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MWY W DLYWAM WMQJQTKEFWXU6 o.L g ?kKM 'TPB y0,,,,.Mi754""6'C'V Wwva VQ1fU".,3.,v.fwvWX2fk Ldzvfufbcx Qfmwkgp Jw W 7 , f il M 262923: 3 Q51 5255525 X 3 is I3 6 5535, 32 iii 33 2553 3 w 1 333gQ3'3f5 A X X Ticket For: A 3 dayjozlmey through IW Flight No: Destination: 1974 - VOZWIZG I2 Q Ybmorrouf' Stops: Yefterday and Today .......---...--.....- a UV 4 fr 3-1 ' 'iQ 'V ' V V Lancer Legend Thousand Caks High School 2323 Moorpark Road Thousand Oaks, California 91360 Teacher, administrator involve outh This was a Hear of difficult changes at TOHS. With t e nine-period day threaten- ing extra-curricular activities, it was reas- suring for students to know there were two individuals on campus willing to be their friend. Both Mrs. Roberta Schoenherr and Mr. Bill Wucherpfennig contributed endlcliss hours of their own time helping' yout . For the past eight ears, Mrs. Schoen- herr has served as Girlys' Vice-Principal at TOHS. Most students, exce t for club lead- ers, weren't able to meet tlilis warm, sensi- tive individual who was a constant source of encouragement and solutions. Although numerous assemblies were cancelled, club presidents were aided by Mrs. Schoenherr who offered money-raising ideas, and helped plan various projects such as after- game dances, rallies, and class plays. As director of all school activities, her time was often occupied with student con- ferences, in which she helped plan and execute activities, as well as chaperone these events. Without Mrs. Schoenherr's reassurance, kind understanding, and con- stant support, KNJO DAY fanother stu- dent activityj and the scholarship drive may not have been as successful as they were. Throughout the whole event, Mrs. Schoenherr kept constant communication by holding fre uent meetings in which she listened intently to student problems and gave solutions for. As an administrator, it was important DEDICATION for her to listen to all suggestions for improvin the school. Serving on the Par- ent-Sturgent-Teacher Advisor Board CPSTABJ, she had the chance to liear stu- dent complaints, as well as voice opinions of her own. In past years, Mrs. Schoenherr has also been coordinator of the successful Oxnard and Hueneme High School student exchanges. Four years ago, TOHS acquired a new addition to its teaching force. In 1970, Mr. Bill Wucherpfennig joined the TOHS fac- ulty, teaching Drivers' Education and Cali- fornia State Requirements -to the class of 1974. Since then, Mr. Wucher fenni has become an instructor of BSKEJS Biology. Members of his classes claim they learn a lot about life, in addition to biology. Their instructor, who fills the class with interest and challenge, sheds new light on many different aspects of life besides biology. While handling the load of teaching five classes, Mr. Wuchergfennig also devoted his time to coach t e boys' swim team. After having served as an assistant coach for two years, this was his second year as head coach for the team. He helped form the school's first water polo team this year, for which he was also head coach. A typical work day often ivolved a 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. schedule, with biology classes san- wiched in between swimming practices. While the heavy load of both teaching and coaching might have adversely affected the disposition of another, it only served to enhance Coach Wucherpfennig's outlook on life and fellow human beings. Out of appreciation to two individuals who have gone out of their way to make time for today's youth, the 1974 Lancer Legend is dedicated to Mrs. Roberta Scho- enherr and Mr. Bill Wucherpfennig. DEDICATION 8 ,, J 1 gf-2,5 :,l Mug ! N1 XX T I x , 1 . 3 ' if:- xx fi 2 ' kiggig W ',,,, ' tv v I . "."""' -MQ -. . 'W Q 4 ' . mVK4 'x W eniors . Q04 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS - fain, ,,.. X Q . xxxN.kXXXXXXXSXXXX xxxxxxx My P , ' J W1 ' ,E wifi . ' N if new 4-v""" .Q I 1: Table of Contents , " M- l ,l Dedication A VCI't1S . . "Yesterday" .... .... . 6-17 5 W In uT0d3yn 'U' tt tttt ' ' , Indexq .... . "Tom0rroe W" . . . Q I I Izsmav Editor's page .... ...... 3 06 Q33 it TABLE oF coN'rENfrs ' if 3 Q ,,. L: 41226 ,W fefgzsvf if 'fu' 1 feud! , , Q' Q Q I ' 1 1 2, .f me . , -3 5? f m E Aff-sf,,,5 ,M Wx M ' 'R W , 'W E av! 5, M 4 . xg ,W ' "ww, VZ is-F' WE RM' N 5 E f'w.E.,,, W ,z H 9- . , .130 , 5 W QW' I c ' M' 4, , Wm . V p'MV,lv 'W 'W if L1 .N ,.avJWS'i'vff f fx ,X W . Lf 'M ' , YESTERDAY WAS THE BEGINNING 7 wW',H ,E aw I ni ' '- i if-UQ F . f mil- -- - v Y , Y , X 1 'Q gf? ,, - ' Q ':: KL! Q . .a S, 1, . - . - ,P if -tg, ,-...A Ll- . A - J- ,'. . 5 U 1 Q6 'Qu 1 v 'Ile Y-if-,' ' 'A ' ? -' " .Q ' N V'- , W' " ig ,Q Ar I Q .J 4 , ' ' inf , ' Q, w. '5 --, 3,1 M, , ' - 4' Q ' 9 1 , . .di ,Q Q-3 A, 0--I -Qi .wx ' l I 1., any . k. A "'. ,-wmA', ik ,. ,Ut NM1,j, 1 bt ' ,-'Adfs VJ, . 8 s ' at ffkjlg' '-1: - ! 4 A ...-fr ' ' A . "sa-"-""" f" M-949 U' ,VX f A .1-w' ' '..-f., ' Q' ' ':'-. .4 'inf I ,rqw gli- 0' "'v.l?V f' ' . . y 1 1 K 3 'lay' ' fnfxw Y . f vi ' -'f ' ash, - . I , -' " A M 4 '!." f I I 3 Aw "" , - A , 3 . ' K l , I' O K 1 "" Q I li M41 XM' f' '44 1' lv ', ' 4 9 ,. nf b - 3 :Q ' VJ.. ' s A 4 I TY ' , . R -'-N X f4"' . ,. M ... we-W f-'MQ - . A "4,,,'1' A 'K' 'ffl if H' -Q V I 'K -Q ff 'Q 1 J-. , C ' -A Q ,Ji-'hifi 1 'n ,Q A-3""' ' ' , ' - ,X - h ' ' ,Q-. N ," 1 Q - bf.: f . :Jr 15" .i,"9':f.T' ', ' i'4,a,1"f 4 gi xx. " 'SJ' f" -iwfwf 'Q " W -'F' , 4 '.. ig 4. - J x -K' 4 'Rf- 1 .w.: . -x ,.'f'?'Q g 'MVR ' 'A , i 'N 'aj .K -Q3 4,4 5 xg Y w 0 :U . , ffffv 'F ' 'vm '-I3 'N-'Q ff' -s ' - bitt-N, v , , it 0 ,123 gt .f QQ' M 2' I' F :inf 7 I ' , 4 ' ' 4 072: ' ' ' ' 1 - ' K G' sv--Yl"qgs' if 'Irv 7.1 '29 ff .V A "Q ' lf' W J' , A t.lx Q 5, Ni. r P x A 'ft in ,, J ' ' '- A H! K 4, ' -eg, gr-1-Q A 'Aa' 'f-rdf fi' 5'21ff'54"Rff2Z1 W.- 4. ' 'is ""' 2" 1 ' ' f V 'l'ffhz.L""i'lf ' Q I A": ,p.,' I 6 'X , M-4,,, K H r 4 ,PS ' -exxf' s ,L ' s 1' 4 My 1. 1, ji 'I ,an . 5 ,, I .' "' V f all i " '-N7 .5-uw 1 JZ, -'ar 5. H, '4 "' 0 4' ar: x, .f "n"l"5'f-1-S' QJTKK s 'KC QQ? , -p . , 'fr ,sf 1 . 919 - sl' ,W ff-iii' ffl: -1" ' -U 2 nf. 4 "Q NP. if P Build a bridge to cross time In my private little world, quiet and serene, I relive the past, undisturbed and happy. With the threads of time passed on, I have spun a tapestry of fondest memories and on this cloth so rich linger traces of yesterday's laughter and words once spoken are now preserved within some chamber locked within my heart. Build me a bridge that I might cross this barrier called time. Be not stingy in the building of this temple for the past is sacred and it is all I have to guide me in life. Gild it with gold and treat it with the greatest of care -V -- age has already weakened its ties ' with today. Lavish the arches with gems resembling smiles of yesterdays friends and let it ring with laughter and merriement, forever. Construct my bridge with the finest materials and best of foundationsg cement will crack, nails will weaken, hut memories preserved with love will endure all I-I - even time. BUILD A BRIDGE TU FRI PSS TIM I' Yesterda : a windy memory Yesterday is but a memory upon the' wistful "wind which: shall jbe continually ' beckoned back until time casts it away. Until that time, run through fields of yesterday and rediscover the joys and sorrows of former times. Hear the music of yesterday's childhood and recollect the plans, the places and the people who have paved the road to today. Re-experience the freedom of living, the bliss and excitement of the past, the love for friends, family and playful puppies who nibble ears in the night. Be happy for those days that were yet have passed for the journey continues. 10 YESTERDAY: A WIN DY MEMORY YESTERDAY: A WINDY MEMORY Incvitabilitic s it By Jean Grasso, Tarrytown, New York a memory is but a dream too tangible to hold like a snowflake that has glistened and sparkle-d floating gently through the air only to melt into icy cold water in the palm of leaving no hint of past lacy and if in ten years I have how much shorter I am or the middle name of a boy I I will remember all that is important because between leaves of English verse, a pressed a pair of white Levi's on some other or a yellow Austin America glimpsed from a strange corner fdifferent faces insidej will bring alive two seventeen-year-olds unspoken dreams and promises fingers entwined in quiet moments soft l-love-you's whispered in the transiency of a summer evening flmarking time with the cricket's song until autumn and Yale abort you from our worldl and the familiar contentment will rest inside me as I remember the times I needed you and you held me so tenderly when I cried for those huge realities even you could not change although you would have if you could so will I remember and shed a tear or two and shake a fist at the sky for whatever it is that melts snowflakes INEVITABILITIES 'Reprinted from SEVEN 'l'I4IHN .R Copy- rightf'31973 by Triangle: Communica- tions Inc. All rights rescrveri, INEVITABILITIES Yesterda lives in faces In days gone by a tear reflects. . . asmile remembers. . . a memory lingers . . . and a ghost vanishes in the night. Yesterday is a compound of events and emotions which reflect themselves in faces. Search and you will find remembrances of cherished memories that have bubbled to the surface and have exploded into expressions of joy and pensiveness. YESTERDAY LIVES IN FACES YESTERDAY LIVES IN FACES 1' K 7 ' an 'V 5 1 V, L46 QW Wg. 3 lgygpwa. - 1 ff, MK.- fm Swl ' ' ?sv 1 3, E 'ie Yesterday is tangible, intangible The feelings We experienced, the friends we knew, the places we went and the things we did are all part of the past, but, of more importance, they have led us to the present and have made us the people we are and are to be. ,t as i YESTERDAY IS TANGIBLE, INTANGIBLE 17 ' '--' V- in "L. . ,f ' H W. f -1-k ' ' , 'K 2 w N x 1 f , . , , Student life 4 1. . 41 ,ww STUDENT LIFE 19 I, I High, FRI. NIGHT AGAINST LOIVIPOC AWAY AT 8100 ROOTER BUS TICKETS ON SLE NOW ?wzg14,,f " ,I 153 SAC CARDS ON SLE E MMMMM Change creates challenge of choices Change greeted the Lancers as they dragged them- selves from sunny beaches and prepared for school days ahead. New teachers, new classes and a new marquis were pleasant changes to many students: overcrowdedness was not so pleasant. As a solution to the congested rooms and hallways, a new nine period day with three staggered sessions was implemented along with an extended passing period of six minutes between classes. In order to find time for clubs and special classes to meet, a monthly activity period was introduced. It provided students with a chance to either attend club meetings or to get together with friends behind the music building. "Running for classes" was the answer to registra- tion problems. Appointments were mailed to stu- dents two weeks prior to the opening of school. For the first time in TOHS's history, students had the opportunity to choose not only classes, but also the periods and teachers they wanted for their classes. At the end of a confusing week the traditional freshmen welcome dance was held in the gym. Spon- sored by the ASB, the dance attracted about 150 stu- dents who listened and danced to the music of "Ivory Tower." TOP LEFT CORNER: Registering in the new way. Mr. Ioseph Schiro approves a student's choices at the close of her appointment. TOP LEFT CENTER: Attentive freshmen listen to speakers at freshman orientation. TOP RIGHT CORNER: Kim McMullen dances to the sounds of "Ivory Tower" at the welcome dance. BOTTOMRICHT CORNER: Remembering the main purpose of school, Rich Cochran studies a book in the school library. BOTTOM LEFT CEN- TER: Kitty Boike and Diane Rowe stroll to class through nearly empty corridors. BOTTOM LEFT CORNER: Todd Coodman distributes the FreeLancer during lunch. CEN- TER: As an improvement over the last one, the new mar- quis publicized important weekly events. OPENING OF SCHOOL y J A SY, -Y ,X X? 5 15 a 'Q 13 . 4 1 13'--V-wan-5, xv... .u .2 i 2 l L i fp W7 '1' f fw 'lf m N .. 4 V 1 " ' Q?'i Mi W' 5' ' if 4, it J 1 Y ' .f fs. f 1' if V ' 'fi' 'M-'b':.ef:..v .rwirx ' wx , ' :wgf 1 " , X5?"5l" " fai3 ' ' .524 1 A' ,ani x if 4 xx, '--., 1. T -.ww W. 4 . av 5 U iv LE: tk E 31: ..,. 1 , .. K 5' F wt 3 kv s wg 3 F J 3, ,sw KQf111L.11 m- KL A Lgi l Z , K i . .,z Vkkk ::,,E.,M..1,.,555, .Q fm H121 1. ,,,-X-hw as i Nw L4 b U' m - -- Z Exkk . ,i . L57 A - if f If Am A T m A 9 ai 7 ' 5EB .g fag U J, ik 5 A' .K K Q ,. 1 ' Q , We- + 1 , X x ' '-.. -' ' A ,,. Q f X32 . Y .Dv . xy Y K ww ,,,..--f Vi R S3 sf X-. B B Y Homecoming rated " "-tra special "Cinema of yesteryears" was the theme of Home- coming 1973. Headed by Diane Armstrong, home- coming committees met from Iuly until homecoming week, working, planning and preparing to make it a success. Different from lunch time activities in the past, competition was encouraged between students. In the beginning of the week students competed in a bubble gum blowing and balloon shaving contest. Later, classes battled in a tug-of-war, while the junior and senior girls engaged in a powder puff football game. The seniors won 12-0. Premiering at the end of the week was an Acad- emy Awards Assembly, a first at TOI-IS. Formally dressed student announcers awarded miniature oscars to surprised students and faculty who had been elected by the student body. Dressed in Charlie Chaplin costumes complete with moustaches and baggy pants, the song leaders did a routine they learned at summer camp. In addi- tion, Diane Armstrong and Donna Burd did a dance and pantomime routine to the song "Bear Necessi- ties" from the Walt Disney production "Iungle Book." Afterwards the pep squad cheered to pro- mote spirit forthe homecoming game. TOP LEFT CORNER: Mr. Iames O'Brien accepts the Best Actor CBest Teacherj award from Bill Conti and Ingrid Ber- man. TOP LEFT CENTER: With a broken ankle, Dan Palmer takes on all comers in a mock tug-of-war. TOP RIGHT CORNER: Practicing for the tug of war, Doug Metz- ger and friends show their strength and stamina. BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER: Diane Armstrong and Donna Burd enter- tain at assembly. BOTTOM LEFT CENTER: Kelly Solid attempts the bubble gum blowing championship. BOTTOM LEFT CORNER: Tom Lee finds himself in a touchy situa- tion during the balloon shaving contest. CENTER: Dodging an eager flag puller, Debbie Brown streaks towards the goal line to score a senior touchdown in the powderpuff football game. HOMECOMING Floats reflect old flicksg Seniors capture first After a week of hard work, float builders forget scratched hands, sore muscles and sleepiness to enjoy their creations. Capturing the scenes from old movies, the floats paraded down Thousand Oaks Boulevard earlysSaturday morning. With feelings of pride and accomplishment seniors watched as their float "Land of Oz" won first place in the competition. Senior class president Dave Palmer remarked, "Our freshman year we placed second: sophomore year, fifthg junior year, second, but this year we got it all together and won first." Following the 48-13 victory over the Simi Pioneers, about 200 couples found their way to thetraditional homecoming dance which was held in the gym and decorated by old movie posters. Couples were encouraged to wear costumes portraying characters from old movies. The band "Carry On" provided music for the dance playing many songs by the well- known group "Chicago," TOP LEFT CORNER: Learning the advantages of working together, Lauri Goodman takes a minute to check the progress of the sophomore class float. TOP RIGHT CENTER: Anxiously watching the plays, Brian Hobin assesses the progress of his teammates. TOP RIGHT CORNER: Posing for a permanent memory, lack Ross and Andree Ferland follow O'Connor Photography directions. BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER: Receiving much applause, the winning senior class float parades around the football field at the opening of the halftime ceremony. BOTTOM LEFT CORNER: Ready to "iitterbug," Gary Shoen- berger and Michelle D'Haenens model clothes of the fifties, keeping with the theme of homecoming. 24 HOMECOMING 41 tvpunngymwf, wusw, nn..n,- ,XV v 4, .V Y ia. ' ' "Ha-' fill",-It Ac 15 . If Spotlight shines on Lancer royalty Nominated and elected by the student body, Queen Iosie Smith and her court - Senior princess Karol Mays, Iunior princess Sandy Brum, Sopho- more princess Kim Charpentier, and Freshman prin- cess Loretta Vollmer - reigned over the homecom- ing activities. As the band performed on the field, Queen Iosie and her court were escorted down the red carpet to their thrones for the halftime ceremonies. Each received a bouquet of red roses and a gold locket as they took their places on the platform. After the coronation ceremony, Iosie awarded the first place trophy to the senior class for their winning the float competition. Attending the dance, the court reigned over the festivities. When the dance ended, Queen Iosie reflected on her experience of being nominated, elected, and crowned, and remembered being escorted down the aisle and her coronation as the highlights of her reign. TOP LEFT CORNER: Senior princess Karol Mays. TOP LEFT CENTER: Homecoming Queen Iosie Smith. TOP RIGHT CORNER: Iosie Smith smiles happily after receiving a bouquet of red roses and a memento from homecoming while escort Ron Earl looks on. FAR RIGHT CENTER: Gazing at the crowd, Sandy Brum rides on the junior Class float in the homecoming parade. BOTTOM RIGHT COR- NER: Smiling at the crowds, Iosie Smith awaits her coronation while Sandy Brum and Loretta Vollmer stand by. BOTTOM LEFT CENTER: Freshman prin- cess Loretta Vollmer. FAR LEFT CORNER: Sopho- more princess Kim Charpentier. FAR LEFT CEN- TER: Iunior princess Sandy Brum. HOMECOMIN G COURT 27 "C'mon baby, let the good times roll" As school days forged ahead many students took a break from studying in order to participate in fall activities. Opening on October 3, the Ventura County Fair welcomed many TOHS students as they competed in such categories as 4-H, drill team and band competi- tion. As a pleasant change, from morning or afternoon rallies, TOHS presented its first night rally on Octo- ber 18. According to Lori Stringer, Commissioner of Spirit, the rally helped to increase student spirit and was very successful. Representing 10 high schools in Ventura County, AFS foreign exchange students spent a weekend with Lancer hosts. After an activity filled weekend, foreign students audited classes on Monday before returning to their American homes. Swinging back into the 1950's, the rally club cre- ated a nostalgic assembly in order to promote spirit for the Newbury Park game. Dressed in rolled-up jeans, saddle shoes, below- the-knee dresses and with their hair either greased and slicked back or in pulled-back poney tails, par- ticipants in the rally set the mood of the early age of Rock n' Roll. Lipsync skits to the songs "Meet me at the malt shop," and "Leader of the Pack," sent students rock- ing with laughter as did another skit by the pep squad. Football coaches were embarrassed by the girls as they removed ties, unbuttoned shirts and ran their fingers through the men's hair. In addition, Mrs. Roberta Schoenherr, Mrs. Pat Romans and Mrs. Iac- quelyn McCan led the students in a few cheers. TOP LEFT CORNER: Sherrie Puiser and Dale Farmer Lip- sync to the delight of students. TOP CENTER RIGHT: Pam Rikalo. Barbara Ieffers and Sue Gurule stand ready to march in the Venture County Parade. TOP RIGHT COR- NER: Lucy Mbarire foreign exchange student from Kenya, enjoys refreshments at a welcome party sponsored by the ASB. BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER: As part of a skit, Renae Ahlness entertains Coach Ioe Howell during an assembly. BOTTOM LEFT CORNER: Students gather at an after- game dance in order to celebrate a Lancer victory. 28 FALL ACTIVITIES WI. .. f L "i+ef" ' V LnQJZL , ' V 2 157 3 M' E i Z 75 , pelvis 1 f, - ' 4 ,I .1 ,,,. I vp 1 A "f ,Z 4 X 19 -Q 'K M H66 U at 'L 5 ' r I ' 1 f ' Y a! w o 0 . s M i U f f MQ STE v f i ,i X ,, T4 x 2 , QL 5 ' XY Q 4 , I QQ 4 f, 1' 41 M ' if w V X Q 5 F431 ff Q ' KR G uf' gg X , Z: I 1' , 5 if :A " ' iiglggmf H dgpwf ,ir fa dw- if Y.. W1 1 , g I wg..-mi "Ye Ro ale Ball" chosen for Backwards theme Reversing the typical roles is what the Backwards Dance is all about. Asking a date, paying for dinner, and sometimes even driving is done by girls instead of boys. Sponsored by the Girls' League, this year's dance, dubbed "Ye Royale Ball," was held on December 8. About four years ago, students began a tradition of selecting a king and his court to reign over the dance. Senior Doug Metzger was crowned as this year's king. His court consisted of Iim Siemens, senior prince: Bill Conti, junior prince: Ron Hillard, sopho- more princeg and Cary Michaels, freshman prince. The king and his court were honored at the dance by being escorted down the red carpet. Before taking their thrones, the princes knelt before the king, as he knighted them. Girls' League created a medieval mood for the dance by transforming the cafeteria into a royal cas- tle. Two decorated Christmas trees added charm, while coats of arms and gold tinsel helped to set the mood. "Fancy Colours" was the featured band. The group performed several arrangements by the well-known group "Chicago" Earlier in the month, reluctant students attended the return visit of the Iohnny Brown All-Stars Bas- ketball Team. Skepticism resulted from their last year's visit, when many of the promised celebrities didn't come. Members of the All-Stars team con- sisted of well-known television stars Iohnny Brown, Ioe Campanella, and Kent McCord. Other members, familiar athletes, were Bernie Casey tEx-LA Rami, Tommy David KLA Dodgerj, Mike Warren tEx-UCLA All Americanj, and Rudy LaRusse tEx-NBA Creati. After winning the game, 94-45, the All-Stars signed programs for autograph hunters. TOP RIGHT CORNER: Couple Pam Rikalo and Don Kopriva dance slowly to the music of the band, "Fancy Col- ours." BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER: Renee Scuria presents King Doug Metzger with the silver sword he will use to knight his court. TOP MIDDLE: Couples sway gently during a slow song. BOTTOM MIDDLE: Coach Robert Richards turns in time to see a try for the rebound by the All-Stars. TOP LEFT CORNER: After the basketball game, a fan waits happily as All-Star Iohnny Brown signs his autograph. BOTTOM LEFT CORNER: English teacher Marvin Ieffries struggles for possession of the ball during a tense moment in the game. BACKWARDS DANCE AND ALL-STARS 31 Energy Crisis darkens Christmas On December 19, a very honored guest was seen on TO's campus. This guest was none other than Santa Claus, or, as was later rumored, Dan Palmer and Greg D'Haenens dressing up in the holiday spirit. The santas visited classes during the day, running bells and delivering Christmas presents and cards to students. The gifts and greetings were part of an ASB fund raiser. Earlier in the month, students were able to sign up to have their holiday gifts delivered to their friends. The service cost them only a nickle or two. Santa Claus was also seen hosting a special holiday assembly. Adding cheer to the last day before vaca- tion, humorous Christmas skits were performed by students. The pep squad presented spoof on "The 12 Days of Christmas" entitled "The 12 School Grades." Greg D'Haenens made his grand entrance as Santa Claus and Bill Conti teamed up with Mike .Warfield to portray a hippy Santa Claus. Several musical num- bers were sung by a newly formed faculty choir, one of which was spiced up by Mr. Curtis Luft and Mrs. Jackie McCan. Holiday spirit, in Thousand Oaks, was seen in smil- ing faces and kind words, as opposed to ornamental lights and decorations. Due to the energy crisis, Conejo residents were asked not to decorate the exte- rior of their homes with electrical lights or other energy-using decorations. After a shorter than usual vacation, students returned to become involved again in the regular everyday routine. Many students, however, attended spirit-filled rallies, celebrating basketball season, while others shared their creative efforts by entering the art festival displayed in the campus library. TOP LEFT CORNER: As a contestant for the Miss TOHS pageant, Bill Conti is greeted by applause as he makes his entrance. TOP RIGHT CENTER' Delivering greeting cards, Santa Claus CDan Palmerj visits a morning class. TOP RIGHT CORNER: Silhouetted dancers enjoy the band dur- ing an after-game dance. BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER: Jok- ingly, Jim Griffin tells Greg D'Haenens what he wants for Christmas. BOTTOM LEFT CORNER: Voted for by amount of applause, Mike Warfield is cheered on by fans as contestants Kirby Reed, Doug Metzger, and Stewart Black wait their turn in the Miss TOHS pageant sponsored by the rally club. 32 HOLIDAYS Y ,. x' 4 W, V A xQ...'-:ik .A ig, xkiiiili, 4 AIA ' 5 2 ii S 1' fl , . W '59 -4 .. K AG I www. 7' 53' Mi f M2 , ,, Wy, . M Winter sports court honored at Senior Ball During half-time at TO's home basketball game against Oxnard, the 1974 Winter Sports Queen and her court were presented. This years queen was Kathy Mays. Her court of four princesses were Randi Borlaug, Mary Josephson, Angelique Miranda, and Alix Whalley. Nominated by the senior class in homerooms, then later elected by the entire student body, the queen and princesses were not announced until the half-time presentation. As their names were announced, each princess was presented with a bouquet of yellow roses, and escorted down the red carpet to their chairs by their escorts. Queen Kathy received a bouquet of red roses. She was crowned by ASB President Jim Griffin, who led her down the royal carpet to her throne. For their final reign, the queen and her four princesses were honored at the Senior Ball which was held at the Tradewinds in Oxnard on January 31. TOP LEFT CORNER: Terry Moser congratulates Winter Sports Queen Kathy Mays after her coronation. TOP CEN- TER LEFT: After being crowned, Queen Kathy Mays smiles at the crowds with escort Jim Griffin. TOP RIGHT COR- NER: Princess Alix Whalley smiles with pleasure as she takes escort Jim Siemen's arm. BOTTOM RIGHT COR- NER: Escort Kirby Reed gives Princess Mary J osephson his- congratulations before escorting her down the aisle. BOT- TOM CENTER RIGHT: Being escorted to her throne by Mike Warfield is Princess Randi Borlaug. BOTTOM LEFT CORNER: The I974 Winter Sports court of princesses and their escorts watch proudly as Queen Kathy Mays is crowned by Jim Griffin. CENTER RIGHT: After receiving her crown and bouquet, Princess Angelique Miranda is escorted down the red carpet by Doug Metzger. CENTER LEFT: Bursting with happiness, Princess Angelique Miranda Receives a warm hug from her sister Diedra. WINTER SPORTS COURT 35 Seniors choose tropical setting for senior ball Exotic food, tropical surroundings, and a band that nobody seemed to like set the scene for the 1974 Senior Ball, an "Evening in Paradise." As a finale to the week of finals, the dinner-dance was held on Ian- uary 31, at the Trade Winds Restaurant in Oxnard. Starting at 8:30 p.m., the Trade Winds opened its doors to approximately 105 couples. Having chosen either the house speciality tCantonese foodj or American food, at the time tickets were purchased, couples were seated according to their dinner prefer- ence. Semi-formal dress allowed greater variety in attire, while at the same time pleased many boys, since tux- edos were not required. Following dinner, Dave Palmer, senior class offi- cial, introduced the Winter Sports Queen and her Court. Each received a tiny locket inscribed with a memento of having reigned in the 1974 court. After- wards, the senior superlatives were announced to the delight of all in attendance. TOP LEFT CORNER: Enjoying the company of his wife, Mr. Iames Feller dances affectionately with her during the Senior Ball. BOTTOM LEFT: Trying a new dance step, Dave Palmer and Donna Burd swing to the beat of the band. TOP MIDDLE: It's cheek-to-cheek for Kathy Mays and her date as they dance to their own kind of music. TOP RIGHT CORNER: Three couples - Stewart Black and Christi Wey- man, Dave Palmer and Donna Burd, Georganne Benesch and Ronald Greenspan - enjoy semi-formal "Paradise" at the Trade Winds. BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER: Linda grown shares a private joke with lim I-Iavins on the dance oor. 36 SENIOR BALL K 'I wma? ,pf -fi: ag ,inner wwf, .P 'iv J., i ' F ,,rx nj K, 7 Z 1 , ' Q' 1 a YE i X ? 1 2 , 1 K f jf 'gr I 3 1 l k, y , If 1, , Ir V' V5 I f j I , L LM.. R, 4 X, , 1' f ,f f 1 I ! if I . 4 f 9 y f f' 3 1 H x , li , l , we - , ,, . "'f .f ,, ,, ff'f ' "'- ' f f ' f ' 1 L', 'L ,. -my I if 11.-'jg-psf 5 gg .4 X ,, 'V 'sf' -, t l x' , 19 qmail' .t if eff 'X W iz ' f H. ffm? 5 qv, 4 vp.. A 1 t 'W X jf 2 , mm,. " . 3'-?-QE.. Q' if ' .I '4' Ai' J ? , M ' 1 ' ' W"' I if 'K" ZZ' 'SQ ' F' " ,,.1 -1 I X -, , fy, H ,ffwbxf . 'L wx f , ' r wi xg, '1 1 ff. if ,fl If Q' 4... f . .D if , 4 ef, ' s all . I-14" f -ef, W.-M ,Y I Q - 1 v-1?W,gg,f"'p5?l2f' , . .W .. y N f , ,v ., 5 t N ti -SF H 'N be Q... . 5 M iv f it cf' ' 5, 0 ,. ' I " 14 till . 2 ' ' . A :ai g Us Students not in dark about energy crisis In a time when soaring gasoline prices and closed gas stations are everyday topics, many students have had to change their life styles, or at least modify them. Thinking twice about treks to the beach, going to the show, or shopping at Topanga Plaza and Nor- thridge has become second nature to students at TOHS. In our freeway-oriented culture, Thousand Oaks residents have especially felt the results of the con- tinuing energy "crunch." Many of TO's residents, individuals who commute 50-60 miles to and from LA daily, have reason to fear the shortage of gasoline and the possibilities of rationing. Many gasoline sta- tions in town sell their daily allocation of gas by 9:30 a.m., while others have tried selling gasoline by appointment only. Even though many people were pleased with the arrangement, the federal govern- ment blocked the plan by legislative action against favoritism. Nearly all stations close voluntarily on Sundays. It isn't unusual for residents to wait in line for 45 minutes to an hour for gas, then find that they are only permitted up to 10 gallons of gasoline. Freeway speeds have been cut from 65 MPH to 55 MPH. This helps to reduce the consumption of gas, but as an added bonus, it has reduced the number of automobile accidents. Ianuary, 1974 has had the low- est amount of traffic accidents on California high- ways in the last 12 years, according to recently pub- lished news articles. TOHS, in compliance with the Oxnard Union High School District, is doing its part to conserve energy. All field trips have been cancelled indefinitely, and no more late busses will be bringing athletes and extra-curricular activity participaters home. The heat in classrooms is shut off every Friday after school. It is turned on again Monday morning. Many residents have reduced the temperature of their homes to below 70. Now people are being asked to cut their usage of electricity by 15'Z1, nevertheless, electricity bills continue to climb. As car pools become more popular, and bicycles line the fences at school, students and community members are learning to cope with the energy crisis. TOP RIGHT CORNER: Locked bike assures gasless trans- portation for its fortunate owner. BOTTOM RIGHT COR- NER: Closed station on the busy corner of Moorpark Road and Avenida de Las Arboles shows the seriousness of the gasoline shortage. TOP LEFT CORNER: Restless drivers may honk impatiently while driving the Southern Califor- nia freeways, but here they wait silently and patiently for their turn to get gas. BOTTOM LEFT CORNER: Seeing stars and experiencing many sunrises was a new experience for students, as they found their way to school after clocks were returned to daylight saving time. ENERGY CRISIS 39 Increasing costs are creating changes As prices continue to rise and the American dollar continues to decrease in value, American life styles have begun to change. Food and clothing prices have jumped, causing housewives to search Supermarkets for bargains and buy clothes that will last longer. Many people have abandoned casual outings because of the shortage of gasoline, while many motor home owners stay longer at campsites rather than cruising leisurely across the nation. For the second year in a row, bicycle sales outdid those of automobiles. State-run colleges and commu- nity colleges are becoming increasingly more popu- lar than expensive private universities, to many fam- ilies having college bound students. Newspapers, glass bottles, aluminum cans and paper shopping bags are often saved to be taken to local recycling centers. Recycled jeans are selling in stores for at least S20 a pair, while many teenagers are converting worn jeans into long skirts by filling in the gaps with brightly colored material. Many Americans are starting to yearn for a simpler life of the past. Magazines such as "The Good Ol' Days," and "Mother Earth News," are prospering, while several television shows, such as "The Wal- tons" tstory of a family going through the depressionj, and "Happy Days" tstory of two teenag- ers during the 50'sJ, are increasing in popularity. Many families are following a trend to move from the metropolitan areas to small towns and rural areas. Closer to home, TOHS cafeteria prices have risen considerably, placing a pinch on student finances. A hot lunch and milk, which used to cost 65t1:, now has been hiked to 7502. Milk alone has risen from 7cl: a pint to 10c. The dime which used to get students a pack- age of three good sized cookies, now buys two smaller cookies. Since last year, all cafeteria prices have been raised by at least a nickel. Effective since March 2, the U.S. postage stamp price for letters rose from 8c1: to 1041: per ounce and 642 to Bm for postcards. Airmail stamps, which used to cost 1102, now cost 1301. Needed to keep up with rising costs, the price hike was necessary in order to keep the present level of postal service. The price of stamps has doubled since 1963. Earning money for class and club treasuries has become increasingly difficult for TOHS students. Since TOHS went under a federally-controlled food plan, certain laws now prevent students from selling sno-cones, popcorn, pretzels or baked goods during school hours. More and more seniors have taken advantage of half-day schedules, in order to combine their part- time jobs with school. 156 seniors, out of a class of approximately 540, graduated half-year in Ianuary. Many of the early graduates took on full time jobs to earn money for college in the fall. TOP LEFT CORNER: Rising cafeteria prices force many students to skip dessert. MIDDLE LEFT: Standing in line at the snack bar, students assess what their money can buy. BOTTOM LEFT CORNER: Rising postage costs makes the 8m stamp a thing of the past. TOP RIGHT CORNER: George Washington reflects the feelings of many people on the depreciation of the dollar. FAR RIGHT: Even today's "low" prices are too high for many shoppers' budgets. BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER: Outrageous prices cause shoppers to think twice about buying hamburger not to mention steak. gOTTOM MIDDLE: At least local telephone calls still cost a ime? 4 0 RISING COSTS czfm' J' " cf -. 'ik Y S I v - er av :fn Q- :qu as-1 La 1 1 ll ma lffNl'l'I'i n .m 1-in ICA, x Qm.,1avgemab1 L 6l8fif2lh2C XNHIXl.luX,ll4 if 5: f :. 13 14 ,' A I. ,.,f.g q 'i1"q3g..v-v 5:1ny?f"j L EISSOMLEC 'X , I2 f?g,...., Q.f'.Lgr1Q,?.g:.4 Q Q W Un I 2 ',.- SQA! ity: irzs ff, 959, fi-'fy 'rl 1 f 9 .riklz .. 1 f ,w K- WJ H5:W9,,,. WEAR , 4 W A., -n,. .-M... . . ,V A -'spas 2 ' " - 'Q , 2'-wi?-?"' A f,-.f c ' J ' , w - Q .., N ' Q ,X ww '95, I 6 . T as f ' 1 IMI kk JJ Qw J , I QQ' J' 5 M201 " N ' , ml-K 'Q W A E I i 3. v' L . "' "8 9'7--' 1 i Q 1llf1' i ., 1 tg F 1 SML Old problems demand new solutions of CVUSD TOHS and Newbury Park High School will soon be breaking away from the Oxnard High School Dis- trict to come under control of the new Conejo Valley Unified School District. Responsible for all Conejo schools, the new board will begin its function on Iuly 1. Voted on by residents last September, the new dis- trict will make possible local control of area schools. Dr. Wayne L. Butterbaugh was named superin- tendent of the new school district. Working with the trustees of the new unified district, he has been try- ing to find solutions to the biggest problem facing the new board - overcrowding. Seven ideas were heard and discussed at a brain- storming session on February 23 led by Dr. Butter- baugh with approximately 100 parents, teachers and students present. Among ideas offered were: extend- ing the present nine period day to ten periods and adding portable classrooms, or staying with the nine period day but adding more portables than needed with the 10 period day. One more permanent solution would be building a third high school. Trustees voted to hold a bond elec- tion to pay for the new school. The cost of the new school will be S13 - S17 million, according to Dr. Bptterbaugh, and will take about three years to com- p ete. Student governments of both TOHS and NPHS are concerned with how the new district will benefit the students. The two student governments first met together in Ianuary at a luncheon sponsored by TOHS. The purpose of the event was to share ideas and get to know each other better. Dr. Butterbaugh was invited to speak at the lunch- eon on the importance of the new district. Since their first visit, the two schools have met several times dis- cussing their part in the new district. Priorities that the student governments will be presenting to the new school board are: 11 open cam- pus, 21 having a student representative to the curricu- lum board, 31 need for passffail grades in physical education, 41 lowering unit requirements for gradua- tion, and 51 trying to encourage the board to change more holidays from Tuesdays and Thrusdays to Mondays and Fridays. With the new unified school district, many new changes will be made possible and new ideas are necessitated to solve old problems. TOP RIGHT CORNER: Dr. Wayne L. Butterbaugh gives a friendly answer to a question during a speech he made to the student government class. TOP LEFT CORNER: During the TOHS sponsored luncheon, Newbury student govern- ment members compare ideas with Dave Palmer of TOHS student government class. BOTTOM: Carton graphically presents overcrowdedness. PROBLEMS WHICH FACE CVUSD 43 ,,.. A - Nwwg: ffffw - M M V- ,,,, V ,,,, ,,..,,,. ,,,. ,, ,, ,,,.,... A ,. :Ewa f .Wgfu,sz:,as':eifgmesz,,:-:auf jw1zz,,f:':wzz111,,'::,,,---H.:Tugjf,-wffssa ,,,. AAA,, . 1 "" .av ,,wA ,,Wffs. M, M,-mnWEiZWM5g:,,,ff ,,f4 WWf1ie7:jg4gg ,H z -,f f' 2s',zfzzW, + 4aeVfQ52wffeff2f:fmfwu. f x, , :W 'W f M,,M,,g,,,,,,g,,, , A ,X MM,ffwfs1f"fmE,,ff,W.,,,::,w,,:-, we--Wwr-'12V'wwfl:,,,wW,f,,wM,Ww,w,1,ffmzm,,Hi,,,,ff,M,fwwfiwf..-,,1...w?ffwfffiw Q , 2.9 ,, .,,,,.,,.., , , .. J f e P . 44 STUDENT OPINIONS f W ' , f 9 .- f f Lf f ,fy EW , V .u . gg A? W , I ' 1' , ..., "-' - 5 , - LL, I 15152 .fy ,d5:,3:,,y4.: 'Hwy Vg KZA.,,EZ,,,9f,,:,5a.,,W,f,,, mix W?"i?Y1?21 Vf'53'iiiii51522Eelif:Sz:ZMTSSEE:HSE'iiSEffi:iViiiiiY'f97'51fV'Wf5YT?55?7ff::, ???!55N'Eii:i,fiSiYfl5iitffwmwvfff?7fl59?fi'f1 . Q A Z ' 525: 'gk 5 fi A " H 1 . . ! ,f,,,,,,,,, f ' f V, '-- f ' -- "hh I 4 ' "" f ,,.. ' ffr, "FF ., ff-- -E V W"'LL A ,L,,, , I , ' " 1- - '-k, I ,. EW' ' . g 2- , .gi N"- 1 - A A if .33 3 j S Z , V -. 4,2 '--, lf A1521 ' 5625 , ""' "" Mi: ig T NN' ' N' ' H ' """"'W "KK"L """"' ' ' """"' ' g gg ,VVV Kffr' "" ""' I' ""b' 5 V 1 , ',A' , 5 - '. K"' 1 -, W fi 2 N , ' ""' 9 W' ' ' W,,, 1 f .',, f , ,.w, W m, lw,:M5,m,,,f, ff : rfbf:f:1ffrr1:L1,f11f1' " i7f-522' fw fef,Qf5agsffeffffff13 'N W"' 'LL"L . gk L' 4 ' 'L" "" . , ,, -,,. ,N . tTTli c t S T "I feel lbecause students aren't aware of activities f astfthev When raise ' spirit people T think ourladministration Tandiaiculty get v v s udents either. They really don'tltityt4t0 make n i. M T f gs lessiiboring. I think the less boring the fiifhhool is, HH each arson Wlhuld pursue his interest and not iat elid et' ' DQ 'l'll if ' TTTWsitiii?rQuHd for 618810 e Y e T le l l s le e e l iadmii3ist4rati'on. Teachers who dorftgc ' f f ate? A M lli at T i t eleee is g feeling the - 1 I-un out , ? find 'i W listudents what Sfhappemng when .sttitiezid t it is, theslivwzlgware two miles lllze T lileell T lelelll' 'lll y Myers .made l l ele f vv s T v dlffemncelmto School hfe here' HOW areistgdemsfsup' T 'll'l "F think the energy Crisis, Whether it's real or not, M posed to feel when the big teachers Cwhom tlfeytreisup- started to Change theTAmerican life style. It has forced ig J, pqfefl ,ms 1959900 are alwfflyf' Saymg thee usinto simpler, lessactive lives. The energy crisis has i T actlvmgf iis ' tsll ll T ' ' T T Q fbeliztlght people .thatfiove each ,Qclosert togetheiiwft T Th? HUGH as It will is dimers aretto at hT0mftee seeethsr than peopleiiifiiigflnclpal' a5St'it9t??3fC1Pa1' i jiliii I'thinkiit's iafwfullehent fi and attfiiitfance officer. The main parts of hap- bfagoo sie , tsfii if pens at school goes through the girl's VP. gigs it T at T if - Gina Landaug T Tis alwaystgtgid busy. 1t's easiertfor her jixst Geary Qtek 34 .3 T i. 'quickly getiitlthrough student government or just not do .. fsi T itgtgshswilfgntage gives me a new excuse for Why I it. This gives the students a feeling that all the activities llg a Cars, g v y v , p .T it-that are d ee fer them are put there by theit2t1iimiHiSlfa'TTsTT tfhh,c hhvt T T T ,ii,tt h,iitvhsivv,tiiic,viit T tvhtshhcc f llt ivht T T T T 1QeT.z5ig29gg,5yTT Qi. T .tion tour. mommies and daddies Wheniywtexge T E,t TT T hvhtthhht hhhh T T TT , thttchhtthh.ttvtti, Jt. h,tthh,tct ttth T , T. schoolj and we all know how at this age we Wrhe Coming of Watergate and mggeinergy Cr Sym- - to be told what to do' ttrfiitit 1 tsstt bolized the unimportance of the svvleet andgplaspgji Student government Could do alot to Stu' memories high school brings to and how shelffii dent apathyif we could get communicatiohto the stu- wiped Wecan becomes, dents. teachers who feelithatt teaching is only a v v B Hqss job and .administrationgyiinterested in saving money, Tiii ii i c J a, gi ,h g y Q saving time, staying with gg theyold ways of thinking fdonft r rftl yyftr lliiii ' Q liiitrriit X make wavesj keeping things cool, nothing new, some- l l i thing might go wrong, it's hard to do anything that stu- titis 5 ftt A' f dents want to get out and do. y 't'AAtig iii l Anyway people might call them names, I bet I'm l'i., f M going to trouble by writingthis so Ildtbeglgfy stop." j TTL y T ftit 7 - Gres 'itilaetnens 3 T t T TTy... T. TtT iis.. ' t tistt T..T Vi, T :ht ,TTTy y 5, ,sffjgstg ' ,, T,,, ia, as , .,,.t, , H pnotist's visit adds Have you ever stuttered uncontrollably? Have you ever talked with a martian, or perhaps translated to others what he said? These are only a few of the things that happened at the hypnotist assembly, on Ianuary 25. Professor Lew March, a professional hypnotist, spoke to the student body on the art of hypnotism, using students for his demonstrations. After putting 17 volunteers into a deep trance, he gave them various suggestions which they followed at the snap of his fingers. To the delight of the audi- ence, students performed things such as laughing hysterically at seeing the audience, supposedly, with no clothes on, and jumping on chairs to escape imag- inary mice. Boys portrayed Gypsy Rose Lee, when they heard the song "The Stripper," while the girls did a go-go dance to the beat of the song "The Camel." In order to prove that the assembly was not staged and the hypnotism was real, Professor March asked student Nancy Agulia to aid him. After putting her into a deep hypnotic state, Professor March gave her the suggestion that she was stiff as a board. Then, he positioned her across two chairs, with support under her head and feet only. Finally, he stood on the stom- ach of the stiffened girl, only long enough for the audience to see that she was in no visible pain and her body was still rigid. Afterwards, Nancy com- mented, "I didn't feel a thing. I only remember it because people told me about it." Celebrating Valentine's Day was done in a unique way. For the second annual year, students were able to purchase carnations for their special valentine, several days preceding February 14. Originally, when sales were closed, 28 dozen flowers had been ordered. Several days later, due to an increase in stu- dent interest, sales were reopened and an additional four dozen carnations were ordered. The flowers, which came in red, pink or white colors, and were cut or uncut, were delivered by student messengers during the morning hours of school. Special Valen- tine messages, composed by the sender were atta- ched to each carnation. Members of the student gov- ernment class and other helpers, spent the previous night at the home of student Lora Baworouski, writ- ing the special messages for some 384 flowers. TOP LEFT: Hypnotized students Nancy Agulia, Mike War- field, Dave Crittenton and Tyler Morton wait for directions given by Professor Lew March. TOP RIGHT CENTER: Valentine boutonnieres bring a smile to Elin Hekhuis, as she makes deliveries. TOP RIGHT CORNER: Receiving a carnation from his secret admirer, Mike Wightman appreci- ates the thought, as Mike Lynch tries to guess the sender. BOTTOM RIGHT: Students Tina Mohr and Ieanne Brown check with Mr. Iim Hansen to see if Carnation recipients are in class. BOTTOM LEFT: Rushing to cover themselves, Mike Warfield, Dave Crittenton, Tyler Morton and Mike Scanlin panic when they are told they have no clothes on. BOTTOM LEFT CENTER: Hypnotized subjects Nancy Agulia, Mike Warfield, Dave Crittenton and Tyler Morton swat wildly at an imaginary bee under their noses. TOP LEFT CENTER: Feeling the effects of a suggested tempera- ture drop, hypnotized students Nancy Agulia, Mike War- field, Dave Crittenton and Tyler Morton begin to shiver. 46 I-IYPNOTISM ASSEMBLY AND VALENTINES DAY . SWE: xi 'Ruff a ,.-f,,,f X , .au J' sa, 'L ,sf ak S h... fi Cl if ff: J Q" f vf:.g.i-5. A as " 'tn A, N- "'4z:z?f'A - R A 2 g i 42:1 Q M 'I if is Q. is J situ ,, ,QQ ., , Y W , k.,,, J' EA,-52 4 , ef., ff A " , A , A 4 N V AA ' ' I , .AAA+ A , , If A A ,, . C C f A I A M A ' 'A A A A - f 1 ' W ' ' ' V ' A ' A f - ,z - A C , ' 1 -A , C ",- AA C A- ,A A' rw A A- 737 ,177 , ,,,.C A ,, , , L wal, :C ,V , 'B CAST OF CHARACTERS ,CCf,,Q.f,,L!i, f'?-iiA'fQ .5 2 ,'i5'3Wff'fi9Y4F15? ' ' ,z AA , C wgfe-we C .Awe A A A f TAA A C' 95 - C fn, gf A A1' ,,,, f M1 4 .CC MWCM P wer, C ,, ,,A, Q ' C ,.,,CN,C, i li, Fowler, principal- Mike Warfield AAIAC. . . A C Csecretary-Tefrlwlithun C C, CC C , CA AAAA A'CA - . ACAA 1C 2ETe1ton1CAS?mI6r C- Peggy P0Senke Q A 6 CCC, CCCC ne f?f51fQzS3H1Of +ABa1'ba1'a ALQ m'C'A - - A AAAAC ' Arbukhs A A AAC CCCC C C- School hen ,'C, V Lcl' ,,'- , C' ' A C CCC A C A A A'AC AAA . Muff l a AAAA JI' "hk ,"' , . AAA1 C ' CCCC Sanders, se A AA C C AAJA A'Cl A 'A'C ACAA . A A KaEl?EiiM1k9 LHH53, foot COHU A ' AAAA A , . A MC, A W 'f CCCCC Avifffhj-iifhfiniiziliifl' v v llwiizwf, , ,, -Wag., ffiii Iuniors and seniors join talents for spring pla Unable to find enough advisors for separate plays, the junior and senior classes compromised by com- bining their efforts to produce a three act comedy. Under the direction of advisor, Mr. Iames O'Brien, tryouts for the play entitled "Are Teachers Human?" were held in late Ianuary. Practice lasted through the month of February until opening night, February 28. Running for three consecutive nights the play was held in the Madrona elementary school auditorium. The setting of the play took place in the anteroom of Central High School's principal's office. With a soap opera like plot, the characters' interac- tions proved to be hilarious. Many complications set in as the teachers and students tried to organize a class play while at the same time forming a love tri- angle between Principal Edward Fowler, played by Mike Warfield, Arbutis Meadows, played by Christi Weyman, and Dolores Stone, played by Valerie Myers. Profits from the production will go to help support the class funds of both the junior and senior classes. TOP RIGHT CORNER: Learning lines for the upcoming play, Andy Torshen helps Valerie Myers find her place in the script. MIDDLE RIGHT: Caught in the act, Principal Fowler fMike Warfieldj and Arbutis Meadows fChristi Weymanl are startled when C. Solomon Stone fAndy Torhsenj suddenly enters the room during a vivid scene. BOTTOM RIGHT: Members of the cast offer advice to fel- low actress Diane Armstrong. TOP MIDDLE: Portraying a dumb football player, Greg D'l-Iaenens memorizes lines for his opening scene. TOP LEFT CORNER: Arbutis Meadows portrayed by Christi Weyman gives a loving smile to her sweetheart Principal Edward Fowler portrayed by Mike Warfield. BOTTOM LEFT CORNER: The cast. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Andy Torshen, Terri Witthun, Greg D'I-Iaenens, Diane Armstrong, Mark Stein, Christi Weyman, Mike Warfield. FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Ioe McAndrew, Peggy Posenke, Valerie Myers, Diedra Mir- anda. IUNIOR SENIOR CLASS PLAY 49 I was, and I am. So shall I be to the end of for I am without end. Kahil Gibran -me W ' rg i, :K ' -" .af ,H-' M, f-'N N ifiilnz-fa. 4 T41 OPPOSITE PAGE: Mary Smith and Iohn Taylor relax on a sunny after- noon in Channel Islands harbor. TOP RIGHT CORNER: Ambitious stu- dent makes a Creative effort in metal shop. CENTER LEFT: Ioking with friends Sally Lewis enjoys her lunch behind the music building. BOT- TOM CENTER: Bruce Love ponders a question in biology. TOP LEFT: Martin Swanson exemplifies the style of the 5O's. TOMORROW OFFERS HOPE X Q 5 5 5 ii 1 ezwfg-5fg..i.5f s' If ,- H F I 2 4, f K A M, 1 I A J 1 ,. .. fz is ,, ,, t Y 35.2, -a f 1-,445 -"' L .gf , , :V f 0553" 4, 1 f I .. f qt M, ,. . X we ' "nf 3 Vffw ,,34i5'f , L' ,. fygqzgy, vf' X. 54 -iw 5 L ' MM I f"'-" Q- 'Q' er f , ,JS , .. v ww fi' My-1' NTT, , f f"'f--, .4 T, ,Nh .k, . . 3 74' W 1, NMS- ,f,,M,,m'. 55.22-.-1 K' K 5' .1 A ,. - M Q 'fn , W in-. 2431 'f'-""'ff".Z H- .11 x3ySf:m'1 As ', rv Sports Lancers do if again, fake league crown Affer barely skimming by Newbury Park wifh a score of 24-2l, fhe Lancers seized fhe Marmonfe League Champi- onship for fhe second year in a row. Making fheir way info CIF playoffs fhe Lancers hosfed Culver Cify and fri- umphed 6-0, while falfering fhe following week againsf H FAR LEFT END: Kurf Herman ll Il is in fhe air fo fire one of his passes downfield againsf fhe Char- gers of Agoura. TOP LEFT CENTER: Running on home ferrifory, Tim Ahyfe i421 breaks away from fhe Monarchs' facklers. CENTER: Bill Confi l88l 54 VARSITY FOOTBALL .v I ff .V- O 2 receives a sideline pass from quarferback Bob Emerson ahead of fhe opposing defensive players. TOP RIGHT CENTER: ln fhe homecoming game, Willard Thursfon l3Ii and Tim Ahyfe l42l were on Crescenfa Valley. On Sepfember 2I, fhe varsify fraveled fo Lompoc for fhe firsf pre-season game of fhe season. Affer fhe firsf half of play fhe Lancers gof onfo fhe scoreboard and handed fhe Braves an 8-7 loss. Kenf Rowe scored fhe final fouch- ff- . -ga A ,sf ,, , ,,... , ,,, ,,,..M VIVIIVVVV ,,,, . s , , Ar'kak f 4 T rrsri T '1 ',..,, ma55yfff,W,,,,, - V, 'a , ,,.,, ' ' ,.,Qfll li: f ,.,., :VV .." if ' ' ' 'aiy guard so fhaf Bob Emerson coud complefe his pass- TOP RIGHT CORNER: Kirby Reed lbbl didn' seem fo mind fhe cold weafher during fhe Culv Cify game, as the Lancers were vicforious 6-3 owna nd winning fwo-poinf conversion. T Following fhe Lompoc game fhe Lancers mef fhe Mon- archs on home ferrifory and defeafed fhe favored feam 26-20. Af Hueneme on Ocfober 5, fhe Lancers sfunned Phe Vikings wifh a I4-6 vicfory. Bill Confi kicked bofh a 20 and 32 yard field goal which was a firsf in fhe hisfory of TO's varsify foofball. Hosfing Agoura, fhe Oaks, hampered by four fumbles were defeafed wifh a 26-6 loss. Lancer Tim Ahfye pushed 33 yards for fhe single fouchdown. In fhe league opener fhe Lancers, affer walking over fhe i ,,,, ,,,,Q,s, ,, ,. iv' .. ss T.: A 2 i, i i ,T ,..,' - ---b ,,,,, , , A . . ,,,, " ,,, VVVV 5 V f A v , ,VVVV f 5 ,mhz - 'ffi - ,,,,,i",.Z,,e-ffl 6, I ,, V - 3. ' 4 xiii' V V' Royal Highlanders 39-I8, showed fhaf fhey planned on faking 'lhe Marmonfe Championship again. Highlighfed by Kenf Rowe's 53 yard run and a 66 yard advance by Rod Harrison, fhe Lancer offense worked fo pick up 328 yards running-and passing. Hosfing fhe Simi Pioneers af fhe annual Homecoming game, fhe Lancers blasfed fhe Pioneers for fhe elevenfh sfraighf year, wifh a score of 48- I 3. The "green machine" could nof be sfopped even affer five fumbles and losing fhe ball fhree of 'lhe five. Tim Ahfye, Bob Emerson, Rod Harrison, Jim Siemens and Willard Thursfon provided an if 'Q W 0- N 2 6 ieei 'T ill' 6 is l i. giiyi ,T T i f ili i v Q g Ewa! ' lil- ' M l 'f , .. soTToM RIGHT CORNER: Tim Ahfye l42l makes :inf down before fwo Morningside players bring rim down. BOTTOM LEFT CENTER: Tom Kelsey 331 carries fha ball gaining yards for fha Lancers. A ' l me ly, s. 1 ye 1 4' ff. 2 , ,VW . x. M lt' 4- rf'- gf-I i i www ,, I , , , I -U f 'wg 4 M" "" .1 g f?Yf1-.,A',,Q, Y . ,sw 3, if A 441, Lancers swaf lhe Yellowiackels, 37-O offense which fhrilled Lancer fans. On November 2, 'l'he varsify Traveled fo Camarillo where fhey defeafed 'lhe Scorpions 22-6, despife fhree fumbles and numerous penalfies in fha firsf half of play. In fhe second half Bob Emerson. quarferbaclz, complefed eighf ou'I' of nine passes, ran seven fimes for 75 yards scored one fouchdown and a fwo-poinf conversion. Tirr Ahfye, Rick Gaydiclx, Kenf Rowe and Willard Thursfor added numerous runs and cafches in order fo gain yardage for fhe Lancers. Varsify foofball scores TOHS 8 Lompoc 7 TOHS 26 Morningside 20 TOHS I4 Hueneme 6 as TOHS 6 Agoura 26 TOHS 39 E Royal I8 TOHS 48 Simi I3 TOHS 22 Camarillo 6 TOHS 37 Oxnard 0 TOHS 24 Newbury Park 2l TOHS 6 Culver Cify 0 s y TOHS 8 Crescenfa Valley 35 WWW Season record: 9-2 FAR LEFT END: Riclr Gaydick i80l males fha cafch in fronl of a home crowd of Lancer fans before being broughf down by a Culver Cify adversary. TOP LEFT CENTER: ln fha second quarier, Bob Emerson malres a low fackle on fha Simi Pioneer, 56 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Ken? Rommereim. TOP RIGHT CENTER: Tim Ahfye l42l is on fha move againsf fha Pioneer's run- ning for fhe firsf down. TOP RIGHT CORNER: Hosfing Simi for Homecoming, Bob Emerson lI2l calls fha nexf play in fha huddle while Riel: Gaydiclx l80l, Rod Harrison l83l, Willard Sieve Pinning l84l lisfen. BOTTOM NER: A+ Camarillo, Lancer linebaclrer Jim l32l is abouf fo shalre up a fallen Camarillo I BOTTOM RIGHT CENTER: Bob Emerson U21 u November 9, fhe Lancers were hof and rolling as fhey fofaled 5I5 yards and rushed 393 yards againsf Oxnard. In fha shuf-ouf game 37-0, Lancers who scored were Tim Ahfye, Bob Emerson and Willard Thursfon. In fhe final game of season play, Thousand Oaks hosfed fheir cross-fown rival, fhe Newbury Park Panfhers, in a playoff for fhe league championship. Before 5,000 fans clufching fheir umbrellas and raincoafs, fhe Lancers made a lasf minufe vicfory of 24-2l. This gave fhe Lancers a berfh in fhe CIF AAA posfseason playoffs for fhe second year in a row. Wi+h l:03 minufes remaining in fhe game, TO's Kurf Herman was puf in as quarferback. He drilled a pass fo Tim Ahyfe who gof fofhe endzoneforfhefinalfouchdown. Dean Hessler added fhe fwo addifional poinfs. For fhe firsf game in CIF playoffs fhe Lancers hosfed Culver Cify on a muddy field. Tim Ahyfe and Willard Thursfon feamed fogefher fo pick up 49 yards. Thursfon ran fhe lasf yard info fhe endzone fo score. Scoring no fur- fher poinfs, fhe Lancers were vicforious wifh a 6-0 score. Traveling fo Glendale fo play Crescenfa Valley for fhe second CIF playoff, fhe Oaks were dominafed by fhe Fal- ve' '1 -1 aaar I 1, :,,E 2 41? W ,. Egjzflff.i,2f.,, ,,,,, . is ,, li' s 1 3 53 7? 1 1 '-Eff pass fo gef fha ball fo his nnfended BOTTOM LEFT CENTER Coach Larry wlfh J.C. Benedlcf l5Il abouf pcomlng defensive plays. 49" ,fb-0"""""x Lancers repeal 72 larsl +0 quar+er finals Ahyie, J. C. Benedic+, Bob Emerson, Colin Randall, Kirb Reed and WillardThurs'rongSecond +eam:S+uarl Blac Rod Harrison, Greg Glasmeier and Dean Hessler: Hor orable men+ion: Rick Gaydiclc, Greg D'Haenens, Kevi Keeler, Dave Palmer, Kenl Rowe and Jim Siemens. TOP LEFT CORNER: Playing in mud and cold 'l'l'1e Lancer field, Culver Cify gels sel for lhe cen+ snap. CENTER: Bob Emerson lI2l looks baclc lo righf as he calls 'lhe play before Simi's defe rushes fhe quarlerbaclx. TOP RIGHT CORN Varsi+y foofball +eam. Fronf row, lefi +o right M Pi'Hman, Kuff Herman, Bob Emerson, John Gal hail ' Mi- l ,, 1 . r w 4. . "4 ' ' 4 - .gif fax, f T, , f , T ,,.' ... . lm ., 'rf 'H s .fffwx J is . 1' ' - ' -mimi' 1 'Q " L X ' X 1 lg! 'I T 4, " if f ' K 4 is - 2- R .f 1 .G N K ' V. I I L,. ,, wh -, H - ' 21 , "T ' . I fi ' '- f ' fi-3 2 I 6 f 'mr 2 1 TQ' 'Lyra' . A, A, , T ,f '-if -.. ,,W .. . V' H 2' J ' 4. P - ,, . ,MW ,P si . , ly., an .- ., A A. W , V., r , 71' I fa A 5 . V, V gk . ,Q ,A , V It Vg 1' - . ' ' BK wk ' fl' if 'E V ' 94 if WJ -'-Q.. Q . 1 , .. gs Q g ' lfli 1 ' 1, f T T 4 'X W- A, A VI I I , 71' I f I ,Q I I In I X Jil 7' li 'J " y -,fx 1 rf " 2 2 ' T . In A T ,. - ' . . T a fan fav' I ? fp- 1 r f! T: A+ , :SQ gr. 9:u.5'e'f.E3 T222- U' J b :Q I f .. - , N , -sv H X A - + 'N ,Jw :flu X w f f, i Pr" " "'-3 T' -"2 fd 5' F if ' 'R . Y ' U r' 'T' J J lr 5"w5'E.V - igvf' M " T . l l X " - - cf , , .,".s.:-nn'- ...M r-- - 'Q iw' ,, My VVA: ,iv 5 , 1 , Afsug ji A V f y, . 4 Q?" lf" ll1r'i?.if7":i'F:ff 1 43" V W ' 'A ' " Kevin Keeler, Kenl Rowe, Dennis McCrillis, Marcus, Doug Harmon, Willard Thursfon. row: Jim Siemens, Tom Kelsey, Mike omes, Greg Garee, Tim Ahfye, Dean Hessler, reg Garcia, Mike Carmichael, Jim Ferrie, J. C. enedici. Third row: Eric Jorgenson, Doug Meh- er, Colin Randall, Vic Peferson, Bob Ornelaz, Greg Glasmeier, Mark Brown, Kirby Reed, Bill Ralph, Dan Palmer. Four+h row: Dave Palmer, Bob Dillon, Don Donley, Greg D'Haenens, Sfewarf Black, Rick Gaydick, Dave Peferson, Brian Hobin, Rod Harrison. Back row: Fred Drake, Coach Bob Musella, Coach Larry Sfonebraker, Sfeve Pinning, Sieve Rofe, Dan Pekus, Bill Conii, Coach George Magma IV A kk,,,,,, I J . ,,, , my l , ',.. .fail , "LQ Conireras, Coach Joe Howell. BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER: Tim Ahfye i42l runs for fhe punled ball as Rick Gaydick l80l leads 'I'he way downfield. BOT- TOM LEFT CORNER: Ranking as high as fourfh on CIF polls and being confenders 'for ihe league crown a'Hracfed sizeable crowds 'io Lancer home games. VARSITY FOOTBALL During fhe pre-league games fhe Lancer's iunior varsify 'l'eam had vicfories over Lompoc, Morningside, Hueneme and Agoura. Even wifh all of 'lhe wins, fhe Oaks feam was hampered wifh many iniuries. Players were moved fo new posifions. Co-capfains Ron Hillard and Bill Ralph, lead fheir feam. Hillard also lead fhe way for all offensive players, wifh nine fouchdowns. ln league compefifion, Thousand Oaks High School won g SF ,, ri orar fhe firsf 'lwo games againsf Royal and Simi High School wifh scores of 22- l 4, and 45-0, respecfively. On November 9, fhe Lancers hosfed Oxnard. Accordim fo Coach Bob Richards, "This was our besf game. Ou foam was nof expecfed fo beef Oxnard. The 'leam playef wifh pride." Rushing for I,543 yards and gaining l,879 fofal yard from offensive plays, 'I'he iunior varsify did well. E i c r 2 We f . E X T2 ' -Q g fi Eff - 4 - 1 'z A 'A . lha gg , -- .3 , N 5. is ii 3 N 'I ME .. f Ei fig ,S 51 sir 55 2' . W li E, ,fear 11 W - inf? gif? 1 2' fi li P3 2 sf I 'if' ' fs gg f 3 'iii I gfifi ' , 25253 ,,,, i f 3. 13. sz. liiiii 3 752 -2 I 1 3 1,2155 Q , s f wfafgeqvfwsff' ,. .1 , 2 - 2 as : z 5 if 3 1 .. 1 .2 5 2255.2 2235- fm E firrif wif Si' Ee u 233.6 ii ' EEZSEW. 3 5 352 Ji? U ,E i. is . si 1552 s 25:52, :gig 3555.5 ig 5 sg f,1s z25 a:, 1fw1e'5.E?:,.ef'f125 fl Iii fx f r. f ' E gfl lxg ifssxef- lil ' if Shi lefigfz Ei f 55 lsixal. iii i Ewa ig is Q g-me gpg: Egg- ll l 1 T s a Q if. 5 e swf' la A E521 1' HE sw 5 s E QV ' Q i 2 ii 2J':'f5'. 5 1 f g 5 i -- - E33 f my .. sas: in f if-kgfg, ex .: ., gif 35 5 gi EE fa if . 1 'ie is ' sf! sg 3 S .. if -.2 if as A ' 1 :ff -"' 1 ,v'S'. es.: - Q'-:2Ef' ' 'B . 1 2 142- 2211'eizffzfffjgf"::ffwa': fu -- -, 1 ' 5 :K I , Q . , 5 a .. E f- be gipgfgfgfgg-' ig v -mr M -- 1: V- f,,f.i J 'i 1 Tw cf:-1 'im X .Q!Y '1f15'11r'fz,f:, - 3 grsrwggmls . . we-1 g Q . S-:F-2' ev w 1 - .ff . E' i f I E f . sis? me-ab .N s .fee .9 f f2fi-fL.!H5'N53f 5. X'-rs sf: fig f, sf A 1 5, flie r--J: Qi .. ff-- J: . 2 1 l .5 1 ' g.-We " i .fo f- 1 fa - 'riff' Q V X ,,,, ., Q4. a f. gg a w - N-. SN ,fm 4... we .,..s,,:1.fQ::a.1,m.:,W,.LgX-W--.fsf,5m1.f... . A-s.Q,,., ,,,,- J.,- 3 5 T l ii 4 ,,,,, ,T ' 1 an ww . . -,Q aa w z, . fe--Q1- eswvaffzw .riff-f- ,f,f2?--Q if' 1 'ff refftfmgslffzz w E ' be 'Hi' Wim':5uf-f,fmf:1ff- A-ff ' - .. : s1:1 f1 k fi 'haw- E3 :ff-J"ff:12':1ffff1 1 -wif' 2 M m Fife' fl. as -- -'iff' 'sig Q .... S- g s Sw . ' Ge. ss. av e i- 2 .s e.:e1:.1::,f2:m55f? .M f fi c l iff.: uigg 3' Q -' e ,V Q Q ig S , a 4 i' i:jEF i? S-g i f A fs -7 L .1 ,j - "f : :YE 'jgfjsfgff' 5 Q 4 E-i f Q. ,. 5 ,.j,q Q., WSE w e ii ?5ff' g.f- 52.2 255 i n 4 f 5 215 Sg ssff g FE .Q 1-. 9 w. fs.:g-M 5-ysfxgag .g g filo J. 5? 1 T 5 X .S eil. e ,w iig .L 51, Es sa ,E 2, sf ? : "?: ' 2' w Q ? gs 3 s M-ez wmmga g a w. Q ing ii ein or as 'f i gag-y 2 Q 1- 1 H T , ii g ,,,,, af' 5, -1 A 5. -wi 7 'ii"l 3 lii" 5' L .. '- , .T ,. s vfi g 'iii' 4 iie , ae ,yya 2-E 1 f " ..-- m"""i""'MW"' ' l L saa - 1 w if L' i f E if' ' 4 55'- Z 3 's, 2 x :.i, T , Q V b Q 1 i s '- N 1 X SEN ITQ Wi 1 1 E E, 1-il E ,.. 'f if' Si: Ql. fy riV.' 3, K K 'lkirr In N f in '1 ssh: W I E E E ' - K ' i 'L "i -- is C S I Q..-,, Y Q' 'E T' ' E rr ' T iiee V . , lzzi K E iii' ' "V 1 in E' Q' ' k':, ,':k ,.: ,... T qyil s a, ,ers , 2 . L " '- -- " , 5 ':" ' + L 'ie' L '- ' Q : if ' N 1 TOP LEFT CORNER: In fhe lasf home game, R 'E , Sip 1 , 4 TQ' ' ' D ' 'W Hillard l32l profecfs fhe ball as he charges fhrou - qgsg A: E 5 'L 31 ' 1" 3, H fha Newbury Park defense. TOP LEFT CENTER ..,,,, : Sw N ""'i E in ' X ' X ii' y y Mark Hagen lI4l calls one play in fhe Newbu 4' E- ' 1- ..., ,Q . 1-' N 'K in N , Park game which helped fhem posf a 7-2 recor be S m 'rrr y .wg ,E L .ig llii Z: ,1i'i TOP RIGHT CEFNLTER: Purmiinrgl 'lhe ball, Wayl .,,,.,,,q i kg? ,tk A I- " L: my 'L Eafon l80l kicks if own fof e ewbury Park pla ss l eerr in eerr 2 of QQ n s we L as iii . s 60 SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL -i Despiie iniuries, Irs. FAR RIGHT END: Jim Farrell l2Il runs wifh ihe all frying fo gel pasf a Newbury Park blocker. EENTER: Kendall Williams l42l runs behind lhe 'roni line fo squeeze by NP's defense. BOTTOM .EFT CORNER: Sophomore foofball feam. Fronl ow. lefi fo righfz Ron Hillard, Bill Ralph. Second low: ScoH Charpeniier, Wes Bafdork, Rick Shoup, Mike Hagen, Ray Williams, Bill Amiol. Third row: Jim Farrel, Andy Reading, Sco'H Reynolds, Gary Alcheson, Barry Currie. Four+h row: Brian War- field, Doug Overlon, Bari Webb, Kevin Milliken, Darrayle Prosser. Fiflh row: Tim Evrisf, Al Rusk, Kendall Williams, Chris Buhr, Sfeve Warnerm, Mark Valenfino, Dave Fefen. Sixfh row: Tim Ferrie, J.V.'s pos+ 7-2 season Maurice Smiih, Mike Holh, Mike Wesi, Chris Car- michael, Jack Gilbraifh, Greg Cross. Sevenih row: Sieve Yaworsky, Charles MaHhews, Charles Nichols, Dave Nichols, Chris Nelson, Paul Ander- son, Bob Way. Back row: Wayne Ea+on, Mike Spencer, Paul Poudrier, Kevin Bougham, Mark Warner, Terry Richards, Darrell McMasfer. SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL we 6, Frosh upsei undefeaied Hueneme S'I'ar'iing new ihis year 'ihe 'Freshman 'I'eam was divided in+o A and B +eams. Even fhough +he A 'ieam posfed a 4-4 record, Coach Jim Hansen avowed, "They have never been beafeng fhey had fo overcome iheir own mis1'alres." For fhe 'Firs'f half of +he season, ihe +eam compiled a I-3 record and finished by winning ifs las+ ihree games in 4 row. On Oc+ober 3 I , +he Lancers upsei an undefeaied Huen eme 'I'eam 22-I8. For foial offense 'I'he Lancers rolled 48! yards while holding Hueneme 'I'o I46 yards. 3' 01' N0 l --filer: .L i ff-ef, M A ff' . 99. -- 5 TOP LEFT ,CORNER: Freshman fooiball feam. Fronf row, lei? fo righf: Chris O'Malley, Ron Kolcin- slri, Shawn Murphy, Dick Callis, Gary Hornby, Gary Benedict Kevin Pasky, Mike Barry, Craig Warner, Mark Nyles, Tom McKelvey. Second row: Andrew Shulfz, Jeff Marchanf, Bob Mariin, Ed Kiichen, Dan f' " W Casey, Diclr Cinfher, Jim Kozilr, John Hansen, Den Brown. Third row: John McLaughlin, Richard Sfaf- ford, Bill Dorrell, Jeff Koerih, Sieve Ornelaz, Mille Mears, Bill Roy, Doug Buchanan, Sieve Ziemene, ln fhe firsl' quarler of play, 'I'he Lancers had a 8-6 lead on Jon Proc'I'or's fhree yard run wifh Bill FarreIl's PAT pass 'Io .arry Mohr. Adding a iouchdown, Don Proc'I'or sprinfed 65 'ards in 'I'he second quar'I'er. Bill Farrell passed +o Brian Layfon for a fouchdown and :gain for 'I'he 'lwo poini conversion. Headed by Coach Rod Fuiila, 'Ihe B ieam posfed a 4-0- season record. H... irii,i Qlcr v - X "The Bees improved in abiIi+y and consfanily showed eagerness and desire of a winning 'Ieam," boasfed Coach Fuiifa. Sfandoufs for 'Ihe A Ieam were Tim Foor, Pablo Gomes, Brian Layfon, Shawn McCrillis, Larry Mohr, Don Proclor and Brel Richardson. For 'Ihe B +eam, Gary Benedicf, Ron Kolrinslri, Mary Nyles and Kevin Paslcy were ciied by Fuiifa as bes'I' players. m Laber. Fourfh row: Chris Fair, Bob Eddy, Milre oyan, Gary Michaels, Scofl Oiferness, Randy armon, Breni Anderson, Jeff Gerlach, Brad leade, Bill Farrel, Ron Seese. Fiffh row: Tom Role, am Gaydick, Shawn McCrillis, Norman Brown, m Foor, Bill Dresser, David Hillard, Bob Johnslon, Ass Hopcus, George Whalley, Willard Reynolds. xfh row: Sieve Graham, John Swendson, Tom ae, Larry Mohr, Paul Gomes, Don Proc'l'or, Doug Nh, Chris Nelson, Milre Anderson, Dana Eagen, Ronald Mason. Back row: Doug Arndf, Verne Mer- rill, Jim Wayne, Dan Hammond, Brian Johnson, Marlr Malsfrom, Greg Roach, Jeff Taylor, Brian Lay'Ion. TOP LEFT CORNER: Freshman 'foofball feam. TOP RIGHT CENTER: Bill Farrell l39l gains yards as TOHS hosfed Camarillo on Lancer 'I'errifory. FAR RIGHT END: Coach Jim Hansen wafches from ihe side line as he waifs fo hear 'Ihe nexl play. BOT- TOM RIGHT CENTER: Paul Gomes l28l fries fo oufwii 'lhe hands of an aH'aclring Camarillo player. BOTTOM LEFT CENTER: Playing home, defensive player Paul Gomes l28l hi'I's underneafh which Tom Gaydick l34l and Jeff Taylor l70l lend e helping hand ageinsi Camarillo. BOTTOM LEFT CORNER: Tim Taylor Jl4l brealrs ihe banner coming on +o fhe Lancer fiel 'lo play fhe Newbury Park Panfhers. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL For fhe league season fhe Lancer harriers posfed a 2-3 record. Af fhe Marmonfe League finals held af Moorparlr College, fhe Lancers finished fourfh place ahead of New- bury Park and Oxnard. Six feams were in fhe compefifion. Royal. Simi and Camarillo finished in fhe fop fhree posi- fions. Top runners during fhe season were Sfeve Praff who fool: one firsf, fhree second places and finished fenfh in fhe league. Sfeve Durand received one firsf and fhree fourfi places. Tim Rolsfon had one second and fhird place iw addifion fo fwo fiffh places fo place l2fh in fhe league Paul Sfuder fool: fwo seconds and a fenfh place. Coach Gary Talbof commenfed, "A high poinf for fhi season was fhaf sophomores Paul Sfuder, Milre Le Grab' Tony De Bruno and Brendan Ripley earned varsify le'He J C TOP LEFT CORNER: Cross Counfry foam. From row. Ieff fo righfz Dave Mefzger, Bruce Berger, Warren Enoch. Keifh Vreelren, Sieve Praff, Sfeve Durand. Second row: Rick Pefers, John Williams, Kif Alderefe. Tim Rolsfon, Bill Newman. Third row: Paul Higgason, Sfeve Davis, Glen Graziano, Paul CROSS-COUNTRY Sfuder, Milre LaGrand. Fourfh row: Mike Maunu, Kevin McGeever. Todd Smifherman, Tony DeBruno, Brendan Ripley. Fiffh row: Mr. Gary Tal- bof, Bob Vann, Joe Masci, Jeff Gufheil, Gary Fogel. Back row: Ter Jossy. Joe Langlois, Keifh Wassmufh, Scoff Gifford. TOP LEFT CENTER: and will provide TOHS wifh a sfrong feam in fhe fufure." C gzz b ...... -ra.. E wk .,.,. . r f "-- - C '- SBB. f 3 I'K-5,1.--.:az1,e.:-Ape.,-, - 5. rf. ' . ' N ' Xzeitjv ... 1 W ---- w....L':?,g i jig f gijjgzlf,Q:QlEiQS::iii .,,. .,. ' "'ii'X:. P A f5ffQLTi. Q ' 2 , 1 -. g , ,,.. ' Tony DeBruno, Guy Fogel and Jeff Gufheil warn up before fhoir maef againsf Oxnard. TOP RIG CENTER: Racing af CLC. Guy Fogel sfays wifh f runners from Newbury Park. TOP RIGHT CO NER: Hearf of fhe varsify feam. Fronf row, leff right: Bill Newman, Sfeve Durand. Back row: Til Cross Coun+ry: off and runningg finishes four+h isfon, Sieve PreH. BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER ly Fogol, Tony DoBruno, Jeff Gufhoil and Milne Erend limbor up : Jumping form The middle wi+h 3 TOHS 'fakes 'rhe polo plunge Keeps Hs head above waie TOP LEFT CORNER: Frosh-soph Lorry Haddock prepares +o pass The ball fo a 'leammaie 'free from a charging Oirnard player. CENTER: Reaching long, Tom Wilmnnns saves ihe'Lancers'From an almosfsure goal from an opponent TOP RIGHT WATER POLO CORNER: Varsi+y wafer polo ieam. Fron+ row, Ieff +o righ+: Gary Buffs, Mark Zerba, Jeff Bickel, Rob- eri Miller, Dan McCarier, Doug Cameron. Second row: Don Van Doren, Joe McAndrew, John Wrenn, T V " ky f sss s T , esp K ,,e: ,,,,V f ' .,lV ll.,ggg, ,,, V ' g,,ppTp e.e,e T T p TTrl,, new T "lf' ---" .f 'l1r1- ,,' T lll li'I'l-ijiilillll f Q, if lj ee. ill kVl,- f... R V' , ' 'R 'EZ ,'e',l ' Sfeve Riches, Keifh Bass, S+eve Overion. Third r Tim Russell. Coach Dale Owens, Mike Wigh+m Mike McKee, Kirk Johnson, Larry Benson, Ac Moesges. Dave Colle'H', Coach William Wuche For 'I'he firsi' fime in fhe l2+h year hisfory of Thousand Oaks High School, fhe Lancers enfered a rookie 'leam info wafer polo compefifion. Compeiing againsl' such schools as Oxnard, Nordhoff and Hari. who have had 'leams for as many as I0 years, and Agoura, experienced for 1'hree years, according fo Head Coach William Wucherfennig, "+he varsi'l'y played fheir bes+ games againsr Oxnard and Agoura, despiie losses +o bo+h +eams." i 5 . . Q Ba'H'ling againsf cross fown rival, Newbury Park, also a rookie feam, 'I'he Lancers los+ fhe game in +he Pan+her's pool 5- I0. However, when bo'I'h ieams mef for 'lhe second fime and in fhe Lancer's pool, Thousand Oaks' poloisfs emerged viciorious, 7-4. Alfhough +he varsify ieam placed six+h in 'I'he league, fhe frosh-soph 'ream finished wi+h an I I-I record which earned 'lhem 'firsf place in league championship. E5'f'l'5si yrgeee L T K ,N MF 5 ,z L fuihw ennig. BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER: Goalie John Venn :lends ready wi'I'h fhe ball, awailing fhe ref- ree's decision on foul. BOTTOM LEFT CORNER, rosh-soph foam. Fronf row. leff +o righf: Tom Wil- marins, Larry Burns, Mark Gailbra'lh,ScoH Benne'H, Scofl' McDonald, Larry Simpson, Jim Mo er. Sec- ond row: Jim PIa+z. Mark Walfers, RicharJDoman- ski, Mike King, Derek Drake, David Puskaric, Tom ' 4 A' fic Peler Reilly, Coach Bob Waife. WATER POL0 Laughlin, Craig Harris. Back row: Roger Olson Kurf Birchler, Lorry Haddock, Walker Burrell Sfeve McKee, Blake Johnson, Roy Zambrano Pal' Page "Deplh is lhe key lo lhis year's leam, we hope lo lake more second, lhird and lourlh places. Il is lhe Iargesl leam and maybe lhe slrongesl in TO's hislory," commenled Coach Wucherplennig. Meeling Hueneme in lhe Lancers pool, lhe Vikings were sunk, 92--79. Sophomore Blake Johnson broke lwo Lancer records. One in lhe I00-yard bullerlly al 54.9, lhe olher in lhe I00-yard backslroke limed al 5 I . I . In JV compelilion, scoring IIO-20 lhe Lancers had an easy lime over Hueneme while lhe Frosh-soph managed lo win 75-65. For lhe Marmonle League opener, lhe meel was hosled by lhe Lancers. Deciding who was lo win lhe meel came down lo lhe linal evenl, 400 lreeslyle relay. Under new CIF Soulhern Seclion scoring awards ar given lo lhe lirsl lhree places. Eighl, lour and lwo poinls. Because ol lhis laclor bolh leams enlered lwo unils i lhe race. Newbury Park look firsl, while TO received sec ond and lhird, giving lhe Lancer swimmers a close viclorq 87--85. Thousand Oaks JV leam dunked lhe Panlhel 98-4I, scoring lirsl place in almosl every evenl. According lo Coach Bill Wucherpfennig lhe lollowin swimmers were oulslanding: Blake Johnson, sophomore Kirk Johnson, senior, Don Van Doren, senior, Larry Benson iuniorg Mike McKee, junior and diver Sleve Role, senior. ...... TOP LEFT CORNER: I974Varsily Swimmin Team. Fronl row, Iell lo righl: Harold Kilchei Mark Zerba, Bob Miller, Sleve Overlon, Slev Role. Second row: Kurl Birchler, Sleve Riches, Je' r Marchanl, Dave Puskaric, Bill Walker. Third rov Larry Haddock, Craig Harris, John Wrenn, Toi Laughlin, Larry Benson, Achim Moesges. Fourl - I pwM...c,..,- -. ,4t11e,. .L Swimmers seek league +i'rle, 'rhircl s+raigh'r year C -sm-me ,:4QZ:Qg2...,,,N H ' r ,M -v " ' luf T row: Sieve McKee, Kirk Johnson, Craig Dinkel, Mike Wighfman. Back row: Cary Gibb, Mike McKee, Bruce Menefee, Blake Johnson. TOP CEN- TER: Jeff Marchanf makes up losi 'time in a relay. TOP RIGHT CORNER: I974 Frosh-Soph Team. Eronf row, lei? fo riqhfz Dan Bradley, Mark Gil- brairh, Mifch Gurule, Gary Peirison, Larry Burns. Second row: Derek Drake, Kuri Schramm, Larry Simpson, Jim Plah, Greg Seih, Sieve Davis. Third row: Dave Bernafh, Sco'H MacDonald, Mike King, Joe Masci. Back row: Jim Moyer, Mark Walfers, Pefer Reilly, Walker Birrell, MaH Fenner. BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER: Diver Craig Harris flies fhrough 'ihe air wiih fhe grea+es+ of ease in compe+i+ion. BOTTOM CENTER: Sieve Role pracfices his Back- one-and-half in fhe +uck posifion. BOTTOM LEET CORNER: Larry Haddock lfronfl and Sieve McKee lihird 'From 'fronri s+ar+ in ihe Varsiiy back- sfroke. SWIMMING -69 Lancers edge Sf. Bernard, Sim' In fhe season opener hosfing Canyon fhe Lancers were crunched, 62-4I. Jeff Pierce led fhe way, scoring I5 poinfs, while John Corrigan added I2 poinfs. Af fhe Nordhoff Tournamenf, Jeff Pierce and Sfeve Cohen were fhe only Lancers fo score in double figures againsf Channel Islands. Leading fhe firsf quarfer I0-4, fhe Lancers Iosf in a close game, 48-46. Carpenferia afforded fhe Lancers fheir firsf win of fhe season, 52-5 I . ' Anofher win came againsf Fillmore, 50-42. Mike Lamber scored I2 poinfs. Af fhe Alhambra Tournamenf, fhe Lancers Iosf fheir fwm nexf games, coming close fo Riverside Poly, 56-59. Hosfing fhe Coneio Valley Tournamenf, TO did no score well againsf fhe Buena Bulldogs. Kenf Rowe scores I0 poinfs while Bill Confi had I4. Even so, fhe Lancers Iosl 89-39. Being placed in fhe consolafion round fhe Lancer were beafen by Sanfa Clara, 56-39. On fhe Channel Islands courf, John Corrigan made Ii poinfs fo lead in scoring. For fhe fiffh fime in a row, how as an 4 s ,rgZ CPI: e,,e I I ,. . V,i., K I lililll I. rr , r eri ,, , isc l,'ii ,,, s s, , , T4 rssyi I 4 i, g l l I gg l yyyg 35 K g g7 4 TOP LEFT CORNER: Playing againsf Sf. Bernard, Kenf Rowe I32I lays fhe ball up for an added fwo poinfs in fronf of a home crowd. LEFT CENTER: Bill Confi I43I shoofs over his oufsfrefched Oxnard guard as Kenf Rowe I32l looks on. RIGHT CEN- 70 VARSITY BASKETBALL TER: Jumping high off 'Ihe floor, Sfu Black l54I makes his efforf fo ouf-rebound fhe Agoura Char- ger. TOP RIGHT CORNER: Varsify baske+baII feam. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeff Pierce, Kenf Rowe, Kevin Keeler, Bill Confi, Dale Marinus. SECOND ROW: John Corrigan, Sc Balcom, Sfeve Cohen, Sfu Black, Dale Munsfermj BACK ROW: Andy Aase, Rich Zisko, Mike Lau berf, Chris Lysdal, Marfin Hickey, Coach Chu Poffs. BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER: Kevin Keel ver, fhe ending was fhe same, a loss. TO came wifhin even in fhe final seconds, buf Channel Islands oufscored he Lancers, 6-2, down fhe sfrefch fo win. January 4 found fhe baskefballers hosfing Sf. Bernard. realring a losing sfrealr, fhe cagers were ahead, I2-4, af he end of fhe firsf quarfer and sfayed ahead for fhe resf of fhe game. Buf wifh I:42 fo play S+. Bernard came wifhin I poinf of fying fhe game. Dale Munsferman added a free Ihrow, as Kevin Keeler shof fwo more free fhrows. Kenf Rowe was fop scorer wifh I6 poinfs. For fhe Iasf fhree games in pre-league compefifion, TO alas sfopped cold, losing fo Agoura, 68-32: Crespi, 55- 5: and Hueneme, 42-36. Opening league play, fhe Lancers hosfed Oxnard. Thou- sand Oaks led, 38-35, only fo be behind, 43-42, af fhe end of fhe fhird qua rfer. Tied af 46-46 in fhe Iasf quarfer, Oxnard wenf ahead wifh l:l5, 57-56. When fhe buzzer rang, fhe Lancers were upsef, 59-56. Bill Confi led scor- ing wifh I8 poinfsg Kenf Rowe had l2. Coming fo fhe Lancer courf,fI1e Royal Highlanders con- quered TO, 56--32. Af one fime fhe score was I4-I 4 buf fhaf was fhe closesf fhe Lancers came. Trailing by 9 poinfs af fhe beginning of fhe final period, fhe Highlanders oufs- cored fhe Lancers, 22-7, fo win fhe game, 56-32. Travelling fo Simi, fhe Lancer cagers had an impressive firsf half, 30+2 I . Leading info fhe fourfh quarfer, 42-33, x 10 .,,.-me IBOI sinks anofher free fhrow, adding more poinfs fo he Lancer cause. BOTTOM LEFT CORNER: From idelines, Coach Bill Shaw and Coach Poffs examine he progressing play in acfion. K! 4 I M I if Egg! 9 2 Ekigi QLK1, Enix 'IZ Q, K. W Qu I 9..- ,,... ..., , M l if I " .- 1 ' .vig-L, .1 sa..- i iv 1 was 8 f W... 6- A nv av fhe Oaks almosf losf fhe game in fhe final I6 seconds. Wifh cheers of excifemenf TO fans looked forward fo a win. Simi was held fo a 50-49 score wifh seven seconds leff fo play. Bill Confi confribufed I8 poinfs fo 'Ihe Lancer efforf. Travelling fo Camarillo fhe Lancers hoped for anofher win. Af one fime fhe score was 8-6 wifh I :I7 Ieff in fhe firsf period. The Scorpions rallied and sfayed ahead for fhe resf of fhe game fo win, 5I-3 I. On February 2, TO mef cross fown rival Newbury Park. Playing af Agoura High, fhe game sfarfed +igh+ and sfayed fighf. TO led, 38-29, af fhe beginning of fhe fhird period, buf in fhe final period fhe score was 45-44 wifh X We 2 fhe Lancers leading. Panfher Thad Francis made fhree four free fhrow affempfs in fhe Iasf fwo minufes. Sfe' Cohen's lay up wifh 54 seconds Ieff, rolled in and ouf of fl baskef allowing fhe Pa nfhers fo squeak fhe win, 48-47. Beginning fhe second round of league play fhe Lance were crunched by Oxnard, 56-36. Bill Confi fofaled I poinfs. Af Royal, fhe cagers kepf on frying fo win. In fhe fin period fhe score was fied, 44-44, wifh 5:I2 leff. Da Munsferman fallied I3 poinfs, buf fhe Highlande defeafed fhe Lancers, 59-5I. Simi managed fo slip I 'the Lancers, 56-54, in overfime. Leading, 32-26, +I Lancers made crucial furnovers and fhe Pioneers fied fl if-Ts N y . N. LEFT CORNER: Bill Confi I43l fighfs his way Mark Henderscheid IIOI in affempfing fo againsf fha Panfhers. LEFT CENTER: fhrough on his lay up Sfeve Cohen I45l wafches ws W Ai' .s X kb 1 Q xx Q3 Vic+ories for varsi+y elusive score a+ The buzzer. In overfime play Simi handed fhe Lancers anofher loss. For The Ias+ Iwo games of fhe season, TO hos+ed Camar- illo and mel Newbury Park af Agoura. Af+er bealing Ihe Oaks, Camarillo received firs+ place in fhe Marmonfe League. As Ihe second quar+er ended, 'Ihe Scorpions had a 37--I I edge. John Corrigan and Bill Confi combined 'ro spark a comeback +o wi+hin I6 poin+s in +he second half. A+ The win'I'er spor+s banque+, Ken+ Rowe was cifed as +he mos+ valuable player. Coach Chuck PoHs said +ha+ I'he mos'I improved player was Bill ConI'i. Chris Lysdal was mos+ inspiralional. Bill Con+i received I'he 'free 'Ihrow Irophy for shoofing 64 per cen+. Summing up 'Ihis year's 'Ieam, Coach Po++s said, "This year's I'eam has had much enfhusiasm and has improved as much as any 'Ieam Ihaf I have ever had. Lack of experience and lack of size were offered by Coach PoH's as The Varsi- +y's main problems. WK I Ii gi 'YS is . f ,. '. .,,,, I F .47 50 TOHS 54 rfs TOHS Av .1325 1 I ' go inio The hoop. TOP RIGHT CENTER: Ken? Sfrefched ou'r fo cover more rebounding area, AI Camarillo, Dale Munsferman T501 pu+s Iwo 32I makes a hook shof clearing The Scorpion John Corrigan l52I shoofs back up fo add more 'Io poinfs on 'Ihe scoreboard, even fhough 'the Lancers defends his home coud. RIGHT CORNER: his Teams +oIaI poinis. BOTTOM RIGHT CENTER: Iosf, bl-48. VARSITY BASKETBALL JV Il's +ake league crowr l l 4 l TOP LEFT CORNER: I974 J.V. Baskeiball ieam. Eronl row, lefl lo riql'v+: Ken Ward, Paul Olden- burg, Roger Markel, Randy Pe+ers, Neil Burgess. Second row: Craig Barker, Dennis Kaloi, Mi+cl'1 Scherr, Mark Randolf. Back row: Doug Kosiy, Ari 74 J V I, II BASKETBALL 1 Bouchan, Mark Robinson, Terry Collins, Doug CORNER: I974 J.V. Baske+ball Team. Eronf rc Barker, Coach Bill Shaw. CENTER: Paul Olden- from lefl To riqlwfz Bill Milliken, Dale Evrisf, Dan K4 bourg shoo+s a rebound iump-shot TOP CENTER lowski, Sieve Born, Gary Rehnberg. Back row: J RIGHT: Mark Robinson passes off. TOP RIGHT Marvin, Dave Kosanfe, Sieve Wolff, Dave ScaH1 One of fhe JV's mosf fhrilling games was played againsf New- oury Park for fhe lasf game of fhe season. Wifh fhe score of 57 -56, Ken Ward dropped in fwo free fhrows wifh one second ff fo play. Roger Markel led scoring wifh I6 poinfs, Mark Rob- Eson had l2, while Paul Oldenburg confribufed I I poinfs. Coach Bill Shaw expressed his feelings abouf his feam by say- ng, "lf was one of fhe finer JV I feams fhaf we have ever had in he pasf years. The 'leam worked hard, was dedicafed and :layed as a feam, nof as individuals." A+ fhe winfer sporfs banquef, Mark Robinson was awarded for :eing fhe mosf valuable player on fhe feam. Oufsfanding members on fhe feam, considered by Coach Lhaw were Paul Oldenburg and Terri Collins. Wifh a record of 8-2 fhe Lancers finally had a winning I .54 . league feam. Coach Dick Hanger commenfed abouf fhe feam, "They were a good group of boys, possessed good skills, and had a winning spirit" He added, "I really enioyed working wifh fhemg if was fun." Coach Hanger singled ouf fhe January 24 Camarillo game as fhe fea ms besf efforf. Wifh fhe courf disadvanfage laway gamel fhe JV Il's managed fo win, 60-57. Leading scorer for fhe game was Dale Evrisf wifh 25 poinfs. Eleven rebounds were grabbed by Sfeve Wolff. During season compefifion fhe following players were awarded: Dale Evrisf, Maff Goldfield, besf scorers: Dave Scaf- fergood, Sfeve Wolff who was also awarded fhe mosf valuable player. Bofh were besf reboundersg and Gary Rehnberg, besf defensive player. ll YLJQI LJ al eff F . ,, f JJ 6 - iyrr BASKETBAIZL scones:-Q2 if-.iv u BAS IEIBALL , . vfi H yy V i.'ZV ' . 6541, Canycfh !VZ TOH I Canyon TOHS f3Z afianfa Bar a Gybyy A I g ' illllii Camarillo To A::7 T . TOHQ I iyrl 629 iil I I' I 5 lll Jlli liir 5 5 llill Pail' lii liil "r1 56 irlryys I lrys 4 A ' D LQ VH V, i f frsi Vb vy , 1y,,, o s 1 Cfespi l1r"",l' ' '74 OHS 64 Hueneme TOHS 60 respi 59 sslil TOHS 54 TOHS 7l TOHS 63 TOHS 45 TOHS 44 Toi-is 504 49 TOHS 60 49 nod, Greg Roche, MaH Goldfield, Jerry Von- 'erder, Ken Boyd, Coach Dick Hanger. BOTTOM GHT CORNER: Neil Burgess lefs loose wifh a Il-away. , MI HAS Playing in a sophomore league, TO compefed wi+h mos+ly freshmen on +he l'eam. Playing lhe same schedule as fhe varsi+y, +he Frosh-soph posled a 4-6 league record, bealing Oxnard, Royal, Camarillo, and Simi. Coach Greg Ropes s'la+ed, "Since mosl of our players are freshmen, 'lhey have noi had baslce+ball experience, if has hurl' us in playing." He also added fhal' lhe Team had improved 'lremendoulsy since +he s1'ar+ of l'he season. As fhe highlighl' of +he season, Ropes ciled fhe double overlime win by 2 poinls of Royal High School. Players were ciled for +he following: Sieve Ornelaz, FUJI I KJTXKJ . leading scorer, Harry Fekkes, mos+ improved: Verne M ril, leading rebounderg Bill Ferril, besf defensive play and Clark Lore, mosl' husfle. A+ 'lhe winler sporfs banque+ Verne Merril was pr enled wifh 'lhe mosl valuable player award. Frosh cagers las+ year had a 9-3 league record and 'l year seemed +0 have lrouble finding 'rhe baslce+, poslim O- I O season record. "Even 'lhough we were winless, we los'l 'lo much fall lalenled +eams. Our players never qui+ +rying," reflecl Coach Ron Slillwell. ,llibffl f'l"4L 5f,'H . -, TOP LEFT CORNER: Frosh-soph baslrefball FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Vick Clerk Lore, Mille McManis, Tim Thomason rel. BACK ROW: Coach Greg Sieve lez, Bob Ballach, Rich Kenl, Harry Felclres, Merril, Jim Feeney, ScoH Hall. CENTEI Camarillo Bob Ballach l43l and Rich Ken? l4ll in +o prevenl anolher fwo poinfs as Verne Frosh-Soph gains experience as Freshmen lose According +o +he Coach, fhe besl game +he frosh played was Cired by Coach S+iIIweII, mos+ improved players were Cimon gainsf Newbury Park on February 4. In +ha'r game lhe freshmen Cormier and Bruce Minnich. Bruce was also 'rhe mosl valuable 1a+ched poin+s wi+h 'Iwo minules Ief+ +o play. Bur pulling away, player and was awarded al lhe spor+s banquet lewbury Park won 62-56. 1 NX - an 1 I 4l and Tim Thomason l40l wail fo fry 'for fhe bound. TOP RIGHT CENTER: Chris Hermansen Il lips fhe ball lo Kevin Solide lI5l in lhe opening lhe 'freshmen game againsl Newbury Parlx in nl of home slands. TOP RIGHT CORNER: Play- E on Oxnard courls, Doug Arndl l44l shools a ioli sho? againsl his defender as Chris Hermansen ll screens oul his opponent BOTTOM RIGHT an ,, A pi 11, ' ,ww I ,,zL,,f, 4 qw. A .LAL Ll 1l..uL..Jl It-I ii I ........ 5. XA I ' sm-4 T if Q CORNER: Freshman baslrefball Team. Froni row, Ieff ro righr: Milne McDonald, Gary Michaels, Bob Lincoln, Kevin Paslrey, Cimon Cormier, Kevin Sol- id. Sergio Melgar, John Hulchison, S+eve Hooper, Brenl Anderson, Brad Meade, Erik Macias. Back row: Dan Kilsczewslri, Russ Tribe. Bruce Minnich, David Ferguson, Duncan Thomas, Randy Lipperl, Tim Mcllvain, Coach Ron Sfillwell, Chris Herman' 2 'fff' ' .ff fig? 'sec' f ., 5 Y .rf-as el g I 2- i f 2 sen, Bob Wakefield, Tom Mullany, Doug Arndl, Jeff Gerlach, Sieve Germain, Bruce Bingham, Jeff Mayeda. BOTTOM LEFT CORNER: Bill Farrell l22l dribble: around a Camarillo Scorpion while Harry Fellkes l42l screens and Sieve Ornelaz l33l walches lhe play progress. FROSH-SOPH FRESHMEN BASKETBALL 77 On January I0 fhe Lancers hosfed Simi fo open Mar- monfe League compefifion. Pins from Sfeve Long and Lance Marcus helped fo add poinfs. Wins from Mike Gar- folo, Mark Piffman, Mark Warner, Mike Warfield, Dave Palmer, and Greg D'Haenens all fofalled a 30-26 win over fhe defending champions. Traveling fo Royal, fhe TO grapplers were handed a defeaf. Mike Warfield highlighfed fhe varsify feam wifh a pin in I:30 over his opponenf. Mike Garfolo, Tom Garcia, Tony Mefzger and Greg D'Haenens also scored wins. Thousand Oaks crushed Oxnard, 43-l I. Warfield and Palmer pinned fheir respecfive opponenfs. Before leaving, fhe Lancers fofalled fen wins. Losing a close mafch af Royal, 30-27, Barry Balco scored a pin, as did Andy Torchon. Af Oxnard, fhe young wresflers had an impressive wi 48-l l. League finals were held af Newbury Park High Schoi Wifh six Schools in compefifion, TO managed fo place se ond in fhree divisions. Mike Warfield, Dave Palmer ar Greg D'Haenens wenf fo fhe CIF qualifying fournamenf Wesf Torrance. Faced wifh sfiff compefifors all fhree lc fheir opening mafches, buf Greg D'Haenens was la'l named mosf valuable varsify wresfler. if I 40 '.,,,,,no-1- ',,,.--" ,J , WRESTLING TOP LEFT CORNER: Varsify feam. Fronf row, l 'ro righf: Leon Kreseck, Mike Garfolo, Mark P man, Mark Warner, Mike Rofe, Sfeve Long, La Marcus. BACK ROW: Dave Fisher, Doug Mefzg Mike Warfield, Dave Palmer, Greg D'Haene Andy Torchon. Wresllers pos+2-3 leaguegsencl 3'roCl FSec:+ional Q ,fa Q4 xx: : T no f : ' : 5' N' ' 252. ,:, J, 'E' 'FL 'iftjg-tigiiia gif? W' 'OP CENTER: A+ Oxnard, Lance Marcus geis 2 roinfs by 'I'he referee, adding fo +he defeaf of his 'ellowiackef opponent TOP RIGHT CORNER: farsify wresiler Marl: Warner shows his sirengfh ugainsf a cross-fown rival Pan+her in fron? of an unihusiasiic home crowd. BOTTOM RIGHT COR- NER: JV feam. Fronf row, leff fo righfz Barry Bal- com, Craig Warner, Dave Schraner, Paul Gomes, Moi Serrano, Barry Kirshner. Back row: Dave Born, Bob Vann, Jeff Caligiuri, Dan Palmer, Erik Torger- son, Bob Woy. BOTTOM RIGHT CENTER: On home ma+s Greg D'Haenens fighis back when his 'iii compe+i+or fries 'lo gain The advanfage. BOTTOM LEFT CENTER: In fhe league 'Finals a+ Newbury Parlr Erik Torgerson gels se? +o mee? his opening round wresiler. BOTTOM LEFT CORNER: A+ Oxnard JV Bob Vann ge+s ready fo 'lake down his opponen+ +o add points. WRESTLING 79 M-W-W Traveling +o Ven+ura for +he firsl' +rackmee+ +he TO +rackmen fell +o +he Cougard 69lf2 - 48lf2g +he JV los+ 68 -46. Winning 'I'he only division, 'rhe Fros-Soph bea+ lheir foes, bl-56. In +he Varsi+y meei Kirby Reed +ook +he I20 high hurdles in I6.0 and go'I' fhird in bo+h +he long iump and I80 lows. Mark Frames I2' 0" vaul+ earned a firs+, Tim Rols+on's 4:48.l won 'lhe mile, and Sleve Durand's l0:l2 was 'lhe bes+ 'lime in 'ihe 'lwo mile. Hos+ing Rio Mesa and Simi for +he frangular mee+ on Feb- ruary 2 I, 'lhe Varsi+y was in +he middle, scoring 45 poin+: Mark Frame and Kirby Reed scored 'fhe only Varsi+y viclo ries. TO JV's fied for second wi+h Rio Mesa wi+h 30 poin+f Scoring ano+her vicfory, +he Frosh-Soph bes+ed 'lhe o+h +eams wi+h poin+s +o+aling 63V2, making +he +eam undj fea+ed in 'rhree mee+s. Coach Bill Shaw commen+ed "The boys are hard workin and dedica+ed, +he ieam is lead by fhree fine seniors - Kirby Reed, Bob Emerson, and Mark Frame." i I 'A ' fm' was -.,,--- il 2. F -vi i f 1- F fx ., X f Mfiiiil , I ' i xllf l , 5- F JW., f E :wi gs i ' TM ,, ffm, E aj fu lil I ...I ey DLX- vo " ' s , ...M I 313555 is f F Eel ii ., -:.: x ,.., yn' 7 vu as ia T I, ,qw 4 , 'ii rrarr' ' Q E xN CF 05' v-N' T Q'x X x 1 gf' , TOP LEFT CORN ER: Timing is vifal for Mirk Rick as he runs ihe hurdles. TOP LEFT CENTER: Coa Gary Talbo+ announces 'ihe day's prac+ice sche ule. TOP CENTER: Keilh Ma+hews shows off h g "Frosby Flo?" +o Bradley Moore. ' E p.NCE,, W 'E larsily spurred by +hree relurning le'Hermen rf l S W ' RIGHT CENTER: Tom Gaydick reaches for a inches in +he slanding long jump, EAR RIGHT D: Larry Cox leaps 'lhrough +he air +o fake 'her win in fha JV running long iump. BOTTOM 'HT: Varsily Track +eam. Eronl row, lefl ro l: Mike Lynch, Tim Rolsfon, Rich Bollinger, h Malhews, Mark Frame, Mike Richey. 2nd Phil Alvidrez, Sieve Swindle, Nick Turner, John un, Jeff Gulheil, Guy Fogel. 3rd row: Sfeve md, Kirby Reed, Bob Emerson, Greg Garee, e Pinning. 4+h row: Robin Graf, Greg Cross, ck O'Malley, John Ebbinghaus. Back row: ch Gary Talbol, Rick Harold, Alan Hermansen, Don Donlay, Coach Sidney Renwyck. BOTTOM CENTER: Legs high Mark Frame lhrusls himself over lhe lop. BOTTOM LEFT CENTER: Frosh-Soph Track leam. Fronr row: Todd Smifherman, Bob Eddy, Eric Goddard, Chris Sprou+, Paul Higgason, Tom Gaydick. 2nd row: Aidan Malony, Keifh Vreeken, Ken Covinglon, Sieve Warner, Gary Afchenson, Warren Enoch. 3rd row: Joe Langlois, Charles Ma'Hhews, Kurl Brockman, Glenn Grazi- ano, Bruce Minnich, Julie Pearce. 4+h row: Mary Riches, Paul Moncoudois, Dave Davis, Mark Valen- 'l'ino, Tom Spence, Brian Wagoner. Slh row: Chris Hermanson, Chris Fair, ScoH Hall, Kevin Milliken, Duncan Thomas, Coach John Hansen. 6+h row: Gary Lawrance, Kevin McGeever, Sieve McGeever, S+eve Yaworsky, Dave Nicholas. Back row: Wes Bafdorf, Alex Solis, Tony DeBruno, Paul Sfuder, Jeff Gerlach. BOTTOM LEFT CORNER: JV Track Team: Brian Warfield, Lee Wrighl, Dan Crane, Rich Cochrane, Chris Alger. 2nd row: Brenl Camery, Larry Cox, Linda Pollack, Bradley Moore, Gary DeBuiser. 3rd row: Eric Torchon, Neil Faghl, Marlin Hickey, Dave Koszela. Back row: Coach Gary Talbol, Coach Sidney Renwyck. TRACK 81 Pilching is The key 'ro Lancer's succes iw! f4l v SAF si , Ms. .Q .-.f Q , Ni 'CNW , - . , , . ms." - VLLVV lm L ,Ml I . . -. K A W . A h , kk.. A .: ,4 : s . , ., ,, g Q .A M , H Us ,fx A TOP LEFT: Aiming for 'The s+rilce zone, Ray Williams pifches a slider. CENTER: Mark Siepard shows his pifching abiliiy agains+ Royal wi+h +he Lancers emerging viclorious. TOP RIGHT CORNER: 82 VARSITY BASEBALL . M . W s Ageinsi Oxnard, Danny Pelcus blasfs The ball our info The ouffield. BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER: Kurl Herman fakes off afier hi++ing 'lhe ball 'frying +o reach firsl base. BOTTOM LEFT CORNER: Varsi+y S w?Q.,l,k:g4f I , , , .V ,.., W, ,A -f 'ul'-21 f' .wg QL M,"-rf-3 ,M ,,, ,W , ,. s , kk,, Baseball +eam. Front row, lel+ 'ro right Mark Sh ard, Tim Ahiye, Jay Giniher, Tom Kelsey, G. Schoenberger, Forresi DeSpain, Danny Pekus, 5 Manson, Chris Moss. Back row: Coach George "Much of fhe success for fhe coming season will depend Don our pifching which musf be sfrong if we are fo win a ace in fhe CIF playoffs. If is always sfrong for Marmonfe ague baseball compefifion. This is fhe only sporf fhaf has 4A ranking," said Coach Jim Hansen. Playing fhe opening game againsf Simi, fhe Lancers ounded fhe Pioneers, I3-I. Willard Thursfon scored four ifhe runs. To show fheir power fo win by defeafing Oxnard, Royal, mi and Camarillo fwice ouf of fheir fhree challenges. Tim Ahfye lshorfSl'0Pl. Willard Thursfon lfhird baseman, 'I Q 'K - q buf finished fhe season af shorfsfopl, Jay Ginfher, and Greg Sfubbs louffieldersl backed up a whole sfring of new sfarfers. Ofher refurning players were Bill Confi, Kurf Her- man, Gary Schoenberger, Forresf DeSpain and Rod Harri- son. Pifchers for fhe feam included Mark Sfepard, Jim Ball, Forresf De Spain, Mike Gifford and Ray Williams, who was l cifed by Coach Hansen as "Super Soph." Lead off hifler Jay Ginfher was among fhe leaders dur- ing fhe season wifh Kurf Herman, Willard Thursfon, Mark Sfepard, Rod Harrison and Bill Confi. -. FM N A - - xr: N. .,.. I! I my .. A , . Q tw.. 3 Xu as gsiwmsw! Fl K In , ...Y.,. . t. . .. ,Q if 3 4. . f fA--i K 3 ,,,.. . Nik 1 ,,-, XX I ais, i - D N X W ,"i fi . 1 . . . V . A tm! I K A is N 9 'X 1 N ,sag .. ..,.,,,., ,H ac... X. , ,A 5 .- H so J . W N ' ,f W, C ' K 4. ' X IV -ver. ,-gg, 4 A ec . ,Q 7. - ,KN uf, , 73 f-.xr',.e1r .gf ' .Q , Jim Ball, Rod Harrison, Greg Sfubbs, Willard rsfon, Bill Confi, Ray Williams, Kurf Herman, no Gifford, Randy Miller, Coach Jim Hansen. ' .uf Q , .0 f. : me as ,,. 1 . .es . . ,. . .rm , ,Y .Q .5 .if if . 0 sgfxsy Qs .". ,qs - .- 'Q . . 5 an ' 14 . N' sexi 'Tags . .Q 1- 'W - . .,...,. g , , K - . - - . :Q .Hague ws. ..U,R..QsE gt! 53,13 mwzi jg Vx 8 he 5 ,X + Vg: Q A ,A is 1-56-:Q - 6 I s wash ,Q U ,ig ,jg v .." , - F Q x., s- V. L 1 '1'-s'f'f.'--..qf: ,gf 1 .ff wk 1 NFESS , 1 is X'S- - l. .-ii Hosfing Hueneme for +he firsi game in +he season, fhe JV 'ieam won 6-4 in eighf innings. Coach Rob Ellio+ expressed 'lhe following commenfs abou+ fhe feam +his year. "l expeci' +he players 'l'o do prefly well because a lol of freshmen refurned ihis year. They will be fighiing for fhe league championship." Having a double header wifh Channel Islands, +he JV +eam beai' 'ihem 8-3. In fhe nex'l' game, however, fhe resul+s were di'Fferen'l'. Channel lslands beai TO I3-9. Playing againsf Buena 'l'he Lancers squealred by wifl score of 5-4. ln +he Freshman season 'lhe pifching of Shawn McGr il and Larry Mohr was heavily depended upon for fhe you loam. Reese Fernandez and Willard Reynolds were lea d in hiH'ing abili'l'y. 2 431 '-:f.:.g'w1 f Af-fy. ,,.,.,..,.,.,,.. f f -X .m,.,1..:.s.-,.- f- sa.. my .9 ' i' lv 1 I 1 Q 1 ' A Q ,f,, 7..a -' ' ' f - - i": 1 a ... V "s' ,fs V V, V V, , ..,. - A 1- , , I s- ,V L V 25 V l , ,VV E3 f 1 rig 'asv in 'f li Y Q fe 9 1 as T9 Z2 :gg TOP LEFT coRNER:Af+er..wsmangffom co.. if f VVV'- ' .gas A M ' G ' V I V Elliof, Brian Howard and his 'leam ma+es use prog '.'-- if kiv X ...,,gi11 """'i -'iff - nl! """"' V ""' 3 V . sfance in a game. CENTER: While wailing ll' ' , I ff , V V 'z i , " ' V , lurns a+ buf, players pass +he lime by felling s+or 'L' E' ' i " . ' i sf I Y' " .E ' -e" wafching game. TOP RIGHT CORNER: Fro " E 4 1 jf VV 11 f 1 'V V YV ,J ' - Ii, Z soph Baseball feam. Froni row, Iefi fo rughfz J wg by .f Lk--f N ' ' yy , M VA r is k R r in rraa iii R vw . ii A i M E R .. , r iea a v + eaee .jf vuvee. 4 vvv e ' if 'K ' rosh-Sophs, JV's depend on pilching, +00 iheppard, Milne McDonald, ScoH' Oflerness, Cimon Cormier, Shawn McCrillis, Sergio Melgar, leese Fernandez, Ron Kolxinslri, Rick Gin+her, Sieve Nesi, Randy Harmon. Back row: Coach Con+reras, lim Kozik, Eric Macias, Brian Layfon, Gary Michaels, Willard Reynolds, Brad Rheinharl, Larry Mohr, Russ Hopcus, Brel' Richardson, Tim Mcilvain, Verne Merrill, Sieve Arnelaz, Richard Kenf. BOT- TOM RIGHT CORNER: Larry Mohr worlrs on his pifching fechnique during prac+ice. BOTTOM LEFT CORNER: JV Baseball feam. Leff fo right 'Fronf row: Andy Reading, Mille Dodge, Berry Aimi, Rick Fiore, Gary Rehnberg, Sieve lraguchi, Kurf Knapp, Jim Farrell, Kevin Baughmen. Back row: Brian Dilley, Al Karp, MaH Goldfield, Brian How- ard, John Malsfrome, Kurf Henning, Terry Rich- ards, Bob Palmer, Bill Ralph, Tom Pu+h, Pele Rog- ers, Coach Ellio+, Coach Myerchin. JV FRESHMAN BASEBALL 85 Bofh Varsify and JV Teams fhis year were defending league champions. Coach Ron Hedin described his feam as "a young buf nof weak 'I'eam." Of 24 players, only five were upper classmen. Team singles were: Paul Oldenburg, sophomore: Rick Way, senior: Mike Monfgomery, sophomore: Sfeve Sheri- dan, sophomore: and Clark Lore, sophomore. Doubles included Moi Serrano, iunior: Joel Johnson, senior: and AI Rusk, sophomore: wifh Bill Cellar, sophomore. Lasf year fhere were all varsify leifermen on fhe feam. Refurning IeH'ermen were Paul Oldenburg, Rick Way, Joel I Johnson, Moi Serrano and Clark Lore. In fhe 28fh Annual Keely Tennis Tournamenf in EI Mon Sfeve Sheridan and Mike Monfgomery overpowered fhl opponenfs in fhe semi-finals mafch 6-I , 7-5. Advancil fo finals, TO had a vicfory, 6-I , in fhe firsf sef, buf vi upsef in fhe nexf fwo sefs, 3-6, 3-6. Coach Hedin proiecfed fhaf 'Ihis year's league crowrl closer in range fhan if was Iasf year. In fhe pasf TO has hi fo baffle wifh Newbury Park: four or five feams ouf of 'I' six schools show promising compefifion for 'Ihe Lancers fl year. 5 I , :Q r.'z- 1 .I If., ,,lll A A g .....f,gz:f 5- f .17 -1 ,WL V14 ....,.. .-.' -f ,... . . eela 3 'ils A Q gf as N wg F 5 sk s ,x Sim ,Ss if I -. .. ,R we J 9 Q , . ,,,.,, 1 ..i,,, I I. ll? E. E. rryyy gf We-...,,,mo.,,,,,,,wQwmw Mmmmmfwwsw TOP LEFT CORNER: JV Tennis feam. Fronf row, leff 'ro righfz Kevin Cone, Brad Kyle, Vince Guess, Andy Shulfz, John Hansen, Tim Ellioff, Mike Dubreuil, Carl Larson. Back row: Leo Conlan, Kevin Solid, Roberf Lincoln, Carlos Galan, Bill Roy, Fred 86 TENNIS Bowen, Mike Purvis, Mike Vale. CENTER: A+ prac- fice before fhe mafch wifh Sanfa Maria, Rick Way polishes his serve. TOP RIGHT CORNER: Moi Ser- rano vollies fhe ball back across 'Ihe nef fo ouf- maneuver his opponenf as Clark Lore poises rack+ BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER: Varsify Tennis 'Iea Fronf row, Ief+ fo right Bill Cellar, Sfeve Sherida Joel Johnson, Mike Monfgomery, Rick Way. Ba Qackeleers lose in Keely Finals upse'r f X X ff Q S' S ' .ggi S "' ow: Al Rusk, Clarlr Lore, Moi Serrano, Bob Serre++, aul Oldenburg, Coach Ron Hedin. BOTTOM EFT CORNER: Refurning 'lhe ball wifh a powerful orehand, Paul Oldenburg expresses deferminalion. TENNIS Links+ers face iough com pe+i'rion from Oxnarc ' i W ' 'W1"" ....,.., rem-, ,-f- . - U, ., ...,. ., .x-.....-W-M N.- TOP LEFT CORNER1 l974 Golf leam- Slffiflflf Mandell. Bill Shelley. Doug Belslweim. Jim Gordon. ren Mandell. CENTER: David Moore finished Coach S+anley Paumer. Froni row, leir io riqhrz Randy Moore' Tom Bu-Her' B,-ad Meade' Tim shop, puff as he sinks fhe ball in 1-he hole, Pj DOH G0rdOfl. J06 Tempkin. Pal MOSS. Kufl -lie99f. Anderson, David Moore, Mike Breuklander, War- RIGHT ENDQ Having examined +l"I6 green clos Mark Pero, Rod Burion, Erik Finnsfrom, WaI+er GOLF 88 Lasf year for fhe firsf fime in fhe hisfory of TOHS, fresh- nen were on fhe Varsify golf feam. Six schools in fhe Mar- nonfe League fielded foams consisfing of six men. To lefermine league sfandings in meefs, fhe besf five scores vere used. In league fourney rankings Mike Breuklander finished I4 md Andy Blanchard fied for I7. Dennis Kaloi fied for 2l Ind Erik Finnsfrom was 24. e puffing, Tom Bufler sinks a long shof. BOT- A LEFT CORNER: Mike Breuklander pracfices 'M-.v,,K ,,V,! M drives af Los Robles Counfry Club. l M"-f Coach Sfanley Paumer is looking forward fo a beffer season wifh a sfronger feam since mosf of his feam will be refurning. Andy Blanchard, Mike Breuklander, and Erik Finnsfrom are refurning le'H'ermen. This year Hari and Canyon are nof in fhe Marmonfe League and fhe I974 72-hole fourney will be a four school evenf. Coach Paumer proiecfed, "Oxnard, lasf year's win- ner, will be Thousand Oak's sfrongesf compe+i+ion." 'U 'Q GOLF Volleyball bumped +o fif+h place Wi+h swimming added las'l year, 'lhe Girls' A'lhle+ic Associa+ion lGAAl con+inued +o sponsor inierscholasiic compe'I'i+ion for girls in six sporfs. New 'l'his year, CIF play- offs were infroduced in all sporfs. Beginning +he school year was volleyball. Wi+h one refurnee, 'I'he varsily +eam was mos+ly made up of unde class players. Varsiiy coach Miss Judy Bennis commenfed "Eve 'lhough 'l'he win-loss record did noi re'Flec+ i+, +he ieam wi definifely a mos'l' spirifed group of girls who always playe 1 z ::.. we X TOP LEFT CORNER: Junior-varsify ieam. Fro row. leff fo righf: Sue Piffman. Second row: Dolo Garcia, Laura Shulh, Cass Wren, Kari Simpsd Janef Cooper, Carol Belles. Back row: Teri Ha' Pins, Karen Kilcourse, Mary Riches, Janei' Geari fogelher as a 'leam rafher lhan as six individuals." Mrs. Lois Kusano, iunior varsily coach, named Diann A highlighi' of lhe feam was when 'lraveling 'lo Newbury Olson, Kari Simpson, Carol Balles and Dolores Garcia as Park, 'lhe Lancer girls volleyed 'lheir way +o lake all 'lhree +he 'lop servers on fhe leam. games wi'lh scores of I5-I0, I5-I3 and I5-I3. On Ocfober 24, +he iunior varsily fraveled +o Channel "Top servers during fhe season were Polly Pierce, Julie Islands where fhey won fhe firsl game I5-I2, buf were Pierce, Julie Pearce and Barbie Berry," Miss Bennis com- defealed 'l'he second game I5-5. Fighling back for +heir menfed. las+ game 'lhe Oaks defealed lheir opponenls I5-8. T' ,N I if 4 l l alrli Ryan, Diann Olson, Alma Ackerman, Josie sfrafes 'lhe beginning of a se'l againsl Rio Mesa. Judy Bridgeman. Second row: Barbie Berry, Julie aylor, Shiela Sfeward, Mrs. Lois Kusano. CENTER: ?OTTOM RIGHT CORNER: Varsily volleyball Pearce, Miss Judy Bennis, Jennie Slroebe, De5bie Pebbie Berry slarls fha volley. TOP RIGHT CEN- eam. Fronl row, lefl +o righl: Yoko Koyano, Midge Berry. BOTTOM LEFT CORNER: Warming up, ER: Julie Pearce and Kari Simpson sel' up re+urn. Enderson, Sally Lewis, Shirley Moos, Cheryl Duleba, Jennie Slroebe praclices a serve. OP RIGHT CORNER: Jane'l Gearin demon- GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL 91 This year's iennis +eam smashed +heir way fo a lhree-way fie for second place in fhe Seawinds League. Miss Carolyn Riley, coach, expressed her +eam's 'feel- ings, "The season was 'lerrificg if we could play fhe firsl' ma+ch over again we could defeal' 'I'hem." Top players were Debbie Brown, Carlyn Dubreuil and Suzanne Taylor. During differeni limes of 'Phe season each one of fhese girls played +he number one posilion. Firs'I' doubles players Tami Haas and Judy Slama, sho+ , . 3 5 1 Ei 5 W fheir way 'I'o an ou+s+a nding I I-I record. Highlighfs of 'I'he season were an upsei vicfory again: 'lhe powerful Venlura feam and when opposing Oxnare Simi, Newbury Parlr, Camarillo and Royal 'lhe Lancer gir scored shui-ou'l's. December 8 'found 'lhe Lancers on 'lheir way fo Founfai Valley 'For 'lhe CIF play-offs where Corona Del Ma defeafed +he Lancers in bofh singles and doubles compel 'l'ion. TOP LEFT CORNER: Tennis foam. Fronf row, I +o righf: Debbie Kaloi. Debbie Brown, Mary Val +ine. Chris Pe'His, Mary Barfon, Mindy Schissel, B bara Ormsby. Back row: Miss Riley, Tami Ha Judy Slama, Carlyn Dubreuil, Suzanne Taylor, L n 'ig V I 5 E15 if 52 if :shawl Y Y M7173 N,l,.,, my -- jus rgafo-Lv E?,,,.el,j Tdl- IEfH3'Qr.. A I i'iI'T":I WVR V-iplgixr 0' llqf- I New Iwi. WMI jg ' Ar.,QJ0L.5 L, . 0-'QQ h"lAz"5-L 'mb ' I Qffbll yOn,u-ov OMNA.-L.w,5i-wS.L l WX,-LJ,.,,,., px-QL sgfbssfzveke-fff2Sc-Piece-Q-I.. QIJI-aiilirl-Ywlhfveoebg Tennis re+urns +0 second WWI Yin- L KMFPS x""""""""""l-an 'M 0-fe., efir v, fi 47 Venfur Ailler, Kim Von Rader, Lesley Vo+eI, Leslie PoH's, 'ennifer Moss. Theresa Vollmer. Gigi Shoris, Karen Ddell. CENTER: Suzanne Taylor concemrafes on er forehend, melting e smoofh refurn againsl' her Iimi opponent TOP RIGHT CENTER: Miss Caro- lyn Riley is all smiles affer hearing 'I'l1e 'lennis 'I'eem qof fo go 'lo CIF. FAR RIGHT END: Barbara Ormsby delivers a winning backhand volley fo edge Venfure, 8-6. BOTTOM RIGHT CENTER:'Debbie Brown demons+ra'I'es a powerful serve fo ace her Camarillo opponent BOTTOM LEFT CORNER: Carlyn Dubreuil fires a shof from behind fhe bese- Iine, showing fhe 'Forrn which advanced her 'lo CIF playoffs. GIRLS' TENNIS Varsi+y bounces 'ro second, JV places 'rhird W, , ' iff, 5. -g r fe ,M , ., ,, , M In :V'k I -:eg ,'1:: W,:f, f 2 ,K,,,f: W1.7 , f ff arri : fP'i:55f5fl5fifirfgf1- A , I T i V' T :::: : , T e : ' 4 - "'- W.. ,,,,, ..L... ' in if : TOP LEFT CORNER: Af the 'firsf nighl baslrelball game, Loreen Taylor passes 'rhe ball around her defensive player. TOP LEFT CENTER: Debbie Brown l3Il shoofs for +wo poinfs as fhe opponenl from Venfura School comes down cour+ 'lo block 'lhe shot CENTER: Dene'He Shelledy USD malces a shor+ 9 4 GIRLS' BASKETBALL shol be+ween +wo opposing players. TOP RIGHT CORNER: Playing defense, Barbara Ormsby B41 closely guards +he Newbury Park player holding The ball. BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER: JV JV Baslrefball feam. Eronf row, lefl fo righl: Cindi Pearl, Pam Spielman, Kris Houslon, Loreen Taylor, Teri Jedras- ialx, Miriam Sheppard. Second row: Diann Olson, DeneHe Shelledy, Kaihy Comis, Roberfa Sardo, Dawn Miller. Back row: Judy Bridgeman, Terri Hawkins, Chris Brown, Karen Peferson, Shauna Norregard, Miss Jessica Perry. BOTTOM LEFT CORNER: Varsi+y Baslrefball feam. Eronl row, ,TD For +he firsl lime in +he hisfory of TOHS, 'lhe girl's bas- lcefball leam had a nighf game. Hosling Newbury Park for fhe occasion, 'lhe Lancers blas+ed +he Pan+hers 54-28. Being 'raped on cable 'lelevision added +o ihe exci+emen+. Sfarfers were Debbie Brown, Lorraine Abale, Mary Valenline, Kim Jenkins and Barb Ormsby. Wifh wins over Hueneme, Simi, and Venlura School, 'Phe Lancer Varsify girls had ye+ fo face league champions, Oxnard. Playing al' Oxnard, +he game was 'lied in fhe fourih quar- fer. Wi+h less fhan +wo minu+es leff, TO scored. Hearing 'lhe-buzzer, +he Lancers had upse+ Oxnard, 42-40. Debbie Brown was lop scorer wiih 20 poinfs. Following almos+ +he same schedule as Varsi+y, 'I'he JV's posied a 6-2 season record. Playing Hueneme, on a home courf, +he Lancers were defealed by one point Having beafen Hueneme, Simi, Venfura School, and Redwood, +he basl:e+ballers fried bu+ were downed by Oxnard 27-2l. Roberla Sardo was high poinf scorer in +he game. During 'rhe nighl' game, pressure moun+ed as 'l'he game had +wo over+ime periods. Loreen Taylor made six poin+s +o lead fhe Lancers fo vicfory. 'N T TO RIGHT: Barbara Ormsby, Debbie Brown, o Koyano, Mary Valenfine, Kim Jenkins, Karen dall. Back row: Kafhy Vo+el, Julie Helrhuis, ireen Munn, Lorraine Abafe, Dolores Garcia, s. Lois Kusano. GIRLS' BASKETBALL 9 5 Girls' add aerials +o perform new rou+ines TOP LEFT CORNER: Girls C-5ymnas+ic rearn. Fronf row, leff To riqlwlz Julie Marchanl, Debbie Morlen- sen, Carol Bal+es, Sue Wlwifaker, Cindy Payson, Laura Schulh. Second row: Cindy Powers, Befh Evans, Josie Smifh, Sue Ellesmere-Jones, Holly 96 GIRLS' GYMNASTICS Shusrerich, Robin Jones, Tina Caminaia. Back row: Miss Jennie Lyle, JeaneHe Johnslon, Debbie Berry, Dawn Baker, Sue Vol+z, Sandy Wilson, KiHy Boilce, Miss Millie Andress. CENTER: Pracficing before a big meer, Debbie Modensen uses graceful mov NER: JeaneHe Johnsfon warms up by bending a s+re+cl1ing+o be assured of a wide slride before s +o proceed down +l1e beam. TOP RIGHT, CO Compe+i'l'ion in girls gymnasfics included fhree o+her schools, Royal, Agoura and Simi in Compulsory and op'l'ional meels, playing each school Twice. Having a var- si+y and iunior varsify +eam, girls compefe in uneven bars, balance beam, vaulling and floor exercise. In all around compelilion, Carol Balies, Midge Enderson, Sue Ellesmere- Jones, and Holly Shus+erich performed for +he Lancers. Miss Jennie Lyle said, "The 'leam is be'Her +han ever: we have sfrong freshmen and our refurning gymnasls have goHen be'H'er." Re+urning members are: Carol Bal+es, Midge Enderson, Jeane'H'e Johns+on, Cindy Payson, Cindy Powers, Josie Smi+h, Jennifer Smifh, Debbie Mor+ensen, Debbie Hann, Laura Schul+z, and Sandy Wilson. BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER: Carol Belles an eagle. BOTTOM LEFT CORNER: Smiih prepares herself 'fo move io 'lhe high L, -W -ef ,F Beginning Iasf year TOHS formed a girls' swimming feam, fhe firsf in fhe schooI's hisfory. Receiving fhe league fifle, fhe Lancer girls 'Finished league compefifion in firsf place undefeafed. In league preliminaries af Newbury Park, TO qualified I2 berfhs for league finals. Dena Sengbusch and Terry Lax- dal bofh scored double wins for fhe Oaks in fhe prelims and fhe Lancers fook six firsfs in fhe seven varsify evenfs. Ayyy r i isri , 'M -,,, ' ,, ' I ' "" ' R- muy, ,,, is F ew .fm K '45 ii , ,, A ii' ,, 5251 ,. , f .Q ,f., CIF was held af Foofhill High School. Dena Sengbu placed fhird in fhe IO0 breasfsfroke, advancing fo R finals. TO also qualified fheir medley relay feam for II consolafion round. Joining Dena on fhaf feam was Dev Locke, Karen Figura, and Terry Laxdalf A+ Long Beach for fhe CIF soufhern secfion, Sengbus fook fhird place. Tenfh place wenf fo fhe Lancer medal relay feam. mi ,Qld -Q TOP LEFT CORNER: Bufferflier Dena Sengbu I swims fo anofher vicfory. TOP RIGHT CORN? CIF qualifiers, Leff 'ro right Breasfsfroke, Dea 'ff' Sengbusch, Backsfroke, Terry Lexdal, Freesfy . Devra and Janice Locke. BOTTOM RIGHT C H NER: I974 girls swim feam, Fronf row, Ieff 'ro riiga zwy I iengbusch receives Dena also won honorable menlion All American acclaim om +he Nalional lnier-scholas+ic Swimming Coached ssocialion. She had l4+h besl prep +ime in girls' IOO yd eas+s'lrolce. Refurning varsify swimmers are: Dena Sengbusch, Terry ixdal, Devra Locke, Karen Figura, and Cynlhia Hrabak. Lwo, new slrong members are Lisa Hubbard and Doris a io+. All American acclaim Cherie Hollins, Linda Wagner, Terri Olson, Sheila S'l'e- ward all placed 'firsl in The JV league and all have refurned 'lhis year. This year 'lhere were fhree new schools added +0 fhe Seawinds League - Simi, Hueneme and Venlura. Coach Beverly Boclchaus was pleased wilh anolher win- ning season and hopes +ha+ her feam will go even higher in CIF compe+i'I'ion. ,,,,, ,, krzrr K I . kl-V- V,V: im eiRLs scoREs rrarr I I A JV 76 Nofdhoff 0 iil 465 Q ,,, I 3 rilil 50 ROW' '3 ilili iry, 42 Buena 26 alli 1 47 A 76 Oxnard O 'OHS A 5l Newbury Park A 76 Newbury Park 0 'OHS 58 Agoura I9 38 Agoura 38 Season Record: 6-O Season Record: 5-O- I A KA '!!,ff1 A erie Hollins, Rene Eerranle, Linda Wagner, :in Davies, Terri Olson, Doris Gadiof, Linda s. Second row: Elise Gudmendson, Kim Keen, CiRilxaio, Janice Loclre, Lee Marinus, Ellen inger. Third row: JeanneHe Johnsfon, Terri Lax- ,Connie Decormier, Joan Romano, Marie Schlossman, Midge Enderson, PaHi Shima, Tracy Van Cleve, Tracy Curfis, Devra Locke. Back row: Corrie Boren, Dena Sengbusch, Chris PeHis, Laurie Goodman, Paula Ahlee, Caihy Wal-iers, Teresa Hall, Lisa Hubbard, Linda Moss, Glenda Moss, Pam Graham, Coach Bev Boclchaus. BOTTOM CENTER: Deciding who's swimming whai a+ The beginning of a meer are Coach Bev Boclchaus and 'rhe feam. BOTTOM LEFT: Diving in llzronf To baclcj are Debra Loclre, Pam Rilialo, Lee Marinus and Janice Loclie. GIRLS SWIMMING 99 For the first time in its history TOHS had six var- sity cheerleaders and the mascot was eliminated from the pep squad. Cheerleaders returned from camp at the University of Santa Barbara where they won many ribbons and the spirit stick, with new soul chants, new jumps, and many new routines. Led by Sandy Wilson, a cheerleader for all four years, their spirit overcame feelings of apathy. With new outfits and new faces the songlead helped overcome apathy. Brightening up the rallie new routine in which they were all dressed as Chai Chaplin was one of the year's highlights. Also int duced were many new skits which added laughs to 1 rallies. TOP LEFT CORNER: Diedra Miranda Mary Mustard lead Lancer crowd in a vicL 3 yell. TOP LEFT CENTER: Sandy Wilson si out the Alma Mater after defeating R High. CENTER: Becky Gaske, Diedra anda, and Blaise Miranda lead football t l 3 E Cheerleaders Win awards at camp , err fad nto field to start Oxnard football game. TOP ,IGHT CENTER: Students look on as Nancy ,gulia takes on a new appearance at school zlly. TOP RIGHT CORNER: Karen Eiswald nthusiastically leads Lancer supporters in a IF game. BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER: Var- E sity Cheerleaders: Left to right: Becky Garske, Randi Medvedev, Diedra Miranda, Josie Smith, Sandy Wilson, Nancy Agulia. BO'ITOM LEFI' CORNER: Songleaders. Left to right: Mary Mustard, Jamie Russell, Renae Ahlness, Karen Eiswald, Randi Medvedev, Angelique Miranda. Varsily squad wins spiril s+icl TOP LEFT CORNER: Head cheerleader Jamie Russell gives signal 'ro s+ar+ "Two Bi+s" yell. TOP LEFT CENTER: Julie Cole le+s off a ioyous cry aHer her leam scores +he winning fouchdown. CENTER: Korry Blakemore and AnneHe Jorgensen, display 102 SONQLEADERS, CHEERLEADERS lheir new mounl lo finish off a baslrelball game. TOP RIGHT CORNER: Freshmen Cheerleaders. Top: Pa'Hy Bennell. Second row, lell +0 riqhl Corry Blakemore, Anne++e Jorgensen, Shelly Law fence. BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER: JV Cheerle ers. Top: Marilyn Maxwell. Second row, lell righfz Mary Kay Flalxus, Jamie Russell, Julie Ca BOTTOM LEFT CORNER: Top To bollom: Ra The pep squad aHemp+ed +o malre rallies more enioya- le and were rewarded by greaier aHendance. The rallies ere held for fhe firsi +ime during ac+ivi+y period ins+ead F affer school. Also added was 'I'he school's firsl' nigh+ ally. Equaling fhe varsi+y in effor'I', +he JV cheerleaders dded new roufines and movemen+s. Parficipafing in ral- lies, games, and working fo promoie spirif, +he cheerlead- ers exhibifed coordinalion. Highligh+s of fhe 'Freshman cheerleading year were 'lhe aniicipafion of +heir 'Firs+ rally and away 'foofball games. Having a good season helped fhe freshman cheerleaders s+ay organized while gaining fheir firsl year experience as cheerleaders. A I , LA r wx ..'IT."-'X L' Q WY.? ALQJ gi X' A--rc edvedev, Mary Mus+ard, Nancy Agulia, Karen weld, Beclcy Garslre, Renae Alhness, Sandy Wil- i, Jamie Russell, Diedra Miranda, Angelique Mir- da, Josie Smifh, Barbara Burns. -S.:--N SENIORS mm QXSEK-X, WWW n. W l' if '12 xemfbt' f W ,km may - -1 :V Q., 5.1 mw- fy-41,4 gg: W, I 'F-Q.. -. 41- gd 1' ,A H ,A:-V ii , 2 :fi-'J ZQLZQ T V' ,A 1 H ff' W , , f 'Q in biz 'mfg ,ww I qhmyakw , . ,f f 1 , A-View enema , H--SZ ' , pf ,2mf2fz'ff " ,fefqamn , M., ,., 71, ,:2. ,Q xii- as M3 'lv 2 , Mx I . 5 x -fl ,, ,. 3 ,L S J! ' xg . S ' ax ,xx 3 ... K I ' rg 593 wr X in 'x . .XX 5 M54 N ,.. e I , , vm ,L Seniors -vi. if as , W i 5' W ,,,,, .gnm . " 2 ,,., --f' I H ' yum! L,,, I ,k 1 ' VW SENIORS Andreas Aase Joe Abbondondola John Achenbach Susan Adams Alan Adelstein Carolyn Akland Tim Ahtye Phil Alderete David Alexander Craig Allen Rhonda Allen Robert Alton Gary Anderson Lisa Anderson Desiree Armijo Dan Armstrong Kimberly Aronson Kevin Atkinson Bruce Baca Dawn Baker Denise Ball Melissa Ballard Donald Baltes Carol Barr Lucinda Batdorf Dan Begley SENIORS gffww f yf rl if V wi g E 2 1 Q- 3 . . ' " s a I 21 Qffi'-5 - 1 ., M M if am A M -"'ff:f'4f" f ' 4 , I , . f if ,9 A bn- I -i 5 t "" t ,,Z , T V , , 5, K ,- V U' ' - W f if W A i - : , , " 2' Hifi 2' it ' E af .a , fe, ff 1 'wi in xi 1 fm-z J ' ,iq sam' 5 A ytty , 1 a' A 51331 " ' Q " '3 E 55 W s 5 A 3? , K I J I . 54515 5, - -,Wagga ,f , 4 I V ,r., If f 'la is E. 48 jg? 2 9739 ? , .,,i ' ef :df I Wrig- 2 ii' IZ, ax Y ' kg? TOP: Barb Mont omerishows good humor at a friend's joke. BOIli'0M: arol Mays smiles proudly on the senior class float. W Seniors don Xanethenian title i ' n + 44 ai ' ' S ' N ' is K .v A W A S J J. C. Benedict Georganne Benesch Bonita Bennett Jeff Bennett Susan Benney Tom Bentley Lori Berg Kevin Berger Leslie Berkin Barbara Berns Bill Berry Dale Berry Brent Bibick Cynthia Birrell Stewart Black SEN IORS Carol Bloomberg Richard Bollinger Debbie Booth Ruth Boots Sue Bordner Randy Borlaug Brian Bortel Judy Bouey Jeanne Boyland Elaine Brewer Harriet Britt Kathy Brodeur Arlene Brody Diane Brody Jim Broms Bill Brown Debbie Brown Jayme Brown Jim Brown Linda Brown Rhonda Brown SENIORS X ..-7 ,,,,,M""M I .JUN I' 4- i, J . X ,-.,.,..11. -.,. .am .nf irii I L iit S li Q ., QW , ., . -W lg R , . vi, ' 4 Af- . B W' f - ai i D , B J. 'X M 5 - A E 2 52 ff XX L I iiii ' n 1 2 i 5 J 1 - -Q iiaeei 5, 5' - ENT112' " V X J 'Ef::,:,2a2 i-'WF . wiii:EE2.:.. - ,. ,. idii L Lv , I i ' 'i,'a ,.z:. 1 . J J F NY ,Q in E i Seniors join with class of '75 to present HAre Teachers Human?'9 Xx s Q 4? if a' 6 .B -f ". . ails . sss -B s is ... .., .. 1 S .,.. 1 LL E K ' tp TOP: The change to Daylight Saving Time proves to be a problem to Allyson Zachary. BOTTOM: Helen Murphy reviews her answers on a quiz. W l Q tk . i T 1 Randy Browne Kim Broyles Ron Brubaker Judy Bruner Dave Brum Patricia Bunker Bob Burton Rhonda Burton Hughey Butcher Patty Butler Gary Butts Tom Byrnes Tom Cadden Robin Calvert Laurel Cannon Karen Chamberla Dru Champion in Patricia Christensen Mike Clark SEN IORS Cathy Clevenger Robert Coane Val Coffey Kathy Cole Mary Coller David Collett Jane Collins Marc Combs Judy Commons John Conn Diane Conrad Elena Coombs Sue Corr Joe Crane Cheryl Crecilius Phyllis Creighton Dave Crittenton Amy Crow Doug Cryer Steve Curby Kathy Curry SENIORS i 1 K, l xl ' V :CM V I i L , N : A ii f 3 322.221-' 1 J ' . Q J ft s Saas was A I N . - -, gan: . '-W' - 'K f. i , -2, ' 3- , 'wife 12 i H C i,,l1i: .:f, 2 fe '3' 'fait E- ff? 1- My Ja-1, bfi ELI ' 4 mx so -' QWJ 4 1' -, , 4 , i -,: K-of 1 'Y l 5 li " :L A! .-,: 8 3. K ff,: f . ! vw .553 A 5? LL , Yi' -Q 4 ia. l 1' "' f ., If V Q Ti 1 1:-f Q V' H ' 2 1 X J sil K , l'ii1 . X, we gf 1'?'lEz"'1f2f slfssr f 2 'ssss s s sssi 5 O M L J. W . vi' K' i faGN . 9. f f , if-ff S J' -5 I rl S f f E 3,1 wr- 3 fc 5 s, K 5 j . QgizQ27iESl.1 Af ' ,Q ftassswowar TOP: Gary Howard Waits for his cue to play in stage band. BOTTOM: Tim Russell concentrates on a slide in biology. ggai X , J YL E54 Z We Ffh U,Ji!'WY'NYXCa -- - A N .L ' N 5 I' 54611106 CYS C15 Casio gin, Qoufxigvlifvcx ji UCAS CQD uuhcui Qfgcxicljig OLL1-rr' chowk VWCXSIWTJ' been Sued Caifccxcfi- Ljfinf '19 13 Stix mai 30 Said tfmfwlmm , Ciboui lecrwmql CMN ,CL 7- QWUVKDC 51 D ' when I kec1,u6,uwQNioQuECwwc m Xanethe ians spendghwicn be Swap mm awww Lexar c1kooiQSiCp. be - ' ' C LJ Dwi A I' X 1 an ccEven1ng in Para 1SC,2 CSTQQPSUL wee? mark . 13xQx'r9cC1r.Ifeoodc.,.f 6 C X 1,109 rY1uSi 101. 4 sick of hecmifwcg or anet urtis Y' b J C ' me fre K , K Patti Dahlberg ij ov of 'ix QE 'W Jim Darling C1 313517 Kevin Davidson Lol vcr rw pcflc S crm Ci problem '. l iei 1 i or 21 W ii LU C ll 'Y WI 3 VNO S' i o f D ' ar c Qi +13 e rj Ci . in Q 5 V12 rx W 1 4. Qohn Davis QL I i Clit 'i f' 1 ie D f . 'Q 1 Sandy Delaney if YN H Q 1- S B' f N , 3 5 - 1- k 'f' Q f' '+ve D Mark De-IDOSSO Q 9 i Q ik 5 Ni Matt Deleon M O' iCSi Q K is r v m m L m .f ici S13 MQ 3 I QQ 1 '- ' i r a ff X ' mei ic tigers from 3 X Iowa- WCC M9015 1, qi . K :kh . , , I .- 'X KJ. X no D ,Q N 4-'Ta - fr L , 1 ,D P Forrest De Spain 61 D gs A A. 1 ' " Sharon Deveau e i i" lr airrra l 1 an 1' wQ"',x f' Greg D'Haenens 1 a i ' aa r r-. D or Yi araf ' Donn Dietz 1 5 ' . D rrr.r 'U' .ff isa D1La o , L. . ' I YQ- Mark Dilley It a 21 "' D . David Dingman ' i errr Teri Dollman Q ff? A ' Judy Downey , . I we W' W f S 9 .15 Pam Drake 'E fff , 4 R 'P 5 Jeff Draper roam get yuh 5 isa , ii L., 'fa Michelle Dresser 2 fi ,. E 35 or . ei. . Q . . ' ggz1,2.1,r N-1.1 Q3 4 X f ? I 4 SENIORS 111 Reveling in yesterday, Xanethenians create Carlyn Dubreuil Rick Duncan Steve Durand Loretta Eaton Cathy Edwards Jane Eggleston Elisabeth Ehrhard Bob Emerson Joann Emery Jeanne Erdelen Neil Erickson Debbie Fafard Dave Fairneny Tim Fallon Gerry Fassnacht Steve Fefferman Sheila Ferrante Karen Figura Mary Ellen Fisher 112 SENIORS ::.t Q. rgf: P is J . award winning float: ccLand of Oz" .C - K M ,.., if 11- ' . S ,. .. X QQ? , . . s , ,L V K ,,,. Q 4 5- if 3 ,, 5. M X, 7 lm : , - M A Q, . b at ,- sm.-a .. 5. Q ' : fair-a s was 'E--wa '5 --. st., W ng :Qi is .W X Q -fx T 33831: ,ii ws x ,Ng 1 ii E .S G- I f 3 it . -fee Qi S wg gg is Q , e rf -3 X' ' Q' it 1 .iq 5" :ff T . V :Q ,Weil S , S 3? W - , , fa as .. , - 'fs- . -1 fi wifi, . F11 ,Q -- - .2 V- New 'w Qigiimrexezewfazsfm,3-rf:fwaeffm,,:: we az- .re .e ,, gig sg .w.mffmne.. .,,..b 1..,1,:f,,,::-me--inre .. F alia 2 . -' ' Y f .1 53 1 Exim? -rg ff X TOP: Clean up is a art of Home Ec. as Debbie Kokinski learns. BSTTOM: Dave Palmer and Cath Clevenger work hard to get their meal fin- ishedy before the period ends. i 2 1 3' is -www ml -as 'mi ' x si 2 if Q S s 2 1 l S I fi S-1 nity X Ev 'f -W fm- A X X ji 5 -3 345 ' :ff ,KR A 'Pi-Q ly 11- S' 'vw -f RENEW WR- ft ie Wir Q21 it 'vi 1 HSV! 2. -t . -ev 9 231: .. f 3' 'ay Chet Fleury Alys Florentine Lynn Foerster Gylfe Fogel Paul Fontana Kathy Fox Mark Frame Holly Fraser Raymond Frattali Dwight Fujii Tom Gabrinetti Chris Gailey Tim Galvin Sharon Garrels Rick Gardick Gregg Gerlach Cynthia German Scott Gibb Terry Gicking Dave Giddings Mark Giddings Hollie Giles Jay Ginther Craig Glass SENIORS Michael Glasser Sue Goff Jeri Goodman Todd Goodman Robert Graham Sue Graham Warren Gran Mark Gray Polly Greenlees Alan Greenspan Jim Griffin Dennis Grodman Gail Groff Kathy Growney Cory Gusland John Gutheil Theresa Haas David Hagel Mark Hagen Diane Hale Colleen Hall Cathy Hancock Richie Haney Karen Hand SENIORS K' K x g 'Biff I! ,,,:. ,, tux'-11 . Tk' li: r -Q si Y mf Eff 1. 'sane A it s l l' ig? if 2 35' Sig X k X l s . iw . f i s c G a dt . 3 iaitti aaaii tst i i i yyt 2 'e-'L ' Y,-f J as V tg -R, 4 gi V , ,se 1 1 .- 3,1 , -sez. it ' :- k 4 'I -m , , 43555, j E vi ff J' Q l 1' K Q is 1 K , Nfl N1 !, J ' t it P., -' ' Q i'ita - ,. aal . T eirsa Q at H i f a t n G i i iasflas Faai'd a r ssiss it 2 at att.i sft E zz I Pi ff TOP: Sue Hess spends a quiet moment With a good book. BOTTOM: Cynthia Birrell sells year ook subscriptions on the quad. gi t Class of 974 Waves good-bye to 155 mid-term graduates Margie Hansen Shelley Hareff Eric Hargrove Rodney Harrison 3. Z? l Richard Harold Karen Hartley Kathy Hartley Kurt Hartman at X5 . af X R. Q cddbl Lori Hartman Terrie Haskell it , . . 6 J lm Hav1ns Peggy Headington Tori Heckler Richard Heimler are Q s "W A yas Elin Hekhuis an 'Rh Lynn Hermansen K W Sue Hess ii was 'ts' Q Q13 X ii' ,le X i q gq , R r yy ,, X SENIORS Barbara Hiedemann Karen Higgins Jeannie Hiller Susan Hinchee Meredith Hobel Michael Hogan Laura Hollins Roberta Holmberg Diane Hopcus Steve Hopkins Gary Howard Jim Huffstatler Rick Hunnicutt Scott Huntling Peggy Hus Gerald Ihrcke Edward Jack John Jackson SEN IORS gf: ,,.s ,. ew 1 is MN' N, S35 ff.ffgLf:ii3 1,833 2 f . i'i1,. 1 - ' . ,,,.. . , ,, ..,,,,... . , O X . H -in 3 "'i:' TOP: Dave Palmer directs freshmen on Orienta- tion Day. BO'l'l'OM: Kathy Brodeur agonizes over a final. XXXL Scholarly seniors survive new course: English 4 Honors f C. of R 283 9' Susan Jackson Frances Jeffers Wayne Jefferson Chris Jenkins Jody J odoin Joel Johnson Kirk Johnson Ross Johnson Nancy Jones Erik Jorgensen Mary J osephson Sharon J ossy Allan Karlowsky Tony Karlowsky Joe Keller Kathy Kemerling Don Kent SENIORS Kathleen Kilcourse Carol King Kelli King Tom King Kelly Kinney Kathy Kircher Randy Kirchner Kathy Klammer Bob Koeritz Debra Kokinski Karen Koper Lynn Koppenhafer Kathy Korianitis Ken Kramer Art Kudla Scott Kyle Lisa La Liberte Michael Lambert Brad Lambeth Debi Landstra Anne Langlois Deborah Lawrence J ancy Lawson Lisa Ledbetter 118 SENIORS if av e-'i " ffemi. ,,,.. I - 'Ulla .12 Rl'-1 n 'Y M ' Qiliiiiiliifiiiifffi1:5iifiiiiififiwiigfi M .,.. J. .......,,,..., ,,,..W,,. . ,V --izifzwefs.f-az,,.:f:1- ,im fm.. ik XV' 5 E Q H at 'Y ,ggi K .1 ?rwI 'rr' ,, 5 '13 '1::f,1:-. iiiii 1,, liiiif I L Q .,1-kL', s 15w2en1ra:-wzffigggy ff-- -f,--- .1ssszz,ss111faasw-ie :sh ,. r eerrt S55 -H-was 5 Q K .i is ,M ..r.t,,. , ,r..r . - i ,,--" - . S gwgzga an F' 'W ww s ' an- x Q Z X sf- l i ,-1, gg., W, ,..,, p K ,, if as ' QF il': if 3 ..'t,f..1, , .JJ I s... . X Q its sw we Si? X fit X il E 'SF 5 5 D TOP: Mike Warfield and Dave Crittenton fall into a deep trance at the hypnotism assembly. BOT- TOM: Jeanette Minnich discusses her job as copy editor of the Free Lancer with Kathy Cole. X it , 3? as l is y Aww :V ' , is R is :., ,, h rrrrrrrh 5 hhss f -f . - , Q - it fxffiaf . -s zl. all X 3- f . I' R .,,r. 1: .:::...,.. . 'N 6 ru New i N i ,... E E ein--11211 fzzseagm 4 :-1 - h rrsrs ,-sf? as r rh L is Seniors stand strong, Willingly accept role of leadership , - -- in 'K wx f K. gk , ,f,,,,,g,,:sga:esisg M-s..s,.s11e : in S? 'ities x .A S fm e Qs ,ff 5 QQ is , Y FWS I 'Q' Jw e L ,c .te Jw Q - A ii' F H- . gy . . SX xi 'K K s K r ,,. lg it LeGrand Lee Dave Leffler Sherrie Legg Debra Linder Michelle Little Steve Locklair Tracy Loft Tina Lopez Robert Lopinski Bruce Love Mike Lynch Chris Lysdale Roxanne MaeQuiddy Lee Madden Steve Magaro Kathy Mahoney Chuck Manley Mike Manning Carol Mantle Debby Marsh Steve Martinez SENIORS Like the comet Kohoutek, Xanethenians will be remembered Keith Matthews Debi Maucere Karol Mays Kathy Mays Joe McAndrew Joe McCarter Bob McCombe Robert McDermott John McGovern Tom McNulty Christy McPherson Linda McPherson Janet McQueen Donna Meifert Gary Menefee Meldin Merrill Doug Metzger Jill Meyer Doug Milbourn Kim Miller SENIORS Ksgsag in . . . L .iit K G K SQ: .,.. . 'R sa 8 T4 Q l elif rssr K r, N -. K. V in '.yi 7 ,yyy g - N, 'V' . swf , , , - ' ' K ' J , 0' .. ,E if S-,jiwfy l g y 4""7Y if fi ,,,vwA TOP: Ruth Norvell en'oys a friend's comctvanion- ship at lunch. BO'I'I'0lVl: Joan Schultz pon ers her reading material. if f Q M , fa, .i 5 ' K-..-H . Q ,. ,, iii ,,,.,, at .xlL,,. ,-.ii , fi Na fssE1:fff 2u ,f :vi5"f2:+ a2:5Zw:gg M4, "f 25? f. ., 1. si? . if m f jim: A QW. Sig 4 2 4, 1 'L' ' . V -vi 4 if vs A' a 1 'N 1 gg. , ' Ei?" agar x i 44? i wi Y s Q. eil Q i., J , f-i n gf taf r . 5 I 1 1 Jackie Mills Jeanette Minnich Angelique Miranda Steve Misiaszek Christina Mohr Colleen Monk Carl Monsalve Barb Montgomery Debbie Moore Craig Moran Linette Moreno Deborah Mortensen Tyler Morton Terry Moser Christopher Moss Helen Murphy Steven Murphy Sue Murray SENIORS Patricia Myers Bill Neuner Bill Newman Peter Newman Don Nielsen Deby Nieto Robert Nino Gregg Niven Toni Nostrand Debbie Nottingham Tobi Noyes Mike Nuciford Shelley Nuhn Lilly Odell Amy Olson Barbara Ormsby Dan Ormsby Donna Overlock Steve Overton Mark Pagenkopf Dan Palmer Dave Palmer 122 SENIORS 24 vase-Q 'il-M this P 'il f i it Q it we an ,L.., .,. O 4, 1 it E 1 if T' r if , 4? x 'X ss ev' X Q R ,F 3' - Lf it fi' . ,, ii ,z. K - , lllt. llk t M gi xx l TOP: Jim Griffin appears thoroughly engrossed in an English test. BOTTOM: Mark Frame concentrates on getting the classes hg wants with the new registra- tion. Debbie Papritz Debra Parsons Laura Patten Terri Payne George Payson Laurie Penton Ute Perla Kevin Perow Dave Peterson Jeff Pierce Diane Pindell Tom Platz Joan Pollack Jon Porter Peggy Posenke Cindy Powers SENIORS Bill Prescott Sandee Prescott Sherry Puiser Charles Purcell Jane Purcell Duane Puskaric Jana Quenon Mark Raftery Colin Randall Felecia Randall Tom Reay Anthony Redburn Kirby Reed Suzanne Rice Rusty Richardson Steven Riches Mike Richey Gary Ridenour Laurie Riebeling Mike Riker Colleen Riley Cindy Robertson Don Robinson Cynthia Rodriguez Maria Rodriguez Jesse Rogers SENIORS K fs i 5 tttl t kk" is 3 if m e R 2 '2 'UW i in 'QS ,W TOP: Dave Palmer listens to a students complaint at a senior assembly. BOTTOM: Tom Cadden rushes off to find his new classes after semester break. Laughing at yesterday's floundering, mature seniors prepare for tomorrow -i. .- i X ,,A, f af' A Av i ' t 'R P' A I: M ' .. , , if Q - ggi 1: ive R -at . as E w Y a x 4 F S x 4 X K iii l :- + F if if W N' 5355 4' SWE s s 1 in ,X 55 35, -- kit l X ig R ,, Q. Qt X . . X X r F 4 f y rr , 5 Tim Rolston Tina Ross Steve Rote Kent Rowe Jan Roznowski Colette Rudloff Mary Russell Tim Russell Janet Saggs Margie Santo Mike Scanlin Steve Scarpone Dan Schaffner Jean Schembri Renee Schissel SENIORS A vintage year, is 'Q1 962 began the 12 years that delivered TO's class of '74 Gary Schoenberger Rainer Scholz Bryan Scott Julia Seebode Jeff Sellers Lisa Serota Connie Shaffer Carol Sheehan J enese Sheppard Brian Shielly Robert Shinn Kristina Shosted Dave Shreeve Joan Shultz Jim Siemens Karen Sladek Janie Slama Brad Smith Cheryl Smith Jan Smith Josie Smith 126 SENIORS tr i a 1 av' E a i , S it be m A' , J W iii it a " it S. ser v: kb x - ' H X If i TOP: Kirby Reed, Colleen Hall, and Debbie Kokin- ski make a team effort in Home Ec. BOTTOM: Mide Warfield concentrates on improving his taco making skills. Tom Snader Peggy Soloman David Sosna Darlene Spicer Mike Staiti Claudia Stanford Ellen Stein Mark Stepard Michael D. Stewart Suzanne Stewart Danny Stone Marcia Stribling Lori Stringer Dotty Stroebe Greg Stubbs Leith Stupay Nan Sumption Jo Sunderland SENIORS Four years experience teach Xanethenians Lisa Swaney Dean Swank Greg Swann Martin Swanson Stephen Tanguy John Taylor Pamela Jean Taylor Christy Thomas John Thorsen Jean Toner Eric Torgerson David Torrey Robin Tortolani Mary Tracy Brenda Triplett Bob Troy Christina Valente Cliff Valentino Don Van Doren 128 SENIORS that open campus is a closed issue Jnaa t t 6 y ff,,. s ls. ! TOP: Brian Hobin smiles at a friend. BOTTOM: Stewart Black converses with Alix Whalley and Bob Emerson at lunch. Sam Van Wert Kim Vardel Diane Vidal Denise Wade Eugene Wager Dale Wagner Tina Wakefield Julie Walker Debbie Wall Diana Wallin Dean Walthius Mike Warfield Steve Watz Richard Way Lisa Webb Joy Wendling Eric West Wendy West Gary Westendorf Greg Westendorf Christi Weyman Alix Whalley Bill Wheeler David Wheeler Eric Wheeler Roxanne Whitaker Mark White SEN IORS Steve White Randy Whitely Laron Whitson Lisa Widero Mike Wilcox Kevin Wilding Linda Wilgus Don Williams Kathy A. Williams Laurie Williams Ken Wilrodt Angela Wilsen Donna Wilson Elizabeth Wilson John Wilson Laura Wilson Sandy Wilson Sue Wilson Larry Winsor J ack Wise Terri Witthuhn Cathy Wolff Cindy Woy Alan Wray Stephen Ylvisaker Diana Young Eileen Young Leslie Rae Young SENIORS l it " S ss l i it ,S f wk 3 x X sl wi 'Ti x 5 Q i 3 l 5 e 'ffy 'ZQZ1 6 A I rs it 4 'iils ts, . lx its , "" " S 1 gli, lt V or Qi' TOP: Paul Poudrier smiles as he reflects on the da 's happenings. BOTTOM: A pleased Greg -. V61 af ,, tfsfni + .Q 9:9 l V1.5 'll 4 5.4 ' Q, l'C' 9 ' o 9 'I Y 't' L 4 4 Q fp lf. 9, 9 Q 'I 4 'J 9 'o' QW f ,C fa Q., 1 Q' Q ' 0, tfadx fr ,K fa 0, - Q bf f 'O' Q fa 03' 'i ' 0, Q , ,gm Q Q, to 0 Q +5 ' " 'J 0 0 A O, . ,'I,Q ik' Q 'o' ' 0 0 9 96,51 it io' Nh J I CQ' 1 Q 'A' ' S ff 1 C'-or 3 rrftjirj , img fL,V Q- 'iff-" A +t'viif'f After 4 years of dreaming, graduation becomes a realit eerr 15 - N K- . gif? A ,, 5 . ,r y x ,ar ,, -3, K 1 ' i n Q x is C Adelstein, Alan Haight, Dan C Akrey, Frank Harrington, Brad Alkire, Terri Hermansen, Alan Baker, Cameron Hunt, Christopher Balcom, Brown, James Brynns, Burr, Susan Campbell, Lynn Campbell, Richard Cecil, Michelle Covington, Donna Dinkel, John Dolnnclgllgzyid Eaton,tChtFiStine Elias, Stacie i Flynn, Tom Franco, Paul Gifford, Cynthia Hunt,Susan t Janssen, Steve 5!5g'ljfff1 L Jordan, Russeli l Jordan, Jorja ' Larsen, Laura McClintock, Tom McGowan, Christine Morrow,Charlotige' Naud, Keith C ff, L Norvell, Ruth, f'2'Y'-if 51 1 C at or mmm Lam, ongmd, Bmnqffj l Giles, Robert . . Grillo, Tony Gutman,Steven Donna Younger Jody Youngers Allyson Zachary Brian Zaidman Robert Ziegler Caroline Zuniga Rein, Karen Riggs, Charles Rinebold, Harold Roekeastein, James SIKA' 'i'l ffffiBi1i Shuekgbavid Silvestri, Paul Smith, Jennifer Strong, Tom Taylor, James Jan Trudelifeafhafd Charles Edward Williams, Kathy A. Williams, Robert Yeakel,Lindsay Zwers, Joe SENIORS Class of ' 4 last to be 'bibbed' Four years ago a leiigendary rock group, "The Beatles," dis- banded. Teenagers in ousand Oaks were flocking to the local Melody and Fox Theatres, in order to view the top pictures "Easy Rider," "Love Story," and "M'A'S'H." The 5th Dimension's "Aquarius" was number one on the record charts, while "A Boy Named Sue," by Johnny Cash, was trailinfg close behind. It was 1970, and today s seniors will remember it or being the year they came to Thousand Oaks High School as freshmen. For the 670 frosh who entered TOHS that September, 1970 was a year of new beginnings. Leaving behind their particular intermedi- ate schools - Colina, Redwood, Sequoia, or Waverly - TOHS looked so "big" and "hard bo get around." To alleviate first day problems, the frosh were invited to an Orientation Day, approximately one week prior to the opening of school. The band played, pep squad cheered, and upperclassmen showed tours of the campus. n addition, other seniors sat at tables Sling yearbooks, student activity cards CSAC'sJ, or both - "Com- S lf Throughout the first week of school, the lowly frosh were strin- gently put into place, as their upperclass superiors tossed them in trash bins, smeared them with lip stick, or worse yet - o nly ridi- culed them at lunch. As a finale to the week's torment, Ppriday was Freshman Bib Day. Durin first period, anxious seniors entered all classes distribut- ing the Iiand-made and hand-painted aper bibs. All frosh were condemned to wearing the bibs for the guration of the day, or face the penalty of "Kangaroo Court." Senior patrols enforced the "Bib Law," and, as a resu t several frosh were sentenced by the court to do such things as climb the 15 foot clock tower, out ine the guaid with a stub of chalk, scrub the senior patio with a toothbrus , or become enslaved to a senior for up to one week. Faithful bib wearers, who were able to obtain 10 senior si a- tures, attended the Welcome Dance free, while others aid mm a nominal fee. The dance, held in the campus gym, signaied the end of the week's ridicule. As frosh, today's seniors witnessed the erecting of the football lights. In addition, enthusiasm filled the veins o many frosh as they experienced the excitement of cross-town rivalry. . Wmfsauasssdi ABOVE: Four years does a lot to change people. This is some of todayljs senior class as thewere at Orientation Day. TOP LEFT, EFT CENTER, BO OM LEFT: As a frosh, Steve Watz was sentenced to climbin the Clock tower, for not having worn his freshman bib. TDP RIGHT: In ninth grade, the campus looked so big. TOP RIGHT CORNER: Even the desks were a new experience for the frosh. In intermediate school the desks had liftable tops. RIGHT CENTER END: Another group at Orientation Da . BOTTOM RIGHT COR- NER: Although students enjoyedy the antics of a cross-town rivalry, the Janitors didn t care much for it. BOTTOM RIGH : See anyone familiar? This is some more of the class of '74 at Orientation Day. RIGHT CENTER: Today, the sen- 132 SENIOR HISTORY ior class can look back at the bibs and laugh. Back then, though, they weren't too funny. Q Q , rye: X, .W 5 I F I LJNA.-1-emits-s...... , iix ml , '.-: aww af-' f:-' I .,.., , , -mfs: . ,iiwi swim ewg if if-M, Vex' Q - 1 ,L Rx 5 1 P 17 J .ff .i ,K I ff K., f. H 1 7 l W M ,, 5, ,f?+ , 1 fi .'ig . . . X A 1 Q K3 -f f ff' if 1 ff wx I. ,Q ,, N .1 V 3 nf' ' K ,QT K Q J. ' nL.,.6Sv EQ. NJ x I f.WEzWf if ,W T3 X 'F' - , -Y, Aw' ,f J f ' 4 wr 3 x 'N x--5, PA x 3 H ' Ng' Q km P X IFF! .K 'S-fb! ws, V if A! 's A AQ, fs M if Aff? wr sr Y W, fr W .Q Four years trivia form fond remembranoes In athletics the freshman teams boosted class pride with numer- ous victories. In football, the final lea e record was 4-2, with losses to Hueneme and Newbury Parkgllpholding the tradition of victory by capturing the District Championship, as the third consec- utivedfreshman class, the frosh basketball team landed an 11-1 recor . Class advisors Mrs. Barbara Warkentien, Mr. Gary Coffman and Mr. Bill Grimes along with class officers - Georganne Benesch, president: Joe Abbondondola, vice-president, Christi Weyman, sec- retary, and Marica Stribling, treasurer - worked hard to provide worthwhile activities for the class to participate in. Major endeavors of the frosh class included a skating party, co- sponsored by both freshmen classes at Newbury Park and TOHS, and building their first homecoming float entitled "Don Quixote." Other students mght list having passed Driver's Education, State Requirements, or overnment as major achievements, while others might argue that completing "Antigone," and "The Rhime of the Ancient Mariner," were heavy feats. As sophomores, the class of '74 numbered 667. It was the year of the Car enters' "We've only just begun," Carol King's "Ta estry," Archie Bunker, Mark Spitz, "Airport," "Patton," and Flip Wilsons "The devil made me do it." Looking back, today's seniors remember the 1971-72 school year in conjunction with William Shakespeare's LJulius Caesar," or the reelection of Richard Nixon as U.S. Presi- ent. In sports, the 1971-72 year boasted a sophomore football team with a 9-0 record, which captured the Marmonte League Crown. In baisketball, the JV team furthered class pride with a 13-1 recor . Class advisors were Mr. Marvin Jeffris, Mr. James Martin and Mr. James O'Brien. Student officers - Mike Warfield, president, Terri Moser, vice-president, Colleen Monk, secretary: and Terri Witthuhn, treasurer - helped build the successful homecoming float "Scandinavian Fantasy." With 631 in their junior class, the class of '74 began a ear which brought U.S. Histoily, Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter, M5iller's M Crucible, PSAT's an class rings. In addition, today's seniors will remember that ear while humming Chuck Berry's "Ding-a-ling," Rick Nelson's "garden Party," or Curtis Mayfield's "Su er Fly.' It was the ear Charlie Chaplm returned to Hollywood, "The Godfa- ther," Mlphe French Connection," and "Cabaret," were hold-overs at the Melody and Fox Theatres, which were now divided into two separate theatres each. The 1972-73 school year was Gloria Steinem and Women's Lib- eration. And, it was student crowdedness at TOHS and the eight period day. In addition, it was the year Mr. William Seaver took over the vacancy left by Mr. Tom Rosser as principal. 1972's football team went all the way to CIF quarter-finals, while for the first time in TO's history, the varsity basketball team also went to CIF. Taking second for their homecoming float, the class of '74 forgot the hard work as they pushed on to additional activities such as the junior class plays "Readin', Ritin' and Rithmeticf' and "The Specta- tors." And, before those 631 juniors could collect their wits and reflect on the many events, the year changed and they became sen- iors. TOP RIGHT: The stadium lights were set Drip in time for the class of 1974's first homecoming. BO'I'I'O RIGHT: Senior Ed Jack, as he looked in ninth grade. BOTTOM LEFT: In Mails, Linda Brown looked different then. LEFT CEN- R: At Orientation Da , frosh took a break to purchase yearbooks. LEFT CENTER END: Float builders Dale Wag- ner, J ulia Seebode and Terri Donnely as they appeared in 1971. TOP LEFT CORNER: Float builder Ju y Bouey laughs as she adds more na kins to the sophomore class float. TOP LEFT CENTER: 'lzhe new stadium lights before they were set up. SENIOR HISTORY - CONTINUED Seniors of today to lead in tomorrow Early in the beginning of their reign as seniors, the class of '74 gathered in the gym to discuss a class name. Class officer - Dan Palmer, president, Lisa Widero, vice-president, Debbie Kokinski, secretary, and Peggy Posenke, treasurer - along with members of the entire class decided on the class name of Xan- ethenians. Greek in origin, the name means leaders and rulers. Upholding the senior tradition, the class took first place for their homecoming float "Land of Oz." At the Senior Ball at the Trade Winds Restaurant at Oxnard, the following Senior Superlatives were announced: Bob Emerson and Joan Pollack, Best Dressedg Roberta Holmberg and Kirby Reed, Class Clowns, Kathy Mays and Jim Siemens, Cutestg Deb- bie Brown and Kent Rowe, Most Athletic, Greg D'Haenens and Josie Smith, Most Enthusiastic, Dwight Fujii and Jean Toner, Most Intelligent, Dave Grittenton and Denise Lavoie, Most Likely to Ditch, Jim Griffin and Debbie Mortenson, Most Likely to Succeed, and Bob Emerson and Alix Whalley, Mr. and Miss TOHS. Later in the year, the class joined the juniors in order to present the play "Are Teachers Human?" A long dream became a reality for the seniors when they graduated from Thousand Oaks High School on June 13, 1974. Following the ceremony, the class loaded buses which took them for an all-night excur- sion at Disneyland. ,K Wfxmggia J -A- Mi. fa M, .LM ,-7 'X nu... . ln I3 AKLAND, CAROLYN: Canton, South Dakota. TOHS: Band 9 - 115 Honor Roll 9 - 125 Orchestra 10. ALDERETE, Los Angeles, California. TOHS: Chess Club ,9,j105 Cross Country, lettered 95 9, 105 Traclgglettered 9Q5,EEs.Woodcraft Cross 105 Track, let- tered 105 Varsity-Club 10, 115 Art Clubiillg Cross Country, lettered 115 Track, lettered 11. LYNWOOD HIGH SCHOOL, Okla: Cross Country, lettered 125 Leather Cutters Club 125 Track, lettered 125 Varsity Club 12. ALTON, ROBERT: orange, California. MID PACIFIC INSTI- TUTE Hawaiizfl rarna Club 95 Fresh elt. Basketball, letteredg JV sf .. : I -. -gusv - . ..-w-1.s:-- 5 .. - Volleyball, SCHOOL,gg,I5Iawaii: Drama Club 1057fHoLncr Roll 105 JV'Btasketball, lettered A105 Var- sity Volleyball, lettered 10. TOHS: Honor Roll 11, 125 Honors English 115 Key Club 11, 125 ASB Treasurer 12. ANDERSON, LISA: Burbank, California. TOHS: Band 9 - 115 Secretary 115 Honor Roll 9 - 125 Band to Europe 115 J unior-Senior .Play 125 Swim Tea1n.,Timer 125 Teenager of the Month 125 Water 513010 Timer 12. C I 5 9 AASE, ANDREAS: Arendal, Norway. TORSTAD UNG- DOMSSKOLE, Norway: 9. KRISTIANSANDS KATEDRAL- SKOLE, Norway: 10, 11. T,OHS: AFS Foreign Exchange Student 125 Sergeant-at-Arms 12. ' QBALL, Angeles, California. TOHS: 9 - 12. 5 BATDORF, LUCINDA: Midland, Michigan. BULLOCK CREEK HIGH SCHOOL, Mich: Choir 95 Cheerleader 9, 105 Pep Rally 9 - 115 Newspaper Business Manager 115 GAA 115 Homecoming Prin- cess '11. TOHS: GAA 11, 125 Honor Roll 11, 12. BENNEY, SUSAN ELAINE: Baltimore, Maryland. TOHS: CSF - 125 Choir 9 f.125:fHonor Roll 9 - 125ESlQ1ldent Senate 9, 105Emer- aids 10 - 125 11. Conejo 12. . it BERKIN, LESLIE: Chicago, Illinois, THORNRIDGE HIGH SCHOOL, Ill.: Girls' Club 95 TOHS: "FreeLancer" staff 11, Edi- tor-in-Chief 125 Lancer Legend 12. BERRY, BILL: Thousand Oaks, California. TOHS: Honor Roll 9, JV Golf 91 C iilettelred 115 Perfeiitirlttendance Varsity let- tered 12. .Q "'e-i 1 so 1 BERRY, DALE LEE: Glendale, California. TOHS: Golf 95 Honor Roll 9 - 125 Basketball, lettered 105 Golf, lettered 105 Perfect Attendance award 105 Golf, lettered 11. QEBIBICK, 9 - . .L.: . . .L skk. SENIOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS BIRRELL, CYNTHIA LYNN: steubenviiiegifiiihio. Tous: Roll 9 - 125 Honors English 10 - 125 "FreeLancer" reporter 11, Editor-in-Chief of Cub Edition 115 Girls' Service Club andelf, Chain President 115 'JV ,Basketball 5,115.5 ehe, Q Leadership Scholarship Winner, first 12-5 Legend Edissssin-Chief schoolfcorrespondentg Teenager of Varsity Basketball Statistician 125 Statistiiiiakns Club 125 Yeti Appreciation week 12. A 5 go BORDNER, SUSAN B: Thousand Oaks, California. COLUMBI RIVER HIGH SCHOOL Wa Honor Roll 9 11 TOHS H n Roll 12 BORTEL BRIAN Los Angeles California TOHS Honor Roll 12 Track lettered9 Cross Country lettered 10 11 CSF 11 BRITT HARRIET Kenniwick Washington TOHS Honor R 9 12 Choir 10 12 Student Store 10 12 BROWN DEBBIE Tnousand Oaks California TOHS GA Basketball Softball Tenms9 12 Perfect Atmndance award 12 GAA letter 9 GAA frosh representat1ve9 Treasurer 10 Ou standing Member 11 Vice President 11 President 12 Honor 10 12 BROWN RHONDA LYNN Northbridge California TOH Band Banner Corp 9 Head 10 Honor Roll 9 12 GAA 10 1 Girls Service Club and Ivy Chain 11 Rally Club 12 BUNKER PATRICIA San Jose Califorma TGHS Girls Glee LA REINA HIGH SCHOOL TO Drama Club 10 Honor Roll TOHS Girls Service Club 11 Gifted Student 11 Honor Roll 12 Honors English 11 12 NFL 11 NFL Secretary 12 BUTTS GARY Thousand Oaks California. TOHS Swim Tea lettered 9 10 12 J umor Glass Play 11 Water P lc lettered 12 COANE ROBERTP ston Massachusetts TOHS Honor 9 12 Fresh Basketball Manager lettered 9 J V Basketball M ager lettered 10 JV BAseball Manager lettered 10 ROP A Specialist 12 A e.s5 i LAUREL: i..i ... 1 .sss , Q i.Al .ssi A , 12 and 10 11 CHAMBERLAIN KAREN Oxnard California TOHS He Roll9 12 Rally C1ub9 10 Student Senate9 10 CHRISTENSEN PATRICIA LYNN Northridge Californ TOHS Honor Roll9 12 Band!! 12 Honors English 12 as wind Ensemble 12 tall, Honor Roll 9 - 12, JV Football Statistician 9, Key Club 11, 12. ?OLLETT, DAVID L.: Inglewood, California. CSF 9 - 12,lHonor toll 9 - 12, Honors Math 9 - 12, Swim Team 9, Honors English 10 - 2, Track Team lll Team 11: Team 123 Club of Water fol 'ij j F A lO0MBS, ELENA,'Long Beach, oaiifafnia. TOHS: Honori12oll9 11, GAA Softball 10, 11, GAA Tennis 10, 11. ZURTIS, JANET:,,'1fulsa, Oklahoma. TOHS: Honor Roll,-.9, 12: 10 - 12:--Spee4a,T0ufnameHf FM12. I SEL Dosso, MARK: santa Paula, caiifofnia. TOHS: 9 YI-IAENENS, GREG: Inglewood, California. TOHS: Honor Roll -12, Freshman Football, lettered, Freshman Basketball, let- ered, Freshman Baseball, J.V. Football, lettered 10, JV-,Wres- Qing, lettered 10, Football, 11, 12, lettered 11, 12, Class Eiiinors Math 9 - 11,25-Most Enthusiastie,'7i3'12. " +UBREUIL, CARLYN: Baton Rouge, Louisiana. TOHS: Honor .oll 9 - 12, Cheerleader 9, GAA Varsity Tennis. 10 - 12, Lancer end Ass't. Business Manager 10, Lancer Legend Business Eanager 11, 12. , GIRLS' EI-IOOL, Dorchester, Mass: Pep Club 19. TOHS: Honors English J, Art Club 12. BBINGHAUS JR., JOHN RICHARD: Mount Vernon, New Qork. TOHS: Wrestling Team 10, Track Team 10, lettered C, ack Team 11, Lettered JV, Honor Roll 11, Track Team 12, let- ,tfed Varsity. V, , , ,L ,,,,,.f5,,,,,,:, g inner, JoANN vifginia,iMiifmeS0ta. Tons: Atrttllub . 10, 12, Band 9 - 12, Honor Roll 9 - 12, Lancerettes 9 - 12, Chris- an Club 10, 11. RICKSON, NEIL WHEELOCK: Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. KTON HIGH SCHOOL, Vienna, Va: Ski Club 9, 10, Deeper fe Club 10. TOHS: Deeper Life Club l,,'j ,11, 12, Mountain Masher i Club 11,12 I rlil SHER, MARY ELLEN: Santa Montica, California. TOHS: nor Roll 9 - 11, Lancerettes 9, Emeralds 10 - 12, Lancer Choir - 12, Art Club Treasurer 12. EURY, CHET: Plainfield, New Jersey. TOHS: Freshman otball 9, lettered, Freshmen Baseball, lettered, Varsity Foot- ll 11, lettered, Junior Class Play 11, Varsity Football 12. FOERSTER, LYNN MARGORIE: Baltimore, Maryland. TOHS: Band 9 - 12, CSF 9 - 12, Honor Roll.9 - 12, Honors English 10, Band to Europe 11, CEEB AP BC-AB Candidate 12, Conjo Val- ley Debutante 12, CSF Steal Bearer 12, National Merit Com- mendeQ,.S,tudent 12, Superior Rating at Soloyand Ensemble festi- 12- 1 . 1 Maison: Pasadena, ogiiiafnia. Tons: cross Country 10, Cross Country 11, Lettered JV, Track 11, lettered JV, Track 12, lettered Varsity, Cross Country 12, lettered Varsity, Cross Country's "Most Inspirational Runner" 12. S.: Gardena, Californ'ia.,.,QtQ,ARDENA SClH 13,'fGardena, Calif, Junior Classical League 10, Latin Club' 10, Math Club 10, SciencefClub 10. TOHS: CSF 11, 12, Honor Roll 11 12, Key Club Treasurer 11, Science Club 11, 12, Key Club Presi- dent 12 , Optimist Essay Contest 12, Teenager of the Month 12. GILES, HOLLIE SUSANNE: North Hollywood, California. TOHS: 9 - 12. GINTHER, JAY: Burbank, California: Tonsffnonor Roll 9 - 12, C Basketball 9, Frosh Baseball, lettered 9, JV Baseball 10, let- tered 10, Varsity Baseball 12, lettered 12. GOODMAN, TODD: Los Angeles, California. TOHS: Honor Roll 9 - 12, "FreeLancer" Editorial Editor 11, , CSF 9. GOODMAN, Ji-nu: chicaga, Illinois. CONANTIHIGH scnoot, Ill: Honor Roll 9, 10, Librarian Assistant 9, 10, Medical Careers Club 9. TOHS: Honor Roll 11, 12, "FreeLancer" Business Man- ager 12. GREENSPAN, ALAN: Los Angeles, California. Honor Roll 9 - 12, AFS 10, 10 - 12, Golf 11, Wrestling 11, lettered Varsity, Opti- mist Contest winner 12. , 5 GRIFFIN, JIM: El Paso, Texas. TOHS: Honor Roll 9 - 12, Cross Country 9, 10, NFL 9 - 12, AFS 10 - 12, CSF 10 - 12, Track 10, Boys' State Rep. 11, Key Club President 11, NTCE National Writ- ing Award 11, State Student Congress Senator 11, ASB President 12, Degree of Distinction NFL 12, "Most Likely to Succeed", ODC President. H GROFF, GAIL: Hollywood, California. TOHS: Honor Roll 9 - 12, CSF 10 - 12, Basketball Statistician 10 - 12, GAA Basketball, Vol- leyball 11, Ivy Chain and Girls' Service Club 11, Honors English 11, 12, Junior Class Justice 11, Teenager of the Month 12. GROWNEY, KATHY: New Jersey. TOHS: Honor Roll 9, 10. GUSLAND, CORY: Addison, Illinois. TOHS: Honor Roll 9 - 12, Honors English 10, 11, JV Tennis, lettered 10, AFS 11, 12, Foren- SENIOR ACCOMPLISHM ENTS 139 sics of Distinction" First semester straight A's 115 Choir Vice-President 12. HALL, COLLEEN: Salt Lake City, Utah. TOHS: Honor Roll 9 - 125 Choir 10 - 125 FTA 105 Honors English 10, 115 JV Basketball Statistician 105 ASB Play 115 GAA 115 Junior Class Play 115 Jun- ior Class Vice-President 115 NFL 11, 125 Varsity Statistician 11, 125 ASB Play 125 Conejo Valley Debutante 125 Statisticians Club 12 I RICHARD VERNE: Hollywood, California. TOHS: Honor55RLolli9 - 115 Track Team 9 - 12, lettered 115 Honors English 12. A 5 HANSEN, MARGIE: Bridgeport, Conneticut. TOHS: Honor Roll 10 - 125 Art Club 11, 125 Teenager of the Month 12. HASKELL, TERESA: Artesia, California. TOHS: Drill Team 95 Band 105 Basketball Statistician 10 - 125 GAA Gymnastics Team 115 Statisticians Club President 125,fNFL 125 Lancer Legend Staff, 12 ff' . , HAVINSQJAMES: Fort 9 - 12, if HEADINGTON, PEGGY: Valley, California. TOHS: Honor Roll 9 - 125 FML 95 Basketball Statistician 105 FML Trea- surer 10, 115 Basketball Statistician 12. HEKHUIS, ELIN: Lansing, Michigan. TOHS: Honor Roll 9 - 125 Homecoming Committee 95 KNJO Disc Jockey 105 Class Secre- tary 115 Homecoming Committeeffihairinan 115 Commissioner of Activities 125 Lancer Life Editor,,125,PoWder Puff Football 12. ' fs cics I I 5 I HESS, SUSAN JEANNE: Tacuma, Washington. TOHS: CSF 9 - 125 Honor Roll 9 - 125 Honors English 10 - 125 NFL 105 Excellent in Humorous Interpretation 105 NFL Secretary 115 ASF 115 Girls' Service Club and Ivy Chain 115 Junior Class Play 11. HIGGINS, KAREN: Burbank, California. TOHS: Drill Team 9 - 115 Drill Team Leader 10, 115 Honorgftoll 105 Ski Club Ames, Band 9 5- Roll 9 Q - HINCHEE. SUSAN: Tucson, Arizona. RANCHO I HIGH SCHOOL, Califg Honor Roll 95 Project Head Start'9q TOHS: CSF 11, 125 Honor Roll 10 - 12. I HOWARD, GARY D.: Inglewood, California. TOHS: 9 - .C f IHRCKEQGERALD: Canada. TOHS: Honor Roll 11. 5 5 JACK, P.: Pasadezieiil 5i.5 California. TOHS: Band .ii' and stage band9- 125 Superior ratinglat district and regional, solo and ensemble festivals 10 - 125 Southern California Honor Orchestra 115 Teenager of the Month 12. A no SENIOR ACCOMPLISHNIENTS I california. TOHS: CSF 595 f Roll 9 - 10 - 125 Emeralds 12. . 5 5 . - 5 .roo JUAREZ, LAURA ELAINE cnoss WILSONQ on Mexico. GAA 9 - 115 Honor Roll 9 - 125 Drill Team 105 Rally5C1u 10, 115 Cross Country Manager 115 Girls' Service Club and Iv Chain 11. 5 KING, CAROL: Chicago, Illinois. League 9, my 10? Honor Ron 9 ' 124 Honors I KLAMMERQKATHRYN: Honorf 125 Lancerettes 95 CSF 10, 115 GAA English 10 LAMBERT, MICHAEL: Tacoma, Washington. MONROE'- WOODBURY HIGH SCHOOL NY:'Frosh Baseball Basketb and Football lettered' JV Basketballfzlettered 10' JV Footba lettered 105 Varsity Baseball, letteredfg10g TOHS: JV Basketba lettered 115 Varsity Baseball letter8Sig31IiQif.12' Varsity Basketba lettered 12 SOUT Vice-President 9 10 President 11' Fisliei'inan's Club 9 - 11 Pre dent 115 FroshfSoph Soccer 95 Letterrnarfs Club 9, 105 JV Socc 10 Apollo Service Club 11 Varsity Soccer 11 TOHS 12 LAN GLOIS, ANNE F.: San Diego, CaIifornia.ITOHS: Glee Cl 95 Honor Roll9 - 125 Rally Club 95 CSF 10 -.125 Concert Choir 1 12 Historiantll Treasurer 12 fEmeralds 105'-12' GAA 11 LAWRENCEig,fDEBO1RAH TOHS: St dent 'Store 105115 Honor Roll, 12 LEDBETTER LISA: Encino California: TOHS: Band 10 Honor Roll 10 - 125 Band to Europe 5115 Swim Team Timer! Superior rating at solo and ensemble festival 11 LEGG, SHERRIE: Hollywood, California- TOHS: Drill Team Swim Team Timer 10' I-IonorfRoll 11 LITTLE, Drill 9 ai12' LOFT, Washington. TOHS: Girls' ServiceCl and Ivy ChaiirfSecretary 115 Honors English 11 LYNCH, MICHAEL: Los Angeles, California. TOHS: Choir 12 President, 12' Honor Roll 9 - 12'HFrosh Track lettered' J Track, .ioaoaoa 105 B Basketball, lettered 105 Emeralds 10 - sfti i Key 125 12, 5 f ,5jg555 Thousand Country 95 9, 103 .5ii 1 MAYS, :Thousand Oaks,Califoriiia. TOHS: Frosh TORRANCESAHIGH scnoot, Club 9 - 1 5 i . A .... , 51i :ader 95 Rally Club 9, 105 JV Cheerleader 105 Honor Roll 10 - 125 ,FS 115 Junior Class Play 115 Winter Sports Queen 12. IETZGER, DOUG: Bitburg, Germany. TOHS: Honor Roll 9 - 125 Vgwrestling, lettered 9 - 115 JV Football, lettered 105 Varsity lettereg1.,g.1.1, 125 Outstanding JV Wrestling Award 11, aptain 115 Ski Club 115 Varsity Club 11, Treasurer 125 Varsity lrestling, lettered 12. IEYER, JILL: Glendale, California. TOHS: CSF 9 - 12, President 35 Honor Roll 9.515.125 Band 105.Honors English 10 - 125 GAA JV oftball 115 Varsity Basketball 115 MV Pin Basketball 22, ttered 11. . 5' 9 IILLER, KIM: San Pedro, California. TOHS: Honor Roll 9, 11, Z5 Girls' Service Club and Ivy Chain 11. INNICH, JEANETTE: North,,',,Hollywood, California. NEW- URY PARK HIGH SCHOOL, Calif: Honor Roll'95 Folksingers ub 95 Student Republican Organization 9. TOHS: Art Club 10 - 75 Choir 10 - 125 CSF 10 - 125 Emeralds 10 - 125 Honor Roll 10 - 125 FL 10 - 125 Student Court 10 - 125 Girls' Service Club and Ivy main 115 Art Show first lace winner 125 Conejo Valley Debu- P IRANDA ANGELIQUE: san Diego, caiifmiia.i 'roi-is: sail! eader 125 Rally Club 12. 1 COLLEEN M.: seams, Washington, TOHS: 9 - 12. TERRY: Culver City, California. .5 affect Attendance Award 95 Rally Club 95 Slitifffmub 105 ore Class Treasurer 105 GAA Gymnastics 115 Girls' Service Club ld Ivy Chain 115 Hueneme Exchange Host 115 Powder Puff Jotball 11. . HELEN: Halifax Nova Scotia, 1 lg: Honor Roll 9 - 125 Honors English 115 12. " WMAN, BILL: Santa Monica, California. TOHS: Honor Roll 9 25 Cross Country 9, lettered Soph-Frosh5 Cross Country 10, ttered Soph-Frosh5 Track 105 Cross Country 11, lettered JV5 'ack 11, lettered J V5 Cross 12, letteregii,,,Varsity, riproved Runnerng Track 12,-lettered 5 A nalist 125 Science Club President 125 Who's Who of American gh school students 12. EWMAN, PETER GWILYM: Sacramento, California. TOHS: onor Roll 9 - 125 Honors Math ,95,L,l1, 125 Studentflourt Justice 9, rg Varsity Baseball Manager3iL?tette,red 95 Basketbalia, 1 anager and Statistician, lettered 9 - 125 AFS'10f Honors English i"iHl S I - 125 Attorney General 115 Key Club 115 KNJO Day, Sales iordinator 11, Head Coordinator 125 Science Club Vice-Presi- ent 11, President 125 Teenager of the Month 115 CEEB AP BC- B Candidate Elks' Club Most Valuable Student Nomineeg ",, .",'f , I NOSTRAND, TONI: Burbank, California. TOHS: Art Club 95 Band 9 - 125 GAA 95 Honor Roll 9 - 12. ODELL, LILLY: Hollywood, California. TOHS: Honor Roll 9 - 125 Girls' Service Club 115 Ivy Chain 115 Powder Puff Football 115 Lancer Legend Senior Class Editor 12. ORMSBY, BARBARA: Glendale, California. TOHS: Honor Roll 9 - 125 GAA Basketball 9 - 125 GAA Softba l 9 - 125 GAA Tennis 9 - 125 GAA Letter 95 GAA Secretary 10, 115 Outstanding GAA Mem- ber 115 Legend Sports Editor. OVERTON, STEVE: Oak Harbor, Washington. TOHS: C Basket- ball 95 Honor Roll 9 - 125 B Basketball 105 Soph-Frosh Swimming 105 Swimming League Finalist - Backstroke 105 JV Swimming 115 J unior-Senior Play 125 Varsity Swimming 125 Varsity Water Polo 12. I PAGENKOPF, MARK E.: Wichita, Kansas. TOHS: Band 9 - 125 Honor Roll 9 - 125 CSF 10, 115 Band Council 11, 12, President 125 Band to Europe 115 Superior rating at solo and ensemble festivals at district and regional 11, 125 Assistant Drum Major 125 CEEB AP BC-AB Candidate 125 KNJO SALES 125 National Merit Com- mendedlggtudent 125 Place drum ,major award - Camarillo Band Review. 5 . PAPRITZ, DEBBIE: La Jolla, California. CHIMABUM HIGH SCHOOL, Wash: Girls' Club 9, 105 Honor Roll 9, 105 BiyB, Little F Club ,President 105 Pep Club 9, 105 Sergeant of Arms 95 Torch Club llyf Play Honor,,Roll 11. PARSOHS, DEBRA: Lag Angeles, California. TOHS: GAA Bowl- ing 105 GAA Gymnastics 115 Powder Puff Football 125 Ski Club 12. A . Columbus, Ohio. TOHS: Frosh Baseball, lettered 95 FP08ligQBaSketball, lettered 95 B Basketball, lettered 105 J V Bas- ketbalhlettered 115 Varsity Basketball, lettered 12. PIUSER, SHERRY: Mankato, Minnesota. TOHS: Honor Roll 9 - 125 Drill Team 105 Girls' Service Club and Ivy Chain 115 Rally Club .rasc - Posniviiii PEGGY-cvairura California. TOHS: Drill Team 9- Honor Roll 9, 11, 125 JV Baseball Score Keeper 105 Carnation Day 115 Homecoming Advertising Chairman 115 Junior Class Play 115 J unior-Senior Prom Refreshments Chairman 115 Powder Puff Footballllg Class Treasurer 125 Homecoming Halftime Chairman 125 125 Powderyu Football 1251, Sr. Ball Coftiigairman, Half-ti1rie"Chairman, Tickets Chairman 12. iiiiiii A POWERS, CINDY: Chicago, Illinois. TOHS: Girls' League 95 Gymnastics 9 - 125 Honor Roll 9, 125 Oxnard Exchange Student, 105 GAA Swim Team 11, 125 GAA Treasurer 125 Rally Club 125 Student Senate 12. .,., 5,'., 5 SENIOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS 141 PURCELL, CHARLES .101-IN: Bnffeinnew York. TOHS: ci-een Country,f5.lettered 9, 105 Track,lettered Honor Roll 10 - 12. New c Basketball 95 'Honor Roll 9 - 125 Perfect Attendance Award 95 Key Club 11, Vice-President 125 Student Court Lawyer 11, 125 CSF 125 Teenagerpof the Month 125 Senior Justice 12. Toronto, Ontario, Can- ada. TOHSi'Frosh Baseljall, lettered 95 'Fresh Basketball, lettered 95 FroshiFootball, lettered 95 JV Baseball5 JV Football, lettered 105 Varsity Club 11, 125 Varsity Football, lettered 11, 12. REED, San California. TOHS: Frosh Basketball5 Honor, 125 JV TrackC,ilettered 95 Track B, let- tered Valuabl-e5fSprinter B5 Varsity Football, lettered 10 - 125 Track, lettered 11, 12, Most Valuable Player 125 All CIF Foot- ball Guard 125 All League Football Guard! linebacker 125 All San Fernando Valley 2nd term guard 125 Captain Varsity Football 125 Football-Most Valuable Player 12. by . New,, altimore, lll UN- IOR-HIGH: Honor Roll 95 Band 9. TOHSE Band 105 GAA JV Soft- ball 11. RICHES, STEVEN: Mile, City, Montana. TOHS: C Swimming, lettered 95 Honor Roll B Team, lettered 10, Captain5 Varsity Photography Club 125 Science Club 125 varngayc Water Polo'12.i RICHEY, MICHAEL RAY: North Hollywood, California. TOHS: C Track, lettered 95 C Track, lettered 105 Honor Roll 115 JV Track, lettered 115 Photography 125 Varsitylfrack, RILEY COLLEEN Mania:Nnrt51Qf55iiiiQi5iyweed Tons: GAA 9 - 115 on-ie' League 9 - ii, NFL 9 - 112 swim 'renin Timer 10 - 125 Head Timer 125 Student,Store 11. ROSS, TINA: Hawthorne, California. TOHS: Student Senate 9, 105 Honor,Roll 11, 125 Girls' League 11. RU1iLoiiir, COLETTE: Spalding, Nebraska. Toi-is: 9 - 12. RUSSELL, TIMOTHY R.: C Swimming, lettered 105 Honor Roll 105 JV Swimming, lettered 115 KNJO Day Staff 125,,5National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist 125 Teenager of 125 Varsitysiiiimming, 125 Varsityjliater 125 Youth Appreciation iisci ' I SCARPONE, STEPHEN J.: Thousand Oaks, California. NEW- BURY PARK HIGH SCHOOL, Calif: Honor Roll 9, TOHS: Hom' R911 511' 12- . ,.. s1.5- Roll 9 - 125 Calculus Team S125 CEEB AP: BC-AB Candidate 12. 142 snnioa SHEPPARD, JENESE: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. GJ THOMAS JUNIOR HIGH, Pa: Fellowship Cl,ub95 Honor Roll. NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL, Pa: Honor TOHS: Roll 11, 12. ' -iitst A SEEBODE, JULIA ELIZABETH: Port Jefferson, L.I. New Yor TOHS: Honor Roll 9 - 125 NFL 10, 11, Treasurer 115 Nationg Merit Commended Student 12. 5, 5 . 5 si-IULTZ, JOAN M.: Northridge, California. Band CSF 95 Honor Roll 9, 11, 125 Girls' Service Club and Ivy Chain' Oxnard High School Exchange Student 11. SIEMENS, JAMES RONALD: Santa Barbara, California. Fro: football, lettered 95 Frosh basketball, lettered 95 JV footballgigi tered 105 Varsity football, lettered 11, 125 Varsity Club President 125 Senior Prince 12. iii- fig SPICER, DARLENE LOUISE: Culver City, California. TOI-IE GAA Baseball 9, 105 GAA Basketball 9, 105 GAA Volleyball 9, 14 GAA Bowling 105 GAA Tennis 10, 11. Beliefente, Pennsylvania. TROY SCHOOL, Calif: 9, 10. TOHS: 11, 12. STEWART, SUZANNE: Columbus, Ohio. TOHS: Band 9 - 1i GAA Bowling 95 GAA Softball 95 Honor Roll 9, 115 GAA Baske' ball 10, 11, Most Outstanding Player 105 Swim5,Team Timer 11 Student Senate 105 GAA Volleyball 11. Q .P55 i J STRIBLING, MARCIA: Lebonon, Indiana. TOHS: Class Tre: surer 95 Band 95 Choir 115 Girls' League 11. STROEBE, DOTTY: Wichita, Kansas. TOHS: Drill Team 9, 14 ,Honor Roll 9 - 125.-IGAA 115 Rally Club 125 Honorable Mentiongii ea show 12. 'fl STRINGER, LORI: Los Angeles, California. TOHS: Rally Club - 125 Honor Roll 10 - 125 Girls' League Secretary 115 Commi sioner of Spirit 125 Student Store 12. THOMPSON, JAN: Los California. DOS PUEBLO HIGH SCHOOL, Calif: GAA 95 Honor Roll 9, 105 Mime Troupe 10. TOHS: Girls' Service Club and Ivy Chain 115 Honor Roll 11, 13 Choir 12. TONER, Omaha.,Nebraska. TOHS: CSF 9 - 1. 9 - 125 outstandi1'igfQifreshman 95 Honor Roll 9 - 13 Marching band and varsity band 9 - 125Varsity band class repr- sentative 105 English Honors 10, 125 Band to Europe 115 Nation Merit Semi-Finalist 115 Science chemistry team 115 Varsity bar librarian, band council 115 CEEB AP BC-AB Candidate 125 Elk Qlub Leadership Contest contestant 125 Elk's Club Most Valuab Candidate 125 Honors 125 KNJO Day Sales 1 Teenager of the-oiililonth 125 Whois Who in American High Scho Students honorary award 125 Youth Appreciation Week 12. Y ,.L11,L1i Moines, Iowa. TOHS: Frosh Footbfzllo, o1o1 1 1 1- - , i 1 1 - 1 - - . 1 hm.: Rang - 12? Track, lettered 9: Wrestling h h eleotwlfl Qhaxrroan 12, Nomlnatlng Lonventlon 12: 103 Varsity football manager 10g Wrestli1igf11111gigg iil o111 1 1 1 1 1 A- 1 1 'SMU' ' 1 1 11111 1 1 of ow? 11JERo, LISA MELODY1: Long Beach, California. TOHS: o 1 1 1 ,f 11o1 .Q 1 l Q f HonoroRo11 9 - 123 NFL o9g 11, 125 GAA 10g CSF 10 - 12g Junior QIPLETT, BRENDA: Buffalo, Missouri PALM o o oooo 1 Class Play 114 Rally ClubS11,12g1 Drama Class Play 125 Junior-Sem SCHOOL, Florxda: Class Council 9, 105 ooof o ioo Ai0XfC18SS Play 12g Class vicepresiaent 12. o 1 1. o 11 o 1,11 1 1 oooio 1 1 oo1oo 1 1 1 1 1 1 1- KATHY ANN: TOHS: 9- 12. CHRISTINA: Burbank,11o1ca1ifofni2EQ Vf 1 o 0551 30: KATHY L-1 'POHSI 9- 12- oo 41 f Wish 1012112:1offFf6Lo 11111 o11o1 1111o T 5 i oooo 1 1 1 1 g o ff o o I TILLAMOOK lettered 9- TOHSI THOMAS ' society QQ HIGH 9 - 105 1 1 1 11o ,oo 1 1 212- 'oW-h'k, 1 'k'k'X,-- ' -1:ffS"Q f ifik 2"f 1 lof -- - 1 1 Club 9 .51 Q E , i 1 1 1 o1'1 1oo1o 1 1111o e.- iw- 'eif ,1r1- I ioy .,.. 1 ,ooqwo ,iio "'7 111' 1i1 11"1i -.o. '.-aL-.- -':, --.. .::, 1 1 1 ' 5 011013 159-i?'ff?19' 123 1 1 1 -iiz f1.1 1 1211111-1: ,11L1 1 if 1.1' 1: '1.-1 1 ii-1 ---- - -f11 1 .z':r' 21- .1.11 11. 1 ' - 11 11, ,111 N 1 111111 1111 11 ooooooo 1 Mow x S x SX X .1 X 11 1 N 1 X 31 1 h SENIOR 15 i 11 143 Look to this day! For it is life, the very life of life, In its brief course lie all the verities and realities of your existence, The bliss of growth, The glory of actiong The splendor of achievement, For yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow is only a visiong Look well, therefore to this da ! But today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, And every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well, therefore to this day! Kalidasa - Translated from the Sanskrit K Y- 9 Si .za -A 'frfiiigf 'Nur , n H R v at ,cv A L af eff' an Y Q . MW Q y, nd J, 4 45+ if 1 ' w ,K Q 1 v. if aw Q? Q O rdf, IMPROVE UPON THE PAST 'VE 'Lib Yesterday's discoveries brought many pitfalls and mistakes. We cried. We laughed. We learned. Todaygs teachings perfect upon yesterday We continue to learn. We improve and by our improvements We are able to move on. 'Q x.,,,q"" as of '98-we NK LSSIX IMPROVE UPON THE PAST env- 'WVQ L17 ,DV-V Q .6 fl hm 'AQ I' 1 'Me ,4 A 'w J .....-..ul- J v A. 1 ' 4' I 'Q-s, 1 .ww w-' X Wm " 3 Amwiguywg., 4 Effv e I IW A-M-s W Wm if 9, U6 ,A-QW W . , 1 , 2, 5 ' w " Y E555-M5 ww' WW ,: Qgfsf1,r11',w ,' ,E 16. H wfu X M gh M 5 4 5 Q. 'Q 1, " Q 'ff I- 'W Q M W in 1 . , ' ' H , 5 ' 'f 1. -3.4 1 C ' . 'M ' 'Y 5 fe ' J' ' , '- ' A 'gl gl:1:' ,f'-N bw N, VA f , Q, 1 F iffy : ,' N H ,Q K , A 3' 1 P if ' "" -1 ,Ii 1 A , 'i ' .f 1 if JL? S 9- Sr' Tfff 5 N 4 is Q if F 4 - , Ya? V- ? 5 Q W 'auf' 1 9 - ... -fit"-Vt. W ? -,:. -N? a, , ,Q f Q .gf , 4,551 1,1 f 2-in -, ,.,. ' gig gli, g?"'2g5 . if Q A 4- ff., , if ,Y 0 ' ' ' 'K rf , ,T-1 , -ff?-'44 -fr: A 1 ' 4 X . ' -...:, -f' -My . 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QIVM wr. 1 11-111-,111 f,,11,11Qg1, 'i as-A-M Somber twilight envelopes my world as I realize sadly, this day has vanished, stealthily like a thief in the night. This da has vani hed Warm tears soothe the hurt but, irredeemable, this day, like dust, shall fold into the web of time. THIS DAY HAS VANISHED 151 3 A 2 3 K E I 5 -4 W -4 1 A 3 4 4 r F I 1 ! In the early stillness of dawn, all is peaceful. A curtain of gold rises quietly and virtually unnoticed There is a debtit: Life. 'Nm . N, ,4, f, T 3,5 In 154 UN DERCLASSMEN THU SQI S if if Underclassmen UNDERCLASSMEN Juniors become involved i Alma Ackerman Tammy Adams Nancy A ulia Renae Ahgness Pam Ahlstedt Keith Aiken Michelle Alary Richard Albright Chris Alger Janet Anderson Kathy Anderson Sherri Anderson Paul Apgar Steve Appleton Diane Armstrong Doug Aronson Dan Asper Julie Austin Kim Avery Carlos Ayala Tami Baier Barry Balcom Steve Ballard Cind Balma Ricli Baltes Sue Barnes Betty Barnett Mary Barton Keith Bass Cindy Bateman Ron Batson Jerry Baxter Steve Baumeister Ken Begley Ron Benedict Diane Benegas Henry Benoit Leslie Bennett Nancy Bennett Cathy Benney Larry Benson David Bert In id Berman Kggvin Berndt J UNIORS n homecoming activities 'iw' . MZ ,K 49. . . , A, . i Ines lalill filiii 'ka GN STS. 3 TOP: Gina Landau smiles at the thought of upcoming homecom- ing activities. BOTTOM: Janet Anderson worries about the Jun- ior class float. Debbie Berry David Best Diane Birnbaumer Sue Black Terry Boatman Tierney Bocek Johanna Bohlmijer Corrie Boren Art Boughan Fred Bowen Marianne Boyce Keith Boyert Sue Braaten Mary Bradley Donna Brancati Janet Brehe Terry Bridgeman Patricia Bridges Terri Brock Jeanne Brockschmit Dave Bruck Cecilia Brown Christine Brown Jeanne Brown Karen Brown Mark Brown Sergio Bu arin Diane Bulimck Paddy Bunker Donna Burd Lee Burgiess' Lisa Bur e Meg Burnham David Burns Rod Bartow Lorraine Buster Tom Butler Barbara Byrnes Jeff Caligiuri Betty Jo Calvin Doug Cameron J UN IORS Brent Camery Christy Campbe l Ray Canales Don Cannon J lnCa ll J?ri1eCareglli Mike Carmichael Tracy Castillo Colette Cecil Rich Cedergreen Diana C abot Steve Chamberlain Glenn Chavez Cherie Clark Ken Clark Kevin Cleland Rick Cochrane Mark Cochrun Steve Cohen Rae Rene Colliflower Steve Collins Albert Cole Madeline Conkling Bill Conti Annette Cook Janet Cooper Dan Cormier John Corrigan Craig Courtemanche Larry Cox Beth Craft Dan Crane Bruce Crise Liz Curby Margene Cushenbe Kip Daglse Gary: Dahlbert Mar Dallman Gar Dana Phil Baseke Sonja Davis Teresa Deaton Gary DeBuiser J UN IORS Juniors are alert in English, Psychology A-F 5, Q so i y TOP : Mike McKee looks over Lisa Ander- lon 's psychology notes. BOTTOM: Dawn La. Polla concentrates on a student speaker in English. Connie DeCormier Jim Dees Jean De an Mike Degiilio Cindy Delaney Peter Delano Bill DeMario Dan Dennies David Dennies Cheryl DeNubilo Michelle D'Haenens Lisa Dial Cynthia Dietz Bob Dillon Cathy Dollman Tony Doming Ken Donaldson Susanne Donckels Don Donley CathBDorrell Dan orthalina Teri Downey Robin Drisklll Fred Drake Mike Draker John Drewery Tim Dugan Cherg Duleba Rick uron Ernie Eagan Lori Eastman Debbie Edwards Karen Eiswald JUNIORS Linda Ellis Midge Enderson Joan Erdelen Vicki Eme Patty Evans Dale Evrist Dale Farmer Neil Faught Barry Fefferman Jim Ferrie Heidi Feten Becky Fethersbon Bob Finlay Lawrence Fischer Richard Fischetto Carrie Fisher William Fletcher Camille Flick Cheryl Flury Janine Franklin Sharon Frech Cindi Freed Laurine Freed Debi Fried Jim Frohock Robert Fullerton Ron Gabel Dolores Garcia Greg Garcia Brian Gardener Greg Garee Becky Garske Gigi German Mike Gifford Scott Gifford Tom Ginther J UNIORS BOTTOM: Kim Avery studies her notes in preparation for dis- cussion. TOP: Kim Kokinski and Cindy Jodoin look over papers in Occupational Survey. Class d1scuss1ons consume student mterest and time Greg Goden Kim Goe Milton Gonsalves Jon Gordon Lauri Gordon Patty Gorrell Steve Grabl Roblin Graf Annette Grant Sheldon Green Matt Gregory Dan Griffin Suzanne Gurule Valerie Gutheil Ray Guzman Beverly Hadley Mitchel Hale Glenn Hammon Donna Hansen Pam Harling Doug Harmon Lee Harner Holly Haszard Kirk Hatch Eric Haugrud Scott Hedding Tom Heitman Dean Hessler Tom Hibler Martin Hickey Dan Hogan Chris Hogstad Jim Holmberg Shelly Holt Paul Hooper Phil Hopkins Debbie Howard Cynthia Hrabak Gail Hulman Rick Huntling Kregg Hunsberger J UNIORS Dan Jacobson Mike James Scott James Dave J edrasiak Bob J ennett Glen Joachim Cindy J odoin Greg Johnson Janice Johnson Nina Johnson Cary Jones Jane Jordon Terry .lossy Julie Kahl Sheryl Karlowski Allan Karlowsky Mark Karpenske Dave Kautz Lisa Keator Kevin Keeler Diane Keller Tom Kelsey Tom Kempf Lori Kilburn Robert Kinyon Harold Kitchen Laurie Kledzik Kim Kokinski Cheryl Koontz Reed Koprek Don Kopriva Dave Kosanko Dave Koscela Kurt Kramer Larry Kraszewski Jeanette Kupp Teresa Kvarda Mike Lacy Gina Landau Shelly LaSalle Terry Laxdal Robert Lawton Brenda Lee Sherrie Leeson 16 J UNIORS Juniors devote time to homecoming, relaxation v 'ik L f nikki 5 if K ,, f iw m f l '-. .. 1' 3 O ai? wx 5 fave Hai 1 . is XS Y ic -w X x ' FWNWSE 'f'N,QP it . 'ef it is M l G use K+ , -l 'Q c Ny L iiit c I ' ' fin . u is X i 'A xt H ag . Ns. i' S l. -e .f if . K 2" A e - L ' ii 3? ee ilf' W L. f'-ar.iifi giim Aggivwf7 L E' T t."' Eiwiii W 'K is f s A i 'Mi Le 1 ' "5 s 3- 'fp Q- 4 M sw f J f si, A ,, as I We , ' e I1 x is , -1 "" r. ' . --: -fuzz - 8 - A Q. ., , ., 3 Y f 4 '35 A l 1- ' if X iff? J' fs KQXQX :Ui D f i If TOP: Willard Thurston escorts Sandy Brum durinilhalf-time activities. BOTTO : Dolores Garcia relaxes during 5th period. Julie Leffler Cheryl Leindecker Gene Lentine Tammy Lerman Karen Lesperance Cheryl Liederman Pam Linder Cheryl Lippert Jim Lister Paul Little Fred Loar Debbie Lobnitz Devra Locke Fred Loehner Sherrie Lopez Karla Loureiro Glen Luscombe Kathy Macaluso Dan MacCarter Liz MacFarlane Jasmine Machado Vivi Mack Vic Macko Joe Mahoney Jerry Marcinko Lance Marcus Dale Marinus Russ Markowitz Karen Marquardt Mike Martell Debbie Martinez Patti Marvin Tom Mason Sue Matz Anne McAndrew Russ McBrien J UNIORS Dennis McCrillis Carrie McCulloh Pat McDonald Maureen McGeever Faye McGhee John McIntyre Kim McMullen Tim McNicol Linda McPherson Randi Medvedev Phil Merrifield R E K I Mike McKee K' . Russell Meyers Valerie Meyers Renee Mickens Bob Miller G ' D555 Denise Miller -X L. a J d M' nella ' -' U y m - f' , g Diedra Miranda Don Mitchell Jeff Moberg Steve Mohl Tim Mollins Frank Moloney 'r Kg X x A-LS l 5 Steve Montoya David Moore Poppy Moore Randy Moore Ken Moorefield Jennifer Morgan Glenda Moss Linda Moss Mary Mustard Bob Naef Kenny Naef Vicki Nelinger TOP: Greg Burch repares bo sew a shirt in home economics. BOTPSM: On her way back bo class, Debbie Neustadt pauses to relax. JUNIORS Bill Neuner Bobbie Neustadt Paul Newton John Nichols Linda Nichols Susan Nichols Mindy Noblitt Doug Norvell Paul N ervell Mark Nussmeier Kathy O'Connell Elaine Oldenburg John O'Leary Tom Orlando Bob Ornelaz Hilary Ort Tim Osslund Joaquin Otero Ron Paananen Arleen Papelian Cindy Parish Mark Parlow Cheryl Parsons John Pasquarella James Pavell Cindi Payson Terri Payson Cathie Pearl Wendy Pederson Danny Pekus Hoyt Pemberton Mark Pero Randy Peters Rick Peters Sue Peters Cary Peterson Ken Peterson Nancy Peterson Rick Peterson Sharon Peterson Victor Peterson Diane Pindell Laura Pindell Steve Pinning Mark Pittman Stefan Plyley Ralph Pocheco J UNIOR9 Linda Pollack Carrie Polk Stacey Porter Tina Posenke Terri Powell Steve Pratt Rick Preciado Bruce Purcell Susan Redburn Don Reedy Dan Register Kelly Reid Mike Rice Ginny Richards Terri Riddle Robin Ridenour Jennifer Riley Julie Rivard Richard Roberts Royce Roberts Debbi Robinson Gary Roche Corinne Rodgers Nanette Rohlff s Chris Rooney Mike Rote Denise Rozell Mike Rude Robert Rule J ami Russell Mary Russell Dorothy Rute Patti Ryan Sandie Saez Karen Sandlian Militza Sardo Marguerite Savage David Scattergood Steven Scherer Wendy Schnelker Sarah Scum Renee Scuria Bernie Segar Ron Segni 166 JUNIORS 5 iff 1511: -2 Juniors develop Sk1llS take new responsibihues W , W, f ,gy 1. ff W f , ,iw-4 M Z " 'af by gf-V ff og' 41 fag! f Q f , 9? a ,fvi '58 97 4 z. -gg ,s -- E iv z M ,.. , V cctc lfy 110 X Q 5 X 3 ... If ,1 ' 1 1 if E - i fi . .W R 1 .. " 5 K . S , i ' . QQ A l,,,, J it V 4 far--1 L "3 Q . ic ttyy Q Kgs y Q gg s g o S iss fh- 5352 -QP' ti Q l 3Bob Selvin -Dena Sengbusch Doug Shaffstall John Shaver Kendall Shaw Debbie Sherer Mark Shortt Laura Shultz Marilu Shusterich Steve Sibbert Donna Simpson Varerie Sitzler Anne Sjoberg Steve Smagala Cathy Smith Jackie Smith Jim Smith Juli Smith Tim Smith Vera Smith Kevin Snyder Ann Soderquist Gary Spechtenhauser Susie Spellman John Spence Zack Spencer Larry Spicer Bob Spielman Lori Spooner Steve Springer Lisa Squire Lori Stam Teri Standlee Janet Stanberry Rick Stebe Dana Steger Mark Stein Laura Stepanian James Stewart Michele Stogsdell Bill Sube Ann Sullivan Sandy Swanson Jill Swarthout JUNIORS Class of '75 face English 3, early graduation it l'kA Q W- Jennifer Swift . X , l ' N ' DougTaft J sl S , J i ' 2- V , Steve Tanguy 'f .Q 0' N fo ' A 4 4- A in in Josie Taylor it sy ' S v ii ,Zi y ,N Qi' i 'li asssf'a.fA- ' .' 1'-fQ .a . X Norm Taylor ex L - A V, 3 rr N Tracey Taylor E ,T Vx Q if slll Q a-hf Cathy Tempkin Karen Tessay Steve Thibaut Willard Thurston Janie Tickle 'N X Kathy Tippens i , gk . 1 Tom Tracy Didier Trevizo Matt Truesdell Charlotte Trumbauer Nick Turner Fran Tynan Mary Jane VanderBrink a J ly CecilyVestuto A '- , - X . . ,f. .hx ,QP K 4: Debbie Villarreal Laura Vlerick Rod Volkmor Michele Vore Donna Wagner Don Walen TOP: Juniors begin to plan for the future. BOT- TOM: Findin t e Scarlet Letter hard to digest, Paul Hooper grads it to his dog. J UN IORS Bob Vann 5 -. .M we-az Q , ........ Q wk 2 . N335 5 S , W .wo no W , . VXKZ, .. S ,B1 lQ 3 K ,,- ,, . Q aiss f is K iizfk 3 ii, .g 5 . 'Fm ,-: X F .1 T3 gal' . R 4 li N. 1 LJ, Q Q Q an ..,,, , if-fs Sn N 'N -Ns X s i f X - 1 if is , 5 3 S si X sg., 5 M 3 Q N X Y. Q y rs: W 6 0 l s hh1 2 K kg . ' ,. . Q ' - 2 , - - - .Q 1. i if 1 if ' if K ,Q 1 A R A n Y ws ' Q - Hi ' ' .Q-A , ,gigs 1 K 1 . .k N . , " E K his x 'X ls.. X k 1 S ' I.. X 5, X fi M Y' ,Sh i . as 3 ESRB!!! s N iii s.- Bill Walker Cindy Walker Nancy Walters Jayne Wander Gary Ward Ken Ward Richard Warren Keith Wassmuth John Wasson Marc Weaver Steve WeidenHammer Glen Weissman Bryan Welling Steve Wendt Dave Westendorf Kim Westlund Julie Weyman Amy Wharmby Karen White Martin Whitney Renee Widerhold James Wilkins Dan Williams Kim Williams Cheryl Wilson Larry Winsor Scott Wise Steve Wolff Connie Wolken Julie Wood Sheri Wood Denise Woskow Lee Wright Lance Yanow Cindy Young Laura Young Cindy Yznaga Dan Zambrano Cathy Zari Mark Zerba Richard Zisko Caroline Zuniga J UN IORS Sue Achenbach Andy Ackerman Roy Ackerman Paul Adler John Aguilia Paula Ahles Bret Aikin Martin Albrecht Kit Alderete Brian Alexander Judy Allen John Allison Bob Alrick Laura Alton Tim Anderson Bill Amiot Earl Anderson Mike Anderson Paul Anderson Patty Andya Joanne Anl Frank Armellini Gary Atcheson Charles Atkins Dana Baker Lynne Balcom Bob Ballash Carol Baltes Debbie Bankson Brett Barker Brian Bart Wes Batdorf Craig Beecher Chris Belgum Chris Bennett Leslie Bennett Perri Bennett SOPHOMORES f W I A 1 A sei if' S Sophs look around, learn new skills iv... '1- A i f ws, B eee B w ff f. 1, - y . F is g. ox, s .5 1 H ba... A . - i,5y, 3 - A 2 P - . Yugi. M, E3 12 :Q 'fer 5 ra .. .Ng . fax. ls ws 2 2 , I gl N rift BOTTOM: Linda Wagner concentrates during her business machines class. TOP: Becky Rude looks around campus and finds that nothing has changed during her absence. 5, as AKQFV -SW .ik .Ms ' f K K :I L: Q Hoc - ef. B' f vu- 1 WMM an we Q I f 'J' 'G' 4 12 1 j 'rw lv 4 4, W X I N i iff, if f f .Q ff Q ,, 4 . 'aff we x 'K Rick Bennett Tom Bennett Leslie Bentley Larry Berg Steve Bernstein Barbie Berry John Berthiaume Kurt Birchler Cathy Blankley Susan Bleakly Anna Boccone Renee Bohachef Patricia Bohanon Marty Boike Sherri Boley Lori Booth Chris Borey Dave Born Steve Born Kevin Boughan Lisa Bourke Ken Boyd Erik Breitung Judy Bridgeman Theresa Broms Sheila Brooks Brenda Brown Don Brown Tracy Brown Tracy Brown Bob Bruner Beverly Bruschi Chris Buhr Neil Burgess Larry Burns Peggy Byl Kelly Byrne Joyce Caira Mike Capp Chris Carmichael Kathy Carmichael Tom Carpenter SOPHOMORES Linda Ceci Bill Cellar Linda Chabot Scott Charpentier Amanda Christensen Debby Clark Jennifer Clark Tami Clotfelter Ron Cleland Mike Coane Tim Cochrun Debbie Coffelt Jule Cole Terry Collins Kathy Comis Mara Conlan Don Conrad Donna Conrad Cindy Cooper Jim Cortez Denise Costigan Bobbi Cowart Dave Crise Brian Crisban Cindy Crittenton Suzanne Cross Mark Crough Dave Crow Curt Cryer SOPHOMORES Sophomores adjust to academic pressures la. . xl: al. TOP: Leslie Grella and Heather Hurley relax dir- ing Mr. Ronald Hedin's IPS class. BOTTOM: Scott MacCavghtry concentrates on his metal shop class. Jill Cunningham Tracy Curtis Carol Dahlberg Robin Davies Stephen Davis Tony DeBruno Roger DeC0ster Ron Dees Judith Delano Rich Del Monaco Dori Denker Bill Dennison Dennis Derr Vince Didio Gale Diotte Jim Doak Janis Dolnick Richard Domanski Jean Duarte Becky Dunn Jim Durand Torrey Durrell Jim Dyatt Rick Eaton Ben Edwards Ken Edwards Mike Elias Leanda Escarcega Beth Evans Lori Evans Matt Evans Kurt Event Tim Evrist Barbara Farmer Linda Farmer Steve Farrington Harry Fekkes Matt Fenner Linda Fernandez Renee Ferrante Tim Ferrie Dan Ferrill Vince Ferro Dave Feten Rick Fiore Carolyn Fish David Fisher Robert Fitch Mary Kay Flakus Lynne Fogel Valerie Franco SOPHOMORES Karen Fraser Krista Fredrickson Maureen Freni Eric Friedlander Mary Frohock Barbara Gabriel Carlos Galan Fernando Galvan Tom Garcia Mike Garofolo Barbie Garrels Sue Goudette Cary Gibb Christie Gifford Jack Gilbraith Doug Girordin Missy Glasmeier Shelly Glass Mary Gluzinski Eric Goddard Matt Goldfield Lauri Goodman Kevin Goulet Ed Gravage Glenn Graziano Scott Greco Gretchen Grimes Mike Grossi Wayne Gruby Elise Gudmundson Tami Haas Debbie Hachtel Lorry Haddock Mike Hagen Tami Hagen Virginia Halahon SOPHOMORES .ne i 'l ,, M sy ,K B S, l -- i sq T xv ag as l if fi' as - 1 A Lf. , -f. W, . Q .... C Q s . .f ' -, , W ,. 4 I A M 31 K , I 1 .G 1, 1 'H' Qiegf tw K s'f' ,, .E .. e 'tii:,J2f L I a X--' , A 1 ' .. " '- ii 15 ' sess - a'- -5' , 'ia ni- sit " Q 5 1 ..- fed .A ff i" in Q . . - f 1 ,i A . 'fig-W ' I 4 if ' SB.. f 1 , ' , We. 4, K C by ,oin 7. L Q y K i.,g . K . , .. D . 'T 3 T 4' ' V' ,gl ' ' ' 'iiw' f Y if A? v L 1 1 il I . , QL' in I .. J as 4 4 . Q x by z- ' . s f - s - s t X, A ai" ' J ' 2. 'ffl ' f " . ' ' - "" , ,. Lifj ' .- 4. X Q s 513 51222 1 Xf gs, W, -W 'f ' g ,iq . . A T ea 5 A 'iv 5 Q? an Q 6 , Xi v X X . n ,,,. i TOP: Mary Ellen Fisher buys a SAC card from Connie LaVoie. BOTTOM: Kim King and Lee gnginus work at the board in Mr. Howard Brody's c ass. N C lii X P b y ... N f l - i -.K .M ,Q C K K ky K 4.3- 1535 1 i 1- . ' is .,Ai , , .. .2 y Sophs assume active role Tammy Hale Scott Hall Karla Hanson Dorothy Hardy Craig Harris Delaine Hartman Jeanine Hass Sue Henrichsen Jeff Hiblga Haley Hickle Ron Hillard Cheri Hollins Jeff Holmberg Kathy Holmer Michael Holts Kris Houston Mark Krabe Shawn Hubbard Shelley Huber Ron Hughes Laurie Hallum Heather Hurley Mark Hurrell Mike Hying Steve Iriguchi Kacy Jackson Diana J acquez Teresa J edrasiak Kevin Jenkins Lori Jenkins Mark Jenkins Eileen Jennings Greg J epsen Regina Joachim Blake Johnson Bob Johnson Erving Johnson Jill Johnson Lynne Johnson Debbie Kalor Teri Karr Lori Keehl Kirk Kephart Diane Kerrigan Lisa Kesler Robert Killian Jay King SOPHOMORES Kim King Patty King Vivien King Barry Kirshner Kim Kjornes Kurt Knapp Benny Knaver Karen Knight Jerry Koper Debbie Korbel Doug Kosty Jamie Krampe Leon Kresheck Monica Kriudo Ruth Kuznkowski Charley Lane Tim La Spada Kathy Lathrop Jim Latourette Connie Laubie Tom Laughlin Janet Laurin Cindy Lavin Marta Lawler Julia Lawrence Diana Leadam Ben Lee Bonnie Lee Cheryl Lee Drew LeProhon Dale Lesperance Julie Lewis Kay Lewis Joy Lineback Bev Lipsett Janice Locke Debbie Long Steve Long Rosie Lopez Krista Loureiro Patti Lyon Bill Lyons Marie Macauley SOPHOMORES ' if Tig-.Q S X 'K .t sim 'Si sl , , M K. - ,, ti: w,f:V - Q -' 1 , 'Q 5 'N we 5 S 2 , fe ra Q 1 ., - X ' f .f TOP: Peggy Daly thinks over the mornin actxvl ties before atten ing a shorthand class B 'l'I'0M Loreen Taylor enthusiastically eats her lunch 's 'X N Xk N ,, L l ag ' vi 2 1. Q, ,r sw? V YQWSQ as . fe? 'a ARES xii Wg? A Wa v 1 I I 2 H5 M S SEQ E Ei 4 is .. EK Es , 57' A 5 I .,, .. .- 'K 1 11: :essex 2- Doug Macaulay John Macdonald Lindsey Malametz Sue Malinowski Aidan Malony John Mastrom Warren Mandell Lee Marinus Leslie Markowitz Susan Marriott Cindy Martell Lisa Martin Jim Marvin Joe Maser Charles Matthews Marilyn Maxwell Dave McBrien Nancy McCarter Virginia McClintock Kevin McGeever Christi McGowan Darrel McMaster Polly Mcnolly Mary Mead Janice Meakins Kathy Mehrens Steese Melberg Walter Mendell Lori Merrifield David Metzger Elaine Michaels Mike Michael Mickey Mickens Doug Milbourn Dawn Miller Robert Mills Jerry Mitchell Robert Mitchell Paul Moncourtoius SOPHOMORES Mike Montgomery Cherie Moore Mike Moriarty Mary Morrow Ernie Mortensen Kathy Moser Jennifer Moss Jim Moyer Coreen Munn Skip Musgraves Cheryl Nelson David Nelson Stacy Nelson Ken Neuner Kathy Newton Charles Nichols David Nichols Chris Nielsen Kirt Nielsen Elise Niven Jim Nocero Lisa Nordskog Anne North David Nylander Don Okada Roger Olsen Tina Olsen Diann Olson John Olson Terri Olson Ray O'ReiIly Kathi Ort Gary O'Shea Christi Ostrow Jana Oswalt Lori Otterness Doug Overton Sue Owens Joe Pacheco Pat Page Greg Paige Bob Palmer Kirk Parker Sue Parker Roger Patocka Juli Pearce Merri Pedley Dana Pennywell Jim Perkins Karen Petersen Lori Peterson SOPHOMORES vs '- , f N .' fx ,4- ff' i Q xx , J W V ,f .,,, v A 'I' 0, fl M 'am iff, 1 fy, A X if 4? 4 .25 . if ff? . K X I . EJ4.. 5 C M . Q L 9 1 -'Q' , . I 1 kfifwgjx, Sophomores gain higher status F5 'X X as AWK Q' ,. '9.'. , rant. -wr Q LJ5gFg ig- E , an t it? 3 in , 4 F, , t 5 . tw as Z diff J' W Y Aw iris 's it if 3 rrr i 'L '- ' TOP: Christie Gifford and Carla Hansen reflect on the morning activities while relaxing. BOTTOM: Carla Lealand contemplates her summons to the office. Gary Petrison Chris Pettis Debbie Pierson John Pittello Dave Piuser Jim Plate Beverly Poling Bill Pontioelli Bob Pontieelli Jean Porreca Cathy Posenkian Brad Posey Tami Poskevich Paul Poudrier Eileen Powers Donna Poznanski Darrayle Prosser John Puckett Bruce Purwll Mike Purvis Dave Puskaric Tom Puth Bill Ralph Doug Ramsey Bob Randall Mark Randolph Mike Ray Sandy Redbum Gary Rehnberg Scott Reynolds Gayle Rice Julie Rice Mary Richies Michelle Riddle SOPHOMORES Kelly Ridenour Pam Rikalo Bruce Rinaman Brendan Ripley Brian Ritchie Keith Rivellino Jim Robbins Bobbi Roberts Mark Robinson' Augustin Rodriguez Joe Rodriguez Mary Rodriguez Pete Rogers Annette Romain Ingrid Raomeij n Annette Roznowski Becky Rude Jill Rushton Al Rusk , Jamie Russell Tim Russell Bruce Ryan Dennis Ryan Jane Ryan Steve Ryan Carol Sankovich Robert Schaffer Anne Schattke Mitchell Scherr Kenneth Scheum Mindy Schissel . Carla Schmidt Patty Schneider Robin Schneider Gaby Scholz Phil Schrack SOPHOMORES . ,gg it A Y I 4...., L , I ,ig fn . f 4 nt, A is I we -'K ,f.: seg 2 3 -in 1 '- . E o, S l - at if l 5 K 35 355 . 1 44 , ., . for - l ,R x. ' 1 R- 'lik if .no i S eg, TOP: Joe McAndrew chauffers Kim Charpentier to the half-time coronation ceremong BOTTOM: Mike Hagen, Bill allph, Greg Cross engross themse ves wit the current issue of the Free- Lancer. Y ii sv- I' ztk Q 5 Ei we ' ex 'F' Q ' N a is i is is i. .X 2-K is I S .. l 1 ,ggg A O ,gglyi nooooooo ooo,oot o Aw ,,.,,. ,fr ,. , , AVR as Involved Sophomores Keep informed it f f ff 1 ,fi 4, 4 1 4 'V 5 'HM t if . ' L .4 i he 1 'Q 1 1 gg 3 Y' X S Y 'Qi s I 5 ' S rv I EM W I 'pi N, f' 'I AK ., A 3 ,V ,.,.t In 5. E th a t ix ANA 5, F I ,.,,. ,,L .,, . i f kVh.I f Us qi ,H . 11? Mike Schrader Dave Sehraner Kurt Schwarz Greg Seitz Erik Shaw Robert Shaw Russell Shaw Miriam Sheppard Steve Sheridan Wesley Sherman Richard Shotwell Rick Shoup Sondra Silver Eric Skaggs Judy Slama Patty Sloyan John Small Julie Smith Maurice Smith Nona Smith Terri Smith Starlie Sokol Colleen Solomon Julie Somandiaga Jeff Sommer Laurie Sosna Doug Spaniol Stephine Spauldi ng Jean Spechtenhauser Mike Spencer Ellen Springer Chris Sproul Paul Stader Jerri Stanton Joe Stepard Sheila Steward Kenlyn Stewart Mike Stewart Nancy Stohlman Sheryl Strange Jennifer Stroebe Joe Sueca Doug Swabb Gary Swank SOPHOMORES Chris Swanson Steve Swindle Kim Taft Loreen Taylor Joe Tempkin Tim Thomas Tim Thomason Cindy Thompson Nancy Thompson Richard Thorsen Jeff Tickle John Tickle Greg Tiemeyer Jennifer Tierney Eloise Tochihare Kathy Toner Russell Tribe Randy Triplett Steve Triplett Chris Troy Kevin Trudell Robert Turley Andi Tuttle Dan Tweet Tess Ullrich Mary Valentine Mark Valentino Heidi VanAuker Willy Vietinghoff Randy Volkmar Theresa Vollmer Jerry VonWerber Kris Vyverberg Joe Wager Les Wagner Linda Wagner Sandy Walk Robert Wallen Kim Walter Keith Ward Brian Warfield Mark Warner SOPHOMORES A V X ' K My I ev 'Z' 1 4: W if L? ., - ,, , .ii , ,Q 1 4 ,A f 5 ui 'L f AZ? 1 a , J 5 K! 5 L we ,, W., fi l f , 2 it . v iv fi' , Mi, ' W1 1 if f Qi L "' M H, QQ aww! ii figs 'fi , . A 1 95? Y 2: 4 ,, , in he 4 Qgiiikl JK, " -14 Z, . ., . , K , 1 1 gf J , 5 iii 1. ,Q f A? f aff r ,511 lv ff! im., . L QQ 4 a ik' V 1 ig M f y f ,mym Class of '76 make new friends, learn new experiences I i X 32 X y Gi. fi' l fr i 1 x t li Li .PX-.- is-. 9 I is X if Eire ' ,1 -as .Kyiv TOP: Lee Marinus and David Torrey attentively listen to pho hem instructions at Homecom- ing dance. B M: Mary Kay Flakus and Judy Slama chat during lunch. 'file Steve Warner Chuck Warren Robert Warren Brandi Watkins Mark Watters Nancy Watz Bob Weber Jon Weigand Barbara Wels Julie West Mike West Randy West Marty Wheeler Lisa White Don Wickman Laura Widdows Cuno Wiederhold Kyle Wilkns Jon Williams Dan Willrodt Debbie Wilson Ken Wilson Tina Wilson Monika Winkler Mark Withers Janet Wolff Mike Wood Cheryl Woskow Bob Woy Karl Yluisaker Wayne York Dan Young Susan Zahn Roy Zambrano Fely Zenker Tim Ziebell Richard Zuniga SOPHOMORES Jon Adams Sharon Ahlberg Steve Ahl Bryan Ahlstedt Nancy Aldrich Michelle Allawos Glenn Anani Craig Anderson Mike Anderson Doug Arndt Colleen Arnold Cheryl Atherton Vickie Atkins Linda Barney Mike Barry Susan Barton Rochelle Batt Michelle Bayles Debbie Bailey Becky Baisbird Daun Baker Micki Bamburg Sara Beeman Doug Belsheim Gary Benedict Patrice Bennett Scott Bennett Laura Benney Kathy Berriman Terry Billat Bruce Bingham Walker Birrell FRESHMEN elf! s' zz 1 X f 9 2 A - f 9 W f A 5' ly , 5 , ' 5 L 1 , , M , 1. sf, fi ni .ir Q eesl .. swf,-, mf," 5 1 X-L S: :PS gi 5 s i 'fi .Irfan l ,, " i . ff . 1 .1 fi. D , T sll' A WJ gig . , TW, v, , ., ,,..,,W it wr' ,, i K5 QM g o fly , FQ 26 1 ff at A, g fin, fn mf , L Q W, Q TOP LEFT: Cheryl Crawford thinks over the day's happenings. TOP RIGHT: Tina Cominata, Lisa Utterback and Cathy Beriman stroll around the quad. BOTTOM: Rhonda Bode listens to Deb- bie Ellis attentively. Y f' AS 5' N. I i Frosh experience new campus, new ideas tg 0 F an-a E 3 if '- X sr K ' X X all i' 1 8.5 55: . Bob Blake Anne Blakely Mark Bobst Ronda Bode Dave Bodnariuk Bob Bohanon Mike Bolduc Mary Bordner Dan Bradley Jane Brandt Doreen Brancati Phil Brehe Ann Bridges Karen Briggs Debbie Brock Brenda Brown Candy Brown Daniel Brown Norman Brown Laurie Bruck Jane Buchanan Karen Burditt Cynthia Burns Lori Burns Debbie Burrell Doug Buth Diana Butterworth Barbara Butts Mike Byrnes Bruce Cain FRESHMEN Mysteries revealed thru IP Adria Cancaro Debbie Carter Dan Casey Vince Casey Tammi Caster Lora Caston Doug Chabot Eric Challoner Richard Chapple Ted Chase ' Mike Christenson Kathy Clark Amy Coller Kim Combos Kevin Cone Jodi Conti Cathi Cordes Jeanne Cox Tom Crask LeeAnn Cross Stephanie Crow Les Curtis FRESHMEN M- HDV ve' fv 3 ,L 23 ft 45 t , .Y '-'gL- 2-ie.. ., ,LL, Q A Perry Curtis Bob Dana K.C. Davis Krista DeBuiser Marianne DeCarlo Kathy Degray Renne Dell Antonia Denubilo Randy Dew Teri D'Haenens Julie Dietz DeNay Donaldson Will Dorrell Alida Dorthalina Derek Drake Thomas Dunkan Leslie Durschinger Bob Eddy Debbie Ellis John Ellis Sandy Eng Warren Enoch Simone Erman Valerie Erne Mike Esau Scott Evans Terri Evens Tammy Evenson Jill Fahnestock Bill Farrel Vivian Fasulo Drew Ferguson Reese Fernandez Kim Ferren Anne Fieweger Aileen Fish Cathy Fischetto Ken Foerster Tim Foor Chris Fowles Craig Frazier Patti French FRESHMEN Donna Frey Nancy Frisoli Eric Frokjer Bryan Fujii Susan Fuller Lisa Furtaw Tara Funk Bryan Garrick Bill Gemberling Jeff Gerlach Liz Gilbertson Mark Gilbraith Rick Ginther Paul Gomes Roland Gonzales Susan Goodman Michelle Gorman Glenn Goulet Terry Goueas Steve Graham Scott Gray Ralph Griffin Mitch Gurule Sky Gutierrez , ff V, 'Wt f af? QM M l +4 4 f Mi 6 gg K? z. n W 'ma Bill Hagen Linda Hall Therese Hall Shelley Halpain V . -,,1,,.,t,,t ,gf y at ,. ,, : V V5 3 li if if 1 asifl it ll,, Q . ,W Yi "Y jim V W, ,,., W., 3 45 7 ,,r,, ' ,iq in . i f L iff Sun, studies open new life to F rosh TOP: Damon Register removes his mind from studies to the sunny day. BOTTOM LEFT: Jill Travers and Karen Hargrove take time out at lunch for their studies. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dave Bernark, Scott Spindel and Rick Kent enjoy them- selves at lunch. Tom Halub Pat Hamilton Dan Hancock Lee Hannah Sharon Hansen Russ Hopcus Dana Hargrove Karen Hargrove Randy Harmon Betsy Harner Patty Harper Becky Harrison Nicolette Hass Rolf Haugrud Dan Hess Katrina Heyser Paul Higgason Kathleen Higgins Dan Hillard David Hillard Rosemary Hill Cindy Hill Sharon Hoard Lisa Hodges Terry Hopp April Holcomb Susan Hooker Steve Hooper FRESHMEN Gary Hornby Kevin Horton Jo Howard Lesa Howell Lisa Hubbard Gary Hus Jon Hutchinson Kurt Jaeger Barbara Jeffers Mike Jennings Linda Johansson Becky Johnson Brian Johnson Stacy Johnson Robert Johnson David Jones Jay Jordan Annette Jorgensen Lisa J osepher Curt J ohlin Bonnie Karlowsky Lori Karlowsky FRESHMEN --we nga- ,xpifii --fi, la' M., 2 , iiiifhr "'i .V ' 5. , . .... 1 in -, in . W T 651 - i i . Q .. , 'J .41-Ii., ' ,As 97 ' r-'- f X . - .. -- 71' ' I ' ,sf 1 K N 5 ,.,:2::' .Q-:L ' I e ' ' 2:21s'-gig , so F N 1 . I "'L 'I - -1- ' 5 a Qs? E 5 fi- t. E -p '-M. u 1 z if 1- 315 if 2. me . , -:,-- - -55 , r .,, . 1 K '-1-Q its , . ., L':: 7 is TOP: Sergio Melgar wrestles with a test tube dur- ing an exgeriment. BOTTOM LEl"l': Jill Fahnes- tock and hrista Debuiser battle the wind during their lunch. BOTTOM RIGHT: Carrie Rule enjoys the sun while studying for her next class. 3 :S A a to , Q RR 5 X X Q , 2 A '41 SQA fi H an ' W 5 ' f 5 H i 1 1 ,G fi , f 'vi Ron Karlsson Katy Kaufmann Cathy Keller Natalie Kemerling Rick Kent Kevin Kephart Lorri Ketchum Karen Kilcourse Kari Kindem Ellen King Brian Kircher Brian Kirkpatrick Ed Kitchen Libby Klammer Jeff Koeritz Ron Kokinski Yoko Koyano Vivian Krabel Kathi Kramer Mike Kvarda Brad Kyle Michele Lambert Ken Lammerman Linda LaMore Joe Landry Wendy LaSalle Janet Lascombe Denise Larocque Shelley Lawrence Karyn Laxdal Bryan Layton Bill Leffler FRESHMEN Terri Lendecker Rachel Leland Corinne Lenoir Greg Leon Lisa Lewis Lisa Lexau Randy Lippert Matt Lissak Dave Lister Keith Lister Karen Lockner Ray Longarin Cathy Luinstra Pam Lyon Mary Lytle Dom MaCaller Jeanne Mack Steve MacDonald Robert MacQuiddy Jay Mahannah Mark Malstrom Melanie Marcus Jeff Marchant Bob Martin Randall Martin Lisa Mathews Jon Mauro Margaret McAndrew FRESHMEN I ,z 'WN ig-...L '55 li Q 1g'.gg. if - f Humor, IPS are part of being a frosh R . ir? Xl F: TOP: Dave Brubaker pauses to think before continuing with an IPS experiment. BO'I'I'OM LEFT: June Smack struggles with her books and the wind previous to lunch. BOTTOM RIGHT: Patrice Bennett smiles over Sharon Hansen's sense of humor. Heather McCombe Erin McConnel Shawn McCrillis Kim McDermid Cindy McDermott Mike McDonald Kathy McGeever Jeff Mclntyre Steve McKee Tom McKelvey John McLaughlin Jack McPherson Brad Meade Mike Mears Sharon Mehrens Linda Mellor Lisa Mercier Verne Merrill Diana Milbourn Lyn Miller Bruce Minnich Paul Monasevitch Maureen Moriarty Mike Morgan Don Morris Karen Morris Colby Morrow Pat Moss Debbie Mosher Chris Mosher Rhonda Moss Chris Moeller Tom Mullahey FRESHMEN Sonya Mulligan Brenda Munsterman Shawn Murphy Roberta Nadler Dave Naegeli Chris Nelson Cindy Nelson John Nelson Murray Nelson David Neustadt Paula Neustadt Mark Niles Kevin N imea Kim N ordskog Vickie Norton Dale Norvell Mike Nottingham Greg Nuciford Bob Nussmeier Mary O'Brien Karen Odell Dennis O'Hearn Patty O'Leary Kari Olson Chris O'Malley FRESHMEN F rosh relax, take it easy .1 .i F? -sf ig gi 1 Hi i Q Q 4 ,um V gs, ki i z .13 A ,.-,-,. .- ' sa x 1 1 if mi S1 i - MM , . - if .Qi 5 .. gi Q . .Q 25 4 Af, ,. i I .nglg if ll .. f f ef fi J 5 il r Q xlihll L , P 1- 5, .4-4 f :: ' N 1 zz. 1 .: ' Fr K L g A X . TOP LEFT: Natalie Kemerling takes a break from school pressure by relaxing at lunch time. TOP RIGHT: Kim McDermott laughs at a friend's joke. BOTTOM: Bill Roy enjoys a popsicle before returning to class. ,... Steve Ornelaz Scott Otterness Sue Paananen Mike Parkhurst Kevin Pasky Melissa Payson Cindie Pearl Brad Pearson Brian Pedersen Mark Pederson Cathy Perkins Vicki Peterson Bob Pettit Judy Pf an Laura Pierce Susan Pittman Colette Plo urd Pat Pollock Russ Posey Leslie Potts Don Proctor Tami Proffer Alevena Pushhard Sandy Quenon Dana Ramsey Ted Randall FRESHMEN Linda Rarick Annette Reed Deidre Reed Jon Reeling Damon Register Nola Reich Will Reynolds Russ Richards Bret Richardson Greg Roach Lisa Roach Dave Roberts Karen Robertson Janet Robinson Mark Roehl Joan Romano Patti Roper Elise Roseth Tom Rote Alan Rowland Nita Rovston Vickie Rozell Carrie Rule Craig Rule George Russell Joy Rustan Greg' Ryan Glenn Rylands Jon Rymer Roberta Sardo Ron Seese Lori Schaffner Barbara Schattke FRESHMEN F rosh delve into discussions, lunchtime laughter ' f--- A R ,,ii ,,,,i R nlle.,,i , l, fnl,snnn V1 Q 1 Rzszww. I ,f -Wrisels airing- 'JR' fffisiswfiii 'f.:fw-mfs-' vw 'M ff, J ey ix,1,,f.J,,A 1 "' s is 1 4 if , . ,,,.,. ,, ,,,., ,..,4,,,, ' was I Q 9 1 it 'N vii si 4, W YQ ,rl 'W 1 K it 5, E ff. 'e2fsaw. mf -wi ,Q 1--,, ,q w flsf ,s" n- E sig e FF if L 'R re i se W E we on Jessi if ,wif g. M MH wx Q ,S f X 5 4 1 sr' I if in . L, ,gf 1 JIS f ff , ,R ' i ,-:Jew :ap R jszfflzfff e'uii R' i'if , Zi X v- ms. A 3,1 Q " f if ,ff 7 . ,fa XI, .ga 'A 3 ,., A f VJ 4 , Q, , A sf K, x , A .-v f -1- R- M Ru A , ' 1' Y s . ,Q f fx J E " -. I K ff few R: ,,, A 4 , , , .,, '-,.. f ' J Jrr 'R RR K R . ..,, f is J E , 2? P. :J ' ff ,ff if 1 , '-2 J' ' R i ::1:g:,:- ' hw f " 1 ' R 6:5-wif, I fr if 'W , We M M, ,xg 1 wi? ef of ,' R U 'ii' ,V if 2. fs, , ,. 1 W V. a Q Q, iyii ' i ii Yee We R , ,, ...,f. ,- ,, 1. if Ffa 1 . - SY we s R "i' 4 W 3 Q Viii K .1, , , f 7:5 2 .2 , fl' 42 f i. R . 5 le iid ,e,, ll v ,. ,,. " ,..A w'weWsreesseMJM ' ecie f 1 aaee R ,G Ji. R ale . it eecr R ' recsinii 2 R RR , P R 'Rrl sf tx. fi' mm ew-W -sz 'f'- --f. , ' .,,., 1" A Ren c ff- ',., J fiffwi V""i " Wwmiwwwswg 11 24, f ' lwewiwe w I f W if Y , R ,.,, 255, TOP LEFT: Shel? Halgvrli looks over the remains of her lunch. T0 RIG : Denise La Lock gives up battling the wind to listerf to a friend's Joke. B0'l'l'0M: RandgaDew and George Russell seri- ously discuss the y's events. 'U ,af 14 rad, ' 1 I . ff- ., at ' ,3, . .7, ,H f 1 '-Av y 6 ei 1Q,:,ff '?iA 'A ' F fe if L 'N X aw S ,. H A,l.,lk., W H if fqi E, , . 15, y X, ,A, ,V, N . .1 Q AV " .. AE .- ,Q E 5 .miywf X 2 1-fit fi e1i olii S S . 'V 4' . i , f 2 'A L ' 'G 9 ' zqzffw AN' I K ,K" f V, my ,i , ,.,,.,, , , ,.,, Q I V , , .V 553, 4 h. I- . lr , .. ' V P if X I 3 Marie Schlossman Sheila Schmidt Jodi Schoneman Kurt Schramm Gary Schulman Kay Sheehan Denette Shelled Steve Shielly Patty Shima Gigi Shorts Patti Shows Andy Shultz Holly Shusterich 1' Lynn Sibbert Ttisten Sibert Tammi Simonson Larry Simpson Kim Slezak Mike Sloyan Cathy Smith Chris Small Blair Smith Greg Smith Mike Smith Ram Smith Todd Smitherman Chris Sopko Pam Speilman FRESHMEN Scott Spindel Stan Spooner Dawn Squire Steve Stafford Rae Ann Stanton Debbie Steele Mike Steele Mark Stief Susan Stribling Betsy Sube Eric Swanson John Swendsen Jeff Taylor Susanne Taylor Tim Taylor Debra Thompson Tina Torch Christina Tornes Jill Travers Dave Trevathan Terri Truelsen Ron Truex Sue Truenr Ted Ulaszek Edith Van Cleave Coretta Vollmer Susan Volz Kim Von Rader FRESHMEN :Q1g25f?'ssgg, --as Qsgsgggq -- J T11 E 5 i A f- -1 a.'-' WW' f'l"""' M 'S - is ses mf 5'??i5E2j2Eif25'u ' If S fa f' ,ia , iii X sr 1 Sax so --Ak , .- ' 391, if .v l . ' xii ,,,. 1 S S S fi: ' ' kk , V' VF' 3' i.n M , A f-M V zrrr sew -if a a - w e nsse ii 'A' ' it n, f gl E l ..,,.,,.. HEL ,QV '- fi 1 ' , Iff, Ev , 1 a,a R Jil, fl- -V ,, ,..Qw11::xz5 4311? + gm f J F A , 1 L K ,- Z Z 0 , .4 - ,Q ,, , Q ' 4 ' f A I 5 W ..,,, f Za' 4 ' Q91 9 Ai F Y 7 E 2 ' H wif'?9" V , .,..,. , ., if , , ff , w H ,E ' - 9 1 2 ' S l ' 1:1 .. 2 " 3 se . if-S15 .,,. ' :Q , f - S ' f- , .. ""4 if' , 2 sv -, S A, 4 gag ' wzgoz, J, , 'af S ,, , .1 1 . H.: AGM- ,, 551, "2 . ' ', 5: 353, " ,.., E:,4- ':- waz, -, - J- '-3 .5 ,aw :inf wma H11 "ff V' ' " " ' ??Vf57f1f fx-:Ewa ' ' or 1 y fo , ff-- W,,, .,,. I , I 4 , , 'fg 2 5 ,ff ii S '. , 1. g et " I ,I 1, awk ii S ii ,E S, 9- Q,- ' U2 Frosh find humor, friends in high school life X L yi 2 1 8 .Q 5 S A X Q Al C X NN N-.A g," 'grim' i ' Wi at ' ,- M Q X W 5 at t P in. N - P m fm 1 ' 3 -' . ,, 'X X 4 y 5 fa K it Q My - w X ' 4 . 5 Q 1 ., , x 4, S . ,. 'Lp j 'J U V ,,.. W 40 rf, . lf", -,Q sw , 'W 'Q' 9 ine the quad in their spare time. ' r is as L ' X1 4 ' Y' J VT We if uf ,, .'f,, ,f ...... mm TOP LEFT: Lettin his mind wander, B an Fujii returns from the o fice. TOP RIGHT: Chris Jen- nings amuses Annette Reid with one of his jokes. Bottom: Kathy Cordes and Lorraine McGee exam- Lesley Votel Keith Vreeken Staci Wagner David Wakefield Lynda Walker Andrea Walton Brian Wandrey Craig Warner Pam Watkins Cathy Watters Leanne Webb Dan Weber Blair Webrand Lisa Weinberg Faith Wendling Steve West Theresa Westendorf Susan Whitaker Matt Whitney Pam Wilding Mary Williams Mark Winton Jan Woods Cindy Woodson Donna Waggoner Julie Young Sharen Yznaga Steve Ziemann Keith Zanbrano FRESHMEN A... 5 S33 Academics .T- 'u-Sify ACADEMICS TOP RIGHT: Board of Trustees. SEATED: Mrs. Janet Linggr-Bn, Mr. John L. Cooley, Mr. Lawrence W. Smith. ST ING: Mr. Robert K. Matthews, Dr. Robert E. Williams. BOTTOM RIGHT END: Mr. Lewis John, Assistant Sugrintendent. BOTTOM RIGHT CENTER: Mr. Reuben avarro, Assistant Sugerintendent of Stu- dent Personnel. BO'I'l'OM LEFT ORNER: Mr. Tom Rosser, Assistant Superintendent of Personnel. BOT- TOM LEFT END: Mr. And McEuen, Associate Snmrin- tendent. TOP LEFI' CEN TER: Principal William ver pauses to discuss the self-registration program at TOHS with Dr. Josegh Crosb , Dlstrict Superintendent. TOP LEFT END: illiam Syeaver, Principal Thousand Oaks High School. 202 ADMINISTRATION Voters move for local control of schools 1974 was the last year Thousand Oaks remained in the Oxnard Union High School District. Local voters at an election on Sep- tember 18, 1973, decided to remove both Thousand Oaks and Newbury Park High Schools from the OUHSD. B joinin them and the schools in both Vailey Oais and Timber school districts, Conejo Valley Uni- fied School District QCVUSDJ was formed. Princi al William Seaver commented that he flelt that "a grassroots feeling for more local control . . . " was responsible for the decision to form the new district. Officals of the new district and high school officals worked closelylthis year to make the transition easier. ew superin- tendent Dr. Wayne Butterbaugh visited TOHS in January and spoke with the stu- dent government. All employees were given the option of remaining with the OUHSD or staying in the Conejo and moving into the new dis- trict. Most chose to remain at TOHS. ADMINISTRATION 203 Campus gains Assistant Principal Several changes were made in the per- sonnel office in order to serve students bet- ter. Two additional people were added to the Guidance and Administrative depart- ments. These individuals were not new to TOHS however. Mrs. Patricia Johnson, a counselor, returned from a year's sabbati- cal in Europe. Her return boosted the num- ber of counselors to seven. In the administrative department a whole new position was created, that of Assistant Principal. To fill this position Mr. Ron Barney was promoted from his former position as attendance officer. Mr. Barney's new duties included teacher eval- uation and assistance, athletic director and assisting the principal. The vacancy in the attendance office was filled by Mr. Curt Luft, former social studies' teacher. Counselors continued to work closely with students, offering them academic and vocational counseling, test evaluation and personal advice. Many students found their pocpnselor a person in whom they could con- 1 e. S' , 5 1 N ...4 xxx COUNSELORS, ADMINISTRATION -eiaxw wr it 14 TOP RIGHT: At her post during registration Mrs. Patricia Johnson checks enrollment figures. BOT- TOM RIGHT: Mrs. Roberta Schoenherr repares to file indexed activities. BOTTOM LEFT: Lisa Tilden listens as Mr. Joseph Schiro makes recom- mendations about her proposed schedule. CEN- TER LEFT: Writing the guidance notes for home- room occupies Mr. Dale Ackerman. TOP LEFT: Mr. Bernard Holmquist listens as a student explains his attendance. Dale Ackerman Ronald Barney Bernard Holmquist Patricia Johnson Curt Luft Mary Lou McNeal James Moore James Robillard Roberta Schoenherr Joseph Schiro Charles Wisuri COUNSELORS, ADMINISTRATION TOP RIGHT: Counselor Dale Acker- man explains to Cheri White her opportunities for getting the teach- ers she wants. F R R GHT: Stu- dents prepare preliminary schedule in front o the ibrary prior to regis- tratin for the second semester. B0'l'I'fgM RIGHT: Mr. James Feller talks to Mr. James Robillard about his responsibilities in checking stu- dents' schedules in the express line. B0'1'l'0M LEFT: Mrs. Faye Cereda . 2 as 206 SELF-SCHEDULING .TOR N i' and Mrs. Joanne Eastwood sort com- pleted com uter cards by class and sex. CEN IRR: Ironing out roblems .. was Mr. Ron Barney's 'ogduring - . registration. Here he checks com- ' Q Enter printouts for errors. FAR EFT: Hank Beniot and Warren Granhiet their registration cards from rs. Dawn Raap and Mrs. Jean Jones. Mrs. Joan Coy and Mrs. June Leadam wait to assist others. -- eg: 1 tQ.''.,.fi::.1a:,:--.s , X- , i V Q 3 ,x Q. si ' xg f .7 is 1 i I 9 'J 1, A I .Q 5 H 3. A W, 1 is , 3 R S YF lk 1' Q 43 .' 3 L ff - ls '- f V 'E 1 -'F li, I . Q, . N, M.-,1 , W ' , QW' lx 3- e n t - sf -J "W 52 Mx is - if . ,.,, i ' G .- m .-'.. I if I :'i' - , ,QQIJQL I neale . ..': , ,.,., - N . it "'ax.1s1ss, ,- fs, V. " :': 'f ff ' eai c . aaa. ' J 4'4'fvw e , :iff at , - - 1 f ":' 1 as.. - ' . Ji'i -. -- t J.ila N .... . x I . Students get to make new decisions Pi 1-la Il i A After 11 years of having a computer choose their teachers and periods for them, students finally got a chance to make their own decision about scheduling. For the students, self-registration con- sisted of appearing at the high school dur- ing the week of August 27-31. Each appointment time was picked by random by the counselors. When students appeared at the high school, they found large boards set up on the quad which indicated classes that had been closed. With a preliminary schedule in hand the student got in line to see his coun- selor. The student s counselor approved his schedule, and gave help that was needed. Each student then moved on to pick up the computer card necessary for his class. This procedure was repeated in January for second semester scheduling, with a few changes. The center of operations was moved from the cafeteria to the library, and each student registered during his P.E. period. For the counselors self-registration meant a lot more work. "Overwhelming student approval, however, made it all worthwhile,' observed Mr. J im Robillard, Head Counselor. SELF-SCHEDULING 207 People make TOH a better place to be S if fi ya TOP LEFT: Office secretaries. SEATED: Pat Romans, Jean Jones, Neil Gardner, Mary Pine ar, Joan Coy. STANDING: Dawn Raap, Phyllis Nfad- sen, Sammie Bennett, Joan Eastwood, Jean Chap- man. TOP CENTER: Liz Hice, locker room attendant. TOP RIGHT: Brad Jones, locker room attendant. TOP CENTER RIGHT: Cafeteria Staff. FRONT ROW: Mariaret Cowart, Tessie Boyart, Edna Reed, Neva ate, Daphne Frost, Hazel Lehmkuhl. BACK ROW: Ester Micthell, Doris Thomas, Eula Jones, Bernice Rasey, Dorothy Hopkins. FAR RIGHT: Maintenance Crew: Vem Darby, J. R. Phillxs, Vern Conklin, Chet Tait, Richard Hibbson. OTTOM CENTER RIGHT: Pat Romans. BOTTOM RIGHT: Fa e Cereda. BOTTOM CENTER: Bud Rankin, Librarian. BOTTOM LEFT: Mar Fox, Nurse. BOTTOM CENTER LEFT: Jean Janes. BOTTOM CEN'I'ER CENTER: Sherry Brannen. TOP CENTER CEN- TER: Mary . TOP CENTER LEFT: Rose- marrlyl-Ames. F FAR LEFT: Gil Speckles. FAR LE : Nell Gardner, Principal's secretary. 208 SERVICES 1 ' ,L ...,, .1 D2 , ,,V in Z ..,,. 5 . E ik QF.. , ,, ,,,k.,, Vrr ' , W , Care of a high school campus and 3,000 students is a large responsibility, but for the classified help it is a l in a day's work. Keeping the floors clean, the grounds lit- ter-free and the grass growing are among the vital jobs that fill the days of the main- tenance crew. Secretaries are daily faced with the upkeep of records, files and attendance lists. Meeting students during the daily routine of filling out re-admits, a rapport grew between the two, despite long lines. Quiet in the library gave students a chance to escape from the noise that is inevitable created when surrounded by people. In the nurse's office Mrs. Mary Fox offered s mpathy and attention for minor aches andy pains. Lines of direct communication were opened between the cafeteria workers and students when the head dietician answered requests for more student control over the menu. ASB officers were given examples of several menus and asked for their recom- mendations on them. In another example of cooperation the student government tested several t es of hamburger to deter- mine which shoiiljd be served at lunch. -of SERVICES Sequential writing program developed So that a student can be assured of hav- ing the skills he needs for college writing the En lish department developed a stand- ardizef? se uential writing program. Since most TOHQS students go on to college, it was felt necessary to give students this background in writing a paper logically. In the new program a progression occurs. Freshmen study sentences and par- agraphs, and how to arrange them cor- rectly. As sophomores,students work with presenting thoughts logically in compos- ltions. Juniors have term papers to wrestle with, while seniors in English 12 and 4 pol- ish the finer points of English grammar and structure. Teaching senior classes was Mrs. Jean Ferguson who returned to TOHS after a year in England. Several new teachers joined the English department: Mrs. Maxine Sokoloff, teach- ingfuniors and freshmen, Mrs. Jeanne Bar and, teaching juniors, and Jerrold Morris, who is shared by the English and Social Science departments, teaching soph- omores. Literature of the Bible, taught by Mr. Gary Coffman, was the only new course introduced to the English department. ll . I 15 --f -H " ' N. wr 22 4 . gf N N s I I ,,,, ,gin 5, , ki ' 'V ef ' - i I .li '13 Si ei ' 1 . . i nf 210 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT L,-A g AX V Am- wnh' lk A A V l,, -wil 4. ...fuvf.a-v- , l l l . l ar ' -f " AS wr is 1 J Q, I ., iii l.,, R' 5 if J flu TOP RIGHT CENTER: While in Journalistic Design, Janet Brehe is amused by the copy she is reading. BOTTOM CENTER: Wendy Brown ges- tures shock upon learning she has turned in the wrcizng asslignment to Mr, Bill Grimes. BOTTOM LE CE TER: Errors in the copy keeps edito- rial editor Todd Goodman bus during late ni ht work on the FreeLancer. FAR, BOTTOM LEITT: Fully illustrated, a report on advertising receives the scrutiny of Mrs. Jean Ferguson, TOP LEFT: Soaring above Mr. Bill Csellak's room 60 is a large red letter A erected by Dan Griffin and Dan Jacobsen as their Scarlet Letter project. Charles Andrews Karen Brazas Gary Coffman Bill Csellak Jean Ferguson William Grimes Marvin J effris Elizabeth Kimball Ron Loewe Nancy Mains Janet McHarque Peggy Meyer Jerrold Morris James O'Brien Clair O'Hara Robert Raupp Julia Rose Maxine Sokoloff fy JJ My ENGLISH DEPARTME ll New extension of IPS delves into energy 'T.'-' Connex . -5.5- veg M X...-v' Howard Brody 'enn or ' Keith Chartier ixihee Q3 Lois Conrad S, W ' il ' X Marc Forman 32 S iv X. Joel Galanda Don Goetzinger 'Ronald Hedin Maurice Price Aron Rempel Sydney Renwick Janet Wood Bill Wucherpfennig s 212 SCIENCE DEPARTMENT T! 4 1 x K Ir, xi ' 'e 5,'- -. "Extracurricular trips are just the icing: you can survive on the meat and potatoes." said Mr. Keith Chartier in commenting on the lack of field trips for the Science department. This was caused by the energy crunch which has hurt all departments. Increasing their "meat and potatoes" offerings, the Science department added two new classes: Physical Sciences II and Advanced Biology. Physical Sciences II is the sequel to Introductory Physical Science QIPSD and is a college preparatory class for students who don't want to take Chemistry and Physics. Advanced Biology offers another alternative to Chemistry. To hel with the added load, the depart- . ment addled two new teachers, Mr. Stanley A . , Renwick and Mr. Marc Forman. ' A A s r M 'L lm A 'f sfi 'Y . . . 5' tl ' , "' A N P . A . . .1 A LEFT END: Mrs. Janet Wood fields ues- tions from her chemistry class. LEFT CEN- TER: As Carlos Galan prepares solutions for an experiment, Darra le Prosser listens for instructions. TOP RICHT: The proper- ties of static electricity occupy the atten- tions of Christy Weyman and Doug Cryer. RIGHT END: Safety goggles are impor- tant, explains Mr. Howard Brody to Nita Howard. BOTTOM RIGHT CEN ER: Kim King and Cheryl Nelson watch the effects of heating on a sample of sulfur. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT yr f-.. Xf lv f K. T 5 W gk 1 Ag Q fb Lar Best S S- 1 .1 ,Y Y Mark Brenizer ' Lk sw I K 4,I Franclne Buss N f 3 or. Bernard Dain ff' H Susan Gordon Judith Hendrix Fred Hoffman o EMS? A Karen Humphrey Leila Hyman Ronald Lucas George Peraza Dona Robb Robert Wiles are aw- 214 FINE ARTS, FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENTS Q., .M l l 'S-....r , .. ' , --wg., - Students Press For Improvements Encouraging student talent was the main goal for the Art department. To help achieve this, an old course Commercial Art was revived. This course deals with design- ing, drawing and painting for advertising and publications. Proving an active arm of the depart- ment, the Art Club lead the battle in pro- curing an Ignatio printing press for use by the de artment. Addling a photography class was another big goal for the department and led to many problems in obtaining equipment and sapace. Their attempts were often ham- pere b red tape. Marcliing and performing at numerous half-time shows occupied the band. In the spring both the band and choir were involved in many concerts. Training in the various aspects of music, accompanied par- ticgpation. ongfests and banquets were among the opportunities offered by the Foreign Lan- guage department. German students par- ticipated m an Oktoberfest at CLC. Learn- ing Sganish foods was the object of the feast panish students took part in. Names and descriptions of the foods were given in Spanish. 2 9 TOP RIGHT: Karen Hartley concentrates on getting the right tone on her :olor composition. BOTTOM RIGHT END: Shar scissors aid Tina Orlan- kiier in making her relief painting. BOTTOM RFGHT CENTER: Margie ansen and Mrs. Susan Gordon prepare entries for the art contest. BOT- TOM LEFT: Kevin Burger starts at the beginning with elementary trac ings. TOP LEFT: Josie Taylor listens while teacher does grammar exer cise on board. FINE ARTS, FOREIGN LANGUAGE Salable skills brighten job prospects mwnwsvrwlvl wll-X '155 Larry Abramson Edwin Canton Linda DeGenova Norma Farrant James Feller Vernon Friesen Norman Giangreoo James Hansen Rachelle Hogue Karen Hughes Walter Johnson Linda Nolan Bruce Olander Robert Palmer Janet Parker Lenon Parker Frank Perry Gary Rubida Robert Waite Carol Welsh VOCATIONAL ARTS DEPARTMENT JN ,,, A -.. ,f,i E311 -E! TOP LEFI' END: While her class takes a test, Mrs. Jane Rudd keeps a steady watch. TOP CENTER: keep- ing a seam straight occupies Joe Kel- ler in Senior Home Ec. TOP RIGHT CENTER: A hot stove keeps Colleen Hall and Peggy Posenke busy while Mrs. Maril n'Rebd offers advise. TOP RIGHT END: A Fridcn adding machine allows complex accounts to make sense for Cynthia Rodriguez. BOTTOM RIGHT: Freeform candle stick takes shape under the hands of Bill Wheeler in metal shop. ..t I . . The Industrial Arts department serves f f at -..a-its what many consider to be the true purpose of education, the preparation of students for life past graduation. Not only rovid- ing the opportunity to learn manual, skills, the program also offered instruction in such abstract ideas as marriage and mone management. This was presented through courses such as Secretarial Practice, Senior Homemaking, Data Processing and Elec- tricity I and II. In Home Economics students learned such skills as cooking and sewing as Well as studying an overall view of family life. Architecture, Woodworking and cabinet making were offered by the Vocational Arts de artment among other classes. In metal sliiiops students could learn to weld, for e, and cast, and other such skills. Sgtandard typing classes were very popu- lar and filled out many students' programs. Those interested in makin a career in the business world were abge to take such classes as Shorthand and Accounting. VOCATIONAL ARTS DEPARTMENT c,,d"T' Q-fu' MIM Coed PE expands gif fy! My to include Scuba, Softbal if AMX E 1 fi Mildred Andress 1 Judy Bennis gt 5' ' 'ffl lb' f .1 Robert Elliott Lois Kisano Jennie Lyle Robert Musella Jessica Perry Charles Potts www Qgfiiih aiyfdsiff f William Shaw Ron Stillwell Larry Stonebraker 3x 218 PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT -a, ,,quvW'if' " ' , wr 7 QM ,,,, K f"l-'.- 'Q F7 f- " ' ,ff y , .,,.. . Jw' W if ' r , gm, I ,W ax ,iG5j,::, l 1 ' .. xi, ' 'f ' '.xg1,. :mg ' XX TOP RIGHT: First period seniors kee the volleyball in the a as the sunrises in December. FAR RIGQIT: Debbie Long oonoe trates on her balance beam routine as Jo ce Caira reads to h the moves she must make. BOTTOM RIEHT: Finishing on SCUBA occupies Tracy Taylor on the quad at lunc . TOM LEFT: Breathing com ressed air for the first time J Youn ers stands in the dpooiylistenini for further instructio TOP LEFT: Lisa Ballar and Donna rancati attempt to k Lisa Webb from passing the basketball. A y l In the past, girls have always had a choice of activities to take while in PEg archery, gymnastics, even dance were among classes offered. Boys, however, had one teacher a semester and a set of predet- ermined activities with no choices offered. Now juniors and seniors are getting the opportunity to electives also. For each teaching period there are three classes offered - 2 smaller elective classes like water polo, tennis or cyclin and one mass activity like baseball or football. Seniors get first choice at the electives while Luniors are allowed to fill the rest of availa le openings. Both sexes joined in the coeducational PE program which was ex anded this year. Not only was volleyballpoffered but also softball, badminton and scuba. This was the first year that scuba was offered at all at TOHS. In the coeduca- tional classes students learned the basics of skindiving and scuba safety. Though cer- tification was not offered at the high school, students could continue their les- sons privately and become certified. Sf ' ' .I ' PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT 'X Y' 2 if A 219 With the exception of one new depart- ment head, the Social Science department remained in a steady state, continuing to study the past and present of mankind. Replacing Mr. Bill Manzer as depart- ment head, Mr. John Pearson continued his duties of teaching Culture Studies in addi- tion to taking on the new responsibilities of de artment head. lliflan and himself, man and other men, and man in history, were some of the topics that occupied students in the department. These studies took students various places. The government classes went to a traffic court in Van Nuys, to study the American system of justice first hand. Mr. Keith Wil- son, instructor of Humanities, took his stu- dents to downtown LA where they were able to observe various aspects of people in a massive city. Two new teachers were added to the department: Mr. Steve Myerchin began teaching U. S. History, while Mr. Carroll Holly tau ht Black Studies. Mr. Holly also instructec? his students in California His- tory. TOP LEFT: Anxiety and its relation to reg-ression is the to ic as Mr. Orville Rees lectures to his psychology c ass. FAR RIGI-YF: Bill Donaldson learnes from another student the night's homework. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Don Shotliff answers questions about the ycoming final exams. BOVITOM LEFT: Prlsiparing for a quiz, Bill ewman studies his notes. FAR LEFT: r. Keith Wilson and Kristina Shosted enjoy some mild kidding before class begins. 220 SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Vlankind comes under students' critical gaze f ,f ' ,,,.. , 7 wc , ,,t,, 1, ,wr ' 3 wif , 2 i , ,A, if F1 E, taia H5 William Berg Lyhm-gr JT WM Cl flemuwff h4'Vlhj yovfn CAMS, P631 JVC NPL WFWIQ ffffkkzfjll-U lf Awe' f'V-'fl1'1J- 5ari7LaF Z-fc?-4 ffl WWW rifle yfm 'rf Z0 fl!! George Contreras Rodney Fujita Richard Hanger Carroll Holly Joe Howell Bill Manzer James Martin Steven Myerchin Emmett Nolan John Pearson Victor Pisciotta Gus Rees Gregory Ropes Don Shotliff Norman Tatlock Robert Thompson Nick Vrakelos Susan Williams Keith Wilson -1 , W -fftrgziarwwmv , , ' ..,. " ., , ' ' """' ' fr ,, ' w.1x-11241.-nt, f wa ..,,,, 5 .,,.. fiery, ff-Eff 't:f7"' 'V' 14"- 'ei' K .Billie ,V QQ , fa Kwan 1 ,3ri2,,,m,,i,, ,, , s f C . , ,,., N-e,i15.m,,1, NM I 'v f ,V f,'z:fe,W1 +4 2 ,g 5 x 1 rm ' SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT 221 Beverly Bockhaus Wayne Boyer Ann Daniel John Hanson Esay Hellerstein Norman Johnston Sarkis Keochekian J acquelyn McCan Dale Owens Stanley Paumer Verne Powell Kim Rettig Robert Richards Osefa Shippey Gary Talbot Manuel Valdez TOP RIGHT: Donna Brancati concentrates on understanding the principle of inductive logic. FAR RIGHT: During free time near the end o the period, Julie Wood works on a homework assi ment. BOTTOM RIGHT: Teaching as the highest level of high school math, Kim Rettig deomonstrates the functions of ca culus. CENTE RIGHT: Eileen Jennin Nfmuts to practice the methods dis- cussed in her Algebra class earlier. B0'l'I'5s LEI"l': Mrs. Jackie McCaInEiowi:'s over fractions and their decimal uivalents in the Math 9 class. FAR : Gkitlting ready to solve a problemf? une Smock searches for graph paper in her s. 222 MATH DEPARTMENT FL- 1 was i , "?' A we A S m ii x 'in 'T Math reaches beyond high school level Curricula for the Math department reached beyond the high school level at both ends of its spectrum. It extended from elementar arithmetic to college level calculus. gtudents were able to achieve at many levels. At the highest level students were able to achieve college credit Calculus and advance placement tests. To aid with increased enrollment the department added several teachers. New at TOHS was Mr. Manuel Valdez who taught geometry and Math 9. Also new but shared with the social studies department was Mr. Marc Forman. Mrs. Norma Far- rant was borrowed from the business edu- cation department to help in teaching Math 9. In January, Math teachers of the soon- to-become Conejo Valley Unified School District gathered to discuss standardizing their programs and the implementation of the metric system. f f-'mam , .,- , . 5 MATH DEPARTMENT I ri an W 7 sf 2 l- lp F n Q V 3 Z. se QZ H565 Organizations ORGANIZATIONS Students to have voice in new distric' Presided over by ASB President Jim Griffin, Stu- dent Government continued to pursue its goals of meetinfg the needs of the student. William Berg replace Mr. Curt Luft as advisor, and with his guid- ance, members of the class gained valuable training in leadership skills. Homecoming was given a new dimension when the ASB presented an "Academy Awards" assembly to the student body. Delivering Christmas gifts and cards sent from students to their friends was the ASB "Santa Claus." In the same manner, carnations were sold and delivered for Valentine's Day. Newbury Park was the participating high school in the annual student exchan e which was held in Janu- ary. Visiting members of time NPHS student govern- ment were paired up with their TOHS counterparts. Dr. Wayne Butterbau h, superintendent of the newly formed Conejo Valiy Unified School District, made a guest speakin appearance. Showing sincere concern in students' icieas and opinions in the forma- tion of district policies, Dr. Butterbau h requested both high schools together to set up an ogicial mecha- nism representing the student faction at all school board meetings, held twice monthl . Following a luncheon, the students engaged in a two hour discussion, planning the duties for the repre- sentatives to be chosen. It was decided to schedule a meeting, open to all students of both area high schools, to discuss further the selecting of board meet- ing representatives and some pertinent topics for re orm in the new district. Introducing the policy of ASB elections for each semester, apathy was widespread. Out of a student body of approximately 3000, eight students flocked to cast their votes for a slate of unopposed candidates. 226 STUDENT GOVERNMENT . ,' 4f is awww TOP LEFT CORNER: Student Government. Front row: Lora Baworouski, Gina Landau, Dave Palmer, Charlotte Morrow, Elin Hekhuisg Back row: Lori Stringer, Laron Whitson, Connie Louie, Debbie Brown, Greg D'Haenens, Debbi Mortensen, Jim Griffin, Kim VonRader, Karen Eis- wald, Sandy Wilson, Bob Alton, Valerie Meyers. TOP CEN- TER: Debbie Mortensen and Laron Whitson listen intently to new business proposals. RIGHT CORNER: Val Meyers voices a serious opion on revising the constitution. BOTTOM CENTER: Student Court. Front row: Mitchell Gurule, Linda Pollack: Row 2: Scott Smith, Mark Rafteryg Row 3: Fred Drake, Ray Reynoldsg Back row: Eric Wheeler. BOTTOM LEFT: Debbie Brown focuses her attention on a discussion of policies in the new district. 'Rf' STUDENT GOVERNMENT is First night rall held Spreading spirit among the student body for all sports, the Rally Club continued to fight student apathy. During football season, rallies were staged by the club for every home game. Rallies took place, both in the gym and on the quad during lunches. They consisted of skits and cheers in which club members, the pep squad, and football players participated. Themes were different and entertaining for each rally, for the TO vs. NP game, the club presented a rally for the spirit of the "Fifties', while another time the songleaders presented a Charlie Chaplin routine. For the first time in TOHS's history, a night rally was held. Additional services for the football team included baking cookies and serving the team with hot chocolate after home games, decorating the field house on Fridays, and forming rooters sections at the games. Preceding the Newbury Park game, club members hung banners on players' garages, urg- ing them to beat their cross town rivals. Though football season was the busiest time of the year for the Rally Club, members also supported other athletic teams. Every Tuesday they baked for the wrestling team, and also did some baking for the swim team. Rallies were scheduled to promote spirit for the basketball team, bring- ing the Lettermen's Club into the rooting section. Baseball rallies were also held, another first for the club. Lori Stringer, club president, in addition to ASB Commis- sioner of Spirit and a 4-year member of Rally Club, expressed her feelings about the club. "I enjoy the Rally Club because I've met a lot of different people through our activities. I had fun at the games, cheering and trying to get people excited. Our main goal was getting people spirited, and it was a pretty good year for spirit. We really do have more spirit here at TOHS than most schools. I think the guys on the teams really appreciated our efforts, and most important of all, the coaches were great! They were so help- ful and cooperative, and a pleasure to work with." While the TOHS basketball team has been aided in the past by girls who helped keep team records and statistics, this was the first year that the girls bonded together to form the Statisicians Club. Club president Terri Haskell said this about their first year, "Since this was our first year as a club, we were very unorganized, but the girls kept together and helped things along. We tried to make some money, but people weren't interested in what Stats were. It was a rough year, but hopefully next year will be better." 228 RALLY CLUB, STATISTICIANS W W1 is., .,.. - 'i--ml F -X . W ' .,. N .1 . . sa . we ,, E i i -sw my N, M- :.'+f':hE: EvrQEEi1.rigw 'es fy-::k.: syfwii 5221211122-1 ' " gms ss .: S -,wx ,ss - -'-- mari. - i. iii si . ..... f ' -. ,... ,.. ..,.. X gp., W, -..M 1 - ,... 1 - ' "'-" 1. ,. . 2- ' ui fe- K .. ,.,. . . f ' ' " 'r-- I .. . . -.. .. G,-a.,,..,.,,,,,f, -f--- . .-,. . . H 1 ' fev er.. , -igw,,,,,.i , . . ,.....,... .,.,,. 1 .,,.. gg, Eiiwr-g,,, ' te" - 5 M. ..., ,.. . K ' 'rii "" 1 Viriilii 1 l 'a ,yn x I . , Y ' T 2 I t L 4 ,i we . 1 A r , TOP LEFT: Dan Palmer attemgits to adjust himself to his tricycle during the Fifties rally. OP MIDDLE: Terrie Has- kell grows tense as the action heightens during the final uarter of the TO vs. Royal basketball game. TOP RIGHT: gtatisticians Club: Front row: Roberta Alverado, Gail Groff, Linda Pollack, Kim Avery, Terrie Haskell, Colleen Hall, Cindy Birrell. Back row: Debbie Hahn, Mary Rodriquez, LeeAnne Armstron , Laurie Waggoner, Pearl Mowes. BOT- TOM LEFT: Rally Club. Front row: Barbara Byrnes, Kathy Tem kin, Donna Brancati, Josie Smith, Diedre Miranda, Randi Medvedev, Cindy Powers, Renae Ahlness, Mike War- field, Angelique Miranda. Row 2: Becky Garske, Sheri Puiser, Dottie Stroebe, Lori Stringer, Jami Russell, Diane Birnbaumer, Judy Thomas, Pam Linder. Row 3: Gina Lan- dau, Cindy Woy, Julie Weyman, Annette Jorgenson, Kari Armmellini. Back row: Mary Mustard, Nancy Agulia, Karen Eiswald, Tracy Brown, Shelly Lawrence, Cory Blakemore, Patrice Bennett, Jody Pfau, Debbie Linder, Mrs, Jane Rudd, Miss Carol Welsh. BOTTOM RIGHT: At the TO vs. Simi game, Pearl Mowes checks her statistics sheets as spectator ave Moore watched the half-time entertainment. RALLY CLUB, STATISTICIANS 229 Energy crisis fails to hinder club activities Hitting California Scholarship Federation CCSFJ quite hard this year, the energy crisis cast doubts on the possibility of their annual field trip. Bus tranipor- tation was cut back drastically in the area of ield trips due to the fuel shortage. Active on cam us and in community affairs, CSF members sold cofrfee and ribbons for the CSF scholar- ship fund at the annual Back-to-School night in Octo- ber. Volunteers from the club sold concessions at the TO vs. Newbury Park football and basketball games. CSF acquired a new advisor, Mr. Robert Thompson, who joined Mr. John Pearson in supervising the club. Several new members also qualified to belong to CSF by obtaining at least three A's and a B per semester. The meetings, which took place during activity periods, became quite crowded, while officers and members discussed future activities and learned about schools offering CSF scholarships. "We aren't the most social club in the world," stated Sue Black, CSF secretary, "but membership looks very good on your record. It's very helpful to seniors, in that it supplies invaluable information on a plying for and obtaining scholarships. We are given tllie complete rundown on college academic tests.' Cathy Benney, CSF president, spoke on the purpose of the club. "It's mainly a club for helpin the student obtain scholarships. We had a speaker who was a for- mer counselor come in to discuss with seniors espe- cially about future plans and colle e. Later in the year, we had an annual meeting of CSF officers in the area to vote on new things they want to see accom- plished, and to discuss the future of CSF." Future Teachers of America CFTAJ, also concerning itself with learning, enabled its members to gain valu- able experience in preparing for a career in the field of education. Besides a sucker sale, a banquet, and their annual Valentine's Day party, the club's major undertaking of the year was its two teaching days, one each semester. Of FTA activities, president Cheryl Koontz explained, "FTA has one teaching day a semester, on which club members are allowed to choose an elemen- tary school to visit, providing that permission is granted by the schools principal and the teacher of the class to be observed. "Classroom experiences are phenomenal. A visitor often learns more than the students. In many cases, the teacher lets the visitor have complete control over the class. This not only enables the teacher to have a rest, but also provides club members a chance to exer- cise their own ideas in teaching. "Each of the teaching days are inspiring to FTA club members, and they are urged to visit different teachers and schools each time. Students are not only exposed to various methods of instruction, but also are introduced to individuals who may provide refer- ences for them in the future." 230 CSF, FTA 'R' -'sF":+ Z' 'Tl it't . An f . l T v ffl aniafet l Q ' .Q L- 1 i 1 fel Q! TOP LEFT: Mr. John Pearson explains why the CSF field trip may be cancelled due to the gas shortage. TOP RIGHT: Future Teachers of America. Front row: Krist- ina Shosted, Patti Marvin, Susan Barton, Terri Evens. Back row: Cathy Goodwin, Anne Sjoberg, Cheryl Ann Koontz, Elizabeth Gallacher, Jeanne Brockschmitt, Krista Loureiro, David Dingman, Eric Wheeler, Sheri Wood, Mrs. Leila Hyman. BOTTOM LEFT: Cheryl Koontz gains teaching experience by helping students at Wildwood School. BOTTOM RIGHT: California Scholar- ship Federation. Front row: Dan Register, Mark Nuss- meier, Jim Griffin, Brian Zaidman, Mr. Robert Thomp- son, Leslie Skinner, Manta Lawler, Cindy Cooper. Row 2: Renee Scuria, Glen Granholm, Don Kopriva, Jim Taylor, Bill Lyons, Debbie Sheets, Tracey Taylor, Mary Russell, Brenda Wells, Susan Hendricksen, Dana Baker, Bev Bruschi, Lisa White, Sue Hinchee. Back row: Judy Thomas, Diane Birnbaumer, Amy Wharmby, Sue Black, Karen Figura, Denise Rozelle, Liz Curby, Gail Schulman, Lisa Widero, Jill Meyer, Lynn Foerester. CSF, FTA , Student Store provides haven for browsers School supplies, decals, sweatshirts, and, according to its staff, a fine selection of current aperback books were found on the shelves of the Student Store. Students who were caught in a bind withdut roper study materials had their urgent needs fulfilled by the services of the store, where all profits went to the ASB fund. Some students also found that it was a warm, dry place to be when it was raining outside. Serving the community and helping others was the goal of the Girls' Service Club. Activities included assisting in putting on a fashion show, and distribut- ing programs for Back-to-School night. Girls also vol- unteered to bake cookies for basketball players dur- ing a home tourney and served refreshments for the Backwards Dance. aid hs,.J 'L' 232 STUDENT STORE, GIRLS' SERVICE CLUB TOP LEFT: Mrs. Jan Parker supervises Student Store pro- cedures durin her coffee break. TOP RIGHT: Scott Smith discusses the Student Store's collection of paperback books. BOTTOM LEFT: Girls' Service Club. Front row: Terry Pay- son, Julie Leffler, Kari Armellini, Casey Jackson, alerie Sitzler, Lorainne Taylor. Row 2: Shelley Holt, Mrs. Marilyn Rebd, Pam Ahlstedt, Barbara Byrnes, Renae Ahlness, Karen Eiswald, Wendy Pederson, Judy Allen, Janet Wolf, Kathy Votel. Back row: Miss Rachel Hogue, Miss Linda Nolan, Julie West, Pop y Moore, Valerie Erne, Susan Bleaklexi Dana Pennywelll, Holly Ray, Debbie Grossi, BOTTO RIGHT: Lori Ketchum looks over Student Store merchan- dise during her lunch period. STUDENT STORE 233 I want to thank teachers and stu- dents for the great year I have had here at Thousand Oaks High School. Most important, I have made a lot of new friends, but this year also has given me the opportunity to see more of the world and and to learn more of the world and to learn more of your language. It has been a great experi- ence for me." Andreas Aase TOP LEFT: Andreas Aase, exchange student from Ger- many, looks for his new found acquaintances on campus. TOP RIGHT: Jimmy Vela takes art in a conversation con- cerning cultural differences. BSTTOM LEFT: American Field Service. Front row: Aileen Fish, Debbie Neustadt, Diane Birnbaumer, Elisabeth Ehrhard, Gail Schulman, Den- ise Rozell. Row 2: Linda Pollack, Denise Miller, Jim Griffin, Poppy Moore, Jasmine Machado. Back row: Cass Wrenn, Simone Erman, Pattxy Roper, John Sigora, Russ McBrien, Dave Dolnick, Eric heeler, Becky Harrison, Susan Good- man. BOTTOM RIGHT: AFS president, Debbie Neustadt, shares with club members her experiences at the AFS con- ference. "I was very delighted when YFU accepted me as a foreign exchange student. My goals were to get to know your people, customs, society, and language. Both teachers and stu- dents have made my dreams come true. I really have enjo ed this year, liv- ing with the most beautiful family. The life is different in all its aspects. The U.S. is the largest country, and the architecture is different, as well as the food, the school, and the peo- p e. I remember before I came here, a friend said to me, 'nobody will try to help you. They don't know about other people's problems' Now I see how wrong m friend was. All the people that I lliave learned to know ere are really nice, and were all friendly with me. I have had many adventures here, all very nice. Now I go back to my countr with a very good impression of the Xmeri- cans. I will remember this year as one of the best episodes of my life. 234 AFS Jimmy Vela ww., J ,W 'f ,A Wwe? ,qt QJ 5 , a 9 Q 'S "him, AFS conference bridges cultural gap Opening doors for students to discover foreign cul- tures and exchange friendship with young people in other countries, American Field Service CAFSD took part in a full calendar of events. In November, a coun- seling weekend was held for all of Ventura County's AFS members. During school days, exchange stu- dents from other schools in the county visited TOHS and observed student government and other classes. The annual AFS night at Disneyland was held in December. Tryouts for exchange students sponsored by Americans Abroad came in January, and Donna Burd was chosen as the TOHS candidate. Later in the year a weekend-long conference was set at Cal Poly, San Louis Obispo. Participating in this conference were exchange students, Americans Abroad condi- dates, AFS members, and others who were interested. . 1: . fc r, mfg! init Y lm., X AFS Word travels as communication prevails Among the more outspoken clubs on campus was the National Forensic League CNFLJ. TOHS is at the southernmost end of the regional league which con- sists of speech clubs from approximately 25 schools extending as far north as Santa Cruz. According to NFL Presdient Joe Zwers, the league offered the best competition ever, with a record num- ber of entrants competing in all categories, including debate, original oratory, and other individual events. In spleech comtpetition, the quality level had risen so muc that, sai Joe, "At the beginning of this ear we were competing at the same level as that which we were at the end of last year. Due to the fact that many seniors had graduated half-year or were on half-day schedules, and weren't able to s end as much time com eting as they usually would, the club was considerablly less expreienced, as a whole, in the beginning of the year. "But" added Joe, "we're doing better all the time. We have some promising talents coming up in the next coufple of years. We will also be finding at least a couple o representatives to the State Speech Tourna- ment in May." TOHS hosted its own speech tournament on March 8 and 9. "It was the finest in the league," Joe com- mented, "and the biggest in TOHS history." 236 NFL, AFS "When I first came here, I really had a hard time because of the lan- guage. Since I didn't know anything about your country, everything was new for me and seemed so strange, so I couldn't really appreciate it. Now, I know better. I have met a lot of school friends and I can fully enjoy my experience. I learned so much about myself and people in eral! To live the life of another try is a wonderful experience I never forget. I find American peol so friendly! I sincerely thank t' A.F.S. and everybody who helped 1 to come here and to adjust myself your way of life." Elisabeth Ehrha FAR LEFT: Elizabeth Ehrhard, AFS student from France, onders over her experiences during her year in America. TOP RIGHT: National Forensic League. Front row: Lisa Lysdal, Chuck Riggs, Tyler Morton, Robin Calvert, Mary Riches, Dave Crittenton. Adrienne Ferrante. Row 2: Vivi Mack, Jim Griffin, Diane Birnbaumer, Denise Rozell, Eliza- beth Ehrhard, Ceci Brown. Row 3: Ma Jose hson, Janet Curtis, Nancy Shotwell, Terri J edrasiak,Yisa Vjidero. Row 4: Liz Coursey, Cathy McGeever, Leona Simon, Suzanne Gurule. Row 5: Patty Bunder, Paul Poudrier. Row 6: Mrs. Estel, Mr. O'Hara. Back row: Joe Zwers. BOTTOM RIGHT: ASF student Francisco Salgado examines a picture while waiting to be photographed. "I'm really enjo 'n m stay in the United States. in tiinli that the United States is very big count ,has large cities and over-crowded slcliools. The students have less homework to do than we have in Boliviag thirteen subjects are required to be taken. You only have six. Thousand Oaks has a very nice countryside and all kinds of weather, mountains and beautiful flowers. The sun shines about all the time. The houses are built with the same type of architecture. In Bolivia all the houses look different. The cars are very large, but less expensive than over there. In Bolivia we wouldn't have room for that kind of cars. I think the fashions are almost the same thing. The food here is quite dif- ferent. We have four meals and we eat more in each one." Frank Salgado NFL, Ars 237 Band marches on, draws acclain :A i BAND +1 4: 9' Geneva, Switzerland, was the location of an inter- national music festival in which the TOHS marching band traveled to and participated in over the summer. Travelling for 15 days through central Europe as part of a concert and marching tour, the band also played concerts in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. Gifts were bestowed upon the band in many places includ- ing Geneva, Salzburg, and Piding, Germany. During the school year, drum majors Kirk Henning and Mark Pagenkopf each won honors at reviews as did the band. Top honors of all Ventura County bands were won in competition at Camarillo. In its first attempt at halftime show competition at Los Altos, the band took third place. I ...J 5 ,, , , Y ' in 4' 5 rrsrr -4 ai-I lrg ,Y l ' W -114. 11' s, -1 X - I 1 s Q A Ag..-1 TOP LEFT: Flag Corps. Terri Hawkins, leader: Sue Mar- riott, leader: Pam Rikalo, Cath Mehrens, Suzanne Gurule, Coreen Munn, Tami Poskavick, cicki Norton, Viki Bambur , Cheryl Parsons, Laurie Bruck, Bonnie Lee. TOP RIGHT: Kirk Henning, drum ma'or. BOTTOM LEFT: Mark Pagen- kopf, drum maigr. BOTTIOM RIGHT: Drill team. Front row: Lynn Sibbert, elly Bates. Row 2: Terri Trudsen, Lisa Mer- cier, Tami Proffer, Kathleen Higgins, Joyce Paulinski, Linda Barney, Brandy Watkins, Cathy heets, Debbie Carter. Row 3: Carol Weidenhammer, Pam Watkins, Cindy Hill, Alison McDermott, Barbara Butts, Myrna Smitherman, Gina Grillo, Brenda Borwn, Kim Ferren, Debbie Brock. 240 FLAG CORPS, BAND S 1 ' , . pf,,,,? A 9' ,f 4 '- .4 ,,rAkk 5 , , Q, 'L 'FL . iv., - W 5' N 5, L my we iw, if -V lik ' W, 9 it , Wil :E Drill team marches to new beat "Take out the old, put in the new" was the theme for the Marching Lancer Drill Team this year. Under the leadership of Captain Kell Bates, Lieutenant Lynn Sibbert, and advisor Miss Leah Regas, the 1973 74 Drill Team completed a very successful season. Marching in new uniforms with the band for halftime shows and parades, the Drill Team steadily improved their performance records and finished the season by placing third in the Los Altos Halftime Show Compe- tition and third in the Camarillo Christmas Parade. Reflecting on the drill's team's achievements and goals, Miss Re as commented, "The Drill Team enthusiastically imoks forward to next year, confident that it promises a larger corps, more extensive per- formances, and another winning season." sw' f'7. , Q ' p .Ji x 1 I I A uf 'Ji ill lliifgfi w5i 'R '5 fil l? fm DRILL TEAM 241 utlets for expression offered b arts, sciences Providing an outlet for students' creativity was the Art Club. Through their combined artistic efforts, members gained further exposure to the world of art, and performed many valuable services for the school. Serving school func- tions, members painted the Lancer Field, and produced pub- licity material for the Johnny Brown All Stars basketball game. A field trip to Barndale Museum was taken so that members could observe many examples of unusual and fine artwork. Inspired by new ideas and the goal of increased prod- uctivity, the club made plans for silk-screening T-shirts and banners and printing posters for sale. Commenting on progress made this year, Art Club presi- dent Margie Hansen said, "We have good ideas that need to get going, but time is a big problem. More people are involved this year than in the past. "We would like to buy a printing press for printmaking, and hope to sponsor a scholarship foundation for promising young artists at TOHS sometime in the future. We also plan to set up a college reference guide for potential artists," concluded Margie. More technologically, the Science Club's main achieve- ment of the year was to renovate the dormant greenhouse for individual research and experimental purposes. The greenhouse was also proposed to become a center for help- ing students with science-related projects. Club members worked to complete the renovation project after school and on weekends, financing their endeavor by selling leather keychains. Science buffs also started their own library, which con- tained many informative pamphlets, and took a field trip to the Museums of Science and Industry and Natural History. Three major performances, a competition between selected high schools of southern California, and perform- ing community service projects kept the Lancer Choir busy. Dealing with traditional songs usually connected with Christmas was the program on December 13, "It's Begin- ning to Look a Lot Like Christmas." For the Easter concert the t'Messiah" was performed with a chamber orchestra. Various solos were presented by the choir members throughout the oratorio. Music from the fifties, with their saddle shoes, bobby sox, and everything connected with that era was the theme of the spring show. High School choirs participating in the annual competi- tion with TOHS included Oxnard, Camarillo, Simi, Apple Valley, Buena, Sweetwater. Camarillo State Hospital was the scene of the Annual Christmas party, where the choir gave a small show and sing-along for the patients. Highlighting the year, new robes were purchased by the Lancer Choir. These new robes were the first for the choir since TOHS opened in 1962. Thirty girls who sing for fun as well as in a class are known as the Lancerettes. First semester activities con- sisted of caroling for senior citizens of Thousand Oaks dur- ing the week before Christmas vacation. For the public, a Christmas recital was presented. Serious hard work began second semester, when the Lan- cerettes prepared for the invitational glee club festival judged by music directors who were invited from this area. Competing glee clubs in the annual festival were La Reina High, Camarillo, Simi, and Royal Programs were staged by the Lancerettes at PTA meet- ings and other school festivals. Closing the year was a public spring concert in May. 242 CHOIR, SCIENCE CLUB J x . its'sta. f it l5,'g,,,,,,,,,,.. A 5, 2 dis' .. ' l Q iv. n A Jr i n l V tiff. gifts A. it: MIDDLE LEFT: Choir Members are: Tom Bennett, Bruce Bingham, John Jackson, Eric Niven, Mike Lynch, Bruce Minnich, Scott Smith, Erik Torgerson, C arles Arnold, Roy Zambrano, Steve Ballard, Cory Gusland, Jim Holmberg, Keith Zambrano, John Wrenn, Kevin McGeever, Gary Ward, Rainer Scholz, Erik Kindem, Andy Torchon, Tim Osslund, Susan Jackson, Bonnie Bennett, Carrie Fisher, Laura Ben- ney, Roberta Holmberg, Susan Benney, Anne Len- glois, Susan Hunt, Leslie Young, Christy McPherson, Cathy Benney, Harriet Britt, Lisa Lemm, Vickie Beall, Gail Schulman, Mar Ellen Fisher, Colleen Hall, Ann Bridges, Jeanette liiinnich, Mr. Wiles. TOP LEFT: Mr. Robert Wiles directs choir. TOP RIGHT: Art Club. Front row: Nan Truesdale, Barbara Hiede- mann, Joe Wencer. Row 2: Geroge Truesdale, Vivian King, Margie Hansen, Elena Coombs. Back row: Sue Nichols, Mrs. Susan Gordon. MIDDLE RIGHT: Lan- cerettes. Front row: Mr. Wiles. Row 2: Virginia McClintock, Madeline Conkling, Lisa Lemm, Jana Oswalt, Nancy Aldrich, Kim McMullen, Joann Emery, Terry Evans. Row 3: Joan Romano, Connie Decor- mier, Elisabeth Ehrhard, Carol Mantle, Ellen King, Sonja Davis, Mara Conlan, Linda Kuberek. Row 4: Monica Bielke, Joy Wendling, Dawn Badner, Colleen Thorsen, Catherine Keller, Debbie Neustadt, Pearl Mowes, Laura Widdows, Cathleen Perkins, Carolyn Fish, Diane Balma, Cheryl Koontz. BOTTDM RIGHT: Science Club. Front row: Steve Riches, Dwight Fujii, Laura Alton, Al Cole. Back row: Pete Newman, Ben Lee, Mrs. Wood. BOTTQM LEFT: Keith Mclaughlin sheepisly smiles after being caught playing with the lab equipment. ART CLUB, LANCERETTES, SCIENCE CLUB 243 Free Lancer strives for more student action Handling both the advertising sales and the cover- age of school activities, the staff of the FreeLancer was kept busy trying to make ends meet. Staff mem- bers worked hard towards a major goal of obtaining an IBM selectric composer, which sets copy and would dramatically cut the costs of publishing issues of the FreeLancer. Both TOHS and NPHS felt the financial pinch, thus limiting the number of issues to be printed. While Newbury Park came out with an eight page issue once a month, TOHS attempted to roduce a 4 page issue every two weeks. Magazine liormat was occasionally experimented with by the staff, but they encountered problems in fillin up and paying for the minimum of eight pages that this format re uired. Due to an inexperienced, yet liberal, hardl-working, and dedicated staff, according to advisor Bill Csellak the editorial page as well as the entire paper rose in caliber. More student action in the FreeLancer was a major goal of the staff. For the first time in a couple of years, the schools financial situation was disclosed and explained in an issue. "Controversial topics such as smoking on campus, and open campus were treated more realistically by the staff, than in past years," stated Jim Frohock, FreeLancer editor-in-chief. FREELANCER STAFF KN Y an J' B1 . A I . . Q bbvk N lk I I i y i P it XX X ,N , A in x a POP LEFT: Jim Frohock instructs Christina Valente on the 'undamentals of aste-ups. TOP RIGHT: Richie I-Ieimler elaborates on the fine points of journalism to Kurt Birchler. OTTOM LEFT: The FreeLancer staff. Front row: Richie eimler, Tom Strong. Row 2: Jim Frohock, Jeri Goodman, Jhristina Valente, Carl Monsalve, Mary Ann Barton, Lisa Itterback, Todd Goodman, Debbie Robinson, Kurt Birchler, leff Holmberg, Doug Girardin. BOTTOM CENTER: Kurt irchler discusses his opinion on an editorial he has written. OTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Bill Csellak okays an article by Jim frohock. FAR RIGHT: Mary Barton concentrates on typing lp a story for the FreeLancer. TOP LEFT: Lancer Legend Staff. Front row: Russ McBrien, Doug Wilson, Tom Wilmanns, Paul Fontana. Row two: Barb Ormsby, Elin Hekhuis, Diana Wallin, Terri Haskell, Jeanne Brown. Back row: Carlyn Dubreuil, Lill Odell, Debbie Rob- inson, Cind Birrell, Hilary Ort, Janet Brehe. TOP RIGHT: Barb Ormslsiy and Elin Hekhuis sort through pictures choos- in a propriate ones for their sections. MIDDLE LEFT: Mr. Bii Gsellak expalins what he would like photographed to Russ McBrien while Hilary Ort waits to be assisted. BOT- TOM LEFT: Editor-in-Cheif Cindy Birrell discusses with Carlyn Dubreuil and Diana Wallin ideas for the advertise- ment section. BOTTOM RIGHT: Lilly Odell, Senior Class Editor, takes a breather while Cindy Birrell, Editor-in-Chief, types copy during a late night. FAR RIGHT: Photographers adjust t eir equipment while advisor Bill Csellak feels the heat of the deadline. I f .ol an 'L+ -vX SL'R' 5 f if Lancer Legend seeks CSPPIS ccTrendsetter,' In 1972 the Lancer Legend was submitted for rat- ing to Columbia Scholastic Press Association CCSPAJ for the first time. Achieving a first place, CSPA's sec- ond highest award, the staff received many construc- tive comments. Implementing the suggestions received in the 1972 yearbook and introduc1ng'a few innovations of its own, the 1973 earbook staff improved in the eyes of SCPA to Medalist, its hi hest award. 1974's yearbook staff lias undertaken an even more difficult task - to achieve not only the Medalist Award, but the singularly distinctive honor of Trend- setter freserved for only "those Medalist books of unusual merit, those which are setting a trend in scho- lastic journalism" - CSPA "Yearbook Fundamen- tals"j. National School Yearbook Association QNSYAJ is yet another rating agency for yearbooks. NSYA's scoring system is composed of letter grades. For three consecutive years the Lancer Legend has received "A" ratings. The 1974 yearbook staff is striving to receive an "A + " rating, the zenith of NSYA's honors. . "f , LANCER LEGEND 247 TOP LEFT: Mrs. Fox does her crocheting while Drew Fer- guson listens to discussion at a meeting of Future Medical Leaders. TOP RIGHT: Louis Alvarado expresses his views on community health service, BOTTOM LEFT: Letterman's Club. Front row: Doug Metzger, J. C. Benedict, Tim Ahtye, Colin Randall, Jim Siemans, Dave Peterson. Row 2: Moi Ser- rano, Greg D'Haenans, Dan Palmer, Kirby Reed, Bob Orna- lez. Row 3: Cliff Valentino, Jay Ginther, Bill Conti, Gary Schoenberger, Bill Brown. Back row: Steve Murphy, Willard Thurston, Tony DeBruno, Greg Garee, Coach George Contr- eras. BOTTOM RIGHT: Kent Rowe gives an embarassed laugh because he forgot to shave his legs. Kg. lt W Strength,technology pave Way to future careers By selling programs at football and basketball games, in addition to controlling numerous concession sales, the Letterman's Club continued to assist the athletics department in its many projects and activi- ties. Funds were in short supply for nearly all school functions, and the athletic department felt the pinch as Well. Letterman's Club members raised money to fill the gap between what the athletics department needed and what it already had, purchasing equip- ment for wrestling and Weight lifting. Shoulder patches were paid for by the club and awarded to the Varsity football team for winning the league champi- onship. Long range goals include providing the funds for a flagpole to be placed on the football field. Clubs unite to sponsor activities By getting students involved in school activities and helping them build for a better future, Girls' League and Key Club were able to fulfill their pur- poses. In the fall, members of Girls' League attended the Girls' League Convention in Anaheim. School life and various problems experienced in schools through- out Southern California were discussed, as well as accomplishments of each school's chapter of Girls' League. Future plans for the league were also shared and debated upon.f Home at TOHS, the Girls' L83g'l1G,S major endeavor of the year was sponsoring its annual Backwards Dance at Christmas time. To raise money for the event, "Ye Royale Ball" the girls held a car wash. In addition, Girls' League joined the Key Club in two activities during the school year. Members played the female parts in the skit the two clubs presented for the Thousand Oaks Residential Care Home QTORCHJ, as well as lending their soprano voices to the Christmas carols. In the spring, both took part in sponsoring a masquerade dance, with all proceeds going to the heart fund. This was the first time a dance of this nature had ever been held at TOHS. Following a successful first year on campus in 1973, Key Club gained additional members and was one of the most active groups on campus. Originally founded in 1925 in Sacramento by the Kiwanis Club, the pur- pose of Key Club was to be a boys' service organiza- tion. Although Key Club is sponsored by the Kiwanis, it plans and executes its own activities and projects. Led y club president Dwight Fujii, and advisor Mr. Sarkis Keochekian, Key Club sponsored a Christmas rogram for the people at Thousand Oaks Residential ICare Home CTORCHJ. Carols were sung and a skit wastperformed. Other activities included washing Win ows in the student parking lot, aiding the Kiwanis in repairing an elderly woman's home, selling shamrocks for muscular dystrophy. In order to raise funds for their quad-beautification project, Key Club sold bike reflectors on the quad during lunch periods. 250 GIRLS' LEAGUE, KEY CLUB TOP LEFT: Ke Club. Front row: John Rymer, Mike Mears, Dwight Fujii, Erik Shaw, John Allison, Chris Burg, Mr. Sarkis Keochekian. Back row: Bryan Fujii, Mark Raftery, Dave Dingman, Eric Torgerson, Kurt Hartman, Dave Col- lett, Bob Alton, Mike Clark. TOP RIGHT: Dwight Fujii and Bob Alton attempt to persuade Mr. Dale Owens to sup ort their uad beautification program by buying a bike reiiec- tor. BCOTTOM LEFT: Renee Scuria escorts Doug Metzger, who was selected as King of the Backwards Dance. BOT- TOM RIGHT: Girls' League. Front row: Renee Scuria, Che- ryl DeNubilo, Valerie Sitzler, Jane Buchanan. Back row: Sue Petersi Poppy Moore, Kari Kindem, Donna Brancati, Tim Russe . GIRLS' LEAGUE, KEY CLUB 251 ,gk Q. .S- ..s, S, 1. .1 .X-- ..z1ffw.-sig n., , 1---zvsssxses ..-W.. wg-H,..f,,fm-fgiizilffliifgifiisiglfi,-1.1-, .W--z,,wz.s:z 1Q2'.f,w--:-w ss, Ma,1--Q,-ss'smsgfzgisxkfai.5 .-wg.1551--2.2115-gif--QQ--if,-wzgifz-is'sw si Q1gggf..ssz'.fa2R--wgM,lszggegxgggjg-1,-12115221121 .1S,ss1:w1.-ISLQ5. ,,.. ..----mg,fi,-W--f,..,-.,-fm.. ,,.., . - L-,f-f f U1W, kL',,, ,:m. , , ,, ,, :Uzxl xxL,b: 3 N MZL1gL1L,1,,A,,1F, L Zigl BACKWAR B S DANCE 80 31 Baminer, Bama 243 Bale: Tamazvawii Bmsbzrd Begsky 1.84 Baker, amercm 131 Y8aker,IE3anp. 119331 .gaigelgliilawn 32536 a eo Barry Bateman? Lynne 170 Balham SSi:cr4s1:4?1 -132 Bail, emse we Hall James 82,83 Halma, Meilissa 195,219 Hallam? 'Sieve 156 242 Q LQ 'K11lSYLSYAl Jh :EI 5 I Sif E 5 Alibi! 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' 1 1 ' i . ' ! 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1. 1 1 2 I S 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 : . 5 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 . 1 rown 1 1 . 1 2 1 1 1 1 . .1 1 .1 1 I 1 ' 1 1 ' J rum, Dave 109 5 1 . P . 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 g . 5 1 1 1 ' 1 . 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 I . 3 1 . 1 1 1 7 V E ' 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 . 1 I 1 I 1 7 Y 3 I 1 7 1 Q 1 1 7 I . 1 I . ' 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 I I 1 D 1 I Calvert, Robin 109, 237 Calvin, Betty Jo 157 Cameron, Douglas 67, 157 Camery, Brent 81, 158 Caminata, Tina 90, 185 Campbell, Christy 158 Campbell, Lynn 131 Campbell, Richard 131 Canales, Ray 158 Cancaro, Adria 186 Cannon, Don 158 Cannon, Laurel 109 Canton, Edwin 216 SFVSC - MA Capell, Jolene 158 Capp, Mike 171 Carmichael, Chris 171 Carmichael, Kathy 171 Carmichael, Mike 59, 158 Carpernter, Tom 171 Carter, Debbie 186, 240 Casey, Dan 62 Casey, Vincent 186 Caster, Tami 186 Castillo, Tracy 158 Caston, Lora 186 Ceci, Linda 172 Cecil, Colette 158 Cecil, Michele 131 Cedergreen, Richard 158 Cellar, Bill 86, 87, 172 Cereda, Faye 206, 209 Chabot, Diana 158 Chabot, Doug 186 Chabot, Linda 172 Challoner, Eric 186 Chamberlain, Karen 109 Chamberlain, Steve 158 Champion Dru 109 Chapman, Jean 208 Chapple, Richard 186 Charpentier, Kim 26, 27, 181 Charpentier, Scott 60 Chartier, Keith 212 University of Michigan - MA Chase, Ted 186 Chavez, Glenn 158 CHEERLEADERS JV 102 Varsity 101 CHOIR 242 Christensen, Amanda 172 Christensen, Mike 186 Christensen, Patricia 109 CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIES 32, 33 Ciaraglia, Dana . Clark, Cherie 158 Clark, Debbie 172 Clark, Jennifer 172 Clark, Kathy 186 Clark, Kenneth 158 Clark, Mike 109, 250,251 CLASS OFFICERS Cleland, Kevin 158 Cleland, Ron 172 Clevenger, Catherine 110, 112 Clotfelter, Tami 14, 172 Coane, Mike 172 Coane, Robert 110 Cochrnae, Rick 21, 81, 158 Cochran, Makr 158 Cochru n, Tim 172 Coffelt, Debbie 172 Coffey, Val 110 Coffman, Gary 211 UCSB - BA Cohen, Steve 70, 71, 158 Cole, Albert 158, 243 Cole, Julie 172 Cole, Kathy 110, 118 Coller, Amy Jo 186 Coller, Mary 110 Collett, Dave 4, 67 110, 224, 250, 251 Colliflower, Ray Rene 158 Collins, Jane 110 Collins, Terry 74, 172 Collins, Steve 158 Collins, Vic 76,172 Combos, Kim 186 Combs, Marc 110 Cominata, Tina 185 Comis, Kathy 96, 173 Commons, Judy 110 Cone, Kevin 86, 186 Conkling, Madeline 158, 243 Conlan, Leo 86 Conlan, Mara 172, 243 Conn, John 110 Conrad, Diana 110 Conrad, Don 172 Conrad, Donna 172 Conrad, Lois 212 Cornell University -Med. Conti, Jody 186 Conti, Bill 22, 32, 55, 59, 70, 71, 72, 82, 158, 248 Contreras, George 59, 218, 248 UCLA - MS Cook, Annette 185 Cooley, John 203 Trustee for 0.V.H.S.D. Coombs, Elena 110, 243 Cooper, Cindy 172,231 Cooper, Janet 92, 158 Cordes, Cathi 186 Cormier, Cimon 77, 85 Cormier, Dan 158 Corr, Suzanne 110 Corrigan, John 71, 70, 73, 158 Cortez, Jim 172 Costaigan, Denise 172 COUNSELORS 204, 205 Coursey, Elizabeth 237 Courtemanche, Craig 158 Covington, Donna 131 Covington, Ken 80 Cowart, Bobbi 172 Cox, Jeanne 186 Cox, Larry 81, 158 Coy, Joan 206, 208 Craft, Beth 158 Crane, Dan 81, 158 Crane, Joe 110 Crask, Tom 186 Crawford, Cheryl 185 Crecelieus, Cheryl 110 Creighton, Phyllis 110 Crier, Doug 213 Crise, Bruce 158 Crise, Dave 172 Crispin, Brian 172 Crittenton, Cindy 172 Crittenton, David 110, 119, 237, 269 Crosby Dr. Joseph 202 District Superintendent for O.U.H.S.D. Cross, Greg 60, 81, 180 Cross, Lee Ann 186 Cross, Suzanne 172 Crother, Paul Crough, Mark 172 Crow, Amy 110 Crow, Dave 172 Crow, Stephanie 186 Cryer, Curt 172 Cryer, Doug 110 Csellak, Bill 211, 244, 246, 247, Wilmington College - AB CSF 230, 231 Cudmundeon, Elaine Cunningham, Jill 173 Curby, Elizabeth 158, 231 Curby, Steve 110 Currie, Barry 60 Curry, Kathy 110 Curtis, Janet 111, 237 Curtis, Les 186 Curtis, Peggy 187 Curtis, Tracy 99, 173 Cushenberry, Marge-ne 158 D Dagle, Kip 158 Dahlberg, Carol 173 Dahlberg, Gary 158 Dahlberg, Patti 111 si Dam, Bernard 214 Univer ty of Bucharest - MA Dana, Robert 187 Daniel, Ann 222 SFVSC -- MA Darling, Jim 111 Davidson, Kevin 111 Davies, Robin 99, 173 Davies, John 111 Davis, Dave 80 Davis, K. C, 187 Davis, Sonja 158,243 Davis, Steve 64, 69, 173 De Bruno, Tony 64, 65, 173, 81, 248 De Buiser, Gary 158 De Buiser, Kriste 187 De Carlo, Marianne 187 INDEX De Cormier, Connie 99, 159, 243 De Coster, Reber 173 Dees, Jim 159 Dees, Ronald 173 De Genova, Linda 216UCSB - BA Degran, .lean 159 Degray, Kathy 187 Dejulio, Mike 159 Delaney, Cindy 159 Delaney, Sandy 111 Delano, Judy 173 Delano, Peter 159 Del Dosso, Mark 11 Deleon, Matt 111 Dell, Renee 187 Del Monaco, Rick 173 Demario, Bill 159 Dempsey, Michael 131 Denker, Dori 173 Dennies, Dan 159 Dennies, David 159 Dennison, William 173 Denublio, Antonia 187 Denublio, Cheryl 159, 224, 251 Deer, Dennis 173 De Spain, Forrest 82, 111 Deveau, Leonard Deveau, Sharon 111 Dew, Randy 187, 197 D'Haenens, Michele 24, 159 D'Haenens, Greg 33, 59, 111, 131, 226 D'Haenens, Teri 187 Dial, Lisa 159 Didio, Vince 173 Dietz, Cynthia 159 Dietz, Donn 111 Dietz, Julie 187 Dillallo, Lisa 111 Dilley, Brian 85 Dilley, Mark 111 Dillon, Bob 59,159 Dingman, David 111, 231, 250, 251 Dinkel, Craig 68 Diotte, Gale 173 Doak, James 173 Dodge, Mike 85 Dollman, Cathy 159 Dollman, Teri 111 Dolnick, David 131, 234 Dolnick, Janis 173 Domanski, Richard 66, 173 Deming, Tony 159 Donaldson, Denay 187 Donaldson, Ken 159 Donckels, Susanne 159 Donley, Don 59, 159 Dorrell, Will 62, 187 Dorrell, Cathy 159 Dorthalina, Alida 187 Dorthalina, Dan 159 Downey, Judy 111 Downey, Teri 159 Drake, Derek Leroy 66, 69, 187 Drake, Fred 59, 159, 226 Drake, Pamela 111 Draker, Miek 159 Draper, Jeff 111 Dresser, Bill 62 Dresser, Michelle 111 Drewe1'y,Johr1 159 DRILL TEAM 241 Driskill, Robin 159 Driskill, Sharon Duarte, Jean 173 Dubreull, Carlyn 94, 112, 246 Dubreuil, Mike 86 Dugan, Tim 159 Duleba, Cheryl 93, 159 Duncan, Rick 112 Du nkan, Tom 187 Dunn, Rebecca 173 Durand, Tim 173 Durand, Steve 64, 65, 80, 112 Duron, Rick 159 Burrell, Tor-ey 173 Durschinger, Leslie 187 Dyatt, J im 173 , -Dyess, Diana E Eagan, Ernie 159 Eagen, Dana 62 254 INDEX Earl, Ron 27 Eastman, Lori 159 Eastwood, Joan 206, 208 Eaton, Christine Eaton, Loretta 112 Eaton, Rick 173 Eaton, Wayne 60, 61 Eddy, Bob 62, 90, 187 Edwards, Ben 173 Edwards, Cathy 112 Edwards, Debbie 159 Edwards, Ken 173 Edwards, Rebecca Eggleston, Jane 112 Ehrhard, Elisabeth 112, 234, 237, 243 Eichel, Jeffret Eichel, Wendy Eisiwald, Karen 100, 101, 159, 226, 228, 233 Elisa, Mike 173 Elisa, Stacie Ellesmere-Jones, Susan 90, 91 Elliot, Robert 84, 85, 218 Elliot, Timothy 86 Ellis, Debbie 184, 187 Ellis, John 187 Ellis, Linda 160 Elmore, Raymond Emerson, Bob 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 112, 128 Emery,Joann 112,243 Edncrson, Midge, 91, 93, 99, 160 ENERGY CRISIS Eng, Sandra Jane 187 Engen, Keri ENGLISH DEPARTMENT 210, 211 Enoch, Warren 64, 80, 187 Erdclen, Jeanne 112 Erdelen, Joan 160 Erickson, Neil 112 Ermand, Simone 187,234 Erne, Valerie 187, 233 Erne, Vicki 160 Esau, Mike 187 Escarcega, Leandra 173 Estell, Greg Evans, Beth 90, 173 Evans, Guy Evans, Lori 173 Evans, James Evans, Lora Evans, Matthew 173 Evans, Patty 160 Evans, Scott 187 Evens, Terri 187, 231, 243 Evenson, Tammy 187 Event, Kurt Evert, Tersa Evrist, Dale 74, 160 Everett, Robert Evrist, Tim 60, 173 F Fafard, Debra 112 Fahnestock, Jill 187 Fair, Chris 62, 81 Fairneny, David 4, 104, 112 Fallon, Timothy 112 Farmer, Barbara 173 Farmer, Linda 173 Farrel, Bill 76, 187 Farrel, James 85 Farrington, Steve 173 Farmer, Dale 28, 160 Farrant, Norma 216 Northwestern Missouri State -- BA Farrel, Bill 62, 63, 76 ' Farrel, James 60, 61 Farrington, Steve 268 Fassnacht, Gerry 112 Fasulo, Vivian 187 Faught, Neil 160 Feeney, Jim 76 Fefferman, Steve 112 Fekkes, Harry 173, 76 Feller, James 207, 216 Bowling Green State University Fenner, Matt 173 Ferguson, Davis 77 Ferguson, Drew 187, 243 Ferguson, Jean 210, 211 Whitman Coll. -- BA UCLA - MA Ferland, Andrec 25 Fernandez, Linda 178 Fernandez, Reese 85, 187 Ferrante, Andrienne 237 Ferrante, Renee 99, 173 Ferrante, Sheila 112 Ferren, Kimberley 187, 240 Ferrie, Jim 59, 160 Ferrie, Tim 173 Ferrill, Dan 173 Ferro, Vince 173 Feten, Dave 60, 173 Fcten, Heidi 160 Fetherston, Becky 160 Ficweger, Anne 187 Figura, Karen 98, 112, 231 FINE ARTS DEPT. 214, 215 Finlay, Robert 160 Finnstrom, Erik 88, 89 Fiore, Rick 85, 173 Fischetto, Richard 160 Fish, Aileen 187,234 Fish, Carolyn 173,243 Fisher, Carrie 160, 242 Fisher, David 173 Fishcer, Lawrence 160 Fishcer, Mary Ellen 112, 175, 242 Fitch, Robert 173 Flakus, Mary Kay 173, 183 Fletcher, Robert Fletcher, William 160 Fleury, Chet 113 Flick, Camille 160 Florentine, Alys 113 Flury, Cheryl 160 Foerster, Ken 187 Foerster, Lynn 113, 231 Fogel, Guy 64, 65, 81, 113 Fogel, Lynne 173 Fontana, Mary Fontana, Paul 113, 246 Foor, Tim 62, 187 FOOTBALL Frosh 62 -- 63 Varsity 54 - 59 JV 60 - 61 FOREIGN EXCH. STUDENTS 234-236 FOREIGN LANG. DEPT 214-215 Forman, Marc 212 UCLA -- MPH Fowles, Chris 187 Fox, Kathy 113 Fox, Mary 248 Frame, Mark 80, 113, 123 Franco, Paul 131 Franco, Valerie 173 Franklin, Janine 160 Fraser, Holly 113 Fraser, Karen 173 Frattali, Raymond 113 Frazier, Craig 187 Frech, Sharon 160 Fredrickson, Krista 173 Freed, Cindy 160 Freed, Laurine 160 FREELANCER STAFF 244 -- 245 French, Patti 187 Freni, Anne 173 Frey, Donna 188 Fried, Debi 160 Friedlander, Eric 173 Friesen, Vernon 216 Fresno State College Frisoli, Nancy 188 Frohock, Jim 160, 244 Frohock, Mary 173 Forkjer, Eric 188 FROSH ORIENTATION DAY 20 Fujii, Bryan 188, 250, 251 Fujii, Dwight 113, 243, 250, 251 Fujita, Rodney 221 Whittier College - BA Fuller, Susan 188 Fullerton, Robert 160 V Funk, Tara 188 ' Furtaw, Lisa 188 it FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA 230 231 GAA Basketball94f95 Gymnastics 96-97 Swimming 98-99 Tennis 92-93 Volleyball 90-91 Volleyball 92 Eabel, Ron 160 Jahriel, Barbara 174 Eabrinetti, Tom 113 Ealan, Carlos 86, 173, 212 zalanda, Joel 212 Long Beach College - BA Sallacher, Elizabeth 231 'alvan, Fernando 174 alvin, Tim 113 arcia, Dolores 92, 96, 160 larcia, Greg 59 iarcia, Thomas 174 'ardener, Brian 160 ardner, Nell 208 Jaree, Greg 59, 81, 160, 248 larofolo, John 59 larofolo, Michael 174 Earrels, Barbie 174 farresl, Sharon 113 larrick, Bryan 188 'arrison, Julie 188 arske, Becky 100, 101, 160, 228 audete, Susand 174 aydick, Rick 56, 57, 59, 113 aydick, Thomas 62, 80, 81 eairn, Janet Lee 92, 93 emberling, Bill 118 erlach, Gregg 113 erlach, Jeffery 62, 77, 81 ermain, Steven 77 erman, Cynthia 113 rman, Gigi 160 iangreco, Norm 216 SFVSC -MA ibb, Cary 69, 173 ibb, Scott 113 ickling, Terry 113 iddings, David 113 iddings, Mark 113 ifford, Christie 173, 179 ifford, Cynthia 131 ifford, Mike 82,160 ifford, Scott 64, 160 ilbertson, Liz 188 Holcomb, April 189 ilbraith, Mark 66, 69, 188 ilbraith, Jack 60, 174 iles, Holly 113 inther, Jay 82, 113, 248 inther, Rick 62, 85, 188 inther, Tom 160 iradin, Doug 174, 244 IRL'S LEAGUE 250, 251 IRL'S SERVICE CLUB AND IVY CHAIN 232 lass, Craig 113 lass, Shelly 174 lasser, Michael 114 luzinski, Mary 174 ddard, Eric 80, 174 on, Greg 161 oe, Kim 161 , tzinger, Don 200, 212 SFVSC -- BA off, Sue 114 Oldfield, Matt 75, 85, 174 OLF 88, 89 mes, Mike 59 Gomes, Paul 62, 63, 188 lonsalves, Melton 161 Gonzales, Roland 188 loodman,Jeri 114, 244 Gray, Scott 188 Graziano, Glenn 64, 81, 174 Greco, Scott 174 Green, Sheldon 161 Greenlees, Polly 114 Greenspan, Alan 114 Gregory Matthew 161 Grella, Leslie 173 Griffin, Dan 161, 210 Griffin, Jim 33, 34, 114, 122, 226, 23 Griffin, Ralph 188 Grillo, Gina 240 Grillo, Tony 131 Grimes, Bill 211 SFVSC - MA Grimes, Gretchen 174 Grodman, Dennis 114 Groff, Gail 114,229 Grossi, Debra 233 Grossi, Michael 174 Gorwney, Kathy 114 Gru by, Wayne 174 Gudmundson, Elise 99, 174 Gurule, Mitch 69, 188,226 Gurule, Suzanne 29, 161, 237,240 Gusland, Cory 114,242 Gutheil, Jeffrey 64, 65, 116 Gutheil, John 81,114 Gutheil, Valerie 161 Guthierrey, Sky 188 Guzman, Ray 161 H Haas, Tamara 94, 174 Haas, Theresa 114 Hachtel, Debbie 174 Haddock, Larry 66, 68, 174 Hadley, Beverly 161 Hagel, David 114 Hagne, Bill 188 Hagen, Mark 60, 174 Hagen, Mark 114 Hagen, Mike 180 Hagen, Tami 174 Haight, Dan 131 Hale, Diane 114 Hale, Mitch 161, 166 Hale, Tammi 175 Hall, Colleen 114, 126, 217, 229, 242 Hall, Scott 76, 80, 175 Hall, Therese 99, 188 Halpain, Shelley 196, 188 Halub, Tom 189 Hammon, Glenn 161 Hammond, Daneil 62 Hancock, Cathy 114 Hancock, Daniel 189 1, 234,237 Hass, Nicolette 189 Hass, Jenine 175 Haszard, Holly 161 Hatch, Kirk 161 Haugrud, Eric 161 Haugrud, Rolf 189 Havins, Jim 115 Hawkins, Terri 92, 240 Hedding, Scott 161 Headington, Peggy 115 Heckler, Tori 115 Hedin, Ron 212 CaIPoly - MA Heimler, Richard 115, 244 Heitman, Tom 161 Hekuis, Elin 115, 226, 246, 247 Hekuis, Julie 96 Hellerstein, Esay 214 LA Conservatory of Music and Art -- BMC Hendrix, Judith 214 UC Ervine - MA Henning, Kirk 85,240 Henrichsen, Sue 175, 231 Herman, Kurt 54, 59, 82 Hermarise, Alan 131 Hermansen, Chris 77, 80 Hermansen, Lynn 115 Hess, Daniel 189 Hess, Susan 114, 115 Hessler, Dean 59, 161 Heyser, Katrina 189 Hibbson, Richard 209 Hibliga, Jeff 175 Hibler, Tom 161 1-lice, Liz 208 Hickle, Haley 175 Hickey, Martin 71, 80, 161 Hiedemann, Barbara 116, 243 Higgason, Paul 64, 80, 189 Higgins, Karen 116 Higgins, Kathleen 189,240 Hill, Cindy 189, 240 Hill, Rosemary 189, 251 Hillard, Dan 189 Hillard, David 62, 189 Hillard, Ron 60,175 Hiller, Jeanine 116 Hinchee, Susan 116, 231 Heard Sharon 189 Hobel, Meredith 116 Hobin, Brian 25, 59 Hodges, Lisa 189 Hofman, Fred 214 University of Colorado MA Hozan, Dan 161 Hogan, Michael 116 Hogstad, Chris 161 Hague, Rochelle 216, 233 CalPoly BA Hand, Karen 114 Haney, Richie 114 Hanger, Richard 220 Pasadena State College Hann, Deborah 91, 229 Hannah, Lee 189 Hannes, Christian Hansen, Donna 161 Hansen, .lim 63, 216 Hanrasen, James 82, 214 Loyola University A Hansen, John 62, 189, 222 University of Idaho foodman roodman oodman , Lauri 24, 99, 174 , Susan 188, 234 ,Todd 20, 114, 110,244 eodwin, Cathy 231 ordon, James 88 tordon, Jon 88, 161 ordon, Lauri 161 ordun, Susan 214, 215, 243 Indiana University - MA orman, Michelle 188 orrell, Patty 161 oulet, Glenn 188 oulet, Kevin 174 ouras, Terri 188 rabel, Steve 161 raf, Robin 81, 161 iraham, Pamela 99 raham, Robert 114 -raham, Steve 62, 188 graham, Sue 114 ran, Warren 114, 206 ranholm, Glen 231 rant, Annette 161 ravage, Ed 174 ray, Mark 114 - MA Hansen, Margie 115,215,243 Hansen, Sharon 193 Hanson, Carla 175, 179 Hardy, Dorothy 175 Hare-ff, Shelley 115 Hargrove, Dana 189 Hargrove, Eric 115 Hargrove, Karen 188, 189 Harling, Pam 161 Harmon, Doug 59, 161 Harmon, Randy 62, 85, 189 Harner, Betsy 189 Hafner, Lee 161 Harold, Richard 115 Harper, Patty 189 Harrington, Bradley 131 Harris, Craig 66, 68, 175 Harrison, Becky 189, 234 Harrison, Rod 57, 59, 82, 115 Hartley, Karen 115, 218 Hatman, Delaine 175 Hartman, Lori 115 Hartman, Kurt 115, 250, 251 Haskell, Terri 115, 228, 229, 246 Hollins, Cheri 175, 98,99 Hollins, Laura 116 Holly, Carroll 220 USC - MA Holmherg, Jim 161, 242 Holmberg, Jeff 175, 244 Holmberg, Roberta 116, 242 Holmen, Kathy 161, 175 Cal State LA - MA Holt, Shelley 161, 233 Holtz, Mike 60, 175 HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES 22-25 HOMECOMING COURT 26-27 HOME ECONOMICS DEPT. 216-217 Hooker, Susan 189 Hooper, Paul 161, 169 Hooper, Steve 77, 189 Hopcus, Russ 62, 85, 289 Hopkins, Phil 161 Hopkins, Steve 116 Hopcus, Diane 116 Hopp, Terry 189 Hornby, Gary 62, 190 Horton, Kevin 190 Houston, Kris 96, 175 Howard, Brian 84, 85 Howard, Debbie 161 Howard, Gary 110, 116 Howard, Jo 190 Howard, Nita 213 Hohvzgl, Joe 59, 218 Central State College -- Howell, Lisa 190 Hrabak, Cynthia 98, 161 Hraabe, Mark 175 Hubbard, Lisa 98, 99, 190 Hubbard, Shawn 175 INDEX Huber, Shelley 175 Huffstatler, Jim 116 Hughes, Karen 216, 251 San Diego State- BS Hughes, Ron 175 Hullum, Laurie 175 Hulman, Gail 161 Humphrey, Karen 214 Washington State University - BS Hunnicutt, Rick 116 Hunsburger, Kregg 161 Hunt, Christopher 131 Hunt, Susan 131, 242 Huntling, Rick 161 Huntling, Scott 116 Hurley, Heather 173, 175 Hurrell, Mark 175 Hus, Gary 190 Hus, Peggy 116 Hutchison, Debra Hutchison, Jon 77,190 Hying, Michael 175 Hyman, Leila 216 Incarnate Word College - MA Hypnotism Assembly 46, 47 Iriguehi, Steve 85, 175 J Ihreke, Gerald 116 Jack, Edward 116 Jackson, John 116 Jackson, John 11,242 Jackson, Kacy 175, 233 Jackson, Susan 117, 242 J acobsen, Dan 162, 210 Jacques, Diana 175 Jaeger, Kurt 88, 190 James, Mike 162 James, Scott 162 Jansse, Steve 131 Jedrasiak, Dave 162 Jedraskiak, Theresa 96, 175, 237 Jeffers, Barbara 29, 190 Jeffers, Frances 117 Jefferson, Wayne 117 Jeffris, Marvin 211 Fresno State Jenkins, Christopher 117 Jenkins, Kevin 175 Jenkins, Kimberly 96 Jenksins, Lori 175 Jenkins, Mark 175 Jenks, Rose Mario Jennett, Bob 162 Jennlngs,Eneen 175,223 Jennings, Mike 190 Jepson, Greg 175 Joachim, Regina 175 Jodoin, Cindy 161, 162 Jodin, Jody 117 Johansso n, Linda 190 Johlin, Curt 190 John, Lewis 203 Assistant Superintendent for O.U.H.S.D. Johnson, Becky 190 Johnson, Blake 66, 69, 175 Johnson, Brian 62, 190 Johnson, Bob 175 Johnson, Erving 175 Johnson, Greg 162 Johnson, Janice 162 Johnson, Jill 175 Johnson, Joel 86, 87, 117 Johnson, Kirk 16, 67, 68,117 Johnson, Lynne 175 Johnson, Mina 162 Johnson, Ross 117 Johnson, Stacy 190 Johnson, Walter 216 Utah State Johnstone, Jeanette 90, 91, 99 Johnston, Robert 62, 190 Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Brady 209 Jones, ,Cary 162 , David 190 , Jeane 206, 208 , Nancy 117 , Robin 90 Jordon, Jane 162 Jordon, Jay 190 Jordon, Jorja 131 ZW INDEX BA MS J ordan, Russell 131 Jorgensen, Annette 190, 228 Jorgensen, Eric 59, 117 J osepher, Lisa 190 Josephson, Mary 84, 35, 117, 237 J ossey, Sharon 117 Jossy, Terry 64, 162 JRISR. CLASS PLAY 48, 49 Kahl,Julie162 Kaloi, Deborah 94 Kaloi, Dennis 74, 89 Kalor, Debbie 175 Karlowski, Bonnie 190 Karlowski, Sheryl 162 Karlowsky, Allan 117 Karlowsky, Tony 117 Karlowsky, Lori 190 Karlsson, Ron 191 Karp, Alan 85 Karpenski, Mark 162 Karr, Teri 175 Kaufmann, Kathy 191 Kautz, Dave 162 Keator, Lisa 162 Keel, Lori 175 Keller, Diane 162 Keeler, Kevin 59, 71, 162 Kelier, Cathy 191, 243 Kelicr, Joe 117, 216 Kelsey, Tom 54, 59, sz, 162 Kemerling, Kathy 117 Kamerling, Natalie 191,194 Kempf, Tom 162 Kendall, Karen' Lee 96 Kent, 1301111117 , Ke nt, Rick 76, 85, 191, 189 Keoeheckin, Sarkis 222, 250 Cal State LA -- MA ' Kephart, Kevin 191 Kephart, Kirk 175 Kerrigan, Diane 175 Kelser, Lyn 175 Ketchum, Lorri 191, 233 KEY CLUB 250-251 Kilburn, Lori 162 Kilcourse, Karen 92, 191 Kilcousre, Kathleen 118 Kiliszewski, Daniel 77 Killian, Robert 175 Kimball, Elizabeth 211 Vassar College - AB Kendem, Erik 242 Kindem, Kari 191, 251 King, Carol 118 King, Ellen 191, 243 King, Jay 175 King, Kelli 118 King, Kim 174, 178, 213 King, Michael 66, 69 King, Patty 178 King, Tom 118 King, Vivien 178, 243 Kinnet, Kelly 118 Kinyoun, Robert 162 Kircher, Brian 191 Kricher, Kathy 118 Kirchner, Randy 118 Kirkpatrick, Erin 191 Kitchen, Ed 62, 191 Kitchen, Harold 68, 162 Kjornes, Kim 178 Klammer, Libby 191 Klammer, Kathy 118 Kledzik, Kimberly 162 Knapp, Kurt 178 Knaver, Benny 178 Knight, Karen 178 Koeritz, Jeff 62, 191 Koeritz, Bob 118' Kokonski, ,Debra 11.3, 118, 126 Kokinski, Kim 162' Kokinski, Ron 62, ss, 191 Koontz, Cheryl 162, 230, 231, 243 Koper, Jerry 178 Koper, Karen 118 ' Koprek, Reed 162 Koppexihafer, Lynn 118 Kopriva, Don 162, 231 Korbel, Debbie 178 Korianitis, Kathy 118 Kosanke, David 162, 75 Kosty, Doug 178, 74 Koszela, Davis 162 Koyano, Yoko 93, 96, 191 Kozik, James 62, 85 Kozlowski, Daniel 74 Krabel, Vivian 191 Kramer, Kathi 191 Karmer, Kon 118 Kramer, Kurt 162 Krampek, Jamie 178 Kraszewski, Larry 162 Kredjeck, Leon 178 Krivdo, Monica 178 Kubcrek, Linda 243 Kudla, Art 118 Kupp, Jeanette 162 Kusano, Lois 92, 218 Orego Med. Kuznkowski, Ruth 178 Kvarda, Michael 191 Kvarda, Teresa 162 Kyle, Brad 191,86 Kyle, Scott 118 L Laber, Jim 62 Lacy, Michael 162 La Liberte, Lisa 118 La Lock, Denise 197 n State University Lambert, Michael 70, 71, 118 Lambert, Michele 191 Lambeth, Bradley 118 Lammerman, Ken 191 Lamore, Linda 191 Lampron, Landau, Gina 156, 162, 226, 228 Landry, Joe 191 LANCERETTES 243 Landry, Mary Beth Landstra, Debi 118 Lane, Charley 178 Langolis, Anne 118, 242 Langlois, Joseph 64, 80 LaPolla, Dawn 159 Larocque, Denise 191 Larsen, Laura 131 Larson, Carl Oscar 86 LaSalle, Shelley 162 LaSalle, Wendy 191 La Spada, Tim 178 Lathrop, Kathy 178 Latourette, Jim 178 Laubie, Connie 178 Laughlin, Tom 66, 68, 178 Laurin, Janet 178 Lavin, Cidny 178 Lavoie, Connie 175 Lawler, Mart 178,231 Lawrence, Deborah 118 Lawrence, Gary 80 Lawrence, Julia 178 Lawrence, Shelley 191, 228 Lawson, Jancy 118 Lawton, Robert 162 Laxdal, Karyn 191 Laxdal, Terry 98, 99, 162 Layton, Bryan 62, 85, 191 Leadam, Diana 178 Leadam, June 206 Ledbetter, Lisa 118 Lee Lee Lee, Lee, ,Benjamin 178, 243 , Bonnie 178,240 Brenda 162 Cheryl 178 Lee, LeGrand 119 Leeson, Sherrie 162 Leffler, Bill 191 Leffler, Julie 163,233 Legg, Sherrie 119 LeGrand, Michael 64, 65 Leindecker, Cgertl 163 Leindecker, Terri 9, 192 Leland, Carla 179 Leland, Rachael 192 Lem nn, Lisa 242, 243 Lenoir, Corinne 193 Lentine, Gene 163 Leon, Greg 192 Lcprohon, Drew 178 Lerman, Tammy 163 Lesperance, Dale 178 Lewis, Julie 178 Lewis, Kay 178 .1 11 111w1Lv1sSa1119Z111 1 5 1 ?WiS9SaHXl51419311f1l11Ql'1YJ ' , ' .yxg l 11 1111 f 15im4:hant,JuI1e19G 1 :Magqinkp,1Jerry 163 59, I ,',', if 5 1. ,V,, ,,,, 1 Agyy 4MEri3'fUS1D3l91711'3531i L"-" -V517 ' iwmnuaneess11e9,11v4411w1 .1e2 Y 1 1 1 ',', ' MR1?k0WifZ+1iLBS1i611 17? 1 171 T 1 1 x f if 451111 1111 1rxGaef 1 162 ' 1 , .f,, 11.1 11 I 1 1 IRB' 8156.126 A119 :AQ, 11 .f f fi? 7fA ?1 I ' ' L 1 l Y1 1 . 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'11 151 ,Q M i flfzifif aff? 2EifEigljgjiQLffffgj 2 Tatlock, Norman 220 Azusa Pacific - BA Smith, Jackie 167 Smith, Jim 167 Smith, Jan 126 Smith, Jennifer 91, 131 Smith, Josie 26, 27, 90, 91, 126, 228 Smith, Julie 167 , Smith Julia 181 Smith, Lawrence 203 Trustee for 0.U.H.S.D. Smith, Mary 50 Smith, Maurice 60 Smith, Mike 197 Smith, Nona 181 Smith, Ran 197 Smith, Scott 226, 283, 242 Smith, Terri 181 Smith, Tim 167 Smitherman, Myrna 240 Smitherman, Tod 64, 80, 197 Snader, Tom 127 Snyder, Kevin 167 SOCIAL SCIENCES 220 -- 221 Soderquist, Ann 167 Sokol, Starlie 181 Sokoloff, Maxine 211 University of New York - BA Solid, Kelly 22 Solide, Kevin 77, 86 Solis, Alex 81 Solomon, Colleen 181 Solomon, Peggy 127 Somandiaga, Julie 181 Sommer, Jeff 181 SONGLEADERS 100 Sopko, Chris 197 Sosna, David 127 Sosna, Laurie 181 Spaniol, Doug 181 Spaulding, Stephanie 181 Spechtenhauser, Gary 167 Spechtenhauser, Jean 181 Speckles, Gil 208 Spellman, Susie 167 Spence, John 167 Spence, Thomas 81 Spencer, Mike 60, 181 Spencer, Zack 167 Spicer, Darlene 127 Spicer, Larry 167 Spielman, Bob 167 Speilman, Pam 96, 197 Spindel, Scott 189 Spooner, Lori 167 Springer, Ellen 99, 181 Springer, Steve 167 Srousl, Chris 181 Squire, Lisa 167 Stader, Paul 181 Stafford, Richard 62 Staitik, Mike 127 Stain, Lori 167 Standlee, Teri 167 Stanford, Claudia 127 Stanton, Jerri 181 STATISTICIANS 228, 229 Steffen, Debbie 167 Stegar, Dana 167 Stein, Mark 167 Stein, Ellen 127 Stepanian, Laura 167 Stepard, Joe 181 Stepard, Mark 82, 127 Steve, Rick 167 ' Steward, Sheila 92, 98 Stewart, James 17, 167 Stewart, Kenlyn 181 Stewart, Michael 181 Stewart, Michael 127 Steward, Sheila 181 Stillwell, Ron 76, 77, 218 USC - MA Stogsdell, Michelle 167 Stohlrnan, Nancy 181 Stone, Danny 127 Stonehraker, Larry 56, 59, 218 SFVSC Strange, Sheryl 181 Stribling, Marcia 127 Strihling 187 Stringer, Lori 127, 226, 228 Stroebe, Dotty 127, 228 Stroebe, Jennifer 92, 93, 181 Strong, Tom 131, 244 Stubbs, Greg 82, 127 STUDENT COURT 227 STUDENT GOVERNMENT 226, 227 260 f INDEX B STUDENT OPINIONS 44, 45 STUDENT STORE 232, 233 Studer, Paul 64,81 Stupay, Lcith 127 Sube, William 167 Succa, Joe 181 Sullivan, Ann 167 Sumption, Nan 127 Sunderland, Jo 127 Swabb, Douglas 181 Swaney, Lisa 128 Swank, Dean 128 Swank, Gary 181 Swann, Gregory 128 Swanson, Chris 182 Swanson, Martin 51,128 Swanson, Sandy 167 Swarthout, Jill 167 Swendson, John 62 Swift, Jennifer 168 SWIMMING 68, 69 Swindle, Steve 182 TABLE OF CONTENTS 4, 5 Taft Dou 168 i 8 Taft, Kim 182 Talbot, Gary 64, 80, 222 UCLA -- BA Tanguy, Steve 128, 168 Tannwoth, James 80 Taylor, ,Jeffrey 62 , John 50 Taylor Taylor James 131, 231 Taylor, John 128 Taylor, Josie 92, 168, 214, 224 Taylor Taylor Taylor Taylor , Loreen 96, 182, 233 , N orn 168 , Pamela Jean 128 , Susanen 94 Taylor, Tim 186 Taylor, Tracye 168, 219, 231 Tempkin, Cathy 168,228 Tempkin, Joe 88, 182 TENNIS 86, 87 Tessay, Karen 168 Thibault, Steve 168 Thomas, Christy 128 Thomas, Duncan 77, 81 Thomas, Judith 228, 231 Thomas, Tim 182 Thomason, Tim 76, 182 Thompson, Cindy 182 Thompson, Jan 131 Thompson, Nancy 182 Thompson, Robert 213 Stanford University - MA Thorsen, Colleen 243 Thorse, John 128 Thorse, Richard 182 Thurston, Willard 55, 57, 59, 82, 168, 248 Tickle, Janie 168 Tickel, Jeffrey 182 Tickle, Jon 182 Tiemeyer, Greg 182 Tierney, Jennifer 182 Tippens, Kathy 168 Tochihara, Eloise 182 Toner, Jean 128 Toner, Kathy 182 Torchon, Andrew 242 Torgerson, Erik 128, 242, 250, 251 Torrey, David 128, 182 Totolani, Robin 128 TRACK 80, 81 Tracy, Mary 128 Tracy, Tom 168 Travers, Jill 188 Trevizo, Didier 168 Tribe, Russell 77 , 182 Triplett, Brenda 128 Triplett, Randy 182 Triplett, Steve 182 Troy, Bob 128 Troy, Chris 182 Trudell, Kevin 182 Trudell, Richard 131 Truelsen, Teresa 240 Truesdell, Matt 168, 243 Truesdell, Nan 243 Trumbauer, Charlotte 168 TRUSTEES 208 Turley, Robert 182 Turner, Nick 168 Tuttle, Andi 182 Tweet, Dan 182 Tynan, Fran 168 U Ullrich, Tess 182 Utterback, Lisa 85, 244 Valdez, Manuel 222 UCSB - BA Valente, Christina 128, 244 Valentine, Mary 94, 96, 182 VALENTINES DAY 46, 47 Valentinao, Clifford 104, 128 Valentino, Mark 60, 81, 182 Van Auker, Heidi 182, 187 Van Cleve, Tracey 99 Vander, Mary Jane 168 Vanderboom, Charles 131 VanDoren, Don 6 Assistant Superintendent of Personnel for O.U,H.S.D.7, 128 Vann, Bob 64,168 Van Wert, Sam 129 Vardel, Kim 129 VARSITY CLUB 248, 249 Vela, Jimmy 234 Vestuto, Cecily 168 Vidal, Diane 129 Vietinghoff, Will 182 Villarreal, Debbie 168 Vlerick, Laura 168 VOCATIONAL ARTS 216, 217 Volkmar, Randy 182 Volkmar, Rod 168 Vollmer, Loretta 26 Vollmer, Theresa 94, 182 Volz, Susan 90 Von Rader, Kim 94, 226 Von Werder, Gerald 75, 182 Vore, Michele 168 Votel, Katherine 96, 233 Votel, Lesley 94 Vrakelos, Nicholas 220 Vreeken, Keith 64, 80 Vyverberg, Kris 182 W Wade, Denise 129 Wager, Eugene 129 Wager, Joe 182 Wagoner, Brian 81 Waggener, Laurie 229 Wagner, Dale 129 Wagner, Donna 168 Wagner, Les 182 Wagner, Linda 98, 99 Waite, Bob 66, 216 Cal Poly - BS I Wakefield, Tina 129 Walen, Don 168 Walk, Sandy 182 Walker, Bill 68, 169 Walker, Cindy 169 Walker, Julie 129 Wall, Debbie 129 Wallen, Robert 182 Wallin, Diana 129, 246 Walter, Kim 182 Walters, Mike 66 Walthuis, Dean 129 Wander, Jane 169 Ward, Gary 169, 242 Ward, Keith 182 Ward, Ken 74, 169 Warfield, Brian 60, 81, 182 Warfield, Mike 32, 35, 119, 129, 127 228 Warner, Craig 62 l , Warner, Mark 60, 182 Warner, Steven 80, 183 Warnerm, Steve 60 Warren, Chuck 183 Warren, Richard 169 Warren, Robert 183 Wassmuth, Keith 64, 169 Wasson, John 69 WATERPOL0 66, 67 Watkins, Brandi 183, 240' - Watkins, Pamela 240 Watters, Cathy Ann 99 Watters, Mark 183 7 Watz, Waney 183 Wencer .Ioese h243 Watz, Steven 129 lWay, Bob 60 Way, Richard 86, 87, 129 Wayne, Jim Mark 62 Weaver, Marc 169 Webb, Bart 60 Webb, Lisa 129, 219 Weber, Bob 183 Weber, Daniel lweidenhammer, Carol 240 Weidenhammer, Steve 169 Weigand, Jon 183 Weissman, Glen 169 Welcome Dance 21 Welling, Bryan 169 Wels, Brenda 231 Weis, Barbera 183 Welsh, Carol 216 Cal Poly -- BS 1 P Wendling, Joy 129, 243 Wendt, Steve 169 West, Eric 129 West, Julie 183, 233 West, Mike 60 West, Randy 183 West, Steven 85 West, Wendy 129 Westendorf, Dave 169 Westendorf, Gary 129 Westendorf, Greg 129 Westlund, Kim 169 Weyman, Christy 129, 213 lWeyman, Julie 169, 228 Whalley, Alix 34, 35, 129 Whalley, George 62 lWharby, Amy 169, 231 Wheeler, Bill 129, 216 Wheeler, David 129 Wheeler, Eric 129, 226, 231, 234 lWheeler, Marty 183 Whitaker, Roxanne 129 Whitaker, Susan 90 White, Cherie 207 White, Edward 131 White, Karen 169 White, Lisa 183, 231 hite, Mark S. 129 hite, Stevie 130 hitely, Randy 130 , hitney, Martin 169 Whitson, Laron 130, 226, 227 Wickman, Dan 183 iddows, Lauar 183, 243 Widero, Lisa 130, 231, 237 Wiederhold, Curs 183 Wiederhold, Renee 169 Wightman, Mike 67, 68 Wilcox, Mike 130 ilding, Kevin 130 'Wiliam Robert 214, 242 Seattle Pacific College A - BA ' ilgus, Linda 130 illans, James 169 ilkins, Kyle 183 illiams, Donald 130 illiams, Dan 169 illiams, Jon 64, 183 illiams, Kendall 60 illiams, Kathy L. 130 illiams, Kim 169 illiams, Laurie 130 illiams, Ray 60, 82, 83 illiams, Dr. Robert 203 Trustee for 0.U.H.S.D. Williams, Robert 131 Williams, Sue 220 Cal Poly Williams, Tom 66, 67 Willrodt, Dan 183 Willrodt, Kien 130 Wilmanns, Thomas 246 Wilson, Angela 130 Wilson, Cheryl 169 Wilson, Debbie 183 Wilson, Donna 130 Wilson, Douglas 246 Wilson, Elizabeth 130 Wilson, John 130 Wilson, Keith 201, 220 Cal Poly - MA Wilson, Ken 183 Wilson, Laura 130 Wilson, Sandy 90, 91, 100, 101, 130, 226 Wilson, Susan 188 Wilson, Sue 130 Wilson, Tina 183 Winkler, Monika 183 Winsoir, Larry 130 WINTER COURT 34, 35 Wise, Scott 169 Wisuri, Charles Withers, Mark 183 Witthuhn, Terri 130 Wolff, Cathy 130 Wolff, Janet 183, 233 Wolff, Steve 75,169 Wolken, Connie 169 Wolters, Nancy 169 Wood, Janet 212, 243 Univ. of Michigan - BS Wood, Julie 169, 223 Wood, Mike 183 Wood, Sheri 123, 169 Woskow, Cheryl 183 Woskow, Denise 169 Woy, Bob 183 Woy, Cindy 130, 228 Wray, Alan 130 Wrenn, Catherine 92, 234 Wrenn, John 14, 16, 67, 68, 242 WRESTLING 78, 79 Wright, Lee 81, 169 Wucherpfennig, Bill 2, 3, 67, 201, 212 Santa Monica City College - BS Yeakel Linsay 131 Yluisaker Karl 183 Ylvisaker Stephen York Wayne 183 Young, Cindy 169 Young, Daniel 183 Young, Diana 130 Young, Eileen 130 Young, Laura 169 Young, Leslie 130, 2 Younger, Donba 131 Younger, Jody 218 Yznaga, Cindy 169 Yanow, Lance 169 Yaworsky, Steve 60, 81 ' ' I 130 24 Z Zachary, Allyson 108, 131 Zahn, Susan 183 Zaidman, Brian 131, 231 Zambrano, Dan 169 Zambrano, Keith 242 Zambrano, Roy 66, 183, 242 Zari, Cathy 169 Zenker, Fely 183 Zerba, Mark 67, 68, 169 Ziebell, Tim 183 Ziegler, Robert 131 Ziemann, Stephen 62 Zisko, Richard 71, 169 Zuniga, Caroline 131 Zuniga, Caroline 169, 224 Zu niga, Richard 183 Zwers, Joe 131, 237 ADVERTISING INDEX Abex 268 American Muffler 265 Back Door 275 Bank of America 273 Baskin Robbins 276 Bert's Appliances 276 Bill Csellak 278 Carpet Town 268 Casita Valdez 270 Chalk Talk Bootery 280 Citizens Savings 272 C.L.C. 274 Commercial Farmers' 275 Conejo Stereo and Printing 270 Conejo Vacation Trailer 272 Conejo Valley Tire 268 Dave East Arco 270 Delphi Jewelers 269 Dodge 273 Farmers' Insurance 265 Fortune Cookie 272 Furniture Peddler 264 Hasson's Flowers 264 Hinds Brothers 280 Hobbies and Crafts 276 Home Realty 281 Hungry Hunter 265 Independent Bank 267 International Bike Shoppe 271 International Silks and Woolens 270 Janss Corporation 278 Joe's Tires 271 Josten's 267 King's Magnavox 274 La Tienda 270 Liddle's Jewelers 277 Lister Rents 264 Loynd Ford 238 Mark's Conejo Cyclery 275 Mike and Wendy's Tennis Shop 265 Needle Nook 276 Park Paks Mower 279 Park Realtors 265 Paul 8: Larry Farmefs Insurance 271 Reliable Linoleum 8a Carpet Shop 268 Rex's Toy Town 271 Ron Boots Ltd. 275 Semtech 268 Sew--Vac 275 Sizzler 268 Sprouse-Reitz 279 Standard Beauty Supply 279 Toe Kwon Do 277 T. 0. Auto Parts 265 T, O. Jewelers 280 T. 0. Stationers 280 T. 0. Toyota 276 Village Book Shop 266 Whale's Tail 264 Whataburger 272 INDEX . -N .. ,,,,, f - ,T,,, .1,-- ,,1. , 19 , R .,, , .,,,1.,.--,,,-. ,,,. ,, uh. ,,,,g.,,,,f..f,5,,, LL.,, ,.,. ,., ,,.. ,... ,,. ,,,. H U . 1 ,,.. . . ,,,. .. ..,,, W2 L L .. ff ,. 5 . " ' W"ffWifiUWBliivmf'Wfiffmiifffvl-W'iPH'f:f1 -fm, ",- " ' Q, ,V .,.. , N, ,, , , , , ,W ...,,,,s.,,,m,qw.5? ,.,A8'.5 55... ,,.4,.f,s51 .1 . . ,dn ,, .,. ,, 5,:z,1.m,'ffifea,, uw,,.f.,,.wsQa..Q1Has.-mm:gm.hm11Wv ,,,,,.H,g,q,,,,f ,3g,,,MWW.,.,,,, ,,,. -- wziiwif ' 'sm ws"'2i:': N, ,HA f'g,,, .. ,NL f L. fr N1 Q1 .gif ,QQ zzsfefmv f,-- f,-- ,f Metal' ,. W. ,fm 3' ,,,.:' faq .. Y- , 39:2 WE, ,, may 5, f r A , V. , 5 wf mim i 1 '. 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" ,Legal . doctors, lawyers, and public We would like to thank the following people of the Conejo Valley for their contributions and gener us support of Thousand Oaks High School. John Farsakian,D.D.S. 2955 Moorpark Rd. Thousand Oaks, Calif. 492-3333 Raymond A. Garcia Attorney at Law 1 W. Thousand Oaks Blvd Thousand Oaks, Calif. 497-1664 p Donald T. Hendrixson, D.M.D. Oaklane Professional Bldg. 1459 Thousand Oaks Blvd. Thousand Oaks, Ca. 495-2141 . Raymond L. Johnson, D.D.S. 933 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. Thousand Oaks, Ca. 495-5214 Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Mays 1489 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. Thousand Oaks, Ca. 495-0713 KiKi Harris, Registered Electrologist A 166 North Moorpark Road Thousand Oaks, Ca. 495-3336 A. Michael Pardue, M.D., Inc. 2220 Lynn Rd. Suite 202 Thousand Oaks, Ca. 495-1043 M. Ronald Pizitz, M.D., Inc. 280 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. Thousand Oaks, Ca. 497-7878 Laurin G. Rackham, D.M.D. Conejo Medical Square Bldg. Suite 3 Office 280 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. Thousand Oaks, Ca. 497-7446 Vincent T. Roach 2125 E. Thousand. Oaks Blvd. Thousand Oaks, Ca. 495-3010 Dr. Norman Wahl 166 N. Moorpark Rd. Thousand Oaks, Ca. 495-5053 O. Kent Christenson, D.D.S. 166 Moorpark Road, Suite 301 Thousand Oaks, Ca. 495-4812 Auto parts, tractors: looal stores provide all 66444 of '74 eqqhalefg 6 50 r,JJr ISTER RENTS 3242 THOUSAND OAKS BLVD. 495-31135 'QONQRATULATIQNS CLASS of '74 ' 1 9 -"3 4.44091-6 ' '4512555 535652. F10 WERS 'Kifg2f0'f MSP W? Tho. d 0 k d, LBOSJ497-11018 :lliigjgqnd 5:35, C.?xl??. QYBQO Ann 5-:ln euvn Debble Ma h ates on her upcommg fmal I 'N QS dlfs QS? AI the watens GOQC OV6QlOOklnC4 Beautuful Chdnnel ISIAFIOS hAl2BOI2 oxnano me envatlons Cao-S5 483'O 6 CONGRA TULATIONS SENXORS 202 DISCOUNT wm-1 'rms AD I785 E 77i0usANo OA K5 Bwo. ISOSJ "l75"'87l8 264 ADVERTISING AMERICAN MUFFLER PHONE ceo5x 495-8514 Conjrafula fzbns Seniors T-0 AUTO 94373 CO. 24110 77IouSAND OAKS BLVD. ISOSW97-3776 13137889-1260 7771k2 5 H gp G9 PROP ART WELCH ' feosb 447-2 2 3 Zdencgi S Lbs 'movsmvn OAKSZLVD 8 7'E:fvfv1s I3esI' wishes Seniors Hungry V Hunter Lqmchesivom B I .75 Dwmev S Qvomfs 3.95 FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP 495- 4605 REALTORS 5788 N.Mo0RPARK Ru. THOUSAND OAKS 1507 THOUSAND OAKS BOULEVARD THOUSAND OAKS, CALIFORNIA 91360 I805I 497-7525 I213I 889-8540 X MULTIPLE Las-rms SSRVIQE ' INCOME PnoPER'rv ' Escnow 'IN5uRANCE 'ACREAGE -TRA1: as - QESALES Wdliiiaiff Cathy Dailey registers at the semester bre k If Jewelers offer special for Graduate: del hi H.. ELE., 727. Thousand Oaks Blvd. 495-2l55 889-2554 VILLA wma gseoen aooffsg I WK' asm me :soon O-5 HOP If M55 PLATES N TVEMML 'I W D. I WE SIGN ar: I 0020 K5 6ao0fpE4o,N6 .- "' NRM QQ' THOUSAND OAKS. CALIFORNIA SPECIAL DIAMOND for I974 Graduafes pierced earrings 529.00 from our dired impod diamond comedic I Passing dog adds ioy 'Io Jim Seiman's day. 1 ,,a,. 266 ADVERTISEMENTS Creafors of Lancer: Rings Keys Charms , Announcemen+s Joslen S LLOYD WALLER. JR. I024 Manl1aHan Beach Blvd. Manhallan Beach, Calif. 90266 l2I3l 379-2520 fs X, S! f.9L1n, ersuades Paul Paudrier fo buy a Senior pa p 1 ..-W, Lilly Odell discuss Financial Fufure wifh bank feller. ADVERTISEMENTS SEMTECH it W, Steve Farrington enioys a quiet activity break to have a cool drink. i P i A An Equal Opportunity Employer 1-'SHED Cu.-TOMERS Designer, developer, and manufacturer of 5,000 ABUSTIESS emu? Fmlm SA S different types of silicon rectifiers for military, Re liable LIQOICUHQ industrial, and commercial uses. Semtech ls A LINOLEUM' SPNALT VIN L ILE Good Place to Work. RA? 'STATE LICENSED . qqsvmub CON1'RAc1'0R 652 Mitchell Road, Newbury Park, Ca. 9I 320 qqg-qgn 3184 'mousmm OAKS Bum eos-498-2: I I Local employment opportunities exist at Abex Aerospace, the world's leading supplier of airborne hydraulic pumps, motors and servovalves. 268 ADVERTISEMENTS 1dustries bring job opportunities OUR Morro 15 mwzfsr BEf?l6ff7'0l? WEAMKEITRIGHTU RADIAL TIRE HEADQUARTERS QUALITY RETREAINN6 cuswom vweem- svorcrs CAR seavsce FRONTEND Aueumarr-cfkmeo BMKE ssavsce-Tune mumc, 94 vMeeLts41ANaNcf -Tnvus rms senvzce - suocu Aosoaeeas 62I E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. 4195-7546 ' All Major Brands OZ, Discouwi' +o all s+udeYYX'S nn ,, V ,, , V , ww . 'Q' ' "' , ,, ' ' iw' r ,Wu rf" -T , A ' -M , ' ' N , -' Y , ,,,-ws . "H 4. ,N , 'A .. ' f..... M' , . I-yf,Q,, ,J ,ff K -f 'A ,MJ ,I .p 1- ' ,J f ,,, 2'-' ' 1' ,A '- ., . , .,, Lf 1' f ,-rr '.1 A -,La -' .." -- K' A-Nj" K Y-,f S I z z L E R 3810 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., ' M T0 G0 Thousand Oaks, California ' 805-497-2711 213-889-8120 1259 THOUSAND OAKS BLVD. 495-9034 ADVERTISEMENTS Local stores fill student needs afgmaudfw auasam DAVE Eggllk Mm-pm-k Rani-Los A1-Bains 'Wiwsavdalks , ' WANDA MuseRAvEs A Fiesta of Color. Mme ADAMS sem Poms li Unique Gifts from Around the World DAo??gi:IC?CE-L PiigL5F3VoE Happy Things GE SQUARE 362 N. Moonmmc ROAD TELEPHONE 495 1616 JACKIE CAPELLI . , , YOUR SERVANTS AT. . . CONEJO GSTENO PRINTING 3 350 Thousand Oaks Blvd. C8057 1197-I0-EI fl - fl Jnternazioncnf 6805, qs Q 55 Silks 5' Zdoofena Student Diacounfd Avaifabfe Fhbricd from ai! ouer the worfd 1891! Moorpqrk, Tlaoumncl Oaks Ca. 3 QUQQUJIQQJII-Ol 4440010 Qllltq CHQ! A498 n.Q4fQ-44:11-S-11-04'-DAQ 64.9154 WIZDEZ 'WW CAN QL FOOD ! 4119 fDe6cf0sof gf. R ?xUPEgR+rf1mAEKGARITAS J. VN QI' N q ,Q cockiiiihls C N 9. o NACHOS E ,721 ,o oo-TAQUHTQS , 41. H59 Thousand Gales Blvci. Thousand Oaks :AA4bqbhj3i4: -.L-,-,- A 1 E Cp.SX'f" ' , I' ' Q d if EL X ' f' ' ' , f JQ E -'-f , A, - ,jf - For Reservaiions GaN:-495-719 mmm. 1757333 U' . fgzg ggfmrfuaftslc QQEEDD., BULB Sales 'QYXQXIZUQ ffmvzzf 26 0 TUY',l'OYVN FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP and Real Estate PAUL and LARRY DEW Moorparlr Road qq5"'5b77 qqj-'qbof time for Lisa Lysdale to meditate. ALL BRANDS AVAUABLE FOR AUTO'TRUCKS'RAClNG 'ROUGH TERRAIN CAMPERS -TFAILER WE ALSO SPECIALIZE IN QW!-IEEL AUGNMENT O SHOCKS Q BRAKES Q eAuucm6 SURE TRUN6 GCUSTOM WHEELS M -we 8 THoue.4No OAKS Btvo. 497 - 75 73 TIRE CENTER OPEN " 'WS A5 H 'FDESBS5 s L L , , . u BANK AMERQQARQ master chavge sfgnsnfaufx 27" xxS+Ud9Yi't' DI SCOUYYL' ADVERTISING 271 1. .A M S k loff looks on as students prepare a classroom debate. I Am I:qUn1Oppo1mrv9!y Employer -. . , ,f---,N 3 1 . . , W. r. -A . t ,, ,,, ,515 I I I 'I I , 1 J 1 x oXooo e LUN IH xe Il Conejo Vc1c.o.'I'ion TroXIer - SALES E U3 A RENT LS o i SUPPLIES 290 TI'IOt:5C1YXdOO.kS Blvd. f8osJ 497- 23I5' Q., .. CITIZENS SAVINGS Slalewide, Caljornialv Oldest X Over One Billion Dollars Strong John T'-19-I Branch Vice PM-esidenT One.Wes+ Thousand Oaks Blvd, Thousand Oaks, Cali? 7131.0 C809 495- 7'-IQ!! X C-'2l5J 899-03106 T63 9921086 C 0066143 CZvmf1f,o:CaJakL Owf Smwcf, HOME COOKED CHINESE F000 FAST SERVICE. 'PI-IONING UNNECESSARY we Do Caierivmg - Pkecxse CQIIM Advance phone: 49'5'6o009 Open dcxiN1525uvxdam5 H130 cum- 8Z3Opm- Fd g em- uk Q pm. Ctosecl Mowiaqs 3109 Thousavxcl Oaks Bwd- COYV3Y'Q'I'uIG.I'iovxs, C1455 of VI'-I wHA'rA BURGER, 460 E. Tuousfmo OAKS Bwo. . X Shdlglvtralgg QT Boogie on down to your local stores C'o'n3r'a.'t ulations Seniors CONEJO SCHOOL OF DANCE RO. Box l28b c .7 ' V i Sewmocg 6 0 C. j. l y acuvm enTer, Inc. fl-if .f W f rl .. i N 2 .07 an me . , 'k i 60 wfzgwbnuo Dans XV' lo "I 11 village Square 417-7.013 ' l pg seunfeaivkocavlcc 'Iwi Qlsiff' f' ir W1 ' Z: '5fEf'f5f- T' J l E Sranding by a new I974 Dodge van are TOHS sludenfs Hilary Ort Diana Wallin, service mechanic. Doug Wilson, Chris Sproul, Terrie Haskell and Cindy Birrell. ADVERTISING 273 ADVERTISING Wng's Nl a g I1 a vox HOME E NTEPTAINMENT CENTER Lavwivn Square I87 N. Moovpark Rd. Simi, Ca. 930105 'Wousand Oak5,Ca.'7I3bO 13057527-2101 68052495-414,38 Ca! uflzemfe - Q Foul' emi 0u'l newfizi 5 MISSION 805- 492 -241 Colleges to stylists support annual CONGRATULATIONS Semons we -S - CONEJg?JAlli!g4lg.A1A I O u34J0 N. Moonmen Pm,TnousANn OAKS. CA. 411300 COHCJO 5 Heddquaffers -Fav SCHWI NN -' ' H.z.FReoeR1cK.JR. 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Berliwqppliance Service "We Service What We Sell" WASHERS I DRYERS O DISHWASHEFKS 0 WATER HEATERS REFRIGERATORS DISPOSERS AIR CONDITIONERS S I 6 6 1 I ll S If 1 i ,L f'x 11 LR J r N O Y gadio 6 5 isilam L W Dnvucys All our New Appliances ci ry a ' 2 Year Warrantee on Parts and Labor . . Call for service within 24 hours 495 " 0540 1, Q E ' 495 2538 T 5 g 2993 E. THOUSAND OAKS BLVD. E I6 2 Wu Xmi'lli1l'i' UurUii'rz l,mi1l l1'ill'L'f11111w K gl KitchenAid Gibgun THERMADOR r HW' ,ssie i X ,,is qii EOTVQALLBRANDS gi E AQ 'THE Hof- ow-' fr is 0 on 1710051010 UAK5 TOYOTA 2401 77fof.f.Sf7fJP 0-4nc.r Hua: E 'F'0f1-0-Vnfa Omer. 54 41360 E E Pffaifa.-feosj 447- 27-if KJIJQ 537- 2714 Free InsTYucTioh uuifh ' ' mcxfericls J 1 MK? 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Investment Corporation A leader in Real Estate in California and the largest full service company in the area. A staff of over thirty licensed professionals led by: Joe Gburg Chairman of the Board Gus Riedingerg President John Waylandg Executive Vice President and General Manager A combined experience of twenty-eight years dealing in: Residential Sales Land Development Investments Tax Shelter Management "We are always interested in counseQing persons interested in a career in Real Estate." 282 Thousand Oaks, Blvd. Thousand Oaks, California l805l 495-0486 ADVERTISING wi 2 15 ,i fam 4 .ar Q M 554 " ' it .N- I 5 I whlte " f F f 1 if J 5 worklng together M in ,ggi ,V M Jn, mlove, M 'M Q M M6515 "' , YWQW there can be no sunshlne 4, gt 1' WH' M, " ME an Q. 'Q QL .. 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A xjjJ" - .N'11.Q:,:Qk?i3 ' Q' V W X . 'I I ' ,','. .4 'xjfk J ' . . -4 -:E -1' 'f N" ' A.1,.?' chi If". .iq-.. -. . . k,.Q'7,.,V." --rf..-,, -,' -..f- 'EfYif,'j".:'ffi'-"'! ' ' ' v.,,- ,pw h - .i,.S?., -v . . xfffrt -5, H-'X 'Z' ' w mu. g-JL -L Q. Al' . Su. -. . , J-. 27: A K, , . V I JI.-f-we ' 1 , . , 94' ..-nuff" I N 45.1 .- . -v - ..,L--5 ' ' 'Qw , . lt 1 -1,- . 1 , . , 'l'4l. , , ll' A V , . ' I q ,'li ' ' , - -, 4 4. - -sg.f,,.ffq,t. H 'T "-41,5-u 'LJ 'Y ' . ' -'yy .i J - --li' .qi C " 2' ...X --uiif 7 N . I XA ' e,,,,,a ' 'ft ' - .V 5' .2 " Q ' 1 -i. f' ' " K A I rg, 'aj ' V -M . ri.--.', 1.5 ' ff I 1, - -,'.k:'. -" A 'fl - A 4 Dr.-P . ' - ,,'., 1 xl. '-' ' .ev 'inf , ff2Ya.u..,A. .dak -,Q-f-1I..4.'fs-,.-V Take the Step . . . The most exciting journey in the world cannot begin until you take the first step. CAuthor Unknownj TAKE THE STEP I , me H pun- l Mu- i i l , 286 Beyond yesterday - crayola crayons, scraped knees and band-aids that hurt M- and beyond today A- problems, plans and Thousand Oaks High School - road, long and narrow with turns, dead-ends and total darkness, awaits the dawn of our presence Beyond this roadway lies tomorrow, surprises, let-downs and the cause of our existence. Baggage packed, stuffed with an eternal flow of hopes, dreams, goals and planning, we prepare to trek this road alone. -3' ffl . t fi, 5,5315 a :fa . . i fwwxlv - ' - V 5 .t .Q Kai W- I J: 3 ROADWAY TO TOMORROW 1 1. B . '5-4 w-3 'I if 'Q , E 1 ,, Q1 as ' 4 ,r - ACKNOW LEDGEM ENTS L-fy VMC?-' 'fTuJvm wwf- W6"'0U-VVW5 you W SFMRSA lhow- S Vlowbk. Vho-ft. cflo-Cfafg U., LTL YH! 1, 'T' 2, wc JW? idnxia L70xfp7 Sdmhxvn W 74. L1fe 1S a journey, not a dest1nat1o11 0 0 o o o 0 Cauthor unknownj A NEW BEGINNHNG WWW MMM Wmdj5g bC Cy, 50f6!f6e4:2f!M9614vvwb Eff Wy W7 6-ZQWJQZ QZQWWWQMMFWWM5 MWW X 6!4zw7'7J i 'CLLGKJ 0210 QOCQQQY: 6Cf 1-,caawefzb wwf OMJMJMG51 WWW? fffiwnwwm MMMMMWWM aws2wiWjQfEg0fh QLZQMMQ Lwdfmwfwffdmo 54545 Qmffwffww-' ,fu cygbamggyggggd, XQIUQQIW 7Z0A9'L,,vZ04Zl CUHM7 Ogafbgcjeirl Y FU-Q0 ?Q'0"'V"'1 urffwax x.9 wap ffk DMV WFOQFAAIU ffm X. XQ WMO Qfgyqm, U-TOAA JJEUTQA gm WMM. 17,5 UUVQ mmm Wumkj Lg fm i Lflpm GL,-Ni Q,UL'1Lw 1-A 0,5 TWA Mcmwn gm-ww cam fv . W3 0 dbh fm- jk NU-K+ WMA, 'HfL1fV,53L,QfLQ,b Qgmw fb-fdiwj ki Ykmwwgiwg , ww ,f1,Q.. g,lLzm41Q Li Gu? vdblgw! gwwkog 8wQfJ'.x 'igfk Wu. CLmM,if,S Aww. WQ PML? LX WM '3 .1fg,W f3i y'2Jif ' C5653 Q 66,40 'ff Q f ,.--- f"'-+15 cl GJ J A + WJIAIQ 6 V '01-: o-L7 HI V , NRI' -ff' 2,9 3 'v'Q"'Y Y? DQ Qaxggaov k xx Q 96. KI QQAJ' gm .Q .-fvyugfvw is s 55 3,- fw ie ff ,pa bfm,-X,VU. 56 'J bviwqof 69 Wo? 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