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Thornton Fractional North High School - Chronoscope Yearbook (Calumet City, IL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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gidgw 'W QTQSSEOQ W. my FQ' gf? xifjyi X Wig Q Ni WWW. W , Y Qwkgff MW gig. MW, WM' M , ,L fowl W'5MwYfWw MW W - W W ., Af if J YS? !L '?'?g A Q' Ag 3 S MQ 5 is K SM? 5 VW ' 1 f 1 f N . . K L V . , ', 4 4 X - gs- ,.,,2l.p.-5:1,kj,.Lg37i,,,-ff Wfrlggg ""'jvg'f'.5,f X gi N i".'-T", f,, .4 at " ',,, 4 - fnafffh-f M- - 1 A .- PQ? , , "' '- VH ' .V 'SRM 1' H. ,,,:s1:,.-nf Fiw f . Q ,- '- 1- W" H -f. Pv dw f fpW wif QWMW Wi ffifff W, GX to fwxwvx W' ' WCQQVXQ M '6'f5f:ifWS,w f,,1,f ffifif 3 M WW wi U WQJA A. blow W XJMAMQM SWS QU M Miami f f 5 Wwkffgww z Jw8'9w if WV wwf fgljjwf WQ 9? -T-V-I-1V - if --V 1 -wvv ...,....Jm..-.-A...-,...-...N.....- l A H I W4 Z' JMD!! 'Mm J MWAWQ we We WK! Mwffvjpemfm MMA-4 J' X f Lv-PK f j r' f 1 "f- C-- L j .xi fX X xfx, G, Vw My NQN Pi Q , , ' 1 ,I ww l l . ,fi Q Qs , Q x , ' ,Jr X Fw X x X K, YM ' x .ff . 1' ' " f . 1' if vw filraiifk Twig ' .M i ,..... S... .W ,. .,. ,,w,,, J AZ .fy . p Vp M H ,X f,X f"" X i""2-Z,,,6fJ"y f 7"ffw"f"- 1" ' 'T I ,f ff ,ff ,V 'Z,j,CM!?h,:fHm!.j I .7 fl e 7 9 5 7 CAIFOIQOJCOIUQ I N X N I TIM? N15 I W x I I ' I I N NN NNN, Compiled and Published by .7lIe 1951 .gzniar C6144 of THORNTON FRACTIONAI. TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL CALUMET CITY, ILLINOIS Wi 1 I 1 I W alice sees the world upside down fl 2 ff M s o 7 235' 5'i22Sf5igff"'f'ff Wil-'..1i:ff2':i 1, j :gf -V .- f..:gy-517' --g. T- ,say-31' an Blue eyes peer inquisitively into the lens of the camera of retrospect and see the T. F. world for the first time. Alice turns with anticipation to the new lancl -the fascinating new wonderland of the high school world. J: ZW?- 'aj fig? IJ J . Lf.1"3L -iffy wr Q N, ,Nh . gi, .4., ,Q 11 , W. ,, vs 0. f""bs.. - In wonderlan When Alice stepped into the Wonderland of Thornton Fractional and glanced into her looking glass, on the first day of school she saw the students grouped together discussing their schedules, renewing old acquaintances, and talking over the events of the forthcoming year. Alice, that fascinating character of our child- hood book, trips lightly from the pages of Alice in Wonderland and says invitingly, "Won't you join me in a trip to another Wonderland? This time instead of stepping down a rabbit hole or through a looking glass, l'm going to visit an even more wonderful place, the high school of your dreams, T. F. Won't you come along?" 6 able of contents Page culty . ,,...,,,,A,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,.,, 8 ctivities and Organizations .... .. 16 Music ..,,,,..,,,,..,, ,,.,,,,..,,,,,,,,,, , 13 Clubs ....,,.. ,..,.,,..........,.,, , 24 Salesmeri and Assistants ,..,,, .... 3 1 Publications ..,.. , ,,,..,,, 36 Carnival .,,, ,,,,, .... 4 O . ,,,, 44 Football ....,..,...,,, ,... 4 6 Cheerleaders ,,,,,, .... 4 9 Basketball ,,,,,,,, ,,,, 5 1 ., ,,,, SA Track ,,,,,,,,,.,,, ,,,, 5 5 Wrestling ........ ,,.. 5 6 lntra Murals ,, ,.,, ,,A.,, , 57 ram Terrapin ,,,,,, .,.. 5 8 59 .. ,,,........, ,W 62 Senior Play .,,. ,, 64 Classes ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, VQY, Outstanding Seniors ,,,,,,,, VVY. Senior Class Officers ,......, ,,,, Seniors ,,,,,,,,,,, ,.... ...... ,,,,,,, ,,,, Boys ln Service ,,,,.A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, VVV, National Honor Socie Junior Class Ofticers ,,,,,....., Juniors ..,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, A ,, Sophomores ..... Freshmen ...., Snapshots . 7 Page 67 68 70 71 88 89 90 91 98 102 106 1 w 1 I .1 , 1 n w FX X uk It didn't take Alice long to discover the close friendly relationship between teacher and stu- dent. She saw too how day through day, stu- dents came closer to achieving their future goals because of the guiding hands of the faculty. superintendent and assistant Jackson Kiester, assistant super- intendent and guidance director since 7948, has launched a guidance program which is helping to make the school serve efticiently the pur- pose of the students. Superintendent James H. Leonard has been superintendent of Thornton Fractional since 79118 and follows his personal philosophy of education in which he says, "We strive to have each youth become as proficient as possible in personal, social, and fam- ily life, in health, both physical and mental, and economically efficient." STANDING: Edward Kuhlman, president, Richard Fitzgerald. SITTING: Raymond Dockweiler, Harold Finneran, Emil Rouguth, Andrew Klein, secretary. board of education As we look back upon our eventful years at T. F. we must give tribute to the six members of our school board who have given unceasingly of their time and energy to decide the problems of the school and keep it running smoothly. II Top, left: VICTOR SCHMIDT Senior Top, right: LILYAN WILSON Junior Bottom, left: ELIZABETH KESSINGER Sophomore Bottom, right: HAROLD SCHULTZ Freshmen counselors These able class counselors advise T.F. students to follow the vocations of doctors, secretaries, teachers, or machinists after carefully analyzing individual, mental, and physical tests and preferences. I2 The guides of wonderland Upper left: Katherine Brazzill, Dean of Girls, is al- ways willing to lend a helping hand to any T. F. girl with o school oroblem. Upper right: Aitken Young, Dean of Boys, acts as o friendly advisor and counselor to all T. F. . boys with scholastic or disciplinary dilati- culties. i Below, left: Behind the scenes are three important members of the office staftz Constance Collins, Mrs. Barbara Greenwood, and Berniece Rybarski. l3 faculty Mr. Aitken Young: College algebra, solid geometry xv so W QNQWIKX: V' N fri kiss, To p , I ett to rig ht: A,hk A A H 4 S E Mr. Daniel Mears: General shop, and vocational shop Mr. Harold Christian: Band, instrument lessons, Meistersingers ll """ l i Miss Elizabeth Trout: Civics, history, library assistant X F51 . Q.-E Mr. Adolph Gentile: Physiology, physical education it - Mr. Jack Wonnell: Bond, double sextet, girls' chorus, freshman chorus, and English ff? I Mis s H e l e n B ra z Z i I l 1 E n g l is h , R' K Zig '1!Q,fEQifii'ii .,i. L - -if: -I 5 is - ww . ,. 5? - -, ,. ,,.. t W - 'ww KES -1 9 Y ' -' ' W f: ., ..,. -5' 3. I , ai ,,.., , l f Cenfefr 'el' 'O 'lgllll 1' :ii M rs. J u n e A u lt: H o m e m a ki n g 2 ' 1 . Q 'M Mr. George Sobek: Civics, physiology EZ,-52: E ' M i s s M C1 ry S h e m a i t i s : P h ys i c a I e d u c a t i o n ' 1 f M r , .l o s e p h S o wi n s k i : H i s to r y , p h ys i o I a g y l M rs. H e n ri etta H o p ki n s 1 Food s , ca fete r i a m a n a g e m e nt H M r. V i cto r Sch m id t: H isto ry, eco n o m i cs , Se n i o r 9 u id - K ' e 53 5' an ce 1 Rl g h t, left to r r g h t: 7 3 , 5 'L' ' "" 2 ' Mr. Arthur Smith: Algebra lower center: Not in picture: Miss Elizabeth Kessingers: Secretarial training, Sopho- more counselor Miss Mary Spelbring: Librarian, Latin Miss Katherine Brazzill: Chemistry Mrs. Mary Vangelott: Nurse 14 'S faculty 15 TOP PlCTURE: Mrs. Lilyon Wilson: History, American problems, Junior counselor Miss Elvo Wilson: English Miss Mildred Pidgeon: English, publications, iournalism Mr. William Thompson: Me- chanical drawing, wood shop Mr. Kenneth Perrault: General shop, auto shop, vocational auto shop Mr. Earl Davis: English, speech Miss Helen Temple: Art CENTER PICTURE: Miss Beverly Markus: English, physical education Mr. Edward Fedosky: Physical education Miss Lucille Slocum: Bookkeep- ing, stenogrophy, geography Miss Merle Draper: English Miss Norma Gitersonke: Home- making Mr. Alva Labor: Shop mathe- matics, plane geometry LOWER PICTURE: Sitting, lett to right: Mrs. Ruth Hale Canoga: His- tory Miss Anna Schmidt: Typing Miss Adeline C. Jaacks: Biol- 097' Mr. Harvey Lambka: Latin Standing: Mr. Wilbur Petree: General shop, business, athletic di-- rector Mr. Harold Schultz: Physics, plane geometry, Freshman counselor 4 The doy thot Alice looked through her looking gloss ot 3:00 she was quite surprised ond o little confused to see students scurrying from clossroom to locker ond back ogoin to classroom. She soon found out thot otter school was the time for the clubs to go into oction. It didn't tcike her long to decide thot T. F. was C1 very busy ploce. there's nothing The T.F. band under the direction of Mr. Harold Christian acts as a shining reflection of Fractional's spirit. Playing at assemblies, football games, and parades, its performances reflect countless hours of practice and a job well done. The twirlers, who add attraction while they strut in their sparkling white uniforms during the athletic events and parades, do much to liven up school spirit as well as enhance the appearance of our marching band. Above-BACK ROW: Marianne Boggess, Carole Aures, Delores Struzik, Louise Barnes, Georgia Ehlen, Donna Lewis, Margie Dembovvski, Jucly Dickus. FRONT ROW: Joan Parker, Shirley Romandine, Darlene Tripp, Norma Clark, Marian Pavlik, Carol Misdom, Eloise LaSota, Mary Ellen Moynahann. Upper Right-ROW l: Mr. Harold Christian, Mr. Jack Wonnell, Susan Edwards, Arnold Schultz, Ella Evanoff, Shirley Vierk, Jerry Modiewski, Donald Klawitter, Virginia Burtis, Joe Klawitter. ROW 2: Bob Dykema, Alice Jo Hertinstein, Charlotte Young, Ed Mondzyk, Pam Herring, Ronald Klawitter, Barb Pawlowski. ROW 3: Pete Siderius, Judy Beneiamin, Joe Sobak, Doris Hickle, Carolyn Hoff, Alice Moroch, Don Hatfield. ROW 4: Leona Hickle, Reacldene lngebreston, Ruth Harle, Dan Giewartowski, Marilyn Rex, Tom Rizos, Anita Rosinski, Joan Malutka, Margene Markley. ROW 5: Pat Thiel, Shirley Schwartz, Fred Hibbert, Barb Faltus, Bev Albright. ROW 6: Jerry Burdeau, James Gawronowski, Dale Skeen, Ray Eggebrecht, John Kvederas, John Drewno. ROW 7: Carol Butler, Marilyn Barker, Howard Ward, Roland Kwasny, Doris Crouch, Ed Johnstone. ROW 8: Joan Bragg, Ann Jung, Pat Wright, Frances Davidson, Joyce Cencion. ROW 9: Royal Cencion, John Petlock, Phyllis Evanson, Sylvia Brose, Bill Van Malsen, Louis Nosal, Carolyn Schultz. LOWER LEFT-BAND OFFICERS: Barb Faltus, Virginia Burtis, John Kvederas, Joyce Cencion, Pat Wright, Chris Christian, Doris Hickle. DIRECTORS: Jack Wonnell, Harold Christian. BOTTOM RIGHT-COLOR BEARERS: Chris Christian, Ruth Harle, Don Klavvitter, Readeanne lngebreston. 18 like a band l classes 'round the clock TOP RIGHT: A student busily draws up plans tor a modern skyscraper. UPPER LEFT: The instructor explains the principles ot mechanical drawing to a tuture draltsman. UPPER RIGHT: From this class come the tantalizing odors which tease our appetites at noontime. CENTER: Soon these girls will be proudly displaying the results of their artistic ability and creative skill BOTTOM RIGHT: ls it a future atomic bomb that these chemistry students are watching so intently? 20 caclet loancl - double sexfet As we look inTo The mirror, we find ThaT iT has a background. Just as The mirror has a background, so has The "big band." Under The direcTion of Mr. Jack Wonnell, The Cadef band forms The background from which sTudenTs sTep forward To become members of The "big band." Pre-TTy as a picTure, voices lovely as an angel chorus -These Twelve young ladies are a T. F. TradiTion. SofT, billowing Tormals add a Touch of glamor as They raise Their voices in harmony aT our Winter ConcerT and again aT The Spring Concerf. ROW l: Darryl Albright, Stanley Drewno, Dean Gifford, Luther Harthun, Jerome Fleming, Jack Kronvall, Jeanette Culick, Beverly Mose, Joyce Whitsett, Sally Rohrig, Carole Kudelka, Joyce Braak, Helen Moor, Paul Dudzienski. ROW 2: Roland Molenaar, Glenn Kooy, Doris Chandler, Ralph Brunlce, Sue Brightman, John Mize, Clarise Frank, Carl Gcnrich, Don Grezlak, Walter Erchinger, Roy Anderson, Marilyn Mills, Sandra Frichtl, Mary Jung, Warren Vanclcily, Kenneth Smith. ROV! 3: Carole Koontz, Lois Evanson, Lowell Whitecap, Jack Prohl, Wesly Cronkright, John Frevert, Robert Matthias, William Hickle, Doris Anderson. DOUBLE SEXTET- ROW l: Darcy Kuschel, Karen Kronvall, Margene Markley, Ann Jung. ROW 2: Beverly Albright, Coby Hoogeveen, Joan Pittelkow, Barbara Faltus. ROW 3: Violette Cederholrn, Virginia Deutsch, Carolyn l'loFl, accompanist, Lorraine Swanson, Doris Hickle. freshmen an girls' chorus The Girls' Chorus is composed chiefly ot a group of sophomore, junior, and senior girls who like to sing, and have the ability to read music. They have two performances a year, one in the winter and another in the spring, at the annual concerts. The Freshmen Girls' Chorus is a group ot girls who are eager and willing to do their part in giving good performances at the winter and spring concerts. They meet for practice twice a week, during which time they learn many new songs and the reading ot music. FRESHMEN CHORUS-ROW l: Julia Holmes, Sonia Kukurick, Ruth Ann Koselke, Arlene Crawford, Ann Eunice, Mary Jung, Diane Dubrick, Rita Pawlowski, Shirley Wells, Natalie Dust, Barbara Mueller, Liane Guerin, Jenny Madalon, Helen Moor, Loretta Parker, Mary Ann Owen, Joann Rose. ROW 2: Gertrude Bouwman, Marian Kempinski, Geraldine Smith, Patricia Van Drsessche, Audene Runsey, Nelda Williamson, Kathryn Rickert, Marla Peterson, Cecilia Florek, Sue Kruezberger, Audrey Sacco, Josephine Breski, Sandra Benjamin, Carmen Nitch, Mary Swisher, Geraldine Uiiski, Roberta Bryant, Sharon Parker. ROW 3: Jack Wonnell, director, Barbara Leahy, Lorraine Heimbuch, Patricia Hecht, Nancy Vierk, Judith Schultz, Virginia Zukley, llene Lewan- dowski, Geraldine Walenga, Judith Burke, Andree Jeney, Norene Koerner, Patricia Ulias, Joyce Janice, Bernadine Utter, Lois Pierzchalski, Shirley Hutchinson, Susan Edwards, accompanist. ROW 4: Jeanette Gulick, Judith Smith, Elaine Sovich, Marilyn Mayer, Margene Maroc, Delores Kobeck, Sandra Frichtl, Marilyn Mazur, Elizabeth Graham, Sarah Johnson, Carol James, Doris Chandler, Barbara Brightman, Janet Wilson, Bernadine Wall, Mary Janice, Jean Komorowski, Hazel Schroeder. GIRLS' CHORUS-ROW l: Janice Salzwedel, Jack Wonnell, director, and Judy Nelson. ROW 2: Marie Johnson, Arlene Loneski, Virginia Carlson, Alice Heathcote, Shirley Worosz, Leona Hickle, Ruth Bonkowski, Joan Parker, Doretta Dust, Delores Wisniewski, Barbara Freeman. ROW 3: Nancy Gerald, Anita Ansburg, Marlene Davis, Pat Czlonka, Josephine Siatta, Pamela Herring, Delores Edwards, Bernadine Grubbe, Pat Hybiak, Ruth Nelson, Darlene Tripp, Dorothy Pawlowski, Jackie Zielinski, Eloise Lasota, Joyce Braak. ROW 4: Martha Knabenhans, Jean Willett, Alice Mroch, Edna Zilz, Guyla Huntington, Pat Mrniec, Carole Malcolm, Marilyn Rex, Delores Risdon, Nancy Smith, Audrey Lennon, Letty Fredianelli, Shirly Griffith, Phyllis Prailcaitis, Virginia Dwyer, Rita Beckman, Joyce Vanderbilt. ROW 5: Judy Wachewicz, Pat Cochran, Darlene Ulrich, Eileen Kubieke, Barbara Krernski, Jeanette Freeman, Alice Jo Hertenstein, Donna SeaClUiSl, Susan Edwards, Phyllis Larnins, Judy Magison, Norma Gercken, Nancy Kruezberger. meistersingers - freshmen boys' chorus ROW l: Warren Vanderlee, Lowell Lindsey, Wallace Ansburg, Thomas Schlink, John Petlock, Accompanist, Mr. Harold Christian, Director, Ralph Brunlce, Norman Conner, James Reitz, Jack Danley, Thomas Bear. ROW 2: Richard Huitema, Harold Arney, Roland Reddington, Edward Donahue, Homer Bogart, Jack Kronvall, Alexander Manka, Theodore Macieiewski, Neal Frevert, Donald Szczepaniak, Edward Smolen, Herbert Krumm, Robert Deutsch. ROW 3: Wayne Dyrke, Wesley Cronkright, Joseph Wydrzynski, Frank Rose, Edward Hunter, Dean Siedelman, Kenneth Smith, Donald Pizza, Charles Simpson, Lowell Wietkanp, Paul Uram, William Deckert, Richard Griftith. ROW T: Clarence Christian, Edward Bauer, William Winterhoft, Frank Gillespie, Thomas Petree, Harold Widdell, Wayne Mitchell, Wallace Liebengoocl, Keith Armentrout. ROW 2: Ernest Karner, Howard Ward, Terry Mavity, William McNair, Victor Fealoslcy, Lester Shipley, Thomas Gillespie, John Kvedaras. ROW 3: Joseph Sobak, Dan Giewartowski, Arthur Cleveland, John Mize, Leonard Czyznieiewski, Roland Clement, James Gawronowski, Dale Fieldhouse, Procopio LoDuca, Mr. Harold Christian, Director. The crooning lvleistersingers would delight even the royal court ot the Queen of Hearts. Their melodious masculine voices, directed by Mr. Harold Christian, have entranced the hearts of all music lovers in T. F.'s locality. The only feminine member in this musical group is Anita Rozinski, the accompanist. Future members of Meistersingers are the members of Freshmen Boys' Chorus. These boys, who enjoy singing perform at both our Spring and Christmas concerts under the direction of Mr. Harold Christian. 23 girls' club S WWW" TOP PICTURE: Dee Damai, vice president, Margaret Dembowski, secretary, Mary Metzcus, president, Miss Anna Schmidt, sponsor, Lois Freeman, treasurer. LOWER LEFT: Board Members-ROW l: Seniors, Norma Clark, Mary Metzcus, Barbara Lorenz, Patricia Magdaz, Patricia Jercha, Ann Jung, Myrna Gillian. ROW 2: Dorothy Zygmunt, Karen Kronvall, La Verne Wleklinski, Carolyn Hott, Dee Damai. LOWER RIGHT-ROW l: Freshmen, Sandra Benjamin, Rita Pawlovvski. ROW 2: Sophomores, Shirley Vierk, Jeanette Freeman, Nancy Gerald, Carole Aures, Anne Brose. ROW 3: Juniors: Lois Freeman, Phyllis Evanson, Dorothy Pawlowski, Annette Maniscalco. ROW 4: Pat Theil, Rosalie Wosniak, Joan Pittelkow, Ruth Harle, Phyllis Cray. ROW 5: Marlene Davis, Patricia Davis, Patricia Reeves, Delores Czerwinski, Anita Ansburg. As we look over another successful year in Girls' Club we think of a number ot untor- gettable events. First the Big 'n Little Sister Party, then the Girls' Club Dance, all ot the assemblies and matinees and then, finally, the Mother-Daughter party from which many of the girls emerged with their shiny new TF pins. 24 girls' club halloween party Ghosts and witches hovered over the big gym the day the Girls' Club held its annual Halloween Party. The top picture shows part of the sophomore class skit while below it, the juniors give their stunt. The victorious seniors on the left gave a talent show while the freshies presented a style parade. The class of 7957 won the best skit prize for the second year in a row. Companionship and cour- Tesy prevail in The Boys' Club under The direcTion of Har- vey F. Lambka. Annually, The boys add a Touch of hor- ror To Their Tun in The "I-louse oT Terror," Their carnival concession. They also spon- sor The socials alTer The games and The never-To-be- lorgoTTen Boys' Club dance. TOP: Bill McNair, Librarian: PeTe Siclerius, Vice PresidenT, Dick Selin, Treasurer: Mr. "Harve" Lambka, Sponsor, Bob Webb, Secretary, Bill WinTerhoFF, Presidenl. CENTER-TOP ROW: Junior board, Dick Selin, Dave Jackson. ROW 2: Jimmy Lewis, Bob Webb, Jan SchulTz, John Avenalti, Frank Gillespie. ROW 3: Sophomore board, Bob Malhies, Mickey Conn, Jack Dines, Bob Hoover. ROW 4: Freshman board, John Melzcus, Ed HunTer, Harold Arney, Ted Macieiew- ski, Darryl AlbrighT, Dean Siedelman, BOTTOM-ROW 5: Senior board, Roland ClemenT, Eddie Bauer, Jerry Musgrave, Wayne Barnes, Dave Hedges, Darryl Lem boys' club library club BACK ROW, left to right: Marilyn Donaldson, Pat Reeves, Marilyn Salima, Lucille Urban, Jeanette Szala, Shirley Griltith, Diane Prodroza, Alice Hecithcote, Lois Freeman. FRONT ROW, at the desk: Bernadine Jaranowski, Annette Maniscalco, Treasurer, Janet Moore, Nancy Thorpe, Secretary, Shirley Romandine, Janice Salzwedel, kneeling: Delores Czervvinski, at the bookshelf: Carole Greb, Annie Brose. BELOW-AT THE TABLE, left to right: Lois Mottett, President, Dolores Godlewski, Kathleen Norman, Francine Rosen, Dorothy Machay, Barbara Sikorski, Pat Dratwa, Georgia Ehle n, Joan Malufka, Reporter. AT THE DESK: Sue Maddox, LaVerne Wleklinski, Arlene Machay, Lois Enright, Ellen Freeman. "Service" seems to be the main purpose of Library Club. Miss Mary Spelbring, sponsor, chooses girls who are willing to give up their library or study hall periods to devote their time to serving the student body by doing clerical work. 27 iunior red cross AT LEFT: Richard Dworniczek, Norman Damo- roski, Jack Dines, John Petlock, Joan Naleway, Terry Scziglak, Marie Johnson, Marilyn Donald- son, Marilyn Weiss, Mary Lou Pyrz, Dorofhy Fichl, Maralha Knabenhans, Janice Salzweolal. BACK ROW: Norma Clark, Judy Benjamin, Dee Dee Domai. ROW 2: Barb Erminger, lrene Domlarowski, Mary Ann Bell. ROW 3: Dee Czerwinski, Nancy Gerald, Bernice Markicwicz, Ruth Goldberg. ROW 4: Shirely Romandine, Dorolhy Wisniewski, Carole Greb, Karen Kron- voll. ROW 5: Rulh Harle, Margie Sekula, Barb Freeman Kae Norman Belh Graham, AT RlGHTfBACK ROW: Beverly Konow, Elaine Frilz, Mary Lou Melzcus, Myrna Gillian ROW 2: Pa? Mogdziak, Virgine Divine, Delores Edwards, Irene Rogalski, Elaine Hoge, Jean Willel. ROW 3: Arlene Loneski, Joan Mac- koviak, Jackie Zielinski. ROW 4: Rilo Beckman, Annette Manisicaleo, Melo Williams. ROW 5 Lois Freeman, Delores Godlewski, Phyllis Prakoilis, Leflie Fredianelli. STANDING: Alice JofHerlinslein, Pal LaSalle, Joyce Bracck, Ruth Bonkowski, Margene Morkley, Alice Mroch, Miss lucille Slocum. SEATED TOP: Frank Gillespie, Arr Rogers, John Avenelfi, Tom Pelree, Phil Kosanvich. "We believe in service for ofhers, for our counlry, our comrnunify, and our school." As we look back on This year, we know lhaf Junior Red Cross really lived up fo This pledge. Some of Their numerous acfivilies in T. F. were The annual Talent Show and fhe Sock Hop. 28 speech and debate fi UPPER LEFT-LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Van Melsen, Albert Petrie, Robert Harris, Miss Draper, director, Sally Brandon, Joan Smith, Carol Zaleta, Joyce Brook. UPPER RIGHT-LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Beniamin, Jerry Musgrave, Earl Shatz, Mr. Davis, director, Darryl Lem, Leon Friedman. CENTER LEFT-BACK: Darryl Lem - MIDDLE ROW: Wallace Ansburg, Jay Sheffield, Marilyn Wiess -- FRONT ROW: Donna Glandon, Sue Lietzen - STANDING: .loy Boyd. CENTER RIGHT-LEFT TO RIGHT: Lois Moffett, Nancy Gerold, Fran Davidson, Carol Zaleta, Joan Smith, Alice Mroch. LOWER LEFT-LEFT TO RIGHT: Fran Davidson, Alice Mroch, Joyce Braak, Sue Hittle, Sandra Frictel. LOWER RIGHT-LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Gerold, Donna Evans, Joan Smith, Jay Sheffield, Mary Metczus, Judy Beniamin, Marilyn Mayer, Lois MoFlett, Joy Boyd. Shouts, screams, and sobs-all were heard from room 228 where the speech team members met after school for coaching by Earl Davis. Wherever the team might have journeyed for com- petition, whether to Hammond High, Washington, or to other schools, the students always man- aged to make a good showing for the school. The debate team, known for its argumentative ability, can truly say that arguing is justifiable, especially when it includes the competition presented by some of the other schools in this area. commercial club - office assistants AT TOP-Lett to right: Carol DeMik, Winitred Krumm, Carol Miller, DeLories Budd, Elaine Hoge, Gwen Weiland, Luella Brazel, Emily Slaby, Dorothy Ficht, Pat Lewis, Kay Peters, Virginia Wasik, Mary Pyrz, Cc-:eelia Zaleta, Shirley McCone, Dolores Hughes, Marilyn Rex. NOT IN PICTURE: Janet Moore, and Patricia Magdziak. AT BOTTOM- ROW 3: Sylvia Schmidt, Stella Johnson, Pat Woicik, Barbara Barnes, Lorine Boyd, Bernadine Jaranowski, De Lories Budd, Mary Ellen Moynahan, Pat Magdziak, Vice Presidentg Irene Dombrowski, Treasurer, Miss Elizabeth Kessinger, Sponsor, Marcia Litecky. ROW 2: Gwen Weiland, Delores Felicia, Sylvia Brose, Pat Magdziasz, Louise Marlciewicz, Beverly Baker, President, Cecelia Zaleta, Secretary, Marianne Schwenn, Janet Moore. Y ROW l: Elaine Olsen, Carol Miller, Phyllis Juda. NOT lN PICTURE1 Janet Kaminski, Betty Millikant. The main object of this club has been to help its members get the practice and knowledge of some of the work done in the business world. Aside from work, the Commercial Club is also holding parties, socials, dances, and has sold popcorn after school. Commercial Club is sponsored by Miss Elizabeth Kessinger, who works with the girls who will be tomorrow's secretaries. These industrious girls are kept as busy as Alice's white rabbit as they perform many Hbehind the scenes" tasks which help keep our school running smoothly. They gain valuable experience for their future place in the business world operating the switchboard, typing, delivering messages, collecting absence lists and doing many small but important jobs for the office girls and for administrative oliicersg stooges - monitors Each time we visited 227 we were sure to find one of Miss Jaaclcs' stooges working hard. She would either be sorting money, selling tickets, selling Chronoscopes or doing some other necessary job. "Who?" "Where?" "What time?" were the main questions asked by the hall Monitors as they checked your pink passes in the hall. These students sacrificed a study hall or library period in order to do this Work. TOP PICTURE: Dee Dee Damai, Myrna Gillian, Barbara Erminger, Miss Adeline C, Jaacks. ROW 2: Nancy Smith, Shirley Vierk, Barbara Freeman, Mary Lou Metzcus, Pat Davis, Phyllis Croy. NOT IN PICTURE: Carolyn Schultz, Mary Ellen Moynahan. ROW 2-STANDING: Florence Oakley, Marlene Schultz, Lorraine Bryant, Beverly Carlson, Nancy Kruiezberger, Rosemary Rult, Bernadine Stein, Marilyn Cribley, Theresa Wojciechowski, Marcey Maclura, Arlene Kokondy. LEFT, SEATED: Joan Stein, Marilyn Ginalski, Loretta Kulczyk, Joy Boyd. RIGHT, SEATED: Irene Rogalski, Meta Williams, Marianne Schwenn, Doris Schmidt, John Voss. cleans ' assistants - clinic assistants STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Laverne Wleklinski, Joan Berendt, Sylvia Brose, Eeverly Baker, Elaine Olsen, Marlene Zimmerman, June Poto, ' SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ruth Goldberg, Phyllis Linkiewicz, Judith Nelson, Sylvia Schmidt, Joan Pietrzak. FO REG ROUND: Barbara Lorenz Judith Burke. BACKGROUND, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Young, Gail Benson Mary Ann Bell, Ella Evanhoft, Rosemary Witt. NOT IN PICTURE: Nancy Thorp, Betty Young These busy girls in IO8 help the deans to help you. Theirs is the filing, pencil pushing, and other similar tasks, thus they give the deans more time for per- sonal attention to students' needs. "Take your pulse?" The clinic assistants not only clo an important job, but also receive invaluable training for future years. 32 magazine salesmen - ticket salesmen "Let me in, please!" Knock, knock, "Open the door!" was the cry of the magazine sales- men. They canvassed the town from house to house, selling subscriptions. Those who sold over 525.00 were considered top salesmen. On the left side of the railing are the "super seven" salesmen who sold over s5o.oo worth of magazines. Profits from the magazine help finance the Chronoscope. "Football tickets? Got your football ticket yet? Basketball tickets!" echoes through the halls during the football and basketball seasons. No one who treads the corridors ot T. F. escapes the clutches of these capable ticket salesmen. TOP ROW- LEFT TO RIGHT: Jack Kronvall, .lack Prohl, Geraldine Guida, Fred Hibbert, John Van Der Male, Wayne Barnes, Richard Mika, Earnest Schappi, James Gawronowski, Jack Dines. ROW 3-DOWN: Dick Howe, Barbara Freeman, Sue Hittle, Phyllis Lin- kiewicz, Pat Zygmunt, Joan Stein. ROW 4 - DOWN: Robert Vierk, Barbara Erminger, Marilyn Ginalski, Carol Aures, Norma Roberson. ROW 5- DOWN: Paul Kowal, Anita Rosinski, Marion Pavlik, Mary Ann Pupovac, Carol Miller, Jeanette Freeman, Shirley Wiening. BEHIND STAIRS: Rita Beckman, Keith Williams, Beverly Kellner. HIGH SALESMEN-LEFT OF RAIL- ROW I: Bill Beanblosson, Georgia Ehlen, Pat Konow. ROW 2: Janet Van Der Male, Tom Petree, Wayne Mitchell, Maxine Schultz, June Poto. LOWER PICTURE-TICKET SALESMEN-BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Violette Cederholm, Barbara Sikorski, Delores Owazarzak, Eileen Di Giove, Nancy Grulke, Joan Yatsko, Diane Damai, Dolores Godlewski, Dorothy Lci- Sota, Lois Freeman, Ruth Sneider. ROW 2 -LEFT TO RIGHT: Janice Salzwedcl, Louella Brazel, Sue Maddox, Norine Koener, Shirley Wells, Janet Woiciekowski, Nancy Vierk, Pat Konow, Lois Evanson. ROW 3: Barbara Kremske, Helen Magdziak, Nancy Gherke, Phyllis Croy, Audrey Sacco. STANDING: Pat Magdziak. SITTING: Lorraine Smith. thorntonian salesmen - thorntonian acl-getters ABOVE-BACK ROW: Ruth Schnieder,,Barbara Kremske, Darcy Kuschel, Sue Maddox, Janet Vande Male, Pat Davis, Joan Yatsko, Lucille Urban. ROW 3: Katie Kehoe, Virginia Carlson, Betty Young, Marilyn Meyers, Rita Beckman, Luella Brazel. ROW 2: Delores Edwards, Ella Evanott, Marilyn Pavlik, Doris Schmidt. FRONT ROW: Mary Lou Gerke, Barbara Freeman, Readeanne lngebretson. AT LEFT-TOP DOWN: Sylvia Brose, Sylvia Schmidt, Guyla Huntington, Rita Beckman, Pat Mrniec, Luella Brazel, Dianna Fridianelli, Joyce Braak, Dorothy Ficht. "Want to buy a Thorntonian?" This familiar cry is heard at the beginning ot every semester, and our Thorntonian salesmen never let the public forget that every T. Ffer "in the know" reads the Thorntonian. Without our ad-getters, we-'d have no paper, so naturally they are an in- dispensable part ot our publications organization. 34 The hours pass by LOWER RIGHT: Looks as if Joey was a bad boy! Now he'II see the dean LOWER LEFT: Mmm, that pie looks good! Look at that topping! UPPER LEFT: Plants hold a strange fascination for some biology students, UPPER RIGHT: Machine shop students concentrate on the intricate tools. i guide book ROW l: Ruth Goldberg, Doro: thy Zygmunt, chairman. ROW 2: Leon Ereidman, La- verne Wleklinski, Lois Enright. ROW 1: Annette Maniscalco, Joan Malulka, Delores Struzik, Emily Slaby, standing. ROW 2: Dorothy Pawlowski, Lucile Urban, Joan Noleway, Joan Yatsko. ROW 3: Nancy Thorp, Carole Greb. ROW 4: Arlene Loneski, Betty Young. ROW 5: Jane Wick, Edna Zilz, Jean Willett. Row 6: Standing, Virginia Klein, Joan Pittlekow, Glenn Young, Tom Potts, Norman Lindsey, John Williams, Isa- belle Brodie, Betty George, Lois Freeman, Alice Heathe- cote. Not in Picture: Marilyn Don- aldson, Beth Rich. The handling of the l95O-l95l Guidebook was a job tor which all the work was done during the summer. Mr. Jackson Keister held his guiding hand over these few students who edited the book which tells us how to act at T. F. Ready to step into the shoes of this year's sta His are these budding writers of the .lournalism class. Linder the able direction of Miss Mildred Pidgeon, they learn the "ins" and "outs" of lournalism before taking an active part in the publications department. publication sponsors A guiding hand is held over the publica- tions department by Miss Mildred Pidgeon. Resting on her shoulders is a large part of the responsibility for editorial production of the yearbook. Miss Pidgeon is complet- ing her fourth year as editorial advisor. Without Miss Jaacks-no money, and without money-no publications! A big job in handling publications, the financial job, is managed by Miss Adeline Jaaclcs, our financial advisor for many years. 'rhorntonian 'iJudy's" reporters were on the job when it came to gathering news tor the 7950-'5l THORNTONIAN. Although there were many last minute stories handed in, the staff man- aged to get out a successful bi-weekly news- paper so that T. F. students could keep up with the happenings of their school. UPPER LEFT-Lett to right: Leon Freidman, Assistant Sports Editor, Darryl Lem, Sports Editor, La Verne Wleklinski, Editorials, Karen Kronvall, Assistant Editor, Barbara Erminger, Feature Editor. UPPER RIGHT: Judy Benjamin, Editor-in-Chief. LOWER LEFT-Lett to Right: Pat Jercha, Girls Athletics, Doris Hickle, Senior Column, Marilyn Meyers, Exchange Column, Pat Wright, Question and Music Columns, Dee Dee Damai and Ruth Goldberg, Humor Column, Mary Metzcus, Junior Red Cross Column, Leon Friedman, Assistant Sports Editor. LOWER RIGHT-Reporters: Barbara Faltus, Dorothy Zygmunt, Pat Magdaz, Pat Magdziasz, Frances Davidson, Pat Magdziak. LOWER ROW-Reporters: Joyce Patterson, Judy Dickus. .,'i'QW" ,gg chronoscope COPYWRITERS: Mary Lou Mefzcus, Joyce Patterson, Judy Beniamin, Pat Magdziak, Judy Dickus. PICTURE EDITORS: Dorofhy Zygmunf, Frances Davidson, Po! Magdaz. ASSISTANT EDITORS: Laverne WIeIif Iinski, Pai Magdziasz. ART EDITOR and EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Marilyn Meyers. The job of this year's Annual Sfaff was that of showing in a concise reporf everyfhing that Alice saw in The refiecfion of T. F.'s numerous acfivifies. Marilyn and her sfaff worked hard, frying fo make The 7957 Chronoscope fruly a book fo remember in fhe years To come. COPYWRITERS NOT IN PICTURE: Norman I..incIsey, Barbara Erminger, Ruth Goldberg, Par Wright, Dee Dee Damai, Karen KronvaII, Beth Rich. 39 K v 1 On the I8th of November In old 'SI The kids of T. F. Worked hard and had tun. carnival ll ' when in PICTURED ON OPPOSITE PAGE: UPPER LEFT: Queen ot Carnival, Barbara Erminger. UPPER RIGHT: King at Carnival, Bob Vierk. CENTER: Junior runner-ups, Darcy Kuschel and Jan Schultz. LOWER LEFT: Sophomore runner-ups, Carole Aures and Joe Pochron. LOWER RIGHT: Freshmen runner-ups, Ed Hunter and Mary Lou Dean. Nome 4l It was the night Ot Carnival supreme and "When In Nome" Was its clever theme. Mr. Wonnell, with his songs and his lines, Presented a stage show which was worth gold mines Barbara and Buke Were the king and the queen They reigned over the night As rulers so keen. The kids ot T. F. And the taculty, too Can never forget it Although it is through. Because even tho' Seniors Have said their "so Iongs,' To our gala Carnival Tl1ey'II always belong. It's when all the kids Pulled together as one In work or in play They had the most fun. "So Long" said the Seniors, "We'II be back next year And we'Il see another show To beat this one, we fear." carnlval scenes On these two pages are shots ot the Twenty second Annual Carmval There are several pictures ot the stage show Whew In Nome the water show one of the many club concessions and last but not least the perfect enchng tor this never to be forgotten evemng the dance In the btg gym wtth mustc by Mtckey Isley is wr f Alice never missed on othletic event through her looking gloss. She rooted ond yelled tor the Meteors with the help of the cheerleaders cmd loved to look cit the water bollets in the pool. Wotching the G. A. Cers go from sport to sport, Alice become owore thot it wc1sn't "call work ond no ploy" cit T. F. but enough of eoch to moke the student o well rounded citizen in the future. varsity practices Although the 7950 Meteor gridders won but one game, several juniors gained valuable experience which should give us a well balanced ball club next tall. UPPER LEFT: A couple of rugged guards are Don Walters and Bob Busch. Don, a senior and a main- stay on the '50 squad, will be hard to replace. Bob Busch, however, received much experience this sea- son and is one of several returning lettermen. CENTER: Pictured here is a grou of juniors who will be returnin next season. Carrying the melo is Phil Kosanovich, who promise to be one of Coach Sowinski's to ball carriers next season. Th same can be said ot Bill Last, wh is doing the blocking tor Phil. Bil Last averaged over 4 yards per tr this season to lead the team i that department. Dave Jackson too, will be welcomed back t work, along with Joe Kurzeia, Bo Webb, and George DePirro at th end positions. LOWER LEFT: Fullback John Aven atti, another junior, should mak the 'Sl Meteors strong in tlaa position. LOWER CENTER: Milton Pana captain of this year's squad, wil be sorely missed next season. Hi great defensive, as well as oFlen sive, play provided us with man thrills this past season. LOWER RIGHT: The long soarin punts and the offensive playing Bob "Buke" Vierk earned for hi a position on the All-South Su urban Second Team. drills for perfection Varsity Football: l l TOP: The extra-point kicker tor this year's squad was Bob Stinson. The ball holder is Jan Schultz, iunior quarterback, who spent this season as Bob Sekulcfs under- study atlthat position. While playing, however, Jan proved himself to be a capable Held-general. CENTER lLEFT: Bob Sekula did the quarterbacking for this year's squad. He also played at the hallback slot in some of the latter games. Bob was a valuable asset as safety man on defense. His all-around good playing earned tor him a place onthe All-South Suburban Second team. l CENTER RIGHT: An alert, speedy, and aggressive end, Joe Kurzeia proved to be an important asset to this year's team, Because he is a junior, Joe will be back in the Meteor lluddles in '5l. LOWER l.EFT: This is how the middle ot this year's team looked to the opponents. The linemen are Don Walters, and BoblVcin Cleve. The backfield men are Bob Sekula at quarterbpck with Bot Stinson and Jerry Styka in the background. LOWER iRIGHT: The line plunges and drive of fullback .lerry Styka will be long remembered by T.F.'ers. Jerry, a seniorl will be missed next season. varsity football Team BACK ROW: Dale Fieldhouse, manager, Donald Handlon, Roy Fredbloom Thomas Petree, Robert Webb, Joe Kurzeia, Phillip Kosanavich, Robert Van Cleave, John Avenatti, Robert Busch, Jan Schultz, Fred Golhman, manager. SECOND ROW: Joe Sowinski, coach, William Last, .lake Hoogeveen, Jack Brown, Joseph Mendez, Keith Williams, Ronald Smith, Carl Selin, David Jackson, Ronald Geiken, David Thompson, Harold Schultz, assistant coach. THIRD ROW: Jack Carpenter, manager, Milton Pana, Jerome Styka, William Winterhoft, Robert Stinson, Robert Sekula, Robert Vierk, Donald Walters, Eugene Krolak, Wayne Wiers, Sam Smith, Jerry Jonas, manager. BOTTOM ROW: George DePirro, John Foyer, Donald Genovese, Armin Kurz, Howard Kindt, Mike Brakebill, Louis Bissa. LOWER LEFT: Joe Sowinski, coach, Harold Schultz, assistant coach. SEASONS RECORD tr. oPP. tr. oPP. 6 Hammond High 3l 0 Harvey 32 l2 G. R. Clark, Hammond 9 0 Noll Central, Hammond 27 O Argo l9 l3 Bloom, Chicago Heights l4 6 Hammond Tech 7 O Joliet Catholic 6 l2 Blue lsland 39 Despite a poor season, the Meteors never let their fighting "do or die" spirit die out. The coaches looked forward to the 7952 season and the return of many ot the first string juniors with the prospect of a winning team. 48 sophomore football ROW l: Jerome Hintz, Joe Pochran, John Klyczek, Wilbur Brown, Jack Dines, Tom Yonke, Ronald Lorenz, Jaclc Siatta, Dole Kingma, Bob Hoover, Roland Shanks. ROW 2: Richard Drangmeister, Tony Mraz, Richard Miko, Bolo Dahlberg, Jerry Rice, Tom Voss, Richard Janik, Dick Howe, Edward Eliot, Clifford Kraus, Coach Aitken Young. ROW 3: Bill Peters, Bob Stefaniak, Bob Ruthrault, Bert Kool, Howard Reed, Hilton Benninghoff Lester Hill, Dean Siedelman, Victor Fedosky. CHEERLEADERS: Edna Hale, Phyllis Linlciewicz, Barbara Erminger, Pat Jercha, Barbara Barnes Marlene Davis. The cheerleaders play an important part in the athletic program of a high school, encouraging the fans to yell and to cheer the team on to victory. According to those records which could be found, the 7950 Sophomore gridders are the first to be undefeated. While tying Harvey for the South Suburban Sopho- more Conference Championship, the successful Sophs posted a 9 won, none lost, l tied record. Sophomore Season Record T.F. OPP. T.F OPP. 30 Whiting 0 22 Blue Island 7 38 Hammond High 8 6 Harvey 6 l8 G. R. Clark 6 7 Noll O 13 Argo 6 i2 Bloom 7 20 Hammond Tech 6 12 Joliet Catholic 6 49 freshmen football squad A touchdown pass from Dean Siedelman to John Metzcus gave the Fractional freshmen football squad a 6-O victory over powerful lrving Park of Hammond in their opening encounter. Following a 6-6 tie with Kankakee, they became, however, less successful as the season progressed by losing to Blue Island, Harvey, Bishop Noll, and Bloom in their remaining games. The passing combination of Siedelman to lvlalackowski proved to be very effec- tive in the Noll Central game as the "freshies" broke the former freshmen passing record of T90 yards by collecting 24 yards. Coach Gentile cites Dean Siedelman, Robert lvlalackowski, Eugene Rose, Robert Tarvarsky, Tom Cowles, Bob Salzwedel, and Ed Hunter as the prospects to watch in the future. SEASON RECORD rr. ovronsnt oPP. rr. orvonem ow. 6 Irving Park O 6 Harvey 24 6 K. K. K. 6 24 Noll Central 37 7 Blue Island T3 O Bloom l8 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SQUAD FIRST ROW BOTTOM Manager Harvey Bennlnghofl Ray Nevers Alex Manka Bob Malackowski Bob Tavarczky Harvey Fladiland Ronald Lun berg John Vasos Tom Cowles Adolph Gentile coach SECOND ROW. Donald Parks Ray Anderson Edgar Dockwerler Dale Kooy Dean Siedelman, Ed Hunter, Eugene Rose, Bob Salzwedel. THIRD ROW, TOP: Richard Griffith, Joe Montagno, Bob Deutsch, Willard Hickle, John Metzcus, Ed Donahue, Richard Huitema, manager. FROSH-SOPH CHEERLEADERS The peppy cheerleaders who lead the fans in a cheer for the Frosh-Soph teams aspire someday to take over as Varsity Cheerleaders, They are, left to right, Barbara Freeman, Bernice Markiewicz, Anita Ansburg, Rea l-lilt, Judy Granbois, and Nancy Van Slyke. 50 ROW 3 -LEFT TO RIGHT: Gene Krolak, Bill Winterhoff, John Avenatti, Dave Jackson, Glen Young, Pro La Duca, Tom Potts. ROW 2: Dave Hedges, mgr., Jack Jones, Phil Kosanovich, Sam Calabrese, Pete Siderius, Bob Webb, Tom Holobrowski. ROW 7: George Sobek, coach, Jan Schultz, Frank Gillespie, Ed Bauer, Art Rogers, Joe Kurzeia, Bob Sekula. varsity basketball Although the varsity basketballers posted a 5 won, 78 lost, season's record, the four juniors on the starting five showed great promise. With the experi- ence gained during the 7950-57 season, they should give T. F. a squad of which we can be proud. Next season's roster will boast nine returning lettermen. Varsity Basketball Record T.F. OPP. T.F. OPP. 34 G. R. Clark 49 42 Lockport 60 35 K. K. K. 32 54 K. K. K. 62 49 Argo 55 43 McKinley 49 33 Whiting 35 49 Argo 58 46 Bloom 53 42 Joliet 5l 42 Bradly 56 35 Bloom 48 52 Noll 40 42 Lew Wallace 56 63 Kirkland 26 38 Harvey 48 49 W. Aurora 63 46 B. l. 37 63 Marseilles 47 44 Lockport 66 47 Harvey 66 Regionals 47 B. I. 57 25 Bloom 56 57 sophomore basketball Team The Sophomore basketball squad this season suffered a rather dismal season so Tar as wins and losses go. Although Mr. SchmidT's boys won 8 and lost ll, they outscored their opponents 684-666. Another fact which might make up Tor their poor record is the fact that they lost 5 ol their ll setbacks by 4 or less points. SEASONS RECORD tr, owoisieisit ow. 38 Hammond Tech 22 37 Blue Island 42 37 Kankakee 40 35 Lockport 34 26 Argo 32 32 Kankakee 52 4l Bloom 29 30 Argo 37 35 Bradley 38 l5 Joliet 52 42 Ma rseilles 30 25 Bloom 28 37 Harvey 39 BACK ROW: Arthur Cleveland, manager, Robert Dahlberg, Howard Reed, Robert Stefaniak, John Kraus D ld Nitz, Jack Dines, manager. SECOND ROW: Richard Dragmeister, Richard Mika, Richard Howe, William McNair, Roland Shank V T Fedosky. FRONT ROW: Victor Schmidt, coach: .lack Siatta, Dale Kingma Tom Yonke, Michael Conn, Joe Hintz. 52 FIRST ROW: Coach Harold Schultz, Ed Donahue, John Metzcus, Eugene Rose, Ed Hunter, Dean Siedel- man, Bob Tavarczky, Bob Deutsch, Bob Malackovvski. - SECOND ROW: Don Pizza, John Magdziasz, Paul Uram, Ted Macieiewski, Ray Nevers, Harold Arney, .loe Hintz, Bob Salzwedal. THIRD ROW: Lowell Lindsey, manager, Eugene Woiciechowski, Anthony Flankis, Wayne Evans, Charles Johnson, Willard Hickle, Darryl Albright, manager. freshmen basketball team Although the freshmen cagers posted a losing record, they showed great promise. While scattering their 7 victories among ll losses, the "freshies" scored 444 points for a 24.7 game average. This was topped by their opponents, however, who scored 549 counters. SEASON RECORD rr. orronasirs 20 Hammond Technical I8 35 Blue Island 34 9 Edison 2l 23 Edison 36 28 Irving I8 2l Hammond Technical 33 22 Clark 35 32 Thornton of Harvey 47 I9 Munster I4 28 Morgan Pk. Mil. Acad. 30 22 Thornton of Harvey 46 I2 Lincoln Grade School 22 27 Kankakee 37 33 Blue Island 27 39 Munster 38 22 George Rogers Clark 38 24 Bloom I9 28 Morgan Pk. Mil. Acad. 26 53 TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sam Smith, Ronald Smith, Tom Zukley, Roy Fredbloom, Claude Zaiakowski, Jerry Musgrave, manager, Tom Bailey, Guyard Williams, Don Staock, Ed Lauerman, Ed Fedosky, coach, Paul Soczyk, .lack Brown, Armin Kurz, Dave Marlrstone, Ed Mondrzyk, Roland Clement, Jock HotTman. swim Teams BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT Ralph Croy Wilbur Brown Bert Kool Ronald Jundbugh Frank Rose Joseph Gifford Richard Manlca Frank Szcyepanslcl Adam Prymula John Klyczyk Norman Korner LowelIWhitecamp Don Boleh George Wind Howard Ward Ed Eedoslcy coach 2nd ROW Hilton Ben ninghott Charles Enright Tom Vezos Ed Elliot Kenny Barnes James Casner Russ Mlenzer The fact that this year's Varsity swim squad was made up mostly of juniors, indicates a promis ing '51-'52 season. There were but 5 senior splashers on this season's roster. Nine junior and three sophomore monogram winners will be returning next season. The Frosh-Soph team boasted a slightly better record than did the varstiy swimmers. T.F. OPPONENTS 34 Morton, Cicero 14 Hammond High 32 Harvey 32 Argo 21 Horace Mann 23 South Bend 19 Harvey 52 University High 25 Horace Mann 55 Morton, Cicero OPPONENTS OPP. Morton, Cicero 25 Hammond High 14 Harvey 50 Argo 41 Harvey 38 Morton, Cicero 39 Hammond High 18117 Argo 10 Niles 43 VARSITY RECORD FROSH-SOPH RECORD OPP. T.F. OPPONENTS OPP. T.F. 32 I8 Bloomington 57 41 61 21 Danville 54 41 43 16 Hammond High 50 25 33 47 Argo 27 35 45 32 Niles 43 37 43 15 Danville 60 36 56 Triangular Meet 47V2 23 38 Blue Island 11 40 41 Hinsdale I7 24 20 32 54 Lew Wallace 34 track FROSH-SOPH TRACK TEAM STANDING-LEFT TO RIGHT: Joseph Pockron, Richard Janik, Edward Elliott, Roy Sweeny, Harvey Fladelon, Adam Prymula BenninholT, Donald Parks, George Kallas, Jerry Rice, Victor Fedosky, Thomas Gillespie, James Mayer, Donald Gryzlak, James Joseph Montagno, Russell Calabrese, Coach Edward Feclosky. KNEELING-LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Gudde, Richard Carr, John Klyzeck, Dean Siedelman, Edward Hunter, Ronald Lundberg, Ronald Klawitter, Ernest Korner, Tony Reynolds, Robert Harris, Richard Dwornieczek, Terry Mavity, Fred Lambert. SITTING-LEFT TO RIGHT: Joseph Smith, Edward Smolen, Frank Prewenski, James Garonski, Jack Dines, Wilber Brown Bert Kooi , Hilton Taylor, , , Luther Harthan, Robert Horne, Willard Hickle, Thomas Vasos, Thomas Kuzel, Norman Saurell, Manager, Raymond Schnieder, Manager. VARSITY TRACK TEAM STANDING-LEFT TO RIGHT: John Voss, Manager, Glen Young, Coach Aitken Young, Keith Williams, Wayne Liebengood. KNEELING-LEFT TO RIGHT: Procopio LoDuco, Chris Christian, Joseph Kurzeia, Robert Stinson, James Gindl, Carl Selin, Thomas Zukley, Sam Smith, John Holmes. SITTING-LEFT TO RIGHT: Roland Clement, Michael Brakebill, Donald Genevese, William Last, Donald Handlon, Neil Ortt, George DePirro. This year, as last, the Meteors cindermen are out to defend their South Suburban champion- ship. In I949 and l95O the Meteors won the South Suburban championship, in 7950 took first at the Wheaton Relays and in 7949 took a second place. In I949 the cindermen took a first in the district meet. The Chronoscope must go to press before the track season ends. Varsity Frosh-Soph T.l:. OPP. T.F. OPP. 60V2 Hammond Tech 43W 59W Hammond Tech 35W 30 Bloom 83 47 Bloom 57 95 Argo 41 7726 Argo 27W 38W Harvey 7473 37 Harvey 67 29 Blue Island 67 5116 Blue Island BTW wrestling BACK ROW Joe Sowinski, coach, John Holmes Jay Sheffield Ronald Lorenz, Tom Petree Fred Lambert James Bull, Claude Martin Roger Stephenson, manager. ROW 2: John Foyer, Dale Skeen, David Thompson, George DePirro, Jim Montellu, Phil Madelon, Bill Last, Steve Smith, Bob Busch. ROW 3: Roland Reddington, Don Komorowski, Wallace Ansburg, Norman Komorowski, Bob Wisniewski, Ray Mansueto. Although this year's wrestling team did not have an impressive record, two wrestlers, Bill Last and Jim Montella, went to the state finals. Phil Madelon, who was second in the state last year, was injured and was lost to the team tor most ot the season. 56 intra-mural winners Included in Thornton Fractional's athletic program each year is a program of inter-school competition for the students who have not earned varsity monogroms in the various events. TOP: Wrestling ROW I: Bernard Schob, Terry Mavity, Roland Kwasny, Tom Zimmerman. ROW 2: Jay Misch, Paul Soczyk, John Kraus, STANDING: Bob Hansen. ROW 3: Don Hanlon, Vic Fedowsky, Jack Sialla. ROW 4: Clillord Kraus, Alfred Kraus. RIGHT CENTER: Inlra-Class Basketball Champions- Seniors ROW I: Paul Lessner, Pele Siderius, Roland Clement, Tom Polls. ROW 2: Sam Calabrese, Bill Winterholl, Glen Young, Ed Bauer. ROW 3: Bob Selcula, Tom Holobowski, Keith Williams. MIDDLE LEFT: Basketball SITTING: Joe Mendez, Tom Zimmerman, Bob Komorowski, Richard Roikowski. STANDING: Rou Haney, Dominic Gigliotti. LOWER RIGHT: Swimming STANDING: Ed Donohue. ROW I: Harvey Benninghofl, Don Courtney, AI Graska, ROW 2: Jay Shellield, Dale Fieldhouse, Alex Manka, Bill Peters. BOTTOM LEFT: STANDING: Jack Gannon, Tom Gillespie, rope climbing: Darryl Lem, ping pong: Joe Wydrynski, checkers. TTING: Leon Friedman, ping pong and lree- throw: Ron Preissig, free-throws. SI 57 BOTTOM ROW, Sitting: Robert Stin- son, Robert Vierk. Standing: Jack Brown, Wayne Wiers. ROW 2: Ed Bauer, Jerry Jordan, Robert Sekula. ROW 3: Dave Thomsen, Milton Pana. ROW 4: Phil Madalon, Bill Last, Jim Montella, Roland Clement. ROW 5, Standing: Robert Wisniewski, David Markstone, Marvin Smithson, Wayne Sitting Styka. Sitting Krolalc, kowslci, Sam Smith, Bill Winterhoft. monogram club-terrapiin club Barnes. on Wall, Upper Lett: Jerry on Wall at Right: Eugene Don Walters, Claude Zaia- Jerry Musgrave, Pete Siderius, This well known, exclusive, MALE organization is well lcnown for its qualifications of membership, namely, the earning ot a major letter or two min or letters in the same sport. Justitiably proud of their letters, the boys are equally proud of their club pins which they may purchase after being fully installed in the club. The club with the most "form" can be seen after school every Thursday practicing their water ballets for the Terrapin Water Show. The Mock Turtles hold a social each year and appear in the Swim Show at the Carnival. ROW l, Sitting: Donna Lewis Myrna Gillian Janet Woicieckowski Helen Magdziak Nancy Van Slyke ROW 2, Kneeling: Eloise La Sata Bernice Markiewicz Norma Jean Clark Barbara Erminger Ruth Harle Mary Lou Sacco ROW 3, Standing: Delores Godlewski Virginia Deutsch Lois Moftett Josephine Hale Dorothy La Sota Alice Cox Pamela Herring Anita Ansburg Mary Shemaitis, Instructor SITTJNG ON BOARD Phyllis Linkiewicz Mary Lou Gehrke Nancy Gerald Kay Peters 8 CENTER TOP -LEFT TO RlGHT: Maior letter winners - Barbara Erminger, DeeDee Damai, Myrna Gillian, Mary Ellen Moynahan, Mary Lou Metzcus, Carolyn Schultz. i'Sportsmanship, lair play, and hard work earned these six G.A.C. Seniors their maior letters." UPPER LEFT-LEFT TO RIGHT: Volleyball Winning Class Team-Mary Ellen Moynahan, Mary Lou Metzcus, Virginia Deutsch, Lou Sacco, Carol Butler, Norma Clark, Myrna Gillian, DeeDee Damai, Carolyn Schultz, Barbara Lorenz, Janice Salzwedel, Barbara Erminger, "Seniors are champs for volleyball, as shown in this winning class team photo." LOWER LEFT-ROW l: Carolyn Schultz, Arlene Machay, DeeDee Damai, Myrna Gillian, Barbara Erminger. ROW 2: Hazel Schroeder, Rosalie Wozniak, Nancy Van Slyke, June Poto. "The top-notchers of volleyball are pictured here." UPPER RIGHT-TOP TO BOTTOM: Captain Basketball Team-ROW lr Myrna Gillian, Virginia Deutsch, Barbara Lorenz. ROW 2: Mary Ellen Moynahan, Mary Lou Metzcus, Norma Clark, Barbara Erminger. ROW 3: Barbara Faltus, Lou Sacco, DeeDee Damoi. ROW 4: Janice Salzwedel, Carolyn Schultz, Marilyn Rex. "The 'rootinest, tootinest' Captain Basketball tournament was won by the Senior Champs." LOWER RIGHT-LEFT TO RlGHT: Captain Basketball Varsity-ROW l: DeeDee Damai, Mary Ellen Moynahan, Carolyn Schultz, Lorraine Koselke, Barbara Erminger. ROW 2: Margaret Lorenz, Myrna Gillian, Joyce RUFF, Arlene Machay, Jeanne Willet, Dorothy LaSota. "May the best girls win" is the motto for the Captain Basketball Varsity chosen by Miss Jaacks. g. a. c. STANDING: Joyce Rult, Mary Ellen Moynahan, Carolyn Schultz, Myrna Gillian, President, Rosalie Wozniak, Vice President, Pat Davis, Treasurer, Margaret Lorenz. SITTING: Nancy Van Slyke, Edna Hale, Adeline C. Jaacks Sponsor, Barbara Erminger, Secretary. BOTTOM ROW: Joyce Patter- son, Myrna Gillian, Pat Jercha, Dee Dee Damai, Lou Sacco, Dee Wisniewski, Barbara Erminger, Pat Wright, Carolyn MIDDLE ROW: Mary Ellen Moynahan, Mary Metzcus, Rosemary RUFI, Beverly Albright, Norma Clark. Salzwedel, Marilyn Meyers, Marilyn Rex, Virginia Deutsch, TOP ROW: Joan Parker, Janice Salzvvedel, June Poto, Karen Kronvall, Barbara Faltus. Alice in Wonderland's chess playing would not be appreciated by the more ac- tive T. F. G A C'ers. They prefer more strenuous sports such as Volleyball, Captain Basketball, Basketball, Swimming, and Baseball in which they participate every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday alter school under the leadership ot Miss Adeline C. Jaacks. 6C Schultz. f' darling damsels BACK ROW-Lefl lo Righf: Ruth Nelson, Nancy Smith, Audrey Lennon. ROW 2-Left lo Righf: Jean- elre Freeman, Gail Collins, Barbara Oppenhuis. ROW 3: Eloise La Sola, Mary Geilcle, Leona Hickle, Phyliss Prakailis, Lois Evanson, Joyce RUH, Alis Jo Herlenslein, Nancy Gruhlke. ROW 4: Marilyn Salima, Georgianna Paladine, Nancy Van Slyke, Margaret Sekula, Shirley Ramandine, Margarel Lorenz, Delerase Edwards, Joyce Braak, FRONT: Barbara Freeman, Arlene Drovach. BACK ROW: Virgie Wasik, Shirley Worosz, Rosalie Woz- nialc Margaret Dembowski, Virginia Breski, Pal Davis. ROVV 2fFrom Back: Mela Williams, Joan Pillelkow, Lois Freeman, Pal Reeves. ROW 3-From Back: Phyliss Croy, Delores Slruzek, Darlene Tripp, Larraine Koselke, Jean Willell, Danna Lewis, Arlene Machay. ROW A-From Back: Isabell Brodie, Ruth Harle, Phyllis Evanson, Larraine Krell, Do- lores Gocllewski, Dororhy La Sala, Sue Maddox, Rosemary Will. ROW 5-From Back: Frances Barzda, Darcy Kushel, Arlene Loneski, Berry Young, Joan Malulka, Virginia Klein, Mar- lene Davis. FRONT ROW: Joan Naleway, Marie Johnson, Edna Hale, Delores Czerwinski, Do.. Pawlowski. Playing hard to make The various teams are the sophomore ancl junior mem- bers of G. A. C. Each Team that they make brings Them lOO poinfs nearer fheir numeral and lelfers. baseball team Hmm BACK ROW: MacBesse, William Winterhoff, Walter Spiedel, manager, Donald Perrson, manager Claude Zoiakowski, Gene Wydrinski, Robert Vierk, Robert Sekula, Robert Butler, Warren Brown, Ray mond Nevers, George Sobek, coach. ROW lx Jan Schultz, Roland Shanks, Dale Kingma, Phillip Kosanavich, William McNair, Joe Mendez ROW 2: Norman Lindsey, manager, Thomas Zimmerman, Sam Calabrese, Howard Reed, Louis Bissa Edward Bauer, Robert Webb. Baseball was introduced for the first time at T. F. this year. In the first game of T. F.'s baseball history The Meteors bowed to the mighty Wildcats of Ham- mond High, 5 to O. A line drive to center field to open the second inning gave Joe Mendez the honor of getting the first hit in Fractional history. The T. F. nine, however, won their South Suburban Conference game by edging Leyden 6-5. Because the Chronoscope went to press too early for publication of the season's record, a schedule is printed below so that you may write in the scores. l95l BASEBALL SCHEDULE T.F. OPPONENT T.F. OPPONENT April l0 Hammond High 0 5 May l Lockport 0 7 T7 at Heyden 6 5 9 at Harvey l 6 i8 at Dyer 4 6 lO at Hammond High 2l Blue lsland l2l 6-i4 7-2 l5 Noll 24 at Bloom l 2 i8 Heyden 26 Harvey 9 7 22 Bloom 28 at Argo l2l 4-l 5-'IO 25 at Lockport 29 at Kankakee 62 E T 3 t E cannibal queen TOP PICTURE: Craig House was the scene of many interesting incidents when a Cannibal queen becomes a guest of the hotel, Pictured in the lobby at Craig House are Jay Shefiielcl, Marsha Litecky, Darryl Lem, Martha Knabahans, Earl Schatz, Edna Zilz and Dole Fieldhouse. LEFT PICTURE: After enioying an elevator ride the cannibal queen and colored porter are discovered by Dale Fieldhouse, Jay Sheffield, Carol Butler, Marsha Litecky, Edna Zilz, Martha Kriabahans, Earl Schatz and Karen Kronval. ln elevator are Lou Sacco and Tom Potts. When a cannibal gets that hungry, be careful. Arlene Loneski decided that Darryl Lem might make a good meal. 64 Y l reigns over T. RF. TOP PICTURE: Joe Klawitter puts the stage crew through their pace during rehearsal as Mr. Won- nell studies the script. Pictured are, from left to right, Joe Klawitter, Louie Nosal, Ronald Preissig, Stage manager Edward Orth and Mr. Wonnell, director. CENTER PICTURE A group of curious onlookers watch Jay Shef- field, young newspaper editor, as he busily reads some startling news. Pictured from left to right: Tom Potts, Lou Sacco, Marilyn Meyers and Arlene Loneski. BOTTOM Pl CTU RE: Tom Potts is shown here anxiously trying to persuade the cannibal queen, Lou Sacco, to ride in the elevator. Q is f As Alice poked her head from classroom to class- room she coulcln't help seeing through her looking glass the sophisticated seniors leading the way in activities and the energetic juniors always ready to lend the seniors a helping hand. She noticed too, the proud sophomores so anxious to be upper class- men and the freshmen still excited and happy to be finally in high school. I 'im ng win fi if Q M ww wiv , WL. F, 4 Az ai ww Asa M TO RIGHT J y M Do thy Zygmu T secreto y senior class officers This year the Senior Class initiated a system ol meeting together to plan the activities of the class. President Don Hatfield, vice president Barbara Lorenz secretary Dorothy Zygmunt, and treasurer Jerry Musgrave, with the help of carefully appointed committees, helped to add to the many pleasant memories the Senior class ofl 950-Sl will long possess. 70 S9I'lIOI'S BEVERLY ALBRIGHT ' ' 3- Ticket Salesman G.A.C. Swimming , l, 2, Usher Graduation 3 Carnival 4 Open House 2, Girls' Club Pin 2 3 Band 2, 3, 4, Letter 3, Cadet Band l ' 3- Double Sex Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Pin , tet 4, Pin 4, Thorntonian Salesman l 2' Carnival Cast 3 4 BEVERLY BAKER Commercial Club President 47 G.A C Swimming 3, Commercial Club Pin Student Assistant Miss Brazzill 3, 4 LOUISE BARNES G.A.C. Captain Basketball 2, Usher ' ' d 3 Graduation 3, Girls Club Boar Pin 2 3 Twirler 2 3 4, Chronoscope Salesman 2 WAYNE BARNES T ckl 2 Wrestlingl 2 3 4 Le r B ys b Board 4 Pin T Monogram Club 3 4 Meistersingers P 2 3 Entered the arme forces in February T951 EDWARD BAUER Football l 2 Letterl 2 Basketball l 4 Tra Let er 2 3 Boys Club Board 2 3 4 Pin l 2 3 Monogram Club 3 4 Sec retary 4 Meistersingers l 2 3 4 Secretary 3 Pres: dent Junior Class MARY ANN BELL Ticket Salesman 4 Usher Open House urls b in 4 JRC Re sentative l 2 3 4 Freshman Chorus Student Assistant Mrs Vangeloff 4 3 Miss Slocum 3 Hall Monitor 2 .IUDITH BENJAMIN l 2 Baseballl G C Swimming Ticket Salesman l Journalism Class 3 Usher Graduation 3 GI ls Clu ard 3 Pinl 2 3 4 Library JRC Represe tive 2 Band 2 3 4 Letter 3 Melstersingers pianist 2 Pin 2 Freshman Chorus Thorntoman Editor 4 Advertising Staff l 2 Chronoscope Stal"t4 Advertising l vol ast Speech Team l 4 Student Assistant Miss Shemoitis 3 Key of Knowledge 3 MARIANNE BOGGESS GAC Volleyball 2 Usher Gradua 4 n 3 Open House 2 3 u Pin 2 3 Twirler 2 3 4 Le 3 Freshman Chorus Thorntonian Ad vertising Staff l Chronoscope Adver tising Staff l EDMUND BOLDA JOY BOYD Usher Graduation 3 Girls Club Pm 3 Thorntonian Advertising Staff 3 h Team 4 Office Assistant Miss Speer: Brazzill 3 Hall Monitor 3 4 LORINE BOYD Girls Club Pin Freshman Chorus DELORES BRADY Hall Monitor 3 3 Commercial Club 4 s5"""-1-we seniors SARA LYNN BRANDON G.A.C. 2, 3, Swimming l, 2, Girls' Club Pin 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 2, Fresh- man Chorus, Speech Team 2, Debate Team l, 3, 4, Student Assistant Mr. Lambka 3, NFL. 3, 4, Pin 3. LUILLA BRAZEL Ticket Salesman l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Club Pin 2, 3, J.R.C. Representative l, Thorntonian Advertising Staff 4, Sales- man 2, 3, 4, Chronoscope Salesman 3, Student Assistant Miss Shemaitis 4, Hall Monitor 3, Office Assistant 4. SYLVIA BROSE Girls' Club Pin 3, Commercial Club 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Cadet Band l, Letter 3, 4, Freshman Chorus, Thorntonian Aal- vertising Stal? 4, Make-up Committee Carnival 3, 4, Student Assistant Mrs. Wilson 4, Dean's Assistant 4. NILA BROUILLETTE Ticlcet Salesman Q, Girls' Club Pin 2, 3, Freshman Chorus. JACK BROWN Football l, 2, Letter l, 2, Swim Team l, 2, 3, 4, Letter l, 2, 3, 4, Captain 2, Usher Open House 2, 3, 4, Boys' Club Pin 3, 4, Monogram Club 3, 4, Carni- val Water Show 2, 3, 4. DeLORIES BUDD Usher Graduation 3, lr.-Sr. Play 3, Carnival 3, Girls' Club Pin 3, Library Club 4, Pin 4, Freshman Chorus, Thorn- tonian Salesman 3, Chronoscope Salesman 3, Student Assistant Mrs, Wilson 4, General Office Assistant 3, 4, Handbook Staff 3. JAMES BULL Football l, 3, Wrestling 2, 4, lntra- Mural Winner Wrestling 3, Usher Open House 4. MELVIN BUNDE lntra-Mural Winner Swimming 3, Car- nival Stage Band 4. CAROL BUTLER G.A.C. Volleyball 4, Swimming 2, Girls' Club Pin 3, Band 2, 3, 4, Cadet Band l, Letter 3, Carnival Cast 4, .lr.- Sr. Play 4. SAM CALABRESE Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Letter EY. GLEN CARDEN VIOLETTE CEDERHOLM Ticket Salesman 3, 4, Usher Gradua- tion 3, Usher Jr.-Sr. Play 3, Girls' Club Pin 3, Girls' Chorus 2, Double Sextet 3, 4, Freshman Chorus, Thorntonian Salesman 3, Carnival Cast 3, 4. seniors ROYAL CENCION Transferred from Akron, Indiana, Band 2, 3, 4, Letter 3. CHRIS CHRISTIAN Track, l, 2, Letter 2, Wrestling 3, Boys' Club Pin 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Otctice' 4, Drum Major 3, 4, Cadet Band T Letter 3, Meistersingers 3, 4, Vice President 4, Pin 3, Carnival Cast 3, 4, First in District Music Contest 4, First in State Music Contest 4. NORMA JEAN CLARK G.A.C. Captain Basketball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Swimming 2, 3, Usher Christmas Concert, Girls' Club Board 3, 4, Pin l, 2, 3, 4, Terrapin Club l, 2, 3, 4, J.R.C. Representative 4, Car- nival Cast 3, 4, Water Show l, 2, Junior Class Secretary, Student Assist- ant Mrs. Ault 4, Miss Clark 3. ROLAND CLEMENT Football Manager l, Swim Team l, 2, 3, 4, Letter l, 2, 3, Bays' Club Board 3, 4, Pin 2, 3, 4, Monogram Club 4, Meistersingers 2, 3, 4, Pin 2, Carnival Cast 3, Water Show 2. LEONARD CZYZNIEJEWSKI Football l, 2, Swim Team 2, Letter 2, Boys' Club Pin 2, 3, Meistersingers 2, 3, 4. DIANE DAMAI G.A.C. Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4, Captain Basketball l, 2, 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, Swimming 2, 3, Baseball l, 2, 3, Ticket Salesman 4, Journalism Class 3, Girls' Club Vice-President 4, Board 2, 3, Pin I, 2, 3, 4, J.R.C. Council 3, Rep- resentative l, 2, 4, Secretary 3, Fresh- man Chorus, Thorntonian Staft 4, Car- nival Water Show 4, Student Assistant Miss Jaacks 2, 3, 4. FRANCES DAVIDSON G,A.C. l, 2, 3, Swimming l, 3, Base- ball l, Ticket Salesman l, Journalism Class 3, Girls' Club Board 3, Pin l, 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Cadet Band I, Let- ter 3, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Freshman Chorus, Thorntonian Staff 4, Chrono- scope Stott 4, Jr.-Sr. Play 3, Speech Team l, 2, 3, 4, N.F.L, 3, 4, Pin 3, Make-up Committee for Carnival 3, 4, Winner in Sectional Speech Contest 4. VIRGINIA DEUTSCH G.A.C, Volleyball l, 2, 3, Captain Basketball 'l, 2, 3, Basketball T, 2, 3, Swimming l, 2, Baseball I, 2, Letter 3, Ticket Salesman, Girls' Club Pin 2, 4, Terrapin Club 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Double Sextet 4, Freshman Chorus, Chronoscope Salesman 2, Carnival Cast 4, Water Show 3, 4, Speech Tcam 4, Student Assistant Miss Brazill 3. .IUDITH DICKUS Ticket Salesman l, Journalism Class 3, Girls' Club Pin 2, 3, Lib'ary Club l, Terrapin Club 2, J.R.C. Representative l, Twirler 2, 3, 4, Letter 3, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Pin 3, Freshman Cho'us, Thorntonian Stott 4, Salesman l, Chronoscope StaFl 4, Salesman l, Carnival Cast 2, 3, Jr.-Sr. Play 3. IRENE DOMBROWSKI Ticket Salesman l, 2, 3, Girls' Club Pin 2, 3, Commercial Club 4, Treasure, 4, l.R.C. Representative 4, Freshman Chorus, Chronoscope Salesman l, Cafeteria 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA DOUTHIT Freshman Chorus, Debate Team 3. RICHARD EGGEBRECHT seniors LOIS ENRIGHT Girls' Club Pin 3, Library Club 3, 4, Freshman Chorus, Thorntonian Sales- man l, 2, Chronoscope Salesman l- Guide Book Stott 3. BARBARA ERMINGER G.A.C. l, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4, Captain Basketball 3, 4, Swimming l, 2, 3, Baseball l, 2, 3, Letter 3, Cheer- leader l, 2, 3, 4, Ticket Salesman l, 2, Usher Christmas Concert 4, Girls' Club Pin 2, 3, 4, Terrapin Club l, 2, 3, 4, J.R.C. Council 3, Representative 2, 4, Pin 2, Girls' Chorus 2, Freshman Chorus, Thorntonian Stott 4, Chrono- scope Staff 4, Carnival Cast l, 2, 3, 4, Queen 4, Student Assistant Miss She- maitis 3, Miss Jaacks. ELLA EVANOFF Jr.-Sr. Play 3, Clinic Assistant 4. 1 JAMES FAGAN BARBARA FALTUS G.A.C. Captain Basketball 1, 2, 3, Swimming l, 3, Journalism Class 3, Girls' Club Pin 3, Terrapin Club 2, 3, Band 2, 3, 4, Officer 4, Letter 3, Girls' Chorus 2, Double Sextet 3, 4, Thorn- tonian Stott 4, Carnival Cast 3 Water Show 3. DOROTHY FICHT Ticket Salesman 2, 3, Girls' Club Pin 3, J.R.C. Representative 4, Thorntonian Advertising Staff 4, Student Assistant Miss Shemaitis 2, Office Assistant 3, 4 .4. DALE FIELDHOUSE Football Manager 3, 4, Letter 4, Swim Team 3, Boys' Club Pin 2, 3, 4, Mono- gram Club 4, Cadet Band l, Meister- singers l, 2, 3, 4, Officer 4, Pin 'l, Carnival Cast 3, 4, Jr.-Sr. Play 4, Stage Manager 3. JULIUS FIGLEWICZ Usher Open House 4, J.R.C. Represen- tative 2, Thorntonian Advertising Stat? 1. DOLORES FILECA Girls' Club Pin 4, Commercial Club 4. DIANA FREDIANELLI Freshman Chorus, Thorntonian Adver- tising Stal? 4, Salesman 3, Student Assistant Miss Shemaitis 4. LEON FRIEDMAN Football 1, Basketball 1, lntra-Mural Winner Basketball 3, Journalism Class 3, Boys' Club Pin l, 2, 3, Thorntonian Statt 4, Chronoscope Staff 3, Carnival Cast 4, Magazine Salesman 2, Basket- ball Announcer 4, Handbook Statt 3, lntra-Mural Winner Ping Pong 4, Free Throws, 4. RONALD GEIKEN Football l, 2, 3, 4, Letter 4, Track 2, Usher Carnival 4, Monogram Club 4. seniors DOMINIC GIGLIOTTI Football Manager l, Basketball Man- ager l, Letter l, Usher Open House 4, l.R.C. Representative 4. MYRNA GILLIAN G.A.C. President 4, Vice-President 3, Volleyball 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, Swim l, 2, 3, Usher Graduation 3, Open House 3, Girls' Club Board 2, 3, 4, Pin l, 2, 3, 4, Ter- rapin l, 2, 3, 4, Letter 3, 4, J.R.C, Representative 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, Freshman Chorus, Carnival Water Show l, 3, 4, Student Assistant Miss Jaacks 2, 3, 4. JAMES GINDI. Track l, 2, 3, Letter l, 2, 3. FRED GODDARD RUTH GOLDBERG G.A.C. Swimming 3, Ticket Salesman 2, Journalism Class 3, Usher Open House 3, Girls' Club Pin l, 2, 3, 4, Li- brary Club 2, 3, Secretary 3, Terrapin Club 2, J.R.C. Council 4, Representa- tive 3, 4, Thorntonian Stott 4, Chrono- scope Staff 4, Debate l, Student As, sistant 2, 3, 4, Guidebook Staff 4. FRED GOTHMAN Football Manager 4, Letter 4, Wrese tling 3, 4. BERNADINE GRUBBE Usher Graduation 3, Girls' Chorus 2, 4, Freshman Chorus. JOSEPHINE HALE Ticket Salesman l, 2, 3, Usher Spring Concert 2, Christmas Concert 4, Grad- uation 2, Girls' Club Pin 2, 4, Terrapin 2, 3, 4, Freshman Chorus, Girls' Chorus 2, Thorntonian Salesman 2, Makeup Committee Jr.-Sr. Play 3, Car- nival 3, 4, Hall Monitor 3. INA HARTFIELD Winner Foster Contest 4. DONALD HATFIELD Carnival Stage Crew 4, Boys' Club Pin 2, 3, 4, Cadet Band l, Band 2, 3, 4, Letter 3, Senior Class President, Tum- bling l, 3, 4. DAVID HEDGES Manager Basketball 3, 4, Football 2, Track l, Boys' Club Board 4. Entered the armed forces in February, l95l. RAYMOND HEIMBUCH Cadet Band l, 2, Usher Open House 4. mann im,wwss M-- seniors FRED HIBBERT Band 2, 3, 4, Letter 3, Cadet Band l, Visual Aid l, 3, 4, Boys' Club Pin 3. DORIS HICKLE G.A.C. Volleyball l, 2, Captain Bas- ketball l, 2, Basketball I, Swimming l, Baseball I, Ticket Salesman l, 2, Journalism Class 3, Usher Jr.-Sr. Play 3, Thorntonian Salesman l, Girls' Club Pin l, 2, 3, 4, Cadet Band l, Band 2, 3, 4, Letter 3, Omcer 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, Freshman Chorus, Double Sextet 3, 4, Pin 4, Thorntonian Stott 4, Carnival Cast 3, 4, Student Assistant Mr. Christian 4. CAROLYN HOFF Girls' Club Pin 2, 3, 4, Board 4, Terra- pin 2, Cadet Band l, Band 2, 3, 4, Letter 3, 4, Freshman Chorus, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Double Sextet 4, Usher Graduation 3, Jr.-Sr. Play 3, Thorn- tonian Salesman 3, Chronoscope Salesman 3, Carnival Cast 4, Water Show 2, Speech Team l. JACK HOFFMAN Swim Team 4, Letter 4, lntra-Mural Winner Swim 3, Carnival Water Show 2, 4, Track Manager I. MARGIE ANN HOLMES Ticket Salesman I, 2, 3, Usher Christ- mas Concert 3, Girls' Club Pin 3, Freshman Chorus, Student Assistant Miss Markus 4, Hall Monitor 3. TOM HOLOBOWSKI Football l, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Intra- Mural Winner Swim 3, Basketball 3. DOLORES HUGHES Girls' Club Pin 2, 4, Terrapin 4, Usher Open House 4, Freshman Chorus, Dean's Assistant 3, Student Assistant Miss Shemaitis 4, General Office 4, Hall Monitor 3. LEROY HUNTLEY J.R.C. Representative 3, Usher Open House 4. PATRICIA HYBIAK Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Pin 3. WILLIS IMES Football I, 2, Track 'l, 2, Swim l, 3, Letter l, 3, Carnival Water Show l, 3, Boys' Club Pin l, 2, Speech Team 4, Student Assistant Mrs. Wilson 4, Jr.- Sr. Play 4. READEANNE INGBRETSON G.A.C. Swim 2, Ticket Salesman 2, Girls' Club Pin 3, Cadet Band l, Band 2, 3, 4, Color Guard 4, Letter 3, Thorntonian Salesman 4, Freshman Chorus. ELSIE .IACKOBOSKEY Library Club 2, 3, Pin 3, Girls' Clu .Pin 3, Freshman Chorus, Thorntonia StaFf 4, General Office 3, Hall Mani for 3. seniors BERNADINE JARANOWSKI Girls' Club Pin 2, 3, Library Club 3, 4, Commercial Club 4. PATRICIA JERCHA G.A.C. Volleyball l, 3, Captain Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, Basketball l, Swim l, , 3, Baseball 2, 3, Cheerleader l, 2, , 4, Numeral 2, Megaphone 2, 3, etter 4, Ticket Salesman l, Journal- sm Class 3, Girls' Club Pin 2, 3, oard 3, 4, J.R.C. Representative 3, reshman Chorus, Thorntonian Staff 4, dvertising Staft 2, Student Assistant iss Shemaitis 3. UVERNE JEVYAK icket Salesman 4, Carnival Makeup ommittee 4, Student Assistant Miss essigner l. VELYN JEWELL sher Christmas Concert 3, Cafeteria ssistant 3, 4. TELLA JOHNSON irls' Club Pin 3, Freshman Chorus, ommercial Club 4. DMUND JOHNSTONE ARY JONES ansferred from Hammond High hool in Senior year. ERALD JORDAN YLLIS .IUDA irls' Club Pin 2, 3, J.R.C. Represen- tive 2, Freshman Chorus, Girls' orus 2, Thorntonian Salesman l, 2, ronoscope Salesman l, 2, Carnival st 2, 4, Ticket Salesman l, 2, 3, her Carnival l, Graduation 3, Com- rcial Club 4. N JUNG A.C. Swim l, 2, 3, Girls' Club Pin 2, 3, 4, Board 4, Terrapin 2, 3, 4, nd 2, 3, 4, Letter 3, Cadet Band l, shman Chorus, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, cording Secretary 3, Double Sextet Carnival Cast 4. NET KAMINSKI mmercial Club 4, Hall Monitor 4. NETTE KARAGIAS ls' Club Pin 3, Carnival Make-up mmittee 2, 3, 4, Freshman Chorus. seniors RICHARD KARL Football Manager 2, 3, Letter 2, Swim 2, 3, Letter 2, Boys' Club Pin 3. JOSEPH KLAWITTER Band 2, 3, 4, Color Guard 2, Cadet Band I, Letter 3, Carnival Cast 3, 4. NORBERT KLEKOT lntra-Mural Basketball Team Winner PATRICIA KONOW Girls' Club Pin 3, Thorntonian Staff Salesman 3, Handbook Stal? 3. PAUL KOWAL GENE KROLAK Football 2, Varsity 3, 4, Letter 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Varsity 4, Letter 2, 4, Monogram Club 4. KAREN KRONVALL G.A.C. Swim 2, Baseball 2, 3, Pin 3 Journalism Class 3, Girls' Club Secre- tary 3, Board 2, 3, 4, Pin I, 2, 3, 4, Terrapin Club 2, J.R.C. Council 4, Cadet Band I, Band 2, 3, Letter 3, Freshman Chorus, Girls' Chorus 2, Double Sextet 3, 4, Pin 3, Thorntonian Stal? 4, Thorntonian Salesman I, Chronoscope Stal? 4, Carnival Cast 3, 4, Student Assistant Mr. Lambka 2, 3, 4, Jr.-Sr. Play 4. 7 JOHN KVEDARAS lntra-Mural Swim Winner 3, Boys' Club Pin 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Ofticer 3, 4, Letter 2, Cadet Band I, Meister- singers 2, 3, 4, Pin 3, Carnival Stage Crew 3, 4, Manager 4, Jr.-Sr. Play Stage Crew 3. CLYDE LEE Track I, Usher Open House 4, High Magazine Salesman 3. WALTER LEIBENGOOD Football I, Boys' Club Pin I, 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, Letter 2, Cadet Band I, Meistersingers I, 2, 3, 4, Pin 2, Carni- val Cast 3, 4. RICHARD LEINEN Swim Team I, Letter I, lntra-Mural Swim Team Winner 2, 3, Carnival Water Show 2. DARRYL LEM Football 2, lntra-Mural Ping Pong Winner 3, 4, Journalism Class 3: Thorntonian Stott 4, Chronoscope Sta 3, Boys' Club Pin I, 2, 3, 4, Board 3, 4, Carnival Cast 3, 4, Jr.-Sr. Play 3, 4. PAUL LESSNER Basketball l, 2, Letter l, lntra-Mural Wrestling Winner 3. RAYMOND LEWANDOWSKI Football Varsity 4. PHYLLIS LINKIEWICZ Cheerleader 4, Megaphone 4, Ticket Salesman l, 2, Usher Open House 3, Girls' Club Pin l, 2, 3, 4, Terrapin Club 'l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4, Fresh- man Chorus, Thorntonian Salesman l, 2, Chronoscope Salesman l, 2, Carni- val Water Show l, 2, 3, 4, Open House Swim Show 4, Dean's Assistant 3, 4, Student Assistant Miss Shemaitis 3, 4, Magazine Salesman l, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 2. MARCIA LITECKY Ticket Salesman l, 2, 3, Usher Gradu- ation 3, Carnival l, Girls' Club Pin 2, 3, 4, Freshman Chorus, Chronoscope Salesman 2, Carnival Cast 2, Jr.-Sr. Play 3, 4, Speech Team l, 2, 3. PROCOPIO LO DUCA Football l, 2, Varsity 3, Letter l, 2, Basketball I, 2, 3, Varsity 4, Letter l, 2, Track l, 2, Varsity 3, Letter l, 2, Boys' Club Board l, Pin l, 2, 3, Meis- tersingers Librarian 3, President 4, Movie Proiectionist 4. BARBARA LORENZ G.A.C. Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4, Captain Basketball l, 2, 4, Numeral 2, Usher Open House 3, 4, Girls' Club Board 3, 4, Pin l, 2, 3, 4, Cadet Band l, Fresh- man Chorus, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Speech Team 3, District Speech Winner 3, Carnival Cast 4, Junior Class Treas- urer, Senior Class Vice President, Stu- dent Assistant Miss Schmueser 2, Ticket Salesman l, Library Club 2, 3, J.R.C. Council 3, Representative l, 2, Fresh- man Queen. PHILLIP MADALON Football 2, Letter 2, Track l, 2, Wres- tling l, 2, 3, Varsity 4, Letter l, 2, 3, 4, Monogram Club I, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA MAGDAZ Ticket Salesman 2, 3, Usher Gradua- tion 3, Open House l, 2, 3, Girls' Club Board 3, 4, Pin 2, 3, 4, Freshman Chorus, Thorntonian StaFt 4, Chrono- scope Staff 4, Journalism Class 3, Thorntonian Salesman 2, Carnival Cast 4, Student Assistant Mrs. Ault 2, Mr. Miller 3. PATRICIA MAGDZIAK Ticket Salesman 2, 3, 4, Journalism Class 3, Girls' Club Pin 2, 3, Com- mercial Club 4, Vice-President 4, J.R.C. Representative 4, Freshman Chorus, Thorntonian StaFl 4, Chronoscope Statt 4, Thorntonian Salesman 2, 3, Chrono- scope Salesman 2, Debate Team l, 2, Student Assistant Miss Gitersonke 4, OFtice Assistant 4. PATRICIA MAGDZIASZ ournalism Class 3, Girls' Club Pin 3, Library Club 2, 3, Commercial Club 4, horntonian Stott 4, Chronoscope taft 4. OUISE MARKIEWICZ ibrary Club 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club , Freshman Chorus, Student Assistant iss Shemaitis 4. ARGENE MARKLEY irls' Club Pin 2, 3, J.R.C. Represen- ative 2, Council 3, 4, President 4, in 2, 4, Band 3, 4, Cadet Band 2, etter 4, Freshman Chorus, Girls' horus 2, Double Sextet 3, 4, Thorn- onian Salesman 3, Carnival Cast 2, , 4, Student Assistant Mr. Gentile 'l, iss Temple 4, Winner Music Contest istrict 2, 3, State 3. seniors CLAUDE MARTIN Wrestling Team 3, 4, Letter 4. .IEANETTE MAYER Girls' Club Pin 3, Cafeteria 2. SHIRLEY McCONE Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Lib rarian 4, Gen- eral Office Assistant 3, 4. ELIZABETH MELLIKANT G.A.C. 2, 3, 4, Volleyball 3, 4, Cap'- tain Baskeiball 4, Basketball 3, Swim- ming 2, 3, Baseb ll 2 - ' Club 4. a , 3, Commercial JOSEPH MENDEZ Football I, 2, 3, 4, Letter 2, Basket- ball M ariager 2, Letter 2, lntra-Mural Winner Basketball 3, Usher Open House 4. MARY LOU METZCUS G.A.C. Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Captain Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, Swimming I, 2, 3, Baseball I, 2, 3, Letter 3, Ticket Salesman I, 4, Jour- nalism Class 3, Girls' Club Presiden 4, Treasurer 3, Board I, 2, Pin I, 2, 3, 4- JRC Council 2 3 ,... ,,Band2,3 Cadet Band I, Letter 3, Thorntonia Staff 3, 4, Advertising Staff 2, Chrono scope Staff 4, Advertising Staff I, Stu- dent Assistant Miss Jaacks 4. MARILYN MEYERS G.A.C. 3, 4, Swimming 3, Ticket Sales man 3, Journalism Cl 3 ass ,Girls' Clu Pin 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Fresh man Chorus, Thorntonian Stat? 4, Ad vertising Staff 2, Salesman 4, Chrono scope Staff 3, 4, Editor 4, Studen Reporter Mrs. Canaga 4, Magazin Salesman I, Jr.-Sr. Play 4, Poste Maker 2, 3, 4. ELIZABETH MILLER Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Freshman Chor I CAROL MILLER Girls' Cl 4, Pin 4, Cadet Band I, Freshma Chorus, General Office Assi ub Pin 2, 3, Commercial Clu stant 3, GLENN MILLSAP KENNETH MINCH Usher Open House 3, High Magazi Salesman 3. WILLIAM MITCHELL Meistersingers 2, Pin 2, Cadet Band seniors LOIS MOFFETT G.A.C. 2, 3, 4, Swimming l, 2, Pin 2 Usher Graduation 3, Open House 3 Girls' Club Pin 3, Library Club l, 2 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4 Terrapin Club 2, 3, 4, Pin 3, J.R.C Council 2, Representative l, Girls Chorus 2, 3, Freshman Chorus, Car- nival Water Show 3, Jr.-Sr. Play 3- Speech Team l, 2, 3, 4, Student Assisti ant Miss Trout 4, N.F.L. 3, 4, Pin 3. JAMES MONTELLA Football 2, Track l, 2, 3, Letter 2, Wrestling l, 2, 3, 4, Letter 2, 3, 4, lntra-Mural Boxing l, Carnival Usher 4, Monogram Club 3, 4, Tumbling 2, 4. JANET MOORE Girls' Club Pin 2, 3, Library Club 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4, Commer- cial Club 4, Meistersingers Accompa- nist 3, Pin 3, Freshman Chorus, Fresh- man Boys' Chorus Accompanist 3. MARY ELLEN MOYNAHAN G.A.C. Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4, Captain Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, , Swimming l, 2, 3, Baseball l, 2, 3, etter 3, Rec. Secretary 4, Girls' Club in l, 2, 3, Twirler 2, 3, 4, Thorn- onian Advertising Staff 2, Commer- ial Club 4, Ticket Salesman l, 4, Stu- ent Assistant Miss Jaacks 4. ARL MURZYN ERALD MUSGRAVE ootball 'l, 2, Letter l, 2, Track l, etter l, Swim Manager 2, 3, 4, Letter , 3, 4, Carnival Cast 4, Boys' Club in l, 2, 3, 4, Board l, 2, 3, 4, Treas- rer Senior Class, Student Assistant r. Fedosky 3. 4. UDITH NELSON irls' Club Pin 2, 3, J.R.C. Represen- tive 3, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Presi- ent 4, Carnival Make-up Committee , Jr.-Sr. Play Make-up Committee 3, tudent Assistant Miss Brazzill 3, 4, all Monitor 3. ATHLEEN NORMAN .A.C, Swimming 3, Girls' Club Pin , 3, Library Club 3, 4, J.R.C. Repre- ntative 4, Cadet Band l, 2, Fresh- an Chorus, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Thorn- nian Advertising Staft 2, 3, Sales- an 2, Carnival Cast 4, Student As- stant Miss Schmueser 2, Mrs. Wilson , 4. I UIS NOSAL - nd 3, 4, Letter 4, Cadet Band 2. LAINE OLSEN cket Salesman 2, Girls' Club Pin 3, ommercial Club 4, Student Assistant iss Brazzill 3, 4. ILTON PANA otball 2, 3, 4, Letter 2, 3, 4, Cap- in 4, Monogram Club 3, 4. AN PARKER .A.C. Captain Basketball l, Swim- ing l, 2, Girls' Club Pin t, 2, 3, rrapin l, 2, 3, Twirler l, 2, 3, 4, tter 3, Girls' Chorus 2, 4, Freshman orus, Student Assistant Miss She- itis 3, Miss Marcus 4. f S9I'1IOI'S .IOYCE PATTERSON G A C Swrml 2 Baseball I 2 T1cket Salesman 2 4 Journallsm Class 3 Open House 2 Glrls Club Board 3 Pun 2 3 Freshman Chorus Thornton ran Stal? 4 Salesman 2 Carnlval Cast 1 Prompter Understudy 4 Carnrval Pro gram Edrtor 4 Student Assistant Mlss Shemaltrs 3 4 Offlce Assrstant 3 KAY PETERS GAC Basketball 'l Swrml Baseball meral pun Treasurer 3 Pres1dent4 Emblem 3 4 Carnlval Water Showl 2 3 4 Stu dent Assrstant MISS Shemartus 3 4 OFllce Asslstant 3 4 LOUIS PETROS Carn1valCast4 Water Show 3 Cheer leader 3 Boys Club Prn 2 J R C Rep resentatrve l Speech 4 JOAN PIETRZAK Trcket Salesman 3 4 Grrls Club Prr 3 Student Assistant Mlss Brazzrll 3 4 Hall Monltor 3 4 Carnival Make u Commrttee 4 VIVIAN POKORNY Grrls Club Pm 3 Freshman Chorus 'l 1 Student Assrstant Mrs Wilson 3 T F Gurde Book Staff 3 JUNE POTO tam Basketball Varslty 3 Girls Clu Pm 3 Student Assrstant Mrss Brazzll THOMAS POTTS s etball l 2 3 Numeral l Mural Swrm Wmner 3 Journalls 1 Cass4 Boys Club Flnl 4 Carmv 1 Stage Crew 3 Basketball Class W1 3 4 Jr Sr Pa DONALD PRANGER Football 2 Usher Open House J R ll Representative I RONALD PREISSIG Carnival Stage Crew 4 MARY LOU PYRZ Ticket Salesman l Glrls Club Pm 3 Llbrary Club 3 J R C Represent l trve 4 Freshman Chorus l Gener Offlce 4 Hall Monltor 4 MARILYN REX GAC Captarn Basketball 4 Sw: 1 mng 'I 2 3 Tlcket Salesman 'I Glrls Club Pm 2 3 4 Cadet Bancl Band 3 4 Letter4 Glrls Chorus3 l Pun 4 Thorntonran Salesman I 2 Chronoscope Salesman I 2 Carnlv Make up Commrttee 4 Property Co l mittee 3 Student Assrstant Miss K 1 smger l Offlce Ass1stant4 RICHARD ROJKOWSKI Football 'l lntra Mural Basketb Wmner 3 Open House 4 Y l l l 1 l ' l 1 1 1 1 l . . 1 .1- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . , 1 1 11 1 1 1 - 1 1 W ' - 1 1 . I . . W 1 1 1 1 - 1 l 1 . l ... , , 1 l, Nu lg Terra l, 2, 3, 4, 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f . . .. 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 l . l 1 1 1 1 1 --- l 1 . l l 1 l l l 1 1 ' ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 . 1 1 1 l l 1 1 . . 1 - 1 - 1 ' l 1 l I l G.A.C. Volleyball Varsrty 2, 4, Cap l 1 I J 'l I l 4. 1 l l l l Bak , , , ,lntr . I . , I 1 1 1 0' 2 f ner,,.-.ly4. l 1 l l l 1 1 1 -- 1 , 1 l , I 1 1 1 1 1 l 7 f 7 7 . . . 11 1 1 11 . ' l l l . . . I , I I 1 1 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 '1 1 2 1 . , W ' ' ' ,l I '1 . . 1 1 - l l 1 7 ' '1 ' . 1 1 - 1 1 l 1 l l seniors FRANCINE ROSEN Open House 2, Girls' Club Pin 2, 3, 4, Library Club 3, 4, Freshman Chorus l, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Thorntonian Ad- vertising Staft 2, 3, Chronoscope Ad- vertising 2, 3, Carnival Cast l, 2, 3, 4, ' t Miss Schmueser 2, Student Assistan Mr. Davis 2. ROSEMARY RUFF ' ' ' Club G.A.C. Swimming 2, 3, Girls Pin 2, 3, Student Assistant 3, 4. ADRIENNE RYDZINSKI Chronoscope Salesman 4. ARY LOU SACCO M G.A.C. Volleyball l, 2, 4, Swimming 1 2, 3, Captain Basketball 2, 4, Base- ' I an l 1 ball 3, Numeral 2, Ticket Sa esm 2, Open House 3, Girls' Club Board 3, Pin l, 2, 3, 4, Terrapin Club 2, 3, 4, Freshman Chorus, Carnival Water Show 2, 3, 4, Student Assistant Mrs. Wilson 4, Miss Clark 3, Jr.-Sr. Play 4, DANIEL SALIMA ntative Open House 4, .l.R.C. Represe 2' Chronoscope Advertising Stalt 3, Debate Team l. JANICE SALZWEDEL ' B G.A.C. Volleyball l, 4, Captain as- ketball 4, Swimming l, 2, 3, Ticket Salesman 3, 4, Girls' Club Pin 2, 3, 4, Freshman Chorus, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Library Club 3, 4, J.R.C. Represen- tative 4, Thorntonian Salesman l, 2, Jr.-Sr. Play Property Committee 3. DOROTHY SCHAB Girls' Club Board l, 2, 3, Pin l, 2, 3, J.R.C. Representative 4, Freshman Chorus, Thorntonian Salesman l, 2, 3, Chronoscope Salesman 2. EARL SCHATZ Carnival Cast 4, Student Assistant Mrs. ' St tt 3, 4, Wilson 4, Boys Club News a Jr.-Sr. Play 4. JOAN SCHEFFKE Journalism 2, Chronoscope Editor 3, Thorntonian Staff 3. SYLVIA SCHMIDT G duation 3- Girls' Club Pin 3, Usher ra , Commercial Club 4, Thorntonian Ad- vertising Statt 4, Chronoscope Sales- man 3, 4, Carnival Make-up Commit- tee 3, 4, Dean's Assistant 3, 4, Mr. ' 3- Jr.-Sr. Play Schultz 4, Mrs. Wilson , Make-up Committee. CAROLYN SCHULTZ G.A,C. Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Varsity 4, Captain Basketball 2, 3, Basketball l, 2,' 3, Swimming 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Varsity 2, 3, Numeral 2, Letter 3, Miss .laacks Stooge 4. HOWARD SCHULTZ JOAN SCHULTZ Ticket Salesman 3- Girls' Club Pin 3, Student Assistant Miss Wilson 4 MARIAN SCHWENN Girls' Club Pin 4- Commercial Club 4, Hall Monitor 4 THERESA SCZIGLAK Ticket Salesman 2 3- Usher Gradua n 3 Girls J R C resentative 3- J.R.C. Vice-President 4 Thorntonian Salesman 3- Hall Monito ROBERT SEKULA Varsity Football 3, 4, Letters 3, 4, Var sity Basketball 3, 4, Letters 3, 4, Mono gram Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Se ond Team South Suburban All Stars 1' Tumbling Show 3 ANTHONY SESTAKAUSKAS Magazine Salesman DONALD SCHNEIDER PETER SIDERIUS etballl 2 3 4 L tersl Usher Jr.-Sr. Play 2, Boys' Club Boar 4- Pin l, 2, 3, Monogram Club 3 Ban 3 4- Cadet Band I, 2, pee Team 2. JAMES SKWIERTZ Cadet Band I 2. LORRAINE SMITH Ticket Salesman 2 3 4- Usher Jr.-. Pla 3- Usher Carnival 2 3 4- Gir Club Pin 3- Thorntonian Advertisi Stag 2 . PATRICIA SMITH Carnival Make-up Committee 3, . SAM SMITH otball l, 2, , , L , , im l, 2, , , , , , s' Cl b Board, Pin 2, 3, gram Club 2, 3, 4, Sergeant-at-Arms J.R.C. Representative l. MARVIN SMITHSON Wrestling 3, 4, Monogram 4. U tio , ' ' Club Fin 3, . . . Rep 3. ' Bask , , , , et , 2, 3, l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Vice-Preside ' d , , s Y I I I , , 3 ' 4 Fo 3 4 etters I 2 Sw 3 4 Letters l 2 3 Boy u Mo seniors LOUIS SOBAK Track 1, Letter 1. EMMETT SOMERS BERNADINE STEIN Hall Monitor 4. DOLORES STEIN sher Christmas Concert 1. ROBERT STINSON ootball 1, 2, 3, 4, Letter 1, 2, 3, 4, asketball 1, 2, Letter 1, Traclc 1, 2, 3, etter 1, 2, 3, Usher Carnival 3, Boys' lub Board 1, 2, 3, Pin 1, 2, 3, Mono- ram Club 3, 4, J,R.C. Representative , Junior Class President, Hall Moni or 3. ERALD STYKA ootball 1, 2, 3, 4, Letter 1, 2, 3, 4, askelball 1, Swim Team 2, 3, Lcttci , 3, Intra-Mural Winner Swimming 1, sher Carnival 3, Monogram Club 2, , 4, President 4, Carnival Water how 2. DMUND SZEWKA tra-Mural Winner Wrestling 3, AN SZOPA ERALD THOMSEN otball 1, 2, 3, 4, Letter 1, 4, Wres- ng Team 2, 3, 4, Letter 2, 3, fl, onogram Club 2, 3, 4, BERT THORNTON ansferred from Chicago, lll. UGLAS TULPER onsferred from Soldan Blewett, St. uis. NAlD TWAIT her Open House 3, 4. seniors ROBERT VIERK otball l 2 Basketball Manager 2 Letter 2 Track 3 4 Lette l 2 3 Usher O House 3 Boys Club Pm 3 Carnrval Kung 4 Magazrne Salesman JOHN VOSS Track 2 3 4 Manager4 Letter2 3 4 Boys Club Pun 2 3 4 Monogram Club 4 Wrestlrng 3 LEROY WARTMAN GWENDOLYN WEILAND Freshman Chorus Grls Club Pun 3 Commercral Club 4 Oltlce Assrstant 4 MARILYN WEISS G C l 2 3 4 Swrmmrng 2 Trc et Salesman 3 Usher Sprrng Concert 3 Chrrstmas Concert 3 4 Grrls Club 4 JRC Representatrve Freshman Chorus Thorntonran Sales man 2 Student Assrstant Mrss Clark 3 Mass Shemartrs 4 ROBERT WEYAND GEORGE WHEELER MARION WILCZYNSKI KEITH WILLIAMS Footballl 2 3 4 Letter4 Basketball 3 Letter 2 3 WILLIAM WINTERHOFF otball I 2 Basketballl 2 3 Letter2 Trackl 3 Letterl 2 3 Boys Club Presrdent reasurer 3 Board 2 Prn l Monogram Club 3 4 Merstersrngers l 2 3 4 Recorder3 Prnl Carnrval Cast4 DELORES WISNIESKI G AC Volleyball 3 Captarn Basket T an Usher Open House 4 Grrls Club Prn 2 3 Freshman Chorus Chronoscope Salesmanl 2 LA VERNE WLEKLINSKI Journalism Class 3 Usher Open House rrls C ub Board 3 4 Pm 2 I rary Club 2 4 Freshman Chorus Thorntonran Staft 4 Chrono scope Staff 4 Student Assrstant Mass Brazzrll 4 Gurde Book Statcf 3 Fo , , 3, 4, Letter l, 2, 3, 4, 1,2,,, f,f, 'pen 1 5 ' ' r .A. . , , , , ' ' , ' k Pin 3, 7 . . . I l ' 4, 1, 2, 3, Bo3's'lCl'ubIPin 2, aft,-Unk 1, 2, FO , , 3, 4, Letter 2, 3, 4, , , , 7 ,2, 41 r , I , ' f2, 3, ball l, 3, icket Salesm I, 2, 3, 32 G' ' l , , ' , 3, 4: I-Ab , 3, 2 seniors VERNON WLEKLINSKI Football I5 Basketball I5 Track I, Let- ter I. THERESA WOJCIECHOWSKI Girls' Club Pin 2, 35 Hall Monitor 45 Cafeteria Assistant 45 Student Assistant Miss Clark 3. PATRICIA WOJCIK Ticket Salesman 2, 35 Commercial Club 4. PATRICIA WRIGHT G.A.C. Baseball 35 Ticket Salesman I, 25 Journalism Class 35 Girls' Club Pin I, 2, 35 Band 2, 3, 4, Otqicer 3, 4, Let- ter 35 Thorntonian Stott 45 Thorntonian Salesman I, 25 Chronoscope Stat? 4, Salesman I, 25 Freshman Chorus5 Speech Team I, 45 Top Magazine Salesman I, 2, 3. EUGENE WYDRINSKI Football 2, 3, Letter 25 Basketball I, 2, 3, Letter I, 25 Track I. GLENN YOUNG Football I5 Basketball I, 2, 3, Letter I5 Track 2, 3, Letter 2, 35 Journalism Class 45 Boys' Club Board I, 4, Pin 2, 3, 45 Carnival Stage Crew 2. MARY YOUNG Cadet Band 25 Hall Monitor 45 Stu- dent Assistant Miss Brazzill 3. CECELIA ZALETA G.A.C, Volleyball I, Captain Basket- ball I, Basketball I, Baseball I5 Girls' Club Pin 35 Commercial Club 4, Sec- retary 45 Girls' Chorus 25 Freshman Chorus5 Hall Monitor 35 Office Assist- ant 4. CLAUDE ZAJAKOWSKI Swim Team 3, 4, Letter 3, 45 Usher Carnival 45 Boys' Club Pin 3, 45 Mono- gram Club 3, 4, Treasurer 45 Carnival Water Show 3. THOMAS ZIMMERMAN Football I5 lntra-Mural Winner Basket- ball 3. DOROTHY ZYGMUNT Journalism Class 35 Girls' Club Board 4, Pin 3, 45 Freshman Chorus5 Thorn- tonian Staff 45 Chronoscope Staff 45 Carnival Cast 3, 45 Senior Class Secre- tary5 Student Assistant Mr. Kiester 2, Mrs. Wilson 35 Hand Book Editor 45 Chronoscope Salesman 45 Magazine Salesman I, 2. SENIORS NOT IN PICTURES: LARRY KIST ROBERT KRALY RICHARD SMOLENSKI MARILYN SPEAKS WAYNE WEIRS "from The halls of monTezuma" LEFT TO RIGHT: John Colins, Charles Tucker, James Galloway. ln The service of Their counfry are These Three boys who would have been members of This year's senior class, John Colins, Charles Tucker, and James Galloway. These boys lefT during Augusf, 7950, To join The Marines. Wayne Barnes and David Hedges, who graduafed in January of This year, are also in The Marines. As The Chronoscope goes To press, These boys are sTaTioned as follows: John Colins and Jim Galloway are in Korea. - Charles Tucker, David Hedges and Wayne Barnes are aT Camp Pendlefon in California. During his Two years aT T. F., John parficipafed in sophomore foofball and basketball, Track, and infra mural swimming. He was also in Meisfersingers and earned a Boy's Club pin. "Chuck" was a member of Cadef band and of The big band for Two years. He also parficipafed in The swimming Team and in Meisfersingers and earned a Boys' Club pin. Jim, also, was a member of Meisfersingers. He parficipafed in The infra murals and in swimming compefifion. During all The foofball games, Jim was kepf busy operafing The scoreboard. 88 national honor society Chosen each year from the senior class by the faculty are those who are worthy of mem- bership in the National Honor Society, qualifications for which are based on scholarship, lead- ership, character, and service. Our chapter ot the society, the Oasis Chapter, received these thirty-one new members this year at the annual candle- light installation. Mrs. Ruth Hale Canaga has been sponsor of the society at T. F. since T928 when it was first started here. l TOP ROW: Karen Kronvall, Fred Gothman, Mary Metzcus, Earl Schatz ROW 2: Patricia Jercha, Marilyn Meyers, Beverly Baker, Dorothy Zygmunt. ROW 3: Barbara Faltus, Bill WinterhoFF, June Foto, Pete Siderius. LEFT ROW, top to bottom: Darryl Lem, Judith Nelson, Sylvia Schmidt, Myrna Gillian, Joan Pietrzak, Lois Moffett, Doris Hickle. RIGHT ROW, top to bottom: Virginia Deutsch, Roland Clement, Norma Clark, Barbara Lorenz Diane Damai, Ruth Goldberg, Phyllis Linkiewicz. LOWER CENTER: Patricia Magdziak, Patricia Hybiak, Judith Beniamin. Not in picture: Frances Davidson, Kay Peters. 89 BACK ROW: Ruth Harle, Jon Schultz, Tom Pefree. FRONT: Darcy Kuschel. iunior class officers The job of planning the "Prom," under lhe direction of closs counselor, Mrs. Lilyon Wilson, folls every yecir on The shoulders of the Junior Closs oHicers. Working throughout the yeor lo moke lhis occcision cz never-To-be-forgoffen one were: Jon Schultz, presidenl, Tom Pefree, vice presidenf, Dorcy Kuschel, secrefory, and Ruth Hcirle, freosurer. 90 iuniors LEFT TO RIGHT-ROVV l: Kay Adley, Bill Alolerden, Emily Anderson, Anita Ansburg, Keith Armen- trout, John Avenatti, Kay Arzich. ROW 2: Tom Bailey, Marilyn Barker, Frances Barzda, Bill Beanblossom, Joan Berendt, Mac Besse, Louis Bissa. ROW 3: Mike Brakebill, Philip Brantingham, Virginia Breslci, Isabell Brodie, Warren Brown, Lar- raine Bryant, Walter Bukowski. ROW 4: Betty Bulczak, Virginia Burtis, Robert Busch, Robert Butler, John Cabala, Beverly Carlson, Virginia Carlson. ROW 5: Jack Carpenter, Jim Carr, Joyce Cencion, Pat Cochran, Marilyn Cribley, Phyllis Croy, Jack Cunningham. 91 2 iuniors LEFT TO RIGHT-ROW l: Delores Czerwinski, Pat Czlonka, Marlene Davis, Pat Davis, Margaret Dernbowski, Carol De Mik, George De Pirro. ROW 2: John Diemart, Marilyn Donaldson, Mary Jane Donaldson, John Drewno, Doretta Dust, Ronald Doviacki, Kenneth Enloe. ROW 3: Elmer Erlewein, Phyllis Evanson, Dominic Fimminella, John Foyer, Roy Fredbloom, Lois Freeman, Robert Freeman. ROW 4: Earl Frei, Carmen Gambino, Jack Gannon, Don Genovese, Betty George, Norma Gercken, Dan Giewartowski. ROW 5: Frank Gillespie, Marilyn Ginalski, Dolores Gocllewski, Joe Goyke, Dennis Graham, Elmer Graska, Carol Greb. 92 LEFT TO RIGHT-ROW l: Edna Hale, Don Handlon, Ray Haney, Ruthellyn Harle, Alice Heathcote, Marlowe Hecht, Shirley Hoffman. ROW 2: Elaine Hoge, Duane Hol, John Holrnes, Coby Hoogeveen, Jake Hoogeveen, John Hooge- veen, Guyla Huntington. ROW 3: Pot Hyde, Dave Jackson, Marilyn Jankowski, Frances Jendreas, Marie Johnson, Pauline Johnston, Jerry Jonas. ROW 4. Jack Jones, Jackie Jurecki, Jenny Kabo, Ted Krammer, Kenneth Kaply, Katie Sue Kehoe, Howard Kindt. ROW 5: Eugene Kirschieper, Virginia Klein, Martha Knabenhans, Arlene Kokondy, Robert Koma rowski, Phillip Kosanovich, Larraine Koselke. 93 A .f-A" iuniors LEFT TO RIGHT-ROW la Larraine Krell, Nan Kreuzberger, Winifred Krumm, ROW 4: Marcy Maolura, Joan Malulka, Annelle Maniscalco, Bernice Eileen Kubicki, Armin Kurz, Joe Kurzeia, Darcy Kuschel. kiewicz, Dave Marlrslone, Marilyn McCulloch, Tony Miecznikowski. ROW 2: Bill Lasf, Dorothy La Sola, Ed Lauerman, Ray Lee, Wayne Leiben- ROW 5: Wanda Miller, Norman Mills, Carole Misdom, Wayne M good, Donna Lewis, Jimmy Lewis. Jerry Modieski, Edwin Mondrzyk, Alice Mroch. ROW 3: Par Lewis, Norman Lindsey, Arlene Loneski, Larry Luecking, Alex ROW 6: Joe Muschelewicz, Robert Myers, Joan Naleway, Beverly Lukas, Arlene Maclwey, Sue Maddox, Napierala, Florence Oakley. iuniors LEFT TO RIGHT-ROW lr Edward Orth, Neil Ortt, Elaine Paliga, Barbara ROW 4: Doris Schmidt, Jan Schultz, Maxine Schultz, Donna Seaquist, Richard Dorothy Pawlowski, Tom Perchiazzi, Don Persson. Selin, lrma Sellers, Jay Sheffield. 2: John Petlock, Torn Petree, Henry Pietrzak, Jerry Peitrzak, Joan ROW 5: Lester Shipley, Emily Slaby, Ronald Smith, Joe Sobalz, Paul Soczyk, Janet Poppe, Pat Reeves. MC'VllY'1 5PeUk5, DON 5l00Ck- 3: Beth Rich, Art Rogers, Frances Rose, Norbert Saberniak, Robert ROW 6: Eugene Stein, Geraldine Stein, .loan Stein, Joe Stephenson, Dolores Melvin Schaub, Marvin Scheliki. Struzik. iuniors LEFT TO RIGHT-ROW l: Marian Stua, Larraine Swanson, La Vergne Theisen, Pat Thiel, Nancy Thorp, Beverly Tinburg, Darlene Tripp. ROW 2: Lucille Urban, Judy Wachewicz, Pat Wallace, Virginia Wasik, Robert Webb, Jane Wick, Harold Widclel. ROW 3: Joan Wilhelm, Jean Willett, Gerald Williams, Guyard Williams, John Williams, Meta Williams, Dorothy Wisnieski. ROW 4: Rosemary Witt, Shirley Worosz, Rosalie Wozniak, John Wydrinski, Joan Yatslco, Bill Yercine Charlotte Young. ROW 5: Betty Young, Darlene Zick, Edna Zilz, Marilyn Zimmerman, Marlene Zimmerman, Tam Zukley, Pat Zygmunt. JUNIORS WHO ARE NOT IN PICTURES: Pat Carden, Judy Grandbois, Dwight Gray, Albert ldec, Lorraine Jordon, Joe Oberla, Eugene Orzel. 96 t t never to be forgotten UPPER LEFT: Shop enthusiasts concentrate on the complicated operations of their machines. UPPER RIGHT: Talented students express their artistic abilities in decorations for school holidays. LOWER RIGHT: Poinstoking chemists await the outcome ot the latest experiment in the chemistry "lab LOWER LEFT: Sewing students give their att t 97 en ion to every detail in making attractive clothes. S0 LEFT TO RIGHT-ROW l: Doris Anderson, Evelyn Anderson, Gladys Anderson, Richard Anderson, Carole Aures, Kenneth Barnes, Robert Barnes, Rita Beckman, Hilton Benninghoff. ROW 2: Donna Berwanger, Gloria Biagini, Shirley Bober, Walter Bober, Mildred Boerst, Norman Bohlin, Bill Boldenaw, Ruth Bonkowski, Naomi Bowers. ROW 3: Lucy Boyd, Joyce Braak, Dolores Bradtke, Joan Bragg, Wayne Brill, Annie Brose Wilbur Brown, Bonnie Buckner, Jerry Burdeau. phomores ROW 4: Jean Cabala, Gene Callahan, Joanne Campagna, Le Roy Caruso, Arlene Cipowski, Arthur Cleveland, Carole Cochran, Gail Colins, Mary Alice Conger. ROW 5: Mike Conn, Alice Cox, Doris Crouch, Ralph Croy, Robert Dahlberg, Adine Dawson, Elaine Detloff, Anne De Vries, Darlene De Vries. ROW 6: Jack Dines, Eilleen Di Giore, Philip Dombrowski, Dick Drangmeister, Pat Dratwa, Frank Drewenski, Virginia Dwyer, Robert Dykema, Arlene Dzurovcak. ROW 7: John Earnshaw, Delores Edwards, Suzanne Edwards, Raymond Eggebrecht, Georgia Ehlen, Ed Elliott, Don Enloe, Charles Enright, Dorothy Evans, LEFT TO RIGHT-ROW l: Peggy Evanson. ROW 2- Victor Fedosky Florence Florek L tt F d' ll' . , , e y re lane 1, Barbara Freeman, Jean- h ette Freeman, Jim Gawrowski, Mary Gehrke, Carl Genrich, Nancy Gerold. ROW 3: Tom Gillespi, Shirley Griffith, Nancy Gruhlke, Richard Gudde, Don Gzelak, Laura Hapner, Laurine Hapner, Luther Harfhun, Ruth Hasselbring. ROW 4: Jack Heintz, Alis Hertenstein, Pam Herring, Leona Hickle, Lesler Hill, Rea Hilt, Jerome Hintz, Sue Hittle, Bob Hoover. ' ROW , chinson, Lenora Jackson, Richard Janik, Jerry Jaranowski, Barbara Jordan, Harold Jurgensen, June Kapers. ROW 6: George Kallas, Ernest Karner, Carol Kehle, Phyllis Keller, Marian Kempinski, Dale Kingma, Donald Klawitter, Ronald Klawitter, John Klyezek. wfmgmf K f dw--Q. ft, .., ' -, - J-1 4 ROW 7: Betty Konkey, Don Komorowski, Bert Kooi, Carole Koontz, Irvin Kraska, Barbara Kremske, CliFlord Kraus, John Kraus, Al Krause. ROW Eloise 8: Carol Kudelka, Louis Kuzdrowski, Roland Kwasny, Joan La Buda, Fred Lambert, Beverly Lang, Phyllis Larnino, P. La Salle. LaSota. LEFT TO RIGHT-ROW l: Alice Lawler. ROW 2: Leona Lebelc, Rosalie Lendabarker, Auclry Lennon, Marilyn Lesmeister, Robert Leisenlelt, Doris Linolell, Henry Lindner, Margaret Lorenz, Ronald Lorenz. ROW 3: Joe Lucito, Dorothy Machoy, Joan Mackoviak, Helen Magdziak, Don Magdzias, Judy Magisen, Carole Malcolm, Herb Manka, Ray Mansueto. ROW 4: Joyce Martinson, Bob Matthies, Terry Mavity, Jim Mazur, Joan Masmick, B'll M N ir Russell Meinzer, John Meissler, Rita Meltzer. sophomores i c a , ROW 5: Judy Meyer, William Meyers, Bob Miecznikowski, Richard Mika, John Misch, John Mize, Roland Molenaar, Blanche Mott, George Mott. ROW 6: Tony Mroz, Pat Mrniec, Ruth Nelson, Jerry Nerney, Don Nitz, Robert Norris, Theresa Okrey, Barbara Oppenhuis, Dolores Owczarzak. ROW 7: Georgia Paladine, Joanna Pana, Jim Patterson, Euguene Paliga, Marian Pavlik, Billy Peters, Ed Percak, Don Pierzchalski, Ronald Pierzchalski. ' ROW 8: Joe Pochran, Diane Podraza, Phyllis Prakaitis, Orville Rach, Howard Reed, Gayle Reuhl, Tony Reynolds, Jerry Rice, Tom Rizos, x ,vw w. K V .xv ..,, LEFT TO RIGHT-ROW 1: Norma Roberson, Irene Rogalski, Shirl Romancline, Frank Rose, Lois Rose, Anita Rosinski, Dorothy Rosinski, Herb Ross, Joyce Ruff. so ROW 2: Bob Ruthrauft, Dolores Ryclzan, Marilyn Salima, Benny Schab, Merle Schauer, Ruth Schneider, Mervin Schrin, Arnold Schultz, Christina Schultz. ROW 3: Fred Schwenn, Joe Sczignk, Margaret Sekula, Jack Siatta, Josephine Siatta, Mary Sicich, Roland Shanks, Barbara Sikorski, Dale Skeen. ROW 4: Frank Smagacz, Nancy Smith, Betty Speidel, Bob Stefaniak, Roger Stephenson, Jim Sulicz, Shirley Swartz, Jeanette Szala, Frank Szczepanski. ROW 5: Jim Naylor, Norman Theil, Marge Thomson, Gerald Tomlonson Bill Trembczynski Antoinette Trozzy Joe Trozz Darien 1 I I Y, 6 Ulrich, Shirley Urich. ROW 6: Joyce Vanderbilt, Janet Van Der Male, Bill Van Malsen, John Van Romshorst, Nancy Van Slyke, Tom Vasos, Shirley Vierk, Howie Word, George Wind. ROW 7: Bob Wisniewski, Walter Woitkowski, Janet Woiciekowski, Tom Yonke, Joyce Zosada, Dave Zendzian, Eugene Zielinski, Jackie Zielinski, Joan Ziobrowski. freshmen ROW 'l: Walter Ahrendt, Darryl Albright, Ray Anderson, Wallace Ansburg, Harold Arney, Carole Ball, Anthony Dasile, Tom Bear, Ca.I Becker, Sandra Beniamin. ROW 2: Harvey Benninghofl, Gail Benson, Phyllis Bieniasz, Mary Ann Bitter, Lee Bogart, Donald Boleh, Nancy Bowers, Gertrude Bow- man, Harold Brady, Josephine Breski. ROW 3: Sue Brightman, Ellen Bricker, Donald Brough, Ralph Brunke, Roberta Bryant, Jim Casner, James Burd, Judy Burke, Earl Burris, Tom Burczyk. ROW 4: Russell Calabrese, Gladys Carr, Richard Carr, Doris Chan- ,,.,, Q? dler, Jane Charbonneau, Larry Coles, Tom Cowles, Arlene Crawford, Wesley Cronkright, Ronald Cwenta. ROW 5: Anna Dafcik, Jack Danley, Mary Lou Dean, William Deck- ert, Bob Deutsch, Joyce De Vries, Edgar Dockweiler, Edward Dona- hue, Stan Drewono, Diane Dubrick, ROW 6: Paul Dudzienski, Natalie Dust, Betty Dworniczek, Dick Dworniczek, Wayne Dyrke, Walter Erchinger, Ann Eunice, Donna Evans, Wayne Evans, Doris Feketik. ROW 7: Joan Ficht, Jerry Fleming, Harvey Fladdand, Cecelia Floreck, Fred Florek, Clarice Frank, Ellen Freeman, Mary French, Neil Frevery, Sondra Frichtl. ROW l: Geraldine Gaida, Norman Gaurell, Joyadell Gehrke, Dean Gifford, Donna Glandon, Dorothy Graham, Beth Graham, Richard Griffith, Ronald Graczyk, Liane Guerin. ROW 2: Rosemary Gula, Jeanette Guleclc, John Hansen, Robert Harris, Barbara Hartfield, Fred Hect, Pat Hecht, Larraine Heimbuch, Joe Heintz, Curtis Henry. ROW 3: Willard Hickle, Theresa Hintz, Richard Hoffman, Julia Holmes, Warren Housinger, David Huge, Richard Huitema, Ed Hunter, Betty Huntley, Shirley Hutchinson. ROW 4: Susan lsay, Charles Isaacson, Pat Jakupcak, Carole James, freshmen Mary Janik, Joyce Janus, Shirley Jaworski, Andree Jeney, Sue Jensen, Sora Johnson. ROW 5: Charles Johnston, Doris Jones, Robert Jordan, Mary Jung, Rosemary Kaleta, Tom Kaleto, Norman Karner, Ruth Karner, Norene Koerner, Beverly Kellner. ROW 6: Jim Kyiwaki, Albert Kline, Jean Komorowski, Norman Komorowski, Ida Mae Kool, Dale Kooy, Glenn Koay, Beverly Konow, Ruth Koselke, Donald Kozlowslce. ROW 7: Sue Kreuzberger, Jack Kronvall, Herbert Krumm, Sonia Kukurich, Thomas Kuzel, Arlene Last, Edward Lawler, Barbara Leahy, Geraldine Lewandowski, Ilene Lewandowslci. l freshmen ROW l: Vernon Lewis, Sue Lietzan, Lowell Lindsey, Louise Liss, Allen Ludwig, Ronald Lurelbug, Ted Macieiewski, Jenny Madalon, John Magdjeasz, Bob Malackowski. ROW 2: Alex Manka. Margene Maroc, Dorothy Martin, Marilyn Mayer, Marilyn Mazer, Sara McClain, Darlene Mihuron, Nan Melcher, John Metzcus, Marilyn Mills. ROW 3: Shirley Mohr, Joe Montagno, Helen Moor, Beverly Jane Mose, Jack Mott, Barbara Mueller, Ray Nevers, Carmen Nitch, Steve Novak, Frank Novak. ROW 4: Louise Nowicki, George O'Brien, Fred Ogrodowski, Mary Owen, Richard Paniclci, Loretta Parker, Sharon Parker, Donald Parks, Loretta Pawlowsik, Rita Pawlowski. ROW 5: June Penman, Howard Petersen, Shelia Peterson, Al Petrie. Lois Pierschalski, Don Pizza, Anthony Plankis, Carol Plys, Linda Lou Poppe, Jack Prohl. ROW 6: Mary Ann Pupovac, Adam Paymula, Steve Puskula, Joe Radimacker, Roland Reddington, Susy Read, Jim Reitz, Wayne Ren- Shaw, Kathryn Rickert, Al Rietz. ROW 7: Delores Ringler, Sally Rohrig, Eugene Rose, Jo Ann Rose, Audene Rumsey, Mary Ryba, Francis Rzonca, Shirley Sabo, Audrey Sacco, Bob Salzwedel. ROW l: Ernest Schappe, Pat Scheetz, Bob Schaub, Tom Schlinlc, Bob Scholl, Hazel Schroeder, Ray Schneider, Judy Schultz, Jim Seott, Kay Seibert. ROW 2: Gerald Siegried, Sam Shaver, Dean Siedelmann, Charles Simpson, Bob Slcarwecki, Joan Smith, Joseph Smith, Judy Smith, Kenneth Smith, Steve Smith. ROW 3: Eddie Smolen, Barbara Sobowinskim, Henritta Sobzuk, Elaine Sobick, Walter Speidell, Diane Staack, Carole Steinberg, Nancy Sfenburg, Glenda Swain, Juanita Sultan. ROW 4: Welty Swank, Mary Swisher, Charles Szala, Joan Szewka, freshmen Donald Syczepanialc, Robert Tavarczky, Jack Tinkler, Frank Tomczak, Jim Trembczynski, Elaine Tyson. ROW 5: Geraldine Uieski, Patricia Ulias, Paul Uram, Bernadine Utter, Rosina Valle, Warren Vanderlee, John Van Der Male, Pat Van Driessche, Lester Vargc, John Vasos. ROW 6: Judy Veenstra, Nancy Vierlc, Geraldine Walenga, Charles Walker, Bernadine Wall, Lowell Weitkamp, Shirley Wells, Joe White, Joyce Whitsett, Shirley Wiening. ROW 7: Nelds Williamson, Eugene Willorighby, Janet Wilson, Gene Woichiechowski, Pat Woitkowiak, Joe Wydrgipke, Carole Zaleta, Virginia Zukley, Elaine Fritz, Rosemary Guia. 1 as the day ends UPPER RIGHT: All out for speed and accuracy, the nimble fingers of the first year typing class fly swiftly over the keys. UPPER LEFT: The boys in machine shop watch intently Mr. Perrault as he works on a distributor. LOWER RIGHT: "Get that ball!" The girls' gym class display their athletic abilities as they play their games vigorously and enthusiastically. LOWER LEFT: Reading, writing, and arithmetic! Library students work swiftly to get all assignments finished. 108 Pitch's Sinclair er ic Torrence 2-9793 PICCIRILLI BROTHERS Orleen '31 . . . 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Now Alice and Alex are leaving, Departing from old T.F. High With the memory of glorious years of high school, To their classmates, they're saying "good- bye". proiectionists "Lighfs! Camera! Roll'em boys!" No, you're not at Paramount stu- I clio, you're up in room 200 af T. F. Each clay many interesting movies are shown fo various classes with the capable help of the boys who run the moving picture machine. BACK ROW: Pro LoDuca, Art Rogers, Jack Siattu, Louis Bissa, John Demarf. FRONT ROW: Frank Gillespie, Jock Brown, John Avanetti, Mr. Bruce Miller, director. STAMP WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Supplies for your home and auto WFSTERIL Phone 1400 ..Y, ASSOCIATE' LANSING, ILLINOIS i'iI 1 Clell Swartz, owner LANSING HUSIERY SHOP DQYOUNG and SONS 3346 Ridge Road FURNITURE CO. Lansing, IH' Phone Lansing 350 Phone Lansing 349 RIDGE RD. 81 ADA ST. We specialize in LANSING ILL Hosiery and Lingerie 41 CONGRATULATIONS SENIOR CLASS OF 1951 THE HAMMUND TIMES 6'Calumet Regionis Home Newspriperv 7-21 Fayette Street Hammond Phone Sheffield 3100 BESSE BEST WISHES CAMERA SUPPLY CLASS OF '51 LANSING BAKERY Phone 984 Complete Line of 3317 Ridge Road Whipped Cream Cakes Pies and Pastries LANSING, ILLINOIS Phone Lansing 109 3309 Ridge Road LANSING, ILLINOIS Open 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. H0 'A' The Calumet National Bank I 5231 HOhH1Hll Avenue Russell 6900 I HESSVILLE BRANCH . . . 6817 KENNEDY AVENUE ir LANSING SPIDRT SHOP FISHING TACKLE-ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT GOLF HOBBIES 3521 Ridge Road Lansing, Illinois Phone 801 I CHARLES H. MAYER XZ COMPANY BURNHAM CLEANERS lllanufacturers High Grade CGTbOllllt0d 14001 Greenbay Avenue I Beverages BURNI-IAM, ILLINOIS 566 State Line Street CALUIVIET CITY, ILL. Toi'1'ence6-7845 Phone Torrence 2-4720 HI latin contest Competition in high school exists in ciccidemic subjects os well os in cithletics. The district Lcitin contest wos held on March 77, i95lf win- ners ot this contest pcirticipoted in the sectionol contest on April 74, while the winners ot the sectionols attended the State meet ot the Uni- versity of Chicogo, Moy 79. We had to go to press too ecirly to in- clude here the ncimes of the contest winners. Lcitin contestonts were Robert Horris ond Jock Tinkler ond Jock Mott, who was cilternote. A X June 15, 1951 Dear Mr. Young, Today another senior class is leaving T. F., the class ol 1951. On the following pages are the names of the graduating seniors and what all T. F. will remember them by. . Sincerely, fx Miss Katherine Brazzil Z fs ft 'I 1 Q 5. X5 I 5? if it ii 1 Q 4 V .y .2 Q K ix K K - f iii X " 5 ' - N -so 1 v 1 xc ' -X9 I - I Q 5 xx K l 9 XY fu 1 is Kgffxvlia -: ii Fw X si ? .5 RV 1 I J? .I X C -5 Q' rs xl .X R it X-N ll Z1 1 Q Q X Q, S K 3 fs-J, 1 1 I is is 1 'Y K N A ,X sl X T Ny o- i ' 3 " c- I 2. fx.. r4'X .L E ,wif fi' 0 .A if Y' I. H 1 in Q? if F .xl lg ill sl C Q- ,E if . .. l I . 1 K il 2. '-fl S Q , C. fp ongrafufafiond . C' as 0 1951 PIE BROTHER Incorporated Custom Built jewelry Class Rings and Pins Club Jewelry Announcements Dance Programs 0 Bids and Favors Graduation Gifts of Distinction LOOP OFFICE AND SHOW ROOM 27 E. MONROE STREET FACTORY OFFICE 1140 CORNELIA 0 CHICAGO 112 ir Mercantile National Bank of Hammond Hammond, Indiana 20th Century Recreation 114-122 West State Street HAMMOND, INDIANA M. P. NORDBERG, Manager and Proprietor Phone Sheffield 520 H3 what t. f. remembers about class of 1951 Youngest in class ...................... Bev Albright Leaders ...........,.. Bev Baker, Judy Benjamin, Myrna Gillian, Pro LaDuca, Margene Markley, Mary Metzcus, Marilyn Meyers, Lois Moffett, Kay Peters, Jerry Styka, Bill Winterhoft Dimples .......,.,,.,. Louise Barnes, Pat Douthit, Norma Clark Marines l....... Wayne Barnes, Dave Hedges, Wayne Wiers, Jim Galloway, John Collins, Charles Tucker Cotton-Top .,....,.......,....................... Ed Bauer Enthusiasm .A...........,.. ...,..... M ary Ann Bell Engagements in '57 ,..... Marianne Boggess, Ella Evanoft, Pat Jercha, LaVerne Jevyak, Bernadine Grubbe, Francine Rosen, Pat Smith Mechanical Ability .............. Edmund Bolda, Richard Leinen, Jim Skwiertz, Marion Wilczynski, James Bull lnquisitive Mind ..................,.....v..... Joy Boyd Pearl Glass Rims on glasses .... Lorene Boyd Quietness ...... Delores Brady, Luella Brazel, Delores Budd, Lois Enright, Pat Hyb-- iak, Stella Johnson, Edmund John- stone, Janet Kaminski, Louise Markie- wicz, Kenny Minch, Carl Murzyn, Glen Carden, Vivian Pokorny what t. f. remembers Management of Coke . Concession .......,................ Sylvia Brose "Death Defying" tumbling ......,. Jack Brown Stage Crew ,,,,,,..., .......... M elvin Bunde Tricks with Accessories ......... Carol Butler Left Handed Baskets ............ Sam Calcibrese Inseparables ,,,,,,.,,,,,..,. Violette Cederholm, Lorraine Smith-Betty Miller, Jeanette Karagias, Judy Dickus-Marilyn Rex, Rosemary Rufl, Janice Salzwedel- Ioan Schultz, Terry Sczigliak, Pat Wojcik-Joe Klawitter, Lou Nosal Big Brass Horn ,,,., ............. R oyal Cencion Gang Cruising around halls ................ Chris Christian, Richard Karl, Tom Potts, Pete Siderius, Keith Williams, Glenn Young, Glen Millsap, Ray Heimbuch Physics Brain .... ...,.......... R oland Clement Dark Glasses .......... Leonard Czyzniejewski Humor Column in Thorntonian ,..... Dee Dee Damai and Ruth Goldberg Redheads .............. Readeanne lngebretson, Gary Jones, Marcia Litecky, Joan Scheffke, Bob Stinson, Edmund Szewka, Claude Martin Compliments of Tragazi's Restaurant 3613 Ridge Road Lansing, I11inois THICK MALTED MILKS TORREN CE BAKERY Complete line of rolls, pastry, and party cakes 18015 Torrence Ave. Lansing 852-J J. W. MILLIKAN, INC. 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Kocal MAYTAG - TAPPAN IRONRITE - RCA Zenith, Admiral Television 670 Wentwortli Avenue Calumet City, Illinois Angelyn Shop 3528 Ridge Road Pnnne Lansing 1062 LANSING, ILLINOIS Junior and Womens Apparel Millinery and Accessories H5 t about class of 1951 Expressive Eyebrows ..,..... Virginia Deutsch Cafeteria Workers ........ lrene Dombrowski, Delores Fileca, Evelyn Jewell, Mary Lou Pyrz, Emmet Sumers, Marilyn Speaks, Leroy Wartman Shyness ......... ......,...... R ichard Eggebrecht Cheerleaders .................. Barbara Erminger, Pat .lercha, Barbara Barnes, Phyllis Linkiewicz Artistic Ability ,......... ......... .I ames Fagan lin "trig" classl Faithlulness ................,......... Barbara Faltus, Karen Krenvall Out of School Boylriends ...... Dorothy Ficht Ukelele ..............Y....,............ Dale Fieldhouse Gang holding up the radiators .......... Julius Figlewicz, Tom Holobowski, Eugene Krolak, Paul Kowal, Paul Lessner, Ray Lewandowski, Joe Mendez, Richard Rajakowski, Bob Sekula, Vernon Wleklinski, Eugene "Gene" Wydrin- ski, Claude Zaiakowski, and Tom Zimmerman High pitched voice .,........ Diana Fredianelle X X L is , 'U wk X, i Y Q Blix , B' E M Q T Q - X 'w A ,W you in X n E p E i r -. 'C-. 5 fx TX X, 3 Q. is K X E , ' Qs if X is to A CK Q5 i x.' U S' lx 3 F Q 5 Wi s Y . Q C Ax 3 it Sli Q ge t fs or s e what 1'. f. remembers Announcing at Basketball games .,.,........................ Leon Friedman His delicious pizza pies at ".lohn's" .................... Dominic Gigliotti Football Faithlulness ............ Ronald Geiken Mischievous Smile ........ ........ J ames Gindl Earnestness ...,.........,.............. Fred Goddard Ability to "catch on to" math ..........,....,............,. Fred Gothman Fair skin and sun burns after Memorial Day ................,..... Josie Hale Art Work .......... lna Hartfield, Robert Kraly Senior Class officers .........,...... Don Hatfield, Barbara Lorenz, Jerry Musgrave, Dorothy Zygmunt His photography .A,......, 1.1 .....,.. Fred Hibbert Corny jokes .......... Doris Hickle,.Pat Wright Sweet disposition .,,r. ,,,,,,.,,,, larolyn Hoff Devilishness .....,. .,,.,,,,,, J ack Hoffman Office assistant .....,.,.,.....,., Delores Hughes, Shirley McCone CENTRAL PHARMACY 201 154th Place The Largest Drug Store in Calumet City Come In and Say Hello! LOU CARR Phone Torrence 2-6780 Calumet City, Illinois Al Kveclaras NORMAN JEWELERS Grocery Shop "Your Personal .Iewelersv 13958 Greenbay Ave. Burnham, Illinois 5257 Hohman Avenue Phone Terrence 6-9110 HAMMOND, INDIANA NIIRTIIERN INDIANA STATIIINERY COMPANY, INC. GREETING CARDS FOR ALL Full Line Oyfce Supplies and Furniture Q r Phone Sheffield 111 5307 Hohman Ave. Hammond, Indiana H6 LOGA Dress Up To Your Date Go Formal to the Prom TUXEDOS AND SUMMER FORMALS RENTED FOR ALL OCCASIONS All Sizes Newest Styles 5315 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana Phone Sheffield 5070 -Z -3-""'f: - :, 'ett ei 12 si - , '4:-:',-.'.,'- Q .' :r .v.f':. 2 1 . .5. , M., . te l iff V , ,Q M L , L ,!""' fs M 1 I ,"'s-- isis :s:5:s:s:- 1- zf11 f:s'e:s! 1151? .1. 5255? ffaaz. il' ' S 1E1:z:' :s21 22 1125. Ia.. I 3 ns: zE555E5E5252::3:',g5g E5 E 3.55253 5g2gEgE35' 553 ' :QEQEQEEEEQEQEQEQEE S52s?21..i2a2z25:eEs .:s:s- 25, S 'sail' 5252525551 . ?:' .a's2. 2'is2si1:s:s:s:2:s: fEQEfEfE5EQ5E25f?' 2222 fs? i2iE:s:s:sE22s5s5e. 1. '2sE. 'sisisfzi 4-rf :':2:r:r:2 21211: -5:5 'E:E:..11E' :E3:3:5:5: :E:E:5rE2E2E2E1E1E1:5 ,E.'1i1:'E2E1E1E itz: :s:e:s:s:1izs:f 1, -ae. warez? ,::+f- -:s:s:s:5:z:z:2:2:21fg. 1 As5I:s:2 22:21. .-: 3S:1:'rEr22f'E2f!' 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Walter Liebengoocl Prediction contest .......... .......... D arryl Lem Wrestling ability ........,........... Phil Maclalon, Jim Montella, Dave Thomsen The Three "M" 's .................. Pat Magdziak, Pat Magdaz and Pat Magdziasz Compact figure .................... Betty Mellikant Neatness ..............................,..... Carol Miller Car .........,.. William Mitchell, Ronald Twait Ability to recuperate .........,...... Janet Moore what t. f. remembers Che-erfulness ............ Mary Ellen MOYDOl7Clf'l Beautiful Hair ........, .........- -l UClY N6l50f7 Sophistication ...... v........ K Ciflileen NOFTVIOIVT Swellnegg -,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,. ElOlf'I9 Olsen Athletic ability and good sportsmanship .,................ Milton Pano Ability to sew ......... Role in Carnival... Earl Schatz "Peachiness" ...... Calmness ..,.................. ........Joan Parker ....,......Louis Petros, ........Joo1n Pietrzak ...............June Poto Struggles in math ................ Ronnie Preissig Screwiness ..........,,........ Booming voice .... Station wagon ..,......... Adrienne Rydzinski ...........Lou Sacco ........Danny Salima "Down to Earth"-ness .......... Dorothy Schab Willingness to help .........,.... Sylvia Schmidt Their common name ...... Carolyn, Howard, and Joan Schultz Deluxe Cleaner and Dyers '6Our Work is as good as Our Name" 681-683 Wentwortll Avenue CALUMET CITY, ILL. Telephone Torrence 2-4680 Cousin, Inc. QUALITY JEWELERS 5133 Holiman Ave. HAMMOND, IND. 0 The store that confidence built Helms I.G.A. 18100 Torrence Ave. Lansing, 111. 'Ir The Best Meats and Groceries James C. Helms, Owner Neal's Service Station C. Slager, Prop. Mobilgas and Oils Tires - Batteries - Accessories WCHtW01't11 Ave. Sl Ridge Rd. LANSING, ILLINOIS Melody Ice Cream Bar and Restaurant 3353 Ridge Road Lansing, Illinois Phone Lansing 1082 Sandler's Men's Wear Shoes, Sweaters, Trousers and Jackets for the High School Student 469 State Street HAMMOND, INDIANA Dick Hoyt Typewriter Man, Inc. Kammer's Typewriters Adding Machines Stationery o Duplicators Sheffield 682 - Russell 9300 R. F. Hoyt - M. Kitsberg E. W. Eurley Tile dc Linoleum Floors Sc Walls 3434 Ridge Rd. Lansing 757 118 eido Funeral Home Wils0n's Jewelry O',Iohnnys Elgin Sc Hamilton Watches Snack Bar Keepsake Diamonds John '36 - Walter ,40 Expert Watch Repairing Fountain Service Sandwiches Phone Lansing 881 3320 Ridge Road LANSING, ILLINOIS 134 Pulaski Rd. CALUMET CITY, ILL. HANSEN BRUTHERS FLQIRISTS Shop and Conservatory Sheffield 201 5320 Hallman Avenue HAMMOND, INDIANA Joe Hirsch, Inc. The Store for Men Hats o Furnishings Sportswear 0 Clothing 5313 Hellman Ave. HAMMOND, INDIANA Compliments of Martin Ripsens Seed Store LANSING, ILLINOIS H9 about class of 1951 Unusual laugh .............. Marianne Schwenn Job at the drug store ...............,.. Anthony Sestakauskas Smallness ,..... ..Don Schneider, Louis Sobalc, Theresa Wojciechowski, Nila Brouil- lette Lovely Santa Claus at Christmas time ..................,. Sam Smith Sleeping in rhetoric class..Marvin Smithson Underclass friends .......... Richard Smolenski Little "Beannie ' .........,........ Bernacline Stein Frailty .........,..,.......... ........... D olores Stein Bringing new life to senior girls ..........,............,.......... Bob Thornton Carnival king-Carnival queen ...,.. "Buke"' Vierk and "Barb" Erminger Questions .......... ......... J ohnny Voss Vivid imagination... ......... Marilyn Weiss Right change at the cafeteria .................. Delores Wisnieslci what t. f. remembers about class of 1951 Beautiful clothes ............ Laverne Wl9kllf'ISkl Dramatic ability .,..,.,,.A.,.... "FrCtl'l" DC1VldSOrl Good nature ..... ........... M ary Young Patient nature ljob at hospitall ,,,A...,,,., Cecilia Zaleta Giggle ,A,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,, Bernadine Jaranowski Beautiful eyes .......................... Jerry Jordan, Douglas Tulper His seriousness .,....... Robert Weyand His knowledge of groceries..Daniel Szopa Twirling ability .......... ......... J udy Dickus Rosy cheeks ....... ......... .l oyce Patterson Cheerfulness ...................... Margie Holmes, Jeanette Mayer Lansing Floral Shop 3420 Ridge Road Lansing, Ill. Phone 5 Lanting's Dept. Store 3312 Ridge Road LANSING, ILLINOIS For High School Fashions- It's . . . WEISS Men dc Boys, Wear Shoes Downtown 3315 Ridge Rd. Lansing For the finest in television Itis LANSING RADIO SERVICE 3414 Ridge Road Phone 733 Lansing, Ill. Motorola o Raytheon Sales 0 Service r ll? lt? I in iz 5339 e ss U79 IW Ki ,lyy ,X-,,,.,,,, EQ E A LT Q FR S 3344 Ridge Road - Lansing, Ill. "The firm that makes and keeps friends" INSURANCE Phone Lansing 795-6 Stanley Mika 81 Sons Paints o Hardware Household Supplies 740 Burnham Avenue CALUMET CITY, ILLINOIS Phone Torrence 2-4974 Phone Lansing 202 Call at Our Expense Ridge Road Cleaners E. C. Berwanger, Prop. All Work Done in Our New Plant 18143 Greenwood Avenue Ridge Rd. at Penn R.R. LANSING, ILLINOIS 120 Graduation Prizes- Youire rett roud of the ffirls and bo s who re- P Y P e Y ceive their diplomas soonl Give them gifts that will do them roud-and ou! lm ortant accessories will P Y P wish her Well in a fashionable way. A gift from our Menis Furnishinv section will fret a heart uthank e an Y you" from a boy graduate. Edward C. Minasi Company State Street Hammond, Indiana B0tma's Super Market 18036 Terrence Avenue Lansing, Illinois The Best in M eats-F ancy Groceries Free Parking Oak Glen Electric Schultz Wiring for Power dc Lighting Home Appliances Lighting Fixtures l8ll9 Torrence Avenue Appliances Lansing, Illinois E. J. Rauguth Office: 2516 RIDGE ROAD TELEVISION Phone Lansing l45 PHILGAS l2l reflections As Alice stepped through the looking glass she began adventures which were strange and wonderful -never to be forgotten. Just so, as a freshman enters high school he begins experiences which will be remembered forever. When Alice awakened, she discovered that it had been only a strange dream. When a student finishes T. F., he discovers himself a man or woman -with the wonderland of adult- hood before him. Wide-eyed, wonder-filled, Alice timidly stepped into the looking glass. Now Alice wasn't perfect. She was just like you or me. Wide- eyed, wonder-filled, we, too, en- tered as freshmen into this high school wonderland. Both Alice and we departed much wiser and full of memories. Let us, the T. F. student body, weld ourselves into one with the mystical figure of Alice and gaze with her backward through the looking glass of time, to that mid- century year of l95O-'5l. In a mirror everything is in re- verse, so, looking backward, the first thing we remember is Com- mencement. 'Mid the bustle and reflections sad partings, Alice is a white queen in a gray gown, the center of atten- tion. She will miss T. F., but adven- ture awaits her as she, diploma in her hand, memory in her heart, bids farewell to her school. Never to be forgotten by Alice and her friends was the Junior- Senior Sneak and the bright red faces of the kids that spent the day at the Dunes! June 73 and lr!! Exams!! Need we say more? On June 5, the Girls' Athletic Club gave their annual banquet. When she proudly received her cup, Alice felt well repaid for the aching, strained muscles she had suffered throughout the year. May 30 brought a holiday. lt was Memorial Day. Alice solemly remembered the many men who had given their lives for their cause. On May 29, the Library Club held their dance. Alice and her friends had a wonderful time. On May 24, the old and new members of the Girls' Club board met at their Joint Potluck. Alice stuffed until she wondered if she would burst. How like Alice! May 79 Alice whirled in a won- Our Modern Plant at Your Service Certified Cleaners 760 Burnham Avenue CALUMET CITY, ILLINOIS Ziggy Phone Dobrowolski Terrence 2-6740 Styka's Groceries 13803 E. 138th Place BURNHAM, ILLINOIS GARGAS Sport and Record Shop Films o Paints Appliances 0 Television c Trophies Bowling Shirts 0 Novelties o Uniforms Open Every Eve.-Sunday 10 to 3 695 WentWo1'tli Calumet City, Illinois RURNHADI DRUGS 736 Burnham Avenue Corner 155th Street The Most Modern Drug Store in Calumet City Visit Our Cinderella Snack Nook Phone Torrence 2-9828 Calumet City, Illinois Dr. J. W. I-Ieichel Optometrist Phone Lansing 152 3514 Ridge Road LANSING, ILLINOIS Gus Bock's Hardware HARDWARE o PAINTS GLASS 0 HOUSEWARES Lansing, Illinois Phone Lansing 6 122 LORENZ COAL FUEL OIL e BUILDING MATERIAL HEATING EQUIPMENT 18307 Torrence Avenue Lansing, Illinois Let us make a home out of your house . . . Complete with television Vierlfs llessville Furniture 6727 Kennedy Avenue Hammond, Indiana Sheffield 320 QUALITY MEATS S1 GROCERIES Lansing Supreme Food Mart I-Ioekstra 334-l-43 182ml Street Lansing, Illinois Telephone 66-67 Compliments Of Edward J. Sullivan 123 reflections derland of music at the Prom. Alice had looked forward to it for ever so long and it fulfilled all her an- ticipations. She was the queen ol hearts as she danced her way through the evening. May l3 brought the Spring Con- cert. 'Mid Summer's perfumes we were surrounded by beautiful music. May 4 the girls and their mothers gathered for the annual Girls' Club Party. Alice proudly displayed her newly obtained pin to anyone who would look at it. Alice attended the Junior-Senior play on April 27. She laughed and listened appreciatively to her friends enact the comedy "Cannibal Queen." On April l7, dressed in her best, looking trim and sophisticated, Alice, the senior, attended the Senior Tea. Alex complimented her on her appearance and Alice's day was complete. All the colors of wonderland sprouted in the T. F. halls on April 72, for it was Bow Day. Didn't the "lreshies" look cute in their green bows? The sophomores looked neat in orange, the juniors, trim in blue reflections bows, and the seniors, wonderful in red ones. All eyes turned toward Alice as she and her escort Alex entered the big gym on April 6 at the Boys' Club Dance. The lights were low, and the music sweet as Alice danced through the evening. April 3 brought the Commercial Club Mother-Daughter Party. The girls received their pins in a little ceremony while proud mothers looked on. On March 30, the "Mock Turtles" lTerrapins to youl came out of their shells and gave a very nice social. From March 22 to the 26, we celebrated Easter. We had several days to worship God and to re- member his sacrifice for us. On March l3, Alex showed what he could do in the intramurals. Alice was awfully proud ol him when he won. On March 6, Alice, the Junior, attended the lunior Girls' Tea. Smooth as usual, the smart looking Juniors flooded the halls - to the delight of people with an eye for young beauty . . . humm, fellows? On February 22 we celebrated birthday with a holiday. Thank you, . ..-h '6The Most Beautiful Buy of All" RIDGEWAY MOTOR SALES CHEVROLET CARS and TRUCKS Phone Lansing 177 13058 Torrence Ave. LANSING, ILLINOIS Eddie Kei1man's Food Shop 790 Wentworth Calumet City, Illinois Biggest Little Food Shop in Town TORRENCE 2-4590 Hofstra's Store for Men 3336 Ridge Road Lansing 70 Lansing, Illinois Mitchell Cleaners 81 Dyers We Do the Finest 304 Pulaski Road Calumet City, Illinois Phone Torrence 2-5140 Home Publishing Co. Incorporated 5809 Calumet Avenue HAMMOND, INDIANA Call us for your school bulletins or plant publications Phone Sheffield 2410 WALTER W. SCIIULTZ l Real Estate and Insurance 181 19 Torrenee Avenue 124 Lansing, Illinois George H. Hittle lllenfs Wear Across from the Lans Theater LANSING, ILLINOIS Royal Blue Food Store Stephen Pawlowski 835 Wentwo1'th Ave. CALUMET CITY, ILL. Torrenee 2-9814 LANSING RULLER RINK nFor healthis sake, roller skatev Ridge and Torrence Phone Lansing 4-29 SCIIRIIEDER FUNERAL IIOME AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone Lansing 24 Air Conditioned Chapel 0 Hammond Organ 3227 Ridge Road Lansing, Illinois Dugan's Stationery Co. Greeting Cards for All Office Supplies 0 School Supplies Paper and Party Goods Phone 877-M 3427 Ridge Rd. Lansing, Illinois La Jan Cotton Dress Shop 3353 Ridge Road Lansing, Illinois We make our own aprons Walter Busack, Owner 552.98 0 33.98 0 35.98 dresses 125 reflections George. On February the l4th the Girls' Club had the Valentine Rattle. Hearts and flowers to you. February T2 and Lincoln's birth- day was the day close to the hearts ot lllinoisans. February 6 brought the Sopho- more Tea. Didn't Alice, the soph- omore, look cute toddling around in her first high heels? On January 29, the second se- mester began. Alice vowed to do better things this time, but soon slipped back into her sometimes lazy ways. Did you? From December 20 to January l, we celebrated the birth of Christ and the coming New Year. On December T5 we met Bloom in basketball. We lost. No com- ment. On December l3 in a Christmas atmosphere we gave the Winter Concert. The music was inspiring . . . and inspired. December l ended the second grading period. The Thanksgiving holidays, the 24th and 25th of November, ar- rived in a flurry of snow, prayers and turkey. The snow served to reflections hide the drab world, the prayers served to remind us of God's mercy and love, the turkey was served. On November 22 the Commer- cial Club gave their "Turkey Twisters" social. Everyone wore jeans and had a great time. The Carnival, "When in Nome," was presented on November l7th and l8th. The concessions, wonder- ful acting, and beautiful costumes all made for the dream quality of Alice's Wonderland. Like Louie, "l don't know what to say." With the twelfth of November came the Girls' Club Dance. Alice danced in Central Park under a full moon, pretty in an Alice blue gown. On November 2, we played our traditional rivals - Bloom. The score? Fourteen to thirteen. Oh well, our team was more hand- some. On October 37, the Girls' Club gave their Halloween Party. Each class presented a skit. The seniors won - naturally. On October 20 the teachers went to the Lake Shore Division teachers meeting to learn something new, so we got a holiday from it. lLearning, that is.l - kr' fvfvaofyf , , -. ' J!-""?'T T 'I' j,wf,+n' 47' x f ' Lf if if Q.. . -1 1 ff H- - r' f. rl-1?"C1L," 5:7 1' ?f"'y7' . T rf' - I ,J f ' lglgsfg- ,'--,.ag,i!-L' V' Q ,hrgsfl ,V A ,H ' ' n 1 4 ' Qffif CW fr? V 1 ffm UT! GIFTS - W'ATCHES Elgin 0 Hamilton 0 Bulova Name-Brand .lewelry Watches "Timeograf" Regulated, 81 Repair J. Beugel-Jeweler 18116 Torrence Ave. LANSING, ILLINOIS Phone Lansing 212-R Lake County Candy Company lNnl Incorpnraledj WHOLESALE Confectionery and Fountain Supplies, Syrups, Malted Milk, Coca-Cola, Paper Napkins, Ice Cream Cones, Safety Matches 245 Dyer Boulevard HAMMOND, INDIANA Phone Sheffield 2434 Oldest Insurance Agency in Calumet City Henry Lindner Gi Sons INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE ACCIDENT - AUTOMOBILE - BURGLARY - FIRE Established 1892 546 Welltworth Avenue Calumet City Phone Torrence 2-4710 IIARTFIELIYS SUPERETTE 18049-51 Torrence Avenue Lansing, Illinois 126 9655 fm 5 ., 4 Zolfggmi' if, me 3 3 13. QT Q 3 5 !ll lW t f .J . . th, , ' 2 5 2 5 ' 2 3 Z .figf 6 ..:,:fs,,.,. I Z .:2"' ff Z 5 4 5 " 4 ,4 A ? ,Q Z A f 1 - W AAA uppl Co., Inc. Q Plumbing QQ Heating Supplies Oil Q Gas Burners Automatic Water Heaters 'Ir FOR FREE ENGINEERING SURVEY Call Torrence 2-7070 'A' AAA SUPPLY C0., INC. 754 Burnham Ave. Calumet City, Ill. 'Ir reflections On that same date we played Harvey and instituted "Mom and Pop Night." It was a wonderful idea. Let's do it again. Incidentally Harvey won by a score of 32 to O. Let's NOT do that again!! October 78, the seniors got their rings. On October 79, I hear some one had already given his away. Some lucky people! On October 73 we got our re- port cards for the first time. On September 8, the girls at- tended the Big n' Little Sister Party. 'Midst chocolate and games every- body had a grand time. On September 6, school began with its customary hustle, bustle and teasing of freshmen. By the way - I have one elevator pass left - that is, if anyone is still interested. No? Oh well, there's another crop coming up next year. And so we've reached the end of our. rovings. The mirror darkens and Alice fades once more into "just a fairy tale." All our mem- ories are put back and a wonderful tomorrow emerges. Through her looking gloss Alice wotchecl the Seniors bid their goocl-lays to T. F. on June T5. She reolized thot the school would miss them ond thot the seniors would olwoys remember their high school cloys. As Alice wolkecl clown the front steps tor the lost time, she knew she would novor forget her yeor in the Wonclerlond of Thornton Froctionol. l28 Z! ,Mm .,M,,z,-aff 775' GQ if L 0- Wwwbza-Jywu Y AJ , f' X I - ' J' 5 I W if ,I , ' ,f w ' 1 .. . 1 In L, R r , ' . . 4 1 . ' g I . Y . M9 MV Wpvff ff XYMWKVW sWW'W5f?Fwfj7fy5jjj?flJ?QEf ,ff WM ,Q Muffy Wig MQ ww DW' 7453 M Wyn- fgggifaw gg ,M W! 9 gl G' fix' Qi ff W W::-'. ,:f.5?i-Q-?:.:, - ::w:ruwvl'll!llPS'e:'fN,., .YT-N-1...i,::,-QA-.-. Y - M fmfmfh YNQW95 if 6,371 MMO X fig' my JTMWM pf f V, ,fRm 'N VV no if 'v,A1 ..,b ' 'A . Q M si 5? X . A I X a , . 9 'AX V' 'i , ' 'x .k fx. g k 5 , vs!-J x f Q u , ff . Q A gui 'aff 093,51 0 Q M N? f Q f ' Q5 I R Hg K X if 3 QW37 5? ft vfL Y 29' 3' E M 3 A f N Xxx. V I . fl' ffm Q -A , X , C ' ff 6,4 1 " ff yi 1 Jw 5 f , JJMW 5. ww ov W , A V ! ' '1 :I fix Am l 6 O' T Q J n cfifgwi. 4 KJ' ! rf' 1' -Zk,,gN.,. '74 X A ci M, W iff 7f I 1 'fl ! Q If Mx . A 0 fr 39 0 , ffl iff WML ' pf, UZ? 051-94:44- 'law-'KLA aw.. J ff-+-ff-"""" 4 . , ' zvgfnggf ' ' 4 .aw 3

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