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, 1 1 1 f il fm is 2,14 1' LI. 'ifflifa - . 1 ie S, -.4-1 . " 1' 'Ia ...- X J J' ,fr auf'-4 M, P. -I. ' V: - V' Vg., . ' Q' ,,. ,. AV. , 'Hn r -V AY ,y S V' url-335 ,r,g?. ' 51:14 ' f, e iv'?vg,ig5., J, V a ,,-1 7, g,Sf:c , 1 .-1,fif5 Q' -ff. A: .. 1 , ' 'Y ' 1 g 'iff-' ii'-,Q ig, 1 +-1-S -. -1 ' L ff . V N V '-. x kv -1 ..' V 1453-'V' A-r. V, ,.., .- , 2 jpr- .f1'l,.e ' ' .A ' g ' 4: - 4., V ,Y 1 1 --- . .avi lf: , 74 f l N, y A , 7 5. J L5 1-' A r - G , 4. .--.4 I, 1. . r', fs! 1. 1 ,zl I I . ' Q " 4. .94 ,. X. ' - -M- 4. 1 - 1 '1-.L "'r'i'I.!51s- "1 J ' - ' ' X . W- va? H - ,u 2. ,, 5 . fs. .N may 154, 1"-1 ' 'M r 'Iv 4' .. -' L: 4 h", ff-:'-151. tj ' Hs- I, . .: i, M ,L 55. sl V gk' Y, V fn, VT., Q!fz35:1'f-.xi ' 4 . sw X ., . . . Q E ' 1 P 5 l B Q m 5 Q i 'x a" XE- s px ' ... A 4 x'-'Q vw-s' 3' 5 Q . ?"7'5?:-' T 1 A V'--.1 Out of the vast space of time one year is recorded here, a year spent in an atmosphere of academics and activities. In retro- spect, the 1964-65 year- book staff presents . . me 952112 aa. 750122105012 7000621217 50. Zosfon, grass. . 'L 4 f "' , 1 F' . . ppreczafzon The Class of 1965 wishes to show our appre- ciation to Mrs. Belle Urie. Your Contribu- tions, although quiet, were very necessary. You have provided us with clean clothes and linen weekly, an almost thankless job, and this class is proud to point it out. You have made our stay a pleasant one, and once again we wish to express our appreciation. Thank vou. ,ff Ze ofcafzon The Senior Class of 1965 wishes to dedicate this Islander to Thompson Academy. To the students, Thompson is more than just a place to go to and learn. We think of Thompson as a way of life-a way of life that we will always remember. 75012303012 JCGOQIZQY gl? K-tp' spirit housed not only in the players . . guidance to help others guide themselves . . ini.. I 'Q 1 1 I setting the basis for effective study and learning . . the pensive moments and the studious hours that go hand in hand . a spirit that moves in the soul of each student . . . carefree time spent keeping in touch . . . . . all V . , 4 .b i t, 4 1 . i . Kg NY , , A, ,, -, 4, t y ie, V . . Q f tit E '1 f . ' w f : f, , .. , A ' A xiff if 'f 55. 6 ,egf,wF:, 'fn ,iii v, Q 5 ' Y" F B ,, A learning in nature's surroundings moments of anxiety . pw.. Ji. x"'v u ' Jn. the thrill of sports Working hard to build a healthy appetite . . moments filled with concentration and meditation . . . sg? f7a5Q gf Confenfs Q.q062?I221.3'ffdlI1bl? anaf XVQCUA, c Sefzzbf s fffn k1'c'f2.S.S112 Q12 CBQOOFZS Zc'f1ku1Y1Q.s' Jqagnzkzzkfrafzbn azmf ga Cuff 4 1 .X 4. Fw r Q0 ' ,wr W -. 11131.--' ' , ' fyj, at 1-u-11, ,Qvi'Q4,- ,rf 44-,l?u' ,ag L wr fr' ', - ff. ju ff 55 1 , ,w,-iffy, . l ,f V, ,, ..,, W V . ' 'i i, g, -F, f '1 of , , 15' ' pr . A fa, 1 -5.15.-P A, 4 Sig. ' . ij: 7.. , A f f' 'f SQ, ' ' p I 'Y Y Q .s ff as --f,1.1Zj-in - sf -nl 'ff .Q .Af W? 2 7? an .n " 'wg I JA. 521. J Q .i'l.'vN:,EN: 'gl' A . i. w.. f- .1 .,,,.,,.., .,. ,. M 4 A . 'Ext ,,. "'-Ag A .9-4.5f,:i T-, , fIs'f':,'Zf vnff- , v I-af, I - A-A 51.3352 .1 f, . .fa'1f-fuk? ggi! , ' a 23? , -1 ,r lx , 1 I x 'Q xy, . , 4 W g . ' :,S,ff5 -ff' ' 23 'K - 1 N. 'cn' 'fha .' " -. 'QTJRI' . 1 . fail,-. 4 :-Q-Q' ' '-w ,:kf-":.:'f'f-'.'.H ' . -K , 'M' Q - , .' - ' 'jvx u N X X' , - .g:::.g.1..x'v-xgis NQ:'LAQ,: 'jc' J V ', ,sb ' . -l... ,'.' -.rnv l -. , ' -. ' ,75 x k 1 K, '- ,Q E., , A . Y I ., fi" E,x,' , iv-5 ' W: fn? f m., - 1 -.",,- " . : " ', -. ,-, . ,,:.A ,JV 'P r ax I, X 113 . ...,i--"--'-M1 17" 'fx cf '. . K ' k 1 . ..x. . J- , fi X 1 'Buy' 1- .z. M.. . x 5 K ' x'-V ' ' wA W- .ngxx Q A 'Q " 4 If '-lxxk N 5 at K x Q 1 vis I Q ,, 1, .1 , , ,,--. mfs' W. . .b .xg . X .Q ' ' v r ' A 1' -.v 1 if x. yuh' n A X iz s,"4 ' A N 1 :x ,. , ,'., -L, Q 051:-r I -f ' ' '. I r A ,,' . V . ' 'Iliff' : v yfrr... . Q b,,izl.,, 4."'s . N A' 1-z . . f .i U ,-:Gi N ,R '?fv5FJ. . wf1,p,'n ' -1'-' ,Av ,, gs, - Q ,W 'lg 'Y ' 1 FA ,X ,- ,ray sg 1 i -5,53 fx ' 5 if ' " X e 'iv 1 ,,g,X,M5' . 'YA e"?,gwxg.Q ' yy. 1141-4- ,f , . ' pw- ' , , A! f '.. w, Hi ' 4 s Q. we KA. liz. ip.. w. '. ,-N-r, - b 'Ss y- .K , . ' ., ..- .. 14-.f-f.,h 'huh' .Ay' ' . l,N'.. . , 1. -.2 - -.4 - x:,..x, .,.,. , V :1r:!:.G"PQ?.T',-,?rv- ff.. w-- .x--.-I..1-.--rhhfi'-'. '1 w . . .X -:G-41.4--.453,L--:T..'11:--y," '.J':j'-mr.: nk 'Q ' '-5'fQg.1T"7,L.'-V ' 2' ',i.,":'r' 5.5-ici, Q5 '.Ef,'-XJ '-X: - g,'f,. . .v x.: nz,-.Vx-1, '.Q,,A.z,.p.."r -U, l, .-w L. Lx, q. ,..1imy, . ,V 38 .V X' .. - , .Hag '-,Q-S',-:rig -2, :vs-P3efx.v:.f3g:fvi--- ,P -- ', ...1 if .--,."- "cn, ---K. . " '-.- ' -K -.. ruv. ', .. M, .M X-, A ,x -. .. , -., X-A. , . ., .i1,'-.":.k,i',EV"i:5iI:'f"-5f'l-.1359. x , f , -,.A , ..k..--59-.,,..3-A ' -- H .- . 1. CN .Q'-.,.ugi.- tx .2,,:iI.-K-gP!4gfL.xf:':.'y. ,L .MA ,,,,v1.N I-ix' .4.,,y.L.':k av -2- .5-,, YM.. Q.,-s. .. x -I ,x,:-.Jw-.:f.v., X-:N-v-,133 Az,-:ku W ,.f' ,Q H. . . , - . , . Aw -Q Q5 pie, .-,ff 3-,:,".:xw.gQ . 4' .N A " N- -. f-Qi.. .x -,wx-svyigva-R n,.l,..,L3., ,g.,. hmyl- ' ,1.,.1g..--, , N ,..g 4 wsu. - .x . sg.. 3. ,, :Q J,-'. .13j"5-gk--"15,-".5f.'Q'.1g-Sl".5-l"- .' ,- Li- .' X 5u.aif:ff1. 'M-:'+s3??Kh'..Q'Sa"-4 .i.'1...ff2:Y N 'O .V . vw- . Q,-xxx .-rv -,, x .,',.wui-X -' - -s:,-- 'I' 5i'g'fQf.-SW -1'r'x:'1uTPl: XN.wiig1,5"--',--- .2. ',7. . ,12- - ,. Q -..-hw. -my - --. -x--.xg .w ff-,f x- . . X 1. - - . ,g ,, -m:.11.'-,.,,'.. x..JN-., ,Mx ' ' al' 71 1' 14-'1-,mf-:.y.-wegy-ga,-1-sw - I X V 'eil . . ,-. .udfmi-. ua f-Yiawhitm . . . . u .l " , fu tx." ' zM.h'.n.'x,x.'-I-2" Q IH . rw... 3.-. w ..'-- 1 s ,- H. as mt, Q 3g?:6Qig,w,ffJ'w. 0,115 fx: r 52123 -' , '1- 4 .0 "'.x-Z' '-ff , ..w.,.. - . A 'jf 3 ' ff. 'E- , . s.e' is ' 'rf 'xx fff. ,Af at Q it MR. HOUGHTON D. PEARL Headmaster There are m any problems which confront us as we pass through high school. There are many people whom we, the stu- dents, look up to for help and ad- vice. The one person who plays the greatest part in our daily life at school is Mr. Thomas. We, the senior class, would like to thank you, Mr. Thomas, for your help and advice. We feel that your help will be of 'great value in our future lives. ' :1 .,5.,ar:,5g:,- if - .- t sms, A vt , . ,wa V The Senior Class would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to you, Mr. Pearl, for all that you have given us during our years at Thompson Academy. The process of learning is a never ending road, with many de- tours and stop-signs to confront us before we reach our final goal. Without your constant help, we would not have made it through this section of the road. We, the senior class, extend to you our deepest thanks. MR. RAYMOND THOMAS Dean of Boys CZ mzbzkfrafzbe CWM MR. DAVID BROCK MRS. CHARLES BAXTER 2 'Z ' . 'L 9 MRS. HERBERT CAREY MRS. RAYMOND THOMAS 'N W 'wi-N-3..-ff -Qa!f""'Qv' ii ' 15 fir- 4 1 "' 4 -aim2,.:f1 5.14,-if ' MR. DOUGLAS WOOD MRS. GEORGE PLEAU , MRS. MIKE THORNBERRY MR. RALPH LINDSEY 1 ....., T' A 1' p Q as-M , 5 ' l 5' . MR. GEORGE PLEAU MR. HERBERT CAREY MRS. RALPH LINDSEY MRS. ROBERT CARTER MR. ROBERT CARTER FATHER ROBERT BUCHAN wiv MR. JOHN KLINE I' IP REV. MIKE THORNBERRY Fw" .gl-un DP' df' 2' ljgzggrlx wwf MR. WALTER ELLIS MR ANDY TUTTLE MR. DAVID WEBSTER Ein 'VIR MARK BAIRD MR. WILLIAM JAMES k MR. OSCAR BROWN MR. BROR KIHLSTROM 2s'wz,pr,f1, O MRS. CASSA LINDSEY MR. ROBERT KITCHING MR. TED ROSEN MR. ALFRED SOOLEY RWM:- MRS. FRANK CORMIER 'iff '. X aff! EH im ww' MR. CHARLES BAXTER .,, , , gw,,pH ,W-1 px U -xxx. R " W MR. PAUL KLUMP W3 ff 3 .,.,, 'Nav X' f MR. DONALD COWGILL MR. FRANK CORMIER The frantic rush to get the room clean before vacation . . . The frustrations-and sometimes the fun-of the work program . . . The artistic efforts for the football team . . . The thrill of recognition for a job well done . . . This is T.A. f if enzbfzs DAVID BOLIVAR STEVE CLARK PETER COBB RICHARD COOK GARY CUTLER DAN DEEKS RODNEY DAVIS ROBERT DUNCAN 4' 's JGHN FIEDLER ,Millie ffm-. fr r 3 RICHARD GAYNOR JOSEPH GORMAN ARTHUR GOSS JOHN HUTCHISON DONALD MARAGIOGLIO RICHARD MOTTAU LUIS MERRY ALAN MCCLOUD KENNETH PARKER FQ! . W- X PEDRO RAMOS if Eg FRED SCHOONMAKER DENNISON SHATTUCK WAYNE SHAW PAUL SOUZA ,L Q i X sc' INief'E,,I.' 1. V? I ,::, laiigf "A' 1.' ' ".A . Q I ' "fy r WILLIAM SULLIVAN GEORGE TAYLOR 3... THOMAS TOOHEY ROBERT VOGEL Q DOUGLAS WRIGHT 41" A T. ' in .zu-fx ,v f-, A' Weis E J' To sf-grafza fes L 5 . M I 9 I NEIL KAISER 1 , , V-. , 2? JOHN FIELDS LOUIS LONGSWORTH Dfw 7195-fafy In 1961 the Senior Class of 1965 came to Thompson Academy and elected Kenny Harris as president of the Freshman Class. The position of vice president of the Freshman Class was filled by Rodney Davis while the post of secretary-treasurer was awarded to Ken Parker. Don- ald Maragioglio and Richard Mottau were elected as the freshman student council members. As sophomores, the class sponsored the first successful dance on the mainland in recognition of Saint Patrick's Day. That year they elected Pedro Ramos as their president, Joe Gorman as vice president, Donald Maragioglio as secretary-treasurer, and Robert Duncan and Kenny Par- ker as representatives in the Student Council. That year's class was especially proud of winning the class games in basketball. The year before graduation the juniors energetically applied themselves in making their junior year a fine example of T.A. achievement. The first Bohemian Dance was held and turned out to be a smashing success, with Mr. Dave Brock portraying the authentic beatnik and chaperoning this affair. Two other dances held that year were sold out long in advance. In athletics the juniors were by no means lagging as they stole the class softball championship first from the other classes and then from the faculty. The members of this class comprised over 7029 of the varsity team members. As juniors, they elected Donald Maragioglio as president, Robert Duncan as secretary- treasurer and Kenny Parker, Pedro Ramos, and Donald Maragioglio as student council repre- sentatives. As seniors, the graduating class of 1965 made this year one to be long remembered for its ath- letic, academic, and leadership qualities and the high grade of excellency attained in all of these. After a very fine football season, the seniors held a Football Victoiy Dance which was most suc- cessful. Later in the year they had a second Bohemian Dance and a third dance at the end of the year, both of which were great successes. Later in the year the Senior Class staged the first cl-ass play, f'The Devil and Daniel Websterf, which was an impressive and entertaining exhibi- tion. After Christmas two auctions were sponsored by the seniors to raise money for the 1965 yearbook. The varsity squad, composed mostly of seniors, had a 4-3 record at the end of the foot- ball season. The seniors, virtually unchallenged, swept the class games in softball and basketball. They achieved one of the highest academic standings in years, with over half of the Senior Class achieving an 80 average or better. The class officers in the senior year were Donald Maragioglio, president for his second year, Fred Schoomaker, vice president, J oe Gorman, secretary-treasurer, and Kenny Parker, Arthur Goss, and Jack Fiedler, representatives in the Student Council. WI? OQIQCASSIZQQIZ 111210143 SEATED: E. Upton, E. Jarvis, W. Thurston, S. Ashey, B. Dann, C. Murphy, F. Warren, E Warren, E. Yonkers, STANDING: P. Maloney, J. Fassett, W. Masters, D. Hickey, R. Con- cannon, K. Dreiman, C. Rogers, Mr. Carey, G. Swindells, R. Conway, L. Dille, R. Thornhill, R Flaherty. C3O!050I22 01493 FW . A SEATED: J. Mulvey, R. Catchell, J. Hanley, R. Johnson, A. Campbell, R. Laundry, AS. Davis, R. Stafford, E. Hanna, P. Rowe, STANDING: Mr. Pleau, C. Thompson, T. Baughman, K. White, A. Jardine, R. Lowell, C. Newman, C. Prior, G. Ray, C. Tatum, R. Cook, R. Fabian, J. Fairclough, T. Morsey, B. Moynihan, D. Norton, C. Wicker, R. Milton, D. Cumming, J. Smith, T. Abbott. g 14855122 QI? 3 2 n S E 3 l Y F 2 3 5 ,AA SEATED: M. Legero, T. lVIcNaughton, D. Brown, C. Schucht, R. Morley, D. Ela, STAND- ING: P. Costello, J. Mendez, P. Rollins, G. Watson, G. Hayes, E. Stovell, R. Banclzul, A. La- brie, R. St. Jock, D. Fassett. X5 l l lil ii: Y , V 1 1 . Q : . - . . 1 ' ' 4 SEATED: R. Coleman, MQ Savosik, D. Green, V. English, M. Linzey, R. Hilly, R Wagner H. Carey, M. Litchfield, M. Goss, Mr. Carter. - GQJJ Ojfgkzers SENIORS: J. Fiedler, D. Maragioglio, J. Gorman, Mr. R. Thomas fadvisorl, K. Parker, F. Schoonmaker, A. Goss. JUNIORS: J. Drieman, R. Concannon, Mr. H. Carey Cadvisorj, W. Thurston, R. Flahrety, W. Dann, E. Upton. FRESHMEN: M. Legero, D. Brown, D. Fasset. 32 SOPHOMORES: B. Moynihan, E. Hanna, K. White, Mr. G. Pleau fadvisorl, D. Cumming, M. Milton. I EIGHTH GRADE: M. Goss, Mr. R. Carter fadvisorl, M. Linzey. gn Hem ofzdm gawrence g?I225OI2 Larry came to Thompson Academy in the fall of 1963 from West Barn- stable, Mass., as a Freshman. During his year at Thompson he was a consistent honor roll student. He spent the majority of his spare time working in the Hobby Shop or in the Sloyd Room on various models and his science fair project. His work was rewarded by an honorable mention in the school Science Fair. Later in the year he won a third prize in the Public Speaking Contest. The most significant action of Larryas stay at Thompson was his originating the idea of establishing a fund by which the Protestant Youth could support and educate an Indian boy. This fund is named the Lawrence Pinson Fund in memory of him. Informal religious guidance . . . Leisurely student-teacher discussions . . . Special wash - class trip tomorrow! 1 34 Lending a helping hand to accomplish the task . . 5,0 offs l 51145171 J ,.. 4 vi my ,Y .iv cf' COACH D. WOOD N ,E , ,,,,,,,.,. 36 SEATED: J. Fiedler, A. Goss, R. Davis, fcapi A. McCloud, l Souza, J. Fields, L. Longworth, R. Mottau. STANDING: F. Wa ren, Coach Pleau, C. Prior, J. Hutchison, P. Maloney, R. Col Cannon, C. Taylor, L. Merry, D. Deeks, J. Gorman, N. Kaise The Varsity Football Team was very successful this year with a 4--3 record. The Thompson team of twenty-eight players, though not very experienced, possessed a .great deal of desire. Good running and team spirit captured our first three wins of the season, and after a two game losing streak bounced back to win again. ln Thompson,s last and toughest game of the season, undefeated Thayer Academy proved too strong an opponent against our spirited team. Qofgay , D , T. T hey, Coach Wood. BACK: T. Baughman,,R- ook,aI2IIi Schuclilt? D. Brown, R. Milton, G. Newmen, R. Fabian, .. White, T. Morsey, Not pictured: K. Parker. The Varsity record this year was: Thompson 14-Moses Brown 0 Thompson 26-Rivers 12 Thompson 410-Portsmouth Priory 0 Thompson 6-Roxbury Latin 141 Thompson 6-Providence Country Day 20 Thompson 33-St. Sebastian 6 Thompson 0-Thayer Academy 34' COACH G. PLEAU Souza breaks through in the Moses Brown game. ' . 'mn A Good job, Don and Luis! Thompson line buffets the opponent Coaches and Luis Merry look on in the Portsmouth Priory game. David Brown tears away from opponents' grips Kaiser catches a 30 yard pass and runs for T.D. Souza breaks away for another important touchdown. Gofczenf gooffczf TOP ROW: N. Swindells fMgr.J, J. Thomas, J. Mulvey, R. Catchell, M. Legero, D. Green, M. Savosik, E. Yonkers, D Faselt fMgr.D MIDDLE ROW: Mr. H. Carey fcoachl, J. Mendez, R. Stafford, R. Litchfield, B. Morley, D. Ela, E. Han- na, T. McNaughton, J. Faircloud, D. Labrie, Mr. Thomas fcoachl, BOTTOM ROW: G. Hayes, A. Campbell, G. Tatum C. Thompson, C. Watson, B. Moynihan, H. Carey, J. Hanley, R. Laundry, R. Lowell, P. Costello The Coefficient football team ended its season with three wins and three ties. Thirty boys took part in the program. The team as a whole was much smaller physically than in other years but made up for its size with spirit and determination. For most of the squad this was their first taste of organized football. Many of the boys will play with the varsity next year. Coaches, Ray Thomas. and Herb Carey, were very pleased with the results of the season and the spirit and desire of all the members of the squad. The coefficient team, coached by Ray Thomas, has lost one game out of eighteen during the past years. Con- gratulationsl Oponing kickoffl Nice stop team. Watson pulls away for a crucial T.D. i w W 1 'h 0 l ' l Q x sp Thompson is halted at the one yard line 3, 4 V l t , Coaches, Herb Carey, Ray Thomas ,s Lgasfeffaff 011913 fm? If ,,A, A 4 Q fail W M TOP ROW: Managers, A. Jardine, J. Gorman, A. Goss, Coach Wood MIDDLE ROW: L. Oliver, P. Ramos, R. Mottau, N. Kaiser, P. Souza, D. Hickey BOTTOM ROW: D. Brown, A. McCloud, J. Fiedler CCapt.J L. Longsworth, L. Merry. .1 e X 'Wi January February March VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Friday Wednesday Friday Wednesday Friday Monday Wednesday Friday Wednesday Friday Wednesday Friday Wednesday Saturday Wednesday Friday Friday South Boston Boys Club Christian High Roxbury Latin Newman School St. Andrews Thayer Academy Rivers New Prep Christian High Thayer Academy St. Andrews St. Sebastian Roxbury Latin Brooks New Prep Alumni Providence Country Day Home Home Away Home Away Away Away Home Away Home Home Away Home Home Away Home Away ,aw , .lUNl0li VARSITY BASKIQTBALL SCHEDULE january February March Friday 'We-dncsday Friday Friday lVlonda y Wednesda y Friday Friday Vvcdnesday Friday Friday 1112 161' Z7 0115751 Christian High Roxbury Latin St. Andrews Thayer Academy Rivers New Prep Thaycr Al'iltlf'lIlj St. Andrews St. Sebastian Provident-c Country Day Home A wa y A way A wa y A way llt une Horne llmnc A w a y A w a y l , 19"-' l Mr. C. Pleau, coach, H. Carey, R Thornhill J Nlulxex C Wicker J Nlendez C. Thompson, K. White, A. Campbell C Hawe- E Xonker- B 'Nlorlex G Wat-on The 1964 baseball season turned out a great deal better than had been anticipated. The initial problem of devising a new infield was soon solved, and the field was gradu- ally rounded out. Hustle, aggressiveness, and good pitching characterized the Seahawk's winning season. The Varsity's record last year was: Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson 6 - Thayer 7 Rivers arszf 2 7 2 - St. Sebastian 3 22-. Christian 4 Ease 1' IQ 20- St. Andrews 5 Christian 4 Roxbury Latin 2 Thayer 7 St. Andrews 2 New Prep 6 Moses Brown 12 .VII TOP ROW: J. Fields, Mr. J. L. Maddox K. Shaw, W. Williams, J. Gorman, A. McCloud, L. Longsworth, J. Fiedler, R. Davis, N. Kaiser, R. Greenberg, P. Palmero, D. Boyajian, L. Oliver, W. Maddox .1 ,., ff 5,5 lf. ' ,H L Gocyffczenf TOP ROW: D. Fasett, J. Mulvey, M. Legero, fMgrs.J, Mr. Wood, coach, J. Fairclough, J. C. Crump, B. Moynihan, K. White, D. Brown, C. Thomp- son, R. Gregor, W. McDonald, C. Rogers, W. Dann, D. Hickey, L. Dille fEdSQ6dH 1964 Thompson Roxbury Latin Thompson Browne 81 Nichols 7 Thompson Belmont H111 8 Thompson Governor Durnmer 8 Thompson Thayer 4 Thompson Milton Academy 9 Thompson Rivers 6 Thompson Saint Sebastian 11 Last yearis Baseball Team, captained by Chuck Rogers, was a team which improved with every game that it played. Also, many boys learned valuable lessons of sportsman- ship. c'This was a year," remarked coach Wood, "in which playing experience was em- phasized more than the factor of winning." All of the members of the squad received helpful Playing experience which should lead to many successful teams on our baseball diamond. ' M' M W Wd?" a snowy trek uphill . . Ii' - , A 4' M i, W ,353 W QEQ-.a' 3, -' a, 7:28 wiki Thompson Academy studying for midterms -'-- ve ff 1, 'S a student gathering for christmas o a strong tie with parents .59 as well as with students . . . 'mfie wAri4'x . ,Q LJ fy, - ' 1, I' X ,fe ff ff ,.. preparing for the big game . . one of Santzfs stops . . 48 ,Aa!A'i'.,. Jr 57050171129 I il 3 ,, yeargoof Editor-in-Chief, Pedro Ramos 50 Sfqf TOP ROW: J. Fiedler, D. Maragioglio, J. Hutchison, D. Deeks Y , V - K. Parker, D. Wright. BOTTOM: P. Ramos, Mrs. J. Thorn is gf fa M-A berry fadvisorl. Sports Editor, Jack Fiedler P 1,- 213 f 24 Advertising Editor, Dan Decks 4 . . H' 1,14 1,114 fd!,,r,,,,- 15-ux'rw We sq" , I li' "" 49' Lay Out Editor, Don Maragioglio , , ,M Literary Editor. Doug Wright Business Manager, " V ' Ken Parker Q 5 5' Z Literary Editor, John Hutchison Q czlezrfce . az? IN Q Mr. H. Shaw, advisor, D. Bolivar, D. Maragioglio, L. Pinson, R. Gaynor. P. Maloney, L. Oliver, Mr. T. E. Hanna, J. Mulvey, C. Lambert, D. Wright. The above contestants were the winners of the 1964 Science Fair. The Fair, the second one ever held at Thompson Academy, proved to be highly successful. The boys showed uncanny skill and originality in their projects. A special salute is given to Douglas Wright, our first place winner, for getting Honorable Mention in the Massachusetts State Science Fair. The Award winners were: Senior Division Junior Division lst Place . . . . . . D. Wright lst Place . . . . . . . E. Hanna 2nd Place . . . . . . R. Gaynor 2nd Place . . . . . . R. Laundry 3rd Place .... . . G. Lambert Honorable Mention Honorable Mention D. Maragioglio J. Mulvey P. Maloney L. Pinson L. Oliver The Science Dept. Award was won by David Bolivar. Burns, advisor, R. Laundry ON ffmlmmm. 921660 Qsfoeaiflny The Award winners were, Senior Division Junior Division lst Place--J. Riley E. Hanna 2nd Place-J. Hutchison J. Hanley 3rd Place-D. Boyalian R. Laundry AND L. Pinson The third annual Public Speaking Contest was held in May of 1964 and was one of the most successful events of the year. The participants ranged from grades eight through twelve and composed two divisions. For two hours the chapel was filled with speeches of some ot to- morrow's future orators. The number of speakers set a new record of participants in the contest. building a strong foundation for the following year's contests, whicn we hope to see even more students participate. Cgfuoffnf Gouncz' if 'JJ STANDING: M. Linzcy, A. Goss, J. Fiedler, M. Goss, Mr. H. Carey, Advisor, D. Brown, B. Moynihan, W. Thur- ston, D. Goss, STANDING: E. Hanna, K. Parker, R. Concannon, not pictured, J. Dreiman This yearis student council, with the help and guidance of Mr. Gar- ey, sponsored two mov ies and a dance. The council just barely began to build a road of school character, a road which is the best start towards a strong and efficient S c h o o l organization which can influence a school and build strong student character. -ww Mew--A-Haunt at Officers and Advisor, R. Concannon, Vice-President, Mr. H. Carey, Advisor, K. Parker, President, E. Hanna, Secretary fi? 9603'- !0d!0Ql' 'Ei ',i""iu.o ' STAFF Managing Editors-Jerry Dreiman Richard Flaherty Business Editor ,Charles Rogers -Samuel Ashey Aft EditOI'S Efrgl Upton Sports Edimf -Frank Warren Herb Carey Reporters -John Fassett Bill Dann Nick Swindells John Fields Paul Maloney John Hutchinton Edward Jarvis Ray Thornhill Edwine Yonkers Thomas lVIcNaughton Ken Parker Advisor -Mrs. Pleau 1 I Q The Hobby Shop, begun last year, offers the students a wide variety of enjoyment. The boys are given the necessary time for guidance and provided with space in which to work. The students build models, work on Science Fair projects, and operate a ham radio station when the shop is open. Working with the radio and practicing the codes give many boys the opportunity to get licensed as ham radio operators. Adjoining the Hobby Shop is the Sloyd Room. This room, in existence since 1917, has the facilities for turning out many fine pieces of art. Formerly Sloyd was a regular class, but now the shop is open only in the afternoons. During these afternoons the students are free to make what they wish. The finished pieces range from model boats to living room furniture. Instruction of these two activities is directed by Mr. Carter and Mr. Cormier. Hobby and Sloyd Shops The 1965 Band Members Douglas Wright-Clarinet Rodney Davis-Saxophone Michael Milton-Saxophone Frank Warren-Alto Robert Catchell-Alto James Mulvey-Alto Richard St. Jock-Baritone Giles Swindells-Trombone Edward Hanna-Trombone Pedro Ramos-Trombone Z9dI2Of Kenneth Parker-Trumpet William Dann-Trumpet Richard Mottau-Bass Paul Costello-Bass Sam Ashey-Drums Peter Cobb-Drums Robert Lowell-Drums Russell Fabian-Drums Brian Moynihan-Drums Charles Schuct-Cymbals Director MR. WILLIAM REEVES The band this year undertook the task of re-building itself. After two years of unorganized playing, the band, with the help of Director Reeves and the Quincy Legion Post Band, went on a few parades and played at graduation. Losing only six members this year the band should be able to build up its membership within a year. The band hopes that in time, and with practice, they can regain the privilege of playing at Fanueil Hall in May. In Memoriam 5 ' i e ! 5 . I 2 Y v 4 5 J 1 1 f The Class of '65 dedicates this page of the Islander to the memory of Bror Y. Kihlstrom. For over 46 years Mr. Kihlstrom gave most generously of his many talents to the boys of Thompson Academy. He will be remembered by all as being a man of vast patience, with a ready willingness to help all boys turned to him, a man of keen wit, a genius at understanding, and a man possessed of great, quiet dignity. His creative talent in Sloyd, his musicianship, and his broad character have served us all well down through the years. We are better people for having been privileged to know this most wonderful man. f7ru.sfee.s John B. Pierce Secretary ' John Adams Thomas G. Brown, Jr. Walter Cabot Robert W. Duquet Merton P. Ellis Patrick Grant Bayard Henry Calvin Page Bartlett President Alfred C. Malm Vice President Bartlett Harwood Treasurer Philip H. Lord Augustus P. Loring Henry Lyman Donald S. MacPherson Arthur G. Miller George S. Mumford Edward V. Osberg George Lewis Ass't Secretary Guido R. Perera, Jr Lawrence Terry Raymond Thomas Samuel Tyler Howland S. Warren Ben Ames Williams, Jr Moses Williams cgenzbr GQSJ jfkforzes DAVID ROBIN BOLIVAR, "Dave", Course-College, Ambition-Teacher, J .V. Football 1, V. Track 1, 2, Intramural Basketball 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3,. V. Football 2 Debating 2, Literary Club 2, Glee Club 3, Science Fair 3, 4, Public Speaking 3, 4, Dance Committee 3, Art 4. PETER BOHL COBB, 4'Stick Man", Course-College, Ambition-Teacher, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chess Club 1, Intramural Football 1, 2, Intramural Basketball 3, Drill Team 3, Public Speaking 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 3, Art 4. RICHARD ALLEN COOK, 6'Cookie", Course-Col- lege, Ambition-Engineer, V. Soccer 1, 2, V. Track 1, 2, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Gymnastics 1, 2, V. Football 3, 4, Science Fair 3, 4, Band 3, V. Baseball 4. CARY ADAM CUTLER, Course-Business, J .V. Foot- ball 1, 2, Band 1, 2. RODNEY FREDERICK DAVIS, "Ernie", Course- College, V. Football 3, 4, V. Baseball 2, 3, 4, J.V. Football 1, 2, J.V. Baseball 1, J.V. Basketball 1, 2, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, Class Vice President 1. HENRY GARDNER DEEKS, '6Dan,,, Course-Busi- ness, Ambition-College, J.V. Football 1, 2, V. Baseball 4, V. Football 3, 4, J.V.'Basketball 2, Yearbook Business Manager. 62 ROBERT BRUCE DUNCAN, "Dune", Coursw-Col- lege, Ambition-Teacher, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, Student Council 1, 2, Class Secretary 3, Sea- manship Club 1, Public Speaking 3, Art 4. JOHN WILLIAM FIEDLER, "Mental Man", Course- College, J.V. Football 1, 2, J.V. Basketball fCapt.l 1, 2, J .V. Baseball 1, V. Football 3, 4, V. Basketball 3, 4fCapt.J, V. Baseball 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, 4, Glee Club 3, Yearbook Sports Editor, Science Fair 2. RICHARD JAY GAYNOR, "Richie,', Course-Col- lege, Ambition--Research in Biology Band 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 3, 4, Science Fair 2, 3, 4, J.V. Football 2, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, Public Speaking 3, 4, Sloyd 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 1, Civics Club 1. JOSEPH GORMAN, "Joe", Course--College, Ambi- tion-Teacher, V. Baseball 3, 4, V. Football 3, 4, V. Basketball Manager 3, 4, Public Speaking 3, Class Officer 2, 3, 4, Science Fair 2. ARHTUR STANLEY GOSS, III, "Dirty Persh", Course-College, J.V. Football 1, 2, V. Basketball 1, 2, 4, Track 1, 2, Soccer 1, 2, J.V. Basketball 3, V. Football 4, Student Council 4, Intramural Bas- ketball 3. JOHN DOUGLAS HUTCHISON, "Hutch", Course- College, Ambition-Food Management, Track 2, Cross Country 3, Yearbook 4, Intramural Basket- ball 3, V. Football and Basketball Manager, Sloyd 3, 4. DONALD MARAGIOGLIO, "Don", Course-College, V. Football 2, 3, 4, J.V. Baseball 2, J.V. Basketball Mgr. 1, 2, Science Club 1, Science Fair 2, 3, Class Officer 1, 2, Class President 3, 4. LUIS JOAQUIN MERRY, "Luna Course-College, V. Football 2, 3, 4, J.V. Football 1, V. Basketball 4, Wrestling 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Baseball 4. RICHARD JOHN MOTTAU, "Rick", Course-Col- lege, Ambition-Physical Therapist, V. Football 2, 4, J.V. Football, 1, Manager 3, J.V. Baseball 2, J.V. Basketball 2, 3, V. Basketball 4, Class Officer 1, Band 1, 2, 3, 4. ALAN DEXTER MCCLOUD, "Al", Course-College, V. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, V. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, V. Baseball 3, 4, J.V. Baseball 2, 1, Class Officer 1, 2, Seahawk Club 2, 3, Glee Club 3, 4, Pres- ident of Seahawk Club 4. KENNETH ROY PARKER, "Ken", Course-College, J.V. Football 1, 2, 3, V. Football 4, J.V. Basketball 3, J.V. Baseball 1, 2, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, fCapt.J, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Sec. 2, V. Pres. 3, President 4, Class Officer 1, Public, Speaking 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4. PEDRO RAMOS, "Pete", Course-College, Ambition -Teacher, J.V. Football 1, 2, 3, J.V. Basketball 2, 3, J.V. Baseball 1, 2 fCpt.J, V. Basketball 4, Band 1, 3, 2, 4 fLt.J, Class. President 2, Intra- mural Basketball 1, Glee Club 3, 4, Public Speaking 3, 4, Science Fair 2, 4, Yearbook Editor 4, Student Council 2. FREDERICK JOSEPH SCHOONMAKER, "Schoony", Course-Business, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Class President 4, Student Council 2. DENNISON WHITNEY SHATTUCK, '4Shad,', Course -Business, Ambition-Undertaker, V. Football 1, J.V. Basketball 1, Intramural 3, Clas Treasurer 1. WAYNE CARL SHAW, '4Red,', Course-College, Am- bition-Civil Engineer, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, Weight Lifting 1, 2. PAUL JOHN BROWN SOUZA, c'Monk,', Course- College, Ambition-Stockbroker and Real Estate, V. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, J.V. Basketball 2, 3, J.V. Baseball 1, 2, Wrestling 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Student Council 3. WILLIAM FRANCIS SULLIVAlNb"Sully,', Course- Business, Intramural Basketball 2, 4, Intramural Football 1, Dance Committee 1. GEORGE ANTHONY TAYLOR, 6'Crackerbarrel", Course-Business, J.V. Football 2, V. Football 4, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. THOMAS VICTOR TOOHEY, 6'Tardy Tom,', Course -Business, Ambition-College, Intramural Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, V. Football 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4. ROBERT JOSEPH VOGEL, "Bob", Course-Business, Ambition-Writer, J.V. Football Manager 1, In- tramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, Dance Committee 21 DOUGLAS ARTHUR WRIGHT, "Doug,,, Course- College, Ambition-Doctor, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Public Speaking 3, 4, J.V. Basketball 3, J.V. Football 3, Science Fair 1, 3, 4, State Science Fair 3, Wres- tling 2, International Relations. 63 UYJQGQQJSQJ DAVID BOLIVAR, 943 Providence Rd., Whitinsville, Mass. PETER COBB, 102 Appleton St., Boston 16, Mass. RICHARD COOK, 12 Park St., Hyannis, Mass. GARY CUTLER, 17 Silver Hill Rd., Weston, Mass. RODNEY DAVIS, 169 Nahatan St., Westwood, Mass. DAN DEEKS, 53 South St., Medfield, Mass. ROBERT DUNCAN, 85 Woburn St., Lexington 73, Mass. JOHN FIEDLER, 70 Winthrop St., Waltham, Mass. RICHARD GAYNOR, Massasoit Ave., Hull, Mass. JOSEPH GORMAN, 7 Myrtle St., Boston, Mass. ARTHUR GOSS, 30 Apache Trail, Arlington, Mass. JOHN HUTCHISON, River Rd., Eliot, Maine DONALD MARAGIOGLIO, 40 Granville St., Dorchester, Mass. LUIS MERRY, Pleasent St., Ipswich, Mass. RICHARD MOTTAU, Marshamtum Rd., Dennis, Mass. ALAN MCCLOUD, 107 Homestead St., Roxbury 21, Mass. KENNY PARKER, 9250 Robin Dr., Hollywood, California PEDRO RAMOS, 1850 Lexington Ave., New York 29, New York FRED SCHOONMAKER, RFD, Canaan, Conn. DENNY SHATTUCK, Box 85, Nashua Rd., E. Pepperell, Mass. WAYNE SHAW, Plymouth St., Halifax, Mass. PAUL SOUZA, cf o Souza, Mt. Pleasant Ave., Ipswich, Mass. BILL SULLIVAN, 109 Highland St., Weston, Mass. GEORGE TAYLOR, 32 Bataan Ct., Roxbury 19, Mass. TOM TOOHEY, 75 Orange St., Roslindale, Mass. BOB VOGEL, RFD 7552, Southbridge, Mass. DOUG WRIGHT, 113 Reavis Rd., Hanover, Maryland Ulm ELM DAVE BOLIVAR: I leave my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the undernourished of T.A. PETER COBB: I leave a package of cigarettes to the underprivileged of the butt-room. RICHARD COOK: I leave all my cars to my brother and the rest of the 6'Cape Boys" at T.A. for their weekends. GARY CUTLER: I leave my wet boat clothes to Joe Upton. RODNEY DAVIS: I leave a broken-down record player to anyone who wants it. DAN DEEKS: I leave my shoes to anybody who can row them. BOB DUNCAN: I leave my mail boy job to anybody who thinks it is easy. JOHN FIEDLER: I leave my opinion of the Read- ing Room as follows.: ? ? ? RICHARD GAYNOR: I leave my mice to Norton. JOSEPH GORIVIAN: I leave to Mr. Thomas a pair of pontoons for the tractor. ARTHUR GOSS: I leave my place in the Power House to my brother for the next 4- years. JOHN HUTCHISON: I leave Ellie to anybody who wants her. DON MARAGIOGLIO: To Flaherty and the Irish, I leave Southie. LUIS MERRY: I leave my ability to grow. RICK MOTTAU: I leave instilled with new confidence. ALAN lVIcCLOUD: I leave in sadness and thankful- ness to Thompson. KENNY PARKER: I leave my six year study on c'How to Fool the F acuity" to lVIr. Pearl and Mr. 'Thomas. PEDRO RAMOS: I leave my shoe polish to the boys in C-12. FRED SCHOONMAKER: I leave a set of pontoons for the 1957 Chevy. DENNY SHATTUCK: I leave Fiedler's intelligence to Bob Conway. WAYNE SHAW: I leave my wash cloth to Bob Cook. PAUL SOUZA: I leave George Watson my jersey number "22". BILL SULLIVAN: I leave my car sounds to Mr. Wood. GEORGE TAYLOR: I leave to Mr. Sooley my dormi- tory job. TOM TOOHEY: I leave to '4Butch" my S35 shoes. BOB VOGEL: I leave mv beatle boots to anyone who is man enough to wear them. DOUG WRIGHT: I leave to Eddie Hanna one in- cinerated hand from last year's project. 65 Thompson Academy Is: reminiscing over the year the time we beat Moses Brown the talks with Mr. Carey the football banquet our repeated Walks to the boat . . in 'v 1 ILT' . . . remembering the visit by the Colwell Brothers the big pep rally before the Thayer game the fun in the lab the View of the main building . . . getting autographs from Bobby Dee a Parent-Teachers meeting at Faneuil Hall the band playing at the pep rally Alan rallying the students' support . . . 68 And suddenly, the year is over- it's graduation and the beginning new phase of life. ofa " """""""""' "" """""""""""' ---' -0151-gg--vv.-we fm...-q.k.,...........-,-,...W .4 . ., ,. M- -f....,. . ---. .. ., L , , X M lumix L.-....... 57041 erfzlsem enfs SAMUEL NARCUS STATIONERS 92 Washingfo S+ Bosion, M Compliments of D. MACAULAY AND SONS Soufh Bosfon, Mass. CAREY'S Good Furnifure Since I868 4I6 Broadway ANdrew 8-470I Sou+h Bosfon, Mass. FOUR FLOORS or FURNITURE I AT sooo PRICES I Open: Tuesday and Friday Nighfs Un'I'iI 8:30 I Besi' Wishes From T. J. O'BRIEN OIL CO. I52 M. S+. Soufh Bosron One of fhe Larges+ Colleciions of Home Furnishings in New England Ferdinand's Home of Fine Furniture Since 1869 2260 Wasl1ing+on S+ree+ lA? Dudley Sfreef Terminal, ATAMIAN FORD 930 Commonweal+l1 Avenue Boslon, Mass. RE 4-lI00 STAR SALES AND DISTRIBUTING CORP IIO2 Washingfon S+ree+ Bosfon I8, Mass. 423-OI I5-9 FIDUCIARY TRUST COMPANY EDWARD H. OSGOOD Vice Presidenf and Trusf Officer JAMES O. BANGS Vice Presidenf, Secrefary and Treasurer ROBERT M. P. KENNARD Vice Presidenf and Trusf Officer JOHN PLIMPTON Trusf Officer I0 Posf Office Square, Bosfon ROBERT H. GARDINER Presidenf JOHN W. BRYANT Vice Presidenf and Trusf Officer RALPH B. WILLIAMS Vice Presidenf and Trusf Officer EDMUND H. KENDRICK Vice Presidenf and Trusf Officer PHILIP DEAN Vice Presidenf and Trusf Officer JOHN W. COBB Trusf Officer We Acf as Trusfees, Execufor, Agenf and Cusfodian Complimenfs of Your Afhlefic Ouffiffer E. F. HOLLAND 81 CO., INC. Bosfon Mass. 2 Complefe Super Markefs fo Serve You BLAIR'S FOODLAND Shop af BIair's Foodlancl and Save Sfore fo Door Delivery-Ample Parking. WE GIVE S81H GREEN STAMPS 22 I4 Washingfon Sfreef Roxbury 24 Washingfo Grove Hall Compliments of CITY POINT PHARMACY Supplying the lsland's Pharmaceutical Needs 854 E. 4+h S+. and O. S+. Sou+h Bos+on, Mass. WILBURS FOCD MANAGEMENT SERVICE Cenfral Office IO93 Washingfon Sfreei' BOSTON, MASS. Specialisis in lns'ri+u+ionaI and lndusfrial Food Service EMERSON CLEANERS I Hr. Cleaning No Exfra Charge BOB MURPHY Prop. 768 Four+h S+. Soufh Bosion REARDON FLORIST II7 Dorchesfer Ave. Sou+h Bos+on MassachuseHs Tel. ANd rew 8-4550 THOMAS F. COOGAN AND CO. Groceries and Provisions I43 P. S+. Corner Eas+ Six+I1 S+. SouI'I1 Bosfon, Mass. I ANcIrew 8-0796 Complimenis of JOSEPH P. MANN I NG Tel. HAncocIc 6-6900 500 A+Ian+ic Ave. Bosion, Mass. WILLIAM M. BAILEY COMPANY General Con+rac'rors 4I Tremon+ S+ree+ Bos+on, Mass. TEL. LA 3-5803 76 PU RDY New EngIand's Foremost Photographers and Limners PLEASURE BAY LOUNGE P. and Easf Sixfh S+. Souih Bosfon Mass. Available for Weddings Par+ies and Banquefs 367 Boylsfon S+ree+ Bosfon, Massachusefis Complimen+s of COTT BOTTLING CC l'r's COH fo be Good May we have your autograph? STATE STREET BANK Q AND TRUST COMPANY of BOSTON, MASS. Member Federal Deposrt Insurance Corporation I I I f KRUGERS CLEANING - l AND TAILORING SHOP , y Tailoring-Exper'r Cleaning BATES AND HAWKES Marine Surveyors l Furriers-Fur Siorage l '77 Slafe Sffeel l Free Pick Up and Delivery 'Zion F' Mass' A pilo 7-5I I8 MANDON BATES EDWARD HAWKES 8'5 E' F"""'l' Sl' Res. Marblehead, M buh ANdrew 8-5237 M M NE l-l062 NE l 79 I l CRYSTAL COAL COMPANY I63 Shirley S+. 4 Roxbury, Mass. l l l a GA 7-5600 lr i E n BOSTON MEDICAL LABORATORY, INC. I9 Bay Srale Road Boslon I 5, Massacl1usel'I's Service to the Medical Profession FEENEY'S SERVICE 796 E. Sevenlh S+. Soull-1 Bosron, Mass. Tel. ANdrew 8-4200 L GARBER'S PUTS YOU BEHIND the Wheel . . . with COIIFIDENC Z9 5 MAIN OFFICE: I406 Beacon S+.. LO 6-2l00 Official School for Driver Educarion al' Tl1ompson's Academy GARBERS AUTO DRIVING SCHOOL Garber's Drivers Are Good Drlvers . 1 ai. fn, .1 ffl w f , h,-f.- Y.. ,4 1. 4 5-EE' iffy, A 'Q ay Q13 Il' f M ai ' A.: 19? X 1' - 4 l . '-.:f'f" 'H' 4 - P 'a .4 1 ,, I 'X 1 'V' 'YHA 'f' 'f?"1':i 1 ' Us I A 3 Ai.. if -Q-if an 3 gi? vi. 1 . , ' N. W . . . ,fm . .5 ' '. ' . I: .345 .4 ., x K J ' I' . ' ' 'HIL A . . . 1 Pl ,fy-4 ,- Q , . N 1 ' . . 9 Q. 5 nm A ' 6 V Z' Ju , Q pa' . . ., . . ft A ' 22 f .K :H . .1 '5 ,. . . . , . V .. 5 Y, . ,. .. 22:53 -S' 'FM ' 1 -I ' " . ' L . , , . . fr' -v T I A ' , . . 1 'K . '- ' 4"'P' r. ... ai .. ji" .- - - 78,25 - .Q M -v , -Nz., ying. A , ., ri. -n . v I 1' rv, ' " It 41. ' J . r .' .. , A ,I .. 'f "". .Aw g,. " . - 5 .,, 5- f, H' 2.1.4 M ,iff 'T ' vu ' 'A - If 1-4, .,'-'fx ,. - -3.3, , 1 - -1 1, ,ly-,dz ,, ' 1-.., , .M . . . . Us I , . . Y ,I .n , . f X-4 - h w.1'-,-gfiw. T." . afar - -gy-V M . . ' gy , ' ' ' Q .. x ' I ' ' 4 'Ulf -.Q 1 fl 1.47, ,Q qs... ?,v,,..g,', -aa H --. 4.s- . A '- STX. 4. - 'll' .1-'K "th ' W, I bLi,.v,i.,'i.s. t . p - H' :?'4'-a+ ' vrmuhlu , Q? X p-, ' 5 At ., If I Q O. A , , -. 'lx vgtg iii -- x ' . 1 -,I .r , - . . - ,,v-rua: WN 3 . an," . A ' 1 , ' " Q y' 'N . ' 'J " .. ov O .. L v Q :"'Q , . - O 1 s w .. hi' U 9 0 O- . I 4' Q

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