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Thornton Fractional North High School - Chronoscope Yearbook (Calumet City, IL) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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v if Q 1 r 5- X S If if The 1942 -if fflrl, Linninlf :C f- r , 45 'slit 'f""'Fff,ulllA 7 I I I 1 W of 194 4 N PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THORNTON FRACTIONAL TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL CALUMET CITY, ILLINOIS llff the lie0ord" Edition The machine starts, and the record goes round and round, the needle hits the groove, and then we have a chance to relive the year just past. It was a wonderful year and a terrible year. For although we still hear the laughter and songs of America's youth, a new note is added. It's the click of knitting needles keeping time to the strains of "Remember Pearl Harbor." For America is at war and so is America's youth. But with a heart full of love and laughter, America's youth can and will meet and overcome even an obstacle as great as this. So with the greatest of admiration, we dedi- cate this l942 CHRONOSCOPE to America's youth who must take it on the chin and meet the world with a smile on its lips and a song in its heart. , Iames Leonard Anna V. Schmidt Assistant Principal S dl D633 Of Girl? lk. D f B tan mg, rances ogas 1, erm 0 Cys File Clerk Office Secretaries At typewriter: Mar- garet Klucker At file: Dora Harthun l nie- ' Ulf.fh.a,fZemJwL There are many interesting things we students and friends of T. F. don't know about our fa- culty. We'll tell you a few-but remember, it's strictly "Off The Record." Did you know thati Miss Helen Brazzill has a lovely soprano voice which we should all like to hear a lot more of . . . Miss Katherine Brazzill is quite the expert in selecting choice pieces of glassware and is studying advanced chemistry on the side . . . Mrs. Ruth Hale Canaga is of the famous Hale family of which Nathan Hale was a member. If he weren't so busy with speech and debate, Mr. Earl Davis might very well coach athletics, being well qualified. There is hardly a new book which Miss Iosephine Dempkowski hasn't read. When in high school, she was voted most studious . . . We have on our faculty one man who is able to read Greek-Mr. Raymond Elvin studied it in college . . . Our very scientific Mr. Samuel Frey also swings a mean hammer and saw. He remodeled an old home into a beautiful modern-day abode . . . Miss Adeline Iaacks is an ardent stage play addict-she sees them all! Golf is another pastime of hers . . . Mr. Lester Kelly received his letter at the University of Illinois and he not only teaches health and athletics, but he practices what he teaches . . . And, surprise--our charming Miss Anna Schmidt can whistle with the best of 'eml She's almost as good as Elmo Tanner. Needle work is another of her accomplishments . . . Miss Mary Shemaitis takes dancing lessons regularly, has a champion diver for a sister, and has twin brothers . . . We have a composer with us-Mr. Franklyn Kingdon is composing a symphony . . . Mr. Harvey Lambka, our Latin teacher, is a collector of all sorts of plants and flowers-his main interest, though, lies in the various cacti plants-asticky subject, we'd say! Our handsome Mr. Aitken Young not only can make the frosh girls' hearts beat double time, he can also knit double time! Has a good voice, too . . . Although he's not at all corny, Mr. Iackson Kiester takes a great interest in crossing different brands of corn to see what he can get. . . And, as would be expected, Miss Fanchon Remund, our librarian, is an authority on books-she doesn't miss one! Miss Clara Ihrig was once a counselor at a girl's camp. And is also an excellent ice skater. Beauty must run in the McBrair family. Her sisters are just as pretty as she is. She also has a brother in service . . . Our quiet Mr. Arthur Smith was once associated with the University of Illinois Placement De' partment. He knows many of the outstanding athletes from Illinois. Our well-known athletic coach, Mr. Wilbur Petree, also has more than ordinary talents as a uwoodchopperf' We hear from reliable sources that he could throw a book case or cupboard togeth- er in no time... 1 . Mr. Iames H. Leonard not only teaches his interesting American Problems classes, but he can practice law on the side any time he has a mind to. Miss Lucille Slocum has been collecting rings for a long time now. The Library Club once had the pleasure of seeing some of her interesting specimens . . . Miss Elizabeth Kessinger knows all the tricks of big politics. She should, because once upon a time she was secretary to a "big-time" politician in Springfield. . . And, among our interesting faculty, we have a man who was awarded the Purple Heart for courage in World War I-Mr. Fritz Nelson . . . Imagine going to forty-eight different high schools! Well, Miss Virginia Martin did just that. Her papa is a chemist and was transferred frequently, so Miss Martin went too . . . Small, sweet Miss Helen Temple always looks so nice. And the reason? She designs and makes her own clothes. . . The Thornton Fractional Township H. S. Faculty Row 1: Bruce Miller, Helen Brazzill, Wilbur Petree, Sigrid Moe, Lester Kelly, Iosephine Dempkowski. Row 2: Mary McBrair, Raymond Elvin, Lucille Slocum, Harold Christian, Anna Schmidt, Iackson Kiester, Clara Ihrig. Row 3: Henry Legg, Mary Shemaitis, Earl Davis, Mrs. Ruth Hale Canaga, Iames Leonard, Helen Temple, Wilfred Stock. Row 4: Lawrence Luce, Fanchon Remund, HarveyLambka, Clarence Koedyker, Adeline Iaacks, Henry Potts, Ruth Etter. Row 5: Fritz Nelson, Arthur Smith, Aitken Young, Franklyn Kingdon, Elizabeth Kessinger, Samuel Frey. Not in picture: Katherine Brazzill, Virginia Martin. Mr. Clarence Koedyker is one man who can truly say, "This is my houselv He built his own home all by himself . . . They say men are just grown up little boys fnot entirely grown upj. We kind of wonder at Mr. Lawrence Luce. He owns one of the most elaborate electric train outfits around these parts . . . Miss Sigrid Moe, our very busy sponsor of publications, is especially surprising. She not only looks enthusiastic about the students, efforts, she actually is . . . Surprise! Reserved, business-like Mr. Henry Legg was once a traveling salesman. He sold en- gravings for high school year books . . . Mr. Bruce Miller worked his way through college. And little would we guess what he did. No, he washed dishes . . . Another ambitious man was Mr. Henry Potts. He also "washed his Way through college" Only he had an advantage-it was in a sorority house. . . Miss Margaret Etter gained much of her experience in cafeteria management and menu arrange- ment in hotels. She was a waitress and worked up .... Every job under the sun was held by Mr. Stock during the years he worked his way through college. And, finally, did you know that Mr. Harold Christian rides to school every morning on his sturdy bicycle? Little did you think that we had such a very human, likeable faculty. They have to be kind of ucrabbyi' now and then, but, honestly, they're swell! fi It's on the record-no, that isn't a mistake. We meant to say "on" the record instead of "off" the record. Why? Because this senior class is on the record as being one of the most outstanding ever to graduate from Thornton Fractional. Welre on record as having two members of our class co-captaining a championship football team. We're on record as having a senior edit the first magazine F. Welre on rec- members of our in speech and ra- on record as hav- the honor roll. are the names of class officers: lin , presidentg v i c e presidentg secretary 3 a n d treasurer. Our "Education Try morrow, Freedom class colors are and our c l a s s carnation. as being outstand- we u n d e r t a k e m a t ic undertak- tests, or scholastic Now this may SENIOR OFFICERS From bottom to top Tom Shaffer, vice-president Adelaide Miller, secretary Wayne McMullin, president Harold Perkins, treasurer published at T. ord as having class outstanding dio Work. We're ing a senior head Also on record our outstanding Wayne McMul- Tom Shaf fer, Adelaide Miller, Harold Perkins, class motto is day, Victory To- Foreverf' O u r red and white, flower is the red We're on record ing in everything whether it is dra- ings, athletic con- endeavors. sound like just a lot of talk, but the graduating class of '42 was really "in the groove." And now "just for the record" we'll give you a look at this outstanding class, their pictures and a list of their activities to prove they're just as good as we've been saying they are. SQ ggi L . wc., J K XMB" 1 'Q 'ff' an N f Q k iw A Z ,J we ' ue, il!! ,K Y r 5 f':zf?k "" if 5 P 1. sf ? 2? Q 'w :Y 1 y1Y f Q . W, g 4 I if 9 U I Q fa .ez 5' ' N I '7'j K ff X ', ' fs L I f N 5 . x K L, Q W K. VV K 1 x Q , gf L - SQL, ki 'QS , S Xi x K 4 2' K MSW ,.gNf K A if A llv '-4' is wi """', ff W f 5 Z, ,E ,, J N N. . . A 5 ki' if "x., f kkiik 1 i t A . Mg OUTER CIRCLE JANE ALBINIAK, Terrapin Club 25 Chronoscope Busi- ness Staff 25 Thorntonian Business Staff 15 Pep Club 1 , 25 Library Club 3, 45 G. A. C. Volleyball 1, 2. . . JUNE ANDERSON, Pep Club 1, 2. . . PHYLLIS ANDERSON. Carnival 1, 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 25 Cadet Band 1, 25 Photo- zraohv Club 1. 2: Freshman-Sophomore Debate 1. 2: Peo Club 1, 2. . . EUGENE ANNEN, Carnival 1, 2, 35 "Ima- ginary lnvalid5" Meistersingers 2, 3, 45 Flying Eagles 1, 25 Photography Club 35 Thorntonian Business Staff 2. . . AUSTIN ARENS, Monogram Club 3, 45 Assembly Moni- tor 45 Tennis Team 25 Golf Team 3, 4. . . MICKEY AUGUSTYNEK, Boys' Club Board 35 Vice-president 45 Monogram Club Secretary 35 Wrestling Team 2, 3, 45 Freshman-Sophomore Football 25 Heavyweight Football 35 Intra-mural Boxing Champion 25 Assembly Monitor 4. . . . MILLARD BARKER, Freshman-Sophomore Basket- ballg Track 1, 2, 3. . . DOROTHY BARTH, Library Club 3, 45 Cafeteria Assistant 45 Pep Club 1. . , DORIS BAR- TON, Terrapin Club 3, 45 Pep Club 2, 35 Carnival 35 Girls' Chorus 25 Sextet 3, 4. . . MARY BECCHINO, G. A. C. Volleyball 25 Pep Club 3, 4. . . PETE BEREOLOS, Boys' Club President 45 Heavyweight Football 3, 45 Car- nival 4: Monogram Club 45 National Honor Society .... NELDA BERGER, G. A. C. Secretary 45 Head of Basket- ball 25 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity 1, 2, 3, 45.Captain Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Captain Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity 2, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity 1, 2, 35 Swimming 35 Terrapin Club 3, 45 Girls' Club Board 2, 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 2, 35 Pep Club 1, 25 Library Club 45 Chronoscope Junior Co-Editor5 Thorn- tonian Editorial Staff 3, 45 Chronoscope Business Staff 1, 2, 3, 45 Thorntonian Business Staff 1, 2, 3, 45 Cub Re- porter 35 News Hawks 3, 45 Chronoscope Editorial Staff 45 National Honor Society. . . LOUISE BERGERON. . . . MITZI BESSE, G. A. C. Volleyball 25 Captain Basketball 25 Terrapin Club 35 Pep Club 35 Carivnal 3, 4 ...... JAMES BIELAT, Flying Eagles 3, 4. INNER CIRCLE RENALD BIESBOER . . . SHIRLIE BLACKBURN, Ter- rapin Club 25 Pep Club 1, 25 Girls' Club Board 35 Car- nival 2, 45 Sextet 25 Library Club 3, 45 Junior Class Secretaryg Chronoscope Business Staff 2, 45 Thorntonian Business Staff 45 Teen Salesman 45 National Honor Society. . . . WILBUR BLAIR, Cadet Band 1, 2 .... JANET BOBAK . . . RAY BORGMAN, Band 2, 3, 45 Cadet Band 2. . . DAVID BOROWSKI, Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 3, 45 Cadet Orchestra 1. . . IRENE BOROWSKI, Library Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Cafeteria Assistant 3, 45 Pep Club 1, 25 Girls' Club T. F. Pin 2. . . EUGENE BRADTKE, Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 3, 45 Photography Club 1. 13 QQ if OUTER CIRCLE ALTA BRAGG . . . BETTY BRAKEBILL, Pep Club 1. ...HERBERT BRECLAW, Band 2, 3, 43 Cadet Band 1, 2, 3, 4. . . EUGENE BRINKMAN, Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4, Monogram Club 4. . , GENEVIEVE BROWN, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, . . MACK BUDZOWSKI, Freshman-Sophomore Football lg Heavyweight Basketball 43 Lightweight Bas- ketball 2, 3g Freshman-Sophomore Basketball 1, Mono- gram Club 2, 3: Treasurer 4, Assembly Monitor 43 Carni- val 2, 4: Junior Council: Basketball Captain 4. . . JOAN BUEHLER, Carnival 25 Pep Club 1, 2 .... RUSSELL BUHRING, Freshman-Sophomore Football 2g Heavy- weight Basketball 33 Track Team 1, 2, 3, 43 Monogram Club 2, 33 Secretary 43 Carnival 3, 4, Assembly Monitor 43 Heavyweight Football 3, 45 Boys' Club Board 45 Freshman-Sophomore Basketball 29 Lightweight Basket- ball 2. . . JAMES CALLAHAN - . . . ROBERT CAREY, Manager of the Intra-murals 4. . . DICK CASSADY, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Cadet Band lg Flying Eagles 2, Swimming Team 2g Carnival 3g Orchestra 4 .... HELEN CIASTKO, Pep Club 3, 4 .... ANGELINA CIMITY, Pep Club 3, 4. . . . JOHNNY CIPOLLA, Lightweight Basketball 3, 4, Monogram Club 33 President 43 Assembly Monitor 43 Freshman-Sophomore Basketball 1 .... HARRY CLAIR, Swimming Team 35 Tennis Team 2g Cafeteria Assistant 45 Carnival 3. INNER CIRCLE JO ANN CLARK, G. A. C. Swimming lg Captain Basket- ball 4g Basketball 4, Volleyball 4, Terrapin Club 1, 2, f3g Vice- president4g Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Girls' Club Board 3, 45 Treasur- er 35 Girls' Club T. F. Pin 2, 3, 45 Library Club 2, 3, 4g Thorn- tonian Editorial Staff 3, 45 Chronoscope Business Staff 1, 3, Thorntonian Business Staff 3, Debate Club 1, News Hawks 45 National Honor Society. . . LORRAINE CLAY- TON.. .RUTH CODY, Entered from Hammond High 3. . . KENNETH COMPEAU, Band 2, 3, 4 . . . MARY CONLEY, Entered from Lowell High 25 Library Club 3, 4 .... ALVIN COWLES .... MARILYN CRANE, Carnival 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 2, Double Sextet 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, "Don't Darken My Door" 4. . . . CHARLES CULLUM . . . Boys' Club Se-cretary-Treas- urer 43 Freshman-Sophomore Football 1, 23 Heavyweight Football 3, 4, Heavyweight Basketball 3, 44 Carnival 4, Chronoscope Editorial Staff 4, Thorntonian Editorial Staff 3. I5 A . OUTER CIRCLE DEAN CULP, Lightweight Basketball 4 ....... NINA CUSICK, Carnival 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, G. A. C. Volleyball 1, 2, 4, Captain Basket- ball 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 2, "Don't Darken My Doorn 4 .... GENEVIEVE CZECHANSKI .... Entered from Catholic Central 2 .... JESSIE CZERKAS, Pep Club 3, 4 ..-. EVELYN DABICH, Carnival 1, 43 Ter- rapin Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 5, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 .... HARVEY DEAN, "The Imaginary Invalid" 3, Meistersingers 4, Pep Club 4, Debate Varsity 3, 4, Freshman-Sophomore Debate 1, 2, "Don't Darken My Doori' 4 .... LOUIS DEKKER -... STANLEY DEM- BOWSKI, Carnival 1, 2, 3, 4, "The Imaginary Invalid"' 3: Meistersingers Z, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Photography Club 1, 2, Band Of-Iicer 2, 3, 4, Dance Orchestra 2, 3, 4. . . NELLIE DE VRIES, Library Club 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3 .... SIGMUND DOBROWSKI, Pho- tography Club 1, 2, Carnival 1, 3 .... GENE EBERT, Carnival 1 .... AUDREY EENIGENBURG, Photography Club 3, Pep Club 3 .... ARTHUR EGGEBRECHT . . . ANNA MAE EISMIN, Commercial Club President 4, Pep Club 3, 4. . . MARION ELLENS, Cafeteria Assistant 4, Pep Club 2. INNER CIRCLE DON EVERT .... DOROTHY FANTA .... Terrapin Club 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Carnival 2, 3 -... GLORIA FEARING, Entered from Hammond High 3, Pep Club 3, 4 .... VIRGINIA FEDOSKY, Girls' Club Board 2, 3, President 4, Cheer Leader 2, 3, Captain 4, Carnival 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, Double Sextet 3, 4, Library Club 3, 4, Girls' Club T. F. Pin 2, 3, 4, Terrapin Club 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. C. Treasurer 2, Head of Swimming 3, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity 3, 4, Captain Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Thorntonian Editorial Staff 3, 4, Chronoscope Business Staff 3, 4, Thorntonian Business Staff 3, 4, Girls' Sports Editor 4, D. A. R. Representative 4, Queen of Carnival 43 Junior Council: National Honor Society -... TOM FELSECKER, Swimming Team 3,4, Monogram Club 3, 4, Assembly Monitor 4, Tennis Team 4, Intra-mural Swim Champ 2 .... DORIS FOLLICK, Entered from Hammond High 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Humorous Speaking 3, 4, Teen Staff 4, "Don't Darken My Door" 4, National Honor Society. . . ROBERT FREVERT, Swimming Team 3, Band 3, 4, Cadet Band 2, 3, 4 .... MARY GABRICH, Terrapin Club 3, 4. 17 I I 1 , .N 2 OUTER CIRCLE MILTON GAITHER, Wrestling 1, 2 -... LEWIS GALIK, Heavyweight Football 3, 43 Freshman-Sophomore Foot- ball 1, 23 Heavyweight Basketball 3, 43 Freshman-Sopho- more Basketball lg Monogram Club 3, 43 Assembly Moni- tor 4 .... FRANCES GENOVESE, Orchestra 2, 3, 4 .... JAMES GIGLIO, Heavyweight Football 3, 43 Freshman- Sophomore Football lg Freshman-Sophomore Basketball 13 Monogram Club 3, 43 Assembly Monitor 4. . .TOM GLICK, Heavyweight Football 43 Freshman-Sophomore Football 23 Monogram Club 4 .... PAULINE GLOGER, Girls' Club Board 33 Library Club 2, 3, 43 Commercial Club Secretary 43 Girls, Chorus 2. 33 Carnival 1, 2, 3, 43 Thorntonian Staff 3, 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Girls' Club T. F. Pin 23 National Honor Society .... FLORENCE GOD- LEWSKI, G. A. C. Volleyball 1, 2, 33 Captain Basketball 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 2: Baseball 1, 23 Pep Club l .-... NORMA GOYKE, G. A. C. Captain Basketball 23 Bas- ketball 23 Pep Club 2, 33 Girls' Chorus 33 Girls' Club T. F. Pin 2, 33 Commercial Club Treasurer 43 Photog- raphy Club 1, 23 Library Club 3, 43 Thorntonian Editorial Staff 33 National Honor Society. . . VERNON GRUHLKE, Photography Club 43 Chronoscope Business Staff 23 Junior Play Production Staff Carnival 4. . . BETTY HAEHNEL, Pep Club 1, 2 .... RUTH HAEHNEL, Pep Club l, 2. .. . .EDWARD HARTHUN, Orchestra 3, 43 Cadet Or- chestra 1, 2, 3 .... ADAM HAUCK . . . NORA HEIM- BUCH, G. A. C. Vice-president 3: President 43 Head of Volleyball 23 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 43 Varsity 1, 2, 33 Captain Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Varsity 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Var- sity 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 2.3, 43 Varsity 43 Pep Club 23 Girls' Club Board 43 Girls' Club T. F. Pin 33 Thorntonian Edi- torial Staff 33 National Honor Societyg Senior Honor Athlete. . . ELIZABETH HESSELBARTH, Cheer Leader 3, 43 Terrapin Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Vice-president 23 President 33 Pep Club 1, 23 Girls' Club Board 2, 33 Vice-president 43 Carnival 2, 3, 43 "The Imaginary Invalid" 33 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 43 Girls' Club T. F. Pin 2, 3, 43 Library Club 33 Chronoscope Editorial Staff 3, 43 Thorntonian Editorial Staff 33 Feature Editor 43 News Hawks 43 "Don't Darken My Door' 43 G. A. C. Captain Basketball 4: Basketball 43 Radio Club 43 National Honor Society. INNER CIRCLE LORRAINE HILL, Terrapin Club 33 Pep Club 33 G. A. C. Captain Basketball 23 Volleyball 23 Basketball 1, 2 .... PHYLLIS HILBRICH, Library Club 2, 33 Pep Club 1, 2, 3 .... GERTRUDE HILLEGONDS, Pep Club 2. . . . . LEO HODUR, Wrestling Team 2, 3, 4: Monogram Club 3, 43 Assembly Monitor 4 .... JUNE HORN, Pep Club 33 Carnival 33 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4 .... LILLIAN HORST, Terrapin Club 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Girls' Club Board 3, 43 Carnival 2, 43 "The Imaginary Invalid" 3: Girls' Club T. F. Pin 1, 2, 3, 43 Thorntvnian Editorial Staff 3, 43 Chronoscope Editorial Staff 43 Chronoscope Business Stal? 1, 2, 3, 43 Thorntonian Business Staff 1, 2, 33 Manager 43 News Hawks 2, 3, 43 Vice-president 33 Junior Councilg Radio Club 43 National Honor Society: G. A. C. Swimming 3 ...... KATE JANSMA ..... MARTIN JARANOWSKI, Cafeteria Assistant 3. 19 2. n ' a , y - 'T' E 1 -Q ,, , ,iwikwliiwv -'T .41 ,P .. ,,t, . ,, EEE Lk . SW WE3i'f,w,, , - ' 'Saw 16 15, .xi 1- 'S . 45 ' . .. . A. , ,, EF ,X I X 'K - " "'f - 1 -- r ' with xidsgwmmm .-.. ,A -Jr Q f 1 1? I 4 X ., ..., . . ii aww ,M-1 . 5 1-'if . is - .mf ' x "smW3'9"C s'- 1 j K, QM: E 3 JW? fm , WM - WLM. 2 .3 , i 1 -X rx u 9' S W -1. -- ik. -5: L Q -5 W . Q, g E ' lf? it f ut .,,, f ' Q " , .L-53 'T 2 xp Q 3. h R, Q W 'E A 7 --E1 .... i, X . .X A ,, if Y f r X-"X N Q 'ba +4 ' . is A ,1 A? N Vi 'W v S V X S fi Q ek ' Jfyi AF' was vii ,W 15 G25 W gl H. I 4 ff ' f.. 2 ' A ' mx X mq f. 'F Y 155311 Q, Q xh f - g3l,E?2:QY H S5 4 W f .... Q 'Q ,-:'g:::.g . -B 4, Q , W' vw F, fs OUTER CIRCLE BEN JARCHOW . . . HENRIETTA JAROSZ, Pep Club 1, 2, 3 .... JANET JEGLOWSKI .... WALTER JEN- KINS, Freshman-Sophomore Basketball Manager 23 Cadet Orchestra 2, 33 Debate Varsity 33 Extemporaneous Speak- ing 33 Track Team 4 .... SHIRLEY JOHNSON, Pep Club 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 33 Cadet Orchestra 1 ..... FRANCIS JONES, Heavyweight Basketball 3, 43 Tennis Team 1, 2, 43 Monogram Club 2, 3, 43 Assembly Monitor 43 Golf Team 43 Intra-mural Checker Champ 43 National Honor Society .... PAUL JONES, Swimming Team 1, 23 Carnival 1, 2, 33 Photography Club 2, 43 Swimming Team 4 .... FRANCES KAELIN, Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Library Club 3, 43 Cafeteria Assistant 33 Thorntonian Editorial Staff 3, 43 Girls' Club T. F. Pin 33 Teen Salesman 43 National Honor Society .... CLARENCE KALETA .... BEA- TRICE KATS, Pep Club 1, 23 Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 3, 43 Cadet Band 2 .... FRANK KASZUBA . , . MARVIN KEDROWSKI, Swimming Team 2, 3, 43 Freshman-Sopho- more Basketball Manager 13 Monogram Club 2, 3, 4 .... CAROLYN KLIMEK, Freshman-Sophomore Debate 23 Pep Club 4 .... RAY KMAK, Wrestling Team 2, 3, 43 Monogram Club 2, 3, 43 Assembly Monitor 43 Honorary Captain of Wrestling 4 ..... SALLY KOLSUT, Girls' Chorus 2, 33 Band 33 Cadet Band 1, 2, 3. INNER CIRCLE LUCILLE KOMAROWSKI, Commercial Club 43 Library Club 43 G. A. C. Volleyball 2, 33 Captain Basketball 1, 2, 33 Basketball 2, 3 .... JAMES KOONTZ, Track Team 1, 2, 3, 43 Monogram Club 3, 43 Assembly Monitor 4 .... LORRAINE KOOY,'Cafeteria Assistant 4 .... . RAYMOND KOSELKE, Cadet Band 2 .... VERNELL KRAAY, Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Club T. F. Pin 33 Orches- tra 43 Cadet Band 13 Cadet Orchestra 13 Photography Club 33 Pep Club 1, 2 .... WILFRED KRAEGEL, Tennis Team 23 Track Team 33 Meistersingers 43 Cadet Band 13 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior Class President3 Debate Varsity 2, 3, 43 Freshman-Sophomore Debate 1, 23 Oratorical Declamation 33 Dramatic Speaking 43 Original Oratory 43 Thorntonian Editorial StaH 2, 3, 43 Chronoscope Busi- ness Staff 33 News Hawks 43 Teen Editor 43 Band Officer 43 National Honor Society .... DOROTHY KRASS, G. A. C. Board 43 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 43 Varsity 43 Captain Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 ..... DOROTHY MAE KRIEGER, Carnival 33 Pep Club 1, 23 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 43 Cadet Orchestra 13 Library Club 3, 4. 23 5 . I , LN- OUTER CIRCLE FLORENCE KULCZYK, entered from Belmont Illinois High 3. . STEPHANY KURPELA, G. A. C. 2g Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 .... IRENE LAITAR, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Com- mercial Club 4 .... WILLIAM LAITAR .... CLARA LAMB, Pep Club 1, 25 Carnival lg Cadet Band 1, 29 Cadet Orchestra 1, 2g Girls' Club T. F. Pin 33 Library Club 2, 3, 4, Freshman-Sophomore Debate lg Thorntonian Editorial Staff 33 Chronoscope Business Staff 25 Thorn- tonian Business Staff 1, 2 .... WALTER LANGE, Light- weight Football Manager l .... TOM LARSON .... TOM LAUERMAN .... MABEL LEHMKER, Commer- cial Club 4, Pep Club 13 National Honor Society ...,. RUSSELL LEHNHOFF .... ROBERT LONG, Heavy- weight Football 3, 4g Monogram Club 3, 4, Assembly Monitor 4 ..... MARIE LORENZ, G. A. C. Board 25 Volleyball 2g Pep Club 1, 23 Band 2, 3, 43 Cadet Band 13 Girls' Club T. F. Pin 3 .... NORMA LORENZ, G. A. C. Volleyball 1, 2, 35 Captain Basketball 1, 25 Basketball 1, 2, 3g Baseball 1, 2, Pep Club 1, 24 Carnival 3 ...... DOROTHY LUCITO, G. A. C. Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Captain Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Base- ball 3, 4g Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Girls' Club Board 1, 2, 3, 4g Treasurer 3, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 35 Girls' Club T. F. Pin 3, 4, Commercial Club 4g Library Club 3 .... DOLORES LUKOWSKI, Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Cafeteria Assistant 2, 3. INNER CIRCLE CLARENCE MACIEJEWSKI, Track Team 3, 4g Heavy- weight Basketball Manager 3, 4g Cadet Band 1 ...... VIOLET MACKOVIAK, Pep Club 1, 2, 3 .... CHESTER MADRZYK .... MARIO MANSUETO, Golf Team 35 Monogram Club 3, 43 Assembly Monitor 4g National Honor Society ..... LAURA MARSHALL, Commercial Club 4, Pep Club 2, 3 .... MATTHEW MATWICZAK, Track Team 2, 3, 4 .... MARIE MAYER .... WAYNE McMULLIN, Meistersingers 2, 3, 4, President 3g Junior Councilg Debate Varsity 2g Freshman-Sophomore Basket- ball lg Track Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Monogram Club 2, 3, 43 Assembly Monitor 33 Pep Club 45 Carnival 2, 3, 45 Thorn- tonian Editorial Staff 3, 45 Thorntonian Business Staff 35 Pulficity Bureau 3, 43 News Hawks 4: Extemporaneousl Speaking 33 Carnival King 4, "Don't Darken My Door" 4g Senior Class Presidentg Radio Club 43 Freshman-Sopho- more Football l, 2g National Honor Society. 25 1 T OUTER CIRCLE ELSIE MILL, Commercial Club Vice-president 43 Library Club 43 Flying Eagles 23 Girls' Chorus 33 Carnival 33 Pep Club 43 Photography Club 43 Poster Maker 43 National Honor Society ..... ADELAIDE MILLER, Girls' Club Board 2, 3, 43 Carnival 2, 3, 43 "The Imaginary Invalid" 33 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Girls' Club T. F. Pin 2, 33 Library Club 3, 43 Junior Class Treasurer3 Thorntonian Editorial Staff 3, 43 Oratorical Declamation 43 Poetry Reading 43 Senior Class Secretaryg National Honor Society ...... GLADYS MEINERT, Entered from Hammond High 4. . . . . ROBERT MINNEMAN . . . . . HERMAN MOORE, Swimming Team 3, 43 Monogram Club 3, 43 Carnival 3. . . . . . ANNA NIXON . . . . HELEN NOWAK, Library Club 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 .,... ROBERT NOWAK, Flying Eagles 1, 2 .... SARAH OGDEN ..... JEAN OSTROWSKI, G. A. C. Volleyball 3, 43 Captain Basket- ball 3, 43 Basketball 3, 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Carnival 13 Library Club 43 Teen Salesman 43 Girls' Club T. F. Pin 4. LEONARD PANFIL .... JOHN PANK, Lightweight Bas- ketball 3, 43 Freshman-Sophomore Basketball 13 Golf Team 3, 43 Monogram Club 3, 4 .... GEORGE PARKS. . . . BESSIE PECK, Pep Club 23 Cafeteria Assistant 3. . . HAROLD PERKINS, Heavyweight Football 3, 43 Fresh- man-Sophomore Football 1, 23 Carnival 3, 43 "The Imag- inary Invalid" 33 Meistersingers 2, 3, 43 Senior Class Treas- urerg Freshman-Sophomore Basketball 13 National Honor Society. INNER CIRCLE EMMA PETERS, Pep Club 1, 23 Cadet Band 23 Girls' Club T. F. Pin 33 Freshman-Sophomore Debate 23 Thorntonian Editorial Staff 3, 43 Carnival 4 .... EVELYN PIECUCH, Pep Club 23 Library Club 3 .... RICHARD PLUMPOW- SKI, Band 2, 3, 43 Cadet Band 13 Cadet Orchestra 1 .... DELPHINE PODRAZA, Band Twirler 2, 3, 43 Carnival 13 Library Club 2, 3, 43 President 43 National Honor Society. . . . CHARLES POREMBA, National Honor Society. . . . RUDOLPH PREMETZ .... WALTER RAASCH, Swim- ming Team 3, 43 Photography Club 4 .... BETTY ANN RAPPE, Dramatic Speaking 3, 43 Debate Varsity 23 Library Club 2, 3, 43 Girls' Club T. F. Pin 2, 33 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 43 "The Imaginary Invalid" 33 Carnival 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Club Board 3, 43 Pep Club 23 Thorntonian Editorial Staff 3, 43 Chronoscope Business Staff 1, 2, 33 Thorntonian Busi- ness Staff 1, 2, 33 Radio Club 4. 4 27 4f L, Q I 1 3 l 1 OUTER CIRCLE FLORENCE RATAJCZAK, Library Club 43 Cadet Band 23 Orchestra 3, 43 Band 2, 3, 43 Carnival 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Dance Orchestra 3 .... GLADYS REEVES, Girls' Chorus 2, 33 Carnival 33 Entered from South Side High, Fort Wayne, Indiana 2 .... ROBERT RENTNER, Fresh- man-Sophomore Football 23 Wrestling Team 2, 43 Carnival 1, 2, 33 "The Imaginary Invalid" 33 "Don't Darken My Door" 43 Meistersingers 2, 33 Secretary 43 Band 3, 43 Cadet Band 2, 3, 43 Monogram Club 43 Heavyweight Football 3, 4. VERA REYNOLDS, Freshman-Sophomore Debate 33 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 43 Carnival 33 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Thorntonian Editorial Staff 43 Thorntonian Business Staff 13 Teen Staff 43 Chronoscope Editorial Staff 43 Girls' Club T. F. Pin 43 National Honor Society .... LYDIA RICKMANN, Girls' Chorus 2, 33 Carnival 33 Pep Club 3, 43 Commercial Club 43 Library Club 3, 43 Thorntonian Editorial Stal? 3, 43 Clinic Assistant 43 National Honor Society .... JACK RIOTA, Carnival l, 2, 33 "The Imaginary Invalid" 33 Meistersingers 2, 3, 4g Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Cadet Band 13 Band President 43 Dance Orchestra 3, 43 "Submerged" 23 "Millenium Morn" 23 National Honor Society. - . . FRANCES ROGALSKI .... ELEANOR ROMSZEWICZ, G. A. C. Captain Basketball 23 Pep Club 1, 43 Carnival 23 Flying Eagles 33 Library Club 43 Photography Club 43 Poster Maker 43 National Honor Society .... ARCHIE ROSS, Heavyweight Football 2, 3, 43 Freshman-Sophomore Football lg Heavyweight Basketball 3, 43 Track Team 1, 2, 33 Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Assembly Monitor 2, 4 .... FRANK RUCINSKI, Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Wrestling Team 1. . . MARY LEE SABADOS, Terrapin Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 1, 2 .... SOPHIE SARROS, Girls' Club Board 2, 3, 43 Carnival 2, 43 Girls' Club T. F. Pin 2, 3, 43 Chronoscope Junior Co-Editorg Editor-in-chief 43 G. A. C. Volleyball 2, 43 Captain Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 43 Baseball 2, 43 Pep Club 23 Thorntonian Editorial Staff 3, 43 Thorntonian Business Staff 13 Chronoscope Business Staff 13 Publicity Bureau 33 News Hawks 2, 3, 43 Secretary 33 Junior Councilg National Honor Society .... ALMA SAUSAMAN, G. A. C. Volleyball 13 Captain Bas- ketball 13 Basketball 13 Baseball 13 Terrapin Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 3g Girls' Club Board 3. 43 Carnival 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 23 Girls' Club T. F. Pin 33 Library Club 3, 4 .... FAYE SAUSAMAN, G. A. C. Volleyball 13 Terrapin Club 1, 23 Vice-president 33 President 43 Girls' Club Board 3, 43 Carnival 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 23 Girls' Club T. F. Pin 33 Library Club 3, 4 .... EDWIN SCHAB, Band 2, 3, 43 Boys' Club Board Secretary- Treasurer 3. INNER CIRCLE GEORGE SCHARLACH, Swimming Team 3 .... MARY SCHOPP, G. A. C. Baseball 33 Volleyball 23 Basketball 23 Pep Club 1, 2, 3 .... MARVIN SCHULTZ, Freshman- Sophomore Football 23 Band 2, 3, 43 Cadet Band 13 Cadet Orchestra 1 .... DORIS SCHUTZ, G. A. C. Volleyball 2, 3, 43 Head of Basketball 4g Captain Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Varsity 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 43 Varsity 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Varsity 23 Swimming 1, 2, 3, 43 Photography Club 43 Pep Club 2, 3 .... LILLIAN SCHUTZ, Pep Club 1 .... CATHERINE SCRIVER, Pep Club 1, 33 Library Club 4 .... LILLIAN SCZIGLAK, Pep Club 3, 4 .... IDA SERAFINI, Pep Club 3. 29 OUTER CIRCLE TOM SHAFFER, Heavyweight Football 3, 43 Freshman- Sophomore Football 1, 23 Heavyweight Basketball 3: Freshman-Sophomore Basketball lg Monogram Club 3. 4: Assembly Monitor 43 Boys' Club Board 1, 2, 3, 43 Vice- president 33 Carnival 3, 43 Chronoscope Editorial Stal? 33 Sports Editor 43 Thorntonian Editorial Staff 33 Sports Editor 43 News Hawk 43 Senior Class Vice-president3 Na- tional Honor Society .... LILLIAN SIKORA, Band 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 3 .... CHESTER SIKORSKI, Swimming Team 4 .... LORETTA SKARBEK, Entered from St. Florian, Hegewisch 33 Pep Club 3, 43 Library Club 4 .... NORA SNYDER, G. A. C. Volleyball 33 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Club Board l, 33 Carnival 33 Girls' Club T. F. Pin 1, 2, 33 Photography Club 43 Library Club 3, 43 Thorntonian Re- cording Editor 43 National Honor Society .... STANLEY SONNENBERG, Heavyweight Football 3, 43 Freshman- Sophomore Football lg Freshman-Sophomore Basketball 13 Monogram Club 3, 43 Assembly Monitor 3, 4. . . - MARCIA SPOERNER, Entered from Hammond High 23 Pep Club 2, 3 .... JOHN STAHL, Meistersingers 1 .... PAT STAPLEY, G. A. C. Baseball 2g Pep Club 1, 23 Girls' Club T. F. Pin 3. . . DUARD STEINBERG. . . WILENE STEINKRAUS, G. A. C. Volleyball 2, 33 Captain Basketball 2, 33 Baseball 1, 33 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 43 Library Club 3, 43 Carnival 2, 3, 43 Girls' Club T, F. Pin 4. . . BOB STEPHENSON, Boys' Club Secretary 43 Photo- graphy Club 3. . . LOTTIE STOKLOSA, Pep Club l, 2,3. . . . RITA STRAND, G. A. C. Baseball 23 Volleyball 43 Pep Club 2, 33 Girls' Club Board 3, 43 Secretary 33 Pho- tography Club 23 Library Club 23 Chronoscope Editorial Staff 43 Thorntonian Editorial Staff 3, 43 Chronoscope Business Staff 1, 2, 3, 43 Thomtonian Business Staff, 1, 2, 3, 43 News Hawks 2, 3, 43 Carnival 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 2, 33 Girls' Club T. F. Pin 2, 33 National Honor Society ..... PAUL STRAUSER, Freshman-Sophomore Basketball lg Track Manager l, 2, 33 Monogram Club 43 Assembly Mon- itor 4. INNER CIRCLE VIRGINIA SULICZ, G. A. C. Volleyball 1, 23 Baseball 1, 23 Terrapin Club 3, 43 Pep Club 1. 23 Carnival 33 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 43 Band 2, 3, 43 Cadet Band 1, 23 Girls' Club T. F. Pin 33 Library Club 2, 3, 4 .... LEONA SZAL, G. A. C. Basketball 13 Captain Basketball 1, 23 Baseball 23 Pep Club 2, 43 Commercial Club 43 Chronoscope Business Staff 13 Thorntonian Business Staff 1 .... GENEVIEVE SZYMANSKI, Carnival 1, 2, 3, 43 Library Club 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 3 .... FRANK TABORSKI, Carnival 3 .... CORINNE TARRAS, Debate Varsity 3, 43 Freshman-Soph- omore Debate 13 Poetry Reading 43 Extemporaneous Speaking 43 Oratorical Declamation 43 Girls' Club T. F. Pin 33 Pep Club 1, 23 Thorntonian Assistant Editor 43 News Hawks 43 National Honor Society .... EDGAR THEDENS, Carnival 43 Debate Varsity 2, 3, 43 Varsity Captain 33 Freshman-Sophomore Debate 1, 23 Extemporaneous Speak- ing 3, 43 Thorntonian Editorial Staff 3, 43 News Hawks 43 Teen Associate- Editor 43 Radio Club 43 Original Declama- tion 43 National Honor Society .... EVELYN THOMPSON, G. A. C. Volleyball 1, 23 Captain Basketball 1. 23 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Carnival 4 .... LUCIEN TRIMBUR, Monogram Club 3, 43 Assembly Monitor 43 Track Team 43 Swimming Team 2, 3, 4 .... KENYON TWEEDELL, Meistersingers 2, 33 President 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Cadet Band 13 Debate Varsity 2, 3, 43 Freshman-Sophomore Debate- 13 "The Imag- inary Invalid" 33 Carnival 2, 3, 43 Thorntonian Staff 3, 43 Dance Orchestra 43 National Honor Society. 31 1 I OUTER CIRCLE RICHARD URAM, Freshman-Sophomore Football 13 Fresh- man-Sophomore Basketball 1 .... ANNA VAN KRIMPEN, Band 41 Cadet Orchestra 13 Photography Club lg Orches- tra 3, 4. . , . HELEN VAN OSTEN, Library Club 2, 3, 43 Commercial Club 43 Girls' Club T. F. Pin 33 Pep Club l, 2, 3, 43 Chronoscope Editorial Staff 3, 45 Publicity Bureau 3, 43 News Hawks 3, 4g National Honor Society .... JOANN VAN SLYKE, Terrapin Club 43 Pep Club 43 Commercial Club 43 Library Club 4 .... EVELYN VAN TIL, Pep Club 2, 3g Girls' Chorus 33 Band 33 Cadet Band 21 Photography Club Secretary 3 .... JOHNNY VEZMAR, Wrestling Team 2, 3, 43 Monogram Club 3, 4, Assembly Monitor 4 .... DOMINICK VITALE, Heavyweight Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Heavyweight Basketball 3, 43 Freshman-Sophomore Bas- ketball l3 Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Vice-president 33 Assembly Monitor 43 Boys' Club Board 1, 2, 3, 41 Carnival 2, 3, 43 Heavyweight Football Co-Captain 4 .... ALBERT WAHLGREN, Thorntonian Editorial Staff 23 Assistant Editor 33 Editor-in-chief 43 News Hawks 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 43 Meistersingers 43 Debate Varsity 2, 33 Freshman-Soph- omore Debate 1, 23 Original Oratory 1. 2, 3, 43 Radio Club 4, Chronoscope Editorial Staff 2, 3, 4: Carnival 43 Oratorical Declamation 4: National Honor Society. . . . LORETTA WAWRZYNIAK, Pep Club 1, 2 .... ARLINE WEIDIG, Library Club 3, 43 Girls' Club T. F. Pin 33 "Don't Darken My Door" 4 . . . GEORGE WHITMIRE, Monogram Club 2, 3. 43 Wrestling Team 2. 3, 4 .... EVELYN WIEGLOS, Pep Club 1 .... VIOLET WIERSMA. Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4: Pe-p Club 2, 3. 43 G. A. C. Volleyball 13 Captain Basketball 1: Basketball 1. . . PAT WILLIS. Terrapin Club 3, 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Carnival 2, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 2, 3: Commercial Club 4: Freshman-Sophomore Debate 3 .... GERALDINE WILSON. Cafeteria Assistant 43 Chronoscope- Business Staff 21 Thorntonian Business Staff 2. INNER CIRCLE LEONARD WINKLER, Heavyweight Football 3 .... ALFRED WISOWATY. Heavyweight Football 43 Cadet Band 1, 2 .... ROBERT WULFING .... JOHN YONKE. Meistersingers 2, 3, 4: Carnival 2, 3, 4: Cheer Leader 1, 2. 3, 4g Monogram Club 3, .43 Tennis Team 2 .... HELEN YUREK. Band 3. 4: Cadet Band 2g Pep Club 1, 2 .... DOLORES ZAJAKOWSKI, Entered from St. Joseph High, Hammond 33 Pep Club 3, 4: Girls'.Club T. F. Pin 4 .... LUCILLE ZAWORSKI, G. A. C. Volleyball 13 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Lit-rarv Club 23 Treasurer 3: Vice-president 4 .... STANLEY ZWIER .... CORA ZYLA. Band 2, 3, 43 Com- mercial Club 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Carnival 4. SENIORS NOT IN PICTURES Phillip Adamkiewicz Leonard Baranowski Betty Baxter Orest Cortopassi Ruth Crowder Leonard Cwiok Gene Czerkas Raymond DeBo1-d Eben Edblad Paul Gerth William Gibbons Robert Halder James Henderson Jerome Janiak Jacqueline Jones Beatrice Kats George Kegebein William Kortenhoven Lorraine Krisko Harold Lorenz Lila Mae Martin William Martin Jack Matthews Wallace Mika Cologer Monestere John Padjen Joe Sidote Roosevelt Sidote Sam Sidote Glenn Tanis Gilbert Witke Marie Woolsey Eleanor Zick Leo Zimmerman 34 l .-Y - --7-in-W CAST OF "DON'T DARKEN MY DOOR": Harvey Dean, Doris Follick, Arle-ne Weidig, Marilyn Crane, Elizabeth Hesselbarth, Nina Cusick, Bob Rentner. It may be that what l'm going to tell you should not be told. It is not the usual gushy, "What-a- super-colossal-stupendous production" stuff. It's fact, though. The 1942 Senior Class Play just didn't start out right! The cast Wasn't especially cooperative at the start, rumors were circulating that the play was lousy, and, in general, the outlook must have been dreary for Mr. Kingdonl One night the cast finally received a much needed talking to and that start- ed the ball rolling! The play was a smash-hit and everyone was pleased. Mr. Kingdon exercised much patience and tact-which the cast appreciated after all was said and done. Such things as screaming at the right pitch, walking correctly, keeping in character, are the basis of a good play. Some people say they are ujust detaill'-they arel But, what detail! Bob Rentner practically "took" the play with his characterization of Alec, the farm boy. His "Clem" effect was hilarious. Doris Follick did a first place job of Poppy, the maid. Marilyn Crane was tops as the young, romance-stricken girl. All in all, the characters portrayed their parts with more than average ability. Although "Don't Darken My Doorn looked pretty "dark" in the beginning it came out in the lead on April 24, 1942. And why? Because Mr. Kingdon is T. Ffs own "Miracle Manll' IUNIOR PLAY LEADS Howard Barker, Abby Abblett '11, Klan, 911, the Hfzonvn, The Iunior Class is solid, in the groove, really hepl! We've just been playing back the record they made this past year and it's music to our ears!! They're not destructive by nature, but they shattered existing attendance records for the Iunior Class Play on March 11 into a thousand bits. Play- ing to a capacity audience, "june Mad," a light comedy involving teen-aged characters, brought in large enough receipts to guarantee a really super Iunior-Senior Prom. Clara Ihrig and Marian McBrair were the co-directors. And the Class Officers for '42 and this year's Iunior Council introduced a revolutionary idea- buying class rings or pins in the third, instead of in the last year. And the idea caught on so well that hereafter it may be a general practice. On the whole, we just can't think of a better class to take over the places of the present seniors -than we juniors!! In the pages that follow each junior will reveal his pet nickname and his favorite band and pop- ular song. CAST OF "JUNE MAD" Alma Garland, Gordon Buflington, Charles Wright, Dorothy Frentress, Barbara Gilbreath, Don Tuttle-, Jeanette Mills, Howard Barker, Abby Abblett, Gilbert Dykhuisen, John Grych, Rose Murray, Billy Stewart. JUNIOR COUNCIL-Seated: Janet Fulker, Betty Jane Weaver, Betty Buhring, Phyllis Nordaker, Doris Siegrist. Standing: George Dockweiler, Walter Pajak, Martin Rach, Jack Sims. Not in picture: Tom Glick. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS-Seated: Bar- bara Gilbreath, secretaryg Angie Vitale, treasurer. Standing: Bob March, vice-presi- dentg Art Ollrich, president. ABBY ALYS ABBLETT. . ."Ab,'. . .Wayne King. . .4'StarduSt." DOROTHY BARTKOWSKI. . . . . "Dot", . .Lawrence Welk. . ."Blues in the Night." HOWARD BARKER. . ."Hob". . .Glenn Miller . . ."White Cliffs of Dover." VIRGINIA BARTH. . ."Virge" ..... Glenn Miller ..... "Green Eyes." LORRETTA BARZDA. . ."Louie". . .Kay Kyser. . ."Moonlight Serenade." HERMAN BAXTER . . . ."Jr.". . . . .Kay Kyser. . . . ."You and I." JIM BEDELL. . ."Beetle". . . .Glenn Miller. . . ."Star- dust." WILMA BENNETT. . ."Bi1l". . .Dick Jurgens. . ."I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire." DOLORES BOGACZ. . ."Dee". . .Harry James. . ."You Made Me Love You." GUY BOGART. . . "Bud". . .Mickey Isley. . ."Texas." DON BOHLING. . ."Don". . .Horace Heidt. RUTH BORING . . ."Boots". . .Dick Jurgens. . ."You and I." VEYON BOYD. . ."Fifi" .... Horace Heidt. . . ."Made- line." ELIZABETH BOZEK. . ."Babe". . .Dick Jurgens. . ."I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire." ELEANOR BRUMM. . ."Ele,'. . .Tommy Tucker. . ."Old Dutch Garden." PAUL BUCHA- NAN. . ."Buck" .... Horace Heidt .... "A Gay Ranchero." BETTY ANN BUHRING. . ."Bette". . . Tommy Tucker. . ."Jim." MARYANN CARROW. . ."Mae". .Mickey Isley. ."This Love of Mine? LOIS CEDERHOLM. . ."Lo" .... Orrin Tucker .... "You and I." ROBERT CHIPPS .... "Bob". . .. Tiny Hill. . ."Green Eyesf' MARIE COLE. . ."Sweets". . .Dick Jurgens .... "Stardust" WAL- LACE COSGROVE .... "Horse" ANNA MAE CWETNA .... "Skipper" .... Dick Jurgens .... "To- night We Love." EULA DAVIS. . ."Eula". . .Art Kassel. . ."Green Eyes." ARNOLD DEKKER . . ."Arnold". . .Mickey Isley. . ."Beer Barrel Polka." IRENE DERKACS .... "I". . . .Henry Busse. . . "Tis Autumn." ROSE DENENBURG. . ."Ardy". . .Gene Krupa. . ."In the Hush of the Night." WINIFRED DE VRIES. . ."Winifred". . .Guy Lombardo. . ."Elmer's Tune." GERTRUDE DOBIS . . ."Shortstuff',. . .Kay Kyser. . .'AKiss the Boys Goodbye." JANE DOBIS. . ."Srnile-s". .Kay Kyser . . ."Jim." GEORGE DOCKWEILER. . ."Dock." GILBERT DYKHUISEN .... "Dyke". . . .Dick Jurgens. . ."You and I." LOIS EENIGENBURG. . ."Lo". . .Kay Kyser. . ."Elmer's Tune." DON- ALD EGGEBRECHT. . ."Don". . ."I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire." REATHIEL EVAN- ' HOFF. . ."Peggy". . .Kay Kyser. . ."Piano Concerto." DORIS FUEHRMEYER .... "Dora". . . .Kay Kyser. . ."E1mer's Tune." DOROTHY FRENTRESS. . ."Frenchy". . .Kay Kyser. . ."Kiss the Boys Goodbye." JOANN FELSECKER. . ."Jo". . .K ay Kyser. ."Piano Concerto." WILLIAM FREY- MAN. . ."Bi1l". . .Sammy Kaye. . ."I Donlt Want to Set the World on Fire." JANET FULKER . . ."Boots". . .Kay Kyser. . ."E1mer's Tune? MIKE FURMAN. . ."Mike". . .Sammy Kaye. ."Jim." ALMA GARLAND. . ."Al". . .Dick Jurgens. . ."Green Eyesf, ROSALIE GERCKEN .... "Connie" . . .Kay Kyser. . ."Aurora." BARBARA GILBREATH. . ."Dimples". . .Kay Kyser. . ."Rhapsody in Blue." MARGUERITE GLOGER. . ."Marge". . .Glenn Miller. . ."Melancholy Baby." pf 4:-alien., 1,4 J . -':.:-'--'-:---. :', -A, D I DOROTHY GORECKI. . ."Dot". . .Kay Kyser. . ."Elmer's Tune" .... GENE GRASKA .... ."Sleepy" . . .Ray Spivik. . ."You and I". . .GERTRUDE GRACZYK. . ."Gert". . .Fred Waring. . . ."If I Had My Way". . .JACK GROTH. . .'iJack". . .Guy Lombardo. ."If I Didn't Care". . .MARY LOU HADU . . ."Lou Lou". . .Ted Weems. . ."Tis Autumn". . .MARTHA HAYES. . ."Marty". . .Gene Krupa. . . "Green Eyes". . .THELMA HOGGATT. . ."Kit". . .Kay Kyser. . ."Tonight We Love". . .MAURICE HOPPER. . ."Hoppe". . .Terry White. . ."Jim". . .JOAN HOLLOWELL. . ."Jo". . .Jimmy Dorsey. . . . i'You and I". . .LILLIAN HUDZIK. . ."Huck". . .Glenn Miller. . ."Elrner's Tune". . . BETTY HUIZ- ENGA. . ."Toots". . .Sammy Kaye. . ."Daddy". . .ERVIN HYBIAK. . ."Erv". .Glenn Miller. . .JOYCE ISAACSON. . ."Jay',. .Ken Nowlan. ."I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire". . .SOPHIE JANIK . . ."Sophie". . .Gene Krupa. . ."Elmer's Tune". . .RUTH JANICH. . ."Terry". . .Gene Krupa. . ."El- mer's Tune". . .RICHARD JANOVICK. . ."Dick"..Tiny Hill. ."You Are My Sunshine". .BLANCHE JANSEN. . ."Blondie". . .Fred Waring. . ."Intermezzo" .... CALVIN JANSEN .... "Calvin". . . .JUNE JANSEN. . ."June". . .RUTH JOHNSON. . ."Ruth". . .EDDIE JAROSZ .... "Curly". . . .Dick Jurgens . . ."It Happened in Hawaii". . .HELEN JENKINS. . ."Chicken" .... MAC JOHNSON. . . ."Red". . . . Kay Kyser. . .f'The Nickle Serenade". . .LEONA KALETA .... "Le" ..... Kay Kyser. . . . .ROBERT KASPER. . ."Dot". . .Mickey Isley. . ."Amapola". . .JEANNE KIKKERT .... t'Kick". . . .Skinny Ennis . . ."Sierra Sue". . .JEANNETTE KLEIN. . ."Klein". . .Kay Kyser. . ."I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire". . .STEPHANY KLISIAK. ."Stevie". . .Griff Williams. . ."Miss You". . . .BOB KMAK. . . . "Torchy". . ."Blues in the Night". . .LORRAINE KNUTH. . ."Lorraine". . .Gene Krupa. . ."I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire". . .JOHN KOSHMAN. . ."Pork". . .Kay Kyser. . ."Jim". . . .MARY BETH KOVACH. . ."Susie". . .Gene Krupa. . ."Time Was" .... ED KUHLMAN .... "Shorty". . . .Les Brown. . ."Time- Was". . .WILLA LACKEY. . ."Bill". . .Erskine Hawkins. . ."I Know Why". . .MAR- JORIE LA LONDE. . .'iMargie". . .Glenn Miller .... "Do You Care?" .... MILDRED LANGE. . . . "Millie". . ."A1exander's Rag Time Band". . .JACK LA NOUE. . ."Jocko". . .Blue Baron. . ."Birth of the Blues". . .GLORIA LEFF. . ."Pat". . .Kay Kyser. . .t'Piano Concerto". . .JAMES LIETZAN . . ."Jimmy". . .Kay Kyser. . ."Deep in the Heart of Texas" .... JOAN LIETZAN. . . ."Joan". . . . BERYL LOCHTE. . ."Beryl". . .Kay Kyser. . .HI Don't Want to Set the World on Fire". . .LEON- ARD LOCKHART. . ."Leonard". . .Harry James .... "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire". . . . LUELLA LORENZ. . ."Lue". . .Dick Jurgens. . ."Tonight We Love". . .FLORENCE LYNN. . ."Flos- sie". . ."I Like Variety". . ."Birth of the Blues". .DOROTHY LUTHER. . ."Dot". . .Kay Kyser. . . . "You and I." l ,.., ... 'rv' ,.., . L. LARRY MADISON. . ."Larry". . .Tommy Tucker. . ."Deep in the Heart of MAGDZIAK. . ."Bub.bles". .Dick Jurgens. ."Concerto for Two". . .CATHERINE MANGIARACINA . . ."Katy". . .Dick Jurgens. . ."You and I". . .ROBERT MARCH. . ."Mush". . .Artie Shaw.. ."Mo- zart's Concerto in F Major-in eleven differentvariationsn. . .EILEEN MC LAUGHLIN. . ."Patl' . . .Dick Jurgens. . ."Tschaikowski Concerto in B Minor". . .WILLIAM MILLER .... "Bill". . .Law- rence We-lk. . ."Stardust". . .DOLORES MILLER. . ."Dolores" .... Kay Kyser .... "Piano Concerto" ...JACK MILLER .... "Jack" .... Mickey Isley .... 'Chattanooga Choo-Choo". . .JEANETTE MILLS . . ."Jeanne". . .Wayne King. . ."Piano Concerto". . .RICHARD MIOTKE. . ."Richard". . .Dick Jur- gens. . .UHut Sut Song". . .KENNETH MOOR. . ."Kenneth". . .Paul Whiteman. . ."Rose OlDay". . . CAPTOLA MORGIN. . ."Cap". . .Dick Jurgens .... "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire". . . . ROSE MARIE MURRAY. . ."Rose Marie-". . .Art Kassel. . ."Piano Concerto". . .MIKE NAGY. . . . "Mike'l. . .Kay Kyser. . ."Stardust". . .HAZEL NAMMINGA .... "Hazel" .... Skinny Ennis. . . ."El- mer's Tune". . .GLENDOLA NAVE. . ."Dola. . .Jimmy Dorsey. . ."These Are the Things I Love" . . .PHYLLIS NORDAKER. . ."Phyl". . .Kay Kyser. . ."Rhapsody in Blue". . .MARJORIE NOWAK . . ."Marge'l. . .Lawrence Welk. . ."La Golendrinap. . .HELENA PACTWA. . ."Le-e". . .Horace Heidt . . ."I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire". . .WILLIAM PADJEN. . ."Calf". . .Fred Waring. ."I Hear a Rhapsodyu. . .WALTER JOHN PAJAK. . ."Wal1y". . .Dick Jurgens. . ."Blue Champagne". . Texas". . .BERNICE RUTH PARKER. . ."Ruth". . .Kay Kyser. . ."You and I" .... JENNIE PENS .... "Jeannie". . . .Dick Jurgens. . ."Miss You". . . NADINE PERDUE. . ."Nadine". . .Kay Kyser. . ."Maria Elena". . .DON- ALD PETERSEN. . ."Pete". . .Glenn Miller. . ."Daddy" ..... LORRAINE PLUMPOWSKI. . . . ."Lo1'- 1'aine". . .VIRGINIA PLYS. . ."Virgie"'. . .Kay Kyser. . ."Green Eyes" .... CONRAD POCHRON. . . . "Connie". . .Lou Breeze. . ."I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire". . .FLORENCE POLKA. . .. "Flo". . .Lawrence Welk. . ."I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire". . .BETTY POWELL... "Betty". . .Dick Jurgens. . ."Yours". . .ALFRED PRICE. . ."Alfred". . .JOE PREISSIG. . . ."Joe"'. . . . Blue Baron. . ."Green Eyes". . .EMILY PURKO. . ."Em". . .Jimmy Dorsey. . ."Green Eyes". . .MAR- JORIE O'BRIEN. . ."Margie". . .JUNE OBERLA. . ."Tiny" .... Fred Waring .... t'Elmer's Tune". . . . ART OLLRICH. . ."Art". . .Kay Kyser. . ."San Antonio Rose" .... ANN MARIE OLSEN. . . ."Pee Wee". . .Kay Kyser. . ."Daddy". . .MARTIN RACH ..... "Martin" ..... Frankie- Masters. . . ."Daddy" . . .DORIS RECKER. . ."Dode". . .Horace Heidt. . .t'Foolish" .... EDWARD REDMAN .... 'iEddy". . . . Mickey Isley. . ."Shamrock". . .CHARLES REED. . ."Yehudi,'. . .Kay Kyser. . ."Old Black Joe". . . PAT REGNIER. . f'Jitterbug". . .Wayne King. . ."Intermezzo". . .RELLA RAE REX. . ."Re1la". . . STEVE RICHWALSKI. . ."Steve". . .Art Kassel. . ."Shepherd Serenade". . .HERMAN RIDDLER. . . "Bud." IUNIORS NOT IN PICTURES Augustynek, Sylvester Barnas. Val Bellamy, Blanche Cambell, Lorraine Cole, James Czerkas, Eugene Debus, Herman Dekker, Louis "n.,-I' g 'il L-Alb . 0 , , as-4:f'L'f::" , . ,1 De Vries. Dorothy Ann De Vries, Henry Forner, Harold Grych, John Gudgeon, Frank Harkema, Lois Horvatich, Wally Kavandaugh, Dawn Keck, Ed Kemps, James Kolodziejski, Edward Magdiak, Helen Morris, Eleanore Maniscalco, Tony M' ,v THERESA SADOWSKI. . ."Turner". . .Dick Jurgens. . ."Miss You". . .EDWARD SCHUTZ E ...Barry Redley. . ."I'm a Little Teapot". . .MARIAN SCHUTZ .... "Sis Glenn Miller T1 Revei1le". . .CARL SCIACKITANO. . ."V!8". . .Kay Kyser. . ."You and I JANET SEARLES t'Jan". . .Glenn Miller. . ."This Is No Laughing Matter" .... ANNETTE SERTIC Ann Cab Calloway. . ."Ma Ma Marie". . .CATHERINE SERTIC. . ."Kay". . .Xavier Cugat Peanut Vendor . . .JIM SEVERA. . ."Jimmy". , .Dick Jurgens. . ."Sunrise Se-renadeu. . .EVELYN SEVERIN E . . .Lawrence Welk. . ."Elmer's Tune". . .RICHARD SIEGFRIED. . ."A Po Dick Jurgens mer's Tune". . .DORIS SIEGRIST. . ."Dode". . .Charlie Spivak. . ."For Whom the Bells Toll LOUISE SIKORSKI. . ."Speed". . .Kay Kyser. . ."Maria Elena". . .JACK SIMS Simmy Dick Jurgens. . ."Blue Champagne". . .MARGARET SMITH. . ."Margaret". .HELEN SNYDER Helen . . .Dick Jurgens. . ."Green Eyes". . .HAROLD SPANNAN. . ."Horky". . Kay Kyser I Dont Want to Set the World on Fire". . .JACK SOLOMON. . ."Jack" .... THOMAS STACHOWICZ 'iTom". . .ELAINE STAHL. . ."Emiline". . .Del Courtney. . ."Elmer's Tune DONNA MAE STEIN BERG. . ."Don". . .Dimples. . .Dick Jurgens. . ."Elmer's Tune". . .JAMES STATON Teimite Kay Kyser. . ."Till Reveillen. . .MARY STEVENS. . ."Eppie" .... Kay Kyser Elmer s Tune WILLIAM STEWART. . .'KBill". . .Harry James. . ."I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire SHERM STOLL. . ."Sherm". . .GLENN STRAUSER. . ."Glenn". . .BERT SWANSON Gipp Kay Kyser. ."Tonight We Love". .DONALD TUTTLE. f'Eppie". . .Kay Kyser Elmer s Tune . . .HERMAN ULANDOWSKI .... "Boorie". . .Tommy Dorsey. . ."You and I NORMA URBAN SKI. . ."Nosha". . .Sammy Kaye. . ."You and I". . .ANGELINE VITALE Angie Glenn Miller . . ."Moonlight". . .LOUIS VRAB. . ."L.ouis" . . .RITA WACLAWEKH. . ."R1ta Lawrence Welk "San Antonio Rose". . .CHESTER WALEROWICZ . . ."Chet" .... ESTHER WALTERS Esta BETTY JANE WEAVER. . f'Bet". . .ERVIN WIENING. . ."Erv'l. . .ANNE WINIARCZYK Har' ka". . .Dick Jurgens. . ."Amapola". . .EMILY WOJCIK. . ."Em". . .DOROTHY WOLLETT Dot . . .MARGIE WOOLSEY. . ."Margie". . .DOLORES YARCK .... "Dusty" Horace Heidt The White Cliffs of Dover". . .DONALD ZENTZ. . ."Don". . .DON ZIMMERMAN Don ALTON ZWIER. . ."Al." Mazur, Chester Moore, Lloyd Oberla, June O'Brien, Marjorie Ostrander, Dorothy Petlak, Edward Pietrzak, Ted Pintar, John Pryor, Mike Sacco, Tony Skarwecki, Edward Smit, Fred Sobczak, Eugene Soczyk, Henry Sweatt. Jack Stenberg, Robert Stephenson, Joe Strauser, Glenn Tornabene, Tony Trammell, Wendell Van Drunen, Milton Outer semicircle: Alaimo, Alward, Ault, Ault, Avenatti, Barnes, Barzda, Bauer, Berwanger, Blozak, Boer, Boglarsky, Bonin, Boothe, Borgman, Bragg, Brakebill. Row 2: Brarnbos, Brough, Buffing- ton, Burkhart, Callahan, Capteine, Carey D., Carey M., Carroll, Chipps, Ciastko, Collins, Crevis- ton. Row 3: Croak, Cunningham, Cwiklinski, Czarnscki, Dankowski, De Vries, De Vries, Dub- bert, Duda, Dunn, Dutczak, Dyer. Row 4: Eggebrecht, Eidner, Falkenstrom, Falvo, Fisher Forner, Frevert, Frey, Funk, Gabrich. Row 5: Gercken, Giczewski, Giglio, Gleim, Gill, Gner- lich, Gocko, Gordon. Row 6: Gotham, Goyke, Grady, Green, Groth, Gudge-on. Row 7: Hagdohl Hanrahan, Hansen, Harle. Row 8: Harthun, Hays. if 2 as is ex i 'Wk as if Q f Outer semicircle: Hasley, Hebert, Heckman, Herman, Heintz, Henley, Heyde, Hickman, Hoff Hoge, Horvatich, Jaranowski, Jevyak, Jones, Kale-ta, Kaminski, Keller. Row 2: Kettwig, Kickert Kiel, Kimmet, Klank, Knoe-rzer, Knott, Komorowski, Konvalinka, Kooy A., Kooy N., Kraft Krisco, Kroncke. Row 3: Kross, Larrence, Lauerman, Lawson, Leff, Lesmeister, Linkiewicz Lorenz, Lorenz, Mc Closky, Maciejewski, Majcherek. ROW 4: Malkowski, Marshall, Mazer Mazur, Mika, Mitchell, Mitchell, Murrin, Musgrave, Nashkoff. Row 5: Nichter, Niernic, Niernic Ooms, Ostrowski, Papa, Parks. Row 6: Peeples, Peters, Pike, Pintar, Polka, Preidis. Row 7 Prizner, Raczkowski, Reich, Renicker. Row 8: Rentner B., Rentner D. P X Outer semicircle: Rogalski, Ruiter, Rzepczynski, Saclowski, Sadowski, Sass, Schatz, Scheifke, Schopp, Schultz, Sciacero, Shuroski, Sidote, Sikorski, Smith, Smith, Stephan. Row 2: Stevens, Stoll, Sweeney, Szymanski, Tanis, Thaldorf, Thompsuon, Trinowski, Urbanski, Vanderby, Van Drunen, Van Heest, Van Osten, Voss, Row 3: Walerowicz, Wallace, Wass, Wartman, Weaver, Weinberg, Wilke, Winterhoff H., Winterhoff L., Wisowaty, Wojcik, Workman. Row 4: Wretman. Wl'igllt,W1'lght,ZaCHy,ZalT1plllO,Z31EWSkl,Ze1ZSI',ZiCk, Starnes, Agosta. Row 5: Alward, Armstrong, Augustynek, Aumick, Beach, Becker, Becchino, Besse. ROW 6: Bierman, Barton, Bleck, Block, Bogart, Bojarski. Row 7: Bogart, Borak. Borowski, Braschler. Row 8: Broomhead, Breu. 11' W Wg, 5 '1 'Si 5 1, A Outer semicircle: Burke, Burkhart, Butler, Butler, Buzzanca, Carr, Caruso, Collins, Comforti, Cosen- tino, Cosgrove D., Cosgrove V., Cowenhoven, Culp, Cunningham, Cwetna, Darby. Row 2: Davidson Dekker, Detloif, Dorbowski, Deering, Drury, Dunn, Ecklund, Eggebrecht, Erlewein, Fanta, Fer- rantella, Fiedler, Gawlinski. Row 3: Geisen, Genko, Giczewski, Gindl, Greenwood, Gregory Holifield, Haney, Hasiak, Hedges, Heimbuck, Ileintz. R0w 4: Henderson, Hill, Hillegonds, Hindle Hoeskma, Hoggatt, Horvatich, Hoselton, Huizenga, Hurysz, Row 5: Ignatowski, Isaacson, Jeglow- ski, Jenkins, Jerz, Jerzyk, Jeserwig, Jones. Row 6: Jurecki. Kaleta, Kaleta, Karl. Katauskas, Keilman. Row 7: Kemp, Kieras, Kikkert, Klisurich. Row 8: Kmak, Kobitka. ggi , . Outer semicircle: Koharko, Kohler, Kolbaba, Kollar, Koselke, Kovacheif, Kraegel, Krygier, Kuharski, Kvedaras, Lambert, Lange, La Noue, Larrance, Larson, Lebek, Lisenfelt. Row 2: Liesenfelt, Lietzan, Luth, Lutz, Lynde, Lynn, MacMillan, McDaniel, McKenna, Madison, Mancino, Maginot, Malcolm, Marshall. Row 3: Marshall, Matthews B., Matthews G., Matysiak, Maupin, Mayer, Mead, Merlo, Meyer, Miner, Miller, Miniuk. Row 4: Mohr, Molnar, Morgan, Mossel, Muschelewicz, Novak, Novak, Olsen, Olsen, Ooms. Row 5: Owczarzak, Ostrander, Panfil, Parker, Paszekewicz, Petersen, Pierzchalski, Planalp. Row 6: Plant, Pochron, Pomilia, Porter, Potocki, Prakaitis. Row 7: Pranger, Pyrz, Quattropani, Rach. R0w 8: Rardin, Regnier. M' f ws - l 5 in X y Outer semicircle: Reichert, Rex, Riordan, Ritsema, Roberge, Roge-rs, Rompca, Romszewicz, Ruda, Ruff, Ruttledge, Sadowski, Samuel, Schoon. Row 2: Sebastien, Seestadt, Serafini, Serf, Sesta- kauckas, Siatta, Siede-lman, Siedentopf, Siegfried, Sikora, Sikorski, Skiba, Smith, Sobczak. Row 3: Sonnenberg, Sosnowski, Spannon, Spinler, Spogis, Springet, Stachowicz, Schuman, Stasiak, Stre-akle, Steinkraus, Stenberg. Row 4: Strand, Striebel, Sweeney, Swendsen, Szefc, Telechori Trebellas, Tuorn, Ulandowski, Van Drunen. ROW 5: Van Krimpen, Vierk, Wahlgren, Walerczyk, Walerowicz, Wisowaty, Whitmore, Wojciechowski, Row 6: Yess, Yureck, Zela, Zendzian, Ziem- bowski. R0w 7: Zimnywoda, Abate, Fladeland, Francze. Row 8: Schultz, Schultz. ,Q if X we k Vi G. C. BOARD Row 1: Janet Searles, Dolores Bogacz, Peany Hesse-lbarth, Abby Abblett, Virginia Fedosky, Dor- othy Lucito, Sophie Sarros. Alma Sausaman. Row 2: Betty McCloskey, Nelda Berger, Eileen McLaughlin, Phyllis Nordaker, Betty Buhring, Miss Anna Schmidt, Angie Vitale, Betty Rentner, Rita Strand, Barbara Gilbreath, Faye Sausaman, Lillian Horst. Row 3: Jeanette Mills, June Oberla, Charleen Zelzer, Doris Siegrist, Marie Coles, Mary Alice Carroll, Lila Mae Winterhoff, Thelma Hoggatt, Norma Urbanski, Delores Wartman, Nora Heimbuch, Marjorie Nowak. Not in picture: Jo Ann Clark, Adelaide Miller, Betty Anne- Rappe, Sarah Rider. 5 5 The Girls' Club had an unusually successful year of activities including social af- fairs and community service. Its fine record started rolling on September 9 when, at the first board meeting, they planned the Big Little Sister Party in charge of Lillian Horst, made an announcement of the first tea on September 17, and appointed committees for the Girls, Club Dance. Outsiders were permitted to come to the dance this year for the first time and Phyllis Nordaker, chairman of the dance, was happy to see the record breaking number of 140 couples attend the Mexican Fiesta. STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Seated-Elizabeth Hesselbarth, "Hi Lites"g Nelda Berger, Cardsg Faye Sausaman, Teasg Nora Heim- buch, Ticketsg Virginia Fedosky, President. Standing-Rita Strand, Defense Stampsg Alma Sausaman, Refreshments: Lillian Horst, Big and Little Sisters: Sophie Sarros, Community Service. Not in picture: Jo Ann Clark, Candy Sales: Ade- laide Miller, Publicity: Betty Ann Rappe, Assemblies. Sophie Sarros, who was in charge of community service, took care of Christmas seals, and the filling of Thanksgiving baskets. V-I-C-T-O-R-Y was the cry of the girls under Peany Hesselbarth who worked hard at their defense social to make enough money to help purchase a 375.00 War Bond. Later the club promoted the sale of defense stamps, going all out for National Defense. So the calendar is brought up to date and the Hallowe'en party, the Alumni party, the teas, the Boys' and Girls' Club Skating party, the Senior breakfast, Bow-day are things of the past. One more important date is left, the Mother-Daughter Party on May 1. The guest speaker, Miss Smithies, was from University High, the University of Chicago. T. F. pins were awarded and a cup for the most active girl was presented. Then came the installation of new board members and the revealing of the new Girls' Club president. If the next year is as successful as this one, there won't be any need to make a rec- ord because it will all be broken anyway. SENIOR GIRLS WITH T. F. PINS Row l: Alma Sausman, Mary Gabrich, Faye Sausaman, Pauline Gloger, Helen Van Osten, Frances Kaelin, Sophie Sarros, Betty Anne Rappe Row 2: Emma Peters, Jo Ann Clark, Catherine Scriver, Nora Heimbuch, Mary Sabados, Loretta Skarbek, Doris Follick, Arline Weidig Row 3: Nelda Berger, Rita Strand, Vera Reynolds, Lillian Horst, Adelaide Miller, Dorothy Lucito, Jean Ostrowski, Wilene Steinkraus, Dolores Zajakowski Row 4: Marie Lorenz, Norma Goyke, Corrine Tarras, Frances Rogalski, Caroline Klimek, Clara Lamb, Elizabeth Hesselbarth, Vir- ginia Fedosky, Pat Stapley Top: Vernell Kraay, Dorothy Krass, Lydia Rick- mann, Delphine Podraza Not in picture-: Irene Borowski, Nora Snyder, Virginia Sulicz, Pat Willis i Klub Le, l D ' gm Row 1-Lucille Komorowski, Doris Schutz, Norma Goyke, Elsie Mill, Pauline Gloger, Irene Laitar Row 2-Dorothy Lucito, Laura Marshall, Leona Szal, Mable Lehmker, Pat Willis, Joann Van Slyke, Cora Zyla Not in picture: Helen Van Osten, Lydia Rickmann 09fwfv4MPfUP 61145 Dictating-Anna Mae Eismin Row 1: Russell Burke-, Leonard Gill, Vernon Gruhlke, Bernice Magdziak, Marjorie Nowak, Ger- trude Dobis, Dolores Wartman, Elsie Mill, Tom Voss Row 2: Jimmy Lynde. Bob Kroncke, Walter Raasch, Martin Rach, Bob Striebel, Mr. Koedyker. Norman Smith, Walter Pajak, Eleanor Romszewicz Not in picture: Paul Jones, Rose Denenburg, Doris Schutz 314014 54454 Seated: Leonard Cwiok, Ioe Ierz, Bill Stewart Standing: Mr. Luce, Walter Gindl, Carl Falkenstrom, Bob Matthews dladab. Klub. At table-Gordon Buffington, Miss Martin, Virginia Sulicz At "mike'l-Elizabeth Hessel- barth, lack Riota, Wayne McMullin Seated at right-Doris Follick, Lillian Horst Standing at right-Edgar The- dens, Albert Wahlgren Not in picture: Betty Anne Rappe, Shirley Mead. Harv- ey Dean, Harold Perkins. Programs: Date 1. Homecoming Interviews October 23 2. Music Double Sextette directed by Mr. Kingdom November 6 3. Carnival preview November 20 4. Play, "Home for Christmas" , December 19 5. Consumer Education class Round Table discussion on war problems Ianuary 15 6. Patriotic program directed by Mrs. Canaga Ianuary 29 7. Tuberculosis play, "To Every Man His Battlel' Qdirected by Miss Martinj February 12 8. Meistersingers directed by Mr. Christian March 5 9. St. Patrickis Day play "The Way of Shawnn directed by Miss Martin March 19 10. Double Sextette directed by Mr. Kingdon April 16 11. Play, "Sixteen" April 30 12. Mother's Day Program May 14 13. Mr. Davis's speakers May 28 14. Senior Personalities Iune 11 During the past year the Radio Club under Miss Martin was organized on a permaa nent basis. Instead of officers, the club chose board members to be in charge of the diff- erent phases of production. The board for the past year were: Announcing, Wayne Mc- Mulling Continuity, Lillian Horst: Production, Mary Alice Carroll, Music, Doris Follick: Publicity Manager, Elizabeth Hesselbarthg and Business Manager, Harvey Dean. The BOYS' CLUB BOARD Seated: Bob March, Tom Shaffer, Pete Bereolos fPresidentj Charles Cullum fsecretaryj Fred Vor- sanger, Mr. Iames Leonard QSponsorQ, lack La Noue Standing: Charles Green, William Padjen, Iohn Padjen, Leonard Lockart, Russell Buhring, Danny Sestakauckas, Edward Kuhlman, Mario Agosta, Dominic Vitale, Ioe Stephenson Q ' .7 ' Pete Bereolos called to order the last meeting of the 1941-42 Boys' Club Board and looking back at the past year, found that it was a successful one, indeed. One of the first events given by the club was the welcoming party on September 24 for the freshmen boys. At Thanksgiving the Boys' Club helped the Girls Club in the filling and distributing of baskets on November 19. On March 13 the boys entertained their fathers at the Father-Son Party, where a swell program was presented and refrshments were served. Next was the Boys' Club-Girls' Club Roller Skating Party given at the Palace Roller Rink on March 23. The last event on the social calender was the Boys' Club Dance on April 17, having a most appropriate theme, for the decorations centered around the idea of "Blackout," Tables around the dance floor were lighted with candles in bottlesg signs read "Bomb Shelterf' there were sand bags and a realistic entrance to air raid shelters. The programs were in the shape of a bomb. The music was provided by Reynold Yonug and his orchestra. It was the first year that outsiders were allowed at a Boys' Club Dance and a record breaking crowd attended. The year's activity list was lastly filled with gifts of clothing to needy boys in the school. Morale Squad The Bomb Shelter 94 jun, Smiling up at you, you wouldn't dream of the clocklike ma- chinery that whirs and buzzes in the head of Miss Iaacks, a record in herself with as sweet a story as you'd ever like to hear. "Why," she exclaimed, "thousands and thousands and thou- sands of dollars go through room 221 every year, and this year is the best year we've ever had." When I asked her what TICKETS have that "get" her she peeped up at me and just said, "lt's fun". She claims that she can't sell anything herself but likes to hound other people, bawl them out, and tell them to bring her some money. And they do. A reliable crew of fifteen is what does the ticket selling and the arduous process involved in stamping the ticktes. From sea- son to season starting in September, the same ones sell, making themselves known and knowing others. The strategy of good ticket sellers is to "dog" the very foot- steps of the Hvictiml' but still be so pleasant that he doesn't realize that there is such a calculating hound at his heels. Good advice for this type of a pastime, says Miss Iaacks, is to start at the beginning of the year and to continuously sell anything and everything. What is derived from this gruelling work? A sense of accur- acy and responsiblity is the answer. You will develop a pleasing personality, enlarge your circle of friends, lose that shyness and be able to approach anyone in an easy manner. If you like to "get around" just sell tickets. It's fun! MAGAZINE SALESMEN Back: Miss Jaacks, John Duda, Jim Swendsen, Bob Gralik. Row 1: Sara Jane Ogden, Doris Schutz, Norman Lange- Row 2: Wanda Steakle, Louella Lo- renz, Anna Mae Eisman, Mar- tha Hayes, Eileen Nichter, Florence Lorenz, Harold Per- kins. Row 3: Margaret Sikorski, Barbara Hindle, Madge Van Heest, Wilma Bennett, Marcel Cerf. Insert: "Maxie" Rey- nolds. Not in picture: Richard Hedges, Ruth Johnson, Rolan Kolbala, Anton Konvalinka, Helen Madjak, Norman Smith, Edward Vierk. ACE SALESMEN Wayne McMullin, Virginia Fe- dosky. TOP SALESMEN KP. 523 Standing: June Hanrahan, Bet- ty Rentner, Leonard Gill. Seat- ed on chairs: Tom Shaffer, Wayne McMullin, Albert Wahlgren. On Floor: Barbara Brough, Mary Alice Carroll, Clarice Raczkowski. Seated in front of group: Miss Jaacks. Not in picture: Virginia Fe- dosky- BASKETBALL SALESMEN June Hanrahan, Roberta Madi- son, Rita Strand, Wayne Mc- Mullin, Mack Budzowski, A1- bert Wahlgren, Mary Alice Carroll, Betty Rentner, Bar- bara Brough. Not in picture: Virginia Fedosky. FOOTBALL SALESMEN Row 1: Barbara Brough, Betty Rentner, Dolores Wartman, Mary Alice Carroll, Rita Strand, Wayne McMullin, Row 2: June Hanrahan, John Vez- mar, Virginia Fedosky, Albert Wahlgren, Mack Budzowski. Not in picture: Tom Shaffer. MAIN DESK Row 1: Nelda Berger, Shirley Kross, Annette Goyke, Anna Gocko, Rose Marie Murray, Nora Snyder, Ieanne Szymanski Small Table Seated: Ioann Felsecker, Dolores Bogacz Standing: Shirley Black- burn Not in picture: lane Al- biniak REFERENCE BOOKS SECTION III Seated: Erma Ault, Dor- othy Wollett, Faye Sausaman, Virginia Fe- dosky Standing: Pat Regnier, Alice Kraft, Violet Maekoviak, Evelyn Da- bich, Helen Nowak. LIBRARY CLUB PRESIDENT AND SPONSOR Seated: Fanchon Remund Standing: Delphine Podraza MAGAZINE AND CARD CATALOG Seated: Lois Knott, Hel- ena Pactwa Standing: Elaine Stahl, Maryann Dutczak, Lo- retta Skarbek Not in picture: Lydia Rickmann, Catherine Seriver, Gertrude Do- bis, Clara Lamb REFERENCE BOOKS SECTION II Seated: Adelaide Miller, Alma Sausaman, Nor- ma Larrance, Evelyn Piecuch Standing: Marjorie No- wak, Eleanor Romsze- wicz, lean Ostrowski, Geraldine Lawson, Catherine Mangiara- cina Not in picture: Pauline Gloger OFFICE AND WORKROOM Seated: Mary Conley Standing: V i r g i n i a Heintz, Charlene Zel- zer, Elsie Mill, Ioann Van Slyke, Dorothy Krieger, Reathiel Evan- hoff STACK ROOM Row 1: Arline Weidig, Dorothy Frentress, Io Ann Clark Row 2: Betty Rentner, Virginia Sulicz, Thel- ma Hoggatt, Ioan Hol- lowell, Nellie De Vries, Iune Oherla Row 3: Dolores Zaj a- kowski, Lucy Zaworski Not in picture: Betty Anne Rappe REFERENCE SECTION I Seated: Frances Kaelin, Loretta Barzda, Flor- ence Ratajczak Standing: Florence Lor- enz, Rosalie Gercken, Evelyn Au't, Wilene Steinkraus, Dorothy Lucito, Lucille Koma- rowski VARSITY DEBATERS Seated: Corinne Tarras, Ed- gar Thedens, Florence Lynn Standing: Mr. Davis, Wil- fred Kraegel, Mr. Legg Not in picture: Bill Gibbons DEBATE SQUAD Foreground: Florence Lynn, Cseatedb, Edgar Thedens, Roderick Wartman Seated: Corinne Tarras, Emily Dankowski, Phyl- lis Alward, Wilma Ben- nett, Madge Van Heest, Erma Ault, Evelyn Ault, Alice Hickman, Mary Alice Carroll Standing: Mr. Legg, Rose Marie Murray, Kathleen Callahan, Howard Bark- er, Wilfred Kraegel, Ken- yon Tweedell, Gordon Bufiington, Richard Si- korski, Mr. Davis Not in picture: Doris Sie- grist, Vera Reynolds The debate and speech teams really get around!! Multiply by two the mileage of trips taken by an athletic team, and you'll have a conservative estimate of how far we travel an- nually. Behind the impressive accumulation of wins, you'll find tedious hours of research, practice, and mapping of strategy under the supervision of coaches Davis and Legg. We won five major debate and four major speech tournaments. A resume of major trips and tournaments for the '42 season goes something like this: Feb. 6-7-180 miles to Augustana for the Annual Rock Island Debate Tourney . . . 6 wins . . . 6 losses . . . schools from four states entered. Feb. 14-l75 miles to State Normal College at Charleston . . . met the tough South- ern Illinois teams which are all perennial contenders in the State finals . . . debate, first QThedens, Gibbons, Tarras, Lynnjg speech, fifth place. Feb. 21-TF sponsored a speech tourney involving 110 contestants fom eight schools . . . Won ourselves by a landslide. Feb. 28-Clark sponsored a five school speech meet . . . took first . . . Thedens first in extemp and Follick first in poetry. March 21-Mendota-Annual Northern District debate tournament . . . second place . . qualified us for Nationals . . . not held this year. March 28-Proviso Sectionals in Maywood . . . debate team, first . . . Rappe, serious reading, first . . . Thedens, extemp, first . . . Buffington, comedy reading, second . . . Wahlgren, original oratory, third . . . Miller, oratorical declamation, fourth. Our accumu- lation of points made us Sweepstake Champs and earned us banners and individual awards. ORIGINAL ORATORY Seated: Wilfred Kraegel, Edgar Thedens, Doris Follick Standing: Mr. Davis, Al- bert Wahlgren, Nelda Berger DRAMATIC READING Mary Alice Carroll, Charleen Pike, B e t t y Ann Rappe, Vera Rey- nolds, Marjorie Bauer, Dorothy Mazer. ORATORICAL DECLAMATION Row 1: Adelaide Miller, Alice' Hickman, Albert Wahlgren Row 2: Corinne Tarras, Ka th le e n Callahan, Evelyn Ault, Erma Ault EXTEMPOR- ANEOUS SPEAKING Wilfred Kraegel, Edgar Thedens, Corinne Tarras, Kathleen Callahan Not in picture: Bill Gibbons POETRY READING Corinne Tarras, Betty Ann Rappe, Doris Fol- lick, June Hanrahan HUMOROUS READING Row 1: Gordon Buffing- ton, Doris Follick, Marjorie Bauer, June Hanrahan Row 2: Alton Zwier, Phyllis Harle, Doris Siegrist April 18-Bloomington Wesleyan College hit the jackpot here debate, first Thedens rated by the point system as the tourney s best debater Gibbons judged sec ond . . . Thedens, first in extemp Wahlgren, first, original oratory Rappe, second, serious reading . . . Buffington, second, comedy reading Harle, third, comedy reading . . . earned six banners for TF April 24-25-State Meet at U of Illinois debaters undefeated in sw rounds to tie for first as State Champs with the powerful Du Quoin squad Rappe second best serious reader in Illinois . . Thedens added another first to his extempore work Buffington and Wahlgren barely missed placing earned two trophies and two 1nd1v1dual medals STAFF ASSISTANTS Seated: Nora Snyder, Elizabeth Hesselbarth, Virginia Fedosky, Tom Shaffer Standing: Emma Peters, Jo Ann Clark, Edgar Thedens, Rita Strand, Lillian Horst SENIOR REPORTERS Left to right: Betty Ann Rappe, Wayne McMullin, Kenyon Twee-dell, Nelda Berger, Lydia Rick- mann, Pauline Gloger, Wilfred Kraegel, Frances Kaelin Seated: Helen Van Osten, Sophie Sarros CUB REPORTERS Row l: Martha Hayes, Florence Lynn, Dorothy Frentress, Alma Garland, Rella Rae- Rex, Bar- bara Gilbreath, Dolores Bogacz Row 2: Wilma Bennett, Dorothy Ostrander, Doris Recker, Vera Reynolds, Phyllis Nordaker, Abby Abblett Row 32 Doris Siegrist, Betty Jane Weaver, Rose Marie Murray, Dolores Miller, Eileen McLaugh- lin. Janet Searles ,li- asqmpfwmiatyfvm may It's just like those records -- they go round and round and are played over and over again. The only difference is that it takes two weeks to play that thing called "THORNTONIAN" and the record never changes. We can compare it to a symphony-divide it up onto movements. The first movement consists of a thing called an assignment sheet, which lists all the articles that will go into the next issue of the THORNTONIAN. The name of the reporter, the length of the article, and the date on which it is due are down there too. Each of these as- signments is copied on a slip of paper and given to the reporter. He writes the article and turns it in to the editor who checks it off on his list. The second movement begins with typing all the articles and send- ing them out to the printer. The typed articles had to be copyread, that is they must be corrected for spelling, punctuation, and factual accuracy by at least three people. Then headlines must be written on each piece of news and the size of type, width of the printed column, and general makeup of each piece indicated. This movement concludes with the delivery of the finished copy to the printer. A few days later the third movement begins. In the meantime type has been set up in the print shop and two sets of proof have been print- ed. These are delivered to the editorial staff together with the original typed copy. One set of proof is carefully read over and all the errors are corrected. The other set is cut up into separate articles and pasted on a dummy, which is a sheet of paper the size of a printed THORNTON- IAN. The corrected proof and the dummy are once more sent to the printer and after making the indicated corrections he puts the paper together as it is on the dummy-sheet. Our symphony ends on a joyful note when the printed papers are folded and made ready for delivery to the eager student body. Then the long awaited climax is reached. Do they like it? Is this latest per- formance of "Thornto'1ian" a success? Does our symphony meet with the approval of the audience? There is only one trouble. Tomorrow the whole thing has to start over again-just like a juke box with only one record. Il Il H ' M, Another milestone in the history of Fractional is the new maga- zine, TEEN, which was received with enthusiasm when it made its appearance on May 1. The search for T.F. talent was not in vain, as all sorts of ingenuity and cleverness were uncovered by the English Teachers in their classes. Miss Ihrig, Mr. Davis, Miss McBrair, Miss Helen Brazzill, Miss Demp- kowski, Miss Iaacks, Miss Remund, and Miss Kessinger collected most of the material and much credit is due them for their help in getting subscriptions. In the 34 pages were crammed 55 stories, and out of the 41 contest- ants these winners were judged by Mrs. Earl Davis as having the most original and interesting contributions. Short stories-Marilou Carroll. Essays-Albert Wahlgren. Poetry-Leonard Lute. Sponsors of the magazine are Miss Moe and Miss Iaacks. Everyone is interested in making this magazine an annual publication. THORNTONIAN MANAGING STAFF Seated: Albert Wahl- M's S' 'id gren, 1 s 121 Moe Standing: C 0 r in n e Tarras PUBLICITY BUREAU Back: Barbara Gil- breath, Martha Hayes, Wayne Mc- Mullin Front: Adelaidc- Mil- ler, H e l e n Van Osten ha as it-Jfwyt go Kaleta Kross THORNTONIAN CIRCULATION STAFF Against wall: Lillian Horst, Barbara Gilbreath, Row Row Row Row Row Not TEEN Row Row Row Row Not TEEN Marjorie Bauer, Charleen Pike, Rita Strand, Mary Butler, Kathleen Callahan, Leonard Gill, Don Berwanger, Eileen Nichter l: Marguerite Gloger, Irma Reich, Kate Mangiaracina 2: Clarice Raczkowski, Madge Van Heest, Shirley Kross, lune Hanrahan 3: Betty Rentner, Lucille Papa, Nancy Wahl- qren. 4: Lois Knott, Virginia Fedosky 5: Bob Kroncke, Nelda Berger in picture: Shirley Blackburn, Sarah Rider, Eleanor Romszewicz SALESMEN 1: Emmy Lou Stachowicz, Eileen Nichter, Pat Willis, Thelma Cosgrove, Doris Croak 2: Dolores Rentner, Betty Rentner, Doris Siegrist, Vera Reynolds, lean Ostrowski, Lillian Horst 3: Gertrude Graczyk, Dorothy Kmak, Frances Kaelin, Thelma Hoqqatt, Barbara Hindle, Joann Felsecker 4: Bob March, Albert Reuhl, Bruce McDaniel, Mario Agosta, Bob Kroncke, Dolores Miller, Nancy Wahlqren, Kathleen Callahan, Frances Rogalski in picture: Shirley Blackburn, Virginia Bul- tema, Rosalie Gerken, Dorothy Luther, Margie Sikorski EDITORIAL STAFF Seated: Dolores Miller, Doris Follick, Wilfred Kraegel, Edgar Thedens Standing: Vera Reynolds, Dorothy Ostrander, Doris Sieqrist, Miss Moe, Ianet Searles, Barbara Gilbreath, Iohn Padjen Need We say that had it not been for those hard-Working boys and girls, those students with originality and ingenuity, we would not have this "luscious', CHRONOSCOPE? Every year about March the Thorntonian staff takes a vacation- Well, anyway, a vacation from the Thorntonian. They turn the job of writing the newspaper over to the journalism class as a tryout test to discover journalistic various members of of writing the year and Miss Moe. They slave and editorial staff alone goes to those people which appear in the back pages of this book. A job like this definitely needs an adviser with oomph, and Miss Iaacks undertook this Work with her usual stride. talent for the next year's staff. In the meantime, the original Thorntonian staff take over the work book. They are chosen by the Chronoscope editor slave and slave and-here it is! But, of course, the cannot publish a year book. A great deal of credit who solicit the business men of our city for the ads THORNTONIAN ADVERTISING STAFF Row 1: Betty Rentner, Dolores Rzepczynski Row 2: Lois Knott, Iune Hanrahan, Ieanette Mills Row 3: William Stewart, Arlene Wass, Frances Row 4: Eileen Nichter, Kathleen Callahan, Shirley Row 5: Irma Reich Standing: Miss Iaacks and Lila Mae Winterhoff ja g if 1' 1 --,. 1 'X "N- , f-. N w ' .Av Vg 54.1.91 4 r N' 3 , g. i .-. 4 H' S5 W, sm... . Y . K ,X 1 X LL - A f , f 5 .Q if N. . X? K 2 P," ffl X x'xt: 'V ' A f ., ' i if ' , s'i1-wig Q , , M 3: p .W 2 1, - 3 f ' 5 xv, few W. Q K ' ,Q I :QQ ,tv H 5 i if i k g ilk . Y. 25' Q S is F5 iz 3 3 ' 2, aw- X - Si .. ., I F 4 5 Q f A , A ww ' Q - K K K 5 Q., , v Q, 5 ,Q 5 1 5 Q " fi 5 ' ,f ,kk S g, X rf, .--- S A 11.4-an . X- li, A . -1 - 4 .f W , I Klqi 1? Q 5 5 4 Q sl as 'K . "f Y, 3 r E. r- f 5. Him, wan, Hiatt We're at War! True, we still have our swing bands, our cherry cokes, our home work. But if you ever think that young America is partially oblivious of the war because their peacetime sched- ules are so little disturbed-well, just come to Fractional, abuzz with a variety of war time efforts. There are Miss Martin's and Miss Moe's knitting and bandage rolling groups Cmore recently dissolved because of material shortagesj. The Girls' Club boasts the gift of a S75 war bond pur- chased with profits from a night social. They fostered also the ideas of selling de- fense stamps before school and during lunch periods relieving Mr. Miller of the task, as well as collecting cancelled American stamps which are sold to Eng- lish stamp collectorsg proceeds are used to help buy cots for a London hospital. For our own armed forces the Library Club sponsored a "Books For The Yanks" drive and brought in about 300 books. VVe have air-raid drills, too, with shelters provided for each home-room. Students have been instructed how to ex- tinguish incendiary bombs. Finally, phys- ical fitness is stressed by "Doo, Bascomb and by his clinic assistants. Now what do you think?l DEFENSE STAMPS-Norman Smith. Le Roy Smith, Florence Kulczyk, Mr. Miller, Fred Vorsanger. DEFENSE SOCIAL-Virginia Fedosky, Eli- zabeth Hesselbarth. BOOKS FOR YANKS-Delphine Podraza, Pauline Gloger, Jane Albiniak, Annette Goyke. CLINIC ASSISTANTS - Sophie Sarros. Louise Bergeron, Lydia Rickmann, Dr. Bas- comb. Kate Jansma. KNITTING INSTRUCTORS - Shirley Mead, Dorothy Mayer, Marion Schutz. Row 2: Luella Lorenz, Miss Martin, Jeanette Mills, Dorothy Wallace, Faye Sausaman. Not in picture: Virginia Sulicz, Vera Rey- nolds, Pat Willis. Eleanor Romszewicz, ' KNITTERS-Sitting: Laura Vander Aa, Lois Siedentopf, Mary Ann Ruff, Rose Marie Murray, Juanita Holitield, Dorothy Mazur, Alice Hickman, Florence Lorenz. Standing: Virginia Barth, Pat Willis, Dolores Miller, Jane Schultz, Janet Schultz, Doris Miner, Mary Maginot. Not in picture: Lorraine Warput, Mildred Hedges. BANDAGE MAKING--Sitting: Alma Gal'- land, Martha Haves, Maryann Dutczak, Lydia Rickmann, Reathiel Evanhoff. Stand- ing: Helen Van Osten, Betty Lesmeister. Jane Schultz. Janet Schultz, Dorothy Fren- tress, Miss Moe, Dolores Miller. Not in picture: Shirley Kettwig. A E , -- Front: Ruth Cronkright, Dorothy Barth, Lorraine Kooy, Mac Iohnson, Marion Ellens. Harry Clair, William Skarwecki Back: Lorraine Krisco, Geraldine Wilson Miss Etter not in picture Pmiafa, Row 1: Nora Snyder, Tony Rafulski,.Ricliard Plumpowski, Robert Frevert, Sherni Stoll, Stan Sonnenberg Row 2: Arnold Dekker, Bob Kroncke, Elsie Mill, Lorraine Hill, Elizabeth Hesselhnrth, Luella Malkowski, Iohn Pank, Lillian Scziglak, Dorothy Krass, Loretta Skarhek Row 3: Audrey Eenigenburg, Eleanor Romszewicz, Marguerite Gloger, Harold Spannon Not in picture: Iohn Padien, Lucille Komorowski 63 J 3 ' Row 1: David Borowski, Dick Cassady, Betty lane Weaver, Herbert Breclaw Row Z: Marie Lorenz, Marie Sciacero, Marion Schutz, Helen Yurek, Beatrice Kats, Eileen McLaughlin, Dolores Miller Row 5: Tom Voss, Laverne Zick, Carl Falkenstrom, Mary Ellen Carey, lack Riota, Mar- vin Schultz, Richard Plumpowski, Leonard Lockhart, Billy Stewart Row 4: Harold Spannon, Rudy Iesernig, Iames Swendsen, Annette Borgman Standing: Ioe Leisenfelt, Bob Frevert, Kenny Compeau, Stanley Dembowski, Bob Rentner. Q A S Sw N 'X 13' fi sg , ' V fu If . 'S' ' Q if 5+f2?i1 :X ,895 , , I X . K Q A !k,k 5. 42 455. NN .K fl' X XX V he I Y ' 3. gy 5, x if xx A ? l ,. . f .Q M311 , -. 5 X X Q,,3n . 1 5 ' P Q9 Aw xx QA ix A , Tw, ,3 V ix I .5 - WA NX X x XX X Q X x X vw -mu X51 .. . 1 -4 gxwx, A XX xt 3 SX ,X , X . . , K ff - .if f- - X 1 . - V ' x 1 A . x - f. l M -- bmw -K. 9 Mg, jg., ww -,NW -- f L ! 2 P 0 If xc A it J ' Y 91 1 A231 J! I I N 4 gg we V: 2 9 'o by L VX XA Q Q- X XX A eh v fs' 5 f ' I F K it 1 A 1 S L. l ,H ' anger ' ,. . 11 Q 5 -2 Row 1: Row 2: Row 5: Edward Kuhlman, Gertrude Graczyk, Hazel Namminga, Mr. Christian, Helen jenkins, Dorothy Gorecki, Edward Harthun lohn Grych, Ruth Ianich. Dolores Miller, Beatrice Kats. David Borowski, Dick Cassady, Dorothy Ostrander, Cora Zyla, Eunice Harthun, Frances Genovese, Erwin Gleini, Casmir, Kwiatkowski. Robert March, Howard Barker, Florence Rataiczak, Anna Van Krimpen, Stanley Demhowski, Charlene Zelzer, Eileen McLaughlin, Eugene Bradtke, Richard Plumpowski, lack Riota Not in picture: Salvadore Gulotta, Verne Kraay, Lois Harkema, Michael Pryor. Director: Harold Christian. Tom Voss, Boh Striehel, Oscar Spinler, Alice Plant, Anthony Lietzan, Marion Row 1: . Faverty, Phyllis Harle, lean Fiedler, Arlene Wziss, Charleen Pike, Ioseph Ierz, Daniel Koharko, Harold Winterlioff, Harold Forner. Row 2: Mary Ellen Carey, Ianell Kickert, Emily Szymanski, Florence Lorenz, Bob Sten- herg, Armin Kraegel. Ioyce Isaacson, Milton Van Drunen, Boh Starnes, Eugene Czerkas, Maurice Hopper, Marjorie Bauer, Leonard Katauskas, Glen Tanis, Nor- ma Butler, Paul Buchanan, Bill Stewart Row 5: Doris Larson, Claudine Alward, Betty Lou Tanis, Ianet Fulker, lack Shephard, Frank Gudgeon, Donald VVhite, Sally Kolsut, Betty lean Mitchell, Le Roy Smith. Back: Annette Borgman, Bruce McDanoiel, lames Swendsen, Rudy Iesernig, Louis Fav- erty, Rita Wright, Dona Peeples, Rose Marie Murray, Thais Chipps, lla Isaacson, Ann Ritsema Director: Franklyn Kingdon Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Not in p Mr. Christian, Eileen McLaughlin, Charlene Zelzer. Tom Voss, Anthony Grady, Norman Smith, Iohn Grych, William Stewart Leonard Gill, lack Thaldorf, Bob Rentner, Gordon Huffington, Don Tuttle, Eu gene Annen, Wilfred Kraegel, Herman Ulandowski Ioseph Stephenson, Carl Falkenstrom. Robert Van Osten, Iohn Yonke, Harvey Dean, Harold Perkins, Stanley Demhowski, Leonard Lockhart, Donald Berwan get, VVayne McMullin, Melvin Hoge, Albert Wahlgren, Roh Starnes, lack Riota Kenyon Tweedell icture: Paul Cantrell, Michael Pryor 6'adzLU Christ Kovacheff, Erwin Cfleim, Iune Oherla, Helen Ienkins, Louis Faverty, Mr. Kingdon, Eunice Har-- thun, Casmir Kwiatkowski, Adam Bona. Not in picture: Sarah Rider. 1 n 19zla,'Kho1um, Row 1: Nina Cusick, Rella Rae Rex, Marie Cole, Phyllis Alward, Wilma Bennett, Helena Pactwa, Ann Marie Olsen, Catherine Mangiaracina, Ieanette Klein, Florence Lynn Row 2: Betty Huizenga, Ioyce Isaacson, Vera Reynolds, Doris Siegrist, Dorothy Kreiger, Betty Weaver, Helen Snyder, Virginia Barth, lean Kikkert, Alma Garland, Dolores Miller Row 3: Barbara Gilhreath, Lois Cederholm, Captola Morgan, Hazel Namminga, lune Iansen, Helen lenkins, Betty Powell, Iune Horn, Delores Yarck, Pat Regnier, Sally Kolsut Row 4: Anna Mae Cwetna, Rose Dennenberg, Mariorie Nowak, Bernice Magdziak, Flor- ence Polka, Doris Fuehrmeyer, Wilene Steinkraus, Ioann Felsecker. Elizabeth Hesselbarth, Betty Ann Rappe, Angie Vitale Unable, Row 1 back: Thelma Hoggutt, Virginia Fedosky, Erma Aulr, Marilyn Crane, Ioan Hollowell, Doris Recker. Row 2 back: Doris Barton, Marjorie Bauer, Evelyn Ault, Phyllis Nordaker, Cecil Parker, Lila Mae VVinrerhoff. VICTCDRY MUSIC FESTIVAL Iune 1, 1942 Athletic Field 8:00 P. M. Orchestra Star Spangled Banner 21. b. In A Chinese Temple Garden ,I ,,t..,I I is Ketelbey Double Sextet a. White Cliffs of Dover I Kent b. Tea For Two S sssss S I Youman c. Braid The Raven Hair I is I Sullivan Folk Dance Country Gardens. ss.oo.s, to Grainger Meistersingers a. Up On The Mountain I t.., .. I .I I Davis b. There's A Man Goin' Roun' Takin' Names as I . . Spiritual C. Sally ssis.sI.t., , ....ssss,isiI.,I,..,.,..,.s...,t.,......... ti,ts is Old Texas Plantation Song Cornet Solo by lack Riota Bride of the Wavesc ,i,ee.,e, Clarke Freshman Girls a. New Vienna .S .I . Strauss b. Poems eeee eete C .ee.. .. Fibich Girls' Chorus a. The Desert's Song of Peace I , S ,Olds b. Lullaby .ccci . .e,,cc ,cicic . iec. .C Brahms c. Beautiful Dreamer, S ...I I Foster Band E It a. On The Mall is cc.c Goldman b. Rimsky Korsakov Melodies ,.cec , Arr. hy Yoder c. Knightsbridge March .I is I I ,. ,,ccc I I S cccCoates From the "London Suite" d. Memories of Stephen Foster , Arr. by Cailliet Combined Chorus My Own U.S.A .cs,, I ,C ccic c.,c I I .ici .I ccccc VVestphal Directors: Accompanists: Harold Christian Katherine Brazzill Helen Brazzill Charlene Zelzer Franklyn Kingdon . W Eileen McLaughlin Mary Shemaitis f-.ii Tom Voss Clarence Koedyker Doris Follick Announcer--Edgar Thedens fm v .mf K x K' . 1 Q SX N Y 6 K U ,Sax x .1 K Q53 Sz fl X ' .W ' Q f,,vf N Q sa ,Q Z -,,. K 'P JRR f'- 1 " Q' i? f5 it N. Q Iti, W is .I Q - 1 X , N .I . ' g h r 'f G '1-- lk 5 . ' ,b Q9 Xi v Q ' f-eww?-+.' A .W ,f , j "'k E Q. .wif 'Y fimsifjif .. ,. A xssm Q - ' Q- A X. 'A in s it N-"4 xx fr S' Q Q S QQ? PN - 1 3? H N a r , . i t, . s 1 forgotten, it rolled along something like this .... Olgmbe The curtain went up to the strains of "Song of the Isles" and onto the stage hulaed twelve luscious hula girls-grass skirts, leis and all. However, their dance was soon broken up by Albert Wahlgren, who came running in to carry out the story which concerned a vaudeville troupe stranded on a South Sea Island. As another boat was not expected for some time, the troupe decided to put on a little en- tertainment for the islanders and also to be entertained by the islanders, who at the com- mand of their chief, Edgar Thedens, consented to help pass the time by providing some native songs and dances. Betty Ann Rappe an Englishwoman comes into the scene and continues to pester the "chiefy" throughout the show. ' Also making his first appearance was Gordon Hagdohl, a native, who ran through the scenes carrying a glass of water to put out the fire in the volcano. Angie Vitale, dressed in a sarong, crooned "Moon of Manachurav. Ioan Schuman, not to be outdone by a native, did a tap dance on roller skates. - ., l ,. - fi? . .a., QM 45 .xgri-V 405' -Pfifzxx t , V govt ,cm C i ' . Y-YQCPOGCSOOX The 1941 Carnival was a record record-smasher W,,atf:29H,,,isSC Q . ,an Cm in a year full of smashed records. WW ar? ,e,a nggggjlq . . ,B wa. G , ,mm For example, it was the first year that the show +3g5',t?In'ig:Q'3n33,l V'-t J . . 1 in G' me-v , was written by T. F. students, for this year's show, 'few ,X,.nfj wait .. . . . . ,sw ,moe ,xinlu "Hawaiian Holidayv, was the brain child of Angie ,,,,i55-3g,,cY,a 'Q . . . x'oU'le,, ' r Vitale and was written by Albert Wahlgren, Marilou 'ifsgfwiw wxeenmiattioa X . - X . Carroll, Elizabeth Hesselbarth, and Virge Fedosky. ,ii-' aoarfocfffg . . . . wr t cp' They did a swell job of it too. lust in case you've 1swSl"',ms.W"l N . CARNIVAL PRINCIPALS Seated: Row 1-Irma Reich, Phyllis Harle, Anne Marie Olsen, Wilene Steinkraus, Captola Morgan, Doris Fuehrymeyer, Florence Kulczyk, Dolores Miller Row 2-Betty Anne Rappe, Billy Stewart, Myrl Larrance Standing: Barbara Gilbreath, Albert Wahl- gren, Pat Lauerman, Edgar The- dens, Grace Iones, Lila Mae Win- terhoff, Marilou Carroll, Kather- ine Boglarsky SAILORS TAP Seated: Leonard Gill, Betty Mae Lorenz Standing: Pauline Gloger, Iohn Grych, Rita Wright, Iack Riota, Tom Voss, Stan Dembowski, Ieanette Mills, Dolores Bogacz 7---Y Barby Gilbreath sang "It was Wonderful Then" to her hero Dom Vitale in the role of Bobo. The Man on the Street entered with a group of followers. Maybe you recognized Marilou Carroll as the announcer and Kathryn Bog- larsky, Pat Lauerman, Grace Iones, and Phyl- lis Harle as the gang of beach combers who carried out the clever scene. As they left, the advanced tap group dis- played some lovely costumes as well as some quick footwork. laine Iones. Soloists and Special Acts Wayne McMullin, plantation owner, strolled in with Lila Mae Winterhoff and in- vited the entire group to a party at his home that evening. After Lila sang "I'll Never Let a Day Pass Byh the curtain dropped on the first act. Pirates' Den-Meistersingers Concession Intermediate Tap-Ianet Searles, Charlene Zelzer, Abby Abblett, Virgina Barth, Ger- trude Dobis, Lorraine Hill, Evelyn Thompson, Ioyce Carr, Dorothy Mazur, Marjorie Lutz. Hula Dancers Shirley Blackburn, Elizabeth Hesselbarth, Betty Renter Sophie Sarros, Virginia Fedosky, Lois Knott Bar bara Gilbreath, Dorothy Wojcik, Lillian Horst Evelyn Dabich, Mary E Boogit Dancers-Catherine Mangiaracina, Emmy Lou Stachowicz, Marjorie No- wak, Ioan Panfil, Ila Isaac- son, Lorraine Miller, Mary Iean Butler, lean Haney, Bernice Magdziak. Emma Peters, mistress of ceremonies, announced the second act, and the curtains part- ed on a darkened stage softly flooded with tropical moonlight. The Double Sextette sang the lovely "Intermezzo',. 'LYou Stepped out of a Dream" was sung by Harold Perkins, and Marilyn Crane and it sounded as if it had 'Lstepped out of a dream". The "Merry Widow Waltz" was sung by Doris Recker while the waltz ballet moved back and forth across the beach in a graceful weaving pattern. Marie Cole and Mac Bud- zowski followed with a beautiful waltz that displayed real talent. "It's a Blue Worldng at least thatis what Myrl Larrance said in the song that follow- ed-and said it very nicely too. To break up our slow and easy mood "The Music Breakers," Stan Dembowski, Mich- ael Pryor, lack Riota, and Bob March entered with a little peppy music and the announce- Advanced Tap - Dolores Rentner, Eileen Murrin, Pauline Gloger, Lois Sieden- topf, leanette Mills, Ioann Felsecker, Betty Lorenz, Dolores Bogacz, Rita Wriht. ment that a ship was off shore. Some of the sailors and the girls in the troupe teamed up and presented a sailor tap to the tune of "Ap- ple Blossom Time." A trio composed of Myrl Larrance, Doris Recker, and Virge Fedosky sang "Blue Cham- pagne" and the act closed with a toe tap by Mary Elaine Iones. The third act started off with a bang-and a charlonga to 'RNight and Day". Ieanette Mills and Rita Wright presented a novel spec- ialty dance-and very cute it was. FOOTBALL HULA DANCERS Lewis Galik, Tom Glick, Harold Perkins, Russell Buhring, Tom Shaffer, Bob Rentner, Charles Cul- lum, Pete Bereolos, Archie Ross, Dominick Vitale. F l i Our heroes-the football team, then gave the "Hawaiian War Chant," and Lorraine Kimmet as their mommy sang to "Daddy", Robert Stenberg. Next Lorraine sang "Blue Hawaii". Eileen Murrin, in a cellophane hula skirt, performed an acrobatic dance. Then as the vaudeville troupe left the is- land, the chorus and hula group bade them farewell forever with the "Aloha Chorus". The attention after this turned to the dance, where Wayne Mcfvlullin and Virge Fedosky were crowned King and Queen of the Carnival. Gross receipts of the Carnival were EBI,- 51730, while expenses were 25792.30 leaving a net profit of 25725. This net profit was divided as follows: Girls' Club, 3108.753 Boys' Club, 310875, Publications, SS217.50g Assembly Pro grams, 15290.00 Mr. Lockhart crowns Virginia Fedosky and Wayne McMullin King and Queen of the Carnival. Marie Cole and Mack Budzowski do a solo waltz. Photography Club Concession. Robert March, Stanley Dembow- ski, lack Riota and Mike Pryor form an instrumental quartet. Harold Perkins and Marilyn Crane vocalize. The Boys' Club Concession-Tun key Raffle. Eileen McLaughlin, Charlene Zel- zer and Doris Follick-Accompan- ists. 1 1 4 1 Iohn Pad jen Archie Ross Tom Glick Dominic Vitale x Tom Shaffer Coach Petree lim Giglio Stan Sonnenberg Roosevelt Sidote Lou Galik Co Bud Long loger ai Pdfma, Gum, ' Champs for the second consecutive grid season! Yes sir, with ten lettermen to build around, Coach Petree did it again! After a shaky start, the Meteors regained their characteristic fighting spir- it to be one of the finest teams in the district in capturing the coveted crown of the South Suburban Conference for the fifth time in the last seven years. In booking only the most reputable outfits of the area, Coach Petree guided the Calumet City team to 6 wins, 2 losses, and one tie. It was the toughest 'schedule in the history of the school. During the 1941 season the light, but hard charging Meteors compiled one of the best defensive records of any Illinois high school. Against eight state prep elevens, the "stateliners" held their op- ponents to a scant 14 points. Pat Harmon, Champaign News-Gazette sports scribe, who has viewed more school-boy clubs than any man in the state, remarked following the Meteor-Harvey tussle: "Calumet City has one of the hardest tackling teams in Illinois". The "pigskin par- day night, September ed Lew Wallace, North- the previous season. Al- advantage due to the Ill- permitting teams to be- tember, the Meteors hefty "Hornet', club, tack had been smoothed month of daily practice outweighed Purple and An overflowing crowd to a 20 to 0 victory. Lew the season undefeated Instructions ade" was launched Fri- 12, against Gary's tout- ern Indiana prepchamp though at a decided dis- inois H.S.A.A. rule not gin practice until Sep- fought gallantly, but the whose hard running at- to perfection by over a began to tear into the Gold for repeated gains. saw the Gary team roll Wallace went through and was awarded the Indiana State Championship. Outstanding player of the contest was a gent by the name of Iulius Ratajovich, an all-state halfback. "Ioltin"' Iulius is said to have been the hottest ball carrier on the other side of the state line since famed Tom Harmon roamed the Hoosier gridirons for Gary's Horace Mann, a con- ference competitor of the "Hornets" After a week of ironing out the rough spots the Meteors traveled to lack Benny's home town, Waukegan, a first rate member of the strong suburban League. Old Sol poured on the heat that blister- ing Saturday afternoon and kept both teams on an even scale till the third quarter when Iohnson, 79 80 Row 1: Coach Petree, Stan Sonnenberg, Roosevelt Sidote, Bud Long, Lou Galik, Iohn Padjen, co- Capt. Dominic Vitale, Archie Ross, Tom Shaffer, Cologer Monestere, Iim Gigilio, Mr. Kelly Row Z: Coach Young, Tom Glick, Edward Kuhlman, Russell Buhring, Ted Piertzak, Wallace Cos- grove, Eugene Sobczyk, Chester Mazur, Charlie Cullum, Billy Freyman, Edward Skarwecki, lack La Noue, Leonard Lockhart Row 3: George Dockweiler, Albert Wisowaty, Don Zimmerman, Bob Rentner, Dwaine Willet, Pete Bereolos, Harold Perkins, Clarence Nowaczyk, Conrad Pochran, Ed Iarosz Waukegan's star colored halfback, took a short pass in the flat and raced thirty yards for the only score of the tilt. The loss was TF's second in as many starts and Fractional's optomistic supporters were beginning to wonder if they had overrated the experienced senior outfit. The answer came six days later. Meeting their first league opponent, Kankakee, Friday night, the determined Fractional boys turned on their potenial power to be on the long end of a 34-0 score. Touchdowns were made by Sonnenberg, La Noue, Sobczak, and Shaffer. The educated toe of Perkins added 3 extra points and an attempted conversion by Vitale was also good. With fire in their eyes, the Meteorites, who had returned to their true form, ran wild on the Blue Island gridiron the following Saturday, afternoon. With every man on the squad seeing action, the "Islanders" were slaughtered 39 to 0. Being held to 7 points the first half, Fractional over-ran the "Ponies" in the last two periods to score 5 touchdowns. The Meteors' tight defense held Blue Island to a gain of 28 yards and one first down while their offensive clicked for 294 yards. Big "Gootch" Sobczak plunged from the one yard Ed Iarosz mark to the first two scores and Bill Freyman was credited with 18 Football Manager points. A pass interception by Don Zimmerman gave TF the final A six points. October 10 took the high flying Petreemen to Harvey, where they Xi .X V - X met the heaviest school boy team in the state. The Meteors, whose forward wall averaged 170 pounds were outweighed 25 pounds to a man. The Wildcats took the kickoff and were immedi- ately on the march. Advancing the pigskin to the 17 yard line, it appeared that Harvey's superior weight had already decided the contest. But Fractional's line fought gallantly with their backs to the wall and threw the "Flying Clouds" for four straight losses totaling 19 yards. From then on it was anybody's ball game. A desperate last minute Calumet City drive put the football on Har- veyxs five yard line, but the weighty Lipe Aggregation frustrated the Meteor attack. The thrilling contest ended in a scoreless tie. Thornton Fractional's first Home Coming, held October 24, was a great success by virtue of our victory over Bloom of Chicago Heights. ln a see-saw battle that went from one end of the field to the other, the Meteors were able to eke out a 6 to 0 score over the Trojans. Vitale's 25 yard pass to La Noue in the end zone proved to be the margin of victory. November 1 will be a date long remembered by the boys on the 1941 football squad. On the Argo gridiron that had a close resemblance to a miniature Lake Michigan due to a three day down- pour, the two teams wallowed back and forth in the mud for the league championship. The Meteors captured the only score of the game in the opening minutes of play and held on to their 6 to O lead until the final gun. Again it was a pass from Vitale to La Noue, made possible by "Bull', Padjen. The victory over the Argonauts clinched the title for Thornton Fractional. It was the South Suburban vs the Big Eight on November 6. Playing in a blinding snowstorm, Fractional scored and Perkins converted in the early minutes of play to hand Elgin, who was l W Qs Fil?-5.2 as V Co-Captains Vitale and Pad- Close Quarters jen talk it over with Coach. runner-up in the Big Eight, a 6 to 0 downfall. It was the third straight contest to be decided by a touchdown pass. This time it was Galik who grabbed one dose of Vitale's tosses. Elgin, using the famed T formation did not score until the final period. Failure of the "Watch City" to penetrate the stalwart Meteor line for extra point cost them a tie. The Petreemen rang down the curtain of the 1941 football season by inflicting a crushing defeat on the Warriors of Hammond Catholic Central 26 to 0. It was sweet revenge for the Calumet City lads, who were held to a scoreless tie the previous year. The Meteors cracked the Hoosiers' line to bits in repeated drives, but were held to four touchdowns. Beautiful runs by Giglio and Vitale enabled them to cross paydirt, but penalties recalled the touchdown sprints. Perkins's well-directed conversions gave the Meteors two points. The outstanding feature of the Meteor offense during the successful grid season was the splendid aerial attack. Final records show the Meteors to have complete 54 of 49 passes attempted and six of the 18 touchdowns were via the sky route. A trio of teams, Bloom, Argo, and Elgin were defeated as a result of a touchdown pass. Of the 24 monogram winners, 15 are seniors, and will be sorely missed. A tense Moment in the Bloom LaNoue Game Perkins You may not know it, but there are future Tom Harmons, Don Hutsons, "Bulldog" Turn- ers, and other gridiron heroes in the picture below. Yes, sir, it is the Frosh-Soph squad coached by Aitken Young, which compiled 97 points to their opponents' 38, in winning six out of eight tilts. The Youngsters finished second in the "Kidlet', division of the South Suburban League. Impressive victories were turned in against Lew Wallace, Kankakee, Blue Island, Morgan Park, Bloom, and Argo. A heart breaking loss occurred to the Meteors in the final appearance of the season against Elgin. After battling to a scoreless tie for 60 minutes the Elgin backfield was in motion on the last la of the ame. The un sounded and the contest was over but another ila had to be run P Y g 8 5 I Y due to the penalty. It was a Hollywood finish as the "Watch City" connected for a touchdown pass, spelling defeat for Calumet City. Two fumbles cost Fractional the Iunior title in the SS. Loop. With the score tied 7 to 7 at halftime, Harvey took advantage of tough breaks in the last two periods as TF fumbled on their 8 and 11 yard line and the "Wildcats" immediately pushed the pigskin across paydirt on both occasions to win the league Championship. Showing promise and consistency throughout the season were Pomelia, Nondorf, Hoge, Has- iak, N21gY, Dunn, Mathews, and Knoerzer. Row 1: Grant Matthews, Pete Pryz, Tom Pochron, Ioe Shutoski, Capt. Mike Nagy, Tom Trembczynski, Leonard Katauskas, Frank Zela, Anthony Sulicz, Henry Linkie- wicz, Mgr. l Row 2: Mgr. Mike Skiba, Albert Wisowaty, Dan Sestakauckas, Carl Merlo, Glen Van Der Aa, lack Dunn, Leonard Hasiak, Melvin Hoge, Ted Dobrowolski, Ioe Pomilia, Frank Nitz, Coach Young. Row 3: Leo Adamkiewicz, Stanley Orzel, Frwin Gleim, Ed Nondorf, Ioe Falvo, Stanley Knoerzer, Tony Miniuk, Robert Heimbuch, Mike Dobrynski, Rudy Iesernig, Iames Czarnecki. Row I: Conrad Pochron, Edward Nondorf, Capt. Mack Budzowski, Teddy Pietrzak, Archie Ross, Lou Galik, Coach Young. Row 2: Donald Maciejewski, Manager, Ioe Creviston, Iohn Zacny, Richard Ianovich, Francis Iones, Dwaine Willett, Don Zimmerman, Bill Freyman, Dominic Vi- tale, Danny Sestakauckas. ,9 ' nfmn Ctfhan Anticipation of a successful basketball season was running high when all but two of the 40-41 "hardwood" athletes reported to Coach Young for the first practice ses- sions. At the close of the season, the Meteors found themselves tied with Argo for the number two spot in the South Suburban Conference and a record of ll wins against 7 setbacks. Although the win and loss columns imply that the Purple and Gold did not live up to expectations, the team showed impressiveness even in losing. Two encounters were lost by a single point, while a trio of defeats came after two first string members of the squad graduated at mid-year. The net season started with a bang as the Meteors downed in succession Peotone, Blue Island, Kankakee, Lockport, and Argo. The highly touted Harvey outfit admin- istered TF their first defeat followed by losses to Hammond, Clark, and Chicago Heights. In the next three encounters, Calumet City's opponents, Blue Island, Gilman, and Kankakee, finished on the short end of the score. The Meteors, again meeting the "Wildcats" of Harvey and Argo. took it on the chin in both tilts, but the sixteen game schedule was completed with decided wins over Bloom. and over Elmhurst, the West Suburban Champs. if ,Q .. ,SS H i: v X 5 f ' 5 I 1. E .. 9 X 1 x . Y- K -r 0 Q ' L W A . I L. A A E . .W - A . . .. 5 . xk V 1, .i Q x - K . . . X Q 1 . gm 3 3 K .. . .. 2 X 1 - .. - ' . ' P- ., - f X ' H 2 S Q- fi- x Q f 1 . .. Q- .. . . Nww - : I.: . N wg' 5 xiii! ' . L f - . g k: 4 QL S P1 ,. '1 . sv ' im : . .Gm X 5. X, ..: r. K . . i ff Q ' H , ijffg xi? A K. LL,... X x.. ,R if I X A 1 ' W + mf x , Q.. K 3 - -p X 5 , Q 2 is agus K ai ' QVC ' "X -gf . 1 A ,gi .. 1 E 0 I ' 'X I 4 ' , 3 Lf I Q We ' ,P .gg A X .43 3, ,K 4, g Q .lg . K i L . s . Q v ii ,f X . . , xt. . 1 Z x .4 A .4 im , N . - ., J g S 4 Q If . B af !i ,V 5 1 E X.. ' . in . BQ, I Q, L,.. .I 6 I KX. Y! fe ' 1 ,- ff s ,-T .. i I W my 9 6 Q1 X 3 E ' 1 x. K A - A K. A A L ...i A .i 1: x - K K K . - - K . . ... JA K- .SSK V E X K x . ff. N.. L' 3. ,. , 5.5. 3 K N sw.. - K , , , . .. X. - . I. .:-- iii f . I -E I -' , 1. , Q ' - v A s v W . ' V' , . .. . L " .. 'fgf ' as - it i . ., K. - J: . .R -. Q, , -- 1. , .. I X x kg. k Q. . wx . X w g 5. ta. ., - X Qx A " sa v - 1 if gibiq.. 5 A . -- ' ,s f-. - f -3 E X xp . , -xf A -:lsr QW.. . 'N X 2 X kk . .. ' " ... ff.- .Q N41 -x el 1 ' , Q - 5 . - '- LH XX - ' 'y 'K 29 A' .i S5 . x .. i W. Ns' W- Tig 'XX . 1 . A ' - . . . K Q V fx- K KEN YY - 'z ' x X Ti " .5 T- 4 vigrx na: .1-X. , - - X 1 . J . .. Q5:,,L., -- if L- -V... + . ' ' x X fig -- ...X X k -i t-1 X X 4 A . . 5. A .. 1: al A. . .- ,. L . Iones to Nondorf Appearing at the Chicago Heights regional, the Calumet City aggregation were given an excellent chance to win the tournament, especially after registering a crushing 44 to 17 victory over Peotone in their first tilt. The season came to an abrupt halt the following night as twice beaten Blue Island handed Coach Youngs boys a close 22 to 20 defeat. Meteor basketball fans are looking to next season with a great amount of optimism as only two letter winners will be lost by graduation. The Monogram boys are: MACK BUDZOWSKI-elected honorary captain. Mack in his first year as a heavy- ' weight displayed much of the drive at forward as he showed when a member of the Kiesterites. Budzowski is a senior. BILL FREYMAN-in his first year as a varsity player, Bill stamped himself the most consistent member of the squad. Freyman led the team in scoring. LEW GALIK-Lew's height was sorely missed after his mid-semester graduation. Excellent offensive player. Had an average close to 10 points a game. TED PIETRZAK-a big boy who added defensive strength to Coach Young's ag- gregation. When the going gets tough you can count on Ted to hold the team together. ARCHIE ROSS-the heaviest man on the team. Archibald could be counted on with his aggressiveness to add en ihusiasm to any contest. FRANCIS IONES-Another tall boy. Filled in the center spot nicely after Galik graduated. Outstanding player of the York upset with 6 baskets. DAN SESTAKAUKAS-only a sophomore, Danny is looking forward to the next two years. Has plenty of size. Good in controlling rebounds. ED NONDORF-small but fast. Eddie should develop into a great hardwood i athlete. Nondorf is a sophomore. DON ZIMMERMAN-"Zim" showed what he had toward the end of the season. A fast guard, Don should be one of the mainstays of the squad next year. Galik Goes up in the air. Jfwalz. 6'a4.4n.f6alL y Row 1: George Van Slyke, Sam Caruso, Eddie Imes, Anthony Abate, Mike Ferrantella, Iimmy Lynde. Row 2: Mr. Petree, George Hacker, Tony Miniuk, Mario Agosta, Ioe Pomilia, Iames Newell, Leonard Telechon, Henry Walerowicz flvlanagerj. Top Row: Peter Ziemkowski, Frank Rogers, Richard Finck, Robert Rybicki, Fred Vor- sanger fManagerj, Mike Skiba, Leonard Katauskas, Al Novak, Russell Burke. J c6'a4Aat6alL Date Opponent Where Played They We Dec. 12 Hammond Tech Home game 17 12 Dec. 20 Kankakee Home game 14 23 Ian. 9 Geo. R. Clark Hammond 12 9 Ian. 13 Whiting Home game 18 12 Ian. 15 Blue Island Home game 16 33 Ian. 23 Roosevelt fEast Chicagoj Home game 42 34 Ian. 30 Hammond Tech Home game 26 20 Ian. 31 Kankakee Kankakee 26 29 Feb. 6 Roosevelt East Chicago 17 12 Feb. 7 Geo. R. Clark Home game 11 15 Feb. 11 Whiting Whiting 23 7 Feb. 13 Blue Island Blue Island 15 9 Feb. 25 Bloom Chicago Heights 23 22 Won 4 Lost 9 Total Points: TF 237, Opponents 260 Row 1: Iohn Cipolla, Wally Horvatich, Iohn Pank, Art Ollrich, Bert Swanson. Row 2: Carl Sciackitano, Dean Culp, Charlie Gulotta, Edward Kuhlman, lack La Noue. Row 3: 'Coach Kiester, George Burkhart, Bob March, Henry Zalewski, Mgr. Iimmy Staton. 'The T. F. Lightweights rule the South Suburban hardwood again! With a league record of 11 wins and one defeat, the Meteors captured the title for the third time in the past four seasons under the expert guidance of Coach Iackson Kiester. The highly successful 17 game schedule was completed with the Purple and Gold topping the score on fifteen occasions. Entering the Blue Island Sectional Tournament March 18 as a co-favorite with Til- den Tech of Chicago, the stateliners downed their first opponent, Parker QWest Chi- cago Champsj to the tune of 28 to -11 and then fell before their arch rivals, Tilden, 27 to 16. The Kidlets had opened the season on December Z with an easy victory over Ham- mond Tech, 27 to 7, and followed three days later with another onesided victory over Blue Island, 41 to 19. lt took the Meteors overtime to eke out a scant 21 to Z8 win over Kankakee the 12. On December 19, Lockport came to town to try their luck against the fast stepping Kiesterites, but they too ended on the short end of the count, Z5 to 10. The following night the team traveled to Crete and again were victorious. After a two weeks, lay-off over the Christmas Holidays the Kiesterites lightened their hold on first place by hand- ing Argo a neat 45 to 18 licking on the home floor. The following night it was Harvey's turn to go down in defeat before the mighty Meteor Cagers on their own hardwood aa to the tune of 29 to 12. 1 1 ally HOfVaI1Ch Bert Swgnggn and Chicago Heights were met City's list. The Hoosier Clark Cof Hammondj the next victims on Calu- lads were downed 37 to 15 nights later Bloom netted on the "Trojan" court. the 23rd, the Kids routed 33 to 14 as Art Ollrich hit night, however, the team and had trouble beating a Kankakee came to Calumet and "Bones" Horvatich dis- ing 19 points. Horvatich scored 6 points within 45 remembered. A week later Lockport and dealt the Iohn Pank on Ianuary 13, and three 10 points to Fractional's 25 Traveling to Blue Island the still weak "Islanders" four 17 points. The next showed signs of tightening fair Crete varsity 27 to 25. City for a return contest pleased the visitors by scor- was so hot that he actually seconds, a feat long to be the Lights journeyed to home town boys a 31 to 14 lacing. On Friday the 13th of February, the Kiesterites met their Waterloo when they en- countered a scrappy Harvey five. A last second "Wildcat" basket gave the Purple and Gold their first loss, 19 to 18, and ended the victory string at number 13. However, the title was clinched at Argo the following night as the stateliners won 38 to 20. Bloom, the final league opponent, was subdued the 20th of March on the home floor 18 to 13. The second defeat of the season hit the Kiesterites the 27th. After letting up from their championship drive the West Suburban Champs, Elmhurst, whipped the boys 26 to 22 to write "finish" to the impressive season. Every man on the squad expressed his gratitude when ludge Finneran, a former board member, presented the champs with gold basketballs to compliment their ac- complishment. Much credit should be given to Iackson Kiester, fifteen year veteran lightweight mentor. Through his cunning and knowledge of the game, Kiester has constantly turned out brilliant aggregations. His popularity with the boys has been the main factor in the success of T. F. Lightweight squads. A Art Ollrich Iohnny Cipolla , O I I Jiqhtwruqht Wlonoqlzam, ffjlllllflld IOHN PANK-Captain of the squad. Iohnny's excellent defensive ability was a main fac- tor in holding the opponents to a 16 ZX3 point average. BERT SWANSON-In the pivot spot, Bert was the most improved player on the club. Didnit shoot much, but when he did the ball usually went through the basket. WALLY HORVATICH-The classiest all around lightweight in a decade. Strong de- fensive player and runner-up in points scored. Biggest man on the team. Will play heavy- weight ball next season. IOHN CIPOLLA-The other senior member of the first five. Operating at forward. Iohn was a valuable man on offensive. ART OLLRICH-Little Art is following his brother Eugene becoming a T.F. basketball star. Has uncanny ability for field goals. High scorer for the Kiesterites. ' ED KUHLMAN-"Shorty" was the sixth man on the team. His aggressiveness proved to be a valuable asset to Coach Kiester's attack. CHARLES GULATTA-Charly, only a sophomore, will develop into a good lightweight. Likes to hit long shots. DEAN CULP-A senior always giving his best. Dean proved to be a good team man. BOB MARCH-One of the smallest players on the squad. Bob will be back next year. GEORGE BURKHART-a Lansing product with a good eye. You will hear plenty from him next year. CARL SCIAKITANO--Stocky Carl played a good game at guard. An excellent long shot artist. IACK LA NOUE-Grid hero who likes action. Good on a fast break. Likes to shoot. HENRY ZALEWSKI-This Burnham flash likes to mix it up. Another sophomore who has a good eye for field goals. hob March Charlie Gulotta Dean Culp Carl Sciackitano Date Opponent Dec. 2 Hammond Tech 5 Blue Island 12 Kankakee 19 Lockport 20 Crete Ian. 9 Argo 10 Harvey 13 Hammond Clark 16 Bloom 23 Blue Island 24 Crete Qheavyweightj 30 Kankakee Feb. 6 Lockport 13 Harvey 14 Argo 20 Bloom 27 York CElmhurstj Blue Island Tournament Mar. 18 Parker 19 Tilden Tech SEASON RECORD Won 163 Lost 3 Total Points, T.F., 5685 Opponents, 331 Place Home game Home game Kankakee Home game Crete Home game Harvey Hammond Chicago Heights Blue Island Home game Home game Lockport Home game Argo Home game Home game Blue Island Blue Island They We 7 27 19 41 28 31 10 35 17 43 18 42 12 29 15 37 10 25 14 33 25 27 20 33 14 31 19 18 20 38 13 18 26 22 11 28 Z7 16 'nry Zalewski Iack La Nouc Mgr. Iimmy Staton George Burkhart Edward Kuhlman XS N W X s 22 gg X xx is Q ' Intl ,, K E ',A. A i , 5 5 " .s::, :, X PS ' ..::: xf, 1 s ' .. , L .diy ip X X 9 - .- ,..: X ,,1.-.- zl, ' QQQ wQ1wSQQgwikww f 9 ks Eagiix 'QM n'6 Q. Q Q ii A F nz: .. LL' i I Mn' !5ES5u ,y xx 9 --M ?M41g2cU ggi k h 6 ,v fave -fm -I 4 x fA ' A , l i V QZ i25' A z8ruZd4, gon. Jutwuz, With only two lettermen back, Lucien Trimbur and Tom Felsecker, Coach Kelly knew that an outstanding record could not be accomplished. He, therefore, planned to build for the future. Although victorious in only three out of eleven meets, the future, indeed, looks encouraging for the Fractional "Splashers' as a number of talented under-- classmen were discovered. Those who gained swimming monograms this year were: LUCIEN TRIMBUR . . Senior . . . Captain of the tank squad. Was high point man on the team. TOM FELSECKER . . . Senior . . . Tom was the diving specialist of the Kellymen. A two year veteran. IOE STASIAK . . . Iunior . . . A hard worker . . Hopes to be as great as his brother Pete, a former Meteor star. ROBERT SULLIVAN . . . Sophomore . . . Second high point man. With two sea- sons ahead of him, Bob should develop into an outstanding swimmer. FRANK GUDGEON . . . Sophomore . . . Shows great promise and will be back next year to add to his laurels. WALTER RAASCH . . . Senior . . . "Walt" swam the free style and added many a point to Meteors' total. HERMAN BAXTER . . . Iunior . . . Always swam a good race. Kelly expects Herman to be a valuable team man next year. GLEN VANDER AA . . . Iunior . . . A big boy with plenty of strength for the distance. HARRY SPANNON . . . Iunior . . . Harry was the efficient manager whose handy work was enjoyed by every member of the squad. IAMES HENDERSON . . . Senior . . . Another serious loss. Swam in the free-style. VARSITY Row 1: Coach Potts, Ray Kmak, John Vez- mar, William Korten- hoven. Row 2: Jack Solomon. George Whitmire, Leo Hodur, Milton Van Drunen, Wallace Cos- grove, Bob Rentner, Jack Thaldorf, Carl Falkenstrom. RESERVES Row 1: Martin Rach. Bob Kmak, Irving Weinberg, Coach Potts. Row 2: Eugene Gras- ka, Oscar Spindler, Eugene Brinkman, Harold Re-cker,' Mel- vin Porter. Not in picture: Alfred Price. CU gmpfwun. Although getting off to a bad start, the "grunt and groan" squad of T. F. improved amazingly as the season progressed to give them an even break in fourteen meets. In the last seven matches the Meteors were victorious in five, defeating previous opponents who had soundly whipped Calumet City early in the mat season. Outstanding. wrestler under Coach Potts was Ray Kmak, captain in his junior year and reelected co-captain for i4l-'42, Ray was victorious in 68 matches during his high school career and the only athlete' to beat the State Champion, Parsons, of Proviso. Lettermen of the wrestling team are: RAYMOND KMAK .... Senior .... Captain in his junior year. Re-elected Co-Captain. Took a second in State Tournament. Won 68 high school matches. WILLIAM KORTENHOVEN .... Junior .... Proved to be a dependable and trustworthy manager. JOHN VEZMAR .... Senior .... Co-Captain of the squad. Will be sorely missed next season in the 125 lb. class. JACK SOLOMON .... Junior .... One of the mainstays of Coach Potts's outfit. Small but tough. CARL FALKENSTROM .... Sophomore .... Could always be counted on to add points to Fractional's score. One of the outstanding members of the- team. GEORGE WHITMIRE .... Senior .... George is a boy who always gives his best. A good team man. ROB- ERT KMAK .... Junior .... Hopes to fill the shoes of his brother. Showed plenty of strength in the 135 lb. class. ROBERT RENTNER .... Senior .... one of the most spirited boys on the squad. Showed determination. LEO HODUR .... Senior .... another veteran who will be missed when the "grunt and groan" season rolls around. WALLACE COSGROVE .... Junior .... the biggest man on the squad. Turned in good performances in both 175 and heavyweight divisions. MILTON VAN DRUNEN .... Junior .... Qualified for State- Tournament but illness prevented his entry. Should be a powerhouse next season. EUGENE BRINKMAN .... Senior .... Eugene proved his stuff on the mat and earned enough points for his letter. Numeral Winners: Irving Weinberg, Jack Thaldorf, Oscar Spindler, Melvin Porter, Harold Rocker, Martin Bock. INTRAMURAL CHAMPS Row 1: Sigmund Bichniewicz, Boxing 95 lbs.g Henry Linkiewicz, Boxing 85 lbs.: Law- rence Marshall, Swimmingg Bob Striebel, Svvimmingg Iohn Hays. Wrestling 105 lbs. Row 2: Leonard Winkler, Basketballg Edwin Schab, Wrestling 125 lbs.g Maurice Hopper, Basketballg Kenyon Tweedell, Swimmingg Francis Iones, Checkersg Ioe Preissig, Basketballg Guy Bogart, Swimming Row 3: Russell Burke, Boxing 105 lbs.g Iames Czarnecki, Basketballg Clarence Nowaczyk, Basketballg Leonard Duczak, Heavyweight Boxingg Sigmund Dobrowski, Swim- mingg Orville Ragoven, Ping Pongg Dick Wright, Swimmingg Eugene Carroll, Wrest- ling 155 lbs. Row 4: Pete Pryz, Basketballg Edmund Godlewski, Basketball: Bob Nowak, Wrestling Jmyaaawtasafaa Thornton Fractional's all around intramural program is undoubtedly one of the most important events of the school year. Approximately three-fourths of the entire enrollment of boys participate in the activities climaxed by the evening of the Athletic Carnival, in which finals of the various events are run off. 145 lbs. A well-rounded list of activities are offered. Basketball, swimming, boxing, Wrestling, ping-pong. and checkers take the spotlight. The main purpose of the program is to let the fellows, who for various reasons are not members of T.F.'s athletic squads, show their skill. Annually the coaching staff runs across boys with ability who are induced to try out for teams. Win or lose, fun is had by all. Manager: Howard Carey 7942 jmck Jmm, Row 1-Wayne McMullin. Rudy Jesernig, Charles Green, James Staton, James Lietzan, Harold Winterhoff, Martin Rach, Fred Hodal, Bob Sullivan, Lloyd Moore, Joe Creviston. Bob Matthews, Harold Barker, Robert Carey. Row II-Robert Van Osten CManagerJ. Art Ollrich, Marcel Cerf. Lucien Trimbur, Russell Buhring, Wally Pajak. Jack La Noue, Bob Starnes, Bill Freyman, Edward Vierk, Norman Lynn, William Heimbuch, Rob- ert Striebel. Richard Janovich, Jack Shepard, Clarence Maciejewski. Row III-Eugene Springet, Paul Brose, Edward Schultz CManagerl, Gordon Hagdohl, Gilbert Dykhuisen, Robert Heimbuch. Joe Stasiak, John Zacny, Archie Dluzak. Matthew Matwiczak, Richard Wright. Erwin Gleim, Edward Keck, James Koontz, Coach Young, Asst. Coach Kelly. Half, Juan, Left to right: Francis Jones, John Pank, Stanley Dembowski. Austin Arens, Mario Mansueto, Henry Zalew- ski, Coach Elvin. E A 'L .. K-fggk g 'Q YWQQ 1 K XI.: .J gf: xf "Lf,.l?f.-Q , i s , K 24 ' 'W' M 'NA 3' , l A M 'G Yr. K z Q Q ' " A , NA ,p Q , , 1 sf -A x ' s I S I. :V i i 1 J iii ,K W Wg, ai if S il it - - li W 2 X 4 , ,Aff - W W, , .fp Q 1 I -4 Q 1 QWANE5 -25, '-ff' 'W 2' . I . J. ' K! ,yi F ' if , A nz E X323 iLi.y.,,Q?, X A Q , + ' , . .Q 0, Qt! i Q ff " 'ff f ' x A I-A '7 w N M v"v 'NA' , 'v ,, V X h L.,x. h as S, X 'A wg, , w Q-lm 93 ms. LQVQE 'A "' 'VJ at K i in A J- an p .QA Q,-x . Fl, VR ' -f u 1 "' X 5 TI' 1 A ' KX I , '12 .f Q -1 xff f Sobczak l O O O Total points 118 34 Touchdowns 18 5 Extra points Qafter t'dj 10 3 Field Goals 0 0 Safties 0 0 First downs 56 55 First downs rushing 36 39 First downs passing 22 12 Yds. gained rushing 879 734 Yds. gained passing 755 316 Forward passes attempted 99 89 Passes completed 54 31 Passes intercepted 14 11 Yds. on interception 147 44 Penalties 54 49 Yds. lost hy penalties 485 360 Number of punts 64 56 Average of punts fyardsj 33 30.1 Fumbles 20 16 Own fumbles recovered 8 3 Opponents' fumbles recovered 13 10 J -joplmmolaa, Jnnfbal Date Opponent Place They We Sept. 17 Lew Wallace Here 0 7 25 Kankakee There 0 7 Oct. 2 Blue Island ' ' Here 0 19 9 Harvey Here 19 7 17 Morgan Park There 0 26 24 Bloom Here 6 12 30 Argo Here 7 19 Nov. 7 Elgin There 6 0 Won 6: Lost 2 Total points: T.F. 973 Opponents 38 511121. Uwuulq, jzitball Opponent Lew Wallace 21 Morgan Park Date Sept. 13 30 Bloom Oct. 11 Clark 14 Tech Nov. 4 Bloom WVon 3 Lost 23 Tied 1 Place They We There 0 0 Here 0 53 Here 6 24 There 12 7 There 6 19 There 12 7 Total points: T.F. 90g Opponents 36 jf'-WP Sfvfmal flu, Pnbzta, Player Touchdowns Extra Points Total La Notre F reyman Perkins Mazur Giglio 1'Zimmerman ,"'Shaffer "'Galik Vitale Ball carrier Vitale Mazur La Noue Sonnenberg Giglio Sobczak Nowaczak Freyman 6 4 3 0 1 1 1 1 1 0 Times carried ' 24 10 59 31 14 65 4 25 0 36 0 24 0 18 9 9 0 6 0 6 0 6 0 6 0 6 1 1 Total yardage Ave. 48 2.0 22 2.1 130 2.4 95 3.0 20 1.2 247 3.8 3 0.8 66 2.6 ,+, 4 19 4.8 4 15 3.8 2 19 9.5 Perkins Burhing "Shaffer 4' equals end Swwumnq. Dec. 4 Whiting Here 12 Horace Mann Here Ian. 7 Froebel Here 14 Horace Mann There 16 Washington Here 28 Whiting There 30 Chicago Univer- There sity High Feb. 4 Ioliet There 7 Danville HCFC 11 Lew Wallace There 17 Froebel There 19 Washington 1 There Won 3g Lost 9 Total points for T.F. 332g Opponents 458 c6'a.altafbalL Date Opponents Place They We Dec. 2 Peotone 5 Blue Island 12 Kankakee a 19 Lockport Ian. 9 Argo 10 Harvey 16 George Rogers Clark Here Here There Here Here There There o o o , Feb. Mar. 23 24 30 6 13 14 20 27 6 7 'Chicago Won 113 Chicago Heights QBloomj Gilman Kankakee Lockport Harvey Argo Chicago Heights fBloomj Elmhurst QYorkj Peotonex Blue Island' Heights Regional Lost 7 There Here Here There Here There Here Here Bloom Bloom 37 32 26 51 17 31 33 32 41 23 31 24 29 35 27 33 17 55 22 20 Total points: T.F. 5795 Opponents 477 Date Dec. Ian. Feb. 9 12 15 19 8 15 19 22 27 30 3 17 24 29 Cfllrmflinq, Opponent Blue Island Roosevelt Hammond Washington Blue Island Proviso Calumet Hammond Washington Clark Calumet Roosevelt Clark Proviso Won 7g Lost 7 Place There There There There Here Here There Here Here There Here Here Here There They We 10 29 21 11 30 8 9 8 8 30 20 16 20 18 17 23 15 30 22 26 15 25 25 11 15 25 33 3 Total points: T.F. 2333 Opponents 260 G.A.C. BOARD I In front Cfrom front to backj-Betty McClos- key, Wayneta Dyer, Doris Schutz, Norma Urbanski, and Betty Buhring. p In back-Miss Iaacks, Nelda Berger, Lila Mae Winterhoff, Nora Heimbuch, Phyl- lis Nordaker, and Dorothy Krass, CIQLIILQ, , Time fascinates me! It seems only a short time ago that I entered school as a freshman, and now graduation is almost here. G. A. C. was one of the outstanding activities dur- ing my four years, and soon it will come to a close. I now have only memories, but what memories! I'll always carry with me the picture of Lila Mae Winterhoff smashing back the volley- ball from any position on the floor, of Dorothy Krass clenching her fist and sending the BASKETBALL VARSITY Row 1: Ieanette Klein, Nelda Berger, Vir- ginia Fedosky Row 2: Norma Heimbuch, Lois Henley, Norma Urbanski VOLLEYBALL VARSITY Row 1: Nora Heimbuch, Ieanette Klein, Iean Ostrowski, Phyllis Nordaker Row 2: Charlotte Ostrowski, Ruth Schultz, Doris Schutz, Betty Les- meister, Nelda Berger Not in picture: Dorothy Krass CAPTAIN BASKETBALL VARSITY Row 1: Virginia Fedosky, Nora Heim- buch, Phyllis Nordaker, Norma Butler, Norma Urbanski Row 2: Ieanette Klein, Clarice Raczkow- ski, Nelda Berger, Lillian Hudzik, Doris Schutz, Betty Lesmeister CAPTAIN BASKETBALL CHAMPS Row 1: Iean Ostrowski, Virginia Fedosky, Shirley Blackburn, Sophie Sarros, Doris Schutz Row 2: Wilene Steinkraus, Io Ann Clark, Nelda Berger, Nora Heimbuch, Peany Hesselbarth Not in picture: Dorothy Krass BASKETBALL CHAMPS Row 1: Wilene Steinkraus, Nelda Berger, Peany Hesselbarth, Virginia Fed- osky, Io Ann Clark, Sophie Sarros Row 2: Dorothy Lucito, Doris Schutz, Shirley Blackburn, Norma Heim- buch, Iean Ostrowski Not in picture: Dorothy Krass VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS Row 1: Norma Heimbuch, Shirley Black- burn, Nina Cusick, Virginia Fed- osky, Wilene Steinkraus Row 2: lean Ostrowski, Nelda Berger, Io Ann Clark, Sophie Sarros, Doris Schutz Not in picture: Dorothy Krass, Rita Strand Q .Qi K in if gig 2 ,Q - ' + 'K W F 5 WF RQ if 5 , ' S' ff S V4 h m if f , gm'W" m 1 E I ,Q - R ix . Q i'3W ' U ff wx -C 9 A 3 'fi -F, Y J h . was A. z f X u 5 fs gf Q fx f E F x Q ,,agE,. N' I-1 if H if qu gg ' Fill? 'Q , ..f , 3 ,sw Q Q. if M 7? 'QQ 1 '-, , ,KI L 31 s , . sl , JJ g 'R h . ., . ffhvgkt 3' Q Ke, X ' an 'Sw ' A k . vm. ,sm K ,aw 3 m R X . X63 .. E . N v X 5 x NR -A 'X i X x + , . , nf V ,. Q g .Q V. , ,f X, , A 1' V S Ysfywgg Q il Q 3 . -1 kk 4 5 S 'A Q 1 . T V v 5 Q Q 'AZA 1 Sr My v if f Ei ' ? ball across the net with bullet-like speed, of the skill Betty Buhring exhibited in spiking a ball at the net, and the clumsiness of Nelda Berger in everything. The power, skill, and speed of the senior team carried them to the championship after a hard-fought Iunior- Senior game. When I was a freshman, I marveled at the ability of the outstanding players and now I sit back and visualize the girls who are and will become a part of the "cream'i of the crop. No one will surpass Dorothy Lucito or Abby Alys Abblett in sinking second base shots, or Lillian Hudzik and Norma Urbanski in flipping the ball in from first base. Ruth Becker and Norma Butler are only freshmen, but time will smile on them and in a few years they'll join the outstanding ones for their volleyball playing. It was Virginia Fe- dosky's superb guarding and base shots that really helped the seniors win the C a p t a i ti B a s k etb a l l It was this sec- champion ship s e n i o r s the have their on the silver class must win ships to accom- Everyone gets seeing swisher no exception. I h o u r s a n d Schutz, W a y - G.A.C. MAIOR LETTERS Doris Schutz, Dorothy Krass, Nora I-Ieimbuch, Nelda Berger Championship. ond consecutive that gives the r i g h t t 0 name engraved loving cup. A two champion- p l i s h t h i s . a thrill out of shots, and I am could sit for watch Doris neta Dyer, and Ieanette Klien sink them from any place on the basketball floor. Wilene Steinkraus, Shirley Blackburn, Sophie Sarros, and Iean Ostrowski, though they weren't the most outstanding, saved the seniors from defeat many times. Yes, sir, all these girls belong in G. A. Cfs Hall of Fame. Iust ask the person whose advice on this subject is IHOSI respected, the one and only Miss Iaacks. I'm sure everyone in G. A. C. would agree that at the head of all these players would stand small but mighty Nora Heimbuch, dynamite on any floor, including the dance floor. She was the only girl that could rush around the excellent guarding of Phyllis Nor- daker and score baskets. She held on to all the sizzling line drives, including those meteor- like balls hit by Ruthy Schutz, Besides her unusual ability in sports she'll always stand forth as one of the best G. A. C. presidents during my four high school years. I think the reason I enjoyed the G. A. C. sports volleyball, basketball, captain basket- We've transacted a lot of business in our G. A. C. meetings, too. Our G. A. C. Social was a huge success and we even helped buy a Defense Bond. This year certainly has been complete. Everything was almost perfection itself. The Initiation Party and our banquet were the best held in T. F.'s halls for a long time. It was at the Initiation Party that Doris Schutz, Norma Heimbuch, and Nelda Berger received their major letters after having worked four years for them. G.A.C. has helped to round out four wonderful high school years and although they are gone I'll always have them because-Time fascinates me-I can always bring the past up to the present through my memories-my G. A. C. memories. ball, swimming is that I loved the kids that them. I made and came to sportsmanship ics. Those tour- were more ex- bull fight. No the winner un- whistle had I u n i o r s and f o u g ht as if pended on the Maybe a few to u r n a ments the large gym see G. A. C. in I'll remember G.A.C. MINOR LETTERS Row 1: Ieanette Klein, Shirley Blackburn, Betty Buhring, Row 2: Sophie Sarros, Dorothy Lucito, Norma Ur- banski, Phyllis Nordaker, Marie Cole, Wil- ene Steinkraus and basketball the games and participated in m o r e friends k n o w t r u e and real athlet- nament games citing than a one was sure of til the fin al b l o w n . The Seniors always their lives de- final s c o r c . years from now will be held in so everyone can action. Miss Iaacks for her patience in instructing newcomers, for her friendly smile when things went wrong, for her understanding of high school girls, for, well for being the grand person she is! "Successful! Entertaining! Enjoyable!" These were the exclamations of the spectators attending the annual Terrapin Water Show on May 15 as the final act drew to a close marking the end of Terrapin activities for the year. Tl1e Terrapin members went out of their way this year to make the show a success, choosing highly amusing comedy acts, selecting the most difficult dives and ballets, but excellently and gracefully handled by such girls as Grace Iones, Pat Lauerman, Mary Gab- I G.A.C. CLUB Row 1: Virginia Fedosky, Nina Cusick, Io Ann Clark, Sophie Sarros, Nelda Berger, Nora Heimbuch, Doris Schutz, Wilene Steinkraus, Dorothy Lucito, Iean Ostrow- ski, Shirley Blackburn, Peany Hesselbarth, Lillian Horst, Betty Buhring, Phyllis Nordaker Row 2: Norma Urbanski, Lillian Hudzik, Ieanette Klein, Iune Oberla, Helen Snyder, Lu- ella Lorenz, Thelma Hoggatt, Marjorie O'Brien, Delores Yarck, Marjorie La Londe, Esther Walters, Barbara Gilbreath, Abby Abblett, Marie Cole, Florence Lynn, Ruth Schultz, Lila Mae Winterhoff, Betty Rentner Row 3: Florence Lorenz, Irma Reich, Iune Hanrahan, Elvah Workman, Annette Borg- man, Betty Lesmeister, Norma Larrance, Isabelle Tomaszewski, Lois Henley, lean Wilke, Marjorie Sweeney, Ianell Kickert, Eileen Nichter, Mary Alice Car- roll, Pat Lauerman Kathryn Boglarsky, Wayneta Dyer, Charlotte Ostrowski Row 4: Helen Greenwood, Mary Iane Butler, Irene Kohler, Clarabelle Hoggatt, Ianet Schultz, Iane Schultz, Lorraine Romszewicz, Ruth Becker, Florence Deering, Clau- dine Alward, Doris Larson, Norma Butler, lane Dobrowolski, Marguerite Gloger, Clarice Raczkowski, Betty McClosky, Sally Orkis Not in picture: Dorothy Carrubba, Ethel Kollar, Dorothy Krass, Betty Lorenz, Rella Rae Rex, Rita Strand, Dolores Wartman, Dorothy Wojick rich, Alma and Faye Sausaman, Virginia Fedosky, Elizabeth Hesselbarth, and Abby Alys Abblett. The trick swimming and flashlight performance were highlights of the show. Betty Ann Rappe announced the various acts and performers. i. The membership in the club was the largest it has ever beeng therefore bigger and bet- ter shows were given. The Water Carnival held in November was such a huge success that four shows had to be given for the one evening. Although the girls did not place in the annual telegraphic meet, everyone had a lot of fun taking part in the races. Yes sir, this was one year that all the girls spent in amusing and enjoying themselves as well as making a big name for their club-Terrapin. TERRAPIN CLUB Row 1: Phyllis Harle, Evelyn Dabich, Lois Knott, Nelda Berger, Alma Sausaman, Faye Sausaman, Elizabeth Hesselbarth, Dolores Rentner, Eileen Murrin, Virginia Sulicz Row 2: Doris Barton, Iacqueline Luth, Virginia Fedosky, Abby Abblett, Grace Iones, Kathryn Boglarsky, Pat Lauerman, Betty Rentner, Ioann Van Slyke Row 3: Irene Kohler, Doris Steinkraus, Anna Gocko, Roberta Madison, Mary Gabrich, Ianet Searles, Dorothy Fanta, Myrna Hoff, Rose Marie Murray, Io Ann Clark, Miss Shemaitis fsponsorj Not in picture: Sarah Rider Calendar 1941 - 42 September- 1-School tomorrow. I'd better put up my hair. 2-First day of school. Saw all the old gang. 3-It's sure good to be back in circulation. 4--Activities start next week. 5-It rained but Pep Club raised eve-ryone's spirits. 8-G.A.C. started today. Volley- ball is fun. 9-Our Girls' Club Board Meet- ing lasted over an hour. Planned the G.C.D. 10-Went to Library Club meet- ing. I'd better ask someone to the G.C.D. 11-The Big Sister Party. Met all the little freshies. 12-We lost our first football game to Lew Wallace 20-0. Had fun at social afterwards. 15-Started writing the rewrites for THORNTONIAN. ROGUE No. 1 Alias-"Ad" Color of eyes-Gray Color of hair-Red Height-5 feet 6 inches Marks of identification--Dimples Date of birth--January 9, 1924 Place of birth-Calumet City PITCH'S SINCLAIR SERVICE PICCIRILLI BROS. ORLEEN '31 QUENTIN 36 Corner l53rd and State Line Street CALUMET CITY, ILLINOIS Occupation-Dfamafics SINCLAIR PRODUCTS EXCLUSIVELY Wanted for-Sophistication Accomplices - Catherine SCI'lVE'1' and John Padjen Picture-Page 109 Greasing - Crankcase Service - Tires - Batteries EDGAR THEDENS 106 "You'll Like the Way We Treat You Q L J ongrafufafiomi. The class of '42 is stepping out in a historic year. Your opportunities for becominq established in successful careers and for im- mediate service to your country are unprece- dented. Best wishes! IEROME P. HARTNETT STANDARD BUSINESS COLLEGE 5248 Hohmcm Avenue Hammond, Indiana Lcmtinq's Department Store Dry Goods and Shoes Phone l84R Lansing, Illinois Peter's All-Leather Wecltherbird Shoes PETER HOEKSEMA Furniture Lansing, Illinois A1 I. Walz 529 State Street Hammond, Indiana Bicycles, Bicycle motors, Repairs, and Encrmelinq For lovely qiits For matching hat-purse sets For hosiery, dresses, etc. Try Caiumefs Newest Shopping Center THE "VARIETY SHOP" 633 Wentworth Avenue at l53rd Street Open evenings and Sundays Calendar 1941 - 42 16-Got to swim today. My hair was a mess for Pep Club. 17-Mr. MacPhail left for Wash- ington, D. C., today. First tea was held. 18-Terrapin tryouts today. Our new history teacher, Mr. King- don came. 19-Ran the track twice in G.A,C. The varsity was practicing. 20-Waukegan beat us-7-0. 22-No homework. Went to G.A.C. 23-The Flying Eagles had their first meeting tonight. 24-We got some new library books today. 25--Passed three tests. I'm in the groove. 26-First THORNTONIAN came out and our first league game. We beat 34-0. 29-Had an assembly on "liquid air." ROGUE No. 2 Alias-t'Perk" Color of eyes-Blue Color of hair-Blonde Height-5 feet 10 inches Marks of identification - Swell voice Date of birth-July 14, 1924 Place of birth-Calumet City Occupation-Shoe Salesman Wanted for - Competition for Nelson Eddy Accomplices-Torn and Russ Picture-Page 110 VITALE 107 Calendar 1941 - 4 30-Went to the Navy Band Con- cert. It was swell but the kids weren't very appreciative. October- 1-We were asked to conserve pa- per. That means cutting down on notes. 2-Carnival tryouts. I made the hula dance. 3-They voted on Senior class of- ficers today. 4-Beat Blue Island 39-0. 5. 6-Tickets for the G.C.D. went on sale. I'1l have to start saving money. 7-Had tryouts for cheerleaders in the homerooms. 8-Had solo Carnival tryouts. Gee, was I scared. 9-Election of Junior Class of- ficers. 10-We tied Havey 0-0. Whatta game. ROGUE No. 3 Alias-"Red" Color of eyes-Blue Color of hair-Red Height-5 feet 6 inches Mark of identification-Shaffer's football Date of birth-June 14, 1924 Place of birth-Gary, Indiana Occupation-Salesman Wanted for-Fun Accomplice-Arline Weidig Picture-Page 111 G IBBONS 108 SCHROEDER FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE Lunlinq, Illinois 3227 Phono Lcxnninq 24 Ridge Road Congratulations, Seniorsl HESS PARAMOUNT nzwzums 5409 Hohmun Avenue Hammond "Gills ol Dllfi.l'lCliOh" I-IAN SEN BROTHERS FLORIST SHOP AND CONSERVRTORY Cut Flowers Floral Designs Potted Plants 5320 Hohmcm Avenue Phone Hammond 202 TF 'xt ff? ' CU l GUARANTEED Fuels UI E Phone 466 MILLETT'S COLONIAL Incorporated Hammond's Leading Sporting Goods cmd Radio Store Gordon Millett '28 437 State Street, Hammond, Indiana GET IT AT Hcrwk's Standard Service State Line and Sibley Calumet City, Illinois Phone Hammond 10181 IOHN R. HAWK Good Luck To The Class of '42 Lynn's Department Store "Better Merchandise At A Saving" 5609-11 Calumet Avenue Phone 1028 Hammond, Indiana Phone Hammond 10466 We'd Like To C-U-B-A Customer ut Ours Silver Button Service Station ORRIN BARBER, proprietor Sibley and Burnham Avenue Calumet City, Illinois ,alendar 1941 - 4 13-Report cards. Oh, my head- 14-Had a movie, so I got out of 3rd period class. 15-I'm chairman of the assembly tomorrow. 16-Crowell subscription drive started with a bang. We'11 have a good CHRONOSCOPE cover. 17--Decorated for the G.C.D. Outsiders could come this year. Had a grand time. 20-Library Club held a theater party. P 21-Missed Board meeting to practice for the Carnival. 22-Got a Norwegian flyer to write to. Say, now! 23-The fad for buying boys' plaid shirts is under way. 24-Our homecoming game. Beat Bloom 6-0. Yipppeeee! Social aft- erwards. ROGUE No. 4 Alias-Russ Color of eyes-Brown Color of hair-Brown Height-5 feet 1055 inches Marks of identificatoin - Wavy hair Date of birth - September 30, 1924 Place of birth-Hammond Occupation-Secretary of Mono- gram Club Wanted for-Killing tLadiesJ Accomplice-K. Y. Picture-Page 112 ADELAIDE MICLIZR 109 , - -W v----- Calendar l94l - 42 27-Got out of school. The teach- ers had a meeting. By golly, I like teachers' meetings. 28-Went over our quota. Now we-'ll have a good cover for our CHRONOSCOPE. 29-Practice and fitting of cos- tumes for the Carnival. 30-Went to the Hallowe'en Par- ty. Had more fun. 31-Everything went wrong to- day. I flunked a history test. It rained and I have no way to get to the game. November- 1-Beat Argo 6-0. We are now S.S.L.C. Not bad. It sure was a muddy game. 3.. 3-More Carnival costumes fit- ting. Just made G.A.C. on time. 4-The assembly for magazine drive prizes held today. Mr. Lambka wasn't on my side, 'cause I didn't get a prize. ROGUE No. 5 Alias-K. Y. Color of eyes-Brown Color of hair-Black Height--5 feet 1015 inches Marks of identification--Crooked grin Date of birth-October 7, 1924 Place of birth-Louisville, Ken- tucky Cor hadn't you heard?J Occupation - Vice-president of Senior Class Wanted for-Hollywood "Glam- our Boyn Accomplice-Russ Picture-Page 113 HAROLD PERKINS 110 Phone 420 Air Conditioned MANLlE'S FOLLMAR LANES Hamrnond's Finest Iewolry Store 8 Alleys - Year Round Bowling 45692 State Street Parkinq Facilities Visit Our Up-To-Date Gilt Department Harry Low, 3660 Ridge Road Phone 3520 MCIHGQGT Lansing, Illinois Phone 5309 P0SueWmf9'Th0mPS0n Lynn Brothers. Incorporated Company PRINTERS One Russell Street l-lammond, Indiana Phone Hammond 777 5309 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana Conformal Personalised Shoes For Men and Women Phone Hammond 3999 Globe Glass 6. Mirror Company Safety Glass Our Specialty 5417 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana Compliments of Dr. HUGH A. KUHN Telephone Hammond 442 DeLuxe Cleaners 6: Dyers We Call and Deliver Pressing While You Wait Rugs and Draperies 683 Wentworth Avenue Calumet City, Illinois Phone Hammond S84 W. F. Herring Manager UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITER Sales 6 Service 60 Clinton Street Hammond, Indiana lVlocArthur Will Win With YGUR l-lelp National defense proqrorn hors created thousands of positions. Let us help you answer the coll for skilled office Workers. DAY, EVENING, and PART-TIME COURSES Summer School - Delightiully Cool l-lommorid Business College IOHN MURRAY, Director ol sfLldiO! 5141 Hohmczn Avenue Iopposite Penny's Store! Phone 1954 Calendar 1941 - 42 5-Got my first letter from a pen pal in Puerto Rico. 6-We had a wonderful assembly on India. Coming home I met the speaker. I'm going to India. 7-Made the volley ball team. Yipppee!!! 8-Bloom beat Harvey last night and we beat Elgin. S.S.L.C. title clinched. 10-The G.A.C. social was better than ever. We formed a conga line coming home. 11-Armistice Day. I'm always sad on this day. 12-Juniors beat the freshies in volleyball tournament. Of course, what else could happen? 13-My birthday. I'm 16 now and growing old. 17-I slept in all my classes to- day, but when that page from the Senate talked, boy, did I wake up fast! 18-Nearly forgot Girls' Club Board meeting tonight. ROGUE No. 6 Alias-"Virge" Color of eyes-Brown Color of hair-Brown Height-5 feet 3 inches Marks of identification-Dirnple-s, and a winning smile Date of birth-April 19, 1925 Place of birth-Chicago Occupation-All-American Girl Wanted for-Getting in on ev- erything Accomplice-"Peany" Picture-Page 114 RITA STRAND 111 alendar 1941 - 42 19-"C" day. I delivered tele-- grams last period dressed as a messenger boy. 20-Thanksgiving. Boy, did I eat! I've got a lot to be thankful for today. 21 -23-Vacation. 24-Shcool again. Darn it. Went around advertising the Carnival in the home rooms. 25-Carnival pictures were taken after school. Always take lousy pictures. 26-Carnival assembly. Everyone said it was good. 27-Dress rehearsal. Poor dress rehearsal, good show. I certainly hope that's right. 28-Carnival night. Boy, did we make money. Virge and Wayne, the Queen and King. 29-Everyone said that it was the best Carnival ever. December- 1-Bad news. Out came report cards. ROGUE No. 7 Alias-"A1bie" Color of eyes-Blue Color of hair-Blonde Height-6 feet Cwith shoes onl Marks of identification-Battered brief case Date of birth-July 7, 1924 Place of birth-Chicago Occupation-Editor of THORN- TONIAN Wanted for-Guffaw Accomplice-Wilfred Kraegel Picture-Page 115 RUSSELL BUHRING 112 The CALUMET NATIONAL BANK of HAMMOND, INDIANA Member of the Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of IOSEPH MANKOWSKI Dentist Smart Clothes For Smart Young Fellows IACK FOX 6 SONS Hammond, Indiana Phone 10088 New Way Shoe Repair E. A. CROWE, proprietor Opposite Paramount Theatre 5406 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana We Deliver I AMES HELMS Grocery and Market 18100 Torrence Avenue Phone Lansing 17 Compliments of CALUMET BEVERAGE COIVIPANY Calumet City Bunk Building Calumet City, Illinois IDEAL SERVICE STATION Gasoline, Motor Oils, Greases, Accessories cmd Tire Repairing 152nd and State Line Calumet City, Illinois FRANK IONAS, proprietor GUS BOCK'S HARDWARE HARDWARE. PAINTS. GLASS Housewares LANSING, ILLINOIS "DRINK PASTEURIZED MILK FOR HEALTH" Calendar 1941 - 4 2-First basketball game. Beat Peotone 38-23 and Hammond Tech's B team 27-7. 3-Had a lecture on American In- dians. 4-Went to Pep Club. Then watched the Whiting swim meet. 5-Teddy and Shorty were chosen 1942 co-captains when players re- ceived their letters. 6-We beat Blue Island basket- ball team last night. 8-U. S. declared war on Japan after the Pearl Harbor attack. 9-Unidentified planes were over the West Coast. 10-Had a wacky assembly. An ex-convict talked. His wife played "Rigoletto." 11-Got all my Christmas shop- ping done-. 12-Girls' Chorus went caroling at Minas's. 15-The 120th Anniversary of the Bill of Rights. Something to cheer about. ROGUE No. 8 Alias-"Pitt" Color of eyes-Brown Color of hair-"Muddy" color Height-5 feet 10 inches Marks of identification-Intellb gent look - Date of birth-January 10, 1924 Place of birth-Oak Glen, Illinois Occupation-"High man" on the honor roll Wanted for-"low man" on honor roll Accomplice-Albert Wahlgren Picture-Page 116 TOM SHAFFER 113 Calendar 1941 - 4 16-Helped d e c o ra t e for the Christmas Concert. It was swell. No little kids running around. 18-Instead of having a history test, we heard Charles Dickens' "Christmas Carol." 19-School's out today. No home- work to boot. 20-24-Vacation. 25-Merry Christmas. 25-31-Vacation. January- 1-Happy New Year! 2-I hope I keep my resolutions. 5-Had a wonderful vacation! School starts again!! Junior Council elections were held. 6-The THORNTONIAN office was moved and now is the only decorated room in school. ROGUE No. 9 Alias-"Peany" Color of eyes-gray, green, blue, yellow and black Color of hair-Blonde Height-5 feet 5 inches Marks of Identification - Hair twisting Date of birth--May l, 1924 Place of birth-Forest Park, Illi- nois Occupation-Feature Editor Wanted for-Cheer Leading Accomplice-Virginia Fedosky VIRGINIA FEDOSIKY 114 A1 Kvedaras Food Shop 13958 Green Bay Avenue Bumham, Illinois DOUGLAS FLORAL SHOP Ionph A. Zcaada C. B. Newlcki 48 Douglas Street, Hammond, Indiana I-'lowerphone Hammond 2563 Telegraph Delivery Anywhere FISCHER CLEANERS Phone Hammond 303 122-124 State Street Hammond, Indiana Phone Lansing 20 Henry Bock's Hardware Farm Implements Paints - Glass - Wallpaper 18059 Torrenc Avenue Oak Glen, Illinois ELITE BAKERY 526V2 East State Street Hammond, Indiana Pastries For All Occasions Compliments of Dr. BASCOMB School Physician Picture-Page 117 NORTHERN INDIANA STATIONERY COMPANY. INCORPORATED Greeting Cards For All Occasions Full Line Office Supplies And Furniture Phone Hammond lll 5307 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana Compliments of O. E. BOLL'S 6 COMPANY Wholesale Distributors Peabody Seating Company Good Luck Mmqmine ' Good Luck Salad Dressing Distributor Phone B24 Office and School Furniture 481-488 Fayette Street Hammond, indiana Compliments of Telephone Hammond 3204 DIETRICH'S The Home ot the Better Ice Cream of A BURNHAM MAYOR PATTON 6557 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana Ask for SHEDD'S Hi-Grade Ice Cream We Also Make Special Ice Cream Cakes And Individual Moulds For Parties THE SHEDD COMPANY 301 East l17th Street Chicago, Illinois Pullman 8800 Use "POLAR BRAND" Quick Frozen Foods "GOING STEADYf -with a boy friend takes a lot of worry out h oi your life because you are always sure of a . "' v .j ' . . 4 . date! Going steady to the Minas Company for E ,JS your young-viewpoint fashions has its advantages, t Q too, because here you are always sure to find the daie provoking cloihes you need. EDWARD C. MINAS COMPANY Calendar 1941 - 42 7-Squads practiced in G.A.C. 8-Held first Junior Council meeting. Ice skating perfect. 9-Argo game. Hope we win. 10-Lost our Hrst basketball game to Harvey. They were awful sports. 11- 12-First meeting of the staH' of TEEN was held. 13-Lost to G.R.C. in a real heart- breaker 30-29. Junior tea was held. 14-Sat reminiscing about grade school days in the staff room. 15-There was Junior council meeting. Defense social nearing. 16-The lights beat Bloom, but the heavies lost. Teams were chosen in G.A.C. 19-Final exams. Oh! - I'm not happy: 20-Took my last exam. What a relief! ROGUE No. 10 Alias-"Moon" Color of eyes-Blue Color of hair-Brown Height-6 feet 1 inch Marks of Identificatifm-tickets Date of birth-June 2, 1924 Place of birth-East St. Louis, Illinois Occupation-Ticket Salesman Wanted for-Radio broadcasts Accomplice-Lillian Horst Picture-Page 118 ALBERT WAHLG KEN ll5 Calendar 1941 - 42 21-Defense Social with Peany in charge. It was swell. 22-No school. 23-End of semester and report cards. 26-New semester starting. Now's the time to turn over a new leaf. 27-The Big Little Sister party was held. Freshies are so cute. 28-G.A.C. Captain basketball tournaments. 29-Pep Club. I have more fun letting off steam. 30-Both lights and heavies beat K.K.K. tonight. February- 1... 2-Got one of those feather cuts. Am I a mess!!! 3-CHRONOSCOPE p i c t u r e s were tken right after my hair cut. 4-Junior play tryouts and Radio Club tryouts. Oh, gee. ROGUE No. 1 1 Alias-"Jo" Color of eyes-Brown Color of hair-Brown Height-5 feet 5 inches Mark of identification - raised eyebrows Date of birth-December 20, 1924 Place of birth-Hammond Occupation-Gossip Columnist Wanted for-Subtle "digs" Accomplice-Betty Ann Picture--Page 119 WILFRED KRAEGEL 116 ongrafufafiond SPIES BROTHERS Custom Built I ewelry CLASS RINGS AND PINS CLUB IEWELRY ANNOUNCEMENTS DANCE PROGRAMS - BIDS AND FAVORS GRADUATION GIFTS OF DISTINCTION Loop Office cmd Show Room Factory Office 27 E. MONROE STREET 1140 CORNELIA CHICAGO SCI-IAPPI BUS LINE. Incorporated BUY UNITED STATES WAR BONDS AND STAMPS HELP WIN THE WAR Phone Lansing 55 FRED LORENZ COAL BUILDING MATERIALS and STOKERS 18307 Torrance Avenue Oak Glen, Illinois Compliments of THE MERCANTILE BANK Members of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 5243 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana Calendar l94l - 42 5-More tryouts for the Junior play. Ooodles of girls came out. 6-I hope we lick Lockport. It's raining. Bad sign. 9-Tomorrow we know if we made the play. 10-Well, I made it. Boy, am I happy- ll-The Alumni Party was fun. I have enough points for News Hawks now. 12-Linco1n's B i r t h d a y. No school. 13-Of all schools that have to beat us, why Harvey?'?? 14-Our Lights are now S.S.L.C. Yippee!!! 16-G.A.C. and play practice keep me busy. 17-We beat the Alumni by one point. 18-Had the TEEN assembly. We sure need subscriptions. 19-That Barn Dance for the ath- letic carnival will be fun. ROGUE No. 12 Alias-"Batty Ann" Color of eyes-Brown Color of hair-Brown Height-5 feet 51!z inches Marks of Identification-Persom ality grin Date of birth-March 18, 1925 Place of birth-Chicago Occupation-Dramatic-s Wanted for-General nuisance Accomplice-"Jo" Picture--Page 120 ELIZABETH HESSELBARTH 117 alelular 1941 - 4 20-G.A.C. initiation, I really felt sorry for those kids. 23-More pictures were taken to- day, Went ice skating. 24-I can do a reasonable fac- simile of a figure 8. 25-I guess I'm going to be in the Clark speech tournament. My first one. 26-I don't know how I get into these things but Pm not a poetry reader. 27-Made the basketball squad. That calls for a celebration. 28-The Speech Meet. Here's where I pass out. March- 1- 2-We had T. B. skin tests. I keep telling myself it didn't hurt. 3-Started writing for TEEN. More fun. ROGUE No. 13 Alias-"Soph,' Color of eyes-Brown Color of hair-Black Height-5 feet 5 inches Marks of Identification - Ditto carbon on face Date of birth-Nov. 30, 1924 Place of birth-Hammond Occupation - CHRONOSCOPE Editor Wanted for-Chewing gum with her mouth open Accomplice-Berger Picture-Page 121 WAYNE MCMULLIN IIS WHITE EAGLE BAKERY 13501 Avenue N I-Ieqewisch, Illinois Phone South Chicago 9681 Wedding, Birthday, and Fancy Cakes PAINTS - GLASS Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company 420 stbiey Avenue Hammond, indiana Compliments of FAIRVIEW FOOD SHOP ANTON SKWIERTZ, proprietor 301-l56th Place and Lincoln Avenue Calumet City, Illinois Compliments ot WILLIAM H. WINTERHOFF Thornton Township Supervisor Compliments of Bagalotfs Service Station Ridge Road and Roy Street Lansing, Illinois All Kinds ot' Standard Products Stop and Pay Us A Visit Phone South Chicago 4431 H. I. HAGERMAN Department Store "Everything for the Home" Brandon Avenue Hegewisch, Illinois Protane Bottled Gas May Fortune Ever Smile On You Norge Home Electric Appliances The Men And Women OI Tomorrow I. W. MILLIKAN George ihankl Meyforth SPORT SHOP Clerk of Burnham Philco - R.c.A. - victor - Emerson Radios 449 State Street Hammond, Indiana Telephone Hammond 10292 VAN SENUS BROTHERS Compliments of SUPER SERVICE STATION Dr. P. A. BOELENS Gas - Oil - Greasinq - Tires Washing - Accessories Dentist Southeast Corner Standard and Hohman Hammond, Indiana Phone 2434 LAKE COUNTY CANDY COMPANY tNot Incorporatedl Wholesale Confectionery and Fountain Supplies Syrups, Malted Milk, Coca-Cola, Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobaccos, Paper Napkins, Ice Cream Cones, Safety Matches 245 Dyer Boulevard Hammond, Indiana SCHULTZ MIDVVEST STORE Phone Lansing 8 Automatically Cooled Fresh Vegetables Quality Meats and Groceries William O. Schultz '34 Mary Gaither '40 Norman Schultz '40 lack Ki-oss '40 Calendar 1941 - 4 4-We beat Peotone tonight at the regional tourney. 5-Blue Island beat us in the re- gional. 6-I'm sleepy but there are three meetings after school. 10-Report cards again. They never forget to come out. 11-Dress Rehearsal for the Jun- ior Play. 12-Whatta day. The Junior Play, basketball teams chosen. 13-I guess I'll try out for editor of the THORNTONIAN. 14-Boy, this editor business is tough. 16-No school. Whoopee doodle. Teacher's meeting. 17-Sure, and if it isn't St. Pat- ricks day! 18-Our heavies beat Parker. To- morrow Tilden. 19--Well, I guess Tilden beat us. ROGUE No. 14 Alias-"Lil" Color of eyes-Brown Color of hair-Brown Height-5 feet 3 inches Marks of identitication-a Sleepy look Date of birth-Oct. 22, 1924 Place of birth-Calumet City Occupation-Feature Writer Wanted for-Part of imp in class play Accomplice-"Ad" Picture-Page 122 JO ANN CLARK 119 Calendar 1941 - 42 20-The Talent Show was plenty good. 23-The Girls' Boy Club Roller skating party was swell. I can't skate. but I didn't let that bother me. 24-Well. the THORNTONIAN'S gone to press. Now I can sleep peacefully. 25-We had plenty of kids from school at our radio program on WGN. 26-I start writing gossip for the next radio show. 30-Here it is March 30, and snow three inches deep. 31-Those poor Monogram Club initiates. Their initiation was really sumpin'. April- 1-April Fool's Day and the THORNTONIAN is out. What a relief. 2-6-Easter vacation. 7-School again. Vacations make me sleepy. ROGUE No. 15 Alias-"Nell" Color of eyes-Blue Color of hair-Blonde Height-5 feet 4 inches Marks of identification-Frown Date cf birth-October 23, 1924 Place of birth-Hammond Occupation-General sports Wanted for-Tennis Accomplice-Sophie Picture-Page 123 I BETTY ANNE RAPPE 120 Compliments of Compumems of Nzmow FUNERAL HOME Incorporated O' L 117 Rimbach Street Hammond, Indiana Phone 398 Compliments of VIERK'S HBSSVILLE FURNITURE STORE COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS GET OUR FREE ESTIMATES 6731 Kennedy Avenue Phone Hammond 320 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF LANSING Safety of Your Investment Insured for S5000 by Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Company 4 4 -Y- BUY UNITED STATES WAR STAMPS G BONDS 18053 Torrance Avenue Lansing, Illinois Compliments of NATALIE SHOP Hohmcm Avenue Hammond, Indiana Good Food Is Good Health BRAHOS COFFEE SHOP Air Conditioned For Your Comfort 5239 Hohmcm Avenue Hammond, Indiana Liesenielt Service Station Art and Herb Liuontslt Texaco Products Tires cmd Batteries State Line and 152nd Street Calumet City. Illinois Phone 5542 536 Fayette Street Hammond Radio Laboratory Expert Radio cmd Sound Advertising Service Public Address Equipment For Rent or Sale FRANK B. ORF Motorola - Philco - Delco Auto Radios Phone Hammond 372 IOSEPH S. CZECHANSKI Undertaker and Embalmor 248 155th Place Corner Lincoln Avenue Opposite St. Andrew's Church Calumet City, lllinois Phone Hammond 553 CHARLES H. MAYER 6 COMPANY Manufacturers l-liqh ofeae Carbonated Beverages 566 State Line Street Calumet City, Illinois Calendar 1941 - 42 8-The square dance came off O. K. at the intramurals. We sure worried! 9-The radio play was cast. 10-At Junior Council meeting we began making plans for Jun- ior-Senior Prom. 11-Alumni Danc.e 13-Took my bicycle out of stor- age. 14-Radio script was due today. I worked. 15-Nominations for the Girls' Club Board are posted. 16-I get to attend the Girls Club Conference in Cicero. 17-The Boys' Club Dance came off swell. The air raid theme was very good. 20-Clean up day. We even had a parade. ROGUE No. 16 Alias-"Egg" Color of eyes-Blue Color of hair-Black Height-6 feet 2 inches Marks of identification-Intellb gent look Date of birth-June 6, 1924 Place of birth-Michigan City, Indiana Occupation-Orator Wanted for-Orating Accomplice-Gibbons Picture-Page 106 SOPHIE SARROS 121 Calendar 1941 - 42 21-No junior-senior sneak today. 22-Girls' Club election. 23-Election results were posted this morning. Nervous. 24-The Senior play was "Never Darken My Door." Plenty good. We lost our track meet with Blue Island. 27-Report cards. Ooo!! I think I'll start studying. 28-I-lad a swell Deana Durbin movie. Gee, but she can sing. 29-Bow day and finals in the Oral English contest. 30-The radio program was pret- ty good. There was Girls' Club installation practice. May- l-TEEN appears. The Mother- Daughter party. The candle light service is so beautiful you want to cry. 2-The Girls' Club conference at Cicero. 3-The University of Chicago tea. 4-G.A.C. baseball sure is fun. Only I can't play. ROGUE No. 17 Alias-"Mimi" Color of eyes-Brown Color of hair-Brown Height-5 feet 1092 inches Marks of identification-Prisom er's hair cut Date of birth-Sept. 21, 1922 Place of birth-Brooklyn Occupation-Football captain Wanted for-General "scx'ewba1l" Accomplice-Archie Picture-Page 107 LILLIAN HORST 1.22 Phone 5511 HAMMOND CLEAN TOWEL SERVICE 43 Ogden Street Hammond, Indiana Compliments of DR. H. T. DEBSKI IULIE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Special Attention Given To Individual Hair Styles For Weddings and Formals 13312 Brandon Avenue Hegewisch, Illinois Phone 9487 Phone 58 Bieker Company, Inc. Ready-Mixed Concrete Building Material Coal - Coke 624 Highland Street Hammond, Indiana Phone Lansing 430 IUANITA'S RESTAURANT Fountain Service Chicken, Steak, and Chop Dinners We Specialize in Hamburgers 18105 Torrence Avenue Compliments of BURNS FUNERAL HOME 5840 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana MUNDO'S SUPER SERVICE STATION Tire Repairing - Greasing Washings - Batteries SAM MUNDO, proprietor Southeast Corner State and Wentworth Calumet City, Illinois Phone Hammond 9839 Compliments of IAMES WALKER CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1942 FROM THE CITY ADMINISTRATION OI' CALUME1' CITY. ILLINOIS IOHN W. IARANOWSKI .,,....... .....,,...,.... M cyor STEVE I. MACIEIEWSKI .,........ .. ..,..,.,,.. City Clerk FRANK L. KAMINSKI ...,..... ..,,.,,., P olice Magistrate ANTON SKWIERTZ ..... .,,... ,.,..,.,...,..,,. T r ecxsurer IOHN E. PAVLIKH ...,,.,., ...,...., C ity Attorney ALDERMEN WILLIAM H. THRAILKILL, PRED LAUERMAN ....,,...... First Wcxrd IOSEPH BRECLAW, FRANK MAGDZIASZ ,......,..,... Second Ward PETER SOCZYK, STANLEY IAGODZINSKI ....,,..,...,,... ,Third Ward FRANK I. MILLER ..,..................,.,.........,..... .... ,.,,,,... F o urth Ward RUSSELL I. CADMAN, PAUL PROBST ,.,. .,.. ,,.., . F ifth Ward I Calendar 1941 - 42 5-The last Girls Club board meeting. 6-Spring is really here. Every- one's getting spring fever and I'm getting hay fever. 7-Junior Terrapin practice. The Water Show is coming up. 8--Sadie Hawkins Day. Had more fun cutting in on the fellows. 11-G.A.C. It's a wonderful day for ditching. But who wants five nights detention? 12-It seems funny, no board meetings on Tuesday. 13- 14-Terrapin practice. We must be in the groove for the Water Show. 15-Friday, I like Fridays cause I can always look forward to Sat- urday. 18-School again, but only 15 more days, then vacation. 19-The Water Show. Such beau- tiful mermaids floating around. ROGUE No. 18 Alias--"Gibby" Color of eyes-Brown Color of hair-Black Height-5 feet ll inches Marks of identification-Dis gusted look Date of birth-May 31, 1924 Place of birth-Cleveland, Ohio Occupation-Debater Wanted for-Dancing Accomplice-Thedens Picture-Page 108 NELDA BERGER 123 26-G.A.C. banquet and letters Calendar 1941 - 42 20-G.A.C. Nothing doing around school. 21-The last general tea was to- day. They always have such good punch. 22-The Spring Music Festival. It's always good. Last G.A.C. 25-Tomorrow nght's the ban- quet. I sure hope I get my letter. awarded. 27--I'm so proud of my letter I could burst. 28-I hope our Prom is a success so we can have it next year. 29-Junior-Senior Prom. Dec- orated all day. Gee, the gym looks nice. June- 1-Not much longer. I hope I pass. 2-The tennis is swell. I'l1 play this week so I can next week. 3-Boy have I been reviewing! No cramming for me. 4-I've started worrying about Hnal exams. I'm scared. 5-Senior day! The school will be dead without them. 8-Fnal exams. Two down and two to go. 9-Fnal exam. Three down one to go. 10-Final exam. Four down none to go. 11-No school. 12-Graduation. 13-So long till next year. 124 and and FREELAND FOOD SHOP THEODORE DUTCZAK, proprietor A Full Line ot Choice Meats and Groceries Calumet City, Illinois Phone Hammond 3465 B36 Freeland Avenue Compliments of DICK HOYT THE TYPEWRITER MAN Phone 682 5319 Hohman Avenue Stop at Clark Brothers And Ask About Our Index System All Cars Serviced By Highly Trained Attendants Sonny Schultz '40 LeRoy Smith '44 Gabby Koselke '31, Gerald Frevert '4l Phone Lansinq 300 Lansing, Illinois Filling Prescriptions Is All We Do, But We Do That Well First Trust Drug Store Iosspt-1 E. HANEY First Trust Building Sixth Floor Compliments of Ange 6 Helen Bonqiovanni 540 Fayette Street Hammond, Indiana Louetta's Corset Studio Marshall Field Annex Suite 936 25 East Washington Street Chicago, Illinois THE LANSING PRINTING COMPANY Pnmrnns AND runust-uzns 3323 l82nd Street Lansing, Illinois Telephone 152 Compliments oi THORNTON FRACTIONAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Herb Krous '37 ......,..... ...,......... .........,,... P r esident Don Finnerctn '36 .......,.,... ..,......,,. V ice President Beverly Millies '39 .....,... ........, S ecretory I. P. Amodeo '38 .....,... .,,...... T reasurer A socicl, recreational, cmd welfare orqcznizotion founded to promote bonds ot fellowship between our alumni, their high school, and their community. Sponsors of HOMECOMING CELEBRATION ALUMNI-VARSITY BASKETBALL GAME SENIOR PARTY DANCES All Alumni Are Eligible For Membership Only 50 cents per year IOIN NOW! SOME CHANGES The past year saw a lot of changes in Dame Fashion. For instance it saw the girls going around with their hair in pigtails, then watched them crop it off in three inch cuts. It saw the boys outdoing the three inch business by getting brush haircuts and looking like prsoners awaiting execution. It saw the glamour girls go to the other extreme and wearing their hair Veronica Lake style- long and straight with a wave covering one eye and obscuring their vision. It saw the wave of "Sweater Girls" striving to resemble Lana Turner. It saw the wearing of 3A socks much to the disgust of the boys. It saw the boys going rustic and wearing overall pants with wide suspenders much to the dis- gust of the girls. It saw the girls trying to outdo each other with bigger babush- kas and longer fringe. It saw the girls going Holly- wood and wearing slacks with casual polo coats. Yep-We sure went through a lot to suit Dame Fashion-but it was fun. Horst. THEY ALWAYS SAY- Mrs. Canaga-"If you don't be- lieve me-look it up in history." or- "Ge-ography and history are mar- ried and cannot be divorced." Miss Jaacks-"Ya get me?" Miss Schmidt Cto beginning typ- istsl Hagsldkfjghfdkslaf' Miss Moe Cto mel--"That article was due last Wednesday." Miss K. Brazzill-ito third period library!-"Quiet back there at the last table. Mr. Smith-"A coupla three - four." 125 Miss McBrair-"Peop1e! Please be quiet." Mr. Lambka-"It's not Latin- it's your head that's hard." Mr. Elvin-"How comes this?" Horst. BY THESE YOU SHALL KNOW THEM- If it's winning 38-0 It's our Meteors If they giggle infectiously It's Alma and Fay Sauseman If she is sweet It's Phyllis Alward If it's a 96.9 average It's Wilfred Kraegel's If he speaks eloquently It's Edgar Thedens If she has a "way with the boys" It's Rella Rae Rex. If it's a glamour girl hair style It's Doris Recker's If it's a corny joke It's Bob Rentner's If it's got an engaging grin It's Tommy Shaffer If it's blase It's Vera Reynolds , , If he is idle It's a tire saleman If she is athletic It's Nora Heimbuch If he has a bubbling personality It's Maxie, the Magazine Man If it's got a battered brief case It's Albert Wahlgren If it's always willing to help It's Virginia Fedosky . 126 Compliments ot OTTO HEIGI. Congratulations To The Graduating Class ot '42 THE HAMMOND TIMES THE CALUMET REIGION'S HOME NEWSPAPER Compliments of WENTWORTH DAIRY 790 Wentworth Avenue G. BEUTTER, proprietor Calumet City, Illinois Gas, Oils, Radiator And Accessories Repairing KRAAY BROTHERS GARAGE General Repairing A. W. Kraay - R. E. Kraay Phone Lansing ll Lansinq, Illinois MISC!-I BROTHERS FOOD STORES GROCERIES MEATS and POULTRY 745 Burnham Avenue 102- 155th Place Calumet City, Illinois Ice Cream for Parties and Picnics LAUER'S ics cumin 1310 West 150th Street East Chicago, Indiana Phone East Chicago 3463 Calumet Dairy Company Pasteurizsd Milk and Cream l5Bth Street and Forsythe Avenue Calumet City, lllinois Phone 7724 Compliments of NEUMODE HOSIERY State Line Service Station Schultz and De Vries State Line and Ridge Road Phone 164 Lansing, Illinois UNITED CIGAR STORE and News Agency GEORGE DOCKWEILER Lansing, Illinois Phone 10334 SPRAGIKS SWEET SHOP HOME MAID ICE CREAM Tobaccos-Fountain Service Magazines 5Sl2L'i Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana Betore You Enroll Visit SCI-IAAF BEAUTY SCHOOL Oldest and Best Known ln Calumet Region 5453 Hohman Avenue Specialized Stoker Coals Selected Quality Kirkeiner Sales 6 Service com. and cox: Office and Yards: 306 Condit Street Phone: Hammond 332 Hammond, Indiana Greetings Seniors! Plan to Continue Your Education in Thornton Iunior College September, 1942 If it's "different" history class It's Mrs. Canaga's If it can't see It's blind If it smells It's chemistry lab. If it stinks It's---confidentially If it goes in circles It's a track man If it sings beautifully lt's Marilyn Crane If it hurts like - It's a tooth ache YOU HAVENT LIVED IF YOU'VE never been in one of Mr. Frey's classes. didn't get to see the THORNTON- IAN Staff on deadline day. never seen Edgar Theden's ex- temporizing. never seen Art Ollrich play bas- ketball. didn't get to read one of Theden's columns. missed Tom Shat'fer's crooked grin. never neglected to get an article for the paper in on time. haven't seen Moon and Lil in the process of a fight. never gone on a Junior-Senior sneak. never been to a Girls' Club party. never seen the 8th graders visit us in the spring. 127 Gloria Poppen Ellen Mueller Harry Black burn Eleanor Hagerman Georqe Rushin Andy Petriska Eugene Schultz Dora Harthun Dorothy Carey Daryl Arney Mary Margaret Keller Matthew P. Dempkowski Mary Petriskcl Kermith Werrymeyer Iosephine W. Dempkowski Anthony I. Zyqmunt Margaret E. Klucker Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Hartman ALUMN 1941 Ruth Steinkraus Helen Ernst Bob Gauthier 1940 Norman Schultz Ruth Bock Earl Mueller Mary Gaither leannette Kothe 1939 Iosie Lanting Louise Hays Herman Koselke Norma Trinowski 1938 Marvin Steinkraus 1937 Elinor Zimmerman 1936 Ed Zimmerman 1935 Archie Blackburn 1934 Walter Bock 1933 Elinor Korner 1932 Maurice Nichter Veryln Carey Dorothy Becker Eileen Trinowski Elsworth Sherrow Barbara Wright William Krass Ted Gleim Lloyd C. Schultz Merle R. I ones Iames N ichter Pvt. I. McCullough Mae Kooy Ioe Amodeo Bill Hishon Iohn I. Maicherek Iohn Pe triska didn't hear Mr. MOTg3H,S talk on Character, Culture, Courte-sy, and Courage. never danced with Mack Bud- zowski. never had Betty Ann Rappe mad at you. never seen Sophie Sarros with ditto carbon all over her face. have'n't played in G.A.C. never seen Nelda Berger play basketball with her tongue stuck out. missed seeing Dominic Vitale and Archie Ross on the loose to- gether. didn't see "June Mad" or "Don't Darken My Door. H never saw Virge at lunch. l1aven't seen Rita Strand. haven't seen Miss Schmidt in a board meeting. never seen Sherm Stoll when a girl goes by. haven't seen Dee and Teddy. never were there when Peany was twisting a curl. haven't been bitten by Vera Rey- nold's sarcasm. never talked to Charlie Cullum. haven't watched Wilfred Kraegel Herman Martin write- N never breathed. WE SENIORS Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Mahoney WILL NEVER FORGET: "Bones's" six points in 45 sec- onds. "Jocko's" football playing. Our first day as freshmen. Mr. Frey and Chemistry. Phone 2885 Leather Goods CHARLES I. LESSER numoun nnoxzn 453 State Street Hammond, Indiana Compliments of DeYOUNG'S FURNITURE :mn runznm. Hom-: Hammond Floral Company GREENHOUSE5 "Flowers For All Occasions" 7048 Hohman Avenue Phone 3490 Hammond, Indiana Phone Hammond 85 ACE CAB SERVICE 24 Hour Service One to Five Passengers-Same Rate IP I'I"S LUMBER. CALL OUR NUMBER -- LANSING 49 LANSING LUMBER AND SUPPLY COMPANY I LANSING. ILLINOIS The first time Bob March made a basket. The "hit" "June Mad" made. Abby's red dress. Flossie's debating. Terrapin meetings. The seats in 125. Phyl Nordaker, Betty Buhring, Jeanette Klein, and the G.A.C. teams. The "School for Drama" assem- bly. CEspecia11y Gootchl. Bill Freyman's versatility. The Self-Centered League. Mr. Lambka's corny jokes. The fight for third year Latin. Our facial expressions on the snap-o-graphs. The gold footballs and basket- balls. All the freshman girls "swip- ing" our boy friends. Some of the color combinations. The Intramurals. The Carnival. The plaid shirt "fad." The Monogram Club Initiation. The Mother-Daughter Party. STAND-INS Shirley Temple .... ........... B arbara Gllbreath Veronica Lake ..,.. .,,.,,,.,..... D oris Becker Mutt cmd Jett .....,.....,....,... Brough and Stoll Tyrone Power .,,.,......,...............,.. Ted Pietrzcxk Sterling Hayden.. .............. Gordon Buffington Blondie and Daqwood Horst and McMu11in Rosalind Russell ....................,... Flossle Lynn Jackie Cooper, ............,............,. lack LaNoue Bonita Granville ..... ...Anna Van Krimpen Robert Taylor ...,..........,. Coach Young lllll Lana Turner ,.,.... Martha Raye ....... . Gr eta Garbo ......... Strand . ...,. Betty Ann Rappe . ........... Vera Reynolds Zazu Pitts ............,..... ...,,......... A lma Garland Melvyn Douglas ......,.....,.................,. Mr. Elvin Laurel and Hardy .... Heimbuch and Krass Betty Grable ......,..........,.......... Nelda Berger Billy Halop ............ ......,, D omlnic Vitale Iohn Garfield ....... , Bette Davis ..,.... ..........Iohn Padien ..........Doris Sieqrist 129 And him work hard without no pay Poor little sun, him not very 835' Why him unhappy? Weill tell you quite soon For poor little sun, him in love with the moon. Beautiful moon all pretty and white Our poor little sun, him's loves did invite Her flirted, and winked her starry eyes Gur poor little sun can't take it, him sighs. "Oh bootiful bootiful maiden afar, Would I were a little star" "Why you wish you was a star?" "So I could be where e'er you are." But alas, this cannot be For sun at night, shall ne'er be see But moon in day-ahal we cries, "The moon and sun, they compromise! -Reynolds THE COMPROMISE The sun, him wasn't very bright But him was shine with all him's might Poor little sun, him don't got no play Him work from begin to end of day. 130 K Monarch Laundry Hellman and Loehr-Floor Covering Ostrow Pharmacy Dahlkamp's Cities Service Station Ridge Road Cleaners-E. C. Berwanger, Proprietor Dr. Quinn Helen Brumm Millinery Shop Lansing King Kold Harry Sherrow Dr. Horvitz Rodger's Clothing Store Victory Cleaners lim Brown Shade Sz Awning Company Iack Matthews' Barber Shop Iohn Erickson, Violin Maker Ted Styka's Grocery and Meat Market Brown's Floral Shop Martha's Food Shop Modern Shoe Repair The "Brick" Store of Burnham Schneider's Department Store Lansing Food Mart Stanley Fischer Sam Alpert Royal Blue Food Shop Maggie Budzowski Tru-Value Daisy's Grocery Store Dr. I. C. Lem Casey's Food Shop Al Klonon Stanley Kaczynski Ann Camp Ioseph Ierszyk Meistersingers Girls' Club Monogram Club Boys' Club Terrapin Club G. A. C. X 7 x. , L NA 5 X 5 S ,ws X., K . " X xx-X s , wx X M .X r x X K f X AN "x . NN , -X ,f -X 2, X, X a' ' ' 0 fl!-"w 1 , V xy I v I. X , N4 N X ' 1 X , f GSX . ki . . , -as 3 X W x l fx x X X - X -X-X X XX X. 'X XX XL XX ,X XQXQQX :kk X 1, X , X X , X ,X k X " - -L -- , X A ,, " iii .L.... X. X ' X X X A X ,X 4--7 gs,,g,,,-gw 3,5 inf: Q K ,Xsg ,t ,- PW -- f 1 f ' f X ' -:EX iv ,111 Ji 1 if -11 " "Nu sz . MASTER ENGRAVERS TO AMERICA'S scHooLs DEPENDABILITY in Photo-Engraving is symbolized by the name "PONTIAC" It's because ot this reliable service and quality that hundreds of schools throughout the country return to Pontiac, year after year, for their enqravinq re- quirements. The SCHOOL PUBLICATION DIVISION of Pontiac offers a distinctive service to schools and colleges. Inquiries are invited from publicity direc- tors, yearbook and newspaper staffs. ENGRAVING 6. ELECTROTYPE CO. P C N T I A C 812-822 w. VAN BUREN srnnsr, cr-ncAGo. ILL gz2.,.,1,Zm,,, FIIHLIEATIIII LAVERG-NE I. LOUNSBURY, DIRECTOR Leader Printing Company ,, E . V i i i 9, 51 12 gs s E 3. I-1 'a li ,1 ZA F: L 1 ffl Z V: 2' ii? ll 1 gs.. :ei E5 '64 ri If gi 51 ' 4 1 af 5 4' lu I Wi! iii Q fx 'C u 34 ,if M Q, 4 i 15 xf Gif E . Y , 3 3 E 5 Q

Suggestions in the Thornton Fractional North High School - Chronoscope Yearbook (Calumet City, IL) collection:

Thornton Fractional North High School - Chronoscope Yearbook (Calumet City, IL) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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Thornton Fractional North High School - Chronoscope Yearbook (Calumet City, IL) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Thornton Fractional North High School - Chronoscope Yearbook (Calumet City, IL) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Thornton Fractional North High School - Chronoscope Yearbook (Calumet City, IL) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Thornton Fractional North High School - Chronoscope Yearbook (Calumet City, IL) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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