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, uf . H, a ' 1 A K' , v 1 v Q .- .wn-N Q 1 1 , W ,, ll Y. T., ,Y ,. L, .,.,, ffm x X is E 'fy Q Q 4 A ...Q 1 4? s v 1, ,V I , ,VL .f. 1 ,uw -,L -but ,' N W 4 li' , .f-ff-, qq ,, . 1,53 1, L- . K ' r ri f A-in g,,,.- 4 -.Q 5 X fX EDICATION DEDICATION We, the Senior C lass of 1949, wish to dedicate our yearbook to Miss Palmer our class Sponsor. and Mr. Gelatt our yearbook Advisor We sincerely appreciate the help and co-operation that they have so willingly given to us. 'Tis an old maxim in schools. That flattery's the food of fools: Yet now and then your men of wit Will condescend to take a bit. C adenus and Vanessa Z BLACK AND ORANGE STAFF tc..w.twweN.Mf,. yt. M... SEATED: Left to Right: J. Curtis. l. Griddle. E. Lidaka, I. Krall. L. Swartz. SECOND ROW, STANDING: Mr. Swingls, E. Lee, R. Wall. V. Lidska. P. Stone. G. Glover. D. Walker Misa Palmer. THIRD ROW, STANDING: C. Snyder. H. Crandall. .T. Levchak, H. Davis, G. Burman. iz.. Rebich. M. Stager. I. Buck. Editor -in-C hie! Associate Editor Sports Editor Advertising Business Manager Photography A Class Repoiters Boys' Glee Club Girls' Glee C lub Orchestra Cheerleaders l-'.H.A. l".F.A. E lesnor Lidaka Irene Krall Elwood L ee Gordon G lover R ic hard W all .Toe Levchak Joan C urtis George B urman Iva C riddle ' 50 Lucille Swartz 'Sl Irving B uck ' 52 V inc ent L idaka H obart D avis M arian S tager Claire S nyder Donald W alker Hazel C ruidall Elizabeth R ebich Paul Stone EDITORAL Now that we are graduating we are going forth to be the future voters of America. lt is every citizen's duty to go to the polls on election day and vote. Many people never give it a thought as their duty. If the weather on election day is bad the polls are most likely to lie empty. They are thinking only of their cornfort. not their duty. If the privilige of voting was taken away from those who did 'not vote they would give more thought to it. We hope that we in the future will remember this duty and exercise the privilige we are granted as citizens of the United States of America. I, in behalf of the Senior Class of '49 take this opportunity of thanking Miss Palmer. Mr. Swingle, M r. Gellat. Mrs. Gellat. and all who have in any way helped to make this yearbook a success. Editor-in-C hief Eleanor Lidska '49 3 EDWARD J. BUCHLA History and Physical Education S evsnth and Eighth Grades University of Scranton, B .A. E llf S troudsburg State T eac hers C ollege MRS. LILLIAN GARDNER Fourth, Filth and Sixth Grades--Stsrrucca Mansfield State Teachers C ollege LESTER I. CHILSON S ocial Studies, Biology and M athematics M ansfhld State Teachers C ollege Bucknell University, B ,S. G. NORMAN GELATT, Principal M athematic s and S c ienc e Pennsylvania State C ollege. B 5. S ummer S chool-P ennsylvania S tate C o MRS. RAYMOND GELATT T hird and Fourth Grade! M anslleld State Teachers C ollege Extension-P ennsylvnnia S tate C ollege MISS MIRIAM DEPUE First and S econd Grades M nnsfleld S tate T eschers C allege 5 llege S MRS. ALICE GLOVER Principal-Starrucca S eventh and Eighth Grades W eat C heater State T eachers C ollege Extension-University of Pennsylvania MISS SHIRLEY A. PALMER Music Mansfield State Teachers College. B .S. PAUL D. MARTIN Agriculture and GeneralScience Pennsylvania S tate C ollege, B .S. Extension-University of West Virginia University of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania S tate C ollege MISS MARY LOUISE SAXTON Homemaklng M analield State Teachers C ollege. B .S. S umme r 5 chool-P ennsylvania S tate C ollege MISS MARIAN MUMFORD First. Second and Third Grades. Stan-ucca W est C heater S tate Teachers C allege Pennsylvania State. and B Ioomsburg C ollege WILLIAM FRANCIS SWINGLE English. Literature and Latin University of Western Ontario. B .A. University of Scranton. B .A. 6 MRS. PERCIVAL TAYLOR F ifth and S lxth Grades M snsfield State Teachers C ollogo Extension-E sst Stroudsburg Stats Tosehsrs C ollege Pennsylvania S tate C ollege THE BOARDS OF EDUCATION The tendency of our world's security seems to lie in the co-operative efforts of a united front. The best evidence of this is the United Nations Assembly. On a much smaller scale, we. of the Thompsonafitarrucca area are following the wisdom of those precedents. The responsibility of education is no light taskg the cost of education is no light burden: the understanding of two communities cannot be fostered if separated by distance and ideals. The members of the Thompson and Starrucca School Boards. speaking for and representing the citizens of their respective communities, realized that the best results could be accomplished only through a common and united front. To reach this end they have formed the T hompson-S tarrucca Joint S chool B oard, The wisdom of this union may not be appreciated today or tomorrow, it may take a period of time, but the proof of this wisdom will be evident when our two communities shall be fused into one in thought, desire, effort and success. To the members of the Thompson-Starrucca Joint B oard, we say: "Well done, good and faithful servants of our Community." Members of the Thompson-S tarrucca Joint School Board are: Dr. H. W. Barnes Willard Hobbs C hester B arnes William Livingstone C larence B rownell L . C . Murnford Roland Buck Mrs. CecilStone Horace Glover Perry Whitney Mrs. Helen Gulley 'Z fX SENIORS GEORGE BURMAN Glee Club -1.Z.3.4. Orchestra -1.2.3. Dramatics - 3.4. Festival- 1.2. YearbookStaff 4. George is our quiet. well-mannered boy from Fiddle Lake. His willingness to help others has won him many friends. We wish him all the success possible for future years. HAZEL CRANDALL Dramatics - 4. F.H.A, - 2.4. Glee Club - l,Z. 3.4. YearbookStaff - 4. Cheerleader - 1.4. Operetta - 1.4. Spring Festival - Z. Orchestra - 2.3. Band - 1.2. Hazel. the brown-haired girl of our class. who has interest in school affairs and has made herself a friend of all. Though she hasn't re- vealed her li.fe's career, we know she will be a success in whatever vocation she chooses. Best of luck. Hazel. E7 5 'P 2. E is JOAN CURTIS Class Officer - Z. F.H.A. - Z. Glee Club - 1.2.4. Yearbook Staff - 4. Operetta - 1.4. Cheerleader - 1. Joan is our dark-haired girl from Thompson. Her cheery smile has brightened many a dreary day. Her ambition is to be a nurse. and we know she will succeed. Good luck. Ioanie. GORDON GLOVER Basketball - 1.4. Baseball - 1.4. GleeClub - l. Z,3.4. F.F.A. - 2.3. Officer - 4. Class Officer - 2.3.4. Drsmatics - 1.3.4. YearbookSta.ff - 4. Gord. our farmer classmate from Stsrrucca often found sleeping in Biology class. is our bright boy in Chemistry class. He is well liked by all his classmates and always has a helping hand for his friends in time of need. We wonder why his Hub is often seen sitting on top of Thompson Hill. 9 E'-WOOD LEE Basketball l,2.3.4. Captain - 4. Baseball - I. 2.3.4. F.F.A. -1.2.3. Glee Club - l,Z.3.4. Orchestra - l,Z,3.4. Band - 1.2.3. Dramatics - 3.4. Class Officer - 2.4. County Festival - 1.2. Yearbook Staff - 4. Pete is our curly. black-haired. basket- ball star from Thompson. When you hear an unusual noise and laugh. you know that Pete is ' around. His ambition is to be s farmer. We wish hlm great success. JOSEPH LEVCHAK Basketball - l.Z.4. Baseball- l.Z.3.4. Captain - 4. F.1-'.A. - 2.3.4. Officer - 3. Glee Club - 2.3.4. Officer - 4. Class Officer - 2.3.4. Dramatics - 1.3.4. Yearbook Staff - 2.3.4. Joe is our Starrucca basketball star. His funny jokes have brought lots of good laughs to his friends. His ambition is to be a farmer. Good luck, Joe. ELEANOR LIDAKA Class Officer - 2.3. Dramatlcs - 3.4. l-'.H.A. - Z. 3.4. Officer - 3.4. Glee Club - .l.Z.3,4. Yearbook Staff - 4. Operetta - 4. Eleanor. the studious member of our class. is noted for her friendly way and willingness to help. We know that whatever she imdertakes in the future it will be a success. Good luck. "Ellis." VINCENT LIDAKA Basketball - 2.3.4. Baseball - 3.4. Track - 2.3. Glee Club - l.Z,3.4. F.F.A. - 1.2.3. Officer - 3. Class Officer - 4. Dramatics - 4. Yearbook Staff - 4. Vince is our quiet young lad from Burnwood He has been very active inSchool Activities. especially sports. He also proved himself a good actor in our Senior Drama. We wish him all the success possible. 10 MARXON STAGER Claaa Officer - 1.3. Dramatica - 3.4. FJ-LA. - Z. 3.4. Officer - 4. Glee Club - l.Z.3,4. Officer - 4. Yearbook Staff - 3.4. Operetta - 4. A friendly disposition, a co-operative aplrit. and a habit of helpfulness have made Marion a clall- mate we could not well do without. Although quiet. M arlon always joins in the fun: her eyea sparkle, and ahe laufha merrily. May llfo shower you with many bleulnga. Marlon. RICHARD WALL Glee Club - 4. Operetta - l.Z.3.4. Basketball - l.Z. Dramatica - 2.3.4. Track - 1.2. School Paper - 3. Yearbook Staff - 4. Dick ia the tall lad from Susquehanna. He joined ua at the beginning of the Senior year. During the time he hal been here. we have had a lot of fun and good times. May only the beat come to you in the future. CLASS POEM We. the class of forty-nine. Have gathered here tonight, Before we leave to go and find Successes shinning light. And always watching o'er our pathway. Is the love of friends so sincere. Friends we have made in our past day Friends we will always hold dear. Now at last the time has come When we must part and gu --- And leave our friends and everyone As to men and women we grow. S o dear friends---Good-by. And may God bless you and keep you, As you go forth to try, To reach successes path anew. HAZEL CRANDALI. 11 NAME G eorge B urman H azel C randall Joan C urtis Gordon Glover Elwood L ee Joseph Levc hak Eleanor L idaka Vincent L idaka M arion S tager Richard W all M iss P almer M iss S axton Mr. Gelatt Mr. Buchla Mr. Chilson Mr. Swingle Mr. Martin George B urman H azel C randall Joan C urtis Gordon Glover, Elwood L ee Eleanor L idaka Vincent Lidaka Joseph Levchak M arion S tager Richard W all M iss Palmer M iss S axton M r. B uchla M r . C hilson M r. Gelatt M r . S wingle M r. M artin DID YOU KNOW THAT: ALL IN FUN NICKNAME B urman Jackie Joanie Gord Pete Joe Ellie Vince M ate Dick FAVORITE SAYINGS I Don't B elieve It. I Don't Know. Oh No. Who Said? - -- What do you care. you're no cop. I'1lBite. It's A Good Thing I Know You. - --- -- WhatSide of the street do I live on? Is that so? Jeepers. -- That is the last bell, sit down. Who's the Teacher around here? Knock it off. WEAKNESS Gibson F orest C ity Interns Y awning L aughing Cider C urly Hair C hevrolet B lack Hair Girls P arties S hoes Losing Keys F ever QB uckl Politics Pearls R ed Lights -- We can get along without those smart remarks. I thought this was Study Hall. Girls, is that tick tack toe? Who put that rubber on the stove? M r. C hilson asked the Biology C lass where the flame goes when you blow out a match? The Juniors had a hay ride? George B urman attended more Harford than Thompson B asketball games? School calls at quarter of ten for Edward Travis? Eleanor Lidaka likes to fix flat tires? V ince can play B asketball? Miss Palmer calls Gordon Glover "Lover Boy"? Dick Wall visits S usquehanna frequently? Joe hasn't made much progress at Thompson High School with girls? "Pete" likes to take music lessons? M r. Chilson buys hair tonic in Susquehanna? Mr. Buchla was water boy for the Jessup Football team? M r. Gelatt is cleaning house at Thompson HighSchool? Joan C urtis likes to go to S ayre? I2 CLASS SONG QT une -L ondonderry A irj Dear Thompson High For many years we've tread the paths That lead us onward toward success's door. Now that we are graduating from Thompson High We look back at those years with Happiness. So fare thee well, dear schoolmates we are leaving you To go on to horizons so bright But never will we'er forget our schoolmates Of Thompson High our Alma Mater dear. Dear Mom and Dad And teachers who have taught us We wish to show our gratitude to you For the kind help and patience you have shown us Thru the four long years at Thompson High School So fare thee well, kind teachers we are leaving you To go out into this world so great And in the future we will ne'er forget you Our frineds of dear old Thompson HighSchool. W ritten by Eleanor Lidaka and H azel C randall CLASS MOTTO We C ame, We Studied, We Conquered We, the class of Nineteen Hundred and Forty-Nine have chosen as our class motto: We Came, We Studied, We Conquered This motto stands for the work we have accomplished during our HighSchool life. It tells how we came faithfully for four long years, and how we studied diligently, and at last conquered the many obstacles that lay in our pathway. Now, as we go forth to earn our living in the world, we shout this message to the world, "We Come, We Will Work, We W ill C onquer. Joseph Levc hak 13 CLASS FLOWER 0 We, the Senior Class of 1949. have chosen the Red Rose as our C lass Flower. This rose symbolizes the past four years, in which we have dwelled within the walls of our Alma Mater. In our Freslunan year we were like the rosebud, fragile and young. and we unfolded only a feyv petals. We had not the strength of a full grqwn rose but as all beautiful roses must be tended, pruned, nurtured and cultivated, we started our growth. In our Sophomore year the rosebud had developed a stronger stem, the petals opened more fully and now for the first time a delicate fragrance came from the flower. Like the rose, we were gaining more knowledge from our books, everyday life, and our relation with other Human Beings. As Juniors, the deeper and more hidden qualities of the rose had reached almost full growth, and as the petals unfolded its beauty, fragrance. and strength were visible to the hurnan eye. As the rose is plucked to become a part of a bouquet to beautify the lives of men, we the Seniors, had reached our full maturity. We are, indeed, fledgling citizens of a great democracyg we are products of our educational system, we are social beings ready to step forward to higher degrees of social, economic and political lifel As the rose was brought to its full beauty by the skillfulcare of nature and the gardener, so we have been brought to ours by our parents and teachers, the gardeners of our lives. It has been said that the rose is a symbol of courage, love. and beauty: we hope that our lives will be full of courage, love, and beauty. With this thought in mind, we have chosen the Red Rose as our C lass F lower. Hazel C randall CLASS COLORS Blue and White We, the class of Nineteen Hundred and Forty-Nine. have selected for our C lass Colors, Blue and White. We first chose the blue of truth for our foundation--the blue of the sky and the sea, and of all eternal things that are as true and as high as the heavens, and as deep and as unresting as the ocean. With this blue we blend the white as our secondary class color. Hoping that the purity it typifies may become closely inculcated in our personal principles and that by blending it with the blue of truth, our courage may be kept ever clean and white--that we may remain always pure of thought and word and deed, brave of purpose and spirit. Yes, brave and pure of motive in all that we may think, or say, or do throughout the course of our lives. So we start on this voyage of life holding the colors of blue and white proudly aloft, determined to stand by them to the end, building for ourselves lives of braver, purer promise and richer value. and characters of sterling strength and tested purity, through a wise and happy blending of the blue with the white. Elwood L ee 14 C LASS HIS TORY The month of September, 1945 found the presentSenior Class of '49 gathered in Mr. Chilson's room for roll call. Everyone seemed to be present from the elementary grades, but to our surprise there were some new faces. When roll was taken it was as follows: Joan C urtis Elwood Lee Eleanor L id aka Elvin L amb Marian Stager Vincent Lidaka D orothy Smith Richard Hines Hazel C randall Clarence Slocum Jessie Ross Meryle C oon George B urman The new members we found to be, Richard Hines and Clarence Slocum from Starrucca. We elected the following officers for the year: President - Elvin Lamb Vice-President - Jessie Ross Secretary - Elwood Lee Treasurer - Marian Stager Sponsor 'T - Miss Coar During the year two members, John Worby and Donald Peltz, paid us a short visit. 1 There was a hot dog roast in the early fall sponsored by Miss Coar. Being Freshmen this was our only activity of the year. We left Thompson High School in the spring of '46 hoping to see all our friends when we returned as full-fledged Sophomores. Upon our return in the fall we gaily trouped into the Sophomore room. We again found two new members added to our class, namely Gordon Glover' and Joseph Levchak, from Starrucca. The officers elected for the year were: President - Eleanor Lidaka Vice-P resident - Gordon Glover S ecretary - Joseph Levchak Treasurer - Joan Curtis Sponsor - Miss Mumford Our activity during the year was a class party held November Zl, in Miss Mumford's music room. Refreshments of ice cream and cake were served by Jessie Ross, Eleanor Lidaka, Joseph Levchak and Elwood Lee. Various games were played during the evening. It was enjoyed by all. The year ended with rather few accomplishments and we prepared ourselves for the last two years. It hardly seemed possible but after a short vacation here we were half-way through our school career and in Mr. Swingle's room. Dorothy Smith, Elvin Lamb and Merlye Coon. members of our class left leaving a greater job for us to fulfill because of our reduced nu.mber. The officers for the year were: President - Marian Stager Vice-President - Gordon Glover Secretary - Richard Hines Treasurer - Eleanor Lidaka Sponsor - Miss Saxton In the beginning of the year we received word that Dorothy Smith was attending school in Susquehanna, Elvin Lamb was helping his father on the farm, and Merlye Coon was waiting for induction papers into the army. 15 During this year our activities increased. Two of our members, Joe Levchak and Marian Stager, were appointed to the yearbook staff. A class party was held at the summer cottage of Jessie Ross's. The committee that was appointed to furnish entertainment was Jessie Ross, George Burman, Richard Hines and Marian Stager. Music was played fpr square dancing, besides games. Refreshments were brought in by each member of the class. On arrival of our sponsor, Miss Saxton, also Miss Pace and Mr. Swingle, the group burst forth with songs. Everyone took part in the singing. Soon the time came for us to begin the annual play. It was entitled "ABIGAII.. GOES HAYWlRE", which was a huge success. We soon were given the honor of selecting our class rings, which was a big thrill to all of us. Toward the last part of the second semester we were sorry to lose Jessie Ross and Clarence Slocum. Feeling that our Junior year was well spent left to await our final goal. Ascending the last of the four great steps, we found ourselves filing into the Senior room under the supervision of Miss Palmer. We settled down the first day and looked for familiar faces. One was missing, Richard, Hines fthe humorist of our classj. Though we were glad to welcome a new acquaintance, Richard Wall, from Susquehanna. We elected officers for the year. President - Joseph Levchak Vice-President - Elwood Lee Secretary - Gordon Glover Treasurer - Vincent Lidaka Sponsor - Miss Palmer In the middle of September we were proudly wearing our class rings. Our last opportunity to show our acting ability was in the Senior Play entitled, "NEVER TOUCHED ME". Since our funds were low we sold soda and candy at our baseball and basketball games. This proved very successful and we had a great deal of fun doing it. To our surprise we received a Christmas card from Mrs. Jessie Stone, formerly Miss Jessie Ross. The class takes great pleasure in wishing her happiness. Richard Hines is kept busy working on a farm. During the year our class was honored with two service men, formerly members of our class, Clarence Slocum and Meryle Coon, both in the Army. Best of luck to you, boys! In the midst of our other duties we began our yearbook, with everyone doing his task to help make it a success. Now that the eventful day is drawing near, we feel that our high school career has been well spent. We, the Senior C lass of '49, want to take this opportunity of thanking all the teachers who have guided us through our school days for their patience and helpful advice. M arian S tager Should auld acquaintance be forgot. And never brought to min'? Should auld acquaintance be forgot. And days o' auld lang syne? 16 CLASS PROPHECY OF 1949 It is time for the class reunion in the year of the atom age. As I set out to invite my former classmates to join for this gathering, this is howl have them pictured since they left dear old Thompson High in the year 1949. The first personl met as I started out was Elwood Lee. Elwood is a service station attendant: all day he drops little atom pills into the gas tank. I visited with Elwood for awhile, and asked him where some of the other members of our class lived. He told me Joe Levchak owned a large dairy farm down the road, second place on the Starrucca road, toward Susquehanna. Waving good-bye. I told Elwood I would see him at the reunion. My next stop was to see Joe. Gee, what a farm he owns. As I stepped from the car, I saw J'oe standing out by the barn. I waved, and he came down to see whol was. He had never expected to see me dressed as a State Nurse, and driving a new State car. We congratulated each other over our success. When we came back to earth, he took me on an inspection tour. What a beautiful place! He told me he owned 3000 acres in all. After the jaunt around the yards I was exhausted, so I bid him adieu and went to the car for a rest. As I was about to start out, who should pull to the side of my car but Gordon Glover. What a treat for sore eyes, bow tie and all. He certainly looked sharp. I asked him what he was doing since school days, and he told me he was running a model agency in Bermuda, and had just come back for a look at the little old building on the hill that was so dear to our hearts. As we stood talking about his work, I asked him who some of his models were. To my pleasant amazement, he named Eleanor Lidaka. Of course, I'll always remember Eleanor as a very attractive girl who set many hearts on fire with her smile. Gordon said she was engaged to some big executive in Bermuda. Well, time was running short so I told himl enjoyed our pleasant visit, and invited him to our reunion and drove off. Where my next stop was I did not know until I saw a sign ahead that read "Marion's Diner". I wondered if this could be our own MarionStager. Inquisitive me, I stopped and entered the diner. My hunch was right. There was Marion, happy as a lark serving some of her customers. This made me very hungry, and where could I get any better food than at Marion's? She joined me for lunch and we had a very pleasant chat. She told me that her head waitress would be in soon. She had no sooner spoke when the head wait- ress came through the door. To my unbelieving eyes it was Hazel Crandall. Hazel stopped at our table to ,say "hello" and welcomed me to the Diner. B ut since her boss was sitting with me she went to work. I told Marion about the reunion and she said that both of them would be there. I paid my check, bid them farewell and was on my way. As I learned from Marion. my next stop was to be in the adjoining town. Little did I think of the speed I was traveling until a police car pulled up along- side of me, and forced me to stop. The officer got out and came over and who do you think it was? It surprised me and I am sure it will be a surprise to you It was Vincent Lidaka. I felt very much embarrassed having a classmate fine me for speeding. but it was his duty. 17 We visited for awhile and I agreed to see him in court the next morning. I-Ie allowed me to go on my way, but as I drove I watched my speedometer until I entered the next town. I decided to stay there and wait for court to open next day, so I looked for a hotel. It was located upon a hill overlooking the town. I drove up to the entrance and went in to make my reservation for a room. There at the desk marked "Manager" was George Burman. I went over to chat awhile and he told me this was only one of the chain of hotels he owned. I was glad I was remembered, becausel got a beautiful room and very good service. This was one of the best night's restl had had in a long time. Next morning when I went to pay the bill, orders had been left that the charges were taken care of by George. I left a note reminding him of the reunion and thanked him for his kindness. I proceeded to the Court House, and began to feel a little shaky as I climbed the stairs. But, as I got to the court room door, I was greeted by Vincent. He took me into the court room and there seated at the desk with the gavel in his hand was Richard Wall. I-le told what they do to people who violate the law. He looked up then and saw who I was. and had to laugh over the lecture that he had given me. He let me off easy, just a lecture. but warned me not to let it happen again. So I invited him to the reunion and hurried down the hall out of the Court that I might get started back to my own office to make arrangements for the reunion for our classmates to be held in Thompson at the School Hall, where after having a bountiful supper we could spend the balance of the evening dancing with the music furnished by the school orchestra. W ritten by Joan C urtis Mr. Chilson: Joe, what is a recession? I oe Levchak: A period in which you tighten your belt. Mr. Chilson: Elwood, what is a depression? Elwood Lee: That's when you have no belt to tighten. Mr. Chilsom Gordon, what is a panic? Gordon Glover: That's when you have no pants to hold up. Mr. Chilson: Vincent, why aren't there more cases of lockjaw? Vincent Because the peoples mouths are going constantly. I8 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE CLASS OF 1949 We, the class of nineteen hundred forty-nine of Thompson HighSchool, being of sound mind and possessing all our faculties do hereby proclaim this as our last will and testament. DOOR. To the HighSchool we will the halls, which we so carefully patrolled every To the Faculty, we will to each, a new disposition to be used on the next "victims." To the School Board, we leave our carefully kept books and desks. To the Seniors to be, we will the "Key of Knowledge", which we so faithfully won. To the Freshmen to be. we will our knowledge of education which we have successfully mastered. Marion Stager wills her quiet reserve and studious habits to Delores Gilleran, fMake use of them, Babe., Eleanor Lidaka wills her good attendance record to Edward Travis. qw atch for the bus, Eddie., Ioan Curtis wills her sunny smile to Harold Spoor. fKeep smiling S pooker.j Richard Wall wills his ability to get along with the girls to Thomas Barrows. lOne's enough, Tommy.j Vincent Lidaka wills his back seat in History C lass to Paul Stone. qs tudy hard, Stoniej Gordon Glover wills his "Hap" to Rodger to drive to school. QWatch the brakes, Rodge.j Elwood Lee wills his back seat on the bus to Donald Walker. QWatch the lights , Donniej George Burman wills his perfect attendance in church to Lewis Lamb. KY ou will be a preacher yet, Lewiej Joe Levechak wills his set shot in basketball to Eugene Slocum. QPractice makes perfect, Slocie.j Hazel Crandall wills her ability to get to dances to Elizabeth Rebich. fIt's easy, Liz.j Signed and sealed this fourth day of .T une. :nineteen hundred forty-nine. V inc ent L idaka and G ordon lover 19 HIT PARADE GeorgeBurman -- ---- ----- Hazel C randall Ioan Curtis - - -- - - Gordon Glover - .T oseph Levchak Elwood Lee ---- E leanor Lidaka ---- Vincent Lidaka- - - M arion Stager - - Richard Wall - - ---- -- CarryMe l'm C aptain Gelatt of the Basketball Team - - ---- Heartbreaker - - There's A Doctor Living In Your Town Back To Old Virginy ------ -- LittleBrownIug - - - My GalSal - - Take Me Out To The Ball Game - - Jingle Bells - - Three O'C lock In The Morning - ---- - - Helen lPolkaj MiSS Palmer - - ---- ----- L ittle Girl Mi!! Saxton - - ----- ---- S weet S ixteen Mr.Buchla -- - -- ---- -- SOTired Mr. Chilson - - ---- - - - Hair Of Gold Mr. Gelatt - - ---- Life Gets Tedious Don't It Mr. Swingle -- --- Slow Boat To China Mr . M artin ---------------- Sleepy T ime QT eacherj Miss Saxton: I went to the Lions C lub dinner last night. C lass: What did you have? Miss Saxton: Turkey dinner. Marion: I thought it was a Lions dinner. Mr. Gelatt to the Chemistry Class: More accidents are caused because of the nut behind the wheel. ' Student: Boy, she sure gave you an awful look. Mr. Buchla: Who? Student: Mother Nature. Mr. Chilson: Who's man's best friend? E lwood: Endicott J' ohnson. Mr. Swingle: Joe, why don't you have your work Joe: Simple, just reason it out. Mr. Swingle: You're getting under my collar. Vincent: Why don't you button your shirt then. Mr. Gelatt, to Chemistry Class: What is conside contribution Chemistry has made to the world? Elwood: Peroxide Blondes. WE WONDER WHY: The School lunches have been a great success. The School Board meets so often. The Sophomores are so quiet in study period. Mr. Buchla didn't get a deer this year. Mr. Swingle can't wait until Friday night comes. done when the girls don't red the most outstanding The music room has been kept so busy this year. Vincent goes to Forest City so often. Joe doesn't attend all B asketball practices. Gordon doesn't go home on the bus. Dick Wall wants to raise rabbits. George attends Harford B asketball games. Marion is interested in Forest City shoe repair Hazel goes to C arbondale on Saturday night. Z0 shop. ZX E UNDERGRADS unior clan 1: SEATED: Left to Right: I. Krall, I. Criddle, J. Thorn, E, Rebish, J, Carroll. FIRST ROW, STANDING: M r. Swingle, W, Swartz, E. Travis. P. Stone, D. Walker. SECOND ROW, STANDING: H. Spoor. R. Lecher, G. Slocum. L., Lamb. T. Barrows, D. Gilllrln. The Junior C lass elected the following officers early in September: President -Iva C riddle Vice-President - Donald Walker Secretary - Irene Krall Treasurer - Edward Travis Sponsor - Mr. Swingle Our class is active in Basketball, Baseball and Cheerleading: also other extra curricular activities. We sponsored a hay ride at Irene Kralls. with Paul Stone providing transportation. Hot dogs and sweet cider were served. Darwin Curtis, an active member, was confined to his home for many weeks due to illness. One of the biggest events was when the English Department decided it would foster the school newspaper. lt is a big task but it is one we all look forward to on press day. This is the first paper in many years. and is very popular among all the students. Iva C riddle Z2 Sophomore Clan SEATED: Left to Right: D, Koehler, L.. Swartz.. S. Saulo, E. Wheeler. A. Hobbs. V. Lee. H. Levchak. V. Kopp, D. Barnes. SECOND ROW, STANDING: Mr. Buchla. IV'. Lamb. H. Davis. J. Nlatikiewicz, W. Livingston, B. Stone. J. Kornprobst, W. Carnagelo. J. Cappy. THIRD ROW, STANDING: A. Denney, E. Spoor. R. Cordner. G. I-lubal. R. Glover, R. Price, G. Petrus, C.Snyder. S. Petrus. We, the Sophomore C lass started the year of 1948 with 26 pupils During the year two old classmates, Donald Koehler and George Petrus rejoined us. At the beginning of the year we elected the following officers: President Dorothy B arnes Vice-P resident Janet Kornprobst Secretary Virginia Lee Treasurer Helen Levchak Sponsor Mr. Buchla The Sophomore Class sponsored the Halloween Party under the supervision of our Sponsor, Mr. Buchla. The party was a great success. We were well represented in the activities of the school. Eight of the girls and five of the boys played on the Basketball teams. We were also represented in B aseball with four members. Our class is also active in F.H.A., F.F.A. and orchestra. Lucille Swartz ' 51 Z3 greahman Clan Q. . . SEATED: Left to Right H. Rebich. J. Buck, J, Potter. E. Slocum. Sl Lidnlu. FIRST ROW, STANDING: J. Slocum, V. Peltr., H. Jay. J. Silver. M. Cappy. M . Wall, S. Wademan. G. Cobb. SECOND ROW, STANDING: I. Glover. C. Whitney. F. Ross. G. Golding, J, Stone, E. Butts. I. Buck, R. Hines, D. LaBarr, InSeptember, the Freshman Class met and elected the following officers: President - Irving B uck Vice-President - Joyce Buck Secretary - Marjorie Wall Treasurer - M arion C appy Sponsor - Mr. Gelatt We started this year with twenty-two members. In January we lost Walter Smith, who went to Susquehanna to attend the Laurel Hill Academy, and welcomed Doris LaBarr who joined us from C anandaigua, N . Y . In January we enjoyed a sleigh-riding party at Jean Silver's home. The hostesses for the occasion were Jean Silver and Marion C appy. Our class is also active in F.F.A., F .I-I.A.. Basketball, Cheerleading Orchestra, and Junior Glee C lub. Irving B uck ' SZ Z4 I .N fx 114.01 I 3, sniff SEATED: Left to Right: J. Silver, M. Cappy. M. Wall. A. Hobbs. E. Wheeler. M . Stager. E. Lidaka. l. Criddle, l. Krall, H. Levchak. H. Rebich. FIRST ROW STANDING: Miss Saxton. G. Cobb, S. Wademen, S. Petrus, C. Snyder. H. Jay V. Lee, L. Swartz. J. Buck. J. Kornprobst. J'. Cappy. E. Potter. D. Gilleran, V. Kopp, S. Lidaka. J. Slocum. SECOND ROWSTANDXNG: A. Denny. E. Glover. E. Spoor. D. Barnes, M . Lamb, E. Slocum. H. Crandall, I. Thorn. J. Carroll, V. Peltz, E. Rebich. S. Saulo. D. LaBarr. Early in the school term. the F. H. A. members met and selected the following officers: President - Eleanor Lidaka Vice-President - Helen Levchak Secretary - Irene Krall Treasurer - Eleanor Wheeler Parliamentarian - Marion Stager The Freshman group was initiated into our organization. Our sponsor, M iss S axton. attended the State Farm S how at Harrisburg. The present group of F. H. A. members includes 41 students. This year we have adopted a Chapter Mother. Mrs. Florence B uck to help us along with our difficulties and to attend our meetings. 2.6 9. 9. 04. ,, .. ww sW.w: L A L . SEATED- Left to Right: C, Whitney, E. Travis. J. Nlatikiewicz, P. Stone. T. Barrows, H. Spoor. I. Buck. FIRST ROW STANDING: R. Glover, R. Lecher. W. Livingston, W. Swartz, D. Walker, E. Lee G, Glover, R. Wall. J. Golding. Mr. Martin. SECOND ROW STANDING: D, Koehler, J. Levchak. R. Carangelo, L. Lamb. J. Stone, E. Slocurn. G. Hubal. R. Price. F. Ross. R. Hines. Soon after school began early inSeptember the F.F.A. held its first meeting. A program of work for the coming year was approved and the following officers were elected: President PaulStone Vice-President Thomas Barrows Treasurer Edward Travis Reporter Joseph Matikewicz S entinel E ugene Slocum Advisor M r. lVl artin The officers attended the annual Leadership T raining School held at Springville. A donkey Basketball game held in February drew a huge crowd for the second straight year. In February the F.F.A. and the F.I-l.A. held a Washington's Day Dance. Many former graduates met and renewed acquaintances. Through the response to our several activities we feel that 1948-49 has been a highly profitable year. To Mr. Nl artin, we wish to express our sincere appreciation for guid ing the F.F.A. through another successful year. Z7 gf,-14' glee auf, SEJATED: Left to Right: A. Denney. I. Glover. M. Wall, M. Cappy. S. Petrus. M, Lamb, C. Snyder. S. Saulo. D. Barnes, D, Gilleran. J, Slocum. FIRST ROW, STANDING: Miss Palmer. D. LaBarr, J. Buck. H. Jay, H. Levchak, J. Cappy. J. Carroll, J. Thorn, J. Kornprobst, H. Crandall, E. Wheeler. 'J. Potter, S. Lidaka. J. Curtis, V. Kopp. SECOND ROW, STANDING: E. Spoor. J. Silver. H. Rebich. V. Lee. E. Rebich. E. Slocum, A Hobbs, I. Criddle, I. Krall, V. Peltz. E. Lidaka, Nl. Stager. S Wademan, G. Cobb. This year, due to the arrangement of classes it was found inconvenient for all the girls to attend Glee Club at one time. To overcome this disadvantage Miss Palmer formed a Junior and Senior Glee C lub. The Junior Glee C lub consists of Freshmen and Sophomores. They have been singing three-part music. We also have been told Marjorie Wall and Alice Hobbs are to sing in the festival held at New Milford. this year. The librarians chosen for the year were: Helen Rebich and Helen Levchak. This year we find the Senior Glee Club more active than in the past. They were given the honor of singing at Institute. At Christmas time names were exchanged and a party was held near Christmas to give out gifts, re- freshments were served at the party. They presented Miss Palmer with a surprise birthday party. Three-part singing has been the object of our effort. Officers elected for the year were: President ------- Hazel Crandall V ice-President---Iva C riddle T reasurer ------- M arian S tager Librarians ------- J oan Thorn, L izabeth R ebic h Marian Stager Claire Snyder Z8 09.4, glee auf, SEATED: Left to Right: R. Cordner. E. Travis, J. Matikiewicz. P. Stone. T. Barrows. H. Spoor. B.Stone. l. Buck. FIRST ROW STANDING: R. Glover, R. Lecher, W. Livingston, W. Swartz. D. Walker. E. Lee. G. Glover, R. Wall. J. Golding. G. Petrus, H. Davis. Miss Palmer. SECOND ROW, STANDING: D. Koehler, J. Levchak. G. Burman. W. Carangelo. L, Lamb, J. Stone. E. Slocum, V. Lidaka. G. Hubal. R. Price. F. Ross. E. Butts. R. Hines. At the beginning of the year we met and elected the following officers: President - Elwood Lee Vice-P resident - .Toe Levchak Secretary - Darwin Curtis Director - Miss Palmer Because of the large number of boys we were divided into two groups. Throughout the year we have been singing both unison and part music. We sang several selections in the Christmas program, and we are looking forward to the spring operetta. Richard Wall and Elwood Lee were selected to sing in the Festival at New Milford. V inc ent L id aka H obart Davis 29 Orclzedra Violin: D. Potter, D. Burman, S. Wndeman. D. Price. Baritone Horn: E. Lee. T rombone: J . Whitney. C larinetq B . M artin, N. Saxophone: P. Stone, E Piano: A. Hobbs. Drums: H. Davis. Xylophone: H . Levc hak Director: Miss Palmer. Chilson, J. Golding. . Avery. D. Walker. The H1ghSchoo1 Orchestra is composed of those students who have combined their musical abilities and talents to provide our school with worth-while entertainment. We have enjoyed hearing their music at programs. movies, and assemblies, and look forward to their future appearances at the operetta, and commencement exercises. 30 ' , . .X -., ' ' :Tia J' f ' . 'E Ion' A Cheerleader! LEFT TO RIGHT: l. Krall, E. Slocurn, H. Crandall, I. Carrol E R b ch IV' Wall Hip' Hip' Rickety Rackty Sss Boom Ah Thompson High School Rah' Rah' Rah' We wish to express our thanks to the cheerleaders for influencing the public with the old school spirit and adding zip and pep to our Basket ball games. With their co-operation the Basketball season has been a SUCCESS. Fight Team-F ight Team F ight Team Fight Fight Team-F ight Team F ight T eam F ight F ight Team-F ight Team Fight Team Fight Fight 32 Jiwelmll SEATED: Left to Right G. Hubal, J. Nlatikiewicz. E. Lee. W. Livingstone. J. Levchak. STANDING: Mr. Buchla, J. Stone, L. Lamb. V. Lidnkl. G. Glover. P. Stone, D. Walker, E. Slocum, R. Price. It was early inSeptember that a group of spry and eager boys came to the Baseball diamond for practice under the direction of our new coach, Mr. Buchla. After tough luck on the first game. against Great Bend, which we lost by one run, we managed to win the other four and tie for first place with Hallstead. In the play-off, which was held at New Milford, we lost by a score of three to one. With Joe Levchak as Captain of our team the following Seniors played on the first team: J. Levchak, E. Lee. G. Glover. V. Lidaka. To Mr. Buchla, our coach, the Baseball team extends a hearty "thank-you" for his direction during our Baseball season. 33 girl! , adkelball SEATED: Left to Right: H. Rebich. H. Levchak. l. Criddle, C. Snyder, J. Buck. V. Lee STANDING: Mill Palmer. S. Petrus. M. Clppy. D. Barnes. J. KOYhPf0blf, J. Thorn. S. Snulo. L. Swartz. It was in November that a group of girls met for B asketball practice under the direction of our new coach, Miss Palmer. We elected Iva C riddle as C aptain . Our most exciting game was with Hallstead. which we won Z9-Z8. The members of the team wish to express their kind thanks to Miss Palmer for her time and effort during our Basketball season. 34 Boyd ,fadkelba ll SEATED: Left to Right: J. Levchak G. Hubal G. Glover. E. Lee. P. Stone. D. Walker. V. Lldnkl. STANDING: Mr. Buchll. W. Curangelo. I. M atikiewicz, J. Golding. W. Livingstone. J. Stone T. Barrows. I. Buck. E. Slocum. Early in November a group of boys under the direction of our new coach. M r. Buchla, turned out for practice. The team elected Elwood Lee as Captain. The most exciting game was with Montrose at Thompson. which we won, 38-343 our highest scoring game was with New Milford, which we won, 38-18. Four Seniors made the first squad, namely: Elwood Lee, Joseph Levchak, Vincent Lidaka, Gordon Glover. The Basketball team wishes to express their thanks to Mr. Buchla for his time and effort which helped to make our season a success. Elwood L ee 35 9,5 I i as , q A Jes qw ff' - .4- 4" ,es AJ r"'Y i 1. Stan-ucca B nlketball Team 3. Stun-uccn Girls B nlketblll Team Z. Elwood and Virgina 4. Elwood Lee 5. Elwood and Rabbits 36 'lb Q 4r"""QT WSL, GRADES SEVENTH AND EIGHTH STARRUCCA SEATED Left to Right J. Lee. H. Buck, I. blauvelt, I. Sprague. G. Haynes. I. Wrlghter. J. Slocum. STANDING: G. Buck, C. Glover, D. Downton, G. Fairchild, L. Wrlghter. R. Whltrnux. G. B rooker D. Koehler, K, Glover. D. Glover. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH THOMPSON SEATED: FIRST ROW, STANDING: SECOND ROW, STANDING: L eit to Right: R. May. G. Cobb, H. Wheeler, N. Chilson. D. Burman. J. Carnagelo, M. Novack. NI. Curtis. M. Rebich. W. Bechlofft. J. Ross J. Galoni, M. Wheeler, B. Stanton, L. Stone. S. Calender. C. Haines. R J . Kuiper. M R T .Ca.ffery, N. Kuiper, L. Morris, V. Peltz, E. Lamb, W. Westcott, iss Saxton. C. Slocum. B . Martin, I. Whitney. S. Feick. E. Thorn, .Carangelo, S. Saulo. F. Hobbs. W. Slocum, D. Potter, C, Lloyd, . Ambrose 38 FOURTH, FIFTH AND SIXTH STARRUCCA 4' FIRST ROW, SEATEDz Left to Right: R. Brooker, S. Barnes, L. Glover, F. Buck. M. RODUISI, S. Slocurn. R. Hlllh, W. Karcher. N. Glover. G. Fnirchild. SECOND ROW, STANDING: D. Travis, A. Reining, A. French. M. Klym. S. Dunn. T. Slocum. M. Dickty. E. Haynes, J. Marold, E. Slocum, C. Slocum, J'. Levchnk. FIFTH AND SIXTH THOMPSON SEATED: Left to Right I. Cobb, G. Carangelo. C. Cobb. I. Brown, L. Brown, C. Stalker. D. Canfield, M. Ron, J. Cobb. FIRST ROW, STANDING: Mrs. Tnylor, M. Holbrok. B, Lloyd, J. Holbrok. J. Stnnton. E. Jgy, I. Gow, E. Icy. P. Barns. P. Walker. SECOND ROW, STANDING: A. Kuipor, D. Spoor. G. Cobb. L. Livingston. G. Haines, P. Sholun, M. Potter. D, Swartz. 39 FIRST, SECOND AND THIRD STARRUCCA FIRST ROW, SEATED: Left to Right: G. Slocum. G. Williams, E. Buckland, S. Nelson. J. Slocum, 3. Eck, R. Buck. D. Glover. M. Reining. SECOND ROW, STANDING: C . Rbblffl, P. Brownell. F. Fllrchlld. I. Glover, J. Stearns, M, Haynes. J. Reining. A. Haynes. R. Skinner, L. Kopp, H. Glover. 'YHRD AND FOURTH THOMPSON FIRST ROW, SEATED: Left to Right E. Porter, M. Borne. B. Cobb. L. Jay, G. Seymour. L. Jay. D. Stone. C. Burns, M. Brown. C. Cobb, B. Borne, H. Cottrell. SECOND ROW, STANDING: R. Wndcmnn. L. Chillon, R. Gollnt, R. Dumbarton. B. Hubbard. E. Porter. D. Borno, W. Portn. E. Avsry. A. Morris, F. Stanton. I. Schlmplf. W. Kulper THIRD ROW, STANDING: Mrl. Golntt. T. Sutton. R. Pottor, B. Silver. F. Smith. B. Gellnt, J. Woodard. A Odendahl. S. Brown. J. Callander. A. Haynes. K. Gelatt. 40 FIRST AND SECOND THOMPSON . -fz'i,Q--.zf.1f- 'K .sb-'ff-."fi . ' . .. - . .. . oi. Q - 1. 'viffff Ffi-viii!! gfigfwliif .f2if3.f31f5i3yfXi- ' . . .. .QS ,. , .., fffff- ' 1: --gw.mf1...-fl 5-311 ,fff 7 QM 'S 2.5 gplkk X' 'k5'i'i.' . I . .. f'L+li'f'X'IL fra:-' . , V , K x .Sf 4 . ' ' -ji.-.1 -sbp - :QS 5-rg 'g,,-grwgff-. f.,.'.fg'.,g,. ' - xg . i ,lf--K H 1- - 3 :sf . ev: , . SEATED: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: Left to Right C. Sutton. B. Gillette, I, Cottrell. D. Aruthur. L. Brown. K. Morris L. Rhone. T. Mey, F. Ross. W. Gorton, E. Jay. M. Bechtlofft. K. Rhone. G. Wallace, D. Wallace. R. Haynes. D. Gow. L. Metlchlewlcl. R. Stone. D. Slocum. L. Stuck, R. Cerengelo, A. Reblch. M. Depue. H. Smith, J. Walker. B. Cottrell, R. Cottroll. R. Peltx. D. Liecher.V.Po1-teg A. Holbrook, H. Collander, T. Potter. B. Schlmplf, J. Glover. J. Kelley. 1. Maxine? Z. M Arlen S . 3. Helel end her sister 4. George B. 41 fi T I w 1 5 x-13, ' ,Q Q N r N Q? ww? . . k.L4 ,X X 1 PGQATEQ fix Qxiwx SL x X ws V 1 is M 1 53355 .X , Dx! lv K: Eb x, Q 'fi 4 xg NSG X ia X' 'QR P 531.1 A Haw - 1, v, f 41? 7 ,Y -ff I ' 5 if I' Wa. i 3 'N gif we 1 Q., ,. Q1-f K ww? X . 'S i xi- K is L X N iii X Q 'As gf Q ,fr .3 N , Q. ki . E ,f if gi x .L gi K is X .qw x K x. i x Q 'x M 5 ' 1' j iri? R rhfxk fi? xi - vw xx. M xg is R 1 Q 1 , !.:fN?'ms+ 2244. yy- pw? . -'N I as ,yu if x S W1 N N 4 wi ai R 'f wggik- 7 OGRAPHS fx Gqu fog 'mpgs SX Q . 4 I-:iz 1. WALSWORTH un nphodlloundhy WAIJIOITII lldflllll lusnlilo. lm- U I. A. 45 fi COMPLIIVIENTS OF The First 8g Farmers National Bank 8g Trust Co us quehanna , Pennsylvania - Montrose , Pennsylvani COMPLINIENTS OF Frank J. Reddon, P. D. . Compliments Of TOWN RESTAURANT Mar ge Havr ilka Phone 9 1 16R 7 Susquehanna Pennsylvania RADICCHI'S SHOE STORE Shoes For The Entire Family 105 Main Street Susquehanna Pennsylvania D Optometrist 109 Erie Avenue Susquehanna Pennsylvania 8: E HOM 8: AU UPPLY 113 Erie Avenue Susquehanna J Pennsylvania D R . F . F . T O D H E T O S G-ks R When In Town, Visit The S W E E T S H O P Mulho1lard's Ice Cream Phone 90432 Forest City sis Main Street Pennsylvania THE PARKWAY "SUCKY'S" Eflftty Television Every Night 355 Main Street Forest City Pennsylvania GRILLE RESTAURANT H. Turk and I. A. Suponsis 405-407 Main Street Forest City Pennsylvania COBB'S TRADING POST Sporting Goods 419 Main Street Forest City Pennsylvania Compliments Of HORNBECK'S GARAGE Chevrolet Sales and Service Phone 914341 400 South Main Street Forest City Pennsylvania Compliments Of N U D E L M A N ' S 429 Main Street Forest City Pennsylvania Compliments Of KILHULI..EN'S FLOWER SHOP Federal Telegraph Delivery Phone 90711 703 Main Street Forest City Pennsylvania Compliments Oi E. K. OWENS HARDWARE COMPANY Susquehanna Pennsylvania Compliments Of THE DAIRYMEN'S LEAGUE ASSOCIATION The Largest and Strongest Cooperative Organization in the World Thompson Local Compliments Of ALDRICH GARAGE Kaiser and Frazer Sales and Service Wrecking Service Phone 34 R Z Jackson Pennsylvania Compliments Of E. A. AVERY 8: SON Kasco Feeds Baby Chicks Electrical Appliances Refrigeration Sales and Service Thompson Pennsylvania Compliments Of GARFIELD G. THOMAS, REPRESENTATIVE For DIEGES 8: CLUST Manufacturers of Class Rings, Class Pins, Bronzes Trophies, Plaques, Prize Cups Carbondale Merril1's Inc. Pennsylvania Commencement Announcements - Name Cards Compliments Of T O W N T H E A T E R Susquehanna Pennsylvania Compliments Of LIGUS TIME SERVICE Diamonds-Watches -Silverware -Jewelry Expert Watch and Clock Repair 428 Main Street Forest City Pennsylvania Compliments Of RAPID TRANSFER Special Trips - Picnics Educational Trips Phone 514 Carbondale Pennsylvania Compliments Of H. W. DOYLE Farm Machinery -Tractors -Service Refrigerators -Freezers Refrigeration Service Phone 34.131 Orson Pennsylvania Burnwood Compliments Of SEAMAN'S DANCE HALL R efre shments Sold Pennsylvania Carbondale Compliments Of C R A M E R ' S STUDIO AND CAMERA SHOP Kodaks -Developing -Printing Sporting Goods Center A. G. Spaulding-Wilson Accessories 19 North Main Street Pennsylvania Electrical Water Systems KAMEEN HARDWARE Garden Seeds - FarmSupp1ies Forest City Pennsylvania Forest Cit Compliments Of DR. WARD B. JONES 425 Main Street y Pennsylvania Compliments Of PERRINE FURNITURE STORE Bottled Gas Service Robert B. Langford, Owner POWER COMPANY Phone 93R -3 Susquehanna Pennsylvania A TIP: QS' . ' :lam use Light 'rhavs Right ' J 15' CT' For yi if I W 3 Better Sight K I - " I 34,5 Q "bmi ' NORTHERN PENNSYLVANIA his RYAN 81 ALLPAUGH Clothiers and Furnishers 225 Main Street Susquehanna Pennsylvania DR. HARRY GRIFFIN Phones: Office 180RZ - Residence 18OR3 Pennsylvania Sus quehanna T. G. LUCIANA MOTORS I IIITIIIATIOIAL HAIVISTII Susquehanna 216 Erie Avenue Pennsylvania Compliments Of Compliments Of SAMUEL ENTROT 81 SON G, L. F, Flour -Feed-Grain-Lime Fertilizer-Seeds -Salt Feeds and Farm SUPPHBS Unifmdale - Penn5Y1Vania Pleasant Mount - Pennsylvania S at F STORE Compliments Of DR. 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Main Street and Sixth Avenue Plumbmg' Hardware' Heating Carbondale - Pennsylvania 527 Main Street Forest City - Pennsylvania Compliments Of Compliments Of EUDORA'S BEAUTY SHOP KELLTS SERVICE RESTAURANT Phfme 40 J 1 Complete One -Stop Service Phone 9012 R 13 Thompson - Pennsylvania Thompson - Pennsylvania Compliments Of MILES SMITH SER VICECENTER Gas -Oil-Accessories Routes 370 and 70 Thompson - Pennsylvania Stop, Shop and Save at the BIG CHIEF MARKETS Fresh Meats and Groceries Willard Hobbs, Authorized Dealer Thompson and Susquehanna Pennsylvania I m - l Compliments Of Compliments Of I POYNTELLE HOTEL ANNA A. ZAVERL Good Food and Clean Rooms General Merchandise I Television Farm Produce I Phone 906 R 5 Phone 906R ll Pleasant Mount - Pennsylvania Poyntelle - Pennsylvania Compliments Of Compliments Of SHEFFIELD FARMS L. C. MUMFORD Starrucca - Pennsylvania Starrucca - Pennsylvania I Compliments Of Compliments Of LYNN ADAMS Technician for Broome-Tioga D.C.A.B. Co-op, Inc. S. C. BARNES Dairy Feeds, Etc. Ouaquage, New York Starrucca - Pennsylvania FOI' P1'0mPt Se1'ViCe can Thompson 3 R lll Compliments Of C0mP1imenfS of GRAND UNION STORE "The Best For Less" KOEHLER 'S SERVICE STATION Theo. Theodoroff, Ir., Manager Starrucca - Pennsylvania Starrucca - Pennsylvania Compliments Of JOSEPH NATALINE Lumbering -Dairy Farming Thompson - Pennsylvania Compliments Of SMITH, CLEVELAND, SMITH Dealer in Kaiser and Frazer Wrecking Service Lane sboro - Pennsylvania Compliments Of THE NOR THEASTERN PENNSYLVANIA TELEPHONE Forest City - Pennsylvania Compliments Of F. H. WHEELER General Merchandise Gas and Oil Gelatt - Pennsylvania Compliments Of P. W. WALKER Compliments Of H. A. CR OSIER Dealer for Philco -Maytag -A. B. C. -Hoover -G.E HARDWARE Refrigerators -Washers -Ranges Appliances Thompson - Pennsylvania Thompson - Pennsylvania Compliments Of WILLIAMS SUNOCO SERVICE STATION Phone 9012 -R -111 Thompson A - Pennsylvania Compliments Of DR. H. R. BELL Dentist Forest City - Pennsylvania Compliments Of GRACE CARPENTER Compliments Of MARTIN J. Sl-IEARD P0StmiSf1'CS5 Groceries and General Merchandise Starrucca - Pennsylvania Starrucca - Pennsylvania Compliments Of STARRUCCA GARAGE H. S. Kopp and Son Tires-Tubes-Batteries Massey -Harris Dealer G. E. Appliances Phone 9039 J 3 Starrucca - Pennsylvania Compliments Of W. M. HATHAWAY Garage and Repair Shop Thompson - Pennsylvania Compliments Of "THE DEN" Joseph S. Miller, Proprietor Thompson - Pennsylvania Compliments Of EVANS' VARIETY STORE fThe Arrowhead Storej Phone 9014 J 2. Thompson - Pennsylvania Compliments Of SPENCERS' MILLING COMPANY Feeds and Farm Supplies Thompson - Pennsylvania Compliments Of R. B. FREIZ Plymouth and Dodge 500 Main Street Vandling - Pennsylvania Compliments Of Compliments Oi BOURENS GENERAL STORE ORSON GARAGE John Oleska Phone 275 Phone 34 I 3 Lanesboro - Pennsylvania Orson - Pennsylvania Compliments Of Compliments Of SHERMAN'S LODGE H. 8: S. STORE Phone 9113 R Z Susquehanna - Pennsylvania Lakewood - Pennsylvania Compliments Of Compliments Of FRANK GIBSON CLIFFORD SLOCUM Retail Meat Coal And Lumber Uniondale - Pennsylvania Starrucca - Pennsylvania Compliments Of Compliments Of O. P. BEARDSLEE H. W. BARNES "Everything in Insurance" Veterinarian Starrucca - Pennsylvania Thompson - Pennsylvania Compliments Of Compliments Of ARROWHEAD STORE DAVIES MOTOR CO. William Konchar, Proprietor Ford Sales and Service Phone 571 344-46 Main Street Forest City - Pennsylvania Forest City - Pennsylvania C 1' t Of Compliments Of amp Imen S BETTY'S FASHION CENTER The Newest Fashion Center In Forest City DAVID KRASNO Your Jeweler Since 1909 M d t 1 P ' W ' Forest City - Pennsylvania o era e y riced earing Apparel Forest City - Pennsylvania WE WISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE. 1

Suggestions in the Thompson Vocational High School - Owl Yearbook (Thompson, PA) collection:

Thompson Vocational High School - Owl Yearbook (Thompson, PA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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Thompson Vocational High School - Owl Yearbook (Thompson, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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