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" f:-t,fg2'S'- wf . f T' Q Y "K 'E' '3 " ew 1 5 J , ,, 'E - X 4 T x, .- A A., , 3, , . HQ , j, , 1-,-,A .:f.L L , .V il' .Que ,wa H ,pw T' A ' - - F -1 ' -- - gm. 7 I g 91- if ,, 3' ' x', S' , Jfvh, 5 f A fr 'FY . .E . . , V A A.-ii? " 'D 1 J., A25' h 1 f V QS 1 f .E . 7,3 - ' es' a 'J Y 'R ,QQ ig, 5, f-5 ,E , N . .,. s . V if 5 , g .F-' . .v ' .Y . ' ' '. ca, , Y - - . ' ef.-.-... - -1-. ...--.,, 1 , ,, .- W-Q 4-' ,a a t '- he gbvnl l"l ,fm C7M,e,alfw1,q,,,, ,fm I f ,Lf if THURHTUHITE 1939 Thoviitoh Township High School Hawoey, Illinois la 24th Yemfhoo ff Aff f Behecfxon ok Ou! Xoponege Comm, ! 71,1 5 Y : - g' GMM Y WN MW WWW MXN X 'AMN MX N MN 'LS WM NW UW MKS VMSXK XXWRN W SY XXXMN W SMSXWS 'ik-omkon by Daw 'Yo qou. who uQ?oeXd 'Coe horxoi ond Toe Kxddxixorxs 'Ydotmon in 'Coe sewkce oi out coxi11i1d1ixK11', 'kbiuwg cdmed on the won: oi te ok bo idx GO-15 . who ci 'Yo qou. KN 0 'Coxouqkxouk 'Coe 11 'ends cmd smdenks. Nino Xghoxev, 'Unoroko mxix. in Kbeki 'C nqs 'Yo 'Coe mom dw WIKXOXXY1 interested in 'Ode Yxie oi The Skdti oi me X939 'Ykxoroiorixke send qiee x ie-sem kms xecoxd ok me sc'oooX qedx. ds 'mei Q ' YN ' S-W " ' wmmk mm W K1 OB5f'xXo1oXcX Gekken, Geiohdme Sane-cmcm GE-BfXJxXYxon Yexquson NXc-mime Yeueh Y':6AYxps Of.-DYY MP-Nik 1XGi-B! cmkce iii-55 YARN EBfBe BUS 'YYSXNG N4 BG P-DTE-B CXBCUX-PJYXOY1 NX BOYS CX-UBf'Bo-1 Youl- GXBL5 CLUBfY em Sem. O?sGP-181-P-'YXOt45fSxanXe11 CXxf:i1eXewsXix Y5USXC,fXoo1x X.-oxish P-UYMYXXSTBP-TXOYXfE-Xdxe Skekiek CLP-SS ?DYYOYL'5fXN undo Norcidxok. E-Yx1.c1'oem Maddox. Sane Nlmex. Dons Bedding P.'YHXX-'iXC5ffNo1mon Bama, XIXoXex Yomecximcx BDVERTXSXNG P-SSXST P-Y1'Y5fNKo1sXxcxXX Xexxsen. XNoXtex Xomxson, Ylktqmio Mormexs, Xeon NXCY.-Xdovmeq GBP-Y1-Yi E-DYYO?1fNYwl1o1x 'ioxmkex fktude He-Nsxorxe mon, Doxoxh-1 Bokei. thoqoxie ?iuXchoX1.. Mcxxqoxex on Gefkmde Dekm. E-Yxzabem Ydubdxm. ben LedeXX, Dotokh-1 Mooie, Nxce cloud. Xnq Xlemfon. Benq ow, Maxim YHOTO BBT E-DYYO'BfGe P-'M STP-YYfBew1 Mae Bs Ghcme-1, Moqoxie Chodest , Evewn Goiheq, Hemxcm Gmfs. Bo Ymdmpkx, Scxwxe Von Buten and Nxheo KI EDYYOBXP-L P-SSXST Ml'Y5fB1m Cxecm. Roger Gdsv4oXd, kv Xkoxekk. Cad Niodoiq, Bobext NXcCoq, Ben Yococho, Edna Y 'YuXcxqc1. Nioime Weskenbexq P-BT SUP?-?NX5OBfNYxss D. 'YXf1eX XOUBSPAASYA nlsmucztoafw. Y. KN. NXcDoweXX Y P-CULT! P-YNXSORfNk. O. Y. Umbouqh x!,g 'I sk. .' X X 'KX 1, K rg 1 x Ng I u n xx K X, I ,f ' X Q N , , 9-Vx A '1 . . -- . .L ,N '. v,- . 'z XX fl: 4 I 1' . 1' 'QW 5: d. Snowboun E X S . . 1 WA 4 1- ii .sw 4 ar 'a-"' 'YO NX?x.XC.X.LXYE ewam Tepxcvmc we ms Qweuovxwc ov mm ..... woxxcm XS EXC NCS . . O LCN HPS VOR YK 'YYXORNT GN 90? HE BO CH ST AND P395 PXN CH PNWXONSYXXYS YW, YYWJN NXNE, CXC YYY5 YH 1 FND PXNO 'Y XCEPXYOBO YXCNOYS YXKXN-DEED YXOYNNT ON 'EGR 'Y 'YO 'YHOQXNT CDN QJE,'YxfXE CLASS O? NXNETEEN me Kms TNENTYIQQXXMH 1 DEDXC YY? 1 s 0 ..-.-.-.1- CB ,3- if LEFT TO RIGHT: W. R. Brand The Board of Education is the framework upon which our school system functions. The Board meets the second Wednesday of each month with Superintendent W. E. 1V1cVey to discuss problems, possible improvements, and changes in our ool system. They are always ready to give their whole-hearted cooperation in ' g true Thornton spirit and seeing that Thornton ideals and standards are upheld t t tmost esteem. They are men capable of taking care of the ever increasing ed f r rapidly growing institution. The Board, after careful investigation, selects gy members when needed. Mr. A. H. McDougall is the prese t p ident and has been a member since 1913. Mr. G. H. Gibson, vice-president, h se s a member ofthe board since 1912. The secretary of the board since 1933 is . Wa so. Other memb s o oard are Mr. W. R. Brandt who has served for eight years, Mr. C. E. Waterm ing since 1911, Mr. G. P. Fisher who has been a member since 1933 and Mr. W. aines, a new member elected April 8, 1939. The Board members are elected by a direct vote of the people, and they give their serv- ices free. They are always working toward improving the school and community so that Thomton will be a better and more abundant source of thorough knowledge and inspiration. C. E. Waterman, G, H. Gibson C. W. Waaso, A. H. McDougall G P Fisher 6 ' 11 Bs sxxpeikxiendem oi the kixqh schooX cmd Xxmkox coheqe, Mx. Wiwom YL. Mdley has the dow oi qukdknq the hopes and ombk- ok moie khan 7.500 smdems xs 'Yo Nm qo Mons KW membe . ' oi skxxdems 'ce cmd icxcu me iond expxessxons who xecewed his heXpiuX odvx ond encoutoqemem. Wd Sre NN Ah om E M01 ey VB on5X0n 914 S lsr A my Selkirk eK New? 6 Mr. O. F. Umbaugh anion 6310.15 p ,1 . ... GW 'Lf ww X iii fbeanofgogd The plan of an efficient administration would not be complete without the positions of Dean ol Bo d ys an Dean of Girls. To Mr. O. F. Umbough goes the responsibility ol attending to the many probl boys enrolled in Thornton. ems and difficulties of the 1400 Mr. I. F. Zimmerman. senior class principal, looked alter the h ' ' opes and ambitions of over 400 seniors. His many duties included working with the various committees which select the class ring, pin, and graduation announcements. meeting with the Senate. and supervising the management ot the senior class play. Iunior class principal Mr. T. R. Birkhead administered to the problems and troubles of 700 juniors. The junior class is the senior closs of next year and upon Mr. Birk- heod rested the task of guiding each junior toward a more successful senior year, a task he admirably accomplished, 1nO4f" it W-lf' 1,kmY"e' men d - V,h0G 1 B4 Bu :Deion fini Lys,-rcs Miss Helene Wilson, as Dean of Girls, takes a responsibil- that of the Dean of Boys, attending to the many advisor to the ity similar to ' ' d 'n addition, serving as ' ' ' vitally duties required an i Girls Club. It is she who provides the inspiration so necessary tor this girls organization which was the initial one ol its kind in Illinois. To Miss Wilson and Mr. Umbaugh go credit such as could not be aptly described by any mortal. Mr. Ioseph Stephens is sophomore class principal, head- ing a class ot more than 500 students. To the many execu- tive and student problems he encounters, Mr. Stephens adds the pleasant duty of aiding the program of the Boys club annual Stag. As freshman class principal, Dr. Cliflord Rhea Maddox had the not unpleasant task ot solving the many problems ol over BUD freshmen. Dr. Maddox, in addition, had the rvisor ol Instruction. In this capacity, Dr. ' iven freshmen duty ol Supe f the intelligence tests g ' ' h vari- Maddox takes care o Iso supervises the methods of instruction ol t e ous departments. and a 'Nb-. Miss Helene Wilson Mr, Joseph Slephe Us Dr. 'tix Clifford M Gddox 7 fx' J 1 1, J A ' .Q 4.1.1. L wi 'll 1 ' 4 3 , 5 Q if E f 3, Q, s, ya " F- A 5 ' KG. Y .L QW gm L Mi N .Q ' Q Q rr Q W U ,Q Y H' I E Q B: 5 In 'R KW qi H if , Ji 4 YV V I ' V. , 'Z QW R H am ESQ? 6 ef' J Q S :Se E G 1 M17 I, ,N-. V, KJ ,. 1 X deff.: fti 1: m GUM inf-f Q-,rmJ ' ,I Qu". .smf1K" V 1 J my Ee- E , Q mx, Aw Nfhf 1v,.'v v X 3. 551 W, . ,E po r. x I f . 5 41' fi ,,4v9" 1 Thornton faculty members have always endeavored to press Thornton spirit, loyalty and prestige in their classes. Thornton pupils rank high in the field of knowledge, but without the aid of excellent leaders and advisors this would not be true. There are eleven major departments in our school system. Several of these major depart- ments are divided into smaller divisions. Each particular division has one of its members as a head. Mr. O. F. Umbaugh is head of the English department. The science department is divided into five divisions each with a separate head-biology, Mr. A. C. Brookleyg chem- istry, Mr. D. C. Allen: general science, Mr. L. L. Schilb: physics, Mr. P. S. Godwin: and physiology taught by the school nurse, Miss A. Ellis. The social science department is divided into three classes-history, economics, and Civics. Mr. C. C. Stegmeir heads the histor r and Mr. I. F. Zimmerman economics a d ' Y 9 OUP , n civics. The language department is headed by Miss M. E. Anderson. ' , mt gvtP-WBA . p,. .1 ' n ftoremie MVVfVY?33QnxS:.H612lh A, Bobenso SEATEDI AB ' U A V' . - -- . P-.B-1 Q. Hance. Andysglxf' Koealiaiflms' A' reunite: E-Y A-B" XNGT R- D' MC SCX?-NCY' 5.50 1X'x:,iLQi-:arte Bug? Eric l' AM" SOCK?-L Ekchhoin' Lee A' " AM.: Asia? s'rANDSNCsleqmel" PMB., . D Wexs1?oEt'B.54- Pvclhxence ' 1 G . ie 1 AM.: -BH p,.M. ssix1EDlM'fotTY?-1 Cexesn. WB" On- A IS Allin P3 ta Atdef' Pele A Bid .1 - ., B- dneit PMB 1 . d E AGE wx.: M'ldheAN LANG!! ph,B.. A' AM.: 5 Bch B . 41.25" fi A , Q ,f V A 1 ss. . if i t VIL A M 4 ,. Y rbi at .tx .Af??1fsf , 1 lQ.r:.?':L-ff"'i"'- .Lf Iufrti-"" Thornton ofters a wide variety of electives. Students have their choice of many interesting subjects. Heading the Business Department is Miss E. L. Lieber. Mr. L. Britton is head of Industrial Arts. Miss D. Thiel heads the Art Department. Physical training for girls is directed by Miss M. G. Carr, and Mr. K. I. Lipe heads the physical training for boys. The Music Department is divided into band, orchestra, choral groups and music appreciation. The Home Economics Department has Miss Gertrude Rahn as its head. Florence E. Waterman is the cafeteria manager. The school has several people who do not teach subjects but who do much to make the Thornton student's school life easier and more comfortable. A nurse, librarians, study hall teachers, and superintendents of building and grounds constitute this group. Thornton's ninety faculty members are to be recognized not only for their classroom work but also for their interest and cooperation in extra-curricular activities. 8.5- 15 ewan' o'N wpusqgtht. Agho,te?Jol3g2EtE:'5T slag Ettenl wmtef Y- Li 9 Gem. Dowel 1Pxh0Y:tcQ?Paul NN. s.. W kgs.. 'g.s. in ' 'SOP Meng pens. Bwioft' Smxm, lac3YknYg:io2"LYg?,vrence rx PS- EWG deff- ' S genftem TED1 5, Pm ug,xuB5 Ed.. ,, ssh , vw :I YKu3n,YRaun,EP3: L. Lieber ytavQ1ieQleMCl'fJS,x:3llB'A'l lNGl oh' ' 'lmfl 5TP'Ngduh OBMS.: ve 5,5-1. BS-I ' Mama. A U B Sh. - 7- 111 f VC . I M- llh, P1111 M OU: XI H- 8.115310 Mo 1 I'1,-95:19 usr. gjson C B . ,M A1161-,' I H, BOhn 'S YYWSXCBL E-DUCATXON 5 MS.. Yicmk Yxoschcmct, BS 5 Monhcx G. Con, , ' K. Xcxck Xhpe, xx Gxuxl, B. ., BS.. M. .3 B9 in YA., Mau Khukm U VQXDOH, . H xddmsmn. .L . US. ...FS C'.xXbs-vt . NK ' 'Yhkcdvn Ya. x ' ,L nochc, uvulo Bo 3 15,011 - lor 19 B' M 9 -S .noe 'el , " s 15,01 H 1 EA7:EgfZ2ergg5 Bc Q In O f eqrunf EIJNOM .fps udeBHS'l?nveSLQS Oh 11' H' BIHSYIYQ P '-5, ,Ho,d eed' 13434 sus IN ., XLS.. Mui ' vx5df.f1Q.Y,,:- X Y qifyb' .P 41 L Q S L,- BRT Hun X Vox omc' B 0X Kc' Hnnqm, B, nl A EIYYED: Nome Gardiner, Xibmrkonz P-mbex Hhs, PMB., oX rse4 L. H. Nobhc. study' hum ST IXNDXNGQ V. X.. Vuxksh, o5sX5K0m bud ndvnk Nha. O. V, Hkqh, Smdy huhp WXXXXum C. Yovdei 'nq und mounds: Chudone MxchcmX9en. PMB Nu . Supexknle , S buhdx Xnq Supexkniendem o BS., Lkbmxicm. RN, soho . 6, 211 W Mink 1 fag 357 9,3 V'0""i' ' -' LEFT TO RIGHT: George Hayes. treasurer: Milton Younker, 2nd vice president: lack McPherrin, president: Bayard Stevenson, llt vice president: and William Stanley, secretary. 124 S The "400" under the leadership of class president, lack McPherrin, and his assistants, Bayard Stevenson, Milton Younker, William Stanley and George Hayes, have contributed to make the year 1939 a truly unforgettable one! The "400", that's what they call the thirty-niners whose class this year totaled 476 members. The Girls Club forged ahead with Virginia Treen as leader while the Boys Club made strides with William Stanley as president. Our football team under inspiration of Coach Lipe, clinched the South Suburban Cham- pionship and brought forth such stars as Iohn Luttrell, William Stanley, Russell Ahrens. Frank Arlaskus, Robert Bauman, Iohn Sullivan and Ed Shea. The basketball championship, which the Lipemen won by virtue of eleven wins and one defeat, showed Thornton's superiority over other teams in the South Suburban League and in the Regional Tourney. Not to leave swimming out of the spotlight, Thornton captured the 1939 League title and de- veloped Renaud Bennett, that year's outstanding swimmer who made excellent time in the 100 and 220 yard free style. Ann Alexander set the state record in the Illinois High School Girls Telegraphic Swimming Meet for the twenty yard crawl. "Seven Keys to Baldpate," Girls and Boys Club play, earned high praise while the senior class play "Skidding" was deemed a triumphant feat. Included in the cast of "Skidding" were: Roberta Mott, Henry Ingwersen, Gloria Van Wormer, Paul Clark, Norma Siejna, Marshall Ien- sen, William Stanley, Vince Swearingen, Doris Lloyd, and Dorothy Rozene. The Iunior-Senior Hallowe'en party gave students an enjoyable time while the Iunior-Sen- ior prom proved to be an even more gala affair. Debaters were extremely successful in their field, and Paul Clark claimed outstanding ability in oratory by winning first place in the state and second in the national oratorical con- test. Honors in music were won by Gayle Choate, oboe, La Verne Graff, flute, Robert Parish, ma- rimba, Bayard Stevenson, alto clarinet, and Robert Stokes and George Hayes of the brass quartet. The year also brought scholastic honors to ambitious seniors. Included in the list of first semester all A students were Margie Birkholz, Margaret Chaney, Paul Clark, James Daanen, Doris Redding, Bayard Stevenson, Gloria Van Wormer, and Dorothy Zilsberger. Norma Barna, Naomi Fork, La Verne Graff, Gene Klauk, Wanda Marciniak, Robert McCoy, Phyllis Ogden, and William Stanley were all A and one B students. K-fx Q 1111 fllivmnriaun Eatnw Eunahuv 1921-193'-H FRANK ARLASKAS Class Senate 4: Boys Club Stag Committee gl lgegresentative 45 Football 1,2,3,45 Track 3,45 Lettermens u ,3,4. BETTY GOLDIE ARMSTRONG Gamma Theta Sigma 45 G.A.A. 4. DANIEL EDWARD ARNDT Morgan Park 15 Boys Club Stag Com- mittee 45 Representative 45 Satety Club 3. BETTY MAE ASHTON El Club 25 Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Rec- reation Club 3,45 Home Economics Club 1,35 Safety Club 1: Camera Club 35 Art Club 4: Yearbook Art Staff 4. RUTH BACHMANN Girls Club Iunior Service Award 3, Council 3, Division Chairman 1.4, Marshall 4: Girls Glee Club 2,35 Chorus 45 Library Aid 3,45 Dance Recital 2,35 Latini 3,45 El Club 1,25 Gamma Theta Sigma 4: G.A.A. 1,45 Third Award American Legion Essay Contest. BETTY BAKER Girl Club Board oi Control 15 Girls Glee Club 2, 3: Chorus -I5 Le Cercle Francais 25 Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 35 Home Economics Club 15 G.A.A. 1. DOROTHY ROSE BAKER Dance Recital 2,35 Recreation Club 2, 35 Hsome Economics Club 15 Art Club 4: G.A.A. 15 Yearbook Art tat! 4. HAROLD BALHOUSE Third Prize National Scholastic Award. IOHN F. BANOVICH Hall Guard 2,35 Bus Monitor 3,45 Track l: Basketball 45 Baseball 3,4. fe. 'sway , 3.5 ... , 4, LAURENCE ABELS Hi-Y 4: Hall Guard 2,35 Gamma Theta Sigma 45 Recreation Club 4. DOROTHY AGNELL- Class Senate 3,45 Girls Club Speaker ot the Council 4, Iunior Service Award 3, Board of Control 4, Council 4, Division Chairman 2. Activity Point Commission 2,3, House Committee 3, Social 4. Welfare 35 Swimming Pageant 35 Dance Recital 3,45 Latini 35 Recreation Club 3,45 Home Economics Club 1,35 Camera Club 35 Art Club 35 May Queen Attendant 3. RUSSELL AHRENS Boys Club Stag Committee 4: Football l,2. 3.4: Basketball 1: Lettermens Club 4. ANN ALEXANDER- Girls Club unior Ser i 1 v 6 3, Activity Point Commission 3,45 Swim ng ' f e n 3 I or Litesaving Award 25 ome Economics C b : . . , , ,4, Board 2.3.4, Numer T 4. RICHA ON i- -. s and Checker Club 35 Hall Guar , El C l 5 fv - a beta Sigma 45 Camera Club 3. LTLLIAN MAR V' O SON Swimming Pageant 2: Gamma Theta ' 4, ecreation Club 1: Home Economics Club 15 Art C b ' .A.A. l,2,3,4, Numerals 3. ROBERT ANDERSON Hi-Y l,25 Band l,2,3,45 Orchestra 3,45 El Club 1,25 Die Deutsche Ecke 3,45 Stamp Club l,2,3. HAROLD ANOE Band l: Orchestra 2,3,4. RAYMOND ARENDT Baseball 3.45 Lettermens Club 3,45 Rec- reation Club 4. aw., 99 IRENE BARANYAI Recreation Club 4. BESSIE BARBEL RALPH BARK Boys Club Representative 3: Hall Guard, Lieuten- ant Captain 4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 3: Camera Club 3: Stamp Club 2: Science Club 1. NORMAN S. BARN M 1 b Representative l.2: Hi-Y 1.2: Tennis 3.4: Lett en ,4: p Club 1.2,3,4: Thornton- ite 4: Yearb Staff nora le ention American Youth Forum Essay 3. ROBERT F. BAUMAN Clas Sec ar ate 3: Boys Club Representative 3: Hall Gu : Foo l,2,3,4, End on Chi- cago District Team 3: Track l.2,3,4' etball l.2.3,4: Lifesav- ing Award 4: Lettermens Club 1, , ,4, President 4. OLIVE BEARMAN Latini 1: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 3: Science Club l: G.A.A. 2, RAY EMMERY BECK Bloom Township High School 1: Hall Guard 4. IOHN OTTO BECKER Track 4: Die Deutsche Ecke 3.4. MARIE BELMORE Girls Club Welfare 2: Girls Glee Club 2.3: Recreation Club 3: Home Economics Club 1. ln rl s nvnixrmix xr m ar STEPHANIE BENACKA Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Art Club 4. RENAUDBENNETT Class Senate 4: Hall Guard 4: Swimming 2,3.4: Lifesaving Award 3.4: El Club 4: Lettermens Club 3.4. HERBERT W. BERGER Hall Guard 3.4: Bus Monitor 3. ERNEST H. BERRY Hall Guard 4: Track 2.4. MARION S. BEILFELDT- Die Deutsche Ecke 3.4: Gamma Theta Sigma 3.4: Art Club 4. ROBERT BIELFELDT Hall Guard 4: Bicycle Club 4, WILLIAM BIELFELDT Hall Guard 3.4: Bus Monitor 3.4. ILEAN BILLADEAU Le Cercle Francais l. MARIORIE BIRKHOLZ- Girls Club Iunior Service Award 3. Council 3, Division Chairman l,4. Activity Point Commission 3. Social 3, Welfare 3, Chairman Faculty Tea 3: Girls Glee Club 4: Swimming Pageant 1: Dance Recital 2.3: Home Eco- nomics Club 1.2, President 2: Art Club 3.4: Yearbook Art Staff 4: Led Seniors in Graduation March 3. 2 EVELYN BRAUN- KEITH F. BREHM Lindbloom High School l: Bus Monitor 4: Track 3: High School in Three and One-Half Years. MAE BREI Gamma Theta Sigma 4. EDWARD BROOKFELT Hall Guard 3.4: Bus Monitor 3.4: Foot ball 4: Swimming 2.3: Track 2.3: S.S.S.C. 3. LESTER BROOKFIELD Boys Club Representative 2: Latini 4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4. DOROTHY ANNE BROWN Girls Glee Club 2.3: Chorus 4: Library Aid 3.4: Latini 4: Le Cercle Francais l.2,3.4. IDA BRUNS Matteson High School 1.2.3. ANTON BUBEN Hall Guard 4: Basketball l,2.3.4: Baseball 3.4. LLOYD BURKE Lincoln Iunior High School 1: Safety Club 4. ETHEL A. BISHOP Girls Club Iunior Service Award 3, Council 2, Division Chairman 3. Activity Point Commission 3. Welfare 3: Girls Glee Club 2.3: Chorus 4: Dance Recital 4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Art Club 4. MARY VIRGINIA BLAIR -Girls Club Division Chairman 4, Wel- fare 2: Library Aid 4: Dance Recital 4: El Club 2.3.4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Home Economics Club 1: Stamp Club 2.3.4. Vice-President 3. LA VERNE BLASKA Class Senate 3: Girls Club Division Chair- gnan 2:4Girls Glee Club 2: Die Deutsche Ecko 2: Gamma Theta igma . VIVIAN ETHEL BLINK Die Deaatsche Ec e 3: Economics Club 2. MARGAR OGHASEN- 'rls b nio Service Award 3, Activit P nt Comm' si 2 , e Committee 1.2.3. Social 2,3, ell e 2. Li . l Club 1.2: Gama Theta Sigm 4 ome n c l 1: Stamp Club 2.3.4: G.A.A. l. MYRON D ETHEL C. BOOICHAM Girls Club Iunior Service Award 3. Divi- sion Chairman 2. Activity Point Commission 2.3: Library Aid 3.4: El Club 3: G.A.A., Numerals 2. T 4. FRANK BOWEN- CLETUS BRAULT Boys Club Stag Committee 2. Representative 2: Hall Guard 4: Band 1,2.3.4: Le Cercle Francais 1.2: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Safety Club 2. fm 'Q' 49" DAS 'T' ,-ff G' BETTY BURRELI. Class Senate 2: Girls Club Council 2. Division Chairman l: Gamma Theta Sigma 4. ISABELLA BURT Latini 2. RACHELLE BUTCHER Gamma Theta Sigma 4. EVELYN BYRD Hall ROBERT CAPRON A Re HiY 3 Hall Guard 34 Track 34 D e tsche c ety Club 4 ar et ub 4 A I' e - ' : '- : NORMAN CARLSON Class Sen Pressntative 1. DORIS IEAN CARLSON Parker High School l.2.3: Girls Glee Club 4: Dance Recital 4. CLARA MAY CARNEY Dance Recital 3.4: Home Economics Club l. RICHARD CASE Basketball 2.3.4. I gi ALONZO CEASAR Chess and Checker Club 1.2: Track 1.2: El Club 1.2: Gamma Theta Sigma 4. MARGARET CHANEY Girls Club Iunior Service Award 3, Council l. Division Chairman 2. Activity Point Commission 3. House Committee 2. Welfare 3.4: El Club 1: Die Deutsche Ecke 4: Home Economics Club 1: Stamp Club l: Science Club 1: Art Club 4: Yearbook Art Staff 4: Owl Club 4. MARIORIE CHARLESTON Fenger High School 1.2.3: Dance Recital 4: Yearbook Art Staff 4. IOSEPH ROBERT CHARLTON Hi-Y 4: Track 4: Le Cercle Fran- cais 2.3.4, Secretary 4: Gamma Theta Sigma 3.4: Purple X Committee 4. VIRGINIA A. CHLEBDAW Science Club l: G.A.A. l. STANLEY CHMIELEWSKI- Boys Club Stag Committee 4: El Club 2: Thomtonite 4: Yearbook Stat! 4: Debating Team 2. GAYLE CHOATE Class First Vice-President 2. Secretary 1. Sen- ate 2.3: Girls Club 'lreasurer 4. Iunior Service Award 3. Board oi Control 4. Council 3. Division Chairman 1: Band 1.2. 3.4: Orchestra l,2.3.4: Swimming Pageant 3: Dance Recital 3: Le Cercle Francais 1.2.35 Die Deutsche Ecke 4: Recreation Club 2.4: Art Club 4: Scholarship to Oberlin College 4. GEORGE ALFRED CHRISTENSEN Chess and Checker Club l: gagkfi Le Cercle Francais l.2.3: Recreation Ciub 3.4: Science LI , . CIEARJEQS CHURCH- Hall Guard 4: Baseball 3.4: Lettermens u . VICTOR CULVER Hi'Y 1: Basketball 2: Safety Club 1.3: A.t Club 4.5. IAMF5 W. DAANEN Boys Club Staq Committee 4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Science Club I: Recreation Club 4. ARNOLD DALENBERG Hall Guard 4. EUGENE DALENBERG Class Senate 3.4: Hi-Y 4: Track 3,4: Life- saving Award I. CORNELIA DE BRUIN Gamma Theta Sigma 4. EDWARD DE GRAPE' Chess and Checker Club 1.2: I-Ii-Y l.2: Band I,2,3,4: Die Deutsche Ecko 3.4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Aero Club I: Science Club I: "Growing Pains" 2: "Three Cornered Moon" 3: "Seven Keys to Baldpate" 4. MELVIN DEHNING- GERTRUDE DEIHI. -Girls Club lunior Service Award 3. Council 2.4, Division Chairman 3, Weliare 3: Orchestra l.2.3.4: Girls Glee Club 4: El Club 2,33 Saiety Club 2: Art Club 4: Year' book Art Staff 4. EUSELII-5 DELLA-ROSE Boys Club Stag Committee 2.3.4: Safety u . PAUL G. CLARK Boys Club Usher 4, Stag Committee 4. Rep- resentative 1.2: Hi-Y I: Boys Glee Club 3: Chorus 4: Swim' ming I,2,3,4: Track Z: Tennis 3: Die Deutsche Ecke 3.4. Presi- dent 3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Lettermens Club 3.4: Recrea- tion Club 4: Science Club 1.2: Debating Team 3.4. Letter 4: Oratorical Honors 2.4: "Three Cornered Moon" 3: "Skidding' 4: Harvard Award 3: Radio Broadcast 3.4. WESLEY CLAXTON Matteson High School 3 GEORGIA EVELYN COGSWELL- LEWIS I. COHEN Hi-Y 1: Orchestra l,2.4: Swi ming 1.2: El Club 1: Recreation Club 4: Safety Club 2: "Gro ing Pains" 2. VIRGINIA RY COUGHLIN tgalu : H' S -f I: El Club 3.4: G Theta Sigma 4: ' c ' b 4 GENE ENS C as r at 4- I Cl o Representative 1: Footb 4: Tr c l .. .1 I , .4: Lettermens Club 2.3.4. RITA CREAN Le Cercle Francais l: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 4: Home Economics Club l: Safety Club 4: Thorntonite 4: Debating Team 4. PATRICIA CROTTY Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 3: Home Economics Club 2: Debating Team 3. GORDON CULVER El Club 2.3: S.S.S.C. 3. '93 HARRY A. DE RIDDER Hi-Y 4. IUNE DE RUITER Class Senate 4: Dance Recital 3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Home Economics Club 1: Art Club 4. ELEANORE DERUNTZ Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 4. ALLEN DETTME G-- FRANCIS H. DE VRI . Hi- : G rd 2.4: Boys Glee Club 2: Football . ,3,4: rack 2,3 : Go 3.4: Basketball 1.2: Lettermens Club 4: Recre ' lub GILBERT DE YOUNG LORRAINE DICKMAN Home Economics Club 1: Thorntonite 4. VIRGINIA DIEKMANN WARREN DOLL Boys Club Representative 2. I l .1u.1i lm. MARY E. DOMMER Dance Recital 3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4. ETTA DORRANS Girls Club Activity Point Commission 2: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 3: Home Economics Club l. MILDRED DRALLE Girls Club Council l, Division Chairman 3: Dance Recital 2,3,4: Die Deutsche Ecke 4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 4. EMILY LILLIAN DUNAISKI - CHARLOTTE DYKSTRA Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Salety Club 2. EVELYN RUTH EI-ILERS Girls Club Iunior Service Award 3, Council l, Division Chairman 2: Activity Point Commission 2, Welfare 2.3,4: Die Deutsche Ecke 2.3,4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4: Recreation Club 4: Home Economics Club 1.2: G.A.A. l.2,3. VIVIAN ELASHIK El Club l: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Bicycle Club 3: Science Club I: Saiety Club 4. ELIZABETH FAIRBAIRN Girls Club Social 4: Girls Glee Club 3: Chorus 4: Library Aid 3: Swimming Pageant 3: El Club l,Z, 3.4: Gamma Theta Sigma 3: Art Club 4: Thorntonite 4: Year- book Staft 4: Yearbook Art Staff 4. ESTHER FAORO I.inco1n High School 1. THEODORE H. FONES Chess and Checker Club 3.4. VIOLET RUTH FONTECHIA Girls Club Division Chairman 1: Archery Club 3: Home Economics Club 1: Science Club 1: Art Club 4: G.A.A. Secretary 3, Board 3.4, Numerals 2, T 4. Publicity Chairman: Thorntonite 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Yearbook Art Staff 4. NAOMI FORK Girls Club Iunior Service Award 3. Council 2: Die Deutsche Ecke 2.3.4, Vice-President 4: Gamma 'lheta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 4: Home Economics Club 2. Sec- retary 2: Art Club 4. VERNON F. FOSTER Chess and Checker Club 3.4: Safety Club l.2.3: Stamp Club 2. VERNON FOSTER Boys Club Representative 2: Hall Guard 4: Band 3: Latini 3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Safety Club 4: Science Club 1.2. ROY FOX Boys Club Representative 3: Boys Glee Club 3: Chorus 4: Future Craftsmen Club 2: Thorntonite 4: Yearbook Staff 4, PETER FRAGGOS HiY Hall Guard 2.3: Athletic Man- ager 4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 4: Safety Club 2.3: Stamp Club 1.2. WARREN FREBE1. Boys Club Representative 1: Hi-Y 3.4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Science Club 1: Future Craftsmen Club 2: "Seven Keys to Baldpate" 4: Advertising Manager "Skid- ding" 4. DOROTHY FREDRICK Swimming 2: Basketball 2.3: Die Deut- sche Ecke 2.3: Science Club 1: G.A.A. Numerals 4. ROSEMARY FEATHERSTONE Hall Guard 2: Die Deutsche Ecke 3.4: S.S.S.C. 2.3: Science Club 1: G.A.A. l.2.3.4. Numerals 4. LILLIAN E. FERGUSON Girls Club Activity Point Commission 4, House Committee 4. Social 3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recrea- tion Club 4: G.A.A. 1.3.4. Numerals 4: Business Manager Thorntonite 4, Yearbook 4. MAXINE FERRELL Southwest High School 3 lKansas City. Missouril: Girls Club Division Chairman 1. Activity Point Commission 2. Social 2.4: Orchestra 1.2: Girls Glee Club 2: Chorus 4: Dance Recital 4: Le Cercle Francais 1.2: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 4: Home Economics Club 1: Advertising Manager Thorntonite 4. Yearbook 4. IOHN FIGLO . LOIS FISHM irls Club Counc' vi o h an Z, Social 3, lf 4: Le Cercl Fr c s .4 a Theta Sigma 3.4: Club CHARLES R P I i-Y 1.2: Hall Guard 4: Gamma Theta . cie ce Club 1. LUCILLE FLANAGAN Girls Club Board of Control 2. Division Chairman 1. Social l: Girls Glee Club 2.3: Chorus 4: Le Cercle Francais 2: Home Economics Club 1: Safety Club 4: Science Club 1: G.A.A. 1.2. VERA FLESSNER Roosevelt High School 1: Class Senate 4. FRANK NORMAN FLOEGE University High School 1 tNormal. Illinoisig Boys Club Representative 4: Band 1.4: Orchestra 4: Truck 1: Recreation Club 3.4. ww- W... 'Klux ,an-Q U 7 lmnmzi 1' QV' EDWARD FREDRICK Hall Guard 4: Track 4: Safety Club 3. VIDA FREESE Girls Club House Committee 4: Dance Recital 4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 3.4: Home Economics Club 1: Science Club 1.2: G.A.A. 1. HOWARD FULTON EVELYN GAILEY Class en Girls Club Iunior Service Award 3, Board of ntro uncil 1, Division Chairman 2: Gamma Theta gma 4: - - c ics Club 1: Art Club 4: G.A.A. 1: Thorntonite f earbook rt Staff 4: D.A.R. Award 4. MARIE C. GALLAGHER Bicycle 1 : ome onomics Club 2. WINIFRED GARDINER Band 1,2,3,4, rchestra 1: Le Cercle Francais l,2,3: Home Economics Club 1. BRUNO IEROME GASPEROWICH Boys Club Representative 3,4: Hall Guard 4: Bus Monitor 3.4: ELEANOR GATRELL Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Home Economics Club 1. HAROLD GEFFERT Class Senate 1.2,3: Boys Club Stag Com- mittee 4, Representative l,Z,3: HivY 1,2,3,4: Hall Guard 3: Track 1: Tennis 3.4: Die Deutsche Ecke lr Recreation Club 3,4: Saiety Club 1: Thorntonite 4: Co-Editor Yearbook 4. JEAN GENOVESE Girls Club Council 4, Division Chairman Z, Chairman Freshman Stand-Up and Faculty Tea 4: Chorus 4: Library Aid 4: Dance Recital 2,3,4: Le Cercle Francais 1,2,3: Die Deutsche Ecke 4: Home Economics Club 1. GEORGE GETTLER Boys Club Representative 2: Hall Guard 2,3,4: Orchestra 1. WILLIAM GIBB Hi-Y 4: Safety Club 4. HAROLD GILBERT - LOUANN GOOT Girls Glee Club 2.3: Chorus 4: Dance Recital 3,4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 4: Home Econom- ics Club 1: Art Club 4: G.A.A. 1,2. DOROTHY MAY GORDON Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Science Club 1: Art Club 4. HELEN IEANNE GOUGH Rockford Senior High School 1.2,3: Le Cercle Francais 4. HERMAN H. GRAFF'-Swimming 1.2: Yearbook Art Staff 3,4. LA VERNE GRAFF-Band l.2,3,4. First place in Flute Division in State Contest 1.2, First place in Piccolo Division in State Con- test 3, First place in Flute Division in National Contest 2.3. First place in Piccolo Division in National Contest 3: Orchestra 1,2,3,4, Delegate to 1938 All-State Orchestra at Champaign 4: Le Cercle Francais 2,3: Die Deutsche Ecke 4: Recreation Club 4: Camera Club 3. VIRGINIA HAMPTON Lincoln High School l: Girls Glee Club 2.3: Chorus 4. IOHN E. HANSEN LUCILLE HANSON El Club 2: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4: Cisca Club 3. Secretary 3. RICHARD L. HARNISCH Boys Club Stag Committee 2,3.4. Rep- resentative 3: Hall Guard 2.3. IA CK HARRINGTON EMMELINE MAY HARRISON'-Girls Club Division Chairman 1: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Stamp Club 4: G.A.A. 1.2. MARSHALL HARTELIUS Hall Guard 4: Bicycle Club 3.4: Presi- dent 3,4: State Drafting Contest 3. GERTRUDE HARTKOORN Le Cercle Francais 3.4: S.S.S.C. 4. GEORGE HAYES-Class Treasurer 4, Senate 2.3: Boys Club Stag Committee 4, Representative 1.3.45 Band 2.3.4. Member State Championship Band 4: Orchestra 3: Boys Glee Club 2.3: Chorus 4: Swimming 3: Lifesaving Award 3: Le Cercle Fran- cais 3: Recreation Club 4: Science Club First Vice-President 1: Co-business Manager "Seven Keys to BaIdpate" 4. WALTER GRAVISH- Chess and Checker Club 3.4: Bicycle Club 4: Safety Club 4. BETTY GREER Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 3: Home Economics Club 1: G.A.A. 4. VEDA GREER Girls Club Council 1: Dance Recital 3.4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Home Economics Club I. I sf- I I ff HARDY GRIFFITH Boys Club Stag C tt e ' ' l,2,3,4. ROGER GR D I-Ii-Y , 4: uard 4: Swimming 2: Track l, 3, Le cl ,: Recreation Club 3: Thorntoni . . IENNIE B. G -- a ma Theta Sigma 4: Stamp Club 4. BERNICE HAAS Burlington High School l,2 tBurlington. Kan- sasl: Library Aid 4: Home Economics Club 4: G.A.A. 4. Numerals 4. GRACE E. HAINES Dance Recital 3: Latini 3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Home Economics Club 2: Art Club 4. MARGARET HALL Girls Club Council 3, Division Chairman 4: Orchestra 1,2.3,4: Girls Glee Club 4: Nurse Aid 4: Le Cercle Francais l,2: Recreation Club 4: Home Economics Club l: Art Club 3.4. 1 E BETTY IUNE HENDERSON Calumet High School 1.2. Gamma Theta Sigma 4. ROBERT HERRICK Science Club 1. GERTRUDE HEWSTONE Calumet High School 1. Latini 3: Recre- ation Club 4: Art Club 3.4: G.A.A. 2.3.4, Vice-President 4. Board 2, Numerals 3. T4: Thorntonite 4: Yearbook Art Staff 4' High School in Three and One-Halt Years. ffl! r"-Rl mm nissan Mattesotf High echocy!1.2.3. NORMA HILLYER G.A.A,Y,l,318ff,Tre url Board 4, Numer- als 2, T4. Q qi' RUD1 HINZ Die Deutsche Ecke 4. J LILLIAN HODGE Le Cercle Francais 2, 3: Recreation Club 3.4: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Board, Numerals 3, T4, BYRNESS HOLT Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 4: Stamp Club 4. ROSE HOWARD Matteson High School 1.2.3. !.zr-m mm. - MARGARET HORVATH lava High School 1,2 fSouth Dakotaj. IAMES JUNIOR HUNTER Boys Club Representative 3: Chorus 4: Recreation Club 3. EVELYN INGRAHAM Le Cercle Francais 1: Gamma Theta Sigma 3.4. HENRY INGWERSEN Chess and Checker Club 3: Swimming 2,3,4: Track 2.4: Golf 3.4: Tennis 4: Lettermens Club 3.4: Debating Team 4: "Seven Keys to Baldpate" 4: "Skidding" 4. IOHN IPPEL- Safety Club 4. HERBERT IACOBSON Morgan Park 1.2. VIVIANNE IAEGER Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 4: Home Economics Club 1: Art Club 4: G.A.A. 1. ARLINE ROSEMARY IAMES -Lindbloom High School 1. EDWARD IENSEN- 91 KATHERINE KELLEY Class Senate 3: Girls Club Iunior Service Award 3, Division Chairman 1.4. Activity Point Commission Z: Welfare 3.4: Girls Glee Club 2.3: Chorus 4. MARGARET KELO Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 4: Home Economics Club 1: S.S.S.C. 3.4, President 4: Art Club 4: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Numerals 3, T4. IRVING H. KENYON Boys Club Representative 1: Hi-Y 1: Hall Guard 3: Die Deutsche Ecke 3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Cam' era Club 3: Stamp Club 2,3,4: Science Club 1.2: Thorntonite 4. IEANETTE KIEL Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Home Economics Club 1.2. GENEVIEVE KIERADLO ALICE IO KIMBALI. Girls Club lunior Service Award 3, Board ot Control 2, Council 3.4, Wellare 2, Chairman Sing Committee 3: Orchestra 4: Library Aid 3: Dance Recital 4: Le Cercle Francais l,2,3,4, President 4: Gamma Theta Sigma 3: Recrea- tion Club 3.4: Salety Club 1: S.S.S.C. 3: Debating Team 3, Letter 3: Radio Broadcast 4. YVONNE P. KINCAID Girls Club Council 4: Library Aid 4: Le Cercle Francais 2.3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Home Economics Club 1: Stamp Club 3,4. GENE KLAUK- EDWARD I. KLINKHAMMER Dolton Branch High School l. MARSHALL IENSEN Class Senate 2,3,4: Boys Club Board oi Directors 4, Manager Stag Committee 4, Usher 4: Chess and Checker Club 3: Hi-Y 4: Hall Guard 4, Assistant Commander- in-Chief 4: Track 2: Latini 3, President 3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4, President 4: S.S.S.C. 3.4, Recording Secretary 3, President 4: Thorntonite 4: "Three Cornered Moon" 3: "Seven Keys to Baldpate" 4: "Skidding" 4: Chairman Purple X Committee 4. CARL IOHNSON Hi-Y 3: El Club 3: Recreation Club 3,4. DONALD IOHNSON Thornton Fractional High School 1. Boys Club Representative 3: Swimming 3.4: Latini 3: Bicycle Club 3.4: Lettermens Club 3,4. WALTER IOHNSON Orange High School I g 'n Falls, Ohiol. Die Deutsche Ecke 3.4, Sec etar : - a Theta Sigma 4: Thorntonite 4: Yearlgoo i- ' trician lor School Plays 4. IREENE I0 S- Girls Cl - 6. i ' Girls Glee Club 2.3: Latini 3: a ma a . - - ' Home Economics Club 1.2: Art Club . . G.A. , . LORAYNE KA ' lv ecital 2: Die Deutsche Ecke 3: Gamma Th . S - . 4: G.A.A. 4. CHRISTINE KALATA Latini 4: El Club l,2: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Home Economics Club 1. IUNE E. KALLESTAD Girls Club Council 2, Division Chairman 3: Swimming 2: Athletic Manager 4: Swimming Pageant 1.3: Lifesaving Award 3.4: El Club l: Archery Club 3.4: Recrea- tionr Club 3: Safety Club 4: G.A.A. 1,2,3.4. Board 4, Numerals. 2, 4. EMILY KAMPE Matteson High School 1.2.3. ROBERT WILLIAM KLINKHAMMER Boys Club Usher 3: Chess and Checker Club 3: Hall Guard 3: Bus Monitor 3: Track l. ROBERT KOEHLER- MARY ALLEN KOELLING Die Deutsche Ecke 3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: G.A.A. 4. ELEANOR LUCIL K FRED IOI-IN KOSTER BETTY KOTEFF Class Senate , , e Cer rancais 1: Science Club l: Thorntonite 4. ESTHER KRAMER Girls Club Speaker of Division Chairmen 4, Junior Service Award 3. Council 3. Division Chairman 4. Activ- ity Point Commission 2.3.4, House Committee 2, Social 2, Wel- tare l,2,3,4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Home Economics Club 1.2, Treasurer 2: Stamp Club 2: Art Club 4: G.A.A. l,2,3. DOROTHY MABEL KRUEGER Home Economics Club l. ELAINE ALMA KRUEGER Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Home Eco- nomics Club l. 'Ki .,,,WQ ANN MARIE KUCI-IARZYK Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 4. VICTOR CHARLES KULPA Morgan Park High School l. Boys Club Secretary 3: Hall Guard 3. VIRGINIA KURZAWSKIfEl Club 4: Le Cercle Francais 1.4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 4: Science Club I. IEANETTE LARSON- Girls Club Iunior Service Award 3, Board of Control 2, Council I, Division Chairman 2: Activity Point Commission 1.2,3: House Committee 2.3, Social 2,3. Welfare l,2,3.4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 3.4: Home Economics Club 1.2: Art Club 4: G.A.A. 1.2. FLORENCE M. LAU- ROBERT LEDELL---Die Deutsche Ecke 3.4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Archery Club 4: Yearbook Art Stat! 4: Assistant Advertising Manager "Skidding" 4. HEDA LEININGER- - HOWARD R. LENZ -Ioliet Township High School 1,2,3. DONALD LILLIE-'Hall Guard 3.4: Band l. 'C' CARL MADORY Class Senate 1: Boys Club Stag Committee 4, Representative 1: Hi-Y l.2,3,4: Football 1,2,3,4: Swimming l,2,3: Track 1.2: Senior Lifesaving Award 3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Lettermens Club 3.4: Safety Club 1.4: Science Club 1.2: Thorntonite 4: Yearbook Staff 4. PAUL MALHER VIRGINIA ELIZABETH MANNERS Hirsch High School 1.2. Girls Club Social 4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 3.4: Hams Economics Club 4: Art Club 4: Thorntonite 4: Yearbook Art taff 4, FLORENCE LOUISE MANSMITH Bloom Township High School 1. Band 2: Recreation Club 3: Safety Club 4: High School in Three and One-Half Years. ANTHONY VINCENT MARANTO Boys Club Representative 3: Hall Guard Captain 4: Football 4. WANDA MARCINIAK El Club 4: Le Cercle Francais 2,3,4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Science Club 1.2: Thorntonite 4: Year- book Staff 4: Debating Team 2: Owl Club 4. HAROLD MATZ Washington Iunior High School 1. Class Sen- ate 4. ELAINE MAXWELL Girls Club Division Chairman 1: Die Deutsche Ecke 1. IACK MCCONNELL- Boys Club Usher 3: Hall Guard 3.4: Recrea- tion Club 4. DORIS LLOYD Orchestra 4: Girls Glee Club 1: Chorus 4: Le Cercle Francais 1.2: "Three Cornered Moon" 4: "Skidding" 41 Radio Broadcast 4. MURIEL LOCKREM- Girls Club Welfare 4: Dance Recital 3,41 Le Cercle Francais 2: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 3.4: G.A.A. 2: May Queen Attendant 3. IOHN LOGAN 1 R IOAN LORISH Girls Club Board of Coniol 1, Activity Point Commission 3, House Committef 3.,Weltare 3. Chairman Loy- alty Day Assembly 4: Girls Gee XCQLHJ 'ZS 'Chorus 4: Latini 12: El Club 3: Gamma Theta 'lSi ma.4: ecreation Club 3: Home Econwcs Club 1: Tgirnpnl e 4: Yearbook Staff 4. STANLEY L cgi- I, 7 -V lor-iN LU1' nn'f.L F.5oniuiti..2,a:l'g Basketball 1,Z,3,4: Lettermens Club 1.2, ,. , J ' LOUIS MACALUSO Football 1: Golf 2,3,4: Basketball 3.4: El Club 4: Lettermens Club 2,3,4: Recreation Club 4: Salety Club 3: S.S.S.C. 3: Future Craftsmen Club 2. IEAN MARTIN MACKENZIE Girls Club Welfare 2: Band 2.4: Orchestra 2.3: El Club 4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Home Eco- nomics Club 1: Stamp Club 2.4, President 4: Co-Business Man- ager "Skidding" 4. ELIZABETH MADDOX- Girls Club Iunior Service Award 3. Board of Control 4: Council Z, Marshall 4, Activity Point Commis- sion 2, Social 2.3.4, Welfare 2.3. Chairman Mother-Daughter Banquet and Scholarship Assembly 3: Library Aid 3.4: Le Cercle Francais l,2,3.4, Vice-President 3: Home Economics Club 1: Safety Club 4: Art Club 3.4: Thorntonite 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Yearbook Art Stafi 4: Debating Team 3. 1' HUGH MCCORMICK Boys Club Representative 2: Hi-Y 3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Safety Club 4: Science Club l. ROBERT MCCOY Boys Club Stag Committee 4, Representative 1: Chess and Checker Club 3,4: Hall Guard 3: Track 2,3,4: El Club 2.3: Lettermens Club 3.4: Safety Club 3: Science Club 1.2: Thorntonite 4: Yearbook Start 4. IERRY MCCULLOUGH Hi-Y 2.3.41 Hall Guard 3.4: Football 4: Track 2.3,4: El Club 1.2: Gamma Theta Sigma 3: Lettermens Club 4: Stage Manager "Skidding" 4. IEAN MCELDO EY 4: Da e ital 2.4: Le Cercle Francais I,2,3: Gam heta ' m : creation Club 3: Camera Club 3: ' ce ub I: rt lub Thorntonite 4. MARY MCENTEE Gamma The a Sigma CHESTER A. MCGATHEY IR. Recreation Club 4. CLAUDE MCGEHEE Riverdale High School I. MARIORIE E. MCGRANAHAN Brazil High School 1 iBrazil, Indianal. Girls Club Council 4, Chairman Scholarship Assem- bly and Tea 4: Le Cercle Francais 1,2: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 3. BARBARA I. MCLAUGHLIN Lucy Flower High School 1. Iohn Marshall High School 2 iChicagoI. Girls Club Welfare 4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4. v-se., IACK MCPHERRINW Class President 4, Vice-President 3, Senate 2,3: Boys Club Secretary 4, Board oi Directors 4: Hi-Y 1,2.3,4, Second Vice-President 3, Council Representative 4: Basketball 3.4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Lettermens Club 4: Recreation Club 4: Satety Club 3.4, President 4, Captain 3: Purple X Committee 4. H1:iRRY4I0SEPH MECH---Recreation Club 4: Art Club 3.4, Presi- ent . DOROTHY MEDENDORP- Fenger High School l. HAZEL B. MEGINNIS RICHARD MELTON- - RCZBERT MERKLE- Boys Club Stag Committee 2: Debating Team HOWARD METZ' Hi-Y I: Band 1,2,3: Orchestra 1, MARVIN MEYERN GWENDOLYN MILLER- Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Art Club 4. in 'Q' We MARIORIE MUDDE Hot Springs High School 3. Girls Club Council 2, Division Chairman 1: Swimming Pageant 1: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Home Economics Club l. Treasurer 1: Art Club 4: Thorntonite 4. EVALYN MULLEN Girls Club Council 1. Division Chairman 2: Chorus 4: Die Deutsche Ecke, 2.3.4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: glo-Irrlet Economics Club 1: G.A.A. l,2,3.4. Board 3.4. Numerals IOSEPH MUNRO Band l.Z.3.4: Cheer Leader 4. HELEN PEARL MURRAY Girls Club Social 4: Girls Glee Club l.2,3: Chorus 4: Swimming Pageant 3: Dance Recital 3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 3.4: Home Economics Club 2: Art Club 4: G.A.A. 1.2.3. GAYLE G. NAAS Riverside-Brookfield High School 1.2.3. LOIS C. NAGEL Girls Glee Club 3: Chorus 4: Library Aid 3: Die Deutsche Ecke 3. Vice-President 3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Science Club 1. EDWARD NANTZ Band l.2.3.4: Recreation Club 4. BERNARD NEUBERT Class Senate 4: Boys Club Representative 3: Hall Guard 2.3.4. Captain 4: Football 1.Z.3.4: Swimming 2.3.41 Track 2.3.4: Basketball 1: Baseball 3.4: Lifesaving Award 4: Bicycle Club 3.4: Lettermens Club 2.3.4. HOWARD NEWHART Hall Guard 3. HUGH M. MILLER Hall Guard 4. IANE MILLER Girls Club Iunior Service Award 3, Board ot Control 3. Council 2.4. Division Chairman 1. Activity Point Commission 2.3, Social 2: Band l.Z.3: Swimming Pageant 3: Senior Lifesaving Award 3: Dance Recital 4: El Club 1.2: La Cercle Francais 4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 2.3.4: Camera Club 3: Science Club 1: Art Club 4: G.A.A. 1,2.3.4. Numerals 4: Thorntonite 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Yearbook Art Staff 4: May Queen Attendant 3. I-'AYE MILLS - DONALD R. MITCHELL Monee High School 1, ie Deutsche Ecke 3.4. EDITH HELEN MITCHELL Le CerQe F c s : G ma Theta Sigma 4: G.A.A. l,2.3.4. Vice-Presi 3 i nt 4. Board 2.3.4. Numerals 2. T 3. DOROTHY M E Girls l I ' rvice Award 3, Board of Control . ounci . i i o airman 2.4, Activity Point Commissi . Soci . lf , Chairman Girls Club Con- ference 3. wimm' P an 1: Dance Recital 3: Le Cercle Francais 1. ta Sigma 3.4: Recreation Club 3.4: Home Econom' s 1.3: Camera Club 3: Art Club 3.4: G.A.A. 1: Y k Art Staff 4. EUGENE MORAN Mount Carmel High School 1. ROBERT MORRETT Football 1.2: Track 3.4: Basketball 2. ROBERTA MOTT Class Senate 2: Girls Club Iunior Service Award 3. Board of Control 2. Council 3. Division Chairman 4. Social 1.2.3: Dance Recital 3: Le Cercle Francais l.2.3,4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Home Economics Club 1: Art Club 4: G.A.A. 1: "Skidding" 4: May Queen Attendant 3: Radio Broad- cast 4: Led Seniors in Graduation March 3. .frm 'Rf' OSCAR NIETFELDT Hall Guard 3.4: El Club 3: Die Deutsche Ecke 1.2. I. B. NOAH Salety Club 2.3: S.S.S.C. 3. MARION E. NORTON Lincoln Avenue High School 1. EUGENE 0'BRII-IN! IAMES WILLIAM 'ERIE Pyengy ng Foreign School 1: Westport High School orga ' School 2. Boys Club Stag Committe Hal Guar 3 tam Club 3. ROBERT WILLIAM OEHMKE L9 MARGUERITE OPT Gamma Theta Sigma 4. PHYLLIS OGDEN -Mount Saint Mary's Academy 1. Latini 3.4: Le Cercle Francais 4: Gamma Theta Sigma 3.4. FRED OLSON Chess and Checker Club 4. -i 7 mi i m mimi 'HW lla RUTH G. OLTHOFF F THOMAS ORMSBY- Football l.2.3.4: Track 2.3.4: Lettermens Club 2.3.4: S.S.S.C. 2.3.4. Treasurer 3.4. CARSON ORR Orchestra l,2.3.4: El Club 3.4: Le Cercle Francais 1: Recreation Club 3.4: Safety Club 1. GLADYS IUNE OSTING Class Senate 3: Swimming Pageant 3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4. IEAN LA RAE PACKARD--Girls Club Junior Service Award 3. Council 3. Division Chairman 2, Activity Point Commission 2. House Committee l, Welfare 2,3.4: Le Cercle Francais l: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 4: Home Economics Club Vice-President 2: S.S.S.C. 3: G.A.A. l,2.3.4: Radio Broad- cast 4. BEN PACOCHA Thorntonite 4. PHYLLIS PALMER Girls Club Marshall 3. Activity Point Com- mission 1,2. Social 3.4, Welfare 4: Girls Glee Club l.2.3.4: Dance Recital 3.4: Recreation Club 4: G.A.A. l: "Growing Pains" 2: "Three Cornered Moon" 3: May Queen Attendant 3. ROBERT PARISH Boys Club Representative 1.2: Band l,2.3,4: Orchestra l,2.3.4: Basketball 3.4: Latini 3: Lettermens Club 3.4. DONALD B. PARKER Class Senate 3: Boys Club Stag Commit- tee 4. Representative 1: Hi-Y 2.3.4. First Vice-President 4. Representative 4: Chess and Checker Club 3: Hall Guard 4: Tennis 4: Golf 4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 4: Stamp Club 2.3: Radio Broadcast 4. 5- WESLEY V. PIPI-IER IR. Boys Club Stag Committee 4, Repre- sentative 4: Chess and Checker Club 3: Orchestra 1,2,3,4: Latini 3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Camera Club 3. IOHN POCHOPIN CHRIS POCHOS Hi-Y 142. EDNA POI-IL Dance Recital 3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Thorn' tonite 4. ANNA POPOWICH Recreation Club 4: Art Club 4. EARLE PORTER Class Senate 4: Hall Guard 3,4: Athletic Man- ager 1. IRAN PORTER Dance Recital 4: Le Cercle Francais 3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Home Economics Club 2, PAUL ROYCE PUTNAM GEORGE QUIRK Chess and Checker Club 4, Secretary 4: Hi-Y 2,3: Latini 4. IRENE PATRONIK Dance Recital 2,3: G,A.A. 4. RUTH PAYNE Chriztopher Community High School 1. Gamma Theta Sigma 4. EDITH PEARSON Chorus 4: Swimming Pageant 3: Lifesaving Award 3: Le Cercle Francais l,2,4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Archery Club 3: Recreation Club 3,47 Home Economics Club 4: Art Club 3,4: G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. 'VT f ,f l I X, 4 l. H V A. , HERBERT R. PELKE Boys Club eprdsvatgg Hi-Y l,2,3,4. President Recreation Cbxb . , , 11, V nsnmcr: n E PE ns . IDA PET SEN Ifxt' i : e Deutsche Ecke l: Gamma Theta Sigma 4. if ',. K1 LZ! BEATRICE ELSIE PHILLIPS Girls Club Iunior Service Award 3, Council 3, Division Chairman 2, Marshall 4, Activity Point Commission 3, House Committee 3.4. Social 3,4, Wellare 3: Orchestra 4: Dance Recital 3,4: Latini 4: Le Cerc'e Francais l,2,3,4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 4: Home Economics Club 1: Thorntonite 4: Yearbook Staff 4. MARY PHILLIPS Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Le Cercle Francais 2. H. VANCE PHILLIPS Hall Guard 3.4: Chorus 4: Swimming 3: Lifesaving Award 3: Latini 4. EUGENE T. RAFSON BETTY RANDALL Girls Club Division Chairman l: Band l,Z,3,4: Safety Club l. FREDERICK RECH Washington Iunior High School l. DORIS REDDING Girls lub House Committee 4. Chairman Scholarship Assem a - - 4: Dance Recital 3: Gflmmfl Theta Sigma 4: Tho to n earbook Staff 4. RUTH CAROL R Girl l l - Iunior er ' ,Award 3. Coun- cil 2.4: Division Chair 3, it oin Commission 3: Orchestra 2.3.41 Gir lee lub : oru 4: Die Deutsche Ecke 3.4: Gamma Theta Si : R on Club 3.4: Co- chairman Christmas Card Project 4: Ra ' Broadcast 4. IAMES RUSSELL REED Boys Club Stag Committee 4, Represen- tative l.2: Hall Guard 4: Football lg Athletic Manager 1.2: Safety Club 1: Purple X Committee 4. GLADYS REMELSBERGER Gamma Theta Sigma 4. MARY IANE REXROAT Basketball 2: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Archery Club 3: Home Economics Club lp Art Club 4. ELEANOR REYELTS Girls Club Division Chairman 4: Dance Recital 3.4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Home Economics Club 2: Camera Club 3. ::.wmu.a,m.zx. . -. ...iz . ei . KATHRYN REYNOLDS- Girls Club Board of Control 1: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 4: Art Club 4. IAMES RINELLA-'Cochran Iunior High School l,2. WILEBEI. ROBERTSON- Library Aid 4. IO ANN H. ROI-IRSCHNEIDER Hustisford High School l,2. Die Deutsche Ecke 3: Art Club 4. THEODORE ROSE- -Rankin High School l. E. IOHN ROSENBROCK - ERNEST ROY MERLE ROY- DOROTHY ANNE ROZENE- Girls Club Iunior Service Award 3, Board of Control 1, Activity Point Commission 3, House Com- mittee 4, Social 3, Welfare 3.4: Le Cercle Francais l.2,3,4: Recreation Club 2.4: Home Economics Club 1.2: Business Man- ager "Seven Keys to Baldpate" 4: "Skidding" 4. 4 ROBERT SCI-IAEFER - FLORENCE BEATRICE SCHELLER Washington High School l. ADRIAN SCHELLINK Glenbard High School 1.2. Debating Team 4: "Seven Keys to Baldpate" 4: Co-Business Manager "Skidding" 4. HERBERT SCHILLING Blue Island High School 1.2.3. PAUL IOHN SCHMIEDL Hall Guard 4: Die Deutsche Eclre 4. ROBERT G. SCHMIDT Class Senate 4: Boys Club Stag Commit- tee 3.4: Chess and Checker Club 3: Hi-Y 2.4: Swimming 3.4: Lifesaving Award 3.4: Tennis 3.4: Die Deutsche Ecke 3. Secre- tary 3: Lettermens Club 4: Recreation Club 4: Science Club l. WILLARD SCHMIDT Golf 3.4, Letter 3.4. RAYMOND SCHOELM Chess and Checker Club 3.4: Hall Guard 4. HELEN SCI-IRAGLE High School in Three and One-Half Years. ALICE E. RUDLOI-'F ALICE RUDULPH Hall Guard 2: Girls Club Secretary 4, Iunior Service Award 3, Board ot Control 3.4, Council l, Division Chairman 2, Activity Point Commission 4. Co-Chairman 4: Orchestra 4: Swimming Pageant 1.3: Le Cercle Francais 1.2. 3.4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 3.4: Home Eco- nomics Club 1: Art Club 3.4: G.A.A. l.2,3.4. Numerals 2, T 4: Yearbook Art Start 3.4. IRIS RUDULPH-V-Swimming Pageant 3: Latini 3: Le Cercla Fran- cais 4: Gamma Theta Sigma 3.4: Recreation Club 3.4: Home Economics Club l: Stamp Club 4: Science Club l. I HOWARD JOSEPH SAALMAN Bo l u , , Track 1.3. HAROLD SA E -Band 2, .4 r a : Downtown Shopping News Sc a ip ar . IDA HELEN GADI RUTH SANTEFORTW Girls Club Council 3. Marshall 4: Girls Glas Club 4: Library Aid 2.3: Die Deutsche Ecke 3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Art Club 4. IOSEPH SAUCIUNAS Englewood High School l. Hi-Y 2.4: Safety Club 3. GERALDINE SAUSAMAN Class Senate 3.4: Girls Club Iunior Service Award 3. Board ot Control 4. Activity Point Commis- sion 3: Social 3: Le Cercle Francais 1.2: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 3.4: Camera Club 3: Stamp Club 3: Art Club 3.4, President 4: Thorntonite 4: Co-Editor Yearbook 4: Yearbook Art Stafl 4: Assistant Manager "Three Cornered Moon" 3: May Queen Attendant 3. UT' 'init f MELVIN C. C. SCHROEDER MELBA MAE SCHULTZ Latini 4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Home Economics Club l: Art Club 4: G.A.A. 1.2.4. SELMA DOROTHY SCHULTZ Bus Monitor 2: Girls Glee Club 3: Chorus 4: Dance Recital 2.3: Home Economics Club 1: G.A.A. I. 4: Home Econo ' s Cl WILLIAM SCI-IUMACI-IE HELEN SCHWANK Class Se te Gi Council 2: Divi- sion Chairman 1.4. Social I. , . Weltar : Home Economics I-ILSIE SCHUMACHE l 3.4: Gamma Theta Siqma Club l: G.A.A. l,2,3.4: Numerals WILLIAM SCUPI-IAM Boys Club Stag Committee 2: Band 2.3,4: Orchestra 3: Tennis 3.4: Die Deutsche Ecke 3.4. FERN M. SEITZ Girls Club Iunior Service Award 3, Division Chairman 2.4. Activity Point Commission 3: House Committee 3: Social 3.4: Welfare 3: Library Aid 3.4: Dance Recital 2.3: Latini 3: Die Deutsche Ecke 3.4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: G.A.A. 1: Thorntonite 4: Yearbook Stat! 4. EDWARD SHEA Hall Guard 4: Football l.2,3.4: Swimming l.2.3: Track 1.3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Lettermens Club 3,4. MILDRED BARBARA SI-IILLING Washington High School 1 tRiv. erdalel. Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Safety Club 3: Art Club 4. NORMA SIEINA Girls Club Iunior Service Award 3. Council 4, Division Chairman 3. Activity Point Commission 3.4, House Committee 3. Social 4. Welfare 3. Chairman of Freshman Stand-Up 4: Library Aid 3.4: Dance Recital 3: El Club 4: Le Cercle Francais 2.3: Home Economics Club l: "Skidding" 4: May Queen Maid ot Honor 3. MIRIAM SKINNER Gardner-South Wilmington Township High School 1.2. Dance Recital 3.4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Art Club 4. JUNE SLAUGHTERW Dance Recital 3: El Club 1. DORA MAE SLIKER MERLE E. SMITH Minoak Community High School I. Class Senate 4: Boys Club Representative 4: Football Z.3.4: Track 4: Basketball 2.3.4: Baseball 3.4: Lettermens Club 4: Safety Club 4: S.S.S.C. 2. CHESTER FRANCIS SMOLARSKI- Boys Club Representative 3.4. NENA SOSETY-Fenger High School 1. Girls Glee Club 3: Chorus 4. MORRIS STAAT 4 46 JOHN THOMAS STOIAH Football l,2,3,4: Track l,2,3: Letter- mens Club 2.3.4. ROBERT STOKES Band 1.2,3.4: Orchestra 3.4. IAMES PATRICK STRICKER ROBERT WALTER STROH Washington High School l. Hall Guard 4: Safety Club 4. KENNETH STUTTERS Boys Club Usher 3.4: Hall Guard 3.4: Track l.2,3,4: Gamma Theta Sigma 3.4: Camera Club 2.3: Stamp Club 4. RICHARD SUBLETT IOHN SULLIVAN Class Treasurer 3: Boys Club First Vice- President 3: Hall Guard 4, Commander-in-Chief 4: Football l.2,3,4, All Suburban Team: Basketball I,2.3.4: Baseball 3.4: Lettermens Club 2.3.4, Vice-President 4. HAZEL MAE SUTTON Washington High School 1 tRiverdale7. KARL SWANSON WILLIAM HAROLD STANLEY Class President 1. Second Vice, President 3. Secretary 4. Treasurer 2, Senate 2.3.42 Boys Club President 4: Board of Directors 2.3.4. Representative 2: Boys Glee Club 2.3: Chorus 4: Football l,2.3,4: Swimming l,2.3: Track l.2,3: Tennis 3.4: Lifesaving Award 3: Lettermens Club 2.3.4: "Skidding" 4. RALPH STANSEL Boys Club Representative 3: Hall Guard 3.4: Football 1: Swimming 3: Track 2.3.45 El Club 3: Le Cercle Francais 1: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Satety Club 3.4: Science Club 1. ETHYL LOUISE STAPLES Dance Recital 3: G.A.A. 1.2. MARION V. STAPLES Dance Recital 2: 1 .Av 1 ELSIE STEFI-'EK---Girls Club Iunfbr 'C r , Council 4. Activity Point Commission 3.4, So . , lfare 3: Le Cercle Francais 'L,2'5I,4: Recreatiof Cl b .4: ome Economics Club l: Art Club 4" Thornton' 9. CZ ,QV Staft 4: Yearbook Art Start 4:,Co,5hairrpq1 aifisirxm ard Project 4. t V' .- 5 1 HARVEY',.w.-kgrmfglyttdoiiee High School l,2. Recreation Club 4: Stam , kb, .' 3' X, - x,,,f ' BAYARD STEVENSON Class President 3, First Vice-President 4, Secretary 2, Treasurer l. Senate I.2,3,4: Boys Club Treasurer 4, Board of Directors 4, Stag Committee 4. Representative I: Band l,2.3.4, Member Clarinet Quartet in National Contest 3: Orchestra l,2,3.4: Swimming l.2.3.4: Le Cercle Francais 1.2. Vice-President 2: Lettermens Club 2.3.4. MARIORIE EDITH STINTON Girls Club Iunior Service Award 3. Board ot Control 2. Council 3, Activity Point Commission 2 3.4. Welfare 3.4: Swimming 2.3,4: Basketball 2.35 Swimming Pag- eant 2.3: Litesaving Award 2: Gamma Theta Sigma 45 Home Economics Club l: S.S.S.C. 4: Art Club 4: G.A.A. 1.2,3.4, Numerals 4, T 4. EDWARD L. STOBBS Boys Club Representative lg Hall Guard 4: Safety Club 4. VANCE SWANSON Longview High School 3 tLongview. Wash- ingtonj. VINCE SWEARINGEN University High School l.2,3. Chorus 4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: "Seven Keys to Baldpate" 4: "Skid- ding" 4: Radio Broadcast 4. IOI-HNbSZAMATOWICZ Football 1: Recreation Club 4: Stamp Cu 3. F. fl ff X EMIL E. SZCZURAK ' 1 ' I ,fx MARTIN IOSEP 'I'AI.AGy4JCluh .4, President 4: Science Club 1: Thorntonitej, "-:.-- ,,f""'- - . t FRED TEMPLIN Hall Guar 3' us 1: Band 1.2.3,4: Swimming 1: Golt 4: El Clu .25 Recrepttbn Club 2.3,4: Safety Club 2. WEBB TEMPLIN Hall Guard 3: Bus Monitor 3: Boys Glee Club 2.3: Chorus 4: Salety Club 3. CORNELIA ANN TER LOUW Class Senate 4: Latini 3: Le Cercle Francais 4: Gamma Theta Sigma 3.4: Science Club 2. LOIS E. THARP Thornton Fractional l. Library Aid 4. .ll DIANA TI-IOMA Girls Club Junior Service Award 3. Council 4, Division Chairman 3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Stamp Club 2,3: Radio Broadcast 4. CAROLYN THOMPSON Class Senate 4: Dance Recital 2: El Club 2: Recreation Club 3.4. DEAN THOMPSON Hi-Y 1.2: Band l,2.3.4: Orchestra l,2,3.4: Swimming 1.2.3. EILEEN MAE THOMPSON Fenger High School l. Dance Re- cital 3: El Club 1: Gamma Theta Sigma 3: G.A.A. 1.4. FLORENCE M. THORESEN Girls Club Activity Point Commission 4: Nurse Aid 4: El Club 1.2: Recreation C'ub 4: Home Eco- nomics Club l,4. President 4: Stamp Club 2,3.4. Treasurer 4: Art Club 3. THOMAS THORESEN Boys Club Representative l,2: Hi-Y 1.2: Band 1,2,3.4: El Club 1: Gamma Theta Sigma 3: Safety Club 3. ALBERT I. TOBERMAN Boys Club Stag Committee 2: Hall Guard 3.4: Die Deutsche Ecke 2.3,4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4, Vice-President 4: Recreation Club 4: Science Club 1.2: Elec- trician tor School Plays 4: Amateur Radio WSZEM 2.3.4. LAWRENCE TRAUB--Class Senate 4: Boys Club Stag Committee 4: Representative 4: Football 2,3,4: Track 2,3.4: Die Deutsche Ecke 4: Lettermens Club 2.3.4. VIRGINIA TREEN--Class Senate 4: Girls Club President 4. Vice- President 3: Iunior Service Award 3. Board ot Control 3.4. Council 2, Division Chairman I, Activity Point Commission 3.4, House Committee 3.4, Social 3.4, Weltare 3.4: Swimming Pag- eant l: Latini 2.3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 2: Home Economics Club 1.4: G.A.A. 1.2.3, Numerals 2: Owl Club 3.4: May Queen Attendant 3: Purple X Committee 4. 4 MARIE VAN DER GIESSEN Girls Club Division Chairman 3: Activity Point Commission 4: Home Economics Club l,2: Art Club 4. ARTHUR ROBERT VANDERHYE Band l,2,3,4: Basketball 3. JASPER VAN DOMMELEN Boys Club Representative: Gamma Theta Sigma 3: Science Club l. IEROME VAN DOMMELEN IOHANNA VAN DRUNEN Le Cercle Francais 2: Gamma Theta Sigma 4. IOHN IRVING VAN ES Chess and Checker Club 3,4, Treasurer 4: Hall Guard 1: Athletic Manager l,2. RUTH VAN KANEGAN Gamma Theta Sigma 4. LORETTA VAN KLEY Girls Glee Club 4: G.A.A. 1. ANNA MARIE VAN MILLIGAN Girls Club Division Chairman 3. Chairman D.A.R. Election 3: Girls Glee Club 4: Swimming Pageant Accomoanist 3: Home Economics Club 1,21 Art Club 4. BARBARA TREMBLY Class Senate 4: Girls Glee Club 3: Chorus 4: Dance Recital 3,4: El Club 1: Le Cercle Francais 2: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 4, Secretary 4: Home Eco- nomics Club 4. BETTE TURLAY Class Senate 2: El Club 3.4, Secretary 4: Le Cercle Francais l,2: Recreation Club 4: Safety Club 3,4, Sec- retary 3, Vice-President 4: Art Club 4, Secretary 4: G.A.A. l,Z,3,4, Board 3, Numerals 4: May Queen Attendant 3. BETTY-IANE TURNEY Band 1: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recre- ation Club 3. DOROTHY TYLER Class Senate 4: Girl Club unior Service Award 3, Council l, House Committee oc' l 1 Welfare 4: Le Cercle Francais 1,2' Gamha ta S 5 - Home Eco- nomics Club 1,4 Science Cl f . May Queen Attendant : v r C :AMES 0 U AUG :. : i - L 1 3, smug committee 3.4. Repres n ive l ' -Y ' , , -: etary 4: Orchestra 3.4: Recre- ation 3,4: e Cl - 3: Purple X Committee 4. LOIS UNRU r ' ub Council 4, Division Chairman 3, Activ- ity Poi o ission 4: Dance Recital 4: El Club 3. SALLIE VAN BUREN Waukegan Township High School l,2. Girls Glee Club 4: Lifesaving Award 3: Le Cercle Francais 3: Gamma Theta Sigma 3,4: Art Club 43 Thorntonite 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Yearbook Art Staff 4: Debating Team 3. REX VANDERA HERMAN VAN DER AA Boys Club Representative l: Bus Monitor 2.4. an-i S 3... RALPH HARRY VAN MYNEN Boys Club Usher 4: Hall Guard 3: Bus Monitor 3.4, CORNELIA VAN NOORT Die Deutsche Ecke 3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Home Economics Club 1: Science Club 1. KATIE VAN WEELDEN GLORIA VAN WORMER Girls Club Council 3. Division Chair- man 1.4: Girls G1 lub 2.3: Chorus 4: Le Cercle Francais 2.3.4: Gamma Th ' : Recreation Club 4: Home Eco- nomics Club lr ' ro ing in " : "Three Cornered Moon" 3: "Skidding" . Ra 'o dc st MICHEAL VAN ZUID ll rd CONSTANCE VENCKUS G ub -- - Service Award 3. Council 4, Activity Point Commiss' 2, House Committee 4. Social 3: Library Aid 3: Dance ' ital 2.3: Latini 3. MARGARET T. VENUTA Gamma Theta Sigma 4: S.S.S.C. 4. EDNA LOUISE VERHOEVEN Girls Club Iunior Service Award 3. Council 2. Division Co-Chairman 1. Marshall 4, House Com- mittee 3, Social 3, Welfare 3, Chairman Faculty Tea 3. Co-Chairman Mother and Daughter Tea 3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 2.3: Safety Club 1: G.A.A. 2. SADIE VICKERS Recreation Club 3: Home Economics Club 2. 'li ' nl,rl. -2 ire. 'nn GERTRUDE VOGLER -Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 3.4: Art Club 3.4: G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Numerals 4. ALTHEA VOLLAND Girls Glee Club 3: Chorus 4: Dance Recital 3.4: Die Deutsche Ecke 3.4: Gamma Theta Sigma 3.4: Recrea- tion Club 3.4: Art Club 4: Yearbook Art Stafi 4. ANGELINE VOSS- Dance Recital 3: Home Economics Club 1.2. IOHN VYVERBERG Hall Guard 4. ARVID WALBERG---Football 2: Die Deutsche Eclre 3: Science Club 1.2. ROBERT NELSON WALDEN Hyde Park High School 1. Hirsch High School 3. Hall Guard 2.4. GERALD WALKER--Park Rapids High School 1.2.3. MARGARET L. WASCHER--Waller High School 1. Gamma Theta Sigma 4. MARIORIE WATERMAN--Class Senate 3: Girls Club Council 1. Division Chairman 2: Le Cercle Francais 4: S.S.S.C. 1: Art glub 3.4. Secretary 3, Program Chairman 4: Snow Queen ourt . ,FS IOI-IN WETMORE- Band 1.2.3,4. ELIZABETH WHEELER Gamma Theta Sigma 3,4: Recreation Club 4: G.A.A. l. NEIL WHITSON Recreation Club 3.4: Safety Club 4. IOHN WIEDEMANN Hall Guard 3: Bus Monitor 3,4. BETTIE WILLIAMS Gamma Theta Sigma 4. CARL WILLIAMS Boys Club Representative 2: Hall Guard 2,3: Recreation Club 4: Satety Club 2. FRANCES ELLEN WILLS Girls Club Division Chairman Secre- tary 1: Latini 3: G,A.A. 1,4, Numerals 4, T4: "Seven Keys to Baldpate" 4. MARGARET WILSON Girls Club Welfare 2: Le Cercle Francais l.2,3,4: Recreation Club 4: Home Economics Club 1,Z: S.S.S.C. 3.4: Third prize McCall-Talon Dressrnaking Contest 3. THSEQIZA WILSON Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Home Economics LI . IOHN WATSON Track 4. HELEN WEIDNER Elgin High School 1,2.3. MARION WELCH Girls Club Iunior Service Award 3, Marshall 4. Activity Point Commission 2,3, House Committee 2,3, Wel- iare 2,3,4, Chairman Refreshment Crew 4: Home Economics Club 1: Stamp Club 3. ELIZAB E Theta Sigma 4: G.A.A, l, e RAYM D s ARTHUR s Monitor 3. EDWIN WESTBROOK Hall Guard 4: Track 3: Saiety Club 4. MAXINE WESTENBERG- Girls Club Iunior Service Award 3. Council 2, Division Chairman 1, Activity Point Commission 3.4. House Committee 4, Weltare 3.4: Dance Recital 3.4: Latini 4: Die Deutsche Ecke l,2,3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Recreation Club 4: Science Club 1: G.A.A. 1.2.3, Numerals 3: Thorntonite 4: Yearbook Staff 4. LEWIS D. WESTERVELD -Fenger High School 1. Boys Club Representative 4: I-Ii-Y 4: Die Deutsche Ecke 2.3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Safety Club 3.4. EMIL ALEXANDER WILTRAKIS Recreation Club 3,4: Safety Club l. FLORENCE WIRTH Kankakee High School 1. Die Deutsche Ecke 3: Home Economics Club 4. EARL WISE Bus Monitor. Gamma Theta Sigma 4, ec' ion 3: Home Economics STANLEY WISHBA Hall Guard 4: Baseball 3,4: High School in Three and One-Halt ars. FRANK WOLFRUM BETTE IANE W MA ss Sen 4' irls Club Council l. Welfare 3,4, hairma esh - 1,2,4, Iunior-Senior Banquet 3,4, Sen' in 4: G .ls lee ub 4: El Club.3: Club l: Camera Cub 3: A P Clu : Science Club 1: Art Club 4: Debating Team 4: May 3. ALICE YOUNG Girls Glee Club 3: Chorus 4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Stamp Club 4: Science Club l,2. MILTON YOUNKER Class Second Vice-President 4, Senate 3: Boys Club Stag Committee 4, Representative 4: Football 1: Track 1,2: Safety Club 2: Science Club 1: Thorntonite 4: Year- book Staft 4: Yearbook Art Staff 4: Chairman Photography Committee 3. MICKAEL YUDEIK - IOHN VIRGIL ZAMBON Boys Club Representative 2: Bus Mon- itor 4: Latini 4: El Club 3: Gamma Theta Sigma 4. FRANK ZAPCHENK Holy Trinity High School 1,2. MARIO ZARANTONELLO - EARL F. ZEILENGA Boys Club Representative 4: Hi-Y 2: Hall Guard 2.3,-1, Captain 4. IANE ZIEMBA Recreation Club 3,4: Art Club 4: G.A.A. 1.2,3,4. Nurnerals 4. DOROTHY ZILSBERGER- Orchestra 2,3.4: El Club 4: Le Cercle Francais 1,2,3,4: Die Deutsche Ecke 4: Gamma Theta Sigma 4: Debating Team 3. WALTER I.. ZIMDARS Bus Monitor l.2,3,4. HARRY ZMUDA -Class Senate 3: Boys Club Representative 3: Hall Guard 3. 5 I 2 An eventful third year was spent in Thornton by the class of '40 under the supervision of Mr. T. R. Birkhead, junior class principal. An all-boy group of officers was chosen with Raymond Vincent as the leader and Paul Gouwens, Claude Anderson, Harry Rinkema and Howard Ursettie to assist him. The first big event of the year for these upper classmen was the Junior-Senior semi- masquerade party held October 29 in the Little Theatre. The Iunior-Senior prom, held at the Lincolnshire Country Club, brought even a larger crowd and proved to be a gala affair. It is a tradition at Thornton to have the May Queen and her court elected from the junior class by all the girls of the school. Lois Reich was selected the Queen with Norma Bugh the Maid of Honor. The court was composed of Margaret Algar, lean Birks, Carolyn Doll, Marjorie Cooke, Mary Guild, Caryl Hobbs, Marjorie Lloyd, Iean Olson, Iean Scupham and Margaret Vandenberg. In athletics the junior class starred by having both basketball leaders, lightweight captain. Howard Ursettie, and the heavyweight captain, Raymond Vincent, from their class. Both Mary Guild on piano and Carrie-lean Silver on flute won first place in the state band contest and were recommended to the regional contest. William Phillips, member of both the cornet trio and the brass quartet, was also recommended. Many of the Iuniors were scholastically outstanding. Mary Ann Pickrel won third prize in a state essay contest and later in the year was adjudged to have written the best essay among 2,400 submitted. Those students receiving honors for the first semester were Warren Claussen, William Crowder, Henry D. DeYoung, lean Olson, Iames Phillips, Carrie-lean Silver, Howard Ursettie, Vera Waldschmidt, and Robert Zeilenga. 4 STANDING: Howard Ursettie, treasurer. Paul Gouwens, first vice-president. SIT- TING: Raymond Vincent, president, Harry ' t N t' ' t Cl d A Jfrkwsixe .am az' K' +A if BS Q L f S A M.. ' . 'W mi 'iw S -fx ,NN ' -K - Q K 'ff 35 2 3 N ESX A M- - if . Q S K -if . jak - ' f ' ' 45 m 'Y' A f 42 9 12 fe EQ E.. . L' " ki 'J' V , 3' A - 'W V - Q 6 M. X 1 . S J . , . W1 in x .V X, :Mx SX , -N A , 53 A 2152? i we ffm, i5A We Q' I mf! 4.5 .wx -Q. T -an 'N' 1' mix , xx A - :ff - ,,,. fm , N 5 M P , ' I, S ,P+ Q ' aw ,.,., gm - 1 A rg, A Ay, . 434. Ah' if-S Diff Qu Wfsjl mga gn Q A X Q9 t Q W , M M 5' f-- ,Q 'I - W , m Q f' wr M 1 - - -- . 'i ix x 'diff' "if W4 , . .MQ x ii Q E335 f 'f---'-'--',- 2 " 5:-ig: , X I f x ., ,Mr :Nfl A A -V V. 1 5 xgyilfqs M g if ' 'sq ur , if 2 HQ. m :.,, M ff., , war fag, 5 ,WW fx . H f ff5fggg1.:1:.- ' ' ' ' - -'x' 't" few " Q Q K .., . X U , S X igpfk. ii- uw gfqmmi A A ffv,:',sg?5?w,,,1i?saeiV . f ,Q l V f , ' A 1 , ,..,'F,.sfQ' 5 h A iff? 'W' ' PM 1 M Ng W m 'ff' fzffv-Ji 1 f' Q, . ' 'F , ' ff, Q fig, gm 53 gs: .. gf, ' "3 .- " ' :fr ig K 1 A tj v .qw-Q 'sky '-X,-, gk -I , 1 Q fv rgfgs, ,Qfff gk X m gg W gg . V, leg Hur ,, b. V9 3644? ,M Q by nun, Qx, R is 'nf' X- vu A 714 gi W' gi! r hx: M , W -N , k,,, v N' 4 WN Q Q ,DA N x if M Yarn 'Q' 'WY L' xl! "' g 'Q 17' , I AQ "V p ,rim L' 5 gf H .. 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V A 5 Ax , xv ' A A - 'Q t: ' V vs, - "2 . A Z , ik, ,, ' -b 7'7" 1 ' 5 ' if X1 1 , 'G ' ff my ff A EM' - , ,. n ig ,sry ,:-1.f '- 1 . 1 f 5, i .:-- f g y I., I 1 1 aim: Hmm, , mf , pn- vw-,X - - V n nikvf-.59 ' 21,5551 ' e WLS 'S 5 K 'F LQ ,.. Q ,K 5 .,. P ,mm if2sSF'fff Qeffff'ffQ ff Q'A - X M A. Q f 'M w wr W A -ff 1 'gig' .33 5 4 guy t V I vt O V 'Lx' A - Q f . A , . 51" 8 ,hx :Zi 1 Q, S XJ' N 31-J -V up iw SI J W .F L' .f ' N W, ff f ' --2 W' 3 5 1, ... Q a S V 4, x jildiaiivr 1 if '--1 'LY me Lf e V-7, 9- ,q"'5,V ,fn F Law, nF:4W"" Nl K w"' NL? A f- hw' f x - .V 1-gf, iw, . I h it xx E ' J L- 551: . M 315, . ' W - ff 1 X Wy., .wr V I . 4.10 W, 5, gg, yy q M , gig Q 1 W t K al Q Q! , r '54 if GW' fm . 'KT' MB- ' ' I g 's Jfi ' K L+- K ww 4 'J lx , , ' f V lr - E m fg? W ' I. Q 5 X X A A my W .- Q, f M Q Q .. A sh: I . ' Q . , ' H ,rw 5,535 ,t 1? vw .x x -2, -f 7 55 ' 'Q' "f . , gf " M H- f W .W f fgiff h W ' 'HW L. fl' Me- M Q1.. Q '53 'X mfs :iw - V- ! , M.: f o S M :fa ' A. A Y F! 9 4 fi?ffQ1 -X -fJ--3f:- 5 fi I 5 guy . K XR 9 xr ,315 ek A ff 'W MQ, f , " Q if-QQ, r H KJ l ' If 5 ' , N-ww ' N ,.., L 3.1, 1 fgis? iff . wa- ' L41hil .Jr A '- 1 , g 'gf In 3315 v,g,,Eg5. 174' Q LP? 859' -a m , as E Ai n 2, ' 'N V1 M Q W Q 5 f-N Y V X, if Q5 x 9 v: ,nil -:-K : EK 'L if . V ,V V j . 3.-fer 5 M -' J V 53 ' ' FW? Q - ' ,Q-U' A 0' :rg , A? i 3 5 .ggzg i ' Y' ""'74k'f- ""l"i?f".'fm'Z M 1 Wim. A A2-fn"T""" W In id, Qi 1 W 4 u V. Q Z Q , - ri if is mi: K B f M ,U A, J my N ' 5 QL . , ' 5' Q "Lk ' "Nl M Q' .,. ,V , ,Y kj' .' 'f ii ' A f , J : S 215 Ek 'E ' . ' ff x F"L ' ' I V v R N., , .r' 'K-f MW- A MW T5 X ni Q in m gk' M wt Q I aa? fl: A ' fi? uf ,A 4 .-1-.,--.-.Q . 1 , fd-,JF Elf, 9 0-LJ 1 5 Ui , .I A' QQ Q0 C " -U 5 P , XM f ' 3 "Ng f '- 95 5 -Q ,J Q, 1? 9 5 . 2 31:5 ffm ' ' .1 . , , g ,1..,1 , .,,. . -,fn A A Y Agfa? QW lfmi if ,Q , ,. if , , , . Q K X X X x 3' . wifi, ' v-sr L' 1 My f , V .. N' at 55 jg 1. Q M4 A-- 1 ?' ' Ffh.. ,J 'B . ' .,, ' ' , wig, M. Q? ,Wt gil? xfflf i ...'L I:-'Q .y A N H ' ' M- X ,, ..G.: - - ,,.. , b Q :V J Jig cl 5 QE K 'M ' G N: , + y 'Lf Av' f ff Q ' 15? X Q ,,...A'... ' M 44eMf , V Q, ,Z qi? A l wi ,Zi - J, TT gg YAA M f P ' ff G 6 32 3: W 'gahf' Stix U V ' . N - L Q 'T -'F' , fi ' --:K'24 s? y T'- mf if , ,, -fa-M ff lm - "' - f 'NJN' . z 1 . XWSA 1 Q .., ,ur : Q L- I Y 1, 'Q A Q 1'::.:, 415 ' 'nf-W V' lg? I K Em' Q f in r g , L X iff:-31' lam g ' SE " if 6 , , fx L V A " X1 vp fi zll, - -1 X --4- I XX G 3 , f up :L A fwfr? 5 , 5 A ,avg 'tfl W ,V -, w C , V sg -3- -: . 7.43, fri . Se: A , - in F 4 fig , ,. , -1 ' g 1. in KW ugh 3'9" +,,444L2., E .91 si if . ER . I AY as V g. X , SR kgs Mxvig 'I N4 WA X: - 313 2 0, h ' A LW My ME HX , i . w?f,'Lg'15Nf'1Tff 'Af X V! tw K A 2 K M Q: fi ,Y 5 ' KWH V X, 7? ' Q Fi gf A, H? Q we 1 W! Q, 118, it Q L f 3 ' hh QW" ,AV . g A X ,Q me I 1 , M 'fy ', 1.5 ' J v . vii A+' '5 X my J- ff 'Q . L wif as ' "A W 1- . 1 X " X4 Q ,wi 'A"--, J C:54u.E??,5J4 21 Ng, P Q . -fy ix Q'-'i,3'f"-is' 'Q fd- f ' 5 3 K1 x 5,4 -Q AL X - Vx A ws. - - J, ? Q I ,ix W is 'T A , M A 'N N. S The class of 1941 started the second year of its high school career with 738 students enrolled under the supervision of Mr. Ioseph B. Stephens, sophomore class principal. Early in the first semester Iohn Haas was elected president, Marilyn O'Hara first vice- president, Robert Downey second vice-president, Sheila Smith secretary, and Betty Hughes treasurer. On the afternoon of November 18, the sophomores held a party in honor of the cham- pionship varsity football team, to which juniors and seniors were invited. Members of the sophomore class who won honors in the state band contest in solos or groups were Marvin Metzger, Robert Downey, Dorothy Gray, Barbara Price, Miriam Davis, and Melvin Schreiber. Not only were sophomores active in class and extra-curricular activities, but many rated high in scholarship. At the end of the first semester, eleven students had attained a perfect average in all of their subjects. They were Virginia Bruin, Martha Collier, Marjorie Coyne, LctVeme Dalenberg, Elsie Falter, Alma Kemnitz, William O'Brien, Marilyn Saplis, Marjorie Voss, Orva .Mae Watkins, and Charles Woodrich. SEATED: Sheila Smith, secretary: Iohn Haas, president: Betty Hughes, treasurer. STANDING R b t D d ' z o er owney. secon vice- president: Marilyn O'Hara, lirst vice-presi- dent. TOP ROW Donald Willing, Allred Iacobsma, Richard Harding, Rex lones. Robert Schwartzkopl, Charles Hawley, Chester Perrin, Lawrence Roach, Iohn Clark. THIRD ROW Lillian Szainer, Ianann Seber, Lucille Cuddiqan, Bettajean Nairn, Irene Shirkey, Warren Lorenzen, Fred Piper, Ioseph Pacyqa, John Kordewich. SECOND ROW Esther Vander Giessen, Tracie Yonkman, Delores Kay, Beccie Fitzpatrick, Betty Conner, Virginia Bruin. Dolores Henderson, Edna Dommer, Lor- raine Miller, Mae Belle Tibbie. FIRST ROW Fern Carlson, Beverly Baer, Melva lean Mehan, Mary Mifflin, Car- mella Pellegrino, Richard Garty, Ray- mond Kramer, Robert Simer, Robert Kunkel, Anthony Unqari. TOP ROW Louise Miller, LaVerne Barn- hisel, Charlotte Lange, Bonnie Best Steele, Harry Hobbs, William O'Connell, James Schumacher, Iames Thorstad, Quentin Tyler. SECOND ROW Herbert Hammer. Betty Iean Case, LaVerne Peterson, Barbara Jones, Lucille Opaluch, Ruth Henderson, Henrietta Zeldenrust, Bertha May Leh- man, Adeline Deruntz. FIRST ROW Elmer Noble, William Taber- man, Ruth McHenry, Virginia Olds, Beverly Ohlsen, Irene Peterson, Elaine Eirich, Kathryn DeYoung. Mary Branden- burq. TOP ROW Harold Ettenberqer, Walter Wurtman, Dan Wilkie, Bill Dunn, Ray Gilmore, Norman Stewart, Iohn Storrie, William Schaefer, Herbert Harris. THIRD ROW Carl Nagel, Ioseph Ortyl. Lionel Goot, Richard Greenwald, Francis Kramer, Harold Larimore. Bob Hoekstra, Richard Stockwell. SECOND ROW Arlene Fredriclrson, Martha Glusac, Ruth Swanson, Norma Bark, Jeannette Goliwas, Phyllis Branam, Shirley Albrecht, Beatrice Kilroy. Daniel Golden. FIRST ROW Alice Burqeson, Lucille Bernot, Marilyn O'Hara, Sylvia Linta, Caroline Mikes, Isabelle Zeleznik, Doro- thea Crooks, Florence Klein, Mary Anna Kloc. fi 5: f '17 ,ff .,....,...- ..--,..,w.,, r. . .mv ., Hn l iff 7 4 W"-? "..,1,.g " A 1' A -"wsu, I ,MM 1 ef .H 5 mW"f"'H'S ' Kr- za' ,, V x J 3 x W A wx. A ,A I W 4 My I H 'ggi pail:-':a, -2 . 1 kj, 4. K T. Y. WX4 LL! ' Q Q6 ' aww? mg D X W ' ' 1' Y 1 vi iii! 'fy ' ix u . A hy ,jg h Nu . Q ' A ., Q Q 5 i 2 K -1 ' . I 4..- 1 M1 -Ne.-. af, -Wi 'ff O3 "gf3,'f.f Hu'-W" 5 4 ,.- 4... , f gg. 1 121555. .g.L:' ,Ai .. , x A, ,, sq r Y' ,N-"Q, L . A i A I g ag l E 6 N A Q -3: 4 -Q . if ' A 1 4 1 Y in W3 , 1 , s., 9 its 3216, 'ff gg 4 y S 'az' .M W 3 , qi 1' ' o , I 'A - is-x ' I X ' A I if 'QM Q F" " .. . if ww 51 7 V '."l --', vf X . f 5' ml Vjic-25 if if 12, 'G .W i ME as 'L 1 ' ' . Q K, QA., Q VT ' Q, Q A . Y V ,M K Y KWH, 1- t, 3 1 I ,5z,m,g,mWmM, k Y. - wt . M' W MV! v L' ' " Q K - , A X. ,f L I ' T' 1 5 'T QE, hi - ' 5 lr ' ' , ' X ' Q, -M 1 . , ,W - 35 .K ...L ,L .' Wi- ? 59' ' "' 115 ww, H' xg F Q f ' , -'J Q xii, H 1 K ,. o 5,3 . .,',p,..2Q?,,,r .- h Ui 0 -- 7 '- A A F 2 "" .. ,Q '33?'.Z!'I1"' ' if . , . A , .., , , , -ff., 'f Qs- QQ' - ',... ff. ,gf " f 'war "f Z FE ff WL.: 1 X M ff ' Q MW f ' A 4 TU ,K X In , ff ' EL I . ., 4 I I :Sl W., J, ' 'L' X N X Q. . .1 . W ,L gn? ma ,:. 21 VA K ij ij Q MQ W3 , 'Q 7 .3 W fin .ii , A , , 'I 4' , .. I . WW ? 1 5g . if ix Aw. A A 3' .M W . M , 4 G Ap wa, fa. I 1 ' r- A M 1. L, , ,f Q , . f an fd. . E? ' W ' X14 ff' - fm 52 M 1 ' 'N , Q " ' - .M li k 4 l , Mi gf if :T -2 - v W .?f,m A J 5 1 , . .- ' f f 1 ' ' 'wwf 7 I . if , 'lx A 12 v ,une . ,Q MF,,.mx , A WF- if x AW ' W W' A. ' N :Q-ff" f' .. g SES 5 '-31? A 1-Q K fi ,mn k NL, nf L . ' , jf 5 guys g -3' ig mf fm? VK 5-gziyvgm A -2 6 4+ we 'A 1 Q fi K: , 'Wk 1 'Y Vg, .mm ff 1 Q 43:4 :fa E I fx g , 2 'xi x , SKK K wg . X :iw 5,..,,,, x """'x ,X M ,Q Wg XFN' l 2 g 1' Q W L Q5 I Auf. New R 1 If Er xi?" X My ,Q 3 if 533-5 V , A as . K , -Pie' Q c:x"13ff,19i2 0 ' Q W 5? -is if tw HQ 5 , ' W M 'M x EJ za A wi h m S - ,,, , - . ' L - , ,, 1 ' N 1 ' x f- 5 V- . . ' 5 EW ,xf , 'Q R U : I if A 3: HE? h '- - ' 1f f'g5y:.25f: wx fi' 'N 3 5 V4 , , by . . "lx gn S ffm95TN :nw 'K x - K gg? EQ? , K , f ,, S '1 - v N g..,,, X wx F S ' , .3 QQ A E F fs 11 XQQH x vga: A , . 1 K fa. Nt' Vx i X . Ji' Xl R, V Q ,ti 1 1 M' ffl an 1: M an Q, , H. Ak f. A ff i7 w 1 in ', Q 8 -M h " 0 . 5 iw jk , ' lg? warg . :. , ,- 15: E 5 X5 l V 3 Q 1 Q mm AAV L M 5133, ' 5339 .Q M ":': ,li ' . Q n 4 gk M ff? za -5' L :G E' E3 22 .Q M, s ig, 1 Q' A 4 sw. .VS sv -K N. M.. A ' f Mm? W I wwf 1 'S-eq-f" '22 Agfa? 7 , my gif' e Leg f W J V LK? Q . cgGf2fL0-H11 it -,..,, am TOP ROW -William Eagan, Donald Gott- schalk, Frank Van Etten, Alvin Iohn Gold, Norman Baumqartner, Lorraine Borst, Roy Messerschmidt, Robert Pear- son, Thomas Schumacher. Don Monroe, Erick Bergstrom, Helen Ruth Haworth. SECOND ROW Genevieve Gooden, Iean Reeves, Orva Mae Watkins, Lucille Schubbe, Shirley Mansfield, Martha Maddox. Grace I-Ioekstra, LaVerne Dalen- berg, Marie Ann De Young, Lois Iohn- son, Alma Kemnitz. FIRST ROW Harry Patronik, Irene Huish, Betty Mills, Marjorie Edwards, Wilma Evans, Martha Cent, Geraldine Nelson, Virginia Marshall, Roberta Umbauqh, Florence Shilling, Betty Reppert. TOP ROW Robert Henricks, Calvin Dickel- man, Bob De Ruiter, Earl Blank, Robert Wyant, Robert Vroeqindewey, Le Roy Iohnston, Neal Mandelko. THIRD ROW Edward Dudeck, Darroll Chapman, Stanley Hochrek, lack Dain- ton, Lester Tienstra. Willis Baxter, David Simpson, Charles Badqley, Clarence Leensvaart. SECOND ROW Pauline Mathews, Florence Groleski, Audrey Simmons. Mary Cris- pino, lean Frebel, Betty Thompson, Char- lotte Ball, Helen McLeod, Anna Adraqna, Anne Cory. FIRST ROW Bill Martin, Tony Dileo. Anne Shumpes, Pearl Peters, Loretta Dlekel- mann, Elaine Harmke, Shirley Statton. Helen Teney. Kenneth Hansen, Thurl Whetstone. TOP ROW Herman Rauch, Albert Stroh. Ioe Mikolaiczyk, Elmer Bockelman, Edwin Freese, Ralph Lenover, Wybrand Crull, Leo Rudzki. Marion Brzinski, Edwin Baxter, Iohn Pikosz, Dennis Iackson. SECOND ROW Sam Soria, Elmer Kiess- ling, William Anderson, Iohn Berkley, Earl Baron, Ted Mysliwiec, Anthony Sergott, Ioseph Kavis, Arnold E. Arndt, Corneluis Ver Wey, Robert Spangler, Iohn Buben. FIRST ROW Frank Barr, Earl Wilhoit, Carl Roberson, Stanley, Sieczkowski, Grace Cosman, Marjorie Conrad, Har- riette Vickers, Ioseph Gill, Edward Mazias, Robert L. Fraker, Leroy Carlson. ' ' A H' af Q.. xg X X xy i":f"'2f" AA K X W- 4 , A f ' . K A , V' WF HQ 3 msg? QQNSQ.. 9 Adi ff in W 'Rf' '1?'fm1:' ? 3 . 1 ' QYRXQFX ,ff X, Q K: . s ' k , , V ,J we RFQ' . ,-L. r' X 1 K. wg, QF, A Ja' A - 1 ' U f ,Q -. h Q- -Q4 A , Q .X Q fgwgar- :TRI 9 Q A , 3? 2 E sam-was-ss-sy vim V Hliiihllh Q .bu k 1Q,w."" 'iff A A '- ,- :wawv:g,,:3,1fsfau I, -gina? -fag! if V A, ii . gi . J A, g -iff' - xx AC' 4 1' -J f QI-if -ff 4-Q, ' .fi't'v-. M - Ab I . ,q-nu.. 'hh m . . I 1 'Tl :QS 5. ,. . ' 4"'5 F7 f ' 1' 5 g l 1 A' E, fig k ua 'Q ,M in 3 ,. Q A 3 QM 'wb ig Q 54, YQ!!! 3 4QiJg6 Q 4 'V aff 144 " " Q ii my Tia H, f 1 " Q55 2'1" 5 ,, ', gl' I Mtg, A , 5 Q: 'TX Q ' ... ,rg ,,, 1, 1 M kW.. 1 . QW g.. N F' if ' , ' A V -A N K K g ' I gh W W, XS Q Q Mx 3 fm' W Q55 3 'ff gg. n S ' . W .s , ,, A , 1 QQ-'sw 'ms f Il .. V , WN, , E sg L 5- cv. fu , L ,, Q WS :25zig,2i3 'Afff .". Q' . 6 1 . R :Q hbt. j f, R K -.mi K ag Q: 1. M,-'. , . X , x ---f ,ff ix .., sw 1 KS? F Q M 4 ag in . 2- .J- N wa .4 , gf 'f X ,, 1 , H K . 1. .w , A Q. 55, TOP ROW Virland Harris, Lawrence Walden, William O'Brien, Albert Ohlsen. lim Deress, Charles Evers, Donald Bran- kin, Michael A. Walencik. THIRD ROW Grover Roland, Miriam Davis, Lenore Braun, Dorothy Wagner. Elsie Falter. Helen Vogel, Fay Hirsch. Mary McGuire. SECOND ROW Ruth Maxwell, Irene Lahti, Irma Paulsen, Marjorie Olinq. Florence Merkle, Carolyn Barehead, Margaret Algar, Iune Williamson, Robert Marlatt. Tony Latowski. FIRST ROW lack Schilke, Howard Kampen, George Holler, Aileen Hew- stone, Barbara Sublett, Harry Perkins, Carl Pinyerd, Harold Mohney, lohn W. Brown, Ierry Vrshek. TOP ROW Frank Harris, Robert Lane, Frank Iohnston, Wayne Rockwell, Iohn Rooney, Bob Anker. Robert Haney, Frank Piazza, Charles Wexelberq. THIRD ROW Rudolph Hamninq, Iohn Mc- Eldowney, Iohn Lindquist, Kenneth Schlaudraft, Chester Kuduk, Richard Lawton. Ralph Coffin, Harold Baker. Roland Torma. SECOND ROW Io-Anne Leach, Delphine Campbell, Ruth Lane. Irene Lange. Verna Duncan, Lucille Medley. Lloyd Patno, Bernard Saalman, Iohn Bortolon. FIRST ROW Wayne Prill, Betty Moore, Lorane Wilck, Marilyn Rapp, Gloria Hansen, Dorothy Gray, Betty Boas. Robert Graft, Casimir Sendera, Dick Iansma. TOP ROW lohn Engel, Nelson Van Mil- Iigan, Donald Rogers, Donald Franks, Ralph Olthoii, Irvin White, Reid Wilson. Louis Wilson, Harry Zeilstra, Richard Zarembka, Walter Wisniewski, Raymond Rossi. SECOND ROW Barbara Price, lack Hulett. Vivian Inqle. Agnes Mary Hansen, Gloria Cook. Corella Roqgeveen, Mary Louise McGowan, Ruth Harrison, Cath- erine Crosby, Ruth Iulia Watson. Mary- ella Hunt. FIRST ROW - - Violet Waters. Virginia Kempt, Doris Worley, Frances Zimny, Norma Schluter, Ann Perry, Lucille Godin, Ruth Cornwall, Richard Mason, Norman Kendall, Pete Fouts. TOP ROW Denoy Clark, Edward Kulpa. Louis Szabo, Byron McCoy. Ioseph Koszka. Bob Wright, Walter Ross, Frank Iohnson, Frank Czachura. THIRD ROW Raymond Ott. Ralph White, ack Helms, Raymond Hellstrom, Clit- tord Krone, Lawrence Bultema, Mike Cech. Vernon Beckhelm, Allred Peters. SECOND ROW Ruby McArtor. Ruby Card- well, Shirley Lundmark. Audrey Steven- son Esther Friess. Gertrude Goletz. Florence De Young, Lillie Marie Bar- ritt Mariane Teason, Leontine Kellogg. FIRST ROW Luella Richwalski, Emily Kuta. Florence Hess. Beth Newman, Bernice Hence, Eraine Hughes, Helen Fredrick, Martha Willis, Margaret Bult- man, Avalon Haines. TOP ROW Bertha Van Baron, Alice G. Van Baren, Richard Kikkert, Cliftord Petrie, Wilbert Dellahoussaye, Willie Latham, Luella Latham, Iunior Peoples. Lawrence King. SECOND ROW Essie Bee Cunnigan, Bes- sie Pappas, Doris Young, Lorretta Dryia. Edna Steele, Lillian Kunza. Irene Green, Rosie Schaaisma, Claire Baumgartner. FIRST ROW- Edward Maass. Louis La Fond, Arthur Liberty, Daisy Lee Rateree. Mane Henitt. Betty Lu Greiner. Maxine Powers, Dolores Gordon, Rose Bartolo. Last year a group of students who were commonly known as "Freshies" or "Greenies" entered High School for a four years' flight. During their first year they kept their mouths open, depending upon their teachers to bring them a bite of education. These new students looked to the upperclassmen for leadership and, little by little, started to try out their own wings. By the end of the first year they had learned to think and act for themselves. Last September many of them came back, but some found jobs and others transferred to different schools. Likewise, many new students joined the class. Last year's freshmen are now sophomores and show an amazing difference. Instead of speaking of general science and other first year subjects, they now talk in the higher tenns of mathematics and biology. No longer do these students feel unwanted and unimportant, for they have now reached the rank of sophomores. Not only have second-year students attained high scholastic achievements, but they have taken part also in extra-curricular activities. The band claims many sophomore mem- bers, and many sophomores belong to the numerous clubs. Sophomore girls have taken an active part in the Girls Club, as have the boys in the Boys Club and its different branches. Each homeroom has its Boys Club representative who serves the Club by selling tickets for its social functions and assists in many other ways. - - 7941 - :SW T, 1' .. .. 3:25 K we I, 'S' mv!! yer' 4 -ligu :Agfa db IPX 1 -Q .ff -vwx'S Q 'H NQA',!mdlL Tax E f wnyii L WWW 4 .......... Small in size, but mighty in numbers and intelligence, Thornton's largest freshman class started their high school career this year. The first semester glided by smoothly under the direction of Mr. C. R. Maddox, freshman class principal. At the beginning of the second semester Iohn McConnell was elected to head the class for the remainder of the year. Dave Staehling, Paul Phillips, Betty Birkholz, and Frank Bauman were chosen to aid him. "Slack not in scholarship" seemed to be the motto of the freshman class with Howard Adler, Mary Io Clark, Iane Herthel, Paul Phillips, Marie Zielstra, Betty Courtney, Robert Hayes, Virginia Crain, and Ruth Dalenberg ranking high for the first semester. Frank Bauman tfollowing in the steps of Brother Bobl did his duty to his class and his school in athletics. In the basketball tournaments at Bloom and Ioliet, he stepped into the place of his brother, who was out because of injuries. On May 12 the annual freshman party was held. The class officers, together with Betty Ann Hazelhurst and Ioann Bierovic, helped to make the frolic a success and to give the freshmen a start on the social program of their class. In all school activities from scholarship to frolics, the freshmen have been a model and an inspiration to the rest of the students. 4 STANDING: Dave Staehlinq, second vice- president: Paul Phillips. first vice-president. SEATED: Betty Birk olz, secretary: lohn McConnell. president: Frank Bauman, ggzvm EQ gg 14 ' 4 ' 3, at 'X y 7 " N ww . 1, - . V , In . .,.. Q ,N M gff E say, E 5 3-5 Tis. A W ww W X Q- -. H ,M ,- L Li k , v I - Q X 1 Sv NN ky 3, .8 l I ' k ' : X 'N '1 Q, L : Q .Y wr Q wa? 5 fb M X QMS? " Q ' U- . -W 'Q' W, 5 . , QQ. V Q : ' 1 Wi?fL :M 5 vi wgf3 fiwr V - L Y V - ,f.,' 5 " ' Q 53? 1- is fl in l f"Mw. :ug - A :mm fx 58,5 W. , - Ii gf mv W, M Q s. pf. S sd V5 wyg' S he . M M,,A,. Q ,X A L, y 'SA I f my f ,W . L . . Qi .. N B his Q Q 1-fx wt 'fl N, it My Vs Q 'Q' il' W 4 Q' Qiyfh ' mx r s, v4 N 9. Q1 W ,: ,J uw, - . 4 A V, L . 1 , ' M ' e- :K ' , L lu! 1 gp J is rf ni'xt.,,,x3A. I I 25-1Ei'. 1 fel' 1' -- 69 . 1, 8 A -.4 J' Q! HA 2 'M- Na " - ' .Ai T 5 'TL M 'f iv f SR 53 ilk. , AK gf? 1 ,x if I X-., hw Rf' Q Q M33 Q 5 25 5 QE VM rs' 1 Q .I A V L L ,T . , 1 ' F, . 5, ' I 1. X, . ' V X s., .a A f"R my , w f, Ax M3 J I 4 78 2 Q Zh. A J .. in .L e 1 Q Q 'ff gg ffif- E4 '53, S 1 5 Q V A X ,ah 5, . t'g?Xiff'af X -in lf A Il If V if ,W 1 ' ' ,, ,ggi X ., in Xi A 6 'L - 4 Q N? Q ivxngix' N A AFA? 'WI - , Q-A 'fins 1 -Maxx - ' ,S X xxx .X 1' 1 if Vi LI 'X 1 2 M, Q x 2 9 1 if I is an X K . My 3 'A ., WN. , , K T- ' Q f1!,.f l M v 15 df '5-Z-, 14 Q '45 f"'f Sa 2 pr - - , 2' ' - 2 X Y 24 ""' n is . ,, 15,33 xl -jiri-ing it SL TQ 13 QA,-,ni H :L K V - jg. J ' mffx 4 I N 1 122251 ' gp ' ' 'f Y , - Q 4 + A-.6 I Xi 4" 4 42 :Wm '19, GM se- 2' 3 is J3 ai ul gs fr A' , 2 , 531 K ww , N L R A I, QQ f ' wish V " , ,, 7 " 'V ,6 L q X 5 f ' A ' p m- +2 45 . as P amz. U A 1 - ,N f :GL ., V A W ' , W1 if A Q n , A W4 W .M .T .fig ag. gk, ,,g.,,. 'H' ff' PS3 W J Sf . 'S' 9 , 1:1 'U I H5 b 1- -KWA1 9, ' ' , ' 1 'g ':': - ' 'xi H ew fx f , "M , , ,f Jar ,ff .Q 'If ' S if Af: ge '44 xt ' ' T' If 59 2 X: W 5 in KV? - 5 35 Us 5 Q -,- ... -ll S W5 A J' 4+ JP 4 IQ aa x . ' . ' 'gr ,, N " - 7 gd 1 3 ,,4 ,q ' ' gag 532543 A . I-wi' l W in 3 , A . ff- 'f' ., if , as 'J S 3 z -', A i n , I Yi... if 5 ,eq V' 'S ' ' iii' ' r . gi, Q., W I A ' JW " , 'V I ' f b 1 , 1 A i f wfpffwwlwkwkwsmus X S 'g"mm59siiws1wSzQN 51 K W. 4 7 1 ii" gg' , 1 5 . 5 vim f 1 1 Q W ii' 'A A 1 . ' 'h -3 1 G g , A t K SMWK F 'if ' L ' ec- .. X , I My EM '5,,J s:::,:e k K ' i ' - Q' VV ff Q.: Q- .. ' X x N A 'Q Z fu Y" V Q-.. K. ' I N X P it . WX A N. ff-S t 32,35 : , K ix ,H W ,s "?F' "' 5. j1'j,' ,wif-gzez Y ,i'i,,Yi.g A A - vig. mx M '5b""3"f M fi v V M M gm S., i W if ' A 53, ' 5 x qi in I A S Q 'W' ri ,N s " 9 ' gf i v 1 gig, is .5 ,Amy 5 .xx xx Xp. ,J fi W N, - .. A "F,4'ff., l . A A 'X 'NN X5 J ff S 'I ,uf S. - - M . - 1 , S Nm f -'ff -M 5 A 1 ' 5 X Q -5 W "V va- K 4 'W' X 5 , .I ' fy .J-1 ,M 4 ,fl an 0' x ' K K x " - 3 7 'V , ,r wf"'. , SK ,Mg as wig-,Q A p me? 'ug ' ' xf . X wigs yu M L l A aw W ,Q YQ, Qgw A .X " W . A ww. Q.: Q, ' - " f Y FY? J Q' f fr' xt fsf . ff 5 Vu bf f ,uf Q-,. v "-f,N'YQ' - 2 ' 5 Y ' ,, ,gewl i K ,N 5 K 4. iA 5i:f ' 4 bv NI . S g ' ' ' 'Y' C 4 kk N fix 'ZW W - 5 - V LW ' 'A MO xxx . . It K bis. w Nibg,LQ.sff MM N' 1 .x , M W -. V 5 1 .. 32: wg, Adil 3, I ' -Q p.gygQ,,,:?,g ' fy -'rw' 5 A - uf - .Q X "W V uf i i s X 3' , ' bi ,K W ,- H , -ff' R. wt A V: ? 'W Wai' 'f ' 53 0- 4 - , ,,,,.5f em ' . g. W Y? A + ,. 4 vim MW 'J kr A 4 ,X Xrliric I 1 ,ex . r, M gg ,WW JA.. K- 2 k . 8 ' . ' 5 , :XWQK 'tw X , - 4 QR' Q :E A gy iw as n K . ,Nab 01 1 P fl ff' NQQ tm P ff I Ni. ' 'LN V 5 W M .W A 7, L: , ' ada' migih lib - 1. I , F2 fi .gf f , 'Q ,W - " fe 5 Q. gm' 3 ua- lat 1 X TOP ROW Patricia Merritt, Virginia Ball. lanet Ingwersen, Thomas Garry, Iulie lacobs, Margaret Bloom, Bert McGinnis. Leola Rudlofi. Shirley Swanson, Elmira Perkins, Alyce Flassig, Ann Klimala. SECOND ROW Ieanette lones, Lorraine Love, Ioanne Ridder. Ioellen Luster. Norma Lee Hathazy, Letha Mae Taylor. Dorothy Downey, Iune Willman, Martin Evans, Walter Shankland, Clarence Holleman. FIRST ROW Irvin Charleston, lohn Rinkema, Iohn Ellis, Charles Gibson. Fern Osting, Doris Tennant, Rose Marek. Ann Stypuloski, William Iansma. Howard Phillips. TOP ROW Gordon Pierce, Albert Sjoerds- ma, Nicholas Wilosevich, William Lad- wig, lr., Claude Pass, Edwin Fields. Robert Grueter, Lester Gardiner, Charles Armington. THIRD BOW Doris Bruhn, Dorothy Alred. Grace Coffin, Esther Holt, Betty Burke. Mary Kraay, Mabel Brown, Iean Eleanor Berta, Ioe Ruth, William Becker, William Carson. SECOND ROW Ruth Williams, Ann Ernst. Florence Kalkbrenner, Betty Brown, Ruth Alm, Virginia Sliker, lean Emily Shal- drake, Leila Lundquist. Dorothy Inqle. Minnie Swets. Norma Watson. FIRST ROW- Grace Kozora, Doris May Her- rington. Donald King, Iack lacobs, Dal- lys Edwards, Ruth Dalenberq, Mary Io Clark, Elmer Malito. Alice Wilson, Iohn Nicholson. I 'Pi - 1,1 . TOP ROW - - Wayne De Young, William Prince, Iohn Louis Vinke, Melvin H. Kickert, Robert Powers, William Berber- ian, Leo R. O'Connell, Iohn Borowski. Iohn F. Johnson. William Dommer, Earl I.. Flanagan. SECOND ROW Lois Weqener. Doris Haack. Willyne Strange, Rose lean Hunt. Mildred Brown. Grace Dykema, Mary Iane Middleborn, Ioanna Van Weelden, Eleanor Fraher, Iane Hagerman. Mary Panozzo. FIRST HOW ---- Mary lane Cousineau. Nina Roberson, Virginia Crain. Iune Kay Cerny, Genevieve Saltzman. Dorothy Schneider, Wallace Tourtellotte, Patricia Johnson, Wayne Miller, Luther Petrie, Frederick Dehning. mf: ?jg',ifl L L Q .wav V K Q-f Q' N xa K X ' A X . W Q5 P- 4 "' A3521 xxx is f. xl X L. N i' 6 , xr P A 1 AV we sg, W ,...: 4 . W1 X Sw 'IQ Mr . TER W'5m.,,.t?.f i N v . f,. Q Q .MW X ..r 'a W - X- -31 ,Aw , if y V1 'I 1 ,ffw K l A . E55 un lp' ' JU' pg-Q A ? -gqvjivp sl N. 55.4 Js1'qqs'2z . 4 'rgfwf K' Yf ,IA 1,4 5,52 . I -4 at AA' Q' I 4 3 'W' 'W' X ,, 4 vs 'Q 5? ,. nr -.i',,,Q,, yt Au 5 '5"'1?v1-it ffl' I ,f ll .3!,'5'.t5 'vd1'53' gm- A"'1L ik 'dish X, w. ' -XX N. q, I -M.. fr' 1' W f,i+,,,-T R .QPQ ,Q K A105 J. '1,..,411,fyfQ Q, a.9"i, -2 N ' Uinaafvfw was-wk ,f Qwwnaewzm- vires Nm magma, xwmm., wines:-agm .mmm .ww an " f , u W 'g mmm, ii' 5? 1 Q 54 3'-Q -G ' Q-2 Its, fa, -if ,I Q 14 . 3 .M ,I A' ,, - I L42 ,Q "'lUl!Q,x 2 W 12118. f, , A ,. x M Q , X4 43 Q W x W M 15, in X - . ,, , M ',, f 1,sf:5'si1-E i f 9 y 4578 h ' V , 5 F Q v 1 rf f A m mm, Q, 1. A -'sv A -wk K ' fi .ma A X' Lf ke iffy? w g xy wx 'y K x D ,. v. ,J y . sm. V , . Vw, Q, . lx 'Wa '5 0 A " W if- 65" 3 stef Q . gh 3 is 243- ya My H fb-' 14- , .5 . Af. if 1. W ,,f ,g lx M k PEL gi 4,4 I . Q 3 f , M- Q -wf W -W A T ax 534 gn Og Q3 44, Q X W J . , , A V x f ,f . A w Q SE NP 1 FW' Xi' , . 3 . 1 I V A ,W , , -' 1 X f -. is M 1 fm? A ww- ' 5,52 Xxwishmwgz ' fwfj 'Vw' 53' I x A M ff 0 W' .view . .uw . gm. X A ff" H Mm? b .Q f. 5 5 f Q4-4 'Q is W- SN - ' ' f gn xr Y , ' ,mmf- QY -gr' 2' . WW 1 .wa W as ? Ld' on fl' fs- g M-f V, ,, M' , V , 2 mi VR . ww M - Y X in 5 ,K L 0. . T :V A 1 NN f T' ' 'Jie i Y . H 1 - 4 A i X sf . ' , S5 - 'Q 1 . ,,- W M M., 4' Q lax' 5 . ,I gf' Q -YY' Q ga I , ' , V Q 'hz-. an , I V . ,QQ X f A W 1-' 4 8 ' ' A ff kr 2+ ' "ff, we , H341 W , I M.,-f, gf fy K K ang a q w M., V M, L.7Q:.:,?:.f W fr, Q' 4 :Q g dh V Y . ,fy A 1 1 in gym U 9 L N uumnnurms: W5 .. , ml f we . PRL an -wx 5f5ifi3i'ff'1 NQ:wv'q 6- b -?,,,.1 -f ' 4 zfaw R' 2 . M V 3 f' ,. .1f sf'f? . A 7 1.5" 5 4- M ,A A -fm mf YQ 'N Aiwa' W , V I 'Mi 'C gnc' A X E12 ,' 43, X5 V 1' Q 14, 'Milk 1.1. , I ' I ,f .4 -9 K M' 4' , 5 ,au K K' mg' M., A sw u 5 ,ny E -5 1, my . ghd MT Y P 1 ' T' 1 " 3 ' . , , 1 113 ,-QQ, . . V. K. . Ely I- .v. . - .,,4:g.gQ?ti1gA 7 A - - Q - , Q ,fi 1. W m2a M 4 -A ' ' " -J ' Q, .r 'Q Y: X5 'I " iffy - 35 ww X - iffy! 5? f ' affa- U ' "Z N' , "4 gf x -3.5 P. A ff . . SA " F,f" '1'?h x gg W . fizf. jig T ' V ld? 'vga Gi, f+ wp N ,rf " - an r 3 fa: mm JR ' 1 x,.4 ' 02940 nl? Q, x wg ,. ' v I fig? H VI' ' , 4 If ff? W 3 xf f W E-fl' 'iz , Q W hm HF If 3 ,A 9 if ,Q 'da J wr? 11 gg y 1? ma N , 1 ' - A - Y 11:2 S ' Q Q E ' A aff, I 4. SL' , H aut' r R ww 'v' F L TOP ROW Adolph Iansma, Howard Adler. lr., Leo Mikulicz, Charles Timmons, Dick Einbecker, Paul Phillips, lames Powers, William Provis, George Griffith. THIRD ROW Merle Dickelman. Estelle Burdy, loann Bierovic, Mary Grenier. Ruth Aschbrenner, Verna Lee Wilson, Tillie Swierczynski, Ted Olson, Robert Hayes, Edward Nagell, lack Willner. SECOND ROW lane Edith Herthel, Mar- garet Falknor, Iris Hershberger, Glenna Moore, Shirley Burnett, Marie Zeilstra, Doris Teas, Florence Ferrari, Edna Snell, Celia Smith, Bob Finout. FIRST ROW Frederick Snyder, Ir., Wil- liam Hayes, Betty Mae Courtney. Shirley Gross, Evelyn Nicklas, Beverly Near, Olga Patricia Kozlowski, Billy Seidel, Calvin Bruce Low, Van Tiers. TOP ROW Harry Howard, Constantine Lakoweky, Charlie Lambert, Andrew Vogel, Frank Bauman, Dave Staehlinq. lohn Ward, Marvin Ridder, George Stevenson. THIRD ROW Robert Vickers, Albert Hoover, Verlin Pauling, Lillian Crowder, Betty Dalton, Kathryn Saeqer, Ruth Dro- let, Isabelle Lindley, Edna Heftner. SECOND ROW Arthur Haines, Pearl Swanson, Eleanore Szymanski, leanette LaVier, Mildred Albrecht. Marilyn Mc- Kee, Edwin Townsend, Stuart Wallace. FIRST ROW Anna Marie La Pass, Mildred Ollen, Rita Michalski, Hilda Pohl, Flor- ence Vanderaa, Phyllis Voss, lean Loyd. Robert Stevenson, Richard Nitsche, Ioseph Mech, Robert Rossing, Tom Sublette. TOP ROW Melvin Hoekstra, Steve Koteli, Robert McKinlay, Matt lurek, Cecil Wat-I lon, Ioseph Mango, Eddie No ' ki, Stanley Kaczka, Howard Golding, Rob rt Crane. 'X THIRD ROW Ella Louise Austin, lyce Fortin, Charles Ellison, Emil V ch. Carleton Naqell, Ray Landers, 'liam Graft, Thomas Rooney, Ernie M n. SECOND ROW A e a , hanna Groeneveld, Shir Flan Iean Ahrena, Betty Pr , Erm X wer, Dorothy Van Dam, irginia all, Lora May Byers, Mi SWGBLQ FIRST ROW-- Cov ulle Laube. Betty Dunham, eneviev Gou ns. Rose Gavin, Barbara Pivour, Bob Gris- wold. Allyn Morgan, Thomas Kemp! Scott Simer. .5 gi V, ai we J' 1 Sf, if i 79l 62 TOP ROW Peter Ravesloot. Harold Sante- torte, Casey Koster, Robert Kluth, Theodore Borst, Harry Chisser, Edward Kizeminski, Robert Markus. THIRD ROW Dorothy Lotz, Virginia Randal, Helen Schuricht, Iune Fritsche, Ethel Haas, Geraldine Patrick, Loretta Henift, Irene Church. SECOND ROW Iune Kramer, George Rob- inson, Vito Marchino, Iohn Selrerka, Raymond Gedelman, Robert Sakowicz, Harry Gonloq, Franklin Baker, Robert Wallin. FIRST ROW Lawrence Iensen, Luella Wirth, Ierry Dmytras, Edwin Hosteka, Edward Scully, Patsy Walenga, Richard McPherrin, Leo Brehm, William Paulow- ski. TOP ROW Willard Haney, Joe Fox, Robert Adair, Kenton Nelson, William Boender, Karl Portz, Stanley Kolodziy, Gloria Van Zanten, Catherine Caskey. THIRD ROW' Betty Birkholz, Lois Gray, Margarette Davis, Mary Lou Vander Kloot, Ruth Corlew, Barbara Paarlberq, Inez Taylor, Shirley McGee, Shirley Peterson, Mildred Carlin. SECOND ROW Ioseph Simons, Iames Richardson, Iohn McCoy, Helmut Becker, Holly Matz, Iohn McConnell, Edward Dunlop, Iohn McGehee, Allen Bestertield. Robert Tindsr. FIRST ROW Tommy Toepler, Frances Drwal, Erma Popper, Harold Williamson, Richard O'Brien, Rolland Miller. Philip Ogden, Harold Ziebell, Iames Andrews, Chester Cisowski, Edward Russell. A rush of wind and a streak of blur can mean only one thing. It is one of those new little freshmen who has not yet found that he can walk rather leisurely and still reach class in the appointed five minutes. A word of advice, if permissiblegthe freshman often feels as though he is unimportant. He can hardly wait until his sophomore year, or better still, until he becomes an upperclass- man. The upperclassmen and graduates will tell him that his freshman year will mean a great deal to him when he reaches his goal and looks back. Let the freshman enjoy his first year at Thornton, enjoy it in all its new and mysterious splendor. The seniors are told that they could never realize just how much the freshman tries to pattern himself after them, but many are lessons the seniors could leam from the freshman if they just stopped to consider the good points that the freshman class deserves to have noticed. Congratulations, freshmen! A . Wg ff J 3- aww ' K ,. ,- P l rv 4 P , A, t , ,H uv N A ' 5 A N P Q' "bc- uf - , kygecw-X 'wi Qixx X x . ' my . ps. i ...Y V -'sn f- .M -V xv Q . ,,!J.. ., 4 ."- H ' , NA. P , g,-Q 1 . '9 KL D mls .Q " 0 L L U' .lm S Y F r A 'I -- 'f my 5 '.., Nw.. - -Q-.3 0 JN ,,...,,..m , 1 I wi Q3 X S Si? if Sw S! 'L-,?.... iii X iam... i igijs. , . my M K wif 3 v 'Y ifx U kwa.-fnwwwwx. .A.,, My ls-u-I l86 'Ieanne Adele Archer Irma Louise Becker Iames William Berkley 'Dorothy Ann Berschinski 'Marie Brankin Eugene E. Bruggeman Evigene Lois Clow Gorda Damaskus Q4 lla!! Robert Alton McGehee Carl Meinheit Dorothy Mae Munro W. Thomas Newman Virginia Alice Perry George H. Petersen David Hoffman Pontius. Ir Raymond W. Pracht 'Ada Mae Delano WHA Mwvhzwn I 'Evelyn D. Rampke 'Helen M, Doolen 'lacqueline Rivers Robert F. Duckrow 'Irene Rogers 'Marian S. Dudek . tg 'NUHCY Shfmkldlld ' .Earl W. Edelen 1 V 'Ethel Dorothy Siss 'Ruth Anne Engel 155 1: 'lames William Spencer Catherine Eylander .4 'Miriam Betty Stielel 'Donald w. Fork Dorothy M- Swanson 'William F. Geserick ii 'Edmund I. Sylvester 'Ada Golden is 'Anthony Ssewcsyk 'Myra Gooden 'Margaret Tennant 'Carolyn Gouwens fl, .' 'Iohn W. Terlouw 'Harold I. Gouwens 'Bemis Thompson 'Elsie Elisabeth Haines Marjory Marie Toepter 'Robert E. Hair G. Corinne Trimble Evelyn Louise Hammermeister ,6 Ruth Van Bergen 'Lewis Hammers 'Bette Hansen 'Frances Hanson Theresa Florence Harris 'Margery ll. Houser 'lack Leland Iones Elaine Knutsen 'George Howard Kristinich 'Nicholas Kupchick William Newton Lambert 'Albert C. Martin ' National Honor Rell Harold Earl Vanderwarl Orin Fredrick Volland Helen Iola Walker Ruth Werth Dorothy Westerveld lack White Marjorie Woodrich Eleanore Wordelmann Milton Workman Carolyn Zabransky Iervis Sharp Zimmerman Scholarship, leadership, service and character are the qualities which determine a student's eligibility for the National Honor Society. Students chosen for this Society must be in the upper one-fourth of their class. Not more than 15 per cent ofthe class may be chosen. Candidates are judged by members of the faculty who have worked with them for the preceding four years. Thomton also has a school honor roll which is based on scholarship alone. Students on this honor roll must have an average of 4.1 lor the tour years. CXec C' Xub Chex xx-, Cm mmx os Concen, R Und g .pn I1 9 C Once' P. 7 ZND SOPRANOS Top row: Lucille Opaluch Bonnie Steele, Sallie Van Buren, Lois Reich, lean Allen. 2nd row: Mary Guild, Mary Anders, Bertha Mae Lehman, Bette Workman. Shirley Lundmark. Front row: Doris lean Carl- sen, Betty Lau Bender, Betty Brown, Doris Ann Bruhn, Marjorie Cooke, K7 fi , ,L 5 E 5-:L The Chorus is made up of seventy voices, boys and girls combined, under the direction of Miss Irene Olson. This organization is in its first year. In past years there have been separate boys' and girls' glee clubs meeting during different periods. The Chorus spends the third period each day prac- tising its songs, and extra time is spent if a special pro- gram is to be given. Various clubs and organizations of Harvey and Homewood have asked the Chorus to sing for them especially during the Christmas season. This year the members carried out the custom of singing for the students on the last school day before Christmas vacation. The accompanist for the Chorus is David Simpson. , 1 .- , , 4 . g, I flfiff C-.'4,:.f .1 F The Glee Club, made up of titty girls, is composed of those who have good voices, for whom there is no place in the Chorus, as it has a capacity for only seventy voices. The Glee Club, also active in singing at social events, sang selections at the Christ- mas and Spring Concerts. The accompanist for the Glee Club is Mary Guild. ALTOS Top row: Dorothy Downey, Marion Sokol, Ruth Santatord, Betty Schleiz, Loretta van Kley, Gertrude Deihl, Betty Birkholz. 2nd row: lean Miller, Gretchen Collins, lean Lund, Irene Huish, Mary' Grenier, Myra Marks, Margaret Hall. Front row: Marion Goodman, Marjorie Lloyd, Betty Io Clark, Eileen Gerholdte, Carol Baum- qartner. , gulf' ' te - rx. I Mgrtotswwqe hx govt' use ,fro I n e . KG e Kring -xtictns' wats- W1 tw We Xe wr nw, so Cowmqhnl Be row: iiiwzsyoqonittg Wotgfxv Mitts- 1oP 'Lf' c B0 5 . 5, bye 'YI ved. ST 5O?9P':tCoe rlocizgizie xggqifollovgciomv A l OWG xt. e 5 O Cf-158' hott- Buss? X099 ' Xeon XOYC? 8663016 I Bettv . eh rev! Good vteve TE-NOHS Top Dennis Giiicy, Middie Mcvleii, Yxonic Lucas, Tiiofnos Hioxi, Howard Niue,-aiex, Xofnes W iiimd miles, Xoiwn Howiey. oni-si, Xock es uesi O occonip oxqe Hoy , , Xoixn Sionie, Yo David Simpson. Boiioxn tow: Ge BAS WQLQSES AN Vunb Tem BAR Bonfe Philfqhn' PGITONE5 . n ' - : nley Iokywigrinlsggle 1'Io:'v.VE'rne on, Wa1fiGRn?X I-Ojichngotghne Heyces' R fue' ulgs OY F ' , Chnrilxk 95 KONI' 1 row 1 Gouy . Hnniex . 'Yoo row: P-.Xmeo Xloiiond, Lon Pfnn ci Xeon Niciidowney, Ediih nom vow: Viiqinio Poixner, Xoon P-i-'TOS is U01 . Heed, Bo Phxliiis d Gook. Doi Peuxson, Hum Hufnpion, Eveiyn Niuiien, Lotish, Ccuoi Davies, Heien Nicieo . NOS Top Hovlz Maxine Yeixei. ' Noqei, Voieiie Xubxosiw. Xeon Genovese. M010 IOW1 VST SOPBPX Minnie Madsen, Lois Middie row: Nice Young, Piiboxio Menzei, Botbmo Txenibiy. Bo Hein Newfnon, Yixiih Bocnnmn. Xone Woven. Doioiny Bwown. ZND Regt SOPRA Sch h- Ph Nos de rode! YIUS R Top r KGTEUHQ. Eglzfibeeddinqowz leg er on Th .f E UO He me 'Om For fb 150 l Ke R lib . 91 B. n,H lley, Selfw: Ellyn' Mlshop Cxrriet mu Scoficl Grqcxy' Ben huhz Van en VGY , Car Wox H- Yl Homer bb ' en Muf ray B , egty Bu k er, Lucille F lunnaqos, H. .fc- TO Gachefrha The Thornton orchestra is called upon many times a year to provide entertainment at various events. Their chief activities include playing at the school plays, the Iunior Col- lege play, the Spring Concert, and the Iunior College graduation. At the Boys and Girls Club play in November they played "Good News" by Henderson and HFonune TeHef' by Herbert. Numbers played for the Iunior College play given in Febru- ary were "Kid Boots" by Tierney, "Glad Girl" by Lampe, "No No Nan- ette" by Youmans, and "Selections from the New Moon" by Romberg. IST VIO P ROW LINS : Matthew Loias, Gertrude Deihl, Doris Lloyd, William Hayes: ZND ROW: Lois Z ' Louis Cohen, lack Daley, Doroth ROW: William Tom ' son Orr ornig y Downe ' pkins, Harol . Geneviev y, FRONT d Efienberqer, Car- e Gooden. ZND VIOLINS TOP ROW: Elizabeth Clark, Violet Waters, La Verne Dalenberq, Eileen Murphy, Virginia Jaeschke, Frances Deihl: ZND ROW: Ralph Coffin. William Stage, loyce Russell, Beatrice Phillips, Margaret Hall: SRD ROW: David Simpson, Hanna Zibell, Robert Burns, Dorothy Zilsberqerp FRONT ROW: Letha Mae Taylor, Betty Lou Bender. BASS VIOLS AND CELLOS TOP ROW: Ruth Reed, Harold Anoe, Iames Spen- cer, Patricia Malony: ZND ROW: Alice Rudol Vera Waldschmidt, Priscilla Co ROW: Mary Anders, Hel lean Olson. ph. peland: FRONT en Portz, Iames Umbcxuqh, Wesley Pipher. Select groups are asked many times to en anizations of the school clubs and Harvey The Spring Concert, which com- bines the glee clubs and the orches- tra is perhaps the biggest event of the year This year the orchestra played among other selections, "The Sleeping Beauty Waltz" by Tschai- kowsky Pearl Fishers" by Bizet. and the slow movement from the edding Symphony" by Rustic W estra from the orch tertain BRASS SECTION TOP ROW: Doris Bruhn, Virginia Kempt, Verna Lee Wilson, Mary Lou Vanderkloot, Andrew ' 2ND ROW: Louis Stubbs, Merle Dickelman, ' , Alice Io Kimball: SRD ROW: Stokes, Charles Woodrich. A Orin Vollan son. d. Vogel. Shirley Boenmq William Phillips, Robert Marvin Metzger: FRONT ROW. Marjorie Edwards, Lois Gray, Deon Thomp OBOES AND CLARINETS t, Bayard Stevenson. ' ' Iohnson, Iune der- FLUTES. W William Conan ernicke, Patricia Floege, Robert An er Kath I ryn ean TOP RO : Lois Reed. Iohn W ' ' ZND ROW: Frank vis, Harold Saeq . me Graft, Carrie gan: FRONT Court- Fritsche. son, Miriam Da Saeqer: SRD ROW: La Ve Silver, Dorothy Gray, Earl Flana OW: Gayle Choate, Roqer Iackson, Betty R y. TION Berberia ne DRUM SEC Russell Koeniq, Wills Tourtelette, Harry Robert Griswold, Paul Phillips. I1 CORNETS, TRUMPETS Top row: Robert Downey, Thomas Thorsen, William Phillips. Second row: Edward Nantz, George Griffith, William O'Connell, Wanda Tychewicz. Front row: Roy Thorsen, Marvin Metzger, Robert Stokes, Fred Templiri. TROMBONES, BARITONES, BASSOONS Top row: Melvin ft ,. ,J fl. di IA Thornton's band, under the direction of Mr. D. C. Allen, is one of our greatest sources of school pride. What would a football game be without the band marching at the half? The rolling of the drums, the high-stepping drum-major and the rhythmic march music all add to its color. Not only has the band been acclaimed at Thorn- ton, but also throughout the state. At the state con- test, held this year at the La Salle-Peru High School in La Salle, Illinois, it received a group 1 rating and many soloists received honors. La Verne Graff, having been awarded national championship in 1938 on both flute and piccolo, went directly to the National this year. Ioseph Monroe, Bayard Stevenson, Miriam Davis, and Robert Parish won lst place in the District and State and were recommended to the National. Carrie lean Silver and Gayle Choate won group l rating in the District and the State. Several quar- tettes and trios also received honors. The annual band concert was held on March 3rd. The band entertained a vast audience with the "Unfinished Symphony" by Shubert, "Tales from Vienna Woods" by Strauss, and other notable selections. Schreiber, Winitred Gardiner, Louis Stubbs, Willis Creps, George Hayes, Merle Dickelman, Jack Iacobs. Front row: William Conant, Robert Iensen, Iohn Pegman, Robert Vroeqin- dc-wey, Lester Tienstra. T5 B . YW s crhftlwfigcu Helms no 1KNDG'i55s1evT,ll553if-' 'Qfiiow' Siler Wo David Crews Ggllll' hunt. in Edwnf- dgelw Dun . Scvphcg-QOH! 'O ' I Willxolnmpgoh-d Back fowyielba ?ljt5 R99 ' Sptxoprtglifies Nqgcgirslie Ottnq. 5 tt. 3 tt. .. ...wi iuzsx.. :saw Wi G G yum- . Hamid X232 Melo. rms Top 'OW A O ron- dS. cn H. mv: ,dwof 25252233 f LOG ir ' FLUTES AND OBOES Top row: Eleanor Iensen, lean Selkirk, Barbara Price, Dorothy Gray. Second row: l.a Verne Gratl, Carrie lean Silver, Lois Zornig, Earl Flanagan. Front row: Gayle Choate, Roger Iackson, Belly Courtney. BAS . ar, Laurence Seams. Henry Van Milligan, Virginia Crain. SES Earl Baron Russell Earnh t il rack MCH e D51 rv C' d KY9 l Heh 'mips' Cworilelloue pgux Phi yliiiiw T 5 . Parish' Daxisnnberi Home Roben Denon' CLARINETS To Iohnson, lean Mackenzie, Iohn Wet- more, William Kasper, Ioseph Mon- roe, Richard Boardman, Roy Van Antwerp, Robert Caldwell, Lucille Schubbe, Betty Birkholz, lean Burt. Norma Seams. Front row: Betty Randall, Robert Anderson, Kenneth Nelson, Evelyn Belz, Marjorie Nantz, Norma Thore-sen, Harold Saeqer, lames Phillips, lean Scupham, Mary Dukelow, Mabel Brown, Ruth MC- Henry. p row: Patricia BUSXNY-S5 ST AY? EDTTOBS TO? HOYN1 Doris Reddknq. Wanda Maxckniak. Sxame-4 Ckxmkexewskk, Neiman Bama. Roy fox, Mmon Yoxmkex. Tama Miher. ETX-Labexh Maddox, Yew 59311: BOTTOM ROW1 YA-:Ke Slei- kek, Gerakdine Sausaman. Bax otd Gehen, Genmde Hewsxone, Toon Lotish, VioTeK Yonlechka. EDTTOBXMJ ST AY? TOY BOW: Modotie Muddc. Mama TaTaqa. Roger C-ns-uoxd. Reber! McCoy. Cad Madoxy, Rim Cxeam BOTTOM BOW: Ben-4 Koketk, E-dna PON, Vhqknia Man- ners, May-Kne Westenbetq. TO? BOW: Maxine Yeuev, Maw- shcm Senseo. W akex Xokmson. Sean MCE-Xdowney. BOTTOM BOW 1 Lmkaxx Yeiquson, Beamce Phmkps , uificiiawi Iournalism students who are seniors of superior scholarship cmd have an excellent Enge lish record prepared the publications under the direction of Mr. P. W. McDowell, journalism instructor. and Mr. O. F. Umbaugh, adviser of publications. The weekly paper undertook many changes in an endeavor to furnish the school with the best attainable record of events and entertainment. As a means of sharing honors, a rotating staff was used. Staff members are active in the Greater Chicago Scholastic Press Guild, the National Scholastic Press Association, the Illinois State High School Press Association, and Quill and Scroll, international honor society. A five column paper was introduced for the first six months of the school year. At Christ- mas a splendid eight-page paper printed in green accomplished a complete sell-out. Later a new streamlined four column paper was introduced. The art staff followed an informal plan of layout for the yearbook as an attempt to create something new. Publishing an annual and a newspaper places a great responsibility on the students. thus giving them a view of what life requires. SEATED CENTER: Gertrude Hewstone, Geraldine Sausaman. AROUND TABLE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Althea Vollancl, Elizabeth Maddox, lane Miller, Dorothy Baker, Elizabeth Fairbairn, Marjorie Birkholz, Betty Mae Ashton, Marjorie Charleston, Evelyn Gailey, Robert Ledell, Dorothy Moore, Herman Graff, Sallie Van Buren, Gertrude Deihl, Alice Ruclulph, Margaret Chaney. BACK ROW: Marshall Iensen, Forresl Oakes, Adrian Schellnink, Rober! Burns, Henry Ingwerson. SECOND ROW: Ioe Koszka, Dennis Gilley, Clyde Krebs, Joyce Russell, Francis Wills, lohn Mcflldowney, Martha Collier. SEATED: Warren Frebel. Doris Lloyd, and Vincil Sweuringen. STANDING: Norma Siejna, Vincil Swear- inqen, Gloris Van Wormer, Roberta Moll. Marshall Jensen, Dorothy Rozene: SEATED: Henry Ingwerson. Doris Lloyd, and Paul Clark. 'ancffb The senior class play, "Skidding," presented April 21 and 22, portrayed the life of the Hardy family, from which play the popular movie series has been adapted. William Stanley, as Judge Hardy, and Doris Lloyd, as Mrs. Hardy. were the patient parents of this democratic family who endured the difficulties of managing a family of grown up daughters and an adolescent son. Gloria Van Wormer, as Marion, the youngest daughter, was undecided on marriage to Wayne Trenton. a young engineer played by Paul Clark, or a political career. Estelle Hardy Campbell and Myra Hardy Wilcox, the two elder daughters whose marital anxieties provided the audience with many a laugh, were played by Norma Seijna and Roberta Mott, respectively. Henry Ingwersen played the role of Andy, the adolescent "kid brother" who was a continuous anxiety to both parents and sisters. Dorothy Rozene, as Aunt Milly, an old spinster: Vincil Swearingen. as Oscar Stubbins, Iudge Hardy's political advisor: and Marshall Iensen, as lovable Grandpa Hardy, completed the cast. Iean McKenzie and Adrian Schellink were co-business managers and Warren Frebel and Robert Ledell were ad- vertising managers of the production. Part of the funds received from the production was used to purchase the sen- ior class gift. Miss Lillian M. Conley directed the cast for the Aurania Rourerol performance. The Boys and Girls club play, "Seven Keys to Baldpate", written by George M. Cohan. was presented November 17th, 18th, and 19th. Funds realized from the play were used to pay for assemblies given during the ensuing year. In the 2-act thriller. Adrian Schellink portrayed William Magee, a dime store novelist, and Ioyce Russell played Mary Norton, a young newspaper reporter who "covers" the story of Magee's wild bet. Iohn McEldowney and Martha Belle Collier were the caretakers of Baldpate Inn. Robert Burns was Iohn Bland, the right hand man of Thomas Hay- den, a railroad president, played by Marshall Iensen. lim Cargan. mayor, was played by Vincil Swearingen. Doris Lloyd played the part of Mrs. Rhodes, a widow. Henry Ingwersen played the frightening Peter the Hermit. Lou Max. an ex-convict, was played by Warren Frebel. Francis Wills was the scheming Myra Thornhill, who attempted to rob Mr. Hayden of a large sum of money. Dennis Gilley, Forrest Oaks, Ioseph Koszka, and Clyde Krebs were the other members of the cast which was under the direction of Miss Lillian M. Conley. Business Managers for the production were Dorothy Rozene and George Hayes. Thornton's debaters successfully met the foe on the field of battle winning two-thirds of all debates in which they participated. The most outstanding debaters were Robert Buell, Paul Clark, Alberta Menzel. Iohn McEldowney, Virgil Parish. Milton Kaplan. Louis Kemnitz, Priscilla Copeland, Melvin Evans, and Garret Staat. Paul Clark won a degree of distinction which entitles him to wear a gold key with a ruby awarded by the Na- tional Forensic League. This League is a national honor s:-ciety concerned with speech activities foratory, debate, ex- temporaneous and interpretive readingl in high schools. Only five hundred schools are privileged to enter the League. Charter members of the League are Robert Buell, Paul Clark, Alberta Menzel, Iohn McEldowney, Garret Staat, and Mr. E. C. Ohlert. Robert Buell won a gold medal for first place among nine contestants in an interschool extemporaneous speaking contest held at New Trier High School. STANDING: Garrett Staat. Iohn Mcflldowney, Gareld Reeder, Paul Clark, Robert Buell. Melvin Evans, Louis Kemnitz, Milton Kuplan, Emil Pribula. SEATED: Wallace Tourtelotte. Evaleen Stinton, Alberta Menzel, Sheila Smith, Priscilla Copeland, Florence Kalkbrenner, Ruth Cornwall, Roland Bertrand. Le Cercle Francais enjoyed a most pleas ant year with happy-qoflucky Alice lo Kimball as its leadug ,lead Olson was vice president: Joe Charlwl. Secretary, Robert Downey, treasurer: :md Forrest Oakes, sergeant-at-arms. FO! tha' first time in the Club's history that sparkling stage revue "l-'olies Bergere" wal phsented and what a hit it mddel, Tap and ballet dances, duets, trios, lolgg, stunts, plays, and pup- pet shows Chfnpbsed a .lunusuall balanced yew. STAN and Alice Ki and y well- G: lean Olson rtlbcdlg SE D: lo Robert Ddwney. ' e Charlton Mary Guild, Program chairman Robertson, sponsor of entertainme m , and Misa tbl Latini nt whii ' oving-pict L . . . arranged tured contests. ures. an sec? Officers ot the atini were: STAN : Ruth Waterman. treasurer: Willi 3 president, SEATED: Mary Cgfizad, pfuq me airman' Robert Walker, fice-prlsIdep1FP lips, secretary. -I 'ul Phili xx-1' 5,5 Under the auspices oi Miss Hall, El Club enjoyed a sucI!S5hlJ-'ywqr ot truly Spanish activities, A1913 then? e a Christmas Party and Fresentatibn 1 an original play "Los, eyes gqgos,"'!t celebration oi Pan Am9Yican" Q, ana " terestinq discourse bl thp PM ind' n by Mr. McVey. Rho N climal a ' ar' work the "Fiesta dQ,Poesia"sbrj ry ntest was held in M532 ,With .df riet ot prizes awaiting tie Willt9ll,'ITtf o cers of tha Spanish clpbfggttli ' pl.: a , from lett to right: trbaiieb-r ey a inq, presis dent, Marti Thhqag vlpe-p s' ent, Gareld Reeder: a Qddtcty, Belt urlay. as organized last Messrs. Gamma Theta Sigma w gear by the history teachers, radner and Stegmeir, and Misses Noel ' The Club meets every other orith in the Little The- ranqe from d and Weis. Thursday ol the m crter. T e programs which movies to informal discussions are planne by the senators. one elected trom each his- tory class. Those eligible for membership are students taking, or having previously taken, iunior or senior history. STANDING: Officers Marshall Iensen, president, and Evelyn Ehlers, secretary-treasurer: SEATED' Albert Tobennan. vice-president. The German Club. directed by Mr. R. D. McWilliams, presented this year an enter- taining and educational program. Supple- menting the two outstanding parties of the year, the Christmas party and the spring outdoor picnic. were monthly meetings which featured travel talks, pictures. plays, and tetes given by guest speakers and German classes. Shown in the picture are Fern Seitz, secretary: Hoqer Iackson, president: Walter Iohnson. treasurer: and Naomi Fork, vice-president. The Bicycle Club was year under the sponsorship ot Mr. Bur Safe ' ' 's the aim oi the Club. The most ' function of the Club is its held in the mbers organized this dine. riding i t social ' hich was 150 m Har- importan crnnual picnic w Thornton forest preserves. Its e pay no dues, In order are Marshall telius, president: Henry Ravesloot, vice Rresident: Robert Peck, treasurer: Audre rueger, secretary. llO0 1 Development of student interest ln art is the principle of the Art Club. Miss Thiel and Miss Hunqar sponsor this club which is open to any one taking art. To encour- age more purchases of Christmas seals, the club decorates a store window each year. Those in the picture are Geraldine Sausa- man, Victor Culver, Harry Mech and Marjorie Waterman: SEATED: Alice Ru- dulph and Betty Turlay. I .lilil J i ' ' . -ser ! S. s- QQ 1 ' 3: K I ll iw' .X 'TEM t 7-if . K. , t a L' , 1 fk' lt i A, S awk, L Y- of-l The slogan "Safety First" is well looked alter here at Thornton by the Safety Coun- cil. The policies which this council set are carried out by the other safety organiza- tions in the school. One member at this council is chosen from each homeroom. Mr. I. W. Harney is in charge ot the Council. STANDING: Iack McPherrin, president: Iohn Haas, second vice-president. SEATED: Wesley Smith, treasurer: Betty Turlay, iirst vice-president: Marion Staton, secretary. "Come on, let's dance," has been thc- call every Friday night during 1939: and tc accommodate the clamoring youngsters, the Recreation Club under the sponsorship oi Miss Gray has been organized. Besides the weekly jitterbugqing, those who do not dance have been able to indulge in games ot ping-pong or shuttle-board. Although the Recreation Club meets every Friday niqht, various parties with the aid of a hot orchestra have been successfully presented. Norma Bugh, treasurer: Barbara Trembly. secretary: Marjorie Lloyd, vice president, Claude Anderson, president, not in picture. The Students' Study Hall Service Council srrves the high school continuously in im- proving the appearance of the study halls. Its activities consist mainly ol replacing posters and making repairs ot dictionaries, cleaning pencil sharpeners, and sponsor- inq llower sales. The club this year has been functioning under the guidance of Mrs. O, V. High in the absence of Miss btalker. STANDING: Lorraine Simnick, first vice- president: Margaret Kelo, presidenty Tom Ormsby, treasurer. SEATED: Marshall Ien- sen, second vice-president: Peggy Sultman. secretary: William Meuzelaar. The aim ol the Home Economics club spon Sored by Miss Hahn, Miss Reed, Miss Ford and Miss Bielleldt, is to provide a social hour lor the purpose oi meeting new friends as well as to provide a practical knowledge of homo economics, Commit- tees -provide entertainment for th l b e cu rueetings. The important entertainment of t 0 1 V year was the tea and style show which the Club presented lor their mothers. The most important project was the Christ- mas project lor which the members dressed dolls tor needy children. STANDING: Rosalie Kurysh, secretary: Ruth Aschbrenner, treasurer: Dorothy Wol- lard, vice-president. SEATFID: Florence Thoresen, president. Stamp collecting as a hobby appealed to a large number ot Thorntonites this year. This resulted in a large membership in the Stamp Club. Mr. Wible, club sponsor, arranged interesting entertainment which consisted ot the annual mock wedding, annual picnic and various intraclub con- tests during the monthly meetings. The aim ot the Club is to further the study ot stamp collecting in the industrial world, STANDING: William Conant, 2nd Vice Pres- iclent: Howard Bardwick, lst Vice Pres- identp Florence Thoresen, Treasurer' Iean Mackenzie, President: Sally Conant,,Secre- tary. , m K'-'ZH V? E H02 Baqfx Glad The Boys Club is governed by a student board of ten members under the supervision and advice of the dean of boys. The boys of the upper three classes elect their own representatives to the board. The seniors elect four members, the juniors three, and the sophomores two. The freshman member is appointed by the Board of Control, subject to the approval of the dean. The Boys Club officers are elected from the members of this Board. The president must be a senior and the first vice-president is always a junior. At the close of each school term the president of the Boys Club, at a Boys Club assembly, gives the Club Constitution to the iirst vice-president, to guard until school re-opens. This ceremony has become one of the traditions of the Club. All boys in the high school are members of the Boys Club. The Club sponsors many activities. When death visits the family of a member, the Club sends flowers. In conjunction with the Girls Club they present an annual play to raise funds for the Boys and Girls Club assemblies. They present an annual Father and Son Stag. The Boys Club sponsors several other organizations. They are the hall guards, the bus guards, the Hi-Y, the Chess and Checker Club, the safety squad, the Lettermen's Club, and the Bicycle Club. STANDING: William Hayes. Robert Walker Marshall Iensen, Iohn Haas, Claud Anderson: SEATED: Bayard Stevenson treasurer: Ray Vincent, second vice-presi dent: Wiliam an residen ' rin. secretary. e I l St ley, p t. Howard Ursettre, first vice-president: lack McPher The Safety Squad, sponsored by Mr. Har- ney and operating under auspices of the Boys Club, is part of a very efficient safety The members patrol the street 1 and help prevent t dents system. crossings near schoo accidents by keeping careless su from walking into automobiles. They also ' e reckless driving around school. B ron, captain: Louis . . I Cup- dxscourag G: Earl a ' ' bert Scheinmg ' ED: Art STANDIN ' aptam, Ro tain: SEAT der-in- Rudzkei, c tain: Clarence Stroh, cap Verwoy, captain: Ion Haas, comman chief: Wesley N. Edwards, 2nd Lieutenant A large membership caused the Hi-Y to divide and form two chapters this year. Mr. Roberts and Mr. Burkey were the fac- ulty advisers. ' for the year were: STANDING: 'l representative: ' 'lliam The officers 'n, counci ' - ident, W1 KI lack McPherri Donald Parker, first vice pres O'Connell, junior chapter vice-presiden Brankin, junior chapter secretary: rrin, treasurer: Her- baugh Donald SEATED: Iames McPhe bert Pelke, president: Iames Um , secretary: Harold Coxon, second viceepresi- dent all of whom were sent to the Older Boy's Conference which was held in Peoria. sponsored The Chess and Checker club, by Mr. H. I. Miller, provides an oppor tunity tor all of the boys in the school to engage in crossboard competition regard less of their ability. Picked teams play matches with other schools. At the time of ' ' ' Thornton had defeated Whiting ' ollege once without ' spot in this writing ' the junior c . other high ' l chess twice and suffering a defeat The lub's activities is the annua nament. George Quirk ' e-president the c hecker tour Canon, vlc ' Van Es. and c secretary: Harold Mills Tourtellotte, president, Iohn treasurer: are those in the picture. 1031 l104 .-Jfqftrkfq' YQ!! ff! ,F I -f I-,e"7 ?r'tl'f:r:r.fufr'! TOP ROW: Richard Case, Daniel Arndt. Norman Baumqartner, Milton Younker. Russell Reed, Wesley Pipher, Louis Westerveld, Ray Ferris, Clarence Leens- vaart: ROW THREE: Walter Shankland. Charles Hawley, Dave Staehlinq, Harry Rinkema, Donald Parker, Wayne Rock- well, Budd Daley, Edward Kulpo, George Hayes, Stewart Wallace, Emilo Maranto: ROW TWO: Harold Etien- berger, Henry De Young, Merle Smith. Frank Bauman, Robert Zeilenqa, Frank Arlaskas, Fred Milne, Claude Bonnel. Paul Gouwens, Richard York, Iohn Howarth, Roger Iackson, William Gil- bert: ROW ONE: Richard Stockwell. Iames McPherrin, Iohn Couqhlin, Iames Zimmerman, Iames Madden, Robert Tinder, Allen Besterlield, George Grif- fith, Alvin Gold, Wayne Miller, Phillip Ogden, 'li ' JJ ."n'. 'llfwffiv-rflw' I TOP ROW: Robert Schmidt, Marshall Iensen, chairman: Russell Reed, Wesely Pipher, Frank Arlaskas, Richard Har- nisch, Daniel McMahon, Charles Garry, Harold Coxon, Carl Madory, Daniel Arndt: BOTTOM ROW: Harold Geflert, Iames Umbaugh. George Hayes, Milton Younker, loe Radanovich, Donald Parker, Roger Iackson, Robert Ander- son. Olilofnwzroom Q rffafllflucfi The homeroom representatives attend to Boys Club business in the various homerooms. They collect dues and sell tickets to Boys Club affairs. When there is a death in the family of a member, the representative notifies Mr. Umbaugh. The Boys Club then sends flowers. The annual stag, held this year on February 9th, offers fathers and sons an excellent chance to become better acquainted as well as an evening of exceptional entertainment. As usual all details of the stag were left to the stag committee. Marshall Iensen was chairman. The shops and biology rooms were opened so that the guests might inspect them before the main event of the evening. Simultaneously a sound movie was shown in the Little theatre and the swimming team gave a demonstration in the school pool. At 8 p. m. the fathers and sons assembled in the auditorium. The dads were welcomed by William Stanley and Mr. George Gilley replied for the fathers. Mr. Bradner of the history department entertained with the help of Dave Simpson. William Stanley then introduced the speaker of the evening, Mr. C. I. Albrecht, explorer, who described life in Africa, illustrating his talk with slides and close range movies of many wild animals. Following Mr. Albrecht's talk the fathers and sons adjourned to the cafeteria where the stag concluded with refreshments. fi I 1 V 1 1' .tfaqf l,Qe'4Jffl f?"n'4'T' I The Boys Club Ushers are chosen by Mr. Umbauqh irom student volunteers. Their chiet job is to usher at the iootball games. They also pass out programs and help police the crowds. TOP ROW: Ralph Young, Frank Iohnson, Ralph Van Mynen, Marshall Jensen, Kenneth Stutters: SEATED: Wesley Edwards, Donald LaVette, Walter Scheihinq, Iohn Haas. , a -ext' 1 The Hall Guard Orqanization is sponsored by Mr. Umbaugh and operates under the auspices ol the Boys Club. Commancled by Iohn Sullivan, they assist visitors about the help keep the corridors clean and ts during school periods, school. clear ol studen d check lockers. ins Walter Scheihinq. tfeldt, Bernard ules GH ANDING: Capta anto, Oscar Nie a William Herc nnett, quar l'l'l ST ny Mar Zeilenq . aud Be 'stant co - ' if Antho Neubert, Earl Iohn Haas: SEATED: Ren termasteri Marshall Jensen, assi mander: Iohn Sullivan, commander-in-chie Ralph Bark, lieutenant-captain. I . A "Ms J bus guards are sponsored by Mr. subsidy ot the Boys Club. conditions in the ort mis- The Harney as Cl Their job is to improve various school buses, They rep demeanors in the buses and help preserve order. NDING: Raymond Wise, William Biel- Wise' SEATED: Wesley N. fety squad chiei: captain ol STA ieldt, Earl . Edwards, assistant sa John Zambon, Iohn Wiedemann, bus guards, Iohn Haas, chiel ot safety squad. nf 1051 T106 em . .-,IF T ,fl ' f if ' 1 f 7 .5 . ' lj. L4 -5.-fir if 'Lf- i, The Girls Club of Thornton was organized by Miss Frances Gordon in Ianuary, 1916. Before that time she had conducted a Camp Fire for high school girls: but, because there were so many girls anxious to participate in it, a Girls Club was started. The purpose of this organ- ization is to promote enterprises contributing to the enrichment of the lives of the high school girls. It is governed by a Board of Control under the supervision of Miss Wilson, dean of girls. This year's officers consist of a president, Virginia Treen, who presides over all meetings of the Board of Control and the Girls Club, a vice-president, Norma Bugh, who assists the presi- dent, a secretary, Alice Rudulph, who records all meetings, a treasurer, Gayle Choate, who attends to all receipts and expenditures. Besides these, there is a speaker of the Council, Dorothy Agnell, who presides over its meetings. There is one member of this Council in each homeroom. The Council is concerned with the matters of welfare pertaining to the club and is designed to make leaders conscious of the numerous problems of the organization. ln each homeroom there is a Division Chairman. Chairmen are presided over by Esther Kramer, the speaker of this organization. These girls keep the attendance of the other girls in their homerooms and report all absentees to the Girls Club. Then when a girl is absent three days or more, a cheery note is sent her, by the secretary of Attendance, or in case of a death in her immediate family, flowers are sent. The Board of Control assumes responsibility in all matters pertaining to the Girls Club. It determines the policies of the club and transacts business for it. The membership consists of three representatives from the Freshman class, four from the Sophomore class, five from the Iunior class and six from the Senior class. tt: Ave ,t Y te0 Qoiollaoge. I wp Buqlt' Xegn dog' Exe S0605 Betw Mgd Eqer. r. mt, em yuv tCY5m2CuPl'G QW!-Gb udieil Eimel WG? 'keen' rd- A hr ' X, - lu I Bgdulges Deaqvuqxhxgmy WOO me gnc? fron Swtortaonl DO' Choi! ' dmc' 'Cutoff -nm NYED1 CE3uYQfu,3ogtoE:,gf:'S2' glint, Vuqx SY? NDN ixdxne Ccxio STP' Gem 0Xs0n' WW' wtf' Gcylev' xx Yefgsl onablfexxa bmi . bert Bocgnczjw fxsc on - gh Q9 R yy on 'N' Skov? Sfravffiii 'K YJ 50 H ex nn mf? Wi Sm? e- 'Y 9,ue'n0,xe bei Ke GWYYKO Xdqn- WB' xo S0 e X' 80MSZ?xwec:prSho:g,i0C6kxaZixYs0n. woaissq. XN ,O A xe cum v -nswvgo Q 9 df 9 X4 'H G0 Lugo Be sh' ,G'YKx,-5 ua- b vo gghegxxezlxadisse hixsowx 52gnn0,YOgyoiE,y01f s 309, K Y' uf BVWX ec X. . xl-- W1 vijoiiiglaj gewifnaxkceiice Qxneluess Rom' Kcxzimnwk Ni' AO? NX 10h ki. G' EY' Ou TODO Bio V95-puosk . Pr 3 WL! xf? x. 9 JK XS xfq K . uti- ws 9 he Nfgeggiine neemsew' ces xv go we xox X-9 tv yGnq'. q- x Dsodcl D595 'Bexix' iwiivvn o 15' . rx' - 9 0 S X- BOTTOM H Dorothy A Hob . Phyllis Voss, Ruth McHenry, Alberta Menzel, Elsie Slellek, gnell, Mary Guild, Marjorie McGranahan, Jean Genovese, Ruih Hee erta Umbaugh, Bettie Heasor, Alga Kozlowski. SECOND HOW: Eleanor Jensen, Alice lo Kimball, Marjorie Cooke, Margare! Vandenbera, Be-Hy Hughes, Marilyn O'Hara, Diana Tholna, Yvonne Kincaid, Dorolhy Wiebke, Ediih Ralnpke, Joan Bruqqeman, Rosalie Kurysh, Mildred Wurllnan, Margaret Walker. THIRD ROW: ouise Brand, Lucille Schubbe, Betty Birkholz, Jeanne Allen, Jean Lund, Betty rhroder, Norlna Sieina, Constance Venckus, Evaleen Stinton, Lois Unruh, 2-rlrude Deihl, Virginia Crain. TOP HOW: Mary Ann Tanis. Marjorie Edwards, rrjorie Nantz, Dorothy Wrede, Ruth Aschbrenner, Dorothy Van Darn, Belle Van fn. Ruby Fredrickson, Elmira Perkins, Hira Michalski, Marilyn Rapp, Elsie lak, Rose Jean Hunt, lane Hagerman. Bar qw" wema qe 599' Bvgfiiq Hug bo' WY C YQJBGX NJ goxhgne to unoq D0 1071 'meme ood I 0 . YN ewo 9 9osoX'tN Woo U08 whom B wg mem '5 Mu fy Sho rgrid 9e- f leo n Birks E , lsie Sqe Hek , Ru Th Bee fi- ,ff I Xing? ' f' ,v V V, ,.- - 'F A 5 ,,..- ",,,,. w"'x .. ! X xml A. It L. 55,5-'iq I I, P5 J. -ij. A- by A ,tar ., L... 'buggy fi --1,1 -f Th Cha 'e W mu Ilty Welfc thes and Ofk re co als need Tha The mmi OGC S Y nk Y In nee k end fq ,Sq . Uk i :ahe gf0reStfOO15l11ieiSV11:1g ci upsb resp cts 1115 . B gn In Hd -Qsk Ons, d th d lb HQ' O rece-Y se cl e lst -efs le Wriine is Surge nfhngOthiHgC0mff1bufeu'Ch for thine leur Inc ays one tags to unit thenflst- q 9 11 Y cr th Y S. f5frQbG to'tC9 r es fo In r' eo e 0 ihfem' gncfpfofnfelignaslf Qui , Or dcfegic-1315 raise Sine er lfhe fo til' tile Peo e hel ple Pfuf .vw YQ. ex K1 oodevoe xxxx, wkoixoe oo, Xeon eok. sqm 9 2 'QW cs C soo . 024 who ode We own Cod eo eff-Koo. Gogh. Gem 'I-Jixpxoo, X,-dx-5 up kXo'o'oe. YA does, Yew Qkujxifxa 'ive Wan, YkvqXYx-5 K1 oo Qex ovmi x1XoxkeX bocv-sem, e xhoxq Gdxxd, rxoxmo X1 exxxoev eo. Y5oiXoiXe ykoixoqx Goockvoo. Co x Ooooeq. Xooofm 5 Ymovooio kfScxooq'0Ym. XXXBO YXOXN1 Xeoooe PX ylkxixqoo. 'qhoue Sowing Sxexoo. 901 yxoqd, Qxdme Ylxskckx. cQxXXe Qmomxcqe, oe YN oxviwe. bovKootN Ymoex Y 0 oiwo ewes 'Amina 0010901 P-Q9eXX, 6x-smog. xlxosqoxex Oe Boeqimq, Ykohoise Xovoeo 'E-9P4V2,9'. Coxowo Uoxx, XN e-axegvoexq, Yadno Yiuwa. 5?-C090 XKOXN 1 xskosmo xhoddonn. Woxqme 'donno 'livoexy YN exqqx Yfmex-5, Oomoxnq yhooze , 'bexxe YN ow-woo. 'X Yoxmei, Ykuco bone, Pmxxo shade Xloqy Kee-seo, Yzexkq Scxwodex, YXNXRS Beddxoq, owne. Xeon Yocxnosd, Ooix-5 PM me-on, xkoixohe YGYX XKOXN-. Qoxoxxxq 'iqxey Oommq Tice, My X14 excxx, vhosqoxex Yaoqxxoeen. Xeon YNXXQ1, Ov: o wk s, Xeoqxexke xox-soo, xkovoemxe x56XX2"l. 0oNo1e-5 YXYYYX ?xOKN', Nxce Xocoxoe, '5oXX O' Connex , G-mom, Yaekxe Godiva-5, xxomkaqe, Bxxmeq Q, 'Amen SQXKQN oov-. STANDING: Eleanor Reyelts, Constance Venckus: SEATED: Marjorie McGranahan: STANDING: Florence Lau: FILING: Beatrice Phillips: TYPING: Doris Redding: STAND- ING: Lillian Ferguson. and Vida Freese. fl ,xiOQMt1QQ5xfE5,o QQK A ' , hoeven, Ruth Bachmann, Elizabeth Maddox. YJ gy h 40. Goo. 5 'ilgxoftel 90230 6069 .' NX XXKx9W,,o'Q oe. ,ow 80926 V281 9 Yxofpeiei, gofggieokixvowl ioxvylxxgxgvwonn . we 99 kv Ge 00 X' of-xl xv! rv ew '09 fa- eiq' 9 yigfwollflf' SLN " liqgiiretliwtt 'gg YAC woo Ykocerne toox. . Dfw' ff-6'RX4llKv9l0w1X0'p92C3 'Y VON VQXQIXBQSXKCYNQW SSN Boiek 85 qeivoie F Q16 ,A wo! qeooln qi qvqx YO emu. W a6t'+- cp" sod se doo Gov-W 9, a if fl . f J sorts? www . . .f 1'f'f+. 7'-f... dy I ld is J J is ig ,-'J WP f If R 1-iff, A if :HY .17 Ji .rc to r1i44,4i..ccii.- 'fl' This committee consists of secretaries, hostesses, custodians, marshals, and secretaries of attendance. The hostesses take charge of visitors who come to our school. They show them around, introduce them to the teachers, and make them feel as much at home as possible. The secretaries do the clerical and stenographical work that is always necessary in so large a club as the Girls Club. The custodians have charge of the Girls Club property and see that everything in the office is neat and orderly. The marshals preside at the assembly. They open the doors, show the girls to their seats, and generally keep order. The secretaries of attendance record the absentees on the attendance slips turned in by the division chairmen. They write letters to the girls who are sick, or in case of a death, the Girls Club sends flowers. Marion Welch, Ruth Santeiort, Beatrice Phillips, Edna Ver 109l i110 LEFT TO RIGHT: Dorothy Aqnell, Muriel Lockrem, Geraldine Sausaman, lane Miller, Virginia Treen. Norma Siejna, Bette Workman, Bette Hansen, Roberto Mott, Gloria Van Wormer, Bette Turlay, Dorothy Tyler, Phyllis Palmer, and the two pages Vera Halez and Roberta Umbauqh. SEATED: Margorie McGranahan, Elsie Steftek, Elizabeth Fairbairny Standing: Norma Siejnag Seated pourinq tea: Katherine Burr: Standing dressed in colonial costumes: Marion Goodman and Dorothy Agnell: seated behind them: Norma Bugh, Marqorie Cooke, Fern Seitz, Dorothy Hozene, Gayle Choate, and Carolyn Doll. Every year a May Queen is chosen from the Iunior girls. Our May Queen was Bette Workman, who was crowned by the previous year's Queen, Bette Hansen. Teas are an important factor oi the Girls Club. They include one for the mothers, one for the faculty, two for the honor students and several for the board of control. The junior service award, a purple and White bar pin, is given to girls who have won their white and purple "T" pins during their freshman and sophomore years respectively, and who have participated in some outstanding service during their junior vear. They must have a clear title in the junior class and must pass a test on the history, constitution and ideals ofthe Girls club. At a scholarship assembly held every semester, girls who have received an A in tour solids for one semester receive a key pin with one purple bar: and for every semester after that, another bar is added. When she completes tive semesters of A's, she is given a gold key. If a girl attains seven semesters of A's, her name is engraved on the Scholarship cup kept in the Dean's office. The Activity Point Commission records the activities of the Freshmen and Sophomores. When they earn 40 points, the Freshmen receive a white "T" pin and the Sophomores a pur- ple "T" pin. ' ,. A . , Q, n" 0? ' 1 Q' f 6 z,, . Q ka, QVQ LS X i I E I Hs g any 5 1 'ix "' , ' Y " 'S ' Q A SX Q . -K wxtwtx s 'R . wi A 'T ig ,sy Q 'F Q 44 XS Q tb' 5: 'Q A ' 1 W at 'ks' V V' X X as 3:51 'W K k 1. YX"iQ-jf .V x 1 K . V- K . X v x S x yy -A xJ QQQFEGYEEGEQ Q , LEX . J 'E my A I x, . I I N av K evjpkj Rx ax, K www ff 9 Q O Q . K X , f x 'f F 4 2 Q J N 5, 3 Q A 1 W Y .. ,.. , ,N N ,I 4 1 S f I X., x YI i- f i - I l X,- 1 1 ' UI bmw - ef. -s. 4 .1 .At 1 ,Y f ' Very year it is a tradition of the rnton Girls Club to have a Fresh- an Stand-Up. It is so called, because lx jhe freshmen girls especially are wel- x l I s ix comed, and so many girls are present that they cannot sit but must stand. Each Stand'Up is started with a gen- erallhandshaking around the gym, which is followed by the crowning of lthe Stand-Up Queen who is always the president of the Girls Club. This year's queen, Virginia Treen, was given her pillow by the freshman representative Mitzi Meurisse. Virginia was robed by the sophomore representative, Betty Mills, crowned by the junior repre- sentative Marjorie lohnson, and given her scepter by the senior representa- tive, Fern Seitz. Following the crowning of the queen the freshmen are given favors, and then stunts are presented by each class. After they are finished, a grand march takes place and refreshments are served. The rest of the afternoon is spent in dancing. Stand-Up Queen Virginia Treen and her two pages Sheila Smith and Jewel Hynberk. mmime, Genovese' vxrqmlf . aft neY' 1,015 ROviafleM9ElflOwstin'0"' rem fell, l ymrione ckvem' Mur- Yegnnersf Muriel EQLATEDZ O,-tv. lgischmflnfkx Reed-Hexen Sifhlqyycr. Sanz, Bghdneyixwn Doipthil Phyttis ' ' ef. Qillii .M?f,fx:5tG'te Wx Naomi Putman fulztbd TOP ROW: Sally Conant, Lillian Weqener. Mary Guild, Bette Cad- mus, lean Birks, Marjorie johnson, Mary Shorlridge, SEATED: Bett Sexton, Norma Bugh, Elizabeth Kall- weit, Phyllis Redding, Betty lean Miller, Marjorie Lloyd, Carolyn Doll. BELOW: Helen Portz and Harriet Reich. S TOP ROW: Helen Spilsbury, Mari- lyn Rapp, lean Miller, Mari-Iyn O'Hara, Ann Perry, Jean Carrier, Helen Haworth, Betty Mills. SEATED: Charlotte Ball, Betty Hughes, Alma Kemnitz, Ruth Flickinger, Priscilla Copeland. Marie Siebelt, Nancy Peasley. afnafze S 414-if 4484401541 Sian! TOP ROW: Betty Birkholz, Inez Taylor, Shirley Fethke, Mitzi Meu- risse, Marqarette Davis, Dorothy Inqle, Shirley Gross, Margaret Bloom. MIDDLE HOW: Dallys Ed- wards, Dorothy Aired, Iean Berta, Betty Dunham. Ruth Alm, Martha Cann, Mildred Carlan. BOTTOM ROW: Norma Watson, Buth Cor- lew, Winilred Logan, Betty Brown, loann Bierovic, Betty Courtney, Kathryn Binette. sn s. . 31 ! -xv X To Sr P S '11, RO leepfoohl W. Sigh Wsk Fe fnoceni, "czb'1'I S ' le Ov Vit Q11 ei, cz 9 9 ? 2, " 5ia,E':sgi?rgi'gw,i , T i, s s C OM, on L M , Q crro1YnRgf1ZYfgigourn 011: M 0115062 D , M::g,Uflggifhin2q?,hy 'ef' p.liQ S W- HO fck Gb 50661, Qhqfelefh Ngfe , ' L Sen E1iZ1VIQd H0013 ' Dogbegjox W. Reich Oth fi A Y Q Pr .Ud' E . Br llwnlc 'e dl! ow ei e y h n 1, BHG s,eHQ E evils, Veglbk "y YV gone' E Hoonn r v be B Pr ale 'rs Kinqncsn ' NWS' rm , cz ' U A e I D Lgmy v nw QKYX HOW 3 cCoq , cokxk 2 OW: Xokm oskei, Xo Rum. L Boqex, Swan Wcmoce, home! ei. Chodes ?ecox, Wayne Bo -son: 'YHXBD BONN1 XNcxXXcxce 'Yov Chodes Lomben, Benq Ymskex. 'YH BONN: Nh. Txensxxcx, Xomes 'bbek Thomas Xlempk, Xlemxexh Econ Sknex, Xomes Madden. Bowen GvXsv1oXd, Bobetk Cione 5 epi m s. X38 H X D. ex, 114 'Y O de 'Y o Nw mon Y O seh 'YE . oe q Cho Xomes Hoxom W Ckxodes 'Bm Xoseph 'hompw Nl on NYxXXkqo0. Bus KNiXYxom Piknceg SEB Dcxwenbetq. Ylcxmexkne S xx owexs-, Youesx Wexch. woo, Xcxme-5 Thoxskeod. Dansk Chupmon. Noxmo Schumer. Xen Be-atexhem, coXson. Con Deiounq. Rmb Robe Die Keck. rum, K PA n NK e ' ne, ex X B o B is . oh O10 5Xex Looe. XN cm Robe: vuqmx Lonqhu enqk. X met, KN cm O KOCH don Pw Dom ens, Y oxlexn Bcxmhxse . Yekdeq SE-COND cV.vleXX, Bqion NX ikekokke. Nom NK Louks Heck, N' NXcCo1mkck, Gox Xvetson. WHXXGKTY Mohan Goxwl , Xoseph Eakmmons. Mr. Bur ' Heed, W' ss Martin Hughes Cho kevexdg' B 15' wa, M Cx. n .,xJXSg"kxG Bt 5 1- YA wa' MK ke sun c Ik,,R ' "' I s :'- A! ri'- 5 . Y. . win wig V' mes' W . Sxooch' W? V1.9 o- wish, Kun 2 DQTYPWS Y' E5 Q. Q. 1 5 U15 w,1xC:tif'q oufxqweg' Y ' 15' Ps, Is- I N5 - M?:?nkf3XeY M x4Giw0Qg. ' Dx X. ANL. Nus- ST s- . YA! W0 vo TOP H Hu OW: ssell Mi dine, Miss Wczterrnon, Mr. Brookl y, Mr. Fling, Mr. i hr, Mr. M'11s, Mr. Br d 1, illium Stanley: SECOND HOW: Miss ilroy, Virgil Pczrishelohn Haas, Joe Chcsetgi, , Miss Keating, Iolnes Urnbough, lack McPher1in, Mr. Ulnbqughf BOTTOM HOW: Betty , Norma Hugh, leon Scuphoin, Giorio Brockfnan, Mczrshull lensen. Virginia Treen, Gayle Qte, Miss Wilson. 7 -ffl E 1151 v 40:53 lgd0,zho'i, W2 " -., izlfw 'Nu as fl ' Ah ' o'l f X l 7 Q K, MM, ? , ,, , ,A 'X 1 .-f'-. ' 'N 'wifi- -.J r I I 1 ye Min? gh' defnxfl " xo' PJ' 0 D- MCQa2w2?'Sif-Sr yd NN' n' en, 'al Y' Ge'cxe"f0xxa0Q31 id ugatqghn . ruexd x0'g00 Huw' 1. kow ggb 1S:,:'A?,1gsYxh5y0:.'J:xcen X. :ef?2X:2d'ei:?m01g:Snnif' R ye gn in' 'Y 59' hie QV' G B'h0pel- umedf B 510 n- 1- QC we gf-15h xx Buuggicgaiexge ,ssobild Wsse Rf2?4x3'wgofwf5,35ig421wHgL'w" B a 9 Q gn 1'h'x.Y- U9 DTT 6 9 SUXDD Cfsgncxs 221185512 zlexy. Lu TOP now: Bob Shumard, Harold Sant I rt, K th P , H' lz d Ch I! , B b D ' Tony De Mayo, loe Haines, Bob Kluthf gdwofgnlgfovegwgfgreni cgvely, lcfllowocld S?mi:fe1iQ1gz5fgcggCi:f' 101111 Mcffelree, Albert Hoover, James Berry, Byron Mc-Coy, Robert Pearson, Leonard D ve Ted Myslrwrec, Reber! Donelson, Walt ' ' ' U Y. lohn Robafto- er Hose, Wlllmrn Pr1nce,' BOTTOM HOW: Ernil Clrpriotti Clyde L ' Blanc-,Hrryli ,H I , F ', b , ' 1 -' 0 Fischer, ,ahh Brzgzyonglmei-Ee Cgishfliay sms Ro err Schworrzkopf Eddze Me lf, P lr P , o Managers, Holler and Mc-Phernn. ny mn ,qua muh! 18 3? WC PW A ., ,,i, Q . , A , J 1 ft W Wg? ,K fy is ,. , ,,, , . K -'TF '3 J' ' 5? 'X X f'51LbN Q A ff, M . I W A an M' 4 A ' 9 E Sflgjmx ,fpf x E' 4" ,. N , J v- 1 - ,,., i 'fl pg ' XAMQDQX f . 4 ' ffhmx 5 v m 5Q X , . A Y J QJJQESX . v 'K J xx A fp, fs' ' gi Q -ny '. , ' ' 11 iv? K 3 N 'X .fa ig x ka I 3 1' 5 1 ' T Z, :Q N54 ,fm ' fb! Ax L wffdcy V' s Q X awww . f fin V E .5 4 k s, Bafrlaefdall Coach Thielen B. Huddlestun's ponies finished the 1938-39 season with three wins and nine defeats to their credit to take sixth place in the South Suburban league. Badly crippled through the loss of last year's regulars, they were unable to form a clicking combination. Hopes for a championship team in the lightweight division soon dwindled. After dropping their first game to Calumet City Blue Island ..., Bloom ...... Lockport .... Argo ..,.. Thornton .. Kankakee .. ILIGHTSI South Suburban League Final Standings W ,.,.l1 ,. 8 .. 7 .. 5 .. 3 ., 3 .. 2 L Pct. l .917 4 .667 5 ,583 5 .500 7 .300 9 .250 6 .250 I120 Ioliet, there followed defeats by Fenger, Ioliet and Bloom. The ponies then took Fenger and won their first league game from Lockport by a score of 23 to 21. Calumet City and Argo stopped the lights, but they came back to show some real form in defeating Kankakee 29 to 24. The South Suburban leaguers ran rough-shod over the Purple for the next six games. The lights whipped Blue Island in their final game and avenged a 27 to 25 defeat in a "sudden death" overtime which they suffered earlier in the season. In a non-conference game a combina- tion team of lights and heavies dropped a 26 to 24 decision to the five from Roosevelt High. Only two regulars, Louis Macaluso and lack McPherrin, are graduating this year. The three regulars upon which Coach Huddlestun will build next year's team are Bud Ursettie, Dave Staehling and Bob Martin. Tho Kd mio' vs nknkee. LIGHTS TOP HOW: Bill Anderson, Harry H a Chinewicz, Claude Anderson, Do V tt BOTTOM ROW: Paul Mather, Bob M tn Macaluso, David Staehling, Ioh So e a k McPherrin. VARSITY BASKETBALL TOP ROW: lack Conant, Ge Merle Smith, Frank Bauman, William Ber- berian, lack Tieri: BOTTOM ROW: Dick Case, Iohn Sullivan, Ray Vincent, Bob Bauman, Iohn Luttrell, Bob Parish. Thornton VS- Joliet ne Cravens. tHEAVIESl South Suburban League Thornton .... Bloom .,..., Final Standings W ll Lockport ....... . . Calumet City . . . .. Blue Island . . . . .. Kankakee , Argo . . . Pct. .917 750 700 333 250 250 200 A string of eleven victories against one defeat gave Coach K. I. Lipe's Purple Cloud undisputed possession of the South Suburban league crown. The Lipemen broke even in their six non-league games, defeating Fenger twice and Decatur once while dropping two to Ioliet and one to Roosevelt. The sole conference defeat felt by the Wildcats came on the Chicago Heights floor at the hands of Bloom, their tradi- tional rivals, with a 32 to 20 score. The Thornton quintet was by far the largest in the league, averaging about six feet one inch in height and weighing 185 pounds. This advantage in height was an important factor in their cham- pionship drive. The season's campaign of eighteen games netted the Lipemen fourteen vic- tories and 576 points while their oppo- nents won four games and scored 451 points. Thornton breezed through the regional tourney at Chicago Heights, taking Blue Island 32 to 25 in the quarter finals, Lockport 31-27 in the semi-finals, and Ioliet 24 to 20 in the deciding game. They were put out in the first round of the Ioliet sectional by Coal City with a 38 to 34 score. Ray Vincent is the sole survivor of the championship quintet. Ray led the scoring this year with 159 points and will probably be the spark plug of next year's offense. Coach Lipe will prob- ably build the rest of the squad from the freshman second team which he was grooming this year. 21 l122 Numerous factors have given the 1939 golf s d h qua c ampionship hopes. In pre-season rounds Mr. Beeman, olf c h ' g oac , came up with four 70 shooters who provided a backbone for a good team. The golfers revealed their abilities in their first three h l matc es, beating Lockport 9Vz to 8 fz, Hammond 12 to 9, and Calumet City lBVz to IV2. The boys on the green below comprised the playing team. Reserves were Willard Schmidt, Henry Ingwersen, Francis De Vries, Hardy Griffith, and Fred Templin. The Purple net team, under Coach F. W. Ring, looked forward to a successful season after winning its first three matches. It also sent four men, Bill Stanley, Norman Bama, Russell Ahrens, and Bill Scupham to the semi-finals of the state district tournament at Ioliet. They will meet opposition from Lockport, Argo, Blue Island, and Calumet City, and on Tune 3, will enter the South Suburban league meet at Lockport. Stanley, Barna and Ahrens played singles. Doubles teams were Clark and Scupham, and Phillips and Berschinski. Bill Meyer, Harold Geffert and Robert Naas were reserves. 'S' Qolll . Y- ' Louis Miilcxllliulumlfliblo 'iz mo gow ' 't 10 Rlclllgrson' P31G'le5ux. rx lFlg::1tsO9' Edge Catllomg 4 fl y IV 'H t CW' ' Yduwxtlwm uilhom' Y' OW.: witttomtafem Vgllfom CxllnBl"' ROW: 5' W os. B Be!! TO? xx Ahrenen go Cxdude trait... Thgixgix 55190. NO' TOP ROW: William Willis, Karl Treen, Richard Charlton, Iames La Rue, Marian O'Grady, Ward Besteriield, George Whitney, David Fraser, Tunis Holleman, Lawrence Traub, Bernard Neubert, Charles Badqely, Charles Woodrich, Robert Jensen, Henry Ravesloot, Byron McCoy: THIRD ROW: Anthony Ungari, Richard Harding, Roy Thoreson, Willard Hiatt, Clarence Stroh, Bernard Saalman, Richard Lawton, James Phillips, William O'Connell, Karl Portz, Robert Kluth, Bernard Traub, Iohn Coughlin, James Madden: SECOND ROW: William Hercules, Kenneth Nelson, Marvin Kutscher, William Powers, Fred Milne, Eugene Dalenbelq. Ernest Roy, Ralph Stansel, Merle Roy, Iohn McConnell, lack Conant, lack Herrick, Quentin Tyler, loseph Koszka: BOTTOM ROW: Charles Cayer, Ernst Berry, Donald Lassen, Robert Walker, Ralph Davis, Robert McCoy, Robert Parish, Roger Griswold, Kenneth Stutters, Gene Cravens, Robert Klinkhammer, Frank Van Etten. Charles Armington, Wilbert Marks. The 1938 track season opened on April 2 with the Oak Park relays. The sprint medley relay team of Claude Kinsey, Iack Iones, Lew Hammers and Nat Iohnson placed fifth. A dual meet at home on April 27 with Calumet City resulted in a victory for Thornton by a one-sided score of 86 to 45. The meet was marked by Kinsey's time of 10.1 seconds for the 100 yard dash, a time which he bettered later on in the season. In the first travelling meet, April 29, Thornton was defeated by Kankakee's larger and more experienced team. The Purple lost to Ioliet, May 3, the winners tallying B5 points to Thornton's 59. lack Ginter won the low hurdles, Kinsey the dashes, Lew Hammers the 880 and Iim Spencer the broad jump. Thornton suffered their third straight loss on May 5, University High winning with a five point margin, 59 to 54. Bob Bauman threw the discus 116 feet for first place. Thornton won fourth place in the district meet at Kankakee, May 13, and in the final dual meet of the season they succeeded in defeating the Bloom runners, 66 to 47. The senior squad placed third behind University High and Kankakee in the conference meet at Stagg Field, May 28. Kinsey tied the South Suburban league record for the 100 yard dash winning the event in 10 seconds flat. He also tied the League record for the 220 with a time of 22.2 seconds. To climax his day's work, Kinsey broke a record of ten years standing for the 440 with a time of 50.2 seconds. Graduation will leave Coach K. I. Lipe with relatively few experienced trackmen with which to build next year's team. Although handicapped by a shortage of returning lettermen, Coach K. lack Lipe succeeded in building a championship junior track team in 1938. The boys who brought the trophy to Thomton are Raymond Vincent, weights, Iohn Storrie and Dennis Gilley, jumping events: Don Lassen, 660 and dashes: Rex Iones and Robert Walker, dashmen: and Robert McCoy, hurdler. The relay team was composed of Iones, Vincent, Walker and Lassen. Thornton overwhelmed Calumet City in its first home meet April 27, and defeated Kankakee in the first out-of-town meet, April 29. When University High came on May 5, Thornton suffered its only loss of the season by a 54-33 score. The relay team won first place at the district meet held at Kankakee, May 13, and Vincent took fourth in the shot put. Thornton ran over Bloom, its ancient rival, at Chicago Heights on May 17. The Purple, scoring 52 V2 points, won the league meet, held at Stagg Field, May 28. This meet saw Thornton smash a fonner league record of 48 seconds flat for the junior 440 yard relay, the local boys doing it in 47.4 seconds. 123 The Thomton baseball squad, under the tutelage of Coach Frank Froschauer, began its 1939 season with a .250 average lor the first four league games played. Alter suffering a non-conference loss to Morton. the Thornton nine took its first South Suburban league game April 27 from Lockport in a 22 to 1 Wildcat slugfest. On May 5 Thomton encountered the Bloom nine and were defeated in a pitcher's duel 4 to 1. Three Bloom runs were uneamed. The Purple clashed with Argo May 9 but lost 12 to 9 in a slugtest lor both teams. They also lost a return game on the Argo diamond 6 to 5. BASEBALL SCHEDULE Thornton's swimming team climaxed another success- ful season by winning the South Suburban league cham- pionship for the third consecutive year. The team under the direction of Coach Frank E. Froschauer won nine meets while losing only two. The losses were suffered at the hands of Danville and Horace Mann of Gary. Thornton swimmers amassed a season's total of 424 points against 302 for their opponents. Graduation will take lettermen Bennett. Iohnson, Schmidt, Clark, and Ingwersen. Returning lettermen will be Gilley, Wurtman, Hazlehurst, Claussen. Kipley, and Fisher. SEASON SCORES Raaeddl April Morton Here April Lockport Here May Bloom Here May Argo Here May Argo There May Pullman Tech Here May Morton There May Pullman Tech There May Bloom There May Blue Island There Iune Lockport There Iune Blue Island Here Ian. T'I'HS Whiting 22 Ian. TTHS Washington 24 Ian. TTHS Calumet City 28 Ian. TTHS Danville 43 Ian. TTHS U High 21 Feb TTHS Calumet City 30 Feb. TTHS ' .Horace Mann 32 Feb TTHS Whiting 21 Feb TTHS Washington 29 Feb. TTHS U High 18 Feb TTHS Horace Mann 34 TOP ROW: Robert Grue- ter. lack Teiri, Ioe Fox. Robert Schaefer, Bernard Neubert, Walter Ross, lohn Chinewicz. Ray- mond Arendt: MIDDLE ROW: lohn Kordewich, Thomas Ormsby. Iack Dainton. Harry Rinkema. Charles Church, lack Hartman, Edward Shea. Howard Ursettie, Wesley Edwards: BOTTOM ROW: Clyde Le Blanc, Stanley Wishba. Donald Iohnson, Merle Smith, Robert Mar- tin, lohn Banovich. Wil- liam Tompkins. Swz TOP ROW: Donald Kip- ley. Leigh Fisher, Warren Claussen. Renaud Ben- nett, Edward Hazlehurst. Robert Schmidt. Wesley Edwards: MIDDLE ROW: Dennis Gilley, Walter Wurtman. Paul Clark. Henry Ingwersen, Donald Johnson, Robert Naas. Eric Bergstrom: BOTTOM ROW: William McConnell, Charles Woodrich, Wal- ter Deichen, Charles Arm- inqton, Clarence Stroh. Harry Hobbs. lohn My- lenki. TOP ROW: lack McPherrin, Bayard Stevenson, Howard Prince, Anton Buben, Louis Mac- aluso, Donald Larsen, Bud Ursettie, Claude Anderson, Dona.d Johnson, Howard Fulton: SEC- OND ROW: Ray Arendt, Iohn Stojak, Iohn Sullivan, William Meyer, Iohn Storrie, Renaud Bennett, Carl Madory, Merle Smith, Robert McCoy, Robert Schmidt: THIRD ROW: William Stanley, Raymond Berry, Lawrence Traub, Thomas Ormsby, Robert Bauman. Bernard Neu- bert, Rex Iones, Harry Rinkema, Frank Arlaskas, Paul Clark: BOTTOM ROW: Budd Daley, Robert Parish. Dick Case, Marian O'Grady, Charles Church, Norman Barna, James La Rue, jerry McCullough, Richard Ahrens, Iohn Luttrell, Eddie Peoples. Bob Bauman was elected to lead the Lettermen's club, Thornton's main athletic organization, this year. Other officers were Iohn Sullivan vice president, Ray Vincent secretary-treasurer, and Iohn Luttrell sergeant-at-arms. Membership in the club is confined to the boys who were awarded letters in football, basketball, baseball, track, swimming, tennis, and golf. The membership totals about 75. Funds for the club are realized from the sales of ice cream and candy at all the home basketball games. An annual banquet is held at which all letter winners are announced. At the banquet, various Big Ten and other well known coaches are the guest speakers. A picnic and initia- tion comes the following week. Coach Lipe is sponsor of the club. 3 ws' was ff , Q ,iv lsi H26 Q. A nz. The Girls Athletic Association tends to make leaders, good sportswomen, fair players and independent girls. The girls used the entire year for their activities, as they shun the evil of idleness. Basket- ball skill was matched at a playday held Ianuary 28, when Thornton's junior-senior girls beat Calumet City 13 to 10 and tied Bloom 9 to 9. The freshman-sophomore girls beat Bloom 12 to 10 and were defeated by Calumet City 8 to 9. At special events during the year the members receive awards which are heartily earned. The first award is a 3" set of numerals corresponding to the year the girls are graduating. After greater effort the 3" T is awarded. Last is the 5" T which is the highest honor a G.A.A. member can receive. A number of motion picture films have been purchased this year. They will be left at Thornton for future use and to build up the library of films for the Association. When swimming stars like Ann Alexander, whose skill is the result of vigorous prac- tice, hold the state record for five years, the G.A.A. can well be proud. Soccer has cultivated a number of stars. The following girls have played together since their freshmen year and have never lost a game: Edith Mitchell, Ann Alexander, Norma Hillyer, Iune Kallestad, Lillian Hodge, Evelyn Mullen, Margaret Kelo, Ethel Bookham, and Violet Fontechia. wie, gvelinn H0 der. UNO p,xe10Qgxv1 2' ' B90 gmc Vee. . I N0 Doiotrxgxexcgbnxechxa Kon Smtzgtdfiqet' vx NV-1' 5127 , tx. psi yhichi-YQD5 . Edith. 59 WG' wiwn 589 H2 tx- Sgeiugxumbuus Robe P RO W' Bette T Man I irginia ay. MQ ' ielhbai 9Qret K FOTTO He 'e . V' url e Z' ar Crain. Lilian Crowder, Ann Klirnala, Bette ean Case, Gloria nsen, Dale S ilsbur rjorie Stinton, Evaleen Stinton, Sheila Srnith, Gertrude Vogler, Frances Wills, lane-?C MIDDLE now: Alice Wilson, Doris Bruhn, Frances Certnalc, Marie Troller, Sarah elo, Marion Voss, Mary Alice MacCaa, Margaret Vandenberg, Helen Schwanlr, Iren M ROW: Huth Mae Triemszra, Orva Mae Watkins, Mary Dewey, Betty Durizzi, lean L' fl Ruth Haworth, Lillian Ferguson, Jean Lund, Elizabeth Hoelrstra, Alice Hudulph, 1? Y, QYGIV Evan e Pete illian oberta S, !'S'0n,' Sh h , Umbiieghii 's Lol, xi'oM"nH Mop- -A X' of ne xo Nu oe'3?,S25g53W3. 55334 ef , XOGI X10 gon awlun G. W5 NO vis S XeLXN Kc 691 H9 e5'm1' EY' ne vows' A e"M1koxFY-N W 1, vxec ' PJXSY Y Getaqgkchex Yon G- oi th eq o 1 ei 1 0 u M. x QXN DOQOX Y-X 801 V10 . n y Axon' ef ieyqvo Ed . STXWS xdq ud V ef' ham yo 0,11 Prnshndook Shack- Xexex B L9 Ps ex . Ygghve' 1271 l- I ' I1 '1 .X CF I PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY Physicians and Surgeons C. C. COHRS, M. D. PHILIP G. THOMSEN, M. D. S' E' FRASER- M' D' 13614 Indiana Ave. Phone Riverdale 64 A. R. ANDERSON, M D. E. SI. Pl'l0l'l8 Harvey T. H. M. D. C- A, WALVOORD, M. D. 2993 Ridge Road Phone Homewood 971 15840 S. Park Ave. Phone Harvey 139 FREDERICK WEISS, M. D. T- 0- CANTWELL- M- D- THEODORE GIESE, M. D. 116 E. 154th St. Phone Harvey 546 166 E. 154th SL Phone Harvey 690 E. A. HARRIS, M. D. F- F- LUDWIG. M- D- RUDOLPH D'ELIA, M. D. 168 E. 154th St. Phone Harvey 298 16-I E. l54'h St. Phone Harvey 474 HERBERT JANSON, M. D. C, H, JANSON, M, D, GEORGE W. SCUPHAM, M. D. 1952 Ridge Road Phone H0l'l16W00d 291 i 1952 Ridge Road Phone Homewood 291 Dentists DR. N. A. KINGSTON DR. E. C. PAULSEN 182 E' 154th S" Phone Harvey 97 Ridge 81 Dixie Phone Homewood 1043 DR. GUILLERMO GALLEGOS 13702 Indiana Ave. Phone Riverdale 14 DR. BENJAMIN W. HUGHES DR- E. A. RHIND 171 E. 154th St. Phone Harvey 463 1952 Ridge Road Phone Homewood 495 nn. CLARENCE E. SIMON DR- LUTHER HUGHES Harvey Theatre Bldg. Phone Harvey 543 160 E. 154th St. Phone Harvey 929 Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat E. E. DILLON, M. D. CLARENCE A. HERCULES, M. D. 1954 Ridge Road Phone Homewood 884 15402-06 Turlington Ave. Phone Harvey 96 Osteopath DR. F. J. MURPHY 15320 Center Ave. Phone Harvey 799 Lawyers HENRY C. PIEL LAMBERT 8: DONAHUE Security Building Phone Harvey 174 148 E. 154th St. Phone Harvey 880 130 Keep YOUI' Falllily PERMANENTLY happy by having All Beauty Work dom' at Portable Typewnters Y VOCUE BEAUTY SALON 161 East 154th Stn-et H1'f""Y 60 First door west of bank GOUD HOME CUUKINC "' SENIOR CLASS TOMPKINS TEA ROOM HARVEY THEATRE 15328 Center Avenue Phone 3532 15408 Center Street WE CAT:-:R TO PARTIES l Harvey, Illinois , 1 , . , f " 41 1 . , f ,.. . ' ' '-' ' . , 5 ,. ' ,S f' Stt,. .M ' Y ,r SOUTH SUBURBAN SAl"EWAY LINES, INC. . l Ulllvvz 215 East 154-th Street 'l't-lt-plxom-S Harvey 51 mul lntf-roceun 97-H .je-' if I 5 Frequent Servive Between Chit-ago, Blue Courteous and Efficient Drivers. Safe and L fl Island, Harvey, Chicago Heights Comfortable Coaches. Call Us for and Crete Charter Service 131 From the ramhling yellow schoolhouse Go jhur hunelreel seventy graduates. Some will come to fame ana' honor,' Some may win the nation's laurels. Each will mahe the worla' arounel him Seem a hetter place to line in H he spreads the Thornton Spirit- Eoer hehbful cheerful hinel QS zz STANDARD PHOTO ENGRAVINC1 COMPANY 337 WEST MADISON STREET CHICAGO 132 ALOHA Conservatory of Music EIFIIIGIIIJY-I. Proferriomzl, and Tearhen' Counter Hawaiian Guitar-Piano Accordion- Spanish Guitar, Etc, Harmony-Arranging-Improvising Instruments Furnished PHONE HARVEY 1404 15404 TURLINGTON AVE. HARVEY, C. S. STOW Hard1z'are Pain! Glarr 108 East 154th Street Harvey, Ill. Tel. Harvey 183 TO THE SENIOR CLASS We appreciate your pat- ronage and wish you the greatest of success in fu- ture undertakings . . . J. A. BASTAR jeweler and Optometrirt 171 EAST 154TH STREET HARVEY, ILLINOIS ILL. COMPLIMENTS DARR COAL Br SUPPLY Phone Harvey 1700 or Homewood 700 Our Motto: - - WE AIM TO PLEASE - - H E L E N ' S SHOP FOR WOMEN "In The Hear! of Harvey" PHOENIX HOSIERY-KAYSER GLOVES FORMFIT CORSETS-DRESSES SUITS-LINGERIE THE BROADWAY AUTO SUPPLY 15301 BROADWAY HARVEY, ILLINOIS Phone 399 For Over 15 Years Electrical Contractors and Dealers in Frigidaire The Hoover Easy Washers and Ironers YOUR PATRONAGE APPRECIATED JOHNSON ELECTRIC CO. 1850 RIDGE ROAD HOMEWOOD Telephone Homewood 266 MOYER SERVICE STATION Dealer: in STANDARD PRODUCTS GREETINGS TO ALL THORNTON GRADUATES For Belief Health, Wealth and More Surrey! Eat Our Ire Cream Phone Harvey 3527 MORRISON'S Park' Main and 153 Street 15407 Lexington Phone 5500 TIMMONS FURNITURE Youthful Beaufy COMPANY HOMEWOOD BEAUTY SHOPPE 15310-12 CENTER AVENUE TELEPHONE HARVEY 36 PAYE MAXWELL, pnopr 1949 Ridge Road Everything for the Home HOMEWOOD Phone 295 CONGRATULATIONS from IX DAIRY COMPANY 15427 CENTER AVENUE TELEPHONE HARVEY 45 13 4 Pardon the shouting hut we uvtnt you to hrzou' fthotzt the extrtzordimzry .fero- ive we retzder oztr cztrtorrterf UWM tfexigtzery and prodztrerf of quality printing with zmufzttzl fttfilitief fhr pztttirtg zoorh through in record time D F Keller 81 Company anus mmm Blvd 135 n Success and Happiness To Tloe Class of 1959 CU? RIDGE STUDIOS 11927 YALE AVENUE CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Official Photographer For Class of 1939 TELEPHONE PULLMAN 3287 136 DID YOU EVER REALIZE THAT The container, label and labor for packing a tin of "cheap" food costs just as much as for u tin of fine quality food? Therefore, the penny or two more that you pay for a quality brand buys CONTENTS W. L. VOSS MARKET Mvrvhandisvrs of Quality Foods for 27 Years 176 East I5-ltll Street Harvey, Illinois Phone 1800 When you think of us MIDTOWN SERVICE STATION Complete Greasing and Washing 15418 CENTER AVENUE HARVEY, ILLINOIS CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Donit think of insurance The Place to Dine in '39 TRIANGLE SANDWICH SHOP 1-I-9th and Halsted Harvey, Illinois When you think of insurance Phone Harvey 3364 think of us , , BILL FIEDLER-Proprzet THE PARENTS AND TEACHERS of TTHS8zJ C WISH SUCCESS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1939 CLEANING THAT'S DIFFERENT! For Good Work and Service A Call Harvey 1600 HOEKSTRA CLEANING COMPANY 7 A. J. OLSON General Contractor REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE Property Management 138 East 154-th Street HEADQUARTERS FOR S. V. W. Paints and Smart Wall Papers R. H. CANSBERGEN Hoyer Wallpaper and Paint Telephone Harvey 362 Company Homewood, Illinois , Phone Harvey 530-We deliver Congratulatzom Mm me at BILL'S FOOD SHOP Class of Quality Meats and Groceries OPEN NIGHTS AND SUNDAYS Fountain Serviced-Harvey's Finest Ice Cream MEADOW GOLD ,It C. 8 154th Street and Vine Avenue Harvey FOR MILES WITH SMILES Keep Your Car Serviced at I'IANSEN,S SERVICE STATION Telephone 3573 149th and Halsted FIRST TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK RIVERDALE, ILLINOIS HOME OF SAFE AND CONSERVATIVE BANKING Deposits Insured BY THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Washington, D. C. 85,000-Maximum Insurance for Each Depositor-55,000 138 I ! I I Class of 1939 i Lots of Luck and Best Wishes, and Always Remember One of the Chief Necessities of a A Good Appearance is Good Clothing-Well Tailored, Fitted, and Stylish. You find Our Store the Right One for these Requirements. MARKS TOGGERY Meffr Shoex, Clothing, and Furnifhingx W. SMITH MOTOR SALES 15240 BROADWAY HARVEY. ILLINOIS EAST 4 STREET Telephone Harvey 1850 200 15 TELEPHONE 630 OPEN EVENINGS 1 moz 1939 HOBBY oUR41TH YEAR i Continuont Bufinem in Harvey H O U S E f I FLOUR, FEED, STONEWARE, POULTRY AND B A K E R Y f PET FEEDS AND SUPPLIES GARDEN AND LAWN SEEDS FERTILIZERS, INSECTICIDES O THOMPSON'S FEED STORE 15242-4 Broadway l Telephone 76 We Deliver Compliments of an Industry The Mannfrzftnre and Distribution of Whofe Prodzrftf Make Pofxihle the Employment of Nearly Two Thousand Fathers and Neighbors of Thornton Students What Helps Business Helps You 139 Congratulations S eniors HOMEWOOD COAL, ICE, AND MATERIAL CO. HOMEWOOD, ILLINOIS TELEPHONE HOMEWOOD 500 Congratulations Class of 1939 1 O. E. SHEPARD COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE 318 EAST I47TH STREET PHONE HARVEY 219 Save Eagle Stamps V THE EAGLE STORE 183 East 154th Street Phone 181 HARVEY, ILLINOIS EILEEN - CANDLISH Beauty Studio 126 EAST 154TH STREET HARVEY Phone 2467 'QW KICKERT BROS. 15323-zv BROADWAY HARVEY, ILLINOIS Telephone 124 ANTON STERKER TAILOR SHOP Fine Tailoring Cleaning and Pressing V 15405 CENTER AVENUE, HARVEY, ILL. TELEPHONE HARVEY 1372 Best Wishes to the Class of 1939 AMERICAN STOVE CO. 40 'I fi u e P", qglljf iuuern wrru A rrrrurirruu X. ,px XEEEQE You Get GREATER Building Value When You Specily4-SIJUAHE Lumber We sell Weyerhaeuser -l-SQUARE Lumber because it possesses superior features which help our customers to get greater building soundness and true building economy. 4-SQUARE is a modern lumber . . . with modern improvements which pro- mote fast accurate application. This trademarked lumber is delivered from the mills with smooth ends that are perfectly square. 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Our Catalog 11-T Dercriher Many Article! of lntereft to The Leather Trade OSBORN BROS. 223 JACKSON BOULEVARD CHICAGO, ILLINOIS For The Best of Everything TWIETMEYER'S GRADE A MILK and Delifiouf Homemade Ive Cream For Home Delivery Phone 6321 For Ire Cream. Dairy Produftf PHONE 96 HOMEWOOD, ILLINOIS 141 l , A There Is No Substitute for Experience GPOCCPY, Market ARNOLD,S SUPER SERVICE Radios Sinclair Indexed Lubrication BRAKE, CARBURETOR, IGNITION SERVICE SOUTH HOLLAND, ILLINOIS 152m'I-Park Avenue PHONES 390-391 Harvey, Illinois COMPLIMENTS O E B E L7 SHOES to the Class of '39 QUALITY SHOES W AT CALUMET PHOTO PRESS co. MODERATE PRICES 326 E 147 Il S an t meet i 164 East 154th Street HARVEY, ILLINOIS KAMMERT 8: SMITH Wholesale Candy and Fountain Supplies 98 East 154th Street WILLIAM KAMMERT TELEPHONE HARVEY 2155 HARVEY, ILL. THE NATIONAL BANK of HARVEY Your Home Bank Serves You Best Safe Deposit Vault MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Telephones: Harvey 2010-Homewood 257 142 SEVERSON'S GARAGE GREASING REPAIRING C0"'Pli"'e"'S of WASHING STORAGE ACCESSORIES FLOSSMOOR PHARMACY THEO. UTERMARK, Prop. FLOSSMOOR, ILLINOIS 17940 Dixie Highway HOMEWOOD PHONE 731 TELEPHONE HOMEWOOD 264 KINNEY-HOOD ERA THEATRE PRINTING COMPANY Air Cooled Cushion Seats Factory and 15408 Lexington Avenue Commercial Printing Harvey, Illinois Publishers of Phone 535 THE POINTER uliarveyss Coziest Theatres, East Street Dolton, Illinois COLD FINISHED BAR STEELS Cold Drawn-Turned and Polished-Turned and Ground- Drawn and Ground S H A F T I N G Rounds, Hexagons, Flats, Extra Wide Flats, Squares and Special Sections BLISS 8: LAUGHLIN, INC. Established 1891 Western Mill and General Oilices Eastern Mill HARVEY, ILLINOIS BUFFALO, N. Y. Sales Ofices In All Principal Cities 143 SCHOOLS ARE THE BEST INVESTMENT OF THE COMMUNITY Cd Ingalls-Shepard Division WYMAN-GORDON COMPANY HARVEY, ILLINOIS WORCESTER, MASS. DETROIT, MICHIGAN . S. . COWING F. P. COWING Bert Wubef of J KICKERT MOTOR SALES COWING BROS" 'NC' Dodge 8: Plymouth Dealers Rm! EMM-'mamma 15516 PARK AVENUE HOMEWOOD TELEPHONE 281 PHONE 600 E. A. Coutchie A C. S. ARMINGTON IDEAL MARKET Plumbing 'md Heating Mean, Grorerief, Fruit: and Vegetablef 15339 CENTER AVENUE I TELEPHONE HARVEY 47 TELEPHONES 40 AND 41 15 308 CENTER AVENUE SOUTH HOLLAND TRUST 8: SAVINGS BANK SOUTH HOLLAND, ILLINOIS SAFETY -- SERVICE DEPOSITS INSURED By Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation WASHINGTON, D. C. 85,000 - Maximum Insurance for Each Depositor l Kimball Pianos and Radios, Sewing Machines, Re- Machines, Millinery and Hemstitching, Greeting Cards and Gifts for all occasions, Infants' Wear and M" Hosiery. - pairs, and Supplies, Corona Typewriters, and Adding I J llll' HATTIE GEIMAN 147 EAST 1s4T1-1 STREET HARVEY, ILLINOIS 145 Congratulations CLASSCJ 1 9 3 9 WHITINE HARVEY-ILL. U.5.A. mzmumn sununn, HEATING PLUMBING HOMEWOOD PLUMBING "The Home of Good Fuel" COLERICK COAL 84 FEED COMPANY Oflice: 152 East 154th Street Yard: 155th and Halsted Streets COMPANY 1748 RIDGE ROAD HOMEWOOD PHONE 165 ADLER FUNERAL HOME CA LL HARVEY 699 Anzbulafzfe Service Telephones 224 and 194 When Selecting Glasses SEE A. G. FRISKE, O.D. EYESIGHT SPECIALIST IF lT'S I 114 East 154th Street lT'S GOT TO BE GOOD Imagine heaping ice cream in your mechanical refrigerafor for L ' hours and hours! 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A Monday rhrough Friday 147 Congratulations Class of 1939 -lose-i May your coming years be even more happy and suc- cessful than these which have seen your frequent visits to --l-o-3o--- THE HIGH SCHOOL BOOK STORE 148 Compliments of the HOMEWOOD DIME STORE HOMEWOOD, ILLINOIS G E R M A I N E BEAUTY 81 LINGERIE SHOPPE 15407 CENTER AVENUE Opposite Harvey Theatre Bldg. TELEPHONE 903 Personality Hair Cutting Permanent Waving HARVEY FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Founded 1911 "Harvey's Oldest Financial I nstitu tion" Assets over 82,04-5,361.48 SECURITY BUILDING TELEPHONE 2200 HARVEY, ILLINOIS 'F-I , ..,,V Y. , Uni" " ' A ' . 1'-r ,n U 9. 'I EE gg, 51. .,.. L - f- -as-1-If " GEORGE M. MAY Jeweler and Optometrist PHONE 835 HOMEWOOD, ILLINOIS MOTIVE PARTS COMPANY OF AMERICA, INC. 1524-8 Broadway Harvey, Illinois PHONE HARVEY 840 NIGHT PHONE 374 E. L. SAUSAMAN Electrical Supplies HOME AND FACTORY WIRING 191 East 154-th Street Harvey, Illinois A. W. HECHT GROCERY AND MARKET FLOSSMOOR Phone Homewood 285-286 149 Congratulations to the CLASS of 1939 V T T H S CAFETERIA Compliments J. W. OLIVER 8: CO. Of The World Book Encyclopedia QUARRIE CORPORATION, Publisher 35 EAST WACKER DRIVE CHICAGO, ILLINOIS L. E. REICH 13719 LEYDON AVENUE RIVERDALE Will deliver the best in meats, vegetables, and fancy groceries all through the year. PHONE Iwrsnocmw 9715 Harvey's Oldest Drug Store 168 EAST l54TH ST. TELEPHONE HARVEY 1 'k FOUNTAIN LUNCH BLOOM ELECTRIC SERVICE A Com plete Elertric Servire for the AUTOMOBILE Willard Batteries LLOYD CLAUSON, PROP. Phone 950 15429 Broadway Congratulations and Best Wishes TO THE Class of 1939 N THE B DA COMPA Y HARVEY, ILLINOIS M 151 C0771f7!f7770IIf.f of RAY HOLLETT SOO E. 156th Street Harvey I PHONE HARVEY IVR I E AT B R E A D Cm1.rl-Irv-Cfmfl Serrirc I fo r Our Wooaicn Curling Sticks for PERMANENT WAVES I MQRE ENERGY G11 0 lfw Mm! Ivzlflllllf IIHIJIL' ISABEL BEAUTY SHOP A hair .ff-'VIP lo fi! e1ev'-3' !7t'F',fl1IIf1llfy SATISFACTORILY Ari' .III-'I' l,u.1!1cl Illjfflllllyi' PAINT-ROOFING-HARDXVARE Tin' Ilznl in 1l.1r1 aj Il illv I1 Cfwzlplclc Simi 15139 CQIfN'I'IfR HARVIZY A60-S6 THE HARVEY NEWS-BEE 1542.1 BROADWAY HARVEY, ILLINOIS 152 ENTERPRISE Pattern Works . R 15330-32 PARK AVENUE Compliments i F. PIYISNER PHONE HARVEY 1699 of i CUlIg1'dfllldfj0lI,f, Swzimir A F R I E N D l ' y COMMLINITY PHARMACY Homiswooo PHoNE sis i and COMMUNITY DRUG STORE HARVEY PHONE 606 OFFICE POSITIONS - as Secretary, Accountant, Comptometrist, Typist, File Clerk, etc., require expert ability. It will pay you to attend this nationally known Business College of highest standards, offering the very best service at reasonable rates. Courses: Executive Secretarial, Stenographic, Business Administration, Accounting, Comptometry, also finish- ing courses for High School commercial graduates. Sfrerial Slllllllltfl' Ruler SUMMER TERM Begins June 26 Slllllllltfl' HIIlll'.l' 8.130 lu I FALL TERM Begins Sepiember 5 Free Plizrwllelll ,Sxl'l'l'fL'6 for Om' Gmdlmlei' V Lfitmzr IIHEIIYIIII6' --- Bflliklff DOWN TOWN 37 Soufh Wabash Ave. ENGLEWOOD 304 Wes? 63d SI. ROSELAND 11324 Michigan Ave. I ' ' ' L BUSINESS COLLEGE 153 Compliments ofa FRIEND THE MINUETTE GEORGE HEIM 8r C0 Home-Made Ice Cream FLORISTS Breakfast Flowers For All Occasions HARVEY STORE LU'nCh93 15337 Broadway i Phone 394 BLUE ISLAND STORE 140 E- 154'-FH ST- HARVEY 13818 Western Avenue- Phone B. l. To The Class of 1939 - We Extend Our Congratulations and Sincere Wishes for Most Successful Futures huns ' 1 ! " :'.' : 0 PERFECTION GEAR COMPANY AND PERFECTION REFRIGERATION PARTS CO. 154 .4 PW. ' Sh! ,uf M y vis M ,. . . -gnu ,M . - . .." . gf'-W 5313: " 'A pf: f ff-A ' , f' -1 ,..r'f,wf A . Q - -.37 553: W -f ,-u A e ,. . Ps, ina 'S' 11. V -: , .ul .. I 3: MA, ' x , . ,.v If ,., is 5.1 w . w,.. ,nav . xJ,: n. +' 1 1 , . -1 -RW.. . . . a ' ' ' -W .4 -Y ' Lu. W. . ,nu-as ,.,. ' if r 1", 'K J Q . ,qv B 'Ui iw A fy' ',!lgii.:, . J.. .A ,,,-MM-If ff , ' Ty? FFH ' vg' . ,L V 1 s" 'S .,'.1 - -'P+' '- 4 4. ' 1 aw -' : -.. - v A x 1 4 r 1 1 K, .n- ,Q J, ' .1 . ' - sf" ' ' A -H ' J", qv sg," ' 4 P . .1 '11 .- ' Luv J 'ai ' M if 'avi' V:- W -, 3 ff, , , .W . - .,..f Fu.. . ,. . , -. , , Y ' ' " A F ,, "1'r'- J. ' " M - M , .o ..- -1 - .. , .. ,,, 5 '.. - ' , . ,. 'Bn J .M ' Hi Q' - -ws-' , . " ' , lf. r L 'V 1, ' " " J... 'al ,LM , -, ...4 P. 5 - ' ""'f' -xnr- . " ' ' .. 'A V 4. - . hi: , f- 1, .- - ,- -- ' w -- ., --J -V - i - - -,., A ,,,'4..,-:W , .. -, Y , . . , 4.-ui: :Im W? f fd- - 05507-fdfwv IM ' 76W t WW02,7q7Qg4?Q4l. QMLWML OOJW7 Wwguy . .". 714444 ' zz: WWW W giiwogk' zaM.Jv- 252 back 241 I 306, 'ma' . 9' aa! gum, In f 52613 Y AQ- NL ,ne F EQ? Mn. 'Zi M.: x,,.,,, 9-: g ig - 1 1" , . V 1 -V 'x : N 5 .g if ,, 5 "5 -A V 'F I lil Y A -AJ f . E ff. V P33 vu' 1 n M.--wtlii v H M . X .4 ii 1' A gt 3 if 1

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