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Thornapple Kellogg High School - Trojan Yearbook (Middleville, MI) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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TROJAN 1945 Q THE TROJAN STAFF Thornapple W K Kellogg Hlgh School Mlddlevllle M1ch1gan Volume 3 0 - 0 0 o s o o 9 FOREWORD We the Trojan staff take thls space to thank all those who helped to make thxs Trojan a success We especlally want to thank Mrs Gall Russell and Mrs Harold DeGrow our sponsors who contributed so much of thexr trme to help make th1s Trojan a success We would also like to thank Monte Myers and Mrs Elmer Bender for the art work We hope you wxll enjoy thxs Trojan as much rn years to come as you do today . . Y 9 x ' 2 a ' Y v We the Trojan staff rake pleasure m dedncaung thxs volume of the Kellogg Hxgh School He has been a member of the faculty of our school for eleven years We appreciate hrs wrllmgness to help ln every way that he can Hrs splendrd personalxry will always be remembered m the years to come 3 Trojan to Mr. Earl VanSickle, the principal of Thornapple-W. K. 4 Y.-M Left to ngbt Superintendent Schipper Treas rer Lund President Longstreet Secretary Hooper Trustee Aubll Trustee McKevitt Board of Educatlon The Thornapple W. K Kellogg Board of Education now includes Clarence Longstreet president, Vern J. Hooper secretary, Dr. C. A. E. Lund treasurer, Wm. McKevitt and Ray Aubil trustees. Mr. Longstreet is serving his eighth year as a board member of this district. Mr. Lund is serving his seventh year Mr McKevitr and Mr. Aubil are each serving his sixth year. Mr. Hooper has just begun his first year on the Board. 6 Developmental Hlstory of Thornapple W K Kellogg School D1Stf1Ct A httle more than fourteen years have now gone by slnce our school dxstrlct was first organlzed From 1ts beglnnmg as a townshlp un1t thls d1str1ct has gradually grown untll rt now covers an area of 85 square mrles or1g1nally dnvxded xnto nnneteen school dnstrxcts You wnll be mterested rn the follownng record of progress as taken from the records kept by the Secretary of the Board of Educatxon Jan 12 1931 Organxzatlon meetmg of Thornapple Townshnp School Board Thornapple Drstrzcts Nos 1 7 mcluded rn orrglnal townshlp unnt CMoe School Vnllage School Prame School Duncan Lake School Murphy School Parmalee School Hooper Schoolb Feb 17 Mar 3 May 4 July 13 Mar 23 une 15 July 31 Oct 15 Jan 18 e Mar Aug 15 une U Y May Aug July 27 Oct 28 Facts students 1931 1931 1931 1931 1931 1934 1934 1934 1934 1935 1936 1937 1939 1940 1940 1941 1941 1942 1943 of more of T K Present school snte purchased Corner stone of new bulldmg lard Annexatlon of Yankee Sprrngs No 9 Cjackson School! D1str1ct voted to establish a Rural Agrncultural School Annexatlon of Irvmg No 1 C Powers Schoolj Annexauon of Yankee Sprmgs No 6 CBowens Malls Schoolb Annexat1on of Yankee Sprzngs No 5 CComan Schoolj Annexatnon of Orangevxlle No 1 C Carter Schoolb Annexatlon of Irvmg No 11 Annexatlon of Rutland No 2 CW1lcox Schoolb Schoolj Construcnon of 8 room addmon to the south Constructron of Shop and Garage Annexatlon of Irvmg No 10 C Pleasant H111 School! Construct on of west wing addmon 40 acre school forest acqulred COHSIIHCIIOU of 2 tenms courts Annexatlon of two thrrds of Irvmg No 10 CBrew Schoolj Annexatlon of Irvmg No 2 C Cobb Schoolj Annexatlon of Yankee Sprmgs No 1 C Gates School3 xmmedrate mterest to the resrdents of the commumty and are these concern1ng the present The school census taken May 31 1944 shows a total of 654 school age chnldren 1n thrs drstrnct The average enrollment for the year 1943 44 was 547 Of these 547 students an average of 425 are transported daxly to and from school by bus There are 11 school buses covering about 180 mlles danly The school IS staffed w1th a faculty of 22 wxth 5 full tlme employees other than teachers and wxth 10 part t1me employees The 1944 assessed valuauon for the school bunldxngs and supplies IS S2 003 220 00 The capxtal cost of the bunldlng was S251 790 41 Of this amount S144 654 51 was pand by the W K Kellogg Foundation S31 653 75 by the P W A and S75 482 17 by the School Drstrnct There are S32 500 00 worth of bonds now outstandmg agamst the school dnstrrct 7 I , : ' ' . . May 3, 1935: Annexation of Yankee Springs No. 10 CKlingensmith F b. : ' ' ' . J : 1 . . . g J l : ' . JULIUS F SCHIPPER Supermlendent Government Basketball A B Hope A M U of M Northwestern Seventh grade advxsor EARL VAN SICKLE Prmczpal Mathematxcs Baseball B S W M C E A M U of M E1 ghth grade advlsor A grzcultufe B S M C. Twelfth grade advtsor ELLEN SWEEZY H omemakzn g B S M S C Twelfth grade advxsor MILLIE WHALEN Engluh Ph B U of Chxcago Eleventh grade advtsor FRANCIS FOLKERT Soczal Sczence AB Hope WMCE. ELTON LAWRENCE . .- . S. Eleventh .grade advisor If Y JLUU- fi. Q?-'If RA Q.. ARTHUR SMALLEY lndurmal Art: Football BS WMCE UofM MSC. Tenth grade advnsor EDNA BENDER Art A B W M C E Tenth grade advxsor BESSIE DE GROW Commercuzl S M C U of M Hamxlton Busmess College Nmth grade advlsor WM R FERGUSON Iumor Hzgb BS WMCE UofM N mth grade advnsor GAII. RUSSELL Muna BS WMCE MMus MSC. Exghth grade advxsor JULIA RUSSELL Soczal Sczence A B-C M C. E. Seventh grade advxsor l rl. l Fmt row left to ngbt Mrs Skmner Mrs Rugg Mrs Schondelmayer Lewrs Vrsbeck Fred Wrerrnga Elmer Bender Elton Lawrence Second row Ted Wrerrnga Carl Schleh Bob Otto Ward Bender Harold Cutler Carl Galsrer Floyd Holes Not .rbown Mrs Cross Francxs Folkert Mrs Whrte Mrs Jeanette Rugg began her dutres as ofhce clerk rn January of thrs year Mrs Dora Whrte, our lxbrarran, rs completrng her erghth year at T K Among our school employees Lewrs Vrsbeck rs the oldest rn the order of servrce He has been here twenty-one years He rs the chxef custodran Mr Holes, the asslstant custodxan, rs begmnlng hrs lirst year here, he also drrves a bus Mrs Ida Skmner rs completmg her fifth year rn charge of the school cafe terra Mrs Clare Schondelmayer had assrsted for two years and Mrs Howard Cross for one Elmer Bender, known to all as Mrke has been wrth T K for twelve years Mrke ns rn charge of transportation The bus drivers number ten thrs year In addmon to Mrke and Mr Holes they are Fred Wxerrnga Ted Wrerrnga Carl Schleh, Bob Otto, Ward Bender, Harold Cutler, Carl Galster, Elton Lawrence, and Francrs Folkert 10 . , I . , - Q - s a y n - .' 1 1 n 1 1 1 .' . , , . . . . . . . . . . - . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ' 9 i . OFFICERS ROBERTA SLAGEL Preudent Orchestra 1 4 H 1 2 Home Ec 3 4 Trojan 4 jr Play 3 Sr Play 4 Latm Club 3 4 Student Coun cxl 4 Pres 4 Treas 1 3 Vrce Pres 2 You were wrong to deem my day: have been 4 dream ALICE WILLIAMS Treaxurer Home Ec 3 4 Student Counc1l 3 Trojan 2 4 Cheer Leader 2 Glee Club3 PepClub2 4H1234 Pres 3 Treas 4 Band 1 2 Trumpet 2 Latm Club 3 4 Or chestra 1 Jr Play 3 Every morning noon and night Freddze Gnfelh 1: my dehgbt BEVERLEY SWEET Vzce Prerzdent Home Ec 3 4 4 I-I 1 2 Trumpet 1 2 3 Trojan 2 4 Student Coun c114 Jr Play 3 Treas 2 Vrce Pres 3 4 Looking at her picture they exclalm 'Tu 4 genuu wuh 4 name GERTRUDE MYERS S ecfetary Home EC 34 Trojan 4 41-I 1234 Secy124G1eeClub1 Not 4 word doe: the duclore not a word of all .she know: ADVISORS Mrss Sweezy Mr Lawrence CLASS MOTTO Today decides tomorrow CLASS FLOWER Gladrola CLASS COLORS Red and whrte ann., 'U- if 170 ff! CHARLOTTE BEREN DS Glee Club 123 Trumpet 54 Trojan 4 Home Ec 3 4 I mll .ree .fomelhzng to be done and uhat I do fall: short of uhat I have done MAX BEDFORD 4 H Basketball 1 2 3 4 To my books I am devoted quue but only when Ieachef'.r sn .fzght FRED GRIFFETH Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 Track 2 3 4 Orchestra 1 4 H 1 2 3 4 r Play 3 Student Councll 1 4 Pres 1 Student Councxl Pres 4. Every morning noon and night Alzce Wzllmmr 1: my delight ETHEL BRODOCK Home Ec 3 4 Su ee! and :hy as a flower 1: .the LOIS CHURCHILL Jr Play 3 Sr Play 4 Try ax I like to ind the way I never can get back by day FRAN DUNGAN When breeze: are :oft and .thier are faxr I :teal a day from .rtudy and care X If PEARL CLARK '011 15 Home EC 3 4 And an derparr :he bowed her head 'There sr no place on earth :he :and JACK GILLETTE Basketball 1 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 Trumpet 2 Oh my voice sr geltmg weak I should not .nng at all ' ' 1 ' 2 1 4. 1, JZ? ij' ' ' f 1 V f lf ' I .t V Q . - - - 7 - - - 3 , - ! ' ' 1 x ' ' ' ' s J: 1 ,A ' , . , Q K' . . . ' . ' . W. , 1 l - :,a,fQ',i-i . , . . . . .I 'r hifi ,, , Q 7, y V V, , I X 3 , . ,. 1 ' ' 'lg . F --I l E ' ff, ' e i 'Q .L ' ' ' 1 ' D ' I . . . , . , - A MBV DELBERT LUSSENDEN 4H 4 FFA 311' P1ay3 Sr Play4 Here :J a fellow that wxll always' be looked up to BEVERLEY FILLINGHAM Glee Club 12 4H 123 Home Ec 34 Trumpet 34 Trackl Pzle my book: egafnrt the wall one by one I rn through wxth them all HELEN JENKINS Home Ec 5 4 Glee Club 2 4 H 1 jr Play 3 Sr. Play 4. My memory of .fchool 1: .tpent I only know st came and went VIRGINIA HUSS Trumpet 4 Trojan 4 Pep Club 4 Round and round :he goet and where .rhe': at nobody know: VERLA JANOSE 4 H 1 2 Trojan 4 Glee Club 1 For men may come and men may go but I go on forever DAVID OTTO FFA 234 4H 12 Band 1 Baseball2 34 Student Councll 4 Varsnty 4 Jr Play 3 Sr Play 4 Oh schoolhouxe where the miter: rmg goodbye goodbye to everything WAYNE ROBINSON Baseball 1 2 3 4 F FA 2 3 4 Varsxty 4 Student Council 2 Sr Play 4 When by their law: thesr actnon: und thear :peach he contradsct: the thing: they teach MARVETA JENKINS Home Ec 3 4 Glee Club 2 3 Sextetre 2 3 4H 1 jr Play 3 Sr Play 4 She well not answer .the well not look nor yet be lured from her book: ,QQ S 'ik .ye CPU if 'r 'ef' aug- ' W,-31,,1a?c" ,ff ROSE MARIE PEDERSON Sr. Play 4. Gentle, merry and beloved, making no .rtir or noixe. LEONARD SMITH Baseball 3-4, Basketball 4, Track 4. Cheery if thi: little man, Live: and laugh! ay hoyhood can. REX WILLSON Football 1-2-5-4, F.F.A. 1-2-3. Like: a range ol liheral education, tongue!-not bookr. SYBIL KNOX She may .reem :hy to eiferyone'.r eye, but Jhe': alwar a lot of fun. BESSIE SINES Sr. Play 4. Happy day: are here again. LEAH POWERS Trumpet 3, Home Ec. 3-4. My life ir like a summer rose, .rcattered on the ground- to die. BERNADINE WIERINGA 4-H 1-2-5-4, Trumpet 1-2, Home Ec. 3-4. I'll think no more of my .fchool years. when june come: I'll he all Jmiler, not tearr. BERNARD WIERINGA F.F.A. 2-3-4, Basketball 2-3-4, Varsity 4. I'm plain in .rpeech and direct in purpore. JOAN WILSON Secy. 3, Jr. Play 5, Sr. Play 4. Thank heavenr, the crisir-the danger ir part, and the lingering :rhool year: are over at lan. 15 CLASS HISTORY We the senror class of 1945 wrsh to tell you about some of the xnterestnng events of our hrgh school days When we were freshmen we were mtroduced to the mysterres of hugh school days by the sophomores at an 1n1t1at1on party grven rn our honor As Sophomores vue 1n turn 1n1t1ared the new Freshmen Also durmg our sophomore year vue honored the senrors at the annual Sophomore Senxor Breakfast One of the hrgh hghrs of our junror year was a dance The After thought Most of us remember thxs socral event very well because rt occurred just after a football game wrth Wayland Our rmgs ordered durmg our sophomore year came early 1n the jLlf1lOI' year When sprmg came vnth lf came our class play Pxgtalls The dates were March 1617 1944 On May 5 1944 we gave the one rmportant socral event of our Junror year the Junlor Senror Banquet The theme was The South Sea In our Senxor year many thrngs happened that vue shall never forget Our Senror prctures were taken on October 6 At Chrrstmas trme we had our second dance The Senlor Snowball On February 1 and 2 1945 we gave our senror play Mrllron Dollar Cook On May 4 1945 the unlors gave us our unxor Senror Dlnner Dance In May we skrpped school lavs fully We surely were never happxer unless xt was on graduatlon day May 31 1945 CO VALEDICTORIANS Marvetta jenkms Sybrl Knox SALUTATORIAN Alrce Wrlhams 16 1 7 4 Y . Y . .. . . 1 . Y . . .. ' Y . . , . V - - r x Q 124 . v L , r ff - - n . ' , ' . 1 9 T - r 4. c V K u ' 1 9 ' 9 1 V . . Y . 7 7 ' Last Wlll and Testament of the Semor Class 1945 Max Bedford do hereby bequeath my ab1l1ty to play basketball to Paul Blrss Charlotte Berends just leave Ethel Brodock wrll my quretness to Phyllls Dulfey Lols Churchrll do hereby bequeath my cheery sm1le to Donna Carey Pearl Clark leave my typmg abxllty to anyone who can master the art Fran Dungan w1ll my tomboyrshness to Myrtle Davrs Beverley F1ll1ngham grve my good lool-.s to everyone who needs some jack Grllette wrll my abxlrty to get krcked out of class to Duane Moore Fred Grdfeth do hereby bequeath my abrlrty to go steady to Paul Smrth Verla janose leave my sllght burld to Charlotte Kenyon Helen Jenkrns leave to be wlth Wxllle Marveta Jenkrns do hereby bequeath my good marks to Dale Adams Sybrl Knox wxll my sweet drsposntron to Shrrley Schlpper who really doesn t need If Delbert Lussenden leave my helght to Elmer Arentz Gertrude Myers bequeath my abrlrty to wrlte a leglble hand to the stu dents of T K Rosle Pederson w1ll my southern accent to Rachel the only one who comes rrghtly by If Leah Powers do hereby bequeath my perfect posture to Jan Gardner Wayne Robrnson w1ll my abrlrty to stay m Englxsh class to all those who will need lf next year Bessre Srnes leave my front seat rn Government class to any junxor who really wants lt Roberta Slagel do hereby bequeath my angel reputatlon to Donna Polhemus Leonard Smrth do hereby bequeath my school years to Carl Carter Peg Sweet replace jean Grrlleth s grggle wxth my laugh Bernadrne Wrerrnga leave my boy frrends to any one who can handle that many Bernard Wrerrnga wrll my car to anyone wth gas and tnres Allce Wrllrams leave my neatness to all who need xt joan Wtlson do hereby bequeath my studrousness to Arden Thede Please make use of rt Rex Wrllson w1ll my standmg as the unseen and unheard member of the Senror Class to Dxck Corngan who rf not seen IS heard Last but not least we wrsh to leave a final farewell to the entrre school Srgned The Semor Class or 1945 17 I I , . , . , . , . , . , . , r u , . , . , . , . , . I , . , - David Otto, leave my girl in school another year. . , . , , . 7 7 D , . , . 3 , . , . 7 , . ! Ns 'xx 'is 117726 11 HICS flaf CO P k 21S gou I e E harl C ends Cf B har otte C SCCICIZII' mal HO 1 DCSS L1 v-1 1OLlSC.W fC CICCS NA-4 U8 88 8 11 -4 Y f f LISCW YHCI' 1 'II' f 21 Llilffl 211' 'Cf 1'1'18.I'f C Cjfjv-4 ey 11 VO leg R C-O 5x 1 1 fl fa I-U 00 C -4 F11 CVCI' C OI' S21 yn rd SI nrothcrs 8 IC Cf secretary C D U8 888 C CIT OSC 2.I'1 wfc 2 'll' VS 3 Y ZIFVCI M CII He lx TTYIYI' 'I IC'1C I' 'IITUCI' ffll Cfflil CH Ol' rug IC cg.-CI C UH 1 ra USSCH l eta J IW '1 cn 18 secrcmry nge ICC I1 Cl IS u ye Il' 'IITHCL' Lorra ne S88 U8 '-A-1 c d OI'I'l Cl'SO1'l 'OFICI' YC COSITICI CS OWCI'S CI' 1!'f1'1 OUC L TSC, f n n ufit n tmnsfer CD 05 1 1'11'1 fl ISIS I'L1 2lI'OL1f1 ll ,.4 I'lSOf1 -4 ne berm CI'CI'1CC COIIHI' COIIZII' CVS CI' SOITIC rug P h ID IC 1 ce nces A ra 81 S Lo WCC! CY CI' 'I I' CY Cffl CI' TD fr VIS Y 5 d fI'lCSS LH 'U on d OSC ...4"U Cfflilf .4 .-4 v-4 ,-4 K L-I H2 6-I ou -U F5 E 2 -- FQ C1 .Reno ..,.,, CJ M .'iC:"" 1-4 I-M L-4 f- N.-.. ,- U ,,,,i1J ' HKU ..... 3,4 -QLLGJ L: H ..:: A ,M ... E AQ, Eiga., -J-. 1-. 'U 03: ,NU -..,.. L-' '+- -.O C 'A . 0:-H H- Jf,..'r't-' Yiwu: .....'JJ01 C.: Q3 f' 9, ,N55 .U cu PN cz E -E we i2 EN CQ ww Q ...Q-.S"L5Q0" -Um '-' coo N . ew E'-Ubxrhw' N E'Q, DEW 223 QU, 24:-owegwvg ---S uC"UC1 1:-SE H059 Q00 ."U 3 cs, . ,,,u...o:,,qn-:Q Q,,,, c-:EFQ ,-1. Us-4X9 XO .-.K-5x..Ul-4 -' .,....J,,L.4 U k.Jua5 Xl- v: Z Z"'UCG Civ: N 'Q N 'O cd 3-91 'Q Q CQH . .Qt CI -'UC -4" cu 'WSU cu eu"':..-O U vi -5. -Q w..A--O :X-4.5 .UG:..C0Q.-13 ',,, E, '-QPU T513 'U :v"1-1 -28' U .z Ono ,ff-..:,11gQJo QL ua -mmf: B':,w,.u mfcv.Qo2fcw2mQO 'U V1 S. V1 C0 E N 58 'U cn 'S .G D avg cv Q I3 cn QC-OC! V' B g0Rfc5"" -53. CD .... cg qs..--1 va GA-C -...,.U, H: --' El2,.gH-12 C "F CO: J-5'x5,1-'TI WSL E" tt: q""",.:: .,..'S', QS-gi '53Q.:Tc'.E ""C',.Ggr0g -Q E -SLE ECOcL....."g c:s-.- O.-"0-...ocu --J.-... 5 ".'2 5.' .....ocoS3cn ,swam-:J Z 8 o.E 'SLR 22 'U 'U es .,. cu - I-1-4 2 E.. fm: E 5 '35,Eu479'g00 H2 5 Q Lgcggudiaq -1 ''-'c71x,-4E?QO 'U 'Q QJQJHQJQJ 0 Q-:U OUNNON 759 t-4 A aa,-1 ma. PC1220 mu. P?p:mQ2m2 zap. fc Q5 E ... g'2"' 'S 'Q Q2 -2 E+-J bw FU 'Saw we '5 C-12232 if -Q-2-2.2 J an H-sec .gm H --. wuwi-4'-fm,-QT,:SNva 'GQ'-. 5130.-.-cab! 2 4.-Go QJ4-5g.,C-9 9, WO ED.: UO? OQJ Z r.:.1Ur:.r.:..mP,u..P 2mDmCladr:.wcon:,-:mi-4 31-und vi cn 5 G ,Gd -50 rn -C6 Eco PM Q w.E mpg '-.Em -U Ur: G'-H .cz cz:-4 ... CQ.: 3'-E -.. QL N +-' 'r'G 2,Qt,,,. -9-mf: O ,UU:4cn-- 'U cu:-e 210 QOQAE Q, --o Q OES? MFE 5 2e1U5f'eQw:wwmf:?-H.':- ru " "' PHZH '1 ...-5 UO EE 'U " Z ilu .-5 M on . -U-U an-MU-2-LDLDQQSK SQTQUQSKFE -V U? pq :U x-4 - -- .... ,,., K C w-cfffv: T5'53'-Q.-QT,z:Z"1sfSW .A-Bm 4-'OOM quo 5. Ou UO '-'O Z2 Lu,-1z:.u..cQHu-.PIE QQDQcr...:?cQrr...1c2cQmfCv-and rtng n W Helen 1 DOHC f SOII W CX GIFTATORY We the senror class fmd rt 1nadv1sable for our members to leave w1thout a remembrance of some sort therefore we gnve to Max a httle car so he won t forget h1s work 1n hrs uncle s garage Charlotte a ball of crochct cotton to contlnuc hcr crochetmg Ethel stamps for correspondence to some one ID Italy Loxs a paper doll so she won t have to make up her mlnd Pearl a typew r1ter so she can type announcements at home Fran we grve a farm wrthout any fences because she doesn fenced 1n Beverley F a one way t1cket to Nashv1lle ack a car so he won t have to walk to school any more Fred the story book Alzce zn Wonderland t want to be Verla stanonety so she can keep up her correspondence wlth the Navy Helen a httle house Deep 1n The Heart of Texas Marveta a comb so she ll never have a ha1r out of place Sybll a St Bernard dog Gertrude a squrrt gun Davrd a wheel barrow so he can Wheeler Rose a pr1or1ty on any seat IH the school bus Leah a plcture of Dewey so she won t forget the 44 electron Wayne a m1crophone so hell always be able to talk back Bessre mascara rn case her supply runs low Roberta a plcturc of Gale because she doesn t have enough Leonard a government book so hell never lose hrs knowledge Peg stanonery so she wlll always be well supphed Bernardme a package of gum any flavor Bernard shrxnkmg powder so he can get down to her s1ze Alrce the Semor class gtves a rrng to save Fred the trouble oan another horse to add to her collect1on Rex dxploma rn case they run out as he IS the last one on the hst 19 , : 1 c . Q 1 ' ' ' ' 1 ' . 1. l 7 D 1 4 . . : ' , ' ' . ' KY ' YI Delbert: a play book so he'll remember the Junior play. l ' r r ' . c , : ' ' . . '. ' : , ' . A 4 I c I A c A 4 y c , : ' ' ' f ' Z c D l 7 7 ' , : ' , , V: - -. , . . - Actor or Actresr Robert Walk Choco ate ca janose 2. el' V 1 Far Away nd fffll O P-S 1 Lon Wh s My Bu Wh Weef d Y s-1 Sweet Potatoes 'U Lo s Church 11 Bogart Y 'U CU 'Dug 'Eel ite Chr stmas arveta J O D- Wh per ng Ho Ill v-1 DSOI1 HJ br 1 ana an e3.I'tS eI'SOI1 .-4 R ck Ch red ne F oO for N t5 3. eW Tm eI'S OW eeSe 3.0 ZIOH ver e F11 ng O Lamarr D-s"U Cd , UU ...4 rta Sla e J mes G v-1 -4 e2.Ce O 1 20 ISOU feel' St Dafa So ht 1 Llflfle feile OU 9.5 Char ofte Berend oyer 211' eS neapple P e Lo fef P eSS e 21I'SOfl feel' f Street S .Ital an A an Ladd urgs 11 I'l'l2.f +-12 d Sm th D ove y HIDOUI' OfOI 1 erry U8 Il el' al' effl 0V21 1.1 an 8.I'SOf1 feel' P-.U ...q etty mmm O-4 One 1 -4 1 I1 SO W eX R eff 4:5 1' SIIHZIS l'1SOI'l 0 I fail Y 1'e2.II'1 C O-40 ,qu elve -4 I d Otto .-4 OSCS Vef O l1SSel'1 1 OSIel' llSaI1 Ox TalS I Walk A1 ack G 11 1 elite oop Name Song Food l ...... ...... A Ways ............................ ..... l ke ...... ...... e r Ge e Myers ...... ..... g Ago a ..... ..... C hicken ............ ...... B etty Grab e Bever e S ....... ....... i pering ..................... .... - Hamburgs ......... . ..... . hn Payne i i ...... . ...... dy .............. .... ...... ..... A l a n La d M enkins ..... ....... ' i ...... ..... S alads ............... ...... H um Joan Wi on ...... ....... i s i ....................................... .... , H t Dogs ..... ..... A lan Helen Jenkins ............. ....... w Man Hearts Have You Broken ....... Puddings ........... ' ..... .George Murphy Rose Marie Ped ......... ...,.. . .. . ........ How Many H Have You Broken ....... B Sp its ...... . .... ..Va oh Leah P ...........,... ....... i i ................... ..... i i en .............. ...... 0 e r Tay or Be l y i i ham ...... ...... T ogether ......................... .... . Mac i d Ch ....... ..... A lan Ladd Robe ge .......... ....... Be caus ......... ..... h i i ............................. ..... G reer Garson Fra Dungan ..... ...... . Jessie a ........... ..... a k ........................ ...... o R gers Sybi Knox ........ . . . . ....... P f the River ....... .... A pp e Pie a a mode ..... . ..-..He y Virginia Huss ......... . . ....... Moon ig ..... ..... e ak ........................ .... . G Ga 1 s ..... ....... P aper Doll ................. ..... G 1 h .......... ..... . I D B i Sines ........... . . ...... ty Kitty Blue Eyes ..... ..... P i i ...... .,... n Ch l B Alice Williams ........... . . ...... i ong ...... ...... M eat a ....... ...... . G G Be dine Wieringa ....... . . ...... I' Be Seeing You ....... ....... H amb ..... ,,,.. , 1 Leonar i ............. . ....... Take it Easy ........... .... . Pork ............. ..... M ary ee Max Bedford ........ . ....... Sweet and L 1 ..... ..... C ube Steak ..... ..... J ne yson B d Wi i ga ..... . . . . ......... T rolly So ......... . ..... Ch Ma ted ..... .... . D hy L ill ......... ...... I 'l Wa k A ..... .... p le ie ....... ..... d y C Wayne Robi ...... . . . ....... W hite Ch i ...... .... I y ie ...... . . G Fred Griffeth ....... ...... V t Moon ........ . .... pl ie ..... ..... B Grab e Davi ..,.......... ...... ' 1 Walk Alone ..... .... . I ..... Q- ..... Car G De bert L den ....... . . ....... Ri f the R ....... .... . Chicken ............. ..... B etty Grab e J i ette ........... . ...... 'll one ................................. ..... i oup ...... ..... S F Ethel Brodock ....... ...... . How Many Hearts Have You Broken ....... Chili ...... ........ ..... C 1 aud C0 bert Pear Clark ...... ...... . So Long P ...................................... .... C hili ...... ..... G ary C er v-4 N v-l J Fmt! mu left to rzglzvl Phyllls Duffey Glenna Thurkettle jane Hooper Ruth McCollum Marlorre Wrlson Opal Brady Lorrame Wheeler jean Grrffeth Patty Cummings janet Vander Schuur Esther Schxedel Second row Mr Folkert Arden Thede LeRoy Trmm Nelson Kingsley Leo Smxth Rrchard Whxte Paul Bliss Fred Clark Robert Potts Paul Cxsler Paul Smith Dale Adams Kathleen Frost Mrss Whalen Thzrd row Loxs johnson Charlene Sherman Frances Burchardt Barbara McIntyre Myrtle Davls Evelyn Fmkbemer Mary Carey Donna Polhemus Lucena Bowerman Mary Alice Kaechele Loxs Kaechele Janet Gardner JUNIURS The Class of 46 began the Freshman year rather mdxfferently, but as thmgs began to get under mot1on we really dld thmgs We were very properly 1n1t1ated by the Sophomores, and got by that ordeal wrth not too much drfiiculty Our Sophomore year was really qu1te an 1mportant year for us We gave the mcomrng Freshmen a warm welcome rn our 1n1t1at1on party for them, and later we entertalned the Senror Class at the annual Sophomore Senxor Breakfast Our first dance-The Sprmg Swmg, gxven durmg our Sophomore year was also a real success When we entered our Junror year, we found we must settle down to real busmess The first proyect for the year was our dance-The Pumpkm Pow Wow There are two other very rmpor tant affanrs' wh1ch every lunxor looks forward to wrth much pleasure he yumor play and the jumor Semor Drnner Dance on May 4 1945 We are keenly antrcxpatmg a great deal of enjoyment durmg our Semor year, and expect to have many enjoyable trmes before we graduate from T K Class oflicrs: President, Frances Burchardtg Vice-President, Paul Bliss, Secre- tary, Jane Hooper, Treasurer, Mary Carey. Miss Whalen and Mr. Folkert are our advisors. 22 'O FN Farr! row left to rsght john Loftus Ben jenkms Bruce Farnham Bob Kenyon John Rrchatdson Lyman Krmmey Bob Wrlcox James Johnson Malcolm Sonqurst Drck Corrxgan Second row Mr Smalley Nellre Ballard Esther Bonnett jackie Holes Marran Pederson Cora Hagedorn Charlotte Kenyon Mary Noah Betty Poland Thelma Fxllrngham Torn Wrles Mrs Bender Third row Duane Moore Monte Myers Wesley Rodgers Cleyo Roblyer Eugene Grabau Donald Brodock jack Wrlson Gary Bennett Lloyd Dean jerry Bonnevrlle Ward Seery Bob Brown Carl Carter Brll Gordon Fourth row Hugh Corrxgan Yvonne Kxnslow Carol Whnte Neoma Hummell Arlow Wrlcox Anna Mae Wrerrnga Margaret Crsler Mary Grabau Loxs Ann Nagel Donna Johnson Joyce Chamberlam Shrrley Berends Foster Waddell Not rbown Donna Carey Marran Knox SOPHOMCRES There were hfty srx members of our class when we proudly began our hngh school days However, when the Freshmen mrtzatron trme came we were not qutte so proud, at least not for a few days One of the memorable events was the chncken supper, held durnng the freshmen year After the supper there were games and a scavenger hunt In the sophomore year we gave the new freshman class an 1n1t1at1on party whrch so far as we are concerned was a real success In the sprmg we honored the Senrors by gnvmg the Sophomore Senror Breakfast CLASS OFFICERS Nlnth Grade Tenth Grade Prerident .................................. Ward Seery Prendent ............................ Robert Kenyon Vice Prerident .....,.............. Gary Bennett Vice Prerident ...................... Donna Carey Secretary ......,.....................,... Donna Carey Secretary ............................ Donna johnson Trearurer .................,......,,,,r... Lois Nagel Trearufer .......................... Shirley Berends Mrs. Bender and Mr. Smalley are the advisors. 25 bmi C' pf Fmt row left to ugh! Kenneth Champney Davrd NoEke Clare Bender LeRoy Frost Duane Wtndes Owen Smxth Roland Ross Bob McCollum Second row Mrs DeGrow Joyce Bowerman Catherine Schondelmayer Mnldred Burchardt Marvetta Sears Patrxcxa VanAman Shrrley Balent Anna Mae Smxth Laura Thede Shrrley Baker Mr Ferguson Tbxrd row Barbara Bates Glenna Galster Betty Nolfke Phyllis Aubrl Eva Troutwrne Jeanette Whrte Betty Popps JoAnn Dean Laura Freshney Mary Jenkrns Mary Aubll Fourth row Stanley Fmkbemer Jack Frost Carlton Galster Bob NoEke Bob Watkrns Lawrence Wood George Powers jack Lewrs Lloyd Fnsher Jack Janose Drck Stager Not .rbown jack Reynolds Rrchard Waddell Leila Jackson FRESHMEN The nxnth grade elected Lloyd Frsher Presrdent, Mrldred Burchardt Vrce Presrdent, Phyllrs Aubrl Secretary, and Betty Nolfke Treasurer. The most unportant event rn therr Freshman year was the mitratlon that went off with a bang Mr Ferguson and Mrs DeGrow are the advisors 24 fx fx ' tv- V V , . , Q Y f s fl'- , Q? ' , Y, 1 Y , , , gfgxy A. v if A ' R ,V K I 4 L A K L 1 ' -M - ' 1 f , Q n a , 1 s - -' - 1 f I , Q n I ! t D I I . '. U U I , I I I 1 U 2 ' '. Y , I Y Y . y y 1 a - : I Q I -- Ona.. Furl row left to rsgbt Neal Kenyon Frank McNutt Paul Smrth Kerth Wrlcox jack Hooper Darrel Wrllyud Jrm Wrlson Elmer Arentz Second row Joan Paulson Joyce Crrdler Marne Prckard Mary Crsler Neva Kermeen Evelyn Fuhr Shrrley Schrpper Betty Schleh Kathryn Mrsak Marble Helen Brog Artrs Hennmg Margaret Cnsler Mr VanSrckle Fourth row Barbara Decker Merna Wrlcox Joan Magyar Helen Bechtel Bobby Cummxngs Brll Bechtel Dale Frsher Ray Eggleston Louxse Hula Lors Magyar Not .rbown Laura Baker Bxll Schenkel Clara Harrrson E I G HT H G R A D E The erghth grade has elected the followmg people as therr officers Presr dent, Artrs Henmng Vnce Presxdent Mar an Marble, Secretary Evelyn Fuhr, Treasurer, Arlene Noffke Mr VanS1ckle and Mr Russell are then- class advrsors 25 , L , . E N i rn .5 ' , Third row: Mr., Russell,' Arlene.NoHke, Martha Wilson, Marian Nagel, Barbara Coville, Marian 9 ' ' , i ' , Fun row left to rzgbl Eldon Near Orvrlle Prckard Fred Slagel Rrchard Clark Donald Jackson Charles Hummell Theron Bowerman Ralph Schantz Elwood Perry Raymond Jackson Second row Rachel Pederson Susan Janose Marrlyn Reynolds Charlotte Schad Jean K1lll0h Maureen Wxndes Lcttxe Leonard Lena Nagel Dorxs Kaechele Alxce Smrth Dorothy Schrpper Ethel Mrller Tbmi row Mrs Russell Juamta Grabau Patncxa Stager Raymond Ellsworth Eugene Bush Patsy Schaeffer Phyllxs Fmkbexner Mr Schxpper Fourth row Robert Bonnevllle Sloppy Glover Dale Wrllyard Carl Wolowlcz Robert Smrth Frank Mrsak Jimmy VanAman Brlly Kenyon Duane Bush Laverne Wheeler Ralph Nolfke Jack Magyar Not .rboun Harry Schultz JoAnn Sherman Vernon DeW1tt Agnes Bowerman Delores Gage SEVENTH GRADE Under the leadershxp of the two class advxsors, Mrs Russell and Mr Schrpper, the seventh grade has very much to look forward to Officers were elected rn September Wlfh the followmg results Phyllrs Frnk bemer, President, Dorothy Schnpper Vrce Presndent Charlotte Schad, Secre tary, Susan Janose, Treasurer 26 ' 2 , A - 9 - A 1 9 A L Benny Brohgh, Nelson Erady, Donald Welch, James Nagel, Robert Glover, Donald Crofoot: l . . . . , . . Q - f Q l Furl row left to ngbt Superxntendent Schxpper Prmcxpal VanS1ckle Vrce Presxdent Lorraxne Wheeler Prcsndenr Fred GIIHCUI Secretary Frances Burchardt Treasurer Davld Otto Janet Gardner Mr Lawrence Bonnevrlle Bob Kenyon Party Cummnngs Roberta Slagel Phyllrs Fxnkbemer STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Faculty Councxl consrsts of each class presxdent rn h1gh school, representarlves from the faculty and from the varrous recogmzed clubs through out the school The purpose of the councrl IS to drscuss the problems of the school and act upon them to the benefit of the school and students Thrs year the Councll has contmued the paper drwe from last year, cam pargned for the sale of war stamps and bonds, arranged for comrnercnal assernblles, and has been keepmg up the servxce plaque The councxl 15 a very 1mportant orgamzanon of our school 28 l , 1 L L Sechnd.row: -Artis Henning, Lloyd .Fisher. Joyce Cridler, Beverley Syveet, Paul Cisler, Jerry Fsnl row left lo right Paul Bliss Bob Potts Jane Hooper Kathleen Frost Lois Kaechele Mass Whalen advisor Second row Alice Williams Lois Johnson Lorraine Wheeler Paul Smith Frances Burchardt Jean Gnifeth Roberta Slagel CLASSICAL CLUB The purpose of the Classical Club is to promote greater skill in spelling. enunciation, and a greater enjoyment of Latin. In the meetings, once a week, games are played in which Latin is substi- tuted for English whenever possible. This really adds to the fun of the game. Once each month a party is held at the home of one of the members. The Classical Club put on a very entertaining assembly last year and one again this year. The olhcers are as follows: Princeps, Kathleen Frostg Secundus Princeps, Lois Ann Kaecheleg Scriptor, Bob Pottsg Dux Ludi, jane Hooper. Miss Whalen is the advisor. 29 Fern row left to ngbt Charlotte Schad Donna Polhemus Virginia Huss Frances Burchardt Patty Cummings Phyllis Finkbeiner Second row Lorraine Wheeler Yvonne Kmslow Donna johnson Charlotte Berends Lucena Bowerman Maryorie Wilson Mrs Russell advisor Third row Phyllis Duffey janet Gardner Nellie Ballard Janet VanderSchuur Joyce Cridler Mary Noah Not .shown Paul Bliss Beverley Fillingham TRUMPET STAFF Since 1941 the Trumpet has been printed in the Middleville Sun This year the school paper has had a very large staff It was decided to elect a new editor in chief and managing editor about every eight weeks Virginia Huss was the first editor in chief with Frances Burchardt as managing editor The second editor-in-chief was Frances Burchardt with Lorraine Wheeler as the managing editor. Next Paul Bliss was selected as editor with Phyllis Dulfey as managing editor. The work of the Trumpet has been under the capable guidance of Mrs. Gail Russell. The Trumpet stall has done a very good piece of work in keeping everyone posted on the activities of the school. 30 Fun row left lo ngbt Paul Smxth Donna Johnson Verla janose Joyce Chamberlam Beverley Sweet Alxce Wllll3mS Gertrude Myers Vrrgmra Huss Second rou Mrs DeGrow busmess advrsor Patty Cummmgs Charlotte Berends Paul Blxss Bob Potts Paul Crsler Yvonne Kxnslow Mrs Russell edrtorxal advlsor Third Row Phyllxs Dulfey Pearl Clark Roberta Slagel Donna Polhemus Loxs Nagel Mary Noah janet Gardner TROJAN STAFF The members of the Trojan stall have done an excellent prece of work rn publxshmg the Annual Even though there IS a war on, the staff has done rts best to put out a better annual than ever The edrtors are as follows Edrtor rn Chref Crrculatron Edrtor Lay Out Edrtor Photography Edrtor Text Edntor Club Edrtor Semor Edrtor Beverley Sweet Roberta Slagel Verla janose Donna johnson Joyce Chamberlam Gertrude Myers Alxce Wrllrams Sports Edrtor ..........................,,,,.,.......................... Paul Cisler The staff worked under the supervision of Mrs. Gail Russell and Mrs Harold DeGrow. Fmt row left to rzgbt Mary Carey Bernardme Wlerxnga Mrss Dendel Mrss Sweezy advlsor Mrs Kermeen Beverley Sweet Alzce Wnllxams Second row Opal Brady Charlene Sherman Ethel Brodock Helen Jenkms Marveta jenkms Charlotte Berends Frances Burchardt Lucena Bowerman Patty Cummmgs Tbfrd row Kathleen Frost Janet VanderSchuur Leah Powers jean Grllfeth Barbara McIntyre Gertrude Myers Roberta Slagel Janet Gardner Not shown Beverley Frllrngham Pearl Clark HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Horne Economxcs Club headed by Presrdent Peggy Sweet held nts meet mgs monthly The club was sponsored by the Home Economncs mstructor, Mxss Ellen Sweezy The gxrls took up Red Cross sewmg as therr years project Every two weeks, they held an evenmg meetmg and made sllppers and afghan squares Mrs Hester Kermeen and Mnss Grace Dendel were the honorary members ol the club 32 'NF Fzrrz row Iefz lo rzgbt LeRoy Timm Nelson Kingsley Leo Smith Delbert Lussenden Bernard Wieringa Donald Brodock Cleyo Roblyer Second row Hugh Corrigan Dale Adams Eugene Grabau Bob Brown Paul Cisler David Otto john Richardson W yne Robinson Mr Lawrcnte Adwscr Third row Malcolm Sonqulst Arden Thede Bob Wilcox john Loftus Rex Willson Ben Jenkins Bruce Farnham James Johnson Dick Corrigan FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The 1945 chapter of the F F A was one of the largest in the history of the chapter at T. K. There were twenty-five members, the advisor Mr. Lawrence, and two honorary advisors-Mr. Arthur Smalley and Mr. Elmer Bender. The F. F. A. co-operating with the Home Economics Club sponsored several social events during the year. One of them was the Game Supper. The big event however, which the entire community always looks forward to, was the annual Thornapple Community Fair. The ollicers were: President, David Otto, Vice President, Wayne Robinsong Secretary, Paul Cislerg Treasurer, Bernard Wieringag Reporter, Bill Frost, and Watch Dog, Arden Thede. 33 l FM!! row left to right Carol Whxte Jerry Bonnevrlle Rxchard Whlre Lois Nagel Shrrley Sch1pper Jeanette Whlre Second row Dnrector Russell Marlan Nagel Helen Brog Arlene Noffke Nellre Ballard Ralph Nofflre Dxck Dean junror Miller Rodney Kenyon Not .fbown Elmer Frsher BAND The band has successfully completed another years work playmg for pep meetmgs and other school act1v1t1es Wrth the except1on of four players all are begmners last year, and are m the grades and 1un1or hxgh We have a very well balanced band thus year and rt looxs very promrsmg for the commg year The band was dlrected by Gall Russell 54 Tbifd L01l:'.' Melvin Noah, Lyle Buckingham, Billy Kenyon, Bill Gordon, Hv French, Frank Misak, . , . . . - x 5+ +ll rr'lIx ,il ' v 'S' 'xg gf' Farr! row left to right Mary Noah Donna Johnson Donna Polhemus Patty Cummmgs Mary Jenkxns Betty Popps Second row Vrrgxma Huss Lerla jackson Yvonne Kmslow Phyllrs Aubrl Catherxne Schondel mayer Laura Thede Mrs Bender Advrsor Not rhoun Carl Carter Monte Myers Bruce Farnham Cleyo Roblyer Charlotte Kenyon Donna Mae Carey Anna Mae Wrerrnga Margaret Cxsler PEP CLUB Regular meetmgs of the Pep Club began after the cheer leaders were elected Pat Cummmgs was elected presxdent, and Donna Polhemus was elected as secretary treasurer Money was rarsed by sellmg pop corn and candy at the annual Communrty Farr The money was to be used 1n helpmg wrth any expense concurred ln havmg better pep meetmgs The Pep Club was anxrous to become a tecogruzed school club and have a vonce rn the Student Councrl Thrs year we have attalned our goal of havmg a representatrve on the Student Councxl The cheer leaders are Pat Cummmgs, Donna Polhemus, Donna Johnson, and Mary Jenkms Mrs Bender rs the advnsor 56 O Fzrrt row left to ngbt Lloyd Dean Fred Grxffeth Paul Crsler Cleyo Robyler Bernard Wxerxnga Davrd Otto Gary Bennett Second row Coach Smalley Carl Carter Paul Smxth Coach Schrpper Ward Seery Bob Wxlcox Rex Wrllson Coach Van Snckle Th: d row Bob Kenyon LeRoy Timm Wayne Robmson Ben Jenkms Bruce Farnham Leonard Smxth Roland Ross Carlton Galster VARSITY CLUB The T K Varslty Club IS made up of varsrty letter wmners and the respec uve coaches Because of the war the Varsxty Club was drsbanded rn 1942 but because of 1ts popularnty and large membershrp lt IS agam bemg organxzed m 1945 Mr Smalley coaches Football and Track Mr Van Snckle Baseball and Mr Schxpper Basketball TRACK 1944 The annual B E A A track meet was held at Hastings on May 17 T K placed second rn the meet wnth 19' 3 pomts Hlgh pO1I'1t man for Mrddlevrlle was Ray Fmkbemer who tool. fxrst place rn the 100 yd dash and the 220 He also took thnrd place ln the shot put. Gale Wnlcox placed first m the mile run. Fred Griifeth second in the 440 yd. dashg Gary Bennett and Paul Smith tied for third place in the high jump. Others who were out for track were Cleyo Roblyer, Bill Frost, and Bob Arentz. The coach was Arthur Smalley. 37 3 f Farr! row left to ngbt Lloyd Dean Gary Bennett Cleyo Roblyer Paul Cxsler Duane Moore Jack Reynolds Paul Smxth Second row Bob Kenyon Ward Seery Rex Wrllson Bull Frost Roland Ross Bob Wllcox Bruce Farnham Bob McCollum Tbfrd row Manager Carlton Galster Lloyd Frsher Lawrence Wood Don Curtxs Lyman Kxmmey Carl Carter LeRoy Frost Ben jenkxns Coach Smalley Jack Janose Stanley Frnkbexner FOOTBALL SQUAD When the grldxron season dawned on T K rn September 1944 rt found an rnexpenenced squad Coach Smalley was confronted wrth the task of buxldmg a football team out of boys who had played very lrttle rf any foot ball But as the season progressed the team progressed rn rcs ab1l1ty to play the game The first clash was at Beldnng September 22 Next on the 11st were the Wayland W1ldcats on the night of September 29 at Wayland On October 6 T K tackled the Trojans of Lake Odessa here The Caledoma Scottres came to the T K grrdlron on October 13 When the Trojans hxt the grxdnron agam lt was at Caledoma on October 27 The team looked the best nn thxs game but was strll unable to score The Trojans went to Nashvrlle on November 3 wrth the fightmg spmt that typrlies them When the last whistle blew T K found rtself ahead 19 6 m the last game of the 1944 season ss h N 3 S -F '.. K L- 'aff' 4 fy ' uk' . .1 . 1 . , Q ' W" 1 -F - ,,, A 'ver . x I- l I , f- Furl row left to ugh! Leonard Smrth Paul Crsler Gary Bennett Max Bedford Paul Smrth Fred Grrlfeth Cleyo Roblyer Roland Ross Second row Coach Schxpper Bob Potts Leo Smxth jack W lson Fred Clark John Rrchardson Bob Kenyon Manager Brlly Kenyon Tbud row Stanley Fmkbemer Ben Jenkins Lyman Krmmey jerry Bonnevnlle Ward Seery Clare Bender John Loftus Jack Frost BASKETBALL SQUAD cessful rn cage competmon Paul Sm1th was Captam wnth Max Bedford berng Co Captam Coach Schrpper started drllls rn early November and the season extended mto March endmg wrth the Drsttxct tournament bemg played at Woodland Upon journeymg through thrs season T K had played Way land Caledoma Woodland Delton Nashvnlle Hastings and T K Alumm The first strmg squad consrsted of Paul Smrth and Max Bedford playing right and left forwards respectxvely The able bodred center was Gary Bennett At the guard posts were Frederrck Gnffeth and Paul Cxsler 39 The Thornapple-Kellogg Basketball quintet of 1944-1945 was very suc- atv' Y 14 .Annu 35 Fsrrt row left to rxght Davxd Otto Paul Smxth Wayne Robmson Bruce Farnham LeRoy Ttmm Leonard Smxth Second rou Lyman Kxmmey John Rxchardson Bernard W1 rmga Cleyo Roblyet Carl Carter Coach VanS1ckle Tlnrd row Manager Rodney Kenyon John Loftus Ben Jenkms Bob Kenyon Duck Corngan Manager john Schondelmayer Not shown Gale Wxlcox captam Ray Fmkbemer John Kermeen BASEBALL SQUAD 1944 The T K nxne had a good season last year They won more than half of therr games, whrch compared wxth the record of the year before IS really good Coach VanS1ckle started the season wxth qulte a number of expenenced fel lows, but after the first game lt looked as nf they were gomg to have another bad season The second game proved to be driferent, because we beat Dalton 12 to 3. After that game the season went along line The big event of the season was the last game whxch was played on Labor Day. This game was the play-oil for the champronship of Barry and Eaton countxes. The game was close all the way, and was mostly a p1tcher's battle. The boys came through rn the first mning to score a run whrch practlcally set the game on lce T K scored one more run whtle holdmg Nashvxlle scoreless to win the game 2 O Thus ended the 19-44 baseball season wnth Mlddlevxlle wmnmg the B.E.A. trophy. 40 'BESSQE SXNE5 FREDDIE Qamvmvn BERNQRYD 4 'EERWHDINC wxevxxwavb, CHQRLQTYE 'EERENDS 'BEVERLY 1fu.n.xNGaaM FRED GRKFFETN inf- 4 5 L ...W,......, .23 gg' 5? - W' .J W , ' 'win K - fl A ' ff' .- ,P . I ....Zg.,,, K ,Ai A My E, , , M 1,A ,M ,W 'rf Q ,,,'74' 5 " -0225 s Wa, M R ,J l REX SQHAD How A1212 TBERENDS V 'Z if f Q 1 JQWIES FFIULKNER ED XCg,,!X4, HARRY wsltmms Nm' 11 Q V, .ii x4 ' x EUGENE GRRNER LEE CUTLER MES FRULKNER pu, ,Q . 'J 5' E , Q' K A 9' H E, 'D Q G , R " - L- 5 . 'R L, , s-A E ' E 2 x. F " 4- i l Q 1 My l A y., -li ' ' Ag I 'm . vii x - ' ' :ff vi K , L , Hi ' ' , ix v Q 3 pj:3.mi'w4,4g' , , -E' ' " - . - - ' ' , f - 1 I , - af - A 4' ' W v 1, I I 1, - -- Wh M-M-U . M "wk ,'A V ' .4 1 '91 ' -A - f I .- WP ? 'f ZA 11 , 1 ,1 , 3, KET' ff? Q, HARLANO swear funk nil' L5 MPMQ. QORSON ROBER1- -r'on,nN ZDGNXEL. QRRNER ll 'ai bg, WUWM J? Ziff!! asf' ,QJ if iw yww xi., ,. AJAQ ff? J ff Srewnm- Swear KEN NCTH BERENOS J' W .L,, ,s HN' , ' r' STFINLEY OOHNSGN FRED 6H,LE,TfE. 'B.F. QKLLEWE 'ROUNE-Y SQ HPD x g.vk W, K M?-y K -f.... . A :gg .A .14 ' s'f2'iA'ffl, 9 Q I gig ' rv 5 3 KENNQKA WQLQOX A fav- M H 5 s E vl QQOLD L. JON-XNSQN. HOSMHRD vos JIM POLHEMU5. MPFRTHQ SQHHD 'REX QQHPID if ,, '-ry! 'Q I' lung... ik' lug all-Q ww iw PATTER She vt as onlx 1 rl ur drxx cr s daughter hut sou Auto meter New Teachcr lxe come herc ro make an honest lrvrng Puprl Wfcll thcrc s not much compctxtron Trojan contrrbutron Has thc olxc Ldltor got my yoke yet? Donna Belle Nor yct but shc s try nng hard I uc Box Tl lf hsh urs thls an I tcll you I ncxcr sm st 1 1 fish Bored No I don t suppose you ex er drd Van Wlmere haxc you been? Max B Haung my harr cut Van You can t have your harr cut durlng school hours Max It grew rn school hours drdn t lf? Van Not all of rt Max Well I d1dn t have rt all cut off SO THEY SAY Alrce W1ll13mS Tlaatr me all ozer Donna johnson Wharf fbe walter? I oa crazy or rompzn 9 Gertrude Mey ers I don t tomb .to Mr Van Srclxle Nou 1 tbzr 'Zlf1.f77 I a democracy I ve been tbznkzng Verla janose Why dui I do H9 Mr Russell I 726167 can talk a ter I get done wzllo band jaclxre Holes Mc too Mr Schrpper Proze zt Mr Lawrence That 5 tough Mr Ferguson Well Ill be Mrss Sweezy I m not gozng to do 11 Sybxl Knox W bat dom zt mean? Peg Sweet I 'ce gotta work tonight 48 L L tx A al L I u . , , . , K K H . , . . , , , . , . Il 1 'Z li S 'ax Slc giw-. ' ' .1 '-1cl ,, C n , , . . :xl as as Q! ' ' ll . , 0 - ' L . , . , . , .. - ,, . li ' l ' I1 . , . . . . , , I 7 ' I , . V l I . 7 fy . I , I , . . . - , - . l . Q r . . . 7 7 . , . . Y , . . . - 1, , , . V D LA Sf' 'X f , f A N X .X 5 .i 4 5, ' Q. K Vx, XL? N wr, I I . LA' 'FX ' x X 'L' 1 f lg 4 uv .. ' - K xx Y l ,HT lfln x W' .kff , A f 2 'Q ,f f 1 7 f ,J f. -wr

Suggestions in the Thornapple Kellogg High School - Trojan Yearbook (Middleville, MI) collection:

Thornapple Kellogg High School - Trojan Yearbook (Middleville, MI) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 21

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1945, pg 52

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