Three Rivers College - Reflector Yearbook (Poplar Bluff, MO)

 - Class of 1970

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4x fl; 5?: QIAQ: .5 v ? :3- vxr s I DJK'? .. 'ap: " -- d. .' ' a .- V l .$ g; . " 1.. 1- - .' 4 THREE R I Mmo 79L'rEGE f 0.400664 1.236000 unon-1 E mmmmmg ESRG3 mmmmmm EROE.O N.Houe REILL7 mmmumm L09 smumnw HVN 1 musiqwu TWUOV umoqumnmu IC . am$mbom rmCGOWA :ifwm . awn U 0 y V; a m Iqm U n n a .B h t h Ob U 0 r h TI. :0 e S O p m 0U C 0 a7 hOJ t1. Sf 0.00 .me hOO .18 6H 0 WC. He ah Ct e r Q $.77.---7--W '774A 'J. l. , , u". H! W g "WIWMMM S t n e d U t S royalty - teachers - - dances - sports - and most of all Editor - Janet? Mobrey Advisor - Mrs. Martha Duncan ', 1f! . ' ' I , '. , 'x -; - . x , . ' '. V ,.j . . ,.. .. '.' . . x. ., .. ', 7 - C The REFLECTOR STAFF: Koren Clark, Curriculum,- Doyton Leferink, Sports Editor; Sue Stucker, Organizations;.lc1nice Kisner, Features; Ruth Persons, Organizations; Roseanne: Whiflow, Curriculum Editor,- Lindo White, Organizations Editor. Nof present: Gail West, Classes; Debbie Hobbs, Classes. THE REFLECTOR STAFF b i FEATURES n O .B W. .m m a V . N E E U Q R O T C E L F E R Peggy Costin Glenda Terry ATTENDANTS CHRISTMAS DANCE The highlight of winter activities at Three Rivers is the annual Christmas Dance. The Student Sen- ate members did on outstanding iob in setting the atmosphere for the holiday season. Without a doubt the Christmas season of 1969 began with a great success. BASKETBALL QUEEN - Sharon Armour ATTENDANTS Rhonda Matlock Dina Pennington The business field is the choice of ANNA BAR- NETT. She showed her interest in the field by being Secretary of DECA club and then mov- ing to the position of President. She received an Associate in Applied Science. SUZANNE JOHNSON has served TRJC well as editor of the Reporter, as Secretary of Phi Theta Kappa, as member of Astra Club and United Christian Movement. The Student Sen- ate was also part of her activities She re- ceived an Associate in Arts Degree. RALPH COOK, majoring in political science, has accomplished a great deal in the past two years. The music department played quite a role, since he was in both the "A Cup- pello" and "Madrigal" groups. Student government was his true concern and he served as both Vice-President and President of the Student Senate. t z. A talented girl with an individual way about her is JILBERTE MAYBERRY. She was a mem- ber of Phi Theta Kappa, a scholarship frater- nity and graduated with highest honors. She received an Associate in Arts Degree. Music is the goal for JANIS GALLAMORE. She was a member of "A Cappello Choir" and the select i'Modrigals." With all her ac- tivities she was still able to graduate with highest honors and receive an Associate in Arts Degree. One of the most sparinng young women at the college is DIANA McCUBBIN. She has ac- quired a long list of activities during the two years, participating in "A Cappellu Choir," the Reporter staff, President of the Spanish Club, member of the Music Club. She gradu- ates with honors. She received an Associate in Arts Degree. JAMES OVERTON has done an excellent iob this year as leader of Phi Theta Kappa by holding the office of president. This position took much of his time, yet he still maintained his position as writer on the Reporter stuff. He graduated with honors and an Associate in Arts Degree. Southeast Missouri State will be receiving 0 very capable student this fall when MARCEL- LA STOCKTON transfers. Moioring in social science she will leave TRJC with honors and an Associate in Arts Degree. Hard working and energetic, R. .l. RIDDLE is a responsible student holding the iob of Presi- dent of Architectural Drafting and Design Club. He spends many hours in the classroom and through his efforts he graduated with highest honors. He received an Associate in Applied Science. Business education moior REBECCA THACK- ER has achieved a high academic standing and participated in DECA Club by sewing as both the Secretary, then moving to President. She received an Associate in Applied Science. X. l The words considerate and industrious are synonymous with the character of ALLEN SIMMONS. Being a member of the Spanish Club helped him broaden his enioyment of the language, but chess proved to be of great interest and he was Chess Club Treasur- er. Allen graduated with honors and received an Associate in Arts Degree. One of the highest honors a college stu- dent can receive is to be included in Who's Who Among Junior Colleges. The faculty is responsible for selecting these individuals and several factors are considered. The student's scholarship is on important crite- ria, as well as his participation and leader- ship in academic and extro-curriculor ac- tivities. Also of importance are his citizen- ship and service to the college and his promise of future usefulness. 20 SPRING FORMAL "SUNRISE, SUNSET" The biggest event of the year at Three Rivers is the annual Spring Formal Dance. This year the Student Senate out-did themselves in decorations and hard work. The theme, t'Sunrise, Sunset" was brought out through the imaginative and colorful decorations placed on the walls, tables, and across the ceiling. The highlight of the evening was the announcement of the Reflector Queen and her attendants. Miss Valerie Ellison was chosen Queen and her attendants, Miss Peggy Costin and Miss Glenda Terry. It was one of the most beautiful affairs the student body enioyed during the year. President Westover confers the first Technical Degree to Mike Allen, Poplar Bluff. GRADUATION '70 As Freshmen they began their first year being part of the college student body, gaining security, and learning the im- portance of alertness and hard work. As Sophomores they realized that this was one of the most important steps into the future. The paths of success are open to them, the graduating class of '70. For the lost time they at- tend TRJC functions and they now approach a new threshold - the making of their future. 23 CURRICULUM THE PRESIDENT DR. H. TUDOR WESTOVER x3 Hb- Front Row: Dorothy Stewart, Dr. Tudor Westover - President, William D. Becker - Chairman. Back Row: Harold LaBrot, Richard Brumitt - Vice-Chairmon, James A. Holloway - Sec- retary, Ben Bidewell - Treasurer, Tony E. Cotes - Member. The real measure of the worth of an institution is the willingness of good men and women to serve freely to promote its goals. The trustees of Three Rivers Junior College have given freely of their time in developing a college of high standards. BOARD OF TRUSTEES Bob Kittermcm, Trustee from Grondin, Missouri; was a member of the original Board of Trustees. Because of the heavy responsibilities of his em- ployment he did not stand for re-election when his term expired in 1970. During Mr. Kittermon's term of office the College grew from a dream to a reality. His service as a trustee contributed much to the development of the institution. In April, 1970, the Boqrd of Trustees presented Mr. Kittermon a letter of commendation for distinguished service to the college. BOB KITI'ERMAN Trustee 1966.1 970 27 28 Puhdhnan-qaq- 'l ., htxhat . r: :mmunrunw m DEAN OF THE COLLEGE JACK D. VINCENT Friendly, considerate, but firm when he must be . . .thot's Jack Vincent, Dean of the College. His primary interest cor- responds to that of the college - to educate you, the stu- dent, for life. Mancn m! 4 -' DEAN OF STUDENTS MABEL SWINDEL DEAN OF TECHNICAL DIVISION PAUL H. HlLLIS 29 HAROLD LaBROT ELIVIA MAY LURA LEE MILLS WARD MOORE Business Manager CoHege Nurse Librarian Director of News Media ReIotions ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF MELVIN DALE PRIVETT Director of Financial Aids GLENDA STEWARD Director of Admissions NON-INSTRUCTIONAL STAFF HERSHEL BATTEN DON BUFFORD Director of Maintenance Custodian INABELLE BRADY JO CROSSEN Faculty Secretary Secretary to fhe Dean of Technical Ed. ANNA BELLE HAYS EDNA LaBROT ELEANOR FULLER VIRGINIA HARTWELL Secretary to the Dean Manager of College Library Assistant Bookkeeper of the College Bookstore MARYLOU SPENCER RUTH STEELE DOROTHY STEWART CALVIN WILLIMS Bookkeeper Secretary to the Dean Secretary to the Custodian of Studenfs President of College 3' 32 VICTOR G. ADAMS Vocational Counselor LOUISE BROWNE English and Speech DOYLE M. BUTTS Business Administration TH E FACU LTY GENE V. BESS Physical Education x ROY BROWNE Business Administration Chairman, Division of Business MYRTLE CHAMBERLIN English Chairman, Div. of Humanities JERALD BLEMKER Mathematics ' a- ,- 1w . ., CAROL ANN BRYAN Dental Assisting MARY CLARK Biology CAROL CORYELL Music SAM CORYELL Music BOB CRADIC FRED CREDILLE RUDELL CRITES Physical Education Agri-Business Secretarial Science Chairman, Phys. Education Division MARTHA DUNCAN JASPER EDMUNDSON RICHARD N. FRISH Business Education Practical Business Law Social Science Chairman, Social Science Division SILAS GALLEGOS GILBERTO HINOJOSA WILLIAM F. HODGE Arch. Drafting and Design Foreign Language Arch Drafting and Design DR. JARREL D. HOLT CYNTHIA HOOVER KENNETH C. HOWARD Dental Assisting Physical EduccHon Agri-Business 34 . . j .x '. gww s J ' . t 9E3? X.H V V o, I J W s. I W iENk HUGHES English ELISABETH JACKSON NOEMY JIBBEN RAYMOND McCUE Science Laboratory English Business Mid-Mona'gemen! WESLEY MATHIS VIRGINIA MEREDITH RICHARD MINETREE Art English English 35 , i LEE MONROE HELEN MORRIS SIDNEY MORRIS Social Science English Physics JIMMY C. PITTMAN JAMES RAWLINGS DAVID L. ROBERTS Mofhemafics Chemistry Psychology Chairman, Science and Math Counselor MERRITT V. SANDERS MYRNA SANDERS Business Mid-Munogement Secretarial Science, JUDITH SCOTT Practical English GLENN E. SMITH Theater Production RATILAL SOLANKI Sociology and Psychology DR. AARON SULLIVAN BERNARD TURNER Dental Assisting Social Science 37 ACADEMIC FRESHMEN Adams, Gary Dexter Allison, Mithael Fairdealing Anderson, Treusu Poplar Bluff Boder, Mary Campbell Bailiff, Delores Dexter Bollard, Phyllis Poplar Bluff Bosshom, Mary Jane Poplar Bluff Barton, Janiha Williamsville Buygents, Bill Poplof Bluff Bedwell, Judy Piggotr, Ark. Berry, Richard NeelyviHe Bilkey, Diana Poplar Bluff Blokeney, Susan Poplar Bluff Bond, Allan Fisk Boyer, Glenn Ellsinore Brewer, Margaret Poplar Bluff Brinkley, Thelma Poplar Bluff Brown, Eddie Fisk Browne, Greg Poplar Bluff Bucy, Jerry Poplar Bluff Burk, Ronnie Poplar Bluff Butrry, Nancy Poplar Bluff Corner, Marvin Naylor Corner, Tommy Naylor Caudle, Patsy HarvieH Chafmon, Rudy Dexter Choofe, Rachel Zalma Chronister, Mark Poplar Bluff Clark, David Poplar Bluff Clark, John Poplar Bluff Clark, Karen Poplar Bluff Coats, Jimmy Poplar Bluff Combs, Emma Harviell Cook, Stanley Poplar Bluff Cornelison, Deborah Doniphan Costin, Peggy Poplar Bluff Coulson, Kuren Fisk Coulson, Steven Fisk Cox, Deborah Maiden Crubtreel David Poplar Bluff Craig, David Hayfi Crossen, Donna Neelyville Dohm, Perry Poplar Bluff Dore, Mary Poplar Bluff Davis, Bonny Doniphon Davis, Buddy Poplar Bluff Davis, James Dexter Davis, Rebecca Kennett ILLEEE mm; 4? mm : "! Day, Vernon Jr. Poplar Bluff Deckard, Richard Poplar Bluff Dougherfy, Doris Mill Spring Drury, Linda Poplar Bluff Duckett, Rowland Poplar Bluff Duffy, David Poplar Bluff Dunning, Kathy Poplar Bluff Edmundson, Mark Poplar Bluff Eluyer, Non Patterson Elder, Jacqulyn Poplar Bluff Ellis, Mark Poplar Bluff Ellison, Darrell Poplar Bluff Emerson, Tom Poplar Bluff Emmons, Rhonda Maiden Emmons, Vicky Naylor Eskew, Joyce Puxico -Evcns, Michael Poplar Bluff Farmer, Roger Poplar Bluff 42 Fields, Roy Harviell Fish, Fran Poplar Bluff Fisher, Marilyn Poplar Bluff Foriesfer, Rickie Woppapello Fowlkes, Charlotte Poplar Bluff Fredwell, Robert Poplar Bluff Fuller, Virginia Poplar Bluff Gaines, Gory Ellsinore Georhart, Carol Hunter Gibson, Johnnie Poplar Bluff Gilleon, Bill Fisk Gisi, Sherry Dexter Glenn, Robert Campbell Gormon, Mike Poplar Bluff Graham, Charlotte Van Buren Gregory, Gaylord West Plains Guerrero, Grace Poplar Bluff Hate, Paul Morley 43 Johnson, Fred Poinfon Johnson, Robert East Prairie EH! iH 5. 1H s; Harber, Kenneth Doniphan Haworfh, Irvin Poplar Bluff Hendrickson, Patricia Poplar Bluff Hill, Deborah Warm Springs, Ark. Hillis, Lorry Fisk Hobbs, Debbie Poplar Bluff Howard, Janice Qulin Howard, Terry Corning, Ark. Jackson, Eugene Naylor Jackson, Sheila Qulin Joques, Rhita Bernie Jones, Howard Qulin Jones, James Greenville Jones, Rosalie Qulin Keorbey, Mike Poplar Bluff Keen, Susan Poplar Bluff Kelly, Loird Poplar Bluff Kenser, Linda Jo Naylor Kernodle, Marilyn Garewood Ketcherside, James Poplar Bluff Kirk, Wilbur Fisk Knight, Gory Poplar Bluff Lodd, Steve Poplar Bluff Langley, Norman Poplar Bluff Lee, Nancy Williamsville Leferink, Dayton Poplar Bluff 45 46 Little, Lewis Lilbourn Livingston, Randall Poplar Bluff McAnulfy, Ruth Poplar Bluff McCollis'rer, Stephanie Oran McKinney, Marie Neelyville Mabrey, Janeft Poplar Bluff Mcgill, Linda Poplar Bluff Muyberry, Larry Poplar Bluff Maxwell, Gory Campbell Medlock, Dudley Poplar Bluff Meier, Marvin Dexter Miller, Lonnie Poplar Bluff Miller, Michael Dexter Million, Stephen Poplar Bluff Mizell, Nona Qulin Monroe, Stephen Ellsinore Montgomery, Ronald Qulin Moore, Donna Fisk Morris, James Pollard, Ark. Murphy, Janeane Broseley Murphy, Jerry Fisk Noll, Carol Naylor Nelson, Richard Qulin Nesbit, Melvin Doniphon Noey, Brenda Broseley Norris, Donald Poplar Bluff O'Donnell, Patsy Dexter Oldsen, Raymond Bragg City Payne, Dennis Poplar Bluff Pennington, Dino Poplar Bluff Pennington, Mona Bunker Pepmiller, Joyce Doniphan Pierce, Jerry Broseley Pounds, Richard Fogus Powell, Van Noylor Pratt, Barbara Poplar Bluff Pylond, Pamela Poplar Bluff Quinn, Roneo Bernie Rice, Margy Poplar Bluff Richardson, Danny Clarkron Riddle, Charles Sikesfon Robertson, Joe Tipronville, Tenn. Rogers, Donnie Fairdeah'ng Russell, Madison GreenviHe Schlitf, Carol Poplar Bluff Schmitf, Helen Scot? City Shelton, Koren Poplar Bluff Shull, Deborah Poplar Bluff MOI! mun WNW! ON THE We Simmons, Frank Poplar Bluff Simmons, Gary Poplar Bluff Sitzes, Susan Sikeston Smith, James Poplar Bluff Smith, Lorry Dexter Smith, Michael Poplar Bluff Smith, Roberf Mill Springs Spargo, Rickey Neelyville Sparks, Dennis Poplar Bluff Stor'lfill, Cheryl Poplar Bluff Stevens, Lee Benton Sfeword, Dennis Lowndes Stoelfing, Keith Clarkfon Sullivan, Donna Poplar Bluff Teague, Bradley Fisk Terry, Glenda Poplar Bluff Thomas, Tim Williamsville 48 Thorp, Lorry PopIar Bluff Talbert, Elaine Poplar Bluff VonDyke, Ruth Ann Fisk Vic, Joe Poplar Bluff Walker, Ell Poplar Bluff Ward, Michael Hiram Warren, Karen Bernie Watson, Charles Poplar Bluff Welke, Kyle Poplar Bluff Wells, Martha Poplar Bluff West, Daniel Poplar Bluff West, Gail Poplar Bluff Wheeler, Glenn Fisk White, Linda Poplar Bluff Whitlow, Roseanne Poplar Bluff Wiley, Ronnie Fairdealing Willcut, Gerald Poplar Bluff Wilson, Jerry Horviell Wilson, Terry Dexter Wiihrow, Ronald Poplar Bluff Woghlgemuth, Evelyn Poplar Bluff Wright, Ann Piedmont Young, ChuroIeHe Poplar Bluff 49 ACADEMIC SOPHOMORES Allen, Alice, A,A. Poplar Bluff Armour, Sharon, A.A. Naylor Ballard, James Ellsinore Barber, Joseph Dexter Baxter, Donnie Qulin Beach, James Poplar Bluff Benson, John Poplar Bluff Bever, Roy Hunter Bird, Linda Piedmont Bishop, Leonard Matthews Bloylock, Bill Hunter Bor'ton, Leonard Poplar Bluff m" mus H Brown, Julia, A.A. Poplar Bluff Bulger, Kay, AA. Qulin Burlbaw, Linda, A.A. Poplar Bluff Camp, Margaret Poplar Bluff Cosinger, Virginia, A.A. Poplar Bluff Chutmon, Carolyn, A.A. Poplar Bluff Chronister, Poul Poplar Bluff Colyoft, June? Hunter Cook, Ralph Poplar Bluff Cross, Larry Poplar Bluff Donner, Charles, A.A. Poplar Bluff Davis, Carol, A.A. Puxico 50 Dewitt, Lorry Poplar Bluff Dildine, Larry Greenville Dillon, Tom Salem Dunlap, Doris, A.A. Poplar Bluff Dunlap, Janice, A.A. Poplar Bluff Dunlap, Ramona Pollard, Ark. Edwards, Gorden Poplar Bluff Ellison, Valerie Poplar Bluff English, Frank, A.A. Poplar Bluff Essory, Mike Poplar Bluff Evans, Peggy Maiden Ezell, George Poplar Bluff Former, Michael WappopeHo Foushee, Robert Dexter Fox, Dennis Poplar Bluff Freer, Ralph Poplar Bluff Frensley, Joe, A.A. Poplar Bluff Gaines, Cufhern, A.A. Ellsinore Gallamore, Janis, A.A. Poplar Bluff Garrett, Doyle, A.A. Poplar Bluff Gibson, Mary Poplar BIUH Golden, Mary Poplar Bluff Goodman, Harlin, A.A. QuIin Gray, Daryl, A.A. Poplar Bluff , - , M Kisner, Janice Poplar Bluff Lannon, Lanny Puxico 52 Green, Rose, A.A. Poplar Bluff Grissom, Dale Dexter GuHermon, Susan, A.A. Poplar Bluff Hampton, Tinou, A.A. Maiden Hardin, Charles Qulin Hossell, Dick Licking Hays, Gregory, A.A. Poplar Bluff Hildrich, Larry Poplar Bluff Howard, Lona Poplar Bluff Howell, James Poplar Bluff James, Curl, A.A. Poplar Bluff James, Linda Marble Hill Jenkins, Paul Poplar Bluff Johnson, Suzanne, A.A. Poplar Bluff Lee, Robert Williamsville Lemings, Rondle Maiden Lemonds, Mary Poplar Bluff Leonard, Robert Poplar Bluff Liley, Sharon Poplar Bluff Little, Delores Poplar Bluff Lowes, Jo Ann, A.A. Dexter Lunsford, John, A.A. Poplar Bluff McCubbin, Diana, A.A. Dexter McDowell, Koren Kaye Ellsinore McGoth, Terrell Poplar Bluff McGowen, Brenda, A.A. Poplar Bluff McVey, Poul, A.A. Poplar Bluff Mansfield, Donna Dudley Motlock, Rhonda West Plains Pogue, Janet, A.A. Poplar Bluff Proffer, Lorry Poplar Bluff Pruett, Kay Poplar Bluff Qualls, Poul, A.A. Poplar Bluff Reid, David Qulin Rexroat, David, A.A. Poplar Bluff Richard, Gory Puxico Roberts, Greg Doniphan 54 Moyberry, Jill, A.A. Poplar Bluff Meador, Peggy Piedmont Meyers, Sum, A.AA Poplar Bluff Miller, Connie Poplar Bluff Milner, James Poplar Bluff Mitchelle, Randy, A.A. Poplar Bluff Moore, Robert Sikesron Moore, Roger Poplar Bluff Morgan, Alice, A.A. Fisk Nobles, Gory, A.A. Qulin Novak, Nick, A.A. Poplar Bluff Overfon, James, A.A. Qulin Penn, Terry Poplar Bluff Pennington, Darlene Poplar Bluff Perkins, Harold, A.A. Campbell Post, Robert, A.A. Poplar Bluff Sanders, Nathan Fisk Sargent, William Lowndes Soulsberry, Peggy, A.A. Poplar Bluff Schalk, Linda Poplar Bluff Schalk, Margie, A.A. Poplar Bluff Shands, Doris Harviel Shelton, Sheila Poplar Bluff Sheridan, Glenn Naylor Robertson, Joseph HarvieH Robinson, Willie Neelyville Ross, Michael Piedmont Ruser, Moria Puxico Simmons, Allen, A.A. Poplar Bluff Slinkord, Linda, A.A. Poplar Bluff Smith, Allen Puxico Soens, Peter Poplar Bluff Steed, Anne Poplar Bluff 55 56 Stafford, Lorraine, A.A. Poplar Bluff Sfahl, Barry Ellsinore Steward, William Poplar Bluff Stockton, Marcella, A.A. Qulin Stucker, Gloria Poplar Bluff Swinson, Marcus, A.A. Poplar Bluff Teague, Roger Fisk Tefidrick, John Poplar Bluff Thornton, Phyllis, A.A. Fisk Thompson, Joseph Dexter Tindoll, Judy Ellsinore Tucker, Judy Wappapello Vancil, Marilyn Qulin Vinson, Richard, A.A. Poplar Bluff Walpole, Pamela, A.A. Dexter Word, Alice Poplar Bluff White, Bernis Poplar Bluff WhiNow, Dennis, A.A. Qulin Williams, Terry Bernie Wilson, Johri, A.A. Campbell Worley, Marilyn, A.A. Qulin Wright, Larry Holcomb Wright, Reva Doniphan Young, Barbara, A.A. Poplar Bluff Adams, Helen Benton Allen, Michael, A.A.S. Poplar Bluff Alles, Sharon, D.A. Poplar Bluff Alliston, Gladys, D.A. NeelyviHe Arbuckle, John WardeH Austin, Sherry, A.A.S. Broseley Bailey, Robert Caruthersville Borne", Anna, A.A.5. Broseley Barrett Johnny Gipsy Beal, Gory, A.D. Arab Bradshaw, Diana Ellsinore Brotcher, Thomas Poplar Bluff Britfon, Bill Bell City Brown, Susan Dexter Bruckerhoff, Clyde, A.A.S. Poplar Bluff Campbell, Charles Poplar Bluff Cupps, James Broseley Cato, Dole Kinder Cosinger, David Poplar Bluff Cornohan, Clyta, D.A. EIIsinore Charles, Jearold McGee Clingingsmith, Connie, D.A. Jackson Crofford, Deloris, D.A. Poplar Bluff Davis, Darlene Puxico TECHNICAL DIVISION Davis, Donna, A.A. Poplar Bluff Divine, Robert, A.A.S. Poplar Bluff Eddy, David New Madrid Foley, Ronnie Maiden Gibbs, Clifford Poplar Bluff Gilbrecfh, John Poplar Bluff Ginn, John Fisk Glenn, Rebecco Puxico Goodwin, John Fisk Groves, Terry Dexter Green, Gory, A.A,S, Bloomfield Greer, Dyano, D.A. EHsinore Gunter, Joyce Poplar Bluff Harris, Beverly Poplar Bluff Hefner, Charles, A.A.S. Quh'n 58 Horrell, Martha, A.A.S. Oran .Houts, Mabel, D.A. Piedmont Hufchison, Floyd Poplar Bluff Jacques, Tommy Campbell Jeffries, Carlos, A.D. Poplar Bluff Jeffries, Jerry, A.A.S. Poplar Bluff Jenkins, Earl Poplar Bluff Johnson, Althea Broseley Johnson, John Painfon Jones, Sandra Puxico Jordon, Joseph Poplar Bluff Joyner, Marion Poplar Bluff King, Donny Bernie Kinworthy, Larry, A.A.S. Poplar Bluff Kirkman, David Poplar Bluff Knoppe, Herman Poplar Bluff ,--..-.,4 .1 fang '5 v I Lomkin, Kenneth Poplar Bluff Laughlin, Lois, A.A.S. Williamsville Leemon, Rickie, D.A. , . ; . Poplar Bluff " "L ' " , ' ' 1" ' ,, Litzler, Richard, A.D. THREE RIVERS I ":2 r V Dudley JUNIOR COLLEGE ----- r. ' , '. j Loop, Dan, A.A.S. GreenviHe McGonich, Gladys Doniphan McKee, Gory, A.D. Poplar Bluff Mabrey, Jim Poplar Bluff Martin, Marilyn, A.A.S. Poplar Bluff Mickey, Sheiia Poplar Bluff Milner, Louie, A.A.S. Doniphan Mitchell, Charles Broseley Murphy, Jeonefie Broseley Nichols, Lorry, A.A.S. Poplar Bluff Nickerson, Regina Cofron Odom, John New Madrid 60 Oldhom, Gary Kennett Osborn, Michael Poplar Bluff Patton, David Sikeston Payne, Deborah, A.A.S. Fisk Payne, George McGee Persons, Ruth Poplar Bluff Pool, Paulo Poplar Bluff Potter, Steven Fagus Puchbouer, Catherine, D.A. Farmingfon Pugh, Freddy, A.A.S. Steele Reed, Windell, A.D. Broseley Renfroe, Rex, A.A.S. Poplar Bluff Renfroe, Yvonne, A.A.S. Poplar Bluff Riddle, R. J., A.A.S. Bernie Rogers, Dale Dexter Rogers, Shelley, D.A. Doniphan Romhilt, Carl Kennett Ross, Dennis Kennett Russell, Glenda Poplar Bluff 6l Sanders, Robert Clarkron Sondusky, Grady Bernie Sells, Richard Poplar Bluff Shelton, Larry Poplar Bluff Smith, Irma Clarkfon Smith, Linda Poplar Bluff Swindle, Tommy Poplar Bluff Tanner, Bruce Doniphan Thacker, Rebeccc, A.A.S. Poplar Bluff Thompson, Jo, A.A.S. Poplar Bluff Thurman, Gory, A.A.S. Poplar Bluff Turner, Mike, A.A.S. Qulin Wagsfer, John Broseley Wogster, Peggy Broseley Waller, Irvin Maiden Word, Joe Poplar Bluff Wells, Linda, A.A.S. Poplar Bluff Wilkerson, Roger Fisk Wise, Kelly Bloomfield Woodfin, Stanley, A.D. Zalma Worley, Brenda Poplar Bluff Wright, Randall Maiden Yeager, Deborah, A.A.S. Dexter Young, Vickie Poplar Bluff EVENING CLASSES MONDAY NIGHT CLASSES Row 1: Margaret Wilkerson, Thelma Kolkbrenner, Maurine Harris, W. E. Terrell, Robert Sutton, Robert Philpof, Doris Keen, Peggy Evans. Row 2: Jim Bloylock, Buddy Davis, Michael Evans, Louis Kolkbrenner, Donna Mansfield, Donna Moore, Vicki Notion, Syble Jones, Janie Craft, Sharyn Lane. Row 3: Van Holferty, Catherine Lee, Howard Spencer, Bob McMilliun, Sum Eppel, Robert Leonard, Marvin Johnson, Carl Minehan, Bruce Fetters, Larry Gollomore, Dorothy Townsend, Rhonda Lounius. Row 4: Karen Clark, Joy Morgan, Shirley Davenport, Janice Kisner, Betty Jackson, Larry Spradley, Buddy Baker, Jerry Jones, Margaret Bray, Chorloefte Williams, Roberto Freeman, Wanda Matthews. Row 5: Wilma Geneva Hillis, Mary Margaret Rue, Connie Jean Snider, Bob Fredwell, Terrell McGuth, Tony Thompson, Robert Moore, Perry Evans, Donna Yeakley. Row 6: Kathy Dunning, Steve Oberto, John A. Hennes. sy, Carl James, Cherry Shepard, Ruth Ann Van Dyke, Jesse Hole, Robin Bremermunn, Carolyn Dyche, Venita Baker, Maxine Brooks, Margaret Brewer, Joan ToL bon, Vivian Reed. 63 TUESDAY NIGHT CLASSES w Row 7: Sum Meyers, Alon Hays, Linda Burlbaw, Lillian Hurt, Jim Null, Lynn Tipton. Row 2: Bettie Bogwell, Bob Post, Joseph Rob- ertson, Winfred Wiliiams, Glen Miller, Paul McVey. Row 3: Helen Jones, Donna Yeokley, Lorraine Stafford, Mona Golden, Peggy Evans, Dorothy Townsend, Rhonda Launius, Judy Bruckerhoff, Stephanie McCollisfer. Row 4: Jim Bluylock, Rose West, Leona Rogers, Geraldine Allen, Joan Talbot, Nellie Woods, Wanda Primsly, Venifo Baker. Row 5: Marcus Swinson, Chris Swinson, Geneva Hillis, Nancy Dirck, Rilla Lee Smith, Joyce Wilfong, Marcello Stockton, Kay Bulger, Mori- ' lyn Vancil, JoAnn Lowes, Wanda Moffhews. Row 6: Helen York, Louise Shull, Bonnie WiIfong, Douglas Clinton, Dole Ahrent, John Webb, Gale Hodges, Janie Craft, Madaline WiIhelm, Susan Keen, Susie Johnson. Row 7: Marvin Johnson, Ellen Featherston, Louise Pinkerton, Wanda Morgan, Moridel Reed, Jim Little, Jean Russell, Curl James, Larry Spradley, Linda Drury, Debi Shull, Connie Snider. Row 8: Howard Spencer, Robert Scott, Larry Dewitt, Clifford Bliss, Gory Nobles, Richard Vinson, Randy Mifchelle, Dortha Smith, Reva Wright, Connie Hayes, Rosemary Harris, Charlotte Williams, Thelma Webb. THURSDAY NIGHT CLASSES - Row 1: Roger Farmer, Dennis Whitlow, Rick Nelson, Sam Phillips, Kyle Welke, Linda White, Linda Magill, Dayton Leferink. Row 2: Robert Philpot, John Hansmann, Maxine Huffman, Ethel Hisaw, Geraldine Whitledge, Dorothy Phelen, Jim Beach, Margie Schalk. Row 3: Michael Evans, Puffy Stone, Shirley Davenport, Holly Smith, Frances McCoin, Betty Branum, Jacquelyn Elder, Cathern Gaines, Ruth Van Dyke, Bonnie King. Row 4: Beverly Hoe- fer, Wanda Ormsby, Martha Bennett, Earl Noll, Perry Evans, B. P. Wright, Don We'rhington, Carl D. Minehort. Row 5: Martha Roppe, Lorry Gollomore, Mary Haynes, Buddy Baker, Marvin Johnson, Jimmie Hoefer, Leonard Barton, Judy Crump, John Clark, Gail West. ORGAN IZ'ATI quxw J-:,u MMMJ . .w. .u 8 6 TRJC PLAYERS TRJC Players opened the season with the production of "Gentle- men Prefer Blondes." This is a new organization getting its start with the leadership of Mr. Glenn E. Smith. Second semester brought with it the costumed play "The Heiress" which proved to be on equal suc- cess as was the first play of the college. CHEERLEADERS Upper Left, Patsy Coudle; Upper Right, Rhonda Moflock; Lower Left, Dina Pennington; Lower Right, Sharon Armour, Head. The basketball team of the college was cheered to vic- tory fhrough the efforts of these four girls. The staff com- mends fhe cheerleaders on their spirit and enthusiasm for the team. Susie Johnson, Writer; Sheila Jackson, News Editor. REPORTER STAFF The Reporter is the official monthly newspaper of Three Rivers Jr. College. Striving to keep the campus informed of all the latest in academic, social and sports events, the Reporter staff devotes many hours producing this student literary organ of the school. This year the eight-poge journal enhanced its appeal with spe- cial student interest articles, editorials, statements of student opinion, pertinent letters to the editor and sports stories. Miss Virginia Meredith, faculty advisor, added valuable as- sistonce in the production of the newspaper. PHI THETA KAPPA The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa is to recognize and encourage scholarship among Junior College students. It provides opportunity for the development of leader- ship and service, on intellectual climate for exchange of ideas, lively fellowship for scholars, and stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence. Sigma Rho Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa was installed at TRJC on May 26, 1968. If is a national iunior college honor fraternity. Any second semester freshman that has on overall average of 3.0 is eligible for member- ship. Front Row.- Lindo Slinkard, Peggy Souls- berry, Sharon Armour, Susie Johnson, Doris Dunlap, Margy Rice. Second Row: Peggy Mecdor, Marilyn Kernoble, Deb- bie Hill, Martha Wells, Connie Cling- ingsmith. Third Row: James Overton, Gary Sanduskey, Marcus Swinson, Mike Allison, Ralph Freer. 74 Treasurer, Doris Dunlap; Mac Overton, President; Linda Slinkord, Vice-Presidenf; Susie John- son, Secretory. Left to Right; Jay Smith; Carol Davis; Mrs. Mabel Swindel; Ralph Cook, President; Sam Meyers; Steve Ludd; Faye Scoville, Secretary,- Dina Pennington; Dayton Leferink, Vice- President. Not Present: Clyde Bruckerhoff; John Clark, Treasurer. STUDENT SENATE X X A v V W ""',',;,;m . .. t a The Student Senate is one organization on campus with leg- "h h islotive powers. Through the Senate, students have the opportu- nity to take an active part in Three Rivers' administration. Committees function throughout the year to direct the stu- dent mixers, Homecomin'g, Christmas dance, Spring-Formal, and extra school wide activities. A major iob of the Senate during this year was to adopt our Student Body Constitution to keep it in tune with the college sys- tem. v I 4h .. w a m "m IN Mu " II .. "w-m u: '. H :. UNITED CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT The chiemc purpose of UCM is 10 provide Chris- tian influence and Christian development beyond, or in addition to, the basic Christian education programs and worship services of the Iocol churches. UCM is an organization of rep- resentatives from the various religious groups on campus. Left to Right: Susie Johnson, Secretory; Ruth McAnulfy, Treasurer; Top to Bottom: Janet Mubrey, Ruth McAnulfy, Janice Dunlap, Julia Brown, Susie Johnson, Dayton Le- Janice Dunlap, President; Doris Dunlap, Vice-President; Julia Brown, ferink, Roseanne Whitlow, Doris Dunlap. Historian. 7b SPANISH CLUB HEI Circulc Esponol" stands as a symbol of the students who wish to increase their knowledge of the Spanish people, their language, customs, and traditions. Films, slides, guest speakers, speaking practice, and discussions on examples of Spanish art and literature added interest as well as learning to the club meetings. OFFICERS: Grace Guerrero, Vice-President; Ralph Freer, President; Mary June 805- shum, Secretary-Treasurer; Vicki Emmons, Reporter. MEMBERS: Sam Meyers, Vicki Emmons, Grace Guerrero, Mary Jane Bcsshom, Mr. Hi- noioso, Sponsor; Randy English, Ralph Freer, Poul Jenkins, Gary Gaines. 77 Left to Right: Roseanne Whitlow, Peggy Meador, Janfha Button, Marilyn Martin, Doris Doughtery, Janice Kisner, Marilyn Worley, Sue Stucker, Stephanie McCallister, Linda White, Jonett Mobrey. ASTRA CLUB The purpose of Astra Club is To provide opportlu- ni'ries for personal development, leadership training, and citizenship development, and to foster the con- cept of service through practical application in school and or community. The club is sponsored by the Alfrusa Club and was organized in 1968. 78 President, Marilyn Worley; Vice-President, Sue Sfucker; Secretory, Linda White; Treasurer, Jon- ice Kisner. DEBONAIR CLUB The purpose of Debonair Club is for general culture to develop poise, character, charm, self-confidence, and cm awareness of today's college fashions. The year's activities were highlighted with a fashion show, in which local women participated under the direction of the club. Left to Right: Vicki Young, Althea Johnson, Jo Margaret Thompson, Regina Nickerson, Helen Adams, Pat PritcheH, Stephanie McCullister, Phyllis Ballard, Doris Doughtery. 79 CIRCLE K CLUB Concern for others and desire to be of serv- ice to campus and community are the prere- quisites for membership in the collegiate arm of Kiwanis International - Circle K. This club offers young men an opportunity to develop both stewardship and leadership 4 necessary qualities for Christian service pros- pectives. Activities during the year included planning a Low Alert Program, a convocation on drug abuse, clean up and maintenance of Bacon Pork, serving at Kiwanis Pancake Day and helping with fruitcake sales at Christmostime. Mr. Howard is the Kiwanis Representative and Mr. Rowlings is club odvisor'. OFFICERS: Gary Sundusky, President; Roger Farmer, Vice- President; James Copps, Secretary; Robert Bleigh, Treasurer. so . A.D.8zD. CLUB The Architectural Drafting and De- sign Club is open to students in the Ar- chitecture Program. During the year the club raised money to finance club activities. In the spring the Sophomores visited archi- tecture firms in St. Louis during 0 field trip. The highlight of the year was the Awards Banquet held May 9, honoring the outstanding Sophomore member, R. J. Riddle, and for installing new officers for the coming year. Front Row: Gary Thurman, Historian; Richard Litzler, Treasurer; R. J. Riddle, President; Dale Rodgers, Vice-President; David Scoville, Secretary. Second Row: John Barrett, Dale Cato, Marion Joyner, Cliff Gibbs, Sheila Mickey, John Odom, Danny King, Tommy Swindle. Third Row: Windell Reed, Joe Word, Larry Kinworthy, Terry Groves, Jim Mabrey, Adrian Brctcher, Bruce Tanner, Gory Beul, Stan Woodfin. THE MADRIGALS - Left to Right Gory Gaines, James Coats, Dennis Weaver, Stanley Cook, Jon Howard, Joey Morgan, Carol Coryell, Nancy Lee, Jackie Elder, Barbara P Charlotte Graham, Janis Gollomore, Kathy Dunning, Glenn Rodgers, James Burge, Perry Dahm, Mr. Sam Coryell, Director. MADRIGALS The Madrigals, a select entertaining group, have all had experience in the field of music. They participated in numerous appearances of surrounding schools and local civic clubs, as well as the formal college concerts. Indeed, fhe Madrigals is a great asset to the atmosphere and spirit of the college. A CAPPELLA CHOIR Under the superb direction of Mr. Sam Coryell, the A Cappella Choir achieves superior levels of performance. The student body relaxed and listened to the choir as they performed their Christmas Concert. The music department works hard to give TRJC students the best in music for their pleasure. THE A CAPPELLA CHOIR - Row Four: Tom Emerson, Steve Ludd, Dennis Weaver, Gar y Gaines, James Coats, Perry Duhm, Glenn Rodgers, Stun Cook. Third Row: Vicki Nations, Delores Wells, Nancy Lee, Julia Brown, Sue McDowell, Jackie Elder, Kay McDowell, Ruth McAnuIty. Second Row: Vicki Emmons, Nancy Buttrey, Janis Gullumore, Barbara Pratt, Porn Wapole, Charlotte Graham, Peggy Saulsberry. Front Row: Koren Coulson, Kathy Dunning, Joey Morgan, Jon Howell, Carol Georhart, Susan Sitzes, Karen Clark. THREE RIVERS STUDENTS ELECTED STATE D.E.C.A. OFFICERS Three students of Three Rivers Junior College have been elected officers of the Missouri association of the post-secondory division of DECA. These students were elected at a recent state convention in Jefferson City. The new state officers from TRJC will work with other state officers in develo in and ex andin the state 05- Ruth Persons,$tate Secretory;Gordon Waller,StateVice-President;Floyd Hutchinson, . . . . P g . P 9 State Parliamentarian. socmtlon In their term of ottlce. J mtlm ." DECA MEMBERS - Left to Right: Susan Brown, Ruth Per- sons, Robert Bailey, Bruce Tanner, Floyd Hutchinson, . V David Kirkmcn, Robert Sanders, Mike Osborn, Charles ' A .. x 0 ,. Campbell, David Eddy. , ,, , ,, , , . , , 7, V , 7 .I . , A3 - 32:3 lg .. um: M T --;:m 21min 5,, LUV!" Left to Right: Rebecca Thacker, Anna Barnett, Susan Brown, Ruth Persons. D.E.C.A. Members of Distributive Education Clubs of America are students studying in the Business Mid-Management Program. The purposes of the club are to develop lead- ership, to provide career information, to keep abreast of current developments in business and to strive for civic and social development. The Freshman Club, with nineteen members and the Sophomore Club with ten, worked together throughout the year, raising money to finance the clubs' activities. Freshmandelegates attended the State DECA Conven- tion in Jefferson City. The event the club was looking for- ward to and working for all year was the National Lead- ership Conference held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The hectic but glorious year was brought to a finale at the Awards Banquet where the outstanding students were named. Li hnAn-l-h 88 THREE RIVERS RAIDERS A special thanks goes out to all the members of the TRJC Raiders basketball team who through their tireless efforts, made this season's basketball record the best in our college's history. Coaches Bob Cradic and Gene Bess ore to be congratulated on their efforts to make the TRJC Raid- ers a championship basketball power. Coach Cradic has accepted 0 position at SEMO State College at Cape, but new head coach Bess has the potential to take the Raiders all the way to the top. Johnson, Roy Fields, Joe Robertson, John Benson. ,John Fred Johnson, Paul Hale y Teaguq L... d a r B .n, b s e N .m IN m n, 0 HI: U o C e v e f S S: n e v e f s e e L nw o In .5 B d r o n e L n, o s ..m G n h o J cm 5 e B e n e G d n O .m d m C ID 0 B S e h C a o C This yeoHs Most Valuable Player award went f0 Roy Fields. Roy is a fresh- man and will be here next year to lead the Raiders to another shot of the crown. This Sports Editor wishes to thank the players, the coaches, and all the fans of the TRJC Raiders in making this year the best basketball season ever seen at Three Rivers. We lost the game that counted but next year we will not lose. Even when the chips are down, we will win and win again because we are determined to be Number One! TRJC BASEBALL . f . t: t I . MWM J';... ' . ' . JV w 'H' .r' . A41m! '- , 'N , Spring means the beginning of Baseball 0t TRJC. A person could drive by Hillcrest Pork and see Coach Blemker and the Raiders hard at work improving their baseball skills. All this hard work and practice, plus the de- termination to win, helped as the Raiders en- ioyed the best baseball season in the school's history. The students of TRJC should be proud of the baseball Raiders and com- mend them on o iob well done. 95 A lot of hard work goes into the making of 0 Championship team. It also depends on the indi- vidual to do the best iob he can in order for his team to win. Three Rivers is fortunate in having such a fine group of athletes who played base- ball. Each gave iOOtXa and more effort in every game played. Team spirit also had a great deal to do with the winning record posted by the Raiders. A team without spirit is not a team at all. It is nine individuals out for their own glory. This kind of ball club does not win. The TRJC Raiders did. 96 Back Row, Left to Right: Lee Stevens, John Wilson, Wilson Strong, Gory Bluylock, Mark Ellis; Jerry Blemker, Couch. FronfRow: Michael Miller, John McCollough, Barry Stahl, Steve Coulson, Eugene Jackson, Roger McDaniel, Gaylord Gregory. 97 a k u: 98 Congratulations are in order for Coach Jerry Blemker who guided the Raiders to their most successful season to date. 99' THREERIVERS TENNIS ' Amw H . ,1 wt ,5- .v .,: - , 1. 35 H H i, w ' J W H Bock: David Potion, Bill Drish. Front: Dick Hossel, George Ezell. ,z:.a.. x . 1'1 namwgp, "V-iw f l0, SPORTS REVIEW x l03 r ADVERTISEMEN OSBORN5S PAINT 8: WALLPAPER STORE VINSON SHELL SERVICE . . Highway 67 Norfh A 6 5 I . mus Upples Poplar Bluff. Missouri Phone 785-4566 or 785-9968 913 w. Pine St. su 5-9611 Compliments of DOCTORS HOSPITAL AND KNEIBERT CLINIC Need Flowers? E. C. ROBINSON Call - LUMBER COMPANY nThe Friendly Yard'l PRIEST,S FLORIST Phone SU 5-960l ll38 Vine S+ree+ Call SU 5-4562 Barron Road - f C. N. ROSIE LUCAS Agen Poplar Bluff l06 OKLAHOMA TIRE l: SUPPLY Compliments of FELIX LEFERINK, Manager SHOP OTASCO! Phone SU 5-9603 336 Vine Res. Phone SU 5-7862 Poplar Bluff GATEWAY SALES AUTHORIZED SERVICE 6l0 Eas'r Pine 5+. Poplar BIuH. Mo. 6390I Phone SU 5-9074 JOHNSON MOTORS GRUMMAN CANOES GUNS-REPAIR RAZORBACK BOATS CUSTOM GUNS DIXIECRAFT TRAILERS HAND LOADING GENERAL BAPTIST BOOKSTORE 8: PRESS 1004 Soufh 67 Poplar Bluff, Mo. 785-9451 Bibles Art Supplies Books Visual Aids Job Printing SAVINGS and HOME FINANCING For Over 80 Years lO7 Compliments of HENRICKSON CLINIC AND POPLAR BLUFF HOSPITAL Portrait Commercial Weddings LAFFOON PHOTOGRAPHY BILL AND EDITH LAFFOON 108 50. Main Poplar Bluff, Mo. 785-4560 Res.: 785-1262 TOWN AND COUNTRY RESTAURANT III S. Broadway 5Across From Old Pos+ Officd 6 A.M. TO 8 P.M. DAILY-CLOSED SUNDAY l08 COX INSURANCE AGENCY ll28 Vine Phone SU 5-252I Poplar Bluff. Missouri JAYS MUSIC Magnavox Home En+er+ainmen+ Ceni'er Guitars and Amplifiers by Kus+om-Fender-Gibson For All Your Musical Needs Shop af JAYS Where +he A-C-T-l-O-N is Valley Plaza Poplar BIuH. Missouri A Home Bank for Home People BANK OF GRANDIN 1913 Grondin, Missouri 1970 .MEMBER PAR LIST Capital, Surplus, and Profits $160,000.00 MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Telephone 593-421 1 Directors GLADYS VAN DYKE BERTHA L. KITTERMAN GLEN MCDOWELL WILLIAM E. PALMER BILLIE G. CAPPS BOB KITTERMAN BOB KITTERMAN, President and Cashier BERTHA KITTERMAN, Assf. Cashier Compliments of BRUCE-FITCH FUNERAL HOME 2To Serve As We Would Be Served" Box 182 Phone 785-9666 College of Main and Broadway Poplar Bluff, Missouri Downtown Poplar Bluff HOME OF BOBBIE BROOKS LEVIS MANHATTAN SHIRTS WHITE STAG - CAMPUS SHIP 'N SHORE REBEL DISCOUNT MARKET EVERYDAY LOW PRICES 6H1 and Vine LAVENDER,S AUTO PARTS GULF GAS, OIL, AND ACCESSORIES Phone 322-9292 Ellsinore, Missouri ROBERTS BROTHERS IOI Sfafe S+ree+ Doniphan. Missouri SPORTING- GOODSmJEWELRY2APPLIANCES HO BEN$FRANKLIN ca The Complete Variety Store 1 We Give Top Value Stamps 1 1 WARD AND ROSLYN ANDREWS 5th and Vine St, Poplar Bluff, Mo. 22.1 Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL BANK Highway 67 Nor+h Across From Valley Plaza Shopping Cen+er Poplar Bluff. Missouri live a little! "' SARACINI 8: BREEDEN, INC. INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE 20l Nor+h Main DAIRY QUEEN Poplar Bluff. Missouri SU 5-6436 SU 5-2428 SU 5-2336 LEO SARACINI TOM CROY Banana Splits, Mol'rs, Shakes LESTER BREEDEN Sundaes - All Flavors Largest Store of l'r's Kind In Southeast Missouri and Norfheasf Arkansas SMITH'S HILLCREST PLAZA Doniphan, Missouri Furniture - Appliances - LP. Gas - Variety Hardware - Groceries - Lumber - Giftwore The Store With a Heart and Pink Trucks" Other Convenient Smith,s Locations - Van Buren, Mo. - Winona, Mo. - Mt. View, Mo. ll2 Phone 785-9768 ERNIE'S MOTORWAY 24 Hour Service Rural Route 5 Complimen+s of Poplar Bluff, Missouri MI DWEST VIDEO CORPORATION Phone 785-4803 305 Sou+h Main Poplar Bluff. Missouri WHITENER CHAIN SAW 8t MARINE SALES Homelife Chain Saws- Evinrude Boats and Mo+ors Yamaha Cycles FLOYD WHITENER 630 Easf Pine 5+. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Our Congratulations to the Three Rivers Junior College IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO HAVE A COLLEGE IN OUR TOWN! WE ARE DELIGHTED TO HAVE YOU HERE CLEVLEN INSURANCE AGENCY -and remember- ll ' ' ' H H IS Wlse +0 Insure wi+h us ll3 Compliments of ROBERTS PLUMBING AND HEATING COMPANY 3l5 Norfh Broadway Poplar Bluff. Missouri Complimenfs of JIM HOGG'S , FAMILY SHOE STORE SUPERMARKET 211 South Main Poplar Bluff, Missouri 842, Pine Blvd. Poplar Bluff. Missouri SHANNON FLOWER SHOP BILL HOGG ERNEST HAMMONS "When You Think of Flowers Think of Us" 308 Vine 785-2320 II4 SUTTON REALTY Your Real Estate Specialist 632 Vine 785-6451 HEWLETT WHOLESALE MEATS AND GOWAN'S IGA FROZEN FOODS - 8l8 Hiway 53 Soufh Poplar Bluff 625 Park Box 373 Missouri Poplar Bluff, Mo. OUR BEST WISHES!! SOUTHEAST MISSOURI'S Biggest Complete Shopping Center us Our Best Wishes To The Students and Faculty Of THREE RIVERS JUNIOR COLLEGE Your POPLAR BLUFF DOWNTOWN ASSOCIATION Ilb 3W 114 NORTH BROADWAY SU 5-7694 POPLAR BLUFF. MO. 63901 .EGRode 220 NORTH MAIN Ll 7-6311 PERRYVILLE. MO. 63775 PORTRAITURE ORIGInHL OIL PORCRHICS COMMERCIAL PORTRAITS by Sburalyn andjnbn - Savor that backyard cook-out flavor in every Burger Chef HAMBURGERS hamburger. ,- x Ftanchlsed nahonwude by Burger Hwoy 67 Soufh at Pine ghx QMW . LL. - Che! Systems. Indianapolis 7 Home of the World's Greatest 18c Hamburger! "OUTFITTERS TO MANKIND" FRANK-COTRELL FUNERAL CHAPEL CLYDE REED MAN'S STORE Poplar Bluff, Mo. 2l3 Soufh Main S+ree+ Poplar Bluff, Missouri ll7 VOICE OF THE RAIDERS W 930 on Your Dial 945 on Your Dial MUSIC - 20-20 NEWS . . . WEATHER - SPORTS BILL AND GENE'S RENTAL SERVICE Dr PGPRGI' STUCKER 8: GROVES IGA FOODLINER 220 Eas+ Pine Boulevard Poplar Bluff, Missouri c ,. .5 M t VICTOR BUSINESS MACHINES SMITH CORONA TYPEWRITERS SALES AND SERVICE Men,s and Women's Wear UNITED BUSINESS MACHINES FINE CLOTHES 422 Vinel Poplar Blufmc Valley Plaza Shopping Center Poplar Bluff, Missouri MILLER A 8: W DRIVE-IN m GOOD FOOD AND DRINKS FAST COURTEOUS SERVICE Highway 67 South Poplar Bluff, Mo. 785-9930 H9 66Toke the Family" BLUFF LANES 1602 North Main con su 5-7505 SVC AUTOMOTIVE CENTER SNIDERS WDUALITY MOBIL SERVICE "'TUNE-UPS AND REPAIRS I G A 56.1 AND RACING EQUIPMENT ' ' ' 5 CAR STEREO TAPE PLAYERS FOODLINER Hiway 67 North a+ Bluhc Es+a+es Poplar Blu1c1c 785-6633 or 785-0706 l20 Eailg gmerinzm glbpuhliz BUD HOLLOWAY REAL ESTATE CO. INSURANCE AGENCY ALMEDA, BRUCE, GARY DONNA, KEITH and JAMES A. BUD" HOLLOWAY Owner REALTOR - BROKER SUPPORT THE COLLEGE We Sold $2,000,000 in 69 su 5-5600 511 5.4025 SU 5-0644 WE MANAGE THE STADIUM MOTEL Buy BAMBY BREAD l2l W4; MK MW wxxwm mewmwxw , wWWM Poplar Bluff, Mo. THILMAN ELECTRIC COMPANY WIRING SUPPLIES-LIGHTING FIXTURES Ph SU 5 8025 WE Phone 785-2938 202 N. D 5+. one - Poplar Bluff, Missouri STRENFEL'S GULF SERVICE Free Pick-Up and Delivery AUTO AIR CONDITIONING WHEEL . ALIGNMENT YOUR Im'tpemlmf Iwumnte AGENT 'IIIVII VOII Illll' FRED STRENFEL 6+h and Pine Proprie+or Poplar Bluff. Mo. FRANK WYLIE INSURANCE AGENCY 320 North Main Street Phone 785-4667 I22 Mm 500195 frailgomery Jack Cope CAROLYN,S HOUSE OF BEAUTY AND BOUTIQUE "WHERE NEW SHOE STYLES MAKE THEIR FIRST APPEARANCE" BOB EVANS SHOES Downfown Poplar Bluff CAROLYN AND RICKY NICOLINI Owners and S+ylis+s Phone 785-8790 Highway 67 Sou+h Wz Mile Soufh of Junciion 60-677 OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK Complete Line of Junior Sportswear Modern Housekeeping Cabins Arkansas Traveler Boafs Mofors-Baif6Guides w- Groceries6lce66as Public Boaf Launching Ramp HDLLI DAY LANDING LAKE WAPPAPELLO GREENVILLE. MISSOURI INNIIJ Excellenf Squirrel and Duck Hunfing 6 MR: AND MRS. SIDNEY RUSSELL E.Syw Phone B I47 224-3430 A vglmemygg . SWANK'S "LADIES READY TO WEAR" 208 Soufh Main 5+. Poplar Bluff. Missouri 6390l l23 BEN BIDEWELL SPORTING GOODS Phone SU 5-5068 Poplar Bluff, Missouri SOUTHERN BUS SALES SCHOOL BUSSES. NEW AND USED BLUE BIRD BODIES 430 Easf Pine Poplar Bluff. Missouri l24 WM. N. wILU SCOTT Store Manager firestoue 221 Pine Street Poplar Bluff, Missouri SU 5-641 1 For the Best Try DONUT SHACK M. 60 and 67 SU 5-9937 311k oi Bophy Bluii WE PLEDGE OUR SUPPORT TO EDUCATION WHICH IS THE KEY TO POLITICAL, ECONOMIC AND INTELLECTUAL FREEDOM RELIABLE, l25 METZ LUMBER COMPANY 310 South Fifth Street 785-9686 11Everyfhing from Foundation to Chimney Top" KATER INN Fine Food and Package Store Highway 67 South Phone 785-5612 Tax ConsuHanfs K. Q. LEWIS 8: ED LEWIS 116 Nor'rh Broadway Poplar Bluff. Missouri UNCLE JOE'S DISCOUNT STORE Hwy. 53 Jus+ Easf of Viaducf Poplar Bluff. Mo. SU 5-1603 OVER 50,000 ITEMS PRICED TO SAVE YOU MONEY n -- PORTRAITS COMMERCIAL WEDDINGS SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHS TINY'S STUDIO LEO SCHLUTER. Pho+ographer Phone SU 5-4536 809 W. Pine Poplar Bluff, Missouri 126 EH HICKORY HOUSE MOTOR INN U.S. Hwys. 60 and 67 North Poplar Bluff, Missouri 63901 Phone 314-785-7775 estem uto RICHARDSON MUSIC COMPANY ...the family store 334 MM "I ' Southeasf s Largest Music Center" MITCHELL RHODES Owner 306 South Main CAR-TAPE CENTER .Poplar Bluff, Mo. CUMBEPS FABRICS Hwy. 67 North Poplar Bluff, Missouri PRUITT GLASS AND PAINT Sew and Save COMPANY With Our Fashion Fabrics DUNLAP IMPLEMENT CO. 785- 7528-785-7522 Highway 60. E651" Poplar Bluff. Mo. "Why Settle for Less, When MF Is Best." 785-2820 The Reflector Staff wishes to express appreciation for the continued support and interest of advertisers. l27 tPc TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" A . M A. I' n , . , ,. xgmk k. 'i ;.x a . K: - -., wan; WW. er

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Three Rivers College - Reflector Yearbook (Poplar Bluff, MO) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 41

1970, pg 41

Three Rivers College - Reflector Yearbook (Poplar Bluff, MO) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 133

1970, pg 133

Three Rivers College - Reflector Yearbook (Poplar Bluff, MO) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 54

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Three Rivers College - Reflector Yearbook (Poplar Bluff, MO) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 106

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Three Rivers College - Reflector Yearbook (Poplar Bluff, MO) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 61

1970, pg 61

Three Rivers College - Reflector Yearbook (Poplar Bluff, MO) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 31

1970, pg 31

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