Thomasville High School - Growler Yearbook (Thomasville, NC)

 - Class of 1959

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W 9 Cafflf c9WbL5Q'9M'lL . fb 'mf QA, M, aw-ef 1 ifff' X -,- W 1959 Growler puAfi5AezJ Lg fAe growfer xS7fa!! of THQMASVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Thomasville, North Carolina gg it gk ,ki VL, ,, , . X H .,-,. .x mmm W - I ,M ,L Wh 'X' 'K' Y +, ' Aa.-L ' ' ' .A A V N, 'K 4 ,ww ,J K x N A ,, ,J aw , . V' Q uf' C ip, 1, 'Tw Q ,v . , f ., M , e'w Q :QQPN ' f ' W, A ' "V ' 96 7 ' A 5 7 7 -2 ,A - V A . Y ,wwf .J-gfx , 4 x L, 1 5 ,ww ,' + . X ge? X H - L, , A W 1 'X , f f- S , + A qw, 4., k 5 -sg as f -W K ,g F, ,HG , , , 4 Y! Q. K A ,Y ' km -9 1? . ,f K 3 , I LL gm, r J 2 'www wb. ,,,,,,wMmWmM ' 'M-VM., ,mm MW' v- ,,,,,. AMW-W w 5 Q ya, A , ,Magi gy: k fo x we ! FWS iv rg, Q ff , WM N av-, ,Q Q 5 KV 7 Q W ,, .,f. -v,. V f 5 1,4 , 4 L X A - if . - 'G . - , , , wma? A-2 ya, f 1 ? S' I G f' -3 ' ' nv ,.,. L' , , www, y , 1 ,,,,f3.w ,L gms, ,,',m,'- ,L :sf My K , , L,-2 f, -' 1 . 7 M pf, if -g ,g6fv-gf, -f--fgrmw f' f 'wx ,5f,,'1 ,MN 5: .,,. 41, -. W Z f. J' j-'F'f,,,w'-gfisgi! 15? 'K" jfgfij, W 8 n w 8 Q Q K' W nfs, 1 lf f A"- Q l , -Q, , V T ., ' :""'f1'? ff . 25 : 4 ff? I W 5' R QQ3 MTM , 5 , , ' ' 1? fi, ' . nf' NIV f " ,,'.. ,','4"lzTIf' + J, , S, . f, f,., Jr w3,,-1,,,' f , 46 L f V -, . , . ,awk-47 F-ref fmwf +, ,, f, , W , f-gf wi, gym, ,'-- Q-gg --gf A ,K .an K Q, nl .f,. , Vg V- A, V gp, I 4 ,..,3Q,'+,, + 4, xg' M v uv N 53,191 , wtf 9'-gi, V ff--f. if 1 ' ' " Q' , 'Q ,Y 'S im. Ji K' 1? M., f - -' f my - ., Q" yd 'U' , ' 4 4, 1 X 5 'W mv, , M 'M' - - . N5 Q K ,Q 'Z 4- f 4 fa , 9, , fm, xt wx K I' MQ fy N a .u fm Us .v' 'S is -K q,', ., , ,J l g ,, fb, in 2 lllwu OWL, , WW my QZQQZZZM 'W Q ll!ffL?Wj.0wm.z, if ffifflf Wfffw WWA 0. Mcbljlwn i aw A Wwfeffgc' t 1 The symbol of wisdom for which each of us IS ever striving. It establishes in us the desire to learn and gain an ever lasting knowledge. It provides for us the oppor tunity to serve and to lead. It teaches us to thmk for our selves and to become a part of a free, independent nation At Thomasville High School we are given a responsi bility to our school and a faith in our teams our fellow classmates, as well as in ourselves. Opportunity is always available for the person who wishes to become a truely educated man. The knowledge which we can gain at T. H. S. is a lasting one that w1ll enable us to grow in wisdom and it will stay w1th us a lifetime. In th-e following pages we have tried to deplct the ways in which we are gaining llfiharlom fdrougd glclucafcon af THQMASVILLE l-HGH SCHOGL 3 We Dedicatc. . . This the nineteen-hundred and fifty nine Growler to you the students and faculty of Thomasville High School. You, the student body, play the biggest part in the role of gaining wisdom at T.H.S. You are constantly striving upward in the search for knowledge, seeking a greater wis- dom that draws a circle against the darkness. We feel also that the faculty has a major part in our search, for you are ever teaching us the wisdom that you have already gained. You are willing to guide us closer to the dawn of our seekings. Therefore we would like to present to both students and faculty, This Your Book ntents -wlfkilz,-in-1 U - -Q.',fL-QvfQswaisSs:, fi-.ggi -I Z eg:,s::fsgariifi35- GAINING WISDOM Introduction ............................. . . 6 THOSE WHO PASS THEIR WISDOM ON Administration ............................., 16 WE WHO LEARN Seniors ......... .... 2 8 Juniors ........ .... 4 4 Sophomores . . . . . . . 52 Freshmen .......... .... 6 0 Eighth Graders ....... .... 6 9 THOSE WHO AGHIEVE Features ............. .... 8 2 Honors .................... .... 88 THOSE WHO GAIN WISDOM THROUGH FELLOWSHIP Activities ........................... .... 9 4 THE POSSESSORS OF THE QUALITY OF GOOD WILL Athletics .................................... 132 THE PROCESS UPON WHICH LIFE DEPENDS Advertisers .................................. 152 T. gjafucafea ua 5 i'i"K'i ll li 1 4PM B M1g,,.W Q M, zfalqggzvf K ,. Q 'ix W Q N, QQFYW ff I K E , ,, .,, QQ' gk A Q reloaring uri, wffg f7l'0L'i5i0 X an ClCClll"ClCg, lAl'0Hg'l lf H5504 in Clflgllage alll l'YlfllA,0l71LlfiCf5 W H- wy , , I ,J 9' 431 ff? I ii f -.nj 4, K Q 5533 f 3? if ' 4 A . If li - a ,. 1 X ,,' ,1 1, f"n'f: fM qi. Ngiiwl in Q :'L,'5!Zj . ll ,f .N glgsa ly V, ' Q ,-.em WWW" ,M .Q 563.5 Qgff - ,Qu f. - x .gy f -A, ESV f 2 51 '?': ,e fw L "2 W 7 if TM 4 5 Q. 3.84Wg -'5'.,:. A , 3' a V, if, ' F5 5 F' A ' g i ? I ' Hz" 3 'Yifl 1 .fi , 9 gf:-MQ X 'sg ,EEA Q W, ff 1 W... ...w,.q,.., P l 1 if-3 1 . mmurfw HW, Sli, 329 Ei fzif 4 11, .- 9 5 MM " 'iiiilvigifi'-Hiker ff f .. . A. M ..,, , U ff eaclzing ua Aififory, do fAaf we migAf un erafancl fge aczievemenfzi 0 manLinc!... A A A A ,ig - l ,M M, 1.9,-yi ag' 1 fin, ,J Q K ,WM ' - gf, ,uw ,M wr N We 0 K 5529 M vb ii H . ,,....M W -...,. Aww Tip W ,V Lf, MT ,N-f A ' A-. ,Www , ,.,,,,,...Mf 75046 M WMM YZW ff ii' V .. ' . E " 11 1 W Km K ' 15? Q I 1 1. 4 1 Y J' Y A Maw George H. Arnold :ar To run a school system smoothly requires 2 hard work on the part of many people. Superintendent George Arnold has many responsibilities which require a helpful staff. Working right with him are Miss Jewel Sink, Mrs. Fredda Wilson, and Mrs. Imogene Mor- ris. Dietitian for the city school system is Miss Mary Jane Larabee. Our hats are off to these people who do a wonderful job for all of us. Adminisfraliau Miss Jewel Sink Mrs. Imogene Morris Mrs. Freda Wilson Miss Mary Jane Larabee 'TN I6 It is a tremendous responsibility to super- vise a school as well as shape the lives of young people. These are just two of the many duties of Principal W. S. Horton. Helping him with the many office duties is Mrs. Joyce Gordon. She and her efficient office staff work hard keeping Thomasville High business offices running as smoothly as clock work. W. S. Horton ,lm an Members of the efficient and helpful office committee are: Evelyn Mc Millan, Herb Stamey, Ann Steed, Pat Lacky, Norma Stewart, Larry Cook Bonnie Orman, Joyce Yates. Joyce Gordon l6'aard Of fducafian if Officials of the City School Board are Harry Brown Finch, Harvey Carpenter, Van Richardson, Robert Holladay, Walter Rapp, and Superintendent G. H. Arnold. It is indeed a privilege to have such out- standing community members serving on the Thomasville Board of Education. It is a good feeling to know that the big decisions of our system and the promotion of the best possible school program is in the hands of such re- liable men. I8 These men are willing to assist in the plan- ning of the new high school which is now under full construction. When completed this school will probably be 'one of the most modern and up to date on the Eastern coast. We woqpld like to say THANKS to the Board for the wonderful work they are doing. , . . ,s,, A Hoastcrs 61116 li. Officers of the Boosters Club are Treasurer Charles Lambeth, President J. G. Thomason, Vice President Glenn Pennington and Secretary John Carter who was absent when the picture was made. Newly organized this year, is the Thomas- ville Boosters Club. The purpose of this club is to promote the various athletic teams of T. H. S. The club has been very busy setting up organization but did give a trophy to the Best Blocker on the football team and donated two hundred dollars to the newly organized Wrestling Team. The team used this money for new suits and for other ex- penses. This is a very worthwhile club, and the students of T. H. S. are proud to have its backing. A sf .Rf 'IW Fred Carlisle W. S. Collette Mrs. Doris Dodamead W Mrs. M. G. Allmond Miss Elizabeth Brawley Mrs. E. C. Burrus Miss Eloise Buie Our ffacu . - . . - Lfgk1a,g..f,Wg w-f1'ffff: CML, Mia 4f42""' , s ,L ,,,.4- W Wav G. . Eargle .fa Jada 4 li M of Y YY , Mrs. M. H. Fritts Mrs. Ann Gaither James Graham ity ?'C " W' ..r,. V Lt,,.,K, . X ..., . A DEN ww N Q, W: Q jk ke, N- . -. .V A Qqgigfg-n K, A se, A -A ...ww -AX M . 1? x H. C. Hudgins Clinton Ingram Miss Bain Johnson J. C. McLain Miss Una Mae Mangrum Lee Miller Mrs. Jim Johnson Mrs. Joretta Johnson E. B. Jones Chester Litwin 6- l x Q E N 3 E0 no ur r X-5 V X! XQ Shzcully Mrs. Harold Modlin Mrs. Frances Murphy Miss Laura Neece Norman Punch Dart Shealy Mrs. Kathleen Smith Mrs. Lydia Stronach .sw 'WNW Robert Teat W. W. Ward Miss Betty Marie Welch Our Qacully Mrs. C. L. White, Jr Jennings Withers Helping make repairs that must be made around any school are Boyd Gallimore and Aster Galli- more. These men are very essential to our school and we do appreciate their work. Preparing lunches each day for over two hundred is the task of Mrs. Odel Blair and her assistants Dosher Mae Henson and Catherine Aughtery. Thank you for the variety in food. :wks Although our janitor James Kinner is having a little fun with one of the maids, there is a good deal of work to his job. His duties keep him very busy, but re- membei' "All work and no play make James a dull boy". Staff , i X. ill. ' j , EK , f V ' w a Q 1 3 f .2 'F' A, ,V ,slr gr A 3 I 325 Q -4 L,.- ' nf f. ge 1:21 s wb-X a,gW QM 532922 wig A fifwz Shaw Leading the Senior Class as Officers are: Ruby Sluder, Treasurerg Barbara Stallings, Secretaryg Richard Wilson, Vice-Presidentg and Tommy Harris, President. .128 It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. Always willing to assist seniors in any and every Way are class sponsors: Mrs. M. G. Allmond, Mrs. Harold Modlin, and Miss Betty Welch. Missing from the photo is H. C. Hudgins. zflb' Scniar 611155 Of 1959 Chosen by popular vote of the seniors, Skippy Gordon and Cindy Maley will act as mascots for the CLASS of '59. gl 'l'::"'l ,355E55555g55gwg,,jQg5egMl"ZefZifEs?4e54eg 5z.sff1-gigiilffii-T .QQ ' - wi' 2. - , gg t Q .,z-. -- - gf, ,. ,.1 B . . a acc B L : K an E ' a , ll 5 mm 'Q 11 W! W Harris Badgett Kathryn Allmond Frances Beck Sue Beck Bobby Benner Randle Blair Carole Barnes Sandra Brewer 'Wg Delbert Beck U15 Scuiar Clayton Brinkley 'UK 65 'W' new ccaa V 5 f ' , g V, m 'lsseiv W' ,.m7fg3 ,. U' D t 5' S ,ff 3 Linda Brinkley Gary Bruton Ronnie Callicutt Dallas Carper Linda Carter Hluss 0 1959 Jerry Cline 'UI' jfs 'UW ,- is Benny Childress Glover Coggins Carole Clodfelter Shelva Taylor Cockerham ...N 'Yi . -5 , 'lt "QQ-,..M SN gi, 'gf' Q 'B if ilu, l KE 4, S ill- y Y Larry Cook Nolan Coggins Evelyn Dagenhart Ellis Davis Douglas Dunning Richard Craven Jewell Eddinger Stanley Elliott all Wi fx., 1. - f ' " 'f it-:,' ' 11.5 'inn-A Elaine Crotts Che Scnior Eva Ferguson .iff .off . V ,- sw , Q. .k,.LQ 4 . U A . -wfszif, - off I Jerry F0l1tS Douglas Freedle Pat Freeman Cecil Frye Carol Gallimore Glass Of 1959 Alex Gibbs Carol Hampton Patsy Green Lynda Grubb Darrell Hall 'SNR Q '? l t"'1 'S S- 'flyw- ir 'ik me 'WDM uf, , A 1 W was la 'N 'A ,, i in . ww Patricia Hancock Harry Hamrick Pat Harris Tommy Harris Benny Hegler Delores Hicks ws Annabelle Hanes Denny Harris Che Senior Elaine Hill Barbara Hoffman fi' ,naw 45 A- A!" 11- ' It I 'X I V 1 4 ,H 6 A . 5' E I 52 xg' 5, Don Holmes -611155 Of I 95 9 David Kenerly 51 5, ' WP , if fix if i Peter Howard Ronnie Kennedy s i i 5 :qi vw J Jimmy Jarrett Bobby Johnson P 'A Catherine Jolly Gary Kanoy NW' WU! Pat Lackey Loretta Kinney E., is 139 .,.,. - 1 . M' Jqaxijii. ,gn fir gf WWW 5 Butch Lanier Martha Rose Lambeth Betty Leonard Darryl Leonard Edward Leonard Patsy Leonard 'vs Jerry Ledwell Jean Legans Che Scuiar Bobby Little Betty McAdams -ni?" F Z' 'sl i 1 L X E V2 Pat McCa1'n Glass Of I 95 9 Clifford Motley 0' wig agynw t X Qfi , mum- , KK lux g A :SX lj L A 'Q-Q. , gang, Wx Q75 ,f S Steve McDonald Patty Murphy 'UN Q- Evelyn McMillan Joy Maley Janis Medlin H Earl Mills 5, ,t ,gm -Www Sylvia Myers Victor Murphy ' 'Hg Li V 43? QW 'E ff. -, A 1. K " KA M C4 1 , X f M1 "Dx 'CL Eugene Patton Betty Peace Susan Pennington Elnora Patterson Barbara Phillips Che Seniar Lee Pollock Lorene Poole Richard Raper Sammy Reddick Joe Regan V 'Wx Julia Richardson Nancy Rogers Barbara Russell 511155 Of 1959 Larry Russell Dan Shaw Woody Shields Betty Jean Smith Aurelia Shoffnef Jimmy Sink Ruby Sluder M .1-H""a 65. wwf 1 is 'uv IJ WN David Sowers Jo Rita Spell Barbara Stallings Ronald Smith Herbert Stamey U15 Senior Ann Steed Norma Stewart Rosemary Stoker Gayle Sutton Rock Teague 1-L F M t it nf 312. T51 Q W was , i ' we K Loretta Troxler Peggy Truelove Charles Tysinger Jesse Walscr Robert Warner 611155 0 195 9 Leroy West Richard Wilson Mark WhiSHaf1C Carol Wilder Betty Williams ,sv f iy yy -Sf ' ,V-,, y A . f m 4.4 ' Q 'FW i w me K k 3 if-:Wig exw Qu . in r' :Wg xi ,. I H ,S :M , ff' V 1 gnif!?!"W.4 mm 1 gy ' an-. . L' '55, Y - N W .Q i Brenda Wood Joyce Yates gin emurg Gbf JAMES MCGEE-possessing the endearing qualities of gentleness, modesty, kindness, and unselfishness, James lives on in the hearts of his friends at Thomasville High School. 42 THIS IS OUR YEAR Future beckoned to us, and bade us heed Her call, Yet we, confronted with the busy schedules of the fall Term, listened not to Her, but bade her wait. For we were unaware of the nearness of Fate. As Seniors-humble, anxious, proud--we began our year, A year filled with activities unlimited. Hopes, joys, fears, All fixed themselves in our lives, and daily hours Were consumed with responsibilities, pleasures, happiness-ours. To us opportunities were often presented, many were taken By searching youth, whose determined aims would not be shaken From the ever-upward trek. To our school from our class, We gave of ourselves to the memories, long to last. Our senior year-a year sublime-a year blessed by the stars And sweetened by fellowship. Again Future beckoned from afar. We stopped to behold Her, our attention we gave Her. For we knew She would call us, when we left our Alma Mater. -Ruby Sluder SENIOR RI E "Seniors, please rise . . ." These words close every assembly, and upon hearing them, the Senior class rises as the first class to leave. This phrase is only one of innumerable reminders that the fulfilment of this year will climax ahigh school career. Truly, seniors will rise. U16 funiar 611155 OFFICERS From their high perch as officers of the Junior Classy Secretary Connie Wood, Treasurer Chip Har- rison, President Larry Leonard, and Vice President Milford Cox, look down on the world below. 44 3 Junior Advisors are, seat- ed: Mr. William Ward Mrs. E. C. Burrus. Stand- ing: Mrs. Frances Murphy Mr. William Collette, Mrs Boyd Smith. Frances Abernathy Glenda Alexander George Arnold Barbara Ashe Joyce Barnes Delores Batten Virginia Berry Edward Boles Orpha Bowman fi' .af Us Q-ww-v wb' 'E 1' S ,. .... 44 nf! 7 Mil' vi' ie!-e""f"r' Doug Cloniger Patricia Coe M, Jerry Coker llyx-I--, :gf Q' 4 1222 li, F 4 ,xi M32 ,,. '4 5 'pw Milford Cox Carolyn Cranford Donald Cranford Larry Craver Susan Creech Brenda Crews , M 'M x S Q' x ill Russell Draughn Kelly Eanes Glenn Finch Paul Finch David Fisher George Fore David Franks Waymon Free Jo Ann Harrison Delia Hawkins Philip Hemphill Carolyn Henson John Herring Vicki Hiatt Jimmy Hightower Renie Hill Che juniar Zlass Glenda Freedle Roena Gallimore Susan Gallimore Jerry Grubb Edward Harrelson Ann Harris David Harris Sam Harris Chip Harrison . A X951 ,ri- Zhe junior 611155 John Holton Carolyn Honeycutt Elaine Hughes Barbara Johnson Donald Jones Barbara Kennedy K . y is f Bonnie Lambeth Tony Lambeth Susan Leach ,xrvk -,xlwll '- r M . , .. Larry Leonard Joe Little Judy Little Doug Livengood Stanley Loftin Barbara Lomax Evelyn Long Keith Lucas Roland Pennington David Piercy Kenneth Pritchett Bryant Ragan Frances Richardson Carolyn Royal Robin Russell Dare Sechriest Peter McDonald Helen McGee Clemensia Martinez Donnell Moody Brenda Myers Jerry Myers Jimmy Norton Terry Parrish Ralph Patton yy 5 X , L Q S ii, 1 .S Quasar ,V . - R s X 1' K ga M fl ,sf , , , in 15 -J .Q .V .af wg was 'Qi e af af' 314 if , f Li A H E 1: 5 ,.VF,,v Efidi 2 E 6 ae +1 .Q Q f 5 'V' if fi: 43" 'bm :rms an ,ww if an Wilson Sechrest Robert Sherrill John Shuler Ronnie Sink ,. qw if 't 8- ,QV 1 '55 ' , 5 K Clayton Smith Bill Smith A it rx-Q S' , ,JI 't o""'l ' Ya s M -+ ff i F 53519 ' :j ...NA .,,..f,-f' fi Q .ai!iii2L'5b., L i fe if 1 -,gs--ek ,, , . W 25 gms ,A qss'zsQ1sivfss1sz1ssf,' 2' 4 J, z:it-,f,.1-WSKQQM-Aff -V , , . ,ws w:.f2zfws,:-A f gl., A f Juniors are busily asking Marshals directions to various classes on the opening day of school. Jean Smith Linda Smith Myra Smith Ruth Ann Snyder Bonnie Stilwell Becky Swain Tommy Swain Pat Truelove Che juuiar 611155 Lydia Tysinger Troy Tysinger Josephine Walker Brenda Waner Marlene Warren Martha Westmoreland Betty Whichard Karen Whitley Mary Lib Wilson Elected by their fellow class- mates to the high position of class officers are Treasurer Bonnie Or- man, Secretary Nell Hoyle, Vice President Bobby Jordon, and Presi- dent Rlonnie Craver. Sophomore Class spon- sors are, seated: Mrs. Pat McGuire and Miss Betty Brawley. Standing: J. W. Graham, Lee Miller, and J. C. McLain. ,4........-..........- 6' fi. W' 555556314 Maxine Allred Terry Armentrout Ronnie Beck Marie Bertie Saphamarc' Klass Joe Bumgardner Geraldine Canady Dianne Brinkley Barbara Callahan CK .L V V k ' I 3 g , if an nri t 5 W 'Qi . XX Leslie Atchinson John Binkly Bonnie Borrow Bennie Canipe A if fx, 1551 N U'- - V M, I X Mk-. M ,--Ll.: L' M .--.:.:- S 2 21. -1 .41-'Y' . I QQ, i'N..o Y. 152, m zfffifif' V 1 , is i :-, f- ff "Eg George Anne Batton Dianne Beck Dorothy Boles Jerry Bowman Judith Burt Jimmy Churchill 4' 'girl QHM'-U 4 wjhfwf , A +A, 'Wifi jx, X g as iihhwb 1 3,4gaf!v.- ,Va . -L. H ,W + ' A -. Dawn Cagle Betty Jean Clodfelter fl affix an I 1.,,,' W , X YY' 'ff nw. Gary Clodfelter Roland Cole Larry Conrad Shirley Cox Brenda Cranford Kinney CYHVSI' Ronnie CYSVGI' Willie Mae Dagenhart Barbara Easter Linwood Emory Don Fernzuson Elsie Gallimore Nancy Ferrell Larry Garrett Lucy T. Finch Ronnie Freeman Betty Jean Frye Jimmy Goad Jimmy Greene Judy Green 'Dx ,W 'Yi Y L Q iil " 35? ' H , A , 'T' i -H-'f . F X 'ea fi F if : QQ Ag , .' F '- we ' . I g y .X 7' M R I V, kk F V- X' I m- 40' W i "ag , Nlhqwy 1 " -- fi is if Geraldine Hamilton Becky J. Harris Bel Harris Hayes Harris Barbara Harrison Barbara Hawks Marie Harris Mike Hegre Vera Henson Richard Hicks Sue Carol Hill Kirk Hinshaw Larry Hodges Becky Hill Richard Hooker Linda Hill Null Hoyle Kenneth Hedson Bobby Hunt Hazel Jarrett as K Sv, 'ip- fs' .,.s ' PY xv ' Qi , .. 5 'I Q- i iig ' A ..., .V I N A If' -fy f 1 , pj lf T fl T 1 X , 4 as 5 QV M 1 f 'l k 5 ff ' 7' ' , 9. Wi V i x .1 f Judy Jarrett Jerry Johnson Martha Johnson Lutricia Jones Bobby Jordan Kirby Kanoy Frank Lambeth Gail Mailey y f ii ffm Erwin Lassiter Delores Matthews X 4. 1w1i,gfm "Alfa - 1' ff -15,1 5 Q1 A: 1 ,k,,, 7X . WE: f J. . ,ff V ir'-'54, Gail Leonard Johnny Mills 5, ve , i,5,2?Q5g,: , mn. U . -1 535 ' N Q qi 9 1 qw' 1 A .. pf, - - -w,,af.,.::,:a1 Z .W k ., K . V at . f Q 1, .ani V if 5 aka, .5 ' W e bein' ' L " wmwew N 1 QE Q 51, gi-I, 2, ix K , 5 Q, 5: ,y ' ' 'W,a1 is A. 11 Z.. ' in X X if igil I X -f ma ., - wi- .'j-ff ,fygigfr-15 .,, ,, I ,ar 'Q' Mary Johnson Linda Jones Pam Kanoy Geraldine Kennedy Che Saplwmare Melvin Lohx' Judy Luther Robert Moss Ronald Motley ff x x M A ff' 'Q Q a fd-.MM Wu . W we if - .gl 5, ay.. if ., if 'Q' ,I 4 . , ir 333' mf f 5 , ' x A 'ITL' A f , 'lggqx ,gy .,. H w - in , ik K , Y Q? t 4 Q ii' ,,, S wgfsjlgx J i V L 7 K it lj 5 L SAX fffiijsfffi .pf Pemzy Murray Bill Myers Martha Anne Myers Gordon McAdams Eddie McCormick BOUTUS Ofmiln Rimni' Palmer Alan Parker Charles Anna Parrish Joe Peace 611155 Charles Pennington Mike Rachagl Jim Pennington Ben Rapp Virginia Pennington Larry Ridxze ,, I Via 'w,,..M " Shirley Pierce Melinda Rogers Jifilst, ' . F !' ' x .- 'Striv- qv? x 51: 1' Sf. Evelyn Proctor Doyle Russell A ui vi .ig ,jf r 5 . W-we 4f,1 in ea. he i n W X Nm i i' . ,N Z ef ,iff , ..,, , f, 4'- f in we ' M 4,5 . 1- qlf Mandy Russell Pat Russell Ronnie Russell Joann Smith Charles Snyder John Steed Jimmy Surratt Curtis Troxler Elaine Tysinger Shirley Wilder Bill Wilson Gwen Wilson f ,rv gg 'HA I 5 an - I J? F93- ,r ew "' 4 Sfffl M1 ' 6 min uw . ., . A . mifgvgr, " I1 x, ,. - X. ,, YYY as Charles Secrest Art Shew Carolyn Stephens Jimmy Stone Che Saphamare Becky Jo Warner Annette VVright. Steve Whitten Sara Wright 5 :xigqr xii? 3 X 2 li k .,llffiw+,wffy fm 42 l .f"m Viriginia Yurbough Ferol Ann Welborn 6fl1.S'5 Delores Workman Chris Young ..-' 'I in . 1 - W ' Q' ll 1 s:5zF?fQV W' 52:30 ' ' szmma V NM- -, .1 -. 4.. -fa sl? -.ref f . afgpgriffffg ' , "ffi:7'R'35 lf-. f"EfZ, . 'f?i3'Tis,'lrf.,s-95423 ' I '-T Terry Yates Troy York Trcna Yates Jane Young 'Q asf' Wx - 14x : Mx? Although this simple equation seems easy to many of us, it and many like it baffel Sophomores in Mr. Eargle's first-year algebra class. Learning the life processes is one of the many require- ments of all Sophomores in Lee Miller's biology classes. Che greshman Cflass Leading' the Fresh- man in this their first real year in high school are President Eddie Britt, Vice President Larry Overcash, Trea- surer Helen Bell, and Secretary Doris Holton. Advisors for the Fresh- man Class are, seated: Miss Laura Neece. First row: Mrs. Jean Fritts, Mrs. Lydia Stronach, and G. M. Eargle. Second row: E. B. Jones, Robert Teat, and Norman Punch. 60 4.. ,Qu 1 .,,: W, ell g Y we if J' in QW . 'T 5f1'r.,,. ....... M , M ,QS 15 ' A fl I X14-vm,-,J'. 'rig ef, i sw fi X4 X iii? -...K 4 , . ,, L if TEE. QW ' w.,,..,,, 73.2 5 ,g fi I , mx f.1 ll, f -,1 an-A me S A ,,:12svl.,i.wM-153. ik -fA- will? W f ww? 'VH Mg, mom? Paul Abernathy Brenda Alford Jack Allen Tommy Arnold Connie Atwood Judy Ball Alice Barbee David Batton Patricia Batten David Barnes Bobby Beck Donnie Beck Judy Beck Mac Beck Helen Bell Barbara Bennick Mary Lou Berry Charles Bobo Pumila Bingham Faye Blackman Joyce Blackmon Jimmy Bovender Terry Bray Diane Briles Eddie Britt Linda Bryant Mary Ellen Burton Joan Ann Byers Carol Bylar Patsy Callicut Al Carpenter Detra Carter Anne Cecil Joy Chapman Betty Chisholm Bennie Christman Austin Clodfelter Micheal Coggins William Cole Shirley Combs -::5"1j, , ,LW 1 yy 5 Y' it w:M'i? bv:-: . Msn' :fy A -,. f f,.f ,ggii , sy, ,A .M , . v,,h, V ilsg?-1g?m'l,,, ,. ,V . I , ,Q . ?.,3.,f,,i , ,gms W, V A ' ir? fan 1 9'sY'. A ' U-Lexx if W, g, .1 favs Q - .ff gypsy ,,f K ..,- VJ, , ,.- ,, ,Q vk.f ,ef-ffgf: L-g4gf,. "'!E""- ,pw ri a in wi mi. M... x ..1..u.f..s if 4 ,M , L - ' da A3951 ff gg i . f .. I 4 Y gf fifi , - I I ls. Q' V- x. , vgxyga, 'Y ff ' 'N 4 L 1 iv el Che Sfreshman Klass E-i,.m..4. quurvv r :if Us ' wil 'W ,hs-i, ..- zg. Hz . , ,,,. , 5.75 .,::-- , -1 . ., ai H ,im . , . is Q a s Q - - J lf eiaiiailiii Q if J t 15, , wk 7' J t wil' "1 x 4 H X is .N ' fi . 2 M, K . rx SRM X fe ??i , f H t W hi s E , 53? Q 1 G M ' gg X S fm " .QM L, J A Y 5353, egigi ki ii is 31 3 5+ Sw ra P 1 UWM xxx! Y in 12+ ,gg , . i aka ti ax Q f , M, if M11 z 1 1 -J' x qs-awww , . 1 4 31 W M. ' ,ff an il 'W N Q A v ii 'Q' 1,5 D gms V N 5 , , 1fsfQ5' 1ffZt 'J--in Tir,-ff jiwwlifb Q ' -Viv: f'f'li? J B f ,L.' A- evra. Charles Cranford Brenda Cranford Barbara Crow Betty Crump Francis Culp Barbara Dairenhart Ronnie Darr Dickie Davis Charles Dunning Madison East Bud Eanes Janice Eargle Livy Easley Steve Eller Jeannie Farris Kemp Ferguson Sharon Finch Trudy Fitzgerald Bobby Freeflle Judy Godfrey Diana Gomberg Bobby Gibson Gary Grayson Maxine Green Eddie Grimes Jeff Hackman Faye Hall Leo Hampton Pat Harris Peggy Harris Tommy Harris Joe Harrison Sara Harrison Martha Sue Hartman Jean Henley Jerry Hill Rodney Hill Ethel Henson Billy Hoffman Russell Hoffman y Qi wa is wig? 'x 9 if f 5 X Che Sfrcshmau Hlass ,l slid an 5 li L tw Q Da -ff-if: If -, , .. f . ,H55:a-W--31,5 A .,,. - 11.5.3 ,.1,.,.-wf2:.,1:-aK- u 5 , L .L 12 ' QL w ff ' Jia f'lPXx W- ar' ...ew-up . ,l. ,5 glam 9, Q 'Y' .Q ,, , , ff ,S all .l l ig 1 -sf il link Ia iz 1 as 'UTYYV is -new ll Z 2 Q' ,gpg ... 52: 23 11- "Life rm! 'xiii A 'lf iq. XUK -iw NJN f S,, www... fi 1 K ,ffm 'xiii ., Q Q 'K 4? N ga. -ug, 7 Q A' K my . ggi V :,,,., . 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SZ' ir 5, A 5 Ag.- 2 ' ,A M BQ 5 ' -Ea s e , ' . -N X Theresa Martinez Sandra Patterson Barbara Raper Arnold Smith A 7 QT Faye Meredith Judy Payne Annette Rich Paul Smith 'VN The Qreshman 611155 ma. ? .- wx ' ix f J M if 4 A X Ai H' .-' f ff' fi - , Q r V- "2' rfb t ,girls if ggi! A ii ' aa ei? ,Sb 7 Ti. T ii Z Nr- 'er ki Q Q 45 'L , 1. 4- ' "f22,:-ella' -?:,. w . Q 3 x ,:. WET 'W' Q""' -ng ,qw , .1 15 if V Q, A mg H-H 4 me P1 3. Fflfgftlrg x E, , ...,.,m,Fy , 5 25 A 'uf 'S lj nl 'Sl Q X . : i - .,,--,ga . Q52 .E iy 1 gW..'333:g 231114 .V Q x ,nr-..,x if , was ,K my N-uae. r 'B -t f -f .ma ' wg',:..2,.f 2 S 5-sis: ' -' ' ::' V .. , 7:-,f gr nl:,.-ff.met1:'!'4-E-gg..:.,:5.5ei,,g'' 2, - gii3.l!:ffi.m ,L ,1 ' f .ar .mf gif! ' 3,1 3 1 1 ' ox" 5' , 4 ' 4 if 4 u .iA.:w-:-,,Lf-.--f.L-'M.- J, ff-,,,'1 f 2 . 1 . it wa'-ak -, , qfgww. we , Priscillia Smith Tony Smith Vivan Smith Tim Spradley Roger Sparks Rose Ann Spencer Bonnie Snider Barbara Staton Brenda Strickland David Sullivan Karen Sullivan Judeen Talbcrt Brenda Taylur George Tcrrall Betty Terry Jerry Thayer Nancy Thompson Johnny Triplette Judy 'I'i-ent Marcel Turner Mike Tysimrer Carol Van Lanrlinghnm Pamela Wagner Nathaniel Walker Y 'T .lg gk 31 XX W V S "' 'U WH' I, 'Q A , ,Ag J must A' "' I ' iw X in - uae A , ',gZi25if2y1 M -54-58521531 .1 7, f WQEW' " ' ': .. -F: rs' V4 ':i'lA'Sf4y, - -f "xi -Lfygz V"iEL,if'fvXlEffSf55P?Q.. , h 'fzbff' 4 711 wav Brenda Westmoreland Frankie Westmoreland Mike Withers Brenda Wood Raynell Workman Bobby YaI'bOllllh Q 1 ma.nfrz1,,., , .Hmmmm as yfiiiwg ri ?4ff1f'if -. .... . , , ,gy Getting Eighth Graders started off on the right track are advisers, seated: Mrs. Ann Gaither, Mrs. C. L. White, Mrs. Alliene Johnson. Standing: Clin- ton Ingram, Mrs. Joretta Johnson, J. W. Withers, Mrs. Doris Dodameade, Fred Carlisle. .............ugL , ,-., .. ., Q,-,gg M i,-1-,,3E'.Sfv.t " Ure Siglzth Graders It is indeed an honor to be elected to the high position of class officer, especially in the eighth grade. Hold- ing these positions are: Vice Presi- dent, Bobby Powell, President Charles Parks, Secretary Tamsie Green, and Treasurer Patsy Cox. 69 we A Wi J fi Am W 1' iam, . ' Mm e ago film? Q1 T lj ' - v.h. J A :ww , .- '-an .4,- 'awk Zh: Siglzilz Graders GN " 5 5 A 'gt 45- 21 ,R Q V ,Q in - . 55 4 I, -1 Q1 , of-xr , ,ig qw vw , ' f . 'E ' 5 I "fl I X ia A Ls- V . Q" -1, -0 K ., -f p.. X, X' f ,-Vff, V ,, , K fl W- ,f", : , 5. -fgvilf. .. : . ,, , 7 :2.ff"C.. - 5. f fr ,"Qf,f.2i- ' f z ' E535 x 1 1 I ir.. , H of . ..1 M ,1.-,. ,, . .. Ji.. s, , .. my A 7, , W..,,mr .- .. . 5... . ' ' ' K V 3 29 41 W V W, . . . .M if 1- -1 ,Y ,Q -,S f,y,W ,:,-,.::, --..f- ,LAL 11 .f- Sl' -5 7 f' Q ',, N, ,. ,, fe l' Eg ' , . -f L- ,57 KKK if -45.5 , K ,' ,I A Elie? lv V. - f. 9. we 4- 55' A ,A -oe , ,. Vw A 11 - .... -vw- "" 1 Q 5 Wfflfgiw- wwiWw 1 , lg .,.YKf'1gg 'vkfsfffa-:Q . E, Q Roy Aldridge Kenneth Amberson Judy Armentrout Louise Ashe Carolyn Atkins Darrell Baity Sandra Ballard Brenda Bean Geraldine Beshears Carolyn Blackwell David Boles Suzanne Bowles Nancy Bridges Barbara Byerly Betty Byerly Linda Callicutt Mary Lou Cnmbell Ann Canine Glenda Carpenter Murris Casper Marsha Clinard Donny Cooper Patsy Cox Teddy Craddock Janice Craven Laronda Craven Juanita Cribh Carol Cruuse I Q4-r 1' ,FI-ik' xr: ,nppnv mn., ,g.:,,5Efq:,. T , s ,he if :bw w QB . 4 ,Q Daniel Culhreth Myra Dailey Pat Davis Sandra Deal Diana Dickerson Lynn Dixon Shelly Eanes Brenda Fine Kay Freedle Donna Fucilc Mike Gardner Frances Guhhle s ,H vu., 'W 4 ,-A 'Z 05 vw. 5. U, 11 ' 2 M W M 1 f ' a . n , ,yeas 5 5 ' . rjq: 5 4 giwf'divfZ:i1g 5 u X , 7x.L.L A. D. at '.xZmM2-fb if. Ag .JM is ,Ara 'iv gr'f'P'5- '5 X-5, . 1 w 'T' 4 fl Q- ffs, is 'Sql L 'ge' ,Y A- V, 5 93 '27 wr-4, 5 .L X ...W W,.. 151: i- H f. I , J ggi' i - K , , ' S ff -W V J uv, V Rx ff sr iw fn W Willard G01-dun Susan Grant Susie Green Tamsie Green Duane Hall Jackie Harris Howard Hayes George Hedrick Edith Hiatt g Maves Hiatt 55 Robert Hicks 4 Jimmy Hin s Martha Hill Patricia Hill Roberta Hinkle Tim Hinkle an 395 1 i 3 'Em ff' 'Qi' l Brenda Hinson Linda Hollifield Andy Horton Larry Ingram L Ram Q1 Danny Jzxrnagin Helen Jarrett Laverne Jarrett Wade Jarvis Diane Jerman Brenda Johnson Brenda Faye Johnson Diane Jones Larry Jones David Jordan Angela Kennedy Ann Kennedy Sonya Kennedy Wayne King Judy Kirkman Tommy Koontz Webb Langford Sandra Lawing Billie Ledwell Terry Lee Zh c ffiglztlz Graders A 1 ng q. Q.. Q av -"Fw nl-..... J f ,vw va fa ,im F N 1: w f k ' e i: a a i , '54 , VLLL if 'W he ' .1 1 . 41 ' P l3efsw.siiQ2'1ai ag K- ,- E '+ ,S f . .lf 7-me f .M A ff :un 1 Xa' Q., 'QF' Q . ,-:. ,, . ..,i M I vb iii" 155:11 1 as a r 5 3 w if va 'iifaiir' E S e i -. Jw-. f X K E ai. i wwe, 7, E V, , as in L. , I ' if , rm' 4 9' 'f .. , fr .Q - fm ew- M fa ' ' ...- .f iifvigfwim f A rl . , ,-, F A . ' M' Q 'if ' .c , . 4 F -. wie- L i - fi f lin' ', i:'.f'-fu K r 12 ' - Q ,ff kg P L Y '-'. - y , ' , Qi Vit., ' V 1' i 'if Wk P fi M 2 , c fy? 5 it gf fh 3 K' x -. 'I ,hwy iii Q Q Q., ef 1 k 3 1 New , , , ' gi Q54-9 5 ' ' 3 T - , ag X, -U fp. -fa Q 'Arai gg 71:--we if Evan, finge-Sega s -we 2711: Sightlz Graders .ie ' V ,SSLL " " ' "dia ' W J J ? ii: 6 Q . 5 'A' 'R ,h,, arm 'A W i .- ' P Tgffe A' ik gg' 1 , Ronnie Lewis A P r V Jimmy Lime ...M Q .QA .,, - ix ,Q Lucy Maness . 1 A my 9 Ted Marlowe A iq '-Q Zag-9 , ,h- l Q ci ,A wmiig' ffjfggjg -111: swam -. J J Q Q ' X l , AA ' f A - -xii L W , . , .Vi l . ti f Q is . se . ,fe U 'f in lg www-Q. my . 3. M P H K -'-',- .. K , .M ,,k, ff , . F' 2 . H Q.: H -MWA ' 1' w,3G?"'C 1. A 1, . 35? 'YH 4 ff M Ja A 1, tv ,A 4 M ag., 1 "' gig, ....: 1 Q. 2 si E ,ff W' F" . , 9' , I 1 5 5, s ,qw , 5 is Vi., , as if 'L' i fee ,ww - 44 9? 954-1.1: aifififam' we v 'M Teddy Mills Phylis Modlin A Mike Moser Johnny Myers Martha Myers Shelby Jean Myers Pamela Newman Mary Jane Nichols Reba Parrish Charles Parks Jerry Peace Joyce Peek Lana Peek Martha Perdue Willie Mae Perkins Dotsy Perry Raymond Phillips Shelby Phillips Sandra Pierce Betty Poole Fred Potts Pat Rachael Phillip Rapp Garrett Rice Ellen Richardson Waldron Richardson Edith Ridge Marsha Rierson Marie Rockett Brooks Roughtun Dean Russell Myra Russell Frankie Sedberry Charles Shore Wayne Simmons Carol Sisk I e ,V ,uf . 5 R g "' X xr K ' 'Z in , K ,E 8? 4' af as 'I way RR . at X, lf' V ,L Q 2' f w :R - f U ,rpg Frm ' ,:11 . :' , i .R -R, "f ' .. sP"'5i'f-A E -sf fisg fsf ifwiisfsi R .Q w 1 yfifff' f T R - . M R LN .. M , .R . .K M " A' ' ii ' L -R1 is, ...W K. 2 X it 5 in RR W H -1 . fa Q, 4 3, E. L 3 A --we fffrx . 'L af. bm' --.. ,N RV "" fre her R ' jf.: .ws R . .,, V ..., X H ,R f 2 R - "' A iii A4 - is ig Qi R If 51.4 'ff' Fw --em.. y L fi? , R iRffffif?? 'f R R R 'RA R ' - f - ' R L i R ,.kk ,em .R b , fi lffegi-fifgiigiigikfiz iifi ffx - R , ,. -Q .V .,.pi,:'e5,,:,,F..:R wg -4,-, ff-f . .mia S S1 RRI: ' , " V JSEWTSQE QQ Boosting the Eighth Graders school spirit are Emily Jarrett, Shelly Eanes, Susie Bowles, Chief Cheerleader Patsy Cox, Carol Crouse, Judy Armentrout, and Pat Rachael. Kathy Smith Jimmy Snyder Suzanne Teague Otis Wagoner Y fi' i ff- 'K . :ff B K.-x ,I All . ,gf if M "f?'1s , 9. " . 5, W, ka SR S SM x Linda Smith Hubie Streetman Johnny Todd Sherry Watts 5 . H Vuunice Smith Linda Stroud Robert Trantham Donnie Welborn ,axe 'T' ww., w Alice Stallings Terry Sullivan Brenda Troxler John Lee Welb e S .-, ' 'f.. 'W 8 5 ,.... , wg, V ,,i,.L 2 Urn Elaine Stanley Mary Helen Swain Helen Trnelove Marshall VS'elborn -4 su is, Betty Steed Dalmer Taylor Patricia Tuvkvr Sandy VV0lls mg V ,, .mfiggfi '- A 'L 25 ' , K E SM , vsafgt f ' , My 17 'Vs ff- . lz' ' if V 1? QM , , ,, fi .. i,"'?' ' xx 2 l 1 X lf. El I if 3 ll we .Zi Hwy, 1 i 'Ui " i fe, t t 1, . F .M N if ae, V S35 C Z if I f I -get M. T L we its 'QW' H 'f -- I .M f' tigfglgi ' Tommy XVest Linda Yvilliams Preston Yates Jerry Westmoreland Betty Gnile Williams Vernon York It is a thrilling experience to be eighth graders and especially on the first day of school. Tamsie Green is all smiles as she receives her new book from Mrs. C. L. White. Zh: Sightlz Graders Judy Whitley Wayne Woods Ray Yow .5 5 K lip, rf 'W 'af 55 H .. ., . , MV? .v eils fx? .la y-.wi 'wif f we ff1m?2wfe',f 33f?T2 K infix" 141,-,, 3 1 '11 Q A it , L , A, A .f i 1.4 i pq-. 4' 5 . ,aff Q 2 fx -f -gg. s h , 'K -f as rf , I I ggi: . Q aw Sgr' ' 537, i ii X W if i . , 5 A If i , , , 6 ,T-Q 'fffwfi K'-A 222 if Q i , ,Q ' 9 livin! s , so if fl ii L ,542 W r X Delores Williams Ida Delores Williams Sue VVofford Joyce Wood Kay Yow 'UR by qgumnmfvau, Q M Q Q .3 v,.., , T P Q ' fr wm,:.1Seg2wfi f ll A 1: 6 La K .Q 4 1' 46 ff' wh: .. Q ,gp 17 I , I ' Most Likely To Succeed Richard Wilson Lorcne Poole Fricndliest Bobby Johnson Barbara Stallings 1 is 4434.5 no 4723, Fil?-f"!f.f'l"4 ,F all , fifyihw ,ri R S, y, ., . if ,R LY: if if ' My X M 'eff'Wii- vile 4' if of-Zi V Bos! Sports Carol Hampton Don Holmes eniar Best Looking Ruby Sluder Steve McDonald Most Courteous ' Wiuesg L0l'9n9 P0010 Bobby Johnson ' Bobby Little Rosemary Stoker Supcrlatives Most Intellectual Carol Clodfelter Richard Wilson It is indeed an honor to be chosen as one of the Senior Superlatives by your fellow class- mates. There is no doubt about it as we take a look' at the faces of the superlatives in, these pictures. ' Lorene and Richard already seem to have found success, a poodle and a large house . . . The grin on Carol's face shows she is truly a good sport as Don ties her to the light post . . . Barbara and Bobby turn to wave good-bye in their usual friendly manner . . .e0h, the house of mirrors proves interesting to the good-look- ing pair, Steve and Ruby . . . It is indeed very kind of Bobby tothelp Lorene across that mud puddle. He really does have manners . . . The hula-hoop being the fad now, Bobby and Rose- mary make a witty try at it . . . Looks like work ahead for Intellectuals Carol and Richard . . . Best Dancers f Most Dependable Darryl Leonard Tommy Harris Evelyn McMillan Sue Beck Smiar Most Bashful Best All-Round Pat Freeman Pat Harris Robert Warner Alex Gibbs M081 Popular Most Athletic Ruby Sllldel' Don Holmes Alex Gibbs Patsy Leonard Supcrlativcs Best Dressed Bobby Benner Denny Harris Dancing is no problem to Evelyn and Darryl. They just cut a rug . . . Pennies, nickels, dimes, all must be counted correctly by dependable Tommy and Sue L . . Playing hide and seek seems to interest bashfuls Pat and Robert . . . "Find'a wheel and it goes round, round, round", seems to be the familiar theme of well round- ers, Alex and Pat . . . Popular Ruby and Alex find it hard to keep track of dates these days. It seems they have to write them down . . . Well, look who missed his turn. Athletes, Don and Patsy, turn to the tame sport of jump rope for a brief change . . . "All dressed up but no- where to go" is certainly not the thought of Bobby and Denny as they leave church on Sun- day morning. ' I Ruby Sluder Miss Zhomasvillc High """M ,1, Mm' Royals ,aw S 'N 4-M 'Www Q U - 435 3 7 Nell Hoyle Evelyn Long First Runner-Up I-lamcwming Kaur! Shelly Eanes Sharon Finch Eighth Grade Princess QW-'W' i?""'n. 'tx fm. 1 86 f4' G Z x S Pat Harris I-lamccaming Queen YY QU'-ws. 'Ka . a 'lien wt The marshals are, first row: Carol Clodfelter, Sandra Second row: Julia Richardson, Sue Beck, Lorene Poole. yfifigi-' 4 4 4 .fax aff?" X , 'y ' sw X 5.1 Q K E , 'M . ,-,. ,L ,W as-:,' -as .,.- .,-5, +16 uf ff ' Qi' ig-Q if .. ' W 5 5, ,, ,yiwiivi if L.A., g 21 . . .N X V-Q. 1.. .a Q Q R ""' rr-.ZEKGEJ 11:2 . c S ' 5' , be 1n the top elght of h1S class. f f me Q. f. .,.., V .far lf - .L.,.-,., ,, . -1 ma, . . we , Q iw? ., H' ' ?'Z1.' wi W: fr Brewer, Martha Rose Lambeth, Pat Harris. Marshals To become a marshal one must It is indeed an honor to serve the school in this manner. Richard Wilson-Chief Marshal sw va Like Boys' Staters, the delegates to Girls State are chosen on scholarship, character, leadership, and service. This year's representatives, Sue Beck and Martha Lambeth advise underclassmen to strive to earn the privilege of attend- ing Girls' State. It is a-never-to-bc-for- gotten experience. The delegates to Boys' State are chosen on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership, and service. The representatives this year were Bobby Little, Tommy Harris, and Eugene Patton. All of the boys had a wonderful time and brought back much to the school. NATIONAL wi' S9229 5 -MD 2' a s .SL National I-lorwr Svciety Membership in the National Honor Society is the dream and am bition of every student at Thomasville High School. The four qualifi cations: scholarship, character, leadership, and service, are ever pres ent in the minds of the Honor Society members as well as its "hope u s M I' f 1 Members of the National Honor Society are, first row: Sue Beck, Martha Rose Lambeth, Pat Harris Second row: Lorene Poole, Kathryn Allmond, Richard Wilson. Third row: Miss Betty Welch Qadvisorj Bobby Little. .. ,r 2wawg Quill ,And Sara!! 55:1 55 This honorary journalistic organization is made up of outstanding " members of the Facts and Fun Staff and Growler Staff. This year it, gf! in co-operation with the Fine Arts Club, sponsored a creative writing If contest throughout the school. Members of the Quill and Scroll are, First Row: Miss Laura Neece fadvisorl, Barbara Stallings, Sue Beck. Second Row: Richard Wilson, Alex Gibbs, Beverly Carroll. Third Row: Denny Harris, Susan Pen- nington. Thomasville High School's entry in the MISS QUEEN PIEDMONT vontost was Ruby Sluder. She did 21 drzmiatic reading' as her talent, and she represented T. H. S. well. Carol Vanlandingham is very happy, for she was junior hostess to MISS AMERICA during her stay in Thomasville for the Pied- mont contest. SQL I Martha Rose Lambeth beams with sheer delight for she was chosen to represent Thomasville High School as the D.A.R. Good Citizen. She is indeed a good citizen and very worthy of the honor bestowed upon her. She rep- resents T. H. S. well. Marshals, Carol Clodfelter and Julia Richardson are performing one of their many duties, giving LL 'Hg WW ' " "" QU ? ' " lx V . WW ,Q ff -f' Q 1' X 5 , . ,,,.n- -, K as - .wgj ,EW W ,M ,ki Q., 4 g?.l1-jwsgfw fn fefpw 95 Our Grawlcr I 95 9 All of the little Growler pups are rushing to get home before the deadline storm rages upon them. There were pictures to be made . "Hey George!" "Say peaches." There were pictures to be iden- tified . . . "Can anyone tell me who this is ?" "I had that picture just a minute ago." There were ads to be sold . . . "Hello Mr. Smith, I'm from the Growler Staff . . . There were articles to be writ- ten, copy to be corrected . . . "Does anyone know how to spell this girl's name?" "Is it boy's or boys'?" The storms came and the thunder crashed but somehow we seemed to make it over the finish line with only minor injuries to give you- the 1959 Growler. Getting in before the storm comes up are Lee Pollock, Paul Finch, Lorene Poole, Ruby Sluder, Patty Murphy, Eve- lyn Procter, Beverly Carroll, Judy Little, Jerry Fouts, and Richard Wilson. Already in the dog house are Miss Laura Neece, advisor, Susan Pennington, Editor, and Denny Harris, Business Manager. Q ' ' 4 MV! ,AN fb XX P xx i f x ,f 0 fb Y f-. -., ,,, , . A I W AA T- F Y .Z Z3 X a t iff M if ,J X 7 X 63? ZZ? H - KX Y L BSN " gpm iQ 913 44. 4 -, " W X x - g Qi LM A Caukv hide, QM ' img pwfifi 'K ' 'vlixlg I ww as sem .94- M msd. Cm-A-5 wx-4 XB vu. fb. mf. ww 'im M, uv BJ M vw' N - my A , - W, Qvgwggvzg 1 urs a-1 s Gu ee -X. 1 c . Saw QW new'-+ L , wr mmm .x.,v, Wu wa uv- W W-M 'Y-1f"wfNwQ 0' .A -wwf .Mm mx mmm ,, xxx! as M Aww. .MA W, WN M wx M vm. vxe an AM mx. uw amvxfg vm gm- k Y' "?X""4 .fm ag v-,fm ,mm :bm swamrgm gwwavxi 6 'WL wmapfsqxumfwm mkhrmfvv 'W' K+' 'ft Miva y K mv, W mm- ww' xwmx, 1 K B L . UM www nw. we pwxw x my uv. ,-2393-mv 'wh yxvwm, xw we xx 41 wa View Wm Q my nm wt ww M ' S ,Ml sw warn .W was my ww we Qxwv xc- swfxw f-,M rm e K- am 2 wmv! ul mm .1 was u wmv 5551 Cwv 1-rf M Maw xmmgo- mm ws Q 1 .hm Quin-mm ,F ,e us wav gm. .A ., ew ,uma vw Q s . wk sw ww, ev ,, ,, we -was ,M was vw ww new NN., .X ,eo 4 .ww mm.- qw vm. um e nw x X A fs ,ww me' ,M X x xg Qs. M ax W, www A hmm M rm t fum. ,, vmxm J A v wma - W, wr an ,mAm-xg 1-B6 www e v, W vm wxww Q wma- A :W rx Q ' m mx uwvwh V hx., X, my-W. New w.,w.m,,w on Nara in vw ax mmf W in ocdu 9x Q an A . M X15 .pea 14- wa, x Mx x wenwkwwk . .vm wmfwd we wlwa cafe V0 M ww -asf W "3 ,w vim uadmx X www-swf:-xx ma-sw V ,Q , Wm WSW mf me Xmaaw ,fvmfl we Q, we .1 www , n new Gia. Nu Emu am! Candi. X sw,-Umfwo. xw , ,Kr wi am msn- -Q V1.9 vim ww xp , dx an -Wim: 149 -'K u may :SWL ma x hm-n mb ww M- N was Aw, ,,,-va ,Q 55,9 wziatd. fm YM f mievvmaxw My W . N Wa, nm mme-1 :qt mn-f w, ,qwi vmg X:-www. wer -s. vm wr vefvwbkiv KM 'nm ww mf K NM um xsmm W WA M gm' -w-1 4 M P0 'I , , ' sue B eck cor Bar b B 3. usiflra Sta . 655 Ma Ihr-,gs nager Litt le and doe . reg S th is our xnsibilii avefage nd n , Y ' . stu their Facts It IS tostudent th dents profits and Fu Put Outrealize t e' y r. Q al- n, h If W01- eddln e 131' The a pape e Wor k' g and ge Whe Staff r as f k ' y0u1 beam, n the WOI'k lne I Da Ing y S S h per, with Tji.i7iOu, 1 e Over kos me Ytesmx ' x - 1,2 X 11 F 1 i 1913,-if vow 'W Student Eauucil 2nE'1R2f8'f Officers of the student council for this year are President Doug Freedle, Vice President Donnie Jones, Secretary Lorene Poole, and Treasurer Rock Teague. ' Student Council advisor is H. C. Hudgins. Ex-Officio officers are, seated: Sue Beck, Barbara Stallings, Kathryn Allmond. Standing: Bobby Jordan, Denny Harris, Susan Pennington, Larry Leonard, Ronnie Craver, and Richard Wilson. Co-Chairmen of the Sanitation Committee are, Checking the files are Doug Cloniger, Points seated: Sammy Recldick. Standing: Jerry Fouts. Chairman, Patty Murphy and Chip Harrison, At Serving on the Health Room Committee are, seat- tendance Co-Chairmen. ed: Sandra Brewer and Brenda Crews. Standing: Pete McDonald. Looking' over new material for schools are Martha Rose Lambeth, Richard Wilson, Audi- torium Co-Chairmen, and Norma Stewart, Office Chairman. Music Chairman Mary Lib Wilson and Devotions Chairman Susan Leach work hand in hand. f1ubwmm Lost and Found Co-Chairmen Betty Williams and Sam Harris, show their hall permits to Alex Gibbs and Lee Pollock, Indoor Traffic Co-Chairmen. Working in the popcorn room are Joe Little, Mike Rachel and David Kennerly who are now buying useful articles from Student Store workers John Holton, Max Lambeth, and Jim Pennington. Public Relations Co-Chairmen Lucy Finch and Bobby Little find it necessary to work closely with Publicity Chairman Gennie Wright. m 1 5 Keeping T. H. S. beautiful is the job of Grounds Chairman Julia Richardson and School Beautiful Chairman Susan Creech. Clubs Co-Chairmen Beverly Carroll and Patsy Green and Recreation Chairman Betty Leonard look in the cabinet for material needed in their work. ,ua af.f: :W ' , 1 V 'non 1 ... w , lj.I'.'1" fffw' 7 ,-'af'-wr.f' ,WE , , ,Q i yi., 3 , 4 Lf .1 -srisszgfg "iw 'ima +1-f asa" .vi 5 J .A h 1 1-ivy! my 1 L , ' ig! fi.-lf: 3- 'lif- , x A ,gifs L- g,f,,,,,7 A , :-,Mk QQ! A Q-I NWE M 4'6- Boys who give a lot of their time and service to the school are members of the outside patrol. They are, first row: Jerry Westmoreland, Donnie Welborn, Michel Gardner, David Sullivan, Bruce Barton, Johnny Gardner. Second row: Tommy Boles, James Scroggs, Robin Russell, David Franks, Jack,Allan, Neal Fayne. Third row: Kelly Eanes, Jim Pennington, Bill Wilson, Roger Gregory. Palm! Hays Leading the P37101 boys in their VBFIOUS duties Seeing that their duties are carried out is the is Bill Wilson, Captain of the patrol boys. job gf advisor Edward B, Jgngg, M133 Experimenting with the new hi-fi are Senior Dra Comprising the cast of the Senior Play is one of the largest undertakings of the Senior Dramatics Class. The art of public speaking and the rules of parliamentary law are taken up and efforts are directed to improve the use of both. Members of the class aided by the band are active in football half-time shows. The main pur- pose of the class is self-improvement. matics Class officers. They are, standing: Aurelia Shoffner, secretary, Linda Carter, treasurer, Loretta Kinney, vice president. Seated: President, Bobby Little. Delivering a speech is Bobby Johnson. Seated are, first row: Linda Carter, Linda Brinkley, Frances Beck, Norma Stewart, Carole Wilde1', Aurelia Shoffner. Second row: Steve McDonald, Ruby Sluder, Evelyn Mc- Millan, Loretta Kinney, Kathryn Allmond, Pat Harris, Lorene Poole, Bobby Little, Brenda Wood, Peggy Truelove, Jo Rita Spell. Hours of tedious work and practicing goes into the preparation of the Junior Dramatics play. Before the presentation the Junior playmakers spend much time learning make up technique, lighting, pub- lic speaking, and how to arrange attractive stage settings. All of this hard work and planning is what makes the Junior play live in the memories of each member of the group as well as the whole student body. J , , Officers for this year are, Kneeling: Larry Leo- nard and Myra Smith, co-program chairmen. Stand- ing: Ann Harris, secretary, Chip Harrison, president, Donald Jones, vice-president, Jean Smith, treasurer. Members of the club are, First Row: Beverley Carroll, Ann Harris, Renie Hill, Pat Truelove, Martha VVest1noreland, Jo Ann Harrison, Susan Gallimore. Second Row: Bonnie Stillwell, Genie Wright, Connie Wood, Carolyn Royals, Carolyn Henson, Judy Gillespie, Glenda Freedle. Third Row: Susan Creech, Evelyn Long, Jean Smith, Myra Smith, Brenda Warner, Margaret Waddell, Lydia Tysinger. Fourth Row: Becky Swaim, Vicki Hiatt, Ronnie Sink, Donald Jones, John Herring, Larry Leonard, Doug Cloniger. Fifth Row: Stanley Loftin, Chip Harrison, Clayton Smith, Waymon Free, Edward Harrelson, Freddie Wood, Edward Boles. Sixth Row: Mr. Collette Qadvisorb, Jimmy Hightower, Kenneth Pritchett. Sophomore play makers are, first row: Martha Ann Myers, Becky Hill, Linda Jones, Mandy Russell, Charles Anna Parrish, Betty Hollifield. Second row: Barbara Hawks, Barbara Easter, Maxine Aldred, Bar- bara Callahan, Bennie Canipe, Geraldine Canady. Third row: Don Ferguson, Terry Yates, Ronnie Craver, Kin- ney Craver, Wayne Ferguson, Melvin Lohr. Fourth row: Lutricia Jones, Gail Leonard, Bobby Rierson, Linda Hill, Dawn Cagle, Marie Horne. Fifth row: Evelyn Pr Jctor, Marie Hayes, Judy Jarrett, Sue Carol Hill, Judy Greene. Sixth row: Kirk Hinshaw, Miss Elizabeth Brawley, advisor, Jim Pennington. Officers of the Sophomore Dramatics club are: President Judy Greene, Vice President Ronnie Craver, Secretary Sue Carol Hill, Treasurer Kinny Craver, S D ' Sergeant-at-Arms Terry Yates, Chaplain Judy Jar- rett. Busy as little beavers are the Sophomore Dramatics picking out the main characters for their annual play which is presented to the student body. Presenting the pres- entation, however, the club spends many meetings learning the fundamentals of good performing. -"'9-n-1 lO6 :AVA Doers of the word are, first row: Myra Smith, Ruby Sluder, Barbara Stallings, Jean Smith. Second Row: Patty Murphy, Joy Maley, Annable Hanes, Dottie Bowles, Judy Burt, Elaine Tysinger, Virginia Pennington, Beverley Carroll. Third Row: Kathryn Allmond, Pat Freeman, Lorene Poole, Betty Smith, Betty Leonard, Linda Brinkley, Gale Maley, Bonnie Burrow, Becky Swaim. Fifth Row: Miss Mangrum iadvisorb, Janis Medlin, Julia Richardson, Sammy Reddick, Carol Hampton, Dianne Brinkley. 1571116 Klub The chief project of the Bible Club is the continuation of the support of Hisaka Oda, a Japanese orphan. Support is provided through Work Days and contributions of members. Sponsoring Christian Emphasis Week was a refreshing experience for the student body. Through the efforts of the Bible Club Thomasville High has become more conscious of a prevalent Christian atmosphere. Officers of the Bible Club are, kneeling: Ruby Sluder, vice president, Lorene Poole, president, Julia Richardson, secretary. Standing: Barbara Stallings, chaplain, Kathryn Allmond, reporter, Linda Brinkley, treasurer. "Have you had your soup today, once a day, twice a day have some Campbel1's soup." True to the advice of the commer- cial, this Christian club brightened the Christmas of an old lady by collecting cans of soup to be delivered to her. During the course of the year, the Senior Tri-Hi-Y conducts many service projects as well as sponsoring the Valentine Dance where Mr. and Miss Sweetheart are crowned. Leading the Senior Tri-Hi-Y this year are, President Ruby Sluder, Vice President Martha Rose Lambeth, Secretary Betty Williams, Trea- surer Carol Hampton, Sergeant-at-arms Frances Beck, Chaplain Patty Murphy. Scalar Uri- Hi- y Striving to keep high Christian ideals are, first row: Advisor Mrs. E. C. Burrus, Barbara Stallings, Eva Rerguson, Aurelia Shoffner, Ann Steed, Martha Lambeth, Carol Clodfelter, Susan Creech, Ruby Sluder. Second row: Betty Williams, Betty Leonard, Barbara Lomax, Barbara Johnson, Carol Gallimore, Martha West- moreland, Connie Wood. Third Row: Patsy Green, Pat Freeman, Frances Beck, Pat Coe, Betty Smith, Gennie Wright, Brenda Wood. Fourth row: Judy Little, Janis Medlin, Lorene Poole. Patsy Leonard, Betty Peace, Evelyn McMillan. Fifth row: Sammy Reddick, Kathryn Allmond, Carol Hampton, Becky Swain, Vickie Hiatt. Sixth row: Susan Pennington, Patty Murphy, Denny Harris. , J- A ' . Members of the Junior Tri-Hi-Y are, seated: Detra Carter, Becky Jo Harris, Ferrell Ann Welborn, Carol Van Landingham, Shirley Cox, Sarah Harrison, Doris Holton, Patricia Murphy, Miss Welch fadvisorl. Standing: Kay Yow, Jean Ferris, Judy Luther, Kay Bryant, Geraldine Kennedy, Barbara Harrison, Sandra Patterson, Joy Chapman, Pricilla Rutherford, Trena Yates. Second row: Brenda Cranford. Gail Maley, Judy Burt, Bonnie Snyder, Mary Ellen Burton, Pam Kanoy, Patsy Peace, Betty Jean Terry, Janice Eargle, Judeen Talbert, Brenda Strickland, Judy Godfrey. Third row: Pam Bingham, Helen Bell, Ramonia Lomax, Betty Jean Clodfelter, Trudy Fitzgerald, Patricia Harris, Carolyn Leonard, Delores Matthews, Willie Mae Dagenhart, Annette Rich, Barbara Staton, Lenora Cecil, Jean Norton. - . , junior Uri- Hi- 11 This club composed of Freshmen and Sophomores renders many helpful serv- ices to the community through the deliver- ing of baskets to needy families. They also assist the Senior Tri-Hi-Y in sponsoring the Valentine's Dance, an annual Tri-Hi-Y project. Being an affiliate of the Y.M.C.A., Christian ideals and high standards, as well as church membership, are necessary for being a club member. Officers of the Junior Tri-Hi-Y club are: Presi- dent Ferol Ann Welborn, Treasurer Becky Jo Harris, Sergeant-at-Arms Carol Van Landing- ham, Chaplain Sarah Harrison, Secretary Doris Holton, Vice President Shirley Cox. Boarding the Hi-Y train for Wilmington were Doug Freedle, Glover Coggins, Alex Gibbs, and Mr. Darr Shealy who were rep- , Qf resenting the Thomasville Hi-Y at the state Hi-Y convention. The boys learned many new things which they brought back to the "locals". Aside from this activity the club, which is a Christian Organization, works on various service projects through the year. In the spring the boys sponsor a Spring Ball which is highlighted With the crown- ing of Mr. and Miss Citizen. Discussing plans for one of their major projects ' ' are the Senior Hi-Y officers. Kneeling: President, V Glover Coggins. Seated: Sam Harris, chaplain, Alex Gibbs, program chairman, Rock Teague, secretary, Larry Leonard, vice president. Missing is treasurer, Tommy Harris. Members of the Senior Hi-Y Club are, kneeling: John Shuler, John Holton, Dallas Carper, Gary Kanoy, Alex Gibbs. Sam Harris, Joe Rogan, Jerry Myers, Kelly Eanes. Standing: Bobby Little, Tommy Holladay, Pete McDonald, Larrv Russell, Harris Badget, Glenn Finch, Bobby BCUHGP. Gary Bl'Ut0Il, Ellis Davis, Doug Cloniger, Rock Teague, Glover Coggins, David Fisher, Larry Leonard, Bill Smith, Darr Shealy, Gregg Provost. The little brother club to the Senior Hi-Y is composed of ninth and tenth grade boys who are interested in helping other people. The Thanksgiving holidays provided an ex- cellent opportunity for these boys to prac- tice their "good neighbor" policy. By the looks of the Junior Hi-Y's activity, their "big brothers" have set a good example. ' v Officers of the Junior Hi-Y are: Secretary Jeff V Hackman, Treasurer, Richard Lloydg President Larry VVarnerg David Sullivan, Sergeant-at aims Tommy Harris, Vice President. Following the example of their brother club, these Junior Hi-Y boys arc, First row: Mr. Jones, advisorg Ray Lucas, Mike Coggins. Bud Eanes, Terry Bray. Donnie Whitaker. David Sullivan, Steve Sink. Second row: Arnold Smith. Bobby Hoffman. Larry Overcash, Mike VVithers, Eddie Grimes, Corie McRae, Ronnie Darr, Paul Myers. Third row: Michael Hill. Charles Sechrist, Ben Rapp, Richard Lloyd, Jack Allen, Leo Hampton, Tommy-Harris, Clayton Loftin, Tony'Smith. Fourth row: Bobby Jordon, Mike Rachael, Jerry O'Kclley, Kirby Primm, Larry VVarner, Ronnie Russell, Jeff Hackman, Steve Jarrett, Steve Eller, Butch VVolfe. ', - LG: ,Wx-W" 'AM ,...- new-lx A-I" NWI ,wr wk..--""""' Leading the Future Teachers Club are: Sue Beck, Vice President, Annabelle Hanes, Secretary, Dare Sechrest, President, Christina Young, Librarian. Missing: Dianne Beck, Treasurer. With the assistance of their advisor, Mrs. Harold Modlin, members of the Future Teachers Club get a glimpse of the life of a teacher. The members are, first row: Peggy Lovell, Sue Beck, Frances Aber- nathy. Second row: Jane Wilson, Patsy Callicutt, Dare Sechest, Linda Brinkley, Annabelle Hanes. Third row: Pat Russell, Melinda Rogers, Blanche Wilson Brenda Cranford, Viginia Yarbrough, Elaine Crotts. Fourth row: Emily Werner, Judy Beck, Di- anne Beck, Christine Young, Brenda Alford, Alice Barbee. Fifth row: Rita Rickard, Priscilla Smith, Betty Whichard, Martha Moriarty, Dianne Brinkley, Peggy Murray. Sixth row: Sharron Finch, Dottie Boles, Joyce Barnes, Sanda Brewer, Brenda Taylor, Mrs. Modlin fadvisorl, Nancy Ferrell, Judy Foust. Typing, correcting papers, and in general being a tremendous help to the teachers are the main duties of the Future Teachers. Sfufure Crushers Klub W-fm. Learning to become a good homemaker are the members of the Future Homemakers Club, first row: Carolyn Stevens, Frances Abernathy, Judy Beck. Second row: Nancy Byrd, Peggy Murray, Kaye Bryant, Peggy Lovell, Brenda Cranford. Third row: Joyce Barnes, Linda Foley, Judy Godfrey, Johnnie Koon, Brenda Wood, Rose Anne Spencer, Martha Mariarty. Fourth row: Miss Elouise Buie fadvisorj. Fifth row: Patricia Batten, Dianne Brinkley, Patsy Peace, Jo Anne Sparks, Romona Lomax, Barbara Phillips, Evelyn Kimry, Barbara Auford, Marie Bar- rie. Sixth row: Joyce Everheart, Gail Maley, Nancy Ferrell, Barbara Crow, Jean Henley, Jean Norton, Sara Wright, Judy Klass. Seventh row: Linda Brink- ley, Anita Rich, Shirley Combs, Betty Whichard, Mar- lene Warren, Frances Beck, Pat Wood, Pat Harris, Blanche Wilson, Peggy Jeffress. "Toward new horizons" is the motto of the Future Homemakers. These girls study the art of homemaking and how to become better community members and good neigh- bors. Gaining knowledge takes on new mean- ing as these homemakers realize that when you educate a woman, you educate a family. 9ulure Homcmakers gfllb Officers of the Future Homemakers Club are, First row: Joyce Barnes, Secretary, Linda Brinkley, President, Marlene Warren, Vice President. Second row: Annette Rich, Historian, Frances Beck, Trea- surer, Dianne Brinkley, Song leader, Frances Aber- nathy, Parliamentariang Betty Whichard, Reporter. sour- """" if Completing an important paper are the officers of the Thursday's Commer- cial Club. They are: Treasurer, Barbara Lomaxg Secretary, Sue Beckg President, Lynda Hill, Vice President, Patsy Green. Kummercial Klub The secretarial world should prepare for a harvest of fine secretaries because there are many being trained in the Commercial Club. These girls are being taught the funda- mentals of becoming good secretaries and stenographers. Learning office etiquette is another important phase of their training. Improving their typing are members of the Commercial Club. They are, First row: Mrs. Frances Murphy fadvisorh. S ' d " " ' ' ' ' ' econ row . Sammy Reddick, Elaine Ciotts. Third row: Aurelia Shoffner, Carolyn Rich, Barbara Lomax, Lynda Hill. Fourth row: Patsy Green, Eva Ferguson, Jean Legans, Sue Beck. -. f s... -..,,,.,r.m f' 1, Members of the Commercial club are genuinely interested in becoming future business leaders of America. They are, standing: Mrs. Kathleen Smith, advisor. First row: Delores Batten, Betty McAdams, Hazel Will- iams, Alberta Stanley. Second row: Pat Truelove, Jewel Eddinger, Nancy Rodgers, Carol VVilder. Third row: Jo Ann Harrison, Susan Gallimore, Ruth Ann Snyder, Brenda Warner. Fourth row: Peggy Truelove, Joy Maley, Lydia Tysinger. Fifth row: Margaret Waddell. It is important to get a job, but even more important is to keep it. The proper Way to apply for a job and helpful hints on how to hold one are the main topics for programs in this club. Most of the members have had or are taking shorthand and typing and are preparing for jobs in the field of secretarial work. Hammcrcial 61116 Officers of the Commercial club are: Secretary Pat Mcflarn, President Pegxry Truelove, Treasurer Delores Batten, Vice President Margaret Waddell. KX 4 Helping in the library is the chief duty of these girls, members of the Library Assistants club. Members of this club are, first row: Dorothy Boles, Rita Rickard, Dare Sechrest, Bonnie Orman, Brenda Wood, Au- relia Shoffner, Carole Galliniore. Patty Murphy. Eva Ferguson, Martha Lambeth, Judy Foust, Peggy Murray. Second row: Betty Smith, Annabelle Hanes, Barbara Phillips, Bonnie Stillwell, Barbara Johnson, Bonnie Bur- row, Susan Creech, Virginia Pennington, Beverly Carroll, Jo Rita Spell, Ruth Ann Snyder, Dianne Beck, Judy Greene, Shelva Taylor, Kathryn Allmond. Third row: Priscilla Smith, Judy Little, Vickie Hiatt, Lorene Poole, Julia Richardson, Vara Henson. Ann Harris, Betty McAdams, Blanche Wilson, Barbara Russell, Gwen Wilson, Miss Johnson, advisor, Karen Whitly. Seeking information from the Card Catalogue are the officers of the Library Assistants club. They are: Reporter, Brenda Wood, First Vice-President, Kathryn Allmondg Secretary, Patty Murphy, Chap- lain, Diane Bcckg Second Vice-President, Dare Scch- restg Treasurer, Carole Gallimore. Missing when the picture was made was Evelyn Long, President. iii 1-fi library ,Assistants One new project of this club this year was the giving of Christmas gifts to the County Home, but their major services are rendered in the library. They assist the librarian and encourage students through bulletin boards and chapel programs to explore the facilities of the high school library. Julia Richardson, past president of the club, is currently serv- ing as secretary of NCHSLA, the state library association. "Ni Binding the world closer together through ! understanding is a major aim of everyone, g but this T. H. S. club does its share to pro- fmote world understanding. Through pro- grams, discussions and research they find out how the other half of the world lives, their interests, and their habits. "Knowledge is power" and for knowledge is our road to better Wgrld relations. Heading the International Relations Club are: Judy Jarrett, Chaplain, Judy Greene, Treasurer, Becky Jo Harris, Secretary, Diane Beck, President, , , Ronnie Craven, Vice Presidentg Sam Harris, Trea- surer, Ruth Snyder, Chaplain, Sandra Brewer, Presi- dent, Kathryn Allmond, Vice President, Betty Will- iams, Secretary. Members of the club are, First row: Shirley Cox, Sue Carol Hill, Becky Hill, Pam Bingham, Martha Myers Joy Chapman, Judy Burt, Dotty Bowles, Jennette Lucus, Judy Manns, Ronnie Darr, David Batten. Second, rcw: Mr. Ward, Sandra Patterson, Patsy Callicutt, Alice Barbee, Karen Sullivan, Barbara Harrison, Ruth Ann Snider, Pat Coe. Brenda Crews, Carol Barnes, Nancy Rogers, Carol Clodfelter, Wayne Ferguson, Gary Jarrett. Third row: Marie Hayes, Judy Jarrett, Linda Jones, Mandy Russell, Judy Payne, Dare Secrest, Linda Carter, Carol Gallimore, Joyce Yates, Betty Williams, Barbara Russell, Jack Allen, Butch Hussey, Mack Beck. Fourth row: Brenda Cranford, Betty Jean Clodfelter, Barbara Callahan, Maxine Aldred, Jewell Eddinger, Annabelle Hanes, Alberta Stanly, David Franks, Sam Harris, Jack Freemon, Kenneth Hudson. Fifth row: Norwood Howard, Larry Conrad, Judy Green, Diane Beck, Kathryn Allmond, Janis Medlin, Pat Freeman, Joy Maley, Bobby Johnson, John Holton, Barbara Hawks, Barbara Easter. Sixth row: Becky Jo Harris, Delores Matthews, Pam Kanoy, Charles Anna Parrish, Larry Hodges, Sandra Brewer, Betty McAdams, Charles Ty- sin,e'er, Ronnie Craven, Jimmy Sink, Pricilla Smith, Mr Jones. Seventh row: Kenny Craven, Dan Shaw, Jim- my Lambeth, Jim Pennington, Jimmy Jarrett, Randel Blair. :KWA 9. . -F .-,- as H..-5 , 'K ' Members of the Photography Club are, First row: Johnny Tripelette, Mike Hege, Mike Tysinger, Gordon McAdams, David Sullivan, Victor Murphy. Second row: Raynelle Workman, Bel Harris, Virginia Yarborough, Betty Leonard, John Pharris, Ernest Honeycutt. Third row: James King, Harris Badgett, Sharon Finch, Darryl Leonard, Linda Kaye Bryant. Kirk Hinshaw, Don Ferguson, F. C. Phillips. Fourth row: David Harris, Joe Regan, Detra Carter, Mary Ellen Burton, Richard Raper, Jerry Myers, Jerry Ledwell. Fifth row: Kirby Primm, Brenda VVood, Sally Kennedy, Mike Peacock, Butch Lanier, Jimmy Stone, John Shuler. Sixth row: Evelyn McMillan, Barbara Johnson, Ronnie Palmer, Richard Swaim, Larry Garrett, Johnny Williamson, Earl Tysinger, Bryant Ragan, Keith Lucas. Seventh row: Doyle Russell, Alan Parker, Paul Smith. Eighth row: Ronald Smith, Gregg Prevost, John Steed, Tommy Holladay. Learning the techniques of becoming a good pho- tographer are the officers of the Photography Club. They are: Richard Raper, Vice President, Tommy lr Holladay, President, Betty Leonard, Secretary, Joe g 6 Regan, Treasurer. 0 0 ll "Hold it, I think you're going to like this picture." That's one lesson members of the photography club try to remember--how to take a good photograph. Having the advan- tage of a dark room in which to develop and enlarge photos, students are able to learn much about the photographic and develop- ing process. asf... P -Mfr ' 'i ...., .., Ang, A Q wi, as 'Za refs iff Lfmgtk ' gg W' 'ik f ,...Nx,. Af' , Q-gf' 'fe .fa .. ,AQ V Tl Y . ,ntl ff' ' ' 'il .Q .Jw . i -Q., QF rf! Genuinely interested in the art of photography are members of the Photography club. These members are, first row: Tony Lambeth, Norwood Howard. Mr. Lee Miller, advisor, Johnny Saunders, Mike Tysinger, Kemp Ferguson, Frankie Westmoreland, Carolyn Henson, Joyce Yates, Carolyn Royal, Ann Harris, Carolyn Rich, Marlene Warren, Pam Wagner. Second row: Gary Westmoreland, Joe Little, Donnie Beck, Stanley Loftin, Mike Hege, Livy Easley, Karen Sullivan, Judy Payne, Brenda Westmoreland, Keith Lucas, Ervin Lassiter, Bill Wilson. Third row: Kirby Kanoy, Ronald Smith, Herman Honeycutt, Larry Garrett, Richard Wilson, Randle Blair, John Pharis, Ronald Beck, John Binkley, Earl Tysinger. Climbing the monkey bars-what a crazy pastime! Indulging in this activity are the Photography club officers. They are: Treasurer Carolyn Royal, Vice President Stanley Loftin, President Tony Lambeth, Secretary Carolyn Henson. There is more to photography than simply snapping the shutter on a camera. Working with the other aspects of photography are members of the Photography club. Learning about various chemicals and proper timing are some of the techniques discussed during the meeting. Judging from the photo, T. H. S. has a bumper crop of "shutterbugs." his lx 'Uw- Interested in many various hobbies are members of the Hobby club who are, First row: Paul Woodard, Jack Stone, Eddie Britt, Bill Myers, Jimmy Stone, Phillip Hemphill. Raymond Johnson. Second row: Ches- ter Myers, Richard Swaim, Jessie Walser, Cecil Frye, Jimmy Jarrett. Third row: Sonny Medlin, Mac Lambeth, Charles Bobo, Austin Clodfelter. Charles Cranford, Jimmy Sink. Fourth row: Joe Peace, Doug Hedrick, Ken- neth Hudson, Wayne Ferguson. Fifth row: Sherrill Free, Ernest Honeycutt, Jimmy Bovender, Robert Moss, Charles Dunning. Toddy Arnold, Darrell Hall. Sixth row: Roger Clodfelter, Bobby Gibson, Billy Ammonds, Mike Lambeth, Tommy Truelove, Mr. Eargle, advisor. From their high perch atop the bicycle shed are the Hobby club officers. They are: Vice President Chester Myers, Treasurer Sonny Medlin, President Jimmy Jarrett, Secretary Bill Myers. M' This club could Well claim the best variety gages in. Their program topics center around individual hobbies. Members are encouraged to develop their interests until they acquire useful and constructive hobbies. flabby efllb of members by the type of hobby each en- Hays ' Qirsi Aid and Safety P s I is ef " . .rg QE The boys in this club learn not only the Qld? s, . if J fundamentals of First Aid, but they are in- 1 sss l, J . . r . W7 94"- terested, also, in rules and regulations of gtiiggigf 1 J highway, home, and school safety. The things EW QQF? i that they are learning now will be of great ra lis 49 help in times of emergencies in the future. Learning the art of bandaging are the officers of the Boys' First Aid and Safetv Club. Treasurer Gary Kanoy, President Stanley Elliott, and Secre- tary Jerry Grubb. Members of the club are, First row: Nick Martinez, Tony Smith, Donny Whitaker, Charles McDowell, Steve Sink, Nathaniel Walker, Phil Johnson, Charles Pennington. Second row: Joe Harrison, James Stallings, Terry Parrish, Jimmy Holmes, Eddie Grimes, Ronnie Callicutt, Charles Secrest. Third row: Darrell Hall, Bruce Stroud, Jerry Grubb, Gary Kanoy. Stanlev Elliott, Alex Gibbs, Bobby Little. Lee Pollock. Fourth row: Dal- las Carper, Bobby Freedle, Butch Wolfe, Ellis Davis, Bennie Hegler, Larry Warner, Bobby Williams, Neil Fayne, Jerry Coker. Fifth row: Tommy Harris, Cecil Frye. David Piercy, Glenn Finch, Arnold Smith, Raymond Johnson, Glover Coggins. Sixth row: Jeff Hackman, Gary Westmoreland, Bill Bylerly, Norman Punch Cadvisorl. 33 Whig. 4' A .any Q 06- QQ 923, ,W 2?ifg,,i 'AQ-'kwxl r at iff? I gag. 99 'Wh Ah l2l This club's interest probes deeper than WTNC's "Platter Chatter." Its concern is more of how sounds are transmitted and the power of its "disecting" transmitting appara- tus, a generation of better informed techni- cians is being educated. Never underestima- ting the power of a battery, these boys make numerous experiments to try out their elec- trical theories. Working with the parts of some scientific ap- paratus are, Vice President Jimmy Norton, Secre- tary and Treasurer Jerry Johnson, President Richard RW' kadia Klub Members are, First row: Neil Fayne, Ronnie Palmer, Paul Smith, Richard Raper, Tony Johnson, Richard Gillispie, Roger Edinger, Roger Gregory. Second row: Nathanial Walker, Bobby Batten, Henry Poe, Darryl Leonard, Jimmy Norton, Johnny Walton. Third row: Robert Sherrill, David Franks, Edward Leonard, Robin Russell, John Steed, Gary Grayson, Mike Peacock, Mr. Robert Teat, Joe Harris, Larry Cook, Jerry Johnson, Paul Abernathy. Fourth row: Gary Wright, Pete Howard, Johnny Tripplet, Jack Freeman, Terry Parrish, Billy Marlowe. For a "shocking" experience, one might drop in on a meeting of the Electronics club. Experimenting with electrical apparatus and preparing themselves for the age of electron- ics, these boys find education in modified recreation. The study of Physics and proper- ties of light and energy consume much of the club's time. The Electronics Club is led by President Mike Racheal, centerg Bobby Benner, left, Vice President, Gary Bruton, right, Secretary and Treasurer. Slectrauics 51110 Members of the Electronics club are, First row: Robin Russell, Kelly Eanes, Thomas Truelove, Donnie Beck, Ben Rapp, Mike Racheal, Kemp Ferguson, Jimmv Goad, Bobby Benner, Douglas Hardy, Gary Bruton, Mr. Teat, advisor. Second row: Delbert Beck, Phillip Hemphill, Larry Ridge, Mac Lambeth, Joe Little, Bill Smith, Terry Yates, Carlton Loftin, Ronald Beck, John Brinkly. W5 1. V' L, K 'I ' ..,..,.l.M,,3,,, f 1 5 ,., , -35' "Here's our team: best in the land," Members of the Monogram Club have play- ed enough to get letters. They are, first row: Bowles, Coggins, Smith, Blair, Holmes, Callicutt, Baity. Second row: Leonard, Arnold, Hampton, Green, Hill, Slnder, Swaim. Third row: McDonald, Harris, Teague, Allmond, Steed, Stallings, Gibbs. Fourth row: Dmnghn, Cloniger, Richardson, Lambeth, Creech, Henson, Harris. Fifth row: Holladay, Finch, Little, Pollock, Benner, Bruton, Elliott. Sixth row: Cox, Coker, Jones, Regan, Harrison, Stamcy, Grubb. "Letters, we get letters. Dear . . This is not zu fan club. but it is an honor to belong, The prerequisite for membership is 21 "letter" in any T. H. S, sport. The Monogram Club is led by: Teague, Vice President: Slnder, Secretary: Holmes, President: Callicutt, Treasurer. Mamrgram Klub ' "W" ' ,4 T we f'-,e Q 9 X I if.. A+ 44.5 new 5 r Z, t W mm B anger! -ifawiii ':"- N37 MIP as img f 3 is ,veggie -az-QW ' RRPEGXE: F i .W it .A 'N' .ms .ww wi ,fl .ia-4, ,, V..-6 . k.,, ' 1, , has db ,-vu. ni Learning how to administer all types of first aid is the aim of every Girls' First ,Aid club member. They are, first row: Ynw, Lambeth, Cagle, MrGee, Young, Wilder, Fonts. Second row: Vliestmorelnnd, Truelove, Kennedy, Leonard, Leonard, Can- ady. Patterson. Third row: Steed, Smith, Hampton, Tussy, Hollified, Smith, Terry, Talbert, Leunard. Fourth row: Mrs. Fritts, advisor, Bradshaw, Talbert, Kinney, VVer- ner, Horn, VVilliamS, Kincaid. Fifth row: Harrison, Smith, Dc-aton, Shuler, Wilder, Skarrcn, Raxtcr, Lee, Kennon, Wagner, Crabtree, Hartman, Henley, Hill, Cecil. Officers of the clnh arc: Treasurer Pat- terson, Serrctary Canady, Program Chair- man Leonard, President Steed, Chaplain Trueluxc, Vice President Williams. The many activities w1'theGi1'ls' First Aid and Safety' Clllli crwnsist Of learninu hom' school, and cnrnmunitv first aid and safei DlIl'lYUI Nw U'U"S00i'1he year they also carry on varimis sviwic-9 piwmjects. Girls ' gifs! Aid and Safety gfllb e, y. For the first time last year a Debating Trophy was offerred at Thomasville High. Because of this, interest has been increased and having several seasoned members, aids the team. Only in recent years has debating received so much student as Well as com- munity support. It is a club which brings credit to T. H. S. as Well as numerous bene- fits to those who participate. Learning the arts of good speaking, are the of Membeis of the Senior Debate Club ale Seated Clavfon Smith, Nolan Coggins, Donald Jones, Larry Con rad Myra Smith Jean Smith John Heumg Bonnie Stilwell, George Ann Batten, Richard Hicks, Advisor Mis M G Allmond Beveily Cauoll Exelyn Long Edward Boles, Barbara Kennedy, Linda Carter, Barbara lf" f, vi.-was ... - .Fld -use 32325, ' as 2 g 3 ' in 555:55-riijszxzsig ' lxialllx-3 :lg ssagaiigswgf- as-si :sg . n. Ei: ss. .:..':... nuuugusxgs :annum ulugugfunu 252523:EEEziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaizisgii ,5,g..g::::g4:::::::::a::'::g::,gg . ..:ma:z::::::::::::z:i::.::... ...Am WMF 'N--Q Members of the Junior Debate Club are: Billy Marlow, Bonnie Orman, Doris Holton, Bill Wilson, Bobby Jordan, Carol Van Landingham, Mrs. M. G. Allmond fadvisorj, Willie Dagcnhart, Nell Hoyle, Helen Bell Steve Eller, Jane Wood, Jimmy Bouvender, Janis Eargle. junior Debate 61116 With several "intramural" debates, these underclassmen are beginning to climb that long road which leads to a championship team and shining trophies. One of the basic lessons to be learned in debating is that of speaking clearly and with intelligence. Until last year there was only one debating club, but with the need for more experienced de- bators came the formation of this Junior Society. Officers of the Junior Debate Club are, Seated Nell Hoyle, Vice Presidentg Willie Dagenhart, Presi dent. Standing: Carol Van Landingham, Secretary Jimmy Bouvender, Treasurer. l27 r Glee Club Members are, First row: Mary Lib Wilson fpianistl, Dianne Gomberg, Sylvia Myers, Vivian Smith, Rowena Gallimore. Dwayne VVorkman, Elaine Tysinger, Bennie Christman, Glenda Alexander, Pat Canady, Ruby Childress, Carolyn Honeycutt, Hazel Jarrett, Geraldine Hamilton, Judy Walser. Second row: Anne Cecil, Sally Howard, Sharon Finch, Carol Byler, Delia Hawkins, Carolyn Cranford, Judy Trent, Trudy Fitzgerald, Karen Whitley, Peggy Harris, Mary Lou Berry, Orpha Bowman, Evelyn Dagenhart, Barbara Raper, Dianne Briles. Third Row: Betty Crump, Betty Chrisholm, Patsy Maness, Ann Warner, Bar- bara Bailey, Elsie Gallimore, Mary Johnson, Barbara Ashe, Shelva Taylor, Joyce Blackmon, Faye Blackmon. Fourth row: Nancy Thompson, Norma Williams, Maurice Turner, Evelyn McDonald, Janice Lewis, Julia Richardson, Virginia Pennington, Patricia Gilmore, Barbara Dagenhart, Betty Jo Warren, Clemensia Mar- tinez. Theresa Martinez, Faye Meredith. Connie Atwood, Norma Stewart, Linda Bullard. Fifth row: Johnny Shields, Linwood Emory, Art Shew, Jim Lambeth, Donald Cranford, Marvin Callahan, Calvin Turner, Bobby Disher, Edward Harrelson, Johnny Mills, Paul Phillips, Curtis Troxler, Roy Williams. New this year, but already very popular with the students at T. H. S. is Mrs. Bob Boyles, Glee Club director. Highlighting the year of the T. H. S. Glee Club as well as the entire school and com- munity is the presentation of its Christmas music in December. Again in the spring the club takes part in the annual Band and Glee Club Spring Concert. Many hours of hard work go into making the Glee Club a real tribute to our school. z.1f..s'. 5165 em Tl 7 4' Qi! J I In 1 . f' 'w , Q .,, .W 1'-:Mm ,.,, A E ,,,:7 , . , -. , Y ,- , The Marching Band of T. H. S. is composed of, first row: Connie Wood, Delores Matthews, Chris Young, Susan Creech, Johnny Sanders, Larry Garret, Robert Sherrill, Tommy Harris, Leo Hampton, Livy Easley, .Josephine Walker, Cennie Wright, Betty Leonard. Second row: Bobby Jordan, Joe Callahan, Jimmy Surratt, Richard Hicks. Steve Whitten, Gary Bruton, Betty Peace. Sandra Patterson, Kirby Primm, Francis Culp, Pat Mu1'phy, Sally Kennedy. Third row: Jeanne Farris, Charles Tysinyrer, Victor Murphy, Bobby Benner, Frank Lambeth, Jerry Myers, Bobby Batten, Norwood Howard, Doug Hedrick, Henry Poe. Priscilla Ruther- ford, Betty Jean Clodfelter, Lucy Finch, Eddie McCormick. Fourth row: Johnny Triplett, Jerry Fouts, John Shuler, Eddie Grimes, Gregg: Prevost, Donnie Beck, Dickie Davis, Jerry Hill. Charles Shore, Robert Younts, Clayton Smith, Janice Eargle, Billy Marlowe, Keith Lucas. Standing: Mr. Charles Litwin QDirectorJ. Z. ff, ,SU , vig ma. . A 4 ,hyb K, Thomasville High School majorettes a1'e left to right: Connie Wood, Ft Qi Chief Majorette, Chris Young, Delores Matthews, Josephine Walker, Susan 'rl , Creech, Gennie Wright. E' Es 1 cz' Q, Leading the majorettes this year is Drum Major Betty Leonard. The Flower of the Musi- cal World around T. H. S., Mr. Chester Litwin. Bet- ter known as the band leader and Music Director. , -1? Here is a group of musicians who provide the music at many of the Thomasville High socials. The Dance Band. Members are as follows: First Row: Bob Benner, Gary Bruton, Betty Peace, Steve Whitten. Second Row: John Shuler, Jerry Fouts, Ed Grimes. Drums-Tommy Harris. Hands ner, Susan Creech. Victor Murphy, Betty Leonard, Charles Tysinger, Sally Kennedy, Gennie Wright, Janice Eargle, Delores Matthews, Chris Young, Josephine Walker, Connie Wood. Second Row: Billy Marlowe, Pris- cilla Rutherford, Henry Poe, Lucy Finch, Doug Hedrick, Norwood Howard, Betty Jean Clodfelter, Jerry Myers, Clayton Smith, Steve Whitten, Francis Culp, Al Carpenter, Sandra Patterson, Betty Peace, Gary Bru- ton. Third Row: Bobby Batten, Jeanie Farris, Pat Murphy, Jerry Foust, John Shuler, Eddie Grimes, Gregg Prevost, Donnie Beck, Dickie Davis, Jerry Hill, Richard Hix, Jimmy Surratt, Joe Callahan, Bobby Jordan, Tommy Holladay. Fourth Row: Robert Sherrill, Larry Garrett, Leo Hampton, Livy Easley, Keith Lucas, Johnny Triplette, Mr. Litwin fDirectorJ, Johnny Saunders. Members of Thomasville High School Band are First Row: Eddie McCormick, Frank Lanbeth, Bob Ben- ., o Battle far If-40 33 Di, fhw 21 hmm-mn p gmvivnf ph an sam Iiivfwfd - Q A 9 Are Sohd Jczxxxagtoll S , QI? A U f t 5 . 4110133 ers ny Hou Mums in 'W SU-eifial T0 The Eniurprizsk 4 Tf1fjg5'1,qx5:3gffUfg5jl fafgyr. 7,..'1"Qf3 TINTIEKIASYFILLPE M- Four ywrsi Lexingtcyn Yseiiwv Jackets over-g cimught and famirm, came I1 id-fl deficit and wznt mmf THHVS the plight, Q! 'ffmmgas-4 fn dfffffigl 'Hmmafwiiie 30-14 hw? i1e's Bulldxgrgs in moi: series withx ', PM 'I-,W,WQ,,i.f,, qt WM, Cl1.rix'al Lmiinggtfm, who mznvs' '1" MQ v ,K ,V towninliighi Ll soiifi Cilflllfi? mer Sm my Rams gf me Smgmfx 'Li crippled was Jffizmff. ,v 412 HL1?1fMw Www: HP '-Wh QQ ' A fn ,MQ iii eww:-z'+gl. ifasaifwggtfsra, wah GTXEZE h m mVV , h A ggazme' Qefgf has a 6125 Suze, Q..- ,, . . ,,., :,M..i,:.,... ,..A W- . V,.-W,...m.ust , ,. Grove 'East :Wm pumsa ai '-Qwfn me wmfk 'Alamy film 'Thank is alf- Wim :yan Tii?f2i!1kkQEji 1 4-,rmvd lane Draws fr IS are as , f ti? f .-1f- 'TJ Q , vm. :iw imp physaxfa mnfiiiifun of me 'in wfiniwlx' X if .Hn fa G ian. A up fm' mg bsaiiifx "i tiimk huiii imma M21 he gwmviszg 35 :mir heed," Unix? f 1353 1. my . ,I ,:failLE353'1 Vhfiiiffwga time E2,:3Ef!E2i5fif3 Tommies Share Lead In Piedmont + Jie Qwaeafavffa Mfg nvaders News and sm Ellintt Q0 defen- swe tackle slots, brought Doug Cloniger hack into the lineup hails ' WHYS at ond, and moved Jones 1 , defensive halfhack this week We hfuent P H" if ' hem' X enough pursul 1 legion s crusl' the flanks s ' " J 2' The more is desires Q 50 arlg 'I he ef' -Q 5.1 ss E5 win T V4 1' A basket- aff to 8 night with Trinity in a win. vshile an even doz' Weston breaking M0 B he collected 13 if TILLE gals al- d starE,"t:1kSr'sg Uvor the Trinity be gy Green get 26 points in the attack, rd added 14. l Ile Beats Birds Cop to pace Trinity and emerge as the games leading scorer. W if if PILOT SPLIT a twin bill with Mills Home, but was forced lure an overiime period as their girls won 4543, The boys loaf to Che Mills Home five by a 53,39 marzirz. Gene Patton sparked the Viffimy with 1? paints, vrlxilcl .lm-rryg Hodge lcd Pilol with lib, In girls' avlium, Kzatlwrm Fes- ter had 15 and Kaye Ward I4 to lead the wiflners. Hazel Williams topped the Mills Home eflorls wilh i9, in as as .-,Jes sefkersllrfrg Q0 WWYQKS ills r EU' A .sg DY 1X u ulld G Nmwsllr l.l, Bulldogs Roll To 7 Over Trinity, Girls ff WJ ' Leading the athletic teams this year are left to right: J. C. McLain, Darr Shealy, Clinton Ingram, G. M. Eargle, Norman Punch. T. T. T. T. T. T. T. T. T. T. Scams 26 Burlington . . . 19 Davie County . 33 North Rowan . . 7 Concord ...... 13 Chi1dren's Home 6 Statesville . . . 45 Fairgrove .... 0 Asheboro ..... 19 Barium Springs 14 Lexington .... 1958 goofball Squad Elected by popular vote among their fellow teammates, Don Holmes and Alex Gibbs were chosen co-captains of the Bulldogs. 27.1-f. S. Bulldogs Members of the T. H. S. football squad are, first row: Jesse Walser, Harris Badgett, Troy Tysinger, David Sowers, Don Holmes, Alex Gibbs, Gary Trotter, Jimmy Batten, David Fisher, Ronnie Sink. Second row: George Arnold, Pete McDonald, Doug' Dunning, Calvin Turner, Don Ferguson, Bobby Little, Sam Harris, Gary Kanoy, Jerry Grubb, Stanley Elliott, Tony Lambeth. Third row: Ellis Davis, James Carter, Tommy Holladay, Donnie Jones, Joe Regan, Richard C raven, Jimmy Churchill, Bill Byerly, Larry Leonard, Wayne Young, Eugene Patton. Fourth row: Randle Blair, Ronald Smith, Herbert Stamey, Doug Cloniger, Russell Draughn. 135 W ,swims if 5 it A ',L'V' jgfi . H f my -W I V f W Richard Craven Jerry Grubb Gary Kanoy E Left End Left Tackle Left Guard Varsity l Eugene Patton Stanley Elliot Herbert Stamey Center Right Guard Right Guard in V V ws' M ,i 15- M--wlffl :rv .- 1 1 - wr! .' W- . 1 N r'te - , ' t1,"Lt'g' a 4' 1 Ml: ' lf, W V . - f fi f I V X gizggasewza G -' ' K " Lg- Eff' , .- Ni ., 4, .SW Y' , H +55 1 W' gk r M Q N M ff!! -' grew, - EJ K K ' K ' ,. s- nz W , his . 1' R, fm , J K TV N '39 1-'il ,f..nS2f"" W .Fifi gf WH ' if ,G L W Q . M J, W A . ,ww ,. . 5 . x,5r.g .217 xl - f. , X. 3 if ,twig F, " l36 Tommy Holladay Right End Umm Troy Tysinger Fullback ' -Q u . M . A , we -L... ' iewf-:wt 'J , " , Z iggy ' , gedt -m A, x ,., xv ,, . - P 'Q Hk,,,g,. if V -Y' ' f . ' H-,if ,tiff ' we , ' 'K W Alex Gibbs Left Halfback Don Holmes Right Halfback . W, - A L , 'Z 1 4 S ' A f ' 4' 3, 43 1.. A N. Q, , -rf 3, David Sewers Linebacker Donnie Jones Quarterback .- pf . -V 5 ,, M K i, ,,,,1 , . M M , A, A, f ,, - VA W w , 'Q"4.i,fQ-497 . A . 'f di ,,,m,M.5,,r ,wail K Q , I ix Mii?51,NLyl:l , - ilfiir' LM." 'fffe-'F ' nv' V- QQ- ., . Fil' :V 'l it 7 f ' W 1, ff! ' "" L 122111 ,Q-Q 'W " V 7 v 5: ' . V . my -I -if ",-1--1 , . f- A .. ffm A , .,.. 1 - - -.E mv .f it .. W, . -. ,- P " ,V H 1: 1, :- 2'-'-s,w' :- ,,, . f rN- V. z y7y.v,,,.- .L V1 A, M f V : ,,. f if , ry-M: ay, K I ,ii A ggi f?'jg.5H"' ' ' Wi at: '53 'S' .Q Ak . , ' HLQQQQ- A A ' jg " f Kw'2'f Q Aa ii fi in e r: .51 '- - Q., i 351122. -ye ,pf ,i 'W f ff A ' 'f ' f 137 new-ph 1 M M 1 e .. mmmm 1 A mwwfizeggriz it ,,V, K? Awarded trophies for their good playing' in the game of football were Alex Gibbs, Most Valuable Player, Gary Kanoy, Best Blocker, David Sowers, Coaches Award, and Richard Craven, Best Sportsman- ship. ,, A if - ,V 5 .v,,fme.v,,, rrf . .ima . . V V-M, f "Hr 'igilizsks , ' J 5, 5 f? gg linux Being responsible for clean towels and keeping the team hap- py are the managers of the foot- ball team. They are Jimmy Goad, Tommy Swain, Joe Peace, and Ronnie Callicutt. It is they who provide the "drink that refreshesl' during gridiron contest. They are often unappreciated but acknow- ledged as invaluable. illfa ll Ll :,.i A.. .:-fm. m On hand to be with the boys prior to gametime is Rev. Richard Cheek, football Chaplain, who ac- companied the team to all of its games. x 'I 3 f , - f ' N Home 6 HQ VISITORS QuaTs2Pl 4 Troy Tysinger declares a touchdown in Thomas ville-Lexington gridiron battle. Top: Alex Gibbs carries the ball for the Tommies. Top: Once again in the Statesville game the Bull- in the battle with Concord. Below: Tommies player, clogs make an attempt at the goal line. Below: Don Alex Gibbs just misses the Statesville ball carrier. Holmes makes a beautiful run in the Spencer game. T 'T VV V ,RV ?V M , V. . VV 5 ,, - .. V M mf 1 V 1 . .. , KKA' if , .V m i g N fm-4,0 1. 1 f 4.1, ii . ., - R H , W , .W , r . ' M ,. M ' '--' 2 L,,... ,,,, WW ' r ,. fr P V W- wg rqiwvgafaeg Q,a.f"v i.,Wfr,ggyffr "' r ,V ,za,5,,V' ,. ,J ' 4.77, -5 ',-' ,Va Zag Q " . ii , we ,. . Z., ,HT if ., fy Q .i'gggg1'i We W- , T fig f kv' we nw: V J . ' Q, Qi. -'Q ,,.a,,, 'W V finite-nQ,,f:3, flaw R' ' , 1 3 K ' Z.. , w ww. L - vi ""' -it A .VV , ,,,, V, A K " TT T 'fi f Y- 'S VV , V, 7... eff' 5-,UV eg ,M ggafiuw Vrizgf A 1 Ja i VVMA LV. v 1 V V. 1 5. , , V V F V ,. 'V V ,M JVM V V V V Q, K f Y it ' 'Him i V 4,-f .Nm V . 5. Ya Vffr , . fr VV XmXVA - Z, ,. . , W 1 ff . , V -V VV .V . V , . Mali V A gVVWfwm.,,VVVV , . .. ,:..,,, ,V , , . 1,-L L ' V ' 'ZW ,gg -Vw . Q -i L "' , . , V,VV V V ., V. rx Q , I V V AV VVVVV VEVVVVQVFVQ-,VVV L. , A T My wi. R ' "1 , ix. AH- fl ' . 'I-4 'n' in S W1 V ,f.f Q M Ting, ' VV 1 . . ' W Mf""'- , , :VV V, , i r VV V V5 -T L VV ,VV . V -3. . M Q3 " ' " 1-Lf f'14Q',SQ., if X ' L 1 A 1 . we 'A :P A' fx, .-N.. ' is V,,,,,5M,?, .,,. , , ., V ,VV , , Ready for practice are members of the tenth grade team. They are, First row: Gray Westmorland, Ronnie Russell, Jimmy Surratt, Jimmy Batten, Troy Tysinger, Randle Blair, Kirk Hinshaw. Second row: kirby Ixanoy, Don Ferguson, David Fisher, James Carter, Ronnie Sink. Gaining experience for the varsity team are members of the ninth grade team. They are, first row: Francis Culp, Bud Eanes, Mac Beck, Freddie Jarrett, Corie McRay, Ronnie Darr, Kirby Primm. Second row: Mike Lambeth, Henry Poe, Mike VVithers, Leo Hampton, Linville Harrison, Robby Fredle, Steve Eller. Third row: Jimmy Homes, Tony Smith, Tommy Harris, Clayton Loftin, Austin Clodfelter, Rodney Hill, Charles Crandford. Fourth row: Jimmy Richardson, Steve Jarrett, Richard Lloyd, Jerry Hill, Larry Warner, Jerry O'Kelly, Paul Woodard. Fifth row: Butch Wolfe, Jeff Hackman. ,ran-f, , , N. 'V W W ' in 'Fi i if J' ,V 3. V .. V fi zjlwihgyiif A 'M' nk pf -. Utd mfw Dv-. .F Members of the eighth grade team are, First row: Norris Wrife, Brooks Houghton, Webb Langford, Jimmy Little, Bobby Powell, Ray Crow, Butch Barton, Tim Hinkle, Jerry Everhart. Second row: George Hedrick, David Bowles, Jerry Peace, Morris Casper, J. B. Marr, Charlie Shore, Tommy Kontz, Dennis Berier, Phil Rapp. Eighth grade team warming up before practice session. -W-' 'Www mmm' - A '-iw:-me -ummm-vwfqgmmmm .efuna-m,v,M..m pun, s is.W ,,,,1,wqL,maw,Nrrf,,,.f- We M .A-rv-ggm,m.-:...,.-,.N.. 42 Members of the girls' basketball team are, first row: Ann Steed and Priscilla Rutherford. Second row: Martha Lambeth, Dawn Cagle, Judy Gillispie, Patsy Leonard. Third row: Judy Little, Peggy Truelove, Susan Leach, Carolyn Henson. Fourth row: Carol Hampton, Carolyn Rich, Frances Beck, Charles Anna Parrish. Fifth row: Patsy Green and Ann Harris. Huskdfbull Serving as co-captains this year are Pat- sy Green and Ann Steed. Members of the boy's basketball team are, first row: Sam Harris, Alex Gibbs, Ronnie Callicut, Tommy Swain. Second row: Tony Lambeth, Tommy Holladay, Larry Leonard, Rock Teague. Third row: Tony Baity, James Carter, Doug Cloniger, Glover Coggins, Larry Cook. Coaches of the T. H. S. cagers are Darr Shealy, boys' coach and J. C. McLain, girls' coach. These men have done an excellent job with these young ball players. df TMWWQR .fx 13' b wi.. , . ' - i f l , ui l , e Q, 'f - 4 ' H: 7' , L 1. 143 I 3: ,K ..,, .ig ,M 1 5 x ,wwf , w .LM . 4. 21. -Aw - .... . .1 X :- - egg." .L I. v . .Za , ,.r-.5 'M 1, : .Q gy iw.. , mf- Jw 'il' rf -.nb-sa.,:, 25- Am :- fp -e -eq-.vw...:z.:k:aa"'1-'f .M E,,,3,g5 ., E1-ff?:1f:.9Q,,:, . I K 1, A W- S arting F F 4 P ' :,,.-i?M415?Ez1s1g9iFggf A f ff I 21? K , sg I 1, Patsy Grenn Forward Ann Steed Guard Patsy Leonard Forward Carol Hampton Guard Martha Lambeth Forward O 3 Q2 Q: 2: QPU 5. :' 4' gm N.. Wie R jf, -Y rA'M fracsfn 144 Grams Rock Teague Larry Cook Tony Baity Guard Forward Forward Alex Gibbs Glover Coggins Guard Center ww' K - 1' ,L 'V ae, K gr, I K 145 SCHEDULE December -Trinity at Thomasville --Trinity at Trinity -Allen Jay at Allen Jay AAsheboro at Asheboro -Statesville at Thomasville January -Allen Jay at Thomasville -Lexington at Thomasville iD:-wie County at Thomasville Spencer at Spencer fBarium at Barium Children's Home at Thomasville Asheboro at Thomasville February .S-Statesville at Statesville APilot at Thomasville -Lexington at Lexington -Pilot at Thomasville -Davie County at Davie County Spencer at Thomasville Barium at Thomasville Childi-en's Home at Chilch'en's Home Members of the J.V. girls' team are, first, row: Faydeen Hall, Sarah Harrison, Dottie Bowles, Shirley Cox, Shirley Wilder, Sue Carol Hill, Raynell Workman. Second row: Mrs. Anne McGuire, Doris Holton, Judy Pane, Nancy Thompson, Carolyn Leonard, Pat VVood, Linda Hill, Patty Batten, Chris Young. Third row: Marie Barrier, Sandra Patterson, Jane Young, Brenda Cranford, Judy Jar1'ett, Jane Leonard, Janette Lam- beth, Gail Leonard. Fourth row: Maxine Aldred, Barbara Callahan, Martha Johnson, Lenora Cecil, Joanne Crabtree, Martha Hartman, Barbara Easter. Fifth row: Mary Johnson, Betty Whichard, Lillian Stevenson, Betty Hollifield. ,Z V. Basketball Playing boys' J.V. basketball are, first row: Bryce Alfred, Eddie McCormick, Johnny Caldwell, Ben Rapp, Robert Moss, Butch Lawhorn, Joe Peace, Kirby Kanoy. Second row: Herman Honeycutt, Kirk Hin- shaw, Terry Yates, Mike Racheal, Mac Lambeth, Melvin Lohr, Bobby Jordan, Bill Myres, Jim Pennington, Art Shew. 'HIP Q17 B fi Members of the Mills Home team are, first row: Janice Lewis, Willie Mae Dagenhart, Gearldine Canady, Helen McGee, Faye Meredith, Thersa Martinez, Pat Harris, Nell Hoyle. Second row: Marie Horne, Becky Harris, Cathrine Jolly, Wanda Raxter, Coach C. A. Kearns, Jane Wood, Clemensia Martinez, Emily Werner, Hazel VVillia1ns. Mills Hama Haskelbull ZHHWIS Members of the Mills Home boys' team are, first row: Jimmy Churchill, Wayne Young, Paul Phillips Jerry Bowman, William Wheeler. Second row: Woody Shields, Eugene Patton, George Fore, Bill Byerly Johnny Shields, Ralph Patton. tif golf , J W asee Me ff -rw H X l if W R,-M: I, 7 , fi X, X fywlg, Wrestling for the first time this year, are first ro w: Mr. Withers fadvisorj, David Kennerley, Kelly Eanes, David Franks, Troy Tysinger, Kemp Ferguson, Jimmy Richardson, Paul Jackson. Second row: Bobby Williams, Jerry Grubb, Richard Craven, Don Ferguson, Darrell Hall, Hayes Harris. Third row: Jeff Hackman, Mike Withers, Joe Regan, Bobby Little, Bill Smith, Al Carpendar, Linville Harrison. Fourth row: Tony Smith, Gary Kanoy, Gary Trotter, Mike Coggin s, Bobby Freedle, Max Beck. Managers: Ray Lucas, Roger Chance, Larry Hall. Selected by their fellow teammates to lead the wrestling teams this year are, co-captains Jerry Grubb and Richard Craven. l48 Golf Umm The Golf Team members are Bobby Benner, Gary Bruton, Tommy Holladay, Stanley Loftin, Joe Little. Missing when picture was made is Tommy Harris. Zfcnnis Zfeam Swift with a racket are the members of the Tennis Team. They are: Jerry Fouts, Paul Finch, Sam Harris, Rock Teague, Pete McDonald, George Arnold, Ann Harris, Gayle Sutton, Patsy Leonard, Martha Lambeth, Susan Creech, Barbara Stallings, Priscilla Rutherford. siiiiigiw ,4 , ik' ,Q Us L, 'W 'i,fs-'1ZaiL m 5i' ' iSl3SYSi55S5i?351i3SSS555'L?is'?1'Z55?SiETKi?L-?S Ze . , , 5 ' , 7: W' , A ,,,vv:: at U Q., ,V Tlllaf y Q. ww , ,S N 'of I 1 I i liflmiai I 1 I p . ,p o Q-,M l me: '1 if ' - l .-.K 1 lk i Tllfsgi A if l ,A 1 'Q W, mi- 1.3. Q 'Li 'J ii My LM ga 'W " -, I .ivgg . h W X I TH?-A fi? TI-le' ",1 or 4. Hasvball Returning letter men this year are, first row: Tommy Swain, Stanley Elliot, Benny Hegler. Second row: Ronnie Callicut, Coach Clinton Ingram, Alex Gibbs. Third row: Larry Leonard, Milford Cox, Fourth row: Larry Cook, David Kennerley, David Fisher. "All the world loves a baseball game." Although our T. H. S. baseball team may not be the Brooklyn Dodgers, it still plays a ma- jor roll in the athletic program at our school. 1 150 Along with the returning players, a fresh crop of young hopefuls turn out for practice each spring. This always promises a good season for the team. Nfl QF!! Leading T. H. S. in its excellent school spirit are, center: Diane Beck, Ruby Sluder, Carolyn Royals. First row: Kathryn Allmond, Brenda Myres, Julia Richardson, Beverly Carol. C. H. S. dhcerlcadcrs Planning: all pep rallies and thinking of new ideas for boosting the various teams is the difficult task Ad""t tl l 'ld"'M'.H'ldMll'. vlbol O me Clem ea els is IS am Oc In of Chief Cheerleader Kathryn Allmond. l5l t -4 C ,,.. C.-"C'.'Z..S UU!?1e'Q U,f,w-M ,M jk 200644 :ZAZHZ VA .wi :,,, Q f Qfwllr H . WQ HQWW 'isw imwwg 5 gi 'A V" " :" , H im 1 ., MW E m i fungi ,A W. hM n ,, A , Www niw 12 1 , f g 'm5'l'i'n'i-':u""i' iL'?r : +- + b n qg'1?m gg-,Q-f W.,a,g,w,f--'g',1,-2, 5 w.:,-W,-5, W",g',,,'Ff?,QE2df'i!,',,"llm1,'f,,,!lln,,':,lil',If,,'E, , VA -Q A' "' ,W.,,3nfM ng',,n5zpw,Q,nm,5lf,um M, . g 4 ,, lw affgfgngi wu a wnngffmlgmiuggw Www A , ,.,. , m,g E si-WNW iWW55'9f?'3g5wFHmg a3 w . W ??gi miw g M 53 Www MIME "glllll w fulfills 3llalu"'2i ih"'H V wwmnimnw mgg":'HHuiu'gUdm"'llmg'!n"n ,2,nzE mga: i 5wgggg wgg g ,:,,,ZVVA.: Q Ws2aVwXw3H 'ng!f Hug! ' V u gf.,-ww,n n',fg"Wg',m w'.!','f,,m"J,',gl,m'.2','gl'E,gu15'i','gu':':l'.2,:i'gf , "iff ammmf? g, Wg My aug., lls,m l? 1 fm :skiing aun'Hm , VA" m mwmmnu i l 'Umm Mmm in ll 3Hlx"1u U2lnn win! .':. 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ASHEMORE BUSINESS COLLEGE 5 U2 East Main Street CRANFORD'S FI RESTONE DEALER STORE 47 Salem Street Thomasville, N. C. HINKLE MILLING CO. Thomasville, N. C. All Your Milling Needs JOE T. SCROGGS AGENCY General Insurance 4 Commerce Street Thomasville, N. C. Phone 943 CMAQ Ji . WWW W E Z A g-riverythipg for the Btlifern 7 E T 2 E 2 fumafigzgmoffhcoro Q 2 aaa 1 . ' Ahwjlzifwwww mg QW fm M'!e'T"i-IE BOSTON sToRE ff s ,eA9lgg:m431ngeF,Q pen 970 Phones 3451 East Main Street Thomasville, N. C. 'l'HOMASON CHEVRULET, INC. JIMMY'S BAR-B-Q NO. 1 Wes, Gui,fO,d Sm, THE THOMASVILLE TIMES Phone 44lO BAR-B-Q 2 Published Monday Through Friday Fislgfljfjrzggod Thomasville, North Carolina Th masville, North Carolina JACKSON-WILLIAMS CAROLINA CARVING CO. INCORPORATED Lexington Road Welborn Street Phone-2374 Thomasville, N. C. Gush, . 1414710 If-1-cl jiri! rnomisviiui fm ew cool-com B Qjwi ,.,,M,12, JW My mud ' Bll'l"l'Lllllll UUMPANY W' aff ' . 632, ,. Delicious and Refreshing Tempting Flavors Drink Coca-Cola "Big B" Beverages Phone 32Ol I 412.94 I K7 -7 4 , 7 " I i fr . f 4 Ljfefff, Q- ,ajzfffeagf U -7254 J Af. f,mf .,44 24 0747 7 7 '770 -v 1 " WMI iv my C., ,WMMLQOM M124 94,41 fqgwf., 11.1.1 . KL,-1159 aan, ag bwlaefffg 44,m,,,,Z,, 7fi?75Lj0ffRAGAN KNITTING CQMPANY, INC. Q91 QMQJ 43737 jimi! Cl QZZQW Lgqf-2522? Jjjlizf giejagv of 83 Cl5Ka Cwuzemzf 34771 44, ' ff , . " . ef, C, !-airs if wTh0mQSvaue affdaf YTWS, ,H MIM 'XL' C"f'lNfSffh'cQa,lT'RZf f 2' iIg'I'l49"L4..J L3-6l4.4,f'f-Q Cv ijgg,-Q O-'rl.L6 HQ' I Hia-V MZ? I 7 I WWC -I 49141111-QAen's Staple and Fancy Half Hoge 069-,n 1 1 I 3 zu O fyyy,-, Lf, 1 7 .1 v v,,--. A",, .,,',1 I , ,I 4 . . . 7 V ,Y pa ,Z 1 A f 1 Q 4 I ' 14 Smwj teqwacgxag Iam-ceywff -jww +109 Qwwyfk-imwaf we L 61 We MANN'S DRUG sroke Mivyfw 1"f'l'G"'JfQf - 3 134 P 3479 53019147 cv-if-milf :au .Qgnv -.c2,Y4r2Z,clf',wn v,Me,7M9Li' . JC9?-ZMQL 1 f C42 QQFL' 0,Il91A',"I!4gyfZ"'4homosviIIe, North Carolina dm, fdf vzvgij Qffiff-ff I X X ' I C, . vi ,, QW - - I I , ' dd 7.wWm,,Zf..,ziMQeLfwW: vgfq N, Q. 'K A f Q? CQ Mwcgoxlyyj sonosws Fresh Milk 2464! 3 Tastes Better Sf .57 Sf CON! M W THE BORDEN co. Maumee' High Poanf, N. C. r I Q Q MM., f XZ PATRUNIZE 0UR ADVERTISERS 58 "SelI it cheap and sell a heap" JOHNSONTOWN SUPER MARKET HOLTON FURNITURE COMPANY "Complete Home Furnishers" 6-8 Solern St. Phone 3488 SINK'S DRY CLEANERS ThomasviIle's Oldest and Most Reliable Proud of You... Proud to Serve You! Duke Power Company Serving the Piedmont Carolinas Phone 3263 ' V Q A AQ .3 1--1 CO.1- - THOMASVILLE, N. C. SINK, INCORPORATED Electrical Contracting Motor Rewinding and Electrical Repairs Thomasville, N. C. Phone 9l6 cHAmTowN Morons Visit THoMAsvlu.E Your Mercury and Edsel Dealer Lexington Avenue Thomosvile, North Carolina ARNllLll BUSINESS UULLEGE "Licensed by North Carolina State Board of Education" Latest Office Machines and Devices for Training Enroll in a modern school which offers training to meet the demands of present- business efficiency-training that brings results. Telephone, Write, Visit Phone 3255 Private Parking Provided GRAY CONCRETE and PIPE COMPANY, INC. Manufacturers of Concrete Pipe, Cinder Block and Ready Mix Concrete Phone 2731 GUILFORD DAIRY Milk and Ice Cream ThomasvilIe's Hometown Dairy 6l9 National Highway -.--. l6O LEACH'S CURB MARKET AND SODA BAR Randolph Extension Thomasville, North Ccirolmo CITY ICE 8. FUEL CO. Gulf Kerosene 8- Fuel Oil Diol 3445 or 3407 PIEDMONT CLEANERS THE CAMERA 8. HOBBY SHOP Thomasville's Leading Cleaners "Everything to Fill Your IO-12 Winston Street Hobby 8- Photographic Needs Phone 885 Phone 2823 26 Sole THOMASVI LLE NORTH STATE DRUG COMPANY 20 Solem Street Thomasville Prescription Service 52 Solem Street THOMPSON AUTO CUMPANY DAVIDSUN FARM EQUIPMENT 162 HUDSON-BELK COMPANY "ThomasviIIe's Largest Department Store" FIELDS, INC. Eat ot the COMMERCIAL CARVING COMPANY Ml LKY WAY NOHOHOI HlQl'lW0Y Phone 802 Box 506 Thomasville, N. C. Thomasville, N. C. WSH H ECK'S TEXACO SERVICE JAKE T. BRUTON Sky Chief-Fire Chief Gas for Gillette Tires and Tubes . 60 West Moin Street American Tourister 81 Samsonite phone 2309 WOLVERINE FINISH ES, CORP. Thomasville, N, C. CHAIRTOWN FINANCE AND INSURANCE CO. Auto Loans Financing Refinancing 724 Notionol Highwoy Phone 2654 MAURICE MILLS COMPANY THE STATE COMMERCIAL Complete . . . BANK BANKING SERVICE Member ot Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation CAROLINA UNDERWEAR Underwear and Nightwear Manufacturers Thomasville, N. C. INGRAM PLYWOODS INC. Thomasville, North Carolina SHERATON MOTOR INN THE FAI R LADY and Ladies' Ready-to-Wear l and RESTAU RANT Accessories f 54 Salem-Professional Bldg. Thomasville, North Carolina phone 2897 ,J ljglfaww-eQe4eQaNdb ff ' f ff? 1 1 X1 45il..a"z1 W 41 lv? -ff-'.:fHf: 1 Carry a savings accoun ith confi A checking account for convenience in paying bills M X Borrow money to build a home or for home improvements o : ter Secure an installment loan for any purpose Carry a Christmas Club Buy Bank Money Orders - the most economical way to remit money anywhere Rent a safety deposit box for 53.00 a year Use our air conditioned directors room for committee meetings Secure travelers checks for your vacation trip Courteous service and counsel on your financial problems Purchase and sell listed stocks and bonds Elma!! A FIRST "We plough the field together in mutual interest" 165 IN TREND WITH TI-IE TIMES, WE PRESENT- IAIHGIZIAHG WMM THOMASVILLE CHAIFI COMPANY FINCH FURNITURE COMPANY THoMAsvu.LE, NoFrrH CAROLINA WARNER'S TRANSFER 81 STORAGE CO. Household Moving Our Specialty All Cargo Insured Doy Phone 4037 Night Phone Thomasville 21340 l35 West High Sf, High Point, N. C. WITTY'S FLORIST Old Lexington Rd. We speciolize: In Weddings, Funerals, Etc. Phone 2378 Free Delivery "HGH P0'NT Doswoon Hoslenv THoMAsviLLE MILL, INC. AN D DENTON RAILROAD Phone 2318 Box 766 "Nothing but Service Thomasville N C to sen" ' ' ' , l L A U N D RY JESTERS DAviosoN 'S' CLEAN ERS Ladies' Men's . A I N C . Phone 3400 Thomasville, N. C. BRANDON HOUSE we're 705 Lexington Avenue g Thomasville, N. C. Thomomlle Orth Gifts - Jewelry ' Towle Sterling ccrolmc MJ 'Q my ' 1 'Af jaw- A ! ,f T omosville, N r tPLCcM9 J AJ, AAU-vafffj J !w!! J Lf , ff,6-VJ JW . , X N Aid ,f j!7 !!'VJ ,Ay f,!b6vulA-7 ' MXL - - , 'fL,,i" N' LM pwx Q. 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SONS of "' fm-65 M- www CREWS GROCERY M,...A, Q, , QM, RECORD sl-lor 'MM' IMMK- NANCE'S n.oRlsT ww MJ MuRPHY's CLEANERS 'W qfillf 1-04-so Ola-qwx.8,L,L,P.-A9j.A,sK .y,M,., J wwpav up y,'SlLER FUNERAL HOME LJ' BML IM- 'IMGQEEN AND WAGNER SELF-SERVICE may ,B AM, HE coFFEE SHOP '1if.,..xI'u',,,,.,Z'LL'Lm' "l.....W' BOOSTERS 'Q"+"-'Q'-4-YX vw .,ul-..La.v-n'-.- -vwN!avJq, . . . PEOPLES SAVINGS THOMASVII.I.E AND DRY GOODS LOAN ASSOCIATION COMPANY 50 Solem Street ThomasviIIe's Oldest-Newest Phone 536 Department Store Zawaafggaywffagffj WWW? M440 3424? Z!Zv.fv,vfZw5"'m'M5ff11 awafufb-Zfaewggga MZJMIW? wif' L,W AAf1 Mod . Law . , L MMM Wfflfff W witfjfwahffpgwd 161 AMAZONiil'Z'QZf4 Conor: MILLS THOMASVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA J 1, MQ, 172 , ,,,............,A,...A , ,..-..-....-...fg .-Lm..1.......,,.-, . ... , . , 1 . fad! JZ4 -gage? n 0 t t Ashebo , Burlington zfadf 5 ' OBILE HOME .wi sAR-s- Z: f'ZMZEXCHANGE mc. effffff . ' I 'I Thomasville N. C. JZ , Phone 2-52 I 9 "L MZ"9J COTTONS INC. A7444 Julius A. Green, General Agent I SECURITY LIFE AND TRUST COMPANY ThomasviIIe's Leading Life Insurance Agency PIEDMONT PLASTICS, INC. TASTY BAKERY 40 East Main Street Phone 895 For Your Bridal Needs Wedding Invitations Lovely Silv ThomasviIIe's Leading Beautiful China Cryst Cleaners See CROWELL-NEWBY 300 East Main 'ax 3,15 W, V, :uf-1333-Y., Aufdgfaphg ZMV will 764114 . W wwf Offfwh . ww MQ Aevjfwwy JALWWMMJ A4402 uf' ' ff 1 flffdn 2: l jwfhm, yxffgfffgf W M ww fffwzf 1 M- and EM' 7M Wngwjjjm wi U XLMQ7 9 iff-yfffj . WMLWWJAM' HWWW WWAWJW3 da flwf ' ZZZZWJ' iw fm! :al A ZW? M 2.4, M I' W' + !4'KYC 5 I 'J ' J! 452 ' 171055 F 6: R' "wwf WWW 'W ' M ' W Aww' - W DWW g15QiMiQ,w? W fig! , l 3 ,gd 0? MOM U . -,, A .. , .,, ,in A 1 i,. I fwdw 5 - ev- b +ve'- Wg Swim wdulv ra hs A' M ffm, 22T'f,fZ22l'Z,25 16.9.-1.4 7V 7""f' 'Zag 6422! . 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Suggestions in the Thomasville High School - Growler Yearbook (Thomasville, NC) collection:

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