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I mumguu U Wx mm mm a H ,W T UQ U L V N K V ,s I I u 4 1 l I I ' fx-v F U UI I Y! , I I' hiv j yigzszryzzzsgyzzsgj - --" X -"- '-'- 4 I 15" ' ' fl, :qc-:-521 :-g.-:-911 :-:-5.-154 . W ,mmWg?-51-::fAg,, , Q A X31 hifi ww ZEZIQQEZSZZZKITZZEZ 1 S im- 52555 x A - X fx H f w A jf 'SZ 1- P Aa? ' Y Dv maart'-Si 2 Editor ............... ALLENE KENNEY Assistant Editor ..... RICHARD WIATER Literary Editor .... BERNADETTE CUKLA Junior Editor . . . .... DELORES PARKS Art Editor ..... ........ J EAN CooK Sports Editors ...... ROBERT BADZINSKI TOM QUALLE Ass't. Literary Editors . .ROSANN EBBEN MARGIE RIECHERT JOANN ROMANOWICZ Business Managers .... ARMON SCHMIDT SUSAN HARYCKI NORBERT TECLAW Photographer . . .RICHARD VANDERHYDEN Advisors .... ..... .... D A VID KITCH JOSEPH GAFFNEY J IHURP HIGH scuuul H 1 I N I 3 , I I I MR. THE SCHO DEDICHTIUH M-'-3" Ansari' m::':L"lg 1 1 1 lg QI 133 thx ,:EQi ": 4 et hh With deep gratitude for the many things you have done for us, We, the Class of '53 gratefully dedicate our Seniorian to you, Mr. Gaffney. SEHIUHIHH STHFF SEATED: JOAN RoMANoW1oz, JEAN CooK, ALLENE KENNEY, RICHARD WIATER, SUSAN HARYCKI, ROBERT BADZINSKI. STANDING: ToM QUALLE, RICHARD VANDERHYDEN, MARGIE REICHERT, ROSANN EBBEN, BERNADETTE CUKLA, MR. GAFFNEY, ARMON SCHMIDT. Nor SHOWN: MR. KITCH, NORBERT TECLAW. Seniorian Staff It is with much pride and satisfaction that we, the Senior Class of 1953, present this yearbook to you. After many long and hard hours of work spent on this, "The Seniorianj' we can now look back and see Very plainly that our effort has not been in vain. Within a short time after the beginning of school the Seniorian Staff was chosen by Mr. Gaffney. Allene Kenney was selected Editor-in-Chief with Richard Wiater serving as her assistant. The work progressed rapidly with these two acting as our editors. Under the guidance of Mr. Kitch, Bernadette Cukla, Literary Editor, together with her assistants, Rosann Ebben, Margie Reichert, and Joan Romanowicz furnished the Seniorian with Write-ups. Tom Qualle and Robert Badzinski, two sports enthusiasts, edited the football and basketball sections. No annual would be complete without some art workg to do this Jean Cook was chosen. Pictures are by far the most significant part of any year book. Richard Vanderhyden was our on-the-spot photo- grapher. Delores Parks sat in on our meetings as a Junior Editor to gain experience for the next year's Seniorian. Every one knows that a book cannot be published without financing. Susan Harycki and Armon Schmidt worked together as Business Managers. They did a great deal to provide sufficient funds for the publication of this Seniorian. We were fortunate to have Mr. Gaffney as the advisor of our Seniorian. To- gether with Mr. Kitch, who was Literary Advisor, it was a pleasure working on this yearbook. We hope this - The 1953 Seniorian - fulfills the expectations of all those who leaf through its pages. Page Four I-1Il5'l'Rl1'l0Il Letter To The Student Body It is a happy occasion to commend another Seniorian Staff upon the completion of the 1953 year book. It signalizes the end of another school year and the addition of one more volume to the growing shelf of Seniorians. Every Seniorian published is different with respect to theme and yet there is a common format which prevails. This is in keeping with the accepted standard of good yearbooks. For after all the yearbook is a record of significant events that have occurred during the school year. The year 1952-53 has been a memorable year and thus has provided ample material for another outstanding book. The editor has been fully cognizant of the opportunities offered and has incorporated them into The 1953 Seniorian. I take this opportunity to congratulate the Seniorian Staif and advisors, Mr. Gaffney and Mr. Kitch, upon an outstanding accomplishment - the preparation and publication of The 1953 Seniorian. Sincerely, NEWELL QUALLE S'uper1:isi'rtg Principal MR. JOSEPH GAFFNEY, B.S. Loms College Marhematics. Scniormn AKlV1SOT Stumleut Council Advisor MR. POY SWANSON B.E. MRS. GERTRUDE SWANSON B.S. RiUW'FalZS State Clone 6 University of North Dakota , g . Agriculture E11gl1Sl1 I and IV Future Farmers of America Senior Class Advisor Out O' The Pines ' Senior Class Play School Secretary, Girls Prom FHUULTU MR. VICTOR LEE, B.S. MRS. FLORENCE SOLI Stevens Point State Teachers office Secretary Geography Director of Band and Chorus Miss ALICE DUNN, B.A. College of St. Scholastica English II and III Sophomore Class Advisor Booster Club Junior Class Play Carclinal Hi Lites, Library Page Scvcu MR. ROBERT GRAY, B.S. Stout Institute Industrial Education Driver Education Homecoming Advisor MR. DAVID KITCH, B.A. Ripon College Social Problems . I History Senlormn Literary Advisor FHUULTU MR. JOSEPH KORPAL, B.S. Whitewater State College University of Wisconsin University of Illinois University of Colorado Commercial ' Freshmen Class Advisor MR. DALE AMUNDSON, B.S. River Falls State College MR. BERNARD WENNINGER, B.A St. John's University ,SCiCHCS Citizenship, Social Problems, Speech T 5SS1S6ilHt Claogch Armistice Day Program 'mo' ass- mor MR. WILLIAM HALDY, B.S. Forensic Coach Advisor, Junior Prom Mankato State Teachers College Gustavus Aclolplius Athletics, Physical Education Page Eight Not Shown. MRS. WILLIAM KLOUDA, B.S. Stout Institute Home Economics l Future Homemakers of America QQQQ x ff XX Senior Class Officers RICHARD WIATER, President GERALD PHILLIPS, Secretary ROBERT MERTENS, Vice President Class History Our memorable four years of higher learning began in September of 1949. At that time we numbered sixty-two, "eager, green, freshiesf' We took initiation in our stride and spent our Freshmen year just getting aquainted with Thorp High School. Our first year passed before us very quickly. In no time we found ourselves "Sophisticated Sophomoresf' The first thing we did was revengefully initiate our innocent successors. We gave them what, we thought, was the most terrible initiation yet. That year the Booster Club honored us when they chose Rosann Ebben, Rosanne Conway, and Margie Reichert as Junior Cheerleaders. Our first year as upper classmen was a very eventful one. We "Jolly Juniors" began a year of much success by winning first place on our Homecoming float. Our Junior Class Play, "Too Sweet For Sixteen," under the direction of Miss Dunn, proved to be very successful. Then came the biggest social event of our high school career. King Tom Qualle and his Queen, Virginia Kinas reigned over one of the most beautiful and most success- ful Proms Thorp has ever had. The theme, "Moonlight and Roses," was beautifully portrayed with an artificial moon, thousands of roses, and a large rock garden. We were justly proud to have three of our classmates, Tom Qualle, Jerry Phillips, and Bob Mertens, on the basketball team that came within one game of the State Tournament. A dream had become a reality. - In September, 1952, we began our last stretch in high school as "Sedate Seniors." We were now the leaders in an institution of learning. Our major task as Seniors was that of publishing a year book. With Allene Kenney accepting the responsibility of Editor-in-Chief we produced, what We think, is one of the finest annuals in the state. Our Senior year was not entirely made up of grave responsibility and hard work. There were the lighter activities and events that provide enjoyment for all, such as, our Senior Class Play, the Christmas Ball, the Girls' Prom, and "Anything Goes." We have now completed a miles-stone in our rocky road of life. We can look back Evitlh satisfaction over four memorable and successful years! together at Thorp High c oo . Page Ten ROBERT BADZINSKI Class President 15 Seniorian Staff 45 Intramural Referee 35 Prom Committee 35 Football Manager 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, Z, 3, 45 Noonday Softball 1, Z, 3. RUBY BUSS Booster Club 1, Z, 3, 45 Library Club 45 Girl's Noonday Basket- ball and Volleyball 2, 3, 45 F. H,A. 1, 45 Play Production 4. J EANETTE BUTRYM Pope Pius XI 1, 25 Central High School, Milxvaukee, Wis 3: Booster Club President 15 Mixed Chorus Z, 45 Girl's Basketball 3. ROSANNE CONWAY Armistice Day Program 3, 45 Junior Cheerleader 2, 35 Senior Cheerleader 45 Noonday Softball 1, Z, 35 Forensics 1, 2, 4, State 35 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. 15 Library Club 45 Girl's Basket- ball 15 Girl's Pron1 Committee 45 "If You Knew Susie" CCastJ 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2. 3, 45 Juniorette Co-Editor 35 Out O' the Pines Staff 45 Prom Attendant 25 Girl's Noonday Basketball and Volleyball 2, 3. Page Eleven LENARD BURZYNSKI Noonday Volleyball 3, 45 Noon- day Basketball 45 Noonday Soft- ball 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Out O' tl1e Pines Staff 4. ROBERT BUTTERFIELD F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3. SYLVIA CIESL1-:K Noonday Softball 2, 35 Curtis Drive 2, 35 Secretary 45 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, President 45 Library Club 2, 3, 45 Prom Committee 35 '4If You Knew Susie" CCastD 45 Mixed Chorus 1, Z, 3, 45 Out O' the Pines Staff 4: "Too Sweet for Sixteen" CCastl 35 Noonday Bas- ketball and Volleyball Z, 3, 4. J EAN COOK Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 45 I7.H.A. 15 "lf You Knew Susie" CPro- duction Staffj 45 Girl's Basket- ball 1, 25 Prom Committee 35 Christmas Ball 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior- ian Staff 45 Homecoming Atten- dant 15 Homecoming Queen 45 Girl's Noonday Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Girl's Noonday Volleyball 3, 4. BERNADETTE CUKLA Class Secretary 23 Forensics 1, 2, 4, State 33 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 43 F.H.A. 13 Play Production 33 Library Club 3, 43 Girl's Bas- ketball 1, 23 Christmas Ball 43 "If You Knew Susieu 43 Mixed Chorus 2, 33 Band Z, 3, 43 Curtis Drive 43 Iuniorette 33 Out O, the Pines - Editor 43 Badger Girls' State Representative 33 Seniorian Staff 43 Homecoming Attendant Z3 Noonday Basket- ball 2, 33 Noonday Volleyball 33 Armistice Day Program 3. JACK DALLAS Football 1, Z, 3, 43 Football Man- ager Z3 Baseball 1, 23 Basketball Manager 3, 4. ROSANN EBBEN Junior Cheerleader 2, 33 Senior Cheerleader 43 "If You Knew Susiel' 43 "Too Sweet for Six- teen" 33 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, President 43 Library Club 2, 33 Seniorian Staff 43 Girls' Prom Committee 43 Anything Goes 23 Forensics 1, 2, 3, 43 F.H.A. 1, Historian 33 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Treasurer 43 Noonday Basket- ball 2, 3, 43 Noonday Volleyball 2, 3, 43 Noonday Softball 2, 3, 4. FRANCIS GRABON Noonday Softball 1, Z3 Prom Committee 33 Mixed Chorus 13 Football 1, 2, 3. 43 Basketball 23 Baseball 1, 23 Noonday Basket- ball 2, 3, 4. Page Twelve LORRAINE DAHM Booster Club 1, 3, 43 F.H.A. 1, Z, 43 Play Production 43 Girls' Bas- ketball 2. DONALD DOBRZYNSKI F.F.A. 1, 23 Christmas Ball 43 Football 3, 4. MARTHA JANE FRANCIS Forensics 2, 33 1, 2, 43 Play Production 33 Library Club 2, 3, 43 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4. EDMUND GRENDZINSKI F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Noonday Soft- ball 13 Noonday Basketball 1. EDWARD HAAs Football Z, 45 Basketball 15 F.F. A.,25 Baseball 45 Noonday Soft- ball 15 Noonday Basketball 4. SUSAN HARYCKI Forensics 35 Booster Club 1, Z, 3, 45 F.H.A. 15 Play Production Staff 45 Library Club Z, 3, 45 Homecoming Committee 45 Girl's Basketball 15 Prom Committee 35 Curtis Drive 1, 2, 3, 45 Sen- iorian Staff 45 Homecoming' At- tendant 3, 45 Noonday Basket- ball Z, 35 Junioirette Co-Editor 35 Noonday Volleyball 3, 45 "Any- thing Goes" Z. IRENE J AsKOT Noonclay Softball Z5 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. 1, 2, 45 lllixed Chorus 45 Noonday Basketball 3, 3, 45 Noonclay Volleyball 2, , . JULIA KAMINSKI Forensics 1, 2, 3, 45 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. 15 Library Club 2, 3,45 "Too Sweet For Sixteen" 35 "If You Knew Susie" 45 Band 3, 45 Out O' the Pines 45 Noon- day Basketball 2, 3, 45 Noonday Volleyball 3, 45 Student Council 45 Noonday Softball Z, 35 Vale- dictorian. Page Tliirteen JAMES HAAS F.F.A. 1, Z, 3, 45 Out O' the Pines 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Noon- day Basketball 4. KATHLEEN HAZUGA Noonday Softball 25 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Play Production 3, 45 Library Club 45 Homecom- ing Committee 35 Girl's Basket- ball 1, 25 Out O' the Pines 45 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Noonday Bas- ketball 2, 3, 45 Noonday Volley- ball 3, 4. WANDA JOHNSON Stanley High School 1, 25 Boos- ter Club 3, 45 Class Play 15 F.H. A. 1, 2, Treasurer 35 Secretary 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Homecoming Committee 1, 25 Play Production 45 Out O' the Pines 45 Repre- sentative of F.H.A. Z, 35 Salu- tatorian. ALLENE KENNEY Class Secretary 35 Armistice Day Program 1, Z, 35 School Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Student Coun- cil Z, 3, 45 Noonday Softball 35 "Anything Goes" 2, 3, 45 Curtis Drive Secretary 45 Forensics 1, 2, 3, 45 Booster Club 1, Z, 3, 45 Library Club 35 Girl's Basket- ball 1, Z5 Prom Committee 35 "If You Knew Susie" 45 Girls' Prom Committee 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior- ette 35 Seniorian Staff 35 Senior- ian Editor 45 Girl's Noonday Basketball and Volleyball 2, 3, 4. FRANCES KMIECIAK Noonday Softball Z5 Booster 1, Z, 3, 45 F.H.A. 1, Z, 45 Noonday Basketball and Volleyball Z, 3. ANN LARSON Noonclay Softball 35 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 1, 3, 45 Play Production 3, 45 Gix-l's Basket- ball 1, 25 ,Tuniorette 35 Out O' the Pines Stall' 45 Noonday Bas- ketball and Volleyball 2, 3. ROBERT LRWANDOWSKI F.F.A. 1, 2, 45 Vice-President 35 Noonday Basketball 1, 25 Noon- flay Volleyball 2, 3, 45 Noonday Softball 2. DONALD NEVALA Noonday Softball 2, 35 F.F.A. 1, Vice-President 25 Play Produc- tion 45 Homecoming Committee 45 'Too Sweet For Sixteen" 35 Band 3, 45 Out O' The Pines Staff 45 Noonday Basketball 2, 3. Page Fourteen ALOYSIUS KOTECKI Baseball 15 Noonday Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Noouday Volleyball 4. GENEVIEVE LASIUK Booster Club 1, Z, 3, 45 F.H.A. 1, Z, 45 Library Club 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Out O' the Pines Staff 4. ROBERT MERTENS Class Vice-President 45 F.F:A. 1, Secretary 25 Play Production 45 Basketball 1, Z, 3, 45 Prom Committee 35 Noonday Basket- ball and Softball 1, Z. EUGENE NoRYsEW1cz Mixed Chorus 3, 45 F.F.A. 15 Noonday Softball 1, 2. GERALD PHILLIPS School Orchestra 2, 35 Curtis Drive 1, Z, 35 Class President Z5 Vice-President 35 Secretary 45 Play Production 45 Homecoming Committee 35 Prom Committee 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3, Captain 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, Captain 45 Baseball 1, 2, 45 Prom Attendant MARGIE REICHERT Cheerleader Z, 3, 45 Noonday Softball 2, 35 Forensics 1, Z, 3, 45 Booster Club 1, Z, 4, President 35 F.H.A. 1, Vice-President 35 Library Club 2, 35 Girl's Basket- ball 1, 25 Prom Committee 35 Girls, Prom Committee 45 "Too Sweet For Sixteen" 35 "If You Knew Susie" 45 Seniorian Staff 45 Noonday Basketball and Vol- leyball 3, 4. ARMON SCHMIDT Student Council 25 Noonday Softball 1, Z, 3, 45 "Anything Goesl' 2, 45 Intramural Referee 45 S.A.F. Representative 35 F.F. A. 25 Prom Committee 35 Play Production 3, 45 Seniorian Staff 45 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Football 45 Basketball Manager 45 Noonday Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Noonday Volleyball 3. 4, ELEANORE SCIEZOR Noonday Softball Z, 35 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Play Production 45 Library Club 3. 45 Girl's Basketball 1, 25 "Too Sweet For Sixteen" 35 Out O' The Pines 45 Noonday Basket- ball and Volleyball 2, 3, 4. Page Fifteen TOM QUALLE Class President 35 Vice-Presi- dent 25 Play Production 45 Homecoming Committee 1, 35 Prom Committee 35 Mixed Chor- us 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior- ette 35 Badger Boys' State Rep- resentative 35 Seniorian Staff 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 45 Prom King 35 School Orches- tra 2, 3, 45 "Anything Goes" 2, 3, 45 Student Council 3, Presi- dent 45 Basketball 1, Z, 3, 4. J OANNE ROMANOWICZ Seniorian Staff 45 Noonday Bas- ketball and Volleyball 2, 3, 45 Noonday Softball Z. 35 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. 1, Vice- Presiclent 45 Play Production 45 Library Club Z5 Christmas Ball 45 "Too Sweet For Sixteen" 35 Out O' The Pines Staff 45 Mixed Chorus 4. J on SIEGIENSKI F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Noonrlay Soft- ball 1. FLORIAN SZATALOWICZ Noouday Softball Z, 35 S.A.F. Representative Z5 Forensics 1, 3, 45 F.F.A. 1, 25 Prom Commit- tee 35 Christmas Ball 45 "Too Sweet For Sixteen" 35 "If You Knew Susie" 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Out O' The Pines Staff 45 Noonday Basketball 1. 2, 3, 45 Noonday Volleyball 45 Football 2. NORBERT TECLAW F0f511SiCS 1, 3, 4: Booster Club 33 FRA. Z3 Christmas Ball Chairman 43 "Too Sweet For Sixteen" 33 "If You Knew Susie".43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Curtis Drive 43 Noonday Soft- ball ancl Basketball 2, 3, 43 Noonclay Volleyball 2, 4. HELEN TRUSE Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 43 F.H.A. 2, 43 ,luniorette Art Editor 33 Noonday Basketball 43 Noonday volleyball 3, 4. RICHARD VANDERHYDEN S.A.F.. Representative 13 Prom Committee 33 F.F.A. 1, 23 Sen- iorian Staff 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Not Showng ALOIS PIWONI Page Sixteen RICHARD TECLAW Forensics 1, 2 3, 43 Booster Club Secretary 33 1, Treasur- er 23 "Too Sweet For Sixteen" 33 "If You Knew Susie" 43 Mixed Chorus 3, 4. PATRICIA URBAS Noonclay Softball 2, 33 Forensics 3, 43 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 43 F. H. A. 1, 43 Play Production 3, 43 Girl's Basketball 1, 23 Mixed Chorus 1, Z, 3, 4g Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Out O' The Pines 43 Noonday Basketball and Volleyball Z, 3, 4. RICHARD WIATER Mixed Chorus 23 Noonday Bas- ketball Z, 3, 43 Forensics 3, 43 Prom Committee 33 Seniorian Staff 43 "If You Knew Susie" 43 Class President 4. IRENE ZARADA Armistice Day Program 43 Noonday Softball 2, 33 Forensics 1, 2, 3, 43 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 43 F.H.A. 1, Z, 33 Library Club 43 Girl's Basketball 1, Z3 "Too Sweet For Sixteen" 33 "If You Knew Susie" 43 Noonday Volley- ball 3, 43 Iuniorette Art Editor 33 Noonday Basketball 2, 3, 43 Girl's Prom Committee. Class Prophecy After numerous unsuccessful attempts to get his three dimensional television set focused, Mr. Gaffney relents to an ancient source of information, the news- paper. He picks up the May 5, 1978 issue of the nationally known, Nobel and Pulitzer Prize Winner, "Kitch's Katastrophej' edited by David Kitch, a former fellow-faculty man of his. Incidentally, it has been whispered that this periodical is in the running for the Congo Cultural Citation. After quickly scanning through the first forty- seven pages of Kitch's Political Sorespots, his atten- tion is immediately drawn to the lower left hand corner of the forty-eighth page, where he finds his favorite column, "Believe It or Not," by D. Kitch, Jr. He begins reading enthusiastically. Robert Badzinski, the famous Intelligence Di- rector at the Grand Psychiatric Institute, founded by the famous Neuro Psychiatrist, Dr. Edmund Sabas- tain Grendzinski, left for Las Vegas for a long needed rest. Lenard Burzynski, better known to the public as "The Legs," is now employed by the Piwoni Non- Slip, Non-Slide, Non-Run, Cosmic-Proof, hosiery Corporation. Mr. Burzynski's duties are to convince the ladies that these stockings are Non-Slip, Non- Slide, Non-Run, and Cosmic-Proof. Eugene Norysiewicz, now featured by Barnum Sz Bailey as the Human Cannonball in their daring television show, shocked the entire United States in his last appearance, when he accidently forgot to fasten his safety belt and shot through the top of the big tent, landing in a patch of poison ivy. He is now confined to his bed with a severe rash. The society playboy and heir to the Tinker Toy Industry, Bob Butterfield, was granted a divorce from his tenth wife, Eleanore Scziezor Butterfield, the breathtaking Broadway fan dancer on the grounds of incompatibility. Francis Grabon has organized the Grabon Order of Friars, and is spending his remaining days in constant prayer and penance to atone for his pre- vious wicked, ill-led life. Don Dobrzynski, famed artist, was given a contract by Genevieve Lasiuk, the highway commis- sioner for the State of Wisconsin, to paint the yellow stripe down the center of the new super highway running from Chippewa Falls to Eau Claire. Frances Kmieciak, who has just completed her latest movie, "Water Babe," is now preparing to undertake a deep-sea diving excursion in the Carib- bean waters. Her husband, Richard Vanderhyden, a prominent New York Dentist, hopes she will find an adequate supply of pearls so that he may finish the upper plate for the sensational revival singer, Joe Siegienski, who has captivated Broadway with his newest release, "It's in the Volumes." The Indianapolis Speedway record was broken by the fearless, daring, speed-queen, Kathleen Hazuga. After a startling finish, she rushed into the clutching arms of her husband, Tom Qualle, the leader of the Underworld, alias - the oil can of the big lrnachine, and sighed, "We finally got a getaway car. Susan Harycki, of Ft. Sam Houston, Texas, re- turned from Chicago, Illinois, with her Chesterwhite Hog, Nigger. For the third consecutive year she has presented a prize hog to the National Swine Judge, James Chester Haas, a former student of Thorp High School, who has just completed his best selling book, "How to Raise Rindless Side Pork." Gerald Phillips, sometimes referred to as J. P. Morgan the second, revealed to the press how he made his first billion. It seems the seventeenth year he worked as a janitor for the Truse Slaughtering house, he became quite chummy with the proprieter's lovely and rich daughter, Helen. With her 'encourage- ment and his past knowledge of animal hides, heire- leased a new product to cure falling hair, "Ph1ll1p's Hair Delight." Al Kotecki is working for his second cup of coffee by selling apples on the corner of Skidrow and Madison Street in the Windy City. Richard Teclaw, a Harvard lawyer, is currently working on a Writ of Habeas Corpus to get Irene Jasket, the lady wrestler, out of the cooler, for strangling her opponent in a fit of anger. The City of Thorp is in a mild state of confus- ion, a new business has been introducted and is advertising under the slogan, f'Drains plugged? Try the Con-way." Miss Rosanne Conway, the instigator and chief un-plugger, has added a personal and feminine touch to the unpleasant task by doing the job by herself. Allene Kenney, whose picture has recently ap- peared on the Bull Durham Tobacco packages, has been traveling the United States with .the rodeo rid- ing wild bulls. As you notice by the pictures, travel has certainly broadened her. l The new sensation, who succeeded Johnny Weiss- miller as Tarzan, Don Nevela, has been offered a million dollar contract by Metropolitan Opera to sing the part of the Toreador in Carmen. I Armon Schmidt, now luxuriously residing on the island of Capri, has recently opened a Honeymoonerfs resort. His first set of lovebirds was Ruby Buss, presi- dent of the Lonely Hearts Club in New York, and Florian Szatalowicz, who was voted the most eligible bachelor in the United States. Miss Margie Reichert narrowly escaped death when the Nitroglycerine truck, she had been driving for 24 hours, accidently left the road and hit a farmers cow, Miss Reichert got a big bang out of this incident. Sylvia Cieslek explained to a group of professors recently her new book, "The Birds and the Bees." The professors were astounded at the knowledge she has acquired from taking a four year course in Animal Husbandry. Richard Wiater has lived up to the expectations of his classmates and teachers. He is now working for the Federal Government in Washington, D.C. His 24 hour job is replacing burnt out light bulbs in the Pentagon. I Senate action for the bill, Butrym Beef Price Supports, introduced by the wealthy Texas rancher, Jeanette Butrym, has been delayed due to the fili- bustering by Norbert Teclaw, the proprietor of Sam's Corner Fish Market. Readers, which would you prefer, Norb's last weeks fish, or Jeanettes Texas Leather? Flash! The greatest magician alive, Bernadette Nimble-Fingers Cukla, who is said to be second only to Houdini, was picked up by the police today on the charge of pick-pocketing. As the plain-clothes Woman Detective, Lorraine Dahm, snapped the handcuis on her, Nimble-Fingers shockingingly exclaimed, "No law is going to stand in my way. I'll just dig in my little black bag of tricks." Jean Cook, a Taxerdermist in Ontario, Canada, has replaced the old Moosehead at the Moosehall, in Thorp, Wisconsin, with a new and larger lone, that she recently finished stufing. Her amazing work ranges from antheads to elephant eyeballs. I "Who Shot Cock-Robin?" has just been revised, by Ann Larson. The leadoff line is: "Who Dicenti- graded that Nasty Foul?" I . l By some mathematical calculation, Patricia Urbas, has found a method to straighten the Lean- ing Tower of Piza. ' Robert Mertens and his wife, the former Julia Page Seventeen Kaminski, are the pI'oud parents of Quadruplets, born Saturday. Julia returned to her bricklaying job on the following Monday. Her husband, Robert, is convalescing from a nervous breakdown. Paris is aghast by the new, daring, wOman's costumes being designed by Jack Dallas. His newest creation, "The Black Angel," is being modeled by the shapely Martha Jane Francis. Star gazer, Irene Zarada, stationed at Mt. Pal- mor, proved the theory of the Solar System - that system of which the sun is the center, comprising the Major planets, Minor planets, fPlanetoids or Asteroidsl, satellites, comets, and meteorites of the Minor planets. The basis of her proof was the recent stratospheric expedition undertaken by the fearless, death-dodging, rocket flyer, Joanne Romanowicz. Eureka Springs, Colorado, held their annual Pancake eating contest. This year a new face and winner was seen among the many entries. Miss Rosann Ebben, formerly of Thorp, Wisconsin, was crowned, t'Miss Pancake of 1978." The unmarried two-hundred fifty pound champ will make personal appearances throughout the United States within the next year. The funeral parlor proprietor, Ed 'Digger O' Dell' Hass, completed his new mortuary just in time to carry his fourth wife, Wanda Johnson, over the threshold. Robert Lewandowski, at present working as a research chemist for the Lipton Tea, Brewing, Sz Water Pollution Company of Chlorphyl City, Green- land, Cwhere it's too cold to smell anyway!j, has discovered a cheaper way of making Iced Tea, his only problem is finding ice picks big enough to chip the glacier. Our Last Will ROBERT BADZINSKI wills his ability to steer clear of girls to Byron Bogumill. LENARD BURZYNSKI wills his clean hands to whom- ever has time to wash them. , RUBY BUSS wills her homey ways to Audrey Langiewicz. ROBERT BUTTERFIELD wills his heartwarming smile to Marylin Plansky. k SYLVIA CIESLEK wills her cowboy yodel to Dorothy Deutchlander to go with her guitar. ROSANNE CONWAY wills her excuses to Arnie Smith. JEAN COOK wills her "Know How" to Tom Hirsch. BERNADETTA CUKLA Wills her writer's cramp to next year's Literary Editor of the Seniorian. LORRAINE DAHM wills her death seat in Al KOtecki's car to St. Peter. DON DOBRZYNSKI wills his flirting eyes to John Meyer. ROSANN EBBEN wills her milkman back to the dairy. MARTHA JANE FRANCIS wills her driving timidity to Roger Turenne. FRANCES KMIECIAK wills her rnotherly instincts to Nancy Giwojna. AL KOTECKI wills his green Batmobile to Mr. Kitch. ANN LARSON wills her cute little figure to Chester Przybylski. GENIVIEVE LASIUK wills her punctuality to James Pabich. ROBERT LEWANDOWSKI wills his mechanical mind to Don Zukowski. DON NEVELA wills the Einstein within him to Albert Kaczmarek. EUGENE NORYSEWICZ wills his wavy hair to Gertrude Marek. GERALD PHILLIPS wills his fast running legs to the University of Wisconsin. ALOIS PIWONI wills his dry humor to Carol Reinke. TOM QUALLE wills his leather lip to Arnie Zaborowski. MARGIE REICHERT wills her Saturday nights back to the weekend. . JOANNE ROMANOWICZ wills her tallness to Joan Carpenter. ARMON SCHMIDT wills his dependable helping hand to the Junior boys, so that next year's Seniors will have a winning Hoat. ELEANORE SCIEZOR wills her nerve racking giggle to Peter Lukowiewicz. JOE SIEGIENSKI wills Joe Czernicki back to geometry class so he can pass the course. FLORIAN SZATALOWICZ wills his innocent look to Marlene Burkhart. RICHIE TECLAW wills his love for blondes to Jackie Hedler. HELEN TRUSE wills her long tresses to Jo Hmielak. PAT URBAS wills her frequent trips to Stanley to the Motor Bus Lines. Digiti- 7. AA Q- RICHARD VANDERHYDEN wills his slick chick appear- ance to Dean Liazuk. RICHARD WIATER wills his advanced math course to Mr. Gaffney. IRENE ZARADA wills her levies to Florence Kolodziej. JEANETTE BUTRYM wills her dark hair and eyes to Don Van Loo. NORBERT TECLAW wills his sparkling personality to Lucy Soborowicz. WANDA JOHNSON wills that certain somebody's class ring to the jeweler so that he can get the tape off of it. FRANCIS GRABON wills his knowledge of headache sedatives to Gordon Hanson. EDMUND GRENDZINSKI wills his broad shoulders to Darlene Kubera. ' ED HAAS wills his ability to converse with the oppo- site sex to Len Zukowski. JAMES HAAS wills his football shoulder pads to Jet Pilot. ALLENE KENNEY leaves to find the Holy Grail. SUSAN HARYCKI wills her red hair and freckles to Maxine Turenne. KATHLENE HAZUGA Wills her experience with the mentally deficient to any teacher who feels that he needs it. IRENE JASKOT wills her regular morning letters to Mona Tieman. JULIA KAMINSKI wills Homer back to his Out-of- Town girl friend. Page Eighteen ROBFRT BADZINSKI, ROSANN CONWAY, JEAN COCK, BERNADETTE CUKLA, JACK DALLAS, ROSANN EBBEN, SUSAN HARYCKI JULIA KAMINSKI. ALLENE KENNEY, ROBERT MERTENS, GERALD PHILLIPS, TOM QUALLE, MARGIE REICHERT, ARMON SCHMIDT, RICHARD VANDERHYDEN, RICHARD WIATER. Who's Who ROBERT BADZINSKI was Football Manager for four years, active in Basketball, and a Sports Editor for the Seniorian. ROSANNE CONWAY participated in the State Forensic Contest, State Music Festival, and the Senior Class Play. She was also a Cheerleader. JEAN COOK, the Art Editor of the Seniorian, was Homecoming attendant, and reigned as Queen of the 1952 Homecoming. BERNADETTE CUKLA participated in the State Forensic Contest, Literary Editor of the Sen- orian, Editor of the Out O' the Pines, Badger Girls' State Representative, took part in the Senior Class Play, Curtis Drive Captain, and was co-editor of the Juniorette. JACK DALLAS was a defensive star for four years on the football team, and basketball man- ager for four years. RosANN EBBEN was president of the Booster Club, Girls' Prom Queen, Cheerleader, partici- pated in the Junior and Senior Class Plays, active in forensics, and a member of the Senior- ian staH. SUSAN HARYCKI was the Business Manager of the Seniorian, Homecoming attendant, accom- panied solos and ensembles, and was a partici- pant in the State Music Festival. JULIA KAMINSKI, the Valedictorian of our class, took part in Junior and Senior Class plays, participated in State Forensics Contest, was on the Out O' the Pines Staff, Student Council, and D. A. R. representative. ' ALLENE KENNEY was the Editor of the Senior- Ian and co-editor of the Juniorette, a Student Council member for three years and delegate to Page Nineteen the State and National Student Council Con- vention, participated in the State Music Festi- val two years, Senior Class Play, a Curtis Drive Secretary, participated in forensics, Chairman of Girls' Prom Committee, and School Orchestra for four years. ROBERT MERTENS, the Vice-President of the Senior Class, played terrific basketball for four years, and Was outstanding scholastically. GERALD PHILLIPS, the Class Secretary, was bas- ketball captain, football captain, All-Northwest Quarterback, and outstanding in all sports and music. TOM QUALLE, President of the Student Council, was Prom King his Junior year, Badger Boys' State representative, active in football and bas- ketball all four years, in the School Orchestra, participated in the State Music Festival, co- editor of the Juniorette, and a Sports Editor for the Seniorian. MARGIE REICHERT, the leading lady in both Jun- ior and Senior Class Plays, was a member of the Seniorian Staif, a cheerleader for four years, and active in Forensics. ARMON SCHMIDT, Coach Haldy's right-hand man, played a major role in the construction of our prize winning homecoming float, was a tremendous spark in the production of our beautiful prom, also he was noonday basket- ball referee. ' RICHARD VANDERHYDEN, the Seniorian Photo- grapher for two years, was also a hard hitting man in football. RICHARD WIATER, the Senior Class President, was the Assistant Editor for the Seniorian, and a Mathematical Genius. Junior Class BETTY NEIMAN, Secretary-Tfreaswrefrg DUNALD VAN LOO, Vice- Presidentg ROGER TURENNE, President. With a busy year ahead of them the Junior Class, under the guidance of Mr. Amundson, elected the following Class Officers: Roger Turenne, Presi- dent, Donald Van Loo, Vice-President, and Betty Neiman, Secretary-Treasurer. The Junior Class was well represented in sports. Eleven boys went out for football. Those making the first team were Byron Bogumill, Edward Ciolkosz, Donray Izydorek, Harley Nerdrum, Roger Turenne, Leonard Zukowski, and Gene Zaske. Junior boys among the first ten on the basketball team were Donray Izydorek, Harley Nerdrum, Roger Tur- enne, Bill Urban, Edward Ciolkosz, and Arnold Zaborowski. Betty Neiman was chosen, by the Booster Club, to be a Junior Cheerleader. She proved herself by doing a swell job of cheerleading. Although the Juniors got off to a slow start in the Curtis Drive, they displayed their selling ability by finishing as the highest class in subscription sales. For the Homecoming Festivities Julia Muenich was elected to represent the Junior Class as an attendant. Under the advisorship of Miss Dunn the Juniors published a semi-annual newspaper, "Cardinal Hi- Lites." Julia Muenich and Genevieve Guell did a fine job of editing the paper. The Junior Class Play, a mystery comedy, "A Stranger in the Night," which was staged in April, proved to be very successful. "Stairway to the Stars" was the theme of this year's Junior Prom. After long hours of preparation the scene was finally set for the 1953 Prom, which was held Saturday, April 18. Howard Sturtz fur- nished the music. When the school year ended, the Class of '54 looked back into the past with a feeling of accom- plishment and satisfaction. Page Twenty Marion Andruszkiewicz Adeline Bartosiewicz Dorothy Boardmon Byron Bogumill .loan Borowski l.ouis Burzynski Edward Ciolkosz Marjorie Cook joseph Czernicki William Darge john Depa Darlene Frese Nancy Giwojna Alex Grcndzinski Genevieve Guell Raymond Gutowski Thomas Hirsch Roger Hoffman Donray Izydorek Chester Karpinski Elaine Kodl Florence Kolodziej Oleta Kramioz Darlene Knbera Audrey Langiewicz ,loan Langiewicz Peter Lukasiewicz Harriet Malecki Gertrude lwarek Valencia Nlarek Patricia Maslowski Julia Mnenich Edward Natzke Betty Neiman Harley Nerdrum James Pabich lN'I!fl1Cl'iUC Papierniak lwelores Parks Estelle Pawlak William Pawlak Marylin Plansky Beverly Polansky Doris Reichert Donald Rogalski Marion Sierocuk Farol Slawatyniec John Smigai Arnold Smith Robert Sohol Lucille Soborowyicz . Raymond Stroinski Caroline Szczech Lorraine Tomkowiak Roger Turenne William Urban Donald VanLoo Shirley Vetterkind Donald Zukowski Leonard Zukowski Phyllis Zuralcowski Gene Zaske NOT SHOVVN: John Larson Arnold Zalioirowskl Audrey Rhynier Page Twenty-one Sophomore Class RUTH BOGUMILL, Secretary-Treasiwerg KATHLEEN BADZINSKI, Vice-P1'eside'rLt,' RICHARD ALGER, President. Having completed one year of high school, the Sophomores returned, with new enthusiasm, to con- tinue their formal education. With Miss Dunn as their advisor the Class of '55 elected the following Class Oflicers: Richard Alger, Presidentg Kathleen Badzinski, Vice-Presi- dentg and Ruth Bogumill, Secretary-Treasurer. The first task undertaken by the Sophomores was that of initiating the "Fr-eshies." This first big social event of the year proved to be a huge success. Nine Sophomore boys went out for football. Those receiving letters were Neil Broeren, Robert Benszchawel, Gordie Hanson and John Maier. The Sophomores placed four boys on the Basketball Teams. They were Richard Jarocki, Gordon Hanson, Neil Broeren and Richard Alger. The Sophomore Class went all-out to help make the Curtis Drive such a huge success. Dorothy Badzinski was the high salesman for the school with a total of 3164.25 in subscription sales. Representing the Sophomore Class on the Stu- dent Council, were Neil Broeren and Ronald Schultze. From this they gained much valuable experience on student government. Homecoming Was a big event for the Sophs this year. Joanne Micke was elected a Homecoming At- tendant. Many long hours of hard work and prepara- tion gave the Sophomores a winning float. Richard Alger and Ruth Bogumill were the two Sophomores who had achieved high scholastic honors during the first semester. The Sophomores also placed several students on the Honorable Mention. The Class of '55 was well represented in all extra-curricular activities. Page Twenty-two Richard Alger Dorothy Badzinski Kathleen Badzinski Gertrude Barth Francis Benzschawel Robert Benzschawel Edward Bieno Ruth Bogumill Neil Broeren ,loan Carpenter Louis Carpenter Gordon Czyzewicz Dorothy Deutchlander Roger Deutchlander Bernard Dohrzynski Robert Folczyk Dennis Gostomski Dorothy Grabowski Harold Guyette David Haas Gurdon Hansen john Hazuga Annette Hokkonen justin Jakowicz Richard Jarocki Carl johnson Albert Kacmarcyk Donelda Karnopp Marjorie Kocll Chester Kosilc Leon Kotecki Pauline Kramicz Patricia Kuester Dean Liazuk Nancy Lindquist John Maier Lillian Maziarka Armon Micke Joanne Micke Donald Mikolainis fasmir Pawlicke Lillian Pietrzak , , ,,,,, ' 5 Fhester Prybylski Florence Przybylski farol Reiuke Jude Schmidt Ronald Schultze Alice Sciezor Archie Soborowicz Phillip Soper Theresa Szatalowicz Sonja Szymoniak Mona Tieman Jean Vetterkind Estelle VVargolet James NVinger NOT SHOXVN: Joseph Kostick' George NVelcielc Page Twenty -three Freshman Class JAMES SCHAUER, Pfresidentg JOSEPHINE HMIELAK, Secretary- Treasurerg DAVID GUELL, Vice-Pfresident. It was September 1, 1952, when sixty-five eager looking Freshmen entered the realms of Thorp High School. It wasn't long before they overcame their timidity and took their place among the student body. With Mr. Korpal as their advisor the Freshmen elected the following class officers: Jim Schauer, President, David Guell, Vice-President, and Joseph- ine Hmielak, Secretary-Treasurer. On September 26, the Sophomores administered the annual Freshmen Initiation. With the event, this group of underclassmen became official members of Thorp High. A few weeks later the Freshmen grac- iously honored the Sophs and the upper classmen with a return party. Homecoming Festivities were something new for the Freshmen. The class chose Josephine Hmielak as their attendant to the Homecoming Queen. This year three Freshmen girls were chosen, by the Booster Club, to be Junior Cheerleaders. They were Maxine Turenne, Ruth Smigaj, and Bernice Butterfield. Q The Freshmen elected Diane Zaborowski and Mary Ellen Pabich to represent their class on the Student Council. Three Freshmen boys were part of the football squad. They were Roger Benzschawel, Mike Biser, and David Guell, Jim Schauer, David Guell, Paul Harycki, Roger Benzschawel, Mike Biser, and Bill Harycki took part in basketball. In the Freshmen Declamation Contest, held in March, Ruth Smigaj placed first and had her name engraved on the Freshmen Declamation Trophy. The six students who competed with Ruth were Jo Ann Grucelski, Dorothy Gollhardt, Mary Ellen Pabich, Mike Biser, Lou Ann Kaminski, and David Guell. Scholastically, the Freshmen Class did well. When the first semester ended we saw the names of Darlene Gulcynski and David Guell on the High Honor Roll. Freshmen also took an active part in other extra-curricular activities, such as, Mixed Chorus, Band, Curtis Drive, F.F.A., and F.H.A. Page Twenty-four VVilliam Alger Joseph Bandach Roger Benzschawel Marian Berzinski Clarence Biddle James Biser Michael Bogumill M.arlene Burkhardt Loretta Burzynski Bernice Butterfield Donald Dahm Pauline Depa Leora Dudansky Sylvia Endru Dorothy Gollhardt Rita liostomski Jo Ann Grucelski David Guell Darlene Gulcynski Gerald Haas Paul Haryclci VVilliam Harycki Jacqueline Hedlcr Marian Henke Frank Hilgert Josephine Hmielak Rheta Hoffman Michael Jarocki Phillip Jorgensen Lou Ann Kaminski James Kaz Fred Kenney John Klick Kathryn Klinieek Dorothy Kliminski Theresa Kowalski James Kramer Mildred Kurtinaitis Leon Lato Rosemae Lukasiewicz Patricia Mamyek Lawrence Olejniczak Mary Ellen Pabieh Jon Pitt Louis Platt William Robinson Donald Ryniec James Schauer Luann Schmidt Rex Schmidt Teddy Slawatyniee Ruth Smigaj Robert Smith Mariane Staniec Virginia Swiontel Kenneth Szymoniak Dale Tieman Maxine Turenne Jane Vetterkind Eugene Wilhelm Lucille Winiarczylc Jerome VVnek Jerry VVojt hlary Ann Vvyczawslci Diane Zahoroxvski Page wenty E i r 1. At a Pep meeting . . , 2. Girls' Prom-enading . . . 3. What? A Build! . . . 4. Please, Minnow, Behave!! . . . 5. Holy Cats!!! . . . 6. Mgaking roses at Kathie's . . , 7. Last minute instructions before a game . . . 8. VVorking on the Senior Float . , . 9, On Stage!!! . . . 10. Are you guilty of syn- tactical 1'CClLl11ClEl11CC?? . , . 11. Gab session . . . 12. I wonder what the dog's name is , . . 13. VVhat's the joke? . . . 14. 'fA-A-You sat. on your hat! . . . 15. Playing Bridge! . . . 16. Just for laughs at a pep meeting . . . 17. Packing the clothes . 13. How am I gettmg out of this mess! . .. . 19. "Yes, Don, here are the statistics" . . . 20. Hmm - Looks like itls about my size . . . Zl. "Daisy, answer the telephoneu . . . 22. 'VVl1lsper1ng sweet nothings . . . 23. Mascots of T.H'.S .... 24. Homer in his Glory! . . . 25. Mr. Amundson disecting his pussy cat . . . 26. It's an airplane! Itls Superman! - No, It's "Jerry Lewis" . . . 27. Keep your mind on your work . . , 28. This is how itys done, boys . . . 29. On to another class . . . 30. Out' Bus Drivers. Page Twenty-six 5524 Gy. Ri 1U AND Girls' Prom The annual Girls' Prom, sponsored by the Senior Class, was held February 6, 1953. The auditorium was decorated With stars and blue and White streamers to por- tray the chosen theme, "Stardust" Reigning over the 1953 Girls' Prom, were King, Julia Kaminski and her Queen, Rosann Ebben. Eleanore Sciezor, Marylin Plansky, Kathleen Badzinski, and Dorothy Gollhart were the elected attendants, who made up the royal throne. The Thorp High School Orchestra provided music for this social event. An enjoyable time was had by those who attended. Page Twenty -eight Seated: Irene Zarada, Dorothy Boardman, Rosanne Conway, Genevieve Guell. I Standing: Mr. Wenninger, Joseph Czernicki, Byron Bogumill, Roger Hoffman, Arnold Smith, Roger Turenne, Armistice Day Program To fit the occasion the Speech Class, with Mr. Wenninger as their instructor, prepared and presented an Armistice Day Program. The program centered about a play, "The Great Choice," in which Irene Zarada and Byron Bogumill had leading roles. It brought out the problems of modern society. The American Legion and the Auxiliary were in attendance to take part in the program. They presented the Colors before the program and withdrew them when it was over. An appropriate atmosphere was created by the Thorp High School Band. They played a medley of such songs as, "America," 'tWhen Johnny Comes Marching Home Again," and "The Star Spangled Banner." The solemnity of the program was very effective. Page Twenty-nme l i 4 4 1 N K l 1 First Row: Margie Cook, Nancy Lindquist, Ingrid Lindquist, Rosanne Conway, Genevieve Guell. Second Row: Diane Zaborowski, Theresa Szatalowicz, Dorothy Boardman, Rosann Ebben, Iulia Kaminski, Donelcla Karnopp, Keith Glasshof, V -Dorothy Badzinski, Gene Zaske, Allene Kenney. I Third Row: Judy Glasshof, Mary Ellen Pabich, Ruth Smigaj, Iackie Hedler, Bernice Butterfield, Edward Bieno, Pat Maslowski, Bruce Soli, Luann 1 Schmidt, Arthur Alger, Jim Schauer, Tom Qualle, Richard Alger, Bernadette Cukla, Marylin Plansky, Kathleen Badzinski, Tom Hirsch. Fourth Row: Patricia Kuester, Dorothy Kliminski, Marian Henke, Donray Izydorck, Donald Mikolainis, Donald Nevala, Harold Hallanger, Jerry 1 Olson, Roger Podhola, Rex Schmidt, John Klouda, Patricia Urbas, Delores Parks. Standing: Maxine Turenne, Jean Cook, Gerald Phillips, Byron Bogumill, Michael Boguniill, Gordon Hansen, Julia Muenich, Mr. Lee. Band A band is, no doubt, one of the most active or- ganizations within a school. Our school has been no exception. The Thorp High School 53 piece Band, this year under the direction of Mr. Victor Lee, played an important part in school as well as com- munity affairs. During the course of the year, the band played three concerts, each proved to be most successful. The Band also journeyed to Stanley to play a concert for the student body of that school. Besides having fun - much experience was gained from this road trip. The Band took part in both concert and parade activities at the Music Festival, which was held in Eau Claire, May 2. Many music students took part in the solo and ensemble contest at Eau Claire. Those participating were Tom Qualle, Richard Alger, Donray Izydorek, Pat Urbas, Margie Cook, Genevieve Guell, Allene Kenney, Gene Zaske, Tom Hirsch, Dorothy Badzin- ski, Rex Schmidt, Arthur Alger, Jerry Olson, Eugene Vllilhelm, Jim Schaurer, Marylin Plansky, John Klouda, Rosanne Conway, Ingrid Lindquist, Delores Parks, Julia Muenich, and Susan Harycki. All in all, the school year, as far as the band was concerned, Went very well. MAIORETTES Kitty Kenney, Dorothy Boardman, Margie Cook, Ingrid Lindquist, Maxine Turenne. Page Thirty s Margie Cook Mixed Chorus This vocal group, which consisted of 17. boys and 48 girls, held a high spot in our extra-curricular program. Under the direction of Mr. Lee the chorus sang' between acts of both the Junior and Senior Class Plays. They also took part in the Christmas Concert. The Chorus actively participated in the music festivities held at Eau Claire in the spring. Six vocal solos and ensembles were entered in the contest. First Row: Kathleen Badzinski, Marlene Burkhardt, Dorothy Gollhardt, Betty Neiman, Jackie Hedler, Mary 'Ellen Pahich, Sylvia Cieslek Dorothy Grabowski, Maggie Cook, Diane Zaborowski, Dorothy Kliminski, Ruth Smigaj, Jo Hmielak, Joan Borowsxi, Joan Carpenter, Dorothy Barlzniski Bernice Butter e rl. Second Row: Mr. Lee, Maxine Turenne, Genevieve Lasiuk, Jeanette Butrym, Mildred Kurtinaitis, Beverly Polansky, Theresa Szataulowicz Nancy Lindquist, Lorainne Tomkowiak, Rosanne Conway, lvlarian Henkc, Ruth Bogumill, Patricia Mamayek, Delores Parksa Julia Muenlcll Third Row: Sylvia Endru, Irene Jaskot, Donelda Karnopp, Patricia Maslowski, Wanda Johnson, Joanne QROITIHHOWICZ, tiene Laske, Robert Sobol Roger Turenne, Allene Kenney, Jean Cook, Elaine Kodl, Mariana Staniee, Theresa Kowalski, Darlene lxubera. I Fourth Row: Patricia Urbas, Norbert Teelaw, Tom Qualle, Byron Bogumill, Florian Szatalowicz, Carl Johnson, Jim Schauer, Leonard Burzmski Leonard Znkowski, Jerry Phillips, Richard Teclaw, Michael Bogumill, Gordon Hansen, Jo Ann Grucelski. Page Thirty-one PROM COMMITTEE First Row: Ioan Romanolwicz, Sylvia Cieslek. Second Row: Susan Harycki, Armon Schmidt, Florian Szatalowicz. Third Row: Richard Wlater, Jerry Phillips, Jean Cook, Allene Kenney, Margie Reichert, Tom Qualle, Mr. Gaffney Junior Prom April 26, 1952, was the night of our Junior Prom. The auditorium was approp- riately decorated With rose covered trellises, an artificial moon and a beautiful rock garden, to carry out the theme, "Moonlight and Roses." Leading the Grand March, we saw King Tom Qualle and his Queen, Virginia Kinas. They were attended by Jerry Phillips and Joan Hedler. Russ Nelson provided modern dance music for the event. This social highspot of the year was most successful. Page Thirty-two K, Moonlight Roses And Class of 1953 First Row: Genevieve Lasiuk, Maxine Turenne, Patricia Mamayek, Bernadette Cukla, Julia Kaminski, Ruth Smigaj, Sylvia Cieslek, Kathleen Badzinski, Gertrude Barth, Sonja Szymoniak, Irene Zarada, Dorothy Deutchlander, Marlene Burkhardt, Theresa Szatalowicz, Ruth Bogumill, Betty Neiman, Alice Sciezor, Allene Kenney. Second Row: Dorothy Boardman, Doris Reichert, Mary Ellen Pabich, Lucille Soborowicz, Loretta Burzynski, Theresa Kowalski, Patricia Urbas, Ann Larson, Lorraine Dahm, Darlene Kubera, Dorothy Gollhardt, Ruby Buss, Frances Kinieciak, Luann Schmidt, Kathleen Hazuga, Rita Costoinski. Rheta Hoffman, Kathryn Klimeck, Kathie Papierniak. Third Row: Genevieve Guell, Leora Dudansky, Pat Maslowski, Adeline Bartosiewicz, Lorraine Tomkowiak, Elaine Konll, Joan Langiewicz, Phyllis Zurakowski, Joan Borowski, Virginia Swiontek, Jackie Hedler, Josephine Hmielak, Pauline Dena, Sylvia Endru. Carol Reinke, Annette Hokkonen, Irene Jaskot, Shirley Vetterkind, Mary Ann Wyczaxvski, Dorothy Kliminski, Marian Henke, Jane Vetterlcincl, Darlene Frese, Martha Jane Francis, Dorothy Badzinski, Joanne Micke, Susan Harycki, Estelle Pawlak. Fourth Row: Beverly Polansky. Jean Cook, lileanore Sciezor, Florence Kolodziej, Audrey Langiewicz, Lucille VViniarczyk, Pauline Kramicz, Mar- jorie Kodl, Mariane Staniec, Jean Vetterkind, Estelle Wargolct, Nancy Lindquist, Julia Muenich, Lou Ann Kaminski, Jo Ann Grucelski, Florence Przybylski, Lillian Pietrzak, Oleta Krarnicz, Bernice Butteriield, Pat Kuester, Rosemae Lukasiewicz, Diane Zaborowski, Joanne Romanowicz, Wanda Johnson, Donelcla Karnopp, Dorothy Grahowski, Delores Parks, Miss Alice Dunn. Top Row: Margie Reichert, Rosanne Conway, Rosann Ebben, Margie Cook, Marylin Plansky. Booster Club The Booster Club, under the capable leadership of Miss Dunn, undertook the task of backing the athletic teams, preparing pep meetings, and choosing cheerleaders. The ofl"icers were Rosann Ebben, Presidentg Margie Cook, Vice-Presidentg Betty Neiman, Secretary-Treasurer. Page Thirty - four Bottom Row: Kenneth Szymoniak, Bernard Dobrzynski, Eugene Wilhelm, Louis Platt, Joseph Bandach, Francis Benzschawel, Richard Alger. Second Royvt Alex Grendzinski, John Klick, Dale Tieman, Gerald Haas, Roger Olejniczali, Edward Natzke, Jerry VVOjt, DOHHM Mikolainis. Armon Micke, Archie Soborowicz. Third Row: Joe Kostick, Justin Jakowicz, James Kaz, Casmir Pawlicke, James Kramer, Robert Lewandowski, Edmund Grendzinski, Chester Kosik. Donald Ryniec, Ronald Schultze, Clarence Biddle, Leon Lato, Mr. Swanson. Q 1 , Top Row: Joe Siegienski, Donald Rogalski, VVilliam Darge, Louis Burzynski, John Maier, Robert Butterheld, Chester Przybylski, Joe Czerniclci, Leonard Zukovvski, Donald Zukowski, Frank Hilgert, Harold Guyette. F. F. A. The Future Farmers of America is an organiza- tion for boys studying vocational agriculture. The chief purpose of the F.F.A. is to promote better and more enicient farming. With Mr. Swanson as their instructor and guide, the Thorp Chapter of the F.F.A. has been especially active: last year winning a National Championship. Officers for the year were Justin Jakowicz, Presidentg Ronald Schultze, Vice-Presidentg Richard Alger, Secretary, Joe Siegienski, Treasurer, Ches- ter Przybylski, Reporter 3 and Robert Butterfield, Sentinel. F. H. A. t'ToWards New Horizonsu - With this as our motto We strived to better understand the importance of the home and family. U During the course of the year we witnessed a demonstration by Mrs. Carrol of the Northern States Power Company, attended an F.H.A. rally in Stanley, and competed in a Demonstration Contest held in the spring. U I Officers for the year were Sylvia Cieslek, Presi- dent, Joan Romanowicz, Vice-Presidentg Wanda Johnson, Treasurerg Genevieve Lasiuk, Historiang and Kathleen Badzinski, Parliamentarian. First Row: Maxine Turenne, Patricia Mamayek, Genevieve Lasiuk, Kathleen Baclzinski, Joan Rornanowicz, Sylvia Cieslek, Wanfla Johnson, Julia Muenich, Nancy Lindquist, Dorothy Deutchlander, Marlene Burkhardt, Joanne Micke. Second Row: Loretta Burzynski, Theresa Kowalski, Patricia Urbas, Ann Larson, Lorraine Dahm, Darlene Kubera, Dorothy Gollhardt, Ruby Buss, Frances Kmieciak, Luann Schmidt, Kathleen Hazuga, Rita Gostomski, Rheta Hoffman, Kathryn Khmeck. Y Third Row: Jackie Hccller, Josephine Hmielak, Pauline Depa. Sylvia Endru, Margie Reichert, Carol Remke,-Annette ljlokkonen, Irene Jaskot, Shirley Vetterkind, Mary Ann Wyczawski, Dorothy Klimiuski, Marian Henke, Ruth Boguinill, Jane Yetterkmd, lllartlia Jane Francis, Dorothy Badzinski, llirs. Kloiuda. I I , Top Row: Mildred Kurtinaitis, Lucille Viliniarczyk, Pauline Kramicz, Marjorie Kodl, Mariane Staniec Jean Vetterknid, Estelle War- golet, Harriet Malecki, Lou Ann Kaminski,- Jo Ann Goucelski, Florence Przybylslci, Lillian Pietrzak, Oleta Krarnicz, Darlene Frese, Bernice Butterheld, Patricia Kuestcr, Rosemae Lukasiewicz. Page Thirty - live Seated: Irene Zarada, hlrs. Swanson, Julia Kaminski, Bernadette Cukla, Rosanne Conway, Eleanore Sciezor. I Standing: Sylvia Cieslek, Genevieve Lasiuk, Kathleen Hazuga, Leonard Burzynski, Florian Szatalowicz Donald Nevala. Patricia Urbas, Joanne Romanowicz. Not Shown: Wanda Johnson Cut O' The Pines 'AThe Out O' The Pines," a weekly column of high school news published in the t'Thorp Courier," was again undertaken by the Senior Class this year. The purpose of this column was to give the public a slight glimpse of what was going on within the walls of Thorp High School. Bernadette Cukla was chosen as Editor of the "Out O' The Pines." Assistant Editors were Julia Kaminski, Patricia Urbas, and Rosanne Conway. Doing the sports writing were Florian Szatalowicz and James Haas. Wanda Johnson, Donald Nevala, Genevieve Lasiuk, and Ann Larson served as News Editors. Irene Zarada and Sylvia Cieslek wrote up senior biographies. Providing humor for the column were Joan Romanowicz, Eleanore Sciezor, Kathleen Hazuga and Leonard Burzynski. The staff was capably advised by Mrs. Swanson. Cardinal Hi-Lilies Following tradition, the Junior Class again published a school newspaperg this year under the title, "Cardinal Hi-Lites." The paper, which con- tained news of interest for both students and fac- ulty, was published semi-annually. Cardinal Hi-Lites was very ably edited by Julia Muenich and Genevieve Guell. With Miss Dunn as their guide the Juniors enjoyed publishing this school newspaper, Also, they gained much skill and experience in the field of journalism. Genevieve Guell and Julia Muenich Page Thirty-six First Royvi Bernadette Cukla, Gene Zaske, Arnold Smith, Byron Bogumill. Allene Kenney. I I Second ltow. .Rosanne Conway, Dorothy Boardman, Marylin Plansky, Julia Kaminski, Patricia Mzxslowslci, Genevieve Guell, Margie Reichert. Third Rovy: 'Adeline Bartosiewicz, Norbert Teclaw, Sonja Szymoniak, Kathie Papiernialc, Rosann Ehhen, Annette Hokkonen Patricia Urbas. Irene Zarada, Dorothy Deutchlancler, Mr. Wenninger. Fourth Row: Richard VV1ater, Florian Szatalowicz, Roger Turenne, Richard Teclaw. Forensics With the addition of the speech department the Held of Forensics has been an ever-growing one at Thorp High School. This year, under the able coaching of Mr. Wenninger, ten students journeyed to Eau Claire to take part in the District Forensic Contest. Eight of the ten students received ups, which made them eligible to take part in the finals. Norbert Teclaw and Julia Kaminski brought honors to our school by becoming State winners. Ruth Smigaj, Lou Ann Kaminski, Dorothy Gollhnrdt, David Guell, Mary Ellen Pabich, ,lim Biser, jo Ann Hrueelski. Freshmen Declamation Winners Under the supervision of Mrs. Swanson the Freshmen Declamation Contest was held in March. Seven students Won in the class elimination and said their declams on the stage to the student body. They were Mike Biser, Lou Ann Kaminski, Dorothy Gollhardt, Jo Ann Grucelski, Ruth Smigaj, Mary Ellen Pabich, and David Guell. ln the finals Ruth Smigraj placed first, having her name engraved on the trophy, Jo Ann Grucelski, second, and Dorothy Gollhardt and Mary Ellen Pabich tied for third. Page Thirty-seven CURTIS TROPHY Curtis Drive This year, once again, the Curtis Drive proved to be a huge success. We surpassed our quota of 32500, ending up with a grand total of S2,941.61. As in previous years the Freshmen and Juniors com- peted against the Seniors and Sophomores. When the drive Was over, We found that the Freshmen-Junior team was the victor with a total of' 351,398.04 The Sophomore- Senior team had 351,315.34 The Juniors finished in first place among the classes. This made them the Winners of 6B50.00. Top salesman honors went to Dorothy Badzinski, this year. Dorothy's sales amounted to 213164.25 This record will definitely stand as a challenge to future students. Justin Jakowicz was the lucky Winner of the Bulova Wrist Watch in the drawing. There was also a drawing' for an individual salesmanship trophy. All top salesmen who had sold S30 or more were eligible to compete in this event. Marylin Plansky became the possessor of the trophy. Much of the success of this year's Curtis Drive should be credited to the two secretaries, Allene Kenney and Sylvia Cieslek, who so ably handled the entire affair. First Row: Fred Kenney, Marlene Burkhardt, Richard Alger. Second Row: Patricia Kuester, Allene Kenney, Sylvia Cieslek, Susan Harycki. Third Row: Bernadette Culcla, Arnold Smith, Genevieve Guell, Josephine Hmielak, Norbert Teclmv, Nancy Giwojna. Not Shown: Riclmrfl Jarocki Page Thirty -eight "Too Sweet On April 3, 1952, the Class of 1953 presented a three-act comedy entitled "Too Sweet For Sixteen." The plot and characters were as follows: Judy, CMarg1e Reichertj who was sixteen and a half, would have moved heaven and earth to get her own way. When she and her friends Midge fRosann Ebbenj and Lila fSylvia Cieslekj were invited fconditionallyj to the college fraternity costume dance, action started. They stole a man's suit from Judy's "steady," Shrimp, fRichie Teclawj while he was stuck in the window, got rid of Judy's parents in order to borrow the furni- ture for the dance fone of the conditions! and scared and upset the whole family. For Sixteen" Seated: Margie Reichert Sylvia Cieslek Richard Tc-:claw Donald Nevala Eleanore Sciezor Standing: Miss Dunn Irene Zarada julia Kan-iinski Florian Szatalowicz Joanne Romanowicz Rosann Ebben Norbert Teclnw Seated: Patricia Urhzis Armon Schmidt Ann Larson Standing: Kathleen Hazuga Martha jane Francis Bernadette Cnkla Finally, father, fNorbert Teclawj who had three daughters, and a baby contest on his hands, had a talk with Judy. Shrimp came in for his share of repay- ment also. Older sister, Susie, CJulia Kaminskij had boy trouble and when she was in danger of losing Zack, fDon Nevalaj another boy entered the picture. This caused Zack to boil over with jealousyg but in the end Susie got the right man and sister Bessie Uoanne Romanowicz, found a whirl wind romance of her own. The play, with Miss Dunn directing it, was Very successful. It provided the audience with entertainment as well as relaxation. Page Thirty-nine "If You Knew Susie," a three-act comedy was staged November 6. Margie Reichert as Susie got entangled into one hopeless web after another, only to be saved by a kind fate, and her mysterious Aunt Sally's surprise. Allene Kenney as Daisy, a dumb but helpful maid, set the crowd roaring with her stupid remarks. Under the direction of Mrs. Swanson the play proved to be a huge success. The audience, which was the largest ever to witness a class play in the history of Thorp High School, thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Page Forty "lf You Knew Susie" SENIOR CLASS PLAY CAST First Row: Bernadette Cukla Allene Kenney Second Row: Norbert Teclaw Rosann Ebben Margie Reichert Richard Teclaw . Florian Szatalowicz Third Row: Richard Wiater Rosanne Conway Julia Kaminski Irene Zarada Sylvia Cieslek Mrs. Swanson SENIOR CLASS PLAY PRODUCTION STAFF First Row: Ruby Buss Kathleen Hazuga Susan Harycki Eleanore Soiezor Second Row: jean Cook Pat Urhas Armon Schmidt Ann Larson Lorraine Dahm Third Row: Robert Martens Wanda Johnson Jerry Phillips Tom Qualle Richard Vanderhyden ,Ioan Romanowicz Donald Nevala Seated: Arnold Zaborowski, Julia Kaminski, Tom Qualle, Allene Kenney, Mary Ellen Pabich. Standing: Neil Broeren, Diane Zaborowski, Patricia Maslowski, Ronald Schultze, Mr. Gaffney. Student Council Now in its third year, the Student Council of Thorp High School has become a very active working body. Officers of the nine-member council were Tom Qualle, Presi- dent, Allene Kenney, Vice-President, and Julia Kaminski, Secretary. Other members were Diane Zaborowski, Mary Ellen Pabich, Neil Broeren, Ronald Schultz, Pat Maslow- ski, and Arnold Zaborowski. Mr. Gaffney ably served as faculty advisor. Allene Kenney, Tom Qualle, Neil Broeren, and Pat Maslowski were delegates to the State Student Council Convention held in Eau Claire, October 18 and 19. Here such things were discussed as, "problems Within small schools," "Vandalism," and Hstudent cooperation." Allene Kenney also attended the National Student Council Convention last summer in Evanston, Illinois. She was chosen on her leadership ability and her past experience with Student Council Work. Allene returned with many new ideas and suggestions for our council. Nineteen-fifty-two being an election year, the council emphasized one's voting duty to his government. They sponsored an Election Poster Contest, in which many students took part. In a mock election held November 4, it was found that the majority of the high school students voted Republican. i A constitution for the Student Council was a project successfully completed this year. The major project undertaken by the council this year was that of.writing a handbook for high school students. Upon its completion this book contained much information that will be of use to the students, especially freshmen. Page Forty-one 1952 W P, ' Homecoming l l- l f ii l l K. First Row: Lucille Soborowicz, Doris Reichert, Eleanore Sciezor, Susan Harycki, Bernadette Cukla, Sylvia Cieslik, Darlene Kubera, Betty Neiman, Miss Dunn. Second Row: Caroline Szczech, Joanne Micke, Valencia Marek, Joan Borowski, Adeline Bartosiewicz, Annette Hokkonen, Nancy Lind- quist, Lorraine Tomkowiak, Margie Reichert, Genevieve Lasiuk. Third Row: Rosanne Conway, Gertrude Marek, Martha Jane Francis, Darlene Frese, Kathleen Hazuga, Harriet Malecki, Irene Zarada, Ruby Buss, Julia Kaminski, Joan Carpenter. Assistant Librarians This year the Assistant Librarians took the place of, what had formerly been, the Library Club. These girls, under the guidance of Miss Dunn, offer their services one period of the day to work in the Libra1'y. Besides being a help to their fellow I students they also gain valuable experience for themselves. The Student Librarians assist in the cataloging and accessioning' of books and I posting magazines and newspapers. With the aid of these students the High School . Library has been quite efiicient. 3 i 1 l l l l l l l l Page Forty-four I II IETICS V First Row: Donray Izydorek, Gene Zaske. Harley Nerdrum, Byron Bogumill, Leonard Zukowski, Jerry Phillips, Edward Ciolkosz, John Maier, Roger Turenne, James Haas. Jack Dallas. Second Row: Coach Amundson, Donald Dobrzynski, Roger Hoffman, Gordon Hansen, Robert Benzschawel, Neil Broeren, Francis Grabon, Tom Qualle, Richard Jaroeki, Edward Haas, Coach Haldy, Myron Haldy. Top Row: Louis Carpenter, Robert Badzinski, James Biser, Carl johnson, Roger Benzschawel, Donald ?ukowski, Arnold Zaborowski, Robert Folczyk, David Guell, Justin Jakowicz, Arnold Smith, Bill , orgensen. Page Forty-six Top Picture - STARTING LINEUP Backlield: Gene Zaske, James Haas, Captain Gerald Phillips, Tom Qualle. Line: Roger Turenne, jack Dallas, Leonard Zukowski, Edward Ciolkosz, Donray Izyilorek, Byron Bogumill, Harley Nerdrum. Bottom Picture f SENIORS First Row: Donald Dobrzynski, Jack Dallas, Francis Grabon. Richard Vanderhyden. Second Row: Captain Gerald Phillips, Edward Haas, James Haas, Tom Qualle. Page Forty-seven HOMECOMING GAME Football Under the direction of Coach I-Ialdy, who has proved himself to be one of the outstanding football coaches in Northern Wisconsin, the Thorp Cards began pre-season football practice on August 18. Though the number of candidates to report was small, the boys were willing to work and make sacrifices necessary for a winning team. For three weeks they practiced, doing tiresome calisthenics and drills with spirit and determination. This hard work in the summer was soon to prove its worth in the coming season. Sparked by the outstanding efforts of our Captain, Jake Phillips, we became the first team in the history of Thorp High School to come through a football season undefeated and untied. During this spectacular season, which was high- lighted by a 26 to 0 win over our arch-rival, Stanley, Thorp had the honor of placing two players on the All-State Honor Rolls. Nearly every week the name of Jake Phillips could be found on this list of star performers in the State. Harley Nerdrum, next years captain, also received mention on the list of Honor winners. -' At the end of the season Phillips was placed on the "Eau Claire Leader's" "All-Northwest" grid team. Harley Nerdruni and Tom Qualle also received mention. SEPTEMBER 12 - In our first game of the 1952 season we journeyed to Osseo where we started out our season with a 19 to 6 win over a strong Osseo team. The first touchdown of the season was scored when Gus Haas, Thorp's outstanding fullback, crack- ed over in the first few minutes of play. Phillips converted to make the score 7-0. Qualle got a TD in the second period and Phillips added a clincher in the third. SEPTEMBER 18 - Entering conference play at Cornell, the Thorpmen rolled up an impressive 27 to 7 win. Thorp marched for a score the first time they got their hands on the ball with Tom Qualle going the last 20 yards into paydirt. Jake Phillips gave the fans a thrill they will never forget when he broke loose on a quarterback sneak and raced 60 yards for a touchdown. Phillips and Qualle each added another marker and Phillips kicked three out of four conversions. SEPTEMBER 25 - In the first game on our home field the now red-hot Cards downed a stubborn Inde- pendence team 28 to 6. Jake Phillips had another spectacular night as he scored one touchdown and kicked all four extra points. Gus Haas gave the fans something to cheer about when he carried half the Independence team over the goal line from 25 yards out. Tom Qualle broke loose on a 45 yard scoring jaunt and later he passed to end Harley Nerdrum for another TD. N erdrum's touchdown came on the play called H27 running pass," which became a stand- ard in the games to come. OCTOBER 2 - Disaster for Owen! With Jake Phillips and Tom Qualle setting the pace and a mar- velous line doing a clean up job up front, Thorp sent Owen home with a 51 to 0 defeat. Phillips start- ed the whole thing out when he made a beautiful 80 yard touchdown return of the opening kickoff. Jake scored twice more on runs of 11 and 53 yards, and kicked three extra points. Qualle also scored three times on runs of 3, 10, and ci14fyards anddflipiqnid a scoring pass to Ner rum goo or 45 yar s. e game was highlighted in the final quarter when Len Zukowski burst through center for a 45 yard touch- down run and became "Mr, Touchdown." OCTOBER 10 - Thorp beats Gilman 1 to 0. fforfeitj Page Forty-eight Football OCTOBER 16 - Cadott, displaying a fine brand of football, came as close as anybody could to the Rampaging Redmen as they bowed 21 to 6. Thorp scored the first time they had the ball, marching from our own 43 to the Cadott 2 where big Gus Haas powered over. Phillips converted to make it 7-0. Taking to the air for the second touchdown, Phillips passed to Turenne from twelve yards out and Rog stepped into the end zone. Passing again, Phillips hit Qualle on a play covering 45 yards and scoring. Phillips converted both times to make it 21. OCTOBER 23 - STANLEY! Thorp journeyed to Stanley in one of the most publicized games in the State. Both teams were unbeaten and both teams boasted speedy backfields and stalwart lines. Stanley received and after an exchange of punts which put the Orioles deep in our territory the stubborn Thorp line began to hold. Then Harley Nerdrum saved the day for the Cards when he recovered a Stanley fumble on our 5 yard line. With Qualle and Phillips throwing, Thorp marched in the second period for a score. Qualle went six yards around end to the 2 and cracked over on the next play making it six to nothing. Near the end of the half Phillips made a beautiful interception of a Stanley pass and re- turned it 39 yards to the Stanley 21, but Stanley held at that point. Both teams were scoreless in the third quarter but in the final period Thorp began to roll. With Phillips sparking a touchdown drive Thorp scored on Gene Zaske's pass to Harley Nerdrum. Zaske scored on a short buck over center and the final counter came on a pass from Qualle to Zaske in the end zone. The Thorp line played the best game of the season against Stanley. To try to name the wonderful plays exhibited by our linemen would iill ten pages. OCTOBER 31 - Homecoming Day 1952! The un- defeated Cards made it a perfect season before a large homecoming crowd by trouncing Neillsville 52 to 0. It was a perfect afternoon for football and Thorp proved it by displaying some of the best foot- ball seen around here as far back as anyone can remember. "Homer" Vanderhyden blocked a punt early in the game and on the first Thorp play from scrimmage Tom Qualle raced 17 yards and scored. The rout was on! In the course of the game Phillips and Qualle scored and passed for touchdowns almost at will. Tom scored four touchdowns and Jake three and they each passed for two more. The last score came when Qualle, appearing to be trapped, raced back the way he had come and iiipped to Gordie Hansen in the end zone. The rugged Thorp line, with Jack Dallas doing a terrific job at backer-up, held Neillsville without a first down and a minus seven yards rushing. Congratulations to Coach Haldy and the boys on a job well done and a host of records for Thorp teams to shoot at in the future. CLOVERBELT CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBALL TROPHY Page Forty-nine ' DONALD RUBISCH Rubisch Memorial Trophy In the memory of Don Rubisch, Stewart North has dedicated a beautiful trophy to be placed in our trophy case. Mr. North was Grundy's coach all through high school, and through his diligent coach- ing, Grundy developed into an expert center. This trophy will remain in our trophy case and each year the team's "Most Improved Player" will have his name engraved on it. The player will be selected by a vote of his teammates, his coaches, and two prom- inent business men. This year Harley Nerdrum was chosen to have his name engraved on the memorial. We Wish to thank Mr. North for this trophy. We hope that in years to come it will inspire boys to work harder in basketball. Dedication We, the class of 1953, proudly dedicate the basketball section of this "Seniorian" to the late Donald "Grundy" Rubisch. Grundy, as he was known to all his friends and classmates, was probably the greatest basketball player ever to wear the colors of Thorp High School. His individual scoring records for Thorp will probably stand for many years to come. He was a Wonderful Captain and he led the basketball team of '51-52 to an Eastern Division Cloverbelt title and on to the finals of the Spooner Sectional, where Thorp was beaten by a powerful Superior squad. Grundy was a good student and was liked by all who associated with him. It was a cruel fate that took his life in an auto accident in early November of 1952. Had he lived, Grundy would have carried the name of our school to even greater heights, as he was planning to enter college at the time of his death. His jersey number, "25," has been retired and placed in the trophy case, never again to be worn by a Thorp basketball player. Page Fifty First Row: Donray Izydorek, Robert Melrtenqs, To-m Qualle, Bill Urban, Jerry Phillips, Harley Nerdrum, Roger Turenne. Second Row: Coach Haldy, Robert Badzlnski, Edward Ciolkosz, Arnold Zaborowski, Gordon Hansen, Richard Alger, Jack Dallas. Basketball '52-53 Turning in their cleats for gym shoes and their pads for trunks and jerseys, the Cards began to pre- pare for their 52-53 basketball season. With Captain Jake Phillips, Tom Qualle, Bob Mertens, and Roger Turenne returning letter winners to form a nucleus, Coach Haldy began to form a winning combination. Big Bill Urban filled in well at center and Harley Nerdrum rapidly improved to fill a forward post. "Butch" Izydorek and "Pee Wee" Badzinski proved to be able reserves as the season progressed. After a heart breaking loss to Chetek the Cards began to find themselves and displayed a line brand of basketball throughout the season. Winning all their Eastern Cloverbelt games, the Cardinal Clad Warriors went on to beat Fall Creek and take home their fifth Cloverbelt trophy in the last six years. In their bid for State honors the Thorp Cardin- als reached the Sectional Tournament for the second Basketball Nov. 21 - CHETEK AT THORP - The Cards got a bad start to their 52-53 season when they lost a heart breaker to Chetek 42 to 41. The score was 23 all at half' but a Chetek rally in the third quarter was enough to stop Thorp. Phillips paced the Cards with 13 points. NOV. 25 - THORP AT LOYAL - After losing their first game of the season the Cards came back to beat an out-classed Loyal team. Hitting the nets for a 15 to 4 first quarter lead, the Cards were never threatened, as the reserves played most of the second half and went on to win 62 to 27. Tom Qualle paced the winners with 27 points. straight year - only to lose out to a strong Eau Claire ball club, which went on to take State con- solation honors. The Cards have nothing to be ashamed of, as their season ended with an impressive 19 and 8 record. Leading his teammates to the Cloverbelt and District titles, Captain Jake Phillips scored 428 points for a 15.9 average. He was followed by Tom Qualle with 416 for 15.4 average and Bill Urban with 354 and a 13.1 average. We say congratulations to Coaches Haldy and Amundson for a job well done and congratulations to the boys who worked so hard to give Thorp another great team in a long line of Champions. Many records were set by this team and the boys who played on it. It is our hope that the teams of the future will continue to play the kind of bas- ketball that this team made famous. Schedule DEC. 2 - THORP AT AL'rooNA-Coach Haldy's pray- er for a smooth working center seemed to be answered as Bill Urban, Junior pivotman, hit the nets for 22 points as the Thorp boys came through with a 76 to 51 victory over Altoona. Some fine passing by Captain Jake Phillips and 18 points by Tom Qualle helped win. DEC. 5 - OWEN AT THORP - Opening their Clover- belt Conference Season, the Cardinals kept up their winning way with a 74 to 41 win over Owen. Scoring in the 70's for the second game in a row, the Thorpmen showed that they were a team to watch in the games to come. Urban came through again to lead the scorers with 26 points. Page Fifty-one Basketball Schedule DEC. 9 - CADOTT AT THORP - Hitting 24 points in a big second period, Thorp stopped a determined Cadott team 69-57. Phillips hit 21 and Mertens came through with 16 to give the Cards their fourth straight win. DEC. 16 - STANLEY AT THOEP - In the first game against their traditional rivals from Stanley, the Cardinals nudged the Orioles 66 to 49. Phillips with 22 and Qualle with 21 led Thorp into an Eastern Clover- belt lead. DEC. 30 - STRATFORD AT THoRP - An unbeaten Stratford quintet, rated No. 1 in the t'Little Sixteen" gave the Cardinals their second setback of the season. Tom Qualle's 24 points was not enough as Stratford pulled out a 65-63 victory. JAN. 6 - NEILLSVILLE AT THORP - A 23 point first half by Jake Phillips was more than enough as Thorp got back on the winning road, whipping Neillsville 69- 37. Phillips led the scorers with 24 points. JAN. 9 - THORP AT COLFAX - Holding a highly rated Colfax team in check for three quarters, the Cardinals fell apart in the fourth period and lost 64 to 49. Leo Pecore couldn't be stopped and Tho1'p lost their third game in nine starts. JAN. 13 - WITHEE AT THORP - Thorp proved too much for a small Withee team, as they sent them home smarting under a 68-36 defeat. Phillips' 20 and Ner- drum's 12 led the scorers. JAN. 15'- THORP AT STANLEY - The Thorp jinx worked again, as Thorp had little trouble downing Stanley on the latters court 70 to 58. Nerdrum paced the scorers with 17 points while Urban and Phillips added 15 apiece. This made about the seventh straight year that Thorp has won over Stanley without a defeat. JAN. 20 - ALTOONA AT THORP - Thorp's two for- wards paced the Cardinals in a non-conference win over Altoona. Harley Nerdrum and Tom Qualle hit 18 and 16 points respectively as Thorp toppled Altoona 58-42. JAN. 22 - THORP AT NEILLSVILLE - Running up 81 points in a wild scoring game, the Cards walloped a listless Neillsville quintet. Qualle led the Cardinals to an 81-49 victory by dropping in 30 points. JAN. 27 - THORP AT OWEN - The Cards wrapped up their seventh straight Eastern Division Champion- ship by rolling over Owen 61 to 30. Owen was unable to penetrate the Thorp defense and Thorp's offense was supplied by Jake Phillips as he hit a cool 24 points. JAN. 30 - THCRP AT WITIIEE - Jake Phillips fired in 33 points as Thorp ended their Eastern Cloverbelt season unbeaten. Withee was no match for the high scoring Cards as Thorp hit 82 to Withee's 59. FEB. 2 - THORP AT BLOOMER - Giving a tough Bloomer outfit a battle all the way, the Cards bowed to the Blackhawks 54-46. With the whole team shooting an unbelievably low percentage, the Cardinals failed in an attempt to rally late in the ball game. High scorers for Thorp were Urban, Phillips, and Qualle, with 11, 10, and 9 respectively. First Row: Coach Amunclson, Richard Alger, Gene Zaske, Jim Schauer, Arnold Zaborowski, Edward Ciolkosz, Tom Hirsch, Gordon Hansen. Second Row: David Guell, Mike Biser, Donald Zukowski, Leonard Zukowski, Neil Broeren, Roger Hoffman, Rex Schmidt, Bill Harycki. Not Shown: Richard Jnrocki IIB!! The 1952-53 "B" Squad, under the fine coaching of Mr. Amundson, came through the season with an ex- cellent record - winning eighteen games while losing three. The boys who made up this years squad were Ed "Squirrel" Ciolkosz, who was third in the team scoring with 116 points, Dick Jarocki, second in scoring with 160 points, Gordie Hansen, who paced the team in total Squad scoring with 170 points, Arnie Zaborowski, Tom Hirsch, Rich Alger, Dave Guell, Jim Schauer, Rog Hoffman, Mike Biser, Gene Zaske, Don Zukowski, Len Zukowski, Bill Harycki, and Neil Broeren. Thorp's basketball fu- ture looks rosy as the "B" Squad won all of their games against Cloverbelt competition. The team lost only to teams from Bloomer, Black River Falls, and Colfax. Basketball Schedule FEB. 3 - LOYAL AT THOBP - Thorp broke the school scoring record with an 87-30 win over Loyal. Loyal tried a stalling ofense but the Card press made short work of it. Qualle hit 25 and Urban 20 in a wild scoring affair. FEB. 10 - THORP AT CADOTT - An upset-minded Cadott ball club gave the Cardinals an unexpected de- feat as Thorp took it's fifth loss in nineteen games 69 to 66. Urban was the only player able to hit for Thorp as he dropped in 24 points. . FEB. 17 - BLACK RIVER AT THORP - Disaster struck in the form of a burning hot Black River Falls ball club as Thorp was snowed under by a score of 91 to 64. Black River Falls hit a .516 shooting percentage in their win over Thorp. High scorers for the Cards were Urban with 20, Qualle with 18, and Phillips with 16. FEB. 21 - THORP vs FALL CREEK CChampionshipJ - The Cards won their fifth Cloverbelt Championship in the last six years by downing Fall Creek, the Western Division Champs, by a score of 60 to 46. Harley Ner- drum was the leading scorer for Thorp, coming through with 15 points while Urban hit 14. Phillips and Qualle scored 12 each. FEB. 25 - THORP vs WITHEE-Tournament Time!! Playing in their first District Tournament in a long time, the Cards opened their bid for State honors by humbling Withee the third time this season 70 to 54. Phillips was the big gun for Thorp, hitting 21 points. Urban and Nerdrum followed with 17 Kz 16 respectively. 1 FEDB. 26'- THORP AT GREENWCOD - Hitting 20 points in a.b1g second quarter the rampaging Cardinals fought their way into the District finals by whipping Page Fifty Greenwood 67 to 51. Thorp's defense held Greenwood to 4 points in the third stanza as the Cards poured in 18 more. Qualle and Urban took the scoring honors with 17 and 18 points respectively. FEB. 29 - THORP AT CORNELL - Trailing most of the game Thorp took over the lead in the last minute and copped their first District title by edging a deter- mined Cornell five 51 to 49. Cornell held a 49-47 lead with a minute to go when Tom Qualle hit on a jump shot to knot the score. Qualle was then fouled twice and made good both free throws to give Thorp a hard fought victory. Urban and Qualle had 11 points each while Mertens and Phillips both hit 10. Phillips' great rebounding and Merten's hitting in the clutches were deciding factors in the Thorp win. MAR. 6 - THORP vs OssEo - Playing for the right to enter the Sectional, Thorp overcame an Osseo height advantage and pulled out a 64-60 win. Pacing the Cards in their last win of the year were Jake Phillips and Bill Urban with 20 and 19 points. MAR. 13 - THORP vs EAU CLAIRE-Friday the 13Lh proved to be an unlucky day for the Cards as they lost to a hot shooting ball club from Eau Claire. The boys played their hearts out, but Eau Claire's class was too much for them and the Old Abes pulled out a 59-47 victory. Qualle and Urban took scoring honors for Thorp with 18 and 17 points respectively. MAR. 14 - THORP vs COCHRANE - Playing for con- solation in the Menomonie Sectional Thorp blew a four- teen point lead in the last quarter and lost to a sizzling hot Cochrane team 75 to 73. In the last game for four seniors Tom Qualle poured in 22 points to take scoring honors. Urban followed with 14 and Phillips added 13 in a heart-breaking loss. -three Page Fifty-four Rosann Ebben, Rosanne Conway, Margie Cook, Marylin Plansky, Margie Reichert. Cheerleaders "We're backing the Cardinals 100W !" When you hear this yell, you know it can be none other than the snappy Thorp Cheerleaders trying to get up some pep and school spirit to back their team on to victory. They have added that little extra that some- times meant the difference between victory and defeat. The Cheerleaders on the '52-53 squad are Rosanne Conway, Rosann Ebben, and Margie Reichert, who are graduating, and Margie Cook and Marylin Plansky, who will be returning next year. Besides the A-Team Cheerleaders, there are the B-Team Cheerleaders who have backed the B-Team to a very victorious season. They include Bernice Butterfield, Betty Neiman, Ruth Smigaj, and Maxine Turenne. Three of these will take the place of this year's Seniors. Bernice Butterfield, Betty Neiman, Ruth Smigaj, Maxine Turenne. Page Fifty-live Noon Day Basketball 1 5 11 12 15 18 19 22 25 26 30 2 3 8 9-11 16 17 18 21 22 23 24 27 28 31 3 4 6 10 12 20 24 25 27-28 2 5 7 9 10 15 16 18 19 20 23 27 30 School Calendar - SEPTEMBER - School Begins Thorp at Withee Seniors have pictures taken at Medford - Mr. Hagen takes pictures of underclassmen. Thorp at Osseo Pat Sennett entertained us on the Marimba Thorp at Cornell Twirp Dance sponsored by the Juniors Mr. Jones brings us another lyceum Independence here Freshmen Initiation Clark County Education Association at Greenwood - OCTOBER - Owen here - Lion's Buifet Lunch Rural Day Student body entertained by Bertelle's Birds Teachers' Convention Cadott here Freshmen Return Party Forensic Meet - Eau Cla.ire Homemakers group Mass meeting - Ag judging at Owen Thorp at Stanley - Scotch Trio F.H.A. Dance Boy Scouts Evening Bond Election N Neillsville here - Homecoming - NOVEMBER - Junior Red Cross Mr. Doyle takes group pictures Senior Class Play Northern States Demonstration Mr. Roberts - Rings and Invitations Air Observation Meeting Lone Eagle Lyceum Thorp at Loyal Thanksgiving Recess - DECEMBER - Thorp at Altoona Owen at Thorp Band Concert Cadott here Roy Meyer Lyceum Faculty Tea Stanley here Grade Operetta Holiday recess begins - Alumni here Mixed Chorus Party Christmas Ball Alumni fvsj Marshfield Stratford fvsl Thorp 5 6 9 13 15 20 22 27 30 1 2 3 4 6 10 14 17 20 21 25 1 6 13-14 14 17 21 22 25 27 28 2 7 8 9 11 18 23 2 6 14 18 19 22 Page Fifty-seven - JANUARY - School resumes Neillsville here Thorp at Colfax Withee here Thorp at Stanley Altoona here Thorp at Neillsville Thorp at Owen Thorp at Withee - FEBRUARY - Band Mothers' Card Party Thorp at Bloomer Loyal here Canine Lyceum Girls' Prom Thorp at Cadott - Stanley Band Concert Curtis high salesmen see Lakers Black River Falls here Cloverbelt Play-offs Saturday school Thorp at Greenwood - MARCH - Band Concert Osseo at Greenwood Menomonie Sectional League Forensic Contest at Neillsville Freshmen Forensic Contest District Forensic Contest at Eau Claire Solo Ensemble Recital Band Plays Concert at Stanley Solo Ensemble Contest at Eau Claire Lions' Club Fun Nite - APRIL - School closes at noon for Easter Vacation School Resumes Cloverbelt Athletic Banquet Lions' Banquet State Forensic Contest Junior Prom Junior Class Play - M:AY - Music Festival at Eau Claire Rural Visiting Day All-School Exhibit Class Day Commencement School out for the Summer New Addition When the 1953-54 school year opens in September, we will see the students of Thorp High School working in an entirely new atmosphere. For the past several years our high school has been overcrowded and, to a certain extent, inadequately furnished. This problem will be remedied by a new addition and a complete remodeling job, which is planned to be finished by the second week in September. A new domestic science room will be added on the ground, or first floor. A completely furnished cafeteria will be made out of what is now, the agriculture room and the laboratory. A kindergarten will be added on the ground Hoor. The Superinten- dent's office, consisting of' an outer office and a waiting room, will also occupy the first floor. On the second floor there will be teachers' restrooms and a girls' restroom. New rooms for the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grades will be built. Girls' lockers for both the grade and high school students will be added. A modern science laboratory, adequately furnished will be on- the third fioor. Here there will also be new social science rooms and a boys' washroom and lockers. A new domestic science room will be added on the ground, or first, fioor. A a new ticket oiiice will be added. A fire tower, which will run from the first to the top fioor, will be erected in the south east corner of the building. There will be fire doors in every room. A new heating plant will be installed. The English room, library, and health room will be remodeled. From this brief glimpse of our new school it is obvious that it will alter the previously overcrowded and inadequate situation. We wish to express our appreciation to everyone concerned in providing these modern conveniences for our school system. Page Fifty-eight Page Sixty Page Sixty -one 1. The Lucky Winner . . . 2. Ah, peace at last . . . 3. Orchestra Playin' a SIMPLE Melody . . . 4. Take -it from John Crow . . . 5. Miss Dunn . . . 6. Rosie . . , 7. Gus M studying?? . . . S. Where's everybody? . . . 9. Mr. XNfSI1H11'lgC1"S brood!! . . . 10. Bashful Roger? . . . 11. Candid pose . . . 12. Assistant Janitors . , . 13. Can this be 1ove?? . . . 14. Class of '55 . , . 15. Give me Liberty or give me Death . . . 16. These guys sureget around -- or is it the girls?? . . . 17. The lucky number is - - - . . . 18. Bunch of Goof-offs . . . 19. Waltz me around again . . . 20. Well, according to Darwin's Theory of Evolution - - - . . . 21. Whois that sitting with you, Jeannie? . . . 22. Sunshine , . . 23. Three heads are as good as one? . . . 24. A toast! . . . 25. Christmas Spirit . . . 26, Betty Ann . . . 27. Phy Ed wrestling? . . . ZS. She's in the Army now? . . . 29. The whecls!?! . . . 30. Let's have MORE parties!! Page Sixty-two Q' Congratulations to Class of 1953 WOLF DRUG STORE Always a Registered Pharmacist on Duty GORDON A. WOLF, PH.G. EDWIN BLACKMAN, PH.G. PRESCRIPTIONS VETERINARY SUPPLIES - Clover Dairy Ice Cream Served - PgSf Agnes A - Compliments of - ' 1 D.C., Ph.C. MIDWAY TAVERN CI-IIROPRACTOR , Friendly Service Office 2 Blocks West of Bank Withee Wisconsin MIKE SNEIDER, .IR- PHONE - OWEN I6-W THORP WISCONSIN -COTIVIPLIMENTS OF THE-- JACOB LEINENKUGEL BREWING CO. Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 DR. B. R. SLOTA DENTIST - Phone 221 - Thorp Wisconsi THORP AUTO SALES Ford Sales and Service ...Phone 128... Thorp F l ' -T Wisconsin - Compliments of - CLUB 73 Fish Fry Friday Night Fried Chicken Saturday Night - Phone 73 - GUST STROJNY Withee Midway Bar BRUCHERT - BEURINK WITHEE, WISCONSIN Phone 1221 - Owen Boardmarfs coMPL1MENTs Super Service Station . 'Of - PURE OIL PRODUCTS Thorp Hardware Co. PHONE 148 - THoRP,w1s. Louie Boardman Phone 45 -5-" Thorp, Wis R A-NKE1 CE Stewart Cheese Thats all I do and I do that Corporatlon Robert Benzschawel ITAQIQIIAN Agengy AMERICAN CHEESE - phone 36 - - PHONE GREENWOOD 44 - Thorp Wisconsin Greenwood, Wisconsin The Thorp Courier ----- The Gilman Herald Published Every Thursday and Friday . . . PROFITABLE ADVERTISING . . . NEAT COMMERCIAL PRINTING Thorp Wisconsin E. J. Crane and Sons "The Farmers' Market" OWEN WISCONSIN' Compliments of Carl M. Kordahl - I E W E L E R - DIAMONDS and WATCHES Stanley T Wisconsin Compliments of your Ferguson Oliver 55 Papec D E A I.. E R FARM MACHINERY O 'CSN Lumber Co. BUILDING MATERIAL MERCI-IANTS BARNEYS IMPLEMENT CO. ,C Owen Wisconsin Phone 110 i Thorp, W1s P e Compliments of REINKES DAIRY - Daily Deliveries - BOTTLED MILK - CREAM CHOCOLATE MILK - Manufacturers of - S AMERICAN CHEESE WALTER A. REINKE PHONE 14R6 Thorp Wisconsin COMPLIMENTS OF Ceci1's Shoe Shop THORP ---- WISCONSIN To The Class of 1953 CONGRATULATIONS FARMERS' STORE CO. . . General Merchandise . . . Thorp, Vvisconsin -PHONE 87- HERBERT J. SIMET, Mgr. See The - - -I . Llebzelt Service Station Insurance Agency and Bar FOR THE BEST INSURANCE Write or Call for Free Estimates PHONE Y702 AUTO - TORNADO - HAIL - FIRE EAT, GAS, POP AND BEER, TOO. HIGHWAY 29 BOYD WISCONSIN igsv -'1 EWTON BUILDING. 357 Minnesota Street. ST. PAUL 1. MIN GHEEIIE Enqrayinq Cumpanu 77f466'l40f FINE PRINTING PLATES N For Artificial Breeding Service Offering A Fine Breeding Program in Addition to Proven Sires -- Call Our Approved Inseminator - K E N N E T H H E L D PHONE THORP 129 1- ON SUNDAYS 273 OR PHONE STANLEY 33WX or 1691313 . . . Compliments of . . . TRI-COUNTY CHEESE CORPORATION - Warehouses - Thorp --- Boyd Compliments A WILIQS GAS CO. YOUR BULK GAS DEALER Owen, Wisconsin I C. A. Pregent HIGHWAY FURNITURE STORE 2 miles East on 29 CHIPPEWA FALLS, WISCONSIN Hansen Office and Supply Co. - Business Equipment - WITHEE WISCONSIN CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '53 Rosemever Radio and Television - Phone ISSR3 - JUSTIN ROSEMEYER ---- PROP. Compliments of PINKS TAVERN Bellinger Corners Greenwood Body Shop GEORGE SELISKAR, PROP. - Phone I - JOHN AND MARY PINK, PROPS. I 8 Miles North of Thorp Greenwood - Wisconsin Hohl Bros. Burkhardt's Radiator Service . . . Texaco Products . . . - 24 Hour Wrecker Service - Outboard Motor Sales 8: Service Minnows - PHONE 322 - GREENWOOD - WISCONSIN THORP PRINT-IT E11e'r'ything In Printing For YOUR PRINTING TOMORROW SEE US TODAY PHONE 157 - THORP, WIS. BEN J. BURKHARDT, PROP. PgS ty . C NT Thorp Pipe '55 Supply , OTPLIME SDF Company Cliff s Cleaners PLUMBING Sz HEATING Cleaning nf Pressing SUppL1ES Dyeing 6: Alterations FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES - PHONE ISO - ' - Pick-up and Delivery - - PHONE 247 - Casey Kubiszewski Thorp Wisconsin - - - Compliments of--- THORP IMPLEMENT COMPANY A. M.As1akson, Proprietor I. H. C. Farm Implements Tractors Refrigerat OFS Home Freezers --- PHONE I03 --- J 'ESF General Store GROCERIES - MEATS c o M P L 1 M E N T s Walter Brewing Co. WDRY GOODS H "The BEER That ls BEER - QUALIQTY - SERVICE - Phone 40 3 I Thorp, Wis. Eau Claire Wisconsin I ""ifl5dzE2'L"' TH U R P, WI 5 Congratulations and Best Wishes am Drs The Overgard '55 Mathwig Royal O11 Company Physicians 6: Surgeons PURE OIL PRODUCTS Chester Glasshof, Ageflt Office Hours - 10-125 2-5 - Phone 27 - .. phone 43 - I THORP W1scoNs1N Congratulations, Seniors - - - THORP FLOUR 25 FEED CO. STEVEN A. Dus sr LEON Dus, Proprietors Dr. R. H. Stuesser BEST WISHES OF Veterinary Physician 6: Surgeon - PHONE -' Frank and Mary Office 1l1R2 Res. 11lR3 Thorp - - - Wisconsin 1- Phone 150 -1- ALTENBURG AUTO CO. F O R D SALES and SERVICE WITHEE WISCONSIN 1 s f I COMPLIMENTS OF Chic Apparel BLOIMIEZS Dress Shop eauty Op Open Every Day and Thurs. Eve. IVIRS. ROSE PAWLAK and Saturday Mornings Th W. - PHONE IIS Grp - I 1 I lsconsm Owen Wisconsin Compliments BELLINGER DAIRY -PHONE lI7-R8- Steve Losiewicz Thorp, Wisconsin Compliments of L. P. WALSDORP DR. G. A. SCHIEP A I' LIFE .... AUTOMOBILE FIRE .... TORNADO ...INSURANCE . .. LYMAN LUIVIBER AND FUEL COMPANY BUILDERS' SUPPLIES - FUEL - PHONE 52 THORP, WISCONSIN I' S I' -1- Compliments of -- HAMIVVS BEER Smooth --1 Mellow LEO HEDLER, Agent . . . Compliments of . . . Division Of Lonepine Dairy '55 Store SOCONY-VACUUM OIL CO. Frank al Anna Meske Thorp, Wis. A. W. Olson, Agent "The Sign of Friendly Service" PHONE IZRI4 - PHONE 50 - Thorp Wisconsm LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE Thorp Lodge No. 680 POOL - SI-IUFFLE - BAR -- Phone 204 T Operated by Ed 8: Clara Bogumill l S fr 1 E X 7 X 1,1 BOWL FDR HEALTH i AT 1 CLUB RECREATION PARLORS 1PI-IONE 2o-- Thorp, Wisconsin Ed d Ch 1 tt P 1 k Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1953 - - - CORWIN C. GUELL Attorney at Law Thorp Wisconsi Congratulations Seniors - - - Best Wishes in the Years Ahead Compliments to your School and Your Faculty BEN FRANKLIN STORE THoRP, WIS -1 PHONE 86 - Headquarters For - w CANDY, SCHOOL STATIONERY, TOILET ARTICLES, NOTIONS AND TOYS Compliments of O. W. TRINDAL COMPANY Cwholesale 26 Retailj LOYAL - GRANTON - SPENCER RIPLINGER P S gh Carl and Francis Johnson welcome you to the - - - TI-IORP DAIRY BAR AND CAFE Homemade Ice Cream - Dinners - Short Orders - Fountain Service - PHONE 178 PAT soDERBERo RESEBURG Dealer in Feeder Pigs -PHONE 283 - Th0I'P Wisconsin Dairy '25 Store MRS. AND MRS. CASIMIR BOYARSKI - PHONE I2R2 - THORP WISCONSIN Burzynskfs PHILLIPS 66 GAS AND OIL STATION - For - Quality Products SUPER SERVICE L. A. Wetzel, Broker Wetzel Real Estate INSURANCE SERVICE Farms . . . Homes . . . . . . Business Opportunities Gilman, Wis. Phone 2671 THORP WISCONSIN FISI-IERS ACE HARDWARE GAS AND ELECTRIC APPLIANCES 1 Hardware of All Kinds li PHONE 32 CLARENCE FISHER PgS FIRE EXTENDED COVERAGE LIFE KENNEY INSURANCE AGENCY -- Insurance of All Kinds in Reliable Stock Companies -- Is your insurance in Iine with present day values? It might be to your advantage to check your current policies. --- Let Us Make A Survey of Your Insurance Needs -l IT COSTS YOU NOTHING AUTOMOBILE MARINE ACCIDENT at HEALTH A. S. Kenney A. W. Sandel P Eh COMPLIMENTS OF . . . Compliments of . . . , ,Q x y Town of W1thee Dairy O Joseph S Dept- ' swf? WALTER LIAZUK, prop., I , ld . 3. p JosEPH WOJTALEWICZ, Po-op. Phone 6R9 Thorp, Wisconsin Thorp Wisconsin - Phone 9 '- p. . Congratulations ,Seniors t WINIARCZYK AUTO SALES Best in Used Cars 4 it - PHONE 255 - THORP WISCONSIN CONGRATULATIONS FROM Hansen Mercantile Store WINK INN ' - General Merchandise - HANK AND HELEN, Props. "Your Friendly Store" PHONE 6R6 Telephone I74 Thorp Wisconsin WITHEE - - - wIscoNs1N P Egh MATTES LIVESTOCK MARKET, Inc. Located 3 miles south and 2 miles east of Thorp - Selling - ' HORSES, CATTLE, PICS, SHEEP AT AUCTION EVERY OTHER WEDNESDAY - Buying -- CALVES, CATTLE, I-IOGS, EVERY MONDAY MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION . I - Deposits to 2",ol0,000 Fully Insured - PEOPLES EXCHANGE BANK Thorp -1- Wisconsin P E'l'- F A R M S PLUMBING - HEATING SHEET METAL WORK If You Want to Sell or Buy, See MARLQW MILKERS D. D. STOQKEY . . Ra1e1gh C. F1sher THORP WISCONSIN PHONE 34 - - - RES. 168 Compliments of LARSON'S FEED STORE THORP, WISCONSIN STATE BANK OF WITHEE Member of the F.D.I.C. WITHEE WISCONSIN I I Compliments of Standard O11 Company MIKE KRAMER, Agent The John Deere Store of ' - PHONE 208 - Withee Thorp WiSC011S1D - Your Business is Appreciated - I P E h h COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 Possley's Market FRESH 6: COLD MEATS Ace Oil Company oRoCER1Es AL I-IUBERTY "Birds-eye" Frozen Foods Thorp Wisconsin TI-IORP WISCONSIN Compliments CLARK ELECTRIC CO-OP Greenwood Wisconsin COMPLIMENTS HI-WAY HOTEL QF JOHN V' KAMINSKI Badzinski Trucking Owen Wisconsin Thorp Wisconsin IgLh1' Compliments DR. M. A. FOSTER OPTOMETRIST Office over joseph Dept. Store Thorp - Wisconsin WSF - Hours at Thorp - Daily ----- ----- 9 100 to 5100 Wednesday ------ 7:00 P.M. 110 9:00 P.M. - FOR APPOINTMENT PHONE 89 - - EYES EXAMINED --- Complete Visual Analysis and Glasses Fitted PgEh DOODLE BUT DON'T DAWDLE HERE C. B O G U M I L L FOR CLOTHING '55 FURNISHINGS DOODLE BUT DON'T DAWDLE HERE C . B O G U M I L L FOR CLOTHING '65 FURNISHINGS CONGRATULATIQNLS E C and BEST WISI-IES TO THE 1953 SENIOR CLASS OF THE THORP HIGH SCHOOL - from - JOHN WUETHRICH CREAMERY CO. GREENWOOD, WISCONSIN Manufacturers of Grassland Butter - Compliments of - Ed's Country Club 6 Miles South of and Chev. CO. Thorp OWEN, WISCONSIN ED BRYNIARSKI 1 COMPLIMENTS OF - Gambles Auth. Dealer Ballinger Club Th01'P, Wisconsin PETE AND GERTIE, Pmrs. - PHONE 39-R2 - jESS BANDER, Prop. THORP WISCONSIN Igl I--'gl CONGRATULATIGNS FROM D O Y L E S T U D I O - Phone 3226 - Medford Wisconsin CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF '53 TI-IORP FUNERAL HOME R. V. Izydorek "Compliments of ' ' ' Tobola Implement Co. LOMBARD DAIRY FORQEQQQQQQQR JAMES BISER, Prop. FARM EQUIPMENT - PHONE I IR7 - 1 Phone 280 1 Thorp Wisconsin Th p Wisconsin Make VANITY BRAND Your "Buy" Word for BETTER FOODS A. KICKBUSCH GROCERY CO. WAUSAU, WISCONSIN -- FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES -i John S. Bogumill - Salesman --- GROCERIES i- 'Tom Losby - Salesman - Compliments of - Stanley Bottllng Works SYLVESTER M. HULS, PROP. - Manufacturers of - G, R, Schafer, DC, QUALITY BEVERAGES Stanley Wisconsin CHIROPRACTOR - PHONE 17 H - Distributors of - OWEN -1 WISCONSIN WALTER'S BEER - - Eau Claire BLATZ BEER - - - Milwaukee J. J. HARYCKI Jeweler GIFTS ELGIN WATCHES COMMUNITY SILVERPLATE. GULBRANSEN PIANOS THORP WISCONSIN C o M P L 1 M E N T 5 COMPLIMENTS oF- Stanley Ray and lHelen Gamble Store CLUB 29 Stanley, Wisconsin Thorp, Wisconsin P N CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST W ISI-IES to the CLASS OF 1953 ST. HEDWIG'S PARISH Irene's Beauty Shop I-IALLENGER HOTEL - Phone 219 - Reeseburg Tavern Where You Are Always Welcome ART KUESTER, Prop. PHONE l6R6 COMPLIMENTS OF MIKOLS DR ESSES Ladies and Infants Ready to Wear MRS. G. MIKOLAINIS COMPLIMENTS The Best for Less -Of- PHOTOGRAPHS Need Not be Expensive H U E B S C H Cleaners and Launderers EAU CLAIRE, WIS. DANIELS STUDIO Stanley, Wisconsin PHONE 324 COMPLIMENTS OF I-I O F F M A N ' S DAIRY - Distributor of - "COUNTRY FRESH" DAIRY PRODUCTS PgN th . . . Compliments of . . . CHIPPEWA MOTOR FREIGHT Insured Common Motor Carriers - Serving Points in - WISCONSIN, MINNESOTA AND ILLINOIS FARMERS OIL CO-OP , if PETROLEUM PRODUCTS ff ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES ff WIRING MATERIAL 4' FARM MACHINERY Phone 129 - - Thorp, Wisconsin N N i I DRANGLE FOODS, INC. I Manufacturers of Drangle Cheese Products GILMAN WISCONSIN COMPLIMENTS OF Devos '55 Skroch Attorneys at Law MIKE SNEIDER BLDG. Thorp Wisconsm Auto Cafe-Bar A '55 W Drive-In THORP, WISCONSIN Congratulations Class of '53 THE CORNER GROCERY PHONE 69 FRANK BURZYNSKI For the Best of Drinks - See - TONY, LEON, OR FELIX Bateman Tavern, Store Crystal Palace Ballroom CHIPPEWA FALLS SPORTSMEN'S DEN - Sporting Goods of All Kinds - MERCURY 6: MARTIN Outboard Motors Located One Door South of the Post Office A. E. Bauer, Proprietor P N H Compliments of Clover Leaf Store Wiernasz Brothers and Tavern Dealers in Livestock - Thorp phone 'SRI 6 - Long Distance Hauling August Ehlert Meats and Groceries STANLEY WISCONSIN THCRP WISCONSIN They go together Y fs: 4 .2 IOYTLID UND!! AUTHORITY DF YM! COCA-COLA COMPANY IV COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF EAU CLAIRE. Inc. N RUSCH ELECTRIC Authorized Westinghouse Dealers , + ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING - Phone 207 Thorp, Wisconsin P N Best Regards to the Class of '53 THORP TELEPHONE COMPANY J. M. KEATING, President and Manager AUTO-ELECTRIC SERVICE GARAGE Raymond Giwojna, Proprietor "MOTOR TUNE-UP SPECIALISTSH Local Texaco Dealer and United Motors Service - PHONE 113 -- Thorp Wisconsin . . . Compliments of . . . E. A. Polansky Clothing 1 Furniture Sunshine Ice Cream Thorp Wisconsin H' B' MAUEL - Phone - 264 - Owen Wisconsin P N LOUIS ZUKOWSKI General Merchandise And Tavern LOIVIBARD WISCONSIN - Compliments of - Wild Cherry Cheese Factory ARTHUR NATZKE, ESTATE ROUTE 2 1 THORP, WIS CONGRATULATIONS FROM Zarada Electric '55 Television TO THE CLASS OF "53" - PHoNE 99 - Thorp Wiscons1n Arlene's Beauty Salon One Block East of Joseph,s Dept. Store - PHONE 5 - COMPLIMENTS OF J. W. Johnson, MD. Withee, Wisconsin - GLASSES FITTED - O 26 N LUMBER COMPANY DEALERS IN BUILDING MATERIALS WITHEE Sz OWEN Phone l60 - Withee l00 - Owen PgIX gl Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Students of THoRP HIGH soHooL CLASS OP 1953 BLUE MOON FOODS, INC. Thorp, Wisconsin BLUE MOON FOODS, INC 'K ' Mcmufacturers of BLUE MOON CHEESE SPREADS GOLD N' RICH CHEESE PROCESS LOAF CHEESE - AMERICAN CHEESE BUTTER - MILK SOLIDS P N . . . Compliments of . . . Compliments of Cloverleaf Cheese Factory Thorp Norman Western Barber Route 3 - Stanley, Wsconsin M. P. SZERLONG PHONE TI-IORP ISR6 "Taste the Difference" SEAL OF QUALITY ICE CREAM CLOVER DAIRY COMPANY CHIPPEWA FALLS WISCONSIN - Compliments of - South Side Motor Co. Compliments of YOUR BUICK DEALER . . Th W' ' Stanley - Wisconsin Grp lsconsm COMPLIMENTS OF PLOMBON FURNITURE STORE Stanley Wisconsin l 0 II 1 I QUALLES FLOWERS 25 GIFTS Hallmark Cards Mrs. Newell Qualle We Telegraph, Flowers Anywhere COMPLIMENTS OF LEON'S TAVERN THORP WISCONSIN COIMPLIMENTS OF THE STANLEY THEATRE "Your Friendly Theatre" George and Frances Johnson STANLEY WISCONSIN When in Chippewa Falls Stop at - - - BOSTON CLOTHING HOUSE CHOOSE FROM THE LARGEST STOCK OF AMEN'S AND BOYS' CLOTHING IN THIS SECTION OF THE COUNTRY P O ll l IO Central VINGER AGENCY Cold Storage Co. Real Estate PROCESSING Insurance CURING and SMOKING - Phone l23 - Stanley Wisconsin Thorp Wisconsm THE CHIPPEWA PRINTERY ' PRINTING ' PUBLISHING ' ADVERTISING School and Office Supplies The Most Completely Equipped Commercial Printing Plant in N ortliefrn Wisconsi 14-16 WEST CENTRAL STREET CHIPPEWA FALLS, WISCONSIN I . . . Compliments of . . . Gil and Garage Co. cHEvRoLET CARS SCHMITT 5 AND T RUCKS Thorp Bakery 251-HOUR WRECKEP. SERVICE -Phone HW- -P1-1oNE 101- Boyd ---- Wisconsin P O Hlll Edwin G. Schmidt and Sons GENERAL TRUCKING Pick Up and Delivery Freight Truck Terminal - PHONE 46 - Thorp - - Wisconsin SCHMIDT CHEVROLET CO. Wadhams Gas '55 Oil - Goodrich Tires General Auto Repairing - PHONE 140 - Edwin G. Schmidt and Dallas OLDSMOBILE USED CARS I-II-WAY SERVICE GAYLE BIVANS Phone Z3 lk The Last Words in The Seniorian Are The First Words in The Best Service STANLEY WISCONSIN l I i , I I' -' .mxw vm' lk.-vw xi' , .-.ww .X AC Sv xxx xwf N 1 NNN l Y ' SSS lvxw Xxxxv akin .-,nw Avy .mwxk btw l I ll ll ll HH! Hill 2 lfllffflfllllflllllllll 11111, ylffe 71119 1 1 1 if '52 1 W4 14 I I I 1 , 1 0 1 1 M ' fa, QQ' N' A RNN NRN KRN xxxxxxv xxxxxxxx NNY AXHXXXN xkxxxx mxxxxxx Imaam Rm mmm Umm K1 FRN KW XZXXN xxXNXxx XXXNR AXXXXXI NKXT , I Il ur 1 U U w mf "-'-' f ""' -z -'-"-' a 'TZEZ 'KN -l-l X " -A-- 1, A4A'. faez:s:s'j - N mcmuemmgssim mm X 1: 1

Suggestions in the Thorp High School - Seniorian Yearbook (Thorp, WI) collection:

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1953, pg 21

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