six medals was given three-more than any other school. Three Rivers has every right to be proud of her judging teams. -J . P. Hoekzema. - 104 - Agricultural Association "Farm Life For Me" was the motto taken by the Agricultural Association which is made up of pupils taking the Agricultural Course, those living on farms and those directly interested in agri- culture. From about twelve or fifteen at the beginning of the school year, the Association has grown until now about forty enthusiastic members are enrolled. Meetings are held every two weeks. Usually once a month a pot-luck supper is held, after which there is a program consisting of some technical talks along agricultural lines, some humorous talks, and sometimes a short story or poem. At one time a play was given. Games are often played, for the aim is to have both an enjoyable and an instructive time. The aim of the organization at present is to make the Agricultural Association one of the liveliest organizations in the school and from indications this will be fuliilled, for We have as members most of the football team, most of the basketball team and some of the members in the Senior play, and members of most of the important organi- zations. The organization Wishes to make Three Rivers High school a bigger and a better one by becoming more sociable and more intellectual. -J. P. Hoekzema. - 105 - Debating With but one experienced debater to Work With and a desire to equal or better last year's record, our debating task this year was no easy one. Pauline Goodbrake of last year's team with her ability to commit and deliver her speeches exactly Was selected first speaker to outline our arguments. Frederic Sterritt was second speaker and proved of value to the team because of his ability to think on his feet. Evertt Hessmer, the third speaker, finished our arguments and summarized the points made. He was a leader in rebuttal and many plausible arguments made by the opposition were of no avail When he finished with them. Our team this year, as last year, Won four preliminary debates, one semi-final and lost the second one to Marcellus. Centreville, White Pigeon, Burr Oak and Schoolcraft were beaten in the pre- liminaries, and Edwardsburg in the first round of the semi-finals. Our debating teams in the last three years have Won fourteen out of seventeen debates. -F. W. Crauford. - 106 - Orations and Declamations The local Oratorical and Declamatory contests Were held in Chapel on March 23. There were a number of contestants and all of the declamations and orations Were well given. In the ninth and tenth grade declamatory contest, the judges chose Suzanne Amlie for first place. She gave Theodore Roosevelt's "Speech at Valley Forge." In the free-for-all contest Gertrude Theurer won first place With her declamation "America's Heritage." Adabeth Lull Won the oratorical contest, with her oration entitled "A Square Deal." The Misses Theurer and Lull represented Three Rivers in the sub-district contest at Coldwater, but they failed to place. The county contest was held at Sturgis this year. All three of the Three Rivers girls took part. In this contest Gertrude Theurer won first place in the free-for-all. The three girls won T. R.'s for their Work in Public Speaking. - 1L7 4 Music Memory Contest The music memory contest was held in the Three Rivers High School Auditorium, Thursday night, February 16. Contestants from the grade schools and the high school were present, with a fair sized audience. Part of the selections were played on the piano, violin and cornet by local musicians, the rest were played on the victrola. Alice Tobler won the grand prize and Adabeth Lull second place. The group grand prizes were as follows: Class one-Jane Avery, first, Marie Stock, second. Class two-Anna May Luck, first, John Cowling, second. Class three-Charlene Sandberg, first, Marie Whitesell, second. In addition to the two grand prizes and the group grand prizes a valuable prize was given to the boy and girl in each grade who stood the highest. The prizes for this contest were donated by the merchants of Three Rivers. junior-Senior Banquet The biggest social event of the school year took place Friday evening May 18, at the High School Gymnasium. The Juniors decorated the gym in pink and white and wild flowers. The place was a bower of loveliness. Covers were laid for the Faculty, School Board, Seniors, and Juniors. Local musi- cians furnished music for the banquet and for the dance which came later. Miss Marion Tombaugh, Junior President, gave the welcome, after which she introduced the toast-mistress, Miss Comar. Toasts were given by Mrs. Malleaux, who represented the Faculty, Mr. Andrews, who spoke for the School Board, and Pauline Goodbrake, who gave the Seniors farewell. The banquet was voted the most successful affair of its kind given a graduating class. - -108- Chronology SEPTEMBER 11-The loiterers have returned again to be urged along the fiowery paths of knowledge. And three new men teachers. Joy in bunches! 12-Our memories of vacation are becoming dim. We are too busy for regrets. 13-All of us enjoyed the privilege of singing a little solo before the school today while having our voices tested. Mr. Horst is getting stronger every day. Just today he said he would like to hold the Annual Staff awhile after the class meeting was dismissed. 14-School was dismissed from 10:00 till noon today so that the pupils might see the K. T. parade. Evertt Hessmer said today that he was going to a chicken-pie dinner and was going to try and get the chicken's heart. What's this one's name, Evertt? 15-Our first chapel. It was announced that a part of services this year would be conducted by various ministers. Mr. Horst read us a football story to arouse our enthusiasm, for tomorrow is our first football game of this season with Marshall. 18-Lost the football game Saturday 6-0. Band and Orchestra were organized with enthusiasm. 19-Tonight after school Wally Wolf and Lester Naylor did the heroic act and caught a runaway horse. After doing this, Lester took a little ride in the vehicle he had just rescued. 20-We won from Vicksburg today at Centreville 7-0. CFootballJ Touchdown in last quarter. First game we won in two years. 21-All the Pewees and Juniors have been saving their pennies this week, for tomorrow school is closed for the county fair. 25-Mr. Hoekzema is changing all the pretty girls down to the front rows fourth hour as he likes to have them near him. 26-This morning after having poured a liquid into a small con- tainer, Mr. Horst told the members of his Physics class to raise their hands when they smelled Ammonia gas. Soon several bright Seniors raised their hands. Mr. Horst laughingly said, "Some of you people have a wonderful sense of smell. That was water I poured in the dish." 27-Tonight was the first meeting of the Agricultural Club. After a pot-luck supper the officers of the Club were elected. 28-As a proof of how bright some of the Seniors are we quote the following instances: Mr. Horst: "Why are the divisions on a spring balance-Quentin?" Quentin Johnson: "Because they made them that way." Evertt Hessmer translating in French II. "Damnl There is only room for four in this carriage." -109- 29-In chapel today Miss Storr gave an interesting account of her trip abroad. The orchestra kindly rendered us two selections. Tonight all the Senior High is invited to a Reception at the M. E. Church. OCTOBER 2-Today assembly was called and we filled out our office cards. Miss Storr: "Can't you answer that question Orrin? If you can't just wait a minute and John will tell you the answer." 3-If the Junior English class keeps on, it will soon be the most brilliant class in school. In proof of this statement we quote some of the recitations made today. "It is safer to ride in an auto- mobile than in a carriage driven by horses." Carl Lackey: "The driver of an auto has the car under his control, but the occupants of the buggy are often thrown out." 4-School let out at 2:00 o'clock for the big baseball game between St. Louis Cardinals and the Morsemen. Everyone was sleeping because they got up so early. 5-Minnie Cha hal Naylor brought "Some Sunny Day" to school today. He asked Miss Storr if he could sing it second hour in the assembly room. She would have let him, but Malcolm Rahn said he couldn't study when any one was singing so she didn't. 6-We had a ine chapel today. Rev. Thurston led in devo- tionals, Mr. Perry of the Coalition committee of Michigan talked on "Young America." We won from Vicksburg gloriously this afternoon. 31-0. 9-Mr. Horst requested all who went to the game at Vicksburg Friday to bring 25 cents for a ticket to the Kalamazoo game Satur- day before they could get an admit to classes today. 10-Mrs. Malleaux: "Where was the Hrst civilization in Europe?', "In the Garden of Eden." Keith Garrison: "What are you on the Annual Staff, Pete?" Pete Hessmer: 'Tm Business Manager. You see, I have charge of all the fianceesf' ' 11-Ag. Club enjoyed a delicious pot-luck supper at the school house tonight, after which they treated the members of the Senior Play cast. 12-The Seniors held a candy sale and doughnut sale today from 10:00 to 10:30. They cleared about 318.00 which makes them nearly out of debt. Held a pep meeting after school for the Kala- mazoo Normal High-Three Rivers Football Game, which will be played Saturday. 13-Mr. Gospil, State Y. M. C. A. man, gave a fine talk in chapel today. 16-Everybody bust Wondering who "she" was with Mr. Hoek- zema at the game Saturdayg which one Mr. Hicks was with: and why we didn't win from Kalmazoo. . -110- 17-Physics recitation classes are being held two hours every day this week. More fun. It is reported that Miss Burke buys J. Handy a stick of gum every day in order to have the pleasure of requesting him to throw it into the waste paper basket. 18-Everyone is studying for 6 weeks tests Chow we love themj, and practicing for "Springtime" Orrin Wittenberg raising his hand in the seventh hour class, "Miss Storr, you didn't see that did you?" Miss Storr: "No, Orrin, what?" Orrin: "Eber Johnson had his arm around Wy Hart." 19-Today Sheik Carrol Barker and Sheik K. Garrison decided that the janitors were overworked and under the direction of Miss Weld swept the floor in front of the Assembly room desk fifth hour' 23-We had a fire-drill Q?j today. Some of the pupils stayed in the building thinking no doubt that if there were a fire it would be a good chance to get warm. 24-A small boy in the library second hour: "Where could I find this book?" Glancing at the titles on the book-cases, "Oh, I guess it would be in 'frictionf " 25-Annual subscriptions were taken in Assembly room period from 10:00 to 10:30. No school Thursday and Friday-Teachers Institute. 30-Mrs. DeVilbis second hour in the A. R. hearing the planing in the Man. Tr. Room. "Say, is there an airplane around here? It sounds like one going up." 31-Won from Coldwater here today, 7-0. NOVEMBER 1-Shirley Jacobs standing in front of the school house talking to her chum: "Here, honey, hold these." Mr. Ringle taking them, "All right." 2-Assembly was called today to let the Seniors advertise their play. Brief dialogue was given which proved to be very entertaining. 3-The Senior play "Whose Little Bride Are You," was given before a crowded house. Everything went off fine, thanks to Miss Comar. 6-Library School today. We learned that all knowledge is divided in only nine general classes. Why, oh why, is it so difficult to assimilate? 7-School was dismissed this afternoon for Senior High pupils, so that they could attend the funeral of Eugene Alber. 8-Miss Burke after telling J. Handy to throw his gum in the basket for about ten days in succession, "This is getting to be almost a daily tribute, isn't it J ohn?" 9-Red letter day? It is solemnly sworn that two individuals chewed gum in Miss Burke's room all the fifth hour and were not ' - 111 - 4 requested to throw it in the basket. We think she knew it, though. CWe'd hate to think we got by with anything.D 10-County Clerk Harwood gave an interesting speech on the duties of his office in Chapel today. After finishing he asked if there were any questions. Pete Hessmer arose and told Mr. Harwood that Bob Van Horn wanted to know how much a wedding license would cost. Why don't you speak for yourself, Pete? 13-Interclass basket ball teams are being organized in prepara- tion for the interclass games scheduled to come off soon. 14-Notice, new case developing in school. Whisper it softly, Laverene Brannan and Fred Sterritt. 15-Miss Storr: "Wynona, name one of Marlowes' writings." After a long silent pause-"Exactly, The Silent Woman." 16-We all had our pictures taken today. Got out twenty minutes early at noon. 17-Two splendid talks in chapel today on "Personal Recollec- tions of James Whitcomb Riley" and the "J azz Age." 20-L. Armstrong translating French: "Mme. Scott and Miss Percival wore the same traveling suit." Pete Hessmer: "They must have been Siamese twins." Juniors beat the Freshmen at interclass basket ball. 22-Seniors beat the Sophs at basket ball. 23-Oh woeful day! The Juniors beat the Seniors. 24-Mr. Horst wrote an anonymous challenge for the faculty to the Junior boys Interclass B. B. team for a game Tuesday night. 27-No classes in Gym today, K. T. banquet. 28-The Juniors beat the faculty. Remarkable Juniors. 29-We brought back the scenes of our childhood today by singing old popular songs. DECEMBER 4-A meter stick which Mr. Horst was leaning his elbow on in Physics class today dealt him a sound blow on the cheek when it slipped. When this happened a second and third time, Mr. Horst blushed, laughed, and said, "There's more than one way to keep the class awake." 5-Report Cards! 6-"Pete" Hessmer translating French: "That seat in the church had been reserved for two hundred mothers of Longuevalf' They must have been piled up three deep. Pauline Goodbrake: "Isn't that verb in the subjunctive voice?-tense I mean." 7-Miss Storr: "Lois, give a quotation from Shakespeare." Lois Churchill: "I can't remember any." Miss Storr: "Edna?" Edna Kern: "I'm in the same boat with Lois." -112- 8-Professor Smith-Burnham of Kalamazoo gave an inspiring talk in chapel today. 11-Miss Burke Qreviewing a Latin Mythl: "Who was always with Castor, Robert?" Bob Shumaker: "Oil!" 12-The musicale was a success, the numbers well selected, and well sung. 13-One Senior to another, when starting for his most hated class: "List not Duncan, for 'tis the bell That summons thee to Heaven or to Hell." 14-Pete Hessmer translating French II: "He refused two suitable marriages and two beautiful bowrys." CDowrys.D 15--Contest for the most subscriptions for the Ladies Home Journal started today. The teams are Mutts and Jeffs. QThe organizer belongs to the former.J 18-Senior's Song:- O, I wish I was a monkey in the zoo, For a monkey hasn't anything to do! 19-Mr. Hicks is acquiring a variety of musical instruments. Today he got a mouth organ from poor little Micheal Marretti. 20-The D. S. Musical Club had a Christmas party tonight. They had a Xmas tree, stunts, plenty to eat and a good time generally. 21-It seems just like old times with all the last year's Seniors visiting classes. 22-There were no classes this afternoon and the time was spent with Christmas songs and tableaux. No more school for a whole week! JANUARY 2-School again and everyone happy-especially Mr. Hoek- zema and Miss Burke. Guess Santa Cor someoneb must have been good to then. 3-Bob. VanHorn: "I haven't been late to school once this year." 4-Girls sixth hour Gym class need a blacksmith. They can't keep their shoes on. 5-Music memory contest was started today in Chapel. 8-It is rumored that Wynona Hart and Blondy Wittenberg are making up. She was wearing his ring today. 9-Heard every fourth hour in A. R. "Take the front seat please." "Have you asked permission to speak?" 10-"My idea of a bum joke-for a young man to take away your compact and then tell you your nose is shiny." -Pauline Goodbrake. - 113 - 11-Miss Storr: "Orrin, name five of Shakespeare's plays." Orrin: "As you like it." 12-We don't think Mr. Horst realizes that we have only taken Gym for two years. His latest instructions are for us to pick up the A. R. floor before leaving. 15-The members of the Boys Glee Club and some others of the students and faculty are still trying to catch up sleep. Saturday night sleigh-ride was a big success! Clf you don't believe it, ask Mr. Hicks.j 16-Reviews and more reviews. Grapenuts! Exams are com- ing. ' 17-Some of the Rhines are as bright as Seniors. Today, James Kingsley explained that "has been" is the object of the verb "is," 18-At the pep meeting after school tonight Mr. Hoekzema rendered a cornet solo Cbackwardj. 19-We won gloriously from Constantine girls C30-85 and lost gloriously to Marshall boys C13-123. 22-Miss Storr: "There is some question as to whether he wrote the things he did, or not." Esther Tobler: "When was the war of 1812, Mrs. Helm?" 23-Miss Neller: "Stuart Dougherty, put what you have in your mouth in the waste basket." Stuart started for the basket and then turned around and started for his seat. Miss Neller: "Why don't you put it in the basket?" Stuart: "It's all gone." 24, 25, and 26-"There is great weeping and knashing of teeth." Exams are here again. Bluebooks aren't alone in their blueness! 29-We won the debate today unanimously from Schoolcraft. 30-Mr. Horst, "Clarence, aside from size what differences are there?" Clarence Mullett, "Well, it makes a difference if they are large or small." C. Fulcher translating Caesar: "Lake Geneva fiew into the Rhone river." 31-Every day in every way we're studying harder and harder. FEBRUARY 1-Some of the Rhines are beginning to resemble bunnies, they have pink eye Csj. The Freshmen are giving a banquet this evening. 2-The second eliminating Music Memory contest was held today. Minnie Naylor said, "This is only the second time I've been eliminated since I started." 5-Even "Pete" Hessmer had cold feet this morning! CIt's almost zero weather.j 6-Some boys in the Senior English class wore colored glasses to class today. Miss Storr said she didn't know whether to take it as a compliment or not. -114- 7-Practices for the Gym exhibit were held tonight. 8-Popular election caused quite a lot of interest in school this morning. The Physics class sold candy to the whole school after- ward. Rhinies are having a party in the gym tonight. 9-Pauline Goodbrake translating French II. "She wore her little hat coquettishlyf' 12-Bright answers in English IV: "What battle decided English supremacy in the war with Napoleon?" Ans. "The war of 1812." 13-Heard in the hall, "Pear is a peach." CEveryone but Mr. Perry, read it fast and see how it soundsj. 14-Miss Storr's Junior English Classes gave original valentines to each other today. It gave all the little Juniors a good chance to give valentines without arousing suspicion. 15-The final music memory contest was held tonight in the auditorium. Alice Tobler won the grand prize. 16-T. R. boys beat Allegan tonight 32-27 in an exciting game of B. B. Had to play five minutes overtime because the game ended 26-26. The Freshmen gave a dance to the rest of the High School at the K. P. Hall. 19-Bright seventh grader: "It was written by Longfellow's Tales of a Wayside Inn." Bob Shumaker: "Mrs, Malleaux, I think you ought to let us practice our lesson for exhibit all Week." 20-Mrs. Malleaux in Civics class, "One Judge was removed because he was always drunk while sitting on cases." 21-Mr. Horst elucidating a ninth grade Algebra class: "When there is no sign before a number there is a plus sign." 22-Tonight was Exhibit night for the High School. First and second hour classes were held and then the Gym exhibit. General sentiment, "Tomorrow, tomorrow, how happy I will be." 23-Prizes for the music memory contest were given out in Chapel this morning. Everyone is half asleep and the recitations are particularly brilliant. 26-Maxine Hart in History class: "Mr. Collier is the attornier for the Pueblo Indians." 27-Mr. Vardaman gave a fine talk to the school this morning, from 10:00 to 10:30. 28-Upon asking some of the bewildered looking Sophomores today after sixth hour what was the matter, one of them dazedly replied, "Miss Burke said we had a good Caesar lesson today." MARCH 1-Sure signs of spring-We saw some robins and Mr. Horst tells us to keep off the grass. 2-The first hour Civics class has organized a new society -115- called "Get Every Fly or Die." Orrin Wittenberg has been appointed to the oiiice of chief swatter. 5-The High School had the treat of a fine lecture and views on the Passion Play by Dr. Plimpton. CAlso no third hour class.D 6-Anonymously composed on Mr. Hick's blackboard before test, Hicks is the leader of the band, The boys think he's perfectly grand. And if he'll give us "A", On next Wednesday, We'll call him the best in the land. 7 -Mr. Horst is giving some of us pseudonyns. Today at the board, "What is that, Funny?" 8-Fred Sterritt: "Did you hear the big noise in Mr. Perry's room?" "No, what was it?" Fred: "Someone dropped a perpen- dicular!" 9-French Trans: "They heard horse beats." "She grasped her children on her breast." "The chills went away." V 12-Lulu Ledbetter: "The biggest accident Qincidentj was the burial of Alix." 13-Miss Briggs: "Give a definition of Squash." Soph: "A squash is a garden plant much liked by green bugs." 14-The school has new chorus books! Mr. Perry Cwith his violin under his arml, "Where does the Rhinie orchestra practice?" 15-Maude to Harry: "What a peachy moon! I can't get over it, Harry." Harry, pushing a chair toward her: "Try this elevation." 16+The Sophs had a St. Patrick's party. Everyone had a marvelous time. 19-The most horrible, unheard of thing happened today. Some- one appropriated the mirrors in the girls' cloak-room and it is rumored that some of the girls were late to first hour classes. Compacts are so small. 20-All the Juniors are so smiling today. They manufactured a little too much laughing gas in Chem. lab. today! 21-Miss Storr, reading: "Man wanted for general housework Coflice workjf' And then you should have seen her blush! 22-Miss Storrs "Compare 'true,' Dean." Dean J: "True, truer, truth!" 23-The local Declamatory and Oratorical contests were held in chapel today. 26-George Simons taught Miss Comar's Geometry class today. A good time was reported by all! 27 -Pauline G: "The soldiers in France turned to mud!" Miss -116- Storr was speechless today. QHer cold affected her vocal chords, perhaps.J 28-To prove that the saying "In the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love" one need only to notice the new cases in school these balmy days. 29-Today is Smile Day! The Rhinies sold fruit this morning. 30-This morning for chapel we were told the story of the Passion Week by Rev. Snyder. Everyone was feeling blue today-next Week is spring vacation! APRIL 9-Mr. Smith sensed something in the air today. Upon looking down he saw a cute little skunk by his feet. According to Mr. Smith and eye witnesses, Mr. Smith did not start to move away, he was gone-just like that. 10-Mr. and Mrs. Hoekzema were given a serenade and belling tonight by the H. S. band and auxiliary. Cigars and chocolates were enjoyed. 11-In the fire drill today the pupils showed wonderful speed in getting out but we Wonder what took such a long time to get back. 12-The Annual Staff brought their kodaks to school today and took snaps for the "ReHector." Pictures were taken of the pupils in becoming poses as they approacfmd the school house. 13-Our first base ball game of the season took place this beauti- ful winter day. We won 6-5 from Schoolcraft. The fielders had difficulty in keeping from freezing. 16-Everyone was extremely interested in our visitor around school today, who was reported to be a friend of Miss Briggs. He was also a State School Inspector! . 17-The Physics class were experimenting with electricity today, and some of the things they did-well, they were truly shocking. 18-Spring fever is claiming its usual number of victims and the number of skippers Cnot a nautical termj increases daily. 19-Mr. Perry has a collection of frogs, snakes, and turtles which he keeps in his room, much to the horror of the girls in his classes. 20-Mr. Smith has a new way of keeping the crowds back at a base ball game-he walks down the line swinging a bat. 23-A very interesting talk was given the students today Cafter being requested to take our permanent seatsj on the arts, intricacies, laws, and penalties for skipping. Nuf said! 24-The Civics classes went to Centreville today to visit court. It was a lovely morning to ride and everyone was given an excused admit. 25-John Handy: "Congress has the power of making neutrali- zation Cnaturalizationj laws." -117- 26-Miss Storr is beginning to make the Seniors step around in order to graduate. 27-Even the ministers have given us up-at least none appeared for Chapel exercises today. 30-Mr. Hoekzema's and Miss Comar's spelling classes enjoyed a hike and weenie roast after school today. MAY 1-Ray Naylor: "In the world's broad field of battle, In the bivouac of life, , Be not like dumb driven cattle, Be a hero, take a wife!" 2-Everybody sleeping peacefully. Mrs. Malleaux: "Dorothy, do you remember the law passed during the Civil War?" 3-The Juniors had a picnic and dance at Fisher Lake today. The weather was made to order. 4-The Physics class owe a debt of thanks to Mr. Horst, who allowed them the privilege of meeting the fourth hour as long as the third hour was omitted. 7-Orrin Wittenberg in English IV: "I've never known the kiss of love, Or felt a maiden's hand in mine." 8-The D. S. Musical Club sang two numbers for the Eastern Star Convention. 9-Snow everywhere! Of all the nerve. 10-There was a peppy mass-meeting today in preparation for the downfall of Constantine tomorrow. 11-A concert by a male quintette from Ypsilanti was given in Chapel today. We had a parade over to the ball park and beat Constantine 14-4 in spite of the rain! 14-The Juniors won the interclass track meet tonight after school. 15-This was a sad day for all Seniors who did not have their book reports in. "Ten per cent off of your grades!" Track picture was taken tonight. 16-Miss Storr Cto her class just before dinnerb :"Give an appro- priate quotation." Bright Junior: "It is hard for an empty sack to stand upright." 17-The rural pupils had the use of the old Assembly Room today for their 8th grade exams. 18-The Juniors have been mighty busy the last few days. Why? The Junior-Senior Banquet tonight. 21-Everyone feels fine after the first dance in the Gym. -118- 22-Mr. Horst: "Are there any more parts to a telephone?" W. Breyfogle: "The directory." 23-Mr. Horst called an assembly this morning to explain our program for Friday. We play Constantine at Centreville for the championship of the western half. 24-Many of the Junior High English classes have been going on hikes this week. They sure have a lot of time to waste. 25-Hurrah! ! We beat Constantine 2 to 1 this afternoon. Now we get to play Burr Oak on Field Day. We'll beat them too. 28-Only six more school days before Senior Exams. 29-No school tomorrow. Memorial Day. 31-Everybody off to Centreville tomorrow, Field Day. JUNE 4, 5, 6-Reviews. The worst is yet to come. 7, 8-Senior Exams! O-o-o-o-o-o-oh Baby! ! ! 11-Baccalaureate services last night. 12-Now we can watch the underclassmen writhe! 13-Senior play, "Clarence," tonight. 14-Commencement. We're both sorry and glad. 15-Assembly this morning. Awarding of Attendance ribbons, Scholarship ribbons, T. R.'s, etc. Our High School days are over. FAREWELL. MHA!! Mr. Horst-"Why were you late?" Peewee-"School began before I got here." "His face is quite wrinkled." "Sign of care." "And his clothes are wrinkled, too." "Sign of don't care." Clint: "Pa, here's a man at the door with a wooden leg." Mr. Shafer: "What would we want with a wooden leg, send him away." -119- f 415 1 a 9' -. .. x v i Wu! Jim Clifford Cinterrupting Ida Weaver as she starts to tell him a storyb "Oh, I know all about that story, another girl told it to me." Ida Qin a shocked voiceb "Well, I've got my opinion of such a girl." Min Naylor was sitting in the barber shop the other day, and upon growing tired of waiting, asked the barber how long he would have to wait for a shave. The barber looked him over and said, "Oh, about three years." K. Campbell: "During the Democratic elections, wheat is always higher." K. Garrison: "Is that why bread rises?" Blondy Wittenberg: "Addison's wife died the day before she was married." Bohn Grim tells us that the Sturgis Athletic Director is so tough that he uses a blow-torch to shave with. "I feel greatly shocked," exclaimed Mr. Coon as his hand slipped against the 2000 volt switch. Miss Storr: "Write down any words that you don't hear." Mr. Hoekzema to R. Bowers, who has his arm around the occupant in the adjacent seat, "Remove your arm, Raymond, this is 8:52 in the morning, not at night." Mr. Ringle: "If a letter cannot be traced to its owner, it is sent to the Dead Letter Office, where after a certain length of time it is opened and read." Laverne Brannan Qexcitedlybz "Oh my, is that so?" Lose a letter, Laverne? Mr. Hoekzema: "What is the average corn yield?" "Bill" Hart: "Twenty gallons per acre." Mr. Weatherwax: "You fellows who aren't up here this hour, keep off the floor." Mr. Smith: "Weinberg, shut up. I've just marked you zero for today." Paul: "Well, I want my money's worth." Marie Whitesell: "An Endowment Policy is a policy where you don't have to die to collect your insurance." -121- "Bob" Van Horn: "Did you get the right answer for the second problem?" "Corky" Drew: "No." "How near were you to the right answer?" "Five seats away." h Speaker in Chapel: "Oh where is the Spirit of '76?" Voice from the back row: "All drank up." Wallie Wolf-"What do you think I am, a horse?" Pete Hessmer-"No, your ears are too long." Campbell-"Did you hear about 'Shiek' Barker being penalized five yards today?" Bowie-"No. How did that happen?" Campbell-"His left side-burn was off side." Keith Garrison-"Why do they say that money talks?" George Simons-"Probably because there's a picture of a woman on it." ' "Minnie"-"Did you ever try to string beans, Mr. Smith?" Smith-"No, but I've tried to kid gloves and bull frogs." "Kappy"-"Is 'Corky' Drew a saving man?" "Bobby"-"Indeed he is, he even looks over the top of his glasses for fear of Wearing them out." . Watch out! Mr. Coon states that "Promiscuous osculation is prohibited in the Assembly Room after study hours." Miss Storr-"Lesson for tomorrow, open your books-" Murray Reed-"Is that all?" Quotations by great mens- There are girls that are worth waiting half an hour for, but they are the girls who don't keep you waiting that long. -Rayman Naylor. W Many a man slips on truth and ruins his reputation. -Mr. Coon. Martha Lamb-"Have you any mistletoe?" Clerk-"Yes, but we can't guarantee it." Mr. Perry-"Can you hear me there in the back row?" "Bones" Malbone Crousing from slumberj: "Yes, don't talk so loud." -122- Mrs. Malleaux-"Who takes Day's place?" "Chubby"-"Night," Mr. Hicks Cwinding up a long proofjz "And so we find that X equals zero." "Bones"-"What, all that work for nothing?" Voice from upstairs-"Dean, hasn't that young man gone yet?" Dean-"No, but I've got him going." Dean Judd: "Did you hear the orchestra play, Three O'Clock in the Morning?" I Freddy Sterritt: "No, I went home at eleven." Minnie Naylor: "I said what I thought about the big boob." Wallie Wolf: "What did he do then?" Minnie: "Nothing, I said it to myself." Miss Storr: "How did Byron show his rebellious spirit?" ' Pete Hessmer: "His relatives wanted to bury him in Westminster Abbey and he wouldn't let them." Mr. Ringle Cconstructing a sentenceb : "Enough silk for a dress would be sufficient." Marguerite Shelline: "Yes, but in some cases a suflicient amount is considered too much." To a Last Year's Fuzzy Wuzzy. Bobbed hair, Dainty clothes, Baby stare, Freckled nose, Short skirts, Visage sweet, May thy skirt and low neck Never meet. "That's the end of my tail," cried the monkey, as he backed into a lawn mower. Heard in Freshies English Class-"It was in the second half and the score was a tie at the end of the ninth inning." Katherine Handy-"What do you do for a living?" Red Butler-"I'm a pilot in a soap factory." Katherine-"That's funny, I didn't know they had pilots in a soap factory." -123- Red-"Yep, another guy makes the soap and I pile it. What do you do?" Katherine-"I'm a milk-maid at Hersheys, I milk chocolates." Red-"That's nothing, my brother's a traveling salesman for a salt company, he's a salt seller." Katherine-"Shake" Hoekzema-"If you don't know if it's quick lime or not, just stick your finger in it and if it burns you, make up your mind that's quick lime." Rev. Thurston CTO recent father of twinsb-"I understand the Lord has smiled on you." Father-"No, he laughed out loud." Barney-"Is she very pretty?" George-"Pretty! Say when she gets on a street car the advertising is a total loss." , Miss Oman's Method For Preserving a Husband. "Be careful in your selection, do not choose too young and take only such as have been reared in a good moral atmosphere. Some insist on keeping them in a pickle, while others keep them in hot waterg this only makes them sour, hard, and sometimes bitter. Even poor varieties may be made sweet, tender, and good by garnishing them with patience, well sweetened with smiles, and flavored with kisses to taste. Then wrap them in a mantle of charity, keep warm with a steady fire of domestic devotion and serve with peaches and cream. When thus prepared they will keep for years." To Clinton. Clint Shafer says, when interviewed: "I want to be a gosh darn dude, A Movie Star I'll be. I want to have my picture took, And put in each girl's memory book I'm a lady bug you see." Jim Brannan-"Why is a musical comedy like a popular song?" "Bub" Yorton-"I don't know, why is it?" Jim-"Because the only thing anybody ever looks at is the chorus." Raining "pitch forks" is bad enough but when it comes to "hailing street cars" the weather's getting rough. -124- 'm Myrtle Ernst-"Can you drive with one hand?" Lloyd Beeman CExpectantlyD-"You bet I can." Myrtle-"Then will you please pick up my handerchief off the Hoor?" Lovers in the hallway, Papa on the stair, Bulldog on the front porch, Music in the air. H This is food for reflection," said the goat as he swallowed the mirror. fl Have you Moore's poems?" inquired the Miss. "I think I have, little girl, I'll look in a minute," replied the clerk in the bookstore, "by the way, here's a fine new story out, it's called 'Just One Kiss' and-" I want Moore," she interrupted haughtily. Ci Mr. Perry-"Analysis is the breaking up of substances into simpler ones." Pat Snyder-"Oh! Yes, I analyzed a test tube yesterday." Mr. Smith-"Did you sharpen all the tools?" A Charles Starr-"Yes, but I couldn't get all the nicks out of the rip saw." Mrs. Malleaux-"Name the Tudorsf' Lester Naylor-"Front door and back door." Miss Burke Cln Latinj-"You are too literal, you don't read between the lines enough." Bob Shumaker-"I can't very well, it's half erased." Leonard Lackey-"How about that two dollars you owe me?" Walter Creed-"I'll pay you next week." Leonard4"That's what you said last time." Walter-"Sure, I'm not the kind of a man who says one thing one time and another thing another." Min Naylor is a dandy fella', He makes you think of Dardenella, All day long he lounges round, He takes life easy as he can, Cares not for teacher, beast or man g For some heated place he's bound. -125- Autographs -1- na. xr 3 .1 V n . i v' - U., .. . . -ik.-.,4,.... :if---.wld s The Three Rifvers Press IZD' Book and Job RINTERS Z' Filing Cabinets and Supplies and I-P Loose Leaf Systems .95 Three Rivers, Mich. -129- Michigan Gas and Electric Co e.mnCju6m.9 Electricity for Heat, Light and Power Q.MBuIju6Y.9 OPER'ATING IN Three Rivers Constantine Cassopolis White Pigeon Jones Vandalia Schoolcraft Lawton Vicksburg Paw Paw Gobles Bloomingdale Decatur e.,1enlja6w.9 "Service ls Our Hobby" -- 130- Western State Normal School Kalamazoo, Michigan SOME ADVANTAGES 1.-A 40-acre Campus. 2.-A 14-acre Athletic Field with diamond, gridiron, track, and soccer fields. 3.-A Lunch Room serving 1,000 students daily. 4.-A Cooperative Store furnishing books and supplies at low rices. 5.-Five :modern buildings - ideally located and excellently equipped. IA new Library and Gymnasium for men will soon be under construction., 6.-The largest Normal School Gymnasium in the Middle West. 7.-A Playhouse for Dramatic Arts work. 8.-A Student Loan Fund. 9.-Thirty thousand recent publications in the library. 10.-Two hundred of the best magazines and periodicals regularly received. 11.-A Limited and a Rural School Course. 12.-Two yeah Life Certificate Courses in ft Commerce Early Elementary fliindergartenl Household Arts Junior High School Later Elementary Manual Arts Music Physical Education for Men Physical Education for Women Senior High School. 13.-A four year A. B. Degree Course. 14.-One hundred faculty members, 1,700 students. 15.-Graduates teaching in 35 states and in foreign countries. 16.-An incomparable democratic atmosphere and unusual school spirit. For catalog and further information address JOHN C. HOEKJE, Registrar Western State Normal School, Kalamazoo, Michigan -131- Prompt Ambulance Service Funeral Chapel Without Charge O. L. HARING Funeral Home Telephone 132+Night or Day 118 Main Street Three Rivers, Michigan "I have some very fine asparagus today," said the market-man to Mrs. Youngbride, and he displayed a bunch for her admiration. "Picked not three hours ago," he added. Mrs. Youngbride looked at it with unaffected amazement. "Does it grow like that?" she asked. "I always thought that the cook braided the ends of it." Dear Editor-Where is the elephant found? Answer-The elephant is so large that he is rarely lost. Geology Prof.-"The class will now name some of the lower species of animals, starting with Mr. Smith." La Mode Hat Shop Exclusive Millinerv earamsms Mrs. E. A. Simonds .Ji - L., CHEVROLET! Auto Sa! es C Omoratl. ALES and 012 ERVICE -132- Camploell's Drug Store Eastman Kodaks and Kodak Supplies Bring us your Developing and Printing Visitor Cin editorial roomsj-"What do you use that blue pencil for?" Editor-"Well, to make a long story short, it's to-er-make a long story short." 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LACKY SL JOHNSON HEDGES TIRE SHOP Cash Market Tire Repairing Fresh and Smoked Meats 210 St. Joe Street Telephone 286 107 St. joe Street Telephone No. 551 1-Ring G. T. AVERY SL SON Staple and Fancy Groceries Three Rivers, - Michigan B. E. SMITH SL SON Fine Shoes HOTEL De HAMBURGER 105 St. Joe Street Delicious Hamburgers Good Coffee and Milk L. D. MITCHELL Chiropractor Telephone No. 428 Over Dick's Candy Shop DR. B. C. DeVILBISS Osteopathic Physician- General Practice Over First National Bank Foot Troubles Corrected by the Post Phone 469 at all hours CHAS. T. MALLO CO. Dealer in Cigars, Tobacco and Sporting Goods Three Rivers, Michigan FRANK S. KNAPP High Quality Coal Ojfce and Yards 4th St. near Flint Ave. Phones-Office 601, Res. 601-2R DR. EBERLY, Dentist Offce Phone 67-1R House Phone 67r2R 141 St. joe Street Three Rivers, Michigan R. A. BOWIE, Dentist Office Phone 133-L House Phone 133-I DR. A. W. SCIDMORE Office Hours 9to IO A. M., IEO4l1Tld7f0 QP. M. Three Rivers, - Michigan Telephone No, 31 Three Rivers, Mich. J. H. FULTON, D. C. DR. H. O'DELL Chiropractor 120 Portage Avenue Spinal Adjustments for Your Health Phone Q7 Phone 262-L 117 St. Joe St. Three Rivers, - - Michigan Get your work done at J. A. JACKSON'S Barber Shop Portage and Main Streets R. P. CRANSON, D. D. S. Ojjzlce Robbins' Block Three,Rivers, Michigan WARNER'S Cleaning and Pressing Shop Phone 501 CHAS. G. MORRIS, M. D. 1 18 Portage Avenue Residence 196-2R"OmCC 196-1R Office Hours-2 to 4 and 7 to 9 P. M. -143- ,xy 4, . ffff , ffcf if, XQEEJ X fi in 1,111 fx W...v 1,5 Q1 --,f XX X W L 1 QXXQ, 4 EQ , J 'x,7"1 W I 'C L W if U W M 5 MJ ' X L I E3 55? uf' . 3 Lf 'L ' I 'I ,,A' . Q'iU 5 1 .1 ,r ff L ,f H, 7' 5 15- li .. I UQ u 5 fiwefh' The Email Jb- -144- Z, 9935793 x C kyv Y' ' Y ' . 11.7. ,jx K 41:4 , - A vrffm , , 4 ly iggfff 'eflfefm . e J, wk, f ,,. 'I' J'-if 'ex , . Us ' W- . 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Suggestions in the Three Rivers High School - Reflector Yearbook (Three Rivers, MI) collection:

Three Rivers High School - Reflector Yearbook (Three Rivers, MI) online yearbook collection, 1920 Edition, Page 1


Three Rivers High School - Reflector Yearbook (Three Rivers, MI) online yearbook collection, 1921 Edition, Page 1


Three Rivers High School - Reflector Yearbook (Three Rivers, MI) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 1


Three Rivers High School - Reflector Yearbook (Three Rivers, MI) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


Three Rivers High School - Reflector Yearbook (Three Rivers, MI) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


Three Rivers High School - Reflector Yearbook (Three Rivers, MI) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


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