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Text from Pages 1 - 162 of the 1952 volume: 'i'E'..,," lk 1' X K w I ,X K xg 5 DEDICATION V fcaffrffw I-Q-.E 4 X55 K ,pg Q. Ye fix , P X... -A mm 4 W X if X X33 8 Www , Il 75 FINANCIAL SUPPORT, HAVE ENCOURAGED US TO COMPLETE HIGH SCHOOL, AND TO OUR TEACHERS WHO HAVE GUIDED OUR ACTIVITIES WITH PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING, WE, THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1958 OF THORNTOWN HIGH SCHOOL, DO RESPECTFULLY DEDICATE THIS VOLUME OF OUR YEARBOOK OXGQQQW 'Hb -.J .-- fn O TO OUR PARENTS, WHO, WITH THEIR MORAL AND A A9225 Q Qew W sf 'X ADMINISTRATION ' gl .4112 i HW V J E K 4 as Q S V s Pj, A L 4 4 X f xi x .a ,- MSM saw 1 6' Allen Beesley, Trustee Sugar Creek Township Marjorie Long A B De Pauw University Latin Speech T3 Frances Gadsin B S University of Illinois Butler University English Social Studies Obert Piety H S Indiana State Teachers' B S Indiana State Teachers' Principal Coach Science Marvin White Vingog Mgjfion C0110 0 B S Canterbury College B S Hlrion College Purdue University Music 3 Physical Education llthematics K ,x ii! .K , 5444015 A B De Pauw Home Economics Biology 'raden Boyd Clarence Creamer B S Purdue University B S Iowa State Teachers' Agriculture Biology Industrial Arts Harriet Nichols B S Indiana University Commercial Genevieve Cones Helen Curry A B Indiana State Teachers' A.B. Central Normal De Pauw University Indiana University English Art Social Studies xxi E if XD I ed i f I iggaeia .l 4 . 4 'kiwfu Hm7LwmM y! Q 19.Qj XA ' ' x -QIBHV ' ' V t. . K Q 1 0 O .f ... Q ' Zac?" W ? lc. A Q? J VT 1 ff, Taylor,Evans nccarrercy,wh1ue Mr Charles Dobson, our JBHITOI for several years, retired from active service on December 31, 1951 Hls successor is Mr Robert Taylor In Memoriam It is with deep regret that we note the passing of two beloved members from our school system during the past year. Mrs Alta J Cline died on May 19, 1951, as the result of an automobile accident. She had planned to retire from ac tive teaching after many years of service in our schools 'The Exode of 19Sl' had been dedicated to her Mr Otis Ryan, a bus driver for many years, died of a heart attack on December 19, 1951 e e 9 e l 1-...mmm--.nun-v-mnnun . ' " 'MA ' ' ' 'E' nIunWiEm:mn-nn-uwinmumhlmuunmu-' 1 O 0 an C O O I mm.1.H.,-n,.,,,.. ml v.....t..f. umm, ,, .,,.,,.,,, 1. . ,.. M H . . . . . .. V .I L.-.. ,ml . ufH-m..-.,..,vmm.4 U.. .. H ...lm-.., E nj Suu 0455 W 69131 639 X fk 2-A A. , P- Q Cf' 9 A EQ .+- avW 'ff . x . Y l xx., xx -fx! l. ,fffi-fi'fI W, Ga iw!!-.xi I Q ,itil T ll.- -X'f',j-x'- W X Q, 3 ' ,, -,'-,L, fi 2 Q 1' '-X" , - qi-Q". , 2 3 ,sf 5, . .,1 I. l 'L' ' V .L :R Ao, g.. 1 , ' -A - :Lf . M . 151 is , L M lf Sli '53 . .- ,- f d E .E gtg D- L :rv Q - 0 Q,' 0 U l ff., LLD' g.,- 4. -- ' o v - Virw l--' Q 2. i A o bxb Q 2 R "Q '0 T 1 u -4 -1 3 53 EJ: E' L U .'-, I., QQ? O. 1' - gf H, A.. 3 -QE i ice' E S if T77 f A , w A J Q fm Higgs We Es A J Q Q Q Mi SEN Rs f We : Z igi .,. -iq.. 4 ::' - V147 'V I . In ,.,1:, , flfbf: W 1, l ,QC x 1 nw .j.. ,....-.. iff , 3 'gi X :SS 58 . f ' , ' i i A "?"f" eiigsi ' SSW 654447710580 H fe Is A 'lCtUP8, Palnt It Well,n Black and Whwte Red Rose Allen, Frances Bowen, Helen Caldwell, Phyllls Cravens, Jack Davis, Doris Fairfield, Lester Fisher, Roland Ford, Jean Gadsin, David Sponsors Mr Piety and Mrs Gadsin President Edward Penick Vice President John Nay Treasurer Rita Warmoth 4154663444 Kincaid, Donald Linton, Robert Louks, Marsaret Merrill, Leon Nay, John Painter, Mary Penick, Edward Plety, Rowena Redman, Jean Rlley, Loretta Roberts, Carol Si kes , Thelma Sloan, James Stewart, Mildred Swlnford, Lavern Vance, Maxine Wait, Rlchard Warmoth, Rita ,477 Li P . . . "' o Secretary--Carol Roberts 7 1 1 02' Wxh-nb:-' Thelma Sikes Class Yell le der a Operetta 1 Majorette 1,2 Cantata 2 U Concert Choir Class Play 3 Music Contest Drum Majorette 3 Sunshine 1 2,3,h Chorus 1,2,3 M Band 1 2, if-,wish X 3 Tribesman Staff M Exode Staff h Xml! X x ar' r 15 C4'1 Edward Peniok Doris Davis Class Yell leader 1 Operetta 1 Drum Majorette 1,2 Cantata 2 M Class Play 3 Nusic Contest 3 Girls' State 3 Sextet 1,2,3,k Chorus 1,2,3,h Sunshine 1,2,3,h Tribesman Staff h Exode Staff M Staunton H S 1,2 Student Council 1 Hi Y 1,2 Track 2 Class Trees Class Pres 1 M 4l""' Basketball 1 2,3,h Baseball 1,2,3,h Margaret Louks Band 1,2 Chorus 1,2 Sunshine 1,2 ew Ross H S F H A 3 Junior Play 3 Tribesman Staff h Richard Wait Chorus 1 Operetta 1 Cantata 2 A Choir Contes Class Play 3 David Gadsin 3 Fe Fe Ae Chorus 2 Cantata 2 5 Math Contest 2 P d A bl Tribesman Staff A C1Zs:ePrZ:?m 3y 3 u mode LL Class 3 Tribesman Staff A Exode Staff h 17 Mildred Stewart Sunshine 1,2,3,h Latin Club 3 Pres 3 Tribesman Staff M Exode Staff L il Carol Roberts Battle Ground H S 1 Star City H S 2 Class Vice Hres 1 Rand 1 3 Operetta 3 Class Play 3 Uist Bend Contest 3 State Band Cort st 3 Chorus l 2,3,Q Sunshine 1 2,3 L Class SecJ N0 X511 Xx 4:7-v K Wx 5 I 3 c,'1 1 John S Nay Chorus l Class Treas l Yell leader 1 Basketball 2 Class Play 3 Boys' State 3 Purdue Assembly Class Vice Pres Rita Arlene Warmoth Waveland H Class Treas Class Blay Latin Club Secy Sunshine 3 U Tribesman Staff M axons Staff R Class Treas A Tribesman Staff Alice Jean Redman Operetta 1 Chorus 2 Sunshine l,2,3 Q Class Play 3 Tribesman Staff M Exode Staff A Roland D Fisher 1- 1 Basketball 1 2 3 M Baseball 2 3 M Tribesman Staff M '41 James Allen Sloan A 1,2, Treas M Chorus l M Class Play 3 Ellen Maxine Vance Operetta 1 Band 1,2 Chorus 1,2 Class Yell leader 2 Class Play 3 Sunshine 1,2,3,h Tribesman Staff M Exode Staff A ,hu QM be 3 A fi 10' I 'lf Q7 WW , , . S. 1 H . u . 13 ' 1 -' , , 3 .. , J 3 3 1 Q , vin L s . ' ,f as . , 31h F?I.5' , ,ff f .3 ' 0 LI- ' V, gf .' 4, .0 F- F' A' 2,3ZL', F' F' '. M l T- -an 2 ,by , S.. 1 f Class Pres 1 XJ Rowena Piety :i2"'FA.,Pi5'w Xml! Xx 'Q v ar r Q! Phyllis Caldwell Operetta 1 Class Yell leader Class Sec 2 Y Latin Contest 2 Cantata 2 U Class Treas 3 .4lllllh. Jackson Twp H S 1 Yell leader l Class Vice Pres 1,2 Dist Solo Ensemble 2 3 State Solo Ensemble 2 3 Cantata 2 M Concert Choir 3 Queen's Attendant Girls' State 3 Class Play 3 Music Contest 3 Yell leader 3 A Chorus l 2,3 M Band l 2,3 M Sunshine 1,2,3 g Fxode Staff M W1 Robert Linton Basketball l 2,3,h Concert Choir 3 Girls' State Alt 3 Chorus l,2,3 M Sunshine l,2,3 M Vice Pres. 3 Class Play 3 Tribesman Staff M Exode Staff h Chorus 2 Baseball 3 A . F A 1 2, Vice Pres 3 Tribesman Staff A Jack Cravens Donald w Kincaid Basketball 1,2,3 M Chorus 2 Mary Painter Baseball l,2,3,u Cantata 2 . F Class Play 3 Tribesman staff Baseball M h Tribesman Staff h Xt T5 Jean Ford Cantatta l Band 1,2 Class Play 3 Chorus l,2,3,h Sunshine l,2,3,u Operetta 1 Cantatta 2 Band l,2,3,h Chorus l,2,3,h Sunshine l,2,3 XJ Frances Carol Allen Chorus 1,2 Sunshine 1,213 Tribesman Staff h . rg Q8 417' v X 57 c,"1 11, Lester Fairfield Basketball l 2,3 L Baseball 1 M Chorus 1,2 1 I Exode Staff A Lavern Swinford Fo A Vice Pres h Basketball h Class Secy Treas Operetta l Latin Contest 3 Cantata 2 A Chorus l,2,3 M Concert Choir 3 Band l,2,3 Sunshine 1,2,3 A Treas M Girls' State Alt Class Play 3 Tribesman Staff M Loretta Riley Band l Sunshine l 2,3 Chorus 1,2,3,h Exode Staff A Tribesman Staff A Leon Merrill Band 1 Operetta 1 Chorus 1 3 M Class Play 3 F F A 2,3,h Reporter A 7 , """ 3 -5 My gig' S10 W !ivf!f"n:i .'F -HQ n . I n 1 ' n3s U .3 ' 1 Fe Fo Aa 1 2 33,-If -, I '11, -x,, Helen Bowen iikgyix--, . Q ' , 3 F. - Bnlt - ' v n www The fall of l9h8 found a lot of very green freshman entering into Thorntown High for the first time Of course, that was our Class of '52 Our sponsors were Mrs Cline and Mr Boyd The officers were President Rowena Piety, Vice President Margaret J Couger, and Secretary and Treasurer Helen Bowen We sponsored a 'Barn Dance' and held two class parties We gained five new students Bertha Hamblett, Lavern Swinford, Bob Linton, Frances Duesenberg, and David Gadsin Later we lost Frances Duesenberg, leaving the total of 35 members in our Freshman Class Starting our Sophomore year, there were 3h enrolled We gained Phyllis Caldwell, and lost six Lawrence Clark, John Price, Bertha Hamblett, Margaret Louks, Barbara Gant and Patsy Morrison, leaving the total of 29 members Our sponsors were Mrs Engerer and Mr Owens He held the TLog Hop' dance and two class parties Before Christmas we received our class sweaters Also, near the end of the year we ordered our class rings, which we received the following fall Class officers were as follows President Bob Linton, Vice President Phyllis Caldwell, Secretary Piety, and Treasurer John Nay Our next year, making us Juniors, was getting to be more fun We were do many more things and by this time had learned to talk the teachers out more work Our enrollment showed that we had gained three Eddie Penlck, Warren, and Margaret Louks, and lost four Margaret Jayne Couger, Loretta Powena allowed to of much Donnie Bollnger, Esther Brakefield, and Donnie Warren, leaving the total of 28 Our sponsors were Mrs Fall and Mrs Long Officers were President David Gadsin, Vice President Bob Linton, Secretary Rita Warmoth, and Treasurer Rowena Piety We presented the play, 'Grandma's Best Years , held two class parties and sponsored the 'T1nsel Twirln, Christmas Dance During the latter part of May, the Junior and Senior Reception was held at the Shades State Park We enjoyed hikes in the morning, a picnic lunch at noon, and a lovely Hawaiian banquet in the evening We then attended the Avon Theater in Lebanon seeing the movie, 'The Mudlark ' Last, but not the least in importance, we are now in the last year of our happy school days at Thorntown High We have gained Carol Roberts, and Frank Painter, and lost Owen Wyant There are now 27 of us Our sponsors are Mrs Gadsin and Hr Piety Class officers are President Eddie Penick, Vice President John Nay, Secretary Carol Roberts, and Treasurer Rita Warmoth We have held In the News a school dance, and one class party, and are eagerly looking forward to our Commencement We wish to thank all the faculty members, parents, and friends, who have made it possible for us to become Seniors If it had not been for them I am sure many of us would not be present tonight As we leave the halls and class rooms of T H S forever as students, we are certain that we leave with greater souls and minds than when we entered T H S CREED T0 DEVELOP IR IYSELP Al APPBECIATIOI POR TH! PIIER THIIGS OP LIFE T0 ACQUIRB SELF COITROL AID SEL? RELIARCE T0 COG ERATE IITH OTHERS Il STUDENT AC TIVITIBS POR THB IELPARB OP THB SCHOOL T0 BE LOYAL T0 IY SCHOOL ARD T0 GIVE HER IY STBDIGBST SUPPORT AT ALL TIIBS SHALL BE IT PURPOSE DUBIIG IY ATTEIDAICB AT T H S OXSQQQW 1.1-1- s ...f . C I o o 3 " " " l 3 Q 0 2 O I O O I e o O I I 0 . 3 - - - -t " e I o Z . . U e e o I ' ' ' .. - ' ll U O Q I D o e o e . 3 I Q 1 - , . n n C I I OOO C s.. . Q - Q Q Ol' .44fNr'xf"'-s,- Z we, the Class of 1952 of Thorntown High School, upon leaving this Vale of Tears for a higher plane of life, being sound of mind and with our usual beneficent dis position, do generously bestow upon these, our legitimate heirs, our properties both real and personal, to wit Firstly To the Faculty we leave patience and fortitude to withstand the coming years, Secondly To all Underclassmen we leave our sponsors, recommending for them the most tender care, that the aforesaid sponsors may avoid the general epidemic of nervous prostration Thirdly and Lastly Upon certain needy and worthy individuals, we, the members of the aforesaid class of 1952, do generously bestow these gifts I, Lester Fairfield, do bequeath to Gene James a booklet, 'How to Drive a Car Six Parts I, Jack Cravens, do bequeath to Donnie Gant this novel, Gumshoe Gus , hoping it will help him in his detective work I, Phyllis Caldwell, do bequeath to the Sophomore girls, all chewing gum found stuck to my desk I, Rita warmoth, do bequeath to Sylvia Morrow my freckle cream which I have found most ineffective I, Richard Wait, do bequeath my astounding memory for statistics to walter Richey It might help him remember pencil, paper, and assignments, although it d1dn't help Loretta Riley, do bequeath to Betty Stackman my personal volume of 'Blind Love John Nay, do bequeath to Bud Coffman a ladder by which he may rise in this world James Sloan, do bequeath to Bob Giles my famous statement, WI haven't read my YI lesson yet I, Edward Penick, do bequeath to Bill Worth my bright answers to dark questions. I, Rowena Piety, do bequeath to Barbara Pefley, the care and feeding of my little sister Nancy I, Helen Bowen, do bequeath to Carol Long my wing measurements so that on Judg ment Day when the Angel Gabriel sounds his horn, the wings will be ready and waiting for the devout one to slip on day I, Roland Fisher, do bequeath to Bill Clark be true to eyes of blue when looking into eyes I, Doris Davis, do bequeath to Susie Ruckle prefer blondes, but there are exceptions beautiful brown eyes Who could brown? success with men Gentlemen I, Donald Kincaid, do bequeath to all jalopy owners my luck in getting riders who are good with a crank I, Thelma Slkes, do bequeath to Marlene Chambers, my success in getting a ring We, Frances Allen, Maxine Vance, and Jean Redman, do bequeath to Mildred Bailey our steady dating I, Robert Linton, do bequeath to Frank Vickrey my yellow slips for fishing trips. I, Margaret Louks, bequeath all the old adhesive tape from wayne's ring to some lucky gal who can persuade a boy to let her wear his ring I am using new tape for Commencement, We, Jean Ford and Mary Painter, do bequeath to Bill Randel a doll buggy so that may never have to rob the cradle Mildred Stewart, do bequeath my quiet manner to Delores Krewson Carol Roberts, do bequeath my popularity to Patty Russell Leon Merrill, do bequeath to Morris Pollard my ability to argue a case David Gadsin, do bequeath to Glenn Coffman my accomplishment of conversing fluently upon subjects about which I know nothing Drawn up this 13th day of May, in the year 1952, signed, sealed, and recorded by the Senior Class of Thorntown High School, 4 l MSQSQW . in . rv N ll I' me e I, . NO I, I, I, Lavern Swinford, do bequeath my two hens to any one who can eat two eggs a my e of ,my . he e I, - I, - I, - I, D :iilllllti a ram Nr 14,12 West Boulevard Q::f"'-N - Los Angeles, California May 13, 1972 Dear Thelma, Boy, am I poohedl I just found a few minutes between campaign speeches, and realiz ing that with your 10 children, you probably don't get around much, I thought I'd write to tell you of all the places I've been and the people I've seen You've probably read in the papers or heard over the radio that I am traveling as campaign manager for Doris Davis, who is running for President of the United States on the 7Down with Men ticket we've been on the road now for about four months, and during this time we've traveled all the way across the country We had quite a time finding a city large enough for holding our National Convention, because we needed one that was well located, and also able to accomodate the many people that would be attending our convention After very serious thought, we finally decided on Hazelri88, Indiana It was while we were in the vicinity of Hazelrigg that we met Helen Bowen and Richard Wait We were out driving one evening, and at a cross road some where in the country, we found Richard, a bus driver between Thorntown and Dover, arguing with Helen, a lady taxi driver, over the right of way It was a pretty heated argument, but with the aid of a large wrench, Helen finally won After the convention was over, we started east Our first stop was t Columbus, Ohio, where we met Jean Ford, who is the inventor of the famous 'Up and Atom Vitamin Pills ' She told us that Mildred Stewart was making a fortune selling frozen custard in South America and hot dogs in Alaska I guess she and her husband weren't getting along too well, so he runs the stand in Alaska, and she takes care of the one in South America On the way to West Virginia, after leaving Columbus, we looked out of the train window, and you could never guess what we sawl A picturecf Ronnie Fisher on a billboard! You remember when we had our pictures taken that Miss Porter told everyone about Ronn1e's beautiful eyes and how handsome he was? Well, Ronnie has taken advantage of his appear ance, and he is now a model for Woodbury The slogan that they use is His eyes, how they twinkle, his dimples, how merry, He's lovely, he's engaged, he uses Woodbury When we got to Charleston, west Virginia, we met Maxine Vance, Frances Allen, and Jeannie Redman, who were getting on the train to New York, where they have an engagement at Ciro's Night Club You knew, of course, that these three are a singing trio now and are following in the steps of the Andrew Sisters. They're all three married, and they On our second day in Charleston, we decided to go down town for a little shopping, and we had another surprise We found that Bob Linton was the owner of a lad1es'lingerie shop He said that he liked the business fine, and with some of the models that he has around there, I don't wonder! While we were downtown, we decided to eat lunch, and the first place that we came to was the Greasy Spoon, and due only to the fact that we were so hungry, we decided to g 1 when we got inside, we found the proprietors to be Loretta Riley, and Mary Painter If you ever stop in Charleston, be sure to miss the Greasy Spoon, or the drug store won't hold enough pills for you Our next stop was supposed to be New York, but upon learning that the president of Vassar Girl's School was a former '52 graduate of T H S , we decided to go over to Virginia to see her Since Margaret, Carol, Phyllis, and Rita, were the only gi ls left that we hadn't already seen, Doris and I disagreed about who it might be when we got there, we found we were both wrong it was Eddie Penick Eddie 1sn't married yet, but it sure 1sn't because he hasn't been asked He said that he gets on the average of two proposals a day from his his students, and the ones we saw were really beauties He also said that Jack Cravens did most of his work at Vassar, since Jack is an artist for the Esquire Calendar Company OXQQQQXQJ n C . a said that their husbands were all living in west Virginia, drawing unemployment checks. o n. . sz L-,,f--x,f After talking a while to the two boys, we ventured on to New York On the train we met Johnny Nay who is still rolling his eyes at the girls, and wise cracking as usual He hasn't changed a bit when we got to New York, we met Margaret Louks, who is married to the Superinten dent of New York Street Cleaners She told us that Carol Roberts had married a Kentuck ian and they were now living in the hills of Kentucky She said that she wasn't sure but she heard that Carol's husband was the meanest boot legger this side of the Mississippi She told us where to find Rita Harmoth, so we went down to CBS radio station to have a talk with her Rita is one of those people who make their living by laughing back stage for all the actresses who cannot laugh naturally While we were here, we also saw Jimmy Sloan, who is the biggest, handsomest actor I've ever seen received a letter from Leon Merill the day before Leon owns a ranch in Texas, so big that he had to hire someone to keep his books He had just hired Lavern Swinford the day before, remembering what a whiz Lavern had been in Bookkeeping Class After Doris had made several speeches on the east coast, we started toward the west. Until we got to Denver, Colorado, we saw hardly any one that we knew, but in Denver met David Gadsin and Donald Kincaid the same old Chevvy that Donald had because he says he's getting pretty insists that nothing could beat the inessl David and Donald are antique dealers traveling 1 while in high school. David wants to get a new car tired of always having to get out and push Donald 'Old Chevvy After all, they are in the antique bus I think that about includes all of our class of '52, except Phyllis Caldwell and Well, I guess this is all of our 27, so I'd better quit so you can get back to your Lester Fairfield, and I just got a call from Phyllis yesterday She read in the paper about us being in Los Angeles, so she called to see how everyone was. It seems that she saw Lefty's picture in the paper a couple of weeks ago with a beautiful girl, and when she started inquiring around, found that he was a sultan in Aradm, with a harem of thirty four beauties She is going to leave for Arabia in the morning to see if she cmni reform him, before he adds any more! family Oh, yes, I almost forgot our class sponsors, Mrs Gadsin, and Mr Piety told me that Mrs Gadsin was a Colonel in the Lady Marine Corps, and because she the enemy feel so cheap by just plain talking to them, she has been stationed indefinitely As for Daddy, he inherited a small fortune, and he's donating it David can make overseas vari ous towns for a very useful purpose. The money is being used to build dormitories, where basketball boys stay during ball season to make sure that they keep in training You could never imagine how much better the ball teams are now. Well, Thelma, don't work too hard, and write and tell me how the children are. Lots of Love, Rowena fX9J lj l I Rita said that he's been taking some of Jean's vitamin pills. Jimmy said that he hadjust we . n n I g e 0 0 . to - O J 00,00 S Z Q9 Q? ffizgig milk Cf Q 664601944 g9"Gr- Merr111,Venis,Osborne,Krewson,Morris,York,Asher,Ca1dwe11,Chambers Moore Mrs Cones,Coffman,Cravens,Ruckle,Gant,Craig,A1tum,Fisher,Long Horrow,Mrs Long Southworth,McDona1d,Castetter,Price,Richey,Randel,Woodard,Giles Sponsors Mrs Cones and Hrs Long President william Randal Vice President Edward Castetter Secretary Carolyn Caldwell Treasurer Glenn Coffman I 1 1 1 X Qin S , 9 ,, 6 f .l if V I g 6 3 .Q 1' 1 ' ' J 1 - f W, Q ,L I s 1 Lk? i X , 1 4' A 4 r I "' Q " Q U 'Sk ,A e 'lg 'lg f B' -of f J L I W V W G f no Q ,Q 5 n a 4' 5 '1 , . ,R 7 W .' 5 K ' A r' E.Y" ,. - ' S ' W .als AW -Tfvn N AQ f 'M I 5, f hf N -H Wm, s ,' x - J., Q' 'I 'Z E Q . -- Q . 02- ,SO W lk 5 DRY SOPHOMORES 'A 94 4-M' . I I' ' ,X xi Sfwdmwdlfm han fi Q' nord,Sa11ee,Pef1ey,Stackman,Castetter,Gant,Davis,Bai1ey,S1oan Mr Mack,Dunbar,Piety,Fairfield,Woody,Vickery,Worth,Russe11,Gant Mr white Rhoades,Kincaid,Tim ons,Cranford,Patterson,Beesley,B Howe,D Howe Omitted inadvertently fpgm class picture Nancy Lollar Sponsors--Mr. White and Mr. Mack President--william Worth Vice-President--Nancy Piety Secretary--Frances Bailey Treasurer--Barbara Pefley C-2+-----------so I Li'- Q69 X C!! XXJ 61444 6005 x Q " Uv l---'V Morrison,Hanna,Kincaid,Fisher,M111er,Ramsey,Go1ns,Coffman,McCa11 Mr Boyd,Woody,Merri11,Huber,Bailey,Hami11,Cre Coffman,MissNicho1s Barrison,Po11ard,C1ouser,Rigg1e,wi1son,Clark Sponsors Mr Boyd and Miss Nichols President Willis Clark Vice President Larry Going Secretary Alice Coffman TPSSSI-IPOI'--Catherine Ramsey tsinger,Strong, 92: - x Q 4 f 'W YJ HGNORS Y y W ix K fstq-,R ff' ,X iff ' 1 f ff 4 - X X Aiia. exi y U ' ., jfiksx yX .m,Q,g .wlf U exe' 41. .-f:2:'5- A,,Q5j7 ,452iiEf:7 t:gF55::Z,,A,qQnP A !'f -1EggiEg1x 'QSi A7,f'1'K,,f 253 eigishfrr' 42f Arion Foundation Music Medal American Legion Award Senior Boy American Legion Boys' State Appointment Junior Boy Legion Auxiliary Award Senior Girl Legion Auxiliary Girls' State Appointment Junior Girl Psi Iota Xi Girls' State Appointment Junior Girl Scholarship Cup Kline Good Citizenship Award For Boys D. A. R. Med l - Senior Girl L1on's Club Sportsmanship Award Cissell Basketball Trophy De Kalb Agriculture Award B. P. W. Awards For Girls 8. We M 'll5."N- 4f',4"f4'r Q:5QE:E! u-5:-5 Q-5111? Q ee X J Q Girls' State Delegate Piety F F A Que n Piety,Richey 'LI' fx fy ,Q iss Purdue Assembly Delegates Gi1es,Long,Gadsin -42 ar 'P' Girls' State Delegate Davis ' 1-Fix" . zz' 1' - 5,3 ' W3 2rw:1:ei 4- W U xH'f 3 , 1 f ' 11 V. I IA .1 i wi, ,K . K ,,, ,A g J 'NM'-4 , ' x fag, ,g,x, J- . v 6 Mfg A ,gg My-w,+w.H,w. 5 f ' gg- fw O 1 ' 0 C ,,, we 2, A A . , ' 4 , ' 0 ., A Q" ' , 'Ff'iiEx ' A M,wWM'M , f?w"' W 2 ,w . ,' ff , -I fo ,, ,X ' L., W f - X ' ' X , . . yJxff . ' f" v-.N , . . 5 ,, mv . al , . 'WW mfJ'l.,.e4M41,3-,.4. 'N " 'A 'A A I Wm ACTIVITIES 2 fi If X ,Z in Allen,Vance,Caldwe1l,Wa1t,Redman,warmoth,Piety,Mrs Gadsin Sikes,Gadsin,Davis,Fairfield,Ri1ey,Stewart EXODE STAFF Editor Thelma Sikes Classes and Clubs Frances Allen Grade School Loretta Riley Athletics Richard Wait Snaps Mildred Stewart Art David Gadsin Typists Doris Davis an Phyllis Caldwell Subscriptions Maxine Vance Advertising Rita Warmoth and Lester Fairfield Features History. 0 0 0 0 o 0 o Jean Redman 0 0 0 e David Gadsin Prophecy. 0 Q o o o 0 0 0 ROWBHB. Piety Adviser. 0 e 0 o 0 0 0 o o 0 e o 0 o o o e 0 o 0 .Mrs. QSQW X -'- -' 'T SMA! ' D S n - W New N T , QM YJ ' i Q ' Q Nt Q' Q. 5 V S. if V' ' 1 , ' . ..:::: : ....... A.. ZX WW f f moonff on Gmane o , ,qn,f-QCD 0.0510 0 'Wx ,.-C-f?fW-W? 0-O .9 C11 Coffman,Hanna,Vance,Fisher,Osborne,Kincaid,F Bai1ey,S1kes M Bai1ey,Asher,visher,Hami11,Davis,Chambers,Lo1lar,Ramsey Moore,B Merrill McCall,Mi1ler,Long,Morris,N Piety,Cravens,Ruckle,Craig,K1ncaid Davis,Painter,Russell,Morrow,Gant,woody,btewart,Mrs Leonard Venis,Castetter,P Ca1dwe11,C Ca1dwe11,P Merr11l,Krewson,York R Piety,Pefley,Bowen,Warmoth,Redman,Stackman,Roberts,Sallee Sponsor Mrs Leonard President Rowena Piety Vice President Carol York Secretary--Barbara Pefley Treasurer--Helen Bowen MQQQQW 0 F Strong,Dunbar,C1ark,Vickrey,Cravens,Bees1ey,D Howe,Rhoades Fairfield,Huber,Coffman B Howe,Giles,Linton,Southworth,Fisher,Fairfie1d,Timmons,McDonald wilson,Woody,Mr Boyd C S1oan,J S1oan,Price,Piety,Richey,Swinford,Merril1 Sponsor Hr. Boyd President Walter Richey Vice President Lavern Swinford Secretary James Sloan Treasurer Carl Sloan Reporter Leon Merrill Sentinel -Max Price QNSQQQW L 5U6xQQanh0nn .4 19 fn"'X. 553 VXQ37' , x by 'lf9Q"1"- 7704440 +3325 Depcntmenf 1,1 i mr mdmqmem Mfmwzgcom gown' 000 5 'Gmane 'nr P bx"'5f'?Hn lldncgnen OC mph 2HF5c"? fm QQ U1 5 H A - - 4 ', 1 I' W7 ff' ' -K . . H E 6 I . xl A X Q ' ' f 4' ,X 1 af 12 T Q 4 I, ,. gl - ' 4 f ' 4" 1' ?' A 'rf Y Q f' f- r'.V ' " - A ' - ' A A ,X I 4. f W qvQlrg,, GV? Qx ' 5, - .99 o'1 aftdegand Conductor Vinton Mack Student Conductors S Morrow, R Piety Flute B Pefley Clarinet B Fairfield Clarinets J Craig, C Crouch, C Evans, L Everhart, J Fairfield, G Hamill, B Howe, J Jackley, B Merrill, S Morrow, L Penick, M Whittinphill Alto Saxophones W Randel, R Robbins Tenor Saxophones C Ruckle, W Smith Cornets P Asher, L Barrison, L Goins, C Lamar, J Long, B Martin, J Patterson, N Piety, M Pollard, W Russell, R Worth Mellophone D Ford Trombones J Coffman, S Cranford, F Pollard Baritone D Huber Sousphones G Coffman, R Piety Tympani C Long Bass Drum P Russell Cymbals M Chambers Snare Drums Campbell, N Lollar, C Ramsey, B Salee Bell Lyra J Cones Drum Majorette Bailey Twirlers P Asher, B Fairfield, J Fairfield, M Rose of mmm P Caldwell, G Hamill, R Piety First Sopranos F Bailey, P Caldwell, A Davis, D Davis, J Ford, P Kincaid, D Krewso C Long, S Morris, Z Osborne, M Painter, R Piety, C Ruckle, S Venis, C. Woody, C York Second Sopranos P Asher, M Bailey, A Coffman, N Kincaid, N. Lollar, D McCall, B Merrill, S Morrow, B. Pefley, C Ramsey, L Riley, C Roberts, B Sallee, T. Bikes, B Stackman Altos H Bowen, S Castetter, M Chambers, J Craig, S Fisher, D Ford, B Gant, G. Hamill, S. Hanna, S Miller, M Moore, N Piety, P. Russell Tenors: W. Rhoades, C. Sloan, D. Strong, R. Wait Baritones: J. Barrison, W. Clark, B. Clouser, R. Dunbar, B. Howe, D. Howe, D. Huber, L. Merrill, F. Pollard, M. Pollard, J Sloan, J. Timmons, J. Woody, W. Worth Bases: Castetter, S. Cranford, F. Fairfield, J. Patterson, W. Randel, R. Wilson Director Vinton Mack Accompanists by Q' - ff 222 f -41 Km Ybon 17 cyl' ' 3 Eb O : Bb . : Eb I :I I U Lo : O O O F. : e :Q e 0 e o e ng W ward 5 Z7 fl : -Z ii , f A: f X .Q 'Q dd C, 55357 UNA, tml 'Y- 1-9 MP S8136 f4,, 4 caan Q, '.45. ' if Fon w OOC? is 4 1. Dlvld 6 Y 491 T1 O P 5-an lov ktovx iq. T514 'fx xo . O U X . 2 P ,J a -Qf' wx ' 1 A-ir ' -1 '. N wel .f - 1 .--5 xv, '-'Cx e 4 r - f - . 7 ' ,. A '4 'f i '- ,, 1 ,A 41" vu ,E 1 Q4 lf? . 2: Q ' , v H - X ' A - ,, , 2 I - . -gtb mn S 'L H 'A 5 , , .U Fa f Hr 1 v I J V X 1 f'1.B. T? K. 51 . M ' WE 2 - - b . J. E X I 1.- .. . Al .V -3 - V 4? ' . Y u . ,A l - . 'Q - Q ,' - -. 4.45. 4 - , 43 fl 'Ay A4 b U , . '-ff 4 : -I ffi 1 ' Q ' ' C" - 5 P ' .' ' - 0 ' 1 I . - It xr I 1? wx I Y fhs ' ' Y' v , , 1 . SYS. pf h ' ', ' - 2 f f -: "2 22 b + N I ' .- f A VJ ,5' 1 t-R V :w 1 , . - " , ' . ' .. f .0 A 10' - -1-- M x A' ' . j , fx , x -'Q H ' 'itff E . 1 XX. ,. H 1 V . Q.: .1 , li 5 Lhrr n H Q- 57M , .MJ J N xx 5 1 - 1+ sn - A -N 1 ' ' -' ' " S .4 ,A .fgj-a--' 'f' u f , Y 1 Q Qawggga SENIQR 4: 899 Y' cussn LEADERS fi'-5 G nose HOME ECONOMICS Q- W NEWSPAPER "4 SCIENCE 0 o .000 HALLOWE EN FUN VYAD UCL I 0 o SP ell B Q Q . . 2 F : 4 45 945 Q . 4 f e ff' ' SY' C-ii 0 Q +9 4' 9. o 9 5' fy I 5 4 Q awk' v 'O dv f Gff ' x N A Q 'V' fa 5 I S '90 58' fff 'fr oo 1 'A 10,000 s as S 41 006 , A cf, I , QNE 634, o 5 9 04 A - '-'Cv ' A fb A S 'Q a-'X c-04 f ff qfffiw slJ 7 ..EL.Jl.ll..... x I Hcr9 C T S 'B' 1 I geek f"" Ear? jp Ji ED 5e:j'AL6 'iss I' Ill 1 I XSS, J T -fe we - I . 2 o 5' I1 SIU' - ' gif' EJ Q X E I oo I-Q 623 X. ' Y .2 f MH KQGF M' .- g, I 93??s?'?:'3:'5?D?"5-?1F'F15f'..wr ?'D?lC"l:'5'?2f5D5F'55mseaPw 3395 'VCR I . ' sz ' U, . . . I 5. . . 0 I I-I: U1 3 . I ' I-'S 0 ' ' I-"U 0 0 3 au ' I . Q 0 CVS Og 0 P' . Us a 0 Q e .Q 0 U1 S'-f"S ' f DU I . U I I I-J 0 I ' . ' - in . ' I . ?N ' s . ' . ' 0 I I S 0 0 0 e I 5- :1 . - ' 1 o 9 3 , O I o Q Q 5 I I-' U 0 I 0 . o of . I1 l ' If' e c I 0 fr P , 3 ' p . . . Cf I o Q ua , o U1 . - - - - W Q, ' . m 5' E I . o I I o Sp- 3 I . I I gl, I-I ng - 45 I -1 ' 4+ dv . r as 0 Q An! , f - Ti -I ,,. 3 Q. In I 5.55, Q 'I . I V G fx .T o ' x"'x I E ' Q I vs 'f 3 V W' '- If - HHH El - V13 49 N Q' I- ' ' - - 9 'V -1 . 1: 1,4-fhjxj ' N GV! August well, Hello! Aren't you thrilled to be back? Big Joke! Many new faces around What subjects shall I hand book? Do I have embly seats assigned business the halls some slightly green take? where can I get a second all my Majors and Minors? Ass School begins to look like real September Labor Day No school Seniors choose invitations for commencenent 9 long months and 32 credits away Oh, those Soph k Jr paragraph assignments! Class officers chosen Quiet elections Lots of stiff fingers in typing class Thelma and Max ine sport new engagement rings Freshie initation weren't they cute? Glory bel'J1ngle Bells already in band class Teachers' institute at Lebanon on Saturday, so weget no extra vacation Can you imagine any teacher giving a test already? Junior Sponsors have chosen 'Honey in The Hive' for the Play we lose Another Civics? We beat Senior first baseball game to Zionsville, 2 5 Sr Class Meeting Just when do we learn any Jackson 16 2 Get your basketball pencils from S g rl Dance, 'In The News , announced for the 28th Practice up on your rhythm T B Tests given in Home Ec Room No casualties re ported Jrs have skating party we beat Whltestown come super salesmen Glenn Coffman still we have an occasional visitor when the doors are ll 1 The Sophs are trying to be in Eng class stalks thru assembly Freshies get October open Dover loses to us 17 9 Sunshine Initation in Methodist Church We lost to Perry Central lon account of darknessl will it rain? Buy a "Diaper Dan" from the Irs Prac ticing that play every night can be strenuous B . practice starts Srs go to Porters in Indianapolis for pictures Who was late to the bus? T B X ray unit in town for students Six week's tests Time does fly Wish I'd studied! More tests The Sr proofs arrived Heard in the halls 'Oh, I look awful n nwhy, I think it looks just like you Such charming little petslpestsl in classrooms Flies, we mean Swat! Cap less Freshies clean basement Can you see the large letters on the sight chart? Where, oh, where,was Gene James during dress rehearsal? Dan Cupid has been at it again Couples in the halls Couples in the assembly Big rings on little fingers The adhesive tape business booms. Exode Staff chosen Ads being sold nwell, shoot a milel' Saw the Junior Play Good work, kids anddireot ora Who wants to be the first woman president? Our Civics teacher thinks one could win. Drowsy Monday. One can't burn the candle at both ends and still feel alert, can one, Fisher? Sr cords and skirts are making an appearance United Nations Day Program by Sr Speech Class Sr. class party at Penicks Does Helen believe in Ouijaf No school Teachers' Institute Wonderful four day weekend. Frank Pa1nter's technicolor eye is a beauty Season tickets on sale Jrs choose Long and Giles as Alter kara Tha, ball 5 -Q9-L. Hc twda I C. jf o fb n-I f ..Q'i.... M1001 Me' 7 me 1 -ly-,eadachc 2 9,25 vyzx .ll-1 LAST MQUC. LL Cu I Shoe? 99 sa Levels: YNOUJ f- - ZR -Mau'-. Quo rW0kho 'ob -Yx-0 Xa Y eh si: 'S T! Nov 31 Ao nates for Purdue Legislative Assenbly Mr Dallavaux talks on citizenship in assembly program All of us resolve to be better what happened to all the pranksters? Being good citi zens, we hope First snow of the year. November Only 21 more days until Thanksgiving vacation Srs choose caps and gowns for that great day First B B Game of our season We beat Perry Central 57 U7 Lots of rain and sleet and snow. More rain R sleet R snow 'Help push me out of this driftl' Mary Painter gets that troublesome appendix out Only S bright pupils in Civics Class they passed the test Colfax lost U7 U5 Arm1sticeDay Programby Speech Class. Globe Trotters Sweaters in Soph Blue and Gold brighten up the classrooms Rain today Civics test The Monday Blues Join Jr Red Cross Nutchuk gives lecture on Eskimos and plays piano for general assembly Now just why do Darlington beat Short week but period seems so the answers More tests will all our grades be F's? Thanksgiving Plays by the Speech Classes We losethe the boys want their hair in pin curls? us 36 32 Better luck next time, Team filled with six week's tests Every long expecially when one doesn't know 2 2h S Thanksgiving Turkey turkey hash turkey mwl U' UIFW stew turkey soupl Back to school and our dear teachers. All the F F A Queen boxes and posters are out Vote with money for your choice Cards out No more comic books, radio or television programs, nights out, or full allowances! Woe is us! Vote for your Queen candidate Dover loses Purdue Assembly delegates leave Nancy Piety crowned F F A Queen December Only 25 more days until Christmas Only 21 more days until vacation Jrs 2 Srs go to Dover for High School day. Kewasakees beat Waveland bl 32 Purdue Delegates talk in Gen assembly about their two day session Three new Soph boys from Jackson Watch the girls Primp We play our old rivals Colfax and get beat by 2 pts Jr 'Snow Ball' Very nice dance. Good music, good food, good time Wonder why walter didn't have enough gas oline? Teachers enjoy Christmas dinner at Carters hntertain ment afterwards at the Merritt Smiths Hard snow storm during 6th period. Maybe we'l1 have a white Christmas. S S S Christmas Party gifts galore. Isn't Lefty's eye a beauty? Linton s head is surely hard. Clean desks or get a demerit We lose to Plainfield Who surprised Loretta? 1 .19 School dismissed on account of snowl"""'!' We attend school today but none tomorrow Tourney at Dover postponed until New Year's Day Mr Ryan dies. Christmas vacation officially starts. H S Chorus sings an Xmas Cantatta at the Presbyterian Church. Christmas Eve Merry Christmas! Z1 6.9 - ' - A ,, d Ks 31. . ,a E55 55' T. q le . 0 e ,ll N 20 - e e e 3 b 1 5. ' 6. . 7, . A++! L r 8. -- ' 5x S 05 N ml X f 9 0 ' :4f! n ' 0 N . . f 1.20 0 O 0 1 X-"4 'r- 13a o e ' ' ' ' 114- O x 1 5 1 15. ml f f' f ' 160 ' e 0 1 , ,Z 'fl 19. " 0 ll ' ,ll f I I' I 20 . , '," 21. ' . ,. ', ' old oaken bucket to Zionsville, 58-SS. -" 2 -1, 22. 3. -1 2 .--- " "' 3 .. ... 26. O ' 270 e e e Q 28. . . . ' ' Y 'c 29. . Q 30- - . . 5 G C -X 1. . BN G e . e 0 A C . . f of 0 "' 0 10. . ' - S Y . N " 120 e e Q ' " 13. ' . ' lg. . ' 2 g A Q A Qtlo. in . js- Q' , -Q 0 0 Z' D In 3' 21. C 7 I 230 s e J 1 .1 Zu. -D 5 lf la 49 Nov L Nggas FF A tkC.Q YL ov '50 Son? Good W-vdev 'WRLS1-IYHQ, ilx ZS... 6 Dee I el 'R,I S F Q Com 5 Tlnll sux' ..L.n..?L. Ou r eww SWWZ S I ELL Qlub -Ea...i- ,gm 3- 1 151 January Happy New Yearl Tourney at Dover Thorntown wins over Colfax Back to school at Request of faculty General Assembly to see new trophy We have a new janitor Frances and Loretta have new diamonds T H S should institute a course in some Jrs and Srs who need to fight more Ice skating is good We beat Pike this week end Vacations can be tiring Wait loses his appendix Fine time for a visit to the hospital with tests coming upl Get your tourney tickets! 52, this year Srs are ordering commencement invitations Semester tests Who dreams up those questions? Moreof the same Sure hope the grades are scaled Ma be I'll get Ff In first session of County Tourney, Thorntown defeats Pinnell Tourney continues with Zionsville and Dover winning County tourney ends Thorntown wins! Two Trophies The traveling one now stays at T H S since we've won it three times in a row New semester starts today We all resolve to hit the books hard this time General Assembly for the Tourney Winners 6.Something must have occurred these days,but it escapes fisticuffs for scientifically nk I'll rest up New Yell Club is started Most Freshies are relieved of green caps A few good ones get to keep them for souvenirs Porter's came for Exode group pictures The band pic ture ought to be good Jrs and Srs listen all morning to Guy Morse Bingham talk on Happiness Ball boys eat steak at Linton's John N gets in Chorus practice During Business Law class The demertts really fly in 6th Assembly 'Eagle eye Linton wrecks car One hand driving? B Team Tourney N Salem beats us and Jackson beats Colfax Tourney continues Thorntown wins consolation game and Jackson wins tourney Ping Pong Fever may result in Demerits. Get to class on time This sociology stuff about "blue eyed genes" is very intriguing. February The ground hog cou1dn't have seen his shadow in all the rain and fog. Spring may be here soon Teachers enjoy dinner meeting at Dover Teachers and teachers' wives prepare Chili supper for S 8 S girls Seven Srs take State Scholarship Tests They were easy, no doubt Snow again Know the Gettysburg Address? GYM Gh4a SLLST Ula Tm 301- l- ou. BECT ohql X 5 sew 2. was Vvwq wg NPV, AVC' Bas KQ1 ba N SWCATCYS 'V it MA-rch 7 Ou'-H1 T? Dick Dunbar absent again Is he still going tothe State HQ!-QL, IL Fair? Lots of excitement in Mrs Cones's English Class he window blew ini The "Row Club" is named and dedicatedin 0. Rowena's honor We beat Zionsville by l6 points in the 'SX Dover gym Spelling words everyday Some are slightly harderthan dog and cat L1nco1n's Birthday Don't take Ping Pong balls to classes Teacher might keep them Valent1ne's Day A1n't love grand? Music Contest. Any sour notes? Still spelling words every day I' 8 .fn 1 4 J ' . V I 1. D . R , , L 2. . 5 30 e e e . M. - 0- . e . O e ,z"' 7. . 8. ' O O ' 9. . ' loo e e y"' ' 5- ' - .. .n... -1, A O O I . 'W LL. ' , K - UB. Y . -yyjf lg. . 4 1 e . 0 Q Y :xx 22. . - ' 5. . . ' M . . sa f zu. . , 25. ' . . - " Q 'E sees and hears all. x ' "1 Zge e " x r, - 2 o e e '- ' X . ', ,. X 29. . ,' 30. ' .J 2 . 31. . - - X , 1 s , . I I -' 5 , ' VV L pf' 1' ' 1,11 g- ' Y e l 44 f . Q . Y' O 0 I l I I .1 b. 6- - N 7- . 13 8. . . T as Q5 ss . ' ' V 3' 2 23 11. . f lb ' . 9 13. , . y e in 1 Q , , E . e 71 A?vR Fai? lu ' X 5.31 qfh 1. egg: eff. si: , ! IL n 'TNF b 3 "-,po H5 305 I Q' ,,..... slerull 7 l 2 Book reports for first six week's period due Tests, no doubt Sophomore Dance Lots of talk about the Sectional Sectional finally begins Keewasakees,Eagles,Midgets win Leap Year Day Here's your last chance, girls, until 19561 36CtiOnal continues Keewasakees and Tigers win March Tourney ends Lebanon wins The 'Exoden goes to the printers, so much of this re maining calendar is guess work March winds blow, as usual And couples gaze raptly into each other's eyes at noon Demerits continue to appear Along with F's on report cards teacher's angry looks cut upsn in class paper wads in assemblies crowds at the drinking fountain high temperatures in Mrs Gads1n's room Patrick's Day and perhaps the Music Festival Play will probably go into production this week Seniors will study courtship and marriage in sociology Did anybody ever get a merit? A few start day dreaming already Isn't it a little early for spring fever? Whatever became of my New Year Resolutions? The days are getting so much longer Let's hope March goes out like a lamb And An And And And April Fooled you! All set to spell nincomprehensibilityn? County Spelling Contest at Lebanon In the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to oughts of love Girls all talking about Easter bonnets Good Friday Easter Was the Bunny generous? Seniors continue worklng on their play Seniors conferring about graduation clothes and gifts Senior Play probably on these dates Jr Sr. Reception!!! These farm kids enjoy plowing, don't they? Almost wish I had a south LO to disc so I could get out of school Ma 'Wake me early, Mother, for I'm tobe Queen of the Hay' Flowers bloom and birds It's so easy to sit and of studying sing gaze out of the window instead 6 7 ore plowmen to the furrows lg. Seniors anxious yet reluctant to leave Last classes for Seniors Practice the graduationmareh Seniors out of school all this week Some day we'll be seniors, too we hope Juniors begin to feel more ll- portant now that theyare heirs apparent tothe Seniors. Nlkbopee CDqTl A-lu lu- A I X OV lllf QE N s wf 43.4 Tha? S PN: 7157 A ff' Class nite Awards, gifts, surprises, laughs, and tears, .1 Tests for all underclassmen 'Exodes' distributed ' More tests. This is itl The Seniors do it all up in one day this year Baccalaureate this afternoon and Comnmnmement tonight at the Methodist Church Good bye,T H 8 Ill Good bye,Class of 1952! Carry on, the rest of youl 5:1 -D9 W7 7 , 200 " e 21. . 23. . 23. . 2 O O I Nd? 29. . W f 0' 7 1 7 ' - X 5' 1, f e - rd' f eb f -7 LES ' . - xg 6. . - 7- --- 1 10. --- Rl 1. d " - --- 12. --- . 13. --- 1,-+0 e 0 17. st. --- . 2 -'VS 0 IQ? 180 Src e F- F5 19. . rfb Za. . 96,1 . 2 e " o 2 . 'i' 230 e "' 31. . ri. 9 I 1. 7 7 H E-3. Showers--if this month lives up to its reputation. 1.' 3 A - ', .-1 P n e J f. th ." Pgg 10. . 312: A ' . - '- vc I l ll ll . ' ' e"' , I 300 . S l.-f y : 1 i - 7 '1. H . It ll? Se. . xg ef' 8: . ' . , 90, 0 0 l'l 110 e . I q f 5 12. . -- ' - ' CD.. 13 . . Cl 1 ' e Tl ' 1 s A ' s ' lo .. ' Q iii Y K, a 'ii U1 5 Yi MQ 3.5 ' , - 1 - ., he ,fu in- " 1' 13- .Qu ,, J' I l t , N. if 1 rf- f. T If X wa? 17 , Z f -ii. 2 435' 5. , rye, H - at 7- ,fi " if , 3' .11 S' f 'Ni " If ' '. -. 1' , 3 r ' H-e- , ff ..SdQ"' 1 - , : gg, 54 -4 uv.-z I., A FN ATHLE TIC S rNQS:fS37' N W XX Q!! 5 Zemin!! Squad f'! x fN Vi W Mr White,Cravens,Bees1ey,Patterson,Penick,Coffman,Mgr Coffman Linton,Rande1,Fairfie1d,R1chey,Price,Pisher BASEBALL 1951 won M Lost 2 Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown eJZf3 Zionsville Jackson Twp Whitestown Pinnell Dover Perry Central UNDUND-' NUI Soph 'Q ""'c Yr K Xx .9 2 mm QQ wa 'SS N34 33'44 29 ll Mgr Coffman,G Coffman,Dunbar,Worth,Clark,Fairfie1d,Gant,Goins, Mr White D Howe,Patterson,B Howe,Cranford,T1mmons,woodard,Mcuonald,Woody Name Bob Howe Dick Howe Sam Cranford Jack Patterson George Coffman Donnie Gant David McDonald Junior Timmons B111 Worth James Woody Floyd Fairfield Bill Clark Eddie Woodard Larry Goins Dick Dunbar Marvin White ---- Coach Glenn Coffman ---- Student Manager Soph Soph Soph Fresh Soph Soph Soph Soph Soph Fresh. Jr. Fresh. S0ph. eZQ Position F ,Guard Guard Center Forward Guard Guard Forward Forward Guard Forward Guard Forward Forward Guard Guard Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Thorntown Colfax Jefferson Thorntown 125 'Me Sededale 53 56 Perry Central Colfax Darlington Zionsville Dover Waveland Colfax Plainfield Pike Twp Darlington Dover Zionsville West Point New Market Fowler HOLIDAY TOURNEY 37 M-9 33 LL3 Jefferson Dover Dover Colfax Q 4 X14' 57 Us? 32 53 S6 M2 M6 51 ua . 56 L1-U. M6 71 117' 5 X U N -f-a N4 X Xa it Ill' ORN T X, Q! NM NTDM 1 4 BEESLEY CASTETTER RANDEL RICHEY PRICE FAIRFIELD FISHER LINTON 9 PENICK COACH PIETY CRAVENS A Q45 haf I 'rnomrrovm KEEWASAKEES ow 3 'SQ 8' 0' J X COACH a Q OBERT PIETY eh! eh, 00. 00 qv ov' 3311-2081: Sagas sf: 00. Q yo V smson azcom: 6 I 4. won 16, Los'r L, 96 .rg N, C--44' GW bf! ii P1129 Cl 3 5' - V ' ' 'fx N-I C 0 '-0 I fm., .fy-f "ft r 1 . ,M Q. ,I if , fx. X C -fo! :B " f " A - . N K C Q 'v " 1 . , x . 7 1, X C s Q 1 J ',s.lXx C . X XX K x ,, f lg vw 1 - Y I I f I , J a Q 0 f 0 I' N Thorntown Pinnell Zionsville Perry Central Dover Whitestown Xx 6' I E252 BOONE COUNTY TOURNEY Jackson Township Thorntown Zionsville Dover Thorntown S T H S Zionsvllle 38 Jackson Twp Thorntown Plke Twp Zionsvllle Perry Central Whitestown Lebanon Pinnell Dover Thorntown 19 2 Sectlonal Tourney Thorntown Zlonsvllle Perry Central Lebanon Thorntown Zionsville M9 Lebanon Lebanon GNQQJZD J .M N Ng NW M ea! o f O T au LL3 3 42 ao ee S.-.L 57 an O M-LL 3h 142 . 35 39 - . sv . . 51 ' 7LL 61 ML 39 ........ ea 65 LL3 28 31 Lal we N m 14? eam QNT QUT og 589 Q -'AJ' Cravens,Pen1ck,Castetter,Linton,Beesley,Swinford Coffman,Fisher,Rande1,Richey,Price,Fa1rf1e1d,Mr Piety Jr Soph Piety Conch White Assistant Coach Position Forward F' Guard Guard Forward Forward Guard Center Center Guard Forward F,Guard Coffman Student Manager 6341? Q. X 555 Tnorntown Fnorn own Tnorntown Tnorntown horntown lhorntown Tnorntown Tnorntown Thorntown mhorntown lhorntown Tnorntown Tnorntoan Tnorntown North Salem 3 Z ' 2 'Me Sadeafwle Perry Central Colfax Darllngton Zionsville Dover Waveland Colfax Plainfield Darlington Dover Zionsville west Point New Market Fowler :" .. TOUR VY Jackson township Tnorntown Jackson Township Thorntown Colfax Colfax North salem C 24 " '- t 3O 17 ' 15 T 51 3' 3h ' 26 26 Thorntown 33 Pike Twp. 30 + LL2 rn , ua v ' 19 HB TESM In L Q6 T L6 U2 29 Q S mu mg My A - E QJ5 17 F V 3 Weeafeadac A 'W 'Vs if WJ' Agua-n gi .ggi 1+ A-we M-A Ramsey,Piety,Sallee,Long THL ROW CLUBH Shortly after the County Tourney, the student body voted to lnstitute a cheerlng section at Thorntown Fish, in order to render more effective the efforts of our yell leaders Because Rowena Plety has done so much toward trainlng our yell leaders, and because she has insplred the students to respond well at games, it was declded to name the new group for her At a pep session before the ionsville Game, a placque bearing these words was presented to the school in Rowena's honor nTo Rowena Piety, whose sp1rit and inspirational activity can not easily be forgotten, we do hereby dedicate and name e booster group the 'Row Clubn in her honor GKWJCZD u N D ERC LA S SM EN .5 gp , 47 .47 -.i:if3Z,3,fJnf,4C4l'g7f igggslff,'n,,U4C5g2giEQgSii:S:w, Q xx N? ,J 8th Grade Martin,Isenhower,McCa11,J Pa1rfie1d,Hain,Ven1s,Boyer,Birge,bones Mul1en,Rance,H Wairfield,A A11en,M A11en,M wilson Crouch,Redman,Hickson,L Price,bant,Russel1,Smith, i1es,Bi11ings ley,Ldens,D Price,white,Mr Ureamer Woodard,Richey,N Fairfie1d,Cravens,Moody,Coffman,warmoth,K Wilson Kinslow,Long Ttn Grade Ford,Huber,Love1ess,Merrill,warmoth,woodard,Graham,Disborough Lapham,C1ouser,Lo11ar,Fairfie1d,Pen1ck,Mil1er Birge,Barrison,Robbins,Rose,McDona1d,Coffman,Osborne,Nea1,Skeen Davis,Toney,Po11ard,C1ark,Mr.wood way,Larsh,Ven1s,Gant,Strong,Barker,Reagan,Hedge,Everhart,Lamb ?446ez!6'4lZ 7mm 'N--'-ul 1 graceful! Squad P-rf' 'H OXQQQQW I f .- ,. F - - I XJ wx -- I tw. me K 'N W A , 2 - 5 1 ' L. N . . 53' 1 ,A .sv C35 + + ' h is fginrt. W 2, f f S 1 M Q, . if 1 ? A8 1 K ' . EP fw f a ' x ,A 'Q . Mx Q . .' 1 v " ' 1 4 . . A-. NY w-i:iisE:Ei5i4l24F2i::' ,X A',,,c457hv25ZEZi?:7 f Qzslff X QP 2 iQ? N5jQF::' cwnHmC" 'I Xr::' Wi' 'lv Bailey,T Ca1dwe1l,Puckett,Bowen,dance,A offman,J Coffman,L0l1ar, L F8ldW61l,L818P,C Price,S Price Fairfield,D Shives,Whittinghil1,Hamm,Rennett,Venis,McCal1,Pagano Poole,Hannah,Painter,Lvans,Jackley Campbe1l,Tutterow,Shives,Wethington,Maiden,Edens,Cranford Cretslnger,Youkey,Reagon,Worth,Gant anna n D vi' Sth and 6th Grades H1ckson,Arno1d,Jaques,R.Birge,Crouch,M.Fairfield,R.Davis,D.B1rge M.Fairfield,J.Fairfie1d,Mrs.Milliken Po11ard,A.Davis,Evans,Taylor,Lapham,A11en,Robbins,Flowers,Kins1ow Cravens,Nease 'R ' " fry "4 v :fx .' 'Fx 415, -- S -' . l. ,K ,sn . x A f A 11' T ' A u . . , . 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