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Thornton Fractional North High School - Chronoscope Yearbook (Calumet City, IL) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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ff'N . , If WMM? 21 ff MMM' 4 -az, 1 UZ' ' I f , ff f W W WW ,WE MQ 5 WX W, q,k , J 5, if 65 we fjiffwdmwy . :W J 5 Q? Xgxfsi of fww WOQUM Q M 09 l91ll CHRO OSCOPE Published by the Students of ' THORNTON FRAOTIONAL TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL Ocrlumet City, Illinois L 41 , ...A , W WW ff- f . ,A . 'll' Af I 1 with ' I , 1 , . , I ' Ia' . 1 4 I , 1 I 1. I f 'iff' 1 , J ' I 3 1 , LW , ' f ' I Q 1 1 ,fi ww-ff Www ,,v"" WM ff' 11-1- ,,,1,., JPZQEQWQWQJ' W ffffldfffik -mmm 1-1149m'if9PAm.-asm f ..Y ji J 1 'R Y 4 -J :wg- BCDARD OF EDLICATIQN Mr. Andrew Klein, Mr. Wcxlter Dempsey, Mr. Iohn Huck fpresidentl, Mr. Icxmes Kelly, and Mr. Albert Wchlgren. Mr. George I-little became the new member of the boczrd when Mr. Huck retired, and Mr. Idmes Kelly was elected by the board members to serve cts president. Miss Schmidt has b en caught in one of her rarest attitudes, Although Mr. Leonard is dictating a letter to Dora Harthun, office girl, probably about Harold being given a two Weeks' leave, his mind keeps wandering to his other duties. At the same time he may be Wondering if someone got the Wax for the dance floor for the Boys' Club Dance, how he can change Mary Smith's program so she will be free the last two periods, or Why those N.Y.A. students haven't turned in their time. He may even be advising a bright senior on the best collegeto go to, making out an assignment for his American Problems class or calling Mr. Lockhart about some school problqgn. sitting down Ev n tnen she is checking T B X ray slips with Mar- garet Klucker, one of the office girls. Any other day you will find her dashing through the office to see if everything is in shape for the Carnival, or Whether the Thanksgiving baskets are filled or planning a Girls' Club party. She may even be consoling lanie Who just lost her lipstick or advising her What to Wear to a dance or warning that "those fingernails have to be cut" be- fore she comes to typing class. Miss Schmidt is a busy woman, so step aside and give her room. , . Most of us here at school know the teachers and the subjects they teach, but many of us are ignorant of the other duties they perform. MISS VIVIAN ABRAHAM, for instance, is our efficient librarian, but she also teaches library science and organ- ized and sponsors the Library Club . . . MR. FRANK ALLEN is our mathematics prof and is also coach of our debate team . . . MISS HELEN BRAZZILL is a member of the English and literature department and directs the Girls' Chorus . . . MISS KATHERINE BRAZZILL is physiology instructor and the able accompanist for the Girls' Chorus . . . MRS. RUTH HALE CANAGA heads American history and has charge of the National Honor Society. . . MR. HAROLD CHRISTIAN is the head of the music department and directs the band and the orchestra and the Meistersingers . . . MR. EARL DAVIS is our diminutive English and literature teacher and also coach of our prize win- ning speech team . . . Our golf team is coached by MR. RAYMOND ELVIN, who also teaches World history . . . MR. SAMUEL FREY explains the pitfalls of chemistry, physics and science and runs the moving picture projector . . . MISS CLARA IHRIG is a new addition to the faculty and a member of the English department, teaching English and literature . . , MISS AADELINE IAACKS is a busy person for besides teaching biology, she is coach of G.A.C., head of all ticket sales, and faculty adviser to the business staff of the Thorntonian and Chronoscope . . . MR. LESTER KELLY is a member of the Athletic department and swimming and gym coach and coach of the swimming squad . . . MISS ELIZABETH KESSINGER is the head of the Com- mercial department, re-organizer and sponsor of the Commercial Club and also FACULTY lst row: Sigrid Moe, Katherine Brazzil, Helen Brazzil. Znd row: Clara Irhig, Marian McBrair, Helen Temple, Earl Davis. 3rd row: Ruth Canaga, Doris Stewart. Helen McDougall, Harold Christian, Henry Potts. 4th Row: Adeline C. Iaacks, Wilbur Petree, Bruce Miller, Laurence Luce, Samuel Frey. Standing at left: Alice McKeehan, Elizabeth Kessinger, Lucille Slocum, Anna Schmidt, Mary Shemaitis. Top: Angus McPhail, Lester Kelly, Aitken Young, Harvey Lambka, Iames Leonard, Henry Leqq, Clarence Koedyker, Frank Allen, Raymond Elvin, Arthur Smith. Not in Picture: Vivian Abraham, Fritz Nelson. FACULTY sponsor of the junior class.. .MR. IACKSON KIESTER is our successful coach of the lightweight basketball squad and is also a biology teacher . . . Vocational auto shop is under the direction of MR. CLARENCE KOEDYKER who also sponsors the Photography Club and directs the Freshmen Boys' Glee Club . . . The Latin prof, MR. HARVEY LAMBKA, is also official bus loader and each year stages a Latin exhibit . . . MR. HENRY LEGG is a member of the Commercial department and teaches bookkeeping and typing . . . MR. IAMES LEONARD, besides being law and economics instructor, is Assistant Principal, Dean of Boys and Registrar . . . MR. LAURENCE LUCE reigns supreme over the woodshop' and sponsors the Flying Eagles. . . MISS MARIAN McBRAIR is the newest addition to the faculty, taking the place of MISS LOIS HEIGL, former English and literature teacher . . . MISS HELEN MCDOUGALL is Home economics teacher and also presents fine style shows . . . MISS ALICE MCKEEHAN is in charge of the detention room and teaches English and literature . . .The junior and senior plays are under the direction of MR. ANGUS MCPHAIL, history teacher, who also ,directs the famed Double Sextet . . . MR. BRUCE MILLER dispenses books in' the book-- store and teaches Civics . . . MISS SIGRID MOE teaches English and litera- ture, conducts a class of girls in Red Cross work, is faculty adviser to the Chronoscope and Thorntonian and also has charge of the radio programs over station W.l.O.B .... MR. FRITZ NELSON has charge of all lockers and is mechanical drawing instructor . . . MR. WILBUR PETREE is Head of the Athletic department, football coach, coach of freshman basketball and also teaches general business . . . MR. HENRY POTTS is coach of wrestling, is personal bookkeeping teacher, and keeper of the school accounts . , . MISS ANNA SCHMIDT is typing teacher, dean of girls, and has charge of the assemblies. . .MISS MARY SHEMAITIS is sponsor of the Girls' Terrapin Club, dance director of the Carnival, and the gym and swimming coach . . . MISS LUCILLE' SLOCUM is shorthand and salesmanship in- structor and is new this year. . . MR. ARTHUR SMITH, who at one time taught five different subjects, has such a varied program that he finds no time for outside activi- ties . . .The cafeteria is in the hands of MISS DORIS STEWART, who also teaches a class of cooking . . . Our X art teacher is MISS HELEN TEMPLE, who directs a group X of poster makers and instructs a class in home manage- ment . . . MR. AITKEN YOUNG, member of the Athletic department, coaches heavyweight basketball and track and is general business instructor ..., We have presented the faculty members with a list of their various extra duties and we all say to them "Keep up the good work." f-XX ...I g X .um ::' . 3 ff fs X wk ' TF. M S S RE i 4 fa THE CHOICE OE THE SENIORS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MARY TREBELLAS IOE TERRE BEST PERSONALITY Henry Bobak Patsy Throop MOST MODEST Betty Barber Steve Sertic MOST VERSATILE Ieanne Sibley Iames Coffman tNot in picturel MOST COURTEOUS Betty Geroid Edward Swanson BEST DRESSED Patsy Miiier AIIan Franke fNot in picturel MOST INTELLIGENT Ernest Vierk Irma Vifinterhoff PEPPIEST Norma Cheek Edward Iabiorrski EEST DANCERS G. Lewandowski Bernard Nondorf MOST TYPICAL STUDENT Leona Kowalski Ioe Lietzan FRIENDLIEST Barbara Wright Fred Green MOST ATHLETIC Edward Litzarr Helen Ernst MOST POPULAR DONALD KOEHN IEANNE O'CONNOH BEST LOOKING Tony Madaion Gloria Poppen CUTEST COUPLE Gerold Erevert Mildred Youse MOST LOYAL TO THE SCHOOL Leo Serafini Katherine Bertram SENIORS SUM IT UP if! Gee! It'doesn't seem as it I've gone to T. FQ for four years. Why, I remember it as plain as .iigit happened yesterday-that awful first week F. All my trials and tribulations, not know'- where tofiind my locker and then not knowf how taiopen it after I foumd it. wandering into the rooms and getting lost in the shoplliemember how proud our fresh- class was when Kay Bertram made the Varsity? Leona Kowalski. Ieanne fQfGorisr1Jor. I-Ilen Ernst. Dorothy Becker made for themselves inG. A. C.? Remember Bmbaifiiigiwright showed suchelremarkable at the piano that sire became the Meisteie A,sllzgeiqqMaccompanist and 'wastin demand at utnallfsehsgrypaniescf Do you remit the per? il Ge:-old as the little sister ?i.1g5?iT11eF'5'11eifl'September when wesame .heels A 5 ty tty Wsitfelf 'S0i'i5f61iifbeCfri4se'.5vfei 11i1evir'oii1if' i C011li1100k dom? O11 rw before were beck in 5, it .. .W H . L A r, ,, ,V .. . Y , W 4 , .eng-:Ye.:...m .,.-..r,,N....L.g 1. ,f,.,.. W.-1, --Y . -4,- A ,. 1 J.. - ' VVX TAMES ANDERSON KAY BERTRAM Chronoscope Business Staff 25 Thorntonian Business Staff l5 Monogram Club 3, 45 Swimming Team 3, 45 Assembly Monitor 45 Flying Eagles 4. g ' BETTY BARBER Girls' Club Board 35 Chorus 2, 3, 45 T. F. Pin 3 and 45 Pep Club 2, 4. LOTS BAUER ,, 1 7 , . 5 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 45 Library Club 35 G. A. C. Volleyball 3, 4, Captain Basketball 2, 3, 45 Carnival Cast 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Chemistry Assistant 3. DOROTHY BECKER Girls' Chorus 3, 45 G. A. C. Board 3, 45 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Captain Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Swimming 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Carnival Cast 45 Pep Club 25 Volleyball Varsity 3, 45 Cap- tain Basketball Varsity l, 3, 45 Baseball Varsity l, 2, 35 Captain of Basketball 15 Manager of Volleyball 25 T. F. Pin 45 Chronoscope Business 4, Girls' Club Board 2, 3, 45 Thorntonian Edi- torial Staff 3, 45 Debate Club 15 News Hawks 45 Terrapin Club 2, 3, 45 Terrapin Club President 25 Secretary 35 Carnival Cast 1, Z, 3, 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Cheer Leader l, 2, 35 Captain 45 Speech Events 45 Senior Class Secretary 45 T. F. Pin 3, 45 National Honor Society. ' vioLA BETTLE Cafeteria Assistant 4. IAMES BIGUS Carnival Cast 2. HENRY BOBAK Boys' Club Board 45 Monogram Club 3, 45 Monogram Club Secretary 45 Carnival Cast 4: Heavyweight Football 3, 45 Freshman- Sophomore Football l, 25 Heavyweight Basketball 3, 45 Lightweight Basketball 25 Assembly Monitor 4. HELEN BERGERON DELORES BOLDA Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 45 Photography Club 35 Carnival Cast 45 Pep Club Z, 3. Page Twelve Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 45 Library Club 3, 45 Carnival Cast 45 Pep Club 3, 4. IEAN BOLDENOW VERLAND CAREY Photography Club 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4. LEO CARROLL HELEN BON-A ' Freshman-Sophomore Football l, 2, Heavyweight Basketball 2, Freshman Basket- Girls' chorus 2, 3, 4, Library ciub 3, 4, Carnival cast 4, Pep oiub 3, 4. bull 1' ALTHEA BRANDT ANGELENA CELANO ' G' Av C. Volleyball 2' 3' 4, Captain Basketball 2' 3, 4' Basketball L 2, 3: Girls' Chorus 2, Library Club 3, 4, Carnival Cast 2, 3, Commercial Club 4. Swimming l, 2, Baseball l, 2, 3, G. A. C. Varsities, Baseball 3, Capt. Basket- ball 2. DOROTHY CEROVINA PHY!-'US EILEEN BROUGH Terrapin Club 2, 3, G. A. C. Volleyball 3, Captain Basketball 3, Basketball 2, 3, Commercial Club 4, G.. A. C. Manager 3. Library Club 3, 4, Library Club Vice-President 4, Pep Club 2, 4. NORMA LADELLE CHEEK RUDOI-PH BUCKNER Entered from Lowell, Indiana High School Z, Volleyball 3, 4, Captain Basketball l . . . . . 3, 4, Basketball 3, Swimming 3, Baseball 2, 3, Cheerleader 3, 4, Pep Club Monogram Club 3' 4' Swlmmmg Team 2' 3' 4' Cqfelenu ILSSISMH' 4' 3, 4, G. A. C, Baseball Varsity 2, Volleyball Varsity 3. National Honor Society. IOAN BUCZEK ' LEONARD CIEPLUCHA Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Cadet Band l, 2, Cadet Orchestra l, Carnival Cast 3, Cafeteria Assistant 3, 4, Commercial Club 4. ' BETTY CONLEY HQWARD CAREY ' Entered from Lowell High School, Lowell, Indiana, 3. Page Thirteen Lg, , srmlozfa Honor Rott Four years of hard work and these seniors were able to maintain an average grade of ninety or above in their four years: KATHERINE BERTRAM WILMA DOCKWEILER GLADYS LEEDY DOROTHY OKRAY TUNE DOE BERNICE OLSON GLORIA POPPEN NELLIE SWIERINGA MARY TREBELLAS IACOB VANDERBY ERNEST VIERK IRMA WINTERHOFF MATHILDE FRIED DOROTHY HOWARD DONALD KOEHN LEONA KOWALSKI RITA KOWALSKI ,Donald Koelm, Steve Sertic proved! themselves valuablefiootball players. Jeannie O'Connor and ,Gloria Pdppen were outstanding Girls' Club Board rrteiribers. Mary Trebellas was among the very siiiall number of sophomores who be- came News Hawks members. Mildred Lammer- 7 A 7 ing and Florence ,Fricluss started ony their quest for ads forthe THOHNTUNIBN by ioining the busi- ness siatfglinunie Anderson made a big splash FT? Cori the ing teami .f'Do you recollect the orqanizatign of the Terrapin Club' and how Kay, Befztrarh was chosen for its HJ.'S'll president? ' I ' llookirra shack over do you recall how protiilgywe wereiuihen Eddie Litgan was chosen of the-"Lightweight Basketball team? IoeETerre surelyjitade cr placelfor him- self, in thailand. Gazing into the pctstyou see thedvbigtt successlxihe iiunior play "Kentucky Belle", 'a1Broadway7success, madestl-lat year. Rememberifat Leonartzljefrmik Hi.l.l.QjEllen Mc- c Kenna. Sestal:aEl:as.fFred3 Ed iSwansoiiQifErnest Vierkiill helped to, that evsrtiltgri-ei1e1fQirinq?Qi1ihe Cwmivs-WHS more its-tssisfvlis tlll P553 News MARIE COUWENHOVEN Girls' Chorus 3, 47 Photography Club 37 Carnival Cast 47 Cafeteria Assistant 47 Pep Club 3, 4. PEGGY CUNNINGHAM h Girls' Club Board lj Girls' Chorus 2, 3. CORRINE CWIK Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 47 Cafeteria Assistant 4. RALPH DAVIS Carnival Cast 47 Swimming Team 4. ALICE DEAKUN Girls' Club Board 3, 47 Chronoscope Business Staff 37 Band 2, 3, 47 Orchestra 3, 47 Cadet Band 2, 37 Cadet Orchestra 17 Chemistry Assistant 37 T. F. Pin 3, 4. National Honor Society. HELEN DLUGOPOLSKA Entered from Hammond Tech. 3. WILMA DOCKWEILER lUNE Thorntonian Editorial Staff 3, 47 Exchange Editor 47 News Hawks 47 Library Club 3, 47 G. A. C. Volleyball 4, Baseball 37 T. P. Pin 3, 4. National Honor Society. DOE ' Chronoscope Editorial Staff, 37 Thorntonian Editorial Staff 37 Girls' Chorus 3, 47 Carnival Cast l, 47 lunior Class Secretary. HARRIET DRABEK .f G. A. C. Board 37 Volleyball l, 2, 37 Captain Basketball l, 2, 37 Basketball 1, 27 Base- ROSE ball 1, 27 Baseball Varsity lr 27 Volleyball l. DUNLAP Chronoscope Editorial Staff 3, 47 Thorntonian Editorial Staff 3, 47 News Hawks 47 Library Club 2, 37 Carnival lj Commercial Club 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Publicity Bureau 3, 47 National Honor Society. . ,'- l IOE EBY ALLAN FRANKE Meistersingers 2, 3, 41 Me-istersingers' Secretary 41 Carnival Cast 3, 4. KENNY EENIGENBURG ' 1 I A U I LAIDA FREDIANELLI Entered from Chicago Chrlstlan Hlgh School 21 Carnival Cast 3. Cafeteria Assistant 2' 3' 4' IOSEPHINE EISMIN GERALD FREVERT Emered from St- Iosephl Indiana' 45 Band 2, 3, 41 Cadet Band 1, 21 Cadet Orchestra l, 21 Orchestra 3, 41 Meister- singers 3, 41 Carnival Cast 4. ELEANOR El-LENS FLORENCE FRIDUSS Orchestra 3, 41 Cadet Orchestra 1, 2, 3. Chronoscope Business Staff 11 Thorntonian Business Staff 1, 21 News Hawks 2, 3, 41 Library Club 3, 41 T. F. Pin 3, 41 Pep Club 3, 41 American Legion Speech Contest 37 Speech Events 4. HELEN ERNST Girls' Chorus 2, 3, G. A C. l, 2, 3, 4, Head of Basketball 2, vlaa-Praslaaal 3, MATHILDE FRIED President 4: V0119Yl-X111 VCIFSUY 2. 3, 41 CGPTGU1 BCISk9fbG11 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball Entered from Hyde Park High School CChicagol, 31 Library Club 41 Pep Club 3, 4. l, 2, 31 Swimming 1, 2, 31 Baseball 1, 2, 31 Commercial Club 4. ESTHER GAITHER Chronoscopel Editorial Staff 31 Editor-in-Chief 41 Girls' Chorus 2, 31 News Hawks FLORENCE FLEMING 4, G. A. C. Captain Basketball 3, Baseball 2, 3, rlaamlaaiaa Editorial Staff 3, . National Honor Society. 1 ANDREW PRANCZEK J' Monogram Club 3, 41 Swimming Team 3, 41 lntra-mural Swimming Champ 31 BOB GAUTHIER Assembly Monitor 4. Freshman-Sophomore Football l, 2. Page Fifteen CHAIRMEN OF THE SENIOR COMMITTEES Senior Day-leanne O'Connor. Class Will-Ernest Vierk. Class Prophecy-Kay Bertram Invitations-Ieanne Sibley. Motto, Flower, and Color-Alice Deakun. Swierinqagleona Kowalski, Catherine Gloger. and Angeleria Celano. f And now,5 as all good things mustfcome to cm end. so have our high school dcrys drawn to an end. Gone are those happy days and hours spentein rehearsing forthe senior play. The fellows will no longer ieelrthe thrill of rushing out on the football field gtoigwin for old T. F. as they did under Captainegliem Nondorl. Eddie not be given a chiimce to win any moreilchfrmpionships in 'basketball for T. F. Our band members Irma Winterhoif, Alice Deakun. Myroslow Purko. and Ethel Snyder will no longer wear those ll'lli snappy band forms. Florence Zick, Mildred Youse. and De- lores Sulicz will not be present to twirl between the halves ont football games. Those happy hours spentlin Terrcrpin Club andfG.fA. C. are all pastlnow and come bcrclc cxqainilonly in our memories. f . 3 ' ' Good-byegr. r.. vve've had Q spend time in your halls. you will crlwcryslhavee cz big Rl9'?9'?1'1 Pm' 3?'e1F9ne5'. . ' . I f llt' I I I I lltr I -lll I L i I' 5 I X t1..,l' !.N, X 5 ' I BETTY GEROLD Girls' Club Board 3, 45 Thorntonian Edi- torial Staff 35 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 45 Ter- rapin Club 45 "Kentucky Belle" 35 Car- nival Cast l, 2, 3, 45 T. F. Pin 3, 4. Speech Events 3, 45 Freshman-Sophomore Poetry Reading Contest5 "America First" 45 National Honor Society. VIRGINIA GILL LONATH GIOVINGO Girls' Chorus 2, 35 G. A. C. Volleyball 2, 3, 45 T. F. Pin 25 Pep Club 2, 3, 4. CATHERINE GLOGER Chronoscope Business Staff 35' Girls' Chorus 35 Carnival Cast l, 2, 3, 45 T. F. Pin 3, 45 Commercial Club 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 4. National Honor Society. HELEN GORTAT Cafeteria Assistant 3. ELAINE GOYKE Entered from St. Ioseph Clndianal, 35 Pep Club 4. FRED GREEN Band l, 2, 3, 45 Band Officer l, 2, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Cadet Orchestra lg Meistersingers 2, 3, 45 Carnival Cast 2, 3, 45 School Dance Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Band President 4, "America First" 45 "Kentucky Belle" 3. SALLY GREGORICH Library Club 45 Commercial Club 45 "Kentucky Belle" 3. MARY GUZA Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 45 Carnival Cast 4. IAMES HACKENBURG " to -I "Wah GENEVIEVE HACKER BURTON HUNTER Entered from Catholic Central tl-Iamrnondl, Z, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 45 Carnival Cast 3, 4: Pep Club 3, 4. EVELYN HUNTER 5 G. A. C. Volleyball 2, 37 Captain Basketball 2, 3, Basketball l, 3, Baseball 3. HERBERT HARTHUN ED IABLONSKI WILLIAM ANTHONY I-IEINTZ Monogram Club 47 Carnival Cast 2, 3, 45 Heavyweight Football 4, Freshman- Sophomore Football Z7 Intra-mural Champs 3. FRANK HILL Thorntonian Editorial Staff 3, 49 Meistersngers 2, 3, 47 "Kentucky Be1le" 35 Carnival Cast l, 3, 4, Speech Events 4, "America First" 4. IOHN IAMES HAROLD IENNINGS ALFRED HOERTZ ' Cafeteria Assistant 4, Monogram Club 47 Swimming Team Manager 4. DOROTHY HOWARD IOSEPH IERZYK Photography Club l, 2, Library Club 2, 3, Pep Club l, 2, 3. Meistersingers 4. KEITH HOWMILLER CHARLES IOHNSON Band Z, 3, 45 Cadet Band lg Cadet Orchestra 17 Meistersingers 3, 47 Carnival Cast 1, 3, 4, Wrestling 3, 4, Intra-mural Wrestling Champs 37 "Kentucky Belle" 3, Band 2, 35' Cadet Band 1, 2, Cadet Orchestra l, 25 Meistersingers 2, 3, 4, Intra- "America First" 4. mural Swimming Champs 3. 'x SX it 'P f A.. Page Seventeen -i' MICHAEL KlERAS EVELYN KUBICKI Freshman Basketball l. Entered from Bowen High School CChicagol 3, G. A. C.'3, 4, Captain Basket- ADELlNE KUEWSKI DON KOEHN Boys' Club Board 3, Chronoscope Business Staff 3, 4, Thorntonian Editorial Staff 3, 4, Assistant Editor 4, Thorntonian Business Staff 3, Band 3, 4, Band Drill Master 4, News Hawks 4, Monogram Club 3, 4, King of Carnival 4, Carnival Cast 4, Cadet Band 3, Heavyweight Football 3, 4, Freshman-Sophomore Foot- ball l, 2, Assembly Monitor 4, lunior Class President 3, Senior Class President 4, "America First" 4. National Honor Society. IRENE KOREM Entered from Catholic Central Cl-lammond, lndianal 2, Carnival Cast 3, Pep Club 3, 4. LEONA KOWALSKI Girls' Chorus 2, 3, G. A. C. Board 4, Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4, Captain Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Swimming l, Basketball l, 2, 3, Carnival Cast 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 4, Commercial Club 4. National Honor Society. , HlTA KOWALSKI Thorntonian Editorial Staff 3, Recording Editor 4, Photography Club 3, News Hawks 4, Carnival Cast 3, 4, Pep Club Z, 3, 4. National Honor Society. LEONARD KOZIKOWSKI Page Eighteen E +L Ah U ball 4, Basketball 3, Pep Club 4, Volleyball 4. TEDDY KUNKA Monogram Club 3, 4, Lightweight Basketball 2, 3, lntra-mural Lightweight Basket- ball Champs 3, lntra-mural Boxing Champs 2. MARYANN KWIATKOWSKI Library Club 3, 4, Pep Club 4. MILDRED LAMMERING Chronoscope Business Staff l, Thorntonian Business Staff l, 2, Girls' Chorus 3, 4, Library Club 3, 4, Carnival Cast 4, Clinic Assistant 3, 4, Pep Club 2. ALYCE LEASURE A Library Club 3, Terrapin Club 3, Cafeteria Assistant 4, Commercial Club Pep Club 3, 4, Chronoscope Business Staff 4. GLADYS LEEDY Chronoscope Editorial Staff 3, Thorntonian Editorial Staff 3, 4, Feature Editor 2, 4: 4: Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Debate Club 2, 3, 4, Debate Executive-Secretary 4, Pho- tography Club 3, News Hawks 4, Library Club 3, Carnival Cast l, 4, Nation Honor Society. CLYDE LEHMKER al PAT LEQNARD VINCENT MACK Thorntonian Editorial Staff 3, 45 News Editor 45 Cadet Band l, 25 Cadet Orches- tra 15 Library Club 3, 45 Individual Speech Events 45 News Hawks 45 Band 2, Carnival Cast l, Pep Club 2, 3, 45 "Kentucky Belle" 3. GERALDINE LEWANDOWSKI Entered from Catholic Central fHammondl 35 Carnival Cast 35 Pep Club 3, 45 "Kentucky Belle" 3. V EVELYN LIESENFELT Entered from Our Lady's Academy CChicagol 25 Girls Chorus 2, 3, 45 Carnival Cast 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 4. , DOROTHY LIETZAN Library Assistant lg G. A. C. Volleyball l, Captain Basketball 1, Baseball 15 G. A. C. Manager 25 Commercial Club 4. IOE LIETZAN Boys' Club President 45 Chronoscope Sports Editor 45 Thorntonian Editorial Staff 3, 45 Sports Editor 45 News Hawks 45 Monogram Club 45 Heavyweight Foot- ball 3. National Honor Society. ED LITZAN Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 Heavyweight Football 3, 45 Freshman-Sophomore Foot- ball 25 Heavyweight Basketball 45 Lightweight Basketball 2, 35 Freshman Basket- ball lj Golf Team 2, 3, 45 intra-mural Lightweight Basketball Champs 35 Captain of Lightweight Basketball 35 Captain of Heavyweight Basketball 45 Assembly Monitor 4. Team Manager, Basketball 35 "Kentucky Belle" 3. TONY MADALON MARGARET MANCINO Photography Club 35 Pep Club 3, 4. BAY MANUSZAK ANNE MARKO GEORGE McCARTHY lntra-mural Swimming Champ 3. ELLEN MCKENNA Carnival Cast 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Commercial Club 4. Thorntonian Editorial Staff 3, 45 Meistersingers 3, 45 News Hawks 3, 45 News Hawks' Vice-president 45 Dramatic Club 35 "Submerged", "Millenium Mom" 35 Monogram Club 45 Freshman Basketball 15 Lightweight Basketball Manager 3. BONNIE LORENZ Girls' Club Board 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 2, 35 Photography Club 2, 35 Library Club Girls' Club Board 3, 45 G. A. C. Volleyball 2, 3, 45 Captain Basketball 2, 3, 45 2, 45 Terrapin Club 3, 45 Queen of Carnival 45 Senior Class Treasurer 45 "Ken- Swimming 2, 35 Baseball 2, 35 T. F. Pin 35 Commercial Club 45 Pep Club 2, 3. tucky Belle" 3. Page Nineteen MATH MENDYK PAUL NADY MARY MERLO , Photography Club 25 Pep Club 25 Commercial Club 4. RICH ORVAL MEYER Meistersingers 45 Photography Club 25 Monogram Club 3, 45 Carnival Cast 45 Photography Club 3, 45 Flying Eagles Club 4. TED NAMMINGA Carnival Cast 3, 4. ARD NORDAKER Meistersinger Z, 3, 45 Photography Club 25 Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 lunior Play Production Staff 45 Senior Play Production Staff 3, 45 Carnival Cast 2, 3, 45 Freshman-Sophomore Football l, 25 Freshman Basketball ly Heavyweight Foot- ball 45 Track Team 2, 35 Stage Manager 45 Stage Electrician 3, 45 Motion Pic- ture Operator 3, 4. Swimming Team 3, 45 Assembly Monitor 45 Flying Eagles 3. IEANNE OCONNOR PATSY MILLER MAXINE MORGAN Girls' Club Board 2, 3, 45 Girls' Club President 45 Chronoscope Girls' Sports Editor 45 Thorntonian Girls' Sports Editor 45 Thorntonian Editorial Staff 3, 45 Thorntonian Assistant Circulation Manager 35 Thorntonian Circulation Manager 45 Photography Club 25 News Hawks 2, 3, 45 Captain Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball l, 2, 35 Baseball l, 25 T. F. Pin 2, 3, 45 D. A. R. Representative 45 Captain Basketball Varsity l, 3, 45 Baseball Varsity l, 25 Pep Club 2, 45 Swimming 35 "America First" 4, National Honor Society. Poster Maker 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 3. DOROTHY OKRAY ELLEN MUELLER G. A. C. Volleyball l, 2, 3, 45 Captain Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 45 Base- Chronoscope Editorial Staff 45 Thorntonian Editorial Staff 3, 45 News Hawks 45 Library Club 3, 45 Volleyball 3, 45 Captain Basketball 2, 3, 45 T. F. Pin 35 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Commercial Club 45 Captain Basketball Manager 35 Publicity Bur- eau 4. National Honor Society. ball 2, 3, voiieybuti captain 1, 4. BERNICE OLSON ED MUSCHELEWICZ Freshman Basketball Manager l5 Cafeteria Assistant 4. P,aqe Twenty Chronoscope Editorial Staff 45 Thorntonian Editorial Staff 3, 45 Library Club 35 Commercial Club 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Publicity Bureau 3, 45 Clinic Assistant 4. National Honor Society. BETTY OVERMEY ER Library Club 2, 3, 45 Terrapin Club Z, 3, 45 G. A. C. Baseball 1. GORDON PAULISON GENE POTOCKI Entered from Hawthorne, New Iersey 3. Girls' CTIOTUS 2: P910 Club 3, 4. STELLA PAWLAK LEONARD PRANSKE Cafeteria Assistant 4, Pep Club 4. B TONY PERCAK KENNETH PREBLE Golf Team 3, 4, Poster Maker 4. Band 3, 4: Cadet Band 2, 3, 4, Meistersingers 2, 3, 4, DOROTHY PIETRZAK MYBOSLOW PUBKO Library Club 45 G. A. C. 3, 4. Band 3, 4, Cadet Band 2, Swimming Team 2, 3, 4. LEONA PODRAZA LUBI RADOSH Library Club 3, 45 Library Club Treasurer 3, President 41 Pep Club 3, Com- mercial Club 4, Nqtigngl Honor Sgciety, Entered fIO!T1 Catholic C9I'1lI'Gl High School fl'lGmIT101'1Cll 4. GLORIA POPPEN DONALD RAGOVEN Girls' Club Board 2, 3, 4, Chronoscope Art Editor 4, Thorntonian Editorial Staff Band 3. Imrqmuml Boxing Champ 3' 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3, Captain Basketball 37 "More Blessed" 25 T. F. Pin l, 2, 4, Miss T. F. 4, "Kentucky Belle" 35 "America First" 4. National Honor Society. ' ROBERT ROGERS - SIMON POSTMA Carnival Cast 3, 4. oys' Club Board 47 Flying Eagles 3, 4, Amateur Hour Winner 3, 4. Page Twen ty-one l DOROTHY ROSENWINKEL VERA SCHMIDT Entered from Hammond High 3. BETTY SCHNEIDER MITCHELL RUITER ROSE SCIACKITANO Girls' Chorus 2, 35 Volleyball 2, Captain Basketball 2, Basketball 25 Carnival Cast 2, 35 Pep Club 3. ELMER RUNGE NORMA SEEHAUSEN - JOSEPH RUPP LEO SERAFIN I t Chronoscope Business Staff 2, 3, 45 Thorntonian Business Staff 2, 3, 45 Photog- RITA RZEPCZYNSKI raphy Club 35 News Hawks 45 Carnival Cast 4. National Honor Society. Pep Club 3, 4. STEVE SERTIC Boys' Club Board 25 Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 35 Heavyweight LEO SANKEY Football 2, 35 Carnival Cast 4. ROBERT SAUSAMAN ANNE SESTAKAUCKAS Monogram Club 2, 3, 45 Swimming Team Z, 3, 45 Flying Eagles 3, 4, Flying "Kentucky Belle" 35 Carnival Cast 35 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Commercial Club Trea- Eagles Vice-President 45 Assembly Monitor 4. S1-HSI 41 COIHIHGTCKI1 Club 4- Page Twenty-two ar lEANNE SIBLEY T. F. Pin 2, 3, 47 Library Club 2, 37 Pep Club 3, 4j Debate Club 27 Girls' Club Board 3, 47 Girls' Club Treasurer 37 Girls' Club Vice-President 47 Chronoscope Business Staff l, 2, 37 Thorntonian Editorial Staff 47 Thorntonian Business Staff 27 Girls' Chorus 2, 37 News Hawks 47 G. A. C. Board 27 Volleyball 47 Captain Basketball l, 2, 3, 47 Basketball l, 2, 37 Swimming 2, 37 Baseball l, 2, 37 Car- nival Cast l, 2, 3, 47 "Kentucky Belle" 37 "America First" 4. National Honor Society. ROGER SLINKARD MARGARET SLOAN Library Club Z, 3, 4. LEO SMITH Monogram Club 47 Manager of Wrestling 3, 47 Flying Eagles l, 2, 3, 47 Flying Eagles Vice-President 3. DOROTHY SNYDER Girls' Club Board 47 Library Club 2, 3, 47 T. F. Pin 37 Pep Club 2, 3, 4. National Honor Society. ETHEL SNYDER Band l, 2, 3, 47 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 47 Girls' Chorus 37 Terrapin Club 47 Com- mercial Club 4. National Honor Society. ANNE SOCZYK - G. A. C. Volleyball l, 2, 3, 47 Captain Basketball l, 2, 3, 47 Basketball l, 2, 37 Swimming l, 2, 37 Baseball l, 2, 37 Pep Club 2, 37 G. A. C. Varsity 3, 47 Volley- . 'll Manager lj Baseball Manager 27 Captain of Basketball 3. IACK STACKOWICZ ELIZABETH STASIAK Girls' Chorus 2, 37 Terrapin Club 2, 3, 47 G. A. C. Captain Basketball l, 27 Swimming l, 2. RUTH STEINKRAUS Library Club 37 Pep Club 3. ALICE STEPH AN Entered from Hammond Tech 37 Pep Club 4. DOLORES SULICZ Library Club 47 Drum Major 3, 4. EDWARD SWANSON . Band 2, 3, 47 Orchestra 47 Cadet Orchestra l7 Meistersingers 3, 47 Carnival Cast 2, 37 Dance Orchestra 47 "Kentucky Belle" 37 "America First" 4. NELLIE MAE SWIERINGA G. A. C. Board 47 Captain Basketball l, 2, 37 Volleyball l, 2, 37 Basketball 2, 3, 47 Carnival Cast 27 Commercial Club 47 Basketball Varsity 37 Pep Club 37 Clinic Assistant 27 G. A. C. Varsities Captain Basketball 3, Basketball 4. National Honor Society. Page Twenty-three 1 . 71 t 1 . LILLIAN TENINGA IACOB VANDERBY Band 2, 3, 4, Band Secretary-Librarian 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Cadet Band 1, Cadet Orchestra l, Carnival Cast 3, T. F. Pin l, 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 4. x HENRY VANDER NOORD IOE TERRE IOAN VAN DRUNEN Orchestra 3, 4, Cadet Band l, 2, Cadet Orchestra 1, Boys' Club Board 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 3, 4. Band 2, 3, 4, Meistersingers 2, 3, 4, Meistersingers Vice-President 4, Carnival Cast l, 2, 3, 4, Dance Orchestra 2, 3, 4, lndividual Speech Events 4, "Kentucky HAZEL VAN TIL Belle" 3: "A-mefiw First" 4- Girls' Chorus 4, Photography Club 4, Pep Club 3, 4. PATSY THROOP ERNEST VIERK Girls' Club Board 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Library Club 2, 3, l..ibrary.Club Sec-- Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, Monogram Club President 4, lunior Play Production retary 3, Terrapin Club 2, 3, T. F. Pin 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, "Kentucky Belle" 3. MARY TREBELLAS Staff 3, Carnival Production Staff 3, "Sauce for the Goslings" 3, Track Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Cafeteria Assistant 4, Assembly Monitor 4. National Honor Society. Girls' Club Board 3, 4, Cl'1TO1'lOSCOp9 Editorial Staff 4, Tliorriioriiari Editorial Staff GEORGE WARTMAN 2, 4, Thorntoniarl Business Staff 2, Girls' Chorus 2, News Hawks 2, 3, 4, News Hawks President 4, Library Club 3, 4, T. F. Pin 3, 4, Pep Club Z, 3, lunior Class Vice-President 3, Commercial Club 4. National Honor Society. IRMA FRANK TRINKLE ' ELEANOR TUTLEWSKI Library Club 3, 4, Pep Club 2. RITA ANGELA UFHEIL Entered from St. loseph High School lHan'lrnondJ 3, Pep Club 3. Page Twentyrtour Meistersingers 2, 3, lntra-mural Champs 3. WINTERHOFF Girls' Club T. F. Pin l, 3, 4, Girls' Club Scholarship Pin 4, Chronoscope Editorial Staff 3, 4, Chronoscope Business Staff l, 2, 3, 4, Thorntonian Editorial Staff l, 2, 3, 4, Thorntonian Editor-in-Chief 4, Thorntonian Business 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Band Publicity Manager 3, 4, Cadet Band l, 2, 3, Cadet Orchestra l, Double Sextet 2, 3, 4, Debate Club l, 2, 4, News Hawks 2, 3, 4, G. A. C. Volleyball l, Z, 4, Captain Basketball 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, Swimming 1, 2, Carnival Cast l, 2, 3, 4, Speech Events 4, "Kentucky Belle" 3, "America First" 4, Pep Club 2, 3, Publicity Bureau,Z, 3, Girls' Chorus 2, 3. National Honor Society. SENIOR CLASS OEEICERS . President, Donald Koehn5 Vice-President, Tony Madalon5 Secretary CLASS MOTTO CLASS SPONSORS Mr. Kiester-Head Sponsor Mrs Ruth Hale Canagae- Miss Sigrid Moe-Chronoscope National Honor Society ELAINE WOICIEHOSKI STANLEY WYROZUMSKI Photography Club 35 Carnival Cast 4. RICHARD WYTRZYMALSKI Photography President 45 Flying Eagle BETTY WOODBURN MILDRED YOUSE . Girls' Club Board 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 2, 35 Girls' CIIOTUS 2, 3: Drum MGIOI' 3, 4. Terrapin Club 45 G. A. C. Volleyball 25 IIOHGI Honor SOCIGIY- T. F. Pin 3, 4. BARBARA WRIGHT Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Cadet Orchestra lg Double Sextet 3, 45 Meister- singers Accompanist l, 2, 3, 45 Carnival Accompanist 2, 3, 45 School Dance Orches- tra 3, 4. National Honor Society. PHYLLIS WRIGHT Photography Club 35 Carnival Cast 3. Na- tional Honor Society. FLORENCE ZICK Drum Major 3, 4. SEINIORS NOT IN PICTURE Rhoda Carrubba Theodore Caedtke Madeline Gumbel Alice lacobs Beryl lackson lack Kaminski Clarisse Kobeszka Mabel Keller Wallace Krueger Carl Lindner Hershel Lowry Donald Miller Ben Nondorf Herbert Peterson Ed Pranger lohn Schutz Teddy Stoklosa Walter Zygmunt Thomas Sweeney SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Kay Bertram ISecretaryJ, Ellen McKenna fTreasurerl, Tony s 4. Madalon Nice-Presidentl, Donald Koehn CPresidenil. Na- Paqe Twenty-five THE JUNIORS TELL WHAT THEY LOOK FOR- WARD TO NEXT YEAR AND ADMIT THEIR PET EXPRESSIONS. I certainly am proud of my iunior class. and well I might be, for they have accomplished many outstanding things during this year. I wish I had the intelligence of Wilfred Kraegel. who topped the Honor Roll every six weeks, and Albert Walhgren. who was good competition tor him. Why. then, I would almost be a gen- ius. But I did make the Honor Roll every time. And the iunior play. "Imag- inary Invalid," was so good that I sat speltbound throughout the performance. Perhaps some of our iuniors will become future stars of the stage and screen. Stanley Sonnenberq surely was a hero after running 98 , , PHILLIP ADAMKIEWICZ: Westling and Football seasons . . . "You said it." IANE ALBINIAK: The Prom . . . "Ain't he a lulu'?" TUNE ANDERSON: Graduation gitts . . . "Gee Whiz." PHYLLIS ANDERSON: Speech class . . . "Ori bones." EUGENE ANNEN: The l942 Chronoscope . . . "All right." AUSTIN ARENS: Tennis season . . . "You're a nut." MICKEY AUGUSTYNEK: The Prom . . . "You bunch of Wolves." LEONARD BARANOWSKI: Basketball . . . "Sucker" MILLARD BARKER: Track . . . "Why sure." HOWARD BARKER: Debate Varsity . . . "Huh." DOROTHY BARTH: Graduation . . . "And then What." DORIS BARTON: The Prorn . . . "Darn." LORETTA BARZDA: Finishing History . . . "Oh, Fiddlesticksf' MARY BECCHINO: Grad- uation . . . "Gee Whiz." PETE BEREOLOS: Football season . . . "Detinitely." NELDA BERGER: More fun .. . "Cool oft, kid." LOUISE BERGERON: Graduation.. . "Gee whiz." MITZI BESSE: Terrapin Club . . . "One never knows, does one?" TIM BIELAT: The Prom . . . "Who's that girl?" BOB BIEDERMAN: De- I bate Varsity . . . "Gee, that's good." RENALD BIESBOER: Diploma . . . "Gosh." SHIRLEY BLACKBURN: G. A. C. major letter . . . "Oh really." WILBUR BLAIR: Graduation . . . "No such luck." IANET BOBAK: Graduation night . . . "Golly gosh." GUY BOGART: Making National Honor Society . . . You give me a I pain:" RAY BORGMAN: Graduation . . . What now?" IRENE BOROWSKIZ Graduation ring . . . "Oh fudge." Page Twenty-six E DAVlD BOROWSKI: Band and Orchestra awards . . . "Shoot." EUGENE BRADTKE: The Prom . . . "Could be." ALTA BRAGG: The l942 Chronoscope . . . "Holy camosesf' BETTY BRAKEBILL: Graduation . . . "Oh yes." EUGENE BRINKMAN: Wrestling team . . . "How comes?" ELLEN BROOMHEAD: Mid-year graduation . . . "That's really corny." CHARLES BROWN: The Senior Play . . . "After a bit." GENEVIEVE BROWN: Graduation . . . "Goodness," MACK BUDZOWSKI: The girls . . . "Dis here and dat there." IOAN BUEHLER: Making National Honor Society . . . "Good Grief." RUSSELL BUHRING: Basketball and football . . . "Tell it to the Marines." ELAYNE BUSSEMA: Going to the Girls' Club Conference . . . "Oh fiddle-dee-dee." IAMES CALLAHAN: Graduation . . . "That's corny." ROBERT CAREY: Graduation . . . "Phooey.' DlCK CASSADY: The Prom . . . "Oh nuts." HELEN CIASTKO: Diploma . . . "WoW." IOHNNY CIPPOLLA: Basketball . . . "But definitely." HARRY CLAIR: Night of Graduation . . . "Could be." IO ANN CLARK: Mother and Daughter Party . . . "Creepers" LOR- RAINE CLAYTON: Graduation . . . "Golly." KENNY COMPEAU: Band chevrons . . . "You ain't lying." MARY CONLEY: Getting a Girls' Club T. E. Pin . . . "ls that so." ALVIN COWLES: Graduation Night . . . "Don't get that Way." RUTH CROWDER: The Girls' Club Dance . . . "Oh yeah." CHARLES CULLUM: Football season . . . "Son of a gun." DEAN CULP: intra-Mural sports . . . "You don't say." NINA cul SICK: Change of locker . . . "You Worried?" LEONARD CWIOK: Wrestling and track . . . "Ain't it the truth?" GENEVIEVE CZECHANSKI: Graduating . . . "Good night." EUGENE CZERKAS: Band awards. "Well." IESSIE CZERKAS: The Prom . . . "How clever." EVELYN DABICH: Graduation . . . "Oh heavens." HARVEY DEAN: Debate, the Big Four . . . "Not bad." X 5 Page Twenty-seven yards for a touchdown: and with the abilty that Louis Galik, Ioe Hill. Iames Giqlio, Harold Perkins. Tom Shaffer. Russell Buhrinq. Pete Bereolos. and Charles Cullum showed this year. our next year's football team is sure to win the South Suburban League championship. Wish you could have seen the senior girls in G. A. C. when Nora Heimbuch, Harriet Drabek. Virqinia Fedosky. Dorothy Krass and their teammates defeated them in the Captain Basketball Tournaments. They were speech- less. The iuniors have been stiff competition in all the sports. Since six varsity -members, in- cluding Edgar Thedens. who qualified for the National Speech contest. will return to debate next year, maybe we will go RAYMOND DeBOLD: Graduating.. . "l bet." LOUIS DEKKER: Diploma.. . "It sure is." STANLEY DEMBOWSKI: The holidays . . . "See what I mean?" NELLIE DeVRIES: Graduating . . . "I don't believe it." BETTY DOBBINS: Diploma . . . "You silly old woman." SIGMUND DOBROWSKI: The Prom . . . "You want to go home selling pencils?" HARRIET DRABEK: Getting a G. A. C. major letter . . . "Am I em- barrassed." AUDREY EENIGENBURG: The l942 Chronoscope . . . "You should talk." ARTHUR EGGE- BRECHT: The l942 Chronoscope . . . "Oh nuts." ANNA MAE EISMIN: Graduation . . . "Good grief." MARION ELLENS: The 1942 Chronoscope . . . "Oh you're silly." DON EVERT: Graduation . . . "Nuts" DOROTHY FANTA: Terrapin Club Pin . . . "Oh heavens." GLORIA FEARING: The Prom . . . "I-Iow's come?" VIRGINIA FEDOSKY: Making National Honor Society. . ."For heaven's sake." TOM FEL- SECKER: Swimming season . . . "So is me old man." DORIS FOLLICK: Speech contests . . . "Oh Zeus." ROBERT FREVERT: Band awards . . . "That gripes me." MARY GABRICH: Terrapin Club Pin . . . "Oh, the devil." MILTON GAITHER: Diploma . . . "Doggone it." LEWIS GALIK: Basketball and football sea- sons . . . "Yik." FRANCES GENOVESE: Orchestra chevrons . . . "Oh heavens." BILLY GIBBONS: Being a staff member on the Thorntonian . . . "l don't know." HM GIGLIO: Football season . . . "Buddy." TOM GLICK: Basketball and football season . . . "Holy cats." PAULINE GLOGER: Making the National Honor Society . . . "Well isn't that just too, too." EDMUND GODLEWSKI: Intra-mural sports . . . "Have a heart, babe." f Page Twenty-eight FLORENCE GODLEWSKI: G. A. C. minor letter.. . "Am I embarrassed." NORMA GOYKE: Graduation night. . . "Gee." VERNON GRUHLKE: Graduation . . . "My, my." CONSTANCE GULOTTA: The summer of l9'42 . . . "Why?" BETTY HAEHNEL: The Prom . . . "You silly old Woman." RUTH HAEHNEL: Having a special Marine come home . . . "Fiddle-dee-dee." ROBERT HALDER: Graduation . . . "It sure is." ILO HAPNER: Getting a Girls' Club Pin . . . "Goodness me." EDWARD HARTHUN: Leaving T. F. behind . . . "You think so." ADAM HAUCK: Intra-mural sports . . . "What do you mean?" NORA HEIMBUCH: G. A. C. major letter . . . "Any clay noW." IIM HENDERSON: Getting a letter in swimming . . . "Me, oh my." ELIZABETH I-IESSELBARTH: Getting a Terrapin major letter . . . "Holy boly." PHYLLIS HILBRICH: The Prom . . . "Oh, heck." IOSEPH HILL: Basketball and football seasons . . . "Ain't that a lulu'?" LORRAINE HILL: Terrapin Club . . . "Oh you rnean old thing." GERTRUDE HILLEGONDS: The 1942 Chronoscope . . . "Gee willikers." LEO HODUR: Graduation . . . "Oh quiet, please." IUNE HORN: Girls' Club Pin . . . "Oh, gosh." LILLIAN HORST: A good time . . . "I'm happyeslap happy." EVE- LYN HUNTER: G. A. C. letter . . . "That's What you think." BLANCI-IE IANSEN: Terrapin Club . . . "Oh yeah." KATE IANSMA: Graduation ring . . . "Oh yeah?" BEN IARCHOW: Graduation . . . "How comes?" MARTY IARANOWSKI: The Prom . . . "She is a honey." HEN- RIETTA IAROSZ: Getting a Girls' Club Pin . . . "So what." WALTER IENKINS: Debate . . . "Could be." SHIRLEY IOHNSON: To go steady . . . "Gads." IACOUELINE IONES: The l942 Chronoscope . . . "Oh joy." FRANCIS IONES: Basketball season . . . "Phooey." FRANCES KAELIN: Graduation . . . "Goodness sakes." BEATRICE KATS: Night ot Graduation . . . "Come on." MARVIN KEDROWSKI: Graduation . . . ll I ll Im sorry. Page Twenty-nine to the state finals again. Teddy Pieztrak even outscored Eddie Litzan in one of the basket- ball toumaments. and that is really good. Louis Galik, Russell Buhring, and Sherm Stoll will ably fill the vacancies of the varsity next year. The expert precision of the mermaids, Elizabeth Hesselbarth, Virginia Fedosky, Alma and Fay Sausamax, Evelyn Dabich. and Marie Mayer displayed in the Carnival Water Show and the Annual Water Show helped to make each a big success. I have asked the iuniors what they are looking forward to in their senior year and their chat acteristic phrase and now read on and meet my classmates. , A Very Proud Junior. DICK KELLER: Becoming a staff member on the Thorntonian . . . "lt stinks." IAMES KEMPS: The Prom . . . "Man, oh man." CAROLYN KLIMEK: Girls' Club Pin . . . "Spill it." RAY KMAK: Wrestling tourn- ament . . . "My, my." CLARISSE KOBESKA Cgraduating in lunel: Graduation . . . "You're nuts." LU- CILLE KOMAROWSKI: G. A. C. minor letter . . . "Gee Whiz." IAMES KOONTZ: Graduation . . . "How comes?" LORRAINE KOOY: Graduation . . . "Oh phooeyf' WILLIAM KORTENHOVEN: Graduation night . . . "Ain't I right now?" IOHN KOSAN: The 1942 Chronoscope . . . "It's a lie." RAY KOSELKE: Intra- Mural sports . . . "Have you got it?" VERNELL KRAAY: Diploma . . . "For goodness sakesf' WILFRED KRAEGEL: Making the National Honor Society . . . "Play dead." DOROTHY KRASS: Getting a G. A. C. letter. . . "Oh shush." DOROTHY KRIEGER: The Mother and Daughter Party . . . "Could be." LOR- RAINE KRISCO: Graduation . . . "Gee Whiz." FLORENCE KULCZYK: Graduation night . . . "Who me?" STEPHANY KURPELA: Girls' Club Pin . . . "lirniny crickets." IRENE LAITAR: Graduation . . . "Gee Whiz." WILLIAM LAITAR: Graduation . . . "AW shucksf' CLARA LAMB: A Girls' Club T. F. Pin . . . "Oh fudge." WALTER LANGE: Graduation . . . "What do you say, boys?" MYRL LARRANCE: The Sextet . . . "Hoot- in Annie." DlCK LaSALLE: Graduation . . . "NOW listen." DICK LeBRETON: The Senior Play . . . "Do you get it?" MABEL LEHMKER: Graduation . . . "Wow," Page Thirty 4 "J, RUSSELL LEHNHOFF: Basketball . . . "I'll be darned." PAUL LINDNER: Graduation . . . "Censored" MARIE LORENZ: A Girls' Club T. F. Pin . . . "Oh nuts." NORMA LORENZ: Graduation . . . "Holy man." HAROLD LORENZ: Graduation . . . "ScreWball." DOROTHY LUCITO: A G. A. C. minor letter . . . "Remarkable," CLARENCE MACIEIEWSKI: Basketball . . . "So What?" CHESTER MADRZYK: Football don't believe it." MARIO MANSUETO: Golf team . . . "What do you know?" LAURA MARSHALL: Graduation . . . "Good heavens." BILL MARTIN: Graduation . . . "I'll break your back." LILA MAE MARTIN: The Prom . . . "For Pete's sake." MARIE MAYER: A Terrapin major letter . . . "Don't tell me your troubles." RUTH MAYER: Carnival . . . "Ye qadsf' WAYNE MCMULLIN: Making the National Honor . . . "I'm tellin' yuh." ADELAIDE MILLER: A qood time . . . "For heaVen's sake." ROBERT MINNEMAN: Meistersinqers . . . "Oh Society nertz." GERALD MODIESKI: Graduation . . . "How corners?" COLOGER MONESTERE: Football . . . "Buddy," HERMAN MOORE: Graduation . . . "Gosh" IAMES MORGAN: Basketball and football . . . "Dis here." HELEN NOWAK: A Girls' Club T. F. Pin . . . "Ye gadsf' BOB NO- WAK: Graduation . . . "How comes' this?" IOHN O'HAIL: Graduation . . . "What now?" SARAH IANE OGDEN: l942 Chronoscope don't care." IEAN OSTROWSKI: A Girls' Club T. E. Pin . . . "Well that's a tine how do you do." WALLY PAIAK: National Honor Society . . . "Bugs to you." LEONARD PANFIL: Graduation . . . "HoW?" IOHN PANK: The Prom . . . "Hello Stuff." GEORGE PARKS: The 1942 Chronoscope . . . "Yep, I guess not." BESSIE PECK: Graduation . . . "Oh, for Pete's sake." HAROLD PERKINS: Basketball and football. . . "How comes?" CHARLES PETERS: Band awards . . . "Oh acid." Page Thirty-one ...J ED 'N .4 - 4 P. , , 1 EMMA PETERS: Becoming a staff member of the Thorntonian . . . "For Ieep sake." EVELYN PIECUCI-I: Becoming a statt member of the Thorntonian . . . "Yo ho." RICHARD PLUMPOWSKI: The Band Awards . . . "How comes?" DELPHINE PODRAZA: Graduation . . . "Phooey." CHARLES POREMBA: The Prom . . . "Get wise to yourself." IOSEPH PREISSIG: Graduation . . . "That's a lot ot bull." WAL- TER RAASCH: Graduation: . . . "Could be." BETTY ANNE RAPPE: National Honor Society. . . "You old goobie pots." FLORENCE RATAICZAK: Carnival . . . "Oh chicken." GLADYS REEVES: .A Girls' T. F. Pin . . . "Oh land." IEAN REGNIER: lust being a senior . . . "Holy cow." BOB RENTNER: My diploma . . . "Ain't that a carbucklef' VERA REYNOLDS: Making the News Hawks Club... . . . "Oh gad." LYDIA RICKMANN: Graduation . . . "Oh, dear." IACK RIOTA: Basketball . . . "You're a cunning baggage." FRANCES ROGALSKI: Senior pictures . . . "Who, me?" LEONARD ROMPCA: Graduation . . . "Get out." MARGARET ROSENWINKEL: Graduation . . . "Oh shucksf' ARCHIE ROSS: Basketball and football . . . "Well all reet." FRANK RUCINSKI: Carnival . . . "Holy smokes." MARY LEE SABADOS: National Honor Society . . . "I don't get it." SOPHIE SARROS: A lot ot fun . . . "It's a killer." ALMA SAUSAMAN: A Girls' T. F. Club Pin . . . "Oh heavens." FAYE SAUSAMAN: National Honor Society . . . "Oh heavens." EDWIN SCHAB: Band awards . . . "What is a five gaited horse?" GEORGE SCHARLACH: Swim team . . . "Nuts." MARY SCHOPP: G. A. C. minor letter . . . "Yah huh." MARVIN SCHULTZ: Graduation: "Oh yeah." DORIS SCHUTZ: G. A. C. major letter . . . "Gee man." LILLIAN SCHUTZ: Football games . . . "Oh yes." CATHERINE SCRIVER: Graduation . . . "I'll tell her." LILLIAN SCZIGLAK: Carnival . . . "And still of alI." IDA SERAFINI: Gradua- tion . . . "Gee Whiz." I Page Thirty-two k.a.i.,. W A... . it I H5 C I 4 ee- i.,,i..lll lllllwl Au I JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS TOMMY SHAFEER: Football . . . "Got anything to eat?" IOE SIDOTE: Football . . . "Nertz." ROOSEVELT SIDOTE: Football . . . "Oh fine." SAM SIDOTE: Graduation . . . "Be friends always." DORIS SIEGRIST: A Girls' Club T. F. Pin . . . "Gad zooksf' LlLLlAN SIKORA: Becoming a drum majorette ...' 'Ye gadsf' CHESTER SIKORSKI: To join the swim team . . . "Make friends." LORETTA SKARBEK: A Girls' Club T. F. Pin . . . "Why sure." NORA SNYDER: National Honor Society . . . "Help" STAN SONNENBERG: Foot- ball . . . "Be good." MARCIA SPOERNER: A certain somecne to ask me to the Prom . . . "Hi kid." IOHN STAHL: Graduation . . . "How do." PAT STAPLEY: Coming to the football games . . . "Holy boly." I DUARD STEINBERG: Graduation ...' 'My gosh." WILENE STEINKRAUS: G. A. C. major letter . . . "Oh gosh." ROBERT STEPHENSON: Diploma . . . Not bad." LOTTIE STOKLOSA: Graduation . . . "Ye gads." SHERM STOLL: Basketball . "Ain't that a shame?" RITA STRAND: Being high point salesman . . . "Oh, l don't know." PAUL STRAUSER: Basketball.. . "Where?" BUENA STUBBS: Graduation... "Someone's screwyf' VIRGINIA SULICZ: Band awards . . . "Gee, oh man." LEONA SZAL: Graduation . . . "1iminy." GENEVIEVE SZYMANSKI1 carnival . . . "How dumb." FRANK TABORSKI1 rum-Mural IOM Psdien tvice-Pfesidenflf Wilffed sports . . . "HOW goes there?" coR1NNE TEHRAS: Debate . . . "sCh1uiCh." EDGAR THEDENS1 Gradua- Kmeqel qpresiflenw' Adelaide Miller CTreasurerl, Shirley Blackburn fSecre- llO1'l . . . llWhY?II laryl, Page Thirty-three EVELYN THOMPSON: Girls' Club Board . . . "Cri yi." WENDELL TRAMMELL: Intra-Mural sports . . . "You know what you can do." LUCIEN TRIMBUR: The Prom . . . "Oh hessvilIe." LEO TOMCZAK: The Senior Play . . . "Nuts." KENYON TWEEDELL: Making the Na- tional Honor Society . . . "How true." ANNA VAN KRIMPEN: Orches- tra letter . . . "Gosh darn it." HELEN VAN OSTEN: Making News Hawks Club . . . "Oh darn." IOANN VAN SLYKE: Graduation . . . "Phooey." EVELYN VAN TIL: Band awards . . . "Oh, it's all right." IOHNNY VEZMAR: Carnival . . . "Nuts." DOMINICK VITALE: The Prom . . . "Oh my goodness." ALBERT WAHLGREN: Graduation . . . "Is that awful." LORETTA WAWRZYNIAK: Graduation . . . "Holy cats." ARLINE WEIDIG: The Senior Play . . . "Honey." GEORGE WHITMIRE: Graduation night . . . "What's the matter with you?" EVELYN WIELGOS: Diploma . . . "Oh golly Ned." VIOLET WIERSMA: Graduation . . . "Holy smokes." PAT WILLIS: Gradua- tion ring . . . "As I was saying." IERRY WILSON: Graduation . . . "For Pete's sake, cut it out." LEONARD WINKLER: Football . . . "Bless it." VADA WINSKI: Withdrew in March. ALFRED WISO- WATY: Football season . . . "Oh nuts." GILBERT WITKE: Intra-Mural Page Thirty-four ping-pong . . . "I was robbed." IOHN YONKE: Being a three year letterman . . . "Don't be like that." HELEN YUREK: Graduation . . . "My oh me." DOLORES ZAIAKOWSKI: The Prom . . . "Write me a note." LUCILLE ZAWORSKI: Seeing the swim team win the South Suburban League . . . "How come?" ELEANOR ZICK: Graduation . . . "Really, you don't say." LEO ZIMMERMAN: Diploma . . . "Huh," STANLEY ZWIER: Last day of school . . . "I bet." CORA ZYLA: A 95 in shorthand . . . "Holy cow." IUNIORS NOT IN PICTURES Iames Carlson, Icrmes Cole, Orest Cortopassi, Marilyn Crane, William Drury, Gene Ebert, Edward Edblad, Paul Gerth, Ted Gaedtke, Ierorne Hollis, Harry Ireland, Ierome Ianiak, Leonard Ieka, Ed Ievyak, Paul Iones, Frank Kaszuba, George Kegebein, Leslie Krueger, Ioe Lenda- barker, Carl Lindner, Robert Long, Leonard Lozikowski, Maurice Mar- shall, Iack Matthews, Anna Nixon, Iohn Padjen, Ted Pietrzak, Tom Polus, Rudolph Prematz, Tony Radialski, Iohn Schultz, Tom Sweeny, Glen Tannis. k J LINDERCLASS I-ICNCR RCLL The following underclassmen have appeared on every Honor Boll this year: IUNIORS Nelda Berger Robert Biederman Doris F ollick Wilfred Kraegel Mabel Lehmker Corrine Tarras I Albert Wahlgren I sopnoivtorars Abby Alys Abblett Marie Cole ' Anna Cwetna Arnold Dekker Gilbert Dykhuisen ' Thelma I-loggatt ft Florence Lynn l .Q it ami? , SKI Phyllis Nordaker lanet Searles FRESHMEN Erma Ault Evelyn Ault Eleanor Barzda Kathleen Callahan Mary Alice Carroll Emily Dankowski Phyllis l-larle Eunice l-larthun Eileen N ichter Ruth Preidis Norman Schatz Norman Smith Madge Van l-leest Elvah Workman fe! S. SOP!-ICMCRE AND F. PRES!-IMAN REMINISCE Sammy Sophomore and Fannie Freshman were remi- niscing over the past records of the sophomore and fresh- man classes. "Our freshman G. A. C. team composed of such outstand- inq players as Betty McCloskey, Florence Lorenz, Wayneta Dyer, and Betty Rentner sure gave the sophomores hard bat- tles, and if Abby Abblett, Barbara Gilbreath, leanette Klein, Norma Urbanski, and Lillian Hudzik hadn't had so much speed and skill We would have won almost all the F reshmen-Sopha more Tournaments. "The varsity certainly will find good players on our freshmen-sophomore team. lust Watch Chester Mazur, lack La Noue, and Bill Archer, and those two freshmen, Fred Slink- ard and Mike Nagy are not to be sneezed at either. Yes sir, we really are good!" "Oh, quit bragging," Fannie remarked, "you'd think you were everything. Look at our freshmen-sophomore debaters. Evelyn and Erma Ault lost only a few matches and Richard Sikorski and Gordon Buffington aren't doing so bad, and Florence Lynn will be on the varsity next year." Then too, let us add, our Lightweight Basketball team had several outstanding freshmen and sophomores. There was Art Ollrich, Ed Kuhlrnan, and Ed Skarwecki who with the -aid of freshmen Wally I-lorvatich and Charlie Gallota won many thrilling victories for the squad. When it comes to music and the finer arts, our classes aren't left out of the picture. Mr. McPhail's Double Sextet would be in a bad way if it Weren't for Phyllis Nordaker, Thelma Hoggatt, Doris Becker, and Lila Mae Winterhoff. The Girls' Chorus is also grateful to the sophomores who have become very valuable to them during the past year. Do you remember the Boys' Sports Carnival? Orville Fta- goven gave everybody a thrill with his unusual serve in ping- pong. Bill Eby and lack Thaldorf provided the wrestling en- thusiasts with many exciting moments. lim Lietzan, Don l-leintz, lack Miller and Eugene Sobczak adding punches in boxing were another interest. This certainly proves to good old T. F. that we youngsters are ready to take the place of the upper classmen. There won't be much to worry about because everything will be in good hands. Don't you think so? ,. I I I I I SOPI-IOMORES-TI-IE CLASS OF I943 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 41 l 4- l-Alton Zwier. -Bernice Magdziak, Dolores Yarck, Chester Kuzdrowski, Sylvester Augustynek, Donald Peterson, Russell Erfert. 3-Gene Lynch, Dwaine Willett, leanne Kikkert, Doris Recker, Delores Glick, Mary Haney, loseph Liesenfelt, Tom Trembczynski, Dorothy Luther, Mary Hadu, William Miller, lames Bedell. Gorecki, Sally Kolsu-t, Herbert Breclaw, lack Groth, Lois Cederholrn, Rose Denenburg, Bill Stewart, Leonard Lockhart, loy Ann Guebert, Elsie Mill. 5gMartha Hayes, Dorothy Frentress, Lloyd Moore, Chester Walerowicz, Thais Chipps, Lorraine levyak, Don Bohling, Walter Bauer, Betty Buhring, Phyllis Nordaker, Don Zentz, Bernard Wojciechowski, Dorothy Wojcik, Sophie Ianik, William Padjen, Wally Horvatich, Virginia Plys, Marilyn Newell, Alfred Price, Glen Van Der Aa, Thelma Hoggatt, Betty lane Weaver, lohn Koshman, Tony Tornabene. 6-leanne Van Der Aa, Dorothy De Vries, Erwin Schwartz, William Archer, BettylHuizenga, Ioyce Isaacson, Edward Kolodziejski, Steve Richwalski, Hazel Broomhead, Lorene Campbell, Maurice Hopper, Donald Eggebrecht, Elizabeth Bozek, Eleanor Morris, Ruth Boring, Gertrude Graczyk, Tony Sacco, Herman Ulandowski, Beryl Lochte, Mary Carrow, Cornelius Ritsema, Calvin lansen, Dolores Miller, Marian Schutz, Charles Reed, Elmer Schmidt, Genevieve Miniuk, lune Oberla. -lack Soloman, Edwin larosz, Rella Ray Rex, leanette Mills, Kenneth Moor, Louis Madalon, Rose Marie Murray, Luella Lorenz, Larry Madison, lack Mil- ler, Eula Davis, Ruth lohnson, Robert Maurer, Milton Van Drunen, Florence Lynrrf Abby Alys Abblett, Robert March, Edward Kuhlman, lune Iansen, Veyon Boyd, loe Stephenson, Art Ollrich, Lillian Hudzik, Dorothy Planer, lohn Baranowski, Don Berwanger, Mildred Lange, Winiired DeVries, Hazel Namminga, Marjorie La Londe, . 8-Bert Swanson, William Freyman, Ann Olsen, Captola Morgin, Anthony Maniscalco, Don Zimmerman, Lorraine Plumpowski, Elaine Stahl, Anna Mae Cwetna, Dorothy Carrubba, Fred Esken, George Cummins, Barbara Gilbreath, Ianet Searles, Martin Rach, Edward Redman, Conrad Kats, Fred Smit, Helena Pactwa, Reathiel Evanoff, Lois Harkema, Dorothy Ostrander, Edward Schutz, Oscar Schultz, Dolores Wartman, Marjorie Nowak, Louise Sikor- ski, Leona Kaleta. 9hLois Eenigenburg, Eleanor Brumm, Clarence Kaleta, Richard Siegfried Betty Powell, .Ruth Wiersma, Helen lenkins, Donna Steinberg, Carl Sciackitano, Harold Spannan, Catherine Sertic, Evelyn Severin, Ruth lanich, Doris 'I 'npson, lanet Fulker, Eileen McLaughlin, Michael Pryor, Wallace Cosgrove, Clar- ence Nowaczyk, Eugene Sobczak, Virginia Barth, Anne Winiarczyk, 1' .ihony Wojcik, Conrad Pochron. 10-Dick Eby, Gilbert Dykhuisen, Margaret Heimbuch, loan Hallowell, Florence Polka, Doris Fuehrmeyer, Helen Snyder, Glendola Nave, lack Sims, Don Tuttle, Pat Regnier, Catherine Mangiaracina, Marie Cole, Gerry Coles, Dorothy Wialett, Wilma Bennett, Dolores Bogacz, loann Felsecker, lim Staton, lohn Grych. ll-leanette Klein, Angeline Vitale, Lucy Malone, Nadine Purdue, Angeline Cimity, Agnes Dombroski, Lorraine Knuth, Wanda ldec, Rita Miotke, Emily Purko, Robert Gralak, Walter Gralak. V gk 12-Glenn Strauser, Dolores Lukowski, Marie Olszewski, George Dockweiler, flohn Walters, Alma Garland. l3-Arnold Dekker, Mike Furman, Herman Debus, Richard lanovick. lames Lietzan, SOPHOMORES NOT IN PICTURES-Lorraine Bandura, Loretta Barzda, Herman Baxter, Blanche Bellamy, lames Bellamy, Richard Benson, Alma Bragg, Roy Car- rubba, Robert Chipps, Eugene Czerkas, Louro Dinelli, Grace Eggebrecht, Gloria Gaddo, Rosalie Gerchen, Fred Goddard, Clarence Goranowski, Eugene Graska, Ernie Harding, Daniel Heintz, Wilbur Henley, Harry Hollis, lune Horn, Walter leka, Clarence leka, Mac Iohnson, Louise Iordan, Robert Kasper, Leonard Kas- zuba, Edward Keck, Robert Kmak, Edward Konar, Ray Koshman, Lorraine Kooy, lack La Noue, Tom Larson, Gloria Leif, Richard Lindner, Dolores Leszczynski, William Lorenz, Richard Lorenz, Herman Lucas, Arthur Mahnke, Mario Mansueto, Matthew Matwiczak, Chester Mazur, Wallace Mika, Clarence Miotke, Clarence Nowaczyk, Benny Newhort, Margie O'Brien, Harry Peaker, Charles Peters, Iohn Peterson, Clarence Pike, Theodore Plath, Alfred Price, Dorothy Reed, Frank Reppa, Herman Ridder, Natalie Rose, Betty Schau, Dona Schmidt, lohn Schutz, Leonard Stanislawski, Tam Stachowicz, lack Sweatt Glen Van Der Aa, Dale Weyand, Gordon White, Ervin Wiening, Emily Wojcik, Clarence Ziemkowski, Margaret Zimmerman. Page 'Thirty seven Norma Urbanski, Eleanor Romszewicz, Edward Skarwecki, Bill lohnson, Helen Magdziak, Violet Mackoviak, Richard Miotke, Leonard Drewenski, Dorothy I I I I I I I I PRES!-IMEN-TI-IE CLASS OF I944 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 8-Ioan Lietzan, Lottie Lapon, Emily Szymanski, Dona Peeples, Mary ompson, e y 9-Velores Kittell Alice Hansen, Rita Durkin, Rose Giglio, Elsie Kuiper, Betty Tanis, Lucille Papa, Clarice Raczkowski, 104 -Eleanor Schab. Dolores Brambos, Enid Boothe, Adeline Graczkowski, Virginia Ciastko, Virginia Cwiok, Shirley Zubay. lo Komorowski, Leonard Kosakowski, Robert Smith, Dick Wright, Irving Weinberg, William Smith, Anna Leff, Betty Lesmeistkr, Frances Kaleta, Alyda e Kooy, Norma Kooy, Mary Kapteyn, Frances Polka, Norma Nashoff, Stefany Klisiak, Roman Trembczynski, Ervin Hybiak, Bob Kroncke. D L ' F t , Iohn Borowski, Pat Funk, Evelyn Cwiklinski, Agnes Kiel, Adeline Kaminski, Ruth 4-Pearl Hebert, Ruth Heckman, Iohn Duda, Iohn emps, ours avery Preidis, Emily Dankowski, Irma Reich, Charlene Collins, Eunice Harthun, Phyllis Harle. 5-Francis Trinowski, Bob Parks Gene Knoerzer, Louise Geisen, Phyllis Bonin, Barbara Stephan, Henry Linkiewicz, Henry Soczyk, Albert Wisowaty, Char- lotte Ostrowski, Lulu Malkowski, Irene Mika, Hal Bascomb, Ioe Shutoski, Theodore Ruiter, Thomas Pochron, lack Musgrave, Sylvester Pryz, Marjorie Lutz, Charlene Zelzer, Lois Knott, Shirley Kettwig, Irene Kinas, Phyllis Zimney, Eugene Keller, Stanley Lisek, Norman Schatz, Willis Peters, Harold Gordon, Robert Stevens, Edmond Nondorf, lack Thaldorf, Grant Matthews. 6-Harold Fox, Ioe Falvo, Iohn Dunn, Richard Frevert, Lyman Frey, Erwin Gleim, Walter Eggebrecht, Melvin Hoge, Harold Forner, Tony Horvatich, Willa Lackey, Mike Alb, Myrna Hoff, George Burkhart. 7-A-Wayneta Dyer, Doris Croak, Maryann Dutczak, Virginia Fisher, Annette Bergman, Iune Hanrahan, Bill Eby, lack Hasley, Olga Pintar, Lorraine Sass, Irene Derkacs, Marguerite Gloger, Iessie Sadowski, Anna Piskula, Cecilia Walerowicz, lane Prizner, Mary Lou Fetten, Kathryn Boglarsky, Kathleen Calla- han, Mary Alice Carroll, Betty Mitchell, Charline Groth, Iohn Hays, Leo Guza, Virginia Heintz, Marie Herman, Evelyn Carlson, Barbara Brough. Th G rr Lawson, Norma Larrance, Bernice Klank, Lorraine Kosinski, lean Stubbs, Daniel Heintz, Ben Sidote, Voss, Ruth Schultz, Lila Mae Maciejewski, Iohn Magdziarz, Zampino, Marion Wheeler, Helen Giczewski, Betty Lorenz, Eleanor Trepanier, Ianell Kickert, Norman Smith, Arthur Bill McCormick, Iohn Manfredo, Annette Goyke, Elvah Workman, Dorothy Wojcik, Robert Van Osten, Leroy Smith, Tom Winterhofi, Betty Weaver, Regina Stoll, Shirley Kross, lean Sciacero, Rita Wright, Florence Lorenz, Eileen Murrin, Don Casmer Kwiatkowski, Ioe Stasiak, Mike Nagy, John Zancy. , , Ted Majcherek, Thaddeus Ciastko, Leonard Gill, Wayne Cunningham, Erma Ault, Evelyn Ault, Annette Borgman, lune Hanrahan, Marjorie Sweeney, lean Wilke, Florence Krisco, Rose Mazur, Bessie Van Drunen, Betty McCloskey, Ruth Eidner, Iosephine Alaimo, Lois Henley, Dolores Rentner. Alice Hickman, Genevieve Gabrich, Maria Heyde, Eleanor Barzda, Virginia Borowski, Lucille Iohnson, Henry DeVries, Fred Camp, Dorothy Rogalski, lose- sther Walters, Edward Van Der Noord, Gordon White, Fred Slinkard, Bob Sullivan, lack Brakebill, loe Avenatti, Har- riet Kuipers, lennie Boer, Harold Winterhoff, Ervin Wolff, El N' ht Lavern Zick Sall Orkis, Anthony Grady, Ioe Creviston, Pat Lauerman, Madge Van phine Iaranowski, Mary Stevens, E ll-Eddie Bastion, Frank Gudgeon, Dolores Rzepczynski, ieen , ic er, , y Heest, Charleen Pike, Marjorie Bauer, Alice Blozak, Maxine Bragg, Mary Carey, Doris Carey. I2-Orville Ragoven, Arthur Trinkle, William Hauck, Iosephine Niemiec, Loretta Tr-embczynski, Virginia Niemiec, Charles Gulotta, Roderick Wartman, Donald Sestakauckas, Dorothy Mazer, Virginia O'Hail, Elaine Krahn, Sarah Rider, Betty Rentner, Arlene Wass, Henry Zalewski, Wa.ter Slamowski, Anton Kon- valinka. I3---Charles Green, Carl Falkenstrom, Norbert Grzybowski. 14-Arthur Dines. FRESHMEN NOT IN PICTURES-Anthony Baily, Eugene Barry, Clarence Blissmer, Bob Brill, Gordon Buffington, Paul Cantrell, Clifford Cheek, Rose Cipolla Lois Chipps, Maynard Cole, Ioe Czerniak, Donald Danewicz, George Debok, Thelma De Vries, Lee Dilly Arlene Dluzak, Ted Dobrawlski, Duard Dubbert, Leonard Wll' G h , Charles Gubitz, Fred Hodal, George Husakoff, Edwin Iarosz, Doro- Duczak, Anna Gocko, Louis Gawlinski, Opal Gentry, Lawrence Gerchen, i 1C1m erc en thy Iarzenbowski, Zygmund locha, Arthur Ienette, Grace Iones, Leonard Kazmirski, Henry Keilman, Francis Koontz, Alice Kraft, Ignatius Krawczyk, Robert Kuharski, Henry Lasota, Frank Lessner, Daniel Longaven, Ioe Madejczyk, lack Mikolajczyk, Evelyn Mohr, Ioe Narug, Iames Newell, Marilyn Newell, Sarah Ooms, Bertha Perniciaro, lohn Pintar, Harry Polus, Nick Ouattropani, Albert Reuhl, Fay Renicker, Theresa Sadowski, Francis Scheffke, Lenore Schmidt, George Schneider, Bob Shiprek, Richard Sikorski, Albert Skwiertz, lack Solomon, Norma Spence, Laurence Stackus, Leonard Stanislawski, Bob Starnes, Lauraine Tews, Isabelle Tomaszewski, Martha Troski, Rita Waclawik, Dwain Willett, Bill Wilt, Frank Winebrenner, Fay Wretman, Gertrude Zaleta. Page Thirty-nine Q .,.. Xe, , :.:fs:::ersw o 1 ., i, K X 3 ff- ' -1- M.. gg X2 , 5. is 5 , 5 ,, I ,X Q f 3 A. .E 'Q QX25, Q Q 9. 35 52 9 VR 1 gr 1 Q Q X' F. xgan. Mlm. 4.5. ,. E , .M ff- ..., ..1 1sfiSYfs:.Qs,-Q1 - , , S XQQ-104 536- .. V I., . ,IZ'1 f ' 1vzf31 91:2 . - ,:- ::vas.:::f:-:,:::w?f:a::s:.:-5: -.. Wiz- - ' 4 , . ..., V "1 If "" 2 Ii, ,Q , . 3, .,.,., . .. , Q 1 N 3 Q aww s :QNX 'FE SUPER SUPERS POSTURE QUEENe+Marie Cole V For the first time in our school's history we had a Posture Queen. She Was chosen from a group of sixteen final contestants who had been selected by Miss Shemaitis from her gym and swimming classes. The other fifteen final contestants were: Elizabeth Hasselbarth, Dorothy Fanta, Faye Sausaman, Dorothy Howard, Pat Lauerman, Ellen McKenna, Genevieve Brown, Loretta Skarbek, lane Albiniak, Charlene Pike, loanne Van Slyke, Evelyn Hunter, Evelyn Wielgos, Leona Kowalski and Catherine Gloger. MISS THORNTON FRACTIONAL-Gloria Poppen As in years past, a senior was chosen to be Miss Thornton Fractional at the News Hawks Hop. Gloria Poppen, a very popular and versatile girl, won the coveted title. D. A. R. REPRESENTATIVE-Ieanne O'Connor Always a cheery smile for everyone, a super-super salesman, our Girls' Club President, a faithful G. A. C. memberg in fact, a typical T. F. student- that just about sums up Ieanne O'Connor. And to climax her high school days she was selected by the faculty and the girls as the D. A. R. Repre- sentative of our school. EDGAR THEDENS-State Champion in Extemporaneous Speaking K The Patrick Henry of T. F.-that's Edgar Thedens. Sweeping his way through the district, winning the State Championship for extemporaneous speaking, where he competed with the best speakers from high schools all over the state of Illinois, and finally he traveled to Lexington, Kentucky, where he lost out in the semi-finals, after winning the honor of being among the ten best speakers in the country. KING AND QUEEN OF THE CARNIVALeEllen McKenna, Donald Koehn ' Ellen McKenna, who thrills hearts of boys at T. F., the friend of every girl, a good student and a loyal sports follower, was elected to be Queen of the Carnival. , Donald Koehn, an ace football player, a brilliant scholar, the top' sales! man, the ideal of the underclassmen, got the well-deserved title of King of the Carnival. CLADYS LEEDY LOOKS GVER I-IER DEBATE NGTES Boy, we had a swell debate season this year! I've just been figuring up and we took part in over 350 debates and made trips totaling over 2,000 miles. There were over fifty students that actually debatedg also' we have the largest debate club in this part of the country as regards the number of debaters, the number of debates, and the expense account. Our varsity squad of eight teams, coached by Mr. Allen, placed first in the Hammond High Tournament in November. When we had our tournament, we placed tenth out of ten schools. The next week, we came through with flying colors and took undis- puted first place in the Rockford Tournament, where twenty-three schools competed. Edgar Thedens, Florence Lynn, Bob Biederman, Billy Gibbons, Gladys Leedy, and Wilfred Kraegel made the trip with Mr. Allen and Mr. Davis. They didn't give decisions at Hinsdale, but Edgar Thedens and Corinne Tarras received very high individual ratings. After Christmas, first came Elkhart. We placed first again, sharing honors with two other schools. Then we invaded La Porte and tied for second place. I Mr. Allen and Mr. Davis took us to Rock Island to Augustana College, where we had loads of fun but we failed to place. Mr. Allen took the debaters and Mr. Davis took the speech people to Charleston, Illinois, where also we had only fun to show for it because we failed to place. When the National Forensic League held their toumament at Elgin, we went there with nothing to gain because no Illinois schools could go to the Nationals. Then we went to Decatur and tied for second place in their Invitational Tournament. Here Mr. Allen took only four debaters: Edgar Thedens, Flor- ence Lynn, Bob Biederman, and Billy Gibbons. And then we had our two leagues, the Interstate Debate League, come posed of Illinois and Indiana schools, and the Metropolitan Union, composed of the schools of Chicago and vicinity. We gave Clark a good fight to take second place in the Interstate League but We triumphed over her and many other schools to win two trophies tone a traveling cup and the other our very ownl in the Metropolitan Debate Union. When the district meet was held here at T. F. the debaters succeeded in placing high enough to be entitled to go to the State Finals held at Urbana, but they did not qualify to go to the Nationals. THEY TALKED Tl-IEMSELVES TO FAME Talk . . . talk . . . talk! can make you laugh or cry, or even start you thinking politically all in a few minutes: but, at least we succeeded in impressing a number of people at the various meets we attended. We took part in meets at Elgin, Hammond, Charleston, and Clark. When spring came it also brought the payoff for all the work the kids had put into their various speeches. At the National Forensic League tourn- ament at Elgin, 'I'hedens took first place in extemporaneous speaking and won an invitation to the National tournament in Lexington, Kentucky. Then the district speech and debate tournament were held here and Betty Gerold placed first in serious and second in poetry reading: Albert Wahlgren placed first in original oratoryp Irma Winterhoff placed second in oratorical declamationg Doris Follick placed second in humorous reading: and Thedens again took high honors in extemporaneous speaking. To make a long story short, T. F. won first place and the entire squad and Mr. Davis went to the State Meet at Urbana. Here again Thornton Frac- tional made good because they came home with the second place cup, and two contestants, Betty Gerold and Edgar Thedens, eligible for the National Contest. At Lexington, Kentucky, where 900 of the best high school speakers in the country gathered for the National Contest, Betty Gerold and Edgar Thedens carried the banner of Thornton Fractional. Mr. Davis accompanied them to the meet. Edgar carried the load through the preliminaries and the semi-finals and finished tenth of all contestants entered. Betty Gerold was eliminated after three rounds in serious reading and lasted to the quarter- finals in poetry. - Page Forty-one :sa.,z:z, ' .f 2 x .,.-f .:. , MN. 79'- vn ,XX ffggwsf' gb 'au . ,film M-we Mmm "ini" f Q i I x I J f Y X , wr :ig A-X7 2,5 S wg: A X. was' jf 'Nw S sp., H, ,i- F,-...A .f--Q FRESHMEN- SOPHOMORE DEBATERS "TA 'T ' LEFT TOP lgoing up? lst row: Mary Alice Carroll, Richard Sikorski. 2nd row: Eileen Nichter, Cathleen Callahan, Vera Reynolds. 3rd row: Myrle Lee Laurance, Delores Rzepczyn- ski, Dona Peeples. 4th row: Pat Willis, Margie Novak, Alice Heckman, Erma Ault. Sth row: Marie Heyde, Emily Dankowski, Elaine Krahn, Rose Murray. 6th row: Gladys Leedy, Madge Van Heest, Clara Lamb, Eunice Harthun, Wilma Bennett, Tom Voss, Roderick Wartman, Robert Van Osten, Evelyn Ault, Alton Zwier. 7th row: Mr. Davis, coach, Mr. Allen, coach, Bob Kroncke, Gordon Butiington, Ervin Weinberg. AF F IRMATIVE TOURNAMENT RIGHT TOP Mr. Allen, coach, Robeit Biederman, Albert Wahlgren, Edgar Thedens, Florence Lynn. VARSITY y LEFT BOTTOM Sitting: Corinne Tarras, Aby Abblet, Dorothy Ostrander, Gladys Leedy, Howard Barker, Doris Siegrist, Irma Winterhoit, Florence Lynn. Standing: Harvey Dean, Wilfred Kraegel, Kenyon Tweedell, Billy Gibbons, Edgar Thedens, Mr. Allen, coach, Albert Wahlgren, Walter Ienkins, Robert Biederman. NEGATIVE TOURNAMENT RIGHT BOTTOM Sitting: Wilfred Kraegel, Gladys Leedy, Kenyon Tweedell. Standing: Mr. Allen, coach, Billy Gibbons. ORATORICAL DECLAMATION TOP-Seated: Betty Gerold, Bob Biederman, Ice Terre. Standing: Irma Winterhoit, Alice Deakun, Wilfred Kraegel. I-IUMOROUS READINGS TOPeFratik Hill, Doris Follick, Katherine Bertram, Mr. Earl Davis, coach. EXTEMPORANEOUS MIDDLE-Billy Gibbons, Gladys Leedy, Edgar Thedens, Walter Ienkins. ORIGINAL ORATORY MIDDLEefAlbert Wahlgren, Florence Friduss, Fred Green. DRAMATIC READNGS BOTTOM-Betty Gerold, Betty Anne Rappe, Charlene Pike, Marjorie Bauer I K Y L 2 '- Y L JEAIXINE OCOIXIIXIOI2 CIVES AWAYSOME SELLIIXIC SECRETS "What color ticket would you like to buy? l have yellow ones, green ones, red ones, white ones and blue ones. Tickets for the Big and Little Sister Party-only one nickel, and tickets for our first football game against Amundsen-just 20c. There you have a chance to see our football team in action, dressed in new uniforms, ready to launch a spectacular season. How about a pretty red ticket for the Hammond Tech game? We will play under the Hammond High lights and we surely want a crowd to see the Tech Tigers try to break a 29 game losing streak.eAnd you-oh, such, pretty blue eyes-for only 25c you can purchase the most beautiful blue ticket you have ever seen, and that ticket will get you by the ticket taker for the Carnival stage show. That is going to be a real show too. With Mr. McPhail directing and Miss Shemaitis assisting, how could that show be anything but good? "I can sell you any color ticket you can name-so step right up and fill your pockets with the colors of the rainbowII" Donald Koehn and Ieanne O'Connor, Miss laack's star sales- men, sell every kind of ticket printed. They never pass up a, chance to serve their fellow students. They were among the three high salesmen in every field. Between them they sold 2,112 of 11,607 tickets sold all year. That is 182 of the total. MISS JAACKSS SALESMEN ASSEMBLY SALESMEN: Upper Left Hand Corner. Seated: Katherine Maniaricino, Jeanne O'Connor, Sally Orkis, Mary Alice Carroll, Irma Reich, Betty Rentner, Virginia Fedosky. Standing: Leo Serafini, Donald Koehn, STAR SALESMEN: Donald Koehn and leanne O'Connor. BASKETBALL SALESIVIEN: Uppen Right Hand Corner. Delores Wartman, Virginia Fedosky, Sophie Sarros, leanne O'Connor Mary Alice Carroll, Rita Strand, Donald Koehn. THORNTONIAN SALESMEN: Lower Left Hand. Corner. Row Katy Mangiaricino, Virginia Borowski, Sally Orkis, Virginia Fedosky, Dolores Wartman. Row Lillian Horst, lo Ann Clark, Lois Knott, Mary Alice Carroll, Eliz- Row Row Row abeth Hesselbarth, Wilfred Kraegel. Angelina Celano, Marie Olszewski, leanne Sibley, Irma Winter- hoff, Lucille Papa, Nelda Berger, Leo Serafini. Don Koehn, leanne O'Connor, Marguerite Gloger, Eleanor Roms- zewicz, Mildred Lammering, Rita Strand, Dorothy Carrubba. Pat Regnier, Dolores Bogacz. Not in Picture: Gertrude Graczyk, Howard Barker, Eugene Annen, Frances Kaleta, Wayne McMullin. FOOTBALL SALESMEN: Lower Right Hand Corner. Seated: Dorothy Carrubba, Delores Wartmau, Ieanne Sibley, Katherine Manigiaricino, Sally Orkis, Don Koehn, Stcmdingz- lohn Vezmar, Mary Alice Carroll, Dorothy Planer, Ieanne O'Connor. Donald was the high ticket salesman this year this first year out, by the wayl by selling l,l02 tickets while leanne, in her fourth year as a salesman, sold l,0l0 tickets. In the lower left hand corner of the opposite page you see 32 of the top-notch Thorntonian salesmen. These students showed their school spirit by getting out with their sales sheets and actually selling 'a total of 1350 subscriptions for the whole year. This is, undoubtedly, a laudable accomplishment. ln the lower right hand corner is the picture of the out- standing football ticket salesmen. lf they weren't so enthusi- astic there' never would have been such huge crowds at the football games. The seven highbasketball ticket salesmen, pictured in the upper right hand corner accounted for a good share of the crowds present at the home games. Don't you think these kids, stooges to some of you, deserve a word of praise every now and then? They get out and do things for the school. They are probably pests to you but you w'ouldn't think so if you had to pay 35c at the door. In the upper left hand corner you see the assembly ticket salesmen. They sold tickets to the Dearborn Orchestra con- cert, the senior movie, the Amateur show and many others. But to Mi-ss Iaacks goes the credit for organizing a sales staff so that it functions effectively and efficiently. ln the morning announcements you probably remember hearing an announcement like this, "All students who want to sell tickets to the movie report to room 221 between 8:00 and 8:30 tomorrow morning." The next morning about 20 salesmen would flock in the door and scramble for tickets. ln nothing flat they would be shouting in the halls like this, "Here ya' are kids-tickets for the best movie a runnin'-right here .... Say, you're gonna get your ticket from me aren't ya'? l'l1 see you tomorrow in the cafeteria. Don't forget to bring your money!!I" That's the way it goes. Never an idle moment for Miss Iaacks's salesmen. And why not? Miss Iaacks puts her C heart and soul into it. She takes time to have those tickets made and she sits up in her room at noon waiting , 2 for her salesmen to bring in their money and take out more tickets. She is the one who is really responsible for the success of the ticket sell- 'fu ers this year. I if E I N ,K t lf lg kai lv-Ll' I 4 I 7 I ILeft topl. The girls who are stationed at the main desk file cards, check returned books and make out fine slips. These girls are: Dorothy Snyder, Mary Trebellas, Phyllis Brough, Leona Podraza, Madeline Gumbel, Lu- cille Zaworski, Delphine Podra- za, Betty Overmeyer, and Ele- anor Tutlewski. IMiddleI. Every well known magazine in circulation will be found in the new magazine section of the library. The students find more pleasure in this part of the library than in any other section. Keeping the magazines in order and checking them out are under the guidance of Helen Van Osten, Lydia Rickman, Clara Lamb, Adelaide Miller, Dorothy Pietrzak, lo Ann Clark, Dorothy Barth, Elizabeth Hesselbarth, Ellen McKenna. In front: Mary Schopp, Evelyn Hunter. IBottomI. All reference books in the library club are kept in the special reference shelves. Dorothy Lucito, Ioann Felsecker, Florence Friduss, Margie Nowak, Pat Leonard. Row 2: Dorothy Wallet, Ruth Steinkraus, Iune Oberla, Marie Olszewski, Virginia Fedosky, Alma Sausaman are always eager to help you find the reference book you are Seeking. ITS TI-IE CIRLS WI-IC RUN THE LIBRARY! Stacking books, filing cards, checking returned books, making out fines, repairing books are a few of the many tasks which keep each Library Club member busy while she is working in the library. Each member spends one hour in the library keeping it orderly and assisting the students in finding the reference and fiction books they desire. f CLeft Topl. Seated: Dorothy Okray, Maryann Kwiatkowski, Delores Bolda. Standing: Angelina Celano, Helen Bona. Clseft Bottoml. Each book in the stack room must be kept in the correct place and is, thanks to the Work of Dorothy Krieger, Helena Pactwa, Reathiel Evan- ofi, Elayne Busserna, Frances Kaelin, Ruth Crowder, Mary Conley, Betty Anne Ftappe, Marie Cole, Arlene Wei- dig, Virginia Heintz, and Mildred Lam- mering. CMiddleD. The library members man- age to accomplish all the fine work they do under the expert supervision of Miss Vivian Abraham, the librarian. Leona Podraza club president, is al- ways planning some activity for the Library Club members. CRight Topb. Seated: Alyda Kooy, Ma- thilde Fried, lrene Borowski, Wilma Dockweiler, Dolores Sulicz, Evelyn Da- bich. Standing: Pauline Gloger, Doro- thy Howard, Iane Albiniak, Delores Yarck. Not in picture: Evelyn Thomp- son. CRight Bottoml. Whenever you enter the library work shop you will find Shirley Blackburn, Nora Snyder, Norma Goyke, Faye Sausaman, Virginia Su- licz busily typing new cards, filing old magazines and new books, and mend- ing torn pages and books. BOYS CLUB BOARD Mr. Iames Leonard, Sponsor, Ioe Lietzan, Pres- ident: Tommy Shatter, Vice-President, Edwin Schab, Secretary-Treas urer. Page Forty-eight CIRIJS CLUB BQARD Miss Anna Schmidt, Sponsor, Ieanne O'Cor1- nor, President, Teanne Sib- ley, Vice-President, Rita Strand, Secretary, io Ann Clark, Treasurer. AY BERTRAM BRACS lt looks as if the Girls' Club came through this year with lying colors. Every activity seemed to be a bigger success han the last. The Big and Little Sister Party on September l2 started he year off and the Girls' Club Dance on October l8, was a eather in their cap! Spooks, witches, and way from the l'lallowe'en Partv on October 31. Games, prizes, I ancing, and taffy apples p affair. During Christmas they also sold Christmas seals for the uberculosis drive and dressed dolls to be sent to the orphan- ges. The Faculty Tea on December l5 cari't be left out when ou think of Christmas in the Girls' Club. The sight of the blue nd silver Christmas tree and all the nuts, cookies, and sand- iches assured you Christmas was almost here. Miss Schmidt, due to illness, wasn't able to attend the Alumnae Party given on February ll. The girls were disap- pointed, but nevertheless the party was a success. Remember the class stunts and quiz program? black cats couldn't scare the girls made the traditional party a bang- S Bolling wheels, and what a racket they made! l'm talk- ing about the Boys' and Girls' Club roller skating party with a record crowd on March 17. Bow day on May l found us wearing big tissue paper nbowsl Green, orange, blue, and red bows, a sight to rival any other in school. The year ended with their most impressive event, the Mother-Daughter Party on May 2. You won't forget the school .talent that performed nor the awarding of the T. F. pins, nor all the mothers wearing pink carnations and accompanied by proud daughters. The candle lighting ceremony will always be remembered as the chief thrill of that evening, only sur- passed by the moment when Virginia Fedosky, the new presi- ldent, walked down the arch of lighted candles with leanne O'Connor. That moment alone, if no other, will always remind you of this past year in Girls' Club. GlBLS' CLUB BOARD lst. Row: Gloria Poppen, Katherine Bertram, Alice Deakun, leanne Sibley, leanne O'Connor tpresidentl, Rita Strand, loanne Clark, Betty Gerald, Dorothy Snyder. Znd. Row: Alma Garland, Sophie Sarros, Betty Anne Rappe, Virginia Fedosky, Miss Anna Schmidt tDean of Girlsl, Mary Alma Sausaman, Shirley Blackburn, Faye Phyllis Nordaker. 3rd Row: Elizabeth Hesselbarth, Nelda Berger, Dorothy Lucito, Lillian l-lorst, Abby Alys Abblett, Ieanette Mills, Nora Snyder, Adelaide Miller, Flor- ence Lynn, Elayne Bussema, Pauline Gloger, Bonnie Lorenz. Pat Throop, Ellen McKenna, Trebellas, Betty Woodburn, Sausaman, Angelina Vitale, SO DOES TOMMY SI-IAFFER T. F.'s largest organization, the Boys' Club, proved itself well worth belonging to during the past year. Under the leadership of three officers and ten representatives elected from the boys of the student body, this organi- zation has completed one of its most ac- tive years. The date of the first event sponsored by the Boys' Club was September 25, when a party was given for the incoming freshman boys. The frosh were welcomed by Mr. Leonard, club sponsor and dean of boys, and then they were treated to a thrilling motion picture and refreshments. On November 29 at the annual Carnival the Boys' Club was once again active in bringing in the dollars and walked away with the second prize for bringing in the largest profit. The Boys' and Girls' Clubs jointly spon- sored a roller skating party on March l7 which was attended by approximately 300 students. Mr. C. l. Albrecht, adventurer, explorer, and curator for the Field Museum of Chi- cago headlined the program for the Father and Sons' Party held cn March 28. He lec- tured on Ethiopia and showed both colored slides and motion pictures on the subject. Also on the program were several intra- mural boxing matches and pie and ice cream were served in the band room. The main social activity of the year took the form of the annual Boys' Club dance. lt was held on April 28 in a tropical setting to the tropical strains of Morellie's Melodeer. The year was rounded out with acts of BOYS' CLUB BOARD lst Row: Mickey Augustynek, loe Terre, Tommy Shat- ter, loe Lietzan tPresident,, Edwin Schab, Edward Kuhlman, Mr. Leonard tDean of Boysl. 2nd Row: Tommy Voss, Arthur Ollrich, William Pacljen, Leonard Pranske, l-lank Bobak, lohn Padjen, Bob March, Donald Koehn. mercy such as furnishing clothing for less fortunate boys and sending flowers to fam- ilies who suffered bereavement. SENIOR CIRLS WITI-I T. F, PINS TOP TO BOTTOM lst row standing: Leona Kowalski, Anne Marko, Dorothy Becker. Sitting on Banister: Kay Bertram, Ieanne O'Connor, Evelyn Liesenfelt. 2nd row standing: Mildred Larnmrring, Doro- thy Snyder, Alice Deakun. 3rd row standing: Dorothy Okray, Lonath Giovingo, Rita Kowalski, leanne Sibley, Anne Sestakauckas, Angelena Celano. 4111 row sitting: Bonnie Lorenz, Lillian Ten- ninga, Wilma Dockweiler. 5th row sitting: Mary Trebellas, Irma Winter- hoff, Betty Woodburn, Betty Gerald, Bottom row: Catherine Gloger, Florence Fri- duss, Betty Barber, Lois Bauer. Standing: Pat Throop, Gloria Poppen, lune Doe. I I xx QFEW FOUR CLUBS IQEVEAL MEMBERSHIP ROLL NEWS HAWKS Top: Donald Koehn, Albert Wahlqren, Rita Strand, Esther Gaither, Ioe Lietzan, Paul Lindner, Leo Serafini, Bill Stewart. Row 2: Gladys Leedy, Nelda Berger, Florence Friduss, Miss Siqrid Moe CSponsori, leanne O'Connor, Wilma Dockweiler, Rita Kowalski, Dorothy Okray, Rose Dunlap, lrrna Winterhoff, Katherine Bertram, Pat Leonard. Row l: leanne Sibley, Lillian Horst, Sophie Sarros, Mary Trebellas. Not in Picture: Miss Adeline C. Iaacks, sponsor. ELYINC EACLES Row l: Paul Nady, James Bielat, Nick Oualtropinia, Earl Falkenstrorn, Tommy Bastion, Ed Iarosz, Bill Stewart, Leonard Pranske, Frank Gudqeon, Leon- ard Cwick. Row 2: Gerry Coles, Nadine Perdue, Leo Srnith. Row 3: Lucy Malone, Eleanor Romszewicz, Elsie Mill, Mr. Luce fsponsori. PI-IOTOCRAPI-IY CLUB Seated: Audrey Eeniqenburg, Evelyn Van Til, lean Boldenow, Marie Couwenhoven, Leonard Gill. Standing: Hazel Van Til, Verne Kraay, Richard Wrystmalski, Iohn Borowski, Tom Voss, Norman Smith, Walter Pajak, Mr. Koedyker Csponsorl, Robert Stdrnes, Paul Nady. COMMERCIAL CLUB HICH POINT MEMBERS Anne Sestakaukas, Bernice Olson, Alice Leasure, Dorothy Okray. COMMERCIAL CLUB Row l: loan Buczak, Helen Ernst. Bow 2: Angelina Celano, Bonnie Lorenz. Row 3: Mary Merlo, Leona Kowalski. Row 4: Anne Marko, Mary Trebellas, Lillian Teninga, Nellie Swierinqa, Catherine Gloger, Doro thy Lietzan, Leona Podraza. Not in Picture: Rose Dunlap. W , THE THORNTON FRACTIONAL BAND Row l: Alice Deal-run, lrrna Winterhoff, Michael Pryor, Dick Cassady, Cora Schab, Donald Tuttle' Bm Stewart, Wi1mG BSUHGL B059 MCITCT1, HOFGHCS Zyla, Vernell Kraay, Lillian Teninga, Evelyn Van Til, Dorothy Ostrander, RGTGCZYIQ Wlffed KTGGQSL Howard Bfifkef- Ethel Snyder, Row 4: Margaret Sciacero, Marion Schutz, loe Liesenfelt, Stanley Dernbow- Row 2: Charles Peters, Herbert Breclaw, Betty lane Weaver, larnes Bedell, Beatrice Kats, Eileen Mc- X T , Laughlin, Delores Miller, Gertrude Graczyk, - Helen Snyder, Ruth lanich, Eugene Graska, Gerard Majceski, Edward Swanson, Ioan Buczylc. Row 3: Marie Lorenz, Helen Yurek, Myroslow Purf ko, David Borowski, loe Terre, lack Biota, Keith , Howrniller, Marvin Schultz, Richard Plumporn- 'Q N ski, Donald Koehn, Leonard Lockhart, Edwin Y! Q2 ee-aw Sz A 'Ay x F - A PQQG Fifty-two -nf E'-Q wf S- j B: nav? X. , 7 ' 4.07 I l. fx Y' .,, c , S , re- -ee, .X A -1 ' ? - -,. , 'f 1 ' ' V-' 10" T --- Q nazi c T' ' 5 - " ' : I' .., r 'X 12 -off . . a. lvl . Q-.f '- cm- be- Mxfmyf :Y ef fe, ' "X Mg, ,H 7 m Y W ski, Kenneth Compeau, Bob Frevert, Virginia Sulicz, Bob Rentner, Hal Bascornb, Harold Span- non, Kenneth Preble, Fred Green, Robert Starnes, Raymond Bergman, Kenyon Tweedell, Eugene Bradtke, Eugene Czerkas, lohn Grych, Milton Van Drunen, Barbara Wright. Row 5: Mr. Harold Christian iDirectorJ, Herman Ulandowski CDrum Maioriz Twirlers: Delphine Podraza, Delores Sulicz, Florence Zick, Mildred Youse. Absent: Edward Pranger, Lois Harlierna. TI-IE THQRNTON FRACTIONAL ORCHESTRA Row l: Edward Kuhlman, Gertrude Graczylc, Eleanor Ellens, lohn Borowski. Row 2: Alice Deakun, lohn Grych, Delores Miller, Beatrice Kats, Hazel Namminqa, Helen Ienkins, Lillian Teninqa, Dorothy Gorecki, Ecl- ward Harthun, Ruth lanich, Row 3: Ioan Buczyk, Ed Swanson, Florence Rataczylc, Michael Pryor, David Borowski, Ethel Snyder, Dorothy Ostrander, Leroy Srnith, ,Frances Genovese, Eugene Bradtke, lack Riota, loe Terre. Row 4: Shirley lohnson, Fred Green, Anna Van Krirnpen, Stanley Dem- bowski, Barbara Wright, Mr. Harold Christian tclirectorb. Page Fifty-three J- pa Page Fifty-four THE CADET BAND-TRAINING CRGUND FOR SCI-IGOL BAND Row l: Herman Ulandowski, Herbert Breclaw, Carl' Falkenstrom, lanet Row 3: Bob March, Sally Kolsut, Ruth Boring, Leroy, Smith, Annette Fulker, loyce Isaacson, Helen Snyder, Milton Van Drunen, Eugene Bergman, Hal Bascomb, Nick Quoltropowski, l-larold Spannon, Ken- Czerkas, Ernie Harding, Bill Stewart. neth Preble, Bob Starnes, Maurice Hopper. Row 2: Tommy Voss, Frank Gudgeon, Margaret Sciacero, Mary Carey, P La Verne Zick, Marion Schutz, lack Thalclorf, Ioe Stasiak, Wilma Standing: Donna Peepies, Mr. Angus McPliail idiieutoil, Ruse Marie Bennet, Glen Tanis. Murray, Robert Fevert, Bob Rentner. PRES!-IMAN BUYS' CLEE CLUB Row l: lames Parks, Arthur Stubbs, loe Shutoski, lohn Dfmps, Tommy Voss, lack Brakebill, Charlene Zelzer, Bob Van Osten, Albert Vtfiso- waty, Norman Smith, Anthony Grady, loe Averenatti. Row 2: Hal Bascorrib, Melvin Hoge, Don Berwanger, Gordon Buftinq- ton, Bob Starnes, Mr. Clarence Koedyker Cdirectorl, lack Thaldorf, Eileen McLaughlin Caccompanistl, lack Musgrave, Donald Maciejew- ski, Anton Konvalinka, Louis Faverty, Robert Smith, Paul Cantrell. Row 3: Edward Vander Noord, Robert Sullivan, Bob Kronke, Harold Vtfinterhoff, Theodore Ruiter. V M 22 :gow THE CADET ORCHESTRA lst Row: Charlene Zelzer, Helen Jenkins, Anna Van Krimpen. 2nd Row: Mr. Angus McPhail Cdirectorl, lune Oberla, Irma Reich, Alma Garland, Walter lenkins, Casimer Kwiatkowski, lohn Borow- ski, Edward Kuhlman, Henry Soczyk. I I I I I I I I I I I I Tl-IE MEISTERSINCERS Sealed lst Row: Keith Howmiller, Ed Swanson, Iohn Grych, Iohn Yonke, Bar- bara Wright Caccornpanisti, Donald Tuttle, Michael Pryor, Allen Franke, Bill Stewart, Ioe Stephenson. Znd Row: Stanley Dempkcwski, Ioe lerzyk, Dale Weyand, Harold Perkins, Kenyon Tweedell, Leonard Lockhart, Kenneth Preble, Frank Hill, Fred Green. 3rd Row: Richard Nordaker, Eugene Annen, Charles Johnson, Bob Rentner, lack Riota, Wayne McMullin, Orval Meyer, Herman Ulandowski, loe Terre, Mr. Harold Christian idirectorl. TI-IE DGUBLE SEXTET lst Row: Doris Barton, Myrl Lee Larrance, Lila Mae Winterhoif, Ruth Mayer. Znd Row: Virginia Fedosky, Marilyn Crane, Barbara Wright, Doris Recker, Thelma Hoggatt, Phyllis Nordaker, Irma Winterhofi. At Piano: Mr. Angus McPhai1, Director. CIRLS' Cl-ICRUS Row l: loy Anne Guebert, Mary Guza, Anna Marie Olson, Helena Pactwa, Reathiel Evanhotf, Florence Lynn, Gladys Leedy, leanette Klein, Pauline Gloger, Delores Bolda, Helen Bona, loanne Felsecker, Sally Kolsut, Eliza- beth Hesselbarth, Alma Garland. Row 2: Dorothy Ostrander, Nina Cusick, Lois Bauer, loann Van Drunen, Marie Couwenhoven, Doris Fuehrrneyer, Doris Siegrist, Helen Bergeron, Dorothy Mae Kreiger, Virginia Sulicz, Hazel Van Til, Betty Barber, Ierry Coles, Helen Snyder, Genevieve Hacker. Row 3: Anna Mae Cwetna, Rella Rae Rex, Betty Huizenga, Mildred Lam' mering, Pat Willis, Betty Powell, Vera Reynolds, Katherine Mangaracina, Dorothy Lucito, lune Doe, Dorothy Becker, lla Hopner, Iune Horn, Pat Regnier, Nelda Berger, Lois Ceclarholrn. Row 4: Captola Morgan, Marie Cole, loyce Isaacson, Rose Denenburg, Norma Goyke, Ruth Wiersma, Helen lenkins, lean Kikkert, Lydia Richman, -Lila Mae Martin, Angelina Vitale, Glendola Nave, Delores Yarck, lune lan- sen, Ruth lohnson, Hazel Naminga. Row 5: Mary Haney, Helen Madjak, Evelyn Liensenfelt, Elsie Mill, Maiorie Nowak, Bernice Magdzialc, Corine Cwik, Violet Wiersma, Evelyn Van Til, Florence Polka, Rita Strand, Gladys Reeves, Virginia Barth, Willene Steinkraus, Delores Miller. Not in Picture: Miss Helen Brazzilt, Director: Miss Katherine Brazzill, Uccom- panist. 1 i ,ld 1 i Y e H Y i 5 x 1 3 N l x LEFT--TOP TO BOTTOM New Members. Seated: Marion Schutz, Irma Reich, Lorraine Sass, Lila Mae Winter- hoff, Lois Knott, Betty Rentner. Standing: Delores Wartman, Kath- leen Callahan, Delores Rzepczyn- ski, Shirley Kross. Veteran Members. Seated: Delores Miller, Bill Stew- art. Standing: Miss Iaacks, Paul Lind- ner. SPORTS EDITORS Seated: joe Lietzan, boys' sports. Standing: Tommy Shaffer tassist- antlg Ieanne O'Connor, girls' sports. THORNTONIAN TYPISTS Bernice Olson, Rose Dunlap, Mary Trebellas, Dorothy Okray. MIDDLE-TOP TO BOTTOM. EDITORS AND ADVISER Irma Winterhoff, editor-in-chief: Miss I Sigrid Moe, faculty adviser: Albert Wahlgren, junior editor: Donald Koehn, assistant editor. ENTIRE STAFF PROOF READING ON STEPS lst Row, going up: Wilma Dockweiler, Katherine Bertram, Irma Winterhoit. Znd Row, going up: Donald Koehn, Gloria Poppen, leanne O'Connor, joe Lietzan. 3rd Row, going up: Pat Leonard, Gladys Leedy, Rita Kowalski, Frank Hill, Albert Wahlgren. FEATURE WRITERS Seated: Gloria Poppen, Frank Hill, Gladys Leedy, Standing: Katherine Bertram. RIGHT-TOP TO BOTTOM. ' EXCHANGE AND FILERS Pat Leonard, Wilma Dockweiler, Rita Kowalski. PUBLICITY BUREAU Virginia Fedosky, Elizabeth Hessel- barth, Sophie Sarros. Standing: Wayne McMullin. CUB REPORTERS lst Row, Seated: Elizabeth Hesselbarth, Virginia Fedosky, Sophie Sarros, leanne Sibley, Pauline Gloger. Znd Row, Seated: Wayne McMullin, Wilfred Kraegel, Nelda Berger, Ken- yon Tweedell, Nora Heimbuch. 3rd Row, Standing: Lillian Horst, Io Ann Clark, Corinne Tarras, Charles Cullum, IRMA WINTERHOFF TELLS HOW SHE BECAME EDITOR As I look back over the years I spent working on the Thorntonian, I recall many happy mem- ories. I remember being in Miss Moe's freshman English class together with many other students who later worked with me on the Thorntonian. I remember the thrill we all got when Miss Moe told us that we were going to have a class proj- ect, and this was to be a class paper. We all slaved to get out a super-swell paper, and aiter we had a little experience we divided the class into several staffs to get out sev- eral papers. And then, Miss Moe asked if any of the class would like to help with the Thorn- G tonian. Oh joy! lust imagine working on the Thorntonianl High hopes arose in my head just as they probably crept into the heads of my class- ....., mates. My hand shot up, and then Miss Moe told me to come in during my free period and give it a try. Now I thought I'd really get a chance to write articles for the Thorntonian. First hand stooge, that was me throughout my entire work in the staff room While I was a fresh- man. I had to check names, count words, dis- tribute assignment slips, run after ink and paper, sharpen pencils, and everything from soup to nuts. But I was gaining experience. When the school year ended, Miss Moe said she was going to do something handsome for me because I was always so eager and ready to work. I came back to school in the fall anxiously awaiting my promotion. Now I was a sophomore and with that whole year's experience of stoog- nig behind me, I would probably get to be assist- ant editor. Well, the day came when I was pro- fx moted. But I Wasn't even given a staff position. I was to write REWRITES for the Lansing paper. Ooooohhhh! ! ! We worked hard during that year in journal- ism class, and now we were going to be reward- ed at a supper. I was sitting at the supper try- ing to listen to the speaker, but thoughts were racing back and forth through my head, and I couldn't keep my mind on what he was saying. Next year. I'd be a senior. Maybe, maybe I'd be editor, oh, but I daren't think of ity I've been disap- pointed too much: I don't want to be dis- appointed again, but I hope, I hope. Finally Miss Moe got up to ann.ounce the next year's staff. I held my breath-don't think about itl Don't expect it!! DON'T!l And then, my name. My goal had at last been reached. I was editor. Looking back over the past year, I remember the times I'd had to holler at joe Lietzan for not getting his stuff in on time, or for having too many words. I remember how Donald Koehn was the true Dead Line Kid. He always got his articles in on time and was always willing to do more. I'll never forget those long hours I spent after school, those long dreadful hours on Friday nights finishing up the work the others had failed to do: hurriedly writing, frantically typing, carefully scanning the copy for errors and then nearly finished being told to get out of the building by "Con," our over-zealous janitor. Yes, I've really enjoyed my work on the Thorn- tonian. It's a grand experience for anyone. It's entertaining and it's educational, and it's an ex- perience l'll forever cherish. Posrtita MAKERS CART CLI-XSSl lst. Bow: Adeline Kejewski, Gloria Poppon 2nd. Bow: Phyllis lflliight, Maxine Morgan Vada Winski, Rita Bzepinski. CAT PRINTING MACT-llNEl Roger Slinkard, lames hlaclcenburg, Bill Stewart. CAFETERIA ASSISTANTS At Steam Tables: Beryl laclcson, Rudolph Buckner, Constance Gulotta, Corrine Cwik, Marie Couwehoven, Violet Bettle. CI-IRQNOSCOPE STAFF lPicture ll These girls did the important job of getting all the ads for the Chronoscope: Standing, top to bottornvCharleen Pike, Arlene Wass, Lila Mae VVir2terhoif, Lois Knott, leanette Mills, Martha Hayes, Kathleen Callahan. Seated lst rowflune Haniahan, Dorothy Erentress, Delores Rzepczynski. Seated bottom row-Lorraine Sass, Betty Rentner, Delores Wartrnan. lPicture 27 Who takes the pictures, identifies each lace, assembles the pictures and lays out each page, writes the introductions lor each section? Of course, it's the Chronoscope staff under the general supervision of Esther Gaither, the Editor-in-Chief tseatedl. Every seventh period on Tuesday and Thursday, Bernice Olson types the articles handed in. Rose Dunlap assisted by Mary Trebellas lnot in picturel worked hours writing and checking the senior section before tt was sent to the printers. The co-editors of the lunior Customers: loe Lietzan, Esther Gaither. ln Kitchen: Stella Pawlak, lean Baldenow, Miss Cronkright, Laida Fredinanelli, lrene Borowski, Miss Stewart, Harold lennings. section were Sophie Sarros and Nelda Berger. Dorothy Olcray also did Chrono- scope typing, CPicture 33 The important job of selling the book was done by: Lett to right, first row-leanne Sibley, Betty Rentner, leanne O'Connor, Virginia Borowslci, Kay Mancarcino, Nelda Berger, Angela Celano, Lucille Papa, Shirley Kress. Second row-Delores Bzepczynski, Delores Wartman, lune Han- rahan, Virginia Fedosky, Donald Koehn, Betty Haehnel. Third Row-Kathleen Cahallan, Rita Strand, Lillian Horst. Fourth Row--Wilfred Kraegel, Irma W'inter- hoff, Marjorie Bauer. fPicture 45 Standing-The boys' sports write-ups were written by loe Lietzan, while leanne O'Conrzor did all the girls' sports activities. Seatedf Richard Nordaker and Donald Miller did the picture layouts of the book. Gloria Poppen did all the little clever sketches scattered throughout the book. 3rd Bow: Howard Carey, Genevieve Potccki. V. if ? .,,i:,. ., , ,., ,. y 0, n1ln YXG9 Z PWS' if :S .' ,gg RX x E ' A UIMACINARY INVALID" I-IICI-ILY RATED The junior play, "The Imaginary Invalid" presented on March 14, proved to be one of the juniors' biggest achievements during the year. Out of a group of fifteen high schools and colleges who presented the play, the junior cast, directed by Mr. Angus McPhail, Was chosen as one of the three best and was invited to Whiting High School on May 24 to pre- sent the second act. The forever ailing Imaginary Invalid was well enacted by lack Biota who was con- tinually teased by his mischievous maid. Betty Ann Bappe. The romantic angle of the play was provided by Harvey Dean as the handsome hero, and Elizabeth Hesselbarth as the beautiful daughter of the Imaginary Invalid. The scheming gold digger, the wife of the lm- aginary Invalid, eagerly awaiting his death was Adelaide Miller. The outstanding sup- porting cast included Lillian Horst as the Imaginary Invalid's youngest daughter, Bob Bent- ner as his brother, Eugene Annen as the crafty lawyer, Harold Perkins, the apothecary, Kenyon Tweedell, a doctor and a disgrace to his profession, and Bichard Keller, another doctor who tried to wed his son, played by Stanley Dembowski, to the Imaginary Invalid's beautiful daughter. PICTURES OPPOSITE PAGE: PICTURES THIS PAGE: Upper left hand corner: lack Biota, Elizabeth Hessel- Upper left hand corner: lack Biota, Betty Anne Bappe, barth, Harvey Dean, Elizabeth Hesselbarth. Upper right hand corner: Adelaide Miller, Eugene Upper right hand corner: Edward Kuhlman, Mr. Angus Annen, Lillian Horst. McPhail tdirectorj, Richard Nordaker. Lower left hand corner: Stanley Dembowski, lack Bottom: Harold Perkins, Bobert Bentner. Biota, Richard Keller. Lower right hand corner: lack Biota, Kenyon Tweedell, Betty Anne Bappe. Page Sixtyuihree ,A CAST OF "AMERICA FIRST" Eddie Swanson, jeanne O'Connor, Frank Hill, Gloria Poppen, joe Terre, Betty Gerold, Fred Green, Irma Winterhoff, Donald Koehn, jeanne Sibley, Keith Howrniller. ' ll ll AMERICA FIRST FRANKLY A PROPOCANDA PLAY "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances-." At this point let us interrupt to say that the "world" is our school and the men and women just the students. The stage is set for "America First," the Senior Play and there is old Bill Shakespeare CAngus McPhaill telling his cast just what to do. "l say there, Lee, thou dost not speak that line correctly, and thou, Lizzy, shouldst put more emotional feeling into that last line. Gladys, thou art a victim of juvenile emotionalism and thou must remember that thine own feelings of affection are not returned. Ye gods, Grandfather, thou art too spry for an elderly gentleman! Yea, Dorothy, Owen and thou are doing fine. Franz, thou must keep thy military bearing and do not forget that thou art a sleek individual with an ingratiating manner. Ola, the accent, thou must not forget it. Mrs. Holmes, dost thou know what it means to get angry? And thou must not forget that thou art an officer of the police, Frank. And thou, jimmy Banks, must remember that a rather shady per- son does not indulge in laughter every time something arnuses him!" To put all this aside, the Senior Play, "America First," was presented by the senior class of l94l, on May 91 As usual the play was a big success and everyone who saw it enjoyed it a great deal. And here is the story. Grandpa Holmes CEd Swanson? is a thin, stoop-shouldered, trembly old man of 96. He has no patience with Elizabeth Boggs, Cjeanne O'Connorl the middle- aged housekeeper, who is a fussy, nervous woman with a red face and work-worn hands and she has little tolerance with Lee, CDonald Koehnl the young man who, with jimmy Banks, Clieith Howmillerj a rather tough character, gets mixed up with foreign agents. As the plot thickens, Ola CGloria Poppenl and Franz CFrank Hilll, the spies, influence jimmy and Lee more and more, until Mrs. Holmes CBetty Geroldl, Lee's mother discovers the whole thing. Dorothy Clrma Winterhoffl Lee's sister, and Owen iFred Green? her sweetheart, discover the theft of important plans which Frank Holmes fjoe Terrel, Lee's uncle, finds on Ola Kring. ln the meantime, Gladys Calay Cjeanne Sibleyl, the young lady who likes Lee, turns up with some damaging evidence. But then of course all things must end and so did this with everybody in his proper place. TWELFT!-I ANNUAL CARNIVAL "Hurry, hurry, hurry, folks! Don't miss it. lt's the Twelfth Annual Carnival of Thornton Fractional Township High School! No pushing now! Come on everybody! Main show will be on in a few minutes. lt's the show oi a life-time. Right this way to the big top-l mean gym, to see the ga-ratest show on earth! The Scandals of l94O!" Well, there's no doubt about that sir! Everybody knows that the Carnival is the garatest show on earth and always will be. 1 STACED NGVEMBER 29th ' On Friday, November 29, 1940 at 8 P.M., the students of Thornton Fractional presented their Twelfth Annual 'Carnival "Scandals of l94U," under the direction oi Miss Mary She- maitis, Miss Helen Brazzill, Mr. Harold Christian, and Mr. Angus McPhail. V The first number of the main show was a ballet dance with the Girls' Chorus for accompaniment. The chorus sang "Lieberstrum" and "Sweet Songs of Long Ago," and the girls glided gracefully across the stage. Then Rita Wright did Ct XX- X X ,wan- K 93.4, ff' Q .gg '5 fo, Q Q, sr 54 if B?" solo tap dance followed by Lorraine Kimmet, singing a cow- boy song. lust before the double sextette sang "Sibonney" and "Wedding of the Painted Doll" there was a chorus of soft shoe dancers. Kay Bertram did an acrobatic dance and, not to be out done, Myrl Larrance sang. But now, fun for all, the W.L.S. Barn Dance a la T.F. fol- lowed by a more soothing melody by lrma and Lila Mae Winterhoff. A bit of old Heidelberg, starring loe Terre and his cornet was next on the program. From the German to the Latin! Conga and-Six Lessons From Madam La Zonga sung by Angeline Vitale. Everybody knows that variety is the spice of life so we now give you a dance by the Deep Sea Pirates and then came the Devils in the roller skating act by Betty Dobbins and Dick Trammel. Now-'feMr. Bernard Nondorf, Mr. Archibald Boss, Mr. Don- ald Koehn, Mr. Dominic Vitale, Miss Henrietta Bobak, Miss Bussela Buhring, Miss Eddie lablonski, and Miss "Tommie" Shaffer came forth with the Ballet "L" Exquizeetf' lt's enough to kill anybody. From the extreme to the sublime as a fair damsel, lune l Pa ge Sixty-seven il E s Mn ll Doe by name, sings "Only Forever" and really makes one believe those words. And what could be more fitting in this day than the patriotic finale that closed the show? But that's not alll Oh no, not by a long shot. We've still got all the concessions to see. The fish pond, the turkey raffle, Library Club games, Girls Club balloon race, fun, fun, fun, and more fun! And the Water 'Carnival would have been a success by itself. Then dancing to the melodious strains of Iohnny Kay and his orchestra and finally the crowning of the King and Queen of the Carnival of l940, Ellen McKenna and Donald Koehnl The greatest show on earth? You bet! Not 0. only was it the best show as far as entertainment goes, but just feast your eyes on the Carnival financial report below, and you'll come to the conclusion that it was the best show financially, too. The stage show brought in 3352.257 the dance, Sl37.757 the various concessions, S68l.7l, making total receipts Sl06l,7l. The total expenses were 577192, making 'a total profit of 3684.56 The funds were distributed as follows: entertainment fund, 5277.825 publications, 8205.367 Girls' Club, 3102.695 and Boys' Club, 510269. 'Elf W' fi X i X 1' .ui A Y , Q11 K w -. Yi 2 va, F 'f wr, , "ff Nb-:W ma. 'Q 1 lwigdf ,,, eq. I QF , Y 9 X 'A,A "'vQ Ex 6 R3 N YQ f 1 fr, Q AA:"'M if "H1V 3 ' A ,- if A' ik f V f 2 M ..,. ,X 1, ,-. IQ ,A by I if 2 wlkqs, I R32 Q J Q .. A , f' '-gg. 3 5: A , 541 of the contest were lacking, due to the fact that not much was known of the Big City aggregation, except that it was one of the stronger teams in the Chicago City league. But all doubt as to the strength of the Meteors vanished when they crushed their non-league opponents by a 25-8 score. Next on the list was Hammond Tech. The Tigers were easy Victims of the Meteors in l9'39 so perhaps last season's Frac- tional team was a little over-confident, for the Hammond outfit upset the Purple and Gold to the tune of 7 to 6 on the Hammond High field. lt was the Meteors' only loss of the season. Y The team traveled to Kankakee on September 27 and defi- nitely announced its championship intentions by copping a 26-7 victory from the Kays. The Meteors were top-heavy favorites to beat Blue lsland when the two teams met on Fractional field but the lslanders forced our boys to go the limit in gaining the 6-U decision for T. F.'s second conference victory. The champs showed great de- fensive play in holding the Mound City boys to a net rushing gain of four yards. Revenge-seeking Thornton of Harvey came to town the next week and against this eleven the Petreemen played their best CALL OUT THE RESERVES game of the season, winning by a 14-7 reading. Our ancient rival was the Victim of long runs with intercepted passes which caused its downfall. After two weeks' rest Fractional faced its greatest test-- that of meeting Bloom. The 1939 title-holders were slated to re- peat for the crown and rightfully so, what with eight regulars of the championship team returning. But, although handicapped by having to play on the opponents field, the Meteors played stellar ball and earned a 6-6 tie with their more experienced and stronger rival. The roaring Meteors virtually clinched the South Suburban league title on November 2 when they defeated the, until then unbeaten and untied, Argo eleven by a l3 to 6 count. This vic- tory gave the Petreemen undisputed possession of first place. The Purple and Gold copped the coveted crown on Novem- ber 8 when they handed Lockport a 37-6 shellacking in a con- test that was sparked by the play of the Fractional reserves. Fractional completed its schedule by playing a O-U tie with Catholic Central of Hammond. The Meteors, relieved of confer- ence-game pressure, let up a bit and thus had to be content in playing an even ball game. AFTER CHAMPIONSHIP LOCKPCRT CAME IOE HILL-"Ierry" was the pass-catching genius of the team. He also played a fine defen- sive game at LEFT END. Hill will be a three year man next season. HENRY BOBAK-- "Hank," the red head, was one of the stalwarts in the line and worked his LEFT TACKLE position to perfection. His greatest thrill was scoring a touchdown on an 85 yard run with a pass interception against Lockport. BERNARD NONDORF-"Ben," captain of the champs, was outstanding in line play. He was chosen all-league LEFT GUARD. Played his best game against Wallenberg and Weishaar of Bloom, each 225 pounders. IOHN PADIEN-"Bull," Padjen No. 3 of T. F. gridiron fame, is an excellent CENTER who will be back next year as co-captain. Broke up many a play. He stood out in the Harvey game. ARCHIE ROSS -"All-American," always anxious to play in the backfield, was needed more at RIGHT GUARD. He likes body contact. Only a junior, he'll play next season, too. He wants to make a score. ROBERT LONG-"Bud" found himself after two or three games and really played great ball as the season progressed. At RIGHT TACKLE he exhibited fine defensive play and really starred in the Harvey game. EDWARD LITZAN-"Eddie" was a great team player. He was heady and could diagnose plays with great skill. An uncertain insertion at RIGHT END at the beginning of the season, he proved he had what it takes. DONALD KOEI'IN+"Sugar" was one of the greatest field generals in Fractional's history. He took advantage of every opportunity. He held the team together. All-league QUARTER BACK selection. The diminutive' speedster took a terrific beating but displayed great sportsman- ship at all times. Great runner. Scored on many a long run. IOHN SCHUTZ-"Schutz" was a coming star at LEFT HALF when he was laid low with appendicitis. The best man on the field in the Meteor-Tech battle. Against Amundsen he ran 71 yards for a score. Schutz was COACH WILBUR PETREE a hard fighter and a terrific tackler. DOMINICK VITALE-"Dorn" was the SUBSTITUTES WAIT FOR A SCORE blocking spe- cialist of the title team. He'll be co-captain with Padjen next fall. Though the RIGHTHALF doesn't carry the ball in the Petree system Vitale reminded one of the main cogs in the of- fensive machine by cutting down the opponent's secondary. WII.LIAM DeCAMP-"Bill" was a powerful plunger and an all- around player. He was an expert passer and backed up the line with keen ability. His FULLBACK post was the natural spot for the big junior. Best in the KKK and Argo contests. COLOGER MONESTERE-"Stoney" was a reserve tackle who could always be depended upon to fill in and stop plays. RICHARD NORDAKER-"Dick" played regular center on sev- eral occasions and was a fine defensive lineman. IAMES GIGLIO and STANLEY SONNENBERG-"lim" and "Stan" must be mentioned in the same breath because they took Page Seventy-three turns at Schutz's vacated left half spot. Giglio scored on a neat run against Lockport, and Sonnenberg's 98 yard gallop against Harvey will never be forgotten. ROOSEVELT SIDOTE ee"Sidote" was a quiet ball player, but he didn't have to say much, for his actions proved he had the makings of a good lineman. Watch him next fall. EDWARD IABLONSKI-"Iabo" was the team's utility backfield man in that he could and did play each of the four positions. Starred at fullback against Argo. MATTHEW AUGUSTYNEK-"Micky" was a watch charm guard who was fearless in mid-line play. Though small in stature he was able to stop big fullbacks when they came his way. THOMAS SHAFFER-"Tom," rewarded by his hard work at left end, started several battles. A good tackler, Shaffer will develop into a fine ball player by next season. LEWIS GALIK-"Lew" is a dandy pass receiver and his height will be an asset to the tossing attack of the coming season's team. He caught a nice buck throw for a score against Lock- port. PHILLIP ADI-XMKIEWICZw"Adam" was really a good MANAGER and was well liked by all of the players. He looked after the boys as if they were his brothers. He always had everything under control as far as his duties were concerned. Ioe Eby, Russ Buhring, Al Wisowaty, Pete Bereolos, Har- old Perkins, Charlie Cullum, George Whitmire, Chet Mazur, FRESI-IMEN-SOPHCMCRE FOOTBALL Top Row: N. Grysbowski, H. Zalewski, I. Thaldort, F. Lessner, T. Pochron l Weinberg, S. Pyrz, C. Pochron, H. Soczyk, H. Winterhoff, Coach Aitken Young Middle Row: A. Skwiertz, M. Hoge, G. Matthews, E. Gleim, W. Mika I Mus grave, C. Miotke, E. Schulz, W. Freyman, M. Nagy, Manager E. Iarosz Bottom Row: W. Lescynski, L. Duczak, G. Dockweiler, I. LaNove, F Slmkard C. Mazur, E. Skarwecki, C. Nowaczyk, E. Kuhlman, I. Narug, W Archer lack LaNoue, and Ed Kuhlman were reserves who showed possibilities last season. They will be back for the l94l team to establish their claims for first string berths. YCLJTH TRAINS PCR FUTURE VICTCRIES With eyes to the future Coach Young gathered together a group of twenty-five boys early in No- vember, l94O, in preparation for the on-coming basketball season. Cf this group only two players were seniors, while ten were juniors, one was a sophomore, and another was a freshman. Not one of the twenty- tive was a varsity letterman. With this comparatively green squad to Work with, the Coach knew he couldn't, in a period of three months, build a team of championship calibre. But the Meteors played a fine btand of ball through- out the season and at times, as for example, during the regional tournament, showed surprising form in de- feating teams of noted ability which were supposed to have no trouble in disposing of the Fractional quintet. Fractional's first encounter in the Chicago Heights regional meet was marked by an impressive victory over Manteno. The Youngmen then upset Bloom, but lost to loliet in the final. Being a regional final- ist entitled T. F. to play in the sectional tourney at Waukegan where the Meteors lost to Morton of Cicero, who went on to win the state title. The Youngmen opened the season by losing a close one to Morgan Park. The next three games marked sweet victories for the Purple and Gold as Blue lsland, George Rogers Clark, and Kankakee fell victims. But the win streak was short-lived, for in the next five contests the Meteors scored nary a victory. Lockport, Argo, Tolleston, Bloom, and Mooseheart were conquerors of T. F. Page Seventy-six HEAVYWEICHT BASKETBALL Top Row: T. Shaffer, D, Vitale, T. Pietrzak, H. Bobak, S. Stoll, Coach Aitken Young, L. Galik, A. Ross, E. Litzan, R. Buhring, C. Cullum. Bottom Row: Mgr. C. Maciejewski, R. Lehnhoff, F. Slinkard, F. lones, W. McMullin, M. Kieras. CRADUATINC LETTERMEN Ed Litzan and Hank Bobak. EDWARD LITZAN4"Eddie," the captain of the team, was one of the best players ever to wear the Purple and Gold, scoring over 200 points through- out the season. HENRY BOBAK-"Hank" was a dependable floor guard who could work the ball in with expert precision. He and Litzan were the only seniors on the squad. LEWIS GALIKi"Lew" was the big center who came through to make himself a fine pivot player in his junior year. ARCHIE ROSS--"Slim" was a good ball handler and thrilled the fans by sinking his unorthodox shots. TED PIETRZAKe"Teddy" entered at mid-year and gained a position on the first team right away as a reward for his fine playing, DOMINICK VITAI.Ef"Dom" was one of the best ball handlers on the team, and his cool play held the quintet together during tense periods. SHER- MAN STOLLY-"Sherm," the tall sophomore center, always played a fine game especially in getting rebounds and controlling the ball. RUSSELL BUHRINGe-"Russ" was a fast player and sparked the team no little with his fighting attitude and driving play. CLARENCE MACIEIEWSKI'-e"Smiley" was one of the jolliest managers in T. F.'s history and he was an ace right-hand man to the Coach. Other players who displayed good form when given a chance to play were Francis Iones, Russell Lenhoff, Fred Slinkard, Wayne McMul1in, Tom Shaf- fer, lim Giglio, Charles Cullum, and Michael Kieras. In the next four league battles, the Youngmen split even, beating Blue Island and Lockport, and losing to Kankakee and Harvey. The team found central state competition to its liking when it traveled to Gilman to soundly defeat the host school. But this win marked the last in regular season play for the Meteor five as the four remaining games were lost to Harvey, Argo, Bloom, and Mooseheart. LIC!-ITS TRAIN FUR 1941-1942 Handicapped by the lack of experienced players Coach Kiester knew at the start of the 1940- 41 basketball season that the task of retaining the South Suburban hardwood title would be an almost impossible one. So, instead of concentrating on the title drive alone, he also gave thought to the seasons tc come and, by doing this, he brought together a winning quintet which, with one or two exceptions will be back next year with the hope of recapturing the crown for Fractional. The lightweights started the season in grand style by winning their first four games. Morgan Park, Blue Island, Clark, and Kankakee were laid low bythe small Kiesterites. Lockport dealt T, F. its first league loss on the Porter court, but the Meteor Irs. got back on the LICHTWEICHT BASKETBALL 1940-1941 Top Row: I. Morgan, Mgr., E. Kuhlman, A. Ollrich, I. Cipolla, E. Skarwecki W. Horvatich, M. Budzowski, I. LaNoue. Bottom Row: I. Pank, C. Sciackitano, R. March, L. Baranowski, C. Gulotta B. Swanson, Coach Iackson Kiester. FRESHMEN BASKETBALL win trail by defeating their next five opponents. Crete was beaten twice and Argo, Tolleston, and Bloom were the other victims. Here the lights hit a snag and fell before Mooseheart, Blue Island, and Harvey. The next week T. F. again triumphed over KKK and a week later gained revenge on Lockport. I-Iarvey, co-champs with Blue Island, crushed the Kiestermen's title hopes but the boys licked Argo handily. Bloom and Mooseheart captured the remaining seasonal tilts by close margins. Entering the Blue Island invitational tournament as l94O champs Fractional received a set! back in their first encounter, being eliminated by Blue Island. 1940-1941 D bowski. Slinkard, C. Gulotta, G. Burkhart, H. Zalewski. Top Row: Mgr. S. Pyrz, Coach Wilbur Petree, I. Creviston G. Matthews, I. Musgrave, D. Sestakauckas, W. Wilt I Zacny, F. Camp, T. Pochron, Mgr. D. Maciejewski, N. Gryz Bottom Row: E. Nondorf, M. Nagy, W. Padjen, I. Stasiak F Page Seventy-eight SWIMMINC RESERVES l94O-l94l Standing: T. Ciastko, I. Avenatti, R. Sullivan, Coach Lester Kelly, D. Berwanger, freshman n1gr,, H. Spannon, sophomore mgr., L. Faverty, R. Sikor- ski. Seated: W. Bauer, H. Baxter, I. Bedell, E. Ko- loclziejski, W. Raasch, l. Henderson, H. Clair, D. Wright. SWIMMINC VARSITY I94O-I94l Sanding: Bob Sausa- man, Myroslow Purko, Dick Eby, Herman Moore, Tom Felsecker, Coach Les Kel- ly, Manager Harold len- nings. Seated: lames Ander- son, Marvin Kedrowski, Orval Meyer, Lucien Trim- bur, Bill Archer, Rudolph Buckner, TANKERS BREAK EVEN The Meteor swim team enjoyed a good season during l940- 4l as they drowned seven and tied two of their sixteen oppo- nents. Coach Kelly had but tour letterrnen returning from last year's squad and he built the remainder of the team around these boys. Those who gained swimming monograms this year were: Robert Sausaman-"Bob" was chosen honorary captain by his fellow tankers and really showed his stroking ability at all times. ORVAL MEYER--"Orv" swam the 220 free style and added many a point to the Meteors' total. IAMES ANDERSON-"lim" was the team's regular diver as well as being the squad's record-breaking breast-stroker. Placed 7th in 100 yd. breast stroke in lll. state swim meet. THOMAS FELSECKER--"Tom" was the number two diver and will take Anderson's place come next season. RUDOLPH BUCKNER-"Rudy" free-styled and was on the relay teams and always swam a good race. LUCIEN TRIMBUR-"Trimbur" was also a free-styler and will be back next season to add to his laurels. WILLIAM ARCHER4"Bill" was undoubt- edly the fastest stroker on the squad and was good for points in every meet. HERMAN MOORE--"Herman" was aided in his free style races by a person named Lucy who cheered him on to victory. MYROSLOW PURKO4"Purko" was always a hard worker and never missed a night of practice. RICHARD EBY-"Dick" will be back to fill Anderson's trunks in the breast stroke event when next season comes. MERVIN KEDROWSKI-"Marv's" experience as a life guard during the summer helped him to earn points. HAROLD IENNINGS- "Jennings" was one manager that Coach Kelly would like to keep as a "steady." WRESTLERS SHOW CCCD MORALE With the loss ot six regulars ot the 1939-40 wrestling squad the grapplers were greatly handicapped. Coach Potts had a group of boys who had in spirit what they lacked in brawn. The ten losses ot the season do not tell the entire story, tor the boys were always scrap- ping and giving their best. Lettermen who earned their share oi points were: RAYMOND KMAK---"Ray" was high-point man of the squad and was elected honorary captain by his team- mates. IACK SOLOMON--"lack" was the small boy of the team, but could always be depended on for a good showing. PHILLIP ADAMKIEWICZ--"Phillip" went out for wrestling so he would be able to handle the football team next tall. IOHN VEZMAR-"Iohnny" was a small boy with plenty of the old spirit. LEO HODUR-"Leo" showed his stuff on the mat and earned enough points for his monogram. MATTHEW AUGUSTYNEK--"Mickey" Went out and tamed his Wild opponcnts. BEN NONDORF--"Ben" graduated in February but contributed his points. WAL- LACE COSGROVE -"Horse" was the biggest boy on the squad and went out to die for dear old Ireland in every match. LEO SMITH--"Leo" was a fine and dependable manager. WRESTLING t94O-I94I i Top Row: Coach Henry Potts, W. Cosgrove, G. Van Der Aa, M. Van Drunen, H. Lucas, M. Augustynelc. Bottom Bow: L. Smith, Mgr., L. Hodur, G. Whit- mire, I. Vezmar, R. Kmak, l. Soloman. WRESTLING RESERVES t94O-I94l Top Row: Coach Potts, M. Matwiczak, F. Reppa, L. Cwik, C. Kuzdrowski, B, Nondort. Bottom Row: Mgr. W. Kortenhoven, I. Weinberg, P. Adamkiewicz, W. Cun- ningham, A. Zwier, C. Falkenstrom. Page Seventy-nine I94I COLE TEAM F. Rucinski, H. Soczyk, I. Panlc, T. Perczak, M. Mansunto, M. Kieras, M. Purko, A. Arens, E. Litzan, Coach Raymond Elvin. INTRA MURAL WINNERS CPaqe 81, Left Topl First Row: I. Preissiq, l. Lietzan, O. RaGoven. Second Row: I. Thaldorf, W. Hauck, I. Liet- zan, D. Willett, W. Blair, T. Stasiak, T. Gaedtke. Third Row: I. Miller, G. Wartman, G. Mc- Carthy, E, Swanson, A. Hauck, I. Anderson, H. Ireland, R. Rentner, E. Schab. Fourth Row: C. Tohnson, E. Schmidt, F. Slink- ard, E. Sobczak, R. Krukowski, R. Nowak. Not in Picture: W. Eby, D. Heintz, L. Dinelli, W. Kortenhoven, C. Peters, W. Freyman, C. Brown. l94I TRACK TEAM Top Row: G. Matthews, F. Slinkarcl, I. Sta- siak, L. Trimbur, I. Creviston, A. Ross, H. Bobak, M. Matwiczalc, R. Buhrinq, T. Shaf- fer, O. Meyer, I. Zancy, G. Paulison, R. Rogers, Sophomore Mgr. P. Buchanan, Coach Aitken Young, Assistant Coach Les Kelly. Middle Row: R. Ianovich, I. Koontz, W. Pajak, E. Litzan, E. Vierk, W, McMullin, W. Frey- man, R. Eby, C. Maciejewski, W. Krae-gel, E. Gleim, I. Dunn, W. Zyqmunt, R. Van Osten, freshman rnqry Paul Strauser, senior mqr. Bottom Row: I. Lietzcm, A. Zwier, I. Hayes, W. Eby, R. March, T. Pochron, E. Nondorf, I. Thaldorf, A. Ollrich, I. La Noue, R. Sul- livan. i940 GULF TEAM Left to Right: E. Zyla, E. Litzan, M, Cerovina, T. Paciwa, H. Petersen, L. K 5 , Schab, T. Percale, Coach Raymond Elvin. l94O TENNIS TEAM Top Row: Coach Lester Kelly, l-l. Clair, W. Kraeqel F. Tones. Boiiorn Row: A. Arens, I. Yonke, W. Siewari. I94O TRACK TEAM Top Row: Coach Aitken Young, R. Preveri, R, Eby, T. Gleim, D. Archer, E. Schutz, lunior Mgr. P. Strauser, Senior Mgr, Middle Row: P, Keck, A. Ross, C. Lawrence, M. Maiwiczak, S. Eby, W. McMullin, I. Kooniz. Bottom Row: E. Ollrich, C, Maciejewski, D. Erieri, R. Buhrinq, D. E. Vierk, T. Eby, I. LaNoue. C Nordaker LaLoqqia Rybarski Felseclcer MONCDCRAM CLUB Seated: Ed Litzan, Bill Archer, lim Anderson, Lew Galik, Torn Felsecker, Francis Iones, lohn Yonke, Austin Arens, Treasurer Micky Auqustynek, President Ernie Vierk, Vice-President Dom Viiale, Secretary Hank Bobak, Ed lablonski, Sian Sonnenloerq, Ted Kunka, Marvin Kedrowski, Coloqer Monesiere, Ray Manuszak, Bolo Sausaman, Leo Smith, Roosevelt Sidole, Standing: lack Soloman, Archie Ross, Charles Gulotla, Wallace Cosgrove, Phillip Adamkiewicz, Iohn Pank, Frank Rucinski, Clarence Maciejewski, Myroslow Purko, Wayne McMullin, Russ Buhrinq, lohn Vezmar, Torn Shaffer, Orval Meyer, Rudolph Buckner, George Whilmire, Harold Jennings, Herman Moore, Lucien Trimbur, lohn Cipolla, lim Giqlio, Ioe Hill, Ioe Lieizan, Don Koehnf Ray Kmak, Ari Ollrich, Leo I-lodur, lohn Schutz, Mack Budzowski, Dick Nordaker, Bob Long, John Padjen, Page Eighty-two .- -,-L!9-- ATHLETIC STATISTICS HEAVYWEIGHT FOOTBALL EBESHMAN-SOPHOMORE. FOOTBALL Date Opponent Place We They D019 OPDOHGTIT P1002 We 1111911 Sept. 13 Arnundsen Here 25 8 SGPI- 17 Cldrk Here 13 2 Sept. 20 Tech There 6 7 Sept. 20 Hammond Tech Here l9 0 Sept. 27 Kankakee There 26 7 Sept. 26 Kankakee Here 13 2 Oct. 4 Blue lsland Here 6 - O Oct. 1 Edison Here 7 U Oct. ll Harvey Here l4 7 Oct. 3 Blue Island Here 27 U Oct. 18 Bloom There 6 6 Oct. lO Harvey There O 12 Nov. 2 Argo There 13 6 Oct. 18 Morgan Park Here U 6 Nov. 8 Lockport Here 37 6 Oct. 25 Bloom There 13 5 Nov. 16 Central There O O Nov. 5 Argo Here 12 U Fractional Total Points, 133. Numeral Winners: Honorary Captain Chester Opponents Total Points, 47. Mazur, lack LaNoue, Ed Kuhlrnan, Ed Skarwecki, Season's Record: Won 67 Lost lg Tied Z. Clarence Nowaczyk, William Freyman, Mike Nagy, League Record: Won Sp Lost Op Tied l. Willie Lescynski, William Archer, Grant Matthews, Fred Slinkard, Wallace Mika, Leonard Duczak, loe SEASQNS GRID STATISTICS Narug, Robert Brill, Wallace Cosgrove, Clarence I i Miotke, George Dockweiler, Donald Zimmerman, Fractional Opponent Edwin larosz, manager. Yards gained rushing ....... ........ l 338 660 Yards gained passing ....... ........ 3 33 42-8 Passes attempted .....,.,.. ..... 7 8 Q5 Passes completed ...... ..... 2 4 35 E' "THEY SCORED THE POINTSII Passes intercepted ,.... ..... l l ZU Yds' on interceptions --------' Ywww- 4 O2 129 Player Touchdowns Extra Points Total No. of punts ..........,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, ,,,,, 5 5 61 Koehrl ...... ........ 7 1 43 Average ydge. of punts ....... ,....... 3 17 298 DeCamp ...... ..... 4 5 29 Penalties .,.,,,,.V.,.,.,,,,,,Y,..,,,,e ,,,- 3 9 36 Sonnenberg ....., ..... 3 U' 18 Total ydge. of penalties ,,.,.,... ...,..., 3 53' 330 J Schutz .....,.. ..... 2 U 12 First downs ...,..,,..,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, 7 4 57 5' Hill .,..... ...,. 2 0 12 First eewne rushing ,,,,,, ,.,,, 5 5 34 CW Bebek ...... ..... 1 1 7 First downs passing ,,,,,, ,,,,, 1 9 23 T Giglio ,,.... ..... l U 6 Fumbles ....-'.....,,.,,,,,,,,.,...,,., ,,,,, 2 2 29 Galik ...... .,...., l U 6 Own fumbles recovered .,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, 12 10 f- Opponenfs fumbles recovered ,,,.,, 19 10 Tomi --.-w'---- -,--.---, 1 33 Page Eighty-three HEAVYWEIGHT BASKETBALL ATHLETIC STATISTICS Date Opponent Place e They Date Opponents Place We Thgy Dec. 3 Morgan Park Here 31 32 Dec. 6 Blue Island There 30 19 Eec 2 gorgff pirk Here 20 12 Dec. 7 George ec ue sun There 10 8 Rogers Clark Here 20 18 Dec 7 Clark Here 27 19 Dec. 13 Kankakee Here 28 25 Dec. 13 Kankakee Here 27 18 Dec. 20 Lockport There 18 23 Dee 20 Leckpen f1-here 24 26 lan. 10 Argo There 34 44 Dec 21 Crew lan. 1 1 Tolleston There 18 36 Ian. 17 Bloom Here 30 20 mesefvesl There 13 14 Ian. 18 Mooseheart There 12 20 Dec. 21 Crete Ian. 24 Blue Island Here 32 17 11-1eaV1eS1 There 32 28 Ian. 25 Harvey Here 39 52 Jen. 31 Kankakee There 23 33 Ion' 10 Amo Them 23 19 Feb. 7 Lockport Here 22 21 lan. ll Tolleston There 21 18 Feb. 8 Gilman There 38 25 1011.17 Bloom Here 23 17 Feb. 14 Harvey There 31 52 Ian. 1,8 Mooseheart There 12 Z0 Feb. 15 Argo Here 20 36 1aa, 24 Blue 1S1ana Here 26 30 Feb. 21 Bloom There 35 43 Iqnl 25 Harvey Here 1 1 26 Feb. 28 Mooseheart Here 22 25 Ian. 31 Kankakee There 18 17 ' Mar. 6 Manteno Chi. Heights 51 32 Feb 7 Lackpal-1 Here 25 18 ' Mar. 7 Bloom Chi, Heights 40 32 Feb. 14 Harvey There 20 31 ' Mar. 8 Ioliet Chi. Heights 24 31 Feb. 15 Argo Here 23 20 x Mar. 11 Morton ICicerOl WGUICGCJGU 40 26 Feb. 21 Bloom There 13 15 ' Regional meet. x Sectional meet. Fel-1 28 MOOS9hGCII'I Here 20 21 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL - 1940-41 Date Opponent Place We They Dee. 13 Clark Here 10 so Dec. 19 Whiting There 12 25 43.3 S lan. ll Roosevelt There 12 Z2 ' 15 it 1.5: ' ' Xl 'F lan. 21 Edison There 26 25 , f , , ' 1' I 115. 1 lan. 24 Hammond 5',.,,,.1 01' ,I Tech Here 24 22 e - 1 lan. 30 Hammond JI .dei - .. High Here 28 23 8.1321 , 5 ,ga 5 1 , Ian. 31 Whiting Here 24 27 ' 1' f t af, ' Feb. 5 Clark There 12 13 ,-L,-ff f . Feb. 8 Bloom Here 26 19 , "" . ' Feb. 13 Roosevelt Here 20 16 -5 ' N41 4 5: Feb. 15 Bloom There 16 14 ,X if X. f Feb. 18 Hammond 1 T 1, High There 16 14 I I ' Feb. 21 Hammond Tech Here 23 21 Won 8, Lost 5. Date T. F. Date Dec. 9 Dec. 16 Dec. 18 Ian. 10 Ian. 13 lan. 20 Ian. 22 Ian. 31 Feb. 3 Feb. 5 Feb. 7 Feb. 8 Feb 10 Feb. I3 Feb. 19 Feb. 26 Opponent University High Whiting Washington Bowen Horace Mann Hammond Whiting Kankakee Horace Mann Froebel Ioliet Lew Wallace University High Washington Froebel Ioliet Won 79 Lost 77 Tied 2. SWIMMING Total Points: T. F., 5431 Opponents, 504. ' Oct. 3 ' Oct. 4 ' Oct. 10 ' Oct. ll ' Oct. 17 May 6 May 8 May 9 May 13 May 20 May 29 May 31 TENNIS Opponent Whiting Blue Island Whiting Hammond Blue Island Lockport Blue Island Argo Whiting Whiting Argo Blue Island 3 l 2 0 3 0 0 4 6 6 5 2 Opp. 2 4 3 5 2 5 5 l 0 1 O 3 South Suburban League Meet: lst- --Blue Islandg 2nd -I-Iarveyg 3rd- -Lockportg 4th-Thornton Frac' tionalg 5th-Argo. ' Fall 1939. ATI-ILETIC STATISTICS Place Here There Here There Here Here Here There There There There Here Here There There Here There We They 37 29 39 27 34 32 24 42 29 37 30 36 33 33 49 8 27 39 36 30 36 30 I9 47 43 23 33 33 30 36 51 15 29 37 5 EL , Wit' ,I 49163 to I llapx WRESTLING Date Opponent Dec. 13 George Rogers Clark Dec. I7 Blue Island Ian. 14 Hammond High Ian. 16 George Rogers Clark Ian. 23 Hammond High Ian. 28 Proviso Feb. 4 Roosevelt Feb. 6 Blue Island Fc b. 18 Roosevelt Feb. 20 Morgan Park Season's Record: Won O, Lost 10. Total points: T. F. l29V2g Opponents 262 V2. GOLF e- Date Opponent Apr. 29 Dyer Apr. 30 Argo May 2 Hammond May 6 Dyer May 8 Lockport May 13 Thornton May 15 Bloom May 21 Blue Island May 23 Bloom May 24 Argo May 27 Lockport May 31 Blue Island Iune 3 Thornton Iune 6 Hammond Place There o Here Here Here There There He re There There Here 1940 We 20 9 ll l2V2 16 10 8 12 I3 18 We ll 10 BV2 8V2 14 4V2 IO 5 6V2 QV2 15V2 3V2 5 7 They 26 31 27 25 V2 22 32 26 26 25 22 They 7 8 QW 9Vz 4 l3V2 8 13 llV2 BV2 5V2 l4V2 13 ll .44 CJRLS ENJCDY GCOD YEAR Golly, another year gone. I can't understand where the time goes. Why it doesn't seem like more than a month ago when we were playing volleyball. There were ninety of us then. 1'11 never forget that tournament. The seniors had a tough time nosing out the juniors for the championship. The score was 35 to 30. With Berger and Heimbuch in there slugging away at the ball the seniors had a deuce of a time. Even the frosh had a good team. Lila Mae Winterhoff made so many practically impossible returns that she was placed on the volleyball varsity. And that's plenty good for a freshman. Then came captain basketball. leepers, that was fun. That tournament was the upset of the year. The juniors plowed right through the seniors to take the championship by a score of 35 to 23. There was 'a lot of spirit in that gameewhat with Dorothy Becker and Virginia Fedosky. GIRLS WITH MAJOR LETTERS Se ated: Anne Soczyk. Standing: Leona Kowalski, Helen Ernst, Dorothy Becker. ..: nwwwll y 2-- - - C. A. C. BGARD Going Up: Helen Ernst, Leona Kowalski, Dorothy Becker, Nora Heimbuch, Nellie Swieringa, Virginia Fedosky, Dorothy Carrubba, Lillian Hudzik, leanette Klein, Harriet Drabek, Miss laacks. Becker made a total of 20 points in the tournament and Fedosky made 13 points. They were the high scorers on their teams. Gee whiz, those tournament games were terrific! The sophomore team certainly was a surprise outfit. The first night they tied the seniors. After two overtimes the game was played over. Then in the juniors' first game, against the freshmen, Nelda Berger sprained her ankle. That put her out for the rest of the season. Then when the sophomores played the downcast juniors, the surprise soph team, with Abby Abblett and leanette Klein sinking baskets right and left, broke through to win by a score of 14 to 9. Well, that messed it all up for the juniors. Then the next night the sophomores and seniors tangled again. Something must have happened to the senior team because it played as it had never played before. Leona Kowalski made 11 of the 17 points scored against the sophomores. Then came the junior-senior game. The seniors knew they had to win this game if they wanted to have their names printed on the cup given at the end of the year. Well, Anne Soczyk with her 15 points made sure the seniors would win. And they did, 29 to 18. lt was a great day for the seniors. The high-point "men" of the tournament were Soczyk with 25 points, Kowalski, with 23 points and Becker with 20 points. On the soph team Abblett and Klein each made 19 points. Then there were those G.A.C. meetings. They were a lot of fun. We would come into Boom 121 and Dorothy Becker, recording secretary, would pass out tickets on which we wrote our names. Then the meeting would be called to order. ytll f VOLLEYBALL 6 CHAMPS ,485 X N1-ER RIGHT. 'It Was a great year for the Terra- ? d L B pm members. Yessireel For one thing ,,Jhf,,,, Q Z t ' : . r, - D Dfxnollgixyl BIGEZF- We topk Second' place In the tele' SEATED ALONG POOL: E. Murrin, A. Sausaman, -1 :wg f Em' NL Cheek, I. graphic meet. Elizabeth Stasiak and F. Suusumcm, V, Sulica, L. Horst, D. Barton, E. 'wx -1- 3'Connor, E. Ku- Eaye Sausaman were primarily re- Hesselbflfth- Q - 'Cki. E- Mueller sponsible for our good showing. Eliz- KNEEUNG. L Hill I Clark P WMS - L .. Soczyk. b h k f- 1 - ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' . a et too 1rst pace IH the twenty Seated: W. Dock- Weiler, H. Ernst, I ibley, D. Becker Kowalski. CAPTAINS AND MANAGERS . OTTOM-LEFT: Cneeling: I. Sibley, . Godlewski, A. bblett, B. McClos- ey, E. Hunter, W. yer, P. Lauerman I. Klein, L. Lorenz tanding: N. Cheek . Schutz, L. M interhoif, E. Muel ter, D. Okray, B Vorenz, B. Rentner, . Buhring, P. Nor- aker, N. Berger. ot in Picture: Krass, Leszczynski, CAPTAIN BASKET BALL CHAMPS OTTOMARIGI-IT: . Drabek, I. Os rowski, E. Hunter, . Godlewski, N eimbuch, N. Ber er, S. Sarros, V dosky, W. Stein raus, D, Schutz, A randt, S. Black- urn, N. Swieringa yard back stroke by trying the stand- ing record oi 12.5 seconds. Not bad, heh? Then We had a very successful Water carnival in May. The stands were packed. We gave them a show worth seeing! Elizabeth I-Iesselbarth, presi- dent ot Terrapin club, was Tarzan and Lillian Horst was Tarzette. They sure were cute. Kay Bertram and Virginia Fedosky were "octopusseses" with long ten- tacles reaching out, grasping every- thing Within reach. It sure was a swell show for only l5c. Our meetings were almost as short as the G.A.C. meetings. Peany would call the meeting to order and imme- diately call on Abby Abblett, the Secretary-Treasurer to call the roll, read the minutes and give the trea- surer's report. Then We would dis- cuss our splash party and banquet. Nothing else to talk about so we would adjourn and then jump into the pool. It only some scientist would de- vise some Way to go swimming with- out getting wetl-Oh Well, just Wish- ful thinking. SEATEDQ A. A. Abbien, M. Bess.-2, L. Knott, E. ' Thompson. . STANDING: I. Searles, E. Snyder, M. L. Fetton, M. Sabaclos, B, M. Murray, Miss M. Shemaitis, Coach, B. Iansen, B. Gerold, N. Berger. SEATED ON BOARD: B. Borowski, S. Orkis, I. Coles, M. Mayer, D. Fanta, P. Begnier. STANDING ON BOARD: K. Bertram, V, Fedosky, E: G. Iones, M. Gabrich, B. Rentner, M. Olzewski. Dabich, P. I-Iarle, P. Lauerman, K. Boglarsky Oct.3l "Prologue to Glory ".,..., .,,.,,,,A G loria Papperr Nov. 27 Athletic Awards ..,,,,,, ,,A,,A,A, M r, Lockhart Nov.28 Pep Assembly Dec.3 Pep Assembly Dec.6 Merhoff Quartette ,,,,,.,, .,,Mathilde Fried lan.7 lesse P. Robertson ,,,,,,. .s,,,,,.,,,,,, I oe Terre lar1.3O Robert Kazmayer ....,,,.,...... Florence Priduss Feb.5 Thorntonian Assembly .,.,.,,,, ...,....,. P at Leonard Mar. 5 Chronoscope Assembly ,.... ,.,. E sther Gaither Mar. 12 lunior Play ..,,..,v,...,............. .Wilfred Kraegel Mar. lil Capt, Theo. Stern v,,...,. ,,,,,.,,,,VV L ois Bauer Mar. 19 Bloom Concert ....,..,,,.. ,,...,,,....,.. ....,,, H o ward Barker Mar.2l Athletic Award Assembly ..,,,..... ....,,,,......., M r. Lockhart Mar. 28 Talent Show .,..,,.,,..,.,,,.,w,,..,.,, ,...... B etiy Anne Rappe Apr.8 Speech Program ....,,,, ...,,,,....,,,,.... l oe Terre Apr.28 lubilee Singers ....,.,,,. ,,,,,, E d Kuhlman Mlay 21 Debate Awards ,....... .....,,.. M r. Lockhart May 22 Music Awards VV,.,...,,.,,,,,..,,.l, ,,,,,.,,... M r. Christian lun. 6 Senior Class Day Exercises ,,,,,,. ,,,...,. l eanne O'Connor ILlI'1,6 Honor Society lnitiation .......... ...,,... M rs. Canaga WINNERS IN TALENT SHOW Seated at Piano: Leonard Pranske Ilst place Donald Koehn, Ernest Vierk, Eddie Litzan, Hank Bobak, Orval Meyer, Robert gsm Squsamqm, Standing: Barbara Wright t3rd place-S2l Not in Picture: limmie Anderson, Andrew Franczek. SCI-ICCL ASSEMBLIES Date Program Chairman Sep 12 Thorntonian Assembly ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,i,i l rma Winterhoff Sep.2O Pep Assembly ,,,,..,,,,.,,,,.,.,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, K ay Bertram Sep.23 Nilkanth Charre .,,,,-. i,,,,,, B etty Gerald Sep 25 W. P. A. Band ...,.., ,,,,,,,. M r. Lockhart Oct. 4 Pep Assembly Oct.8 Arlite Smith ..,.. ....,....,....,, I eanne O'Cor1nor Oct. 23 Negro W. P. A. Band .............., ............... M r. Lockhart Oct. Z9 Maxie, the Magazine Man ...,.,. ...,....Ernest Vierk Tommy Voss 12nd place-SSI. Helen Ernst would call on the secretary for the minutes and then on the treasurer tor her report. Next she would say, "Any old business?" 6 No answer. "Any new business?" -Q Still no answer. "The meeting is adjourned!" We all flocked out ot the rcom with our noses in our Thorn- tonians, ready to dress tor practice. There were tour outstanding seniors this year, too. They were the only ones to get major letters. The lucky "gals" were Helen Ernst, president, Dorothy Becker, recording secretary, Leona Ko- walski, secretary, and Anne Soczyk. Miss Iaacks pulled a fast one on us this year at the initia- tion party. She awarded minor letters to four juniors, Nelda Berger, Virginia Fedosky, Harriet Drabek, and Nora l-leimbuch. Then we had the G. A. C. banquet in the -latter part ot May. There were a lot ot alumnae present. That successful party wound up a perfect yeaij with G. A. C. GIRLS' ATHLETIC CLUB lst Bow: B. Lorenz, V. Fedosky, P, Nordaker, H. Ernst, N. Swieringa, I. Sibley, D. Pietrzak, A. Brandt, E, Kubicki, L. Bauer, A. Soczyk, D. Becker, E. Mueller, N. Cheek, L. Kowalski, A. Abblett. Znd Row: A. Bergman, N. Urbcmski, B. Gilbreath, B. Buhring, N. Snyder, N. Heimbuch, S, Sarros, E. Hunter, H. Drabek, F. Godlewski, D. Lucito, L. Korn- orowski, M, Cole, D. Carrubba, L. Hudzik. 3rd Row: A. Workman, L. Giovinga, D, Okray, W. Steinkraus, A. Garland, H. Snyder, I. O'Connor, N. Berger, L, Lorenz, L. Zaworski, S, Blackburn, D. Schutz, l. Klein, B. Lesmeister, R. Preiduss, S. Orkis. 4th Row: D. Wojick, D. Yarck, W. Bennett, T. Hoggatt, B. Ianich, I. Hanrahan, M. Gloger, B. Lorenz, B. Schultz, L. M. Winterhott, P. Lauerrnan, K. Boglarsky, F. Lorenz, W. Dyer, B. Rentner, B. McClosky. Not in Picture: D. Krass, I. Reich, D. Leczsynski, I. Wilkie. CAPTAIN BASKET BALL VARSITY LEFT TCP: Row I: D. Becker A. Brandt, L. Ko- Walski. Raw 2: I. O'Connor, N. Heimlouch, D Scnutz, I, Klein, H Ernst. Raw 3: P. Norclalcer, N. Swierinaa, A. Soczylc. VOLLEYBALL VARSITY M DDLE TOP: Seated: V. Fedosky, H. Ernst, L. M. Win- ternotf, N. Heim- buch. Standing: A. Soc- zyk, D, Becker, E. Kulaicki, N. Berger, I. Klein. G. A. C. BASKET- BALL VARSITY RIGHT TOP: Seated: V. Fedosky, L. Kowalski. Standing: N. Swier- inqa, P. Nordaker, H. Drabek, I. Klein. BASKETBALL CHAMPS CENTER LEFT: Standing: H. Ernst, E. Kubiclci, N. Swi- erinqa, E. Mueller, I. O'Connor, L. Ko- Walski. Seated: N. Cheek, A. Soczylc, I. Sib- ley, D. Becker. CIRLS' CLUB ASSEMBLIES SCI-IOOL DANCES Date Program Chairman October 5 .........V......................... ..-....V.... N iQII'1I SOCKII October 4 Talk by Miss McDougall on her . , travels abroad .,,LL,.,,,,........,..,.,L Betty Woodburn October I8 """A """" G HIS Chlb Dance October 31 "Take It or Leave lt' ,..r.,.,,.,,LV.,,... Betty Ann Bappe November 29 ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,A,,,,v,,,,,,,,,,,,, C arnival Dance ' 1 ' . I ' ' nn-Hn-H S ' November 19 Gir s C ub Concession Skit I anne Sibley January 25.7.-W Dance after the Harvey game December 19 Musical Program ...,,,.c,................ ,..1rma Winterhoff Ianuary 30 Freshman "Take It or Leave 1t"..Anqe1ine Vitale February 1 -"--'-' A''"t""""'o"""""" G ' A' C' SOCMI February 18 Posture Contest ...,.,.,.,..,,.,.Y,,.............. Arline Weidiq February 22 ,,,.,,,,, ,,,,t,V, M onoqram Social April 18 ,,,V,,,,, ..c..... B oys' Club Dance - Apr'1 25 ,tV,tV,, .,,v,,,, N ews Hawks Hop VEAS, PARTIES, BANQLIETS I May 29 ,,,,v,,,,, r....,..,.,. I unior Prom September 12 .....c..,......,.,.,..,.1,.,....,,r Girls' Freshman Party October 31 ........, .Y,.....V.c...... G irls' I-la11owe'en Party December 15 ......... ....V.... G irls' Tea for Faculty Women I lanuary 14 ,c...... ,,,....c....... 1 unior Girls' Tea Ianuary 30 ...1,,..1 .,..cV..Y. E' reshrnan Gir1's Party November 22 .,,,,,,,,,,..,.,....,.......................,,........,...... Carnival EV A February 10 .........., ........... B and Skating Party I December 18 ,,,.,,Y ,,.v,,.., C hristmas Music Contest February 11 .,..... .,..1............. G irls' Alumnae Party March 14 .,,,,,,,.,rr,,.,,,,,, ..,.rc......1,.. I unior Class Play March 17 ....,,... .c.,Y... G irls' and Boys' Skatinq Party March 28 ,,,,,,, ..,...,........ T alent Show March 28 ....c.,. ......... B oys' Father and Son Party April 8 ,,,,,,4, ,,,,,,,,,,,......,,., A thletic Carnival April 2 ........., .,.,c......c, S enior Girls' Breakfast April 30 ,,,,,.,V,, ,r,,,,V, , Terrapin Club Water Show April 23 ....... ..........., A thletic Banquet May 9 ,,,,,,,., ,,.,,,, S enior Class Play May 2 .v...,.... ,V....,.. M others' Party May 16 4,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,.,,,,,-w,,,,,,..,,i,,,.... S prinq Concert May 27 .c....,. ......., G . A. C. Banquet May 21 ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,w H ome Economics Style Show Page Ninety-one RADIO BROADCAST KGirls' Club Slcitl Irma Winterhoff, Adelaide Miller, Ieanne O'Connor, Gloria Pop' pen, Kay Bertram THORNTON FRACTIONAL HOUR WIOB TUESDAYS 5: l5-5:30 Date Program Announcer Feb. ll Double Sextet, directed by Mr. McPhail..lrrna Winterhoit Feb. l8 Girls' Club ....,..,...............7,,.,......,..,....,..,,...,. lrrna Winterhotf Feb. 2 Thorntonian .....,,.,..,...........,.vY....,..,,,,.....,,,,,........ Alice Deakun Mar. 4 "The Imaginary Invalid" skit from Iunior Play ,,....,..............,.,,.,.,....... Elizabeth Hesselbarth M-ar. ll Choice of College. Seniors interviewed by Don Kbehn. Talk by Mr. A. V. Lockhart..En'rrna Peters Mar. 18 Music soloists, directed by Mr. Christiannlrma Winterhott Mar 25 Apr. l Apr. 8 Apr. 15 Apr. 22 Apr. 29 May 6 May 13 May 20 May 27 Iune 3 Iune l0 TRIPS Date Sept. 30 Oct. 26 Oct. 30 Nov. 6 Dec. 4 Mar. 28 Mar. 29 May 3 May 3 y May 29 Music-AMeistersingers, directed by Mr. Christian ........................................ Wayne McMullrn Commercial Club ..............,...,,.............. Anne Sestaukakus Double Sextet, directed by Mr. McPhail..lrrna Winterhoif Round Table Discussion on Price Fixing by Varsity Debaters ............................. ...Irma Winterhotf Radio Play, directed by Miss lhrig ............ Gloria Fearing Radio Play, directed by Miss Moe ............ Corrine Tarras Senior Class Play, skit for publicity .i.,. .Betty Anne Rappe Talent Show Winners ..............l.......,..... Betty Anne Rappe Mr. Davis's Speech Events .......,,....l........ Albert Wahlgren G. A. C. Skit. Talk by Miss Iaacks ........ Betty Anne Rappe Radio Play, directed by Mr. Davis.. .............. lack Riota Senior Personalities ................................ Betty Anne Rappe Where Who Tribune Tower .............................. ......... N ews Hawks Station WMAQ Cappearancel .................. Girls' Glee Club Auto Show ............ Mr. Luce and Auto-mechanics Classes WGN Broadcasts .............................................. News Hawks Chicago ........................ Mr. Leonard and Economics Class NBC Studios ...................................................... News Hawks Trip to WBBM ................................ 6 Seniors and Mr. Allen tQuiz Program Appearancel Play, "My Sister Eileen "............. .......... N ews Hawks Conference at Evanston .................................... Girls' Club "Twelfth Night" with Helen Hays ............................ .. Davis and Senior English Class THE TROUBLE SHOOTERS Charley Christiansen and Barney M Fall, Engineers. ' IT 'I" 'I I 'XR "Q II " H Cr QQFCLI- I out Cr. Phone 9817 PICCIRILLI BROS. ORLEEN '31 QUENTIN '35 Corner I53rd and State Line Street CALUMEIT CITY, ILLINOIS SINCLAIR PRODUCTS EXCLUSIVELY Greasinq - Crankcase Service - Tires -- Batteries "You Will Like the Way We Treat You" Page Ninet 1 1 ' . . , 4 , . Q . 'M " .. ,S 4 A 1 IT'S NOT FOR SISSIES by Gladys Leedy Resolved: That debating is a perilous activity. First, there are two terms that merit defin- ition. By debating we refer to the high school activity coached by Mr. Allen, which teaches the art of systematized argu- ment. By perilous we mean both dangerous and unsafe. At this time we will present the two points on which we base our case: "Every plat- form appearance is a trial," and the dangers of traveling are tremendous. Now let us look more closely at our first point. Every plat- form appearance is a trial. I could cite many authorities on this subject but I choose to quote only two. Wilfred Krae- gel, well known varsity debat- er, tells of the humiliation of losing his voice on the plat- form and the scolding he re- ceived from his colleague for being so careless. I also quote Elossie Lynn, who is still nursing the wounds received from the burning glances of the Hammond I-Iigh male debat- ers, when she said, "It ain't safe, that's all." I am sure that I have proved my point, that a debate platform is not a healthy place to be. Secondly, the journeys made by the debaters are no less hazardous. I need only bring to your attention the trip to Augustana College in Rock Is- land, Illinois. After surviving Compliments of Edward Schultz Post: No., 697 or AMERICAN u3eioN Lansing, Illinois .von-:IN .u. Rust-IM sr sons V ..'. ...... -5-W ,,": ' .no A ' ' CUM c re s ts NES 125 INDUSTEQQZQQ :.1.1 """' ' E22532222552:22225222521212s2s2s32sSs5sSzSs22sfssfsfsfsfzsffsfsfsfziazfsfzfsassessS52Efiliiiiifiliiigigigigiiisas:ss:z12151315:ze:aazzzfiiiliiifiiiilfliil zr: ::::r:1 -1t1- 555555555535555555i55555:l' UNITED CIGAR STORE AND K' NEWS AGENCY Compliments of GEORGE DOCKW'EILER Lansing, Illinois lm My Page Ninety-five Phone 233 FISCHER CLEANERS CALUMET MUTURS . ' HIIDSUN 5 U Phone Hammond 303 Hudson Sales 3 and Service O 230 Pulaski Rd. lu Calumet City, Ill. 122-I24 State Street Hammond, Indiana Good Luck to All Outgoing As Well As Incoming of T.l:'.T.H.S. LVl'lll'5 UEPT. STORE 5609 Calumet Ave. Hammond, Indiana Compliments of JULIUS MAYER BIEKER CUMPANY. INC. Ready-Mixed Concrete BUILDING MATERIAL COAL ee COKE 624 Highland Street Phone 37-3 or 58 Compliments of THE MERCANTILE BANK 5243 Hohrnan Avenue Hammond, Indiana Page Ninety-six all difficulties in getting on their way, Mr. Allen, accom- panied by the affirmative spent many anxious minutes in a stalled car Waiting for Mr. Da- vis and the negative to catch up. Then followed the none- too-pleasant tow to the next gasoline station, where Mr. Allen, sprang from his car and tore the leg half out of his trousers on a piece of wire. Precious time was wasted but not peacefully because little Mr. Davis succeeded in floor- ing such big boys as Albert Wahlgren and Edgar Thedens in a iiu-jitsu contest. On their Way again, fate was with them. They arrived at Rock Island a little after mid- night. On second thought, fate Wasn't With them: they had to stay at the hotelwith elevators, slippery tile floors and every- thing. Why it Wasn't even safe in bed. lust ask Bob Bied- erman, for Billy Gibbons kicked him out onto that cold, slippery floor! This trip was indeed danger- ous but it was child's play compared to the ride down to La Porte, Indiana. That was on the day after a terrific snow storm and it was all one could do to keep the car on the road. I could go on and on pre- senting such information but you undoubtedly agree with me by this time that debating is a perilous activity. 'I GO ON THE AIR by Iecmne O'Connor "Gee whiz, why did Miss Moe have to ask me to be on this radio program? l don't know anything about the Com- mercial Club: lim a G. A. C. member. "Oh, I'm scared. Gosh, look at that clock, only l4 minutes and 33 seconds to go and we'll be on the air. My voice would be hoarse today. That game was so exciting last night I thought I'd yell my lungs out. "Oh, oh here comes that good looking announcer. I'd better listen to what he has to sayiGee, we can use only one microphone. How will we ever be able to get close enough? There are about sev- en of us. Oh well, I don't have much to do anyway. "Five minutes and three sec- onds now. Vllhy doesn't that clock hurry up so we can get this thing over with? I wonder if Bob is going to listening in. I hope so. "I'd better get my script ready. It won't be long now. Gee, why is my face getting so hot? I hope I don't faint. Gulp-wouldn't that be awful! Who would take my part? My throat is getting so funny. lt's all tight. Golly, I wonder if l'll be able toeeslam the door -you see, I'm sound effects man." We Deliver IAMES HELMS Grocery and Market l-8100 Torrence Avenue Phone Lansing l7 Phone lUU88 Free Call and Delivery Service NEW WAY SHOE REPAIR E. A. CROWE, Prop. Opposite Paramount Theatre 5406 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana Phone 2991 DAISY'S ROYAL BLUE STORE Groceries, Meats, Fruits, Vegetables ll2 152nd Street Calumet City, Illinois Phone 2929 W. H. HISHON'S Calumet City Hardware 248 155th Street tAt Lincoln! Calumet City, Illinois SCHULTZ HOME APPLIANCE TAPE-AN RANGES PHLGAS 6. RADIO SERVICE Telephone l8ll9 Torrence Avenue Lansing 244 OAK GLEN, ILLINOIS Phone Hammond Ill NORTHERN INDIANA STATIONERY COMPANY, Inc. 5307 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana Phone Hammond 372 IOSEPH S. CZECHAN SKI Undertaker and Embalmer 248 l55th Place Corner of Lincoln Avenue Op. St. Andrew's Church Calumet City, Illinois Telephone I77 RIDGEWAY MOTOR SALES 18048 Torrence Avenue Lansing. Hlif1OiS Service OK USED CARS Page Ninety-sever Congrafufafiona fo fAe Cfadd of 7947 hom fhe af? .xdcfminiafrafion of Cjagunef Gfy, .gfgnob IOHN W. IARANOWSKI ....,,,,. ..,,..,,,, M ayor STEVE I. MACIEIEWSKI .......,., .,.,,,,, ,.,, , . ,City Clerk FRANK L. KAMINSKI .,.,.., ........, P olice Magistrate ANTON SKWIERTZ ..,..,.. ,,,,,,,,, T reqsure-r .xdfvlermen WILLIAM H. THRAILKILL, FRED LAUERMAN. IOSEPH BRECLAW, FRANK MAGDZIASZ ,.,..,.,.. .......... PETER SOCZYK, STANLEY IAGODZINSKI ....... 7,.,.,..First Ward Second Ward . .,,,,,,,.. Third Ward EMIL W. SEEHAUSEN, FRANK I. MILLER ....,..... ,,..,... F ourth Ward RUSSELL I. CADMAN, PAUL PROBST ..,..,... ...Fifth Ward Page Ninety-eight A WART ON HIS NOSE by Kay Bertram This is Cicero, your favorite Latin writer, talking to you from the grave, through the courtesy of the CI-IRONOSCOPE. lupi- ter! What a name I have! In the first place it means wart and because one of my ances- tors had a wart on his nose they had to stick the name on the whole family. And now I hear that fancy Latin teachers, lupiter forgive them, have de- cided it should be pronounced Kickerol I'm not complaining, but the way some modern Latin stu-V dents translate my oration a- gainst Cataline is a crime. I pass over this thing as unim- portant. But-students misin- terpret half of what I Wrote. By their transactions I often Wonder Whether it was Cata- line or I who was on trial. They go too far, though, when they begin to compare that ly- ing fellow with their modern criminals. By Mars, he had a slicker idea than any of them, and it took me to trap him. Oh Well! I should worry, they really have to slave to get that much sense out of any of my orations. Guess I'll sign off now. This is Marcus Tullius Cicero turning over in his grave. CHICAGO CULLEGE 0F CDMMERCE W D SO-IIAIPIPII BUS ILIHXHE BUSES FOR ALL OCCASIONS I 5 ff I Call Hammond 2403 ALL BUSES FULLY INSURED ENTER ANY MONDAY! 5 Offering courses in Shorthand, Typewriting, Comptometry, ay or Night School E 235 Secretarial Work, Accountancy from Simple Bookkeeping to 4 C.P.A. Review. POSITIONS FOR GRADUATES , I Write, Phone for Free Catalog, or Visit the School 6309 Yale Ave, Tel. Wentworth 0994 gl' One Block West of Wentworth Ave. Page Ninety-nine Clcrss of 1941 SPIE5 BROTHERS Custom Built Iewelry CLASS RINGS AND PINS CLUB IEWELRY ANNOUNCEMENTS DANCE PROGRAMS-BIDS AND FAVORS GRADUATION GIFTS OF DISTINCTION Loop Office and Show Room Fctctory Office 27 E. MONROE ST. II4O CORNELIA C H I C A G O Page One Hundred THE OLD SHAVING MUG tA Sonnetl by Helen Vcm Osten There on the shelf I lie, low and supine, Head bent in shame and Woe, glory bedimmed, Once so magnificent, by artist limned, Now lost in memory of former time. Wltat now means precedence or prior right, To me the first in line, ever the best? l sit in dim seclusion with the rest And memory alone keeps my face bright. A sudden noise stirs up the si- lent dust l Welcome the arrival of 'a friend. "Maybe," thinks I, "We'll have a grand old bust, W' ith whitish foam"---l try hard to pretend, But Woe is me, they tell me I am just An old, old shaving mug, at iourney's end. Compliments of NlEDOW FUNERAL HOME Incorporated ll7 RIMBACH Phone 398 HAMMOND, INDIANA GET A SQUARE DEAL Phone 78 HAMMOND WATCH SHOP Quality Diamonds--Watches and lewelry Qptomemst l47 State Street 2 Doors West of Hohman Ave. DR. IAMES MOLENAAR 3546 Ridge Road Lansing, Illinois Phone 223 b Q HARRY R. SHERROW Compliments Of Real Estate and Insurance 3103 Ridge Road Lt-msanq 111111015 0 HENRY BUENDER HCL' CEB SERVICE HAMMOND 85 Compliments of Thornton Township Supervisor WM. H. WIN T ERII 0FF Page One Hundred One l O Compliments of NEUMUDE IIDSIERY SIIUP C E N T R A L PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY Corner l54th Place ci Wentworth Phone Hammond 3037 Calumet City, Ill. 14 K D D CONGRATULATIONS To the Graduating Class of '41 The Hammond Times The Calumet Regions Home Newspaper Chas. H. Mayer 81 Company Manufacturers of HIGH GRADE CARBONATED BEVERAGES Phone 553 566 State Line Avenue Calumet City, Ill. Phone Hammond 442 DeLUXE CLEANERS and DYERS Pressing While You Wait Rugs and Drapes-We Store Fur Coats and Winter Clothes 531 Wentworth Avenue Calumet City, Illinois Compliments of A I' R I E III D Page One Hundred Two TICS fa habitual spasmodic motion of certain musclesl Peany Hesselbarth twisting her curls. Nelda Berger shoving in her shirt. Wilfred Kraegel licking his lips. Wayne Mclvlullin loosening his tie. Vera Reynolds raising her right eyebrow. Doris Siegrist opening her eyes wider. E i l e e n McLaughlin playing with her buttons. Eddie Litzan cracking his knuc- kles. Roderick Wartman wrinkling his forehead. Kay Bertram chewing pencils. Catherine Scriver pushing up her sleeves. Frank Hill pulling out his eye- brows. Mary Sabados twirling her foot- ball chain. Albert 'Wahlgren pinching his chin. Lillian Horst scraping her fin- ger nails. lune Doe pushing in her page- boy. Gordon Buffington staring into space. Madeline Gumbel blinking. Thelma Hoggatt twisting her ring. TICS CConcludedI Elossie Lynn rubbing her fin- gers. Rella Rae Rex pulling down her sweater. Edgar Thedens waving his glasses. Lois Bauer twisting her neck- lace. Billy Gibbons doodling. Gloria Poppen Wrinkling up her nose. Don Koehn shaking hands. Miss Iaaks Washing her hands with air. Irma Winterhoif biting her lip. Ernest Vierk Wiggling his ears. Miss Moe patting her hair in the back. Mr. Allen rubbing his chin. Mr. Elvin playing with his keys. Olga Pintar admiring herseli in the mirror. Richard Benson rolling his eyes. Mary Carroll Winking. Eleanor Morris humming. Grant M a t t h e W s biting his nails. ' Lucille Papa playing with her handkerchief. Telephone Hammond 4826 Phone 467 THE ELM BEAUTY STUDIQ Eastman-Agfae-Bell Howell Cameras and Accessories Gertrud Ahlborn, Owner INDIVIDUAL ATTENTIONS ' Established l928 5246 Hohman Ave., Room 303 Hammond, Ind. 5420 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LUAN ASSUCIATIDN OF LANSING Savings Insured By' FEDERAL SAVINGS G LOAN INSURANCE CORPORATION Member FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK SYSTEM l8G53 Torrence Avenue Lansing, Illinois HCT CEB SERVICE HHMMDND 85 THE NEW PEHHI 'S HEIIHE TIIJ BOWLING AND BILLIARDS AIR CONDITIONED AND RECONDITIONED W. A. MENSIOR Phone lO23l State and Hohman Hammond, Indiana LOUETTA'S CORSET STUDIO MARSHALL FIELD ,ANNEX Suite 936 25 East Washington St. 0 Compliments of DRS. KUHN, SMITH and KUHN Chicago, Illinois Page One Hundred Three i Phone Lansing 20 HENRY BOCK'S HARDWARE FARM IMPLEMENTS PAINTS -- GLASS mr WALL PAPER l8059 Torrence Avenue Oak Glen, Illinois I STOP AT CLARK BROTHERS and ask about our Index System All Cars Serviced by Highly Trained Attendants "SONNY" SCHULTZ, T.F.T.H.S. '40 GERALD FREVERT, T.F.T.H.S. '41 Q Lansing, Ill. Phone Hammond l68l ALPERT'S STORE Peters Shoes and Dry' Goods For the Family 108-IO 154th Place Calumet City, Illinois Compliments of HANSEN BROS. FLORISTS Shop and Conservatory 5320 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana Phone Lansing 292 Dr. P. A. BOELENS DENTIST 3554 Ridge Road Lansing, Illinois Compliments of The Aldermen of the First Ward FRED LAUERMAN WILLIAM THRAILKILL Good Food is Good Health BRAHOS COFFEE SHOP AIR coNDIrroNED FoR YoUR coMPoRr 5239 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana PUSTLEWAITE - THOMPSON CU. - PRINTERS - 3 Russell Street Phone Hammond 777 Page One Hundred Four ODE TO A FORSAKEN CANINE by Hill Oh, thou, who art best friend of man, Who roamest through the halls Where e'er you can, Whose sad and lonely eyes look up in mute appeal At some kind-hearted student Who, perhaps, wilt give to thee a meal. But oh-the tragedy of it all If whilst roaming through these silent halls CA teacher should espy and quickly seize, I "G-et out, you doggone dog- You're tull oi ileaslnl ODE TO FRIDAY'S FISH by Hill Oh, thou tinny denizens of the boundless deep, W'hom we did Waken from a peaceful sleep, To nestle tor our gourmet's taste all crisp and brown With salad and French tries spread all around, Blessings upon thy firm and snow-white ilesh, CPheW! how you smell I bet you're not treshlb , -- IF--IA Sonnetl by Tom Shaffer It I could change the elements on earth, These wintry blasts would come to blow no more, To treeze our trees and shut us in our door, And keep us hovering around the hearth, From early tall till spring has found rebirth, I'd rule ole Sol's warm beams because each day, I know There'd be no rain, no wind, no storms, or snow, To make this all too short a life on earth, Two seasons of each year, a glorious field of green, Or trees full leated, and lilting songs of birds , I'd stop all time, there'd be no nightijust days To spend in 'pleasant hours of thought and dream, Of every living moment all too grand for words. Gus Bock, Inc. Hardware and Paints We Rent Floor Sander Heating and Plumbing Supplies and Edger Keys Duplicated and by Code Vlfallpaper Remover Si? Fertilizeriand Seed Distributors 51' Lansing, Illinois Huekslra Cleaning Company Phone 750 ... Q 1 Guaranteed Moth Proofing Without Extra Charge ..-. ' T Fur Cleaning M Repairing - Storage HCI? CEB SEB VICE HHMMDND 85 Telephone Hammond 584 w. F. HERRING Motorcycles -Bicycles Sales and Service Retinished and Rebuilt 60 Clinton Street Hammond, Indiana I. I 529 State Street Hammond, Indiana Let Life Be Lovely For the Sweet Girl Graduate Corsages, Roses, and Boxes of KING KOLD ICE CREAM Cut Flowers A U W " cc ' C ' T DOUGLAS FLORAL SHCP Best and Biggest one in own 48 Douglas St., Across from St. Marqaret's Hospital lm Im Phone Hammond 2563 Hammond Indiana Page One Hundred Fw taller-Miss Moe put your Tl-lllE CALUMET NATIUNAL BANK of Hammond WANT A JUB? SEE Iohn Murray, Director ot Studies Hammond Business College 5141 Hohman Ave. Ciizen's Bank Bldg. Phone 3960 LIESENFELT SERVICE STATION Art and Herb Liesenfelt Member of Federal Reserve System Texaco Products-Tires and Batteries State Line and l52nd St. Calumet City, lllinois C COMPLIMENTS Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Of N A T A I. I E S H O P O HohmanAver1ue Hammond, Indiana LOOK AT THE BODIE by Rose Dunlop and Ieanne O'Connor "Hold it -- Oh, put more oomph into it--think ot your boy friends, girls - Come - vat's your name? Virginia Fe- dosky come up here next to me -isn't she cute, boys? Now let me see-the short ones in tront-here you hold this-- Don't let it tall-Yea, you over there pull down the shade-- Wup, Wait till I comb my hair -OK all set-don't move-- there, got it-thats going to be pretty good-lighting was just right. Come on let's make dis one ditterent-you sit like that -no turn sideways a little more--you look that way- hmmm, your protile's not bad --Why sure, you boys can stand in the back-here you go back there too-stand still or those chairs will told up and We don't Want any broken legs -Why sure-that light's just right-Let's see, l'll move you over here-nope, guess you're llO Page Ono Hundred Six pounds on the end ot that desk and move it that Way a little bit-Whoa that's enough-vat you say there's no flash light bulb in it-now it you had been looking the Way l told you, you Wouldn't notice things like that-there, that's it-now everybody sit still-you over there look at the girl along side LOOK AT THE BODIE of you-Where did you say I should go next? Down to the swimming pool to take a pic- ture ot the Terrapin Club-isn't that those girl swimmers-well, what are We waiting for? Lead the way-the boy with the green sweater carry that suit- case-Ioe, bring the lights." And so Mr. Bodie takes the pictures for this year's Chron- oscope. X A17 B. 0 -. o 6 v I I Q. 3 , O ' 1 ' -QXW flex.: . ff All T '19 ' 'ifra- aw 'I I . V f , I X . Q, Gas, Oils Radiator Tires, Accessories Repairing KRAAY BROS. GARAGE General Repairing A. W. Kraay - R. E. Kraay Phone Lansing ll Lansing, Illinois HARTMAN TRUNKS -- DIAMOND BROKERS CHARLES I. LESSER 453 State Street Hammond, Indiana SMART CLOTHES for SMART YOUNG FELLOVVS I A C K F O X 6: S O N Hammond, Indiana We Deliver Telephone Lansing 6667 LANSING SUPREME FOOD MART GROCERY AND MEAT MARKET 334l Ridge Road Lansing, Iliinois Compliments of LYNN BROS. SHOE STORE X-RAY FITTED 5309 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana Telephone Lansing 570 WILMA'S BEAUTY SHOP MACHINELESS PERMANENT WAVE 3329 Ridge Road Lansing, Illinois Protane Bottled Gas Norge Home Electric Appliances LANSING KING KOLD I. W. MILLIKAN ' SPORTING GOODSH- APPLIANCES "LARGEST CONE IN TOWN" Zenith .e Philco e R.c.A. Victor .IA Emerson Radios 0 449 State Street Hammond, Indiana 3306 Ridge Road Lansing, Illinois Page One Hundred Seven 'T I .l Y' I ODE TO A RELUCTANT FOUNTAIN Compliments oi E E D by Hill 0 - As thou standest in the Wall O Receiving encouragement from iNot Incorporatedl US all WHOLESALP Thy liquid stream of lite is ' flowing Confectionary and Fountain Supplies To keep our Students, on W-CU-H-1 ' Syrups, Maltecl Milk, Coca Cola, Cigars, Cigarettes, days' qolnq 1 Tobaccos, Paper Napkins, Ice Cream Cones, But U5 lh9Y bend- cmd Strive lo Safety Matches get Ridge Road Lansing, Iliinois Phone 2434 245 Dyer Boulevard Rigishmem from thy aqua Thou dost renig and they are, 4 met. PETER HOEKSEMA phone 10334 With spacious quantities oi airl it sPRAG1A's SWEET sHoP F URNITURE Home Made Ice Cream 9, Q ik Z ,il S X Tobaccos - Fountain-service -- Magazines ii Lansing, Illinois , Z 2 E 55l2V2 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana ri.: E Z 5 3 S Z 2 E Q Z 2 S S . . Q 2 E S Barrelh Appliance Company Cgmphmems of Zggg 9 Authorized Dealers in X BURNS FUNERAL HOME Frigidaire by General Motors and Maytag 0 Tl'101' Washers Gnd Ironers 5840 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana Page One Hundred Eight HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF by O'Connor Reign of Terror-- Elayne Bussema vamps the men off the T. F. girls. Diet of Worms- Seratini's Spaghetti. Social War of 88 B. C-- War between lunior class and the administration over the Prom. Remember the Alamo!- Bart, Mayme and now lo- sephine. Custer's Last Stand- Bobloy March's for Abby Abblett's attention by taking her to the Boys' Club Dance. Fall of the Bastille fprisonl- l9'33 fire. Slaughter of the Innocents. Detention. Armistice Day- Dcminick Vitale lays down arms in favor of lune Doe and Bud Cusick. Dark Ages- Report card days. Renaissance-- Ruth Ianiclc turns over a new leaf and makes the honor roll. Era of Good Feeling- Easter vacation. Civil War- War between Miss Moe and the Thorntonian staff. Waterloo- When Richard Nordalcer let himself forget that Gloria Poppen goes steady. - -----.F Compliments of O. l. LEWIS O. E. BOiLL'S 6 COMPANY Compliments Of WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Good ,Luck Margarine-Good Luck Salad Dressing Your School Phvslciom Phone 624 481-488 Fayette Street Hammond, Indiana Dr' M' R' HCL' CEB SERVICE HHMMDND 85 Compliments of GREEN MEADOW DP IRY Cf . 544 lngraham Avenue Phone 1906 Calumet City, lllinois Filling Prescriptions is all we do Compliments of but we do that well FIRST TRUST DRUG STORE IOSEPH MILLER loseph E' Haney Peabody Seating Company, Distributor Sixth Floor First Trust Bldg. l Office and School Furniture Page One Hundred Nine Compliments of 0 I I ' O N Mlllett s ER W Colonial, Inc. Telephone 466 Hammond's Leading Sporting Goods and Radio Store Compliments of ooRDoN MILLETT '28 D1'. H. P. AUSTGEN 437 State Street Hammond, Indiana ng! Qljufflger CALL oUR NUMBER Telephone Lansing 49 Lansing Lumber Lansing, 111114015 5319 Hohman Ave. Page One Hundred Ten HISTORY REPEATS ITSEIQF tConcludedl Fall of the Bornan Empire- "State Street-ites" tell tor Gil- breath-Gilloreath tell for Cll- rich. lndustrial Revolution-- loe Lietzan made a resolu- tion ot an industrial revolu- tion three days before ex- ams. Cuneiforrn Writing---- Albert Wahlgren's scrawl- ing. Colonial Expansion- Students galore pick up their belongings and move to Lan- sing. The Barbarian Invasion- Lansing and Burnham kids rushing for the bus. The Reformation- Z The Week after every report card period. Isolation- Separate lunch periods tor boys, and girls. The Children's Crusade -l937-Strike over Christmas vacations. The Rise ot Chivalry- Cfiving a girl a seat on the bus. The Brilliant Age- The Kraegel Era. Blitzkrieg- lambka's surprise attack of 7U's. ' PA'S FORD CA Sonnet! by Peany Hesselbcxrth Remember when We always used to see The Ford with roof so high and tire so small And Pa would use the crank in case we stalled? Ah, yesl Those mem'ries are so dear to me! And all those times Pa would misplace the key, And in the search We all Would shout and call, And Ma would find it in Pa's overall? And then We'd all pile in and laugh and be Glad that We all were now upon our Way To see the wonders of the County Fair Where we would eat -and laugh and play all day, And all the boys would try to sneak otf Where The side shows showed the girls in "thin" array And then We'd all go home glad to be there? Compliments ot - 5 Wflffnfvff me snenn comvnnv 600 3Ol-321 East ll7th Street Chicago, lll. Publishers ot up-to-date High School Texts Rgseland Station CHICAGO PHILADELPHIA NEW YORK C4 44 kb D Br l. IIQESIL CCMPANY Manufacturers of Class-Rings, Pins, Fraternity and Club Pins, Trophies, Medals and Prize Cups Sth Floor Silversmith Bldg., lO S. Wabash Ave. Phones: Central 46524Dearborn 9054 Chicago, Illinois Page One Hundred Eleven i-ini Phone Hammond 4840-4667 M I S C H B R O S . Groceries and Meats Telephone Hammond lO l 25 D I E T R I C H ' S the home of the better ice cream 745 Burnham Ave. 102 155th Pl., Calumet City B257 Hohmcm Avenue Hammond. Indiana HAMMUND AUTUMUBILE DEALERS ABRLAHAMSON MOTOR SALES, Chrysler-Plymouth BOHLING MOTOR SALES, Dodge-Plymouth H-ERSCHBACH MOTOR CORPORA- TION, Ford Leo P. KNoERzER, rue., Cadillac-Oldsmobile L. ci M. MOTORS, Inc., Lincoln-Mercury FRED W. LUTE, Studebaker-Hupmobile IOHN SCHMUESER Sr SONS, Buick SMITH MOTOR SALES, Chevrolet SHAVER MOTOR SALES, Pontiac CALUMET AUTOMOBILE DEALERS' ASSOCIATION, Inc. Telephone Hammond lO292 VAN SENUS BROS. FREELAND FOOD SHOP THEODORE DUTCZAK, Prop. Super Service STCITZIOII' A F ull Line oi Choice Meats and Groceries Gas, Oil, Greasing, Washing, Tires, Accessories Calumet City, Illinois S E Cor., Standard 51 Hohman Hammond, Indiana Phone Hammond 3465 636 Freeland Avenue Page One Hundred Twelve POOL BLUES by Hill 'Brrrll It's cold. Gee, I wish I didn't have to go in today. That water sure looks cold. Think I'lI see coach, maybe he'll let me stay out it I pull the old sob act. Hy, Coach. Huh? Why ain't I going in? Why, ah-er-ah, you see coach, I-. Huh? Huh? But listen, coach, I got a pain in my stom- ach. Yeh, that's it. I've got a stomach ache. CGulpl what's that? Go see Doc Bascomb and get an excuse? Maybe he ain't here yet. I should wait? Oh, all right-gimme the old pass. Hy, Doc, I Want an excuse from swimming. I got a stom- ach ache. Yeh, Doc, it hurts somethin' awful. lt I went in swimmin' I'd drown sure. Hey, whatcha' doing Doc? You mixin' that up for me? No, Doc, you don't have to go to all that trouble. No, Doc, never -never mind --I guess I'll be gettin' back to swimming,e- no, Doc-I feel fine-goodbye, Doc. "Hy, Coach. Yeh, I'm going in. You know, the minute I stepped in Doc's otiice the pain in my stomach went away. Can you beat it??? C"Brrr!l It still looks cold!"J If ANCIENT PROVERBS MODERN INSTANCES "Never put oft till tomorrow what you can do today." Homework on the day due. "All is not gold that glitters." T. F. Glamour Girls. "The early bird catches the Worm." Race for the seats on the buses. "Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis tolly to be wise." ln detention. "All the world loves a lover." Tommy Shatter. "You can lead a horse to wat- er but you can't make him drink." Rosalie Gerken and algebra. "A house divided against it- self cannot stand." Basketball team. "Early to bed and early to rise make a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." The Lansing intelligentsia. "To err is human, to forgive divine." Latin translations and Mr. Lambka. "You never miss the water till the well runs dry." Our privileges till they're ta- ken away. "Fools rush in where 'angels tear to tread." Swimming pool. "A stitch in time saves nine." Make up work soon piles up. "Too many cooks spoil the broth." Gladys Leedy's hair. Success to the Class ot "4l" Compliments of ln Their lourney Through Lite HYBIAK 8: BDLDA CONOCO SUPER SERVICE STATION Factory Distributors of Batteries and Automotive Products COIIUIHGT CNY BCI1'1k Buildiliq Fisk Tires Corner of State Line and Pulaski Road Calumet City, Illinois Calumet CNY, H1- IDEAL SERVICE STATIUN l52nd and State Line Streets Gasoline, Motor Oils, Greases, Accessories and Tire Repairing FRANK E. IONAS Calumet City, lllinois Compliments of Compliments of DOCTOR NADY MR.6MRS.I.MUCKIAN Page One Hundred Thirteen THE LANSING PRINTING IIUNIP!-I Y PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS I .Programs Enclosures Envelopes Folders Broadsides Statements Pamphlets Letterheads Bill Heads Publishers ot the lansing lournal and Calumet City Chronicle Phone l52 - Hammond 3150 3323 l82nd Street Lansing, Illinois A L . K V E D E R A S STATE LINE SERVICE STATION Grocery and Meat Market Schultz Gnd DeVrieS Phone Burnham 9870 State Line and Ridge Road 13958 Greenbay Avenue Burnham, Illinois Phone 164 Lansing, Illinois Phone Lan sing 55 FRED LORENZ C O A L Building Material and Stokers l8307 Torrence Avenuc Oak Glen, Illinois Page One l-iundied Fourteen Y ANCIENT PROVERBS MODERN INSTANCES "Beggars can't be cl'1oosers." T hat's Why I use stub pencils. "The pot shouldn't call the ket- tle black." lune Doe. "Don't count your chickens bee tore they're hatched." Dorothy Howard "A penny saved is a penny earned." Girls' Club Treasury. "lt is hard tor an empty sack to stand upright." Billy Gibbons. "Birds of a feather tlock to- getherf' Eby, Hackenburg, and Slinkard. "ReVenge is sWeet." Bloom defeat. "It the shoe tits, wear it." Any person referred to in this article. As thou dost, nestle 'neath the ODE TO A BROILED CANINE by Hill COVGI' Ot a bun-hot as can he With gooey mustard all around To make thy skin so slippery Beware! lt thou art gripped too tight Thy bun is empty in a jitty! HERE ARE YOUR TOWNS, KIDS Dolores W'artman- Dolores, Colorado Eleanor Morris- Morris, Connecticut Bill Archer'- Archer, Florida Lucy Malone- Malone, Florida Alma Garland- Alrna, Georgia Carl Lindner- ' Carl Georgia Clyde Lehmker- . Clyde, Georgia Elizabeth Hesselbarth- Elizabeth Georgia Lucille Papa- Lucille, Georgia Doris Carey- Carey, ldaho Ioseph Ierzyk- loseph, Idaho Alice Hansen- '-1 Hansen, ldaho Paul Lindner-- Paul, Idaho Anna Eismin- Anna, Illinois Bonnie Lorenz- lt will pay you to see us tor your new turniture -you will save money DeYoung 81 Son Furniture Lansing, lllinois Telephone Lansing 350 Visit OTTO F. SCHULTZ BEUr'1'ER's DAIRY sromz Phone Lansing 8 Fresh Fruit FlT19Sl SCTUSCIQGS 790 Wentworth Avenue and Good Groceries Dairy produds Ice Cream Meats GBOCEBIES AND MARKET Compliments ot Lansing, Illinois I O H N P A T T O N Watch our sales each Friday and Saturday MUYOT Of Bufmhum "ALL OUT" for the IX "Mixineq Bow1" Game . . . 'I 9 af. is You'll easily learn the fine art ot mixing colors and matching V 6 Jx W garments in "Our Great Mixing Bowl" the Sportswear Shop- ' 'S' 95-,X the spot with the young ideas for spring and summer wearables 'f:9'N U 5 9, I' EDWARD C. MINAS CUMPANY 4 'il' More Than A Half Century of Progress Page One Hundred Fifteen ,L ,,, 4 Phone 5511 Hammond Clean Towel Service 43 Ogden Street I-Iamrnond, Indiana Get it at Jlcuulds, ,Selz.u1.cQ, State Line and Sibley Street Calumet City, Illinois OPEN ALL NIGHT Phone Hammond 10181 Iohn R, Hawk M U N D O ' S May fortune ever smile on you SUPER SERVICE STATION The Men and Women of tomorrow' SINCLAIR PRODUCTS Tire Repairing-Greasing-Washing-Simonizing Phone Hammond 9839 Sam Mundo, Prop. Tom Theisen, Manager S.E. Cor. State and Wentworth Calumet City, Ill. Clerk of Burnham jf Ghlaz Been cz ggfaaauza . . . To publish as fine a ' book as the Chronoscope f . age R07 5 PRINTING COMPANY HAMMOND, INDIANA Page One Hundred Sixteen TERRAPINS by Bertram tAny of Various edible North American turtles-family Testu- clinidae-living in fresh or brackish water.l "Shades above, it's 3:45. I was supposed to be swimming ten minutes ago. From now on I'll talk to I-IIM for only five minutes. This water ballet is getting me down. I'Ve swal- lowed more water practising for it for one week than goes over Boulder Dam in a month. "Where is that towel girl? Mary-Mareeeeeee! Oh, 1 can get it later. Shut up kids, I can't hear myself think. Who's got a cap I can borrow? Aw come on, you'Ve got two caps. Your hair will be wet anyway. I'l1 write your make-up paper for you, kid. Gee thanks! You're so generous. Don't think 1 will take a shower today: it's too cold when you get out. Oh! help, oh-I No silly. I'm not dying. This suit is just Wet and colder than- Was that the whistle? See, I am late now. "Water is actually warm to- day. Stop splashing, Peany! It's not that warm. TERRAPIN S "Glug, glug, blubl Lookout, you're drowning mel Besides I'm not supposed to be holding you up. 'I'hat's all right now. Ot course I can scull! Only you're choking me to death with your feet around my neck that tight. Puff, splutter. Not much more to do. Let me see, waltz, one-two-three, one-two oh! are We supposed to change to backstroke? O. K. take it easy I'm coming. "Whee, was that a Workout! Is my hair Wet, Betty? Good I Won't dive anymore, then it will look gocd tonight, I've got a heavy date W- Go through it again! Have a heart I'm dead now, ohhhhhhl You're not? Well, I Was only kidding, Fm not really tired. "Say, We really have fun down here getting ready for the Water show. I'm glad I Went out for Terrapin Club. Where are my shoes! Oan't a guy have any privacy around here?" 'U ' lelad HESS ILLE FURNITURE STUIIE COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS Leading Brands Living Room, Dining Room, Bed Room and Kitchen Furniture Hot Point-Philco and Electrolux Refrigerators-Maytag Washers Chamberselflorence- Detroit Iewel Ranges PhilcoeZenith-General Electric Radios Armstror1g's and Gold-Seal Linoleum-Mohawk and Alexander Smith Carpeting-Venetian Blinds Get Our Free Estimates 673i Kennedy Avenue Phone Hammond 320 You are invited to inspect our Model Homes 295 New Brick Homes being built in VAN NORMAN'S LANSING MEADOWS in the heart of LANSING, ILLINOIS F. H. A. approved Office 2924 Ridge Road Lansing All Phones --Lansing 500 Illinois Page One Hundred Seventeen ,. V .,.,,Hw:L ,.. ,..4. waunsuami-...ig DCDNCRS Anne Griffith, I Principal of Wentworth lr. H. Harnisch Hildebrand Shade Vlforks Carrie Long New Ridge Shoe Repair Oliver I. Chambers Sherer's Bakery Ideal Food Shop Paramount Iewelers Wiers CS: Krooswyk Sidney Fried Cam Lan Schneider La Salle Restaurant Monarch Laundry High lim Brown Shade ci Awning Harry Zaleta Sinclair Gas Station Walter Dahlkamp, Cities Service Station Victory Cleaners Arcadia Laundry Pat Sullivan Ioe Reed's Brick Store Ridge Road Cleaners- E. C. Berwanger, Prop. Terrapin Club G. A. C. Girls Club Boys' Club News Hawks Page One Hundred Eighteen . ...e ,..a-.LAM . -A ,L - . , HERE ARE YOUR TOWNS. KIDS Io Ann Clark- Clark, Indiana Genevieve Brown- Brown, Indiana Fred Green- Green, Indiana Paul Buchanan-- Buchanan, Iowa Lorraine Clayton--- Clayton, Iowa Betty Barber- Barber, Kansas Alice Hickman- Hickman, Kentucky Lois Knott- Knott, Kentucky Rose Marie Murray Murray, Minnesota Ieanne Sibley-- Sibley, Minnesota Iacqueline lones- lones, Mississippi Charleen Pike- Pike, Mississippi Marie Cole- Cole, Missouri Vera Reynolds- Reynolds, Missouri Frank Hill- Hill, Montana Roosevelt Sidote- Roosevelt, Montana Martha Hayes- Hayes, Nebraska Harold Perkins-- Perkins, Nebraska Wayne McMullin- v Wayne, New York HERE ARE YOUR KIDS Herman Moore- TOWNS. - Moore, North Carolina Archie Ross- Ross, Ohio lames Morgan-- Morgan, Ohio Laura Marshall-- Marshall, Oklahoma Wilbur Blair- Blair, Nora Snyder-- Nebraska Snyder, Pennsylvania Dorothy Howard-- Howard, Texas Clara Larnb--- Lamb, Texas Florence Lynn- Lynn, Texas Phyllis Anderson- Anderson Leonard Lockhart- Lockhart, lanet Searles- Searles, losephine Alamo- Alamo, Kathleen Callahan- Callahan, Rose Dunlap-- Dunlap, Alabama Alabama Alabama Arkansas California California lrma and Evelyn Ault- Ault, Colorado Austin Arens- Austin, Colorado Tony Bailey- Bailey, Colorado Chester Mazur- Chester, Connecticut Norman Schultz Ada Reich Muriel Anderson Elvira Frank lean Olsen Mary Boring Dora Harthun Elizabeth Okray Audrey Smith Robert E. Lange Roy Blank Melvin Beckman Elinor Vierk Virgene Anderson Iohn Ellens Margaret Klucker Ruth E. Cronkright Elvin Kooy Erwin Vierk AlLLlMllXlll CLASS OF 1940 Eugene Schultz Mildred H. Hecht Emilie Dutozak Edwin L. March Betty Kuhlman CLASS OF lames Nichter CLASS OF 1939 1938 Richard Lauerman CLASS OF CLASS OF 1937 1936 Clara Schomaker CLASS OF l935 Edwin Schuldt Archie Blackburn CLASS OF CLASS OF CLASS OF CLASS OF 1934 1933 1932 1926 Elizabeth Stoll Lillian lrene Kmatz Anita Bohling Marjorie Schutz leanne Lauerman Frank P. Seratini Ray Melcher Lloyd C. Schultz Harry Blackburn May Kooy lames Rider Chuck Stewart Eugene Yonke lohn Petriska Maurice Nichter Myrtle Steinback Vierk Page One Hundred N net en The Staff of the 1941 Chronoscope :gratefully acknowledges the assistance oi- Mr. Bodie Mr. Lounsbury ' Mr. Myron LeRoy Mr. Harry LeRoy

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