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were again defeated by a score of nine to four. -Walter Langley. GRADUATING The idea of the Cap IN CAPS and Gown, comes AND GOWNS down from the ear- liest history of civilization. To the monks and scholars of mediaeval Europe, this dignified and expres- sive costume symbolized the high regard in which learning was uni- versally held. To the great mass of people it became a sign of honor, and the wearer was mark- ed as one who had achieved a worthy and enviable place among men of letters. To this day the idea has been faithfully preserved in the robes of the clergy, the judges, and colleges. The truest democratic ideals of our government are found in our public school system. One uni- form dress at the greatest function of the school life removes all em- barrassment, eliminates mental anxiety concerning personal ap- pearance and puts all, rich and poor alike, upon the same plane. The class is unified and presents a better appearance to the au- dience. Caps and Gowns can be rented for the exercises for 51.50 each, and their use can be made to pro- duce a very material economic saving in the family budget of the graduates. -Mr. C'?'Cl7l1fb'7'd . 'LHB C 0 The Red Cross So- ED R SS ' ' SOCIETY ciety was organized primarily to care for wounded in time of war, but the work has now been broadened to include the taking f the sick and 92 care of the suffering after any great calamity. To fulfill these duties, a permanent organization is maintained. Every girl should feel the need of offering herself for definite service should our coun- try become engaged in actual war. Already the Red Cross General Office is crowded with applica- tions from women all over the country, who are anxious to be war nurses. However much their patriotism may be admired, most of them are untrained and hence cannot be accepted for the work. Steady nerves, a sturdy phys- ique and a level head are the prime essentials for a nurse. Most of us pride ourselves in possessing these, so why not organize a Red Cross Society, choose a leader- preferably a nurse or a doctorf receive the necessary instructions in first aid and nursing and then be able to answer when the call is given for more nurses? The boys are now drilling and training themselves to be soldiers. Should not the girls also be prepared for service? Our Country is calling: does not the call come to the Women of America as well as to the men? -Dorothy Hartrzzrtri. MILITARY Every boy and man TRAINING should at some time in his life have Mili- tary Training-and the earlier he gets it the better. Universal Training is one of the greatest and easiest steps toward preparedness. The Volunteer System failed in the Revolution- aryg it failed in the Civil War, it failed in the War of 1812 and it failed at the time of the Mexican l trouble in 1916. Why not have Universal Liability to Service? With every man subject to ser- vice is it not best that they all know something about what they are expected to do, and what is expected of them? ls it not time to do something? With Universal Training in ef- fect-or at least some means whereby every man is prepared fwe would stand ready, and could look the whole world in the eye and we would have taken one of the first great steps toward preparedness. -John Cross. A GYMNASIUM For some time the more progres- sive and broader minded citizens of Three Rivers have been trying to make necessary additions to the High School, one of which would be a gymnasium. How- ever, a more conservative ele- ment among the people has put down any attempt to better the conditions along the educational lines. They argue that this would be an unnecessary expenditure of money, and that no immediate benefit would be obtained. This is, however, a wrong im- pression, for a gymnasium could be used not only for all indoor contests, but regular gymnasium classes could be held there. lt is said that without health, education is worthless. Therefore, the people who do not take an active part in athletics could in this way receive regular exercise, and build up strong bodies and healthy minds. Then too, the present ex- pense of renting other places for athletic events and social l 93 functions could be done away with, for a gymnasium could also be used for class plays and other social gatherings. Certain nights in the week would probably be reserved for those who are not directly in touch with the school. This would also enable people who work every day during the week to have some recreation. Therefore, as a whole, a gym- nasium would be a benefit rather than a detriment to Three Rivers. flloizald Wlzftcscll, '1H. AN ln this day and age IDEAL when education means STUDENT so much to everyone, we often hear the expression "ideal stud ent." But what is meant by that expression? ls it the boy who takes all of his books home every night and memorizes the text book, so that he can re- cite it like a parrot in the class the next day: who never misses a question, who never even smiles while in school and who must al- ways "go home and study," when the other boys are off at the ball game? No, that boy is not an ideal student, but a book-worm. He can give the principle, word for word as it is in the book, but if he were asked to apply that same principle, he would find it very difficult, if not impossible. The ideal student is the boy who, while in school, studies, remember - does not look at his book for an hour while his mind is wandering, but who is thinking of what he is reading and how he may make use of it. Then the ideal student listens to what is said while in the class l room, laughing when there is reason, but quiet and attentive at other times. When work must be done outside of school, he does it, but also finds time for the ball game or some other form of rec- reation. So summed up in a few words, we may say "An ideal stu- dent is the student who works when he should work and plays when it is play time." Why then can't we all be ideal students? -Miss Dozvling. AN IDEAL Out of the clear blue TEACHER sky came this thunder- bolt, write an article for the Annual on the "Ideal Teacher." "An Ideal Teacher!" Why not write on "A Round Square," or on "An Educated Rhyme," or a "Sweet Lemonn? Immediately, one takes in re- view all the memories and ghosts of bygone instructors. The pro- fessors of ample girth who proved that a man's heart is in his stomach. The small, slender ones that were thin because of dys- pepsia for learningl. The lady teachers that trip through our lives, on their way from the University "Station" to the Matrimonial "Depot", The few patient ones that teach because they began that way and don't know how to stop. From among these we must pick out our ideal of a perfect teacher. Shall our ideal be masculine or feminine? In this day of privi- leged woman, the latter of course. Shall she be pretty or stylish, learned or magnetic? If pretty, she must be in the low grade work, where little children learn as they admire and imitate. l 94 lf stylish, what an influence she has over the habits as well as the intellect of the "coming manf' and she will find praise in the imitation of all the young girls, or "flappers." If she be intellectual, she must be a genius at imparting her culture, as the human race, in all its ages, resents being taught by note. In the magnetism of the teacher, probably lies her greatest power. One's mind turns instinctively to the most successful and the best loved. They are not always the youngest or prettiest but their in- fluence is greater than they know, and its impressions last forever. Thus, an ideal teacher must vary according to the grade of work. For High School students one would probably suggest a University Graduate, whose en- thusiasm has not been allowed to cool, whose life is an example of Christianity that all must admire, with a generous forbearance for all pranks and small sins com- mitted before her eyes. In each student, she will find some qualities to admire, because she is looking for them. She will enter into the sports of the students with enthusiasm, but will deal out justice even to the ath- letes. She studies her pupils, and treats them as individuals, not as a mass. She invents new ways of teaching each pupil to know himself. Of an Ideal Mother, we all boast, for an Ideal Life we all hope: and proudly claim that the Three Rivers High School can boast of that almost unknown quantity-AN IDEAL TEACHER. 4Amy Dunckle, '19. l g I 7 u jd Q4 3-Tiisj - 1 -1.13 T151-'t -.,4 ix? t my .- ,wz it w t f' X mg. ..1,,I,QX ! X ,f-Q .,'V.. , "ML Bob" HE play "lVlr. Bob", an interesting and amusing farce of two acts, was presented by the junior class on May eleventh in the High School Auditorium. The parts of the different characters were well represented by seven members of the class. The action centered about two cases of mistaken identity, Mr. Bob and Mr. Brown of the law firm, Benson SL, Benson. The part of Marian Bryand, who was called "Bob" by her friend, Katherine, was taken by Hilda Bauserman, while Laura Petre played in the role of Katherine. Semi-hourly luncheons were served by mistake to Mr. Brown in the person of Donald Whitesell. Carl Reed as Philips Royson was a cousin to Katherine and a nephew to Aunt Becky whose "pet schemes for cats" were advanced by Flossie Childs. Filled with a love for Shakespeare's "dramatic art", Claribel Rahn as Patty, the maid, tried to inspire a like fondness for the drama in the "noble spirit" of jenkins the butler, which part was taken by Donald Benfer. f"Miss Eldridge. l96l "The Tempest" THE TEMPESTH was presented by members of the English classes, january fifteenth, at the High School. Prospero lDonald Wliiteselll and his daughter Miranda fMar- garet Scidmorej, have been cast upon a lonely island by a wicked sorceress when Miranda was but a child. Prospero by virtue of his magic art had command over all the sprites of the island. Ariel fAmy Duncklel chief of the sprites, was his messenger, and Cali- ban, flasper Mickell was his servant. When Miranda had grown to young womanhood, Prospero raised a storm on the sea, whereby the King of Naples and his brother were cast upon the island. Ferdinand lEllis Shellhousl, heir to the throne of Naples, was in some manner separated from his father, and each thought the other drowned. Ariel, finding Ferdinand, led him to Prospero's cave and he and Miranda fell in love at first sight. The King of Naples and Prospero's brother were brought to Prospero's cave by Ariel, where he and his son were reunited. Prospero welcomed his brother, and they all returned to Naples. Miranda to be Ferdinand's wife, and Prospero as the Duke of Milan. f-ffA1'rz Com in. l97l Oratorical and Declamatory Contests HIS year has been a banner year for the oratorical and de- clamatory work. lt is the first time that any number of High School people have shown that they were really interested and wanted to do something along this line to boost the school. They began their preparation early in the year and worked faithfully for weeks. Although all could not win, the work done by each con- testant was of a high grade. On account of the number of participants in the declamatory work, it was necessary to have two trial contests. Each morning nine people took part, and the two best were selected to appear in the final contest. Amy Dunckle, Zelda Kingsley, Claribel Langton, and Bernard Johnson were chosen for this. Claribel Langton won first place and Amy Dunckle, second. On the same morning the Free-for-all Copen to members of all classes? was held. Five people entered. Muriel Cross won the first place and Loren Ruggles, the second. The Oratorical Contest came the next week. The orations showed careful thought and preparation. Mabel Cowgill received the highest honor and Sophia Doll took second place. We were represented in the County Contest held April 13, by Mabel Cowgill, Claribel Langton. and Muriel Cross. We re- ceived the third place in the Oratorical Contest and first place in the Declamatory Contest. lt was to be much regretted that the judges did not consider our representative in the Free-for-all Con- test because the selection was too dramatic. Otherwise, without question, we should have had a high place in that. VVe have found that we have splendid talent in the Three Rivers High School. We want a still larger number to enter in 1918. However we cannot do everything with one year's work. Everyone that entered this year should try again in our next con- test. The past training will give each person a much better chance next year. The best work is done by those who have the perse- verance to keep at it year after year. With the largest number of students in any school in the county, shall we let smaller schools take first places in the future? Miss Pett. l98l NOl.LX"lNlX"nlD3C1 Cl NV KHOLVHO ' 'QQ il, 4... ,Nb L- JM. Q li The Art Entertainment UMBERED as one of the most successful events of the schor l year was the Art Entertainment given at the Opera House, April 28th. Being only the second event of its kind in Three Rivers, it was received with great enthusiasm. The pictures were portrayed by school children and citizens r f the city and were fully as good, if not better, this year than last. Mrs. Cauftman deserves great credit for her ability in choosing the characters for both the pictures and the statues. Before the pre- sentation of each picture, Mrs. Cauffman told some story connected with it, or the artist, which made the picture more interesting. Not many cities the size of Three Rivers can boast of a Music and Art director who is so capable in her department as is Mrs. Cauffman. Every entertainment which she has undertaken has proven even a greater success than was anticipated, and it is hoped that an Art Entertainment will become one of the established events of the school year. The D. A. R. Entertainment T various times during the school year, requests had come from different organizations of the town for a patriotic program to be given by the school children in the assembly room of the high school. ln response to these requests the Children of the Revo- lution and the public school children gave a program at the high school, on Friday, March 23rd. The intention at first was to give the entertainment free of charge, but owing to the cost of renting the colored lantern slides from Washington, D. C., and of provid- ing the costumes for the participants in some of the scenes, it was necessary to charge ten cents admission to cover the expenses in- curred. One hundred colored lantern slides were used illustrating different landmarks in American history, interspersed by tableaux representing periods in the history of the United States. V The money that was left after paying the cost of producing the entertainment was divided equally between the Children of the Revolution and the Girls' Domestic Science classes of the high school, the latter using their portion to buy additional equipment for their kitchen. 51001 Q-4-sJ Han. .F- ff Am.. 9, 155' 1 , ff5'l X "w Q-Q 'iff 1-'Q lr' 1 ,4 ' ' -Q x px If V x vxi ,I ll ' . f ' Q S Q X -,K .: 1 - V - v' 1 4 3 J, X K rf' I 'V X ,I :25 ""m Eu Qylll' lfathvrs mth ,Htlutlpcrs tuhu, murr than all nthcrs. mnurn mith us num' nur failurvs, amh rcjuirc with us in nur triumphs. 1112, thr Class ut IEI 1 7, lovingly hrbiratr This livflvrtm' "Somewhere in France" HE lifted her drawn white face to the image upon the wall, her whole being drawn in an attitude of worship, and of fear. "Oh most Sainted of Saints, this blessed day of the birth of our Lord, give me a brave heart, and make me strong, but for the sake of little Ekue, spair Dennis." It had been her constant prayer for a year. Could it be, could it possibly be, that now it was not to be answered? As she knelt by the crucifix the door opened silently, and in a moment, two soft childish arms were around her neck and her little Ekue whispered with his tiny baby voice, "Mamma, Mamma, daddy won't go, will he? Don't let Ekue's daddy go: Oh! don't we love him so! He can't go from his Ekue!" Her eyes filled with hot tears and in silent agony she kissed his fair forehead and told him to be a brave little man-as daddy was braveeher little soldier man. In a childish spasm of comfort, the babe drew his mother's face down, and with large luminous eyes and his little fists clinched, he said, "I'lI fight too, Mamma. I'll never let them harm you. Wait till I am a man. just wait andng' His sentence was broken and both mother and child became rigid. The steady tramp, tramp, tramp, of the troops sounded away down the street. The soldiers were coming. The mother ther face white and set as though carvedj, firmly clasped her babe to her, and turned her face bravely towards the door. "Mamma, Mamma, don't let them take daddy. We need him. He musn't go: don't let? The sentence was never finished. -A footstep sounded on the stoop, and Dennis with white set lips strode into the room. The dumb agony in his beautiful young Wife's face stopped him, and, turning where he stood in the doorway he folded his arms, and his face grew more set as his resolve shaped itself. On, on they came, louder and louder. There were a few sig- nificant strips. They were drafting their men. A minute more and the company stopped before the cottage and a gruff voice cried, "Mr, Dennis DeArkey. Report at once to Co. 17, First Reg- ment, Forty-third Infantry." Two officers marched to the door and stood waiting. The wife clinched her hands and moved her lips. That was all. Then with a long steady look into his wife's eyes, Dennis turned, and looking straight into the commander's eyes, he said, "I love my country, but I am not going!" 51021 An ominous silence followed his words. The wife clasped the child closer to her. Her lips moved convulsively in prayer, and a joy shown in her eyes. Dennis stood like a statue. There was strained silence, Then the deep voice, "Not goingfbe a traitor to your country by not going? Officer, lead him out!" The two seized at Dennis, but he was like iron and he did not move. His face was white and he repeated in his steady voice, "I am not going." A single word, a single move, and a sharp report rang out. Dennis, stretching his hands to heaven, fell before the shrine. His wife swooned over him. And somewhere in France, out of the dark night rang a childish voice, crying for a lost daddy, ffflflabclle Cozvgfll, '18, 126' A Youth's Love Breathes there a youth with soul so dead Who never to a lass has said: "You are my own both heart and hand." NVhose heart has ne'er within him burned As home his footsteps he has turned, From wandering with her hand in hand. If such there breathe go mark him well. For him no wedding bells shall knell, High though his standard, Great in the game. Boundless his wealth in football fame, Despite that standard, title or wealth, The wretch whose thoughts are all for self, Living is talked of a kern, And repenting shall return To the first girl from which he parted. Unhappy, lonesome and brokenhearted. -Ninn Bernlztzrtlt, '18. H031 "Revenge" Pmza srotw O other sound, than the breezes whispering among the vines was audible among the shady recesses of the long piazza. The silence was intense. Now, a strain of music came from some- where within the abbey. At the far end of the piazza a solitary monk arose, and seating himself completely in his chair, gazed out across the landscape be- fore him. His features were illuminated by a look of benignity, common only among those who have consecrated themselves to the Lord. His soft grey eyes were almost the same hue as his long flowing hair which crowned his massive head. His gaze wandered out over the motionless bay, where several ships were hovering lazily about the wharf. How he loved to gaze upon that sight. lt was so restful to his nerves. Finally, his gaze shifted to the city at the bottom of the hill. There stood the ruins of huge buildings, the heritage of antiquity. His eyes wander- ed about the town until they rested upon a huge statue erected in a principal street. He shifted his gaze suddenly, and a look of restlessness overshadowed his face. He drew his long robe about him, and leaned back in his chair, his eyes kindled with a strange fire. The great warhorse pawed restlessly. Upon his back sat a handsome young general. In his hands he held a message. He read it to himself: "Your mother has been shot: your sweetheart is dying: the enemy have sued for peace. Wait for further orders before you engage with them." The general's face went white. His heart was rent with anguish. Then his face was flushed to a crimson, and he clinched his teeth and muttered with a feeling that only accompanies the greatest hatred, "I shall have revenge." His voice roared as he shouted "Advance" All during the en- gagement he was at the head of his men shouting encouragingly to them. The roar of the guns was deafening. and cries of the dying were heart sickening. Yet he never Hinched. At last he had conquered. Before him stood his hated enemy, upon whom he had sworn revenge, awaiting his word before he passed into eternity. But ah! in the distance appeared a fast riding courtier. "Peace has been declared," he shouted. "Your victory has been an un- necessary slaughter." The proud general bowed his head. Suddenly, clasping his 51041 hand over his eyes, he rushed to his horse, over the dead bodies of his men. He had sacrihced thousands of them for his personal revenge. Thousands of mothers would suffer the agony that only he would have needed to suffer. He mounted his horse and urging him on, rode many hours. He knew not where he went. Late in the night his horse stopped before an abbey. He was treated kindly for several days, and decided to remain and become a monk, thus making up for the great wrong he had done. Later, he read of the erecting of a monument to him. It had been against the wishes of the government but the common people demanded it. He had revenged them for the many outrages of the enemy upon them. It had been a great struggle. But he overcame his desire for fame and settled down in the abbey. Soon he was made Bishop of the abbey. The old monk jumped up, and looked about him with a look of fear upon his face. Had he spoken his dream? Was anyone about? Thank Heavens, No! He still had his secret to bear to his grave. fwilliam Babb, 'Z9. 96' To Mr. Crawford There is a man of much renown, Not very far away. He's very good to look upon, We see him every day. His frown is fierce, his smile is kind. His eyes are truest blue, And though hid behind a twinkle. They can look you through and through. He's stern, but just, and justice metes Alike to youth and maid. With insight keen and judgment sound, One need not be afraid That he will punish without need, Or punish without cause, The luckless individual Who fails to keep his laws. -Amy Dzmclrlcg '19. N051 The Abuse of Customs R. QUILL and his handsome son, Phil, sat before the open fire place. The cozy warmth of the fire-lit room seemed to en- courage confidences. "Conventionalities are a bug-bear, are they not, father? I found the 'one girl in the world for me'-and I have lost her." "Come, son, tell me all about it," said Dr. Quill, watching the soft curls of smoke floating gently upward. "On my Way here from college I had to stop over a short time at a small suburb called Delton," began Phil. "ASI had nothing else to do, I stood in the station studying the faces of the people as they came into the building. My attention was attracted to a crowd of well dressed girls who were all laughing and talking at the same time. "Then, I saw an old lady struggling to reach the back of her shawl to adjust it. I walked forward to assist her, but I was pre- ceded by a young girl, who, leaning toward her, said, 'May I help you? There, is there anything else?' "After she had made the woman comfortable she went to in- quire about her trains, and I, also, went to inquire. "She was evidently a working girl, and, although she was dressed neatly, her apparel did not bespeak a superabundance of wealth. She was not beautiful but was sweet, with large grey eyes and an expression on her face which made her very attrac- tive. "I found myself staring at her and I realized that I had to know her. To introduce myself was impossible. I watched her and saw her go to her train, and I immediately followed her. I saw that she was sitting on this side of the train. It was a cowardly, ungentlemanly act, but, Dad, I was desperate. I threw one of my cards into the window where she was sitting. She smiled at me very sweetly and shyly. That was several days ago, and I wonder if I shall ever see her again." Barbara sat in her fifth floor hall bedroom talking to her chum. "This is his card, janet, and I do so wish I could Write to him. I-Ie was well dressed and refined looking and had the kindest brown eyes. I-Ie might be-but no, he can't be,-" With big tears in her eyes Barbara tore the card into small pieces and then watched them burn. -B67'ff1Cl.'l7Z'Cl'7'1i6 Mallo, '20, 51061 A Wedding in Nature's Realm A Movie scantamo HERE was a great stir in the realm of King "Dandy Lion." Messengers, the "Locusts" riding on the backs of prancing "Grasshoppers," were sent out to proclaim the coming marriage of his daughter, "Rhodo Dendron," to Mr. "Holly Hockf' The wed- ding was to take place on "Marsh Mallow" at "Four O'clock." Of course a great many had unkind things to say. Mr. A'Cac- tus" and Miss "Thistle" made sharp remarks as usual, and said "Rhodo Dendron" was trying to "Marry Goldf' but "Sweet Alyssum" said she knew it was "True Heart's Ease." There was great activity in the palace all this time. A large band of "Ants" were engaged to make everything, and to prepare for the great event. Expert "Devils Darning Needles" were busy weaving the "Bridal Wreath" also. At the appointed time "Blue Bells" began to ring. and guests began to assemble. The "Mosquito" orchestra, under the leader- ship of Herr "Bullfrog," were playing the "Bridal Chorus" as the guests arrived in their "Violet," "Pink," and "Rose" colored dresses. When they were all seated, the bride entered on the arm of her beloved "Poppy" The maid of honor was Miss "Dorothy Perkins Rose" of "Mountain Laurel." The matron of honor was Mrs. "Easter Lilly," whose marriage to Mr. "Tiger Lilly," took place the year before. The bride's pretty little sister, Miss "Brown Eyed Susan," was the little flower girl. The groom's little brother, johnny, acted as ring bearer. The bride and her attendants were met at the altar by the groom and best man, "Bachelor Button." The ceremony was performed by Rev. "lack-in-the Pulpit." Only one person had a case of stage fright, and that was the groom's little brother. johnny forgot to do his part, so "Bachelor Button" had to turn and say, under his breath, "johnny lump Up." The bride was to have been given away by her "Grandaddy Long Legs." On account of his age he could not be present, for he is really a very "Sicleman." So in his absence she was given away by her eldest brother, "Sweet William." After the ceremony, the guests went into the dining hall, where the "Mosquito" orchestra was playing Nevin's "Narcissus," Then after they were seated, Madame "Nightingale" and Miss "Hum- ming Bird" sang a duet accompanied by the orchestra and Signor "Rhutabaga," the wonderful Italian celloist. Many "Ants" served the wedding feast, which consisted of "Snow Drops" served in very dainty "Butter Cups," crushed from "Holly Berries" in "Pineapple Shrub." Oh! how they did make the "Butterfly" from one end of the table to the other! Of course as was to be expected, some were very ill-mannered. No one really knew how much Miss "Mignion Ette." Mr. "Onion" disgusted everyone, as he usually did by using such strong perfume, and by smoking his "Dutchman's Pipe." The master of ceremonies had to "Caulaflower" to put him out. The conversation was very sprightly, Mrs. "Grey Squirrel" chattered, and Mr. "Bumble Bee" made stinging remarks, as that was about the only thing he could do with his buzzy voice. After the banquet everyone was talking, and Mr. "Bachelor Button" was so confused at having so many "Maiden Blushes" surrounding him, that he lost his balance and stubbed his "Mistle Toe." Then, of course, young "Pepper Tree" took the occasion to make many spicy remarks. At this time, the bride slipped away to her room to don her traveling gown, "Ladies' Slippers" and 'lFox Gloves," when some- thing very tragic happened. Daring young "Ragged Robin," who had always thought "Rhodo Dendron," the "Lily of the Valley," quickly raised a "Jacobs Ladder" to her window. Seizing her in his arms, he tore the "Bridal Wreath" from her "Maiden Hair," and threw her "Grandmother's Night Cap" over her head, and fastened it securely with a "Lilac." Carrying herswiftly to the ground, and holding her tightly in his arms he mounted a firey steed, "Snap Dragon." Using the famous "Lark Spur," they sped away into the "Night Shade." Poor "Rhodo Dendronn not know- ing what to do, clasped her hands over her "Bleeding Heart," and began to "Balsam." She simply couldn't "Bear" to think of the future in store for her. The alarm was spread quickly over the palace that the bride had been stolen. The groom, a man of quick action and thought, ran out to his eight cylinder, ten passenger "Car Nation," giving this sharp command to his chauffer, "Chrys Anthemumf' "Lettuce" "Beet" it. They sped away in hot pursuit with only the "Moon Flower" and the "Stars of Bethlehem" to light their way. They very quickly overtook the horrible villain. As "Chrys Anthemumn struck "Ragged Robin" on his head with the King's "Golden Rod," the King appeared with the executioner, who stabbed the villain with a "Sword Fern." As "Holly Hook" clasped his bride in his arms and their "Tulips" met, the bystanders could hear him murmur, "Forget-me-not!" -Rosa ll iz, Predfnzore. 51033 A War Bride She stood at the frosted Window pane, Wflile the snow softly flurried without. Her eyes held the stare of one insane, Can you guess what her thoughts were about? l-ler mind was across the ocean blue, VVhile she thought of the suffering there, And her heart was loyal, strong and true, To the country she thought so fair. Now, she saw the trenches with suffering filled, And the wounded and dying men. She saw the list of the mangled and killed, "Oh God! VVill it never end?" She saw the children made homeless by war, And the souls that were wasted by strife, The hand of the victor dripping with gore As it steadily crushed out life. And then, through the flickering haze of thought, She saw him crowned with glory, And the bitter sweet memories that scene brought, Made her think of that dear old story. Of the time in june when the roses bloomed red, When she was a bride young and vain. Then she thought that he might now be lying dead, And the thought nearly drove her insane. She remembered the time when the call came to him On that memorable day, How he had joined the army with youth's young vim, And then-he had ridden away. She saw him in trenches across the sea, Over his heart was a medal bright, Before the king he was, on bended knee: How her heart warmed at the sight! And so she stood with her face alight With glory that comes after pain, ln her heart was the prayer that she might See him but once again. As she stood there the day deepened into night, And the wind blew with deafening roar, Her face with its pain was a pitiful sight, For she was a bride of war. -Amy Ijllllfffftl, 'I9. 5 109 1 Wearers of T. R. NAME BASKET BASE BALL BALL Abbott, XVarrcn 17 Barge-r, Everett 17 Beerstecher, Margaret 15- 16- 17 Benfer, Donald Black, james 17 Cornin, lames 16 17 15-16-17 Cross, Muriel 17 Defendefer, Helen 15 16 Doll, Sophia 17 Drumrn, Edmund Dunckle, Amy 17 Eberhart, Glenn 17 Everhart, Willow 6-17 1-land, William lacobs, Clark 17 15-16-17 johnson, Bernard Knapp, Ernest 17 linevels, Mary 17 Krull, Frank 17 16 Krull, Richard Langley, Walter 15 16-17 Langton, Claribel 17 Lott, Gerold 1-1-15-16-17 Luck, Arlhur 17 Miller, Ernest 17 15-16 Reed, Carl Schelllious, Roy 17 Slack, Elgy Tessin, Paul 17 VVeaver, john Wellington, Frances 17 Wescott, Warren Whitesell, Donald 17 Wood, Charlotte 15- 16- 17 Woodman, Maxine 17 11101 soccmz TRACK BALL 17 16-17 16 16-17 17 17 16-17 17 16-17 15 17 16-17 14-15-16-17 17 16-17 14 17 17 17 15 16-17 17 17 17 16-17 17 fn- F r 1 x -AZ.. X f i Off Ou 1 0 - r 5 7X f, X, 11' , f+Q J-f Q3 .2 ::F1, :Qi , -, - J ' , .. 15: 53115 XR , Q-NL' K' , Q f Ti- if I VRJ 07111755544 c.,x-' i 115. :LJ gm- , -Qs., If r 3 5 an Li ?eGiLF'1'p?iPL A N N UAL STAFF 'W ,L 1 V1 1-4, Y.- . Asian-:fu Eb,mi31l3'E3 ff, L 3 Q H T5VifUlbn'?':iFi,..f-if All fjilim MMEFQQEM' y-f a- - , -:nw - xN.W' I nQ:mrM H . SEM-'ff ' " ' 'R x gy uf h W FQQUQQEFZQJQR A N , -Q X . U Q ug g -Q -N -. 1- . s E A 3 A' J , - 15' 4 - 1 ' A "" f53??":x '.- ,:' 4 L ', .A . Book Four He Lrruglzs Ifvst Wim I,u'z1g11s Las! Alumni Directory jokes Chronology Advertisements Alumni Directory cuxss or 1913 Arner, Gail, Kalamazoo College. Avery, Guy, U. of Ill. Adelman, Avis, Detroit. Breylogle, Mary, teacher. Brown, Maynard, Kalamazoo College. Coates, Hilda, Chicago. Crawford, Kathryn, deceased. Cummings, Margaret, U. of M., Ann Arbor. Doll, Anna, teacher. Flint. Dougherty, Carleen, Three Rivers. Elliott, Raymond, Chicago. Fulcher, Esther, lMrs. Guy Parkerl, Three Rivers. Hice, Louis, M. A. C., Lansing. Hoskinson, Belle, Kalamazoo College. jackson, Mary, teacher, Grand Haven. Knevels, Margaret, U. of M., Ann Arbor. Kline, lohn, Centreville. Ranck, Pauline. lMrs. LeRoy Haasl, Detroit. Rowe, Fred, Kalamazoo College. Thompson, Esther, Sheflields, Three Rivers. Wing, Rena, nurse, Battle Creek Sanitarium. CLASS OF 191-1 Avery, Paul, U. of M., Ann Arbor. Balch, lennie, fMrs. Howard Hendrixsonl, Three Rivers. Bole, May, teacher, Grand Haven. Brosy, Paul, Wittenberg College. Carrow, Clarence, Sheflields, Three Rivers. Cramer, Lucile, Western State Normal, Kalamazoo. Cummings, lean, lMrs. Collingwoodl, Centreville. Detwiler, Roy, teacher, Three Rivers. Edgerton, Forest, Three Rivers. Ellet, William, U. of M., Ann Arbor. Everhart, Edna, First State Savings Bank, Three Rivers. Greensides, Maude, lMrs. Clare VanGrmanl, Three Rivers Hazen, Dorothy, Western State Normal, Kalamazoo. Helpin, lna, Sheflields, Three Rivers. Huss, Warren, U. of M., Ann Arbor. Huss, Willard, U. of M., Ann Arbor. H121 lames, Grace, Wisconsin. King, Thelma, rural teacher. Knapp, Arthur, Shellields, Three Rivers. Longworth, Ruth, Kalamazoo. Loukes, Myrtle, Three Rivers. Mann, Russel, U. of M., Ann Arbor. Potter, Rhea, Western State Normal, Kalamazoo. Pratt, Marion, M. A. C., Lansing. Schweitzer, Lulu, stenographer, Flint. Scott, Dorothea, Beloit, Wisconsin. Stoldt, Ella, lMrs. Robert O'l-learnl, Elkhart, lnd. Swihart, Russel, University of Vermont. Swanson, Esther, lll. Walker, Mildred, assistant librarian, Three Rivers. Wood, Melba, stenographer, Detroit. Zander, Earl, stenographer, White Pigeon. CLASS GF 1915 Allen, Harold, Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo. Arner, Donald, U. of M., Ann Arbor. Brown, Frank, Three Rivers. Brown, Lela, tMrs. Lasherl, Kalamazoo. Burke, Florence, University of Arizona. Card, Hazel, stenographer, Three Rivers. Deats, Beulah, VVestern State Normal, Kalamazoo. Doolittle, Myrtle, milliner, Three Rivers. Dimmick, Lorena, Three Rivers. Duke, Harry, rural teacher, Three Rivers. Fisher, Fanny, Chicago. Garl, Grace, lMrs. George Norrisj, Three Rivers. l-laeger, Gertrude, Western State Normal, Kalamazoo King, Marion, M. A. C., Lansing. Krull, Raymond, Three Rivers. Lane, Lloyd, Three Rivers. Langton, Ruth, fMrs. Arthur Knappj, Three Rivers. Langley, Arthur, Chautauqua, southern states. Mclury, Iva, Western State Normal, Kalamazoo. Mills, Donald, Detroit. Mowrer, Berlyn, Ohio. Regal, Dora, Knitting Mill, Centreville. Robbins, Irene, Three Rivers. Ruggles, Jessie, Sheffields, Three Rivers. Shafer, john, Three Rivers. Ulrich, Louie, U. of M., Ann Arbor. Weyrick, Thresa, Shetlields, Three Rivers. H141 CLASS OF 1916 Ash, Leo, U. of M., Ann Arbor. Balch, Willard, Three Rivers. Baker, Helen, nurse, Battle Creek Sanitarium. Campbell, Lucy, Sheffields, Three Rivers. Cochran, VVarren, First State Savings Bank, Three Rivers Deisch, Blanche, Daily Commercial, Three Rivers. Godshalk, Alva, U. of M., Ann Arbor. Godshalk, Clarence. U. of M., Ann Arbor. Hayman, Rachel, VVestern State Normal, Kalamazoo. lewell, Earl, M. C. R. R. office, Iackson. Johnson, LeRoy, U. of M., Ann Arbor. ludd, Nelle, Hazen's lumber ollice, Three Rivers. Kaiser, Mae, Constantine Hydraulic office, Three Rivers. Keyport, Ruth, Kellogg's office, Three Rivers. King, leannette, VVestern State Normal, Kalamazoo. Kline, Madge, rural teacher. Klocke, Carleen, U. of M., Ann Arbor. Lassance, Grace, Sheffields. Three Rivers. Latimer, Ernestine, telephone operator, Detroit. Maior, Donald, University of Colorado. McPherson, Katherine, Kellogg's office, Three Rivers. Miller, Rhea, nurse, Battle Creek Sanitarium. Noss, Merrill, U. of M., Ann Arbor. Place, Doris, Ferris Institute, Big Rapids. Pulver, Glenn, U. of M., Ann Arbor. Rowe, Charles, Sheffields, Three Rivers. Sassaman, Rose, Three Rivers. Spigelmyer, Flossie, Sheflields, Three Rivers. Schweitzer, Lola, Shelliclds, Three Rivers. Schweitzer, Raymond, Three Rivers. Tompkins, Paul, rural teacher. Waflle, Edna, Shefhelds. Three Rivers. Walton, Mary, VVestern State Normal, Kalamazoo. Weinberg, Lowell, Sheflields, Three Rivers. Welty, Blanche, rural teacher. VVhitenight, Marie, rural teacher. f115j P l lt 5 ' fwf Q Z i S il 1 K I lf l W 1 3 115 V x ' I' W L, .ArTQ. tg Q ,- ' . 4 ' r . L-I ' ff . Q tx ,H ,ft ' 'Q :- will ' - ng 5-:::g: ii all 'f? l - h e To How juniors head their notes. "Darling Donald," and end them, "Your ownest Mabellef' Chas. Rumsey in grammar class. "The water being wet, the boy did not get dry." B. YanSelous, speaking ol foreigners. "All foreigners inust be neutralized." Senior Eng. Miss Eldridge, "Margaret, which would you say to be correct, 'I shall' or 'I will hope to see him often?' " M. Beerstecher. "lt would depend on which one 'he' is." fuel DIRECTORY For Right Prices and Right Goods, see Auto Tops and Cushions Re-paired, New Curtain Lights Put In, also Furniture J' Upholstering IMPLEMENTS AND HHARIDWARE Three Rivers. Michigan . House Phone 59-I l09 Third Avenue H. B. WHEELER Dentist HOURS 8:00 A. NI. TO 500 P. M. DR. V. BLOOD Physician and Surgeon PHONE II6 Office Hours 83010 I2-00-I-0010 5430 Telephone No. l39-I De-LUXE BARBER SHOP J- Everything Up-to-Date DENTIST AD.-XNIS KL. VVARNER. Props. Office I I7 Sl. joseph St. Three Rivers, Nlichh l66I 2 SI' be Si'-Mil R. R. PEALER DR. EBERLY AND D 1. t en IS F. L. GRAYBILL , N-A OFFICE PHONE blf2R Attorneys-at-Lau' HOUSE PHONE 67-JR LA MODE MILLINERY PORT.-XGE AYENLE Furnishes Exclusive Models for all Seasons YISIT THE STAR SANITARY RESTAURANT Rooms in Connection THREE RIVERS, MICHIGAN FELIX GU ETTHOFF Men's Fine Tailoring and Furnishings DR. A. VV. SCIDMORE Next to Library PHONE JI-QR R. A. Bowie DOYOU G0 TO Denny CRAMERS OFFICE PHONE 133-L RESIDENCE PHONE 13.3-I For Baths? No wailing-3 Bath Tubs Nothing bul tirsl-class work done 51171 ln U. S. History. Question, "Who is Star jordan?" Paul Weaver. "He's on some kind of a board." General Science. "What makes a double rainbow?" Nifty Langley. "The light shines on double raindrops." OPERA HOUSE FRIDAY, the 23rd of NOWONDER ONE NIGHT ONLY - 25, 50, 75c "Stink tn the Uld Farm, Mary," nr "A House Maid's Revenge" lUnder auspices of Hobb's Back-to-the-farm Club LIST OF PARTICIPANTS QP1ease remember these are amateursj Harry Vetch Tim O. Thy Al Sac and his cousin Red Clover Buck Wheat Ole Pop Corn Al Falfa Soie Bean Rose En Rye ALso 3 BIG REELS OF coMEDY "THE SOUP GURGLER" COME AND BRING YOUR FAMILY Helen Defenderfer. "Steam engines make the wind-mill go around." Malcolm Rahn. "Is tin made from iron?" Why does "Kaiser" begin with "K"? Because the British control the "C" Cseal. 51181 GO TO THE MANNING HAT SHOP For Up-to-date Millinery and Steam and Dry Cleaning Hai, Goods MAX KIRSCHBAUM lineedle Art Goods a Specialty Have guns got legs? High Quality Baked Goods at NO. J, TENENBAUM5 How do they kick then? VVith their breeches. She. "What reason have you for hanging around that convent?" l-le. "Nun" fnonel. Senior. "Have you read 'Looking Backward?" Freshie. "How the deuce could l do that?" Miss Taylor. "Now carefully watch for enunciations and write down all the words you don't hear." CHEAPER Two hearts with but a single thought Till life is done, But how much better it would be If two mouthes were one. Miss Taylor. "This man toils with his hands, the other with his head. Explain that sentence, Clark." C. Iacobs. "The first works from his shoulders down and the other from his shoulders up." Sophia Doll in U. S. History. "Why do women always stand for peace?" Mr. Lyttle. "l never could understand that myself." Teacher. 'ACompare luscious." Pupil. "Luscious, Portly, Shafer." Mr. Lyttle. "What is the monument on St. Joe Street for?" james Comin. "Keep to the right." Why is a kiss thru the telephone like a straw hat? Because it is not felt. 51193 Prof. "Can you tell me what the current expenses of the school are?" Freshie. "Electric light bills." Sophomore ftalking about ldyll's of the Kingsl. Rhinie. "What are you talking about?" Sophomore. "Gareth You don't know him." Rhinie. "Sure l know him." Sophomore. "About Gareth and Lynette?" Rhinie. "Dunno, l never knew his last name." And so he kissed you unawares, Fell victim to your charms: And you were very angry, Yes, you were up in arms. Paul Weaver fin physicsj. "Would you call fog-steam." Mr. Chapel. "Would you call what steam?" Paul. "Fogef-u-g." Miss McCain. "How many cents in a nickel?" Donald Schall. "Ten," You can lead a horse to water But you can not make him drink. You can lead a Rhinie to the class, But you can not make him think. Senior to junior. ul saw your picture last night." Junior. "Where?" Senior. "On a can of salmon, you poor fish." Mr. Hobbs. "What must you have in a stream?" fmeaning currentl. Margaret Beerstecher. "Fish," Don. Whitesell was examining the 3d speed lever on a bicycle. Mr. Lyttle friding upj. "l-las that thing a reverse on it?" VVhitesell. "No" Mr. Lyttle. "How do you turn it around?" Bob Ruggles in Chemistry. "Powdered Zinc is made by grind- ing it very finely." Ruth Elliott. "My but Doc. Siegel's mustache is killing. It tickles me." Myrtle Boles. "Yes, it has often tickled me." 51201 PREPAREDNESS In your vocation is essential to your success 506' Young men of sterling qualities are Wanted for our apprentice courses SHEFFIELD CAR COMPANY THREE RIVERS, MICH. 51211 james Comin ftranslating in Vergill. "Three times I attempted to embrace herethafs as far as I got, Miss Straughnf' Miss Straughn. "I think that was quite far enough." GRAND OPENING On the Next Stormy Day we will open, for the benefit of the inmates A NEW GRILL ROOM A la Carte Table de Hote FULL STOMACH 15 TO 20c MOTTO: First come, first served lf you like it, tell others-if you don't, tell us N. B.-Our accommodations are limited. There will be no colored waiters or wait- resses. Our cook is a graduate ofa domestic school. Your choice of soupsfhot or cold. Don't gurgle your soup out loud-it disturbs the rest. BUY YOUR MEAL TICKET NOW. Credit good for one day only. WILL YOU THINK ABOUT rr? Under Management of kim: To Chubb Knapp, loafing in the hall. "Where do you belong this period?" Chubb. "Oh, I'm always vacant on Wednesday and Friday." "Dr, Siegel's mustache reminds one of a foot ball team." lLWhy?Y! "Eleven on each side." Luella Graham. "He saw a mosquito with an overcoat on." f122l Your friends can buy anything you can give them, except-your photograph S. D. JGY, PHoTooRAPHER THREE RIVERS, MICHIGAN Official Photographer of Senior Class 51231 Miss Robb in Domestic Science II. "Why are fish easy to digest?" Audrey Bisnet. "Because they are soaked in water." Mr. Lyttle. "VVhat is a gridiron?" Emerson Lull. "That what you fry pancakes on." In Iunior play practice. Miss Eldridge. "Donald, open your arms and start toward Claribel, she will dodge under them." Don. "But supposing she don't dodge." Freshman may come And Seniors may go, But "Dutch" sweeps on forever. john Cross in Algebra. "I don't think that I deserve 0 in that Algebra test." Miss Mensch. "I don't either, Iohn, but that was the lowest mark I could give you." When I was young and in my prime, I used to study all the time: Now I'm a Seniorfso they say- So I only study once a day. In Orchestra. Paul Weaver. "What are we going to play next, Mrs. Cauffman?" Mrs. Cauffman. "Germany," Paul. "Why I just played that." Editor. "I see you are smiling at our jokes." Subscriber. "Well you know one always smiles when they meet old friends." CAN YOU IMAGINE INO neither can wel Charles Braden with his face washed? Dick Duncan with a girl Ibefore Dorothy "speared" himl? "Lat-a-lot" Hobbs when he wasn't smiling? Lyttle "bawling" some one and not getting red in the face? "lake" Eberhard when he wasn't bragging? lim Delihant with a clean collar? Chubb Knapp having his lesson? lro Stricker graduating from school? Anyone kidding Lyttle into giving an "A" admit? Lott when he has his physics? Can you imagine that? f124 1 Three Rivers Press Bunk amh jlnh D1'illfl2I'5 ll2-I-I Prutzman Street Three Rivers, Michigan Z Quality and Service at Reasonable Price IZ? Ph N -rss 51251 Teacher. Please correct this sentence, "Latin and History is easy." Pupil. "They is hard." Him. "l'd like to make a proposal to you Her. "l'm awful sorry. but l'm-" Him. "That we get some ice cream?" Her. "O l'd be delighted " Him. "Some Warm evening next summer." Little drops of acid, Little bits of zinc, Gives us lots of learning But raises an awfulf. Mr. Hobbs. "What is the air we breathe off in the Winter?" Ernest Knapp. "Coal dust." Tillie Dodge. "The people bring their dinners and sit on the stone seats and at dinner time they eat them." Bernice VanSelous translating German. "And they sewed on button holes." Margaret Scidmore translating Latin. "lt Was not far from where the Rhine flew into the ocean." Found in Bob Ruggles' book. "Ah meg day and night do I labor, Day and night do I rest. All day and night do I wonder Did I ever do my best." Frank Smith in Comm. Geography. 'AThey raise more people to the acre in the United Kingdom than in the United States." Marie McCrory fin Domestic Sciencel. "What is that hard thing in an oyster?" Freda Steers. "Why the pearl, you goose." First Student. "ML Hobbs must have been a bright baby." Second Student. "What makes you think so?" First Student. "He said in class that he began life as a school teacher." Mr. Hobbs. "William, Why did the Pilgrims find it diflicult to raise crops when they landed in America?" Wm. Bobb. "Because they landed on Plymouth Rock." 51261 'lfflflfi 'l,lfll1c1' ICOIDIVKIIDY PATENT COATED BOARDS, BLANKS, CARD MIDDLES, BRISTOLS AND COLORED SPECIALTIES THREE RIVERS, MICH. WHITE PIGEON, MICH, WHEN YOU NEED FURNITURE See "The Big Line" at the "The Big Store" Everything in the line of House Furnishings FURNITURE UNDERTAKING FLOOR COVERING PIANOS Lines of Quality and Reputation are our Specialties For Lunch, Candy or Kuppenheimer Clothes . Cooper's Closed Crotch Somethmg Wet' the Underwear handiest place is Wilson Bros. Furnishings Glmbel HMS I-I. G. Phillips PAULl,The Clothier ON WRU AVE' Oldest Clothing House in the City fizvj Manual Training Teacher. "Didn't I tell you to watch when that glue boiled over?" Bright Pupil. "Yes, sir. It was 23 minutes past nine." Harriet Gleason in Com'l Geography. "Well I could answer a question if I wasn't here." Margaret Beerstecher fraving about her new house, as usuall. "I don't worry about fire any more for we have fire 'distinguishers' in our house." And then she couldn't see why everyone laughed. Ernie Miller fSenior play practicej. "Behold, I am Lynx, the defected." fMeaning detectivej. Mr. Chapel in Commerce and Industry. "Discuss the milk and cheese industry in Italy, Mr. Shellhousf' Roy Shellhous. "Why--a--in Spain they raise goats and make cheese of them." THE BUM'S POEM I am not a sailor Nor not a preacher's son, They take me for a hobo, But I'm nothing but a bum. I ride the bumpers day by day, I make my bed upon the hay. And there I smoke my corn cob pipe, And think of all the sports of life. The wind may blow, The rain may pour, The waves may dash upon the shore But nothing bothers me no more Since I don't need no money. For Sale. An almost new Claxon auto horn, Ford attached. Free if taken at once. Physics student. "May I have an alumni tube?" Teacher. "A what kind of a tube?" Student fdisgustedl. "Oh, one that is graduated." Teacher fshaking boy by the collarl. "I believe the devil has a hold of you." Boy. "Yes sir! I believe he has." 51281 WZ QNX EQ Wm S X . Y.....,.,,...,,....................,,, ..... ............,...,,....,.,,.,. .... ,..,.x.,..,. x,..x.xx........., ...........,,,, ..xx...x,., . .,.,.... ..... N - .......,...............,...,.,... .. ......,...,........... M . . ....... . ..........x......,.............. .......... . . . , . 5 X M N S 5' X s 2 x 5 ,1 S5 ,Ag ,. S H2 '55fiffa'E.f'f- FN : U1 D 11 3 Egifm.-7,131 5 Q z wfzmf-' .. - -. X . X : WVR . wf -v- 4"--2 ' Vw Vi s A '- . .-sw? T:2:4z:.1, Lx N ES 5 ' 'X 5 Q 5 X ' F -3 2 J X ,V --1: , Z Q, :S S lb' f. ' 5 - V , f ' f- -' Z Q :Q : V L1 " ,L-1, . t' Sei 'VX' "1 ' . 1 I N - E5 5 SR " 3 - ff:fs'4.Sie::' "m"Aw ':"w":,rl3: i' xq' Q W 4- Have' W .- E' ' 5393 1 rn 135. 21,-sf. fa. A L -fn 1, rx 5 g. fi! .V .f-- . QA .api , 41' n- .-,J .A 1-tix, gg s bl A 1F:-W I i X r- X Q 'D 1 N - . 'J'-' , . 1-T' ' 4 , Sw ,T -x ' 1-174 liar? -. ' 'f " Q 2 N , N NU . gf . k, -4 4-Elf ,IQ ., y , .,5,3,1m,.' Q :M X : s g qi X. 54 .1 '.Q . -Quin' ' f 1- -..K-5 -.J 1.5 , f : -,'4u.f,pqI1: may 03 QN 5 Q NS ' 2 ff X' 'E 'fi' M. E 25 5 v 1 Q v . -my wr-fn N11 sx f 'R wa.. . , -ff 2?Sr'2-4'f 4fif N Q SS 2 A -. L-brisk. mn- SAM .fffiufivfgwfml-'-IW . - . NW SS 0 M5 Q .. s .ww Vf 2.1 .-.rqgisszgi C14 . 'ff' Q sg S 7-51: ' :V gg j: H , A u :jaw Rui: ff-'gif'-'5.f-...:.:l,.Am if if ' , X 'xi ? v 5 Q Q I 'ffffvgi4Q.,- 1 .3-W-H '43 S ' 'fa ,. 1 Ilia' " ' f ., ' A L, SS -- isa'-11X gf yfrfaggi- .. 1 -++-fi U f'1".'4E,Zgff,,g5,9Qw Q - -' ' A - I fr -4:2 ,. .x Q -4' , .. 4 : Q . : , S,k,,N xg-.1,1f.,' 'qa1?'Q1,Q 1,,.j 55a,.fgg.m-l jg., grey -N 5 S E 42,517 N . ' ,I , w,.,f,L2:y'H. - -5.,.. 2"'aL- :s4-iq:g,-s- A 5 X 2 .::j,f,A1" ji X7 ,wif gi--, ,Lk-A, g...,-f53.v'- ,V Q - Q - 2 "" 3 - 'fnmif afj-i5""sJ " ?F5i56fs,,'ysg521"" .1 'fixg S 1 5 O Q "li: 3 Fifigflsw . vlREfQH'45L?..,:ti5Q25E':A' 15,15 S S 1 'W 7 if . wv-.iw-iff. - .-mm-W Haha- A-z..f5f""?F3' 5 S E X 11-"ul, - ' Q.: ' . V.---1-11,7 57' 'iTms.,!.2 "4" 51-IE.. 'Zf',m?v'H71?H"'E5iZi5i "T-R' ' HJ' 5 5 5 gtg ,..'b k+g,jz.Lm1,f ,, . J- H - a7fe..wafk,n2:g,f E'-'W QS X. 'Uv-lQ::'U . . .. .. . ., X 2 E D v-' N -, , G' "f :gl--u. -if A :-eff? J - Ik 2 Q 2, Q -s gsm gzrgl, B -. A uwxgh . ag - ' . . 1' --L f' waz: 1-. ' .. I-:M : 5,3 91 Q 52 39,5 'f 3 E , 1 'figfffggi : Q - fo D, cj -s ' :V 4 -1: 1:-1"Ef-4:v.G2'::'1rp'fl' 'U EN 5 VJ A. 30.43, .4 , x. --- :Q E lg 5 'JJ 5 4 W 5 3 5: f 1 ' 5 X 5 E5 'X '2g15'i"g.:4 '-:af na C: O I-ln 51 ' M.. Eg EE' 9 sigma' U 2 1 5 SW R I 9 FT? C2 S - RR 'wg Q 5' G '-'- E S 5 I Q "" Q: O05 X :X 5 NF' 'S 5 3 QS ' VI X s in .0 as e ,gm sg 2 03 S E x 'QP -s Q N .x... ..... .,..-..............,,... . ....... ..... . .-. .,... .w.. ,... . . .. ,. ...- ...., -.. .... . .. .x.. .. , .. XlNt1 X lX N55Yi.N55X1m YXNWYx W2 WllN mY:mN XM: X Q 7F2f37lf ZEZ407Zf7iZiEZZMW4Z4Q4Z??'.lZKff!'2f '!Ef!f4M OZ 51291 Chronology SEPTEMBER 5. Owing to the great amount of new agriculturists and Rhinies, the Seniors were obliged to take seats down stairs in Room 2. 6. Considerable sprinkling of lost Rhinies in all classes today. 7. Well, well, of all Wonders-Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Lyttle at home, at 418 Elm St. 8. Friday: Chapel? Well I guess. The year begun with "Golden Opportunities" by Mr. Crawford. fBy the way, he was only one-third thru when time was up. Any chance for more?J 9. Mr. "B"illiam Bobb barely rescued a conspicuous bottle from which he had already taken several long draughts. QNO water at the school buildingl. 1 1. Did anyone say we visited the neighbor's pump? Some- one is missing from the school house this year. Ask Beatrice Howard if she knows who "he" might be. 12. Wonder why the school board hired those men to pound on the roof to annoy all the pupils so they "just couldn't study." 13. Same old story. Pauline lost her "specs" case again to- day. Those brilliant juniors had a class meeting tonight. Little "Fritzy" is going to pilot them this year. 14. Fire drill: most excitement since school began. The mighty Seniors elected officers today. They were also invited up to give Mr. DeLong an audience this morning. 15. A song chapel this morning. Some boys think it's funny to spring dense jokes on Mr. Chapel. 18. I do believe those Rhinies made that hole in the furnace. We didn't need any more "hot air" anyway. 19. Did you know that Edward V1 and Queen Elizabeth were sisters? Miss Taylor told her English IV class that for the truth. Bipple fGlenn Eberhardl won't be here tomorrow. He actually studied two lessons today. 20. Fire! Eire! yelled Paul Weaver. Were you aware that water was near at hand, Red? 21. lt rained todayg R. Breyfogle got that new limousine all wet. Professor French from M. A. C., gave us a talk on the three kinds of people this morning. 22. Mrs. Cauffman is mistaken. The Seniors don't need any "Forsakens." They need some "Pepps" though. All the boys are out for soccer ball. 25. Who said Centreville trimmed us 5 to 1? Nuf said. 11301 W. M. Hazen Wood Screened Coal Lumber SC F. A. ROHRER DOIIEII' Manufacturer of Cigars IOC Half Dollar Romola Popular Verdict SPECIAL BRANDS TO ORDER Le Pas Puff Three Rivers, Michigan L. R. DOUGHERTY QUALITY GROCER OUR AIM: "A small margin on a big volume of business is better than a big margin on a small volume of businessf H1311 A L ...QL f'-g S 'u',1 dr- .ix 'as 15. N SCHOOL BOARD CHARLES S. EBERLY H. P. B.-XRROXVS, TREASURER M. HUSS, PRESIDENT BISHOP E. ANDREWS, SECRETARY E. P. HART Miss Straughn has the dumbest Latin ll class she ever taught. We think they are doing fine. 26. Mr. Hobbs' menagerie is growing every day from the efforts of some energetic young farmers. Next thing we know he'll have a lion or an elephant. 27. Some anxiety among the soccer ball boys today. They don't know about the Mendon game. 28. Quite a few absences today. All those wishing to go to Sturgis tomorrow may accompany the Farm Crops class. Did any go? Of course not! 29. Mr. Brosy spoke for the last time in T. R. H. S. this morning, on "The Minister." Mr. Hobbs has just received a new installment: Dutch caught a bat by the ear with his wire pliers and some brilliant boys captured four very "vicious" garter snakes. fpickled bats and garter snakes for supperl. OCTOBER 2. Everybody looks fresh today. Some one of the ill-fated Latin ll class says that the rivers were crossed in the shallow places by fords. Brilliant boy wasn't he! Best soccer practise of the season tonight. 3. Somebody said Mr. Hobbs left Sturgis the other day by a different train. Know why? Only one reason givenaa girl left with him. 4. Elgy Slack is misunderstood in Latin ll, poor fellow. 5. No soccer ball game Sat., Mendon backed out. "Nifty" yelled on the stairs today. 6. Mr. Robert Hall spoke in chapel today: subject "Engi- neering" n 9. The faculty were out to see soccer practice tonight. 10. Fire protection today. We know all the causes and pre- ventions and fire extinguishers. 1 l. Nothing doing today. 12. Doctor Angell memorial today. Rex Rifenburg started it off: Mr. Crawford ended itg very fine program. 13. Great excitement today. Soccer ball mass meeting. Great excitement-everyone is going-we are going to Win. Mr. Hobbs and Mr. Lyttle gave a very fine talk. 16. Howard Loeffler says that aloft on the mountains, sea- frogs pitch their tents. fThat's a funny thing to happen today isn't it?J 18. Somebody in D. S. class says that three ways to preserve eggs are npoach 'em," "fry 'em," "scramble 'em." We fully agree with them but wish to say that they don't last long when poached, fried, or scrambled around us. 19. Who got hit on the head by a rapidly falling curtain in Miss Straughn's room today? riszl First National Bank OF THREE RIVERS Established 1864 Member Federal Reserve System R E SOU RC ES S850,000.00 Your patriotic duty-buy a "Liberty Bond" A SAFE PLACE TO LEAVE YOUR MONEY OVERLAND AND WILLYS KNIGHT MOTOR CARS J. HaCkCHbGfg, Three Rivers, Mich. Always a Good Show at the Vaudette Theatre Triangle and Metro Features, Keystone Comedies H331 20. Now Red you'll just have to let Beatrice study. Mr. Comin talked on Music. Fine! 23. Great Seniors play the Hunkies a game of soccer ball to- morrow night. 24. The Seniors beat last night 2 to 03 pretty good. 25. Who said it didn't rain? Teachers' meeting. 26. Miss Eldridge and Mr. Hobbs chaperoned a "Weenie roast" last night. 27. Mr. Comin talked again on music this morning. To- morrow Colon is coming over to play us a game of soccer ball. No basket ball practice tonight. 30. Great news-we get off two days this week, Thursday and Friday. Teachers' Institute. 31. Some bright pupil told Miss Pett that "she was in as much as he." NOVEMBER 6. Frank Krull had on a stand-up collar and "hard boiled shirt" today. 7. A bright young Rhinie today declares that the people who live in Texas are "Te-xicansf' 8. The Hunkies are preparing to play the Seniors a game of foot ball. Listen to it. 9. Seniors selected "Merchant of Venice Up-to Date" as the first play. 10. Cast picked for Shakesperian play today. "The Tempest" is the play. Mr. Shumaker talked on Newspaper Work this morn- mg. 14. Snow this morning. All the "kids" are preparing to skate. 15. The Domestic Science class gave a banquet tonight. Did you hear about what Hazel did? Some feed, eh! 16. Some of the "kids" got "balled out" this morning for not writing correctly. 17. The Annual staff had charge of chapel this morning. 20. Only one week and three days before Thanksgiving. 21. Does anyone remember that terrible fall of Mr. Boyer down stairs today? 22. "Red" Weaver drew a balloon at the Masonic fair last night. lt Went up in the Senior room today. 23. "Nifty" teaches today. We Wish we belonged to Miss Eldridge's class. 24. Rev. Blewfield spoke this morning. His subject was "Building a character backed by a personality." 27. Only three days school this week. Hurrah! 28. My! My! What a disaster! Malcolm Rahn was hit on the head by a paper wad. The paper Wad disappeared. f134l O arsons Business Qsllege O KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN SUMMER SCHOOL There are many advantages in starting a business course this summer. Present conditions have made a greatly increased demand for young men and women trained for busines, thus affording exceptional opportunities for rapid advancement. All regular courses are offered during summer, also special advanced courses. Send for Catalog W. W. Parsons, Principal First State Savings Bank THREE RIVERS, MICHIGAN MEVERYBODVS BANK" Capital and Surplus - 5100000.00 Deposits, over - 950,000.00 LIZ Interest on Deposits 41 Two Banksg 100 St. joe Street and 612 Sixth Street COURTESY PROMPTNESS 51351 29. The last day. Tomorrow we eat. We had a fine pro- gram this afternoon. DECEMBER 4. Back again at the same old trade. KBrain manufacturej 5. Everyone in high school is preparing for the exhibit. 6. Everyone not in the Senior play, please vacate. We wish to use the assembly room. Ah! that's fine. Now we can have that sleigh ride party. There's nearly an inch of snow on the ground and its going to snow some more. 7. The Man from Mexico gave a fine account of the con- ditions there and also entertained us with "Pigs is Pigs." 8. Chapel, songs: talk: song: bell: exit: that's all. l l. Where have all the curtains disappeared? l2. Senior play practice every night. Mr. Lyttle "on the dock" tonight. 13. Unlucky number. All the rest of the school was dismissed at three o'clock but the Seniors had to stay and practice. lf-l. The seats go on "reservation" today. Many tickets sold. 15. Tonight is the big night. Say, "Red" Weaver says that if Kathleen goes to the basket ball game with him next Friday night she'll get a Christmas present, if not she's out of the question. l8. The curtains at the doors have again put in their appear- ance, all nice and clean for the exhibit. l9. All preparations for the exhibit must be completed today. lt's coming off tomorrow. 20. The exhibit was a great success. 2l. Only one more day of school for 1916. 22. The last day. Quite a few boys are going to become trained nurses. Miss Dunn spoke this morning. The first basket ball game of the season tonight. The Mendon team came in a sleigh. Christmas Chronology. The boys and girls both won at the game last night. We suppose everyone will hang up his stocking tonight. lt's Christmas eve. All the teachers, except the ones who are left, have mysteriously disappeared. Every "kid" that goes to high school is enjoying himself these bright, beautiful, snowy days of Christmas vacation before again journeying hither, toward the "Factory of knowledge," january 2. Sunday. News! Miss Lefa Taylor married to Mark A. Worth at Kalamazoo. Oh!-Dan Cupid, thou art a mean little angel to take her away from us. JANUARY Well, today is New Years. Miss McCain and Miss Straughn came back today. School starts tomorrow. 2. lt's tomorrow now. Everyone is supposed to start the new N361 QUALITY HARDWARE Will be found at T. I. REED'S The Recollection of Quality Remains Long After the Price is Forgotten Go to Black's Cigar Store for Smoker's Club, El Como, S. O. B., Valanta, San Elisco CIGARS A complete line of Reach Sporting Goods, and Fishing Tackle W. R. GIBBS Sz CO. DRUGS AND STATIONERY Books, Wall Paper, Nyal Remedies, Druna Remedies School Books and Supplies, Morse Candies Magazines, San-Tox Remedies Cameras THREE RIVERS, MICH. American Laundry WORK GUARANTEED 105 St. Joe St. Phone 648 H371 year right. The news is quite well spread now about "Miss Taylor." 3. Mrs. Worth says all book reports must be in by Monday, january 15. Wow! we guess she's started the new year, all right. 4. All Seniors must classify this week. Mr. Lyttle says he also made several new year resolutions. 5. Exams. are a little over a week off. fDon't shake in your shoes so, you will make the teacher think you're afraid.J Mrs. Cauffman is going to have us learn some new songs. Mr. Lyttle says more should compete in the Oratorical and Declamatory con- test. Miss Pett says there are three classes of people to compete. Mr. Crawford says he will end it up. No seventh hour class today. 9. Only one week and three days before exams. Tonight is the Shakespearean play. All the stage is made, the scenes set and everything ready. The play was a decided success. The Daily Commercial, for which james Comin is reporter, says, "the first scene was one of the best." Why shouldn't it be when it included the Star Actors of T. R. H. S.? "Dutch" Adams has not been feel- ing very well for several days. He feels better now that all the stage is down and everything taken care of. 10. All last week "Dutch" had a dandy sweeping crew, but this week their sentence ran out. They were not sentenced for life. 1 1. Well, tomorrow we learn who gets exempt. 12. That's an unlucky number for some. We know now those who are afraid of that number. 15. Two days yet fellowsg girls too. Make the most of it. This is Mrs. Worth's last week with us. 16. l guess everybody must be studying some. Hardly a thing happened today and Ian. 17. 18. Exams. are in progress. 19. Still going. The basket ball girls go to Battle Creek Friday night. The boys to Bristol Saturday afternoon. Stephen H. Lyttle, Principal of Three Rivers High School, has been married less than one year and still he, Stephen H. Lyttle, comes before his U. S. History class and says, "l don't know why a woman was ever chosen to symbolize peace." 22. Mr. DeLong gave a three penny lecture this morning on leaving the A. R. 23. That means skiddoo. john Cross or Ernest Jacobs, one or the other, think it's time for some one to move. 2-1. This is a very scrappy week. Malcolm Rahn and Milton Fitch had a scrap today. Malcolm says he was just standing there and someone hit him. Milton says Malcolm sassed him. Anyway, Malcolm escaped from the fray with his left eye terribly injured. 25. No one seems to know anything except Dingbats now. Someone ought to Dingbat 'em good and proper. All orations must be in this week. 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Actually, some of their feet weigh 464.77964 lbs. by very accurate measurements. We had a fine chapel program this morning and a finer mass meeting this afternoon. The boys play Bristol and the girls play Elkhart tonight. lt is rumored that jasper Mikel is going to take Alcina Hicks to the game this evening. 29. Both teams won Friday night, the boys defeating Bristol and the girls defeating Elkhart. Ha! Ha! the Elkhart coach wants to know who the "outsider" was who led the yells and where he got his start. 30. Very strange news! Mr. Hobbs says it cost his "wife" 9 fninel cents to send him a book. 31. Those Rhinies had a class meeting tonight. They are going to have Social Doings to help pay for their picture in the Annual, and they also selected their class colors and stone. FEBRUARY l. Dr. Plant gave us a very interesting talk this morning. 2. Ground Hog Day. Mr. Crawford gave out the eighth grade diplomas this morning. Charles Rumsey received his at a special after session. 5. There's a new case in school today. For information, con- sult Kathleen Arner and Richard Krull. 6. Cupid's practice is growing. Beatrice Howard is expect- ing Clarence tomorrow. 7. Mr. DeLong is all right. Everyone is back in the harness, but the nurse came to school with the patient. lt's funny what love does isn't it? lt brightens darkened souls, brings forth old memories and, in brief, makes everyone optimistic. 8. Last night the basket ball team got beaten to the tune of 69 to 6, Kalamazoo has some team. Tomorrow night both teams play Vicksburg. 9. The new Y. M. C. A. secretary, Mr. Machotka, talked this morning in chapel, and also this afternoon at our mass meeting. 12. Louie VanDyke had fifteen minutes of pleasure last night standing on the platform, whistling. . 13. Malcolm Rahn had a terrible catastrophy today. He was walking toward the front of the room and his dainty feet slipped and--. 14. Everyone is working hard for the Declamatory and Oratorical contests. 15. Warren Plummer says a train coming down the track sounds like thunder. Well, some trains do. l6. The Boys' and Girls' teams play Sturgis tonight. lt's going to be a hard game. We had a dandy mass meeting this afternoon. f140j Telephone No. 70 117 St. Joe Street Henry F. Schirmeier Staple and Fancy GROCERIES THREE RIVERS, MICHIGAN Get the habit and trade at COYICII-SIODC the Cash and Carry St Lumber 1 Gore C 1075 DISCOUNT 0' C. C.. DEAL A. W. Snyder E-1 ASH DRUGGIST Staple and Fancy Groceries Phone 405 WHITE FRONT THREE RIVERS, MICH. Smith's Fine Shoes Look Best Wear Best Are Best COST NO MORE Yorton Garage Home of the Ford f141l Shakesperian Contents BOOK ONE "Love's Labors Lost" - - - "All's W'ell That Ends Well" "Midsummer Nights Dream" "Much Ado About Nothing" - Sophomores "As You Like lt" - - "A Comedy of Errors" - - BOOK TWO "The world is all bqfore us nozr, mzrl Pr atflencc our Guido." Valedictory. Salutatory. Class History. Class Prophecy. Class Will. Class Story. Class Play: "Merchant of Venice Up-to Date Class Play: "Those Dreadful Twins. Class Play: "She Stoops to Conquer." BOOK THREE 'KlVl1at You lVz'll." Organizations: Athletics. Music. Dramatics. Class Stories. Prize Story. Editorials. BOOK FOUR "He laughs best who laughs la. jokes. Chronology. Advertisements. l7l sl 17. We "cleaned house" on Sturgis last night. Discouraging news! The Seniors have to remain in the Senior room until every- one else has passed out. 20. Farmers' Institute begins today. Alice Pierce taught our General Science class today. 21. The Seniors are trying to find a play good enough UD for them to give. 22. This is "Birthington's Washdayf' The "A" Literary society has charge of the program. 23. Tonight our boys play Lawton and our girls play Dowa- giac. 26. Both of our teams trimmed the visiting teams Friday night. We're sorry if we injured them permanently. 27. The Senior play has been selected, it is to be "Those Dreadful Twins." All the Seniors are in suspense until the caste is picked. 28. The suspense is over. The caste has been picked and the list put on the bulletin board. Where are the names of Paul Weaver and Edmund Drumm? MARCH 1. The "A" Literary society had a meeting tonight. The pro- ceedings are an unknown quantity. 2. The basket ball boys go to Buchanan tonight and the girls go to Elkhart. Everyone is busy giving them a good "send off." 5. Both teams were beaten Friday night. We're sorry but "there's no use crying over spilt scores." 6. The Staff of the Literary Paper are busy getting the paper ready for the twenty-third. 7. The A. R. becomes more and more popular as the time draws near for the Oratorical and Declamatory contests. Some one is there "spouting" every night after school. 8. VVe are to have a new corps of teachers for tomorrow. namely, Seniors. 9. Both teams go to Vicksburg today. 12. The girls won but the boys lost. They lay it to the referee. 13. Miss Eldridge is sick today. Vicksburg must be a bad place. Something unusual happened today! "Red" Northrup had on a "hard-boiled collar" and a "stand-up" shirt today. 14. Basket Ball and Soccer Ball pictures were taken today. Miss Eldridge is back again. 15. Finals in Declamation today. Amy Dunckle, Claribel Langton, Zelda Kingsley and Bernard johnson competed for first place, and Claribel won. ln the Free-For-All, Muriel Cross was given first place and Loren Ruggles was given second place. The basket ball teams go to Sturgis today. fl42j Three Rivers Public Schools Offers a Complete Public School Course from Kindergarten through High School FOUR YEAR COURSES IN Manual Training, Domestic Science Agriculture Commercial Work OFFICERS Pres., Murray Huss Sec.. B. E. Andrews Treas., H. P. Barrows E. P. Hart Dr. C. S. Eberly Supt., F. IV. 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No basket ball this week. The boys are out for base ball. 25. There is some talk of a Military Club for the boys. 26. The A. R. is being filled up with Seniors. The under- classmen ought to feel it an honor to have the Seniors sit up-stairs with them. 27. More Seniors going upstairs every day. 28. Everyone is preparing for the Booster program tOmOrrOW. 29. A W. C. T. U. lady spoke on Character this morning. The Booster program was fine. APRIL 9. Everyone feels fine after the week's vacation. 10. The athletic field is Hooded so the boys have to practice base ball on Dago Diamond. 1 1. Harold Crippen had a few minutes of pleasure this noon -standing on the platform with some paper pinned on his back. 12. We assembled this morning to hear Mr. Lyttle read the Presidents message to Congress. We were given a concert and talk this afternoon by a Victrola agent. 13. Popular Election this morning. O! the vain girls that are expecting to have first place as the prettiest girl! 16. Claribel Langton won first place in the county contest here Friday night. 17. Three Rivers trimmed Mendon to the tune of 4 to 3. 18. Still more of the dignified Seniors are making their appear- ance in the A. R. 19. A young Rhinie makes the statement that a "clergyman is a kind of general in the army." 20. Tomorrow we try our hand at Colon. 23. Colon beat Three Rivers 2 to 3. 24. Paul Houldsworth says, "The English parks are so nat- ural! The pheasants jump out of the bushes and f'ly up." 25. No news today. 26. The Freshies and Sophs play the luniors and Seniors at base ball tonight. 27. Dr. Bowie talked on dentistry this morning in chapel. 30. We won from Centreville 19 to 9, Saturday. f144j Delicious Treats at Our Fountain All soda drinks look alike, but the diiierence is in the quality of the materials used. We use only the high- est grade of pure fruits and syrups, and our ice cream is the best we can buy. Visit our Fountain today and you'II come again. JOHNSON'S DRUG STORE E. J. BUYS CLOTHING Men's Furnishings, Hats, Caps, and Traveling Goods THREE RIVERS, MICH. CARL KLOCKE DEALER IN Shakespeare and Heddon's Up-to-Date Fishing Tackle Complete line of Spaulding's Sporting Goods TIIE I.. I.. AUSIIII CUIIIDHIIY 00 g C k 81 Ha enbuch DEALERS IN Rags, Rubber, Metals, and . General Hardware Paper Maker Supplies Stoves, Implements, Paints OUR MOTTO: "A square deal 0115, Em. to all" iei sr. JOE STREET PHONE ion. ara AVENUE 51451 MAY l. lt is the first of May and the thermometer only registers 230 in the shade. 2. The last Senior play is to be lune sixth. lt is going to be one of the most modern plays. lt was written by Oliver Gold- smith about l640. "She Stoops to Conquer" is the name of it. 3. l'Simms" Lott is delinquent and can't play ball any more this season. 4. Mr. Chande of India gave a fine talk in chapel this morning. 7. Mendon was beaten 4 to 3, Saturday. 8. "Simms" says he can play again and is out for practice. If the good luck keeps up we are sure to win from Colon. 9. The Seniors are busy exchanging name cards - "light occupations." 10. Gerold Lott will not be allowed to play base ball any more this season. ll. Rev. Bair gave a talk on the subject of "Mother's Dayl' this morning. The luniors present their play, "Mr, Bob," tonight. 14. There's going to be a lot doing this week. Week after next is Senior exams., and after that the other kids get what's com- ing to them. Then there's the junior-Senior Picnic, Commence- ment and all that. 15. All the track fellows are out practicing. Three Rivers is going to make the rest of the county move to beat them. The Juniors are going to give their play over again. 16. Today the Schoolcraft base ball team is coming down. We're going to clean up on them to a frazzle. 17. We did-not do it. The final score stood ll to l2 in their favor. "Jimmie Comin" started our rally when he knocked lfor a wonderl a two-bagger 'way down between the soccer-ball goal posts. l8. The Aeolian Society gave an entertainment during chapel this morning. As a whole it was very good. Their paper was fair and Mr. Kennelmiers' talk of South Africa was exceedingly inter- esting. 21. Only two more weeks left for the Seniors. Most of them are making the most of their time. 22. Last week was a bad one for High School cases. First, Nifty and Mary had a fall-out. Second, Ellis Schellhous and Max- ine Woodman quarreled. Third, Loren Ruggles and that Scidmore girl agreed to disagree. Fourth, Laura Petre and "Simms" Lott had a serious dispute. 2 23. Malcolm Rahn is becoming quite conspicuous around school for having a piece of white cloth appearing from under his coat fprobably his handkerchiefj. Tomorrow is Field Day. lt is 51463 Michigan Gas Sz Electric Co SUCCESSORS TO Constantine Hydraulic Co. Three Rivers Light Sz Power Co. AND Three Rivers Gas Co. "SERVICE IS OUR HOBBY" PHONE 611 Landsman's Clothes Shop "The Store for Men and Boys" If you want style when it's new, you will fmd it here We carry Society Brand and Campus Togs Clothes The home of John B. Stetson Hats 51471 going to be held at the Fair Grounds. Three Rivers is going to get that cup from Constantine this year. 28. Well, Three Rivers did win the meet in fine shape. Langley, Benfer, and VVhitesell were our stars. Warren Wescott hurt his leg in the first fifty yard run, and will not be able to run again for the next six months. The girls are talking of Winning from the boys in base ball tonight. 29. The girls don't seem to show up very well. The boys are going to Vicksburg tomorrow and Schoolcraft Thursday. The last days of school life for the year are days full of anxiety for some. 31. The boys are going to Schoolcraft today. Let's hope they win. Tomorrow is the junior-Senior picnic. And next week 2 Exams ! ! ! ! ! ! The Senior exams. were Monday and Tuesday, May 28 and 29. Next week will be commencement week and theneLlFE. FINIS. fEcl. Drumm. P. S. l hope this suits you. lkept my word and had some- thing for every dayfif the censors didn't take some days out. 95 Miss E. "What bible character was stranded on the Isle of Patmus?" lohn Linsner. "Robinson Crusoe." Miss Taylor. "Name some antecote which makes one un- conscious." E. Slack. "Vaccination" E. Avery in Eng. "In Writing our book reports, if the author is living do we have to give the date when he died?" Lucile Shafer. "Don't tell, but Frances X. tried to put his arm around me three times." Girl Friend. "Gee! his arm must be some length." Sophia Doll fwas holding hand over eyel. Marg. B. "What's the matter Sophia, did you stick your finger in your eye?" Sophia. "No, my nose." fSorne gymnasticll L. Guetthoff. "Cotton is the most cheapest." E148 1 ,. ,-'-17.5 '4l',I If r-' -fp vIgM--f-- - - - 1... W... .. Emmy: .gr4ta""l'21?15..IsP,g.f2x-4I,I,IIIf I,3gz-55.1,Ynl"'-4Kf,.,,. -.5.,gn,I,I. IHIINIZI,-I5,I,wI,IIII.,i,I . ,,II,IIIuIIIIII7 ,VII IIIII . I I I IIII I I I ,Ik UI Ig, mv- . w,y'.f-14 g If --:Iggy--ivy -1 If-,,f.I,i.gl4:f ,,5fp.Ix,II r-,,.I.'.I,QI41'-gf. SYIII-F3.,:.fI"2,.IIGg-ygIz53y.'5.,-V135TI.,-.I,,g,1,.,, -I. ..II.-I.5,,II.II,I,I.....III ,II.I,I, W: .2 -. - ... - ...-'Pi' . V - Vf -4- - . -we -V .---V--. V'-fx fffii --. - V- 'L ' --ff: I 5' . r' 'I K l L 1. U' an Y HH jf j5apr,xIII -'-. fm vjv IIS, II II 0,1 A lm 1,4 P VAN M III III 13. ,--'Hui .- 1. if-:.'.'V mfg, 'a -u I.,-ma -, -. . , -- ., , A ' ' A . - --'-Q1-f.Ufr -1 . s- ' -:Vg . '- -.f' .. , f- V-4 ,... -. -. .. -, . . Mg. I-.-VV ,J M..-e...p -. . .- Q-'11 . 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Class Officers President - - james Comin Vice President - - Alice Pierce Secretary - - Kathleen Amer Treasurer - - Charlotte VVood ISJ K' ffva ywq 1 J, A U sim ' . "1 un ff f , 4 w ,X , 5 u 1 .- ,e -f v, . A , n 41 up 45 ,H .1 Q f , ,X 4 ,F 'Q 1 1 ' v uw . 1 .rr 1-L 1, I I 'E' vxywsf- "'-1.f.,e'3:fvi4f w. w L' . ' ,-42 ,f'1,,'2 EfQ5LfQQi'1fff1',k?7Y'f?LVlZP3Q25Qifff,,fiEffWfp' 1195"Wf'5'25i3iffw3'l f ' ' '-. JM 'Q 22.1 Jan. 115 Q- If 'fxfj.4Q.,, Qu' V-1i:. ,lj ,145-H' gl- '1' . N, M. W v 'I 'Sky LQ ly lk A' tj' Af 'f A mV' -dffffw . 'ff s f I ru, ,W gM,s,gm,f7 I A, .WMU 'Mx-.79 v, ,L-,, ,N 5, .4 f mv. 2-gs W .x .fa W A M' 1 fa, vi WM Mn f. M. Aw 42:12-qffwf , ,fl 1.1 .,,1,.!.' .. ,, !3.f53."',, . . fl . 5.12 4 , '13 ' G' 1- Ja, Hg 0. Q wff ra .M -":. gr... M f':'LT1f.1'ag5A5i'XQfw'Jfin51'1-SEM:1?fgi'aj,1'Li5.?.'i'ffiLQ-mf. 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"A Comedy of Errors" - l10l - Faculty Seniors - juniors Sophomores Freshmen Rhinies X ,i,, -A ,gl r' - " " - QW - -. V p- -M - 1 X 4,1 -V X :'aliii2'a. ' P- ' X J' i I 1 piieuaessgxsgiigit lflll Ill!!! lil - -- , jifff sgsewggfnn--liagmlg I " . 1 3 .I I Qllllll! 'ig:ir K- , :j3Q:1.1 '!l!!l!!vf , 5 1" LV!!!!E1m.. X A:- 'ix x I :".xg,w1f1 -Y . I Y X Yr - ,. , 4 N 4 X if ,XY P- X MIN' 'ff ,Xz l 'lx , k X 1 Q ,. 1 , :v,:,'fn1::1'.' X 1 Y XR X x ' iv., "I , ..:zf1w Q., t, H , , H X. Q- 24 " " 've ' Q 'Q ' 4, 11' ' X f wif, bi' - X K- Q l ' . :l 1 T- l Ag '1"""! -- in 1 f T? g:- - 7, - ,W-:li - ' f?"2l:ftTT--gi.. l - fm---if , A -gtkl '?1:i5g:j' j -Q ,f?,"' 2i ff5i3:2'-.5 fri:i'l--5,-ff-5, 5 T-.51-4fQ, : ifigift ,f TT ifghi-Q ,R T4 f 15:5-' 7'- fQf5 'Q ,QT-'T if3 ifA7 41217 'L ff, 3'SFZ'?f Q E-12. il is-f ffi? :, - f- T-Qi ' ' I mfgfffffg Ei-Aitiigle fl 4 1241-gliij Q 'Lf P f:Ff 'si'-T' fiiigf 1:i i?1Q 1gi:'?i2'1 2+1:L Pi .357 ' , T"'4721LZfi7-14-1 'f",- gl-242 - +..5E+fi'T?Ei....A -"E-Qeiilag L- ..." Fii, T3-, 5 3-:A--'fm' .K 66 Q !7 Love s Labors Lost ' n M' f1 ,wk I aug 1 u 1 1 , , , N g 'A Pr' Ng l . t'? l' ux 1 J 1 Fi' i :.A "zulu ' N 0 ' "W" "' 1 - - f 1 1 if, D 'A ' I ti' I ', 'f i ll ' Y'-9. I 1:3 M 'I'-l'!.-,w 'AA' . ' I ,-Q ,Q 1 . -mf 4 vm w 1 .qt.h . ,'?f!fqi,,...1?,Nw,.f..gJJ+w,'' ,. . . K I ul C- ., ,,. . . , u - 1. 'Q-. W' S.. FLOYD W. CRAWFORD, A. B., LL. B. University Qf Michigan SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS 4 STEPHEN H. LYTTLE, A. B Un1've1's'ity of Michigan PRINCIPAL, HISTORY U21 GEORGE F. DELONG FRANCES ELDRIDGE, A. B. Kalamazoo College ENGLISH U. Qffll. Summer Sessions, W. S. N. MANUAL TRAIN ING, PENMANSHIP 51' L13 U, qfM., W. S. N. QS qx JEANETTE CAUFFMAN MUSIC AND ART b. LE , . A Albion, University Qf'M' h FA QTAYLORJ WORTH M 'Lc igan ENGLISH O . R G. H. RINGLE, B. Acct., M. Acct. Hillsdale College A COMMERCIAL WORK 4 x .!'... Vaq , RUTH PETT, A. B. Olivet College GERMAN AND ENGLISH L14J - "" I RUTH MENSCH, A. B Un'i1'ers1'fy ofM1'ch1'gan MATHEMATICS THERON E. CHAPEL, A. B. Alma College SCIENCE ,llll-. ELDA ROBB, B. S. Michigan Agri It cu ural College DOMESTIC SCIENCE U51 N-.A-L.. PEARL MCCAIN, A. B. Urzivcrsity qf1VI1'vh1'garz I ENGLISH GLENN HOBBS, B. S. Jblivlzigan Agricultural College I AGRICULTURE I 1 ANNABEL DOWLING, A. B. , U111AL'erS2'fy QffWl4Ch1.gIl7L 3 HISTORY AND ARITHMETIC I -4 gx Q a 1? V r I VIRGINIA STRAUGHN, A. B. i Un z'z'ersity qf 11I1'clz1'gaf1 LATIN U61 ' 1 i XJ All's Well That Ends Well 18 JAMES COMIN Base Ball '15, '16, '17: Basket Ball '16, '17. Manager '17gSec. and Treas. of Class '14, '15: Pres. of Class '16, '17g Orchestra '13, '14, '15, '16, Latin Club '15, '16, Sec. '15, Pres. '16: "Merchant of Venice Up-to-Date" '17: Received Spade 'l6: Bus. Mgr. Annual '1'7: Soccer Ball '16 Mgr. "There's honesty, manhood, and good fellowship in thee." ALICE PIERCE Sec. of Class '16, Vice Pres. of Class '17: German Club '163 Latin Club '15, '16, Sec. 'l6: Glee Club '15, '16: Program Com. Jr.-Sr. Banquet '16g Sec. of Eclectic Society '17, Valedic- lorian '17. "My mind is my kingdom." KATHLEEN ARNER ' Sec. of Class '17, German Club 'l6: Glee Club '15, '16, '17: Finance Com. Jr -Sr. Banquet '16, Art Entertain- ment 'l6: "Merchant of Venice Up-to- Date" '17: "She Stoops to Conquer" '17. "Nor bold, nor shy, nor short, nor tall, but a new mingling of them all." CHARLOTTE WOOD Basket Ball '14, '15, '16, '17, Mgr. '15, '16, Captain '17, Declamatory Con- test '14, Second Place, German Club 'l6: Chairman Dining Room Com. Jr.- Sr. Banquet '16: "Too Many Hus- bands" '15g Sec. and Treas. A. A. '17: Treas. of Class '17: "Merchant of Venice Up-to-Date" '17: "She Stoops to Conquer" '17, Assistant Editor of Annual '17. "When she talks she generally says something." RUSSEL BREYFOGLE Latin Club '15g Finance Com. Jr,-Sr. Banquet 'l6g Declamatory Contest '17: "Merchant of Venice Up-to-Date" '17l "Those Dreadful Twins" '17: Assistant Chemist '17. "Labor conquers everything." BERTHA BLACK I I "Bashful sincerety and comely love." , MARGARET BEERSTECHER Basket Ball '15, '16, '17g "Too Many Husbands" '15: "Those Dreadful Twins" '17g German Club '16g Latin Club '15: Chairman of Decorating Com. Jr.-Sr. Ban- quet '16: Athletic Editor of Eclectic Society 'l7g Art Editor Annual '17. "My heartlis ever at your service." WEBSTER DOCK "Comb down his hairy look, look, it stands upright."' 19 20 JOHN CROSS "Meacham ot' Venice" '1ii: German Cluh '1G: "Merchant ut' Venice Up-tm D:xte" 'lT: "Those Dreadful Twins" 'lT: "She Stoous to Conquer" '1T: Adv. Mar. Annual '1T. " Tn begunle and be brguilcd by none." AVA CUM IN Latin Clnli '15, '16. Treae, 'l6: Glee Club '15, '16. '1T: Vice Pres. of Class of '18 in '15: Advisory Board '15: Chair- man Pmprram Cum. Jr.-Sr. Banquel: "Merchant of Venice" 'lliz "The Teln- Pest" '1T: Art Entertainment '16. '1T: Editor-in-Chief Annual '1T: Salutator- ian '1T. " The reason firm. .1 lemperate u-ill: endnrancr. furesighf. strenglh. and skill." JEAN DEFENDERFER Glee Club 'l6. 'lT: Declamatory Contest '15. '1G. First Place '15: Latin Club '15. '16, "The best of time is diligence." EDMUND DRUMM Soccer Ball '16. '17, Captain 'ITQ Latin Club '13, '16: "Merchant of Ven- ice" '16: "Merchant of Venice Up-to- Date' '1T: "The Tempest" '1T: Pres. of Eclectic Society '1T: Myzr. Base Ball '1T: Oratorical Contest '17, Third Place: Sec. of Class 'IS in '16: High School Yell Master '1T: Chronologist of Annual '1T. "I IO myself am dcarrr than 11 friend." ROBERT DUKE Assistant Subsr-ription Manager Annual '17. "A proper man as nne shall ste in a summer's day." MURIEL CROSS Vice. Pres. of Class 'lfiz Oraturical Contest 'UL First Place: Free-fur-all '17, First Place: "Snow While" 'IHQ German Club '14, '15, '1H: Latin Cluh '15, 'lfig Basket Ball 'l7L Art Entf rtain- ment 'IGQ "Merchant of Venice Up-to- Date" '172 "She Stoops to Conquer" 'l7: Dining Room Com. Jr.-Sr, Banquet '16: Sec. and Editor of Aeolian Society 'l7. "0h! I am stabbed wilh laughler."' SOPHIA DOLL Basket Ball 'IPL '17: German Club '16: "Merchant of Venice Up-to-Date" '17Z "Those Dreadful Twins" '1T: Ora- torical Contest '17. Second Place. "What should one do but be merry." LYLE DUNCAN "Merchant of Venice Up-to-Date" 'l'71 "The Tempest" 'lT: "She Stoops to Conquer" '17. "Oh.' this learning: what a fhing it is."' J 211 Hp u .lr ' ji 1 . y , 'H'-, -"Nl IM-' lu. 1.-.411-.Y . 'nu 1 4 ' - W ' .4 .. ,I -. ' -11-lx .f"' A f , Q J' E221 LAWRENCE GUETTHOFF Assistant Editor of Annual '17: Decorating Com. Jr.-Sr. Banquet '16. "My meaning in saying he is a good man, is to have you understand me that he is sufficient." PAULINE ELLET Orchestra '13, '14, '15, '16g Advisory Board '14, '15: German Club '16: Latin Club 'l4g Girls' Glee Club '15: Art En- tertainment '16, '17g "Those Dreadful Twins" '17. "What a spendthrift is she of her tongue." WILLOW EVERHART Basket Ball '15, '16, '17, Mgr. '17: "Merchant of Venice Up-to-Date" '17: German Club '16g Art Entertainment '17g Athletic Editor Annual '17. "Maid she seemed of cheerful yes- terdays and confident tomorrowsf' RICHARD KRULL "Silent waters are seldom shallow." WALTER LANGLEY Track '13, '14, '15, '16, '17, Capt, '16, '17: Base Ball '14, '15, '165 Basket Ball'15: Soccer Ball '16, '17, Capt. '16: Glee Club '16, '17, Art Entertainment '17g "Merchant of Venice Up-to-Date" 'l7: "Those Dreadful Twins" '17, "She Stoops to Conquer" '17. "I am sure care is an enemy to life." RUTH FITCH "Nathing lovelier in woman can be found than to study house- hold good." BEATRICE HOWARD Latin Club '15, '16, German Club '16, Chairman Finance Com. Jr.-Sr. Ban- quet '16: "Snow White" '16, Glee Club 'l6. '17, Chronologist of Annual '17, Treasurer of Class '16. "Ah me, how sweet is love." JOHN LINSNER "Those Dreadful Twins" '17, "She Stoops to Conquer" '17. "Mine hours are nice and lucky." 23l 24 WILLIAM LINSNER. "I bear a charmed life." DOROTHY HARTMAN Advisory Board '14, '15: Glee Club '15, '16, '17: Orchestra '17, Pres. of Class of '18 in '15, German Club '16, Latin Club '15, 'l6: "Merchant of Venice Up- to-Date" '17g "Those Dreadful Twins" '17: Joke Editor of Annual '17: Art Entertainment '16, '17: Chairman of Program Com. Eclectic Society '17, "Have you not heard it said full oft, a woman's nay daih stand for naught." ESTHER JACKSON Latin Club '14, '15: Declamatory Contest '15, Third Place: Annual Stories '15, '16, '17, "Imagination: this is the gift that I have." GEROLD LOTT Latin Club '15, Treas.: Glee Club '16g Track '14, '16g Soccer Ball '15, '16: Base Ball '14, '15, '16, '17, Capt. '1'7. "Shall I not take mine ease in mine inn?" NINA KLINE Glee Club '17: "She Scoops to Con- quer" '17. "A merry heart makeih a cheerful countenance." JASPER MICKEL Decorating Com. J r.-Sr. Banquet 'l6: "Merchant of 'Venice" '16: "Mer- chant of Venice Up-to-Date" 'l7: "Temnest" '17g "Those Dreadful Twins" '17g "She Stoops to Conquer" '17: Subscription Manager Annual '17, "I am wealthy in my friends." ELEANOR KRULL German Club '16, "Ask me no questions and I'll 1ell you no fibs." 26 ERNEST MILLER Base Ball '15, '16, '1'l: Basket Ball '17: "Merchant of Venice" 'l6g "Mer- chant of Venice Up -to-Date" K '17: "Those Dreadful Twins" '17: ' She Stoons to Conquer" '17: Glee Club '16. 'l7: Dining Room Com. Jr.-Sr. Banquet '16. "My only books were women's looks, and fally's all they've taught me." RUTH POLLOCK Latin Club '15, '16. "A light heart lives long." ROBERT RUGGLES "There's mischief in this man." PAUL HERMAN WEAVER German Club '16: Latin Club '16C Glee Club '16, '17: Oratorical Contest '16, '17, Second Place '16g "Merchant of Venice" '16g "Merchant of Venice Up- to-Date" '17, Orchestra '16, '17g Track '16, '17g Program Com. Jr.-Sr. Banquet '16: News Editor of Aeolian Society '17. "More sinned against than sinning." BERNICE VAN SELOUS German Club '16: Latin Club '15. "A maid of friendly disposition." ELGY SLACK Glee Club '16, '173 Soccer Ball '16. '17, sr Alas forthe unhappy man who is called to stand in the pulpit." 1 I 271 Curses, Cries and Clarnour -by a worried Seniovg under great 'mental stfrajn.. Oh, what cursing and what clamour! Exams are coming due! The Seniors weep and tear their hair, They're afraid they won't get through. Oh, what weeping and what wailing! The awful days are come. The Seniors weep and tear their hair, They sure do study some. Oh, what crying and what sobbing! "I take five subjects now." The Seniors weep and tear their hair: "Steve" says, "Can't pass no how." Oh, what sighing and what praying! Exams are done at last. But the Seniors weep and tear their hair, They don't know if they passed! Oh, what a ring and what a shouting, You know what makes them gay. The Seniors weep and shout for joy, They find they've passed the day. "Oh, thank God, these things are over," They cry with one accord. The Seniors weep and cry for joy, "We're glad it's done, Oh Lord." What cursing and what clamour! Commencement is yet due. The Seniors weep and tear their hair, "I hope it's short, don't you?" What cheering and rejoicing, At last the end has come. The Seniors weep and shout for joy, "Our High School days are done." -JolznC1'osS, '17, l28l ..-f ?if ix 1 f C- , KX N ,' , N 'ff 'xx 1 ' ' ' x J f Q5 3 6 'iw 'EJ 1 X X YW Kg Mu VQ Y 52 -----'- ld v K 3 'V V P I K1 N--g-"X, Xlfgff'-'X 100 5 I X X X -:oo 5 4 2 Z5 WAQB in 1 .1 f if 7 , R B , Q 3 X 1' ,Q -5 V 6 S 2 ' 1 1. Jw f f ,fiillihx uv' Ulll X ev r ff 1, 4 '7 I, ' i Q ! a 1 3 X K 5 Z' f,:,1 J 1' Q5 ZQQLL ' lf: ff ill-i!' jff4g iT' ff - W ., - - if N'-R !,.1- . f W h , - -- ,iff--X,,. ff"L- Az. ' Y? " 5 5 A,f- -+ , - Q- J- ,4 ' " ' 1 Jrsfrfrrffu. ,IS "Midsummer Nighfs Dream" Ay- IUNIOR CLASS, 9 S Junior Class Officers President -------- Carl Reed Vice President - - Loren Ruggles Secretary - Mabel Cowgill Treasurer - ----- Laura Petre Class Calorsze- Gold and VVhite. Class Flou'cr.'WDaiSy. Class Sta1zc.'WTOmbStOne. Class Motto:fSernper Fidelis lAlways Faithfull. Class Roll Esther Avery Mariam Avery Eleanor Balch Hilda Bauserrnan Donald Benfer Laura Bitting Myrtle Bole Flossie Childs Verna Detwiler Helen Difenderfer Avis Elliott Leona Franke Eunice Gorbitt Susan Healy Clark jacobs Carrie Lemke Chester Neaman 315 Leo Northrop Claribel Rahn Leola Schweitzer Harley Shook Marie Spooner Donald Whitesell Margaret Scidmore Madeline Mowrer Loretta Miller Marjorie Yagerlehner Gladys Miller Zena Dock Nina Bernhardt Carl Reed Loren Ruggles Mabel Cowgill Laura Petre Hp u .lr ' ji 1 . y , 'H'-, -"Nl IM-' lu. 1.-.411-.Y . 'nu 1 4 ' - W ' .4 .. ,I -. ' -11-lx .f"' A f , Q J' The Same Old Story You start to school in September, And you go thru all the year, From the hazy days of Autumn, Thru the Winter's days so drear. At first you are happy and carefree, But when the exams. draw near, You remember your past recitations, And your heart is filled with fear. But when the exams. are over And the dead have reclassified, Perhaps you are one of the heroes Who just passed, but are satisfied. Being glad that the year is half over. You "pitch in" with might and main, And you say with determination, "It will never happen again." Come the balmy days of springtime, When the air has a mellow tang, With the breeze thru the open window, Come the yells of the base ball gang. And the robins sing in the tree tops, And the warm spring breeze seems to say, "Put aside your work and enjoy life, Get out in the sunshine and play." Then you seem to catch the fever, Things grow dreamy and far-away, And when it's time to study, you think "l'll Wait 'till some other day." But when another day comes 'round, The same old song you hear, When through your hazy dreaming comes Thoughts which fill you with fear. For another exam. is upon you, And you find you are lacking in knowledge lf you keep on flunking at this rate, Youll probably never reach college. But when the good old summer comes And the flowers begin to appear, You again feel happy and carefree And say, "l'll do better next year." lt's the same old stone age story, "l'll do better next time" we sing But when the next time comes along We say the same old thing. -Wlaitesell, '18, I 32 l v 9 -QQQ nn4-n qqnq 1,-I' Q 7' a s 1, ,'.:,,'v-ll! ,N A I ' .4 J,,w,'5 in . ., milfwiij E Q CD Q X - uw -- BU-r MY DEA? 0 - Q - 0 X., - . -F ' X xx I V 1 .13 f QR 'f'z::gLV f- f V - R vm H 'Z V MMM I -A - Af X ,f - - '- pw 1.. ' 1- e. ww "L Q ' ? Q ' W ' N6 ,. My .M Jiri E , ,.., ,qi 4 Y V1-V A-- Q "...""-1-. ,,.. - g ,, -,,.i -x 5 Y- Much Ado About Nothing 99 OPHOMORE CLASS, l S Sophomore Class Gflicers President -------- Dale Stone Vice President Ellis Shellhous Sec and Treas. ------- Lucile Shafer Class Colu'rs.'-Royal Purple and Gold. Class Floz1'e'r,'-Yellow Rose. Class Stone:-Sapphire. Class Motto: We're rowing, not drifting. if Class Roll Warren Abbott Hazel Barrows james Black William Bobb Charles Braden Iva Brayman Myrtle Bauserman Bertha Coates Alma Clay Mildred Clifford Burr Drumm Amy Dunkle Tillie Dodge Muriel Ferguson Milton Fitch Florence Garl Edith Godshalk Luella Graham William Hand Mildred Jewell Bernard johnson Frank Krull 35 Mary Prang Clark Little Mae Lucas Arthur Luck Ethel Pierce Marie McCrory Mildred Salter Ellis Shellhous Lucile Shafer Franklin Smith Frieda Stears Dale Stone Esther Schweitzer Paul Tessin Helen VanScoter Gertrude Walter john Weaver Francis Wellington Elsie Welty Lynn Weyrick Glee Wolf Gladys Wilson High School Review ln the year of 1917. There entered a class of Rhinies green, The illustrious president, Roy Shellhous, And Marion McLennon, shy as a mouse. Gerold Haegan is a dear little boy, And "Dixie" Miller, so shy and so coy. Their ballet dancer. "Omar" Graves, Like a sweet coquette she behaves. And now we'll pass To the Freshman class. Professor Hazen with his superior brain, His wonderful future, to be known to fame. The Eee- Eee Gang with their "call of the wild," Warren NVescott, Oh, that beautiful child! Some take a rest. some take a snap, But the basket ball team will sure take a Knapp. Mary Fulcher, noisy as a band, Will soon pass on to William's hand. Now we'll pass To the Sophomore class. The Sophomore class, always called silly, XVith its oratorical shark by the name of "Billy." Little Dale Stone is a regular "brick," VVith an intellectual frown that makes you sick. A nice little girl called Amy Marie, The originator of the Eee-Eee. The weight ot this class lies in a Wolf and a Drumm, And take it from me, they dent the scales some. An empty vessel makes the most noise, That's Ed Drumm when he leads the boys. And now we'll pass To the junior class. Frank Krull shoots baskets and sits up nights, He plays good basket ball, also shoots snipes. The Romiets and julios, The pretty girls with all their bows, Laura and Clark, Mabel and Don, Margaret and Loren-but need we go on? And now we'll pass To the Senior class. Cross, Duncan, and Lott-the "soup-bone three' The phosphates and peanuts they's better let be The musical Comins, through in three years, Will leave next june amid many tears. Muriel Cross, with her long lean man, VVant to know his name? guess if you can. Now let's Hee To the faculty. . A Pearl of great price is Miss McCain, 'Tis said she has driven poor "Shucky" insane. Little in stature, Lyttle by name, VVhen he leaves our high school, we'll be quite tame. "Happy" Hobbs with his big baby grin. When he opens his mouth he takes everything in. Now we'll end this little treat, l make my bow and take my seat. Ma.1"i1ze Wood-matrz. l36l fl ff fiffs ' x Z, 'iff 21 "Vg w., '1 I Q fp . 1 J .112-, f-A f . 55 19 ', nh C ' I' -X. J! 1 X X A I 11 T. 4 X NQX X T.-4,1 KL X V ' 510 ll N 1 X , f 5 N .h "' I , Q , ' . 4 H.- X , , , , I I A , Y .- 1 i I - , . .,gy.f?"?f"-f-f'T1W":""Y:'-A --gjjnyk ., X 1 ht X , - B45 4 Q lp ns. " 'I ,, E .- x, . ' X! - . W 4 Z f , 1 , AN N N X. 7 ,1-'Q , 1 1 . 17 X - gf V' . ' ' 4' , , f Q 1 r X , AQ- E 4 'Q f'-" if-Qhi'-N 'ly' " J""J! ' xg J . A 2, H- '-- 'f fvi-"2-fx, X f V f ' -i:g...v, ' ' ' f- ' ,L ' l,. -' f.TT L-I-17 M... - 'fl P' ,-,4..-.+-.-- ' f- -' -- .- ---. , ' 1 L - -- - D I - :eifk-7 T ',,j fi' '-:,i 1. ""- ' 'faa'--L -1 - f' Y f -Vw I 5 '-"il-T -L hm f 45 "As You Like It CLASS, 1920 FRESHMAN Freshman Class Officers President ------- Warren Wescott Vice President - George Cross Sec. and Treas. - - Donald Boyer if Crystal Avery Edna Baker Harry Baker Effie Barger Merwin Beam Florence Beidler Eva Berger Audrey Bisnet Prentice Bothwell Donald Boyer Kathleen Boyer Mary Brown john Breyfogle George Cross Edna Childs Claudius Collisi Douglass Comin Mildred Copp Nina Cook Merritt Davis Howard de Best Paul Drake Winifred Dunn Class Roll Sydney Decker Glen Eberhart Mary Fulcher Helen Gleason Alice Graves Nelson Haas Harold Hazen Harold Heslet Max Hitchcox Verna Himebaugh Arthur Holland Marlo Irwin Francis Jacobs Bernice lennings Florence Kensil Paul Kerr Kathleen King Ernest Knapp Mary Knevels Warren Krull Clarabel Langton Mabelle Lassance Hubert Lott Bertha Marie Mallo l39l Leona McPherson Howard Millard Orville Miller Louie Oldenburg Clarence Perry Warren Plummer Malcolm Rahn Marie Reinholt Doris Robbins Charles Rumsey Donald Schall Frank Snyder Ella Spence lro Stricker Paul Taylor Constance Walter Ray Ware Mary Weaver Dola Weinberg Mabelle Welty Warren Wescott Lyna Whited Maxine Woodman The Freshie's "lf's" If things would be as Freshies say, If We could always have our way, l-low happy we would be! No Latin verbs to conjugate, No lecture when a "Lyttle" late, And Crawford didn't rule our fate, How happy we would be! lf "Chubb" Knapp always got O. Kfs, If Mensch would only change her ways How happy we would be! lf "Dutch A." didn't stand on guard, To catch us coming from the yard, And make us clean our feet real hard, l-low happy we would be! If Miss Eldridge all the classes taught, If whispers Weren't with zeros fraught, l-low happy we would be! lf teachers all wore smiles like "l'lobbs,' lf all our eats would taste like "Robbs's, lf delinquent lists caused no sobs, How happy we would be! lf at last we're filled with knowledge, Then we'll take a turn at college, And happier we'll be! So you see in nineteen-twenty, Wescott still our leader, steady, For graduation we are ready, And happy we will be! fC'rystal Avery. l 40 l ui Q 3 co cz.. Q4 UH Jo .9-Io an Gi . f""'w,. fm 1 L ff O I - f- Xx gb? A Y-RN-N.. x --"-w x 1 e - . .., ' 1 U tl f .-.,5 ',.,gL R V f Ld-M - .-A f xv ' -way f' : 0 ff " V - N . l ' ' ' 1--,. ! Q A 1 J! f 1. 'S ' R : Kiln inns. v 1049" X 3 Xl Ava ix x if N ' X K Qs: O.F! -II 1 f' I-xx: Ni"-X, -'42 X f 'T""!f' - f 7 f A 'QM X 5 .if "x hg -4-F '3 'fa ' X ngi Xi., Q 'Y . fi Q S sag-vs was sm M if - gr- CCE 08.10. - n A I -7 ff ' ' ' r-U WI ' 1 5 ' . , -GQ, -.rn ' 1 t we ' o Q - 3 H- ' , Q 8 REFLECT-OR ,3 S.,-., , 3 vw 5.1 . f I92l EIGHTH GRADE. , , 1 -11,4 H-in . ff MTF' . , ,, at . ,q - ., I Dx, ,. .dl 4-Q., I - V ', 4. 4' 4' kia, -' ,. ,Eel , l ' A M V I 'fL'..-P . ,., .U,J, v t E Nt' U 'g K. 1 ..! yr L. A ' 1' 144 n EighthiGrade Class Officers President - - Roy Shellhous W ice President Marion McLennan Sec and Treas. - - - - - VVarren Hoshel Class Colors'-Old Rose and VVhite. Class F l ou'e'r.'-Rose. Class Stowe:-Turquois, Harold Austin Evertt Barger Lucille Bobb Harold Bowers Lucile Bond Donald Comin Hattie Coney Elizabeth Cook Irene Cowgill Donald Deisch Gerald Herndon Wynona Hart Stuart Hedges Fannie Henry Lily Ivins Marjorie Herndon Ruth Judd A Paul Houldsworth Zelda Kingsley Iames Kline Mildred Kline Bertha Luck Rosann Predmore jesse Quake Ethel Roberts Gerald Roys 'Z Class Roll Us Alice Skeibiske Kathalene Schoonmaker james Sloan - VVarren Smith Maurice Theurer Gretchen Wilson lzora Allen VVava Barrows Percy Beidler Harold Crippin Dorothy Darr Gertrude de Best Donald Moore Marion McLennan Gladys Mcjury E Catherine Reed Mabelle Roderhaver Roy Shellhous Donald Schweitzer Virginia Skeibiske Eleanor Starr Marion Stone Arthur Turnbull Lewis VanDyke Dorothy VVay ' LaVerne VVarner The "Rhinies" NV e Rhinies have the worst of times, To make our thoughts turn into rhymes: But such is life, and we should worry, E'en though our work doesnmake us hurry. When we first entered this high school, VV e did not know a single ruleg Some of us to the wrong rooms went, And to the right ones were promptly sent Even the Seniors, so dignified. And other pupils, who us espied, Gazed and stared, as if to say, "This room is ours, you keep away." But now we are used to all these things, 4 And iind ouriplaces, when the bell ringsg NVe try to remember what the teachers have taught, Tho some days we know that our standings are naught IOJ. XYe ponder o'er problems in arithmetic, And memorize history until we're sickg Then there are grammar and literature too, Domestic science, spelling, and writing to do. I can't tell you more, as I haven't the time To fuss any longer with this silly rhymeg But let's never stop school, 'till we've finished the twelfth grade And by that time we shall Seniors be made. - A ' -Lucfile Bond, '21, I 44 l gf y N fivfg v B? V Q N f W A Book Two "The 'world is all before us now, and Proriderzce our G11 ide." Valedictory - - Alice Pierce Salutatory - Ava Comin Class History - Charlotte Wood Class Prophecy - Paul Weaver Class Will - - - Muriel Cross Class Plays: "The Merchant of Venice Up-to-Date." "Those Dreadful Twins." "She Stoops to Conquer." Class Story - - - Edmund Drumm Mother Goose Rhymes Esther jackson l46l Valedictory ONIGHT we stand at the gate, which admits us to the mys- terious pathway, called the "Way of Life." lt is both eagerly and sadly that we cross its threshold. We cross it eagerly because of our desire to see what experiences we may encounter on this way. We cross it sadly because we must now give up our close connection with the Three Rivers High School, either to go on to a broader field of learning or to enter the busy world of every day life. But ere we sever this connection, let us pause and bid farewell. NVe wish to express our heartfelt thanks to all, who have in any way aided us in our school life and work. First and foremost, we express our appreciation to you, the Citizens of Three Rivers, and to our Fathers and Mothers, who have furnished us the means of securing our education thus far. You have helped us when we most needed help. You have willing co-operated with us in the activities of our class and now, one and all, we thank you for it and bid you "Farewell" But our class would not be what it now is, a class from a school to be proud of, were it not for you, our Superintendent and School Board. You have acted as a medium between the Citizens of Three Rivers and their High School, wisely distributing their means, procuring efficient instructors, taking an active interest in this class as in others. ln the last four years we have realized more and more how loyal has been your interest in us. We now heartily thank you for this loyalty and say "Farewell" to you in turn. You, our teachers, have also played a very important role in our school life. We owe one of the greatest debts of our gratitude to you. You have instilled in us the fundamentals, by which we shall abide through all the stages of our lives. The kind of struct- ures which are to be built upon these strong foundations rests with us and may those structures be strong, true and proportional to the time, work and interest, which you have given forth for us. You have had the opportunity to mold our characters into shape, and train us as true citizens of the morrow. ls not this a noble and patriotic calling? But tonight as we slowly sever our relation with the Three Rivers High School, other students take our places. You the Undergraduates, have been closely connected with our life of the past four years. ln a large degree, we owe to you the joy and happiness of our High School days, and when in the future, we look back upon these days, we will think of you as among the tru- est and dearest of our friends. We sincerely hope that you will l47l all go on till finally you come to the crowning success of your efforts, your day of Graduation. If this class has done anything which is able to be of value to you, profit by it. Likewise profit by our mistakes by continually striving to make your class more suc- cessful than each preceding one. We now gladly give up to you the rank of Seniors, trusting that you will work zealously, as we have done, for the interest of your class and school. The last few moments are quickly gliding away. But first, I would speak a few parting words with the members of my class. We have now reached the goal, toward which we have been striv- ing for the last four years. But this is the end of only one of the many stages of our lives. We must be continually striving for some other goal, something higher and better. Tonight is the last night which we will spend together as a class. Tomorrow the class of 1917 will not be a thing of the present but a thing of the past. What does the future hold for us? That is for each one to decide. If we wish honor and success, we must work for it. Let us live up to our motto as a standard, "Impossible is Un-American." And now the final parting has come. We have worked eag- erly for this moment but considered not how difficult would be the parting. But the time is swiftly passing and now the Class of 1917, in its turn, bids you all "Farewell." -Alice Pierce. .96-5' Lyle D. "I've got a foot of railroad iron, Mr. I-Iobbs. do you want to see it?" We always knew his feet were heavy. Miss Pett. "Please write on just one side of the paper so that when people at the exhibit read it they can just turn right over." Freshie. "I heard you had a class meeting last night and no one attended." Rhinie. "Yes, it was announced that all who stayed away would be elected for some office as a punishment." Miss Taylor. "Name some of the works of Chas. Lamb." M. Cowgill. "Mary Had a Little Lamb." Miss Mensch. "Margaret, what were you thinking of when you wrote this?" Bill Bobb. "Loren," I43l Salutatory ATI-IERS and Mothers, and Citizens of Three Rivers: In ap- pointing one of their number to extend to you, this evening, a word of welcome, the Class of l9l7 is following an old established custom. Like all customs of forgotten origin, this, too, may easily lose its significance, and become a lifeless form. May l, in the few minutes allotted me, briefly explain to you what we, of this class, would have you understand by this greeting. This evenings exercises bring to a close a course of education in which every child of the community, not only is permitted, but compelled to share. Not so many years ago, that which every child claims as a right was the rare privilege of the few. Culture and ignorance were alike accidents of birth. The few enjoyed the privilege of leisure and learning, the many were doomed to a life- long denial of unsatisfied aspirations. "Perhaps in many a neglected spot is laid Some heart once pregnant with celestial fire: Hands that the rod of empire might have swayed, Or waked to ecstasy the living lyre. "But knowledge to their eyes her ample page Rich with the spoils of time, did ne'er unrollg Chill penury repressed their noble rage And froze the genial current of the soul. "Full many a gem of purest race serene The dark unlathomed caves of ocean bear: Full many a flower is born to blush unseen, And waste its sweetness on the desert air." To America belongs the proud distinction of having been the first to introduce a system of universal education. Even today, when practically every nation has an educational system of some kind, it is doubtful whether there is any country in the world where the path from the kindergarten to the university is so straight, so broad, so unobstructed, as it is in our own beloved land. To ap- preciate what this means, one need but note the incredulous sur- prise of the Russian jewess, Mary Antin, when she first learned that any child could start her on the path to the highest culture and introduce her to the company of the learned. lt is the glory of America that her public schools know no dis- tinction of race or lineage. Opportunities are open to all alike. l49l Progress is limited only by ability to receive. So far as the school is concerned, the child of the millionaire and the beggar compete on absolutely equal terms. Each generation starts life equal in preparation, if not in endowment, and the stream of democracy is constantly renewed and purified at its source. Could any nation offer her children a fairer gift? For opportunity is the work of man, but endowment is the gift of God. In you, Fathers and Mothers and Citizens of Three Rivers, we see the worthy successors of those who left us this priceless heritage. They gained it for us: you, by your interest and vigilance, render it secure and permanent. We welcome you here this evening to in- spect, and, we hope, to rejoice in the work of your hands. VVe do not care to conceal a feeling of quiet joy, and modest triumph in having completed our school course. But without your presence, our joy would be chilled, and our triumphs barren. Your ambition has inspired, your hope has sustained our efforts. We trust that what you see here this evening may assure you that your labors and sacrifices have not been in vain, and that, in the small service which we render the world, you may live again. Standing on the threshold of life's school, we beg you to follow us still with your sympathy and your prayers. Assured of this, we can face the future with confidence: "the world all before us now, and Providence our guide." -A va Com in. 95' lim Comin. fNaming U. S. presidentsj "VVho came after Taylor?" R. Pollock. "W'orth." Mr. Adams blushingly admits that he is in league with Dan Cupid, and that he received generous recompense for locking Miss Taylor and Mr. Worth in the school building. L. Duncan fdescribing fiber's in Gen. Science? "The wallen fibers have littlefyou knowelittle-Oh! catch me's on them." Miss Robb. "XVhat is compressed yeast?" E. Godshalk. "A kind of liquid done up in paper." Miss Eldridge when announcing D. A. R. prize essay contest said, "Anecdotes will help the essay." Malcolm Rahn, coming out of his trance asked, "VVhat did you say about nanny goats?" l50l Class History HOSE events which are of the greatest importance in the lives of men are always to be found in History. Thus, the events of our High School days are among the important ones of our lives and are those to which we will turn in time to recall those happy days we record in History. Only a few more short weeks to spend together and then we shall be separated no doubt never all to meet again. We shall take up our work in the great wide world, but shall never forget the good times we have had together as students of Three Rivers High School. ln September, 1914, seventy-two students were enrolled in the High School as Freshmen, and no doubt we well deserved the name, at least so the Seniors thought. lt did not take us long, how- ever, to find our places, and we were even so bold as to enter athletics. The next year, we had only fifty-seven members, some having moved to other places and others, unable to stand the hardships, having dropped out. Those who remained in the class came back more eager and more determined to bear the rank of Senior some day. Again we were well represented in athletics and took our part in the school activities. Raymond Rahn was elected President, Clifford Nicholson, Vice President and james Comin, Secretary and Treasurer. We chose as our colors maroon and white: the American Beauty Rose as our Hower: the Ruby as our class stone: and "Impossible is Un-American," as our motto. This statement we still hold as our motto, and so as a class we have striven earn- estly to give evidence of our firm belief in it. ln the fall of 1915, we entered High School with a deeper feel- ing of respect and a greater interest than ever in its affairs. We were still striving to gain the end so long desired, that of being Seniors. This year james Comin was elected to lead us through our trials and tribulations, especially through those looked-for dis- turbances always occurring between juniors and Seniors. But thinking it would be much better to be friends than enemies we buried thehatchet on May 2-lth at the lunior-Senior banquet which was held at the Methodist Church in honor of the Seniors. August, 1916 saw us more dignified and more eager to reach the place where we might set our numerous ships asail, and take up our various positions on the sea of life. james Comin, because of his able leadership during our lunior year, was again unanimously elected President, as we thought him best suited to lead us through the most serious trials of our Senior year. Soon, work began upon l51l ,. -1 1- H V., , Y' ,W,4J Xr3 i i ,Q ,iMg3i'Qy q y v Y' , ag. . 3 1+ 14' x P Q5 4 W vx 'Vw 1.2 I, y ' ' lv-' 8 Q Q f D HL. V I Nt 1 ' ,fT.x Arm' v F? . J knxy' W ut, Q' 3 , uf fx 1 .JMX 'f..,f'." ,, Q up . ,qi 'W' . 45'- v an 1 I ,V -X lv, i H, , 'xifw U. LJ' ? ,JM T 'fa ' Hx i , ,Ns ww the Reflector with Ava Comin as Editor-in-Chief. Our first play, "The Merchant of Venice Up-to-Date," was presented in Decem- berg the second, "Those Dreadful Twins," in April: and the last, "She Stoops to Conquer," on june the 6th, Although it has been the custom for the juniors to give the Seniors a banquet we were not so royally treated this year, how- ever, because of the "High Cost of Living!" On the evening of june 3rd, Rev. Floyd Blewfield gave the Baccalaureate sermon. lt was one which we will always remem- ber and which will be of great benefit to us. june the 7th, we all assembled at the Presbyterian Church for our Commencement EX- ercises. All realizing that it was the last time we would all be to- gether, our hearts were a little saddened in spite of the joy of the great occasion. While the Venetian Trio played a soft melody, we marched into the church and took our places. After several selections by the Venetian Trio, we listened to the wonderful ad- dress given by Dr. Thomas Nadal of Olivet College. The message he gave us we will all remember, l'm sure. After a lew words from Mr, B. E. Andrews we were presented with our diplomas and we all knew that a new door had been opened to us and we were soon to enter upon a new life, into which we had never before had a glimpse. On june Sth, we attended the Alumni reunion as we were now Alumni of Three Rivers High School. May each Senior of the class of 1917 fulfill his mission and do his very best in the great work which awaits us. l know each one will because he was a member of the class of 1917. My last wish is "May happiness and prosperity follow each member as he enters upon the great path of life." -Charlotte Wood. .06 l-l. Sloan. "I saw a spider web the other day that had little bumps all over it." E. Knapp. "That was only a cheap one." Teacher fin Geom. class.J "Name some other lines besides straight, curved and broken lines." Bright student. "There are Cinspirationl trolley lines and fish lines." Elgy Slack. "Miss Eldridge, are you going to take Mrs. VVorth's place?" Miss E. "l'm going up in her room but I hope l'll not have to take her present place." 15-'ll Class Prophecy N this year, 1935, as l started with my band and grand opera company from Boston, with Ernest Miller the leading tenor of the company, I said to him: " 'Ernie,' as we travel over our route let us see as many of our old high school class as possible." He replied, "Now you're giving us the music, man!" Our route took us to New York and hearing thru the papers of the appearance there of the greatest American violinist, james Comin, and Beatrice Howard the renowned contralto, we decided to give them a surprise and dine with them after the concert. This evendulaHan'canK:oH nithe Ennnre Cknwervamny. 'There,xve heard the wounderful trio, for Ava was the accompanist, and then we dined with them at the Krull-Waldrof, owned and managed by the Krulls. That evening, our company, especially Ernest, ap- peared at the Madison Square Gardens for the first concert of the season. Clur nextstop being FWUsburg,xve yvere,indeed,surpnsed to be met by the Linsner twins in their fine automobiles. VVe were then given a meal to be remembered. "Well," "Ernie" said, "some feed, Eh?" These boys were managers of the steel works of that city. As our train pulled out from the depot, we saw entering the train for Washington, lean Defenderfer, the Congress-woman-elect from Michigan, with her secretaries, Esther jackson and Bernice Van Selous. This part of the trip took us through East Liverpool, where we saw the Ellet Art and Domestic Pottery Works, and from thence to Washington, where we were greeted by the President, a man from California, and the Vice President, john Cross, who were in the audience at the concert given at the Arner Auditorium. When we were an- nounced,Inonced nun laqxx Nhkelxvasthe Preddenfs pnvaue secretary and he afterwards gave us a "knockdown" to the notables. From here, we traveled directly to Detroit, and to our great astonishment we found that the "skinny and fatty" of the class had gotten wind of our coming and met us with their Fords. Who?-M Well 'twas Ed and Russell. The former was the General Mana- ger and the latter was the chief engineer of the Ford Motor Works of U. S. A. Ed knew our failing for putting away the eatables, and so we were given an elegant meal prepared under the super- vision of his admired wife, Sophia. Being so nearthe scenes of our'1nghH days and as Ernem wanted to visit his mother UI it was agreed that Three Rivers l53l should have a treat if they wished to call our music by that term. .Arriving at noon, we found that the entire "LimoFord" livery ser- vice was owned by Slack lElgy. you knowl who transported the company to the Lott House and through the kindness of Gerold. the Proprietor. we found or heard about our school mates. Robert Duke. we found, was the Manager of the Three Rivers Wholesale Grocery House: Lawrence Guetthoff. the Tailor who put the "Dress" in dress suits: Lyle LDickl Duncan. the famed berry and fruit grower of the Consolidated Berry and Eurit Farms of Three Rivers: Charlotte NYood. the editor of the Municipal and Commercial Hustler: Alice Pierce, teacher and principal of the foreign language department of the high school: Bertha Black. the private secretary to the president of the Diesel C. O. Engine Co. Some of the class mates. who had declared war on the sprite. Cupid. and others who had caressed him and nurtured the hope were: XYillow: the Ruths: Fitch and Elliot: Muriel. Dorothy and Nina. ln Chicago. we found Webster Dock. a regular Bear in the Stock Exchange: Margaret. true to her promise of the years before, content with a line husband and plenty of servants: and Clarence Pollock. the Sunrise Baker. Iourneying westward toward the end of our tour and the list of comrades of the old days. we found Robert Ruggles. the governor of the State of Utah lyou take a wifel. and at the end of the iourney. the familiar face of the "Nifty" Langley making and furnishing aeroplanes for "Uncle Sam". To the class mates-Perhaps your desire for life and your only ideal has HOT been noted here in the way of your liking but the writer will say that only one hand governs our lives and that not his. -P11111 H. ll'c'Ul'CI', '1f'. .95 Nliss McCain. "What does a train in the distance sound like?" XX arren Plummer. "Like thunder." Xliss Klensch in Geometry, ldrawing two triangles on the board. saidl "Loren. theres your picture." Nliss XlcCain. "What is a wet sponge like?" Harry Baker. "A rotten apple." Ed Drumm in English reciting "XYordsworth's Dde on Immor- talityf' "VVe come from trailing clouds of glory." Ruth Elliott. "He must have been a big cloud." i54l Class Will HE Class of 1917, being of sound mind and body, and having no further use for certain things with the aid of which we have climbed to fame during the last five years, wish to leave them to those who shall come after us and, accordingly, we declare this our last will and testament. First. We wish to leave to the Juniors, when they have at- tained the rank and dignity of Seniors, and occupy seats in the room commonly designated as the Senior Room, the right to talk as much as they please and to stand in the halls during dismissal: said privi- leges to be enjoyed only until said Seniors are sentenced to "seats upstairs." Second. To the Sophomore Class we will and bequeath our extremely remarkable manners for which we have been so noted during the past four years, and about which our Principal has so often spoken. Tliirrl. To the Freshmen, we sorrowfully give the few kind looks and Words which we have received from the Faculty. We ask that these things be carefully guarded as they are "the only ones in captivity." Fourth. To the Rhinies, we bequeath our excess knowledge of Parliamentary Law and our extremely good behavior at Class Meetings. Fifth. The Seniors of the Vergil Class give to Miss Straughn, their special translation of the word "fessus", with the provision that she will allow no one else to use it and that it is used only in extraordinary cases. Silrtli. The girls of the Physics Class will all the knowledge of that subject, which they have gained during the past nine months, to some deserving Iunior girl, in hopes she may fare better than they did and will not have to study more than three hours in prepa- ration of each day's lesson. Seveiitli. The Sixth Hour Senior English Class wills and be- queaths to all future English Classes its skill in avoiding all topics pertaining to the lesson. Eiglitlz. To Donald Schweitzer, we leave two inches of james Comin's height and a few pounds of Edmund Drumm's weight. Ninth. To Miss McCain we wish to leave all the conver- l 55 l sations she missed and those she did not interrupt while she was on "hall duty." Personal Bequests First. Sophia Doll bequeaths to Madeline Mowrer her ability to play the violin with her left hand. Second. Dorothy Hartman, having decided never to sing on the stage again, wishes to leave to Bertha Coates her wonderful range and power of voice in rendering the song thorrendum dictull entitled "Wilt Thou Be Mine." Third. To Mrs. Cauffman, james Comin leaves his influence in making students sing in Mass Meeting, providing said influence is used every Monday and Wednesday morning. Ffiiirtli. Margaret Beerstecher will give to Claribel Rahn fif said Claribel Rahn will call upon her in privatel her secret for making real curls that stay smooth, in place, and look natural. Fifth. Russel Breyfogle, having a larger quantity of these qualities than he deems necessary for any one mortal, wills and be- queaths to Charles Braden a portion of his alertness of speech and agility of foot movement. Simtli. Webster Dock, who has a peculiar aversion to report cards covered with "As", requests that several of his failures be given to Harold Hazen. Screnitlz. John Cross wills to Chester Nearnan his dexterity in skipping school without UD being caught. Eiglztlz. Charlotte Wood, our star forward, bequeaths to Alice Graves her Basket Ball ability with the suggestion that said Miss Graves be elected captain next year. Nintli.. Lyle Duncan wishes to give to "Jeff" Ware all his "ponies" With care, the aforementioned ponies, may be used for hauling fthrough examsl for several years. Tenth. The "Linsner Twins" and "Nifty" Langley, knowing Miss Eldridge's fondness for Sen-Sen, give to her all of the "awful stuff" she finds in her room after the sixth hour class. Elezieiztli. jasper Mickel, about to leave the scenes of his boyish activities, wills and bequeaths his choicest possession, one Fresh- man girl, tothe class of '20. l-lis only reouest is that said girl be treated with extreme care. Twelfth. Lyle Duncan and Dorothy Hartman wish to leave f 56 l to Amy Dunckel and Roy Shellhous their best wishes for as close, happy and lasting a friendship as they have had during their last few months in school. masses fm. 4. .wywlgu sifcvawfiasemwf fy fb ,f 7f fl 'H ,ai-ff: ftlffffifliflj f'-fffnfcfv wwf t ww 45 We fd fer, fd W. 4, J I Y X ,X i--L, 5,4 K 1 V : C CcCcc+LLc1i,.LCifpuc' X mr .LQW-Mews" ' X! k , Dfw-011 Qlfrvkflwff' bl, Ly J 74, 'mfnxwufmpifzihm' 94.04-zfv."4fr-.ff4 M -irc K 7V "LA" get 'A ' - f' Svlfrlxua, K U0-LL Uv 111404-- A ffjjflj fclaffvifzg , pg scxl. 5, 124129 fgwycaf. . A A . J. . wwe: 4 wal WM Wi we ,c 'h'l"'l'.' 'T 'ifqyv VK B-'AQ-iv: .. ff it ,- A' V Y, Msg g I ckQY.1,,ifff-piifffaragff rif kbcf-,QQ 'xyviiolk uucuicmxgj A V 4 2 M Qqoqfs if'7""'5'Zf 'llll WUIICES bCI'6Of, we, the undersigned, do on this, the twenty-seventh day of April, set our hand and seal. Witnes.scS.' Frances Eldridge, Virginia Straughn. 96 A freshman writes that one can distinguish between cotton and woolen fabrics by the way wool scratches, Would "snoring" be classed as sheet music? Brilliant Geom. Student. "A circle is a round straight line with a hole in the middle." Latin Translations. "Having been killed, he marches into Macedonia with 25,000 warriors." Toast. "Here's to our teachers and parents: may they never meet." Miss McCain. "What are the people living in Texas called?" Gladys Mclury. "TeXicans." f57l "The Merchant of Venice Up-to-Date" HIS play is written as a parody on the Shakespearean "Mer- chant of Venice," and has a similar, but more modern plot. james Comin, as Antonio, the great foot-ball player, gives his bond to Shylock tErnest Millerl, from Whom he has borrowed a Caesar pony, and as a forfeit, if it is not returned within a month, Shylock is to have a pound of Antonio's hair nearest the brain. The fair Portia Cliathleen Arnerj by the will of her father, is decreed to marry the one of her suitors who, choosing from the three caskets, passes the examination he finds within. One con- tains a Caesar, one a Cicero, and one a Virgil examination. The Caesar casket is chosen by Bassanio Uohn Crossj, one of Antonio's fnendsandiknunnobouowstheponytohehnhnnpawtheexannna- tion. Gratiano and Nerissa tWalter Langley and Charlotte Woodl also decide to have their fate determined by the examination. Bas- sanio is successful and in his excitement forgets to return the pony. Shylock, who hates Antonio because of his fine foot-ball play- ing,and because he hascdoped wvnh jesmca tXNGHovv Everhar0, his tShylock'sl ward, plans his downfall with Tubal fLyle Dun- canl,capnnncizu1oppoQngfoobbaHteanL During the game, Antonio is confronted by an officer and arrested by Shylock. During the court proceeding, the startling discovery is made, by an X-ray photograph, that Antonio has no brains, hence the forfeit--"a pound of his hair nearest the brain"-cannot be obtained. Mrs. Gabbo fMuriel Crossl and Launcelot Gabbo tEdmund Drummj furnish amusement throughout the play. Dorothy Hart- rnan,ashdBsfXbbk2TWueedkx1theteachenissknnzuulconnnand- ing. The part of Polly, Portia's maid, is Well taken by Sophia Doll. -Miss Robb. T581 "Those Dreadful Twins" HIS play, the second of the Senior plays, was a farce centering about the Dreadful Twins, Margaret Beerstecher and jasper Mikel. The humorous situations of the play were brought about by the escapades of the Twins, a case of mistaken identity, and the love affair between Becky, a typical old maid fDorothy Hartman! and a Sheriff flohn Linsnerl having a taste for intoxicating liquor. ln the opening scene, Josiah Brown and the Deacon, played respectively by john Cross and Russell Breyfogle, are discussing with Becky the advisability of presenting the minister's wife with a "statue of Minervyf' The twins, supposedly left there by jose- phine, the daughter of josiah Brown, make their appearance. After considerable quarreling and teasing, they introduce the slight- ly intoxicated Sheriff to the mysteries of Becky's vanity-bagfeto which they have added a little ink. During the same act, Pauline Ellet as Mrs. Brown, who has engaged Lynx the great detective to aid her, enters looking for her deserting husband. Lynx tErnest Millerl thinks he has come up- on the "most diabolical plot ever concocted," and he determines to arrest the conspirators. A box containing the statue being carried up the river, stimulates his imagination and he "makes a note of it." In the last act, Walter Langley made quite an impression, as Rastus who takes the place of the broken statue, "Minervy." Finally, the twins are returned to their rightful mother. Josephine Brown fSophia Dolll is reconciled with her father, and Becky and the Sheriff announce their engagement. Every one "lives happily ever after" excepting, perhaps, Lynx who, in spite of all of his endeavors, has not succeeded in arrest- ing anyone. -.lliss Strriuyluz. l 59 l "She Stoops to Conquer" MR. HARDCASTLE fRussell Breyfoglel informs his daughter Kate lliathleen Arnerl that a son of his dearest friend, Mar- lowe, is coming as her suitor. Young Marlowe Uasper Mickelj and his friend Hastings fErnest Millerl are led to think that the Hardcastle home is an Inn. The ones responsible for this are Tony Lumpkin, Mrs. Hardcastle's son tVValter Langleyj and the inn-keeper Stingo flohn Linsnerj. They go there for the night and give orders for the inmates. Hastings' fiance, Miss Neville fCharlotte Woodl, who lives with the family, tells him of his mistake. Marlowe is kept in ignorance, but Kate is told. She, knowing Marlowe's feeling of bashfulness in the presence of ladies, "Stoops to Conquer," at the suggestion of her maid fNina Klinel, and takes the part of the maid. Mar- lowe falls in love with her. Hastings is thwarted in his plan to elope with Miss Neville, who is to be taken to her aunt's by the angry Mrs. Hardcastle fMuriel Crossl. Under Tony's direction, the two are purposely brought back. In the mean time Marlowe is asked to leave the house because of his insolence to the supposed inn-keeper. His father fLyle Duncan? arrives. Young Marlowe's mistake is made known to him and his actions are forgiven by the others. The story ends happily. ellliss Pett. H501 Q' i The Sacrifice for Life H, did you see that?" asked lim. "A rocket! Some ship is on the rocks and such a night! Not much hope for them. A boat could never live through such a storm." jim Davis stood at the window of his cottage and watched. He was a fisherman of gigantic frame, and lived not far from the sea shore that he might be near his occupation. He was noted far and wide along the shore for his strength, skill and bravery. Several times during the summer of the year before lim had carried lines to boats in distress along the shore at the eminent peril of his own life. For these deeds of daring and bravery he had gained for himself the name "lim, the Strongheartf' Outside, the wind howled and the snow blew in every di- rection. lt was fearfully cold. Rocket after rocket streamed its way through the darkness of the midnight sky, followed at intervals by the low, rumbling crash of a gun. lim watched the rocket and listened to the guns in their calls for help for some time. He was plainly agitated. He heaved great sighs. He stood first on one foot, then on the other, but his eyes never moved from the place in the darkness where the ship lay. A double rocket flared in the sky followed by two reports from the cannon in quick succession. The ship was breaking up. lim had reached his limit. Seizing his great coat and hat from a nail, he hurried out and down toward the shore followed by his wife's appeal to be careful. She remembered how lim had risked his life the summer before, but never when the sea ran as high as now. At the shore, nearly all the fishermen of the neighborhood were gathered about a small fire. They raised a shout as lim ap- peared. Nearby a small boat was drawn up on the shore. "Into the boat and carry them a line," commanded lim. Not a man moved. Big Ben Chambers spoke up, "tried it twice and we couldn't make the first reef. No use, lim." jim thought a minute. There were his wife and children. dearer to him than his own life. Yes, maybe there were some on that boat who had dear ones waiting for them in some distant city. He knew the "boys" would take care of his wife and children, but Oh! how he would hate to give them up. Quickly his mind was made up. Catching Big Ben by the arm he shouted, ffor he could scarce- ly be heard above the roar of the storm and waterl, "l'm going to f61l try and make that ship. Take care of my wife and children if I don't come back. When I give two pulls on the rope pull me in fast." All this time Jim had been taking off his coat, shoes and extra clothing. He shivered in the wintery blasts of the wind. His shirt must come off. He must have nothing to hamper his movements. A moment later he stood ready. A man of better physique never stood before a group of fishermen. With a light line around his waist he approached the water. lt seemed unmercifully cold. The waves ran high. Not a man spoke. They knew that once his mind was set no man could change it. As the water reached his armpits, a wave swept him off his feet, and he began swimming toward the ship. After a moment, it seemed as if the water warmed and he swam bravely out. The first reef was reached without much difficulty. lim rested a second, then dived. It was easier swimming under water, the wind did not hold him back. His legs ached. It seemed as if he were un- able to move, but the words of his wife rang in his ears, "Always remember us, Jim." The thought put new vigor into him, and he came to the top for breath, feeling stronger. But the strength did not last. The cold penetrated to the very marrow of his bones. He could no longer dive. He was too far gone. Near the second reef a gigantic wave swept him against some unseen rock. He felt a sharp pain in his left leg. He could no longer use it. At last, it seemed years, the thought came dully to him that it was broken. Still he fought on, not stopping at the second reef for fear of freez- ing. His breath came in gasps, his leg throbbed painfully but he struggled on. Now he could see the dull outline of the ship. He tried to shout but no sound came and he was buffetted by the waves until he was thrown violently against something hard. He grasped a cold, steel-like chain and hung on. It seemed years. Then, he tried with his last supreme effort to shout. A short, peculiar sound came forth. In a short timeeit seemed almost an eternity to Iim's bewildered mind in his agonyfsomeone grasped him and he was pulled up, up, up, and laid down. Several minutes later he was aware that someone was pound- ing him and he opened his eyes. He had reached the ship, how, he knew not. Strength came back rapidly and he was able to talk. "Fasten a heavy line on me, and the boys'll pull me back. l'll die of ex- posure and cold if I don't get where it's warm." He gave the two pulls on the line and grasping another firmly was pulled back into the sea by the "boys" on the shore. He struck the water on his back. There was a terrible twang, a pain in his back, then, with one last racking shudder he lost consciousness. Several days later, lim awakened to find himself in bed at l62l home. His leg was swathed in bandages and his back had a peculiar, stiff, pasty feeling. It was encased in plaster of paris. The doctor came daily but told them there was no hope, lim would be a cripple for life. ln being pulled off the ship he had struck in a position such that he had severely wrenched his back. When he was strong enough to hear the story, all the "boys" came up and Big Ben, as their spokesman, told him of how they had pulled him in, more dead than alive, but still clasping the rope from the ship, of how they had carried him home and then worked all night getting the crew and passengers off the ship, "but", Ben added, "We have lost our best man, in you lim, and only seven were left to take off." "I would do it again if I had the chance. A sacrifice for life is always freely given", was lim's reply as he gazed out at the never motionless ocean, sparkling and dancing, in the sunlight of a calm, cold day in December. 7ECfllZllllCI Drzcmm. 95 Mr. Lyttle fexplaining Economics problem.J "If I had a wood pile, an axe, and ten cents, and l gave you the ten cents, what would happen?" Clark Jacobs. "l'd faint." Mr. Lyttle in Civics. "Reading the morning paper is as essential to me as eating breakfast." Ava Comin. "lt is to me too: l never eat any." Mr. Lyttle fto Civics class.J "What good weekly magazines shall we take to study this semester?" Student. "Life" Mr. Lyttle in History. "Name some prominent people in the History of the United States." Lawrence Guetthoff. "Mary Pickfordf' One of our popular school boys defines an alloy on his exami- nation paper thus: "An alloy is the combination of two medals." E631 Mother Goose Rymes -Translated by Cl Senior Sing a song of sixpence, A bunch without much gloom. Thirty and eight Seniors Packed in a room. When the door was opened, They all began to sing, Oh weren't we a dandy bunch To pass in everything?" an Farm Crops class! Oh Farm Crops class! Come blow your little horn. The weeds are in the meadow, the grubs are in the corn Oh where is the teacher who looks after the bunch? Up in the restaurant eating his lunch. One, two, three, four, five, got out of Latin alive. Six, seven, eight, nine, ten, bet I'll never fry it again. Bluff away Seniors on the honor top. When the teacher calls, the bluffing will stop. VVhen the exams come, the blufling will fall. Down will come Seniors, blufling and all. Gerold Lott has lost his pony, And dor1't know where to find itg Let him be, a bluffer is he, And he won't need to mind it. Muriel Cross could get no Latin, Alice could get every line. And so between the two, you see, They got their lessons fine. Little Miss Ellet, sat in a corner, Whispering to all the room. Along came a teacher and said like a preacher, "You'll sit in the Assembly room soon." Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the odor of beef well done. l64l Be we absent or be we late, Let's go down and tickle our pal-late. Hi diddle diddle, lim and his fiddle, The Seniors danced 'round the room. The little Rhinies laughed To see the sport, And Bea ran away to "spoon" Teacher, O teacher, have you our O. Kfs, "Yes sir, yes sir, and all are A's." "One for a junior, one for a shark. "None for a little boy out after dark." This little "farmer" Went to Sturgis, This little "farmer" stayed on the job, This little "farmer" said, "I did neither, I slipped one over on I-Iobblslf' Higelty, Pigelty, Charlotte Wood! She made baskets as fast as she could. Sometimes ten! Sometimes nine! Higelty, Pigelty, Wasn't that fine. Sturgis' score hung on the Wall, Sturgis' score had a great fall, All the yelling of all their brave men, Couldn't put the score up again. Gerold Lott, Gerold Lott, where have you been? "I've been to Sturgis to look at the corn." Gerold Lott, Gerold Lott, what do you know? "I found a pretty girl and went to the show." "Steve" was in his office, picking out the "sharks," I-Iobbs was in the Science room, making out the marks: Eleanor was in the cooking room, making chocolate fudge Along came a Senior and said, "Oh what a smudge!" Seniors merry, quite contrary. How do your lessons go? With bluffs galore, And many things more, And nice A's all in a row. -Estlzefr Jacksrm, '17 f 65 I - - '-v . -9 - ' ' . fv, x,f:v"iff:g 'X 5' .bc"f.- -'F-'.-'If f ' .gf , ,. ,,,. . - 5 3.-1,,..fa ...,,...3-.uhgk h . " A Y , "gs 4 -'QL 1 x .4 ,:...p ' '.-'92 z,,x"Y- ,, ,, - I 'fp- - ,, ,, , ,J . , . . ,. .N ,I ,.hwzv4,. ug,,.f, Q,-A LN X -T ,f J N11 N T :1--1' 'S' ' . 5 15'-1., .,- I, WX' 1 'nf- 'fiivq , if M ,5 W k ,Arun ' r-It - -rr- I I AT K 'if gjp' J 2152 Q-Y M . ' 'gl IM ' ,-v ' 2 ..,-K W YE E EH h x ! rf . ff R' s I V i ,S S 5 ww rrsfu. "f y 11 Book Three H What Organizations: You lV1Il The Literary Societies The Eclectic Society The Aeoiian Society Boys' Giee Club Girls' Glee Club Chorus Orchestra Athletics: Boys' Basket Ball Girls' Basket Ball Soccer Ball Base Ball Inter-Class Meet Field Day Editorials: School Spirit Seniors' and Hunkies Class Games The Red Cross Society Graduating in Caps and Gowns Military Training An Ideal Student An Ideal Teacher A Gymnasium Dramatics: "Mr. Bob" "The Tempest" Oratorical and Declamatory Contest The Art Entertainment The D. A. R. Program Miscellaneous. l68l The Literary Societies HE powerful engine owes much of its strength to its balance. Take away this balance, this poise, and the exact symmetry, and the engine loses power. In place of the strong, smooth run- ning mechanism, you have a noisy, vibrating machine, liable to Hy to pieces under stress. So with the high school. It should have poise, symmetry, and balance. This gives an opportunity to each student to develop the many sides of his nature. We have studies for all, physical training for the selected, and we hope the literary societies will furnish an opportunity for every one to develop self expression. Besides enabling a pupil to stand before the student body and think and talk with an ease and a manner creditable to himself and his school, it is hoped the literary societies will create a better high school spirit, bring out the best high school loyalty, and furnish that something which is essential to a well balanced school. The programs should be so unique that all would look forward to them with eagerness. Then will they be mutually instructive and bene- ficial. They will produce common ties of memories, and polish the class room work, leaving the pupil with more strength and balance. -Mr. Lyttlc. 96 If you are tired of saying "hit on the head" try one of these: Drubbed on the dome. Bammed on the bean. Tapped on the conk. Bumped on the beezer. Biffed on the coco. Busted on the cranium. Wifted on the skull. Cracked on the nut. Nailed on the knob. Slugged in the belfry. Tammed on the peak. Dinged on the brain-box. Tunked on the wart. 4'KIlffl7?ZUZO0 College 111110.12 I69 The Eclectic Literary Society HE members of the Eclectic Society, as chosen by the com- mittee for organization, held their first meeting in the fore part ot February. This meeting was held for the purpose of organizing the society. A temporary constitution was accepted and the follow- ing ofiicers were elected: President - Edmund Drumrn Vice President - VVilliam Bobb Secretary ----- Alice Pierce A committee was then elected to arrange for a program in celebration of XVashington's birthday. The Washington program was given before the school on February 23, and was composed of musical numbers, patriotic songs. the life of VVashington and some selections from his addresses. Our second program was given on March 30, and was a pro- gram to "Boost Three Rivers." A description of Three Rivers was given by the President. The most important institutions were de- scribed in the following order: Schools, Zelda Kingsley: Library: Dorothy Hartman: Churches. Laura Bitting: Hospital, Mary XYeaver: Tanneries and Tanning, jasper Mickel: Strawberry Farm, Margaret Scidmore: Paper Mill, John Linsner: Sheffield Car Co., XYilliam Bobb: Municipal Lighting Plant, Edmund Drumm: Eire Protection and Bridges, Lynn Veyrick: Sanitary Conditions in Three Rivers, XYilliam Hand. The tirst literary paper of the society, called the "Eclectic Buzz," was read at this meeting. It was prepared by the editorial staff, which was as follows: Editor. Esther Avery: Literary Editor. Flossie Childs: loke Editor. Mildred Clifford: Gossip, Paul Tessin: News, john Weaver: Athletics, Margaret Beerstecher. Some of the features ot this paper were the items of school news. jokes and editorials, one of which was especially interesting to the members of the Aeolian Society. The Eclectic Society has not been in existence long and is just getting well under way in its progress at the close of the school year. But already it has proved to be an object of interest to the High School and to many of the citizens of Three Rivers. Let us hope that it may be reorganized in the coming year: that its mem- bers will constantly work for its growth and advancement: and finally, that the Eclectic Society will become one of the most in- teresting and enjoyable features of the Three Rivers High School. -.-111.66 PfC7'CC. SCC'y. lT0j The Aeolian Literary Society EAR the beginning of the year, Mr. Lyttle appointed a com- mittee to choose the members of the Aeolian Literary Society. The Hrst meeting of this society was held in the Assembly Room of the High School, February 13, 1917. The following officers were elected: President - - Donald Whitsell Vice President - Amy Dunckle Secretary ------ Muriel Cross At this meeting the president was given the power to appoint a committee to choose the name of the society, a program com- mittee, and the editorial staff of the literary paper, the "Aeolian Breeze." The editorial staff is as follows: Editor ------ Muriel Cross Literary Editor - - Rosann Predmore News Editor - - Paul Weaver Athletic Editor - james Comin Gossip Editor - - Amy Dunckle joke Editor ----- George Cross After hearing two programs given by our rivals, the Eclectic Literary Society, our committee arranged a program which was conceded to be better than either of those given by the other society. This was given in chapel on Friday morning, May 18, 1917. Being of a patriotic nature, the program was especially inter- esting to everyone. The school sang two songs, America and Star Spangled Banner. Mr. Kanningmeyer, of South Africa, whose home is in Cape Town, told us of some of the customs of his country. Harold Hazen and Prentice Bothwell then played the fife and drum. It is not often that me hear a duet of this nature and we greatly enjoyed it. The "Aeolian Breeze" was read and the Eclectic Society was forced to admit that their rivals could edit a paper really worth while even if they were slow at it. This year, being the first year for the literary work, was not quite so successful as we had hoped it xx ould be. In all probability, more interest will be shown ll6'Xt year and more things ul true value will be acconuflrslis-tl. e Muriel C', Sac. T711 1"' sb n "5 1, ur v'-by: 1-u M, , V :X if 14. .' , 'Q ,M 1' , ,lg 1 1 45 . xyl H J -4 , 'WK' I M, z..,.,Q, J 1 V. N. ' pg.. gf. s ,V-1 1 .1 n 'JY Boys' Glee Club HAT helps more in the making of any high school than some musical organization? Three Rivers High School is especially fortunate this year in having much talent along musical lines. The Boys' Glee Club takes a large part in the musical activ- ity in the school. Although the club is small this year, having only eleven members, yet it contains several who have talent along musical lines. These make up for its lack in numbers. The membership of the Glee Club is divided up as evenly as possible into first and second tenor, and first and second bass parts. There is no age limit for those wishing to be members, but it is asked that only those ioin who are acquainted with music. The reason for this is, that only sixteen pupils can be members, and since much depends on each one singing his part correctly, it is necessary that each know something about music. To increase enthusiasm a fourth of a credit a year is given for this work. The club meets once a week for forty-five minutes' practice. Mrs. Cauffman, the director, has had much experience in this work, and as a result of her efforts the Glee Club has been asked to sing on several occasions for school entertainments. As some of the members xvill graduate this year, as many as can sing are asked to come and take their places, to make the Glee Club even a greater success next year. -Elgy Slavic. l72l Girls' Glee Club E are justly proud of our Girls' Glee Club and the success they have achieved during the year. They have appeared on a number of programs during the year, and have been in de- mand for many others. The Glee Club is composed largely of girls from the junior and Senior classes and represents some of the best musical talent in the school. Nearly all of the members have had training and exper- ience in singing, so that "part-music" within the range of the voices is sung without difficulty. Many four part selections have been rendered beatifully by the Glee Club. Most of the material used has been in the form of separate codas. The rehearsals occur on Monday after school and a quarter credit is granted for this work. Interest and attendance have been exceptionally good, and pleasing tone quality and good harmony and expression have re- sulted from the steady practices. This is the Hrst year that regular Glee Club work has been at- tempted by the girls and it has proved beneficial to the members, as well as the school. f.lIr.s. C21 tlfllilll fl 11. l73l 1-1 E J Q:-7' 44W J ' QQ X -2, , .W . J . '- - ' 1 '.. J 1--ls LH 4, X - F7 f . E 1 ' ' ' A 11 lffix fe X S' 3 : 1' p W f ' A lf? -'Al X: A . tl 2 '-:' J I X img ,ee-u',AQ,:a -e YM Q 4 . - '-U .. 2: i Z 1 f ' 1 I is-.I h . in r?5,iT- if ,yn 3" ,B-3 io ix- 7: " --4 fegi ,V f - f ,'f Y ' " 1571, QL 1 J dei' L -ge-5 -, i iii-:i-'ji -ffxqg Af..-Al L I-hgh School Chorus HE C5313 is 2.2 o:gi'..9f3io1 composed CI members from all ie Qraies. jsxpi i: elgible for the Chomls who has sing- ---,A .L -- YET? , ..- Clif ....:'T"' 15 TC' C' ----Ne--- -if EL TED? IDI music and IO -TfbT.., AL: :ggi 5:5101 1 Izsioil flocfjozs. A gnsier it i :eir is gf'-'ez io: 5 jveme work. The meetmgs beli e'-'eq' fwfziiy :ti VN-eizesiiy moz-:ig for 2 period if lllfjii. Tie C1375 figs yes. -.1:ie: The eiie ifecfion :bf the heed of .1 King: Derfiimelt. Mrs. Cseilal. Lis been a success. There e-1l:.i'-:Te :emi-ef 1 the Ch :cus this rem. The ":'i:e: :e :lissfei izti its iererf iivisiezs. The re ie-'iiei iii ist Sli set.:-:i stgregi. ezo abt, whole the - - 5 sig 12-iii.. T35 je: there ere :ire 5:-grieve. Tie Chi:-gs T15 yea: ii :if Og-ereia as did the 735 Tie jreieig yes. ?:eTe"e:. they appeared at Thee L: e:te:T.e4"'e:T5 'filfil Were give: L2 C'-1'Z'?ff1'L WK ith sth oil ries. Tie st :gs that ire sig ae tele: ffffl classical music size seleiiizs 3:1 Gigi O15-ers. Tie sizgs are :ether tit. Ez: vii :elseif iii C-if'?f11i grettiee The C 215:25 Q: able .JJ 11- ' 'Lf' -Y - --- - - --, ., .1 :. I TTY ff-"..'1E". of "T'3"'?f. i, -. , - wwf." f, is ax' rfx 5 'T 'rg Xif 141 A 1' 3 QQ-f" if i. U! ! L V01 ,jx A L-' V 1 HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA Orchestra URING the first part of the school year, strenuous efforts were made to reorganize and enlarge the High School Orchestra. Through the efforts of Mrs. Cauffman and those interested in the musical activities of the school, this was accomplished and work was begun. Throughout the year, the orchestra has endeavored to practice Friday evenings after school, which time was devoted to practicing some classics and some popular music, in order that the orchestra might be prepared if called upon to play. The orchestra played for Chapel, March twelfth, and for the second Senior play, April twentieth. Their work was enthusiastically received both times. With only three members leaving this year, those remaining should be a fine start for the coming year and these with the help of the other students should strive to make the orchestra of Three Rivers High School a leading factor in the activities. Much praise and consideration are due Mrs. Cauffman for her untiring efforts toward making the orchestra a success, and the school should give its hearty support towards making it still larger and better for the sakes of themselves and their school. MEMBERSHIP First V1'0Iz'1zs.' Madeline Mowrer Irene Cowgill Marie McCrory Wynona Hart Piczno.' Dorothy Hartman Flute: Harold Hazen Drimzsf Prentice Bothwell .257 Second Violins: Gerald Roys Donald Diesch William Hand Iohn Weaver Cornet: Harold Sloan CIc1rionet.' Elsie Welty Trombone: Paul Weaver fPauI Wea Per Miss Robb. "When you light the fire put something over it always." Doris Robbins. "l'll put my hand over it." 77 TEAM BALL S'BASKET BOX Boys' Basket Ball STARTING the season with an entirely new team, and winning all our home games, and a majority of all the games played, We may well be proud of the showing of our Basket Ball Team. The team work developed this year was exceptional, and to this we owe our victories more than to anyone's individual playing, With four of our regulars back next year, we should have an exception- ally strong team. Comin, playing at center, was an important cog in the team work. He was fast and heady with remarkable basket ball ability. Krull, the leading point winner on the team, was exceptionally strong on the offensive. A close second on points, was Jacobs, the other forward. He also guarded his ground well on the defensive. Knapp, captain, played a strong running guard. His speed and aggressiveness make him a valuable basket ball man. The other guard position was filled by Whitesell, who, because of his strength and guarding abilily, was in a large way responsible for many of our opponent's low scores. Miller, filling both guard and forward positions, during the season played an aggressive and effective game. LINE-UP Ernest Knapp, Capt, Donald Whitesell james Comin, Mgr. Ernest Miller Frank Krull Clark Jacobs SCHEDULE THREE RIVERS OPPOINEVT Dec. 22, Mendon, here ,,c,, - .rc.,. c..... ...,. 3 lan. 5, Dowagiac, there ..... ..... . --- -----20 lan. 20, Bristol, there,c,..,.cccccc ..c, L L,,2l lan. 26, Bristol, here ...... ..,. .... .... .,.. ..., 8 Feb. 7, Kalamazoo Normal High, there .... ---. 69 Feb. 9, Vicksburg, here .c.c.... .,,. - , . o,c, ---,29 Feb. l6, Sturgis, here .......... . - ..... .--- ---- 17 Feb. 23, Lawton, here cocccc cooo c..c l -l Feb. 28, Buchanan, here .... .... .... l 8 Mar 2, Buchanan, there A--- ---,26 Mar. 9, Vicksburg, there .... .... 3 2 Mar. 16, Sturgis, there ---. .- .... ,,----4-l Mar. 30, Lawton, there ,uuur ............ 3 O l79l T. E. C11 ape! Q n fm 'fs 1 'Q 3 N-'f ,. L. 1 u .Z X X 'X Girls' Basket Ball 1916-17 HE same praise given to the Girls' Basket Ball Teams in former years, is due to the loyal members of T. R. H. S. who have given their time and energy this year to develop a team, which has helped our high school to take a firm stand in athletics. The girls in both teams worked faithfully two nights a week from October until the middle of March, and their efforts have been rewarded by the knowledge of the fact that out of the ten games played, our girls have won seven, Perhaps our most surprising victory was the one gained at Battle Creek on january nineteenth. The score was 32 to 13 and it is worthy of mention, that this is the only game lost by the Battle Creek girls during the last three years. By considerable shifting of the players, more than our regular team of six girls have been allowed to play thethree halves, neces- sary to gain their letters. This has been a good thing for the girls and the arrangement gives Three Rivers High School the assurance that while we are bemoaning the loss of a very strong part of the team-in fact almost all are seniors-yet, we have splendid ma- terial ready for work next fall. LINE-UP Charlotte Wood, Capt. Clarabel Langton Margaret Beerstecher Maxine VVoodman Willow Everhart, Mgr. Muriel Cross Sophia Doll Amy Dunckle Frances Wellington Mary Knevels SCHEDULE THREE RIVERS OPPONENT Dec. 22, Mendon, here r ...... 19 ...... ---- 7 lan. 5, Dowagiac, there -..-- r us. 12 .,s. --,, l-1 Ian. 19, Battle Creek, there - . , 32 srss U-. 13 lan. 26, Elkhart, here- -.s.v .3 ,s--15,,,- ---,l2 Feb. 9, Vicksburg, here 3 s,,- sss, 3 0 sss, --- 2 Feb. 16, Sturgis, here ....,. .... 9 ssss - -- 8 Feb. 23, Dowagiac, here ,,- ..,. 14 .--- --- -1 Mar. 2, Elkhart, there ,.... s,.. 7 ..s, .... 1 5 Mar. 9, Vicksburg, there --- .... 39 ..,,., ----,- 2 Mar. 16, Sturgis, there .s.. ..., 4 ...... .-.... 5 fF. Elrllfdgc. 1 31 1 , M X if X . . Xyf , v f x , 1 -' if 3 f - - 1' -, .H , A- 4 , f ! " 4 ,1 5' .1 - , ff: ., 1 x , -'T X' X .k ., , . F' F N EL , f X X - I x .N 'If If x 'W - Q If ,P gggza A X 45329555 , x fi' 1 X SX W. All ,asa QV ' ' '-qi. A , ' ' Vgf..4.3--if - 2? - f ig., - --F' 1' ffi'f:::" F - -, -'ff 2 +1 - -WY w ff s " -T-ififfji-I , - . +ifQ521.2 Q- 4? gum W.. REFLliUHQMi M TEA BALL ER SOCC Soccer Ball SOCCER BALL practice started the first Week of school with a large number of players to try out for the team. Several of last year's players were out and it soon developed that there would be a contest for every position on the team. The students are learn- ing the game and each year finds more of them taking up this form of athletics. As the season advanced enthusiasm increased, and in addition to the regular scheduled games with the other teams of the county, several class games were played. It would be a fine thing if each class in high school could be represented by a team, and in this way familiarize more students with the game. We are each year playing a better game, and the time is not far distant when the Three Rivers High School Will be represented by a championship Soccer Ball team. LINE-UP Edmund Drumm, Capt. Gerald Lott Clark jacobs Arthur Luck Bernard johnson Elgy Slack Frank Krull Warren Wescott Donald Whitesell Ernest Miller Walter Langley Olenn Eberhard Carl Reed SCHEDULE THREE RIVERS OPPONENT Sept. 23, Centreville, there ,s.. ,s,,s. . sl ,..... L s,sss 5 Oct. 7, Colon, there .... ....., ..., l . U- ---ul Oct. l-'-l, Centreville, here .Lc. - - L0 Lrc..o.. Lo - l Oct. 28, Colon, here .... .H ..--l .oL... .---o.l G. H. Ringle. .95 Jim Comin in English IV. "I don't think Hamlet was mad when he sent that love letter to Ophelia. Lots of fellows do that." Ed. Drumm Cteaching Eng. 3aJ. "VVhat does the History of Redemption Written by jonathan Edwards deal with?" Flossie Childs. "With the three Worlds, heaven, earth and hell, and the pleasure enjoyed in each." lS3l BASE BALL TEAM Base Ball Manager - - - Edmund Drumm Captain - - - Gerald Lott Coach ------ G. H. Ringle THE Base Ball season of 1917 has been a most successful one, not only in the games won, but in the true spirit of sportsman- ship shown by the players. Although but three veterans were in school the rest of the positions were quickly iilled and it didn't take the new members long to show that they could be relied upon to do the best kind of work. New suits were purchased this year which added much to the appearance of the team. The games played this season were all fine exhibitions of the national game with the exception of the second game with Colon when all the fellows took a day off from their usual good behavior and enjoyed the pastime of seeing who could swing the club the highest, hitting the least. Practically all of this year's team will be back next year and with an abundance of new material, prospects look bright for the 1918 season. Luck, Miller --- Jacobs ........ Paul Tessin ..., james Comin .... - . Roy Shellhousu Paul Tessin - . .- Everett Barger -. . H- Glenn Eberhard - -W Walter Langley Warren Abbott ..... - , james Black ....a. ..,, -. ........ P. P. and 3d B. -.-.-. lst B. -- ---..--.2dB. . ,,,,.. 3d B. -F. and 3d B. ---.-----.F. ---------,F. -E and S. S. -G. H. Rfngle. Glee Wolf. "They grow clover in the fall to protect the snow." E. Avery treading an English compositionl. "We got a bottle of gasoline and fed it to the engine." Miss Taylor, "Donald how could you make that sentence clearer?" D. W. "Why, just say a nursing bottle." Chester Numan. "They grow clover alone with timothy." l 85 l Inter-Class Meet N the fourteenth of May, an interscholastic meet was held at the high school. The class winning the highest number of points was to receive a fine track cup. This cup was donated to the school by Mr. G. Bodley, and we thank him for his generosity in contributing such a prize. The cup was won by the "Seniors" with "Nifty" Langley as the star, and with a little help from some of the other members of the class. Some good work was done by the rest of the school in the hope they might be able to wrench this grand present from their mighty superiors, but all their hope died as they saw the trophy slipping from their grasp. At the end of the meet, the points were as follows: Seniors, 72, juniors, 403 Sophomores, l lg Freshmen, llg Rhinies, l. Some good material was shown at this meet and it looks as if we might have a winning track team at the County Meet again this year. 4Erinest Miller, '17, Class Room Etiquette 1. Come in late if possible, because you will then be seen to better advantage and aid the lecturer in his pause. 2. Never bring a notebook. You can borrow paper from your friends and the noise created is but a slight distraction. 3. If you haven't a fountain pen your neighbor will loan you a pencil which you can sharpen during the lecture. This will enable those near by you to cough Without being heard. 4. Talk to the girl next to you. Her giggles at your witticism will enthuse the lecturer. 5. Sleep if possible. The lecturer always prefers an inter- ested audience. 6. Throw pencil sharpenings on the floor, the school has a janitor for the express purpose of keeping the floors clean. 7. Lastly, don't take notes for if you follow these rules you can remember all the lecturer has said. 8. lf none of these rules apply to you, just sit, stare and chew gum. -Nina Bernflzcwdt, '18. E361 Field Day THIS year's track team, under the leadership of Capt. Langley, has proved a happy surprise. ln the St. joseph County Field Meet, our men easily defeated the other schools of the county by the following score: Three Rivers 76, Constantine 34, Colon 26, White Pigeon 16. The point Winners for Three Rivers were as follows: Langley - -..- . o,.... 23i Miller ,oo,, A 3 Whitesell --.. ...,.. l5L E. Drurnm .,.v.,, . . 1 Benfer o,,,,. ,v,. l 01 I. Weaver, .,,, ,o,, l Slack ...,. Us 8 Wescottmu .----l Hand . ..... -U 6 W. Abbott .... ---.l R. Krull rccv ...... - 55 Total -------- --76 RESULTS OF THE MEET Shot Put-lst, Wiendorf, Colon: 2nd, Slack, Three Rivers: 3rd, Drumm, Three Rivers: 35 ft., 4 in. 50 Yard Dash, Class Avlst, Line, White Pigeon: 2nd, Hand, Three Rivers: 3rd, Wescott, Three Rivers: 62 seconds. 50 Yard Dash, Class B-lst, jones, Constantine: 2nd, Wiendorf, Colon: 3rd, Kline, Constantine: 52 seconds. Running Broad lurnpelst, Wiendorf, Colon: 2nd, Krull, Three Rivers: 3rd, Langley, Three Rivers: l9 ft. Base Ball Throw-lst, Slack, Three Rivers: 2nd, Wiendorf, Colon: 3rd, McCally, Constantine: 288 ft., 6 in. 100 Yard Dash, Class A-lst, Line, White Pigeon: 2nd, Hand, Three Rivers: 3rd, Abbott, Three Rivers: I2 seconds. 100 Yard Dash, Class B-lst, Wiendorf, Colon: 2nd, lones, Con- stantine: 3rd, Langley, Three Rivers: 1022 seconds. Half Mile Run-lst, Langley, Three Rivers: 2nd, Benfer, Three Rivers: 3rd, Weaver, Three Rivers: 2 minutes, 1322 seconds. 120 Yard Low Hurdle-lst, Niendorf, Colon: 2nd, jones, Con- stantine: 3rd, Langley, Three Rivers: 152 seconds. Running High lump-lst, Whitesell, Three Rivers: 2nd, Langley, Three Rivers: 3rd, Merick, Constantine: 5 ft., ll in. 440 Yard Dash-lst, Benfer, Three Rivers: 2nd, Whitesell, Three Rivers: 3rd, Line, White Pigeon: 582 seconds. l87l Standing High lump-lst, Whitesell, Three Riversg 2nd, Merick and Troyer tied, Constantineg 4 It., 25 in. 220 Yard Dash-lst, Langley, Three Riversg 2nd, jones, Constan- tineg 3rd, Caldwell, White Pigeong 243 seconds. Pole Vault-lst, Langley, Three Rivers: 2nd, Troyer, Constantine, and Fritzen, White Pigeon, tiedg 9 ft., 52 in. Standing Broad jump-lst, McCally, Constantine: 2nd, Miller, Three Rivers: 3rd, Merick, Constantineg 9 ft., 1 in. Relay Raceelst, Three Rivers, Iluangley, Benfer, Whitesell, Krulljg 2nd, Constantine: 3rd, White Pigeon: 1 min., 46 sec. -T. E. Chapel. Q5 Heard in German I, Miss Petr. "Herr Whitesell, was speelen Cplayl Sie?" Whitesell. "Ich spiele Deutchf' Miss Taylor. "Tomorrow I want everyone to write a story portraying horror: one that will make your blood stand on end and your hair curdlef' Does Miss Pett's mind Wander? Cloistenl In German Frauline Avery had the hiccoughs. Miss Pett. "Would you like to get a drink, but the Water's turned off." And offering to help Richard Krull, she said, "Herr Krull, be sure to come in and see me tonight, but I Won't be here." Linsner Twins. So like they Were, that no mortal man might one from the other know. I-Ieard in the hall. Mary Prang. "She's been Very sick." M. Beerstecher. "What's been the matter?" Mary. "She's had nervous perspiration." IM. B. laughsl. Mary. "Well what would you say-prosperation?,' Centreville Grammar at Soccer Ball Game. "Them is Three Rivers Girls." Why is an assembly room like a Ford? Ans. Because it has a crank in front and a lot of nuts behind. I83l Best looking girl ,... Best looking boy ooo,,, - Most bashful girl ....,., Most bashful boy ,o,oo,, Best natured girl - - -- - - - Best natured boy- ,,,. -- Most popular girl- ---- -- Most popular boy - - ---- Biggest blufler - ..-.-. - - Most High School spirit- Biggest feet-boy ------ Who'sTWho - Margaret Beerstecher- - Warren Wescott .--. -l Alice Graves - l Lucile Bond .------ - - Charley Braden - - - - - - -VVarren Wescott --Amy Dunckle -- --- --Glee Wolf--- --Amy Dunckleii--il --james Comin ---- - .- --Gerald Lott----- --- - james Comin -------- - - Emerson Lull - - - Silliest person ------------ Muriel Cross -------- Person with biggest head- - Edmund Drumm - - - - Biggest grind --.---- Biggest baby- ---- - Biggest girl primper Biggest boy primper Biggest booster ----- Neatest girl - - - Neatest boy - - - Biggest boaster- - - - - Biggest boy-girl ---- Biggest girl-boy ---- Noisiest girl -- - ----- Noisiest boy ------- Biggest gum chewer-- -- Most jollied person - Worst knocker - -- - - jolliest girl ---- - - --- jolliest boy ---- -- Most courteous ---- Best girl athlete ---- Best boy athlete--M Wittiest boy ---- Wittiest girl- - - - - Sleepiest boy .----- Most original boy- - - Most original girl -- - Biggest giggler - ---- --Alice Pierce -- -- ----- ----Mary Prang -------- - -- Mabelle Cowgill .--- - --Roy Shellhous -- ----- --james Comin ---- ---- --Ava Comin ------- - l Roy Shellhous ------ Robert Duke ---- ---- gl Edmund Drumm -- I Glenn Eberhart ----- -- Loren Ruggles ---- --- -- Margaret Scidmore--- - - Margaret Scidmore - - - -- Emerson Lull - .- ----- 'r sscowo Edith Godshalk john Cross ft Mary Brown - Margaret Scidrnore Donald VVhitesell - Margaret Beerstecher -Walter Langley - Frank Krull - Alice Pierce -Lyle Duncan l Beatrice Howard -I Mabelle Cowgill - Paul VVeaver -john johnson - Bertha Coates -Claribel Rahn -john Cross -Edmund Drumm l Edith Godshalk - Ruth Fitch l Helen VanScoter :P Gerald Herndon 3' Paul Weaver -Paul Weaver - Margaret Beerstecher -Pauline Ellet - Ernest Knapp -- Loren Ruggles -- ----- - Frank Krull --"Rube" Rahn - . - ---- Glee Wolf -. Gerald Lott - - -. .... Glen Eberhart --Amy Dunckle ---- ---- Muriel Cross Glee Wolf-- ----.----- Donald Whitesell --john johnson -- ------ -james Comin --Charlotte Wood ------ VVilloW Everhart Walter Langley ------ - Clark jacobs --William Bobb ------ --john Cross --Amy Dunckle -------- Margaret Scidmore --Ernest Knapp --------- Arthur Luck --james Comin --------- William Bobb --Ava Comin- ---- -- - Amy Dunckle --Muriel Cross - -- ---- Helen VanScoter E391 FAC U LTY Best looking mann--- ...., .--,--,-, Most popular teacher in school Best looking lady aa...--,........-..... Miss Dowling and ---, -Miss Eldridge Most popular teacher outside of school- gl Miss Straughn Nearest teacher - .. -- .... .... , . ..., ----Miss Pett- --- Wittiest teacher - . ..... - Most dignified teacher .... Best natured teacher ,....... Most industrious teacher .,.s Most exacting teacher .,.. Most original teacher -H - - - - Miss Mensch .. - , Miss Eldridge 196' ,Mr. Hobbs H - l Mr. Lyttlessa l Miss Mensch --.Mn Lyttle ---- LATIN Everybody is dead who spoke it Everybody is dead Who wrote it, Everybody dies who learns it, Happy death he surely earns it. v A cautious look around he stole, His bags of chink he chunk. And many a Wicked smile he smole, And many a Wink he wunk. After the game is over, After the field is clear, Straighten my nose and shoulders, And help me find my ear. Bye, bye, little Freshmen, Don't you cry. You'll be a Senior By and by. Modern History puzzles me, l never can see Why With so many, many reigns lt still remains so dry. l90l - Mr. Ringle aa,.. -Mr. Crawford ,Miss Robb -Miss McCain I . I Miss McCain, i MISS Pen --. Miss Eldridge Mr. Lyttle ..,.. . Mr. DeLong -Miss Pett ,Miss Robb - - - Mr. Lyttle E Miss Petr In Miss Eldridge S Miss McCain

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