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E E E E l 1 1 1 321 3 H 1 nf H 4 1 Q lx wmmwamfmmnwwawwwmmf-.M . fLnawv-wwwwmwXbMMfwwwmNmwwM.yM,w, A , . ,, H, , . .- - f- f . . A , 1951 HARLES ANNA SK1s12N Ni ANNIE Mulwm' MISS LAURA Nliliciu Ifzfjfw' B11fj11w'.a' Mfzlmgw' Azfzirer K 1 THE 1951 GRQWLER PUBUSHEDIH' The Annual Staff CD17 THU MASVILLIQ HIGH SCHQOL THOMASVILLIE, N. ci. Q I 5 K W, 4.21 " ' "ff-Llf""" T"""' W 'g c v. N4 I F, J W , E I u v A. . wir, , . 1 ., L, AY, .V 4 my s 4, L R - A iii? , .Y I I W . 7' '1 1 J H 4 15 lr if i Q1 A S. 2 If, s i, I s ,, L. .rf-Q-s,.,,....,::tiLx.,.,, '. """"" " H' ' ' 4 --:I - -. -"s..-.affair-44, A -, ' 4411.-. 4 . .V -.. ,M 'W , if i 3 1 K 4 K1 W A 4 5 1 I 4 fi .fl Z4 ,3 r IUST EOR YQU CHARLES ANNA SK121iN Edifm'-in-Clvicff AN N E MURPHX' Bzzmlcau' Aflmmgw' A REMINDER OF TREASURED MEMORIES A SOUVENIR FROM US TO YOU DEDICATIO ' MR. L. D. SHEALY, SR. if '? ' J. v For twelve years Coach Shealy's name has been synonymous with clean sportsmanship, fair play, and honest efforts in both athletics and academic training. No student who has come under his influence can help feeling the impact of his personality. During the years that Conch Shealy has heen in Thomasville every phase of athletics in the school has been strengthened through his constant effort to improve the athletic program. Many trophies and honors have heen won by tenms and individuals under his coaching, Quiet and unassuming in manner, Coach Shealy never seeks the limelight, but generously gives his time and efforts to others. As a small gesture of appreciation of him and his strong influence for good, we wish to dedicate this f our 1951 Gmzvf -fr to Mr. L. D. Shealy, Sr. F1111 ADMINISTRATION MR. G. H. ARNOLD S7lLl7z?I'illf677d6'l7f MR. XV. S. HCJRTON l9rinfipal BUARD OF EDUCATION lefi lo right: Dr. R. L. McDonald and Mr. G. H. Arnold. feff fo rigbl: Mr. XV. O. Weldon, Mr. H. NW. Beck, Mr. Ernest Harrell, and Hodgin. FACULTY MISS BETTE ALLISON Home Efofzomivf MRS. E. C. BURRUS Elzgliyb MR. RUFUS G. PLONK, JR. C077Z71l6l'fif1l and Sofia! Srienfe MISS MARGARET ELLEN C077Z7IZ?l'l'f!I! Szzbjefzir MISS E. BAIN JOHNSON Englifh and joizrnalimz MR. LAWRENCE E. PAIGE Direrfijfed Ormltzatiom MR. LEE MILLER Biofogy MRS. JAMES D. OLIVER g Lilnmriafz MISS BETTY MARIE WELCH Maflaezmzticf MR. G. M. EARGLE Mntbemaliff MISS VERA DIXON Sofia! Sriefzfe MR. CHESTER LITWIN Band 'I I I I I I I I I I I I . I 3 I Nix FACULTY MISS ELEANOR HAUSER Pl1y.fiml Edmvztimz and Social Sfiefzce MR. IVAN WELBORN Gwzeml Sfielzfe mm' Clm11i.ff1'y ,I X' QI Y .M s MILDRED EATON gfifh and Sofia! Sviefzfe . Q N5 , FS . bu fy X MR. HARDY HENRY S S KX N' Plvyfinzl Edmvzfirm and Drirer EKJIIKIUIOIZ Q' 'X A X .R MISS ILA L. I-IENSLEY Ml1.IXjK' MISS NAOMI HOWIE Bible MR. L. D. SHEALY Mufhenmtiff and Phyfjml Edzfmliruz MRS. T. J. COVINGTON Lafizz MISS LAURA NEECE Ezzgliyb and Frezzvh MRS. LUCILLE HANES Bookkeeper MRS. JOYCE GORDON Serrelary v K w Y xv. ..--""" ,:,,-A X-.1 .1-HK W., Xa K 'Y' N. Inav 1-041' 7 A 'Aw H'if5"rM, ,X . , , Awmlx. Xxx. X.e,gM , f Q sqm 4. K s S 4 SENIOR CLASS GEEIQCERS First Rauf, left 10 right: Josie Grimes, Treasurerg Pat Shuford, Secretary. Sefofzd Roux' Doyt johnson, Viee-Presi- dentg Donald Moore, President, MASCOTS Carey Eanes Bonnie Sue Taylor SENIOR ADVISERS Mrs. T. Covington Miss Mildred Eaton Miss Bain johnson 'ke H1sToRYioP SENIOR CLASS Enthusiastically, the class that was to go down in history as the class of 1951 entered high school. We were excited about meeting new friends and the wonderful act of changing classes. Soon we settled down and became an inseparable part of the Thomasville High School family. Our class brought together more redheads to T. H. S. than has ever been recorded in the history of the school. Miss Neece was fortunate to teach everyone of them during her seventh period English class. This class she indulgently called her Redheaded Class. , During our freshman year rewards were given to various individuals. Mildred Wilson received five dollars for her theme on Hou' and Why Wfe Should Srzfegzzard Again!! Beverage Alcohol. In the sports world, a midget basketball tourna- ment was sponsored for the first time in Thomas- ville High School. Those 'who helped Thomasville win second place were: Doug Callicutt, Richard McLendon, Bob Myers, Tommy Beard, Bobby johnson, Bill Connell, Dewey Wlelborn and Doug Childress. The boys did very well in baseball, also. Their team went undefeated. Boys on this team were: Bobby Johnson, Bill Connell, Tommy Beard, Bobby Myers and Richard McLendon. The chief executive of our class that year was Bobby johnson. Becoming wise Sophomores at last, we felt very important. A high spot in the activities this year was the Sophomore party. Bobby Myers, Tommy Beard, Doug Childress helped to put Thomasville High School's midget team into the spotlight again by winning first place in the tournament. They also won the sportsmanship trophy. Donald Moore received the honor of making the varsity football team. Daney Melton did likewise by mak- ing the girls' varsity basketball team. ' Paul Berrier was chosen as our president this year. We entered into our Junior year happily and excitedly. This was a very busy year. Our class officers for this year were Donald Moore, presidentg Guy Melton, vice-presidentg Mildred Wilson, sec- retary, Bertha Poole, treasurer. A few of the high spots of our activities were the junior-Senior Prom. The theme used for the prom was Starlight Room. This helped make the evening a success. In the field of music, we were very proud of Allen Wlalter May, Al Boyles, Jr., and jimmy Yokely for receiving an excellent rating at a district contest in Salisbury. In basketball we were proud of Daney Melton and Bobby Johnson for making the Girls' and Boys' varsity basketball team, respectively. Anne Murphy and Daney Milton were our dele- gates to Girls, State during the summer before our senior year. Tex Sluder and james Garrison were delegates to Boys' State. Tex Sluder was elected Secretary of State by the boys attending the con- vention. We entered our last year with a feeling of hap- piness and of anxiety for the future events mingled with a feeling of sadness and regretfulness. Donald Moore was elected our chief executive. 'Other of- ficers were Doyt johnson, vice-president, Patsy Shuford, secretary, and Josie Grimes, treasurer. Our football team made history this year by defeating Children's Home. This was the first time this had ever been done. Sports, studies, elections, senior play, kids' day, junior-Senior Prom and finally commencement filled most of our time for the year. A Daney Melton, Historian SENIORS W f F 'W fsiigizi. ,umm K 3 .., . X trle T ee 2 AYERS BEARD BISHOP BOYLES, JR. Talitha Ayers Future Honienmkers of America 15 Drainaties Club 2: Library Club, President 33 Student Council, Cu-Chairman ol' Svliool Beautiful f'0lllllllttB6 ,tg Marshal -1: Future Teauliers of America. Historian 3. President -13 Tri-lli-Y 4: Co-Cliair- man of Entertainment Connnittee for Junior-Senior Prom 3. Tommy Beard lli-Y l. 41 Audio-Visual Eduuation Club 1: Basketball 1, 2, IS. 1: Baseball l. 2. 3. 4: llolnerooln Secretary and 'Treasurer 33 Fur-is and I-'un Stati' 3. 1: Quill und Scroll 1: Holnerooln President 4. Paul Bcrricr Soplunnore Class President: Delegate to State Student Council Congress 2: Audio-Visual Education Club 1: H-Y 1. 4: Drainatics Club 2. 3. President 3: Revreation Colninittee 2: Chairman of Rem-reation Conunittee 35 Co-Chairman of Inter-Scholastic' and Public Relations Coniniittee 4: Marshal L: Fnvfs and Frm Staff 3, 4: Quill and Svroll. Vice-President I: Student Council 2. 3. 4: Inside 'I'ra1Tiv Patrol 2: Varsity Football 3, 4: Junior liotarian -11 National Honor Society l. jerry Black Audio-Visual lflduvation Club :ig Student Council 4: Home! rooni Devotions Chairinan tg Reporter for "Higl1spots of High School." BERRIER BLACK BROOME BREWER Ann Bishop lll'2llllillflL'S Club lg Debating: Club 4. Al Boyles, Jr. Band 1, 2. 3. I-. President 3: Grozlflvr Staff 2, 3, Treasurer -I: lllee Club RL: Student Couneil 2, 3. -l-1 C0-Cllillflllilll of Attendance Conunittee 3. L: lieereation Committee 2: Midget liasketball 33 Wild Five: Delegate to Student Standard Con- 'ereiu-e 3. Horace Broome Football 1. 2. 3. iz F.F.A. 1. 2. Treasurer 2: Audio-Visual lfldueation Club 3: Bible Club, Vice-President 4: Library Club. President I. Betty Brewer llonierooin Secretary 1, ,Lg Hoineroom Treasurer 21 'l'ri-Hi- Y 2. -1: KCCI'0iltlUll2ll Reading: Club for Vifednesday. President 3: llible Club. President tg Library Club. Vice-President 4: lloinerooin Secretary -4: Nlzirslial 4. SENIDRS if if . f li i af if CALLICUT CAMPBELL CHANDLER CHILDRESS Douglas Callicutt Basketball 1. 2. 3. 8: Basketball. Football. and Baseball Manager 3. 4: Baseball 1: Hi-Y 1. 2. 3. 4: Student Cmiucil 3. t: Audio-Visual l"lllll1'2ltlIlll l: Drammtics Club 1, Vice- Prcsiclent 1: I'lOIlleI'00lll Vice-l'1'csicler1f 2. Dorothy Campbell Dl'illll5ltlCS Club 2: Reading: RCl'l'02ltlUIlill Club 3: Divcrsiilccl Ormlpzltiml 4. jean Cassidy llouuwouln S9l'l'Ct2ll'Y 1: llnmmlivs Club 1: llaskeilmll l: R1-:ailing Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y tg Future Ilunleiuakcrs of Alll0l'll'1l 1. Mary Lou Cauble linux! 1. 2, 3. lg Future lloiuoumkers nf America 1. 2, 35: Vivo-l'l'0si1lei1t 1: Mills Home Choir QS. 1. CASSIDY CAUBLE COFFEE CONNELL Evelyn Chandler 'l'ri-Hi-Y 3: Bible Club l: Aucliu-Visual Educulirm 2: Diversi tied Occupation 4: Reading: Vluh 3. Douglas Childress Hi-Y 1. 1: Audiu-Visual l'lllll02ltl0ll Club 1: Midget Basket ball 2, 3: Rezuliug Club 3. john Coffee .Ll1lll0'VlSlllll l4iKlll1'illlUll Club 1: Iluuzl 1. 2. Bill Connell Football 1. 2. 3, -I: lluskutbull 1. 2. 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2. 3, 4 llomeroom Presixlcut 23 Audio-Visual Education Club 1 Drnluzltics Club 1: l'rL-siilout I: Hi-Y 1. 41 Scrgcalllt-:lt-Arlm l. SE IDRS CRANFORD CURTIS DAVIS DICKENS Doris Cranford 'l'ri-Hi-Y l: l'hotng:rapliy Club 4: Bible Club Vt: First Aid and Safety Club 2: Treasurer 4. Ralph Curtis Football 1. 2, 3, Captain -L: Future Farmers of America Club 1, 2: Basketball 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, -1: Library Club 3. Barbara Day Glee Club 1. 2, 3. 1: Trio 2. 3: Quartet 2. Norma Davidson Study Club 1, 2, 3, 4. DAY DAVIDSON DOWNEY, R. DOWNEY, V. Ray Davis Hi-Y l: Diversitied Occupation 3. at. Kenneth Dickens l-lihle Club, Vice-President 3: Ili-Y 4: Senior Dminaties -1. Robert Downey Future Farmers nf America 1. 2. Vice-President 1: Football: Basketball: Baseball: Diversified Occupation 1. Vannie Downey Hoinerooni President 3: Honieroom Treasurer 4: Drum Majorette for Mills Home Band 3, 4: Mills Home Choir 1, 2. 3. 1: Basketball 1: Softball 1. SE IQRS cfm? i ELGIN GARRISON Edna Elgin ELLER GRIMES langlisli Club 1: Future llUllll'lllilkL'l'S nf America flub 1. :L Secretary 2. Delegate to Statc Rally 2: Bible Club :iz First Aid and Safety Club. Secretary L: Sportsmansliip and Serv- ice Club L Mary Louise Eller Library Club 2. 3: Diversified Occupation i Don Ray Eritts Divci'sitio.-cl Occupation l. Eleanor Foster Y-Teens 1: Tri-Hi-Y 2. 31 First Aid and Safety Club 2. 31 Flag Carriers 3. 'tg Hnmeronin 'Vrcasurcr 2g Homeromn Vice- President 33 Diversified Occupation I. FRITTS FOSTER HAMPTON HANNER james Garrison l-'nntball 2. 3. 1: Basketball 2. 3. 4: Baseball 2. 3: Future Farmers of America Z. 3: National Honor Society 1. josic Grimes llumeroom Secretary and Treasurer 1: Dramaties Club 1. 3: Faris rind Fun Staff 1. Zi, 1: Student Council 2, 3, tg Chair- man of Clubs Committee 25 Co-Chairman of Health Room Committee 31 Cn-Chairman of Inter-Scholastic and Public Relations Committee 1: lllee Club 2: Flag-Bearer 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3, iz Cllillrlllilll of Publicity Committee 3, 1, Secretary I-1 Senior Class Treasurer 1: Homerunm Secretary 'tg Uilice Committee ti-3 Library Committee 4: Sportsmanship and Service Club 1: Quill and Scroll 4: Program Committee for Junior-Senior Prom 3: Delcgate to North Carolina Student Congress 2: B.I'.VV. Girl. Clmrles Hampton Ill-X L: Audio-Xlsual luducatlnn Club 3: xlilllhfllillll Klub :ig lliversiticd Occupation ig Bible Club 3. Emma Hanner Amlio-Yifual Education Club 1: Bible Club 33 First Aid and Safety Club ig Library Club 1. SE IGRS HARRISON HARTSELL HILL, .IEANETTE HILL, JOYCE HILLIARD HIX HUFFMAN IVEY I I I I f Peggy Harrison Bettie Hilliard SIIIIIUIII,CUllIll'lI1 Svlluul Bc-nutit'ul Cuuuuittm-0 2: Clmirmzm Ilruluaitics. l'rvsinI0ut 15 Iluskctlmll 1. 2: Tri-Ili-Y 1. 2: I ul' Svlurul llozlutiful COIIIIIIIIIOL' Il: fIIlAfIll1lll'lll1ill of Clubs S0l'I'fSlPll'Y ut' Ilumoroom 1. 2: Sturlcut Cnuuvil 1: Aurliu- Cmuumittcc I: Y-'l'00us 1: 'I'ri-Ili-Y. Cllillllflill 3. 'IZ Dl'2llll2lti1'S Visual Eclllvzltiml 2. 3: lim-auliug Club 25: Arts and Crafts 2: Fm-fs mul Fun Stuff 3: SIJIIIWSIIILIIISIIID :uul Service Club Club 3: Bible Club -Ig Divclwitlenl 0CCllD1ltI0ll 4. W I: Arts and Crafts Club 2: Class 'I're:isurcr. Judy Hix DOIISIIIS I-IIHGISCII lisuul 1. 2. ti. I. Seuretury Si: 1"ll1'tS1IllII1 Fun Stall' 1: Dru- lli-Y 1: Aucliu-Yislinil EIIIICSIIIUII 1: Druluntim-s 2: First Airl IWIIIVS UNI, 13 V109 UPI' 23 3- 11 5111110111 IUUUVII 2- 3- 11 I :xml Safety Club 33 First Aid :xml Safety Club 43 l'l1otug- """U'l"" sniff 11 Debflflllii UNIV 4- rapby Club 1. I I I Edgar Huffman JCLIIICIIC IIIYY l. I: l4'outbull 2. 3. Ig 3I1lll0gl'llIll Club Ii. 1: l-'irst Aid I I :nul Safety 3. I I Joyce Hill I I Y-'ll-cus 1: Allllltl-XIISUIII l'llllll'Slll0Il 1: SoL'1'A't:lry of Suplm- Joan Icy , more Class: lliblc Club 31 llmueromu IlIl'L'2lSlIl'Cl' 32 Ulllcu 'I'ri-Ili-Y 1. 21 Auclio-Visual l'lilllCiltl0ll Club I. 2: Divcrsiticml Club Treasurer I. fll'l'llIlIltlUll 3. I. 16 SE IORS -. ' xEIfl5E"Zg3 WE" JARRELL JOHNSON, B. JOHNSON, D. KANOY KENNEDY LITTLE MAY MCLENDON Sam Jarrcll Carolyn Kennedy Midget Basketball I. 2: Basketball Il. ,tg Baseball 31 F.F,A. Y-Teens lg l,l'illlHltlCS 1. 21 Arts and Crafts 21 'treasurer of Club 1, 2. Ilolneroom :lg Ottico Club and Committee R: Bible Club 3: Bobby Johnson Ili-Y l. -L: President of Freslunan Class lg Audio-Visual lflduration Club lg Outside Patrol lg Varsity Baseball 1, 2. :L 12 Varsity Basketball tl, -tl Student Count-il 1. 2. 3. 4. Sergzeant-at-Arms 2: Monogram Club 1. 2. il. 4: Chairman of Lost and Found Committee 3. Doyt johnson Student Couueil l. 2. 3. 4: Homeroom President 1: Ili-Y 1: Audio-Visual lg Co-Chairman of Health Room 21 llramativs 2: Assistant Manager of Student Store 3: Managzer of Stu- dent Store lt: Vice-President ot' Class tg Forts and Full Staff 3. Martha .lane Kanoy Y-Teens I: Dranmtics 23 Arts and Crafts, Treasurer 2: Co- Clllllflllllll of Auditorium Committee Il: School Beautiful Committee 3: Elections Committee 3: Student Count-il 3. -1, 'Treasurer 1: Tri-Hi-Y, Co-Chairman of Publicity. Vice- President -1: Otlicc Committee 4: Sportsmanship and Service Club. President 4: Treasurer of Honu-room. Homeroom Devotion Chairman 31 Student Counuil tl Presi- dent of Oltive Club 4: Chairman ot' Olllve Cninxnittet- I. Blair Little I-,l1.A. l. 2. treasurer 2: Basketball l. 2: Bass-bali I. 2: Football 1. 2. 3. 1: llolneroorn Vit-e-l'rosident 241 Bible Club .l. Library Club :iz Debating: Club 34. 1. President It: Student Counuil. Devotions Chairman L: l-lonu-room Ilevotions Chair- lllilll lf. Allen Wfaltcr May Band 1. tl: llivcrsitied Ovuupaltions l. Richard McLcndon llralnatil-s Club 1. 23 llomeroom President l. Il, l: Vice- Prestdent nf l'lOlllL'l'OOllt 21 Outside Patrol 1. 2: Baseball 2. .l. I-1 Student Council 8. I: Monogram Club Il. 1: Basketball 1. llivt t: Manager ot' Football 'l'valn 1: Captain ot' Outside Patrol .L L SE IORS McMAHON MELTON, D. MURPHY MYERS Carol McMahon Y-Teens 11 l".ll.A. 2: Tri-Ili-Y. Vice-President 3. Progrranl Co-Chairman 4: Sportsmanship and Service -t. Dancy Melton Library Club l: Ilrainatics Club 1: Horne-room Devotions Chairman l: l4'.ll.A. Club 2. 3: Arts and Crafts Club 2: Basketball 2. 3: Chairman of Hoineroonl Clean Up Connnittce 2: I'l0lll6l'll0Ill Treasurer 3: Grofrlvr Staff 3: Oflive Tech- niques Club IS: Bible Club 3: National Ilonor Society. Sec- retary 4: D. 0. Club 1: Marshal L: ltlonogram Club 4: Class Historian lg Most Athletic Senior Girl 1: Girls State Delc- gate 3. Guy Melton Hi-Y 1, 4. 'l'reasurer: First Aid and Safety Club. President 3: Football 2, 3. 4: Monogram 3. 4: Vice-President .lunior Class 3: Vice-President of Honierooni 4: C0-Captain of Football Team 4: Audio-Visual Education Club 1. 2: Out- side Patrol l. 2: Inside Patrol l. 2: Draniatics 2. l-. Donald Moore Hi-Y I. 4, President 4: Honierooln President 2: Monogram Club 2. 3. 4: National Honor Society 3. 4. Treasurer 4: Junior Rotarian li Student Council rs. 1: Class President 3. 4: First Aid and Safety. Vice-President 3: Marshal ll Bible Club 1: Football 1. 2. 3. Co-Captain 4. MELTON, G. MOORE PICKLESIMER POOLE Anne Murphy Drainatics Club l. 2. 3. L, Reporter 23 Faris and Fun Stall' 1, 2. 3. Editor :tg Hrou'I+'7' Staff. Business Manager 1: Stu' dent Council 2. 3. L: Arts and Crafts 2. Secretary and lie! porter: Tri-Hi--Y, Secretary 3. President 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4. Secretary I: Manager of Basketball 'l'eani ri. 4: Girls State Delegate li lJ.A.R. Good Citizen 1: C0-Clllllflllllll of Health Room 2: ll.l'.VV. Girl lg Delegate to N.C.S.C.C, 3: Inside Publicity Committee 3: Co-Chairman of Publicity 4: Monogram Club lg Recreation flUlllllllll0L' 2: .Iournalisln Trophy VVinncr 3: Co-Chairman of l'lIlfL'l'l2lllllll0lll for Junior' Senior Prom 25. Bobby Myers Baseball 1. 2. tl. I: Ili-Y 1. 1: Basketball l.: Audio-Visual lidueation l. 2: Fm-fs mul Fun Stall' 3. 4. Sports Editor -12 President of Quill and Scroll 4: Senior Class Prophet ll BIOIIUEHIIII Club l. 2. 3. 1: Visual Education Club 1. Joyce Picklcsimer Y-Teens Club 1: Ilranlatics Club 1, 2: Bible Club 3: 'l'ri- Ili-Y lg Library Club 4. Bertha Poole F.H.A. Club 1. 2: First Aid and Safety Club 4: Basketball 3. 4: Glee Club l: Class Treasurer 25: Bible Club. Treasurer Il: Freshman ldngrlish Club 1. SE POPPE PRINCE ROGERS, A. ROGERS, C. Ted Poppe Catherine Prince l4.Il.A. tluh. Secretary 1. lresident 2: Class lliziplzun l I'l:iss Vive-l'resident 2: Glee Club. Vice-President 2. t. Scr- retury 3: Band 3, I: French Club 2: Inside l'ublit-ily Cmn- lnittev 3: Dehzitingz. Secretary 4. 'Bill Rapp uf Lust and Fmnul Connnittee I. Edward Richardson l'IUlll1'l'Ulllll President l. 3: Bible Club 3. i Faris mul Fun Stuff 3, 4: Student Council 1: f'Il'I'Il!lIl'IllIll'I IDRS RAPP RICHARDSON ROTHROCK RUSSELL Audene Rogers First Aid :ind Safety 2: lliblv l'lub I: Senior Drulnzltics Club. Charlotte Rogers Senior DI'1llll1lllt'S Vluh. Sandra Rothrock Dmlnaltics. Secretary 23 National Honor Society EI: School Beautiful Conunittec :sg firm:-lm' Start' ,Ig Quill and Sr-rnll 4: Band. Secretary I: Student Council. Mozclle Russell Drailuutics 2: lloinerumu Treasurer 2: First Aid and Safety 2: Sportsmanship and Service 1: 'l'rifHi-Y 4: Mbool Beauti- ful Conunittee fl: Student Counuil. t'o-Cliuirinun of Clubs VOIIIIIIIIIEO 1: l"lUlll0I'IIOIIl Sevretziry 4. I9 SENIGRS X . i , I 4 tg Q t fi ,- SAUNDERS, JR. SEBASTIAN SKEEN SLUDER XV. K. Saunders, jr. Hi-Y Club 1: Audio-Visual Education Club 1: Junior Varsity Football 2: Outside Patrol 2: Basketball 4: Student Council 4: Inside Patrol 4. Edith Sebastian Homeroom Secrctary-Treasurer l: Y-Teens, Secretary-'l'reas- urer 1: Dl'ilIIltlllL'S 1. 3: Bible Club 3: Diversiiied Occupations 4. Troy Segcrs Hi-Y Club 1: Dramatics 4. Patsy Shuford Glee Club 1, 2: Student Council 2, 3, 4: Chairman of School Beautiful Committee 2: Secretary nf Student Body 3: Chief Marshal 4: Drainatics Club 3: National Honor Society 3. -iz Program Chairman 4: Growler Staff 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Delegate to North Carolina Student Congress 3: B.I'.W. Girl. SEGERS SHUFORD STEWART TOLEN Charles Anna Skccn Facts mul Iilllll Staff 1, 3: Draniatics l. 2: Homeroom Secre- tary 2: Arts and Craft. Vice-President 3: Homeroom Vice- President 3: Student Council 3, 4: Chairman of Grounds Committee 3: School Beautiful Committee 2: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Sportsiiifanship and Service Club 4: Delegate to Student Standard Conference of Greensboro 3: Quill and Scroll. Treasurer li Cheerleader 3. 8: fi1'o11'1r1' Staff 3: Editor of Grow-Icr 1: Monogram Club 4. Tex Sluder Dramatics 1. 2. 3. 4: Hi-Y 1: Lost and Found Committee 2: Student Council 3, 4, Vice-President 3. President 4: National Honor Society 3, 4, President 4: Vice-President of Home- l'UUlll 2: Junior ltotarian 4: Delegate to Boys' State 4: Delegate to N.C.S.S.S. 4. Vivian Stewart F.H.A. Club 1: Bible Club 4: Drainatics 2, 4: Tri-HiHY Club 4. Bill Tolcn Band 1. 2. 3. 4: lland Librarian 2. 3. 4: Arts and Crafts l. President iz Audio-Visual Education Club 4: Hi-Y 4. SE IORS TYSINGER WARD WALL WARDLAW Betty Sue Tysinger Dramzitius 1: 'l'ri-Hi-Y 2: Library Club 2, 3: Reading Club 3: Diversified Occupations 4. Donald llobby Club 1. Elizabeth Dl'ilIIHlfll'S 1. 2. 3, ig Recreation 3. L: Chairman of Auditorium of Sanitation Committee 3. Lucy Nell Audio-Visual Education Club 1: Committee 3: Student Council. mittee lg 'l'ri-Hi-Y 4. Wfall Walker Committee: Student Council Committee lv: CU-Cllillflllilll Walters F.H.A. Club 2: Sanitation Chairman of Grounds Com- WALKER WILKIE WALTERS WILSON Tommy Ward Hi-Y Club 1: Bible Club -1. David Wardlaw Band 1. 2. 3: Hi-Y 1. 2. 3. 1. President 3: Audio-Visual l'lduCation 2: Diversified Occupations 4: First Aid and Safety Committee 3: Baseball 3. 4: Football 1: Basketball 1: Sani- tation Committee 33 Bible Club 3. Elmer Wilkie Diversilfied Occupations 3, fl. Bob Wilson Homeroom President 1. 1: Dranmtics 1. 2. 1: Student Coun- cil 1. 4: Diversitied Occupations 31 Class Vice-President 2. 21 SENIORS in A , is wu.soN wooo WRIGHT i YATES YOKELEY l i l 19 51 Mildred Wilson Homeroom Scvrctary-Treasurer 1: Ilramativs Club. Prosiilcnt 1: Student Council 1: Homeruom Treasurer 2: Tri-Hi-Y. Vice-Presiclvnt 2: Class Secretary tl: lteailinf: and Recrea- tional Club 3: Sanitation Committev 3: Bible Club 3: llumcf room 'l'rcasu1'cr L: l".H.A. Club. Secretary L. Evelyn Wood F.H.A. Club 1: Library Club 2. tl: llramatics 2: ltcacling Club 3: Divvrsiticd Occupations Club I. n , ,, 7 ,,,, Betty Wright tilee Club 1. 2: liiblc Club 3: Dramatics Club 4. Treasurer Sanitation Couunittve 3, 1: Library Committee 1. Betty Yates Library Club 2: Draniatics 2. 3. I. Sci-rctarv 1: Frifix mul Fun Staff 1: Student Council I-1 llrum Nilaiorette Ii t Sanitation Committee 3. Chairman Ii: llmuurooui Vice-l'resi alcut 4. jimmy Yokelcy Ili-Y 1. 1: Aurlio-Visual 1: Dramatics Club 2. Vice-l'rcsicl0ut 2: Student Couuvil 2. 3: Co-Chairman of Aualitorium Com mittee 3: llaml 1. 2. ri. t: Vice-President of Baud 3, 4. "A xr, 9 f y V "HIGH SPQTSN SMRPRISE 5' 6 ff Q 5US?'IC19U5? -f -. 4 . A 'X ,59 N is if 'Q F., X n ,, Rf jj' H 'I 5 I . 3 vfgg . W A3 2 'S x W V . ., Q, ,i in 1, 5 ,,-,..,qg .ML . - .M 5, ,,..:. 3 Ln Ti-.V ,L .1 'F 6 In i'iR'll'! my - If mi fin R ALVYQFEZ ffhffhfi Fi 14-r .,,, ,f -.A ,fi -- X , . fl 1 'WW ow if Uk R ms :som His 'TQQ .f ww .snzamns 1951. r . 'k :nf T 1 , 1 4-ngwzw' Q 1 .h HELLO mf I We L , , k i ' ' ,' ., -Q , I V 5 . , A . xg: . A i , , 7 , -Q N: f lf , 'M , gl ' -,, x ,H . ', , V fl' gg , Ja Ymfaff, 531153425153 M . A my f- fi A BOGIE ' VERY WELL 1 Bays I V., nw. DV iv ,,. i y gk I, A j ig X , ,, A . ., ,.,. N ,, ., W K .,'.,v,.,,-mv., F T THEY GRGWL FOR YOU V" VVl1'k'fY CQ?5E?i5x LM.. Man alive, it certainly is nice to be resting comfort- ably on this soft bed after simply "running wild" at the newspaper office today. I really am tired. Being Sports Editor of a daily newspaper QTlae TlJ071ld.f1f'ill8 Tribune is now a dailyj keeps a man busy these days, especially covering all the activities at Thomasville High. But wait a moment, just now have I noticed the calendar which reads: May 51, 1961. Surely, I re- member that date. It was exactly ten years ago tonight that I, along with the Senior Class of 1951, walked across the stage of Thomasville High School for the final graduation exercises. Guess that has been such a long time that there is little use thinking about it, so I'd better get some sleep. fThere was no sound sleeping that night, for these things kept running through my mindjz Tommy Beard, my best high school chum who never let me down, is now the owner of a huge tex- tile mill in "Hogeye" Thomasville. He's doing fine. Married, too. Paul Berrier couldn't forget Fords. That's why he's foreman of a large department in Ford works at De- troit, Michigan. The former Miss Josie Grimes is right there too as well as the two children. Al Boyles, "legs and all," Allen Walter May, and Jimmy Yokely, have been members of a nationally known jazz band for three years. They were in town not long ago, stopping off here while on tour through the country. Mrs. Jimmy Yokely QMartha Kanoyj came along with Jim. But Mrs. Boyles stayed in Holly- wood with the children. Pat Shuford, Daney Melton, Talitha Ayers, and Tex Sluder had excellent college scholastic records and all four have gone into high ranking positions. Tex is the only member of the foursome who remained in Thomasville. Now, we find Ralph Curtis owner of a large print- ing establishment in Mebane, N. C., set up on the proposed site of Mills Home Baptist Orphanage, be- fore officials decided to move it to Thomasville. Sammy "Pluto" Jarrell is publisher of the bi-weekly newspaper, known as The Enquirer. Although Bobby Johnson attended the University of North Carolina for two years, he left school to accept a professional baseball contract with the Atlanta Crackers, Atlanta, Georgia. Graduating from Campbell Junior College, Bill Connell finds time away from his hosiery mill, located on Gray Street, to play a little sand lot baseball. Bill's married the did that at collegej, and two boys call him "daddy." CLASS PRGPHECY Vannie Downey and Bertha Poole did quite well for themselves in the romance department. Vannie spoke vows three years ago with a lawyer and Bertha is the wife of a prominent New York stockholder. She resides in New York City. But, Mary Cauble is still as shy as always and chooses to be an "old maid." Montana attracted Betty Ann Wright so much that she and husband, Don Holland, are happily settled in Butte. Important figures in a local five and ten cent store here are Joyce Picklesimer and Betty Cassidy. We have a clue on Anne Murphy, you remember the "jack of all trades" during her high school days. Anne graduated from Catawba College in '55 and is now the wife of a handsome guy she met in college. She has three little girls, all with yep--red hair. Doug Callicut and Dave Wardlaw now operate their own drug concern here in town. Doug is the chief pharmacist, but Dave still likes, despite his position, to jerk sodas. I-Ie does a little upholstering as an avocation. Can you imagine! Doug Hartsell proprietor of a skating rink in High Point, "Bogie" McLendon the best painter in town, Blair Little pastor of Mills Home Baptist Churchgilidna Elgin a stewardess for Capitol Airlinesg Bobby Wilson still in the metal business Cpiping and gutteringjg Walter Saunders QW. K.J a physician in Dentong and Carol McMahon owner and operator of the Pioneer Restaurant? Majoring in English at Harvard University, Jerry Black is now working with the Federal Government as professor in an atomic research plant at Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Radio and television are sideline hobbies. Dewey Wfelborne settled down in Thomasville after high school graduation, married Thelma Tony, from Mills Home, and has a boy and a girl. After graduating from UNC, Guy Melton and Don Moore, two outstanding high school gridders, took up coaching as their profession. Don is head mentor at Monroe High School, while Guy pilots a team in West Virginia. Professor of Sociology at Woman's College, Greens- boro, is Mildred Wilson. Carolyn Kennedy is a secretary in Winston-Salem and her high school chum, Joyce Hill, is now Mrs. Richard Floyd. - Troy Segers and Edward Richardson didn't get enough of motor bike riding in their high school days, so they formed a partnership and went into the motorcycle business in Wilmington, N. C. Reports in- dicate that Donald Wall is with them. Nineteen Hundred Fift There is no question about Elenor Foster's happi- ness. She's still here with joe. They tell me Don Fritts stepped into his brother's shoes as engineer at the local radio station, and that Doyt johnson runs a concession stand on the side and is also forman over the boarding room at the Maurice Hosiery Mills. He also is a great rabbit hunter. Big Ed Huffman is owner of a construction com- pany in Denton, N. C. After attending the University of North Carolina for four years, Charles Anna Skeen and Peggy Harri- son got little chance to use their education. Both mar- ried college sweethearts. One of the boys originally attended and graduated from T.H.S. Betty jo Brewer, Evelyn Chandler, Dorothy Camp- bell, Doris Cranford, Mary Eller, and Betty Hilliard found the "lucky" boy before they could get to college. Last reports indicated that they are all living in Thomasville. Skipping town immediately after graduation, Horace Broome and Robert Downey landed in New York, where Horace acquired a job as insurance salesman and Robert found newspaper work more enjoyable. Horace is unmarried, but has a slew of women on his heels, so they say. Barbara Day went to South Carolina to meet a certain fellow and stayed. She's happily married and resides in Columbia, S. C. Charles Hampton is now superintendent of Maurice Mills, Inc., and has Ray Davis, joe Bryant, and Elmer Wilkie over various departments. It didn't take Ted Poppe very long to establish a dancing school in Thomasville. After slaving through college, Catherine Prince finally got to marry a red-haired lad who graduated three years before she did. Did you think that Bill Rapp would ever follow in his dad's footsteps and become a banker? He did. Tommy Ward owns the Reid Street Grocery all by himself! Bill Tolen is a mathematics professor at State College. The "honorable" john Coffee is manager of the Big Bear Super Market here and has in his pipe col- lection a total of one hundred. Ann Bishop is now living in her hometown, Kings Mountain, N. C. Kenneth Dickens is working in a chemical plant at Wilmington, N. C. One Those two girls, Mozelle Russell and Sandra Roth- rock, who were jus' so sweet on their high school chums fooled everyone by taking off to business school. Sandra's now a secretary for a New York poli- tician, while Mozelle has gained a job in a swank Chicago department store where she and husband live. Vivian Stewart, Charlotte Rogers, and Audene Rogers are all happy and making no fuss after eight years of married life. Thomasville Dry Goods Company would be lost without the guiding hand of Betty jean Yates. After her father's decision to retire, Elizabeth Walker has the title of the only woman "glasses fitter and maker and seller" in town. Three of the best nurses in these parts these days are Lucy Nell Walters, Betty Sue Tysinger, and Evelyn Wcicmd. Doug Childress joined best friend Billy Coggins in South Carolina after graduation-and found a certain lady who made him stay. One of the local beauty salons is owned and op- erated by Norma Davidson. Before leaving we must have an "old maid"-please don't be wrong with us, joan Ivey! Well, the years have come and the years have gone-but they've been fun anyway-wherever or however they have been spent-for now-nothing is left but the memories of what once happened ten years ago in Thomasville High School. Bye now, Bob Myers Class Prophet S5 l 1 BEST LOOKING BLRTHA Poomi HORACIS Bnoomrs MOST LIKELY TO SUCCQEED ' PAT SHUFORD Tlax Snumalz BEST ALL-ROUND MILDIUQD WILSON DONALI3 Moonn SENIOR SUPERLATIVES MOST POPULAR MARTHA KANOY GUY MliL1'ON MOST ATHLETIC DANEY MISLTON BOBBY UIOHNSON BEST SPORT SANDRA ROTHROCK DONALD MOORE BEST DANCER IVIARTHA KANOX' RICHARD MCLIENDON MOST ORIGINAL ANNIZ MURPHY AL Bowles, JR. XVITTIIEST BILL CONNELL VANNIIQ DOXXINIEX' SENIOR SUPERLATIVES BEST DRESSED CAROL NICMAHON DOYT JOHNSON sf 'IW MOST INTELLECTUAL TALITHA AYERS TEX SLUDISR MOST BASHFUL MARY CAUBL12 KENNETH DICKIZNS LAST WILL AND TESTAMEN We, the members of the Senior Class of 1950-51, being of fairly sound bodies and minds only slightly affected from "cramming" for exams, do hereby make our last will and testament. Although the thoughts of leaving our beloved school make our hearts sad, we realize that we must leave and meet the challenges of life. It matters not where we go, we will never forget our dear Alma Mater. Since we are taking our many cherished memories of Thomasville High School with us, it is our desire to leave with our friends a few material articles. ARTICLE I To our Alma Mater, we leave our matchless love and loyalty. May we strive to attain the high ideals for which it stands. ARTICLE II To a considerate and patient faculty and principal, we leave our sincere appreciation for helping to make our school such a wonderful place in which to pre- pare for the future. ARTICLE III . We leave the wonderful times we have had in high school to all underclassmen, in the hope that they will enjoy them as well as we have. To the junior class, we bequeath our senior privileges. The individuals of the senior class do will the following articles: I, Bobby "Fireball" Johnson, do hereby will my ability to pitch baseball to Bobby "Sleepy" Sink, in hopes that he does a better job of it than I did. I also will my position on the basketball team to Jack Lyndon. I, Doyt Johnson, do hereby will my nickname, "Stupid," to Patty Sue Hall. We, Bettie Hilliard and Bertha Poole, leave our love for work and each other to Nellie Caudle. I, Betty Anne Wright, do hereby will my good times in second period study hall to Mildred Coggins. To all underclasmen, I leave Thomasville High School, complete with a wonderful faculty, junior- senior proms, football games, and twirp season, hop- ing they will have as much fun as I've had. I, Edward Richardson, do hereby will to Jimmy Owen my "position" at the A 84 P Store. To Miss Welch, I do leave my compass, protector, and geom- etry book for her own personal use during the summer vacation. I, Ann Bishop, do will my sweet personality to Ann Jester, and to Johnny Prevo, I will my love for music. To all freshmen who in later years will be fortunate enough to have Miss Johnson for an English teacher, I will my love for English. I, Vannie Downey, will to Dotty, Evelyn, and Jerry the privilege of looking after Dale. Remember, girls, don't do too good a job. I, Tom Beard, will my ability to play basketball to Ann Jester. I leave my good times in T.H.S. to every- body, hoping that they will have as many good times as I've had. I, Eleanor Foster, do leave to Dorthy Huffman, my nickname, "Shorty," To Jackie Primm, I leave my position as a flag carrier, in hopes that she can march much better than I. I, Charles Hampton, leave to Jean "Kitten" Russell all the joys and happiness I have found in high school. To my brother, Hollis, I leave my ability to play sports, in hopes that one of us succeeds. I, Bill Connell, will to Bill Garrett my ability to hit a baseballg and my ability to kick a football to my brother, Joe. Also, I bequeath my freckles to Diana Jones. I, Talitha Ayers, will my ability to read in French to Joyce Bean, and my love of Miss Neece to any- one who is fortunate enough to have her for a teacher. I also will my love of English to Barbara Peters. I, Charles Anna Skeen, do will my exciting times while cheerleading to Nancy Myersg and also luck to the lucky person who becomes editor of the Gmufler next year. You will love it. I, Betty Jo Brewer, do will my position at the desk in the library to anyone who feels capable of being Mrs. Oliver's right hand assistant. I, Ray Davis, do hereby will my ability to get along with Mr. Paige to Howard Coker. I, Ted Poppe, leave all my school troubles to any- body who wants to accept them. LAST WILL AND TESTAIVIE T I, jean Cassidy, will my seat in Mr. Plonk's class to Ann Jester, and my friendship with a girl like "Pickle" to those who need it. I, Norma Davidson, do hereby will my love for the name, Bill, to jean McCarn, in hopes that in the future she will stick to Tom, Dick, or Harry. I, Mozelle Russell, do hereby will my ability to be a true love to Doris Anne Jones and my good times at Thomasville High School to Iris Hinkle. I, Horace Broome, do will and bequeath to Harry Smith and Eddie Branch my position at fullback. Boys, make that end sweep clean as Broome did. I, Robert Downey, do hereby will to Wyatt Mooney my reputation of being the biggest eater at the Wat- son House. joan Ivey wills her ability to remember Macbeth to Doris F1'ye, and some of her excuses to get out of D. O. to all underclassmen. I, Tommy W'ard, do hereby will my imzbilily to chew gum in Mrs. Covington's class to anyone who can get away with it. Also, I will my ability to laugh about "anything" to Doyle Delancy Duke. I, Peggy Anne Harrison, do will my wonderful times in high school to Ethel Mae Lassiter. To jimmy Beck, I bequeath my nickname, "Hotrod," hoping he will appreciate it better than I. I, Emma Hanner, do will my seat in Miss Johnson's English class to my brother, Zeb. I, Carolyn Kennedy, do hereby will to Betty jean Luther my job in the OIIICC during seventh period and the many good times I have had in T.H.S., in hopes that she will enjoy them as much as I. I, Bob E. "Smokey" Myers, do hereby leave my position on the baseball team to "Froggy" Shumaker, in hopes that he and Bobby Sink will come through. I, Blair Little, do will to Eddie Branch my left guard position on the Mills Home football team. Re- member: Eddie, the bigger they come, the harder they fall. I, Richard "Bogie" McLendon, do hereby will my ability to dance to jack Lyndon. To anybody that can play baseball, I leave my position on the baseball team. I, Tex Sluder, will my success in school to Theodore Franklin Harrison, jr., who, I think, will make use of it. I, Pat Shuford, will my position as chief marshal to the person selected next year, in the hope that he will have as much fun as I have had. I, Sandra Rothrock, will my ability to drive a car to Sybil Hinkle, and my ability to bring up the rear of the band to anyone who can. I, Allen Walter May, do hereby will my trumpet to Ellis jackson, hoping that with it, he will find the happiness I have found in my high school career. I, W. K. Saunders, jr., do hereby will my seat in Mr. Plonk's economics and bookkeeping classes, with all the good times that I have had, to any rising junior or senior. I, Evelyn Wood, do will my slenderness to Mrs. Oliver, so that she can eat all the bread, gravy, and potatoes she wants. I, Douglas Hartsell, do hereby will my ability to get along with Miss Eaton to Edgar Cranford. I leave my ability to "get things going" in Mr. Plonk's class to any rising senior who likes to "get them going." I, Paul Berrier, do leave my love for T.H.S. and my ability to lose elections to my sister, "Sis" Berrier. My position on the bench playing football, I leave to Bill Garrett. , I, Betty Sue Tysinger, do hereby will my height to Joyce Bean. I, Donald Wall, will my typing book and type- writer to Stanley Wright, in the hope that he doesn't make as many errors as I did. I, Martha jane Kanoy, doqhereby leave my "gift of gabn and the "art" of talking with my hands to Her- man Dunning. To Ernest Perkins, I leave my ability to go steady for more than a monthg and to all in- coming students, I bequeath my four wonderful years of high school. I, Martha jane Kanoy, do hereby hope to leave. I, Doris Cranford, will my typewriter to "jerry" Segers. My love for baseball players, I leave to Caro- lyn Smith. LAST WILL AND TESTAME I, Kenneth Dickens, will my record of never having been tardy for school to any future John Coffees. To next year's senior class, I leave the joy I have re- ceived from entering school by the front entrance. I bequeath my typing ability to Jimmy Beck. I, Ralph Curtis, will my knowledge of English grammar to Ray Mooney, and hope he has an easier time with it than I did. I, Donald Moore, do hereby leave to "Gil" Batten my position at center and my speed on covering punts. I, Douglas Callicutt, do will my ability to auction to anyone who is crazy enough to attempt it. I will my ability to act to my sister, Carolyn Callicutt. I, Jerry Black, will my ability to get teachers off the subject in discussions to Ernest Perkins, who needs to distract their attention some way. To Gene Earnhart, I leave my pet French sentences I used to say to all the girls, in the hope that he will carry on where I left off. I leave my love for symphonic music to William Palmer. who looks like an up and coming "long hair." I, James Garrison, hereby do will all my love and "half of my big toe" to Nell Williams. I, Charlotte Rogers, do bequeath my single life to Betty Jane Legans. I leave my last year in high school to Fay Dean Crotts. I, Josie Grimes, do hereby bequeath to Jackie Primm my position as flag carrier in the band. To David Long, I leave my ability to go steady for more than a week, I will my seat beside Miss Johnson's desk to anyone who is lucky enough to get it. I, Edna Elgin, with all my "sisterl-y" love, do here- by will to Shirley Griiiin my wonderful times in Thomasville High School, and with them, the mis- fortune of keeping teachers company after school! I, Anne Murphy, do will my love for all publication staffs and radio broadcast, "High Spots" to anyone that has a large enough "nose for news." I also do here- by bequeath to all underclassmen my wonderful times at T.H.S. I leave my love for blue Packards to Miss Betty XVelch, managing basketball teams to Sylvia Beck, and the ability to be consistently tardy or absent from 7th period study hall to "Sis" Berrier. I, Edgar Oscar Huffman, Junior, do hereby will my position on the football team to Norman Crews. I, Elizabeth Walker, hereby will my four wonder- ful years of high school to my sister, Virginia. I leave my height to anyone who needs a few extra feet. I, Bill Rapp, leave to Ernest Perkins my forward- ness with girls, in the hope that some day he will overcome his bashfulness. I, Mary Lou Cauble, do will my ability to blush to Irene Lammonds. To Nell Williams, I will my ability to be matron. Remember, Nell, make them go to bed on time. I, Audene Rogers, will my good times in Miss Ellen's classes to Judy Black. I bequeath my red hair to anyone who doesn't dislike it quite as much as I do. I, Joyce Hill, do will to my brother, Claiborne, my ability to be a senior, in the hope that he will some day be one. I, Bobby Wilson, do leave my seat in Miss John- son's English class to anyone who can fill it as capably as I have for the last three years. I, Betty Jean Yates, do leave my boots and baton, along with the marching position on the outside left flank to any girl that can endure the long parade and like it as well as I did. I also leave a stack of old and new pencils, sharpened and unsharpened, to Jimmy Owen, who seems never to have one. I, Vivian Stewart, do hereby will my nickname, "Snowball" to anybody who growls as much as I do. I, Carol McMahon, will to Ann Jester about live inches of my height, and to Barbara Willard and Pat Hall, I leave my ability to get lost on the way to football games. I, Barbara Day, will to Betty Tobin my seat in the alto section of the Glee Club. My history book, I will to Jackie Garner. I, Guy Melton, do hereby leave my wonderful times in high school to Norman Crews and Donnie Cranford. To Patty Sue Hall, I leave my prissy walk on the football Held. I, Sam Jarrell, do hereby will and bequeath to Dot Maney all my love and "half my big toe." I, Edith Sebastian, do hereby will my love for the name, Dave, to anyone who likes that name as much as I do. LAST WILL AND TESTAME T I, Lucy Nell Walters, will all gray hairs I re- ceived while working algebra II to anybody who is fond of the color gray. I leave all my good times in high school to Janice. I, Evelyn Chandler, do hereby will my love for Mr. Paige and his D. O. class to any student who is lucky enough to have him. John Coffee wills his intelligence QU to Sherrill Ingram. I, Dot Campbell, do hereby will all my wonderful times in high school to my brother, Richard. Mary Eller wills to IVIary Ruth Morris her seat in D. O. class. I, Don Ray Fritts, do hereby will my nickname "XVhity" to Bobby Sink. I, Joyce Pickelsimer, do will my bashfulness to anyone who isn't bashful. I, Catherine Prince, do will my place as flag carrier to my sister, Louanna, with hopes that she doesn't freezeg my seat in physics class to anyone genius QPJ enough to fill it, and Thomasville High School, with all of its wonderful clubs, classes, proms, and activities to all the underclassmen. ' I, Jimmy Yokely, do hereby leave to Dave Long my ability to get a pretty girl, in hopes that he will use this ability to the best advantage. To L. J. Boyd, I leave my First chair trombone seat so that he can fill it much better than I did. Frank Murr is a hne boy. He deserves the best. I, Bill Tolen, would like to give him my ability to play the sax. I hope he goes much farther than I. Al Boyles leaves his drums to "Giffel" Beck. I, Judy Hix, leave my forgiving spirit to Miss Bain Johnson to use next year when she has Stanley Wright. Also, to my dear Miss Eaton, I will my pleasant early morning disposition. I, Troy Segers, do hereby will my "A Putter Ford" to Hansel Welborn. I, Daney INIelton, do will to all underclassmen my love and respect for my teachers. I leave my ability to get along with teachers to Jeanine Byerly, and Frances Buckner. To Joe Connell, I give my ability to be a senior in the hope that he will be one. My love for basketball, I bequeath to Sybil Hinkle, Ultime sed non minime mean Hagrantem nubeam comam Dominae Neece nelinquo. David W'ardlaw wills his ability to get along with girls to anyone who can do better. I, Doug Childress, do will all the joy and happiness WJ that I had in 7th period Latin class to any student f?J that thinks he can live with it. I, Dewey Phelps, do hereby will and bequeath my teachers at Main Street School to Jo Ann Walton. I, Mildred Wfilson, do hereby leave my love for French to Ray Bryant, and my ability to get to school one minute before the tardy bell to anyone who needs it. To this, our last will and testament, we, the Senior Class of 1951, do set our seal on the thirty-first day of May, 1951. Mildred Wilson, Testator JUNIQR CLASS OFFICERS First Row, lefl to right: Doris Ann jones, Treasurerg Gene Earnhardt, President. Second Row: Ioe Cunningham, Vice-Presidentg Ronald Barker, Sec- retary. ADV1SERS MISS VERA DIXON MRS. E. C. BURRUS MISS MARGARET ELLEN 34, CLASS OE ,52 Fin! Rauf: Bobby Ballard, Joyce Bean, Jimmy Beck, Judy Black, Luther Brackett, Joe Don Branson. Serond Roux' Catherine Bray, Paul Breedlove, Nellie Cauble, Robert Clinard, Mildred Coggins, Howard Coker. Third Roux' Gary Cranford, Donnie Cranford, Joyce Creed, Norman Crews, Joe Cunning- ham, Paul Danneron. Folzrfb Roux' Eva Lee Darr, Edna Davis, Jeanette Davis, Gene Earnhardt, Reece Elliott, Sara Fine. 35 CLASS QF '52 r'V lx, Firm! Roux' C. R. Fisher, Faye Floyd, Dempsy Fritts, Doris Frye, Zeb Hiinner, Betty Harrison. Sevwm' Roux' Donald Hill, Alliene Hinkle, Betty Hoffmfm, Freddy Howard, Ellis jackson, Kitty Jarrett. 'I'l2jr1l Rain' Doris Ann jones, Manuel Kranis, Irene Lzinionds, Brute Langley, Betty -lean Legans, Patsy Little. l"r1fn'!b Roux' Dillon Loftin, Betty Lyndon, jack Lyndon, Dorothy Mimey, joe Marlowe, Geraldine Maultsby. 36 CLASS GF '52 M Fifi! Rum' Ray Mooney, jimmy Moore, Sylvia Morton, Bill Murphy, Doyle Myers, Mary Myers. Semin! Roux' Bobby Oakley, jimmy Owen, Wfilliam Palmer. Barbara Peters, Dewey Phelps, Alma joyce Pierce. Tbira' Roux' Dorothy Pleasant, johnny Prevo, Louanna Prince, Mildred Scroggs, Darr Shealy, jr., Donald Shoemaker. Foflrllv Roux' Bobby Sink, jean Sink, joAnn Slate, Donald Smith, Darwin Sowers, Charles Stone. 37 ,, CLASS OF 352 Fjfjif Roux' Coleen Swaim, Betty Tobin, Thelma Toney, Bill Tudor, Betty Tysinger, Betty Warner. ' Sermzd Row: Lucille Watts, Hansel Welborn, Nell Williams, Virginia Williams, Barbara Willard, Hubert Wilson. Third Roux' Madge Wilson, Colon Wolfe, Stanley Wright, Charles Yokley. Key 38 CAVGY. H I , 'un TH AT EXTF. A - 5? -- JW fi S V' Vf ' -Q 'x i ', 1' ? , W M A .M-0 qt I nmvv: wines" lf A E11 1' , ' ' 5 K Ns AL ? K , ' ,, ,ll 5 .. AV,Eqq: .. g. q,,V g A is t -Q gf ' wwf 1-:Km was 4 y 'i' ,Q W I YUUR LFG Iii SEA' 1 .29 S . N, df '. g,w"'a5 '1'Q'f- f H Q1 51 D. . ,Q ggi- '7 1-krur . -: 'YTYN , , . A 'Q' 6 w v4 sf 452' ' i is 4. ' NE AW :ICQ I WONT , wi A 4, ' . M . "I",T.' 5 L 3 D ME. K , ,av Iggv V 4.1: f, ' M i WTP? TF4, 'IG FIJXYIEY 39 7. is!- X ? i t , 1 , 6 K' ram IT ff mfr 5 ess 112: , Q4 swf mir IT GQ, ' ffoi, ' WKZAEQT M W' Ag. IZ gf I H . ,W M, K , it Q Spy-I 41? 5 f , ' , L19-av 3 i F 'S ' ' I if Q. 2 x 4 H . 'S A Nl. ,.. .. ,bf "' .f X if ' msgg T X ,. me KZ Vw 2 3 f .17 V gy- CLASS OF ,53 Firrl Roux' james Allen, Ann Allmond, Gayle Ball, Sylvia Beck, Lula Mae Berrier, Betty Blackburn, Billy Blair. Sefofzd Roux' Shirley Boggs, Edith Bowman, james Bowman, L. Boyd, Nell Boyles, Eugene Briles, Marion Briles. S Third Roux' Frances Buckner, Shirley Burrus, Jeannine Byerly, Linda Clodfelter, Joe Connell, Edgar Cranford, Barbara Culp. FOZIITZ7 Roux' Gerald Davis, Charles Dickens, Doyle Duke, Dora Edwards, Coleen Fergu' son, Donald Eoust, Betty Franks. 40 CLASS QF '53 Fil'.ff Roux' Doris Gallimore, Jackie Garner, Pat Garner, Maxine Goad, Betty Gray, Ruth Gray, Jimmy Hampton. Serofm' Row: Grant Harris, Tommy Harris, Peggy Hartsell, Joyce Henry, Melvin Hilton, Ann Holladay, Betty Jean Howard. Third Roux' Frank Huggins, Jeanette Hughes, Sandra Jarrett, Diana Jones, Hoxie Jones, Sue Kanoy, Peggy Kenney, P Fozzrlh Roux' Bill Ledbetter, Margaret Little, Betty Lomax, David Long, Buddy Ludwick, Luna Lyndon, Larry Mt'Swain, l 41 CLASS OF '53 Fifzfl Roux' Davie McSwain, Mary Morris, Nancy Myers, Nell Newby, Hazel Overcash, james Parker, Freddie Perdue. Second Roux' Ernest Perkins, Rebecca Pollock, Betty Prestwood, Gertrude Price, Edna Pritchett, Howard Rollins, Glenda Rumple. Third Row: Bobby Segers, Geraldine Segers, Vann Sherrill, Barbara Sink, Charlotte Smathers, Carolyn Smith, Harry Smith, 1 FUIINZ7 Rona' G, VU. Sowers, Odell Spainhour, Emmett Spark, Peggy Stevenson, Carol Stewart, Nancy Stilwell, joan Sullivan. 42 CLASS OF '53 Firxf Roux' Dorothy Thrift, Shirle Todd, Euni ' T h DO ., mzcs ' 1 , S 'gd J . T , if-3' - f K ,ww , QHIFUFG ,. ,, ,.. 4-, E if 4 4 it y ce one-y, S irley Toppmgs Robella Voylcs Sefmzd Roux' Tommy Ward, Pat Xxfilfd, Charles Whichard, jeamttc WIIISOII wo , S433 W 5 ,' fllmx - 1'- .., X H ' :E Sk A'-Y A ' " ,,,...5-V 4 E 3 HI 'HAR' if- if 5 I 'M' wr Q S IA CLASS OF 54 Fiizrl Roux' Dorothy Almond, Patsy Barnes, Robert Beck, Shirly Beck, Bobby Blair, Bob Boyles, Thomas Brackett, Dorothy Brewer. 0 Scvomi R011 f'.' Charlotte Carroll, Barbara Chandler, Carolyn Childers, Zell Clark, Elmer Coggins, Don Coker, Richard Conrad, Emma lean Crisp. 0 Third Roux' Syble Davis, Bobby Dickens, Marion Dickens, Ronnie Fair, Robert Farrington, Otha Lee Ferrell, Doris Fields, David Fitzgerald. 0 Fazzrlb Rauf: Jeanette Flippin, 'Imogene Garrett, Caroline Green, jean Hall, Patty Sue Hall, johnny Hamilton, Norris Hawks, Rosine Hefner. 0 Fiflb Row: Bobby Hendrix, Claiborne Hill, Iris Hinkle, Sybil Hinkle, Iva Hipp, Catherine Hodgin, Dorothy Hoffman, Gaynell Hopkins. 44 CLASS GP 354 Fm? Row: Nancy Hoyle, Dorothy Huffman, Raymond Hughes, Wilma Hughes, Mary Hunt, Mildred james, Patty jarrett, Royal Jarvis. 0 Second Rouu' Ann Jester, Katherine jones, Nancy Kay, Norma jean Kennedy, Ronald Kennerly, jerry Kirkman, Ethel Lassiter, Jane Leach. 0 Third Roux' Bonnie Leclwell, Benny Loftin, Betty Anne Lord, Betty Jean Luther, Webb McCullock, Dale McDonald, Peggy Malloy, Frank Murr, jr. 0 Fourth Row: Charles Myers, David Myers, Pat Myers, Bobby Nelson, Yvonne Oakley, Shirley Parrish, Mary Alice Patton, Ellen Perdue. 0 Fifth Rau ,'.' jimmy Perry, Evelyn Pierce, Barbara Pittman, Imogene Poole, jimmy Prevo, Coltcane Price, jackie Primm, Darrell Pritchett. 45 l ' 4 CLASS OF 754 Fir!! Roux' Katherine Pritchett, Jean Russell, Shirley Scroggs, Carroll Shore, Randall Shuler, Bobby Stevenson, Betty Stinchcomb, Joe Stone. 0 Second Rou f'.' Jimmy Teague, Virginia Wfalker, Caroline Wall, Janice Walters, Herbert Warner, Edgar Wells, Richard Westmoreland, Ethel Wheeler. Q Third Row: Eillene Williams, Joyce Williams, Joyce Woodard, Donald Workman, Dickie Wfright, Geraldine Yates, Richard York. 46 f x I . , 'X , 1 A WA M ' . ' 4 Q . A . lv x - .AYWNJL . . -- N . ,vu ' ,' - ' X - A 'Q . Q .' " 2. " . ff , 'X I- gf 'Q ' - x - K-.-' if-Q '- - A fl-Q rx. KKK Vdtrx 1 A, ,, 1-A Mx, . V. X . ...-r,4,.,1f Q. -xx ' .ftp W -1 X i' Rx M A. -. X Nw X-QNX. A Q ., - x "A ...V xg Avfx '..fy.,M I4 ' A HU ,.-en .- QM . V W V x .. .1 " ,xldly W. - mm' I nga VWX ' .M ' ' wk A, uf, , fp? A Ugg,- My . ' " k' 4 ,Q Lv Y,- W 1 x J. s , 1 .. wa-. Jw' --V f 1 N s W4 V R , fl, 6.232 ww. W, U- 3 , 1 qw' Q M., - x . ' ' hvfk-2 V ifeff, W r ff. A . ,1..4J OFFICERS Sealed. leff In rigblx Martha Kanoy, Treasurer, Tex Sluder, President, Mildred Coggins, Sec- retary. 0 Sff11m"i1zg: Buddy Har- rison, Sergeant-at-Arms, Bill Tu- dor, Vice-President, Mr. Lee Miller, junior Adviserg Mrs. T. j. Covington, Senior Adviser. STUDENT COUNCIL Sealed, fefl fo riglvf, jiri! wuz' Tex Sluder, Martha Kanoy, Mildred Coggins, Bill Tudor, Elizabeth Walker, Peggy Harrison, Pat Shutord. 0 Sammi Roux' Al Boyles, jr., Diana jones, Sylvia Beck, Anne Murphy, Charles Anna Skeen, W. K. Saunders, jr., Sandra Rothrock. Q Third Roux' Betty Yates, Mozelle Russell, Carolyn Kennedy, Kitty jarrett, Sylvia Morton, Faye Floyd. 0 Fonrlb Rau .'.' Mrs. T. Covington, David Long, Don- ald Shoemaker, jerry Black, jimmy Owen, Bobby johnson. e Fiflb Roux' Mr. Lee Miller, joe Branson, Mel- vin Hilton, judy Black, Sybil Hinkle, judy l-lix. Q Sixflv Razr: josie Grimes, jean Sink, Madge Wilson, Bill Rapp, Douglas Callicut, Gene Earnhardt. 0 Seifezzfla Roux' Dorothy Pleasant, Lucy Nell Walters, Talitha Ayers, Blair Little. 0 Eigbllv Roux' Tommy Ward, Paul Berrier. 0 Smfzding, Jeff to rigbl: William Palmer, jack Lyndon, Bill Murphy, Buddy Harrison. 48 SERVICE CLUB Lef! K0 riglvl: Catherine Bray, W. K. Saunders, Dorothy Pleasant, and Mrs. T. UI. Cov- ington. SERVICE CLUB STUDENT STORE Doyt johnson and jackie Lyndon FLAG RAISERS Darwin Sowers and Bill Tolcn 49 Charles Anna Skccn Iidifm'-in-Clnief M iss Laura Neece Adzivw' Anne Murphy B1ni11e.v,r Mfzmztgez' GROWLER STAFF Frm!! Roux fefl lo l'jgf7f.' Sylvia Bock, Betty Wariicr, Charles Anna Skecn, Anne Murphy, Sandra Rothrock, Judy Hix. 0 Sammi Roux' Charlw Dickens, Pat Shuford, Kitty llarrctt, Al Boyle-s, jr., Miss Laura Neecc, Bill Tudor, jean Sink. FACTS AND FUN STAFF F21 ',s' I Raw, fefl I0 rigbl: Ann Allmoncl, Josie Grimes. 0 S6'tY!1IlZl Roux' Ruth Gray, Kitty 'lar- rett, Bob Myers. 0 Third Roux' Betty Yates, Patsy Little, Faye Floyd, Tommy Beard. I Fnlfrlb Roux' Shirley Burrus, Mildred Scroggs, Bill Rapp, Sylvia Beck, jimmy Owen. 0 Fiflb Razr: Ann Holladay, Jeanette Davis, Barbara Wfillard, Paul Berrier, Miss Bain Johnson, ad- viser. jimmy Owen B11.i'if1f'.r.f Nlmzfzgw' Miss F. Bain Johnson Adzfifer Faye Floyd Erlilm'-in-Chief QUILL AND SCRQLL Bob Myers . . ....,.. ............., ..,. P r eiiderzl Paul Berrien' . . . . , Vire-Prerizlwzl Anne Murphy ...,,...,,....,.,....,,.........., ...., S efremry Charles Anna Skeen ,...........,...........,...... , . . Treamrer Cn-Sp0n,mr,i.' Miss Bain johnson und Miss Laura Necce. - Sealed, lefl lo rigbfx Anne Murphy, Paul Berrier, Miss Bain johnson, Miss Laura Neece, Bob Myers, Charles Anna Skcen. 0 Snmding: Faye Floyd, Kitty Jarrett, jimmy Owen, Bill Tudor, Tommy Beard, Sandra Rothrock, Josie Grimes. MARSHALS Fin! Row, leff lo rigfalx Daney Melton, Pat Shuford, Sandra Rothrock. 0 Semnd R014'.' Paul Berrier, Talitha Ayers, James Garrison, Betty Brewer, Donald Moore. Pat Sliuford .,,..........,........................... . , , Chief 52 DEBATING CLUB Blair Little .... ........................,..... ......... . , ........ P resident Charles Dickens .... .... V ice-Preridezzz Catherine Prince . . , ...... Secretary Edgar Cranford . . . . . . Trearurer Mr. Rufus Plonk ...,.......,............. ..................................... S pomor Seated. left In righz: Catherine Prince, Ann Bishop, Judy Hix, Kitty Jarrett, Charles Dickens, Willialn Palmer. 0 Smudifzg, Ieff lu righlt Mr. Rufus Plonk, adviserg Blair Little, Edgar Cranford, James Bowman. NATIO AL HONOR SOCIETY From left to right: Donald Moore, Patsy Shuford, Daney Melton, Sandra Rothrock, Paul Berrier, James Garrison, Tex Sluder. Tex Sluder ..........,.. ...... P reridenl Sandra Rothrock .... . . . Vice-Pr-evident Daney Melton .... .... S erremry Donald Moore ..., . . Trearurer 53 BAND Mr. Chester J. Litwin Direrlor Fin! Roux lef! lo right Yvonne Oakley, lris Hinkle, Graham Hill, jimmy Teague, Bill Murphy, Barbara Culp, -Ioe Branson, Stanley W1'ight, jack Foster, Syluil Hinkle. 0 Sumzzd Roux' jo Ann Slate, Sandra Rothrock, Frank Murr, Bill Tolen, jim Kinney, Edgar Cranford, Larry Beck, johnny Prevo, Al Boyles, jr,, Allen Walter May, Ellis jackson, Wfilliam Palmer, Donald Hill, Webb McCulloch, Charles Myers, Richard Conrad, Catherine Prince, Josie Grimes. I Tbim' Roux' Bob Oakley, Robert Berk. joyce Bean. Peggy Bryant. Betty Yates. Barbara Peters. Mr. Chester Litwin. Ed Baldwin, Benny Loftin, I., j, Boyd, joe Stone, Richard York, Donald Shoemaker, jimmy Yokely. undue - , , , 54 GLEE CLUB Miss lla Hensley 17j7'L'LPfrH' Ifir if Ruiz: lvf! lu riglvl: Catherine Prince, Shirley Slate, Betty lohin, Barbara Day, Sylvia Heck, Linela Clodfelter, Nancy Stilwell, Rebecca Pollock, Louanna Prince, Patsy Myers, Bonnie Letlwell, Joyce Williriitws, blanife Wfalters, Nell Ruth Boyles, Nell Newby, Nancy Myers, Miss lla Hensley. O Sammi Razr: Gaynell Hopkins, jean Mcflarn, Joyce Henry, Carolyn Childress, Betty Legans, Carol Stewart, Jeannette Hill, Bettie Nail, Betty Lord, -lane Edwards, Marian Dickens, Catherine Pritchett, Ann Allmond, Shirley Burrus, Ann Holladay, Patsy Garner, Edith Bowman, jackie Primm, 0 'lllvird Rnux' Rohert Farrington, Wfilliam Palmer, Gerald Davis, Edgar Cranfortl, David Fitzgerald, jerry Don liirlcman. ,live Connell, Melvin Hilton, Benny Loftin, Darr Shealy, slr., -lualy Hix, Shirley Boggs, Helen Holbrook, Betty Stincheomln. Betty Harrison, Pat Wili'el, Donald Ciranfortl, Riehartl York, johnny Hamilton. Douglas llill. Al lioyles. xlr.. lioh lioyles. Madge Wilson, Pianist, 55 EUTURE HOMEMAKERS OE AMERICA OFFICERS Mildirerl Coggins . . ......,,...,,. Pl'L'.ljLlfflll Lucy Wrrtts . . . , , . , . . Seweltzf'-3' Betty F'restwood . , . ......,.... lf7jL'6'-P7'L',lj6lJ6'7lf Mae Fore . . . .,.... . . . 1'r'rfr1,r1rrc'1' Miss Betty Allison ......,...,,........,.... Sprnzim' Fin! Razr, lefl In right: Miss Betty Allison, Nancy Myers, jefan Cassidy, Betty Luther, Geraldine Yates. 0 SL'L'Ullul Roux' Joyce Williailis, Pat Garner, Ann Holliday, Shirley Burrus Lucy Wzitts, Mildred Coggins, Mae Fore, Linda Clodfelter, Carolyn Childress, Betty Prestwood, Ivfadge Wilsrrn, Shirley B,-ck, 0 Third Rau: jeanette Flippen, Cloteane Price, Dorothy I-IuHman, Dorothy HofTman, Betty Lyndon, joyce Wfoodard, Peggy Malloy, Virginia XX'alker, Yvonne Oakley, Carol Cvordy, Margaret Little, Eile-gn Willirrriis, Mary Patton, Zell Clark, Ethel Wheelei', Dorothy Almond, Bonnie Ledwell, Mary Hunt. FUTURE TEACHERS Fi7'.lf Razr. lefl m right Faye Crotts, Talitha Ayers, Mildred Wilsrmn. 0 Second Roux' Miss Betty Welcli, adviser, Caro- line Green, Catherine Bray, Shirley Todd. Rosella Voyles. OFFICERS Talitha Ayers . . . .......,...... Preridenl Mildred Wilstmn ..... . . . Serremry Catherine Bray .... .....,....,. V ice-Pmaridefzf Shirley Todd ......... . , . Tre,r.r1n'er Miss Betty Wfelch ....... ..........,.... S pwzmr 56 SPGRTSMANSI-HP CLUB OFFICERS Martha Kanoy . . . . . . ..,..... Preiidenl Alliene Hinkle ......... . . . Ser:reI4n'y Doris Ann Jones . ......,,.... Vii'e-Puciiderzl Sybil Hinkle ......... . . . . . Tf'6'tl.l'IH'C7' Miss Margaret Ellen .....,,.......,....... Spmzwr Firrl Roux leff In right' Betty Tysinger, Shirley Burrus, Ann Allmond, Kitty Jarrett, Sandra Jarrett, Charles Anna Skeen, Ruth Gray. 0 Samuel Roux' Betty Sue Blackburn, Janice Dickens, Alma Joyce Pierce, Martha Kanoy, Alliene Hinkle, Doris Ann Jones, Syhle Hinkle, Diana Jones, Betty Jean Howard, Pattie Sue Jarrett, Glenda Rumple, 0 Tlyird Roux' Margaret Ellen, adviser, Faye Floyd, Betty Lomax, Hazel Overcash, Josie Grimes, Lula Mae Berrier, Edna Elgin, Mlidred Scroggs, Jean Sink, Peggy Harrison, Iris Hinkle, Luna Gray Lyndon. O lfrmrlly Roux' Betty Warnei', Patsy Little, Doro- thy Pleasant, Mozelle Russell, Sylvia Morton, Barbara Willzlrd, Patty Sue Hall, Sylvia Sue Kanoy, Evelyn Pierce, Nancy Bland. BIBLE CLUB Fiflif Roux left fn rigbl: Colene Swaim, Jo Ann Slate, Bettie Hilliard, Betty Jo Brewer, Sarah Jane Fine, Jean McCarn, Doris Cranford. 0 Sgt-and Roux' Jimmy Beck, Paul Dameron, Joan Sullivan, Betty Lyndon, Betty Tobin, Betty Harrison, Doyle Myers, Tommy Wilrtl. 0 Third Roux' Joyce Creed, Betty Hoffman, Audene Rogers, Vivian Stewart, L. J. Boyd, Bobby Jqyhngrin, Doyf Johngon, o Fourlb Rum' Naomie Howie, adviser, Luther Brackett, Jerry Bland, Horace Broome, Larry Beck, Dewey Welbiirn. OFFICERS Betty Brewer ..... . . . .... Itrwidezzl Jo Ann Slate . ...... .... S t!L'1'?fall'-J'-7l1'Eu'.ll!l'?7' Horace Broome . . . . . . Vice-Presidezzz Miss Naomi Howie . . . ........ . . Spomur 57 Donald Moore . , , . . ......... Prviidwzl jimmy Owen ....., . . SLfL'I'L'frH'V1 Gene Earnhardt ,,,. , ..,....,....,..,. lljfdf-P7'L'tjLfL'lZf Guy Melton .......... , . . . . . ..,. 'I're.o1n'er Mr, L. D. bliealy ...........,.,.......,...,, Sjmzzim' Fir-il Rrfzr. Jeff In rigfafx Leon Rutherford, Randall Sliuler, james Bowman, David Myers, Tommy Harris, David Long, Jimmy Prevo, Herbert Wfarncr, joe Marlowe, Dicky Wfriglit, Buddy Harrison, 0 Serena' Ruiz? Guy Smith, Ronnie Fair, Bobby Stevenson, Donald Shoemaker, Bill Tolcn, Bill Connell, Tommy Beard, Bolv Myers, ,limmy Yolcley, Tommy Wfard, joe Stone, 0 'Ifvjrd Razr: Richard Conrad, Dieky Wfestmorelantl, Kenneth Dickens, Larry MrSwain, Paul Berrier, Bolw Ballard, Edgar Huffman, Bolwl1y'jol1nson, Ciliarles Myers, Donald Hill. O Folzrlfi Roux' ,limmy Owen, Gillwert Batton, Douglas Childers, Charles Dickens, Bill Tudor, Gene Earnhardt, Freddie Howard, Gary Cranford, Douglas Callieut, Mr. I.. D. bliealy. TRI-HI-Y CLUB Fin! Roux lull lo rigbf: Diana jones, Betty Tysinger, -lean Sink, Josie Grimes, Martlia Kanoy, Anne Murphy, Peggy Har- rison, Alliene Hinkle, ,leannine Byerly. 0 SL'L'UlId Rrfzzx' Charles Anna Skeen, Katherine Bray, Dorotliy Pleasant, Lucy Nell Wfaltcrs, Pat Shuford, Glenda Rumple, Rosella Voyles, Betty jean Howard, Ruth Gray, Peggy Hartsell. 0 Third Razr: Barbara Culp, Mildred Scroggs, Barbara Wfillard, Sandra -larrett, lilizabetlm Wfalker, Sandra Rotluroclc, Shirley Todd, Betty Rose Franks, Mrs. Burrus, adviser. I Fuzrrfh Razr: Betty Wfarncr, Joyce Picklesimer, 'lean Cassidy, Mildred Coggins, Vivian Stewart, Moz:-lle Russell, Betty .lo Brewer, Talitha Ayers, Alma hloyce Pierce. Anne Murphy ...........,...,, ....... .... P 1 At',ljl,Jt'!1f 'Josie Grimes ..... ,... ....... .... S 4 J rrelfzryl Martha Kanoy . . , .,......... I'iri'-Premfefzf Alliene Hinklc ........... . . . 'l'ret1.i1n-W BUS. lf. C. BUITUS ................ . ...,.... Slflllfljfjf' 58 LIBRARY CLUB OFFICERS Horace Broome .... ...,.......... P reridefll Barhara Peters . . . . . Scrrelilry Betty Brewer ..,, ..,...,...,. I 'ire-Prerideizl Doris Gallimore ..,... . . . Treii5z4r'er Mrs. James Oliver .....,,.....,............ Sfmmur First Roux left lu right: Mary Lou Meyers, Norma Jean Kennedy, Joyce Bean, Mrs. J. D. Oliver, adviser. 0 Semnd Roux' Colene Swaim, Joyce Picklesimer, Emma Hanner, Jackie Garner, Sarah Jane Fine, Coleen Ferguson. 0 Tlaird Roux' Howard Rollins, Horace Broome, Betty Brewer, Barbara Peters, Doris Gallimore, Betty Gray, Sherrill Ingram, David Long, Jeanette Hughes. RTS AND CRAFTS CLUB J Fin! Roux .mauled lefi Io righl: Guy Smith, Bill Tolen, Wfoodrow Stevenson, Barbara Chandler. 0 Sewud Roux' Mr. Ivan Wfelborn, Elmer Coggins, Betty Jean Wilsrvn, Otha Lee Farrell, Dale McDonald. 0 Third Razr: Ronnie Fair. Richard West- moreland, Billy Ray Murphy, Herbert Wfarner, Dickie Wlright, Jimmy Perry. OFFICERS Bill Tolen ....,.,.. ..... ..... P 1 widen! Barbara Chandler . , , . . Sefrelary Wotmdrsxw Stevenson . . . ............ Vice-Preiidem Elmer Coggins ...,.... .... T 7'641J'1U'lff Mr. Ivan XVelhom ........ ................ S pwzmr 59 -'-- -- IU IDR A D SENIQR DRAMATICS OFFICERS Bill Connell ......, ,............. I Jl'L'.ljllL'lll Betty Yates ......... .... S lZL7'L'fcl7'j' Douglas Callicut . . . ,.,........ Viz'e-Preiidefzf Betty Wi'igl1t .....,.. . . . T7'6'4I,lIH'L'7' Miss Mildred Eaton ....... ...,........,., S 110121 ur Firm! Roux leff In riglrl.' Charlotte Rogers, jo Ann Slate, Barbara Peters, Patsy Little, Kitty Jarrett, Sylvia Morton, Faye Floyd, Miss Mildred liaton, adviser. 0 Sammi Roux' Betty Wfright, Betty Yates, Audene Rogers, Vivian Stewart, Elizaheth Wfalker, Lucy Nell Wfalters, Ann Bishop, Anne Murphy, Jeanette Davis. 0 Tbird Razr: jimmy Moore, Kenneth Dickens, Bill Connell, Norman Crews, Tex Sluder, Bob Wilsirn, Troy Segers, Douglas Callicut, Doyle Myers. DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIO Fi7'.lif Roux lefl la right: Eleanor Foster, Ioan Ivey, Bettie Hilliard, Daney Melton, Mary Eller, Betty Sue Tysinger, Doro- thy Campbell, Evelyn Wocmd, Evelyn Chandler, Edith Sebastian, 0 Seward Rauf: Don Ray Fritts, Charles Hampton, Ray Davis, Dewey Phelps, Howard Coker Robert Downey, Allen May, David Wfardlaw, Mr, I.. E. Paige. OFFICERS Daney Melton .... . . , ......... Prcaridefzt Eleanor Foster . . . . , . Secreltzry Dewey Phelps .,.. ,..,...,..... I fire-Pmariderzt Don Ray Fritts .......,.. . . . T1'em'1n'er Mr. I.. E. Paige ........................... Sponsor 60 NINTH GRADE DRAMATICS CLUB OFFICERS Kathryn .lomw , ........... .... I 'rwidwlf Cicultiiiwc Ygitcm ......... , . l'im'-IM-iidwil Putty Suu Hull ....,...... ..,.... 5 'LfLkI'L'f4H'T',liI'L'.I.4'IH'L'7' Fifi! Razr. lofi In r'igXvl.' Cumliiic Walll, Kathryn Dlunw, Shirley I:'lll'IAiSi1. 0 SL'4'fNllj Razr: Buhhy Stinchiumh, Iithul I.alSsi- tcr, ,Inna Lunch, Miss I.LlLll'2l Nt-acc, 11tlviwrg Clnmlinc Given, Gcnrldinc Yates, Putty Suu Hull. 'il' TE TH GRADE DRAMATICS CLUB lfiril Run: ltff lu P'l:.Q!7f,' Edna D.1vis, PIC1lI1I'liIlC Hycrly, Fl'QlI1CtS BLICICUCIA, I'mrht1i'11 -lkxlfl Sink, 0 Swwla' Rffzzy' Mary Ruth Murris, lidngl P1'itcht'tt, Clammlyn Smith, ,login Sullivam, 0 'lifvimf Run: Pt-gggy Hurtscll, Gcmltiinc Scgcrs, Miss Vcm Dixon. OFFICERS Gcmltiim' Scg.1t'is ,,.,. Prwidwzf Cfiimlyii Smith , . . . . . SL't'?'6'Id7'V1 Peggy i'i1ll'I9L'ii . . ........... I"iru-I'r'wizfw1l ,hmm Sullivan .,....... . . 'I'n'.1,i'11rcfr Miss Vt-ini Dixun ..,,.... ..,.,.,.....,.., S ffmzwr 61 Glliee Secretarial And Techniques Club OFFICERS Carolyn Kennedy . . . ,............, Preridelzf Betty Yates . . . ..... .,.. S erremry Doris Ann jones . . , .,......... Vic'e-Preridenl Joyce Hill .,.......... . . . Tremwer Miss Margaret Ellen .....,.........,... . . . Sjmf1rm' Sealed. lefl In figbl: Betty Yates, Miss Margaret Ellen, adviser, Judy Hix, Carolyn Kennedy. 0 Slmzdirzg' Joyce Hill, Josie Grimes. 113a1"h !f"N GUTSIDE PATRGL Fmt Rnuy leff fo riglazs Tommy Hicks, Leroy Gardner, jerry Streetman, Franklin Hall, Hoxie jones, Freddie Perdue, Robert Kivett, james Brewer. 0 Seromi Roux' Tommy Harris, joe Gallimore, Darwin Sowers, Richard McLendon, Jack Lyndon, Gilbert Batton, Jackie Pierce, Billy Fox, 0 Third Razr: Reece Elliott, Mickey Deese, Ronald Barker, Grant Harris, Ted Bass, Mr. Lee Miller. OFFICERS Ronald Barker . , ...,.. P?'?,l'idi'Ilf -loc DeBerry . . , . . . Ser1'elizrj'-'l'r'ea,f1xrer Grant Harris , ..., Virc-1're,ridem Mr. Lee Miller . . , ...... .... S porlror 62 PHGTOCRAPHY CLUB OFFICERS jimmy Johnson . . . ...... Preridenl Jeanette Davis .... , , . Serremry joe Don Branson .... .....,..,.. V ire-Preiidwzl Reece Elliott ,,....,..,, . . . Tren-fzrer Mr. Lee Miller ......... ..,............. S pfmrw' Fifi! Roux lefl in righl: Pexzgy Stevenson, jeanette Davis, Reece Elliott, aloe Don Branson, jimmy johnson. 0 Semnd Roux' Betty Rose Franks, Doris Cranford, Barbara Culp, Imogene Garrett, Cateen Hodgin, jean Russell, Dallas Wcilfe, Van Sherrill, jimmy Beck, Buddy Shuler, Buddy Harrison, Freddie Perdue. 0 Third Razr: Odell Spainhour, Hollis Hampton, jack Foster, Larry McSWain, Douglas Hartsell, Buddy Ludwick, Mr. Lee Miller, adviser. HOBBY CLUB Firm! Razr. Jeff fo rigbl: Carroll Shore, Doyle Myers. 0 Serwzd Roux' Hoxie Jones, Miss Bain johnson, adviser, Donald Walll, Leon Rutherford, Donald Wforkman. OFFICERS Doyle Myers . . . ..,.... Preridezzl Carroll Shore ....., . . Sewelm'-1'-Tret1,imer Hoxie jones . . . . Vire-Preridwzl Miss Bain johnson , . . ..,....... Sjmnmr 63 BOYS, FIRST AID A D SAFETY OFFICERS Ronald Barker , ...... Preridenf Joe Delierry ..... . . . Sefrelary-Treamrer' Grant Harris , . . ................... Vive-Preriderzl Mr. Hardy Henry ........... ,... ..... ..,... S p 0 mor Fin! Roux lefi In righlx Manuel Kranis, Vernon Myers, David Taylor, Jimmie Hampton, Hoxie Jones, Charles Stewart, Freddie Perdue. 0 Semmz' Razr: Edgar Wells, Gary Sherrill, C. R. Fisher, Haroldeen Coggins, Douglas Hartsell, Davie Lee MCSWain, Bill Garrett, Joe DeBerry. 0 Third Roux' Zeb Hanner, Buddy Ludwick, Hardy Henry, Grant Harris, Ronald Barker, Jim Kenny, Roy Smith. GIRLS, FIRST ID A D SAFETY Firr! Roux Zell In righl: Nellie Caldwell, Betty Lyndon, 0 Semzzd Roux' Edna Elgin, Bertha Poole, Joyce Creed. 0 Third Roux' Doris Cranford, Pauline Sebastain, Emma Hanner, Miss Eleanor Hauser, adviser. OFFICERS Joyce Creed ,... .....,.......,,.. P rexidwzf Bertha Poole ........... . . Vire-Prexidezzl Doris Cranford . ......... ...... S erremrg -Trm,r1n'er 64 JU IOR TRI-Hi-Y OFFICERS Sybil Hinkle . . . ..... Preridenl Katherine I-Iodgin . . . . . Serrelizrg Nancy Hoyle . . . ........,. Vice-Preridwzf Imogene Garrett ....,. . . . . . . ,..., 747'L'aI.lZl7'l'I' Miss Betty Welcli ..............,...,.,..,. Spfmwr Firxl Row, Ieff lu fight: Syble Davis, Jean Hall, Imogene Poole, Hilda Gullimore, Charlotte Carrol, Janice Dickens, Patty Sue Jarrett. 0 Second Roux' Patsy Barnes, Jewetta Gruhh, Katherine Hoclgin, Nancy Hoyle, Barbzira Chandler, Imogene Garrett, Shirley Beck. 0 Third Roux' Miss Betty Welch, Dorothy Huffman, Syhil Hinkle, Erninu Jean Crisp, MAJORETTES Firif Roux left za rigfaz: Peggy Bryant, Barbara Peters, Jo Ann Slate, Betty Yates, Joyce Benn. O Second Roux' Josie Grimes, Bill Murphy, Catherine Prince. 65 1 Nxx.-V fy --14. V' K , . Q A . Qu .o XAJX .L "-5x,vx V 1 .Vx ,Vg '-X.1XL-sn -N,L4.....n h xxx ,Q X X QQ, .-.-,A-XSL gill... 'K my--K.-.. 5wa.lL-xy 'Z Ky-.. N- ,.,X P-'K,,A,gJQ.-xl ,,., V . X R. V. Y' " H U 1, Nxdx xxqxnkxn. ww. s-ngx.Y.,,,Xl K,Y.uA,J, Qxgiu X - C Xgmvy Q,X.A3k 4 .,L, 2 ' D " - v 'v Q K I 'Q K - V ' f -AIS'-X M" 'f!'w"n. 'I- I . , ' . , - K 'M' ' . Q ., fl-,s A, X xx. 1,X.'Q.', . . Q -A 'v.k,'f-4-,A L , fm 4 4, ' 'A I , , ,Vu . A X . Y F- I g K 1 M .N .. ' . 1. . , 1, ' X' V AIIASAS THOMASVILLE HIGH OF N151 Miss Nanny Stilwcll, choscn by IUOIWLIILLI' vote of thc Student Body, was crowncd "Miss TllOI11L15XfllLA High of Wil" at thu gmmml Growlcr Dzmcc on Dcckcmbcr 20. v 0 , . ff- W x X A, - fx V as it J x v Q my f ' 7512 ' Mr, J ' 1 f W, . - ,X , , 'NZ .1 , " ' my .MXN ' y . 7 X ,. J - I A . '. . , " K Q' 5 W l:- ,, s fkznkr' k -V f' 1, 1' ' ' 7Q7',3 if c ff 'V f -. ,.9S"Y'fV5'A?E'J ' L 'f' J f ,7i'gF1,w.,:f1 A f-Q-:H ,' H Mn, 'vim V. A A ' " 151' ?f'9.f- C'mic'lve.f Darr Shealy Hardy Henry VARSIT Y PGOTBALL TEAM Firirzf Razr, fefl lo riglvf: Donald Moore and Guy Melton. Serwza' Roux' Norman Crews, Donald Cranford, Bill Connell, David Lee IVlcSwain, David Wfardlaw, Bill Garrett, Harold Deen Coggins. Donald Hill, Edgar Cranford. Tlvirri Rfzzzx' Richard MeLendon, manager, and Jackie Lyndon, manager, Darwin Sowers, Darr Shealy, Ir, Herman Dunning, Bobby Hartman, Grant Harris, Joe Connell, Joe DeBerry, jim Kenny, Roy Smith, Coach Hardy Henry. Ijflflffb Roux' Gilbert Batten, Dewey Welboril, Bobby Ballard, Paul Breed- love, Grover Mendenhall, Harold Younts, Bobby Stinchcomb, Paul Berrier, Edward Huffman, Ronald Barker. 68 jUNIGR VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Ifiryf Razr. feff fo right: Bill Darr, Dalton Cranford, David Mullis, Leroy Gardner, Guy Smith, Bob Dickens. .SlCt'0714f Roux' David Taylor, Bill Fox, james Mcflormiek, Gary Sherrill, Tommy Harris, Edgar Wfells, Richard XVestmoreland. 'lfzird Roux' Darr Shealy, coach, james Rutherford, Darrell Hepley, Douglas Hill, Franklin Hall, jerry Don Kirkman, Robert Baity, joe Don Gallimore, Iinffrllv Roux' Clifford Hunt, Arnold Sullivan, Bob Boyles, Robert Farring- ton, Charles Myers, Allen Cranford. 69 Cu- Cfillzlfzim' Guy Melton Donald Moore BQYS, VARSITY BASKETBALL lfirfz Run. lefz In rigbf: jackie Lyndon, Tommy Beard, Bobby Myers, Douglas Callicut, joe DeBerry, 0 Serwzd Roux' Coach Darr Shealy, Richard Mcl.endon, Dewey Wfelborn, W. K. Saunders, Bobby johnson, Darr Shealy, jr., Bill Con- nell, Melvin Hilton, Odell Spainhour, managers. Co-Cr1pf.1im-Bill Connell and Richard Mcl.endon. GIRLS, VARSITY BASKETBALL Fin! Razr. left In rigbzs Doris Ann Jones, Sylvia Beck, Hazel Overeash, Peggy I-lartsell, Lonanna Prince, Ann Holladay, Daney Melton, Doris Gallimore, 0 Semffd Roux' Nell Boyles, Shirley Boggs, Sylvia Sue Kanoy, Mildred Coggins, Joyce Creed, Linda Clodfelter, Shirley Parrish, Katherine -Iones, Ann Jester, and Ann Bishop, 0 Tfaira' Roux Barbara Willia11'd, manager, Imogene Garrett, Evelyn Pierce, Iris Hinkle, Dorothy Huffman, Syble Hinlcle, Nancy Stilwell, Patty Sue Hall, Carol Stewart, jackie Primm, Miss lileanor Hauser, coach, Anne Murphy, manager. Cf,-C.1f11.1i11,i-joyce Creed and Sue Kanoy. 70 BMD DGRANlCLUB OFFICERS Bill Cnnncll ,..,. . ..... Prwidenl Hazel Ovcrciisli ,,...,......,, ,.,. S wrmir1-'l'w.1i1n-ur Hnlwhy klnhnsnn ........,....,........ Vim-Prwidfnf Mr. I.. D. Slim-iily iinil Mr. Hiiixly Henry .,... Sfmuwm lfif-if lfuzr, ld! iff riglvlq Betty Tysingcr, Mildred Cnggins, D.incy Multnn. Hubby -lnlmsnn, Hill Cnnnyll, Annu Murphy Cllmrlcm Annu Slim-cn, Kitty Dliirrctt. O Sccund Row: Hagel Ovcrcusli, Miss lflciinm' Hiiuscr, iiilviscrg Linda Clndfcltcr Douglas Cullicut, Riclizirrl MCI-cnrlnn, Cliilrlcs Hampton, Doris juncs, Sylvia Beik. O Third Roux' Mr. Hixrily Henry .ulviscrg Diiri' Sliciily, Donnie Cranford, Norman Crews, Enlgiii' HUHIIILIU, Binh Myers, Mr. L. D. Shciily, iulvisci' CHEERLEADERS Luft In rflglilx BL-tty Ann Tysingcr, S.inLlrii kldrrctt. Shirley Burrus, Ruth Gl'L1j',CllglI'lCS Annu Slim-n. 0 Ifzwfm Kitty ,liirrctt Chief Cl1cci'lf:z1dci'g Ann Allmuml. 71 w CLONIGER BUICK COMPANY 216 West Main Street Telephone 300 lVfJe1z Belief Azzlonzobilw' Are Bail!-Bimsk Will Build Them GRAY CONCRETE PIPE CO., Inc. MANUFACTURERS Concrete Pipe and Cinder Blocks Phone 419 - 485 STHTE IUDUSTRIHL BHIWI4 21f2"iQ Paid on Savings IIICHIIQC11' I7cff1'em! Dejmfil IlI.fZl1'6Ill!'L' C01'f7Ul'.ClfI0lI We Are Privileged To Go To School It ls Our Duty To Make Good Our Opportunity Good Health ls Our Greatest Asset For The Finer! In Dfziry Produrtf Use LINDALE MILK AND ICE CREAM 72 FRED MURPHY'S TIRE SERVICE Gas, Oil, and Accessories Brown Clinarcl C. W. Clinard Phone 587 Hagan Knitting Company Manufacturers of Sample and Fancy Half Hose Thomasville North Carolina Leach's Curb Market and Cafe 73 PIT BARBECUE "The ber! of fowl for 6'I'r?l"j'077L'H 5 Randolph Street Telephone 6455 Harrell Chevrolet Co., Inc. Phone 486 Thomasville, N. C. "W'e fell llve ber! mid ,rewive ilve rerll' Refrigeration Sales and Service Co. Randolph Street Extension Dozzzexlir and C 077lIIl8P't'jz1f Refrigemliozz Ofhce Phone 2391 Black Lumber Company All Kinds of Building Material and Supplies Randolph Road Phone 812 Thomasville, N. C. Community Food Center Fresh Produce, Groceries, and Meats Self Serzfife and D!!jl'Kl'j5.l' Randolph Street Extension Phone 2527 Thomasville MURPHY'S CLEANERS 107 Salem Street Phone 521 Ulllllllllllfllll lllllllflllll llllllllllllll Phone 802 Post Ofhce Box 506 WlTTY'5 FLOWERS HUDSON-BELK COMPANY UFff111'f'l'-Y FW Aff Ol'l'ff-ffflff-"ll ''7'fJfmn1.u'1'iffe'.r Lmgeff DeIl7m'm1e17f , S1m'e" We Deliver Phone 2378 Mrs. T, Witty 'ilk Ladies Men f A f JES-I-ERS Wes ern u o Famous Brands Association Store EXPGU MON? 24 East Main Style v Service A Satisfaction Phone 2-5191 Ladies Men TASTY BAKERY Thomasville Coca-Cola "UVa Specialize In llveddizlgx, Parfier BOM-Img Company and Bjl'fl7d!ljfJ' Made To Orderu Drink 4 Com-Cola Delicious and Refreshing 40 East Main Phone 895 Phone 501 ' MAURICE MILLS CGMPANY Incorporated 1925 Manufacturers of Men's Half Hose M. L. Bales, President and Treasurer 75 Thomasville BOSTON STORE Tire and Battery Company L0d'e5 Department 4 ki! 100 West Main Street Phone 366 Maggie johnson Lena Fair Sink Electric Company Home Appliance and Paint A , Company Electrical Contractor Frigidaircs - Radios Y Washing Your Home Touvz Dealer 112 Machines Paints - Appliances 46 Salem St. Phone 503 Television Sets THE RECORD SHOP Se' 4 Commerce Street Phone 6139 NANCE'S FLOWER SHOP Cut Flowers - Corsages and F!UIl'C'.l'.l for Aff Ocm,ri011.s' 44 Main St. Phone 966 Thomasville, North Carolina MORNING GLORY lce Cream and Eat Shop Steakburgers Our Specialty Phone 2317 21 West Main St COX 6' PATE Men's Clothing Store Visit This Convenient and Friendly Store Telephone 2346 Efird's Department Store Carrerl Men' at the Lnzweff Privei' Thomasville, North Carolina High Point Thomasville and Denton Railroad "Nolbi1zg bm Serifire Io Sell" Thomasville Theatre Co. Palace Theatre State Theatre Davidson Theatre Crowell-Newby Gift Shop Sf? G,ffl.rf01'Aff Ol'L'cl.l'jfllI.l' 1 I Trade Street JULIUS A. GREEN --General Agent- Security Life and Trust Co. i'7lb0II!fI.l'l'fHE",l' Lending Life I1z.rm'nm'e A genryu FIELDS, INC. Ladies, and Men's Ready to Wear and Accessories 6 East Main-5 Salem Streets Thomasville, North Carolina Hodgin Furniture Company UCUIIIPIKIK Home lizlrfziafvizlgf' it Phone 843 105 Salem Street TH E BOSTON STORE 9 East Main Street Phone 451 FLOWER 5' GIFT SHOP Illdjlfffllrlf lzzferexl Girwz U11 Every A H C Order lj ' YRDIIIRY PRODUCTS I . I .4 Jac, f l Vrslt our Complete Gilt Department . Phone 593 31 Wfinston St. Thomasville Family Laundry J. C. GREEN AND SONS O Funeral Home Dry Cleaning and Pressing 4 wir Telephone 550 Dial 374 SPAINHOUR TIN SHOP 73? Tin and Sheet Metal Works HOLTON FURNITURE CO. 4 ik Thomasville - Phone 888 High Point 4 Phone 3057 THE JEWEL SHUPPE "FOR FINER GIFTS" Thomasville, North Carolina Citizens Insurance Agency of Thomasville, Inc. ii? Mutual Insuranre LANK HARRIS, Manager CITY CLEANERS "Tb0lm15z'ille'.r Leading Clefuzerr East Main Street Hinkle Milling Company Ure Snowdrift Flour Feed Spartan Feeds MEANS SERVICE STATION - Shell Oil Products - 2-i Hour Xlifrecker Service Phone 905 625 National Highway REX OIL COMPANY Crown Distributor ' + Phone 347 Becks Used Cars and Garage Otlice Phone 2539 AMAZON COTTON MILL Thomasville, N. C. 0 0 ik ii? SlNK'S CLEANERS Thomasville Bowling Alley if il? Carolina Underwear Co., Inc. Underwear Manufacturers fir Thomasville, N. C. THOMASVILLE BEDDING COMPANY, INC. Quality Bedding and Batting Thomasville, North Carolina 4 JEWEL COTTON MILL MURPHY'S GROCERY Salem Street Phone 848 609 East Main Street Q 4 Free Delivery Serzfire ' RUSSELL AND CREWS C. L. LOFTIN SHOE SHOP Salem Street 4 IV e Deliver Meats - Groceries - Produce Phone 2 3 72 Thomasville Thomasville Upholstering Co. Manufacturers of Living Room Furniture of All Kinds STUDENT STORE All School Supplies club and odd chairs if? Vanity Benches 'fomfeniefztly Located on the Second Thomasville, N. C. Ff001'!' 'iii' Brown Equipment fr Supply Snow White Luncheonette C0-I lnc- Farm Machinery Phone 986 Lexington Road 19 E. Guilford Street ik Phone 894 Thomasville, N. C Phone 2581 BOX 766 Carl T. Richardson Dogwood Hosiery Company Real Estate C1 Insurance Inc. ,ik Salem Street ifiisi National Bank Building Thomasville, N. C. Phone 955 lHlllllHSVllll Hllllllllllll Cllllllllllll Manufacturers of QUALITY CABINETS BOYLES VENEER COMPANY FANCY AND PLAIN VENEERS 401 Welborn Street Phone 465 81 Thomasville Chair Company Finch Furniture Company 'lr ak ir THOMASVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Sales Service PERKINS PONTIAC, INC. "DUNN For Dollar You Cdllil Beal Pmzlmcu Phone 548 408 National Highway Thomasville Hosiery Mills INCORPORATED Thomasville, North Carolina 82 THE BOOTERY of Thomasville, lnc. Home of Beautilul Shoes For Ladies and Children Thomasville Dry Goods Company Salem Street Thomasville, N. C. THE GOLD SHOP Ladies Wfearing Apparel Thomasville, N. C. lil' S ffffff -f In be Tlmffy THE THRIFT SHOP Make Your Dollars Buy More by Shopping Witlx Us wk' 30 XV. Main St. Thomasville, N. C Community Hardware, Inc. 34 Salem St. Phone 335 4 Thomasville, N, C. Thompson Auto Company Expert Body and Paint Works llTl70l1l..l.liZ'jlI6,J Ofdeyf and Mort Reliable Automobile Agency" 353 431 PAUL MOTOR COMPANY 716 mst Mlm sneer Phone 4110 4 Studebaker Cars and Trucks Wagger Jewelry Store 118' only lu pay Ibe ll7f1ggcr' llyay 34 East Main Street Phone 920 dltllaa r , lr I V SoutherryYeneer Company, i -' zz ul H My . Inc. With JD' i IV Ni-Dl'Manufacturers f 4 IIS 5,u,, J: li 7 fa., Thomasville, North Carolina Phone 2 357 LA G G' W BORN MOTOR SALES Your Dodge and Plymouth Dealer 0 Phone 811 National Hwy Thomasville, N. C. North State Veneer Company Manufacturers Telephone No. 891 P. O. Box 751 Thomasville, N. C. WRIGHT GROCERY Stop and Visit This Friendly Store 4 301 julian Avenue Phone 2-1139 Peoples Building and Loan Association Incorporated 1909 50 Salem Street Thomasville, N. C. john R. Perry, Sec'y.-Treas. J. W. Boyles, President PARAMOUNT PRINTERS 9 XVest Main Street Telephone 555 COMMERCIAL PRINTING STATIONERY OFFICE SUPPLIES Blackstone Hosiery Mills INCORPORATED Thomasville, North Carolina 75 We , R Zflumiym ,wiv awww "5ZW"75f-eff Z3 W7 Www fl mfw- Aw? www, CQZQM7 WW, 701, -Ma wwf fyffw- 0 We 75 I BOQSTERS MRS. JACKIE I-IALL SCHOOL OF DANCING CENTRAL MOTOR COMPANY Sl? I CUT RATE FURNITURE ,frm ALMAN AND SHAW COMPANY QB' 6, N THOMASVILLE FAMILY LAUNDRY FY ws- ' EANES ELECTRIC AND SUPPLY COMPANY RELIABLE SHOE STORE Q' of l WALKER FUNERAL HOME CITY GROCERY W5 yy 9, Jr! GREEN's GROCERY X MA DIXIE STORE wjdyviqofm STINSON TEXACO SERVICE ao E. man FIRST NATIUNAL BANK 10 East Salem Street Phone 421 Thomasville, North Carolina MDM MMVI ,, QMZT 2 , l ff J.. W 5 as --' "' 4 I QQPWW bx xo . ww W f 51,94 WWW , ' of , . f.'4"'WMAmQ+ irilww i ff-en! ff M X , F I Dvd: yjiffgf Hyvw Wm view J .Mui Hifi" J' 19,5 . ' . My LW -ff!! O WJ? V' yn f ',f, . - " ,J iw I 5 Mfr Jlxfxdin O1 LASSITER CORPORATION CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA W4ALkaifo1w X, V. 6 A Q if H JR fg f"'YCf.fJ2-?ff - K K, f,,1JO Jiffy' h an N Q .MVK eu? WU W W' M QZI gQi . 5 N J 1'-'Q ," ' lik' -?1f'fl-141-:6j f7fQfi7' AUTQGRAPHS f ',3,,,,,QL ff riff ,,Ll""',gy?,m!l51fff4.W' ui JM! ,IWJMJ " :1Qf?.r ljiwlyo WMM Q I 5402? Zafzgfzw dna? fZc4m,fQ jfffffg ,701 Q WWA! 7215051 41 Q Qnvnfcwyfy , W v . ' H E ' V :AA 'Nast Q ' . boys. Sires K WI , 115 WW' WM 1 'A' I V C7 ,A. , X561 I ,W D Qt 5, J 0, gf X aff, 1 t N' 1' ILYKQQ iffafff, , "AV V fl A J' ,X- ' Vg X' 0 . J , ' and if " 44, VE, kk ,f fag, I C xv N yi Qty' . I N f 7 'AD J . M v K S I pl' ,gan 7' Lx " .H as 4. aku 'W ' fffcrkw ,Am 9 . . Jaffe in b'S1,' 51. uf aff X Q ' -ii'-f y., . W 1 Q. ' ' i , , 7,4 Mg-S, . Q x fy f - ss: ff t k S ' :iff '?fHffm, 3:1 'HQ WMS? ' S1 f if "af x1 gfgw 5 wi Y. 13 ff,fg3.'?', I ' lfwf ,Q jig, , ,f ,I M. gg, gf E wg JY A 1 ,iff 2 ,K Li, .. E R, L A Y E iifikx 3 8 ?M', .E Y H -ws ,wwf 5 z ' ' EWLQ A fx-,L . x K E. . V K X , m amzmlas, QA If 1 ' r - , ., ' K 24 , fgrgx. QVQWSM 35 if f gU2,-,Qiw ' My 4 , ' 5 'wx , 'wkfzkgv Wg- 1 fr, A 1 ww. wqxfvrf Eff? f Q.. ,f U3:f"f'x7A ' 'H ' - Q' L. 3 l JS' f Q - A, Q .wwf igi , W - ,V nj, f 1 , WA Hfpgf My 7 g 3' 'J ' 'Q it A' . N3 ,A , Q ' v AM - 51:52 " Q if' f M - QQLQLLQCQ 5 ggi' if' i , W-sn..,,M -, 5 , v Lxlggg - ,mygs www Q:w95vf5v1Wf'Y'1 up ezwfwweff' ,r M. 1, 31, wx Wfliif? kmiifv 'TQTSZQT JW' wmwgfwmvassaw ,W WW, ,mfg fm I A W. Y . ff A x , Ww4,,fsswtf,,f-f , A X ,L,wWgf4wfwMW fywww- ww , 'A .i 1-ww-rwv'fLs 'ff' KfK:'W'f:24SnfW' "W . g,235QW:em?Ff'TW 1 1 amzasXQ3x++smQE2fifNfw2evw'vf'ff w?5wzw.q2. . Www , i m4f,g2e:1:'?MeHr32qiSW'fi?Yfi W 1 's F Mmgwfm A B VM www , -..gsm-. . 5. , . 7 9 fi: Q N x

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