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, gf QWQ f ' ff' ,ff Q27iXQ5 ww? M QQ f"lff'Y'yf+ WWW AKWMMMQPRYM i .1 W? 3 2 X? Mk Mi an QRS Q Www' wif W W xy 'T8wfwZ,g,, K W! mum QW Ly J 4 M253 fwfkx 7 Q Qwwfw iobfiifbu M3 HT? Y 5 SW' fy! gp iii ef wffyf www M 'wifi-f4y:.i'?f?Q 'gif ixfli 't Q 1 WW mmfmfw qffggfilw Em Ei 525225 I WWwMfM Ylwmw wf ff N"'7w 0!,,.J-f" M411 My 7wWf,,!J dkffff f Wifflfixfj- ,J U Xvj-will X jyww , JN ,V -J .ff , 2 'I , ' f" , W WJL W Y! fb jj flfm ji ws QQ ff! fi J . W JV Qp 10. VX.-jQxff : fr vvk XM? pb QC A 54" , Vx - WMWWWW mWM?ZfmWQ U ' , X! x , QM ff! V my WW? I XVZWJL Q M JW 5 VV W L Nw L ff? f TWJF? X ?l10RNT0N X X X X .. V X KV 'XQ1 ' W! 'L - I XX Thom rif2ZUH5 Il Sgfzool X N X a " ru 6 Qzrngw- X X.N,X, L , LZ 25. bZ""252f i an I X Tiff 1 W f?jf'xr7 Ni X4 ,PX x Q xy L 'XQ1Wn ff iw H59 THIJP. TU ITE .J-fmt W 4 v 'F sn, n ,Q fs. ' 5' x ,..--"5 , WNY? ' 5? 6 TA -A. Q ,WSE 31 an Y-ii' we 5 3" u H 1 x 2 ' 3 K as ig. Miss Nvray helps her bookkeeping class. Miss Sundstrom demonstrates sales forms, we ,ll Page 4 Miss Lieber, head of the business department, now has a modern office where students like Joan Kerr, pictured above, can take dicta- tion, type letters, and keep records they will do after graduation in some business office. 55 M D QETWMS ggi! X . 5, ,.,..x 4 Q :gg W5 Zi ,ai- .:., K Buda fl-V111 1'rojmseflNew Slrzrrflzlre Wvdetngu yu 14 tl: le tic 746i itieA The old Buda Gym, for many years the location of Thornton's basketball courts, will give way to a modern structure across the street, north, from the main building. In it will be three gyms, a swimming pool, and an auditorium with a seating capacity of fl,300. The Field House, where the school heating system is centralized, will remain. The pool there will become the girls' pool. Offices for physical instructors and a corrective gym will be installed. In the new building, the smallest of the three gyms will be on the auditorium stage. The main floor may be made into one large gym or divided by a net into two smaller ones, or filled with chairs and used as an auditorium. The big pool will measure 35' x 75'. Showers, locker rooms, a wrestling gym. adapted sports gym, the Lou Boudreau trophy room, and refreshment stands are among the other features of the build- ing. Foldaway bleachers will increase the seating capacity of the permanent bleachers. A tunnel from the main building under 150th Street will insure safe crossing to the new structure. Buff brick to match the main building, granite columns at the front entrance. and the entire east wall of glass brick will be features of the exterior. x . 1 ' X t X llfri il .f Page 8 Win te? Pages' -I4 6 7 7411 Pzlgrs IU-4 wi Spting Pages 6 S-S9 1 QW-J , ,.' Q ' ww M30 QEWZW , N Qffx 35 W' Jw . Q65 SSA People Prlgfs U0-168' P g J ,ni ' Hz: K, . W . Qi? ' f " ' ' ' 'Ili W 1 , ff'1Zkl' 3g ' 4 "" X -sf y k K 1 ' . " I. ' Wimiyif1,e3:f:SuE1rej21zfgM". -:WEYQN . ' N ' 1'4gfQfk'i-1 3" I " " F'iiiL2f,2?i3iZf3S?lfi??M 2 Y H -wwql img, X Hema .aeewtfi V Gu w:g5.gEi'37:, . 83 ' 1 , 7 ' ...... , ,H U . . 5 g,,.,MkML k Y - ,w.,f,., L ., me ,KI A KL A A . msfg.q, gM4 -.. W 'RQ , . Lx V A V W 5,gf,,, W S 3QZw?UfQA,w,W.k, H . ' K H ' ' R,,,,,kM., 145 2 :vw my 1? , i X X, fs Vf . 5 4 Fl? inf. 'W ,1 55? f,5Qg2sw?3k vw aa' .mm TY ? ill Y .fffzf 5' 5 am' , . , -id, i an 4 A K, 4 1 I 133 3 Wg, , , 5, 2- ,XV I jf . I fa' I ,BKVX X Xjv mf mf 2 , . ljfy, xy X J f X , XJ ' N , Q ,x X ,, A , J A, N J ' J! JJ XJMA, A yi XT H DMX M112 V' U, SJMYJQN 1 VN X Ay f K W Y, 4 rl 1 VL J,-3 r Y rf 'fy i VV' aj W X fx fl X' ' Nj N f fx '4 lx I JV 'rvkfv .1 J gf f w Q Mx r xxx -if f X X fr 2 K V F5lf,,lf + A Q M Q X XMMN N XX 4.5 A -, A"' 'v7'6'r- " X f f'f'. 'I' ,' 7 If . - A I 9 I 4 . ff ff 1 ,, X in tl: e ?4ll School IDVQZIII. Fl'CSllIllL'll lost thcir way. clulm 1 ours were c'lc-fled. plans wc'1'C 1'c'l1c':11ksccl. loollmll gznuvs worn' L'IHl1LlSillSlil'1lllf' zittrlmclccl :md so xwlx' thc' clzllmccw 2llll'lkXYZll'llN. lfxcn tllc- CKILISSVOOIIIN an lambs got llukir slmrv ol t'l1Il1llNi2lSIlI. VI-hfllllllibll lmummvcl with :ill Norm oi mlixitx. :ih- Page II Page I2 Tlaoftntonitu make TTIJS Hum By the time the first issue ol the paper was published, many things had happened at Thornton. The Thorntonite had won high honors in the Quill and Scroll rating service. the Cast lor "Young April," Boys and Girls Club play. had been chosen, senior photos lor the yearbook were being made, and the football team had overpowered Blue Island. There was a new superintendent in command of Thornton and seven new members had joined the laculty. Then came the 12-0 victory over Champaign. organization ol' the special girls cheering section, formation ol' a group ol cub reporters for the Thorntonite and the faculty picnic. In October came the Girls Club magazine drive. the first Purple X open house, moving day for the business department to new quarters. Loyalty Day and Scholarship Day lor Girls Club members, election ol' oflicers for classes and clubs, and the first league victory over Highland Park. Pierians SCIlt out a call for manuscripts, the new baby grand piano arrived in the music depart- ment. Home Llc girls invited the faculty to luncheons, and the television broad- cast ol' the XVorld Series attracted a huge crowd to the Buda gym. Climax ol' the month carrie with the celebration honoring I.ou Boudreau of the Cleveland Indians and native son ol' Harvey. The Freshman Stand-up and the Girls Club faculty tea were end-ol'-Ihe-month events. November brought the Boys Club Mother-Son banquet, the Kll' Homecoming dance, the Thornton edition ol' the presidential election, third place in the Suburban League for the football season, TB Skin Test day, announcement ol the winner ol the essay contest, and best ol' all-Thanksgiving! Boys wind motors in electric shop. jeans were popular at school danccs 23 f S i 'i , QM-----M . ,vw -F "1-""'5 U 'l Ps i Z Nliss I,iL'l1 l'X2lIlllllL'S Sylxiu Rin-pzfs Llirozil :is l'-I'1lIllCS -lnlm Hughes. Iris Yam ZIIIIICII, Doris XY:lllc1's :mal Cziml Romamik. IllL'I'Ill0lllL'lK'l' in moulli. waits hcl' llll'I1. Ciriiire. Seniors. exzniiinc their IJl'OgIi2lIIl murals. Dennis XVclc'l1. Hull K-uurd cmiiiiizimicr. CX2lll1lIlCS Nlitli lull B0lllll'L'2lll amd Bill Yccck :irc snapped :ll lhc BOllill'Cllll W Yzilclzfs pass us she goes through thc hall. Day cclelmitioll on thc 'Ihornlrm field. ai wad-ny 2 Page I3 , w i Roqtinea lllqAt Ke fanned 1111 I,oc'kI1:1rt, the new silpwixilcmlclit, as wr-II :is thc Illffillllllg licsllinen. hzicl to lx- o1'icl1t,ecl to Llicir ncw 1'IIX'lliOllIIll'lIl. They incl 1-zu'I1o1l1c1'z1t Llic oricxllntimi ZISNCIIIIIII' on IIIC first day ol mfliool. Nlystcrics ol' pm- grzun c-:mls :md school rmiiim' wc-rc cxplziiuccl Izzlcr to Immun: room groups. l"I't'5lllllC'Il lined up oulsidc thc faculty czilctcrizn to Inns lllcii' RIP iclcxlliliczllion lzlmtos taken. Xlzicliinc Vcc-Ord kccping. umlcr thc clirc-ctiml ul IJ13 Nliulclux. 5l1pc1'xiso1' ul llI5lI'l1QiIOIl. lJI'OllglIl :il- lcllclzimm- :xml other rvcuuls up In clzltc-. IIKIIIKOIIQII this ollicc we-1'c to Cllllll' Iaitm' tllc IIIZIUIIIIIC- I grziclccl. SIZIIICIZIITIIZCLI luis :mul ilu- rcsulls of tlu' Uni vc-wily ul' Illinois tc'Stii1gAp1'ogi'z1111 in wllifll VIIIIUTII- um pznrticipzxtcs. 1311 Nlzulilux Ilvlps his LISQISIZIIII. Slxirlcy Dcxcrt, l"I'L'NIIlIIClI lizuc Ili:-ir UI'Il'IIILIlIUII ZISNUIIIIPIN. Page 15 sf Y 5 ? + f. 1 1 Hu wpllrmmrc clcmlicm C'KIIlllIlillCC l'UlllllS ballots: Gvr- Hi-Cl fllulw olllu-rs llli'l'lZ I.m'rzlix1c licr, llslf2lSlll'Cl', Crum lllllli Raul: f:2llllL'I'illC Hccsnllcn. Dans Caldwell, l,11r1'y lilclrimlgc. IrI't'Sidc'lll. Nlbflllllll liuwc-rs. Xill"l1l'l'SilllTlll. :xml 1 Klourlm-5 frll flmkj, Domlhy AIRIINIIZIH, lic-lly .lvzm llughu sunt ny Miss Hzunillun L-xpluius lilJlg2ll'X lxxmu-4ll11'c lu Nlr. Slug Page 16 14ctia7itieA Kegin The English rental library and the Lost and Found depztrtntent were two ol' 'l'hornton's settriees which lound plenty ol' users. The rental library, under the direction ol' Mr. Urnbztugh. head ol' the English depztrt- nnent, had ntored during the sunnner to new :ind brighter quztrters on the second floor. lhrough the library 21 large collection ol' texts and books for ztdditionztl reading was ntztde ztvailztble to students in the depart- nrent. lhe Lost :ind Found, sponsored by the RIP. 'l'hornton's student council. did 21 wide vztriety ol. busines5 front lountztin pens to gloves. and textbooks to jewelry. Keith Payne. .loc Yun S1.'ll0llXVCll. Allen Erickson get books for Bliss Poole :ls Ralph Swinehztrt. rentztl library assistant. tlteeks tltein out. 1-uen xllKL'llllC. behind the counter. helps in the l.ost :und I-'ound :ts .Xdelzt Swenson und Delphine Keinigslierg exznnine at pieee of jewelry :incl lillen Grunt :und llztrriet Stratton discuss zt textbo Page I7 l 11464 get Kam, l 'I'l101'11to11's clubs soon hzul their lzlll scliecl- X ules lull. For the Purple X Lhere were open house clz111c'eS alter the ll0lllC gzuues. The Boys Cllub gave their lllOll1CI'S 21 llllllll'l'. l'u1'- uished ushers 211 the l"l1X open liouse. Zlllll lI12lLlC 1111 ellieient Ofgilllllllllflll ol' the hull Q,'l12il'tlS, bus guards. zuul C'2illllJlIS IJ2lll'Ol. The KIP SIJOIlSOIilfKl Z1 pep 2lS5l'llllJly. buses to out- Oli-IGXYII gzuues. a girls C'lll'Cl'lIlg section :uid the ll0lIli'l'OIlllllg Cl2llH'L'. 'l'l1e Girls Club observecl lmbyillly Day z111cl SCll0l2ll'SlllIJ Day, 4'zu'1'iecl Ull their lllllglilllll' drive, gnu' :1 tea lor the lillflllly lillil za pzxrty lor the l'1l'L'5lllIlIlll girls. ll'1lLllllOl12lllf' culled the Fl'CSlllllZlIl I,lllll'l'l'5 :1l the llfil l'lll'IJll' X, Umllulrer fl Sllllltl-Up. 'lhe Rll' lluzml hurl lJl'lllIli'lll9 ur settle. Nrwlwlz fill'llIl2l KlI!l'l'. llllll lflllllllill. Bill I-111111. xvllflli' Nlzimsey. lli111 lluwell. -lc-1111 l,II2lI'llJCI'g. Rmmberl llzlptisl. slllllllllt' Browli. Phyllis llz111se11. l.111'1':1i111' lllljllk. .hflllllllllgf Bill lllllllll l 1l111'simle11lj. Cizmwl Y1ll1IlL'lll7i'liL1. Rm NlllllNll'Ull1. Rfbllkllil lferguszwii. Richauxl l.i1uc1l11. Dirk lixum. Page 1 S Gills Club Illllltll' ul'Hcc1's. Swnlrfl: Nlzlry .Xllll HLllllL'l'. Nice- Buys Clluln ollimvrs. Ron' I: flLll'lCl' Hzlrriwn. second Kirc- lJl'CSlllL'lll. Rulll .hm Calm. prcsiclcm. Qluyu' Yam lJx'um'n. ln'n'simlcl1l. Rillllllll l'lCllgllSUll, ll'ca1sl1rer,'lnn1 lllfllllllllll, first Si'll'Cl2ll'f. slfllllllillgf Nlllfl' lllll liclwzmlm. ll'L'1lSllTCI'. Carol XlL'l"lJl'L'SlllCllI. Nou' II: lcrlm Bnrllwirk, SCCTCIZIIKY, Bill Y11mlc11l9c1'g, spa-allxn-1' of llixixiou KllLIl!'lllCll. uml Sllirlcy l"l'L'KlL'l'lllL. lJl'i'SlilL'l1l. llc-wrt, spcaulxcr ol Louncil. Purple X mcmlmvrsz Row I: Nliss lixcrmlinc Kmlllllg. Xliss XVCYZI CI'lIL'S. lum xlllllCllflClI Nlr. O. F. lllllllllllgll. C14-1.1 llzuis. Bliss l'2lllllllC l'ci1'cc. Nliss Rullm lirowu. Run' Il: Sllillllli' Sucnlwvn. fizlmlillc llzxy. Carroll' Nllfl1ll'lllN. lilim- lmclh Nurtml. lris Yam lzmlcn. Sully Slzuk. xl2lI'l'l,Ull Rullmzm. lffm' III: xlfllil -lUllllS0ll. l':1l1l:l Roclmc-11 flC2lIl Bulllc. l':1I Nll'l"2ll'l1lllll. .Xlmal Ynmlcr llicssrn. llium- lhxuy. l'l1xllis llzmscn. llcnrniue llllilllx. ,Imac llzlrpcr. Run' Il': Rulmcrl ,xillillf Riclmlwl Clmlnzul. .ILIIIICS Xmlzim. cQCl'1llil lvllllllllll. 1,1-urg'c KL'l'llllL'll. Lloyd lilxylrmll. ill uw. K 5 Page I9 Page 20 0 ice v-ff 'V' "CY Senior C1355 Qffiqerg, Hou' I: john lg2l1'llYVll'li, lirst Vice- prcsidcnt, Henry Currier. prcsiclcnt. Ron' II: Mary licznipre, Il'C2lSlll'CI'. Roy xl2lllSll'UIll, assistant treasurer, Gloria Flynn, zzssistznlt SBCI'Cl2ll'5. Rim' III: joycc Yun Druncn, secrctzlry, Ray Kickcrt. sccoml vice-prcsiilcnt. KIP 0fHcer5,R0zu I: Bill Gunn. lliC1lSllI'Cl'. Ron' II: SUILIIIIIC Brown, secretary, Lurrziine Pllllllx, si-amid VlLC'IJl'L'iltlCIll. Rau' III: Jim Howell. first vice-prcsiclcnt, Bill Bllllfll. president. Q KR a tit ,t junior C1355 Qff1qer5,S1'11tf'd: Bud lilnmrc. Hrst vicc-prcsi- tlcnt. 110111 Trilnnpli, president. Sill Smith. second vire- prcsidcnt. Carter Harrison. trcztsnrcr. Slarzclirzg: Lorraine lbllillk, assistant trcusnrcr, Pat RCllg1lll, secretary, Phyllis Hzxnscn. 2lSSiSl1llll sccrclziry. Purple X 051561-5,Ifuu' I: Greta Dznis.sccrctz11'y. Ron' II: Sllilllllli' Socnlsscn. ll'L'2lSllI'Cl'. john Bztulwick, viCc-prcsi- tlcnt. Run' III: 'Iimn Nlnllcndcr. prcsiilcnt. .en tql ?ee , Skin Te tA Highlight the Koqtine Four members of Mrs. Renson's English I class line up to pay English rental dues. They are Don Granath, Lynn Pivour, Kathleen Olsen. Don Christiansen. Rental fees, payable each semester. enable students in English classes to have a wide xariety of text and collateral reading material for only a fraction of what it would cost them to buy their books. Similar fees were collected in other departments. Bob Hfilliamson and Carlon Schoof were two of the 1831 Thortonites who lined up before the nurses and doctors in the Little Theatre on Skin Test day, No- vember 18, Tnherculin tests given on that day and the chest X-rays in December were made available, free of charge. to 'l"l'HS students and faculty through the Tuberculosis Institute of Chicago and Cook County. The tests are a big factor in guarding stu- dent health. Page 21 G:-WM 4 he Equal an Page 22 A Ir1jm'1'llf',s' lkll1'Sl'lli0l' lwirling urrps, umlcl' lllv I4-zulcwllip ul llulon-s Sl'l1lll'Ill'. mzulc z1ppL'z11'zll1rvs :ll I'l11n'I1lcn1's ioollmll QLIIIICS. XYill1 Rug Dim f1UlC,lhglllIl Illllifill :xml thc lbllllll. llmcy 011lc'l'l:1i11ccl SPL'l'l2llUl'S hclwccn nulxcs oi' lhc gamma 'l lu-5 :src lllllllil lim-par. lfnlllu-s Yiclinski, Betty Xhnlxlzxck. Virginia Hams, llolorcs Sl'llCllllC, :XIll0lK'llK' liippcr. .Xrlicnc Clullun. ,luymu Yun Smlmllwc-11. Nlzlrjo rw li:n'1'c'll. 1 Suxlny. 111111112111 l1:11'11111'11. 1Y11111c- 1.1111111011 Yn1'111z111 110215111 V Nw-M 8' +0 1 Illqjokette 1444 Cvlofz to the ?vot64ll gamu '1'1l1ll'1l11JIl'5 111z11'c'11i11q 13211111 jJ1'1'101'I1l1'11 ill 1101110 1001- 111111 g:1111cs SjD1JIlS1Jl'1'11 ll l2lLQ 11l1Y to 1'l1lS1' 11111111-x 1111 1I1S1l1llI1l1f11I 1'1'jDll11'S 211111 1111i1u1'111s. 111111 111211111 ll 12l1'Q'1' jJ211'l 111 1116 1'11lll111'1'l1ll D111 1c1c1n'11tio11. 111101101 28. 1111-1' l11l1l'1'11C'11 111 1111- jJll1'2l111' l11I'1J1lg11 1111- stu-cts 01 1'1211'X1'y 111111 jJ11lj'1'11 in 1111- jJ1'1Jgl'll111 XK'1111'1l 111J111'lXV1'11 011 '111l1Jl'I1K0I1'S 110111. Run' I, raving fmgw: 11111131111 Kmll. 11111111 f11!111flIll1l1'. 1'z1t jcr- sey. j171111 jones. R211jl1l 111111l1'l11flIl. 1514111 ,1'0l11'l1'111Pl1'. joe Yam Sc'l1111111'c11. j01111 XYa1g114-11 1,1111 Orc-. Ilnu' II: 1211111410110 Moss. 11'z11lc'1' K11llCgC1'. j2llll1'5 11L'1S2111I1. jrvyu- 1'1211'lJ1FI'. 11111 f121SS2l112lf. 111141111111 Roncx. x11l'12lIl1 15ec'kc1'. 1S:11'11111'a 11z1111i11r111. 1Sej1'm1 R11111-111111114g. c1L'1ll'gL'111' 11a1'1111:11111. Ifnu' III: 1111111111111 130411. 1D:11'1c'111' 11I'11Lll1. R1l1I11l'11 R1l11.jl1I1C x1.U1b11N1I'11jJ.1111111101111 XIi111'1'. 1Y2l111'1' 1,2iI1fOI'l11. lion' I1': 1,11wcI1 1,i111c. 111'11111 '1'1'c111z11'111i. 111'l'1k'Xl1 111-11c1c1'. .X11m1'ig111. 811111101 Scuglc. Nlurlc 1L1111wL'11S, Ri111:11'11 13Cllll1'1. 1,1111 1,11l1C1'. ,X11l'l1 Ilustwick. 111Jlll1'1' 11Ul'111l. Ri1111111'm1 KL'1111gg.j1l1'1x 11cc111c1. lfrm' I 1111111112 111111111-N Xlmrrc. 15.111111 111'1l1l. 11'v111- 111:11-115. Peggy 1,i1ll1'. x1lll'111l1 1'11j1IK'1', ,X11c1i11c .xll111'l'A11I1. Xylc- 11is1111'11. 11111 .5 1111'11s. KUII '1'z111111'. Hou' II: 1.111'1'z1i111' 11L'1'11l1'1. 1,1111is1- Bower. 1':1I X1ll11Ig2lll. x1l11'1 hjllllk' Ilugzm. 11111111111 'I'111111'1'. 1.1111 Rl11I11'x- 1111l1m11. 111111 111111:11111. f:1'1l11g1' 1"11g1'l1. Ham' III: ju .XIII1 1411651011 1 j11l1L' 1r11111ig. N111I'N ju Xx'11511I1. 1.11111 X111l 1,L1l11'11.j11 Xllll 13111c1- I 1x'i11. IIH11' IV: x1ll1' 101111. 1.150 11r111:11111. 111111 1.11111z1111111'. j:1111'4 7, 1111111-. 1111'1'us11 1lisv11. 1.101111 1Q:11'1w11. 1i1l 1i511l. Ifrm' IU jn1111 Nvil 1.111-. No1'1111111 S111-11w11, X11111r1111 lcpjzi, 11LlX111 H1111-11 Rm 11.111 1.f11c.111'l1111 llllljilll X111 1.x11' 11111116111 Rm 111111 111111. 11211111 11i1'1-111111 111111!l'1'x s1l111yx1p, Ill2ljUI1'111'. Page Page 24 Hvme Sjzectafors When the spectators at a football game are taught off their guard. they present a slutly in farial expressions. C11 l'f'l'ff'IlIfI'TAi lfrm' I: Clare lilekalski. Doris King. Katy tiootlwin. Diane Porter. Phyllis llansen. Mary lieaupre. Clit-rie litlwards. Ron' ll: ,lean Paarllmerg, flarol Soenksrn, I1-s Potlgorny. frL'l'll'llllC' Roach. Lorraine Paiak. Clzeering Srfrliou Thirty-one girls of the theer- ing section earned letters for their pep and faithfulness at Pl-ll0fHlOIllS athletic events. They are Sally lillis. Diane Brown, Judy Maguire. Del Kcinigsherg. -lean Kingston, -Ioic Couwens, Roberta Xfill- ing. Pat Hopper, Marilyn Clark. Martha l'it-rre. Connie Pierce, joan livans. Mary Sweet. Marilyn Meyer, Mari- lyn Hall, Harriet Statton, Rohhie Vaughn, Great Daxis, Barbara XVatts, june Samuels, liohhie Harty. .loan Altherr, Susy Brown. .Mlcla Swensen, Carol Rossing. Bessie Kellogg, Betty lVhittecl. Teresa llarks- tlale. Justine Rowe. Barbara lffklllll. I.i1 Norton. arming bqnce lima eA ?vv M411 Sea on C1111-C1111 Girls Alimmy 0'C1onucll. Dick l'oppcl.Dcz1n Nairn. -loc Roberts. :md Burl XVrigl1t llffillglll plcurv of laughs. SC'lIHIOf'Y .Szx xlmrn Xltl1crr.C1zn'ul Srwxxlxscxr. Bzirlnzlrxr llmlgcw. lilcgrum' hcl'- fcrl. Doris King. mul Klum' Samuels muclc nlglllllllli :xml l'mws" lllCll' must lllilllllill' mnnlvcr. Kmg 5 hour! Wayne Bcnsou. king: Nlzrry Bcnuprc, queen: Bill Frcrlcr- ick. Bill Bllllfll. Hcnry Cur- rier. Harry Plant. Aloycv Yam DTIIIICII. Ruth -Xnn Calm were elertcml lu prr-Side mvr lhc dance, Page 25 ?ovt64ll - he Wildcqw V1 4 Y2ll'Sllf Squad: Ron' I: .Xrl flllllfflilllg. Rirlmrcl llizlll, lizlrlc I.lll1llI'f'. Bob 'Ire- Yurrllen. George ligoislxe. Dolulld Hobbs. joe ll2lI'SC.llOl1Il Morris, Ron' ll: kl'llUIll2lS Ziegler. Peter cllllfll. NOYIHZIII Mzlssick. Roger Klonzml. Cizlrter Harrison. SI2lI1lCf Paqga. Gcrulcl .L Smith, NVziync Henson. john R1lCl2lIlf5Xlll1. Ron' III: Conch Huddlcslun. jim Haddon, Don Rolxcrlson. Bill Kllmeescnlnn. l-'rzmk lloclzu, Hnyberr Owen. Joe Rucggcr. james Abbott, -loc Slclepuxlkiewicz. Kcrmellm Cook. Coucll Froschuucr. Ron' IV: Ronald Ifcrgusrm. Ilonalql Austgeu. Chuck Piphcr. lid Xlclriclge. Bill Bllllfll. Robert Rusul. Bill Frerlerirk. Clayton Cooper. Roy Nfzlll- strom. lurk Black, Riclunrcl Shcllhuse. 'Aa Page 26 clllllllllll George Ilgofslce Pipher carries the bull lln'ougl1 Higlllziml Park. Wie Sea on Led by fullback Xllayne Benson, who captured all-state honors, Thorntou's varsity football squad smashecl through a successlul season. recording six victories and two losses against tough opposition. Two ol' these victories came against non-league teams, while tl1e rest in Suburban League conipetition gave thetn second place behind Oak Park and New Trier, who tied for the title. Benson and Jock Robertson, fleet halfback, won places on the .'Xll-Subur- ban tealn also. Jock led the league in punting, while YVayne was second to Oak Park's Hoag in scoring. N eh. The Bench-ready to go into the game. Robertson speeds through Highland Park. Page 27 5 Waglfrbl Ek let 5 'ofa 47 39 18 3 5 15 30-E19 2 if li QSM? B 26 171 na, L .lIlIIl07' llarszfy Squad Row I: Chuck Kolb. Chris Rigoni, Pat Cunnnings. 'loin 'l'riulnph. ROll2llll Bestow. Ron' II: Bob Miller. George 1.ytle. George Porhos. Charles Smith. Richard Durer. XYalter Przinke. Hou' III: Couch Dore. -lohn lopolewski. lildred Hu- X2ll'll, Bruce Harrison, lrlhner Kozorzl, Jerry Rowe. -joseph N'ojciecl1owski, C01ll'll Hann- lnond. Ron' IV: Bill Voss, .luck Crzrvens. Ralph Lindley, -Inn Howell. Lloyd Linde. Ed xlCfi0M'1lIl. Bud lihnore. Roy l.itlen. l"nf.Ql1nz11r1 Sllllllll Jimi' I: Ritllnnl Blfljlllgllllll. Dirk Sclienkenberger. Frank Rhcin. Rll'lllll'il Nlurnwski. .jack Bennett. Donald Kings- lzlnd. Don Fedclerson, lidwurd Simpson. Brute Ferguson. Robert BillJz.13rm' ll: Robert lilll'lillCl'. Duxid llrons. liver- elt Nicholson, Donald Xbbolt. john Lloyd. Brute Barker. l,c-nzml Yun Honter. l,ztwrf ence xl0l'CllCSl'lll. Dalle Ky- l'UXK'2li'. Stanley :Xl'Cl1L'l'. -lznnes xlillfglll, XYillizun I'ldwzirdS, lillI'l'y Koustik, Ralph Petit. lion' III: Cozlfh Blzllm, Bob lriunlph. llllyne lilhridge, -luck Nl1lS0ll. Joe I.ell'. Phillip Polillotlo. Peter Kznninslxi. llon Henry. Roy johnson, lffllllii Stojzik. Bob XYhite, lid Brignzxrdello. lhoxnzxs Yu- dron, Couch Czefh. Row Il': I-'raunis Mech, l-iran Ketiner. llllklil Banks, john Nichols. Cllurles l'iTCCllllllli, Rlflllllll Nlzlczlri. joseph Corsello. jer- old lfostlirk. Stilhnzin Good- lllilll. Elbert XYCSSIIIZHI. john Klein. joseph Lul'ointe. Sojlhonzotrff Squad Rom I: jack Kzxbernu. Mgr.. -lim Hfhite. Sheldon Kaiser, Waller Gray, Jerry Freeh, Gus Ajarobs, Jack Coelnun, llllllllll Corson, Fredrick Bercher. Hou' Il: Fitzgerald fll'l'2ll'll. Don Ring. Rlflllllll lrelnnd. Don Howe, lfreddile Wzule, Barrett XVelt'l1, Adel- bert XV2lllilIl5, XVZIYIIC De Llrall, 1.2ll'1'y johnson, Richard'ol11.Rou' III: Couch lglllllllllll, Allen l'll'l1'l'LSUll. Bob l,CllillSLllli,,IlIll Reirhcrl, Larry .xlJ1'l1l1lll11. Bob XYenlL, K-erzlld NYoulfe. Clinton .Xili- son. Maurice Feriunulez. Stun- ley Nlorris. Cozlth Nisbet. Hon' lI': Leroy Cooper, Han'- ris De Young, Riclnml West. Riclizzrd Crouch, Roy Smith, Dave Olfe, Ken Croeneveld, Floyd Swanson, llitk Iivznis. Fred Turner. Coach Huddlestuu briefs the teani. The XVi1dcats opened their season with two non-league victories against Blue Island and Clianipaigu. In their first league contest they hosted the New Trier eleven and came out on the short end. 19'6. Thornton bounced back to take a thriller lroin High- land Park, 135412, before they succumbed to Oak Park's powerlul Huskies, 35-fi. This one-sided defeat seemed to spur thein to greater achieve- nients as they won their last three games by large niargins, rolling over Hlaukegan, Proviso and Morton in succession. The thirty players winning varsity letters were Fd Aldridge, Bob Rasul, George ligofske, Norm Massiek, llini Abbott, Clayton Cooper, Bill Frederick, Ronnie Ferguson, Don Robertson, -Iohn Morris, 1Vayne Benson, Don Austgen, Jack Black, Bill Bunch, Don Hobbs, Roy Mallstroni, Chuck Pipher. Bob Trevarthen, Roger Conant, Ken Cook, liarle Landry, Bill Cheeseman, Carter Harrison, lilbert Flinore. Frank Bodza, Peter Gaich, Richard Schellhase. Gerald Sniith. Don Kagy. and -loc SlL'lClJ2lI1lilCYV1Cl. SEASONS RECORD Thornton ..... 26 Blue Island .... 1-1 Thornton ..... 12 Champaign .... 0 Thornton .,... fi New Trier ..... 19 Thornton ..... 13 Highland Park. . 12 Thornton ..... 6 Oak Park ...... F35 Thornton ..... 20 XVaukegan . . . . 6 Thornton ..... 26 Proviso . . . . . 13 Thornton ..... 28 Morton . . .. 6 5 at , , ,,.., , ., , , 11 ,s,, f street? XVayne Benson- All-State fullback 1 Page 2 9 Q11 P11116 1 541641111 Kb, '1 ew 495-, 1.1 KJ Q.: 41- A I1 .Mwhjnmhrfwmu 1f1l11' I: N1Ll1kl1XI1 f.11'I1l1'Ill. 1111111 R11-1. 13411'11:11':1 131'1111'11. 1x:11 1x111-. 1111111111 511111. N111l' g1ll'1'l 1glll'1K'1'. 1111111113 S1l1l1X'1'l'. 1311111 Il: 1111111 X11111'1'1'. Il'lI11 P:1111'lI11'1'g. 1,1115 1'12ll1SL11lIlll1l11. I.111s 111l11N1l'1I1. 1.111'1':111111 1111'- 11:111. 11112111 11'41w11111'. Uwnlfmhm 1111111 I: l'a1111i111- D1'j11111111111. Rl111l X1:11'11111'1'. l':1I 1l1'lIgllIl. 15211'1lLII'll 151111111 Run' ll: Slll' 0111511-11111'. xlillf ,xllll 1,1111 15111111111 51111'1'1111'14. -1111111 Rim. 61111111111 511711. 151ll'11211'L1 1,1111- 1x2I1l51x1. l1'11z1' Ill: 1115.1 51111111-1'. 1'11111is Riguni. 1111111111 XY1111. x11lIX 1.111111:11'11. 1111111 Xl1111-11. lJl1l'1l'1l1' Xl1l11'1'. lCr1:1'I1': 1.1ll' 1'11i111- 1'l'l11xl1l1. NIRIIW .x111l' 1-111115. Yi1'gi11i:1 Mums. 411l11y R11-11. 11111111 lIz1r1'is1111. 1,11is 112l11Y11llll21l1I1.x11SY 11C'gI1fl1111'. RhWhm1CMm .Jrf'l1Fi"y Nancy Samulowitz, Violet Steele. Shirley Marlin. Eliiaheth Cash. and Anita Nlar- qnarclt line up lo take a shot. Swim C11IHlllJS lfrosh and seniors were among the comes, l2llllS. 'I'he seniors won the meet hut the frosh came in sec-ond. Ron' I: Kay Guilotte, Lillian Schaefer, Katherine Black. Virginia AICIIIIYIAC. Ron' II: Ruth Guilolle, Norma WVarnaar, jean Kruger, Suzanne Soenksen iseniorj and Carol Yanclenherg Qseniorj. C 2 A fl B on rd 'lhe Girls ,Xlhletic Association board man- aged the aflairs of thc group. Row I: jean Prim. Lorraine Ber. Dolores Shower. Ron' Il: Adela Swenson, Irene lenere. Ron' III: Carol Vanclenbcrg. Barbara Grueler. Susanne Soenkscn, joan NVassner, Lorraine Ferkan, Mary Alice Ualtis, ancl Lois Hanschinann, Page 31 4' T7 sf "N we-S. 5 ja G my b - . , 1 -in Page 32 8.4151 Period 1,R01U I: Carl Brandon, Mickey Mongam. George Ring. Bob Rogers. Ron' II: joe jarose. Robert Van Gorp. Phil lX'illiams. Ron' III: Tom Rudin, Don Abels. Donald Keeling. Ron' IV: Harry Bostrom, Roger Conant, Art Caskey. Period 4, Row I: james Marshall, james Morrison, Earl Landry, jimmie Cufle, Bud Elmore. Row II: james jesk. Robert Carter, Clarence Bodie. Ron' III: William Lauderback. jerry Bell. Ron' IV: Enness Arnold, Kirby Kleilmann, Russell Langenderfer. Ron' V: Ray Shonts. Clinton Allison. Roger Bootbe. Ronald Bestow, XVayne Benson, LeRoy Boothe. Period 6.110111 1: Earl Landry, Harlen Brown, I.eo 'l'aillon, Gregory Collier, Ray johnson. Row II: Bob Morris, lVillis DeYoung, Wlayne DeGrafl, jack Ram' scy. Burton Pillnik. Row II: Richard Kurvers, Michael xvlljjiflilli. Robert Vollbrecht. lValter Dan' forth. Rua' IV: Harris DeYoung. Dennis Moe, Robert Lister. Bruno Sadzewicz. Raymond Goebel. Period 5,R0w I: WVayne Benson, David lively. Row II: Ronald Fischer, Bob Gore. Ron' III: Earle Lan- dry, Bill Voss. Row IV: Richard Cosman, john Morris. Period 3,Row I: Creighton Helms. Mlilliam Vlelch, Bud Kamykowski. Row II: Thatcher Davis. john Swisher, jim l'halen. Row III: George Ruhle, Nor- bert Bomp. Row IV: jack Buchl, Victor Monk. Row V: Art Moorhouse. jerry Nelsen. Row VI: Dino Xenick. Period 2,Ron' I: lVilliam Zlllillli. Ralph Swineliart, George l'ochos. Row II: Rupert Lindstrom, Bill Maple, joe Szczepankiwicz, Fred Coulombe, Ted DeGraIf. Row III: Dick Yost. Bill Wlalter. Roy Smith, Harry Rugis, Milton Rietveld. Period 5, Hoa' I: Richard Ellison. Donald Hobbs. jack McNabb. Rout II: XVilliam Courtney, Richard Mantz, Thomas Amsden. XValter Paulsen. Ram' III: Don Robertson, jerome Shelby. Harold jones, jim McGrath, Gerald lVitvaet. Row IV: Louis Manzano, Chester Maler. YVilliam johnson, Bob Van Evra. Row V: Ralph Nelson, james Wetmore. Period 7, Ron' I: Richard l'ycz, Bill Gunn. joe Broderick. Hon' II: Ulilliam Klemm, Don Brozek, Marshall Zonder, Gerald De Vore. Row III: Marvin Coyner, Milton Koppitz, Don Blakemore. Row IV: joe Mach, Sam Aiello, George Pochos, john Stark, Earl Greer. Period 3, Ron' I: Theodore Arvia, Dave Caldwell, jack Lund, Arthur Moenck. Row II: Richard Camp- bell, Larry McHenry. Row III: Floyd Fosnaugh, Erwin Kuh. Row IV: George Dussault, Gerald Vrshek. Ron' V: Anthony Bejgrowicz, Patil Trotta. Hall fillllld Emp CIW Ptoject- H411 944044, Kam gqnda, Campw Pqttol Hall Guard Offigefgg Row I: Dennis Yvelch. cornmander-in- hief: NVayne Benson. assistant ronnnander. Ron' II: Earl Lan- ry, lieutenant K'0llll'1l2llNll'l'Q joe Broderick. llll2ll'lC1'IllZlSICI'. Hall Guard Cgpmingflhzrz' I: Lawrence Burke. Bud KZIIIIQROXV- ii. -lack Lund. Row Il: Bob Rogers. George Porhos, Bob Hess. Lay johnson, lug Guards: Row I: George Taillon. Dean Conner. Charles letniar. Oscar lilton, llinnnie Burke. Ernest Yepsen. Charles 'otnky. Bill flllpll. Chester Czajkowski, Glenn Retzlall. Ron' ll: Lich Herrmann. Robert Winicky, lidwarcl Lauderback. Alfred orensen, Yirtor Panozzo. Robert DeYVitt, 1.0111 Dejanoxieh. Bill XVail. WValter Yost. Donald Olcholl. Don l'itts. Nick Dileo. How Ill: Paul jankowski. Don Raday. Robert Van Corp. Nor- inand Paasrli. Kenneth Abel. Torn Nlcfiowan. Francis XVolfe. Russell lilton, Ray Kramer. I-ilbert Nagel. Bill Largent. Barney l'rac'r. Campus Pan-015 Ron' I: Martin Carlson. Robert Craig, Edward lfetch. Ifmz' II: Edwin Butler. Phillip Xnello. Bill Brandt. Chris Rigoni. Posey Bridges. Richard Roberts. Robert Hess. Ron' 111: Mick Atelevicll, Charles Smith. Bob Rasmussen. Robert Kraelft, Herbert Nleisner, jack Cochran. Ralph Nelson, Charles Kolb, Harry Warnaar. sz., sv ., S , 'XJ Zangufzge Claw, Pieeiana, 700 tligln tm, lwme Ufficfmf re i I nay? ff' iff 1,71 Page 34 , M Ii ' f f 1, J I 'X ,il y 1 'I If lf, if j W , W 3. 'I Vi 1 , X fgg. 1 , 4: , I , J I 1' ' , f f ,Jil ' f f,1 . f' 1 X nz X i ,. ,L ' ,ful A If ,Xifnf ! S glf V V v 1 ,,I.11li1z Club Silling: fiI'2lil2llIl Bute. lJl'0gI'2llI1 lIl'Kil2lil'lHllIlI B1ll'iJill'2l Bellnure. presirlenlg Russell Ii1ll1gCI1CiCl'- ier. vice-prexirle Slnmiirzg: lSz11'l1z11':1 cilllllblllilll. ll'i'2lSlll'l'l'j Elim- Ixelll NOIIUII, SL'l'l'Cl111'fQ George Stexens. pl'Ugl'2llll l'U'i'll2lil'lU2lllQ Ioseph I 1 Poinle. SCTQCLIIIlflll-ZITNIS. H1 Piffrimz Club Iiuurd , Ron' 1: Ruth Ann Cal Connie Pierre. George Keri nen. Ron' II: Dzivicl Dnviq mn, 3 .xvllfl-UIIKIII1UIIfH'Sl1l.'i6'l Bud W1'ig-ln, presimlenlg jea Kingston. SCCl'Cl1ll'yQ jc Roberls, treasurer. Fnurliglzlers Club Seated: Diane Cznnpbel vice-president. Slunding Mary Pllllll. secretary-lrea urerg Dc-un Nairn. presiclen CIIIIIFIYI Club Offirers .Seaterlz Dino Xenick, trea urer. Slazzding: Shirle XVQEIYCII secirelziryg Fre Convery. vice-presiden Robert Yalgnieits, presiden erumzz Club ww 1: Charlotte Zipsc, st vice-president: Hur- i Ruveslnot, presidenlg arie Alamssen. seunul :C-president. Ron' II: :IJ Gnmexlevcld. treas- Brg Diane POl'IL'l'.9Cl'l'C- ry. fenrlz Club 011' I: Rose Sena-sac, eusnrer: Boh Halver- n. president: Iris Yun amen. Nice-presimlent. ou' Il: 1.U1'1'2liIlC -lenn- gs. SCl'I'L'I2ll'f'Q Kenneth irkins. SC1'Q'CklllI-lll- ms. panixlz Club gnu' I: Palsy Hopper. iCZ'lSlll'Cl'Q Barbzlra Xvork. cretnry. Row II: Bob aptist.sergez1nt-z1t- fmsg Barbara Miller. lee-presidentg Connie Herve, president. X 4 , l 9? SE F fw- M., Q., W .mg Page 35 QQIA C7116 14cti itieA 14942 lliqmf AIt'lI1f1I'lAflifJ llrirwfz l.y1111 l,iXUlll', Nlillf 1.1111 E wards. CQc1'z1I4li11c XYQI111, IICLIII Si111o11, COll1lllfffI'!' Cflllfllflflli lu11i l'ixr1111'. Xcglivi P01111 CIo111111isxio113 ,lc-4111 Killgilllll. Nl2ll'Sh2l1 0101111 lflfllll..Il1I1i0I'SL'l'Xill' Xw111'Ll: ffltlfiil Swai son. -Illlli4ll' 5011110 .xN'ill'll. l.o1'ull,1' lim' lfvjnf'.sr'11lr1Ii1"1'.s: lfflili I: .Ivan Simo 8111111111 SilIll'l'. Cz11'oly11 Slrvightif, Pansy Hoppe Rrm' Il: H1113 xxllll lllIIlll'l'. 111510 Yam lTl'llllC R11Il1 Xllll Clulo. NIZITF l.u11 I'1t1XS'llI'll5. Iffm' II l'zlG2llllil' CAL-ilk-1't. Nlilmlrn-ml Yiswcr. Shirlcx llcvcl cQlCIlll1l Ki11c1', Klarul YRIIIQIUIIIJCIAQ. 12111131 llcckc Nanny xllllcilllllbllgll. Afllglllflll' lJ1'i1'fff IIviIllI1'Ik.Xf Ron' I: f:Lll'l0lll? St gifllgil. XI:11'f'iz1 Peoples. Nrm1'111z1 lfluww. lS111'l1z11 .xllll f:l2ll'llit'lkC. Run' ll: kl2ll1il'C S114-lh-1'. Virgin Poirot. Xlalric Yllll Kc-ppul. .Indy lznplmvr. Ge 111111110 l':1l'sL-licl1, liclly .xllll llullcll. 5 Crmznlilln' fflllliflllfllf Pzllsx' Hoppcr. pans :ln I pcmilsg l,u11isc ,IOIICY 9C'll'CliII'iCSI Clurizl Cook , Y W1 wcIfz11'v. 5 1 I i 2 i 1 1 I Page 36 IIIVIVIQ' Ilo0j'eJ'.s' on' I: Cillalfc' Hullig. Dul- llinc Kunligslmerg. Kaul:- 'en Olsen. Ron' II: Nlzlry on l'lllWYlll'ilS. Yirginizx Inns. Nlamin Nleyvr. 'nrzzliy Twz filing: IQICZIIIUI' C-cllcrl. Iznj .Xnn Clcrllilx. Slum!- lg: qlinny BllI'ClCll. Diane nrln-1'. l3111'lm1'z1 Sclliscwski. lalrilyn llull. Aluycc xY1lllxCI'. lfllglllllllf Drive' itlingz -ICLIIIIIC Dc Nlanlrlxc. ,Iilmlrccl Yisscr. Carolyn fhilln. Belly Opin. Sland- ng: xl01lll l'1YllllS. Sally l-Illis, ,Iury Xnn Hunter. Phyllis r' . ' xlgtllll. Page 37 ?eeAlam4n Stqnd- 'll Conznzizfzfee Clzztitrnzen Mary Heaupre, stunt thairnian: Diane Camp- bell. senior stunt: Kitten Arveson. decorationsg Gwen hlHC'KCll7lL'. general chairniang Martha Pierre, favors: liarhara Hodges, junior stunt. j1111im'SZ1u1l Ron' I: Phyllis Hansen. linnnajean lfulQang, joan Altherr. Roberta Milling, Hou' ll: Doris King, Pat Reagan. joan Worcester, lililaheth Norton. 'Ioan livans. Rita Seniw. Row III: Gerlie Bargiel. Barbara Franz. Betty -lane CLoetli11gel'. Bt-tty lfllllltf. Bonnie Helfriek, Ilarlrara Czarnit-tki. Barbara Peterson. -loan Rogers. Soplzonzore Slam! Row I: Jean Mathieu, Dolores Brown, janet Patterson, Barbara Hotk. Ron' II: Mary Ann Clernik, Kathleen Denson. Mary lillison, Dolores Shower. Axis Frieling. Maryjane Fer- rari. llozu III: Mary Ann Orr, Rose Sent-sac, Carol lNIt:Carthy. Helen Schisewski, Carolyn Streightif, Betty Corson, Carole Harrison. qw., ,4 eil SFIIHJ7' jylny SC'I'l1I'T'Y Cnfu' Ioan Slrzlwlmridgc. Dinnc ilalnplu-ll. Ilcrm POlI'llHxC. Ccorgv Ciuuklc. frfill .slairsj Juyu' Yam Druucn, Di: lS1'uu'n. ,Xlmu Yun 1DcriLics- SCH. Hflrzjzpy Birllzduy, Dear Georgff . . .' K Joe Rolmcrls. 1501111 Nairn Jack I.llIll1.AI02lll Straw- hridgc. Pal lcrscv. Bud U'rigI1l. Leon l'0l1'11fkc, Don Poltcr. Riclmrml Rau. div- 2 llzmzffnznfcing Ill Bliss l'10l'll'S HC1lllC'lll1llxlIlg lll dass out and sew g'a1'mc'nls. Ifflf lu Vfgflli Mary ,hm lflL'cw. licxcrly licalwr. Klar- Icm- liiqk. Joanna- llmwn. Ruwalic Bowlmls. llcmna Graxcs. ,lwf1Ill1fC.YgI'1'll1g' l,m11'f1ffm1 NIL-llllwrs of Miss Rc'cd's rlass vnjuy thc llll'lxCY and llllllllllllgi Illlf lllllk' IWC- parm-rl. Amuurl Ihr tulrlv: Yiolct Sli-4-lv, lmslcss, llarlrara Park, Xlary .Xlln'vc'l1l. V1-rlc XVllilc. wailrl-ss. Cihrislim- llrown. Nlisx Rcccl. l,m'1'aim' Pajak. llll5ll'5H, llarlmara Klein. wait- rcss. Ruth Rilmamlu. Mary 1.011 Sln-wus. Mary l'mil10s, Norma Parker. Pnllrwx' Zlflrzlmzg l'otlcl'y making wus one ul' lllc lJl'0,lCtlS in Nliss Thiel! crafts classes, .Nillingz Bal'- lmru ll2llCS. Dnrotlmy Dieklmm. :mtl Betty Dcxlcr. Sflllllllllgf Boll Lixiugs. Russell FlStkllL'll. Gcnc llriucs, Czlrolxn Smllillm, :mtl D011 Cizllzlrmzm. 4 D I'I'.S'.S'I11!1lf 1 11 Q K Fitting thc mzllcrizxl is illl ilnpmtzlnt step in Illlllilllg at g2ll'llIt'IlI. Betty Smith lxclps Virginia l'Zll'IllCly. Hilzlumz Rf'l'l1l'I1I'IIg A rcmrcling on thc pmccmlllrc to luv t':n'1'ictl on in El history slutly llall wus :uncle lay Gloria Swzmsrm. flfrlflc lo r'flnn'r1lJ Marx IVJllSikllCIl. Hzi1'1'X' liustrmu. Icam lfrcw. Ditk l'crppcI, Nlyruzt lY1l1'cl. Dflris St-mlcr. zmtl Xlilllgill Nlzmn. llnlr bmcllmcltl helps all thc I'Ct'0IktlC1'. illzfrlzzliliml Ilmzviizg B in lngfy C lzzxs l'r0jr'f'l1m2 Sqzmrl xlllfllllli,Nl0l1l'C.Xlill2Illllil9llll'6 llll'. limi' I: .Xrtliur xllK'IlCli. YV: liam fllllllli. pl-lllll Iirysmi. Kliel UIJCI'1ll0l'j .XYaltcr Gllslalkoil, Jani lianiiun. Bolm Rxcly. Charles Lil gent. limi' II: William Kochli Gil l,L'Y1'lCS. Ronald Bulld Rolicrl V1lglllClil'S. Ray -lohnso lilbcrl NlCKlllIlCf. Louis Nodr lmvskc. Duane XvL'l'llll'l4C. Robe lfliclaiiigcr. KIP Forzmz l Hua' I: ,Xgucs Zimny. I-'rank Slua Rinliarcl Gray, III121-XICZIII Swccng Nano Fadkc. Gwen Mac-Ken7l Carol Socukscn. Mary 0lKl'lll l"ram'cs Colcliourn, Run' Il: YW Iiam Crowley, Lconarcl Xklallieil William Iidwarmls. Pat Rcagl Doris King, Nlarilyn RlKillll10 Xurina XV2l1'I1?l2l1'. Nancy Lussc hop. Killcn Arxcsou. Barlwara Czd iiiccki. Katliryn Olmlliam. Darlci Harris. Rua' III: I"rcclcl'im'k B6 flier, Donald Ring. 1.017 Roy BC lcnliauscu. john Stark, Eclwai Paskc, Sam Aiello, Graham But Bob Bliley. Lawrance Brown. Ric arnl Lixings. lion' 11': lid .Xldridg loin Rucliu. Ronald Lvcrs. Robe Smhclfcrs. Sam Brunner. Richai Killmcr. Bill Roberts. I rf rs. Blllllllilll illustrates lu-1' mm- cuts. ,NIU uclgc Cllxumk Piphcr livelvus to IIIILN Xllmncy XYHILCI' I-llslalfwn lll'lIlQ 'l Hill in lm nlxw. 96111116 lxck lhmppcl dclnutes bd lass. foods -rm: the il'C2lkf2ISl ix lPl'L'lllll'C1I in Nliss Illc-s Iuml Lxb. 11151: 113 awww-Q ia' Q? W W 5'.-ikx x' 3 . Y QF ' S4 if . as I A-xwwi' E , 4 1 4 S K I I u I in the Win te? Snow eonies and students are confined to the building. The pzirties and gznnes ure attended in greater numbers and the school is alive with Z1 holiday spirit. 'Iliere is great hope for the Flying Clouds. A semester ends, an new one begins, :ind seniors wonder how time can go so lust. Page 45 l tiouzil bziskelbzlll touruzimem zu uloliet was :L Page 46 Tlwtn toniteA Male Qqn Dec-ember's holiday spiril brought parties, luu- cheous. Lexis, Zlllll comierts. School spirit ram high zu bzlsketbzill gzuues as 21 limit ol 900 iu the gym put tickets all 21 premium. Izuluziry brought the Home lic lzlshiou show, the I"l'fX coke clzmce, :md the lzicully teal. Clou- slruetiou work on the new building zltlrzicttecl the curious. lhe Iuuior-Seuior pzirly iu the calle- terizi zuul the Purple X open houses iu the lfiuclzi Gym were cousiderecl Slli'l'l'SSL'5. The Kll' Vaileu- tine clziuce drew zi big erowml. Dzuls were euter- tziiuecl zu the Girls Club llllll-lJ2lllgllll'l' bzuu1ueL zmcl the Boys Club l'l2llllL'l'-SOI! Slug. The sec'- lrezirtbreziker when lhormou lost to lollet m zi clouble oxertuue thriller. Nlzikiug jewelry iu ai C'l'1!l'lS class: Bzirbzirn Palmer, Shelby Spellmzm, Nlllfllllllli' Bogzm. Yelmai Y2lllllCl'2iZl, Lillizul Collscllzrlk. Dolores Diekmzm. Nancy XYhite. Crmwleil coucliliom in the sluilx hall mzule ellemlixe work sometimes mliflicult. In spa-ull rluss xfillilllll Alzunvs l'L'gllIlllCS thc rcumlvr' as Ruger Hzmscn mpc-rallrs the sim' :md Clhrix Kmmw thc Susiu Sur-nkscn lnllw inlu the mike. mlrill press in rrzxilx rlanss. Kappa Chi oflircrs alru Kit .XTXCSUIL sccrclury. .Xrlcuc Hi-Y ofHCc1wz1l'c limb Kinwllzu. sr-c1'cl111'y. Dun Pullcr. presi- l'z1urllmcrg, president. Kathy MrYcy, vice-prcsidcnt. and dr-nl. Harold Rzucslnot. xirc-p1'cwiclc11t, :xml l.cs Sons, Lou Boll. treusurcr. lrcnsurcr. , : r Page 47 l Q i 3 , .Pr bf 0 . I . A srl? f " E'- W vt 1 -qv' vu V" . Czrls' Cleo Club l Hoa' I: Mareia Twiuing. Carole Dehnert, Shirley Genovese. Catherine Hastings. Geraldine Rinkeina. jean Hollingsworth. Peggy Srharla C.ayle Goodin. Laura Adams. -lean Mdlehee. Thea Deupree. ja net Myers. Carolyn Streigluil. lfranres Sell, Ann Davis. Hua' II: Ar Rowley. Mary lillison. Lorraine Slatk. Catherine Heesrhen. lilinore Boersina. jean llrawlord. Barbara Brown. Barhara Lauderhac Bexerly Hinle. Beyerly Stiegrnan. Catherine 3lIljS72lli. Katherine Blotk. xloyee Staley. .loan I-ay. Mary I.a Pass. -loan Hocla. -lean Y: Koyering. Rua' III: Hattie Mae Sthuhert. Barhara xliClIIlUl'C. Marjorie Hainner. Margene Crain. Mary Lou Stlnnidt. Pinkie Hool- Shirley Srhinidt. Grace Huttig. -loan Yisser. Lail Lewis. Patricia Brandrill. Sue Cirosyenor.Yiyian Brady.Areola Pitken.C1lara Bowe Mary lillen Kruse. Violet Hoekstra. Rua' Il': Rosetnary Biesen. Charlene Yan Soest, liyelyn Baggs. Dorothy Fedderson. joan DeYVil lean Sperry. -lean Kruger. Gloria Lyharger. Helen I.utas. .Xdalee lflalnhrir. Dorothy Peters. .Xngela Gioeonda. Barhara Clit-se. l.orraii Bechtel. .lean YVillian1s, xlo.Xnne Bragg. Fre.s'lr1m1n Girls Glee Club Rua' I: Margie Hleleh. Patricia lialxen. jean Bergman. Dorothy Hauler. Betty Colletl. Belly llallak. jean johnson, Margaret xV07I1l2l Virginia Mrlntyre, Annabelle Thomas, Gloria Crylmowski. ,loan Benson, Barbara Clark. Ruth Schnering, Beverly Barlow. Dolores Dol Dolores Harr. Florence Marh. Georgia Roney. Marion Steghauer, iloann Keeling. Koa' II: -lnne Setty. Donna Gardner. Pat Steyer Xnn May I,otl. Patritia Makin. Betty XYard. Nancy Alden. Patricia K1lL'L11Hi1iSKl. Barhara Swanson. Pat Kerkhoyen. Joyce Smit Marilyn Seainon. Ruth Ross. Barhara Snyder. Joanne Kysiak. Gail Cl'lIlCC.1ilIllly Krautsak. Kay Shaller. Jeanne DeMarrhe. 'liheln Shorno, lilhel McHenry. Rua' III: Carol Beales. Joan Halley. Mary Patterson. Donna Spelhnan. lileanor Heinrinan. Virginia Parinel Marjorie llartwell. Phyllis Collins. ,lo Ann Houts. janet Mong. Rae Ann Noll. Marlene Yan Kley. Darlene Marlxee. Norma XX'arnaa Belly lannnen. Phyllis Peters. ,lean M'illxe. Shirley Hoeksenla. Arlene Ring. Joan Ciuilotte, Kay Ciuilotte. Mary Benson. Phyll Boersnia. Rua' IV: Pat Ryan. Carole liullins. Patricia Day. Barbara Sopp. Jeanne Nelson. Dorothy XVandrey, joan Steege. Lois .Xltringt love lloll, Patricia Ellis. jatquelin Rouse. Katherine Clrugett, Lillian Schaefer. lilaine llaarly, Mary Ann l"UlllS. .Xrline liyel Ciarlene Nelson. Darlene Yoellxer, Shirley lwinslii, jllllllll Seliaeler. Boys Clffe Clu 11 Rua' I: Rohert Danish. YYayne Oshorne. Ronald Blark. Ronald Munson. .Xrthur Coxon. Billy Ilainpton. Albert Swanson. Hugh XVyal -Ioe De Silnini. Rene XYernirke, llarry Ahrahaiu. Donald .Xl'lCI'lJlll'll. Kenneth Gouwens. Don Krahlme. Melyin lfosler. Xtllillllllltl Paase Bill ligelneclit. Donald Kingsland. john Rothier. Rua' Il: 'lied De cili2llli.:XI'lllll1' Selraper. Dayid Meyer. Norman Bowers. Riehai Mtlaughlin. Dale Miller, Boh llellrich. Delyin Cllauson, Roy Pelorlnin. Ifred Maxwell. blames Boland, Charles largent. Bake Ken Sinith. Owen Sotlez, Ronald Brush. lidrnund Stanwieh. XYesley Pearson. Cornell Hadley. Paul Rentner. Ram' III: Dona flaplmel. 'I oin XYenzlall. Garry Bullard. .Iaines Black. ,jerry Claress, Donald Hoinan. Yyto 4-olhin. Mirhael Xvltllllllll, Harlnan M'illLc ,lint lrind. Leonard Srhilh. Bill Crowley. .Xllen Bradley. Don Henry. blames Kahuan. Dorninic Ruflalo. Ronald I,yon. lYarrc l,l'lllll'lIX. Benny M'hite. Dayid Banks. Ralph Allidi. Halter Murphy. Hoa' IV: Arwalt Kehle. -Ierry Slater. -Iaroh Oudshoorn. Stanlf Rfah. Xlilhznn Baggs. Dayid Brnn. Sain lornahene. .jerry Xan lallen. Ken Mehster. john O llara. Arthur Xlriglit. .lnniny bros Boh Stannn, Donald Goesel. Don Pills. Bill l.e1nhehe. lfloyd Shipe. Donald Blau. Harold Hl'2lNllll.1lClSCI7ll LaPointe,joseph Corsell Page 48 Tlwkn toniteA like to Siny Iflircc glee clubs. 21 mixed chorus. Il girls hoir, the Kcyclcts, anal 1110 Rl2llll'lg2ll give everyone who wzmts to. il clianc-c Lo sing. VInrl1'1'g1lI -Sl7Igf"l'.Si rm' I: llorolliy xYkllll'l'. Bz11'lm:11'z1 Nlillcr. l'lll'1lllUl' Gef- fcrl, Iris Van ZZIIIICII. Doris XY2llICl'. Ron' ll: S11s211111c SOL'llliSL'll. Jerry fl2lI'CSS, Reulmcn Sleele.C1I1z1rIcs Haigh. A102111 XYLISSIICII l.co11 POII'2lllliL'. Hlll'lJCl'l Owen. Jolm l'illgllL'S. -loan Cllalry. Ceyrlels wen Kngy. Slllilllllk' l31'1m'11. Lois -I0llllS0ll. -ICLXIIIIC iven. Nancy l,11ssc11l1op. -loan xv0I'QCSlC'lI llzirulc Clly. xl1lI'glC KI'2lllSl'. P11l1'ici:1 llrefllzlll. Ciamnic Till'- Jr. fiCl'1llLllIlC XYi1111ic. Ruthie BIAKJIIIICY fr11'u1111j1r111ixlJ. ff 'ai iffk' iiih Dlixfffl Chorus Hun' I: xlllfy Bczlxxlvrc. Gwen Nlzlcliclllizr. Dizmc Bllfllll, lirlcm- I Hzmscn. Dorothy xlllI'SIl2lH, Eleanor lhnlks. Doris Hull, Dianne Brzlry. clllflll Scllv, Clzlrol v1lIldCl1lJL'lkg. Maury Lou Finoul. -jinny Ihmlcll. I.indz1 lllmuu-. Connie l'icrur, Curry Cogswvll, Yumnc Y - X 1 , 1 1 , , , 1- Q - X llcNIz1l'ml1c,-102111 Gibson. Phyllis l'I21IlSL'Il. Dclurcs xIU0l'C.1fUTl' ll: ,lflf LIU Islmds LOIHUI 'Ind cuuol slim? UI tht Xlzxry Inu Kollmzln. Nlkllf Inu liclwzlnls, .ICQIII Bowcn. Nklllfy I IHS t'llUl'ZllgI'0llIJS 11115 IDCCOIIIC l1'2lillIl0ll2ll Lit Nlillcr, Kzxllmrinc NIrYL:y, 130115 lsilllllf, xI2II'gZll'CI I'qL'l'f"llSUll. f- . - . ., . , 1, ., -' , .Xllclrc-c Simcr. Ruth ,xllll Cizxlo. Sllifltf Bfllllll. l5:l1'lJ111':l Illmlgcw. 1h"".mf"' Slionsolul IJ, thi ITUUH ISMINIJS Rfllllililll' Slrylmsski. Gloria Flynn. Iilc-allmr Ccilurl. Calm! ,x3SOK'lZlll0Il. ll Lllllws llll 2lllLllCllCL' ol lllllslc' KL1'cnic1'. Juan Cllzuw. lSz1l'lm1'zl Snlliscwmki. 002111 lhliliv, Nauru lox, ,N I-xml th. vholl ,OI uumit, HUIIIIUIIIZI. Ilomlhy KI'llK'gL'l'. Bz1l'lmz11'zl l'c-lcwmmx. ,Xdclzl Swcusml. C ' I K M 4 1 ll 5' Him' III: Milclruml Yiswr. lhl1'lm1'z1 Miller, SIISZIIIIIL' S4lR'llkSK'll, Dorothy XYz1ltcr, .loam XYZISSIICY. Clllzlrlcs Cllzlrk. VIXIIOIIIZIS Clark. Nlbflllllll Cole Ridmzxrd l'.lki'l' HllN'IJi'I'l Owcn lrmlm lluqhvw R215 Krzlmcr. Bill -'gum-s. Bud YYrighl. llcml l90l1'11l'kc, -lcrry rJ'IlHI'S!Hl Clzlrc-ss. llllurlcs Ruwsml. Rugur XYZIRISII. .IilllIlliC Burkc. Nlzurilyu Rm, I: R1,y,L,,-I AM-lm,-. lllmln KUL,PL,l-- Muriml Kuwulk. Killmcr. lhmnic Ilvlirimh. Iris Yun f2llllCIl. I.0l'l'lliIlC lfwkzlxl. .. , A V M I W Doris XX-1lllCl'. Ron' ll': Blllklilll fQ2lI'iIillL'l'. limlxxuml Lxllc, Rilllllfll 'xnmltinv "'l'I'f"' 'Um' H' Manu" MOU' -l"l'l"f"?'1 Killmcr. Xiwyn ,xlllil'l'5lHl. Bill Nlunm. liflnuuul' lmkuv. juc H2ll'lillg1'l'- Uflllllllll Iiulc. C-c'm'gv Thics. lililzllwclh ROI7l'I'lS. Paul vl'l'Ullll. Kirby Klcllhlzllln. Ruy xI2lHSlI'Ulll, Donn Norlmlv 'mme SOHC- 'Mk lglwll NWI, HI: lgmlmm N1lil'Il. Bill ,'XlNll'i2lllUS. -lim Slcpllzmis, 'l'lll'Udfll'C Sc'llz1zll'sln:x. M 'I N V, V 1 .I , Y Q V .loc vlwlllflgll. Richzml Polka, .Xllcn l'1l'il'lxSUll. Clharlvs Hzxiglm. HOA' 5'm'h" SHHCIY -'Ulm I mix' Blu? Mdmmn' George Slcxcus, Rolwrl f:l'iSIll2lll. RL'llIJCll Slvclc. XYillis IQIRZIIIISIZICIH. jerry XY:lsIlI111l'nc.Joann lj0lllCluUll. z" 4 l 0 Girls Choir ge lhm' I1 I3e1s1 lSr1ll111z11111. Cl111111ie l111l411'. I.c11'1':1i11e l':1j11l4. Ruse Sl'IlL'5llC'. fnL'I42llillllC XvlllIllL'. Rit11 Seniw, Xl1ll'll'llL' lierles. l':1ts1' ll111111e1'. la111111'e xll'SSCl'SClllIllill. llr1l111'es lllllllllltlllil. l'l1vll1s Reich. ,Xl'll'llL' lmllllllllllll. l.lll'llll' 61111. Shirley Russell. Vlllllll l4c11't1111. VI11:11111e Nzulicles. Ron' Il: Nanny I.11111l. lJ111'111l11' BllI'lll'll. llc11'11tl1y Rll0SYlL'S. I.i111l:1 SNVZIIISCN, S:1111lr11 SllllL'l'. Vlessie l'1:111lxs. N111'111:1 l,2lS9lll0I'L'. VICZIII Si111c111. Lfllll l'ix11111'. xllllf 1Xll11'ecl11. Xilu Uulewcxcrcl. R11l1l1ie VIe:111 Yllllgllll. ll'k'l'CS2l l3z11'lxs1la1le. Nlnllie VI41111-s. Sllllllllli' l31'11w11. R111l1ie llI'L'IlI1CI'. 1111111111 .xllCll. NQ111111 Hilglllllil. Nanny l'l1ltllxi'. Hun' Ill: CI111'11l K11el111. VICZIII Craig. Shirley XYl1i1e. llc11'is IJUYULIIIQ. .Kline S1l1z1:1ls111z1. K:1li41I1e lfelsis. Nlllltf' l.lliNl'll- llflll. Sllll'll'X NIilli1'1111. l'1NClNIllj0ll. lt'2lll NI:1tl1i1'11. I':111'i1'iz1 .X1'xiz1. fpwlllgslnl I'11l1'iciz1 D114-l'l1:1ll. Vlklilll Slusser. l'11l- Nl1lf111'l:1111l. VI:111el G1'1111w:1ll. HUT" his Wu fllmflll' Ulml Sfllf- RU?" U7 lA4'fll5 l5z11'l1z11'z1 l:l'2Illl. 1,1115 I11l111s1111. ICLIII l'z1:11'll1e1'g.KQWQ11 Kalgv. lx111:1l1s Xllmglll' xllllqlllll f9"ff"'-.l1"lff+1H"'!'L'1'- xlillqllfll Ml" I,11el1. I,r1is llc1Ils1ei11. firm' ll': fl2Il'lllXll BIc'X:1ll1. X111111- xlLll'lC 111-11 Run' III: R1chz11'1l lgL'llllC'lI. lz1111s C.11z1le. lx:11l11'x11 I . , , . V A ' V V ,. V V. V. V ,V V 111111141. lzllc-11 ll'lClh. lllxlllll' fnIXL'l1. f1l1lLC B.1llxe. Dc11111.1 X111111q. lx1le..X114l1e1Vl111111s.Nl:11V14111eli:111e11.Nlz11ll111X.1111r--, V V Xl. V ,V .V A . V V . V B V , VV D V 'V Vle1111Si1111111. I1u11'Il': .Xcleline :XIlill'l'SUll.ll0l1NljlSOIl. Hall ' lu t"m'5V' 1'mlV"m' .lU"'V"'3N- C111 Lfllmll' Utllllll 131111 Hllllllllll. Glenn fl2lI'lSllll, Nllflllllll Beaslev. Hou' llmlld- Hflfu Mfxulll- Ullllllc xlfhllllllll' .IOHHVW1"fCS1f'1'- l Mlm If ICI-1-yX'g111 141114-11.11111-I-ilygDCXY111. Rmmld lolylwm. Nelson. Agnes ,lllI'Ilgl'L'Il. Axis l'll'lL'llllg. Nlllfglt' Kl'2ll1Sl'. llClL'll lJlllS'Il fX111le1's1111, Edna llezm, Ijfllllllll Ore. x K4llllllS7CXK'Slil. lNI:1rieVlz111sse11. Cll1'OlL' Kelly. Page 52 11464 Maize Win te? t lhc Spanish tlluh flllI'lSIllll1S Illlfll fczl- Illl'QQ Ihr Il2lllVllY srvrw: joan: lbmnc- clion. Rohvrl Bap- lisl. LCC llullzmrl, .Xllun limmllcy. Doris Baldridgc and Shirley Milliczln pcck out from bc- hinml the Cllllllllll .lt Ihc Sophomore party in lYOYClIllbCY' as Dolores Shower 1lIlClCZlI'0lyI1 Sll'l'lg'll- tif do a Lilly rlzmut. Eemian 02 pd t1eA ous vulcrlnin lmus ul the :mu- al Boys Clulm Iulllvr-Sun ban- uet in NOXCll1lJC1'. Qirlw Cllulm XVclfurc Lnmuillcc lucmlmcrs frup gill lnwcs to ,resent lo lhe fifty nuccr pzuicnts in hc mcu's ward all Jak Forest Illflflll- 1'f'.'i1llCYZll'C Gloria looks. i'll1lil'1H2lll, .Ian-gc Kullwasscr. Illzlrlullu Moss. 5lll'l7lll'2l Schull. Jorullly l'cte1's.aml mm lmnllmulo. M llu' l"1'cncl1 Clulm J2ll'll Holm ,Xl'll0l' Jcrfurrux ill lllc uilw. un llmu zuuusc- 10111ullt,Im'i:1Bl11'f csuu. Susunuc irmvu. .luuc Saun- 'lL'lS. l,llliX Iloppvr. llrzuc Xmlu-4-. Illlcu Stu u 1. l5z11'l,mz1ru Scluuilll, llllkl Roy 'L'luquiu. E4Alzet64l1 - The flqing Clouds Page 54 Ferguson goes in for ll shot. r Morris clrilmhles through thc Morton defense Conant put one in from under the hnskct A decided lack ol height was the main factor which kept the Flying Clouds from an excellent season. Despite this disadvantage, they had a commendable overall record of twelve victories against nine losses. Coach Nisbet's charges wound up filth in rugged Suburban League competition, winning seven of their fourteen con- ference tilts. They gained these victories over Proviso ftwieej , Morton. Highland Park ftwicej, and New Trier Qtwicej. Oak Park's powerful Huskies, Evanston, and Hlaukegan each downed the Clouds twice, while Morton edged them by three points at Cicero. The four teams which held hrst division spots ahead of the Clouds were Oak Park, Evanston, Hlaukegan and Mor- ton in that order. New Trier, Proviso, and Highland Park finished below them. Against outside opposition Thornton whipped Clenbard once, and their old South Suburban League rivals from Bloom twice. They also were defeated by a towering River- side quintet from the NVest Suburban League. Varsity Squad Ron' I: jerry Fioretti, Roger Conant, Don Robertson, XVayne Burton. Ronald Ferguson. Row II: john Radanovich, John Morris, YVayne Benson, Sid Smith. Bill Ifrederick, Elbert XVCSSIHZID, Coach Nisbet. SEASONS Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton. Thornton. Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton 10 L ....SQ ....?58 L5 Ll ....58 ....6l 118 47 ....4l ....80 RECORD Glenbard. .. . .. Proviso .... . . . Riverside ....... Morton ..,..... Highland Park. . 1. Evanston ....... New Trier ..... . NVaukegan ...... Oak Park. .. .. . Bloom . . . . . Proviso ........ . Morton , ..... . . Highland Park. . c Evanston ....... New Trier ..... . Bloom ..... . . . lVaukegan ...... Oak Park... ... Lockport ....... Joliet Catholic. . Joliet .......... A10 .J 2 '12 'iii 2l 36 60 30 37 C57 34 46 42 L14 43 48 28 42 38 21: aw? Page 55 1 1 Page 56 in the air during the regional tour nament at Joliet. Regional Toumanzent In post-season tournament play the Flying Clouds were entered in the regional at -loliet. They started impressively as they rolled to an 8028 win over Lockport. lloliet Catholic gave the Clouds a scare in the semi-Hnals, but '1'hornton came out on top, A16--12. The Final game was a double-overtime heart-breaker with -loliet, which the Clouds lost, 38-36. Don Robertson, 'l'hornton's versatile athlete, was named to most AllASuburban League teams at a guard position. He was described by some coaches as the linest play-maker in the league. Ron Ferguson and Bill Frederick received honorable mention on various teams. 'l'he Clouds' usual starting line-up gave .lohn Morris and Roger Conant at the lorward positions, tloek Robertson and Ron Ferguson, guards, and Bill Frederick, eenter. Capable reserves were Sid Smith, .Ierry lfioretti, XYayne Benson, lVayne Burton, Roy Mallstrom, George Nargis, and lilbert Xllessnian. The lfreslmian and Sopho- more quintets had line seasons, but the .junior Varsity did not lare so well. Roger Conant and Bill Frederick 'ltmim' Varsity Squad 'Zozt' I: joe Roberts. George X.-ngis John Stark. Norman Sumnne Row II: Ken Cook. Rox' xl2lllSllOlH Chuck Haigh. Roy Littcin. Freslzmzuz. Squad 'Ron' I: Roh Helfrich. Donald Ahhott, Inw- rencc Nlziirliesclii. Bill Hicks. joe Logsdon. joe DeSimini. Hurry Kou- stik.Ro1t'1l:Rztlph Petit, inzniziger, Hurry XVarnaar. john Lloyd, Bruce Ferguson. Charles Steele, Albert Clhznnber- lain. Phil Mc-Kinzie. YVayne jackson, Paul Logan. imiiuiger. Row III: Coutoh Bauman, Roy Johnson, Bill Hille- meyer. Stillman Good- man. Joseph XVeis, Rob- ert Buckner. David Lyons. Richzird Mzncuri. Dominic Rnllalo. Froslz-Soplz Squad Ron' I: I-'red Burcher. Ron- ald Tindcr. l.eon1n'd Bo- hannon. jznnes Shinker, Richard Goodwin, -lack Kaberna. Ron' Il: jerry XVonlfe. l,2ll'l'f' .XlJl'2lll2llll. YVzilt Gray. XVilliziin Sandvos. XVayne Dc 1 Graff. Don Ring. Ron' ' III: Couth Illzilm. Holm YVentz. Dzne Olfc. Clin- ton Allison. Jinx Reich- ert. Ken Ciroenexeld. Stan Morris. Wie fling Varsity Squad Wfestlers Raw I: -lim Smith, Tom 'l'riumpl1. Charles Detmzlr, james Zulfcr. XVilliam Hopmun lion' ll: Chuck Piphcr, Holm Rznsul. Chuck Smith, George lignfskc. Earl Landry. Egofskc working for ll hold, Page 58 Landry escaping. Triuinpli working for top position. fhe varsity wrestling team's record if eight wins, live losses, and one tie loes not show the true ability ol Ioatih Czec'h's Illlttlllefl. Their weakness in the lighter weights t the beginning proved almost latal, tntil the smaller inuselemen gained teeded experience and came through lr fine style, when thev began rolling . , t t ip an enviable record. The grapplers were edged in the ectional by Qloliet, but managed to ualify five men lor the state meet: arle Landry, Alina Smith, Tom Tri- rnph, Bob Rasul, and Chuck Pipher. t Champaign, however, they earned vnly two points. Regular varsity wrestlers were Hop- 1 inan, Zulpher, Detmar, Triumph, Lmith, Landry, ligolske. Kolb, Rasul, .nd Pipher. tow I: Frank Rhein, Charles Detniar. Bruce Hauschild, Hugh XVyatt, lValter Zapchenk, Eugene Rzab, Bob Courtney. Richard McKinzie, Ray jones, Arthur Horak, Robert Meeks, lVilliam Hopnian. Billy Hampton, Dave Caldwell. Ron' II: Don Kings- land, Tom Holmes. lValter McArtor, Melvin Foster, joe Schultz. Edward Carten, jim Manifold. Don Fedderson, Posey Bridges, jinnny jacks, Dave Samulowitz. Fred Kolodziej, Levi Henderson. Ron' III: Don Hobbs, Robert Pierce, jerry Freeh, Duane Boudreau, Jack Mason, Pat Bowlds. Richard XVeisbr0dt. Al Hughes. Bob XVhite. KVayne I-Ithridge. Bill Malone, Lewis Schroinan. Richard Murawski. Rout IV: Denis Lybe, Gordon Phillips, Floyd Swanson. Barclay Smith. lidward Brig- riardello. Frank Stojak, Larry Johnson. Robert Bibbs, Ted Huizenga. Bob Parenti, Dave Banks. Howard Cary. Robert Tri- umph, Angelo Marcheschi. Row V: james Abbott, Eldred Havard, Richard West, XYilliain Edwards. john Klein. Roger Hansen, Clayton Cooper, Bud Elmore, Harold Ravesloot, Harry Bostrom. lidward Goniakowski. lVayne Landry. Leroy Cooper. wt l Page 59 Q , ,H 1 1.4 ' .X -. ' ! ,A . 1 'N 'V wtf A.,i Q . .,Y Y , .p 12, W Shu, Wqlee Cteditable Sl: owing in 14 emge Seq on The highlights ol an average season for Coach Froschauer's varsity swimmng team were the steady winning performances of Captain john Bardwick, who led the team in scoring, and fin- ished fourth in the fifty yard free-style in the state meet at New Trier. Following Bardwick in scoring were George Ruhle, breast-stroker, and Gerry Devore, back-stroker. The team as a whole had a season record of five wins and six losses, finishing fifth in the league finals at Proviso. Their five victories came over Cal City ftwicej , Xvaukegan, Yvhiting, and Fenger. Coach Froschauer. Captain john Hardwick and the referee have a friendly chat. Frosh-Soph Squad Row I: Richard Ireland, Larry Freeman, Richard YVilkin- son, George Steedman, Howard Franks, Richard Zuziak. William Zuziak. Row II: Jim McDaniel, Elbert McKin- ney, George Karney, Dick Hock, Donald Rorn, Phil YVarner. Carl Sanders, James Hendry, John O'Hara, Mgr. Row III: Ren Wfalstra, Bill Crowley, jim Stephanis, Robert DeWVitl, Charles Amer, Cyril Heselton, Edmund Stanowich. Berwyn Bender. The following mermen earned varsity letters: John Bardwick, George Ruhle, Gerald Devore, Tom Clark, David Austin, Joe Ursetti, Fred Ca- priotti, Art Fredericks, Morris Jones, and Bill Gunn. The Frosh-soph swimmers did not fare any bet- ter, but showed some promise in winning tour out of ten meets. The young Fromen were sev- enth in the league meet. Their wins came over Cal City Qtwieej , Yvaukegan, and Fenger. Lead- i11g scorer for the sophs was Alton Sanders. 2 4 N to 3 A , f Tlwtn ton P4QtieA Ike ?an Page 62 Ifmnt mfr: Ralph Ball. George Fererria Richard Bennett, George Fikrle, Lew Al- hright. Iiark Row: john XVagner. Roger Schreiber Glenn Carlson, Richard Kilhner, Norman Beasley. jean Kingston is crowned queen at the Spanish Club carnival, and Dick Evans is chosen king. On the court are Nancy Jack- son, joan Ries, Toni Pivonr, Alice NViley, Marilyn Suange, Jeannette Alhdi, Grace Balke, -Ioan Altherr. Carol Portwood, Linda Swanson, Joyce Van Drunen. Mary Plant. Dancers at the Junior-Senior party. upid 14 Capeu At the KII' xv1lIi'lllillC dunm e. the Harvey Hooi'e1's were fC2lllll'Cl1 on the pI'UgI'lllIl. They are 1JLFIIJ11illC Keinigs- herg. Mary 1.011 lid- wzmls. Virginia Maas, Mzxruia Meye1'.z111Ll Kzllhleen Olsen. ,Iillerbugs were llillll nl il-Bill Clupp :md Nlzxrlis Olsen. Belweell fl1lllli'x - 1111111111 Bmsiezlll. Put f1lll!llIliIlgS. 'l'lllPlllllS CQ111'1':111, Louixe I5mx'e1's. The NICIOLIULIYS -- George Slevem. Muri- lyn KiIl111e1'.NIu1-1 Lou K0lIlIIllll..I0lll1IILIQIICS, Page 63 5 5 grgkgfx i ,iifiiaiigffg -A in Q :K s N ig f 5 ,,,gSL'?9 , S-'Mah 4, L- I LM: rx Us Q X 1-Q in . 'UUQVS 3 'A Q -nw..-..-...Q 1 Ilrs, Tilton, Mr. ilton. Gloria wanson. Mr. -wanson. :Vit ff- grower W Ti ,I if 'ou ntefztqin 15444 Being proud of Pop is only natural. so . . . 'lihornton students have their Dad-Daughter and Father-Son banquets. 1949 was no exception. .Indy Maguire was toastinistress at the Girls Club banquet, and Jean Kingston emcieed for the entertainment. Hlarden Joseph Reagen, guest speaker at the Father-Son Stag, told of his experiences at Stateville. Mr. Frederick, father of Bill, almost burst with pride as he sat and listened to his son, whose was Master of Ceremonies at the Boys Club Stag. Now Dad's big night is over, and he sits back in his chair with pipe and slippers and waits for next year. 'QS' Mr. Lfmbaugli, Bois Club spon- sor. Page 65 Page 66 I'1l'2llHl'i CI11lcl111ll1'11. Xxmc Kelly llllllllll xg-111'Im11k lure-S, Tlwen tonite Pqblicatiom Y1f11rl11111lc Staff Bill XlNlI'illIlUS. 1'lHf1H-iIIA1'lIfl'fAf liurix 5CllllCl'. l111xi111'.x.s 71111 llg'l'7f l.1-Q Sous. .s'j11111,s 1'1l1t111': l'kl'ilIllL'N f1OlClJlllll'll. Iii I-'1'1mll11k. Sully Slauk, :1'1'iI1'-1111 1'1lil111'.s: Daw IIZIIIIINC 11111l:1'-11j1 1'1liI111'. C1111 lf1'j1111'l1'1',w S1'llfl'llf I.11llisc KIUIL: 1'111'11l11Ii1111 llIlIllIl.Li!'I'. Pzllsx llilll Klum .Xlur f-Zlllls. 6,1-urge Slcxcns. l51'1'nz11'1l1l11- llrylsl. S111111l111g: Nfzxlxin Kuspulis. II1-lcn S1l1is1-wski. lizxrbu XX111'k. -lrmn NVz1ssl11'1'. Kzllhlc-011 IIUIINUII. Xlzxriuu 5111- HC S'1'11l1'1I: Cllnzlrlcnc NY:1Ilz111'. lllbllll Cllvzxry. I.11l1is4' 611110. II 111111111111 111111111g1'1. Xgncw Illl'llgl'K'l'Il. Phyllis lliglllli. XI1 gm Xlaum, Nl11111l1114g: fzilfllhll Slu-iglllif. S111-II1-3 XYillu1 Im IJ11r111hx Iiflzxm. l.11iI Irwis. Nlunicn N1-vs. Ilfllllllll Cram Nl2lYg2ll'l'l lizxrlmcr. lu 8935? 'PQ 3,9-gl gm A 'luv Dennis XYelch. Eileen Frontzak. Bill Anclrianos. Daxe Hammer. and Louise Cole work on newspaper clisrrihulion. Sally Slack and Diane Campbell work on paste-up as Doris Sender checks advertising contracts. Stfrff liejzmwrsz Bill .-Xnclrianos. Lorn Bakhus. Frances Clolehourn. john Denson. Eileen Fronuak, Bob Ciroenevelcl. David Hannner. john Hughes. Tom Mullencler. Harold Ravesloot. Les Sons. Iris Van lanlen. Dennis YVelch. flempqpeb Louise Cole. cfdilm'-irz-rllirf, .Knne Kelly. n1'u's wlitor. Diane Campbell. fealzrrr' r'riilr1r,Sallj, Slack. nmkz'-up edilnr, Ted De Young. xjmrlx rrrlilor, Doris Sender. lzusirzess 7l1ll7llIgf'I'. Farully Arlvisrrs Miss Washburn. Mr. llmhaugh The sports department knock out the inches-Bob john Hughes, Iris Van Zanlen. Tom Mulleniler, ancl Groenevelcl, Ted De Young. Les Sons. Harold Raves- Lorn Bakhus ure are cow- loot. l P l , Page 67 1 l 'Qvffvf ful-snub' Vis Am rm O , W nv' ' Ml I f,,3fiig'1 ,, Wwe: v , . wr M wr ., ' 5 V "" V W f-gras: 43 4 wi fm Q- In I. . . , , V, - MQ W-, f l M ' . ,fer f ' f Si K B+ if fx 4 if wa " An skew' - yi? , G ff Q4 Tlwtnton in the Sinking The grass is green, the warm days become longer, and summer seems just around the corner. In Thornton the air of graduation hangs low. Thorntonites are excited about the prom, spring vacation, and there is ll notice- able Change in the i'1'CShI11Cll. Page 70 Sinking C'omeA to Tlwtnton The new building shows real progress. Reporters ure privileged to look it over :it close range. .lim goes out for bztsebztll, but takes time out from pr:u'tic'e to walk Shirley home and to ask her to the Prom. The May Queen court are elected and presented at the lXi0lllC1'-ljilllglllll banquet. The campus turns zt beztutilul green, and young, starr-eyed couples can be seen ztlmost any time. strolling aimlessly ztbout. Spring is Il happy time lor ztll. except the sztd-eyed senior. who is being measured for cap and gown and is sending grztduzttion announce- ments. The lreshmen lieel best, for they, unlike the sln'ubbt-ry. are shedding their green and will be llllldllhdgcd Sollllolllolics whcn thc 'ww and CXUI' Pouring eontrele for thc fountlztlion of thc new gym w lllg f'l'lll' li0ll5 li1'0UlNl- zt lztstinztting operation to watch. Club reporters Rzllplm lfrundle. liugene Sthmehl. YVillizun Koehler. und xl2ll'lC Janssen get first-lmnd information on the new building from Nlr. .lUllIlSXlIl. president of the ronstruttion company. 'XX Lv 1---I 'Q N Chess and Checkers Club-jolin Snxliy. jrmxiflezzt, Fred Scholzlrship Cup-!FIo0rQ Joyce Yan Druncn, Carol Van- Furlh, .9z'f'rv!r1ry, Irwin lfuhlcn, 1'lI'f'Af1l'l'SlI!t'lI1. clcnberg. gCl111iri Pal jersey, Gwen lirh, Xlllflllll Pierce, pwanzlingj Marilyn Hall. Swing Clllllj'-I'll'2llllL'S ilulelmnrn, :fir'4'-jmfsiflffrll, Dennis junior Girls Mother-Daughter ICE!--fSl'!1ff'fU Lorraine l'ujz1k, 'elcli. lrffllsurffr, XIZITV 1,011 lfllllllll. 1n'r'Xi1lmzl. 1'0-rllrzirman, Nfrs. Pajak, fslandingl Mrs. XVilling, Roberta I YVilling, C0-L'l111irman. l age 71 Q3 ,yy E . XX. : 9? 1, uf. an S , 3 W' . X ve, Y ,V at M., .fi X 5 ev 5 USS' i f 9 5. -- T . ' K J .. . If . . 1 ':, - if 51 1 . .- f A .i ' ' ' 1 'S 2 r lf 2 ai' .1 " 5. 1 3 l f 'ff M 1 if '9' My Y fy 9 A . ig 2. ff ,4 . Q ' 1 " c 1 1 1eA 5 g ,f. Q' .4 is.i. if GAA Banquet .. an N U L. Q Diane Porter tells a goocl oneg Miss 3 BN' , 'B Clofllancl, Miss Stone. Miss Gray. Mrs. V B' XvlCkSlTUIl1, and Miss Coniegys enjoy ' qi ' . Llie uroffrain. 'iw -is . 1 Vzfziif K .. , ,A K-3 ,rx in 3.75Z,k K g. se fl? - . A 5 if 1 jg lfplleyball Champs K . juniors Kay Kleinfclcler. Lois Hanscli- H. mann, Eleanor Banks Ksezitzfdj, .lean H A Prim. joan lVassner, Margie Krause, K " L ' and Ire11e Zenere flcneelingj, Marilyn Goetz and Lois Holstein missing. Baslfffllmll Champs Two-time winners, juniors Kay Klein- felcler, Irene Zenere. Lois Hansclimann. Eleanor Banks, fsitfingj, and Pal Nel- son. Althea Bridges. .loan XVassner, Margie Krause. and jean Priin. as Page 72 'ASTM x m ' ' 'li 3 , 1 5 f ix w 127 X 5 N, I 7 1 WW,-Q ,. -v vs Y urs if 32' - ,Rf M , . g-W. .gg 1 .i ki Q W . , ' 5 ' r , ., Q ,.,, nn' JV 'W , s ' AA K Q i 'Q E lg 4 i in Q . I if Q M . ' V ,. Zig. 3 M 'lid 45. .., , in Ag 5 1 7 Y w ll ix, in ! if 3 i Si f X i , A . - 7 K I . ' i -. 5 , Q' K7 K , is au, -2 5 ..i. 6 . .gk N W 'QF' . Q f v E 2 -Q L x' CJ-IIKKII Court, 1948 'Yau .gy i5 ,..-wi. lllfly Q111ff'11 Court, 1049 Row I: ,Xiulrcy Simer. Flcziiim' CeH'crl, .Immun Xlllicrr, I.ox'rziimr Pzljzlk. Rim' ll: Hari' .Xnn HllllIi'l'. Rolla-rlzi XYilIi11g. B1ll'l72ll'2l Hmlgvs. Pail Rczigsiii. limi' Ill: Juan l'zi:irl- licrg. liililli Y2lllS0ll.Yll'gll1l2l Mains. Carol SOClllxSCll. Phyllis Hansen. lh'mx'ii. Carol Xl2lIlllCIIlJCl'g. Glurizi lflyuii. ljllllll' I'u1'ler, Rlllli .xllll Czilo. ,lucly Xlzigiiirc, Susie Soenkscii l'llllI'I'llj, llizinc I implwll. 'luyrc Yun Drimcii. Gloria Swzmsoii. Hairy llzmt, Sally Slack. klczm Kingston. '. . 5 , A rdf, an 'A E f f 953 I yi ...ig S.. I Nh ' ff. . ,Sc 1 is Q is ... M. . if' I rx Ig 'N -W-yvff. .+-U V l . ! b I fl P030 73 Sf 74 Sitting it out hctwccn clunres at the Girls Club Sock Hop: Carol Crincc. Joan Kccling, XVQIYHC jack- son. Roy Fllqllll. .Xlicc 'l'nkurski, Riclizird Wcislmrmll, Mary Stzirla. The Sock flop Don Gorliaini removes Kathy llluflds shoes X 3 A lu chcfk them. as Rosciuary Bicsvn :ind Bill ' Doupp look on at the Sock Hop. .Q 'L X ', 'CH 'Yfiu 4nd Tel " fornlall greclings are CYlkll2lllgBll hc' wccn Privzxtc liznrlmrl filcorgc Kern- ICH, :Incl l'nn'lL' Gcnrgc fllick Poppclj. Mrs. Pringle rllorotlly ll':1lIc'rsp is clawing the lllll'0llllCll1Q. "Nm llzulcly. nu." plczlcls Corliss lljllllll' fl2lIlll1llCllj as Nlr, :Xl'I'llCl' :Bula Hulu-rsunj llmgcs Iowzml IDL-xlcr qBill .llllIlCSj. Nlrs. .Xrclxcr lklC1lll licrwcllj also lrics lo kcup llm' lllllSlJ2lIlil umlcr control. 'oly Clow! H011-'s Corlisw ifilcmlzl 'incrj and Dcxlcr fGrcg Collicrj mcchkingf hxxlllll low grumlf' l'CI0l'lS Irma lflCT2lltllIlE Wclclxl as she interrupts ILCIIIIS' IIUCZIH Nzuirnj :mal Xlildrcml lxlllff' Bcauprvj . Qi li Q: 'Fi Ei ii iw.. MM- - 'Ju -A-....,,,,, Page :ssl a , , N. Ms'-f-W IB 5. ' 3 z. D I' 9' ff: Wi ak? Fool liglz ters The cast ol' 'IX Cmiiieclicill Yankee in King .X1'Ll1u1"s filllllilu in a praftice ses- sion. Rau' I: lieth Yan Yoret fQneen Guiniverej. Dun Potter fKing .'XI'll1lll'D . George l'oflms lSir S2lgI'2lI1l0I'CD, Fred Furth fpzlge lmoyj. Harman XVilkes fSir I.lllII'lCCl0fD . :incl Nlr. Olllert. L'0ZlL'll. Rum II: Dianne Brown dlzxrionj, NOTIIIZI lX'0o1ls llilziinej. John Szixlmy fHunlQ Bennett. the Yzinkeej. Alma XlIllltlCl' Ciessen 1'S:1n1lij, Bill .XIlill'l2lIli7S Olerlinj . .1lllIl0l' 'l'zuirff'r.s Ron' I: K1llllL'l'fll Nix. Ellen Yzimler YYOu4le. .Immun Yun Dyke. Agnew lininy. Row ll: Kathleen linken. Margaret XYU1- niak. liifilil Clues, l'zm'icin Fields. I.m'- l'lllIlC Bielerlgi. Xlzlrciu Meier. LI1ll'CllIClfll Hzirtinger. I.ellf'1'11zw1'.v Club Hou' I: liurle Lznnrlry. sergealil-all-zmm. Ronald lfergnsmi. president. Don Kzigy. SCCYCIZIYS. Bill Gunn. golf. Ron' ll: Junk lAIl'ci0W2lIl, lmuselmzill. Don ROlJCI'lSilIl. Ime- ketlmll. XOTIIIZIII Xl1lSSlLili. football. -lolin Barclwick. swinnning. Bill Bunch. truck. Robert Rzxsul. wrestling. Don Pliznlen. tennis. Row 1: Stanley Archer, Larry Kellogg, Mark Ramsey, Cyril Heselton. Barry Freeman. Arthur Fretlerick. Dick Yeleta. Row II: Skelly Calgaro, jerry Van litten. Bill Gunn, Ed Gurlynski. Gordon Rae. Roger Rains. V1-ll0lll1iS Ellis. XVilliam llourtnev. Charles Tanner. Row Ill: Coach Dore. I.eRoy Anderson. joe l'rsetti. Thomas Clark. Sam lornaluene. jim Mann, Clinton Allison. Kenneth Mossell. Owen Soclelz, Bob Nliller. Page 78 gal Bill Gunn comes through on a drive. Coach Dore explains a grip to Stanley Archer and LeRoy Anderson. Ron' I: john Bartlit, Bob Evelv, Don Ore, john Slater, Bob Dolph, Don Phzxlen. Row Il: Ronald Blzirk, Paul Rentner, Bill Hillemeyer, Mike xVldIH2ll1. Roger Van Dam, Ron Spiegel, Fred Furth, Joe Albert. Ron' III: Melvin Peebles, Bill Munro, jim Maplcsden, Donald Blau, Morris jones, Bob Stznsiak, John Healy, Bud YVright. Oliver Jervis. Coach Moore. Bill Munro swings a mean racquet. Coach Moore talks over the net to Morris jones, Don Phalen. and Melvin Peebles. Page 79 N.. Y,XRSI'1'Y. Rua' 1: jerry Roe. George Rifaker. lillis Flaws, Wall Pranke, Frank Horton, jim O'Conncll. Row II: Ronald Brush, Bob Baptist, Bill Klemm. Bill Mitchell, Tony Zeppie. XVarrcn Lemieux. Fred Burcber. Ron' III: Mr. Harms. lid l.2lllllCfl12iClK, Loren lrepanier. Bill Frederick, Harold Ravesloot,Eldred Havzmls.Coac'l1 Sulor. SUPH 'l'RACK. Ron' I: jack Bennett. Dave Banks, lid Tucker. Bert Jexeret. -lim While. Homer Birch. Bob Kuykendale. Ron' Il: '1'om Baptist. George Ring, Richard Manns. jim McGrath, Phil Roberts. Ed Porter, Jim English. Bill Kesler, joe Chisholm, Ronny lVoulfe. Run' III: jack Kabcrna, Bill Hicks, Dave Pelley, Dick livans. -lim De Graff, Daxe Olfe, Ken Staplcy, Fred Tourtellotle, Larry lVilliams. Mlaync jackson, Howard Franks. Page 80 rt of 21 race-Dick Evans, Jerry e, Harold Ruvesloot, Coach tor. lay-Dzue Kelley. jack Bennett. l Hicks. Wayne johnson. lthough rI'hornton was lthout at home track be- use of the new building nstruction, Coach Sutor d the boys looked forward timisticzilly to a heavy 49 schedule. indermen returning from t ye11r's varsity squad were ill Bunch. Don Hobbs, eorge Lytle, Harold Raves- ot, and Bill Frederick. floving up from the Frosh- h trzlctksters were Dick ans, Jerry Rowe, Don 'ng, Bob Baptist, Dave fe, Bob Trepanier, Lottie angano, Sid Smith, Don ing, and Joe Ursetti. The schedule included the ak Park and X'Vheaton Re- Iys, four South Suburban 1211 meets, and the district id state meets. igh Hurdles-Bill Bunch, Don ng. George Lytle. vach Sntor talks it over with co- ptains Bill Frederick and Don Jbbs. , 1 Page 81 Page VARSITY. Ron' I: Dino Xeniek, jack McGowan. Don Robertson, George Dussault, Dan Milano, Bob Struven. Richard Bou' dreau, Larry Kendall. George ligolske. Ron' II: Goafh Bob Blaha, jamie Xl'ilkes, XVayne Ileinema, Sain Aiello. Steve Zak Ralph Nelson, Mayne Benson. john Cogswell, George Xenick, jerry Bell. Larry Larson, Bob llolph. Bill Yoss. Gayle Mull Bob Rasmussen. Lyle Button. Nick Dileo. Allen Dolph, lid Vogt. Philip llel Nagro, nianager. Kqaebqll 'l'hornton's varsity baseball team opened the l9l9 record ol 109 victories and 38 losses in eleven season under a new eoarh and with quite a lew years. openings in the lineup because ol graduation. RCM,-,ling from last yum-'S Squad WC,-C Don Rob- Coach Bob Blaha took over lor Frank Frosch- ertson, Bob Rasmusson, Henry Chott, -lack Me' auer, who will concentrate on lootball and swim- Cowan, Dan Milano, Sam Aiello, lVayne Dienema, ming in the luture. Fro lelt a highly eommendable Bob Struven, Larry Kendall, and Dino Xenick. FROSH-SOPH. Row I: Ronald Kyrovae, Bob Shelton, Leonard Bohannon, Don Howe, Don Linse, Ken Smith. Hoa' ll: james- Zulfer, mgr., WVayne Ethridge. Dave Lyons. Dominic Rulfalo, Stan Morris. Bill Edwards. Harry Koustik. mgr. Ron' III: Allen Erickson, XVayne De Grail. joe Van Schouwen, Bob WVentz. Elbert Wessman, James Reirhert, Bob Lixely. rw mam R lf , I I Z. x , f l' in 82 A55 DN 39 X ,bff X McGowan hunts. Kendall catching. NIcGowan slides in. Milano in the air. jock Robertson winds up. Wilkes slides in. Boudrcun culcliing. Blzlhzl looking on. Page 83 Page 84 S pri 71 g Fave? Commencement Week JVC always knew that last week ol' school would come. At the beginning of the year, we almost wanted it to. But there's so inuch to do, yearbooks to people to say goodbye to. There s Hag Day-we march out in caps and gowns-everyone sheds a gov .ffl JL., - at " . I 1 ., . . . . . . If ii . tear oi two - and honors the Day. Suddenly, the big night is upon us. lVith a funny. confused leeling in- . side we fall in line, and to the strains of UPOIHP and Circunistancef' march out to the football field, xnarch out .f1u1i01'lYI-IS in ' ' . . . . ,. . to the M1111 Row I: Lorraine Ber, Charlotte Zipse. Joie Gouwens. Jean kingston. Suzanne Brown. Row II: Barbara Greuter, Iris Van Zanten. .Xdela Swenson. Gwen Erb, Caroline Schilb. Row III: Judy Maguire, Suzanne Soenksen. George Lytle. John Radanoyieh. Bob Charles. Connie Pierce. Row IV: Edwin XVright, Joe Roberts. Roy Mallstrom. Bill Bunch. Bill Frederick. xvlllllllll Churchill. Commencement Ushers Ron' I: Margaret Merritt. Joyce Van Drunen. Mildred Visser, Suzanne Soenksen. Constance Pierce. Gwendolyn Erb, Georgia Ewing, Joie Gouwens. Judy Maguire. .Xdela Swenson. Ron' II: Betty Klein. Georgia Propper. Sulanne Brown. Anne Kelly. Reta Halderson. Mary .-Xnn Tanis. Carolyn Schillm, Carol Burton. Doris Hall. Carol Yandenberg. National Honor Society Row I: Jean Ifurth. Dorothy Pajak. Charity Roeper. Harriet Burton. Joyce Larson. Martha Jo Phillips. Anita Court. Nellie Rinkenia. Carolyn Roney. Laura De Young. Ron' ll: Ida Powlas. Robert Milligan, Geraldine De Graff. Stella Ber. Jackie Furth. Pat Sohek. Virginia Peiguss. Betty Scott, Beverly Payne, Jacqueline Hutton. Row III: John Lundrnark, George Maro- vieh, Carole Berger. Carol Koester. Martha Oehler, Carolyn Maas, Gertrude Volger, Billie Ruth Claus, Marguerite Froelieh, Ruth Fedderson. Row IV: Bonnie Seidel. Jacqueline Reichert. Dorothy Terrell. Dolores liipper. Bryce Bullock, June Koehler, Corrine Martin. .Xrlene Bischel. Joan Westeryeld. LaVonne Brown. Jerry Hyland. Ron' V: Leo Parks. Marion Vandenberg. Annette Sniidt. Janet Olson. Marion Corson. Nona Belle Cenorke. Joan Danielson. Marcella Burton. Geneyieye Johnson, Greta Petterson, Ruth Haigh. Joan Gooden. Ron' VI: Carl Carlsson, Robert Thomas. XVilson Reed. Ted Pattison. Charlees Boysen, Fred Darrohn, Hlilliarn Boede, Joseph Barse, Charles Dayis. Paul Palmer, Robert Isaac. .1 'rz.zl1.?4 5 1 !3'Vi.i,Eq:w. 7C.Ze.g2 In .lkwiigja 1 .C ...i -yt. .. 'Wir - lliifmn' " i 5 'EQHH' ' Page Bill Churchill and Joan Given, Dick Poppel and Joan St. Aubin. The fiom An evening in early -lune, the wonderful music ol' a dance orchestra, the ballroom of a hotel, put them all together, and they form a perfect evening, which is exactly the way any student who attended it, would describe the -lunior'Seni0r Prom. But this isn't all that makes up a prom. It also includes staying out 'til all hours, eating at sophisticated places, and a picnic at the Dunes the following day. All this makes a Prom the unforgettable event that a prom should always be. Betty Klein, Susie Soenksen, Bill Frederick, Lyman Forbes, Gwen McKenzie, Mr, Phillips, Mr. Zimmerman. '71 K Y ' t e 1 V y Mg. 1 5 kg :Sift 86 Bw X f 'K - L Franres Zielinski. Mary I.ou Kollnian, Anne Kelly, Dolores Sc-huette. Judy Maguire, Mary XYolFf, Helen McNally. C4124 4nd gowlw After spring vacation, seniors were being measured for caps and gowns, and graduation began to seem very close at hand. lt's rather hard not to strut just a littleg it makes a person feel so . . . important. Somehow, while wearing a cap and gown, the wearer seems to swell beyond his natural size, whereas everyone else shrinks a little. But, then, alter four years, 21 person has a right to be proud, especially when that person is gradu- ating from a school like Thornton. Page 87 llr. Mamlmlox llIlllClS a diploma to .lark Betlnartik. Ruth Ann Calm anal .Xclcla Swanson assist. l Page 88 The two class presidents. Vernon Dc Gralf Qseniorj and Bill Frederick fjuniorj take part in the lflag Day l Pl'Ogl'2lIll. Normajune Lintner. drum majorelte. salutes as the hand plays the national anthem at the Flag Day ceremonies. Commencement We 4.---1 Ciraduales m'n'mh onto llu field. Znemoniea Four years ago, when you entered 'l'h0rnton, this night seemed very far away, and you lived happily from day to day, confident in the knowledge that you had those four wonderful years ahead ol yon. And now, quite suddenly, you are graduating. lt seems impossible, and yet, as you lall into the long line of black robed seniors, and your feet catch the faint beat of "Pomp and Circuinstanceu you know that it is true. The march out onto the field seems endless, but finally you are there, and you take your place in the rows of chairs belore the speakers' platl'orm. You can see Mr. Phillips, your class principal, Dr. Maddox, and Dr. l.oek- hart. One by one they arise, and tell you briefly, that you are now going out into the world on your own. 'lhen it is time to go up onto the platform to receive your diploma. Your name is called, and you step forward, and walk down the steps. You walk back to your seat, but your heart is sad, because you know that nothing will ever be quite the same again. You have graduated from 'I'hornton. i i It seems a long wait before time to distribute the diplomas. Page 89 fm fqflzsgf W A wkmxg tx 14 ' .N-Q' W M 48230 53 -N gy " 9 gg' Q , 'E S ffm .,, '59 'Q ,gf-?"ii 'H I' 1 xi vfg !h0 M 'fm n N A.. 4,4-r.,, 1' -.,,l,,,1-sc. :ww xg I 'f-W A I ' .f ,tyw , ,V vc A K , "X , M. aw., , 2' 4 vw 1. A I A 'fl we if .fl y A y fia,'!-..s ff? " Q '- A 439' 2 iw.: q .-vw 9' 33-Ng v X' Y SP' ,A- f 5 1q,,...,.vfw -y'f.!k 'K' 0n the Cqmpw Administration, faculty, students, and staff, in and out of the classrooms and offices, are the people on Y1wll0I'f1I0I1,S campus, who make 'l'hornton what it is all year long. They give it that character which distinguishes it from other schools, a character of which Thorn- tonites are proud. Page 91 The Stqff qt Tlwkn ton Oflice stuff, building superintendent. janitorial and czileterizi stalls :ire responsible lor the sniootli running of 'llllO1'I1KOll.S pliysicul plant. The olHc'e stall' is responsible lor all sorts ol records. It is often their job to reniind both laeulty :ind students that these records must be kept up to date. The janitorial stall, under the supervision ol Mr. Parish, building superintendent. see that the building itself is in good fondition. The cafeteria stall. under the direction ol Miss XVllLCI'lll2lll. see than Tliorntonites :ire well fed. 'Q -.'4 Mk. Y. L. lixklsu. Iiuilrling Sujzzfrizzlezzdmzt YYQSL Oflice-Nliss liezllrice illlllfli, Nlrs. -lc-:ln Olson, and ltl2lSI Ofliu--Nliss filllitlyll XYitx'liet. Nlrs. lillflbllfil In Mrs. Louise Ferren. Nliss ,Xnnzilmeth Ridder. and Miss Fdilh Kordewieh Page 92 janitorial Stag Rau' 1: Jessie Hodge. Katherine Pasek, Joseph Knda. Pete Kaplnrkowicz, Herman XN'agncr. lion' ll: Louise Rnlmle, XVillis XVilln1er, Marion M'elch, Frank Linclstrom. Mrs. M. Bell. Row Ill: Mary lV0jrik, Ralph Green, xvlllllllll E. Hart. E. Haines. Row IV: Cary Snyder, jerry Prather. Cafeteria Staff Rau' I: Mrs. Yracgincleiney, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Thompson. Mrs. Mottlcy. Row 11: Mrs. .-Xrcncls. Mrs. Schmidt. Mrs. Della Rose. Mrs. Medley, Mrs. Young. Ron' III: Mrs. Cole. Mrs. Kleiman, Mrs. Lyon. Mrs. Livers. Mrs. Mackel. Mrs. Kernpf. ff M. Page 93 14dminiA tmti Dk. X, Y. LUQRIIXKI' .Sl1fu'1i21lz'l1rlr'Hf Dr. I,OCk1l2ll'I. suIJc1'i11lc'11clcn of V1'h01'Ill0ll vl1OXV11h1liIl llig. School and 'l'l1u1'mo11 .Iuniu College, 6'1llllL' to 'I"l'IlS 1:15 full from 'IQIIUYIIIOII l'!I'1lCli0I12I :ll flllllllllkf City. NIR. xl. B. 5IlI'IIIfN8 flnixlrlfll .N11j1r'1'i11l1'f11IP71f Mr. SICPIICIIS. 2lSSiSI2'l1ll super imc-11dC11L. has been Il mcmbcl ul VIQIIOYIIIOIIYS faculty lol IWCIIIY-ICIYL' f'l'2l1'S. The l'll1'1'Cll building CXlJ2lHSi0I1 IJl'0gl'2lH has IJCCOIIIC his spccial lmrojcct qi e l7olicieA qt Tlwtn ton FRANK P. Cowxxcz, Iinwruw R. XV.x'1'l3RxrAx. G. H. Gnssox, Wmfrrk Hiuxizs. A. H. MCDOUGALI. The EMM of fducqtion Looking over blueprints lor the new gyninasiuni befzune an important part ol the meetings of the Board ol Education. During this year Thornton's expansion pro- grznn began to more along. The eight new bus- iness department classrooms, begun in the spring ol 1918. were completed in the lull. The contract was let and ground was broken for the new building across the street. Tons of dirt were removed and yards ol concrete were poured. Laying ol' the eornerstone in May marked a big step in the construction of the building. Coni- pletion is promised lor Illllllilly, l950. Page 95 .1 f ,-' ' , ' gy--s Ki! :QA-ff:fc""L N' ,w'9""E Cm' l'ml.Ln's Senior Class PIifIlL'i1JIIl .IUIIN Ii. 'I IIIIUY junio: Class I'1inr'ij1r1l Page 96 , HELENE li. YVILSON Dean of Girls beam, C144 Miss NVilsrm. .-MH., NIA., is Dean of Girls. She spoilsors the Girls Cluh and is a laculty 111ClIllX'l' ol' the Purple Mr. Phillips, A.B., M.,-X., is primlipal ol' Lhc Class ol' 1949. He is also head of the lXIathematic-s Departiueiit. Nh: Tilton. BS.. MUN.. is principal of the Class ol' 1950. He teaches sc'ic-nee. If ,ff Q im 1 um . UI. F. llxixll-:Rxux CL. R. VAl.Iil-illli SUIDIIUIIIOVG Class 1,l'iI1l'i!7llI lfrcslzrlnliz Clnsv I'rir11'ijml 'fzincqmhf Mr. Umlmugh. A.B., MA., besides being Dczin of Boys, is hcad of tllc linglisli DC- pznuncfnt :ind sponsor ol' thc Boys Club and Purplc X. HC silpciwiscs znttcxidanccf and disciplinc. Mr. flIllIllL?l'Il12iI'l, l'l1,l3.. KIA.. is thc soplimimrc- class princlipznl. llc is also W a tcacihcr of CCOIl01I1il'S :md is voczltionul 3 coulisc-lor. Mr. Valbcrt. MS.. is 1J1'i11c'ipz1l of the freshman cilass. HQ tczlcllcs cixics and orientation and is sponsor ol' the KIP. O. F. UMBAUGH Dram of Boys Page Q7 Page 98 Facility mziilliuxcs wen always busy in thc morn ing: Nlr. Phillips. Mr Benson. Miss SlllltiSIl'O!l1 Nliss Cioiilzmii. I"l'.X criiiu-i's. Sfllffd Dr. I.flI'kil2ll'l. XllfIf'7'ill lwzrlrvll, Nlrs. -IZIIIICS H Flllllll. jumirlwrzl. Nirs Dean I.. Cllmziliz :fire f7H'.Si!iI'Ill.Sl!lIlllfIlgI Nlis: .XIIIIC Slnuislmin, Irvns urvr, NIV. Irv Dlilgzir fillllilfillf .w'r'11'lnrx'. Mrs Henri l'ol1'q1fkc. llivlori ian. Faculty RL'lJl'CSClllllliYt CU1l11IlillCC. Ifmu I: Misa Marie Weis, Miss Mari Comcgys. Miss live Lie ber. Miss llorolhcz' Thiel. Rim' ll: Nlr. Lac ljlligilll Nh: H. li..Xcl:m1s X111 lirwin Stuart, NI1' H. R. Harms. Mr. D. B fYB1'iCIl. Nlr. I,. I,,Scl1ilh Nliss Lois l'iCIlCiK'liS0l!. 11111111 in 1110 faculty c:1felC1'i:1, .-X flllllllf l1111cl1Cm1 in the Homo l'1C'0llUll1ilkS du lJ2lIdllllCIll. lJlm'l:r1'is1': Nfiss XYz1sl1hll1'11. Nfiss Liclm. Miss Mile-s. 1110111121 Kincr. limi, Xliss lforcl. Miss XIIISSIIIQIII. Miss Recd. :mal Nflllf Lou SICYCIISUII. lmxlmv. .Xt thc C-11'ls Llula Izlcullx lcu: NI11 51114111 Bullm Yun Yorst. Hr. Lil-1111 Xlzlrx Lou Kollf Illllll. Xl iss Rwscl. Mary Bc'z1l1Im1'c. Xlrs. jones. jmul ing. Page 100 Fzlrcwcll l'CK'ClJli0Il for Dr. Clzirr. Nliss B2Il'Ill0l'L'. Miss ljlllllfy. Nliss XX'ilxlicl, :mil Miss Kmwclvwiih offer D11 f12ll'l' lill'il' um- g'l'2lIlli2lIi0IlS fm' lim' ncw Imsilion an llic l'HiNCl'- sity of KL'Illlliikf. Miss Smvc-lx :uni Nlisi ilrilcs 211 thc lL'2l tzilmlc, Nliws Clofflzlml llllil Miss SIUIIC. pmiriiig. Nliss Xlulcl' is talking lu Nliss flliiiilllli. Nliss Hciinigzln. XII: IW.-lly. Nlr. Srhillm, :mil Nlr. l.c1'cl1m'gvl llicii' 10.1. Yqculty H morn li. Amxis, B.Ed., M..-X. Industrial Education. xllljlklill li. JXNDFRSON, AB., BIA. Hearl of Foreign Iillllgllllgfl I,CP1lI'llllCIllQ Dean of Women, Junior College. lv.-'lI.'lI'1R S. .fXiunskUs'rER, B.M.. MAI.. NIA. Nlusirq Director of Choral xlllSii'Q Operetla Direct- tor. Iiwis NI. .Xl'Rl5I.llfS. BS. Industrial liducation. SARAH Ol. llfxkmoiuz, A.B., NIA. Social Sriellce. Vieux lhkxlxcs. B.S.. MS. Matliematics. DALIQ S. ISAUMAN, AB. Art. Ifkfxxk L. lhuxmx, B.S. in liml. Plmysical limluctatioug Froslx-Soph lfoollmall, Fresh- man liasketlmall coach. Mvxkr.1'1.iu'i1i D. Bmxocilii. ILS.. RLS. birls Plnysical liclucationg Girls Cyn Leader. Clxlzi. I.. Blimk, B.ED.. BLS. Heacl of l'llysiL'S Department. Liioxli ll. Bizwsox, A.B. English. Roniiki lf. l41..xilA. B.E.. MA. Phxsimal liclucariong Frosh Ifootlmall, Sopli Basket- lmall. Varsity Baseball roach. i.1olu.1 II. BRICKRR. B.luD.. NIA. Pllysics. xlkllllC1l1ZlllK'S, Camera Cllulx sponsor I..xmu-.xc 1-1 l3Rl'l'1'0X, 15.5. in Imluslrial liclucatiou. .Xllllll ll C. lilu1okLLx', B.S., BLS. llcafl ol' Biology Department. Rl Ill Iilmwx. ILS.. BLS. llusiness. Sirxki BRUXVN, LIE., NI..-X. Sofia! Scicnre, Vocational and l'illllC'2lllOIllll Guifl ance. FI.IZ.Xl4li'l'll ISRUSIIFIELD, A.B.. MA. liusiness. J lage 101 Page 10: I"Ri.n ll. BPRIJIXIC. ILS.. NLS. Biology. NI.1xk'i'ii.x C.. CXRR. NB.. NIA.. lH.d.D. Ha-:ul of Girls Health :incl Plivsical Eilllfilllilll Dc I12ll'lIllCIIl. first scincslcr: Cllmiiiinzm Fucnllv Hculth Coniniillcc. I NIARY I.. COFFLANII. l+I.I'Zcl. Girls l'lwsical lidnmzilion. Nlun Ia. Loxirms. NIA. Sociul Science. N rim N. fiRI'IliS, .N,ll.. NI..-X. Y Plnglisli. lurplc X sponsor. llll-10lDUllli G. Clluflll. BS. l,llNSll'2ll 1'lClllK'2lll0IlQ lfroslx Football couch: NY1'csl ling couch. Hifi.:-lx NI. D.xI.Y. .X.lS.. NI.lzcl. linglisll. l,lC1'l1IIl Clnli sponsor. Ilissn' In lJ.xxc.i1Y..X.B.. NI..X. Social Scicncc. xINk'I'llA R. lDni'nuc:n. ILS.. NI..-X. llusincss, I.. Inoxms Doki-7. ILS.. NIA. xl1llllI'lllllllCS.hlllllllbl' Yalrsily lfoollmnll K01N'lI.ll,2ll'LlN Desk. l'.I.IlAlII'1'IIl NI. Ifokn. ILS. llilllllflllillilllg. NNvII.I,I.XNI CI. FONVLIZR, 4 I, Inclnslriul lfllllfilllllll. N 'x V, fb S21 .UL sk A Q' .3 I ,Gm 6, gl .NDliI.lf l.. l"RI-IDIQRILKSOX. XB.. NI. I-Id, XXX lj fl linglisli. x- J 'x Q P Q fu X xi, 0 , f.lI.KRI.l.S N. FR1-.xc.n. NI..X. y .U , Social Scicncc. fb -' Iflmxk IC. FROSCIIAIIICR. I5.S., MUN. Plnsicnl liclucaliong I.cllcrmcn's Club sponsor Ifoollxzlll. Swimming and Bzlscball couch: Iixznn incl' for Life Saving lcsls. NI,uu:l'1 ILll'li L. FRUIN, I3.lacl.. NIA. Social Scicncc. RM xiomn R. Goifwrxs. .LIL l.L.B., NIA. XI1llllClll1lIiCS. NI.'xici'il.'x1.oi' CRAY. ILS.. NI.S.. Acting Head. Girls Physiczil Education: Girls .Xtli lclic .Xssocizition sponsor. NI. NI. lLl'xm,l1. XB. flllCIlllSll'N'. 3Il'RII'.l. li. GUY. AA.. BS., S.M. Biology. VIRGINIA HA M nfrox, B.S. l.llJl'2lI'l2lIl. Rom-'lu CQ. lI.xx1 xmxn. B.lirl., NI. X. IIlllllSll'l2ll lfilllfilflllllj klllllllfl' Nl1lI'SllN l'IO0ll7ll Ullllll. AZ lllcwxllfl-:R li. IIAMI-1. .X,l4.. NIA.. ' 1152 I.:1w: Sociology. I fi' 1 lima R. films. us.. xrnx. ' " N lllxcmislry. ' ' f f, Luis la. lllvxlullksux. .MIL NI..X. linglisll. Nlumf NI. llllxxlraxx. NI. .-X. lhlwillcss. ,Il-pxxxl-ilu NI. Hl1.1.s..X.lS.. NIA. 1.4-rnmznn: f11'l'lll1lll Cllulm wpmmsur. I,x1.l N. llUI'lilXS, lE.NI.. NI.Nl.li1l. llcaul ul' Inslrmm'nlzll llcpxurllm-nl: llzmfl Dircm IOP. ,l'HIl'fl.l'N ll. H1 lJIlI.lf5'lkl'N, IIS. in liml. Html ol' Boys l,llNSli'2'll lilllllilllllll :xml .Xlhlclin Da lmrlulcnlg l.clICrmcu'S Club sponsur: N'2ll'SllN Fool hull mul lllllllill' N 1ll'5lIN lizlskcllmzlll ummll. Cx-1okm: I.. -IACUBSICN. NIA. Sorinl Scicllw. RVTH X. ,jr-'muy XB.. NIA. XI1llllL'Ill2lIlli. Rl Ill I. IUXIS. MIR.. NI.X. liusim-Ss. Rrm NI. Aloxrs. lib. Ill lull.. NIS. m lull. I-Inglislm. Girls Cllulm SIJUIINUII l'.Nl.klJIXl X. lxl wiv.. Bb.. NI..X. lfllglisll. f:liOkl.l" IJ. l.lfRrlll-ZR. IHC.. NIA. General Scin-mc. l':'lIlINl, l.xwlu-ixuf. BS.. NIA. liiulogy. Page 103 Page IO7! ljokoim' I,uais, B.S.. R.N. Nurse. Nledical Arts Club sponsor. lim I.. 1.11am-ZR. Ph.B. Hezul of Business llepzlrlinerlt. l'.-wi. YV. I,u2HR, Bb.. Mb. IINlllSll'l1ll lifllllfllllllll. R. lf. L1l.l.1-ps' Iniluslriznl Education: Yisuzll liduczition equipment C. R. blAIlIJOX, B.S.. MA.. l'l1.D. Director of Currirulum :mil Supervisor ol' lllSll'LlC- Lion. Iisri 1 ifk NI1-2iu.1i.-xxr. BIA. Spanish: Spanish Club sponsor. .Xkxoi n Y. Mimuxsll, .X. B. I'lIlgllSllI Debate Cflllfll. NI.-xizouulzi' Minis. B.S.. NIS. Home lirononiicsg Cenerul Science. luirxm l.. Nlougk. B.lail.. MA. I.zuin: lillllll Club sponsor. mf., fr. f, i LMA! 4 i. f ' '51 ff-fff 4 ,f ul. Nlooiui. lllacl.. MA. Com-ml Scienceg Hezul ol' Alulio-Visual limliuzxlion. l.Xlll.X KIIVSSHAN. BS.. MS. Home licononiics. f1lXl.Xll-.Xli lu, Mussox. .X.lS.. MA. l,zu1guugcg French Club sponsor. lil.:-.xxok IC. Nrrsox. MA., lS.licl. linglislig Latin. low N ismii. BS. l,llfSll'1ll llnlueationg junior Varsity Foolbzlll. Yau'- sily llusketbzlll. Sopli Bzlsebzxll K'0llCll. Lxniix li. Nonrii Slully Hull. 1.1-lisiil. Noi-.I., Bb.. MA. Social Sl'lCllL'C. Dox.u,o O'lSkn-tx. .X,lS..Nl..'X. Biology. la. C 0111.1-Zur. I'li.B. linglislig Ifootliglllers sponsorg I,l'2llHZlllKS rozuli. Bi-xklyuu l.. l'.x.fxR1,m2Rc. A.B. General Sriciiccg Kappa Chi sponsor. jiissnmx l'.-uisox. ILS. Librarian. PAULINI2 lf. l'if1lu:l-3. XB., NI..-X. English. loux A. l'1-1'l'l-iksow. QLB.. NIA. Y School l lll'1ll2lSll1g Agent. Vikram. 0. ill-1'llY.,. BLS. Social Sciclicc. l lXIAiu.l'1clu'l li Pool.:-1. LB.. NI..-X. liuglisli. ORl'll'X A. Rxm lx. Bill.. NI.,-X. English. YYILM.-x X. Rial-im. lib.. NLS. Hczul ol' H1lIllClll2llxlIlg DClD2lTllllt'lll. Fkiclr U. Rlxr.. lib.. NI.b. Ha-:ul ol filll'llllSll'f' 1JCI72l1'llllClll. jomnvu li. RlI'l'l-RLIR. 13.5, cillCllllSllif. Hmzrxiox ll. Rols1,k'I's. ILS., 51.5. Hczul of lmluslrizxl Education Department. Rum I,. lll'55l-'l,I.. .X.l3.. NIA. English. ,-Xl.1cg11 la. S,xx.xr,l-7. .X.l5.. NIA. Biology. I,13ox.xkn l.. SCIIIIJS. .X.lS.. B.S.. NIA. llczlml ol Iiclicrzll Sciclicc 17Cl1Zll'llllClll. Ylolifx SI'.l'.lSAfIll. .-X.l3,. NI.,-X, Xlzlllivinzllics. Mu. Nl. 5l,X,Xl'l-R. AB. linglislx. SIlIRl.l-IY Sll.u'mo. LB., MA. Iilllgllllglj Spzmisli Club sponsor. limin NI. SOXVERS, B.S. lillSlllC9S. Page 105 Page 106 1'RlfXI xixi Ii. Si-ixczrk. 13.5. in 1-111. .Xrl, c.l.XRl'XIll IZ. Sli-icaxiilik. I'Ii.l5.. NIA. Hvaul ol' Somizil Scicmv Dl'lJ2ll'l111C11I. NI ximian r Nl. Sroxli. 13.5. Girls Pliuiczll Iimlucsllioii. l'.RWIN xl. Sllixlu. 15.1'.il.. NLS. l114lllSl1'l1ll I'ill1li'l1I10I1Q Golf moalnli. .Xxxil .X. srxirsikoxi. 15.5. Bliwiiic-ex. Rom-Ri Si lou. 13.1-L. lIlllI1S1l'Illl 1'11ll1K'2II1Ol1Z 'I rzirlx 4Oill'l1. Rox XI. Swxxisi-ilu.. .X.1S.. MA. liiiglisli. lloizoiiii- I 11. lillllfl.. 11. ol' .X.1i.. NIA. Hczul ol' .Xrl Dcpzirlmcul. Klum 1'. IQIIONIPSON, 1i.1'.S.N1.. NIS. Nlusimg Uirlx Cleo illulm, Girls Choir 111111 KCFKICIS SIJUIISUY. Nlxiuox I.. 'liioxr.xs. 15.8. in limi. Klclrcrall Science: Hi-KI sponsor. lbxxiri. l'. VAN E'r'1'1iN lI1LlIlSl1'1Ill l'illl1CZll10l1. Dokoim NI. NX.xslinl'kx. .X.1i.. NIA. linglisliz Newspaper Xmlxisor. Yearbook 1'll.ORI4XIl1 Ii. W.x'r1ikxi,xx. 13.5. CQIIQCICTIZI Manager. NI um 11. XVI-IIS, 1'h.B.. M..X..Nl.1J. Social Science. .Xxiwkicw .X. 1YIN'I'FRl5AllliR 11lllllSl1'I1Il liclucation. Y1i1.xi.x Wien, A.B. Busim-ss. 1'iLUR1-1XII1-I 1Yl'x1migRLIc:li. 1'li.B., NIA. lforcign Lzinguagesg French Club sponsor. H1'lXRX' .L ZFYENIIOVSIC, 13.8. lI1llI1SlI'I1ll Eilllfllllilll. .Mix isor ATN X. An, 'wg 5 3 i Q 5 I '34 KX The Senivt C7444 of '49 When the class of '49 first came to Thornton, they were the unsuspecting freshmen who enter everj fall. They held an election of class oHicers. Gloria Swanson was made treasurer, Suzanne Brown, secretary Roger Sutton, president, and John Bardwick, vice-president. Their so homore ear the Jartici ated in man extra-curricular activities and soon became wel P Y Y l P Y known for their high standard. In the election of class officers Carol Vandenberg was secretary elect Roger Sutton, treasurer, John Bardwick, president, Ronnie Ferguson, vice-president. In 19418 this year's graduating year were Bill Frederick, president, Ruth Ann Calo, secretary, John Their last year at Thornton her class by winning sixth in a the American Revolution award. class proved to be dependable upperclassmen. The officers their junio: Henry Currier, first vice-president, Roger Sutton, second vice-president Bardwick, treasurer, and Mary Plant, assistant treasurer. was a memorable year. Gwen Frb brought honor to the school anc nation-wide history contest. Ruth Ann Calo won the Daughters o. The '49ers had more than their share of honors in athletics. The tean of -lock Robertson, Ronnie Ferguson, Bill Frederick, john Morris, and Roger Conant made a top notcl basketball squad. John Bardwick, Gerald DeVore, and George Ruhle represented Thornton's varsity swimming team at the state meet: Chuck Pipher, Earle Landry, and Bob Rasul went to the state wrest ling meet for Thornton, and YVayne Benson was chosen for the state All-Star football team. Henry Currier presided over the senior class. John Bardwick was first vice-president, Ray Kickert second vice-president, Joyce Van Drunen, secretary, Gloria Flynn, assistant secretary, Mary Beaupre treasurer, and Roy Mallstrom, assistant treasurer. Senior Senate Row I: Joyce Van Drunen, Mary Beaupre. john Bardwick, Henry Currier, Ray Kiekert, Gloria Flynn. Row II: Robert Tuver- son, Genevieve XfVolf, Roy Mallstrom, Dolores Schuette, Joseph Broderick, Larry McHenry. Row III: Earl Landry, Harold Ravesloot, Dean Nairn, Ronald Kickert, jack Ergo, Wvilliam Ohnemus, Dick Poppel. W Page 108 Innes A. Atsizoir Harvey, Academic. Football letter l. 2. 3. 43 Bas- ketball letter lg XVrestling letter 2. 3. 43 Raseball letter 2. lAInIEs C. Alnsorr Harvey, Academic. Boys Club 25 Hall Guard oth- cer 3, Campus Patrol officer l. Dow AIsELs Harvey, Trade. Hall Guard 43 Buys Club l. 2. 3, 4. ELL.-XRINE AIINEY Harvey, Academic. Gym Leader 3. iRENE AISNEY Harvey, Academic. Faculty assistant lg Girls Club l, 23 GAA l, 43 Latin Club l. SAM AIELLO Harvey, General. KIP Forum 43 Hall Guard oli- cer 43 Boys Club lg Lettermen's Club 23 Baseball letter 2, 4. LEWVIS AI.IsRIcIIr Homewood, Academic. Class senate 4, Band 1, 2. 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Boys Club representative 1. IOHN ALDEN Homewood, Academic. En ALDRIDGE Hazel Crest, Technical. KH' Forum 43 Campus Patrol captain 35 Football letter l, 3. 4, Swim- ming letter 2. BE'1"l'Y AI.'rcII.BIzRs Harvey, Business. Girls Club l, 2, 3, 4, Home- making Club 2. ALWYN R. ANDERSON Harvey, Technical. Boys Club l, 2. 3, 41 Chorus 3, 45 Boys Glee Club 1, 2. .-XRLENE ANDERSON Tinley Park, General. Attended Calumet l. Bloom 2. Girls Club 3, 4. DARXVIN ANDERSON Markham, Trade. Boys Club 2, 3, 43 Bus Guard 33 Campus Patrol l, 2g Stag chairman 3, 41 Ger- man Club 3, 4. XVILLIANI ANDRIANOS Harvey, Academic. Newspaper 4, Yearbook 4, Chorus 3, 43 Mikado 3, Spanish Club Council 2: Footlightcrs 43 Latin Club 43 Swing Club 3, Boys Club l, 2, 3, 4, Spanish ClI1b 2, 3. NIILLARD A'l'I2I.EvIcII YVest Harvey, General. Boys Club l, 2, 33 Campus Patrol 4. KENNETH ll. AUGUSTINE Harvey, Technical. Boys Club ofhccr 23 Hall Guard ofhcer 43 Campus Patrol captain 25 Hi-C Club ofhcer 2. DoNAI.n AUsTtzEN Thornton, Academic. Football letter, 3. 4. XVANDA AUSTIN Harvey, Business. Girls Club l, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Stand-up 43 Sports Party chairman 3. Page 109 Page 110 lloroiuss BACON Tinley Park, General. Girls Club 1, 2, 43 Latin Club 2. RICHARD BAER Tinley Park, Trade. Campus Patrol captain 2g Bus Guard 2, 3. Lokx XVADE Baxnus Harvey, General. Newspaper 43 Yearbook 43 Ger- man Club 2, 3, 43 Boys Club l, 2, fl. 43 Presiden- tial Election ollicer 4. NIARJORIE BALOCII Midlothian, General, Attended Hirsch l, 2. Girls Club 3, 43 GAA 4. Gcorufx BANSE Harvey, Academic. Girls Club l. 2. 3, 43 Division Chairman 23 lVhite T Pin 13 Latin Club 2, 3: Stand Up 1, 43 Dad-Daughter banquet l3 Guide, Girls Club Conference 13 Pen Pals 13 Jr.-Sr. party 4. -Iouu BARDWICK Flossmoor, Academic, Class senate l, 2. 3, 43 KIP Forum 13 Boys Club ollicer 3, 43 Boys Club board 2, 3, 43 Purple X ollicer 43 Boys Glee Club l. 23 Swimming letter 3, 43 Lettermen's Club oflicer 4. CIIESTER BARAN Phoenix, Technical. 'l'iaREsA BAmtsnAI.E Harvey, Academic. Girls Club l, 2. 3. 43 Girls Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Girls Choir asst. accompanist 43 Keydet accompanist 43 GAA l. 2. 3, 43 Latin Club l, 23 German Club ES, 43 Hi-C 4: Pep squad 4: lissay contest winner 3. Lois S. B.uu.12xmN Harvey, Business, Girls Club Board l3 Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 43 GAA l, 23 Hlhite T Pin l3 Faculty assistant 4. Nommm Bmsrsm' ' Homewood, Academic. Band l, 2, 3, 4, ollicer 3. 43 Orchestra 1. 2. 3, 43 Tliorntoneers 2, 3, 4, manager 43 Golf 43 Basketball 43 Boys Club l. 2. 3, 4. Nlakv BEAUPRE Harvey. General. Class oihcer 3. 43 Class senate fl. 43 Girls Club council lg board 23 Division Chair- man 33 Band 1, 23 Chorus 3. 43 Girls Glee Clubl 23 Gym leader 2, 33 Cheerleader 3, 4. Cantor. ANN Bltclcrk Harvey, Academic. Girls Club 1, 2, 43 Councili 33 Division Chairman I3 Secy. of Attendance 43l Loyalty representative 43 T Pins l, 23 French i Club 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 23 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4. Cu.uu,oTTE BEHRNDT Dolton, Business. Girls Club 1, 2, 3. 4. .XN'ruoNY Bejmzowiez Harvey, General. Boys Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Hall Guard 43 Hi-C Club 4. VIYIIITODORE BENACKA Harvey, General. Boys Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Romgkr BExNa1'T Harvey, General. Boys Club 1, 2. XVAvNE BENSON Harvey, General. Class senate 2. 33 Kll' Forum, l. 2, 33 Hall Guard ofhcer 3, 43 captain 43 Chorus' 23 Boys Glee Club lj Football letter l, 2. 3, 43l Basketball letter 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior-Senior party' 3. 43 KIP Homecoming King 4. I,oiuc.fuxR BER Harvey, Business. Liar Roi' BETTENHAUSEN Tinley Park, Trade. Boys Club 2, 3, 4. EDXVARD J. BLACK Hazel Crest, Academic. Boys Club 2. 43 Football letter 2, 3, 43 Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4. HELEN BLACKFORD Thornton, Business. Girls Club 1, 23 Division chairman l. Dov BLAKEMORE Midlothian, General. Attended St. Stanislaus. Boys Club 43 Hall Guard oflicer 43 Athletic Manager 3, 43 Cheerleader 4. BIARIANNE BOGAN Harvey, General. Attended St. Casimir .Xcademv 1. Spanish Club 23 Faculty assistant 43 Girls Club 2, 3. 43 Band 4. Bnrsr BOLLNIANN Midlothian, Business. Girls Club l. 2. 33 Girls Glee Club l, 23 Girls Choir 3, 4. Hamm' Bosrkoxr Harvey. Terlinital. Class senate l, 23 Spanish Club oflicer 23 Stamp Club officer l. 2: Boys Glee Club 1, 23 XVrestling letter gif Swimming letter fl: Track letter 1.2. 43 Manager l. Tmiiussa BOIQDRICAU Harvey, Business. Girls Club l. D.v1,ic l5owEN Hazel Crest, General. Attended Black River Falls H. S. jaw 1SowEN Dolton, Academie. Girls Club l. 2. fl. 43 Council lj Faculty assistant 3, 43 Chorus fl. 4: Girls Glee Club 13 Girls Choir 2. BRUCE BOYD Calumet City, General. Campus Patrol captain fl: Bus Guard 4. Crxnuz Born Calumet City, General. Inav: BOYENS Harvey, Aeadeniie. Girls Club l. 2. fl, 43 Band l. 2, 3, 43 Mother-Daughter banquet l. 2. 3, 4: Dad-Daughter banquet l, 2, 43 Stand-Lfp 2: German Club 2, 3, 43 GAA 2, 43 Gym leader 2: Stamp Club 23 Swimming Pageant l. Blu. BRAXDT Harvey, Trade. Bicycle Club 1. 23 Boys Club l. 23 Campus Patrol 4. Ronmzr BRANDY Harvey, Trade. Boys Club l, 2, 3. 4. SHIRLEY BRAUIJ1' Harvey. Academic. Class senate 23 Chorus 2, 43 Keyidets 13 Girls Choir lg Girls Club l. 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club l, 23 Council l. jeu llkizrrocrr Homewood, General. Girls Club l. 2, fl. lg French Club 43 Spanish Club l, 2. Giivn BRINES Harvey, General. Boys Club l, 2. fl. 43 French Club l, 23 Camera Club 33 Bicycle Club l. Page III Page II2 ,lost-:vii Bkoutziuca Hari ev. Academic. Class senate 43 Hall Guar officer 43 captain 3. 43 "june Mad" 3. Bl4.'1"I'Y -I. BROSSICAU Harvey, General. Girls Club l. 2, 3, 43 Nlothei Daughter banquet 1, 33 HiAC Club 2, 3. DIANE BROXVN Homewood. Academic. Girls Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Gout til 23 Division Chairman 33 Spanish Club 23 Lati, Club 3, 43 Camera Club 3: GNN 1.2. 3. 4: I.ibrar assistant 23 Nurses assistant 43 "Young April prompter 4. 1 laxakv' Bkowx 1 Midlothian .-Xcademic. Rll' Forum -lg Footbal letter 2, 3. j Sifmxxrz BRovvN i Harvev, Academic. National Honor Societv 3. 4 Kll' secretary 43 Board 33 Girls Club board 2. 4 May Queen attendant 33 Spanish Club treasure 33 Class oflicer l3 Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 43 Kevdets 5 43 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4. lVil.t.tAxt BkovvN Harvey Academic. Boys Club l. 2. 43 H-Y l. 2 Spanish Clttb l. 23 Bicycle Club 1. 23 Chorus 4 Boys Glee Club 3. Dos HROZI-IK xlllflilllllll, General. Hall Guard 43 Bois Club 1 2. 3, 4. 1 l'uoMAs IE. BRYSUN Dolton, '1'ratle. Class senate 23 11a11 Guard A13 Bu Guard 3, 43 Camera Club 1. 2. 3. 41 Swimming letter 23 Goll' letter 13 Projection squad l. 2. E 43 manager 4: Bovs Club 1. 2. 3. 43 President 0 Red Cross l, -'ACK Bucnt. Dolton, General. Diioiuas Bukowski Harvey, Business. Girls Club l. 2. 3. 4: Mother Daughter banquet 2, 33 Stand-up 2, 33 XYClf2l1'4 2, 33 Refreshment Crew l. 2: Girls Glee Club 1 Faculty assistant 43 Swing Club 1, 33 I.ife Saving -lr. 33 Cub Reporter l. Xvll.I.lA'XI Bttxcn Nlarkham, '1'echnical. National Honor Sotictv 3 RI1' president 43 Football letter 3, 43 Track lette' 2, 3, 43 Lettermen's Club oflicer 3, 4. Dokornv BURDI'l'I'T Midlothian, Business. Hi-C club officer 33 Progran Chairman 4: Girls Glee Club 1, 23 Girls Choi' 3. 4. VIRGINIA BLIRDILTI' Homewood. Academic. Class senate 2: KII' boarc 43 Girls Clllli Council 13 Division Chairman 4 Faculty Tea 43 Activity Point Commission 3 Mother-Daughter banquet 33 Freshman Stand-ul 2, 3, 43 Chorus 43 Girls Choir 1. 2, 3. Groiua Brnu,12soN 'Finley Park, Academic. Girls Club l. 2. 3, 4 French Club 4. JUNE Bukvs Dolton, Business. Girls Club 1. 2. 3. Cfvkoi. Buicrov lilarkham, Business. Girls Club 1, 2. 43 Coun cil 43 Division Chairman 33 Scholarship pin 2. 3 43 Scholarship Day chairman 43 T Pins 1, 2 Graduation usher 3. DIANE Buscu Riverdale, Business. Girls Club l, 2. 43 Divi sion Chairman 1, 23 Chorus 2, 3, 43 Girls Glec Club 1. I.vLE BUTTON Midlothian, General. Boys Club 1, 2, 43 Father Son Stag 1, 23 Mother-Son Banquet 43 Bovs Glee Club 1, 23 Baseball letter 1, 2, 3, 4. -IAMLS Btfvlck Olympia Fields. Academic. Stage Ligliting inan- ager 2, 3, 43 Swimming 23 Footligliters 2, fl, 43 llall Guard 2. Boys Club 1. 2, 3, 4. DoNAI.u C.-kI,I..-KRNIAN Homewood, Academic. Boys Club l. 2. S. 41 Hall Guard 33 Latin Club 23 Spanish Club 4. RUTHANN CAI.o Riverdale, Business. Girls Club president 43 May Queen attendant 33 Class secretary E53 l'ierian Club board 43 Flag Day speaker 33 Graduation usher 33 Keydets 23 Chorus 3, 43 Standup Queen 43 KH' Homecoming Court 4. DIANE CANII-In-'I.I. Ivanhoe. Academic. Vice-President lfootlighters 43 Newspaper 43 May Queen Maid of llzinor fig De- bate letter 33 Class senate 2: Girls Club Council 33 Senior Life Saving Badge 33 "Young April" Al: Stand-up 43 Yearbook 4. FRED H. CAl'kl0'l"l'I Dolton. General. Swimming leader 3. 43 Bus Guard 33 Campus l'atrol 43 Football letter 2, 33 Swim- ming letter 2. fl. 4. VERN CAPROYI Harvey. .M'adeinic. Boys Club l. 2. fl: Spanish Club 2. DoN CARI.soN Oak Forest. Teclniieal. GLENN CARI.soN Homewood. Academic. Boys Club l. 2. fl. 4: Band l, 2, 3, 4g Orchestra 3, 4. JIM CARI.soN Harvey. General. Swimming letter 2. JACQl'lTl.IXl-' CARI' Harvey. Academic. Hi-C Club l. 2. -lg Girls Club l. 2. 43 'l' l'in l3 Secretary of .Xttendance l. BIILDRI-ID CARI Harvey. Attended Bowen. EL1zAIsE'I'II CAsn l Harvey, Business. Student Aid 1. 23 Girls Club ,.,. l, 2, 3, 43 l lin l. f2ERAI.IJ CASIIION Harvey. Academic. Spanish Club l. IMlil,DA filil.liBllCl-U Harvey. Business. Girls Club l. 2. fl. 4. ROBERT CIIARLICS Flossmoor. Academic. JOAN fillOlJiYA Calumet City, Business. Girls Club l. 2. 3. -13 Spanish Club 2, HENRY Cuo'r'r Markham, lllCl'lllllCZll. Football letter fl: Xvrestling letter 23 Baseball letter 2. 3, 43 Band l. WILLIAM CIIURGIIILI, Harvey, Academic. National Honor Society fl, 43 Boys Club l. 2. l l Page 113 Page 114 'I llI'1RIiSA Cisiaix l Harvey, Business. Girls Club I, 2, fl. 43 Faculty Assistant 43 Swing Club 33 Band 2, EI, 43 Aluniol'esaving 3. 3 -li-yxxxr Cmtsox l Harvey, Business. Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Gcrmarl Club 2. 43 Swing Club I. 23 Bicycle Club 1,23 "I Reinelnber Thornton" 23 GAA 3. 43 Gyrn leader fl: Swinnning Pageant 3. C1iRAi.n1x1c Cooswiari. Harvey, .-Xcacleinic. Girls Club 1, 2. 4: Council 23 Division Chairlnan I3 Chorus 4: Girls Glee Club I. 21 Girls Choir 3. I.oi'isr Lori. Ilolnewootl. .xi'2ltlCIIlli'. Newspaper 43 Year bool: 43 Girls Choir I, 2, 33 Refreshment rrew 23 Swing Club l, 2, 3. Ifkaxrzis Coriaisotvkm Riverdale, At'acleinic. KII' Forum 43 Newspaper 43 Yearbook 43 Frenrh Club 43 Spanish Club 2, 33 Girls Choir l. 2. 3: Keytlets 33 Swing Club ofhcer 43 G.X.X 2. fi: junior-Senior Party 4. fiRIYt.0RY Couuik Htnnewootl. .lcatlelnity Ilomia Covxr Harvey, .Xt'atletuit'. KII' Forum fl. 43 Boys Cluh boartl I3 Hall Guard captain 43 Football letter 2. fl. 43 Basketball letter l, 2, fl, 4. Ri: iruzn Coxoox Ifltzssinoor. .Xt'atle1nit. Boys Club I. 2. fl, 4, Kris Cook Holnewootl. .Xi'2lllClIIll'. Class senate 43 Boys Club I, 2, 3, 43 Football letter I, 3, 43 Basketball lettct 2. 4. Q l l l,UI.I,X Cook llolnewoocl. .xL'1ltlL'llIlt'. Girls Club l. 2. fl, l. Q Gi,oiuo,xxic Cookie l Harvey. .xlf3llCIIlll'. Girls Club I, 2. 3, 43 Council 4l Division Chairman fi, 43 junior Servire .Xwardl Stanilrup I. 2. 43 Faculty 'lea 3. -13 Welfare I. 2. 3, 43 Refreslnnent crew 43 Ifrench Club 43 Spanish Club 2. fl. Ci..-xviox COOPI-IR Harvey. .-Xcatleinir. llovs Club l. 23 Football lettcr fl. 43 Basketball fl: Wrestling 4. Ruzimko j. Cosxmw Riyertlalc. Xcatlelnir. Hall Guard 43 Spanish Club 43 Purple X 4. Iit'r.iaxr1 Cos'rELLo. NIR. Riverdale, Acatleinic. Boys Club l. 23 Hall Guard 9 Ifiuco fiOllI.OMBIi Harvey. General. Boys Club I, 3, 43 Hall Guard 43 Campus Patrol 3. Rugimko Coxnv blilflilllllll, General. Boys Club I, 2, fl. 4. Cfuzoi. jun: CRINCIA1 Ivanhoe, Business. Girls Club I, 2, 43 Hi-C 2, 33 Faculty assistant 43 Swing Club 13 Freshman Stand- up I. Romxirr Ciusxmx Harvey. Acadeniic. Boys Club I, 2, fl, 4g Chorus 2. 3. 43 Boys Glee Club l. JIM Currie Matteson, General, Chorus 3: Boys Glee Club l. 2: Hi-Y oflicer 1.2: Boys Club l. 2. 3. 4, Hall Guard 45 Track lg Hi-C 3. YVILLIAM G. Ctimstixos Riverdale. Academic. Boys Club l. 2. 3. 4, Span- ish Club 2, 33 Camera Club 3, Spanish Club coun- cil 2, Runorrn CUNNIGAN Harvey, Business. Hall Guard 33 Track I. 3. 4: Boys Club l, 2, 45 Faculty assistant 4, Ton Ctrxxixoimxt Harvey, Academic. Boys Club l. 2. 3. 4. HENkv CURRIIQR Harvey. Academic. Class senate 3. 43 KIP Board 35 Forum l, 25 Boys Club l, 2, 3. 43 Spanish Club Club officer 23 Class president 4, Footlighters offi- cer 23 Boys Glee Club lg Baseball letter 2. Rtrrn CURRIER E. Havel Crest. General. Girls Club l. 2, 3. 4: Faculty assistant 4. Hrrrix 1,AXISll Oak Forest. General. Girls Club l. 2. fl. 4, Hi-C Club 2. Pl, 4, Girls Glee Club lg linglish Rental Library 43 Library assistant 2. jt'AsrrA Dascziwzr South Holland, Business. Class senate 25 Girls Club l, 2, 3, 43 Board lg Library assistant 43 Faculty assistant 4. DAvn1 -I. Dfxvmsov Markham, .'Xt'ademic, Broad Ripple H. S. Indian- apolis l, 25 Boys Club 45 Proliles Stall 3. 43 Y.F.lY. lissay Contest XYinner fi: Pierian Club board 3, 4. GRFTA Davis Phoenix..Xcadeinic. Girls Club l, 2. fi. 43 Spanish Club 1, 23 Latin Club 3. 45 Purple X 2. 3, 45 oiiicer 4, Gym leader 3, Pep Section. Tlmrcziii-Lk lhvts Harvey. General. Boys Club 4: Hall Guard 2. JEFF DM' Homewood, Academic. Hi-Y ofliccr 4, Latin Club 2. 3: Track letter 4. PA'l'sv Lt' DM' Dolton, General. Girls Club l. 2, fl, 4: Council 41 Refreshment crew 33 Girls Glec Club l. 23 GAA 2. 4: Pep Section 4. Riczimkim Dmx Flossinoor. .'kC2lilCllllC. Boys Club l. 2. 3. 4, Latin Club 2. 33 Football l. IvAN H. l7i4GitA1fr South Holland, Trade. Boys Club l. 2. 4. XVAYNE Drixmm Phoenix. General. Boys Club l. 2. fi: Football letter fly Wrestling letter 2: Baseball letter 2. 3. 4. XN'1t.1.1Ax1 lhcximu Harvey, Academic. Boys Club l. 2. 3. JOHN Dicxsox Harvey Academic. Spanish Club 2. Sq Council 3, Newspaper 45 Yearbook 4. Page II5 Page 1 16 Hi-'Li-ix Di Rossi llollon. Business. Girls Cl11b l. 2, 3. 43 Division lll1lll'lll2lIl I3 Faculty Tea 1. lllllll lJ1.i1x1i.i1ixr. Nlzuleson. Business. Girls Club l, 2, 3, 43 Girls Choir l. Salim.:-ir 111-111-im' Harvey. .xC'2lllCl1liLi. Girls Club Staind-up l, 2. 3, 4Zl .M'liNlly Point Connnission fl. 43 Junior Serviriel .Xwzxrd fl: I.:uin Club 23 Spanish Clllll 43 T pinsl l, 2: Loxullx Dux' -43 XVelfzrre fl: Girls Club l, 2,l 3. I3 l'zu'11lly zlsslslzml -4. cil'fR.'Xl.lJ llr Yom Dollon. 'l'c13lu1irz1l. Hull Guard -lx Bus Guard 33 Swimiuing leller 2. fl. -l. limiu Di-1 XVRIICS Ilzirxcy. liiisiness. Girls Club 1.2. El, 43 Hi-C Club 2, Pl. -I3 Sorizil Connnillee 4: Girls Glee Club lg Girls Choir 2. fl. l51f1'1r Iliuxw lil-'X'l'l-ZR Nlzulesou. General. .X1l1'n1led Bloom H. S. l. Girls Cl11b 2. 33 SC'i'I'Cl2ll'y of ,XllCIlCl2lIll'C F51 Hi-C Club Il, fl. fiURRlfXlC Dis Wrrr Nlidlolliiun. Business. Girls Clllll l, 2, fl. 43 Orche-s! tru 2. fl, -I. 'l'l-in llli Yoiixr. South Holland. .-Xcziclciiiic. l.:1lin Cl11b 2. 33 News- paper -l3 Yearbook 4. l-Qu lfllll-il-1l,M.-KN RlVCl'll2lll'. General. Hull Guard ollifer 23 Ger- rnun CI11b 3. .Xxvx Iliiiczmuxxw Ii1ll'XCy, Business. Girls Club l. 2. fl. 43 Refresh- nleul Crew 23 I,z1Iin Club 2. fl. lloroki-as 1311-1m1.1x Holton. Business. Girls Cilllll 1.2. fl. 43 Home EC. 1. NI.-uuox Dizlraur Hzirxcy. .xK'2lllCIllli'. Girls Club l. 2. 43 GA.-X 1. 2. Al: Slzindup l. 2. 43 Spanish Club 2, 33 Purple Xl. Rirzufxkn l,I'NI,.-Xl' Hzirrey, General. ,Xllendcd Nlllflllill No. 5. North ljllklllil. CURINNIC 1,l'SCllliY Nlzrrklizun. .XC1lilCll1lC. Attended Sl. joseph Acad- emy l3 Girls filllll 2. fl, 43 Spanish Club 43 Latin Club 23 linglisb Rental Library 4. Rfll.I.l31N G. li.xs'i'1eR Hulcl Crest, General. Attended K2lllli2lkCC High High School. Ci 1 1-3111111 lilmn-uans Harvey, Gencrul. KH' lg Purple X 2. 43 Girls Club l, 2, 3, fl3 Foolligliters Club l3 French Club E53 Iilllll Club I3 Czunera Club 33 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4. Nlfxkr Lou liimwlxklis ll:11'vcv. .'xl'2lllClllli'. Girls Cl11b ofliecr 43 Board 43 Girls Club I, 2, 3, 43 Dad-Daughter banquet 33 Wellzlre 33 Refrcslunenr Crew 33 Chorus 3, 43 Girls Glee tilllll 13 Girls Choir 23 Gym leader 2, 3. llIClIARlJ li1a1':1111ic1:11'i' Harvey. 'lil'2lilC I,l'ClHlI'2ll0l'5'. Boys Club 2. 3, 41 Hors Glce Clllll 2. XllIl.l.I.-XM PlCLEs'I'oN Harvey, General. Boys Club l, 2. fl, 43 Camera Club 43 Footlighters Club 3, 43 Hallguarcl 3. GEoRc:I5 EI:oFsKE Oak Forest, General. Football letter 2, 3. 43 Hlrest- ling letter 23 Lettermen's Club 2, fl. 4. BEVERLY EIsEI.E Harvey. Actatlemic. Girls Club l, 2, fl. 4. German Club 2. GRACE liI.uRIDcE Ivanhoe, Acatletniti, Hi-C Club 2. fl, 43 Oflicer 4. RosExIARv EMBSER Harvey, Business. Girls Club l. 2. fl. 4. ANNE ENGLISH Tinley Park, Business. Girls Club l. 2. fl. 4: Span- ish Club 23 Faculty assistant fl. 4. Gwrs CORRINE LRII Harvey, Academic. National Honor Society fl. 4: Graduation Marshal 33 Hearst .Xmeriran History Award National Finals 43 Faculty assistant l. 2. 43 Spanish Club 2, 3, 43 Girls Club l. 2. fl. 43 'l' Pins l, 23 junior Service Award fl: Scholarship 1, 2. 3, 43 Chairman Scholarship Day fl. JACK likco Chicago, Academic. Class senate 43 Orchestra fl. 43 Bovs Club l, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club l. 23 Camera Club 2, 3. BIARILYN EvERs Harvey. Business. Red Cross lg Girls Club l, 2. 3. 4. BIARJORIE EVERS Harvey, Business. KIP Foruni I3 Girls ClIIb l, 2 3, 43 Mother-Daughter banquet 23 Stand-up 13 Spanish Club 23 Swing Club l, 23 Pep Section 43 Band 13 Girls Glee Club I. ROBERT A. EvERs Homewood. Academic. GEORGIA EWINI: Harvey, Academic. Bookstore 2. 3, 4. JERRY I2v'Ic:uEsoN Harvey, Trade. NIARIE FABBI Homewood, Business. Girls Club l. 2. fl. 4. DoI.oREs FAIIRI Dolton, Business. Girls Club l. 2. fl, 4. NANCY FADKE Harvey, Business. Girls Club l. 2. fi, 43 Kll' 1'l0l'llIll 43 Girls Glee Club l, 23 Girls Choir fl. 4. lVII.I.I.-XXI G. FADRE Dolton, Trade. Boys Glee Club 2: Bus Guartl Al. ESYIIER M. FIQDEROWVIHKI Thornton, Business. Page 117 Page IIS james 1-'1-ixwicx Harvey. Academic. Boys Club 1, 2, 3, 43 German Club 2. 3. BIARGARITT FERGUSON Riverdale, Academic. Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Chorus 43 Keydets 2, 33 Girls Choir 2, 33 Girls Glee Club 13 Spanish Club 3, 43 Secretary of Attendance 33 Stand-up 43 Homecoming Dance 4. Rowman FERGUSON Homewood, Academic. KIP olhcer 33 KIP board 2, 3. 43 Boys Club olliccr 43 Board 3, 43 Football letter 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball letter l, 2, 3, 43 Tennis letter 1, 23 Lettermen's Club oflicer 3, 43 banquet chairman 33 Class ofbcer 2. AIARY I.oU1sE Frxour Homewood. Academic. Class senate 33 Refresh- ment crew 43 French Club 2, 33 Chorus 2, 43 Girls Choir 13 Gym leader 2. 33 Gym pianist 43 Swing Club president 43 Loyalty Day 43 Boudreau court 4. JERRY FIORETTI Harvey. General. Hall Guard captain 43 Basket- ball letter 1, 2. 3. 43 Baseball letter 23 Boys Club 2, 3. lll'SS1'I1,l. FISCHER Blue Island. General. Boys Club 1, 2. 33 Bus Guard 1. MARcE1.I.A F1.Ass1r: Midlothian. Business. Girls Club 1. 2. 3, 43 Stu- dent Aid 33 Division Chairman 3. 43 'I' l'ins 1, 23 Secretary of Attendance 1. l-Quits FI.Aws Nlidlothian. Technical. Boys Club 1, 2. 3, 43 Track 4. Rom-:Rr 'l'.1.lCKING1-IR Homewood, Academic. Movie Projector Squad 4. GLORIA FLrxx Harvey, Business. Class senate 2, 113 Kll' Forum 33 Girls Club 1, 2, 43 Council 3, 43 Division Chair- man 23 May Queen Court 33 Chorus 3, 43 Girls Glee Club 13 Girls Choir 23 Class ofliccr 4. RIKLIIARID Foocuig Oak Forest, General. Hallguarcl 43 Boys Club 1, 2, 3- LYMAN FORBES Homewood, Academic. KIP Forum lg Spanish Club Rep. 33 Boys Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 1',x'r Fosmcu Harvey, Business. Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Council 13 Division Chairman 13 Swing Club 13 Girls Glee Club 13 Girls Choir 2. 33 Hi-C Club 2, 33 Faculty assistant 4. Jurufs FRAZIER Dixmoor, Academic. Attended Morgan Park H. S 13 Boys Club 2, 4. Doxarn R. FREDERICK Harvey, Trade Preparatory. Boys Club 1, 3, 4. XVu.L1,xm FREDERICK Harvey, Technical. National Honor Society 33 Class ofhcer 33 KII' Forum 23 Boys Club oflicer 43 board 33 Stag 43 Mother-Son banquet 43 Football letter 2, 3, 43 Basketball letter l. 2, 3, 43 Track letter 1. 2, 3. 4. FM' ANN FRFFH Richton Park. General, Girls Club 1. 2, 3. 43 Re- freshment crew 13 Mother-Daughter banquet 13 Hi-C Club 23 Style show 1.4. GEoRrzE R. FRERICHS Dolton, Technical. Boys Club I. 2. 3, 43 Track 23 Golf 23 Hall Guard 4. B.uus,um lfincw Dolton, Academic. Secretary of Attendance 2. 3, 43 Girls Glee Club l, 23 Girls Choir 33 Spanish Club l. 2: Pep Section 43 Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 43 GAA 'J fi 4 Enrrs Faox'rzAK Blue Island. Business. Attentletl Steimnetz l. 23 Newspaper 43 Yearbook 43 Girls Club 3, 4. Rox' P. CALL, JR. Ivanhoe. General. Boys Club l, 2, 4. Cosiun Gfxknrrv Harvey. Academic. Bovs Club l. 2. El: Hall Guartl 33 Campus Patrol 25 Stag 2, 33 Mother-Son ban- quet 2: Hi-Y lg Spanish Club 2. 33 Football l. R0lllTR'l' li. fiIlfIfORD Harvey, 'l'racle. Hall Guarcl 553 liovs Club 2, 4. CARol.11 Gum: Ivanhoe. Academic. Girls Club l. 2, 3, 43 French Club 3. 43 Council 43 Girls Glee Club l, 2. jo Ass Giviix Markham. Academic. Girls Club l, 2. 3. 43 Stand- np 43 YVelfare 4: Refreshment crew 43 Spanish Club 2. fl3 Hi-C Club 2. fl. 43 lfootlighters 43 Stage Manager "Young April" 43 Keyrlets 43 Girls Choir 2. 3. 4. Ai,'i'ina.x Grov ER Phoenix. Acacleniic. Latin Club l. 23 Girls Club l. 23 Svvinuning Pageant li GAA l, 2. 3. 4: small and large T. joax fiNAS'I'l-ik Mitllolhian. Business. Girls Club l. 2. El. 43 Girls Choir 2. fl. Yianixm UNASTER Midlothian. Business. Girls Club l. 2. fl. 4: Girls Glee Club 23 Refreshment crew l. NVl1.i.1,ul fiUIi"lZlNGER Holncwooml. .AC2lllClllll'. B1i.1.1r1 Gormx Dolton. Business, Attended Central junior High School, Alabama, l. MARGOT UOLEY Harvex, Academic. Girls Club l. 2. 43 Mother- Daughter banquet l, 3. 43 Dad-Daughter banquet 2, fl, 43 Stand-up 13 Latin Club 2. 33 GAA l3 Girls Club Conference 13 French Club 4. Eu CONIAKOWSKI Blarkhani. General. XYrestling letter 23 Boys Club 1, 2, 3, 4: I.etter1nen's Club fl, 4. Karnkvx Goonwix Ivanhoe, Academic. Cheerleader 3. 43 KIP lforuni 33 Homecoming Dance chairman 43 GAA l, 2, fl. 43 Swinnning Pageant 33 Gym Leader 43 Girls Club l. 2, fl. 43 Mother-Daughter banquet 33 German Club 2. RlJliIiR'l' li. Goxui Ivanhoe, Technical. Boys Club l, 2, 43 Hall Gnarcl 4. Main' Goiucstzii Harvev, General. Girls Club l. 2. 3, 43 'l' pins 1, 23 'Mother-Daughter banquet l, 2, 43 Darl- lJ1lllglllCIA banquet l, 2, 4g Stand-up hostess l, 2. 43 Spanish Club 2, 33 Swing Club I3 Footlighters 43 Stage crew for "Young April" 43 Girls Glee Club 1. 2. Ln.1.iAN CQOTTSCIIALK Homewood, Academic. Girls Club l,2, 3, 43 T pins l, 2g 'l'orch pin 23 Division Chairman 43 Refresh- inent crew 23 French Club 2, 33 GAA 2, 3, 43 nn- merals 23 small T 4. Page 119 Page 120 iloAN Couwiaus Harvey, Academic. National Honor Society 3. 43 Girls Club l, 2, 3, 43 Council 2, 43 Division Chair- man l3 'l' pins l. 2: Spanish Club 3, 4: Latin Club 2, secretary 33 Pierian Club 3, 43 Purple X 4. FRANK GRAIJZIXSKI Fosen. 'l'ratle. Boys Club l, 2, 3, 4. Awrituk fikAFF Harvey, General. Class senate 2, Boys Club l, 2, 3, 43 "Young April" 43 Football letter 2, 33 Basket- ball letter l. 2, 3: Baseball letter l, 2. 4: Letter- IDCHYS Club l, 2, 3. NI.-xRI.,x -li-nv GRANGLR Harvev, General. Girls Club l, 2. 3. 43 Spanish Club 2, 33 Mother-Daughter banquet 3, 43 Dad- Daughter banquet l. 3, 43 Freshman Standup l, 2, 43 Swing Club l. SHIRLI-iv Gkfxvi' Harvey, Business. Girls Club 1, 2, 3. lRXIA .Xwsr GRM' Hariev. .Xcademic. Taconia, lVashington, 1. Girls Club 2. 3, 43 Council 33 Division Chairman 23 Stand-up 43 Loyalty Dav 3: Facultv Tea 2. 3: Secretary of Attendance 2. 3. 43 Freshman leader 33 Spanish Club 33 Hi-C Club 2. lit 1-'IA N Gklftixl-1 Halelcrcst. Business. Girls Club l, 2, 3, 43 Mother- Daughter banquet I. 2. 3. 4g Stand-up lg Hi-C Club 2. 3, 43 Girls Choir 2, 33 Girls Glee Club 1. l'lII.FIiN Guru: liast Ilalclcrest, General. Girls Club relreslituerlt crew 2. Bon Guoi-'xicvi-11.0 South Holland. Technical. German Club treas- urer -l3 Council 43 Newspaper 43 Yearbook -I3 Boys Club l. 2. 3, 4. B xiuuiu fiklillllik Thornton. ,XCllKlCIlllt'. National Honor Society 3, -I3 Girls Club l. 2. 3. 43 'I' pin l3 Spanish Club l, 23 GAA l, 2. 3. 43 treasurer 43 board -lg Gvin leader 2, 33 Faculty assistant 2. 43 l"l'A Open House 2. CARL GUlI.0'l"I'li Matteson. Technical. Boys Club l, 2, 4. lViI.I.lMr Gtixx Flossnioor. Academic. Swimming Class leader 2, 3. 4: Life saving 2. 3, 43 Boys Club l, 2. 3. 43 KIP oflicer -I3 Purple X 3. 43 Hall Guard 43 Swim- ming' letter 2. 3, 43 Golf letter l, 2, 43 Spanish Club 2. 33 1.ettermen's Club I, 2, 3, 4. YVAI.1'i2k Gt's'iAi-'sox Harvey, Academic. Boys Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Hall Guard 33 Audio Aids operator 3, 4. JOHN Gkuszczyk Harvey. General. Annua HAINES Harvey, Academic. Girls Club 1, 2, 33 GAA 23 numerals 23 Father-Daughter banquet 3. RPM H,u.noksox Harvey, Academic. Girls Club l. 2. 3. 43 'll pins l, 23 Spanish Club l, 2, 3g Graduation usher 3. Doius HALL Oak Forest, Business. Graduation usher 33 Chorus 43 Kevdets 2, 33 Girls Choir 2, 33 Girls Club 1.2, 3, 43 Footlighters 3, 43 Scholarship 2. Ro1s15kT R. HAUERSON Chicago. Academic. Morgan Park Military Acad- emy I3 Fenger 23 Conduct committee 43 French Club 3, 43 Officer 4. DAVID HAAIlXIP2R Harvey, Academic. Class senate 2. 33 Boys Club board 43 Newspaper 43 Yearbook 4. ERILFYF HANsI2s1 Harvey, Academic. Girls Cillil board 23 Council 13 Division Chairman 3, 43 Chorus Fl. 43 Girls Glee Club 13 Girls Choir 2, Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Spanish Club 43 T pin 1, 23 Faculty assistant 1, 2. ROGER HIXNSEN Harvey, Academic. Kll' Forum 2. 33 SpaIIislI Club 13 German Club 2. 33 Boys Club 1, 2. 33 Boys Glee Cl11b 1, 23 1Vrestling 2, 3, 4. f1I.1FTOX H.ARDIN Harvev. General. Hall Guard 2. 31: Bus Guard 23 Bovs Club 1, 2. 3. DARLDE HARRIS Harvev. Academic. Kll' Foruin 4: Girls Club 1. 2. 3. 4.3 Council 23 Division Clllllflllllll 43 Spanish Club 2, 33 "I Reinember 'l'hornton" 23 1-'acultv Tea 23 Cheering Section 43 P. 'l'. .-X. Nite Club 2: 'I' pins l. 2. Il-LD HAsIr1R Harvey, Trade, Boys Club l. 2. 3. CAROL H.-X17ffK Homewood, .-Xcadeinic. St. 'l'homas the Apostle, Chicago 13 Girls Club 2. fl. 43 Dance 33 T pins 1, 23 Pen and Pencil committee fl: Spanish Club 3, 43 Ca1I1era Club 33 GAA 2. El, 43 lfootlighters 4. JEANNI2 HAIICR Homewood, Acadeniic. Sl. 'l'homas the Apostle, Chicago 13 Girls Club 2. 3. 43 Nlotlier-Daughter banquet 33 Spanish Club 43 GAA 2. 3. 43 Faculty assistant 43 'I' pins 1.23 F'l'.X E53 GLX 111111161111 55. PATRICIA Hixvvrs Riverdale. Business. Girls Club Board l: Division Chairman 23 Girls Club l, 2. 43 Freslnnan Stand-up l, 23 Facultv Tea l. NIARILYN H1-kX'DEY Harvev, Business. BIARLENE Hams Dolton, General, Girls Club l. 2. 3. 43 Spanish Club 23 Girls Glee Club l. XVILLIAM HEITAIANN Do1toI1, Academic. Boys Club 1. 2. 3, 43 Latin Clllij 2, 33 Stamp Club 2: Camera ClIIb 3. CRE1GI1'1'ox Hants Harvey, Academic. German Club 2. 3. 43 Hall Guard 2, 43 Boys ClIIb 1, 2, 3, 4. FRANCES HERMAN Ivanhoe, Business. Girls Glee Club l3 Girls Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Stand-up 13 Division Cillliflllllll l3 T pins 1. 23 Faculty 'lea lg Faculty assistant l, 2. ELDOA XV. HIcRsIIIu4iRur:R Harvey. Trade. liovs Club 1. 2. El. ,JOHN Hizss 1 Riverdale, General. Class senate -l: Band 2. ROBER'1' Hess Harvey. Trade. Campus Patrol captain 43 Mother- Son banquet 23 Bovs Club l. 2. fi. 43 Hall Guard 2, 3. ALMA HINTON Harvev. Acadeniic. Richton. Miss. High School 13 Girls Chlb 2. Page 121 1 Page 122 IUOYALD Hoims Phoenix, Academic. Hall Guard officer 43 Footbal l. 2. 43 Wrestling letter 3. 43 Track letter l. 2 3. 43 Lettermen's Club 2. 3, 4. 131-flrr Howes Harvey. Business. AIOANN Hotrsmx Midlothian, General. Girls Club l, 2. 3, 43 GAA 3 Dos HOLLAND Dolton. Academic. lfenger H. S. l, 23 Band 3. 4 Orchestra 3, 43 Stag 3. 43 Mother-Son banquet 4 Spanish Club 33 All-State Orchestra 43 contes' winner 33 Future Teachers 4. IQINVARIJ Hors Hazel Crest. General. Dokori-ir Hooks Harvey, Business, Girls Club l, 2. 3. 43 Choruf 3. 43 Girls Glee Club l. 2. joux Hizczurs "June Mad" 33 "Our Town" 33 "Mikado" 3j "Pirates of Penzance" I3 Chorus l. 2, 3, 43 Madri- gal 2, 3, 43 Boys Glee Club I3 Yearbook 43 News paper 43 Pierian Club Board 4. l'llNVIN HLlY'I' Harvey, General. Chorus 33 Boys Glee Club 2. Rov J.-xcksox Hazel Crest, Trade. Boys Club l, 2. 3, 4. CIIARLI-ZS KIACOBSNIA Dolton. Trade, Boys Club Board 2. 43 Hall Guard Officer 23 Football letter l. AIO.-KN .IAESCHKIQ Ivanhoe, Academic. I-'ootlighters 3, 43 Spanish Clul 3, 43 Girls Club 1. 2. 3, 43 Refreshment crew 3: Torch pin 33 Speech broadcasts 43 Faculty' assistant 33 Magazine Drive 33 Spanish Club Council 3. JERRY JAKUBGZAK Hazel Crest, General. Attended Parker High School 1, 23 Secretary of Attendance XVlI.I.I.-XXI JAMES Ivanhoe, Academic. Kirsch H. S. I. 23 Chorus 4 Radio Speech engineer 3. 4, PATRICIA JERSEY Tinley Park, Business. KIP Forum 23 Girls Clulg l. 2, 3, 43 Scholarship Cup 43 "Young April" 4: Band l, 2. 3. 43 vice-president 43 Orchestra 2. ALLEN Joiuvsox Homewood, Academic. Class senate 23 Boys Clulg l, 2, 43 Hall Guard 33 Hi-Y 43 German Club 2, 3 Bigkxice joNHs Blue Island, Business. Girls Club l. 3, 43 Faculty assistant 43 Girls Glee Club l. Louisa joxes Matteson, Business. Girls Club l, 2. 3, 43 Council 43 Division Chairman 33 Refreshment crew 33 Footlighters 33 junior Service Award 3g GAA 23 numeral 3. KIARY ALICE josiis Harvey, Business. Girls Club board l3 Stand-up 13 Refreshment Crew 23 Girls Glee Club 1, 2. Moluus A. josns. jk. Flossmoor. Academic. Boys Club l. 2. 3. 4: Latin Club 2. 3: Senator 2: 'l'ennis letter l. 2, Pi: Swim- ming letter 3. 4: I.ettermen's Club 3. 4: Faculty Assistant 2. YIYIAN -loxrxs Phoenix, General. Girls Club 1, 2, 3: Refreshment committee 3: Cub Reporter 2: Latin Club 2: Home Economics Club 2: Style Show 2. RITA NI, -IURKOXVSKI Midlothian. Academic. Girls Club l. 2: Latin Club 2: Girls Glee Club 1: Girls Choir 2: GAA l, 2. 3: Board 4. Fimxtpis Kmilxslu Posen. General. FRANK KAMYKOXVSKI Harvey, Technical. Boys Club l. 2. 3, 4: Hall Guard officer 3: captain 4: Camera Club 2: "Young April" 4. LORRAIXI-1 KAYTZLLR Flossmoor, Academic. Girls Club l. 2. 3. 4: Council l, 2: Division Chairman 3, 4: Mother-Daughter banquet 3: Dad-Daughter banquet l. 2. 4: Stand-up 1.2. 3: Spanish Club 2. 3: German Club 4: Girls Glee Club l. 2: GAA 2. 3. Baiumiu KAt's.xL Dolton, Business. Girls Club l. 2. 3. 4: Homemak- ing Club 2: Swimming Pageant 3. 'lost Km' Riverdale. Academic. Class Senate I: Boys Club l. 2. 3. 4: Spanish Club 2. 3: Football letter l. 2: Basketball letter 1. lMl.1-2 li. Kefxrixc Homewood. General. Latin Club oilicer 2. IlLI.l'lllNl5 K1-iixiosariiua QQ lflossmoor. .Xcademitx Girls Club Council l' Divi sion Chairman 4: French Club Council 4: Club l. 2: Harvey Hoofer 3, 4: Head Dadfhauglrter banquet 3: junior Service A Stand-up 1, 2. 3, 4. BICSSII-I KIQLLOGG Harvey. Academic. RIKQllfKRI7 A. KEL1.oot: Toivnship, General. Hall Guard 3: Band 2. 3. 4. Axxiu KEI.1.v Oak Forest, Business. Girls Club l. 2. 3, 4: Swing Club 2. 3: Newspaper 4: Yearbook 4: GAA 2. 3, 4: Numerals 3: Graduation usher 3. Lfikkv Krgximtl. Midlothian, General. Football letter l: Baseball letter l. 2, 3, 4. fil-IORGIZ BI. KRRANLN. jk. Homewood. Academic. Class senate 3: Boys Club l. 2. 3. 4: German Club 3, 4: Latin Club 2. 3: Camera Club 2: Purple X 3, 4: Pierian Club 3, 4: Proliles Staff 3. 4: Swimming 2: Publicity manager "Young April" 4. joax Klfkk Harvey, General. Girls Club l, 2, 3, 4: Council 31 Division Chairman 2: 'I' pins 1, 2. Doxxft KI-I'l'l-1l.HOE'l'ER Midlothian. Academic. Girls Club l: Girls Glee Club 2: German Club 4. RM Moxn Klcitriu.. Dolton. Academic. Class senate 4: Class ofhcer 4: Boys Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Germa11 Club 2, 3. Q1 Page 1:3 Page 124 Roxana Kuzxmrr Harvey, Aczuleinic. Class senate 4: Latin Club 2 Spanish Club 43 Boys Club l. 2. fl, 4. GLITXNA Klmck Markham, Academic. Class senate 353 KIP lloart 43 Forum 1, 2. 3: Girls Club l, 2. 3. 43 Council 2 33 Mother-Daughter banquet 33 Loyalty Day 4 Latin Club officer 2. 33 Girls Glee Club l3 Girl: Choir 2. Ji-AN KINGSTON Harvev, .'xf'2ltlCIlllC. National Honor Sofietv fl. 4' Girls Club major oflicer 33 Board E53 catmtil 23 Hay Queen Attendant 33 Spanish Club 2, 3. 43 Junior Service Award 33 Head of Marshals 4' KIP Bus chairman 43 GAA l. 2, 3. 4. CARI. Koczn Dolton. 'l'ecl1nical. Boys Club l. 2. 3. KIINNIQTII Koicnw Harvey, General. Hall Guard Al. Cuakuzs Korn Phoenix. General. Hall Guard officer l, 2. 33 Gera man Club oflicer lj Camera Club oflicer l3 Foot- ball letter S, 43 XVrestling letter fl. el: Track letter I, 23 Mother-Son banquet l. Mfmv Lol: KoI.l,MAN Harvey, .Xcadcmic. Hi-C ofliccr 23 Purple X 43 Girls Club l. 2, 3, 43 Home Econoniirs Club l3 Chorus fl. '13 Choir l, 23 Facultv assistant 2. 3, 43 I pills 1.2. CHRIS Koxow Dolton. Academic. Swimming 2. El. -13 Class leader 'l 1 Boss Clubl 2 '5 4 Latin C'lub2 'l I,okR.xlN12 k0I.O.lAY Dollon. llusincss. Girls Club l. 2. 3. -li Bicycle Club l. Nlnxrox I.. Kol'i'i'rz Lansing. General. Campus Patrol 2: liovs Club l, 2, 43 German Club 23 Hall Guard 25. -1. I.unm Kotlsrik Harvey. General. Girls Club l. 2. fi. 43 Division Chairman I3 Spanish Club 43 Girls Glce Club l, 23 Girls Choir 3, 43 GAA lg Home liconomics Club l, 2. RlJBI4IR'f KRAIQFFI' Riverdale. General. Hall Guard l. 2. 33 Bus Guard captain 2, 33 Campus Patrol captain 4: Camera Club oflicer lg Boys Club 1, 2, 3. Dox I.. KRANTZ Harvey, 'l'racle. Campus Patrol 4. IQICIIARIJ P. KRUEGER Dolton, Trade. Boys Club 23 Hall Guard 23 Movie operator 2, DoN.u.n Ktncrzu Tinley Park. Trade. Boys Club 23 Campus Patrol 9 Ii,xkL1c F. I,AxnRv Markham. General. Class senate 43 Boys Club l, 2, 3, 43 Hall Guard officer 43 captain 33 Boys Glee Club 23 Football letter l, 2, 3, 43 Wrestling letter 2, 3, 43 I.ettermen's Club oflicer 43 Mother-Son banquet 2, 3, 43 Sectional Wrestling Champ 3. LotrANA I..-KNGIZ Midlothian, General. Girls Club l, 2, 3, 43 Council l, 23 KIP lforum 43 German Club l, 23 Camera Club 2, 33 Faculty assistant 3, 43 Librarian 1, 2, 3. Nl.-XRAIDFIIN lsxxran Lansing, General. Thornton Fractional l, 23 High- land Park 2. 33 Girls Club 43 White 'l' pin 4. ,Army Isutsox Halel Crest. lI'ecIinit'al. ELNIA 1,A'i'ilMr Harvey, General. Girls Club 1. 2, 33 Library assis- tant 43 Homernaking Club 1, 2. ,DYVARD N. I.AunEiusAcK Markham, Technical. Boys Club 2, 33 Hall Guard, 23 Bus Guard 2, 43 Track 2, 3, 4. JARBAKA LAUE Riverdale, Acadetuir. Spanish Club 2. Al: Girls Club I, 2. -Shirt' P, I,r1.xxmN Homewood, Tratle. Boys Club 1, 2, fl. :ANCY lacnlfokn Harvey. Business. Girls Club 2. 3. Jokxm Ll-il-' Harvey. Business, UCHARIJ F. Li-1ltNEN Harvey, 'l'rade. AEOLA Laxrz Harvey, Business, Girls Club l. 2. fl. '13 Home lit: Club 23 GA.-X 2, 4. lIC11ARD LIXI-YNGUOII Harvey, Trade. l"ll0lllO1'1'0YV tlie XVorld" lg Boys Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Hi+Y 1, 4. lICI1ARD I.ty1Nt:s Harvey, 'l'erhniral, Kll' Forum ali Boys Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y Club lg 'Track lg Swimming 2. QOIEICRT LiviNcs Harvey, General. Boys Club l. 2. 43 llall Guard 3. Doxx.-x Lrorn Tinley Park, General. Girls Club 2. EMILY Lo merino Harvey, Business. Girls Club 1, 2, fl, 43 Library assistant I, 2, 3, 4. ANALYS Loma Homewood, Academic. Ottawa, Ill., H. S., 1, 2. "Young April" 43 Girls Choir 43 Footlighters 43 German Club fl, 43 Senior Life Saving 33 Swim- ming Pageant 33 Girls Club 3. 4. lI'HER1-TSA Lomx Phoenix, General. Girls Club 1, 2, 3. 43 Latin Club 23 Homemaking Club 13 Library assistant 4. II'HoMAs LORLINCE Homewood, Academic. KIP Forum 23 Boys Club 1, 2. 3, 43 Hi-Y 43 Latin Club 2. IOHN Luxn Harvey. General, Class senate 23 Kll' Forum 33 Hall Guard captain 43 Mil-0lIl0I'l'UXV the XYorld" 13 "Young April" 43 Basketball 1. BPO' Page I25 l Page 126 .fXRxol.n C. LITNDCRIQN Midlothian, 'l'ratle. linwfxim Lr't'L1-1 Harvev. General, liovs Club l. 2. fl. 43 Chorus 4 Boys Clee Club 2. 3.1 Cizoiuaiz LYIL1-1 Harvev. Teeluiical. National Ho Football letter fl. 4: Track letter 33 YVrestling letter 3. 43 Letterm 1.3. 5.43 caps en's Club l. 2, 3 43 Boys Club l. 2. Fl. 43 Hall Guard 4. bfAKY Lou NIf:CAI,t. Dolton. Business. Kll' Forum l3 Cirls Clee Club 1 Cirls Choir 2. 33 Girls Club 1, 2 lant 4, .Ions MeGow,xN Harvey. General. Boys Club l, . 33 Faculty assis 2. fl: Football 1 23 Baseball l. 2. 3, 43 letter fl. 43 l.ettermen' Club 4. Ruzimkn MCCRAW Oak Forest. Teelmieal. Pullman Tech. H. S. 1 Campus Patrol 33 Bois Club 3. 43 Hi-Y Club 2. lhuuu NIeH1-'ski' Ivanhoe. 'l'eelinit'al. Boys Club 2. 4: Hall Cuarc 2. 3. 43 Camera Club 43 lfootlighl 1 L. 3. 43 Boys Ie Cirls Club plays 3. Class senate 4. .Ions L. MeNAim Harvey. leebnieal. Class senate ers 43 Stage Crei- 43 il. C. play 3. 4 253 Kll' lforuiu 3 Boys Club l. 2. 35. 43 Hall Cuartl 2. 3. 4. lil-'l.l-1N NleNAt.i.x Homewootl. .'xC'2lliCllllK. Cirls Club l. 2. 3. 43 Dirt sion chairman lj Refreshment Crew 4: Counci 43 T pins 1, 23 junior Service A wartl 33 Girl! Choir 2, 3, 43 Cirls Clee Club 13 CLIXA l. 2. 5. 4 lfootligh ters 4. Qjosilimt I.. Manu l'hoenix. 'l'racle. Hall Guard fl. KJVI-'Nll0I.YN Nlaolii-:xzlli lflossmoor. .'XCatletnie. KIP Forum 43 Cirls Clul Council 33 Stancl-up 43 junior Service .Kwartl 3 .Xetivity Point Commission 33 Spanish Club 3. 4 Latin Club l. 23 "Mikado" 33 Chorus 3, 4. RICHARD Mansmi Cirls Choir 2 Harvey, 'l'ratle. Hall Cuartl ofhrer 2. lll'lbI'l'll xIAfll'IRl-I Homewood. .Xeaclemitz National 43 Class senate 33 Cirls Club Boartl 43 Council 2' Honor Soeietx 3 Division Chairman 33 Rlay Queen .Xttentlant 33 Business Manager, "Young April" 43 Cratluation usher 33 Girls Choir 23 KIP Dance 4. S'rELt,A RIAISZAK Harvey, Business. Swing Club l. 2. 3. Ciiiisriik BIAl.Isr: Phoenix. 'l'ratle. Hall Guard 2. 3 'liioxms F. Maris 33 Girls Club l . 4. Markham, Trade. Swimming letter 13 Wrestling 3. Rols1aR'1'A MA1.1'1'o Harvey, General. llancl l, 2. Rox' XIALLSTRUNI Harvev, 'I'eelmieal. National Honor Soeietx 3. 43 Kll' Hoartl 43 Chorus 43 Boys G Football letter 2. 3. 43 Basketball Stutlent Manager lg Lettermen' Class oflicer 43 Boys Club represc lee Club l. 2. 33 letter l. 2. 3. 43 s Club 2. 3. 43 ntative l. nor Society fl. 41 ' K tiii JEANXE BIANTZ Dolton, Business. Chorus 33 Girls Glee Club l, 2. 33 Gvm Leader l: Girls Club 1.2, 3. 43 GA.-X l, 2. 3g jr. and Sr. Life Saving. Avtzriro Nlakfzitilisrziil Harvey. Trade. Wrestling 43 Campus Patrol l3 Boys Club 3. SALLY Nlfuumvtz Dolton, Ali2lClClIllC. Girls Club l, 2, fl. 43 Council 13 Division Chairman 2, 43 Spanish Club Council 33 Gym leader I3 Refreshment Crew 2, 43 Nurse's assistant 2. fl, 43 Magazine Drive l, 4. NORMAN BIASSICK Harvev, 'liet'hnical. RIP Board 3. Forum 23 Boys Club l. 2. 3. 43 Boys Glee Club 33 Football letter l, 2. 3. 43 I.ettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, officer 4. Rl'TII NIM FRAK Dolton. Business. Girls Club 1, 23 Home lic. Club 23 Faculty assistant 4. larsl-1 Nlasttk Harvey, Business. Girls Club l, 2. 33 Library asise tant l, 23 Faculty Tea 3. Dusk Bllililllik Dolton. Business. Girls Glee Club l, 2. 33 Fool' lighters 43 Girls Club l. 2, 3, 43 T pin l3 Fresh- man Stand-up lg Dad-Daughter banquet l: KII' Conduct committee I3 Stage Crew 4, CII-XRLHS A. Nli43l,k1-Ni' Harvey. 'liet'hnit'al. Football 33 Boys Club I. 2, 1 Campus l'atrol 23 Spanish Club 3. Joe ll. Nl1i1.1.i-ik Homewood. General. Boys Club l. 2. 3. 43 Hall Guard 33 Hi-Y 4. M11.1.u1 blliN'l'lIiR Oak Forest. Acadetnic. Girls Glee Club l: Girls Choir 2, 3, 43 Girls Club l. 2, 33 Footlighters Ill Spanish Club l. 23 Swing Club fl. LOYVI-ll.I. BIICSSXIAKISR South Holland, Trade. Dokts'l'0N Harvey. Academic. Girls Club l, 2, 33 Division Chairman I3 Spanish Club 2. 33 Girls Glee Club l 2 Hi C' Club 2 'l ,-, '11 .J. DAN Bill..-KNO Harvey, General. Baseball letter 2, 3, 43 Boys Club l, 33 LetterInen's Club 2, 3, 4. Ronuvr NIILICY Homewood. ,Xl'2ltlCIl1lC. KH' Forum 43 Boys Club l. 2. 3. 43 Hall Guard 33 Spanish Club l, 23 Cam- era Club ollicer 33 Footlighters 43 Stage Crew Il. I3 lraek l. B,xki'..xRA NI1l.I.l-ik Midlothian. Acadentie. Chorus 43 Nladrigal fl. 43 Girls Glee Club 13 Girls Choir 2. Ytcrok J. Moxie Harvey, General. CAROLYN B'l0NSMA Thornton, Business. Girls Club l. Akrnuk Ii. Mooknouss Harvey, General. Boys Club l. 2. 3. 43 Hall Guard 3. 4. Page 127 Page 128 -Ions NIORRIS Harvey, General. Football 1, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2 3, 45 Baseball 2, 45 Boys Club l, 2, 3. -IoAN Motuusox Dolton, Business. Hirsch, 'tetlmit-,ll Collegiate QCanadaj . JOSEPH MoRToN Tinley Park, Trade. Boys Club l, 2, 3. 4, KENNETH MossEL1. Dolton, Trade. Boys Club 2, 35 Movie operatol 2. 3. l'll7I'l'H BIUELLER Midlothian, Business. Girls Club l, 2, 45 Mother Daughter banquet 1, 35 Dad-Daughter banquet l Hi-C 2. fiAYLE A. Mtnftf Harvey, Academic. Hi-Y 15 Chorus 2, 35 Boys Glee Club lg Baseball 3, 45 Spanish Club council 3, 4 lou NIULIJEXIJIJR ' lvanhoe, Academic. Purple X 1, 2, 3, 45 oflicer 43 Newspaper 45 Yearbook 45 "Young April" 45 Speech broadcasts 4. 1 VVILLIANI H. BIUNRU Harvey, Academic. Chorus 3, 45 Boys Glee Club ll 25 "Mikado" 35 Track 3, 4. l iili'li'l'Y Mummv l Olvmpia Fields. .Xcademic. Bowen l. Newspaper 35 Yearbook 35 lfrench Club 2, 35 Girls Club 2, 3, -lg Girls Glee Club 25 Girls Choir 25 Senior Life- saving 3. -IoAN MEx'ERs Ivanhoe, General. Girls Club 1, 2, 3. 45 Spanish Club 1, 2. Gn.nEkT NMQEL Blue Island, General. Boys Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Bus Guard 3, 4. DEAN A. Nanzx Dolton, Academic. Class senate 2, 45 KIP Foruml 2, 35 Footlighters oflicer 4g "Young April" 45 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Boys Glee Club 15 "Pirates of Penzance" 15 "Mikado" 35 Spanish Club 33 Boys Club 1, 2, 3, 4. CEokc:E NARcals Harvey, General. Boys Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Dokorl-Iv NE.AI, Homewood, Academic. FAY NEEDI.ES Dolton, Business. jiaknv NELSEN Thornton, Academic. l KENNETH W. NELSICN l Chicago, Academic, Morgan Park Military Acad- emy 1, 2. RALPH NELSON Harvey, Technical. Boys Club l, 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball letter 25 Baseball letter 1, 2, 4. 3E'I"1'Y NICHOLS Harvey. Business. -SHN Novmi Bluc Islancl. Trzulc. Bus Cuarnl 4. ROSE Novuvk Harvcv. Business. lANIIiS O'C0x x lCI,I. Dolton. Acaclcniic. XVl'CSlllIlg El. -l3 Track 2. 3. 4: Latin Club 23 Purple X 3: Boys Club l. 2. 3. 3II.L OI7liNNW'AI.ll Harvey, Traclc. Hall Guard 2: Campus Patrol fl. lHIRLFY fjlillllh' Dolton, A " Cl ic: Girls Cl l. 2, fl. l. WL. .N XR'rHl'k fjlllulkl-QIXG Nfallcson. lliCK'llIlll'2ll. Class scnalc fl: Sports Klan- ager fl, 4. Wll.I.1Mi QJIIXI-ZXIIVS Hunlcwooml. lcclininal. Class scnalc 'll Bins Club l. 2. 53, bl: llanql 2. Kxliiiux f,I.llll.XNl Harvcv. llusincss, Kll' l'20l'lllll l. l3 Cirls Club l. 2 '5 l IA Yl4l'l"I'l'I Ol .si-.x I 'liinlcv lark. Gr-ncral. HVINIFRICD Orsnx Thorillon. Ccncral. Girls Glu' Club 2, illlkljil' fyxl-fIl.l. linlcv Park. Business. Girls Club l. 2. fl, li CXX 43 Hl'fl'41 Division Cliziirnian l. 2: Swing Club fl. EI.IZAlili'l'Il Ovrrl Homcwnml, Acaclcmic. Girls Club Council 43 Divi- sion clllillflllilll fl: .Xclivilv Point fl0lIlllllSSlOll flg Magazine Drive chairman 43 Jr. Service Award 33 W Faculty assistant 43 Debate lcllcr l. 2. fl. -ll Frcncli 1 Club -l3 I.alin Club 2. 33 CLMX l. 2, fl. -l. PETER fykllilllil, Tinlcv Park. Trzulc. Class sl-nalc sl: lims Club L . 1 . l, 2, 5, 43 lloolball l, HI'X'BFR'l' I., f7WliY Chicago, Academic. Hyde Park l. Clinrus Fl, 43 Mzulrigal fl. '13 Bins Clcc Club 2. Eiox Owl-ixs Harvcv. .Xcamlcinicp Girls Club l. 2. fi. -4: lfzuultv assistant fl, 4. lxfARY Axx l',vxnzzu Dulton. liusincss. Girls Club l, fl, Pl. VI1:Tok lhxxozzn Dolton, Ccncral. Boys Club l, 2. -13 Bus Guzml Captain 2, 3. Page 129 Page 130 xitif f' l NORXIA lhxkiuck l Harxey. General. Girls Club l. 2. 3. 13 Spanisl Club oflicer 2. Rosnxmiu' l',uuii.m' Homewood. Business. Attended Milton Union S. Girls Club 4. i Alun l'.x'1"11fltsox Harvey. General. ' TIIFRIXIC l',wxu:1i Harvey, Business. Girls Club l, 2, 3, Ili Swing Clul l. . A I l'icli1n.ics o nix. Aradeniic. Boys Club l. 2. fl: Freud llub 3. l: Spanish Club 23 lli-C Club fl. Pl. ARBA . l,lil.l.IiY Dolt . Business. Refreslinient Crew 23 Girls Glct fill! .-I A .-.:. . qIl'ANI'l'A l'I-'l i-iksox Harvey General. Girls Club l, 2. Dos l'nAI.i-xx Harvey. .'Al'2lilCllllC. Boys Club l, 23 Campus l'atro 33 Football letter 33 Tennis letter F53 I,lTllt'l'IllCl1,1 Club ofliter 4, Coxs'1Axt:la l'll1kCli Pottowattotuie Hills. At'atleinic'. Spanisli Club 2 fl: olicer -l: Pierian Club 2. 243 Board -13 Xationa Honor Sorietv fl. 43 Graduation Marshal 33 Girl: Choir l. 23 Chorus 43 Civirs Assembly I3 Girls Club Board 2. lhxum l'u-.iuzip Rirlilon Park. .Al'2lKlClIll4'. lfrenrli Club 2, 253 Boy Club 2. HICLIQN Pniosz zrvey, Business. Girls Club l. 2. fl. 4. 'kiox l'u.i.su4 1rxey,Gent-ral. Boys Club I. 2. 43 Hall Guard 2 43 Canlpus l'aIrol 33 AA'restling Manager 2. ISARHARA l,l0'lROW'SKI Harvey. Business. Currzk l'll'llliR Flossmoor, Atadernic. KII' lforuni l, 23 Hall Guard Oflieer 2. 153 Hall Guard l, 2, 33 German Cluh oflicer 23 Football letter l. 2. fl, 4g YVrestling letter fi. 4g 'lrark letter l, 2g Boys Glee Club 1, 23 Chorus 3, 113 Mother-Son banquet 2. lost PIYOUR Harxey. Aradeinic. Class senate 43 Kll' lforuni 3: Girls Club Division Chairman lj Girls Glee Clul: l3 Girls Clioir 23 Junior Serxire Award 33 Torch l'in 23 'l' pins l, 23 Faculty assistant l, 2, 3, 43 Stand-up 25. l. Alam' l'I.AX'l' Flossnxoor. Acadernic. Girls Club 1.2, 3. 43 Council 23 May Queen Attendant fi: Class senate 33 Class oflicer 33 lfootligliters oflicer 43 KIP Honiecoming Court 43 Spanish Club 43 Purple X 55. 43 "Young April" 4. fiICOKGIZ Potzuos Harvey. General. Class senate 33 Kll' Forum Boys Club l. 2. 3. 43 Hall Guard captain 4: Swing Club oflicer l. 2. 33 l,elternien's Club fl. 43 Foot- ball letter fl, 43 Cheerleader 3. NIARY Pocznos Harvey. General. Girls Club I, 2, 43 Freslunan Stand-Up 23 Dad-Daughter banquet 33 Red Cross Representatixe 13 Library assistant 3. 43 GAA 1 2. 3, 43 Camera Club 33 Swing Club l, 2, 3. LRs1'IiR Ponr:oRNY Phoenix, Technical. "Young April" 43 "I Remem- ber Thornton" 23 Cheerleader 2. 3. 43 Swing Club officer 33 Football 33 Lettermen's Club l. 2. 3, 43 Manager 13 Footlighters Club 4. UQICHARD PoI.RA Harvey, Academic. Spanish Club 33 Camera Club ofhcer l, 23 Chorus 43 Boys Glee Club 2, 3. RICIHAIRIJ PoI'I'IZL Riverdale, Academic. KIP Speakers committee 23 Forum 23 Hall Guard captain 23 German Club l, 23 Debate 1, 2, 3, 43 Footlighters oflicer 23 Jr.-Sr. Party committee 43 Boys Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Class se1Iate 43 "Ever Since Eve" 1. DIANE I'oRrnR Flossmoor. Academic. KIP Board 2, 33 Forum 13 Girls Club Board 13 Council 23 Division Chairman 33 May Queen court 33 German Club oflicer 43 "Pride and Prejudice" 23 GyIII Leader 23 Cheer- leader 2. 3. 43 Captain 4. CARoI. PORTXVOOD Harvey, Academic. Girls Club 1, 2. 3, 43 Spanish Club 43 Council 43 GAA 1. 43 Small I1ll1l1CI'JlQ Pep Section 4. LEON Po'rRArkE Riverdale, Academic. Boys Glee Club 13 Chorus 2, 3. 43 Madrigals 3, 43 "Pirates of Penzance" 13 "Mikado" 33 "The Far O11 Hillsu 23 "A Murder Has Been Arranged" 33 "Young April" 43 jr.-Sr. Party 33 KIP Homecoming Dance 4. DoN ll0'I"l'I2R Midlothian. Academic. KIP Forum 43 Boys Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 1, 23 Ollicer 3. 43 Latin Club 2. 33 Band 2, 3. 43 Section Leader 3, 43 Footlighters 43 "Young April" 43 Faculty assistant 1. lVAI.'I'liR PRANKE, JR. E. Hazel Crest, Trade. Boys Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Cam- era Club 33 Track l. 2. 43 Football letter 3. 43 Lettermen's Club 3. 4. ARTHUR F. l'RocHAsRA Oak Forest. Technical. Boys Club l, 2, 3. 43 Bus Guard l3 Campus Patrol 2. GEORGIA PRoI'I'I1R Harvey, Academic. Class senate 33 Girls Club Council 33 Activity Point Commission 43 'I' pins 1, 23 junior Service Award 33 Girls Glee Club 1, 23 Girls Choir 33 Graduation usher 3. joux RAlDANOl'lCH l Harvey, General. National Honor Society 3, 43 Boys Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Lettermen's Club 2. 3, 43 Sports Manager 1, 2, 4. 1WARVIN RAIJAY Midlothian, Trade. ll'IARILYN RASMUS Harvey, Academic. Girls Club Division Chairman I 13 "Young April" 43 Girls Glee Club 1, 23 GAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Numerals 13 Spanish b 2, 33 Foot- lighters 43 T pins 1, 23 "rl , 2, 3, 4. ROBERT RASNIUSSEN Hazel Crest, Trade. Boys Clu I Patrol 43 Hall Guard 2, 33 Club ' Baseball 3, 4. ROBERT S. RASUL , Flossmoor. Technical. KIP ' .1 ' s , Boys Glee Club 13 Football letter 1 3 lVrestl' letter 2, 3, 4g Spanish Club 2, 43 1 'I , 2, 3, 4. RIcHARn RAI! Riverdale, Academic. Boys Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 43 Latin Club 1, 2, 33 Footlighters 43 'Young April" 43 Band 2, 3, 4: BARBARA RAIIH Homewood. General. Girls Club 1, 2, 3. 43 Divi- sion Chairman 23 Stand-up 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls Glee Club 2. 33 GAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Numerals 23 Small 'li 43 Nurse's assistant 43 XVhite T pin 2. HAROI.lJ RAVliSI.0OT South Holland, Academic. Class senate 43 Hi-Y officer 43 German Club oflicer 3, 43 Newspaper 43 Yearbook 43 YVrestling 33 Track 2, 3, 4. Page 131 Page 132 H.kROI.lJ Ru-Trv urn South Holland. VIlCClllllf2ll. lill' Board 245 Basket- ball letter I5 Boys Club 2. fl. 4. Pun. RIIf'I'l'I'fI.Il South Holland. .'XC2lClCllllC. lioys Club I. 2. fl, 43 Spanish Club 2. .XX'I'0INl'1l'I i-1 Rlxlat.I..x Harvey. Business. Girls Club I. 2. fl. -15 Faculty assistant l. fl. 45 Mother-Daughter banquet I5 lfreslnnan Stand-up 4. Ilouoruv Roninus Riverdale. General. Alovtzr Roinnxs Riverdale. .Xt'aclen1ie. .Xlteudetl Crete Conununitv H. S. ,Iota IIOISICRTS Iflossnioor. .Xt'2ltlCIl1lC. National Honor Society 3, 45 KII' orlirer 25 Board 2: French Club ollirer 35 "Young April" 45 Basketball letter 35 "Pirates of l'CI1L2lIli'Cu I5 A'NIikado" 35 Conduct Conuuittee oillcer 4. Dox Rfll4I'Ikl'StJN Harvey. General. Boys Club l. 2. fl. 45 Hall Girard 45 Football letter 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball letter 1, 2. fl. 4: Baseball letter I, 2. Il. 45 l.CllCI'IlICll'S Club ollifer fl, ll, Ikon Rom-ills Harvey. General. Bloom High School l. 25 Boys Club 45 Hall Guard captain 3, 45 Camera Club E55 Swing Club fl. 45 Basketball letter fi: Ushers Squad 4. li-ixxiirii Mui Rovrk Harvey. .Xt'1ltlCIlllC. Spanish Club 2. 245 Girls Club I. 2. fl, -I5 White 'I' pin I5 Nurses assistant 45 lfacultv assistant 3, 4, illlll-QRIZS.-K Rossi Riverdale. General. Library assistant 45 GAA 3. 45 llatl-llaugliler banquet 2: xlUIllCI'-lj2IllgllIl'I' ban- quet I5 Girls Club 1, 2, 3, ,lg Home lic. Club 25 Style Show I. 25 Freshman Stand-up l. Dokoruv Roru Thornton. Business. Class Senate 25 Forum fig Girls Club l, 2. fl. 45 Pep Section 4. .IAXIICS Rov Harvey, General. Boys Club 2. 35 Latin Club 2. l5.xRisAkA Rtznn Oak Forest. .tcadeinitg Girls Club l. 2, 3, -'15 Span- ish Club l, 2. Roni-iki' Run-ik Harvey, lracle. 'l'uouAs Runiv ll0IllClV00tl, 'l'ec'hniCal. Kll' lforuni 45 llovs Club I, 2, 3, 45 Hall Guard 45 Hall Guard captain 35 l.atiu Club oilifer l. I'.x'r Runorifu Harvey. Business. Girls Club 1.2, 3, 4. .lolz Rti1ir:r.1ck Haiel Crest. General. Class senate 2. 35 KII' lforuin 35 Football 25 Wrestling 25 llovs Club Stag 2, 3, 4. G1-iokfzri Rtiinac Harvey. General. Boys Club I, 2, 35 Hall Guard olllcer 2. fl. 45 Football I5 Swinuning 2, fl, -l. Sunni-iv' Rrrrl-1a Oak Forest. Business. ALLIIC Rll'l'lll-iklfilkll Harvey, General. Girls Club l. 2. 43 I.ibrarv assis- tant 2, -lg 'I' pin l. 23 Refreslnnent Crew fl. AKL1-ixia Rvn Harvey, Business. BIC'li'I'Y ,Xxs Rvm-'l.I. lforest Ridge, Business. Girls Club l. 2. fl. sl. CARI. J. Rrsuaxn' Blllflkllillll. ll'Cl'lll1lC2ll. C.xRoI.1x12 SCIIILB Harvev. .vratlemitx National Honor Sorietv fl. -li KH' lfornin lg Girls Club Division Cliairrnan Stantl-up fl: I.ovaltv Dav lg Sellolarsbip Dav fl: Picrian Club 3, 4g Magazine Drive 'lg Gracluation usber 3. lover St,lilI.1.lcR Harvev. General. Girls Club l. 2. fl. 'l: Nlotlver- D'lllgllllll bint net l 2 ' . -' 1 I - .-. 3, 43 Stand-up l, 2. 3. -1: Bievrle Club l. 2: 1'-lllllI'E H1JIllQ'lI1llliCl'S l, 2: Swing Club l, 2. P55 Stvle Show l. 21 Dacl-Daughter ban- quet l. 2, fl, 4. B.uus.vR,v SCIIISICXYSKI Dolton. .xGlClL'llllC. Cborus 43 Kevtlets 2. fl: Girls Glee Club l. Girls fll10lI' 2, 33 German Club 2. fl. -lg Counril 4: Program Connnittee fl: Girls Club 1 pins 1.2: Dance 23 Dad-Daughter banquet 2. fl. 7 l.XI'l. SCIIXIICIIL, blk. Ivanlioe. Aeatleinic. Bovs Club l. 2. fl. l: German 1 qt Club 1, -. 3. Rom-'R SfIllRlilBl'R Harvev, General. Band l, 2. fl, Alg Orrlieslra l ' Bovs Club l. 2, 3. 4. MAkI.ox SCIIOOF Harvev. .-Xcatlennic: Girls Club l. 2. fl. fl: German Club 3. 43 lfootligbters 45 "Young .Xpril " -I. Hl4Ql.l'iX SCllUl'l'Ii r1ill0l'IllOll, Business. Girls Club l. 2. Fl. -l. Dc ll ,ORLS SCI I l ' li'I"l Ii Harvey, Business. Class senate 2. ,lg Girls Clnoir lg Nlajorettes l. 2. fl. 4: District antl Stale lwirling Champion 2. 33 Stand-up 2. 25, 'lg Secretary ol .Xttentlance Ilg lfacnltv assistant l. 23 Cliristrnas 'lag 3. AkI.las1i Srinutfrl liast Hazel Crest. Business. Girls Club l. 2. fl. 41 Spanish Club 23 Faculty assistant ft. IQICIIARD Sr:o'r'1' Harvev. .Xc'atlelnic. German Club ollirer 43 Book- store 2, l.attn Club 23 Hi-Y l. 23 Bovs Club l. 2. 3.21, YlTI.I..k Mu-1 Seotr Harvev. General. Girls Club l. 1-'kfvxtzls Sr:ux.l.v' Harvey. Atatlernie. Boys Club l, 2, Il. lg Hi-Y -lg Latin Club 23 Camera Club 4. NIARIUN Siaivlick Dolton. Business. Refreshment Crew 2: Girls Glee Club l: Girls Cboir 2, Girls Club l. 2. fl. 4: 'I' pins 1. 2: Torch Pin 25 German Club 2, GAA 2. Page 133 Page 134 JANICL SIil.I.IC Hazel Crest, Academic. T pins 1, 23 Freshman Stand-up 43 Library assistant 23 Girls Club l, 2. 3, 43 Latin Club l, 23 Council 43 Orchestra fi, 43 Girls Glee Club 23 Girls Choir 2, DORIS Si-isnt-in Oak Forest. Business. Girls Club 1. 2. fi. 43 'l' pins 1. 23 'I' Ring 23 GA.-X l. 2. 33 Numerals. Small 'Iii Cafeteria cashier 3, 4g Library assistant 33 News- paper 43 Yearbook 4. ji-ZAN Sliktlrzrx Harvey, Business. Girls Club 1, 2, fl. 4: il' Pins l. 23 Nlarslial 33 Stand-up 2. fig Faculty assistant 43 Faculty 'lea 23 Swing Club 1, 33 Footligliters 4. XV1i.1.m xr Si i ictfificu Iflossinoor. Academic. Bovs Club 1, 2, 43 German Club 2. fl. 1 YVl1.I.Fr,x Sun Lns 'l'hornton. General. Attended Morgan Park H. RAY Suoxrs Harvey, Trade. Boys Club 43 Hall Guard 4. Ennxxkn Sit-pxifxxs Nlarkhain. Trade. Bois Club l. 2. 3. 43 Hall Guard oflicer l. 2. CitAR1.1es Smoxs Oak lforest. .'xl'2lllCIlllC. Spanish Club 23 Boys Club l. 2, 3. Ertzanizrit Sixnr Midlothian, Business. Girls Club l. 43 Girls Glee Club l. SALLY' Smtzk Flossnioor, .'Xcatlernit'. Purple X 2. il, 43 Nlai Queen Attendant 33 Toastmistress, Dad-Daughter ban- quet 33 Swiniming Pageant 3g Footlighters 43 Pierian Club 2, 3, 43 Newspaper 43 Yearbook 43 Stand-up 33 KIP Conduct committee 1. CIIARLICS Sxirrii Midlothian. Technical. Football letter 53. 43 XVrest- ling letter 43 LClIC1'Il1Cll'S Club 3. 4. DArIn Sxirru Harvey, lratle. Boys Glce Club 1. 2. l'iI.EANUR Smirru Lansing, Business. Attended Thornton lfrattional l. Girls Club l. likxnsr Sxuin Harvey. General. Hall Guard 3. SIQSAXXE Soixksi-:N Harvey, .'xC2lllCIHlC. May Queen 33 "Mikado" 33 Swimming Pageant 1, 33 General Chairman 33 National Honor Society fl, 43 Chorus 2, 3. 43 Ma- drigal 3. 43 GAA Board 3, 43 Purple X fi, 43 Officer 4. Liisiizk Soss Harvey, Arzltlelllic. Latin Club 2, 33 Senator 33 Newspaper 43 Yearbook 4. JAMES Soiu-ixsox Tinley Park, Trade. Smirrxr Sl'Fl.I.xiAx lflossmoor. .Ycademie. MYRNA SPERRY Homewood, Academic. Chorus 2, 33 Girls Choir I3 Girls Club l. 2, 3, 43 Division Chairman I3 Scholar- ship pins 2, 3g Stand-up 43 Spanish Club 2, 3. RITA STANCZIR Riverdale, Academic. Girls Club Division Chair- man 43 T pins l, 23 Girls Glee Club 33 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. JOHN STARK Harvey. Academic. Forum I. 2. 4. JOANNE ST. AUBIN Harvey, Business. Secretary of Attendance 43 Span- ish Club 33 Girls Club l, 2. 3. 43 T pin lg Stand-up I, 23 Mother-Daughter banquet l, 2. 33 Dad- Daughter banquet l, 2. 3. LORETTA STFAKLF Blue Island, Business. Girls Glee Club l. ROBERT STEPHENS Markham. Academic. Boys Club l. 2. PHYLLIS STIER Dolton, Business. Girls Club l. 2, 33 Faculty assis- tant 4. BIARION STo1..-xRz Harvey. Business. Girls Club l, 2. JEANETTE STOXVE Harvey, Academic. Bloom l. 2. jo.-xN STRAwHR1nc:E Flossmoor, Academic. Kll' Forum 2: Division Chairman 23 Dad-Daughter banquet 2. fl: Refresh- ment Crew lg Freshman Leader 23 Latin Club oflicer l: Cub Reporter l. 23 'Young April" 43 GAA I1lllI161'8lSj Girls Choir l, 2, 3. Ratvn Srkon Harvey, General. XVrestling letter l, 23 Boys Club 1, 2. 3. 43 Lettermcn's Club l, 2, 3. 43 Latin Club lg Boys Glee Club l. ROBFR'F STRUEN Riverdale, Trade. Class senate 43 Football letter l, 2. 33 Baseball letter 3. 4. ROBIAINE STRYLOXVSKI Markham. Business. Girls Club I, 2. 3. 43 Chorus 43 Girls Choir 2, 33 Secretary of Attendance 2, 33 Stand-up 3, 43 Marshal 33 Favors 33 Blother-Dauglr ter banquet 3, 4. IRENE Sruims Midlothian, Academic. Attended Chicago Chris- tian l. French Club 2, 33 GAA 23 German Club 43 Girls Club 4. DONALD L. SURAXXF Harvey, General. Boys Club 1, 23 Hall Guard 4. NORMAN D. SURANNE Harvey, Academic. Boys Club 1, 2, 3g Football 3g Basketball l, 33 Track 2. Rum' SURUERA Phoenix, General. Class senate 2. 33 KIP board 2, 33 Boys Club l, 2. 33 Father-Son Stag 2. 33 Mother- Son banquet 2, 33 junior-Senior Party 3. VELMA SWVADENER Thornton, Academic. Girls Club l, 2, 3, 43 XVater Pageant l, 3g "I Remember Thornton" 23 Fun Night 1, 23 T pins l, 23 Spanish Club 3, 43 GAA 1, 23 Gym Leader 33 Latin Club 13 Stand-up l. Page 136 Grmu-x Sxsxxxsow H2lI'N'l'f'. ,Xuulcillicx Glass scuzilc l: Girls Club Board fl. -l3 Council 13 Division Cbnirnunn 23 Nllly Quccn Allcnclzuit 43 "Tomorrow ilu: XVorlcl" 23 Girls Glu-c Club I3 Girls Choir 23 Class Ircansurcr lg Spanish Club 4. SIIIRIJQY Swfwsov Blue lSl2lllil. Business. Girls Glcc Club lg Girls Club l. 2. fl. lu X-RIFXY Suri-zxicx lilmrnlon. liusincss, Kll' F0l'llIll -13 Girls Club 1, 2. fl. l: SIJ2llllSll Club 2g Girls Clwc-ring Scclimi 4g lfzuullx zissislzuu 1. .Xiu-1l.x Swlmsox Hzllcl Crcsl, .Xuulcinic. Nulinnzil llmuu' SOL'iCly 3. 43 Grzulunliou usher 33 GAA Prcsinlcut 43 Board 2. fi, l1Cluu'us 2. 3, 43 Nlaclrigzll 2: fll'l'lll1lll Club 2, 3 43 Latin Club 3, 43 Girls Club IJZIIIFC chair- n ' 3 lioauxl 2. ,I.l'll 5lWIXl"ll.-Xkl' Isl uul 'l' ulp ' Club l. 2, 43 llzlll Guard . . .un nic. lass scnzuc: 23 Buys Club l. Cru Club 1, 2: F00llig'lllcrs fl: "Young April" l3 Clmrus fi. 43 Boys Glcc Club 23 lfnollmll usbcr Al. XI.xul.fwxi4 'llxxis Lansing, .xlllllCllllC'. Girls Club l. 2. 33 Grzuluzilion nsbcr fl: .Xrlirily Point Cmnniission flg l' pins l, 23 .junior Scrxicc .Xwzlrfl fl. CllXRI.l'1S'l-XNXIR Nlirllolbizln. lcmliniczll. 5li.KXI.lCY llilLN'l'NOWVSKI ll2Il'XC,. 'l'raulc. Boys Club l. 2. fl, lg llalll Guauwl olliccr 2. fl. Ions 'l'm'ol,i-wsu linlci' l'z1rL..Xmzulcn1i1'. ,Xllcnclccl Lilulbloolu H. S. Xluu' .Xxx lows 'Iinlcy l':n'l4. Gcncral. Rclrcslnncn! Crvw 2: 'l' pins l. 23 lfzuully ussislzlnl fl: l'ic1'iz1n Club ZlI'llNl l: I,Illl'2Il'l2lll vl. Rum R'l' 'l'lu-1x',uz I luis Tinley l'zu'k. .Xrzlflclllin Ifrmllmll lcllvr l. 2. fl. '13 I.l'lll'l'lllCIl.S Club 2. 3, -13 lilcmlion fiUAflll2lll'lll1lll 4. Bl'1'l"l'Y 'IQRKUL-IA Hzirvcy, Business. Gym lezulcr 43 GAA l. 2. 3. 43 Snizlll 'I 23 NlllllL'I'1llS 23 Girls Club l. 2. fl. l. PAUL M. TROTTA Xlimllnlbizln. .Xuulc1nic. Chorus -I3 Bms Glue Club Ilg Bus Guzml fl: Hall Guzml 4: Huis Club l, 2, ,, ... . . ' Q. -l: Ili-X J. lg f:L'l'lU1lllcllllllfl. l3 I.:lIin Club 2. l.,x1,luM: lul.l. xllillflllllllll, Business. Girls Club 1.2, fl. lg xlvClli2ll'C fl: Spzlnisb Club 2: Fzlcultv zissislzxnl I3 GXX l. I.oRR,xINiz VIYYCIIEWICZ llzuwcy, .xllltllfllllil Girls Club l. 2. fl, lg 'I' pin 2: li0l'l'll l'in 23 Rcfrcsluucnt Crow 2: I.ziliu Club 2: l.llJl'2lIAf :assistant l. 2. 3, 4: I"4mIliglllc1's -li Cub Reporter 23 'Young April" 4. Rom-1k'l' 'l'ux1isoN Rixclwlulc. .xI'2lllCllllC. Class SCIIZIIC lg lill' l'iUl'lllll 1. thnx' llscpuu Harxex, Business. Girls Club l. 2. El. 4: Mother- Daugliter banquet fl. 41 Dail-Daughter banquet fl. 41 Secretary of Altemlanfe fl. -l: lfaculty assistant 41 typist Al, Luxor, AVANIIIQXIHCRG Dolton. Aramleinie. Class secretary 21 Slay Queen .-Xttentlant 31 German Club oflicer 2: GAA ofliccr 4: Speaker of Division Chairmen 41 Kll' Board 41 Chorus -'lg Girls Choir l, 2. 3: GAA boartl 2, 3, 41 Girls Club boarfl 3. AI.-xRIIA"Y Vlxximi-'u.xi41 South Hollanrl. Business. Girls Club l, 2. Il. l'i1riAm Yxxiii-1it.vxA South Hollantl, General. Girls Club l. 2. .v. Xi.uA Xfnimick Gussrzs South Hollancl. .AC'1ltlC!lllt'. Alother-Daughter ban- quet fig 'I' pins l. 21 Typist -I1 Alarshal Al: Aetixity Point Conunission 31 Spanish Club 25, -li Foot- lighters -11 Purple X111 Girls Club l. 2. 24,41 Maga- zine llrire ll. I1-:As Yu llkrsrx Haney. Business. Girls Club l. Slancl-up l: Setre- tarx ol' Attenclanfe 3. loxciic Yu llkrsi-Lx South llollanil. Ac'atlen1it'. Class senate 2: Class ollicer -11 Girls Club uflicer -l: lloarml '11 Dixision Chairman l: llacl-Daughter banquet fl: Alax Queen Allenclaut 551 Casl "Young April" li Scholarship l. 2. 31 Gratlualion usher fl. Roni-im Yu Goku' Lansing, 'I racle. Boys Club 2: llall Guartl li llus Guarml fi. l. Hrxiu C A xx Alui,ir.xs South llollancl. Atiacleniit. .IQUNARIJ Xfxx Xooki' South llollancl. lracle. Bois Club l. 2, Il. l: Alother-Son banquet 2. llus Xxx fXNll.X lloluewoocl, Aczimleiliie. National llonor Soviets fl. -41 Girls Club lioartl l1 lfrenah Club olliecr -li Play manager 41 Chorus FS. -l1 Alamlrigal 3. 'li Orchestra 2. El. Al: Graduation usher fl: A'AIikatlo" 31 Faculty lea chairxnan El. Romain jr.,-xx Y,xuc.iix Harxey. .Ai'2lklClllll'. Girls Club l, 2, Il, 'll Spanish l Club 2. fl: Hi-C Club El. -l1 Girls Choir 3. 4: GAA l. 2. fl. -11 Pep Squatl -11 Library assistant 2 'S -l kI1'rzI'i',x Alarkhani, Business. Girls Club l. 2. fl, -lp Hi-C W Club 2, 31 lfootligliters -lg Stage crew "Young 1 Xpril" -lg G XA 2. fl. -l1 Dall-llaughler banquet 2. 31 "Connecticut Yankee" -lg Library Assistant fl. Mlruki-im AAISSIR H1lliXK'A, liusiness. Girls Club Council fl: llixision Chairman -lg Loyalty Dar -11 Chorus 2, fl. -lg GAA 1.2. fl. -lg Gramluation usher fl: Alllgilllllk' llrixe li Marshal 11 Siholarship 2. ik llonor Roll l. 2. fl, -l. .Assfx Ykooxi I.ansing. Amacleiuic. Girls Club llixision Chairnian 31 Serviee .Award fl: T pins l. 2g Actixily l'oinl Connnissiou fig Girls Club l, 2, fi, lg Stancl-up l, FIUALI-1 XX .uiti I4 Harley. Atatleinic. liastinonl-l.os Angeles. Cali- fornia. Girls Club 2. fi. -l1 Alother-llaughler ban- quet flg l-'aiultr lea li l,il'e Saxing 21 Swim- ming l'ageant fl: lfaculty 2lSSlSl2lIll 2, l: Style Show 3, llokoiur Wu.'ii'R Dollon. llusiness. Lllllll Club 23 lfoollighters 42 'Young April" -l: Chorus fl, -l1 Alatlrigal fl. 41 Girls ClI0il' l. 23 GAA l.2. 3.11: "Alikamlo" fl. Doius XX'.fxi.'iiak Dollon. Business. l.atin Club 2: Chorus fl. -11 Ala- tlrigal fl. sl: Girls Glec Club 11 Girls Choir 2: "AIikatlo" fl. Page 137 Page 138 Dox.u.n Wuz Honicwoocl. Business. XIYRXYK XVARID South Holland, Academic. Girls Club l. 2, 4 T pins l, 25 Spanish Club 2. 35 Honieinakin Club I, 2. jitiuu' W. YVASHBURNLL Chicago. .Xcademicg Morgan Park Military Acad eniy l. 25 Orchestra fl. 4. Ruin-zlcr XV.'x'i'sox Harvey. General. lfenger 2. fl. S1iiRi.lcY XVICAYIZR Harxey, General. Girls Club l. 2. 3. 4: Dad-Daugh ter banquet l, 2. 35 Stand-up l. 2: Camera Club 4 Home lic. Club olhcer 2. Ci.-XR'l'll XVl'1llS'l'ER Haricy. General. Boys Club l, 2. 4. DI-Lxxis li, XVELCH Harxcy. .Xcadeinio Hall Guarcl oflicer 3: Com inantler-in-chief 45 Spanish Club 2, 35 News paper Stall 45 Boys Glce Club l. 2. GI-IRAIDINIC Wiftczii Harvey. Business. Girls Club l. 2. fi. 45 Divisiol Chairman 25 Activity Point Connnission fig 'l' pin l. 25 junior Service .Xwarcl fl: Iilllll Club I5 Foot lighters lg Faculty assistant 'lg lypist fl. 'l. RICH.-XRD W1-ikxrtk Harxey. General. Hall Guard captain 35 Boys Glel Club 25 Latin Club 25 German Club 35 Boys Clul l 2 3 4 .xlDIil.lXlf Wiasxiik Harxey. General. KII' lforuin 2: Girls Club I. 2 45 Secretary of .Xtteuclance l. 2. 3: Girls Glee Clul 23 Girls Choir l. SYLrl,x XVICSOIXUYVSKI Dixinoor. Business. Girls Club l. 2. 3. 45 Counci 25 Division Chairman 45 Typist 45 Spanish Club 2 35 Council 25 Activity Point Conunission fl. xl un-'s XVli'l'x1oRE Harxey, Technical. Boys Club 1, 2, 3, 4. joax xvllli'I'S'l'0XF Markbani, Academic. Girls Club Council I5 Divi sion Chairman 25 Secretary of Attendance 2 Spanish Club 3, 45 Latin Club 25 Girls Glee Clul 25 Girls Choir 3, 4. Bigiun llvllllli Harvey glcaclemic. Girls Club l. 3. 45 'l' pins l. 2 German Club 3. 4: HIAC 3. 45 GAA 2. fl: XVelfarc committee 2, 45 Christmas Tag Day connnittee 4 jorczic xvllllli Harvey, General. Girls Club l, 2, 3. 45 Divisior Chairman 15 Swinnning Pageant 35 Pep Section 4 Swing Club 1, 2. 35 Future Hoineinakers l, 2 Bicycle Club 15 GAA fl. Biirrr XYIIITTED Hari ey. Business. .Xttenclecl 0'Banner High School New Madrid. Mo. GroRcmNN YVIES Hazel Crest, Academic. French Club 25 Spanisl' Club 45 Future Teacliers 3. 45 Library assistant 1. 2. 31 Girls Club 1.2. 3. 45 Council 35 'I' pins 1 25 Stand-up 2. PIlII.I.ll' XVIILIAMS Harvey, Technical. Boys Club l, 2, -15 Hall Guarcl 3, 4. ROBERT XAvII.I.lAAlSOY Rixertlale. .AL'2lllClllll'. Hi'C Club l. 2. fl. 4: ofhfer 2. 5. irruuiir AAvIl.I.AlAY 'linley Park. Trade. KIP Forum 33 lloys Club officer I3 Campus Patrol 23 Bus Guartl I. 2, 3. 'louicai' AA'ix1c:Kv Oak Forest, General. Boys Club l. 2. 3. 4. Joins XlvIXl'l"lCS Harvey. Business, Girls Club l. 2. fl. 4: Hi-C Club 23 Swing Club l. 2. 3: Bicycle Club lg lfaeultr assistant 41 Girls Glee Club l. 2. 3. lrxri ufi it AA'ol.lf Oak Forest. Acarlemic. Class senate 2. 43 Girls Club l. 2. El. 43 lfootlighters 43 Swing Club l, 3g KIP Forum lg Spanish Club l, 23 'I' pin l. i'Il-l.l-"Y lVOI.lfl" Lansing. Business. Girls Club l. 2. fl. 43 Division Chairman Al. AIARYIN li. XA'o1.ii1k Matteson. lrarle. Boys Club 2. fl. 4. Nfoium AA'oous Homewooml. General. Girls Club l. 2. 3. 43 GAA 2. 3. -lg Relreslnnent Crew 3. 4: lfootlighters 42 Purple 'l' autl numerals 43 rl-Ul'l'll pin Il. 43 Spanf ish Club l3 "Young April" 4. ll'Nli xA'U0llS'lRl 1' Nlicllothian. General. Girls Club l. fl. 43 Bantl 2 'l 4 Lois lAv00l..ARl7 Harvey. Aczuleiilir. lrikkx' XA'oiuu Hazelrrest, lracle. NIARY XAY0l'I.IfIi Harvey, .'AC2lllCllllC'. Girls Club l. 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 2. 33 GAA l. 2. 3. 4g Mother-Daughter ban- quet 2, 3. 43 Dad-Daughter banquet l. 3, 43 Fresh- man Stand-up 1.23 Orchestra 13 Girls Glec Club 2: Girls Choir 3. EDWIN XVRII-Il'l' Flossluoor. Aracleinic. National Honor Society 3, 113 President 4: Honor Roll l. 2. fl. 43 Purple X l. 2. 3. 43 Chorus 2. 3, 43 Pierian Club 2. 3, 43 Latin Club oflicer 33 "Young April" 43 I.cttermen's Club 1.2. 3.43 Tennis 1.33 'lrack l, 2, 3. llVAI.'l ri: XVRUIHICI, l Harvey. lracle. lHi-'LENA XVYNIA Phoenix. Business. Girls Club I. 2, -'13 Faculty . assistant El, fl. Dlxo Xi-'xnxx i Harxei. .AC2lllCllllK'. Hall Guarcl ullicer -l: Camera Club ofliac-r '13 Baseball 2. Il. 4. Jan rs NI. Y.-x I i-is Harxcv. Ataclemit, Attentlenl Winchester Central High. iAA'iin'liester. lenn. Boys Club 3, 43 Spanish Club 43 Camera Club 4. RIlIllfAlill Yost' Hariey. Araclc-iuic'. Bows Club l. 2. 3. 43 Campus Patrol 23 Hall Guard 43 Spanish Club 2. 33 Coun- cil 3 E i Page 139 P11 ge 140 GLORIA XVALENGA Harvey, :XC2lilCllIll'. .Xtteniled Aquinas Girls School. French Club 33 Girls Club 3: Senior Play usher 3: I-'notligllters fl. Wll.l.I.u1 S. XVIKIKICRSIIAXI Harvey, .xC1lllCllllC. Boys Club lg Latin Club 2. 3: Football 3. l5u.L Youxm Hazel Crest, .xl'1lil1'llllL'. Bins Club l. 2: Bnsclmll letter 2. 3. -l. S'l-me ZAR Blue Islzuul. .xl'2lilClllli'. .Xttcndecl Sl. llonzuvcnturc. Mt. fl2lTllll'l. lg2lSCll2lll 4. Nl.xksu.u,1. ZAXIIICR lliorulon. lrzulc. l.ol'Is lurk 2- l . . V . l'lZll'V.'f'. lraulc. Hops Club 1.3. 3: llztll I-uzlril 2. fl. NANCY Zicusr Harvey. .XC'1lllClllll'. Mother-Dzulglrlor bztuquct 1. 2, 3. fl: Girls Club l. 2. 3. lg llllil-llklllgllllll' bun- quet 45 Stzunl-up lg Spanish Club 2. fi: Swing Club 1.2. lfu xxczlts lui-ztixmu Harvey. Business. Girls Club l. 2. IS. 43 Swing Club fl: Nlujorcllc 2. fi, 1: lfllfllllf' zlssisluul 2. -l: lwirl- ing Contest fl. Lu num 11-, .L limi: xllfllilllllilll. .luulclliiix National Honor Sucicty fl. 41 Honor Roll I: Ccrinzul Club 2. 3. -lg ollirer 3. 43 Council tlg filfflllllll Sc'l10lzn'sbip Contest E53 lfzutulty D I ussislztnt L. fl, lg C.1rlsl.lub l. L. fl. 3. ", 3 v-" ' ,ff 4.13 k .4 :fx ' "kk sa W b1- I A Q .W , ,1 l'L ,. , Q- R A re ,.. -f 7 .rf wi f . 44.17 4 5? .. ye , A , 9' K-5525?-iZ.V2:f1'iiwrfi - ,W K Qi, Y wi ' J, i A., f , wie: .+4"'l' V llgf' 1 Page 142 The Juniot C7444 Last fall. a new junior rlass took oxer with pride. the added responsihilities of becoming upper elassmen. Thornton. both students and faculty, looked to the jttniors for new leaders. new ideas. and the class of lEl50 didn't disappoint 'l"l'HS. 'l'hey were quick to support their team in football. 'l'heir frosh-soph men were varsity' now, and they were good. The junior cheerleaders were right in there, leading the y'ietory' ery. 'l hey joined the hand. and the majorettes. and marched with pride in purple and white. lhe jttniors went all ottt for the Boys and Girls tlulm play: Those who t'ouldn't help with the actual protluttion Caine to watch Carol Soenksen. one of the leads. and their tlassmate. 'lhey' eletted Tom lriumph president and chose liud lilmore. Sid Smith. Pat Reagan. Phyllis Hansen. Carter Harrison. and Lorraine Pajak to assist him. 'l'hey' were proud to sity' that Mary' .Xnn Hunter, vine-president ofthe Girls Cluh. and 'l'om Triumph, vite-president of the Boys Club were juniors. Ilometotning rolled arottnd. and with it the Kll' danre. Six junior girls. the Sehmoey' Six laid 'em in the aisles with their hilarious singing and dancing. llefore long. it was Clhristtnas. The choral groups hegan to praetite those age old Clhristtnas carols. in preparation for the tlhristmas Concert. 'l'he Bladrigal lmoasted of live juniors in their singing group. and thorus and the glee rlulis lioasted of many' more. hjanuaryy and a new year. lmegan. U'ith it came the .junior-Senior party. 'lihe junior rlass helped plan and put oyer their dance. and took part in the entertainment. llie lmasketlmall season was underway, and 'I-hornton's team had a new mentlier. .junior "Big Sidl' Smith. lfelwrttary' lmrought hearts and llowers. and the Yalentinc-'s day' dance, lhe Harvey lloolers. aided lmy their junior ntenilter. Ginny Haas. dantetl. Xlarrh lmrought the hig moment for junior girls, the choosing of the May' Queen Court. During ,-Xpril. next year's programs were made out. and the .junior rlass realized that they' were almost seniors. that their third year at 'lihornton was altuest over. when it seetned as though it had just liegun. ,Xnd now. quite suddenly. it's june. lfinals are over. the leading -juniors have been elected to the Na- tional Ilonor Soeiely. and the -junior elass looks ahead to next year, their last year at lhornton. with a feeling ol pride and apprehension. l'll71l0T Senate Ron' I: .lean Prim. Betty' Kesseyy Linda Choate. Doris King. ,lainie XVilkes. Ron' ll: liarlmara Sehmidt. Ronald Bullok. Nlarie jansseu. Margie Krause. -jim fiCI'0CllIllOS. Ron' Ill: Gerald Yrshek. Harry' Ltnnlmert. Richard Boudreau. Ronald Evers. Russell Langenderler. -joe SZLICPZI kiewicl. Holm Miller. an -Q- W' ,. . 3 .,. l jf, 2 'W tsl f' Y f QL-an-x 4 George Abbott Doris jean Abney Harry Abrzihzun .luck Ahlstedt Robert Aclior lznues Adznn Nluureen Adauns Doris Albert joseph Albert Arlene Allen BIOZIII .Xltherr Tliornns .Xinsden .Xdeline .Xnderson Barbara Anderson Betty ,Xnderson Ben Angel Mike .Xrtyin Pzttrieiri Arvizi Norman .Xustgen David Austin Daniel Bztrhztrzt Daniel Banks Dolores Bner Curl Baker Lee Baker lilezinor Banks Robert Bzipt ist Fred Bzirtlit Gertrude l51lliglCl Robert Brtrnliill Nlzirjorie Barrett Ban'bzir:1 Bzirtolo I .oret tai Buyer jutlx Bet htel Burbziru Beisner Gerald Bell Bairbztrzi Belniore joseph Bel Chnrl Marlene Berles szinti es Bell Richard Bender Gerald Bendle Richard Bennett Hurry Bernhard Ronald Bestow joe Biczo Carol Blakemore Robert Bloinlie lililaibt-th Boarchuk Orztlee Bllllllllllllll Frank Bodzzi Leroy Boothe Roger Boo Allen Hillis Brznnstae Donrinit Bogdztnowiez Nanny Bonnenra Xztncy Boone the BUSlN'lt'lx Shirley Boswell Richard Boudreuu Horner Bowen dt .Xlire Brauer Altha Bridges Vlillllffl' Brooks JRIIIICS Brown Harold Blillggfjlllllll Samuel Brunner Ronald Brush Nlarit in Bruyn YVulter Brzoska jenn Bufhe Yvonne Buitlt l I Page 143 Page 144 Ronald Bullock Dorothy Bunch james Burke Norma Burke lVayne Burton joseph Bush Richard Burks Richard Bush Edwin Butler Rirhard Campbell Leatrice Caquelin Albert Calgaro Gerald Caress Marion Carlson Howard Cary Shirley Cary Marlene Carlson Arthur Caskey Barbara Chapman William Cheeseman Laura Chesi La Verne Charleston josephine Chmielewski Linda Choate Barbara Clark Marilyn Clark jean Christianson Nancy Clarke Thomas Clark Norman Cole Roy Dan Cole Glenn Cogswell Christine Coleman Anita Arliene Cotton Cloria Couillard Conrad lfred Cont ery lVilliam Courtney Marvin Coyner john Crarens -loyee Creps ,lean Craig Lynn Cummings YVilliam Cupp Barbara Czarniecki Stanley Czech Lucille Czyl Chester Czajltowski Darlene Dahlman Ann Davis Fred Davis Doreen Dandnrand Richard Dayney Edna Dean Thomas Dcjanovich Dorothy De Kok er Geraldine Dejanovich Phillip Del Nagro Yvonne De Marche Veronica Derun tz Gilbert De Vries Doris De Young Nick Dileo Allen Dolplx Bernartline Dryja Mary Dusehen Robert Dolph George Dussault Betty Dwyer Richarcl licker George Eckwall Richard Dwy er Clair Ehrhardt Aniolette Eipper JO?-xxllll Eisele Arlene Elbers james Ellis Marilyn Eipper Sally rims Russell Elton Donald Esker joan Evans Elbert Elmore Dayid Evely l,orraine lferkan lirlwartl Fetcho Nancy Fife Ronald Evers Marian lfinclrum Ronznlrl l'1iStlICl' Riclizird Fitsehen Betty Lon Finney Edwin Fleischer Nancy I-'oogde .Xllen Iforcl Floyd Fosnaugli Mark Foster james Foraker Albert lfox Dora Frazier Arthur lfrederiek lkarbara lfranz Maurice Frederick jean I-'rew lillllllll -lean Fnlsang Peter Gait-h Ronald lfrnehling Burton Gardiner james Gardiner XVZIIICI' Gai el Eleanor Gelfert .Xrlele Galltlliel' james Gerodinras Joan Gibson Nlarie Glaser Mary Glover Nlaryatni Gierszewski Marilyn Goetz Betty fi0ClllllgCIi Laura Goorlwine l Page 145 Page 146 Harry Gouwens Roger Gonwens Kenneth Granath Ellen Grant Joan Cray Ronald Green Earl Greer Juris Guild Larry Gresens Marie Griffin janet Gromvall Joseph Cunska lidniund Gurzynski Barbara 1'I2lllll2l7f' Charles Haigh Marilyn Hall Chloeann Hallam Faith Hallowell Dolores Hannnond Irene Hand Leonard Hannagan Lois Hansithniann Phyllis Hansen Randall Harhurk Charles Harmke Harriet Harris Joan Harris Bruce Harrison Carter Harrison Samuel Hart Grace Hartheld Roberta Harty Henry Heil lildred Havard Carolyn Hay Marjorie Hedger Beatrice Heinrich Bonnie Helfrich Agatha Herinan 7 Alfred Heron Marion Heron Rich ard Herrmann Richard Hiatt Clara Hillyer Barhara Hodges kloyce Hodgson Lee Holland Jean Hollingsworth Lois Hollstein joseph Holly Patsy Hopper Xvlllllllll Hopper Frank Horton james Howell Leonard Howell lidward Hradek Betty Hughes Jack Huish Theodore Huizenza Mary Ann Hunter 'l llOlllHS Hurson Carl Jacohitz Mildred James Theodore Jenkins James Jesk Paul Jankowski Marie Janssen Lorraine Jessup My ra Johnson Donald Johnson Lois Johnson Raymond Johnson Robert Johnson Donna Jones Mattie Jones Ra 'mond J urkowski l G wen Kagy' Anna May Kaufmann Betty Kessey Donald Keeling Beatrice Kentish Hamid Keurh Marilyn Kilhner Doris King Richard Kilhner Alan King Robert Kinsella June Kitchen Katherine Kleinfelder Marc-ella Kniaz M'illiarn Klemm Xvllllillll Koehler Carol Koehn Paula Koeper Elizabeth Kolb Helen Korniszewski Henry Kosters Harry Kot Elmer Kozora Marion Kowalk Edwin Kowalski Raymond Kramer Marguerite Krause Mary Kruse Edwin Kuh Mae Kroll Dorothy Krueger Lou Ellen Kuminelehne Caryl Ladwig Mary Jane Kwiatkowski Loretta Larh John Ladewig Jeannette Lamb Ronald Lang Doris Landers YVayne Landry Marilyn Lange Russell Langenderfer William Largent Dorothy' Latham Page 147 Page 148 Llclward Latham XYilliznn Lanrlcrback Oxna Learn Lois LCC Frank Legals Connie Lclincn XVarrcn Lemieux lirncsl Lcnkc Nancy Lcvcns Sylvia Lcwanclowski Ralpli Lindley Robert Lislcr Roy Lillcn Lowell Lirllc Peggy Lilllc Herman Llnyml lfrerl l.ol1nclnrf joan Lmnlmarrlo Anna Lollino Donna Lou XVilliam Lou Helen Lucas Shirley liuclmkc George l,LllI1lJCI'l Ronald Lyon Yirginia Maas Carol Lois Malone Lonis Carol Nlarck xl2il'2llllS0 Frances Nlacicjcwski Nlardcnc Mackey Loretta Madsen Nlangano Sam Nlangann William Nlaplc james Maplcsrlcn Dolores Markus Bonnie Marlow Anita Nlarqnarmll Don Marshall joan NIZIIICIIS lovcc Nlartin Richard lxlllfllll joan Masini Phyllis Nlassick Joann Blallllcws Don Xlaxwcll Norma NIc:Arlur Klcrtrnclc Nlrflliristian Patricia NlcFarlan1l LL-c Roy Nldiclicc joan Nlcfiinlcy Belly McGowan lidwin McGowan ,llll0II12lS XlcGnwan Ona Kay Nlcliinzic Ricliard Blc'KinLie Norma Mclklnllcn Carolyn McNally Bcity Nlcrli Donald Mech jznnes Meegnn HllI'illll Meeks llerhert Meisner jannes Meenzln lllfllllfll xlLTl1Ul'L'lNlx Georgia Mellelte Marilyn Meyer llzuifl Miller Yclorzx Meyer l5:l1'lmzlrn Miller Roherl Miller ll0W'2ll'll Minus Dolores G. Moore xvllllfllll Mitrhcll l':11ll Mons Dolores XY. Moore Mzlrilvn Moore liileen Mortensen 'Ioan Nllllllif I I Ross Morril Rohcrl Morris I hyllis Mllclryk l.z1 Yerne Nagel Keith NIlllllCl' ljtlllkllll Murphy Kenrzul Nelson Pznriciu Nelson Dolores Niellclcll William Nc-wlmrl Carol Nichols Rohm-rl Nilles -lean Xocthling llc-X erly Ohey Don Norfonl Elizzlhelll Irll Norton Dale Ollonnor liric Ohrvall ,ll7SClDll Onuk Charles Olson Hurolcl Ollholl' James Osborn ,lean l'llll1'llJCI'g P Nllllllilll lhxcxgzl Marilyn lzuu'lherg l'llK'2Ill0lgC Pllffgll Sllllllllfl Pzuygu Neil Padgett lfllllllllld Pukosz I.orrznne l'a1,yuk Dolores Pzljol' Bllfllllllil llillllliif lilsic Purenli Waller Paulsen Joann llllllygllfll Ylbflllil ll2lSSlllUl's' Melxin l'z1wlowski Mzn'gareL PZ1flllZISlCl' Herman l'ezn'son Kennelh l'e:n'son My f X lilly Page 149 v' . 741 l Page 150 George Perry lillen Peters john Peters Barbara Peterson james Phalen Doris Pickrell Martha Pierce Rohert Pierce june Pocldig Harold Porte Nlithael Poulos Charles Prentiss Glenn Price lfretlerie Rae jean Prim Charles Quinn Gary Ranieslxottorn XYayne Ramsey Ruth Ravesloot Pat Reagan Dorothv Reed Phyllis Reich Billy Renney Ruth Rihant Virgini Ray Rentner Glenn Retzlaff lo a Rich Marilyn Rithmond Marilyn Riel Wilhert Rieches Milton Rietveltl velcl George Rifakes Chris Rigoni 1-lxelyn Robinson Rohert Robinson -leanne Roekrohr joan Rogers l"l'2llll'CS Ronlanik iinmy Rooney joan Rose Carol Rossing Geralil Rowe Justine Rowe Sy lvia Rzepa Harry Rugis Shirley Russell june Samuels Clarence Sander 'Ilheoclore Schaafsina Marlene Schaefer -Ioan Schavone Richard Schellhase Leonard Sfhilh Jeanette Schlegel Eugene Schniehl Barbara Schmidt Sandra Schmidt Charles Schmied Fred Sch uinacher Carl Segneri jean Segneri Carol Selle Elaine Senesac Thelma Simmons Rita Seniw Audrey Simer Kenneth Sisk Joan Slusser Gerald A, Smith Clara Snlaron Donald Smith Gerald P. Smith James C. Smith Mary' Smith James L. Smith Kay Smith Sidney Smith Delores Smits Robert Snuckel joseph Smuts james Snow Carol Soenksen Maletta Sommer Marie Spelde Eugene Sonsiadek Alfred Sorensen Frank Spolar Nancy Stallord Robert Stasiak Joyce Stampcr Vivian Stanfield Harriet Statton Dolores Steele .Xrvin Stege Reuben Steele Arlene Stege Viola Steinhauser Barbara Steinko Shirley Stolferahn Clare Stojak Doris Stevens Gay Stewart Charlotte Stonestreet Linda Swansey Delores Strack Henry Strosinslci Dorothy Swanson Laurel Swanson john Swisher May Sweet Bob Swieringa Joe Szclepankiewiez Connie Taylor Marilyn Tienstra Rita Terkelson Fave Thomas ijaekie Tinberg Charles Tomky Sam Tornabene Loren Trepanier i i l l Page 151 N Page I5 AIQUIII Vlvlilllllllll Robert Vlhllfllllllll Agnes 'l.Nlll'Ilgl'Cll Hchnnth VIVWVRTIIIICYCI' Cernlml Umlrmrl joseph Ursilti Robert Yz1g11ieres Mz1r1I1a Yznnes NVilli:11n Va1nnle1'wz1Il xvilliillll Yun Denrsen Robert VZIII Evra Ruthie Yun fjlnl Robert Ylllll Cordon Yeld Gloria XVHHIIIUS Vernon Vollmrerhl Robert Yollhrecllt Xvillilllll Yoss Cierzulrl Yrshek Roger XYZIHSU Billy svllil Cllzlrlene xvlilllltlf -lznnes Wzml Louis XVZIITCII :un XYRINSIICI' B2ll'I1lll'2l Walls NlllI'glll'Cl xY2lllS l.Ol'CIIZl XV:1y11e1' .xll'XLIlldCl' Wezuer NIZIVQZITCI Werling 'l In-reszn XVCSIICI' Rlilfilfll XYesoIowski Leslie XVl1ile Nllllfy XX'l1ile Shirley XYl1ite Louis xviCll'lf'Q'lxi Nlzurjorie XVil1ler blznnes XYiIkcs XZIIICHC XYilLes Jenn XVilliz1ms Rose xYilIi2llllS Rolmerta XYilling Dolores XViIson Mary .Io XYilson Guylene XViSCl1l1l!l joseph XYOjfiCc'l10wski Yirginial Xv0LiCiCC'll0H'Ski XYOINIH SIIC H'oIf l"1':1m'is XVolfe Betty Xyillllllfk .Ioan NVorc'csler Ifrzunk Wozniznk Carol XY1'igl1l George Xenirk I-lmlilll YHUSUII lirnesl Yepson XY:1llcr Yost Ric'l1z11'd Young Mary Zzlhler RilkllZll'il Xzlhler lielrncle leilengu Irene Xenere ,Xnlhony Zeppi Belly lersc Thomas Ziegler Robert fillllly Iirwin Zipse Ifred luroske Henry lych VIYIICTCSZI Zysk fi: xy-'Af SOIDIIOIIIOTK Smzale FVGSIZTIIIUL SGHIHE R0 Rf 'F' .--, A nun-.,.. 1' zz' I: Yarn Lu Cirzllf. Xlzlrilxn Slcpllcllsrm. B2ll'l?2ll'1l Burl. Dizinc B-1':1u'. Holm Cournlcy. Clnrnlyll Slrciglilif, Nanny Nlllllilll. Marge Kullwzlsscr. Row II: Mary 1.011 Sclnnirll. Rcnc XYcrnic'lxc. Rich Cnuclwin. Kzitliryn Kilc. Clzirulc xICCZll'lllf. Avis Ifricling. llonzilcl Ring. Dun llowc. Ron' III: Ricllzllxl Lincoln. L2ll'l'f' xxllflllllllll, lulmn l'0l'lCl'. Boll llClI'llSllllx. Xllnnc Nlzlsscx. .Xllcn lirickson. Rollzlncl Bcllizlrils. Alloc Yun Scliollwcll. Nlliync Dc Uciflllf. Rinllnml Huck. m' I: xllll'glll'Cl Srlnlrlzln. xlillf Slcwnrl. llurulliy Fcrlilcrscn. Ncllic Ylllllilllllll. lzinis Kloulc. lean Yan Koxcring. limi' II: Iovce Pals. Virginian Poirot. lack .BCIIIICIL ,IL'llHllC Nelson. Mary' l,2lIlL'I'S1lll. D0lnl'cS Dulpli. limi' III: Bula Helfrich. Phil Nlfkllllllf. Ken Wnlslru. Dun Henry. Dennis Hill. Slllllllff Archer. lfrcrml lfllflll. W wr C Abs. Page 153 Sojllzomores MRS. BENSON l'ifalon N1 limi' I: Shirley' Martin. Celeste Ruddy. Barbara MeDertnott, Barhara XVorla. Dorothy' Peters, Dorothy' GriH'itl1, Nancy' Miller, Dolores Browti. Lor- raine Bechtel. Ron' 2: Marguerite Stanton. Nladelyn Christopher, Marcia lwining. Dar- lene Miller, Elaine Lagestee. Shirley' Srlnnidt, Mary' Lou Schmidt. Shelley XVillard. Richard NVilkinsun. Michael -llIl'Cli. Him' fi: Richard Pyrl, Thomas Baptist. Henry blanks, jim Xlacari, lfrank Dyk- stra. XYilliam lahrockas, fillS hlacohs. Harold Carter, Rohert Kuyleendall, .jerry Reagan. Ham' 4: Rohert Andrews. Richard Ire- land. Harold Carson. .lark Guetl- inger. Robert lirll'ineyer. Louis 4Wiers- ina. Homer Burch, Dale Cole. jaines White. Fred Turner, MISS C1Rll'1iS l'i-mon I Hon' l: I: red Maxwell, Don Xlax. Nor- man Svrihner, Raymond XYendell. Kenneth Xhel, Robert Shelton. lilila- ht-th lloyd. lion' 2: Delores Bodie, Pat Drnse, Patritia Hundt. Pauline Deianoyieli, -Ioan Ries, Betty' H'hitted, Rohert Nlayerak, jean ML'Gehee. yluyce Fin- ney, Hou' fl: Margaret Dan, Marilyn Dering. blames Nlarshall. XYilliain Xyalter. Lharles Ames, james lkolantl. Ken llendle. Donald Cox, -loan Doinedion. lilinore lioersma. Hun' l: Daniel Bird. Rohert Berles. Donald Blan, Tlloinas liiety, Donald llunian. Richard Slark. lllllllll Sind- strom. Henry' Bettenhansen. john Healy. M ISS CRITICS I'i-taxon V Ron' l: Ruth Curtis. Mary' Ann Gzer- nilx. Mary' Alice Gattis, Charlene YanSoest. Andrea Noreen, Gladys Berk, Carole Kelley. yloyre Stahr. limi' 2: joan Borton. Geraldine XYCS- ulowski. Catherine Heesrhen. Lloyd likstrom, George Ring, lloh Court- ney. -limmie jacks. Dorothy' Kohlesky, Andrey' Springer. Hou' fl: Patricia Drefhall. Sandy' Samp- son. Kathy' McVey'. Dorothy' Paul. I-'rances Sell, Lorraine DeHaan. Shir- ley' Millican, Margot Mann, Donna Davis, Camilla Roheck. Ron' 4: Barrett XVelch. Bernard Gaqne- lin. George Fager, Ken Stapley, james Reichert. Clinton Allison. 'l'homas lillis. Roy' PCl0qlllll. Peter Judson, john Olthoff. Page 154 l Sopliomorres MISS GR1'l'IiS Pmton VIII limi' l: Mary Dal Santo, Marjorie Dar- rohn. Kirby Kleffmanu, Donald lfredriekson, Evelyn llaggs, Norman Bowers. liow 2: Mary Piotrowski, Violet Steele, Joyce Boswell, Barbara Klein, Jim Kunze, Marguerite Huizeuga, Marilyn Stephenson. Ron' fl: Joann Cheeseman. Barbara Burt. Rita Cain, lirda Claes, Bar- bara Powkauski, Patricia Jensen, Yiola Jersey. Row 4: Robert Jones, Albert Burton, Thomas Morey. Kenneth Perkins. Patil Jeflords, Charles Rawson, El- bert Mt'Kinney, Jack Ramsey. MISS DALY Pmuon II limi' l: Joan Grant. Garol Grenier, Donna Young. Ken McCarty, XVayne Glausner. Patricia Fields, Joyce leeter, Dorothy Dwyer, Gertrude 'l'oat'h. limit 2: Joanne Nazlitles. Gloria Grtmer, Mary Hauptman, George Maekiewitv. lidwin Mackiewirz, Dorothy Marshall, Norma Jean Fields. Agnes Zimmy, Arthur Schaper. Him' Il: Bill Regnier. Stanley Rlab. Don Howe. John M'eltmeyer. Alton San- ders. Del Linse, John Litko, Dave Caldwell, Clarence lysen, lilmer Smith. Hou' 4: Richard Hottk, Don lVormser, Eugene Anderson, Jack Stanysher, Bob Petruszak, YValIace C. Dralle, George Pitkovich. Rirhartl Lincoln, James Hafldan, Neil Speiser. MISS HENDERSON lllikltlll Ill Row l: Philip Mithalslti. Raymond Samuels. LeRoy Cooper. Robert De- Witt, Henry 'lNl'lClCIlllCI'g, Vernon Mt-ulelaar, Gloria Medley. Row fl: Louise Bower. Phyllis Wlise. liexerly limerick, Barbara lilie, Yelma Pearson. Charlotte Ketelboeter, Diane Meis. Mary LaPass. Row fl: James Belsanti. liugene Hloja lowici. Frances Malecki, Ricliaitil Goodwin. James Shinker. Chester Avillflllli, lValter Krueger, Farrell Lamb. Haw 4: Robert Meeks. Gordon Phillips. Xvillis DeYoung. lValter Sticgman. James McNulty, Floyd Kahsen, Ken- nilh Perrigo, James Kalman. Page 155 Soplzomores MRS. jON liS P1-ikloo VIII Ron' l: Yera LeGraff. joan I-Iedger. Barhara Hotik, Carole Nltflzirtliy, Loretta Hering, Barbara XVetmore. Ethel Groeneyeld. Row 2: Nancy jackson, Barhara Brug- geman, jean Mathieu, jenny Camp- hell. Nancy Hoglund, Barbara Brown, Ron' fl: Lillian NfacKiewicz, Yeronita Black. Loretta Killian, Kaliope Fetsis, joan Gainpl1ell.Betty Uericlder, Kath- leen Henson, Evelyn Loutsi. Carolyn Scott. Row ll: Gene Gersch, Sylvester jones, Harold jones, Robert Lively, Don- ald Guillaume, Don Pitts. George jordan, Rolmert Perry, Hickey Klan- gum, MISS Klf..X'l'lNG l'l-iluon IH Row l: Doris Hunt, jacquelyn Har- tinger, Doris R. Baldridge, George Marsh. Harold XVarren. .Xdalee Ham- lmrif, Yera NIt'Ghee. joyce Strosinski. Ram' 2: .Xileen Miller. Donna Allen. Laura Atlains, Theresa Benson, jac- queline Yeenstra, Lois Heath. Gath- erine Nl2ljSI1lk. Lorraine Slack. Osrar lilton. Row fl: Ruth Wurmnest. jessie Banks. Berdine Baker, Dolores Rehlierg. Rohert lfroelich, Tom XN'enzlall'. Cel- este Smith, Lois Heinlierg, joyce Staley, Howard Frank. Ron' 4: Rohert lilshnry. Lewis Schro- men, lilder Skelley, Don Raday. Bob Rietyeld. james English. Frank Yan Er. Gerald Lntternian. XVilliam lu- viak, Grate Yan Dyke. MR, MIIILASH PICRIOD I Row l: Nlaryin Compton, Don Trkula. Don Arthur, jim McGrath, john O'Hara. james De Graff, jim Steph- anis. Larry Kellogg, Huyhert Owen, Boh Massey. Row 2: Don Honts. Sylester Salamone, Beverly Becker, Phyllis Rigoni, janet Patterson. Doris Robertson, Amy XVilliams. ,Xlice Reese, XVrohel Mitch- ell. Arthur Nlartin. Ron' fl: Ray Brown, Fred Krikzm, Charles Ramsay, Hugh Ross. Morris Swieringa, Dennis Lyhe, Boh lively, Leslie jennings, Donald Ring. lid- ward Morganelli. Ron' 4: Richard Kelley, Pete Gasano. john Groogan, George Rohde, Carl Smith, Richard XVest, Floyd Shipe. Sheldon Kaiser, james Fine-hum, Bol: Lumley. Page 156 .qs ,wr W mu- . 3'-' f 'N .196 It 'Q 1 Q 0 N0 N-P S0f1fIO77lU7'6S MR. NIIDLASH Punron V Ron' l: Dawn Waller. Kave Nercbe. Judith Ried. lvlllllil Oates. joanne Liniestall. Lolita Lawrenee. Helen Newby, Patricia Kane. Ron' 2: Norma Flaws. Donna XValler, Dolores Shower. Lydia Licka, Bar- bara Nargis. Norma llirusb, liva Nlusson. Georgine I.eeson. Nou' 3: Marlyce Olsen, Grace Kanry- kowski. Helen Onak. lira Mullin, Geraldine Lenox. Mary Goddard, Helen Hodge. janet XVagner. Carolyn Streightif. Hoa' l: Dean Love, 'llionias Curran, George Rifakes. Cyril Heselton. Orleu Xvlllfillgllllf. Robert Dalton, Roger Rains. Ralph XYillia111s, Joe Holnuluest. MR. NIIDLASII Pmuon YI limi' l: Iolrn Slater. William True. Rov Sllllllll. Rirbard Clreafb. Leonard lillul. Floxd Swanson, Charles Sheebv, l'IllgCl'2llll Lreatb. Rua' 2: Gerald Yan Klex. Robert Yan kley. Louis Nlikrut. joan Gay. Dolores Szudy. Mary .Xnn I-ileece. Bretta Hanner, Betty Heil, Joanne Yan Dyke. lillen Vander XVoude. Le Roy Diebel. Rua' fl: John Porter. Gbarles I,aster. Leonard Bohannon. Richard Kry- gowski, Jack Franks. Donald Born, Frank Rotefk. .Xlfred Gibbs, Robert Garter. Ronald Furry. Rua' 4: lhoinas Mitchell. Norbert llorys. Harold Bailey. Peter Yura- soxirh, Maurice lfernandez, jack Gocbran. Gene Fonts. Carl Kubisak, Ralph 'l'borntou. John Cunniff, Richard DeWitt. NIISS NELSON Pigklon Y Rua' l: Mary O'Krula. .Xnn Rowley. Gloria Panollo. Nlarvin Carlson. Ilaxid Gall. Ronald Nlunson, Stanley Her. lion' 2: Anne l'asek, Cecilia Aguilar, Nlary Lou Stexens. Hattie Gottrell, Doris Dorsey. Clara Bowen. Chris- tine Brown. Betty jean Petruszak. Row fi: Ronald Tatgenborst. Freddie Wade. Stan Seagle, Ronald Nlcflartlry, Sbirley Karis. Margaret HlllIllIlCl. Grate Andre. Mary Albrecht, Mary -lane Ferrari. Mary Ann Orr. lion' 4: XVayne De Grall. Richard lixans. Xvlllllllll Butrhart, Donald Oltboff, Kirby Klelbnann. Harold Kreis. Robert Abels. Dennis Nloe. George Carlin. Page 15, l 1 Soplzomores MISS PEIRGIC Pl-IRIUID I Row 1: Diane Braly. Mary Ellison. joan Clary, Phyllis Crowder, Marilyn Glemenl, Lorraine Bieleeki, Belly jean Daxis. Carole Dehnert. Hou' 2: Barham Lanrlerhack. Agnes xlfl,l1CI'S0ll. Marian Boyer, liileen Skiscim, Genevieve Goslello, Nancy MacCullongh, Shirley Boswell, Sylvia Clem, Angeline Acquziviva. limi' 3: Rirhard Ellison. john Slioll. XYaller Phelps, Hallie Mae Sehnhert, Isohel Thonison, Caryl Devore, Aud- rey -Ionris, Donald Gappel, Kenneth Slnilh. Row 4: Donald .-XI'ICl'lDlll'll. Irwin Fah- len, Ronald Crane, Laurence john- son, Rolland Belhards. .Xllen Bradley, Theodore xli'l,2ll1lL'l,ll2l1'0llll'llRSlIA0lIl, Charles Glark. MISS Plill-llll-I llliklllll Ylll lion: l: Ruth l,0I'llVllUll. J2llllllL'lyl1 Harlinger. Nlary Ami Pernal. Arrola Pickett. Xlalxin Kaspnlis. Lorraine llielerki. ,lanies Bannon. 2 .. .. , Row L: Pllllilflil Bfllllllflll. .loan luck- ell, Marilyn XN'inslJel'g, George Gaich. Dorothy Nlalk. Maxine Pridlly. Lo- rella Haynes. limi' fl: Ralph Brown. Alznnes laylor, lloward Nliller. Louis Nadrolowski. Rirhard Nlanlz, iloseph Nlurpliy. Anthony liasile. Huw 4: Leslie Lang, Richard Knrners. George Slullenroth, jack Haney, Roy Fuqua. XYillian1 johnson, Arlhnr Xliiglil. ljllllllllll' Clellini. Jack Short, MISS POOLE Piciuon I1 Ron' l: Jane cyfiflflllllll. Lucy Valpen- llesla. Alice Schaalsnia, Catherine Arxeson. liarhara Giese, Pinkie Hooks, Grale Hullig, Lorraine -jen- nings. Rua' 2: Joan Pc-kan. -loan Hock. Jeanne lillenherger. Kathleen liaken, Phyllis Hunt, Harriet Shigley, Rosanna lVil' Iiains, Joyce Harper, Rose Senesae. Rua' 3: john -laBaay. Philip Orlegel. Bert jelerel. l.awrenl'e Olson, .john Noel, George Thies. john jones, Helen Sehisewski. Carolyn Van Drnnen. lime Al: Dean Conner. Jerry Ifreeh. -loe Yan Slhonwen. Larry Ahralialn. Dave Olfe. lValter Gray. Allen Erick- son. Kent Hellielcl, Keith Payne, XVil- lialn Sandvos. Page 158 474' S012 fi om ores MISS POOLE PLRIOD IV Rau' I: Thomas Pew. james Zulfer, Michael XVOjlCl1lli, Lois Padley, Patsy Mons. Theodore Aryia. lhoinas Harneil. limi' 2: Ruth Marlowe. Carolyn Frazer. Ronald Hollingsworth. led De Grall, John Halas, Walter Cottrell, Teddy' lily. George Sommer. Rua' fl: Allen Irving, Stanley Morris, Gerald IVoull'e. Harris De Young. blames Hendry. john Swanson. Ferry Mrl.aren, Charles Gurganus. jim Rhind. MISS POOLE Pikiorx YII limi' l: lheresa Heder. Carole Harms, Dorothy' Kroll. LaDonna Siddons, Aloyce Nlencl, Louise Bell. .Xrlene De- Young. Rua' 2: Henry Mae lilla, Virginia Sev- cik, Mildred Tucker, Marilyn XVard, Geraldine YYasilx, Mildred Mess- niaker. Raymond Swanson. Richard Granath. limi' fl: Irene Baron, Elaine Malerky. june Wiedenholt. Gayle Harding. I'ony Gerekwicki, Charles Bundy, Beverly Klinkhammer, Eleanor Tora- hene. limi' 'lz Henry Fitchhorn, Yince Mango, Ralph Allidi. Billy XIeGullin, Eugene Wirtz, Charles Kilburn, XYilliam Bayer, Bob Stamm, Adelhert XVat- kins. Posey Bridges. NIISS RXGLIN Pi-ikiou III Razr' l: Nlargaret Barber. Nancy lillis, Sue Grosyenor, Betty' fiOl'SOl1, Jean Crawlord, Marilyn Spelde, Mary .Xml Norman. Joyce 'I'ychewic'1. Hou' 2: Pat Podgorny. .loan Hedtke, Ruthe Brenner. lheresa Pluta. Ron- ald ylohnson, john Mason, Gloria Lyharger, Jeanette Nllidi, Betty Mur- ray. Rua' El: Kathryn Nix. Dolores Fitsrhen, Jacqueline Gondaker, Avis Frieling, Donald Mentzer, Gerald XYilnaet, Ralph Haworth. Geraldine Leulher. Grace lialke. Carole Har- rison. Ron' sl: Richard Gocsel. Barry' Free- inan, Benny Xyhite. Neil Gile. Fred Tourtellotte. Graham Malcolin. Philip Roherls, qlaek Smith, Duane IVernirke. Boh Steele. Page 159 Soplzomores MISS RUSSELL PERIOD IV Row I: Jade Gardner, Marcia Meyer, Kenneth johnson, jack Kaberna, Bill Rutherford, Patricia Novotny, Ar- lene Paarlberg, Lois Booth. Row 2: Nancy Satnulowitz, Doris Rum' isek, Pat Stevens, Pat Lavigne, XVayne lithridge, Allen Springsteen, Bob Ifremder, Iidward Paske,joan Barnes. Row 3: Fredrick Bereher, Ronald Tinder, Vyto Golbin, Graham Bute, Donal Ore. Loretta Bastian, Iiula Gurganus, Delores Mackey, Loretta Rubinir, Dorothy Schreiber. How 4: Marvin YVells, Russell Gou- wens, XValter Danforth, Jerry Van Etten, Ken Groeneveld, Donald Goesel, Richard Breinigan, Richard Ergo, Tom Holmes, Raymond Goebel. MISS RUSSELL PERIOD VII Rom 1: Darlene Santas. Esther Siedal, Virlene Boflimann. Ruthann Berry, Vivian Brady, Pat Myers, Verle XVhite. Row 2: Carmella Fiore, Margaret Kalt- wasser, june Henkelmann, Jo Kessey, joyce Van Schouwen, Nancy Mof- fat, Carlene Stegenga, Ronald Black. Row 3: George Karney, Rene NVernieke, Benny Tremaroli, lidward 'l'ucker, Harlen Brown, Arwalt Kehle, Xvilliam Kesler, Lillian jones. Row 4: Owen Sodetz, Ronald Spiegel. Wlayne Massey, Richard Roberts. Arthur May, Robert Mazies, Nor- niand Paastth, John Routhier. XVar- ren Behm, Robert Barringer. Freshmen MRS. BENSON Pmuon II Row I: Pat Kerkhoven, Lynn McLaren, Cookie Brosseau, Jean Johnson, Shir- ley Iwinski, Dolores Harr, Margie XVelch, Dolores Dolph. Rua' 2: Clarita Schwertfeger, Georgia Roney, Marilyn Ray, Margaret Pow- ers, Kathleen Olsen, Marion Steg- bauer, Carol Beales, Ruth Ifetrtho. Iiow 3: Arlene Ring, Barbara Swanson, Betty IVard, Janice Mayer, Marie Van Keppel, Virginia Poirot, Lynn Souerbry, Lynn Pivour. Row 4: Dorothy Hanna, Donald Gran- ath, Ralph Petit, john Murray, Art Damiani, Donald Christianson, NVal- ter MeArtor, William Hicks, Robert Clark, Geraldine Babcock. Page 160 Freshmen MRS. BENSON PERIOD V Row l: Anna Belle De Groate, Shirley Hay, Mary Stewart, Alice Ginther, Thomas Yadron, Elaine Peerbolte, jo Ann Knarr, Violet Mrzlack. Row 2: Iona Nash, Bernis Van Drunen, Diane Soekman, Albert Chamberlain, Norman Swenson, Donald Feddersen, John Gain, Harry Koustik. Row 3: Lawrence Leoni, Bruce Barker, Graham Duffield, Leonard Walberg, Emanuel Katten. Nyle Bishel, Stanley Archer. Ken Cummings, Frank Rhein. MISS CRITES PERIOD IV Row l: Martin XVQIISOD. Joann Keeling, Evelyn Nolan. Ruth Ross, Myra McGowan, jean lhrun, Harry Haw- kins. Row 2: john Ber. joe Logsdon, Phyllis Boersma, Dolores Boyko, Myrna Pip- pin, Anthony Zielinski, Dick Grzan. Row 3: Elaine Haack. Edith Lewis, Raymond YViersn1a, Marvin Mossell, joe Kaczkowski, Robert Zeilenga, Mary Benson, Nancy jerz. Row 4: Donald Fair, Arthur Zmeico. David Lyons, John DeV0s, Mfilliam jones, john Nickols. Henry Anker, William Paarlberg, Bob Ladwig. MISS CRITES PERIOD YII Row 1: Joe De Simini, Don Krabbe, Norma Leidinger, Susan Paarlberg, Pat Schultz, Geraldine Kramer, Lor- abel Schmidt. Row 2: Pat Annen. Geraldine John- ston, Dawn Anderson, Elmer Yan Drunen, jim Grabe, Donald Beneke, Le Roy Mcssmaker. Row 3: Charlotte Moss, joan Hatley, Mary Patterson, Alice Fischer, Mickey Holrns. IVilliarr1 Holleman, janet Vollrner, Bette Lou Pattison. Row 4: Patrick Bowlds, -lim Cleveland, Garry Bul1ard,james Schrader, David Brim, Dale Moody. Michael Wvidrnan, Edmund Stanwick, Le Roy Anderson. Page 161 Freslzmen MISS DALY Ptiklon I Row l: Dorothy Diekman. Phyllis Crabtree, Elbert XVessman, Roy john- son, Shirley Yan Drunen, joyce Stuehe, Lorraine Paske, Ron' 2: Patricia Baker, Gloria Crybow- ski, Adeline Demayo, Dorothy Knowles, Sylvia Pryzhysz, Chrystine Litham, Ruby Leidinger, Patricia Hylen. Rau' 3: Gerald Hartman, Mark Ram- sey, Ronald Hanschman, Melvin Pat- terson, Ronnie XVolf, 'l'om Stubbs, Richard Anderson, XValter Smith. Rau' 4: Everett Fraser, Kevin O'Leary, Bruce Ferguson, Jack Nelson, Albert Johnson, Joseph Chisholm, john Cress, Richard Fowler. 'lhomas Hun- gate. MISS DALY l'1cklob Yll Ilan: l: jerry Slater. Mlilliam Hopman, Shirley Martin. Pat Ryan, Barclay Smith, Rosemary Biesen, joanu Houts, Jack Talen. Ron' 2: Merle Funk, Robert Fabrie, Albert Swanson. XYyatt Huoh, Cora Sypult, Emily Kroutsak, jean Graves, Shirley Ann Mulder. Row fl: Verline Smith. Patricia Mahin, jean Wilke, Barbara Snyder, Ruth Schnering, Arthur Coxon, john Broomhead. Ervin Stoll. james Black. Rna' 4: jerry Fifer, Archie Banncrman. Frank Stojak, john Mlagner, David Banks, Dread Pearson, Charles Free- hauf, YVilliam Baggs, Louis De Young. MISS DALY Pi-Qklon YIII Row l: Gertrude Sarauskis, Jeannette Stricker, Nola Bruggeman. Marilyn Hamilton. Phyllis lihlert. Muriel Vaughn, Barbara Ann Barnes, Frank Corski. Row 2: Shirley Hansen. julia Piotrow- ski, Virginia Venn, Flora Zimbrick, Edward Leinen, Carl Mleiss, Robert Bendle, Patricia Shigley. Row 3: Patil Boothe. Thomas Sponsler, Bill Livett, john Miller, Asher Elk- anah, Douglas Sanders, jerry Keller, David YVillis, M'altcr Schindler. Page 162 Fresh m en MISS HENDERSON PERIOD I Row l: Tom Zerse. Delores Renfro, jean Albers. Kay Shaffer, Ronald Lisburg, Cene Hand. Row 2: Patricia Crzadzinski, Carolyn Dohl, joann Healy, Naney Alden, Betty NValters, Annabelle Thomas, Anne Lau, Homer Sykes. Row 3: Marcia Churchill. joyce YVil- liams, Marlene Yan Kley, Barbara Pekarek, Dorothy jankowski. Clifford Peuvian. Phil Kimak. David Arndt. Row 4: Coldie Mlaters. Charlene Vaughn, Kenneth Coburn, john Unik, Paul Donald Hunt, Phil McKinzie, Mike Lonkar, Phyllis Peters, jean Kruger. MISS HENDERSON PERIOD YI Ron' l: Marilyn Strange. janet Mong, joyre Holl, Casmeria Moore. Carole Cullins. jeanne Nelson. Mildred Triebel. Ron' 2: Iflorente Mach, Betty Collett, ,Inna May Lotz. Virginia Parmely, Arlinc Evers, Elilabeth Dillon, Cath- erine Hastings. jean Bergman. Ron' fl: joanne Kysiak. Violet Hoekstra, Shirley Hoeksema, Carlene Nelson, Robert Mulder, XVarren Hester, I-'rederick Kolodiies, Calvin Heine, Harx ey Henderson. Row 4: Charles Crilhn, Gerrit Smits, Tom 'l'anis, Ken IVebster, Kenneth Ruhle. Louis Ruder. joe XVeis, Charles Samuels, Clinton Rose- bourgh. MISS KEATINC PERIOD I Roar l: james YanYuren. Alice DeYos. Rowene Molbeck, Bobbetta Miller, Patriria Parks, joan Frederick, Leon Haynes. Carnell Hadley. Ron' 2: Bruce Hauschild. Bruce Re- bernak, Earl Bishop, Esther jenter. Phyllis XVolf. Ethel Smith. Marilynn Lallierty, Bruno Crfadzinski. lfnw 3: Paul janson. Donald Kingsland, Donald Abbott. joe Henslee. Francis Sergott, Zelethia Rosebough, Virginia Robinson, Carol Lockhart, Betty Smith. Row Al: Harry IVarnaar. Donald Car- ston, Robert Kennedy, Bill Lembrke, XVillit: Tillman, joseph llorsello, Phillip Polilzoti, john Lloyd. Ral- eigh XVilson, Margarito Carreon. Page 163 Freshmen MISS KEATING Pukion Ylll Row 1: John O'Leary, Juliet Needles, Alleen Cook, John DeYoung, Charles Smith, Lois Frigo. Row 2: Bobby Pennavaria, Julia Bona- guro, Joan Young, John Perez, Joan Hames, Gail Crince, Nancy De Vore. Row 3: Josephine Latowski, Delores Nicholson, Arlene Ursitti, Alice Tromp, Dianne Frederick, Evelyn Taylor, Doris IVilliams, Theresa Kowalik. Row 4: Robert Bohlen, Levi Hender- son, Marvin Stilley, William Paris, Lenard Van Houten, Robert Young, Donald Pedigo, James Van Dom- melen. MR. MIDLASH PERIOD II Row l: Eugene Hulsey, Jenny Yan- ginder, Charlotte Tanis, Dorothy Selke, Lillian Schaefer, Helen Kubi- sak, Irene Shonts, Donald Thomas. Row 2: Justine Albert, Jean Duschen, Phyllis Slowik, Eugene Rzab, Lytle Norris, Jim Tompkins, John Patron- ik, Arthur Myers, Marcia Donovan. Row 3: Dorothy Bennett, Shirley Emb- ser, Nancy Bodry, Russell Vernon, WVillard Booth, Conrad Paarlberg, Joyce Kunkel, Joan Janicki, Mar- guerite Dillman. Row 4: Gail Peters, Peter Kaminski, YValter Swets, Bob Dudzik, Nick Kaltsas, Ronald Bonse, Ray Soren- sen, Albert Hughes, Charles Steele. MR. MIDLASH PERIOD IY Row l: Mary Ann Fouts, Beverly Ann Barlow, Clara Krause, Carole Stahr, Richard Sanaghan, Donald Rossow. Row 2: Sandra Simer, Richard Muraw- ski, XVayne Kartum, Carl Gorman, Carl Schinger, Judy Wakefield, Irene Shomo. Row 3: Donnaruth Spellman, Norma WVarnaar, Jacquelin Rouse, Dorothy XVandrey, Joan Steege, Madeline Bernhard, Rae Ann Noll. Row 4: James Shomo, Jacob Oud- shoorn, Charles Largent, Dale Ky- rouac, IValter Murphy, Robert Bibbs. Joe Leif. Joe Schultz. Page 164 Freshmen MR. OHLERT PERIOD III Row 1: Betty Lou Laster, Pat Gnaster, Betty Boettger, Everett Nicholson, Ralph lVard, Ernest Willf, Jeannette Yonilcs, Earlene Kitchen. Row 2: Florence Willson, Mary Smith, Josephine Dileo, Connie Koppers, Joanne Marlatt, Lawrence Marches- chi, Raymond Jones, George Steu- man, Chester Seruga. Row 3: Judy Tapper, Mary Casano, Jane Casano, Geraldine Parsetich, Nellie Yonkman, Dale Meller, Ed- ward Ryan, Kenneth Gouwens, Nel- son Yan Deursen. Row 4: lVilliam Malone, Clifford Peach, Kenneth Sparks, John Sunny, Norman Brown, Bill Egebrecht, Lar- ry FCIISICTIIIHIQCY, Jack Glauner, Jim- my Bachmann, George YVagner. MISS PIQIRCE PERIOD IV Row l: David Samulowitz, Carol Ras- mus, Marjorie Hartwell, Carol Emery, Darlene Voelker, Monica Nees, Pa- tricia Kaczmarski, Mary Ann Blooker. Hou' 2: Janice Sheffer, Jean Stindt, Carol Lyons, Joan Vollhrecht, Betty Sue Davis, Patricia Milligan, Miriam Becker, Jeanne Demarche, Bill Serne. Row 3: Richard Lybarger, Bob Hel- frich, Joseph Blair, George Maxwell, lVilliam Edwards, Donald Macander, Herbert Evert, James Bogan, Warren Conner, Richard Cullom. MISS PEIRCE PERIOD VII Row l: lVa1ter McFarland, Joan Ben- son, Joyce Sells, Barbara Sopp, Kath- erine Grugett, Eunice Messcrschmidt, David Grummitt. Row 2: Shirley Gcnoxese, Bill Cassa- day, Dick Schenkcnberger, Billy Hampton, XValter Zapchenk, Robert Danish, David Meyer. Row 3: Nila Gatewood, JoAnn Koester, Jean Sperry, Lois Altringer, Angela Gioconda, JoAnne Bragg, Joan Vis- ser, Margaret YVozniak. Row 4: Richard Ziegler, Robert Tri- umph. Jesse Walstra, Eugene Mulder, Harold Heavlin, Richard Macari, Ralph Patterson, Palle Larsen, Mel- win Foster. Page 165 Freshmen MISS POOLE Prinon III Row l: joyce Pals, Barbara McNair, Dianne Garrett, Idalee Pagel, Bette Milen, Mary Gitrnore, Leona Galiea, Phyllis IVojtezak. Row 2: Anntonetta DeVries, Andrey Eeyely, Virginia Kleckner. Dorothy .-Xnstin, Irene Parker, Lois Rtnnisek, I-Qyelyn Pacyga, joyee Millsap, Mary Stark. Row 3: Edith Bracken, Patricia Baeon, Joyce De Young, Janis Coale, Arlene jones, Betty Fritz. Joanne Yepsen, Shirley Gossrow, Dolores Sorrell. Ron' 4: Le Roy Montbriancl. Fred I-'urth, jack Mason, .Iznnes YYaigin, Stanley Zelek, Robert Oltholl. Robert Carroll, Berend Speltle, Richard IVeisbroeet, David Denison. MISS POOLE PERIOD V Row l: Donald Haderer, Delyin Clan- son, Janet Myers, Barbara Schulz, Audrey Schmidt. Shirley Goeekritz, Sylvia Haviland, Carol Steerc. Row 2: Norman Conner, Robert Pa- renti. DeVo11 Anderson, Carl Ander- son. Keith Johnson, joseph Gallina, Lee Clanstre, joseph Bondrean. Ron' fl: Leroy Perl, David Pelley, Al- bert Brandan, Don Henry. Francis Mech. Richard McI.anghlin. LeRoy Rosenberg, jack Bennett. Berwyn Bender. Row fl: Harman IVilltes, Henry Zeven- house, Evan Keltner, Jerold Foscliek, Larry Kvilliams, Alfred Hook, John Carroll, Kent Smay, Bob IVhite, Dick Carlson. MISS RXCLIN IIIIRIOD VIII Row l: Ethel McHenry. Mary Lon Reid, Beverly Stiegnian. .Ioyee Sinith. Betty Lallak, Joan De IVitt, Darlene Markee. Barbara Clark. Carole Setty, Llarnyn Seanion. 1 Row 2: Marilyn Green, Virginia Meln- tyrc, Beverly Hinze. Bill Stanley. Frank Stuart, Richard Schultz. Rich- ard Gray, Kenneth Taylor, IVayne Osborne, Patricia Eaken. Row fl: Thea Deupree, Patricia Day, Dorothy Fcddersen, Patricia Ellis, Ed- win Porter, Don Shaw. .loan Guilotte. Marjorie Hamner, Iileanor Heinl- inan, Kay Guilotte. Page 166 F1'eslzmen MISS RITSSELL PERIOD II Raw l: Kenneth Kcitlenjoanne Brown, Carolyn IVillis, Betty Grocneveld. Marlene Biek, Hazel Lishurg, James Bardie, Barbara Clift, Yalarae Bruga ger. Ron' 2: George Turngren, Ronald Hop- man. Kenneth YVeltmeyer, IVarren Paholik, Charles Hanks, joe Smith, Shirley 'I'renning, Janelle Downey, Rosalie Bowlds, Teddy Kaminski. Ron' 3: Betty Yondracek, Sue Sutton, Dorothy Sutton, Beverly Hiveley, Syl- yia Helms, Darlene Braun, Joan Bultema. Vivian Coulomhe, Eleanor Paul, Betty Harris. Rott' 4: Eddie Brignardello, .TRIIIICS Fox, james Lewis, Milan Grlma. Henry i Niemiec, Robert Buckner, Dominic gf-rw Ruflalo, Gene Bruggetnan, johnny Groeneyeld, james Campanile. MISS RUSSELL PIQRIOD YI Ifnzv l: Edward Simpson, Barbara Beal, Mary Churchill, Margeue Crain, Meryl KQOIIXVCIIS. Katherine Block, .475 Marlene I'l'1llCl1l-ill, Gladys Yuill. ,4 ,f Row 2: Peggy Seharlau, Mary Ann 'esq,. Pearson. Marcia Peeples, Oliver jer- X yis, Ronald Klusken, Georgette Hart- mann, Esther Kasdy, Agnes Hawrysio, Richard IVo0d. Rout' 3: Pat Gallagher, Paul Logan, Lowell Moss, Norman Jung, Phyllis jankowski, Karen Hellstrom, Patricia i Murnane, Vivian Gollier, Marion Borms, Gayle Goodin. Row 4: Rohert Brown, xvillllllll Roh- erts, Bill Hillemeyer, Stillman Good- man, Allan Rick, Horace Diamond, john Klein, M'illiam VanDyek, Du- ane Boutlreau. XYalter YVasko. MISS RUSSELL Pt-LRKUD VIII Row 1: Alice Tokarski, Peggy Porch, Geraldine Rinkema, Hlanda Smith, Anna Baity, Constance Clouillard, Eyelyn Doll, Sally Stolarek, Anita Flynn, Betty Ferguson. ' Row 2: Betty Thomas, Mary Jesk, Paul Lumhert, Mlayne Bush, Tom Burke, Melvin Adams, Archie Pack- ingham, john Binette, Arthur Horak, Robert Ifransen. How 3: LeRoy Bayer, James Kleekner, Roger Yan Dam. Orville Griilin, Charles Stzhara, john VanGennep, Bill Elliott, jerry Austgen, Philip U'arner. Gerald Stewart. Page 167 Freshmen MR. UMBAUGH PERIOD III Row 1: Nancy Franz, Joyce Hay, Alice Wiley, Nancy Lusscnhop, Joan Va- chon, Lail Lewis, janece Tippy. Row 2: Geraldine Winnie, Wanda Wells, Barbara Lenox, Byron Roden- burg, Wvalter Nowak, Carolyn Rag- usin, janet Bieber, Scott Seaton. Row 3: Nancy Vink, jean Van Kover- ing, Richard Zuziak, John Ewing, Edgar Trisler, Carson Carmichael, Beth Van Vorst, Edna Swanson. Row 4: Gerald Griflith, Richard White, David Gilman, William Crowley, Joseph LaPointe, john Ohlendorf, Brian Brechtel, Richard Easter, john Bartlit. SUMMER SCHOOL Row 1: jean Simon, Dorothy Hauter, Janie Livingston, Marlinde Thies, Darlene Tammen, Barbara Hamilton. Row 2: Charles Delmar, Margaret XVer- ling, George Stevens, John Saxby, Donald Helmich, Dolores Greco, George Xenick. Page 168 PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY DR. F. J. TAIURPHY, OST. 152 E. 155th St. Phone Harvey 799 DR. D. E. PALMER, CHIROPRACTOR 148 E. 154th St. Phone Harvey 114 DR. T. 0. CANTWELL 116 E. 154th St. Phone Harvey 546 DR. CHARLES B. ALEXANDER 112 E. 154th SI. Phone Harvey 66 DR. M. C. HIGGINS DR. E. W. SCOTT, ASSISTANT 15426 Center Ave., Phone Harvey 298 DR. A. R. ANDERSON SI ASST. 182 E. 154th St. Phone Harvey 122 DR. THEo. GIESE DR. HERBERT E. FISHER DR. L. E. RIANDERNACK 15305 Center Ave., Phone Harvey 4383 Lawyers NEIL E. VANDERDEEN 193 E. 154th St. Phone Harvey 1069 HENRY C. PIEL DWAIN D. MARSH 182 E. 154-th St. Phone Harvey 174 HARRY A. LAMRERT 165 E. 154th St. Phone Harvey 880 Accountants ARTHUR CHRISTIAN 15328 Center Ave., Phone Harvey 4679 FRANR P. Cowme T. T. H. S. '09 FRANK P. COWING, JR. T. T. H. S. '35 2005 Ridge Rd., Phone Homewood 600 RICHARD A. WISEMAN 172 E. 154th St. Phone Harvey 2475 Dentists DR. CLARENCE FOLKI-IRS 12952 S. Wvestern Phone Blue Island 797 Page 169 LUMBER BUILDING MATERIAL CHICAGO 81 IIIIIERDIILE LUMBER 00. COAL MILLWORK PAINT - ROOFING - HARDWARE "The Yard in Harvey with a Complete Stock" 15139 Center Phone Harvey 360, 361 251 TO THE SENIOR CLASS BARR FUNERAL HOME We appreciate your patronage and wish you the greatest of success in future undertakings. Richzlrcl G. Burr Fznzeml1Jirf'r'lur BASTAR'S JEWELRY STORE jeweler and Optometrifi ISEIFII Turlington .Xvenue IiA.XRX'EX'. IIAIAIXOIS 171 EL1Sf l54Ith Street HARVEY, ILLINOIS 251 Page 170 C. S. ARMINGTON Plumbing and Heating Contractor 15339 Center Avenue Phone Harvey 47 Q G-E ELECTRIC SINKS G-E DISPOSAL UNITS "The Home of Good Fuel" COLERICK COAL 81 FEED COMPANY Oiicez 132 East 154 Street Yard: 155 and Halsted Streets Telephones 224 and 194 E. A. COUTCHIE IDEAL MARKET Meats, Groceries, Fruits and Vegetables 15308 Center Avenue PHONE 41 if C on gratulati ous! CLASS OF '49 THE RAU STORE iff A. J. FREMOUW prim ter 0 COl11IllC1'l'I2lI Printing Publications Finc Stationery QUALITY and SERVICE 0 I5-121 1'5I'02lCI1k'2ly HARVEY, ILLINOIS ALICE WILKES Interior Det'01'az'o1' 101 E. 154th Street HARVEY, ILLINOIS Phone Hfzrrey 4580 Page 171 I fr I 1 W i I I 0g ulations y3 to the Class of1949 B 81 H RADIO AND TELEVISION SALES AND SERVICE 60 E. 154th St. TEL. 400 HARVEY, ILL. First in Television BLOOM ELECTRIC SERVICE Motor Tune-Up Ignition and Carburetor Service and Parts Valve Grinding - Willard and Autolite Batteries - Speedometer Service Brake Service LLOYD CLAUSON, Proprietor PHONE 950 15429 BROADWAY EAGLE COAL COMPANY TELEPHONE HARVEY 553 14630 Marshfield Avenue, Harvey, III. iff For God and Country HARVEY POST NO. 155 AMERICAN LEGION 'ik' Compliments of BEAR CAT STORES 83 E. 154th Street HARVEY, ILLINOIS THE BROADWAY AUTO SUPPLY 15301 Broadway HARVEY, ILLINOIS Phone Harvey 399 Page 172 DEFINITELY BETTER- Much easier to do your own hair with The new Feather Edge brush cut EXCLUSIVE BY MR. CHRIS Call Blue Island 3370 CHRIS HAIRSTYLING SALON 127th and INcstcrn THE CORRAL CAFE 12454 S. Hfcstern Ave. PHONE BLUE ISLXND 7005 GOOD FOOD lt's a treat to meet At ll good place to eat. Carry out service-n specialty CALUMET SPORTING GOODS 14526 Chicago St. PHONE DOLTON 1447 Everything for Sports and Photography FRED S. BRUND and SON 14200-02 CHICAGO RD. DOLTON, ILLINOIS Infanfs and ClJildren's Wear Ladies' Accessories Men's Accessories Household Hardware and Appliances Gift and Art Wares Greeting Cards Students line up for TB testing. Page 173 0 LARRY FAUL Oldsmobile Dealer Sales Service and Parts 192 E. 155th Street PHONE HARVEY 1009 6 TELEPHONE HARVEY 22 HARVEY AUTO SALES, INC. DeSoto and Plymouth 14719 So. Halsted St. HARVEY, ILLINOIS Factory trained mecliambs - Repair all makes PHONE HARVEY 1115 DALENBERCYS STORE FOR MEN Shoes and Men's Furnishings Made to Measure Suits For Men and Ladies "Royal" Tailors 15727 South Park Ave. South Holland, I11. P vi? ENTERPRISE Poffern Works 15330-32 Park Avenue EISNER PHONE HARVEY ik 1699 When You Want INSURANCE See FRANK R. EHMAN 15338 Broadway Avenue HARVEY, ILLINOIS Compliments of DE YOUNG 81 SONS FURNITURE CO. South Holland, Illinois PHONE HARVEY 37 Page 174 Save Your Sales Tax by Saving EAGLE STAMPS A Stamp with Every 105i Purchase Q THE EAGLE STORE 183 East 154th Street Phone 181 HARVEY, ILLINOIS HARVEY CHECKER CAB 2050-Checker 3008-Independent PHONES: 337-Yellow 106-Redtop A Complete Line ofS1Jorling Goods GEORGE'S SPORTS STORE 126 East 154th Street HARVEY, ILLINOIS GEO. KOTEFF, Prop. Phone Harvey 4253YV While af School Have Your Car Serviced af HANSEN'S SERVICE STATION 149th and Halsled Streets PHONE HARVEY 3473 HELEN 'S SHOP Hnrifeylr Fnfbion Center For junior! ' Miysey ' Women 141-143 E. 154th St. HARVEY 3500 Compliments of MARTIN GEIB Refrigeration Air Conditioning Sales and Service 15909 State Street, Riverdale PHONE RIVERDALE 287 Page 1 . '- N' N I 'x 1" Expert Fur Cleaning I and Repairing I 5 Q I rs Quality Dry Cleaning HIIEHSTHI-I CLEANING EU ik 15402 CENTER AVENUE Phone Harvey 1600 267 EAST 147th STREET Best Wishes Class of 1949 Mcn's and Boys' Vicar in thc Newest Fashions DAD AND LAD TOG SHOP 12947 South VVcstern BLUE ISLAND, ILL. Phone 7075 Closed Sundays IVANHOE TEXACO SERVICE 14200 Indiana Avenue Greusing Firestone Tires Washing and Accessories o F RISKE JEWELERS jewelry and Gifts 114 East 154th Street HARVEY, ILLINOIS 9 Page 176 'ik Compliments Of THE THOMSEN CLINIC if? THE SIGN OF GOOD REAL ESTATE Offered by Av 32:1 f-?,-T,-,N-,,--,?E-.?,,.N A I I 'L W PRINIJIVILLESIIU If JI If I 2 N . . . 7, Hgh X I ., E 1 - 'T yi! 111197, U: D , 'K I y , I 1957 mage Road ,ml a L A fo C HOMEWOOD, ILLINOIS Il al I -,di A Phone Homewood H00 CHICAGO OFFICE 2200 SOUTH UNION AVENUE CANAL 6-5854 G E R M A I N E Beauty LQ Lingvrio Shoppv I5-1-07 Center Avenue Opposite IEGFUPY 1'lIef.1fe Izuilfling TELEPHONE 903 o Personality Hair Cutting PETDIIIHPHI W,Hl'iHg PHONE DOLTON 244 HERZOG'S STORE FOR MEN 14149 Chicago Road DOLTON, ILLINOIS Page 177 H 60l'Yll0AI'l'l QI? fri of THE WHITINE IIIJHPUHATIIJN X JACOBS HARDWARE 232 W. 'I70th Street HAZEL CREST, ILLINOIS Complete Line of Hardware - Household Needs - Toys Pittsburgh Paints HARVEY 4538-J AIANSMAS BAKERY Quality Baked Goods South Holland, Ill. PHONE HARVEY -1423-H' DODGE PLYMOUTH K-A MOTORS Sales and Service 15307 Broadway Phone Har. 281 Best Wishes to Class of 1949 KLINE'S DEPARTMENT STORE Blue Island Illinois KAMPEN 8: GOUWENS Casio and Carry Grocery and Market 15738 South Park Avenue SOUTH HOLLAND, ILLINOIS ADAM C. KRANICH Blue Isfarzffy Leaffirzg jeweler 13035 S. Wfestcrn Avenue BLUE ISLAND, ILL. Phone B. I. 1075 Compliments of LINDELL'S Standard Service Lincoln and Park Avenues DOLTON, ILLINOIS MIDLOTHIAN PHARMACY HAROLD I-1 GRESIZNS, R. Im. THE RLZXALL STORE Phone: B. I. 3822 KIIDI.OiI'HI,XN. ILLINOIS Page 179 A spccdball team goes into action. SN UFFY'S OUTPOST 147th St. and Western Ave. 5 Try Our Pure Beefburgers E. L. SAUSAMAN Electrical Supplies Home and Factory Wiring 181 E. 154th St. HARVEY, lLuNols Students - Parents Shop at the SCOTT STORE HARVEY'S MOST INTERESTING Always the Earliest with the Latest STATE BANK OF BLUE ISLAND fir Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Page 180 IIUNGHI-ITUIJITIUNS . .. Tn Class nf '49 if ir ir DIXIE IIAIHY P VISIT A. L. TURNER The Store For Men Stetson Hats Manhattan Shirts-Sportswear McGregor Sports Wear Coopers ,Iockey PHONE: BLUE ISLAND 387 13008 S. WESTERN AVE. BLUE ISLAND ANTON STERKER TAlLoR sHoP Fine Tailoring Cleaning and Pressing 15405 Center Ave., Harvey TELEPHONE HARVEY 1372 Compliments of SUPERB BAKERY 3923 W. 147th St. MIDLOTHIAN B.I. 136 VAN 8. VAN APPLIANCES Hotpoint 0 Philco 0 Tappan 15700 South Park Avenue SOUTH HOLLAND, ILLINOIS Harvey 4632 ATTENTION! GIRL GRADUATES Consider What a Nursing Career Ojers Yon! 0 A vocation that is interesting and varied. 0 An opportunity to serve humanity. 0 Future security, stability and advancement. APPLICATIONS ARE STILL BEING RECEIVED For the 1949 Fall Class at SILVER CROSS SCHOOL OF NURSING Joliet, Illinois An Up-Io-dare Approved Srfoool Mtzinlfzined by a Prolemznt Non-Seflarian Hoxpiftfl Wfell-Qfmlijied In.r1rurlor.f . . . Well-Etylripped Cld.f.l'1'007ll.f Superior Lining Qzmrlerf WRITE TODAY for Application Blank and full information. Undergraduate students also are invited to write for information that will guide them in selecting the High School subjects that provide the best founda- tion for a professional nursing course. Address: Director, School of Nursing SILVER CROSS HOSPITAL JOLIET, ILLINOIS Remember- Your school days with SNAPSHOTS Complete Photographic Equipment and Supplies WATLAND BROS. CAMERA SHOPS BLUE ISLAND CHICAGO HEIGHTS KANKAKEE Homewood 5 3 5 WHITES' F LORIST Flower! by Telegraph All ozfer the world 2049 Ridge Road Homewood, Ill. Page 182 SOUTH HOLLAND TRUST 8: SAVINGS BANK 1911-1949 Safety Service Deposits insured FEDERAL DEPOSITS INSURANCE CORPORATION MAXIMUM INSURANCE FOR EACH DEPOSITOR, 55.000 SHOP AT SEARS IN BLUE ISLAND AND SAVE Coldspot Refrigerators Kenmore Washers Kenmore Stoves Silvertone Radios Allstate Tires and Tubes Homart Appliances Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back SEARS JAMES T. NVILKES 8: CO. Certified Public Acfounmnls 15309 Center Avenue HARVEY, ILLINOIS Gifts - zWeH'.s, II'omen's, Children,s Ready-to-IVenr - Dry Goods FINE CLEANING SERVICE VENNETTFS Town and Country Shop 159th and Central Park iXIZll'IiIl2lIlI PIIOHC 13103 S. WESTERN Open 'IIIICSLIZIFX VIAIIIIISCIZIY, and . I. 3375 BLUE ISLAND Saturday Evenings TEL. HARVEY 2401-J Page 183 KARIVIIILKORN SHIIP Home-made Candy and popvorn 0 Compliments of VELVA PETIT THE MAYFAIR For Feminine Fancies A Dress, A Coat, A Suit, or ,lust A Hankie IN BLUE ISLAND 12956 S. Western Ave. Open Friday Evenings IN CHICAGO: 1209 West 79th SI. Open Monday and Thursday Evenings PHONE DOIIION 1433 OLD TRAIL Cleaners and Dyers 14139 Chicago Road Dolton, Ill "Quality and Servire Gimranteedl' MILLERS SERVICE STATION 138th Street and Indiana Avenue RIVERDALE, ILLINOIS 9 High Pressure Greasing and Washing 30 Minute Battery Charging Guaranteed Philips Accessories PHONE INTEROCEAN 9590 Compliments of LITTLE jACK'S BAKERY BLUE ISLAND 263 "Say It With Fl0u'e1'.I" G. C. MILHAHN, Florin Dolton 938 15130 Lincoln Ave. DOLTON, ILLINOIS Page 184 Best Wishes from NELSON MFG. CO. I. W. OLIVER Sc Co. Ha1'vey's Oldest Drug Store 168 East 154th St. TELEPHONE HARVEY I Fountain Lzmflz M IDLOTHIAN BAKERY PHONE BLUE ISIAND 3485 3743 IVQSI 147th Street MIDLOTHIAN, ILLINOIS I KERR FUNERAL HOME 15335 Broadway HARVEY, ILLINOIS Phone 16 or 17 OLSON AND BROEK Realtors - Insurance - Builders 138 East 154th Street HARVEY, ILLINOIS For the best refreshments meet at NATOLPS SNACK SHOP Fountain Deluxe I Sandwiches of all kinds 64 E. 158th Street, Riverdale PHONE RIV. 7066 Page 185 SOUTH SUBURBAN SAFEWAY LINES, Inc. ik if HANSEN Cleaner and Dyer - COIIIIIHHIEIIIS of Blain Ugice 15014 Page Avenue. Harvey, Illinois Phone 1951 '11l"l1'1 1.G.A. B ,hO -f "U" ff" ISI law mm su-em 3743 147th St., Midlothian, Ill. HXRYMVQ ILLINOIS Blue Island 1462 F. Ifclsis, l'rr1priet0r Branch Uffil-e 275k E. 147th St., Harvey, Illinois Phouc Hllmv' A179 XVC DCUVC1 Harvey 4022 'A' Page 186 I ' " flu hukcr ll the wif. Show Giris Club Fun Nite. COMMUNITY DRUG STORE Prescriptions - Fountain 1956 Ridge Road HOMEWOOD, ILL. PHONE HOMEWOOD 318 WISHING WELL I-1127 LINCOLN AVE. DOLTON. ILLINOIS A Complete Variefy Slore The Frmmus jumbo Ice Cream Cones Xutimzs, General zVIe1'f,'l1amlise Candy and Pop EDYVARD and ALBERTA XVAISON, Props. Page IVIACIC CHEF Extends Congratulations to the CLASS III' 1949 AMERICAN STIIVE CIJIVIPANY 15600 C0l1lIl16I'CIElI Avenue HARVFY ILLINOIS Compliments of BLUE ISLAND-TINLEY PARK DAIRY INSIST ON TINLEY PARK MILK ir Bottled in Our Country Plant ir Phone Tinley Park 622 0 FRISKE IEWELERS jewelry and Gifts 114 East 154th Street HARVEY, ILLINOIS 0 FOSTER COAL COMPANY 14800 Loomis Avenue PHONE HARVEY 990 HARVEY, ILLINOIS FRANK PIAZZA 8. SONS Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Fruits and Vegetables PHONE HARVEY 81 'l'l6 E. 154th STREET Pag e 189 PUHRMANN 'S SERVICE STATION 17911 Dixie Highway Homewood, Illinois O GASOLINE REPAIRS SUNDRIES AND SUPPLIES O "THE DIPPERH MRS. F. HUDSON, Prop. Fmmmin Lunch 220 1VCst 170th Street HAIEI, CREST, ILLINOIS DIXIE BOWLING LANES, INC. Bowling - Billiards - Snack Bar Hours: 8 A.M. - 1 P.M. 18061 Dixie Highway HOMEWOOD 1308 F LOSSMOOR DELICATESSEN Delicious Home-made Pies and Cakes on Order 2608 Flossmoor Rd. FLOSSMOOR, ILL. PHONE 506M GOUWENS BROS. FARM SUPPLY Farm Implements Feed - Seed - Hay - Grain Paints - Hardware PHONE HARVEY 63 SOUTH HOLLAND LEYDEN CLEANERS Quality Cleaning Under New gwanagenlent 78 E. 137th St. Riverdale PHONE 26 PALS VARIETY STORE 15800 South Park SOUTH HOLLAND, ILLINOIS Page 190 'k Compliments Of PERFECTION GEAR ir COMPANY CompIimenfs of CITIES SERVICE - SERVICE STATION 147th and Indiana DOLTON EWWndl5ke HARDWARE AND PAINTS South Holland, Ill. PHONE HARVEY 684 PARKVIEW BOWLING LANES 216 West 138 Street IIIVERDALE, ILLINOIS Phone 1384 Compliments of a FRIEND Page I9 Comjlliments of R. H. HODGMAN Sclzool Bzzsses Through Tinley Park, Oak Forest, lllicllotlzian and Mark,ham i' XVE CH.-XRTIQR BUSES 'A' I'HoNIc: 141,171-1 IsI,IxND 4580 9 Congratulations from ROGERS IEWELERS 201 East 154th Street HARVEY, ILLINOIS 0 Convenient terms on Emerson Radio and Television Sets O Fountain Service Schlossers Ice Cream O Thornton News Agency Drug Sundries O 102 S. Williams St. THORNTON 3480 'k PHONE HARVEY 196 Wausau Lumber Coal Compau Home of Weyerhauser 4-Square Lumber South Holland, lllinois ir Page 192 Congratulations and Best Wishes I EL!-155 UP 1949 wil? THE BUD!-1 BUMP!-KNY Harvey, Illinois PEARSOINVS J C RIGONI SERVICE STA FION Body and Fender Work Nlnlfilgrzs Proclflcls - Tires 14212 G,-ang gf, Dglfonl Illinois Bnlterizfs - Acf'6.s'.s0rie.s' Phone Dalton 2470 412 1'IICE1I1OI' SL. IHORXION. III. l'l1onc 254051 REICH'S JEWELRY Watc'b Repair 14048 Lincoln Avenue DOLTON, ILLINOIS Transport Trailer Repairs The Rigoni Way ls Phe Right Way RINKEMA BROTHERS Grocery - Market Radio and Appliances Phone: Harvey 590 - 591 SOUTH HOLLAND, II.I.. P11 gc 194 liclwccn flalnfvs :ll il l'u1'p IL' X open Ilmlav. STEAK-n-SHAKE IIUNEHI-ITULATIUNS!! To all of '40ur Music Loving Friends" wi? Lvfs Make It a Happier "4-9" By Visiting the IHIHETTU TWINS MUSIC, CENTER Harvey - - Blue Island Compliments of IVIONTIHIIVIEIIY WARD AND CIIIVIPANY Blue Island, Ill. CERTIFIED SUPER MART FLOSSMOOR, ILL. Your Friendly Independent Grocer Compnmems of For All Occasions It's KURTZ ONE-STOP Station and Superior Service Garage HOMEWOOD, ILLINOIS For Smart Lunches CARRY-OUT SERVICE Special Attention, Wrappers, and Containers for This Service Page 195 C on gmtuloti ons to the class of '49 ik THE HARVEY TRIBUNE The leading newspaper in Thornton Township since 1890 ik PRINTING :: STATIONERY OFFICE SUPPLIES Page 196 l M if Ml' fe Teacher Assocuation THORNTON TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHQOL ff Q1 1 I AND IUNIOR COLLEGE yy, 32 -1.1, , 4 f . P H.: - A X 1 ., . Y , 5, f X .. '1'f11 1.1 ..1,, , Extends Greetings and Congratulations V Q ., fa - A to the Class of '49 M' ' in ' 1 ' 1 If 'Lf 1 , , 0 .1 f A1 FLOWERS Congratulations h For Every Occasion CLAQE to? 149 Corsages Our Specialty THE HARVEY FLORIST 15410 Page Avenue Phone Harvey 113 I-Iarr,fey's Prescription Drug Slore HERRICK PHARMACY 265 East 147th Street at Halsted PHONE HARVEY 1000 HARVEY, ILLINOIS Compliments of the SUGAR BOWL CANDY SHOP 212 E. 154th St. Harvey, Illinois Ice Cream Candy Sundries Compliments Of TREHARNE Sc WEISER 166 E. 154th St. HARVEY, ILLINOIS Page 197 I MW? iff! gf TO Mg iZZiZjfi2T54L" HIGH SCHOOL BOOK STORE Where All Th Buys Its Supplies 'A' GRADUATES WE SALUTE YOU! S ss in your future is Ik gs account . . . co tent Fft llbldy lh fk ldg fbly d Y pl H Y Harvey Federal Savings and loan Associalion 182 Eos! 'I541'h Sfreei - Telephone Harvey 2200 H y nr' l HHEETINHS, SENIUH5 Welcome tn THIJHNTUN .IUNIUH IIIILLEEE P5 91 CORDT FUNERAL HOME Colonial Funeral Home Homewood, Illinois R. H. GANSBERGEN featuring SVW Qualify Painfs 1560 STYLUX WALLPAPER 2040 Ridge Road HOMEWOOD, ILLINOIS HOMEWOOD BAKERY 2053 Ridge Road PHONE HOMEWOOD 52 We Specialize in Wedding Party, and Birthday Cakes ALBIN LARSON, Prop. Cormgex of Distinftion HOMEWOOD FLORIST 18064 Martin Ave. HOMEWOOD, ILLINOIS One blork Jouih of the bank Sperial pricef to .rtudenzf A. E. JOHNSON ELECTRIC COMPANY Est. 1924 Frigidaire Hoover Easy VVashcr Ironitc 1850 Ridge Road HOMEYVOOD 266 GEORGE M. MAY jeweler and Optometrist PHONE HOMEWOOD 2 Homewood, Illinois RIDGE FOOD MART 1744- Ridge Road HOMEWOOD, ILLINOIS We carry a full lim' of groceries, meats, fresh fruits, and vegetables HOMEWOOD PLUMBING COMPANY plumbing - healing PHONE HOMEWOOD 165 1748 Ridge Road Homewood, Illinois Page zoo Student clerks at the bookstore take care of all comets. COMMUNITY DRUG STORE "Prescription Dru g gist" 112 East 154th Street HARVEY, ILLINOIS Phone Harvey 606 HFilm, Cameras, and Informationw HARVEY CAMERA SHOP 15404 Turlington Avenue Congratulations to The Class of 1949 Homewood Royal Blue Store E. CITERSONKE, Proprietor 2057 Ridge Road HOMEWOOD, ILLINOIS CLASS OE 1949 Lots of Luck and Best WVishes, and Always Re- lnemher One of the Chief Necessities of a Good Appearance Is Good Clothing-XVell Tailored. Fitted, and Styled. You'l1-,Find Our Store the Right One for These Requirements. MARKS TOGGERY "Fashions for Men" 200 East 151th Street Telephone 630 Open Friday Evenings Page :oz Serving the Community Faithfully for Over 52 Years FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF BLUE ISLAND I N O Member Fed. Dep. Ins. Corp. I ' . Open Friday Evenings ior Your fl 1 ki nvenience I V MJ I I IJ -1 E' DJ. ly J 4 if 4' J , A 1 . MUN 5' 'W if' ' J '. . .PJ Q, gggzizgraful ons to the I Lt! I' I1 . l Y 1 JL IMMI, J X M or Cass I I fig., fx 2 iff' Q 'KQV " From ,I , , .T I 'IJ ,A-ff ANTHONY'S ROYAL BLUE AI HOMEWOOD BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Homewood, Illinois iff A good place to invest your money 9 "Buy Low Af High Low" 9 HIGH LOW FOOD STORE 115 W. 154Ih Street O HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES, INC Phone Harvey 1017 - 103-104 154th SI' Aulhorized Dealers FRIGIDAIRE AMERICAN KITCHEN ROPER A. O. SMITH STOKER RCA STROMBERG CARLSON CHALMER'S ZENITH WHITE STAR ASC MOOREXS DELICATESSEN Seafoods 1950 Ridge Road HOMEWOOD, ILLINOIS Phone 680 Page 202 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1949 ik WYMAN-GORDON COMPANY INGALL-SHEPARD DIVISION Harvey, Illinois ' " A ',. TI, " .,,. ,. " ,.,.A Z,j ,,.. Q ",, , " h, f ana X " " " Wxgwfeff s s QQR. Ki Kb dd d t t A S N5 5,uvh1u:N wi xo5'h gig-xN and 52359 ' owe' cmxxxoueu NR Q .,.,. A , , . . f f f 1 " 4 ' as 'E -ffi :'11' z 5z,:'2' e" i??fE"T2 .5 2 '-1:-:- 1' 2'I'3'?2Z.-' I'-.E -I" -.1-LE--1:4:iI:2-",-.CET" 5'E2-222. iii- F"51E2i?Eff ' ,f 'I?I' If", . 'ff'-r ff., 1 ,ers-sf-a-ar-':' .rs...r:, . - J,--b V- ' J V 'TZ'i . .." !"W' "4""' """""""" ' ' 11 25SIT:f:ff5:::Q:i3Z2f7:i:i:-112' 'iii-:-:-357:41 .3.g2,5 .g!gZg:g:::3:g:j,Lv 4.3. 1,5 if' 'f21re,- -' .gsEf1 g:g1.ii55i5?iS" ,gif'223E' 13, 'f' :'- I"'ff2555f175?1-4 565153 V ., . ET5'- 5 552 -" I.-': 3 :T .15 ,-:IEE-:-z 2154141 " - - 1 1. 5555 . t . . -I ,, , " i ' . 7 A g 2 K 5' ' J' b . 3 W w ' Y. X ' I .x 52 5 ! , fi: 'I :ef 1 tt - C, F- 2 Luncheons, Dinners, Late Snacks Private Rooms for Weddings, Banquets, and Parties The Place to Take Your Date 9 Beverly 8-4061 Closed Tuesdays Page 204 IIIL' nkllilllf l'iIII- ui IIIL Hut .ll lln' RIP IIIIIIIQIIIIIIIIIU 5. AI IME ROOFING COMPANY 15529 IIPXIIIQLIOII .-Ill Typvs of Roofing Johns Manville Asbehlos Siding All Shadef Cellohrivk Siding Cedar Shingle Siding .411 Wrlifk Guuruntefvrl ALFRED'S FLOWER SHOP 106 E. 154th Street Phone Harvey 2456 HARVEY, ILLINOIS Corsagex and Orchids KINNEY-HOOD PRINTING COMPANY Factory and Commercial Printing 'I3844 Lincoln Avenue DOLTON, ILLINOIS MI'RPIIY'S FOOD MARKET .IFRRYS MFATS ll W. Hlrh Sri-em IYANHIII1 Pllone Riverdale mos Pug f? 21: T. T. H. 5. IIAFETEHIA THE NATIONAL BANK OF HARVEY Your Home Bank Serves You Best Congratulations to the members of the class of 1949 We wish you continued success as you enter into new careers SAFE DEPOSIT VAULT Member of FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Telephones: Harvey 2010 and Homewood 257 THE DUTCH KITCHEN South Holland 4 Every meal served with one thought in mind: TO MAKE YOU WANT TO COME BACK FOR ANOTHER 4 FRED BRAUER, Prop. Page 206 BAUER MOTOR SALES Diamond T Trucks Sales 8. Service 12833 S. Western Ave. BLUE ISLAND, ILL. Phone Blue Island l700 "lt's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it." Insurance and Real Estate THOMAS A. GERLACH 15414 Turlington Avenue HARVEY, ILLINOIS Your Future Requires Careful Planning Property and Insurance Are Essentials HOLMES, YATES Sl CO. National Bank Building "Just Phone" Harvey 2400 HOMEWOOD SWEET SHOP Compliments of THE KNOTTY PINE SCHOOL STORE C. S. STOW Hardware - Paint - Glass A irplamv Models Seeds Phone 183 108 E. 154-th St. HARVEY, ILLINOIS MAYTAG UNIVERSAL WESTINGHOUSE TED'S RADIO 8. APPLIANCES Gas - Appliances - Electric Radio and Television Service TED PACHOLIK 20 E. 'l54lh Sfreel Phone Harvey 3062 Harvey, Illinois VAN'S FLOWER SHOP 84 GREENHOUSES sandwirhes homemade mndies, and "Ours is a Growing Business" we Cream Vermont and Gregory Streets l96l Ridge Road BLUE ISLAND, ILL. HOMEIVOOD Phone Blue Island 900 Page 20 0 Preferve 'tloe tremured memorzkf Of Gma'uatz'0n with zz fine photograph by RUUT STUI IIUS 228 South Wabash Avenue CHICAGO 9 Ph HA 7 5201 COHQPAFHQH iff of PERFECTIQNWQ 9 wif In "Young Apr11," thc glrl frxencls hear about tl I y Page 2 9 if I Egg sg? Q 976 fb ifigfgfdlzi I gj 1 ICE CREAM clusively At Thor to I V wnship High School Z The Food That Is Fun To Eat ACORD VENTILATING CAMERON-WALKER, INC COMPANY 1900 N. Milwaukee Avenue Lumber and Conshucrion CHICAGO 47, ILLINOIS , , 163rd and Cicero Avenue Ventilating oAK F RET LL. and 0 5 ' Air Conditioning Contractors ' Ph T IyP k2'I062211 O Page 2 mi at ,X M trjtgiffllf QQSL to produce beautiful, resultful prin whom welve been working closely for 4 bg Hoo! Mena . txcwb-W? C3s4..Sl6x..xM We're sticking our necks out.We claim to have the men, the machines and knowfhow ting. At our beck and call in this great metropolitan center are all manner of designers with years. A We know whom to call for your particular needs. We set our own type, make our own plates, assume complete responsibility. We have offset . . . we have letterpress. We can do any job . . . any part of any job. When can we get togeth D F KELLER COMPANY PRINTERS WITH IMAGINATION Chicago 12, Illinois, VAN BUREN 614030 or er ? Page 2 1 Wal Qaiils emily W VENTILATING REFRIGERATION E 1 bl h d 1918 EGUNOMY PLUMBING 81 HEATING COMPANY 'I308 South Pulaski Road CHICAGO 23, ILLINOIS O Contractors Engineers I POWER PIPING SANITATION 0 WM. ROLL BEVERAGE CO. Congratulations o Class of '49 2 IQ! 6 Friend of 2413 W. Canal Street J. C. PENNEY BLUE ISLAND. ILL. Phone Blue Island 2-I8 o Page 212 I 2559 , , N. 3 I I 5 een J Voting for lhc king and queen at the KII' Honlccoming. TEETER THE TYPEWRITER MAN 5108 Homan Avenue HAMMOND, IND. O Phone Sheffield 58,1- Compliments of CITIES SERVICE - Service Station 147th and Indiana Avenue U. C. BENNETT, Manager Phone Blue lslond 3205-06 General Repairing CLARKE - HULETT CHEVROLET COMPANY Sales and Service Towing Day and Night Genuine Chevrolet Parts CRAWFORD and 147th STREET MIDLOTHIAN, ILL. Page .I OHN'S MARKET 118 East 154th Street HARVEY, ILLINOIS 9 PHONE 437 4 GERMAINE Beanty and Lingerie Shoppe 15407 CENTER AVENUE Opporile The Harvey Theatre Building Phone Harvey 90 5 4 Personality Hair Cutting . . . Permanent Waving GREEN SHINGLE Fish, Chicken and Steak Dinners Sandwiches of All Kinds 159th fRoute 61 and Western Ave. HARVEY, ILLINOIS Phone Harvey 3315 4 Covers for the 1949 Thorntonite br S. K. SMITH COMPANY Chicago 9 Business Telephone Blue Island 1791 W. W. KOEHLER PAPER CO. Wholesale Wrapping Paper and Bags 2217-2227 GROVE STREET Blue Island, Illinois "Everybody Talks About Koehler" WATT 8. CARLSON Mason Contractors Phone Blue Island 712-Y-2 or Harvey 2824-W 15832 Loomis Avenue Harvey, Illinois Page 214 B. M. MOTORS, INC. jolwl Authorized Ford Dealer PHONE 1686 DOLTON, ILL. Roofing - Siding - Insulation J. F. CHANDLER ROOFING CO. 14526 chicago sr. DOLTON, ILL. Phone Harvey 773 CHICAGO FROZEN FOOD CO. 315 E. 117th St. CHICAGO 28, ILLINOIS 4 Enjoy Honor Tested Frosted Foods Compliments Of HARTMAN BAKERY 14130 Chicago St. DOLTON, ILLINOIS MOTIVE PARTS COMPANY OF AMERICA, INC. HARVEY Automotive Replacement Parts and Machine Shop Service LOUIS SHILLING, Manage 15248 Broadway PHONE HARVEY 2990-2991 4 COURTESY QUALITY SERVICE STANLEY'S SERVICE STATION 15001 Page Avenue HARVEY, ILLINOIS Phone Harvey 3405 STUDEBAKER Sales and Service TOM'S AUTO MASTERS 15303 S. Halsted St. PHONE HARVEY 675 Page 215 Telephone lnlerocean 9708 GARDINER'S HARDWARE Hardware, Tools, Cutlery, Paints, and Appliances Frigidaire - Bendix - Thor 13709 Leyden Avenue CHICAGO 27, ILLINOIS GREAT WESTERN PAINTS Roofing - Siding - Insulation Aluminum Storm-Screen Combination Aluminum Gutters Install Them Yourself 4 I EFFRIES ROOFING COMPANY 15324 Broadway HARVEY 4387 HOFFMAN ELECTRIC COMPANY Electrical Construction 9 2525 W. Van Buren St. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Telephone SEeley 3-0850 9 Service - Satisfaction For work And fun SERVI-CYCLE 100 miles to gallon GET A xml' YRYIT. iff gg- E, ,X no ut'I-Wifi ' I -lip' I ,of - I .Is Also SCHWINN BIKES - TAYLOR TRIKES KARL'S SERVI-CYCLE SALES 147th near Halsted Phone Har. 3654 "We Service Whal We Sell" Page 216 RIVERDHLE lllHlTE TRUCK SFILES, lllC Riverdale 27, Illinois 496 West T38th Street Transport Tires Trailer Recapping Rebuilding and Vulcanizing Repair Road Service I I Trucks Parts O O Service Accessories O O Bulk Gas Body and Fender Work FOR 50 YEARS THE GREATEST NAME IN TRUCKS Big machine shop. Page 217 ww M5766 s Qdiimw, MMM ZQJ WMMM Class nf 1949 we BLISS 8 LAUGHLIN, Im: Harvey, Illinois I Ti! Kgs' kd' 250' W 7f I You Too Will Become A Satisfied Customer 2 I If You Deal With The We GENERAL REALTY Sc INSURANCE Tel. Blue Island 5062 147th St. at Cicero Ave. MIDLOTHIAN, ILL. 4 GEO. GOECKRITZ AND Liao H. SENDER A o te FIRST TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK ol RIVEIIIIALE 1917 - 1949 Thirty-Iwo years of Safe Banking Compliments Of BREMEN TOWNSHIP REPUBLICAN CLUB MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL SYSTEM WALTER C. DOHL Deposits Insured by THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Washington, D. C. Committeeman Page 219 gf I MIM' In XII? I' """"""-""-"' 1 :Iv L-- ..--- -.-- --------- -- SPECIALIZED PLANNING AND ENGRAVING SERVICE FOR YEARBOOK STAFFS .. I I I .I Page :zo 'YI Buses unload in front of llie building. Compliments Of MAZZACAVALLIYS DELICATESSEN 14288 Lincoln Avenue Dolton, Illinois Compliments of BACHMANN FUNERAL HOME Daniel G. Bachmann, Dirertor 9 244 EAST 138th STREET Phone Interocean 9860 "Our Blended Co-Operation" Modern economic conditions demand thoughtful, careful planning so We endeavor to shape our co-operation to fit in with your planning. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN DOLTON Nlember Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Pag 62 wk 35.5 M Wt WM 'z uoowrcm rovvwsaio it Scimocic CQ.VlvlNAiZ'lilllvliW 1ff7i'i'l5f,l Gymnasium Building, Thornton Township High School, Harvey, Ill. 1 I BURNHAM 8c HAMMOND, INC. , I ARCHITECTS " Y 1 - 5 , I A l ' A lg . , "' ,J ' .1 , , Q . SON Sc SON, Inc. ' a 4 'df Co tr rs . ' , ' 1 ,E of I 0 ort i 5 enue, Chicago I e 2-6212 f ' t9 , PM Oth State llinois Construction Projects Completed W Under the Supervision of C. Herrick Hammond, State Supervising Architect Farm Dormitory Building, Pontiac, Ill. Archives Building, Springfield, Ill. Sewage Treatment Plant, Manteno, Ill. Diagnostic Building, . . . ' H ' , ' , Ill. Male Detention Building, Dixon, Ill. Peoria State Ospltal Peoria . . Employees Building, Stag Pgguifii DIXOH State Hospital' Peoria State Hospital, Peoria, Ill. ix , . Diagnostic Building, Dunning, Ill. Power House, Elgin State Hospital, Elgin, Illinois D F KELLER Co 0 Printers . . . Ojset and Letterpress, Engravers, Binders 0 CHXCAGO fn . -Mg l, , ' 1 A , I , . , ' x ' mv- '.v- 15 - , ., .. -. -.. ' , a'A?'g' , gg , , Y - V ' ,Hg A fy f,s'.m'3L 8 jfihh ff 1 '.s'm",g,,,-,,4,,, f - J- ef- a f -155413 ,A ,H A . , gy -2, '-115, ' ':. f z , gf, T .M -,x-,, 0 A 1 41" 1, 1., - f ,. -' 'l,f15s,g":2f'i . Alix, f fr' -f'el5'A-f'1f1- 554'-.2-w21".wFY' Ai , 1 1 '- AIM' fm.,v""H4-msn-1 . -Q Pi 1-JN' '14 .w,,,fA'u'.A-1-.. , . fw- I A Y-A , QV 18 Pi ,sal x .ZS , ' , ,f .3I1"'xQ',--'2'-.- fr if 51, '-wc, 1. Y ,IK B-'f'1',iL ., . .. 1 V - , L51 .- , jqga -", 15, J fy-5,-, a, .ry-:rl '1 wsahg ' ,qw Q fb, W9 5:2 2, -gd. , , -ff, W 1 A ,N ' 1 ,N R' 4 , gg' .- ww., .pw , '. ,- ,w V .. . rv 3,11 Q.. -X ,' ff w.,-rx . V M , ff- - ' 1 v .'l"au.,1AsV"'-b:.'??'f-nf if hi-fm . V, , - " u " '12 -1' V Ns N' 1- "f1'7?euS 1 f L -Ja V. . .. -. 11, .W -V, Y.. . , - ., ,R ,. .- ., . vm ... pm- - . , . , J ' ..k Q-V. ' ,p . 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Suggestions in the Thornton Township High School - Thorntonite Yearbook (Harvey, IL) collection:

Thornton Township High School - Thorntonite Yearbook (Harvey, IL) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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