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THE DWL of Thompson Vocational High School QE .E Pbz hdby h oz f944 IN TRIBUTE We, the Class of 1944, wish to dedicate this Year Book to Mr. Gclfatt, our Class sponsor. Under his direction we enjoyed a number of highly successful Senior Activities during this year of war. It is our Wish that Mr. Gelatt's work continue most pleasant and most suc- cessful. L A vuwu H Q 'eeeeu--ee Q - - --'- - - vm Y--' ' ' 7 1:111- f3Eififi'A' 'S Eiiilillgglfiifl ,I Q 3 YEARBOOK STAFF x Seated-left to right: M, Slocum, J. Burleigh, C. Kessler, D. Boose, E. Silver Standing: E. Baird, C. Davis, J. Krall, J. Stack, D. Walker, C. Lee, J. Potter M Hubal, M, Snyder, Mr. Gelatt. Editor-in-Chief ..... Associate Editor ...... Business Manager .,.,..,,.,.,,,,,. Associate Business Manager News Editor ....................,........... Associate News Editor ...,,.. Music Editor ..................... Associate Music Editor ...... Sports Editor .................... Associate Sports Editor ....... Humor Editor ...........i.......... Associate Humor Editor ..... Art Editor ............,,........,,..,... Associate Art Editor ..... Catherine Kessler Jane Burleigh John Krall Douglas Walker Joyce Potter Marilyn Slocum Dorothy Boose Elva Baird Joseph Stack Charles Lee Carola Davis Marilyn Snyder Mary Hubal Eva Silver 5525321152 E223 -TE giiiiiiiiigi 4 ' v E :Y FACU LTY LESTER J. CHILSON Principal-Mansfield State Normal School: Bucknell Uni- versity: Extension: Syracuse University, N. Y. C., Pennsylvan- ia State College. Mr. Chilson, the principal of Thompson Vocational High School, has given our school several years of true guidance. He is a local resident. and teaches Social Studies. His hobbies include the care of chickens, carpenter work, and he is also interested in stamp collecting. MR. NORMAN GELATT Mr. Gelatt graduated from Thompson Vocational High School, then received his B. S. degree from Penn State. Before accepting his present position in Thompson, he taught at Preston High School. Here he teaches the Math- ematics and Science courses. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, and music. He is also interested in sports and photography, MRS. FLORENCE BUCK Mansfield State Normal School: Two Summer courses at Chautaqua Institution: One Summer course at Mansfield. Mrs. Buck, our Latin and Literature teacher, joined us last year. We appreciate her sincere cooperation in helping pre- pare our class night program. Her hobbies include reading and crocheting, and the care of her three small children. MISS MIRIAM TERRY Music Supervisor--Mansheld State Teachers College: Ex- tension, Mansiield. Miss Terry, our music supervisor is one of the favorite teachers of the school. She is always willing to listen to our problems, and lends a helping hand. Her merry smile has brightened many dark days, Skiing is one of her hobbies. MR. PAUL D. MARTIN Vocational Agriculture-Pennsylvania State Collegeg Grad- uate work at University of Pittsburgg West Virginia Univer- sityg Penn State. V Mr, Martin is our Agricultural Instructor, F. F. A. Sponsor and Basketball coach. His piano playing has filled many vacant noon hours. He also enjoys dancing. MRS. ELIZABETH ZEAFLA Girls Vocational: Mansfield State Teachers College. Mrs. Zeafla, our vocational teacher, joined us this year, and has already won the friendship of many. Her personality and sportsmanship will always be remembered. Her hobby is preparing new and different dishes. Her fav- orite sport is hiking, MRS. GENEVIEVE LEET Mansfield State Teachers Collegeg Summer Session at Mansfieldg Extension at Pennsylvania State Collegeg Blooms- burg State Teachers College, Bloomsburg, Pa. Mrs. Leet, the seventh and eighth grade teacher and high school art teacher, has a smile and a wink for every one. She has proven a true friend to us. Her hobbies include drawing and decorating. Her favorite sport is swimming. MISS PAULINE NELSON State Teachers College, Bloomsburg, Pa. Miss Nelson the, fifth and sixth grade teacher, is a very good sport and is always willing to lend a helping hand in time of need. Her hobby is cleaning cupboards, Her favorite sport is basketball. MRS. IWILDRED GELATT Mansfield State Teachers Collegeg Extension at Pennsyl- vania State College. Mrs. Gelatt is again a teacher at Thompson High School, after an absence of a few years. We all were glad to welcome her back as teacher of third and fourth grades. Her hobby is reading and she enjoys making Welsh Rare- bit. IWRS. FLORENCE STONE Mansfield State Teachers College. Mrs. Stone, first and second grade teacher, has a pleasing personality and a smile that every one enjoys. Without her we could not get along. Her hobbies include collecting pictures and poems. She enjoys shopping. Yi SCHOOL BOARD Dr. H. W. Barnes ...... ....,...,.., P resident Willard Hobbs ..,... ..... V ice President Mrs. Cecil Stone ....,. .,,,,.,, T reaszn-er William Livingston Perry Whitney Mrs. Helen Gulley ...... ,.... S ecretary fNon-Mermberl l 255313 21215152 'A 5332 A A 22325232251 213152: fr N. :Sri f '7':'i'23E2if": . 'Q SENIORS HELEN BARNES - 'fDud" Thompson, Pa. Class Officer, 1 year, County Orchestra, 3 years, District Orchestra, 1 year, Orchestra 4 years, Glee Club. 3 years, Op- eretta, 1 year, Drama, 1 year, Basketball, 4 years. When anyone needs a friend, see Helen. Her calm and quiet ways have brought her many friends. We know she has a likeness for the opposite sex and enjoys the summer vaca- tions when the bees make their "Honey" the sweetest. We, as the class of '44, join in wishing you loads of success while facing the problems of the future. DOROTHY Boosn - "Dot" Thompson, Pa. Class Officer, 1 year, County Band, 1 year, Basketball, 4 years, Band, 4 years, Glee Club, 3 years, Operetta, 1 year, Orchestra, 4 years, Year Book Staff, Well, here is our t'Dot," who has a smile for any of her pals. We find her with a "hobby" which is very encouraging to Uncle Sam's boys. Her returns from a "Seaman" brings her much contentment when the days work is done. Good luck, HDOU, CAROLA DAVIS -- "Flirt" Thompson, Pa. Class Officer, 2 years, Basketball, 4 years, Glee Club, 3 years, Operetta, 1 year, Drama, 1 year, Home Ee. Club, 1 year, Cheer Leader, 1 year, Orchestra, 1 year, Year Book Staff. "Flirt," is one of the most popular girls in the Senior Class. She has a jovial way and always joins in the fun. We will all miss her pleasant smile, We wonder why she would like to change "Deep in the Heart of Texas" to 'tDeep in the Heart of Oklahoma ?" Best wishes, "Flirt." KATHRYN GILLERAN - "Katy" Starrucca, Pa. Glee Club, 3 years, Operetta, 1 year, il-Iome Ec. Club, 2 years. "Katy," our one and only Irish girl would surely be missed by her class mates if absent. Dance and the world dances with her seems to be her one and only motto. While traveling the roads of the future, "Katy," we all hope you meet up with more sunshine than rain. lllARY HUBAL - "Du.tcIwss" Thompson, Pa. Glee Club, 3 years, Glee Club Officer, 1 year, Operetta, 1 year, Class Officer, 1 year, Home Ec. Club, 2 years, Home Ec. Club Officer, 2 years! Basketball, 4 years, Drama, 1 year, Year Book Staff, Mary, one that shoulders her responsibilities and has her work done on time is liked well by all her classmates. Her happy-go-lucky ways make life more like a song and Home Economics more like play. Whatever your goal may be, Mary, we all wish you lots of success. ELIZABETH JUNE - 'fBetty,' Susquehanna, Pa. Glee Club, 3 years, Glee Club Officer, 1 year. A good sport of the class is Elizabeth, and always willing to help any one that is in need of her. She has a plerasant smile for everyone. Good luck, "Betty," in years to come. CATHERINE KESSLER - A'Ka.ty" Thompson, Pa. Glee Club, 3 years, Glee Club Officer, 3 years, Operetta, 1 year, Orchestra, 4 years, County Orchestra, 2 years, Drama, 1 year, Year Book Staff, Salutatorian. Catherine our excellent violinist, is very popular among her class mates, She has a quick sense of humor, and is always willing to lend a helping hand. With her musical talent, we are sure she will have a successful career. What Sophomore boy is it that you are interested in Catherine? JOHN KRALL -- "Johnnie" Thompson, Pa. Glee Club, 4 years, Basketball, 3 years, Baseball, 2 years, Drama, 1 years, Operetta, 1 year, F. F. A., 1 year. John, who is reserved and quiet, has a very pleasing per- sonality, He joins in most of the school activities and is very good sport. We know he will succeed in what ever he may un- dertake in the future, BIARGARET LEWIS -- "Peg" Thompson, Pa. Glee Club, 3 yearsg Operetta, 1 year. Peg has won many friends during her four years in high school. She has a very pleasant manner and pleasing personal- ity. We wonder why she is especially interested in '42 "chevies." Good luck to you in the future, Peg. CARL LIVINGSTON Thompson, Pa. Class Officer, 3 years, Basketball, 4 years, Baseball, 4 years: Drama, 1 year, F. F. A., 2 years: Glee Club, 3 years, Glee Club Officer, 1 year, We all admire our class president. His business like ways and wise management will carry him through the world with much success. Although he battles against it, he does show his likeness for the opposite sex. Keep smiling Carl. We send our luck with you. ELIZABETH OAKLEY - 'tBetty" Gelatt, Pa. Glee Club, 3 yearsg Orchestra, 3 years, Music Fese tival, 1 year, Home Ec. Club, 2 years. Betty has been a good class mate because of her willing- ness to help others. She is always in the midst of the fun cre- ated by the vocational girls. We wish you the best of luck, Betty. JOYCE POTTER - f'Joy" Glee Club, 3 years, Orchestra, Class Officer, 3 years, Operetta, 1 Chorus, Year Book Staff, Joyce should be given credit for ways has her lessons well prepared easily. We feel assured she will come. EUDORA SLOCUM - "Vz'ckyU Ararat, Pa. Glee Club, 3 yearsg Home Ec. Club, 1 yearg Operetta, 1 year. Eudora, a blue-eyed senior, has many friends because she is always willing tp help others. In spite of her quiet manner she is very jolly and ready to take a joke. We all wish her success in the future. V ERA SNYDER - "Tada', Thompson, Pa. Band,4 yearsg Orchestra, 4 yearg County Band, 2 years, Basketball, 4 years, Class Oificer, 3 years, Drama, 1 year, Glee Club, 3 yearsg Operetta, 1 year, Glee Club Officer, 1 year. Vera is the cutest girl in our class. She has an original sense of humor which entertains all of us. She is very active and joins in all sports. We wonder if it's "Popeye" in the fun- nies or in the Junior Class that amuses Vera most. We all wish you the best of luck. JOSEPH STACK - "Joe,' Thompson, Pa. Glee Club, 3 years, Glee Club Officer, 2 yearsg Operetta, 1 yearg Baseball, 4 yearsg Basketball, 2 yearsg F. F. A., 2 yearsg Drama, 1 year. Joe has made many of our classes very interesting with his unexpected jokes. He is a very good athlete and has joined in many of the school activities. He might be called one of the star students in P. of D. class. His singing is well known to resemble Frank Sinatra. Good luck Joe, ELFRIEDA STONE - "Fritz" Ararat, Pa. Glee Club, 3 years, Operetta, 1 year, Home Ec. Club, 2 yearsg Class Officer, 1 year. Where the laughs there is "F'ritz." She has the ability to find the little jokes in common every day things. We wish her the best of luck in climbing the ladder of success. GLADYS WALL - "Tea-Bugn Starrucca, Pa. Glee Club, 1 year, Drama, 2 years, Class Officer, 2 years, Art Editor. Gladys is our only "Starruccite" this year. Where ever she is there is always laughter, Her willing efforts and cheer- ful disposition have helped her win many friends. She hasn't told us what her plans are for the future, but We are sure that success will be hers. l x "CLASS POEM" A loving greeting come to knock, At the heart of our Senior door, 'To greet you Seniors," they did say, 'Tm here to tell you that on this day, Your High School days have come to a part, As you have known down deep in your heart. Of course We know that they are gone, So We must go instead of lingering on, Adeiu dear teachers, friends and all, Out into the world we go to make our call, Our days at T. V. H S. were full of fun, hind thoughts had always come in tons. Sc we are sorry that We must part, With tear dimmed eyes, and a saddened heart, We bid farewell to Thompson High School, And we go armed, with the Golden Rule, For all who helped us, and all who care, There's a place in our hearts, where memories we share. MARY HUBAL 2325333-?E:fi ' ' "' .. iii, 1313151351 15 Q: 515135 X CLASS H I STORY In the fall of 1940, twenty-eight Freshmen eagerly climbed the stair- way at Thompson Vocational High School to begin their high school career. In the early part of the year we had a misfortune, three classmates, Hazel Eade, Elmer Bryden, and Joseph Slama left us to fulfill other duties. Before we knew it, the year was over and we were Sophomores, climbing higher and higher to the ladder of success. Our joys were over- fiowing when three new members, Ruth Boose, Ernest Burchell, and Ray Welch joined us. But then we were sorry to lose seven others, namely: Elizabeth June, Jean Wheeler, Ruth Boose, Albert Lowrie, Benny Slama, Ray Welch, and Howard Cobb. During the year We had a successful Hollowe'en Party, and a candy sale. Throughout our Junior year, our activities were rather limited be- cause of the war. However, we managed two lunch sales and a magazine contest. All proved successful. Elis Brooks, Elizabeth Burman, Robert Crandall, Marion Seeley, and Carl Livingston left us, and Elizabeth June joined us again. As we entered the school house in 1943, we realized we were Seniors, and this probably would be our last year together. Therefore, We had to make it a successful one. Gladys Wall, a Starrucca girl, joined us, and Elizabeth Burman and Carl Livingston rejoined us. It was not long before Elizabeth Burman's name was changed to Mrs. Oakley. But again, we lost two more, Alice Crosier Ross, who assumed domestic duties, and Ernest Burchell, who left to his country's call. Activities for the year included a chicken supper, and a Drama entitled, "Spider's Web." We know that our Senior success is due to Mr. Gelatt, our sponsor. His willing efforts and cooperation will not be forgotten. Throughout the four years of our high school career we have been well represented in school activities. We have had members in Baseball, Basketball, Orchestra, Band, and Glee Clubs. Now, as we close our school books and bid all our friends farewell, we look back at our high school days, and know that they have helped us to prepare for our life's journey. For this, we shall always remember our days at Thompson Vocational High School. MARY HUBAL i l :S l . Q CLASS PROPH ECY If you should ever pass through the village of '44, incidentally es- tablished by the graduates of Thompson Vocational High School, you will no doubt recognize some of its occupantsg their ambitions, and achievements. As you approach '44, you come upon a WAC encampment under the supervision of Second Lt. Lewis. Although strict in her ways, her per- sonality proves she is a friend to them, and to all in the community. Progressing further we see a large business concern, owned and operated by Carola Davis, who has recently left, and is visiting a certain person on furlough on a farm just outside of Thompson. Now carrying on the business successfully in her absence is Miss Joyce Potter. Helping her as only Helen knows how is Miss Barnes, private secretary. Still further along the street we see a store-the name? Slocum's Economy Store. We see Eudora has followed the footsteps of her father. She is very shy and quiet, but nevertheless, she has won friends with all in the community. We are approaching a large hotel with the sign "Waldorf Astoria, Jr." Inside many attractive meals are served-the cook? Of course, it's Elfrieda Stone. The waitress is our blackhaired, little Irish lass from Starrucca, Kathryn Gilleran. The '41 Army and Navy Hospital is next. Caring for the sick are First Lts. Boose and Snyder. They stand by their patients day and night, as only they know how. We see Dorothy is especially interested in the Navy, though. .As we exit from the hospital, Whom do we see coming down the street but Admiral Stack, home on leave. We wonder if he blushes when he gives orders, could be, but we knew his smile and pleasing personality would receive for him this promotion. In '44, of course, there must be music because the class had such musical ability among its members. Miss Catherine Kessler is honoring us at the present with her magical violin. She has taken time off as a soloist with the New York Symphony Orchestra to be with us a few days. We are very proud to have such a Well known and liked couple as Dr. Oakely and his Wife and children. They are very lively children, so don't get too close. Perhaps they have inherited some of their mother's love of jokes. People couldn't live unless someone produced the food, and that hard work is now done by the women in our community. Only Mary could or- ganize such an institution. If you stop in for a while, I'm sure Farmerette Mary Hubal could show you her accomplishments in her garden and' around the home. I W lr? 1 Our little village must not be without a church. Our priest is John Krall. Although, he was very popular with the weaker sex during his school days, he is now a very refined gentleman. He will always be quiet and shy, but Johnnie is a very popular member of the town. We must not forget Gladys, who lives on the end of the. avenue with her mother. She has proved her loyalty to her Mother, and our small .com- munity. Her card parties and tea's she gives are a joy to the women of '44. And now as we leave the village of '44, we glance at a large factory. We see walking among the workers, helping them, is Elizabeth June. She is always ready to offer a helping hand, and has friends among all her fellow workers. Ambition is one thing that furthered her career in a hurry. We have left the village of '44, but wait-look back over the town- it's a bird, it's a plane-yes, it's a plane-and inside? Our old friend Carl Livingston, Air Corps Pilot. He worked hard and did much to fur- ther the prosperity of '44. We believe he has seen some action abroad, and has returned with many medals. And now as we leave the small village of '44, we hope that you will return in a few years, and the town will be a large city, more prosperous than ever before. HELEN BARNES VERA SNYDER Q CLASS SONG Thompson High we regret to leave You, and all our friends besides But we must go, for here you know Is where our trail divides. Of you always we shall dream, And of all our happy times together But although fan unknown world -we face Fond thoughts will linger on forever. All of these years we've been together All of these things that we'll remember All of these things we will remember As we go along our way. E less a ' " CLASS WILL We, the members of the Senior Class of nineteen hundred and forty- four, do hereby publish our last will and testament. We, the class of nineteen hundred and forty-four, having studied diligently and persistently to reach our goal, do hereby bequeath the following possessions to the delighted recipients mentioned: Helen Barnes wills her acting ability to Jerome Lidaka. Dorothy Boose bequeaths her dashing red hair to Edwin Entrot. Elizabeth Oakley wills her extra pounds to Emily Thorn. 1 l hKathryn Gilleran bestows her ability to get to dances to Jane Bur- eig . Mary Hubal Wills her fine writing ability to Ashel Tucker. Elizabeth June bestows her perfect attendance record to Ann Brown. Catherine Kessler wills her musical talents to Eva Silver. Margaret Lewis leaves her back seat in the Senior room to Jacob Pendorf. Joyce Potter wills her pile of books she carried home each night to Albert Burchell. Vera Snyder leaves her wardrobe to Anna K1'all's vast one. Elfrieda Stone wills her athletic figure to none other than Josephine Carpenter. Gladys Wall leaves her thunderous "giggle" and her "fiery blush" to Bernice Stager. . "Popeye" Lee is the proud ,recipient of Joe Stack's "Frank Sinatra" voice iso the girls sayj. Eudora Slocum Wills her shyness and quietness to Madeline Von Bergen. Ca1'l Livingston's "taxi cab" is "handed down" to John Wasko fwe hope it holds togetherj. John Krall bequeaths his dignified manners to Douglas Walker. A Carola Davis leaves her "star eyes" and daring smile to Raymond very. . To the faculty, we wish to bestow our sincere gratitude and appre- Eiation. They have willingly and successfully lent their eiorts in our ehalf. We bequeath to the Juniors our sedate behavior and ability to receive high grades. Thus the last will and testament of the Senior Class has beep 'law- fully drawn up, and agreed to by all the class members on this 17th day of May, in the year of our Lord one thousand nineteen hundred and forty-four. Attcstz CAROLA DAVIS Witnesses: MR. CHILSON MRS. BUCK MISS TERRY 22:2 Q9 :fri be 521133 16 '- Helen Barnes .....AA,. Dorothy Boose ....,w,. Carola Davis ,,.,A Elizabeth Oakley Kathryn Gilleran Mary Hubal .....r. Elizabeth June Catherine Kessler ,,,,.. Margaret Lewis .,.,. Joyce Potter ......, Eudora Slocum ........ Vera Snyder .........,. Elfrieda Stone ....,s. Gladys Wall .......,, John Krall ,,,,.,.,.,r, Carl Livingston .,... Joseph Stack ....s,ss HIT PARADE Put Your Arms Around Me, "Honey" The Fleet's In I Love You Truly Jolly Olcl St. "Nick" ,....,Three o'Clock in the Mvruiny I Cume Here to Talk f01' J06 No Love, N0 Nothlrl' People Will Say We're in Love fV67'7l!7VL, and Peggy Were Lovers You'll Never Know Little "Tommy Tucker" 'fPopeye" the Sailor Mau When They Ask About You Dofwu orl the Farm Speak Low Lclzyboues White "Cli!Is,' of Dover QQ SENIOR FOLLIES APPEARANCE Helen Barnes-Slow and easy Dorothy Boose-Neat Elizabeth Oakley-Friendly Carola Davis-Happy-go-lucky Kathryn Gilleran-Active M-ary Hubal-Changeable Elizabeth June-Willing Catherine Kessler-Bright Margaret Lefwis-Polse Joyce Potter-Studious Eudora Slocum--Shy Vera. Snyder-Cute Elfrieda Stone-Lively Gladys Wall-Taetful John Krall-Deep Carl Livingston-Slow Joseph Stack-Mlschlevous WEAKNESS Forest City Navy Blushing Service men Anmy Marines Absence Farm machinery lMcCormickj Late hours Studying Curls Sleeping Laughing Giggling Girls "Peerless" Jones 5- Eigiii I.. 17 BAND K Row 1-left to right: J. Pendorf. C, Lee, H. Slocum, R. Kimble. F. Williams, E. Baird, Miss Terry. Row 2: G. Potter, W. Burman, D. Walker, A. Brown, D. Boose, M, Snyder. Row 3: V. Snyder, R Whitney, J. Potter, J, Burleigh. Our Band composed of sixteen members led the parade at the School Fair. Several of the students participated in a County Band rehearsal. They were: Vera Snyder, Dorothy Boose, Charles Lee, Raymond Kimble, Jacob Pendorf, Jane Burleigh, and Ann Brown. We did not have as many activities or entertainments this year as usual, but when we consider the deprivations of schools in other countries, we feel very fortunate. DOROTHY BOOSE izfr 'Q iii: '31 , ,v Tk rzggfi, E ORCHESTRA Row 1 - left to right: J, Pendorf, C. Lee, R. Kimble, F. Williams, H. Barnes M. Snyder. Row 2: E. Entrot, G. Potter, D. Walker, R. Whitney, J. Potter, J. Burleigh. V. Snyder, A. Brown, D. Boose, Miss Terry Row 3: D. Snyder, E. Oakley, J. Carpenter, D. Stone, C. Davis, C. Kessler, M. Burleigh, E, Bai1'd. Music is well represented in Thompson High School. Although we haven't had any entertainments, all of the students have cheerfully done their part. In the early part of the year we played at a Patriotic Rally at Sea- manls Hall. Also, we played at an evening entertainment at the 'School Fair, and at several assemblies. In addition to our regular Orchestra work, 'we did supplemental Work, including the history of instruments, transposing, meaning of mu- sical terms, and special Work on six-eight time. DOROTHY BOOSE 1 ' ' 'Q "T """"t' J v,'5q ff.- P :tv UA: 23 i SOPHOMORE CLASS Row 1-left to right: B. Stager, A. Krall, A, Curtis, C. Gilleran, M. Burleigh. Row 2: J. Wasko, V. McCormick, R. Slick, A. Sheldon, Mrs. Zeafla. Row 3: C, Wademan, D. Stone, W. Burman, R. Avery, D. Silver. The Sophomore Class has sixteen members. The oflicers are as follows: President ............, ..,.., V ernon McCormick Vice President .... .....,..,......... A nna Krall Secretary ...,.., ,,,,,, A rthur Sheldon Treasurer ....... ...... C laire Gilleran During the year we sponsored several events. One of these was a Hallowe'en party for the public, which was very successful. Many came masked, and a good time was enjoyed by all. Another was a Minstrel Show for the school assembly, March 29. Many people have complimented us on it. ARTHUR SHELDON I . R 5.3. E ,": 2525532 20 '22 FRESHMAN CLASS Seated-left to right: D. Snyder, R. Thorn, A. Brown. - Standing: E. Burman, R. Kimble, K. Stone, A. Burchell, R, Lee. F. Williams, G. Potter, A. Tucker, R. Whitney, H. Slocum, Mr. Martin, The class met during the first month of school and elected the fol- lowing ofiicers: President ..,.......Y.,, ,.,.,. A lbert Burchell Vice President ,......, .,... F red Williams Secretary ......,...... ..... D ora Snyder Treasurer ,,r..,. ......, A nn Brown Sponsor ..,,,,,,...........,,,,,,,,....,,,....,r..,,,,,..,............ Mr. Martin At assembly in February, we presented a one tact play, "The Cat's VVhiskers." We are represented in the library by Kay Stone. By March twenty-seventh, we had purchased ninety-one dollars worth of War Stamps. Our class is well represented in Band and Orchestra by six members in each. Because of war time conditions our activities have been limited. DORA SNYDER x JUNIOR CLASS Seated-left to right:.E. Silver, B. Sartell, E. Thorn, J. Carpenter, M, Slocum Standing: E. Entrot, J. Burleigh, E. Baird, C. Lee, J. Lidaka, D. VVa1ker, J Pen dorf, M. Von Bergen, V. Lidaka, M. Snyder, Mr. Chilson. At the beginning of the year We elected the following ofljqers. President ..,,,.,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, Betty Jean Sartell Vice President Secretary ....,,.... Treasurer ....... Jerome Lidaka Charles Lee Josephine Carpenter The activities of the class have been limited to a sale, the Junioi play, and participation in the usual line of school events. JANE BURLEIGH 'nt it f':'f'f' S222 gg 552522 'iaiiiiiiiiii f iiizii 2 f:1:1: l , YT 19 GIRLS GLEE CLUB Row 1-left to right: C. Kessler, A. Curtis, B. Stager, E. Slocum, E. Silver. G. Wall, E. Oakley, Miss Terry. Row 2: D. Snyder, M. Burleigh, V. Snyder, D. Boose, M. Slocum, A. Brown, M. Snyder. Row 3: V. Lidaka, C. Gilleran, J. Potter, E. Baird, E. Thorn, E. Stone, R. Thorn, J. Carpenter. Row 4: J. Burleigh, M. Hubal, K. Gilleran, C. Davis, B. Sartell, H. Barnes, M. Von Bergen, A. Krall. In September, the Girls Glee Club chose the following oilicers: President ....,,,.,,,,.,..,..,,,,,.,...,.,,......,........ Catherine Kessler Vice President ,.,.. ............,,.......... J -ane Burleigh Secretary ,,,,,,,,.,, ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,..,,, A HH Brown Librarians ..,..,...,,..........,.... Vera Snyder, Dora Snyder Dut to war time restrictions there have been none of the usual spec- ial activities in which our Glee Club might participate, such as District Chorus, or County Festival. We have hofwever, specialized in technical work and memorization. At Christmas time the club was divided into two groups. Each group presented a program which included vocal and instrumental solos, read- ings, and group singing. With Catherine Kessler as pianist, and Miss Terry as our faithful director, our club can truly say that We greatly increased our musical knowledge, and have a much fuller understanding of music's place in the world. ANN BROWN - :Aff-ii., gi, xg 11:12.- ,Y ig BN 551212 HM' BOYS GLEE CLUB Row 1-left to right: R, Slick, A. Sheldon, G. Potter, C. Livingston, J. Pendorf, J. Wasko. RowT2: E. Burman, R. Whitney, H. Slocum, R. Kimble, E. Entrot, A. Tucker, Miss erry, Row 3: F. Williams, A. Burchell, J. Stack, R. Lee, D. Stone, R. Avery, C. Wade- man, D. Silver, Row 43 V. McCormick, D. Walker, C. Lee, J. Lidaka, W. Burman, J. Krall, K. Stone. OFFICERS President ...,....... ...............,.,,,., .....,... J o seph Stack Vice President ...... ......,..........,.,. ....., C a rl Livingston Secretary .,,.,... ..........,......,,..........,.,,,, D ouglas Walker Librarians ,.............,,.... Fred Williams, Raymond Kimble The Boys Glee Club at the beginning of the year sang patriotic songs principally. Later it was suggested that We Write letters to the boys from this school, now in the service. The letters were Written in the club period. Carl Livingston and Joseph Stack acted as editors, while the typists were Jacob Pendorf and Raymond Kimble. Arthur Sheldon and Donald Stone .mimegraphed additional copies. The addresses were typed by Charles Lee and Douglas Walker. Each letter was signed by the club officers. We have received several letters in return from the boys and hope to receive more. - DOUGLAS WALKER Z Z3 :Ea 222Q32321?1Ef3i3g22EQE2 , Q 25 I HOMEMAKING ,CLUB Row 1-seated left to right: A. Brown, B. Stager, E. Oakley, A. Krall, E. Slocum, D. Snyder. Row 2: E. Silver, V. Lidaka, B, Sartell, A. Curtis, E. Thorn, E. Stone, R. Thorn, M Burleigh J Car enter Mis Z B . , . p ', '. ea a. Row 3: M. Slocum, M, Hubal, M. Von Bergen, C. Gilleran, K. Gilleran, G. Wall. In the fall of 1943, twenty-four girls under the sponsorship of Mrs Zeatia organized a Homemakers Club. The following officers were electedi President ..,,,,.,.......,................,.....,,..,..,.......,.... Mary Hubal Vice President ...,.,i.,,,.,.. ..,,,,.,,,.. D ora Snyder Secretary .,,,..,,,..,... ...... M arilyn Slocum Ass't. Secretary ,,,.,,.... ,..,.,,.. B etty S-artell Treasurer ,.,...,,...,....,,.,,,,.,,....,,,,.,,.,,.......,.......... Anna Krall Our club is aiiiliated with the State and National Clubs. Therefore, it was awarded the State and National Club Affiliation certificate. The usual acivities have been limited because of the war. But we did manage a few sales, which were successful. We, also, had a Christmas and Valentine party. Comments were that every one enjoyed themselves. ln behalf of the class, I wish to thank Mrs Zeafla, who has suc- cessfully sponsored our club, and for her sincere cooperation. MARY HUBAL f-'I - ,,... rw - 26 TW 5- 555232 F. F. A. RowA1q1leflt to right: A. Sheldon, C. Wademan, J. Wasgo, D. Stone, F. Williams, . uc er. Row 2: R. Slick, R. Kimble, R. Whitney, G. Potter, H. Slocum, E. Burman, Mr. Martin. Row 31 V. McCormick, A. Burchell, J. Lidaka, R. Lee, W. Burman, D. Silver, K, Stone. OFFICERS President .................... John Wasko Vice President ........ Donald Stone Treasurer ........,,...... Fred Williams Secretary .............. Arthur Sheldon Reporter ..........., Clifton Wadeimian Advisor ........................ Mr. Martin The Future Farmers of America is the national organization of farm boys studying Vocational Agriculture in the public high school through out the United States. Our program for the Thompson Chapter for the year of 1943-'44 is as follows: g September 21-F. F. Ag Night October 19-Election of Oflicers November 23-Thanksgiving program December 21-Christmas program January 20-Initiation program February 17-Famous Farmers March 23-Hobbies April 20-Fire Prevention May 25-Community History June 23-Thrift July 20-Summer outing at the lake August 25-26-27-Camping A few of the things We have accomplished are to conduct regular meetings, sponsor annual community fair, perform services for farmers of our community, develop saving accounts, collect scrap metal, and buy war bonds and stamps. ARTHUR SHELDON ' '33 C C 27 1 J GRADES SEVEN AND EIGHT 5 5 .. Row 1-left to right: A. Whitney, R. Gilleran, G. McCormick, B. Avery, H. Stone, L. Sheldon, H. Crandall, M, Martin. , Row 2: C. Burleigh, J. Curtis, P. Buck, M. Ryder, H. Gilleran, A. Rebich, R. Hath- away, J. Short, Row 3: Mrs, Leet, M. Coon, R. Lee, R. Martin, A. Hubal, S. Rice, F. Stone, B. Curtis. Row 4: R. Gilleran, G. Burman, E. Lamb, F. Potter, E. Lee, V. Slama. J. Krall, C. Tinklepaugh, GRADES FIVE AND SIX Row 1-left to right: A. Hobbs, B. Bryden, E. Wheeler, L. Livingston, J, Stevens, J. Krall, M. Brown, V. Lee. 1 , Row 2: C. Snyder, J. Wilcox, L. Swartz, M, Lamb, E. Rebich, E. Potter, D. Gllleran, S. Petrus, E. Spoor. Row 3: W. Jay, W, Swartz, H. Spoor, F. Brown, P. Stone, S. Potter, L. Lamb, B. Stone. Row 4: T. Stevens, G. Petrus, G. Carpenter, G. Hubal, W. Livingston, D. Walker, R. Cordner, E. Slocum, D. Curtis. ' i i 22222252525252222232E25f?2E2E5?Eii?E?Dii D- E233 - . . .-... Y f f A ---Q iss: .I+ - I -'2 GRADES THREE AND FOUR Row 1-left to right: H. Rebich, J. Silver, S. Feick, C. Brown, M. Curtis, G. Cobb L. Lamb, M. Carpenter, Mrs Gelatt v Row 2: M. Wheeler, G. Cobb, J.. Smith,. J. Jay, J. Wrighter, C. Short J, P tt E , o er, . Slocum. Row 3: J. Bryden, D. Potter, C. Whitney, E. Washburn. C. Haynes, W. Smith, L Wrighter, S. Callendar, K. Bryden, S. Stevens. GRADES ONE AND TWO Row 1-left to right: Mrs. Stone, P. Borne, J. Whitney, N, Chilson, H. Wheeler, E. Jay, J. Stanton, P. Walker, G. Haynes. Row 2: M. Rebich, C. Slocum, W. Westcott, F. Hobbs, E. Jay, J. Gow, B. Martin, G. Cobb, B. Stevens. Row 3: S. Wilcox, L. Livingston, C. Lloyd, W. Slocum, W. Bechtlofft, J. Ambrose, J. Galoni, R. Stone, C, Carpenter, D. Spoor. 3333255 ' 'rviiigifi 30 :a El Q -YA.--Y-f -'Y'-'-A Q S '-'-' 1-I -I-2-Zvi-I-I-2 1122-i-2 '1l1f: -, -Q 11111 111111111i:111:1:1:13f 1313: xv 131315 11111: 1111111512 Q: ff R i Q " ' . 3 ARMY Dayton Brown Stephen Stack Oscar Stone Walter Victus Carl Payne Lewis Fancher Quentin Hine Robert Lee William Lee Gerton Potter Robert Seeley Cecil Snyder Alex Stack Miles Glover Percy Snow Alan Brown Clyde Dickey Joseph Potter Donald Oakley -Tamon Lattimore Robert Curtis Russel Lattimore Albert Van Horn Philip Holtzman Emerson Burchell Russel Arthur Wayne Skellett Gerald Vermilyea Norman Fletcher Ernest Carpenter Gifford Baker Alex Hubal Leslie Thomas Fred Carpenter Steve Doben John Petrus Nicholas Petrus Everett Holmes Michael Wasko Vincent Branning Carlton Goodman Lewis Fancher Ravinond Cottrel Arthur Fancher Irvine Soden Glenford Sampson ARMED FORCES Clyde Gardner Nathan Shay Kermit Stephens Maurice Sparks Raymond Payne Holbert Fancher Helen Brooks Anna Levchak Recarda Benson NAVY Harris Allen Clayton Clark Michael Stack Maynard Nelson Howard Sartell Andrew Seaman Wililaim Holmes Lawrence Rice Elson Stone Daniel Reed AIR CORPS Harold Stone Claude Gelatt George Levchak Frank Mack Lynden Lee Raymond Reed Bruce Washburn Clark Vermilyea Herbert Livingston Harland Williams Thomas Fletcher John Homan Thomas Berish Harold Seeley MARINES Ernest Burchell Gerald Killam We know that many will have gofhe into the Service by the time this book has been published. We pay tribute to them in spirit. IT - - .1-:Y-Y Y Y .-.-L-,-,-, , f,-, -,-L-,-,A , -,-,-3 Um 'lwdi W , im' ml, 4 "W 1 ir ,tilul ll q'i'i'41i1 wal 1 in 4 159:54 1'1'i'n4 'Vol Wim qi ii' Compliments of KOST TIRE SERVICE 709 Main Street FOREST CITY, PENNA. Compliments of St. Martin of Tours -- Jackson St. PauI's -- Starrucca REV. P. H. MQCORMICK, Pastor DOUGLAS and YALE CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH clans John Deere Tractors and Farm Implements UNIONDALE, PENNA. RED CROSS DRUG STORE Joseph J. Miskovisky, Prop. 425 MAIN STREET Phone 908-I-1 Forest City, Pa ALLEN'S DRUG STORE f'Renxember-The Rexall Drug Store for Best Values in Town" FOREST CITY, PENNA. Compliments of EVA'S BEAUTY SHOP Eva Curtis, Prop. 9 Westfall Ave. Phone 147R3 SUSQUEHANNA. PENNA. RYAN AND ALLPAUGH cLo'rHERs AND FURNISHERS 225 Main St. SUSQUEHANNA PENNA. "Always Reliable" DAVID KRASNO Your .Ieweler Since 1909 507 Main Street FOREST CITY, PENNA, EXPERT REPAIRING Watches, Clocks, Jewelry .IEWELER , GEO. D. AGARD Certified Watchmaker JEWELER 26 N' Church Street Theater Bldg. Main St CARBONDALE PENNA. SUSQUEHANNA, PENNA' Compliments of THE S. 8: F. STORE Good Clothes for Men and Boys FOREST CITY, PENNA. Compliments of D. B. GIBSON UNIONDALE, PENNA. Ri' II H ll U ll U I T! il U lr U I U U Il s U ll I H U Il u ii H u mi u n U ! il u il il H ii H 'I II H ll ll ll a: A Q... Y - I-2-Q-l---.-..-. -.-.7.7.A.,. Compliments of S. C. BARNES Starrucca, Penna. G. L. F. DAIRY FEEDS F. H. WHEELER GENERAL MERCHANDISE Gas and Oil GELATT, PENNA. IVIALLERY'S ESSO SERVICE CENTER Between the Bridges Atlas Tires and Tubes SUSQUEHANNA, PENNA. ' Compliments of TEXACO SERVICE STATION STARRUCCA, PENNA. 'BARRETT'S GENERAL STORE Ask for What You Do Not See STEVENS POINT, PENNA. Phone 39R4-Thompson Prop., C. E. Barrett I. L. BUCK AND SONS Agents for Hinman Milking Machines and Supplies STARRUCCA, PENNA. Compliments of J. M. RADICCHI SHOE STORE YUSQUEHANNA PENNA. Compliments of E. E. SCHERMERHORN Compliments of GRAND UNION STORE STARRUCCA, PA. Theo. Theod0roff,.Ir., Mgr, Compliments of FRANK REDDON Gass - Oil - Merchandise "We Aim to Please" DRUGGIST LANESBORO. PENNA. ' . US UEHA NA, P NNA Phone 28'7R3 S Q N E Compliments of THE CITY NATIONAL BANK SUSQUEHANNA, PENNA. Compliments of 0. P. BEARDSLEE Unexcelled Insurance Service STARRUCCA, PENNA. -Y--7---7.v--f.-.-.-.Y--,.-YW..-.7.-,,.,-.,..-.-.-H7.7.7.-.-V..-.t,,... EICHHOLZER 8: COMPANY Incorporated HARDWARE -- PLUMBING Heating Specialties, 1886-1944 Main Street Phone 901 FOREST CITY, PENNA. Compliments of L BERT CURTIS BOTTLED MILK and CREAM Phone 9-J-121 THOMPSON, PENNA. THE EVENING TRANSCRIPT and THE WEEKLY LEUGER U. G. BAKER Owner and Editor SUSQUEHANNA, PENNA. Compliments of W. M. HATHAWAY Official Inspection Station THOMPSON, PENNA. Compliments Of BIG CHIEF MARKET FOREST CITY, PENNA. Compliments of M. B. MILLER GENERAL MERCHANDISE THOMPSON, PENNA. "HUBBARD'S CORNERS" M. R. Hubbard, Prop. Lunches and Soft Drinks Phone 9012-R-13 THOMPSON, PENNA. Compliments of DR. HARRY GRIFFIN DENTIST SUSQUEHANNA PENNA. TI-IE SUGAR BOWL Homemade Ice Cream and Candy Lunches f All Kinds of Sandwiches 525 Main Street FOREST CITY PENNA. Compliments of P. W. WALKER THOMPSON PENNA. Compliments of ROEMMELMEYERS STORE FOR MEN CARBONDALE PENNA. DAVIES 8: HASER AUTHORIZED FORD SERVICE Phone 9141-1 344-46 Main street FOREST CITY, PENNA. ' SAMUEL ENTROT'8z SON Dealers in FLOUR - FEED - GRAIN Lime - Fertilizers - Seeds - Salt UNIONDALE, PENNA. When in Town Visit the SWEET SHOP BEST CUP OF COFFEE IN TOWN Phone 90432 515 Main Street FOREST CITY PENNA Compliments of GETTER'S BAKERY SUSQUEHANNA, PENNA. Compliments of DR. E. V. McCAWLEY SUSQUEHANNA PENNA Compliments of Compliments of DR. F. F. TODD ECONOMY VARIETY STORE OPTOMETRIST Phone 93113 SUSQUEHANNA PENNA. SUSQUEHANNA PENNA. Compliments of GRAND UNION STORE Willard Hobbs, Mgr. THOMPSON, PENNA. Compliments of H. W. BARNES VETERINARIAN THOMPSON, PENNA. ELECTRIC WATER SYSTEM KAMEEN HARDWARE Garden Seed - Farm Supplies FOREST CITY, PENNA. STARRUCCA GARAGE GENERAL REPAIRING H. S. Kopp Xa Son STARRUCCA PENNA. Compliments of GARFIELD G. MICKS OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN THOMPSON PENNA. Compliments of S. S. STEVENS, M. D. THOMPSON PENNA Compliments of CRAlVlER'S STUDIO Carbondale, Penna. Compliments of M. J. SHEARD STARRUCCA, PENNA. Groceries and General Merchandise Compliments of TOWN THEATER Susquehanna, Penna. THOMAS J. BURNS Cas Station and Restaurant OILINH - GREASING - REPAIRING Phone 9126-4 FOREST CITY, PENNA. Compliments of MULHOLLAND Ice Cream CARBONDALE, PENNA. Conzynlhrzevzts of FIRST NATIONAL BANK Susquehanna, Penna. C01Yl11l'Ii17?l'1If78 0 f Complim ents of A. AVERY 8: SON K usco Feeds and Baby Chicks E. Northern Pennsylvania Power Company SUSQUEHANNA, PENNA. THOMPSON PENNA, Thompson Baptist Church Compliments of Ye Must Be Born Again-John 3:7 A b Believe on Himg Receive Him-John 1:12 I ert Mock THOMPSON PENNA. THOMPSON, PENNA. Lake Comfort Gas Station Compliments Of Car Service, Refreshments Mark Killam Chas. J. Scmidt, Prop. Justice of the Peace THOMPSON PENNA. THOMPSON PENNA. Compliments of Compliments of Dr. K. R. Wilson D H R B ll OPTOMETRIST " ' ' e DENTIST 50 N. Church Street CARBONDALE PENNA. FOREST CITY PENNA. Compliments of Compliments of Muchltz Hotel Lamb's lce Cream FOREST CITY, PENNA. SUSQUEHANNA PENNA. :::::i::3-::f-fir:-1-1-::,', Q Q Q Q I S Q Q QQ Q Q Q II Q Q Q Q II Q Q Q Il ll Qi ll Q IQ II .,.7,7,7,-,-,,,,,,-,7,7,7,v,,,,,,-,,,,,,,-,W-,,.,.-.v....1.7.-.7.v...,...-.-..-. . Compliments of PERRINE'S FURNITURE and UNDERTAKING Phone 93R3 SUSQUEHANNA PENNA. Compliments of Joseph Miller THOMPSON PENNA. Compliments of Rev. J. Burleigh Thompson M, E. Church THOMPSON PENNA. Compliments of E. K. Uwens HARDNVARE COMPANY SUSQUEHANNA PENNA. Compliments of FARM BUREAU INSURANCE COMPANY Raymond H. Led STARRUCCA, PA. Phone: Lake Como 157 THANK YOU The members of the Senior Class of 1944 wish to extend their thanks to all the people who have made this book possible. Autographs

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