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Thornton Fractional North High School - Chronoscope Yearbook (Calumet City, IL) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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? r y ' cK V ' h K. t : . : ' " ' A . ts ' .■■I, ' f ' ■■ mm i ' ■■•■■( MX y-yj mm ■■•• ' J V ' fi i ■3 ■•,v.r VOSCOP A ¥i7 n ' - .} ' . :i .%.■ if- ' Vd V .2:; -v. H4.-,. Vi ' .T.t I, , • teCr- ■ " i ' ,?■■. i W -- ... ■ t ■• ' • ' . ' ' ' ■■ ' v ■■■ ••.(; . ;•.,. V .•- it ' ■ . ' ■ ' ■ •it ' ' ■W? ' l • ■ ' ■- - - v i ' : " . r.-.(--- ' i ' ;; ' ■•■ " . ' . ' ■ ■ " ' ' ■ • ' •■ ' H Vv-- • ' ;,,...• ' ; ' •■■• ' .• ■ ... ,. -S V: " ' u. : ' •. ;[ SEPTEMBER 4, 1945 Dear Diary, It was such a glorious morning that the bunch on the l)us wasn ' t any too keen to get to school even for the first dav of fun. After we unloaded we all went around to the front door (too hot for the band room), ami there stood " A. V. " on the front steps to look us ( er. It was so like him that all of a sudden we forgot about acation, and it seemed perfectly natural to be baik again. Just think, diary, he ' s lieen greeting students every September since long before I was born, and each .Seinember there have been more of them. .Savl— I just hap- pened to think. How many whistles ilci ou suppose he ' s worn out? I ' d also like to know whom he always managed to sit behind when lie yisitcd classes before I came to sdiool. SUPERINTENDENT A. V. lOCKHART SCHOOL BOARD 1 ' . S. Here ' s a picture of the .school board. We don ' t get to see these men very often, but we hear plenty about what they ' ve spent the money for so that we can get the " mostest for the leastest. " Eve if they didn ' t do a lot for T. F.. we ' d know they were OK. cause " . ndy ' Klein used to go here, and all the others have had kids in school. MR. PREISSIG, MR. KLEIN, MR. WAHLGREN, MR. KUHLMAN, AND MR. GINDL. GENERAL OFFICE LeFt: Bruce Miller Right: Lilyan Wilson Below: Dora and Heniietta ' .fViK Dear Diary, These pictures may l)e funny shaped, but there ' s nothing funny about the people. Mr. Miller is really keen. He un- ilerstanils liow kids feel, but he ' s no easy mark either. It ' s a swell combination. Mrs. Wilson is pretty nifty too. Vou sure can ' t put any- thing over on her, but when you need help she ' s right in there pitching on your side. She has a lovely smile. . nd.— if any school has better office girls than Dora antl Henrietta, I ' d like to see it. They know all the answers and they ' re mighty good scouts too. Gee, I sound mushy. Maybe I should admit that there are occasions when I could wish this office bunch was a little less on the job! FACULTY Dear Diary. Tomorrow is rcporl taril dav, and here ' s iIk- hiindi thai will lause lln- Iroublc. Naliirallv, I ' m iiol siarcd. If I start yelling how much I think of some of these folks I ' ll Idl loo iiianv pages, so I won ' t c en start on the indi id als, but collectively, it ' s a smooth hunch. Row 1: Left to right. Mrs. Canaga. Miss Smith. Miss I ' rotU. Miss lemple. Miss |ovce. Miss Ross. Miss F.tter, Miss [aacks. Miss McKeehan. Row 2: Miss Kcssingner. Miss (asebier. Mrs. Bcrgstrom. Miss Schmidt, Miss Helen Bra z ill. Miss Sloiuni. Miss L nch. Miss Spelliring. Miss Ihrig. Mrs. Craig. Miss Shemailis. Miss Katherinc Braz ill. Row . " !: Mr. I)a is, Mr. (.entile. .Mr. I ' ritihard. Mr. Smith. Mr. Miller. Mr. I ' .lhvood. Mr. Leonard. Mr Keisier. Mi. I.amhka. Mr. C hrisiian. Mr. McKee. Mr. Stock and Mr. I ' otts weren ' t back from service when the i)iilnre taken. Dear Diary. Will you please tell me win I ' m so disgust- ingly hcalthvV Here we get a louple of keen new doiiors, and I can ' t even manage a reas- onable fatsimile of a headache. I ' ll fool ' em and s el a job in the clinic, bccairsc everybody is (ra y to be around the Tvrell ' s. riicv ' rc some- thing to rave about. They ' re good looking, anil friendlv. and do thev know their slulf! DR. SALIIE TYREll, DR. THOMAS TYREll PEP PRODUCERS Uili Dear Diary. The day this picture was taken Henry I ' ietrzak. Mr. I hlc, and Miss MiRcelian wcnl up u tlic roof. 1 lie wuid blew so hard it ahiiost l)lew them and the camera oir, but they shot a swell picture. This is hou the liand looks at every footljall game when it ' s playing the school son-. Ii uicTcs .uiuhmg 1 u, K.MKi .,1 lis iiiakiiii; noise .u ganicjs. lliese cheerleaders are experts at persuading all the noisemakers like me to make the same sounds at the same time. No football or basketball game would l)e (luite complete without them. By the way. arent the trees in the background beautiful? When we were freshmen they were just scraggh soung things. They e gTO vn up in four years. Hey, what am I saying? The girls are: Kthcl Innta. ero cue Rogers. Geannc Xim Slykc. Edna Ma cr. Dolores . cnclti. Dee Knabenhans. (iaxlc Hill. Dear Diary: Here arc ihe l)aiul ollirers. Tlic heljj rr. C ' lirisliiiii manage all the activiiies of the haml. flimlnlciuially. I hear they have IciaiU of fun wlien iliev get together, hut ihev ill) a soliil jiili anvhow. Iheir names are: Row 1: Mary Lou Sciace. ' O, Betty Hirtz, Rose Romano, Shirley Yuhas, Christine Pawlowski. Row 2: Bob Kickert, Ted Ku:i, Stanley Ciciora, Marlowe Ftey. Absent— Betty Oakes. B A N D Row 1: J. Borowski, E. Gorecki, B. Gollobitsch, D. Mehler, N. Kurz. Row 2: B. Hirtz, M. Harthun, P. Cederholm, A. Lor ranee, J. Fedosky, J. Dixon. Row 3: R. Romano, I. Jen, S. Yuhos, J. Murray, S. Ciciora, M. Frey, B. Kicker t, A. Kvedaras. Row 4: L. Fleming, C. Collins, A. Boothe, G. Dembowski, B. Schultz, F. Patterson, E. Gurney, J. Weiss, J. Peters, P. Grevstadt. Rear: Mr. Christian. 10 Row 1 : M. Roski, J. Giewartowski, E. McNair, J. McNair, K. Frevert. Row 2: P. Kumiega, N. Bauer, M. Sciacero, P. Stephenson, M. Uram, A. Siderius, J. Siderius. Row 3: B. Mauck, D. Hoffmen, T. Schneider, J. Etling, D. Fiedorowicz, N. Ehasi, C. Powlowski. Row 4: R. Genovese, T. Kurz, J. Gindle, E. Meisster, B. Schultz, G. Kulczyk, B. Mills, R. Gouger, A Rach. D. Currier, Rear: Clarence Ruork. -5!? S ' B A N D Tv irlers: Dolores Cichowicz, Lillie Mae Jernigon, Peggy Loesecke, Betty Oakes. r)c;ii Iliaij: Ooii ' t get the idea that the Ijand plays on the from laun. It just might intcifcre with classes, hut the light was better there than anv other place the photographic crew could liiul. In the light or dark, the band is something for T. V. to be proud of. And are wel The twirlers add a lot of color and r thm to the band formations. The wind certainlv blew when they were having their pictme taken, but it usually blew gales at the games, loo. These gals don ' t seem to mind the breezes. Vfr.-cA- % ' ' it- FROSH-SOPH FOOTBALL Dear Diarv. Sec me riglit llicie in llie niidille, lookiiij; as l)ig as life and Iwice as nalinai:- m nol basliliil oi anMliin ' . lull jiisi iliink wlial an adililion ihe arsil will get next vcar. 1 o he snie, Cheiell be a feu otliers besides nic. . (i kiddiiiiT, I ' w been pnind Ici be im llie undenlass learn lor Hvo years. lis fun and llie besl s irl nl Irainini; for varvilv ((iin])etili(in. We work jnsl as hard for our numerals as ihc xarsilv docs lor monograms, bnl llie ninncral is (jnl m lirsl slc|i. it t don ' i break a leg before ne l fall. T. F. 7 T. F. 6 T. F. 21 I. F. 21 1. F. L ' l T. F. 11 T. F. 13 1. F. 7 T. F. T. F. 25 SEASON RECORD Loekporl Bloom 20 -Clark ..iVrgo - .Fech -Kankakee ..-. Pullman Tech - Harvev .Blue Island -Leiiionl ' arsil G 14 7 8 Row I— Bert Giczewski, Don McMullin, John Malone, Andy Bofiglio, Alien Kindt, Bob Slinson, Dove Stinson, Ray Zenti, James Zimmerman, Dick Bogart, Leo Breski (Manager) Row 2— Jomes Wright, Eldon Freeman, Richard Markert, Myron Regner, Clyde Corey, Eugene Augustyne, Adolf Winkler, Chuck Jevyak, Mike Rank, Dale Brown, Jomes Moncino Row 3— Cooch Fedosky, Vernon Frank, Al Freymon, Don Salvano, John Sorros, Jerry Willet, Bob DePirro, Honk WIeklinski, Bob Veslowski, lee Jaworski, Leonord Czerwinski, Coach Gentile Row 4— Marion Hadu, Jim Murroy, Norm Brennan, Bill Brokebill, Frank Donaldson, Gordon Bartman, Ronald Schultz, Paul Grevslad, Edwin Jurecki, Donald Evans, Russ Keller, Richard Green 14 FOOTBALL Mr. Petree Head Coach Mr. Gentile Assistant Coach Mr. Fedosky Frosh-Soph Coach STAFF •9 VARSITY MANAGERS Joe Govingo, Roy Klank FROSH-SOPH MANAGERS Row 1 John Molone, Dick Bogort, Don McMullin Row 2 Bert Giczewskr, Leo Breski Dear Diary l ' c paslcd in so many jjictiucs today thai llicrc ' s only room to sav that these arc great peofile to ha e armiiul wlien you need coaching, advice, or equipment of any kind. Vou get it fast. 15 VARSITY FOOTBALL Row 1: Bud Mills, Right End; Bill Molnar, Left Halfback, Don Anderson, Quorterback; Oscar Padjen, Center; Mike Ferrontel- la. Fullback. Row 11: Coach Pelree; Phil Managiaracina, Fullback; Gene Duda, Left Guard; George Sarros, Right Guard; Tom Stokes, Right Halfback; Gene Berendt, Left Tackle; Ed Fedosky, Quarterback; Bob Davis, Left Guard; Rudy Horvatich, Left End; Coach Gentile. Row III: Ray Klank, Manager, John Montolla, Halfback; Wolter Sieja, Halfback; Ronald Hirtz, End; Roger Pranske, Center; Bob Shephard, Left Tackle; Jim Van Osten, End; Bob Moore, Halfback; Frank Manfredo, Tackle; Red Underwood, Guard; Joe Giovingo, Manager. Row IV; Joe Engerski, Halfback; Max Brose, Fullback; Frank Walenga, Guard; Martyn De Poutee, Guard; Roy Janich, Tackle; Daren Seme, Tackle; Jim Shutoski, Guard; Clarence Ruark, Halfback; James Oberla, End; Don Scharlack, Center. 16 VARSITY FOOTBALL Hear niaiy, I just got ihcsc footliall | imircs. Arcn ' l llicv super? I guess I ' ll reread e cr lliing I wrote alioul the whole season. Here goes. .September 14 What a night for a football gamel F,vcr one was drenched. It wasn ' t raining cats and dogs; It was raining ligers. Ihc boys from Hammond lech out scored our .Meteors, but they didn ' t outfight them. The whole thing might have been different if Tommy .Stokes hadn ' t gone and broken his collar bone. . s it was. Tech beat us. 18 to 6. September 21 It was a swell night for a game. For a school with a small enrollment, Griffith rcallv put out a team. The score was tied going into the last quarter. We were deep in Panther territory, and it was 4th down with less than 3 minutes to play when .Anderson faded l)ack and threw a pass to Mills who stepped o er the goal. Residts: T. F. 13. Grithth 7. October 2 The team was ticking like a clotk tonight. 1 hose big brutes from Kankakee couldn ' t do ainthing to our line, and our backs reeled oH: gain after gain. The ends and backs caught anything . nderson and Fedosky threw. This was oiu ' first league win. It ended 19 to 0. October 6 I saw championship football plaved today, iiluc Island was picked to beat us by 3 touchdowns, but we out played, out fought, and out pointed them for a 13 to 7 win. Gene Herendt made a vicious tackle of Bill Driver, Ihc Cardinal ' s star halfback, and the Red Flash wasn ' t himself the rest of the game. I ' ll never forget the way George Sarros caught that blocked pass and dashed 27 yards for the first score. .Anderson threw lo Mills for the winning touchdown. Stokes was back. Did he shinel November 3 The team is still playing championship ball. Tlie first team .scored 3 touchdowns in less than three minutes. The second string scored 2. It was a runa a for us bv a 32 to 7 score. October 19 . small Clark team plaved a tough, hard game toniglit. but Sarros. Duda. Berendt, and Shephard were too much for them, . nderson to Stokes was the combination that beat Clark 19 to 0. They coiddn ' t tell where .Ander- son was going to throw and where Tommy was going to be. Duda doubled Sarros ' s feat in the Blue Island game bv intercepting a lateral and charging 67 yards for a touchdown. Everyone on the squad saw action. October 2G I don ' t feel so good. Bloom rolled all o er our team and beat them 28 to 7. Our boys just coiddn ' t stop Sam I ' ia cii. Bloom ' s exploding left half. I ' m not in the mood for any more writing. o ember 3 1 feel e en worse tonight than I did last week. The bo s didn ' t have the fight thev had at the beginning of the season because of the game with Bloom. Ihat game meant the Championship. Jolnnn karras baffled our team bv his running and scored two long running touchdowns. He reminded me of Bloom ' s I ' iazza. The score of tills one was 13 to 7. November 9 I ' m on top of the wcirld. 1 hose CxiUral Kids won t kill me now. We rcallv beat them, 3() to 7. Every man on the learn plaved. and thev sure had the old light. Anderson was Hinging them. Stokes and Ferrontelle were niiining wild. Rudv Hor atich and Biuhh Mills were llirowiug their backs for losses and the rest of the line show- etl Central h()w to pla to win a game. 1 ' . S. I just noticed that I left some of the fellows names out of mv comments. They ' re all good though, especially who had individual pictures. 17 G. A. C. G. A. C. stands for lols of tilings. OHitially it means means C.ii Is ' Aihlelie (;liil . Ijui Jimmy insists it stands 1(11 " (;irls Are Crazv " and Rob says it ' s the abbreviation for " Gel a (.nitch " . Tonight I could use a (imple. plus a buttle of arnica for iii bruises, some iingiientine for floorbiiriis. and some gargle for my throat. Ma bc some day I ' M learn to stop ellliiig so hard and I can at least save mv oice from harm. InU I ' ll proliahU never learn not to pla like a demon in a tonrnament. Who won today? Why, natthi We did. I almost didn ' t make the team. Every time Miss Jaacks came aroniid all season 1 got fiMiibleitis or stuinblism and got chased out. Of course, most everybody gets eliminated once in a while, but I ' m telling yon it ' s a long way to the end of the line. Win cant she ever look at me when I ' m going good " - ' hat am I kicking about? Every Monday, AVednesday and Friday tor almost four years I ' ve been getting fun and exercise at G. A. C. and the onh leallv tough thing was keeping the training rules. Even the initiation was fun. Of course I got a little bruised, but it was a relief to have the black and blue .someplace besides my knees and shins. 1 wouldn t trade my G. . . C. fun and friends for Honor .Sociey. (but just between us, I hope I make that loo.) Row 1: Lois Carlson, Shirlee Cadman, Mary Ellen Peters, Phylis Krisco, Philmon Mansueto, Dorothy Wedig, Pot Hammer, Mar- jorie Wiel, Carol Wright, Dorothy Sullivan, Janet Malecki. Row 2: Mary Ann Roski, Donna Tracy, Anne Petree, Mona Peters, Janet Bleck, Charlene Lauer, Adele Larrance, Geane Van Slyke, Shorlene Kuschel, Betty Wright, Dorothy McCloskey, Charlene Tevis. Row 3: Jeanette Monahan, Virgene Rogers, Bonita Aumick, Jeanne Sherrow, Carolyn Ribbentrop, Lydia Krell, Darlene Bissa, Dee Knabenhans, Juanita Fedosky, Pearl Ooms. Here ' s ihc hoiud and f mul old " I-AC ' rvtliiii or Nothing. " jaatks who makes us loe the mark aiul like it. I almost heHeve she likes her (.. A. C;. chicks Ijettei than her car and tlial ' s rvA] Hking things. Slie gels more thrill out of G. A. C, especially the banquet, than we girls do, l)ut we get our biggest thrill out of having fun with her. Row 1: Virgene Rogers, Effie Fonfa, Lydia Krell, Betty Hirtz. Row 2: Gladys Ostrowski, Luella Creviston, Charlene Tevis, Charlene Lauer. Row 3: Miss Jaocks, Doris Horst, Rose Breski. Row 1: Ethel Fanta, Dolores Chichowici, Gladys Ostrowski, Betty Oakes, Rosemary Schoon, Rosemary Porker, Betty Basney, Jessie Pavlick, Shirley Probst, Elaine Browe, Glen Ellyn Smlthers. Row 2: Pat Brinkman, Ruth Hecht, Doris Leech, Joan Arentz, Jeanne Eismin, Betsy Kesslnger, Marlene Ahrens, Betty Hirtz, Deano Friedman, Luella Creviston, Jeanne Shelton. Row 3: Beryl Jones, Betty Tevis, Doris Hoffman, Doris Horst, Cynthia Clark, Betty Browe, Shirley Lietzan, Rose Breski, Dolores Teutamacher, Virgene Hanrahan, Margaret Harthun. CARNIVAL Dear Diary. I don ' t kiiou which UDiild be utirse. to he a diary and jusl s;e[ lukl ahonl C.arni al or l i he nie and gel shoved around in tlie crowd he had al llie school tonight. There were two people for every stjuare fool and 1 was always ihe one tniderncath. It was wortli it though. The stage show was snper. I know I ' ll ne er forget it, so I wont say much about it. I ' ll jusl put in some pictures and a program so I ' ll be sure to remember just who was who. After the stage show Mickey Isley went on playing for the smoothest dance there ever was. I couldn ' t sc[ueeze into the swim show, but evervbody did say that it was the slickest thing out. The Meistersingers put on their usual crowd ])idler. and all tlic other concessions, including the cafeteria, did a rushing business. The high spot of the evening was the coronation of Shirl and Biukh. Boy was that a torrid race! National elections have nothing on us. Oh well, another Carnival is history, and I ni tired enough to get right to bed and dream about it. HARKM SCARIM Directed b Mr. Earl Davis Master of Ceremonies .Sultan Hassen Ben Sober Ciuards _ Don Horst Lowell Cropp Herbert Mitchell, Richard ' ' ork .American Visitors _ Villiam .ick, Richard Smith, Joe Engerski, Tony Stasiak Slave Girls Dorothy Carlson, Peggy Laesecke. Beryl Jones Slave Boy - Ed Smagacz Wliirling Der ish Dance Chorus— Lorraine Magdaz. Joan Hayes, . rminta Bastion, Lois Ritchie, Pat Brinkman, Jackie Harle. Betty Oakes. Phyllis Stephetison Sultan ' s Fiddlers— " Play. Fiddle. Play " Joe Giewartowski, Jack Falkenstrom .Vccordionist— " Dark Eyes " , _ Dorothy McCloskey Oriental Dancer 1 Lorraine Probst Soloist— " Pagan Love Song " : . Herbert Mitchell Magician Hoodunit : Robert Ridge . bdtUlah Allbad _ ' . Mitchell Wisniewski .Vbdullah ' s Harem Donna Dunn, Donna Tracy, Constance Giczewski, Darlene Bissa Soloist— " Pale Hands " Jeanne Eismin Saxophcme- " Shiek of . raby " Ed Gorecki Fap Dancer Darlene Bissa Oriental Daiui- Clionis-Inan Karr. CJavlc Hill. Joan Weiss. Jiiaiiila Icilosky. Dolores laixirski. Liiclla Creviston. .Shirlcv Probst. C.ynlliia Clark Soloist- ■Desert Song " ._. Minlull Wisnicwski Pianist— Prelude in C sharp XJinor ji,,, Ellint; Gag Promoters — Yvonne Hyland. Don Kosinski, Dean Brown, Oscar Padjen Soloist- " Temptation " Violette Panayotovith Dance Team „ Dolores Pochron. Tony Stasiak Soloist— " oll Belong to My Heart _ Dolores Sikorski Accordionist-Ida " |„c Engerski Jitterbngs Edna Mazer, Lorraine Probst. Richard Smith. William Zick Decorator __„ _ , Don Kosinski Snltan Sailbad the Sinner Bol, shepbard Football (horns- lom Stokes. George Sarros. Rndy Hor atich. Mike Ferrontella. Dan Scliarlatb. (;ene I ' nderwood. Bob Davis. Bud Mills, C;cne Berendl. Gene Diida. Roy Janich. Ed Fedosky, Phil Mangiaracina and Bill Molnar Santa Clans Eugene Dembowski Dancer Shirley Labas Hawaiian Dancer Janet Poe Stage Managers William Klage and Dean Brown Scenery Miss Temple. Hob Dean and the Art Classes Make-np Miss Casebier. Pat Flom. and the Make-np Committee Costumes Miss Smith, Dorothy Carlson and Peggy Laesecke Dancing Miss Shemaitis General Chairman of C.arni al Mis. Wilson Music Mickev Isley and hi-; Orchcsir.j r ' y ' ]! ' I DOUBLE SEXTETTE near niaiy. Thesi- link- iiKiiilins in .in-.l uliilc nic llu- Diiuhic SfXtcltc. c didiit sini; in llic CnmivMl this c;ii. f usuiillv (1(1, lint L ' got startoil a link- late this lall, and licsi(k-s a ((iiiiial (Ikhiis liki- tlic ScAtc-tlc woiiklnt haxc fit intd Harem Siantin an too well. c sang al both the music fcsli als, I especially liked the son s we had al Ihe Christmas Concert. Thcv were solid, and we surely sent them. Perhaps Miss Brazzill wouldn ' t ap|)ro e of sncli slang for a select erouii. Imt any how they were kneh songs: and if 1 do say so myself, they sounded lieautifnl. The .Sextette should sin;; iell hiiause e er girl is selected not onlx for the |nalit of her yoice hut also for its •■|)lendahilil " with those of tlie other girls. We praticc every day during the IB period. Miss Bra ill makes us work. 1)111 we lo e music, so it isn ' t hard to take Here I am back again. That was Joe. He wants me to go to the show lomorrow. I just looketl oyer what 1 wrote belore that call. It sounds cockey. Imt 1 don ' t mean it that ua . oii see. I must admit that nn original purpose in tr ingoiit for .Sextette was to get out of a noon study hall. How was I to know that I ' d learn to be crazy about music after I got in? Oil well, I ' d better get to bed if I ' m going to gel ii|) early enough to get everything clone in time to doll up for |oe. He likes his clii(ks smootli. The:es3 Brady — pianist, ' Lue ' la C.-evislon, A ' mj Ku:i k, Ju3n!f3 Fedosky, Gertrude Smith, Jeanne Eismin, Dolores Sikorski, Ma flyn Levin, Pat Pecike-, J ckiD Ha le, Dorothy Wsfr ig, Adcle Larronce and Mary Chudy. m SJULlffffl TERRAPIN Deal Diary. Mother said I looked like a drowned potato sack when I jJot hoine tonight. I can ' t sec why, because even if we did kick tips, log-rolls, sinface dives and push nps in Terrapin and then had initiation for the new members, I should have dried olf. because afterwards we had the biggest feast I ' ve liad at T. F. .Say. listen to tliat rain. I ' ll bet I was day dreaming and got soaked walking home wiihoiu an um- brella. Row 1; Dorothy Weidig, Geanne Van Slyke, Arminto Bastion, Juoniia Fedosky, Lillian LaSota. Row 2: Genevieve Gorecki, Mono Peters, Dolores Pochron, Dee Knabenhans, Shiiiee Cadman, Donna Dunn. What would a ( " arui al be withoiu a water show? Thev lell me that uav back in the old building, tlie watc ' r show was one of the most popular side sliows. It ' s the same pool, and the show is still i;;ni packed. 1 he lellou ' s do a lot too. but we Terrapins lliink we put it on the lop burner. A ' e do other things besides being in the water show. W C have an after school swim at least once, sometimes twice a week, and we al wavs ha e some telegraphic meets with other siluMils. I, (lis ol times we win!! Someday, uuivlii- I ijn catih a snap ol this vear iuiliates. Here are the officers: Mono Peters, Miss Shemaitis, Juani a Fedosky. Stand- ing: Dorothy Weidig. i MEISTERSINGERS Deal ' I)i:iiy. As Idiis " as I ' m a Mcistcrsiiigcr tlu-rc ' s no reason win I caul make Inn of ns and say that as a ninsiial oigani aiion uc can pnt on a luii IckkI concession. This morning we decoratctl; this atternoon we higgecl tables and (hairs: and tonight we fed people and we led people. Honestly, you ' d think folks came to the carnival to eat. Maybe oin- " Gay Nineties " music helped to draw the crowd, and I ' m just crabby ' cause I ' m the guy who had to scamper to the cafeteria for more supplies. Did I ever tell you that we sing everyday 4A period? We do a lot of harmless harmonizing and a good deal more real practicing so we can give a bang up performance at the Christmas Concert and the .Spring Festival. The Sextette thinks it ' s the best musical group in tlic school. Maybe I ' m prejudiced, but I ' ll take the .Meistersingers. Officers: Joe Engerski, Don Horst Joe Ketlman Billy Mills Row 1: Bill Mills, Clarence Ruark, Joe Giewortowski, Jim Etiing, Don McMullin, Bob Roach, Nick Eisman, Don Freeland, Dick Granback, Howard Vierk. Row 2: Atvan Boothe, Bob Gollobitch, Jim Fritz, John Ulandowski, Stanley Ciciora. Don Horst. Row 3; Joe Keilman, Eddie Gorecki, Edward Debold, Herbert Mitchell, Eugene Dembowski, Paul Grevstadt. " f. ' il K ' - . M mmM-mmm: r ■■■ ' 1 mm: [• ' - ' hS(!- ft ' ■•-. ' ■■ ' . JUNIOR CLASS Next vcar I ' m sine tlic senior class will bo ihc best class in school. Ibis year it ' s the juniors, ' cs sir. the class of 1947 is plcnlv O. R. We pro ecl it last spring when we were still sophomores and elected the officers for our jiniior year. There they are in the picture. The girl is Dorothy McCloskey. Everybody likes that girl. She ' s a smooth accordianist and, well, in short she ' s smooth— period. The fellow in the T. F. sweater is Bob Heath. Bob is always up to something, and it isn ' t always junior movies and prom decorations, but he ' s just right for vice-presi- dent. The boy witli the necktie is Bob Kickert, our tall rciMieadcd president with the millicm dollar grin. When Bob was yoinig he had a di inc boy soprano voice. Vho ever hear ' d of a tenor basketball player? The jtuiiors did, cause Bob is one of the hottest centers e er seen on the T. F. floor. Enough about Bob. The third chap, the one in the handsome plaid shirt, is Joe Giovingo. Joe not only man- ages the junior funds, but he ' s one of the football managers. Wonder what he ' ll manage when he gets out of school? It should be somctliing good. ' Felling about our class makes nic feci like writing down a little about what being a junior means. I ' m not talking about just wlial it iiicaus lor our very special junior class, but lor iuniors ever ' i year. In ilass work for a good many it means cheniisir . with .ill its work, ftui, and smells. For still others it means typing on tliose lilank machines (I ' m not swearing. I mean blank, NOT Ijlankety-blank). For as many as can scpiecze in, it means auto shop and a cliariie to be all greasy right in sihool. and for some it means journalism and all that goes with it. Junior vear isn ' t all class work. Ihis year we ])ia on a rnoyic to get a little money towards the prom, and we certainly did oiu ' share in eyery part of the Clarnival. Juniors make up a good share of exerv oigani alioii and team in school, bin the climax of the jiniior year is that dance of all oiu ' dreams— the I ' rom. I guess every (hiss thinks its pioin is best, hut I just don ' t see how one could be as beautiliil as ours. Even if I go uith " Himself " again next vear 1 just know it can ' t lie as grand as it was last night. I ' m so happy 1 know I uon ' i sleep. I ' ll just lie awake and day dream. , I ' a ' .dUi j imu in ■ } W -4 . iiii ilfe Henry Bartels Gene Berwanger Martin Aldcrden Arthur Andrews Don Anderson Rollin Barnes Bob Bolda Walter Buehler Richard Jarzombek Dick Gronback Max Brose Harold Biesbor Ronald Hirti Tony Zampino Jim Merlo Bob Czechonski Bob Koesike Neal Tolley Bill Myrick Joe Papa Don Carey John Coffield Robert Dean John Montello Russell Crane Andy Caruso Jerry Cormicon Lowell Cropp Jim Fritz Joe Ferrontella Bob Fleming Martyn De Poutee Ed Grzybowski Ed Grimier Bernard Gloza Jim Ernstmeyer Richard Haider Jack Honey Bob Moore Joe Micka 33 JUNIORS Betty Bonkowski Lila Arbisi Meryl Blocker Bonita Aumick Janet Bteck Harriet Beaver Jean Brodie Ruth Bohlin Eunice Dekker Mildred De Vries Joann De Rolf Dolores Couwenhovcn June Byrd Lois Carlson Shirley Cadman Alice Coffield Mary Chudy Darlene Bisso Marcella Cowles Dorothy Besse Arminta Bastion Anne Petree Dolores Avenctti leona Fleming Pat Flom Maxine Frei Mary Lou Evert Carlo Hoynes Juonita Fedosky Elaine Gillespie Ethel Gurney Rita Hurysz Alice Hoogeveen Leono Heimbuck Viola Heimbuck Irene Jerz Joan Jaeger Dorothy Hatfield Diana Horvatick Dolores Knobenhans 34 JUNIORS ■■■» ' a. Jerome Labuda John Keefner Frank Magdiaz Ralph McLaughlin Richord Matthews Frank Manfredo James Oberia Jim Leonard Tom Morgan Eugene Magdziarz Jock Renier Roger Pranske Orion Porter Oscar Padgen Jim Shutoski Don Slager Walter Sieja Bob Shephard Jim Van Osten Chris Schultz Ray Zimnywoda Frank Wolenga Rolland Wiening Howard Vierk Lloyd Schmidt Jack Scheider Bob Schultz Norman Ehasz Denni Yates Tom Schneider Bob Mauch Jerome Gindl Richard Genovese Norman Bauer Ted Kurz Bob Kikkert— Class Pres. Joe Giovingo Bob Heath 35 JUNIORS Joanne Karr Josephine Jasck Dolores Jordan Sharlene Kuschel Josephine Kasprzyski Renee Katz Margaret Klimek Pauline Koseike Marion Konkey Lydia Krell MoryJin Levin Chorlene Lauer Pat Kumiego Dolores Keller Phiiamon Mansucto Eleanor McNair Bernicc Lyszarz Adele Lorrance Helen Muschclewicz Louise Dupre Carolyn Ribbentrop Mary Ann Roski Mory Ellen Peters Constance Perniciaro Dolores Sertic Dorothy Sickman Jeanne Sherrow Pat Ringler Phyllis Stephenson Wanda Sodowski Rosemary Smitham Luella Snyder Rosemary Schoon Pat Shahan Mary Lou Sciocero f fV 36 JUNIORS Dorothy Sullivan Betty Thomas Dorothy Taborsici Betty Sacks Pot Smith Grace Van Der Noord Gene Von Slyke Donna Trocy Charlene Tevis Carol Wright Joan Weiss Dorothea Von Der Aa Wilman Van HeesI Dorothy Williams Marjorie Weil Dorothy Weidig Ethel Wahl Betty Wright Dolores Wilson Norma Willis Victoria Woclowek Pot Zaieta Mary Jane Zygmunt Evelyn Zygmunt Virginia Young Anne Mae Cicero Dolores Matkowicz Janet Malecki Eleanor Oppenhuis Dolores Nitz Shirley Mogisen Clorisse Pietrzak Rita Plumkowski Betty Oakes Pearl Ooms Phyllis Melby Dorothy McCloskey 37 SOPHOMORES Joan Ahrendf, Joann Austgen, Mary Ellen Arzich, Marlene Arens, Betty Arnold, Pat Brinkman, Bernadette Bartkowski, Betty Hirti Shirley Anderson, Carolyn Arnold, Eleanor Boender, Betty Basney, Betty Bunchek, Dolores Buls, Joan Braun, Patricio Hoff Dorothy Bloom, Marjorie Brandt, Rita Borowski, Elaine Br owe, Mary Brady, Leona Betustak, Lois Berwonger, Toni Harmon Adele Ciastko, Betty Carlson, Shirley Carlson, Frances Bezrucko, Elmyra Christiansen, Eunice Carlson, Luella Creviston, Do- lores Jaworski Constance Collins, Frances Dobrzynski, Ethel Dickensheets, Betty Dines, Sharon Cheek, Dolores Enloe, Jeanne Eismin, Con- stance Giczewski Ola Eskridge, Mono Elliott, Anita Gaddis, Genevieve Gorecki, Sue Fleming, Deanne Friedmon, Elaine Graska, Ruth Hecht Jacqueline Hauck, Nila Hilt, Irene Jakubus, Helen Gocka, Mary Alice Grieder, Virgene Hanrahan, Gladys Horgeshimer, Jean Johnson 38 SOPHOMORES Ben Anderson, Joe Alaimo, Alvin Soothe, Billy Bradburn, Glen Broomhead, Eugene Augustyne, Garrett Benson, Ed Jurecki James Brodie, Bill Brakebill, Leo Brestti Don Baranowski, Norbert Brennon, Donald Burnett, John Bruhn, Bob Jerzyk Dave Currier, Clyde Carey, Paul Cleghorn, Dale Brown, Fred De Pirro, Vincent Dobrowski, Milton Derks, Ray Johnson James Dixon, Ronald Enloe, Nick Eismin, James Etiing, Frank Donaldson, Eldon Freeman, Kenneth Frevert, Tom Hyland Dick Frichtl, Don Evans, George Gumbel, Paul Grevstad, Allan Gillespie, Don Freeland, Joe Giewartowski, Eugene Kulczyk Dan Gryzbowski, Richard Gehrke, Pete Gabrich, Erick Henkel, Gerhard Henning, Rodger Hedges, Andy Gruba, Bob Jaronowski Conrad Jaronowski, Charles Jevyk, Don Kosinski, Ed Kowalski, Jock Kiester, Russell Keller, Warren Lorenz, Howard leach [ 39 SOPHOMORES Gloria Greenwood, Mary Gawlinski, Margaret Harthun, Be ty Horgeshimer, Dolores Hansen, Phyllis Kettwig, Violet Jansen, Irene Jordan Tilly Jansma, Helen Karagias, Befsy Kcssingcr, Dolores Konkey, Dolores Kokondy, Evelyn Kasperski, Mary Lou Karl, Dolores Kranske Blanche Kaminiski, Margie LoSola, Dolores Kirschieper, Felecia Kaleta, Jeanette Krupa, Leona Luczak, Virginia Lebek, Barbara Loom Doris Leech, Irene Muschelewicz, Virginia Malecki, Louise Montella, Audrey Lehnhoff, Josephine Merio, Rita Moss, Jeonette Monyhan Betty Morrison, Dolores Olszewski, Dorothy Niebergall, Mary Ann Miniuk, Gertrude Mazer, Rose Owczorzak, Winifred Olsen, Gladys Orminski Gertrude Overmeyer, Christine Powlowski, Jessie Pavlik, Rosemary Parker, Teresa Owczorzak, Lorctta Pierchalski, Pat Peaker, Shirley Probst Phyllis Polka, Katherine Ryzenga, Janet Rudnian, Erman Quigg, Pat Palo, Bernodette Rajski, Pat Ross, Lupe Roma 40 SOPHOMORES William Kaminski, Norman Kurz, Charles Malufica, William Mills, Earl Luther, Theodore Luther, Ed Meisler, Don McMullen Ted Mavity, John Morgin, Ralph Mroch, Frank Magdziak, Richard Market, Richard Mika, Don Orzel, Jerry Newell James Murroy, James Mancino, Stanley Pielrzak, Steve Papa, Andy Pierchalski, Henry Pietrzak, Eugene Ruth, Bob Roach Mike Ponk, Bob Potts, Marvin Slavik, John Sarros, Bob Schrum, Wayne Spence, Ray Zentz, Mickey Yuhas Bob Shanks, Charles Smith, Edwin Seidleman, Richard Sikora, Mike Urick, Earl Tobin, Stanley Skiba, Charles Thompson Clarence Wiening, James Wright, Jerry Wachewicz, Dick Vaughn, Jim Zimmerman, Stanley Zaiewski, Adolph Winkler, Bob Wood Bill Zick 41 SOPHOMORES Vergene Rogers, Rose Morie Romano, Alma Ruark, Betty Rogers, Beverly Rogers, Jean Shelton, Pal Schneide-, Joan Silver laVerne Renfrew, Audrey Skyrud, Lorraine Stein, Sylvia Swiderski, Rita Sodowski, Sikorski, Ge.tie, Jeanette Siderius Annette Siderius, Elaine Somers, Gertrude Smith, Dolores Schab, Eleonor Sobol, Dorothy Totski, Borbara Tomlonson, Louise Tomlonson Betty Tarras, Alice Witvlet, Josephine Valle, Pearl Van Drunen, Chesterine Urban, Madeline Woclawek, Charlene Wates, Arlene Widerberg Edna Winski, Gloria Walker, Rosemary Wojkowiak, Lenore Whitaker, Jeanne Weis, Marcia Zobroski, Dorothy Zuiul, Pauline Yurek Shirley Yuhos, June Anderson 42 FRESHMEN Bob Abblett, Paul Adamkiewici, Norman And;ews, Bernard Barton, Gordon Bartman, Frank Bolda, Benny Beechino, An- ihony Bonfig lio Richard Bogarf, Arthur Bach, Russell Boothc, Paul Barber, Tom Chillis, Robert Conlon, James Cole, Ray Ciasiko Phillip Cotlson, John Cosgrove, Chailes Cisse ' l, Leonard Cierwinski, Arnold Davis, lewis Dupre, Don DeRolph, Russell Dunivan Ronald Evans, Ralph Erschinger, Bob Engerski, Donald Fiedorwicz, Richard Furmanski, Ralph Freeman, John Falkenstrom, Edward Furmanski Vernon Frank, Allen Freeman, Richard Green, Bert Giczewski, Joe Gnmbino, Jerome Gurdzien, Richard Gauger, Thomas Howard Harold Holmes, Richaid Horvatich, Ma:ion Hadu, Donald Janus, John Jenny, Bob Jevyak, Leroy Jaworski, Edward Koseike Allen Kindt, Leo Kelleher, Andrew Kuipers, Stanley Klekot, Rudy Kovacich, Paul Jackson, Anthony Kosteba, Edward Kurpela i 1 -- III f " 5 " - I . 1 ' ■ r i i III; ]M 1ki_ i ' » y V " ' 43 FRESHMEN Margaret Giimler, Jackie Greenwood, Doris Hapner, Edith Heslett, Nadine Hoggatt, Jackie Harle, Marjorie Huizenga, Ester Jarzombek Betty Jereka, Leona Jurecki, Doris Johnson, Mary Johnston, Marilyn Jones, Joan Knoll, Audrey Konkey, Margaret Komorowski June Koch, Bernice Kondra, Marilyn Kronvall, Carol Karr, Joan Kraus, Rosemarie Klank, Aimira Karner, Eleanor Kilinski Dolores Koseike, Florence Komorowski, Frances Komorowski, Arlene Kaleta, Evelyn Knabenhans, Shelly Krieger, Lila Koehn, Lois Lorenz Lola Lorenz, Dorothy La Tulip, Lucille Linkiewicz, LaVonne Lindsey, Elaine Lawrence, Barbara Langdoe, Marjorie Leek, Dolores Lapon Bronis Lapon, Owen McClellan, May Mayer, Marguerite Maniscalco, Shirley Melcher, Judith McDowell, Virgene Morgan, Marjorie Miller Marjorie Mitten, Natalie Melby, Dolores Mika, Joanne Nitz, Shirley Nelson, Helen Norris, Anne Ooms, Mary Jane Orminski 44 FRESHMEN Paul Knobenhans, Leonard Kolodzski, Joe KuzdrowskJ, Richard Lotz, Jimmy Lessig, Ray Lawrence, John Lukas, John Laesecke Roy Lewman, Charles Morshall, William Miley, Norbert Lesczynski, Edward Malkowski, Bob May, Leo Misdom, Bob Marshall Victor Modjeski, Ralph Motuszak, Norbert Nadzieja, Richard Podraza, Buddy Peterson, William Pike, Eugene Pressig, James Potocki Albert Piskula William Planalp, Frank Patterson, John Peters, Larry Robbins, Myron Regnier, Garrett R it veld, John Reich Roymond Ruff, Wallace Ruff, Ronald Schultz, Ronald Schweder, William Sass, Edwin Salzwedal, Glen Snider, Bob Stinson Dave Stinson, John Straube, John Schweitzer, Joe Szarek, Edward Szweka, Dick Spindler, Donal Schultz, Charles Ulrich Earl Vander Pol, William Ulaskas, Carl Wartak, Jerry Williams, Henry Wilcox, Donald We!sh, Carroll Warner, Clifford Weilmuenstcr I f- o. m " ■ti- 1 . ' " ai f ' - f 45 FRESHMEN Rita O ' Kray, Marie O ' Malley, Jeanne O ' Connor, Dolores Pietrzolc, Betty Percak, Mary Paprocki, Genevieve Pawlovt skI, Evelyn Peterson Mary Ann Rajski, Gloria Rosinski, Lois Rentner, Eileen Ragoveen, Joyce Reynolds, Harriet Rickert, Joan Schoop, Gloria Sharp Virginia Salick, Anne Sabados, Gay Seme, Lorraine Sobczyk, Theodora Sikorski, Irene Schneider, Pat Snyder, Corlene Stump Carol Shcmidt, Marlene Shcmidt, Geraldine Schultz, Alice Schmall, Bernadine Sulicz, Margaret Siatta, Linda Sheffield, Kathryn Swieringa Eleanor Smith, Esther Soroko, Rita Trozzzy, Pat Trembczynski, Alice Utbanski, Anna Valle, Joan Walker, Dolores Wojcik Frances Wydrzynski, Helen Wisinski, Nancy West, Elaine Wiening, Dolores Wood, Marlene Wiening, Theresa Woitkowiak, Genevieve Winiorczyk Janell Wenzel, Marilyn Weaver, Ruth Kakaras, Dolores Zaleto FRESHMEN Gerald Wahl, Mike Wisniewski, Leonard Wilczynski, Robert Wojciechowski, Henry Wiektinski, Edwin Wilczynski, Jerome York, Peter Young Edward Zabinski, Donald Zajackowski - Z- r, V I Jacqu!yn A ' zich, Shaion Askien, Irene BarreM, Ba bora Bosgess, Card Boardway, E!si Bohlin, The esa Brady, Joan Beagle Betty Baldwin, Maty Ellen Bolen, Eileen irew, Shirley Bryant, Alice Christens on. Lulu Cicwos, Marilyn Carr, Filomen Cicero Sharon DePouIe, Matilyn Dibblee, Pat Dembowski, Helen Detks, lla Davis, Ru?h Dockwoile-, Elsie De3us, Ele:inor Dunivan Ma:y Leu Davis, Phyllis Ehasz, Perry Douthit, Naomi Franklin, MyricI Frost, Mary Louise Fri30, Phyllis Guyott, Viola Graham 47 THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES 1 St. row: Miss Etter, Miss Cronk right, Mrs. Mayer, Mike Pank. 2nd. row: Herbert Drew- inski, Jake Wilczynski, Al Kve- daares. THE PAWS THAT REFRESH Dear Diaiy. Ho Hunil Kinda ' (lull l(nla — ikiI iihjiIi a(ti itv i tc|)liiis at iiiinii. Of ciiiirse there is alua s plenty of aetion llien. It seems as if " teiiipus fiigils " (woiiklii i Mr. Laiuljka lie proud of me--) all da exeepl from 11:00 to 1I:3U. Ihen the delicious odors from the caftcria Moat up. and I just about starve tnitil the hell rings. When that bell rings, it ' s like the dikes of Holland giving va and half of the T. F. population surges towards lockers, lunthes and the cafeteria. I got down a little late (stopped to comb mv hair) so of comse the milk was all gone— (and with it my chance of talking to that cute boy); Then I detidcd to get my nutrition through a siuidae— hiuum— line there too. Oh, that ham looks good, but Mom put ham salad sandwiches in niv lunch. .Mike ga c me a big sundae, lots of goo on it. . l last I got settled, ready to cat, chatter, and relax, ou know that cafeteria is a pretty nice place. It ' s the only time we really get when we can talk as muth as we please and get to see all the gang together. We always chatter sixty per. but then who can blame us? We the Carnival, the (;. C. D.. the big game and every thing that is wonderfid to us. Those things only come once a year, but we ' ve got our .Spragias (1 forgoti It ' s Conrath ' s now.) a la cafeteria every day for lirst-rate discussions, cpiibblcs, and fun. The old walls reallv resounded with oooohs and aaaaah ' s today when Oscar was watching that blonde and backed right into the milk wagon giving the bottles " spontaneous combustion. " Irene, at the next table, had a birthday today and her crowd had pot-hick. Hinml Did tlial cake c cr look appetizing! Of course we sang " Happy Birthday " too. Kvcrvone does. I hadn ' t even linishcd desert when the whistle blew, and then I reallv rushed to meet )oe befoie he went down to eat. joy of all joys!! I ' omoirow I get to eat second lunch period with the upper-class he-men. Its freshmen boaiil election, and I ' m going to coiuit votes -4, period. I have to do my latin now. I didn t mean to ramble so long, but this is the lirst time I ' ve told you about the school chow-room. P. S. I hope, I hope, Joe sits with me 4B tomorrow! 48 CHRONOSCOPE Dear Uiaiy. We just g(Pl liaik Iviirii llic gramlcsl lri|i iiu cnlt IiluhI iiic ia c ' aliiml. " Out " — llial s Miss McKccliaii. mhi know— look the h liolc bimcli of lis to Roihclle to sec liow the Leader Printing and Kiigraviiig Company works on the CHRONOSCOPE. She ' s always said we ought to have our necks wrung for sending such messy stulf over there, and do we believe her nowl Jiminee there ' s a lot more to it than just taking pictures, and mounting them, and typing a lot of stiilT. We learned all about how engravings are made to print pictures from; and then saw linotype machines, and folding machines, and book sewing machines, and presses, and everything. Mr. I illon and all the workers certainly were great to us. too. Miss Kessinger helped chaperon. On the bus, going and coming, we had oodles and oodles of fun. We sang ( ' ou should have heard Jeanne and Bob) and told crazy jokes. In between times, we ate. If all the doughnuts we ate were rolled together, we could have had an extra tire. I certainly hope we ha e a good CHRONOSCOPE this time. We ought to after all ue learned todav be- sides we have what sounds like a good idea for a theme. 1 he book is to be written as if it weie pages from vari ous students ' diaries, and it ' s going to run from September to June, arranged according to season. That will put the seniors last, . fter all, graduation is the last thing in high school. Vou know, diary, I ' m sorry this is my graduation. I ' d like to work on the C HRONOSCOPE next year. Jeanne Schwartz, assistant editor; Eddie Smagacz, editor-in-chief 49 THORNTONIAN Dear Diary. Shirl ami I just tame from tlie jiriiuers. W ' c rcall iiatl trtiiililes. hut " Earl " stthcd ihciii in a liiiriA. Last night prailicallx all the stall siavcil anil worked so we coiilil gel the topx in loilax. Cau uas trying to rattle oil some poelrv to start her rohnnn; Rich used all the words in the dictionary to con ime me it was much mole in- telligent to get the sports in on I hursday instead of Wcdnesdav; and Mar F.llen Mined with the whole haskethall team to gel news for her column. All in all, it was very wearing. Putting out a paper is very simple. First, we run up and down the hall getting news. Next, we set a hooby traj) to catch ictinis to ivritc the articles. The next week is spent strangling the stall and wringing their necks so they ' ll hand in the stull. 1 hen the rcwritcrs tear apart and rebuild (.so 1 can tear apart again) all tlic articles until ihcv look like goulash but read almost smoothly. The typing comes next. This can get a little tiresome, since everything gets typed about six times. Finally were off to the printers. Relaxation follows for two davs until the galley proof gallops back to be read. .After that ' s done, then it ' s up to Earl and Mr. Buchler. Today was the deadline for copy, aird I lost m temper innjjteen times, so r c good cause to he tired. I ' m going to bed. and I hope I don ' t dream about editing a daily paper. Shirley Labas, Co-EcJitor, Shirley Bertram, Editor-in-Chief 50 m :- Hello niaiy. Here ' s this year ' s jomnaliMii lla ! RciiiLinliei hou 1 uoiiied aboiil making il ami llien abniit uhelhcr I ' d s;cl a place on ihe staff? I wish I could be back in that crazy class, even if we had to do all the dirty work, just like we shove ii oil on the class this time. The boys chase errands and lug things for Mr. L ' hle. while the girls help trim and glue pictures, and everybody has to write, and write, and rewrite. While we ' re doing this, we have to study about journalism and English literature. That class is a regidar circus, with .Miss McKeehan as ring master, and somebody is always coming in to bother lis. Just the same. I ' ll bet on journalism doing more work than any other class— cause there ' s more that has to be done. Row 1: — Elly, Anna Mae, Phyl, Louise, Juanita, Darlene, Dorothy, Mary Lou Row 2— Dot, Betty, Meryl, Carlo, Pat, Jeanne, Annie, Shirlee, Charlene, Jonie, Mary Ann, Margaret Row 3— Gene, Joe, Bob, Jim. Howdy and Dee aren ' t in the picture. 1 ' . S. This picture shoultl have a border cause it represents a sad story. W ' e were going to re ive TEEN, that ' s ihe literary book we had before the war. but when the magazine subscrip- tion drive flopped there just wasn ' t enough monev. It ' s lough on l.arrx and [ane. who were going to be editors. Larry McKittrick, Jane Arentz GIRLS ' CLUB Dearest Diary. When I lirst cniiic (o siluiol and heard ahdul C.irls ' ( u 1 ihoughl it wasn ' t Tnnih of a hil) when anybody and CNervlicidv (iil ihe girls. I mean) was a nicmhcr whcllu ' r she wanted to he or nol. l ' rell soon, tliongli, we liad a noon asseiiihh .ind all ol ns green little freshies heard the older girls tell ns ahont the ihd) and how. even tiiongh we were members, we had to earn the right to wear pins and to be eligible to be an oftieer or on the board. That made it look a lot dillercnt. so I started right in to earn points. I worked at games and .socials, and I dressed a doll and diil all sorts of work. I washed punch cups. and. whenever I could, I helped a leather. I didn ' t earn enough points when I was a freshman, but just working with the other girls helped me get ac- ([naintcd. and I maile some fast friends among girls I hailn ' l drcameil of liking. Working for the teachers maile me see that they ' re reallv. Inilv. loads of fun and jnst like otlier folks e en if they are terribly smart. I ' ll tell yoti a secret. Ihey ' re not tough a liil: just pretend. Well. I kept on trying lo get ])oints. and I must ha e done all right because by the end of mv sophomore year I earned a ])in. and I made the board. That Mothers ' Day party was the biggest moment in my life. It was thrill enough to hear mv name called oil for a pin. but when I took tliat lighted caudle I was just out of this world. A ' hcn I fotuul moilier afterwards she had tears in her eves. Then we both iried. I ' hcrc ' ve becir two lovely Moth- ers ' Day parlies sime then, but there ' ll ne er l)e another thrill like that. Officers— Befty Oakcs, Treasurer- Mary Ellen Pendergast, Vice-presij dent Top row— Beryl Jones, President- Ann Petree, Secretary— Mrs. Wij son, Advisor 52 GIRL ' S CLUB BOARD Row 1, left to right: Eleanor McNair, Alice WilcynskJ, Doris Leech, Betty Oakes, Shirley Bertram, Pat Flom, Marlene Arens, Luella Creviston, Anna Cicero Mrs. Wilson, Cynthia Clark Row 2, Edna Mazer, Phyllis Stevenson, Janet Bleck, Dorothy McCloskey, Dorothy Sullivan, Marjorie LaSoto, Jeanne Schwartz, Doris Horst, Shirley Labas, Mary Ellen Prendergast Row 3, Christine Pawlowski, Charlene Lauer, Darlene Bissa, Charlene Tevis, Juanita Fedosky, Irene Jerz, Dolores Pochron, Pat Brinkman, Jane Arentz, Anne Petree Row 4, Doris Hoffman, Beryl Jones, Betty Davis. S3 BOY ' S CLUB Hi niiirv. W ' c reallv had a rip-niarin; " B. (.. inccling ihis ikkiii. After all the hot feet hail been given, the pielmes drawn on the hiaikhiiard. and the lacks set for the fifth period: we got to work. It ' s fimnv liow a gang uilh siuh a weird sense of humor can manage to get so miith done in such a short time. I ' odav we put the finishing touches on our |)oint sxstem. It should mean a lot to the l)ovs ant! the sdiool if it works as well as the girls ' system does. Officers, Mr. Lambka, Advisor; Willie Urbanski, President; Howard Vierk, Secretary-Treasurer; Jimmy Von Osten, Vice-President P. .S. Hey. diary, did I ever think to tell you that if it hadn ' t been for the ll(i s ' (lull liu ing the jukebox we couldn ' t ha e dances after the football and li;isketball games? Maybe if we hadii ' i I WDuldii ' i l)e g(iing with Ifer! BOYS ' CLUB BOARD: Row 1; Mr. Lambka, Jerry Newell, Bob McMullin, Willie Urbanski Row 2: Bob Schrum, Jim Von Osten, Jim Etiing, Jim Merlo Row 3: Bob Kickert, Howard Vierk, Bob Davis, Oscar Padjen, Don Horst, Richard York, George Sarros •sm il 1 ' t. " K Vrii fc ' ' LIBRARY CLUB Good Evening, Diary, I ' ve been thinking ever since the sixth period today that there ' s one club I wish I ' d had time to join. That ' s the Liljrary Chili. It ' s made ii|) of the S ' ' ' ' ' " ii ' fellows uho help run the librarv. They take care of checking books in and oiil; and tliev e en mend the books. Today one of the girls helped me find a reference I just couldn ' t find for myself. That ' s what started me thinking. They have loads of fiui together and when they haxc meetings thev often bring their lunches and eat togcllier in room 12(3 while thcN ' re talking things over. Every year they have a roller skating ])arlv for the school, and the Carnival bingo concession is mightv (jopular. I guess its just mv bad luck that I (ant belotig to evervthing. Row 1: D. Weidig, E. McNoir, J. McNoir, P. Flom, J. Pavlik, B. Wright, L. Krell, J. Kraus, L. Arbissi, D. Sikorski, R. Diamondstein, B. Basney Row 2: J. Hays, P. Ringler, L. Carlson, B. Aumick, P. Koseike, M. Burkett, R. Bohlin, J. Arentz, Norma Frevert, D. BIssa Row 3: D. Sullivan, B. Schrum, S. Pietrozk, G. Befwonger, Miss Spelbring, J. Micka, B. Dean, N. Tolley, P. Zaieto, J. Merlo Officers: Bob Dean, Joe Micka, Ruth Bohlin, Jessie Povlik 55 JUNIOR RED CROSS Dear Diary. Today was my lucky clav. I was elected to represent our lioiiic room in llie |iinior Red Cross Council. I ' m glad I know all ihc ollicers. Hetty Tcvis is a swell presi- dent, and Doltie. Pal. and )aik arc jusl (he rifihl people for their johs. For the Carnival ihev. I mean we, are going to have a lakcwalk. Mavhe lhe ' ll let me be a harker. We arc going to fill Christmas hags for the service- men. I ha c to make a speech about it in home room and will probably be so nervous I ' ll shake the desks. Uctty said I iidiildn ' l get to go to a Chicago meeting right awav, but that I woulil get to go evenluallv. F.verv- one in the louniil likes to go. and I ' m really eager. They meet a lot of swell kids, ami there is always something to U after the meetings. At the Comuil meeting today thev showed us the bab (lothes the knitting (lass is working on. Ihev ' are a ful tin , hut I ha c to admit they ' re tiilc. I ' m glad my class eleite l mc to toun il ' (aiise it looks like a lot of fun. and it ' s worth while too. Above: Red Cross Officers— Clockwise, Jack Honey, Pat Brinkman, Dorothy Sullivan, Betty Tevis Below: Red Cross Council— Row 1, Shirley Carlson, Miss Ihrig, Lois Ritchie, Sharon Cheek, Marilou Karl, Louise Tomlonson Row 2, Rosetta Schmidt, Peggy Laesecke, Mattie Bur- kett, Betty Tevis, Dorothy Sullivan, Pat Brinkman, Renee Katz Row 3, Jock Honey, Gene Berwonger 56 VICTORY STAMP SALESMEN Dear Diary. I guess I must be just like evcivliodv else lierausc all (luring the war I got a big kick out of " doing my bit for ibc war effort " by buying war stamps. Simc ' . J. Day. I ' ve not been so good about buying ' i lory .Stamps. As I sit here and look al ibis picture of ilic ' i(l(U Siauip Salesmen. I realize that llie ' vc bad a l)ig job. and ibev can be proud of ibe wav tbey ' c done it. We won ' t know ilic totals until the last week of sdiool. but ibev ' re not bad. iliarv. tbev ' re not bad. First row— Doris Johnson, Dolores Schab, Sharlene Kuschel, Rosemary Schoon, ArUne Kaleta, Shirley Bertram, Shirley Ander- son, Leona Luczak Second row— Donald Zajakowski, Adele Lowrence, Meryl Blocker, Eleanor Sabol, Mary Jane Zygmunt, Margaret Harthun, Helen Moss, Betty Hirtz, Chesterine Urban, Dolores Enioe Third row— Red Underwood, Roy Ciasiko, Al Kvedaras, Anne Petree, Elaine Browe, Donna Tracy, Betty Browe, Mottle Burkett Cynthia Clark, Shirley Labas 57 STUDENT ASSISTANTS I Hello Von. If you ' ll look (arcfiilly here I am lighl in ilie micklle of the whole crowd of stooges. We help the office ghls. Miss Jaacks, Miss Shemaitis. Miss M(- Keehan. and Mrs. Wilson. Miss Kath- erine Ura ill has a couple of hoys too. Some (l.i III gel a snap of them. Row T : Ann Petree, C. Tevis, Elaine Gillespie, Violet Panoyotovich, Pat Flom, Janet Malecki, Phyllis Heifer, Rosetta Schmidt Row 2: Dorothy McCloskey, Jane BlecU, Joan Karr, Pat Shohan, Peggy Laesecke, Dolores Nitz, Mildred Baranowski Row 3: Joan Nitz, Dorothy Sullivan, Clarisse Pietrzak, Elaine Browe, Ethel Fanta, Irma Lange Row 4: Dorothy Carlson, Petty Browe, Jeanne Sherrow, Constance Parker, Mary Ellen Prendergast, Rose Breski Sitting; Willie Urbanski, Betty Tevis, Beryl Jones, Dor Horst, Gayle Hill AD GETTERS Hey Did yon kiKJW thai the 1 HORN IONIAN ' and CHRONCSClOri-: woidd lost a lot more than they do if it weren ' t for these girls? ThcN ' get out ami get the ads that liel)i pa evpcnses. Miss Jaacks kee])s them siep|iiiig. lint I ' m jealous of the fnn they ha e with her. Row 1: J. Knoll, J. Silver, B. Basney, B. Patterson Row 2: J. Weiss, B. Hirtz, D. Friedman, M. Levin, H. Muschelewicz Row 3: C. Urban, W. Sadowski, J. Sherrow, R. Kalz, J. Pavlik, R. Hecht f COMMERCIAL CLUB Hello again, I tvpcd a stencil for Dora tenia v and sat at her l l)e vriter. Did I feel iinportanl! ' e ilonc a lot of other tilings lalelv for ( " ommertial Club. Miss Kessinger stresses liou ituuli lu-lj) ihe ex- perience we ' re getting will help us later. If she only knew how niiuh fun we ' re lia ing now! Officers: Shirley Labas, Dolores Pochron, Doris Hoff- man Phyllis Race Row 1: E. Mazer, R. Schmidt, L. Ritchie, M. Wiersma, J. Wright, L. Stump, L. Magciaz, A. Wilczynski, L. Heintz, R. Melton, L. Jernigon Row 2: Miss Kessinger, S. Labas, C. Parker, J. Lietzan, L. Fleming, D. Schneider, D. Wojcik, P. Race, I. Lange, S. Pavek, M. Baranowski Row 3: R. Breski, J. Arentz, E. Petak, D . Pochron, B. Tevis, B. Jones, J. Veldkamp, N. J. Frevert, L, Hawley, D. Hoffman ORCHESTRA Dear Diary. Well, here il is aiiolher evcninn, anil time to tell ynii all alioiil the fiiii ue had in ordicstia again Imlay. To start the ball rolling, Jeanne .Sherrow checked the roll and deducted letter point ' , lor those people who came in late. Then Mr. Christian read the annonncenients, and finally we got aroimd to tuning. Honestly, it seems as thongh my violin is always one whole key lower than it should be. Mr. Christian came over to me and helped me get it back to mirnial. . fter he helped about ten more get their insinnnents timed, ue started to practice the Hungarian Dance. Number Five. The title iiiiglu scare yon off. but it is reallv smooth. .■ fter we murdered a couple more like that, he, Mr. Christian, gave us a new number. We are supposed to work like mad on it so we can play it at the .Spring Concert. It is a beautiful piece but rather hard to catch on to. When the .Spring Concert is over, we are going to start work on our music for Commencement night. Vcs. the orchestra plavs at Commencement! We play wlieiuxer llie occasion is ratlicr formal, and they nce l musii. When we finished working on the new piece, or rather when Mr. Cihristian thought we had been tortured enough, he let us play all the old tunes that we knew fairly well. Eddie got the brilliant idea that it would be more fim if evervone played dilfcrent songs at the same time. Jack and I played the " Old Grey Mare " while Pat and Doris played " .Swanee River. " Joe played l the Dark Town .Strutters Hall; " Bob came in with " Home Sweet Home " and .so on through the whole orchestra. Not more than two people |ila ed tlie same thing at tha same time, and it was really fun. I wisli we coidd ilo that more often. Imt the orchestra certainlv would be a mess when we tried to get together again. Row 1, left to right: Al Kvederas, Joe Giewortowski, Michael Yuhas, Jack Falkenstrom, Jerome Gindle, Eleanor McNair, Evelyn Petak, Mary Ann Roski, Junita Fedosky, Ted Kurz. Dolores Buls, Pat Flom Row 2: Eddie Gorecki, Pal Kumiega, Doris Hoffman, lila Koehn, Joe Borowski, Bob Gollobltsch, Meryl Blocker, Gene Dem- bowski, Jeanne Sherrow, Mrs. Christian, Edward Meisler, James Dixon, Stanley Cicoro Standing in rear at left: June Anderson Standing in rear at right: Betty Arnold 60 CADET BAND Dear .Diary, Boy! did I ever get it down in room seven todav. Mr. Ciliristian sure laid me ont! 1 guess iluiis ulial von get. tliough, uhen you ' ve got a music instructor wlio knows what he wants— and usuallv gets it. tool— Imt it ilocs scent to me there are more sections in that band to yell at than ours! We played ' Dream Ship " this morning and actually I thought I heard a faint nicloiU in it! Isn ' t it wonder- lid hou one can imagine such nice tuibclicvahle things? If we ever plav that song all the wav thrtmgh just once uilhoiit our director stopping us in the middle of a phrase lor correction. 1 think I ' ll faint dead away!— anti dream I ' m in the big band. Here I am beefing like an army private when all the time I know that nearly every member of the big band has been through it and that it ' s the onlv way we can be good w hen we get there. Right now. it seems like a tough initiation, but I can take it! Just between us. I like it. Who wants to go through school without getting bawled out! . m I kidding you or myself? No tooling, diarv. I ' m going lo make that band or break a lung. Hope the rest of the gang feel that wav too. cause I ' d sure miss them. Row 1: Marjorie LaSota, June Kosarko, Eleanor Sobol, Buddy Peterson, Mary Alice Greider, Joan Broun, Jeanne Eismon, Jessie Pavlik Row 2: Bob Engerski, Jaqueline Harle, Marjorie Leek, Betsy Kessinger, Shirley Yuhas, James Murray, James Fritz, Rita Plum- powski, Jeanne Sherrow, Jeanne Shelton, Glen Snider, Garret Benson, Erick Henkel Row 3: Pot Hoff, Rose Owciarzok, Richord Holder, Bob Mauck, John Peters, Annette Siderius, Jconette Siderius, Norman Kurz, Lila Koehn, Mr. Christian GIRLS ' CHORUS Hi di;iiy. I just got home from tlic super musk fetliMil w ' v hail out al sdiool toniglil. W ' c have one like it e erv ear liiil someho v, Ijetatise I ' m in it I suppose, the numljers by the Gills ' Chorus pleased me more this year than ever before. The Christmas trees were so lo elv, and all that those Christmas songs and the other wonderful music made me feel gooil way down inside. 1 can still remember the dav I tried out for Chorus. I had a terrific told and was so terribly nervous mv voice got all c|uivcry and scjueakic. It must haxe actually been gruesome. Then there came the big day when I read the list of members and discovered my name at the beginniing of the second column. I just couldn ' t believe it at first and walked around in the clouds for the remainder of the day. It didn ' t take Miss Brazzill long to show me I wasn ' t so im| ortanl. She has the neatest wav of whittling newcom- ers down to their size— or smaller. I get a lot of kick out of Chorus when we have one of tliose workouts that involve dia|)hram breathing, erect posture, and do, re, me. Of course, workouts like that aren ' t so musical as singing, hut the are fun and are supposed to be good tor us. We ' ll soon be starling to get readv for the .Spring Festival. I wonder what we ' ll slug. I just have to have music I ' m going In hum myself to sleep. I I Row 1: Marylin Jones, Chesterine Urban, Audrey Lenhoff, Joan Knoll, Dolores Wojcik, Irene Muschelewicz, Jacquelyn Haock, Elaine Graska, Janet Rudmon, Edith Heslett, Jeanette Siderius, Marlene Schulti, Eleonor Boender, Pot Flom, Mary Ellen Arzich, Marlene Arens, Joann Austin, Annette Siderus, Josephine Jasek, Anne Petree, Mario O ' Mally Row 2: Jeanette Krupa, Marilyn Dibblee, Joan Broun, Rochelle Diamonstein, Joan Weiss, Virginia Malic, Jeanne Shelton, Pat Palo, Doris Denton, Marylin Grimier, Mary Jane Chudy, Betsy Kessinger, Connie Collins, Pat Brinkman, Anna Mae Bona, Doris Leech, Joan Ahrendt, June Anderson, Bernadette Rajski, June Koharko, Bernice Lyszcarz Row 3: Filomena Cicero, Mary Jordan, Helen Gocka, Pat Hoff, Alma Ruark, Carolyn Arnold, Leona Betustak, Mary Alice Greider, Violette Panayotovich, Rita Borowski, Theresa Brady, Shirley Yuhas, Marilyn Levin, Katherine Ryzenga, Phyllis Stevenson, Beryl Patterson, Sharlene Kuschel, Rosemary Schoon, Dolores Sikorski, Bette Rogers, Joon De Rolf, Betty Bunchek 62 1 SALESMEN liii ill -.1 l i.! rush liinii ht 1 h.i c lo gel up taii in llic uKiiuiug. so I inuscu ' l lalk M-r liiiis- I ' ll just |)Lislc in llu ' sc Iu(i pi( lures. I lie fol ' s in the l )|) grciup are Miss jaaiks ' pride and jov. 1 hey sold more Thorntonians lliis Near than have ever been sold before. Row 1: R. Katz, L. Dupre, A. Cicero, B. Patterson, D. Fried- man, J. Wright, W. Sadowski Row 2: S. Bryant, D. Zyla, R. Moss, C. Urban, M. Blocker, J. Pavlik, B. Arnold, P. Whitmire Row 3: D. Shcab, P. Heifer, A. Wilczynski, D. Pochron, J. King, L. Krell, H. Muschelewicz, B. Lyszcarz This is a snap of all the ticket sales- men. They ' re responsible for the big crowds we have at all the games and other school allairs. Von can ' t escape them. Boy — Ray Zimnywoda Girls — Row 1: Rose Owczarzak, Dolores Schab, Bernice Lyszcarz, Josie Kas- przyski, Barbara Levon, Eleanor Hep- ner, Lorraine Magdaz, Dolores O ' Kray, Dorothy Zyla, Peggy Loesecke Row 2: Doris Leach, Anna Cicero, Glenn Ellyn Smithers, Beryl Jones, Loretta Pierzchcalski, Beverly Rogers, Gene- vieve Zembruski, Dolores Teutemacher, Joan Ahrendt Row 3: Christine Pawlowski, Betty Hirtz, Elaine Grasko, Margie Harthun, Betty Oakes, Virgene Rogers, Louise Dupre, Leona Whitaker, Mary Lou Karl 63 MONOGRAM CLUB Diar - I don ' t know why I keep writing in you. but since most famous men have a daily record of their youth. I ' ll have to too. All right, so I ' m cockv: The Monogram Club initiation was held this evening. Everv initiate makes some amazii disco eries. ili The human body is able to endure quite a lot. i2i One thing we have a high school for is to prove the law of the simival of the fittest. (3) Getting a monc ram may be tough, but getting an M. C. pin is the height of some- thii . I shall now try to put myself to bed. Row 1: B. Davis M. Horttiun, W. Urbanski, R. Crane. M. DePoutee B. Bradburn E. Berendt Row 7: C. Weining, P. Mangiarancino. B. Heath. O. Dockweiler. B. Shepherd. J. Van Osten E. Underwood, B. Mills Row 3: G. Sorros. J. Wright, N. Tolley, N. Creviston. R- Horyotich, T. Stoltes, E. Duda E Petok, B. Kickert, J. Sarros A Ollridi, B. Lietzan Officers: Marie Hor. thun. Gene Dudo. Phil Mongioracino. George Sorros Eugene Underwood 64 PRESENTING the CHRISTMAS TOURNEY CHAMPIONS SOUTH SUBURBAN CHAMPIONS REGIONAL CHAMPIONS SECTIONAL CHAMPIONS and member of SWEET SIXTEEN HERE THEY ARE: First row: Jimmy Leonard, Mgr., Tony Abate, Copt. Rudy Horvattch, Jim Van Osten, Rocky Hirtz, Don Anderson, Norm Creviston. Second row: Coach Kiester, Augie Ollrich, Tom Stokes, Eddie Fedosky, Jim Shutoski, Bob Shephard, Jiggs Modgiorz, Rog Pranski, Bob Kickert, Joe Engerskt, Mgr. Jimmy Leonard, Mgr, " That great little guy " Coach Kiester Joe Engerski, Mgr. Pear Diary, Well, here I am back from {:liam]iaign, and. wliilc cNcrvlKKly wishes we could have w m. we ' re all mighty proud of our boys and our coach. 1 hey have done plenly well, e en against team loads (aller and l)igger. This is the er lirsi lime we ' e made Ihe stale liiials. but now we ' ve got started, it won t be the last. 1 (ouid ra e and rave, bill let ' s let the record speak for itself. T. F. 41 : Catholic Central 24 Hamnujnd Tech 35 - Hammond Higlt 39 Argo 41 Grifhth 52 Kankakee 47- 48. 48. Harvey Bloom (Tourney) Blue Islanil 46 _.. Bradlev 39 . ' )8- 25. 28. 71. - Kankakee . Harvey . Clark . Blue Island . Harper Opponent 21 28 34 35 29 39 24 26 35 45 37 33 24 16 39 T. F. 47 Lockpori 40 Gary Roosevelt 55 rgo 52 Kankakee 33 Gary Roosevelt 53 - Bloom 31 Blue Island 41 Whiting 38 Lockport (Regional) 51 L Hk])ort 46 Blue Island 34 Joliet (Sectional) 41 Marmion 55 Newark (State) 38 Marion OpponciU 2(i 25 44 43 40 29 37 50 33 34 33 20 39 21 42 Season Record 25 wins 5 losses lotal points 1297 DjiponciUs points 981 66 SOUTH SUBURBAN SOPHOMORE CHAMPS First row leff to right: Jim Etiing, Donold Freeman Captain Mike Rank, Clyde Carey, Ray Zenti. Second row: Coach Gentile, Frank Donaldson, John Sarros, Bob Wilson, Wallace Ruff, Tom Hyland, Bob Wood, Bill Brake- bill, Jack Kiester, Mike Yuhas, Mgr., Bob Roach, Mgr. Dear Diaiy. If llicic ' d been a state tniiinament for soplioiiiorcs these fellows would lia c been riglil in lluic willi the var- sity. Coath (.entile Ijidiighl them thidiish with IInIiik lolors. Here ' s their record: r. F. Oi poiienl 27 Catholic Central 1$ Team 31 21 Hammond Hif;li 15 Icam 31 1 6 Hamnioiul leili U. leant 21 33 At go 115 25 Griffith 15 1 earn 15 30 Kankakee 23 26 Thorn toti Har ey 37 28 Bloom 18 32 1 hornlon Harvey 26 T. F. Opponent 18 G. Rogers Clark B. Team 35 29 Blue Island 30 23 _ -Harper, Chicago 12 41 I.ockport 27 29 igo 39 26-.- Kankakee 22 33 Bloom 16 33 Bine Island 26 31 Lockport 20 INTERCLASS BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT WINNER-SENIOR CLASS PLAYERS: Angle Ollrich Norm Cic istoii Riidv Horvatich Tom Stokes Etl Fedosky Geoige Sarros Joe Engeiski Bob Shephard 63 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Sitting L to R: Paul Knabenhans, Marion Hadu, Ronald Evans, John Jeney, Leonard Czerwenski, Bob Abblett. Back Row: Mr. Petree, Allen Freyman, Allen Kent, ' Raymond Ruff, Ronald Schulti, Bert Giczewski, Noibert Nadzieja, Dave Stinson, Charles Marshall, Paul Barber, Vernon Frank (not in picture) ( ' Denotes ' 49 numeral award.) Dear Diary. The fresliies didn ' t get gdino loo well lliis year. Init they all got so llirilled over tournaments tliat you ' d bet tcr watih out lot these gins in HHt -Hll!l. and uluii " It " ha|j|)ens icnieinlier, " I told oii so. " T. F. Oi)|xinent 13 Irving (Hatn) 23 20 Morion (Ham) 23 18 -Irving (Ham) 30 13 Hammond Tech 18 19 Crete 1 8 16 Clark 29 20 Whiting 27 22 - Roose eU (EC) 24 T. F. 14 Hammond Teeh 19 - - Morton (Ham) 21 - - - - Roosevelt (EC) 25 Clark 27 . Whiting 20 1 — Blue Island 23 Blue Island Opponetit 19 23 29 23 23 21 INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL 14 teams entered— 98 boys Winiieis-HEGEWICK HOmS Jack Carlson Jack Drangmeister Ben .Kntlerson Richard Markert Dan Scharlach Walter Goril 69 SWIMMING sitting I to R: Pete Young, Dick Vaughn, James Dickson, Charles MaluFka, James Mangiaraclna, Neal Tolley, Don Salvano, Mgr. Top Row: Cooch Fedosky, Eldon Freeman, Dick Markert, Ted Kurz, Normon Matthews, Bob Stinson, Tony Stasiak, Bob Lev- enson, Richard Eisner, Don Burnett, Bill Klage, Clarence Ruark, Art Andrews, Mgr. Hi drip. The ilunkcrs gdl smik ;l IiX lliis cai, 1ml llu lidlilnil up Icii mine cMiAliiiu- .iiiii uiiilc ui ' il miss " him " and ihf (ilhcr seniors. I ' ll heuha well siil.isli oui lui-ls in ihc hi c-s iii ihe mhc-r learns ne l ear. 1 lii ' tilial T. F. 19 - Morton 47 — - Argo Horace Manr 26. 52. 8. . Froehel .Oak Park 27 _ _ Hammond Higli 32 Washington 44 rgo 38 _ W ' asliington Opponents . " iH 10 10 11 . ' kS 39 34 13 28 1 . ]■. Opponent 26 Horace Mann 40 46 _ Froebel 20 24.. Hammond Hi.nh ) ' _ ' 24 l)an ille ' 12 32 I-engei 34 30 Whiting 36 33 Morton ' 33 35._. Whiting 31 36 lenger 39 INTRAMURALS SWIMMING Intramural swim competition took plan- in the suiinming classes until ilie fnials. This gave every boy a ihanie to enter. The winners were: HI d. tree style Charles Blair 100 ytl. tree style , Robert Bokla Diving Ernie Rac kowski 120 d. iiu ' dley relay . Eugene . iigustyne Jack Falkenstrom James Leonard 40 d. back stroke ... 40 y l. breast stroke Free style relay Ed Dellold James Lecmard Richard Matthews I, on is Beigerm Robert Bolda Walter Biiehler 70 First Row L to R: Leo Misdom, Paul Adomkiewicz, Alvin Boothe, Bill Louerman, John Montellc, Jim Oberlo, R. Zimnywoda, Bab Davis, Marlowe Frey, George Sarros. Second Row; Coach Potts, Don Welsh, Mgr., Whitey Wisniewski, Bernard Barton, Jerome Purolewski, Bill Molnar, Phil Mangiaracina, Stanley Porembo. Dear Diarv. Alter a long gaj) " cause ihcre ' s a war on " we started wrestling again lliis ear. I he fellows iliilnt do so well, nalih, but most of tlieni ilon ' l graduate, so there ' ll be some powerfiit gruntin ' and grapplin ' next vear. T. F. Opponent 9 Clark 28 30 Hammond Tech 25 Roosevelt 53 29 Morgan l uk 1. A. 23 T. F. Opponent Washingtoir 50 15 C:lark 33 13 Roosevelt 40 29 2 Morgan Park M. A. l5 ' 2 INTRAMURALS Class Winner 95 lb - .-. 105 lb _ 112 lb. _„ 120 lb. _ _ 127 lb _..._ Class Winner 95 lb. 105 lb. WRESTLING 33 entries in II divisions Bob Engerski Jim Booth Jule Labosky _. Ed. Gryzbowski Jack Falkenstrom Class Winner 138 lb. 145 lb ... 154 lb. 165 lb. H. Wl. BOXING 27 entries in 8 divisions Mitch Wisniewski Paul . damkiewicz 118 11). _.. Ed Grzybowski 120 lb. Louis Novak Paul Knabenhans Bill Kaminski , Xobert Nadzieja James Fritz Russell Keller Class Winner 135 lb. 147 lb. .». _.. 160 lb. _ Jerome Puralewski 170 lb. Don Callahan ... Larry Click Bill Kaminski 71 G. A. C. VOLLEYBALL WINNING CLASS TEAM- JUNIORS (Woiulcr vh;U liappcncil to ihc seniors) Standing; Lydio Krell, Chorlene Tevls, Charlene Lauer, Dorothy McCloskey, Geonne Von Slyke, Janet Bleck. Sitting: Datlene Bissa, Juanita Fedosky, Mono Peters, Adele Larrance, Joan Jaeger, Mary Ann Roski, Dee Knabehans. VARSITY (Lucky dogs— win wasn ' t I lioin aililclic in- stead of lieaiilittil!) Stonding: Lydia Krell, Betty Hirti, Gladys Os- trowski, Ethel Fanta, Rose Breski. Sitting: Jeannette Monahon, Lola Lorenz, Beryl Jones, Lois Lorenz, Geanne Van Slyke. (Here ' s space enough lor G. A. C. fans to write in the names of tlie ' arsities selected loo late for indusioii in the Chronoscope) Basketball Baseball 7?. i G.A.C. CAPTAIN BASKETBALL WINNING CL SS TEAM- SENIORS Viinh!) Capt. Basketball C. Team; Beryl Jones, Betty Te- vis, Betty Browe, Cynthio Clark, Delores Po- thron. Rose Breski, Jeanne Schwartz, Shir- ley lietian, Gladys Ostrowski, Ethel Fanta. VARSITY (I guess I ' m just noi a])pref iaicil. Xnvliow I can bowl.) Captain Basketball Varsity: Shirley Probst, Juanita Fedosky, Betty Hirtz, Jeanette Moyna- han, Lydia Krell, Beryl Jones. Back: Adele Larrance, Shirley Lietzan, Gladys Ostrowski, Rose Breski, Ethel Fanta. (Here ' s some space for you to uiitc in the names of the s als ulio are on the viiniino spring class teams. Nfiohl as well sign up those seniors now!) TRACK The I94fi Track season was delayed a litlle ahoiil gelling slarted because ihe liaskelball season ran longer than usual and Ihal held up intraminals. Who cares, when we remember why ihe baskelball season ran on? Anyway, ihe CHRONOSCOPK would have had to go lo press before ihe season was over, so here ' s the schedule— lill in the scores voiirself. Dale .April 9 . .April 12. School T. F. E. C. Roosevelt E. C. Washington .April 15 - - Hammond High .April 17 Blue Island. Argo .April 18 - . Morgan Park, M. .A. .April 30 K. K. K... Hloom May 2 1 ech May 6 Kankakee May 8 • ' ' g " . Bloom May 10 District May 1,5 I ' nllman. Aigo May 16 Harvey May 17 Stale May 18 Slate May 21 Clark .May 24 League Opponents (Here ' s plenu of space lo have the track bovs autograph vour book.) ?fR. Sfj Ex-Captain Aiken oung, former coach of heavyweight basketball, sopho more tcxitball. and varsity track returned lo T. F. just in lime to give us this snap of himself when he was a llrsi lieiitcnaul. Mr. Noiuig liuished out the year teaching math and geography. He will l)c liack on the leailiing stall next vear. f Above G. A. C. Initiates Row I: Rosemary Parker, Filomena Cicero, Genevieve Winiarciyk, Betsy Kessinger, Gloria Greenwood, Joan Ahrendt, Doris Leach, Betty Basney. Row II: Evelyn Knabenhons, Janie Bleck, Dolores Olszewski, Marjorie Brandon, Doro- thy Besse, Jackie Harle, Almo Ruark, Shir- ley Probst, Shirley Bryant, Linda Sheffield. Row III: Carol Karr, Marlene Arens, Pot Schneider, Louise Montelio, Dolores Poch- ron, Mary Greider, Kathryn Swieringa, Lola Lor eni, Lois Lorenz, Janell Weniel, Pat Dembowski. Below— Terrapin Initiates Left to Right: Rosemary Parker, Pat Hall, Patsy Peaker, Donna Tracy, Lucy linkie- wici, Dolores Woods, Louella Montella, Bonita Aumick, Doris leoch, Mary Ellen Peters. Above Monogram Initiates Kneeling: Ed Fedosky On table; Roy Klank, Frank Monfredo, Roy Janich, Oscar Padjen. Stonding: Don Anderson, Ronald Hirtz, Jim Shutowski, Walter Seija, Bill Molnor, Bob Moore. Dear Diary. riiese are the boy.s and girls who can take it. First they had to earn their mem- hcrship through real honestto-goodness aliilit , and then the had to endure in- itiations which left ahsohiteh nothing to ihe imagination. In fait, their iintler- slanding was innih inipiessed. N I T I A T E S SPEECH First Row: Virginio Silver, Beryl Patterson, Elaine Browe, Pat Fiom, Jackie Harle, Shirley Bertram, Janet Poe. Second Row: Donald Horst, Jeanne Schwartz, Cynthia Clark, Betty Browe, Beryl Jones, Carol Fox, Morjorie Brandon, Jeanne Eisman, Marie Hagermon, Howard Leach. Third Row: Mr. Davis, Ed Smagacz, Bill Mills, Bob Levenson, Roger Potts, Richard York, Herb Mitchell, Bob Dean, George Moll, Bob Ridge, Don McMullin. l)c;ir Diary. It .seems odd to be writing about the end of .Speech .Attivities at T. F. and about all the last things I ' ve done this year, when there are so many first things I can remember. I remember bow scared 1 was to go out for speech when I was a freshie, and then how glad I was I bad. I remember mv lirst meet, ibe Inst lime I won. my first district, my first sectional, and then my first .State. This year has really lieen a bang-up. We have gone lurlber luid done more iliis ear tbaii an oiber since I started going out for speech. .Since the war was over people uciuld lend [beii lars. and we lould I. ike in all ibe iiieels about the country . . . and we did. We started out the season by traveling and ended it up by traveling. Our Insi incel was al La I ' orle. I here were twenty schools there and we took first! Happy Day!— espeiially sinie ibey were almost all Indiana schools. Carol, Jonesie. anil Larry each took first in the final roundup while Sliii lann took seiond: Sbcllev, Don and Bob third. Our ne t meet we stayed closer to home and met fewer schools. Hammond Higli plaved host to eight Indiana anil Illinois teams and once again we took fiist. Shirley Bertram won indi idual lionors in that meet by taking lust in verse reading and first in Dramatic Dec. Beryl Jones took first in Humorous anil Carol Fox and Bill Mills tied for second in Oratorical Dec. Our third iriect was rather a vacation. We went to (Charleston Stale leaiber ' s College for ibe wiek-cnil. 1 he stiulents at Teachers ' College High bad us stay at their homes and enleruiiiu-d us ro alh We lame in third at the meet, but still " good time was hail by all " . Don Horst was the Iraiiioual iitor as he look first in the final round. Sbellev Diamondstein did all reel for herself too with a second iii ibe finals. I hen everyone stopped dreaming about trips or anything else that seemed eveir half-way importaiU and started practicing for ibe Dislrict meet. 1 guess everyone pracliced haril enough, cause we won. The varsity that 76 Here ' s our Speech Varsity! Mr. Davis, Bill, Beryl, Pat, Smokey, Carol, Don, Shirlonn, Ginny and Bob and Herb on their knees. gol t(i g(i v;is made ii|i of: C:arol Ko , Dramatic Dec; Don Horst. Conicdv; Bill Mill. Oratorital Dec; Shirley Bertram, verse reacKiig; Rochelle Diamondsiciii. Original Oralorv; Herb Miteliell. Extciiip.. and we all qualified to go to the Sectionals at Mendota. luenty-two schools entered the sectionals and T. F. rated third. .Shirley Bertram qiialilied to go to Champaign for the State in individual events and the Play Cast " The Valiant " qualified. The play took a first in Dramatics anti Shirlann took a second in verse reading. Now vou can see what 1 meant about traveling, sincewe ended the season with a trip to Champaign, and it was reallv a wonderful trii). Wni know the residis. GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE Even though, there ' s no connection, these pages on speech seem like a good place to list the cast of the Junior-.Senior play which hadn ' t taken place when the Chronoscope went to press, but with this cast inider the direction of Miss Cascbier and Miss Joyce it ' s safe to say that it was a howling success. Newton Fidler Don Horsl Annabelle Fidler Shirley Bertram Mr. Kimber Bob Kickert Madge Fuller ! Wanda Sadowski Steve Eldridge Dick Granback Inde Stanley Richard Haider Rena Leslie Dclphine Daniai Clavton Evans Howard ierk Raymond Joe Engerski Katie Donna Tracy Hester Beryl Jones Mr. Prescotr Bob Ridge Mrs. Douglas Pat Flom Legette Frazer Richard York Tom Hughes George Sarros Sue Barringliin CNndy Clark Miss W ' ilco.v Darlene Bissa 77 ' ' M8P V • •■. ' - " . ■ ■•V ' .- ' vj- ■... ' ■. :j- . -■-ii a ' ■ C . ' v-v-. ' ■,»,■ " ■ ' ■ r- Vf-Si -M- :;. f lii NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Dear Diary. Iiii just l)ul)l)liiif; i) cr loiiigiit, so I ' m not writing niiiih. I louklnt sit still long enough, oti won ' t helicve it —I didn ' t nivsell. I)iu I made the National Honor Sotietv. For four years I ' ve smiled at teachers, kept mvself mil ol detention, studied like a liend. and tried to do what I should so I would make National Honor .Society: and then all of a sudden this list tomes out. and I ' m n it. and I ' m so siuprised I ' m tearful. I don ' t mean to brag but it reallv is an honor cause we ' re selected for scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Iherc ' s a lot more to it than just wantingto get in. Now I know what it means to be really happy. Here ' s the whole list: Jane .Arentz Mildred Baranowski Shirley Bertram Harvey Braak Betty Browe Leroy Carpe Cynthia Clark Delphine Damai Edward Fedosky Marlowe Frey Mark Harthun Doris Hoffman I5cr l Jones Henrv kirschsieper Robert Levenson Lawrence McKittrick Herb Mitchell Constance Parker Shirlee Pavek Mona Peters Leo Pietrzak Stanley Poremba .Mary Elleir Prendergrast Phyllis Race Randall Rulf George Sarros Jeanne Schwartz Norman Siderius Virginia Silver Etlward Smagacz Thomas Stokes Dolores Teutemacher Betty Icvis Willie Urbanski Jean Veldkamp Lavernc Jerye Wright Richard ork GOOD-BYE NOW Dear Diary, 1 firl a littk ' gliMinn Iniiiijhi lictaiisc ! ' c hccn lookiiiR « cr the .( ' iiiov pictures. Now don ' t get me wrong. Ihc piitiircs arfii ' t that IkkI. s a TiialttT (tt fact tlicx ' re talhcr j ood. and we ' re not a liad looking class. I ' m jiisl l)Ine Iieeanse I ' m a seninr. lor loin eais I ' ve heen lookini; lorward to ihe ia when I ' d gel one of those httle gokl-lined |)tirplc folders with that prciioiis enclosure autographed liy A. . liiniself and now— C ce. how I ' m going to miss that old gang of mine! We ' ve had grand limes together from the vcrv beginning. I ' ll admit we were just as green as any little frcshies could be; but we caught on fast, and it wasn ' t long before we had at least one finger and. maybe a thumb or two, in every pie at I. F. (and it ' s some bakcryl) H the time we were soithomores we had members of our class on the focttb.ill team and on the speech scpiad. and llie underclass haskctl)all team had some mighty slick sophs who brought about nine wins against onlv two defeats. Oh es. and the sophomore class won the Girls ' Club acli ity cup. Wc reallv shifted to high in oiu ' junior vears. This time it was juniors who won the actixitv clip and the juniors held clown a fair sized majority of positions cm the football, liaskctball. and track teams. More than half the cast of the junior-senior [)la ere juniors, too and I mustn ' t forget that some of the tuirlers and cheerleaders as well as a good per cent of the band and orcliestra were members of good old ' 4(i. The climax of the year was our pr(im witli its nautical atmosphere. Ma l)C I soiuid tcrriblv cockv, but you know I ' m not an athlete nor a musician, aiul I ' m not artistic enough to help decorate for a prom: so it ' s OK for me to boast about the rest of the class. Mx only claim to fame is that, along with iwci doz- en other mairiacs, I did make journalism. . nd now we ' re seniors! Here ' s a picture of the officers. . rcn ' t thev the berries? There ' s not much use rc ie ing all the things m classmates ha c dcjne and are still doing. Besides, there is a lot more to be done, and evcrvcme of us will lie kept prettv busv if wc are to fulfill our am- bitions from now on, so it ' s so long to T. F. from the class of ' 46. Corby Davis, Butch Lorenz, Pheezie Heifer, EcJ Fedosky s E N R S ' 46 ANTHONY ABATE CLARENCE BALDWIN SHIRLEY BERTRAM FANNY ABATE RUDY BALLOTTI CHARLES BLAIR JANE ARENTZ MILDRED BARANOWSKI ALLAN BOERST ROBERT ASHWORTH EUGENE BERENDT EDWARD KRISTl ■I i THOMAS BRAGG DEAN BROWN ROTHY CARLSON lORETTA BRECLAW MARJORIE BROWN JACK CARLSON YVONNE BRECLAW MATTIE BURKETT lEROY CARPE ROSE BRESKI BERNICE BURKHART PHILIP CEDERHOLM BETTY BROWE DONALD CALLAHAN HARRIET CIASTKO 83 EUGENE DEMBOWSKI ROBERT DE PIRRO RACHELIE DIAMONDSTEIN MARION DLUZAK VIRGINIA DOBROWAltjIj, ORVIILE DOCKWEIIER JACK DRANGMEISTER EUGENE DUDA ELIZABETH DYKSTRA ROY EGGEBRECHT , RICHARD EISNER JOSEPH ENGERSKI ETHEL FANTA EDWARD FEDOSKY, JR. MIKE FERRONTELIA ' 84 OlORES CICHOWICZ MARY LOU COILINS DELPHINE DAMAI MARY LOU CICIORA STANLEY CICIORA CYNTHIA CLARK NORMAN CREVISTON ETHEL CULIUM JOSEPH CWIOK ROBERT DAVIS WALTER DAVISON EDWARD DEBOLD s E N R S ' 46 s E N R S mMm f % 1 1 7 a E ERWm FIEDOROWICZ MARLOWE FREY ROBERT GOILOBITSCH .. f-? ' ;--S$ CAROLE FOX SHERWIN FRIDUSS EDWARD GORECKI CALVIN FRANK HARRY FURMANSKI WALTER GORIl JEANNE FREVERT I | WILLIAM GILLIAN || LORETTA GREGORICH , HELEN HACKER NANCY HAEHNEl MARIE HAGERMAN PHYLLIS HALLBERG PATRICIA HAMMER HN HANRAHAN MARK HARTHUN LOIS HAWLEY JOAN HAYS WILLIAM HEIMBUCK LEONA HEINTZ PHYLLIS HEIFER ELEANOR HEPNER DONALD HERNSTROM EUGENE HILBRICK 87 ANGELINE ISTAS BERYl JONES WILLIAM KLAGE ROY JAN1CH LORRAINE KANTOW1CZ GERTRUDE KLANK HELEN JANIK CONSTANTINE KARAGIAS RAY KLANK LILLIE JERNIGAN ELEANOR JOCHA " JOSEPH KEILMAN HENRY KIRSCHIEPER MAX KNABENHANS LAWRENCE KNOERZER GAYIE HILL DON HORST BILLIE HOYT DORIS HOFFMAN DORIS HORST MARION HUNTER CHARLENE HOLLIS MARY HORVATICH WILLIE HUSAKOFF DONALD HOPP RUDY HORVATICH YVONNE HYLAND s E N R S ' 46 89 s E N R S ' 46 ELDA KOLODZSKI JOHN KOISUT BARTHOLOMEW KOSARKO THEODORE KOSELKE VIRGINIA KOWALSKI JOSEPH BOROWSKI AlFONS KVEDARAS SHIRLEY lABAS PEGGY lAESECKE IRMA LANGE LILLIAN LASOTA WILLIAM LAUERMAN t A ERALD lESCZYNSKI ROBERT LEVENSON JOHN LEWANDOWSKI RAYMOND LIETZAN SHIRLEY LIETZAN 3SEPHINE LIETZAN WILIARD lORENZ LEONARD LUTE LAWRENCE MCKITTRICK JEAN MCNAIR BlORES MACIEJEWSKI LORRAINE MAGDAZ PHILIP MANGIARACINA JOHN MANISCALCO IRENE MARKO 91 RAYMOND MUDLOFF AUGUST OLIRICH JUNE PARKER 92 CLEMENS MUSCHELEWICZ GLADYS OSTROWSKl BERYL PATTERSON GEORGE OAKLEY THERESA PALA SHIRLEY PAVEK MARGIE O ' BRIEN VIOIETTE PANAYOTOVICH EVELYN PETAK DOLORES OKRAY CONSTANCE PARKER MONA PETERS i r if fjORMAN MATTHEWS ROSE MELTON HERBERT MITCHELL CHARLES MAYER BUDDY MILLS GEORGE MOLL EDNA MAZER PARKER MILLS WILLIAM MOLNAR DAN MEHLER CHARLES MITCHELL MARY MORGAN s E N R S ' 46 s E N R S ' 46 i 11 1 PHYlLtS PIERZCHAISKI LEO PIETRZAK DOLORES POCHRON JOHN PODRAZA JANET POE STANLEY POREMBA ROGER POTTS MARY ELLEN PRENDER6A! ALEXANDRIA PREIDIS LORRAINE PROBST PHYLLIS RACE AUGUST RACH 94 BETTY RECKER PHYLLIS ROE QLADYS SANFORD DONALD REX EUGENE ROJKOWSKI GEORGE SARROS ROBERT RIDGE ROBERTA ROLEY HENRY SCHAB MARVIN RISPENS CLARENCE RUARK DAN 5CHARLACH LOIS RITCHIE RANDALL RUFF ROSETTA SCHMIDT 95 JOAN STANISIAWSKI BETTY TEVIS DOROTHY WAIEROWICZ 96 ANTHONY STASIAK EUGENE UNDERWOOD SHIRLEY WALKER THOMAS STOKES WILLIAM URBANSKI DOLORES WAIKOSZ LOIS STUMP JEANNE VELDKAMP LORRAINE WARTMAN f DOLORES TEUTEMACH JOSEPH WACHEWIC BETTY WEBB RUTH SCHNEIDER NORMAN SIDERIUS GLEN ELLYN SMITHERS DOLORES SCHUITZ VIRGINIA SILVER DOLORES SNYDER ROBERT SCHUITZ VIVIAN SKARWECKI LAVERDA SPANNON JEANNE SCHWARTZ EDWARD SMAGACZ EVELYN STACK s E N R S ' 46 s E N R S ' 46 DOROTHY WERBICKI BEVERIY WILIETT RICHARD YORK PAT WHITMIRE HOWARD WIRKUS GENEVIEVE ZEMBRUSKI MARY WIER5MA lAVERNE WRIGHT ANTON ZENDZIAN AIYCE WIICZYNSKI DONALD YESS DOROTHY ZYLA 98 SENIOR SERVICE MEN Dear diary. I ' oiir ol our sciiiois were in scrviic and didn ' l kiiiic liaik to siIidoI ill time fot |ii(lin( ' lakinj;. Ilic marine is Leonard " Lcfl " Kataukus. I lie oilier tliree arc. left lo riglit. Jaek Lehniker. who was in llic naw. r ei f Swanson. also an ex-sailor, anil Joe Hill who was in the 88th Infantry Division of the good old I . S. rniv. Two of our teachers have also returned from war duties. The one on the left is .Mr. Wilfred Stock, who work- ed with radar in the arm . and Mr. Heur Potts, who was in the navy. FACULTY SERVICE MEN OUTSTANDING MOST POPULAR Butch Prendergast and Tommy Stokes SENIORS FRIENDLIEST Pheeiie Heifer and Red Underwood CUTEST Billy Klage and Maggie DIuzak BEST LOOKING Shirl Lobas and Buddy Mills MOST LOYAL TO SCHOOL Willie Urbanski and Betty Tevis MOST INTELLIGENT Connie Parker and Smoky Smagacz OUTSTANDING PEPPIEST Joe Keilman ond Dorie Horst SENIORS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Shirlann Bertram and Charlie Mitchell MOST VERSATILE George Sarros and Beryl Jones MOST ATHLETIC Rudy Horvctich and Gladys Ostrowski K n Je% P -r- ' 2S T H W Jf Imi m ■1 BEST DRESSED Virginia Silver and George Moll BEST DANCERS Dolores Pochron and Tony Stasiok Well iliar . Us jusi alioiit liiiK- I licgaii wimling up llie talc- of im high sthoiil da%s. I ' ve gigglcil a lot as I glanced back through oiir pages and re- nieml)cred some of the fun we c had. Privately, Inc had a hunp in in ihroal lor some lime at the ihonglus of lea ing. bul I ' d liale to stay uithout the gang, so I guess it ' s " .So Long. T. !■ " . " Here are the last of the pictures I could collect. . t the top of the page is good old Barnev who has taken care of us for so long. Kolks that never use the stage arc the luiluiky mes. rhcv ' ve ne er heard hou that Irishman can spin a tale. The Radio C:Ud] is one of the vcrv newest organi alions. 1 he bovs are keen about it and CNpeit it to grow next ear. left to right they are: Charles Smith; far- vin Slavick: Nfr. Stock; Dan Scharlach; Nick Eis- inin; |crrv AVillet. The last pictinc in the book is of our chemistrv assistants. Dean lirown. left, and Richard (Iranback. right. 1 ])Ut their picture last to get even with tlieni for smelling us out of 12. " ) one day. but ihe ' re really grand fellows and it seems like a good idea lo close our diary on an intellectual note. So long, •46 P I T C H ' S SINCLAIR SERVICE Phone 9817 PICCIRILLI BROTHERS Orleen ' 31 Quentin ' 36 Corner 153rd and State Line Street Calumet City, Illinois Sinclair Products Exclusively GREASING-CRANKCASE SERVICE-TIRES-BATTERIES " You ' ll like the way we treat you " i HAVE YOU FORGOHEN riicsc Icachcis va v kit us cliir- iiifj the last lour years? Deceased Ml. Vvh J. Nelson In Service Mr. Franklin Kingdon Mr. Henry Legg Mr. Lawrence Luce fust Plain Gone (We wonder why!) Mrs. Brown Mrs. Craig Mrs. Eilertsen Mr. LIvin Mrs. Garrett Miss foslin Mr. Kelley Miss McBrair Mr. Maikowski Mr. Margrave Miss Martin Miss Merkoffer Miss Moe Miss Remunil Mr. Russell Mr. Schulke Mrs. Theodore Mrs. Thomas Mrs. VVilkins Mrs. Zygmunt 103 SENIOR DREAM BOY Moutli: Bob DcPirro Eyes: August Rach Hair: Bob Ashworth Nose: Ray Lietzan Teeth: Augie Ollrich Dimples: Joe Borowoski Height: Butch Lorenz Smile: Roger Potts Personality: Don Horst Physique: Clarence Ruark Artistic Ability: ' l ;d Kosclke Neatness: Mark Harthum Sense of Humor: Bob Gollobitsch Music Ability: Stanley Ciciora Voice: Larry McKittrick Dependability: Ed Fcdosky Sportsmanship: C orby D:i is DUSTING OFF THE ANTIQUES You tan always tell a Irishman By his gay and carelree looks: You tan ahvavs tell a junior By the way he tarries Ijooks; You tan always tell :i siipiioiUDre By his tittering and sucii: You can always tell a senior— But you tan never tell him much. COMPLIMENTS OTTO HEIGL REAL ESTATE BROKER Burnham, 33 Illinois AL KVEDADAS FOOD SHOP GROCERIES AND MEATS Fruits and Vegetables phone Burnham 9870 13958 Greenboy Avenue Burnham, Illinois Compliments of EDMUND H. KLEIN Manager HAMMOND INSURANCE AGENCY inc. 140 Sibley Street Office 3880-3881 - Residence 366 HAMMOND, INDIANA DOUGLAS FLORAL Joseph A. Zasada C. B. Nowicki 48 Douglas Street Hammond, Indiana Telephone Hammond 2563 Telegraph Delivery Anywhere Congratulations Seniors HESS PARAMOUNT JEWELERS 5409 Hohmon Avenue HAMMOND, INDIANA " Gifts of Distinction " 104 [ Generator Distributor Phone 6000 Phone 7000 Starter Carburetor Phone ACE GARAGE AND 85 SERVICE STATION Scientific Motor Analysis by ACE CAB SERVICE Expert Mechanics Corner Stale and Wenlworlh ALL CABS INSURED Calumet City, Illinois 339 Slat Street Phone Hammond 243 Calumet City, Illinois Ignition Brakes THE CALUMET NATIONAL BANK of Hammond, Indiana Member of the Federal Reserve System Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 1 SENIOR DREAM GIRL Mouth: Dclphine Damai Eyes: Joan Hays Nose: Alyce VVilcznski Teetli: Violette Panaytovich Dimples: Dot Carlson Height: Phyllis Race Smile: Effie Fanta Personality: Jeanne Schwartz Figine: Peggy Laescke Artistic Ability: Lorraine Probst Neatness: Phyllis Roe Sense of Humor: Cynthia Clark Music Ability: Jean McNair Voice: Carol Fox Dependability: Jane Arentz Sweetness: Marion Himter POLISHING THE OLD ONES I think that I sli;ill never see A boy that tjuite appeals to me, A boy who doesn ' t always wear A slab of grease upon his hair, A boy who wears his shirt tail in And doesn ' t have a stupid grin; But boys are loved by fools like me For who on earth would love a tree? los PERFECT JUNIOR BOY Hair— Bob Heath Eyes— Jim Meiio Nose— Tom Schneider Physique— Roger Praiiske Athletic Abihty— Bob Shephard Clothes— Joe Ferrcntclla Pep— Neal Tolley Personality— Oscar Padjen Friendliness— Bob Kickert Intelligence— Joe Micka Smile— Johnny Montella Cuteness— Tom Morgan Teeth— Joe Govingo Dimples— Jim Wright Height— Dick Granback Dancing Ability— Ben Anderson Dependability— Howard Vierk Sense of Humor— Jim Van Osten Bashfulness— Rock Hirt MORE POETRY? (That energetic junior lad, Bob Kickert, contributed the following " poem " which appeals to him greatly. It might be call- ed " The Junior Theme Song. " ) In spring and summer, also fall I do not like to work at all. In winter, as you may have guessed, My favorite indoor sport is rest. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS Of 1946 BURNHAM GOLF COURSE An Excellent Daily Fee Co f Course on Burnham Avenue in Burnhom, l inois Telephone Hammond 442 Cousins— rhe Sfore That Confidence Built DELUXE Certified Perfecf-Cut Diamonds CLEANERS and DYERS Nationally Known Watches Quality Jewelry We Call and Oe iver Pretsing While You Wail Kugt and Draperiei COUSIN INC. 683 Wentworth Avenue 5133 Hohman Avenue Calumet City, Illinois HAMMOND, INDIANA 106 I Hammond 584 Underwood • Sundstrand Typewriters • Adding Machines TEETER The Typewriter Man ALL MAKES Buy • Sell - Rent - Repair 5108 Hohman Ave. Hammond, Ind. Compliments of NEIDOW FUNERAL HOME Inc. STARK ' S PHILLIPS - 66 ISSth Place and State Line Phone 10085 Calumet City, Illinois MERCANTILE NATIONAL BANK of HAMMOND Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 5243 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana Phone 2434 LAKE COUNTY CANDY COMPANY (Not Incorporated) WHOLESALE Confectionery and Fountain Supplies Syrups, Malted Milk, Coca-C ola, Cigars Cigarettes, Tobaccos, Paper Napkins, Ice Cream Cones Safety Matches 245 Dyer Boulevard Hammond, Indiana PERFECT JUNIOR GIRL U;iir— Klcanor McXair Eyes— Dailene Bissa Nose— Anne Petree Figure— Irene }er . Athletic Ability— J uanita Fedosky Clothes— Dolores Nitz Pep— Charlene Lauer Personality — Betty Oakes Friendliness— Jeanne Sherrow Intelligence— Pat Floin Smile— Rosemary Schoon Cuteness— Phyllis Stephenson Teeth— Pat Ringler Dimples— Janie Bleck Height— Dee Knabenhans Dancing Ability— Pat Kumiega Dependability— Dot McCloskey Sense of Humor— Helen Muschelewicz Bashfullness— Carolyn Ribbentrop Sweetness— Phi lanion Mansueto JUNIOR GIRLS LIKE: )iniior boys The Prom Basketball Reserves Don McMuUin ' s voice Joe Giovingo ' s car Joiunalism class Typing Dora and Hank and FHF JUNIOR CLASS 107 IDEAL UNDERCLASS BOY Hair— Bob Roach Eyes— Dick Smith Nose-Bob Abblet Physique— Adolf Winkler Athletic Ability-Mike Pank Clothes-Jim Etling Pep— Joe Giewartowski Personality— Nick Eismin Friendliness-Buddy Peterson Intelligence— Ralph Erchinger Smile—John Sarros Cuteness— Jack Falkenstrom Teeth-Bob Wood Dimples— Peter Young Height— Bob Wilson Dancing Ability-Doc Zick Dependability-John Malone Sense of Humor— Don McMullin Bashfulness— Henry Vikox TEACHERS ' IDEAL STUDENT (Poor Drip) I think that 1 shall never see A student busy as a bee Wlio stays up studying hall the nighi Who ' s not so diuiil). but very bright, Who never gallops ilown the halls. Or sings. f)r shoiUs. or shoots spit balls. Who, while in the caleteria Never drives teachers near hys- teria, II such a student I could see. My day so lull ol jov would he. PHONES 20-21-22 725 mOUSTRlAL ROAD JSijNES 125 Industrial Road, Hammond, Indiana COMPLIMENTS OF WHITE EAGLE BAKERS SUPPLY COMPANY BURNHAM 33 ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF SILVER ' S 465 Stale Street HAMMOND ' S OLDEST JEWELERS DR. JAMES MOLENAAR OPTOMtrR ST 3546 Ridge Road LANSING, ILLINOIS 108 THE NEW PERRINS RECREATION COMPLIMENTS BOWLING AND BILLIARDS of Air Conditioned and Re-Conditioned JOHN PATTON W. A. Mensior, J. M. Sehutz State and Hohman Phone 10231 Hammond, Indiana GUS BOCK ' S HARDWARE HARDY ARE, PAINTS, GLASS HOUSEWARES LANSING, ILLINOIS Your Friends. Marge lee Proprielort of G. K. GROCERY MARKET 419 State Street CALUMET CITY, ILLINOIS IDEAL UNDERCLASS GIRL Hair— Jackie Harlc Eyes— Doris Leach Nose— Dolores Wood Figure— Betty Hirtz Athletic Ability— Luella Creviston Clothes— Joan Silver Pep— Joan Nitz Personality- Joan Ahrendt Friendliness— Marlene Arens Intelligence— Janell Wenzell Sniile— Blanche Kaminski C in tencss— Betty Basney Teeth— Margie Huizenga Dimples— Marylin Jones Height— Pat Schneider Dancing Ability— Shirley Probst Dependability— Elaine Browe Sense of Humor— Carol Karr Bashfulness— Annette Sideruis Sweetness- Christine Pawlowski THE CUCKOO CLOCK CHIMED TWELVE The sofa sagged low in the cen- ter, Fhe shades were jjullcd just so; rhe family had retired: The parlor light burned low. There came a sound from the sofa. soimd that is not new. A senior slammed his text book With a thankful, " Well I ' m through. " 109 SENIOR ACTIVITIES (Thete senior activities do not include those engaged in during the last semes- ter of the 1945-1946 school.) Anthony Aliatc: arsit Baskctliall Squad 3. 4; P ' rosh-Soph Basketball Squad 1. 2; Minor Letter in Basket ball 1. Fay Abate: Girls ' Chorus 2; Junior Red Cross Council I. Jane Arentz: Chronostope Cirtulation Staff 2. 3. 4; Thorntonian Editorial Staff 4: Library Club 2. 3. 4; Girls ' Club Board 4; Commercial Club 4; Carnival Cast 3: Carnival Produc- tion Staff 3; Student Assistant (office) 1: Ticket Salesman 1. 2. 3. 4; Pep Club I. 2. 3: Girls ' Club Pin 2 3: rhorntonian Circulation Stalf 2. 3. 4. Clarence Baldwin: Vatcr Show 3: Frosh-Sopli Football Squad 1. Mildred Baranowski: Cloinmcrtial Club 4; Student Assistant (office) 3. 4: Girls ' Club Pin 2, 3; Clinic Assist- ant 4. Eugene Bercndt: Monogram Club 3. 4; Carnival C;ast 4: Assembly Moni- tor 4; Varsity Football Squad 3. 4: Major Letter in Football 3. 4. Shirley Bertram: Ihorntonian Editorial Staff 4: Girls ' Club Board 3. 4; Ter- rapin Club I. 2. 3; Junior Red Cross Council 2 3; Speech L 2. 3. 4; N. F. L. Officer 3: N. F. L. 3. 4; Carnival Cast I; Carnival Production Staff 4: Class Plav 3: Pep Club L 2; Girls ' Club Pin 2. 3: Water Show 1. 2. Joe Borowski: Band 2. 3. 4; Cadet Band 1; Orchestra 2. 3, 4. Yvonne Breclaw: Carnival Ciast 1, 2; Pep Club 1, 2. 3; G. A. C. 1. Allan Boerst: Poster maker 4; Water Show 2, 3. Rose Breski: Student Assistant (Miss Jaacks) 4; Commercial Club 4; Pep Club I, 2. 3: G. A. C. 2. 3. 4; G. A. C. Board 4; G. A. C. ollcvball ' ar sity 4; G. A. C. Volleyball class team 3. 4; G. A. C. Basketball class team 2, 3; G. A. C. Capt. Basketl)all class team 2, 3, 4; G. A. C. Baseball class team 3; G. A. C. Officer 4; G. A. C. numeral 3; G. A. C. manager for Capt. Basketball 2: (.. . . C. Pro gram Chairman 4. APP ' S MODERNMOST MART Ridge Rood and Hohman MUNSTER, INDIANA The first Place To Look For Your friends Compliments of GEORGE F. MEYFORTH VIllAGE CIERK Village of Burnham HAMMOND CLEAN TOWEL SERVICE 43 Ogden Street Hammond, Indiana Phone SS11 ED ' S SWEET SHOP 5640 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana 110 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF LANSING Lansing, Illinois Member of Federal Reserve System Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Phone Hammond 303 FISCHER CLEANERS One of the Largest Cleaning Plants in Lake County 122-124 State Street Main Office and Plant Hammond, Indiana BURNHAM GROCERY and MEAT MARKET Burnham 9825 13803 Greenbay Avenue Burnham, Illinois QUALITY MEAT DONATORS Phone Hammond 2961 Irene Pefert ' 32 Dorothy Peters Jacobs ' 35 G. H . ROSEN AU Don Berwanger ' 44 Dorothy luther ' 44 523 Lincoln Avenue Mrs. Frey Calumet City, Illinois THE SHEDD COMPANY 301-521 Eost 117th St. Chicago, 28, Illinois Telephone Pullman-8800 Bcttv Biowc: T horn Ionian Editorial Stall ■»: Library C;lul) I. 2; Girls ' C:luli Board . ' t: Spccdi 2. 3. 4; Carni- val I ' rodndion Stall 4; Student As- sistant (oiluc) 2. ,S, 4; ticket Sales- man 2. .f; Pep CUil) I, 2: Girls ' Cluli I ' in 1. 2. 3: Clinif Assistant 3. 4; G. . C. I, 2. 3, 4: G. A. C. Volleyball I lass team I. 2. 3. 4: G. . . C. Capt. Basketball class team 2. 4; G. . . C. ntnneral 2: G. A. C. manager for Basketball 3; G. . . C. swimming team I. 2. 3. Dean Brown:: (larnival Cast 4; Carni- val I ' rodiution Staff 4; Class Play Proiliiction Stall 4: Student Assist- ant (ibcmislry) 4; Stage Crew 4. Marjoric Brown: Poster maker 4. Mattie Burkctt: Library Club 1: Girls ' Chorus 2; Junior Red Cross Council 4: C:arnival Cast I; Pep Club 3; Girls ' Club Pin 1. Bcrnicc Burkharl: Girls ' Chorus 1. 2. 3; Carnival Cast 2. 3: Pep Club 1, 2; Girls ' Club Pin 3. Don Callahan: Boy ' s Club Board 3; Football Nmneral 3. Dorothv Carlson: Thorntonian Circu- lation Staff 4: Girls ' Chorus 2, 3; |nnior Red Cross Council 4; Carni- val (iast 2. 3, 4; Carnival Production Staff 2. 3. 4: Class Plav Production Stair 3: Student Assistant (office) 4; Pep Club I. 2. 3: Girls ' Club Pin 2. 3; Poster maker 2. 3. 4. Jack Carlson: Basketball Intramural Winner 3. Philip Cederholm: Band 3. 4; Cadet Band 2: Meistersingers 2. 3. 4; Poster maker 3, 4. Harriet Ciasiko: Pep Chili I. 2. 3. Polores Cidiowic : Iwirler I. 2. 3. 4; Girls ' Club Pin 3; G. A. C. 1. 2. 3. 4; (;. A. C. Baseball Varsity 2; G. A. C. X ' olleyball class team 1; G. A. C. Basketball class team 1; G. A. C. Capt. Basketball team 3. Marv Lou Ciciora: Girls ' Club Pin 2. Stanlcv Ciciora: Band Officer 1. 2. 3. 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Cadet Band 1, 2: Orchestra 4: Meistersinger Officer 3; Atcistersingers I, 2. 3. 4; Carnival Cast 3; Water Show 1. Cvnthia Clark: rhoinloiiian Eililoiial Staff 4; Gills ' Club Board 3. 4; I cr- rapin Clul) 1. ' 2.: Speech 2. 3. 4; Car- nival Cast I, 2. 3. 4; Girls ' Club Pin 2. 3; G. A. C. I. 3, 4; G. A. C. Volley- ball class team 4: G. A. C. Capt. Bas- ketball class team 3. 4; G. A. C. Baseball class team 3. Mary Lou Collins: Carnival Cast I; Pep Club 1. Norman Creviston: Monogram Club 4; Poster maker 4; Frosh-Soph Bas- ketball Squad 2: ' arsity Basketball 3, 4; Major Letter in Basketball 3. 4; Numeral in Basketball 2. Ethel Cullum: Carnival I ' roduition Staff 3, 4; Pep Club 1, 2. Joseph Cwiok: Poster maker 3. Delphinc Damai: Ihorntonian Editor- ial Staff 4; Girls ' Club Board 3; Junior Red Cross Council 2. 3; Speech 4; Class Play 3: Pep Club 1. 2; Girls ' Club Pin 3; Poster maker 2, 3, 4. Bob Davis: Senior Class Officer 4; Monogram Club 3. 4; Boys ' Club Board 4; Carnival Cast 4: Assembh Monitor 4: Poster maker 4; arsity Football Squad 3, 4; Frosh-Soph Basketball Squad 2; Wrestling 4. AVallv Davison: Poster maker 2. 3; Water Show 2, 3. Ed DeBold: Meistersingers 2, 3, 4; Car- nival Production Staff 2. 3: 1 rack Frosh-Soph Stpiaii 2. Eugene Dembowski: Band 3. 4; Cadet Band 2; Orcfiestra 4; Meistersingers 3. 4; Talent Show 3, 4; Carnival Cast 4; Stage Crew 4. RachcUc Diamondslein: Library 1. 2: Girls ' Chorus 2. 3; Speech 3; Carni- val Production Stall I, 2; Picket Salesman 1. 2; Pep Club I. 2; Girls ' Club Pin 2. Marion Dhizak: Library Club 1; Speech 3, 4; Carnival Cast I; Picket Salesman I; Pep C:iub 1, 2. 3; Girls ' Club Pin 3; Fhorntonian Advertis- ing Stall I. Virginia Dobrowolski: Pep Club 1. 2. 3. COMPLIMENTS OF KARNER ' S BAKERY Compliments of Mayor Frank L. Kaminski THOMPSON PRINTING COMPANY State Line at Ruitell HAMMOND, INDIANA Phone 777 AL. J . W ALZ 623 Stale Street NiW BICYCLES Bicycle Motors Repairs and Enameling Wall Special Balloon Tired Bicycles HAMMOND, INDIANA BUTLER ' S CLOTHING STORE 447 Stale Street HAMMOND, INDIANA 112 WHEN YOU THINK OF MILK AND OTHER QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS THINK OF dbAndinq (DaVuj 1300 East Seventy First Street Phone Hyde Pork 3498 WHOLESALE AND RETAIL EXTRA FRESH. EXTRA RICH. EXTRA PURE. EXTRA GOOD Orxillc Dorkwcilcr: Monogiiini C.liil) 2. 3. -1; Assembly Monitor 4; ' ai ' sity I o( [l)all S(|iia(l 3: FiosliSopli I ' ool- liall Siiiiad 1. li; Frack Varsity .S(|iia(l 12. 3; I ' rack Soph Scjuad 1; Major Letter in Football .■!; Minor Letter ill Track I; Numeral in Loolliall 1. ' I. |a(k DraiiKiiieistcr: I ' ostcr maker I; rroshSoph llaskelliall Squad 2. Eugene Duda: Monogram Club Offieer 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Carnival Cast 3, 4; . ssenibly Monitor 4; Water Show 1; Varsity Football S({uad 3, 4; Frosh-Soph Football 1. 2; Major Letter in Football 3. 4; Numeral in Football I. 2. Riehard Eisner: Water Show 2. 3. 4; Frosh-Soph Football Scpiad 2; Frack FroshSoph Squad 1; Fooolball Numeral 2; Swim Team 4. Joe Engerski: Meistersinger Officer 4; Mcistersingers 1, 2, 3; Talent Show Winner 2; Carnival Cast 4; Accom- panist for J. R. C. at Fort Sheridan 4: Water Show 1; Basketball Man- ager 4. Ethel Fanta: Cheerleader 1. 2. 3. 4; Student Assistant iMiss Jaacks) 4; I ' ep Club 1. 2. 3: Girls ' Club I ' in 3; (;. A. C. 1.2. 3. 4; (;. A. C. Hoard 4; C. A. C. Basketball Varsity 3; G. . C. Baseball Varsity 3; G. A. C. Vol- levball ' arsity 2. 3. 4; G. A. C. Capt. Basketball Varsity 3; G. A. C. Base- ball X ' arsity 3; G. A. C. Volleyball class team 1. 2. 3. 4; Basketball class team 1. 2. 3; Capt. Basketball class teams 1, 2. 3. 4; G. A. C. Baseball class team 2. 3; G. A. C. Officer 4; G. A. C. Numeral 1; G. . . C. Minor letter 3. Edward Fedosky: Senior Class Officer 4; Monogram Club 4; Carnival Cast 4: Water Sh( w 1. 2. 3; Intraiiunal ' iestling Winner 2. 3; Intramural Swim Winner 2. 3; Varsity Basket- ball .Squad 3. 4; Varsity ' Football .S ]uad 3, 4: Frosh-.Soph Basketball Squad 2; Frosh-Soph Football Squad I. 2; Track V ' arsity Squad 3. 4; 1 rack Frosh-Soph Squad 1. 2; Major Letter in Football 4; Numeral in Football 2; Numeral in Basketball 9 { 113 Mike Fcnoiilclla: AsscmiIjIn Muiiitur 4; Lightweight B:isketl)all Squad 1; ' arsily Basketball Squad 3, 4; Var- silv Football Squad 4; FroshSoph Basketball 2: Frosh-Soph Football S(|uad 2: Afajor Letter in Idotliall 4; Major Letter in Basketball :i; Minor Letter in Basketball 2; Nuni eral in Basketball L Edwin Fiedorowic?: Poster maker 4. Carol Fox: Tluniitonian Editorial Stair 4; Speech 3. 4; N. F. L. Officer 4: N. F. L. 3. 4; Class Play 3; Pep Club 1. 2. Calvin Frank: Control Room for Car- nival 1; Track Junior Manager 3; Minor Letter in Track 3. Jeanne l ' ie ert: Library Club 4; Com- mercial Club 4: Junior Red Cross Coinicil 2. 4: Ciarnival Production Staff 3. Iarlo ve lrc : Band Officer 3. 4; Band 2. 3. 4: Cadet 2: Wrestling S(|uad I. Sherwin Friduss: ' Lhornlonian Editori al Stall 4. Harrv Fnrmanski: Band 3; Catlet Band 2, 3. Bill C.illian: Frosh-Soph Football S(|uad 2; 1 ra( k Frosh-Soph Squad I; Numeral in I tack 1; Numeral in Football 1. Bob C.ollobitsch: Band 3. 4; Cadet Band I. 2; Orchestra 4; Meistersing- ers 3. 4; Carni al Clasi 3: Ticket Salesman 4; Poster maker 4; Intra- nunal Winner in wrestling and box- ing I. 2; Lightweight Basketball S(|uad 2. Ed (.oretki: Band I. 2. 3. I; Orchestra 2. 3. 4; Cadet Band 1. 2; Mcistersing- ers I. 2. 3. 4; Clarnival Cast 3. 4; Stage C:rew 4; Poster maker 4. ' alter fioril: liuraminal Winner in Basketball 3. Helen Hacker: C;. A. C. 2. Nancy Haehnel: Library Club 1, 2; C;irls ' Chorus 1. 2. 3: Carnival C:ast I. 2, 3: Carnival Production Staff 3; Pep ( lui I. 2. 3: Girls Club Pin 2. 3. Marie Magerman: Chronoscope Adver rising Stall 2. 1: Library Club 2: Speech 1; I ' ep Cilub 1. Phone Lansing 244 WALTER W. SCHULTZ REAL ESTATE Compliments of and INSURANCE NEUMODE HOSIERY 18119 Torrence Avenue LANSING, ILLINOIS BURCZYK PRINTERS 748 State Line Avenue Calumet City, Illinois Telephone Hommond 7162 Compliments of JACK WALKER Stop At GUERING ' S FOOD SHOP CLARK BROTHERS Groceries — Meofs — Frozen foods And Ask About Our Index Sys- tem. All Cars Serviced By High- Ice Cream and Pop ly Trained Attendants Also a Full Line of Magazines and Greeting Cards Sonny Schullz ' 40 Gobby Koseike ' 31 LeRoy Smith ' 44 Phone Hammond 4893 Gerald Frevert ' 41 Robert Mauck ' 47 60S Sibley Boulevard Calumet City, Illinois Phone Lansing 300 LANSING, ILLINOIS 114 SchJwacbiA, AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone Lansing 24 3227 Ridge Road LANSING, ILLINOIS Northern Indiana Stationery Company, Inc. Greef ng Cards For A Fu Vine Office Supplies and Furniture Phone Hammond 111 5307 Hohmon Avenue Hammond, Indiana Phone Hammond 2929 W. H. HISHON ' S CALUMET CITY HARDWARE Builders Hardware, Tools, Cutlery, Paints, Glass, Oils, Electric Supplies, Plumb- ing Supplies, Roofing Material and Floor Covering 243 155th St. at Lincoln Calumet City, Illinois Hartfield ' s DELICATESSEN FOUNTAIN SERVICE SCHOOL SUPPLIES 18049 Torrence Ave. LANSING, - ILLINOIS I ' liyllis Hallbcvg: Stmlciu Assistani (Oilltc) 1; liikct Salcsiiiaii 3; I ' cp Clul) 3; Girls (Jul) I ' in 3. I ' ai Hammer: |uiiior Red Cross Couiuil 4; lickcl Salesman 1. 2. 3. I: Pep Club 1 2. S: G. A. C. 2. 3; (;. A. C. Bascl)all ilass team 2. 3. Mark Harthuii: Monogram CJub Olli- rer 4; Monogram Club 3 4; Assembly Monitor 4; 1 rack- ' arsitv Squad 3, 4: Track Junior Squad 2: Major Let- ter in Track 2; Bovs ' Club Board 3. Lois Hawlcy: Librars Club 2: Com- mercial Club 4: Junior Red Cross Council 4; Carnival Production StalT 2, 3, 4; Class Plav Production Staff 3: Pep Club 1. 2. 3; Girls ' Club Pin 2, 3. |oan Hays: Chronoscope Circulation Staff 1. 2; Thorntonian Editorial Staff 4: Thorntonian Circulation Staff 1. 2. 3. 4; Library Club 2. 3; Girls ' Chorus 1. 2. 3; Girls ' Club Board 3; Speech 3. 4; Carnival Cast 1 2. 3, 4; Carnival Production Stall 4; Pep Club 1. 2. 3; Girls ' Club Pin 2; Poster maker 4. William Heimbuck: Mcistcrsingcrs 4; Student Assistant 1: Irack-Frosh- Soph Squad 1. Leona Heintz: Girls ' Chorus 2; Com- mercial Clul) 4; Carnival Production Staff 2: Ticket Salesman 1, 2; Pe|) Club 2; Girls ' Club Pin 2: G. A. C. I; G. A. C. ' olleyball class team 1: G. A. C. Capt. Basketball class team 1: Phyllis Heifer: Senior Class Officer 4: Chronoscope Atheriising Staff 1. 2; Chronoscope Circulation Staff 1. 2. 3; Thorntonian Editorial Staff 4; Thorntonian Circulation Staff 1. 2. 3: Library Club 2; Girls ' Club Board 4: Speech 2; Carnival Production Staff 3; Student Assistant (office) 4; Ticket Salesman 2. 3; Pep Club 1. 2. 3; Girls ' Club Pin 2. 3: Clinic . sssistant 3; Poster maker 1. 2. 3. 4; G. . . C. Basketball class team 1; G. A. C. Capt. Basketl)all class team 1; G. . . C. Swimming 1. 2. I kaiKii Hc))ncr: CliiDiiosiopc Advcr- lisiiig Staff 1; Chroiioscopc Ciriula tion Staff 1. 2: I horntonian Cin il- lation Staff 2. 3; Girls ' Clul) Board 3: Junior Red Cross Coiinril 4: I iikct Salesman 2. 4: I ' ep Club I. ' _ ' . :i; (.ills ' Clul) Pin 2. 5. tugcnc Hilliritli: Irack ' arsit S(|uad 1. Ciavic Hill: Girls ' Chorus I, 2, 3; Girls ' Club Board 3; Terrapin Club 2. 3; Cheerleader I, 2. 3 4; Carnival Cast I. 2. 3. 4; Ticket Salesman I; Pep Club I. 2. 3; Girls ' Club Pin I. 2. 3: Clinic Assistant 4; Accompanist for Matinees, Girls ' Club Parties and Carnival practice 2. 3. 4; Poster maker 4. Joe Hill: Monogram Club 2; ' arsity Football Squad 3, 4; Frosh-Soph Bas- ketball Scpiad I; Frosh-Soph Football Squad I: Major Letter in Football 4: Numeral in Football and Basket- ball I: I ' . S. Armv (88th Infantrv nivision) 1942-1945. Doris Hollman: Band 2. 3. 4: Cadet Band 1; Orchestra 3. 4; Girls ' Club Board 4: Commercial Club Officer 4: Commercial Club 4; Girls ' Club Pin 3; G. A. C. I, 2. 3; G. A. C. Vollev ball class team 2. 3; G. A. C. Basket- ball class team 3: G. A. C. Capt. Basketball class team 1. 3; G. A. C. Baseball class team I, 2, 3. Douald H p|): Poster maker 4. Hon Horst: C ulct Band 1; I horiUoni an Circulation Stalf 2. 3; Meistcr- singer Officer 3. 4; Meistersingers 2. 3, 4; Boys ' Club Board 2,3.4; Speech 4: Carnival Cast 2, 3; Ticket Sales- man 2; Pep C4ub 1. Iloris Horst: Junior Class Officer 3: Chronoscope . dvertising Stall 1; Li- brary Club I. 2: Ciirls ' Cihorus 1. 2. 3: (.iris ' Club Board 3, 4; Fcrrapin Club 2. 3; Carnival Cast 2, 3. 4; Car- nival Production Stalf 3, 4; Ticket Salesman 1, 2. 3. 4; Pep Club 1. 2. 3; (.iris ' Club Pin 1. 2, 3; Clinic Assist- ant 3. 4: G. A. C, 1, 2, 3, 4; G. A. C. Board 4; G, . , C. Volleyball class team 2, 3, 4; G. . . C. Basketball class team 1. 2, 3; G. A. C. Capt Basketball class team 1. 2, 3. 4: G. A. C. Baseball class team 1, 2, 3; G. A. C. Officer 4. CENTRAL PHARMACY The Largest Dru In Calumef g Store City Come In an d Say Hello! Phones: 3037 Residence 7930 201 - 154th Place lOU GARR CAlUMEl r CITY, III MARTI N RISPEN S STRICTLY HIGH GRADE SEEDS Lansing, - - — Illinois Phone 420 Air Conditioned FOLLMAR LANES 8 ALLEYS - YEAR ROUND BOWLING Parkinq Facilities Al Pastor, Mgr. 3660 lidge Road Martin Foilmor, Jr. LANSING, ILIINOIS 116 ? CONGRATULATIONS 1946 GRADUATING CLASS BROSSEAU FURNITURE APPLIANCE CO Cor. Pulaski Rd. Wentworlh Ave. Calumet City, Illinois BUYING OR SELLING A HOME SEE HARRY R. SHERROW Real Estate and Insurance 3103 Ridge Rood Phone Lonsing 223 WILLIAM H. WINTERHOFF Thornton Township Supervisor M.u H()i ;ili( li: Ticket .SalcMiuiii I, 2. Rudv H()r jli(h: |iirii(ii Cla ' .s Ollner ' S; Momtgrain (Jul) . ' i. 4; Asst ' inblv Monitor . ' !. 4; V ' ar.sity Ilaskclhall Sqiiatl ;l. 4; V ' aisitv Football S(|iiail 4: FroshSopli Uaskctliall Squad I. 2; Iiaik aisitv Sqiiail 3; Major Letter in Football 4: .Major Fetter in Basketball 3. 4; N ' umcial in Bas- ketball I. ' 2. Rillie Floyt: Jiuiior Red Cross (oiiiuil 4; Ticket .Salesman 4. Marion Hunter: Pep C;liib 3. ' Fieket Salesman 1: Bill Hnsakoll: Intranujial Winner in Bo ing 3. Yvonne Hvland: F.ntered from Cliica- go in I94. ' i. Carnival Cast 4. . neie Istas: Carnival 2. 3, 4; Girls ' Club Pin 3. Roy Janith: Meistcrsingers 3; Mono- gram Club 4: Carnival Cast 4: .As- sembly Monitor 4: Poster maker 4: Varsity Football Squad 4; Frosh- Sopli Football Scjuad 1. 2: Major Letter in Football 4. Helen Janik: Librarv C;lub 1; Club 3. Pep Lillie Mae Jernigan: Girls ' Chorus 2. 3; Commercial Club 4: flarnival Cast 2. 3; Ticket .Salesman 2. 3; Pep Club 1. 2, 3: Twirler 1. 2. 3. 4; Girls ' Club Pin 3; Afajor Letter in Fwirling 4; Poster maker I. 2. Eleanor (ocka: C.arni al I ' rodiuiiou Stall 2: Pep C:lub I. 2. 3. Beryl Jones: Chronoscope Editorial Stalf 4; Chronoscope Circulation Stall I. 2. 3: 1 horntonian Circula- tion Stall I. 2. 3; Librarv Cltdj 1; Girls ' Club Officer 3. 4; Girls ' Club Board 2. 3. 4; Commercial Club 4; Speech 2. 3. 4; i . F. L. 3. 4: Carni- val Cast 4: Carnival Production Staff 4: Class Plav 3: Class Plav Produc- tion Start 2; Student . ssistant (finan- cial department) I. 2. 3. 4; Ticket .Salesman I. 2. 3, 4: Pep Club 1. 2. 3; Girls ' Club Pin 1. 2, 3: G. A. C. 1, 2, 3, 4; G. . . C. Board 2; G. A. C. Basketball Varsity 2; G. A. C. Capt. Basketball arsitv 1. 2; G. A. C. Vol- leyball arsitv 2. ' 3. 4; G. A. C. ol- levball class team 2. 3. 4; G. A. C. Basektball class team 1. 2, 3; G. A. C. Baseball class team L 2. 3; G. A. C. Olficer 2; G. A. C. Numeral 2; (;. A. C. Minor Letter 3. Lorraine Kanlouic : Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 117 l.eoiianl k;ilaiisk;is: tlaik-l Uaiul 1; Numeral in Football 1: N ' unicial in liaskclhall 1: Poster maker 4; V. S. Marine Corps 1014 1945. |oe Kcilman: Meistersinger OHker I: Mcistersingers 3. 4: Carnival I ' rocha tion Staff 2. 3. 4; Class Plav Produc- tion Staff 3, 4; Stage Crew 2. 3, 4; Poster maker 4; Intramural Winner in Vrestling 1. liill klage: 1 liorntonian Circulation Stall 4; Carnival Cast 4: Carnival Production Staff 3, 4; Vater Show 3. 4; X ' arsitv Swim team 4: Stage Manager 4. Gertie Klank: Pep Club 1, 2. 3. Ra Klank; Monogram Clul) 4; l- ' rosh- Soph Football Manager 2; Varsity Football Manager 4; ' Major Letter in Football (Mgr.) 4: Numeral in Football (Mgr.) 2. Larry Knoezer: Water Show 2, 3. Elda Kolodzski: Pep Club 1. 2; G. A. C. 1. led Koselke: Poster maker 2. 3. 4; Water Show 2: Ifack Frosh-Soph Squad 2; Carnival Prodiulion Staff 3. ' irginia Kowalski: Pep Club 1; G. A. C. 1. Al Rvedaras: Band 3. 4; Oicheslra 2, 3, 4: Carnival Cast 3. Shirley Labas: I horntonian Editorial Stall 4; Double Sextet 1, 2; Ciirls ' Club Board 2. 3. 4; tlommercial Club Officer 4; Commercial Club 4; Li brarv Club 1; Carnival Oueen 4; Carnival Cast 1. 2. 3. 4; Carnival Production Staff 3; Class Play 3: Pep Club 1. 2. 3; Girls ' Club Pin 1. 2, 3; C;linic . ssistant 2. 3; G. A. C. 1; G. . . C;. Swinnning 1, 2. Peggy Laesecke: Girls ' Chorus 2. 3: Girls ' Club Board 3; Junior Red Cross Council 3. 4; Spepch 3; Carni- val Cast 2. 3, 4; Carnival Produc- tion Staff 2. 3, 4; Student Assistant (office) 2. 3. 4; Picket Salesman 3. 4: Pep Club 1. 2, 3; Twirler 2. 3. 4: (;irls ' Club Pin 2, 3. Irma Lange: ( ommertial Club 4; Stu- dent Assistant (olliiei 4: Girls ' C.lnb Pin 2. 3. Lillian l.aSota: I errapin C;ltdi 3. 4; Pep Club I. 2. 3: Girls ' Club Pin 3: I ' ostcr maker 4; Water Show 4. If It ' s Lumber, Call Our Number — Lansing 640 Lansing, Illinois CHAS. H. MAYER AND COMPANY tAanu{ai {itet% of High-Grade Carbonated Beverages 566 State Line Avenue Phone Hommond 553 Calumet City, Illinois BEST WISHES JACK FOX AND SONS Phone Hammond 10088 NEW WAY SHOE REPAIR E. A. Crowe— Proprietor 60 Clinton Street HAMMOND, INDIANA 118 [ ' THE SCHOOL THAT GETS RESULTS " COMPLETE BUSINESS TRAINING DAY OR EVENING dlammDfvdL John Murray, Director of Studies 5141 Hohman Avenue (Opposite J. C. Penny Co.) Phone 1954 UNITED CIGAR STORE And News Agency George Dockweiler LANSING, ILLINOIS Good Food Is Good Health BRAHOS COFFEE SHOP A r Condifioned For Your Comforf 5239 Hohmon Avenue HAMMOND, INDIANA JAMES HELMS GROCERY AND MARKET 18100 Torrence Avenue Phone Lansing 17 Hill I.aiiciinaii: Wrcslliii 4. liansfcr- (1 fidiii Ccnlral 3. |.iik l.cliiiikcr: Sla e Crew 2; ' aisliv liiDlliall .Si|iiail 1; Kiosli .Siipli I ' ool ball Si|iia(l I: Track Varsity Sc|IkuI I. U. S. Navy 1944-1945. Uol) Lcvcnsoii: Speech 4; Poster maker 2: Water Show 2: Track Frosh-Sopli .Sciuad 1; Swiniming Varsity 4. John I.C ' wandowski: Meistersingers 3. 4; Carnival Cast 3; Track Frosh- .Soph .Squad 2. Ray Lietzan: Monogram Club 3. 4; .X.s.sembly Monitor 4; FroshSoph Basketball Squad 2: Frosh-Soph Football Squad 2; Track Varsity .Squail 3. 4: Track Frosh-Soph Stpiad 2; Major Letter in Track 2. 3; Num eral in Footliall 2. Shirley I.ietzan: Girls ' Club Board 2; terrapin Club 1; Pep Club 1; Water Show 1: G. . . C. 1. 2. 3. 4; G. A. C. Board 2. 3; Ci. . . C. Volleyball class team 1, 2, 3, 4; G. A. C. Basketball class team 1, 2, 3; G. . . C. Capt. Bas- ketball team 1. 2, 3. 4; G. A. C. Base- ball class team 1, 3; G. A. C. Officer 3; G. A. C. Minor Letteis 3: C. A. C. Ninueral 2. Joscphiuc I.icl au: Coiinnercial Club 4; Pep Club 3. 4. W ' illard l.orcn ; Senior Class Officer 4. Larry MiKittrick: Thorntonian Editor- ial Stall 4; Boys ' Club Board 2; Ra- dio Club Production 1; Spe ech 1. 2. 3. 4; N. F. L. Officer 4; N. F. L. 2. 3. 4; Carnival Cast 3; Carnival Produc- tion 3: Talent Show . niiouncer 3. jean McNair: Baud 3, 4; Cadet Band 2; Chronoscope Circulation Staff 1. 2. 3; Thorntonian Circulation Staff 1. 2, 3, 4; Library Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Carnival Production Stall 3, 4; Class Play Production Staff 3; Ticket Sales- man 1. 2: Pep Club I. 2: Girls ' Club Pin 2, 3. Dolores Maciejewski: Chronoscope Ad- vertising Staff 1: Girls ' Chorus 2; Carnival Cast 1; Carnival Produc- tion Staff 2; Ticket Salesman 3; Pep Club 1: Girls ' Club Pin 2: Assembly .MoTiilor 1. Lorraine Magdaz: Girls ' Chorus 2: Commercial C:iul) 4: Carnival Cast 4; Ticket Salesman 3. 4; Pep Club L 2, 3. 119 riiil MaiigiiMiK ilia: Mdiiograiii Olluci 2. 3, 4: Monogram C;hi b 1. 2, 3. 4: Carnival Cast 4; Assembly Monitor 3. 4; X ' arsitv Football Stiiiacl 3. 4; Frosh-Soph Football .Si|iiad I. 2; Frack arsii Sqiiail 2. 3; " Frack Junior St|iia l I: Major Letter in F ' ootball 3. 4; Major Fetter in Wrestling 4; Major Fetter in Track 2. 3. 4; Numeral in Football 1, 2. John ManisiaUo: Bovs ' Club Board 3; Frosh-Sopb Basketball Squad 1. 2; Xtimeral in Football I, 2. Irene Marko: Student Assistant (ofTicc) 4; Pep Clul) I. 2. 3; Stage Crew 4. Xorman Mallbeus: Water Slum 3: Frosh-Sopli Football Si|uacl 2. Charles Ma er: Band 2: Caikt Band 1: Poster maker 4. Edna Mazer: Clironostope Circulation Staff 1. 2. 3; Ihorntonian Editorial Staff 4; Ihorntonian Circulation Staff I. 2. 3: Library Club I, 2. 3; Girls ' Chorus 1, 2. ' 3; Girls ' C:liib Board 2, 3. 4; Commercial Club 4; Cheerleader 1. 2. 3, 4; Carnival Cast 1, 2. 3. 4; Fickct Salesman I. 2. 3: Girls ' Club Pin I. 2. 3: G. A. C. 1. Dan Melilcr: Band 3: Cadet B:iiid 1. Rose Melliiii: Commercial ( lul) 4: Girls ' Club Pin 3. Bud Mills: Monogram C:lub 3. 4; Car- nival King 4; Carnival Cast 4; As- sembly Monitor 4; X ' arsitv FOotball Squad 3, 4; Frosh-Soph Football Squad 1. 2; Track aisity Squad 3; Frack Frosh-Soph Squad 1, 2; Ma- jor Letter in Football 3, 4: Major Letter in Frack 3; Numeral in Fool- ball 2. Parker Mills: Track X ' arsity Scpuid 3. 4; Track Frosh-Soph Scpiad I. Charles Mitchell: licket Salesman 4: Poster maker 4; Water Show 3. 4. Herb Mitchell: Ihorntonian Adver- tising Staff I. 3; Chronoscope Adver- tising Staff 1, 3: Meistersingcrs 1. 3. 4: Falent Show Winner 1. 3: Speech 4; Carnival Cast 3. 4: Poster maker 1. 3. C;corge Moll: Chronoscope Advertis- ing Staff 1. 2: Chronoscope Circula tion Stall 2: Ihoriitonian Editorial Staff 4; S])eech 4; C chemistry Lab. Assistant 3; Water Show 2. 3, 4; Track Frosh-Soph Squad 2; M. C. at Water Show 2 3. 4; Annouiuer ;it home swim meets 4. All of You Will Accomplish Success After Leaving School, By Per- forming Your Duties Faithfully, Honestly, and Diligently CLIFFORD BAER PROPERTIES Calumet City Bank Building CAIUMET CITY, ILLINOIS Phone 202 Compliments HANSEN BROTHERS, of FLORISTS Art and Herb Liesenfelt ) 5320 Hohmon Avenue HAMMOND, INDIANA f 120 VIERK ' S HESSVILLE FURNITURE STORE Complete Home Furnishings 6731 Kennedy Avenue Phone— Hammond 320 Telephone 2991 DAISY ' S HENRY F. LINDNER ROYAL BLUE STORE AND SONS GROCERIES, MEATS, FRUITS, VEGETABLES 11 2-1 52nd Street INSURANCE CALUMET CITY, ILLINOIS ACCIDENT - AUTOMOBILE BURGLARY - FIRE STATE LINE SERVICE STATION Established 1892 546 Wentworth Avenue Phone Hammond 489 Stale Line and Ridge Road Calumet City, Illinois LANSING, ILLINOIS Bill Molnar: MoiKigraiii Club 3, 4; N ' arsity loolball ,S(|iia(l 3, 4; Frosh- Soph Uaskclliall ,S(|ua(l 2; Frosh- Sopli Fdolhail S(|iia(l 1, 2; Major l.illii ill loiiihall . ' !; Major Letter In Wrestling . ' !; Numeral in Fool ball li: NiiTiural in Uaskelball 2. Mary Ellen Morgan: litket Salesman Margie O ' Brien: I ' , S. Marine Corps. 19441945; (;. A. C. Volleyball class team 2; G. A. C. 2; G. A. C. Basket- ball class team 1; G. A. C. Capt. Basketball class team 1. Dolores O ' Kray: Carnival I ' roduction Staff 3. 4; Ticket Salesman 4; I ' ep Club 2, 3. ugnst Ollriih: Monogram CUub 3. 4; Varsity Basketball Si|nacl 3, 4; Frosh- Soph Basketball Scjuatl 2; Track X ' arsity Squall 2, 3, 4; Major Letter in Basketball 3. 4; Major Letter in Irack 2. 3; Nmneral in Basketball 2: jiniior Class Odiccr 3. Gladys Ostrowski: CJirls ' Chorus 2. 3; Student Assistant (Miss Jaacks) 4; I ' ep Club 1. 2. 3; G. A. C. 1. 2. 3. 4; G. A. C. Board 3. 4; G. A. C. Basket- ball Varsity 2. 3: (.. A. C. Volleyball aisity 2. 3 4; G. A. C. C;apt. Basket- ball Varsity 3; G. A. C. Baseball Varsity 2: G. A. C. Volleyball class team 2. 3. 4; G. A. C. Basketball class team 2. 3. ; G. A. C. Capt. Bas- ketball class team 2. 3. 4; G. A. C. Baseball class team I. 2. 3. 4; C;. A. C. Minor Letter 3: {;. . . C. Nmneral 1 eReesa I ' ala: Carnival Cast 3; Ticket Salesman 3. Violette Panavotovich: Girls ' Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4; lerrapin Club 1, 2; jiniior Red Cross Council 1; Talent Show Winner 2: Carnival Cast 1, 2, 3. 4; Class Play Production 3; Student . ssistant (oHice) 3. 4; Ticket Sales man 3; Girls ' Clul) Pin 2. 3: Water .Show 1, 2. Constance Parker: Commercial 4; Girls ' Club Pin 2. 3; Office Assistant 4: Poster maker 2. Cieorge Parkis: V. S. . rmv (C:ombat Infanlrv .Service) 1943-I94(i. 121 I5ii l I ' allciMm: ( Jidroiisiopc AiKcr- tising Stall 4: riioiiuonian Editor- ial Stall 4; (.ills ' (horns .S, 4: (;irls ' (liil) lloaid 1: S|)ie(h 4; I i kt-l Sak-sMiaii 2. ' M l ' i-|i ( iiili - ' . . ' .; (.iris ' (:liil I ' iii U ' . Shirlec I ' avek: C.onimeriial C liih 4. Evelyn I ' etak: Orchestra 2. 3. 4; Com- mercial C ' .hil) 4; ricket Salesman 2: Pep Club 1. 2: C.irls ' Cliil. Tin li. , " .: G. A. C. 1. Mona Peters: Terrapin (liib Oflicer 4; Terrapin Clnb 1, li, 3, 4; Girls ' Club Pin 3; Water Show 1; G. A. C. 1. 2. 3; G. A. C. Capt. Basket- ball Varsity 2; G. A. C. VoUcvball class team 1, 2. 3; G. A. C. Basket- ball class team I, 2. 3; C. A. C. Base- ball class team 1. 2. 3. I ' hvllis Pier chalski: IVp ( liib 1. 2. 3. Leo Pictr ak; Water Sluiu I. Dolores Pochron: Ihorntonian Circu- lation Staff 3. 4; (.iris ' Club Board 4: Commercial Club Officer 4; Com- mercial Club 4; 1 errapin Club 1. 2, 3: Carnival Cast 3. 4: Pep Club 1. 2. 3: Girls ' Club Pin 2. 3: Water Show I. 2. 3. )anet Poc: S| ee(h 3, 4; Carnival Cast 4. Roger Potts: Speech 2, 4. Mary Prendergasi: Ihorntonian Edi- torial Staff 4: Librarv Club 2; Girls ' Club Officer 4; (.iris ' Club Board 3. 4; Carnival Production Staff 3. 4; Student Assistant (office) 4; Pep Club 1. 2. 3: (;irls ' Club Pin 2. 3; Clinic Assistant 3. 4. Lorraine Probst: C;irls ' Chorus 1. 2; Carnival 2. 3, 4: Poster maker 1. 2. 3. 4. Phyllis Race: Thorutonian Editorial Staff 4; Double Sextet 3; (;irls ' Chor- us 2. 3; Commercial Club Officer 4; Conunercial (.lub 4: Carnival Cast 2. 3; Pep Club 1, 2. 3: (.ills ' Club Pin 2. 3. August Rach: Band 2. 3; Cailet Band 1, 2. Don Rex: Varsity Football S(|nad 3: Irosli-Sopli I ' ootball Sipiad 1, 2. Robert Ridge: Speech 4: (.arni al Cast 4. Tuxedo Rentals Phone 5070 qjounl HAMMOND ' S LEADING TAILORS For Both Men and Women 437 State Street Hammond, Indiana 122 QonqhaiiilaiiDfi u! CLASS OF 19 46 SpLo A . JwihsihA, QncoifioiaJtsd. Custom Built Jewelry Class Rings and Pins Club Jewelry Announcements Dance Programs— Bids and Favors Graduation Gifts of Distinction Loop Office and Show Room 27 E. Monroe Street Factory Office 1140 Cornelia CHICAGO l.ois Ritchie: (jlironosiopc Ailvcrlisiiifj; Stall 2: Chronostope CUrculation Staff 2; Thorntonian Cirrulalioii Stair 3; (;irls ' Chorus 3; ( ' .oniineK iai C ' llil) 4; [iiiiior Red Cross C ' .oiiniil 1; Carnival Cast 3; Ticket Salesman 3: G. A. C. 2: G. A. C. ' ollevball 2: t.. A. C. Capt. Basketball, and Basket- ball class teams 2; G. A. C. Baseball class team 1. I ' lullis Jane Roe: I ' oslcr maker 4. 1 iiyene Rojkowski: Stage Crew 3; In- Wiinier Basketball 2, 3. Roberta Roley: Entered from Pana, Illinois as a 9A. Tcmk entire course l)v tutoring. Thorntonian Contril)U- lor. ( larence Ruark: Band 3; Cadet Band 2; Meisteisingeis 2: Carnival Cast 1: Drum Major 4; Water Show 4; In- tramural winner in Wrestling, and Swimming 2: ' arsitv Footljall Scpiad 3: Major Letter in Swimming 4; Numeral in Football 2. Randall Ruff: Frosh-.Soph Basketball .Squad I; Track ' arsity Squad 1; Numeral in Basketball 1. Glacivs Sandford: Junior Red Cross Coimcil 4: Girls ' Club Pin 3. Cieorgc Sarros: Monogiam Club Officer 4; Monogram Club 2. 3. 4: Boys ' did) Board 4: Carnival Cast 4; Class Play 3: ' aisitv Basketball Squad 3: ' arsitv Football Sc|uad 2. 3. 4; Track ' arsitv S(|uad 3: Major Letter in Football 2. 3. 4; Letter in Wrestling 4 (Major). Dan Scharlach: Radio Club 4; Carni- val Cast 4; arsitv Basketball Scjuad 4; arsit Football .Sc|uad 4; Frosh- Sopli Basketball .Squad 4; Frosh- So|,h Football Si|uad 1. 2. Rosetta Schmidt: Commercial Club 4; liinior Red Cross Council 2, 3. 4; Girls ' Club Pin 3. Ruth Ann .Schneider: G. A. C. 1, 2; G. A, C. Baseball class team 1. Dolores Schultz: Ticket .Salesman 1; Pep Club 1. 123 Jeanne Sthuail : (;liionuscope Edi- torial SlalF 4: 1 hurnlonian Editorial Staff 4; Library C.lnh 1. 2. 3: Girls ' Chorus I. 2. 3, 4: Girls ' Cliil) Board 3. 4: junior Red Gross G.oiintil 1, 2, 3. 4; Junior Red Gross Ofliter 2; Speech 4: Carnival Cast 2. 3: Carni- val Production Staff 4; Ticket Sales- man 1: Pep Clul) 1. 2. 3; Girls ' Clnb Pin 1, 3: G. A. C. 1. 4; G. A. C. Vol- leyball class team 4; G. A. C. Cap- tain Basketball class team 4; G. A. C. l$aseball class team 1. Norman Siderius: . (Chemistry) 3. Siiulent Assistant ' irginia SiKer; C lironoscope Editorial Staff 4; Chronoscope Advertising Staff 1. 2; Chronoscope Circulation Staff 1. 2; Thorntonian Circulation Staff 1, 2; Litnarv Cluf) 2; Speech 2. 3. 4; X. F. L. 4: Carnival Produc- tion Staff 2. 3. 4: Class Plav Produc- tion Staff 3; Pep Club 1. 2. 3; Girls ' did) Pin 2. 3; G. A. C. Basketball class team 1; G. A. C. Capt. Basket- ball class team 1; Thorntonian Ad- vertising Staff 1. 2; Thorntonian Edi- torial Staff 4. ' ivian Skarwicki: Pep Cluf) 1: G. A. C. 1. Edward Smagacz: Chronoscope Edi- torial Staff 3, 4; Thorntonian Editor- ial Staff 4; Speech 4; Carnival Cast 4. Glen Ellyn Smithers: fJirls ' Chorus 3: Ticket Salesman 3. 4; Pep Club 1. 2, 3; Girls ' Club Pin 3; Poster maker 3. 4; G. A. C. 3, 4. Delores Snyder: Commercial Club 4: Ticket Salesman 4: Pep C:hd) 1, 2, 3. Laverda Spannon: Jiuiior Red Cross Council 4; Poster maker 1, 2. 3, 4. Evelyn Siaack: Ticket Salesman I; I ' ep c;ruf) 1. 2. 3. Joan Stanislawski: C:arui al Production Stalf 4; Student (office) Assistant 3. 4; Pep Club 1, 2. Anthony Stasiak: f horntonian Circu- lation Staff 2; Carnival C:ast 4: Wat- er Show 1. 2. 3, 4; Intrannnal Win ner (Swimming) 1, 2. 3; Major f.el- ter in Swimming 4. i 1 Phone Hammond 372 Motor Tune Up Brake Service JOSEPH S. CZECHANSKI SIBLEY AUTO SERVICE UNDERTAKER EMBALMER • Morud Schreiber 248 - ISSth Place COMPLETE OVERHAULING Cor. Lincoln Ave. Opp. St. Andrew ' s Church Phone Hammond 1089 Calumet City, Illinois 606 Sibley Street Calumet City, III. Your Modern K fchen Cabinet TONY ' S FOOD SHOP At 637 Freeland Avenue 0. PLANER SONS Calumet City, Illinois Hammond 6275 Tony Pawyzo, Prop. 605 W. Stote Street CALUMET CITY, ILLINOIS Phone Hammond 1216 J 124 CONGRATULATIONS To THORNTON FRACTIONAL GRADUATING CLASS OF ' 46 from THE HAMMOND TIMES Your Home Newspaper DAHLKAMP ' S 24 Hour Towmo Service 624 State Line — Calumet City Phone Hammond 216 Auto Painting—Electric Oven Dried Radiator Repairs and Boil-out Body and Fender Repairs Frame Axle, Wheel and Drum Straight- SCHULTZ MIDWEST STORE ening 5105 State Line — Hammond Hammond 1066 Phone Lansing 8 Complete Ignition and Motor Repair Work Complete Carburetor Repairing Brakes Adjusted or Relined, Wheels Aligned and Balanced Automatically Cooled Phone Lansing 55 Fresh Vegetables Quality Meats and Groceries LORENZ COAL BUILDING MATERIA L Williom O. Schulii ' 34 and STOKERS Norman Schultz ' 40 William Heimbuch ' 46 18307 Torrence Ave. Lansing, Illinois liiTii Sidkcs: Jiinior { ' .lass Ofliccr 3: Monogram C ' .liih 2. 3. A; Boys ' C ' .liib Hoard I; Carnival King 3: C ' .arnival Cast 4; Assenil)lv Monitor 3. 4; Vars- ity Basketball ,S(|na(l 3. 4; A ' arsilv Football S(|ua(l 3. 4: I ' rosli-Soph Baskilball Squad 2: Irosh-Sopb liiolball Squad I. 2: Track arsil Squad 2. 3. 4; Major I.ctlcr in lool ball 3. 4; Football Claptain 4; Major Letter in Basketball 3. 4: Major Let- ter in Track 2. 3; Numeral in Foot- ball L 2; Nimieral in Basketball 2. Lois Stump: Cbronoscope Circidation Start 2. 3. 4; Thorntonian Circida- tion Staff L 2. 3. 4; Commercial C:lub 4; Ticket Salesman L 2. 3. 4; Pep Club L 2. 3; Girls ' Club Pin 2, 3; Poster maker 1. 2. 3. 4: G. A. C. 1; G. A. C. ' olleybalI class team I; Vinner in Poster Contest 2. 3. Ikrt Swanson: Monogram Club 3; Intramural Winner in Boxing. Bas- ketball 2. 3; Liglitucight Basketball S [uad 2. 3; Major Letter in Light- weight Basketball 3; V. S. . 1942- Dolores reiuemacher: Ticket Sales- man 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1. 2. 3; Girls ' Club Pin 3; Poster maker 4; G. A. C. 1, 2. 3: G. A. C. Volleyball class team 1. 2. 3: G. A. C. Basketball class leant 1. 2. 3; G. A. C. Capt. Basketball class team 1. 2. 3; G. A. C. Baseball class team 1. 2. Bcll Jane Tevis: Chronoscope Adver- tising Stall 2, 3; t)lironos(ope Circu- lation Staff 1. 2. 3; 1 hornlonian Edi- torial Staff 4: Thorntonian Circula- tion Staff 1. 2. 3; Girls ' Club Officer 3; Girls ' Club Board 3. 4: Commer- cial Club 4: Jiniior Red Cross Ofhcer 4; Junior Red Cross Coimcil 1, 2, 3, 4; Carnival Production Staff 3. 4: Student Assistant 1. 2. 3. 4 (Miss Jaacks): Ticket Salesman 1. 2. 3. 4; Pep Club 1. 2, 3: Girls ' Club Pin 2, 3; G. A. C 1. 2, 3. 4: G, A. C. Board 2; G. A. C. Basketball arsitv 3: G. A. C. Vollcball arsitv 2. 3: G. A. C. ollevl)all class team 1. 2. 3, 4; G. A. C. Basketball class team 1, 2. 3; G. A. C. Capt. Basketball class team 1. 2. 3. 4; C;. . . C. Base- ball class team I. 2. 3.; G. A. C. Offi- cer 2; Thorntonian Advertising Staff 2. 3; D. A. R. Representative 4. Eugene I ' nderwood: Cadet Band 1; Monofjiam Club Oflker 1; Mono- gram C:hih 2. 3. 4: Clainival Cast 4; ' aisiiv Basketball Squad 3; ' arsitv Football Sqiiatl 3. 1; Frosh-Soph Bas- ketball Squad 2: Fiosh-Soph Foot- ball Squad 1. 2: Fiack ' arsilv Squad 3; Irack Frosh-Sopli Scpiad l ' , 2; Ma- jor Letter in Footijall 1; Major Let- ter in Track 2. 3; Numeral in Foot- ball 1. 2: Numeral in Basketball 2. Villie Irbanski: Clnonosiope Circu- lation Staff 3; " Ihorntonian Circula- tion Staff 2. 3, 4: Monogram Club 3. 4; Boys ' Club Officer 4: Student As- sistant (Miss Jaacks) 2. 3. 4; Assem- hlv Monitor 4; Irack Varsity Squad 1. 2, 3: Major Letter in Track 2, 3; Thorntonian Circulation Manager 3. 4. Jeanne Veldkainp: Commcrical Clid) 4: Girls ' Club I ' iu 3. Dorothy AValcrowi : Pep (ltd) 2. 3. Shirlcv Walker: I ' ep Clid) 1, 2. 3; Girls ' Clui) I ' iu 3. Dolores AValkosz: Ticket Salesman 2; Pep Club 3: Commercial C:lub 4. Bettc Webb: Library Club 1. 2; Fitkel Salesman 2, 3; Pep Club 3; Girls ' Club Pin 3. Dorolliy Wcrbitki: Clnoiiosuipe Circu- lation Staff 3; Ihorntonian Circula- ticm Staff 3. 4; Girls ' Cihorus 2, 3; Junior Red Cross Council 4; Carni- val Cast 2, 3: Carniyal Production Stal 4: Ticket Salesman I, 2. 3. 4; Girls ' Club Pin 2, 3: Pep Club I. Patricia AVhitmire: licket Salesman 4; Pep C:hd) 2. 3. Mary Ann Wicrsma: Chronoscopc Cir- culation Stall 3: Ihorntonian Carcu- lation Staff 2, 3. 4; (;irls ' C.horus 2. 3; Commercial C;lub 4; Ciarniyal Cast 2. 3; Ticket Salesman 2, 3; Pep Club I, 2; Girls ' Club Pin 3, 4; G. A. C. Volleyball arsity 1. Alyce W ' ilc ynski: Girls ' C.hd) Board 3; Commercial Club 4; Ticket Sales- man I. 2. 3: Pep Club 1, 2. 3; Girls ' Club Pin 3. 126 SCHAPPI BUS LINE, Inc BUSSES FOR ALL OCCASIONS Men ' s Clothing Ladies ' Coats DAVE SLAVIK FUR COATS ARE MY SPECIALTY Phone Hammond 2094 631 Wentworth Ave. Calumet City, III. J. W. MILLIKAN Sporting Goods Appliances — Radios Records — Music 2 Stores 449 Stale Street 5259 Hohmon Ave. d ' MAY APPAREL SHOP WOMEN ' S APPAREL Dresses — Coats — Linnerie Hosiery — Shoes — Children ' s and Infantwear 5244 Hohman Hammond 5370 Compliments of I. G. A. GROCERY S. J. RIota 1 LANSING CAB CO. WILLIAM E. MAURER INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE Phone Lansing 777 18055 Torrence Avenue 3329 Ridge Road LANSING, ILLINOIS Full Taxicab Insurance THE CASSEROLE Phone Lansing 20 Restaurant and fountain Service HENRY BOCK ' S HARDWARE A GOOD PLACE TO EAT FARM IMPLEMENTS Ridge Rood and Torrence Paints — Glass — Wallpaper LANSING, ILLINOIS 18059 Torrence Ave. Oak Glen, III. LANSING YARN SHOP Compliments of 3626 Ridge Road LANSING, ILLINOIS NATALIE SHOP nsfrucffon Free Beginners Welcome Materials for Knitting and Cro- cheting Bucilla Stamped Goods Hohman Avenue Call Lansing 670 Evenings by Appointment Hammond, Indiana Cordalia Porter Beverly ' Wllkl: (.ills ' Clioiiis ' _ ' ; l c|i Club 1. 2. Jciiv Wiiglil: (hioiioscopc Cimila- lion ,Si;i(I ' ■. I horntonian Cirmla- lion Slall 2. 3. 1: Library Club 1. 2: Ciirls ' Chorus 2. ! , Comincrcial Club ■1; |unior Red Cross Coiuicil 4; Car- nival Cast 2. .1: Carnival Production Stalf 4; .Student . ssistant 3. 4; (office): Ticket Salesman 2. 3, 4; Pep Club 1. 2; Girls ' Club Pin 2, 3; Post- er maker 3. 4. Ricliard ork: lliorutoniau Editorial Stalf 4; Boys ' C:lub Board 4; Speech 2. 4: N. F. L. 2, 3. 4; Carnival Cast 4; Varsity Football Squad 3. Jean Zembruski: Carnival Production Stalf 1. 2; Ticket Salesman 1. 2, 3; Pep Club 1. 2. 3; Girls Club Pin 3. Anton cnd ian: Poster maker 3. Rav Zimmvwoda: Ticket Salesman 3; Major Letter in Wrestling 4. Dorothy Zvla: Cbronoscopc Circula- tion Stalf 3: Thorntonian Circtila- lion Staff 3. 4; Girls ' Chorus 2, 3: Itniior Red Cross Council 4; Carni- val Cast 2, 3; Carnival Production Staff 4; Ticket Salesman 1. 2. 3. 4; Pep Club 1; Girls ' Club Pin 2, 3; Poster maker 4. SPE.VKIN ' C; OF SENIOR AC 1 1 I LIES Won ' t we miss: Bill Klagc nuining errands. Villie pleading for tfie boys to " record. " Smokey ' s cartoons. . ugie ' s corny jokes. Friduss ' flashy ties. iolcltcs songs at the Carnival. Duda, Goreiki and .Stash " making music. " Ridge ' s feats of magic. Mary Lou Ciollins ' infectious giggle. Creviston ' s basketball ability. and . 11 Om- Teachers ' . IJcar Rcailir, W ' c lia c (oiiic U) llic lasi page of tlic 1916 CHRONOSC ' .Ol ' l ' ,. c hope oii ' vc enjo eil ilie gliiiipMs iiilo llic " |)rivale " diaries of some of your pals and that you ' ve gotten a liig hang out of seeing votn- pieture on at least one page. Gelling this book ready has been lots of fun and loads of work. The stall wants to take this wav of saying " Thank You " to Miss Jaacks. without wlionr there wouldn ' t have been the necessary funds to carry on the work and, of course, our very special thanks go to Miss McKcehan who is really responsible for the whole thing. .She not only worked hard herself; she had to keep us working when we wanted to horse around. While thanks are being passed out, we mustn ' t forget Mr. and Mrs. Uhle for enduring our clowning and getting the pictures back promptly and Mr. Norval Tilton. of the Leader Company, who furnished indispensable tech- nical advice and kept us on our toes meeting dead lines so that you could have this book on time. Bye now, Chrono,scopc Staff Uhle Studio Leader Company Leader Company Our Photographer Our Printer Our Engraver Our Cover Maker Hammond, Indiana Rochelle, Illinois Rochelle, Illinois Shelby Craftco Chicago, Illinois (Landscape photography by Kaufmann and Fabry, Chicago, Illinois) SCHOOL ANNUAL DIVISION ROCHELLE, ILLILNOIS 128 v . VA- S3 t XJ A TUAl oX - y) UA, tM . fy-cA- ' fyrr : A Mk ■ ' y -1 i 1 t. .J ' V : V i ; . 7- ) y J, i V, .A i K- K W " - ' ■ki i ' ' i «■] M ' : ' - m A-M - ■ i ' i ' i % , Ti-

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Thornton Fractional North High School - Chronoscope Yearbook (Calumet City, IL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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