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THOMASVILLE HIGH SCHOOL 1988 ' u' ' IIT-"" "0 0 Contents Mn nnnrrwriffil QC? 'U 'im 1: 'K :W R+., Motion - a vi- tal part of our lives. Motion to- wards something helps us grow and enables us to get involved in life. Passivity in any facet of our lives ti stumps maturity and we move no- where. Getting in- volved and reach- ing goais in academics as well as social aspects of our lives always accomplishes more than remain- ing stagnant. A Move In The Right Direction Reaching a state of social maturity demands that we reach out to others and work to achieve strong relation- ships. This includes standing by what you think is right but always having an open mind. Closing our minds to new ideas prevent us from fulfilling our responsibilities to society. HIIHH iV T A ll i i i GO WITH THE JJ D.IJl1U..l1lJ.l1l'll'lfl HMI FLGW TIITI1EII1lJIII.I1Tl' Give yourself over to the momentum of soci- ety without compro- mising your views. To- tally rejecting the ideas and beliefs of others isolates us from society. I111IL.lII PERPETUAL U E :U . I 1: MOTION II l-I I 'I2 I . I .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 'F Y ,kpga EM fa. ,KWVVV E551 '.,g Moving forward academically re- quires dedication and determination. Setting goals for our- selves helps create an upward trend in the journey towards suc- cess. Often certain obstacles are thrown in our path, but with enough self-motiva- tion, these can be overcome. The growth of intellecu- 'a fl if Qi,? . L3 tal understanding is the beginning of the maturity needed for success. ITIIIITITII V "Wrwi-QWAW ' W' f W-..., 5 Kink. 'Z Q sq HHHHIHI LTYFACFLTYFACYLTYFACI LTYFACFLTYFAGFLTYFACK LTYFACKLTYFACILTYFACF LTYFACKLTYFACILTYFACY LTYFACILTYFACIILTYFACY LTYFACKLTYFAGILTYFACF LTYFAGILTYFACFLTYFACI 'LTYFACFLTYFACFLTYFACII 'LTYFACFLTYFACILTYFACF 'LTYFACIILTYFACFLTYFACII LTYFACF LTYFACK LTYFACF LTYFACK LTYFACKL LTYFACK LTYFACF LTYFAGF LTYFACF LTYFACF LTYFACFLTYFAGILTYFACFLTY FACK LTYFACFLTYFACILTYFACFLTY FACF LTYFACKLTYFACFLTYFACFLTY FACF LTYFAGKLTYFACILTYFACKLTY FAGK TYFACILTYFACFLTYFACYLTY FACII LTYFACFLTYFACKLTYFACILTY FACI LTYFACILTYFAGFLTYFACFLTY FACII LTYFACFLTYFACIILTYFAGFLTY FACK LTYFAGILTYFACKLTYFACIILTY FACK LTYFACIILTYFACKLTYFACFLTYFACK LTYFACQJTYFQCFLTFFAGELTYEACH LTYFA LTYFA LTYFA LTYFA LTYFA LTYFA LTYFA LTYFA LTYFA LTYFA LTYF I I 'ILTYFACYLTYFACELTYFACFLTYFACf - A -I - ' - tj - I I . -I ' I I fl I : . - I If IQ I ' 'I ' " II .. I I Il ll .. II II ll Il I II I . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. LTYFACF LTYFACI LTY FACKLTYFACFLTYFACFLTYFACILTYFAGKLTYFACKLTYFA FACILTYFACILTYFACILTYFACIILTYFACFLTYFACKLTYFACI. FACYLTYFACKLTYFACFLTYFACILTYFACKLTYFAGILTYFAGI FACILTYFACFLTYFAGFLTYFAGIILTYFACILTYFACKLTYFACF FAGILTYFACKLTYFACILTYFACILTYFACILTYFACKLTYFAGF FACFLTYFACFLTYFACFLTYFACYLTYFACFLTYFACFLTYFACF FACULTYFACILTYFACFLTYFACKLTYFACFLTYFAGIILTYFACY FACfLTYFACFLTYFACKLTYFACILTYFACKLTYFACFLTYFACI FACfLTYFACILTYFAGIfLTYFACKLTYFACKLTYFACFLTYFAGK OOM In LTYFA LTYFACUL LTYFACULTYI' L1 LTY , 0 1 A LTYFACULTYFP ' LTY LTYFACUI-"" FP" Far right: Dr. Fred Dorminy, Superintendent Thom- asville City Schools Right: Dr, G,L. Ecklcs, Principal Thomasville High School Emory Hopkins, Assistant Principal David Putman. Assistant Principal Jerry Studdard, Assistant Principal T.H. . dministration Imagine THS as an atom. The electrons, swirling around like bees around a hive, are held intact by the nucleus. Without the nucleus, where would they be? It would be a state of total anarchy. Without a central unifying force, the student body would be in state of anarchy - thatls where our administration comes in. The administration performs such necessary functions as disci- pline, keeping order in the lunch line tno skippinglj, curriculum, ringing the bell Cmaybe just a little early on Fridayj, and our school budget. Our administration is a part of what makes THS the best!! The 1987-1988 school year was the second year of Dr. Dorminyis position as Superintendent. Last year he promoted school spirit with a Color Spirit Competition for the entire city system. This year, he furthered the education ofthe student body with a two-part informative session on AIDS. There are also many exciting plans for THS in the future, including possible expansion of administrative offices, addition of vocational classrooms, and acquisition of a girls softball field and additional parking spaces. CYEAHHUJ 5 i l Director of Social Services: Samuel Boykins Director of Instruction, 7-12: Lewis Brunner Assistant Superintendent of Instruction: Dr. .lim Cable Director of Special Education: Betty Cox Director of Chapter One and Special Programs: Hugh Mclntirc Assistant Superintendent of Services: Dr. Gary Johnson Board Members: Dan Bain. Debbie Loftiss, Richard Mooney Bill Norwood, Bill Raney, Curtis Thomas Almecla Simpson Eunice Davis Connie Godwin Tiunne Rchbcrg Dean Harper Counselors And Secretaries All my SAT scores are missing? That's not funny Mr. Goff. Oh, you're not kidding Ilve got four tests today, Mr. Williams. You've got to help mel . . . So, you're life is falling apart and you're ready to throw in the towel .. . Chin up! That's what counselors are for! They're here to help us with any school or personal problems we may have. We certainly can,t forget the secretaries of THS! They help keep our school organized while lending a hand wherever needed. We students would be in a lot of trouble without the secretaries to get us those last-minute transcripts or our col- lege applications sent off for the deadline that just happened to be yesterday. f i! Bernice Mitchell Morris Williams. L Not pictured: Michael Goff. Z'l Language Arts Department Every student at THS is required to take four years of English so that when we leave, we'll be able to use our native tongue properly. That's where the English department steps in. English teachers guide us through grammar, expand our conciousness through literary interpretation, and at the same time, try to drive us crazy with papers due every Week. Aaahh! But the English department should be commended on its effort to provide us with the best possible background in our language that it can. So, bring your English teacher an apple one day just to say thanks. But make sure they understand that there is no symbolic meaning in it or you may have another paper to add to your list. N3 .hx s Q 1, 'jp , E est L ' E Right: Anne King, Loyal Leas. Marilyn Cran- L 3 I , ford. Belowz Dorman Miles, Lynn Stowers. I 3. t, .f""" , ,Z Qf 1 3,5 A LSL I 'r xx sv. NAP' 'F' Ji. , ,. Q' in Left: Robert Smith. Donna Meredith. Below: Deborah Mayer. Vicki Guiney. .f ,, ? 5 ath Department What is a parabola anyway? It's a circle an ellipse or an ellipse a circle? . . . OK, lovelies. What about homework? Are there any questions or are you all experts? . . . All I keep getting is an error message and lave tried everything! Line numbers? We have to have them for the program to work? . . . You can't use a calculator to graph a line. Ch, you're using it as a straight edge . . . If you're one of those people who cringe at the mention of math, you're in trouble because it takes 3 YEARS of math to graduate. But it's not so bad. The math department makes learning how math relates to our everyday lives a challenge to be met. On the other hand, if you love math, there's the calculus class to conquer or trig to challenge you. The math department prepares students for the addition, sub- traction, graphing, equation solving, and other mathematical func- tions we have to face in life. ft? 19195531 lulia Hickson Dorothy Kelley Cynthia Miller Kzllheryn Parrish Donald Rucker Mamie Smith Not Pictured: Cheryl Greene, Wayne Harris James Bryant Right: James Greene. Below: Dave Faulkner. Scarlett Lott Science Department "No, you can't glue the bunsen burner to the lab table!" . . . "What do you mean the litmus paper burst into flame? It was only supposed to turn blue! . . . G'Just give me my Lab before you blow up the place. You realize that you will be totally slain if you do that, donlt you?" . . . Science is what you make it, and the majority of the students at THS make it fun. What would be better than collecting insects in the middle of winter or dissecting Kermit the frog or a favorite pet worm. The Science department does its best to graduate students from THS with a working knowledge of how our everyday world functions. Exploring the frontiers of science allows students to meet new and exciting challenges while learning to face life Cfuneral services for Kermit will be held tomorrowj. And by the way, if youire walking down the hall and smell something really terrible, that's the future chemists of the world playing in the sulfur again. Mx Q K I sz M ..,, f QL, Sw :yy 'Milf' xt f ff. QW W? 'MW w sg Q 5211 Wwflwiw mf: N,,, .. lcfl: Steve Burronlon bclow: Dean Farrell JoAnn Hudson Mfg. W ,V ..,,,, WW we dwg-ggma Q r if I am z, . 'ff we 9 f 1 'M , . V ,Q A,, ,.:,.g , Im. 1-,, , if f ,Q 5 K 1 E I r vi if 6 X ,M A ff ., , . ,:, VVV, , ,,,,,h, R ,, ,, M 57 A .4 A K5 C , 7' , 'G mfg U I. ' 1 W an f . I ,Wd 4 Q 1 it Karen Crews - P Marie Eckberg . , f 1 K . in , ' . 4 dw ' f ,I . y ,L 3 W 'Y 5 ...vs My 1 1 M ,A A 4 , ,7Msae22'f, 'I Q I r Social Studies Department Are you serious? Henry VIII had 6 wives? He's right up there with Mickey Rooney! . . . Why did Napoleon always have his hand in his coat in pictures? Did his Suspenders break or something? . . . Maybe you're not a history fan, but studying our ancestors give us an insight into ourselves and why we do things. The THS Social Studies department works hard to develop the skills of the student body so that we may one day be a part of history .. . What do you mean you lost Sl00,000 in the stock market? Another movie on the fundamentals of checks and balances? Ahh! . . . Economics, another aspect of the Dept., is a valuable course and something we will use in our everyday lives. The Social Studies Dept. deals with our past, present, and future to provide the student body with a well-rounded education. Far above: Geraldine Greene. Above: Gayla Payne. This row: Betty Presnell, Philip Pugh, Tommy Welch. Physical Education Stresses Work O.K. class, you can hit the locker room. You've got plenty of time . . . There's 30 seconds before the bell rings. W Hustle! No, your five laps canlt be around the telephone pole. - It's a bird . . . It's a plane . . . No! Itls a misfired tennis ball over the fence again! So maybe you're not Bruce Jenner or John McEnroe, but the THS coaches try to gear the physical activities available to appeal to everyone. The coaches are con- cerned with keeping THS physically fit while making it fun in the process. They introduce students to new games, as well as some old favorites, and try to teach the importance of team cooperation and sportsman- ship. Thanks coaches, we'd all be fat slobs without you! George Bobo Belly CUIP I W l 44 QS. fi , 5.3351 l W :wg 5 n, 'LW -M-, 5 5,12 ijkn, Warren Field Andrew Jones Ben Stephenson usiness Ed Excuse me Mrs. White, but I really can't think with all this noise going on. Yes, I realize that all typewriters sound like that but if we just stopped for alittle while I could get my hearing back Oh! So, when the bank says I have a negative amount in my account, that means I have no more mon- ey. l thought the bank was sub- tracting that amount from it's money supply and were just tell- ing me for some strange reason . . . Why do I want another bottle of white-out? Well, I really wouldn't need this one if you would stop counting off for errors. Aren't apple and epple spelled close enough to get by? So, you're not one of those people who want to take typing. Well, at least take accounting so you can figure out how much money you're paying other people to type your papers. tThat can get expen- sive with the tons of papers that have to be written in collegelj Below, l to ra Marilou Grimes. Janet Huxford, Anne Lester, Evelyn White, P" A ' 7 l to r: LaVone Bryant, Aideg Fo "Qt enza Chatmon, Frances Eubanks f- K Librarians What do you mean we have to write a 5000 word essay on qua- sars, having only 4 paragraphs, using the word quasars only 10 times . . . and it's due tomorrow?! . . . It's due today? I thought Anna Karenina was due next week. I haven't even started! . . . Honest Mrs. Stowers, I really did write my paper, but my dog ate it. Can I turn it in a little late with- out any points being taken off? CI wouldn't count on itlj . . . If you're plagued by one or more of these problems, then itls off to the library! The library is an impor- tant part of our school, although many students take it for granted. Where else could you finish your paper due next period or grab a few newspaper articles? The li- brary staff is ready to help with reports you may have, using the card catalog, or just finding the correct spelling of word. Just keep in mind . . . ONLY FOUR PEO- PLE TO A TABLE!! Fred Allen Greg Daniel Deborah Ensley non t tail 5-lm! Fine Arts Give Students Culture Mrs. Lawson, my ears are squished! Can't I take these dumb headphones off? I don't know what this woman is saying anyway . . . But it's abstract art, Mr. Williams. I know I haven't shaped the clay yet, but it doesn't need to be . . . Who would have the patience to make up a scale like DO-RE-MI? . . . Although not given enough credit, the Fine Arts Dept. at THS offers students a break from the monotony of academics and a chance to develop the talents that may be hidden within us. The Fine Arts teachers are responsible for developing what little culture we may acquire before leaving THS. ,, It , Top row: Dr. Carol , r f iiiii i' in W I F r a n c h i , B a r ba ra 'iii"i Lawson, languages. V Q Second row: James Q, Williams, art: Anto- nio Voyer, lan- guages. Charlene Bond, Home Ec. Jennifer Pearson, Special Education Nicole Roesch, Special Education Vicki Hunt, Learning Disabilities Below: Harriett Mitchum, Hom Ec. Opp. page: Robert Keene, Cor structiong Russel Tinsley, Metals. 3 , .1 In vs- . if 4 X M.. -'AX ' ' X - ..,e..s.n .gf Above: Lee Bailey, Industrial Arts Special People Contribute Variety To TH Yes, that's right! The Special People have a category all their own tand they deserve it!J. The teachers in this field teach special skills such as photography, drafting and wood working while providing the hearing impaired and LD students with the special attention they need. Many students have opted for a new twist to their high school career. Juniors and seniors have the opportunity to attend Thomas Tech for part of their school day. On the other hand, seniors have the opportunity to attend Thomas Tech as their senior year. They leave Thomas Tech with the skills necessary to enter the career field of their choice including such fields as Respiratory Therapy and Metal Working. Left: Russell Tinsley, Metals. Below left: Lillie Rayford, DCT Coordinator. Below right: Robert Keene, Construction. Far Below: Edgar Anderson, Transportation. l v H! ll an j f 1 it pw tit? i W' ,M . id K - , .VU I it . tl t . ' . . . ., Y. LVy.k :Ze Not Pictured: Patsy Stephens, Norma Scott, Frances Williams. tw ff- i11y:w4a,wavwfef'Affaf- V .M ,kwa ' iff Anthony Smith, Jerome Flanders, Clarence Brock, Herbert Futch, Sr. Not Pictured: Harry Jefferson, Albert McCoy, Leroy Tillman. Lunchroom nd aintenance STAMPEDEl No, it's just lunchtime in the THS cafeteria. Lots of hard work and dedication goes into preparing a nutritional lunch for the entire student body and faculty. Can you imagine cleaning up afterwards? Ughh! For a room that has always been de- clared "off limits, mystery meat cookingf, the cafeteria is the busiest place in THS. The maintenance staff is an invaluable asset to THS. They keep the school clean and in tip- top condition. fLet's face it, wading through halls filled with paper would not be very pleasantlj HATS OFF to these people. we :fi .vi 1M,,,WWf.fJ,,. Norma Bloodworth, Cafeteria Manager: Geraldine Conger, Asst. Manager. larence Brock, Beulah Seabrooks, Kathleen Johnson, Amy Mae Griggs, Maggie Lee Mincey, Mary Lee Garland, Ann Morris, Mary Ann Plymel, Geraldine onger, Norma Bloodworth. Not Pictured: Ethel Wilson. X K ll - SSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESGLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASS SSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESGLASSESCLASSESCLASS SSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESGLASSESGLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASS SSESCLASSESCLASSESGLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASS BSESCLASSESCLASSESGLASSESCLASSESCLASSESGLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASS SSESGLASSESCLASSESCLASSESGLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASS SSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASS SSESGLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESGLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASS SSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESGLASSESGLASSESGLASSESCLASSESCLASS SSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESGLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESGLASS SSESGLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASSESGLASSESCLASSESCLASSESCLASS I I- -H -I -I -I In -I -I -- Class f 1988 Exhibits Charisma Are we the best class to come out of THS? - yes!! - Our achievements range from winning the first pep rally Ca unification of spunk and spiritj to being the first class to meet the new core curriculum. - All the previous classes of THS have claimed to be the best, but we are!! - Our voices boomed above all the others at Thomas County Stadium as we cheered our classmates on to the first victory over Central welve had during our high school career. - WAY TO GO DOGS!! - More important than our school spirit or winning a football game is the friendship that has developed among the members of the Senior class. Four years is a short time compared to the length of time that friendships made here will endure. It is always nice to know that there is someone to lean on in times of need. To finish out a great high school career, we'll all be basking in the sun in the Bahamas for 4 days after graduation on the Royale. Have fun guys and don't forget your suntan lotion!! jrr any L X .V .45 X I IZ, ,M .rrr , X me vt " ' ,'f, H . t ' 'fit A- wiifkl- . - ,af I l Senior class officers QI-rj: Robbie Bohman, Vice Presidentg Mendy Godwin, Treasurer: Fannctta Dunbar, Secretaryg Arthur Johnson, President. Lisa Amos Paulette Arline Phillip Armster Erin Arnett Jim Arnold Buffie Arrington Stephen Avera Angela Bailey Tyrone Barber Lee Barnes Patrick Barnhill Kelly Bell Matt Benson Robbie Bohman Amy Brinkley Paul Brinson George Brooker LaShunda Brown Michelle Brown Norma Brown Tanya Brown Stephanie Brunner Felicia Bryant Jeffery Bryant Lorenza Bryant Tovirus Bryant Pam Bush Victoria Calhoun Patrick Carley Richard Alan Caulley Kim Choice Jessica Christian Carri Clanton Angelica Clark Augustus Clark Terry Clark Rosiland Cochran Seth Coffin Eddie Coleman l 7 , Mark Coleman Lonnie Collins Shirley Colston Tina Colvin Andrew Congressi Jeffrey Coleman Teresa Cox Eric Curry McCarthy Daphney Larry Davis Orlando Davis Stephanie L, Davis Stephanie Davis Christy DeLoach Richard DcMotl Tracie Dickey Shanna Diggs Stephen Donaldson Fanetta Dunbar Rudolph Elzy Mel Eubanks Dorothy Everett Kcifer Everett Derrick Flanagan Alvin Foglc Herbert Futch Ronnie Gardener Lynn Gay Michelle Gibbs Betty' Gilbert Vi' Mcndy Godwin Angelia Graham Pam Graham Tamara Greene Jamie Griggs Tammy Griggs l Jeff Harris Shannon I-larvin Kevin Graeme Heidorn Barbara Helton Trevor Henderson Kyle Herndon Felisha Higdon LaTivia Hill Loretta Howard Chris Huckans Lessie Hudson DuWannu Hunlcr Sabrina Hunter Dana Hurst Gcorgc Ivey Camille Jackson Greg .luckson ,lunics Jackson Ron .lnmcs Arthur Johnson .lun Johnson Joslyn Johnson Nikki Johnson Monica Jones Robert Joncs Shawn Jones Tara Jones Duwn Kurtz Betsy Lee Alfred Logan Scott Long Jcancttc Lovejoy Rztqucl Lundy Monica Mack Cynthia Manning Douglas Maxwell l Angela McCall Robin McCann Roan McClelland Renee McDaniel Lafils McGill Calvin McKinney Mundy Meeks Tyler Mcrcness .lohn Mickcns Brel Miller Shan Miller Darby Mirocha l Chuck Mitchell Lee Mitchell Angela Monroe Tangela Moody Greg Moore Willie Moore HC, LJ' Mury Morris Tina Myers Lisa Neel Beverly Nixon Sherri Nobles Nicole Novak Finettra O'Neal Dawn O'Quinn Mike Owens l Rusty Parrish Timothy Parson Kailigh P3151 Tonya Peters April Phelps Madie Powell Amy Rccvcs Dennis Revels Carlos Robinson Hazel Robinson Celesl Rone Darryln Rone Howard Ross Monica Roundtrcc Freddie Sanford Antoinette Supp Sheila Sapp Trishun Shannon t 6 Patrick Sharp Amy Shepherd Tracy Sherman Susan Sherrod Bernard Simmons Gary Simmons Michelle Simmons Karen Sinclair Danny Smith Dewayne Smith Guy Smith Kenneth Smith Stanley Smith Stephanie Spencer Pamela Slalen Stephanie Sullivan Brian Taylor Angela Thomas X 7 David Thomas Craig Twedell Catherine Vaughan Toni Walden Anthony Walker Robert Walker Sharon Walker Wanda Ware Cassandra Warren Paula Washington Chris Waters Angie West l Katt: West Melvin Whcclcr Lynn White Carolinc Wight Bessie Williams Charlcnc Williams i Charles Williams Chuck Williams Corey Williams l LaTunya Williams Marinda Williams Melissa Williams Pamela Williams Price Williams Tyrone Williams Yasmine Williams Kclvin Willis Shad Willis 60 xi Shane Willis Tanya Wilson COTY Wise Sonya Wright Anthony Wychc Samantha Wyche Mark Zcigler ff W it L L V- li W as N ,,,..,x i """" I gl, 1' Lil:-. 5? Xkr' 15. N, gieflfi ' . wwwim L N J WNW - g SFT? ' Iiii ww, N..:- 5 mmiwmms 'WJ 41 Charismacharismacha 1 wail I K my ' f' 1? .11:Qv1 P: . X . I if Juniors Join The Ranks "Boy it's tough to be stuck in the mid- dle!,' - So what are you going to do? No longer lower classmen, the juniors have now joined the ranks of the elite group know as "Upper classmenf' Led by many talented young adults, the Junior class is a class with a very promising future. They've exhibited qualities that make them great students and even greater people. Included among these are spirit twinning the 2nd pep rallyj and a common bond between members of the class. - '6Oh no, Mr. Faulkner's chemistry test is next. l am slain!" - The Junior class is responsible for transforming the THS cafeteria into a Showplace for the Junior-Senior Prom and are faced with the dilemma of determining why a whale is the main character of a book CGood luck, guys!J. Class officers: Pres. Jerome Simpsong Vice-pres. Chris Phillips. Treas. Toyca Williams. 64 ,A , , J "" ,JE f ff fy ' .ff ft , . V V ,M rs.. F lbvn.. ,, ka . '.""'. ,.,.. H ,",, 'Q if S , -- ig" K I, Ar ' M g Q Travis Chastain Sabrina Christopher Shane Clark Lce Cleveland Jimmy Cliliion Brel Cohen Lisa Coleman Michael Coleman Bart Collins Devone Conc Andy Cooley Stephen Cooper Michelle Crumbry Carl Crumidy Calli Curry John Darring Joanna Davis Louclhel Davis Renee Davis William Davis Melissa Dcas Kcshia Dixon Bill Dorminy Roderick Dunbar Drcdrick Duncan IMPULSE IMPULSE IMPULSE ff . X Johnny Higdon Monica Higdon Alccizi Holden Karis Holt Robert Holten Timothy Holton Kimberly Homer Tulinzi Homyk Jared Hopkins Chris Hopper Bryan Howell David Huckzins Kenneth Hurst Tiffany Ivey Curtis Jackson Depreme Jackson Lisa Jackson Tanju Jackson LaTushzi James Ralph James Anthony Johnson Jeffery Johnson Monty Johnson Cynthia Jones Eddie Jones Frank Jones Greg Jones Michziel Jones Michele .lones Reginald Jones Carol Kclley Julic King Missy King Stanton Knight LaShtiwn Larkins Chris Linsley Yoslyn Linton Steve Litherland Notcha Locket! Charles Logue Tammy McBride Nathan McCaskill Diane McCoy Eric McCoy Janice McCoy Franklin McCrary Tunjiiline McCrz1ry Lanorris McCrury Kathi McDonald Patrice McQueen Amy Mcreness Scott Milbcrg Cynthia Milhousc Angela Mitchell Cassandra Mitchell Daryle Mitchell Latrena Mitchell Edmond Monroe Kelia Monroe Pamela Moody Jamie Moore Anthony Morrow Niki Nawrocki Melanie NeSmith Donna Newell Lisa Newkirk Lara Nix Felecia Nixon Julie Ogburn Latrina O'Neal Lance Palmer Denise Payne Jerome Payne Cassandra Perkins Greg Perry Shan Peters Bernadette Pcttis Chris Phillips ,xl jf ffl! ,ff M' "Pen fights in chemistry were a lot of fun this year." Gena Goodrum 'QBeing a junior means people expect toot S much out of you. This college, that college . . . it'll drive you crazy? i Toyca Williams lwvl' Jeff Poppcll Dcvonna Pressley Tonya Pringle Ricky Quick Rosemary Ramsey Leigh Runey Tolli Redd Ronnie Reddick Vivian Reddick Ron Reese Chance Reeves Natasha Register John Reid Bobby Revels Haji Reynolds Telvis Rich Rolanda Robinson Pam Ross Sharon Ross Stacy Ross Derek Sanchez Lanore Sanders Tammie Sanford Rodney Saunders Timothy Sapp Dangcla Scott Chuck Scully Angela Scabrooks Willie Simons Jerome Simpson Jannie Sirmon Audrey Smith Beverly Smith John Smith Michael Smith Nina Smith Chris Stillwcll Byron Stone Debra Taylor Mclvin Thompson Norman Thompson Rcnny Thompson si' t.. x 53: X -, rx - ......--4' sums, - i BX: K: Ns. Mds Savage. X-K : Sonya Thompson Charles Tillman Melvia Tims Greg Tramcl Alicia Tucker Chavetta Turner Kenneth Turner Mortmiea Vall Cherie Vaughan Julie Waits Roderick Walden Truvine Walker .loyee Wallin Terrence Ward Adricne Warren Rachel Waterman Jennifer Whitaker Raymond White Anthony B. Williams Anthony L. William: Carlton Williams Cathy Williams Donna Williams James Williams Joseph Williams Melinda Williams Rcginaild Willimns Roddrick Williaiins Saibrinai Williams Szindrai Williams Sliirri Williams Tnycxi Williams Slmndzi Wilson Kevin Winchester Craig Wood l rcd Wood G xi cn Woodrulil' Dcmny Ycax rby Michaicl Young Victoria Young ,ww--by hav! w ,ami "--Q... 1' ,WW Sophomores Croak Over Wilbur "Please don't make me cut up Wilbur! He was my favorite lab frog . . . O.K., if I have to, at least give me a tissue to cover up his face so I won't have to look him in the eye." Cutting up your pet frog may not be your cup of tea, but the sopho- mores who have biology have to face this tragedy ev- ery day. The sophomores, fi- nally over the nervousness and the adjusting involved with being a freshman, can now settle down and begin enjoying high school life. What could be more enter- taining than learning that George Washington had wooden teeth or that Co- lumbus discovered America by accident'?! Then there's the dreaded BST!! Sitting in the lunchroom for three days, the sophomores sweat out the test that decides whether or not they'll grad- uate. All in all, the class of 1990 takes everything in stride while awaiting pa- tiently the day they will be upperclassmen. VY Sophomore class officers: Stephanie llamilton. Tres: Jennifer Maxwell, Sec: Anthony Wyche. Pres: Sherwanna Flanagan. V. pres. 1 ,Have 1, 1 ' qi : S . 1: iff: xg, -use f it +1-Q li A i s. -. .X. ' ,, uf ki. l 5 :K 1 k.kk iy , 5 15 Chris Alderman Aldophus Allen David Allen Chris Anderson Yusel Armster Tommy Barnes LaShunda Barnhill Jennifer Belcher Marc Blackwell Charles Bostick Walter Bowdry Chris Brown Peter Brown Jermaine Brundage Angeila Bryant Robert Burns Kenneth Calhoun Mark Carr Terrence Childs Leonard Christian Antonio Clark Dec Clark Vondu Clark Wanda Clark Fredrick Clayton Rob Clendinin l,illOl'llil Cloud Charlie Coleman Angela Conyers Marcus Conyers Deriek Cooper Gena Cox Larry Cranford Lorelha Curry Adrienne Daniels Cedriek Daphncy Demetrius Darden Angela Davis Gcrri Davis Marty Davis Mary Davis Tommy Davis Scou Delaney Charles Diggs Delena Diggs Rose Dockeit Iirie Donald .lohn Donalson EnergyEnergyEnergyEnergy 'QE' if Q me .loc Douglns Shnnn Dmlglnm BFCII Dycss Ben Izdunrdm .IcI'I'rc5 Ifllis l,nnrcncc lilln Bcrlhn lilmns Turn Iflmoru Runnld Elly ChiqLnla1 linmnucl Benny Vcdrick Circg Iforlson Ann Frzlnklin Curl Vrnnklin 53, Huscn Frnnklin Dunne Giddcns Dnvid Gurdon Kcxlm Graham Hcnlhcr Gralngcr Bridgcll Grccn Jason Grccn Greg Grccnc Slcphnnic Hamilton Shcrnnnnn Flnnngnn Edmund Hampton Vclma Hardy Libbic Harlan ,lcrry Hayes Marco Hayes Robert Haycx Thad llaygood Derrick Higdon Yvonclria Higdon .Icnnifcr Hill Timothy Hill Lawrence Hilson Kimberly Hines Chcric Hopkins Faith Hortcn Karen Hunter Stasia Hunter Willie Hunter Jcnnifcr Huntington Marion Huntley ..-5. me Ziff! f 41 QQ .lil Derrick Ingram Rhonda lvey Kaija Jackson Shunda Jackson Phil James Joe Johnson Elvis Jones Paul Jones Willa Rena Jones Greg Jordan Ryan Kelly Stephanie Killens Bernie Kimmons Jeffrey Kimrnons Gus King Jimmy Kirkley Michelle Lassiter Tim Law Amy Lester Dana Linsley Michelle Lowery Dcmetria Luke Jimmy Mack Doug Mareinek Angie Marria Alex Mash Jennifer Maxwell Sam McCollum Albert MCGalliard Charles McMillan Derrick Mike Maurice Milhouse Ira Mitchell Natasha Mitchell Coretta Monroe Madeline Monroe Alton Montgomery Adam Moore a"?K .,L.1: If - M5149 . J ,ff for .-49, 6. u Pamela Moore Marshall Morris Willic Morris Keith Morrow Sandra Nash Nissa Nawrocki Tungclia Nixon Britt Norwood Cynthia Oncal Yolanda Parker Allison Parks Uma Patel Nikki Payicc Tony Packs Chad Pclcrman Donna l7ClllS Phyllis Pcllis LaShanda Pittman Shantrea Pittman Mandy Reeves Renee Reevcs Chris Revels Felicia Rcvels Maurice Revcls Delroski Riles Freddie Robinson Jimmy Robinson Niki Robinson Wayne Robinson Bertha Ross Glenda Ross Jenny Rouse David Sample Travis Sanders Mall Savage Dianna Scully Derek Shiver Cynthia Simmons nw fl -an ,H 7. oar, ...Q v ia . glfifn t C ' gfeifyfaitti as N Vanilla Simmons Melissa Sinclair Mark Smith Rose Smith Colandra Spivey Ira Staten Charlie Stevens Stan Stewart Akissi Stokes Trella Stringer Susan Sullivan Chad Swenson Bryon Thompson Roqucl Thompson Stephan Thompson Vicki Thompson Wendell Tidwell Yulonda Tramel Cathy Trask Sharon Travis Tracy Twedell Jon Vaughan Robert Walden Cathy Walker Shcdrick Walker Katina Washington Ken White Lisa Wiggins Hayward Williams .lerome Williams Sheryl Williams Ashlcy Wilson Clayton Woodfin William Woodfin Anthony Wyche Ronald Wyche . f.-J 5 Lu.,-1 "Being a sopho- more, l can show the freshman around? Patrick Sexion "Sehoolfs get- ting easier? Harold h Williams "I like being a sophomore be- cause I feel like Iam accomplishing something, getting somewhere." Dana Linsley "I like not tak- ing healthf' Phil James Freshmen n Constant otion "What do you mean this is English? I'm supposed to be in geometry" 'Tm sorry I was late to class, but I walked around in circles for 10 min- utes trying to find this room." - The freshmen may be the new kids on the block, but they're certainly not lostg after all, they have their student handbooks for guidance. Seri- ously, the life of a freshman is not as easy as everyone seems to think. Aside from learning their way around, the freshmen have to learn new rules, meet new teachers, and adapt them- selves to new routines. The freshmen live in a world that is in constant motion, but when the wheels stop turning, they emerge as a class in complete control. Class Officers Standing: Melynda Ray. Pres: Katina R. Johnson, Secg and Jennifer Douglass, Treas. Kneeling: Richard Williams, V. Pres. Vincent Ackerman Kim Adams Sabrina Adams Joe Alderman lssae Allen Teena Amos Charles Anderson Linda Anderson Roderick Andrews Tracey Andrews Monica Armstcr Artreil ,Austin Arthur Bacon Nancy Bacon Yvonne Bailey Vickey Barnes Keith Beard Sarah Black Sherry Black Byron Blackwell Brian Blair Jennifer Booth Kendall Boykins Chris Bradley Sabrina Brakley John Bradshaw Charlie Brinson Raphael Brooks Betina Brown Chris Brown Catina Bryant Daphney Bryant LaShandra Bryant Teresa Bryant Kadondra Bush Pam Butler Becky Cain Laura Caldwell Kenneth Campbell Diana Carr Rhonda Carr Morris Carter Michelle Cecconcllo Rosie Chastain Corey Clark Laura Clements Regina Clifton Ernest Cloud .lelfcry Coleman Pamela Coleman Edward Connell Shingi Cook Joanne Cooper Johnny Cooper Katina Cooper Vanessa Cooper ,lonathan Copeland Jonathan Cranford Ashley Culbrelh Scott Culp Cassandra Dale Travis Dale Shan Daniels Angela Davis Brian Davis Charlie Davis Pamela Davis Roy Davis Saundra Davis Vicki Deason Maranda Defviott Trey DeSantis Kirk Dickey James Diggs Susan Dixon Chris Dodge Jennifer Douglass Melanie Draxxdy Carlos Emanuel Billy Evans Latrice Evans Chris Favors Stephanie Fewell Rachel Fink Angie Fletcher Kim Fletcher Maggie Flowers Edjar Fork Angel Franklin Pam Franklin Paula Gardner Fcrlin Gatlin Tommy Gibbs Regina Glenn Richard Goodrum Kellie Gray Belinda Green Marshall Green WW? N f3Tb'E+:Q nm' D. Shareaka Green Jamey Greene Sherrill Griffin Jonmark Groover Greg Guyton Brian Hadley Daren Hadley Lisa Hadley Mahalia Hadley Robert Hadley Terrance Hadley Stephanie Hamm Kellie Hammock Stephen Hampton Shannon Harbin Alphonso Harper Sclecna Harper David Harris Shannon Harris Tamika Harrison Charles Hayes Shane Herrin George Hicks Brian Hight Ernest Hill Jerome Hill Nikki Hill Shernika Holten Tangela Hopkins Gator Hosay Tommy Howard Stacy Hubbard Gary Hunter Hutty Hutchings Travis Ingram Charlene lvcy Tim lvey Bishop Jackson Cassandra Jackson Derrick Jackson Deryl Jackson Dewayne Jackson Dexter Jackson Keesha Jackson Kelvin Jackson Melissa Jackson Tonia Jackson Benny James Kesha James Yorunda James Nicole Jenkins Tiffany Jenkins David Johnson Katina Johnson Reginald Johnson Treva Johnson Tywanda .Johnson Amelia Jones Jay Jones Willie Jones Andre Jordan Katava Jordan Katrina Jordan Ryan Klatt Yolanda Knight Michael Laing Sherry Lane Julie Lane Ronnie Larkins Kendrick Leaks Tonja Lee Shontae Levsis Jay Logue Jonathan licas Jeff Lundy Marcus Mack Vieior Mack LaSha Manning Ronnie Mash Ronald Matthews Stephanie Matthews Penny May LaTonya fvlefall Latriee fvlefloud Marie Vlelntyre Kevin MeMillan Melissa Mercer Celaya Mitehell Cynthia Mitchell Jimmy Moore Robin Monroe Sharon Monroe Steve Moody Crystal Moore Ben Morris LaShawntra Morris Kevin Morrow Jack Morse -I7 f i t 'WZ . f' I . sfiiitii -Q lj t X S E , D sf' 1 Q . ' R U fav '59 W pw- KS -j!'f, ,X fi Q R" is , W fx , f l iw:-1,7 if 15,2 w .v . ff Toriano Murphy Mary Murrah Barbara Nash Kristy Nash Michael Oliver Judy O'Neal Ashvin Patel John Perkins Tito Peters Tonya Peters Tina Peterson .lohn Peltis Larry Pettis Robert Petty Purvis Presha Jim Prine Jason Rawlins Catherine Ray Melinda Rag Bernard Redding Beverly Reese Allison Reeves Pleschctte Reid Joyce Revels Teresa Revels Maryland Richardson Arthur Roan Angela Robinson Arthur Robinson Sabrina Robinson Vanessa Rogers Batryse Rollins Abigail Ross Rick Russell Ron Russell Tyrone Samuel Crystal Sapp Stephen Sapp Tori Sapp Mandy Schofill Shaniqua Scott Nicole Scruggs Anthony Sexion Patrick Scxion Sherman Scxion Anthony Shannon Tina Sharp Anthony Shaw Jeff Shores Dcdra Simmons Sonya Simmons Eric Simon Ron Singletary Bert Smith Kenneth Smith Nichole Smith Keith Spencer Colin Spitrer Seneca Springle Katina Stacey Chuck Sumner Mike Sumner Jeff Sutton Mark Szlcmko Herbert Taylor Hodges Taylor Michelle Taylor Scott Taylor Angela Thomas Danny Thomas LaShonda Thomas Latitia Thomas Stacey Thomas James Thompson Sophia Thompson Tony Thompson Tiffany Tiffin Nikka Tillman Yolanda Tillman Jenny Trockley Toleda Virgil Dcloris Walden Monica Walden H? fi'-:cs La utr? .211 65 Y i X tx 1 ...Q - "' it Alphonso Walker Anthony Walker Todd Walker Tina Washington Tonya Washington Vert Washington Mclissa Watts Tcrcsa Wilkins Allen Williams Anthony Williams Ifrank Williams Harold Williams Holly Williams .Iolin Williamson Kevin Williams Kim Williams LaTonya Williams Lcnora Williams Natalie Williams Nick Williams Otis Williams Richard Williams Veronica Williams Abdul Wilson l.aDwan Wilson Edward Wimcs Fugcnc Withcrspo . . o Terry Worthy Vinccnt Wright LaVon Wychc Michcllc Wychc Johanna Young Q A 'K 9' Mk The World Of Enthu iasm Cheerleaders Work To Raise Spirits "Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar . . . All for the cheer- leaders, stand up and holler!,, Cheering for the cheerleaders is not a common occurrence but certainly needs to be done. Their season starts in the sum- mer during a week long cheer- leading camp and continues throughout the spring. They have the incrediblejob of keep- ing their spirits up as well as the spirits ofthe entire school. They successfully show-up any other school's puny run- through sign at football games with gigantic drawings of our Bulldog on the field! They also keep the school! spirit going with new cafeteriagsigns every week. HOORAY CHEER- LEADERS!! A rw. -N Top to Bottom - Left to Right: Angie West CCaptainj, Monica Franklin, LaShunda Brown, Marie Hic Melissa Deas, Rokelle Hadley, Gena Goodrum, Monica Jones tCo-Captainj, Erin Heleen, and Le Raney. Wm N, J wif? HZ, vpfg 5. ff M ' ww . S 'ny W .. ...W 7 , Ab ,,,-...H . Q: Kneeling: Trella Stringer, Nicole Scruggs, Standing: Laura Clements, Susan Sullivan. Mclynda Ruy. Top to bottom: Maggie Flowers, Nikki Hill, Mandy Schofill. .lulic Laine, .lcnnifcr Maxwell. vw ' ' xt Q' .. Q4 ,, E fig .. . . ., X ., .gsm ,.::,.t K. "'1..t?.'.aQ.HJs..adif t V Cheerleaders Generate Pep "Now freeze and let the Juniors do it!!' Silence. Ok, cheering for the parents may not be as exciting as cheering forthe student body, but it is just as important. After all, don't adults get a little dis- couraged when the score is 49-0 in the other team's favor? The B-team squad also gains valuable skills while cheering for the parents. They have to work very hard to make it where they areg after all, they had to start from scratch, learning all the cheers and chants! Good luck, girls! We can't wait to see you on the Varsity squad! ' s THS Marching and Cheers Us n 'Tm sorry, Mr. Daniels, I didnit mean to drop my piccolo in the bell of the t - HONEST!" . . . "What do you mean the drums are taking a break? It's t for their sololl' . . . The life of a band member may look glamorous but thej a lot of sweating and battling ants in the sun to bring us exciting half-t entertainment, a spectacular Rose Show parade, and great competition sco Working every day after school, the band performs its show over and over u itis perfected. It would be a lonely football season without 4'Glory, Glory , echoing through the stands. .........,..,,.,. 1 Wwe r tti ff 1 . '6Going out of town, meeting new people fespecially guysj and getting to know the freshmen are the most fun parts of bandf' M l LaTanya Williams , Senior "Performing on Friday nightsfor .the football fans that's exltiliratingln gy l, J e Rosemary Ramsey Junior an A f , ti Band Members tin alphabetical orderj Gene Adams, Mark Addington, Chris Alderman. Tina Amos, Roderick Andrews. Monica Armster, Ar- nelius Baker, Tommy Barnes, Jennifer Booth, Kendall Boykins. Peter Brown, Stephanie Brun- ner. Jeffrey Bryant. LaShondra Bryant. Rhonda Carr. Terrance Childs. .limmy Clifton, Marcus Conyers, Vanessa Cooper, Jonathon Cranford, Ashley Culbreath, Adrienne Daniels, Shantrell Daniels. Cindy Daughtry. Saundra Davis, John Donaldson, Dredrick Duncan. Ben Edwards. Tara Elmore. Ronald Elzy. Angela Fletcher. Kim Fletcher. Maggie Flowers, Theo Forbes. Duanne Giddens, Angelia Graham. Kellie Gray. Belinda Green. Jamey Greene. Alphonso Harper. David Harper, Benita Harrison. Shane Herrin. George Hicks. Melanee Hill, Timothy Hill, Lawrence Hilson, Kimberlee Homer. Ga- tor Hosay, Gary Hunter. Derrick Ingram. Cas- sandra Jackson. Kelvin Jackson, Keesha James. Latasha James. Ralph James. Ron James. An- thony Johnson. Elvis Jones. Carol Kelley, Julie King. Missy King, Stanton Knight, Amy Lester. Doug Marcinek, Penny May, Diane McCoy. Re- nee McDaniel. Albert McGalliard. Cassandra Mitchell, Beverly Nixon, Felecia Nixon, Christy Oldham. Howard Peters. Tonya Peters. Tina Pe- terson. Rosemary Ramsey. Ronnie Reddick. Telvis Rich. Maryland Richardson. Batryse Rol- lins, Tori Sapp. Nicole Scruggs, Diana Scully, Bernard Simmons, Vanilla Simmons. Jerome Simpson. Mark Smith, Ira Staten. Susan Sulli- van. Mark Szlemko. Angela Thomas. Racquel Thompson. Stephan Thompson, Cathy Trask. Tracy Twcdell, Catherine Walker, Todd Walk- er. Katina Washington. Melissa Watts, Hay- ward Williams. LaTanya Williams. Marinda Williams. Melinda Williams. Richard Williams, Abdul Wilson. Ladwan Wilson. Gwen Wood- ruff, Anthony Wyche x S E i T 1 E i I 3 . i W psc Fveestayed in band for three years .u just because 1,f1i1fedsu.'2 Q f - - 'sc 4 u .s 1 ' Mark A ddingtone, s k s ' junior Band competition is the tensestspart of 'the year because you get a chance to prove how good you really arcf' s e fs s o 5 4A T - Ira Staten , p sophomore 'fb x. 5 ,, V48 .... 3 rj 2 W Q 5 106 Majorettes And Flag Corps March in step, feet up, eyes for- ward, military bearing-now, try to twirl the stick you're holding f Ahhh! Yes, it is enough to drive you crazy but the flag corps and majorettes seem to do a very good job of it. While our ears hear the music, the music is being inter- preted in front of our eyes by these two special groups of girls. Both groups of girls add life and color to the band by capturing our eyes and completing the envelope around our senses. Uh, Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hit you in the head with my flag pole. Majorettes, Standing: Stephanie Brunner. Be- low: Qlefl lo rightj: Cathy Trask, LaShunda Bry- ant, Kristy Oldham. ,,,, . ,... vvv . Q - v - Q -wwf v -f - v .BULLDUG Q--.Q-AW-q .,- m4,f...........-.. ..,..., v -r v -1 w ,,.f..,.. ,,,,...,.-.V I ,..-,. --..,x.,-..,..--.,.., 4 , ,. ,, A Jul .ll-7, chwulfq N ,. Q H s whiff g, pa - '57 A t . C ill -r V 'K Kal. wi i v-"4-'I 'aagemlt-1 '-f-- il... ' l H n Homecoming Queen: Fannetta Dunbar Miss Bulldog: Mendy Godwin Homecoming Court Cfur abovcji Lalilia Thomas. Slcphnnic Hamilton, Donnz1Williz1ms, Mundy Godwin. lfunricllxl Dunbar. Iirin Hclccn. Sheryl Williams. Mclynda Ray A-A Exchange Goes To South akota Iam sure a pressing question on many of our minds is: What exactly does the word Nuff-dai' mean? Well, if you weren' a member of the Domestic Exchange this year, you may never know! . . . Performed every other year, this year's DI group went to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The group was met with a wind chill factor of less than 0 degrees tha continued to drop. Among the activities they participated in were the ever-popular factory tours, bank tours, attending school with their partners, and fdrum roll pleasej - SKIING fwith only one injury to show for it - sorry Erin!j Domestic Exchange is a valuable experience for its participants and a whole barrel of fun for all involved. +1 it nu Wa kt' Top to Bottom CLeft to Rightj Top Row: Scott Milberg, Sherri Nobles, Dawn O'Quinn, Fred Wood, Leigh Raney, Cherie Vaughan, Mendy Godwin, Erin Arnett, Angi West. Front Row: Mike Owens, Richie Caulley, Monica Jones, Carri Clanton, Melissa Deas, Amy Reeves, Caroline Wight. Chuck Mitchell, Richard DeMott, Renn Thompson, Jeff Copeland. ., v K aa ,wS'fi9'i -4 f 1 A wiv N ,W ' W 3 , , QF' ff-H0 , ,ffm , , ve I 4 K ' 2 QQ W ,, 1 Z 3, ,,,, , w W Ns , 4 ' f 'Q' I "' 5 y L? , K 2' A, ,, M if . , U AQ M X, 5, A V mqff-'WH ' W, fi? W t F l- U -- ' , V X,fX 4 ,, M 1 A ' . - K , fa, 5 ff X . V 5 , , 515 I - ' " f 1 f frm my ,lu 1 ' 4' .. ' . H V. W. ,f Tr, 1 5 Q ff 'clnfanoyw Win Region Waaaaah! A Infancy is something we all experience, but the cast and crew of "infancy" gave the work a whole new meaning. They gave their audience a new look at the minds of babies with a twist of humor for spice. Under the direction of English teacher Marilyn Cranford, the play traveled to region where they placed first. Steve Litherland was named best actor for his portrayal ofTommy, a frustrated baby who was eager to learn. l'Infancy" did not place at the state competition but there's always next year. Steve Litherland, Chosen Best Actor in Region. . .. ..a4QtvM.M..... , ,.... . , , " - H V, A, .,,, ... V QL .V 4+ .. Top io Bottom tL to Rl: Lynn Guy: Caroline Wightg Edmond Monroeg Scott Milbcrgg Frank McCruryg Chris Phillips: M Marilyn Cranford, drama coach: Ms. Deborah Enslcyg Kerry Gziillard1 Tracy Twedcllg Monica Armcster. Bottom: Stephzi Davisg Kate West: Britt Norwood: Steve Lithcrliindg Lara Nixg Susan Sullivzing Kelly Gray: Marty Davis: Penny May s . agggg f s X aasesa sz, r f 1 gagf Q -:-,.--' ' is QNP f - X. in W' 'm"- is 1987 Prom Becomes Masquerade Party Everyone may not have been wearing masks, but "Mid- night Masqueradev was certainly festive. The prom-goers whirled and twirled to the jamming music of "Pirahna" from Mobile, Alabama. Working feverishly for 5 weeks, the prom committee created some spectacular visual effects including two eight feet wide masks designed by Industrial Art Teacher, Lee Bailey and many smaller masks decorated with help from Art Teacher, James R. Williams. The THS cafeteria was transformed into a "masquerade.', l l PORTSSPORTSS PORTSSPORTSS PURTSSPUR aPORTSSPORTSSP 5 F 5 F bb TSSPORTSSPORTSSPO TSSPORTSSPORTSSPO TSSPORTSSPORTSSPO TSSPORTSSPORTSSPO TSSPORTSSPORTSSPO TSSPORTSSPORTSSPO HW TSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSSPORTS TSSPORTS TSSPOR PURlbbFUR SP TSSPORTS ORTSSPOR ORTSSPOR 1bbPUHlb TSSPORTS T TSSPORTS TSS PORTS " V. ,,,, -..fl I 1 L-ltd we and zzsa-me 'xeppzx ..,... .M "" ,W ,M f,,, W,,, ,,,,M,, ,.,, S! lst row managers: Victor Mack, Mike Bobo, Corey Clark, Thomas Harbin, Daryle Mitchell, Jimmy Mack. Travis Baker. 2nd row: Jerome Williams, McCarthy Daphi Mike Jones, Charles Bostick, Shawn Jones, Eric Simon, John Perkins. Artreil Austin, Arthur Johnson, Anthony Hayes, Herbert Taylor, Herbert Futch, Shawn Auf Matt Savage. 3rd row: Darryll Murphy, Tyrone Williams, Eddie Coleman, Allen Williams, Dewayne Jackson, James Jackson, Morris Carter, James Williams, Tori Sz Seneca Springle, Carlos Robinson, Chris Bradley, Harry Davis, Charles Hayes, 4th row: Ronnie Gardner, Leonard Christian, Mark Futch, Scott Culp, Erie Donald, Ri Parrish, Steve Donaldson, Bill Dorminy, Danny Smith, Carlos Emanuel, Jeff Sutton, Hodges Taylor, Augustus Clark, Jamie Griggs. 5th row: Marshall Green, C Fortson, Renny Thompson, Bishop Jackson, Jim Arnold, Byron Stone, Kenneth Calhoun, Mare Blackwell, Ernest Bryant, Charles Diggs, Carlton Crumidy, Terre Hadley, Lance Palmer, Alex Mash, 6th row: Tyrone Barber, James Diggs, Jerome Hill, Anthony Walker, Robbie Bohman, Chuck Mitchell, Tyrone Samuels, David Al Jeffrey Coleman, Chad Brown, Robert Hadley, Gus King, Gary Simmons, Brian Hadley, Erie Curry. 7th row: James Bryant, Andy Jones, Ronnie Harbin, Todd Mob Tim Mears, Gene Christy, Head Coach Mike Hodges. Johnny Chastain, Tommy Welch, Donald Rucker, Warren Field. Jim Gillian, Eddy Householder, Bobby Srr Mike Bobo, 'Dogs Go Undefeated In Regular Season 10-O WE LOVE OUR DOGS! And well we should. 1987 turned out to be one of the best seasons cr for the Dogs! The nail biting of the crowd stopped after the first game against Colquitt en we got a look at the awesome power of our Bulldogs on the field. One win followed other until . . . BOOM! . . . Cairo was defeated and the syrup-pitcher remained a part of : THS trophy case. Then came the game of the season-THS vs. Central. The crowd was on : edge of its seat throughout the entire game but was rewarded with a 15-6 victory over the Ekets fWay to go, guyslj. The spunk and spirit of the team led them to a 10-0 regular season to the Region 1-AAA Playoffs. They began the playoffs with a 13-7 victory over inbridge but lost the Region to our cross town rivals with a score of 35-21. The Bulldogs Juld be admired for the dedication and energy they displayed throughout the season. HAM. , 5 ,af I ,Q NJ ,Q 5. 4 Z 35 ,wwf .5 V K , ' 5, L ,-VQi"'1i5! ,Q gf 7 'EL Shawn Austin breaks a long gain down the field. Coaches Mike Hodges and Tommy Welch make quick decisions for victory ,sv f K ez f Far Above: Shawn Jones breaks some tackles while Rusty Parrish assists. Above: Ronnie Gardener breaks through the line while Carlton Crumidy blocks. Right: Ronnie Gardener crashes the line as Tyrone Barber clears a path for him. Left: Ronnie Gardener is all alone as he sprints for the goal line, 3 I 12 ' ' es. ' ,... r ,ff'if5QW ' ,I V, if W, I' !atMfz1,f'g"l'Q+'Til 1' f , f , ,1,sm,,,, if - , ..,.. . C, M W, M, ,,, , ,,,, K , 'Q ft I '1 M l VP, 2 as .t in L3 E 9th Grade team prepare for next game. labove rightjz Charles Hayes advances with the ball with Hodges Taylor ready to help. Above: lst row: Eric Simon, John Perkins, Artreil Austin, Darryll Murphy, John Pettis, Allen Williams. Dewayne Jackson. Morris Carter, T Sapp, Seneca Springle. 2nd row: Chris Bradley, Harry Davis, Charles Hayes, Scott Culp, Daryll Copeland, Carlos Emanuel. Jeff Sutton, Ron Mash, Hodges Taylor, Marshall Green, 3rd row: Bishop Jackson, Terrence Hadley, James Diggs, Jerome Hill, Corey Clark, Tyrone Samur Jeffrey Coleman, Robert Hadley, Brian Hadley. Ckuquht Worth County VVestover Cioffee Clairo Clentral Appling County Ware County Bmnbddge Albany 9fPlay-Offs Bmnbddge CIentra1 arsity Scores 26-6 20-10 28-6 42-12 35-14 15-6 42-14 54-7 28-0 34-7 13-7 21-35 Bulldog defense gots rcudy to blast through the offcnsiv Dcfcnsc waits for snap to start penetration through the line. Coach Hodges yells plays for the sidelines, lst row: Yusef Armster, Charles Bostick, Mike Jones, Roderick Williams, Jerome Williams, Je- rome Simpson. 2nd Row: Shawn Jones, Roderick Walden, Eric Curry, Robert Hayes, Arthur Johnson, McCarthy Daphney, Coach Donald Rucker. Varsity Boys in Sub-Region The Boys, Basketball team kept fans on the edge of their seats throughout the whole season, finishing with a record of 13-4. This record included a defeat of our cross-town rivals, Central. Led by Eric Curry, Shawn Jones, Arthur Johnson, Mike Jones, and McCarthy Daphney, the Bulldogs proceeded to win Sub-Region and travelled to Region. At Region they were defeat- ed by Appling Co. by a 3 point margin, 61-58. The Lady Bulldogs did not have a great season but put up a good fight, finishing the season with a 3-13 record. Scores For Var ity Boys Valdosta Pelham Pelham Valdosta Colquitt Lowndes Lowndes Cairo Bainbridge ,, f won Albany won won Central won won Lowncs won won Bainbridge lost won Cairo lost lost Colquitt won lost Central won won Albany won won II ""' Far above: Mike Jones goes to the boards for the rebound. Above: Arthur Johnson shows form with his perimeter shot. f .--,4 f 6 uf ,.,, 62 g ? l A . 'avr 1 3 his Eire, Far Above: Roderick Walton puts up the shot Above: McCarthy Daphney puts up a short jumper. wr -4 Above: Ernest Bryant goes up for the tip-off while Jerome Williams is ready to receive the tip. Right: Maurice Revels goes up for a lay-up. Fur right: Charles Bostick tries to find a player. Below: While showing style, Charles Bostick shoots a jumper. Scores For ar ity Girl Valdosta Pelham Pelham Colquitt Lowndes Bererien Cairo Bainbridge Won Won Lost Won Lost Lost Lost Lost Albany Albany Central Lowndes Bainbridge Cairo Colquitt Central Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost .,,, K Team Picture, lst row: Sabrina Adams, Karen Huster, Tammy Griggs, Shclia Sapp, Monica Mack, Dawanna Hunter, Mgr. 2nd row: Kan- dondra Bush, Angela Thomas, Nesha Robinson, Angie Marria, Batryse Rollins. 3rd row: Sandra Griggs, Monica Armster, Benita Harrison, Coach Bobby Smith. A Far Left: Vicki Brown goes up high for a jump shot. Left: Lady Bulldogs get ready for a re- bound. Above: Ncsha Robinson fires a freeth- row, G 'MX lb., Jerome Williams gets ready for an inside pass to Jerome Simpson. Angie Marria goes in for a lay-up. K - -5 "ifi , nfl? iff? -'If ' 1255 v W- V Qgsih H is' A , im.h.Mif f f4zszgfszssrgnsiwggsgiizsfiw ,M .. , , ,V .. WWW-wmuzf12?5hwww fy 4 i iiii 7 i . ,iiss "il Angie Marria goes up for the tip while Monica Mack tries to get arounc referee. kg-is 4' ' 'll 'Ni :si Sl 24 1' '2 ' ' ' ' a Jf 1 y . 4 . 4 av' u or hhra aa an ho oo .wn Jones gels ready to launch a jumper. Arthur Johnson, Sha es, and Eric Curry go up for the rebound. Monica Mack Shoots a short jumper. VrftiiHGra1idaif6fGCf1a Boys Team, Front row: Jamie Griggs, Fred Bighams, Anthony Green, AI- phonso Ellis, Tarich Smith, Lawrence Hil- son, Michael Coleman, Ronald Elzy Top Row: Danny Smith, Lonnie Collins, Antho- ny Davis, Herbert Futeh, Eric Curry, Mark Coleman, Larry Crawford, Edmond Monroe, Ernest Bryant, Ronnie Collins, A.J. Childs 128 Girls Team, Bottom row: Sabrina Christopher, Carolyn Willis, Sheila Mack, Adrienne Daniels, Patsy Godwin, Samantha Wyche, Cathy Williams lmgrl Top row: Sherwanna Flannagan, Lafils McGill, Donna Williams Cmgrl, Stephanie Hardy, Angelita Marria. Kaiji Jackson. Akkissi Stokes, Truvine Walker, Sandra Williams . sf, X ' ' .na-s. . - N - A .Q , ., 4 , A S g V I . - - A 1 'g . ,vi . if ' , ' 5 ""ii 'QS . ' . Jr, i ii 4- S ' A 1 , -. f 'f -t s ' x - ' -L V, t N A , ig' ,JK . L I , K l,, 5 i A , f jg .1 li: Q -a, Q -lj y , Qs .Q .gl , . , , as "'r - ' 3... Q' , i Q. 4: 4' ' A -tv ,t 1' L. .' , ', - - lg ' 1 t .5 "9 . S -'- if' L ' 'H' rf' at .- . fi, ' 1. .4 , I ' i if at i 1- 87 Track Team uns Well "You want me to jump over those saw horse-like things and then run all the wa around the track'?l I don't care if they, called hurdles, I still don,t want to do it Many of us consider the large gravel tral a monster, but the track team of THS h conquered it. Although the boys' and gir team closed the season with a 2-3 recor they're looking for a better season ne year. Alphonso Ellis practices shot put. 87 Golf Team g Places Fourth our 4'Fore!!" . . . The people yelling this are not crazed math tg! Vfggfgi T ,t dents, theylre the Golf Team of THS. Led by Coach ' A A lch, the golf team placed 4th in Region. Their many hot urs of trying to get a little white ball into a hole in the und paid off. The team feels that this year is going to be ir best yet. ' "" t . -, 't 151 qjfillwt "'f- V i"-' 'ai .. nj, eff gn Na Q ugglr, "-,, , ,t f - ,, 1. I yy, . l if ,, fw ,1 11, tj' .yog a wg" T, f l grew-A if twiyevlg- z ,gziv ,A A 21 1 "' , , . . ' ,, ' -S X W ttf-,wr5,,,'ff.f, f-QQ . -ff"" .V W -Qt I ,fs .sz ' - ,Q 7 3' -my , 'Y " 5-3 254' K e' 16 M ,, x t Ziilif , , - s k 'X K wi ' . + A T est f T vt. ,'ME,Jff:,, ti, re, A fs it I A i. W V ff-fi ' A-' ef' , X A-SLF. "oii "Vg" ve, X 'SQ ' U ,' . , at 'Www 3' 1 sig... S te' :lf f A 1 t.a. t g " f - mi.- , I fs T fa , t , ' Wi? Sl' lf TE -1' V Q21 ' irdxyi ' ' lglaiYf?'EEQ5iV, -K - . fl Above left: Michael Studdard Above right: Stephen Cooper Above: Stephen Cooper Team Picture: Ctopj Kerry Gaillard, Andy Coo- ley, Steve Litherland, Michael Studclard, Greg Perry, Mike Owens CBottomJ Stephen Cooper, David Gilliam, Mark Addington, Coach Tommy Welch 1987 Tennis Team Second In Region Have you ever wondered, "Who are those people running from line to line on the tennis court?" Well, youlre wrong. They're not the track team, they're the tennis team of THS! Predicted to win, the team placed 2nd in Region with Richie Caulley placing first in singles and Rudolph Elzy second. The boys' team finished the season with a 10-l record while the girls finished with a record of 6-5. 3 K ,,.. 1 rtrt I - ' X' 1: : ., I , ,,.,. N., - iii se? r . uses., A s sf hes ff , :gk T ig ' QQ, ,ss Rh "My greatest disappointment was losing region. I had looked for- ward to winning it for four years." Richie Caulley Girls Varsity: Tolli Redd, Melissa Deas, Teresa Smith, Michelle Brown. Not Shown: Leslie Arnold, Susan Sullivan, Adrian Welch. Boys B-Team: Calvin McKinney, Craig Chin Que, Chris Chin Que, Johnny Hig- don, Larry Davis, Robert Walker, Rich- ard Demott, Douglas Maxwell, George Brooker, Craig Twedell. Below left: Susan Sullivan slices a fore- hand rally. Below right: Richard DeMott smashes a backhand. Eire, , ' -"-'N'---'umnuepi M , W , ,,?:v aan, , : ,,,,- W, Team picture: kneeling QL to RJ A Renny Thompson, Chris Wa- ters, Robbie Bohman, Rich Connelly, Scottie Thompson, Don Denmark, Preston Prevatt Standing QL to RJ - Coach Mears, Dewey Donaldson, Chris Huekans, David Dodge, Augus- tus Clark, Matt Savage, Marty Davis, Coach Householder Right: Robbie Bohman out at first. 1987 Baseball Team Shows mprovement "Take me out to the ballgame . . Grab your baseball hat and hot roasted peanuts and head out to the baseball field. With an increasing win record, 7-7, the baseball team promises to batl 1000 next year and provide us with an exciting sport to watch. l Q , X , l gh ww, ' . , . 1 , . ,,,, Y . L 3 Qimiffzlfzf' mwvstf-2214221 if "a2f2f'affwt,-7 3tLfA5M'f9'il'i57rWM : David Dodge pitches while Dewey Donaldson covers first. Far below: Robbie Bohman pitches. Below right: Dewey dson on first. Far below right: David Dodge makes a hit. Wvwxw tra. Pictures this page courtesy of Thomasville Times Enterprise. Q " .........L...-.-and LKBSCLFBSCLKBSCLFBSCLFBSCLKBSCLIBSCLFBSCLIBSCLIBSCLIBSCLIBSCLI LIBSCLKBSCLFBSCLFBSGLFBSGLIBSGLFBSGLKBSCLUBSCLFBSCLFBSCLFBSCLF LFBSGLFBSCLFBSCLIBSGLKBSGLFBSGLFBSCLIBSCLFBSCLKBSCLUBSCLIBSCLI LKBSCLFBSCLIBSCLFBSCLFBSCLFBSCLKBSCLYBSCLFBSCLIBSCLIBSCLIBSCLF LFBSCLfBSCLfBSCLfBSCLfBSCLKBSCLFBSCLFBSCLFBSCLIBSCLIBSCLUBSCLI LKBSCLfBSGLIBSCLFBSCLIBSCLIBSGLFBSGLFBSCLIBSCLFBSCLFBSCLFBSCLF LfBSCLfBSCLFBSCLfBSCLFBSCLEBSGLFBSCLFBSCLFBSCLFBSCLFBSGLIBSGLI LfBSCLfBSGLFBSCLfBSCLFBSCLIBSCLFBSCLIBSCLFBSGLIBSCLFBSCLFBSCLI LFBSCLKBSCLFBSCLFBSCLIBSCLFBSCLFBSCLFBSCLIBSCLFBSCLIBSCLIBSGLF LKBSCLKBSCLIBSCLFBSCLIBSCLFBSCLFBSCLFBSCLIBSCLFBSCLFBSCLFBSCLU LfBSCLIBSCLIBSCLFBSCLKBSCLFBSCLKBSCLIBSCLFBSCLFBSCLFBSCLIBSCLI F I, , n 'I J v H I I ' I THE SOCIAL 1 f WORLD 4' lx. Qi Y 4 Q E GLFBSCLI: it CLfBSCLfBSC x BSCLFBSCLUBSCLUBSCLFBSGLI3KX BSCLLBSGLIBSCLLBSCLIBSCLKBSCLIBK BSCLLBSGLIBSCLIBSCLIBSCLFBSCLFBSCL BSGLLBSCLIBSCLFBSCLKBSCLUB x lBSCLlBSCLlBSGLlBSCLIBSCLIBSCLFBSCLUBSCLUBSCLn BSCLIBSCLLBS LKBSGLKBSCLUB F' BSCLLBSCLLBSGLKBSCLKBSGL ' 'HCLIBSCLFBSGLFBSCLFB ' IBSCLlBSGLfBSCLfBSCLfBSCLKBSCLKBSCLIBSC UBSGLFBSCLFBSCLFBSCLFBSCLFBSCLIBSCLFB ' GLFBSGLKBSC CLKBSGLII' CLKBSC .BSGLFBSGLFBSCLKBSCLKBSCLFBSC . E ,,, - K ,... ULF f i CLI ' ' c sLt ' ' .LL in , ,::- 5'-5 , Mammal 0 1 n1mal The Mammal Animal Club is a new club this year. Formed by stu- dents and sponsored by Ms. Crews, the Mammal Animal Club was formed to increase the awareness of mammals and "mooing." This year, they have increased milk consump- tion in the community and decreased the amount of "cow tippingf' This club should be an interesting club to follow in years to come. Mammal Animal Members Cfar abovejr lst row: Chris Phillips, Seth Coffin, Richie Caulley, Darby Miroeha, Marc Hinson. 2nd row: Mendy Godwin, Jennifer Douglass, Melissa Deas. Carri Clanton, Jessica Christina. Gena Goodrum. Amy Mereness, Kate West, 3rd row: Amy Shepherd, Stephanie Sullivan, Catherine Vaughan, Caro- line Wight. Amy Reeves. Lynn Gay, Amy Brinkley. 4th row: Scott Milberg, Jeff Copeland. Adam Moore, Doug Maxwell. Shane Clark, Kevin G. Heidorn, Erin Arnett. Hutty Hutchings, Madie Powell, Stef Davis. Officers: Kneeling: Adam Moore, Bouncer. Reclining: Stef Davis, pres. Standing: Carri Clanton, vice-pres.: Jessica Christian. Lasso Person, Chris Phillips, secjtreas. FCA In pire The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a long-standing club at THS. Composed of the athletes and cheerleaders of THS, the FCA is devoted to promoting unity and sportsmanship among its members while contributing to the good of the communi- ty. The FCA members are to be respected for their spirit and committment to our school. 5 1 .lv S 35 a 5 he .Q Q, - I gy X QQ Ngst. At' X s vt A - Es. . ff igisr i izhl -. .Y ii 2 .,: s ' N. "4 5 SMF W , 5' CA Members Sitting Arthur Johnson Robbie Bohman Jim Arnold Kneeling: Leonard Christian, Stef Davis, Catherine Vaughan. is t Wiggins 'vlarie Hicks Monica l-rankltn Erin Hclcen Dtrby Mirocha, Bill Dorminy, Angie West. Michelle Gibbs, Chris Waters, Cyle Herndon Sh in Miller 3rd row Danny Smith Dtwn OQu1nn Jessica Christian. Cherie Vaughan. Gena Goodruni. Melissa Deas Marnec G lines Melanie NeSmith Kevin Winchester Bret Cohen, Andy Cooley. Ryan Kelly, Ashley Wilson, Jennifer Maxwel. lth roxt Greg Perry Riehte Caulley Stephanie Sullivan Stephen Cooper, Cory Wise, Susan Sullivan, Julie Waits. Lance Palmer. vlelynda Rat Lturt Clements Sth rovt Rennv Thompson MeCarthy Daphney, Tim Law, Tripp Force, Roan McClelland, Britt Nlorwood Sim McCollum Dexteesc Garrett Mel Fubtnks Offieers tfar abovejz Jim Arnold, Pres.: Angie West. secrg Arthur Delta P ' Phi nd D TT Club This is the first year that DATT has joined the ranks of clubs at THS. DATT is mainly a service organization, helping with various campaigns this year and working with children at the YMCA. They should also be commended for their community pro- jeetsg collecting trash, fruit baskets for nursing homes, and Christmas gifts forthe needy. Delta Psi Phi is one of the many sororities at Tl-IS. They organize car washes and barbeques to raise money and serve our community through visits to various nursing homes and serving on the board for the handicapped at the Thomasville Parks and Recreation Department, Delta Psi Phi Officers: lst Ni row: LaShuntia Brown, See.: l.aTonya Williams, Treats.: 2nd row: Tonya Pc- ters, V. Pres.: Angelica Clark, Pres: Adrienne Dan- iels, Assistant See. Members: lst row: NaTasha Mitchcll,Tzinjal1ne McCr1ry LaShunda Brown Sabrina Robinson Pam Moore LaTanya William Katosha Henderson, Monica Roundtree, Charlene Williams Shonda Wilson Patrice McQueen Chrissy Cirahtm Sherri Wi liams. 2nd row: Karen Hunter, Cathy Walker Adrienne Daniels Lisa Coleman Tonya Peters Shin Peters Angelica Clari Adrienne Warren. Chavetta Turner, Rhonda lvej, Katja Jackson Akissa Stokes E g . ,A Q -M vi' ex JATT Members ffar abovcl: Jerome Simpson, Robert Hollcn, Alfie Chatmon, Patrick Carley, Chuck Williams, Thomas Farrell, Howard Ross effrcy Bryant. Rudolph Elzy, Ron James, Corey Williams. Officers: Corey Williams, pres.: kneeling: Chuck Williams, 2nd V.Pres., Howard Ross f,Pres.g Standing: Robert Holten. Treas.1 Thomas Farrell, Advisor, Jeffrey Bryant, Dean of Pledges. R- U V I Q Art club mcmbcrs: lst row: Randy Woodfin, Marncc Gaines. Ryan Kelly, Jonathan Lucas. Cassandra War- ren, Mark Addington. 2nd row: Mark Smith, Melissa Deas, Leslie Arnold, Toy Brown, Shirley Colston, Clay Byars, John Donaldson. rt Club The art club is a new edition to the Pines this year. They are responsible for the artistic creations around THS. This talented group of young people is re- sponsible for some of the art in One Act Play, a coloring book of landmarks, and an exhibit at the Deep South Fair. Art club officers: sitting: Leslie Arnold, pres, standing: Shirley Colsto v-pres.: Cassandra Warren, sec. l YAC Club Mystery meat againl? I can't stand it. That's the third time this week! . . . Ifyou've ever wondered who's responsible for our meals in the lunchroom, then look no fur- ther. The Youth Advisory Coun- cil has the awesome responsibility of planning our meals for the month for of the month depend- ing on how long the meat can be kept freshlj. They work hard to balance our diet with a fairly ap- pealing menu. r fAC Club Members fabovej: Kneeling: Madie Powell, Chris Phillips, Jennifer Whitaker, Lee Mitchell. lst row: Ryan Kelly, Chuck Mitchell, .ynn Gay, Stephanie Sullivan, Marie Hicks, Erin Heleen, Leigh Raney, Marnee Gaincs, Susan Sullivan, Jessica Christian. 2nd row: Steven fooper, Melissa Deas, Bill Dorminy, Andy Cooley, Gena Goodrum. Kerry Galliard, Hutty Hutchings, Stef Davis. YAC Club Officers: Above leflj lst row: Chris Phillips, Parliamentariang Melissa Deas, Vice-pres., Andy Cooley, C.E,D. 2nd row: Marnec Gaines, treas.: Leigh laney, pres, Erin Heleen, Scrapbook Chairman. eq, js- .. ..-L, ah-, ,sf Q .. .. , , l r T"'. ' -7" . A' ., k g K "' If A-,st Q , fasdfr .. + r va .Q 2 M s X Phi-Alpha-Psi Members: Kneeling: X X gf Shundra Jackson, Sabrina Christo- - N pher, Cheryl Williams, Katina Washington, Lanore Sanders. Standing: Truvine Walker, Angie A Tvlarria, Stephanie Hardy, Kim Homer.Snndra Williams,Stcphanie he M ff' ',,- -f . U 'C' .., fi ,. .- .- , 1-Fin Abrams. A .uufxfiis ' hi Beta P i Phi Alpha ' Phi-Beta-Psi is a Greek club with an amazing step- ping ability. Mainly a service organization, these fra- ternity brothers conduct car washes to raise money, sing at nearby churches, help out at the senior citizen center, and donate money to charity. Phi-Alpha-Psi is a new sorority of THS Land a welcome one with all the work they doj. They serve our community through church activities, social ser- vices, community, and car washes to raise money. J ., fe- .2 we--sf.. Ufficersz Kneeling: Shundra Jackson, treas. Standing: Truvine Walker, Parliamentariz Cheryl Williams, sec.g Stephanie Hardy, Pres.3 Angie Marria, dean of pledges, Kati Washington. vice-pres. 'V 1 l i , , .FCE 5 5,3333 f 5 ,J J - 1 Y A i fig J J Q A f A 5 W, , i 'N lll Lmm,,, :,. an 3 J ks, :gs .J .. . V ,t sp oof 3 1' ss, ,k r Beta Psi officers ffar abovelz kneeling: Edmond Monroe, Presg Frank McCrary, vice-pres.: standing: Robert Holton, tres., John Darring, lamentariang Charles Tillman, dean of pledgcsg Telvis Rich, secr.3 Fred Bighams, asst. dean of pledges. Members: kneeling: Earnest Bryant. vis Christian, Tclvis Rich, Charles Tillman, Andre Smith, Edmond Monroe. Standing: Willie Morris, Robert Holton, Anthony Hayes, Nlorris McCray, Frcd Bighams, Joseph Williams, Arneilius Baker, Frank McCrary, Ken White, John Darring, Forenza Chatmon, James kson, Ronnie Reddick. Anthony Johnson, Mike Jones, Tim Holton, Steven Donaldson. ,...aW,,,..,.a,,. an X K Kappa Tri-Hi-Y Members: lst row: Jennifer Whitaker, Tolli Redd, Cherie Vaughan, Niki Nawrocki, Julie Ogburn, 2nd row: Amy Mcreness, Erin Heleen, Leigh Rainey, Marnee Gaines, Missy King. 3rd row: Julie King, Teresa Godwin, Melissa Deas, Marie Hicks. Lara Nix, Joanna Davis. 4th row: Julie Waits, Melanie NeSmith, DeNccsc Garrett, Karis Holt, Kellie Hall. appa nd me a Tri-Hi-Y Kappa, the Junior Tri-Hi-Y, and Omega, the Sophomore Tri-Hi-Y, are two of the most active clubs of T.H.S. Each month they preform various school and community projects including bullentin boards in the cafeteria, visiting nursing homes, free car washes, and washing boards for teachers. The climax of the clubs, year is a trip to Atlanta to attend Youth Assembly, a mock Georgia Legislature. The students gain valuable experience learning how the government runs and operates while getting a chance to pass their own laws that really do go before the actual legislature! Officers, lst row: Amy Mereness, V.pres.gTolli Rcdd,pres.1 Erin Heleen 2nd row: Cherie Vaughan, lreasurcrg Julie King, chaplain. .bm 227 l . Z Q... nega Tri-Hi-Y members Qabovej: lst row: Jennifer Maxwell, Ashley Wilson, Renee Reeves, Tracy Twedell, Lisa Wiggins, Gina rler, Susan Sullivan, Nissa Nawrocki. 2nd row: Elizabeth Murrah, Kathy Trask, Stephanie Hamilton. 3rd row: Tara Elmore, ny Lester. Officers Qfar abovcjz Renee Reeves, V,pres.1.lennifer Maxwell, secg Ashley Wilson, Chaplain, Susan Sullivan, Pres., sa Wiggins, Treas. Zeta Tri-Hi-Y Zeta Tri-Hi-Y is the Freshman Tri- Hi-Y of THS. They serve our commu- A A nity through various projects such as A iza gs visiting nursing homes, car washes, and f ' a selling candy. They attend Youth As- . ' sembly near the end of the year, learn- fq iff ,,.. 'Q, , Xxl' ,- ing how our state government func- llh tions. s a,...,,NN A ' f 9 Zeta Tri-Hi-Y officers tfar abovej kneeling: Vanessa Rogers, secr., Melynda Ray, vice-pres.3 standing: Susan Dixon, chapl Kristy Oldham, treas.g Mandy Schofill, pres. Members: sitting: Kristy Oldham, Mandy Schofill, Jennifer Douglass, .le Trockley, Holly Williams, Laura Clements, Beverly Reese. Kneeling: Tiffany Tiffin, Allison Reeves, Stacy Hubbard. La Caldwell, Vanessa Rogers, Melynda Ray, Melissa Mercer, Melissa Watts, Tina Peterson. Standing: Julie Lane, Miranda DeM Susan Dixon, Ashley Culbreth. Catherine Ray, Kim Fletcher. Angie Fletcher. Student Council New TH The Student Council is a relatively new organization at THS. The members represent all grades and nvey the feelings of the student body to our administration. They are responsible for increasing school irit through dress-up days and pep rallies and organized the "Arrive Alive" chapter at THS. The owers for Valentine's Day was a major fundraiser for the "SC,' and the money raised will be used for a cret project. QRumor has it that they will do such projects as sponsor a needy child.j The Student ouncil promises to be a major organization of our school as it grows and develops to its full potential. ,au-X, Student Council Members: lst row: Melissa Deas, Chris Phillips, Nicole Novak, Stef Davis, Robbie Bohman, Jennifer Douglass, Susan Sullivan, Aendy Godwin, Stephanie Hamilton, Jennifer Maxwell. 2nd row: Sherwanna Flanagan, Amy Reeves, Caroline Wight, Arthur Johnson. LaShunda lrown, Jerome Simpson, LaTanya Williams, Richard Williams, Anthony Wyehe, Trella Stringer, Toyca Williams, Melynda Ray, Officers: LaTanya Villiams. sec.1 Jerome Simpson, pres-elect: LaShunda Brown, pres., Anthony Wyehe, project chairman: Toyca Williams, treas, 48 i Q .. i Science Club Officers: lAbove Righty Lynn Gay, Treasurer: Caroline Wight, Vice-President: Stef Davis, President, Erin Arnett, Secret: Members lAbovej: lst row: Ryan Kelly, Kevin G, Heidorn. Richard A. Caullcy. Seth Coffin, Marc Hinson. Stef Davis. 2nd row: Monica Arms Andy Cooley. Chris Phillips. Melissa Deas, Marie Hicks. Marnee Gaines, Catherine Vaughan. Caroline Wight, Carri Clanton, Lynn Gay. Chr DeLoach. Tina Colvin. 3rd row: Susan Sullivan, Jessica Christian, Amy Mercness. Lisa Wiggins, Thad Haygood, Brett Dyess, Mark Adding 4th row: Byron Thompson. Haji Reynolds, Sherwanna Flanagan. Ira Staten, Jimmy Kirkley, Renee Reeves, Jennifer Maxwell, Mark Smith, K West, Trey DeSantis, Mendy Godwin, Jennifer Douglass, Jonathan Lucas. Erin Arnett. Doug Marcinek. Gator Hosay, Albert McGalliard, Al Stokes. Ashlen Patel. Hutty Hutchings, Niki Nawrocki, Marty Davis. Gina Porter. fomputer And Science Club Remember the monster that Dr. Frankenstein created? Well, the good doctor probably lrned how to make it in the Science Club. The THS Science Club is composed ofthe pure biologists, chemist, and physicists of the world. They explore the world of science, irning more about our world in the process, and participate in the Science Fair. The lmputer Club is a new edition to THS. They aid our school by creating banners, signs, d posters for upcoming events. Just be careful. Erase a program and you may not live til the next meeting. fr 1 'Ili' r Club Officers lrightj lst Row: Ronald Tillman, treas: Mark Addington, vice-pres.g Madic Powell. secr. Members: lst Patrick Curley. Haji Reynolds. Barbara Helton, Angela Monroe, 2nd row: Yasmine Williams. Alicia Tucker. Ronald 1. Toyca Williams. Melissa Dcas. Madic Powell, Kate West. Stcl' Davis. Catherine Vaughan, Amy Brinkley. Mark . ton. Niki Nawrocki, Monica Mack. Kim Homer. John Smith, 3rd row: Doug Maxwell. Kevin G. Hcidorn. Richard A. ulley. Mark Zeiglcr. lllldl ding 4357, -fri . Q , W... A . are-'W M fswqss af ri' Sigma Beta So, you can't step. Well maybe you should take a lesson from these guys! They are known for their stepping, but that's only one aspect of their club. They aid our community in vari- ous ways. They visit churches and colleges, are ie,iet, V ,Q Nyv.-..-....-. members of SADD, and i participate in the Salvation Army can drive. x 'l . Sigma Beta Officers tfar abovejz Kneeling: Chris Brown, Dean of Pledgesg Standing: Derrick Higdon, 2nd vice-presg Bernq Simmons, pres.: Lawrence Hilson, secretaryg Stanton Knight, vice-pres.: Benny Fredrick, treas. Members: kneeling: Terry Cla Bernard Simmons. Standing: Derrick Higdon, Chris Brown, Stanton Knight. Tommy Barnes, Keith Spencer, Lawrence Hils Benny Fredrick. Debate Team Argues Well Debate team is one of the most up and coming organizations of THS. Why? They provide idents with an outlet for their frustrations of the day. What do they do? They argue! They debate ainst teams from other schools in a chosen topic they research. This year's topic was American nlicy in Latin and Central America." The members of the Debate Team, led by Mr Chatmon, ve developed a new art . . . the art of structured argumentation. I .ff-"""' Debate Team Members tfar abovel: lst row: Pau- lette Arline. Calli Curry. Gina Porter, Caroline Wight. Catherine Vaughan. Deriek Cooper, Stef Da- vis. 2nd row: Forenza Chatmon. Advisorg Marty Da- vis. Ashrin Patel. Demetrius Darden, Fred Wood, Jamey Greene, Kate West. Jessica Christian. Julie Ogburn. Officers tleftjr lst row: Derick Cooper. af! firmative co-captaing Stef Davis, negative co-cap- tain. 2nd row: Fred Wood. captaing Kate West, secr. H"' 4, -, ' f L 1 A aw Sub Deb Members: lst row: Tamara Greene, Missy King, Leslie Arnold, Mendy Godwin, Michelle Gibbs, Julie Waits, Mclanie NeSmith, Christy DeLoach, Tina Colvin, Sherri Nobles, Angie West. 2nd row: Lee Mitch- ell, Karis Holt, DeNecse Garrett. 3rd Row: Julie Ogburn, Lynn Gay, Marnec Gaines. Sub Debs M8LM's, car washes, and yard sales were just a few of the activities Sub-Debs participated in to raise funds for their annual Christmas Dance. The Sub Deb dance gives everyone a chance to get dressed up and celebrate the holidays. Everyone was jammin' to the sounds of Pirannah from Mo- bile, Alabama. The next Sub-Deb event to look for is initiation week and the ever-dreaded GUT DAY, not a sight or smell for anyone with a weak stom- ach. ,, ' .'j"7"l Sub Deb officers: Leslie Arnold, Parlimentariang Melanie NeSmith, Ch laing Mendy Godwin, vice-pres.: Lynn Gay, pres.g Christy DeLoach, ser tary, Tina Colvin, treasurer, Key Club ctive The coolest guys at THS? Well, they think so. The Key Club is a loose knit organization of fun-loving guys dedicated to service in our community. They're responsible for setting up chairs at the Rose Show Parade and helping with the Special Olympics. .,,,.,..vo-"" A :y Club Members tabovel: Sitting: Trevor Henderson, Ernest Bryant, Kneeling: Scott Milberg, Rusty Parrish, Lee Barnes, Joseph Walden. nding: lst row: Kyle Herndon, Robert Holton, Craig Twedell, Alfie Chatmon, Kevin Winchester, Brian Taylor, David Thomas, Jeff Bryant, Eome Simpson, Scott Reese, Byron Stone, Howard Ross, Chris Phillips, Chuck Williams, Mike Jones, Renny Thompson. Standing 2nd row: 'eg Moore, Chuck Mitchell, .lim Arnold. On bars: Darby Mirocha, Tripp Force, Seth Coffin, Stephen Avera, Bill Dorminy, Mel Eubanks, Marc tnson, Lance Palmer. Key Club Officers Cabove leftjz Standing: Craig Twedell, 2nd vice-president. On Bars: Stephen Avera, secretary: Chuck itchell, treasurer: Robbie Bohman, vice-president, Jim Arnold, president. l l VICA Members tabovel kneeling: Dawn Kurtz. Cynthia Manning, Tracy Sherman. Michelle Gibbs. T.C. Godwin, Melanie NeSmith. lst Row: Tanya Brown, Ton' Walden. Pam Moody. Pam Graham. Pam Staten. Trishun Shannon, Tammy Griggs, Dawanna Hunter, Stephen Avera. Angela Graham. Chris Waters, Paula Washington. Lisa Newkirk, Victoria Calhoun. Tika Green. Teresa Brock. 2nd Row: Scott Lorie, Chris Stillwell, Shannon Harvin, Betsy Lee, Robin McCann, Karen Sinclair. Stever Smith. Greg Perry. Corey Williams, Chuck Williams. Bobby Revels. 3rd Row: Lee Cleveland. Preston Prevatt, Kenneth Hurst, Jeffrey Johnson, Greg Jackson, Lee Barnes. Trevor Henderson. Ron Reese. Brian Taylor. Mel Eubanks, Roan McClelland. Darby Miroeha, Cory Wise. JoAnna Davis. Libby Harland. VICA Officers tfai rightl kneeling: Paula Washington. historian. Melanie NeSmith, vice-pres. tsittingl Michelle Gibbs. Secretary1T,C. Godwin. Jr. Advisor: tstandingj Mel Eubanks. pres. JoAnna Davis. treats.. Trevor Henderson. Parliamentarian. V CA And VOCA Club VOCA assists students in discovering all the prospects available to them in the cational and career world Through VOCA students acquire knowledge of ofessions they plan on entering and preparation for decisions they will have to e The members of VICA Vocational Industrial Clubs of America, are out to prove their industrial skills These students attend the vocational school every- y as they strive to reach the cutting edge of the world of industrial machines. r- Q -,- 4 ,, '1-N, F, ff,, 1 VOCA Members fabove, kneelingl Michelle Simmons, Michelle Crumidy, Steph Spencer, Melvin Wheeler, Felicia Higdon, Dennis Revels, Terry Golden, Robert Walker, Carlos Robinson, Ant Walker, lst Row: Philip Armster, Fanetta Dunbar, Sharon Walker, Gilbert Bryant, Al Walden. Eugene Morrow, Frank Williams, Dar- ren Hadley, George Ivey, Tovirus Bryant, Arthur Roan, Vickie Brown, Dupreme Jackson. .losalyn Johnson. April Phelps, 2nd Row: Gary Taylor, Becky Reeves, Dixie Morris, Bennie Hamilton, Edward Wimes, Terry Worthy, Chris Bradley, lnesha Fleming, Iesha Fleming, Vivian Reddiek, Camille Jackson. 3rd Row: Larry Craw- ford, Alex Mash. Terry Hadley, Patrick Sharpe, Chris Linsley, David Huckans, Robert Jones, Gary Simmons. Darrell Rone, Kenny Smith, Steve Donaldson, Eric Curry, Robert Hayes, Herbert Futch. VOCA Officers tleftj kneeling: Felicia Hig- don, reporter, Melvin Wheeler, parliamentariang Steph Spencer, secretary. 2nd Row: Alex Mash, treasurer: Sharon Walker, historian, Larry Crawford, vice-pres.g Al Walden, president. ,wil W 'J mf is W4 Kappa League Officers Qfar abovej: lst row: Marcus Conyers, V. Pres., Elvis Jones, Sec. 2nd row: Gary Simmons, Dean of Pledge Howard Ross, Dean of Pledges, Timothy Parson, Pres.: Derrick Ingram, Treas. Kappa League Members Cabovej: lst row: Derric Ingram. Howard Ross, George Brooker, Danny' Smith, Stephan Thompson, Marcus Conyers. 2nd row: Gary Simmons, Ronald Elz Derrick Cloud. Rudolph Elly, Charles Williams, Timothy Parson, Elvis Jones. Keifer Everett, Shaddrick Willis, Robert Walker. H--mf issi wg? irate Qfg Ah hQ h ' .J SQ . i a ts gy WM... li' Industrial Arts Members: Gina Porter, Fred Wood, Craig Wood, Matt Savage, Sam McCollum, Seth Coffin. appa League And Industrial Arts The Industrial Arts Club contains the future archi- tects and builders of the world. They spend the year preparing for a competition where such things arejudged as scale model houses and races with scale model cars. Kappa League is a club known for its superior stepping ability as well as its service to our community. They have fund raisers such as car washes, barbeques, and of course . . . Greek Shows. Spanish Club Members: Sit- ting: Brett Dyess. lst row: Latriee McCloud, Tia Thomas, Ryan Kelly. Trey Desantis. Ashley Wilson. Znd row: Fran Barnes. Nikki Robinson, Marnee Gaines, Jennifer Maxwell. Stephanie Ilamilton, Renee Reeves. Susan Sullivan, Ainy Lester, Cherie Vaughan. Richard Goo- drum, 3rd row: l.aShunda Phillips. Cherie Hopkins, Angela Mitchell. .lohn Don- aldson. .liinmy Kirkley, Calli Curry. Ira Staten, Mi- ehclle Lassiter, Tracy Twe- dell, Audra Adams. Spani h Club nd Latin Club Hola! If you don't know what that means, y0u're obviously not in El Club Espanol. By the way, who says Latin is a dead language? It's alive and well here at THS. Both the Latin and Spanish Clubs work to enhance the language skills of "elect" students at THS through singing and acting while trying to reach the entire school through the festivities of Foreign Lan- guage Week. 1 Spanish Club Officer: Sitting: Ashley Wilson, Treasg Ryan Kclly, V. g Susan Sullivan, Pres. Standing: laShunda Pitman. scc.g Tracy Twidcll, torian. itin Club Officers ffur ubovelz Ist row: Stef Davis, Pres, Richie Caulley, Treas. 2nd row: Chris Phillips, V. pres.. Jim Prime. Sec. Latin Club Members tabovel: Ist row ark Addington, Chris Phillips, .lim Prime, Douglas Maxwell, Richie Caulley, Robbie Bohmain. .lim Arnold. Steven Cooper. 2nd row: Rachel Chustuin, Kris Bluzicek :resa Brock, ,lel'l' Copeland, Mike Owens, Slef Davis, Kate West. Caroline Wight. Amy Reeves. Chuck Mitchell. French Club Members: above lst row: Toyca Williams, Trclla Stringer. Lisa Coleman, Frank McCrary. Shonda Wilson, Lisa Jackson, Tulina Holmick. Znd Row: Byron Thompson, Lara Nix, Julie Ogburn, Johnny Higdon, Demetrius Dar- den, Arnelius Baker, Angela Barnes, Teresa Brock, A French Club Officers: Above: Lisa Jackson, secretaryg Toyca Williams, treasurerg Sh: Wilson, vice-president: Trclla Stringer, president. French Club Studies Culture FBLA Studies Bu inesses he French Club, led by Dr. Franchi, is a club designed to promote the use of the French language and oduce the students to the culture of France. The members have visited Chez Pierre in Tallahassee and have pals from other countries. The FBLA, Future Business Leaders of America, is a group of people we should for in the future. As their name implies, this club promotes the business interest of its members and has a business of its own. They are reponsible for the Hallograms, Santagrams, and Valegrams sent out in the - V. Ha. A: lst row tOfficersl: Raquel Lundy, reporter, Latrice McCloud, parliamentariang Tulina Homyk, vice-pres., Nicole Novak, pres.3 Latitia Thomas, riang Tonyca Williams, secr. 2nd row: Fran Barnes, Michelle Brown, Karis Holt, Kate West, Julie Waits, Kalli Curry, Marnee Gaines. 3rd row: Trishun non, LaTanya Williams, Monica Roundtree, Marticia Franklin, Angela Mitchell, Tangela Hopkins, Latrina Mitchell, Lou Ethel Davis, Patrick Carley. reme Jackson. 4th row: Catherine Vaughan, Stef Davis, Susan Sherrod, Kenneth Turner, Haji Reynolds, Audra Adams, Yasmine Williams, Amy nherd. Sth Row: Donna Williams, Cynthia Simmons, Angela Monroe, Jan Johnson, Jessica Booth, Lee Mitchell. 5 r X Q at ONORSHO RSHONORSHONURSHONORSHONORSHONORSHO HORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORS QORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHO VORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHO 40RSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORSH VORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORSH VORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORSH NORSHONORSHONORSHONURSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORSH NURSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHO NORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONORSHO 9' NORSHONORSHONURSHONORSHONORSHONORSHONO V " ' 0NORSHON 0 Bulldog Bulletin Staff DEADLINE!! I promise Mrs. Meredith, I'll have all eight stories for you by the end of the period . . . Amy signed out again? AHHH! . . . Where is everyone? Next door - they've defected to the Annual Staff until your deadline crisis is over, Mrs. Meredith . .. This is only the second year of existence for the Newspaper Staff, but THE BULLDOG BULLETIN has already made its mark on the literary world. The Staff was awarded the 1986-87 Columbia Scholastic Press Association Medalist Certificate, the highest award in the competition. The Newspaper Staff has done an excel- lent job in only its second year of publication and is certainly on its way up. Bulldog Bulletin Staff Cfar abovej: lst row: Carri Clal ton, Stef Davis. 2nd row: Amy Reeves, Chris Phillip Gena Goodrum, Kate West, Brett Dyess, Scott Milber Mark Zeigler, Kneeling: Tyler Mereness. Standing: Pa trice McQueen, Cynthia Jones, Shonda Wilson, Trel Stringer, Toyca Williams, Rachel Chastain, Mrs. Dom Meredith. Above: Amy Reeves, editor. Above left: Shonda Wilson and Chris Phillips, editorials Left: Mrs. Donna Meredith, advisor. e X X "X Far left: Rachel Chastain, ln Depth Reporter. Above: Newswriters Qkneelingj Scott Milberg, fstandingj Jones, Carri Clanton. Toyca Williams. u a- 1' Left: Tyler Mcreness and Stef Davis, Sports, Below: Mark Zeigler and Brett Dyess, photographers. t 1 'fi Left: Gena Goodrum, Kate West, Trella Stringer, features. Above: Patrice McQueen and Chris Phillips, Entertainment. Annual Staff Shows Chaotic rganization FORE! On no, Kevin and Jeff are playing golf in the pod again. Heads up! . . . Sherrils surfin' on the desks, Amy and Erin have been gone on a name hunt all period, and Tolli has been in the bathroom for 2 days DEADLINE! Suddenly all the goofing off is over and Mrs. Stowers is drowned in a sea of pages being thrown on her desk for approval. 'fAir! Airlw . . . Kevin, in the meantime is typing just as fast as his two fingers will let him but the pages keep piling up . . . Caroline has had a nervous breakdown and is running around the foom flap- ping her arms and yelling 'LI need pagesll' fWe think she'll pull throughj Believe it or not, the Annual Staff is a very organized group of students. The Staff strives throughout the year to provide the student body and faculty of THS with a yearbook they'll be proud of in the years to come. As in past years, they've done again. Right: Caroline Wight. editor. Annual Staff Members, below: First Row: Sherri Nobles, Amy Mereness, Cherie Vaughan, Nikki Johnson, Erin Arnett, Tamara Green. Second Row: Fred Wood, Richie Caulley, Caroline Wight, Jeff Copeland. Third Row: Tolli Redd, Stephanie Sullivan, Leigh Raney, Douglas Maxwell, Catherine Vaughan, Kevin G. Heidorn. 3321415 C 1' ' iifz IL -.: , N "'t 2. R A Ag 1,, r i -' Far left: Kevin Graeme Heidorn lx-' K, ' " Computer Editor: Tamara Greene ' . copy editor, Sherri Nobles, Stephanie Sullivan W1-ll 1 f --f' ' es and Faculty. V Tolli Redd, Cherie Vaughan: Class- Right: Leigh Raney, Honors and Spirit. Far Right: Richie Caulley, Sports. Be- low: Nikki Johnson, Jeff Copeland, Douglas Maxwell, ads. Not pictured: Madie Powell, ads. ,,,,,,,...-.---- F,m,,,,,...,,.-- ,,A- ',,.1-- X 1,3 Q l Amy Mereness and Erin Arnett, clubs, Catherine Vaughan and Fred Wood, photographers TH Students Go To College Honors Program Two of THS's brightest stu- dents attended honor programs this summer. Senior Nikki Johnson attended Capstone Summer Honors Program at the University of Alabama. The six-week long program in- troduces students to campus life and classes. "I had a blast. It was nothing like going to school herej' said Nikki. Jun- ior Chris Phillips attended the Talent Identification Program at Duke University. This was Chrisls fourth year in the pro- gram. The program lasts three and one-half weeks and gives students a chance to take a new class each year while students stay in the dorm and get a feel for campus life. Summer Programs: Chris Phillips and Nikki Johnson 3 Vx I NCTE Winner nd C 8: S Advisory Board Have you gotten your letter yet Arthur? The meeting was last night? Whoops! . . . The CSLS Advisory Board is a learning experience for its members. The Board at- tends monthly meetings where they ex- plore the intricacies of banking and fi- nance. Be nice to these peopleg you may need a loan someday and they're most like- ly to be behind the counter! The NCTE tNational Council of Teachers of Englishj Achievements Award was awarded to Ma- die Lin Powell this year. Students are se- lected by the English Dept. and a writing sample, as well as a timed writing, are sent to the NCTE. Winners are selected on the basis of writing and analitical abilities. Names of winners are printed in a book that is sent to numerous colleges and insti- tutes. x' QQ . f' Far Above: Madie Lin Powell, NCTE Winner. 4 Above, CKLS Advisory Board: Left to Right: Chuck Mitchellg Tamera Grecneg Arthur Johnson. Seniors un Government n Summer Session The students who attend Boys' state and Girls' State gained valuable, first-handed experi- ence as to how the government of Georgia functions. The stud- jents were elected to a mock Georgia Legislature, divided into a Senate and a House of Representatives, where they voted on bills and passed laws. On a more local level, the stud- jents got the chance to manage and run a city composed of the members of their floor. Girls' State: Above: Nikki Johnson, Caro- line Wight, DaWanna Hunter, Dana Hurst Knot picturcdj. Boys' Stateg Right: Matt Bensen, .lim Ar- nold, Eric Curry, Robbie Bohman. A V., . i dll' 2?4.5'f1f,VZb V ' ' www 'f . C 4, x 1 , ra . --.1-.......1.. 1 , . Clockwisec Angela Monroe, Douglas Maxwell, Jeff Copeland, Amy Reeves. 1 L---.-....... Presbyterian Junior Fellows The Presbyterian Junior Fellows are chosen each year by the Presby- terian College. Amy Reeves, Angela Monroe, Doug Maxwell, and Jeff Copeland were selected this year due to their exhibition of excellence in academics and good citizenship. Stu- dents are chosen after the first se- mester of their Junior year. They have to have the highest cumulative academic average of their class for the previous two and one half years, at least a 900 PSAT or SAT score, and a recommendation from the principal. If they choose to go to the Presbyterian College, they receive a S500 renewable scholarship for each of the four years that attend. 0'Brian Seminar, Governor's Honors Sophomore Susan Sullivan attended the Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership Conference this year in Atlanta. As ambassador from THS, Susan attend- Bclow, Governor's Honors Participants: Rosemary Ramsey, Huteg Caroline Wight, commurl cative arts: Stephanie Brunner. social studies. Below left: Hugh O'Brian seminar win Susan Sullivan. ed lectures and participated in discussions with her peers. The conference is designed for those people with the potential for leadership in their school. Attending Governor's Honors this year were Rose- mary Ramsey, flute, Caroline Wight, communica- tive artsg and Stephanie Brunner, social studies. These students particpated in an intensive study of their "major" while choosing a "minor,, of study that they're interested in or just wanted to know more about. The students met people from all over Georgia, attended concerts at night, and even had the chance to tie-dye shirts! ,f - ,X !.' H, , 0 5 'VT if iff if N, 2 31 . ' 9 iv E E JA W ' , it ,. , i " I ., V L. 4 ' ' 1 'f t ,,., P , ' 1 ' 'rig' . , ,. Q 1 ,. A. 'A v , Seniors Win D R and STAR wards Nikki Johnson was chosen as Thomasville High School's STAR student for 1988. The Student Teacher Achievement Recognition is awarded to Nikki based on her high SAT scores and class ranking. Nikki chose as star teacher Mrs. Mary Johnson, her mother, who she said developed her interest in science and influenced her the most during her academic years. Caroline Wight was the recipient of the DAR Good Citizen Award for 1988. This is a very special and unique award be- cause it is the only one where recipi- ents are selected by both faculty and students, who vote on the person in the Senior class who most exempli- fies patriotism, service and loyalty to school, community and country. Above: STAR student Nikki Johnson. Below: DAR recipient Caroline Wight. Beta Club, Smith Honored The Beta Club is composed of Freshmen with the potential to be members of the National Honor Society. These ninth-graders must maintain a GPA of 3.5 and uphold the standards of character set forth by the Beta Club. The Beta Club performs service projects similar to those of the National Honor Society, and members will be eligible to be a member of the NHS when they enter the tenth grade. Bert Smith, freshman, was the THS overall Science Fair winner for the l987fl988 school year. His project, "The Aerodynamic Affect of a Shield on a Moving Object," set him above his peers in the Physics division and led him to the overall victory. Far above, Beta Club: lst row: Saundra Davis, Sophia Thompson, Monica Armster, Meli: Watts, Kimberly Fletcher, Kristy Oldham, Laura Clements, Jenny Trockley, Holly Williar Jennifer Douglas, Vanessa Rogers, Stephanie Hamm, Judy O'Neal, Crystal Moore, Ti Washington, Barbara Nash, Latrice Evans. 2nd row: Sabrina Adams, Nicole Scrug Batryse Rollins, Katina Johnson, Latrice McCloud, Allison Reeves, Susan Dixon, Mag, Flowers, Stephanie Matthews, Tina Peterson, Becky Cain, Treva Johnson, Pamela Butl Cassandra Dale, Tangela Hopkins. Front row: Ashvin Patel, Charles Sumner, Travis lngra Kevin McMillan, Jay Logue, Jason Rawlings, Jonathon Cranford, John Perkins, Jim Pri Tito Peters, Vert Washington, Ernest Cloud, Ladwan Wilson, Jamey Greene, Kendall Bi kins, Shane Herring, Jonathon Copeland, Billy Evans, Jack Morse, Hutty Hutchings. Abo Bert Smith, Overall winner local Science Fair, 3 ttf ip to Bottom Q1 to rl: Top row: Monica Jones, Angie West, Jim Arnold, Erin Heleen, Robbie Bohman, Tripp Force, Ryan Kelly, Sherwanna magan, Charles Tillman. Middle Row: Catherine Ray, Chris Phillips, Jennifer Maxwell, Marie Hicks, Cathy Williams, Kim Adams, DeNeese irrett, Seth Coffin, Britt Norwood, Leigh Raney, Edmond Monroe, Keith Seabrooks. Kneeling: Nikki Wiliams, Beverly Reese, Vanessa Rogers, ,roline Wight, Allison Reeves, Lynn Gay, Amy Shepherd, Lawanna Guyton, Franklin McCrary, Beverly Nixon, Michele Jones, Robin McCann, eve Litherland, Shan Miller. THS Shovvstoppers A new and welcome addition to THS is the Thomasville High School Showstoppers. Called a show noir, this group of talented students competes against other choirs by singing a variety of popular and ttriotic music. They obtained a superior rating at Auburn University against other choirs from Georgia id Alabama. The Showstoppers also entertain at various functions such as the Georgia Department of ducation Convention banquet in Atlanta and at various local functions. Directed by Fred Allen, the nowstoppers have proved to be entertaining and popular group wherever they travel. Top row: Chris Phillips, Jim Arnold, Erin Hcleen, Robbie Bohman, Leigh Raney, Chuck Mitchell, Douglas Maxwell, Sherri Nobles. Middle row: Jerome Simpson, Shonda Wilson, Jimmy Clifton, Missy King, Rosemary Ramsey, Cherie' Vaughan, An- gelica Clark, Shan Miller, Stephen Avera, Fanetta Dunbar, Paula Washington, Steph- anie Sullivan, Carrie Clanton, Melanie NeS- mith, Erin Arnett, Jeff Copeland, Dupreme Jackson. Madie Lin Powell, Tina Colvin, Mike Owens. Kneeling: Sabrina Williams, Toyca Williams, Caroline Wight, Nikki Johnson, Amy Reeves, Melissa Deas, Gena Goodrum, Angela Monroe, Matt Benson, John Smith, Ronald Tillman. Front row: Fred Wood, Michelle Gibbs, Lynn Gay, Kate West, Toi Brown, Julie King, Scott Milberg. Top row: Byron Thompson, Clayton Wood- fin, Akissi Stokes, Albert McGalliard, An- thony Wychc, Michelle Lassiter. Middle row: Doug Marcinek, Trella Stringer, Sa- brina Robinson, Marc Hinson, Stephanie Brunner, Sherwanna Flanagan. ational Honor Society Richie! How could you do such a thing? No socks at the induction ceremony is l eating soup with your fingers, it's just not done! . . . The National Honor Socie NHS, is an elite group of Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors at THS. This small gr of students work really hard to maintain their GPA and uphold the qualities that characteristic of NHS members. The NHS is responsible for such projects as f for the needy and candy for the nursing homes on Valentine's Day. These stude should be praised for their hard work and dedication to our school and our commu' ty. 5 5 .1 I I Q , vniwy ,, , ., Right: .lake James, piano, first U ' K place region, third place state. Q Q M Next fight, Nikki Johnson, ,L y , ' Q, spelling, first place region, ' 5 , , f N 1 "' M if Q fourth place state, Far right: Chris Phillips, boys ,M as Q Q Vg tg Q A W essay, first place region. A ., .ff 7 6 I gi O " Below: Second place winners are I L K EEI Vi" L 5 4 ik f I 5 5 3 Rosemary Ramsey, pianog Mike - . "" ' 15 N 9 Q, 9 V ' Q Ogburn,extemporaneous speak- ' 7 ' Q ' V W ' ' ig I ing, Lynn Gay, oral interpreta- ' V' Q " f 9 is I Q 9 55 tion. - I W 1 5 .t , 6 . Q A Far below: Other participants Q 4 . E include Valerie Malone, solog 0 Q 6 ' : Lanore Sanders, typingg Steph- fi , ' if , Q '4 anie Sullivan, extemporaneous fi, rf3t,.M v 5 'V ii Q ' C V . 5 speakingg Shan Miller, solog " 1 35227 , 5 f ii Q 5 i Q Q Ronald Tillman, typing, Shari V . N 4 Q 0 ' 5 Q ' Price, essayg and Steve Lither- :,, V 5 , land, oral interpretation. V f Literar Meet 1987 Highlights There are many talented students at THS and some of them travel to Liter- ary Meet. Demonstrating skills ranging from spelling to piano, these students compete to defend the pride of THS against rural schools. Locked in a room, students compete in their respective categories and wait expectantly for the results to be posted. e f'If youjgyy win, you, g,g,a, stayrtag ,yiifliillgv Slinkif ii nobody no- itidesthast your name wasn't P95f6d-ii t,,- , , , , S AQ i X so i 5 if .K5 4 9 1987 H0H0fSNighi James A. Campbell Sportsmanship Y P' fri LVLfVClay,StanalaLrlgl Coach Slerling DupreeLScholVarship LL VV VV V ' Steve Lorie Tqlwhdown Club ' ' -L' --W" '-A,A' i L L 'QL31 L pfVL LMiilVly M'cCollum:4Dalgid Doglgeg Michael Stoddard: Rich Connelly Sgt. Fields Medal for excellenceisin academics and athletics wal. VVV L1 V VVAV A... L DavidLD0dg5C UGA football scholarship Loi Vrlx ggg, Alphonso Ellis West Gia, College football scholzgrshipA.J. Childsg Anthony Greon West Ga. Collcgebnsketball scholarship 1LeLV lll, LV L'1'ony.Hardy McComllQ,ScholarshiP Li LLLEL 'L'LLLL 'LL' ff' " 2 1 Michael 913tuddardgV13arvCy Scotty David, Dodgeg Shari L Priceg Kira Fenderg ScotigLLDeloach: Rob LCorinellyg iRich'Connelly: SarlianthaL 1 L L15 L ,.f, 111 LVVVL V Bradley English Award ' L ' L LL ' Li' L ' ' if'L19lhi Susan Sullivan i 941 ' 1 2 V VL 10th: Chris Phillips L 'L L Z ' Ll lth:LCarolineLWighLtV V if V L V V VV A V 12IllIlSlla!'l'PI'iCC Mathematics 'Award ' 7' L LlAlgehraL11ai Duane Gliddcns DARVVAmci3icanVLHistoVry Award L L ' Deborah Green L15 V Q, V VL VL V VV Geometry:LLFred Wood Aincrioaniliegion'PoSisAward1V VV1 LVV L L ,Steve Love LL V l"i Algebra-lI:Q'fFreii Wogodg ChrisLVPhillips National Honor Society Scholarship - ' LSan1aritha'LBradley ,iiii ,V L ,V Trigonometryz Dong Maxwellg Richie Caulley CQW. Mclver Scholarship-i Alfi'edaV.1Lec llA. Aquarius Club Award Science Award "Li Physical Soienceg LAnlhonyVVWyche - 1 gp V V, L Valerie MHl0nr:'Garvey Scott , Vi L V Biology: Christ Phillips RLClll'Qlll C'dllflCllQfAW3,lfCl flkr 1 .',k,L V V VLMQSCS JZXIIICS L LL ihi' lil - ' -"' L --F1 L':LChefnj5tgjyjVVTam3faVVGfggng ,l9hnLLVD. Archbold Memorial Scholarship 'i Mai'neefNeSn1ith LLSV V LV VL L L L L Physics: Rich Connelly Wal-Mai-t'Scholarship Shari Brice Sncial'Studics A'iyardfVVL ,L QVLVL 9rhgVDQf1-iclpcggpgf VAllVerlfC00k Scholarship L L -L V ' L "Richf3Connclly ,L L1LVQ- L VV VL VL 10th: Rosemary 'Ramsey Thohasvillo ASsociaiionVV1oiYEduoators Scholarfshipg V VL V i ' fi L ' L QL Lllth: S,tephanie,Sullivan VL V-L- LV 'lifllfiriifv' Malollil H, V 'L L l2thL: Deborah Green LTH5iSCh'f5lflf5lllP' 'L 1- Lg11v LLAL L L LL ' , Lyycllg MONEY Foreign Language Awarrl L f2Li1tiI1lI:wLR0sCm2lry Ramsey Kappa Alpha Psi 'Garvey Scott 1 L L L L French I: Tri-:lla Stringer iR.D:iRoulhac ,Scholarship L ' VV V Dcidra Harris ' 'Q ' V- LV French ll: Missy King .Kiwanis Scholarship i L 'L VF "f:Clay'Reichcrl L Spanish l:'SuSan'Sulllyan C 86 S BRHRLAWHYG' L V f L Jackie Dempsher fL 'if' L ' LLLV' 1V,, V Vg L -Spanish IIV: Melissa Dcas georgia Scholar L L if V Shari'Pricei Clay Reicherfg, 'Drama Award 'L V L L L' Valerie Malone: Spcnccr Wilson 'FSUiiMusic ScholarShipLLLV VV, V Li V V V .lake James lndootrialfhlward- LLMark Buckn1angVVKenny Klattq Seth Coffin SWGA Out of State TuitionL'Schoiarsliip L Lig gShari!3PriCQ Art Award L- "VV Garvey Scottg Molly' McCollum 7MLt5ifflS 1B?0WriVFouLreyC?Jf Scl?9lH1fSllLiP 5 L ,,,gSh3f0n MCCGY Busiiiiess'LAwaVrds lg, 44, V Q L L1 Ll Typing l:V Melissa Deas SliVlimanLLFourQyear 'Scholarship iff fir L ,gy Shandellilall L L1 Ll L L L L 'f' Typing ll: Ronald Tillman ?BcFry ColLlegc,'Sohdlarslfgip V1 LV L L BrittVCottingham L' -1 Eff 1 :VTQQLL ' Accounting I: Shan Miller Berry College Schhlarship V VVL LLL V SCQH Qeloacfli -L V L ' L f'ACcouriling?l1: Shandzllllall North Carolina LAJSL 'llSCllVolarShip V L Deborah 'GYSGTI i i L L LL L L 51 iLfe'gV? Shorthand: Monica Jones FALMU :Ul1lVCfSllY Schlllafslllp L' 3' 'ff' "l32lCVePX S099 -Home Economics Award Li L' V L Tara Jones::SUS6!1 D611 I1DaLreV1Ynu Awards VVLV L Karla Keadlcs Eddie Sanford 1 rvohafioi-ia! Awardqg LL L Metalworking: Scottie Thompsoii J,N. GreeneQScholarship ly VL LQ1LDel5orahlVGreen VVfL ' 'A' Food Services: Valcrie"SrnitliL Llvfarie Wertz Mathematical Award fV LL Clay Reichert ' ii 'L'L L ff, LV1'1Healih Occupations:'MaVry Redding City-Wise Cl'l0ifS LUlll6Ll1 Al'iafdLM05e5f-l3lTlf5SC S3mHDlhH1LBradley Physical -EducalionLAylfard l iShahdal HallgVLClinl:onLG,raha1n Y3Pf1e!L'M?mDfl5l Award L. L Touslia Bond PcrfcctL,AttehClance'Four Years LL L Clay Reichert JC MalhBlYi?iLliCS'5ClCHCCLlffwiifdfi' iff: I 51: Qlily ISCi0llPri VHighestVScorc on Nat'ionallMathiExamL' gti i Scott Deloach .lLC,.lug1ior QLitizenshipVVAward L L Ll LR0b Connelly PSAT,certilfioaVtesDchorah GFCCHQ Sharon McCoy: Shandal I-lallg lmlproyed Benerolenl1VandLqPr0l5GtiveVQrde17Vof Elks fof ,thc World ' L Lf ' A L if i L 1' -LL VL Garvey Scott Ayvarlli L jLL L V1 L1'V Deborah Green' 'sslvferil scholars L L 7 Tl'I0fflLil5Vill5fLN05fl UQUS Club? VVLLVV VV L1LL:MiSIil51Cl Siuddard Mike OwensiLRichie Canlleyi A1ny1Reei1es: Caroline WightgAngcla Magnolia Pines Community Club Award 1 ' Deni'seiBi'own Monroejleffrcy Copelandg Stephanie Sulliyan: Douglas Nlaxwcllg Oinegh LPsi'iPhi l?raternityiSchoiarship LL L Tony Hardy Zctajfsi Beta Sorority Scholarship ' Delta'Sigina Theta Sorority Scholarship Shanna: Hall iVeronica,Snecdg Valerie Malone: QuandafLDuncan?:LSh2lmrlaljl'Iall VL fRotary'LS6holarship VL L V Dirgid Dodge L Alpha Kappa Alpha Scholarship 'L LY "LV L 'lf L Deborah Grcenw 1 Sll'B'fRLOgGlfS' Mllsic-VSich0larshLip LVLV V: L Kim iQlenrleVnin Thorfias Technical School'Scholar5hip :Lf iAnlirewflE2ongressLV V Dulslfainding Black-Scholar Asyardgi Angela Monroe fValieLSCh0lHrSfliP L L ' FsYGerieyrSror:VV1 Tamara GrecnefLStephen Averag Amy'BrinkleygL Arthur Johnson Tutoring Prflgrarn Medals L ' ',L1 M L Caroline WightgV'5Amy Reeyesq'Clayflglieichertg,Deborah Greene: V. LynnVLGaygLVStephanie,Sullivang Shari Priceg Tina 'Colvlng Rich Connelly: MclissaLLDeasg SliaronLMcCoygVAngela Monroeg- Jerome 'VLLV SimpsQBg.VNlkki lohnson: Tamara GrenejL'Samantha Bradley Academic:VE'xcellenLcoiiMrocliais i S LL9tl1,vGraLglc: SusanLLSullivan V,5LVV lllih Grade:VChriS PhillipsgRoseinary-RamseyV '7"' L'f5iL+ fifff :jig 'gl5lLthyg3'raoe: Jeffrey Copeland Li L 'LilV2thi'G'rade: Shari Price l 183 Senror Personals two Ready Or Not Georg1a Here I Come' Congratulauons CDW' Mom 8a Dad Errn Arnett Be Lrke The Blrd Who Haltrng In H1s Fhght On Lnnb Too Shght Feels It GIVG Way Yet Srngs KHOW1Hg He Hath Wlngs Congratulatlons Betsy Love, 9 Beneath H1m , . 9 , . Momma, Daddy 84 Rusty 185 Compliments Of DR. AND MRS. JIMMY CLANTON Dalrq C pl iof Queen T326 61421 WETREUYOUUGHTQ SHOEPYS AMERICA'S DINNER TABLE Thomasville, Tifto A hb C d l k C t FJ TRAVEL TIME 212 Smith Avenue Thornasvxlle Georgza 31792 19125 226 3301 DYESS-TIDWELL STUDIO 135 E. Jackson Thomasville, GA V pai' Thomasville Georgia Men s And Womens Wecr SUNBELT TRUPHY GIFTS 8: ENGRAVING Custom Made Trophies G Plaques Wlth Your Logo and Signature! Custom Made Plastlc Signs 8- Name Plates All Sizes All Engraving on the Premises Complete Auto Service Center Fred Godwin 226-8181 Congratulations To The Senior Class May All Your Days Be Well Spent In The Future! ww-vW"""3Ww""NN ,rt NW Rim is S2 fl ii swat awww RSM MMM swim From The Folks At Powells Wlth The Green Thumb' For The Best Home And Automobile Insurance IYEMIYHEIYI .szlfazzra CC Where To Call Members Caldwell 84 Langford Insurance 320 N Broad 226 4511 Crawford Insurance Agency 122 N Madison 226 4256 Maclntyre 8a Edwards 110 N Crawford 226 1525 Orso Agency 217 E Washington 226 5411 HEEL S Thomasville Association Cf Independent Insurance Agents THE BEN BEL UE COMPANY Q-,L Comphmen fs Of i SPORTS gl IMPORTS 1421 E JACKSON STREET THOMASVILLE GEOFIGIA 912 228 4141 Andy Anderson L MART Hlghway 19 Sunday 12 30 5 30 Congratulauons Class Of 1988 ileruer .ilulynmm dzwzlera JIM PETTIGREW Phone O ner 226 5463 JIM S JEWELRY 12756 S Broad St Thomas Ile Ga 31792 SAMPSON S PAINT AND DECORATING CENTER 1100 C E Jackson St Thomasvllle GA 31792 Chuck Anglea Manager The Defunmon of Quolnty Gateway Sheeeme Center 130 Souih Broad Sl Thomuxvllll 226-4034 Thomasvllle GA 31792 The Footwear Store And So Much More I W ,,, - .51 I . . vi , . 9 I Monday Through Saturday 9-9 I , - Bt' is O THE SMOKE HOUSE Tobacco - Pipes - Books - Magazines 125 S. Broad Street Thomasville, GA 31792 C9121 226-7187 Books - Bibles - Complete Line of Music Choir Robes -- Pulpit Robes - Sunday School Aids RAYANNE S CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORE Phone 912 226 9253 Ray and Ann Council Owners Thomasville Ga Your Stereo Headquarters 94' Ns o aw - I xx Mary Edwards, Mgr Y 2148 Broad 3 W 31792 Amencafs Favorite Store -Mg Saufifgpkfe I - .- .. sf' s .-e'?:2'T'5 fi? .. I .f .. x xv,': ,,,. ..6g5g'f? - V , . XX X, U n- t XX, A U A . Nix C3 -F THE WHOPPER. DELICIOUS ALL WAYS. --xii sg QHGER 'ff We sartwirn sizzlin rw tfl -u 'I d b f Q, 4, t go ame rome ee. av? We add fresh tomato, crispy lettuce, crunchy onion-and other tasty fixin's. And then K G ,hc. we serve it just the way you want it. HOMAS' 228-4943 Nt v. E112 C515 Shun ,fa I-fi J 17 ,N 1, LZ W .53 X 2 'egg my 'wx ix , f' M f iii XXXMA X If XIX 'Wd ,, Uhr: C513 Snhnp 103 South Broad St Thomasxxlle Ga 31792 Phone 912 226 3232 Gifts Chma Lamps Infant Wear Lmgerle KRES jzwzlzrs .,Q7596Z41fafm6cfZn4,cffw bln:-nQ'4 A GARY GRIFFIN VICE PRESIDENT INVESTMENTS I912I 228 9536 119 N BROAD STREET 1900 222 9794 THOMASVILLE GEORGIA 31792 Q F713 Q E11abluhid1!B7 1"'I .s f Momma Nw vw sum Exchange nm I X 'Q jx G A QUICK A3 Q 0 - :M .T r- ChandIer's Hamburgers 226 0222 1-i - .Z -A , . 'T i iii ' fi-fb ' 1. ' Nix ,. if - I, 1 - ZA 5, Q: . ------ iii' -'. - -7- -4, T2 - '31 'i1' ' E: 1 I .'y1."'2I1 fa Iffid., , ...l-1-1 Q. , .NL 422, xi-iii g ., N 'xr-l lj If n 1. GQ! . i l- -1' -1n u-1 'li' ,I ,I X "IK, I f . -ll ,U "'-I 'A X 5 1 - .ii- -1 n . . , I X ' ,.,- , Jffxx'-I -J s.'4'L'1 - -l-- ,xx 3- , - , '31 IH --il I- .4-N211 .QI-.Lv 1- l - T. . 'X 'X A ' N ' 'Q h . ' - 'il'-i' n f"R. I X33 . X 6-Y i '-Ji.-1 If ' ' ' . 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Gas S ation You' Qua ' y S - M, THOMASVILLE COCA-CCLA BOTTLING CG. Thomasville, GA 31792 5 'D HMM SM Trust Compan Bank 1832 US Highway l9S Thomasville GA 31792 For All Your Food And Beverage Needs Contact Our Sales Dept At 19125 226 7111 Office Parties Bridal Showers Class Reunions Catering Services Available Rehearsal Dinners Meetings HARDWARE STORES will sLut you to a T We re Your Own Local Independent Hardware Merchant With National Chain Buylng Power Complete Line Of Hardware Lawn And Garden Supplies Do It Yourself Plumbing Electrical Supplies Paint THOMAS COUNTY HARDWARE 226 5474 1401 E Jackson Manager Dallas Norman A150 In MOUltf1C Camilla 'I O Y cs . . . . .....1.....M.,. Wedding Receptions 0 Conventions . . x . . . . . Compliments Of FEINBERG'S FURNITURE PETRGLEUM PRODUCTS 1Gulf SOUTH GEORGIA Over 100 Years SSFVICS East Pmetree Blvd mm PO Box 1183 ' I Thomasv1lle GA iq QTHOMASVILLE GA 108 S Broad St 816 Gordon Ave 226 2535 226 4201 Harold L Jackson 226 3354 Manager soo 342 1882 Compllments Of MM Gifts co 216S Broad S1 ' Mon Sat 930 600022601100 Complete Full Service Bookstore Brldol Registry Gifts Mon Sot 9 30 6 00 "1 " - - , - :Hia 9 -5' E -1 :2 I Y . . -VL - ,, Nz! fL3iir":i"" 2' Tiff I 511111744 D " 1 1 fz'fz'f"rf r , r'.1',., v: f F - I' C' ji' '21 ,, E '24 Q . When it comes to banking, C818 makes the grade' M b FDIC The Citizens and Southern National Bank SPORTS CENTER! S5 BUC BRING YOUR WORN OUT SNEAKERS IN AND GET S5 00 TRADE IN ALLOWANCE ON ANY PAIR OF NIKES AT jing RETAIL PRICE' !QgNyg1I Xb MES 'WW QRS? Bw, fJ' WWW f Q i K 1 1 Rah I I 0911111 Will!! ' V ew efix f N S l" X aff' Tl e NIKE Cro 5 Trm rer II gl: ll1LOZl X f I I t k lzerever and ul en ge ng o .vor w ever you do Ku ll gel mnxxmum support a dflex bl ty 1 len you cross trazr al ctxv hes Supg le Ieatl er uppers fo cono tabl fl Plyx ril eful t old o I ecu I pl e NIKE FDR A I 0 CIIAMPIUNSHIP SEASON BEAR SPORTS CENTER INC THOMASVILLE GEORGIA 31792 C1 I - Q A 1" I r WI I .I ., M I , . Q, . v , ., 1' . f'mz . . :O 1 1, X Q ' 7 11-'31'm, I ,JL Q FQ I ,II . -TN. . ... I' -" . E - flvn' x" - ur- I ,fr K uf I we A :X . ,- . xg.. f 1 1 - f--f 1 uf ' ,Aww ,Wir R sf -1 yi 1.1 gif nf, - 'f 5 1 , 'wail' 'fix ' , Z tif Q R1 f I f W1 X X ff-of , nl A f ""'7f"P-'zfcififLW" Y L W, X Q In X, I 11. NL, sq, X ? eg -9 - 5i' ig'5f'i, ' - ' f 1, I " ' 1 M - . I ' ,,, "' I . I X V I 5 'r -i ll 1 1 ' 1 ' 71 - f x lf . f f f 11 i i i UI - 'lfll sever 11 ' i ' . 1 1 1 ra rfr f?i.0lE1!UlO- frame o II y urfoo s reyin ac. ,T Cro m'rIers have what if la es t go to work. O 3 ' 7 ARNOLD S GROCERY soo W J 14 Comphments Cf THOMASVILLE MOTOR NEEL CARS MECHANICAL E il A CONTRACTORS YI Jeep 47 vmnswauen E g Thomasozlle grads deserve a break to help wzth thezr rzanczal stake Spellzng Bee champ or track team anchor you ZZ get more orrz your Hometown Barzker Flrst Merchants Bank Th ll ! P 9 . c son Choice Meat , 1306 . ackson Thomasvi e, G h' Q Q a le Jim Hall 226-7723 Sales Manager 228-5756 1 1 I omasvi e avo MEMBERFDIC rmnmsmx 5ll Victoria Place Thomasville, GA 228-6469 SONSHINE COTTAGE Flowerc Gifts Cards Clint Miller Becky Floyd 'mm Compliments 4741 ptyan Men's ond Loclies' Weor Downiown Thomasville 4044 E. Sholwell Slreel Bainbridge, Go Slnqletary s Flowers 8 Gifts 512 SOUTH BROAD STREET VICTORIA SQUARE LTD THOMASVILLE GEORGIA 31792 l912l 225-5880 AV TRAVEL A1rl1ne Tlckcts Cru1scs ' Tours ella Dunbar A thur Johnson Sopho o a 9 o Ste han H milton Je e ll Anthony Wychc Sher A Flanagan h c ffc Me d R.1yT llaSl ngr en lcr Dougl 4 d W ll l 0 j gy: x -A - . . . . G l 1 ' X " l ...,,.. Senior class officers Robbie Bohmun, Mendy Godwin, Fan- Junior class officers Toyca Williams, Jerome Simpson, Chris , r . Phillips. E ii 4 K A, ' m re cl s. fficers . pf ie a ' . nnifr Fres men lnsso iers lyn a ' , re ri e,J - Muxwe . , w' nnu . ' . n'f' us, Rich'r i izims. Bunn 5 Qlarrmgz mannr r1fOflEgQj?fQ?ff5ffg farrxagc Riino' M35 Where Qu my GOODRUM s FLOOR COVERINGS COW LGSS Flo F lo dz, A Evervday Thom Nvllle GA 226 6441 Buy One Get One Free l 19 Remmglon Ave CARPET VINYL WOOD I-LOORING WALLPAPER W CUSTOM BEDSPREADS CUSTOM CABINETS E FUCFNE GOODRUM EXT T9 you NC FIHC Lmgerle gl ACCCQSOFICS And 0'0' Up To Due Seplrlles And Thomasvnle GA SPOHSWC if fNexl To Knapp Hardware? 228 6700 -, . Come Grow Wlth Us if-' ' 'K' -A 1-iii:-1 -3o' -EE: TALL PINES Restaurant CORNER OF SOUTH DAWSON AND REMINGTON AVENUE Thomasville, Gcorgla 31792lI912l226-3221 f , e . J ', T . " 1 , Q 1 1 ,Q .2 'W 43 : . -ev' - ' . 2 ' ,. . . d' .f f ids. Commerczafund RBSIJCIIIIIII ' , ' - - 0 r asli ns an n errors" . -Q, .-. ' ' fr H - - 1 . 'Y , . DRAPERIESI- ovam wopns- J ' ' U 1317 E- JHQRSOH nL1NDs.uPHol,sTsRYFAuR1cs, W 1 . 1 ' L ' 2 2 H' . E L Q , ' lu mlm'-r " ' lxxN.ln-au.-.,,,, - Iqqlyfl new-.u--0.1-nmuvim THE SHOE BOX 114 N. Broad 226 4961 607y f gfradzateo THOMAS CCLLEGE 1501 Millpond Road 226-1621 A dited by ihe Commission on Colleg f th S th A ociahon ofCol1eg d S h 1 Weare Out To Win You Over With Great Taste! ,V -4 , It 1 xnlri' If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lostg that is where they should be. Now put the founda- tions under them. Henry Thoreau 1 Q A3 -wif, 'Q Qi x. 3 wg f X W h'Hl1-New-Ame' ff 4 Q -Q 1,1 1 5 H1-:fIiif'4i-f1iPSEi5iF,f , 25 f-p. ".. --1

Suggestions in the Thomasville High School - Pines Yearbook (Thomasville, GA) collection:

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