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1 C, ook 50N , I . I g , m fgfi 4 X-M - aah ' VJQLL A79-ff',4f Qifaggiiiiwn Q? ix, To Nloo 'Wo-YQ 'f ee wr,- " W6 my 95 QX-X fy' flgg, ,ff Nah Q Ps ' wage- Be Twe. Thofwr 5 9 g3 ',ff" ffdvftffi 5 A aus! The BGSTX Tn X-aN6Yov X350 B a Xe 'Y fgnyva-ff 1 1 'V"5'3vjg95f A xx RPM W c. Hoo o Stand Q x N 9 g ' nf ff ' , f 14" ' o CAF! fbiaw TYNo'TQ AQ ' ' Q' yi fx ix Xb' wx .. 7 l X N ML fl Liv WM '5" 'l9'f I"9".i'fi' Af Www r '9a,u'y W' 'W 1 V xx ff' . f xx 1 , A 2 X ww K Q fff 19' 5 f 1 f? wa Z' r W' n ve' WW 5 S0 XQAO E r' ff W ,ff', W fg ' M gf Nb f z Q35 I Q f5 ,g , N4 V' S 1' 4-x 9' wx J ig, xx K 4 P V so 0 441 2 ' , aw 1 A S-xauygbxh as 1 W , Q X , X V 0 , ' L' ' X W- fo f?,Ufff ' 551' finapgfgyvf Ji, V 4 Q me x Ro Suffe' 1, y Jw 1 . M , 1fMf W wage. .f 0' by 764 3 wwf YQ, if ZLL BPM by Wfgf' f' vue' QOL R Q? ,Af Y- xt JD :Y .Q 15. U. V :Zi ,H ff, ,, 'che - X EDR B G y 3 la'flirm- ........... PATRIVIA MASLOWSKI A .ws1'slr17lI ln'flifm' ....... ROGER TURENNI41 Literary Eflffm- .... DUROTHY BOARDMAN J7l77,f0'l' Erlifm' . . . . . .RUTH BOGUMILL Art Eflitor . .. . . .MARJORIE COOK Spfrrfs Erlitor ............. GENE ZASKFI ASME. Lifw-ary E'zlz'lo1's.GENEYII-IVE GUELL JVLIA MUENICH BEVERLY POLANSKY Business Manager ......... TOM HIRSCH Plzotograpllers . . . . .ARNOLD SMITH DOLORES PARKS .4!lL'iSO7'S . .... JOSEPH GAFFNEY FI-IRDINAND HIRZY S liibfitlll 4 QPR. 'NX--Q, vm A M .. 1yWM,,,,...?, L, I 4 , 2-vim' ,df-f' '- . x - 4'-'A " . , W ' - 1 , , ,ff-Q' ' Naam, f ,PV HM.,5iZ14,,f,,q1,k,,,.Lf,,,, ,, ini LZ V5 A Q, I -Q ' - ,M .-ffzgy - f' ff ' X ' ' L, ,4f- Q ,N " f N ,W N , .. . Nwffwn f , - f "' ,Q 1Qw,fff" ,,. ':- ,ff , ""' ,, 7 V V. , 9,-"M ' v ff wif .ww W 3 4,7 - -yfwfwf4ii1 ,,,.w,i W V: Vw,,,4,f- ' I , 3 l H.-Vg V ,N Q., ,,,:14w4ff..Af Jw ' ' 'ga-2' 'A -' -f.g--:,1,,,:::--1:15112-245' ',,,1zfffV"".5, ,.,,f43", V, , - .e4+f-'f'.'1.,:2:gf'- -I ', , f .qylwylk ,f-,.f,5'Ky44 Wy nn 1. -Qikz.,-Am' 21:z,:.',:v ' .. ,ff --frm 5-new "Y , '1p "1, ' ' Vw ' , , TM 51, . -, my ,. -,xvwth - ,.-1' , cf", rw ' 1 , ' f ,fw,a4,1m, , - ,, -we-:f.fH-fm. Xy,,,,,,w ff . .,,v,,-H - ' ,Q f '-',,f,,,,3g,-mf . ,, f ,M ,, ,4,,..v,g,' M , f' , .,1:.:,5ff'f,"1'- N f'.211-'51"T'w.a1-,Q +453 ,, . .f .4 ' - , f v -.Wgv" f'hf3ff'fYf,T-1. f- ff, :C wwf 1 :,. , '-mf? , ' 1 . . f . ,,1,:,g-f-,-:-L ' ' ,, ' .. W 'L L g., A Ms: -'H . f-rf.-f-WW -," ,rf-32,5 gg, 4 'iff 1,7 , ' ' ,f M77 jg , -'g!f"26:-f,2xg:g1.1g,4f . , ,. - -'f " Mi" ' , ' , ....., , N 4 gm! , ,:,.'.7m,4,. , 147, , V , ,..,,4 ,Im I 7 , V YV H H, , I ,. , , , , A H - . ' " , I V Q XR s NN , N H 1- X L H 'Eg x HIGH SCHOOL , X X J X C X 1 MR. GRABOW AND MR. PIPER Janitors I 'w I , , DEDICATION 4 . of To show our sincere appreciation for your unceasing efforts and unselfish motives, which have guided us to our final goal, we, the Class of '54 gratefully dedicate our Seniorian to you, Mr. Amundson. , ,',, 7 , Q Q. l Standing: MR. GAFFNEY, MR. HIRZY, IJoLoREs PARKS, lJoRoT1-Ir BoARDMAN, MARGIE Cook, RUTH BoG1iM1LL. Sitting: JULIA MIlPINIC7II, GENIGYIEYPI GUELL, ROGER TVRENNIC, PAT lVIASLONVSKI, Tom H1Rsl'H, BEVERLY POLANSKY, GENE ZASKE. Kneeling: ARNIESMITH. SENIORIAN STAFF It is with a mixed feeling of pride and relief that wc, the graduating Class of 1954, present our Seniorian to you. Many long hours have been spent in the planning and preparation of our annual for publication. We, as members of the Seniorian Staff, feel humble and honored at being entrusted with the task of preparing the Seniorian for publication. This year's staff was chosen by Mr. Gaffney soon after the opening of school. Pat Maslowski was selected as Editor-in-Chief, assisted by Roger Turenne. In charge of writeups, Dorothy Boardman was placed as Literary Editor. We feel that she and her assistants, Julia Muenich, Beverly Polansky, and Genevieve Guell, have done an excellent job in the Literary department. The underclassmen were ably represented by Ruth Bogumill, who served as Junior Editor. Our Art Editor, Margie Cook, and our Sports Editor, Gene Zaske, have added much to our annual by expertly handling their departments. Everyone knows that pictures make the annual. With this in mind, Arnie Smith and Dolores Parks were chosen as photographers. On the surface, it would appear that that is all that's necessary for the completion of any annual, but there is always a minor problem of money. To keep us suiiiciently supplied with the necessary cash, Tom Hirsch, as Business Manager, proficiently handled the finances. Through the able guidance and assistance of Mr. Gaffney, our advisor, and Hirzy, our Literary advisor, the job of editing the Seniorian was made much easier and pleasanter for the staff. VVe wish to thank the members of the faculty who so willingly co-operated in any way they possibly could. We hope that you will enJoy looking through this, our Seniorian for 1954, as much as the Editor and the staff have enlioyed bringing it to you. I':1ge- lfvllll' Faculty and Administration Sf ii gf y 2 C f I 7' ii lf , ,.'-"--NJ .W .Mawr . A 1 -. ,- .1 Letter To The Student Body Thorp, Wisconsin April 19, 1954 As another school year nears the end, The 1954 Seniorian is taking form. Activities around the publications oifice indicate a rush to meet the deadline with editorial copy. Soon the Editor-in-Chief and her staff may breathe a little easier as the final copy goes to the printer. It is always interesting to anticipate a new year book. Naturally the year book mirrors the ideas and philosophy of the Editorial Staff. Recorded in script and picture are the significant high lights of the school year. Later to be perused and recalled as former classmates gather for reunion. It is, indeed, a worthy activity and one that requires long hours of exacting planning and preparation. I know that the planning and preparation for the 1954 Seniorian has been thorough and complete. I take great pleasure in congratulating the Staff, Mr. Gaffney and Mr. Hirzy on a job well done. You can be justly proud of your accomplishment as The 1954 Seniorian takes its place among the Seniorians of the past. To Mr. Gadney, Mr. Hirzy and the Staff' a sincere thanks. Sz'111'erely, NEWELL E. QUALLE MRS. GERTRVDIE SWANSON, B l'ni1'e1'.wity of Norfll Ilrzlfofa Iinglish I 111111 IX' Senior Vlasi .xIlYiS0l flllfllfllill Ili-Lifes Senior Class Play Girl! Iyffblll, Schrml S1'L'l'L'tIlI'j' MR. JOSEPH KORPAL, B.S. IVl1iteu'rzter State College f'I1!l1ITlE'Tl'iZlI Sr1plm111111'1' Vlnss .Xrlvisor MR. Roy A. SWANSON, B.E. Ilivez' Falls Strzfe College ,X1Il'lL'lllIllI'C l'111l11'1- l":11'111v1'5 111 .xI11i'I'.l'1l lub . awww I JJ . ' 'JI .1 ,J RJ X,f,gJ 4: 1 W ,f I . If 7, '2 MR. WILLIAM HALDY, B.S. Jlfnllmfo .qfllfll Teuwlfers College ,Xtl1lv111-N, llljN!l'IIl l'.1l11v:111:v11 MR. BERNARD WENNINGER, BA. 2 Sf. .lOll7l,N U11z'z'e1-Nity Iingliwh ll 111141 III ' W Speech . .Xr111i:1iL'u Ilzuy Prfvgr:1111 l?lJI'b'llSll' fltrilfll , I ' 'fllorp Ili-Sign Alllniur flow l'l:1y ' 4 V X I., .L , , V M, 1 1 ,ff ' 1 1 K. ff 1 X 4 1 WMM 1, I MRS. FLORENCE Sou Office Secretary Page SCVIJII MR. Josl-:P11 GAFFNEY, B.S. Lorflx College Mzltlwzlmzltiue Slwlrnt l'u1111s'il ,Xwlxixm N-111-1112111 .X1lx'1v1r W. X 1 MR. FERDINAND HIRZY, B.S. Stevens Polnt State Teachers College History Scniorian Literary Advisor l'I'CSlll11SlI'l Class Advisor Miss ARDIS OLSR Stout Institute Home Economics Future lrlomemzikors of AI11l'l'li'Zl l'l0lll9CUl'l'lll1fI Advisor 1 V MR. WILLIAM WITZIG, B.S. Eau Claire State College Social Problems Citizenship unior Class Advisor J , Booster Club J 3 tl gli ,, 4. N l 1 X N ' f X MR. DALE AMUNDSON, B.S. River Falls State College Science ' Assistant Coach Junior flnss Advisor ' ,lunior Prmn Advisor N, . X lx if E MRS. Ross HIRSCH Univefrsity of Wisconsin Librarian Library Club Page Eight it MR. ROY BREDE, B.S. River Falls State College Director of B d and C o'1s ffl? MR. ROBERT B01-JHM, M.A Stout Institute Shop Driver Education Homecoming Advisor Vw me if Ai Q" if f O Classes simon crnssrorrltrins J mr - .Q it fx. 'X ww Mr THOMAS Hmscn, I'o-esiflent ROGER HOFFMAN, Vice-Piresiflent BETTY ANN NEIMAN, Secretary SENIOR CLASS HISTORY We, of the Senior class, entered Thorp High School on September 4, 1950 as a group of 72 timid but eager Freshmen. Aided by Mrs. Giere, our class advisor, we proudly elected our class officers. A big event for us as Freshmen was our initia- tion. As frightened as is possible, we suffered the consequences without losing a single student in the torture. Of course, we were all eager for the declamation contest to get underway, and it ended gloriously when Marylin Plansky placed first in the school finals. Having completed our first year, we returned as enthusiastic, ambitious Sophomores. Under the guid- ance of Miss Dunn, we again elected our class officers. This year we were on the giving end of the initiation, and we really did it up in style. The Booster Club honored us by choosing Mar- gie Cook and Marylin Plansky as Junior cheerleaders. With a busy year ahead of us, we entered school as hard-working Juniors. Mr. Amundson guided us through this rugged year. As our first business, the class ofhcers were elected. Roger Turenne was chosen to be president. This meant that he and the Queen of his choice, Josephine Hmielak, were honored to reign over the annual Junior Prom. During the year, Betty Ann Neiman was chosen as a Junior Cheerleader, while Margie Cook and Marylin Plansky entered the Senior cheerleading section. Next on the list, the Junior Class Play, "Stranger in The Night," directed by Miss Dunn was presented. Since this was our first chance as actors, we felt we performed the feat well. Soon it became time for our Junior Prom. With "Stairway To The Stars," as our theme, music by Howard Sturtz, and enhanced by a beautifully deco- rated auditorium with a large gathering, we thought this was the nicest and most enjoyed prom staged at our school. Our long awaited Senior year finally arrived. This has brought about many responsibilities for us. We helped sponsor the Homecoming Dance, the Sen- ior Class play, "Maid to Order," the Christmas Ball, the Girls' Prom, and the Seniorian. Perhaps the greatest responsibility was the edition of the 1954 Seniorian. With Pat Maslowski as editor and a fine staff to assist her, Mr. Gaffney as Chief advisor, and Mr. Hirzy, Literary advisor, we feel, and trust that you will feel, that our Senior- ian maintains the high standards of those produced in the past. We, the graduating class of 1954, have now layed the first, and perhaps the heaviest stone in our path of life. We will strive for only the choicest stones and make our path one on which we can be proud to travel. Farewell, Thorp High School, Farewell. Page Ten Class Will MARION ANDRUSZKIEWICZ wills his ability to skip school to Pat Cummings. BYRON BOGUMILL wills his Johnny-come-late attitude in band to his brother Mike. LOUIS BURZYNSKI wills his protractor to Neil Broeren. EDWARD CIOLKASZ wills his beautiful build and his way with women to Mitch Biser. BILL DARGE leaves for a life on the open sea. DARLENE FRESE wills her quietness to Elaine Fortek. NANCY GIWVOJNA wills her fun-loving life to her sister Alice. ALEX GRENDZINSKI wills his make up work to Mrs. Swanson. GENEVIEYE GUELL wills her driving to the state traffic officers. RAYMOND GUTONVSKI wills his chemistry tests to next year's class. DON RAY IZYDOREK leaves to take up a dead job. ELAINE KODL wills her cute laugh to Bernadine Zukowski. JOSEPH CZERNICKI wills his ability to sleep soundly in class to Casey Pawlicki. THOMAS HIRSCH wills his gambling assets to the Bureau of Internal Revenue. CHESTER KARPINSKI wills his sober face to Mr. Witzig. OLETA KRAMICZ leaves to 'tFollow that car!" JOAN LANGIENVICZ wills her levies to Dorothy Deutsch- lander. PETER LUKASIEYVICZ wills his boots to Smiley Bur- nette. H.ARRIET NI.-XLECKI wills her way with the boys to Mary Ellen Pabich. GERTRUDE MAREK wills her advanced business to Mr. Korpal. VALENCIA MAREK leaves for the "Sunny Side." EDWARD NATZKE leaves to find a new way of mak- ing cheese. BETTY ANN NEIMEN wills her ability to get along with the Juniors to next year's Senior girls. KATHIE PAPIERNIAK wills her after-the-game parties to Diane Zaborowski. HARLEY' N ERDRUM leaves to get married. JAMES PABICH leaves to get out of the way. DOLORES PARKS wills her bruises back to the Senior boys. DOROTHY BOARDMAN wills her theatre job to any movie fan who wants it. ESTELLE PAWLAK wills her knitting to Annette Hokkanen. BILL PAWLAK wills his ability to give hot feet to Dean Liazuk. MARYLIN PLANSKY wills her coeoperative nature to Jackie Hedler. BEVERLY POLANSKY wills her carrom board to Justin Jakowicz. DONALD ROGALSKI leaves for the farm. MARION SIEROCUK wills his curly hair to Jean Mattes. JOHN SMIGAJ leaves with printers' ink on his hands. DORIS REICHERT wills her I-don't-care attitude to Justin Jakowicz. ARNOLD SMITH wills his excuses to Phillip Soper. JOHN LARSON wills his wrestling ability to Jack Witzig. AUDREY RHYNER leaves to find a man. LUCILLE SOBOROWICZ wills her ability to snag a man to Cathy Conway. RAYMOND STROINSKI doesn't want to leave. CAROLINE SZCZECH leaves for the Air Force. LORRAINE TOMKOWIAK leaves her address and phone number. ROGER TURENNE leaves his ready smile and willing ways to T. H. S. DON VAN LOO leaves to take dancing lessons. DONALD ZUKOWSKI hopes to leave. LEONARD ZUKOXVSKI leaves to look for another MaI'y- lin Monroe. GENE ZASKE leaves. Thank goodness! ARNOLD ZABOROWSKI wills his blue, blue eyes to Jack Benny. PHYLLIS ZURAKOWSKI wills her quiet attitude to who- ever could use it. WILLIAM URBAN wills his abilities to Richard CShot- gunj Czubakowski. MARGIE COOK leaves to liven up Butch's dead job. JOHN DEPA leaves so he won't have to skip. ROGER HOFFMAN leaves for the milk route. JULIA MUENICH wills her graham crackers to stu- dents who get hungry between classes. PAT MASLOWSKI wills the Seniorian to next yeai-'s Editor. FLORENCE KOLODZIEJ wills her giggle to Kathie Badzinski. Page Eleven are-fit M.iXRION ANDRUSZKIEWICZ F F -X 1 2' Yoondax Qofb ll . . 1 . , , 1 ti' . I il and Basketball 1, 2. LOUIS BURZYNSKI 1:L"Noomlfly Basketball 2, 35 F, F. A. 1, 2, 3. Xe EDWARD CIOLKOSZ Football 1, Z, 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Noonday Basketball 1, 25 Baseball 1. 2, 3, 45 Homecoming Attendant 45 F. F. A. 1. DOROTHY BOARDMAN Student Council 15 Booster Club 1, Z, 3, 45 F. H. A. 1, 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Majorette 1, Z, 3, 45 "Maid To Order" 45 Seniorian Stalt 45 Cardinal Hi-Lites Editor 45 Noonday Basketball 1, 2, 35 Armistice Day Program 35 Any- thing tioes 1, 2. BRYON BOGUMILL Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, Z, 3, 45 Class President 15 Prom Coma mittee 35 Forensics 1, .25 Anv- 'ng Goes 1, 25 School Orches- tra 3, 45 Armistice Day l'rogr:un fi F00tlJall 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 9 MARJORIE COOK Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Band Council 35 Class Vice- President 35 Class Secretary 25 Noonday Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Anything Goes 25 Noonday Yol- leyball 1, 2, 35 "Stranger In The Night" Production Stat? 35 "Maid To Order" Production Staff 45 Homecoming Attendant 15 Prom Committee 35 Booster Club 1, Z, Vice-President 3, President 45 Seniorian Staff 45 F. H. A. 15 Drum Majorette 35 Girls' Prom Attendant 2. Queen 45 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4. Page Twelve JOSEPH CZERNICKI VVILLIAM DARGE Galena High School 15 Noonday Vollcylmll 31 F. F. A. 2, 3, 45 Armistice Day Program 39 Foot- ball 1. JOHN DEPA Noonday Basketball 1, 2, 35 F. F A 1 2 4 . . , , . 'QUT DARLENE FRESE Booster Club 2, 35 F. H. A. 1, 2, 35 "Stranger In The Night" Pro- duction Staff 33 Library Klub 13 Girls' Prom Committee 4. NANCY GIWOJNA "Stranger In The Night" Pro- duction Staif 35 "Maid To Or- der" Production Staff 43 Curtis Drive 2, 3, 4g F. H. A. 15 Any- thing Gocs Z5 Noonclay Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4. ALEX GRENDZINSKI Noonday Baseball 1, Z5 F. F. A 1. 2, 3, 4. Page Thirteen GENEVIEVE GUELL Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 25 junior Paper fo-Editor 35 Car- dinal Hi-Lites 45 Noonday Bas- ketball 1, 25 Noonday Volleyball 1,25 Noonday Softball 1,25 Any- thing Goes 25 "Stranger In The Night" 35 "Maid To Order" 45 furtis Drive 1, 2, 3, Secretary 45 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 45 For- ensics 1, 35 Seniorian Stat? 45 F. H. A. 15 Armistice Day Pro- gram 35 Valedictorian. X , ROGER HOFFMAN Saint Norbert's High School 15 Baseball 2,3, 45 Football 45 Vice- Presiclent 45 Noonday Basketball Z 3 4' An 'thin foes 25 Arm- , ,. , y g 1 lstlce Day Program 3. RAYMOND GUTOWSKI F. F. A. 1, Treasurer 45 Noon day Basketball 2, 3, 4. THOMAS HIRSOH Basketball 1, 2, 35 Band 2, 3, 45 School Dance Band 2, 3, Leader 45 Football Manager 25 Anything hoes 2, 3, 45 Class President 45 Band President 45 Student K oun- cil 45 Sax Quartet 2, 3, 4, State 2, 35 Chorus 45 Noonday Basket- ball l, 45 Senior Basketball Team 45 Noonday Volleyball Z, 35 "Stranger In The Night" 35 "Maid To 0rder" 45 Seniorian Staff 45 Vhristmas Ball Commit- tee 4. DONRAY IZYDOREK Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, Z5 Football 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Band Council 35 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 "Stranger In The Night" Production Staff 35 Anything Hoes Z, 35 "Maid To Order" Production Statt' 45 School Or- chestra 2, 3. CHF:s'rER KARPINSKI F. F.A. 15 Noonday Basketball Z. Page Fourteen ELAINE KODL Chorus 2. 35 Noonday Basket- ball '33 "Maid To Order" Pro- duction Staff 43 Booster Club 1. 2. 3, -lg IT.1l.A. 1, 23 Anything Goes 3. OLETA KRAMICZ B-poster Club 2, 33 Library Club 45 F. H, A. 1, 2, 3. FLORENCE KOLODZIEJ Hirls' Prom Committee 3, 45 Booster Club 1. Z, 3, 43 "Strang- er In The Night" Production Stat? 3, "Maid To Order" Pro- duction Staff 45 Library Club 3, 43 F.H.A. 1, 2, 43 Anything Goes 2. 3. JOAN LANGIENVICZ Xoomlay Basketball 33 "Maid To Order" Production Staff 43 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 43 F. H. A. 1. Z3 Anything Goes 3. J 01-I N LARSON Fairchild High School 1. 23 Boys' Chorus 23 Mixed Chorus 29 Class President 3: Class Treas- urer Zg Noomlay Basketball 3, 4, "Stranger In The Night" 33 Booster Club 4. PETER LUKASIEWICZ Football 43 F. F. A. 1. President Z5 Xoonday Basketball 1, Z, 33 Xoondav Baseball 1, Z3 Xoonday Voile,-bEi11 1, 2. Page Fifteen HARRIET MALECKI Cardinal Ili-Lites 43 Noonday Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Noonday Volleyball 1, Z, 33 Noonday Soft- ball 1, Z, Booster Club 1, 2, 4, Library Club 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. 1, 2, 4. llfltltlf I MW I lw rlwif PATRICIA MAsL0wsKI Noonday Softball 1, 2, Forensics 1, Z, 3, 43 Booster Club 2, 3. 4g Girls' Prom Committee 39 Li- brary Club 2, 4, "Stranger In The Night" Production Staff 3, "Maid To Order" Production Staff 4, Mixed Chorus 33 Band 2, 3, 45 Noonday Basketball 1, 2, 3g Noonday Volleyball 2, 35 Stu- dent Council 3, State Conven- tion 3g Seniorian Editor 4, Any- thing lioes 2, 3, Girls' Basket- ball lg F. H. A, 1. are W JULIA MUENICH Owen High School 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Band Council 45 Chor- us 3, 45 Cardinal Hi-Lites 45 "Stranger In The Night" 3g "Maid To Order" 45 Homecom- ing Attendant 3g Curtis Drive Secretary 4, Booster Club 3, 43 Forensics 1, 4, Seniorian Staff 4, Badger Girls' State Representa- tive 3: Junior Paper Co-Editor 33 l".H. A. 1, President Z, Treas- urer 3, Parliamentarian 43 School Orchestra 3, 4, Armistice Day Program 4. GERTRUDIQ MAREK Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4, "Strang- er In The Night" Production Staff 3, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Girls' Prom Committee 3. 4, F. H. A, 1, 2, "Maid To Order" Production Staff 4. VALENCIA MAREK Cardinal Hi-Lites 4, "Stranger In The Night" Production Stall' 3, "Maid To Order" Production Staff 45 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Library Club Z, 3, 4, Girls' Prom Committee 3, 43 F. H. A. 1, 2. EDNVARD NATZKE F. F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Page Sixteen BEATY NEIMAN Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Class Secretary 3, 4, Student Council Secretary 4, Noonday Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Noonday Volley- ball 1, 2, 3, Noonday Softball 1, 23 Homecoming Attendant Z5 Booster Club 1, 2. 3, 4, Library Club 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. 1, Presi- dent 49 Vardinal Hi-Litas 4g Mardi Gras Queen 4g Vheerleacler 3, 4, Anything Goes 3. JAMES PABICH HARLEY NERDRUM Stanley High School 1, Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, Captain 4, Basket- ball Z, 3, C'o-Captain 4, Baseball 1, Z, 3, 45 Prom Attendant 35 Homecoming King 45 Student Vouneil 2, Noonday Basketball 2. KATHERINE PAPIERNIAK Band 1, Z, Cardinal Hi-Lites 4, Noonday Basketball 1, Z, 3, 4, Noonday Volleyball 1, Z, 3, "Stranger In The Night" 3, "Maid To Order" 4, Christmas Ball fommittee 4, Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Library Club 4, For- ensics Z, F. H. A. 1, Girls' Prom Attendant 4. DOLORES PARKS Band 1. 2, 3, 4, Cliorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Vardinal Hi-Lites 4, Noonday Basketball 1, 2, 35 Noonday Vol- leyball 1, 2, 3, Noonday Soft- ball 1, Z, "Stranger In The Night" Production Staff 33 "Maid To Order" Production Stat? 4, D. A. R. Representative 4, Booster C'lub 1, 2, 3, 4, Li- brary Club Z, President 4, For- ensics 1, 2, Seniorian Staff 45 F. H. A. 13 Girls' Basketball 1, Anything Goes 2, 3. ESTELLE PAWLAK Noonday Softball 1, Z, Noondzig Volleyball 1. 2: Booster Club 1 Z, 3, 4, 1'.H.A. 1, 2. 3. Page Seventeen Noonday Basketball 1, Z, 3, W1LL1AM PAWLAK Basketball 13 Baseball 1, 2, ., 5 JW fxa LQLAALA-,a ,X J- X MARYLIN Vlicerleacler Z, 3, 4 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4g kctball 1, 2, 3, 43 leyball 1. 2, 33 Noondiy 1. 2, "Stranger In The Night 33 "Maid To Order" 4, Home cuming Attendant 4, Christmas Ball Committee 41 Curtis Drive 3 4 43 Booster Club 1,-2, 3, 45 Li l' I' A 1 4 C ir brary Club 2, 43 l'.H. A. 1, 4 uotball-13 '. '. . , q 'z - dinal Hi-Lites 4. Girls' Prom Attendant 3. DORIS REICHERT Sf1lllL'lltfi0lll1Cll2Q N0-onday Yol- lcyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Noonday Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Noonday Softball 1, 2, 'LStranger In The Night" Proflnctiun Staff 33 "Maid T0 Order" Production Stal? 4, I-lomecoming Committee -lg Christmas Ball Committee 43 Prom fommittee 35 Booster Klub 1, 3, 4, Treasurer Z, Library Club Z, 3, Vice-President 4, Forensics 2, 3, F. H. A. 1, Vice l'rc-sident 4. P BEVERLY POLANSKY Madison XN'est 1, 2, Seniurian Staff 4, "Stranger In The Night" Vast 3: "Maid To Order" Vast 43 F.1'I.A, J, Booster Club 3, 4, Library Vlub 3, 43 Cliorus 3g Nounday Volleyball 3, fllll'lStlll2lS Ball Committee 4. ? AUDREY RI-IYNER DONALD ROGALSKI Noonday Basketball 15 F.F.A. 1 :ist Senior High School 1, Z. 3. 2. 3, 4. Page Ei ghteen MARION SIEROCUK F. F..-X. 1, 2, 45 Noonday Bas- ketball 2, 3. JOHN SMIGAJ Xoonday Basketball 1, Z, 3, 4 Basketball 25 Homecoming Com- mittee 4. ARNOLD SMITH Football Manager Z, 3, 45 Class Yice-President 25 "Stranger In The Night" Production Staff 35 "Maid To Order" Production Staff 45 fhristmas Ball Commit- tee 45 Prom Committee 35 Fur- tis Drive 1, Z, 3, 45 Seniorian StaFf 45 Anything Goes 1, 2, 3, 45 Armistice Day I'rOgrzun 35 Honiecoming Committee 3, 4. 53, z, f ,f LUCILLE SOBOROWICZ Mixed fhorus Z5 Noonday Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Noonday Vol- leyball 1, 2, 35 Noonday Softball 1, .25 "Stranger In The Night" 35 "Maid To Order" 45 Home- coming Queen 45 Prom Vommit- tee 35 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Library Club 2, 3, 45 F. H. A. 15 Girls' Prom Attendant Z5 Car- dinal Hi-Lites 4. RAYMOND STROINSKI Basketball 15 Noonday Basket- ball 2, 3, 45 "Stranger In The Night" Cast 35 F. F. A. 1, 25 Homecoming Committee 25 Noon- day and B Squad ref 3, 45 Sen- ior Basketball Team 4. CAROLINE Szczmcu Library Club 2, 3, 45 Booster flub 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Prom Committee 45 L'Stranger In The Night" Production Staff 3g"Maid To Order" Production Staff 45 F. H, A, 1, 2, 3. Page Nineteen M 1331 fy LORRAINE TOM KOWIAK Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Booster Klub 2, 3, 43 Library Club 3, 43 Forensics 23 Cardinal Hi-Lites 43 Xoonday Basketball Z3 Noonday Volleyball Z3 "Stranger In The Night" Production Stall' 33 F. H. A. 13 Anything Goes 2, DONALD VAN L00 ARNOLD ZABOROWSKI Baseball lg Basketball 2. 33 Foot- ball 3' Student Council 3 "Stranger In The Night" Prof duction Stall 3' F. F. A. 1 Z 4 Anything Goa-si23 Noondayi Ilasf ketball 1, 4, ROGER TUREN NE Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 4: lfootball 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Vhorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Class President 2, 33 Prom King 33 Student Vouncil 13 "Maid To Order" 43 "Stranger In The Night" 33 Cardinal Hi-Lites 43 Christmas Ball 43 Prom Committee 33 Fork ensics 3g Seniorian Staff 43 Bad- ger Boys' State Representative 33 Anything Goes 2, 43 Armistice Day Program 33 Salutntorian. WILLIAM URBAN Basketball 1, 2, 3, C'o-falitain 43 Student Council President 4g Noonrlay Basketball 1, 23 Home- coming Conimittee 43 F. F. A. 1, Treasurer Z. GENE ZASKE Neillsville High School 1, 2 Band 2, 3, 43 Forensics 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 43 Basketball Z, 3 43 Baseball Z, 3, 4g Prom Com- mittee 33 Seniorian Staff 4 "Stranger In The Night" 3 "Maid To Order" 43 Mixed Chor us 3, 43 Noonday Basketball 2 School Orchestra Z, 4. Page Twenty 1 LEONARD ZUKOWSKI Football 1. 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 3, 43 S..-X. F. Rt'lfI't'SCIlt1lf1YC' DONALD ZUKowsK1 1, --1111111 To order" Production Staff 43 Booster Klub -Ig Basket- Baseball 13 Basketball 5, Foot- ball 33 Noondzxy Basketball 1, Z. ball 33 Noonday Basketball 1, Z, 43 Homecoming Committee 3: 3, 43 Noonday Softball 1, 2, F. Xoonclnv Softball 1, lg F. F. A. if. A. 1, 3. 1, 5. ' 5 P1-1YLL1s ZURAKOXVSKI Booster flnli 2, 3. 45 Lilirary l'lub 43 F. H. A. 1. Class Prophecy Professor Hirzy, now enjoying' his retirement in Eidsvold, the beautiful suburb of Thorp, decided to fly to the World's Fair of 1979 at Chicago. Leonard Zukowski, P1'OfCSS0l"S chauffeur, drove him to Uncle Louie's Airport, now owned by Arnie Smith. Professor Hirzy purchased his ticket from Elaine Kodl and was on his way to the plane when he heard someone yell, "Extra! Extra!" Of course, it was Jimmy Pabich still trying to make his million by selling papers. He boarded the plane and was greeted by the smiling hostess, Harriet Malecki. l.Iuch to his surprise the plane was piloted by Alex Grendzinfski and co-piloted by his charming wife, the foi mer Pat Maslowski. The Professor was resting comfortably and looking out the window when suddenly he saw Ed Ciolkosz drift by with his parachute and rifie. Ed was just bird hunting the modern way. The time passed rapidly and he soon found himself at his destination, Chicago. From the airport he took a taxi, driven by Donald Zukowski, to the Van Loo Hotel, owned by Don and his wife, the former Gertrude Marek. Hotel Clerk. Gene Zaske. gave him his key to room number 70589 and Rog Turenne, Bell Hop, carried Professor Hirzy's six suitcases to his suite. Professor was fascinated by the head chamber maid, Julia Muenich, who was cleaning' his room at the wrong time. fOr was it the right time?J Delicious food, cooked by Chef Ed Natzke, was served to him by the head waiter, Peter Lukasiewicz. The Professor retired early after an enjoyable day. He was awakened early the next morning at 8:00 A. M. by a sharp knocking' at the door. It was only Toni Hirsch, making his daily rounds winding the hotel clocks. Page Twenty 'one Immediately after breakfast the Professor made his way to the fair grounds. He walked up and down the midway, not knowing what to do first. Even though the lady wrestling match between Nancy Giwojna and Beverly Polansky fascinated him, he decided to go to the horse races. Professor Hirzy placed his money on Harley Nerdrumys, "Smiling Bill," ridden by Roger Hoffman, but the crowd's favorite "Morgy Mick" ridden by Bill Urban and owned by Butch Izydorek, the city morgue proprietor, again placed first. The next attraction that caught his eye was the beauty contest. The judge, Ray Gutowski, named the four finalists as Florence Kolodziej, Lorraine Tomkowiak, Phyllis Zurakowski, and Doris Reichert. He didn't have time enough to stay until the winner was announced, for the stock car races were soon to get under way. The races were featuring Guell's Grave Gamblers, known world wide for their death defying driving. Professor happened to have sat down by one of the more successful alumni of our class, Donald Rogalski, who is a prominent lawyer in Rogalskiville. It was extremely hot that day and after the races, Professor went for a glass of Walter's Beer, which was served to him by Joe Czernicki. Incidentally, he and his wife, the former Oleta Kramicz, own the Walter's Beer Corporation. VVhat's this over here? Of course, it's Cy's Side Show with acts from different lands. His main feature is Dolores Parks, Estelle Pawlak, and Marylin Plansky, the world famous hula dancing trio from Hawaii. Over in the corner is that great juggler from Italy, Louis Burzynski and his assistant, Chester Karpinski. By the way, they are now juggling account books. As he was leaving, the Professor had difficulty in getting out the door past the fat woman, Margie Cook. Once again Professor Hirzy was off down the midway bound for the bullfight. The main attraction was Marion Andruszkiewicz and his bouncing Brahma. Bouncing Brahma was a vicious bull and Sir Marion was unable to control his vitality. Soon Marion was carried off the arena on a stretcher with his fiance, Joan Langiewicz and an attending doctor at his side. The Professor felt he had enough of this manslaughter and made his way forward to the fortune teller's association. Dorothy Boardman, the head fortune-teller, directed him to the witches, Lucy Soborowicz and Audrey Rhyner, who together told Professor's fortune. To climax his day at the fair, the Professor took in the Paris fashions and was surprised to see the three models were Caroline Szczech, Kathie Papierniak, and Darlene Frese. Leaving the fair, he walked down Sobol Avenue, named after Bob, the man of concrete. One of the first things that caught his eyes was Depa's Used Car Lot, owned by the master salesman of Used Cars, John Depa. Right next door was Pool's Pit, specializing in the serving of prunes, owned by Bill Pawlak. Business was booming and while waiting for Ray Stroinski, the headwaiter, to give him a table, he bought a package of cigarettes from Valencia Marek, cigarette girl, who was famous in her trade. After dinner, the Professor went to the back room where "Rake 'em and Take 'em" Bill Darge led him to the roulette wheel. After playing for over five hours he cashed in his chips at the door with the checkout girl, Betty Ann Neiman, who counted out his winnings. Feeling that he had a fine time, Professor Hirzy started back to the hotel. On his way he was tapped on the shoulder by Arnie Zaborowski, who asked him for a quarter. After returning to the hotel, he packed his suitcase and took a plane home. His happy thought of home was soon changed when Marion Sierocuk met him at the plane to collect for past due bills. Mr. Sierocuk represented the John and John Bill Collecting Agency, operated by John Smigaj and John Larson. After returning home, Professor Hirzy took a week's rest. During this time he thought about the people that he had met on his way to the fair. Strangely enough, he had known all of them before in the graduating class of 1954. Page Twenty -twd Religious Instructions We, at Thorp High School, have learned that it is almost impossible to be good citizens without being good, worth-while Christians. We feel that it is necessary to know the truth about the Author of our rights and the norms which he meant us to follow. Our four freedoms come to us from the God which our Constitution recognizes. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Qualle and the Board of Education for allowing us one hour a week during which we can learn these truths which are so important to our spiritual life, Fathers Piekarski and Zoromski of St. Hedwig's and Father Muckerheide of St. Bernard's for so ably and efficiently in- structing us in this significant phase of our education. sh-nmzmil FATHER FRANCIS PIEKARSKI FATHER HERBERT ZOROMSKI FATHER ARNoLo lVll'CKI-JRHFIDI Sf H0!,Zl'Z..Q'S C'r1H1oI1'r' C'll1l7'l'fI Sf. Her1zvz'g's Ciflllllflllil' Cl11l1'c'l1 St. B67'7'lll'I'IIyN Cutlmlir' Clinnli In behalf of Father Piekarski, Father Muckerheide, and myself, I wish to sincerely congratulate the graduating class of 1954. It was our great privilege in instructing the larger portion of Thorp High School and it is my earnest prayer that you carry into practice what you have now learned. Please always remember, whatever you do, you are not doing it alone. It is always 'God and myselff May God shower His choicest blessings upon each and every member of the Class of 1954. You have shown wonderful spirit and given a fine example throughout your years in Thorp High - carry that same spirit throughout life, if you do, that life will be worthwhile living. My heartiest congratulations with a sincere wish of future health and success. Csigneclb FATHER HERBERT P. ZoRrm1sKI Page Twenty - three Junior Class NEIL BROEREN ROBERT BENZSCHAWEL KATIILEEN BADZINSKI President Vive-Pfresiflent Secretary-Tfreasurefr Beginning their first year as upper classmen, the Juniors started the year's activities by electing the following class officers under the guidance of Mr. Amundson and Mr. Witziz Neil Broeren, Presidentg Robert Benzschawel, Vice-Presidentg and Kathleen Badzinski, Secretary-Treasurer. Richard Alger and Ruth Bogumill were elected to represent their class on the Student Council. For Homecoming Festivities, John Maier was chosen attendant and we were well represented in the parade by a beautiful float that placed first. Several boys took an active part in sports this year, and the following received their T's: Neil Broeren, Robert Benzschawel, Carl Johnson, John Maier, and Justin Jakowiez in football, Gordie Hanson, Richard Alger and Richard Jarocki in basketball. The Junior paper, Thorp Hi-Sign, was edited by Nancy Lindquist and Kathleen Badzinski, with Mr. Wenninger acting as advisor. The paper was published bi-monthly and enjoyed immensely by the readers. At the end of their first semester, Ruth Bogumill, Annette Hokkanen, Richard Alger, Lillian Maziarka, and Estelle Wargolet placed their names on the honor roll. "Arsenic and Old Lace," a mystery-comedy was presented by the Junior Class and directed by Mr. Wenninger. A very large audience attended. With "Madame ButterHy" as the theme for the Junior Prom, 'the class worked industriously for the big event which was held on Saturday, May 1. With music by Billy Uthemier, and Neil Broeren and Cathy Conway as King and Queen, another successful prom is again history. After an eventful year filled with successes, the class of 1955 is looking forward to summer vacation and will return as dignified Seniors next fall. Page Twenty-four Richard Alger Dorothy Badzinski Kathleen Badzinski Gertrude Barth Robert Benzschawel Edward Bieno Ruth Bogumill Neil Broeren l ouis Carpenter Gordon Czyzewicz lfnrothy Deutschlander Roger Deutsclilander Bernard Dobrzynski Robert Folczyk llorothv Grabowsl-ci David Haas Gorden Hansen Annette Hokkanen -l ustin Jakowicz Richard jarocki tlarl Johnson Albert Kacnmrcyk llonelda liarnopp Marjorie Kodl leon Kotecki Pauline liramicz Patricia Knester Dean Liazuk Nancy Lindquist -lohn Maier Lillian Miziarka .XTIHOH Micke ,loanne Micke Donald Mikolainis Casmir Pawlicki lillester Przybylski Florence Przybylski jude Schmidt Ronald Schultze Alice Sciezor Robert Smith Archie Sohorowicz Phillip Soper Theresa Szatalowicz ,lean Yetterkind Estelle VVargolet George lYelciek ,lames XYinger 'K' fv- Q Page Twenty - li ve Sophomore Class 'g ,f if Vw f A JON PIT1' JOAN GRUCELSKI MARY ELLEN PABICH P7'6Ri!l671,t Vice-Pfresizlent Secretr1o'y-Treasureo' Under the helpful advisorship of Mr. Korpal, the Sophomores started their second year in Thorp High. They elected Jon Pitt as President, Joan Grucelski, Vice- President, and Mary Ellen Pabich, Secretary-Treasurer. Then came the time to put the green Freshmen into their places. The initiation was regarded as a great success by all concerned, and the Freshmen came back with a grand return party. Homecoming was the next big event of the year. James Biser was chosen by the class as its attendant and with "Sailing To Victory" as our Hoat theme, we won second place in the parade. James Biser, David Guell, Roger Benzschawel, Paul Harycki, Bill Harycki, Don- ald Ryniec, Eugene Wilhelm, and John Klick represented our class in football, those in basketball included: James Biser, David Guell, Paul Harycki, Bill Harycki, Donald Ryniec, James Schauer, Rex Schmidt, and Eugene Wilhelm. We were proud to have Mary Ellen Pabich, Ruth Smigaj, and Joan Grucelski to represent us in forensics. Mary Ellen won second in the school serious declamation contest and traveled to Stanley and Eau Claire to participate in the area contests. Diane Zaborowski and James Biser represented the Sophomore Class in the Student Council. The Class of '56 led by Bernice Butterfield, who became the high salesman, did its best to make the Curtis Drive a success. We also took an active part in many other extracurricular activities. Page Twenty-six Roger Bc-nzschawel Marian Bc-rzinski Clarence Biddle James Biser Michael Bogumill Marlene Burkhardt l.nrett:1Burzynski Bernice Butterheld Donald Dahm Pauline Dr:-pa Le-ora Duxlansky Rita Gostomski ,loan lirncelski David Gnell Darlpne Gnlcynski Paul I-larycki XYilliam Hzxrvcki jzlcqueline Hedler Marian Henke Frank Hilgert Josephine Hmielak Rheta lloflman Michael ,larocki Phillip Jorgensen Lou Ann liaminski Frcd Kenney john Klick linthryn liliincck Dorothy liliminski Theresa Kowalski ,laxnes Kramer Mildred Kurtinaitis Leon Lato David Lusscnrlen Rnsi-mae Lukasieivicz Patricia Marnayek Lan renee Olcjniczak Mary Ellen Palmich -lon Pitt Louis Platt Donald Ryniec ,lame-s Schauer Luann Schmidt Rex Schmidt Ruth Smigaj M ariane Staniec Virginia Swiontek Kenneth Szymoniak Maxine Turcnne ,lane Vctterkiml Eugene VVilhelm Lucille VViniarczyk -leromc NN'nek jerry XVojt Diane Zahorowski Not Shown: Dorothy Gollhardt Mary Ann VVyczawski . I Nd' 'Ef7i Page Twenty-seven 'un ',f.16sjfLl ' Vu . ip! - ffjf Freshman Class DANNY WINGER J1-:AN MATTES KITTY KENNEY President Vice-President Servetary-Treasurer As in other years, we, a class of seventy-nine students, entered Thorp High School as "green freshies" and took all the kidding that went with it, but we soon overcame this and established our place in the school. With Mr. Hirzy, our class advisor, we met and elected our officers for the year. We chose Danny Winger, Presidentg Jean Mattes, Vice Presidentg and Kitty Kenney, Secretary. We also chose Ann Hedler and Elaine Fortek to represent the Freshman Class on the Student Council. The Sophomore Class held the annual initiation for us on October 16th and made us official members of Thorp High School, and we responded with the usual return party. Ann Hedler was chosen Junior Cheerleader by the Booster Club. The Freshman Class is very proud of its accomplishments in the Curtis Drive, for we worked hard and came out on top under the leadership of our captains Ann Hedler, Kitty Kenney, and Ray Price. Our class chose Keith Glasshof to be Homecoming Attendant. In the Freshman Declamation contest, Cathy Conway and Kitty Kenney tied for first place and will have their names engraved on the trophy. Others taking part in the finals were: Ralph Sherberg, Susan Rusch, Jolanta Mikolainis, Alice Giwojna, and John Klouda. We took a great interest in all sports and had boys out for football, including Don Soderberg, who earned a T. Several boys also went out for basketball and baseball. We were also active in other extracurricular activities. We felt that we have made a good start and look forward to the future soberly, yet eagerly. Page Twenty - eight .X.i'tliur .Xlgqr l'v':iuk .Xiuli'uszkiuu'icz liCl'lIlZllllU lizulziuski Bzililcscluviler llzii-lmixi Bcnszcllzuvcl l.ol:1 Biilillc ,lAllCI'CSZl Bieleoki Russell Buzirrlmzin Clixirlottc Bui-zyuski lizulicriuol'ouu'115' l':itrici:i Cunimings Sanmlrzi llaincs Margie liziniulcuicz l3m'lm1'zi Folczyk liiiiiuc lrortclc liolwrt Frcsc Frank liziligcr Alice Giwojnu licitll fil1lSSl10f Xlziry Ann lirunstroiu Tlieresa liutowski Lorrziinc Hzizugzi Ann Hemllcr ll-llOl1lZ15 Hciniwliiiuu Al1ll'g21!'Ut llilgcrt Dziln- Iloklxancn Rolwrt Hnliclak ,lzxnicv jacques Iilnine jzilwwicz Slmron jenness lfmluwinl lNz1ll'l'lil1Slil lQ1lYlllL'Ell Kenney litlicl liliiucck ,lolin liloumlzl -lcziuettc ixoill liclwnril liosik Florence lilllltfil Joyce liulrerzi Yvonne lirupzi Ruth liurtiuziitis Lars l.zu'sou llarlcne Liuzuk Roman Marek ,lc-:in Mnites jolnntzi Mikolziinis Kzitlllccu Klikolziiuis XYillizl1nMillc-1' ,lcroinc Ncisius .lllll1L'SiJlJL'I'lL' Lorvttil Ulicrlc 1ifiwin0gurc-lc liL'l'21l1lf,lSOll Donzilcl l,2llllCl'lllFlli XY:iltcl' l'ziu'l:1k ,lohn Pcrsak Rogci' l'0cll1ul:i Ray l'1'icc joseph l'i'zewoznilq Riclmrml l'i'zylrylski Bernice Rzicilnorski ,lorry Rcvolinski Mary Ann Roda Susan Kusch Louise Salvack fiormlon Schinimlt Ralph Sherberg Dorothy Siegicnski Rosalie Silkaitis lone Simet Donald Soderberg Bruce Soli Stcpllzinie Szczc-ch Ricliaril Swnnck llziviil Tcclaw lilcziuor Yettcrkiml .xlltllfllly NYilCzek llzinicl XYiIlgL'l' Hi-rnzuliuc Zukowski Not Sliowui joan Alger , Ricliarel Ciulmkowski as. i - W , .v,. ,Q 4 .: ' . 5 " mf' 7 ,J S ef 6 Q 'sv 'QV' x MJ 5 . v, - 5 K l N ,f .............,, ..,, . ., ,, , , ,L N v ii- ' ' Q- Q , W 555-'j, Q X , -4 ' . ,.1 K - It fi ,- .,,i Q K, , ,S 3 . 'awk , -' A . ' V , '12gg,Vf?1"' if 2 ' 7,55 Q 'ki :wsu , . . E,-. f 17", . ,. , . ' 'L "l'i ' 'fit L . V ,' Q , I l vvflla ,L 1' X , 1 ,, - ' 'V A My , 'R li 'V' , s ' YQPEK 'QM X 1' 4' , 'vwur 'hs KN in Ab H1 Y Q? X -an S, my ini " .4 46 Nz -v-.-4 ln A Irv,-In 1, fx ,QS if f X U i . Sw - 'XM " ,, V N ' . , ' ,, . ,f-x :-:-f wg: 21-,z-.,, , 4 '13 K ,g y , . 1: - Q 'if ,X 3.5, -X ff ' ' ,Q Q ,, -s U V uw X '. .SY ' ng uv 'N' 'V ' V' "N 4 - " 1 ,GM " ,J 1 .' , - A 5, f, 1 1 " ' 5 . f-if: 'Q , K 1 2 ': ilk - ' ' H Mmxsf who s'fwEf x gxfwo ,, . i 41 " ,, , ' JY, . 9, .f :,. K sl ,f A - N . V Az- ' I V ' X ' 1 QQ ' 5 A -x--- j ' . X , f .. l .x Q wi- YH' ' X K ww, ,b 2 ffl fx wx L. I 7? X' " N , X ' K mx N sfiw . ,,Q N Y ' say? ,, I L i 4- kip, , . . 4 , l 4- f QCW 42" , fig' ' , I " X K X , , 4 X -ar X R 1 5 '15, bg: sf x , 'ww . M., I. .iw if 'A "xt-. . . ,Asia mv' reg: I x, ,my " fflig "" 533,29 .21 - I 4 5' if . 6 V l Mg. -M ff. A ...V J I -4, i sw' ,,,.,,. ex. ' Y.. " ' - 'K' " . ,, 5 4 li I N U V - ws x 1 SBK . K f 'Us an 1 ,I A f 5 Girls' Prom 1954 King - NANCY LINDQFIST - Queen - MARGIE COOK Pzngv Thirty Activities 5,5 J 52 N W WF f First Row: jackie Hedlcr, Diane ZZ1lJ0l'0XVSl4i"lvldflilllx Henke, Judy Glasshof, Ruth Smigaj, Nancy Lindquist, Dorothy Boardman Kitty Kenney, Ingrid l.inquist,'l3oroll1y lXlllT'lIY1SlClZ Mary Ellen Pahich, Theresa Szatalowicz, Patricia Kuester. Scconcl Row: Maxine Turcnnc, Janice JIICKIUCS, Fred lxennuy, llonelda lxarnopp, Genevieve Guell, Bernice Butterfield, Lola Biddle Tom llirsvh, Katlileen Bzidzinski, Keith Glzisshof, Dorothy Ilzidzinski, Gene Zaske, Pat Mzislowslci, Dolores Parks, Marlene Burk: hardt, Mr. Breda. Third Row: Nordic ll11llSCll,.lllliZlBll1Cl'llCll.hllCllHEl'B0g'Ul'l1lll,BYTOTI Bogurnill, fathy Conway, Edward Bieno, Eugene Wilhelm -lzuncs Sclmuer. Arthur Alger, Luann Schmidt, Richard Alger, Marylin Plzmsky, Ray Price. Fourth Row: Gerald Olson, Rex Sclimidt, Donzilrl Soclerhcrg, llonray lzydurck, Harold llnllzmger, Roger Padholzi. Band The Thorp Hih School band, under the leadership of Roy H. Brede, has con- tributed a grreat deal to the school and community in the past year by presenting many fine concerts. It also presented a solo and ensemble recital on March 30, in which twenty-nine solos and ensembles were brought forth to the public. On April 2, this same group journeyed to Eau Claire to participate in the District Music Festival. The pre-festival tournament, consisting of bands from the surrounding area, was held in Thorp this year. This tournament is held each year to prepare for the district tournament. The band also took part in the concert and parade at the Music Festival in Eau Claire on May 8. The band will lose 10 students through graduation this year. Page Thirty-two v Band Sectionals Page 'l'lxirty-tlwcng Matjorettes K'llt'l?1?'?lfjZ MAXINPI TURPJNNE. Sfrmfliwg: DOROTHY BAUZINSKI, KITTY KICNNEY, IJORQTIIY BUARDMAN. MAXINE TURENNE BYRON BQGVMILL, GENE ZASKE, TOM HIRSCH, RICHARD ALGER, JULIA MITENICH Thorp High School Orchestra First Row: Janice Jacques, Maxine Turenne, Loretta Burzynski, Charlotte Burzynski, Alice Giwojna, Virginia Swiontek, Diane Zabor- owski, Dorothy Badzinski, Barbara Benszchawel, Rosalie Sillcaitis, Barbara Folczyk, Darlene Liazuk, Theresa Szatalowicz, Julia Muenich, Kathleen Kenney, Kathleen Mikolainis. Second Row: Germaine Baclzinski, Marlene Burkhardt, Betty Ann Neiman, Dorothy Gollharclt, Mariane Staniec, Estelle NVargolet, Dolores Parks, Joan Grucelski, Jolanta Mikolainis, Mary Ann VVyCzawski, Dorothy Grahowski, Patricia Mainayek, Ruth Smigaj, Kathleen Badzinski, Marylin Plansky. Third Row: Sharon Jenness, Mary Ellen Pahich, Elaine Fortek, fiatherinc Conway, Bernice Butterhelnl, Margie Cook, lone Simet, Josephine Hmielak, Marian Henkc, Lorraine Tomkowiak, Ruth Bogumill, Ann Hefller, Jacqueline Hefller, Donclda Karnopp, Fred Kenney, Gerald Olson. Fourth Row: Richard Alger, Neil Broercn, james Biser, Michael Boguniill, Robert Folczyk, Gormlie Hansen, -lim Schauer, Lou Ann Kaminski, Dorothy Kliminski, Nancy Lindquist, Jerome VVnck, Frank fialigvr, Keith Glasshof, Roger Podhola. Fifth Row: Byron Bogumill, Tom Hirsch, Gordon Czyzcwicz, Justin jalwwicz, Carl Johnson, Eugene VVilhelm, Donald Soclerherg, Gene Zaske, Roger Turcnne, Philip Jorgensen, Leonard Zukowski, Mr. Brede. V Mixed Chorus The Mixed Chorus, this year under the direction of Roy H. Brede, consisted of 77 members. This very large group, containing 26 boys and 51 girls, participated in the Christmas band and chorus concert. The concert proved to be very successful. The chorus also participated in the Eau Claire Music Festival during April and May. Several solos and ensembles entered in the festivity. Page Thi rty - live Seated: Riclmrrl Alger, Ruth Bogumill, Julia Muenicli, Nrmcy-l.imlquist, Riclmvrd Iurocki. Stzimling: llorothy llcutsclilzimlcr, Iidwzird Bicno, Mr. Vtfnningcr, linlicrt Smith, Annctte llokkancn Armistice Day The Speech Class again prepared the Armistice Day program under the direction of Mr. Wenninger. It featured a one act play, "The Unkown Soldier," which took place at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Many of his possible acquaintances through life confessed the wrongs they had done him by encouraging war. At the climax of the play the Spirit of Christianity told them they must forget their past doings and unite to prevent future war. The band participated in the program playing music appropriate for the occasion. Richard Alger played taps and Dorothy Deutschlander read selections. lhiggc Tliirty-six First Row: Florence Kubera, Patricia Kucster, Lorraine Hazuga, Jean Yetterlqinrl, Eleanor Yetterkiinl. lone Siinet, Jolanta Mikolainis, Marian Henke, Ann Hemller, Beverly Polansky, Kathie Papierniak, Marylin Plansky, Diane Zahorowski, l'at Maslowski, Pat Cummings. Second Row: Bernanline Zukowski, Louise Salvack, Josephine Hmielak, Kitty Kenney, Julia Muenich, Ruth Bogumill, Betty Neiman, Dorie Reichert, Maxine Turenne, Yvonne Krupa, Sharon, Jenness, Germaine Baclzinski. Third Row: Mr. VVitzig, Leora Dudansky, Rheta Hoffman, Caroline Szczech, Valencia Marek, Kathleen Mikolainis, Ruth Sinigaj. Mary Ellen Pabich, Lorraine Tomkowiak, Darlene Liazuk, Lucille Wlinarczyk. Bernice Racihorski, Mary Ann Rucla. Dorothy Sieginski, Loretta Oberle, Dolores Parks, Ethel Klimeck, Joan Alger. Fourth Row: Lou Ann Kaminski, Estelle Pawlak, Gertrude Barth, Pat Mamayek, Marianc Staniec, .Xlice Sciezor, Joan Micke, Nancy Lindquist, Dorothy Baclzinski, Barbara Folczyk, Margie Danieliewicz, Dorothy Hoarrlrnan, Lola Biddle, Charolette Burzynski, Dorothy Klirninski, Theresa Szatalowicz, Rosalie Silkaitis,, Florence Pr7vbylski Fifth Row: Margaret Hilgert, Joyce Kuhera, Theresa Gutnwski, Dorothy Deutschlanrler, Darlene tlnlcynski, Elaine Komll, Joan Langiewicz, Kathy Baclzinski, Dorothy lirahowski, Pauline Kranncz, Margie Korll, Olera Kramicv Annette Hokkanen Fstelle YVargolet. Rosemae Lukasiewcz. Pauline Depa, Theresa Kowalski, Vatherine tionway, Lucille Soborowicz, Jackie llerller, Dorothy Gollharclt, Elaine Jakowicz, Bernice Butterlieltl, Elaine Fortek, Susan Rusch. Sixth Row: Jeanette Kocll, Lillian Maziarka, Lars Larson, Roger Benzschawel, Leon Kotecki, Eugene XVilhelin, Armon Micke, lionalcl Schultze, Edward Bieno, Len Zukowski, John Larson, Harriet Malecki, Janice Jacques, Marlene Burkharrlt, Sandra Daines, Florence Kolodzicj, Gertrude Marek, Donelrla Karnopp, Phyllis Zurakowski, Kathryn Klimeck. Booster Club Under the guidance of Mr. William Witzl, the Booster Club again took its place as one of the more important clubs in our extracurricular system. Our school spirit is hinged on the activities of our Booster Club, for here is where the cheerleaders are chosen, skits for pep meetings prepared, and new yells are learned, among other things. Members of the Booster Club sold Homecoming Pins as well as pencils with the schedule of the basketball season engraved on them. Our Senior Cheerleaders this year were Margie Cook, Betty Neiman, and Marylin Plansky. Ann Hedler, Jackie Hedler. Ruth Smigaj, and Maxine Turenne backed our B Team. The officers chosen to aid in the guidance of the club were Ma1'ie Cook, President: Lucille Soborow- icz, Vice-President, and Bernice Butterfield, Secre- tary-Treasurer. Pagre Tliirty-seven l First Row: Richard Swanek, Edward liosilc, Ray Price, Ray Gnlowski, Armon Micke, Joanne Micke, Ronald Schultze, Leon liolccki, Alex tirt-mlzinski, K croine Nt-isius, Gordon Schinit l ficcmnl Row: Dale llukkanen, llonalfl lPalin1.,lerry XYojt, Edward Nalzkc, Lawrence Ulejniczalc, james Kramer, Bill Pawlak, 'Eraiik Andrnszlciewicz, litllfflfk Nteleck, lhmald Ryniec, VVallr:r Pawlak. 'I'liird Row: Archie Snhorowicz, Leo Iialdeschxvilcr, ,lohn lilick, NVilliam Miller, Roman Marek. john Maier, Donald Soderberg, Donald Miliolziiliis, Edward liaminski, Mr. fiwaiisnn. Fourth Row: Clarence Biddle, Leon I.z1to, -illfillll jakmviez, Tlioinas Ileinpehnan, Frank llilgert. ,loc Czernicki, Eugene XVil- hchn Nzirion Sit-niclik .'xIltllUllY XN'ilczck, ltuhcrt Fresc, lfihh Riixv: Frank fialigt-ii, llcrnaril llolirzyiiski, Richard fznlmakoxvski, llouald ltogalski, Richard Przyliylslii, Louis Platt, ,Iohn llc-pa, Robert Smith. F. P. The Thorp Chapter of the Future Farmers of America is advised by Mr. Swanson. This year they elected Ronald Schultze, President, Robert Smith, Vice Presidentg Chester Przybylski, Secretary, Leon Kotecki, Sentinelg and Arrnon Micke, Reporter. Joanne Micke was voted Chapter Sweetheart. P. H. A. The Future Homeinakers of America elected the following officers at the beginning of the year: Betty Ann Neimen, President, Doris Reichert, Vice- Presidentg Ruth Bogumill, Secretaryg Maxine Tur- enne, Treasurerg Julia Muenich, Parliamentariang Yvonne Krupa, Historiang Josephine Hmielak, Rec- reation Chairrnang Kathleen Kenney, The F. H. A. is advised by Miss Olsen. Ifil-cr Rnwg I,orrainc llazngta, Estelle X'X'argolet. ,lean Yetterkind, Eleanor Vetterkind, lone Siinet, Jolanta Mikolainis, Marian lla-iiltta .Xnn lleillcr, Vatherinc l'4nixx:iy, Pauline licpa, Roscinae Lulsasiewicz. Sc-coml R-iw: Marx' Ann NY5czan'ski, Louise Salvack, ,Iosephine llinielak. Kitty Kenney, julia Muenich, Ruth Bogzuinill, B1-ttx' .Xnn Neiman, lloris Reichert, Maxine 'l'urt-nne, Yvonm- Krnpa, Sharon Jcnncss, Germaine Radzinski. ' Thirfl Row: lJ:ii'h-iic Liaznls, Lucille XYiniarczyk, Bernice Raciliorski, Mary Ann Ruda, Dorothy Sieginski, Alice Sciczor, loan- nu Mielsc. llorothv Hgnlzinslqi. Barbara Fulczyle, Margie Daniclewicz, Loretta Uherle. Ethel Kliineek, Elaine ,lakmvisezi lfnnrtli Row: Sta-pliaiiic Suzcch, Lou .Xnn lianiinski, Patricia Mainayek, Mariane Staniec, Vat Kuestcr, Charlotte Burzynski, Bernice linttcrliehl, linmtliy liliniinski, Susan Rnsch, Elaine Fortck. Dorothy Boardman, Lola Riddle, Miss Olsen, Fifth Row: ,lacqnt-Iinc liedler, liatliryn liliniecl-4. -leancltu Kodl, Lillian Miziarka, Florence Przyhylski, Theresa Szatalowicz, Rosalie Silkaitis. llarrict Xlalceki, Nancy Lindquist, Marylin Plansky, .lanice jacques, Marlene lflurkhardt, Sandra Daines. Page Thirty-eight I ' ' 5 9 B -6 i Sv. l "' L, ,W f vi Suited: .lulizi Xlucnich, fieiicvicvc- fini-ll, Yzilcnria Marek, ljllflifhy Bozirflvnzin, Lucille Solmoroxxicz, lizirrict llalcrlxi. Stuniliugz Xlrs, 5kXIlll5Ull. Bctt, .Xnn fie1in:in.lJolores l'zirl-cs,l-firr:i11lt' 'lhiiilqrmizilxl lxzitlm- lYlItl'lL'T'lIlIll-Q. Roger lurenm-, Bill l" x' lwk ii.., Cardinal Hi-Lites The "Cardinal Hi-Lites," formerly t'Out 'O The Pines," again made its weekly appearance in the Thorp Courier, informing the public of the school happenings. Dorothy Boardman headed the able staff as Edi- tor, with Genevieve Guell, Dolores Parks, and Betty Ann Neiman as assistant editors. Roger Turenne and William Pawlak edited the sports column, while Julia Muenich, along with Valencia Marek took care of news reports. Harriet Male-cki and Kathie Papier- niak wrote the Senior Biographies with Lucille Sob- orowicz and Lorraine Tomkowiak providing the humor column. Deserving much credit is Mrs. Swanson, our staff advisor, who enabled us to perform this task with greater ease and with honor. QU? E ,.. ff I 'X Kathleen Bfulzinski. Mr, NYenninger. Nancy Lindquist. Thorp HiaSign Our Student paper, "Thorp Hi-Sign," was a fine example of our work in the field of journal- ism. This paper was published bi-monthly by the Junior Class. Nancy Lindquist and Kathleen Badzinski, co-editors, headed a competent staff advised by Mr. Wenninger. Page Tliirty-ninc First Row: Rivlixirrl .Xlggeig lfrn-:I li.-init-y, llium- fzilioiwiwski, hlzickic llcillcr, Ruth lingmiiill, lieu-i'ly Polzilislfy. ll in ii Riilli Nnii i IJ iollix lilllltlllllll lil Xl Si-ruiiil Row: -lozui iirlivclslqi, llorutliy Holllirirelt, .'Xiim'tlr rikku Q- , .' 'g:j, mi' 1' 1 1 , 'z . zislowslci, .lulizi Nm-nit-li. 'l'liii'4l Row: just-pliiiic lliiiiclzilx, Ming lfllcn l':1liirli, -lim liisvr, lilll-llL'l'lllL' l'2lIilL'l'lll1lli, liorotlly iJC'lllSt'lllJlIliiL'1', Nr. XNC'!l'Illllgk'l', Mgnrylin i,lJlllSlij', lik'llL' Znskc, Nxiiicy l,lIllllIlll5l, Rivliziwl hlziimrlxi, liilwzird lliciio, lloln-rt Smitlf. Forensics Shortly after the second semester got under way, interested students, coached by Mr. WVenn1nger, be- gan their work in the forensic field. Beverly Polansky and Mary Ellen Pabich placed first and second respectively in the school serious rlcclamation contest. These two, along with Cathy Conway, Marylin Plansky, humorous declainationsg Ruth Bogumill and Annette Hokkanen, Orationsg first Row: lanice jacques, Alice Giwojna, Kitty Kenney, Susan Rusch. Dorothy Boardman, 4 minute speech and Julia Muenich and Nancy Lindquist, extemporaneous read- ing' traveled to Stanley where they participated in the district contest. At Eau Claire, Julia Muenich received the only A for our school and earned the honor to partici- pate in the state forensic contest which was held at Madison on April 10th. Freshman Declamations Ann Hedler. second and third respectively. second Row :D John Klouda, Jolzmta Nlikolainis, Ralph Slierberg, Ann Hedler, Curhei-ine Conway. lhlgc Forty Under the supervision of Mrs. Swanson, the annual Freshman Declamation contest was held early in March. In the class eliminations, y nine students were selected to present then numbers on the stage before the student body They were: John Klouda, Catherine Conway, Kathleen Kenney, Jolanta Mikolainis, Janice Jacques, Ralph Sherberg, Alice Giwojna, and In the finals, Kitty Kenney and Cathy Conway shared first place honors and weie entitled to have their names engraved on the trophy. Janice Jacques and Ann Hedler placed Qrct:11'ii-s liviicvicxc lim-ll :ind vlulizi Kliirnicli, Curtis Drive The aim in this yearls Curtis Drive had been to surpass the 353,000 goal of the last two years. However, even with the inevitable support of the Freshmen, Thorp High School was unable to top this mark, but the receipts at the end of the drive showed a respectable fE2,6T'T.49. The high Salesman for the 1953-1954 season was Bernice Butter- field with 35120, a diHicult mark for other students to reach in the future. Her prize was a beautiful Benrus wrist watch. At the end of the drive, the customary drawing' was held at which Arnold Smith claimed a handsome Benrus watch. The trophy, given to the student whose name was drawn from a pool made up of students selling over 3330 in subscriptions, went to Edward Bieno. VVith the aid of the two competent secretaries, Julia Muenich and Genevieve Guell, Thorp High School concluded another successful year of Curtis Drive Sales. lint-cliiigz: Rav Price, Fred Kcnncv. Richard Alger. St-cited: Ann liedler, Patricia Kuester, Kitty lienney,'Marlenc Burkliuzirrlt. n A V I Standing' Nancy Glwojna, Dorothy Bzidzinski, Genevieve tiuell, Arnie Smith, ,lulia Muenich, Marylin Plzinslcy, Josephine Hmieluk, l':iggjC l"ol'ty-one Seated: Ruth ldogumill, llc-tty Ami NL-iinzin, Bill lwfilflll, IMZIIIC Zz1l:oi'owslti, Toni llirscll. Stzmflingt Mitch Riser, Elaine Fortck, Riclizirfl Alger. Ann Herller. Mr, Gzittney. Student Council The Student Council was organized 4 yea1's ago to demonstrate democratic prin- ciples in the school and has advanced rapidly. Since the president of the council is to be a Senior, 3 students are chosen from the Senior Class to serve on the council, and two students are chosen from each of the other classes. This yearls work began by electing Bill Urban as President, Richard Alger for Vice-President and Betty Neiman as Secretary-Treasurer. Guided by Mr. Gaffney, the council completed many successful projectsg the main one was the bringing about of noonday movies. Suggestions for improvements in the school are collected by the members, brought up at the meetings and acted upon. This not only gives the students a chance to prove themselves as fine citizens and good leaders, but also makes our school a better place in which to live and work. Page l7ort5'-two Homecoming Committee To arrange for the annual Homecoming festivities, two members of each class were chosen to serve on the Homecoming Committee. They included: Jolanta Mikolainis and Bruce Soli, Freshmeng Marlene Burkhardt and Jim Schauer, Sophomoresg Donelda Karnopp and Jim Winger, Juniorsg and Arnie Smith and Dorie Reichert from the Senior Class. Under the direction and supervision of Mr. Boehm and Miss Olsen, this com- mittee was broken down into smaller committees and each member was in charge of a certain phase of preparation. - Upon the shoulders of these committee members fell the responsibility of such things as obtaining firewood for the bonfire, arranging the parade, getting judges, selecting the orchestra, and many other behind the scene items. We feel that the members of this year's committee did a commendable job, which was illustrated by the proficient handling of another successful Homecoming. liHl'L'li!lgI .I 1.6 1 Stzmilingz . ill' bllt' . I, UC' 1 Page Forty'-tl11'cc' Iii xr Sllll l'm xYiIlg'I' ,lim Scliziiu-r ,Xrnic Smith Miss Olsen llmwlclzx lx irnoll , Allliillilllll Doris Reichert Xl I lil! NI ll lim rlxli l7irsf Row: Arnie Smith, Mr. Ainunrlson. V Second Row: Roger Turcnne, Lucille Soborowicz, Byron Boguniill, Doris Reichert, Gene Zziske. Prom Committee Under the guidance of Mr. Amundson, the class of 1954 held its Junior Prom on April 18, 1953. The theme, HStairway to the Stars," was well portrayed by live huge stars act- ing as entrances with beautiful blue and white crepe paper streamers attached to the floor. A glistening globe hung from a lovely ceiling of stars casting its colored rays of light into a pond of goldfish which was the centerpiece. Reining over the gay affair were King Roger Turennc and Queen Josephine Hmielak. They were attended by Harley Nerdrum and Lucille Soborowicz. lifigjfc 'Tuffy -ioiil' ,., -.., ,V K t lf. fl 'I fi i . , 12 ff: 5 Junior Prom Class of 1954 g . 5 'Q ,J fi 8 11" 1' wr: JUNIOR CLASS PLAY CAST Seated: liZlfl'l61'lllC Papierniak Marylin Plansky Genevieve Guell julia Muenich Beverly Polansky Standing: John Larson Gene Zaske Lucille Soborowicz Tom Hirsch Roger Turenne Ray Stroinski JUNIOR CLASS PLAY PRODUCTION STAFF Seated: Lorraine Tomkowiak Nancy Giwojna Darlene Frese Varoline Szczech Valencia Marek Standing: Doris Reichert Donray Izyflorek Pat Maslowski Arnie Smith Dolores Parks "Stranger In The Night" On April 23, 1953, the Class of 1954 presented their Junior class play. This presentation was a three act mystery-comedy entitled 'tStranger In The Night." The plot was centered around the two co-owners of the Boulevard Hotel Book and Gift Shop, played by Marylin Plansky and Beverly Polansky. A murder was to take place in the hotel where the shop was located, and the murderer, who turned out to be the Page Forty house detective, was to get the identity of his victim from one of the gifts in the shop. Gene Zaske comes along at the right time and prevents the deed. The plot was generously sprinkled with humor and in- cluded everything from a romantic book written under a mysterious pen name to the appearance of a lady wrestler, played by Kathie Papierniak, mak- ing her entrance at a most opportune moment. The play was under the direction of Miss Dunn, assisted by Mr. Wenninger. -SIX "Maid To Qrdern "Maid To Order," a three-act comedy, was presented by the class of '5-1 on Boveinber 3, 1954, before a large audience. It was supervised by Mrs. Swanson. T Page fnrty V .even "Xl.Xlll TU HRIJHR' 1' X9'l' Sezitefli lintlierine Pzipiernizik Lucille Solmorowicz Beverly Polzinsky fin-ne Zziske Roger -l-ll!'CNllG Standing: Tryin Hirsch lifirfitliy Boarflmzin Mrs. Swanson Xlzirylin Plansky -lllllIlBIl'IE'l1lCl'l lieiievieve Hucll HM.-XIIJ TO HRIJER l'RflIJl'i TIUX STAFF Sczircfl: l'zit Klzislowski Dfinray lzj, florck .Xrnic Smith Le-Jnzirrl Zukowski Doris Reichert Stanrling: .lozin l.:xngiewicz Gertrude Blzirck lilziinc Korll i'zirolinc SZL'l':L'l1 Yzilencia Marek Dolores Parks Florence Koloflziej Ulr-ta Krzunicz A xxx' ,f ,' I 'x X ,E Qfxfl ng , Qq fi B 18 ,,.....i ,f HW I xv 1953 Homecoming Vngn' F1-ftp -tight First Row: Ruth Bogumill, Diane Zaborowski, Doris Reichert Mr . H' . sl D l , P , s irsc 1, oores arks, Lucille Soluorowiez, Audrey Rhyncr. Second Row: Betty Ann Neiman, Lorraine Toinkowiak. Bernice Butterfield, Florence lioloilziej, Marg lin Plan- -sky, Beverly Polansky, Estelle Vtiargolet, Dorothy Deutsclilanrler Alice Scif-for Third Row: Joanne Micke, Dorothy Barlzinski, Yaleneia Marek. Nancy l.indquist, Annette llokkaiien, Phyllis Zurakowski, Kathie Papierniak, Jackie Hedler, Maxine Turenne. Fourth Row: Marlene Burkliarrlt, Gertrude Marek, Caroline Szczeeh. l'at lllaslowski, llarriet Nlalecki, l.ou Ann Kaminski, Oleta Krainicz, Roseinae Lukasiewicz. Library Club The Library Club this year was under the direction of Mrs. Hirschg it began the year by electing Dolores Parks, Presidentg Doris Reichert, Vice-Presidentg and Diane Zaborowski, Secretary. Mrs. Hirsch was helped with her Work by the club members who acted as assistant librarians. The main duties of the assistant librarians were to check out books and magazines during their library periods, to assist the students in finding reference materials, and to keep the library neat and clean and the shelves in order at all times. By being assistant librarian, not only is it beneficial to the school, but a lot of valuable experience is gained for ourselves. Page Forty-nine f 1954 Mardi Gras D . Athletics XX 3 Z? XLX F .w'l f 5 X 1 X K 5 H. ' - -.J st Row: Neil liroeren, Gene Zaske, Byron Bogumill, lid Ciolkosz. Peter Lukasiewicz, Hzirley Nerdrum, Donray Izydorek, Len Zukowski, Ro ci Iurcnnc, Roger llotl'm:in. Robert lienszclnixxcl, Alohn Maier. tonrl Row: Rll'llfll'1l Alger. Roger Bt-nszcliziwel, David finell, james Riser, llonzild Sodcrlverg, Carl johnson, justin jakowicz, Leon lioterki, Eugene llhclin, l':iul llIll'yL'lil, Hill l':iwl:1k, Arnie Smith. Ilmzl Row: vlfllilip,lH1'511'1ISL'1i, Voauli llznhly. vlzunes Ulmerlc, Robert Ilinielak, Lars Larson, David Tcclzlw, Ronald Schultze, john lilick, llonic nine, lXL'lll1 tilnssliof, llorelon Sclimirlt. llill llzirycki, Mr. Amnmlson, .lim Scllzluer. Football "Stop Thorp's Powerhouse." As the season start- ed, that seemed to be the necessary slogan for all of our opponents. With Coach Haldy at the reins, our boys set out to answer that battle cry. Things did not look very heartening at first, because the conference as a whole was much strong- er and we had some gaping' holes to fill in our line up. But the team set to work with vigor and deter- mination, and proved their right to be called champions. MR. HALDY MR. AMI'NDsoN l'ou1'l1 Asxzxfmii' Couell Although the season started dismally with a loss, the new boys received valuable experience they needed and fought through the rest of the season without another loss. The season was highlighted by our win over a favored Cadott team that guaranteed us a share of the title. Up to that time the "Hornets" had not been scored on and were undefeated and untied. With the line blocking furiously, the backs running hard, and some brilliant kicking, the Cards rocked Cadott back FOOTBALL STANDINGS Won Lost Q Tied Thorp .. .. 5 0 1 Cadott .. .. 5 1 0 Stanley .. .. 4 1 1 Cornell .. .. 3 3 0 Neillsville .. .. 2 4 0 Owen . . . . . 1 5 0 Gilman .. .. 0 6 0 20 20 2 l':15:e Fifty -two vldallltn-I af. asks Football on their heels to the tune of 9-7. After their outstanding effort against Cadott, the boys suffered a letdown and Stanley fought them to a 6-6 tie in the Homecoming game. However, it gave Thorp its second straight Cloverbelt Title. Ed Ciolkosz and Butch Izydorek brought back further honors to our team as they were named to the first and second "All-Northwest" grid teams respectively. All in all, it was a highly successful season, and although next year's team will miss the services of such outstanding Seniors as Rog Turenne, DonRay Izydorek, Harley Nerdrum, Bryon Bogumill, Leonard Zukowski, Gene Zaske, Roger Hoffman, Peter Lu- kasiewisz, Ed Ciolkosz, and Bill Pawlak, we are sure that they will carry on in the Thorp High tradition of fine sportsmanship and bring' even more honors to our school. wrwFww3ua":"W " 4f'f'15""".'g ' -55,6 'wi J"-"".f' A ' I' Fifty-llircu TOP: STARTING LINE-UP: Backielfl: ROGER HOFFMAN, GENE ZASKI5, ROGER TURENNE, LEONARD ZUKOWSKT, NEIL BROEREN. Line: JOHN MAIER, PETER LUKASIEWICZ, ROBERT BENSZCHAWEL, ED CIOLKOSZ, DONRAY IZYDOREK, BYRON BOGUMILL, Captam HARLEY NERDRUM. BOTTOM : SENIORS: First Row: Coach HALDY, DONRAY IZYDOREK, BILL PAWLAK, BYRON BOGUMILL. Second Row: LEN ZUKOWSKI, ROGER HOFFMAN, PETER LUKASIEWICZ, ROGER TUR- ENNE, HARLEY NERDRUM, GENE ZASKE, ED CIOLKOSZ, ARNIE SMITH. l'Jl,Qx' Fifty-ffxlll' E., ""'in-.1 6 . Xjl .1 M rloip J lf h ' i r Q Q fi- af- X - U 'fri fi 'Fi 3 as -ev l ,,.4g as t tul: flriir Hans-en. llonrziy Ilyllfjffl-f, llzirley Xcrilrum. B'll l'rli:in, Roger Turenne, lifl liifilkoez, Riclizirfl .Xlgcii ing: Brncc Soli. Mr. Aniuinlson, David fiuell, -lim Scliaurr, Riclizirll -larocki, Ilene Zaskc. Donzilil Soflerlfcrg, lou H il-ij, Philip Jorgensen. Basketball A: our boys reported for their first basketball practice, they knew what was expected oi them, for in order to live up to Thorp's tradition of winning basketball teams, they would have to come through with another exceptional season. As in football, the caliber of the conference was higher than it had been in pre- vious years, and we were playing much stronger non-conference opponents. XYith otanlev as our rival for lst place in our division of the Cloverbelt, we set to work to tiring nome the conference championship. As the season progzressed, our team topped some very strong opponents while losing to teams considered to be the best in the area. After splitting with Stanley in our regular season games, we played them for the honors in our division. Losing a heart-breaker with a score of 59 to 5-3 in an overtime, Stanley was eligible to play for top honors. As the team hit the tournament trail, we looked for a possibility of reaching the sectional and maybe even state. After winning our first game with an improved Loyal five, the Cards lost to a tall, rangy, fast-moving Greenwood team. Thus the curtain was drawn on another fine season of play. l':igt- lfiitg -iii HARLEY I, Roc S P' Vev lzzv IM COAC H HALDY J CAPTAINS URBAN AND NERDRUM GENE RICH SQUWRREL -- RICHIE l':xg1-Fifty-xix Sitting: llill llzlrycki, -lllllll Maier, .lim SL'llZlllC1', Ricliard hlnrovlci, llziviill Ciucll. llonzllil Sorlcrlxerg, I Stundiiigi lirucc- Soli, .lzimes Ulu-rlc. llonzild Ryniec, ltugcnc xVllllGll'll, Richard Cizulmzlkowski, blames Blscr, Rex Sclimic Keith iilznsslmf, Mr. Amumlson. "B" Team Thorp's basketball future appears to be rosy, as the members of this year's "B" Squad ran through, up and over most of their opponents. Since the future stars are found in the "B" Squad, one can get a glimpse of Thorp's Varsity of the future by looking at this year's "B" team. By observing' this year's "B" team's play and standings, you can readily see that the Varsity team of the future will take its place among the many fine teams of the past. We say congratulations and best of luck in the future. I':1g:c lfiftyw-igllt V. Kr '-4 ,, . , an 'V "A TEAINI l'llEf'IRl.Ii.XlJI'QRS" B1-tty .Xun Neiman Margie lkmk, Mzlrylin Plzlnsky Cheerleaders 2 , VA , ,, -f"' g 4 3 nz pf E awww . N: If i f X 'vi ' 4' ww 1 if I Y e E f 0 Q 'K av A "2 C L ' ...W "B TEAM CHEERLEADERS" Ann Hedler, Jackie Hedlcr, Ruth Smigaj, Maxine Turenne. Pagc- Fifty-nine Noonday Basketball Memories JE J 52 .-45 I Na, xy J my QI WW .. nt' if 'gi ...........g QM 'vw' 2? Q, 1-Ingy and Nancy , . , 2-Giclfly Vp , . . 3vHow cute! , . , 4-VVhat a life! . . . 5-Shut Mah Mouth! . , . 6-Dale . let Q r1ce' . . . 8fll0D'l? play with me! . . . 9- Gee, l'm hungry! . . . 10-Gorclie . . , 11-VVlmt'5 Cooking? . , . 12-Come fm, lemme tn HIT moments . . . 14 'l'h:1t I'cps-mflent smile! . . . 15 -- l,e't'S 205 . - . 16 Y Hi! . . . 17-H65 my favorite! . . . 18 -- Squtczt 1 Nice Fur! . . . 211 - Ilutltlics . . . 21--.Xlulmqt . . , 22-Dig that crzxztzzy 51.811111-llCliQl'l . . . Zfiiiio jump in the lake! , , 24 llu mu llllllgx- ulfshlc tllmwnf . , . 35 -I m-vt-r mlm! . . . 26f:Xnyfme for zt cfxltl seat? . . , Ffltltcrcsting . . . ZS-just l'C2lLl tht simply lll1CLtlOl1N . . . 29 just playing with my rlullics! . . . 30-Elztinc ,lz1kuwicz. Pings Sixty-two ZR 5 V ,ffcwf f f ,fam K 1 41,2 ,. ...ali 'Q , -fwfr-.., ,443 -, ',' 'bm 7 4. 4 LJ' I1rst Xliffll Gras P111 sold' 2 Popcorn too Qaltx a our Erhtur T ere 'mt xou Qee it? . . . SJ XYl1at s wour 0151111011 6 -Xmong the I'Dlllx cans' Iet - get 11115 itr11g1t' 8 Due 'mrl Huntz I orclw again 1 . , lfxlfflee 11 112 Ilt 11 1 n I1 1 Ur XX en11111ger 11111 R511 I'ro111e11z1c1e NLILLIHE Nfllll' lemons? . . . 15- 31511111 Ju look 1 1 e xfkhlhllfl e get xluug uk 70 I 1111, xxllxt I surf , . . 21--l my II -. xlq L11 1 Q 110 1 0 x Us 211101 ' Look out om 111 1 s 11 mxt . . 25,4 Huw :lid thu ut g, 1 111 Q ltkhlllg iws I1uf1CLS Dorm mt 1 XUL thmk wil X115Q11e wzmt 21 rivlp hz' lqlxfq 2 'Ww- ffm., -- '52 ' -v-Q fl- ff" '. V133- l - VYl1m'c lmvc you lmecn, Lucy? . . . 2 - Marlo to Order? , . . 3-Old Smoky!! . . . 4-Harley and Kitty . , . 5-Plaving' nmrlmles97 0 - .Xlire :xml Nancy , , , 7 llznving' fun, -lUlll1?? . . ,8-- Om' ll21I'lPCl'Sl'lOP flllilfttftlf . . . 9 - Xvll21flS up, 'LlJoC"?? .. .10 - "-Of all the dilltk, I' 5 . . . 11 NYim'. XYmncn, mul Song , . . 12- N-rw sue here. Slmutz . . . 13 -Dancing in the clark , . . 14-Mzxrylin Monrr1e?!? . . . 151- hlv hnw c-my! , . , 16-Hur lizmg . . . 17- Iloriu, feeding her facc! . . . 18- ls everybody happy? . . . 19- Leon and Chet . . , 20- Han-lcv , 21 -- llnrricl A , , 22 -Klllxt lu- ilmtvrextingff . . , 23-NYilly :xml -loc . , . 2-4 -At Hirscl1's . . , 25-The traveling szllcswmngn , . h ggg pipe :xml XY:1lt :lt xxfu'l4 , . . 27 l,0l'l'fllIlC, Q-:xtilmg again? 4 , 4 28-In the goofl olcl days!! . . . 29-Arc you for real? . . . 30- Rug and D01-ig tz1lLing!?? Vngn- Sixty-fuur l - Y-Q A FW 1 5- "Ms ' Y .V Li ,N 5 W.,-rg 3 f 1 Qx , 1--At the bonfire! , , . 2-A rare moment of silence! . . . 3-VVell, lookit there!! . . . 4- Freshmen rlnzit wmicersf , . . Sv1Yell Sonia . . . 6-Harley and Pete . . . 7-Resting??! . . . SdTl1e 3-D Kids! ...9-Shut the floor! . . . 10 - Before the pnrmle . . , 11 -llicrek 'ih you! . . . 1.2 --A profile - almost! . . . 13-XYhat cha doing, Spivey? . . . 14- Miss Olsen at work . . . 15- Get ri lon-l of that!!! 16 f New .l:mitors?? . , . 17-A vision? . , . 19V More 3-D Kidsff? . . . 19- I-lolrl it right there! . , , 20-The .-Xrinistiu: Ilzu Lizisr or ilicil inc- l'p . . . 21-All sell . . , Z2-Almut that lr-ng . . . 23-Our lizxrrl-xvorking shop cl iss . . . 24 ---lim, worl-Qing agkml I - 4' 35 ,l gm. XX img We mmlt-!?l . . . Z6-XYl1at's comin' off? . , , 27-Bcrnzulinc . . . 2Sillerc we stzimll , . 29--'Doris :mtl 'l'om's Illini ,,-, I uw- Ymfi-Q sul.. imsu-l to hc working!!!?!! l':igL' Sixty'-ling ' ,. ,W hx E MAL , ml ,,.. ..,, V in , if 'U 4 Jw' -' . " wif ,rf-1 64 !7 Homecoming Snaps I':mgn- Sixty Nix U Advertisements W Q 'Fi Jn' Q? Congratulations to Class of 1954 WOLF DRUG STORE Always a Registered Pharmacist on Duty GORDON A. WOLF, PH. G. HAROLD N. BUSCIIKOPF, PII. G. PRESCRIPTIONS VETERINARY SUPPLIES - Clover Dairy Ice Cream Served - I I C. A. Pregent HIGHWAY FURNITURE STGRE 2 miles East on 29 CHIPPEWA FALLS - - WISCONSIN Louie 26 HeIen's Beer Garden Room for 1,000 - - - 25 at a time. XVITHEE WISCONSIN COMPLIMEN TS Pink's Tavern BELLINCIER CORNERS JOHN AND INIARY PINK, PRoPs. 8 Miles North of Thorp Compliments of Thorp Bottling Works THORP - - - W1scoNs1N Greenwood Body Shop oisonois SELISKAR, Prop. - PHONE I - Greenwood Wisconsin CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF "54" Don's Tydol Service DoN OSBORNE Phone 227 ---- Thorp Burkhardfs Print-It E1'e1'y1'lI1'11g In Prirzting For Your Printing Tomorrow See Us Today PHONE 157 - THORP, WIS. BEN J. BURKHARDT, PnoP. lg,N CUMPLIMENTS OF Cliff's Cleaners Cleaning 6: Pressing Socony-Vacuum Gil Co. Thorp, Wisconsin A. W. OLSON, Agent Dyeing 6: Alterations . A I D - Pivlf-up and Delivery - "The SIUTI of Fwemlly Sefruzce' PHONE 247 1 '- " - . . . Pl-ICINE 50 . . . Thorp Wisconsm - - - Compliments of - - - THQRP IMPLEMENT CQMPANY, INC. l. H. C, Farm Implements Tractors Refrigerators Home Freezers -- PHoNE 103 -- JZSF General Store COMPLIMENTS GRCCERIES - MEAT5 Walter Brewing Co. DRY GOODS "The BEER That ls BEER" - QUALITY - SERVICE - Phone 40 Thorp, Wis. Eau Claire Wisconsin Agnes - Compliments of - DC" Ph'C' Midway Tavern Cl-IIROPRACTOR , , I v Friendly Service Office 2 Blocks XX est of Bank I Withee Wisconsin MUSE SNEIDER' JR' PHONE - OWEN I6-W THORP WisCoNsIN --- COMPLIMENTS OF THE -- JACOB LEINENKUGEL BREWING CO. Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin CONGRATULATIONS TO Tl-IE CLASS OF 1954 DR. B. R. SLOTA DENTIST -- Phone 221 - T horp Wisconsin I THORP SALES AND SERVICE Ford Cars and Trucks Used Cars Complete Body Shop and Painting ...PHONE IZS . .. Thorp - lxfisconsin Schauerfs M0te1 Compliments of . . . on highways 29 and 73 Carl M' Kfxdahl - J E XV E L E R - THORP' WISCONSIN DIAMONDS and WATCHES Phone - - - 199 Stanley - Wisconsin When in Chippewa Falls Stop at - - - BOSTON CLOTHING HOUSE CHOOSE FROM THE LARGEST STOCK OF MEN'S AND BOYS' CLOTHING IN THIS SECTION OF THE COUNTRY I CONGRATULATIGNS FROM D O Y L E S T U D I 0 -- Phone 3226 - Medford Wisconsin CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF '54 THORP FUNERAL HOME R. V. Izydorek I-IANSEN OFFICE SUPPLY CO. Shaw-Walker Office Furniture EQUIPMENT -- SUPPLIES MACHINES WITHEE wIscoNs1N Compliments of CLARK ELECTRIC CO-OP Greenwood Wisconsin THORP WISCONSIN EISHERS ACE HARDWARE GAS AND ELECTRIC APPLIANCES li Hardware of All Kinds T PHONE 32 CLARENCE FISHER TRI-STATE BREEDERS CO-OP For Artificial Breeding Service Offering A Fine Breeding Program in Addition to Proven Sires -Call Our Approved Inseminator- KENNETH HELD PHONE THORP 129 -1 ON SUNDAYS 273 OR PHONE STANLEY 2319 or 3672 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '54 BURZYNSKI I.G.A. GROCERY PHoNE 69 FRANK BURZYNSKI Thorp --- Wisconsin P Mike Lencz Hardware Wiemasz Brothers PAINTS - APPLIANCES CHOICE ME-ATS ' BOTTLE GAS . . . GROCERIES ...Phone33R4... ' . LUBLIN wIsCoNs1N Thorp ' ' ' Wlsconsm Loyal Order of Moose Thorp Lodge No. 680 POOL - SI-IUFITLE - BAR Qpepated by Mr. and Mrs. Walter Emmerson Ed and Clara Bogumill - PHONE 204 - Lone Oak Cheese Factory and Groceries VVITHEE WISCONSIN HALTERIVIAN BROS. STANLEY WRECKING YARD - Dealers In - USED TRUCKS, CARS AND PARTS OI: ALL KINDS 24 I-Iour Wrecker Service ANY PART ANY TIME . . .PHONE 5548 - 5830 - 5802 . . . STANLEY WISCONSIN Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Students of THORP HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OP 1954 BLUE MOON FOODS. INC. Thorp. Wisconsin BLUE MOON FOODS, INC .11117111-fll!'fl17'f'I'N of BLUE MOON GOLD N' RICH CHEESE PROCESS LOAF CHEESE - AMERICAN CH BUTTER - MILK SOLIDS CHEESE SPREADS EESE I COMIJIJIMENTS OF Compliments of Cloverleaf Thm Cheese Factory p Norman Western Barber Route 3 - Stanley, Wisconsin M. P. SZERLONG PHONE TI-IORP ISR6 "Taste the Difference" SEAL OF QUALITY ICE CREAM CLOVER DAIRY COMPANY CHIPPEWA FALLS WISCONSIN -- Co1x11'L1MLrvrs JF - , . . . Compliments of . . . South Side Motor Co. I-Ierman's Bar YOUR BUICK DEALER Stanley - Wisconsin Thorp Wisconsin COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF PLOMBON FURNITURE STORE Stanley Wisconsin I I Congratulations Seniors - - - Best lxfishes in the Years Ahead Compliments to your School and Your Faculty BEN FRANKLIN STORE THoRP,w1s. 1- PHoN13 se - Headquarters For - CANDY, SCHOOL STATIONERY, TOILET ARTICLES, NOTIONS AND TOYS Compliments of O. W. TRINDAL COMPANY CWholesale Y5 Retailj LOYAL - GRANTON - SPENCER RIPLINCER I S F?- f x . f s I f x I ' s BowL PoR HEALTH CLUB RECREATIQN PARLCRS -- PHQIXE 20 --- Thorp, Wisconsin Ed and Charlotte Polnaszek Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of l954 CORWIN C. GUELL Attorney at Law THQRP -1- WISCONSIN , c'OJ1PLm1Ex TS OF Ch1c Apparel LOrraine's Dress Shop Beauty Shop O Ef D dTh -.E . MRS ROSE PAWLAK Ve . PHONE H5 Thorp - - Wlscomm Owen Wisconsin QUALLES FLOWERS E5 GIFTS Hallmark Cards Mrs. Newell Qualle U'e Telegruplz Flozvers A.7lyll'llC7'U Cgmphments of L. P. XVALSDORF ...INSURANCE .. DR. G. A. SCHIEF LIFE - AUTOMOBILE FIRE - TORNADO LYMAN LUMBER AND FUEL COMPANY BUILDERS' SUPPLIES --FUELi- PHONE 52 THORP, WISCONSIN I II l CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE CLASS OF '54 DR. JOHN W. FOSTER OPTOMETRIST THORP, WISCONSIN Open Daily and Wednesday Evenings Closed Saturday Afternoons --- PHONES ---- 89 - Qffice . . . 89R3 - I-Iouse . . . Compliments of . . . Dairy 55 Store Lonepine Dairy '55 Store MR. AND MRS. CASIMIR BOYARSKI FRANK 6K ANNA MESKE -PHQNE IZRZ- ...PI1oneI2RI4... Thorp Wisconsin THORP WISCONSIN Congratulations Class of "54" O E6 N LUMBER CO. -- BUILDING MATERIAL IVIERCHANTS -- T I-I o R P Y A R D I I I FARMERS OIL CO-OP ' PETROLEUM PRODUCTS ' HOME APPLIANCES ' WIRING MATERIAL ' FARM EQUIPMENT Phone 129 -'- Thorp, Wisconsin Co1v1PL1MENTs OF TRI-COUNTY CHEESE CORPORATION 1- Warehouses -1- Thorp - Boyd Compliments PAT SODERBERG A Dealer in Feeder Pigs FRIEND -PHoNE 283 - Th p Wisconsin GREEIIE Engraving Companu 77f44w40f FINE PRINTING PLATES WTON BUILDING. 357 Minnesota Street. ST. PAUL 1. MI Cunzpl1'ment.w of Yellowstone Garage REINKEYS DAIRY Allis-Chalmers - Daily Deliveries - New-ldea Farm Equipment BOTTLED MILK - CREAM Dodge-Plymouth Dealer CH?ICOfj1iTE'MiLK Mall Chain Saws .AMERICQTVHICIEIEIEEE Phone 3347 . n g Stanley VVALTER A. RI-IINKE PHONE 14116 Thorp Wisconsin To The Glass of l954 CONGRATULATIONS FARMERS' STORE CO. General Merchandise Thorp, Wisconsin -PHONE 87- HERBERT J. SIMET, Manager - - - Compliments of - - - H LOMBARD DAIRY ansen Mercantile Store - General Merchandise - JAMES BISER, PI'0p. "Your I"r1'em1ly Store" -' PHONE l IR7 " Telephone I74 Thorp Wisconsin WITHEE - - - WISCONSIN lghl IVIATTES LIVESTOCK MARKET, Inc. Located 3 miles south and 2 miles east of Thorp - Selling - HORSES, CATTLE, PICS, SHEEP AT AUCTION EVERY OTHER WEDNESDAY - Buying- CALVES, CATTLE, HOGS, EVERY MONDAY CQMPLIMENTS Stewart Cheese - OF - Corporation Badger ITALIAN Shooting Supply Owen - - - Wisconsin AIVIERICAaNl CHEESE - PHONE GREENWOOD 44 - Greenwood, Wisconsin Compliments of IVIIKOLS DRESSES Compliments of - - - VICTOR ZIELINSKI PROPERTY LADIES and INFANTS Ready to Wear C I-I U B 2 9 MRS. G. MIKOLAINIS T H O R P THORP WISCONSIN I g L COMPLIMENTS TO THE Possley's Market cLAss OF 1954 FRESH 84 COLD IVIEATS ACQ Cgmpgny . . . CROCERIES . . . "Birds-eye" Al.. HUBERTY Frozen Foods Thorp WiSCOHS1H THOHP YVISCONSI. Congratulations to the Class of l954 POLANSKYS FURNITURE STORE Clothing - Furniture TI-IORP if "f if VVISCONSIN . . . Compliments of . . . COIVIPLIMENTS . . . OF . . . Josephs Dept. Store JOSEPH YVOJTALENVICZ, Prop. Badzlnskl Trucklng Thorp, Wisconsin - Phone 9 - Thorp Wisconsin I I l P A R M S PLUMBING - HEATING If You Want to Sell or Buy - - - SHEET METAL WORK Q- S E E MARLOW MILKERS THoRP WISCONSIN PHONE 34 ' ' ' RES' 168 Compliments of LARSON 'S FEED STORE THoRP ----M WISCONSIN STATE BANK OE WITHEE Member of the l:.D.l.C. WITHEE WISCONSIN Compliments of Auto Cafe-Bar The John Deere Store A '55 W Drive-In of Withee THORP - WISCONSIN - Your Business is Appreeiated - l I l 1 - Compliments of - SYLYESTI-IR M. HI'Ls, PROP. - Mn n llfflffll were 0 7' QUALITY BEVERATGES Stanley Wisconsi ...PHONE 17... G. R. Scharer,D.C. Cl-IIROPRACTOR - 1,1-YI7'I.IHlf07'S of OWEN -- WISCONSIN BLATZ BEER - - - Miiwauke Stanley Bottling Work WALT13R's BEER Q Q Qu Clair S H 9 6 I-IARYCKI JEWELERS - Gifts - Elgin, I-Iarnilton, Bulova Watches - Silverware -- TI-IORP WISCONSIN TERRY'S MUSIC DEPT. 112 EAST GRAND AVENUE EAU CLAIRE, WISCONSIN . LOUIS KITTILSTAD, Mgr. WE FEA T URE SELMER - BUESCHER - KING - REYNOLDS BAND INSTRUMENTS SMALL RADIOS ----1 RECORD PLAYERS SHEET MUSIC --l- PIANO METHODS I I I CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES Q tothe CLASS CF 1954 ST. HEDWICNS PARISH LQUIS ZUKOWSKI General Merchandise And Tavern LOIVIBARD WISCONSIN CO.'IIPLIlIIE.'X'TS OF Wild Cherry RUSCH ELECTRIC Ch P t WESTINCHGLISE DEALERS eese ac Ory ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS ARTHUR NATZKE, Estate Route 2 Thorp, Wis. Phone ThOrp Compliments Gf Stovers Implement Co. WELDING - LATHE nfl THQRP HEAVY PRESS WoRK MCCULLOCH CHAIN SAWS FLQQR CUVERINGS MOLINE FARM IMPLEMENTS - Phone 3392 - T H 0 R P STANLEY WISCONSIN COIVIPLIIVIENTS or FALLS DAIRY CG. Curade A 26 B Milk - Phone 5827 --- STANLEY WISCONSIN P X - Compliments of - COMPLIMENTS OF PI9?Sam Rldge Stumms Hatchery Dairy '55 Store Edwin Sz Mae Franz I Mile South of CREENWOOD, WISCONSIN Thorp AUTO-ELECTRIC SERVICE GARAGE Raymond Giwojna, Proprietor "MOTOR TUNE.-UP SPECIALISTSH Local Texaco Dealer and United Motors Service - PHQNE 113 - Thorp Wisconsin Compliments of - - - it Compliments Of if TECS CQZY INN Sunshine Ice Cream MIKE TECLAW H- B- IVIAUE-L Thorp Wisconsin Owen Wisconsin I X . . . Compliments of . . . Compliments of - - - BOYD MILLS, Inc. Johnson's Shoe Service FEEDS - INGREDIENTS Wholesale 6: Retail Stanley Wisconsin BOYD WISCONSIN Compliments of - - - BOYD TRANSCRIPT H. W. BRocHTRuP Boyd Wisconsin Central Avenue Floral ...PHONE 89R . .. Member of the T.E.C. Owen Wisconsin COMPIIIMENTS OF Honey Home Farm Louis Wojtkiewicz . . . FINEST GROCERIES . . . Cold Cuts of Fresh Meat Cold Cases 81 Ponies of Beer Bateman Store 25 Tavern Crystal Palace Ballroom Phone ' ' 6R4 CHIPPEWA FALLS - WIS. Compliments of Congratulations - - Inter-County CLASS OF 54 PUbl1Sh1Hg Company Turenmfs ' JOB PRINTING " South Side Store Phone 33l9 STANLEY WIScoNSIN THORP WISCONSIN l X l CONGRATULATIONS CLASSOFW54' Reeseburg Tavern BIQQZY Where You Are Alzvays Wclrome Chew? Factory ART KUESTER, Prop. Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Schilling T1-1oRP vvls. PHONE '6R6 E. J. Crane and Sons HThe Farmers' Market" OWEN WISCONSIN COMPLIMENTS OF Cecil's Shoe Shop Thorp ---- Wisconsin COIVIPLIMENTS OF FARMERS 25 MERCHANTS STATE BANK Stanley -- Wisconsin - - - CONGRATULATIONS FROM - - - STANLEY WOODWORKERS Wooo PRoDUcTs sr SWEEPINC. COMPOUND . . . Manu-factuo'er.s of . . . THE NEW MULTI-CAME BOARD Stanley Wisconsin - See Chet Meredith Manufacture Representative - Chippewa Falls Wisconsin . . C 1' r f Withee Midway Bar Omplmenso BRUCHERT - VEURINK Thorp Beauty Shop WITHEE, WISCONSIN Above Mike Snieder Building Phone IZZJ - Owen Phone 1 - F - l '52 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CQRPQRATIUN - Deposits to 3I0,000 Fully Insured - PEOPLES EXCHANGE BANK Thorp -'- Wisconsin if Compliments of f YOUR Lato's BULK PRoPANE DEALER Red GW1 Store THoRP wisooNs1N Owen, Wisconsin . . . Phone 94 . . . 1 X The Thorp Courier ----- The Gilman Herald Published Every Thursday and Friday ' PROFITABLE ADVERTISING ' NEAT COMMERCIAL PRINTING Thorp Wisconsin Tri-County Nash Boardman's ' Radiator Ralaaif Super Service Station 0 Front End Alienment ' General Repair PURE o1L PRODUCTS ' Body Work PHONE 148 - THORP, WIS Thorp Wisconsin Louie Boardman Co1v1PL11v1ENTs GF LEON AND LIL'S TAVERN THORP VVISCONSIN . . . Compliments of . . . COlVlPl..llVlENTS ... of 1. SCHlVlITT'S Thmp Bakery Thorp Hardware Co. u- PHONE IO' 1 Phone 45 -:- Thorp, Wis. I X FIRE EXTENDED COVERAGE LIFE KENNEY INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance of All Kinds in Reliable Stock Companies -- Let Us Make A Survey of Your Insurance Needs -- -It Costs You Nothing- AUTOMOBILE MARINE ACCIDENT c'Sc HEALTH A. S. Kenney A. W. Sandel THORP, WISCONSIN The best for less - - - Irene's Beauty Shop P H O T O G R A P H S HALLENGER HOTEL DANIELS STUDIQ ,Phone 219- ...Phone 324... STANLEY WISCONSIN Compliments Compliments of - - - . . . of . . . BLONDIES INN THE THQRP THEATER EoTT1E BURZYNSKI THoRP - W1sCoNs1N THORP ' ' ' WISCONSIN lgX C. BOGUMILL For Clothing Q5 Furnishings TI-IORP WISCONSIN COMPLIMENTS BELLINOER DAIRY PHONE 1 I7R8 Steve Isosiewicz Compliments of Your FERGUSON IVIASSEY HARRIS 6a PAPEC FARM MACHINERY DEALER Barney's Implement Co THORP WISCONSIN . . Owen Wisconsin ANDY'S INSURANCE . . All ---- Kinds Serv1ce Statlon 77111118 1111 1 111, 1,1111 1 111, 111111 and Bar Robert BenzschaWeI EATl----GAS Agengy POP --- BEER HIGHWAY 29 '- Phone 36 1, BOYD WISCONSIN Th0FD WISCONSIN DRI-SINGLE FOODS, INC. Manufacturers of Drangle Cheese Products GILIVIAN WISCONSIN I X I Drs. The Owfgafd S5 Mafhwie Royal Gil Company Physicians 61 Surgeons P U R E o I L PR o D U C T S STANLEY, WISCONSIN CHESTER GLASSHOF, Agent Office Hours - 10-123 2-5 . . . Phone 27 . . . - Phone 43 - THORP WISCONSIN Congratulations, Seniors - - THORP FLOUR 25 FEED CQ. STEVEN A. DUS 61 LEON DUS, Proprietors -COMPLIMENTS OF- BEST WISHES OF Bellinger Club PETE AND GERTIE, PROPS. - PHONE 39'R2 '- Frank and Mary THORP WISCONSIN Our Best Wishes to the Class of l954 CENTRAL REFRIGERATION, INC. THoRP -...-. W1sCoNS1N Phones - - - 85 - I59 P X Congratulations and Best Wishes TO THE CLASS 0131954 -k52':.W THDFlP,Wl5 COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS QF Town of Withee Dairy DQVOS 55 Skmfh XV.-XLTER LIAZUK, Po-vp. Attorneys at Law Phone 6R9 Mike Sneider Bldg. Thorp XfVi3Q0n51n TPIORP WTISCONSIN CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISI-IES TO THE 1954 SENIOR CLASS OF THE THORP HIGH SCHOOL - from - JOHN WUETHRICH CREAIVIERY CO. oREENWooD, W1sCoNs1N Manufacturers of Grassland Butter Carl and Frances Johnson welcome you to tlfej - - THORP DAIRY BAR AND CAFE Homemade Ice Cream - Dinners - Short Urders - Fountain Service - Phone ------ 178 - I Il ll Enioy Coke together. H's such a sociable drink V- .2 "Colm" is u rogishrod lrado-mark. aomfo uuoen Aumomrv OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY av COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY. Inc. OF EAU CLAIRE. WISCONSIN lgflllllt CENTRAL COLD STORAGE CO -Meats at Wholesale - ALL TYPES OF FOOD PROCESSING ANI, CUSTOM CURINGJAND SMOKING PhOI'1Q T23 Thgrp SPORTSMEN'S DEN Edys Cguntry Club - Sporting Goods of All Kinds -- Fish Fry lrriclay Night Chicken Fry Saturday Night ED BRYNIARSKT MERCURY 8: MARTIN Outboard Motors Located One Door South of the Post Ofhce A' E. Bauer, Proprietor 6 Miles South of Thorp Compliments of . . . B American Breeders Bill Weinberger Service I-IARRY SCIEZOR Technician XVITI-IEE VJISCC NSIN THGRP WISCONSIN Best Regards to the Class of '54 TI-IORP TELEPHONE COMPANY J. M. KEATING J. L. KEATINC. I IIIII Congratulations Compliments of Seniors Clover Leaf Store ooLLY MAD1soN and Tavern - Thorp Phone ISRI6 - August Ehlert EAU CLAIRE, VVISCONSIN THQRP WISCQNSIN CoMPL1MENTs OF - - - C L U B 7 3 XJ. Fish Fry Friday 1 rght - - - - - - Chicken Fry Saturday Night ...PHONE 73... GUST STROJNY THORP --- Compliments of -- H A M M ' S B E E R "From the Land of The Sky Blue Waters" Leo Hedler, Agent I Il ll Co1v1PL11v113NTs OF-- HOPFMANS DAIRY Distributor of -"Country Fresh" Dairy Products- TI-IORP WISCONSIN CONGRATULATIONS FROM Dr. R. H. Stuesser V . Zarada t . . . physicisnergggroeon Electric 25 Television - PHQNE - TO THE CLASS OF 4'54" Office 111R2 Res. 111R3 - IJHQNE 99 .. Thorp ---- Wisconisn Thorp Wisconsin COAST TO COAST STORES TIRES - RADIOS - AUTO SUPPLIES HARDWARE -- SPORTING GOODS ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Locally Owned 1 Nationally Organized JOHN YOUNG Phone 3332 Stanley, Vvisconsin I HII 1h27.e 6 Zf "Q Fam y ii- ' fs O .515 'f 7441 ' iff", ' 1' ' '71-if .5bywd 'VV" I ! wwiakwmd j2'zferefyfaf1e.f v ff f f X I li'II "" I ""' I .. ,. i Z 000 'I ' " ','V I 'A" W i ' . ,,., .. ,..,'-::73,. ',A:,- l I A Af.' . I A . -yg:'ig:S1g J' .."w,, ' W K , , im ,., We We ff.. "2Z3f??E ,rms W SEVEN-UP BOTTLING COMPANY EAU CLAIRE WISCONSIN I II ll Edwin G. Schmidt and Sons GENERAL TRUCKING Pick Up and Delivery Freight Truck Terminal 1 PHONE 46 - FI horp ------ Vifisconsin SCHMIDT CHEVROLET CO. Wadhams Gas '55 Oil - Goodrich Tires General Auto Repairing - PHONE 140 -- Edwin G. Schmidt and Dallas Congratulations From - - LUBLIN DAIRY, INC. -PHGNE 33122- Lublin Wisconsin To Our Advertisers: We trust that you will enjoy the l954 Seniorian - the publication of which is made possible each year only by your support and cooperation. Our high school is very fortunate to have such public spirited business men and women to back its many projects, and the student body is duly appreciative of this fine attitude on your part. We take this opportunity to say "Thank You." THE SENIORIAN STAFF I ll lll THE CHIPPEWA PRINTERY ' PRINTING ' PUBLISHING ' ADVERTISING School and Office Supplies The Illoxf Completely Equippwl C077T77l67'f'IfILl f'7'i1'11'ir1g Plant in Nortllewz U'isf'01zsm 14-16 XNEST CENTRAL STREET CHIPPEWA FALLS, WISCONSIN I'ngC Uno Ilumlrcfl-nine mm Qgmfam THDRP HIGH SCHOOL AND A -,,,mr551""i 1. I I AUTOGRAPHS fl , MZJIA if ' , c lx XMAQJQTQQJW 7 ,,,f L , 5. 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Suggestions in the Thorp High School - Seniorian Yearbook (Thorp, WI) collection:

Thorp High School - Seniorian Yearbook (Thorp, WI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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1954, pg 58

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