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'-1. .qmiizw , ' ni-" Q.. 5 N515 M . ' - iff' Br 'H P ' 'fxfwa "- ., 'ITV A F wil'.'1lll,79J Aj k"l7'1.-Q , -'. ,gcicwl A"- ', ' -f' 'r-my- :'- we-P .,. . v wx I Q a3,,m53'-M2 GBUS' Mex? Y. W . W QQ gawk? ff M Qi.. MW? 0999255 ww ii W W QM M DEDICATIO x YN CI XRDI 'N fan IHORIN IOWN HIGH SC H001 C H X IEI I L Y f VE IVNI I ' IH D 'N N XND INSPIRAIION DICHOII ' 17 HILXR5 IDI C' XIICYN. TO OITH I'AI'IiN'l'S Q QD I If .AXX5 WIC, THIC SICQILJH FLASH Ulf Idff' UF " Q' ' Q' J, DO 2 f " 1' ' .LY DI'fDIC'A'I'E THIS VOLITMIS UI' 'l'HI'f ICXODE FOR THE H X GIV fi I NSI .f'XI'IINGI,,Y OI-' " EIR GPI AXCE, I'A'lIII'IfC'I'I, .- f " ,' THRC I 1 TH ESE If-KST L ' .' OF MR WILLIAM GILLAN TRUSTEE 3 SUGAR CREEK TOWNSHIP 1955-1956 , ae: S. if 5 '!"? asm-I 'WI' .aunts an-I f RX-N N .M , GENEVIEVE CONES -ix- ' , 2. F lull, qw, A, B, Indiana State Teachers' College De Pauw University English Social Studies Librarian School Records Scnior Sponsor ROBERT GIBBS B, S, Central Normal Purdue University M. S, Indiana State Teachers' Principal Exode Advisor Senior Sponsor MARJORIE LONG A, B, De Pauw University Latin Speech Junior Sponsor KENNETH LUCAS B, S, Purdue University Vocational-Agriculture Science F, F, A, Advisor Junior Class Sponsor DONALD BOWEN B, S, Indiana University Mathematics Physical Education Assistant Coach Sophomore Class Sponsor 4 College 3 X 1 GEORGE JOSEPH B, S, Indiana University M. S. Indiana University Business Education Exode Advisor Paper Staff Advisor Sophomre Class Sponsor MARY LEONARD A, B, De Pauw University Indiana University Home Economics Biology SSS Sponsor Freshman Sponsor ARTHUR MICHAE L B, S, Canterberry College M, S, Butler University Coach Health Social Studies Freshman Sponsor PAU LINE HANKIN S B, S, M, De Pauw University Music Art CLARENCE CREAMER B. S. Iowa State College Industrial Arts Science 8th Grade Sponsor KENNETH NAGLE Purdue University A, B, Earlharn Indiana University M, Ed, Ohio University Butler University English Physical Education Science Health 7th Grade Sponsor Jr. High Coach 5 ,,-f' ,M-H' SE IDR A ' " flffgflf . .---- ' M" ""' I -r,,..-f ,-'ff 1 ,"', n Y 'Mm -+1 2 xx 23- " I : KX Q' J 'TZSI' !US J' 43' QI:-f, . A ffl N f A ---ug 60 JANET SUE BOYER MARVIN LEON wussox Yell Leader 1, 2,3 Row Club 1,2,3,4 Class Play 3 Chorus l,2,3,4 Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4 SSS Recording Secretary Operetta 1, 2, 3 4 Paper Staff Exode Staff WILLIAM RUSSELL DAVIS Basketball Baseball Track F. F. A. 1,2,3,4 F. F. A. Vice-President A. Y. Band Chorus Operetta Exode Staff Class Play 2D 31 1.2.3. 2,3,4 1,2,3,4 4 WILLIAM ROBERT KINSLOW Class Vice-President Class Play Chorus Operetta Row Club 3 A. Y. Vice-President , Track Paper Staff Exode Staff Track Exode Staff NORMA Class Play Chorus Operetta Sunshine A. Y. Row Club Paper Staff Exode Staff 1,2,3 CAROL GANT 1.2.3. 1,2,3 1.2.3. 2,3,4 1,2,3, uni iw' Q .4 -fy MELVIN ARTHUR LOUKS A. Y. Paper Staff 4 Exode Staff 4 JULIA ANN DUNBAR Central Catholic, Fort Wayne G. A. A. Chorus Operetta Paper Staff Exode Staff F.F.A. l.2,31 2. JOHN DAVID LONG Class Play Boys' State Row Club Chorus Operetta Band Music Contest Track Basketball Baseball A. Y. Paper Staff Exode staff 1.2.3. 1.2.3. 1.2, 1,2,3, 1.2.3. 11 2U 33 3. 2.3. JUDITH LUE HICKSON Class Play Chorus 1, 2, 3, Operetta 2, 3 Row Club 1, 2,3,4 A. Y. 2, 3, 4 A. Y. Secretary Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' State Paper Staff Exode Staff WILLIAM FREDERICK RUSSELL Class President Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus ,1, 2 Operetta 1, 2 Music Contest 1, 2, Paper Staff Exode Staff A ,ft 'CSF' was JOYCE ANN CONES LEON RAYMOND PRICE Class President Class Treasurer Band Chorus Operetta Sunshine SSS Corr. Secretary SSS President A. Y. Row Club Row Club Secretary Purdue Assembly Girls' State Class Play Exode Staff 1.2.3. 1.2.3. 1.2. 1.2.3. 23 33 1.2.3. 3. ALLAN KEITH MOODY Basketball T rack Baseball 1, 2 F. F. A. 1, JUDITH JANE RANCE Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4 Row Club 1, 2,3, Basketbali 1,2,3,4 A. YI 2.3, BasebaH L2,3,4 Chorus 1.2.3, Track 1,2,3,4 Operetta 1,2, F. F. A. 1 Paper Staff Exode Staff RICHARD DEAN RICHEY Exode Staff Class President Class Vice-President Class Sec. Treasurer A. Y. A. Y. President Row Club Chorus Operetta Class Play Paper Staff Exode Staff 2.3. 1,2,3, 1,2,3, 1,2,3 3 1 I HOWARD ARTHUR FAIRFIELD Class Treasurer 3 Basketball 2, 3 Baseball 1, 4 A. Y. 2, 3, 4 A. Y. Secretary 3 Student Council 4 S. C. Vice President 4 Chorus 4 Paper Staff 4 Exode Staff 4 E THEL SHARLEAN C RE WS Chorus 1, 2, 4 Operetta 1, 2 1 1 S. S. S. 1,2,3,4 S. S. S. Vice-President 3 3 A. Y. 2, Row Club 4 Class Play 3 Exode Staff 4 ANNA KA THRYN ALLEN Class Play A. Y. 2, 3, Treasurer Operetta 1, 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Row Club 1,2,3, Sunshine 1, 2, 3, Paper Staff Exode Exode JACK DICKEY HEIM Class President Class Vice-President Class Secretary Class Treasurer F. F. A. Chorus Track Paper Staff FRANK KEITH WILSON Exode Staff F. F. A. l,2,3,4 F. F. A. Treasurer 4 A. Y. 2,3 Exode Staff 4 12 . Row ciub 1, 2, MARY INES EDENS DONALD JoE CRAVENS Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3,4 Operetta 1, 2, 3 Class Play 3 Row Club 4 Paper Staff 4 Exode Staff 4 FREDERICK LON Class Vice-President Baseball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track F. F. A. 1,2 Paper Staff Exode Staff COFFMAN Basketball 1, 2,3, SUE CAROL HINTON Baseball 1,2 Chorus 1j2,3 Sunshine , , , F. F. A. 1,2 as , . Chorus , , F. F. A. Secretary 2 A Operetta , Paper Staff 4 Exode Staff JACKIE DEVON BIRGE Chorus , Basketball 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,4 Track l,2,3 F. F. A. 1,2 F. F. A. President F. F. A. Treasurer Operetta l, 3 3 F. F. A. Del. to P. U. Class Play Paper Staff Exode Staff BETTY JANE MUL1-,EN WALTER BENJAMIN SMITH Chorus Sunshine A. Y. Class Play Student Council Row Club FLOYD FRANCIS Basketball Baseball Chorus F. F. A. Track Paper Staff l,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 2,3,4 3 4 1,2,3,4 BIRGE 1, 2, 3, 4 2,4 1,2,3 1, 2 2,3 4 ? 1 ,f ., Q" : A JAMES OTTO REDMAN F. F. A. 1,2,3 F. F. A. Vice Pres. 3 Paper Staff 4 Exode Staff 4 15 Basketball Chorus Band Purdue Assembly Class Secretary Class Play Exode Staff 1 1,4 1,2,3,4 3,4 4 3 4 CARROL LOUISE CROUCH Sunshine Band Chorus Operetta A. Y. ROW Club 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 1,2,3 2,3,4 3,4 Paper Staff Exode Staff f .4--""' ,,..-4-"" 'iavwr f in yur I6 -4. CLASS Pll0PHECY DR WILLIAM ROBERT KINSLOW RADAR SPECIALIST WINNER OF S64 O00 000 QUESTION These were the headl1nes 1n the New York Sun T1mes on May 21 1976 exactly 20 years after my graduat1on from T H S and I was the wmner' What a thr1ll I wasn t sure I could answer 16 parts ofthe S64 000 OOOQUBSIIOH but w1th the help of R1chard R1chey Professor of Mathematlcs at U C L A andJohn Long Presldent of Douglas Alrcraft W1ll1am F Russell was the Master of Ceremon1es Th1s 1S B111 s hobby for he 15 the coach of the U S Olymp1c Basketball team He was ass1sted 1n the TV show by two mov1e stars Jud1th H1ckson and Jewel Fa1rf1eld The f1rst th1ng I planned to do was travel travel travel I l1ke to travel and I planned to look up all my classmates and see what had happened to them durmg the past 20 years F1rst I flew to Ind1anapol1s to attend the Memor1al Day 500 M1le Race I knew I would f1nd one of my classmates there but to my surpr1se I found three of them Butch Sm1th holder of the pole pos1t1on 1n the race and Leon Pr1ce and J1m Redman creators and expert mechan1cs of the new coal o1l turb1ne race car wh1ch so far had broken every record that was ever set at the 500 I was a good race w1th Butch w1nn1ng eas1ly After the race Butch told me that Jack Helm was 1n Washlngton D C so I dec1ded to V1S1t h1m next He was Secretary of the Navy He was very busy but we dxd manage to have lunch together Jack 1nformed me that the Amer1can All Stars were havlng a basketball game the next day at Madlson Square Garden He was sure that some of our classmates were on the team I boarded a plane to New York Much to my amazement the p1lot was B111 Dav1s We had a pleasant chat and he told me that Melv1n Louks and Marvm W1lson were on a safarl 1n Afr1ca hunt1ng l1ons Upon arrlval 1n New York I checked ln at the Broadway Hotel The manager greeted me w1th open arms lt was Ed Prlce He clapped h1s hands and the head bell boy came 1n to take my baggage lt was Kelth W1lson He d1dn thave t1me to talk but Ed told me that Kelth owns the Broadway Hotel and took th1s Job as bell boy to keep from gettmg bored That even1ng Iattended the Amer1can All Star game Jack Blrge Bud Moody Don Cravens and Floyd B1rge were all on the team One of the Off1C1a1S was Fred Coffman who runs a school for basketball off1c1als Durmg the game Inot1ced a lady Slttlng b9S1d6 me rap1dly taklng notes I took asecond glance and lt was Joyce Cones Of course I was surprlsed to see her at a basket ball game then she told me that she was a lawyer of the f1rm of Cones Cones and Cones and that she was there to get facts on the basketball game wh1ch she would use 1n her next case After the ballgame she told me that Janet Boyer and Anna Allen were models for some fancy dress shop on 5th Avenue The next leg of my Journey took me to PaI'1S Iwent to the Gay Paree for supper and I thought I recognlzed one of the enterta1ners of course lt was Betty Mullen She came over to my table and talked to me She sa1d that her ballet troop known as the Bettetts were here for a week s engagement She also dlrects a school of ballet She told me that her great suc cess was due to the excellent help of her manager Anna Mae B1ll1ngsley and her f1nanc1a1 adv1sor Sue H1Ht0n One n1ght later ln the week as I was gettlng a t1Ck6t at the theater somebody rushed up and shook my hand of all people It was FFHHCIS Ford We went to the theater together and had t1me for a good chat He sald he was go1ng to Arabla soon to complete a deal Wlth an Arablan pr1nce for h1s new A1r Foam Ford Mattress It seems that they are a great success He told me that Howard Fa1rf1eld was 1n Austra1l1a dolng a wonderful Job demonstrat1ng and sell1ng a Fa1rf1eld Fast K1t a spec1al gadget for hopped up cars Then I went from P3,T1S to Korea and I was taken ser1ously 111 there I know that I would never have recovered 1f Dr Ethel Crews and her speclal nurse Jul1a Dunbar hadn t taken such good care of me I thought perhaps that a restful vacatlon 1n Haw11 would be one last stop on my Journey At the hotel I saw three lad1es reg1ster1ng at the desk I thought that I recogmzed one of them and there were Judy Rance Norma Gant and Carrol Crouch S1nce lt was near noon we all had lunch together The g1r1s were comb1n1ngbus1ness and pleasure Along w1th a n1ce vacat1on they were sketchmg fashlons espec1a1lybath1ng su1ts for the1r company 1n San FFBHCISCO They mformed me that Mary Edens was campa1gn1ng for Congress Judy had recent letters from her from Oregon where she was dehvermg speeches Back to the good old U S A where Iget an Amer1can Newspaper Mrs Cones made the front page' She was belng 1nterv1ewed by all the reporters concernmg her new Job as Secretary of Health Welfare and Educat1on She sa1d she l1ked l1v1ng 1n Waslungton News from Ind1ana Mr G1bbS Superlntendent of Pub11c Instruct1on for the State of Indlana 15 plann1ng to expand h1s chaln of coffee shops known as The G1bbs Coffee Shop For T1red Teachers as far as Callfornla 17 ll -nu , , J 1 ,, . . . "' .v .v . . - 9 . . . - 1 J -' e a Q o , - 1 . . . . , . - . , . . ' .1 n J 1 J - 1 I .v , . ., ' I . , . . , . . , . -- . --- . . . , . . . . 0 I 3 I . J . . ...- , J . . O-- -- , . - a n , . . . a 1 1 . n -- , . . . . , . . . . . , - .v . - 3 J a - 1 . . 3 .v . . , . I I O -Q I ' v : a - - "" - : J . . . . ,, . . 1 nr ' - 9 - CLASS WILL We the class of 1956 of Thorntown Hlgh School belng of sound body and havlng a mmd thxs 21st day of May 1956 do hereby enact and declare th1s to be our LAST WILL AND TEST AMENT To the Hlgh School we leave our sen1or1ty to the teachers our s1ncere thanks for gu1d1ng us through twelve years of success to the Jumors our mtelhgence to the Sophomores our orderly conduct to the Freshmen our nob1l1ty We Melv1n Louks and J1m Redman w1ll to Jewell Llnton and J1m Ham1ll our locker You may keep any stubs of penclls erasers or scraps of paper we may leave behlnd Ethel Crews w1ll my wavy ha1r to Skeet Lollar to cover up h1s crew cut B111 Russell w1ll to some LUCKY Junlor the honor of be1ng Semor Class Pres1dent and the ab1l1ty to keep them ln l1ne and yet keep them happy Judlth Hlckson w1ll my ab1l1ty to get and keep a boy frlend to V1rg1n1a Bragg Howard Fa1rf1eld w1ll my ab1l1ty to get along w1th glrls fthough lt 1S hard to do sometlmesj to Allen Rhoades Anna Allen w1ll my s1ze 5 1 2 saddle oxfords to Janet Gant Ed Pr1ce bemg so handsome w1ll my broad shoulders and good looks to anyone who thlnks they can l1ve up to them Jul1a Dunbar w1ll my ab1l1ty to pop the best popcorn at ballgames to Jean Jackley Bud Moody w1ll my helght to Wmdell Kmslow Joyce Cones w1ll my ab1l1ty to take over Mrs Long s Lat1n class to Delores Norkus 1f she thlnks she can control them Fred Coffman w1ll my ab1l1ty to get through hlgh school w1thout work1ng 1n class to Tom Caldwell Janet Boyer w1ll my ab1l1ty to go steady to Patty Robbms Floyd Blrge w1ll my beautlful brown eyes to Ph1l Dav1s because there was never a song t1tled Blue Eyes Mary Edens w1ll my gxft of gab to Judy Irwm who can make good use of lt We John Long and D1ck Rlchey Wlu our ab1l1ty to perform physlcs experlments to Bobby Worth I Betty Mullen w1ll my ballet ab1l1ty to Tom Ma1den We Jack B1rge and B111 Dav1s w1ll our runnmg speed to all future track members I Anna Bllllngsley w1ll my schemes to tr1p trap and keep a man to V1rg1n1a Dav1s We Jack Helm and Butch Smlth Wlu our ab1l1ty to argue w1th the teachers to Mlckey Lamb read chlcken tracks I Robert Klnslow w1ll my good grades to Shlrley Toney so she w1ll have more tlme to talk 1n study hall Jewel Falrfleld w1ll my yelllng su1t to the next lucky glrl We Leon Prlce and Francls Ford w1ll our ab1l1ty to have some fun and get away w1th lt to any one who wants to try lt Sue Hmton w1ll my long fmgernalls to Ann Hauser so she w1ll have more to chew on Don Cravens w1ll my bashfulness to Mary Jo Dunbar and Janmce Eaton Norma Gant w1ll all my n1cknames through h1gh school 1nc1ud1ng Llttle Puff to my httle brother Ronnle Marvln W1lson w1ll my old bookkeepmg practlce sets and the use of the addmg machlne to Rex Mltchell Carrol Crouch w1ll my ab1l1ty to play 1n the band to anyone who thmks they can get up enough w1nd to blow a c1ar1net Kelth W1lson w1ll my pos1t1on as F F A Treasurer to anyone w1th an honest face And so we set out seal W1tnesses x-sxxxxsknww u s?u8Llc.r'to 57 f 'H+ gl' 52 5 E A 1, .5 Y 5 Zag, +i+,fl3' uf-vf'Om"f, Y M XXXyxwWnssg sb 'I 8 , . , . . . , on I, , 1 , 1 1 . 0 I, 1 1 , 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 . I, , . . Z . I, 1 , 1 .1 1 . L ' .... . I, , 1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 I, - , 1 1 a 1 . I, , 1 ' 1 1 1 . 1, Judy Rance, will my ability to get shorthand to Linda Loveless, if she thinks that she can X, 1- 1 , 1 1 1 1 . I, 1 , 1 . 1 Q 1 . In 1 l I - I, o 1 ,. 1 F 1 1 U 1 I, . , 1 1 1 1 1 I, 1 1 , 1 I 1 1 . . . 1 . :sebsx 'N ,W F Gi ....--t--.. 1 - 3 -' 0 ' as 3.5 ,1 ' E0 ? ' 4 2 ' 4 'Wi ,f .2 o.. .... ...... 9855 X x ss Q: CLASS HlS'l'0RY Today as I browsed through my 11brary of f1rst ed1t1ons and favorlte books I came upon a most 1nterest1ng volume ent1t1ed H1story of The Class of 1956 of Thorntown H1gh School by Carrol Crouch I had read 1t many t1mes but lt revlved many happy memor1es wh1ch I want to share w1th you The f1rst chapter tells all about the members of the class when they entered f1rst grade 1n 1944 and had as the1r teachers Mrs Ragsdale and Mrs Pogue STOFIBS about the class for the next few years are 1n the followmg 7 chapters The teachers who helped the class to complete grade school were Mrs Wh1te Mrs Rector M1ss Kelso Mrs Rlgg1I1S Mr Whlteman Mr Woods and Mr Creamer Chapter 9 1S espec1ally 1nterest1ng as 1t tells how the class entered h1gh school as Fresh men 1n 1952 wlth 41 members havmg ga1ned Jack Blrge B1llDav1s hthel Crews and Sue Hlnton from Wash1ngton Townsh1p The class off1cers were Pres1dent Joyce Cones V1ce Pres1dent D1ck R1chey Secretary Jewel Fa1rf1eld and Treasurer Jack He1m The sponsors were Mrs Cones and Mr Taylor There were 2 class part1es and a sprlng square dance called The Barnyard Jubllee 2 members of the class Donna Venls and Ke1th Wh1te were lost dur1ng the year As we rev1ew the chapter about the Sophomore year we f1nd the class had a busy year Blue and wh1te were dec1ded upon as class colors class sweaters were ordered the class motto We came We saw We conquered was chosen That year the class ga1ned Juha Dunbar and lost Howard Toney Marletta Allen Jerry G1les and Harold Mart1n leav1ng a balance of 36 members ln the class The offlcerswere Pres1dent Jack He1m V1ce Pres1dent Don Cravens and Secretary and Treasurer D1ck R1chey The class sponsors for that year were Mr Wh1te and Mr Sm1tley Two class partles were enjoyed and the Sophomore dance was called The Then comes Chapter 11 wh1ch conta1ns 1nformat1on about a very 1mportant year for the class of 1956 The off1cers were Pres1dent D1ck Rlchey VICE Pres1dent Robert Kmslow Secretary Jack Helm and Treasurer Howard Fa1rf1eld The class sponsors were M1ss N1ChO1S and Mrs Long Class r1ngs were the f1rst th1ng on the agenda Then came the concess1ons at all ball games 1n add1t1on to the County and Sect1onal Tourneys The class play A Lucky Penny was a great success and the f1rst play to be presented 111 the new h1gh school gym naslum ACCOTd1Hg to custom the Jun1or Class dance was the Chr1stmas formal called the Mlstletoe Waltz There was enough money to take the Sen1ors and the faculty members on a tr1p to Ch1CagO Several places of lnterest were v1s1ted a banquet Qremember the rare steaksj at the Blsmark Hotel and a show were the h1ghl1ghts of the even1ng Joyce Cones and Jud1th H1ckson were the delegates to Hoos1er G1rls State John Long represented the school as a delegate to Hoosler Boys State w1th Robert Kmslow as alternate Chapter 12 1S a long one w1th many h1ghl1ghts The dream of gettmg a d1ploma 15 about to be real1zed 36 members started out th1s chapter but B111 Chr1sty and Harold Martm dropped ou Class off1cers were Pres1dent B111 Russell V1ce Pres1dent Jack He1m Secretary Butch Sm1th and Treasurer Joyce Cones Sponsors were Mrs Cones and Mr G1bbS The f1rst dance of the year was sponsored by the class wh1ch was called the Sen1or Hoedown v1tat1ons plctures and name cards were ordered The yellow rose was chosen as the class flower Many plans take form the Sen1or play a tr1p and the Exode staff has produced another yearbook full of memorable 1nformat1on To all those who helped th1s class reach 1ts goal the members g1ve thanks and hope that they as 1nd1v1duals w1ll g1ve worthy contr1but1ons to the world T1me does not permlt me to rev1ew the whole book but I hope you w1ll read lt for your self or read rev1ews so that you may know more about the members of the Class of 1956 19 I . . . ,, . , . nr V . I . , . , , c I 0 I I J I 0 ! I f i . : , 3 - , 2 1 L , . . ' ' ll . . . ,. . . . . . , , . , . S L ll If ' ' J J I n J 1 I I - Z 1 ' J , . . - - - as . . . . ,, Sad1e Hawklns Sea Dance. - Z n ' x 1 2 , . . . . . ., 0 I ,, . . . - D ' J ll ' ,I ' . - S . . . , . . , . . , . , . to : 1 " 1 .v 2 , . . . . ' ll ' ll , . In- J J l - " 1 J 0 I , - J n H0 OR x ON I N Jw D R XND C lifllxliw NC HOLARSIIIP CUI XII' D XI SLNIOR C IRI. C ISwLI I w L I IIIOP AWARD IOR C IRLS RI IN1 COOD CIIIIZLN SHIP AWARD BOX S GIRL w AMILRICAN LLCION AWARD wLNIOR BOY QILNIOR GIRL DL KALIS ACRIC UL IURL AWARD ANILRIL AN I I' C ION BOX S SFA I I APPOIN INILN I IIJINIOR BOY LLCION AUYILIARH CIRLS APPUIN INIENI ILINIOR CIRI PSI IOTA YI CIRLS APPGIN IRVILIN F JUNIUR C IRL 20 .-xr-1 5 fm'xn,-x1'1uA NILTIC' me ,ms I .V u,,x,u, . 1 , I 1 . ' ' , , 1alx,'1v"1aA1,l4 Hx' 1s,v,w, 1' 2 ' ,fl ORS N'0xJ u ,gl 'ik lgy A 47" TN. F F' KI X 1 l ' ju D. Warmoth N. Way C. Woodard C. Dirge D. Birgc R. Clouser l'. Davis V. Davis M. Dunbar J. Eaton J. Gant J. Hamill A. Hauser J. Huber J. Irwin M, Lamb J. Linton L. Loveless S. McDonald B. Merrill R. Mitchell S. Ramsey R. Reagan A . Rhozades P. Robbins M. Rose B. Skeen S. Toney SOPI-IUMURES 'Z 7 ' 1 is 4937 - yi ,sy sl 'W u ' bv 1 .w gb .15 45 x ,av f 1x - Q I - -, I Q ' r 'P . 1 , -s J , tw. is If . X 01150 D. Nwrkus C. Ihiguriw C. Ilziintcr l'. lwucu M. P001 C . Price 5. Price S. Puckett W., Reagan B . Robbins D . Shives L. Shives F. Venis B. Worth 28 1' . XA. J. Youkcy M. Whittinghill Q- X 1 ri 'A ,.i. sw, -1 'Qi 1' 7- I fx... OO' 2 Q . Q .WV ., , fc' ' gh 'Q if f gc T3-W ' ' me -- S953 ug.- I wi 1? 'f T' 'WP' F. 1 Sm. 5 N l 1 , -V 5 , .W ' a.4 ', gf K FRE HME f- --1' X Q ' 5.41, Af' 7 N we Q 1 -. x 1 , . -vm 'ff 1 Xxx A QQ? A' YN ff W 1 1 XX Rwldbillb Nmbbilln HllthO1'fOlLi Shives Sipkus 'l':1v1o1' VVIIOHIUI Vtxhliflg Wait Wzly White Whittin Wilson Woody York X 4 go Il. John:-son I.. York G Il.-XDE VH D. liner . Hover 5. liowen C 1 5. Bowen V. Callahan D. Coffman K. Cruvens C. Cruvens D, Dukes D. Iidens P, Evans II. Fairfield J. Fairfield P. Fisher J. Giles M. Gregg E. Griffith K. Hickson A. Holladay M. Kinslow S. Loveless F. Martins S. McCafferty D. Merrill R. Merrill B. Moody L. Morris R. Nease ff' 15 6 4 K5 Q-uv YS' I 3- X X x 'T' A. X' 6 4' 4.1 3 4 ' ,gg-,xx 'D N if W fh- v XA I Xff FQ g il fp 'zzli' ftp- -5,1 V 'Q kif ykycj . is 'ef'-3 Ni, ,Q 'w,. 'Sr I REQ Q32 ' 5 K I . .1 ii." 5.45 . X, ,gig 1 ..,g "' is 'Q- -If I u , I J. Worth P. Youkey M. Delong 'l'. Ottingcx' Ix. I'o:1f-Q ' 'I'PliY1S .l41m,-L Hcdmun .fox wi Hedmzin K. Huckle J. Russell J. Shives L.. Skcen S. Skehon T. Spoon J. Van Sickle L. Venus D . 'Williams C . Woodward Q.. .lx R"""'f' """' n, X 'rv Q: S I N cv ,V IYL X T 5 C a Of' 1 L J , C X 4 .J QQNQ ygn . Q 5 .ahh 1+fRn:5 Phu? 4.-nf Y, - Y, ' '- Z uf Q CHARM RAG SDALE Indiana State Teachers College of Indianapolis DOROTHY DUKES Ill, Wesleyan U. Ill, Normal U, Indiana University B, S, Butler U. MARIAN COUGER Teachers College of Indianapolis Butler University FLORENCE SHUMAKER A, B, Indiana State, Middlebury College, Sorbanne U., Paris lf' MARY LOU STUART Indiana University GLADYS RIGGINS Ball State Butler University e- I ix X VERNA LOU FERGUSON B, S, Indiana Central MARTIN NOL TE Indiana University Butler University ,wi if -'v ' I 45. . if' 4' . . .A .5 1 'A ...Jw Q N .F H' ? T' L gl tv- WWA- Slr A - A tgp U 5. A . is J . if ,- -he f 41'- , 'Q' A If QQ L CU! Q' 97' 'Q' H' 1. I' . nur 'E' GRADE VI Joanna Beesley Joellen Beesley G. Coffman D. Cook B. Crouch A. Davis J. Davis R. Divis T. Fisher J. Flowers J. Gillan E. Hankins T. Hankins J. Hay B. Hickson L. Holladay L. Lister J. Lovell I. Martin J. McBane E. Peace R. Rance L. Robbins R. Russell M. Rutherford J. Scering R. Scering P. Thornerson M. Shives E. Sipkus L. Way L. Woodard D. Carey L. Ownbey GRADE V J. Allen N. Hailey R. Black J. Boyd J. Clouser S. Cornett W. Delaney S. Evans E. Fairfield S. Gregg R. Hankins M. Hay G. Isfalt J. Jaekley S. Jacques D. Loveless D. Osborne J. Ottingter J. Parker S. Poole S. Price L. Randell D. Reagan L. Redman P. Rose L. Sartin .5 ., ss- 1 Q an C? Y" it x. pf fi 1 .?..- . 9 Q' 'YT 99' .iv .5-. .Q A my - ,. ??n'i. J , Q. fi.. , V .1 ,- . .H 05 'fl' 'Evra' Qj A. x F l R cf-1 . x Q- 0-,v 0-V E11 4' , 'C' I V ' 9 x 6- 1 1 J Jag sv Q07 ...P ,.,g- xf' -A' N us. L. Avery C. Heale R. I-lrakefield . f,'OffITl!iIl D. Fairfield J. Fairfield . Ford x. lV'1O1"d M. Furnish li. Ilankins If p E. Kinslow K. Merrill W. Miller J. Scering J. Scering G. Venis M. Warmoth Wyant 5. Bowen A. Sipkus D. Skeen Y. Strong S. Stultz P. Toney' J. Susong R . Yansickle ' XY. Yansickle X1 X' .. N Tl- .. . . ...Ag ... F. venting G. wan G. Way D. White B. Whitinger GRADE IV J. Allen K. Allen P. Apple J. Boyer F. Davis E . Derharn G . Fairfield L. Fairfield K. Fisher M. Hankins C. Hickson J. Lister C. Loveless M. Madison L. Martin D. Nease D. Price C. Rutherford V. Scering G. Sulivan J. Taylor R. Woodard B. Maurity P. Barker S. Barlow E. Bowen D Cory ds- Q.. If-v-J ' r 'J I Q-f' Q- , , YT' V Ts- hl vi lm Ti , i 3' ' if .INK .H PM 'x ...M r , . Q. 'Uh' qi , '., 41 a -. ' ,li '- X x, ri' W-f-f' -- - ! -4 ,K Q. .- " 6- I 1 T' I RI " 4 I A .13 1 i .J 1 K' , ,f I Qi 1-.Q---.- ,.. inn -u--4.. -1--. 'ang wr' gy I if 19. i-0 W X, i sr, '- QM... iff s - 5 , ai- ai' 2' 6' v-,. 9 vs, iii., ,M ,i . ' , .5 - A A- , ,ri 'w-.L 6, It Xl . C. Cruvefns - q.. J W. Dany J . Ford . M. Furnish "If D. Gant I' O. Griffith J. Hankins C. Hitch E. Isfalt H. Merrill L. Reno J. Toney S. Vaughn H. Wingate R. Wyrick F. Norris GRADE III N. Black S. Bunch G. Campbell M. Cornett L. Dale R. Davis E. Fairfield S. Gant R. Goldsberry J. Gregg M. Gregg C. Hankins R. Holloday L. Jenkins IC . Ifalirfield li . liinslow U. Likens 'I' . Lollau' M. N111 rtin J. Martin C . Maynard S. Neuse J. Perkins E. Price D. Rance K. Reagan D. Reed C. Robbins J. Sartin C. Shelly C. Susong C. Van Sickle R. Vaughn J. Walker D. White J. Wyant G. Rranagin E. Coffman R. Fairfield L. Graves B. Scering R. Stockton B. Strong GRADE II D Appl H ryant Coffman Craven Daflgy Ford Furnish G illan Goldsberr Goode Graham Graves Hankins Hankins Hankins Hay Hutchens Johnson Lampher Lister Madison Morris Nay Nease Osborne Poole Reno Robbins Rutherford Smith Smith H. Tzilliott 5. Yehlinfy M. White H. Xk'i1ifiIl,LfL'l 'I' . Woodzi Vai R. Wyzmt D. Crouch lt. Cviffith J. Hamkius Xl. Uicksoii R. Price C. LOHGI' F. Louks J. Mciynard H. Stockton P. Toney L. Vansickle N. Venis J. Wait GRADE I R. Black R. Davis M. Deck L. Fairfield M. Hamm M. Harikins C. Price D. Loveless R. Stockton J. Venis C. Kinslow ft' D fa ,. E V. My .. ,,,.. 1 5 4 . A my 3 1 - H ,I J . ..-. J J 'N K S K.. .,.ff -Cf' X 4 -.a Z' 'R' y 3 f 9' 1 'J in , 'J .,, J J idx , 'fi' ff' Q:-'l ' 'S' dl ,:.. . a 5 . A 1 ' . W i e 1- . 5' , in wi I . -1 H g N Q ' ' 1 -T5 A "E 'Q' Q- f.,i"', . . Q- ig fi V216 fs X 1 5? aw , 6 'Y 'if' K. .Xpplcf D. W Hon I. fxllcn . . iurlfn I". .Nnderson T"- I I v I' Dirge In 5. Bunch J. Curr M. Carter Cf. Cones I? Craig V Clark C Dale I, Davis D Gunn G. Hankins Jaques P. Jenkins M Jones S. McBane D. McCall D. Newby R. Perkins S. Ripstra B. Ruthcrfol 5,-f if .qi -J ,.,,z A GjQl'lV'I,jl'I -x A - x : "A1W13 1 'x 1 1 1 ' 5 P K' bf? 'C' , ,, I, V . I fa 2-' :-rgfff. gl. 5 g. . o v -"":.: ligb ' 4 . ilf EXODE and PAPER TAFF Exode Editor . . . . . Paper Staff Editors . Advisors .... . . . Judy Ranee Floyd Birge Jack lleini Norma Gant Jewel Fairfield Bud Moody Judith lliekson Betty Mullen Sue Hinton .-X nna Billingsley Carrol Croueh Janet Rover Julia Dunbar Ethel Crews Anna Allen Jaek Rirge ........c....IohnLong Dick Richey 81 Robert Kinslow . . . .Mr. Gibbs 81 Mr. Joseph Melvin Louks .Ioyc-e Cones llowa rd Fairfield Butch Smith Bill Davis Francis Ford Jack lleim Keith Wilson .lim Redman Ed Priee Don Cravens Fred Coffman Leon Price Marvin Wilson Rill Russell Mary Edens i ill' .inn-i :tif urn! :muah ., un--as H. W. fl. X Q' l.'aJ' H- " Lf-LV VX! 'N nity v -lx Q1 1- gin T' lx .waz -Q 5, X' 4- 'N -X W,-x '1-xW Va, '7 A 1 ' - ,'inD'.N5 'I ..X,,5-gl' .ij , f - "ns A'b "fl ro"'.,H- - , Ng, S E., .Q ,as 'wa . a .Wg Q, , , Q' L lv? Qi, ra Am A A5 ,gxg .E 7 'lfzwvi VU' 17" Inf!! 1 Q U I' f U 1 Qanuiinnuulnnnn linen... f...m-.mann , JS" Q X MARCHING BAND MAJ URETTES -O.. F.F A S 4g 'sz f . I2 YEAR CLUB ROW CLUB RV x ' 'ii-me 5 , "V Q ' 4 91 it vi Q75 mt 1 t ',",, QV., b,?ar .yy-v 1, 7 W' ...suv CO0KS HUME EC Af' 3. ....m-A!' Q4 5 Q 5 S is SHOP PHYSICS LAB PURDUE ASSE MIZLY DE LEGATES U, Q ' 1 s , BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATE REPRESENTATIVES 61 1 CADE T TEACHER SICK ROOM JANITOR Mrs. Leonard Jess Castile LIBRARIAN P, A, SYSTEM Mrs. Cones Mr. Gibbs BUS DRIVERS CUNCESSIUNS in THL TIG A5 "C'.2 i I pg ff X X . X 1 X C R Uh 40x .fs 235' Q VA. V I-4 J -A I H 0 1' ' Sei 4 A L N X Ear il 4 Z .nl- 2 , -5 2 2 ' X ' A4 A ,.V. , I , , . V -:ii by Q ' V A AQ,' V -f--...... 'X X XX Y 1 " X' E --.. X if 'X xx 2 X' 4 NN.. ' " ' X 7 1 K X XX f f X X 1 X X VKX XX ' LX xx t f .X xx K lf-- ZX X XX -- t XX k X X Xxxx XX N NX X ' 5 0.0. -li 'LN-gw -1' ' 1 43, Q Xf 'i i' ' fronwx 11h 1 Walla Vkhltc brown I mm 11 Dover Perry C entrul Dover' W ella Plke Twp Z1Of1SVl118 Lebanon Pmnell Thorntown Whltestown Dover 5 5 J O 5 485 685 5 595 685 5 805 CDU T5 TOUR h5 I ou N111 55t11S nc 5 5 I hol utown 665 UH l 1 JN ECTIO AL TUURNEY Dover Plke 'I wp Z1OI'1qV111C Pmne-11 Dover 635 655 5 5 5 595 68 Z1onsv111e 7 25 5 5 5 5 5 5 Pmnell .3 85 Z1OHbV1116 v v v 1 v ' H55 5 Qi' s"1- f'f'5 l'vr'r'yL'-r1I1':11 4l55 5 5 Xi fwillv H555 '1 Q 8155 5 5 5 '5 .' 425 5 4 - -- 5 ran 5 5 flwrlnkfun 7' , 5 5 Dm, ' 1' 5155 5 5' F35 5 5 5 '5x515I'ILKNI1 M55 5 ' 605 5 815 ' ' 415 5 ' ' . 515 ' , 505 5 5 ' ' . ' ' 585 5 5 . x.. -1. 4.1. ,, l,.,' fm A-wmN.1.t..qv,N,, . '1! vaqqgw "A" TEAM BASKETBALL SCORES 1955-1956 Thorntown 57 Thorntown 38 Thorntown 60 Thorntown 62 Thorntown 88 Thorntown 51 Thorntown 59 Zionsville 64 Thorntown G2 Thorntown 61 North Salem 51 Thorntown 66 West Lafayette G8 Rossville 62 New Ross 65 Thorntown 69 Thorntown 58 Overtime Overtime D. Overtime Forest Colfax Camden Pittsboro Clayton Richland Twp Danville Thorntown Brownsburg Waynetown Tho rntown Dover Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Plainfield Fowler B TEAM BASKETBALL SCORES 1955-1956 Tho rntown Thorntown Thorntown Pittsboro Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Brow nsbu rg Thorntown North Salem Dover West Lafayette Rossville Thorntown Plainfield Fowler Thorntown .33 35 37 37 42 32 34 36 30 49 31 40 '51 40 B TEAM TOUHNEY fThorntown 43 C Q C KPinnell 23 CDover 2Thorntown CWells :Finnell 70 Forest 24 Colfax 32 Camden 18 Thorntown 28 Waveland 26 Clayton 20 Richland Twp. 30 Danville 40 Zionsville 30 Thorntown 31 Waynetown 31 Thorntown 29 Thorntown 40 Thorntown 35 Thorntown 28 New Ross 39 Thorntown 26 Thorntown 38 Dover 40 Dover CCO. Champs! Wells 23 Rossville Lafayette Attica Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown FRE HME TEAM BASKETBALL SCORES 1955-1956 Conference Games 30 36 36 27 21 45 Non-Conference Games 30 37 41 71 Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Lebanon F I"HY'lkfOI'1 Delphi We11S Kirklin Zionsville Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Sunnyside Washington Thorntown Frankfort Flora Thorntown Thorntown JR. HIGH-A-TEAM BASKETBALL SCORES 1955-1956 Twp. Whitestown Dover Wells Rossville Thorntown Thorntown Lebanon Thorntown Thorntown Zionsville Delphi Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Kirklin Thorntown JR. HIGH "B" TEAM 24 16 34 29 50 Q2 ,-1 Whitestown Dover Washington Thorntown Union Twp. T w p NAME Birge, D Birge, J. Caldwell Campbell Coffman Davis Fairfield Lanm Long Mitchell Ddoody Price Ramsey Rhoades Robbins RusseH Worth Cravens BA EBALL we AB H BAUWTNG AVERAGE FHHJHNG AVERAGE 2 0 000 000 23 9 391 952 13 4 308 960 2 0 000 000 ll 2 182 800 10 2 200 1000 0 0 000 1000 11 1 091 1000 1 0 000 1000 2 1 500 000 4 1 250 875 17 6 353 1000 14 4 286 1000 3 O 000 000 11 3 273 941 13 3 231 1000 0 0 000 000 18 10 555 833 BASEBALL SCORES Thorntown '7 WGUS Wells 6 Tborntown PHmeH 13 Thomnown 3 Thorritown 8 DOVCI' 7 Tborntown 16 Whitestown Zionsville 6 Thorntown 74 PITCHING 000 1000 500 1000 I 1 Y , 1 ,. Y TRACK SCHOOL TRACK AND FIELD RECORDS FROM 1953 TO 1955 EVENT 120 yd. High Hurdles 100 yd. Dash Mile Run 440 yd. Dash 180 yd. Low Hurdles Half Mile Run 220 yd. Dash High Jump Broad Jump Shot Put Pole Vault Mile R elay Half Mile Relay HOLDER Bill Davis Ed Castetter Bud Moody Allan Rhoades Allan Rhoades John Long Bill Davis John Long Bill Davis Max Price Allan Rhoades John Long Bill Davis Jack Birge Allan Rhoades John Long Bill Davis Allan Rhoades Sam Ramsey 75 TIME OR DISTANCE :19 :11. 1 5:14.7 :58.5 :23 2:15 224.5 5 ft. 3 112 inches 19 ft. 1 inch 44 ft. 4 114 inches 9 ft. 6 inches 4254.5 1:45.8 YEAR 1955 1953 1954 1955 1955 1955 1955 1955 1955 1953 1955 1955 1955 W k., 'A .si-"""' My 4 5 I ., -U ,f Q 3 K. P, 4- ,l 2 .Q x +4 4 Q., ,I x v Ck, S, rpg!! ., ' ",,.,..J": ,Aol . Mm ,:?'r4" .2 1 ff' 1, . , Q f .' : X . -X i - A 01 ',,..f--' A .- Q , W' E ' ' ' 71 1s ff' 1 'Y' Q 3 , , Aj, 'rs X S w Congratulatlons and Best Wlshes from MEI. EATO ClIEVIl0l.E'l' C0lPA Y Unco Thorntown .zu XCHEVROLEI New Passenger Cars and Trucks Used Passenger Cars and Trucks Complete Lme of Parts and Accessomes Complete Body Shop Servlce Work by Tramed Mecharucs Wrecker Service Day and Night Armstrong T1res and Tubes ndit1ona11y Guaranteed Against All Road Hazards Phone 448 79 Ind1ana 1 Indxana s Leadmg Sportmg Coods btore G00 P 209 West Washmgton Street Indlanapolis Indlana ME 4 3446 ARTII R Glll. and SON General Contractors New School and Gym 1059 McKinley Avenue Frankfort Indiana 80 r I Q? 0 'i 005 co' mc. P0 UN 9 -1 H P0ll'I'ERS STUDIO 312 Illmols Bldg Indlanapohs Ind1ana Your Photographer For All Occaslons Candld Weddmgs B1rthdays Mother s Day Father s Da Chrlstmas Famlly Reumons Home Portralts Compllments C0 E BRO'l'llER Excavatmg Contractors S Thorntown Phone 64 or 243 Indlana 81 Valentine Day 7' y i H ll0ME NATl0NAl. BANK Q5 -1 Gl.0VER S ICE CREAM ICE CREAM YV 8 -unn- Phone 78 y Msnnsk FEDERAL RESERVE svsrsn Thorntown, Indiana Compliments of 0 CP ankforg Indiana 2 GGDDQEYEAR WALKINGTEN SALES and SERVICE TBXTHE vnonucvs I 4 107 Indianapolis Avenue C0. Phone 120 Bermuda Sportswear h t SUNSET IUTEI. and CAFE Fmest ln Food S Phone 8613 Thorntown Indiana Compllments of AVO THEATER Phone 409 Lebanon Indiana i 84 RUSSELL and EITUII x M OATICI S Phone 450 Thorntown Phone 21 Lebanon SUGAR CREEK ELEVATUR DIVISIU Green Tree Feeds Phone 346 Thorntown Indiana .H my U Steaks-Chops-Fries 6 X U. . 52 0GIlEN 0I.llSMOBlLE g g, HARDWARE SPENCER S XJ AMERS nn and uns WHEN MAX IIANKINS Sll0P 'l Good Luck Best Wishes O Cf? A35 NX "" iss: - Q-19 Thorntown Indian Lebanon Indiana Lots of Luck Compliments of 0 O Thorntown Indiana anon Indiana WRIGHT HARDWARE and ELECTRIC Phxlgas Cylmders and Bulk Servlce Wilhamson He ating SL Cooling Colfax Radlo SL TV Sales Sm Serv1ce Zeruth Small Appliances DENNY ELECTRIC Thorntown Indxana - 86 CCLFAX CRA C0 Gram beed Feed Coal Colfax Indiana PURE CII. Gas O1 Tlres Batte T195 Phone 42 Thorntown lnd1ana Q Compliments of 'l O STEWART WARNER CORPORA'l'l0N 'l'ROY S REACRN DRIVE INN 1 GENDER PAESCRKE FRED SIESS C0 U. S. Machine Division Compliments of FREY k . C0. Lebanon Ind' Congratulations 3 5 ' 1 c 'ghway 39 Sn 52 By-Pass Your Local Ford Dealer - DAVIS mm co K' UMD Hybrld Seed Corn Flower RL Garden Seeds Clover Alfalfa Grass Seeds Chrysler Plymouth Corner South 81 Merchan Sts Lebanon Indiana Lebanon Indlana IIANKIN S ST0llE 4s 0" DAVI WHITE Thorntown s Largest Grocery Store Grease Washmg Locker Plant Thorntown Indiana Thorntown Indlana 88 y AUTO - D ALE FRANK AY Every Insurance Need Here Thorntown Indlana Fine Food Cooked Homestyle Steaks Fish Chops Opal 81 Walter Hickson Thorntown Indiana L 89 HAMB RGER ll0P TEPEE Hamburgers Tenderloms FTIGS Cheesburgers F1sh Steak Sandwiches Thorntown Ind1ana an0 Everythlng or e Perfect Prom Lebanon Indlana IIICKSO CAFE PA AU- TA Eli d MORRIS ACCOUNTING SERVICE Darllngton Indiana VERMILLION CLEANERS We mean to please Thorntown Darlington PETE S A Full Line Of Everything Thorntown Indiana MOUNTS FLOWERS Flowers to serve your every need Lebanon Indiana i' 90 IVAN S MARATHON The Best Ln the Long Run Gas Oil Lubricants Custom Work Thorntown Indiana BARGIN BOB The Best at a Reasonable Price Thorntown Indiana CAMPBELL S Name Brands Thorntown Indiana M M NEAL CO QUALITY KARN' EQUIPMENT Lebanon Indiana I ,, Compliments of CARL BARKER Thorntown Indiana ANDERSON S FURNITURE MART Colfax Ind1ana CESSNA S STORE Glfts Toys Fountaln You can get 1t at Colfax Ind1ana Compliments BRADSHAW BROTHERS Building Supplies l- Compliments COXS HARDWARE Colfax Indiana Necchi Gt Elna Sewing Machines DOC S SEWING SHOP Lebanon Indiana Compl1ments of COLDEN GUERNSEY DAIRY Frankfort Indlana Compliments of Colfax 2465 Wmthrop Avenue Ind1ana Indianapolis 5 Ind1ana 91 Quality Dairy Products of COLONIAL BAKING COMPANY STERLING JEWELERS F1ne Watches Lebanon Indlana LAVERTY S on the alley Men s 8: Boy s Wear WHY STORE for the sharpest GEISLER S STYLE STORE for Men St Boys Frankfort Indlana J A KERN St SON Quahty Furmture West Clmton Street BLAKE 8t HAM Jewelry Store the coolest Elgln Bulova the mostest Watches Dick Abbott Manager F rankfort Indiana F rankfort Ind1ana ALDENS DR STEPHEN F SULLIVAN Frankfort S largest Eye Exarnlnations department 9f0I'e Latest in Frames Frankfort Indlana Lebanon Indiana 92 F rankfort Indiana F rankfort Indiana . DR C BASSETT DR M A BASSETT Thorntown Indiana FAIRGROUND MOTORS Cood Used Cars Frankfort Indiana ACE HARDWARE Everything for the Home Workshop Lebanon Indiana THORNTOWN LUMBER COMPANY Lumber Coal Thorntown Indiana Z 93 ALLEN S GARAGE Mobilgas Mechanic al Work Thorntown Ind1ana Comphments STANLEY BARKER Thorntown Indiana REED S BAR BER SHOP The Best Thorntown Indiana MARTHA E LLEN S BEAUTY SHOP Thorntown Indiana I YALL COME INN Route 28 Frankfort Ind1ana Ph 9 916 Buy At BOECKMAN S JEWELRY F rankfort Ind1ana LA MAR BOYS SHOP We carry the best for the younger men Lebanon Indxana QUALITY SHOE STORE X ray Fitting Full Line The Best Lebanon Indiana 94 TAYLOR Sz SMOCK CO F1nest ln Furmture A11 Name Brands Lebanon Ind1ana WERRY THE FLORIST 7' Lebanon ""' Ind1ana JONES SL BENGER Quality Clothes Boy Scout Outfltters Lebanon Ind1ana CLUB 52 Fine Foods Gt Drinks TV Bowhng Lebanon Ind1ana I . . . , . I I Il . LENOX BROTHERS IIIEIIIIIBY Lebanon Indlana COLFAX LUMBER Colfax Indlana F RANKFORT CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH 4 Q' Qi' F rankfort Indlana BOONE CO MARKET Flne Foods 81 Meats Locker Plant Lebanon Indiana -lily, KIMBLE S BAKERY api .Qi lf' Frankfort Ind1ana THORNTOWN UTILITIES xfffiu' 145' ,film EEESQWLV Thorntown Ind1ana HERTHER FOSTER Fine Furnlture A Dependable Store Frankfort Indiana BOYLAND 82 PURDY Unlon Oil SCFVICC 120 Lafayette Avenue Lebanon Indiana .f . - 1 li r 4 , I I I-coi U if - E-1 ' "" go O ARTINS GAS 81 APPLIANCE Gas Cooks Faster Come in and see our complete line Lebanon Indiana Compliments of JARRELL FEED CO Thorntown Indiana MC GINLEY St ROBERTS Better Clothes For Men and Young Men Paul McGinley Wilson Roberts Lebanon Indiana ROBBINS BARBER SHOP Thorntown Indiang - . 96 MODE RN CLEANERS . Suits-Skirts -Dresses Trousers-Shirts Reasonable Rates Lebanon Indiana REDDISH MUSIC 81 APPLLANCL Westinghouse Appliances Sheet Mus1c Records West S1de of Square Lebanon Indiana COOK S DRUG STORE A Safe Place To Trade Willard and June Cook Thorntown Indiana FINESIGA Meats 8: Groceries Free Delivery Lebanon Indiana 1 va ll .I I o N- 9 , Up' Q I V Q ALLENS REGAL MARKET ,fgxlgl f gil-JJ' 1 s M2 6 y ' Thorntown Indlana Compliments of STULTZ 81 HARSHMAN Thorntown Phone 583 Im-11a,na BURG DRIVE INN RESTAURANT Mechamcsburg Indlana Best Wlshes MIKE NAY Thorntown Indlana Good Luck MR, 81 MRS. GEORGE MOODY Thorntown Indiana C SHAFFER Sz SONS Lebanon Indlana Poultry, Eggs L 97 Compllments of CONNER S CLOTHING STORE The Complete Store for Men Jelston Conner Lebanon Lndlana BOOTS REAGAL MARKET J L Boots Colfax Indlana REYOLDS SINCLAIR Lebanon Indiana MIDWAY GARAGE Mechamcsburg 1 Indiana MOFFITT S MARKET Thorntown Indlana MC CLAIN IMPLEMENT CO Colfax Ind1ana Buyers of Eggs 81 Poultry BE ES LEY POULTRY Jamestown , Indlafla 'LTCX Y 1 -4 gg :fl 'TY' I I ,U'T" j H 1 11 , 'lbw ' ' ,LJ-'I 'Q 4' ix:-' I 'i Q O x ' P I 01 IRELAND S JEWELERS Lebanon Indlana TUCKER S DRIVE INN Cone ys Root Beer Lebanon Indlanan. S UGAR BOW L Lebanon Ind lana REED S JEWELRY Watchmakmg Frankfort Ifldlafla DAIRY QUE EN F rankfort Indiana Lebanon Indlana WESTERN AUTO CO ! 7 WHITE CABIN Hamburgers MC DANIEL S JEWELERS Lebanon Ind1ana DE MOSS FOOD MARKET Lebanon Ind1ana HILLS RES TAURANT Colfax Indlana DAIRY QUEEN Lebanon Indlana K R T AUTO PARTS Lebanon Indlana LEHE EQUIPMENT Darlmgton Irldlafla H S1 S MARATHON Lebanon Indlana HALL 81 FRANK JEWELERS Lebanon Indlana DR GREGG M Thorntown Ind1ana CARL E GANT Inte mor Dec orator Thorntown Indlana XNNIQQWM Y T ' Q Tw A T J, . ' Q Y' U M T: fa. , is S an "f L 1 ,. l 1 V V C A Y A A R T3 R' no 1' . 'X-L in Y , ' I i Y Y L , --if 17 I Y S Q , 5 X r 1 A! X f ' W Q K X! v Y i V igf U' ni Wi V i Lebanon Indiana ll f N T Good Luck X - 4' T'T I f ' I -XL L A "R ' - o v I S g -I Diff av SCCSC L I L F. . . - XM CO. . 'Fri T- S D ILT- , Y - ' , 7 7 f A, 'W S Q- 1' I1 ,L TV X I . .TI V F? 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Suggestions in the Thorntown High School - Exode Yearbook (Thorntown, IN) collection:

Thorntown High School - Exode Yearbook (Thorntown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Thorntown High School - Exode Yearbook (Thorntown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Thorntown High School - Exode Yearbook (Thorntown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Thorntown High School - Exode Yearbook (Thorntown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Thorntown High School - Exode Yearbook (Thorntown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Thorntown High School - Exode Yearbook (Thorntown, IN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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