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' El..fK5.:ASQZ..1'-Lian. ' T-,.-v.'.i..- .mk",. I- , mv.. -4. '.j.K.1:.:...E'.mw' ' 2'2'.nD'L.JbLL - Q- Q, N wg" 5 A X... 4' .,I- MS v l l Q-.frlw L! 1 ,+:.',j1.'. Y - 5- iw f11y5"f- ff"f,,3.w ' V75 ,--" .. ,- . -V gfsaih , ' gud!-xg 1 X 1 ,gn .',V - I! N " + 4 ,gg I Mi , --n, - I 1 1 x 7 S 14 W Sedan! M ng As you go through life and look upon the years spent in high school, we hope that by turning the pages of our yearbook, you can recall the wonderful times, the valued friends, and the most cherished incidents even if it is but for a short time. Then, we shall know our efforts in producing this annual will not have been in vain. Thereford, we present the '54 OWL to you with the hope that the memories of Thompson-Starruccr Ararat School will live through the years. Editor-in-Chief, David Glover To our helpful and understanding sponsor, commer- c1a1 teacher, and fnend who has done everythmg 1n her power to make our yearbook successful 1l'l ap prec1at1on for her devouon to our class, we, The SCHIOI Class of 1954, W1Sh to dedrcate, THE OWL to Mrs. Janet Hartt. Zemfaak S aff Editor-in-Chief - - Associate Editors - - - Photography Editors - - Sports Editors - - Advertising Managers - - Class Reporters - - - Senior Individual Reporters Senior Activity Reporters - School Activity Reporters - - - - DAVID GLOVER - - - JEAN WHITNEY WILLARD WESTCOTT - - MARIORIE NOVAK DONNA BURMAN - - - STEPHEN SAULO MARION REBICH - - NORMA CHILSON EMERY THORN WILLIAM BECHTLOFFT - - - - IUNE LEE GIRDON BUCK - - - HELEN BUCK .IOSEPH GALONI PETER DOBON - ' - ' ' JOYCE ROSS CARLTON SLOCUM BARRETT MARTIN ROBERT CARANGELO - - - -CLEON LLOYD IIMMY BYRNE Zuma! I iq! I M 'WA-FTYV OFFICERS AND MEMBERS OF JOINT SCHOOL BOARD ' -S W4 President ---- - - -WILLARD HOBBS Vice Presidents- - ----- ROLAND BUCK B. E. HINE Treasurer- - --------- CLARENCE BROWNELL Secretary - - - - MRS. HELEN GULLEY, Non-member CHESTER BARNES, Starrucca 13.5, HINE, Arafat FRANKLIN BARNES, Afafat WILLARD HOBBS' Thompson DR. H. W. BARNES, Thompson L. C. MUMFORD, Starrucca CLARENCE BROWNELL, Starrucca MICHAEL SEAMAN, Arafat ROLAND BUCK, Slarrucca HAROLD SHELDON, Thompson CHESTER CARPENTER, Afafat EVERETT STONE, Thompson HORACE GI-OVER. 5f31'fl-1003 MRS. MARGARET WADEMAN, Arafat PERRY WHITNEY, Thompson gud 7624614 RAY CARPENTER, SANFORD LEET, HOMER ENTROT, MYRON LAMB MM G. NORMAN GELATT Supervising Principal Mathematics, Science Pennsylvania State College B, S, , M, Ed. MRS. IEANETTE BROWNELL Art Syracuse University West Chester S, T. C. Univeristy of Wisconsin B. A. LESTER I. CHILSON Social Studies, Mathematics Mansfield State Teachers College Bucknell University B. A. MRS, LILLIAN GARDNER Grade Five Mansfield Stare Teachers College EDWARD I. BUCHLA History, Physical Education University of Scranton East Stroudsburg S. T. C. New York University B. S. , M. A. MRS. SHIRLEY P. BUCHLA Music Mansfield State Teachers College B. S. MRS. JANET P. HARTT Commercial Bloomsburg State Teachers College Harper College B. S. MISS MARY JAVER Home Economics College Misericordia B. S. MRS. MIl.DRED GELATT Grade Three Mansfield State Teachers College Pennsylvania State College MRS. ALICE GLOVER Principal, Grade School Grade Six West Chester S. T. C. University of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State College PAUL D. MARTIN Agriculture Pennsylvania State College University of West Virginia University of Pittsburgh B. S. MISS DOROTHY MUMFORD Grade Four Mansfield State Teachers College Pennsylvania State College Duke University MISS MARION MUMFORD Grade One West Chester S. T. C. Pennsylvania State College Bloomsburg State Teachers College MRS. MARY O'NEIl.L English, Social Studies East Stroudsburg S, T. C. B. S. MRS. ANNA GELATT School Secretary GEORGE LA MB School Custodian MRS. MARY L. SARTELL Home Economics Mansfield State Teachers College Pennsylvania State College B. S. MRS. FLORENCE TAYLOR Grade Two Mansfield State Teachers College East Stroudsburg S. T. C. Pennsylvania State College . mv . 11 L,,,.... gmm WILLIAM BECHTLOFF T FFA 1-25 Glee Club 2-3-4g Yearbook staff 4g Operetta 1: Basket ball 3-4: Baseball 1-2-3-4: Class Treasurer lg FLA 4g Treas- urer 4. Our Dodger Fan "Ararat Mayor' Our First Baseman N GIRDON BUCK FFA 1-2: Glee Club 2-3-4g Yearbook Staff 4: Dramatics 4: Operetta 1: Basketball 3-4g Baseball 3-4: Class Treasurer 3: Band 1-2-3-4: Orchestra 1-2-33 FLA 4, President 4. FLA President College Material The Deer Slayer HELEN BUCK FHA 1-2-3g Glee Club 1-2-3-4g Yearbook Staff 4g Festival 3: Dramatics 4: Operetta lg Basketball 1-2-3-4g Class President 1, Secretary 3g Band 1-2-3-4g Orchestra 1-2-33 FLA 4, Secretary 4. Starrucca Rooter The Trumpet Editor Mischievous DONNA BURMAN FHA 1-2-3-4: Historian 35 Parliamentarian 4g Glee Club 1-2- 3-4: Yearbook Staff 45 Festival 3g Dramatics 4g Band 4g Orchestra 1-2-3. Quiet Little Lass From Gelatt Curliest Hair Our Student Director I IMMY BYRNE Glee Club 4g Yearbook Staff 4g Dramatics 4: Baseball 45 Band 4g FLA 4. Our Class Artist Georgia Peach NORMA CHILSON FHA 1-2 -3: Pianist 2: Glee Club 1-2-3-4: Boys' Glee Club Pianist 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Festival 2-3g Ikamatics 4: Operetta 13 Basketball 1-2-3-4: Class Secretary 1: Band 1-2-3-4: Orchestra 1-2-3: FLA 4. Most Likely to Succeed Mischievous ROBERT CARANGELO FFA 1-2-43 Glee Club 1-2-3-4: Yearbook sraff 4: Festival 23 Dramatics 45 Basketball 1-2-3: Baseball 1-2-3-45 Class President 25 FLA 4, Program Chairman 4. Lover Boy Crooner "Barber Shy" Starrucca Heartbeat Most Versatile PETER DOBON, IR, FFA 2-3-4: Reporter 3: Glee Club 1-2-3-4: Yearbook staff 4: Basketball 1-2-3-4: Baseball 1-2-3-4: Band 1-3-4: Orchestra 3. Star Farmer 4 Forgetful Most Romantic JOSEPH GA LONI DAVID GLOVER FFA 1-2-3, Secretary 2: Glee Club 2-4: Yearbook staff 4: FFA 1-2-3. President 3g Glee Club 2-3-4: Yearbook Staff 4: Dramatics 4: Basketball 3-4: Baseball 2-3-43 Festival 3: Class Treasurer 2, FLA 4. Class Comedian Short, Dark, Handsome Best Personality Basketballl-2-3-4: Baseball 1-2-3-43 Class Vice President 3, President 4g Band 1-3-4, Orchestra 1-3: FLA 4. Class President Best Natured CLEON LLOYD FFA 1-2-3-4, Reporter 2: Glee Club 1-2-3-4g Yearbook Staff 4: Operetta lg Baseball 4g Class Vice President 2. "Nothing Like a Dame" Starrucca Farmer JUNE LEE FHA 1-2-3-4, Vice President 3, Secretary 43 Glee Club 1-2 3-45 Yearbook Staff 43 Festival 3g Dramatics 45 Operetta 1: Basketball 1-2-3-4g Class Vice President 1,4. Class Soprano of 53 Lockable, Likeable Harvest Queen Forest City Rebound Biggest Flirt JOHN BARRETT MARTIN FFA 1-2: Glee Club 2-3-45 Yearbook staff 4: Basketball 2-3- 43 Band 1-2-3-45 Orchestra 1-2-3: FLA 4. Tallest Wittiest MARION REBICH Nighthawk MARIORIE NOVAK FHA 1-2-3g Glee Club 1-2-3-4g Yearbook Staff 4: Dramatics ' 4: Operetta 1: FLA 4. Quiet, But Loveable Pretty Smile Good Student FHA 1-2-3-4, Treasurer 3, President 4g Yearbook Staff 43 Dramatics 45 Operetta 15 Basketball 1-2-3-4. FHA President Biggest Flirt Far merette JOYCE ANN ROSS FHA 1-2-3-4g Assistant Historian 3, Treasurer 4: Glee Club 1- 2-4g Yearbook staff 4: Dramatics 4: Operetta lp Basketball 1- 2-3-4. Wedding Bells Most Romantic .Fast Driver STEPHEN SAULO FFA 1-2-3, Vice President 39 Glee Club 4g Yearbook Staff 4: Basketball 1-2-3-4: Baseball 1-2-3-4: Class President 3, Treasurer 45 FLA 4. Thompson All-Star Easy To Get Along With Late Hours CARLTON SLOCUM FFA 1-2: Glee Club 3-4g Yearbook Staff 4: Festival 3g Dramatics 4: Basketball 3-4g Baseball 1-2-3-4: FLA 4. Blondie Most Likely To Succeed WIl.LARD WESTCOTT FFA 1-2: Glee Club 3-4g Yearbook Mathematician Electronics Engineer Joker 1 EMERY THORN FFA 1-2: Glee Club 3-4: Yearbook Staff 45 Basketball 2-3-43 Band 3-4g Orchestra 1-2-33 FLA 4. Bass Drummer Ararat Cowboy Truck Driver Staff 4g Festival 3: FLA 4. Serious But Silly IEAN WHITNEY FHA 1-2-3g Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Yearbook Staff 4g Festival 3: Dramatics 4: Operetta 1g Basketball 1-2-3: Class Sec- retary 4g Band 1-2-3-4: Cxchestra 1-2-3: FLA 4, Vice President 4. Peppiest Pretty Eyes Studious CLASS OFFICERS Ramen, ,,.... ..... ....... .---- - n A vm Grovsa Vice President- - - "" JUNE LEE Secretary ,... - - JEAN WHITNEY Treasurer- - - - STEPHEN SAULO sponsor, - - - - MRS, HARTT CLASS COLORS Blue and Silver CLASS FLOWER White Carnation 246411 The discovery of the class of 1954 was an accident. Four years ago, early one morning on the first Tuesday of September, 1950, the faculty of the Thompson-Starruc- ca-l-ligh School were strolling aimlessly through the corridors, chatting about the just- ended vacation and wondering whether there would be any startling changes in their work during the coming year. Suddenly they caught a glimpse of something new and strange. Just inside the front door, huddled together in mute embarrassment and anxiety, were the members of what became the Class of 1954. The discovery having been reported to the ruler of the high school, Principal Nor- man Gelatt, he received the news of this remarkable acquisition of his territory with marked delight and a few misgivings. During the first month of this year, we Freshmen suffered much inconvenience be- cause of our unfamiliarity with the new country and its traffic rules. However, we were permitted to form an organization of our own, and elected the following officers, all of whom fulfilled their duties well: President ------ - - Helen Buck Vice President - - ' ' ' -June Lee Secretary ---- - - - Norma Chilson Treasurer - - - - - William Bechtlofft Sponsor ------------------ Mr. Chilson Other members of our class were: James Ambrose, Girdon Buck, Donna Burman, Robert Carangelo, Joe Galoni, Elizabeth Gelatt, David Glover, John Kuiper, Cleon Lloyd, Barry Martin, George Martin, Loretta Morris, Marjorie Novak, Virginia Peltz, Marion Rebich, Joyce Ross, Stephen Saulo, Carlton Slocum, Emery Thorn, Billy West- cott, Harriet Wheeler, and Jean Whitney. During this first year Elizabeth Gelatt left our class. Our only activity that year was the Valentine Party that we sponsored for the school in February. In the fall of '51 we again returned to school minus one face, plus one new one. The one that was absent was Loretta Morris and the new face was that of Peter Dobon from Lakewood. We met and elected the following class officers: President -------------- Robert Carangelo Vice President ---- ---- C leon Lloyd Secretary - - - - - George Martin Treasurer ----- - - - - - -Joseph Galoni Sponsor ----------------- Mr. Swingle 'l'his year we sponsored the Halloween Party for the benefit of the school. X 5. X6 Q04 A: AD 2- mes! Nearing our final lap of education we again returned to school in the fall of '52 as Juniors. This year four of our regular class members were absent. These were Harriett Wheeler who had become Mrs. Roger Leonard, Virginia Peltz who is now Mrs. Francis Kleinbauer, John Kuiper, a marine, and George Martin who had moved to Hallstead. We met and elected the following officers: President ------------ - - Stephen Saulo Vice President -------- - - David Glover Secretary ---- - - Helen Buck Treasurer - - - - Girdon Buck Sponsor ---------------- Mr, Swingle During the year our class lost James Ambrose who is going to school at Laurel Hill Academy, Susquehanna. Near the end of the year our class began to sell candy in order to help meet our Washington trip expenses. The organization of the Senior Class in the fall of '53 was noteworthy, the follow- ing list of officers being in charge: President ----- - - David Glover Vice President - - ' ' ' -June Lee Secretary ---- - - Jean Whitney Treasurer ----- - -Stephen Saulo Sponsor ------------------ -Mrs. Hartt The social events were of marked brilliance. The most worthy of note was the Senior Play which was presented on November 19 and 20, in which all Seniors took part. We chose our class rings and received them in November. Our candy sales during the noon hour have helped tremendously toward our Washington Trip which we plan the first week in June. A number of Seniors gained unusual distinction during the year by holding offices in F. L. A. , F. H. A. , F. F. A. , by taking part in the county spring festivals, and by preparing our school publicatiom THE TRUMPET and THE OWL, We were very proud of our Harvest Queen, June Lee, and her attendant Jean Whitney, from our class, By way of appropriate celebration at the expiration of our four years of exploration and discovery, we plan a strange ceremony known as commencement. We hope our names go down in the history of the Thompson-Starrucca-Ararat School as "that wonder- ful Class of 1954. " By Norma Chilson June Lee Barry Martin 'IV' " xg Q' '71 Q, W! Q E z, Fw A few miles from Thompson, the new buzzer rang for the first time opening the new modern school house just finished that summer. A few minutes late, the new school buses drove up full of eager anticipating children. After the buses had been un- loaded, the drivers held a conference. "Gee, this is real dandy! " remarked Cleon Lloyd, an ace bus driver and star farmer. The others agreed and soon a regular inventory of the new set-up had been made and discussed. School started in good form until the first mishap occurred. Somebody in the fourth grade initiated his brand-new desk by carving his initials in the right hand corner. He was promptly sent by Mrs. Norma Glover, his teacher, up to the principal's new elab- orate office. Behind a pair of spectacles sat Mr. Carlton Slocum, in person, reading the morning newspaper, just waiting for the first offender. "Humphl " he .cleared his throat. "What seems to be the trouble?" After considering the little culprit's stammered story about the misfated desk and a following lecture had been given, Mr. Slocum observed a familiarity in the young lad's looks and actions. "Say, are you Bob Carangelo's son?" "Yes sir! " the lad emphatically replied, anxious to reinstate his previous good standing. Thinking aloud, Cart spoke, "Just like his father. " Realizing that he hadn't yet dismissed the boy, he asked, "How's your father's mechanic job?" "Fine, sir, " and as he cautiously inched backward toward the door, it swung open and in an ususual hurry, Mr. Willard Westcott, the math teac er stormed in. Usually very patient with his pupils, he had abandoned all dignity an was pulling along by an ear a disconcerted Junior High student. "Now tell Mr. Slocum what you told me, you impudent smarty. " After uselessly trying to worm out of it, the boy sullenly told the principal. "I just said, 'My mother could keep discipline better'g that's all. " Mr. Slocum delivered his extra special lecture for such cases and his realization of the fact that the boy certainly had a mind of his own brought to mind one of his former schoolday classmates, Joyce Ross. Now there's a girl that would stand up for her rights. He dismissed Mr. Westcott with a promise to 'take care of the lad', but when he found out that the boy was Mrs. Joyce Mead's son, he simply dismissed the boy with a friendly warning. He had gathered from the boy's story that Joyce was happy and still her own boss. She and her husband lived on a farm somewhere around Orson. Nothing out of the ordinary happened until noon hour was well under way. Apparently in the fifth grade room, someone pushed someone else out of the seat. Naturally a fist fight started and before the teacher could interfere, one of the boys, Johnny, was knocked flat on the floor. That night, Iohnny's mother, Donna Burman Gelatt, knocked on the neat little ranch house door with P. Dobon's name on the front. All in all, Mr. Dobon had a modern farm, she noticed as she quickly glanced about. She wondered if this was where those famous cows, Tillie and Flossie had been raised. The door was opened by Mrs. Dobon. Mr. Dobon was working on his tax report in his study. Dobon: my son Johnny tells me that your son--why Pete, Pete Dobon--I didn't know it was you! " The rest of the evening was spent in discussing their classmates. Marion Rebich, a farmer's wife, lived in an 'attractive white house a few miles up the road. Marion had told Pete the day before that Marjorie Novak had found an excellent secretarial job in Binghamton and was becoming tops in her profession. June Lee was working in Wilson Memorial Hospital. When Pete's daughter had had her tonsils out, June had been her nurse. Since Iohnny's black eye had healed, nothing exciting happened in school for nearly a month save the usual paper wads, airplanes and kid pranks. One day, a school alumnus came to put on a show for the school for the benefit of the annual polio fund. He was Joe Galoni, an unusually interesting comedian. His juggling act with Girdon Buck was especially tops with the young audience. The night before. Joe had visited 'Girt' at the new ranch on Buck's farm, and Girt had agreed to help Joe the next day. After school had been dismissed, Joey examined the new school. When he came to the fourth grade room he noticed that someone was busy at her desk. He recognized Norma and after exchanging greetings, Norma asked him over to her house for supper. She announced that Dave Glover, her husband had just come home from the Marines and was planning to settle down and farm. Dave had heard that Barry Martin was really reaching for the tops in the Marines. He enjoyed his work and made a good officer. One day in school, a sign appeared on the bulletin board announcing a coming speaker in the new Baptist Church at Starrucca. Reverend Jimmy Byrne, the pastor, had invited as guest speaker Miss Jean Whitney, a missionary known for her energetic lectures. Rev. Byrne's wife fmmerly Helen Buck, would assist with the service. Helen was a great help to her husband by doing secretarial work for him. The next day in school, Mr. Stephen Saulo, a farmer whose pastime was to teach new basketball and baseball maneuvers to young boys, visited the high school. That night one of the boys went home and told his father of the wonderful coach they had. His uncle, Emery Thorn, had just come back from Chicago. Emery was glad to hear about Steve. He told his nephew to tell Steve that he had a truck-driving job, and had driven to California, Texas, and Canada. By a stroke of fate, he had had to deliver a truck load of electronics equipment to Houston, Texas, where William Bechtlofft was working in a new electronics engineering laboratory. The work was secret so Emery didn't know just what Wi11ie's specific job was, but he knew Steve would enjoy hearing about Willie. In the first few months of school amidst- all the usual humdrum of school life, not one member of the Class of 1954 had been omitted from discussion concerning or origin ating from school. This proved that although they had long been graduated, their old "schoo1 ties of friendship" still invisibly bound them together in memory. By Jean Whitney, Helen Buck, Robert Carangelo NOTED FOR FAVORITE SAYING SONG NIC KNAME NAME Baseball 'Yeh you want to bet 8 OIR I0 The Ballg E N Take M Willie W. Bechtlofft Emi 2, 3' 31:3 E.,E E52 g.'5: sr. gg E o af'-E wie E O U Te:-I 355 55 55.2.3 is 5 53 5:18 5 as..-:E 222 areas Inside This Letter 3 E 'Doo 'Fl 35 3 0 ld 1,3 fa ae. 2: it 21, 'Su me B Q0 'ESE :no in -28 2 Sn SE 56 D -:ni La so Q S' B0 lf e Yeah" ay " Oh Little David Pl C e 011 ls N.Chi On Your Harp E1 ai 325' 3- an :B 25. ga um' ee-2 552 E E2 O 1'-as 2-3. EE 85 ni.-: fam 5:3 o 55 BB 32 Kg WB! 552. bs S! fu- 'go 'QC-9 EE' 20:52 B'5"' Ov DBVC Glover D. BY Jinx J. Lee Bo E 'ei' n. 2 -3 in .ra 1 4: CII Wom Koxie c. Lloyd 3 E ns' 2 ,230 E 2: E33 IEEE 7335 far? UAW 2633 5555 :ESU 'EEE 322 .azz J, Ross Joy The Wedding March "Oh! you dirty dog" Back talk S. Saulo Butch Wish You Were " t's the matter Sports you chicken' Here Blackeyes "I didn't do 5 -El, 2 5 5 U S E L5 5' C2 N a Eco -n-10 P-:a 5209 5-as gm: aa... KDE-vw 3. E3 Bti: -222 Bias-4 O05 ?'E'1P .5 E 0 2,-5 L?-30: :-'Qu no Sag Ps 0:35 :sei EA E55 ESE' ui?-: tw' We the Senior Class of 1954, being of sound mind, make out the last will and testament leaving our most cherished possessions. William Bechtlofft wills his slyness to John Brown qwatch out for the teachers, Johnj. Girdon Buck wills his size lli shoes to Norman Glover Qkeeps up the firm un- derstanding, Normj. Helen Buck wills her ability to get around the basketball floor to Eileen Slocum fit pays to be small, Eileenj, Donna Burman wills her plaid-lined blue jeans to Miss Javer Qthey don't wear out as fast as pedal pushersj. Jim Byrne wills his ability to get along with Mrs. O'Neill to Grant Fairchild Qwlnk at her once in a while, Grantj. Bob Carangelo wills his many hats to Mr. Chilsonfkeep up my title "Man of Many Hats"J, Norma Chilson wills her black hair to Joanna Levchak fall you have to do is dye it, "Jo"l. Pete Dobon wills his ability to get along with girls to Fred Hobbs fone at a time, Fredj, Joseph Galoni wills his acting ability to Donald Spoor Q just keep saying "Yes, My Dear," Donj. David Glover wills his baseball ability to Francis Buckfuse a curve ball, Frankj June Lee wills her cook book to Peg Walker fit pays to take Home Ec, , Peg, you don't need a cook bookj. Cleon Lloyd wills his Forest City girls to Larry Livingston fthe blonds are pretty nice, Larryj, Barry Martin wills his newspaper route to Ted Slocum Qwalking helps your phy- sique, Tedj. Marjorie Novak wills her long hair to Ella Jay Qbrush it daily, Ellaj. Marlon Rebich wills her curly hair to Emma Jean Haynes Q just set it every night no matter what time you get inj. Joyce Ann Ross wills her diamond to Joyce Cobb Qkeep it shining, Joyce, I didj. Stephen Saulo wills his basketball ability to Richard Bigelow fit helps to keep hours, Dickb. Carlton Slocum wills his driving ability to Steve Barnes fuse the brake on the corners, Stevej. Emery Thorn wills his musical ability to Russell May Qlearn the scale first, Rut, it helpsj, Willard Westcott wills his mathematical ability to George Cobb fstudying helps, Geol. Jean Whitney wills her Endicott boys to Marlene Klym QIt's better when they are out of town, Marlenej. To the Faculty and Underclassmen, we leave the School house, Qintact and uninjured, except for a broken window here and therej. We, the undersigned, do solemnly swear that this last will and testament, is ours, and that we do offer our signatures as witnesses. Joyce Ann Ross Carlton Slocum ewiofz paul "IT'S A DEAL" Barbara Allen, A young real estate agent - - - Margaret, her college-age sister ------ "Tacky, " Barbara's high school-age brother - - - - Barrett Blake, Barbara's boss ------- - - Owen, Blake's son, in love with Barbara - - Gladys Hubbard, Barbara's rival - - Adelaid Millie, a timid spinster - - - - - Mr. Mac, a bashful bachelor ----- Mrs. Anderson Marsh, a well-to-do client - - - - Isabelle, her giggling daughter - - Ora Moyer, another client - - - - Leroy Moyer, a henpecked husband - - Student Director - - - - - NORMA CHILSON " - -' - -JUNE LEE - BOB CARANGELO CARLTON SLOCUM - - -' JIM BYRNE - - - HELEN BUCK MARJORIE NOVAK - - -GIRDON BUCK - MARION REBICH - - JEAN WHITNEY - JOYCE ROSS - - IOE GALONI - DONNA BURMAN Director - - - - MRS. MARY O'NEILL CLASS MOTTO We, the class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-four have chosen as our class motto, "Heights Beckon Us." To us, our motto means that we will never stop, but keep climbing toward success. It also signifies that the members of this class have high standards of success and high standards of character. We believe that the training we have received while in school will help us take our place in the World of Today and Tomorrow as we travel toward the "heights that beckon us." By Donna Burman CLASS POEM "THOMPSON DAYS" Four years ago we walked in school, Our minds were in the sky, For we had left the grades behind, And started at Thompson High. Our Freshman year was hard for us, We thought that we were big. We found in order to pass the grade We really had to dig. Our Sophomore year we weren't so new, We had made the grade at last. Our Junior year we looked ahead, Forgetful of the past. And when at last we reached our goal, And tassels had been turned We thought of those bright days to come, For higher goals we yearned. We 've reached our mark, the grade we've made There 's naught for us to fuss. And so my friends we 've crossed the bay, The ocean lies before us. by I immy Byrne CLASS SONG Tune: Sidewalks of New York Thompson High School We are leaving you We bid farewell to classmates and The friends we love so true Boys and girls together Thank parents and teachers and all Who helped us with our studies Here within these hallowed walls. School day mem'ries That we hold so dear The memories of our classmates ln our hearts will ere ring clear Now's the time for parting And 'we must say adieu Dear old Thompson High School To you we 'll ever be true. by Donna Burman and Marjorie Novak X f X ,yuh X! flwwee President -------------------- JOHN BROWN Vice President- - - Secretary ----- Treasurer- - - S ponsor ------------ - -PATRICIA BORNE ' ' IANICE STANTON - - LARRY LIVINGSTON - - - - - MR. GELATT Peggy Walker brought honor to our class by being chosen to sing at District and State Chorus. Pat Borne is captain of our cheerleading team. Several of our class members are active in other school activities. First row: S. Barnes, R. Bigelow. Second row: P. Borne, I. Brown, F. Buck, G. Cobb, G. Fairchild, N. Glover. Third row: F. Hobbs, E. Jay, M. Klym, A. Kuiper, L. Livingston, R. May. Fourth row: E. Slocum, T. Slocum, D. Spoor, J. Stanton, R. Stone, P. Walker. Sa X President ----------- - - Donald Swartz Vice President- - - - - - Eileen Hunt Secretary ---- ' ' ' ' 'James Gow Treasurer- - - - - Albert Schwebke Sponsor- - - ------- Mis Iaver We have twenty students in our class this year. We have lost Clifford Cobb and James Gow but are happy to have Laura Kopcinski with us. Our class sponsored the annual Halloween Party on October 29, which proved to be very successful. K. sf.. .. 3 . I . as , . 5354415 ,, - .r-sw msgs ' ' ff-Ja ' 'J ., Q, ,"' . .. ' f . ' ' . in A ff First row D Barrows P Bigelow Second row: M. Burns, D. Canfield, G. Carangelo, I. Cobb, J. Cobb, S. Dunn. Third row: A. French, E. Haynes, E. Hunt, S. Jessup, L. Kopcinski, I. Levchak. Fourth row: B. Lloyd, M. Potter, M. Ross, A. Schwebke, C. Stalker, D. Swartz. President --------- ------ M arvin Roberts Vice President- - ---- John Iessup Secretary ---- -----Ellen Byrne Treasurer- - - - Smart Slocum Sponsor - - - - Mrs. Buchla Barbara Bigelow, Pat Smith, and RayrI10Dd Klym are DSW lT16mbC1'S of our class. Sylvia Hobbs has scored many points for our girls' basketball team. Bonnie Gelatt, Ellen Byrne, and Eileen Avery are substitutes. Lucy Jay and Pat Smith are on the cheerleading team. Stuart Slocum was a member of our baseball team. First row: E. Avery. Second row: B. Bigelow, D. Borne, R. Brooker, C. Burns, E. Byrne, J. Callender. Third row: C. Cobb, B. Gelatt, L. Glover, S. Hobbs, L. Jay. I. Jessup. Fourth row: R. Klym, M. Roberts, S. Slocum, P. Smith, R. Wademan, J. Woodard ' 4 First row: J. Dobon, B. Cobb, M, Glover, M. Haynes, G. Seymour, L. Jay, D, Stone. Second row: S. Bedford, L. Barrows, M. Barrows, C. Slocum, R. Gelatt, L. Chilson, W. Kuiper, F. Fairchild, Mr, Chilson. Third row: F. Smith, F. Stanton, J. Glover, H. Cottrell, W, Silver, A. Spangenburg, K, Gelatt. .Wm g First row: L. Bedford, P. Brownell, L. Kopp, L. Matikiewicz, D, Lecher, T, Potter, R. Buck, M. Bechtlofft. Second row: Mr. Buchla, D, Wallace, A. Rebich, R. Carangelo, J. Stearns, R, Stone, M, Barrows, L. Stack, I, Westcott, D. Gow. Third row: M, Smiegel. I. Slocum, C. Roberts, J. Vail, R, Potter, G. Slocum, T. Sutton, L. Rhone. J. Walker. idgmde L. Vail, T. May, S. Nelson, C. Sutton. R. Haynes, B. Cottrell, A. Haynes, D. Slocum, S. Sheldon. D. Glover, L. Stanton, G. Burrnan, W. Gorton, H. Callender, R. Cottrell. aged Qmafe Q G. Williams, A. Buck, N. Barnes, D. Bennett, D. Cottrell, L. Potter, R. Rivenburg. I. May, M. Hines, D. Heesh, C. Klym, E. Jay, I. Sheldon, D. Spencer, E. Gulley. K. Rhone, K. Swartz, R. Smith, R. Peltz, F. Ross, G. Wallace, R. Peltz, C. Ogden, P. Mushala. 7mz4 Q M. Roberts, M . Stone, H. Mushala, J. Soden, I. Rebich, M. Spoor, A. Seaman, B. Dobon. D. Cobb, P. Skurski, J. Thorn, B. Stone, G. Slocum, W. Gorton, R. Karcher, D. Haynes. A. Wallace, G. Hunt, E. Smigel, R. Haynes, R. Stone, L. Slocum, G. Carpenter, G. Bedford, D. Snedeker. ' 4 S. Swartz, M. Gulley, F. Rhone, D. Albertson, P. Kelly, L. Whitney, M. Rebich, V. Vail, E. Barnes. D. Haynes, R. Schwebke, R. Fairchild, S. Gross, L. Cahill, L. Butts, M. Silver, L. Lee. R. Brownell, R. Brooking, A, Cottrell, C. Rivenburg, R. Sheldon, L. Peltz, B. Berner C. Westcott. Qaeda E. Bennett, B. Spencer, M. Thorn, R. Barrows, C. Cottrell. E. Slocum, M. Stack, D. Sheldon, K. Carpenter, J. Gorton. M. Swartz, E. Soden, D. Allen, P. Avery, E. Lecher, D. Cottrell. I B. Mushala, D. Sheldon, M. Carpenter, S. Skeurski, I. Rivenburg, P. Nelson, P. Cottrell, D. Whitney, R. Buck, B. Baker, P. Stone. D. Burman, R. Cordner, P. Cobb, R. Tinker, N. Dickey, J. Kopcinski, F. Molinaro P. Stone, T. Albertson, J. Rivenburg. S. Seaman, D, Botts, J. Mead, S. Sheldon, C. Gardener, R. Smith, C. Allen, G. Smith, S. Kopcinski, G. Swartz, S. Rhone. Um WWMQ 66121286 za aff? ' First row: D. Canfield, E, lay, J. Ross, M. Rebich, M. Ross, J. Lee, D. Burman, C. Cobb. Second row: L. Jay. J. Cobb, S. Hobbs, E. Haynes, S. Jessup, B. Lloyd, L, Kopcinski, S. Dunn, E. Avery, J, Levchak, M. Klym, P. Smith, Miss Javer, Third row: A. French, J. Calender, E, Hunt, G, Carangelo, J, Woodard, D, Barrows, P, Bigelow, M. Burns, J. Potter, B. Bigelow, C, Burns, B. Gelatt, J. Cobb. When our first meeting was held in September the following officers were elected: president ..-------- ------ M arion Rebich Vice President - . ----- Ella Jay Secretary - - - 6 F - - - June Lee Treasurer - - - - 'J ---- Joyce Ross Parliamentarian 3 - Donna BUIIHHD Historian - - - - it - - - Mary Ross Song Leader - - ri 5 - Eileen Hunt Pi ' FA 5110, l Z' Donna Burman mf--" Q Q ng Sponsor ---- A9 O ' N - - -Miss Javer We started the year with twenty-three members, After our freshman initiation we added eleven members making our membership thirty-four. In November the Annual F. F. A, and F, H. A. Harvest Ball was held and it proved to be the social highlight of our school year, The F. F, A. President crowned June Lee as our Harvest Queen, The Stardusters furnished the music for round and square dancing. Other club activities of the year included the joint F. F, A. and F. H. A. meeting, movies, and work on our scrapbook. I r af! ' First row: R. Bigelow, D. Glover. J. Brown, S, Saulo, P. Dobon, J. Galoni, C. Lloyd, R, Carangelo. Second row: M. Roberts, L. Glover, C. Stalker, D. Borne, F, Hobbs, A. Schwebke, Mr. Martin. Third row: S. Slocum, N, Glover, G. Cobb, R, May, D, Swartz, R, Brooker, J. Jessup, R, Wademan. The primary aim of the Future Farmers of America is the Development of Agricul- tural leadership, cooperation, and citizenship. The Motto is as follows: Learning To Do - - Doing To Learn Earning To Live - - Living To Serve Officers elected for this year were: President -------- ------- J ohn Brown Vice President - - - - -Norman Glover A Secretary - - - - - Marvin Roberts 5 H Treasurer - - - - -Cleon Lloyd 59" fb- Reporter - - - - - - Peter Dobon Q" ffr, .-' , 3 Sentinel - - - - - Richard Bigelow ff, j '?"'gQ,+m' Advisor - - - - - Mr. Paul Martin '5'og,+m" Chaplain - - - ---- John Jessup Song Leader - - - ---- Fred Hobbs Custodians - - - - Clayton Stalker Alben Schwebke At the Susquehanna County Fair the following members won prizes in the Poultry and Dairy Judging Contests: Stuart Slocum, Richard Wademan, John Brown, Peter Dobon Marvin Roberts, Fred Hobbs, and James Gow. 'ill nanny, vu.nn0P"' '-'tnkmug ecwlew af! ' ' - , , .W V la First row: M. Walker, P. Borne, N. Chilson, I. Stanton, M. Novak, J. Whitney, H Buck. Second row: Mr. Chilson, S. Saulo, W. Westcott, D. Glover, E. Thorn, B. Martin R. Stone, Mrs. Hartt. Third row: J. Galoni, I. Byrne, R. Carangelo, G. Buck, C. Slocum, W. Bechtlofft, F. Buck, A. Kuiper. The Future Leaders of America Club was organized this year for the first time. F. L.A. is for Junior and Senior students taking commercial or academic subjects. Our club programs have included Bell Telephone Movies, Mr. Earle Ridley of Ridley Secretarial School, speakerg Mock Wedding presented in assemblyg and party for Seniors. Our club officers are: President - - - - - Girdon Buck Vice President - - - -Jean Whitney Secretary ----- ---- H elen Buck Treasurer ------ - -William Bechtlofft Program Chairman -------- Robert Carangelo Sponsors --------- Mrs. Hartt, Mr. Chilson 4-" df. '. .1 wi ' -4 fkg ' 'a 1 wEf" ""'S f - Nh ' .. ..... ..... . , ' 91. 9, ' , ' ffag X 'I G 1 fi Q 7 ' 'i Q I y Q , I First row: D. Canfield, L. Jay, H. Buck, P. Borne, N. Chilson, J. Lee, J. Stanton, D. Burman, E. Hunt, E. Avery. Second row: M. Novak, S. Jessup, L. Kopcinski, S. Hobbs, E. Haynes, B. Lloyd, S. Dunn, J. Levchak, E. Jay, M. Walker, M. Rebich, J. Ross, Mrs. Hartt. Third row: A. French, J. Callendar, G. Carangelo, J. Woodard, D. Barrows, M. Pot- ter, J. Whitney, P. Bigelow, M. Burns, B. Bigelow, C. Burns, B. Gelatt, P. Smith, M. Klym, J. Cobb, Mrs. Buchla. Singing with the Boys' Glee Club, we presented "The Music of Bethlehem, " a Christ- mas Cantata, at the school Christmas Party. Eileen Avery and June Lee sang solo parts in the Cantata. Peggy Walker represented our group at the District Chorus in Sayre, Pennsylvania, and at the State Chorus in Meadville, Pennsylvania. Our officers for the year were: President ---- - - Helen Buck Vice President - - - - Norma Chilson Secretary ---- - - - ----- June Lee Librarians ------- ---- - - - - Eileen Avery Eileen Hunt, Janice Stanton, Donna Burman Director ---------------- Mrs. Buchla Accompanist -------------- Mrs. Hartt In the spring we presented our annual Spring Concert. We also sent Marjorie Novak, E112 Jay. Illrle LCC. Norma Chilson, and Bonnie Gelatt to represent us at the Susquehanna Music Festival. FWWK First row: J. Galoni, R. Carangelo, I. Byrne, C. Slocum, C. Lloyd, D. Glover, D. Spoor. Second row: L. Glover, S. Saulo, W. Westcott, D. Borne, B. Martin, E. Thorn, F. Hobbs, G. Buck, N. Chilson, Mrs. Buchla. Third row: J. Jessup, R. Klym, F. Buck, R. Brooker, W. Bechtlofft, P. Dobon, M. Roberts, S. Slocum, G. Fairchild, S. Barnes, R. Wademan. The Boys' Glee Club, under the leadership of Mrs. Buchla, has had an enjoyable year of fine music. We participated in the Christmas Cantata, "Music of Bethlehem," at the annual Christmas Party held at the IOOF Hall. On April 29 we presented our Spring Concert together with the Girls' Chorus and Band. ln March we presented a Minstrel Show. Officers for the year were: President ---- - - Cleon Lloyd Vice President - - - - - Jimmy Byrne Secretary - - - - - Carlton Slocum Librarians - - - - David Glover Joseph Galoni Accompanist - - - -Norma Chilson Members of the Boys' Chorus who sang at the Susquehanna County Festival were: Girdon Buck, David Glover, Fred Hobbs and Barry, Martin. 'gazed First row: Mrs. Buchla, P. Dobon, E. Thorn, D. Burman, J. Whitney, B. Martin, F. Hobbs. Second row: J. Walker, P. Borne, L. Chilson, R. Gelatt, G. Buck, F. Buck, E. Avery Third row: J. Byrne, N. Chilson, S. Hobbs, D. Glover, B. Lloyd, P. Walker, B. Gelatt, H. Buck. Thompson-Starrucca -Ararat High School is justly proud of its twenty-one piece band. Band members, under the direction of Mrs. Shirley Buchla, made fine performances at the Senior Play, Christmas Party, Spring Concert, and Graduation. They played an outstanding arrangement of Christmas Carols at the Christmas Party. The band welcomed Jimmy Walker and I immy Byrne to their group at the beginning of the year. The following officers were elected for the '53-'54 school term: President ---------------- Girdon Buck Vice President - - - - -Bonnie Gelatt Secretary - - - - - Betty Lloyd Librarians - - - - Loyd Chilson Sylvia Hobbs Robert Gelatt Eileen Avery, Betty Lloyd, and Jimmy Walker rep- resented our group in the County Festival Band. 5" 'f'Pif"f3'Wf?.if 1: fY'2-?f'M1"'1:Q'r1r?,11'- . . I w 1 . , ,A , ' ' I ,co X a 555'-s wg xx X "Nw NX sf t .4 ssxh suis -. X Q is 5 :Ax 5 'Q-ww :Mum X'Q. 5 N5 -Q fx xQ X Ns Z me E. Jay. P. Borrle. M. Burns. E. Hunt. P. Smith, L. Jay, J. Cobb, D. Canfield, Our Cheerleaders are: Patricia Borne, Marjorie Burns, Ella Jay, Eileen Hunt, Lucy Jay, and Joann Cobb. The substitutes are: Donna Canfield and Pat Smith, All of the cheerleaders, with the exception of Patricia Borne, are new comets, They have worked very hard and we are very proud of them. The girls have initiated several new cheers and have helped us learn our new Alma Mater, N S l X - 5 ,- 5 ' s -Q 1 Q - Z lil L ALMA MATER OF THOMPSON-STARRUCCA-ARARAT SCHOOL Written by Mrs. Shirley Buchla Oh, Alma Mater, hail to thee, Our school we love so well, X We sing thy praises loud and long ,,,, M ,,,,, , ,,, ,m-Mp n O'er every hill and vale. 9 ,HJ Q W J Your colors bright we gladly wear, Z L' ,fl Your name we gaily sing, " So join together one and all, ,,,,, As our voices proudly ring, 1 1 All hail to thee, oh, Thompson High, Our voices lift in praise of memories, We hold so dear of happy high school days, Our loyalty we pledge to thee, To you we'll e're be true, Oh Alma Mater praise to thee, Oh, Thompson, Hail to you. ale' Zcwketdail First row: H. Buck, I. Lee, J. Levchak, J. Ross, N. Chilson, M. Potter. Second row: Mr. Buchla, P. Walker, E. Byrne, M. Rebich, M. Ross, B. Bigelow, M. Klym, Mrs. Buchla. Third row: B. Gelatt, E. Avery, L. Kopcinski, S. Hobbs, B. Lloyd, D.. Barrows. We have a very nice group of girls out for basketball this year: The Senior Class is very well represented having five out of eight of their girls on the team. They are: June Lee, forwardg Helen Buck, Norma Chilson, Joyce Ross, and Marion Rebich, guards. The scores of our league games are: TSA - 43 Susquehanna- - 19 TSA - 45 Harford ----- 48 TSA - 23 Montrose- - - - 44 TSA - 56 Blue Ridge - - - 57 TSA - 47 Susquehanna- - -20 TSA - 28 Harford ----- 46 The team was very proud to wear its new black and orange suits, as well as its new jackets. Besides the regular league games, we played several exhibition games at the beginning of the season. We wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to our coaches, Mr, and Mrs. Buchla for the time and effort they have spent in making this a very good year. Zaye' Zami First row: D. Glover, S. Saulo, T. Slocum, B. Martin, C. Slocum, P. Dobon, Second row: Mr. Buchla, F. Buck, S. Barnes, G. Buck, E. Thorn, F. Hobbs, C. Stalker J. Galoni, W. Bechtlofft. As the month of October was nearing an end, the boys waited patiently for the first of November for they knew it would be the start of the 1954 basketball season. Practice was called by our coach during the first week in November, and the boys were eager to start their drills. About the third week in November, suits were given out, a large number of them to Seniors. W The boys representing our team are: Forwards - S. Saulo, C. Slocum. I. Galoni, C. Stalker, S. Barnes: Guards - P. Dobon, D. Glover, E. Thorn, G. Buck, F. Hobbs: Centers - T. Slocum, B. Martin. The scores up to date are as follows: TSA - 38 Susquehanna TSA - 49 Harford - - - TSA - 42 Montrose- - TSA - 58 Blue Ridge - TSA - 41 Susquehanna TSA - 44 Harford - - - In the league standings we are half a game out of first place with two games to play. Our main goal is a championship team for TSA. The boys are very proud of their new basketball suits and jackets. 2? First row: G. Buck. I. Galoni, W. Bechtlofft. I. Byrne, G. Fairchild, C. Lloyd, C. Stalker, Second row: Mr. Buchla, P. Dobon, T. Slocum, C. Slocum, D. Glover, S. Saulo, B. Martin, R, Bigelow. Coming back to school meant the starting of the 1953 baseball season. As usual, a large number of boys turned out for the try-outs. Mr. Buchla our coach, picked the fifteen boys to represent the Thompson-Starrucca-Ararat team. We were surprised to hear that we had a few new teams entering our league and they were as follows: Mont- rose, Elk Lake, Blue Ridge, Hop Bottom, and Harford. We won four games and lost two enabling us to take third place out of seven teams in the league. The scores of our games are as follows: 3 T. s. A. 9 Blue Ridge 2 T. S. A. 3 ' Susquehanna 1 T. S. A, 0 AQ Elk Lake 5 T. S. A. 15 ,469 4 Harford 11 T. S. A. 13 -'gr '. Hop Bottom 6 s T. S. A. 4 g Montrose '7 Stephen Saulo, David Glover, and William Bechtlofft all took part in the depart- ment of pitching. Seniors Girdon Buck, David Glover, William Bechtlofft, Stephen Saulo, Carlton Slocum, Peter Dobon, Cleon Lloyd, Joe Galoni, and Jimmy Byrne will be missed on the baseball team of '54-'55, AMW lf , 'S f ap 4 fx KN' , . ,.-SQQE Nl Q :. 5xX 55 A xtyx - Fx Q bf 72 Mon REXALL DRUG STORE 115 Main Street Susquehanna, Pennsylvania FRANK J. REDDON P. D, Your Druggist Since 1916 RICHFIELD SERVICE STATION V. L. GRIFFIS Blue Coal - Ice Esso Heat and Gasoline Moving STUART CORSE DONALD BARNES . General Trucking Susquehanna Lane sboro Susquehanna Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Phone 285-R-3 ACACIA INSURANCE SUCHNICK BRANT'S DAIRY Dairy Products LESTER ALBERT Sunoco Dealer . Pasteurized Great Bend Road , , Susquehanna Homogenized Milk Oakland Great Bend Pennsylvania . , PeI1I1SY1Va.n1a. 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THOMAS, Representative Compliments of Carbondale, Pennsylvania NORTHEASTERN PENNSYLVANIA DIEGES 8: CLUST Class Rings - Bronzes - Class Pins Trophies - Prize Cups - Plaques MERRILLJS, INC . Commencement Announc ement s - Name Cards TELEPHONE CO. EARL TOUR JE , Secretary, General Manager Forest City, Penn. THE GRILLE E. A. BLOXHAM 405-407 Main Street BEAUTY STUDIO , , Forest City Everything in 8 . . - Pennsylvania Forest City, Building Materials Dine and Dance , Proprietors Pennsylvania Forest CRY' H TURK Pennsylvania A. SUPENSIC Compliments of PLEASANT MT . Go Ll F' Feed - Fertilizer Farm Supplies - Seed Pleasant Mt. , Pennsylvania Compliments of R. B. FRIES, INC. Phone 7 0 3 900 Main Street Vandling, Pennsylvania DR . MORT ON HODES Optometrist Phone 1024 432 Main Street Forest City, Pennsylvania Compliments of S. C. BARNES Dairy Feeds , Etc . G. L. F. Quality Starrucca, Pennsylvania DAVID KRASNO FOREST CITY JOHN SMITH 8' SON Jeweler SHOE REPAIR Kelvinator 507 Main Street and Maytag Forest City, Fra-nk - Penns lvania Westinghouse - RCA Y Buttachio Zenith Phone 882 Forest City Your Jeweler Phone 115-3 Since 1909 C ompliments of DAVIES MOTOR CO. Compliments of ALBERT MOCK Ford Sales and Service Hay and Coal 344-46 Main Street Thompson, Forest City Pennsylvania - I Compliments of BENSON BROS. LAMB S DAI SUNOCO General Trucking RY FARMS SERVICE STATION Pasteurized Movin - Phone 9012-R-111 g Homogfmzed Atlantic Mm' Thompson, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania Heating Oil Pennsylvania HALEY Compliments of RADIO SERVICE THF. FIRST at FARMERS NATIONAL BANK Susquehanna, Member of Federal Deposit Pennsylvania Insurance Corporation Deposits Insured to S10, 000 Phone 243-R-2 Forest City, Pennsylvania FRED R. DDC REAL ESTATE AND INS URANC E C otte r Building Hancock, New York Phone Hancock 12.1 E. K. OWENS HARDWARE COMPANY Susquehanna, Pennsylvania i' 44 i, THESTAR A4 RESTAURANT -i Hancock FOX GARAGE Ford Sales Hancock, New York THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF HANCOCK Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Hancock, New York CRAWFORD BROS. Compliments of The Boys at the Hancock Store Phone 1 - Z M Hancock, New York MCGRANGHAN CO. Headquarters for Dry Goods Needs Hancock Compliments of HANC OC K HOUS E D. L. VAN GORDON, Proprietor Hancock, New York FRED ST UBB 'S BAKERY Phone 145 Hancock CLIFF'S INN Lunches Legal Beverages CLIFFORD A. HAYNES Island Lake THE CENTRAL DINER Hancock, New York Phone Jackson Z6RlZ PAGES' DAIRY Pasteurized and Homogenized Milk Dairy Products Susquehanna PERRINE FURNITURE STORE Bottled Gas Service See Us for Seigler Oil or Gas Heaters "Twice the Heat for Half the Fuel" ROBERT B. LANGFORD, Owner Phone 93 R 3 HORNB ECK CHEVROLET Cars - Trucks Parts - Service Susquehanna Forest CRY Congratulations THOMPSON BAPTIST CHURCH to the Graduation Class We Preach: of '54 TOWN THEATER Christ Crucified, Risen, and Coming Again Susquehanna RYAN'S ECONOMY STORE Susquehanna, Pennsylvania O. P. BEARDSLEE Starrucca Everything In Insurance WESCOTT CHEVROLET H. G. WESCOTT, Proprietor Packard Cars COOKE MOTOR Cars Trucks SALES parts Service 339 East Main Street Susquehanna Susquehanna h G. NORMAN GELATT WATKINS PRODUCTS LECHERIS Groceries and Complete Photo General Service Merchandise Thompson Ararat Sterling Bedford Compliments STARRUCCA BAPTIST CHURCH of Sunday Services Union Sunday School 10:45 A. M. : . . n DR. J. P. ZAVOY 1145 A M The Open Book, The Uplifted Christ MR. PERCY TAYLOR, Susquehanna Sunday School Superintendent REVEREND A. W. BYRNE, Pastor ADORNATOIS Compliments to the Members of ATLANTIC SERVICE The Graduating Class of 1954 HAROLD BURLEIGH Susquehanna INSURANCE AGENCY "There Is No Substitute for Insurance' Pleasant Mt. SH-'VER at Compliments of ESTABROOK Television and THE DAIRYMEN'S LEAGUE ASSOCIATION Appliances Sales and Service 4-R-3 Phone 102 Thompson Thompson New Milford Compliments of Compliments of THOMPSON HOSE COMPANY STARRUCCA CREEK LIONS CLUB and LADIES AUXILIARY Compliments Compliments of of THE SENIOR CLASS SHEFFIELD FARMS of Starrucca Northern Wayne High School diana, KONCHAR'S ARROWHEAD MARKET ------- - - - Forest City STEVE'S ------- ---- Pleasant Mt. C. D. BLAUVELT -- --- Starrucca ANDY'S BARBER SHOP --- ---- Thompson and Susquehanna PAGANO'S MARKET -- ------- ---- S usquehanna NESS CORNER STORE --- ---- Susquehanna DR. 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Suggestions in the Thompson Vocational High School - Owl Yearbook (Thompson, PA) collection:

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