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Thornton Fractional North High School - Chronoscope Yearbook (Calumet City, IL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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uf , V i , , J f'pw3f'i myJ fig? W W Y? X WMQ4 MWMLM .A fW QQ 'XQ?E,lJf1,qM M QQ W SW ww My , ' C4193 Mix 'P Ei xy gf ja? Wig? W gi x 9 A-A Qii 4 A ' . V, -H -,--.,.,A.g... -I WkL7fM3WJ2JffVfff T 'ffi,fW?,aPf'f M' gf. XM! wi 2zff?1fff,l7m jfwjfxfafxwjf A M M VV . YWWWLQVVQA MW: A756 gM"15I M Mg 6 N I jlw I9 XMMJ 49 0' W ' WMMW. ww T9 Cf, UWWQMTZ-' onodcolae I COMPILED P THE 1949 SEN THORNTON FRACTIONAL TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL C I Ee ,gpoirif or E E' 'im L uf " ' .' Q X OUR SCHOOL IN 1935 BEFORE THE FIRE l UQ!" l H11 ll!QI'ff6LI"L' E J E gcbfion 1 5 i 4 i F 1 3 1 5 A 3 i 1 I l 51 w 1 4 1 1 4 1 L 3: 1 . 5 Z 1 , K I 4 1 1 i ! i T 1 1 f 3 E i .1 i P 3 3 1 We students salute our school and our hearts fill with pride as we turn back the pages of history to the year 1925 when thirty T F students received their diplomas Since then the classes have decidedly increased in number so that now more than two hundred students complete their high school education here each year For 25 years T F had opened its doors to students of three communi ties and has sent them through those doors four years later vtith a better understanding of the World in which they ive Like all earthly things this school has been forced to climb high for ideals for which it stands. It like its students has gone through a depression a tragic fire and a world war. . has helped mold the futures of its students and they in turn, have molded T. F. K - C' ongrafu afwnzi, 4 . ., on 1' . U 4 a 9 al we WM if We gf . our igfelf' nniuerficw . The disastrous fire on December 20, 1953, virtually de- stroyed everything T. F. possessed except a "never-say-die" spirit. It resulted in one of the most complicated and in- convenient classroom routines in a school's history. It resulted too, in a new modern building and a renewed vigor on the part of the students, faculty, and administra- tion. Through those twenty-five years, that T. F. spirit-loyalty, determination, ambition, and cooperation -has always been present. The spirit of gaiety and good sportsmanship has a permanent place at T. F., too, in the games, dances, and parties that we shall never forget as part of our high school careers. The "Spirit of T. will reminisce on these events as it proceeds to tell the story of its twenty-Hfth year . . 1948 - 1949. Q 3164 of Cmfmfa Faculty ----- Page Activities and Organizations - Music ---- Publications - - Clubs - - Carnival - Sports - - Football - Basketball - Track - Swimming - Wrestling - Intramurals - Monogram Club - G. A. C .--- Majorettes, Cheerleaders - Terrapin Club - - Classes ---- Outstanding Seniors - ' National Honor Society - Seniors - - juniors - Sophomores - - Freshmen - l l l junior Senior Play - l l .7 6 Eaufifuf ,9l'l6iJ8 ad Ouf. Among the outstanding facilities of T. F. is the library which has a collection of approximately 7300 volumes, including f1ction, non-fiction and reference books, plus a large selection of magazines and newspapers. The library, gymnasiums, and swimming pool, plus the well-equipped modern classrooms, afford T. F. students a friendly atmosphere for mental and physical develop- Hleflf. 1 i x E . 2 1 Left tb right: Edward G. Kuhlmang Harold W. Finnerang Albert W. Wahlgren, Presiclentg Joseph Preissigg Andrew F. Klein, Secretary. - Ae guichng cjwlancfd of . Above are pictured the members of the Board of Education. Although we did not see them personally, we knew they were important factors in the operation of our school. Mr. james Leonard, during his first year as Superintendent at Thornton Fractional proved himself a progressive leader. He is determined to see that the students of his school receive the best education he and his faculty can possibly give them. With the cooperation of the students and faculty, Mr. Leonard's guiding hand has directed a successful year. Mr. Jackson Kiester, Director of Guidance, confers with a student about one of the many tests he has administered this year under the newly instituted guidance program. im :rsw.e::feszg:p::fei ms ...iptxazgtm ,tx . ., . 34068 LU 0 do UQ many IQPOAAHQ5 DEAN OF BOYS-Mr. Aitken Young, the Dean of Boys, is the man who takes care of the boys, problemsg whether they mean changing a class schedule or punishing a truant boy. The spirit of students is bound to decline at some time, but Mr. Young stands by, ready to keep the school spirit of TF alive and flourishing. DEAN OF GIRLS-A true companion is Miss Katherine Brazzill, Dean of Girls. Re- gardless of how trivial a girl's problem may seem, Miss Brazzill is ready and willing to help . . . to help keep up the morale of all the girls in school. ' FINANCIAL ASSISTANT-One of the most important duties of a school is to see that the money is spent wisely. Mr. Henry Legg, as financial assistant, performs this task expertly. '12 Upper fef! Virginia Smith, R.N. Center, left lo right: Barney Mc- Lower right: Constance Collins Fall, Nick Dalkamp, Ed Pierson, Mrs. B. G. Greenwood Charles Christenson. A O! .S?lfL6!QIflf5 7 QYLQPCL ,ML CLP8 Miss Virginia Smith, R.N. is the person to whom we take our aches and pains. Miss Smith supervises all the health programs at T. F. She has especially encouraged and promoted the Tuberculosis skin testing and X-ray programs. The maintenance force is responsible for the physical upkeep of the building. Here they are shown performing some of the duties that are a part of their daily routine. This year T. F. lost the services of one of its most faithful maintenance men. Nick Dalkampls tragic death is regretted by all who remember his loyal service-whether it was marking the football field for the games or lending a helping hand wherever it was needed. The office secretaries maintain efficiency in the general office. Although their duties are end- less, they can usually find time to help us with many of our office problems. The faculty at Thornton Fractional is often the incentive for the cooperative and loyal spirit among the students. T. F. can be proud of its excellent student-teacher relationship. The students depend largely upon the teachers for advice in attempting to overcome high school difficulties and in making plans for their futures. 15 we gCl,ClflAg g7l'lC0lfLI"Cl,9Q5 Left to right: Mary Frances Lynch-Bminexx, Shorthand Ann Schmidt-Typing Mary Spelbring-Librarian, Latin Helen Temple-Art, Home Management Elizabeth Kessinger-Ojfce Practice, Eminem, Show- band, Typing II, Burinesr Engliib Bruce Miller-Geography Sigrid Stark-Englirb, Rhetoric Adolph Gentile-Plyyriolngy, Swimming, Gym Jackson Kiester-Pbyricr, Biology Adeline jaacks-Biology Katherine Brazzill-Claemistry Mary Shemaitis-Gym, Swimming Arthur Smith-Algebra, Plane Geometry Mrs. Lilyan Wfilson-World Hirtory, American Hirtoiy Mrs. Etha J. Farmer-Sitbyritute teacher Left to right: Henry Legg-Economicr, Vocational Bookkeeping Mrs. Ruth Hale Canaga- American Hirtory Ioseph Sowinski-Wforlfi History, Civics Victor Schmidt-Civics, American Prohlemr Left to right: Helen Brazzill-Englirh Jack Wonnell-Cariet Band, Girlf' Choriix, Freshman Charity, Doahle Sextette, Englirh Alice Schmueser-Englirh Earl Davis-Speech, Englirh Mildred Pidgeon-English, joarnalifm. Publication: Left to right.- William Thompson-Algebra, Mechanical Drawing Kenneth Perreault-Auto Shop Mrs. G. S. Hopkins-Cooking, Cafeteria Management June Bielfeldt-Sewing, Cooking Alva Labar-Baxinerr, Woodfhop Daniel Mears-Ma chine Shop Harold Christian--Band, M eirterrin gen: Harvey Lambka-Latin N ot in picture: Edward Fedosky-Physical Education Wilbur Petree-Barinefy I, Athletic Director Aitken Young-Dean of Boyf Trigonometry, Advanced Algehra, Geometry 1 jim .Sinai 0 fl . 15 1 l o-.9 .xdcfiuified The Spirit of T. F. is exemplified by its extra-curricular activ- ities. To be sure, the organizations have been altered since our first anniversary. Ardisastrous fire and World War II cur- tailed participation to a certain extent, but a spirit of aggres- siveness and determination led the way to a bright and shining future. For some, these organizations proved a method of learning--learning to be a leader or a follower- learning the qualities which constitute character. For others, they proved a constant source of enjoyment and clean fun. These activities and organizations will forever carry on the Spirit of T. F. . mo 4 W yy F' L Aw, ' - 'fl-24.-:fE': 'til--, 1 Qin X w EQ: Q- ,.,. 1 f 2 gww 's ' A .,... 3 ,Q Q r r g in Q W ' X . sr M gy W QS 'I' 12, Q r 1 X , 8 Q, 42 Q fa Wig , . ak Q 2 4 xv 5 fr' .f , 'ffj . Q5 ,. -' I - Pf' ff' M' V GY " an 3 if -- .: :ggg- .1 -M ,E M-.X NK 3 , , X. px Q Xi 4 W2 3 Ez. Nigga f ' We 9 ,ff v 3' Vg! V X , Elie 324: :.:.::n:,., as 'S 2 I Y? L ff? " I 'V:. I . m g Q gb gi 1 A f? Q Aff , 'T'i. iAg :lf s Y? in gigs S f W . ff? A ,ng Mg , ... :X -fi? 59. Y f ' " y , 3 A t Q f V , - ' ' if ' '- ' all , f l EMM? , y W R A. W ,I .V i ' , .55 if V X1 N gf n A. WJ f + , X ff L ,fu w 6 M x Q .I ww x V ' my x -f'..,gu',a ., ' W' . ' ig " , -f fs? ' X M 3 h .ry n y Sy, , Q, E1 32 22 K, Fw iw K . 5 3 . i 2 i 1 S fy , f .-A -W .-.V -.W W. wpww. W -- W, M- ww., A, -A-.W M, WMM. ,ww Y mf ,vw W we Lgiairif 0 . . ringfi ouf E DOUBLE SEXTET Left to right, Row 1: Jackie Harle, Marilyn Lewandowski, Fannie Cicero, Dorothy Keilman. Row 2.' Janie Cipolla, Carolyn Wahlgreil, Virginia Hamilton, Margaret Smith, Joan Peters, Marilyn Jones. Row 3: Dolores Wojcik, Theresa Brady, Mary Lou Davis. GIRLS' CHORUS Left to right, Row 1: Barbara Erminger, Francine Rosen, Joan Carroll, Joan Parker, Cecilia Zaleta, Eileen Ragoveen, Edith Heslett, Francis Davidson, Dorothy Schultz, Yvonne Weil, Lois Moffet. Row 2: Doris Hickle, Pat Davidson, Beverly Albright, Joyce Cadman, Elaine Sokol, Jackie Carlson, Margie Peterson, Gertrude Alderden, Josie Winiarczyk, Joan Padgett, Carol Hallier, Margene Markley. Row 3: Mary Johnstone, Sally Brandon, Pat Juda, Violette Cederholm, Anna Sabados, Alice Schmal, Judy McDowell, Marguerite Maniscalco, Joan Kraus, Corlene Stump, Dorothy Larrance, Pat Hoff, Ann Jung, Josephine Monestere. Row 4: Barbara Lorenz, Norma Clark, Stella Johnson, Myrna Gillian, Laura Freeman, Kathleen Norman, Mary Peters, Luella Czerwinski, Christine Schneider, Marge Weyhmueller, Marilyn Bogart, Dolores Melton, Janice Salzwedel, Dolores Schaub. Row 5: Marilyn Meyer, Carol Austgen, Aleida Hartge, Marcia Ewing, Jackie Arzich, Virginia Deutsch, Joan Slager, Pauline Zralka, Judy Dickus, Betty Miller, Jane Burris, Barbara Faltus, Judy Nelson. A group of twelve girls, considered the best singers at T. F.,'constitute the Double Sextette. Meeting three times a week, the girls learn musical numbers ranging from Debussy to Cole Porter. The Double Sextette appears in the Christmas and Spring Con- certs and also entertains for various community organizations. The Girls' Chorus is composed of girls who appreciate music and have singing ability. During the course of the year, the chorus performs at two concerts and also at the Baccalaureate service. 20 lflfle 0 g CLFLJ A6lI"lfl'l0Ifl An introduction to T. Ffs choral groups is Freshman Chorus. Through l this club, freshmen are taught the elements of group singing. At the end of their freshman year, girls in Freshman Chorus are eligible to try I out for Girls' Chorus. Since, for T most girls, their training is just starting, appearances are limited to 1 the Christmas and Spring Concerts. The Meistersingers constitute T. F.'s only boys' glee club. They are chosen and instructed by Mr. Christian, mu- sic director. Besides performing at the concerts, the Meistersingers sing for various civic groups and each year have a concession at the Carnival. MEISTERSINGERS OFFICERS Left to right: Bill Winterhoff, Mike Wisniewski, Bill Swendsen, jack Fallcenstrom, Mr. Christian, director. FRESHMAN CHORUS Left to righi, top row: Mr. Wonnell, director, Dolores Gileski, Kay Arzich, Jeanne Willett, Lorraine Bryant, Shirley Hoffman, Darlene Zick, Dorothy Beiglow, Delores Czerwinski. Row 2: Jackie Carlson, Pat Cardan, Anita Anshurg, Alice Mroch, Bernice Markewicz, Pat Czlonka, Rita Chipowska, Marlene Davis, Virginia Breski. Row 3: Frances Barzda, Lorraine Swanson, Marilyn Barker, Darcy Kuschel, Virginia Carlson, Kay Adley, Pat Cochran, Ruth Harle. MEISTERSINGERS Top row, lefl to right: Wayne Mitchell, Donald Welsh, Wayne Barnes, Edward Flom, Leonard Czyzniejewski, Dale Fieldhouse, jim Mayer, Procopio ' Lo Duco, Arnie Aures. Row 2.' Eddie Bauer, Charles Tucker, I Frank Gillespie, Alvin Ballard, Wallie Liehengood, Tom Petree, Dave Jackson, Pete jackson, William 5 Mitchell, Dan Giewartowski. Row 3: Jim Varner, Harold Widdel, f joe Sobek, A Judy Benjamin, accompanist, Martin Surdell, jim Galloway. " Noi in picture: John Collins, F Roland Clement, John Kvedaras. jlte paper gow fo Freda The Spirit of T. F. is shown not only in word and deed but is also expressed in writing through the bi-weekly publication of the Thorntonian. The Thorntonian Staff was continually hunting for news, and with the firm persistence of Edith and Johnny behind them, they always managed to get that paper out with flying colors. Left to right: Jackie Harle, John Reich, Ass't Editor, Edith Heslett, Editor, Dolores Wojcik, Shelley Krieger, jannell W'enzel, standing. Left to right: Joan Knoll, Berniece Mills, Evie Knabenhans, Carole Karr, Filomena Cicero, Terry Vfojtkowiak. Left to right: Genevieve Winiarczyk, Elsa Bohlin, Linda Sheilield, Don Welsh, Bob Abblett. CAPOFLOJCOICPQ .Sad RCU? 6 .Sz 00 if xMff0l"g Miss Mildred Pidgeon Pubiicationr Sponsor The events of a school year soon fade into memories. To preserve these memories a yearbook is published to give the students a pictorial record Of the year. The Chronoscope Staff, under the editorial advice of Miss Mildred Pidgeon and the financial assistance of Miss Adeline C. Jaacks, has compiled and published the material for the Silver Anniversary edition of the Chronoscope. It was decided to let "The Spirit of T. F."-all the things that T. F. stands for-be the theme to unfold the story of T. F.'s twenty-fifth year. Left to fight: Ralph Erchinger, Eciitory Carole Boardway, Arrirtanl Editor: Louis Dupre, Ar! Eziilorj Janell Wenzel and Jackie Harle, Ediiorial Staff. Lower left: Miss Adeline Jaacks, Fimmeial Adviyor. '4 SW Ol" ELG Persuasiveness, pep, and perseverance are repre- sented in the Spirit of T. F. Those who actively exercise these qualities are none other than T. F.'s energetic salesmen. Since all school activities , must be linanced, these stu- dents combine their per- sonalities and persuasive ability to sell THORN- TONIANS, ads, and tickets to the football and basket- ball games. TICKET SALESMEN Left to right, Row 1: Terry Sczeglak, Ruth Harle. Row 2: Joan Weiland, Pat Wojcik, Readeanne Ingbretson. Row 3: Lois Freeman, Janell Wenzel. Row 4: Phyllis Linkewicz, Pat Magdziak, Par Modzesek, 1 Carole Karr, Linda Sheflield, X Mary Lou Davis, Lola Lorenz, Lois Lorenz, Betty Greider. Sitling: Marilyn Donaldson, Pauline Zralka, Catherine Koselke, Joanne Peters. THORNTONIAN SALESMEN Left to right, Row 1: Genevieve Winiarczyk, Rosie Klank, Lois Lorenz. Row 2: Josephine Monestere, Dolores Melton, Joanne Peters, Pat Gey. Row 3: Marilyn Donaldson, Laura Freeman, Pat Magdziak, - Francis Komorowski. Row 4: Josephine Winiarczyk, Dolores Wfisniewski, Joyce Patterson, Linda Sheflield. Row 5: Lola Lorenz. AD-GETTERS Left to fight, Row 1, filling: Joan Knoll, Lois Snider, Marguerite Maniscalco, Jack Budd, Proprietor, Dolores Melton. K Row 2, minding: Judy McDowell, Eileen Ragoven, Laura Freeman, LaVern Schepel, Marilyn Meyers, Genevieve Winiarczyk, Rosie Klank, Lois Rentner, Joanne Peters. ournadfifri inferuiew ufure ceidrifg JOURNALISM CLASS Sitting, left to fighlf Al Owen, Jack Budd. Sltmding, R0-zu If Josie Becchino, Ann Zuzul, Barbara Dahlberg, Pat Keene, Angie Alaimo, Marcia Ewing, Joan Schelfke, Sharon Leach, Jeanne Kuaine, Jackie Carlson, Betty Greider, Chris Schneider. Rout' 2: Wfayne Kooy, Bob Young. John Nowalcowski, Bob McCloskey, Marilyn Lewandowvski, Yvonne Weil, Pat Shelton, Mary Maupin. Rauf 3, mzmiing: Ronald Lansing, Bill Makely, Richard Leisure. Noi in picture: Joyce Cadman, Margie Gifford, Mary Ann Slaby, Bob Skwiertz, Greta Allen, Laura Freeman, Virginia Hamilton, Dolores Hecht, Eileen Koschnick. TOP MAGAZINE SALESMEN Rauf I. yitliwg: Pat Wright, Phyllis Linkiewicz, Bob Young. Row 2. J'ff!fl7g.' Donna Cohenour, Ed Furmanski. Stmzding,' Philip Carlson, Tom Petree, Arlene Machay. i Here we see the potential staff members for next year's publications. The journalism students have extended a helping hand to the Thorntonian and Chronoscope staffs this year - proof-reading, typing, and writing for them. Q ' Those who helped to finance this years publications were the students who sold magazines. Pic- tured are the high salesmen who combined their efforts and interest for the project-thus leading the school in subscriptions sold. . , ' ' To these deserving students we extend our gratitude for their achievements. They have sincerely expressed the "Spirit of T. , i we My 2 of je owfi The Boys' Club is a democratic organization which is open to every boy in school. Governed by a board elected from active members and sponsored by Mr. Harvey Lambka, the Boys' Club designs activities for the boys. The socials after games, the Boys' Club Dance, and the Father-Son Party help to carry on the traditions which are a part of the "Spirit of T. OFFICERS, Upper left Left to right: Vern Frank, Ray Rulf, Jim Munson, Bryce Keller, Vince DePirro. JUNIOR BOARD, Circle Left to right: Bob McCloskey, Conrad Kelleher, Ed Flom, Tom Vierk, Charles Uram. SENIOR BOARD, Upper right Front: Dick Furmanski, Jerome Grudzien. Bark: Bob Abblett, Ralph Erchinger, Dave Stinson, Ronald Schultz, Mr. Lambka, sponsor. SOPHOMORE BOARD, Center Left lo right: Pete Siderius, Sam Smith, Ed Bauer, Bill Winterhoff, Jerry Musgrave, Bob Stinson. FRESMAN BOARD, Lower right Front: Jan Schultz, Art Rogers, Howard Dockweiler, Jack jones, Richard Selin. Standing: Phil Kosanavich. 26 jlze QP 5 2 gferg-.gyymgof of .gzruice This year the Girls' Club came into its own by celebrating its twenty-first birthday. Girls' Club plans the social life for all the girls in school, and its aims are to promote service and citizenship and to develop the personal- ities of the girls. Under the sponsorship of Miss Anna Schmidt, the Girls' Club is able to carry on efficiently the 'Spirit of T. Circle: Miss Schmidt, sponsor. OFFICERS, left to right: Jackie Harle, Sharon Leach, Greta Allen, Delores Wood. BOARD, l in Fann Cicero Sonia Koharko Mary Metzcus Joan Walker Greta Allen, Sharon Leach, Joan Oakes, Alice Urbanski. on J a .' y , . , , RECORDING: Jose Winiarczyk, Carolyn Wahlgren. BIG 'N LITTLE SISTERS, Row I.' Linda Sheffield, Dorothy Schaub, Marilyn Lewandowski, Angie Alaimo. Row 2: Luella Czerwinski, Pat Gey, Myrna Gillian, jackie Harle. PACKING CANDY, ' ' ' ' K h ' k El B hlin Yvonne Weil. HI- Row I.' Laura Freeman, Deedee Damai, Edith Heslett, Janell Wenzel. Row 2. Eileen os nic , sa o , LIGHTS, Jittingf Virginia Hamilton, Delores Wood, Eileen Skeen, Frances Kornorowski, Mary Lou Davis. Smmiing: Karen Kronvall, Pat Arens, Ann Zuzul. E Sitting, left to right: Angie Civello. Evelyn Zurich, Diane Archey, Cecilia Zralka. Standing in front of desk, left to right: Margaret Krikau, Pat Magrlaz, Phyllis Linkiewicz, Mary Frigo, Annette Manisealco. Joan Kraus, Lois Moffett, Marilyn Jones, Ruth Goldberg, Anna Sabados, Sharon Leach, Virginia Hamilton. At desk, left to righf: Delores Wood, Elsa Bohlin, Elsie Jaekoboskey, Laura Freeman. Behind deslc, left to right: Carol Greb, Barbara Lorenz. Mary Peters, Marilyn Weiss, Angie Alaimo, Judy Benjamin, Mar- guerite Manisealeo. OFFICERS, left to right: Joan Kraus, Mary Peters, Elsa Bohlin. Laura Freeman, Miss Mary Spelbring, sponsor. OEAW CM SLM Jia SACD! T he efliciency of T. F.'s library is maintained by the members of the Library Club. The girls, under the instruction of Miss Mary Spelbring, learn practical techniques of library routine. They help keep the library records, check out books, shelve and mend books, and assist students and teachers in Ending classined material. This year the club sponsored a dance and theater party plus their annual Bingo concession at the Carnival. 28 g W 6 yt c.,...f., JUNIOR RED CROSS OFFICERS-Left to right: Margie Gif- ford, Marge Wehynitieller, Alice Urbanski, janell Wenzel, Miss Lynch, sponsor. COUNCIL-Lower left, Jilfifigf Eileen Ragoven, Marilyn jones, Virginia Hamilton. Lefl to riglai, Row I: Louise Jernigan, Joan Walenga. Row 2.' Lois Moffett, Joan Padgett, Joyce Reynolds, Marcella Haney. Row 3: Marilyn Lewandowski, Elsa Bohlin, Delores Wood, Rose Klank, Barbara Lorenz, Judy McDowell, Ann Zuzul. REPRESENTATIVES-Lower right, sifting, Row 1.' Genevieve Winiarczyk, Beverly Bridegoom, Arlene Kaleta, Mary Ann Bell. Row 2.' Barbara Langdoc, Carole Karr, Marilyn Donaldson. Row 3: Alice Mroch, Shirley Hoffman. Standing. Row 4: Lila Koehn, Dorothy Bieglow, Gloria Lesmeister, Christine Schneider. Row 5: Dorothy Larrance, Jackie jurecki, Margene Markley, Virginia Deutsch, Arlene Loneski, Gay Seme, Joan Nitz. ALTERNATES-Upper righz. .ritti1zg, left to right, Row It Bernice Markiewicz, June French. Row 2: Mari-jo Fox, Sue Maddox, Mary Lou Metzcus. Row 3, sitting: Sharon De Poutee. Left lo right. standing, across: Jack Budd, Shelley Krieger, Phyllis juda, Irene Schneider, La Vonne Lindsey, Elaine Sokol, Pat Reeves, Luella Brazel. Left to right, trending, a'0wn.' Frances Komorowski, Marlene Davis, Barbara Erminger. "To promote the general welfare of eommzmity and rchool, in war or pence." That is the motto of the Junior Red Cross. Besides all the services they performed to help those in need, they have provided some memories on our social calendar-socials after games, and the annual Talent Show and Sock Hop. This organization typifies the Spirit of Service among T. F. students - service to community and service to school. ASSISTANTS TO THE DEAN OF GIRLS Left to riglal: Alice Urbanski, Ann Marie Krieger, Shirley Melcher, Lois Lorenz, Betty Percak, Carolyn Wahlgren. COMMERCIAL CLUB OFFICERS Left to right: Theresa Wfojtkowiak, Miss Kessinger, sponsor, Berniece Mills, Kathryn Swieringa, Frances Komorowski. CLINIC ASSISTANTS Left to fight: Judy Grimes, Christine Schneider, Nancy West, Barbara Langdoc Gertrude Alderden, Dolores Martin. .7Ae .gpairif 0 . . Whenever any secretarial duties needed to be accomplished we could always depend upon the Commercial Club. Under the sponsorship of Miss Elizabeth Kessinger the girls re- ceived practical experience in office and secretarial work. Besides their commercial duties the club sponsored dances and sold refreshments after school to get funds to augment their treasury. A staff of competent girls was employed to add to the efficiency of T. Ffs "business centersf, Several girls were needed each period to help with the many errands and duties in the school office. The First National Bank had nothing on Room 221 and Miss Jaack's "Stooges" who were never hesitant when it came to checking and counting money. Miss Brazzill's assistants kept the Deanls office running smoothly. They engaged in typing and filing records for girls' absences and detentions. If you were ill or imagined you were ill, Miss Smith, R.N., and the clinic assistants were always ready to lend a helping hand. 50 eand emfice wifA cc Lgifnii COMMERCIAL CLUB Row I, back: Phyllis Guyott, Naomi Reuhl, Beverly Ewing, Gloria Rosinski, Gay Seme, Alice Urbanski, Irene Schneider, Valeria Kotlowski, Joan Knoll, Marge Komorowski, Shirley Melcher, Dorothy Mackowiak. Row 2, front: Myrna Frost, - Mary Louise Frigo, Shirley Bryant Rita Okray, Marilyn Weaver, Leona jurecki, Geraldine Schultz, Elaine Lawrence, Lila Koehn, Alice Christensen, q Lorraine Sobczak. MISS JAACKS' STOOGES Left to right: Deedee Damai, A Lola Lorenz, Mary Lou Davis Carole Karr, Janell Wenzel, Betty Greider C at boardj , Evie Knabenhans, Greta Allen, Lois Lorenz, Linda Sheffield. 1 OFFICE ASSISTANTS Snmding, left to right: Beverly Ewing, Rose Klank, Shirley Bryant, Judy McDowell, Aleida Hartge, Myrna Frost, Ann Zuzul, Mary Wisniewski Sitting, back: Berniece Mills, Delores Hecht, Lois Snider, Frances Komorowski, Joan Oakes. Az table: Carol Schmidt, Eileen Skeen, Josie Winiarczyk, Wilma Fanra, Dolores Lesmeister Jackie Greenwood. s IQQQC QCLIWL XQPCL585 Lid I"CLlfl'LCl,flC CL Qflffi The speech team was an example of those students who carried the "Spirit of T. outside the limits of the school itself. Under the in- struction of Mr. Earl Davis, T. F. students participated in many local speech events and sent contestants to the Illinois district, sectional, and state tournaments. Left to right, front rozv: Mr. Davis, Joan Thornily, Carolyn Wahlgren, Jack Budd. Row 2: Marcia Liteeky, Judy McDowell, Cecelia Zralka, Louise Jerni- gan, Joan Kraus, Virginia Hamilton. Janell Wenzel, Carole Karr, Ronald Lansing, Carroll Warner, Joan Nitz. When the guidance program was adopted this year, Mr. Jackson Kies- ter found it necessary to employ a staff of assistants to help him keep records of the various tests that were administered to the students. Here they are pictured with Mr. Youngs assistants, who helped with the work in the Dean of Boys' olhce. Front row: Mary Wisniewski, Dorothy Zygmunt, Joan Oakes, Betty VonAlmen, Lois Jaeger. Row 2: Jean Vanderbilt. Helen Rose, Marcia Ewing, Shirley Reed. Sta'n.di'ng.' Charles Manny, Jackson Kiester, guidance counselor, Aitken Young, Dean of Boys. During the past year the hall mon- itor system was inaugurated at T. F. These are the students who gave up their library periods every day to keep records of the students who were ,out of class on pink passes. Top row, sitting: Art Back, Lois Renter, Audrey Konkey, 'Jackie Arzich, Berna- dine Sulicz, Mary ,Catherine Johnstone, Julius Schoettle. Stamiing: Barbara Boggess, Joyce Reynolds, Shelley Krie- -ger, Charles Uram, Victor Modjeski, Al Owen, Joe Eisenhutt, Bill Swendson. Lower row, sitting: David Mabrey, Edward Graham, Joan Carroll, Betty Kraus, Tom Vierk, Ruth Dockweiler, Joan Schopp, Leona Jurecki, Elsie Debus, Bob Young, Alice Schmal, Joan Seltula, La Vonne Lindsey, Wayne Kooy, Carroll VVarner, Bryce Keller. l0l"0gl'Cl,l'l'I,6 l'l'L86ll'l l'l'lCLI'ly A940Ql":5 4 Q ss? '93 3. lf., WE SS 1 lb fl predenfd 66 CQXLUQKM Elngef 77 This year Mr. Jack Wonnell produced his third original Carnival stage show since he has be- come a member of T. Ffs faculty. For the theme he chose "Maxwell Street," a picturesque Chi- cago marker place. ou can ug a, 7 enng ai Top, left: "Rush for Money." This was the linal scene when someone uttered the prize words, l'How Much," and a man in the attire of a bum threw money into the air and invited everyone to scramble for his share. Top, left: A woman shopper examines the wares of a gypsy peddler. Bottom, left: A Maxwell Street hawker tries to influence the people to buy his goods. Lower center: Customers are attracted to the sundry display of articles in this early morning scene on Maxwell Street. Lower right: A man is fitted for a suit in a clothing shop as his wife critically looks on. "Maxwell Street" was the theme of the Twentieth Annual Carnival presented by the students of T. F. Mr. jack Wonnell wrote the script, composed the theme music, and directed the stage show. These scenes represent Maxwell Street, famous Chicago market place, at its busiest. 36 . C Ml Top, left: A boy finds himself forced to flip a coin to decide which girl he is to take out for the evening. Top, right: The "Green Suit Dancers." Cenler, left: The Maxwell Street Shoppers, Ann, Betty, and Cynthy, introduce the theme song. Center, right: Dancing chorus of Street Cleaners and Scrub Women. Bottom, left: Hortense, a shopper, entertains while the unsuspected "Man With the Money" looks on. Bottom, right: Entertainers in the Elite Style Shop: a violin virtuosog Lulu Belle, the "Buttons and Bows" gitlg and the Master of Ceremonies. Jag aff for me Top, left: The usherette of the Elite Style Shop and a shoplifter prove that they can tap dance too! Center: Gertie, a Maxwell Street shopper, entertains with a ballet number. The king and queen who were crowned to reign over the Carnival this year were Delores Wood and Allen Frey- man. They are pictured in the upper right hand corner together with their court. Lower left: Dickie Christian and Judy Stinson carry the coveted crowns at the crowning of the king and queen during the Carnival dance in the gym. Center, right: A water ballet scene presented by the Terrapin Club during the Swim Show. Loafer. rigbzs A scene from "Corn's A Crackin'," the concession sponsored by the Girls' Chorus. On Www! Sheer The Halsted Street Express was the chief mode of transportation for early morning visitors to Maxwell Street. The upper left-hand picture shows an enthusiastic group of spectators viewing the famous market place. Upper right: Scenes from the Elite Style Show, which was one of the main attractions on Maxwell Street. Lower left: The between- acts presentation of gifts to Mr. Wonnell, producer and director of the show, and Miss June Bielfeldt, Mr. Earl Davis, and Miss Mary Shemaitis, directors of costumes, make-up, and dancing, respectively. Lower right: An acrobat stands on her head for a curious spectator. HAL 'N 126 .gploorfzi F No high school curriculuni would be complete without athletics. Fair play, team work, and skill are cultivated in the athletic events that have given T. F. students and spec- tators many pleasurable, prontable hours. Through their sports exhibitions, T. F. athletes have shown that they have justly upheld the Spirit of T. F., whether it was on the track or in the gym . . . on the mat or in the pool . . . on the basketball court or on the gridiron . .A s'vv 2v' Effiit' ,Q r9-,H El 1 Q is ....,., :Ss :-xg . .... .... .... w it . 3 x E Ai jfs w f . n .... , S 3 5 5 je .Siairif 0 . History is made every year, and, as usual, Fractional's gridders of 1948 will go down in our book of memories as 'lThe Team." Although Dave Stinson was T. F.'s main offensive threat, his defensive punting will always be remembered. Dave was honored by the coaches by being chosen All South Suburban half- back. In the upper right corner is the famil- iar pose of the Meteor field general, Al Freyman. Al was elected to the All South Suburban second team. The elusive running of Len Czerwinski is shown in the middle of the page. Len's line plunging was also a great asset to the team. Bob Sertic proved to be a dependable defensive end. Bobls excellent block- ing made him valuable as an offensive threat also. The threesome shown in the lower center of the page are LeRoy jaworski, Co-Captain Bob Stinson, who was chosen as All South Suburban centerg and Henry Wleklinski. They were the main factors of the Meteor line. Many opposing teams were respectful of their aggressive playing. At the bottom of the page is the small, but powerful Meteor "forward wallf' Not a finer group of linesmen than Vic Modjeski, Co-Captain Gordon Bartman, LeRoy Jaworski, Co-Captain Bob Stinson, Henry Wleklinski, Ray Ciastlco, and John Danewicz, could have been found on the gridiron of T. F. WWCLLQA ct amucdclown At the top of the page we see Vic Modjeski, our right end. Vic's splendid blocking and all around playing will be hard to replace. Although Vern Frank seemed small to much of the opposition, his line plung- ing had plenty of punch, which the visitors soon found out. Tom Chillis proved to be one of our flashiest reserves. Tom's running abil- ity is demonstrated in the upper center of the page. Bob Kobeska and Glenn Snider were T. F.'s scrappy reserve guards. Their alertness stopped many of the plays of the opposition. The familiar play taking place in the lower center of the page is the end around. This play is executed by All South Suburban John Danewicz. Johnls hard running was one of the elements that gave T. F. a successful team. Fractionalls "Four Horsemen" were Len Czerwinski, Allen Freyman, Vern Frank, and Dave Stinson. Their team- work brought many touchdowns for the Purple and Gold this season. ' The fine spirit shown by the Meteors throughout the season well exempli- fies the "Spirit of T. VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM, Left to right: Row I: Managers Dick Gish, Keith Smith, Al Oderwald, Dick Horvatich. Row 2: Bill Swendsen, Norb Lesczynski, Elmer Brazel, Bryce Keller, Owen Ruff, Bob Barnes, Chuck Uram, jerry Koleski, Dan Olin, Bob McCloskey, Forrest Geiken. Row 3: Bob Abblett, Pat Hintz, Al Owen, Wayne Bartman, Bill Pike, Bert Gish, john Danewicz, Bob Sertic, Ronald Rusin, Bob Kobeszka, Tom Vierk, Coach Sowinski. Row 4: Coach Petree, Glen Snider, Len Czerwinski, Al Freyman, Ray Ciastko, Hank Wleklinski, Bob Stinson and Gordon Bartman, Co-Capts., Dave Stinson, Vic Modjeski, Vern Frank, LeRoy Jaworski, Tom Chillis. 7 Q f Kyla .wilt ,fm Af The 1948 gridmen proved to be a capable match for any team they played. Under the directorship of Coaches Petree and Sowinski the gridmen compiled a record of five wins and four losses. Bloom again proved to be our downfall as Fractional dropped its last game of the season to the Chicago Heights school. VARSITY FOOTBALL SEASON RECORD TF OPP. 19 - - - Bishop Noll - - - - 13 0 - - Hammond Tech - 6 58 - Kankakee 1 3 13 - Blue Island 7 12 - Saint Bede 14 0 - - Senn - 7 21 - - Pullman Tech 6 21 - - Argo - 0 6 - Bloom . 14 7' 'IW t" ' ' Bob Stinson, co-captaing Coaches Wilbur Petree and joe Sowinskig Alin Oderwald, Dick Horvatich, Keith Smith, Richard Gordon Bartman, co-captain. Gish, Managers. 7 7 e in, e in Z a In the lower portions of these two pages we see some candid shots illustrating the varied occurences at our football gamesg in addition to the excitement aroused by the action of the game, we also Witness performances by the majorettes and the band and are led in our yells by the cheerleaders. We are dedicating the athletic section of this yearls Chronoscope to the memory of Bryce Keller, Whose untimely death deprived T. F. students of a sincere friend and companion. Bryce had a promising future in all major athletics, and was to be captain of the 1949 football team. Row 1, left to right: Manager Dave Hedges, Alvin Ballard, Eugene Bolda, Keith Williams, jerry Musgrave, Leon Fried- man, Ross Dahlberg, John Collins, Aitken Young, Coach. Row 2, left to right: Tom Norris, Jerry Styka, Bob Stinson, Eddie Bauer, Joe Mendez, Bob Vierk, Jack Brown, Phil Madalon. Row 3,-.left to riglal: Milton Pana, Vernon Wlek- linski, Bill Winterhoff, Eugene Krolak, Sam Smith, Edward Charbonneau, Wayne Wiers, Eugene Wydrzynski, Daryll Lem. Row 4, lefz to riglals Dave Thompson, Jim Montella, Procopio Lo Duca, Ronald Geiken, Donald Pranger, Don Walters, Leonard Czyzniejewski. OA jA0l"l'lf0l'l T. F.'s sophomore gridders showed much of the spirit of T. F. in the past football season. Their record of 6 wins, 2 ties, and 2 losses was made possible by the fine team- work turned in by the entire squad. Many of the touchdowns were scored by halfbacks Bob Vierk and Bob Stinson. Of course, much credit should given to the fine linemen who made their efforts isible. SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL SEASON RECORD T. F. OPP. O ------ Noll Central ------ 0 7 - - - Hammond Tech - - - 7 13 - - - Lockport - - - 7 30 V - - Kankakee - - - 7 12 - - Blue Island - - 6 13 - - Hyde Park - - 12 6 - - - Roosevelt - - - 7 26 - - Pullman Tech - - O 7 - - - Argo - - - 13 12 - - Bloom - - 0 W I'L0lfU yOU C6lI'l I0 a Although the Freshmen Football squad did not have an impressive record, many of the fundamentals of football have been taught to them. In their future years at T. F., these fundamentals will enable them to score many victories. Their interest in football and the enthusiasm they have shown throughout the season is typical of the true "Spirit of T. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SEASON RECORD T. F. OPP 12 - ----- Kankakee - - 0 0 - - Blue Island - - 19 0 - - Edison - - 6 6 - - Hammond Tech - - 6 6 - - Irving - - 3 6 0 - - Hammond Clark - - 5 Row 1, bottom: Frank Gillespie, Richard Selin, Ed Novak, jack Jones, James Broomhead, Tom Petree, jacob Hoogeveen, john Avenatti, Dick Sweeko, joe Kurseja, Dave Jackson. Row 2: Ronald Smith, Darryl Rork, Bob McDonald, Phil Kosanovich, Art Rogers, Bob Webb, Bob Busch, Bill Yercine, George DePirro, Bill Last, Coach Adolph Gentile. Row 3: Manager Jack Carpenter, Gerald Jonas, Louis Bissa, Jan Schultz, Howard Getts, Eugene Kr 'W' ' Joe Stephenson, David Markstone, Robert Mendez, Marvin Scheffki, jlte .gyoirif 0 . T.F.'s l948-'49 basketball starting line-up for the varsity team was composed of five seniors, each an importa cog in the team machine. In the center of the page we see Coach jackson Kiester, who produces a good team every year, and the twf varsity managers, Paul Jackson, a senior and Forrest Geiken, a junior. - The picture in the upper left hand corner shows forward Bob Abblett, in a familiar pose, shooting a long one hander, for which he proved to be a proficient rnarksman. In the upper right, we see Dave Stinson, aguard, whi was one of the outstanding rebound men of the League. Vern Frank, the year's free throw champion, is seen ii the lower left making a basket under the net. Dribbling in the lower center is the team captain and pivot mar Al Freyman, who was the South Suburban scoring champion. In the lower right hand corner, we see the talles man of the squad, Ray Ruff, about to drop the ball through the net. cores a Z?a5Lef Left to right-Row l.' Charles Uram, Bob Barnes, Danny Olin, Bert Gish. Row 2: Don Shutoski, Owen Rulf, Harold Siegfried, Roy Tanis. Row 3: Richard Gish, Bryce Keller. Although the "Mighty Mites" were lacking an impressive record in the "won,' column, they showed many a favored opponent they were not to be regarded lightly. In South Suburban League standing they finished an average fourth, but the Meteors owned at least one win over their league competitors with the excep- tion of Kankakee and Argo-the one-two teams of the league. In true Fractional spirit these underdog mites never gave up, regardless of the odds. The action shots above illustrate the athletic "Spirit of T. 49 VARSITY BASKETBALL SEASON RECORD F. Clark Fenzer Kankakee Alumni Bloom Morgan Park Blue Island Bradley Lockport Argo Kankakee Matton Bloom Blue Island Gilman Lockport Argo REGIONAL Grant Park Joliet OPP 34 20 60 28 32 32 42 59 49 47 66 62 34 67 29 36 56 48 51 elle g0f CL feflllfl . . . l Left lo right, lop, Row 1.' Tom Potts, Glen Young, Keith Williams, Joe Mendez, Mgr. l Row 2.' Tom Holobowski, Pro Lo Duca, Bob Stinson, john Collins, Gene Krolak, Bob Vierk, Mgr. l Row 3: Eddie Bauer, Sam Calabrese, Bill WintethoE, Pete Siderius, Bob Endres, Gene Wydrzynski, Coach Adolph Gentile. Although these Meteorites ended the seasonxwith a .475 average for nineteen games, the boys showed they had the light which develops good ballplayers. As Coach Gentile stated, "The sophomore competition this year was very good." Witlm 'Cottonl' Bauer leading the Way in offense, as well as floor play, the Meteorites gave many an exceptional team the "fight of its life." SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL SEASON RECORD T. F. OPP. T. F. OPP. 25 Morton 30 31 AIS? 23 27 Tech 17 40 Tech 24 3 0 Kankakee 62 3 7 Kankakee 42 25 Bloom 30 33 Bloom 57 52 Morgan Park M. A. 31 22 B? :and is 27 Blue Island 31 5 fa CY 57 Gilman 32 41 Morgan Park M. A. 17 58 Lockport 43 28 Lockport 41 35 Whiting 34 30 Morton 24 33 Argo 32 6212 g0f Cl, ge The Baby Meteors this year turned in a sparkling record of fourteen. wins against nve losses. 4 Coach Schmidt inspired this group of boys so that they gave the Purple and Gold school the best freshman record ever compiled. M In 4 V 1 , . y - .,,,i,. The Schmidtmen with fast break and zone or pressing defense downed :,a:i,, Z., ,:,,,.:,,,Q,,,:u,:G,,,,,,, , Q nine foes in a row. 3 is FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SEASON RECORD sally E T. F. oPP. 'r. F, oPP. 21 Irving 22 50 Morgan Park M. A. 28 14 Morton 27 24 Blue Island 22 'K : EA 26 Whiting is 31 Morton 54 20 Hammond Tech. 14 30 Hammond Tech' 15 24 Clark 16 47 Roosevelt 35 22 Edi 17 20 Harvey 39 son F 49 Morgan Park Ll. A. 25 58 Harvey 17 41 Blue Island 35 44 Joliet Catholic 26 29 Roosevelt 3U 30 Clark 22 40 Whiting 27 l Left to right. lop, Row If Jerry Modjeski Mike Brakebill Tom Petree And Kruk k' L , , , , y ows 1, jim ewis, Fred Baker, Norm Lindsey, Mgr. Row 2: jack Jones, jan Schultz, Dave jackson, Richard Sweeko, Bob Webb, John Avenatti. Row 3.' Joe Kurzeja, Phil Kosanovich, Coach Victor Schmidt, Frank Gillespie, Art Rogers. 51 jk .Sarraf o und .xdlzead At the time the Chronoscope goes to press, the track team seems to be on its way to another successful season. The Meteor cindermen have won all their opening meets by impressive scores-you know how the season ended! ' EARLY SEASON TEAM RECORD T. F. OPP. 56 - Hammond Tech - 48 lO5V2 - Morgan Park M. A. - - l0M2 S l M - - - - Whiting - - - 19M 40 516-5rd place. . . . . .Wheaton Relays. . . . . .10 entries Pictured on opposite page: Row 1: Jerry Grudzien, hurdles 1 Ray Ruff, mile run 3 Gordon Bartman, shot put and discus. Row 2: Dick I-Iorvatich, pole vault and high jump 3 Bob Abblett, hurdles 3 Dan Olin, 440 yd. dash. Row 3: Center, Jim Mayer, high jump : Dave Stinson, sprintsg John Reich, mile. Row 4: Vic Modjeski, shot put. Bottom: "You've got to go over the hurdle, not through it"'-This hurdler learned his lesson. Below: VARSITY, left to right-Row 1: Ed Pierzchalski, Keith Smith, Jerome Grudzien, Ray Ruff, Dave Stinson, Gordon Bartman, Jim Panagas, Coach Young. Row 2: Wayne Carlson, Dave Mabrey, Owen Ruff, Paul Jackson, John Reich, Bob Sertic, Bob Abblett, Dick Horvatich. Row 3: John Sweitzer, Tom Vierk, Bob Skwiertz, John Bleck. Row 4: ' ' ' ' D ' V' Mod'eski, Forrest Geiken Ronald Schweder, Mike Wis- Vlnce DePirro, Arnie Vierk, Chuck Uram, Charles avis, ic J ' , ' ' ' ' ' ' Cl k J' Ma er, Roy Tanis. niewski, Bill Lukley, Jim Munson, Dan Olin, Al Owen, Bob Mc os ey, im y FROSH. SOPH., left to right-Row 1, bottom: Don Schnieder, Mike Brakebill, Ronald Geiken, Jerry Modjeski, Dave Jackson, Armin Kurz, Wayne Mitchell, Wayne Barnes, Jim Galloway, John Holmes, Ray Kirschipper, Fred Baker. ' 1 k J M ntella, Jack Gannon, Tom Petree Bob Freeman, Mac Row 2: Ken Kapley, Dave Markstone, John Pctloc , amcs o , Bessc, lohn Colins, Ronald Ostrom, Mgr. Row 3: Bill Luezlfing, Richard Sweeko, Pro LoDuca, Phil Kosonovich, Gene ' 4 1 h F - M r., John Hoogeveen Mgr. Roivjf Wydruiski, Don Walters, Ed Bauer, Bob Webb, Dom Fcmminella, Jo n oyer, 2 , . ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' t h ff Wa ne Wiers, Bob Stin- Coach Fcdosky, Frank Gillespie, Andy Selin, John Avenetti, Keith Williams, Bill Win er o , y son, Bob Vierk, Jerry Musgrave, Don Staack, Art Rogers, Ronald Smith. I V glee .gylairif 0 . ugjlofarilted fo Ucfor VARSITY SWIMMING TF .5 40 46 -10 52 17 27 11 og 65 16 49 42 49 S9 SEASON RECORD OPP. Morton, Cicero 42 Froebel 8 Horace Mann 44 Harvey 41 Hammond High 25.5 Fenger 26 E. Chicago Wash. 13 Hammond High 26 Urbana 25 Danville 49 Harvey 39 Chicago Univ. High 25 Morton, Cicero 33 Horace Mann 31 Danville 49 E. Chicago Wash. 17 Fengxer 19 Froebcl 17 League Meet-Argo 34 Kankakee 35 F1'z'sh11lt1n Sophomore Tcwm, left to fright, sitting: Charles Tucker, Neil Orth, Jerry Styka, Roland ' ' ' K l J ck Brown, Dave Markstone, Sam Smith. Clement, Jim Galloway, Tom Zukley, Richaid ar, a Standing: Don Staack, Ronald Smith, Armin Kurz, Leonard Czyzniejewski, John Foyer, Keith Williams, Jake Hoogeveen, Edwin Montlrzyk. Star ffrec style swion' Bob Stinson. Left to right: ' ' H l s Jerry Musgrave, Mgr., Dick Leisure, Mgr. Left to right: George William Makely, Harold o me , Wheeler, Ronald Ansburg, Jim Varner, Coach Ed Fedosky. Left to right: Paul Knabenhans, Don Janus, Dick Lutz. Left to right fmcdley relay champsj: Bob Stinson, Dick Bruce, Julius Schocttlc. Breast stroke chafmpi ' ' ' ' ' ' ' h' Q John Bleck, tm: Dick Bruce. Lvjt to wghf. Lane Bruce, Ralph Bic in, er, the South Suburban Champion' The swim team enjoyed a successful season, winning ship in the first League meet to be held in recent years. Two new records were set this year in the 180 yard medley relay and the 100 yard breast stroke. The relay team, composed of Bob Stinson, Dick Bruce, and Julius Schoettle changed the time ' k k f from 1:5-4.5 to 11518, and Dick Bruce replaced the former breast stro e mar 0 1111.6 with a new 1108.4 V me .Siairif 0 ind an lalaonenf VARSITY WRESTLING SEASON RECORD TF OPP. 26 E. Chicago Roosevelt 23 18 Harvey 19 31 Hammond Tech. 14 19 E. Chicago Wash. 24 23 E. Chicago Roosevelt 23 26 Blue Island 12 15 Harvey 23 24 Hammond Tech. 24 26 George Rogers Clark 20 16 Blue Island 21 15 E. Chicago Wash. 34 20 George Rogers Clark 35 Upper left laerttl corner, left to right: Mike Wisniewski, Vince DePirro, and Phil Madalon. Upper right bend earner, left to right: Gordon Bartman, Wayne Bartman, Tom Vierk, and Dave Thomp- son. Center left, left to right: Norbert Lesczynski, Stanley Adarnkiewicz, and Marvin Smithson. Center right, left to rlglat: Conrad Kelleher, Jim Boothe, Don Welsh, and jerry Jordon. Bottom left, left to right: Norbert Lesczynski, Marvin Smithson, and Coach joe Sowinski. Bottom right, left to right, Row 1: Louis Dupre, Elmer Brazel, Louis Petros, Art Lorenz. Row 2: Ed Charbon- neau, Bob Busch, Wayne Barnes, Jim Montella, George DePirro, and Bill Wilson. Row 3: jim Enloe, Clem Kobus, Jay Sheffield, Bill Last, and Carl Keppel. Although the 1948-49 wrestling team linished the season with a record of only four Wins to six losses and two ties, four grapplers qualified for the State finals: Wayne Bartman, Phil Madalon, Vince DePirro, and Mike Wisniewski. 55 FREETHBOWS AND CHECKERS sg t A Lower left: Dick Horvatich, Ray Heintz. fl l"Cl,' ll,l"Cl, Cllffl if N I SWIMMING Upper picture: Dick Furmanski, Chuck Manny, Al Kindt, Al INTERCLASS BASKETBALL Qdefwaldg U , N X I'ront: Richard Lelnen, Jim Mayer. Row I, top: Al Freyman, Bob Abblett, Ronald Schultz. Row 2: Ray Buff, Dave Stinson, Richard Horvatich. SWIMMINC RELAYS Front: Vern Frank. Lower: Dan Bolda, Don Walters, John Colins, Chuck Manny, Bob Young. In tube: Charles Davis. BASKETBALL Left, Row 1: Forrest Geiken, Arnie Vierk, Ronald Schultz. WRESTLING Row 2: Roy Wheeler, Al Kindt, Charles Davis, Donald Schultz. Forrest Geiken, Tom Kemp, Wayne Wiers, Don Stinson, Bob Breski. PING PONG BOXING Caroll Warner Left to right: Caroll Warner, Ken Enloe, Tom Norris Thornton Fractional's intramural program is also an example of enthusiastic partici- pation. With the help of the coaching staff, a successful program was promoted for boys not participating in interscholastic athletics. The spirit which the contestants displayed in competition is truly "The Spirit of T. F." 55 A MONOGRAM CLUB OFFICERS, left to fight: Dave Stinson, Vice-President, Leonard Czerwinski, Presidentg Don Welsh, Treasurer, Ray Ciastko, Sergeant-at-Arms, Bob Abblett, Secretary. MONOGRAM CLUB, left to right, Row 1.' Ray Ciastko, Dave Stinson, Leonard Czerwinski, Bob Abblett. Row 2: Don Welsh, Bill Pike, Bernard Barton, Bryce Keller, Dick Bruce, Julius Schoettle, LeRoy jaworski. Row 3: Ralph Erchinger, Bob Sertic, Henry Wleklinski, James Boothe. Row 4: Bert Gish, Victor Modjeski, Jim Munson, Pat Hintz, Vern Frank. Row 5: Pete Young, Dick Lutz, Ray Ruff, Owen Ruff, Gordon Bartman, Al Frevman, Bob Barnes, Allan Owen, Conrad Kelleher, Chuck Uram, Don Shutoski. Row 6: Phil Madalon, Tom Vierk, Paul Barber, Mike Wisniewski. gnggpanq - .7l1e .xgflzdfic ,oirif of The Monogram Club is an organization composed of those athletes who have earned either a major letter or two minor letters in the same sport. Before becoming members, the initiates must endure a severe initiation which stimulates the circulation of the blood considerably! Among other activities, the members of the Monogram Club serve as assembly monitors, manage intramurals, and hold an annual picnic in the spring. 57 2 F Upper left, Row 1: Dee Dee Damai, Myrna Gillian, Joan Parker. Row 2: Frances Komorowski, Kathryn Swieringa, Betty Greider. Lower left, rtnnding: Marcia Ewing, Pat Arens. Sitting: Pat Shelton. Center, Row 1: Janell Wenzel, Cecilia Zaleta, Gertrude Alderden, Linda Sheiheld, Jackie Harle, Yvonne Weil, Barbara Lorenz, Marilyn Weiss. Sitting, Row 2: Rose Klank, Joan Sekula, Kay Peters, Virginia Deutsch, Sally Brandon, Ann Sabados. Row 3: Genevieve Wini- arczyk, Joan Grady, Greta Allen, Laura Freeman, Catherine Koselke, Lois Moffett, Frances Davidson. Row 4: Theresa Wojtkowiak, Evelyn Knabenhans, Mary Lou Davis, Doris Freeman, Joan Padgett, Judy Benjamin. Row 5: Elsa Bohlin, Caroe Karr, Delores Wisniewski, Ann Jung. Row 6.' Delores Koselke, Lois Rentner, Jane Burris, Carolyn Schultz. Upper right, rtanding: Lou Sacco, Mary Ellen Moynahan, Joyce Patterson, Wilma Fanta, Josie Winiarczyk, Marcella Haney, Elaine Sokol, Joyce Cadman, Marilyn Lewandowski, Shirley Bryant, Marilyn Jones. Sitting: Pat Jercha, Rosemary Ruff, Pat Gainski, Mary Lou Metzcus, Barbara Errninger, Marilyn Rex, Janice Salzwedel, Barbara Faltus, Doris Hickle, Louise Jernigan, Lorene Rardin. Lower right, standing: Virginia Hamilton, Joan Peters, Lola Lorenz, Lois Lorenz, Sharon Leach, Judy Grimes, Joan Oakes. Sitting: Betty Jercha, Eileen Koschnick, Angie Alaimo, Mary Maupin. im, igor, Wadi - we Lgpoirif of The girls who participate in the activities of G.A.C. learn basic athletic skills and develop good sports- manship. As we can see by the smiles of these girls, they really have the pep and stamina that upholds the Spirit of T. F. The G.A.C. girls meet three times a Week after school. They may take part in any one or all of the five sports offered: volleyball, captain basketball, basketball, swimming, and baseball. ln order to earn a letter, a girl must not only make teams, but she must also keep training rules and com- plete the hikes required for her class. Pictured on the opposite page are: Top left, front row: Wilma Fanta, Myrna Gillian, Carole Karr. Middle Row: Mary Lou Davis, Lola Lorenz, Miss Adeline Jaacks, Mary Lou Metzcus. Back Row: Pat Shelton, Josie Winiarczyk, Dee Dee Damai. Top right: Carole Karr. Center, front row: Pat Shelton, Greta Allen, Norma Clark, Mary Lou Metzcus, Carole Karr. Back Row: Lois Lorenz, Lola Lorenz, Delores Koselke, Evelyn Knabenhans, June Poto. Lower left, front row: Rosie Klank, Lois Lorenz, Mary Lou Davis, Lola Lorenz, Evelyn Knabenhans. Middle Row: Carole Karr, Shirley Bryant, Linda Sheffield, Joan Sekula, Gen- evieve Winiarczyk. Back Row: Marilyn Jones, Dee Koselke, Filomena Cicero. Lower right, Jitting: Shirley Bryant, Kathryn Swieringa, Carole Karr. Standing, bottom: Evelyn Knabenhans, Lola Lorenz, Lois Lorenz, Linda Sheffield. Standing, top: Fanny Cicero, Theresa Wojtkowiak. 59 ,UM .Jglaif 604105 rue A flash of gleaming batons and white satin greeted football fans during the halves at home games. Regardless of weather conditions, our drum major and twirlers strutted their best to carry on a tradition-a tradition of school pride. The school spirit of T.F. is bolstered by a group of energetic cheerleaders. Whether We are winning or losing a game, our cheerleaders stand ready to cheer our team onward, regardless of victory or defeat. The peppiness and vitality of our cheerleaders permeates the heart of every true T.F. booster and carries on a spirit of clean fun and true sportsmanship. TWIRLERS-Left to right, Row 1: Shirley Mueller, Janet Eggebrecht, Pat Mueller, Judy Dickus, Mary Moynahan, Pat Gainski, Jerry Plys, Margie Gifford. Row 2: Mary Boggess, Norma Clark, Fanny Cicero, Marilyn Dibblee, Marilyn Carr, Sharon Askren, joan Parker, Louise Barnes. CHEERLEADERS-Vmtity' Pat Jercha, Lois Rentner, Louise Jernigan, Barbara Erminger. Ffeih. -Soplau' Betty Hecht, Edna Monestere, Marlene Davis. Drum Major: Leonard Smith. 60 fl'I'G,l9iI'l5 lllil'I'l Ll' QC! f CLR edllig INITIATES-Left to right, on diving bmmi: Jackie Carlson, Theresa Roski, Josie Monestere Pat Wretman. Back Row: Margie Peterson, Yvonne Weil, Aleida Hartge, Mary Maupin, Betty Greider, Karen Kronvall, joan Parker, Ann Jung, janet Eggebrecht, Lou Sacco, Miss Shemaitis. Front Row: Sonia Koharko, Ruth Goldberg, Dianne Archey, Evelyn Zorich, Carolyn Holi, Barbara Faltus, Virginia Deutsch. MEMBERS-Left to riglaz: Marilyn Jones, Greta Allen, Marilyn Bogart, Mary Frigo, Shirley Bryant, Gloria Peaker, Marcia Ewing, Barbara Erminger, Norma Clark, Myrna Gillian, Kay Peters, Phyllis Linkiewicz. OFFICERS-Left to right: President, Pat Geyg Secretary-Treasurer, Joyce Cadmang Vice Presi- dent, Lucille Linkiewicz. No picture of T. F.'s extra-curricular activities for girls would be complete without the Terrapin "turtles" Perfection of swimming strokes and diving are the purposes of this club. With Miss Mary Shemaitis as sponsor, the girls attain not only aquatic grace, but poise and personality development as well. A grand feature of the Terrapin Club is the annual water ballet presented at the Carnival. 61 .goffoma I0 When upperclassmen attempt to harass the freshmen, they sometimes find them- selves in more trouble than they ex- pected! This was the situation presented in the Junior-Senior play entitled "Bot- toms Up," which was directed by Mr. Jack Wonnell. THE CAST, top, left to riglat: Carroll Warner, friend 'of fraternity president, Carole Karr, the campus queen, Ronald Lansing, a soda jerk, Ralph Erchinger, president of Beta Chi, Jackie Harle, editor of the "Scandal Sheet", Barbara Langdoc, a dumb Dora. Center, left to right: Mary Lou Davis, a large co-edg joan Kraus, Dean of Stu- dent Affairsg Mary Maupin, the Dean's niece, Judy McDowell, a medium-sized co-edg Janet Eggebrecht, a small co-ed, Wynn Williams, the "Brain" Bottom, left to right: Don Zajakowski, a "fresh" freshman. Extmt' Carolyn Wahlgren, Mary Ann Slaby, Paul jackson, Bob Engerski, Dick Furmanski. Row 2: jackie Carlson. Stage Crew: Dayton Williams, Ed Flom, Charles Manny. Sitting: Filomena Cicero, strictly from Dixie, Mr. Wonnel, director, Marilyn Dibblee, prompter. Nor IN PICTURE: Marcia Ewing, the Dean's secretary. we .Siairif 0 af Sociagi Socials sponsored by various school clubs and organizations create a major part of the students social life at T. F. The above scenes picture the various activities at a social Q sponsored by the Junior Class. Checkers and ping pong Were popular forms of entertainment in the game room, while "cokes" furnished refreshment for the dancers. The boys in the "stag line" look over the situation of the couples Cgirlsj on the dance floor. Since the boys did not take any action, two sophomore girls decided they would use force with a certain reluctant boy. 63 '5 3,1 Cfmm The Spirit of T. F. is expressed in the classes at T. F., from the rhythmic chant of the typewriters in 205 to the anticipa- tion of the chemistry students performing an experiment in the "lab." The building is ever resounding with the melodic tones from the band and the chatter of enthusiastic students in the halls between classes. T. F. is a lively place Where students combine studies, fun, and friendship. These are the students . . . Seniors and Freshmen, juniors and Sophomores, who are the real Spirit of T. F. Qi? 'X Q ' ... , 3, ,,,f , 3, maf- sidggf' Qgfwww 1 K ' QQ 4, Q hw LOL foward! flue fam AL FREYMAN was captain of the basketball team and also king of the Carnival. MARY LOU DAVIS acted as chairman for community services sponsored by the Girls' Club, such as the tuberculosis Christmas Seal Drive and the March of Dimes. DAVE STINSON had possession of the athletic derby, which denotes honorable achievement in athletics. JANELL XVENZELS service to various organizations resulted in her being selected as T. Ffs Good Citizen. The Mono- gram Club was piloted by LENNIE CZERXVINSKI, while the Girls' Club pre- sented many activities under the capable leadership of JACKIE HARLE, president. These outstanding seniors have served T. F. loyally and have promoted the wel- fare of their fellow students to make this silver anniversary year one to be remembered. 67 CiS2A0!ar6Ail0, oaaclerdkilo, Ckaracfer, ervice Left to right. boflom, Rout' I: Ralph Erchinger, Edith Heslett, joan Kraus, Row 2: Filomena Cicero, Barbara Langdoc, Ronald Schultz, Cecelia Zralka, Dolores Wood, janell Wenzel. Row 3: Carole Karr, Alice Urbanski, Art Back, Marilyn Jones, Carole Boardway, lla Jo Davis, Bob Abblett, Linda Shetlield. Row 4.' Barbara Dahlberg, Lila Koehn, Ann Sabados, Jerome Grudzien, Betty Jercha, Dave Stinson, Elsa Bohlin, Jackie Harle. Row 5: Anne Marie Krieger, Theresa Brady, Bob Stinson, Shirley Melcher, Richard Furmanski, Kathryn Swieringa, Ray Ruff, Mary Lou Davis. Each year the faculty selects from the members of the senior class those who are Worthy of mem- bership in the National Honor Society. The four qualities for which the members are chosen are scholarship, leadership, character, and service. This year, thirty-three students were added to the membership of the Oasis Chapter of the Society. The thirty-three new members pictured above focus their attention upon Ralph Erchinger, whom they chose as Master of Ceremonies for the formal candlelight installation which was presented to the entire body on April 21, in the T. F. gym, 68 ' we .glnior C4165 of I9 9 Those who are responsible for passing on the "Spirit of T. are the Seniors. This .1949 graduating class is the twenty-fifth class to depart from T. F.'s doors-leaving to the underclassmen their fine example of service, of leadership, and of character, and taking with them the memories of four years well spent. Under the capable leadership of Art, Dick, Linda, and Fanny, they held a ban- quet, entertained us on Senior Day, and re- freshed us with "cokes," which they sold at the games and socials. Left to right: Richard Horvatich, vice presidentg Fanny Cicero, treasurerg Linda Sheffield, secretaryg Art Back, president. W! !0l'lg l"Ql'l'l8l'lfl el' ABBLETT, ROBERT Football 2,43 Letter 2g Basketball l,2,5,4g Letter 1,2,5,4g Track 2,5,4g Letter 2,41 Monogram Club 2,3,4g Officer 4g Boys' Club Board 25,43 Pin 1,255 Teacher's Asa sistant 2,53 Carnival Cast 41 Jr. Class OFB- cer 3-Presidentg Thorntonian Staff 41 As- sembly Monitor 43 Editor Boys' Club News 1 ANDERSON, NORMAN Boys' Club Pin l. ANSBURG, RONALD Entered T. F. in Soph. Year-Swimming 3.41 Letter 41 Water Show 3,4. ARCHEY, DIANE G.A.C. 2,3g Terrapin 4g Pep Club 3g Car- nival Makeup 4g Chronoscope Salesman 53 Library Club 4. ARZICH, JACQUELYN Girls' Chorus 2,5,4g Pep Club 2,5g Hall Monitor 4g Towel Girl 5. ASKREN, SHARON Pep Club l.,2,3g Twirlers l,2,5,4g Carnival Cast 4. AUGUSTYNEK, jOSEPHINE BACK, ARTHUR Hall Monitor 43 Senior Class President 4. BARTMAN, GORDON Football l,2,3,4g Letter 2,3,4g Basketball 2g Wrestling 45 Letter 45 Track 12.3.41 Letter 1,2,5,4g Intramural W'inner 23 Monogram Club l,2,5,4g Carnival Cast 4g Usher 43 Co- Captain Football 4. BARTON. BERNARD Swimming 2,35 Letter 2,5g Pep Club l,2,5 43 Water Show 2,3,4. BOARDWAY, CAROLE Girls' Chorus 5,253 Girls' Chorus Pin 5 Teachers Assisiant l,2g Assistant Editor Chronoscope 43 Ir. Red Cross Alternate 3 Journalism 3g Girls' Club Pin l,3. BOGGESS, BARBARA Pep Club l,2,3,4g Hall Monitor 4g Carnival Makeup 4g Ticket Salesman 5g Usher 9. . .35 wenf l l" BOHLIN, ELSA G.A.C. 2,35 jr. Red Cross Council 3,45 Girls' Club Board 3,45 Girls' Club Pin 2,3, 45 Library Club President 43 Thorntonian Advertising Stal? 35 Pep Club 1,25 Thorn- tonian Staff 45 Usher 4, Chronoscope Ad- vertising 2,3g Journalism 3. BOLEN, MARY ELLEN BOOTHE, JAMES Basketball 15 Wrestling 3,45 Letter 35 Intra- Mural Winner 1,25 Boys' Club Pin 2,35 Pep Club 35 Water show. BRADY, THERESA Girls' Chorus 1.3, Accompanistg Double Sextet l,2,3,4, Accompanistg State Music Contest 2,3. BREU, EILLEN klr. Red Cross Council Ig Assistant to Teacher 1,25 Carnival Poster 4. BRISON, JOSEPH Transferred from Central High School. Winchester, Tennessee, 2, BRUCE, RICHARD Entered T.F. in Soph. Year. Swimming 3,45 Letter 3,45 Monogram Club 3,45 Car- nival Cast 45 Water Show 3. BUGAJSKI, HENRY BRYANT, SHIRLEY G.A.C. 1,2,3,4g Volleyball 1,2,35 Capt. Bas- ketball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,35 Swimming 1,25 Baseball 1,25 Pin 25 Minor Letter 35 Terrapin 3,45 Pin 35 Commercial Club 3,45 Girls' Club Board 35 Girls' Club Pin 2,3,4g Pep Club I,2,3,45 Office Assistant 3,45 Water Show 3,45 Salesman 1,2,35 Jr. Red Cross Rep. 1,2. CARLSON, PHILIP Top Magazine Salesman 4. CARLSON, SHIRLEY G.A.C. l,2,35 Volleyball 1,2,3g Capt. Bas- ketball 35 jr. Red Cross Council 1,2,3g Girls' Club Pin 25 Girls' Chorus lg Teach- er's Assistant Ig Carnival Cast 15 Stage Crew 15 Makeup 15 Salesman 1,2,3. CARR, MARILYN G.A.C. Swim 2,45 G.A.C. Pin 35 Twirlers 2,3,45 Carnival Cast 25 Ticket Salesman 2,35 Thorntonian Salesman 35 Usher 3.4. ...Cl,g0a,I"0 CHILLIS, THOMAS Football 2,3,45 Letter 2,4. CHRISTENSON, ALICE Commercial Club 45 Pep Club 1. CIARLO, JOHN Wrestling 35 Jr. Red Cross Council 5. CIASTKO, RAYMOND Football 2,3,45 Letter 2,45 Wrestling 35 Letter 35 Monogram Club 3,45 Oflicer- Sergeant at Arms 4. CICERO, FILOMENA G.A.C. l,2,3,45 Volleyball 1,2,3,45 Capt. Basketball l,2,35 Basketball 1,2,35 Baseball 1.2,35 Numeral 25 Minor Letter 3g Girls' Club Board 3,45 Girls, Club Pin 1,2,5,4g Girls' Chorus 1,25 Double Sextet 3,45 Pep Club 15 Twirler 2,3,-45 Carnival Cast l,2,5, 45 Jr. Sr. Play 45 Ticket Salesman 1,2,3g Thorntonian Salesman 1,2,3g Sr. Class Ofli- cer 45 Thorntonian Staff 4. CISSELL, CHARLES Teacher's Assistant 4. CIVELLO, ANGELINA G.A.C. 1,25 Jr. Red Cross Council 15 Girls' Chorus 15 Pep Club l,2,3g Teachers As- sistant 25 Debate 15 Usher 15 Library Club 2,53 Thorntonian Salesman 1. COSGROVE, JOHN Basketball 2. CZERWINSKI, LEONARD Football 1,2,3,45 Letter 2,3,45 Basketball 1,25 Letter 1,25 Monogram Club 25,45 President 45 Carnival Cast 45 Assembly Monitor 4. DAHLBERG, BARBARA Teachers Assistant 45 Girls' Chorus 3,45 Carnival Cast 45 Speech 45 Chronoscope Art Work 5,45 Poster Maker 5,4. DANEWICZ, JOHN Football 5,45 Letter 45 South Suburban Conference End 45 Basketball 3. DAVIS, ILA Teacher's Assistant 25,45 Library Club 4. ou fd fancbng ac ieuemenf DAVIS, MARY LOU G.A.C. 2,3,4g Volleyball 2,3,4g Capt. Bas- ketball 3,4g Basketball 3g Swimming 3g Baseball 1,2,3g Numeral 2g Secretary 45 Girls' Club Board 4g Girls' Club Pin 3,43 Girls' Chorus lg Double Sextet 2,3,4g Pep Club 2,3g Teachers Assistant 3,-4g Carnival Cast 2,3,4g Jr. Sr. Play 4g Ticket Sales- man 4. DEBUS, ELSIE Girls' Club Pin 4g Pep Club l,2g Cheer- leader lg Hall Monitor 4. DEMBOWSKI, PATRICIA G.A.C. l,2g Girls' Club Pin l,2g Jr. Red Cross Rep. 2g Ticket Salesman lg Cafeteria Management 4. DE POUTEE, SHARON Salesman 1,25 Library Club 2. DIBBLEE, MARILYN G.A.C. Jr. Red Cross Council lg Girls, Club Board 3g Girls' Club Pin 2,35 Girls' Chorus lg Pep Club l,2,5g Twirler 2,3,4g Letter 4g Clinic Assistant 3g Teacher's As- sistant 2,3g Carnival Cast 2,3g Usher 35 Twirling Contest 3g Thorntonian Ad-getter 3g Thorntonian Salesman l,2,5g Chrono- scope Salesman 2,3. . DOCKWEILER, RUTH Girls' Club Pin 3g Pep Club l,2,3g Hall Monitor 45 Ticket Salesman 3g Usher 3. DUPRE, LOUIS Football 2g Wrestling 3,4g Chronoscope Staff 4g journalism 3. EHASZ, PHYLLIS Pep Club l,2g Carnival Cast 4. EISENHUT, JOE Hall Monitor 4. ENGERSKI, BOB Intramural Winner in Wrestling lg Boys' Club Pin 35 Band 3,4g Band Ofhcer 4. ERCHINGER, RALPH Swimming Team 2,3,4g Letter 2,3,4g Track 2g Track Manager lg Monogram Club 3,4g Boys! Club Board 3,45 Boys' Club Pin 2,3g Carnival Cast 3,4g jr. Sr. Play 4g Water Show 2g Chronoscope Editor 43 Thornton- ian Staff 5,4g journalism Class 3. EWING, BEVERLY Commercial Club 4g Pep Club l,2,3,4g Of- fice Assistant 4g Salesman 25,43 jr. Red Cross Rep. 2,3. U1 f Q CKGJJPOOHQ . . . FAGAN. BEATRICE Hall Monitor 45 Entered Soph. year from H.H.S. FALKENSTROM, JACK Wrestling Zg Intramural Winner Ig Meis- tersingers l,Z,5,4g Officer 4, Cadet Band 23 Orchestra 1,253 Carnival Cast l,4. FRANK, VERNON Football l,2,3,4g Letter l,2,3,4g Basketball l,2,3,4g Letter 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2g Letter 23 Monogram Club 2,3,4g Boys, Club Board 5,4g Boys' Club President 4, Boys' Club Pin X255 Carnival Cast 43 Assembly Moni- tor 4. FREEMAN, RALPH Track 23 Pep Club 4. FREYMAN, ALLEN Football l,2,3,4g Letter l,2,3,4g Basketball l,Z,5,4g Letter 1,2,3,4g Intramural Winner 2g Monogram Club 2,3,4g Basketball Cap- tain 4g Carnival King 4g Carnival Cast 4. FRIGO, MARY Terrapin Club 3,4g Pin 33 Commercial Club 4g jr. Red Cross Council 5,4g Repre- sentative Sg Girls' Club Pin 3g Pep Club l,2,3,4g Teacher's Assistant 5,45 Carnival Cast 2,3,4g Water Show 5,43 Salesman 2.3: Library Club 4. FROST, MYRNA Commercial Club 45 Girls' Club Pin 3g Pep Club l,2,5,4g Ofiice Assistant 4g Usher 33 Towel Girl 5. FURMANSKI, EDWARD FURMANSKI, RICHARD Swim Team 2g Letter 2g Intramural Win- ner Sg Boys, Club Board 4g Cadet Band l,2g Band 2,5,4g Water Show 4, Swim Point Club 5. GAMBINO, JOE GEHRKE, RUTH Hall Monitor 4. Transferred Senior Year from Hyde Park in Chicago. GEY, PAT G.A.C. 2,3g Terrapin 2,3,4g Girls' Club Board 4g Pin 5,45 Pep Club 3,43 Water Show 5,4g Thorntonian Salesman 3,43 Ticket Salesman 3,4. on flue afizific hed! Football l,2,3,43 Letter 23 Numeral lg Bas- ketball 1,2,3,43 Numeral lg Letter 2,53 Monogram Club 2,3,43 jr. Red Cross Rep. W J,4. GORIL, PAUL Cadet Band 33 Band 3,43 Teacher's Assist- ant 3,4. GREEN, RICHARD Football 2. GREENWOOD, JACQUELYNN Office Assistant 43 Towel Girl 3. GRUDZIEN, JEROME Track l,2,3,43 Letter 2,3,43 Boys' Club Board 43 Hall Monitor 4g Stage Crew 4. GUYOTT, PHYLLIS HARLE, JACQUELINE G.A.C. 1,253 Capt. Basketball li Baseball lg Volleyball 1,33 Girls' Club Board 3,43 Girls' Club Secretary 33 Girls' Club Presi- dent 4g Girls' Club Pin 1,2,3,43 Cadet Band lg Double Sextet 1,2,3,43 Band 25,43 jr. Sr. Play 3,43 Chronoscope Staff 43 Thorn- tonian Staff 43 N.F.L. 2,3. HESLETT, EDITH G.A.C. 1,2,33 Baseball 2g Girls Club Board 3,43 Girls' Club Pin l,2,3,43 Girls' Chorus l,2,3,43 Girls' Chorus President 33 Clinic Assistant 33 Teacher's Assistant 1,23 Magazine Salesman l,2,3,43 Thorntonian Editor 43 Usher 23 Thorntonian Ad-Getter 2,33 Ticket Salesman 1,23 journalism 3. HOLMES, HAROLD Swimming 3,43 Boys' Club Pin 33 Water Show 43 Tumbling 33 Pep Club 3. HORVATICH, RICHARD Track 2,33 Letter 23 Manager-Football 1,3,43 Letter 4g Pep Club l,2,3,43 Sr. Class Vice-Pres. HOTZ, VIVIENNE Girls' Club Pin 33 Teachers Assistant 2,53 Water Show 43 Ticket Salesman 3. HOWARD, THOMAS jk .gzniorff eminidce JACKSON , PAUL Basketball Manager 1,3545 Letter 45 Track Manager '2,3,45 Letter 3,45 Intramural Winner 35 Boys' Club Pin 35 Meister- singers 1,2,3,45 Teaclxer's Assistant 3,45 Carnival Cast 3,4. JAEGER, LOIS Pep Club 3,45 Teacher's Assistant 45 Make- up 45 Ticket- Salesman 35 Usher 3,45 Girls' Club Pin 4. JANSEN, DONALD Pep Club 4. JANUS, DONALD Swimming 3,45 Letter 3,45 Water Show 4. JAWORSKI, LEROY Football 1,2,3,45 Letter 2,35 Track 2,35 Let- ter 25 Monogram Club 3,-4. JERCHA, BETTY Pep Club 3,45 G.A.C. 1,2,3,45 Volleyball 1,35 Baseball 2,35 Capt. Basketball 2,35 Swimming 2,35 Teacher's Assistant 45 G.A.C. Numeral 35 Minor Letter 4. JOHNSTONE, MARY Girls' Chorus l,2,3,45 Hall Monitor 45 Girls' Club Pin 4. JONES, MARILYN G.A.C. 2,3,45 Volleyball 1,35 Baseball 2,35 Capt. Basketball 3,45 Swimming 152,35 Pin 25 Numeral 35 Terrapin 2,3,45 Letter 35 Jr. Red Cross Council l,2,3,45 Girls' Club Pin 1,35 Double Sextet l,2,3,45 TeaCher's As- sistant 45 Handbook Editor 45 Ticket Sales- man 1,25 Poster Maker 45 Carnival Cast 2,3,45 Water Show 2,3545 Library Club 2,35 Oihcer 35 Letter 25 Pin 3. JURECKI, LEONA G.A.C. 15 Commercial Club 45 Pep Club 1,2,35 Ticket Salesman l. KALETA, ARLENE Pep Club 1,25 Teacher's Assistant 35 Sales- man 1,3,45 Red Cross Rep. 2,3,45 Poster Maker 3,4. KARR, CAROLE G.A.C. 1,2,3,45 Olhcer 45 Pres.5 Volleyball Class Team 15253,-45 Capt. Basketball Class Team 2,35 Basketball Class Team 2,35 Swimming Team 2,35 Baseball Varsity 35 Volleyball Varsity 45 G.A.C. Numeral 25 G.A.C. Minor Letter 35 Girls' Club Board 152,35 Pin 1,2,3,45 G.A.C. Major Letter 45 Teacher's Assistant 2,3545 Carnival Cast 3,45 Ticket Salesman 1,2535-45 Chronoscope Sales- ma11 1,2,3,45 Chronoscope Circulating Staff 1,25 Ad-getter 1,25 jr. Red Cross Rep. 1,45 Thorntonian Salesman 25 Journalism 3L Jr. Sr. Class Play 3,45 Speech 4. KEHLE, JUNE Pep Club 45 Cafeteria 4. on rienolrilzilari gaine KILINSKI, ELEANOR Girls' Club Pin 13 Pep Club3 Teacher's Assistant 1,2,43 Ticket Salesman 1,2,3,4. KINDT, ALLEN Football 1,23 Basketball 1,23 Cadet Band 1,23 Band 3,4. KLANK, ROSE G.A.C. 1,2,3,43 Volleyball 2,43 Capt. Bas- ketball 1,2,43 Baseball 23 Jr. Red Cross Council 43 Jr. Red Cross Rep. 2,33 Pep Club 1,2,3,43 Office Assistant 43 Teacher's Assistant 1,2,33 Makeup 43 Thorntonian Salesman 3,43 Chronoscope Salesman 33 Ticket Salesman 132,33 Thorntonian Ad- getter 4. KLEKOT, STANLEY Track 3. KNABENHANS, EVELYN G.A.C. 1,2,3,43 Board 233,43 Officer 2,3,43 Volleyball Varsity 2,43 Volleyball Class Team 2,33 Capt. Basketball Team 1,2,33 Basketball Class Team 1,2,33 Swimming 1,2333 Baseball Class Team 1,2,33 Numeral 23 Minor Letter 33 Major Letter 43 Terra- pin Club 23 Jr. Red Cross Rep. 3,43 Girls' Club Board 33 Pin 1,2,33 Teacher's Assist- ant 2,3,43 Makeup 43 Ticket Salesman 1,2, 3,43 Chronoscope Salesman 13233,-43 Thorn- tonian Salesman 1,2,3,43 Thorntonian Staff 43 Usher 33 Journalism 33 Magazine Sales- man 1,3. KNABENHANS, PAUL Football 23 Basketball 13 Swimming 2,3,43 Letter 2,3,43 Captain 43 Intramural Winner 13 Monogram Club 3,43 Boys' Club Pin.33 Water Show 2,3,43 Stage Show 2,3,43 Stage Crew 4. KNOLL, JOAN Commercial Club 43 Girls' Club Pin 1,2, 3,43 Girls' Chorus 1,2,33 Pep Club 2,33 Teacher's Assistant 2,33 Thorntonian Sales- man 1,2,33 Chronoscope Salesman 1,2333 Ticket Salesman 1,2,33 Thorntonian Ads 1,2333 Chronoscope Ads 1,2,33 Thorntonian StaH 43 Usher 3. KOEHN, LILA G.A.C. 13 Basketball 13 Swimming 13 jr. Red Cross Council 1,2,3,43 Girls' Club Board 2,33 Pin 132,33 Pep Club 1,23 Cadet Band lg Band 1,2,3,43 Officer 33 Orchestra 1,2,33 Teacher's Assistant 33 Carnival Cast 33 Ticket Salesman 1,2,33 Thorntonian Salesman 2,3,-43 Chronoscope Salesman 1,2, 33 Chronoscope Staff 43 journalism 33 Usher 33 Freshman Chorus Pianist 2,3. KOLODZIEJSKI, LEONARD KOMOROWSKI, FRANCES G.A.C. 2,33 Swimming 2,33 Commercial Club 3,43 Vice President 43 Girls' Club Board 43 Pin 3,43 Pep Club 1,2,33 Office Assistant 43 Teacher's Assistant 3,43 Ticket Salesman 2,33 Chronoscope Salesman 33 Thorntonian Salesman 3,43 Thorntonian Advertising Staff 33 Towel Girl 3,4. KOMAROWSKI, MARGARET Commercial Club 43 Girls' Club Pin 33 Girls' Chorus 2,33 Pin 33 Teacher's Assist- ant 33 Chronoscope Salesman 3,43 Thorn- tonian Salesman 3,43 Ticket Salesman 3,43 Chronoscope Adv. 3,43 Thorntonian Adv. 3,43 Usher 3. KONKEY, AUDREY Pep Club 1,33 Hall Monitor 43 Poster Maker 4. lf f :doug organizafionzi . . . KOSELKE, DOLORES G.A.C. 2,141 G.A.C. Board 2,3,4g Capt. Basketball 2,3,4g Volleyball 25,43 Basket- ball Zjg Baseball 2,5g Pep Club 2,3,4g Ticket Salesman 2,5,4g Usher 4g Poster Maker 4. KOSELKE, EDWARD KOSTEBA, ANTHONY KOTLOWSKI, VALERIA Commercial Club 4g Pep Club 5,4. KRAUS, JOAN Girls' Club Pin Zfzg Girls' Chorus 1,2,5,4g Pep Club lg Teachers Assistant lg Usher 3,-4g Library Club l,3,4g Vice-President 4g Chorus Pin 3g Library Club Letter lg jr. Sr. Play 43 Speech 4. KRIEGER, ANNE Teacher's Assistant 4. KRIEGER, SHELLEY Girls' Club Pin 2,3g Pep Club l,3g Hall Monitor Ali Teachers Assistant 2g Makeup 43 Thorntonian Stall: 43 journalism 53 Usher 25. KRONVALL, MARILYN KRYGIER, CHESTER Football 2,4g Cadet Band 1. KUIPERS, ANDREW Towel Boy l. LAESECKE, JOHN Football l,2g Wrestling 2g Boys' Club Pin 5. LANGDOC, BARBARA Jr. Red Cross Council 43 Girls' Club Pin 31 Pep Club lg Clinic Assistant 3,45 Teachers Assistant l,3g Open House Guide 35 jr. Sr. Play 4. in crowded ana! af clancw LA TULIP, DOROTHY Pep Club 2,5. LAWRENCE, ELAINE Commercial Club 45 Pep Club 1,2,33 Sales- man l,2. LINDSEY, LA VONNE Girls' Chorus l,2,3g Pep Club 1,2, Hall Monitor 4g ,l.R.C. 4. LINKIEWICZ, LUCILLE Pep Club 1,2,3g Terrapin l,2,3,4g Ofhcer 4, Salesman 29 Water Show 1,2,3,4g Usher 3: G.A.C. 1,2, Swim 1,23 Volleyball 1, Terra- pin Letter 3,4 LORENZ, LOLA G.A.C. 1,2,3,4g Board 25,43 Ollicer 2,3,4g G.A.C. Numeral, Minor Letter, Volleyball l,2,5,4g Capt. Basketball l,2,3g Basketball l,2,3g Baseball l,2,3g Girls' Club Pin 33 Cadet Band 2g Teacher's Assistant 4g Thorntonian Salesman 3,43 Ticket Salesman 14, Chronoscope 3. LORENZ, LOI S G.A.C. 1,2,5,4g Volleyball 1,2,5,4g Capt. Basketball 1,2g Basketball 1,2,3g Swimming 5g Baseball l,2,3g Numeral, Minor Letter, Girls' Club Pin 3, Cadet Band 2, Band 3,4g Letter, Teacher's Assistant 14, Thorntonian and Ticket Salesman 3,4 LUTZ, RICHARD Football 2g Swimming 25,43 Letter 2,5,4g Monogram Club 4g Water Show 2,5,4. MCDOWELL, JUDY Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4g Omce Assistant 4, Carnival Cast 23,43 Speech 4, jr. Sr, Play 3,4g jr. Red Cross Rep. 25, Girls' Club Pin 4. MABREY, DAVID Orchestra 1,2,5g Hall Monitor 4, Teacher's Assistant 3. MACKOVIAK, DOROTHY Commercial Club 3,45 Pep Club 5,43 En- tered from Whiting, 1947. MADALON, JOE MALKOWSKI, EDWARD Pep Club 1, Salesman 1. A Ze? wi! a!wag5 reca 3 MANISCALCO, MARGUERITE Girls' Club Pin 55 Girls' Chorus 2,3,4g Girls' Chorus Officer 4, Pres.g Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Makeup 4g Usher 3, Library Club 2,3,4, MATUSZAK, RALPH MAY, BOB Football lg Basketball 1,25 Water Show l. MELCHER, SHIRLEY Commercial Club 4g Clinic Assistant Sq Teacher's Assistant 4. MILLS, BERNIECE Commercial Club 3,4g President 43 Ofhce Assistant 3,43 Jr. Class Treasurer 35 Thorn- tonian Staff 4g Journalism 3. MISDOM, LEO Wfrestling l,2g Letter l,2g Monogram Club 25,45 Meistersingers 25. MITCHELL, JAMES Water Show 45 Stage Crew 4. MODJESKI, VICTOR Football 2,3,4g Letter 25,43 Track 33 Mono- gram Club 5,4g Hall Monitor 4. MOLL, EDWARD MUTKA, JAMES NITZ, JoAN Girls' Club Pin Ig Ofiice Assistant 15 Car- nival Cast 4. NOLTE, JOHN Entered school Senior year from Riverside, Chicago, Illinois. flue fun an excifemenf NORRIS, HELEN G.A.C. Volleyball lg Pep Club l,2g Poster Maker 3,4 ODERWALD. ALVIN Football Manager 3,4g Letter 43 Intramural 5. OKRAY, RITA Commercial Club lk Pep Clu ,-,fJ,el. b171f O'MALLEY, MARIA Girls' Chorus lg Pep Club 1,2,3,4. ORMINSKI, JANE Pep Club 4g Teachers Assistant 43 Poster Maker 3. PAPROCKI. DIARY Pep Club 1,2,5,4: Cafeteria Assistant 4. PATTERSON, FRANK Wfrestling 2g Meistersingers 25,43 Cadet Band lg Band l,2,3,4. PERCAK, BETTY Pep Club l,2,5,4g Ticket Salesman 2,53 Thorntonian Salesman 2.3L Library Club 5. PETERSEN, EVELYN Jr. Red Cross Council 2,5g Pep Club l,2, 3.4. PETERSON, ELMER Meistersingers 2,51 Cadet Band ll Bantl 25,43 Orchestra 25. PIETRZAK, 'DOLORES Pep Club l,2,4g Towel Girl 5. PIKE, WILLIAM Football 2,5.-4: Letter 2,4g Track 2.5g Let- ter 25 Monogram Club 3,43 Boys' Club Pin 51 Carnival Cast 4. cufniua nigkf . . . PLUSKOTA, JOSEPH Football 2, Letter 2, Swimming 2, Letter 2, Intramural Winner 2,3,4, Water Show 2, Salesman 2,3, Usher 2. PODRAZA, RICHARD RAGOVEN, EILEEN G.A.C. Swimming 3, Jr. Red Cross Coun- cil 2,3,4, Girls' Club Pin 2, Girls' Chorus 2,3,4, Pep Club l,2,3,4, Cadet Band 1,2, Band 3,4, Band Letter 4, Ofiice Assistant 2, Teacher's Assistant 2, Carnival Cast 3, Makeup 25 Salesman 1,2,4. REICH, JOHN Football 2, Track 2,3, Letter 2, Carnival Cast 4, Thorntonian Staff 4, Journalism 3, Magazine Salesman 3. RENTNER, LOIS G.A.C. Swimming 2,45 G.A.C. l,2,3, Girls' Club Pin 3, Pep Club l,2,3,4, Cheerleader l,2,3,4, Letter 2, Hall Monitor 4, Ticket Salesman l,2,3,4, Thorntonian Salesman 2,3, Usher 3,43 Thorntonian Advertising Staff 3,4. REUHL, NAOMI Commercial Club 4. REX, CARL Intramural Winner in Swim 3, Pep Club I,2,3,4, Cadet Band 2. REYNOLDS, JOYCE G.A.C. Volleyball 1, Jr. Red Cross Council 3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3, Hall Monitor 4, Sales- man 2,3, Poster Maker 4. RIETVELD, GERRIT ROSE, HELEN Commercial Club 4, Girls' Chorus 2,3, Pep Club 3, Teacher's Assistant 4, Salesman 2,3,4. ROSINSKI, GLORIA G.A.C. Captain Basketball 3, Commercial Club 4, Salesman 2,3, Pep Club 2,3,4, Thorntonian Salesman 2,3. ROSKI, THERESA Terrapin 4, Girls' Club Pin 4, Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Ticket Salesman. fke Junior enior Wag . . . RUFF, RAYMOND Football 23 Letter 23 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Letter l,2,3,43 Track 1,2,33 Letter 2,33 Monogram Club 2,3,43 Boys' Club Ofhcer 4, Vice-Presidentg Board 2,33 Pin 2,3343 Carnival Cast 4. SABADOS, ANNE G.A.C. 233,43 G.A.C. Pin 33 Volleyball 2,33 Capt. Basketball 2,33 Swimming 2,33 Vol- leyball VarsitY 33 Girls' Club Board 33 Girls' Club Pin 2,33 Girls' Chorus 2,3,43 Girls' Chorus Pin 33 Girls' Chorus Officer 43 Pep Club 1,2,3,43 Towel Girl 2,33 Make' up 1,2,3,43 Chronoscope Salesman 2,33 Thorntonian Salesman 3,43 Thorntonian Advertising 3,43 Chronoscope Advertising 33 Library Club 1,2,3,43 Letter and Pin. SASS, WILLIAM Vlfrestling 2. SCHMAL, ALICE Girls' Chorus 2,3,43 Pin 33 Pep Club 2,33 Hall lNIOnitor 4. SCHMIDT, CAROL Girls' Club Pin 33 Office Assistant 43 Teacher's Assistant 2,33 Salesman 43 Usher 1,3. SCHNEIDER, IRENE Jr. Red Cross Council 2,3,43 Girls' Club Board 2,33 Pin 1,2,33 Pep Club 13 Teacher's Assistant 23 Makeup 43 Ticket Salesman 1,2,33 Chronoscope Circulating Staff 1,23 Thorntonian Staff 43 Thorntonian Circulat- ing Staff 1,23 Usher 2,33 Journalism 33 Thorntonian Ad-getters 1,2. SCHOETTLE, JULIUS Football 23 Swimming 3,43 Letter 3,43 Hall Monitor 43 Water Show 2,3,43 Monogram Club 43 Magazine Salesman 2,3. SCI-IOPP, JOAN Pep Club 43 Hall Monitor 43 Poster Maker 3. SCHULTZ, GERALDINE Commercial Club 43 Girls' Chorus 2,33 Pep Club 132,33 Salesman 43 Girls' Club Pin 4. SCHULTZ, RONALD Football 13 Basketball 1,23 Boys' Club Board 3,43 Pin 2,3,43 Cadet Band 13 Band 2,3,43 Carnival Cast 43 Projector-operator 1,2,3,4. SCHWOEDER, RONALD Track 2,3. V SCHWEITZER, JOHN Basketball 13 Track l,2,33 Letter 2. fAQ 9CLIfI'le5 . . . SCHWENN, DIXIANA Cafeteria Assistant 4. SEKULA, JOAN Pep Club 1,2333 Magazine Salesman 132,43 G.A.C. l,2,3,4g Volleyball Class Team 2,43 Basketball Class Team 1,23 Capt. Basketball 1,23 Swimming 1,23 Baseball 2. SEME, GAY Commercial Club 4g Girls' Club Pin 35 Pep Club 2,53 Salesman 3,43 Jr. Red Cross Rep. 2.4. SERTIC, ROBERT Football 1,253 Letter 1,2,3g Basketball 132, Letter 1,2Q Track 1,2,4g Letter 1,2,5Q Mono- gram Club 25. SHEFFIELD, LINDA G.A.C. l,2,3,4g Numeral, Minor and Major Letterg Volleyball 1,2,3,43 Capt. Basketball 1,2,3Q Basketball 2,55 Swimming 1,2353 Baseball 1,2,3g G.A.C. Officer 2, Treasurer3 Girls' Club Oiiicer 3g Board 3,43 Pin 2,5343 Teacher's Assistant 3,43 Carnival Cast 3,4g Ticket Salesman 2,3,4g Chronoscope 1,251 Thorntonian 23,43 Magazines 1,2,5,43 Speech 23 Makeup 35 Sr. Class Oiiicer 43 Thorntonian Staff 4g Usher 2,3g Ad Getter 2,33 Jr. Red Cross 23 Journalism Class 3. SIATTA, MARGARET Teachers Assistant 23 Cafeteria Managee ment 4g Pep Club 2,3. SNIDER, GLENN Football 233,43 Letter 2,33 Cadet Band 1,23 Carnival Cast 4. SNYDER, PATRICIA Pep Club 1,2g Poster Maker 4, SOBCZAK, LORRAINE Commercial Club 4, Pep Club SPINDLER, RICHARD Football 1,21 Track 1,23 Boys' Club Board 1. STINSON, DAVID Football 1,2,3,43 Letter 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Letter 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,35 Letter 1,2,3g Monogram Club 1,2,5,4g Ofhcer-Vice Pres. 4g Boys' Club Board 2,5,4g Pin 2,53 Carnival Cast 43 Jr. Class Vice Pres. 5: Usher 334g Athletic Derby 5g Captain Soph. Track Team 2. STINSON, ROBERT Football 1,2,3,43 Letter 1,2,5,4g C0-Capt. 43 Swimming 1.2,5,4g Letter 1,2,5,43 Mono- gram Club 25.43 Boys' Club Pin 33 Carnival Cast 4: XXf'ater Show 1.25.41 Assembly Monitor 4. fAQpl"0lfl'l... STUMP, CORLENE Girls' Chorus 2,3,4g Pep Club 1,253 Car- nival Cast 2,3. SULICZ, BERADINE Pep Club l,2,5g Hall Monitor 4g Teachers Assistant l,2,5g Towel Girl l,2,3. SWIERINGA, KATHRYN G.A.C. 1,2,5g Volleyball 2,35 Capt. Basket- ball l,2,3g Basketball 2,5g Swimming l,2,3g Baseball 2,33 Numeral 2g Minor Letter 35 Girls' Club Board 3g Pin 1,235 Towel Girl 3g Pep Club l,2,3g Teacher's Assistant 33 Chronoscope Advertising Staff 3. SZAREK, JOSEPH SZEWKA, EDWARD Stage Crew 4. ULASKAS, NWILLIAM Intramural 25. URBANSKI, ALICE jr. Red Cross Council 1,23 President 43 Girls, Club Board 43 Pin 5,4g Girls' Chorus 2,3g Teachefs Assistant 4g Usher 5, URICH, ANDREW VALLE, ANN Pep Club l,2,3,-fig Ticket Salesman 1,2,5g Thorntonian Salesman lg Red Cross Repre- sentative 2,5g Red Cross Alternate l. VIERK, HAROLD WALKER, JOAN Girls' Club Board 3,4g Pin 1,2,3,4g Thorn- tonian Salesman 2g Pep Club 3,4. WARNER, CARROLL Football 1,2g Track l,2g Hall Monitor -fig jr, Sr. Play 4. ...6l,l'LJAl'L6Ly WEAVER, MARILYN Commercial Club 3,43 Girls' Club Pin 43 Pep Club l,2,33 Ticket Salesman 2,3. WEILAND, JACKIE Transferred from Hammond High School March '48. WEILMUNSTER, CLIFFORD Radio Club 2. WELSH, DONALD Wrestling 3,43 Letter 3,43 Manager Track 1,23 Manager Wrestling 1,23 Monogram Club 3,43 Ofiicer, Treasurer3 Boys' Club Pin 2,33 Meistersingers 33 Carnival Cast 3,43 Thorntonian Staff 43 Journalism 3. WENZEL, JANELL G.A.C. 1,2,3,43 Volleyball l3 Capt. Basket- ball 1,2,33 Basketball I3 Swimming 33 Jr. Red Cross Council 3,43 Jr. Red Cross Rep. 23 Officer-Treasurer 33 Vice President 43 Teachet's Assistant 3,43 Make-up 33 Ticket Salesman 43 Chronoscope Salesman 2,43 Speech 2,3,43 Chronoscope Staff 43 Thorn- tonian Staff 43 Journalism 33 Usher 2,3,43 Magazine Salesman 1,23 Thorntonian Ad- vertising 23 Chronoscope Advertising 23 Girls' Club Board 2,3343 Girls' Club Pin l,2,3,4. WEST, NANCY Pep Club 1,23 Clinic Assistant 3,43 Sales- man 1. WILCZYNSKI, EDWARD WILLIAINIS, DAYTON Pep Club 23 Cadet Band 23 Band 2,3,43 Band Letter 33 Band Orhcer 3,43 Stage Crew 3,43 Ushers 3. WINIARCZYK, GENEVIEVE Pep Club 1,23 Salesman 1,2,3Q Thorntonian Staff 43 G.A.C. 1,2,3,43 Volleyball Class Team, 1,2,3,43 Capt. Basketball Team 1,2333 Basketball Team 1,23 G.A.C. Numeral- Letterg Thorntonian Circulating Stan' 43 Chronoscope Circulating Staff 43 journalism Class 33 Thorntonian Ad-getters 43 Jr. Red Cross Rep. 43 Girls' Club Pin 3. WISINSKI, HELEN Student Assistant 1,23 Ticket Salesman 1,23 Chronoscope Thorntonian Salesman 1,23 Cafeteria Management 43 Pep Club 3. WISNEWSKI, MITCHEL Wrestling 1,2,3,43 Letter 3,43 Numeral 21, Intramural Winner 13 Monogram Club 43 Meistersingets l,2,3,43 Ofiicer-President 4. WLEKLINSKI, HENRY Football 1,2,3,43 Letter l,2,3,43 Wrestling 23 Letter 23 Monogram Club 2,3,43 Cru-- nival Cast 4. gracluafion . . WOJCIK, DOLORES G.A.C. 1,2, Basketball, Volleyball 1, Swim- ming, Girls' Chorus 1, Pep Club 1,2,4, Double Sextet 1,2,3,4, Carnival Cast 2,3,4, Thorntonian Staff 4, Ushers 3, Journalism Class 33 Girls' Club Pin 4. WOJTKOWIAK, THERESA G.A.C. 1,2,33 Volleyball 2,3, Capt. Basket- ball 2,33 Basketball 1,2,3, Swim 233, Base- ball l,2,3, Numeral 2, Minor Letter 3, Commercial Club 334, Ofhcer 4, Girls' Club Pin 1, Pep Club 4, Ticket Salesman 1,2,33 Thorntonian Salesman 1,2,3. WOOD, DELORES Terrapin 1,2, Jr. Red Cross Council 4, Girls' Club Ollicer, Vice President 4, Board 2,3,4, Pin 1,2,3,4, Water Show lg jr. Class Officer, Secretary 33 Usher 4, Carnival Queen 4, jr. Red Cross Rep. 3, Library Club 2,3,4. YORK, JEROME YOUNG PETER Swimming 1,2,33 Letter 2,3, Monogram Club 3,4, Pep Club lg Water Show 1,2,3. YOUNG, ROBERT Football 2, Hall Monitor 4, Water Show 4, Journalism Class 4. ZABINSKI, EDWARD ZAJAKOWSKI, DONALD Track 2, Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Cadet Band 1,25 Band 3,43 Salesman 1, Radio Club 1. ZORICH, EVELYN Terrapin 4, Library Club 43 jr. Sr. Play 4. ZRALKA, CECILIA Pep Club 3,4, Teachers Assistant 3,4, Girls' Club Pin 4, Make-up 4, Speech 43 Debate 45 Library Club 3,45 Entered in 1947-48 Session. ZUKLEY, JOHN Track 2, Wrestling 2. emoriea of fAe gfddfit of This library scene, as well as many similar ones which characterize life at T. F., Will, from this time on, be only memories to the CLASS OF 1949 the . . . graduating "Spirit of T. 88 CONRAD KELLEHER Vice-Prerident VIRGINIA HAMILTON Secreta ry ALLEN. OWEN Prerident JOAN GRADY Treasurer Row 1: Adamkiewicz, Stanley, Alaimo, Evangeline. Row 2: Alderden, Gertrude, Allen, Greta: Row 3: Anderson, Ernestg Anderson, Marvin. Row 4: Anderson, Robertg Ansburg, Fred, Arens, Pat, Aures Arneg Austgen, Carol, Bailey, Anneg Barber, Paul. Row 5: Barnes, Bobg Bartrnan, Wayne, Beechino, Josie, Bleck, john' Blue Pat' Bololek, Walter, Bogart, ' arilyn. R0uf,6.' Bolda, bannyg Bonfiglio, Marie, Bgilkowski, Jim, Brazel, Elmerg Breski, Bob, Burris, janeg Bruce, Lane. Row 7: Budd, Jack, Bull, Wm. Cadman, ,loyceg Carlson, jackie Carlson, Wayne, Carroll, joan, Charbonne u, joan. R uniord junior Clary Ojfcem' The major activity of the Junior Class was the planning of the spring Prom, which was held in honor of the Seniors. Under the leadership of the class officers, Allan Owen, Conrad Kelleher, Virginia Hamilton, and Joan Grady, they gave the Seniors a Prom long to be remembered. ' The juniors proved their abilities in many of the school activities during the year. XVith them rests the imme- diate obligation of carrying on the "Spirit of T.F." All eyes and ears were turned toward the ex- periment being per- formed by Miss Brazzill in the chemistry labora- tory. Row I: Christenson, Beverlyg Ciastko, Mitchell, Cipolla, Janeg Cwiok, Eugene, Czerwinski, Luellag Dahlberg. Ross, Davidson, Pat. . Row 2.' Davis, Chas., DePirro, Vince, Dimmitr, Bob, Dines, Dorothy, Dobrowski, Lottie, Efner, Bill, Eggebrecht, Janet. Row 3: Ewing, Marcia, Ewing, Shirley, Fanta, Wilmag Fiedoro- wicz, Doloresg Flom, Edg Fox, Joyce, Fox, Mari jo. Frevert, Donaldg Fuehrmeyer, Herman, Gainski, Patg Gehrlre David. Row 5: Geiken, Forestg Giczewski, Richardg Gifford, Marjorieg Grady, Joang Graham, Ed, Graham, Kenneth, Greider, Betty. unions . N.. w Row 4: Fredericks, Tomg Freeman, Doris, Freeman, Laura' a r Row 1: Grimes, judyg Hallier, Carolg Hamilton, Virginia, Hanes, her, Conradg Keller, Bryceg Kepple, Carl, Klekot, Bernard. Joanneg Haney, Marcellag Hartge, Aleidag Hasselbring, Henry. Row 4: Kobeska, Bob, Kobus, Clemg Koharko, Soniag Kolesky, Row 2.' Hecht, Delores, Heintz, Rayg Hintz, Pat, Homer, Roy, Jerryg Kooy, W'ayneg Kondra, Lottie, Kosarko, Jack. ' jagodinski, Pat, James, Joan, Jernigan, Louise. Row 5: Koschnick, Eileen, Koselke, Catherine, Kowalski, Delores, Row 3: Kantowicz, Betty, Keene, Patg Keilman, Dorothy, Kelle- Kraus, Betty, Krieger, Marthag Krisco, Georgeg Kuaine, Jeanne. l f ..,, ..,,. fx Q W K 53 - J "f13?-Y' it V. M32 at .53-3gi1'gg.g5g.,,j 325 ':1..: 1:2 .ji f' an .,...'!:,1.,.-gl. fm' Q., 1 'W' Q 'X '- - -fm . . jf .313 'Q . ff Wt Q . .. 424131, .... . - .: , . Ama -r:. U " " -' SYM 1' .:-fs-7 , . W? 54 'r 4. Q Q xv we is W 54-f f gi f 5:51 is 1 it 2591- 44255 ,, Q Kms .. + X ' RMK .gtg J, .Tia ,K-as :5 eva uniom Mr. Thompson demon- strates sorne of the finer points in mechanical drawing to a couple of interested students. f The Latin class un- doubtedly was listening to Mr. Lambka as he gave the assignment- "For tomorrow," although the varied ex- pressions on the faces of these students might possibly lead one to think that today is a translation day. union! Row 1: Lansing, Ronald, Larrance, Dorothy, LaSota, Jane, Leach, Sharon, Leisure, Richard, Lawrence, Ray, Lesmeister, Dolores. Row 2: Lewandowski, Marilyn, Lewis, Sarah, Lindner, Carole Linz, Conwayg Lorenz, Art, Luciro, Rosie, Luther, Alice. Row 3: Makely, Wm., Manny, Chuckg Martin, Dolores, Maupin, Maryg Maurer, Calvin, Maurer, jimg McCloskey, Bob. Row 4: Melton, Deloresg Mueller, Par, Mueller, Shirley, Munson, jim, Nixon, Ernestineg Nowakowski, john, Nowazyk, Jerome. Row 5: Oakes, joang Olin, Danny, Orzel, Loretta, Owen, Allen, Panagas, Jim, Paper, Margaret, Peaker, Gloria. Wliat makes a car run? This car was getting a First-rate overhauling by the members of the auto mechanics class. E i Ron' 1.' Peters, Joanne. Row 2: Peters, Mary, Peterson, Marjorie. Row 3: Plys, Geraltlineg Paloncalc, John, Pawlowslci, Dong Pierz- chalski, Edward, Przybylski, Tedg Rardin, Loreneg Rauguth, Harold. Razz' 41 Rayski, Geraldine, Reed, Shirleyg Richmond, Samg Rich- walslci, Norbert, Ritchie, Clinton: Rizos, Heleng Rose, Joe. - unions Row 5: Ruff, Owen, Rusin, Ronalclg Sadovyslgi, Danny, Sanders, Gladysg Schau, Elaineg Schaub, Eileeng ScheEke,A"Joan. Razz' 6: Schneider, Christine: Schneider,.Net.lg Schroeder, Janice, Schultz, Bertramg Schultz, Dong Schultz,',Marving Scott, Richard. Ron' 7: Shelton, Patg Shanks, James: Shope, Virginia, Shutowski, Dong Sitllcey, Selma: Siegfried, Harolclg Simpson, Margaret. lol Between classes it was quite natural to see a girl applying new make- up . . . Beware of Emily Post, Susie! uniom Row 1.' Skeen, Eileen, Skwirtz, Bob, Slaby, Mary Ann, Slager Joan. Row 2.' Smith, Kieth, Smith, Kenneth, Smith, Leonard, Smith Margaret. Row 3: Smolinslci, Richard, Snider, Lois, Sokol, Elaine, Steinberg Harold, Stinson, Dong Stua, Dan, Swendsen, Bill. Row 4: Tanis, Roy, Thornily, joan, Thorp, Richard, Tinberg, Dorothy, Uram, Chuck, Varner, james, Vierk, Arne. a 94 Row 5: Vierk, Tom, Voss, John, Wahlgren, Carolyn, Walenga joan, Weil, Yvonne, Weymueller, Margaret, Wheeler, Roy. Row 6: Wheeler, George, Williams, Elwynn, Wilson, Virginia Winiarczyk, Josie, Wfisniewski, Mary, Wittmar, Charles, Woj towich, John. Row 7: Woolsey, Wayne, Wretman, Pat, Zalefa, Robert, Zim merman, Pat, Zralka, Pauline, Zukley, William, Zuzul, Ann. 50,04 OFF! OPQ6 Future machinists concentrate on a project. Top row: Adamkiewicz, Chester, Albright, Beverly, Baker, Beverly Barnes, Louise, Barnes, Wayne, Bauer, Ed, Bell, Mary Ann, Benjamin, Judy, Boggess, Marianne. Row 2: Bolda, Ed, Boyd, Joy, Boyd, Larraine, Brady, Dolores, Brandon Sally, Brazel, Luella, Bridegroom, Beverly, Brose, Sylvia, Brouillette,Nila Row 3: Brown, jack, Budd, Dolores, Bunde, Melvin, Bull, jim, Butler Carol, Calabrese, Sam, Carden, Glen, Cedarholm, Violette, Charbonneau Ed. Row 4: Christian, Chris, Clark, Norma, Conohenom, Donna, Cole, Lor- raine, Colins, john, Cross, Eunice, Czysniejeski, Leonard, Damai, Dee, Davidson, Frances. ' Fagan, jim. Row 6: Falrus, Barbara, Ficht, Helen, Fieldhouse, Dale, Figlewicz, Julius, Fileca, Dolores, Fredianelli, Diana, Friedman, Leon, Galloway, jim, Geiken, Ronald. s Row 5: Deutsch, Virginia, Dickus, Judy, Dombowski, Irene, Douthit, Par, Eggebecht, Richard, Endres, Bob, Enright, Lois, Erminger, Barbara' : .SQOIOAOHQOPQJ - Promising artists are busy Top row: Gigliotti, Dominick, Gillian, Myrna, Gindl, Jim, Goldberg Ruth, Gothman, Fred, Griffith, Wanda, Grubbe, Bernadine, Hatlieldj Don, Hartfield, Ina. Row 2: Heck, Betty, Hedges, Dave, Hiembuch, Ray, Hibbert, Fred' Hickle, Doris, Hoff, Carolyn, Hoffman, Jack, Holmes, Margie, Holowi bowski, Tom. Row 3: Hughes, Dolores: Huntley, Leroy, Hybiak, Pat, Innes, Bill, In- bretson, Readeanne, Jackabaslcey, Elsie, Jaranowski, Bernadine, Jendreas Angie, Jercha, Pat. Row 4: Jevyak, LaVerne, Jewell, Marie, Johnson, Stella, Johnstone, Ed, Karl, Richard, Jutla, Phyllis, Jung, Ann, Kaminski, Janet, Karagias, Jeannette. Row 5: Kist, Larry, Klawitter, Joe, Klekot, Norbert, Kvedaras, John, Kotlowski, Bernard, Krolak, Eugene, Kronwall, Karen, Lee, Clyde, Lie- bengood, Wally. Row 6.' Lem, Darryl, Leinen, Richard, Lessner. Dorothy, Linkiewicz Phyllis, Liteclfy. Marcia, LoDuca. Pro, Lorenz. Barbara, Luther. Verlyn Madalon, Phillip. a SOPAOMOPQ5 "Oh . . . I het she gets a pink pill." Top row: Magtlaz, Pat, Magdziak, Pat, Magdziasz, Pat, Markicwicz, Louise, Markley, Margene, Mayer, Jeanette, Meltzer, Marie, Mendez, Joe, Metzcus, Mary. Row 2: Meyers, Marilyn, Mika, Eleanor, Miller, Betty, Miller, Carol, Mill- sap, Glenn, Minch, Kenneth, Millchall, Bill, Moffett, Lois, Monestere, Josie. ' Row 3: Montella, jim, Moore, Janet, Moynahan, Mary Ellen, Murzyn, Carl, Musgrave, jerry, Nelson, Judy, Norman, Kathleen, Norris, Tom, Nosal, Louis. Row 4: Olsen, Elaine, Padgett, Joan, Pana, Milton, Parish, Ray, Parker, -Ioan, Patterson, Joyce, Peters, Kay, Pietrzak, Joan, Pokorny, Vivian. Row 5: Poto, june, Potts, Torn, Pranger, Don, Preissig, Ronald, Pyrz, Mary, Rassmussen, Barbara, Rex, Marilyn, Rizzo, Leona, Rojkowski,Dick. Row 6: Romo, Martha, Rosen, Fran, Ruff, Rosemary, Saeco, Lou, Salima, Dan: Salzwedel, Shirly, Schab, Dorothy, Schatz, Eral, Schepel, LaVerne. Sopkomorea Our favorite time of day . . . Lunch-hour. Top row: Schneider, Don, Schlink, Ellen, Schultz, Carolyn, Schultz Howard, Schultz, Joan, Schwenn, Marianne, Scziglak, Theresa, Setakaukas Tony, Siderius, Pete. Row 2.' Skwiertz, Jim, Smith, Lorainne, Smith, Pat, Smith, Sam, Sobek s Louis, Sumers, Ernett, Smithson, Marvin, Stein, Bernadine, Stein, Dolores. Row 3: Stein, Rita, Stinson, Bob, Styka, jerry, Szewka, Ed, Szopa, Dan, Thomsen, Gerry, Tucker, Charles, Twait, Ronold, Twigg, Gail. Row 4: Ulrich, Marilyn, Von Almen, Betty, Vierk, Bob, Walters, Dong Wartmen, Lenard, Weiland, Carol, Weiland, Joan, Weiss, Marilyn Weyancl, Bob. Row 5: Williams, Keith, Wiers, Wayne, Wilczynski, Marion, Wilczew ski Loraine' Wilson ohn' Winterhoff Bill' Wisnieski, Dolores, Wlek- , , A , J , , , linski, I.aVerne, Wleklinski, Vernon. Raw 6: Wojciehowski, Theresa, Wright, Pat, Wydrzynski, Eugene Young, Glen, Young, Mary, Zaleta, Ceclia, Zimmerman, Tom, Zajakow ski, Claude, Zygmunt, Dorothy. Row 7.' Clement, Roland, Maroc, George, Quisinberry, Geraldine. 1 y gl"effAl'l'I,Ql'l A session in woodshop. Row 1.' Adley, Kathleen, Alderden, William, Ansburg, Anita, Arzich, Kay Avenatti, john, Avery, Gary, Bailey, Thomas, Baker, Fred, Balogh, Dorothy Row 2: Barker, Marilyn, Barzda, Frances, Beale, Emmett, Beanblossom, Wil- liam, Berendt, Joan, Besse, Mac, Bissa, Sonny, Breski, Virginia, Brakebill Michael. Row 3: Brazel, Donald, Bridegroom, Patricia, Brodie, Isabell, Broomhead, james, Brown, Warren, Bryant, Lorraine, Buckman, Claude, Bukowski, Wil- liam, Burtis, Virginia. 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J, 5 zg.. : Y 52 5' A li PITCH' SINCLAIR SERVICE Torrence 1 04 l 5 PICCIRILLI BROTHERS Orleen '51 Quentin '36 Corner 153rd and State Line Street Calumet City, Illinois SINCLAIR PRODUCTS EXCLUSIVELY Greasing - Crankcase Service - Tires - Batteries "You'll like the way we treat you" H 107 C C LGF? . . . T. F. started the year out right. School opened Sept. 7. What a day! The sun was shining and it was so warm. With excitement everyone greeted his old friends, whom he hadn't seen all summer, and the students gossiped about the things they had done and friends they had met. School was in session the full day, but of course, there were few as- signments. The week progressed and came Friday, the big day for the "fi-eshies,', Sept. 10, the Big and Little Sister Party. We played games and went back for second helpings W3 awp icing . The following day was our first football game with Noll Central. We played the game on Cer1tral's field and we won. After the game, many of us met and chartered at our favorite "hang out," Del's. The week went by and Friday finally arrived when our next game was played. The date now was Sept. 17, We played Tech on Hammond Highls field. Tech Won that game but we weren't too depressed. Sept. 22 was the Frosh boys' day. It was the annual Boys, Club Fresh- man Party. Two days later we had our first League game in football, Congrafufafionri CLASS OF 1 9 4 9 SPIES BROTHERS INCORPORATED Custom Built jewelry Class Rings and Pins Club jewelry Announcements Dance Progwuns - Bids and Fuvms Gwuluation Gifts of Distinction Loop Office and Show Room 27 E. Monroe Street Factory Office 1140 Cornelia C H I C A G O 108 DR. JAMES MOLEN AAR OPTOMETRIST 3546 Ridge Road LANSING, ILLINOIS Best Wishes Class of '49 LANSING BAKERY Complete Line of W'hipped Cream Cakes, Pies and Pastries Phone 109 5309 Ridge Road LANSING, ILLINOIS Compliments of HARTFIELD'S SUPERETTE 18049-51 Torrence Avenue Lansing, Illinois HITTLE'S MEN'S WEAR 3427 Ridge Road LANSING, ILLINOIS Compliments of LANSING FLORAL SHOP 3420 Ridge Road Lansing, Illinois Phone 5 Compliments of JACK E. WALKER Phone Torrence 553 CHARLES H. MAYER 8: COMPANY M amz facturers High Grade Carbonated Beverages 566 State Line Street Calumet City, Illinois l09 C D Laing . . when we played Kankakee on their field. We won that game with fly- ing colors, and on the way home on the bus we yelled to the very top of our lungs. Oct. 1 was one of the most important games, solely because it was our homecoming game. We won the game and be- cause it was our first home game it was also the date of our first social of the year. The next event was our football game when T. F. played St. Bede here on October 8. The next night was the first big dance of the year. On October 9 most of us, attended the annual Girls' Club Dance. The theme for icufy . . the dance was "Indian Summer," and the favors were brightly colored feathers. The Girls' Club Dance is always a big event and is something well remembered by everyone who goes. Everything went back to normal after the dance, and Oct. 15, the end of the week, was also the end of our first grading term. For some, that was a good day and for others, well, they weren't too pleased but they vowed to do better. That same night we had another home game and our opponent was Chicago Senn. October 19, the following day, was the second Girls' Club GISH WALLPAPER AND PAINT COMPANY Store of Superior Quality 103 State Street Hammond, Indiana -----,.-,..,-,.,,,,-l,-,,--,.------, STARKS 5 PHILLIPS 66 DR Q 157th and Wentworth ' 1 E Phone 10085 g Calumet City, Illinois L HANSEN BROTHERS Florists Shop and Conservatory Sheflield 201 5520 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana 110 Telephone Torrence 6699-105 85 1 WHITEY'S F INES Joseph F. Kumiega Proprietor 1mf1uu1nn.-HH1 1 1 1 1 1,.1,,.,1,,1 Compliments of l THE ANGELYN SHOP I 3528 Ridge Road LANSING, ILLINOIS I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ..uu1nn1nn1 DE LANEY PRINTING Q COMPANY 113 Sibley Street i Hammond, Ind. L 11 111 1 1 1 1 1 1.,1,..,1,.1 Dr. W. A G. BIERMA ' Dentist i Lansing, Ill. l Air Conditioned For Your Comfort T FOODS 101 Pulaski Road Calumet City, Ill. 1 1 1 -I1uu1lm1un1.m1nn1: Phone Torrence 1487 MITCHELL CLEANERS 8: DYERS WE DO THE FINEST 409 Pulaski Road Calumet City, Illinois Phone Lansing 881 WILSON'S JEWELRY Wyler Watches Keepsake Diamonds Expert Watch Repairing 3518 Ridge Road Lansing, Illinois Compliments of I. G. A. GROCERY 521 Lincoln Ave. S. J. Riote 111 C I laid? . . . activity, or rather, party. It was the Girls' Club Halloween Party. En- tertainment and refreshments were on the program, and it was most enjoyable. On the following Fri- day, October 22, the Pullman game was played on home ground. After the game was the usual social. Ac- tivities for the following week were of the usual caliber, and nothing "extra special" happened. There was the game on Friday with Argo and the social after the game. On Nov. 5 we played Bloom on their field. Our long standing rivals beat us again. This was our last iarg . . . football game for "48" - the last game for the Seniors but they surely had a nice season. Armistice Day rolled around and, as always, we had the day off. On this holiday our carnival also took place. We tried a new system this year to cut down the crowds. The main show, which was Maxwell Street, was given two nights. The concessions and swim show were given on the last night of the main show, the l2th. The carnival went off very well, indeed. For some, it was the last but most memorable carnival performance. The days that Dress Up to Your Date ite-Life 6-N., llNETT GO FORMAL to the Prom TUXEDOS AND SUZHJHER FORMALS RENTED For All Occasions All Sizes 0 Newest Styles 5315 Hohman Avenue I Hammond Indiana Phone Sheffield 5070 ll2 469 State St. SAN DI.ER'S ARMY STORE Shoes, Sweaters, Trousers 8: jackets for the high school student 1 1 1 1 1 1 -..4411,,..1 1.,m1.un1.,.,1m.1 Hammond, Ind. FOLLMAR'S FOOD SHOP Groceries Cold M eat Ice Cream 18147 Torrence Avenue 1111111111m.1. Best Wfisb es J. W. VERKAIK DEN TIST 3334 Ridge Road Lansing, Illinois - Phone Torrence 2387 Joseph Sebastian Joes ELECTRIC SERVICE House Wiring - Fixtures Repairs - Appliances Philco Radiat, Refrigeratorx and Freezers Lincoln Ave. and Pulaski Rd. Calumet City, Ill. 1.,..1 1 1....1n..1....1....1.m1un1 1 1 - LANSING KNITTING SHOP Fleisher Yarns Free Instructions 3626 Ridge Road LANSING, ILLINOIS 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,,:,1,,,,1,,,.1 11.1.1,.,,1,,.,1,,L,--....1.,..1,,1,.,.1 i SCHROEDER FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone Lansing 24 5227 Ridge Road Lansing, Illinois 115 C U lafg . folowed were full of study and activity and before we knew it, Thanksgiving vacation came our way. The vacation extended from Nov. 25th to the 29th. The day after returning to school we had our first basketball game. We played Clark of Hammond in their gym. The Meteors were defeated in their first game of the season. The first semester ended Dec. 33 on Dec. 4 we played Fenger in our gymg on the 10th we played Kankakee, there. The Alumni played the Var- sity here and our old friends came back to visit. The Girls' Club tea was held on . Q . Compliments of Dec. 12 and all mothers and teachers were invited. The girls, all dressed up in their Sunday best, came to have tea and conversation. The Christmas Concert was held on Dec. 15 and the girls and boys sang in all their glory. We played our old rival, Bloom, again. Only now, it was basketball, and we were again defeated but "We'l1 beat them, next year, for sure,', we say. The time for another vacation arrived and that Wonderful Christmas vacation filled the days from Dec. 30 to Jan. 2. During the vacation were held the tournaments at T. F. and on ,ff Q1 , 'Q P Nils! 'E HV A 4 '44 WC! ng ffl! sy nl Q I Killa: .4 1 LQ A if ' fl S217 15451: X I I, ' V F- 5 ,: I 1 .C .f id X31 il 'ff , PK W-' A ggi, 3 jg:"' Y' ll dl.-7 l xl' .L 1' Q1 ', ffl, gl in U pray" XY W J: 5 in . gt Q, I AV . I ' ' A ' .L .M 5 xl! 'x' 1 'HSE Nic l, ' -X I ' Y ff' 3 lil' A 6 . 125.3 1 1355 r elf " . K 4 yy xg M -V OJ 1,1 ...nn H O F S T R A 'S The Store for Men Freeman Shoes jantzen - Arrow - Wilson - Shanhouse 3336 Ridge Road 1M1m.1.m...:n.-im...uni. 1 1 ... im, Sportswear Lansing 543-J l DEIIS SWEET SHOP GENE SCI-IULTZ - SERVICE STATION 205 Pulaski Road i Calumet City, Illinois I Ridge Road and Sherman St . Lansing, Illinois g Phone 300 Fountain and Restaurant ' Service Z Sinclair Products T i Henry F. Lindner Sz Sons INSURANCE Accident - Automobile -- Burglary - Fire Establish ell 1892 546 Wlentworth Avenue Phone Torrence 489 Calumet City, Illinois 'll4 C I "Say it with Flozversi' . , , DOUGLAS FLORAL SHOP Jos. A. Zasada-C. B. Nowicki "Across the Street from Sl. Ma1'gu1'e!'s Hospilfzlu 48 Douglas St., Hammond, Indiana Phone Sheliield 2 563 DR. S. C. WALLACE Dentist Phone Lansing 81 3223 Ridge Road Lansing, Illinois GARGAS RECORD AND SPORT SHOP Records - Sporting Goods Applimzces - Radios - Televisiozz Cor. W'entworth 8: Pulaski Rd. Phone: Torrence 5683 Calumet City Illinois DORIS ANN,S DRIVE INN Iiozuzlain Service 18161 Xventworth Avenue LANSING, ILLINOIS 1,1W1.1-1w1.m..wy1m..vm1.i.1 111i-11111111.11 1 1.1.1111 1.m1.m1.m1mi-m11.m 1 11,1 1 1 1 1.1 -..m1ml1....1, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Flowers by Telegraph LANSING Supreme Food Mart 3541 Ridge Road LANSING, ILLINOIS Phone Lansing 66-67 GUS BOCK'S HARDWARE HdJ'll1I"llJ'6, Paints, Glass Housewares LANSING ILLINOIS u1,......1111...1,1..1..- MISCH BROS. Groceries - Quality Foods Friendly Serfice 745 Burnham Ave. 102 155th Place CALUIVIET CITY, ILLINOIS 115 Dec. 30 there was a Christmas dance called the Holly-Daze. In the way of all vacations this one, too, came to a closeg school began again, and basketball continued. Jan. 7 was the date of our first game after the vacation and we played Blue Island at T. F. The following day T. F. met Bradley at Bradley and got a "licking" On jan. 14 we played our last scheduled game until tournament time, when T. F. was matched against Lockport in Lockport's gym. Feb. 10 was the big day for the sophomore girls, who donned their lar? . Sunday best and attended the Soph- omore tea. The following evening we piled into the bus and went to Blue Island only to be beaten by the Cardinals, but our morale was raised the next night when the "Fractional Five" trimmed Gilman 49-29 on our home floor. The junior Class sponsored the Valen- tine Social after the game and amid hearts, crepe paper, games, and dancing T. F. students celebrated their victory. The 18th of February was another night for T. F. when they trounced Lockport 50 to 36, but the following week we dropped Riemer Van Til 81 Sons Quality Fruits and Vegetables Phone Lansing 450 Corner Ridge Road and Oak Avenue LANSING, ILLINOIS DE YOUNG 8: SONS FURNITURE COMPANY Lansing and South Holland, Illinois Phone Lansing 350 or Harvey 57 -. 1..,,1..,1,,,,1,,,.1y1uu1uuilm1 inn-ll Phone Lansing 877-R LANSING SPORT SHOP Everything for Sports and Hobbies 3508 Ridge Road Lansing, Illinois 1m.....1 ,.,-111111111-1 Phone Torrence 2940 john R. Piecuoh STATE LINE BAKERY Specializing in Wfbipped Cream Cakes 7l4 State Line St. CALUMET CITY, ILL. SCHULTZ MIDWEST STORE Grocery and ilflarket 5457 Ridge Road LANSING, ILLINOIS ll6 The largest drug store in Calumet City Central Pharmacy Come In and Say Hello! Phones: 3037 - - Residence 7930 LOU GARR 201 154th Place Calumet City, Ill. Phone Lansing 5 5 18307 Torrence Avenue LORENZ COAL Building Materials - Fairbanks-Morse Stokers LANSING, ILLINOIS mnnilulinu-..m1u1 .. 1 1 -lmluuif llstb-19" TYPE Inf Typewriters - Adding Machines Stationery - Duplicators 5319 Hohman Ave. Hammond, Ind. Phone Sheffield 682 R. F. Hoyt M. Kitsberg E. W. Eurley THE MARTIN SHOPPE 3342 Ridge Road Winterholf Bldg. Lansing, Illinois Ladies' Wearing Apparel 117 C O Laid? . out last game of the season to Argo in the Fractional gym, to place fourth in the South Suburban League. But once again we headed for joliet, March 2, for the re- gionals. After a hectic game, the Purple and Gold came out ahead, 59- 48, against Grant Park, Illi- nois. We returned the following evening, only to be beaten 53 to 35 by Joliet High. The basketball sea- son ofhcially ended for T. F. when the team proudly received their let- ters at the sports assembly, March 8, together with the wrestling and swimming teams. During the two weeks following iarg . . . the close of the basketball season those boys who had not earned major letters in any sport were given a chance to "show their stulff' Intramural preliminaries and semi finals were held during these weeks, and the finals took place on Friday, March 25. Following the short "intramural season," T. F.'s Cinder- men took to the oval, and began their grueling practice in getting ready for the 1949 track season. The Sophomores had had their day and March 8 was the time for the junior girls to "doll up" and attend their annual tea. One month later, the Senior girls had their 1 1 1. 1,,,,i.u1,,.,1q.,1 1. 1 NORTHERN INDIANA STATIONERY COMPANY, INC. GREETING CARDS FOR ALL Full Line Oflice Supplies and Furniture Phone Sheffield lll 5 507 HOHMAN AVENUE DELUXE I CLEANERS AND DYERS Cleaning - Pressing - Repairing 681-683 Wentworth Ave. CALUMET CITY, ILL. 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APPLICATIONS ARE STILL BEING RECEIVED For the 1949 Fall Class at SILVER CROSS SCHOOL OF NURSING Joliet, Illinois An Up-to-date Approved School Maintained by a Protesiant N on-S ectarian H ospital. Well-Qlzalified Instructors . . . Well-Eqlzipped Classrooms Superior Living Quarters 1 11m-lm1uH141-11m41uu1nu111111inu1nu11414111.11I...-...N-.m..-114111.11411.-1.1.1 1 1 - T Compliments of RoTHscH1LD Compliments of Q 5244 Hohman Ave. l HAMMOND, IND. LYNN BROTHERS Q l Wfomerfs Apparel . . . 5 Shoes . . . Millinery l T Sheflield 5370-1 T ll9 iarg . . . luncheon. Then came April 21, the big day for all the girls, the Girls' Club election, when the board for 1949-'50 was decided. On the 22nd the lucky girls who had an invita- tion to the Boys' Club Dance donned their new dresses and waited excitedly for their best beaux to escort them to a wonder- ful evening at the "April Showers." For Girls' Club another big day came on April 29th. The mothers and daughters of Fractional had their party when the new board was installed in a candlelight cere- mony, the beauty of which no one will ever forget. With the Girls' lar? . . . Club affairs over for the year, the Boys' Club got busy and elected their new board, May 11th, and held the Father and Son Party, the 20th. May 22nd, the musical organ- izations presented the Spring Con- cert. After that, everything seemed to come at once. The G.A.C. Ban- quet was held on the 24th with the members giving speeches, cheering, laughing, installing new members and the president for '49-'50. The tense moment when Miss jaacks announced the Senior Honor Ath- lete was at hand! The Girls' Club boards of this year and next had their joint potluck luncheon the 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .1nu1un1 1W1m....1.m1un1...1.,,1..1.,1n HOTZ DRUG STORE Walgreen Agency 3435 Ridge Rd. Tel. 790 L. W. Hotz, R. Ph. Lansing, Ill. Full Line of Coxmetics REVLON - HELENA RUBINSTEIN YARDLEY - OLD SPICE m.1nu1y...1.m1m.1ml-11-141 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 WM. H. WIN TERHOF F Builders - Insurance - Real Estate Phone Lansing 795 3344 Ridge Rd. CALUMET APPLIANCE CO. W. J. Kocal Alaytag - Tappan - Servel RCA - Z enilb - Admiral Television 670 Wentworth Ave. CALUMET CITY, ILLINOIS GLENN YOUNG'S FOOD SHOP Wentworth and 156th Street Open 6:30 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. i Including Sunday 411 11ml Lansing, Illinois Compliments of DAISY BROTHERS 1 14011 1uu1 1uu1un1ln1 1 Phone Russell 8291 H A N C O C K ' S lnfanlx' and Cbildren's Wear 5256 Hohman Avenue HAMMOND, INDIANA 120 Coal - Fuel Oil - Building Supplies STATE LINE COAL AND SUPPLY CO. 630 W. State Line Calumet City, Ill. Torrence 274 or 155 Frank jaranowski President .- -....-.....-...1....-H1 1 1 1 1 1.... Rapid Service - Lowest Prices BURCZYK PRINTERS Phone Torrence 7162 748 State Line St. CALUMET CITY, ILL. Phone Hammond 572 JOSEPH S. CZECHANSKI Undertaker and Embalmer 248 155th Pl., Cor. Lincoln Ave. Opp. St. Andrew's Church CALUMET CITY, ILL. Stanley E. Bejger Treasurer The Store That Confidence Built COUSINS, INC. Quality jewelers 5133 Hohman Ave. HAMMOND, IND. MARCUS SUPPLY CO. 5030 Hohman Ave. HAMMOND, IND. STYKA,S GROCERIES 15803 E. 138th Place Burnham, Illinois 121 iarg . . . next day. Then came the big dance of the year. The date of the junior Senior Prom was May 28th when those students arrayed in their gay formals and neat tuxedos had an evening they will always remember - especially will those girls for whom it was the first formal, recall it as a very special time. Senior Day, june 3, marked the finale to the school year of 1948- 1949, our 25th anniversary year, and one of fun and happiness that will always be held dear in the hearts of the T. F. students who were priv- ileged to experience it. .7 .Ma tory The spirit of T. F. goes back to the time when both Calumet City Q then called West Hammondi and Lansing had their own high schools. Then in 1924, Lansing was un- able to collect thirty-five high school students and so, by action of the state legislature, had to forfeit high school rights. Thornton Fractional district was organized in 1924 and classes were held first in 1924, both in Lansing and West Hammond. The first class was graduated in 1925 and consisted of thirty people. In 1925 the entire high school was brought together in the Went- HOME PUBLISHING CO., INCORPORATED 5809 Calumet Avenue Hammond, Indiana Call Us For Your School Bulletins or Plant Publications Telephone: Hammond 2410 1 RABIN'S APPLIANCE 81 FURNITURE CO. Sales and Service fOpposite Paramount Theatrej Represented by Dan Rabin 5406 Hohman Avenue HAMMOND, IND. ' Phone Shefheld 223 BENJAMIN BROS. N111111111111 TORRENCE AVENUE RIDING ACADEMY DON BRYANT, Owner Moonlight Rides - Hay Rides 31.00 per hr. Weekdays 31.50 per hr. Sundays and Holidays Located one-half mile south of Ridge Road on Torrence Ave., Lansing, Ill. .,1M1 1 1.,1nu1. .11i.,1i.4.1 1 1 1 JACK FOX 8: SONS Fine lllen's Wear 5219 Hohman Ave. Hammond, Ind. m111-.11111111 LAWSON'S AUTO SALES 3304 Ridge Road Lansing, Ill. New and Used Cars Bought and Sola' 122 The Calumet National Bank of Hammond, Indiana Member of the Federal Reserve System Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 1lm1.nn1nn1im-H01..1....1 1.1 1..-m.1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 H. VAN DER WEIDE 2 Pittsburgh Paints and Glass l 1 1 1W1W1ml1u,4-m.1m... 1 1iu1.i..1lvn1nu-A-uu1n.l.1 111 1 1 1 Paints, Varnishes, Turpentine, l Oils, Wall Paper, Window Glass, Mirrors, Glass for Table T Tops PHONE LANSING 49 l 5506 RIDGE ROAD l LANSING, ILL. i I l AL KVEDARAS L GROCERY SHOP l BERN BROS. Fine Shoes 5130 Hohman Ave. HAMMOND, IND. Best Wfislaes to I . 13958 Greenbay Ave. l Class of 1949 BURNHAM, ILL- z DR. s. c. WAL ACE Phone Burnham 9870 Z I E 123 . .jshafarg worth building where high school classes were held until the high school transferred to the Thornton Fractional building on Pulaski. They entered the new building on February 15, 1926. The right impetus had been given and T. F. began to grow. ' Yes, and the spirit goes back to the time when soccer was an im- portant competitive sport and the year-book contained pictures of grade school students. It even goes back to when baby pictures were carried by the Chron- oscope and in addition there was a f , I history of each class. . .Msforg To amuse and entertain its read- ers, poems, and stories of "who went with whom" were carried by the book. Every Friday a singing ses- sion was held and all students par- ticipated. . Fractional had a Hi-Y club and an annual musical festival was pre- sented. Thorntonians were published weekly. The Girls' Athletic Club, consist- ing of 12 girls, was founded in 1928-29. U T. F. students had the privilege of hearing Admiral Byrd as a guest speaker at Hammond in 1950. MERCANTILE NATIONAL BANK OF HAMMOND Hammond, Indiana Member Federal Reserve System MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION juniors Find Fashion Treasures Here Your spring and summer horoscope sees you in your favorite MINAS COMPANY modes. Air kissed cottons and spun rayons, fetching silhouettes that point up new necklines, tinier waistlines, skirts and peplums that billow. Truly junior loves for young sophistication. EDWARD C. MINAS COMPANY State Street Hammond, Indiana 124 Magic Oven Pastries Always a Melody of Satisfaction BA 1-02-12 13334 Baltimore Ave. 1. 1 1 1 1mI1....1,.1 1 1 1 1.1 CENTRAL SAVINGS 8. LOAN ASSOCIATION CAIUMET CITY 201 Pulaski Road, Room 209 CALUMET CITY, ILLINOIS Under Slate Government Supervision John A. Nowak, President Leonard I. Victor, Sec. 6' Treas. -.....,.-..,,- .,.. - .... .. ..I. -. - ..,. - .... - 1 -.H ALPERT'S STORE Peters Shoes and Dry Goods for the family 108 154th Pl. Phone Torr. 1681 CALUMET CITY, ILL. Hegewisch, Ill. SHAMROCK SNACK BAR 14001 Greenbay Ave. BURNHAM, ILL. Shop at SAX for the loveliest shoes yozfve ever seen. SAX ..... FINE FOOTWEAR 5261 Hohman Ave. Russell 8153 HAMMOND, IND. 125 fl cjwbdforyp "News Hawks" was the name of the journalism Club. Every year a posture queen was chosen. NOTE THIS: The cheerleaders were boys!! Another publication was put out by the students called the TEEN. Yes, the spirit of T. F. surely dwells in its publications. On December 20, 1955, T. F. was burned to the ground and the spirit of T. F. was broken, but not de- stroyed. The fire started by spontaneous combustion in the southwest corner of the building, in the shops. It was the evening of the Christmas con- 51 Sl Jr..4if,,,l, cert, 'and if the hre had started a few hours later, many people might have been killed. Equipment was brought from several neighboring towns and within three hours the fire was under control. ' Records were saved and so were the sports and boiler room equip- ment. In the 1955-34 Chronoscope, the following prophecy appeared- geal Mdahes fo ite JM. of 1 9 9 Arm ft? Gibson Studios o i C h i c a g 0 The Oldest Portrait Studio in America Artistic Photography I ntelli gently Created My Gibson Studios of Chicago 109 N. WLBMH AVENUE CENTRM 6-3982-3-4 Oyficial Photographer for The Chronoscope 126 ik' BROSSEAU 'ik jurnifure ana! gdcfricafxqolaganced Si? 127 .7 .Ma for? THORNTON FRACTIONAL WAS REDUCED TO DESO- LATION AND RUIN, BUT FROM THE ASHES WILL EMERGE A STILL MORE BEAUTIFUL SCHOOL. Classes were held in neighboring schools until the new T. F. was opened in 1936. The spirit was given a rebirth. The prophecy has come true and, made strong by the hard years in its history, the spirit of T. F. lives on! 2 0l'lC bL5L0l'l ' , Now that we have read the story-4 story that includes thigj bestmyears of out lives-we must pay tribute to the students before us who created the spiritg we must impress thoie who succeed us with Vniz t hat same spirit so that our school, Thornton Fractional, will continue to grow and progress in the next twenty-five years, and thfelnext, and the next . . . ,.,..- We realize the "Spirit of T. is not an intangible appahtion, it is the attitude of all those students who have served T. F., all those who are serving T. F., and all those who will serve T. F. 123 32 Our Publifbem' LEANDER COMPANY, Chicago, Ill Our Photographer GIBSON STUDIOS, Chicago, Ill. PJ ' A ' JL if I N' - ..b- 4 , ,J jx , X 1 xi x: u UH .' Xfr A A rj F ,X fy -gj'AM3 Q. 5 ff ' P ls .x5:.:'1 , , "L law 'J " KL' ff 15 0 say!! ,- 1' J! W if ,W O y A, A V " I , rff if ,A I' 47- I ' ' " A 1 ' V . 1 f 1 sm! M y:.4. X IJ 1 Ah i 'Nil HN I - 3 5 , Q :',7' ' 15 1 3,4 ,Pig 1 K of A I in 4 X ! D W V, k I7 lryf 1 I Q 1 , 1 .ff 1 D X PV V I 1 nf ,. X , Q ,. ' J' Q R4 w X' ' ' A . I 1 , .f ff M I F ' , IAX NX X N ' , L y 1 - A 4- XJ, , V! V I . f K l X IN .41 gf? x l W 13 Q' Q1 ii 5 Zig 4 9 . Y, 'X 'wif f . J . v .Q sy i E MQ ., , Y ' j ' 1 3' i " 1 9 3 ' - 5' wx V ' fl - vi" ' Y ' ' lj' " I, 51' 3 'fj 1 -fl ' .'a.' ff'f5 I ' 4 -1? ," '1ff '3gf" 'f '!f 'Y , 2' - - ' . - ' p - ' .' ' V f"xf- . 4'ff,. ff--it-,Q1 ' '- ' 'f T- - . ' f ' . . ' , - .:1 1 1,-L '-QT S.. 5, - - " '- ' V " . ,. 15 6 ' f 'fi 5, K I I 4 I Y S . , f ' . ,X . , r, . H . I-f x ,M k WY! f X fxQg2g7M ' E MM f H.j5,f'., vZ3'L'5f? 1 ,-f 2 . . , .- L4 1. 1 v 3 '- 4, xl ' I In i . ,Il ., ,M , 4: . X -6 ,Q - Q rv, ' F I if S! "L ,' 1 'ff' V pr ' ,f .1 5, ' M , 1 i K f Q n jJ1'l'pJz"' -' ' A n x L 5 gxb J SQ WSW! .v- H 'b, HX , U - ' KJ? iw i k" Y V- NSY 1 E a L V fi . ' Q ' W 2? X- - a 3 i

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