Thornton Fractional North High School - Chronoscope Yearbook (Calumet City, IL)

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Thornton Fractional North High School - Chronoscope Yearbook (Calumet City, IL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1952 volume:

l I Yxviqmi " 'J 'V?""" F!!-3.7-.n-. Y.. -.-.,., , Y W' " """"1!-IHIIIIIIL ,. .-.,,,, f1f!4,4wf,f:n,df dj wfal if w'w' 7204 X Aff Hwlf 4fQmW7f4f2f fa - Qzlwb ff 4 fujmgf w ik Lifh' W b7n7M5AM7f 4 Lf . LL J, Q ,7,p,fZ"""17 Y 'M CLW ' 216145, I ' as L7 ' L kVf,, fw +03 A V ' nm 'C , av J' I 1 I . ' JQYWL MW ,affifl R M, KLWJ4 - WWWM V N' Q 1,f'ji ' 'ILA L59 'fiwjfil ' A f , l f: M'jx " Q 'g .Z . x -z1gQ,4 al RQ? gig? P ? x 1, Y 4' Y-V Y-,W . -- ---ff,V - . , Wi.. wwvm.,,.5vw-frif,-:VIVTW- , I ,w Z ,R ' .,ff,,., cu2A 'f 1 QAM WW! Mcxxyf A W Wx . . I N T' JJN gil fx OJ gm" . l ,W -v D 5 I ',J L 4 M DW I 1. LI 1? ,. ff ff wif WWW jf aww if ' ,I N: 1 P V 1: ab WSW ij NL Wy W W 3 1: F 1? XL- , X I f ,, MBGCQ... As We, the Senior Class of 1952, look back on these old familiar halls, Where We,ve laughed together, and shared our sorrows for four rich years, We realize that this is the end of four chapters in our lives. We,ll never forget the games, the socials, the carnival, the con- certs, the prom, and even the classes. We could go on for pages just mentioning the little things that mean so much. We shall never forget T.F. Weill always remember our years there as an experience in our lives that will never again happen to us, 7 Ai e e re oun fi IX. fwf f . ff. tx ', .Q-,y ff X lf"7 1 'W ' I 5 'lim ,Y wx ,v .- 3 si 1 gg' x fee .Qi W 3 . X mx ,, M Q 3 7 t' A X 1 21' mmm WS ' f. 3 QL f. I .r- Qi 'QW ,ggi ., ss T . . A ..,,. gf 5 9 -j f wg L .,. ' A 3553" eww Lg -:tif .'.. 5 Z i t H ,-Q 125: it EiQ E:, x Jn QM ' 7 As, f .Efffgfb wi ,Q ff 1 NA ,. .. : zi F., :"' ,,'-1 4 5 ig 4 '1 fi 'fs QW ing" six A -.A- 'f IZA A is 5? 1 Q we af 55 fl Wx' 25, v 3 P Y! 5 2 S is v Q F gi 5 QA f E 2 5, 2 i 5 4 ! Q S Z f. Sf fu 3 lk 352 3 Q ulfllai IM Ze 77 Olflflg Fun . . . laughter . . . Frankls car . . . football games . . . beating Bloom . . . the "hang outv after school . . . Jan, K'The Man" . . . all these memories come back at the closing of four years. Our primary purpose at TF Was to secure an education, but We did have our lighter moments. School would mean nothing to us without the clubs and the many friends we made. VVe,ll miss the rushing to class and the discussions with our friends before we Went to our favorite club meetings. TABLE OF CONTENTS PREFACE .....,............... 2 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS .... .. . 8 CHAPTER I FRESHMAN YEAR .... ... I0 CHAPTER Il SOPHOMORE YEAR ... ... 26 CHAPTER III JUNIOR YEAR .... ... 42 CHAPTER IV SENIOR YEAR .... ... 60 REFERENCES ... ....IO4 PUBLISHERS ... ....I06 AUTHORS .... .... I O7 Page 7 ..ACLIfl0lfULO!gQlfl'LQIfL fd IAMES H. LEONARD Superintendent Page 8 Books frequently pay tribute to one or IDOIG individuals who have in some Way made publi- cation possible. Thereforeg We, the Senior Class of 1952, would like to thank Mr. james H. Leonard and Mr. jackson Kiester, our Superin- tendent and Assistant Superintendent, respec- tively. Their guiding light has shown before us constantly during our four years, stay here. They made us feel that We abelongedn, and helped to provide a good education for us. We hope that this small tribute Will, in some Way, show them our appreciation. AIACKSON KIESTER'tanl Superintendent Our capable otlice stall, Mrs. Berniece Rybarski, Bliss Connie Collins, and Mrs. Bar- bara Creenwood, perform many of the necessary duties in the functioning of the school. Rf-serv wi Ii .M ., sf " W, .. .E:.::,,,, A Lx? ' s M' 'iv 'L ,Www Sitting, left I0 right: Edward Knhlman, prcsiclc-ntg llarolcl Finncrzm, Raymond Doclcwciler. Sfflllfllillg, left fo right: Andrew Klein. secretary: Emil llilllglllll. Known! of gclucafzon XVQ Cannot forget the Hve men Who freely ancl willingly gave their time to settle matters, large and small, concerning our helovecl TF., and thus kept the school running smoothly for ns. MISS KATHERINE BRAZZILL Kill. AITKEN YOUNG Dean of Girls and chemistry t4'llClIl'1' Dvzin ol' Boys amd advanced math .748 1220115 These two smiling facQs solved many of our scheclule difficulties and clisciplinary problems. Although they rep- rinianclecl us for our clcten- tions, they remainvcl om' goocl friends. Page 9 1 -www U- , f f -2 C! Q Q A U X xv gmew 1 w l l .gn lie Aeginnin FRESHMEN 1951-1952 Row 1-jack Aanley, Robert Adumkiewicz, Lowell Almon, Dale Anderson, Nancy Anderson, Annette Arzicli Anthony Arzich, Patricia Arzicli, Ken Ashley, Barbara Baker. Row2-Dennis Bulaz, Tom Bnranowski, Joseph Busso, Laura Bates, Margaret Benkel, Dennis Berdis, James Berwunger, Larry Berwunger, Put Bluemire, Lee Blunkenbaker. How 3-Bob Black, Dave Bolilen, Jerry Bowers, Lorraine Bozck, Tom Brady, Glenn Brazel, Put Brennan, Daisy Bridegrooni, Tom Brown, Larry Bswult, Page 12 FRESHMEN 1951-1952 Row How How Row Row Row Row 1 2 3 4, 5 6 7 Beverly Buelcinan, 1101112111 Bnekiier, Edward Hulezale, Jeanette Burke, Henry Cabala, Pxoluert Carlson, Kareii Castle, Carol Conrad. Shirley Corbett, Ken Courtney. 1101011 Cox, Doran Graiff Yvonne Grailf, Barluara Cromer. 101111 Ctuszynski Donna C1111- A C3 CJ . . I .V 7 11111 71111111 Nanev Cwetna Robert Dalek, oanne 13301111 Mar orie Davis. , , 1 . 1 1 -1111111 DeMik, Tom DeMik, Delores DeVries, Gary Dixner, Helen Dixon, A1111 Dodge, Carol Dolfin, Beverly Donalclson, Nancy Dowd, Robert Drake. Pat 1JI'k1I1gl11C1StC1', Nancy Drayer, Stanley Drewinski, Melvin Dnlxriek, Bob Dunfee, George Dvojaeki, A1 Dwelis, Esther Dykema, Vanessa Dyrke, Gene Eisenlmtt. Billf EI'1l11I'I71'l', Peter Faffan, Pat Faleioni, Roseinarv Fazio, Valertio Fazio, Robert 1 5 w. G 1. in -I 1 11 etters, 130111111 1'1eldl1o11se, Peter 1+11ee11, Jeanne 1'1nn1e, Ieanette 1'1orek. joan Foley, Garl Front, Mary Frediaunelli, George 1'1fCHCl1, Graee Furranski, Hose Gam- bino, Marie Genova, James Georgef1, Katherine Goldberg, Joan Good. Elaine Grattean, Melvin Gray, 4101111 Griinler, Ceorgiann Grnba, Bob G1'll11lkL', Milan Gr11ie11, Carla Grutzins, Philip Gulliclge, Ruth Gulieks, Karen Ilarinan. Page 13 LUQ lfU8I"Q A85 lfflelfl LU Qlfl On, stairs: Linda Krell. Below: Donna Cunning- ham Left In right: Dalc Andcrson, Danny Petrcc Bob Carlson, Tony Arzich, Allen Grundstruln Ted Lutlcus The first important election in our high school life took place in October oi November when two of the girls in our class were fortunate enough to be elected to Girls' Club Board, and five of our freshmen boys were clected to Boys' Club Board. Pictured above are the lucky ones. Page 14 firomefking new was ein? ankle!- Mrs. Lilyan Wfilsonis first semester third period American Problems Class sponsored the Crusade for Freedom Drive, in order to help fight Communism. Pictured above are the chairmen of the drive and the sponsor. A newly organized body, The Presidential Advisory Board, composed of presidents or representatives of all the clubs in school, made its first appearance in the halls of TF this year. Under the chairmanship of David Markstone, the board produced its own Carnival show and helped decide many pressing issues of the school. Ifirst row: Luther Harthnn, Nancy Thorp, Alice Mroch, Patricia Reeves, Arlene Machay, Miss Katherine Brazzill, sponsor, jane VViek, Donna Lewis, Arlene Loncski, Delores Czcrwinski, David Markstone Back row: Joe Heintz, Robert VVchh, David Jackson, Richard Huitenia, Roy Frcdhlooni, Frank Gillespie, jay Sheffield, Toni Petrec Lcff Io right: Marilyn Barker Ruth Harlc John Avcnatti Phyllis Evanson Mrs. Lilyan VVilson sponsor Page l5 FRESHMEN 1951-1952 Row llow Row Row How How Row 1 QL 3 4 5 6 f-v I janaee Harms, Darlene Hart, Naomi Ilays, Billy Heeimovieh, Allen Herhst, Beatrice Iliguet, Dennis Hill, Larry I-Iill, Marilyn Hineline, Lynelle Hofl. Eileen Holliman, Albert Hoogeveen, Rohert Howans, Eugene Hudson, Barbara Hughes, Charles Huizenga, Gayle Huntington, William jaeosen, loan jandura, NValter Jernigan. Xvilikllil Iesso, David lohnvon, Marshall Aloyee, Ceorgine Kaleta, Rohert Kallas, Helen Krannner, Sandra Kaply, -Ioanne Keene, Ronald Kellner, Pat Kern. -Marsha Kessler, llonalcl Kingsbury, Kay Kirsehsieper, Mar, ha Klein, Geraldine Kleinme. Ann Klenovieh, Donna Kortenhoven, Donna Kosanovieh, Paul Kozlowski, Linda Krell. -Art Krumrn, Margaret Kulezyk, Ted Kuzniar, Darryl Kwasny, Carmen Laney, Marlene Lansing, Elsie LaSalle, -lark Lesineister, Ethuund Lessner, Carol Linkiewiez. -Ruth Lipski, Marlene Luther, Tecl Lwtkus, Tom Mahrey, Don Magclzicisz, Raymond Mahns, Richard Mann, Nola Marehaint, Gloria Martin, john Masniek. -Marilyn Mason, Rieharcl Mathies, Pat Maurey, Dick Mayer, June MeGarr, Carlene McKee, Virginia McLean, Toni Mecha, Kathleen Meeyssine, Marlene Meyers Page 16 , I My . f , I i X ,7 , ,., , , , P. r f , FRESHMEN 1951-1952 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Row 6 Row 7 Joseph Mika, Charles Miller, James Miller, Norma Miller, Spencer Minton, Paul Miseli, Ted Misdom, Irene Mitchell, Ruth Mondrlyli, Kay Moore. Patricia Morningstar, Patricia Mraz, Jerome Munda, june Mundi, Helen Muta, Dick Nelson, Marlene Neubronner, Sue Newcomb, Judith Ann Nikirk, james Nogacki. Gale Norrgran, Dolores Novak, Yvonne Novak, Angie Nunez, Dena Odle, Loretta Odzinski, Bill Olson, Charles Olson, Arlene Oppenhuis, Arlene Ortt. Richard Orzel, Roberta Padgitt, Doreen Pahnke, Casimir Paliga, John Parker, Curtis Patterson, Louis Pavnick, Ronnie Pease, Audrey Peters, Helen Peters. Dan Petree, Elaine Plug, Paul Pudd, Darlene Prestamer, Virginia Prospero, Helen Quer- tcrrnous, Ronald Quigg, Patricia Radnick, Robert Rayski, Marilyn Resan. Shirley Reynolds, Adrianne Richmond, Don Roach, Clrra Rohloff, Janice Rosinski, Clara- lee Rouzer, Gene Ruggire, Edward Ryba, Ronald Sanye, Sondra Sanders. Robert Schascr, Ioan Schmidt, Marlene Schopp, Lois Elaine Schroeder, Marlene Schroe- der, Barbara Sehruni, jack Schultz, VVayne Schultz, Barbara Schwenn, Pat Shafer, Page 17 FRESHMEN 1951-1952 Row 1-Mary Sharbcr, Robert Sharp, Patricia Sheeky, Toni Sherboncly, Glenn Simpson, Frances Skarwecki, Donald Skvara, Edward Sinith, XVilliani Smith, Patricia Snedcn. Row 2-Marie Sobczak, Mary Lou Soczyk, Myrl Sonson, Ioan Sovich, Dick Sparks, David Sproul, John Stachclfki, Russell Stecyk, Carol Stevens, John Stier. Row 3-Ronald Stocklc, Patricia Stralko, Robert Struzik, Don Suchocki, Iucly Swecny, Bernaclinc Swygnian, David Tanis, lim Tatarcn, Robert Taylor, Sylvia Taylor. Row 4-Patricia Terry, Janice Thirion, Paul Thornilcy, Arlene Tieinens, Sue Tobin, Catherine Tokarz, Bob Tollcy, Jim Tracy, Toni Trauh, Rosalie Trembczynski. Row 5-Ronald Troy, Corclon Tughctton, Ilarolcl Twait, Everett Van Malscn, Bob Vcy, lanics Vierk, Vernon Vicrk, Mary Lon Voight, Kenny Waldrop, Ray WValenga. Row 6-Jim YValker, Peggy XValkcr, Priscilla XVclls, Dewey Vlenzcl, Mary Ann VVestbowski. Patrick YVhiting, Charles NVicltlcll, ,lack VVilkining, Natalie XVincl, Jack VVinebreimer. Row 7-Marilyn XVleklinski. Dan XVojcict-howeki, jim VVoochvoeth, jinnny XVoolf, Dorothy Year- gin, Kathryn Yelton, Roy Young, Toni Zack, Samly Zaikis, Darlene Ziskal. Page 18 FBESHMEN BOYS' CHORUS First row: Dick Meyer, Ray- mond Smith, Phillip Gul- legc, John Parker, Sue Newcomb, accompanist, XVilliam Jacobsen, Louis Pavnick, John Grimler, Mr. Christian Second raw: Melvin Grey, Charles lluizenga, Rohert Fctters, Edward Bulezak, Marshall Joyce, James Miller, Rohcrt Schaser, Vernon Vierk Third row: Joseph Basso, David Bowlin, David 'l'anis, Thomas Brown, Harold Twait, Robert Carlson, Geno Pmuggeri. Kenneth Ashley. lfourflz row: Hohert Dunfee, Myrl Lanson, John VVene- hrenner, Donald Burdis, Allan Grundstroin, Ronald Troy, Xvlllllllll Jesso, Charles YViddle Fifflz row: Allan Herhst, Bohert Drake, Jolm Stier, Lowell Almon, Raymond Mahns. Dale Anderson. Jack Wilkening, Donald Skvard Page 19 Personnell: Nancy Anderson, Barhara Baker, Laura Bates, Patricia Blaemire, Lu Anne Blanken- haker, Daisy Bridcgroom, Patricia Brennan, Buelah Buckner, Jeanette Burke, Karel Castle, Carol Conrad, Shirley Corbett, Nancy Cwetna, Marjorie Davis, Helen Dixon, Jo Anne Doeher, Carol Dolfin, Patricia Drangineister, Nancy Draycr, Esther Dykenia, Vanessa Dyrke, Rosemary Fazio, Jeanette Florek, Joan Foley, Mary Fredianelli, Grace Furmanski, Marie Genova, Joan Good, Corla Grutzius, Ruth Ann Gullicks, Janeace Harms, Darlene Hart, Naomi Hays, Beatrice Higuet, Lynelle Hoff, Barbara Hughes, Gayle Huntington, Joan Jandnra, Helen Kammer, Sandra Kapley, Donna Kosonavich, Jo Anne Keene, Patricia Kiraly, Kay Kirschsicpcr Marsha Klein, Geraldine Klenmore, Mary Klenovich, Marlene Lansing, Elsie LaSalle, Carol Linkiewicz, Ruth Lysiki, Marlene Luthc1', June MeGarr, Virginia McLean, Nola Marchant, Gloria Martin, Marilyn Mason, Marlene Meyers, Nomia Miller, Kay Moor, Helen Muta, Marlene Ncuhronner, Angie Nunez, Yvonne Novak, Dena Oklc, Loretta Odzinski, Arlene Oppenhuis, Roberta Padgitt, Doreen Pahnke, Darlene Presamer, Patricia Baduiek, Marilyn Hesan, Adrianne Richmond, Janice Rosinski, Barbara Salwinski, Marlene Schapp, Joan Schmidt, Lois Schroeder, Marlene Schroeder, Barbara Schwenn, Antionette, Serafin, Patricia Shafer, Patricia Sheeky, Patricia Sneden, Carolyn Stevens, Patricia Stralko, Sylvia Taylor, Patricia Terry, Janice Thirion, Arlene Tieinan, Mary Lou Voight, Peggy Sue NValker, Natalie NVind, Marilyn XVleklinski, Dorothy Yeargin we ma e man new Lien 5 The Freshmen Boys' Chorus and Freshmen Girls, Chorus were two of our favorite classes. Although we had fun with our friends, we learned the elements of note reading and harmony. Everything was new and exciting that first year, especially when we sang in our first concert. ww,fwssr mmmmwyv1: wif 'emi f One of the Well-known uservice inindedv clubs at TF is the Library Club. Their never ending work is not always given the recogni- tion that should he awarded them. In addition to giving up their library periods to serve the student body, they also hold meetings after school and plan such social events as "The Sadie Hawkins Dancen and 'The Autumn Frolicsf' Upper lefl: First row: Rhea Hilt Marian Pavlik Second row: Marilyn Salima Delores Struzik Patricia LaSalle Sue Maddox Lower left: First row: Shirley Roniandinc Peggy Evanson Anne Brose Dorothy Machay Second row: Georgia Ehlcn Arla-ne Machay Lppel' right: Marilyn Salilna Patricia Dratwa Arlene Machay president Annette Maniscalco Miss Mary Spclbring sponsor Middle righl: First row: Alice Hcathcotc Lois Freeman Annette Tvlaniscalco Second row: Carol Crch Lucille Urban Lower right: First row: Ieanettc Szala June Kapers Second row: Patricia Dratwa Barbara Sikorski Third row: Joan Masnick Diana Podraza ecwnin demfice an Page 20 cbdlofaging our fadnfdg Top of strlirx: Alice Mroch. On stairs: lay Sheffield Front row: lohn Cahala, Martha Knahcnhans, Nancy Ccrolcl, Sondra Friclitl, Carole Zaleta, Joyce Braali. Buck row: Luther I-Iarthuu, Jerry Mocljeski l" row: Mr. Earl Davis, sponsorg Ted Lutkus, Dick Matthies, joan Foley Second row: Lowell XVcitkamp, XVil- liam Deckcrt, Joan Smith Tllirrl row: Tom DeMilc, Allen Grund- strom, Robert Harris Room 2:28, the haven for the speech team in between meets, has heard con- testants practicing uncler the direction of Mr. Earl Davis for several years. The fact that each year new laurels have been added to the schoolis trophy case, shows that the team is constantly improving and that interest in speech is in- creasing year after year. Page 21 'Q Ziff?-S -Gr V, M5'5z4xn?g,f F03 s Rf ana! dfucfyin All of our classes held interest for us that first year. Most of us Wvrc still trying to lliilklt up our minds what kind of course we Wanted to take. Some of us were still undecided about College 01' Ll Career in the business world. Page 222 nv to Top picture, front row: Patricia Davis, Donna Kosanavich, Marilyn Donaldson, Alice Cox. Back row: Marilyn Saliina, Rita Beckman, Marian Pavlik, Carole Zaleta, Lois Freeman, Arlene Last, Georgia Paladine Lower left, first FULUJ Barbara Freeman, Sandra Benjamin, Carole Ball, Ilene Lewandowslci. Second row: Rita Beckman, Marian Pavlik, Virginia Zuklcy, Nancy Vierk. Third row: Jean Cahala, Letty Fredianclli, june Mundt, Carmen Laney. Fourth row: Helen Peters, Phyllis Larnino. Fifth row: VVarrcn Brown, Shirley Schwartz Lower right, first row: Sue Edwards, Marilyn Donaldson, Marilyn Mayer. Second row: Bill Beanblossoin, Charles Miller, Elmer Craslca, jack Kronvall. Third 1'UlU: Phil Kosanavich, Vlilliani Alclerclcn, ll. Herbst. Fourth TUIDJ VVayne Mitchell, Jack Pin-ol 8 AMI16! JQZAVL LUCL5 lfilfl LU Qlfl -' There has to be a middleman in any business and that's just what the Thorntonian salesmen and acl-getters were. The acl-getters got the necessary money for publishing by collecting ads, and the salesmen sold the papers to you. They received no awards or money for their work, just the satisfaction of know- ing that they had helped the paper. "Maxie',, our perennial magazine salesman, came to T. F. in the fall again, and gave us a pep talk about reviving salesmanship tactics. The selling of the magazines helped to make possible the publication of the book you are now reading, and the participants in the drive did a true service for their school. ' Page 2:3 l"0l'l'I,0tllflg AGAOOK Qlfeflfff Although the record of the freshmen gridders and basketeers boast few victories, the boys f gained valuable experience while learning the basic fundamentals from football Coaches Adolph I f Gentile and VVilbur Petree and basketball Coach Harold Schultz. They showed great promise even though it was their first year of playing organized sports for most of the boys. These should be Hne squads by 1954-55. I l First row: Manager, Dick Nclsong Danny Pctree, Kenneth Courtney, VVaync Schultz, Iaelc Schultz, Edward Smith, l Alven Nearney, Joe Serloek, Manager, Daniel Roach Second row: Gordon Ingbretson, David Sproul, Robert Sharp, James Georgclli, Duane VVenzcl, Theodore Lutkus, Lowell Almon, Dale Anderson, Anthony Arzich, Robert Carlson, james Vierlc Tliirfl row: Timothy Titarian, John Leismeister, Arthur Krumm, Joseph Mika, Geno Ruggeri, David Tannis, Robert Tolley, Ronald Stockle, Coach Adolph Gentile Fourth row: Vernon Vierk, jack xVlUClJl'6'HIlC1', Gene Eisenhut. Donald Skavaro, Robert Rayski, Charles Miller I First row: james Miller Robert Dunfee Dennis Burtis Robert Tolley -lerome Munda Richard Meyer James Vierlc Dale Anderson Second row: Richard Mathias Manager john Styer Gcno Ruggeri Ronald Troy Art Krumm Roy Mahms Third row: Danny Petree James Wolfe Vernon Vierk Dan WVocjiehowski Charles Miller Fourth row: Kenneth Ashley Lowell Almon Anthony Arzich Not in picture: Harold Schultz Coach Page 24 gI'85Al'l'l6U'l jo ,JAM Thornton Opponents 6 ,,..,, ,Y,,,,. I rving ,,A.,,,,,, ,,,,AA, 7 0 ,.,v,, ..,,,,,,. I Jeyden ..Y,Y,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 1 2 13 ,.,,,,. ...... H annnond Tech w w,nn.,,,,,,,A, 31 6 ,YY.... ,,,Y,,,.Y. H arvey A.,,,,,,,,,,, ,A,,,,,A 1 8 13 ..w. .7,.. B lue Island V....... 6 6 .,,,,, ,,.,,.. C lark ,,,,,,, S 19 ,,,.,,. ,..Yw.. B loom 6 gl"e5Al'l'lCl,l'l, Thornton 21 20 31 24 31 30 A,,,,I 25 ...I.I 46 28 24 28 31 13 24 S31 16 26 .I.., Irving Munster Clark Blue Islancl Y,..,,,, Munster Irving XI. P. NI. A. ...,,, 7 Harvey .,....... Morton Morton ,, Harvey Clark Tech Kankakee IZ. C. XVashington ., Blue Island S5 Page in ' Opponents 35 21 22 35 30 17 34 24 ,, ,... ..r 32 46 42 34 36 42 29 ,,. -I Q, f YQ f XG, J Fx , ' ' M ' REM !TE::..,.x ' Qi 1 M-!!! if wg 1 " Wig am 107 MIM I I '!'JW '1f- 'ff ,ff .' : i J, X "" x 5 fm G ' 1 5 'ia if fb sible if , r X M, V. WWW' Q l Q v .s Q. ' ,-A v, Q 1' '11, W M1 SOPHOMORES 1951-1952 Row 1-Walter Ahrendt, Darryl Albright, Wlallace Ansburg, Harold Arney, Carole Ann Ball, Anthony Basile, Thomas Bear, Carl Becker, Sandra Benjamin. Row 2-Robert Bennett, Harvey Benninghofl, Gail Benson, Phyllis Bieniasz, Mary Ann Bitter, Horner Bogart, Donald Bolelc, Ger- trude Bouwman, Nancy Bowers, Harold Brady, Josephine Breski. Row 3-Ralph Brunlce, Gerald Burezyk, Thomas Burczyk, Judy Burke, Earl Burris, Raymond Buvala, Russell Calahrese, Judy Cannon. Gladys Carr, Richard Carr, james Casner. Row 4-Doris Chandler, jane Charhonneau, Helen Ciciora, Donald Courtney, Arlene Crawford, WVesley Cronkright, Ronald Cwetna, Anna Dafcik, Mary Dean, William Deckert, Robert Deutsch. Row 5-Edgar Dockweilcr, Ed Donahue, Stanislaus Drewno, Diane Duhrick, Paul Dudzinslci, Natalie Dust, Bernadeth Dwor- niczek, Richard Dworniczek, VVayne Dyrke, YValter Erchinger, Ann Eunice. QW, we LUQIAQ Page 28 50,0 0171010855 Cllfl " ' SOPHOMORES 1951-1952 Row Row ' Row Row Row 5 Row Row Donna Evans, YVayne Evans, Frank Fazio, Doris Ifelcetik, Joan Fieht, Harvey Fladelanfl, Jerome Fleming, Celcilia. Iflorck, lfredcriclc Iflorck, Claricc Frank, Ellen Freeman. Mary French, John Neil Ifrevcrt, Sondra Frichtl, Gerald Frieling, Elaine Fritz, Robert Fritz, Geraldine Gajcla, Norman Gaurcll, Joyadell Cehrke, Joseph Dean Gifford, Donna Clandon. Mary Ann Coocl, Ronald Craczyk, Dorothy Graham, Elizabeth Graham, Richard Griffith. Liane Guerin, Rosemgry Cula, Jeanette Culiek, John Hansen, Robert Harris, Barbara llartiield. Patricia Hecht, Frederick Hecht, Lorraine Heimhuch, Joseph Heintz, Curtis Henry, YVillard Hickle, Lester Hill, Richard Hoffman, Julia Holmes, Bonnie Jean Hope, VVarren llousingcr. David Huge, Richard Huitcma, Edward Hunter, Betty Huntley, Susan Isay, Charles Issacson, Josephine Jalcnpcali, Carol James, Mary Janick, Joyce Janus, Shirley Jaworski. Andree Jeney, Roberta Jensen, Sally Johnson, Charles Johnston, Doris Jones, Robert Jordan, Mary Jung, Rosemary Kaleta, Thomas Kaleta, Ruth Karner, Beverly Kellner. Marian Kempinski, James Kjewski, Albert Kline, Nora-ne Koerner, Jean Komorowski, Norman Komorowski, Beverly Konow, Ida Kooi, Dale Kooy, Glenn Kooy, Ruth Kosellce. Page 29 Ron' one: ltozi' lien: Donald Rlawitter ou' llirrzf: Barbara Pawloski Ron' four: Sum Drewno I.uther Harthuu, drum major Edward NiOlNlIl'Yli, Alire Xlroeli Anita Rosiuski, Helen Moor Shirley Swartz, Aloyee liraak Ruth Harle Charlotte Young Daniel Giewzirlowski ,loan Malnfka, xloyee Cenfion Joan Bragg, Sally Rolirifr. joyte Whitselt, Andree .Ieney Rohert llykema, Patrilia Thiel Marilyn Barker, Doris Crouch Howard XVard, Doris Chandler Darryl Albrigln, Pamela Herring ,leanette Gullick, john llrewno Ray Iiggebreeht llerorne Burdcau, Dale Skeen james Gawrt-mski, Carl Genrieh Clarire Frank, Xv1IllCI' lirchiuger Leona Hickle Alis jo Hertenslein Roland Kwasny, john Mile rm! fnfr: Ronald Klawitter Virginia llurtis, Shirley Vierk Carol Koontz. jerome Nlodjeski . . Tibby Schultz, liugene lXIOdjeski .lark ltrohl, Eugene Rose llerhert Krumm, Neil Freyert Nvarren Vanclerlee Marilyn Mills, Kenneth Smith Phyllis lixanson XVilliam Van Malsen john Petloek, Robert Mallhies 'I'n'ir'Im1i: Shirley Romandine, Barlnzlra Mueller, Darlene Tripp, Carole Aures. Loretta Parker, Nfariau Paxlik, Carole Misdom, Georgia lihlen, liloise l.a Sota, Dona Lewis, Margaret Ilemlzouslti, Delores Sllillllli mudic ecame im orfanf Ol"lflC1liRS Ron' our-: Doris Clhandler. Mis -Io Hertenslein, jack N'ounell, direetor: .lohu Pelloek, president: Anita Rosiuski, l'at Thiel. Harold Christian, rlirertor limi' Izrn: Roland Kwasny, Charlotte Young, joyre Cleneion, l,eoua Hiekle. .Ioan Xlalufka limi' mm: ,lark Rronxall, Dennis lllasl, Bexerly Hose, jerry Fleming, Marx Lou Sorylk, Xola Nlarchaut. Marlene Meyers, Peggy lVall-Aer, lreue ltlilehcll ltfni- lzvo: Carole I,iI1liil'WiLil, Maia Peterson, Melvin Gray, l'aul Dudlienski. Carolyn Sleiens, Kathleen Goldberg, 'l'efl Misdom, Paul Thorniley, Larry Hill, john Plaszynski, -lzunes Noodwortli Hou' llzrrwf .lack Sehullv, Sondra lfrielill, Allen Grundslrom, l'aul llram, Robert Black, Louis Pitlinoek, llxerelt Vim Nlalseu. ,Ioanne Dahne Ron' fmzrg jack Wonnell, director: Marilyn Reszm, john Grimler, Bill latoh- son, Chuck Heisenta, ,Iohn Stier. Donna Kay Cunningham .lr'ro.u: Alis ,Io Hertensteiu, Don Klawilter, Leona Hiekle, Luther Harthun T.l". without a hand would he like ham without eggs. How could our foothall players and basketball players play a game without knowing that the hand would he there to help instill school spirit? llow would our Winter and spring concerts sound if there were no hand to add to the occasion? Band practice every day, first period, has become a t1'adition at T.F. which we hope will never end. At these practices members practice melodies, in order to entertain us whenever they are called upon. A vital necessity to our hand is our twirlcrs who practice every day to add glamour to the Friday night football g3lN6S. Wie eagerly anticipate each weekis performance. These struggling young musicians have but one thought in mind-to make uluign band. They know that it they praetiee long on that instrument, they will have a better ehanee than their neighhors. These friendly competitions are held every spring, in order to replace the graduating seniors in the hand. Page 30 Q W, ,.m saw 'Q- !1...1.,. f r.uuWv.S'. W 551 1 M I, . 1 . rf' h M H, , 3 4 E gg, H jg 4 ye st W .VA Q I ,A Z ff 1 gi , - , if nga QW V-A-- A ' K - -. ' A' ':: ' l tf . .- K MMM g h .1 ',-:"h 53 ... 3 ' , :'1 l Imam SOPHOMORES 1951-1952 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 R ow Row Row Row 4 5 6 i- I Donald Kozlowski, Sue Kreuzberger, ,lack Kronvall, Herbert Krunnn, Sonia Kukurieh, lloward Lanhoff, Arlene Last, Ioan Latin, Edward Lawler, Barbara Leahy, Eugene Lesniak. Geraldine Lewandowski, Ilene Lewandowski, Vernon Lewis, Robert Liesentfelt, Sue Lietzan, Lowell Lindsey, Louise Liss, Allen Ludwig, Ronald Lundberg, Theodore Maeiejewski, jenny Madalon. John Magdziasz, Robert Malaekowski, Alexander Manka, Margene Maroc, Dorothy Martin, Marilyn Mayer, Marilyn Mazur, Sara McClain, Patsy McClellan, Darlene Mehuron, Nannette Meleher. John Metzeus, Vvilliillll Meyers, Marilyn Mills, Eugene Modjeski, Shirley Mohr, Ronald Molenaar, lohn Montagno, llelen Moor, Rose Marie Moore, Velda Morrison, Beverly Mose. Jael: Mott, Barbara Mueller, Alvin Nerney, Ray Nevers, Carmen Niteh, Frank Novak, Stephen Novak, Louise Nowieki, George O,Brien, Fred Ugrodowski, Gerald Ollieefe. Mary Ann Owen. Loretta Parker, Sharon Parker, Donald Parks, Loretta Pawlowski, Rita Pawlowski, VVillia1n Pegg, june Penman, Robert Perrott, Marla Petersen. Howard Peterson. -Albert Petrie, Lois Pierzehal ki, Steve Piskula, Donald Pizza, Anthony Plankis, Carol Plys, John Prohl, Adam Pryinula, Mary Ann Pupovae, ,ludith Read, Roland Reddington. jkizi gear Page 32 SOPHOMORES 1951-1952 Row Row Row Row Row Row R ow 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Alfred Reich, James Reitz, X1'aync Renshaw, Kathryn Rickert, Delores Ringlcr, Robert Roberts, Henry Rockwood, Sally Rohrig, Eugene Rose, Joann Rose, Mary Ryba. -Francis Rzonca, Shirley Sabo, Audrey Sacco, Robert Salzwedal, Ernest Schappi, Robert Schaub. Patricia Schcctz, Thomas Schlink, YVilbert Schmidt, Robert School, llazel Schroeder. -Judy Schultz, Joe Sctiglak, Catharine Seibert, Sam Shaver. Dean Siedelmann, Gerald Siegfried, Joan Smith, Judith Smith, Kenneth Smith, Joseph Smitka, Edward Smolcn. -Ilenrietta Sobszyk, Barbara Sobocinski, Diane Staack, Marlene Stain, Carol Steinberg, Nancy Steinberg, Glenda Swain, Mary Swisher, Charles Szala, Donald Szeepaniak. Robert Tabarczli, Jack Tinkler, Frank Tomczak, James Trcmhczynslci, NVilliam Tremb- czynski, Patricia Ujeski, Patricia Ulias, Paul Uram, Bernadinc Utter, Rosina Valle, XVarren Vande-rlee. John Vandermale, Lester Vargo, John Vasos, Judith Vennstra, Nancy Vierk, Geraldine XValenga, Bcrnaclinc Wall, Bob 1Vartman, Shirley XVells, Joe Donald 1Vhite, Martha XVhite. Joyce Wliitsctt, Shirley Wfieninff, Glenn XViers. Lowell NVietkamp, Garland NVilloyghby, Janet VVilsor1, Eugene YVojciec'lliowski, Pat XVojkowski, Joe VVydrzynski, Carol Zaleta. Virginia Zukley. Page SS 8 LUQPQ IQQUQIA foo Upper left: Arlene Machay, Ioan Malnfka, Virginia Klein, loan Pittlekow, Mar- garet Dembowski, Patricia Reeves, Lois Freeman, Lorraine Koselke, Ioan Nalc- way. Sitting: Dclorcs Czerwinski, Vir- ginia Brcski Tower left, First row: Roberta Bryant. Georgia Palaclinc, Leona Hicklc, Indy Burke. Second row: Glarice Frank, Beth Graham, Lianc Guerin, Shirley Sabo, Mary Bitter, Doris Chandler, Jean Komorowski. Standing: Margaret Lor- enz, Rosalie VVosniak, Josephine Breski, Beverly Kellncr Upper right, First row: Patricia Davis Marilyn Mills Margaret Davis Hazel Schroeder Second row: Helen Peters Delores Czerwinski Darcy Kuschel Nancy Van Slykc Third row: Rita Pawlowski Marilyn Saliina Edna Hale Center picture, First How: Rita Pawlowski, Delores Czcre Lower right, First row: Patricia Davis, Jean NVillctt, Dorothy winski, Edna Hale. Second row: Mary Owen, Virginia Machay. Second row: Hazel Schrcctler, Arlene Maehay Zukley, Nancy Van Slyke, Shirley Vicrk. Third row: Rosa- Marilyn Lesmeister, Nancy Vicrk. Sfllllflillgi Nancy Van lie W'osniak, Margaret Lorenz, Patricia Davis. Fourth row: Slykc, Rita Pawlowski, Delores Czerwinski Miss A. G. Iaacks Pictured above are the girls who, in Miss jaacks estimation, "can take itf' Miss Iaacks obligingly poses with her board and shows some of her members besides the Volleyball and Captain Basketball varsities. The varsities are the cream of the crop, the girls who are chosen as the best players of the G.A.C. tournaments. Page 34 uri? or afALfic:S Upper left-First row: Dorothy LaSota, Lorraine Krcll, Mary Owen, divingg Shirley Vicrk. Second row: Ruthellyn Ilarlc, Marlene Davis, Phyllis Evanson, Meta XVillianis, Darcy Kuschel, Delores Godlewski, Iucly XVachieWicz, Betty Young, Jean NVillctt. Upper right-First row: Lorraine Krell, Delores Czerwinski, Edna Hale, Dorothy LaSota. Second row: Joan Pittlckow, Ruth Harle, Phyllis Evanston, Darcy Kuschel, Pat Davis, Ican Willett. Third row: Virginia Klein, joan Naleway, Pat Reeves, Rosalie XVozniak. Jliclflle Left: Mary Ann Bitter, 'leanettc Freeman, Ruth Nelson, Barbara Freeman, Mary Gehrkc, Peggy Evanson. Barhara Oppenhuis, Nancy Smith, Ioycc Braak, Leona Hickle, Pat Davis. Pi nge 35 Middle right-Fir.s't row: ,Ioan Pittlckow, Phyllis Evanson, Delores Czcr- Pat Reeves, Dorothy LaSota, Eclna Hale, jean NVillett, winski. Second 7010: Marge Dcmhowski, Darcy Knsclicl, Pat Davis, Arlcnc Machay, Rosalie XVozniak. Lower left-l"ir.s't row: Rita Pawlowski, Marilyn Meyers, Ilene Lewandowski, Sancly Benjamin, Sue Lietzan, Bar- hara Leahy, Sally Rohrig, Sharon Parker, Delores Czer- winski. Second row: Indy Schultz, Marilyn Mills. Lower right-Fir.s't row: Georgia Palaclinc, Marge Sekula, Georgia Ehlcn, Nancy Van Slyke, Ieanne Pana. Second row: Diane Poclraza, Eloise LaSota, Pat Dratwa, Barbara Sikora, Phyllis Prakaitis, Marilyn Leisnieister, Dorothy Mac-hay, Alis -Io Hertenstcin, Shirley Roinandine. wAefAer if wow Alofgafly Preparing for their entrance into varsity football competition next year was this group of hoys from Coach Atkin Youngis Sophomore football squad. In the opening game of the season they handed the VVhiting junior-varsity squad a 13-0 defeat. The victory ran Coach Youngfs undefeated skein to 12. In their next en- counter at Hammond Clark, however, the streak was snapped. The Sophis overall seasons record was 2 won, 6 lost, and 1 tied. Top picture, Film' row: Ne-il Frevert, XVallacc Anslbcrg, Alex Manka, Charles Szala, Ted Macie- jewski, Don Courtney, XVayne Evans. Second row: Tom Cowles, Eugene XVojchiehowski. Bolu Salzwcdal, Eugene Rose, john Vasos, Tiln Kagaski, Ray Nevcrs, Ed Smolen. Tlzirzl row: Coach Young, Richard Carr, Harvey Benninghoif, Robert Tavarsky, Harvey Fla-def land. Edward Hunter, Edward Dockweiler, Al Kline, Dean Siedleinan, Richard Griffith. inanager. Fourllz row: VVillia1n Hickle, Richard Dwornizchk, Ronald Stocklc, Ronald Lundlucrg, Rohert Malackowski, Roluert Deutsch, loc Montagno Second picture: Don Courtney, Ed Hunter, Dean Siedleinan, Eugene Rose, Ray Nevers Third pic'lu1'e: llarvey Benningholl, Boh 'l'avarsliy, Bolm Salzwedel. Ed Dockweilder, Alex Blanka, YVillard llickel, llarvey Fladeland - 1 Zafef af - The Sophomore basketballers' record was not impressive. Nevertheless, they showed great promise at the close of the season and Could develop into a line squad by 1953-54. Upper loft: john Motions, Bob 'Vavarsliy l Upper right, Firsl row, sifting: Rob Salzwedcl, Eugene Rose, Don Courtney, Ed Hunter, Iohn NIL-tzeus. Second row: Bob Tavarsky. Dean Siedlcinan, Don Pizza, Bob Deutsch, Bob Xlalackowslii. Sfmuling: Coach Victor Schmidt, Nlanagvr Steve Novak, Manager Russell Calabrese, Ilarold Arney, 'll-cl Nlaeiejewslii. Ray New-rs, Rob Dunfer- Lowcr loft: Don Courtney. Ed Hunter Lower right, First row: Eugene Rose, Don Courtney, Rd Hunter, john Mc-tzcus, Bob Malackow- ski, Coach Victor Schmidt, Harold Arney. Second row: Robert Salzwt-del, Dean Seidlcman, Donald Pizza, Robert Deutsch, Ray NL-vers, Ted Maciejcwski, Robert Duntec-. Third row: Robert Tavarslfy, Steve Novak, Rus ell Calabrese, managers 'i-.. Page 38 wrefi i Coach Sowinskiis grapplers again enjoyed a winning season. They were victorious on 7 occa- sions, while losing 3 and tying 1. In the Sectional Wrestling Meet at Harvey, Bill Last C145 lb. classj and Norman Koma- rowski U12 lb. classj qualiHed for the State VVrestling tourney. Bill, who has won 17 straight contested before the State Meet, and brought a fourth place to T.F. Half of the battle in any game rests upon the shoulders of the cheerleaders and the cheering section. Without their spirited yells of encouragement, T.F.,s meteors might not have been so successful. Through wind, rain, sleet, and snow, our cheerleaders were always on hand to let the hoys know that we were pulling for them. Top picture, First row: Robert VVart- man, Robert Schaser, Norman Ko- inarski, Butch Komarski, Bill Peters, Bill Last. Second row: Joe Sowinski, coach, Roland Reddington, George DGlJl1'I'CJ, John Holmes, Bob Busch, Jack Siatta, Ronald Lorenz. Third row: Lowell XVl1ltCB.1HD, manager, Robert Reppa, Dick Nelson, VVallace Ansburg, Jay Sheffield, Fred Lam- bert, Jack Schultz, Dale Skeen, manager, Roger Stephenson. Fourth row: Louis Pavnick, Eugene Les- niak, James Berwangcr, Richard Panicki, John Foyer, Kenneth Enloe Middle picture, Sophomore cheer- leaders: Jeanette Szala, Rita Paw- lowski, Rhea Hilt, Nancy Van Slyke, Barbara Freeman V ursity clzeerleaders: Judy Grandbois, Anita Ansburg, Marlene Davis, Ber-- nice Markiewicz, Edna Hale 77 or awimmin ' Both the Frosh-Soph and Varsity swim squads posted winning records. The Varsity won 13 while losing 10. In the Conference meet here, Coach Fedoskyls charges Hnished second. The Frosh-Soph splashers won 5 while losing 4. During regular season competition, Ed Mondrzyk, Frank Rose, and David Markstone broke the 180 yard medley relay record .They were clocked at 1:49.7. The former record was 1:51.3. In the Conference meet here David Markstone established a new diving score record of 71.6, which under the new diving scoring method reads 214.7. T.F.,s "TurtlesD, commonly known as the Terrapin Club, have the reputation of having as members the best girl swimmers in school. Practicing every Thursday after school keeps them busy working for their Carnival water show an il their Spring water show. Top picture, On board: Dick Howe, Tony Reynolds, Charles Enright, David Mark- stone, james Sulicz. Bottom row: XVilhur Brown, Ronald Smith, Guyard XVilliams, Ed- ward Mondrzyk, Ed Elliot. Top row: Frank Rose, Hilton Benninghoff, Bert Kooi, Thomas Vasos, Thomas Gil- lespie, Howie VVard, Manager .Xlirldle picture, On the bonrcl: Bill jackson, Phillip Gullcdgc, Wlilliam Erminger, john Ptie- szynski, Wlalter Jernigan. Sif- ting: Ted Koseenear, Ray XValenga, Larry Hill, Ronald Stockle. Standing: Dick Carr, Adam Prymula, Eugene XVoj- ciekowski, James Casner, Dave Tanis Bottom picture, First row: jose- phine Siatta, Mary Gehrke, Pamela Herring, Nancy Van Slyke, Helen Magdziak, janet VVojciekowski, Dona Lewis, Dorothy LaSota, Delores Godleski, Pauline Johnston. Second row: Miss Mary She- maitis, sponsor, Donna Ber- wanger, Ann Eunice, Rea llilt, Mary Jung, jane Char- bonneau, Delores Orczarzak, Alice Heathcote, Eloise La- Sota, Norma Gerken, Norma Roberson. Third row: joan Mackoviak, Indy Burke, Phyl- lis Prakaitis, JoAnn Masnick, Ilene Lcwandowski, Gloria Biagini, Audrey Lennon, Marilyn Lesmesiter, Alice Cox, Nancy Vierk, Georgia Paladine, Diane Podraza Page 39 wixini-,vunuu-ruff-vw.. ,. . w...wm,,i.,w,Q-- -smvw- wa... .gnu '11 u..--....i,............. if Y V' ' HILL! CZQUJISQJ Geometry, English, and Biology were our favorite subjects that sophomore year. NVe thought nothing of cliseeting Worrns or looking at the skeleton of a frog. Prose and Poetry started us thinking about appreciating the finer things in life, but we were a little dazed in geometry class trying to Figure out what was coming next. Page 40 3 Thorn ton 28 S7 ..,7AA,. 57 ., 7, .. 25 .V..w.., 87 .. . f 8852 w...w. 84 ........ 40 A 7...,. 19 .,Av,ww. V06 .5 Thornton 13 .,.., 0 .A,v,, 6 ,,,,Y 18 ,...A 6 ..w 6 ,, w,. O ....... Y, , 0 ,ww,,,,,,A7.7,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,A " denotes Conference' gg 30,04 SLU Fengtr Morton Argo Ilarvey Nlles Harvey Hammond High Fenger Morton Page 4 1 Q? OLIUAOHQOFQ xf00f6.Clf XVhiting w C.lzu'k Leyden . llnxnmond Tech i'IIz11'vCy "Blue lsland ,, Morton aB1O0IH 21 IN GS . immira? Opponents 9 50 33 56 Opponents 0 12 14 96 18 26 0329 -M Zqfbfgj -in -n.! .1,, Gif' I M7 XY Q 4:1 fy I fv E' .4 ge... ,V . xL ,Q f m . fag , .5 5 Q 5. , 39 s . kg, , M5 Q S ' s awww? 4 ? M' lx Row 1- Row 2- Row 3 Row 4 Gladys Anderson Riciiuul Anderson Carols Aures Kenneth Barnes Rita Bm-kiiiziii Hilton Benninglxoii Donna Bcrwungc-r Cloriu Biagini Shirley Boba-1' Mildred Bos-rsl -Norman Bolilin William Boldenow Ruth Bonkowski Roger Bowen Naomi Bowers -Lucy Boyd Joyce Braak Dolorcs Bradtkc- joan Bragg Annie Brosc :S juniorzi we Page 44 egan fAinLin 0 fAe fu fare JUNIORS 1951-1952 Row 1-XVillJur Brown Bonnie Buelcner Jerome Burdeuu Jean Cllliillkl -loaume Czunpnguu How 2-Arlene Carty Lelloy Caruso Arlene Cipowski Arthur Cleveland Carole Cochran llow 3-Mary Alice Conger Mike Conn Alice Cox Doris Crouch Robert Dahlberg Row 4-Flora Day Ann DeVrics Eileen DiGiorc jack Dincs Eileen Doiulmrowski Row 5-Phil lJ0llll7l'OXVSlil -Iouuue Domes llicluu'd ljI'1lI1gll1ClSlCI' Putric-in Drutwu Frank Drewinski How 6fVirginia Dwyer Robert Dykemzl John Earnsliaw Dolores Edwards Suzanne Edwards Row 7-Raymond Eggelnreclit Georgia Ehlcn Edward Elliott Donald Enloe Clmrles Enright Page 45 M....S 'GW' A dd lfllftlnfiefi Top riglzl, In hed: Georgia Paladinc. Smncling Mrs. Mary Vangclofl, nurscg Marilyn Donald son Lower left, On. scale: Marilyn Ginalslci. Stand ing: Nant-ttc Mt-lclier, Ilene Lewandowski Lower right, Silling: Lorraine Krell. Standing Virginia Zuliley, loan Cabala W A l i l -: - 'gif , raw t. l il 5, I Au essential part of TF is its clinic. Headed by Mrs. Mary Vangelofl, and assisted by the girls Whom you see pictured on this page, its personnel is con- stantly handing out APC tablets, band aids, and other small medical items that are always in demand. NVithout this small efHcient unit, our high school could not run so smoothly and uaches and painsv would be much more uncomfortable. Page 46 tif 1.1 Ol" OLLPFLCLE6 fri ,M The future 1952-1953 Chronoscope and Thorn- tonian stalls are pictured here. The members of the journalism class will be vying for a berth on either of the publication staffs this spring. Good luck, cubs. The Guide Book Staff compiled our 1952 TF handbook. These five people worked hard to es- tablish a guide for the freshman to ulivev by dur- ing their first trying year at TF. First row: llita Beckman, Gloria Biagini Second row: Marian Pavlik, Mary Alice Conger, Letty Frcdianelli, Phyllis Prakaitis Third row: Annie Brose, Joyce Braak, Shirley Swartz, Phyllis Larnino, Alis Jo Hertinstein Fourth row: Barbara Freeman, Dorothy Machay, Eloise La Sota, Sue Hittle Fifth row: Richard Howe, Jerome Modjeski, Raymond Haney, VVarren Brown, Harold Iurgensen Bottom picture, Top standing: jay Sheflicld. Second row: Ian Schultz, Ruth Harle, Nancy Thor 3, Third row: Marilyn Donalldson, pointing Page 47 fk XR gf' ev- .Q gli LUQ LUQIAQ JUNIORS 1951-1952 Row 1-Lois Evzmson Victor Fcdosky Barbara Fisclivr Lofty Frcdium-iii Barbara Frm-01111111 How 2--Icuiicttc l'11'Ct'l1lLlH Larry Gardner james Gawronski Mary Cehrkc Curl Cenricii How 3-Nancy Ccroid Tom Gillispif- Shirley Crifiitlis Nancy Cruhikc Donald Crzvlak Row 4-Ricliurd Guddc Laurinc Hamm-r Luther I'IllI'i'iNlI1 Ruth Husscllwring jack Heintz Row 5-Alis jo I"ICI'tC1'lStCil'l Leona Hicklc R011 Hilt Jcrouic Hintl Sm- Hittlc How 6-Robert lloovcr Robert Horm- Ricliurd Howa- Sliuron Hudson Cecil Hutchinson Row T-Lcouore jackson Richard Ianik Jerome Jaranowski Barbara jordan Harold .Iurgeuseu Pagc 48 dfif aware JUNIORS 1951-1952 Row 1-George Kullus Iune Kaipcrs Ernest Kurncr Carolv Kchlc Phyllis Koller How 2vDulc Kingmu Donald Klawittcr Ronuld Klawittcr john Klyczck Donald Koniorowski Row 3-Betty Konkey Bert Kooi Carol Koontz Irwin Kraska Clifford Kraus Row 4-john Kraus Albert Krause Barbara Krernski Carole Kudelka Thomas Kuzel Row 5-Roland Kwzisny joan LaBudu Fred Lambert Bvverly Lang Phyllis Lurnino Row 6-Pat LaSalle Eloise LaSota Rosalie Lcnclabarkvr Audrey Lcnnon Marilyn Lusmcistcr How 7-Margaret Lorenz Ronald Lorenz Dorothy Machay Joan Mackoviak VVillian1 McNair Page 49 Top: Af piano: Mr, Harold Christian Standing: Keith Arlnentrout Torn Petree Frank Gillespie Dan Giewartowski Below: At piano: Anita Rosinslci Aeeonipanist F irst row: Eugene Rose YVarren Vanderlee Lowell XV6ltlC2llllD Neil Frevert Lowell Lindsey Ernest Karner Second row: Herhert Krumm YVayne Gerke Robert Deutsch Ted Maeicjewski Ralph Brunke Richard Griflith Donald Pizza Richard Iluitema Dan Giewartowski Third row: 'llerry Mavity Gerald Tmnlonson Iloward YV ard Frank Gillespie Tom Petree Keith Arlnentrout Dean Siedleman Bill McNair Richard Manka Fourth TOIUJ blames Gawronski Eugene Modjeski Arthur Cleveland Lester Shipley VVayne Mitchell Fifth row: Roland Shanks Harold Widdel john Petlock Tom Gillespie Victor Fedosky our dgmla ony in One of our favorite classes was held last period down in the band room when We had Meistersingers. Mr. Harold Christian taught us musical apprecia- tion, in addition to note reading, for our appearances at the concerts and the Carnival. Page 50 Accompanist: Suzanne Edwards Director: Mr. ,lack XVonncll First l'0lU: Beverly Lang, Mary 3 Good, Sandy Benjamin, Mary Owen, Jackie Ziclinslci, Carole , Aures, Marian Kempinski, L Ruth Nelson, Barbara Free- l man, Carol Koontz 5 Second row: Patricia Czlonka, I Marlene Davis, Mary lung, I Natalie Dust, Gertrude Bouw- i man, Doretta Dust, Barhara 5 Fisher, Darlene Tripp, lose- 2 phinc Siatta, Ann Eunice i Third row: Martha Knahenhans, f Sharon Parker, Carmen Nitch, ' Marlene Stain, Nancy Gerold, i Anita Anshurg, Dorothy Paw- lowski, Shirley Wlorosz, Mary Alice Conger, Shirley Grillith l lfourllz row: Patricia Hecht, Sara johnson, Beth Graham, Indy i Schultz, Barbara Leahy. Bar- Q hara Krcmski, Joyce Vander- hilt, Geraldine Ujeski, Dor- othy Swisher, Liane Guerin I i l l Fifth H1105 Jean Gulick, Carol James, Marilyn Ziinlncrinan, , Edna Zilz, Guyla lluntington, Merle Schauer, Jo Ann Schill- ing, Alice llcathcotc, Marie johnson, Eileen Kuhiclqi Q Sixth row: Phyllis Larnino, Shirley Schwartz, Patricia Cochran, Carole Malcohm, -lcanctte Freeman, Patricia Mrnjec, Joyce Martinson, Eloise LaSota, Phyllis Prakai- tis, Ruth Bonkowski Seuentli row: Audrey Lennon, Lctty Fredianelli, Eileen Domhrowski, Alice Mroch, Miretta Perseh, Arlene Lon- eski, joan XVillctt, Virginia Dwyer. ltita Beckman Front row: Delores Edwards, Joyce Braak, Pamela Herring, Norma Gerchen, Darcy Kuschel Brick row: Delores ltyzdan, ,ludy Magiscn, Leona Ilickle, Suz- anne Edwards, Ioan Pittlc- kow, Lorraine Swanson, Cohy lloogeveen, Alis Jo Ilcrten- stein fAl"8Q l'l'l0UQI'lfl8lfL iff The feminine group in the top picture, whom you will recognize from the VVinter and the Spring Concert as thc Girls, Chorus, is composed of sophomore, junior, and senior girls. Below them are the girls who have graduated from Chorus. They make up our well-known Double Sextet. They often sing in the Calumet region for various organizations, in addition to their pei formances at the concerts. Page 5l JUNIORS 1951-1952 Row 1-Helen Magdziak Judy Magiscn Carole Malcolm Raymond Mansucto Joyce Martinson Row 2-Joan Masnick Robert Mattlwics Terry Mavity James Mazur Russel Meinzer Row 3-John Mcissler Robert Meicznikowski Rita Mvltzer Judith Moyer Jolm Miscll llow 4-John Rlizc Tony Mraz Ruth Nelson Jerold Ncrncy Donald Nitz How 5-Theresa Okrey Barbara Oppcnlmuis Dolores Owczarzak Ccorgianna Paladinc Eugene Paliga Row 6-Joanna Puma James Patterson Marian Pavlik Edward Percak Mirctta Pcrscll Row 7-Billy Peters Ronald Pierzchalski Joseph Pochron Diana Podraza Margaret Poloncak Page 52 IUNIORS 1951-1952 Row 1-Marion Poninski Phyllis Prakaitis Stanley Prujzner Orville Rach Howard Reed Row 2-Cuylc Reuhl Tony Reynolds Jerry Rice T om Rizos Norma Roberson Row SMC-erald Robertson Irene Rogalski Shirley Romundinc Frank Rose Lois Rose Row 4-Anita Rosinski Dorothy Rosinski Herbert Ross Eugene Ruark Robert Rnthrziuff Row 5-Dolores Rydzam Marilyn Salimu Bernard Schub Ronietta Sclmfer Merle Schumer Row G-Ruth Schneider Mervyn Schruin Arnold Schultz F red Schwenn Margaret Sekula Row 7-Roland Shanks jack Siatta Josephine Siatta Mary Sicich Barbara Sikorski Page 53 W affempfa af flue Jmma, i E , 9 n ' ' h u These are a few of the scenes from the junior-Senior Play "OH The Trackp' comedy in three acts given this year. Much of the credit for its success goes to Miss Merle Draper and Miss Beverly Markus who directed the farce. All of the play,s scenes took place in a railroad station in a little town, and revolved around the tragedy of a train wreck where no one was hurt, hut all were compelled to mingle with one another in the train station while awaiting another train. This is where the excitement starts. The cast included: lay Sheffield as john Morgan, Tom Gillespie as Silas Dobbins, Georgia Paladine as Flickie Nelson, Ruth Bonkowski as Betty Phillips, Nancy Thorp as joan Parker, Shirley Romandine as Mrs. Guarino, Joanne Pana as Antonia Guarino, Victor Fedosky as Bill Lindsay, jerry Modjeski as Oscar Pozenby, Dick Cudcle as VVillie VVoodson, Diane Podraza as Evalino Bumpass, Martha Knabenhans as Mrs. Vander- venter and Mary Cehrke as Miss Pidgie McDougal. Page 54 ,df E lwsmm. 'Q MSN ff, 3 W 'VMI NX uf cc very eaoenfiafloarf Classes, library and free periods, all held enjoyment for us. Typing and history were probably the most prominent classes in our junior year, although all of them really meant something special to us. XVe were now upperelassmen. Page 56 IUNIORS 1951-1952 How 1 How 2 Row 3 How 4 How 5 liow 6 Row 7 -Bob Skarwecki Dale Skeen Frank Sniagaez N aney Smith Robert Stefaniak -Roger Stephenson james Sulicz Shirley Swartz Jeanette Szala Frank Szczepanski Jack Taylor james Taylor Norman Thiel Charles Thompson Margie Thomson Gerald Tomlonson Antoinette Trozzy Joseph Trozzy Elaine Tyson Joyce Vanclerhilt XVilliam VanNIalsen john Van Ramshorst Nancy VanSlyke Thomas Vases Howard XVarcl George NVind Robert Wisniewski Janet Wojciechowski Walter Wojtkowiak Tom Tonka Eugene Zielinski Iacqueline Zielinski Ioan Ziobrowski Richard Zehlke Page 57 :Viv LUCIA f86U'l'llfU0l'f Top row: Dick Selin Wayne Mitchell Tom Petree Iohn Avenatti Bottom row: Boh Fritz Norm Lindsey Lou Bissa Wayne Leibengood Frank Gillespie Terry Mavity Stzmding: Tom Petrce Lou Bissa XVayne Mitchell Frank Gillespie Sitting on mil: Dick Selin Terry Mavity Norm Lindsey Wayne Leibengoocl john Avenatti Not in picture: Tom Zukley Bill McNair Mac Besse Boh Hoover Terry Mavity, team captain, seems to he firing some spirit into his sixth-periocl intra-gym touch-football champions. They downed second period 18-12 for the title. ' Sixth period gym class also swept the intra-gym basketball tourney, Winning 3 straight games. The boys were coached by Frank Gillespie, varsity regular. Page 58 all C00 Phil Koszmovieh vice-president Bill Lust sergeant alt arms David Marrkstone president Andy Selin secretary George Deljirro treasurer lst row: Boy Fredbloom, Juek jones Louis Bissa, Tom Petree Bob XVebb, Ronnie Smith john Avenatti, Iain Schultz Drive Jackson, Bob Buseh Guyurd WVilliums 2nd row: Don Kornerowski, Tom Vusos john Foyer, Put Enright Tom Yonke, Dale Kingnra Ed Elliot, Dick Ilowe XVilbur Brown, Burt Kooi Fred Lambert Roland Shanks WVayne Leibengood 3111 row: jay Sheffield, Armin Kurz lim Schultz Norman Komerowski 1.5-I row: Eddie Mondryzk Don Perrson Norman Lindsey Eugene Kierschsieper Art Rogers, Don Genovese Frank Gillespie 21111 row: Roland Reddington Russell Mienzer Bob VVieczniski, joe Poehrrrn Melvin Schiller, John Krause Billy Peters, Jack Siuttu Frank Rose, Ronnie Lorenz 3 rd row: llilton Benninghofl' Joe Hintz, Don Crizlzrc Leading the TF Monogram Club this year were five cipable boys 1nd the faculty sponsor, Athletic Director Petite They were left to rrghtj Phil kos mo vich, vice-president Bill Last serqernt it arms Drvrd Nlfukstone president Andy Selin, secrttrry ind George DeP1rro treasurer QPCL iLOI'l gp. L.. 1 Win ,. 1 - lxsi X , .1 . I ff , J X '14 .E Ml-sx ,Q ..?n.-Y 111545- ..N "1rg!,,: ' '1 'wa f:vw,.Jqj'M'A.. I, v 53? ' fi5'Rki5',1if5j11.'f uf -'2.,m-,' ' ,' , .a55g.iQg1.'-V?,g511-'lglg '-:,:1,,::3yg,-'A-iff 1 unify "H-' - 1S,2ia,:H1gA iff W .5 .4fLS?f3'-"s'f5l 5 .LE-,vigqgi 'RI-fr ' - 555422451 ijfiilf .1313-4. :M ,,- .zi-.: r. f-I , K, I. ' -552' 5,2 ,. ,, .. . 1 13,-YA., .2517 Y ' 1-'Q FEW? 1i.!5g"a,qf :fl 1..3,1,.4.. ,X 1-rf.-.xt-: nf. :lf-as '- Y fLFf'2"1'X 'JT -A ffwwg,-,,q14.-,. f'- C.,mx".' W1 , x .155-in-fixffwfys 19 ENE? rngifwfg ,536 'f1':':1'4 HAY- - - - lb' 5 ,yi-3-fx A J, I., -f-5-gr-4. ,5-y. ig ln- V E HM., ,. .n. -' . f" il. '. " ,K -wlnugm 35 ,L l..'5a1Q Mu 5 .zY45:'J:'z1 'Q f.,5ds,Q.fEg',! gg ' :gg , .,,., - , -, 1, .,,U',-:gyvwt .E:A.vvj. 51,55 V5 L. "5 'iff V' 4g:u14'.:' Pqxeyi , Y , .,.,.-rn,-,fs dy. if- afjiggmfefi-12 -. .:F.g F'efEf'Y Yi '12 Zgf,,5ff4sgi"M . -- AV C ,331 .,,, 'Ji Jw- L-.TIVQ-.113 l,1i:i5Q',G?iQ , L. ..1 11 .:-v L. .,.1 f:J?'P?Qf :iff 'A' J'-Mmqt Lisa, J 4151231 f?i3'W L41 5 T I I' if 4, .rs..Q.,.L.. ".-:.w-41.g,':'- A, ' 'EJ diff:--1: , , -V.'4"5fl": sul 6'-1 faq,-ii ffaifwgegff - . ,VH 74-:d.w,J. , W Ei-.vgb s ' jj- nffgfg ,.:.w,fl2 - L-fb , . 1 I t Q 5 -' 5515251 ' :HQ5 I 1 4 f i Hhs.-5 .Mi 1251 .LHS 1134 ' "'2..: 115. , .-. fffli I-E11 UT-v I f 12 f-1. - 'sig E13 M f .W-3 K ., WF' ' Although Girls, Clnh is prohahly the strongest club in school, it docs not confine its activities solcly to the school. The girls have TB and Polio drives and dis- tributc Thanksgiving haskets to needy families. A good Girls' Cluhhcr Works not only for hcr pin and what she can get from thc clnh, hut also for the Satisfaction of knowing that sho is helping her club, hc-1' school, and her community. C6 foo 50011 Upper left, Sitting: Shirley Vicrli. Anita Ansburg, Ruth Ilarle, Nancy Gcrold. Stnnrting: Nancy Vicrlc, Patricia Thiel, Dorothy Machay Second loft clown: Marian Paylik, Anno Brosc, Patricia Davis, Anita Rosinski, Phyllis Croy, Rita Beckman Third left down: Jcancttc Frccman, Virginia Dwyer, Margarct Dem- howski, Rhca Hilt Bottom left: Ccorgia Paladinc, Dianc Podraza, Kita Pawlowski. Dclorcs Czcrwinski Top right, First rofw Patricia Reeves, prcsidcntg Miss Anna Schmidt. sponsor. Second row: Nancy Ccrold, sccrctaryg Anno Brosc, lreasurcrg Ruth Ilarlc, vice-prcsident Sitting: Rosalie VVosniak, -Ioan Pittclkow, Phyllis Evanson, Barhara Free-nian. Standing: Sandra Benjamin, Ieancttc Szala, Peggy Evanson Bottom right: Ilcnc Lcwandowski, Mary Lon Dean, Suzanne Edwards, Anncttc Nlaniscalco LUG were Aeniorfi T011 picture, left to right: Harvey Lznnbka, sponsorg xvlllldlll ML-Nair, sccrctaryg Dean Scidlclnann, librariang Jack Dines, trcasurerg Robert VVebb, prcsidentg David Jackson, vicc-president Center left, left to right: Edward Hunter, Harold Arney, John Metzcus, Jack Tinklcr, Darryl Albright, Harvey Fladland Lower left, left to right: Jack Sliltllil, Terry Mavity, Victor Fcdoslcy, Micheal Conn, Fred Lalnhert, Robert Matthias Lower riglzt, Standing: Frank Gillespie, Tom Pctrcc, Carl Sr-lin. Sitting: Jan Schultz, john Avenatti, Roy Fredblomn Boys, Club is the only club in school to which every boy at TF may belong. They work to promote better feeling between the boys and the faculty. Their animal Boys, Club Dance is one of the most outstanding dances of the year. They are known for their original ideas. The theme of this year's dance Was, 'Evening in Parisf, Mr. Harvey Lambka, their sponsor, encour- ages the boys in their efforts and rewards them at the Father and Son Party with pins. ' Page 63 all LUQ CL l06l,l"f Caught in the act, Toni Petree is led to the Deans' office by one of the smaller hall monitors. A typical duty of a hall monitor is shown in the second picture. Posted in front of the library, and in all the halls, five monitors work each period, giving up their library periods to assist the deans. Miss Katherine Brazzill, Dean of Cirlsi, could not carry out her work quite so efficiently Without the aid of these seven girls. Checking passes, writing out excuse slips and distributing detentions are all in the day's Work for these girls. They, too, give up their library periods to help the deans. Top picture, Buek row: Barbara jordan, Adine Dawson, Diane Dubriek, Barbara Krcniske, Ruth Schneider, Lucy Boyd, Betty Konkev, Rosalie Lendabarker. LaVergne Thiesen, Ruth Ilasselbring, Gloria Biagini, ,Ioan Zilblowski, Dolores Bradtkc, Alice Cox. Front row: Bonnie Buckner, Toni Petree Center Picture, Sitting: Ioyadel Cehrkc, Marilyn Cribley, Marion Stna, Virginia Carlson, Dorothy Crahani. Standing: Carol Ball, Eileen Kubieki, Maxine Schultz, Mary Ann Pupo- vac, Mary Dean, Donna Evans, Roberta Bryant, Phyllis Benaisz, Larry Luecking Bottom Picture: Florence Oakley, Pauline Johnston, Elaine Hoge, Miss Katherine Brazzill. Patricia Cochran, Carole Kudclka, Frances jcandreas, Carol Plys Page 64 :HIAOOK CL6!l'l'LLIflL:5fI"6l,fL0lfL Another group who gives up their lihrary periods to help the school to function properly are these girls. The office assistants answer the phone, and do inv little lobs that in ry he lsked of them. Nlr. Youngs assistants are constantly on the alert signing p isses 1nd ldmit slips They also assist the class counselors When there is Work to he dont Frances Barzda Einily Slaby VVinifred Krunnn Meta VVillia1ns Ioan Yatsko Marie Iohnson Edna Hale Virginia Wlasik Patricia Lewis Marilyn Jankowski Elaine Paliga Carole Misdoin Patricia Zygmunt Arlene Kolcondy Lorraine Bryant Emily Anderson Marlene Zll1llllCl'lllilll Rosalie XVosniak -loan Berendt Margaret Denihowski Bettv Young Cayle Benson Shirley Hoffman Mr. Aitkin Young Dean of Boys Page 65 iff Communifg an lied Cross officers and Council Kofficers, .s'tarrefU Fins-t row: G-loyee Braak, "Joan Naleway, Phillip Kosanovich, 'Alice Mroch, Shirley Romandine, i'Martha linabenhans, Miss Elizabeth Trout, advisor. Sec- ond row: Frank Gillespie, VVayno Mitchell, Margaret Sekula, Beatrice Higuet, 'Rita Beckman, Ilene Lcvvandovv- ski, Virginia Zukley First row: Ruth Harle, Dorothy YVisnieski, Berniece Markie- vvicz, Dolores Godlewski, Bar- bara Freeman, VVinifred Krunnn. Second row: Phyllis Prakaitis, Nancy Cerolcl, Donna Lewis, Betty Young, Marilyn Donaldson, Marie Johnson, Darcy Kuschel, Georgia Paladine. Third row: Patricia LaSalle, Margaret Lorenz, Patricia Reeves, Eileen Dolnbrowski, Nancy Van Slyke, Carol Cochran, Mary Alice Conger, Letty lfredianelli, Rosalie Lcnda- barker, .lean YVillctt First row: Clifford Kraus, Art Rogers, Thomas Petree, Har- vey Fladeland. Second row: Robert Carlson, John Kraus, jack Taylor. Third row: Thonias Vierk, Hilton Ben- ninghoif, Dale Skeen First row: Phillip Kosanovieh, Sondra Frictl, David Mark- stone, Beth Graham, Tony Mraz. Second row: Elaine Fritz, Patricia Alakupcap, Bar- bara Leahy, Marilyn Meyer, Nancy Vierk, Anita Rosinski. Lois Pierzchalski. Thin! row: f1S'fIlHIIill,!i Irene Rogalski. Carole Zaleta. Fourth row: jackie Zielinski, .Ioan Macka- viak, Carole Aures, Virginia Dwyer, Ruth Bonkowski, Eloise LaSota, Bernadine XVall, Diane Staak Wforking under a new sponsor this year, Miss Elizabeth Trout, junior Red Cross had a highly successful year. One of their most important achievements was their original idea for a carnival concession. Their choice? K'Little Egyptf, Page 66 l f 77 ACAOO aeruice Commercial Club strives to serve its school by doing many jobs to keep the school running smoothly. Once a year, they travel to Chicago for their annual trip, and they also hold a Mother-Daughter Party Where they award pins to the mem- bers who have earned them. This occasion proves that the club has its lighter moments. First row: Emily Anderson, Patricia Lewis, Emily Slaby. Second row: Sue Maddox, Lucille Urban, Joan Pittlekow. Third row: LaVergne Theisen, Arlene K0- kondy, Virginia Klein Standing: Betty George, Virginia Carlson, Elaine Paliga, Lorraine Krell, Shirley Hoiiman, Marilyn Cribley, Miss Kes- singer, Sponsor, Marilyn Zimmerman, Charlotte Young. Sitting: -loan Ma- lufka, Marlene Zimmerlnan, Lorraine Bryant, Berneice Markiewiez. Slanding: Emily Anderson, Frances Barzda, Lorraine Krell. Sitting: Anita Ansburg Firsl I'UlUJ Elaine Hoge, Anita Ansbnrg, Patricia Czlonka, Marlene Davis, Pan- line, Johnston, Marilyn Jankowski, Delores Codlewski, Florence Oakley, Kay Arzich. Second row: Frances Barzda Page 67 ,gf wad our The stage show, the concessions, all helped to make 'The Big Night" successful. Wlhen the enrtain finally Went down, we all congratulated onr- sclves on the good job We had done. OPPOSITE PAGE Queen Arlene Loneski and King Jan Schultz reigned over our 1952 Carnival. After being nominated with the other candidates, Tom Petree, Bob Webb, Roy Fredbloom, Darcy Kuschel, Donna Lewis, and Phyllis Evanson by the senior class, they were elected by the student body. Page 68 ,j :LS . Wow -4,0 3252 ,A W very own cwniua A 1111111 dance, a C1111-CLUI dance and RI hillbilly song were only a few of the MT staged in this yearls c111'11ivz1l. Entitled lie Big Nightf, the script was Written KITCHEN .4 . O , 'W f is Q QSQEMQQW S5 ai' I 2 mf 5 1 Q ???f'J 5 'va Q' f A 554 4 I . 5 , K. I A S 2 ft x ' 5 , ,Qi X f if ' --5 , 1: 1. mums as .xwawww W -T Row one: Tom Vasos, Ronald Lorenz, jack Siatta, Fred Lambert, Phil Kosanvieh, Ian Schultz, Tom Petree, Roland Shanks, Joe Kurzeja Row two: Joe l-lintz, Joe Pochron, Ronald Smith, .Iohn Avenatti, jerry Rice, Bill Last, Bob VVebb, Bob Busch, Tom Yonke, John Foyer Row three: Dale liingma, Vie Fedosky, Bob Hoover, john Klyezek, jack Dines, Roy Fred- bloom, Bill Peters, George De Pirro, Donald Hancllon, jake Hoogeveen, Howard Kindt Coaches: Joe Sowinski, Harold Schultz, Mun- uger: jack Carpenter Row one: Howard Kindt, Tom Vasos, Jake Hoogeveen, John Foyer, Roy Fredbloom, Bob Busch, Ronald Lorenz, Bert Kooi, Vie Fedosky, Hilton Benninghofl' Row two: jerry Rice, Tom Petree, Richard Ianik, jack Dines, WVilbur Brown, Ronald Smith, Bob Wfebb Row three: Roland Shanks, Fred Lamlx-rt, Bob Dahlbert How four: Dale Kingma, -lan Schultz, Bill Peters Row five: Ioe Poehron, George DePirro, john Klyczek Row six: John Avenatti, Bill Last, Joe Kurzeja, Phil Kosanovieh, Dick Selin Row seven: Don Handlon, joe llintz, Bob Hoover, Tom Yonke, lack Siatta Coaches: Harold Schultz, joe Sowinski feam fha Leaf givin The outstanding aeeomplisluneut of 19523 football squad was the XIeteor's 6-0 Conquest of Chicago Heights Bloom on November 2. On that rememorable frigid night, the boys turned in an exceptionally great defensive game, pre- venting the Trojans from thrusting the ball further than the T.F. yard line. This was the first victory for a T.F. grid team over a Bloom squad in 10 years. The Meteorfs 3 won, 6 loss seasoifs record was not impressive but they always possessed a great potential. Page T2 HU ws, Z 5 .xgfwagd our cworifed First ww: Dean Seidehnan, Ray Haney, Ed Hunter, Norm Linclscy, Bill Last, Bob Komorowski, Bob Stephauiak, Don Persson, uigr. Serrrmrl low: Boland Shanks, ,lan Schultz, Bob Hansen, John Pasteur, Bob XVebb, Frank Gillespie, Dale Kingma Third mic: Assistant Goach, Sain Tortoricig Lou Bissa, Phil lxosanovich, Dick llowe, John Avenattig managers, llarolcl lurgensen aucl Vlfayne Evans, Coach George Sobek Scaled, Row one: Coach George Sobek, john Pasteur, Frank Gillespie, John Kraus, Phil Kosanovich, Bob XVehb, jan Schultz How two: Vic Feclosky, Dale Kingma Stcznding: Art Cleveland, Eugene Kirschsieper, managers, Tom Yonke. Dick Drangineister, joe Kurzeja, jack jones, Art Rogers ' Upper left, ACro.s'.s': Frank Gillespie, lohn Pasteur, Dale liingina, Toni Yonke, Vic Feclosky Lower Right, Acrosxs-: Ian Schultz, Bob YVebb, Phil Ko- sanovieh, ,lohn Kraus The basketball squad cliclnit win many games this past season. On most ocea- sions, however, they were beaten by small margins. The South Suburban Gon- ference this season was an exceptionally tough league, which also explains some- what for their rather poor record. Nevertheless, they proviclecl the fans with all of the thrills which go along with the hoop sport, Page 74 5 7 a E in fAe :flaring an Top Picture-First row: David Johnson, Freshman manager, Norman Gaurell, sophomore man- agerg Dick Mayer, Edward Fedosky, coach, Jim VValkcr, Robert Harris, Joe Montagno, Edward Smolen, David Tanis, Alhcrt Kline, Harold Arney, Paul Uram, Joe Mika, Kenny Penman, Dcwy Yllenzel, Tim Tataren, Don Skvara, Ralph McBrayer, John Schneider. Second row: Bill Jesso, Butch Tolley, Charles Miller, John Vasos, Richard Gritfith, David Bohlen, Lowell VVhitecamp, Tom Deklik, Tony Basil, Buzzy Burczak, Rohert Fritz. Third row: Ronald Troy, Eugene W'ojciehowski, XYillard llicklc, VVally Jernigan, Dennis Bate- man, llarvey Fladeland, 'l'haddcus Kuzniar. Lowell Lindsey, Russell Galallrese, Dick Mann, Dick Nelson, Danny Pctree Boffmn Picture-First row: Wlaync Leilicngood, managerg llilton Benninghoft. Donald Gryzlak, Roy Fredhloom, Ronald Smith, Joe Pochran, Tom Gillespie, Jim Gawronski, Luther Har- thun, George Kallas, Richard Janik, Edward Elliott, Tom Pt-tree. Second row: Richard Selin, Tom Perchazzi, Ernet Karner, VVilhur Brown. Third row: Dick Gudde, managerg Bert Kooi, Tom Vasos, Tony Reynolds, Tom Zukley, David Jackson, Don Genovese, Aitken Young, coach. .f The TF cindermen qualified six boys for the State Meet at Champaign on Saturday, May 17, in the District Meet the week before. They were Tony Reynolds, S804 Dave Jackson, pole vault, and the mile relay team composed of Jackson, XVilhur Brown, Ed Elliot and Andy Selin. Coach Young did a fine job with the boys this season. This was evidenced hy their high finishes in hoth the XVheaton and District Meets. Page 76 CL yea? 7'0lfU'L Co-eclilors: jane VVielc - Nancy Thorp Staff-Back row Sfllflfdiilgi Beth .Rieh, Jane NViek, Naney Thorp, Joan Naleway, Carol C-reh, Betty George, Marilyn Donaldson Sitting: Betty Young, Annette Man- isealeo Front row: Joan Malufka, Delores Struzilc Ed Orth, Joan Pittlekow, Virginil Klein, Norman Lindsey Back row: Isahelle Brody, jean VVil- lett, Lucille Urban, Dorothy Pawlowski, Alice Heatheote, Lois F reeman, joan Yatsko. Sitting: Miss Iaaeks, Emily Slahy. Much of the load of work on the Thointonian iested on the shoulders of our eo-editors. When reporters failed to hand in stories lt was thell job to have some thing ready to till up the paper Although they worked hird without the stait they could not have covered the news of T F as well as they did 1 ,WJM '95 O 9 9 Q6L60lfL 6 Uardify joofgaff Thornton Opponents 0 ..A. Hammond High ....,..,..,.,.,,.A 7 0 George Rogers Clark ,,..,,Y.,.,,,w 8 1.1-E 13 .........,.. Leyden ....,.....,.... ..,.. 7 20 .,,, Hammond Tech ,.w.,.. r,,.,,,, 6 6 ,,,w,,, ..,......,. 1' Harvey ,.,....... ....... 2 0 0 'Blue Island Y,v., . 14 0 ..,..,.. Noll ess,.,ssr.s 27 6 .,7w,7wv,,,Yw,,.w,,.w... "Bloom ....... 0 lijamifg Z?a5.4ef6a!f 6 e-------'----'------------ QAYEO e-A'ee 19 " denotes conference games Thornton Opponents 39 AAAA, ,,,wswve C lark w,,YV 37 Thornton f56D Opponents C108 36 ....Y ...... B 1'21C116y ,----- 46 9 .....,.s...,,Y,,ww,,,. Touchdowns ........V,,,w......,.. 16 40 VVVVV ...... 1 V111f111g .VYAV, 2 ,,..,,..Y.............,. Extra Points ,,,.,,, 10 46 ....YY .... 1' A120 --A4---- 57 0 ......., ,.,,,,,.Y,V, S afeties ,......Y,w 1 50 ...... 313100111 A.A..., .-.VV- 0 4 70 ,,.,,,, First Downs ,,,,, . 60 45 wvw.VY ...... N O11 ------ 43 49 .,.,,... Rushing .,t..,, 43 41 ,111.. VY... 1' HH1'Y7CY AV.... 61 12 ,s,,,,,,,, Passing ,.,,..,, 6 45 ,,,,,, ..... a L6yC1C11 ..V,, 50 Q ,,,v,,,,, ,,w,,,,,,,,,,,,, P eualty ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 6 53 aeavaa VwV7V-VVVVV. T 6011 ,..,VVA---VA ------ 6 0 109 Passes Attempted ...,... . 45 45 ...... i..... 1' 131116 151211111 ,,---- VVVY Y 43 Passes Completed ........ 26 52 wwv.Y ..-. 1' LOC14P01'1 --vrrrr 54 12 .,,., ,Y,,.. P asses Intercepted iA...,., 5 46 ...... 7KElI1k31iC0 ..,.... 63 483 tt,Y,,,, ....... Y ards Passing ,,.,,,,,, 339 55 ...... .... 1' Argo VVVY1--- 66 47 ..... ...........,.,,.. P unts ....,....... 42 59 ....Yw ........v 1 Oliet ....-- --Y,V- 4 1 31 .,... 1.i,,,. P unting Average ,..., 26.1 33 ..,i.. VV1V...... 1' 13100111 V,..... Y....- 4 7 32 ,.......,.. Penalties ee,,.,,,,,,., 37 42 wv..11 1i..-www L CW VV?-112106 7VV1Y 62 366 ........ ....... 1 Yards Penalized ...... ,..,i. 3 90 37 ...... .VVVV1Y.. 9 H3-1'V9y --,,-- 62 393 ,,,,,,,, .,,,..,.. 1 'ards Rushing ,ee.,.e ...,s. 1 ,155 33 V...,. ..... 3 Leyden ...VY..V. 35 292 .,..,... ....,, R eturned Kiclcoffs ,,,,,,,, 311 45 ....11 ei... " Blue 18181161 ..VVY 51 143 .,,,, Returned Punts .,........ eevee., 2 94 44 ,1.., .... 'J LOClq10r'C .-V1111 67 1,316 Total Net Yds. Gained 2,099 51 ,,,,,. Ye,,eees,e 1' Kankakee 1......... 73 48 s,e,,, ,,,,,,,VVe,eeeeei F enger e,,1..A.,., ...,,, ,.,,,, 3 1 Regional Tournament 50 YY,,YvYeeee,irs...,i...... Joliet .............., .,... 6 0 "' denotes conference games Free Tlzrowx Total Nmnc Class Made Missccl PCI. F.G. Fouls Pts. Games Aug. Rf-,gm-5 ,w,,wAA,,,,, , 69 40 ,633 83 78 235 22 10.7 Kosanovieh .... . 41 40 .506 60 66 161 23 7.0 Gillespie ........ . 32 323 .462 57 68 146 23 6.3 101-,gg ,.,,,,,,,A,.., , 19 20 .485 55 75 129 21 6.1 Sghultz ,,,,v,,.,,,, . 1 Kurzeju ,,,.,,,,,, , 16 31 .340 44 70 20 3.5 Yonkg ,,,,.,,.,,,,,, . 19 18 13 20 14 Xvebb ,A,,,,,,,.,,AA , 12 5 ,706 18 25 48 19 -.5 KIHUSQ ,,,,,,,,,,,, . 12 10 18 28 48 19 -1-5 Pastal' ,,,,,,,.,,.,., , 5 4 4 14 13 6 2.2 Kingma ......,... . 10 3 .769 8 17 26 13 2.0 :- Drangmeister.. . 2 6 .250 0 5 2 3 0.7 Fcdosliy .......... . 0 1 .000 0 3 0 4 0.0 Vt, . . 4 Team Totals -5-,fm Fractional ...... 265 .532 386 485 1037 45.1. 'JW 1 Opponents .... 324 240 .574 439 431 1202 52.3 Page 80 MW 6 lljamify gagiegaff Thornton Opponents 1 ..,...,, .....,.., N oll ...... 7 ....... ...... L eyden .,, Y, 9 5 2 1 4 rn -J 6 7 1 Harvey Blue Island Blue Island Argo Argo Lockport Hammond High Kankakee Harvey This is not the complete seasonis record Uaraif Swimmin Fenger ? 9 Thornton Opponents 37 '38 46 99 Morton 19 ..,..... ,,o,rl H ammond High ......e 41 e,,7...r ......... L ew Wallzice .,.... 58 .,...... e,,w..,,,,.... F roehel ........ e,v.,,e, ..,..... I- Iorace Mann 1 27 ....e,,. .........,. I- Iarvey ,e,,e,,e 15 ,Y,,,, Y,,,,., F enger ,,,r,r. . 40 14 20 58 25 Niles Hammond High Bloomington Urbana Harvey X0 xx wfedfgng ' Thornton Opponents 27 .,,....., .,.i.. W ashington .ve,. .......,..... 1 9 27 ,...,. 7,o7,i,. IN 1.P.M.A. ....... r.,....,.. 1 1 25 t,,,. .....v.,,Y, C lark ..,........... ..,rr, 3 2 18 ,,o... ......... B lue Island ..i.,....... ,..,.. 1 8 20 ..,... .......,.,.,.,,.. H arvey .......e,i..,.,.,.,,....., 18 21 e,,,, ..,.. S outh Bend Central ,.......7,,ei. 26 14 rtr.. ......,..,,,ii I oliet ...,...........ew ,,... 2 4 43 ....,e ,,Y..,......... I Dyer ...Y.7.......,.... ...... 8 25 .,................ Hammond Tech ........ .,.,.. 2 4 29 ....e,...,e..ii,,....... Roosevelt ..,.i.l,... ...... 1 1 Conference: third Sectional: third 54 .,...... ,,Y,,,,,tii F roebel ,,e,,,,,,..r J 27 ....,... .,.,... S outh Bend ...,.... J 27 ,ee,ee,, ,.......,,,ee Argo ,..,,...,,,,,, f"t"' ea H 45 ..... ...e,,c B lue Island ,,,,i,,, .X-f 54 eee...i. ,.......ewv IX Iorton .....,,e ZQLX 41 .,,,.... ,,.,,,,, H orace Mann ,. 'XX-"'f' 38 ,,...,....... Lew Wfallace .,,e,,i.,...,r,..,., 50 Y,,.,,,..r,,.,,........,.,,, Argo ...,...........,,,,.,,,,,,,, 64 ...,...,.. Chicago University High 11 49 .,.,....,,,,,,,,,..... Blue Island ..........e,,.,,,,,,,, 17 1 Conference: Second K Uargifg jfaCL Thornton Opponents 3734 ,,,,c,,,,,e,..,. Hammond High YYe..,,...,..... 7135 G2 ,,,,,,,,,.t...,.,. Hammond Tech .,v.,............. 37 VVheaton Relays - finished fourth 3734 v,,Yr....,..,...w,...... Harvey ....i.,................. 5934 58 el fklx Ctri-angular meetj .....,...i.. Bloom ............ 44 eeeee,,,,,,,e,,,e,e,r.,,,. johet ,,,,..,...............,,,. 63 41 Ctri-angular meet Q .i...,.. Blue Island Ye,..rr. District Meet at Kankakee - finished fifth This is not the complete season's record Page 81 ,FM ...J 5 W s ii Sfw' grcwluafion n On the two previous pages are TF,s 1952 National Honor So- ciety Members. The four familiar faces pictured above are our senior class officers. Together with the sponsor they planned our first "College Nightf, and organized the Crews for the various senior Committees. Mr. Schmidt could be found in l08 fourth and last period show- ing students which college they should attend and what the future holds for each of them. Page 84 1 .7lLe dado o 7952 x WILLIAM BEANBLOSSOM "Bill" Boys' Club Pin lg Photography Club 43 Maga- zine Salesman l,2,3,'l, Top Salesman 2,3,4. MAC BESSE "Mae" Baseball 33 Intramural Basketball 2. LOUIS BISSA "Sonny" Football l,2,3g Baseball fl. Letter 3: Basketball 2. Letter 31 lXIonogram Club 41 Ifsher Carnival rl AILIQZIIIIIC Salesman -li Nltnie Operator 2,fl.-l. KATHLEEN ADLEY "Kay" Freshman Girls' Chorus lg Cadet Band lg Usher Spring Concert 23 Girls' Club Pin 2,fl. WILLIAM ALDERDEN "Bill" Magazine Salesman l,2,3,-lg Safety Committee. EMILY ANDERSON "Emily" Girls' Chorus 2: Commercial Club 4, Treasurer 45 Oihtie Assistant -1: Magazine Salesman ANITA ANSBURG "Nita" Cheerleader 2.3.4. Megaphone 3, Letter 43 Fresh- man Girls' Chorus I: Girls' Chorus 2,3,4: Carni- ial Production StaiI -4: Carnival Cast 1,33 Girls' Club Pin l,2,3,-1, Iloard EI,-lg Commercial Club 4, President 45 Terrapin Club 2,35 Presidential Ad- visory Board 4: Teachers' Assistant 35 Magazine Salesman l,2,3,4: Chronoseope Salesman 2,35 'I'it:ket Salesman 2,3. KAY ARZICH "K" Ifreslnnan Girls' Chorus I: Cadet Band lg Com- mercial Club 45 Tearhers' Assistant Miss She- maitis. IOHN AVENATTI "Iohnny" Football l,2,3,-1, Letter l,2,3,-41 Basketball l,2,3, Letter l,2,fIg Track l,2,3,4, Letter l,2,3g Mono- gram Club 3,43 Carnival Cast 43 Boys' Club Pin I,2,f5,-tg j.R.C. Representative 2, Council 33 Movie Operator l,2,3,4: Chairman Crusade for Freedom -l. THOMAS BAILEY "Tom" Swim fig Track 2: Carnival Swim Show 3. MARILYN BARKER "Woofy" G..-LC. Swim l, Baseball lg Freshman Girls' Chorus lp Cadet Band 1,25 Band 35,45 Carnival east 3g Girls' Club Pin 2. FRANCES BARZDA "Francie" G.A,C. Captain Basketball 25 Freshman Girls' Chorus lg Usher Graduation 3, XVinter Concert 25 Girls' Club Pin 12,33 Commercial Club 4, Vice- president 43 Ollire Assistant 43 Hall Monitor 33 AIZIEZIYIIIC Salesman l,2. Page 85 Y jAe Cfaoa 0 7952 MICHAEL BRAKEBILL "Mike" Football 2,35 Basketball l,2, Letter 1,25 Track l,2,3, Letter 1,25 Intramural Diving fig Auto Shop Treasurer 3. PHILLIP BRANTINGHAM "Phil" Jr.-Sr. Play Stage Crew 4. IOAN BERENDT "Ioan" Girls' Chorus 2g Girls' Club Pin 2,35 Student Assistant Miss jaacks 2, Miss Brauill ii,-lg Usher Parent Night 3. VIRGINIA BRESKI "Virg" G.A.C. Volleyball l, Swim l,2,3g Freshman Girls' Chorus 15 Girls' Club Pin l,2,35 Hall Monitor 3,45 Ticket Salesman 1. ISABELLE BRODIE "Issy" G.A.C. Captain Basketball l, Swim 15 journalism Class 33 Teachers' Assistant 1,35 Thorntonian Advertising Staff 15 Chronoscope Advertising Staff 1,35 Ticket Salesman 2. WARREN BROWN "Warren" journalism Class 45 Thorntonian Advertising Staff 45 Ticket Salesman. LORRAINE BRYANT "Loi-" G.A.C. Volleyball l, Captain Basketball l, Bas- ketball I5 Freshman Girls' Chorus lg Usher Jr.- Sr. Play 35 Girls' Club Pin 15 Commercial Club 43 Student Assistant Oihee 4, Teachers' 3,45 Hall Monitor 35 Magazine Salesman l. ELIZABETH BIILCZAK "Betty" Freshman Girls' Chorus lg Girls' Chorus 25 Car- nival Cast 35 Girls' Club Pin 2,3. VIRGINIA BURTIS "Ginger" Cadet 'Band 15 Band 2,3,4, Ofhrcr fl, Iictter 35 Carnival Cast 35 Usher Open House 31 Girls' Club Pin 2, 35 Teachers' Assistant Miss She- maitis 3. ROBERT BUSCH "Bob" Football l,2,fl.'l, Letter l,2,3,4, Captain 45 Wrestling l,2,fl,-I, Letter l,2,3,4g Monogram Club 3,45 Carnival Cast 43 Boys' Club Pin 13 Magazine Salesman l,2,fl,45 Most Valuable Player Award, Hammond Times 4. ROBERT BUTLER "Bob" Baseball 35 Carnival Cast 4, Swim Show 3. IOHN CABALA "lol1rmy" Wrestling 2: Track lg Intramural Basketball 15 Speech 'Ibzun I: Caruixal Cast lg Photography Club 4. jlre Cfaaa o 7952 PATRICIA CZLONKA "Pat" Freshman Girls' Chorus lg Girls' Chorus 2,3,4: Usher YVinter Concert 3, Spring Concert 33 Girls' Club Pin lg Commercial Club 4. MARLENE DAVIS "Mar" G.A.C. Volleyball l,2, Captain Basketball 1,2. Swim l,2,3, Baseball l,2, Numeral 23 Cheerleader I,2,fl,4, Megaphone l,2, Letter 3, Major Letter 43 Freshman Girls' Chorus lg Girls' Chorus 23,42 Carnital Cast l,2,3,4g Girls' Club Pin 1,2,IS. Board 3, J.R.C. Representative lj Commercial Club 43 Magazine Salesman l,2,3g Chronoscope Salesman 2. PATRICIA DAVIS ' 'Pat" G.A.C. Volleyball l,2,3,4, Captain Basketball l. 2,fl,Ll, Basketball I,2,3, Swim l,2,3, Baseball l,2,f3. Board 2,Ii,4, Treasurer 2, Secretary 4, Numeral 2, Minor Letter 3, Major Letter 43 Thorntoniau Stall' 23,45 Carnival fig Girls' Club Pin l,2,3,4, Board 2,35,-lg 'l'eac'liers' Assistant Miss Shemaitis 2.E5,4, Miss .laarks 2,1l,Al: Magazine Salesman Il: 'Ilmrnlonian S1llCSIllilIl 3.4. ir' V c 'A -.. N :if ,. , 4 :Y Page 87 VIRGINIA CARLSON "Red" Freshman Girls' Chorus lg Girls' Chorus 2,3: Girls' Club Pin 2,531 Commercial Club Al: Hall Monitor 43 NIZIQIIIIIIC Salesman l,2,fl: Chrono- scope Salesman 13, Ticket Salesman 2.3. IOHN CARPENTER "lack" Track 25 Football Manager l,2,3,4, I.etler 4: Carnival Cast Nl, Swim Show lg liovs' Club Pin l,Ilg Magazine Salesman l,2. IAMES CARR "lim" Intramurals 2. IOYCE CENCION "Icy" Band l,2,fl,bl, Librarian El,4, Iietter 3, Student .Xssistant 4. PATRICIA COCHRAN "Pat" l'-l'l'SlllIlIlll Girls' Chorus lg Girls' Chorus 2,3,4g Girls' Club l'in l,23 Student Assistant 43 Thorn- lonian Salesman l,2, Atlvc-i'tisin,f1g Stafl 23 Chrono- seope Salesman l,2: Tirket Salesman l,2. MARILYN CRIBLEY "Mar" Girls' Club Pin fig Commercial Club 43 Deans' Assistant -l, 'I'eat'liers' Iigl: Hall Monitor 3,43 Magazine Salt-sman l: Thorntonlan Salesman 1. PHYLLIS CROY "Pl1yl" G.A.C. Volleyball 2, Captain Basketball 2, Swim 2: Girls' Club Pin l.2,fl,'l, Board El,-lg Student Assistant Miss ,laarks l,2,fl,-l: Sr. Class Treasurer 4: Thorntonian Salesman 2: Chronoscope Sales' man 2g Ticket Salesman 2,31 D..'X.R. Award -l. IACK CUNNINGHAM "lack" Wrestling 33 Trark 23 Intramurals 25 Boys' Club Pin 3. DELORES CZERWINSKI "Dee" G..-LC. Volleyball l,2,4, Captain Basketball l,2,4, Swini l,2,3, President 4, Numeral 2, Lcttcr 33 I:l'CSlllIlfllI Girls' Chorus l: Girls' Chorus 2: Car- niial Cast 56, Stage Crew -13 Usher -Ir.-Sr. Play 3, Xl'intt'r Concert 'lg Girls' Club Pin l,2,3,4, Board f5,'l: j.R.C. Representative 2,32 Library Club 2,33 Presidential Acliisory Board 4, Student Assistant Miss llziarks -l, Miss Shemaitis 2,33 Hall Monitor Ii: Magazine Salesman 1,21 Thorntonia Salesman l,2: 'lirkrl Salesman l,2,3. .7lte Cjfaaa of 7952 ADINE DAWSON "Pearl" Girls' Club Pin 13 Hall Monitor 3,43 Student Assistant Miss Shemaitis 2. MARGARET DEMBOWSKI "Margie" G.A.C. Volleyball 2,3,4, Captain Basketball l,2,fS, Basketball 1,2,fl, Swim l,2,3, Baseball l,2,fl, Minor Letter 33 Twirler 3,43 Girls' Club l'in l, 2,3,4, Board SA, Secretary 33 Library Club 2: Deans' Assistant 33 Magazine Salesman l,2,I5,-l3 Ticket Salesman l,2. CAROL DeMIK "Carol" Girls' Club Pin 23 Commerrial Club -l: Stutlcnt Assistant, Oflice -lg Magazine Salt-sinan l,2,fl3 Thorntonian Salesman l. GEORGE DePIRRO "George" Football l,2,3,4, Letter 43 Trark fl: LVl'CSlllllIl',' l,2,3,4, Letter 3,43 Intramurals l,2: Monogram Club 3,4, Treasurer 113 Carnixal Cast -43 Boys' Club Pin l,2,El3 Magazine Salesman l,2,fl,4. IOHN DIEMART "john" Magazine Salesman 2,43 Clironosrope .'hli3L'l'llSll1g Staff 23 Movie Operator fl,Al. MARILYN DONALDSON "Marilyn" G.A.C. Volleyball l, Swim I3 journalism Class 33 Editor. Guide Book 43 Thorntonian Stall -lg Clnonosttope Stall' 43 Carnival Makefup Com- mittee 43 jr.-Sr. Play Make-up Committee -l: Usher Winter Concert fl, Spring Concert 23 Girls' Club l'in l,2,3,'i, Board l3 j.R.C. Representative l,2,fl, Council 23 Library Club 2, Letter 23 Clinic Assistant 3,43 Teachers' Assistant l,2,fl,43 Maga- zine Salesman 43 Thorntonian Salesman l,2,43 Chronoscope Salesman l3 Ticket Salesman l,2. MARY JANE DONALDSON "Dolly" jr.-Sr. Play Cast 33 Girls' Club Pin 2: ,I.R.C. Representative 13 Teachers' Assistant I3 I-lall Monitor 33 Magazine Salesman 23. IOHN DREWNO "John" Cadet Band 13 Band 2,3,4, Letter fl: Carnival Cast 4, Stage Crew 33 jr,-Sr. Play Stapgt- Crew 33 Boys' Club Pin 3,43 Student Assistant Mr, Thompson 43 Magazine Salesman l,2,X,43 First in District Music Contest Il, State Music Contt-st Ziyi. DORETTA DUST "Der" Freshman Girls' Chorus I3 Girls' Chorus 3,413 Usher Carnival 4. Page 88 RONALD DVOIACKI "Ron" Track 2,fl. KENNETH ENLOE "Ken" Football 23 Wrestling l,2,-13 Track l,23 Intra- murals 2. PHYLLIS EVANSON "Phyl" G.A.C. Vollevball 3,43 Captain Basketball 3,-l, Baseball l,2,3, Swim l,2,fl, Numeral 353 Cadet Band l,23 Bantl 23,43 Carnival Cast 4: Girls' Club llin l,2,3,+1, Board 2,fl,43 Senior Class Secretary -l3 Magazine Salesman l,2: 'Ihorntonian Salesman l,2: Clironost'upt' Salesman l,2: Ticket Sales- man l,2. glee gfcwa of 7952 l l ELIZABETH GEORGE "Betty" G.A.C. Swim lj ,lournalism Class fi: 'liliorntonian Staff 43 Girls' Club Pin l,2,3, Board 2,32 .l'R.C, Representative 23 Commercial Club -I3 Plmtogra- phy Club 43 Student Assistant 3: Hall Monitor 2,33 Tltornlonian Salvstnan 1,2,Il3 Clironoscopc Salesman l,2,3, Clirnnoscopc Advertising Staff 2,33 Ticket Salesman l,2,3. NORMA IEAN GERCKEN "Norma" Freshman Girls' Clmrus l: Girls' Clmrus 2,33 Double Scxtct 43 Carnixal Cast -l. DANIEL GIEWARTOWSKI "Danny" Nleistcrsingcrs l,2,3,-l, Ollircr 43 Czult-t lliantl l: Band 2,fl,-13 Carnival Casl fl: liuvs' Club l'in 29,43 Presidential Atlxisory linarsl Ml, DOMINIC FEMMINELLA "Dickie" Buys' Club Pin lg Auto Shop Secretary. JOHN FOYER "John" Football 2,Il,-1, I.ctlt'r 43 lvrcstling 2,3513 Track l,2, l.t-ucr l,23 Intramurals 2.3, Manager 2: xl0Il0!!,l'1llll Club -43 Carnival Swim Show 2. Cast 4. A ROY FREDBLOOM "Edgar" Football Ii,-1, Letter Aly Basketball 2, Letter 23 Swim fig Track 2,?l,4, Letter 2,33 lnlrainurals 33 Nlonograin Club 43 Carniial Cast 4, Stage Crew Il,-li jr.-Sr. Play Stage Crew 153 Boys' Club Pin 3,-1, Board 25,43 Photograpliy Club 43 Senior Class l'residc-nt 43 Presidential Aclxisory Board '13 PA. System Operator -l. LOIS FREEMAN "Lo" G.A.C. Swim 2,33 Cadet Band l3 journalism Class Il: lhorntonian Stall' 43 Chrouoscope Staff 43 l'5licr XVintcr Ctnicert -lg Usher Spring Concert 33 Girls' Club Pin I,2,fl,4, Board Il, Treasurer fl: 4l.R.C. Reprt-st-:native 2,33 Library Club 23,43 l'liotography Glub -lg Student Assistant 1,2.3,43 'lilmrntonian Salvsinan 3,43 Clirouoscope Sales- man l,2,flj 'I'ickt-t Salesman l,2.f93 -lr.-Sr. Play Proinptci' 4. ROBERT FREEMAN "Bob" 'l'rat'k 23 Intramurals 2,43 Carnival Cast 4. EARL FREI "Squirrel" CARMEN GAMBINO "Cami" IOHN GANNON "lack" Track l,2: Intramurals 2,243 Wrestling I3 Meister- singers -l, l'in 43 Carnixal Cast 4. DONALD GENOVESE "Don" Football fl: '1'rattk 2,33 Intramurals lj Monogram Club I3 llarniial Cast 13 Magazine Salesman I 2 fl fl .--,- Puge 89 .7lLe Cfaw of 7952 FRANK GILLESPIE "Egor" Football l,2, Letter l: llaskctball l,2,fl,4, l.c-ttcr l,2,3,4: llascball 3,4, l.t'llc'r fl: Track I,2. Lcttcr l,2g Intramurals l,2,fl: Monogram Club 3,43 lhIf'IlSlE'l'SillIIL'l'S l,2,fl,4, Virt'-president fl, l'liL'SlllClll 4: Carnival Stage Crt-w 2,f5: Boys' Club l'in l,2, 3,-l, Board 2,3,-1: .I.R.C. Rvprcscntatiu- l,2,3,4, Connfil fl: Presidential Aclxisory Board 4: Maga- zinc Salesman l,2,3: Mow Operator l,2,3.Al. MARILYN GINALSKI "Mari" Usher Graduation fl: Girls' Cltlb l'in l,2,Il: Clinic Assistant 3,4, Deans' Assistant El: Hall Monitor El: Magzwinc Salesman l,2,fl,43 Tirkct Salesman l. DELORES GODLEWSKI "Dee" G.A.C. Volleyball l, Swim l,fl: Freshman Girls' Chorus 1: Carnixal Swim Show 2: Girls' Club Pin 25 j.R.C. Rcprcsentativt' 2: COllllllDl't'l1ll Club 4: Library Club lg 'l'rrapin Club fl,-l: Student Assistant Miss Shcmaitis fl: 'l'llornt0nian Salesman: Clircmosmpc Salesman: 'fittkct Salm- xnang Usher NVintc-r Concert l. ELMER GRASKA "Al" Football 2: Trark Il: Intramurals 2,3: Carnival Cast 4: Boys' Club Pin Ii: Magazine Salcsnian 2,3,-ig Chronosrupc Adxrrtising Staff 2. DWIGHT GRAY "Dwight" Usher Carnixal lg Magzwiut' Salesman l,2,fl,-l. CAROL GREB "Carol" journalism Class 4: Tlinrntonian Stall fl: Usher Graduation fl, lVinter Concert 4, Spring' Concert 2,31 Girls' Club Pin l,2,El,4: j.R,C. lll'DliCS'flll21- tive 31 Library Club l,2,il,Al: Stutlunt Assistant Miss Fuller 2. EDNA HALE "Ed" G.A.C, Volleyball 2,fl,-li Captain Bztskctlmall l,2, SA, Basketball l,2,El,4l, Swim l,2,Il, Baseball l,2,3, Board 2,Zl,4, Numeral 2, Minor Luttcr ll, Major Letter 4: Cliccrlcadvr l,2,3,4, Nnntcral 2, itfcga- phone fl, Letter 4: Carnixal Mako-up Committcv 43 Usher Spring Conrcrt l: Girls' Club Pin l,2,3: Library Club l,2: Ollice Assistant -1: Magazine Salesman l,2,3,-lg Tliorntonian Salt-sinan 4. DONALD HANDLON "Don" Football SA, Lcttt-r 4: Track 2,il, I.cttcr 3: Intra- murals 2,3g lllonogram Club 4: lfshcr Carnital -1. ROBERT HANSEN "Bob" Baseball fl: Intramurals l,2,1l: Clirnnnscopc Atl' it-rtising Staff l,2. Page 90 RUTH HARLE "Ruthie" G.A.C. Captain Basketball -l, Swim l,2,Il: Fresh- man Cirls' Chorus l: Girls' Chortls 2,33 Cadet Bantl l: Band 2,3,-1: Guide Book Staff El: Spcccll 'lic-am l,-l: Girls' Club l'in l,2,S,4, Board l,2,3,4, Vive-prcsirlt-nt 4: j.R,C. Representative 3.4: Tvr- rapin Club 2,33 Jr. Class Treasurer fly Magazine Salvsnian l,'l: Thorntonian Salesman 1,23 Ticket Salesman l,2. RAYMOND HANEY "Ray" ALlCE HEATHCOTE "Alice" Girls' Chorus 3,43 Journalism Class 3: Thorn- tunian Staff 4: Carnival Swim Show 4: Usher Graduation 3: Girls' Club Pin 2,43 Library Club l,2.Il,sl: Tsrtapin Club 3,43 Student Assistant I.2,Zl.l. jlze Cfaw 0 7952 GUYLA HUNTINGTON "Guyla" Girls' Chorus 23,-I: Carnital YVat'clmlie Commit- tee l,2,Il,-lg jr.-Sr. Play xv1lI'dl'0llL' fl, Prompter Il: Girls' Club Pin 2,153 Thorutonian .-Ktlt'ertisit1t2, Stall I,2. DAVID IACKSON "Dave" Football l,2,3,-1, Letter 3,-lg Basketball l,2,f5, Letter 2,251 Track l,2,3,-1, Letter 1,2,II, Captain 23 Intramurals 25 lNIonogrant Club 3,43 Meister- singers I: Carnitztl Cast -tg Boys' Club I'in I,2, BA, Board l,2,3,4, Vice-president 4: ,I.R.C. Rep- rcsentatiw IA, Council -lg Presidential Advisory Board -tg Movie Operator I,2. MARILYN IANKOWSKI "Marilyn" G..-LC. Swun I,2, Baseball 23 Girls' Club I'in 2: Conuucrrial Club 4, Student Ofhfe Assistant 4, Teachers' Assistant E53 Hall Monitor 2: 'l'h0rn- louian Salesman l,2g Clironost'ope Salestnan l,2: Ticket Sulesutau I.2. MARLOWE HECHT "Hector" Intramurals l,2,3,4g Boys' Club Pin 2,Il. PAMELA HERRING "Pam" Freshman Girls' Chorus I: Girls' Chorus 2: Double St-xtct 35 Cadet Baud lg Band 2,33 Car- nital Cast fig Swim Show l,2,35 Girls' Club Pin I,2: Library Club lg Tcrrapin Club l,2,El3 Student Assistant lg INIHQRIIIIK' Salesman 12,33 Thorn- tonian Salesman l,2, Advertising Staff 2: Chrono- stjopc Salesman l,2,3g Ticket Salesman l,2. SHIRLEY HOFFMAN "Shit-I" Freshman Girls' Chorus I: Carnival Cast El, Girls' Club Pin 25 Commercial Club 45 Deans' Assist- ant 43 'I'earIiers' Assistant l.2,fI: Magaiine Sales- man I,2,fl,Al: Tirket Salesinztu 23,-I. ELAINE HOGE "Elaine" Girls' Cltlh l'in 2: ,l.R.C. Representative l,2,3, Council El, Cnnuuercial Club 4, Photography Club 43 Student Assistant Deans' 43 Oilice Assist- ant Il, Magazine Salesman l,2,5.4. DUANE HOL "Duane" IOHN HOLMES "johnny" Basketball I, Letter I3 Wrestling 2,3,-I, Letter 2, 4: Track l,2,3, Letter 1: lntrzimurals, COBY HOOGEVEEN "Coby" Girls' Chorus 21 Double Sextet 3,41 Carnival Cast FIA. IAKE HOOGEVEEN "lake" Football l,2,Il,-1, Letter I,2,3,-tg Baseball fl, Mono- gram Club 3,43 Usher Carnixal 43 Boys' Club Pin l. 101-IN HOOGEVEEN A "latin" Swim l,2,fl, Letter 35 Carnixal Swim Show fly Magazine Salt-stnan 2.3: Catlet Hand I. 31,8 CEM 0 1952 FRANCES IENDREAS "Fran" Freshman Girls' Chorus l: Carnival Swim Show Ig Student Assistant Dean 4. MARIE IOHNSON UNIV, G.A.C. 2,35 Girls' Chorus 23,42 jr.-Sr. Play Make-up Committee 35 Usher Graduation fi, Carnival 4: Girls' Club Pin l,2,fig ,l.R.C. Repre- sentative I,2,3,4 ,Council 2g Student Ollice Assist- ant -lg Magaiine Salesman l,2,l5,-11 Chronoscope Advertising Stall' 2: Tirkct Salesman l,2. PAULINE IOHNSTON "Pauline" IEROME IONAS Intramurals 2: Manager Usher, Carnival Cast 4, WILLIAM IONES Football l, Letter l: Basketball l,2,f4,4, l,2,3,4g Monogram Club 4: Boys' Club l,2,fi,41 Carnival ..Ieny,. Cast -lg NIIIXIZIIIIIC Salesman 4. 3,4, Board lg Movie Operator 4, IACQUELIN IURECKI Hall Monitor. THEODORE KAMMER KENNETH KAPLY Wrestling 2,f5, Letter 2: dent of Auto Shop 3. HOWARD KINDT Football 3,4, Letter 3,43 nlacku Letter l'in l 2 i 1 "jackie" ' 'Teddy" Track l, Letter 1 Carnival Cast 4. H aKen,, 3 Presi- Howie' EUGENE KIRSCHSIEPER "Ray" Basketball fi,4, Letter 15,41 Baseball 4: Intra- 2 murals I,L,fl,'l: Manager fi,-lg Xionngratn Club 3,4. VIRGINIA KLEIN "Virg" G.A.C1. Captain Basketball 4, Basketball 1, Swim 2: Cadet Band l: ,lourualism Class El: Thornton- iau Stail' 4: Carnixal Cast fig Girls' Cluh Pin l, 2,141 Cmnniercial Club 43 Thcirntonian Sales- man lg Clironoscnpe Salesman lg 'Picket Sales- inan l: Usher jr.-Sr. Play 3. MARTHA KNABENHANS "Mat" iQ..'X.C. Captain Basketball l, Basketball I, Swim l, Baseball lg lfreslitnan Girls' Chorus I3 Girls' Clmrus 2,3,-ig Speecll Team 4: Carnival Cast 4: llr.-Sr. Play Cast 25,43 Lfsher Graduation 3: Girls' Club l'in l,2,Ii,-Ig ,I.R.C. Representative 2, Page 92 flltllillii fi, Vive-pt'esinltrtit 4. jfte Cfafsa 0 7952 DARCY KUSCHEL "Dare" G.A.C. Volleiball l,2,3,4, Captain Basketball 1, 2,3,4, Basketball I,2,3, Swim 2, Ilaseball l,2,3, G.A.C. lloartl 2, Numeral 2, Nliuor Letter Ii: Fresjiman Cirls' Chorus l: Girls' Chorus 2: Double Sextt-t fl,-I: Carnixal Cast 23,42 l'sher jr.- Sr. Play Il: Cirls' Club Pin l,2,fl: .luniur Class Seeretary fl: Tliorntonian Salesman l.2.fl: Chrono- scope Salesman l,2.3: 'litket Salesman l,2,fl,l. DOROTHY La SOTA "Darth" G.A.C. Volleyball l,fi,4, Captain Basketball Il,'l, Basketball l,2,3, Swim l,2,15, Baseball 2,253 Swim Show 4: Usher Xl'intet' Concert 43 Ciils' Club Pin l,2,-lg 'l'el'rapin Club 2,fl,4g 'l'horutonian Salesman 23 'l'it'kel Salesman 2,33 Yllt'Ill'llCl' As' sistant 4. WILLIAM LAST "Bill" lfootball l,2,fl,-l, l.t-tter l,2,ll,4g 'lratk l,2,Ql, Letter Ilg Intramurals l,2: Wrestling I,2,I4,-l, Letter 1,2,3,4g Monogram Club 2,3,4, Sergeant zu Arms 45 Carnital Cast ,lg Boys' Club Pin l,2,fi: Magazine Salesman l.2,3,Alg Conference autl Set:- tional Wrestling Champ il. ARLENE KOKONDY "Arlene" Girls' Club Pin 1,25 J.R.C. Representative I: Commertiial Club 43 Olhce Assistant 4: Hall Monitor fig 'lliorntonian Salesman 2: Usher Vlinter clt!lltil'l'l 2. ROBERT KOMAROWSKI "Bob" Basketball l,2,4g Baseball 3,4, lietter fl: llllfilv murals Avl't'SlllIlg 2, Basketball Champion fl. PHILLIP KOSANOVICH "Phil" Football l,2,fl,4, Letter l,2,3,43 Basketball l,2,fl,4, Letter l,2,fl,-lg Monogram Club 3,4, Vietvpresi- tlent 45 Carnival Cast ll: Usher Christmas Convert fl: Boys' Club Pin fl: j.R.C. Representative 2, Il,4, Council 45 Magazine Salesman 45 Trark l,2. LORRAINE KOSELKE "Lor" ,. ,, i..- it t..A.C Volleyball l,Z,.l, Lapiant Basketball l,Z,5, Swim 2, Numeral 2, Basketball l,2. LORRAINE KRELL "TuEy" C.A.C. Captain Basketball 2,-l, Swim 2,3, Base- ball 23 Cirls' Club Pin l,2,Il,-lg Connnercial Club 'l, Secretary 43 Clinie Assistant IHA: SllltlClll As- sistant Miss Shcmaitis 2,-l, NANCY KREUZBERGER "Nan" Girls' Chorus 2,flg Cadet Bancl lg Carnival Vtlard- robe 21 llall Monitor 23. EILEEN KUBICKI "Eileen" C-lrls' Chorus flfl: Usher Graduation Il: jr.-Sr. Play fl: Cirls' Club llin 2g Hall Monitor fl. ARMIN KURZ "Arm" Football 2,233 Swim l,2,3,-l, Letter 2,fl,Ali Intra- mural Boxing lg Monogram Club 35,43 Cadet Band lg Swim Show l,2,i5,4g Boys' Club Pin l,2g Moxie Operator -lg 'Iiratk 2,3,4. IOSEPH KURZEIA "loc" Football l,2,3,'l, lietler l,2,1l,4g Basketball l,2,3,4, Letter l,2,3,4g 'l'rat'k 2.15, Letter 2,33 Monogram Club 3,43 Cnrnixal Cast -ig Hall Monitor 4: Auto Shop Foreman -l. Page 93 jke Cfam 0 795 EDWARD LAUERMAN Swim 35 Carnival Swim Show 35 Began 'I'htn'u- ton Fractional in junior Year. RAYMOND LEE "Ray" DONNA LEWIS "Donna' ' Fwirler 2,3,-45 Student Production Stall -I5 Debate Team 25 Carniial Swim Show 3,45 Carniial Wardrobe Committee 2,35 Usher jr,-Sr. Play 145 Girls' Club Pin 2,31 'lerrapin Club 2,fi,'1, Presi- dent 45 ,I.R.C. Council 35 Student Assistant Miss Shemaitis 45 Presidential Adiisory Board -1, IAMES LEWIS "Iimmy" Basketball I,2, Letter l.25 Intramurals 35 Boss' Club Pitt I,2,3,-1, Board 2,35 Key of Knowledge 3. PATRICIA LEWIS "Pat" Oiliee Assistant 351. WAYNE LEIBENGOOD "Clarence Wrestling 25 'liraek Manager El,-4, Letter 135 Intramural Basketball l,2,f5,fl, Ivrestling Winner 25 Monogram Clttb 45 Usher Carnival 4. NORMAN LINDSEY "Crooner" Intramurals 2,Il,-1, Basketball Champions -I: Man- ager Baseball 3, Manager Basketball I,25 Mono- gram Club 45 journalism Class 35 'I'horntouian Staff 45 Cltronostzope Staff 3,45 Boys' Club Pin l,3,4. ARLENE LONESKI - "Ar" G.A.C. Captain Basketball 1, Swim l,2, Baseball I5 Freshman Girls' Chorus I5 Girls' Chorus 2,3, 45 Cadet Band I5 journalism Class Il: Thorn- tonian Staff 45 Chronoseope 3,4, Editor 45 Speech Team 45 Carnival Cast l, Stage Crew -I, Student Production StaiI5 jr.ASr. Play Cast 255 Usher Graduation 35 Girls' Club Pin l,2,El5 ,l.R.C. Rep- resentative l,2,3,4, Council 2,35 Presidential Atl- visory Board 45 'feachers' Assistant I5 Magazine Salesman l,3,4, Thorntonian Salesman l,2,f55 Chronoscope Salesman 2,35 Ticket Salesman l,25 Carnival Queen 4. LAWRENCE LUECKING "Larry" Swim I,25 Track l,2. Page 94 ALEXANDER LUKAS "Al" Track 45 IlIlIi1lIlIlII'lIl Basketball 25 Boys' Club l'in l. ARLENE MACHAY "Arlene" C.A.C. Volleyball 2,fl,4, Captain Basketball Il, Baseball 2,f9, Numeral 35 Production Stall' Carni- ial -I5 Cirls' Club I'in 2,245 Library Club SA, Presitlt-nt AI5 'I'eat'hers' Assistant fl,-I5 Magazine Salesman l,25 Cltronoscope Atlvertising Staff 2,3. SUE MADDOX "Sue" Cirls' Club Pin 2,35 j.R.C. Representative 25 Connnerrial Club 45 Library Club 45 Thornton- ian Salesman 1,25 Chronoseope Salesman 1,25 Ticket Salesman l,2,3,4. SAQ CKGLIIJ 0 MARCYANN MADLIRA "Marcy" Hall Monitor 3. IOAN IVIALUFKA Hloanicm C.A.C. Swim l,2,fl: Catlet llautl l: llancl 2,fl,4l, Ollirer tl, Letter fl: ,luurnalism Class 253 'I'hornf Ionian Stalf -l: Chronosrope Slalf -I: Carnixal Make-up Committee fl: C'irls' Club l'in l,2,flZ Commercial Club -I: I,ibrarr Club il, Ollie:-r II: VIIIIOIAIIIOIIIZIII Salesman I: Clironosropt' Salesman lg jr.fSr. Play Ctnnmittee. Hake-up fl. ANNETTE MANISCALCO "Neue" journalism Class 35 'Iliorntonian Stall -4: Clirtmo- scope Stall' 4g Carnival Make-up Committee fli jr.-Sr. Play Usher fl. Winter Conttert 2.Il,Al. Spring Concert 2, Carnixal -1: Girls' Club Pin l.2,E5,4, Board 3,43 j.R,C. Representative 2,33 Library Club l,2,3,4, Treasurer fl, Vice-presitlent 4. BERNIECE MARKIEWICZ "Bern" Cheerleader 3,-I, Megaphone fi, Letter 4: Fresh- man Cirls' Chorus l: j.R.C. Representatixe 1, 2,3, Recorder flg Girls' Club Pin 25 Commerrial Club 4. Recorder -lg Terrapin Club 2,33 Tearlt- ers' Assistant fl. DAVID MARKSTONE "Dave" Football l,2. Letter 1,22 Swim l,2,ll,-I, Letter l, 2, fl, 4, Captain 23 Monogram Club l,2.Il,-I, Presitleut -I: Carnival Stage Crew Al, Student Production Staff -I, Swim Show l,2,-11 Boys' Club Pin I,3,lI: Chairman l'resitlential Atlxisory Boartl 4: Hall Monitor -I: AIIIQZIIIIIC Salesman fl: 'l'it'ket Salesman -Ig Conference Ilixing Champion l,2,3,4l. ROBERT MEYER "Bob" ANTHONY MIECZNIKOWSKI "Tony" Magazine Salesman I,2. WANDA MILLER "Wanda" Carnital Wardrobe Committee Ii: Girls' Club Pin 33 Tliorntonian Salesman 23 Cafeteria Assist- ant 3.4. NORMAN MILLS "Norm" Track 2g Magalinc Salesman l,2.3. Page 95 CAROLINA MISDOM "Carol" Girls' Chorus 23 Band 34,43 'I'wirIer 3,45 Carnival Cast II: Swim Show lg Usher Spring Concert 23 l'sher II'inter Conrert 2: Cirls' Club Pin 3: Student Assistant Miss Sheinaitis 23,43 Ofliee Assistant 4. WAYNE MITCHELL "VVaynz" Intramurals fl, Meistersingei'S l,2,fl,'l: Cadet Ilantl lg Bots' Club Pin fl,'I: l'hotoL5rapliy Club 4: AIRIQZIIIIII' Salesnuin l,2.Il,-1g High IXIZIQRIIIIIC Salesman fl,-1. IEROME MODIESKI "jerry" 'I'rat'l4 l,2: lntrzuuurals 2,Il,1l: Basketball lullllv ager l,2: I.etter 2: Catlet Ilantl I: Band l,2,fl,4: l.etler fl: hlournalism Class -1: Speech Team 4' l'sher Winter Concert 2,II,-1: Spring Concert 2 fl,-I: Bots' Club I'in 33 Photography Club 4: Yirelresitlent -lg IIIIIQZIIIIIC Salesman 1,232 Cltronoscope Advertising Staff 33 Ticket Sales- man fl. i jlle Cfaw 0 795 EDWIN MONDRZYK "Ed" Swnn l,2,Fl,4: Lcllcr 2,Il,-lg Mo11111.f1'z1111 Glulx fl,-lg Band l,2,fl,'1Z C:1r11i1z1l Swim Slum' l,2,fl,-1: Boys' Club I'in l,2: lxlilglllllll' Slllt'SllI2llI 2,fl.Al: l'l2ll'l'!l first i11 Musit' Contest 2,fl, l'l:11'r'1l sc-1'n11cl i11 51:111- Music Contest 2,flg ClIl'OIlllSC'Ul7C AIlIl'l'llSlllQ,' Slz1lI 2. PATRICIA MRNIEC "Pat" I:I'CSllIlIZlll Girls' Glrorus lg Girls' Cilmrlis 2,fl,'l: Usher IVi111cr Gunfvrl I,2,Il, Spring flUIlli'l'I I, 2, 33 Girls' Clulm Pin l,-lg Gliroriuscnpr' Aclwr- rising Stull 2. ALICE IVIROCH "Al" IIFCSIIIIIZIII Girls' Chorus l: Girls' Clmrus Il,-lg Cadet Band lg Blind 2,fl,4: Spccrh 'I'C?IlII l,2,fl,1lg Carniial Cast I,2,3, Wzirclrobc C0ll'llIIlllK'C' -lg Girls' Club Pin I,2: ,l.R.CZ. Rcprc-sc11t:11ivc' I, Council 2, Secretary 3, President -l: 'l'c-rrzipin 2: N.F.L. Pin 4. IOSEPH MIISCHELEWVICZ "loc" Wrestling l,2,3,4g Track 1.23,-4: PlIOIOgl'1IIJlII Club 4. IOAN NALEWAY "Ioan-1n'e" G.A.C. Swim l,2,Zl: JOIITIIIIIISIII Class 3: 'I-lIfll'll- Lonian Stall 43 Girls' Club Pin l,2.3,4: .l.R.CI. Rcpreseiitnlivc 2,Il,4, SCl'l'L'lilI'Y -l: Usher Wintm Concert 3.4, Spring Concert Il, jr.-Sr. Play Il, Girls' Club Pin 23: Co1111111'1'1'i:1l Gluli 'II I,L'iIllS Assistant 43 l-lull Xlmiilnr -I: 'l'l'2IllIl'l'S' Assisi- 11111 l,2. EDWARD ORTH "Nick' journalism Class 43 'I'll0l'lll0lllZilI Slklll -lg jr.-Sr Play Stage Crew Il. ELAINE PALIGA 'Elaine' Girls' Cl11b Pin 23 COIIIIIICTCIIII Cluh 43 'I'c:1chcrs Assistant 2' Ol'l'iCC A4 ISl'llIl 4' Xl'1 llllllt' Salts- . . , . ss . . . .g man l,2g Tickcl SZllC?ITl1IlI l,2,ll. BARBARA PAWLOWSKI "Barb' FLORENCE OAKLEY "Flo" Page 96 DOROTHY PAWLOWSKI "Dot' Girls' Gliorus 23.-4: ,l0lIl'lI1IllSllI Glass 33 'Ilmrn' tnnizin Suill fl: Girls' Club Pin l,2,fl, llonrd fl: l"l'l'4llIIlllll Girls' Clmrus l. THOMAS PERCHIAZZI "Perchy' lrzirk ilg lloxs' Glulr l'i11 Il. DONALD PERSSON "Don' llzisr-lmll AIPIIILIILUI' fl,-lg Swim Ig lxIUll0Hl'2IlI'I Cllll flfl: C:11'ni1:1l Swim Slum' l,23 liars' Cluli l'in 2,3 Y I " 4 jlre Cfaaa 0 7952 DORIS SCHMIDT "Doris" Caflvt Band lg Carniial Klal-Le-up Connnittee 2: jr.-Sr. Play Makeup Committee Il: Ilall Monitor 3: 'llltorntonian Salesinan 2,1 HILDA SCHROADER "Hilda" Transft'rretl from Bloom 'Township High Srliool in Senior year, IAN SCHULTZ "Ian" Football l,2,3,4, Letter l,2,I5,4g Basketball l,2,1l, 4, Letter l,2,3,-45 Baseball 3, Letter Il: 'llrark l,2: Intramurals 1,21 Monograin Club fl,-lg Cuicle Book Stall 33 Carnixal Cast 45 Boys, Club l'in 2,fl,4, Board l,3, 43 jr. Class l'resideut fig Magal zinc Salesman l,2Q Carnival King 4. IOHN PETLOCK "johnny" Track l, Numeral 1: lfreslnnan Boys' Chorus .-Xcroiiipanist 35 Alt-istersingers 3,4: Cadet Band l,2,fl,'l3 President -lg Carnival Protlurtion Staff 4, Cast 251, Stage Crew 2g Boys, Club l'in l,2,3: j.R.C. Representative fl, Council fl: Presidential Advisory lloard 4: Crzuluatetl in Jllllllllfy, 1952. THOMAS PETREE "Tom" Football I,2,Il,4, Letter I,2,fl,4g llaskctball 1,23 'I'rat'k I,2,f4,-I, Letter 3,43 VVI-estling Il,-lg Mono- gram Club 4g Meistei'siiig'ers l,2,f5,4, Vitte'presif dent 4: Carnival Cast fl, Stage Crew 4: Boys' Club Pin l,2,fl,4, Board 2,-l: ,l.R.C. Representative 2,35 Jr, Class Vive-president fl: Sr. Class Vife-president -l: Presidential Adxisory Board 4: Magazine Sales- man l,2.fl,Alg l'.A. System 3.4: Boys' Club Activ- itx Pin lg Boys' Club Rt'rm'cling IVeek YVin- ncr l,Il. IEROME PIETRZAK "Peachy" IOAN PITTELKOW "Ioannie" C.A.C. Volleyball l,2,3,4, Captain Basketball 2, fifl, Basketball l,2,fl,4, Baseball l,2,3, Minor l,t'tter 33 Freslnnzm Cirls' Chorus l: Girls' Chorus 2: Double SL-xtel Sift: journalism Class 3, Thorn' llllllllll Staff -l: Clironosropr- Stall 45 Carnival Cast 3,43 Girls' Club Pin l,2,El,4, Board 23,45 ,l.R.C. Rsprcst-ntative 23 Connnvrfial Club 4: Stutlt-nt Assistant Mrs. XVils0n fl,-I, Miss jaarks 4: Al1lf.flIllllC Salesman l,2,3,4g Thorntonian Ad- xertising Staff l,2. PATRICIA REEVES "Pat" C.A.C. Volleyball IIA, Captain Ilaskctball SA, Swim 12,31 Girls' Club Pin l,2,3,4, Board 3,4, Prcsitlt-nt -lg j.R,C. Representative 1,45 Presi, clential ,Mlrisory Boartl 4: Teaelu-rs' Assistant 43 Cirls' State Represclitative 4. ELIZABETH RICH "Beth" journalism Class 33 Tltorntonian Stall 43 Chrono- srope Stall -lg Clinic Assistant lg Deans' Assistant ity Stiult-nt Assistant Miss Shernaitis Pl. ARTHUR ROGERS HAH" Football l,2, Letter 1,25 Basketball l,2,3,4, Letter l,2,fl,-l: 'lirark l,2,fl, l.ettt'r l,2,3g Monogram Club 3,43 Usher Carniral 3,4, -Ir,,Sr. Play 35 Bois' Club Pin l,2, Board lg J.R.C. Representa- lirt- l,2,Il,-lg Ilall Monitor 4. NORBERT SABERNIAK "Norb" MARVIN SCHEFFKI "Marv" we Kfdffif 0 MAXINE SCHIILTZ "Maxine" Girls' Club Pin 25 Deans' Assistant 43 Hall Moni- tor 3,45 Magazine Salesman 23331. DONNA SEAQUIST "Donna" Girls' Chorus 3,43 Usher Carniial sl. CARL SELIN "Andy" Football l,2,fl,4, Letter l,2,fl,'l3 Basketball 43 Track l,2,3,45 Monogram Club fl, Secretary 43 Carnival Swim Slmw 23 Boys' Club Pin l,2,3,4, Treasurer 35 Second Team All4Conferenec '1'aekle in Football 43 Honorable Mention All-Cliirago Area in Football 4. IAY SHEFFIELD "lay" Wrestling l,2,fl,4, Letter l,2,f'lQ Intramurzxls l,2, 35 Guide Book Staff 43 Speech Team 3,4, Presi- dent 45 Carnival Cast 45 lr.-Sr. Play Cast 3,45 Boys' Club Pin l,2,3,4, Ollicer 2. EMILY SLABY "Emily" journalism Class 35 Tliorntonian Stall 43 Girls' Club Pin 2,35 Commercial Club 45 Usher Grad- uation 35 Magazine Salesman 1,23 Tlrurntonian Salesman 25 Ticket Salesman 2,33 Ollitte Assist- ant. 3,1l. RONALD SMITH "Ronnie" Football l,2,3,4, Letter 2,43 Swim l,2.fl,4, Lette' t 2,45 lntramurals 35 Carnival Swim Show l,2,3,'1: Usher Carnival 45 Boys' Club Pin 2,ll. JOSEPH SOBAK "Ice" PAUL SOCZYK "Sax" Intramurals 23. MARILYN SPEAKS "Lyn" DONALD STAACK "Don" Swim l,2,3. Letter l.23 Baseball 33 Track l,2,3 Letter I3 Intramurals l,2,3: Cadet Band lg Car: 7 niral Swim Show l,1,fl,43 Boys' Club Pin lA,2,3 GERALDINE STEIN "Gerry' Girls' Club Pin l,2,4: 'Teachers' Assistant l, Magazine Salesman l,2,3,4: Thorntonian Sales- man l,2535 Tirket Salesman l,2,fl,Al. EUGENE STEIN "Gene" jlte Cfaoa 0 795 RONALD VAN DYKE 'fR0n" yunm-1 WACHEWICZ Wray" G.A.C. Captain Basketball 3, Swim 33 Girls' Chorus 33 Usher Graduation 33 Tliorntoriian Salesman 33 Chronoseope Salesman 3: Ticket Salesman 3. Transferred from Bishop Noll High School in junior year. ALYS GEORGEANNE WALLACE "Georgie" Transferred from Horace Mann High School during first semester. x mf ,,1,nuf 1 wif? IOAN STEIN "Ioan" Carnival Wardrobe Committee 13 Girls' Club Pin 23 Hall Monitor 2,33 Magazine Salesman 1,2,3,4. DELORES STRUZIK "Dee" C.A.C. Swim 23 Freshman Girls' Chorus lg 'l'u'irler II,-1, Letter 4: Journalism Class 33 Thorn- tonian Stalf 43 Chronoseope Staff 43 Usher Grad- uation fl, Spring Coneert 2, Carnival 43 Girls' Cluh l'in 2,353 Library Clttb 43 'l'C2ICllCI'S' Assist- ant fl,-13 Hall Monitor MARION STLIA "Marion" Hall Monitor 43 Student Assistant Miss Shemaitis 1233. LaVERGNE TI-IEISEN "LaVergne" Connnet'c'ial Club 43 'I'err:tpiu Club 33 Hall Xlonitor Syl. PATRICIA THIEL "Pat" Cadet Band I3 Band 2,3,4, Ofhcer 4g Girls' Club l'in l,2,3,4, Board 3,43 Ticket Salesman l,2. NANCY THORP "Name" ,lournalism Class 543 Guide Book Staff 33 Thorn- tonian Staff 4, Co-liditor 43 Chronoscope Staff 43 Usher Graduation Carnival 43 Girls' Club Pin 2,243 Library Club 23, Secretary Letter 2, Pin il: Presidential Advisory Board 43 Deans' Assist- ant 213 Thorntonian Salesman 23 jr.-Sr. Play Cast -I. DARLENE TRIPP "Darlene" l'ireslnn.ut Girls' Chorus l3 Girls' Chorus 2,3,4, President -ig Twirler Il,-I, Letter 4, Second Divi- sion in llistriet Contest 33 Carnival Production Stall tl, Wardrobe Committee 23,43 Jr.-Sr. Play Wardrobe Committee El: Usher Graduation 33 Cirls' Club Pin 2,3,-4: 'Iierrapin Club 33 Presi- dential Adxisory Board Al: Student Assistant Miss Shenlailis 2,-l, Mrs. Ault 2,3,-l. LUCILLE URBAN "Lucille" journalistn Class 33 Thorntonian Staff 43 Girls' Cluh Pin l,2,3g Commercial Club 43 Library Club 2,fl,flQ Thorntonian Salesman 33 Thornton- ian Alvertising Stall 23 Chronoscope Salesman 2. IANET VAN DER MALE "janet" Magazine Salesman 1,23 Thorntonian Salesman 1. Page 99 YY, Y -71 jke Cfaaa 0 7952 VIRGINIA WASIK "Virgin" G.A.C. Volleyball I, Swim 1,23 Debate Team 13 Girls' Club Pin 1,2,fi,43 Oilice Assistant 3,43 Teachers' Assistant l,23 Magazine Salesman l,2, 3,43 Thorntonian Salesman l,2,3,43 Ticket Salesl man l,2,3,4. ROBERT WEBB , "Bob" Football I,2,3,4, Letter l,2,-ig Basketball I,2,3,4, Letter l,2,?l,43 Baseball 3, Letter Zig 'I'rat:k 1,2, Letter l,23 Monogram Club 3,43 Carnival Cast 4g Boys' Club Pin 2,3,Al, Board 2,3,4, Secretary 3, President 43 Presidential Advisory Board 4: Magazine Salesman l,2,3,4. JANE WICK "Janie" ,Journalism Class 33 Thorntonian Staff 4, Co- Editor 43 Chronoseopc Staff 43 Usher Graduation fl, Carnival 43 Girls' Club Pin fig Presidential Advisory Board 43 Thorntonian Salesman il: Chronoscopc Salesman 33 Jr.-Sr. Play Prompter 4. HAROLD WIDDEL "Hamid" Intramurals lg Meistersingers l,2,3,43 Usher W'inter Concert l,2,3,4, Spring Concert l,2,3,4, Carnival lg Boys' Club Pin l,2,3. JEAN WILLETT "Jeanie" G.A.C. Volleyball 4, Captain Basketball 2,fl,4, Basketball 2,3, Swim 3, Baseball 2,33 Freshman Girls' Chorus I3 Girls' Chorus 2,El,4, Pin 33 journalism Class 33 Thorntonian Staff 43 Chrono- scope Stall ?l,4, Assistant it Art Editor -13 Carni- val Cast Stage Crew fl: Usher Jr.-Sr. Play 33 Girls' Club Pin 2,43 j.R.C. Representative 2,3,4, Council 23 Ticket Salesman l,2. GERALD WILLIAMS ' 'Gerryn GUYARD WILLIAMS "Happy" Swim l,2,3,4, Letter 23,43 Monogram Club 3,43 Carnival Swim Show l,2,3,4. META WILLIAMS "Meta" G.A.C, Volleyball l, Swim 2,33 Girls' Club Pin l,2,33 J.R.C. Representative 33 Deans' Assistant 33 Oflice Assistant A13 Teachers' Assistant 2,3,4: Hall Monitor ii, Magazine Salesman l,2,3l5 Thorntonian Salesman l,2. DOROTHY WISNIEWSKI "Dottie" Girls' Club Pin 43 Girls' Chorus 2,3,43 Usher Carnival 33 J.R.C. Representative 23 Ticket Salesman 3,4. ROSEMARY WITT "Rose Mary" G,A.C. Swim 2.33 Carnival Cast 43 Usher Gradua- tion 3l3 Girls' Club Pin 23 Clinic Assistant 2,33 Clironosrope Advertising Staff 23 Usher Jr.-Sr. Plav Il. SHIRLEY WOROSZ "Sl-iirl" G.A,C. Swim 23 Freshman Girls' Chorus lg Girls' Chorus 2,3,Al3 Girls' Club Pin l,2,4. ROSALIE WOZNIAK "Rosie" G..fX.C. Volleyball l,2,fl,4, Captain Basketball 1, 2.3,-l, Basketball l,2,Il, Swim l,2,3, Baseball 1,3, lluartl il,4, Vice-president fl, Recording Secre- tarv -l, Nlinor Letter S3 Girls' Club Pin l,2,3,4, Board fl,-l: Deans' Assistant -lg Ollicc Assistant 43 Magazine Salesman l,2,3,4g Ticket Salesman 1,2. jfie Cjfcwo o 7952 0 5 gg Q 9 . THOMAS ZUKLEY "Zuke" Swim l,2,?l, Letter 2: Track l,2,3.4: Intramural Basketball 2,3513 Carniial Stage Crt-w -13 Swim Show 23 Boys' Club Pin 2,3,-l. PATRICIA ZYGMUNT "Pat" Girls' Club Pin 2,31 Ollire Assistant 43 Hall Monitor 353 Magmini' Salesman l,2,Il. IOSEPH GOYKE "Ice" Intramurals 33 j.R.C. Rt-prcsentatirc flg Maga- line Salesman l,2,3,-l. MARGARET MILAKOVICH Transfcrrccl from Bowt-n High School, Chicago, during fIl'Sl sernester. IOHN WYDRZYNSKI "Ishii" Football 2. IOAN YATSKO "Ioan" Journalism Class 33 Ofhcc Assistant 43 YFCZICIICIS' Assistant 253 Tliorntonian Salesman 2,3,-l3 Chr0n04 scope Salesman 33 'I'iCkct Salesman l,2,fl. WILLIAM YERCINE "Bill" Football 1,23 Basketball 1,23 Intramurals I,2,3,4. CHARLOTTE YOUNG "Char" tlaclet Band I3 Band 2,3,fl, Olliccr 3,4, Letter 3: Coininercial Club 4. ELIZABETH YOUNG "Betty" G..-LG. Volleyball 2,il,4, Captain Basketball l,2, Ilaskctball l,2,fl, Swim I,2,?l, Baseball l,2,33 journalism Class 33 'IIlI0YlIlOIIlllII Staff 43 Chrono- sropu Staff 43 Girls' Club Pin 2: ,I,R.C. Represen- liIliYC l,2,-lg Library Club 23 Deans' Assistant 3,43 Hall Monitor 33 Magazine Salesman 1,43 Thorn- tonian Salesman l,2,Il3 Ticket Salesman l,2,3. DARLENE ZICK "Dar" Irrvshinan Girls' Cliorns l, MARILYN ZIMMERMAN "Lyn" Ilrcshnian Girls' Chorus lg Girls' Chorus 2.43 Speech 'I'cam 23 Girls' Clnb Pin 2,33 Commer- rial Club 4, Pin 4, MARLENE ZIMMERMAN "Lane" Speech 'l't'am 23 Usher Spring Concert 23 Girls' Club Pin 2,253 Cornmertial Club 4, Pin 43 Deans' Assistant fi,'l. EDNA ZILZ "Ed" Ifresbman Girls' Chorus l: Girls' Chorus 2,3,43 journalism Class 3: Thorntonian Staff -I: Carni- xal Iklardrobc Committee l,2,15,43 jr.-Sr. Play' Cast 33 L'slii-r Graduation 33 Girls' Club Pin I 'P 3: ,N isa , Page 101 My gl"6l,6!lfL6lf8 .!4lfLf0gl"6L!0 if ' Q Mxfgwfg MW MWZMW M + OW 'W W I ll! X X , ff fj' 1 ig? www iffy' , X 4 f. AX WP f W ' I Q, jf!! ul ,V fy ' V 1. 1' , , V ' f . f 1 F ' ' ., ,, ,. I, V, , I f V . 1 ' f QV f " -' " 1 f . f f I fyfflfjl 1 , I 1' ff ,fay I F Nj gl! X'f ff IV I X f 1' X ff x , I ,- ' ' . , ,-' . ,1 , xl 7 . . J gfww' ,Awww L, My ffij W g2lf'6L6!lfL6l,f8 lfLf0gl"6LlD 5 Page 103 The pictures nf these teachers ppezlr on thc following pages: iss Katherine Brazzill 9 Lhemxstryv Dean of Girls ' la Y 9 Mr. Alt en :Hung Aalvancecl Math, Dean of Buys Mr. Harold Schultz 17 Physics, Physical Science Miss Elizzxlvcth Kessingcr 78 Aclxancenl Typing. Shorthuml, Seeretmmxl Training iss cr Q ra er 44 Nl M l D p lunior Lnglish, Rhimvic M V t Q h lt r. ic or .C mu Y orlc 'is Ury. 'cnnrwmics lAcl": bil' 'iXVhile XVe're Youugn We ciuft forget the teachers Who helped us during the four years we were at T.F. They had strong influ- ences on our lives as they tried to give us an eclucatiou that We would mold to our later life. MR. HARVEY LABIBKA Latin, general math MISS BEVERLY KIARKUS English, plliysical education NIR. EARL DAVIS Englisll, Speecll MISS HELEN BRAZZILL English MISS ELVA VVILSON English NIISS NIARY SPELBRINC librarian NIISS ELIZABETH TROUT lilnfarianis assistanf, history, ciuics MR. AIOSEPII SOXVINSKI I1 i.s'f01'y MRS. RUTH HALE CANACA lzistory MR. GEORGE SOBEK general llasiness, Civics MRS. LILYAN XVILSON l1i.s-i'of!l, American problenzs NIR. ALVA LABAR .5-Imp math, plane gecnrzafry MR. BRUCE MILLER biology, geography MR. ARTHUR SMITII algebra Page 10.1 R QPQFLCQJ NIISS HELEN TEMPLE art MR. TACK WONNELL English, lmnfl, double .s-extet, girls, clzorus, freslznmn crlzorus MR. HAROLD CHRISTIAN lncmrl, instrument, niei.s'ter.singers MISS MARY SHENIAITIS plzysioal education NIR. ADOLPH GENTILE physiology, physical education MR. EDXVARD FEDOSKY plzysical education AIRS. JUNE AU LT h0IllGl7lCik'l71g MH. YVILBUR PETIIEE general shop, l9usine.s'.s-, athletic director MISS ANNA SCHXIIIJT typing MRS. IIENRIETTA HOPKINS foods and cafeteria management MISS MARIORIE LINDLEY home economics NIISS LUCILLE SLOCUM stenogmplzy, geography, bookkeeping NIR. PERRAULT auto shop NIR. LESTER VINES machine shop MII. VVILLIANI THOMPSON meclianical flruwing, wood slzop Pago 105 ADELINE C. -IAACKS Above: NIILDRED BI. PIIJCEON OW IUMMAAM N 0 book can be successfully printed without a publishing company. Our book had its own company of two, Miss A. C. Iauicks, financial advisor, and Miss Mildred Piclgeon, publications' sponsor, Who did their very best to bring this book to you. Page 106 C6 77 fjlae .xdufkom QW? ' N , Q .1 Top Picture: Ioan Pittclkow, Marilyn Donaldson, Annette Klaniscalco, -lean VVillt-tt, and Norman Lindsey Alicldle Picture: Carol Greh, Delores Struzik, and Loisc Freeman Bottom Picture: Editor Arlene Loneski Only if y0u've worked on this book can you realize the tremendous amount of Work contained in it. Only the people pictured on this page can know the joy, the sorrow, and the struggle we shared with one another because the Chronoscope had to get to the "printe1'sf' Our very capable editors, jean VVillett and Arlene Loneski gave us encouragement and the upushn that We needed. In closing, we,d like to say that We sincerely hope that you like our handiwork. Page 107 Yes, Weive ll'2lYClL'Ql fur and wide together. Did we travel too fast? Now we relninisee and wonder whether Any good things ever lust, For now those things ure pusl, Thanks for the ineniories Ot laughter in the hulls, Of tuney dress up bulls. The Boys' Club Dunee, The Girls, Club Dance, The fun in study hull, Yes, we thunk you so mueh, jA6l,I'lL5 jar we Qlfl'l0l"l,25 'l'huuks for the iuelnories, Of sunny truant duys, Ol' faults that they forgave, Detention rooin in 208 And souvenirs wc-,ve saved Yes, we thunk you so inueh And thanks for the lneinories Of fun in English class, Of staying ol'l' the grass, Our typing speed, Our history lend, And tear we woulduit pass, XVQ thunk you so much. Page 108 'Vlmnks for the memories Of O'Iohnny,s cherry eokes, Mr. Lzunbkuis eorny jokes Bus's height and Kelly's inig The notes home to our folks, YVe thank you so nuleh. Thanks for the memories Of weekly eonipositions, Prize winning niusieiuns, Broken nconisn, And Iunior Proms, And all the old traditions, YVe thunk you so much. h Pitch's Sinclair ervice Torrence 2-9798 O PICCIRILLI BROTHERS Orleen '31 . . . Quentin '36 Corner I53rd and State Line Street CALUMET CITY, ILLINOIS Sinclair Products Exclusively WASHING-GREASING-CRANKCASE SERVICE TIRES-BATTERIES 1 "You'll like the way we treat youu Page 109 Teacher's Ideal Student I think that I shall never sec A student busy as a bee Wlho stays up studying hall the night 1 Wliois not so dumb, but very bright, Wlho never gallops down the halls, Or sings, or shouts, or shoots spit balls, Wlho, while in the cafeteria Never drives teachers near hysteria, If such a student I could see, My day so full of joy would be. You can always tell a freshman By his gay and carefree looks, You can always tell a junior By the way he carries books, You can always tell a sophomore By his tittering and such, You can always tell a senior But you can never tell him much. Ideal Freshman Girl Hair ....... Eyes ......,... ,...... Nose .,.,.. Mouth... Teeth ....,... .A,A Doreen Panke . Pat Drangmeister Marlene Lansing Linda Krell Nancy Cwetna Dirnples ....e....,...... Mary Lou Socyzk Smile .....,.,, e,eee,,... R uth Cullicks Heiglzt .....,,,,. Donna Kosanovich Figure ,,V.,.r.,r,V,v,.,,.....ww..v Ann Dodge Athletic Ability Helen Peters Brains .....,,,,,,Y,.,,,.v. Kay Kirsehsieper Depenclaliility r,l.r,,Y,,,.,, Helen Dixon Pep .,V..,v.,,rw,,..,......,.... Nola Marchant C uteness .......... Donna Cunningham Deoilislmess ,.....,.w,w..... Nancy Dowd Loyalty l...,..,. ..loo.., M arsha Klein Swellness ............ii.i.. Yvonne Novak Sliyness V...,,,. ,,,,.... P at Blaemire Mitchell Cleaners 81 Dyers W'e Do The Finest JACK E. WAILKER 304 Pulaski Road Calumet City, Illinois Phone Torrence 2-5140 HANSEN BROTHERS FLORISTS Shop and Conservatory Sheffield 201 5320 Hohman Avenue HAMMOND, INDIANA NORTHERN INDIANA STATIONERY COMPANY, INC. GREETING CARDS FOR ALL Full Line Ofice Supplies and Furniture O Phone Sheffield 111 5307 Hohman Ave. Hammond, Indiana Page no BERN BROS. Fine Shoes 5130 Hohman Ave. Hammond, Ind. LANSING FLORAL SHOP 3420 Ridge Road Lansing, Ill. Phone 5 LORENZ COAL FUEL OIL BUILDING MATERIAI, HEATING EQUIPMENT 18307 Torrence Avenue Lansing, Illinois ROYAL BLUE FOOD STORE Stephen Pawlowski 835 Wentworth Ave. Calumet City, Ill. Torrence 2-9814 Charles H. Mayer 8: Company Marzufacturers High Grade Carbonafed Beverages 566 State Line Street Calumet City, Ill. Phone Torrence 2-4720 Best Wishes J. W. VERKAIK DENTIST 3344 Ridge Road Lansing, Illinois Best Wishes Class of '52 LANSING BAKERY Complete Line of Whipped Cream Cakes Pies and Pastries Phone Lansing 109 3309 Ridge Road Lansing, Illinois Page 111 Ideal Freshman Boy H mr i,,..,,,.,i.,iii , ,.,,,,. jackie Schultz E yes .... N ose ........ Mouth .ioooooi ooooovoo Teeth,oo ,.,.,, Dimples ,,,,, Grin ......,. Hezght ,,V,oo., ,,,,,, Robert Tolley Dick Mann Darryl Kwasney . George French Billy Erminger james Vierk , Dale Anderson Physlq ue ...............,,, Ronald Stockle Athletic Ability ,,,,,, Bmzns ..,i.,i..ioo,oiYioooo Bob Dunfee Ted Lutkus Depenchzlaility.. ,,.. Paul Thornily Pep .....i..,,,,,,,.,,,.,......... Dick Nelson Cuteness .,.. .....,.. P hillip Culledge Deoilish ness ,,,.,. .,., I Danny Petree Loyalty .......... .L Danny Roach SIUGIIIIUSS... oooiooo,oo Vern Vierk Sl1y11e.s'.sz,, Ronald Quigg Ideal Sophomore Boy Hair ......... Y,Y,.,,, B oli Nlalackowski Eyes' ....v,... N osc ooo..wv. M outlz .,....,.A Tom Cowles Glenn Kooi Dean Gifford Teeth ,.,..,.A,, ......,.... I Dick Cari' Dilllylle-5' .......,A ,,Y7,.. I Ralph Brunkc Grin ......... Ted Maciejewski Height ,..,,,,, .w....., B oh Tavarsky Physique ,........,,,oooee,ww,, Ed Hunter Athletic Ability .....,., Don Courtney Brains ,.e.eee.eee.e.......,.eee. jack Tinkler De7Jendc1bility ...... Dean Seidleinan Pep ,........,...,.,.l..leeo Cllt611G-SIS' ,....... Gene Modjeski Bob Salzwedal Deuzlzshizess ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Juke Ne-vers Loyalty Yw,.......,..,eoe Swell ness ,..,..l.,el L Eugene Rose I'IarvQy Fladeland Slzyness ,,v.,V,..w ........ I ohn Metzcus Telephone Torrence 2-6699 Air Conditioned For Your Comfort WHITEY'S FINEST FOODS Joseph F. Kumiega, proprietor 101 Pulaski Road Calumet City, Illinois If Ifs Lumber, Call Our Number - Lansing 640 Lansing Lumber 81 Supply Co. LANSING, ILLINOIS Your Newspaper Lights the Way to Freedom THE HAMMOND TIMES "Calumet Regiorfs flome Newspaper" 417-21 Fayette Street Hammond, Indiana Phone Shelhelcl 3100 Page 112 Dick Hoyt Typewriter Man, Inc. Typewriters Adding Machines Stationery - Duplicators Sheffield 682 - Russell 9300 R. F. Hoyt - M. Kitsberg E. W. Eurley TWO BROTHERS GROCERIES - MEATS VEGETABLES Free Delivery Daily Torrence 2-5060 322 West State We Specialize in Italian Food CENTRAL PHARMACY 201 154th Place The Largest Drug Store in Calumet City Come In and Say Hello! LOU GARR Phone Torrence 2-6780 Calumet City, Illinois MERCANTILE NATIONAL BANK OF HAMMOND Hammond, Indiana Page 113 Ideal Sophomore Girl Hair ..,........ Eyes .,......,. ,....,.. Nose ...,...... . ....... . Mouth .......... Teeth ,.,...., . Dimples ....... Smile ....,.... Height ..,.......,...,... Sondra Frichtl Geraldine Ujeski Rosemary Kaleta Mary Owen Sue Lietzan Ruth Karner Sandy Benjamin Bernadine Utter Figure ............................ Mary Bitter Athletic Ability .....i., Clarice Frank Brains .......,......,....,..,... Sally Rohrig Dependahility ............ Beth Graham Pep .......................... C uteriess .......... Rita Pawlowski Mary Dean Devilishness ........ ....... E laine Fritz Loyalty .......,. Marilyn Mills Sweilness ......... ,...,.... N ancy Vierk Shyness ......... ........ V irginia Zukley Ideal .Iunior Boy Hair .......................... Bob Ruthrauflf Eyes ........ ,..... I ack Dines Nose ........ ........... D on Enloe Mouth ...................... Eugene Paliga Teeth .................. Chuck Thompson Dimples ...... .,............. D ick Howe Grin .A....... .....,..... B ob Dahlberg Height .............,............ Joe Pochran Physique ...................... Bob Hoover Athletic Ability ............ Tom Yonlce Brains .................... Luther Harthun Dependability ............ Terry Mavity Pep ............................ Wilbur Brown Cuteness ......,... .............. I oe Hintz Devilishness .... ........ H owie Ward Loyalty .....,...... .......... B ill McNair Swellness .... ........... E d Elliot Shyness ....... .......... D on Nitz Best Wishes to the Class of 1952 from THE GIBSON STUDIO OF CHICAGO The Oldest Portrait Studio in America ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHY INTELLIGENTLY CREATED THE GIBSON STUDIOS OF CHICAGO 109 N. Wahash Avenue CEntral 6-3982-3-4 Oliicial Photographer for THE CHRONOSCOPE Page L14 Hotz Drug Store L. W. Hotz, R. Ph. 3435 Ridge Road LANSING, ILLINOIS Phone 790 Home Publishing Go. Incorporated 5809 Calumet Avenue Hammond, Indiana Call us for your school bulletins or plant publications Phone Sheliield 2410 DeYoung and Sons Furniture Go. Phone Lansing 350 Ridge Rd. 8: Ada St. Lansing, Ill. GUS BOCK'S HARDWARE HARDWARE - PAINTS GLASS - HOUSEWARES Lansing, Illinois Phone Lansing 6 SEARS AND ROEBUCK CO. 452 State Sreet HAMMOND, INDIANA Dr. S. C. Wallace DENTIST Phone Lansing 81 3223 Ridge Road LANSING, ILLINOIS GEORGE H. HITTLE M enis Wear Across from the Lans Theater LANSING, ILLINOIS Page 115 Ideal Junior Girl Hair ....... Eyes ......... ....... Nose ,.,... M Outh... Teeth .................... Dimples ................ Georgia Paladine Barbara Freeman Mary Gehrke . Ruth Bonkowski Delores Edwards .. Carol Malcolm Smile ..... ..... S hirley Vierk Height .................. Jeanette Freeman F igure ...................... . ........... Rea Hilt Athletic Ability ........ Marge Lorenz Bruins ............................ Ioyce Braak Depenflability .......... Rita Beckman Pep .............................. Ieanette Szala C uteness ............. ...... R uth Nelson Deuilishness .............. Carol Koontz Loyalty .................. Dorothy Machay Swellness ............ , ......... Anne Brose S hyness ............ Marilyn Lesmiester Ideal Senior Girl Hair .......................... Carole Misdom Eyes ........., ........ I oan Pittlekow Nose .......... ......... E mily Slaby Mouth ........... .....,., M arie Iohnson Teeth ,........ ............ D arcy Kuschel Dimples ,........... Marilyn Donaldson Smile ......... ......... A rlene Loneski Height ............ Martha Knabenhans Figure ,................... Dorothy LaSota Athletic Ability ..............,, Pat Davis Brains ................ Marge Dembowski Depenclability ........ Anita Ansburg Pep .................... ....... E dna Hale Cuteness ........... ........ P hyllis Croy Devilishness .......... Phyllis Evanson Loyalty ...................... Donna Lewis Swellness ........ Annette Maniscalco Sllyness ...................... Lorraine Krell ' K9 "ca ,l ' ri VU l U, Cog, C- IW 0, l I o V' Z U5 lJQtff'.l L aati it E2 I5 A ILT Q FQ S 3344 Ridge Road - Lansing, Ill. "The firm that makes and keeps friends" INSURANCE Phone Lansing 795-6 EDDIE KEILIVIAN'S , FGOD SHOP LANTING S DEPT. STORE 790 Wentworth Calumet City, Illinois 3312 Ridge Road Biggest Little Food Shop in Town LANSING, ILLINOIS TORRENCE 2-4590 SCHROEDER FUNERAL HOME - AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone Lansing 24 Air Conditioned Chapel - Hammond Organ 3227 Ridge Road Lansing, Illinois ' BESSE Calumet Appliance Co. CAMERA SUPPLY W'J'K"cf'1 MAYTAG - TAPPAN Phone 984 1RoNR1TE - RCA 3317 Ridge Road LANSING ILLINOIS Zenith, Admiral Television 670 Wentworth Avenue Open 10 'hm' to 9 'W' Calumet City, Illinois Page 116 LAKE CGUNTY CANDY COMPANY CNot Incorporatedb WHOLESALE Confectionery and Fountain Supplies, Syrups, Malted Milk, Coca-Cola, Paper Napkins, Ice Cream Cones, Safety Matches 245 Dyer Boulevard Hammond, Indiana Phone Sheffield 2434 OCIOHNNYS SNACK BAR WEISS John '36 - Walter '40 Fountain Service Men 89 lzoys Wear Sandwiches S oes 134 Pulaski Rd. 3315 Ridge Rd. To 2-9694 CALUM ET CITY, ILL. Downtown Lansing THE CALUMET NATIONAL BANK 5231 Hohman Avenue Russell 6900 Hessville Branch . . . 6817 Kennedy Avenue Page 117 Ideal Senior Boy . Hair ,..... ............,... B ob Webb Eyes .......... ..................... A rt Rogers Nose ...r.............. Wayne Liebengood Mouth ,................. Dave Markstone Teeth ............ ....... R oy Fredbloom Dimples .........r. ..r...... I oe Kurzeja Grin .......... ........ I ohn Avenatti Height r..,......... ....... A ndy Selin Physique .................... Don Handlon Athletic Ability ................ Bill Last Brains .................. ........ I im Lewis Dependability .......... Dave Iackson Pep .......................... Frank Gillespie Cuteness .......... ........ I an Schultz Deuilishness .......... Phil Kosanovich Loyalty .......... Eugene Kirschsieper Swellness ...................... Tom Petree Shyness ........ ........ B ob Busch Whatill We Do Without . . . By A Iunioi' Barkeris jalopy Bissais love for the Cubs Croyis stooging Arminis teasing Ednais red hair Davis, dancing Evansonis imitations Linclseyis serenading Ioanls editorials Artis basketball playing Tonfs nonchalance Willettis eyebrows Janis grin Marthais Hightiness Markstoneis diving ability Al Craska in speech class Elaine and Bill Our two favorite midgets, Sobak and Mondrzyk Senior girls and their White ubucsv Arleneis clraniatic speeches Lariys laugh Vfebbis cyes Busch playing the line The senior class of 1952 yongrafufafiono Kfcm o 7952 PIE BROTHER Incorporated Custom Built Jewelry Class Rings ana' Pins Club Jewelry Announcements Dance Programs -:- Bids and Favors Graduation Gifts of Distinction ir LooP OFFICE AND SHOW RooM 27 E. MONROE STREET FACTORY OFFICE 1140 CORNELIA - CHICAGO Page 118 Moderne Norman Jewelers School of Music Everything in Music "Your Personal Jewelers" Trumpet, Clarinet, Voice Sheet Music, Records, 5257 Hohman Avenue Musical, Accessories, Etc. HAMMOND, INDIANA 3431 Ridge Road Lansing 1574 Western Tire Auto Associate Store Auto Parts - Accessories Tires - Tubes - Batteries - Bicycles -- Seat Covers Home Needs Dan Carlson, Prop. - Lansing 993-J 18137 Burnham Ave. Lansing, Illinois Oldest Insurance Agency in Calumet City HENRY LINDER 81 SONS Established 1892 INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE ACCIDENT - AUTOMOBILE - BURGLARY - FIRE 546 Wentworth Avenue Calumet City Phone Torrence 2-4710 Page 119 Lessons In: Accordion, Sax, Piano, But We'll Still Have . . . Lambert's jalopy Kingma's love for the White Sox Smith to stooge Ward to tease Nelson's red hair Hilt to dance Modjeskfs clowning Willie's serenading Yonkeis basketball playing Thompsonis nonchalance Shirley and Ioe Benninghoffis grin Paladine's Hightiness Frank to swim Junior girls and their uhorsetails' Ieanette's fingernails Siatta's eyes Hoover playing the backiield The junior class We Seniors Never Saw coke machines in the library enough assemblies Dickie without Barbara long enough lunch periods a social without a stagline a Week-end without homework Marie with long hair enough holidays Warm Water in the pool Nancy calm on deadline day enough "dressy" dances everyone on the honor roll Jackson without a theory. Last Without a car Zukley carry a book home School without teachers A clean staff room the cafeteria without noise WALTER W. SCHULTZ Real Estate and Insurance 18119 Torrence Avenue Lansing, Illinois SIOUEIII fguggugfl FOI' th6 newest in P9021 I-'Spin 9299 g4EE0EDtS, an t e es in G X SPORTS EQUIPMENT JV School Supplies SWS 'ml und Cameras 85 Film lXV'Il'-IH J. W. MILLIKAN gif-W2-INAL 4-3401 449 State St. W995' PIJOA1 Hammond, Indiana SPEAKING OF GRADUATION- Here are the long-lived gifts "they" will cherish. The boy or girl graduate on your list Will be thrilled with gifts from the Minas Company - gifts by distinguished makers to use and cherish for many years. And they come in a variety of prices to suit your budget. EDWARD C. MINAS COMPANY State Street Hammond, Indiana Page 120 Ollice and School Supplies Wedding and Social Stationery Hallmark Greeting Cards Paper Party Goods Dugan's Stationery Co. 3427 Ridge Road Lansing, Illinois Phone Lansing 877M Phone Lansing 74 VIERK WATER Sc BEVERAGE CO. A. W. Vierk, Prop. 18145 Lorenz Avenue Lansing, Illinois Elgin - Hamilton - Bulova Watches Bluebird Diamonds Watches "Timeograf" Regulated and Repairing Phone Lansing 1397 BEUGEL JEWELRY 18116 Torrence Ave. Lansing, Illinois Gifts - Name Brand Jewelry Your Complete Food Mart SWEITZER FOODS 6406 Calumet Ave. Hammond, Indiana STOLTZ - DRUGS You Choose Your Doctor With Care Why Not Your Druggist? 486 E. State St. Hammond, Ind. Sheliield 2286 HELEN 8: PETE'S STEAKS CHICKEN SEA FOOD Hours: 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. 3502 Ridge Road Phone Lansing 432 Congratulations, Seniors . . . Class of 1952 BURNHAM DRUGS 736 Burnham Ave. Calumet City, Ill. Phone To. 2-9350 Page 121 There'll Always Be adoring freshmen staglines at socials Wonderful Girls, Club Dances dress-up teas G. A. C. gah-tests fun in speech class clilferent decorations for Boys, Club Dances close haskethal games 6'American Ohserversi' in History classes sore throats after the Bloom Game understanding teachers research for themes Chronoscope picture-taking detentions cramming for exams unexcused "absences" those four happiest years of our lives to remember It Would Be A Perfect School If Everyone was on the honor roll We'd all look good in our Chronoscope pictures We wouldn't have any more errors in typing All the boys were football heroes All the girls were beautiful They served free food in the cafeteria There were no detentions Mr. Sobek would give the girls a chance The seats were softer They served refreshments during library periods The water in the pool weren't wet enough to take the curl out of our hair It were warm in the big gym Everyone subscribed to the Thorntonian The boys were not allowed to wear jeans to school We'd have more assemblies We could win every athletic championship All the girls had boyfriends All the boys had girlfriends Girls' and Boys' gym classes were held at the same time We could leave classes at any time we wanted School were in session from October to April There were no chaperones at the socials No homework were permitted CALUMET HARDWARE Paints - Glass - Tools Plumbing E? Electrical Supplies Gifts - Housewares 155 Place 8: Wentworth Ave. Calumet City, Ill. Across From Library Phone To. 2-6360 Flikkema Motor Sales John Flikkema, Owner "Where Customers Send Their Friends" 18156 Torrence Phone Lansing 860 Lansing, Illinois Phone Lansing 881 Wilsons Jewelry Elgin - Hamilton - Gruen Watches Artcarved - Keepsake Diamonds Expert Watch Repairing 3320 Ridge Road Lansing, Illinois PLA-BOWL LANES fHome of Championsj 14 deluxe Brunswick regulation bowling alleys Call for reservations . . . Torrence 2-6730 Boys, Girls, arrange for School, Class Leagues, Organizational Leagues Moderate Rates FREE INSTRUCTIONS 156th and Burnham Avenue Calumet City, Illinois Page 122 ' wfsrfmd-Q AUTO ASSUCIATE Swartz Western Auto small' Associate Store Supplies For Your Home E? Auto Lansing, Ill. 3422 Ridge Road Phone Lansing 1400 Phone Sheffield 2025 FIRST CLASS WORK REASONABLE PRICES Modern Tailors . All V V SL Clothiers en an uren Plastering Contractor 5444 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Ifldiana 18278 Walter Street Lansing, Illinois Calumet Region's "Headquarters for Men's Trousers L2iI1SiUg 301'M Insure Your Savings at FIRST CALUMET CITY SAVINGS Sc LOAN ASSOCIATION 687 Wentworth Avenue Calumet City, Illinois LANSING ROLLER RINK "F or health's sake, roller skate" Ridge and Torrence Phone Lansing 429 Page 123 You Haven't Lived If You haven't had Mrs. Canaga for Senior History haven,t seen Edna and Bob walk the halls didnit see our football team beat Bloom havenit watched Mari Lynn tell a joke haven't watched Jack sink those long shots haven't seen Ginger without her homework haven't heard one of Phil Branting- hanfs Rhetoric themes didnit see Bob Busch blush when he received his awards havenit heard of Jack Carpenters loves havenit seen the two "Pats,' up to their devilishment at the lunch table didn't see George on Halloween haven't heard Phyl tell of her calls from Florida haven't seen Roy,s car lilled with kids didn't see Don argue in Iunior English havenit seen "Varsity lake" during a football game haven't seen Dave at a Senior class meeting haven't read one of Kleinis stories havenit seen Donna argue havenlt seen Jim and Emily at all the games havenit seen Betty and Ioan write their letters havenit breathed So Easy To Remember Our little sisters Marilyn and joe Donna's resemblance to Phil That first day as freshmen Sunburns after the usneakv Our impressive "Presidential Advisory Boardv Bushing to meet deadlines Our first Prom Struggling through Latin Homecoming Those favorites-the underclassmen Harveis "And for tomorrow" Mr. Sowinskfs "shall We sayi' Miss Schmidtis interest in us Mrs. Canagafs wonderful advice Miss Pidgeonis class discussions Miss Draper's sense of humor Mrs. Vangeloflis inspirations Chemistry class and Miss Brazzill's Wit Mr. Sobek-period! Our first college night Making the honor roll Those uspeciali' dates The bonfire "School" De Luxe Cleaners and Dyers "Our Work is as Good as Our Name" 681-83 Wentworth Calumet City TOrrence 2-4680 Botma's Super Market 18036 Torrence Ave. Lansing, Ill. BEST OF MEATS Nationally Advertised Groceries At Popular Prices AMERICAN HEATING CO. fllayflower Furnaces and Quiet Heat Burners 652 Burnham Avenue Calumet City, Illinois TOrrence 2-6370 Reynolds Office Supply 85 Equipment Co. 3313 Ridge Road Lansing, Illinois Headquarters for Wedding Invitations, Wedding Announcements, Reception Cards, At Home Cards, Informal 85 Social Stationery Dennison Crepe Paper and Supplies Loose Leaf Binders and Sheets - All Sizes and Rulings Phone Lansing 239 Essex 5-9292 First National Bank of Lansing Lansing, Illinois Member of Federal Reserve System Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Page 124 RIDGEWAY MOTOR SALES 18058 Torrence Avenue LANSING, ILLINOIS Lansing 177 Chevrolet new and used cars and trucks Parts and Service ir VIERK'S HESSVILLE FURNITURE 6727 KENNEDY AVENUE Sheffield 320 Hammond, Indiana . ir LOU'S BARBER SHOP DAISY Lansing, Illinois BROTHERS Page 125 By These You Shall Know Them If it's got big feet, It's Phil Kosanavich. If itis always willing to help, lt's Anita Ansburg. If it's a good sports Writer, It's Norm Lindsey. If it has a bubbling personality, ltis Maxie, the Magazine Man. It it talks like a college professor ltis Jay Sheffield. If it talks too much, It's Marie Johnson. If it was a success, It was our own Carnival. If it's a different class, Itis Mr. Davis, speech class. If it's made for midgets, It's one of the drinking fountains If it runs around in circles, Itis a track man. If it canit see, Itis blind. They Always Say: Mrs. Canaga: "Geography and history are married and cannot be divorcedf, Mr. Lambka: "And for tomorrow" Miss Iaacks: "You guys" Mr. Smith: "Well folksv Mr. Miller: "A couple of threei' Mr. Sowinskiz "Shall We say" Miss Temple: "The next crack out of the box" Miss Schmidt: "Throw, class!" First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Lansing Member of Federal Savings 85 Loan Insurance Corp. 18053 TORRENCE AVE. Lansing, Illinois sgcdiiiis MISCH BROS. sgcdgiis Me1nber of Certified Stores 745 Burnham Avenue 102 155th Place Calumet City, Illinois To 2-6881 To 2-4840 HAMMOND FLORAL COMPANY "Say It With Flowers" 7048 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana Phones: Sheiiield 1958-3490 Rapid Service - Lowest Prices BURCZYK PRINTERS Phone Torrence 2-7162 748 State Line St. Calumet City, Illinois Page 126 We o 'Al tl Q, 3?-,W :pw 'K QQK :SS S X3 if sig fs l X N E? Y r J ' 2 L 2 5 Z 2 Z Z Z Z Z I f Z ? i f ,fl Z ,f Z l Mi x is P P P C 'U 'U I- n 9 Plumbing and Heating Supplies Automatic Water Heaters Custom Kitchens Bryant Republic Winkler Lo-Blast Gas or Oil Furnaces, Boilers, Conversions Free Engineering Service Call TO-rrence 2-7070 i' AAA SUPPLY C0. 754 Burnham Avenue Calumet City, Ill. Page 12.7 This is school life-the lighter side . . . just one big headache-the movies . . . something for nothing- socials . . . blankets and cheers- football games . . . candy and bent backs-basketball games . . . thrills and smoldering heat-swim meets . . . human pretzels and humid air -wrestling match . . . antagonism and hustle-journalism class . . . guys, gals, and bows-bow day . . . caged snakes, songs and fish-bi- ology class . . . top hats and heart- break-prom . . . sweet singers of sweet songs-Girls' Chorus . . . noise, food and gossip-cafeteria . . . silence is golden, all are paupers- library . . . shorts and high jumps- track men . . . service with a smile -Commercial Club . . . he-man and lost medals-Monogram Club . . . high hopes and courage-the band . . . training rules and self-esteem- G.A.C .... friendly shots and lucky victims-photography club . . . daily tests and Hunking grades-Latin classes . . . yes, this is school life- the lighter side . . . WHILE WE'RE YOUNG. -W 4 gags, 1 Eff? Y ska Nr W -Nw M1-ef Q E 4 w e W W .vm M1 53? ' 2331 me Q Q' '25 Q Qt? W 'iff 'L Q52 ,Q . 1 WW' . 'W Q ,fiig 5 S 5 E - -v----v ---i- ----- ------J - --7- -7fv-- M-Y--W -- 35- 2' . . ,A A WZQ z ,pk 5 W. SMH gb' M Hyw my y W mm ,W if 5, E is L iaggsgqw , M33 W 2 f H fi, , M W x. Z Q53 k "' , 2 Timm-x M fl -QAM wi A1931 W 4. Mm, was .5 'fmfsfg N 1 M? 3 Q H54 Q if E QW M ww fx ,QA . -Q-105' Mvbk i'- 1 s .. if lb ya. WW ,QM 2 G Q W My 3. ML Q aw x. vm ff ,ff V , f 4 x 2. l , -be Q2 fWf?,MQ4"Z7,,Q,44',tMZ,Awf7 f-ff if Q 744-957 ,naw-1,01 'V'-'H--.-Q-f' . 2 4 Q ,4.,,,41 2f M N 'Q f, lui mum I Q 617k C ?,7g.Qg,zg..e74--su W ' M 7.,...,Z li-3:2 W. 5-.JJ EAZZQMYMM Z Z 'Ein WMMMWWLMQ- -10a---'..g,,-QL? .HAMWWLQM1 f'-7---s-1 4-1 fu-"'f '5""" fe.-2-e. 2:44, 2-W-f-bi., ze M-Wu W-aj "U'f"""--94,4-4..,,L'C W., z'- 'Lma.f,,,. 5 4m...z., z':.,q. g...,.,.,4,.,, Mg, QQAQ AVP "'1'vL-0-4-Ag . '34-r-efn, 44-M--L -ff. 44,-426 .7444 74,4 'Cfe M aunt. 9, ' 6 uifin O VM' '07 ,Af """"'. "3"l-'Lft-u..,,, w.,,,,,,,,,1'7"""' A ficxen' I, an M11 4f14,,oeq'5c5E4-6 7 "" fb y I ' W L 'A ,,A,.,A x - v w 3232? '7""-'75-L.L""'fCJ1-zfbl'--1J-i2' Alf: 4 ' '. ' fp , v '. -, A , ' . . D , . . .I I . 1 1 4 - J .N sf' In zz! J X! f J ff 0 f 1 1 l 1 93 N61 U! V ' . X fp! I tg Y .T V 'Jwfi 'W MW' fffnl, .MJ 7' " I be J 1 1" LUQAJ pyro G Vox' Lg? I! 5,1 .i ff! " 1 H. u' -' zlfvgjflv x X I x lf' x , XX X A, I 'A Vx Xx L 'ff QQ Q 'N The f ' f '-9X ixsw f

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