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ffnw W J4 WV WW fx f V fy. K J X 153 'T J, Q IM, MW! Inn Ig 1 f 'I' 4-'g QW Yu M Q xv 1 , F I ' 1 f ' f , x ' Q , . Q - 1 , X y MW aww' 5 24 ,0 0 J Q0 F 6 fN0 x "' IJ Q3 l x.. , XV N fwralzf 3, 1 'I ,Vt 5 gyf - , .1 ,I i:'f5zi3'W ,Mw:,1r 2,1 - 'Lf . 3 4413: 5-L M "2,51.1' . Sw N- xx e 7755 IX, , "X, v SENIORIAN .ff We Editor ........... Assistant Editor ....... Literary Editor . . . . . Junior Editor . . . . . . . Art Editor .......... . . . . .RUTH BOGVMILL . . .NANCY LINDQUIST KATHLEEN BADZINSKI BERNICE BUTTERFIELD .DOROTHY BADZINSKI Sports Editor ................ NEIL BROEREN Axs't. Literary Editors Business Manager . . Photographer .... Arlvisor ..... ANNETTE HOKKANEN DONELDA KARNOPP . . . . .RICHARD ALGER . .GORDON CZYZEWICZ KORPAL 7676 adam? ,gfgr-z-.-. vf THORP HIGH SCHOOL Cu.stodz'rmR -- MR. GRABOW AND MR. PIPER It is with mixed emotions that we, the class of '55, leave the portals of Thorp High School. The past four years which we have spent here have been a milestone in our lives, and, as the years pass, we will look back with fond memories to the days when we found work and play alike so enjoyable here. So, it is that we, with sad hearts, but high hopes for the future, bid thee a fond farewell, Thorp High School. F O W s It is with a deep sense of appreciation for your many unceasing efforts, that we, the class of '55, gratefully dedicate our Seniorian to you, Mr. Wenninger. THE SEN IORIAN STAFF S1fnm'z'ng: MR. KORPAL, NANCY LINDQUIST, ANNRTTE HOKKANEN, BERNICR BUTTRRFIRLD, KATHLRIQN BADZINSKI Seated: DOROTHY BADZINSKI, GORDON CZYZRWICZ, NEIL BROEREN, RUTH BOOUMILL, RICHARD ALGIR IJONFLDA KARNOPP. With the presentation of this, the annual of 1955, we, the Seniorian Staff, hope that our work in preparing the year book will bring you much satisfaction in looking back on the happenings of the past school year. Early in the fall Mr. Korpal, as the advisor, chose his staff. Ruth Bogumill was chosen as Editor-in-Chief and with her assistant, Nancy Lindquist, began planning the Work to be done. Kathleen Badzinski, Literary Editor, was aided by Donelda Karnopp and Annette Hokkanen in preparing the various write-ups. Neil Broeren as the Sports Editor ably handled that department. With the guidance of a circus theme, Dorothy Badzinski called upon her artistic talents in the capacity of Art Editor. Gordon Czyzewicz, Photographer, took charge of handling the all-important pictures. Mr. Doyle, of Medford, was responsible for the photographing of group pictures, which add so much to the annual. For the ve1'y important job of getting money for the publication, Richard Alger was selected as Business Manager. The entire staff chose Bernice Butterfield as Junior Editor, whose job it is to learn how this book was put together to guide the planning of next year's Seniorian. At this time we wish to express our thanks to all other persons who have aided us, for we are truly grateful. And as you now look through your annual, We hope that ours may be commended as a job well done. Page lfouv' S Wad Ugg ta 6222 X G F A C U ' X l if 1 .. fm. f' Y MH , LETTER TO THE STUDENT BODY It is always a happy occasion to acclaim another Seniorian. Publication time reminds us that another school year is soon history. The highlights and events of interest are made a matter of record on the pages of the Seniorian. I feel positive that the Editor-in-Chief and her lieutenants have been wide awake to the happenings of this school year that have been worthy of reporting. Thus The 1955 Seniorian provides the record that the Seniorian StaH deemed worthy of recording' for future years. This record is made in both picture and script to add interest and variety. Time will fade the memory but the pages of The 1955 Seniorian will ever remain authentic and reliable in retaining' the true record. Again it is my happy privilege to extend congratulations to Mr. Korpal and members of The Seniorian Staff upon the completion and publication of The 1955 Seniorian. I can assure you that your eHorts are appreciated. Congratulations and sincere thanks. Sincerely, NEWELL E. QUALLE MR. ROY BREDE, B.S. River Falls State College llireg-mr of Rfinml Zllyl4gL'u'llS N W3! we 7 fifty 1 R QI ,ul Qi, W 'I 2 Ur' J X MRS. GERTRUDE SWANSON, B.S. Gp. 4 University of Nofrtlz Dakota English I and IX' Senior Class Advisor Cardinal Hi-Liles, Forensics Girls' Prom, School Secretary MR. DALE AMUNDSON, B.S. River Falls State College M 5' ' 94 'l Vx It Student Chlii-ilioicl Advisor G 1. N S MR. RAY GRIPENTROG, B.S. La Cvosse State College MR. ROBERT BOEHM, M.A. Stout Institute Shop, Driver Education Homecoming Afl my 1 History, f1ltlZC'l1Slllll, lieograliliy Football fozicli 7504! I Z f , Wd I 1, -'ielillr S l MRS. ARDIS AMUNDSON, B.S. ' X ' . ' Stout Instztute i' Home Economics Future Homemakers of America L Homecoming Committee Advisor Fjlilliu 44-M,4,L Lalwil wfffllwi v ,, ve ,Y lgrbrkifbjic-1,5 Qi, ,171 iw' We .ffregset SA ,rqedfesy , is .. v-bggb-2 'LH rulk-L, K -7.714-EPZ MR. ANTHONY Nvsxuswicz, B.S. Delta State College, Mississippi Eau Claire State College Mathematics, General Scif-nee junior Class Advisor lm... MR. ROY SVVANSON, B.E. River Falls State College Agriculture Fliturm- liarincrs uf Arm-rw'1 MR. ARTHUR TETZNER, B S. University of Minnesota History, Girls' Pllysicul Iirluczltirm Bzasketlmll licmclm, H.A.A. .Xzlvisrmr MR Miss CLARICE RONNEI, B.S. Eau Claire State College History, Lilnrzxrifm Lilmrznry Vlulm St. Johrfs University English II :mil III, Speech Junior :mil Senior Class Plays Mnrrli Gras Chairman MRS. FLORENCE SOLI Office Secretary . BERNARD WENNINGER, B.A. MR. WILLIAM WITZIG, B.S. Eau Claire State College Social Problems Boys' Physical Education lluseball foacli, Booster Vlulu Junior Vlnss Arlvisur Y MR. JOSEPH KORPAL, B.E., M.B E Whitewater State College University of Colorado f'0IUl1lCl'ClZll Sf'lDllUll'lCl!'t' Class Advisor SCIIIOFI in Al iso! Welle Q44 CLASSES A Q 1 Q if isa Senior Class Cfficers Roamvr BENZSCHAWEL, President JAMES WINGER, Vive President NANCY LINDQUIST, Sec'y.-Treas. Morro: "The founrlatirm of life is built with the Inifflcs of charar-ter." COLORS: Red and White FLOWER: Carnation SEN ICR CLASS HISTORY We, the class of '55, entered the portals of Thorp High School on September 5, 1951. We numbered 62 and were as green as they come. Mr. Chrapla, acting as our advisor, guided us through our first year. It was with pride that we elected our class officers. The first event was our initiation which officially made us underclassmen. We were justifiably proud when Patricia Kuester was the high salesman of the Curtis Drive, having sold over S161 worth of subscriptions. Several of our boys went out for basketball and football. Thus ended our first year at Thorp High School. The following September we returned as en- thusiastic, ambitious sophomores. With Miss Dunn as our advisor, we again elected our class officers. We were quite at home in high school now. The biggest event, we thought, was the fresh- man initiation, which, in our opinion, was the most terrible yet. Several Sophomore boys won letters that year in football. They were: Neil Broeren, Robert Benz- schawel, Gordon Hansen, and John Maier. A few went out for basketball, too. And then at last the long awaited day arrived and we were Juniors. Upperclassmen! Under the guidance of Mr. Amundson and Mr. Witzig we elected our officers: Neil Broeren, Presi- dent, Robert Benzschawel, Vice Presidentg and Kathleen Badzinski, Secretary-Treasurer. We had a good representation on the football and basketball teams from our class and many re- ceived their "T's." The next undertaking was the Junior paper, the "Thorp Hi-Sign," edited by Kathleen Badzinski and Nancy Lindquist, with Mr. Wenninger acting as advisor. The Junior class play was the next important undertaking. "Arsenic and Old Lace," was presented under Mr. Wenninger's direction and proved to be most successful. The biggest event was the Junior Prom, beauti- fully decorated to the theme of "Madame Butterfly." King Neil Broeren and his queen Cathy Conway were attended by Robert Benzschawel and Kathleen Badzinski. We had made another Prom a success and also history. The year finally ended, and we were dignified Seniors. The year began with the Homecoming. Neil Broeren reigned as King, since he had been chosen football captain. Shortly after, we began work on the Senior class play, "For Love and Money," a three act comedy, under the direction of Mr. Wenninger. It proved to be a fine production. The "Cardinal Hi-Lites" staff was chosen, and the paper was edited by Donelda Karnopp. Mrs. Swanson advised the staf, which published the column every week. The Seniors sponsored or worked with such things as "Anything Goes," Girls' Prom, and the Mardi Gras. Our most important undertaking this year has been the year book. With Ruth Bogumill as Editor- in-Chief and Mr. Korpal as advisor, we produced a Seniorian of which we are very proud. And so, having completed a memorable four years of our education, we bid Thorp High School a fond farewell, and hope that our future will be as bright as these past four years have been. Page Ten RICHARD ALGER "Rzch" "I don't like variety, for me there's only one." F.F.A. 1, 2, Secretary 25 Sen- iorian Stat? 45 S.A.F. Represen- tative 15 Class President Z5 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, President 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 "Arsenic and Old Lacel' CCast7 35 "For Love and Money" KCastJ 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Student Council 1, 3, Vice President 35 Curtis Drive Captain 1, 2, 35 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 45 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Noonday Basketball 1, 25 School Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Veter- ans Day Program 35 "Anything Goes" 15 Badger Boys' State Representative 35 Salutatorian. KATHLEEN BADZINSKI "Kathy" "Another reason why gentle- men prefer blondes." Class President 15 Vice Presi- dent 25 Secretary 35 F,H.A. 1, Z, Parliamentarian 25 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 45 Seniorian Staff 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, Z, 3, 45 "Arsenic and Old Lace" tCastJ 35 "For Love and Money" tCastJ 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 junior Prom Attendant 35 Student Council 15 Thorp Hi-Sign co-editor 35 Car- dinal Hi-Lites assistant editor 45 Curtis Drive Secretary 45 Homecoming Committee 1, 25 Homecoming Attendant 15 Noon- day Volleyball 45 School Or- chestra 45 Girls' Prom Attend- ant Z5 Badger Girls' State Rep- resentative 35 G.A,A. 4, Presi- dent 45 Mardi Gras Queen Can- didate 45 "Anything Goes" 1, 25 Forensics 4. ROBERT BENZSCHAWEL nB0bH "Pure as snow, but I drifted." Class President 45 Class Vice President 35 "Arsenic and Old Lace" Production Staff 35 Jun- ior Prom Committee 35 Junior Prom Attendant 35 Football 1, Z, 3, 45 Homecoming Committee 15 Noonday Basketball 2, 3, 4. RUTH BOGUMILL "Willing, studious, dependable -Could anything be more com- mendable?" Seniorian Staff 3, Editor 45 Class Vice President 15 Secre- tary 25 S.A.F. Representative 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 4'Arsenic and Old Lace" Production StaFf 35 "For Love and Money" fCastl 45 Library Club 1, 3, 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Forensics 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 3, 4, President 45 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. 1 2, 3, Secretary 35 Curtis Drive Secretary 45 Noon- day Basketball 15 Girls' Prom Attendant 15 Veterans Day Pro- gram 1, 35 "Anything Goes" 15 Valedictorian. Page Eleven DOROTHY BADZINSKI "Darbze" "A man shortage? Don't you believe it! You just don't know where to look." Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, Z, 3, 45 Seniorian Staff 45 "For Love and Money" Production Staff 45 "Arsenic and Old Lace" Production Stat? 35 Library Club 2, 3, 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 45 F.H. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Cardinal Hi-Lites Statt 45 Noonday Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Noonday Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 School Orchestra 45 Girls' Prom Attendant 45 "Anything Goes" 1, 25 Homecoming,Attend- ant 3, 45 Curtis Drive Captain 2, 3. 45 G.A.A. 45 Model 4. GERTRUDE BARTH " Trudy" "My main ambition is to be a nurse, right now that is." "For Love and Money" Pro- duction Staff 45 Library Club 2, 3. 45 Forensics 45 Booster Club 1, Z, 3, 45 F.H.A. 15 Cardinal Hi- Lites Staff 45 Noonday Basket- ball 1, 2, 35 Noonday Volleyball 1, 2. ' EDVVARD BIENO UEdH - "He's,,,a smart"niai1, from the top ot his head up." -' .Je 'Band 1, 2, 35 "Arsenic and Qld, Lace" CCastl 35 "For, Love and Moneyf' 4Cast1 41 "'Arsenic and Qld Lace" 'Production Staff 35 Junior Prom Committee 35 For- ensics 45 Booster Club 3, 45 Cardinal Hi,-Lites'Staff 45 Noon- .day Softball 1, 25 Noonday Vol- leyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Noonday Bas- ketball 1, Z, 3, 4, Captain 45 Veterans Day Program 35 "Any- thing Guesu lg Z. NEIL BROEREN Hcurly!! "I may be a 'Country Gentle- man,' but someday I'll be a 'NVoman's Home Companion'." Seniorian Stall' 45 Class Presi- dent 35 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 "Arsenic and Old Lace" CCastJ 35 "For Love and Money" CCaStl 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 junior Prom King 35 Student Council 25 Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 45 Basketball 1, Z, 35 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Noonday Bag. ketball 3, 4, Captain 45 Veterans Day Program 35 Homecoming Attendant 1, King 4, LOUIS CARPENTER "Jasper" "It's not what you do wrong, it's what you get caught at!" DOROTHY DEUTSCHLANDER "Poncho" "Small, but so is a stick Of dynamite!" "Arsenic and Old Lace" Ct'astJ 35 Library Club 2, 35 Forensics 1, 2, 3, 4, Booster l'lub 1, 2, 3, 4, F.I'l.A. 1, 2, fardinal lli-Litt-s Staff 4, Noonday Basketball 1. 2, Veterans Day Progranl 33 "Anything Goes" 1. DOROTHY GRABOWSKI atcoykyxr "Behind that innocent exter- ior she hides a streak of mis- chief." Mixed fhorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Li- brary flub 4g "For Love and Money" Production Staff 45 For- ensics 4g Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 43 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Noonday Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Noonday Vol- leyball 1, 25 Veterans Day Pro- gram 45 "Anything Goes" Zg tl.A.A. 4. ANNETTE HOKKANEN ltAnn77 "M mind is on mv work, but y - ' it my heart is elsewhere. Seniorian Staff 43 "Arsenic and Old Lace" ffastl 3, "For Love and Money" Cfastb 45 Library Club 2, 3, Forensics 1, Z, 3, 4, Booster Vlub 1, 2, 3, 43 F.H.A. 1, Z, Cardinal Hi-Lites Staff 43 Noonday Basketball 1, 4, Girls' Prom Attendant 15 Veterans Day l'rog'zraln 3. ff , Z , ' ,fix V AV JJ, ,,,, , -f - f , Z 1 1-.- .1 , ,-a fx It ,x uf.- yf f V , if' vi 'v, cz' - ' X ' t X , X. 1 X..- Page Twelve GORDON CZYZEWICZ "GOTdL6,, "I study when I'm in the mood, but I'm strictly not a moody guy." Seniorian Staff 4, Mixed Chor- us 35 "Arsenic and Old Lace" Production Staff 35 Junior Prom Committee 3, F.F.A. lg Noon- day Basketball 2, 43 Noonday Volleyball 2, 4, Booster flub 3. BERNARD DOBRZYNSKI "Dobe'r" "Sometimes I sit and think, but mostly I just sit." 17.l7.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2. GORDON HANSEN "Gov-dw" "A Woman hater 4 He hates to leave her." Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 "Arsenic and Old Lace" Production Staff 3g Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 4g Noonday Basket- ball 13 School Orchestra 3g "Anything Goes" 1. JUSTIN JAKOWIOZ "Junior" "I was cut Out to be an angel, but someone ran away with the pattern." Mixed Chorus 3, 4, F.F.A. 1, 2. 3, 4. Secretary-Treasurer 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD J AROCKI "Rich" "All great men have died, and I'm feeling rather ill myself." Basketball 1. Z, 3, 43 Curtis Drive Captain 1, 23 Homecoming Committee 1: Veterans Day Program 3. IJONI-ILDA KARNOPP "Dani" "A girl needs a Chaperon, 'til she can Call some chap-her-own." Seniorian Staff 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1. Z, 3. 43 "Arsenic and Old Lace" CCastJ 33 "For Love and Moneyn lCastJ 43 Junior Prom Committee 33 Forensics 43 Booster Club 1, Z, 3, 43 F,H.A. 13 Cardinal Hi- Lites, Editor 43 Homecoming Committee 3, 43 Girls' Prom At- tendant 2, King 43 "Anything Goes" 2. LEON KOTECKI llslim!! "Classes should be ten minutes long -- live to come and live to go." Mixed Chorus 43 "Arsenic and Old Lace fCastJ 33 "For Love and Money" Production Staff 43 Freshman Declamation VVinner3 l7.F.A. 1, 2, 3, Sentinel 33 Foot- ball 3, 43 Noonday Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 43 Noonday Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 43 Booster Club 3, 43 "Anything Goes" Z3 Baseball 4. PATRICIA KUESTER lKPa,tH "It's nice to be natural when - .. you're naturally nice. Band 2, 3, 43 Booster Club 1, 2, 3. 43 Noonday Basketball 1, 23 Noonday Volleyball 1, 23 "Any- thing Goes" 23 F.H.A. 1, 2, 33 Curtis Drive Captain 2. 3, 43 Girls' Prom Attendant 3. ge ,lilllI'tCQl1 CARL Jouksox "Cl1arlze" "XYhen you tire of one thing -try another!" Mixed Chorus 2, 3. 4, Presi- dent 43 Football 2.3. 43 "Arsenic and Old Lace" fCastl 33 F.l"..-X. 13 Baseball Z, 33 Stanley High School 1. MARJORIE KODL "Mm'gze" "There are those who sit home and study. and then there's my kind." Booster Club 1, Z. 3, 43 F.H.A. 1, Z3 Noonday Basketball 1, 3, 43 Noonday Volleyball 1, 3. 43 Li- brary Club 43 G.A.A. 4. PAIILINE KRAMICZ "Peenze" "A human phonograph - to the tune of a giggle." Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 43 F.H.A. 1, Z3 Library Club 43 Noonday Basketball 43 Noonday Volley- ball 43 G.A..-X. 43 "Anything Goes" 2. , -.,' - f' , J l DEAN LIAZUK "1YlIat'sgLiberace got that I lIaven't."-- "Anything Goes" 1. 23 F.F.A. 13 "Arsenic and Old Lace" Pro- cluqtion Stat? 33 Thorp Hi-Si-grIX Staff 33 '1For Love and XB-Iftfneyn Produption Staff 4. NANCY LINDQUIST 4cNan79 "I argue though the point be small. You can't let those teach- ers say it all!" Seniorian Staff Assistant Edi- tor 45 Class Secretary 45 Band 17, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 45 Mixed Chorus 1, Z, 3, 4, Vice President 45 "Arsensic and Old Lace" tCastJ, Production Staff 35 "For Love and Money" CCastJ, Pro- duction Stafi' 45 Library Club 2, 35 Junior Prom Committee 35 Forensics Z, 3, 45 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Thorp Hi-Sign Editor 35 Curtis Drive Captain 1, 45 Noonday Basketball 1, Z, 3, 45 Noonday Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Prom King 35 "Anything Goes" 1, 25 Veterans Day Program 35 CLA, A. 45 Executive Board Member 4. LILLIAN MAZIARKA "How she studies and recites gives a llunker forty frightsf' "Arsenic and Old Lace" Pro- duction Staff 35 Library Club 45 Booster Club 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. 1, 2. 3. 45 Cardinal Ili-Lites Stafl 45 Noonday Volleyball 1. JOANNE MICKE A "She doesn't let her studies interfere with her education." "For Love and Money" Pro- duction Stat? 45 Library Club 2, 35 Junior Prom Committee 35 Booster Club 1, 2. 3, 45 F.H.A. 1, 2, 35 Cardinal Hi-Lites StaFf 4: Homecoming Committee 45 Homecoming Attendant 25 Girls' Prom Queen 45 G.A.A. 4, Vice President 45 Noonday Basketball 2, 3, 45 Noonday Volleyball 1, 2, 45 "Anything Goes" 25 l7.F.A. Sweetheart 35 Model 35 Mardi Gras Queen Candidate 4. CASIMER PAWLICKI ucaseyn "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow there may be a law against it," F.F,A. 1, 25 Noonday Basket- ball 1, Z5 Noonday Volleyball 1, 2, 4. Page Fourteen JOHN MAIER "Huntz" "Football, Basketball, Baseball, and VVomen all seem to tit in his kind of living." F.F.A. 1, 2, 35 Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Noonday Basketball 1, 2, 35 Noonday Volleyball Z, 3,.45 "Anything Goes" 25 Homecoming Attendant 3, 45 "Arsenic and Old Lace" Production Staff 35 "For Love and Money" Produc- tion Staff 4. ARMON MICKE "A little knowledge is a dnn- gerous thingg that's why I never got a little." "Arsenic and Old Lace" Pro- duction Staff 35 "For Love and Money" Production Staff 45 Booster Club 3, 45 F.F.A. 1, 2, 35 Noonday Basketball 1, 3, 45 Noonday Volleyball 1, 3, 4. DONALD MIKOLAINIS KlD0,n77 "Not a Hit, not a tiirt, never bothered by a skirt." F,F.A. 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 2. CHESTER PRZYBYLSKI Uche ti! "A longfellow, but certainly not a poet." Mixed Chorus 45 "Arsenic and Old Lacen CCastJ 35 "For Love and Money" Production Staff 45 Booster Club 3, 45 F.F.A. 1, 2, Treasurer 35 Football 45 Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Noonday Volley- ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Noonday Softball 1. FLORENCE PRZYBYLSKI "Floss1e" -"XYho cares about an ancient history date when I can h-ave a modern one at halt' past eight." Mixed Chorus 3, 43 "Arsenic and Old Lace" iCastJ 33 "For Love and Money," Production Staff 43 Library Club 3, 43 Booster Club 1, Z, 3, 43 F.H.A. 1.2, 3,43 Cardinal Hi-Lites Staff 4: Noonday Basketball Z3 Girls' Prom Attendant 3, 4, RONALD SCHULTZE "Dutch" "A boy of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrowsf' "Arsenic and Old Lace" CCastl 33 "For Love and Money" CCastJ, Production Staff 43 Booster Club 3, 43 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, Yice Presi- dent 2, President 33 Football 3, 43 Noonday Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Noonday Volleyball 1. 2, 3, 43 "Anything Goes" 23 Homecom- ing Committee 2. ROBERT SMITH "Smitty" "There are always two sides to the question: my side and the wrong side." F.F.A. 1, 3, Vice President 33 Forensics 33 Veterans Day Pro- gram 3. PHILLIP SOPER "Phil" 1 "If hot air rises, wl1at's hold- ing me down?" Vw r Page Fifteen JIIDE SCHMIDT "Jud" "If there's trouble, I'm not around, but I've been there." F.F..-X, 1, 3, 43 Noonday Bas- ketlmall 1, Z, 3. 43 'Q-Xnythiflg Goes" 13 "Arsenic and Old Lace" fCastJ, Production Staff 33 "For Love and Money" Production Statt 4. ALICE SCIEZOR "Babe" "Let the world go by as it may, I'll take it either way." Mixed Chorus Z3 Library Club 33 Forensics 43 Student Council 43 Booster Club 1. 2, 3, 43 F.H. A. 1, 3, 43 Noonclay Basketball Z, 33 Girls' Prom Attendant Z. ARCHIE SOBOROXVICZ "'Beware! .I might do some- thing sensational yet." F,F.A, 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chor- us 3. J EAN VETTERKIND V "Speech is great, but silence is greater." F-H.A. 1. 2, 33 Booster Club l, 2, 3. 4. ESTELLE WARGOLET "Reading and writing may bc alllright., but dances are my main delight." Mixed Chorus 3, 4, "Arsenic GEORGE WELCIEK and Old Lace" Production Staff 3- Lil arf Cll 3 4' B t - ' jr X Y U, OCS el 'Silence may be the pathway Club 1, 2,'3, 4g F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, U 'success Cardinal Hi-Lites Staff 45 ILA. R. Candidate 43 Girls' Prom At- tendant 4. JAMES WINGER a4Ji7nr7 "Shy once-but shy no inure. flass Vice President 45 Home- coming l'ommittee 3, 4, Basket- ball 45 I7.F.A. lg Baseball 2, 4, Noomlny Basketball 1, 2, 35 Noonrlziy Volleyball 1, 2, 3. CLASS WILL We, the graduating class of 1955, being of I, Edward Bieno, will my ability in Phy.Ed. to "sound mind and body," and realizing the end of our Edward Kaminski. high school "daze," do hereby bequeath the following of our prized possessions to the deserving underclass- men in this, our last will and testament. I, Ruth Bogumill, will all my various jobs to anyone who has the energy to take them. I, Neil Broeren, will my ability to make friends To the patient and untiring faculty we will our to James Borowick gratitude. fWe also take back all those dirty looks and unkind thoughts.J I, Louis Carpenter, will my nerve to skip school To the Juniors we leave our place of leadership. to anyone foolish enough to try it' I, Gordon Czyzewicz, will my camera to anyone To the Sophomores, we will our humbleness and who can afford the mm dignity. To the Freshmen, we present our experience in Iv D01'0thY Deutschlandeh will mY nUme1'0US the hope that you will 'learn as much from using it, dates to the Lonely H93-1'tS Club- as We dld In acquuimg lt' I, Bernard Dobrzynski, will my quiet and myster- I, Richard Alger, will my good report cards to ious manner to Alice Giwojna. R' h -d S k. lc al Wane , , , , I, Dorothy Grabowski, will my roller skating I, Dorothy Badzinski, will my way with the men nights to Louise Salvacki to Lola Biddle. I, Kathleen Badzinski, will my "girl-next-door" look to Elaine Fortek. I, Gordon Hansen, will my night life to anyone who can take it. I, Gertrude Barth, will my long bus rides to I, Annette Hokkanen, will my glasses to Susan John Klouda. Rusch' I, Robert Benzschawel, will my hunting exper- I, Justin Jakowicz, will my ability to get "the" iences to my brother, Roger. girl to Harold Hallanger. Page Sixteen 0 r 0 0 1 of 0 0 O . O LAST WILL AND TEST!-XMENT I, Richard Jarocki, will my trips to Marshfield with the Freshmen girls to next year's Sophomore to anyone who would like to go there. boys. I, Carl Johnson, will my ability to "get around" I, Chester Przybylski, will my height to Carol to Fred Kenney. Deutschlander. I, Donelda Karnopp,will my letter writing habits I, Florence Przybylski, will my teacher to no to Dale Hokkanen. one, absolutely no one. I, Marjorie Kodl, will my love for Greenwood I, Jude Schmidt, will my "bright" remarks to to my sister, Jeanette. Paul Harycki's collection. I, Leon Kotecki, will my weight-lifting to Roger I, Ronald Schultze, will Highway 29 between Podhola. Thorp and Owen back to the Wisconsin State High- I, Pauline Kramicz, will my red hair to Mary Way Department' Ellen Pabich. I, Alice Sciezor, will my car to Donald Ryniec. I, Patricia Kuester, will my diet to Carol Masik. il, Robert Smith, will my sense of humor to I, Dean Liazuk, will my daintiness to Jean Jamce Jacques' Mattes. I, Archie Soborowica, will my plans for a future 1, Nancy Lindquist, will my ability to ii-k the farm hfe to Kathryn Khmeck- teachers to anyone who takes pride in doing so. I, Phillip Soper, will my physique to Jerry 1, John Maier, will my joke-telling ability to Knusta' Miss Ronnei. I, Jean Vetterkind, will my summer job to any- I, Lillian Maziarka, will my ability to stay out one who needs the money' of trouble to Richard Przybylski. I, Estelle Wargolet, will my mysterious friends I, Armon Micke, will my dark complexion to to anyone who can discover their ldentlty. James Schauer. I, George Welciek, will my pin-setting job to my I, .Joanne Micke, will my interest in Stanley to brother' Tony' 10119 Slmet- I, James Winger, will my crew cut to Richard 1, Donald -Miko-lainis, will my fflifa without Czubakowskl- Women to Dfmlel Wmgel' A I We do hereby appoint Mr. Newell Qualle the I, Casimir Pawlicki, will my ablllty to get along executor of this, our last will and testament. Page Seventeen Chester Przybylski working in shop. Students working in shop. I ' zu, I 1 , 5 li The Chemistry laboratory. Carl and Bob with Mr. Boehm. Mr. Amundson in his Lab. ACTIVITY IN CLASS . 1 . T Cl . tC" af" 'I ypmg ass Dissecting a cat in Biology Class. Gordie in Shop. Students help Mr. Amundson dissect a cat. School Orchestra at the Christmas Ball Page Eighteen CLASS PROPHECY Mr. Korpal, the retired business teacher, de- cided to fly down to Milwaukee in his helicopter for the Ringling Brothers' Circus, which is hold- ing its centennial, the year being 1969. On the way down he had to stop off at the Schultze Air- port to refuel. To his surprise, he found that Ronald "Dutch" Schultze had bought out the United Airlines and had a thriving business. His top mechanic turned out to be Leon Kotecki, who had just invented a 600 horse power motor for a car. It was getting late, so he bade them goodbye and started once moreon his trip to Milwaukee. He arrived there late that afternoon, and parked his helicopter on the Schroeder Hotel. He was soon settled in his room. The head bell hop, Dean Liazuk, brought his luggage in to him. Dean told him that Donald Mikolainis was there at the hotel too, and he was giving lessons in dancing. He had far surpassed Arthur Murray. The next morning, he went out to the circus grounds early to look around. He was very much interested in the strong woman, who turned out to be Patricia Kuester, and the fat man, Richard J arocki. It is rumored that they are to be married in the fall. Mr. Korpal left them then to discover a side show that looked very interesting, indeed. It was Phil, the lion tamer, and for several seconds, he didn't recognize that it was Phillip Soper, the quiet boy from Thorp. His companion was Ruth Bogumill, who with her quick wit and vitality makes his work much more pleasant. Several boys were feeding the elephants, and Mr. Korpal stopped to watch them. A young man approached him and introduced himself as Bob Benzschawel. The truth of the matter was, Bob Benzschawel, formerly from Thorp, had married Annette Hokkanen and had come to work for the circus. It was time for the afternoon big top show, so Mr. Korpal proceeded to the tent. He bought his ticket and was ushered to his seat by cigarette girl, Estelle Wargolet. Looking around, he found that Richard Alger was sitting behind him. Richard happened to be in Milwaukee for a Medi- cal Convention. The show began, and Mr. Korpal centered his attention upon it. The bare-back riders were the first attractions, and to his surprise he saw Dorothy Deutschlander on the first horse. Richard told him that Dorothy had recently married the well-known horse doctor, Gordon Czyzewicz. From the side of the tent came a parade of circus clowns in all their hilarious costumes. Mr. Korpal soon found that Casimir Pawlicki and Jude Schmidt had been voted the "funniest clowns in history." The next event was the trampoline act, a husband and wife team, Alice Sciezor and Chester Przybylski. They are well known for their per- fectly timed stunts. The afternoon performance was soon over. Mr. Korpal found himself very hungry by this time, so he decided to find a reputable restaurant. The first one that caught his eye was Carl's Steak House. He was shown to a table by head waiter Bernard Dobrzynski. He told Mr. Korpal that the owner of the restaurant was none other than Carl Johnson, Jr. Having completed his meal, Mr. Korpal de- cided to see some sights. The first building he came across was the Milwaukee Braves Building. The Braves had won the pennant for five con- secutive years and had just signed a contract with "Fireball Maier" alias John "Huntz" Maier, as pitcher. Then who should he bump into but a tall thin- faced young man who was none other than Edward Bieno. Ed told him that he had just won the Nobel Peace Prize. He was on his way to see Neil Broeren, U. S. Ambassador to Russia, to dis- cuss a recent trip that Neil had just made there. The next thing that Mr. Korpal saw was a tiny building set off from the street. Upon inquiry he found that it belonged to Louis Carpenter and his wife, the former Marjorie Kodl. He found that Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter had recently started a small tooth pick factory and produce thousands for Milwaukee's use. Milwaukee had certainly grown, and with it grew Robert Smith, well-known politician, who had recently married the former Pauline Kramicz. He was running for Governor in the coming election. Mr. Korpal was about to start back to the hotel when he heard someone yell, "Extra, Extra." Of course, it was George Welciek peddling his evening paper. Mr. Korpal bought one and, glanc- ing hurriedly through it, found that the well- known newspaper columnist Donelda Karnopp had just returned from Borneo. He was approaching the Schroeder Hotel when he saw a low limousine draw up in front of the hotel. From it emerged Justin Jakowicz, the millionaire. He was iiying to Reno in the morning to get his fifth divorceg this one was from the former Nancy Lindquist. Just then a cab drew up and a voice asked, "Cab, mister?" To Mr. Korpal's surprise he found that the voice belonged to Archie Soborowicz. Archie told him as he got in that Gordon Hansen had purchased the yellow cab business from Florence Przybylski. Florence, it seems was buying oil stocks in Texas. Archie stopped in front of a 26 story build- ing. Mr. Korpal looked up and saw the name on the building which reads UMICKE 8z MICKE, BADZINSKIQBADZINSKI INCORPORATED." Joanne and Armon Micke and Dorothy and Kath- leen Badzinski had started the "BADMICKE" corselet factory, which has zoomed in popularity. Father up the street was a theater. The star billing for the evening was James Winger's dance band and his famous chorus girls: Jean Vetter- kind, Lillian Maziarka, Dorothy Grabowski, and Gertrude Barth. Feeling that he had seen enough of the sights, Mr. Korpal decided to go back to the hotel and pack his suitcase to start back for Thorp, where he has told all his friends about his encounter with the class of '55. Page Nineteen . ef M DONALD RYNIEC JAMES BISER JOSEPHINE HMIELAK President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY With the aid of our class advisors, Mr. Witzig and Mr. Nuskiewicz, we, as new upper classmen, elected class officers as follows: Donald Ryniec, President, James Biser, Vice President, and Josephine Hmielak, Secretary-Treasurer. David Guell and Bernice Butterfield were chosen to rep- resent us on the Student Council. Dave Guell was selected as the attendant for the first big event of this year, the Homecoming. He chose Bernice Butterfield as his partner. We did very well by winning first place in the float contest. Roger Benzschawel, James Biser, David Guell, Bill Harycki, John Klick, Donald Ryniec, Rex Schmidt, Eugene Wilhelm, and Jerome Wnek gave a good representation for our class in foot- ball. Of these, David, James, and Bill acquired letters. James Schauer, Louis Platt and Michael Bogumill gave them aid as managers. David Guell, Bill Harycki, Paul Harycki, James Schauer, Donald Ryniec, and Rex Schmidt participated in basketball, and Rex, James, Bill, and David won a "T" in this sport. Several boys also went out for baseball. In spring a large group of us took part in Forensics: Roger Benzschawel, James Biser, Michael Bogumill, Dorothy Gollhardt, David Guell, Darlene Gulczynski, Jackie Hedler, Josephine Hmielak, Dorothy Kliminski, Mary Ellen Pabich, Ruth Smigaj, and Mariane Staniec. During the year we put out several editions of our paper, Card Clips. Darlene Gulczynski and Bernice Butterfield directed an able staff. Mr. Wenninger most capably directed our class play "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court." The cast is to be congratulated for a fine performance. The most important event of the year for us was the Junior Prom, which was held on April 30, and was reigned over by Donald Ryniec and Mary Ellen Pabich, With this we closed our Junior year and look forward to next year when we shall return as "lordly" Seniors. Page Twenty S., 4. A 51 -i W. in fn. A N 6 V ' ,., ", ,,V , jg ,, ,G It , if G IG , gs 'WIP' 1' ig a, .N , kj P 4.-. uv.. ? fn, M Q4 E gy , if W.. Sophomore Class Officers 'Y :if DONALD SODERBERG ALICE GIWOJNA YVONNE KRUPA President Vve President Secretary-Toceasvlreo' SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY Having completed one year of high school, the Sophomores returned with eager- ness and enthusiasm to continue their education. With Mr. Korpal as their advisor, the class of '57 elected the following class officers: Donald Soderberg, President, Alice Giwojna, Vice Presidentg Yvonne Krupa, Secretary-Treasurer5 and Daniel Winger, S.A.F. Representative. The first big undertaking of the Sophomores this year was the annual initiation held on October 22. The aHair was enjoyed by all - onlookers, that is! The Sophs did very well in the Curtis Drive this year. Under the guidance of their captains, Anne Hedler, Kitty Kenney, and Ray Price they rated as the class which sold the most subscriptions. Daniel Winger was chosen as Homecoming attendant from the Sophomore class. He chose as his partner, Janice Jacques. Anne Hedler was promoted from a B-Team cheerleader to an A-Team cheer- leader, and Kitty Kenney was chosen by the Booster Club as a new B-Team cheerleader. The Sophomore class was well represented in the school sports. Dan Winger, Donald Soderberg, John Klouda, Keith Glasshof, Dale Hokkanen, and Bob Hmielak earned a letter in football. Donald also earned a letter in basketball. John Klouda took high scholastic honors in the Sophomore class by placing on the first semester honor roll. So, with two years of high school already behind them, the Sophomores are looking eagerly, yet seriously, ahead to their next two years as upperclassmen. Page Twenty - two Freshman Class Officers HAROLD HALLANGER BONITA STEWART INGRID LINDQUIST Pfresfrlent Vice Preszdent Secretary-Treasurer FRESI-IMAN CLASS HISTORY The Freshmen began a busy year by choosing their class officers with the help of Mr. Amundson. The officers are: Harold Hallanger, President, Bonita Stewart, Vice President, Ingrid Lindquist, Secretary-Treasurer3 Gerald Boardman, S.A.F. Repre- sentative. Gretchen Parks and Michael Sneider were selected as representatives for the Student Council. They began shortly to prepare themselves for the ordeal of initiation. It wasn't as bad as they thought it would be, so they gladly returned the favor by giving the Sophomores a successful return party. The Freshmen should be proud of coming out among the top of high class sales in the Curtis Drive. Virginia Hendricks helped by becoming the school high salesman, with 35136.78 Their captains were Michael Sneider, Susan Baldeschwiler, and Ingrid Lindquist. Harold Hallanger, Frank Kotecki, Merlin Nevela, Gerald Boardman, James Borowick and Robert Olejniczak took up the part of the class on the football team. Harold was rewarded with a "T" for his work. He was also chosen as Homecoming attendant and escorted Ingrid Lindquist. The Freshmen were happy to have their float take third place in the float contest. Brian Hendriks, Gerald Boardman, and Harold Hallanger participated in basket- ball, and several others went out for baseball. They were proud to have Ingrid Lindquist and Karen Izydorek chosen as B-Team cheerleaders. Just after Christmas vacation the Freshmen began learning their declamations and later came out with seven winners: Jane Conway, Harold Hallanger, Ingrid Lindquist, Michael Sneider, Rosalie Tomkowiak, Brian Hendriks, and Rose Mary Bryniarski. Jane, Harold, and Michael, placed first, second, and third respectively. Thus ended their first year of high school, and they now anxiously await next year when they will no more be plagued by the term: "Green Freshmen." Page Twenty-four X 9 Q3 .4-mf . ' 4 ES r f , if M ,af ,M ,-W, T I5 as W 35 all i x X. E x gy X F ls . if xl f X ,. -l Uh x '- A fag Q JL. M055 W7 'w-14" ' . Upper Left: Cl'0VVIli1U.2' of the Queen Upper Right: The attendants are crowned at the dance. Center Left: Mr. Qualle - "We're backing' the Cardinals 100f4." Center Right: Coach Gripentrog gives a pep talk. Lower Left: Junior class float - win- ner of first prize. Lower Right: Freshman class fioat - winner of third prize. HOMECQMING 1954 Page Twenty-six Aw P 9 O5 is 1 M FEATURES and ORGANIZATIONS The Thorp High School Band, under the direction of Mr. Roy H. 1 eeii K HZ. 1..a.v,:., ,.,,... Xia Slillllllllfli Nlnxim- 'I'iii'r-iiiiu. Nlrirlciir- liiirl4li:ii'flt, Blariziiic Stziiiicu, Horiloii llziiiscii, Micliacl Bofzumill. YV1lllI'IK.' lirupa, Carol Musik, Mr. Brcde hlniiiu- wlziwgiivs. llorutliy lmllliairmll Vifiilvi' Roxy: Nniicy limlqiiist, liiniii' Z:ilmrmrsLi, 'llhlj tilzisslinif, Mary lfllr-ii Pzilricli. .Xmie Hwllcr, -lY31lIllllt' lizillzis. ,lime i'uliw:iy, Kzitlllccn Kenney liigriwl laiivlriiiist. Si-uniil I4-iw: lililli Siiiignj. Xl:ii'i:ui llciilic, xI1llilllll'lllll' llcmllcr, lizilpli Slit-rlwi'g, Kiiwlclicii lililscii, licrniziinc BZlll7lIlSlii, Virginia Swiontelc, Donelda Kpi1'iiopiw, llulmu-s Sfvzculi, ligillilu-ii lluwlziiiski' licitli Glxissliuf, liurutliy llmlziiislai, lizircn lzymlnrc-lt. ,lfllliktii Sfliillwf. Tliiril R-fu: lmrfilliy' liliiiiinslxi, l':itriri:i lim-star, llnrlcne Liziziilc, Rosalie Toiiikowizik, Lois liorowicla, Bernice Buttcriielrl, Lola Biddle, Ray Price Vu I Nliiln lei nu NYml luiiiii Qnlmiill Vitliriiiit 1' 1 ix ling 1 Hull l Xitl Xly., Ril nl l r cl X gm. my --ii ' -Q, ,: lu-rg llvx Nrliiiinll loliii lxluiivlw lici.ilml UI Majorette MAXIM: Tl'Hi3NNi: xl oi way, 3 ci it i in iii, . ' iiir . fur, c izi' .X ge . llzirolzl llzillzinger, lhniald S0 er ni Roger lurllioln. BAD Brede, presented three concerts this yearg one in the fall, one at Christmas, and one in the spring. A recital was held in March in which all students participated who were to compete in the solo and ensemble contest at Eau Claire on March 25. The Band was also called upon to play at many of the other school activities, such as, pep meetings and at ball games. This year, with the help of the newly formed Band Booster, which took the place of the former Band Mothers, a new set of much needed street drums was purchased. Also purchased was a new drum major outfit. This outfit was purchased to fit Ralph Sherberg, who in the future will lead the band. The band will lose the following seniors through graduation: Richard Alger, cornetg Dorothy Badzinski, saxaphoneg Kathleen Badzin- ski, saxaphoneg Gordon Hansen, drums, Donelda Karnopp, French horny Patricia Kuester, clarinet, and Nancy Lindquist, clarinet. The band officers for this year are: Richard Alger, Presidentg Nancy Lindquist, Vice Presidentg Diane Zaborowski, Business Managerg Anne Hedler, Librarian, and John Klouda, Stage Manager. Page Twciity-ciglit , V 4, L V BAND SECTIONALS 5 ' XB-. Swv' My ' f,. . if -1 U4 , . A q 1 ., Y I Q X 4-sh I I m " I ff"w Y ' ww' , HW l gk 4 ' al 9 f f 5 6 16 k 4 , v f i .,,, , f 1 4 A ry 5' 3 wh fl f ' 14 4 'f , me 1 , w f , 4-. Wu 2? 1, Q 1 W3 , .aw -ff gy, 3 Standing: Mrs. Amundson, Anne Hedler, Ccrald Olson. Donelrla Karnopp. Mr, Boehm. Seaterl: Bernice Butteriielcl, James XYinger, -lozinne Micke, james Schauer, Carol Micke, Not shown: Larry Short. HOMECOMING COMMITTEE To arrange for the annual Homecoming fes- tivities two members of each class were chosen to serve on the Homecoming Committee. They were: Larry Short, Carol Micke, Anne Hedler, Gerald Olson, James Schauer, Bernice Butterfield, Joanne Micke, Donelda Karnopp, and James VVinger. Under the direction and supervision of Mr. Boehm and Mrs. Amundson, this committee was broken down into several sub-committees. Each member was thus in charge of a task in preparing MIXED The 1954-55 Chorus, directed by Mr. Roy Brede, is composed of T4 members, 51 girls and 23 boys. The number of students in chorus is an indication of how this extra-curricular activity is gaining yearly in popularity. The Chorus gave a Christmas Concert in mid- December, and in May entered the music festival at Eau Claire. for Homecoming. Upon the shoulders of these committee mem- bers fell the responsibility of such things as ob- taining firewood for the bonfire, arranging the parade, getting judges, selecting the orchestra for the Homecoming dance, and many other behind- the-scene items. We wish to thank the committee for the fine job they did in assuring the success of another Homecoming. CHORUS To supply the money for the much needed choral risers this year, each member of the chorus was obliged to sell at least one box of Christmas cards. As a result, the choral risers were pur- chased in the spring. The ofiicers for the year are as follows: Carl Johnson, President, Nancy Lindquist, Vice Presi- dent, Bernice Butterfield, Secretary-Treasurerg Anne Hedler, Librarian. Page Thirty-one Stmmling: Mr. VVcnnin er, N il B - , l l S'l ' 'h g e rorren , uc e L lmldt, C ester Przyhylski, Ronald Schultze, Carl Johnson, Edward Bieno, Leon Kotecki Richard Alger. itcsl: Kathleen Barlzinslfi, Nancy l.inrlquist, Donelda Karnopp, Dorothy Deutschlander, Annette Hokkanen, Florence Przybylski "1-XRSENIC AND QLD LACE" On Thursday, April 8, 1954, the class of '55 presented the annual Junior class play entitled "Arsenic and Old Lace." The plot and characters of this three act mystery and comedy are as follows: The entire play takes place in the Brooklyn home of the Brewster family, where Abigail fAnnette Hok- kanenj and Martha Brewster fDorothy Deutsch- landerj, old maid sisters, carry on one of their charities - namely, helping "poor, lonely old gentlemen" to find peace and contentment by offering them home-made elderberry wine with arsenic, strychnine and "just a pinch of cyanide" mixed in. To add to the situation, another Brewster - Teddy fNeil Broerenl who thinks he is Teddy Roosevelt, buries the victims in the Panama Canal which he has dug in the cellar. The plot thickens when Jonathon Brewster fCarl Johnsonj returns to the home of his youth bringing two friends with him, Dr. Einstein fRichard Algerl and Mr. Spanalzo 1Roger Podholaj, a corpse. The only sane member of the family - Mortimer Brewster fEdward Bienoj, who is in love with Elaine Har- per Cliathleen Badzinskij, rushes madly around getting doctors' signatures on legal papers to commit his family to "Happy Dale Sanitariumf' Other characters, such as the police officers, fRonald Schultze, Chester Przybylski, Leon Kotecki, and Nancy Lindquistj, Mrs. Witherspoon fFlorence Przybylskil, and Mrs. Harper CDonelda Karn0PPl all helped to bring this play to a hilarious and action-packed climax. Much credit must be given to the production staff, consisting of Ruth Bogumill, Dorothy Bad- zinski, Gordie Hansen, Jude Schmidt, Louis Car- penter, Robert Benzschawel, Dean Liazuk, and Estelle Wargolet, for their many hours of work. This play, under Mr. Wenninger's direction, was a great success, and the crowd which attended was the largest in years. Page Thirty-two Stzuuling: Nliss Ronnei, Ruth Bogumill, Sllllllfil llziines. Dorothy lllwlllizlrmlt, Nlzlrlcnc Hllflxllilfllt, Klzixint- 'l'urL'nnc, Bernice BL gr 114 Sq-ntwl: l.Ol'l'Hllll' llzizugzl, Sharon hlcniip-ss, Rriscliizw l.11k:ns1L'xriCz, l'lm'um'v l'I'Z5'l15'lSl-ll. lxstullv XxIll'jZHlL'l, Lillian xllll ir in ' I i ifrzilmxrsc . LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club was formed this year under the direction and guidance of Miss Ronnei. Membership in the Library Club brings with it the responsibility of working during free periods and after school as an assistant librarian. An assistant librarian has such tasks as checking out books, keeping the library in good order, and supervising discipline in the library. Student librarians lighten the load of the chief librarian while they also learn many new things. lingo Thirty-tlirrc STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council, the governing body of the high school was organized five years ago to bring democratic principles to the school. Three seniors are elected to serve on the council. Two students are chosen from each of the other respective classes. This year's work began by electing Ruth Bogumill as President, Bernice Butter- field, Vice President, and Catherine Conway, Secretary-Treasurer. Guided by Mr. Amundson, the council undertook many projects, such as the student handbook, dances, and the Christmas Ball. A great accomplishment of the Student Council this year was the installation of the hall monitor system. This system necessitates every student, upon leaving a classroom during a class period, to present the hall monitor with a colored pass from the classroom teacher. The purpose of this system is to eliminate unnecessary traffic in the halls during classtime. Each student on the Student Council is trying to develop a better understanding of government and its procedure, thereby, making our school a better place in which to live and work. Diane Zaborowski and Richard Alger served as council advisors during the first se1neste1'. Standing:4 Michael Sneirler, Davidkfiuell, Dan VYingcr, Ronald Schultze. Alice Sciezor, Gretchen Parks, Mr. Amundson Seated: Diane Lzilmrowskl, Katherine Voiiwziy, Ruth Bogumill, Bernice Buttcrliclcl, Richard Alger, Page rllllifij'-ffllll' Back Row: Mary Ellen Pabich, Marian Henlze, Josephine Hmielak, ,lanice jacques, Katherine t"oiiu':i5. Ruth liaczor, Rust-inary Bryniarslai. Sandra Yetterkinfl. fiarol Micke, Louis Platt, Edward Bieno. Chester Przybylski. Ronalrl Schultze, Leon liotecki. .Xrninn Micke, Yxwniiie lirnpa, Rosalie Tonikowiak, fiarol Masik, Susan Rusch, Ionc Siniet, Barbara lialiger, Susan Ilalflescliwiler. Laura Platt. 'liliirrl Ron: Mr, XYitzig, Annette Hol-ckanen, Darlene fiulcynski. llertrurle Barth, Roseinae l,lll'i1lSll".XlLi7. ,lean Xvttfkfl-llllfl, Karen lzyflfirek. .lane Yctterkinrl, Kathryn Klitneck. janet Heiller, l.eora Durlansl-cy, Germaine Bailzinski, lileanore Yetterl-cinel, Dorothy lirzilniwslqi, Pauline Kraniiez. Marjorie Korll. -lolania Mikolainis, Darlene Liazuk, Dorothy Kliminski, Dorothy ilollharflt, Loretta Hberle, Racln-l Micke. Theresa lint--nski. Elaine ylakowicz, Lou Ann Kaminslti, Patricia Mainayck, Dorothy Baclzinski, .loanne Micke. Second Rf-xv: Kathleen lieiniey, Ingrirl Linflquist, Margaret Hilgert, Rhrta llnftinan, Ruth Biddle, Avvtoiiettt- Milauslxi, Mary .Xnn Dranginis, Grace Sl'xI'Zj'I7L'l-Q, Margaret l.ewainlowski, Gretchen Ehhen. Florence Przylvylslfi. .Xlice Seitzor, Lillian Mazciarka, listellt' XYargolet, Lois lflorouick, Dolores SzCzeCl1. .loan Alger, ,ltanctte Korll, Dorothy Scigiensl-ii. Lola lflirlrlle, Tlieresa Kn'.ialski. Bernice Balielci, Yirginia llt-nilrilcs, Bernice Platt. Bonita Stewart, .lane Conway. First Ron: Ruth Bogumill, Dorothy Dentschlanrler. fit?-fltllllill' Duflansky, Shaion ,lc-nness, -loan iirucelski, Marlt-ne liurkliarrlt, Nancy l.indqnist, Diane Zaborowski, Bernice Hutterticlrl, Kathleen Bailzinski, Donclfla Karnopp, Margie Daincleixitv. lilaine lfortek, Patricia Viiniinings. llretvllcii Parks. Judy Iilasshof, Ethel Klimc-ck, ,lt-an Dallas, Kneeling: Ruth Smigaj, Maxine Tnrenne, ,lavqueline Hcrller. Anne Hedler. BQOSTER CLUB Under the capable guidance of Mr. Witzig, the Booster Club again made a success of selling Homecoming pins and basketball schedule pencils. The officers of the club were: Bernice Butterfield, Presidentg Maxine Turenne, Vice Presidentg Kathleen Badzinski, Secretary-Treasurer. THE CARD CLIPS Bearing a new name, t'Card Clips," our Junior class paper this year again brought the students up to date on the school happenings. Co-editors of this monthly paper were Bernice Butterfield and Darlene Gulczynski. They were aided by a competent staff of writers and typists. 1.4-. m--Y A- Bcrnice Bnttcrlielfl, Mr. XXX-iniinger, llarlrnr- linligzynski, C '1'l1irty-tiyc P :cle Row: Ruth Kzu'zoi', Ssimlrn Yettcrkiiicl, Elciinore Urzecliowski, Rwscnmry Bryniarski, Delores linlarowicz. Ethel Klimf'ClC, Lflllfil PH Minnie l':in'lirki, ,I-mn Przyliylski, lilizzilmctli liourcski, Leona Pawlicki, Margie Dzinielewicz, Elaine Fortclc. Pat C'ummings, Judy Blu e Rosalie 'I'onikoi'.izilx, llir-sl xlIlSil-I, Susan Rusch, lone Simi-t, Iflzirlizirzi flziligcr. l lnrlh Row: .Xnnzi liurtinziilis. Roscnirie laikzisicwicz, ,lt-:in Yutterkinrl, ,lzinc Ycttcrkinrl, Kathryn lilimcck, Iileanorc Yctterkinil, -loyue Ku era Nlnry Ann XYyvzzixxski, Louise Sxelvnck, jolzintzi Mikolainis, Stcpliniiiq Szczech, llzirli-ne Lizizuk, Mzsrirmc Stzinicc, lflcrnicc Butterlielcl, Yxonne Iiriipn. lizirrn lzyrliwi-lx, llcriiict- Bziliulti, xvlfjlllllll lit-nilriks, Tlicreszi Klutowski. -luziiiiic Micke. lhirnl linwi .loan lliirzj-lislxi, Susan lizililcschwilcr, Aiitoiicttc Nlilsiwski, Mary .Xnn Drnnginis, Grave Skrzypt-lc, Frances Marek, Ann VN'elciL Nlurgziri-1 l.t-wrimlfnrslxi, lirctclivii lflilicn. l"loi'eiice Przyliylski, Alicg- Suit-zor, Lillian Blnzizirkzi, listcllc XYzii'golct, Lois Boroxxick. lloloru Slum-rli, -lzinct Ili-illcr, l':irol lJeiitsc'lil:iiislvi'. ,loan Alger, -li-:im-ttc Kmll, llorotlig Scigienski, Lori-tt:1 Hlserle, Bzirliara BCllZSCllllNYCl, Szincra llziini-s. Xlrs. .Xiniimlstnr -roptl Ron: .Xnnv llwllvr. Ruth llirlillc, Mildred liurtinziitis. .loan lirutclski, Marlene Biirklizirilt, Virginia Swiontck, Put Mziniayek, 'Lou nn lxqiminslu, lm-:in Xlntlt-s. llllllllllk' llcpzi, Lnrcttzi llurzynski, Rita liostoniski, Svlimirlt, Tliercsa Kowalski, Bonita Stewart, Bernice ln' 1 lroni R--xx: I!i.lh lloginnill, Nancy ljmlqiiist, -li-ziiiiiic llzillzis, lzine li0!lNVIlj', ,lean Pnxilzik, l.ol:i Hizlclle, Stella Przybylski. Lorrziine Hzwu i lli-rn:i1lini- fiikoxrslti. llorotliy lilznlzinski. lflziinc ,l:ikov.'icz, Riichcl Micke P. H. The Future Homeinakers of America elected the following' ofhcers at the beginning' of the year: Pa- tricia Mamayek, Presiclentg Lou Ann Kaminski, Vice Presidentg Rita Gostomski, Secretaryg Pauline Depa, Treasurer. This group, which sponsored such things as the Senior Christmas Tea, Hobo Day, and "From Bustles to Bermudas," was ably supervised by Mrs. Amundson. F, F. A. The Thorp Chapter of the Future Farmers of America is advised by Mr. Swanson. The oflicers elected this year were: Donald Ryniec, Presidentg Frank Galiger, Vice Presidentg Justin Jakowicz, Secretary-Treasurer. This year the Future Farmers of America chose Gretchen Parks as their "Chapter Sweetheart." Hack Row: 'I'hn1n.i- lkiwlnk, Roller! iirncelslti, Louis liaminski. VN'altcr Pawlak. Merlin Nevzilzi, Bernzirvl Burzynski, fiorrlon Sfllllilfll. lcrwlili' Xvisizs. Sizinli-3 Slxnit-rrryiislti, Ql-'sepli llcpzi, Xliillieim Page-l. ,lerry Kniistzi. - ' v I ' . p lhir-l Ron: liunigiii Klart-lt, lDgivi.i l,iissui-lui, .Xiitlmiiy Marek, lfrzink .Xmlrusl4icnic4, ,lcroinu illowzicki. l-surge NXi'lrieh. Xcrnon Xorlx. lliio llifvigr la-ln.i:il ,ilalliioxxsln .Xllun Nliniiilt, l.ilxx.ii1l lniilulnn. N't'oi:ililQlm: Fri-il lQ11g.llslxl,Yll,il1' lllllxliillltll. l'gl'l'llflI'fl lJulvi'z5iis'si, Ri:l1:iril lli'z5l:ylsl4i. Iluilc Svlilliifll. Vlllllll' SUIWV. l"'Ul5 Pllllly Tllflmla 1Il.mI,1,m,,H. 'I'lgn1ng1s lim-sit-r, .Xnthony Xliluzt-lt. XX-llllillll Nlillcr, .U vm: IMHVU gh, ,-In 431-.-liiy Sulltii-4-iiivz, I.i--1 Hnlvlv-rlinili-r, lmui- l:irpt-ntcr, .lustin -lzilsoxxicz. llonzilil Rgnicc. Robert rblcjniczzilf, limlxx li nt l Iixiniinslti, Ail'll'f XNMJI, -lzirncs lirzimcr. l':igt-'l'l1irty-six l'l'R'l'lS IJRIX E Sl'X'Rlf'l'.-XR lilllllll'i'II llzulzinski. Ruth llugumill. CURTIS DRIVE Although we did not surpass our set quota in sales dollars this year, we again experienced a very successful Curtis Drive sale which ended with a grand total of Sj52,212.41. As in previous years, the Seniors and Sopho- mores competed against the Juniors and Fresh- men. At the end of the drive we found the Sophomore and Senior team netted a total of S1,112.29, and the Junior and Freshmen team netted a total of 351,100.12 The outstanding class in sales dollars was the Sophomores with a total of 567511. Top sales honors went to a Freshman, Vir- ginia Hendriks. Vir,Q'inia's sales amounted to 513678. As a reward Virginia received a wrist watch and ensemble. At the end of the drive the customary draw- ing was held at which Bonita Stewart was the lucky winner of a beautiful Benrus wrist watch. The winner of the individual salesmanship trophy was Janice Jacques. With the aid of the class captains: Nancy Lindquist, Patricia Kuester, Dorothv Badzinski, Bernice Butterfield, Fred Kenney, Jo Hmielak, Anne Hedler, Kathleen Kenney, Ray Price, Ingrid Lindquist, Susan Baldeschwiler, and Michael Sneider and the two competent secretaries, Ruth Bogumill and Kathleen Badzinski, Thorp High School concluded another successful year of Curtis Drive Sales. 3 T S2 3 Stzimliiigt Bliclizncl Sncimlcr, Ingrid ldiiilquist. Huriiicv liutterliclml, Kxitlilcjsn llzulzinski, Ruth llugumill. .Xiiiir lluillcr, R115 l'r Suntuml: l':it Kll05fL'I', Katlllecii liciiiicy, Nancy l,lIllllIlllSI, Dorothy Hiulzllislvi, Susziii llzililrsclixxiln-r. ,lu llmirlxilv. Not Slirmn: Fred Kciiiicy. Page Tl1ll'Ij'-SCYCII PROM i'UMlNll'l"l'El'l nirling: Mr. .Xmumlr-on. Ni-il lirm-ren, Robert Bl'llZSCll2lXVL'l, Armon Micke, Conlon Vzyzewicz, Eflwzirrl Bieno, Ricllarcl Alger, Mr. VVitzig ntcilz lizitlili-on llmlziuski, Nancy ljmlqiiist, Dorothy Bzulzinski, ,luzinnc klirlw, llonclrln linrnopp, Ruth llogumill. JUNIOR PROM On May 1, 1954, the Thorp High School gym was the setting for a very colorful prom. The gym was decorated with yellow and white streamers, generously sprinkled with butterflies, and strung between Japanese pagodas. White picket fences, literally covered with pink and blue morning glories, bordered the dance floor. This, added to the huge scene which made the background for the volcano at the far end of the gym, carried out the theme for "Madame Butterfly" very well. King Neil Broeren and his Queen Catherine Conway led the grand march and were attended by Robert Benzschawel and Kathleen Badzinski. Very appropriate music for this occasion was furnished by Billy Uthmeier and his Band. Much credit must be given to our advisors, Mr. Amundson and Mr. Witzig, for their many hours of work and all the advice which did so much to make the Prom a success. llugz- 'l'llirtyL-iglit 1 l if ss, M WEL, Upper left: Grand March. 61? Q' 4: JUNIOR PRGM 1954 "Madame Butterfly" Upper rigrlit: Back Row: Mrs. -Conway, Mr. Conway, Mr. Bros-ren, Mrs. Bron-ren. In Front: Catherine Conway and Neil Broerc-n. Middle left: King' Neil and Queen Catherine. Lower left: Cl'OWHlllE' of the Queen. Lower right: Finish of the Grand March. l':ipZc 'l'li1rt5-1 Stziniling: Mrs. Swanson. l'l4lXYIll'fl Bltllll, Florence l'rzylJ5lski, -lozinnc lligkc, l.illi:i1i Mzizizirkzi. llorotliy llcutsclilzinr St-zitul: ficrtru-lc Barth. liutlilt-ui Hzimlzinski. llonclrlzi liflfli 4111, lzstcllr XX:irgoIt'1. gkiiiicltc llflliliilllkdl, llorulliy llzirlzi THE CARDI AL HI-LITES The Cardinal Hi-Lites again made its weekly appearance in the Thorp Courier, bringing the news and happenings within the school to the public. Donelda Karnopp headed the staff as editor, with Kathleen Badzinski and Estelle Wargolet as assistant editors. Edward Bieno edited the sports column, while Lillian Maziarka, Joanne Micke, and Gertrude Barth took care of news and feature write-ups. Senior Biographies were written by Dorothy Badzinski and Florence Przybylski with Dorothy Deutschlander and Annette Hokkanen providing the humor column. Much credit must be given to Mrs. Swanson for her great deal of work and time put in to make our newspaper column a better and more enjoyable one. l-'nge Forty lu Buck Ron: Ruth Ixzn-vin-, lllllCl'CSZl liowzilski, Pauline llcpzi, Lormiiiic llzizugn, l'1iti'ici:i tiiiiiiiiiiigs, llzirlenc llulczynski, Rhctzi ali llol'fm4in, l.c-:ru lliidnnsky, Yirginizi llcnmlriks, Stcplianic Szczc' . lillllflll Row: llizine Zzilmruwski, ltlzirgziret llilgrrt, Dorrrtliy Kliniinski, vlU54'IllllIll'lllIllK'l1ll'i. hlziiiivehlzicques, Mary Ann XYyCzziw- ski, Bernice llutlcrliclml, llurothy lizulzinski, lloscnizic Lukzisicxxicy. ticrniziinc liznlzinski, 'lll1L'I'Cill iiutowski, Mr, Tetzncr, lmiiisc Szilvzivk. l'hird Row: fvlzirx' Ellen Pzilvicli, Ruth Sniignj, lilziine lfortck, lizircn lzfwlorck, hlnrgic llzniiclcwicz, lzicqnelinc llerllcr, Kathleen licnncy. .lv-:in fllnttcs. Dorothy liI'IllVOXN'Slil, Pilllllllt' lirziniicz, ,lzinc cl4lllXYIlj'. ccond Row: lirctclioii iihhun, Ingrid l.inslquist, Nancy Lindquist, Yvonne lirupzi, Anne llidlcr, lizitlilcen Bznlzinski, jozinne Micke, Alice Iiiwojnzi, Maxine Turcnne, Marlene llnrklizirdt, fllllllQ'l'lllt' 4'oiiw:ny. rfmt Row: Elaine -llukniwicz, Shziroii -lenncss, ,lzinct llciller, llcniiinc Dzxllns, -lnzin lliirzynski, lim-tclicii Parks, ,liuly tilzisshof. Lois lloruwick. Dolores Szczucli, iizirol Micke. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO This year, for the first time in the history of Thorp High School, our school organized a Girls' Athletic Association, under the guidance of Mr. Tetzner. The purpose of the G A.A. is to provide athletic activities for all girls who are interested. Each girl must participate in a set number of inside and outside school sports. This organization is based on the point system, which credits a girl with a designated number of points for each sport in which she participates. When a girl attains the designated number of points, she receives an oiiicial G.A.A. letter. These girls were chosen at the organizational meeting to guide the newly formed club: Kathleen Badzinski, Presidentg Joanne Micke, Vice Presidentg Anne Hedler, Secretary-Treasurer5 Yvonne Krupa, Point Secretary. As members of the executive board the following girls were chosen: Nancy Lindquist, Seniorg Maxine Turenne, Junior, Alice Giwojna, Sophomoreg Ingrid Lindquist, Freshman. Page Forty-one ll'mlL1L'licili Stull 'St:iiuling: lionzilcl Schultze, Lccm liotctki, UL-un Llkillllli, ilicstur l'l'zylJylsl4i. - Nvsitr-:lg .lmlv Svlimirlt, -lunnm' Micke, l:l0l'L'llCL' Przyliylslxi, Nancy Llmlqllist, llurotliy Bfllllllltil-il, Arnimi hlll "FOR LGVE AND MONEY" On Thursday evening, November 18, the Senior class presented their annual class play, "For Love and Money," a comedy in three acts. The plot and characters are as follows: Edna Claire iKathleen Badzinskil is a nurse and receptionist who is secretly in love with her employer, Doctor Ralph Emerson fRichard Algerj a young man who has recently finished his internship and is having a hard time building up his practice. Ralph's sister is Gale Emerson tAnnette Hokkanenl, a somewhat sophisticated young lady who is a talented actress. Gale thinks she is in love with Arthur Storm fRonald Schultzel who is a self-centered young television writer. Arthur knew nothing of the plans of Stuart Kingsley QNeil Broerenl who is a likeable young fellow. He thinks he is sincerely in love with Audrey Ward fNancy Lindquistj, a sophisticated and hard-boiled young lady. Audrey doesn't like Stuart's spinster cousin, Myra Kingsley fDonelda Karnoppl. Gertie Mack fRuth Bogumilll is a huskily built nurse who makes short work of Jack Blair CEdward Bienoj, a self-assured young newspaper reporter. All these characters combined brought this play to a fast moving and hilarious climax. A very large and appreciative audience attended the play. Much credit must be given to Mr. Wenninger and the production staff who worked many long hours to help make the play a success. Page Forty tu o Frm:-ling: XIV. xYt'Illlll'lQL'I', llzirifl linell, Ruth Smigzij, llorotliy lirzilrou-Li, Roger liriizsrliaxxcl, .linnus lliwr Se-ntwl: liiirlrm' tiulcyviski, Nlnry lfllen Pzilmirli, Dorothy lilirninslxi, 'lill"lllf'lilli' llwllrr, Nlnriniie Stzinier. VETERANS DAY PRQGRAM Again this year the Speech Class presented a program for the newly named Veterans Day. After the presentation of the Flag by the American Legion, the band played the "Star Spangled Banner." Under the direction of Mr. Wenninger, members of the Speech class presented a short one-act play entitled "In Recognition of Democracyf' Those who took part in this play were: David Guell, James Biser, Ruth Smigaj, Darlene Gulczynski, Mariane Staniec, and Dorothy Grabowski. James Biser gave an appropriate oration entitled "An American Tragedy." A quartet consisting of Jacqueline Hedler, Dorothy Kliminski, Dorothy Gollharflt, and Mary Ellen Pabich, sang 'tThe Holy Grail." Following this, the band played a medley of songs suitable for the occasion, and the flag was retired by the American Legion to close the program. Page lf'-nrty"tlii'i-i A ' V, GIRLS' PROM 1955 QUEEN: .IOANNE MICKE KING: LJONELDA KARNOP1 lglliu , -.4 0'-., - I A QQ -P -- in E r FRESHM EX lDEtil.ABlA'l'ION XYINNERS Standing: Brian Henflriks. Harold llzillanger, Blichziel Sneiiler. - Seated: Rosemary Brynizirski, Rosalie Toinkowizik, Ingrid Lindquist, . , ,l anc lonway. declamations Catherine Conway and Janice Jacques placed first and second respectively. David Guell and James Riser came out on top in learned orations. These students, along' with Nancy Lind- quist, extemporaneous readingg Annette Hokkan- en, four minute speechg and Ruth Bogumill, FORENSICS Under the direction of a new coach, Mrs. Swanson, the forensics group began working on their selections shortly after the opening of the second semester. In the school elimination contest, held in early March, the students who came out in first and second places in serious declamations were as follows: Mary Ellen Pabich placed first and Dorothy Gollhardt placed second. In humorous oriinal orationg participated in the district tournament held at Thorp High School on March 19. At the contest held in Eau Claire none of the students placed an "A," thus, no one from our school went to the State finals at Madison. Huck Row: Lola Biddle, llzivizl Guell, Michael Bogumill, Edward Rig-no. Nancy limlqiiist, Annette llol-gkziiieii, Roger Benz- gg-liggwel, Dorotliy Grzilniwski, Itlziine Forltel-Q. Q U D Venter Ron: Ruth HoguinilhhMzirizinc btrnncc. Ruth hinignj, Jacqueline Iledler, l':itlit-rinc Voiixrziy, Alziints llisi-r. .Xnn llcillcr, lintlilcvii Kenney, Alice iilXVl1iIlZl' .Kline SCICZOV. Dorothy l?CllISClllZlll1lL'I', lftllcl lilllI1CL'ii. Front Row: Gertrude Barth, .lziniee -IIIVQIIKTS, Mary Ellen l':ilnch, Klzirgie llqinii-lt-xriez, llzirli-ne liulczynski. Iboimqhy Khlmutkil 5 I Lou Ann Kzuninslei, linthleen Bziwlzinski, lloneldxi liflfllxlll. Page lrorty-tire VU 5 .ff 7? ff V f . 'f ,ii I "A ff, MJ' A I -I if ,f A I IM if W4 fi MARDI GRAS 1955 QUEEN: CORRINE ESLINGER ATTENDANTS: JOANNE MILTKPI, High School M.ARGIE DANIELEWICZ, Legion and Auxiliary KATHLEEN BADZINSKI, Lions Club JEAN MATTES, Moose Lodge VIRGINIA KINAS, Blue Moon Page Forty-six ATHLETICS EW' 'Jia 3 4 wb , S ZX k Row: Michael Bogumill, Rivlizirrl Przybylski, Bernard Dolvrzynski, Thomas Pawlzik, Leo Loilancl, Gordon Schmidt, Merlin Nciea Robert Uh-jnicmk, Leo Bzilwlescliwiler, Arthur Alger, john lilourli, Russell Bozirclnmn, Frank liotecki, Leon liotecki, james Schauer iter Row: Vozicli 'lictziiciy l'lu-stcr Przyliylski, john lilick, Roger licnzscliziwel, llzivicl 'll-clziw, XN'illiam llaryeki, Keith Glasshof lhmzilfl Rynicc, Rex Sclnniilt, lingcm- VN'illiL-lin, Dziviil iiucll. jeromc XYneli, llnle llnkkgineii, Robert llmiclzik, i'oach Gripentrog. lzmni Row: llzirulil llzillzingi-r, Ilzinicl VYinger, Riclizirml Alger, john Maier. Robert Bcnzschznwcl, Carl johnson, Neil Bron-ren, Ronan S l I ini lli Ll ln tin lik unix Cordon llunsen louis I'l'itt . ciul ze, llunnlil Soilcrlwrg, ju -s I s ' -1 'o f"'., I . . . . . 1 . FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Timm' AT SPRING VALLEY The Thorp Cards traveled to Spring Valley where they played their first game of the season in a downpour. Spring Valley scored a 12-0 lead in the first half, and only mid-way through the fourth quarter did the battling Cards begin to even this score. The first touchdown of the season for Thorp was made by our captain, Neil Broeren. The attempted extra point failed to meet its aim, and the game ended a few minutes later with the Thorp Cardinals on the short end of a 12-6 score. CHIPPEXVA FALLS AT THORP Our first home game of the season was the stage of a rough and tough battle between our own Tho1'p Cardinals and Chippewa Falls. On the second play of the game the Chippewa Cards ran 65 yards for the first T.D. In the first quarter the Chippewa Cards successfully broke through the Thorp line for three more touchdowns. However, none of the attempted extra point kicks were successful. It wasn't until the final quarter that our home team managed to put a dent in the scoring column by accurate passes from Don Soderbergg the first to John Maier, and the second to Gordie Hansen. Of the two attempted extra points, we gained one. Thus, another non- conference game ended with Thorp again on the short end of a 24-13 score. T1-IORP AT STANLEY For the traditional rivalry game this year, the Cardinals traveled to Stanley where, in a steady downpou1', the home team met their first conference defeat and their third straight loss. The Orioles copped their first seven points in the first quarter and six more in the second quarter. Although the boys fought hard to hold the record by again defeating the Orioles, the Stanley squad plus the rain proved to be too much for them. Page Forty NEILLSVILLI-1 AT THoRP Next on the agenda came Neillsville. This may be cited as our best game, as the weather was perfect, and we copped our first and only win of the season. Our home team racked up two touchdowns. The first came mid-way in the second quarter on a 10 yard pass from Don Soderberg to Gordie Hansen. The extra point kick failed to reach its mark. The second T.D. came on a sneak play by Soderberg f1'om the 2 yard line. With a successful kick for the extra point, the Cards completed their scoring. The Warriors staged a comeback by immediately breaking through the Cardinal line and scoring a T.D. The extra point attempt was not successful. This game was a bruising defensive battle on the part of both teams, but our own Cardinals proved to be too much for the Warriors. TI-IORP AT CORNELL Next we journeyed to Cornell to play their Homecoming game. This was a sad game indeed, for it seemed our boys couldn't get a start. The Cornell Chiefs hammered out a decisive victory by completing five T.D.'s and two extra points. So, the game ended with our home team short 32 points. OWEN AT THORP Rain again plagued the Cards as they went into battle with Owen. Owen scored six points in the second quarter and seven in the thirdg but Thorp failed to come through and score. Owen copped their first win from the Cardinals in ten years, on a rain-flooded gridiron. CADOTT AT THORP fHonzef-mningy Again the weather was against us, for snow and freezing temperatures prevailed throughout the day. The Cardinals received the opening kick- -eight FCOTBALL SCHEDULE oil' from the Cadott Hornets and rolled T0 yards for the first T.D. A pass from Don Soderberg to John Maier moved the ball to the Cadott 10 yard line and from there Dan Winger romped over the goal line. However, the extra point failed. On the next kick-off the Hornets roared back for a 75 yard touchdown. The point was good, and at the half the score showed no favoriteg standing, Cadott- 7, Thorp - 6. In the third quarter, Cadott came back with the winning touchdown, and the game ended with a sad score: Thorp - 6, Cadott - 13. Although the Cards did not live up to their previous standards in wins and losses, it can be ala ' 1 iq, ,rm-A L said that, win or lose, the team practiced good sportsmanship at all times. The following Senior boys will not be avail- able for service next year: Neil Broeren, Carl Johnson, Bob Benzschawel, Richie Alger, Gordie Hansen, John Maier, Ronald Schultze, Leon Kotecki, Chet Przybylski, Justin Jawokicz, and Bernard Dobrzynski. But as stars leave there are more to fill in the vacated positions, so it is with confidence that we look to our underclassmen to take up where we left off. Congratulations are due Coach Gripentrog and the boys for a fine hard-fought season of football. mt' , . J . K b v vw H' ,W xg Q., 'Q.... JZ' ' 3 . v iii iiiiiii 9'-L' A 131' 6 my ff i ff: i t ww rsii ' f iifiifii V f l 5 . i M ', sg M., . , " b 1 Q . . ,.., ' ,' M , W, A Q . i m .cg , s. , . M . , JY 5 :-' .1 -. A C, 5"7LfZ..' if 1, ' ,,.,,f e eu as "' if ' "ii ' i 3 A ' siiscc in i zil 0, 4 1 . a Page Forty-nine starting LlllihlvllfSfflllllillgf Nail Broeren, Dfmalcl Sorlcrbcrg, Richard Alger, Gorrlon Hansen. I U . lrunt Row: ,lolm Xlzucr, Rolmcrt Benzscliawel, Rmmlfl Schultze, Farl -lnlmsoii. hlzmies Biser, justin Jakowlcz, Daniel VVlnger Bos BENZSCHAXVEL Tackle RICH ALGER Fullback CAPT. NEIL BROEREN Half back HS HHUNTZH MAIEIR "DUTCH CHULTZE End Pzigc Fifty Guard JUSTIN JAKOWICZ MITCH BISER Tackle Guard GORDIE HANSEN Halfback DON SODERBERO CARL JOHNSON DANNY WINGER Qzmrterback Center Enfl Qi H 1.4.1. 9 A .. 9 E I . Second String-Standing: VYilliam Harycki, john Klouda, Donald Ryniec, Daniel VYinger. Front Line: Eugene XVilhclm, Harold Hallanger, Dale Hokkanen, Robert Hmielak, Keith Glzisslwf, James Biser, David Teclaw, Gordon Schmidt. Page Fifty-One gf? LN- 5Y1ll11lIl1KI lnpl. Rivl1:11'il .Xlgt-r, Xiillizini llnrvclvi, llorclun llzmscn, lJilYlll but-ll Rev Nrlimidt lloirild Nudcrlicrg luhn Xlilcr i'lll'lL'N - Srlligiiu-r', ,lnmcs XYingt'r, Rivlinrd -lzirucki, i lxncrlingi Mgr. Allk'l1Ili'l lilljlllllllll, 11'ill'll hripcntiwg. Mgr. ,lzinics Him-r. lkizicli ilit'IZ!IL'l'. Immediately following t.he finish of the football season, Mr. Tetzner called together all the boys inter- ested in playing basketball. A large number of boys responded. At the first meeting, our new coach found that Gordon Hansen was the only returning regular from the previous year's squad. Two reserves, Richard Alger and Richard Jarocki, also returned from the re- serves of the preceding year to fill in the vacated posi- tions. Donald Soderberg and James Schauer, who had also had some previous experience on the regular squad, completed the starting line-up. Later in the season, Coach Tetzner added and substituted freely with John Maier, VVilliam Harycki, David Guell, Rex Schmidt, and James YVinger filling in. VVith the help of the two will- ing and faithful managersg Michael Bogumill and James Biserg Coach Tetzner and a group of hard-work- ing boys, a highly successful season of basketball was enjoyed by Thorp High School. Basketball Schedule Nov. 19 - TIIORP AT ALTOONA. The Cards got off to a bad start in their '54-55 season when they lost the non-conference opener to the Altoona Railroaders, 51-64. The Cards were behind by quite a margin until a third quarter rally brought them within 2 points of a tie. In the fourth quarter Altoona made double the amount of points that our Cards made, to win the ball game. Nov. 23 - Tuonr AT COLFAX. The second non-con- ference game of the season was played with the Vikings of Colfax. The Cards had their first taste of victory when they defeated the Vikings, 61-49. in a nip-and-tuck battle. Trailing 43-41 at the end of the third quarter, our Cards successfully broke through the Viking defense to cop 20 points in the last eight minutes. Hansen took scoring honors with 27 points. Nov. 30 - CIIIPPEXYA AT THORP. Our Cardinals faced defeat as the Chippewa Cards overcame a stub- born Thorp defense on our home court, to win the ball game 39-57. The game was a close one although the score gives a different impression. A Chippewa rally in the fourth quarter proved to be too much for the Thorp Cards. Richard Jarocki paced Thorp with 16 points. 11190. 3 - Gamzxwoon AT Timer. With Gordie hit- ting for 243 points, the Cards defeated Greenwood for lhigi- another non-conference victory. The 41-19 lead at half- time gave Thorp fans an added incentive to cheer our boys on to a 67-37 victory over Greenwood. DEC. 7 - THORP AT OSSEO. The slim 24-21 margin by which the Cardinals led Osseo was no indication of what the outcome of this game was going to be. It seemed that our Cards couldn't get back into the ball game after the halftime period, when the Osseo quint outscored us by a 20 point margin. DEC. 9-THORP AT NE1LLsv1LLi-3. This win over the VVarriors made our record three wins and three losses. The 50-41 victory over Neillsville was a hard fought defensive battle on the part of both teams, but the fine shooting of Rich Alger and Gordie Hansen in the third quarter proved to be too much for the VVar- riors. Hansen scored 13 points and Alger 12 points to lead in the scoring column. DEC. 17 -- WITH!-:E AT THORP. By defeating Withee in this game. the Cards slipped into a 3-way tie for the division leadership with Stanley and Owen. The Cards took a 27-15 point lead in the first quarter and stretched it to a 47-24 score at halftime. The third quarter swelled the score to 68-40 and the game ended with an impressive 81-52 victory for the Cardinals. Our quint two ,, if' its 9 .W . - 'JI i. . , . 'ami A X - X -A . . . A f.,...m,f ,f ,z-gr 1: ' x . .X Q r- Q' Hx X 5 1 ,- A, x , , N-x .i QQ 5-if fs I af ks 0 ,jaw N gf. I 5 Q . , an i 'Q fm g 'f .0 . 1... i Basketball Schedule Cards beat out an impressive 93-45 vistory. Schmidt held scoring' honors with four buckets and four free throws for a total of 12 points. JAN. 21 - OWEN AT THORP. The Thorp Cards finally got back on Victory trail as they cemented their hold on the second place lead in the Eastern Cloverbelt conference. Although Owen lead at the end of the first period by a 4 point margin, the Cards out-scored them in every other quarter to beat out a 72-55 victory. Hansen again led in total points with 23 points. JAN. 24 --THORP AT GREENXVOOD. Meeting the Greenwood quint for a second time this season, the Cards turned the tables on them to come out with a victorious 51-60 score. Although our Cards trailed by 2 points at the half, the well-placed shots of Gordie Hansen, Rex Schmidt, and Don Soderberg brought Thorp another victory. Hansen was high with 18 points. JAN. 28-NEILLSYILLE AT THORP. In this game the Cards defeated Neillsville for the second time in the season, by a 72-44 score. The Cards were out in front by one point at the close of the first quarter. The score was tied 28-all at the halftime. In the last two quarters, the Cards outscored the Neillsville quint by a large margin. Don Soderberg took scoring honors with 23. A - Q FEB. 4-THoRP AT WITHEE. The Cards upheld their winning streak to defeat Withee 70-86. Hansen, with 30 points, led our team to an easy victory. The game was not in much doubt, as Thorp led by a sub- stantial margin at the end of each quarter. FEB. 8-ALTOONA AT THoRP. Though the Cards led by 4 points, 16-12, at the close of the first 8 minutes of play, the Railroaders had gone ahead by a 31-33 score at the half-time. The second half was a hard-fought de- fensive battle, but Altoona proved to be too much for the Cards. The game ended with Thorp on the short end of a 63-80 score. The highlight of the game was Gordie Hansen who hit for 33 points. FEB. 10 - THORP AT STANLEY. Although the boys went into this game ready to fight their hardest, they found it quite difficult to overcome a stiff Stanley de- fense. The Cards led briefly in the opening moments, but the Orioles out-scored them in every quarter to de- feat our team 87-62. Don Soderberg scored 19 points. FEB. 15-WISCONSIN RAPIDS AT THORP. In this, the last scheduled game of the season, the Cards did not find it too difficult to defeat Assumption High School 87-60. Thorp took the lead early in the first quarter and stretched this lead to come out victorius. Hansen and Soderberg led Thorp with 24 and 29 points respectively. l Burl-c Rout Von-'li 'llctziii-r, Roger Podliolzi. Russell Bozirdmziii, Hzirolil Hzillnngcr, Ricliard f'zubzikowski, Dale Hokkzincn. jznnes Uberlc, Gordon Ficliniidi, Brian Hciizlriks, Voacli liripcutrog. lfront Row: lie-itli filassliof. Leo Baldi-scliwiler, fierzild Rozirllmmi, lhiiiiel XYiiigei', Vliester' Przyliylski, David 'l'ccl:iw, Paul llzirycki, jfiliiv lilouflzi, Artliui' Alger. "B" TEAM The 1954-55 "B"-Squad, under the fine coaching of Mr. Gripentrog, ended the season with a highly impressive record. Many of the games were close, but it seems that the B-Team's last quarter rallies saved the day for them. Since many of the B-Team players have experience on the A-Squad and will soon be permanent members of that team, it seems safe to say that we will have a well-trained and experienced' squad to occupy the vacated positions on the A-Squad in the future. Congratulations to Coaches Tetzner and Gripentrog and the members of both squads on a job well done. fkppositc Page: Don Sodcrbcrg, Ricliic Alger, Gordie Hansen, John Maier, Rich jarficki, ,lim Winger, Rex Schmidt, jim Schauer, Bill Harycki, Dave Guell. Page Fifty-foiii' Xf BOYS' NOONDAY BASKETBALL TEAMS Pzngc Fifty-Svven -as QMS 1 ,A- W 13 X l,, I LQ 1 1 - Xlotllcfs little hclpcrs?? . . 2- Iichlie :xml ilormlie . . .3 -Tluiec muslqeteers . . . 4- Klgllc -fur each other: . .-5 -- That colgzxts srnilg-1 . . .6- Uhv Iqmsl. . A . 7- R1-xiii . . . H- GL-ttlng sen sxgk . . . 9-Arcnt we hzmfhful? , . L 10- lhc lumlzlrllentals xol golt zum' 1- - . , . 11-Nlnmlyliifi . V. 1.2 l'm ton hig fm' this stull. . . 13 - Bernice YBl.l11C1'llElll , . . 14-K-het . . . 15- Mllvstxtutc- tcz1cl1c'r4??7 . , . 16 - Bllflliltl Bligllllllll . . . 17- 'lylw Lux-Q . . . 13 -Vxtnzy mixed up kuls .-. . 19 -lxnthy 'Bl . . . 20-rlihls lrjoks had . , . 21 :Xu Qlnl kmlclu-n mzxul . . , ll-Qu! Q11-21 mlutu , . , 23 Xvuung at lwglrt , , . 24 - Uh, Uh! . . . 25- A.lmml SESSION , . , 26- 1118-lllllltl mam culleictsn . . . Z1 - XX halt Il dug' . , . 23- Soplnftlca-tcxl snohs " 1 211 Vgmgllt uncxpcfteally ..,. 3 0 -Tzxkmg hte: easy , 31- Rachel Mlcke . . . -lgflllililt'-1l0XYl1 xxurlrl .,.. 3 J- lhjrgtlly 1531121115141 . . . 33A ' V xyk.',-C listvning , , . 3.313--T110 L'l1fSi3I'lC2lfl61'-S . . . 34- Posmg, ,lxm????? , . . 35 -- Xum, yuxnllm, , . 50 1-z1v.'rcncc Ulejxlwzzlk .... 4 7-Uuchfilf . 35 - Renllv. now . . . 39-.Ioan and xlustm . . . 40- 1le's-out-nuxulmereml, lucky hwy . , . 41- 'lllflt poor rent-Z4 u. . . 42-llxtvaml Mrs. Quallc . . . 113' All qlreggglll up and no plate to go . . . 44- It'5 cold outslcle . . . 45- Ponchg . , . 40- XX hut S In the tuhf ff . . 47- X111-Vs who? . , . 48-- Aw - - - vomf- on , . . 49- Chief cook and bottle washer . . . S0 -Our second clulmllmocl. Page Fifty-nine 1 flmxf . 4 E 3 lm 1114- ii-415 in an grunt- ,4.. l This is the Iifu? . 4 . 4 -- Vlllltz nn- 'rounsl :again . . , 5- Peck-:a-lario . . 4 6--A little lug fur such things 4 4 , 7 Vznscp' stuflyin,Q???3 . . , X- A girl :mil her sailor 4 4 4 'J Smile pretty . . , 10- How'fl you get on the pxriiiix-? . 4 . ll XYl1:itEtl1yiiigiftvijliilliixy? . , 12 -- Slick surrfinn-lcrl . . . 13 - lbulc llokkzmcn . . . 14-Mr, :incl Mrs. Doc , 15 - l.m'l-11:1 lhirzynwlci 4 4 . lb A twist , . , 17 .lust hrutlicr :mil sister . , 4 18 lirznncr :mil his calf . . . 19--Poor Mr. VVitzig . JH lim-nnx 4 . . ll fXX'h:at lwzlivm-in-4l???? . . 4 JIM Miko Hogumill . . . 23- l,m'e sin and leave 'Cm . , . 24 -A Senior Ilozit in the ilxing . , , iii- IJUn'1 hr hzinhfnl 4 4 , 26 -hlrilzintu Blikulzninia 4 . , 27 XYlm's waiting for wh0in???? . . 2S-- Wk left our wives at llulllr' , . . 2" The In-'mpg 4,4. lll XX'h:1t ll1lllIl0l1t'Il???? l':1gc Sixty 'KVM f ,f km ,., .Z ., 'Tl' s , . 1. ' IV' 0 Zitgb -sr, J K ' QQ I l V 'L . 2 f tai' V? ' f I-,W I f . ' Qh': -gf 5 ,l 1 4 I 1 ,X lyguiliylg ln,-glmntyf? . . , ZV- XYhat are you doing, Rir:hic?? . . ,S-Taking it czlsy , . . 4-NX ull. l rczllly df.n't l'ill'JXX . , . SAAH tired out . . . 0- linthv Bndzinski, why-n she was lmshful . . , 7-The hzmd and llorothyi . . . S-Looking for X'irginia??? . . . 9 f Xfrvous. Alzmicc? A , , 111-7 lh-rnicc fund Ingrid . . , 114'l'hc gang . . , ll-Chet. are you serious? . . . 13-Max doing her stun' . , . 14 --Thu littlu homcnmzdccr . , . 15- Rqylpg-ri Uh-jniuzzmk . . . 16-Tllerq-Sa li0XX2llSl-CI . 17f'l'hC class' ot '58 . . . IS 5.-lezm and -llltlj' . . . lf?-Tlle Qnrcn . , , lwf Brlr-rfr - - Hey. it'5 coldfl . . . 21 --- XYl1o swallowed the 4':xnz1ryf , . . 22- RCCUgIllZC those. klddm? . . . 33 In tlmir fllllllgtl' 'llljr . . , 24 f -Suniors - - - Nancy and Gordiv . . . 25 - Lillian Blaziarlczl . . . 26gTstzncr's quintuplets . . . 27 --All wt . . . ZS 'Q-llflfllltfk' . . , JU- l.vt 1116 -how you how to do it , , , 341--lion' :mt work , . . 3145l:lrgic Daxlielnwicz . . . 32-'lYhz1t'5 going on hare? , , . 33-V lim- of Alloc! dnietur nnfnn-nce , , . 3-LV M11-5, ,ymumlglm , , , 35f,X it-gl nymph? .... 'S 6--lJon't hide, Rex . , . 37-Thy l'-fCSllll!3ll Horn comrnittcq .... ? H- llrml dt ul rk ,,., W - .X l'hv Ed, W.,-i.,,1 nf dancing . . . -Hoi-V l'nvnm'e4l hy it all . . . 4l4I think gon should 1-ut it llwrcl ' Page Sixty-one rw ww 44472. 'iv ,W K. A61 1- .loan firucclski :mtl her cow . . , 2 - Elaine hlzikowirz .... 3 -Annette :xml lioiwlic . . . -1 - lout- Simet . . . 5-,luzmne Micke . , , 6-Rita fiostomski . , . 7-Justin .lzxlwwiuz . . . S "'l3J1lxC1l lvy surprise . . . 9--,lim S., jul, :incl Bula . . . 10-A girl ancl ht-r guy . . . 11-Hello, there! . . . 1.2 -- Partners in crimt- . , . 1.3-Class uf '57 . . . 14-No, it's not 21VVC1ltllIlg , . . 15- Marlene BL1rkharrlt . . . 16-VYhz1t's the matter Justin? . . . 17 - Maritime Stznniuc' . . . 18 - Annette anfl Dale . . . 19- Poiiclio anrl Louie . , . Z0-Dorotliy :xml ,lustin . . 21- Bernice Butterlielcl . . . Z2-The buys, lmrcl nt it , , . Li - lixcryuiic hunks tirefl . , . .Z-1-The two little noisenmkcrs, quiet fm' zi minute . . . 25- Roger Poclholzt . . . 26- All rezifly to go . 4 , 27- Xxillilf lizipiu-ilctl to Richie? . . . 28 - It must be interesting . , . Z9-Yvonne :tml Frzuik . . . 30-,let at his favorite sport , . . .31-Smile wlwn yfiu say that, pztrmlner .... 3 2--lust taking it easy .,.. 3 .3-Innocence itself . , . 34 -Bob Bcnzschawel . . . 35- Thereszs Kowalski .... 36 Smiley :mrl his liig sister .... 3 7- Little sister takes uve-1' . . . 38- Let golf!! Page Sixty-two SCHOOL CALENDAR SEPTEMBER Thorp at Spring Valley First day of school Curtis Drive begins Chippewa Falls at Thorp Class elections Thorp at Stanley Tamburitzans at Thorp High Gym Senior pictures taken Seniorian staff announced Neillsville at Thorp Election of football attendants Senior class play tryouts OCTOBER Thorp at Cornell Curtis Drive ends Thorp at Menomonie Owen at Thorp 1 -Teachers' convention F. F. A. Boys travel to Eau Claire Seniorian pictures taken Thorp at Gilman-Freshman Initiation Seniors go on field trip to U. S. Rubber Co. Bonfire, pepfest, and snake dance Homecoming - Cadott at Thorp NOVEMBER Class pictures arrive Fall band concert Sadie Hawkins dance F. I-I. A. Convention Religious Instructions begin Seniors order announcements G. A. A. formed Veterans Day program Wrestling match at school Hot lunch program begins Senior class play Thorp at Altoona Curtis Drive prizes arrive Thorp at Colfax Ralph wins turkey at Thanksgiving Dance 25 26 - Thanksgiving vacation Old-time dance 0 Chippewa Falls at Thorp DECEMBER Greenwood at Thorp Thorp at Osseo Thorp at Neillsville Freshman return party- Senior pictures arrive F. H. A. travel to Minneapolis Mixed Chorus and Men's Chorus concert Booster Club pencils arrive Fire Drill Withee at Thorp Band concert Chorus party Christmas vacation begins JANUARY Back to school again Thorp at Abbotsford Girls' noon day basketball begins Mr. Brede leaves for Madison -B Page Sixty - three Thorp at Owen Beginning of last week of semester Cadott at Thorp Senior girls write Homemaking test Stanley at Thorp Lyceum number "Dutch Treat" Thorp at Chippewa Falls D. A. R. winner is elected Owen at Thorp Thorp at Greenwood Seniorian pictures taken Semester grades come out Neillsville at Thorp FEBRUARY Freshman Declamation winners announced Thorp at Withee Altoona at Thorp Freshmen give Declamations Thorp at Stanley- Lyceum number Girls' Prom Wisconsin Rapids at Thorp Mardi Gras is well under way Joanne Micke named queen candidate from school Cloverbelt playoffs Mardi Gras Forensic class eliminations Thorp at Tony Thorp at Cornell MARCH Forensic contest G. A. A. basketball game with Stanley Snow vacation-Solo's and ensembles recital Seniors travel to Eau Claire to college Eau Claire music recital Forensic group travels to Stanley Banquet for Mrs. Roesler APRIL Faculty loses to Seniors in volleyball tourney Forensic group travels to Eau Claire Dedication of new school Lyceum, "The Glass Blower" - Easter vacation University of Wisconsin Orchestra here Mr. Morley talks to Seniors about teaching Junior Class Play Athletic banquet- Pre-Music Festival at Stanley Junior Prom MAY Men's Chorus Concert Baseball - Thorp at Owen - Band Concert Lyceum number "Coleman puppets"- Baseball - Gilman at Thorp Eau Claire Music Festival Baseball - Thorp at Cadott - Band Banquet Play Day for girls at Stanley Anything Goes Baseball - Thorp at Cornell Class night Commencement Final day of school DEDICATION OF THE NEW ADDITION On April 3, 1955, at 3:00 P. M., the Thorp Public School held the dedication of its new addition. Preceding the dedication, members of the Student Council conducted guided tours of the school for anyone interested. Following the tours, the high school band presented a short concert. At approximately 2:45 P.M., Reverend Francis Piekarski, of St. Hedwig's Catholic Church, recited the invocation. Mr. Corwin Guell, Director of the School Board, presented the members of the school board and the members of the building committee. Mr. Guell also introduced all other speakers in their turn. Directly following the Greetings extended by Mayor Nolchek, Mr. LeVee, architect of the new addition, presented the key of the school to Mr. Qualle, principal. Reverend Arnold Muckerheide, of St. Bernard's Catholic Church, presented the prayer of dedication. At this time, a mixed quartet, consisting of Nancy Lindquist, Diane Zaborowski, Don Soderberg, and Richard Alger, presented a musical selection. Mr. Francis Conway immediately int1'o- duced the guest speaker, the honorable W. P. Knowles, Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin. Following the Lieutenant Governor's address, Ruth Bogumill, President of the Student Council, extended thanks and appreciation, on behalf of the entire student body, to all who were concerned in any way in the construction of our new addition. A boys' quartet: Eugene Wilhelm, Don Soderberg, Jim Schauer, and Leon Kotecki, then presented a vocal selection, after which Mr. Wenninger, a member of the faculty, spoke in behalf of all faculty members. Reverend Robert Olson, of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, offered the benediction. Following the dedication program, more guided tours were conducted, and free refreshments were served in the new cafeteria. From the Student Body: We, the students of Thorp High School, feel it is a great honor and privilege to be attending such a fine high school as the one just recently dedicated. Although we cannot express the thanks we feel, we are well aware that it took a great expendi- ture of money, time, effort, and sacrifice to bring such a fine building into existence. It is a debt which we can never hope to repay. But what we can try - and TRY we will - will be to continue through our efforts, to uphold the traditions and accomplish- ments of the Thorp High School in ways which will, we hope, make you proud - proud of us, proud of Thorp, proud of our school. This much we pledge with all our hearts - "We'll do our very best!" Page Sixty-four ff QQ Ae! XJ I ,jr-df '- ADVERTISEMENTS "' x .SN . I N '-L ,-ri? 'X . 3 . I v A P, , 1 A A : :I ' tiff: 1-2 , "FQ, .'. ,S 'L-ap, 4.4-aff-ff -I . ' -V 1'? Q ' , ,xx I , ri A' 4 - .- , , ,Q 1 : v 4' 'fa ,, f, .1 1 C 1 I I 'S flnzd, ' ' p ,L ' 1,1 , ,fy V ' ai . pn' t - - a -ut ,- v 1-'22 . ,.s, . , w -1 'M :E-qzf ,-N. 4 ref-f, X: 4 L. K 'L '-f Q ,1 IB: Uff, f,fQ .VV . :wg ' 'w '11 gwil. K Q f-:--- ' Nw . W 5, S , 5 A "M W 7 h4..-.3 ,v , ' Y' I -155,1 -1-'E :Z ,Q jr ' ' 1: " '22, f V. X' A L- Q ' 1,51 -.. 3-,.,. , 84 F I . 'mu Congratulations to Class of l955 WOLF DRUG STORE Always a Registered Pharmacist on Duty GORDON A. WOLP', PH. G. HAROLD N. RUSCIIKOPF, PH. G. PRESCRIPTIONS VETERINARY SUPPLIES PHOTOGRAPI-IIC SUPPLIES - Clover Dairy Ice Cream Served - I C. A. Pregent HIGHWAY FURNITURE STORE 2 miles East on 29 CHIPPEWA FALLS WISCONSIN Compliments of P S5 M BAR , Thorp Bottlmg Room for 1,000 - - - 25 at a time. Works WITHEE WISCONSIN THORP - - WISCONSIN fIUlHlll1'lll67l.fS of PEN K'S TAVERN Bc-2IIinger Corners Jolm ANU MARY PUNK, Pnovs. 8 Miles North of Thorp COMPLIMENTS OF SteWart's Livestock '65 Market Sinclaire Service Station - PHoNE 3659 - Stanley 1 Wisconsin Gisvolds' ReXaII Drugs D. J. Sz T. G. Gisvold STANLEY, VVISCONSIN Goof! Health To All From Rerxall COMMERCIAL SILK SCREENERS Burkhardfs Print-It Everything In Printing For Your Printing Tomorrow See Us Today PHONE 157 - THORP, WIS. BEN J. BURKHARDT, PROP. IBN! glt CoMPL1M1-QNTS OF Socony-Vacuum O1l Co. Cliffs Cleaners Thorp, Wlsconsm CLEANING at PRESSING A. W. OLSON, Agent DYEING 64 ALTERATIONS UTM' Sfmt of Frienlllll Se1'vir'e" 'A' Pi"I"'Ul' and 1",U"f"'Yf .- P ...PHoNE247... ' ' ' HONE 50 ' ' ' Thorp Wisconsm - - - Compliments of - - - THORP IMPLEMENT COMPANY, INC. I. H. C. Farm Implements Tractors Farm Implements Appliances ---- PHONE 103 ---- .I'Z5F General Store Compliments GROCERIES - IVIEATS A DRY GOODS - QUALITY - SERVICE - Phone 40 Thorp, Wis. . - Compliments of - Agnes A. Smith DC., Ph,C. Midway Tavern CHIROPRACTOR Friendly Service Office 2 Blocks West of Bank Withee Wisconsin MIKE SNEIDER' JR' - THQRP WISCONSIN - COMPLIMENTS OF THE --- JACQB LEINENKUGEL BREWING CCD. Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF l955 DR. B. R. SLOTA DENTIST - Phone 221 - Thorp Wisconsin I THORP SALES AND SERVICE FORD CARS 6: TRUCKS - USED CARS COMPLETE BODY SHOP AND PAINTING ...PHONE128... Thorp Wisconsin COMPLIMENTS OF... CARL M. KORDAHL -JEWELER- DIAMONDS and WATCHES STANLEY w1sCoNs1N , Nleske Schauer S Motel , Insuranee Agency on highways 29 and 73 COMPLETE THORP, WISCONSIN INSURANCE SERVICE Phone - - - l99 . . . Telephone 272 . . . When in Chippewa Falls Stop at - - BOSTON CLOTHING HOUSE CHOOSE FROM THE LARGEST STOCK OF MEN'S AND BOYS' CLOTHING IN THIS SECTION OF THE COUNTRY l fr CONGRATULATIONS FROM DOYLE STUDIO - Phone 3226 - Medford Wisconsin CGNGRATULATIONS, CLASS GF '55 THORP FUNERAL HUME R. V. Izydorek HANSEN UEEICE SUPPLY CO. Shaw-Walker Office Furniture 'EQUIPMENT -- SUPPLIES MACHINES WITHEE WISCONSIN QUR SINCERE WISHES for a HAPPY FUTURE CLARK ELECTRIC C0-OP Greenwood Wisconsin Mlke Lencz Hardware Wiemasz Brothers PAINTS - APPLIANCES CHOICE MEATS U I . BOTTLE GAS . . . GROCERIES ...Phone 331314 . .. LUBLIN WISCONSIN Thorp ' ' Wisconsin LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE Thorp Lodge No. 680 POOL - SHUFFLE - BAR Operated by Ed and Clara Bogumill - PHONE 204 - HALTERMAN BROS. STANLEY WRECKING YARD - Dealers In - USED TRUCKS, CARS AND PARTS OF ALL KINDS 24 Hour Wrecker Service ANY PART ANY T IME . . . PHONE 5548 - 5830 - 5802 . . . STANLEY WISCONSIN I I THORP WISCONSIN FISHER'S ACE HARDWARE CAS AND ELECTRIC APPLIANCES - Hardware of All Kinds 1 PHONE 32 CLARENCE FISHER TRI-STATE BREEDERS CO-OP For Artificial Breeding Service Offering A Fine Breeding Program in Addition to Proven Sires - Call Our Approved Inseminator - K E N N E T H H E L D PHONE THORP 129 i ON SUNDAYS 273 OR PHONE STANLEY 2319 OI' 3672 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '55 BURZYNSKI LGA. GROCERY PHONE 69 FRANK BURZYNSKI Thorp --- Wisconsin I I COMPLIMENTS OF CLQVERLEAF CHEESE FACTORY Norman Western Route 3 Stanley, Wisconsin ...PHONE-THORP IBR6 . .. "Taste the Difference" SEAL OF QUALITY ICE CREAM CLOVER DAIRY COMPANY CHIPPEWA FALLS WISCONSIN YOUR BUICK AND CIVIC TRUCK DEALER SOUTH SIDE MOTOR CO. Stanley, Wisconsin "CHUCK" COLBURN, Owner TELEPHONE 3353 CoIvIRLIIvIENTs OF PLOMBON FURNITURE STORE Stanley Wisconsin I Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Students of THORP HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1955 BLUE MOON FOODS. INC. Thorp. Wisconsin BLUE MOON FOODS, INC A1fllI?lf!ll'lLIl7'UI'S of BLUE MOON CHEESE SPREADS COLD N' RICH CHEESE PROCESS LOAF CHEESE - AMERICAN CHEESE BUTTER - MILK SOLIDS Congratulations Seniors - - - Best Wishes in the Years Ahead Compliments to your School and Your Faculty BEN FRANKLIN STORE THoRP,W1s. -- PHONE 86 - I'lt'Il,llf1llfL'l'lU'I'N Fm' - CANDY, SCHOOL STATIONERY, TOILET ARTICLES, NOTIONS AND TOYS Compliments of O. W. TRINDAL COMPANY Cwholesale 25 Retailj LOYAL - GRANTON - SPENCER RIPLINGER I l Compliments of . . . Compliments of . . . , Thorp Herrnans Bar Barber Shop Thorp WiSC0HS M. P. SZERLONG Bowl For Health - AT - CLUB RECREATION PARLORS Q PHONE 20 Q Thorp, Wiscon Ed and Charlotte Polnaszek Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1955 CORWIN C. GUELL Attorney at Law THORP - -- WISCONSIN COMPLIMEN TS OF Chic Apparel Lorraine's Dress Shop Beauty Sh0P o E D drh .E . MRS' ROSE PAWLAK penancleggturaiibailldorniiurgs Ve . PHONE ll5 Thorp Q - - - Wlsconsm Owen Wisconsin QUALLES FLOWERS E5 GIFTS Hallmark Cards Mrs. Newell Qualle We Telegraph Flou'e1'.s Anywlrere L. P. WALSDORF ...INSURANCE . .. Compliments of DR. G. A. LIFE - AUTOMOBILE FIRE - TORNADO LYMAN LUMBER AND FUEL COMPANY BUILDERS' SUPPLIES inner-L PHONE 52 THORP, WISCONSIN l L I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '55 DR. JOHN W. FOSTER OPTOIVIETRIST THORP, WISCONSIN OPEN DAILY AND WEDNESDAY EVENINGS CLOSED SATURDAY AFTERNOONS HOURS: 9 to 5 Daily Except 9 to 12 Noon Saturday 7 to 9 P. M. Wednesday Evenings 1- PHONES -1- 89 - Office . . . SQR3 - I-Iouse Cf IIII pzfmem of Iiiiflagl-stil-ECEIIQ Dr. IVI. T. Szatalowicz VETERINARIAN Mn. AND Mus. CASIMIR BOYARSKI 108 West First Avg. .. PHQNE IZRZ - STANLEY, VVISCONSIN THORP WISCONSIN . . . Phone 5945 . . . Congratulations Class of "55" O E6 N LUIVIBER CO. --- BUILDING MATERIAL MERCHANTS - T H O R P Y A R D I I1 I FARMERS' OIL COMOP ' PETROLEUM PRODUCTS 'HOME APPLIANCES ' WIRING MATERIAL ' FARM EQUIPMENT Phone 129 --- Thorp, Wisconsin COMPLIMENTS OF TRI-COUNTY CHEESE CORPORATION Warehouses -- Thorp -- Boyd if I N S U R A N C E Compliments All Ti- Kmds TIIILFS all I flu and I rio thai A Robert Benzschawel FRIEND Agency - Phone 36 - Thorp Wisconsi GHEEIIE Engraving Companu 7701504 of FINE PRINTING PLATES WTON BUILDING. 357 Minnesota Street. ST. PAUL 1. MI N CGNGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES tothe CLASS QF 1955 ST. HEDWICTS PARISH -Compliments Of- Stanley Bottling Works SYLYESTER M. HULS, PROP. - .7IrIH7lIlf!lClL?l'I'9'7' of - G. R. Schafer, DC. QUALITY BEVERAGES Stanley Wisconsin CHIROPRACTOR ...PHONE17... - Ilisfrilrzztm' of - OVVEN L WISCQNSIN WALTER'S BEER - - Eau Claire BLATZ BEER - - - Milwaukee HARYCKI JEWELERS - Gifts - Elgin, Hamilton, Bulova Watches - Silverware -- THORP WISCONSIN CONGRATULATIONS FROM O E6 N LUMBER CO. STANLEY - WISCONSIN l Complete Home Planning Service Q- QUALITY MATERIALS IN ALL BUILDING SUPPLIES We Got If - We'I1 Get If A- Or If Cflllil' Be Hari I l I Stanek Implement Co. International Harvester TRUCKS 6: TRACTORS FARIVI EQUIPMENT Cadott Wisconsin COIWPLIZVIEN TS OF Wild Cherry Cheese Factory ARTHUR NATZKE, Estate Route 2 Thorp, Wis. l Compliments of - THORP FLOOR COVERINGS THORP . . . Compliments of . . . FALLS DAIRY CO. Clracle A 61 B Milk - Phone 5827 1 STANLEY -- WISCONSIN I If I Engel Radio '85 TV RCA VICTOR ADIVIIRAL . . . Phone 251711 . . . VVITHEE WISCONSIN . . . Compliments of . . . Anton E. Sapetta THOIRP - - - WISCONSIN if Compliments of if DANIELS CLEANERS Abbotsford, Wisconsin Klingbeil Lumber Co. IVIEDFORD, WISCONSIN - Phone 4344 - "Everything to Build Anything" CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS CQMPLIMENTS QF County Line Tavern Stumms Hatchery Charles and Lottie Pletka I Thorp ---- Wisconsin THORP AUTO-ELECTRIC SERVICE GARAGE Raymond Giwojna, Proprietor "MOTOR TUNE-UP SPECIALISTSH Local Texaco Dealer and United Motors Service - PHONE 113 - Thorp Wisconsin Thorp Y5 if Compliments of if Company PLUMBING 31 HEATING Sunshine Ice Cream SUPPLIES FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES - PHONE ISO - Casey Kubiszewski Owen Wlsconsln I I I W'th M'd B . 1 ee 1 Way ar Compliments of BRUCHERT - VEURINK WITHEE, WISCONSIN Phone 1221 - Owen IVIEIVIBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION - Deposits to SSI0,000 Fully Insured - PEOPLES EXCHANGE BANK Thor p - - Wisconsin WILL'S GAS Co. ' Complimemsof ' YOUR RED owL STORE BULK PROPANE DEALER THORP WISCONSIN Owen, Wisconsin . . . Phone 94 . . . I I I I The Thorp Courier ----- The Gilman Herald Published Every Thursday and Friday ' PROFITABLE ADVERTISING ' NEAT COMMERCIAL PRINTING TIIOFD Wisconsin Tri-County Nash Boardman's 'Radiator Repair Super Service Station 'F E. d Al' mfr H lgnmim PURE o1L PRoouCTs General Repair 'Body Work PHONE 148 - THoRP,w1s Thorp Wisconsin Louie Boardman Co1v1PL1MENTs OF LEON AND LHQS TAVERN THORP VVISCONSIN ...Complimentsof... COMPLIMENTS - QF - SCI-IMITT'S Th Thorp Hardware Co. orp Bakery ... PHQNE IOI - Phone 45 -:- Thorp, Vlfis. I F I FIRE EXTENDED COVERAGE LIFE KENNEY INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance of All Kinds in Reliable Stock Companies -i Let Us IVIake A Survey of Your Insurance Needs ll -It Costs You Nothing- AUTOIVIOBILE MARINE ACCIDENT 6: HEALTH A. S. Kenney A. W. Sandel THORP, WISCONSIN - Compliments of - Irene's Beauty Shop Honstad Implement Co HALLANGER HOTEL STANLEY, YVISCONSIN - Phone 2 I 9 - if Compliments of if Compliments of - - - AUBERG PONTIAC IHC TRUCKS I BLQNDIES INN PHILLIPS PRODUCTS LOTTIE BURZYNSKI . . . Telephone IZZR . . . WITHEE WIsCoNs1N THORP ' ' ' WISCONSIN I X Drs. The Overgard 25 Mathwig Royfgl Cgmpgny PhySICI3I'1S6CS1,1I'gCOI1S STANLEY, WISCONSIN CHESTER GLASSHOF, Agent Office Hours - 10 - 123 2 - 5 , , , Phone 27 , . , - Phone 3303 - THORP WISCONSIN Congratulations, Seniors - - THORP FLOUR E5 FEED CU. STEVEN A. DUS 81 LEON DUS, Proprietors ...Phonel50... BEST WISHES OF Altenburg Auto Co. EDGAR AND C. O. ALBERT, PRoPs. SALES F O R D SERVICE Frank and Mary WITHEE WISCONSIN Our Best Wishes to the Class of 1955 CENTRAL REFRIGERATIGN, INC. THoRP --... w1sCoNs1N Phones ---- 85 -- l59 I N Congratulations and Best Wishes HH OUR ERVICES C OVER WISC COMPLIMENTS GF COMPLIMENTS OF Town of Withee Dairy Davos '55 Skroch YVALTER LIAZUK, Prop. Attorneys at Law - - - Phone 6R9 - - - Mike Sneider Bldg. Thorp Wisconsln THORP WISCONSIN CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES TO THE 1955 SENIOR CLASS OF THE THORP HIGH SCHOOL - from - JOHN WUETHRICH CREAMERY CO. oREENWooD, W1sCoNs1N Manufacturers of Grassland Butter Carl and Frances Johnson welcome you to the--' - - THORP DAIRY BAR AND CAFE DINNERS - sHoRT oRDERs -. FoUNTA1N SERVICE Phone ------ l 78 l N I Enioy Coke together. lt's such a sociable drink Sn .Z "Coke as o regislered frade-mark. aomeo uuoen Aumomrv or THE COCA-COLA COMPANY sv COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY. Inc. OF EAU CLAIRE. WISCONSIN Ig,'Ntf L. A. Wetzel, Broker Central R. L. Wetzel, Salesman Cold Storage Co. Wetzel Real Estate IV EATS AT W I HOLESAFE INSURANCE SERVICE All Types of Food Processing and FARMS - HOMES Custom Curing and Smoking BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES PHONE 123 - - - THORP Gilman, Wis. - Phone 2671 ED'S COUNTRY CLUB Fish 6: Shrimp Fry Every Friday - - - - - - Chicken oc Barbecue Ribs Every Saturday Night ED BRYNIARSKI 6 Miles South of Thorp I ooMPLrMENTs or Compliments of A Thorp Beauty Shoppe Block East of the Bank - PHONE I 52 - Best Regards to the Class of '55 THORP TELEPHONE COMPANY J. M. KEATING M. L. KEATING l N Congratulations COMPLIMENTS TO THE Seniors CLASS OF 1955 DQLLY MADISQN PM Oil Company DAIRIES AL HUBERTY EAU CLAIRE, WISCONSIN Thorp Wisconsm COMPLIMENTS OF- - - C L U B 7 3 Fish Fry Friday Night - - - - - - Chicken Fry Saturday Night ...PHONE 73... GUST STROJNY THORP --- Compliments of -- H A M M ' S B E E R "From the Land of The Sky Blue Waters" Leo Hedler, Agent 1 X Q53 J W Q N200 rash ENXOQ ,um AND FPESHMAN oowf 6 QED wma HoMewoQK,SToP TO SAY: CQQXPM PRE HARD TO GET- BUT e.oL1.v, ll Qeien-:N-UP Sums RATES AN Ag Z! Sparkling, crystal-clear 7-Up is so pure, so good, so wholesome that folks of all ages may "fresh up" as often as they like. Buy 7-Up by the family supply-of 24 bottles. ,mxeQlym.f SEVEN-UP BOTTLING COMPANY EAU CLAIRE WISCQNSIN I X COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF - - I-IOFFIVIAN'S DAIRY Distributor of - - "Country Fresh" Dairy Products- THORP WISCONSIN CONGRATULATIONS FROM Dr. R. I-I. Stuesser Veterinary ZARADA ELECTRIC Physician 6: Surgeon TO THE CLASS OF "55" - PHONE - Office 111R2 Res. 1111513 Q PHONE 99 - TIWOFP ' ' ' Wisconsin Thorp Wisconsln N CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS LOIVIPLIIVIENTS ...OF... ALEX BADZINSKI Thorp Wisconsin POSSLEYS MARKET FRESH 6: COLD MEATS GROCERIES Jim and Leona Possley, Props. THORP WISCONSIN I X I KASELIQS HOUSE QE MUSIC 207 Gibson Street EAU CLAIRE -l WISCONSIN - Dial 2-6978 - -AtY S ' - SCHMIDT TRUCKING E5 CHEVROLET C0 General Auto Repairing ...Phone 14O... Edwin G. Schimdt and Dallas "The Most of th B t f th L t Congratulations From - - LUBLIN DAIRY, INC. - PHONE 33R2 - Lublin Wisconsin To Our Advertisers: We trust that you will enjoy the I955 Seniorian - the publication of which is made possible each year only by your support and cooperation. Our high school is very fortunate to have such public spirited business men and women to back its many projects, and the student body is duly appreciative of this fine attitude on your part. We take this opportunity to say "Thank You." THE SEN IORIAN STAFF I Illl Make VANITY BRAND Your "Buy" Word for BETTER FOODS A. KICKBUSCH GROCERY CO. WAUSAU, WISCONSIN -- FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES 1 John S. Bogumill - Salesman -- GROCERIES -- Tom Losby - Salesman Compliments of . . . Compliments of . . . THE Christensen Sales Co. Medford Laundry ABBOTSFORD, WISCONSIN IVIEDFORD - WISCONSIN LOUIS ZUKOWSKI General Merchandise And Tavern ...Phone IIR4 Thorp . .. LOIVIBARD WISCONSIN I III II THE CHIPPEWA PRINTERY ' PRINTING ' PUBLISHING ' ADVERTISING School and Office Supplies The Most Completely Eqnipperi Connnerrial Printing Plant in NOTIIIQTTL Wisconsvn I4-I6 WEST CENTRAL STREET CHIPPEWA FALLS, WISCONSIN Page Ono lhmflred-two Congratulations to the COMPLIMENTS OF C1aSSOf1955 REINKES DAIRY ' - Daily Deliveries - SkOgrnO S BOTTLED MILK - CREAM Furniture Store CHOCOLATE MILK - JIIrmufru't1n'efrs of - CLOTHINC. - FURNITURE AMERICAN CHEESE Thorp Wisconsin IYJZEIFR Ai PHaif:Csf5f2 To The Class of 1955 CONGRATULATIONS FI-XRMER'S STORE CO. General Merchandise Tl-IORP, WISCONSIN -PHONE 87- HERBERT J. SIMET, Manager - - - Compliments of - - - COMPLIMENTS OF LQMBARD DAIRY MIKOLS DRESSES JAMES BISER, Prop. a1'1CI PHONE I IR7 Ready to Wear - T MRS. G. MIKoLA1N1s Thorp Wisconsin T H 0 R P I IIIII . . . Compliments of . . . PLUMBING - HEATING SHEET IVIETAL WCRK Joseph's Dept. Store MARLQW MILKERS Josmfll Wo.ITALRwIcz, IM-op. n . Thorp, Wisconsin Rale1gh C. F1sher - Phone 9 - PHONE 34 - - RES. 168 Compliments of LARSON 'S FEED STORE THoRP --.. WISCONSIN STATE BANK OE WIFTHEE Member of the EDIC. WITI-IEE WISCONSIN Compliments of Auto Cafe'Bar The John Deere Store of TOM HEDLER, Prop. Withee THoRP 1 w1scoNs1N - Your Business is Appreciated - I ll ll Congratulations - - - CLASS OF '5 5' Turenne's South Side Store THORP WISCONSIN COMPLIMENTS BELLINCIER DAIRY PHONE 1 l7R8 Steve Losiewicz Compliments of Inter-County Publishing Company " JOB PRINTING if Phone 33 I 9 STANLEY WISCONSIN Compliments of Your FERGUSON IVIASSEY HARRIS 6: PAPEC FARM MACHINERY DEALER Barney's Implement Co. Owen - Phone 98W - Wisconsin THORP w1scoNs1N ANDY'S . . Central Avenue Floral Service Station and Bar . . . PHONE 89R . . . Member of the PoP --- BEER HIGHWAY 29 Owen Wisconsin BOYD WISCONSIN DRANGLE FOODS, INC. Manufacturers of Drangle Cheese Products C-ILIVIAN WISCONSIN I II Il CONGRATULATIONS CLASSOF'55 Breezy Hill Cheese Factory IVlr. and IVlrs. Ervin Schilling THORP WISCONSIN Reeseburg Tavern Where You Are Always Welcome ART KUESTER, Prop. PHONE I6R6 E. J. Crane and Sons i'The Farmers' Market" OWEN WISCONSIN COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF Cecil's Shoe Shop Thorp ---- Wisconsin MATTES LIVESTOCK MARKET, Inc. Located 3 miles south and 2 mlies east of Thorp - Selling HORSES, CATTLE, PICS, SHEEP AT AUCTION EVERY OTHER WEDNESDAY - Buying CALVES, CATTLE, HOGS, EVERY MONDAY P ll ll Cldsmobile Used Cars I-II-WAY SERVICE S GAYLE BIVANS - DIAL 5407 - DAY GL NITE WRECKER SERVICE "Call Gayle When Your Car Fails" Stanley Wisconsin JOHN HANCOCKS HERE O-jlgufffpv Z4 ' .,f,M'f , 4 I ,Quia f V I 1-gui, ,Nw 'hc' y..... ' B, K, L.,-I-, Q 'dn M L. C0hg'j.f:,,, x , .., fbi-fftf,-. .14-44542, us 5 1.1,-Q15-f X, l ' ' I 21. ,V 52121 , , f f' 1, ' . ,. , 1 1 I , - X , fl, .ff ,s,. WS' f W J? 'f iv WWWM ' 'YTD ,yy vp? g 'QA 3 gf KV ,! x 'x Z ....AND HERE U .0 w Wg-5 gf Niwf QQWWW 332 gm wwwkw ig 3 Qi Ci - L M W W,95Hgf WBZKKAWW JOHN HANCOCKS HERE I 1 ,V 1 .X , fl Lf if I fjfv M j V, ! 1. W XF' Sigfffy QW ff QV W W ?QM'f5" MUQWQW V055 WM Mpww ww Jf' . QW fm' W WW vu T VKZULMKL l- Q 7 Ka . ,' 'Po ,4 Aegbai. N4 Tjls all 'M 0 --We 5+ M57 N ismgcu WML N f MW W, KW? ,puff Mft ifgjyw . W yy x fv X ffgfwfw ,MW cwq MZJMM7' Va QV? QWJTQ Q 977 faf'iW'ff M,fgjM' ' 'M Wh CWM IX! :JK wb abil N51 X, W W 4: I J K 'L W ' I 5 5 W f W7 X I N v O . ' Q tx 0 Q aw X fn I P QQ me

Suggestions in the Thorp High School - Seniorian Yearbook (Thorp, WI) collection:

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Thorp High School - Seniorian Yearbook (Thorp, WI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 106

1955, pg 106

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