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' ' . I I l- I 1 -.'- D ,K A - HQ, - iw J ,, .-i.-""'T-1-""-'IQ f ull f. , - E my ' mf ll ng Q s llllf 7 f lg x N--' VX-4c'::z1z' -14' 'if 0 'tm if 'N E IIII M, WMI- f W xl, X, if tml, ..,,,,...,.f f NRG X .4l'- -5 ,f ff L, Q Knowuoss U, '-"""""-'-' wwf qMl1L4dMJ" NiR ' 2' Q -45 1899 5 SENlOR. THGRNTONVNE 1926 Thornton Township High School Harvey, Illinois wf ,W , , -,-, H gpg riff-:N Y W -y-x V - V -f-H AA,,,,, W, , . . grin, ,lx ,Tx 11,11 1' F v I r 4 5 Q l 5 1 1 1 l f' -.iVf Q 1-Q46 ki lg F? 42 ? ? 25 L I I3 RI S o s gi N 125 W 4 H 4 I 5 Q ' dw- : 555 ' f,-rrfm ' fi ,f y f.1Nf ' ' up ,I I 1 'Q' 3 Wi li ? 1 i , p 1 . tl t l 3 V 1 1 3 91, l A Mi 1 W ' il! l w l Q I I I 5: 4+ Q hi fklff 1 Y i- V -'---- 4-2:--:""f:f""-At-.T.T?A'i"-"' L-ffl: Iiilfffilf W ua Page Two 4 fly, F o r e W o 1' d M X: , N 7 X , . ,, .,.. .. , , . , ,, ,.... ...M ,,,. 1 LM , Q 7, f-- Wwws-M,....,,,, ,W ,, ,,f,mM4M.m.,.m,,ume. sf tx! With a keen desire to please: a desire to convey to all who may be concerned a conception ol' what has been accoinplislwd during the school year of nineteen hun- dred lwenly-live and twenty-six, we have arranged the following pages. Some things have been accomplished which are imporlant and will have last- ing usefulness. ln addition to the results of student labor, there are those things which have been made possible by the ardent co-operation of the citizens ol' Thor11- ton Township. Due to the yearly increase in enrollment the conditions in the lligli School were becoming critical, and the need ot a larger building pressing. The in- terest ol' the citizens in their school was shown when on March 7, 1925, a bond issue of 5F3el5.000 for the purpose ot constructing a. new building was voted upon and passed. This new addition is practically completed and will be ready for use in the fall ol' 1926. Besides giving more room for general classes, there will be a swimming pool and a field house, both of which will be put to use at a. great advan- tage. The cafeteria will also be enlarged. This past year has been quite successful for the school. ln athletics a great deal has been accomplished. The football team won a number of the games they played, while in basket ball Thornton won the Kankakee District Tournament. This triumph was highly appreciated by a.ll. The two plays which were presented were very successful. A concert given by the music department comprised of the Boys' and Girls, Glee Clubs, the band and the orchestra, was enjoyed by all attending. A great many of the afore-mentioned enterprises would not be very successful were it not forthe co-operation QI' the business men in the township. The staff of this book, as well as the entire school, wishes to express deep gratitude and appre- ciation to the many contributors to the Thorntonite and year book. The service which they have rendered toward these two enterprises has made them possible, for without this co-operation they would not exist. There arc several things which the outgoing Seniors will greatly miss. Be- sides the, school and fellow students, there is that body to whom they owe great Page Three , i one .lil EHIE Pl Wil lug? Nl io! llNi ill? ir ifil i 4 .i if i, i 1. gl I l l Q l l I l l l l 4 4 i i ,N fbim HT, VH' !O' ,R lN ll- ll' iT is l ! I I i l i l i l i i l i i i l l il ll !l'I':ililiuli-. ln 'l'lu:i'u1mi llu-rv 4-xisls :xii 4-li-nu-ul, lll1'Y?lllll'HlA wliif-li is luii-uiul wli- mnlimi. l'l'lt'llllSlllli wluu-lu 1-xisls lu-lm-vii tlu- l1'2ll'lll'l' :iiul pupil. Nlaiiivv ul' llu- li-zu-lu 1-rs Sllvllll illlll'2ll'l1'l' si-luuvl lurilrs giving zliil :iiul wiiim-l tim Ilu- pupils. 'l'lu- pupil in llirii ll-4-ls llllIll'l'tllll In aisli lm' Ilu- l'llllllSl'l wliivli lu- liiums lu- will gm-l. .Ks zl rn-- sull ul' lliis 1-lm-nu-ul ul' l'rii-iulsliip llu- svluulawsliip ul' tlu- si-luuil is ailvlm- ln :iltniii :1 lllgllill' Fl2lIl1l2ll'4l, 'l'llis is iliu- lu tlu- I':u-1 llml tlu- pupil luv zi gr:-:it :lm-:il ul' rm-spf-vl Illlil 1l4llllll'illlHl1 :is wi-ll :is il spirit ul' li0llllWSlllll fm' luis ll'Ill'l'l'I' :iiul wisluw lu mlw liis iw-iji' lu-sl lu pls-asv liis lllSll'lll'llll'. Nlzmy pi'ngi'niiiQ wi-iw Qllllll during' llu- yn-:lr wliic-li lum- ilmu- n Qfllill' :lc-:il lp lllblllil llu- nu-Vail SlZlll4l2ll'llS ul' ilu- S4-luuul. Ol' :ill flu- 1-lumu-l4-risfivs. pliysim-nl. intvl- lm-vluail :ilul lIlHl'2ll. ilu- last is pm-rlmps ilu- iiuisl' iuiporlaiul. lf is usimllx' llu- enu- WllIl'lI is iii-gli-1-lm-fl lu :1 t'Ul'l'Qllll 1-xlm-lit iii 4-iliiwitiuiiail liisliliitumiis. Xlust svluulls. limvi-w-i'. lry vm-ry l12ll'll lu lu-op tlmt 4-l1:ii':1c'ti-i'isli0 mi ilu- sailiu- lmsis with tlu- nllu-rs, il' lltll :1 lilllm- lijglu-V. 'llllI'U1lQll flu- Ill'tiQI'illll9 gin-in lu' tlu- liirls' :uul lluys' Vlulie mul llu- lli-Y tliis pzisl XVIII' :ii 'l'lumi'iit1m was mu- iii wliufli llu-rv xi':1s:ig1w-:it ilm-:il ul' Siu-li l'll2lI'2ll'lt'l' lllllllllllg. ll is w-Vlniii lluit 11l'2ll'lj' on-i'y' stiuln-nr luis ll-lt tlu- rm-sull ul' ilu- gm-:it ixu-ml-iii-liiiilmliiig' llI'HQI'2llllS spmmm-nl lu' flu-sv wurtlilx' mgaiisixziti--iis. 'l'lu- milgn-iiig' 1-lass SllIl'l'l'l'l-Y luwpvs llizil llu- Fvlllilllllllgl' mul ilu-inning 1-lnssi-S will i'lll'I'iSll ilu- islc-ails pl' lliis lllSlllllllHll. zlppiw-1-iallv tlu- wuiulm-l'l'iil fpiril ul' 4ll'llllN'- l'2ll'X' :llul l'i'im-iulsliip. mul lzilu- 1-wi-llm-ul mire- of llu- iu-u' luiililiiig' into wliim-li flu-y Sllilll lu- H10 lirsl to 1-nl:-V. 'l'lu- 0X1lCI'll'llf'0S luul 1lllllL'l' the auspices of 'l'lio1'ii1oi1 will allways luilil 21 Spf-vial plum in tlug iniiuls :uul lu-arts ol l'VOl'.V S1-nior, mul if is while wisliing on-i',y momlu-r the plc-:isuru that wo luul, we, the Seniors of 1926, ln-uve you this lukc-11-tlie Sl-uior 'l'llOl'llfOllit0-HS a. Small roiiu-u1ln'z11u-e. Page Four J ll! lflj IA' ' ll r I a,l1 Us HH'w4HxM'mWwHL5 Ili .cc 9 lllanllllh ,K . f"' -, , 5 j , 1 ,In , , . , 'll ,, ' . l II EW ' 4 , 'Q . , ', 1 sg-if P: ' . l ,ff ei 2 1.4. 5 1 4 -' p I 501 2 . ii Q, . I "A, .' Q. ,5-, '1 ly J ..v :' 5,1-': - -1: A- -.,., -I ,-.5 gaphvf-:,5 .1:t"..., , Il fs,ggs,'vU16 M...-:'.:'5:.1," f 1 AI . .- ' . ' I.,gH,,',-,y-12' ll . .II . .f I I. Contents Foreword o,.o. . Views ................o Administration ..,,. Faculty ............... Seniors ....,. Juniors .....,...... Sophomores ..,... Freshmen ,...r....., Dolton Branch ,... Organizations ,..,... Dramatics ...... Girls' Club ,..,.. Boys' Club ,.... Athletics ...... Page 10 . 3 9 13 15 21 49 53 57 61 63 73 77 95 5 123 Advertising ...........,e....................,.......e.. Page Five I 1 1 I IPI H1 011 R51 N ,II .01 1N! w1 5 51 1 1 I 1 I I 1 1 I I 1 1 I I I I ISYS' I . I I 1I 1 I1 11 1.111 I 'll' ' 1. 'I 1 ll 1 . 1, ' eq 11,1 " - '111' A 1 F Iii. ,' my I 3 1, IIIIIII I1 'Ii ' IIIII11 .II Q- - I-. III - 1 A-in , -4 A A--, -A 1 11 I,, I 1 T h e S t a f f ,I 1 I EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Marion Buck 1 ASSISTANTS I I Josvph Porter lllarjorie Kellogg' Ellsworth Boaglc- SENIOR CLASS HOLL 11 Agnos Staklvy Carolyn O'Brivn I1 CLASS HISTORY 1 Lanilon Garmlinvr Carl Armitage 11 CLASS PROPHICCY I Vrc-nv Russvll Alex Kerr Daviml Hughes I Edith Garry Ruth Pfeifer 1, CLASS WILQ 11 Henry Hclgerscn Harold Bock 11 SOCIETY ' 1 Thorn-sa Carlton Violvt Glamlvillc ORGANIZATIONS 1 Clare-ncv D0Young' Harolml Brock Wesley Slwparml H Virginizi Jackson Dorothy Larson I GIRLS' CLUB Ruth Pfc-iff-r Edith Garry M BOYS' CLUB I 1'll'l'Ill'l'f Grs-invr llarolfl Brock A TH 1. ICTICS 3 Joseph Porter lflllsworth Beagrlc- Edgar Hall , BUSINESS MANAGICR ' Dorman Wisr-man ADVl'lR'I'ISING STAFF .loam-1111 Portl-r Alex Kerr Paul Thomson Claroncl- D0Young' Carl Arinitagv 51 lloln-rt Williams Harolel Beck VViIliam Warning F.-XCI.'LTY ADVISOR 1 Mr. O. Frm-ml LIITIIJZIIIQII I1 I I 1 I I I Pago Six 521 'IW Mr. -I. I". Zimmernmn the Class of 1926 -lediennes this eleventh volume of the Senior l'l1nrntnnitez1s ll means of expressing gratitude to him for his wise counsel and frienclship. 'swf Uiiffi V 5 9? ni 5 ,. W T 1 1 ! i M Q! I W i LI ! l I i V e iii 1 1 I if i fl if 17.1 .nur Page Eight Y 5 'ws - 4- N J .E ,n, ,M.M...,.W M,,Q, ,mwmw xk ,, A A, J A MR.WIl.l,lAlXlI'1. MCVIQY, A. M. University oi' Chicago Supcrintcndcnt of' ,I1hOI'I1IUl1 'fmvlxship High School gre 'I'hi1'tvcn 9 1 ge W J 'Tx VT? im LOA QQ? FTE , M04 LNL QQ Q L FTE fag? +1 gh Jq ,L- Jil. 1 Ii' 2 wi X, w N I ,H 1 4 M h si? i N ,yf rf I 1 3 5 Q4 . lx 'L 4. IN Llxas. Watcrl11aru U. H. L3lbSUIl Dr. T. A. Noble, President G. N. Burnett. Secretarv A, H. MCDnugall W. G. Morse. retiring E. P. Dickev, lncuminv: Membm-r Paw- Fourtevn ?!':ik'r-Q1-:: ' r 620215612 X 1 1 I , I 1 x 0 UL .If FJ Y---W ANV- M- - ------ !--f :I 1 Page Fifteen ...i-,,k.- ,..., ......,T.,,,, ,k,,,, ,A,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, 31,- DON C. ALLEN, B. S., A. B. Oberlin College Director of High School Band Music and Science Departments. FRANCES GORDON, A. B. Oberlin College University of Chicago Dean of Girls Mathematics Department. CLARA l. STALKER, A. B. University of Michigan English and Latin at Branch High School O. FRED UMBAUGH, M. A. Wittenberg College University of Chicago Head of English Department Chairman of Boys' Club Committee Principal of Class of 1929 WILHELMINA SCHAFFER, A. B., A. M. Lake Forest College University of Illinois German and English Departments. ISABEL H. LOOMIS Iowa State Teachers' College Columbia School of Music Director of High School Orchestra Head of Music Department. WILLIAM E. MONTELIUS Teacher of Violin. ARTHUR C. BROOKLEY, B. S. in Agr Ohio State University Science Department. MAE M. SEXAUER, A. B. University of Illinois Public Speaking and English Literature Coach of Dramatics. ARTHUR OGLESBEE Columbia School of Music Music Department, Page Sixteen MILDRED E. ANDERSON, A. B. Tufts College Universite de Besancon University of Chicago Chairman of Language Department. CHARLES R. BEEMAN, B. S. Columbia University, New York Industrial Education Mechanical Drawing. EVA L. LIEBER De Pauw University Balls' Teachers College Gregg School Chairman of Commercial Department. ELLA MAY POWELL Minnesota University Art Institute, Chicago Colorassi Academy, Paris, France Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y. Summer Student-Academy, Rome, Italy. GEORGE M. HAYES James Millikin University University of Chicago Head of Industrial Arts Department. ELEANOR MEYER, B. S. Lewis Institute, Chicago Chairman of Home Economics Department u Advisor of Vocational Home Eco- nomics Club. SAMUEL M. LOWDEN, A. B. Indiana University English Department Advisor of Hand-book Staff. LEONE H. BENSON, A. B. Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa University of Chicago English Department. HAROLD J. IDDINGS University of Chicago Boys' Physical Training' Director Coach of Athletics. MARIE BEHRENS University of Chicago Commercial Department. Page Seventeen Wu' eo 5 L' 'L T H o R Ni T. o N I T. .E IE? I Q 5 i . I 1 I 1 i i l I l l l 1 I ,- GERTRUDE A. RAHN, B. S University of Illinois Domestic Science Department. WILLIAM H. SABLOTNA, B. James Millikin University Greer College of Auto Trades Northwestern University Industrial Arts Department. M. P. SCHULTZ, B. S. University of Chicago Science Department. J. F. ZIMMERMAN, Ph. B., A. University of Chicago Principal of Class of 1926 Member of Boys' Club Committee History and English Departments. ANNA HANSCHMANN Columbia School of Music Music Department. S. M. WALTER RILLING, A. B. Northwestern University Manager of Athletics Commercial Department, GEORGE W. TURNER, A. B., B. J. Illinois College University of Missouri University of Chicago Chairman of History Department. WILLIAM F. HAYES, A. B. James Millikin University University of Chicago Principal of Branch High School Mathematics, History and Spanish. KATHRINE JOHNSON, A. B. University of Illinois Harvard University University of Wisconsin Girls' Physical Training Teacher Advisor of Girls' Athletic Association. GUY PHILLIPS, A. B., A. M. University of North Dakota University of Chicago. 1 i i i I E slr KQT4 ggi A E i . 5 i i r i 2 I 4 Page Eighteen ELIZABETH W. SCRIBNER, A. B. University of Chicago Latin Department. FLORENCE E. VEECK, A. B. De Pauw University Indiana University Spanish Department Advisor of Spanish Club. MATTIE E. GARDNER Librarian Chairman of Magazine Committee. L. BRITTON, B. S., M. E. Purdue University Mathematics and Industrial Arts. VERA A. CRITES, A. B. Wilmington College Columbia University University of Chicago English Department. l l fm ,T E a l l E. LA RENIE Mc KINNEY, B. of A. E. if ' Columbia University, Art Institute 5 .i iHi o IR. wg Tlx Ol Universities of Wisconsin and Michigan QN Art Department. I X it S CHARLES B. PRICE, B. s, Tl University of Illinois ,Ei Advisor of Hy-Y Science Department. 'I F. W. SAMUELS 3 Graduate of American Conservatory Director of Boys' Glee Club, Girls' E Glee Club if Director of Chorus R. B. SMITH, B. S. Kalamazoo College Purdue University University of Chicago Principal of the Class of 1928 ' Science and Mathematics. J. B, STEPHENS, S. B. University of Chicago University of Colorado Science and Mathematics Principal of Class of 1927. A N X X 'Q Q . L4 x L - li PN I 1 .V ix "' . V Qcre. 5,312 . Page Nineteen lorwff nut, I l l l I gag' .,- - .W , , W, ...-.-.. ,.--.-,, . 1 .J L I 6 T ,IH 4!O IIR IN IIT I0 I IN II T I E I I 1 ! I I I I I I PAUL VAN BODEGRAVEN Music Department. M. K. DAVENPORT, A. B. Smith College Music, Science and Civics at Branch High School. WINFRED WILSON FLACK, A. B. Northwestern University History Department. ELSIE SANDEHN, R. N. Graduate of Illinois Training' School for Nurses. And the Chicago Lying-In Training School for Nurses American Red Cross Nurse. EDWARD NEEDLES Assistant Athletic Coach. A. MARIE WAGNER, A. B. Macalester College University of Chicago Advisor of the German Club German and English Departments. ANNA M. GERSTEN Secretary to Superintendent. HELENA HADERER Ofiice Assistant. BERNICE BERGUNDER Ofiice Assistant. JOHN D. HENDERSON Randall Cole Institute Alabama Polytechnic Institute University of Chicago Dean of Conn National School of Music Supervisor of Bands in Chicago High Schools Music Department. Page Twenty enzbns' mf ,, L gf Q , J N 'R ?"" ' - " ' Q I 1 xx ,yl Xgwpigff Q1 wmq QWf ML7V,........ 4 JW f ffQ 'QW' .gf 'E W ff I? QV' 3 M' 22 M f IAQQ 1 55.44216 HN Q LW W - Q? 9' 5 X ' ' 1' 5 Qu .I ,ff sfo TN ZQN 5, fu X' O 57 XEJM S7 '1' Wx 5 if O, W7 ' Jtwf "' 9! "' - ? -' sk -1? . qv Page Twenty-one 'KF 3 1 ' , ..., .M-.,. ., , . TFILFORD WORKMAN- "Farmer Cal" Ambition: Agriculturist and Law. Favorite Saying: "A-hem, let's see nowf' President of Class 43 Hi-Y 43 "Dulcy" 4. "Character is what makes the man." HERBERT GREINER-"Herb" Ambition: Architect. Vice-President of Boys' Club 33 President of Boys' Club 43 Vice- Prcsident of Class 13 Vice President of Class 43 Hi-Y 4. EDWARD HOLMES-"Ed" Vice-President of Class 43 Treas- urer of Class 23 Board of Directors 3-41 Secretary of Boys Club 33 "Dulcy" 43 Orchestra 1-2-3-43 Glee Club 2-3-43 Hi-Y 43 Basketball 1-2-33 Senior Play 4. JEAN FONTAINE Antioch High School 13 Glee Club 2-3-43 "Mr. Pim Passes By" 33 "Dulcy" 43 Class Treasurer 43 Hi-Y. MARJORIE KELLOGG-"Marj" Class Secretary 3-43 Senior Coun- selor 43 Board of Control 2-33 Girls' Athletic Association 13 Glee Club 2-3-4. MARVEL AHLIN4"Mar" Ambition: Secretary. Favorite Saying: "Coming, Betty?" Glee Club 3-43 Senior Counselor 43 Spanish Club 43 Ukelele Club 3. "Kind thoughts like a kind deed Are appreciated when most in need." EDWARD WM. ADAMS-"Eddie" Football 1-33 Basketball 1-2-33 Baseball 13 Track 33 Stagre Commit- tee 1-2-33 Glee Club 3. "A studious lad and very bright." JOHN ALBRECHT-"Johnny" Ambition: To see America first. Dalton Branch 1-23 Football 43 Baseball 3-43 German Club 4. "A tall boy with a conservative way." BEULAH ANDERSON-"Shortie" Waterman Community High School 1-2-33 Vice-President of Class lg President of Class 23 Home Eco- nomics Club 23 President of Glee Club 3g Basketball 33 Junior Play 3. LaVERNE ANDERSON-"Fat" Ambition: To be a success. Football 1-23 Track 1-23 Baseball 33 Glee Club 3-43 Orchestra 3-43 French Club 33 "Dulcy" 4. if Page Twenty-two I-. . N 2 R 4' N 13' :F- CARL ARMITAGE Ambition: To be a dry agent. Fa- vorite Saying: "Gee! I'm hungry." Spanish Club 2-4: Athletic Associa- tion 1-2-3g Annual Staff 4. ESTHER ARNER Ambition: Nurse. Favorite Say- ing: "For cryin' out loud." Athletic Association 35 Home Economics Club 25 Girls' Athletic Association 1-25 Spanish Club 4. "A wealth in knowledge lurks be- neath her quiet demeanor." VIOLA ATTON-"Vi" Ambition: To help someone else. Favorite Saying: "I'll call for you in the morning." Athletic Association 1-2-4: Counselor 4: Ukelele Club 33 Christmas Project 3-4. ROY AUGUSTSON-"Flush" Ambition: To be as good as Eddie Collins. Favorite Saying: "Act your age!! Athletic Association 1-2-3-4. "Sent by heaven to help enliven a quiet country town." CHANDLER AXTELL-"Chan" Ambition: To be happy. Favorite Saying: "If you know why did you ask me?" JENNIE BALHOUSE Ambition: Teacher. Latinist 1: Home Economics Club 4. "She's as quiet as a girl can be But ,studious and thoughtful one can see.' EVELYN BARKWILL-"Ev" Ambition: Physical Training Teach- er. Favorite Saying: : "When you coming over?" Girls' Club President 43 Girls' Club Vice-President 33 Board of Con- trol 1-2-3-4g President of Class 3: Band 1-2-3-45 Orchestra 4: Senior Counselor 4: Hostess 4. KATHRYN BASING-"Kathie" Glee Club 2-3-45 Orchestra 45 Board of Control 3-4: Second Vice- President of Girls' Club 3: Secretary of Girls' Club 4. EQLSWORTH BEAGLE-"Elsie" Ambition: Second Harold Os- borne. Athletic Association 1-2-35 Annual Staff 4: Band 2-39 Football 1-2-3-4: Track 1-2-3-4. CLAUDE BEATTY-"Bud" Ambition: To be a shrewd business man. Athletic Association 45 Base- ball 1-2-3-4g Empire High School 1-2: Basketball 1-2. Page Twenty-three v,4 ' MVK I-:Eb -I-ZO-12700 5 IT! iii? l l 'YN A-N r 1 - ll iii- lm :HH 4.01 . .. . ,, A : ai 1--- so - to a 4 - iN' :iT HAROLD BECK MABEL BOLTZE Ambition: Electric Engineer. Fa- Ambition: Nurse. Favorite Say- gl j, vorite Saying: "I don't doubt it a ing: "Well of all things." bit." Latin Club 1: Home Economics l I Athletic Association 1-2-3-45 Glee Club 2: Christmas Project 3-4. Club 3-4g "Hi-Y" 4: Band 2-33 Foot- "As a nurse, she will be patient QT ball 3-4g Ukelele Club 4. and sweet." 'E WILLIAM BECK-"Bill" GEORIGE BORCHARDT-"Judge" -1 Dolton Branch 1-2: Glee Club 3-4: Ambition: To be a great man. Fa- Basketball 4: Athletic Association vorite Saying: "You don't say!" I ' 3-4. Athletic Association 1-2-39 Spanish "Look and see his radiant face, Club 3-4. l lVhich spreads sunshine all over the "A jolly fellow with his ready i place." smile." l V . , i MARGARET BEDO-f'Peg" HAROLD BROEIX-"Tip ' I Girls' Athletic Association 1-2: Orchestra .1'2'3'43 Baml 1-2-3-4: I French Club 4: Alumni Directory 4: Glgp Club ?'3'4i AIU111211 Staff 4- Ukelele Club 35 Philomel Club 25 BOYS, Its not everyone who frets f Home Economics Club 2. Of me, the blast. b6C11USff I am 35 l ' . ." ERNEST W. BE11G-"Ernie" C eve' ag can e Ambition: To be a politician. Fa- MARION BUCK I vorite Saying: "Poo-poo." Ambition: lawyer and Organist. I Athletic Association 3-4: Glee Club Nicholas Senn High School 3: Divi- l- 35 Baseball 3: Football Manager 43 sion Chairman 4: Hostess 49 Editor i Chief Bill Collector for Coach Id- Senior Annual 4g Glee Club 4. lings. l 1 S THOMAS BUELL--"Tom" ll CLAUDE BOLAND-"Smiling Bo- Ambition: Farmer. Favorite Say- , land" ing: "Grow up." li F'Amhition: hlawyfl' and Politician. Orchestra 2-3. 1 1, dlOllt9 Saying. Try and do lt. I A shytbashtul lad-but he will V Football 4. improve with age." 5 l if l l 1 1 1 l I l nl S I I I Page Twenty-four I l A' l GEORGE CAIRNS--"lreland' Ambition: To outdo Innes. Fa- vorite Saying: "So's Minnie." Glee Club 2-3-45 Orchestra 1-2-3-45 Band 1-2-3-45 Football 3-45 Basket- ball 1-2-35 Senior Play 4. THERESA CARLTON-"Teddy Ambition: Private Secretary. Fa- vorite Saying: "I reckon." Wiley High School 2-35 Christmas Project 45 Dramatic Club 1-2-35 Latinist 1-2, "Although she is new at Thornton, she is one of us just the same." EDMUND CARNEY-"Chuck" Football 1-2-3-45 Baseball 1-2-3-45 Basketball 35 Glee Club 2-3-45 Boys' Club Treasurer 35 Student Counselor 15 Senior Play 4. Athletic Association 1 2 3 4 Or- chestla 1 2 Of unexpected depth and readi- ness GIADYS CHRISTIAN Chr1sie" Ambition: To be a private secre- tary. Favorite Saying: "Now, I'1l tell one." Girls' Athletic Association 25 Home Economics Club 2. JOHN CAUSGROVE-"Jack" Ambition: To be a Civil Engineer. 77 3 I 1 ,1 i 1 LUNETTA COLE Ambition: Domestic Science Teach- er. Favorite Saying: "Oh, Gee!" Hanover, Indiana 15 Lucy Flower High School, Chicago 2-3. "Sparkling eyes and dark brown hair, a lovely miss with a quiet air." FRANK DALY-"Buck" Ambition: Civil Service Engineer. Favorite Saying: Hls that so?" Foot-ball 3-45 Track 3-4. "Just a little fun and a little laugh- ter, is all Frank is really after." LOUISE DAVIDSON-"Betty" Lady of the Lake 15 Athletic Asso- ciation 1-2-35 Vice-President of Phi- lomel 25 Spanish Club 3-45 Hostess 45 Christmas Project 3-4. "Anyone may be proud of her friendship 'cause it is hard to gain." CLARENCE H. DeYOUNG-"Sonny" I Ambition: Banker. Favorite Say- ing: "Terrific." Athletic Association 1-2-45 Band 45 Annual Staff 4. "A good true lad at all times.', CORNELIA G. DeYOUNG-"Cora" President of Home Economics Club 45 Home Economics Club 3-45 Ath- letic Association 1-2-3-45 Christmas Project 3-4. Page Twenty flve fs .116 T I l ,H ig IN IT 10 'N in ,T E lf I u l l i I l i JOYCE DeYOUNG Ambition: Stenogrrapher. Favor- ite Saying: "I should worry." "As sweet and good as she is quiet." HAROLD DICKINSON Ambition: To "chase old man Bo- gey." Favorite Saying: "Have a good time." Football 2-3-43 Basketball 23 Hi-Y President. "A diligent scholar Harold will be, if from the gxirlies he keeps free." LYDIA DIEKMAN-"Lyd" Ambition: Teacher. Favorite Say- ing: "My gosh!" Girls' Athletic Association 2. "Would that all were as steadfast as thou art." ELIZABETH DONATH-"Betty" Athletic Club 1-23 Glee Clubg Spanish Club 3-43 Corresponding Secretary Spanish Club 43 Home Economic Club 23 Counselor 4. MARY ELSENER Chairman of Freshman Standup 43 "Mr, Pim Passes By" 33 Senior Play 43 "Lady of the Lake" 13 Glee Club 2-3-4. "We know she'll make a good housewife." PEARL ENGEL-"Pearlie" Glee Club 3-43 Athletic Association 43 French Club 33 Hiking Club 33 Class Gift Committee 43 Gym Demon- stration 1. LOUIS ERTL-"Louie" Ambition: To be a man. Favorite Saying: "I must comb my hair." Track 1-2-3-43 Athletic Association3 Spanish Club 3. "Be a man.-well, we'll say he will." ELVA FLANAGIN-"E" Ambition: Somebody's Stenogr. Girls' Athletic Association 13 Spanish Club 3-4. JOE FRASOR-"Red" Ambition: To be a black-haired lawyer. Favorite Saying: "Now that has got to stop, right away." Athletic Association 1-2-3-4: Cheer Leader 2-3? "Dulcy" 43 Band 3-43 Senior Play 4. NICHOLAS FRAY-"Nick" Ambition: Electrical Engineer. Favorite Saying: "Oh, that's easy." Athletic Association 2-3. "It isn't every man who gets the best of me, because I am as clever as can be." -..H I ,. .3 Page Twenty-six ALICE GARD-"Kiddy" Glee Club 2-3-45 Board of Control 45 Orchestra 3-45 Qady of the Lake 15 Senior Play 45 Treasurer of Girls' Athletic Association 25 Girls' Club Orchestra 3-45 Second Vice-President of French Club 4. E'.IZABl'lTH GARDNER---"Kiddo" Girls' Club Board 1-2-3-45 Secre- tary of Girls Club 2-35 Treasurer of Girls' Club 45 Glee Club 2-3-45 Home Economics Club 25 Athletic Association 1-2. LANDON GARDINER Favorite Sayingg "You nut." Jersey Township High School 15 French Club 3-45 Track5 Annual Staff5 Glee Club 3-4. "Called upon by everyone because he has an Oakland." EDITH GARRY-"Elle" Senior Counselor 45 Annual Staff 45 Girls' Athletic Association 1-25 Hiking' Club 35 Christmas Project 3-4. ANGELA GIOCONDA-"Angie" William McKinley High School 1-25 Glee Club 45 Spanish Club President 4. "A voice worthy of praise has the Spanish senoritaf' VIOLET GLADVILLE-"Vi" Pullman Tech 1-25 Glee Club 25 Sophomore Play 25 Annual Staff 45 Christmas Project 3-45 Athletic Association 1-2-3-45 Senior Play 4. "She always has a question." LUCILLE GORSUCH-"Luke" Glee Club 3-45 "Dulcy" 45 Home Economics Club 25 Athletic Associa- tion 3-45 Alumni Directory 45 Christ- mas Project 3-4. "A sweet friend to everyone." ROY L. GORSUCH-"Doc" Ambition: Druggist. Favorite Say- ing: "Everybody up." Band 2-3-45 Basketball Manager 35 Chairman Boys' Club Stag 45 Cheer Leader 3-45 Freshman Circus 1. GRACE GOWENS Athletic Association 15 Hiking Club 25 Graduated in 3 years. "A brilliant girl and ever the same. A student both in act and name." HENRY GOUWENS-t'Hank" Ambition: To be an expert horse- man. Favorite Saying: "I reckon so." Athletic Association 1-2-3-45 Hi-Y 4. "A man of iron he5 a tiller of the soil will be." 1 I ' 1 v v --- NI Page Twenty-seven vm Ks. T IH io IR BNI IT-i I 5 IOI N I IT E it I i I E I s I I ,I I I MINNIE GOUWENS-"Min" Ambition: Private Secretary. Fa- vorite Saying: "Well, I don't care!" Latinist Ig Athletic Association lg "Smiling, demure and sweet. The kind of a girl one likes to meet." JOHN HABAS-"Johnny" Ambition: To be a traveler. Orchestra 1: Athletic Association 1-2. "Most congenial of good fellows. Always has been and always will be." EDGAR HALL-"Brownie', Ambition: To be mayor of Hazel Crest. Athletic Association 1-2-3: Track: Baseball 3-4: Basketball 4. CATHERINE HANK-"Kath" Ambition: To be a missionary in Africa. Favorite Saying: "I'm sure I don't care." Athletic Association 1-2-3-43 Christmas Project 3-45 Subscription Manager 4. PEARL HARPER Ambition: To travel around the World. Favorite Saying: "Gee, oh, THEODORE W. A. HEDTKE-"Ted" Ambition: Civil Engineer. Favor- ite Saying. "Oh, yes!" Hi-Y 4: Athletic Association 4. PEARL HEINKE Ambition: Pianist. Favorite Say- ing: "Will you go to the 'Horne' Saturday ?" Dolton Branch 1-2: Glee Club 3-43 Christmas Project 3-4. "The lass with the delicate air to whose charity none can compare." HENRY HELGERSEN-"Hank" Ambition. To be useful. Favor- ite Saying: "Hey, you!" Orchestra 1-2-3-45 Athletic Asso- ciation 2-3-4: Annual Staff. EDWARD HERBERT-"Ed" Ambition: An Electrical Engineer I would be. Favorite Saying: "Oh! Betty, Yoo! Hoo!" Football 2-3-4: Track 2-3-43 Hi-Y 43 Athletic Association 1-2. "A quiet, truthful lad, one who is always ready to give a hand." RUDOLPH HICKL-"Rudy" Glee Club 2-39 Orchestra 1-2-3: Athletic Association 1-2-3-4. "That Rudy is bright, there is no doubt: when he poses for his pic- gosh!" .Home Economics Club 25 Alumni Directory 4. ture, the lights go out." Page Twenty-eight . . x .-"""" . HORACE HOLMES, JR.-'tPadlock" Track 2-35 Football 2-35 Class Treasurer 35 Band 2-35 Mercersburg Academy '255 Football Manager 45 "Dulcy" 45 Glee Club 45 Senior Play 4. MILDRED HOWELL-"Mil" Spanish Club 3-45 Treasurer of Spanish Club 3-45 Alumni Directory 45 Athletic Association 4. "A quiet, dainty, little lass." DAVID HUGHES-"Dave" Ambition: Lawyer. Class Presi- dent 1-2-35 Football 2-3-45 Basket- ball 1-2-3-45 Track 1-2-45 Captain of Basketball 45 Band 1-2-35 Glee Club 2-3-4. "A very quiet lad and a good cap- tain." ROBERT ISAAC-"Bob" Ambition: Engineer. Favorite Saying: "Why'?" Band 1-2-3-45 Orchestra 3-4. "We wish this joyful lad good luck." ROBERT EUGENE ,JEFFERSON- 'Jeff' Ambition: Lawyer. Favorite Say- ing: "Not prepared." Baseball 4. "His ability is unsurpassablef' . . , v -1 r 's .-' -X , VIRGINIA JACKSON-"Gin" Athletic Association 1-45 Ukelele Club 35 Senior Counselor 45 Annual Staff 45 Dolton Branch 1. "Favors to none, to all her smiles extend5 a maid of many moods, but never once offends." NELSON JACOBS-'tJack" Ambition: To see much of the world. Favorite Saying: "Is that right?" Athletic Association 1-2-3-4. "He is a very quiet lad, never getting in bad." EDNA JOHNSON-"Swede" Ambition: To go to Europe. Fa- vorite Saying: "Do I look foolish?" Girls' Athletic Association 1-25 Latin Club 1. MAX KACZMARSKI Ambition: Druggist. Favorite Saying: "What about it?" Athletic Association 1-2-3-4. ALEX KERR-"Scotty" Ambition: To be a druggist. Fa- vorite Saying: "Ain't that a hot one?" Annual Staff 45 Basketball 1-2-3-45 Athletic Association 1-2-3-45 Latinist 1. "The best sort of a friend for a fellow to have." . . f -4 1- 'N R L "'-. ' f ..... ,- --. 1--- Page Twenty-nine , fm-'x 1' f 4 . . - . 1.L 1 DORIS KLEIN-'fDorees" Glee- Club 15 Science Club 25 East Peoria High School 15 Farmington High School 25 Christmas Project 45 "Silence is golden." JULIA KOVALIK-"Jule" Latin Club 15 Home Economics Club 2. "As quiet and sedate as she is small." VIOLA KREYSCHER-"Vi" Ambition: To be a speedy typist. Spanish Club 35 Home Economics Club 25 Girls' Athletic Association 2. "A fair maiden we should say." MARY LaBOUR Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Music Mem- ory Contest 3-45 Orchestra 45 Glee Club Manager 45 Vice-Presi- dent of Spanish Club 45 Athletic As- sociation 1-2-3-45 Girls' Club Orches- tra 45 Ukelele Club 35 Senior Play 4. "Her talent will win her success." DOROTHY LARSON-'4Dot" Ambition: Nurse. Favorite Say- ing: "Oh, Bunk!" Annual Staff 45 Athletic Associa- tion 4. "A charming personality, a win- ning way, reliable always." ROBERT MANVILLE-"Bob" Band 1-2-3-45 Orchistra 2-3-45 Glee Club 2--15 C'ass Treasurer 35 Treasurer of Boys' C ub 4, Hi-Y 45 Track 2. "His true nature in disguise, fs revealed only in his eyes." CORNELL G. MATH-"Cornie" Treasurer of German Club 45 Ath- letic Association 2-3--l. "He's half in earnest, hvlf in jest. Expect from him his very best." MARY MATLOCKA Orchestra 2-3-45 Girls' Club Or- chestra 2-3-45 Girls' Athletic As- sociation 25 Orchestra Contest 3. "The attentive listener is appreciat- ed as a real friend." BEATRICE MEYER-"Beadie" Athletic Association 4. 'fVery charming and a sweet per- sonalityf' SYBELLA MCGILVERY-"irish" Favorite Saying: "Do you really mean it?" Athletic Association 1-45 Hos- tess 45 Dramatic Club 1. "An Irish colleen with laughing eyes, Her sense of humor she can't disguise." .f' 'H i R' ,.P' X- f - r Page Thirty K f' N 1 S z 4 'W f- EDWIN MCGOWAN-"Shorty" Ambition: To be a lawyer. Favor- ite Saying: "The cubs will walk all over the Sox in 1925. Look what Golby did today." Athletic Association 1-2-3-4. "He never Hunked, he never lied, I reckon he never knew how." JOHN McLARTY-"Mac" Class Treasurer 15 Hi-Y 45 Band 1-45 Athletic Association 1-2. "How cheering to the Irish smile That makes this life of ours worth while." CAROLYN O'BRIEN-"Irish" Dolton Branch 1-25 Glee Club 45 Board of Control 45 Band 3-45 Orchestra 45 Girls' Club Orchestra 45 Girls' Athletic Association 4. EDWARD O'BRIEN-"Ed" Ambition: To be a farmer who doesn't have to work. Favorite Say- ing: "You tell 'em." Athletic Association 1-2-3-4. AULEY OHRMAN Ambition: Industrial Engineer. Favorite Saying: "Alla time you monka round." Athletic Association 2-3. "A favorite with everyone because of his generosity." ALICE OLSON-"Al" Ambition: Somebody's Stenog. Favorite Saying: "Oh, grief!" Athletic Association 25 Philomel Club 2. "If we look closely, we shall find the roots of justice in her mind." JOHN LaVERNE PAULSEN- "Johnny" Ambition: Lawyer. Favorite Say- ing: "Hope to snicker.' Band 1-2-3-45 Orchestra 1-2-3-4. "Either appraise me or hold your tongue." JOSEPHINE PEARSON-"Jo" Ambition: To be a physical train- ing teacher. Favorite Saying: "Ooh Te Fluie." Latinist 15 French Club 45 Orches- tra 4. ANNA PEEBLES Glee Club 1-2-45 Spanish Club 2-45 Athletic Association 1-25 Graduated in three years. "Her presence makes a radiant light and makes the world seem much more bright." GLADYS PFEIFER-"Gladdie" Ambition: Private Secretary. Fa- vorite Saying: "I hope to tell you!" 'EDA private secretary she's bound to e." .- x ff-s - ft, --.N In 4 .L - Page Thirty-one 5 .LL M T H O R N. Tx Oi NI l Ti E! 1525 l i I l i , I 1 i n l r I i 1 l 3 f 1 i i s 2,1 .F 4 '. .' , X. f . RUTH PFEIFER-"Rufus" Athletic Association 1-2-3-4 5 Latin Club 15 Spanish Club 3-45 Phil- omel 35 Senior Counselor 45 Lincoln Medal Contest 3. JOE PORTER-"Porter" Ambition: To get through. Favor- ite Saying: "Ain't that hot?" Football 2-3-45 Baseball 15 Track 1-25 Basketball Manager 45 German Club 4. MILDRED RAMPKE-"Mil" Ukelele Club 3-45 German Club 45 Christmas Project 45 Alumni Direc- tory 4. "A girl so very slim and tall, whose store of learning is not small! FLORENCE RANDALL-"Flo" Ambition: Teacher. Favorite Say- ing: "Get to work and do it!" Ukclele Club 3-45 Athletic Asso- ciation 1-2-3-45 Girls Athletic Asso- ciation l-2-35 Hiking' Club 3. THEODORE A. RATHJE-"Ted" Ambition: Electrical Engineer. Fa- vorite Saying: "Gee 'izz." Orchestra 1-2-3-45 Glee Club 45 Hi-Y 45 Athletic Club 1-2-3-4. "But he striveth still to be a man before his mother." FLORENCE REED-"Flossie" Ambition: To be a Junior next year. Favorite Saying: "Com'n Sas- safrasf' Spanish Club 45 Girls' Athletic As- sociation 25 Athletic Association 25 Senior Hostess 4. DOROTHY REICH-"Dot" Ambition: To be useful. Favorite Saying: "I don't know-maybe." German Club 45 Alumni Directory 4. "In her eyes is mischief lurkin,fr5 that brain of hers is always work- mg." ALEX REID Athletic Association 1-2-3-45 Bas- ketball 4. "In this chap's life success does lurk, because his ambition is: give me hard work." FRED RICKHOFF-"Fritz" Ambition: To become a preacher. "He sure could preach someone a good sermon." ALICE ROBBINS-"Al" Girls' Athletic Association 15 Latin Club 15 Home Economics Club 25. "I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am to live up to what light I have." Page Thirty-two 'G Gil QL l l fi l all l i i l I 1 ll ia 1 l l I I ' Elf Sb U' lg xlg 'K VERNE RUSSELL Ambition: To keep out of acci- dents. Favorite Saying: 'tGo soak your head." Track 1-2: Football 2-45 Band 1-2-3-4: Basketball 1-2-3: Annual Staff 43 Latinist 1: Board of Direc- tors 3. HOWARD SALZMANN-"Sal-ly" Ambition: Radio Expert. Favor- ite Saying: "Come on, let's go." Athletic Association 1-2-3-4: Hi-Y 45 Annual Staff 4. RICHARD SCHNOOR--"Bud" Ambition: Weather Man. Favor- ite Saying: "Let's go." Dolton Branch 1-2: Athletic Asso- ciation 4. "A friend in need is a friend in- deed." NELSON OLIVER SCHREIBER Ambition: Musician. Favorite Saying: "Bunk," American Conservatory of Music 3-4. "Nelson's the other Schreiber." O QIVER NELSON SCHREIBER Ambition: Violinist or tramp. Fa- vorite Sayine: "Applesauce." American Conservatory of Music 3--1. VERDEN SCHUTTE Ambition: Electrical Engineer. Fa- vorite Saying: "Be yourself!" Athletic Club 1-2-3: Orchestra 1-2-3-45 Track 25 Basketball 2. "He is such a quiet lad." KENNETH SEATOR-"Ken" Ambition: Civil Engineer. Athletic Association 1-2-3-4: Bas- ketball 4. WESLEY SHEPARD-"Shep" Ambition: Public School Music Teacher and organist. Favorite Say- ing: "You old soak." Auburn High School 1: Basketball 35 Annual Staff 43 Glee Club 2-4: Orchestra 2-3-45 Orchestra Librarian 35 Band 2-3-4. "The boy has musical talent one can tell. He ought to be able to get along pretty well." ELISABETH SMITH-"Bess" Philomel Club 3. "She's an artist, 'tis true." AGNES STAKLEY-"Ag'5rie" Annual Staff: Athletic Association 1-2-3-4: Division Chairman 4: Hos- tess 4g Home Economics Club 2: Girls' Athletic Association 1-2: Christmas Project 4. Page Thirty-thu L .' - L-. ...... K .' H X ' H c.- .- . 4 Vs 1 , s. . . . nu 1 HELEN STATON-"Hel" Athletic Association 1-29 Secretary of Home Economics Club 29 Board of Control 3-49 Christmas Project 3-4. "She's a very good pal and her company is well worth while." ARVID SWANSONa"Sv.'e-le" Athletic Association. "You can sometimes disguise a Ford, but you can always tell a Swede." CHESTER TEEPLFJ-"Gump" Ambition: Concert Musician. Track 1-2-3-49 Band 1-2-3-49 Or- chestra 2-3-49 Athletic Association 1-2-3. t'On his face is always a grin. In the future life, he's bound to win. PAUL THOMSEN-"Farme1"' Ambition: To be a forester. Football 29 Baseball 3-49 Athletic Association 1-2-3-4. WILLIAM TOMSHECK-"Tommy" Ambition: Coach. Football 1-2-3-49 Captain of Foot- ball Team 49 Baseball 49 Basketball 49 Track 4, "A tall and quiet handsome lad, ZVho's sometimes good and seldom ad." HARRY VAN MYNEN-"Pete" Ambition: To spend many winters in Florida. Favorite Saying: 'tGeo, I'm sleepy!" Athletic Association 1-2-3-4. "A builder of mansions great and magnificent in the Carpenter's Guild will be." HENRY VANDER AA-"Hs-inie" Ambition: Scientist. Latinist 1-29 Athletic Association 1-2-3-4. 'tAn unassuming: little chap and would fool you as to what he has under his hat." THEODORE FREDRICK VOSS Athletic Association I-2-3-4. "As a bookkeeper we wish him successf' HELEN WAGNER Philomel Association 3-49 Girls' Athletic Association -19 Christmas Project 3-49 Spanish Club 3-4. 'AA better friend could not be had." WILLIAM WARNING-"Bud" Football 1-2-3-49 Class Secretary 29 Glee Club 2-3-49 Annual Staff 49 Stage Committee 1-2-3-4. "Where the cool waters Howg Sweet Williams are bound to grow." ...,..,,,. , . X .,- U... .....,. .. , .. .. .. .. ti. ....A......-.........-...-.- Page Thirty-four wr: ' I nv l ADA WIEDEMANN-"Wiede" Hyde Park High School 1-2-35 Glee Club 45 Athletic .Association 45 "Dul- cy" 45 Senior Play 4. "Of quecnly dignity and stately mien." BRUCE WILLIAMS Ambition: Carpenter. Favorite Saying: "Horse Collar." Hi-Y 45 Athletic Association 1-2-3. "Here's wishing him luck as a carpenter." RUSSELL WILLIAMS-"Rus" Ambition: To see the world from a side door Pullman. Favorite Say- ingr: "How did the Sox come out?" Athletic Association 1-2-3-4. "A quiet and a bashful lad. A better friend one never had." DORMAN WISEMAN-"Dorm" Ambition: To become a Prohibition Agent. Favorite Saying: "Maybe." Band 3-45 Hi-Y Club 35 Latinist 15 French Club 45 Athletic Association 1-2-3-45 Concert 3-4. MILDRED WOODS-"Millie" Ambition: To go to Spain. Favor- ite Saying: "Now what?" Spanish Club 3-45 Christmas Pro- ject 3-45 Home Economics Club 25 Girls' Athletic Association 1. AITKEN YOUNG Ambition: Mechanical Engineer. Favorite Saying: "Gee, that's tough." Football 45 Basketball 45 Athletic Association. "A bright boy, one must admit One thing he did was make a hit." RAYMOND ZEILENGA-"Ray" Ambition: Lawyer. Favorite Say- ing: "What have we got for today Y" Athletic Association 1. "It's quality, not quantity that counts." P2959 Thirty-five 1 1-1 11 N . """""1 11 ,-1 " L. 1 1 4 -11.-111661 1 1 P 1 1 ,1 .N--111151121--1111 : . 1 - . 1, 311,-131 ' 1 1 7' 2. 11111114 wi-1 321. if 3,311 -R V. I iff f Q33 'Q '11, ,NM . , wg! 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'l'lu- llotvs' mul Girls' l'lllllS llllllllill grlsiy was siippoiln-fl l'lllll'Q'l.Y lay il 1-asf ol' Sc-iiiors. 'l'Iu- Si-iiioi' play pimiiiiwm-s lo lu- mu- ol' llus lu-sl 4-vm' QlY4'll :ll 'l'lim'iihm. Slllf'l' il is slilquiim-il lip' :1 4-:lst ol' liroiuiiu-ul Sm-liioi' zu-tors. ,Xlloyw-Ilu-i'. Ilu- Si-uior 1-lass ol' lliis l'1'2ll'll2lS nlmu- mlu-li lo rnisv ilu- Si2lll4l2ll'4l9 'if rllllHl'llliiIl Towiisliip lligli S1-luuil, The Junior Picnic l-In-I'-x' ,llllllHl' was Q-xi-iti-il. flu- Iill'llll' was slum to lu-. .Xt lawl ilu- nlzllx' 1-:mu-, Nlailx' 'HL 11925. 'l'lu-i'1- wi-rv nuuiy girls zuul lioys who pill-cl into 4-airs mul wi-nt to Palos Park. Hui' g'I'l'1ll l'lljH.Ylllt'lll was vlimliing: lluq Ski Sliilm-. .Xflm-1' lllillilllgl' lliis SlI'l'lll10llS 4-liiuli :uul :ills-i' plai-viug nmuy gjzunos. we- wori- glaul fo eil clown fo il liig pu-niv sulilu-V. Wi- lizul 1-x'i-iwlliiiig il llllllQ.1'l"V vrowsl r-oulil want. lll4'll14llllQ potato Hzllzlil. lumt ilogs. milk-1-, 4-:ilu-, zlpplvs, mul iw- 4-re-uni. Most ol' ilu- 1-rowcl lull for lumio about 7:30. Ol' Course, some lingorcul a lit- tli- longer. The Junior Party 'l'lu- .lullior ll2ll'l,j', :ui 0YC'lllllg.1' s-vm-lit lu-lil in ilu- Qfylllllflgllllll. is 2111 almunl allzlil' looluul l'orw:u'il lo lu' :ill 11l0lIlllf'I'S ol' llu- .limior i-lass. This was lu-lml on the cvoniug ol' Nlarc-li ll, 121725. 'l'lu- jjyllllllltillllll wus lu-:1l1liI'ully ilr-i-orziti-sl willi our 'llll0I'YlLuii 1-ouirs, purple mul wliill-. lCx's-1-yoiiv loolu-al vm'-x' zlttrau-lin-, f'Sl70i'I2lllj' flu- girls in flu-ir pre-ity pzlrtlv mlri-ssc-S. Nlosl ol' 'llu- 1'X'l'lllIlQ' wus Siu-nl in clauu-ing. lliv musiv for which was furnislu-il liy ilu- Brfu-la on-lu-stun. l'lllll2l .lolmson mul lllu-illo Gorslu-li gave- two very pri-ily flmu-us. .Xlu-0 liaml gnu- :1 rc-ruling whim-li was quite c-omu-al. Tlu- purfy llu-ii broke up with "Ilonu-, Swwu-lp Ilonu-," wliic-lm was played by the on-lmoslra. Page Thirty-eight ,QE 'jnm V 1 Class Prophecy gg lit' 7 u . u""' L M "Well, its finished," said William Wa1'11i11g'. head radio operator ol' the linit- ed States Naval lleserve to his eo-assistant llarold lmeelc. The pair had lJ00l1 working for llllllltlli Oll a new 520 tnhe 1'e1'eix'i11g set which they had IIQIIHCI-l the xYlIlgl.lNly11C. 'l'ell'o1'd llvfbflilllilll, secretary ol' the llnited States Bureau ol' Agrienlture, lllltl his assistant, lidward O'l3rien, has. through the gov- 61'1llll011l, ollered the pair rF50,000 for the set, il' it proved SllC1'0SSl'lll. "Now for the test I" exclaimed llarold. .Ks he slowly turned the dials to the point where they had Iienred they would receive L'ali'l'o1'11ia, he heard nothingg hnt all at onee a liilllllllill' Zlllll elear voice rang out of the loud speaker, "This is station K. F. l., Los Angeles, l'alifo1'nia. broadcasting from the New lloinpeian Theater, recently l'OllStl'lll'lfl'1l hy llerhcrt Greiner illltl owned hy Rudolph llickl and 'lohn lj2llllS0ll. The next lllllllllCl' on our prograni will be a l'l2lI'lll0f solo hy l7rol'essor Wesley Shepard, grreaitest team-her of that i11st1'11111e11t i11 .Xllll'l'll'il. lle will he 2lL'l'01ll1l2llll01l hy tl1e head lll:lll0 instructor i11 his school ol' nnisie. Miss Alice Hard." Tilt' piece was l'Cll1lCl'l'4l he:111til'11lly a111l beth Williarn illlll llarold claimed it was the best tl1ey had ever l1eard. Xext 011 the prograni was a speech on "How to Keep From Growing Old." hy Ellsworth Beagle, the world's champion liigh jumper. Tl1e speech was l1lllllOI'0llS as well as lielpful. Aft-er this the station signed off. "Say Billf, said llarold, "That announcer has a voice just like llov Gorsueli, 7 our old SCll00l-ll12llfC.' , f"l'l1at's just who it isf, said William. "The last letter I received l'I'0lll him stated that he had secured a position at K. F. I. as 21D110UllC0l'.,, It was 110W William's turn to experiment. As he carelessly turned the dials, he chanced to hear the well-known Morse code. Both listened intently. lt was an S. lil. fl. Csave n1y gondolal from the good ship Thornton. commanded hy Admiral B2ll'fl'2lIll ll1'01lli'ilIl, whose first 11l2ItC was lirnest Berg. The boat had struck an ice- berg i11 a far northern point of tl1e Pacific fllld was sinking slowly. The message had lll'Cll picked np hy Uarl Arniitage, ll. Prohibition Agent in 'Pacific waters, and John Uausgrore. chief of the coast. guards. while they were out i11 search of the noted north pole SIIFVOYOTS. Joe Porter flllfl LaVerne Anderson. These men had been lost i11 the frozen Il01'lZll for ten months and President Aitken Young had ollered a large reward for their discovery. llis wife, Marion Buck, formerly a prominent lawyer, in conipany with Edwin McGowan. says that she will also give a sniall su111 to the finders, since La Verne was always l1er friend. The President has had no rest since these H1011 have been at large. The expedition had been started against the advice of the weatlierman, Richard Schnoor, who had predicted rough Page Thirty-nine l l 1 1 l .U . 1x or pa 1 T1 lllnlle 130.2 11931 N51 V151 101 ,N12 1 1 3531 .rt T.. ,1g.,',' il 1 1 1 l 1 I li Pt I il ,, l ,1 11 1 l 1 i i .T . l in-zlllu-l'. lt llllilll lu- lllll'l'l'4llll-Y' lu sunu- ul' vnu in lium' lll'll llm-l1-in qlllull T l . P. . x 1 L 2 , , . l ulnl-, ilu-lx Imiiul tlult Ellll luul lu-1-ii si-111 11- ilu- ship. l 1 1 -1 ' - 4'IlQfllll'l'I'S ul tlu- ilzlx' 4'llll'l'l'll V1-ull-u Hvliuttm- -uul llcm'-ml QHl7lll'llllI 'l'lux' llul . 1 1 1 . 1 . 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'I'IIIC SIIXIUII VIASS. To G-- RIITH PFI-IIFICR II ltt-tt I st-t- ttttt. tIt-:tt'Itt-tttt. ttt' ht-ttt' wttttt tt tt It tttts :ts tl, Itttttsttt-t-, tltst-tttttwtgtttl. tttutty. I l2IIllt'llI'tlll1l ttttttlttt t'1ZtlI.l'lt':lI'WRIIUI' - H.- Iltttttlt tIt-t-It ttl tts t't-lrt-sltttt--' stt'tt'Ittttt-' tIt'-ttt--'ht ,Xtttl tlt't-tt' tltt-Vt-It'ttttt ttt-tt' t-tttttztgt-. stt't-ttgtlt -ttttl Itttt-t-' Ut tts tl. Itt-t-t ttt glttrtttg' ltghts tttt' Ittttts. 'I'iII t-tt-t'y Illtt-t' itt tttt- lttttgt-tl Ittt' rt-st. l'tttttt- ttvt-t' tttt- tt tttttt- ttl' t-ttttl. sttI'I tlztrltttt-ss Iztttttltltttg tttt- ttt tt-Itt-t lIIltIt'I'SI?lIltIIIIQW- .X tltttlttttss Itt'tt'g'tttg' ltzttttttttt-ss :ttttl ttt-ttttt-, The Woodpecker TH EODORIC IVIICYICR ,., . . Ittttttl, Itttlt-. t't-tl-ht-tttlt-tl tttttttlt-t-t-Itt-t' .Xs vtttt tlt' tltrtttt--'It tltt- sltx' tttt-t'Itt-tttl .Xtttl Itttt tlttl ttt-t-s Ihr Itttttll I t . Ilt'ttt--'tttt-' tt ttt tltt- Itttlt- ttttt-s ttt tltt-tt It-tl P rt - Iftt-tt tltttttgh -vtttt tttt- tttist-Itit-ttttts tItt'tttt--'lt Itlt- H tttt ttt't- tt Itt-Itt Itt tttttttt' tt Ittttttl. I,tItt- tltt- rttltttt. wrt-tt, attttl tl-t- t't-st ttt vttttt' Itttttl Iiillittg' tltt- ittst-t-ts tltt-ttttgltttttt tltt- lzttttl. A ,-,M-.---..--.s,.N.k M--,,..-.,..J- ,, ., . Z" T".T2Tv7,'I.TLTf'I r Pztpt- Forty-five Page Forty-six 1 ,, .M .V,,,, .L ,f,1l..,--.W. M..,.,,.,..w,4...., 1 2 Y ""' "' 11 331 1 21 S S P 0 e m 161111 T ,ia ff: AV! 1+'I.OIil+INQ'I'I lllflfll XX1' I111x1- 11+il1-1! Ifvirs. 111- lmxe' l1:1l'1IQI1il1- l111'111- ll1r'1111g'l1Alzlxsllxzsl XYl'l'i' 1I:11'l1 :lml 1?111:11' XX1 'IIN' l1111-fI111Nk1-1l up1111111-1111111111--'1111-V1 'l'ill1111111111-111f111111-111 lmv1l11x111x1-11-:lux W llvll lllll llllif'I1r1wXN'1'sI:li'11'1l In N1'Il1v1vl XVMI1 lI1"II'Ix N11 11-lllvf' -1111! llffht 1 1 - 1 .. . u1'lIl I1wl1':1l'l1 Illv f14ll1!l'Il lfllll' 1' . . 1 M111111x111rI1111lI1:1ll11111-mlglmi. ffl Ig? 3. NMI1111.-I111iI1 11111'l:11l1l1-Vftl':1iu'l1l 11111!-111111 ff U1-ll:lx1X1'liIl1lI1-rlI1+lIl1-x1'I'.YI11l+1 H111 www 111' will l1l1il1I :11111Il11-1' 111112 ' ,1 I'11l' 11111l11 IIIII lIIl'Illl 1lIFI'3V. U ,. H . 1. Klux 111 11v1l1u1ll1l'1111.g'I1g+1':11'11:1l11I1-l11'11I'. ' Willl 1'11n1l'11l'1i11g I11':1l'IN:1l11I lmrnls. Till x1u1l111':111,x El smilw 11111l m:111x':1 I11:11' XX1' 1111li1'11l1V xx'11r'l1Il.x' I1:1z11ls. Y i 7 JW rf 1""'?4-'-v --'-""' "Wi 1 T,f,f',,.,,, h Zfyllga- iv ' '-i.ll:,f1IfI.fl.f.. ' ",..-.:f.,,-..- L1..-l.-1-1---,......,Y'-ifYTxA",.,...,qy-4kf-- if-I EXE D-Li D '11 I"o1'ty-seven fawilk? Page Forty-eight unzbrs KKCN X 'fu- 'FESIISSSP ,- O ll 'I 5 I mL ,A 0? ,o O a,51o'z" ..9l:xll 'S 'll ll: - lull 0' .....::g -'::-- NS l0::u.l:: nun -Q 'inf' --' U X W ' 'I 1 ,A 1 ,X i1'3V, ., W ' fl2::::55 ' 1 :.'Il2..:-'7f.2E5::Sf ' ,, 1 :fgr- , fs 5 71-Eifiiiiiia - 1 C g,m.:.m5ggiSEE 1 f- .':::::::....3l' nu-- .ma 'ij I lhq.5-.1 354-.. 55211:-v ?EEiE::g' 1 -suv . 5:2555 :E--::EE ou., ,g nun ,n afaaaiga 'uglnlhp ssazfn' 1 F- .. ssssssssi 'iff 53""'v 22222255 iii'-:si 555:22-1 Sw: Pago Forty-nine l l Junior Class History Juniors! To the average person that word carries no special significance, but how impressive it sounded to us as Freshmen and Sophomores! When we Finally reached this coveted goal, we assumed our office Juniors of Thornton Township High School with fitting dignity. Emil Minx, our president, was the star player of the football team. Who will ever forget the Bloom game in which he made the only touchdown, thus winning the game for us? He is captain-elect of next year's team. Emil is also prominent in basketball and track. Other Junior athletes are: John Edgar, Ervin Gross, Cyril Gallati, John Hodge, John Townsend, Clarence Overtoom, Robert Faden, Ray- mond Lawler, Robert Williams and William White. These boys are worthy of honors. The Junior girls joined in heartily to help make our Girls, Club 100 per cent and the boys eagerly put forth their eilorts' to further the growth of their organization. On the Board of Control the Junior girls were represented by Alice Gailey, Lillian Gulbransen, Virginia Kone, Gwendolyn Pike, Florence Rosen- stein. The Boys' Club Board of Directors explain their advaneement as partly due to the help received from the Junior members of the Board, Perhaps the greatest proiect of the year was the selling of the Christmas wreaths to finance our party. This party furnished an evening of enjoyment long to be remembered. ln years to come, each will look back upon it and remember it as one of the bright spots in his high school career. Page Fifty 3 n I i r : I H V Qr EY ' FUN W EOD PRN iw ,I ri QW MEL "f ,li 'lfxilu l 3 31 5 .J N' i 4 1 x2-,-f:3:p i UL 7 Page Fifty-one ..,--.,., Page Fifty-t ...M N .. .WWW ,...,,.MM...,,h.. ,, M ,WWW WMMMWH. ...... ,,........n,..5..-.-...... 1 1 4 W n U lf' s X CNC?-,Ni-' if Q gj QQQfW'u.? ' f X0 0 mf Q'i'i- M'-Pb Q .fb 'Q g 1 ? ,rs - -f H all Z W. ,fz1'W3i ' T '?f AM N, 5 'fkfrs , , W sr N 1 'ee 1, Q! '- iidiihaia Xi Nw ... ,,..,...i'1 Page Fi fty-tl 1l't v4.1 1 l WSW i s , s , i T H O R TN T O Nl I T E l Sophomore Class History Wo, thu Soplioinorvs ol' ninvtvvn liunclrvrl :mil twonly-six. villa-roll lligh Svhool nt lhv lvvginiiiiig ol' tho sc-hool your of l1lT25-26 l'vc-ling sonwwliait vlzllvcl nt the Lhouglif ol' lmving siirvivc-ll lln- tongln-sl strugrglv whivh is pix-sl-iitml to ai High Svhool stuclvnt, the sli'11W'lv ol' living a Froslnnzin. rv- . I 4 1 Our 1-lass was put unmlm' tho lllElllillIK"llll'lll ol Mr. ll. li. hnnlh. who has hven axvvllviit in 1'll-fl1N'l'llllll'Lf with the entire vhlss. We ill-only :ip11i'vm-into his kinll ellorls Zlllll siin'vi'vly hope that wx- lllllj' vontinnm- To lmw him as our vlnss prinmpal tlll'Ullg'lll7llli thu rm-st of our lligh Svhool life. Wo stairlwl thi- yn-ui' with an vnrollnicnt of nim-tv-tliroo hoys and ninoty-nina girls. many sfmlc-nfs having "rlropp1-nl ont" ul'l0r their Froslinnin year. Wu haul our uh-vtion ol' class ollivvrs in Ovlolwr mul c-lm-lml the followinff' ' :- Eugvnv liaikvr, prvsnlm-lit: Surzi llnglzvs. vim-v presnlz-lit: Nlilllrwl llourv. sevretary, infl llzirolfl l'ole-main, lT'02lSllI'0I'. Uni' vlnss is wi-ll 1'0prvsl-iilorl in holh the llirls' lllvv f'luh :mal thc' Boys' Glee f'luh. also in thc- lmnll ziml tha- IlI'l'llf'Sll'?l. X in eithlvlivs wx- linll that thoro are 21 gfrvnt mziny Hoplioniorvs who lmvf- noon on the lvznns. ln loothzill we liaw Fri-rl lloslacl. who plzlwml riuht gunrcl :mil "Tiny", Bennv llinl-lla, our two llllll1ll't'll mill fifty-polnirl "llzwl1." who plziym' all K'l'llll'l'. ln baske-l hull. on flu- liglilwviglit silnaul wo final: Furl Linllull, who playa-ll Polite-r, nnal Rohort lminlon, who plnyml gimrml. 'ln tho lioznjvxwiglit sqiuul. Frainlz Hurry mln 'ml lm-lf l'orwm'4l nnml llonis llnnson ilzivm-nl righl forwarml. l l l . morvs on 'rho sqnanl. VV:-riwr Nlinx. :1 high jinnpvr: 4'f'lifT" llaglgzml, :1 niilm' Page Fifty-four Loolqing over lhu trac-k lvznn wi- linrl that flu-rv :ire rlnilo Fl numhm' ol' Sonhol , - . xK'l'IIl' lNl4l1'l'.2l slurl putlm-1" "Jim" xlilllll. :1 lnl1'wllvx': "Nlvl" llzu-lx, wlum lll'l'l4Hl'lll0ll Ill lultll flu- lllll'1llt'S mul wms-m1111l1'x': lflllwzuwl Wl'iu'l1t. :1 9 lX'NlXlX mam. :uul lust lull. lllll lll2lSl. "l,U2lllllISu l'r:lx'1-ll. xvlul slums in Iuutlm ilu- llillll-llllltl mul tlul mllo lllYlllQ1' lnwrlim-11 llu- svluuwl rm-m'1l lm' llu' llllll' Q .Xnumg tlu' vlu-4-1'-lvzulvrs :ml Iumul: llQ'I'Ill'l' Klum. lllullpln Nlltvlu-ll :uul T mos l owl-rs. . . , ' x 1 - 1 A .. ' I . " FF lXi 1 I, P . . . . . 4 ., -l. , v .- 5 ' 4-. . ln 1. N l 'l'lun .um mlm Noplumum Ulllk lll tlu llllxlll' l lull llIl1l1'l'llll' ll"lll1'l'illlll ul' Nl: ltluluu ltlllll on llul S1lIlll4lIllHl'K'4 'lI'l' 'llill I'1'lll'1' 4-utul Ill ilu lli Y Vlulw slum Nr ul lwx lll llllu usa rl .' . '. " A 1 ' - 1 l'lXl'l'Y Sulvllulllurs- -firl iQ al nu-mlulr ul tlul hlrls llulw uul unix . h IX Sujlllmullmlw ling' Fi fty-live ,- . . , . . , . lim' is il llll'llllll'l' ul tlim- lliws l lull. ln luulqiiig on-1' ilu- limiiwls ul Kuiilrul ol fliwc i L lWlb1Il'2jIllllZ2lllUllSWt'llllil tlizituntlii-Girls'i'l1iliBimiwlnt' Vniitml ww lniu-Hwi'gi1 'l'l1ii-l,ili'vm- lil'1'.YSl'lll'l'. Nlililrwl Wmirv :mil l'lI'illI4'l'S liiilly, U11 tliu llwys' Ululi ' 1 llmirfl ul Qmilrul wo liaiw llulnwl Stn-wiis :xml luiigvlir- linlwr, ltllivlll' living' swim l2lI'Y ul ilu- vliilm. 'l'lim-rv airs- :I Qlwiail lllillly Siilwliniiiimws t'IIl'Ulllllil iii tliw l'li1il4-lv Vluli. lliii Slmnisli i 1 I L lulu .mel ll .Xllinim-v l'l':ll1r'zl1sv. illl tliq- lmlvzil Urilvi' ul' 'l'lim'lu1iifm-s we- limo llmmlrl l'v:ii'llwl'g. William twill liiigfm-iw Haispi-i'. Sami lluglws. Willis limiiim-i', .lzinim-4 Nl4'l':1ll. l'liillip 'llllUlllS" l'lllQl'll1' llzilwr, :mil llzirulil llllll'lll2lll. Wi- liulw limi :ill Ilia- im-iiilwrs ul' tlis- vlns: ul' 1928 will join iii mnliing this ilu In--l rlnw Vlillmwlllirll Uvvl' l':l4l Q A ' I ll Page Fifty-six .... ....l.:i-:.f"':r3::-gag:-1 ::::,:rM AW" -..: ' g I IQ "I 'I . .I ! I I II I X: . -I TI I I I! la 'I I I I I. I I ,I II I III III II' I I I I ,I II I I I I I I I 7 856772672 I I I,,W,- ,wi F I I I I I XI ' I xi. SN SIIIIIIMW IIKIIIIII D , 'qw J ml 6 Sw, fp 66 f IQ. 9 swkig f:'I'?f1Q? I 'I Q im kwa -' Y -'K I -jj, I 'VI I I.ImI.! II f .1 Wi, he ag? I III.IIZ.,ff' --I fwxgf ,I A Page Fifty-seven lllfigi T H o R fN T O N -I ,T E 5 1 l Freshmen Class History Tlw l'lI'0Slllll2lll 1-lass is lzlrgvr than any lm-vioiis l"I'l'Slllllilll c-lass mul lms pros- YY pools lm' lu-ing: n ,growl om-. Wx- Willll tu luv loyal :mil triw to ll1m'nt-m's imlvzlls. Wv nulw we lmvv shown om 1-lass spirit :mil ilitwvst for the svlmol avlivitis-s. Tllv l'1X'l'Flllll2lll vlnss was lwouglit lugotlloi' for llio lPlll'IlUSO of 0l0l'llllgI ollivors. 'llllli olliw-r's vlvm-tml wr-rv: Julian Xvllll'l'lll, pwsiilvllfz liurl lmigrillgv, lirst vivo prosimlm-nt: liz1wl'om'm- llvisl. sm-4-mul Vive 1'I'l'Slllf'lll1 Norinnn Xlurgzln. som-notary :mil llowlnml lluglws. 111-:1sl11'vl'. .limo xYll'1lK'lll2lllll las lu-1-ii 1-lm-vlvml ll'0?lSlll'9l' of the Girls' .Xllilvliv .xSS0l'li1l'lllIl. .Xt llm Girls' Vlwli zmnlizxl Slilllll-llll in lmnoi' ol' tlw Frosliimlii girls. llolwrtal llflyes . . lizul vlmrgv ol' tlw l'll'0Slllll2lll stunt. "Blum, lf 1'o11c'l1y's Style Shop." 'l'lw l+'re-sllnmn lmys wlm plzlyvcl llmtlmull arc: .lninos liaur. .Xllwrt l"o1'gvso1i. Juliam Yillm-ut, lilill'1'll1'l' .lum-s, Waltvr l.a1s1lo, l'lilI'l llumlsmi mul llmmiwl BI'l'llllf1ll. 'Vlwso wlm plzlywl lmslwt lmzlll zlrv: llowzml Bronmin, limi .X1lQIllFllll0. l.EU'l'j' lleivli. Wziltvl' lms4lu, .lnnws Ilivlwll' :xml llmmulml Slmlllmn. 'l'l1c-re were also 21 few buys who wvru un llll' lraxvk lvaun: Hwy nrv: NOTIIHIII Nllllxflilll, Julian Yiiivmif, llzlrolcl lil'0l,ZOI', linrl l.:1ngri4lgv :mil Dmmlil Slmnlmn. 'l'l1m-ro am- sl-vm-l'al lvuys who play in llw llillltll flwy are: llnrolll .Tz1c'ksin1. saxo- plnnwg llaiylnirn llnnvs. lmritmw: llzlviml Solilenrusl, l'l2lI'llll'l. mul livrl lil'llQI0l'. mlrmn, 'Flmso l"l'0Slllll2lll wllu play in flu- m'4-lwstra are: Xie-lmlzls .Xl'4lP2lll. viulin: IBQYQ,-K. Lynn. X-iuling lluwlmul lluglws. viuliug llm-ulsl Yan Buskirk, saxoplmlmvz llortml Issac, violin: lliclmrll lining. llmilmlo lmss. mul llulwrtzi llaypgl piano. E Wo l41I'OSllllll'll nro lrving lo llvlp lllillil' 'l'l1m'nlou 'l'mv11sl1ip lligrli Svliool the C 'g'l'O2llCSliN :xml "lwsl," liigli sa-lmul in flu- stale. Page Fifty-eight 0, ol T iH o ER 1Nl T Ol W' 11? E 4 . 7 l 4 l I 'Q Page Fifty-nine 'W I I 4 FR 0111! ' , Y, LH? 'Of Nm em 0 EN, ini' T I 1 E W 1 1 E 1 S i 1 1 l I i x :ff +4 F 5 la Qu I 'A fi' 75 31. :I I ? I V ,z i 1 Y A 'r i 1 Page Sixty D154 - Dolton Branch High School HAZEL KASTEN ' l'lY1'l'4Y sludeiit i11 'l'l1o1'11to11 Towiiship lligh Svliool knows so1111-lhiiiq zlhollt 14--,-,1-.. y. v . . 1 1 ' U' 114.11l'x muy .imtixlty oi org,.1111f1t1o11 llllllfllllll, thu ind nt .iid l.null.x ul the high school. hut rcijv few know tlllyllllllg aihout ai part of the high scliool which, tlllillllllglll situaifcal i11 aihother h11il1li11g,is:1 partoli'l'l1o1'11to11 'll4lXl'llSlllll lligh Scliool. ,, . . . lhcrc -irc llllI'lV'l'l"'lllQ stu . M ,, . which twenty-iw are l'lil'l'Slllll0ll and sixteen are SUllllHllllll'l'S. The lollowiiig students are enrolled: dents enrollerl :it the school at the llI'l'Fl'lll time, of SOPHOMORES- Myrno Haddon Anna Peters Verda Diek August Hartman Merrit Rodman Pearl Diette Arthur Krietsbergg Alberta Wesse William Dorman Milton Krueger Linsephine Vandenberg Julia Freehauf Grace Lawall . arion Hiedenriech Milton Guess A John Ostrello FRESHMEN- Dorthea Kortum Antoinette Panozzo Myrtle Dillner Juanita Dillner Jacob Fisher Henry Frank Robert Johnson Harold Kaiser Frederick Kasten William Kramer Eleanor Lee Albert Miller Ethel Murphy Ethel Neath Lulu Norton Joe Ostrello Thelma Reynolds Nellie Strassenberpg Frank Volling flhis year the girls of the school hegan El Girls' Vinh, with the aid of Miss Stalker. This cluh, though patterned after the Thornton Girls' Fluh. is in no way connected with it. Tl1e following girls are ollicers ol' the 1-lull: .losepliine Vnn- Ll0I'lJCI'1Q', president: llleanor Lee. rice president: Grace l.:1w11ll. secretary, and Ethel Neath treasurer. livery girl in the school ll0l0ll,L7'S To this cluh. Every year the school gives El play or operetta. This year an opcrelta. "The Love Pirates of Hawaii," was presented. Those having the principal parts were: Julia Freelinuf, Marion lliedenriesh, lllerrit Rodiniin and Frederick Kristen. The proceeds were used to buy books and pictures for the school. Page Sixty-one ,, hy' , mai- 2 T 5 YQ Page Sixty-two Grgamgt bm' I M M " 1 4, MQV V W If. Q. 1 ii i i E I L W MTA VN? E+! Eg? if ff : ff A N j N v 1 is 3 Q ' '?93'f F' 2 is X mi""Q"' " .ff f Q 5 uf ala HH I nw ww H: -4 ig ,LL MW fm- - f A--M--M----F-vfqw t -three -I. i l l 1 v n 1 ,, 'MIN ' i il-1 Q0 fl? EN iT lo NN g I Tr E i i i 1 L i 1 Anna Peebles Angelina Giocomla Florence Rosenstein Ruth Pfeifvr Elizabeth Donath Jean Kerr Milflrecl Howell Mary LaBou1' The Spanish Club 'l'hv Spanish l'luI1 haul its lwgllllllllg in lll'4'l'llllll'I' ol' 15120. lt was orguuizeml for tho purposl- ol' lurtlu-ring' ilu- iiitviwst ol' Spanish stuilvnts in that stiul-V. 'l'hv Oluh has fli-wlopwl into an organization thai is i'e-4-oguixvml as onv oi' tha- I'or1-lnost in 'l'horutou. 'l'his vluh, orgauixml and guiilwl hy Miss Yu-vli, has avliim-vi-il Slll'1'l'5S2lll1l gains-ml inany new llll'lllll1'I'S. 'llhv initiation ol' those who hall not p1'm'ioi1sl.V liven 1ll0llliN'l'S was novel. 'l'h1- llll't'llllQ,fS ol' the Spanish Vluh are l'2lI'l'll'1l on in true Spanish spirit. thr- Spanish language hoiiig' spoken throughout. These iuvvtiugs are- ln-lil at regular in- tervals in Miss Ve-uvk's room at throw o'r'lor-lf. ,Xt our- ol' the 1ll0!'flllU'S the Illf'1TllN'I'S were taught a Spanish ganna, whirh every one onjoyeml. Anioug thi- 1ll0llllll'l'S ol' the Spanish Club is Thomas Agroinonte. a Cuban, who is now a, regular aftvnelant at the meetings. The Spanish C'luh has a vary unique way of serving rvfrcslunonts. Flaeh TYIQITI- hor hriugs an arlic-lv ol' i'0l'r0slinim1t. the prive not to oxcieml five 1-onts. This article is neatly wxwippi-fl. .Xt a signal the l'0l.l'l'SllH10lltS are vxolizliigml among tho members, and wlwn a hell is rung, ilu- nwnilwrs krfvp the article in thvir hanfls. 'l'lu- olliw-rs are as follows: Angelina Giavonfla, pri-siilontz Mary La Hour, vice presinh-nt: .lean Kerr, sovrvlaryz Milflrf-rl Howell. treasurer: Elizahvth Donath, Oorrosponrliug sw-wfzlry. The program 1-onnnitivv c-onsisfs oi' Ruth P11-il'o1', f-hairman: l'lllfIOll0 Baker, lffilmni Foos, Sara llnghes ancl 'l'lu'o4lore llathje. The social and rofroshnu-nt c-oinmitteo is: Anna Pm-lmlvs. chairman: Tlioodore Tye-llowicz, Vlara Slangor, Truman Strrinko ancl Henrietta Kasper. The ways anfl means c-oinmittoe is: Florence Rosenstoin, chairmang Theodore Moyers, Mihlrml Woorls. Earl Wimfklino, Arline Foltz anfl Georgia Thiel. F1 Page Sixty-four Lz1Verne Anderson Alice Gard The French Club 'l'lil-tilijt-1-1 ul' tlu- l"rt-iu'li t'l1ih is tu t'IIl'0lll'IlQt' tlu- sttult-nts ut' tlu- tlt"l2l1'llllllllt :iiul tluist- zu-iliuiiiitt-ml with tlu- lilllgfllilgjtt ltl alt-vt-lup mul iiiipi-mv tht-ii' kiuiw'lt-nlgv ol' it, Zllltl gin- llu-ni an filllntvititiiity ul' vllliu-X'illQ it llllll0I' :is tilt-:isuiit 1-tnulitimis :ts luissilrlt-. lllliiiig this 'vt-ni' tlu- IlIt't'llIlQS luiw- lu-1-11 lu-lil 4-:u'h nunith. 'l'lu-tx' lizive- ht-4-I1 L'tlllllllt'lt'tl in l'll'l'lIl'll. mul lflnglish has lu-1-in 4-'itiiw-ly lmnislu-tl t'mni tlu- 9-liiliixumi, 'l'lu- Iirst. stu-mul ziiul thirtl ,vt-:ir i-lzisst-s liaiu- pm-st-tit:--I minimising I-lays :lt 1-:uh iiu-t-t- ill2'. Smiu- ul' whit-h liaiu- lu-t-ii t:1lu-li l'l'UlIl work rluiu- in t-hiss. 'l'lu-sv liziw- zilllwiwlt-ll mum-li l'llll'l'l2llIllllUlll lui' tlu- stiult-wits. 'l'lu- wstiiiiu-s nrt- Sllllllltl :uul llltlYllltlISIYt'. lint' :tlu- 4-lt-xt-Vlx' illl'tlll"'llll :iiul am- mzult- to lit tlu-ir piirlum- t-wi-llt-iitlv . P ' ' . ' . . . , . , . l:1l2llllllQF.5llllfN,2llltl sturu-s in l'l'l'lll'lI aultl tu tlu- llllt'l't'Si nl 1-zu-h nu-1-ting. 'l'he SllItlt'lllS liam- il nuliilu-1' ul' l'll'4'llt'll suiigs whit-h tlu-nv 1-liiuy singing. 'l'his l'Xt'l'l'l50 in slu-aikilig illlll luwiriiig l'lIL'llt'lI spill-1-ii he-llzs tlu-in git-filly. 'l'lu- l'll'l'Ilt'll tll't'llt'Sll'il llliltll' its mlm-put this 'Yt'2ll' mul wmi lm' its:-ll' miiwli np'- lll2lllSl' :llul luilrill:li'ity. 'l'Iu- "ll:li'st-illzlisc-" is zilwwilvs rung' :it tlu- lllt't'llllQ'S. mul tlu- stiult-iits liam- ll'2lI'llt'tl tlu- vt-ist-s with miu-h t'IllllllSl2lSlll. This l'lllll is siruiismi-il hx' tlllll is rasiumiisilmlm- tu llis: .Xiuls-rsnii. wlur is tlu- lt'Ilt'llt'l' ul' l"i'm-1u'l1. Hlu- hats slu-lit mu- Sllltlllltll' ill l'li'2lllt't'. stiulyiiig tlu- t'll2ll'Elt'lUl'- iwlis-szllul t'llSlH1llSlll' tlu- l"n-iu'li lu-aiszinl mul itI'lSltlt'l'Rll4. Slit- iiiult-rstsiiuls tlu- pm- plt- in :ill tlii-ii' nu-mls :iiul is wi-ll nhlc- tn :i'lx'1-v :ilul :twist tlu- stu-li-tits in tlu-ir plays. lliss .hlt4lt'l'htlll zissistf iii t'lt'Yt'l'l.Y 2ll'lilllQ'lIljI 1-:istuiiu-s. with littlt- 1-xlu-list-. Slu- uuu-lu-s tlu- lulzlys :ilul lll'lllS tlu- SlllIlt'lllS In glitz- tlu-in xx-ly wt-ll. 'l'lu- g-rm-sul:-lit, l.z1X't-l'iu- .Xiult-rsmi, wiuliu-ts tlu- nu-1-tiiigs, :iimiiigts tlu- pw- QIITIIHS. siiul llt'll'S tu lu-up tlu-in iiits-rt-sting :iiul lu-lpliil tu tlu- Hlll1lt'lliS. lllllx'S1'l'l'l'l2tl'-Y, .Xliw tlaml. wiitt-s tlu- miii1it:sul'tl-t-aiu-z-tilil-fs,:i1ul if-:uls tlu-in all lllt'lIlll'IIllIg1'0l 1-au-h mu-. Blu- lu-1-is :i l't't'Itltl ul :ill tlu- ll2lllllt'llIllQIS l'tlllt't'l'lllllQ thc- 1-lull. Page Sixty-five in T H O F? N T O lN il T E 1+ l i i ll' l 1 l l -1 l 1 l I 1, :4 l l l rl l i l i l li -i f i l l l l ll iii, 1 l ,l n Rib ,T l H O R N T O N I T E ,x . Home Economics ClubQ2'i I ln llnl I'nll nl' 19273 tln- zlllvniiw-il vlnss in llmiwslir Xils .gnnixmll llm llnmm' liwnnnnim-s Vlnlw. lfrenn ai snnill 4ll'Q'2lIllZ2lll4llI tln- Vlnlm luis iin-rn-asf-ll in sizv :nnl lll'1'SllQl' nntil now tln- l'lnlm lmlnls nn 1-slum-lin-il pnsilinn in tlnl lligli S4-lnml. 'l'ln- niin nl' tln- Vlnlw is to l'in'in an miiiii-vliiig link lwtxi'w1i tln' lnnnv, vom- llllllllly. :nnl svlnnolg tn train nvtiw :nnl vllir-ivnt In-anlvi's :nnnng 'vmnig woim-n for linnn- annl 1-fnnnnnlity lil'i-1 :nnl lo llnrnisli nn fnnpwliiiiily tlirungli nrgunizzition lm' snvinl aivlivitii-s, snvli as tens. Iminllwts nnil liiilvlivoiis. lllII'lll,Lf lln- palsl 'WWII' lln' girls lmw lnnl llllllll'l'UlIS szllvs in orflvi' lo nmku IIIONVIY. Many 1-:nnly snli-s wviw- ln-lil nnml on sin-li Ill'1'2ISlllllS H10 stnile-nfs of fhc lligli Svlnmnl lnnl Iln' 0I3Il0l'llllIll.Y lo lllIl'l'll2lFl' lnnno nnnlm- vznnlivs. lm- 1'I'4'2llll i-mms i wvrn- ailsn snlal. Un uni' or lwn rwrnsiniis 4'l'1'2llll pnll's www- nnnli- Ivy tln' cooking l 1-lzlssvs :nnl snlml ln tln- slumlvnts. 'l'ln- girls also sqnlul wnnnn-W-inl uninlivs. 'l'ln' vlnli si-iwvrl lln' llfllilllilll ll2lIl4Ill0l'. lln' .lnninr-Sf-nior llmlqiif-t :mil lliv I Nlolln-r-lJnnglilvr lmiiqilvl, 'l'ln-sv flinnors nsnnll-V wiisislf-nl nl loin' 1-nnrsvs anrl l wvrv mznlv znnl sviwl-el ln' tln- g'irls llnlinsc-lvr-s lllllllll' tlni ilirvm-liwnl nl' Nliss Nloyor Q zlnrl Nliss llnlln. l':n-lilly :nlvisnrs nl' lln- Flnlr. .Xl tlnl lvns wliirli lln- Girls' Ululm K QEIW' lllI'UlIgIlllllll lln- 'V1'ill'. tln' wmkiiig' vlassns inznlv :nnl si-rvi-nl tln' lbnil. 'l'ln- provvfwls ol' lln- YSl,T'l0llS 01111-rprizvs :Irv lo gn into :I fnnil lo lm usml l lin' 4lill'm'i-int, fllII'llHS1'S. 'l'lvis yi-nr llw girls lmnnglil nnllm-riall wifli snnw of lllo l nnnn-y :nnl nnnll- ilri-ssvs lln' nnor 1-liilllrvn. Hn- nannvs nl' wlnnn wvri- nlmtninod from Q flw llzllwvux' xVl'll'ilI'l' iXssm-inlinni. 'l':1lnls' linvns wi-rm' ln-ninnwl for lln- rlvpslrlnwnl l nf llmnv l'Ivninnnif-s nnsl wcnirli 1-nw-rs ws-rv nnnlo For lln- rvsl rmnn. l liavli 'vm-nr :ls lln- girls gn nnl Hwy lu-mniiv nssm-inlv lIll'llllNlI'S :incl in lliis way zi wimlvr inlvri-sl is lPl'UllI0l1'1l in llm l'lnl1. 'I'ln- piwn-m-'ls nl' lnsl ya-:1r's Flnlw l was nswl in lnnlving :L gilt I'nr tho anmrtiinlnt in lln- now lnnililinfg. This yi-nr's nl'livvi's arc: I n0I'1ll'll2l Do Young. l,I't"Sllll'lll'. .Xnnn l's-i-lwlvs. Yin--l'i'0sirl4-iii. , llulli Anlvs, lllI'02lSlII't'I'. 'L Pvnrl llvrgvii, Sl'4'I'l'l?ll"Y. I Page Sixty-six LOI Paul Van Boclegqraven George Sclmr-fer Cornel Male Helen Blume Loretta T1-mplin The German Club Ullt' of llu- llOll'l'Sl1 111'g'1111iz:1lu111s 111 tlu- Sl'lllllll is llu- lll'I'lll2lll lllllll. 11111111-ll l1y 111u- 11I llu- llll'llll.Y IllK'lllllllI'F "lJ11- llI'lllSl'lll' l'l1-lu-. l lllllll' llu- Slllllll'YlSl0ll ul' Nllss lvils.fll4'l' it ll2lS lu-1-11 21 Ql'1'2ll S111-1-1-Qs llu llllllllll I1 l'liII'ltY 111 llt't'UllIlll'l' llll'l'K' l'2llllk' 21 1-all lllll' 5111-i11l lAllll4'lltlllS 111 lu- l'lll'lll'll 4111 i11 lllt'l'llllIl with tlu-sllul-1'11I'llu-ill-1'111:111 l:111g'1::1g1-. l11 1ll'll1'lA ln l'11l!lll ll1i- 1-1-11111-st llu- 1-l11l1 was 111'g:111ix1-1l. 'l'lu- lirsl llllwllllgl' was 1-z1ll1-1l i11 lll'l'l'lllllK'l' i11 1-1111111 208. - - -' '-s11ll1-ml 11s l'11ll11ws: l'1'1-sillu-111. llillll Yilll lllull-g1':1x'1-11: vim- lll'l'Sllll'lllf, l 1 YY 1 l11-111'g1- 51-l11u-lm-1': sl-1'1'1-lz11'.v. lAll'1'll2l l1-11111li11: 11-1-:1s111'1-1'. 1111-111-ll llzlfl-. llf-ll-11 Blllllll' was :1111u1i11l1-ll 11s 2lSSlSlillll llllll Sl'l'l'l'l2llf' 111 lu- 1'1-s111111sil1l1- lllll' 1'1-11111'IS l'1'11111 llu- Il1'sl-yu-:11'1fl11ss. .Xl'll'l' il 1'1111slil11li1111 l':11l lll'i'Il 1l1':1w11 llll. tlu- 11-g11l:11 1'1111li1u- of llu-4-l11l1x1'z1s1-sl:1l1l1sl11-sl. .X11 i11l1-1'0sli11f-' 111'11x'1su111 11l llu- l'llllFllllltlllll lS llllll lillllllg Qllllllllllg lllill' 110l 5 Itlllillll 111 llu- 1-l11l1, lllll il' llu-y 11'isl1 lllill' lu- 1-11111-lu-1l lil' il 1-111111I1l1- 1-1,,,m1itf0,1 np- Iltlllllllll ln' tlu- lllSll'll4'lHl'. ll1lll'lll'l'l', llll:4 l1:1s 11111 lu-1-11 111111l1- 11s1-11l lllllS lill', 'l'lu- lllllSl 111111-11111-tlxv I'1-:1l111'1- ul' 11111' 1111-1-lilufs this X'l'2ll' was llu- lzlllc L1'lYl'll ill 1 Xllll'l'll l11' l'1':111 l'lllI'Fll'llilll 11l' lil-1'li11. Slu- t11l1l 111' tlu- lil'1- illlll l'll4llllllF 1-I' llu- llllll- 11l1- Ill lllllllUl'lIl2lll1'llll'S. ll1-1' l11'l1-I 1'1-Q1fl1-1u-1- lll ll:11'x'1-x' 1-11:1l1l1-ll lll'l' 111 l'llllll'2lSl flu- ll 1.15 nl' lltll' 111-r111lu 11'ill1 Wllill slu- llilS ll'lll'lll'll 11I' lllll'5. ll was :1 1':11'1- 111111111'l1111lly I111' Ilu- 1-l11l1 llll'llIlN'l'S 111 lXl'Rll' lll'l'lllilll 11s il is Slllllil'll 111 its lu-sl i11 lll'l'lll2llly. mul l11 1111-1-l s11 1-l1:11'111i11g:1 1'1-l11'1-s1-11l:1lix'1-111'tlu-1'111111L1'x' Xl'llllSl' lilllgllilgl' llu-1' :11'1- Sllllll- IllLZ'. ll IF 111 lu- I111111-ml Il1 lu- llillllll 1111 1-111111111-' 111111 r F F all 11u11'1- ul' Sllvll x1'111'll1-u'l1il1- 1-1111l1'il111ll1111s :ls lllis l:1lli may l'2lllN X1-xi lll 11111-11-sl was llu- ll1-1'1-111lu-1' 111'11g,f1':1111 x1'l1i1-l1 1-11111l1:1siz'1l l'l11'isl111:1s. 09- 1-1:1llIx' l11'111g'111g 1111l llu- Wlllllt'-ll4'lll'll'll Will' i11 Nl'llll'll ll1is llny is11l1s1-1'1'1-ml 111 llc-12 ,. . ... .1 . 1 1' " li --'111--' 11I "hl1ll1- X'll'lll 111 'lu-11--1--'111'1l 11'-1Q 1'--rv 1111111'1-+411'1- lll.lll!. llu .lllh - .1 . ... 1 1. 1 .1 . Page Sixty-seven fx T ll --R lull ull lol llNl -L l 1 1 l 1 lg l l ll ll l l l l l l1 l l ll 1 OFFICERS OF THE GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Gwemlolyn Pike Ma1'p:ue1'ite Wiseman Sarah Hughes June Wierlomann Girls' Athletic Association y. . . . - I-----. . . v - llu yIllhllflX'll4'4lll1'll tli.i! tlu-.x iloiu-1 iiisli ilu- llOySll-2llW2l.YSlllllSlllll1'tlIl'll1 in alilill-tim-s so tluv ll2lX't'Sl9ll'l1'll ai ii- w nl--'aiiiiyzitimi imnu-lv 'l'lu- liirls' Xtlilm-iiv Xs . . , , . . . sfu-miu-in. llu- liu-iillx' aulvisvi' is Bliss .lolmsmi. uirls' plivsivail imiiiiii--' is-ru-lu-1' 1 llIl1'S,ll7lll4l l'l'llll'llIll1'I'lll2ll in lil'4- friu- 1-an ilu onli' wlml mu-'s Inulx' will slmul. zliul ilml llHlll2lll1'l'llHW willing'tlu-mliul is. vi-rx' litlli- will lu- zu-will -lislu-il witlu-ut . l il soiiiul IlllIYSllIlll'. 'llu- girls luin- iii tliis club an opluwtllliitlx' to liiiilil up giuul lu-zlltli lllllll'l'2l l'2IIHllll4'1Al1:ll'll. ll iimy lu- ilml in l'i1I1ii'i-'Aw-q1i's ilu- girls will luvlil :is lI'UlIllll1'Ill :1 3:-:irt in :illi- ll'lll'5 :is ilu- luws. ll Illls Slllilllll lu- tiiu- ilu- liiu- st irl tlmi ilu--x' lmxu- lllUlll'llI1.fll sc-luuil will lu- giw-rilllx' :ii-piw-1-init--l. 'l'm-ziniworlq is 21 l-ig' l'1-:itiirv iii tliis 1-i'g:11ii2:1tif111 illlll tl: .iliitlx l1vr'41-1rlPl'l:lll- witli li-llow worlvm-Vs will L1'l'l'2lll-Vlll"l1'lll ilu- girls lzltr-r , . -. , ,N x. , ,,. in lilf. ll.1iii siu li lfs on, im lmizu-rl lll :itlili-lu-s tlizit Villl lu- :ii-I-lu-il lim-1' to f-i'i-i'v- ii lil il: 4' ' l A i lfnrlx' larsl lull ilu- :iris iw-'uwtm-il :isa-:iiuli-1:11--s lor luu-In-v. 'l'--:mis Wl'l'1'HI'LF2lIl- . . . . im-il llll4ll'I' :ililv lt'2llll'l'4. 'l'lu'-'1-tm-rimsnu-i mi 4llll'l'l'4'llI cu-1-:isil-iis 1-ii Ilu- lim-lil. P. N -i V. ,' - . . - -. . . - ' - ' lm. lu! l,.lll lu mg .1 llllllllllll g.1i1.i- fllllllllg lll1'j,1'lllS, lll4'Si'ilS!lll XYIIS1'YK'l'l'4l!ll2'l-Y siu-vw sslu-l. 'lli'illllS wi-rv lll'4!fillllXt'il :liul lI:lllll'll. .ll1u-lig'soiiu- ol' ilu- jll'lllIllIli'lll 4-lu-s . . ' ' 1 ' 1 " , ., ,,.i ui-iv. llu- l.:1lllii'o.11':'s. ilu- l niiitlu-rs. tlu- ll llwli-2111. ilu- llr-:urs tlu- lilllliY4llllli4 riul ilu hi in'-ii 1 N . ll-is'-lmll was amollu-I' Qfilllll' iliit 1-1rg::ig'r-nl ilu- wluill--lu':ii'tv1l :ilu-iilioii ol' ilu- gflrls. 'l'i-:mis we-rv 1ll'i1'IllllZl'll :liul tlu- f-'ills siu-lil llI'lllY lu-iii's -11 lliis wli--ln-'miu- 4 i' l l . ' 1 K l 5 sport. i 'l'lu- fmllii-4-Vs :irc-I lill'4'lllllll-Yll l'llil',lll1'Sllll'lll. ll:irg':1i'1-I ll'ism-mam. xiii- l'l'i'Slllt'lll. Ninn lliiglu-s, sm-vin-l:ll'4N'. .l:uiu- Wil-ill-iiiziiiil. ll'l'IlSllll'l'. Page Sixty-L-iglit J -1 . YV., .. , . E il The Gir1s'Glee Club 'l'lu-riiluii 'l'mvlisliip lligli S1-luull luis ai Girls' Glu- llull irllii-li is iiiisiirpaissiul. lt ails lirst imiuziiiizi-sl lay His. Liu-iiiis, lui! is iulw ailiiulsi i-uliiw-lvi' iuuli-r tlu- su- ju-1'visiui1 ol' Nliss Szinuu-ls. lt luis just 1-losi-il niuvtlu-r vi-rv 4ll1'i'!'FSl'lll y--air. iurxr ',lilYlIlg' liwi'l'i'-Il1l'm-i- llllllllllllli, 1-igliti-1-li ul' wlunu uri- Sm-uiurs. 'l'lu-li' zissi-iulllv twirl- il wevlc, mi 'l'iu-siln-V :iiul 'l'lllll'Sll2ly 1-ri-uiiigs :1I't1-r svluuml. Ihr pi-iutii-1-, 'l'lu- Girls' Gln-0 l'luli luis I-rulmlnly lu-1-11 lu-zml :ill mv-r tlu- I'!lllllll'AY :is ilu- ri-- sult ol' Ilu- llI'l,g'l'illll ul' ri-ry Illl'1lSlllQ lumilu-rs wliu-li wus lwmulvzist mi-1' WLS lmy it last your. ll was :im-oiiipziiiii-il lmlv Miss Saimiu-ls. lt luis lu-4-ii lu-zircl ai iiumlu-r ui' tinu-s all sm-luuil lu-iu-lit sluiws, xrliili lu-llis gn-:lily lmrzirrl zittrzu-ting' flu- 1-mivil. Last yezu' it plain-ml an zu-tiw part iii tlu- l'lllli'0I'f. .X lmiullu-t was 42'lYK'll lxy ilu- llulvs' Glllll Girls' Glvm- Vllilis lust yvzlr. lf was PII- joyoil vm-rr miu-li lv-r lmtli 1-lulis zuul also si-rw-ml to iiu-i'm-iisv tlu- lIll4'I'l'Sl of tlu- mem- bers in ilu-ir iwigaiiiizzltiivil. lt was lu-lil iii flu- lmu-lii'fuiiu. wliim-li was zittmivfivvlx' 'lecoriih-cl in flu- si-luml mlm-s, purpli- mul wliili-. ' This yi-nr tlu- l'llSlHlll ul' luiviiig ai szu'i'i-il Ibl'1lg'I'2llll nl' old l'lll'lSlIllIlS 4-zirols was I'0VlYl'tl. 'l'lu- lluys' Glu- l'luli :iiul ilu- Girls' Gln-0 l'lulu mmlrilu-fl fo pri-si-iii illis P'1'0Q.2'I'llll1 lu tlu- stiuli-ut luuly. It was girl-ii in flu- .Xiuliturium iii ii friu- Vlirisl- mas illlll0Slllllll'0. 'l'lu- slugs- ll0l'll'2ly04l ilu- lumu- ol' ai gmail 1-Iiilml un l'lirisimus ov:-. wliile carols we-i'o sung Wlllllllll tlu- luuism-. .Xlilumugli IIH npplniiso was gin-ii, flu- poalm- aiul friui f'lll'lt4l'lll2lS spirit in ilu- lu-:iris was I-viili-nt' mi l':u-1-s nl' ilu- sliuli-iiis. which spuko sill-ut zippuw-iz1t.imi. ln Nutr flu' Girls' Glvv l'lllll. iii 4-uiiiivrfimii with tlu- 4-iitirv iiuisiv llllIlQll'llll0l'lt. will sing iii Hu- ziliiiiinl mlm-1'l'. Tlu-so urn- zilwzlys wr-ll Zlflfllllllllll :iiul highly appre- ointed. 'l'lu- ollii-ms nw: lmiiiso Yomhu-y, llusiiu-ss 1ll2lll2lQIt'1'. lllnry Ln llour, liln'aii'iz1ii. Alicn- Gnrml. pianist. Page Sixty-nine n 3 ll-l JO :,Rli rNi1 Q Tl gN:: Ill LTF l l ,E i,-1, l l l I i l 4 - l ll l ll 'l l . W ,J li i si l l 'i 1 1 L 1 i 1 i l The Boys' Glee Club 'l'ln1 Boys' lilw- l'lnh is il group ol' orgfanizwl voivos unch-i' tho rlircwtion ol' Nliss l'lllll'f'lll'0 W. Sannivls. 'l'ln'1'l- arm- about lilly inn-inhvrs. ini-linling a S0l'l'0l2ll'f' anml l1llI'2lI'Iilll. ll was organizwl at an varly llato hy Mrs. liooinis anml has lim-n in ox- istonvv ovoiix' your sinvv llicn. M tho annual volnw-1't vavll yvar, it PCl'l'llI'lllS most vxvvllviitly. apiu-ai'iiig in rval stylv. znlfling "pup" to on-i'.x' lll'l'll0l'lll2llll'Q in whim-li it appvars. lt sings at livin'- iit shows nut on hy various organizations and always lIl2llil'S a Xl'Hllllt'I'lllll zlttravlion. In tln- varly part ol' thc- yi-ai' tho Boys' lilvc Uluh sang al a hanll hm-in-lit show ansl the spiril that lln-y put into ap1'oj0f'tlikc that is lynival ol' lrnv 'l'hoi'ntonitvs, llln- to vrowulvsl wnllilions in the sm-hool the lllr-Q Vlnh has hail to piwivtiw out- Siflv ol' svhool hours. ICH-i'y invnilwr llovs this with a willingna-ss. for all ol' tlivni scmn lo 1-iijoy tln- work. .Xt l'hi'slnias lln- ho-vs put on a 1'0lll'l'l'l wlli the Girls' lilr-0 t'lnh. lt sang many llllI'lSllll2lS hynins anrl also two sm-lswlioiis, "lin-:ik lfortli lnto Joy" anrl 'CTllQI'C W1-ro Slwpln-mls." .Xt lln- voiic-vrli lhis your tho hoys sang the following: '4f'lianl of the Volga Boalnivn," nlloonliiigflil. lloomlnigglil, livlovorlf' "Bly Lindy lionf' anrl the well known llvillc-lhorg song. As nn,-nlionoml lwlow. 'tho sum-Pss of the flloe Clnh is flue lo Bliss Samuels. She has hail ninvli oxpwiviim- in lhv work of tho Cluh in ilire-cting anrl singing. Her choim' ol' sclvc-lions is good anrl also hor interpretations. The s0m'i'v'mi'y of the llloo Vluh is lrviug Rosvnslvin ainl tho lihrarian Horatio Holmes. ,Both lloys aw quite capable ol' 'filling their oflice. lrving takes care of atteliclaiiivv. nolos anrl mc-inlmvrsliip. llorario manages the musiv in a very orflerly way. 'l'hesv hoys have 1-ontrihutorl grvatly towarcl helping the suvvoss of the Boys' Glen Club. Page Seventy The Band 'llhornton won lonrth plat-e in the state hanml vontest helml at tlllillllpillgfll. Last .rear it won seeonml plaee. llowever, that mloes not niean that the hanml is on the mlevline, hut that eoinpetition was innf-h stronger this last time. Nlr. ,Xllen is a tireless worker. lle has live eheinistry elasses a mlay anrl ean devote only one honr to the han4l. Unisimle of sehool lionirs. he anml llon .lr. are hnsy teaching in Dolton, lloniewooll, an4l llarrey: anml mlireeting grailo sehool bands there. Nlr. llenmlerson is hnilfling' up a heginners hand ol' high sehool stumlents. Ol' the high sehool students that entereil in the eontests, two ol' theni won lirst Slaves anml one S01'U1l4l. llohert Stevens. a baritone player, was first in his mlirision. lle playeml for his solo "Old Folks at llonief' hy Stephen Foster. "Roh" is a "l'l'2ll'liCl'j2lK'lil' of a. good player and with two years to go ought to elean np ever-vtliing in sight. Wesley Sheparml is still wonilering ii' the juslges 1limln't niake a mistake, how- ever, he playecl his solo in splenaliml style anrl rleservecl first honors. 'gWes" will he lost hy gramlnation and will he inisseml greatly in the hanrl and orehestra. He playeml for his solo, uslblllllillllljllltlu hy Bellini. Chester 'l'eeple. the l"reneh horn soloist, was seeonrl in his Class. For his solo he played "Springs .Xwakeningv hy li. Baeh. This will also be Uhester's last year and he will leave a raeane-V in hoth the hand and the orehestra that will he harml to iill. Rohert Blanville mlimln't eoine quite to the top this year, however, he will not lei his troinhone work slifle heeanse of his defeat. Most ol' the students and teach- ers at Thornton helieve now, as hefore the eontest, that llohert is one of the very best high sehool tronihonists in lllinois. Don Allen was filth in competition with thirteen other eornet soloists. He has one 1110I'C year in which to take part in the solo eontest. 'l'he aeeoinpanists were: Aliee Gard, Mary La,Bour, Louise Novotney and Myron Wamlmlell. This part in the solos was very necessary to the soloists. Page Seventy-one if rw Tl H: O R N T O Ni ill T E -1- f 0 ?f ' N The Orchestra .Xliutlnw Sllt'l'l'4Slllll .vm-ar Ilir Iln' cn'vln'stra is nnw ilrawing In a vlusv, 'l'ln-rv liaxv always Iwi-n Ul'1'2lSl4lllS I0 ke-1-In tlnf urvln-srra linsy lll't'l'2ll'lllQ' ni-w svlwtiniis. 'l'ln- lirst pnlvliv pm-i'l'm'iii:1iiw was X4lY1'lllll1'l' 5, li anil I at tliv annnal Hays' anil liirls' Vlnli play. "llnlm--x'." lt is always tlw vnstmn ul' tlw 4lI't'll1'Pll'2l to play lw- lww-n as-is wliils- tlw 4I'1'llUl'.Y is In-ing l'lI2l!l.Q'l'1l. 'l'liis ti-nils tn law-In lln- attwiiliun nl' lll1'2lllllll'lI1'U. 'l'ln- annual miivwl that is giwn lay tln- mwlivst ra. Qlw- rlnlis anil lranil is al- ways lmnlu-fl llirwaril 10 lr-V nianx' in-upli-. 'l'li1-rv is li'll't'lY vwr anr ti-mililo in 'ill i 4 . - ing lln- 2lIIflllIlI'llIlll 1-arli lllgjlll. l'i-rliaps S4llll1'llllllQ' slnrnlnl lu- saiil ul' tln- pl-rsmninvl nl' tln- 0l'l'lll'Sll'2l. 'lllltb DIEIIIEIQIUI' is lislwaril llulnn-s anel lliv lilirarian is lll.Yl'1lll Wamlill-ll. 'l'ln- prim'ipals nl' lln- varinns soc-limis 2lI'l'I lirst riulin, l'anl Yan llmli-g'i':lx'vliZ svmanl violin. Kly- run Wanlilvllg 1-vllo, Iluris l"ig's-nlianni. l'll't'll4'll lmrn. 1'li4-sim-r 'lla-plv. 1-larinvf, W1-sle-'V Sln-parell vn1'lwt., llunalil .Xlls-nz llntv anil pivmln. l'Inn'rs0n Nlm'Yv.x'2 saxo- plnnw. l'ar0lyn Wllriang lnassuon. l'x'ril Halarti: lrmnlnnw, llnln-rt Nlanrillv: slrnnis. liiigvili- llalwr. Ywlv ultvn tlw IPl'lllC'lIT2llS ul' tln-sv varinns si-vlimis play for ll2lll4Illm'lS anil npr-rvtlas. 'l'ln- urvln-slra is 4-miipusi-il ul' 58 pivws. 'l'lwr4- arv 'ffl violins. I vm-llus, 3 lnasgpgi 3 vlarini-ls, I wriii-ts, 3 sawpliunos, '3 l"rvn1'li horns, I liassmai. I Ilntv and piwnln, 2 l,l'lbllllDUll1'S anil 3 ilI'lIIlllll0l'S. 'l'llvr0 ara also 3 pianists in H10 m'm'l10slrzl. llow lllilllll' slnnlonts 1'0llll'lIll!0l' tliu wailosl in wliivlx tlw mwlioslral. pal'fi4-ipzlfml last May? Nui lllllt'll has lwmi saiil ul' tlw rvsnlls ul' that :mill-sl. Tho pri-lnninary 1-onlcst was lwlel all flu- l'rm'isu 'lbwnsliip lligli Svlmul. .Xl this wnilost Yew 'l'ri0r was awaruloel first plac-0 anil 'l'lnn'11lu11 svvmnl. 'Flux linal wnilvst was livlcl al Or- Clwslra llall uni- ww-k lalvr. lllllI'Ullg.fll H10 rlm-ision nl' llw jnilgos. namely: Frvil- prick Stork, volimliivlnl' ul' ilu' l'l1im-algo SlYIlllll10ll.Y1 Knrltmi llavkoff. lllllilll 1-ritic: for the lfliicago Pasl, ansl Morgan li. Eastman, 015lll'llll'l'0l' ol' tlw Edison Syniplmny nrolloslra, '1'lnn'11hm won first plavv, sm-luring 910 puinls out ol' a, nussilmle L000, lllll0I'Ill0ll.S 1-losm-st i'U1lllll'lll0I' only si-uring' 790 points ont ol' L000. .I ,.. V .-. T -v l -R... vi AY., Page Seventy-two ra ma lib X Q f f 1 XXNV9, J MV!!! XX I I I I I I fi-Iwi I TI IH- Q. Rl NII ITI- IOM IN- III EII tl I I I I Il ..-W I i I i I I I I I I I I - I I I t I I I I I I I 5 I ,I ll l,aVt-rne Antlt-rson Telfortl Workman Etlwartl Holmes Irving Rose-nstein Horace Holmes Myron Watltltvll Gt-r't1'utlv Mt-t-ch Jost-ph Frusor Atla Wit-tlomann Joan Fontaint- Lucille Gorsucli "Dulcy" Un XUVKIIIILUI' 5. ti :mtl T tht- lltzys' :intl liirls' I lttlts' play' wats gin-It in thr- tltltlitttritlm. 'l'ht- plzly. xvltit-h was t-tIt1t'I1t-tl hlv lliss St-xattlt-r in tht- ll5llElI lint- stylt- Qt-t-llll'-I to lzt- tht- wtmrli ttl' lIl'III'l'SSIUllilIS. ttltltttttglt ntmt- tal' tht- sttttlt-nts who tttttlt . . . , . , IP2ll'l Ill tt hntl hattl mttt-h t-xpt-t'lt-11t-t- tts :tt-tors. I'ht- Iltgh N-Itttttl 1Il'l'Ill'Sll'2l. ilntlt-r tht- tlirt-t-tit-It til' llrs. I.tItImfs. ggtlvt- st-vt-rail st-It-vtitms, 'I'ht- t-:Ist muflt- this play tt vt-rlx' tlt-lig'htl't1l t-tnttt-tly. .Xtltl Wit-tlt-mzttm plztyt-tl tht- part til' lrttlt'-Y. hostt-ss 'Il' tht- t-omit-til htwust- IHIVIIY. Sht- htttl at vt-rv tlilllt-ult, palrt. QIUIIIQ' it Slll't't'SSI'llIIy. Slit- wats t-tulltillltstlly tm tht- Slilgft' SEIIIIIQ' llight-x' :Intl illiztgittaltiit- things. Slit- trit-tl to tnttmtgt- t-vt-rytliittg I'rtIm ht-I' Illl:4IlilIlll-S husiltt-ss In il x'tI1I1:mtit: lll2llI'Il. 'I'ht- part tal' ht-1' Itushztntl. llr. lltvrtltm Smith. was plat-vt-tl tt-rqx' t-II't-t-tivt-Ili' II-Y Iitlwttrtl lloltttt-s. llis was il hatrtl Imrt. ht-t-:tusv ht- t-tnultl nt-vt-1' tltr tn' stty tht- things ht- tlt-silt-tl. .Itmst-ph l'lI'2lS0l' Il'I3l.l'l'll tht- part ol' IIult'x"s lurt-tht-l'. Willit- I'tn'ltt-V. Ilis IllIllllll'lIllS s:1'x'ihg'sz1l1tI x't-nlurt-s in ltwt- tttltlt-tl mutt-It ltr tht- play. 'I'ht- petit tul' l'. Iltmtlgt-rs l'ltIl'IIlS. Elll t-ltlt-VII, ztltvlltivt- ltttsint-ss mam. was tatkt-ll III' Irving lltrst-lltt-in. llt- wats it-ry g':'t1Il', st-ritntts. :mtl suspit-itvus tal' his ymtng wilt-, who Ililll t-ttsillx' injtlrt-tl I't-t-Iinfs :mtl wats vt-ry llightv. lltfrtrtttlt- llt-t-t-h inlet-vt-tl this lvttrt. I t1t-iIlt- littrsttt-It hntl tht- pmt tml' .Xttgt-In I"t-rl-t-s. at ht-tttttilttl 'wining' girl IIIIYRIIYS Illlllllllg' lor tht- l'ltLfIll llltlll who sztitl tht- right things. IIt-r:tt-t- llttlmt-s ttmk tht- tlillit-tilt part 'Il' Yint't-nt l.t-tit-h. ti ltiglx-t-Ixus: st-t-nttritm wrltt-r. Ilt- wats zttltvrt-tl lfy tht- lzltht-s. Illll il tIt't'zltIIltl hturt- to tht- mt-tl, Whztt wtittltl at play ht- witlitrltl tmt- wltm gt-ts tht- lmtl t-ntl ul' at tlt-all? 'l'hz1t Iwi'- Son wits NIV. 'I'tIm Stt-rrt-tt. NIV. l'ltll'IIt'S. zttlvt-rtisitlg' itttltlatgt-l', plat-vt-tl hiv .lt-:tn Iftnttti- mint-. Ilt- hzttl tht- S.X'lllIIillIllt'H tnl' alll. llr, Sl'Illl.VIUI' Yam llvltt- stnuntls just likt- XII'- rttn Wntltlt-Il, wht- plttyt-tl this part wt-Il. llt- was :1r'isttIt-rzltit-, wt-ll-tlrt-sst-tl :mtl lmtl lllllSIt'2lI all ilit-V. 'l't-lI'tI1'tl hvllflilllilll ttmk tht- part ol' :i tlistingllislit-tl Izlwvt-1' in lint- slylt-. lin YUVIIU .Xtztlt-rstm was tht- w:1,x'w:1l'tl hlttlt-r. A Pufrt- Seventy-four --I ,t, ,I 51 if V-A Il I I t I I I I I it I II ,I Il 't II ll I I I I I I I I I db ' D ig zil- Horace Holmes Violet Glaclville John Mcliarty Joseph Frasor George Cairns Mary Elsener Alice Gaul Ada Wienlemann Edmund Carney Mary LaBour Edward Holmes "Come Out of the Kitchen" 'l'l1e Senior l'lz1ss play. "i'on1e Out ol' the liitn-hen." was I'nr superior to any play given in the past. The an-tors. seenery, Zlllll 111z1ke-np were exeellent. .Ks il eonell ol' 1llillllillli'S. Bliss Male Sexnner llilS set for hersell' 21 l'Ut'UI'4l that will he hnrml Out oi the lxilmhen is heyonsl mlonht s11pe1'io1' to 2llI.Y other lll'USlllll?lllllll on 'l'l1o1'11to11's stage hy Zl1ll2llt'lll'S. 'l'he sale nl' tiekets exeeeileml that ol' nny Senior plny. 'l'he play was 111211121911-1l hy Mr. J. ll. Sfl'llll0llS. eo-ol1e1'a11i11g with hini the Senior ljflllllllill, Blr. .ll l". Zinnner- to Slll'll2lF4. 'l'he nrtistie presentzxtion ol' Niltllllt' 11121 ll . .Kiln lYie1len1z1nn was 0Xll'ilUl'Kllll?ll'y in her role ol' illirin llzlngferlielml' she was 1111s111'l'f:1sse1l as .lnne lflllen, the 1-ook. Amla prorexl helseli' nn an-tress in l'orn1er plays, and now there is no ilonht ns to how she t'2lll :11-t. lilllliill ill'2llll' in l'lllW2ll'll lluhnes, was il very gentleninn in the play. :nnl eertninly aeteil l1is part. liml was espeeinlly gnoml in the nrt of Hlllllllillllllllg. Mary lillsener. as liess ll2lllQlll'lll'l'l anal .Xl'2lllllllt2l. the inniml. was il Vllltl little miss with liery tennver. Mary was rather snuey as :1 lllillll. hut still she Ill2lyl'll l1er part well. .Ks illl:lI'l0j' llilllgl was Il Irerleet son. As the hunt hoy, he was il regular jllllllllllgl'-,ltll'li. Joe is imerfeet ns il jnggler. 'l'hen eonies George Cairns :ls llillll ll1111y'erfiehl. lle is tl inmlel hig llI'0lllt'l'.' .Xs the lmntler. 'e his very enrt znnl snappy as hun llenglish hutler Slllllllll he. l'l1llllllll1l 1l2ll'llU'V as Mr. Tueker wus :1 S1'l'l'2llll, espeeinlly when l1e wus founfl 0 'E '. ' if .' 25 2 erhelel. .loe l'll'Ilr0l' lll tln lyihhen In Burt n Finn Ile, ls vell 1 1ll the otl1e1 nun. lell in line with .lnne lillen. llorzxee llohnes played the part of '1lll0lllilS Letferts to perfeetion. Yiolet iulmlyille as l ora l alkner was tl very a1ttrz1eti1'e girl. She was :1 very ohenlient il2lllg.l'lll'1'l'. Mrs. l'l2lllilll'l' was yery:1hly pimrtmyeml hy Mary lin lionr. John Nlelizlrty as Rillllllblpll Weeks was plan-eml in lnzlny perplexilig lNbFlll0llS. Nlnnmly was imlenlly pos- trnyeil hy' .Xliee llzml. Page Seventy-five vav ,u P!!! 1 I l 2 j MW Miii : ii... ,gk ,- ,,W .. I . ,. ,.,.,,L,--...,.,-..,,,., .... ,e ,. ,.,A. -,,. ll Tl HEI lgl Q 1 :INll 1-Til lifflg ' 1 li ll ,Tll -El in ,, - L:-roy Connell Vlllliam Walning I-lclwarml Arlums 3 Vernon Johnson Claumle Boland Blaksley Pringle The Stage Committee l'4-rlmlrs tlu num ul' tlu- Sllllll'lllH mln Illll liIlllW tlu- xmrk tlmt gm-s 1-11 lwlllllll E ilu- vurtuin ill ilu- Elll4llI1Il'llllll. l'u1'lurtl1 tlu- sl-luuml lslays znul Imlalys 1-'lu-11 lnlx' Ulllgltltl 51 lulgallrixslrifvlls. 'IM In-lmlgiutlu-stagewmllmliltm-4-ul'st:1g4-v1-1-xv.n11v must lmw- wnu ll 1'XlII'I'll-lll'1' ill mlnllll ll'l. Zlllll sunu- ulc-sl ul' wlmt lAll2lI'2ll'l1'I'lSllt'S 1-lm-t1'ic'it.x' lms l lllll' luis tu as-I in lmlul 1ul'l-1-zllrln-trust-I in nlilul. tlu-allvlu-z11':11u'm-al stu--'1-sluflllfl lnlxt l l11I':l4-1-l'I:lll1s4-Illll-' llu- l'Q'lll Elllliilllll ul'ligl1t lu lu- llFt'1l lll4hIll'llll1lXN tlu- slnulw-xx 5 Wlu-11 tlu-u- as il Illn.x'g'iw-ll.tlu-stzlgm-lmnuls ll:1x'm-tuln-lm tlu- 'lull :uul not unlx gi lllzlt. lull lu- llu-rv lm' al QlXl'll nnlnlu-r nl' l'l'llU2ll'F2llS. 'lllis lll1'2lllSlll2ll llu- lmys Imm- I1-lull:-:I 1'I'll2llll N"lllll2lYlll'SlilIllllll2'. 'llll1'l'l'lSElQlYlllllllll'llllwlllltlllll4'2l1'lSl.ll1 j llu-1'l1:l11ging'uI' ilu- Nl2Igl'Sl'llllll.1'S. 'l'Iu- wmk :lem ma llu- stage 1-sm lu- lIElllllll'1l ll-x' six lm-vs. wlu- 2ll'l' W1-ll ll'2lllllll 'I llung tllalt lilu-. 'llu- lnlys nu- rt'll'l'ltlll ln' Nlifs SUXZIIIUI' :mul XII llzlye-s. Wlu - -xlrzl Flillfl' llilIlll4 -ru- lll'4'1ll'll. Nlr. llslyl-s' uuzmlml :urls 1-Ines is an guml s-lllww-. 'l'lu- In-st '11-Ulu-1'li4-s Ulrlzllllilllll' arg- llFl'll in nmking up tlu- stngw-. 'l'lu- c-:nn ll nniltm- nl' lllis 'X't"lI' rw vt-Vlx' glaul lu lmw- lmfl Zlll ulrluwlllnitux' In nfl- tlu- lu-W slay: 5 11'lll'l'l' wllim-ln xx.1f I-ufllulz-:I ln' lll1'l'l2lSSHl' 151213 mul tlu- lll'g'2llllXilllHllS WlIll'll luulll 5 lvlu-vs in Ilu- illlllllrilllllll. 'l lu- f'llI'l21lll. lDl'l'4l'lill'4l ln' tlu- vlnsf ul l'l33l. :ullls WIN l lllllvll Tu llu- 1-ll'1-vt nl llu- Sl:lg'1'. l ln llixuling tlu- xwrlt In lu- llwuu- ln' tlu- x':1l'im1s nu-mln-ls ul tlu- 4'Hllllllllll'l l llu-Vw is IIU I-:lI'tl.1lllx flulwn l:l-lm-1-11 tlu-1-law-s. 'l'lu- rllI4ll'lIlS rl-an IH +1zu-4-11-nlil 1 ' ii mul' lmvalrwl g'l':ulu.1Iull1 Ihr Ilu-ir wurlt. Wlu-11 HlIlSllll' myznlnixalliulle gin- plzrys In 1 1 ilu- 2lIlllll'Pl'llllll. :1 1'l'l'l5llll alnulnnl ul' l'Ullll't'llFQllllIll is Q'l'li'll lu tlu lm-vs lm' llu-ll X l xwwli. lg 'llll1'Xl'lllliHl ilu ll2l-l'4-lllll1lllr-- llllIlEll'lS lu llu- nu-mln-re vl'I'I:Illl xl-ry xnllullrlf- 'l If lllIl'l'S. lllll1'4l'rllllll'IllS lllllrl. in sulrlitifm lf: lmx'ing':1 l':1il'lx' lligll ulullnsluf sfmul - Illgf. Imam- ax l'1'l'l'llll ull-g-'11-v ul':xml-1':u-AY.alll-1'I1u-ssnlul nu-1-luunu-:ul zu- Nl ll :ls 2lI'llSlll yi ll ilil-v. ' l , i 'mm in Page Seventy-six o Rl 'l 1 1 ! 1 V 1 I 1 I I 5 I Q l 1 Q , K QMS ab F! W SHS ff? V QU ,IQ fi X? 5? llxlxnix, 554 fl E, 5X ll x 1 1 aw 1 A ff ,J A xl Wkf G , f Cf gf 3- 4 I jj ix 4 1 Page F 'n'11fy-son-11 I Her IQICI, sympathy and kindness have made ir possible for Miss Frzinees Gurdon to fill unc ut' the mosr difficult executive prsirions in 'l'hornwng while her llllLlCI'SI1ll1LllI1g, her sincerity, and her humor have made her the personal friend as well as advisor of every girl in Thurnton High. Page Seventy-eight iq F 5 - - - --- f --' --W ---f-f w-af:WmQ:2!gim:u.fw1-- m,..+, -M V .,,. ...Me .,........?-t,e ,,.. Good scholarship and dcportmentg a wholesome influence upon the social life of the schoolg loyal support ol' all school activitiesg an ever-growing popularity with the stutlent hodyg vice-President of the Junior Classy three successive terms on the Board of Controlg all these, combined with her pleasing personality and unquestioned ability, elcctetlthepresident of'theGirls' Club-Evelyn llarkwill. Page Seventy-nine .x Fino T SH .30 VR, WNEE lol el Nu 2 1 ll T r , gr I 1554 l l 1 i . I K l I I 1 1 I I I l l i l 1 ,11 ,Il 10-1 1INl .1 I 'T F,......,,, W- .1 W, ,.., -, M -M .,.A-,.-o-1... 1..V.-,----...- 1 1- l ,N Z! lf? , f li 1 f, T1 ' ll 'll ' 1 l 1 I l -l-lil ... lo Rl -f lil Nil H 151 1 l, i l .i 1, fl H1-li-11 Stnton lrm-no Kl'i'j'SL'l'l1'l' Frullces livlly Lillian GLlllll'l1llS0ll l- A111111-Q11 111031-Q I G1-o1'p'iz1 'l'l1i1-l GXV1'l14l0lyll Pike- Ethel Smith Holm-1'tz1 Hayes C'z11'111y11 0'B1'i1-11 1 .um G11111-1- ll 1 1 l-IliZ:1l11-ll1 G2ll'llI11'l' Alice Garml EK'l'lyIl Bzlrkwill Virginia K11111- i liz1tl11'y11 Bnsing' No Picture: Ruth Bc-115011 Flora-nee Nlury R054-11st1-i11 l il 1 1 Girls' Club Board of Control - ,l ,Xl :1 11:1-1-1i11g 111' all 1l1--g'i1'lf1l11- l11I11-1' 11r11'1 11I' S1-1111-111l1--1' Il"' l"l"'flVl' ll"1""l li ll 111' 1111111-11l 1-l1-14111111 is l11-lrl. 'l'l1is1'l1-1111111 lllllFl 111-1111l1li1-lx:1111111111111-il1111-I11 11111i1-1- l 11l'1I lllll4l l11-11l:11'1-1l1111ll11-l111ll1-1i11 l111:11'11 11111- 111-1-lx 111 111111111111-, All Xllllllgl' 1, lvllillll ,l lfll' l1:1ll111. 'l'l11- li11:1l 1-lf-1-111111 is l11-lfl s111111 :1l'11-1'11'a11'1l 111111 NIX S1-111111'a li11-.l11111111's. ! l l'11111' S1111l11-1111-1'1-f :1111l ll11'1-1- l4ll'l'5llllll'll 1111- 1-ls-111-1l. - 1 'l'l11-1ii1'l!l l11l111Ili1-1-11 2ll'1'1'l1'1l1'1l l11' 1l1:-l111:11'1l l'1'11111 il- 1111-111l11-1-. 'l'l11- 111'1-si- , 1 1l1'111 lllllxl lv.-1-I1-151-11 lI'l1lll 1l11-N-111111'g'11'ls:1111l1l11-1'11-1-111'--s11l1-111 lI'4lIll 1l:1- .l11111111'9. if V l l'l11- N1'l'l'l'lill'lX illlll 11'1':1s111'1-1' lllilvl' lv Sl'll'l'll'll l'I'1llll 2llI4X' 1-luv. N11 11111l1-1'1-lz1fs111:111 IlliI4X I111l1I IIII 11lli1-1-1111 1l11- ll11111'1l11l'l'1111I111l I'111'111111'1'1l1:111 11111511141-1-sxixv11-:11'1 1111- ' lil.-l11-1-11 S1-11i1-1'. Nll'l'llll!5 ill'1' l11-l1l 111111- :1 1111-111l1. .X1 1l11+1- 1111-1-111125. Il11-.g'11'lQ 1lIN4'llrS 1111111112 J 1:1111 llllNIlll'Xw 111:1111-11 111-11111111112 111 1l11- lii1l-' l'l11l1. Simi- llll' ll1lIll'1l 11!' l'111111'11l I ,1 lllllxl lI:lII1ll1':lll llllr'llI1'SS lIIIlll1'I'r I111' 1l:1- -'lllll 1l11- girl- 11'l111 Jll'l' 111 l111l-l 111-11111115 'lll - -1 . 1 - !l1:N l-11:-1'1l lllllSl l1:111- lll'lll1lIlFll'ill --I 1l1:-11' illlllll-X illlll 11'1ll111g111-N111I11-l111l11-liivls' 1 l l'l11l1. . . , . , , ,. . 4 , l l lllli 1114:':1111z:1111111 lll2llil'S Il 1--1-+1l1lv'111'1l11-1-11'ls ll11l1I11l11-:1- -111-1-1-wI11l.1111l l 5 111-ll l11:111111 11s il if I111l:1l1'. X11 ll'illl4'l'. 1-11-11 11111- EIS Villlilllll' :if lll-N 1J111'1l1111.1'1111l1l l 111:111:1g1'-- EIN l:lI'P1"' ill! 1-1'Q:111iz:11i1111 11s 1l11- 1ii1'l! lllllll si111r'l1-fl-:11-.lf-il. ll :1l--11 piw- 1l11- ll girl- il Il-1-l111,g -11' 1'1--111111sil1ili11' :1111l 111'i-lv 111 1l11-i1' 1'lllll. l ll ,ix 31 1 , ,111 1 1 Voii 1 1 11 1.-. oioi 1. . --.oo -fglgq "V ' ,:.g:4.....,1,,.,.., o..,.,A..............,..,..1N,.,, ..,...W..1 ..... ..11.1, - .--. ....-..-....N.. .... WZ! W--Q H 'fu l ,f-Ag l':1Q 1- liiplity Maxine Warxl Sarah Hughes Esther Holmes Frances Pearson lvlarion Buck Carolyn O'Brien Elizabeth McDougall Guelph Mitchell Melba Doolen Agnes Stakley Laurabell Onyon Louise Davidson Doris Figrenbaum Division Chairmen Uno vain sraiwm-Ili' I'I'ZllIZlI the great innnlwr ol' Ilntivs that :irv vmiin-vii-Il wllh any o1'gni1ix:ition. 'l'ln- Girls' t'lnlI is no vxm-ptinii to this rule. ln spite ol' thi' inzinv . CtllllIlllill'l'S thzit tlivrv nrt to tnkv vlizirgv ol' thi vairions zivtiritivs the girls :ire lui It . I wig' hnsy. .Xn I-spun-izilly nsvlnl l'0t't'IIil.Y m'g:iiilzvIl miiiliiittvm' is the Illvismii l'll2llI'- 111011. 'llllUI'l' is one snvh l'lI2lII'III2lIl in I-uvli Senior. Junior :intl Soplioiiion- honie- YOUIII, who nttvnmls to all the Hirls' tllnlr znftivitivs :nhl piwijovts s 71 tl laill' :ls that IIUIIIO- rooln is t'UIIt'l'l'IIl'1l. llu-.V :irc ri-ry In-tiw Ilnring' the I1'1-Izliwltioiis :lt IIIIVISIIIIEIS I I tune :intl also in Sl't'lII'lll:L1' lIlZlALl'2lZlIIt' siiIIsv1'iIItim1s. Wlwin-wi' ai girl is aihsont for zi week or inoru thi' 1-Iiziirinnn in her limnm'mIn1 iinils out wlmt is I-zinsing' her 2IllSt'IIl'l' unml il' sho is out on nwoiliit ol' illness some I Oxlwcssioii of good will is iw-1'ix'eml-flnIwi-rs. letters or wills. ln waist- tlivro is n possibility ol' witlulruwzil frmn svliool, nlti-inpts are inmlo to :Io niirtliiiw' in the powvr of the stnmlvnts to prcvclit this. . rs ' Page I-Eighty-one :mi OIW T I I-'I O I? INI ITI NI I I TI IIEII I I I I I: I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I + I I I I I l l at pu R N T Os N Tl Ev 536 i l l l T t-l 0 t . . ,h. t , .. .. - - - . Sybella McGilvery Alice Gard Ada Wiemlemann Marion Buck Carolyn O'Brien Evelyn Barkwill Florence Reed Agnes Stakley Margaret Bello Louise Davidson The Hostess Committee 'l'he vonnnittee ot' hostesses, one ol' the most useful antl eapaltle institutions ot' the tlirls' t'lnlv, iirst eanie into existenve in the sehool rear ol' l!P'22i-1921. This l'0llllIlllll'1' is eoniposeil ol" seven ol' the Senior girls. anal the nn-nihers are always chosen l'ron1 a large group ol' volunteers, the same nn-thotl as that hy whieh all eoni- niittees are seleu-tell tor' the work ol' the llirls' l'lnh. lietore these girls are allowecl to heroine I'nlltleclg'etl nn-inhers ol' the hostess coinnlittee, they are reqnirell to learn a nnniher ol' interesting annl inlnrtnational Statistit-s eoneerning the sehool aint nnist he ahle to pass an examination on this knowleclge so as to he alile to explain to the visitor anytluing he wishes to know aliont the lvnihling or the l'llI'I'lf'llllllll. Then when a visitor eonies to the olliee one ul' these girls is ealletl to act as an eseort, to him. The visitor anrl his guifle make a tour ot' the hniltling, stopping in various classes anal talking to the teaehers in these elasses. Ol' 1-onrse this makes it neeessar-v for the hostess to he personally tlt'4lll2lllll'l'll. at lrast slightly. with all of the team-hers, and to know what snhjem-ti they teaeh, in what rooni. antl at what hour. 'l'he visitors impression of 'l'hornton Township llifh Sehool will neeessarily be inllueneetl greatly hy the impression he rec-eives ol' his gnitle: for this reason. the girl who oecfnpies this position ninst he neat in appearanee. alert in manner and tliploniatie antl atniahle in tlisposition. She will at all times he eonrtesy itself. TllHllfl.2'0l'. while lloraee llohnes antl lirnest Berg were stntlent managers. The art clepzutinent llliltlkx posters and the Boys' antl Girls flllhs on two nnirhly oeeasions She will, as will every perleet hostess. eonsult her guests wishes and :nlhere to them as elosely as possilmle, her main Ponsitleration heing for his pleasure. Page Eighty-two Kathryn Basing Evelyn Barkwill Florence Randall Viola Atton Marvel Ahlin Elizabeth Donath Edith Garry Virginia Jackson Ruth Pfcifer Marjorie Kellogg The Counselors ln an ellort to prolnote eloser relations between the girls ol' the Senior elass and the girls ol' the l"reslinnin 1-lass, and to l.2lllllllill'lZl' the l"reslnnun girls, as Soon as possible. with the eustonis and tramlitions ol' 'l'hornton Township lligh School. the plain ol' having Senior counselors was eoneeiveil bv Leona Seagraves, presitlent ofthe Girls' l'lub tor the year 1925. The details were perlef-tefl and put into exeeution that .vear with the assistanee of Miss Gordon. The girls of the Freshnnin class are divided into eleven groups and a Senior girl is asked to eouneil the girls in eaeh group. 'llhis Senior girl is able to assist her Freshman proteges in various ways. interpreting for them all the unknown uantities of the school ex Herieuee, 'l'OSl0I'lll0' trieinllv feelnnfs between the nienibers I . I I D . PN - of her rou 1 advising theni in matters ot the heart. as well as the head, and aetinff 5 . 'rs f ' V A n enerall as a bw sister. lhe eounselor also arranges at least one wart ' durinff . . rx I I . 27 5 n the year tor her Lreslnnen and in the spring a pienle. Not all the benelit from this plan of having eouuselors aeerues to the Fresh- men, however. lt is bound to have a broadening iulluenee upon the Senior and it enriches her life by adding ten or more friends to her list. 'lt is no exaggera- tion to say that every girl in the Senior elass eovets the honor ol' being selected for this position, even though it earries a responsibility with it. The names are chosen from a list ol' volunteers. Indeed all the responsibilities in the Girls, Club are shouldered by volunteers. At an assembly, held early in the vear. the mem- bers are eaeh handed a slip upon whieh is printed a list of all the activities of the Girls' Club and eaeh girl eheeks thereon the projeets in whieh she is most interested, if any. From the information on' these slips all the work is assigned. Page Eighty-three i l i i l ,X f, t t t l I I with 1 l"ill l Oi i Qi Nl ,T l t Oil Ni l t l IT 1 l , , ti CHRISTMAS PROJECT COMMI'l'ThI'. l Elizabeth McDougall Gwenllolyn Pike Pvurl Heinko Virginia lione 1 Evelyn Barkwill i Christmas Project t- l . . ,- . , i Fm' twn yvnrs thi- t'ln'1st1n:1s l,l't7.ll'l'l 1'0lIlllll'lt'tl ln' tht- llll'lS l lnh has hi-vii :1 l' girl-:it sin-tw-ss, hnt this In-air wht-n nur lvznll-r. Nliss llmwlmi. invt with an :im-iflviit :intl i was hnil np in tht- linslntnl. nmny thnnght that wo 1-nnhl not gn nn with tht- work. l'iYl'l.Yll li:n'kwill, Ill't'Slllt'lll nt' tht- vlnh. :intl Yirgiiiia linno,1-lmirnizni nl' thi' mnnnit- l lvl-s. iiiiiin-mlintl-ly sts-ppl-sl into lil,-1' plaivv :nnl saiislz "It shall hi- ii sim-miss." Unin- l llllllt't'S wx-rv Elllllllllllwl :intl plains hiill. with tho rl-snlt that hy llK'1'l'llllll'I' il K'X'l'1'y- ' thing wus in iw-anliiinss. l l'ian'ly nn thi- ninrning' nt' Ill-1-vliilii-1' 'Zl. lilitm-vii girls. llllllt'I' tht' lvzilllwsliip nf ll lilizzihvtli Nli'llnlig'aill. with Santa lll2lllS. lt-lt lol' thi' Uliivzigu lllnno nl' thi- Ill-stitntl f Vrippll-il l'llll4lI'1'Il. wlwrv unit linnllrwl clnllslui' thu- girls :intl nnv hnnclri-tl tins lin l the hows ww-rv llistrihnts-ll. Hn thv 2ll'll'l'Il00l1 ul' tht- sinnl- flaw. tlnu-if hnssl-s lniving sl - , . . , ' . . ' 5 hm-n si-vim-ll hy Mr. Nh-X iw, tht- 1-niiiiiiittt-ll, with lnwiillnlyii Pilw :is l-Ii:ni'ni:ni. :intl ' :ihont sixli' Mirls wt-nt tn Unk l"ln'vst. lll-rv Santa lll2lllS llistrilnntwl st-win hnnilrwl :intl tw:-nty-4-iglit hnxt-s tilh-ll with t'i'nit. 1-ziiilly :intl ai gilt tm' t-uvli nhl lazily. Sixty i lioiiit--liiziclv vailws :intl twn vrzitvs nl' urziiigjvs snppliwl tht- lnnl-h. t'nllowing :1 very I IIll'2lSlll'LL'1'llll'l'lIlllllllUlll givin hy iiiviiilni-rs nl' thu vlnh. .X liziiilllwwliivl' :intl ai hnttln i nt' lN'l'l'lllll0 was give-n tu lWl'lllX1Sl'Yt'll hlinll wnniqn. Un lla-vvliilwi' '25 znintlivi' vom- 1 inittt-0. with l'v:irl lloinlw as its limnl. wont tn that llmnno lin' liiviimlmli-s with six t Illtl1llSl.1lllI'l'Lflll-1'll ilu-clay lm' six nhl l:i1livs.Wli1n11tht-int-lnlwrsnttln-l-lnhvlitvrtzliii t cznfh Szitnrllziy nl' tho your with rmnliiig tnnl singing. l Wi- wnnhl nut want tn talw all thi- i-rt-llit tm' this wni'li. tin' thi- lll'l':ll0l' Girls t'luh, :in UI'Q2llllZ2llillIl l-niiipnsml nl' girls who :lt any tinw lniw- zlttc-lnll-ll thu lligh School, liinllly aissisti-ll ns in tilling tliroe lnlnllrvll hoxl-s, lui' whiwh wv wvre wry grateful. l . - . . , Page Eighty-fo ur W:-vi' Melba Doolen Anna Peebles Evelyn Barkwill Norma Roberts Etlith Garry Virginia Iione Louise Novotny Mary LaBour Hermine Reuter Bernice Spiers Helen Staton Helen Davis Eileen Foos Freshman Guides l'itv the poor lfreslnmnil l'ruetie:illV ai stranger, she is eullefl in the ussemhlv the hrst flux' ol sehool. given u slip ol' eurmlhouril known us u progruni enrml unil is lelt to hnfl her way nhout the huiltling, with no help eveept the ilireetion of some teueher or upper elussninn. il' she iinimiges to overt-ome her timulity sutlieiently to :leeusl tulle. 'l'hrs eonnhtion existewl nt 'l'hornton 'l'ownship lligrh Sehool until two venrs neo. 'l'hen some one hiul al hiigflit iilen. .X eommittee ol' guiiles was nppointerl whose sole mluty the lilst iluy ol' sehool wus to mulie eleur to everyi lll'l'lltl1lll'1l l"resh- num thf- lllll'l4'ill'Il'S ol' prog'rznn eurils. home rooms, loelqer mutes. et eeteru. I 'l'hese girls might he ns ineonspieuous us they wisheml the rest ol' the si-hool venr. hut on this opening iluy they must rirnl the lilies ol' the lielfl. whieh outshone ' . s - - ' Y' -ss-s o werefulrleil. Solomon. 'l'o this tml tl mx mut appear in uhite rlrs 1 t u nth lrom the eollers ol the Girls' t'luh, letehing purple ezips :intl ll2llltllif'I'1'lllltl.S unml nlso . , , . , . purple uruppeil swnguer stlelts. lhese girls were stutioneel :it eau-h stun'u'uy to oller their ussistunee in every possihle Wily. 'l'here enn he no question ot' the ornuinentul vzilue of these guifles: like- . . 4 - i y 9 . . wise there enn he no- question ot their usefulness. l'hey ALfI'0tllll' l2lt'llll2lll' the oner- ous mluties thut neeessurily oeeur on enrollment fluy. 'l'he-r ure not ull mlressetl up :mel no phiee to go. hut Iiinl pruetieullv everv moment ol' their time oeenpieil in answering hewilelereil questions null loeuting apparently imnfeessihle rooms, No institution ol' the Girls' t'luh hus more thoroughly mlemonstrntecl its usefulness. ' X -1 ' ' 1- ' ght out plains to meet the neecls l mpiestiomihlx tht ixuution ol mfmlulli thou ol the lll1'tlIlllIlU'QIll'lS. us well :is those of the upper elussmen. have :lone mueh lo :ulml Q- . t ' w 1 I to the l'lllllll2ll'llY ol the Thornton lilrls llnh. 115451 li in l l i i i l 1 l l t ,l ,1 l i i 1 l is ii l Page Eighty-six Girls' Club Orchestra Sarah Hughes Mabel Propper Kathryn Drolet Mary LaBour Dorothy Thiel Pearl Carter Carolyn O'Brien Evelyn Barkwill Dolores Douml Mary Matlocka Louise Novotney Hazel Kasten Virginia Kone Wilma Harmllannert Curmelita Foley Kathryn Basing Doris Figenbaum Grace Hill Pauline Fisk Marion Roy The annual "Staml-np' girl-n in lilmor ol' thi- l'iI't'slllllilll girls will hi- more lllll'l't'SllIl"' wlioitval hx' our "'lll'SlS. the l'rm'isu ulliwis nl the lv-1i"iio ol' llrovisn 'ls P l 5 I r., 11, .,n. i'v1vm'tvll Ill the lrlwiso lagl-ani as lolluws: OFFICERS OF LEAGUE GUESTS OF THORNTON CLUB l'IN'l'l'IR'l'AINS ITS FRIGSHMHN AT ANNUAL "STAND-UP"g HAS MANY STUNTS BY SARA SOSNIK 'l'l11- annual 'isiilllll-lllln party ol' lhi- llirls' l'luh nl' 'l'l11a'iill+n Township lligh Svlimll at llZll'X'K'.Y. Illinois, hi-lil l"ri1lay. Uvlmvlwi' 30. was :itll-lillwl hy Bliss llulh ll. Wliillivlil. ilvan ol' girls. aml the lilllll' Ull'll'l'l'S ol' the l'rm'isn Girls' l.l'2lQ'llt'. lllall-rs Vlill-lnaiil. llallhilllm- Zapl. llviii'ivlla ll:1yImlo. anrl Sarah Sosnils. 'l'liis par!-r is girl-'i vavh .war in limmm' ol' the l"rvslnnan Lrirls at 'l'lim'1itmi. .X vuiiiiiiiltm-0 ol' l'mir' niet the l'rorisfm i'm-pwsolitailirl-s at the train anil vsl-mlwl llurin to the lligh Sl-lioul. lCal-li iiiviiilu-1' was then taken in vliargu hy an l'Sl'Ul'l. Ill-l'oi'v 1-iitwiiigg' the g.YIIlll2lSllllll. in which the rzirt-x' ilmli pvl:iw-. 4-avh pwsziii was pi'm'i4liil with a gwvii varll UII wllivh she was i'i-ililvslwl lu wrile her IlEllll4'. 'l'hl- gyninasiuin was ilworzitl-ll with ynirlilv anml wllitr strips. thi- svlmul mlms, iiiterwinwl with g'I'l't'll. l'l'llli0r-'vllllllgl' lhv l'll'l'SlllllUll. l'fw1',x' girl was lim-ll up arnuml lla- grin. Rlllll illl'gIll0SlSlll2lfll'lll1l 1'o1lmlsol'lli4' l'l'i'l'lYlllQ,l' line. Sll2llilllQ1'llIlllllS wilh earl: girl in lnrn. ll'lien this was voiiiplvlwl. an ilislrlvvloi' uxamini-nl mwvi'-v girl lo si-v il' sho wore Page Eighty-seven 664 i H o lR :N lT O N I T l E if l l l The Ukulele Club Florence Rznnlall Lydia Diekman Amy Davey Beatrice 1-yer Roberta Hayes Beatrice Sachs Alice Foster ' lYl2l!'l0 Sliwinski Gwendolyn Pike Marion Struven ie Wie-llc-mann Marjorie Lee Ruth Barkmeiei' C' 1'll4illg'llgIl'l'1'll. ll' slie nlill nnl. ai snmll gn-vii slii'lii'i'.si1iiilz:l' in lln- sn-willwl lwniilx' 9 spill. wus pn! on lnfr lill'l'. Ili-fn Iln- lllISll'l'S5 ul i'l'l'1'lllllllll'S f':1ll1-rl tliv l'i'e-slnne-n in lln- 4'l'llll'l' ul' Iln- Vmllll. :iinl ll'1'S1'Illl'il Ilieni willi g'i'i-vii rilulmns. 'I'ln- l'll'l'Sllllll'll . l . - . lll'UllllSl'll In WWII' lln-sv lu scliuul lln- Iulluwillg' xllllllllllv. :llnl Illv SPIIIHVS lull-ulgvll lln-lnse-lies in l'K'l'U4L1'llIZU :ill girls in tln- lnills wlm in-iw llnis nlistiniunislnwl. 'l'ln' Q'I'1'l'll lilQlFWllll'll1'Yl'l"Y.Ll'll'l Wim- lnnl liillllll-X' nsinn-s written nn iln-in. 'l ln-v , , . , , . . ,, . . wi-rv lln- lmnvn, hniilli. .loin-s. illlll hinnli Inniilns. lln- girls xwiw- tln-n lnstrin-li-il in I'ni'ni limi' line-s an-miwliiig ln l':nnilii-s. 'l'ln- lmulvl' nl' l'2ll'll line was gin-n :1 llilll1llil'l'4'lll1'l. .Xl ai gin-n signal slie tn-al llils zirnillnl ln'i' in-1-li. vlsiilgu-fl liei' ll2lllllS ilnm- Innes. twill lln- liaiinllwiwliicl ull signin. annl pass'-il it In Ilw in-xl girl. 'l'l1is wlitililn-nl ilmvn lln- line. Ilnl nliji-1-I living lu see wluii-li liillllll-X' Wulllll linisli lirsl. lwvni' iwixvs wwe ziwaiiwlvrlz uni. in lln- nn-inln-rs ul' lln- li2lI'llll4Y wlnm snlii-ill-il lln- inns! sigimnn-.-S lrmn :ill ivlin xwrv nm ul' tln- l':1vi1llli'::i si-1-mill, In iln- :ilnninns wlin 4-will-4-In-nl llie nnnsl ll2lllll'S nl' lllllll'l'1'lZlSSIlll'lII lln' tliiril piim- was grim-ii ln ilu' i snliiur wlnn rem in-il tlw givailvst nnnilwi' nl' lficsliiiieii nunn-s: :inil ai llviiifli. ln llie l"i'vsliin:in wlin mllwli-ml Iln' nnisl SlLL'llilllIl'K'S ul' Illini-i' cl:issnn'n. 'l'ln- slznnl-np llill'l'Y is sn-czilliwl Iwi-nilsv nn une. with tln- 4-wi-plimi nl' ,!lI1'NlS. is ivwwisli-fl witli si S1'2ll lllll'lllQ' ilu- entire- :iIl':1il'. Wlicn llie guests were smut'-il. lCx'vl.x'ii llzwlqwill. lll'i'Sllll'lll nl 1114-'i'l1niinnn liirls' lilllll. ileliw-iw-il ai sgwvrli nl' wel- 1'Hllll'l1llllUg.1'll1'SlSZlI14l l"r1'slinn-n. lilnnlys 1'l1li-linlni. girl-sielm-nt nl tln- l'i-:wise liirls' YY l.i-:igin-. lllillllivll lln- lllUl'lllHll girls lm' tln-ii' wi-lcniiie. Page l'Iigjl1ty-s-ig'lit Y 1, w 1 .tL .X nth 1 T' i IXH1 li sou 1 RQ: L , 1 I'Nig 1, Ili Ti og I 1 Tli .EW 'H 5? z . if! 1 KA I . " ii 'h '1 XA K I A w v I Page Eighty-nine Alumnae Directory Committee Dorothy Reich Mary LaBour Beatrice Meyer Pearl Harper Mildred Rampke Helen Staton Gladys Christian Margaret Bedo Mildred Howell The Missing Hose tFirst Award., ETHEL FISCHER llave .von ever realized what a preeions. valnahle and altogrether indispensihle artirle a stoelqine' is? l eonless that l never gave a, thought to the matter, either, until l l'onnd niysell' in the worst predirann-nt in whim-h l have ever heen plaeed. Quite a large group ol' nn' friends and relatives were spending a pleasant Slllll- nler day at l,ineoln l'arl4. .Xs the afternoon were on it heeaine nnhearahlv hot. We sat under the trees and langnidlrv tanned ourselves. too tired and warin to wateh the animals. We had heen eonteinplating going honie. when snddenllv one ol' the girls had an inspiration. "Oh, let's go in swinnningf' she exelainied. "'l'he heaeli is erowded but th'1t doesn't matter." 7 c l was the only one who agreed with lierg the others wanted to go home, but our pleading, eajoling and eoaxing was so insistent that we were finally granted one brief honr. Auntie was certain that a storm was hrewing, hut we laughed at her fears Page Ninety 5,1 ni ' I Q ',l it ' "" , gm- l .,..... Q-- A 'e 1 i 5 9 I !? Election Committee Alice Gard Mary Davis Viola Atton Sybella McGilvery Irene Kreyscher Alice Gailey Martha Vance Roberta Hayes Georgia Thiel . . . unml run merrily mlown to the heaeh. ln less than hye minutes we haul our elothes eheelceil null were frisking uhout the wuter like two lively pollywogs. Within il short time our play was rumlely interrupte4l. for there wus nnntie calling' anxiously, "Girls, there is n storm eoming' up. Dress inunemliutely so we can he on our way before it breaks." Loretta and l reluctantly left our fun :uul prom-eeclerl to the ilressing rooms. lt really mliil look tln'eutening', so we lregun u hasty toilette. l was thinking ol' the sport we huye haul when my reyerie was hroken hy a horrilieml ery from Ilorettu. "Oh, Ethel. one ol' 1ny stoekings is gone!" "Nonsense," I retortefl. "Look ezu'el'ully nnel you'll find it." Poor Loretta looked, but in vain." "l'lthel, it's absolutely gone," she Suill in an appalled wliisper. "Pooh," l tittereml cruelly. "Woulclu't it he funny if you shouhl have to go all the way to Blue lsluncl minus your stocking ?" Loretta salt clown limply, too oyereoine ,hy the mlismul prospeet to even make ai reply. l gigglecl to myself us l clrew on my right stoekiug. l 4-ouliln't even feel a little sorry for her plight, lJ0f'2lllSl' the whole thing was such ai, huge joke. 'llhe more l thought about it the fiumier it seemed. l held my Sides :unl laughed until Page Ninety-one EH i, ru OIF EO QR EN iT jo l 9 1 1 4 A 5 I l f N I T QE II n I-Cm IT I-I-I IIC IR I I IN IT JIQE INI ll III ,EI W II II M II I I I II I I I I I I I I I'I'II'lI, IYIIIII' SIII' IllIllll'llI'llIl.Y gem-Il NI lm-. I'lIll2lII'X' I IIVN-II mv I-'ws aml was :1IIout III IIl':Iw IIN mv II-II IIIISI' II'lN-Ilgllm-:III-Ilsl NYIll'I'l' was II? I I-II lllll IIIIIN--sIIiI-IQI-II. I Ilm-N' mv I'IIIIIIl's in :III Ilirl-I-INI11s. :lml Iaxirly Ion- ... I . I I mx' IIIIII' III IIN- UXVIIIIIIIIIIII. .XIII'l' mx' Ilrst II-I'l'II1' Il:1II SIIIIIUWIIEII s11IIsNlI-Il. I IIINI- INIsI-II m-I'sI-II' 2lIIII I.I-galil :I s,I'sII-IINIIII' sI-:III-I1 III' my III'II-III'-I'II1I1' IIVI-ssillg 1'IvIIm. I , . . l.,..,,,A,, ..l,,. .N INIIIII-Il Illllgm-IIIII IIIIIIXIIIII III lXIlX lllllx fllIII IIIINI IIIII mx I-:IPI-I1 was Iruitlcss. .. '- . 3 1 . l . IIII I --'I'II:1IN-Il :ls I I'IIllIIIII'II mv xI'IIrsI II-:1l'sIII I,III'I-Ita. "I Illlllli my sIfN-k- Ill" lr glllllh IINII p IIIIII' SIII' IEIIIKLLIIUII :II lm-I I j1'i'l'lY I'--:Il IIIIIILIIIRIIII :Iml nllmlsl Inst mx' II-mm-r I-IIIIIIIII-II-II' WIN-II sIN- IlllIlllIIlI'Il sIII1N-IltIIIg:II:I1NI INIII' Ilmm' II III-IIIII IN- II I NIIIIIIIII INIx'I- III gn IlIlllll' mmus il stm-lilmf. ..4 .' I IIIIIIN I I-I-INN-II. "I IIIIN I, sm- :1Nx'IlIImf IIIIIIIY :IINIIII IINII :II alll' Q xvl'I"X' smm. IlHXl'l'YI'II. sIN- l'I'IIII'lllI1I'I'I'll IINII SIII' was III IIII' SQIIIII IIIIIIIIII Il Illlt I wus. :Iml :Is lllISl'l.Y lfm-s I-IINII-silly. wr- IllI'lll'Il III I-:N-I1 IIIIN-I' Im' I-Im1I'uI'I. II VI-IIIIIVI-Il IIIIIII- N. IIII III I-III1I'z1gI- IIII' llS III II-ll IIIII' II'll'IllIS, lull :II'I'I-r 21 wlliln III- sluwlx' :Iml SIERIIIII'-I'IlI'l'IIIX' In-III Im'II':1I'II III I':lI'I' IIN- musiv. .lIIIlIIll"'Il IIN-I' II':1sI-II IIS llIllll!'I'I'IIlIIIY. In- IIIII INII II2ll'llI'llIflllX Illll. IIIII N0 I-I-I'I:I1llI.x' II'I-I'I- IlIll'IIIII'II II'lN-II IIIYIIIN- Sillll. "I In SIlI'I'j' IIIRII Nw- I.1II'I -Imp .1mI Ivuy you girls stu-I-Iiillgs. WI- slmll IIIIYI' III IllIl'I'.Y along :Is II Is. IAIII' III- IILIQIII IIZIYP il IIIVIIIIIIII. lNII'I-IIN illlll I IINIII-stf-Il IN Iain. .XIIIIIIII I'I'llI2lIlll'II :Is llrm :xml NINlNl':1II- :Is IIII' IIIIVIQ III IuIIlI':lIlIlI'. r I - IIIVIIIIN-' SSIIIIX' SIWQIY WI- IN-:mx Illll' I-INII:Il'1'zlsslI1Lr IVI I INI 7. ' I I Im-, l',I'I-II IllIPll2'll WI- w:Ill4I-Il in IIII' I-I-IIII-I' III' IIIII gI'III1II. sNII- III' siIlI-, sII-In III' sII-I-. Nur I:lI'Ii III' pmpm- IIIIIl'I'llll'IlI I-I'iIN-I-Il llllll'Il llIlXI'I'II'IllllI' NIII-IIINIII. Um- IIIII l:NI.I' I-.YI-II IIS I'IIl'IUllSIV :Iml VI-mzlrlu-Il lllI'IlII:lIII'I'If' IINII sI4I'lI-s I-I-1'I:1i1II,I' IIIIII I-INIIIIII-Il simw- slN- wus il girl. I .lI1sI :Is mu' I'2ll' l'ilIlII'. IIN- sturm IlI'IlIiI'. WI- l1IIrI'N-Illy sI-1-Nmlmln-Il :IINIIII-Il :lml TIISIIUII Im' sl-Nts. I IINIIN-II NNI IIN' WIIIIIIIW. wzltc-lming' IIN- IIQIIIUIIIIIQ :ASQ-nag IIs c-om'sI- IIITHIIQII IIN- skim-s. .Xs I s:1I IIIOVI' I IIIEIIII' :I Ilrm I'I'SI'lIllIIIllI IN-vm-1' Io go in swimming' zlgalill. llllII'SS I I-I-Nlnl IIN-lc my I-IIIIIIINQ IN :I sallm-III' III-INIsiI wmll. .lI.Il'I' riwliug Im' illl IIlIl'I'Il1Ill2lIllI' IUIIQIII III IIIllI', wc- I-I-:N-IN-II RIIII' Islnml. My SISII-1' was IIIIIIIOIIIRIIIIIX IIislmII-IN-Il III IIN- Ill'2ll'I'FI' sIII1'I-. I'l'IIm WIlI'llI'0 sIN- VI-Illrm-II wiIl1 :1 Ililll' III' IIIISII. .-XIII-1' I was IIIN1- mmm- In'IIpI-I'ly IIIIIVI-II. I VIIIIIIIIIIIIII on my wny home WIII1 IIIIIIIIVIIIIIIIUFS in mx' IN-NPI. I'IYI'Il IIIOIIQII I I'2II'llI'lIllX plum-I-II my sIm-kingrs UIIIIUT' my pillow Ilmt 1IigI1I, I was again IN-I-I-II ol' IIIKIIII in :1 IIVI-nm. .Xml Io Ilmis vf-ry Ilay I lmve IIN- most Imr- rowmg IIIQIIIINIIVPS similar Io IINII IIN-INIIIII OI'-I-nslon. A Star fFirst Awardj DORIS FIGENBAUM AS I sit :II my wimlow nml look Ht II10 Sky. I S00 fl gliIIc-ring sI:u'Sz1Iling'I1yg I C-are not wlmI plane-I m' how Im' II may be, BNI OI' IIN- Imriglmt rmllmmvc- II, givr-S In mv. Sm-lm a sInr wiIl1 IIS In-illiImI and pie-rf-ing lig Is like fl pure soul shining In llI'f-,S Iwlnr-k niglit IIow soon it is gonc-I Ye-I the light tlmt it shefl Will I-'Or be ro11N9111lmI-rc-Il Ivy Ihose Wat it lerl. h 9 Page Ninety-two 'IT I I I I I I I I I I V 2? E' il x E X, fi r Sl, k 1 I! R Q z Page Ninety-three KATHRYN HANK PEARL HEINKE Chairman of Magazine Committee Visitor of Home for Incurables Friend of Mine CSecond' Awardj DOROTHY BARR I know to whom I may iniparf The swelling of my heart And all the troubles ol' my mind, Oli, friend of mine! You share my joy, you share my grief, My doubt, my wonder. my belief: Great happiness you help me find, Oh, friend of mine! Friends CLARA STANGER Did you over feel the loss of a friend, One that you once hold dear? The one you thought would in-vor send You away from his heart so near? 'Tis a bitter pang that stubs the breast, And banishes away all vlieerg 'Tis a pang that differs from the rest, When you've lost a friend olive dear Page Ninety-four V.,,W ?f5n5Yf?' QQ MMIII!! WJ, Q f S 0 4 fl---,. ,iifiiffsll-11 1+r11:A ff" mf' QA-Y '- ' ww' -M--V " - 'T M, -..4i?-, Page N tyfi Y or- 1.fA 1 rg? I i 'EJ it t A 1- -1 T IH " IO i :R QN .T to JN th tTi E I I 1 1 4 I E i i 1 The Boys' Club 'l'hc Boys' Vinh tltblllllllllvl' 1-onsists ofthe Your class princil als: Mr. U. l". Uni- baugh, Nlr. H. li. Smith, Mr. J. li. Stl'llill'llS,i1lHi Mr. J. I". Zllllllll'I'lllilIl. This coni- lniltec has i11 its hands the respoiisihilitv ol' the hoys ol' 'l'ho1'nto11 rll4lWllSlllll lliglh Scliool and works togetlicr to nlake the Boys' Ulnh a greater organixatioii. Klr. 0. I". llinhangli. the eliairman of the Boys' Uluh coiiiiiiittec, is hm-ld di- rectly 1-4-spoilsihle for the spirit of all the boys and is the i'lI't'Sll!llilll boys' advisor. The Boys' Ulnh owes nnich oi' its growth to Mr. Uinlrangh because of his interested eflorts to make this a higger and better Boys, Ulnh. llc holds regular semi-monthly FI'l'Slllll2lll group meetings in which he meets all of the -Freshman boys and gives the111 instructions in discipline, loyalty, and clean living. Mr. ll. ll. Smith, principal of the Ulass of 1928, has taken charge of the cn- tertainment and assembly programs in the past year. When the question of a Boys' Cluh stag was brought up, Mr. Smith volunteered to assume responsibility and to arrange the prograin. Mr. J. B. Stephens, principal of the Class of 1927, has managed our plays and had charge of tl1e refreshment committees. At the hegiiiiiing of the school year he consented to manage the plays given by the Boys' and Girls' Clubs and the Boys, Club. Ile has always worked hard for the Boys, Club and due to his management the play "Duley" and the Cotter-Miller Players were financially successful. Mr. J. F. Zimmerman, principal of the Senior class of 1926, has helped in every activity of the Boys' Club and spent much of his time working among the Senior boys. lle helped the Senior boys arrange their programs so that they Would have the required college units, helped them out of their personal trouble, and helped them select the colleges which Were suited for their professions or training. Page Ninety-six STUDENT BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF BOYS' CLUB Jnlinn Vincent Robe-rt Stephens Emlwaril Holmes Jean Fontaine Joseph Brumley Robert Mnnville Herbert Greiner Eugene Blllitxl' Emil Minx Austin White Student Board of Directors ln :ii-1-iii'il:iiiw with lln- 1-oiisliliilimi ul ilu- liiiys Flnli, lll'llIIill'.Y l'll'l'llllli5 lm' Y i Y 1 tin- l-1-:ilwl 1-I' lliiw-1-toi's iwiw- In-lil 5l'llll'Illlll'l' lli, 1925. l'ln- N-niors llllllllllillilll nini-: llii- .lnniois 4-ight: Solwlioiiii-ws llm-1-1 :niil thi- l"l'i--1l11in-ii l'mn'. On Svlilvlii- lui-1' 72l ilu- linail i-li-vlioiis wi-l'v ln-lil. ilu- llmiiwl ol' llll'l't'llll'S lll'lIlQ'lll2l1ll' nl- ol' lliv l'ulloii'illg'? Sl'lllllI'S. lla-Vlu-rt liI'l'lIli'l'. Ili-In-it xl2lllYllll'. .li-:in lslllllillllt' Illlll l'Iilw:1i'4l V . , . . . , . llolim-sg ,liiiiimx l'.lllIl Nlinx. .Xnslin lllnti- zinil .lov lil'lllllll"Y1 Sulilmiiini-i-s. llnln- erl S11-xi-ns :mil l':llgl'lll' llzilu-V: l'lI'l'SlllllilIl. .liilinn Yini-1-nt. 'l'ln- iirsl lin-i-Iiiig' ol' Iln- liH2lI'1l ol' llll'l'l'lHl'S wus lu-lil Sl'llll'llllll'l' '35 :mil ilu- l1OllUll'lllQ,1'4llllt'l'l'S in-l'v i-li-1-lvil: lli-i'lu-i't iiI'l'llil'l'. lll'l'Sl1l1'lll1 .XllSll!I Wliili-. si-i-mill vim- Im-sill:-lil: lfliigi-iw llnlwr. si-1-l'i-Izlijv. Un Sm-fill-iiilmi-1' '28 llii- lil' 1-li-i-limi lor lirsl' vim- plw-sinh-lil :iiirl in-zisiiii-i'ii':1s lll'UlQl'Il with llii- 1-li-i-limi ul' llniil Nlinx. lirsl vice lm-sill--iii. :inil llolii-1-I Nlzinvilli-. li-1-::siii'i-i'. llii- lloailwl ul llll'Ul'llll'S nn-l In-ini:-iillx' lo siigw-sl rinil ilisi-nss 'mins lui' :in 1ll'llXl',X'1'Ill'. .Xli Ilii-ii' ill-1-isiuiis in-i'v lulsss-il lllillll ln' llii- lluys' Vlnli miiiiliilli-1-:ilnl ills-il lllit l'1'l'ill't' Ilii- ivlioli- lliws' Vlnlu. .Xl llii- lirst ini-i-linux' il wzis :li-1-iili-il lo ISSIII' :ili:1iiiIImulQ final lialic-:ln i-ii-ning' p1'ugi':1i11. lll!I'lIl2 lllv wi-Q-li 1llAiil1'llllN'l' 5 lli'l'l i'l'l iiI'l'llll'l' !'l'uilI Uil alll llll' l"l'i'slllilsll: llills :lu-oi'1lilllLilutlii-ii'si1lil-x'pri-l'i-vils,-solliail it xwiilil lil- Iinssilili- to liolil l"1'c-slinizln QVUIID , 1111-1-lilies llIllll'l' thi- siini-iwisioii ul NIV. l nilmiigli. 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Service and Ideals of the Boys' Club 111111' 1i1's1 211111 lllillll 11111'1111s11 111' 11111 1111l1's' 1111111 is 111 11111i11111i11 1111' high 141211111- ing' i11 1-111111111-1 111111 s1-11111111's11i11 11'hi1'h '111l1ll'lll11ll '1'1111'11shi11 lligh S1-1111111 111111' 1-11- j111's 1111111110' 11111 1111s1 high Sl'11llO1S i11 111i1111is. B1 111'1-11111-1110 1111- 1111i1,1' 11'SS011S i11 1111-il' 1111111's1-s 111' s11111.1' 1111- 1111.1's 111'1- 111-111i11g' 111 11111111111 1-111' 1'1-1111111111111 111' 111is 11111311 S1-1111111. 111'. 1'1ll112lll11'1l. i11 11is 1'1l'1'S1l1l12lll Q'I'0l11T 11l0t'11IlQ'S. 11-11s 1111' 11111's 11111113 1111- 111-st 1111112 1111-11' l'2lIl 1111 lllll' '1'11111'1111111 is 111 1lI'1'1l1l1'1' 1111-i1' 1111ilA1' 11ssig11111111l1s 111111 111 11121110 15111111 fIl'2l110S. 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I Page One Hullllrull Six fl M4 v 1 Captain Tomsheck Review of the Football Season Ilul llrsl :luv nl p1':u'tu4v IHIIIIII el-wil ol lust wars Il-Ill-r uulu :uul nluvul llfly cllululzllvs mul lor l7I'2l4'II4'1', IYEIVIIIIIII zllul Ill-zlglv wen- SUUII litlwl mlo lluwr olml IIUSIIIUIIS. wlull- .XIl11'fwl1t. IIIIIUIIEI. Gross. Iluslzul mul Ilugluxs Iillwl up Ilul x':u':1u- muw l'muAl1 Inlllmgs I'I'IIII'Il0lI In Izllu- vllalrfm- oi llul srluaul. 1111 'I'.I1 y Q 1- sm-:mall vlulwl with IIUIII' x'ivtol'u-s, Iwo lies mul mu- Ill-l'v:lI. IIl0l'llIUll mulwl 111 sl-vmul llul m mllxl I z 1- ' ".SlllIl Ii. NIV. Ililling' slu-I-vm-Ill-ll III: Zilmlu-rmzlu as I':u-ulty YT nzlgl-r, wllilv Ilorzul- Ilolmvs :uul IIIVIIUSI Burg wwl- SIIIIIUIII lll2lll2lg'l'I'S. Ilue- nrt palrllxu-nl mzulv lurstvrs Illlll ilu' Iloys' Illlll Girls' Vlulns, on Iwo IIIIIIIIII' HITEIFIHIIS ful tlu NIIIXIIIIII lun Iult llo uul mlllm 'I'ul xp llu QIIIIIIX flu Xllmlslu X Otll I I .' I lr Q52 ' 'l. 'Z I' I. . ".SS"2' ll -"'1x'v- Ilu- Il'2lIll il ll-ml. alt wllu-I1 lluu- Ilmil Ilinv wzlf vlmwlvfl 1-21 IIZIIII for 1926. r-' .,,,. . . I x .. , I I xx... I 1 Lp I I I I IIIIIP Ilolzxrx' Vlull mul IIIl2IIllIl1'l'llI I'ol11l1u-11-v also gave llul IUPIIII Ilmls. NIV. :uul KITS. Iluvl uulul Ilu N11 ollvllll llull Illllllllll IH Il lt Ilu ll lumu 'Q IPS SUBURBAN LEAGUE STANDING OF DIVISION "B" Won. Imsl. 'I'iwl. Ilrl, Ill-l'l'IIOI1I .. . I ll ll 'I'Iun'11lo11 .. . '2 I I Illlurlll ..... '2 '3 ll Im IIVIIIIQI' .... . I 3 I Iliwrsimlo .. . ll I ll l.llIlll .I 50 .5llll 'ITIS .llllll Page One Humlreml Seven L1 I I I I l I IIHIIII li ' " il IHS? IO IPI EENI QITH I lOl Ill IT 'El ls 4? l li l ll 'v ll l ll I: l I I V ll il ll Ili Ill Ili il ll :El ll in ll l. l I fl I l. lx l ll I1 11 D110 ,T H O1 1R1 N T O N 1 T E 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 Minx , . . 1 F F' Beagle '1'11U11N'1'11X ll--1"1-111-'1-1' ll ,- 1'l'Il"'1'l' 111-111 111 1 1111-11,311 11'11s 1111- 11111 11-11111 141 111- 1111.1'1'11. 11 11'11s 1111-1 21 111'111-111-1- . ,, . 1 .. 1 Qilllll' 211111 1'11111'111111111'1111 11111111111' 11 11111. 1111-1'1- 11'1-1'1- 11lIlll1'1'l1llF 111-11111111-s 1111' 1111f1111-. 111111 1'11111l1Ii11g 1111s il 1-111111111111 1l1'1'1ll'1'l'111'1'. ,X11 I1111'Yl'1'S 211111 s111:s1111111-s 1-1-1-1-11'1-11 11 1-111111111-111 111111' 111 111114 Q'11l1l1'. '1'11111s1101'1i 11111111- 1111- 111's1 111111-1111111111 211111 1':11pf2lI' 111111011 . , . 1111- g11111. '1'111- s1-1-111111 111111-1111111111 1111s 11111111- 111' N1111x 211111 1'.11Q'2II' 1111111-11 t11l' 11111111. 1 1 I111-S1-1-11111111-111111111-111 111 211111 11'1-1'1- 111-111 F1'1II'1'14'SS 11111-111.21 1111- Sl'l'1l1111 111111111-1'. '1'1l1' F' 1'1-1-'111111's 111-111 Ill 111 1111- 111-g'11111111g 111' 1111- 1111111 1lllill'1l'1'. 1'1112'ill' S1'111'l'11 11111 111'Xf 111111-11111111'11111111 1111-111-111511111. 11lIQ111'S 111111111 1111- I'1111,r111111111-1111111111111111 11111111111 1111111-11 1114 111111'111 1-x11'11 11111111. '1'111- S1-11111111 11-11111 11'11s 11lSl'l'1l'l1 1111511111 211111 111111g'1- 11111111- 11111 111111-11111111'11s111111 1111111-11 1111 1-x11'11 11111111. '1'111111N'l'11X OW-1Y.X1'1i11I1i.XN 11 .X11111111g11 111-11111-1' 11-11111 S1-111'1-11. 1111s 1111s 11111- 111' 1111- 111-s1 3111111-s 111' 1111- f'l'1l1'. , . 1 5113112111 111111111111 1111s 11s1-11 1111'1111g111111t. xXv2l111fUQ'2111 F12l1'1l'1,1 s11'1111Q'. 11111 5111311 11'1-11k- 1-111-11. 11111111 1'111!11I' 1111s 1Il.1ll'l'11 111111 111111 111 111- 1-1-1111111-11. 1i1'l1LI'1'I' 1112lY1'l1 11 5111111 ng, ' " Vi. '1-553:31 Warning Edgar Page One Hun:1re11 Eight Czirney Gross gilllllx RIS 11111 x11llX 211111 '1'11111s1101'1c, 1111- 12l11'l'I' 1l12ly1l1g' w1111 1111 111.1lll'1'f1 S1l1Jl1111Cl'. At 1110 1121111 1110 111111 was 111 111111110111 w1111 111'111111's 111101113 01'011. 111 1110 s01-111111 112111, W1111k0g1111 ill1Y2l111l"1'i1 1,0 1110 1WL'1V0-121111 11110, 1ll1t 11111011 to s1'111'0 by Illl 11111-1111111111 pass. '111101'llt11I1 111011 1112111311011 111 xV111lI1iOg1'1lI1.S 01g11t-y111'11 11110. 11011gc 1l11I'01y 111185011 1111 3110111111011 111'011-kick. A1101 111211, 110111101 1011111 1111'O11t0ne11 111111 11111 Q111110 01111011 1111 xVIl111i1'22lI1,S 1'111'ty-y11r11 11110. T110 11111111 11111110 its 111'St ap- 110a1'111100. T,I1011N'1'ON 7-NEW '1'111E11 6 N011 '1'1'11-1' was 1110 S00111111 111v1s11111 'SV' 1021111 111 110 11111.1'011. '1'111-y wvre out il1'1'O1' 'l'11111'1111111's s011111 11CC?1I1SC 111' 1110 111'ov11111s ye:11"s 11111'0:11. T110 s0111'c shows 110W 110111'1y 1110.1 s111'1100111-11. lt s0o111011 as if 1111 the playvrs gut 111111, 111111 those 11G121Q'Ctt11lg 111111 11111 11111. 1115111 11111'11 011o11g'11. N011' '1'1'1011 211111011 111's1 111 1110 first 1 1l21I'tl1l' 11 3.10110 V 1 Q . 1 Y . pass ovcr 12f1g'21l' s 110n11. T110 g111110 s1-0-S11w011 11111111 111111 1'111'111 W1111 Minx f111'1l1511111g 'l'11111'1111111 rooters 111111 illl 1101-11s11111111 1111111 by getting 111030. '1'11111s1100k 11111110 1110 111111'111111w11 after 11 '! x Overtoom Albrecht HUg119S -,...- A 4 - - " - Page One Hundred Nine 1 'N 1-11 11-11 1.1: O1 N1 151 4, ,,,1. ,L is 115' i 1 111 11' il 13 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 111 ,1 If 11 1 1 ,, 11 I1Q I:- 11, '11 1 1 11 11 1 1 11 11? O M lm ri 'Us Q. 'I , 'JY' K .Xl Hostaul Porte-1' 1121111 1111111 111 21-1. 111-111' 1111- 1111111 1i11e' 1'l111r111'1111-111-11 1111- 1-11111. 111 1111- s1-1-111111 111111 Now 1' P' .3 1 FN T1'ie1'11111-1111-111-11 111111- 211111 11g11i11, but '1'11111'1111111 1-1-111111111-11 111-111 111 s111'11 1i1111's. Quite Il few S111-1-1:11111's N1'1'1'1'211.11ll'g'2l1l10,1Y1111'11X1'21S1i12ly1'l1 111 11'i11111-11111. 1 '1'I11l11Y'1'0X NAIA 1I11.XN111C 11 I 1 1 '1'111,- 111's1 Hl11l1ll'112lll 1,1-112110 g111111- was 1111111-11 111 '1'11111'1111111 1l,Ll'i1ll1S1 1.11 11l'1ll1g,f1. , N1-i11101' 11-11111 s1'111'1,-11. 1111.1'1ii11g 1111- 1111.111:11 11111-11 1101'1'SSEl1'y 11':1s 1111- 111111' 1'1-:1S1111 1'11111'11- 11111 111111-11. 'l'11is 1111s 13111- 111's1 111' 1111- 1'1l11I' 1111111111' 15111111-s. .Xs 21 ra-s1111 1111111111-s 111111 11-1-11k 11111's 11'1-1'1- i11 l'Y1111'11l'l'. -1111111 1'111f'2lT 1111'1-11' 11 111ss 11'11111- 1111111 1111 11112 11111111111 .1 I 3' ' A . 1 1 111111 E1'1'111 111'11ss 4'2l111I111 11. H1-. 11111, was s111l11g 1111 1111- Ql'l1l11l11. I11-11g11- 1111111111-11 11 1111111 11111 1111111:1g'1-11 111 1111111 11 11111 01'111111Q'111' 11f-1111'1- 11 1111 1111- g1'11111111. 1'111Q1ll" 1'21Il 1111- 11i1'k1111' 11111-k 111 1111? 1111111110 111' 1.110 111-111. '111llD1'Il111Il 111111 1119 111111 1111 11 1 11111 11111 111 1111 '-1-111111 11-111, 11111 N111lY 11'-14 111'11'111y1'11 11111-1-11 1'z11'11s f111' 11-r 0111--.'1 ' - -51 1 , . , 1. A 1 . N 1111111111-nf. 1'111i1'Ell'.S 111-11 11111-11 was 11'i111-. 111- 111111111 111111111-1' was 1.1111s111' 21 17213311111 - . . I 2 game 11'1111 1-111-11 1l"X'1llgI 11111111 111 s1-111-1-. '1'111- 11111111 111111 1111- 111-11' 1'1101'1' 11-11111111 11111111- flliywg i1111-1-1-s1.i11g' 1l11'11111g1111111 1111- g:11111-, '1'111- 1-1-11ss-1-111111111 s11111111s 111 1111- 11111 sc-11o111s I' 1 1 110111 11 1111111 1111-1-1 111-I'111'1- 1111- g111111-. 1111 Gr1111g'1- 111111. '1'1-1-1111- 11111s111-11 111ir11 111111 1.1111g1'i11g10 1'1llII'111. Young Adams Page One Hu11111'e11 T1-11 1 f Kruger Rinella . T1l11l1N'lY1N 0--111C1+Il11"11121.11 13 T11orntoi1's title hopes in the S11lJl11'l12ll1 lK"2lQl1U were wreeked when they met Deerfield lligh nt 111!Lf11l2l1111 l'z1rk. The reason 1'or the showing: would he merely a111l1Il.,7 Thornton 1'oug.f1it. hut ol' no avail. for the lield was 4-overed with water. The fair-seeing lieertield hours were equippeal with mud elents with whieh they rsui circles around our line 111011 Slilllillllg' in the mire. The il1l1llI'11l1111 hzieklield being so light, Could not keep on their 1'eet. The first halt' ended in El seoreless deadlock. The sei-ond hull' soon found Deerfield with :1 touehdown. The try for goal failed. lt wus at. this point that Thornton ezime their nearest to the oppoiieutfs goal, which was 35 yards away. Tll0l'll1'0l1 lost the hall on the next play. and soon after. Deerfield Slll1.ll'1I1l'1l over l'or miotlier touehdown. The point sitter lUl1C'l1f-l0Wll Went wide. lt was lleerlic-1d's third Sulmrlmn 1.engue vit-tory in as imniy games. Thorn- ton was next to Inst alter' this game. TIIORNTON 0-111Y1C1tS1l11fI 0 Thoriitou lll'lil'2lll't.l lliverside G to 0 in what looked more like :L uzlvall battle than 11. footlmll gnnie. The pools of water on the field 1'uri1ished thrills for the spec- tators zuid 1-hills tor the players. The hall was almost too slippeijv to hzmdle. Four niillutes utter the lirst whistle had hlowli, l1linx enrried it over: lidgzir missed the kiek. 'lll1OI'lll11ll had :xequired mud elents lor this gmne, hut so had Riverside. There were iinmerous fimihles. llirerside plziyetl il line game in the second 111111. lighting with their lmeks to the wall. .X eold drizzle fell throughout the game. The liiml whistle wus welcomed by both sides. The Boys' :uid Girls' Ululis gave the two tennis hot dogs mid co11'ee. Thornton rose to third plaiee in the league. TIIOIINTON ti-141.01111 3 The sen-ii-'x'e:ii' jiiix was liually broken in the liloom-'l'11oriiton aumiml su- preirmelv eoiitest held :it llllliilgtl lleights. Minx 1'ur11ished the hig' thrill with his dash 2ll'Ul11ll1 le1't end. ,X11o1lt3.000or more people zitteuded l11l1'Qfi1ll1P. 1llllU1'1ll11ll1 reeeived the toss and ehose to reeeive. Miiix returned it to the 35- yard line. Bloom took the hall in the c-enter ol' the 1ie1d. Neither haekfield could gain tlirougli the qimrter. Thoriiton found tliemselves on the 20-yard line. Tomsheek wzls enlled 1'or holding. and peimlixeel 15 yzmls. llloom rushed 11enf:le's ...H .., .., , , in .... , .b -....., ,,- -. , . , -- .. - , ........... ..,....... Page One Hundred Eleven i 1 1 1 1 1 1 31-1 L01 1 1 111-Q11 IN! iT 101 1Nt 1'1 Ti 1E 1 ' r 1 ,A 11 It 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 14 15 1 1111111 1111111111111s1'1111g1111111 1111- 2171-41'111'11 11111.-. 1111X111'1Il1l11'11 11111-11 1111' 21 kick 1'1'11111 111111-12- lll1'1111Z11'11'1'1111111111-YS111111 1'2l111'11. 11-110112111 s11111-11 ll1l'1' 1'111'1111'1'1' 1I111111S. 1111111111 11'11111 x1'1111. 1'11I' 11 111114 11l1' s111111- 5111111111111 215 111 11l1' 11l'1'1l1l1IS .1'1-:11'. 11l1' 111111111-1' 1'1l111'11 1111111111 31, 'l'11111'1111111 11. 111 1111' S1-11111111 1Ill2I1'11'1'. 11111111115 111-11-11s1- QEIX1' WZI1' 111 s11111f. 111111 111111'1111111 11:15 5111111 1111 1111- fJf1-1'111'11 111I1'. '1'111-1' 1f111111'11 S Y211'11S11112l11'1'11Qf1'. 111lQ111'S 1111111-11 .N1111'111'111 11111-11 1.111'i1 1111ss. .111I11111l1'111-1111-11 11 1111-1' 1111- 11I11'. 11111 11 11'11s 1111111111111-11-. 1111111111111111i 1111111111-'211-1-111-1111111-.111111s111111111111 11-11111111I11fl11g'1'1'. N1-111' 1111' 1'111S1x111' 1l11'1l11111'11'1 1111' 111'1-11'111'11s f1:11'11-11. 111-:1g11- 11111-1'111-1111-11 I1 1111ss 1111 1111' 3111-.1'111'11 111l1'. '1'11111N111-1-11 x11IlX 111111 1':11gilI' 111:1111- :1 I11's1 111111'11. .X 11'1-11g'1- g111111'11 .'1I1'111'11s. 511111 1111111 1121X1' 1111111111 Y 1111' :111 1-1111 1'1111. 511111 1111111 1111' 111111 1111 1115 11151'1l'11' 1'1I11 1'1111. 11II1'11.Y1ll11' 1111111111 1111111-1's 111I'11S1 1111-111s1-111s 111 111111 1111141 111 111' 1'-111111-11, 111- 1'il11 11111111 11111' F1111'111,1111 111-111 11111l1'111111'1'. 11111 11 11'11s 1lX'1'1'. 1'111Q1'1l1'll11S41'11 1111111'I1'111,11-1'1111'111l11'1111f111'11. 111111 1Il11l1'11'l'1'1l111'11, '1'11111'1111111 11, 1111111111 21, 111111' 1111111 1I11'11'11'1' 1111111111 '1'11111-1111111 11-1-111-1111-' -11111 1111111111 11-114111-1 '111111 1l11111'111 1 F. r,.1 1,1 -1 1ll1211'11'1' 11':1s 1111'1ll11S1T1'X1'1111I11'1l1l 1111- Q211111'. 11111 xY2ll'11111.iI 1-1'1-11 1'01'Q'f1t 111 grin 11111111 S11'11PP11 1111. '1'1111111' 11111-1'111-1111-11 21 112155. 111111 l'ilI1 11111-11 13 f'2l1'119. 11111K gr1111111-11 11111 1'1'11111 1111? Sky. 111111- 1111g.f'111xS 1111111 111111' 11111 11'11111'- 11111 1'1-1111'01- 11111511011 11110 1111111 1.I'11l11 111s11111S11S. 1114 11111 1111111 1111151111 1111'1V, 111-11111111 11':1F 1'1'111115lNl1. 1111111111 wg: 1'gmrI111Q111-11 11nd S111'111'. .X 11211111'111'Q11111ll1 s111'1-1111 11'111' 1111111111. V1'1ll' 11111111 111111 2111111111 711111 s111111'-111s 1111111 21 111-11 1111-1-11112 111'11l11'1" 11111 Q'2'1l1111. 511' 11111111' 111. Dfl111111 1111111111111 111'111111ss1-S 1'111' 11I1' 11111111. V11-1111--1'111'1-1' 1111111111 1111-11111 S1'1'111111111111'1' 111 11111 11-113111-. Page 0111! Hun11rc11 Twc-Ive FOOTBALL SQUAD Schultz Herbert Gallatti Beck Townsend White Kruger Allen Holmes, mgr. Russell Overtoom Porter Warning Carney Gross Beagle Adams Faden Berg, mgr. Kaur Hughes Minx Tomsheck Edgar Hodge Daly Hostad Young Rinella Albrecht Boland FOOTBALL LETTER-MEN 1925 William Tomsheck Dave Hughes Emil Minx Ervin Gross John Edgar Ellsworth Beagle Joe Porter William Warning Clarence Overtoom John Albrecht Ben Rinella Edward Carney John Hodge Claude Boland Edward Herbert Aitken Young Verne Russell Edward Adams Fred Hostad Harold Beck Harold Dickinson Fred Kruger Ernest Berg Horace Holmes Frank Daly Page One Hundred Thirteen i T Ii A ,lin A in gi? ,rg .fi David Hughes Alex Kerr Captain Heavy Weights Captain Light Weights The Basket-Ball Season 'Vile will lor il2l5lil'l'llilli vziinliilaitvs was Zlll5Wt'l'l'll ln' swine sixty pi'nspet'ts. AIIIOIILY tlwsi- were il good ninnlwi' ol' last Veark I1-Hel' nn-n. llilIlll'lX'I lliuflivs Kerr, l ' l '. 1 . . I t . 7 llodgv, MIIIX, 'I ownsend. and Gross. in-ing lell ot the l1g'litwelg'l1ts, while lilgill' was the onlv I't'lll2lilllll"' llU2lYYWl'ii"llt. The vozivli, limn-wi'. stmiiflitem-il lliinffs . F' . 3 2' H out lay putting' llllQ'll1SElllll Gross on the lll'2lYl4'S. 'I his shili not llllij'StI'1'll.U'tll0IlC!l the lll'2lY.l'Wl'lQlli sqnml, hut also left plenty ol' good iiizitvrinl for the lighlweiglits. 'l'ln- lim-:1x'x'w'4-ig'l1ls Wl'l't' led iw llilllfillll llnghes. who. Imirval with l'lllQ'2lI' as a 1'l1in1ing11nitv, held down the l'01'W2ll'tl positions. Young' plzlyi-Ll the pivot posi- tion. Gross and illlllllSlll'l'ii were the fT1lit1'4-iF and .h1l2llllS ' ,I Ilall were used when . 2 SlliDSlll'lIll'S wi-re in-mlvml. P1 ilillltillll Kerr led the lightweigllts. He was paired with lievk as a forwardg llodge jumped i-enter, while Townsend played standing guzird. :ind Nlinx took Care of the other gnaril position. Reid and Faden filled in. BASKETBALL LETTER-MEN 1 926 Davg Hughgs Willianl Beck John Edgar Alex KEN' Aitken Young: 1101111 Hodge William Tolnsheck Emil Mimi Ervin Gross John Townsend Edgar Hall Robert Faden Edward Adams Joe Porter, Mgr. Page One Hundred Fourteen DISTRICT CHAMPIONS Adams Gross Porter, Mgr. Hodge Kerr Hall Minx Hughes Young' Edgar Tomsheck li.XNli.Xlil'Il'I lJlS'l'ltll"I' 'l'tJI'ltX.Ull'IX'l' Slim' ISIIT wlivn 'l'lidrntmm won the distrim-t title :it .lulii-t. lm-rims l'4'llI'I'SOIllIIlg' the st-liool linw guilt- to the tuuiwiliiviits with the liuiw ul' nipping the title 01100 more. But yn-ai' filter 'YURII' tlim-y were lwnti-11 in thi- niwiiiiig ruumls nl' the im-vt. 'l'his QYUEII' 'l'l1m'i1tun was sunt to the liziiikailwv distrit-I lHllI'Ilt'-Y hy tho mmlnit- tu- in I-liairge ul thc- svliwllillmf. .X nunilwr ul good I-:mis were I-xi 1-1-I 'Il this '- t t i l I tom noy, invluding the llwllmviiigt lizililmlwe, lfissim Park, Waitsi-lui, :md our old rival. , l ll llll It I llllllll in mop tht llllt t Iilouiu l12lYlllt.t'. au-wi-tling to ill rx, - vs. ' a -is ' ' ' X. 'l'lmi'non. lM'1'2llISl'Ul' the mor sliowing' inzide cluriiiff the I'O2'Illtll' SWISUII, was hsirdlv 1-misiilvred 1 P' 1 with the title. I 'I'll0IlN'l'0N ISI-ONAIIILX I5 I as l'Il2'lI1IlIIUllSlIIlI vlzissz hut in spite ul' this tnvt. upset the dupe :ind pulled through IIIIIOTIIIUIIQS first vivtim was Omirga, who fell hy the wayside lil to 15. Tliornton ayed ai. ,ond mlc-t'v1i.'ix'e 0211119 ol' lmsket lmzilI and llIEIIltl0'UtI to hold the load tirougi- pl ff s ,, ,., I l I out the entire gnnie: 2lIl,lI0llj.flI in the Inst quarter Onargzi tried hard to wreslz the lead from Tlioriitoifs grasp. TIIOIINTUN Il-SIIICLIJUX IO ln the sei-mul rgnlisl 'l'lim'1itm1 niet Slit-ldnn, who had lu-:itvn Waifselczi in the proliiiiimiijv round hy one point. :ind IHIIIIIOII her :in II to Ill mlellwit. The tirst half ended with lioth IUEIIIIIS liziving S puints, lint in the swoinl hall. wliit-li was a lot: closer, 'Illl0l'llI,lllI peiivtiwitc-il Slim-lilmfs defense lm' ai lniskvt :ind ai free tlimwg while all. Slieldnn wulml do was svure One lmsliet. Page One Hundred Fifteen 1 II 12-1 1111 H1 0 R1 INK! TI1 0, I' N15 11 -1-1 E, "T -X I 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 11 -1 1 1,11 1 "" fl'l11I11N'l'ON 511- S'1'1111K1..XXl1l1 111 1111- S1'llII-1lll2l1S '1'11111'1111111 1111-t St111'1f11l111-1, 111111 112111 11'1IllIIll'l1 111'-1' 1l1'St 111111 F1'1'1l11l1-l'HllIl1V1 11111111111-111s 111' 1l1-1:1s11'1- s1-ores 111111 11'11s 11111112 1111-111-11 115 1111' 111011111110 1'1111l111111I1l.1l1l11511111 111-1' 1-11111111111111s11111 1111111-s 111'111g' 111' 11111111111s11-1'111Q' il 51111111111'1111- lnng. 1u1'1-1',1' 11111- 1111 1111' S11111111 2111 111 111111' 111 111134 gilllll' 211111 1-111-11 1l1ilf'1'I' s1"111'1-11 111 11-11s1 111.11 11111111s. 'I'lI11l1N'1'ON 111-1'ISSX1Xl'.X111i 111 1 1551111 1l2lI'1x. 111111 111111 111-1111-11 1111111111111-0 '32 111 Ili 111 11111 s1-1111-I111111f. 11'11s 'l'11111'11- 11111.14 f1111111I11'111 111 1111'1111211I'11ll11112lIl112l1.1L'I'1lQG1lll1' f11l11121l1f'1111'1115 'l'11111'11111n 1111111-11 1111111111111 1111 1110 1111121111111 111111 111 111 111 S1'11l'1'. 1111111 11-znns 11'1-1'1- 2ll'1If1S 111 1111' 11111-11- f111- 2lII11 111-11-11s111- 111-11111-111-s 111 1111- s11111'1 211111 11 1111s 21 11111'11 211111 111 1111' 111 1111-11 1111- XVIII- 111'l'. 2l111llIllQ'1l 111581121 l'111'11 11'11s 1111-1 1111'111'i11-. 111551111 1,2l1'1i 1111111 11111 11-1111 111 1110 01111 111. 1111- 111's1 1121111 1111' 11111 1-111s1- S1-111'1- 111. 11111-I: 11111 111 1111- 11111-11 111111111-1' 111591121 1,2ll'1i 1'I'2ll'1il'11illI11 '1'11111'n1111111111111111-11 1111-11-1111, 11'1111-11 s111- 111-111 1111 1111' 1111211 11'111s111'. 111111' l11g'1l11 111' 1111- 1111111 Q111111-s 111'11 1111-111s111'11-1' 1l'2ll11S 11'1-1'1- 111l'1il'11 111111 1111 1111-sv '111lf1l'l11111l 112111 1111-111111111-111' 11121111112 1111'1-1- 1111-11. 11llQ1ll'S, 111-1-1111s1-111'111s 1-11111111-ss 111111 g'111111 Q'1'IIl'l'El1S11111. 11'11s 11111111- 1'111'11'111'11 111111 1-1111111111 111' 1111- 111's1 11-11111: I'I1lg111'. 11'1111s1- S111-1-11 211111 112lS1i1'1 1--1'1- 111-111-11 il 1111111111-1' 111' 111111111 111-1-111-11 lI1l1Il15. 1111s lllil411' il f111'11'111'11 1111 1111' S1-1-111111 11'2l1ll. 211111 Y1111111r's s11111'1s1111111s11111 111111 11-1111111'111'k 11-1111 1l1lll 11 111111-11 115 g'11111'11 1111 1-111' S1'1'1Illl1, 11-11111. '1111l' 1'i1-111111' 1111 1iillI1i211il'0 1-1111-1-1-11 'l'11111-1111111 111 1111- S1'1'1111Il211 1llll1'1l1'f' 1ll'111 111, .111111-1 1111- 1'11111111'111g 11'1-1-11. 111'l'l' 1111- 11'1111111rs111'1-11-1'1-n 11is11'11-1 111111111-11's 1111-11 111 111'- 1-i111- 111111 111111111 1'1-111-1-s1-1111 1111' Hl'1'111III 111 1111- S11111- 1111-1-1 1ll'111 111 111I2lIll1l2l11f1l' 1111- next 11'1-011-1-1111. .'I0l1lI'1'l' Sl'I1"1'10Y.X11 'l'1lI'11X1.XNI1CN'l' 111111' 1'11-111111' 111, 1i1111111111c1- 1-11111-1'1-11 'l'1101'1111111 111 1111- sc-1-111111111 1l1lll'llO.V 111-111 111 .111111-1.. 111-1'1- 1111- 11'111111-rs 111' 1-11-1'1-11 111S1I'11'1110ll1'Il1'j'S 1111-1 111 111-1-11111 111111 111011111 1'1-11- 1-1-s1-111 1111s S1'l'1111ll 1111 the state i11 the state 1111-1-1 111111 11'11s 110111 111' 111l2l!ll112l1gll 11111 '1'11111111'111g WC1-11. '1'l1OI1NTON 730-H1N1'Kl11CY 22 ',l'11111'1111111 1111-1, 11111111411--V, 111111 111111 111111 27 out of 7251 gfllllos 1111111-11 t11111 y1-111', 211111 11'11s 111111111-11 IL 273 111 730 setback. The 131111113 was 1-111s1-, 11111: 111111-1111-1' 11-11 1n11st 01' the 111111-, 21111IOllg11 '1'11111'n11111 1111111111311-11 to grab YL 11111- point 101111 111 11111 last 1111111111-s of 11111y 111111' 111 l11s0 111111 11-11.11 1111111 the 11211110 111 11112 111913 lll1l1ll12C. '111l4ll'lltl111 011111111311-11 111111-1111-1' i11 the 111s11 112111, 111111 W110I'l 11: Came to 111F11i1ll1.f 1I11S1iC1S '1'1111r1111111 was 1JO0I', 11'11i11- 111111-1111-y 111-1111 1111 11I'll11111llQ' 1111-111 111 11'111-111'-11-1' 1111-1' 15111 1-11193 1'Il0UQ11 to HI011' 1111Sk1-1 111 S111101 211111. P11g1- One Hun111'c1l Sixtecn Pity 1 Sid HEAVY WEIGHT BASKETBALL TEAM Edgar Hall John Edgar Louis Hansen Frank Murray Aitken Young David Hughes William Tomsheck Ervin Gross The llvzixyxwigllts lllil.Yl'ti through al iiimliowo 50215011 winning live and los- lllg eight ,funn-s. Two of the wins were ohiniln-d in the pr:1vtii-i- gzuni-s. 112111111101 Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton rw ' ' - rw ind lilllllllilll lr-1-h lacing thi- Yll'lllllS. lin- otln-r lim-v wins wi-rv x'n'torn's owl' D lsilllli lmcl ide md lllomn Iwlllgl The Yll'illllS. Jllfililll lwilgllt' ti-mils: Blur sz . ' 'vs' -, z SUMMARY 14 Hyde Park .. .. .. 21 Morgan Park 14 Waukegan ll Riverside 19 Calumet City 23 Pullman Tech 16 U. High 40 Blue Island 21 Bloom 10 U. High 20 Waukegan 21 Riverside 17 Bloom 24 26 26 24 18 10 34 19 15 25 21 15 21 4' Page One Hundred Seventeen you n T1 H1 OI N T O I N I T E I 'IGHT WEIGHT BASKETBALL TEAM Holm-rt Dzxinton Robert Faclen Joseph Porter, mgr. Carl Linih-ll Kenneth Seator William Beck John Townsend John Hodge Alex Kerr Emil Minx I , . I 'I'I11- I.ig'I11w4-lglite wi-lv inori- sin-m-I+I'nI than the- II1-:un ninning sl-un :xml I losing ,Nix gnnn-s ulll 41IiIIIIIIw'Ii stzlrts, I':1I1ln1vt 1'iI.x' :mil IIIIIIIIIIII If-eh l'e-wivwl I fm-Ilimlts in ilu- Ill'1ll'I'I'!' tilts: Iliwiwiilc-. Iihw Islzlnil IIIIII Ii. II1-"Ii we-l'v III Im':1IuI I olnwy wllilp lilonni was Iizinilwl two :II-Ivzits in the Snhui'Iv:xn If 1 in gfzinivs, I I SUMMARY I Thornton .... . EI VMI-3 Park 12 Thornton ...... 14 P-511122111 Park .eeel e-.-- 1 5 I Thornton ,,,,A, 13 VJHLIICQQEIII 15 I Thornton ,,,,,, ,,,,,. 1 2 lliNOYSilI0 ...,,Y. ..... 2 5 I Thornton ,..... ...... 2 3 Cfllllmflt City ...-. G I Thornton ,..... 35 Pullmlln ....... 13 It Tl1ll1'Ilt0ll ,,,,,, ,..... 1 G U. High .... 25 I Tlqgyntgn -,w,,, ,.,,,- 3 1 Blul? lslzllltl ..... 19 I Thornton ...... 15 BIOGTH ..--..-- 1-1 Thornton ....,. 15 U- HIQIW ---- ...... 1 3 Thornton ...... 18 Waukegan 20 Thornton ,,,,,. ....,, 3 6 Riverside 16 Thornton ,..1.. 15 BIOOYYI ..... ,.,.. . 14 I I L I5 3 e I I I z I I A I I I I I Page One Hundred Eighteen R. B. Smith, coach W. Augustson Carney Albrecht Needles Propper Kopf, mgr. Hall Detloff Hodge R. Augrustson Peerbolte Steinko Thompson Faden Ryan Thornton Thornton Thornton Thol nton Thornton Thornton Thornton ..... Thornton ..... Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton Thornton ..... .,....,.... Edward Needles Joe Detloff John Albrecht Walter Augustson Douglas Hodge Baseball Summary ...ll 3 15 Wentworth .,..,...,, ,, 1 ' 7 Morgan Park ,,..., ., 6 11 Austin ..,,,,, ....,,. . . . 1 U. High ....,....,, ,, O 10 Blue Island ....... ., 1 1 Bloom ....,..,.,.. ,. 4 6 La Grange .... .. 2 2 Deerfield ...., ,. 3 13 Fengrer .,............, .. 2 11 Blue Island .,,,... .. 2 9 La Grange .... .. 7 1 Deerfield ..,.. .. 2 2 Bloom ....,.......... ., 1 BASEBALL LETTER-MEN 1 925 Edward Carney Roy Augustson George Propper Edgar Hall John Kopf, mgr. Paste One Hundred Nineteen I+I1Iswo1'tIt Beagle 1924-Track-1925 'l'lto1'ttltttt lligh vlttst-tl ht-t' tmtsl sttvt-t-ssfttl lrztt-If ht-ztstttt hy wittttittg tht- Jttttirtt' :tml St-ttittt' title-s itt tlitisitttt "ll" til' tht- Htthttrhattt l.t-:tgm-. 'l'lt1tt'tttt-tt also ltattl the tliftim-litttt ul' sift-rittg itt t-tw-tjt' tm-t-t 1-tttt-t't-tl. 'l'ltttt'ttltttt's st-:tstttt t-mlm-tl ttltt-t' wittttittg tht- sttltttrhtttt, twtt trittttgttlztt' tttt-Qls, :tml svttrittg itt litw- ittlt-tw-ltttlatslit-s. III-l'ttt'v this st-ttsott ltlll tim tttltlt-tvs ltml t-t'f-t' st-ttt't-tl itt :ttt itttm-t'st-ltt-Iatstiv tttvct. This yt-att' Ill2ll'1'S tt't-t't- tvtttt itt Iit't-. M tht- litttt-t'stttt lliglt tw-lat-t' llttltt-mlttttst look st-1-tttttl itt tht- shut :tml llt-:tglv htwtlu- tht- ltiglt ,ittttttt t't-wttwl hy two im-Itt-s, IM-ztglo 'ttttt'ttt-tw-tl ltr limtx l'ttll+---'v :tml tit-tl lm' Iirst itt tht- ltiglt 'ttttt -. :tlt--t' tvittff the stattc . TW 1 . - I1 - I , . . t . Ts-1'ttt'1l :tl tt lt-1-l III: tm'ltt-S. .X It-:tttt tftttttttttstrtl ul l',l'll. 'lt-t-tilt-. llttllmtrzltt. II:-:tgltt atml llttltt-mlttttst wats st-ttt tu tht- Stzttt- trztt-I4 tm-4-t :tt l't'lttttt:t. llttht-mlttttst 'tmtt tht- tlist-tts with tt ltvzttt- ul' I'3I lt-t-I II im-ht-s :tml tttttlt lil'tlt itt thu sltttl. llttltt-mlttttst :tml Ili-:tglv ttt-xl wt-itt lf- tht- l'ttix't-t'sitt' ul' Nlic-ltigiattt to t-ttgatgv itt :ttt itttt-t'st-ltttlttstiv tttt-1-t. 'l'ht-, ltttys st-ttrt-tl tt-tt ttttittts, tvltit-lt htmlt-tl lltt-ttt I'll l'1tttt'tlt ttltttt- :ttttttttg tht- liw slttlt-s vttlt-t'f'tl. llttltt-mlttttsl, tmtlq st-vcttttl itt tht- tlis- vtts :tml tttttli tltit-tl itt tht- iatvt-litt. lit-tt--'lv wtttt tltt- hi--'lt ittttttt ht' It-ttttimf 3 IW-I IO im-ltt-s. .Xt tht- Nzttittttatl. llvttglt- plate-1-tl l'ttttt'tlt lttt' tht- Ittm- tttllt' st-ttrt-tl hit' 'l'ltttt'ttt0tt. 'l'ltttt'ttttttt tt'ttx't-lt-tl lu Nt-tt' 'l't'it-t' lltt' at tt'i:tttgttl:tt' tm-t-I with Xt-tt' 'l't'it-t' :tml ,llitt-t'si1lt-. 'l'ht- tm-1-t wzw ttitt :tml tm-li ttml ttttt' ttim- ttttittls itt tht- ltrttml ,ittttttt mlm-itlt-tl tht- issm-. 'l'ltt- St-ttittt' st-tart-s wt-t't-: 'l'ltttt'ttttttt SSH. Xt-tt' 'l't'it-t' STIQ. llit't-t'- stile- Ili, 'lltt- .ltttmtrs tttttt .mil-.t In lll.I lttt' Xt-tt' lrtt-t' tt'ttlt lt.I tttttttfs lttr .llit't-rsitlt-. llttlwtttlttttsl lt-tl with Ili ttttittls. 'l'ltttt'ttltttt watllttttt-tl l't'ttt'tstt :tml lilttttttt :tt l't'ttt'tstt ttt tl trtzttt--'ttlatt' tm-t-l 'l'ltttt'tt- lrttt st-itt-1-tl Tit ltttittts. l't'1-t'isttZiT,1tt:tl lllttttttt I. 'l'ltt-rttttttt jttttitttw st-ttt-t-tl II ttttittts, I't'ttt'istt 'Ii lilttttttt Il. lltttlgt- tttttt tht- llltl. 'Htl :tml ltt-will jttttttts. "lltth" ttwttt lltv sltttl. tlist-tts :tml jam-litt. llwtglt- tht- high ,ittttttt :tml ttttlt- tttttll. llttllttrtttt lltt- high lttttwllt-s :tml tht- lltl. 'l't-t-ltlt- tmtt tht- ltttll' tttilt-. 'l'ht- rt-l:t,t' tt-:tttt :tlstt tmtt. 'l'ht- Sttlttttlttttt l,t-:tgm- tt-lttlvs tt't-t't- ht-ltl :tl litttttslt-tt. 'l'ltt- tttilt- rt-Izty tt-:tttt t-tttttttttst-tl til' Wilstttt. lirtl. 'l't-t-ttlv :tml llttlltttwttt twttt this tutvt- itt 35233512-5, 'l'ltt-y Page One Humlretl Twenty lin look thirml in llu- h:iII'n1ih- l'1'l2lX zilul I'oni'lli in llu- III! yznwl relay. The .liinior re ' lm lin lin in ix nilh llu niih nul ihill' imllx in mix l'1 hion "l .Z i .2 . . I 'I 2 2 "2 ol llhili-. 'l'owns1-iul. llallhilli :ilul l'i'z1x'I-ii wvri- liill' in llu- h-zul. The fi-:nn il ik Ihiril in llu- siirinl rm-lnv. -z s-' is . l u- 'll'2llll L-onipo .Xl llu- lu-lil nu-1-I lu-lil at Only l'z1i'l4 'l'lun'iiloii's Seniors sm-on-al 31 poi lo I4-:ul thi- lwigiu- :uul thi- .llllllllI'Ql'2llll1' Io llu- lu-:ul nl llu-ir I-hiss hy Q'2lllIl'll'lIlg1' I5 pi-inls. 151-ziglv won llu- high jninp- at 5 Il-I-I. II llIf'll0S. :incl with llrons placed - Q1 miul in llu- poll- vault :il Ill ll-1-I Ill lllvlll-S. "Huh" won llu- ilisvn- :it IISI li-1-t II iiulu iiul llu imlin ixilh I IS Iul I iiulux lu imlw I ilxin- Imiul in llu lu --sz -z'- ' -s z' gs-r -S ul Ni' A 4 .,- , Il II-1-I '? IIII'lIt'4. ll1ul"'I- won llu- hroaul llllllll hx' ll-zilwlii--' '20 li-1-I '3-ll me-lu-S. 'ln-4-ph f- pl lm-ml sl-I-mul in llu- lulll rin.. ,,L, 4 II 5 I il' 1 ' - -' ui I - ntl 3 inilo. w , . rw . I-I ' ir-' x-I ' hr . , - V- b L.-,, . ' ':s..,... liull uint mil lu-hl :il l'x'-iiwloli -iiul lllll llu-inlon iiiuiiil lm 'mini nh h uhhnl Io flu ollui lllllli xi ix Iiuwu h lo IYIII llu- 5lIlilll'llZlII I-liaiiiiploiisliip lupli non ilu NMI iiul llll Inn lull Ionith llu Illllt iii P Om ' I llolhuin Iinu lion: llhiiul to xiin llu IIII in mm I 5 lloil I pluul Imiul in llu Illll Q-I 3-I 51' ' I Y- Il ish. ln llu- vlllllllll' nu-I-I liilgzii' won llu- Illll :iiul '2'2II. llmllizlxv look si-miul in flu Ill! xwnlwl low lnirilh-. Czillnlli 'nul I I"1YOIl lIlIIAlIt'tl Iirsl :iiul si-voiul in llu- 13630, 'lhe u- was I :JSI I-5, mu--Iil'lli ol 1 -uoiul fioin llu- iw-mi-II , On .Tniu- IES Nloosl-l1:1i't lu-lil :in ililc-i-4+-lmlaisliv lrsuk nu---I. llmlgo, llnhon IlIIIISi IlIl4l Ill-:l--'lv XYI'lll In llu- llu-vl llcul--'0 fool 5 Q Iourlli in ll- hrozul jtnnp, llnc- Q I I hm n nal. lhiril in llu- Ilisi-ns. :ilul Ill-ugh-. ss-I-mul in llu- high innip. OI' llu- li-:nn ol' I!I'2l-25 only 'IR-I-lull-. llrll. Ill-ziglv :nul Gross will rm-lnrn 1 xt .vm-air. hut llu-rv am- inzlny good ,lIIIllHI't4 who oiiglil lo :nhl in innliing nnollic-i I NI L-ll halanu-I-il In-ann. TRACK LETTER-MEN 1925 Frank Rube-nmlunst Douglas Hodge John Halloran Chester Teeple Louis Ertl Ellsworth Beagle John Edgar Emil Minx Darrel Wilson Ervin Gross Cyril Gallatti John Hodge Earl Craven Charles Hadhazy Page One Hundred Twenty-one 4 l l 5 V l sl li i fi MM, , , i , , l l ,, 2:5131 f WWW 'W Ns K R I ll fit ff iijffeg i TheHonorRoll 5 UTFJ l , I El i Kel' ll ,NIA li The traditional honor, known as Thornton's Ilonor Roll, is based EO" entirely on the pupil's grade record for the four years of his high l l,N school career. 'l'o be on this list the pupil must make an average oi' 'l.l points or more, liguring A as 5 points, B as 4, C as 3, and D as 2. 5 HE Translated in terms of percentages, pupils on this list must make an 'yr average ol' 90 per cent or above. The Honor Roll follows in order 'A oi' grades: J I ll . f ll Herbert Grelner ll l Grace Gouwens li 5 Claude Beatty j ll Doris Klein 1 4 Minnie Gouwens l llenry Vander Aa l l Robert Manville 2 il Alice Gard 1 Richard Sehnoor l Marjorie Kellogg ll Mildred Hampke 5 Edward Adams 7 Anna Peebles A .F Cornelia DeYoung , il Edith Gm-ry Q Russell XVilliams l A Theresa Carlton li Julia Kovalik iii I Clarence DeYoung Il f Alice Olson r l lloward Salzman l Aitken Young ' il Dorothy Reich i 5 Telford VVorkman l Page One Hunilrenl Twenty-two K5 zJertz'sz'ng b i-1.1-s Y gc One Hunflrml Twenty-thrf .mf Il in-ml 'I'wvnty-fo I' N-I I1 wrj J , J Brownell Imp1'ofven1ent 1 Company ' lVf:111L1fau't111'e1's of Crushed Limestone am d Fertilizer Emu tw Quarries at Thornton, Illinois Main Office 133 West Washington St. Chicago Page One Hundred Twenty-fi Professional Directory Dr. Stuart E. Fraser, M. D. Dr. T. A. Noble, M. D. Phono 30. 15500 Center Ave Dr. C. M. Bradley, M. D. Phone 254-J 15333 Center Ave Dr. M. R. Morse, M. D. Phono 82-J 15412 Center Ave Dr. F. J. Murphy, D. C. Phone 71711. 170 E. 154th St. Dr. B. W. Hughes Dr. D. J. Hughes Dentists Phone 463 171 E. 154th St Dr. J. A. Kollar, M. D. Phone Dolton 25. Dolton, Ill Dr, R. A. Rutz, M. D. Phone 778-Y4. 1V1z1ttc-son, Ill Dr. M. Robert Wiedner, M. D. Dolton, Ill. Dr. Luther W. Hughes 167 E. 15-1th Sli. Dr. Carl H. Thomsen, M. D. Dolton, 111. Dr. B. Mann Cook County Bldg. Homewood, 111. Dr. Charles B. Alexander, M. D. 181 E. 154th St. Dr. G. A. Stevenson, Jr., Dentist Phone 211. 166 E. 15-lth St Dr. B, J. Schuhman, Dentist Phone 543. 181 E. 15-ith St Dr. P. J. Teeling, Dentist Phono 304. 168 E. 154th St Dr. F. B. Van Wormer, M. D. 167 111. 154th St. Dr. C, W. Harmlce, Dentist Homewood Bldg. Phone 231-W Homewood, 111 Dr. G. W. Walvoord, M. D. Phone Harvey 4. South Holland, 111 Henley Dental Offices Phone 823. Harvey Theatre Bldg' Dr. G., Gallegos, Dentist Phone Riverdale 14. Riverdale, Ill Dr. Geisse Harvey Theatre Bldg. Dr. H. W. Drumond Phone 5311. 1139 K. 154111 St Lawyers Thomas C. Stoblms Burton Evans 172 l'I. 154111 St. William F. Propper 5345! Lincoln Aw. Dolton, Ill Page One Hundred Twenty-six if -se e M. os i i To the Senior Class: We wish you all Success in your future undertakings. 1 1 i I r n 3 , 4 , , 1 lr 3 1 1 I F yi 51 fi on ii U i 5 4 E 1 h iel is i M 4 SPO1I'l'lNG GOODS-STA'FIONEHY-TOYS W f AND PARTY FAVORS Q 118 IC. 151th St. Hzlrvey, Illinois r ! i Page One Humlrod Twcnty-seven it LET IH o I o ,iN ,I ETH HE .jg fi We have enjoyed making the Photographs for this l Annual i i ln school where there are more than a . hundred graduates We will erect a temporary studio in the school anywhere and make all portraits there--saving the students time and expense and at the same time giving them the benehts of having their portraits made by Chi- cago's largest Studio at very low prices. 5 Phone our "School Department" for rates. Write the GIBSON STUDIOS 32 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago, Ill. l E. B. HARRIS H. A. GOODNOW Pres. Gen. Mgr. Page One Hundred Twenty-eight Remierz Decorating Co. Interior and Exterior Painting and Decorating of Residences - Public Halls Churches - Uffices - Apartments Factories - Etc. Prices consistent with Quality Workmanship 1512 N. Wells Street, Chicago, Illinois Phone Diversey 62.50 llarvey References Furnished Upon Request W Y A., . 7, W ..,-, , ,,,,,,,,,,-, , A ifkz .,.. ., Wi . - ,.,M..,.-... Page Om- Humlreml Twcntx i"OMI'I1lMl'fN'l'S 111' Perry Shade cmd Drapery Um' . I 1 1 Om Hun1l1'c1I 'l'l1i1'ty 377' 97321 1 V 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ,Q LI 1. 11' 11 51 131 I Y 15, 12, 1 1, xg' 1-1 Q1 11 pi 1M '11 1 51 15 1 11 Fl 11 1 11,1 11 WI 111 11 1 11 11 151 1 11! if . 11 el! 12 '2 11 1 I11 Fi 1: 1: 1. fig 11 S1 F1 ? 51 21 fl 15 '11 V31 Vg! 1 1 1 11 if JZ' 'Si To the Senioor Class: 1,1 'Wo zxppmcizmtc your D2l1l'0llIlgIQ and wish you 2 the g1'oz1tost of success in future Lllld0l'121k1l11.'fS. J A. BASYYIR J 1'lWI+Zl.lCll SL OPTOMPY1' 171 E. 151111 St. NIST Ilurvey, Ill. 5 mov: f Melvin M0t01' Sales 'Pole phone Harvey 513 .. Q M 11,3307 Bro:1flwn3.' SUQBVV Ilzwvey, Illinois Pago Ono Hunmlrod Thirty-One High School Book Exchange The Store 'neath the Stairs Text Books J L LL A Mis. School Supplies of all Kinds Buy your athletic tickets here VVe buy second hand Text Books I O1cHul lTit5t 3? V' I !l ai i ,a it 3 I I I . s i 4 'CII5nliun" Band Instruments 315 So. Wabash Avenue Phone Wabash 5414 Chicago A Complete line of "Holton" Band Instruments 1 Ten Days' Free Trial With Liberal Allowance on "Trade-Ins" I And Easy Terms lf So Desired Factory Rebuilt Instruments at Bargain Prices Everything Musical Ceo. C. Diver Open evenings by appointment I ' Liza-"If yo' was rich, what would yo' Want most of all?" , Rastus-"A alarm clock wid a busted buzzer." 1 A young man who had reached the state at which his voice was l changing went into a grocery store. In a deep bass voice he demanded "A sack of flour," then, his voice l suddenly changing to a high pitch, he added "and a pound of coffee." E "Just a minute, please," saidcthe clerk. "I can't Wait on both of you at once." E Beck Coal and Lumber 0. -Everything to Build Anything- Phone 400 Harvey, Ill. Page One Hundred Thirty-thrcc U CSU. 1.s'c1,U L- 3'LR RL.S'CL C LR! 1RLS'c SX RIG GIRLST L IGN NGiRL R GNO ONGIR 1 NOT TONGI G OTN NTONG N TRNR 'RNTON 0 N Ro ORNTO N TNR RryTON G- OTN N7'oN6- I N07' ToNGl R GND DNGIR L IGN NGIRL S' R10 GIRLS' C 1.Ro lRLS'C L SQLR RLS'CL u CS'L Ls'cLo Startin ith the T the a bove Imzx 1 'zmllelogram of I ette rs, how many tim find the 'll . Fil s THORNTON GIRLS' CLUB? 45 760 You mav turn at r1Q'ht an l GRACE GOUWENS P 0 H l lTl f 'ng gf "".fa. W'-g -"H " -""""'I" II rr II III II 3 I I III II I+' V I I I Il I :I I I 'I II iI SI 'II I I VI II I II II I I I. I I1 II I , I ,II I!! 'Q FI P1 ELI III I!! IE? II I I in I I I I II I I II II I I I I I II Ilr 4 If Timmons Furniture Company I 'I ki. III "EVEIlY'l'lllNG FOR Tun 11oME" III .III .IO WJ ,X 'l'llIl'iCOIl Yours of 75 Qll.-Xl.l'l'Y, SICHVICE AND SA'l'lSFAC'l'l0N "II I W Bert Timmons 15310-12 CQlliQ1'.AV0llll0 llurvey, Illinois Twzn Czty Garage noL'1'oN, 1LL1No1s I Ii Chrysler Models 58 80 I 'l'l1csu molluls givv ilu- LJLIXIIIQQ public :L pricl- 1'i1Ily,'L' of quality cars from 5845.00 to 53695.00 which should roach ull classes of the most exacting buyers. "For D0llllJllSi1'2liI0ll Cull Dolton 5 I II -ll L' , ---.... I ,I I Page One Hundred Thirty-five Harvey Theatre Fitzpatrick-McElroy Co. J. C. Hruby, Mgr. PALACE OF ENTERTAINMENT P 1'c1 sentingr PICK OF BEST PHOTOPLAYS VERY LATEST SONG HITS Our cooling and Ventilating system will keep you comfortable no matter how hot it becomes during the hot spell. Week Days-First Performance at 7 P. M. Saturdays-6:30 to ll P. M. Sundays-Continuous 2 to ll P. IVI. Hyman-"At least once in my life I was glad to be down and out." Lowe-"And when was that?" Hyman-"After my first trip in an airplane." Author-"Have you read my new book ?" Friend-"Yes" Author-"What do you think of it?" Friend-"Well, to be candid with you, I think the covers are too far apart." BRADLEY PHOTO SHOP Kodak Developing, Printing and Enlarging Commercial Photography Pictures of Machinery, Homes, Banquets, Parties, Etc. 15333 CENTER AVE. Phone 341-R Harvey, Ill. I Page One Hunclreml Thirty-six 'vw -x'i 54 'fL'W""L W K i3Q,Qlii.+ss:Agfi5 i1 I . y i ' N tag il 1 ' '1 , f E V, 4 Lisa.: ' 2- A- -- T O ,.::1t 5 '. :fag ' x A l , iz- , , IQQSZ - 5 3' ,xi I 6 1 T . .-: , ,K A., V ESTABL-ISHE.D P . 1881 351 Q i - E'fF j' ' MEN L 254: '- ' MY- : - x-D QASQ QQQEQ-653555333 H y li Q35 5315.555 FACTOR Y Harvey ---- Illinois Page One Hundred Thirty-seven We pay 3 per cent interest in our Savings De- X N ,AN S' x S X ii PASS IN A P RT Just a part, no matter how small, of each pay check you receive will in a year's time amount to a worth-while sum. :Qi - 'iT4'f5S 1 ' IES Xlli L 'ii 7 s ' e of, partment, compounded semi-annually. :ages Se A Q , - im ,, ,.. L5 U V4 .., rv'.-w,,,,s, , " - FIRST NATIONAL BANK f.i+EpEpALRE5ERvE "A BANK FOR ALL THE PEOPLE" X. SYSTEM f MEMBER Harvey, Illinois "Look, papag Abie's cold is cured and we still got left a box of cough-drops." "Oo, vat extravagance. Tell Ikey to go out and get his feet vet." Sally-"1 just had my hair 'radioed'." Irene-"IIoW's that?" Sally-"Done up in waves." Patient-"An' 'ow be Lawyer Barnes doin' doctor?" Doctor-"Poor fellow! He's lying at deatl1's door." Patient-"There's grit for 'ee-at death's door an' still lyQ1'!" K-H MOTOR SALES Chrysler Cars Specialists Starting, Lighting and Ignition General Repairs Telephone 408 121-123 lflast 15-ltli St. Harvey, Illinois Page One Hundred Thirty-eight .. .... -. . I,- 5.W Main St, Phone Homewood 135 CO ING BROS. HOMEWOOD REAL ESTATE INSURANCE "VVe studied at Thornton and we're proud of it." She was anxious to find out where her husband was, so she rang up a club to which he belonged. "Is my husband there ?" she asked. "No madamf' "But I haven't even told you my name," said the astonished woman. "That's all right, madam," said the discreet clerk, "Nobody's hus- band is ever here." Mother Cto Jane, her smallest daughterj-"Jane, dear, you mustn't try to play on the piano when your hands are dirty." Jane-"Never mind, muvver. I'm playing on the black keys." Parson Jones had Won Eve dollars in a crap game with one of his parishioners. Fearing to be denounced at church the following Sunday he came prepared. "Breddern," he said, announcing his text for the serman, "OWah lesson dis niawnin' am taken from the good Book which say, 'Blessed am he date loseth, and maketh no outcryf " Young married man to Wife at state fair- "Here dear, give me the lunch basket. We might get separated in the crowd." "Do you know Irma, I could go on dancing like this forever?" "VVhy Archie, don't you ever Wish to improve ?" Page One Hundred Thirty-nine I C ' post sei u.ANn IJ" ncussr THD nrou IIQQE 'mg G 'lashes so 5' hy nn-rison smog H ones C9 E L"'l" PENONE asscnen Ig, DIXIE DAIRY COMPANY Quality and Service HOMENCEPAR 'JR TERRITORY I N . , COVERED T Pasteurlzed Milk, Cream and Butter AO Telephone Harvey 45 ' pq IN u 1 . y 4 Igg Dixie Dairy Company s Cf SELECT BABY MILK X32 A I from Tuberculin Tested Herds Ayfixsgkz I E7 - V 3 3 y Y I , HARVWD ' DAIRY col 3 W co. ,fi op., S 1 O . Ns 10,606 Uccesson T 1 xsoxx F ,ff -' Hg .MW ,ffm 'H T? -f A 0' HGTS' DMRY Co' BQTTLING asecusn 15 3 : V XYPLANT ILL Sq iV" !m'!1l ' if-I 5 ' 4: .fflfv IM I F' 'I-1 .. U. -if I if-fi M . .,'fl'Evr afar. . 'lag '4!?2'r.:svs I IH Q lijl Ig Ein jf ,UTI 4, Vlif Q I,.g f 'f I 'ff I It IW i i i l -' I H i " 51?ff3lf il el"'l 7'il " l3I5? 1i3'fQl' I .h. O. Ee- .. .ec . OOO ec.. O I Squire-"Did you send for me, my lord?" 5 Lancelot-"Yes, make haste, bring me a can-openerg I've got a flea , in my knight clothes." f "Do you like going to school, Sonny?" the stranger inquired of I ' seven-year-old Johnny. I "Oh, yes, sir," was the reply, "I like going well enough, I like coming back, too. What I hate is between times." The gum chewing girl and the cud chewing cow, There is a difference, you will allow. What is the difference? Oh, I have it now, It's the thoughtful look on the face of the cow. Page One Hundred Forty I 1 1 I 1 I I I I 1 1 1 113 .I 15 Q1 I F I I 1 1 fl 11 il , .U ,J A 5 1 1E' ii I QI N .3 1-:::1i11TL.1g, -glgfgi 1:1 ff I I L I Compliments 1 1 , I Roy D. Whzte I 1 F ord Dealer bi Hzlrvcy, Ill. Phono 1000 I is and Associatus K'-,I I I 1 I Dolton-Riverdale Motor Co. QQI Dolton, 111. I 11 J Homewood Motor Co. I'IOINL'W'00lI, 111. xI '1 I If I!! 1, 151 COMPLIMENTS xr 21 I II I 1 IV I 1' N Eagle Coal Company 111 Ii E I II I Phone 553 f if If M AM,oe oo-, . ow, , Hood, , I mu,a15igi Page Ono Humlrcd Forty-onv A Golden Rule All Our Own To grive all we can for what we get-not get all we can for what we give-that is this storm-'s own golden rule. The customer who enters our doors discovers this the moment an article is picked up for 1IlS1Jt?Ctl0ll. The quality ls dependableg the price always encouraging. In the event of a special sale. the merchandise is sold at a sacrifice. We have found this to no the most profitable policy, for it secures the confidence, good-will and continued patronage of every customer, old and new. Departments: Hart Schaflner and Marx Clothing, Johnson and Murphy Shoes, Bert Castle's College- Hieh Suits, Ladies and Girls Wear, Dry Goods and Notions, M1-ns and Boys Wear Arrow Collars, Paris Garters, House Furnishings WIC DELIVERilVIONEY CHEERFULLY RICFUNDIGD LOOK FOR THE BIG RED STAR Starco Stores "The Best for less" 177-179 Iiast l54th St. Phone Harvey 280-J Waiter-"Hey, what's the idea of stuffing the tablecloth in your pocket V" Diner-"Well, you charged me 262 for 'cover' and I thought I'd take it with me." Little Harry-"I wish I were you, uncle." Uncle Cwho had been invited to dinnerl-"Why do you wish that, sonny?" Harry-"Because they don't scold you when you eat with your knife." Lady tat street cornerj-"I certainly shall cross oflicerg Ilve every bit as much right on this street as that truck has." Oflicer-"Sure you have lady, but leave me your name and ad- dress bcfore you start." The doctor after the accident-"Is there a Woman here with old Q77 fashioned ideas . Crowd-"Why l" Doctor-"Because I need a petticoat to make some bandages." Page One Hundrey Forty-two I""'7"'.'ffff ' W" 1.nQm'Q" " 'M"M..... -- 1 I I 1 iw 5 5 f 7 I The Borden Selected I g Milk I stzmdzwd is the strictest milk stan- dard in the World. 1 Borden 19 , I v W Farm Products Company of Illinois I I I fli I Phone Harvey 229 .I r 'I "SERVES YOU RIGHT" if Family 1 Chicken Sunday X and Iii Dinners Steaks ii? Elf IS ,I DIXIE CAFE 4 I Ei I Phone 2217 I gf i Party Orders 17 North Dixie Highway A Specialty Homewood, III. Page One Hundred Forty-three A Y ,- ,,,,,,,,x,,, ,,-.-....L..-,.. , , ..,... M... .A , , W A -.n ,,,.,.....,Y. e.,-,, 4- l i l l f l Tl Hi CHATTEN Ed' HAMMOND O35 PRF . Nil Architects i lg 160 Lusrnle street, Chicago Telephone State 2303-4 4 l I I Ti QE at "Do you think Robert can support you in good style after you are married, my dear? I hear he is worth nothing." "I know Bob isn't rich, mama, but he has his life insured for bB20,000, and 1 could get along quite comfortably on that." Suilor-"Sir, I Want your daughter for my wife." lrate Father-"Young man, go home and tell your wife she can't ! have my daughter." COMPLIMENTS OF CHICAGO APPARATUS COMPANY Scientific Instruments Laboratory Supplies Chemicals , I Page One Hundred Forty-four Sewer Pipe, Drain Tile, Wall Coping, Flue Lining, Cement, Fire Brick, Face Brick Fire Clay, Partition Tile, Sewerage and Building Material Gray Iron Casting of all Descriptions Wm. E. Dee Company MAIN OFFICE: 30 N. LaSalle St., Chicago, lll. For Promt Deliveries in this Vicinity Phone Harvey 68 Phone Harvey 297 Harvey Yard-l5lst and Center Ave. When Building specify DEE Hollow Fireproof Building Tile which reduces Fuel Consumption, Depreciation, Fire Risk, Maintenance and Cost of Construction on Garages and Homes. Albertson hated having his photograph taken, but at last he con- sented to undergo the long-dreaded ordeal. But he had a purpose, and once he had made up his mind to do a thing Albertson was not the sort of man to turn back. In due corse the proofs arrived from the photographer, and when his wife saw them she exclaimed in horror: "Oh, Georgeg you have only one button on your coat!" "Thank Heaven," he replied, "you've noticed it at last! That's the reason I had the photograph taken." Harvey Service Station F. Copenhaver, Mgr. INDIAN GAS HAVOLIN OILS MOBILOIL AIR FREE WATER Expert Greasing, Lubrication-Service With A Smile Broadway and Park Court Page One Hundred Forty-five YAY I... ev, 'LEA I-I ZOO I . , V 1 1 HNI1 Tl O1 Nl I T Eg, 15? l l I I , I I if ,.. Us ll 1, I , 1 F O I? 'II T O I I i if T II I I I N I I TI E 'Sei I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 71-4 ,QQ.i,Nll T OMPKINS' Groceries - Meats - Fruits -Vegetables yX0YlEfbrF0 1.I"7 C' RVICE TORE G'E'R 1 9 0 Qi-toll i, .. .git I H 13-N he. , I---f Ser H cage. wee Without Eiga Courteous Personal Attention Crgngg of all types Complete Foundry Equipment Railway Specialties LU- il. :WF I II I I II I II II' II liI I I I I I I I I I I I I II u L ,LLL F-, ,W ,, AH..-HJ - K L. I' O H I IF egg- n,n, , , , .W - sun For y y IKealfEstate V. li l l ltr I y And I! y it I i , i i I I I l l Q f A Insurance I BICEIXIAN i l all 1 lt :I l i y Office S. VV. Cor. Myrtle and 151st. Phone Harvey 378-J I l ' 77 ' """ '- "' " Z' ' 'W' 'Q 'l Mother tto Johnny who had been libbingi-"Do you know what Qt' happens to little boys who tell lies?" tj Johnny-"Yes, they ride for half fare." V ..?--- all , "ls this hair oil in this bottle, mummy?" "No, darling, that's glue." "Perhaps that's the reason I can't get my hat offli' "Here, Annie, here's something for your birthday," announced an old Scotehnian, handing his servant a check for live dollars, but with the signature line blank. "Keep it, an' on your next birthday 1'll sign it." "Late for reveille again, I see, O'lVIalley," snorted the irate captain. " 'Tis inherited, sir," answered Private O'Malley. "Me father was the late Michael O'Malley." Doctor-"Undoubtedly you need more exercise. VVhat is your occupation ?" Patient-"Pm a piano shifter." Doctor Crecovering quicklyj-"Well-er, hereafter shift two at a 1 time." l Q -'-"-T' "i"A"1i"A'A im" '-I ., . 3. .. ,,,,.,. 1 mf ,. .. .A:,...,... .A....Q......f..f-, W- .tx Page One Hundred Forty-seven Best Wishes to Mem bers of the Class of 1926 V O S S M A R K E T Harvey Sugar Bowl Hdltf HOME MADE CANDIES CONFECTIONS ICE CREAM C ll F gg d P I Hu Ph 6 Jo O l I 1 M? .Ju ' - -,sg T COMPLIMENTS I3 OF R' eo. M. Clark Co. Division American Stove Co. I W'hy did you strike the telegraph operator?" the judge asked the ll darky. "Well, yo' h0nah," said Mose, "it was jest like this: 1 hands him a telegram for mah girl, an' he starts in readin' it, so I jest nachurally ups an' hands him one." " "Phwat was the last card Oi delt ye, Pat?" I "A spade." "Oi knew it. Oi saw ye spit on yer hands before ye picked it up." , l - -lv? 4-A A, f-A, f y A e fh-f- 1 I I l P Wausau Lumber and I Coal Company g LUMBER AND COAL SASH, DOORS, MOULDINGS AND BUILDING MATERIALS 5 Telephone Harvey 196 South Holland, Illinois I I I Page One Hundred Forty-nine "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" Patrick Henry Preferred Death To oppression. llis love of liberty is an inspiration to every American. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Thrift is the price of personal independence. The Iirst requisite is a Savings Account. The Savings Habit is a Good Habit This Bank Will Help You Cultifoate It Homewood State Bank HOMIGWOOD, ILLINOIS - PHONES 23 AND 280 Capital anml Surplus, over bl4l50000.00. Unmlcr State Govc-rnmr-nt Supervision. Henry Gottsclialk D. A. Nietfelilt Presitlent Vice-President Aug. Zum Mullen Arthur H. Sclio--ling Cashier Asst. Casliier "I saw Bill the other day and he looked like thirty cents." "Which Bill ?" "Dollar Bill." "Lay down pup. Lay down. That is a good doggie. Lay down, I tell you !" "Excuse me, mister. You'll have to say lie down. That's a Boston terrier." "Johnny, what was the Sherman Act?" f'Marching through Georgia." - e.-.-1?:QffgiQ? V E. if i l l l ll il i l l l l i l l l ii il l i i 5 l V E l l i ll ii ri li ll if il it S ll il l. l Il li ii ii FJ 5 Y , x Page One Hunmlrefl Fifty A GOOD JOB Can be yours in a short time if you think you are worth investing that much time in yourself to become an AUTO ELECTRICAL AND BATTERY EXPERT There is a shortage of competent men in this field which will be greatly increased this spring owing to the ever increasing service necessary to the automobile and radio. Auto electrical and battery men earn good pay with steady, pleasant, and inte1'esting work and a future the year around. THIS IS NOT A SCHOOL, BUT A PRACTICAL TRAINING SHOP We start you where schools leave off. You get actual experience on customers cars lll a large auto electric, battery, and service station under the supervision of competent factory engineers. PAY AS YOU LEARN Terms are so low that the opportunity is within the reach of every ambitious young man. We are not the largest but our men claim we are the best. Investigate for yourself. See our shop and equipment. Get the real facts and you will be convinced that there'is a real future ahead and that our training fits-you for it. Ifree use of our special employment department is granted at all times. Call, write W. H. SABLOTNA 15024 B?'0214lW2lY Harvey, Illinois or phone. Representlng+'l'l-IE AU'l'Ol'lLEC'I'RlCAL ICNGINICIQRS, INC., Chicago, Illinois P. S. You can't plant oranges and get lemons. Jones-"My neighbor says he hears London and Paris. VVould you call him a radio bug?" Jones-"No. A humbugf' - "NVillie, where did you get that black eye? "Johnny Smith hit me." "I hope you remember what your Sunday school teacher said about heaping coals on the heads of your enemies." "Well, ma, I didn't have any coal, so I just stuck his head in the ash barrel." 9! :Ii-toinolmile Accessories Ri14li0 SUPPIIQS Broadway Auto Supply Co. FRANK KNEFILAND Vulcanizing-Gasoline and Oils Batteries Charged Corner 153rd and Broadway Telephone Harvey 399 Harvey, Illinois Page One Hundred Fifty-one n I i 1 1 S E N I O R S !! T We appreciate your patronage of the past four years, and also lg Wish you the greatest of success in your future undertakings. R iN , I IT S P E N C E R liog' W iii, Luncheonette-Candles-Ice Cream EEL 15407 Center Ave. Phone 393 5 Harvey I i '+? ""' 'W' '7' ' ' 'W ' l-- v E An Irishman and his wife were at the theatre for the first time. His wife noticed the Word "Asbestos" printed on the curtain. y "Faith, Pat, and what does Asbestos on the curtain mean?" "Be still, Mag, don't show your ignorance. That is Latin for 'Wel- t come'." 1 Teacher-"Children, can any of you tell me what is the most dan- I . I , gerous part of an automobile '?" 3' Tommy-"Yes, miss, I can! It's the driver." G E R D ' Ladies' shop ' I i Page One Hundred Fifty-two emma: an The Hartman Furniture and Carpet Company 157 E. 154th St. Phone Harvey 14 Harvey, Ill. We extend to you a cordial invitation to come in and see our complete line of furniture and rugs. We specialize in furnishing successful homes at the lowest prices, on the easiest terms and with the best service possible. L. J. Morrison, Manager An Eastern farmer, who had moved to California, had heard that his neighbor raised unusually large potatoes, so he sent his hired man over to get a hundred pounds. "Go right back," said the Californian," and tell your boss that I won't cut a potato for any man." "Pa, what is a bluff?" "Threatening to leave home if your mother has her hair bobbed, n1y son." Good Work Prompt Service HOEKSTRA'S OVERALL LAUNDRY -Overalls Our Specialty- Phone Harvey 454-W South Holland, Ill. Page One Hundred Fifty-three S' lT"""-'i""f""""" "E '-""" A 'i-.ggj"jTTjj'j5rf2f'1T"ij"5''i1j5'l1"'Wil,L'i'lil?5f''A'-3773 tm A l 1 THE BANKS WHICH SAFETY AND T SERVICE BUILT i I , JST: FIRST NATIONAL BANK lil Dolton, lllinois 4,-l I tif l+'lllS'l' 'l'lIllS'l' AND SAVINGS BANK Eg izii-01-Emil-. illinois ! MY , SOll'l'll HOLLAND 'l'HUS'l' AND SAVINGS BANlx I 'i Comlmineil Cillilt-ill nnml Surplus S230,000.00 Combine-nl lit-sources 32,--100,000.00 i Il Ollll Sl'l9lCIAL'l'Y E+ Safe Sccuritics for lnvm-stint-nt it Our First llltlltgilgl' Loans and First lNlortg'ug'e lleul Estate Bonds 1 give safety nnil six por cent interest. 1 "Yes, lszmc, l'x'e lost me appendix." "Vell, Abe, Vou surprise me. VVhy didn't you haf it in your wifc's l name?" Q 5 . . . . Ql A X"OlTl'tll W-vs Cl'0SSlllfI the Street when -1 Ing dog r-in n to her with - s 1 c K . . L 4 c l such 21 force that it knocked her down. Just then at light car nearly 7 ran over her. A man, witnessing the accident, came to her assistance. "Did the dog hurt you 7" he asked. ll She looked at him 21 little dazed and replied: "No, the dog didn't i hurt mc. It was the tin can tied to its tail." fl l C. S. S I Q l l l HARDWARE , l l PAINT-GLASS-SPORTING GOODS , I 145 1-:Ast 154th St. Phone 18:2 W l ll Page One Hundred Fifty-four .lil f'l 1 ' l i l l ti li El ill it l K if Sl ll ill ill l 1 Q i l I l 1 ii ll l il l i l 1 l Compliments of White House Market 154th Street at Lexington Avenue ELINING DYEING EPAIRING CLEANING EMODELING PRESSING Harfve Renova tors K. W. Fzmsler, Prop. LEAN ARKET LEANERS 15122 Broadwzly' Phone 105-J Harvey, Ill. A s P One Hu ll I Fftxfie William D. Rogers Real Estate, Loans T and Fire Insurance 15432 Park Ave. Harvey, Ill Ccwallini lee Cream Company ! , . ., Q .- . , ini. Modern Sanitary Plant Ph Bl I I d 82 279 Walnut St Bl e Island, Ill. PgeO H d dFft S. Ward Hamilton Company T D. HOBSON Eff SON General Contractors and Builders "Say it IfWth Bricks" Pg OHddF l 3 Bank of Harare 'llllll The Gldest Bank in Thornton Townsnip For 3-1 years this bank has grown steadily with the growth of Harvey The freshman girl came breathlessly into her senior's 1'oom. Her eyes were two blue glittering excitements, her hair was all mussed. She grabbed her senior frantically around the neck, and gasped. "Oh, Mildred! Just as I came up the steps, a man leaving the house grabbed me and kissed me!" Senior-"That's what you get for wearing my dress," replied her confidante. The cannibal king, his teeth chattering-"What was it you served with the last meat? I have had a prolonged chill ever since." Royal Cook-"That sir, was a female missionary from Boston." Plink-"Who was the most daring robber that ever lived '?" Plunk-"Jesse Jamesf' . Plink-"Wrong, Atlas, He held up the world." Minister-"I suppose you have a very favorable position in your class at school, James '?" James-"Yes, sir, I sit in the back near the stove." Page One Hundred Fifty-eight .,..,.... .., ,,,, .. ... v.-. ..-A , -.-,-.,.-,.. ...,...A- Y ... -N. .- Hanve Inn Chop Suey Special Dinner Steaks and Chops Chinese Restaurant Phone 995 153337 Center Ave She-"A thing of beauty is a joy-" He-"As long as she keeps her mouth shut." Freshman, visiting on the farm-"Good morning, how is the milk- maid '?" Country Lass-"Taint made. The cow gives it. lk-"I have just recovered from the clothing sickness." Mik-"What is that?" lk-"My tongue was coated and my breath came in short pantsf Chief-"Did you say the tracks of the criminal were well covered '?" Detective-"Yes, with about six inches of snow." "Life Z" cried the judge. "Horray l" cried the prisoner, "The Bars and Stripes forever!" He-"Remember when we first met in the revolving door at the post office ?" She-"But that wasn't the first time we met." He-"VVell that's the time when We began going around together." Page One Humlretl Fifty-nine 1 iii Compliments of Ingalls-Shepard Division Wyman- ordon The school teacher was proud of the way the pupils were trained for fire drill. One day she said: "Now children, what would you do if I told you the building was on fire ?" A hundred children gave the answer. A few days later a lecturer visited the school. The school teacher said-"Now children, what would you do if I told you Dr. Dyke was going to lecture here today?" They all answered-"We would rise promptly, put away our books, then quietly and without disorder tile into the street." C. S. ARMINGTUN PLUMBING AND HEATING Phone 47 Harvey, Illinois r Z 1 4 l l l I 4 I i 1 Page Ono Hundred Sixty Y rg I it-3 L COMPLIMENTS OF Chicago Steel Car E T RH IO IRA vii Company 1 l Harvey, Illinois Tl EE i it I A Scottish farmer, being elected to the school board, visited the yi village school and tested the intelligence of the class by the question: "Now, boys, can any of you tell me what nothing is?" After a moment's silence a small boy in a back seat rose. "It's what ye gave me the other day for holding yer horse." l First Society Woman-"That's my baby that we just passed." Second S. W.-"How could you tell?" First S. VV.-"I recognized the nurse." JOHNSON OIL REFINING COMPANY 3 SERVICE STATION 155th St. and Columbia Ave. ' i Johnson Motor Oils Perfectly Lubricates Every Motor i Johnson Gasolene-High Test Gas-Crank Case Drained Free of Charge 1 I . 1 Free Air-Free Water 1 l Page One Hundred Sixty-one A Square Meal on a Square Table at a Square Price Clean Airy Room F. M. JONES' RESTAURANT 212 East 154th St. Harwy, Ill. W. B. Tl-l0MPSON'S FEED STORE Quality and Service For Good C 0 A L Phone Hzlrvey 360 Chicago 8: Riverdale Lumber Company Compliments of V l '11 -K KT? 'w .i A 1 W i l E i y V o l 4 5 gli V 1 W Q. ,ix E 1,1 w S 1 4 Eslalblislwd Z1-1 yours-Still T going strong W . E . K E R R 15242 Broadway Phone 76 Harvey, lll. Q C O 0 I ! Page One Humlrccl Sixty-two G J VULCANIZING AND BATTERY SHOP Garret Jacobsma, Prop. 510 Chicago Street Telephone Dolton 973 Dolton, Ill. Tires 1 Tubes - Accessories Cole Storage Batteries Tire and Battery Repairing our Specialty Rentals and Recharging Texas Gasoline Oils and Grease All Work Guaranteed PUBLIC 5 and l0c STORE We carry a complete line of candies, notions, granite-ware, tinware, glass- ware, woodenware and dry goods. Our Prices are the Lowest. 170 E. 154th St. Phone 72-R Phone Harvey 9-16 Alexander Gammie Plumbing and Heating' Contractor JOSEPH SCHWARZ FURNA C ES-SH EET M ETAL 329 Main St. Homewood, Phone 245--T 'v Compliments of MCDO U GALL The Druggist Homewood Cut Rate Market Henry Bornznwl, Jr. 15426 B1'O2lllW21y Hzlrvoy, Ill. . 33 W. Mam Street 12.117 'l'8z Hz l,Il. , Solgmflfslnml lmmom m Phone 190 Homewood, 111 fu:-V gy W W-as g Page One Hunmlreel Sixty three Turned and Polished Shafting Milled Key Seats at Reasonable Prices Cold Drawn Rounds, Squares, Flats, Hexagons and Screw Stock Bliss 65 Laughlin, Inc. -Established 1 891- Mills and General Offices: Harvey, lllinoisg Chicago Phone-Pullman 6490 Chicago Warehouse: 1023-1025-1027 West Jackson Blvdg Phone Monroe 5356 and 5357 Compliments of Austin Page One Hundred Sixty-four FSH' W my W .il W3 H 'ai Wi 'r la '1 il ,fl 1, 'F iff if M M 'Z H I 'x ,, .al V L E Pig f w I.. 'T Qi 1 if E Exceptzomzl Buys . l Geo. He1m 697 Co. . l 111 Real Estate l FLORISTS 5 HOMICS AND HOME SITICS Flowers for all occasions E. E. EDGAR MCMTOH 153218 LQGHIUI' Aw. Phone 394 H10 lizlst 15-ltlu SL. In D j Haney Tl! l'l'mmfs--G56 4 Fred . OOPS A. W. Campbell COX'l'H.-Xt"l'UlC sl BL'ILDI'IR Eg S011 lrmwsligzlll- our. 110 mom-5' down plan Wllvll Lhiuking ut' l1llll1lllXQ' your home. l Real Estate and Insurance N l'1v Stairs l 157107 Bl'oz1dWzU' l Plmno 2223-.I ll2l1'X'0Y. Ill. HST li. 1341111 Sl. Phone 1036 Pago Ono Hulnirefl Sixty-Flvo I I I I I I F...--,,.,,, ,NW W v ,W-N - V ' "" .l... .,.,.. Liiiyiig I I 1 I 'I R E O ' ge colvnvluNlTY PHARMACY s RI S I X Dlil'GSf-SODA I 4N rl'Oll,l'I'l' Al2'l'll'l,l'IS al T "On The lligliwayu I O New :uid Improved Sedan 1 N Homewood. III. I I I JAMES A. BATES T fl Lf 'z 'Q . Hz " ', Ill. I E IJIPNIHI -Xu llNPj I gif I I I I I , I I I I I I I I I I I ' I VVQ oflei' to the public 21 large I vziriety of deliciously p1'epa1'ed I I . . , I dishes. Compliments of I I I DIXIE CAFE The Harvey Ice Co. I fl I A Good Place To lint I Cnr, 154th St. and Park Ave. I I I, I I . Ili 1 I E I AI Y w ii? Page On-I Humlrecl Sixty-six X MARKS' TOGGERY "The Store of Better Values" 202 E. 154th St. Harvey, III Young Men's Furnishing Goods at Reduced prices THE WOODSHED LUNCHEON-AF'l'I'lRNOON TEA 307 Lincoln Avv. Dolton, Ill. Phono Dolton 33 RIVERDALE PHARMACY 87 East 137th St. Ernest Kettler, R. Ph. The Prescription Drug Store DOLTON DRUG STORE E. E. Lucken, R. P. L. T. DOLTON, ILL. WILLIAM F. WARNING HARDWARE, PAINTS, VARNISH GRAVIGR WATER SOFTENICR Phone 31 Homewood, Ill. HUBERT HICKL FINE SHOIC REPAIR WORK DONE 163 Center Ave. Harvey Abe's Bicycle Shop Bicycles, Supplies K Repairing 15709 Center Ave. Phone 305-IVI The Garden Tailor Alex Brzinilenburg, Prop. Cleaning, Pressing' and Dyeing 137 East 154th St. Masonic Temple Harvey, Ill. Suits Made to Order Page One Hunilreil Sixty-seven sl-Q I 1 1 I , , , W, ,. .,..,...- -,...,. , ,.., . J ,A-,,L--,,A,,.,-b,,, .L,.. , , , ,Y W ri ,l The RIALT0 Donath - Aeker Confectionery 4 Clothing l Co. Home Purity High ilrzulv Home Made t':u1flies lllelicious lcv fll't'2llll ITEM .-XS AND tll'lOliGlT Pllfflll' llurwy' fill Form-r If-ith Sl. an-l t'olumlni:x Ave. HarveyDairy Dealer in Perfectly l':1ste1l1'im-fl Milli :xml flI'02llll l"z1nc'y Vllilllll' Butler -lol lnlllll bl. Plmoonix, lll. llllilllt' llznru-y NIH Clothing Tailoring Gents' Furnisllings 167 E. 154th St. Peter Peerholte Go. Wholesale Grower of Onion Seed l.:11'g1-.NI lll'UXY1'l'S :um IM-:ill-If 1 Union 5-'ts in the Worll Main Office: 15709 State Street South Holland, lll. Phone Harvey 366-J Lansing, lll. Phone Lansing 110 Norwood Park, Ill. Phone Ridzemoore 591 Franklin, Ill.: Phone Homewood 69-J Y l- -,wa , MM, ,, , To WH , m,,-,nm ,,,-,....,,,,,,,,..,,, .311 .gli ' ' J Page One Huullrf-ll Sixty-eight 4 A, 4- - , --- 4- W r M- '-r4'A:'r':-'W "" ' ..' ::::4L::: is Q I I Compliments Wm R Brandt of The F lour and Ethel Barnings A Feed 1 1233 Ii. 15-1111 St. Harvey l The Senior Thorntonite Staff uses this space to thank the Advertisers for their generous support. -'-' -'Y' ' 'iii' -' '- " -mu' ?:7' ,, 7 W. flfhffi-, -ii' .-M,.M..-.l-n iw, Page One Hundred Sixty-nine PAUL'S DRUG STORE The San Tox Store 124 E. 154th si. Phones Harvey 606 and 605 "We deliver anything, anywhere, any time." Hydrox Ice Cream Johnston's Chocolates Parker Fountain Pens Everything in drug store merchandise Leader Stores Clothing, Shoes and Gents' FlIl'llISIll1IgS 205 IC. l54tl1 St. 25514 Statv St. Harvey, Ill. Hammond. Incl. Conmlixiioutzs of WILLIAM MAU Hardware Phone Riverdale 6008 Riverdale, Illinois Pl GEORGE SCHAF F ER Dry Goods and Shoes DOLTON COMPLIMICNTS OF ELLIS NEWS STAND GEORGE N. ELLIS 0 0 0 0.0 0.0 0.0 Paints and Wallpaper Painting and Decorating 0 0 0 0.0 0.0 0,0 lone 426-VV 15335 Center Avo Ilarvey, Ill. Page Ono Humlrm-ml Seventy ANY FOOT TROUBLE? SEE H. WIEBRECHT High Grade Shoes Satisfaction Guaranteed 15328 Columbia Avenue Harvey, Ill. RINKEMA BROTHERS Harvey Candy Land Delicious Ice Cream Wholesome Candies For All Times Grocery and Market Phone 49 Harvey South Holland, Illinois F. H. Gold EG? Sons Real Estate and Insurance Fire Insurance- Auto Insurance Homewood, 111. Phone Homewood 6 Phone Riverdale 6009 Phone Pullman 9023 Anthony Basile Successor to Joseph Ramltke Plumbing Gas Fitting' and Sewer Builclingr All Work Guaranteed 13786 Leyden Ave. Riverdale, Ill. Page One Hundred Seventy-one .. ,' Ev':1gW.iF.::.:.,g..g.,.,......M.,,,E. ,qw .,.,x. nw, ..., , ,......-.:.j,:?:,S..,5Tt.ggi...,:.X,f:::. .X...X E -. ...,. N.. -..,....-. ,. I' V- Q i Ib-A. 1'A'f7llm- jill-XV UINUL' PN1111' N15 E CHARLES C. PRATT I lllf.-XI. lCS'l'A'l'l'f 1l1Slll'Zl!1l'U lu All Ei A 11l'2llIi'1l0S ISAQOT ,wx'11gL1m Ava-. 112ll'X'C'j, Ill. HARVEY !?Ul"0 EXCHANGE E , Ilmxght-Solel-I-Ixclmngefl MQ E 15301 Broadway E Harvey, 111. P110n9 1049 Af JOHNSON ELECTRIC co. w r 1 1 9 f'Oll1l'2lL'lOl'S and IJozxIe1's in l R ICI1-cl1'in'z1l 31Ql'C11i1llf11S8 114 E. Main St. Phone 266 Homewood, Ill. Q , 1 DALE S CONFECTIONERY Hb Scrvo Fountain Lunches 5 High Gracie Czmclios and GERMAINE BEAUTY SHOPPE 15341 Centvhr Avenue Tho Shun oI'IQ11vf5ix' SVl'X'1l'l' Student? Waffle Shop Cafeteria Suwluy Dixnl--rs Hy .-Xppoilmm-nt LEAH SMITH 1537 If. l5Oli1 St. Wmllc- 1'121l'Yl'X F OLIVER AND OLSON HH.-XI.TORS 13l'II,DTiRS IXSl'lIA-XXCIC 158 H. 1511111 St. Phmw 362 J. H. AKHURST Pham' 284 H 11.0 Croanl NE.-XL IC-ST.-XTR INSEIL-XXl"lC l A A Nice Place To Go LOANS C f 154 h S d C A 7 X. Dixie I-Iighway Hom.-won-I, Ill. or. o t t. an enter ve. .gl 'A ? r Z 5 1 1 ,V 'r P, 'I 'I pl P 1 W V M w K V: 11 W' ill Qi W1 W AA? IJ I: , i MQ i Page Om, Hunslreml Seventy-two TTA f Compliments of THORNTON HIGH SHOP Light Lunch Soda C. Spencer, Prop. F. W. Prlndville D. M. Bross Phone Hoinewuud 371 F. W. PRINDIVILLE 8: C0 LOANS INSURANCE REAL ESTATE Dixie Highway at Main St. Homewood, Ill. Chicago Office: 1527 East 53rd St. Midway 2525 Cook County Trust 49 Savings Bank of Homewood, Ill. Under Stale Silpc-rvisiuii Cnpilnl :ind Surplus flR53.UOU.00 James A. Cowing, Pres. Wm. l.. Ima-pp, Vice-Pr:-s. George F. Thies, Czxsliier H. A. Fm-dll'-i's4-11, Asst. Cusliis-i'. Banking In All lts Brnnchws Our aim and eiiort is to give' such service to our customers that they niny proht by our dealings and iw-comm--nd us to tln-ir friends. Armstrong Printing Co. Publishing Commercial Printing We Cun't Do All The Printing- We Only Do The Best. Page One Hundred Seventy-three Q J DOLTON-RIVERDALE MOTOR CO. Lincoln - Ford - Fordson Cars- Trucks 1 Tractors 352 Lincoln Ave. Dalton, lll. WILLIAM GEBAUER Barber Shop 509 Chicago St. Dolton, Ill. DALENBERG 8z RINKEMA Grocery and Market South Holland, lll. Phone Harvey 1603-Rl BELL STORE Dry Goods, Shoes NVomen's and Men's Furnishings 124 E. 154th St. Member Cook County Real listnte Board A. S. DIEKMAN 8: SON Real l'lSt3.tCf-lllSUI'2lliCK' Office: First National Bank Bldg. Telephone Dolton 4 Dolton, lll. N. KRUGER TAILOR Suits Made To Order Cleaning, Pressing, Dyeing.: and Re- pairing. Fur Coats Cleaned, Rc-pairwl and Relinecl. We Call and Deliver 148 E. 154th St. Harvey 881 REGAL SHADE SHOP SHADES :intl DRAPICS Estimates Furnished Phone 876 153309 Center Ave. DINTY MOORE O O O 0.0 0.0 0,0 Ilow about an oreliestra for your next dztnce? 0:0 0:0 0z0 15247 Broadway Call 164-M iee One Humlrocl Seventy-four GoebeI's Boot Shop 164 East 154th Street Harvey, Illinois Featuring Shoes of the Hour Popular Prices American Hat Cleaning And Shoe Shining Parlor SUITS CLEANED AND PIIESSED WHILE YOU WAIT Ladies Dresses, Suits and Coats A Specialty THE BEST IN TOWN 58 Lincoln Ave, Dolton, III. J. SACHS PETEIVS SHOES and GENTS FURNISHINGS 200 E. 1511tI1 St. ' REAL ESTATE Real I Insurance I ' See Mr- Before You Buy Oi' Burn I I C. C. PELLERIN Telephone Harvey 913 I lr .M09 Center Ave. Ilarvey, III Page One Humlrwl Seventy-tive ,- E 1. v ....,. , ,, ..... ....,,,. , .. . MQ? .13,....W.....M.,...--.e M,,, Q,. ,L.,Qx , - i i r w T E 5? AMEmcAN CLEANERS IAIPIICS ANI? GICNTS f'l.O'l'Hl'IS ' K7 .1-:Axim ANU I'lClf1SSICD Kammert Huis Vlvzumcffl :md llvlmlockvd ' Show Shim-d Wll0I?SS?Q Confectioners Telephone 884 15404 Center Ave, Oz. Oz. Oz. W Qi - . - RCSILIQTICC 15217 Brrmdwuy Yi -HI' Stu XR ' ' - ' ' ' ll, re from 13310 I31 rmdxx 215 nf-2' J W OLIVER 8: CU. Teleplione Harvey 239-VV yfr Pfzarmaclsts and Chemzsts HUF 1' 15i1h and C'vnu-1' +1 ! xl EQ 'll-"q'?m11u rlwuth Hullzmxi lvillli-H2 Gfocefy Market Towing Service KO'WE'BA U5 , P Brand 1 S Pure Food Products Q V. Yam K2llll'2'2lH, Prop. H i xrcw Axn VSICIJ wus ' ' li I I H I'iOlNl'XVll0Il, Ill. I .-XCk"'rrUl'10S 01 All lxmmls K ' 'T 1 1 1'+7'71y ' A 4ehm.Iy'L-111' and Lf S. Tilw-s ,Nl-Tghphlm ' HH, I Flour Feed Q i A. R. TILSTRA I . 1 Hardware, Furmture, Farm h CfQy2Q7def l Implements V Q All Work l:llill'2ll1tl'Q1l 3 -,.... 15-115 cwlbllllllllill Avw. , Hill'X'6f', Ill. All Kilnls ol' Gz11'1lc,l1 Se-mls Qwuth Hollzmrl Phone 1603-JI 751 'I?rGd.,,....,--,-... .... ..-. Ami.,-.A-.-,.,-..-.f W T-.- MW ,,...,,-- - .... -3: I'11gv Om- Hunflreml Sevclnty-six J' Ii? I SEVERSON GARAGE Taxi and Towing Service Storing, Repairing, Vulcanizing Accessories For Sale Tm-ipho imix S ll emu ies Dixie Hiel ixxv ay Compliments of the Guaranteed Fuel and Supply Company Dealers in Lumber, Millwork and Builders Supplies Homewood, Ill. Phone 200 Nichols' Bauer Cabs High School Trade Solieited No Charge For lixtra Passengers Trunks Handled Phone 106 A. C. WESSE VVaterproof Cement Blocks Foundation and Cement Sidewalk Construction Factory: Corner Chicago and Main Streets Residence: 510 Chicago Street DOLTON Phone Harvey G60-J 15427 Columbia Ave. KICKERT'S AUTO SALES -Dealer in- Overland, Willys-Knight -Sales and Service- Phone South Holland 317-W 159th and State Streets M. SPEYER -Dealer in- General Merchandise 131 l59tl1 Street South Hollancl, Illinois FRANK PIAZZA Xz SONS WHOLESALERS 81 RETAILERS Fancy Fruits and Vegetables Greenhouse Vegetable Grower! 153528 Broadwap Telephone Sl Greenhouses at 147th Stiewt in .-Xshlanml Avvnin- Telephone SS-W M. H. DAWSON 165 E. 154th St. Phone 648-W Harvey, Illinois Arch Preserver Shoes for XVomen Florsheim Shoes for Meri l"T:,,. 'W -egg - , ' ...H Page One Hundred Seventyseven Compliments of FRANK R. EHIVIAN 8: CO. tNot lnc.l RIC.-Xl. l'IS'l'A'l'l'I Sz INSURANCE 57 IC. Iiltli St. Harvey, III. 'l'el1-plione Harvey 10253 JOHN WILSON 8: SON XVALLPA PHIL QQ PAINT Painting and Decorating IDEAL MARKET Meats, Groceries, Fruits Vegetables 152306 Center Ave. Phone 41 Couteliie Lorenz BLOOM ELECTRIC SERVICE 'IIETH SERVICE STATION Lighting Starting Ignition 'IR-Ieplione Harvey 950 15-129 Brozulwzly Harvey, Illinois H. Bloom Vet-rliusen, Prop, X Hour Battery Clmrging Ii DIXIE SWEET SHOP Lunclieons anrl Bakery Goods Confectionery and Ice Cream J. C. Hansen. Prop. So. Dixie I-Iigliwziy Homewoosl, Ill. Eat At R I C E 'S VVl1en In Ilzirvey FRED HOYER CO. Painting and Decorating 10 Wm-st Main St. Honic-wooml, Ill. Wall Paper, Varnish, Paints, Brushes, Painters' Supplies, Glass We are as near to you as your Phone. Call us: Homewood 298 , , .--Y .W , ,, , ,, A. 8: O. MOTOR SALES 15410 Park Ave. IIzirvey, Ill Business Phone 2.23-II llesiilence Plioni- N155-II Page One I'Iunflreml Seventy-eiglit I l I i I IH 1 i i li Ml ii 91 'IT VFW.-I . R, 5 S T HI BOUK is a fair sample of the class of work the printing plant of the Harcvey Printing and Publishing Company is equipped to handle. Quality is our first and our last thought for our high school students and for you. "You remember quality long after you have forgotten the price." The Harvey Tribune is read in practically every home in Harvey and vicinity. Tribune Stationery Store Nothing but stationery but everything' in stationery for the otiice, the school, the home. 1-13 East 151th St. 'Telephone 15 Page One Hundred Seevnty-nine WN4 IT E L V 1 ,f,WWmf 5 Hula, QL. JMX li 35W?Q,, if fVwc9p4M - '25 tl EER? J , iMM:Lfi2igh'isi7 if 902 MMf wQ2fZfwW3vL'!f. ' , ,541 mQ7qQ0Z21 lg? W ZW d3'vvufv.J,,2.3 1 7! jfwew " l QM ffff 1 NXQX pf' I if an GLW' In . i o W ll li l I 1 I I ! E .I 1 1 i 3, I CX nnANyy1,4f'98n Page One- HL J x -W ' ' I KN if A-ff X Y QNLT4 Nfl? .AN FQ ' If f i X- ff J g1:f 7 xv -f ' --...... N... .f-J' ny - Nf M11 9 f a11f1f Mk MEM' A S Q 0 f 'f CD KNOWLEDGE 7- IS POWER m 'X- ' was E 4 S f X 3? , m 4i,, ,.,---, ' I ' E- , - cn fe J' '9 O

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