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film G RCWLE R 1950 fffyfqg lfi h BETTY JEAN HARTSELL JEAN GILL Editoi' B11.s'211e,u' Ma WE PRESENT THE GRGWLER of 1950 1 S3 5 P Publixlaed By THE ANNUAL STAFF Of THOMASVILLE HIGH SCHOOL THOMASVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA FOREWORD In this, our sixth edition of the Gr0u'lez'. We of the annual staff wish to thank our many friends for the invaluable aid they have rendered to us. We sincerely hope that this will become a book dear to everyone, and that in its pages you will find a chest full of joys. In looking back, may it serve as a link to your high school days. JEAN GILLIAM Bzzyilzerr Almmger' BETTY JEAN HARTSELL Edimi'-ilz-Chief Miss LAURA E. NEECE Ad'zfi.re1' l in DEDICATION When we consider all that one man's done To make our school the best that can be found, Unseltishly has fame and honor won For students, teachers, parents here around, Who through his zest for living goodly life Inspires us all to hobbies, happy hours, Gives inspiration, comfort in our strife, And makes us long to bring out hidden powers- We realize more we owe than We can pay. We bring our gratitude and thankful hearts, And in our humble, small, but deep-felt way Present a token which we hope imparts A portion of our gratitude. In brief, Wie dedicate the Growler to our Chief- MR. GEORGE H. ARNOLD W" J 'gaflftdfi For more than thirty years Mr. J. N. I-Iauss led in developing the Thomasville schools from a single frame building, housing a seven grade school, to a modern and efflcient system of gram- mar and high schools. Some of those who knew him during those years may feel that a building other than a gymnasium might more appropriately have been named for him. lt is true that he never particularly emphasized athletics or physical edu- cation, but on second thought one must realize that any building that contributes to the develop- ment in any way of the youth of Thomasville may happily bear Mr. Hauss' name. He has always been interested in the education of the whole individual and never over-emphasized any particular field. Let us hope that the Hauss Gymnasium may long serve to promote the welfare of generations of Thomasville students. But Mr. Hauss is far more enduringly memorialized in the lives of hundreds of men and women in this town andielsewhere to whom he taught by precept, and especially by ex- ample, those qualities of character that a good athletic program promotes: integrity, sportsman- ship, consideration of others, clean living, and self- control. A Long ago, when Mr. Hauss used to teach ninth grade English, he asked his students to memorize lines from Shakespeare that might well apply to him, "His life was gentle, and the elements so mixed in him that nature might stand up and say to all the world 'This was a manl' " MR. G. H. ARNOLD MR. S. HORTON S Il pe rj 121 cm! em' Pmzfipal BOARD OF EDUCATION Slallldljllg, Jef! to rjgfalf Mr, Harry Curlee, Dr. O. R. Hodgin, Mr. G. H. Arnold Q Seated: Mr. J. D. Fraley, Dr. R. I.. McDonald, Mr. Russell Van Landingham. X 8 Q FACULTY Allison Oliver Eargle Miss Betty Allison . Mrs. E. C. Burrus . . Miss Vera Dixon . . Mr. Lawrence Page Mrs. James Oliver Miss lla Hensley . . Miss Naomi Howie Mr. L. D. Shealy . . Mr. G. M. Eargle .... Mrs. David Jackson Miss Betty Welch . Mr. Chester I. Litwin . . . Burrus Hensley jackson Dixon Page Howie Shealy Welch Litwin ....... ... Home Making . . . ....... Efzglifh ......... S0ria!Sf1zdiel' . . . Dizferfified Ol'CIlpdfj07I Librarian . . . . . . . . Pzzblic School Mnfic Bible . . . Playmzzl Edzrfaliou, Mallaematirf ...................Matbematirr Girly' Healllo and Physical Edzzmiiofz Malbenzaticf . Band Director I1 v I FACULTY johnson Mrs. Lowdermillc Mr, Lowdermilk Covington Welborn Eaton Henry Neece Randolph Hanes Miss E. Bain Johnson ............ . Mrs. john W. Lowderniilk Mr. john W. Lowdermilk Mrs. T. Covington .... Mr. Ivan Welborn . . . Miss Mildred Eaton . . . Mr. Hardy Henry ...... Miss Laura E. Neece .... Mr. George Randolph, jr. Mrs. Lucille Hanes ..... 10 . . .!9, I0ll7'7Zdlj.fl1l . , . . Commerfial Subjeffs , . . . Sofia! Slzzdief, Typing . . . . Lafin, Malhemafirr . . ........... Sfieme . . . . . . . . . . . English, Hillary C0arh,'PhyJiml Edzlmlion . . . . . . . . Frefzrb, Englirh Biology . . . . . Serrelary 'half' MN CLASSES Y" l l l l 5...,,r, ADVISERS SENIGR CLASS OFFICERS Serzfed. lefl to righl: Ruby Hauser, Treasurerg Helen Payne, Secretary. Slazzdizigqf Bill Hethcock, Presidentg Julius Green. Vice-President. Miss E. Bain johnson Mrs. T. Covington Mr. john W .Jwdermilk MASCOTS Leff lo righl: Sandra Cranford and Mickey Cox. 12 Barbara Atwood "Batu10od'.f" good Az flair rpwrg Sbeb' a Jlar On tbe barrkelball roufl. Maxine Beck Y0ll,lldl7l'di1',f fad ber Merry ana' gay. Sbe'll make you laugb Wilb ibe lbingr ,rbe'll say. Wanda Beck "Toolie'J" a beauty Anal nire as can be. An all-'round gal Y0u'll ,ind ber io be. Sarah jane Black A Q Our wiltierl girl Keep! ur in Jticber. Sbe tellr a joke And we laugb like Zdgber. .4 Evelyn Branch To be a Jeerelary lr ber derire. Of being nice Sbe doe! not Zire. SENIORS 13 Dave Ballard A witty feller, Ar you all know, if Dave. fur! give him a lead Ana' be'll make you rave Nancy Beck A real swell gal Ir Naxbcy Berk. Wfe lbink of ber A lol. by beck. L. E. Black ' "Ely'.r" a zrbiz in Cbemirfrr. And be really getr around Erfvecially willy tbe gal! Dozen in Iobizrontouw. jackie Boswell jackie! a girl Wfbo lover zo Jkale. Sbe'J really one Denon Ilvbo if bard to bale. Eddie Branson Here ir a boy Unbom an ofire bar go Il ana' leanelle Keep bioz balf .rbolf I. l l l n A '1 1 1 1 l l 4 1 1 J A janie Brinkley One good .rport If "Little Brinkuj Our her! danrer W'e all think. Carmelita Burleson She appear! lo he The auief hind. And if you fell her .ro She really ufon'f mind. Robert Cagle jane ii Bud',u gal And aluwyr will be, If i1',r all righl uith bun. Il'.f all righl zrifh we, Peggy Coggins A good rheerleader This' fernrne ir. Al doing the yellr Sheff really a whiz. Ann Davis By right her mire May alumni be The way .rhe'll rnahe Her :non-ey. SENIORS 14 Alice Bryant Alire'r hair ir Lonely and black. Her air if plearanzg Shelf rufeel, in fad. j. D. Burton I. D.',r a boy U"ifh a litlle. zvry Jinile. W'hen you lalle lo hirn. You laugh all the while. Mildred Coggins "Co1lon'.r" a gal Il"ho really if hep. S6611 a feminine rage-Jia And har plenu pep. Nancy Cranford This' here gal if Really a rulie. "Nan" maker many punr And never ir rnooly. Stanton Davis "Stinl2y'.r" hir name. Il he doe.rn'! dererzfe 'Caure he doe.rn'z appeal To :he Jrnelling nerve. '. jadie Lee Durham "fake" har intereftr In lotr of thingr. He haf a good time And Jeldom rorn,f1lain.f. Jeanette Elliott Thir tall hlonde IJ nrztally .reen with Edd To do you a favor Sheff aluayv ready. Elizabeth Gorcly "Lih'.f" a gal with Eyer and coifnrex So all the men She knoufur hou' to lure. Peggy Gray Nou' here ix a girl Ilyho ,rtudlei franealr. She'll he a .vltrceu In the world Jonzeday. Julius Green Thir Hhuhha-huhha" is t Strong. .rilent type, But when "Graff" jertr You'll laugh all right! ie. l Je SENIORS Y K - ,af J -.. y , ll' ' 2591 . 'saws 15 Y f' Mary Elgin Her name ir Elgin So .fhe keeper up with the tuner And I ran't think Of anything elre that rhymes jean Gilliam "Stel" ii' "B. M." Of our yearhook. She playr harkethall And ii' a good rook. Nancy Gray Her knouledge ir hroad. "Steanzhoat" like! her hooks too. She .veldorn maker errorr lI"hieh .ihe mart rue. Eva Mae Green Her name ir Green, Bat that',f not .ro 'Caure all her hair IJ hlark. you know. Doris Harris Dorff if one of Those ofhre girlr. When .rhe'5 on duty The work really whirlx. Betty Jean Hartsell Here if a gal W'ho reall y if fweel. She hai helped rnahe Our GROUVLER Jo near William H. Hethcock Il airne le franfalr El l'anglai,r azufi, Mau l'hi.r10ire, il dit- "Qzz'eJf-ce que 5,611 one reef?" Robert Hill Robert hai fought The ranzera bug. He'll take a pirlure Of any ol' mug. Joann Hoyle H?1'6J.Y a gal W"ho nzuxifally inelinex, Her fnlnre if brighter Than Moonbeam McSwine'J. Carl Hunt HEP'6!.V a boy You may no! know Became, you tee, He lahef D. 0. SENIGRS 16' Ruby Hauser Our nzoyt inlelleftual Girl ,she il. She',r a likeable gal And nzindr her own biz. john Hiatt john if Jhorl And he',r a blonde. Of fhix friend lWe're zfery fond. Don Holland Hefs a good danrer And a nzernber of the hand, Al Ihe ar! of rheering lIe',r an old hand. Charles Huffman Pla ying football or bafhefball At either he',r al eaxe. Hefa eau' lo gel along u-izh, And not hard to pleare, Betty jones "fon.cey" hnouxr ufhal to my On every ofrafion. She ,,r.feJ a power Of ronrincing perfnafion. Paul Ed jones He'J our hext looking hoyg He'5 the keeper of the storey Heir good at hafhethall- Who could ark for any more? Bill Kindley At dancing heir topr. 'Neifer getx hit pllg A good all round guy, That'.f "Big Bad Bill," Arthur Lee Lambeth Really good-natured IJ our pal "OIL" It'c that "Church Street Jpirit" That he'5 alwayx got, Lena Mae Laws Sher fond of math For her life if Junny, She capahly handlei The GROWLERYS money. Bobby Loftin Now here ir a hoy Who playr in the hand. If you're ezfer in need, He'll give you a hand. SENIORS 17 Bill Kanoy If in a theatre It',r Bill you meet, Ark him politely And he'll Jhou' you a Jeat. Margaret Kinney Our cheerleaderr are Alwayi of great fame. Of :hir girl Wfe have no Jharne. Anabel Lammoncls Thir friend of ourr May have little to Jay, But were all proud Of her anyway. Sara Leek Thiy pretty hlonde Har a Southern drawly Wfhen you meet Saree She'll Jay, "Hi, y'all!" Bobby Gene Loftin "Laud'.r" good natured And lot: of fun. He',r Sheriff chief deputy Old "One-Gun." Howard Lookabil Thir here hoy Har plenty of Iilllfflff. He appeary to bE,fl01fU, But fometimef he hustler. Charles Lyndon He'.f the mort quiet Of all the hoyr, But ilfr the empty wagon That maker the mort noire Ruth McCarson ThiJ our friend IJ not a Jark. She goes around With dear old Mack. Mack McCu1lock Here if a hoy who would Be in a men Should he wake up one day And find himrelf "Ruth"le.rf. Bobby May Mir: jff room pref Driver 'round in a jeep. Wfhen otherr complain He maker nary a peep. SENIORS 18 Dorothy Ludwick She workr in the library Ar Mrr. Off arfiftant. She helpr all the Frexhmen Who are Jo infirtenl. Leon Lyndon Hunting ir the hohhy Of thir up-and-foming lad, He wantr to be a farmerf Hir future if not rad, jackie McCulloch Thir here rage rrtar Har a .renre of humour. I n hir head therefr No room for roumer. Betty McSwain A very rute girl If Betty Mar. Shir on the hall And Jharp af a tark. Doris Maney "Dori.r" a gal Who ir fond of dogy. Her thinking ir clear-,' She'f never in fogr. Betty Carol Myers Here',v a friend Whom we like, you ree. Sbe liber to .rbaie Out at Uni-ty. Pauline Nelson A ufiie old gal If our friend Polly, Sbe newer frownf And if ulwayf jolly. Bobby Radford Tbix if a boy U7bo'.v nicbnomeif Tony. If be bar mny rnrlr W Tben 1bey're no! a phony. Franklin Rutledge Freznlelink our friend W'bom we call "Fldtto,fJ." He put! boobx on bij bead, And lbejf never drop. Dale Sechriest 4 Dale if .rbowmun Of bif lyping eldvf. Hir lovely Jongf Will cbarm any lair, SENIORS 19 Robert Myers From ou! of tbe part Hir nickname nrore. "Rabbit" tbey call bimg lbongb He ran't wiggle bir nore. Helen Payne Helen'.r :be one wbok Our clan Jerrelary. Sbe'J rule and quiei Bu! alwayr merry. Fermon Ragan Tbe art of painting IJ foreman in bif mind. He'll go out witb 4 paint brurb And leave bir lerronf bebind William Saunders Bill if a net Whom we all admire., He ir a good worker Wbom no one will fire, Merle Dean Sherrill "Murl ,S'burl'x" zbe one Wbo ir our glass poet. Sbe if really quile rmort, And we all know il. Joyce Sloop ThiJ lovely lar: if Min Thomafville High Srhool, A fart quite evident To any old fool. Peggy Smith Another gal on The debating team. The afirntative hold! her In high exleem. Lena Pearl Stout You lift your receiver, The operator Jayr, "Hello." It may he Lena Pearl ,' She worhf there, you know. jean Carol Sullivan jean'J willing to help In her good-natured way, Dependable alwayr With not much to Jay. Betty Ann Surratt She never haf reaxon To apologize. To have thif quality She mm! he wire. 'ia SENIORS 20 ffl? Betty Smith Thix cute girl Knowf how to dehate. A point for the negative She hurrief to relate. Ann Snyder Ann if alwayr Seen with Lena Pearl. She in truth IJ a very fine girl, Charlotte Sullivan Not too feriovf, Not too gayg But 5he',r a jolly good gal In mort every way. Louise Sullivan Hiftorian of our clan If thiy girl Louire. We're all rrazy 'hout her And that'5 no wheeze. Donald Surratt "Sarhy'.f" a hoy Wfho haf "filler" in a whi But he expecially attraetr One Jperial girl. rl jane Tysinger Here'! a blonde Who'! eertainl y no dud. We think !he'! !well And !o doe! Bud. J. B. Walser Known to all hi! friend! AJ' "Io Bo." You'll find him anytime At Sli77I07l,J' Texaco. jim Ward Here if a hoy Who'! well-dre!!ed and hand!ome, All the girl! want To hold him for rati!om. Gene Wells Hi! teammate! voted him "Be!t All-Round," But when you mention it, He make! nary a !ou,nd. Bobby Wilder B0bbjf'J' a hoy W' ho ha! curly hair, A plea!ing Jmile, And a plea!ant air. SENIORS 21 johnny Wallace Here'! a Jwell guy Whom you really !hould know If you meet him downtown He'll yell out, "Hell0l" Bob Ward "Sherif' play! !port!,' He'! the real MrCoy. In hi! own word!, "Knock it of, boy." Jimmie Warren He like! hi! Engli!h,' They fall him "Moe" He didn't want to Jtudy So he took D. O. Ann Wilder Pretty and eleifer And very neat,' To he her friend I! a Jpffldl treat Raymond Williams Raymond, we think, I! a pretty nire guy. He make! all the girl! Heaue a big !igh. p-in 5 . I Betty Wilson Thi: harhful gal, AJ we have raid, Har lovely lock! Upon her head. Homer Wilson He'll help you our There and hack. He hringr honor To Red and Blarh. Donald Yates A quiet boy Wizh a plearanz smiley Hi: temper if ralm, And hir friendrhip': worthwhile. To you, dear teachers and friends, We pause and bid farewell. We're reluctant to say good-bye so soon- But with your help we cannot fail. To our teachers we wish to leave Our thanks and appreciation. Thanks for lending a helping hand When we needed your cooperation. SENIORS Bobby Wilson Handrorne, original, And a very nice lad, Friendr galore He har alwayf had. Bobby Workman "Worhee'J" a hoy Who'J very polile, Hir winning ,frnile Ir alufayr in right. Pat Younts Herefr a gal U'7ho'J really fail. It look hu! three yearJ To get her pail. i FAREWELL TO YOU ' To our dear friends we leave Fond memories of days gone by. And as we are reminiscing, We think back with a wistful sigh. May the strains of our Alina Maier Blend a farewell song in our heart. For this song we will always remember And cherish as we depart. So in this year of 1950, We Seniors bid you farewell. "Great heights are attained by small deeds" May this our motto ever before you dwell. 22 SENIOR HONORS Barbara Atwood Monogram Club 3, 4: National Honor Society 4: Future Homemakers of America 2. President 3, Vice-President 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: First Aid and Safety Club, Vice-Presi- dent 4: AudicvVisual Education Club 2: Homeroom Vice- President 4: Most Athletic Senior Girl 4. Dave Ballard Q Football 4: Student Council, Chairman of Inside Tranic Committee 4: Audio-Visual Aid Club 1. 2: Hoineroom President 2: Bible Club 4. Maxine Beck Girl Reserves 1: Library Club 1: Glee Club 2: Audio- Visual Education Club 3: Dramatics Club 3, 4: Bible Club 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: International Relations Club 3. Nancy Beck Glee Club'1: Y-Teens 1: Dramatics Club. Vice-President 2: Chairman of Homeroom Bulletin Board Committee 4: Bible Club. Secretary 2. Wanda Beck Dramatics Club 2, 4, Vice-President 1: Y-Teens. President 2: Miss Thomasville High School 2: Treasurer of Home- room 2: Secretary of Homeroom 3: Future Teachers of America, President 4: Homecoming Queen 4, Sarah jane Black ' Dramatic-s Club, Secretary and Treasurer 1: Y-Teens. Secretary and Treasurer 1. Program Chairman 2: Audio- Visual Education Club 2: Treasurer of Class 2: Basketball 2. 3, 4: Sanitation Committee 3: Monogram Club 3. 4: Future Teachers of America 4: Homeroom President 4. jackie Boswell Basketball 1. 2, 3: Future Homemakers of America, Song Leader 2. Polemantarian 3. Evelyn Branch g Future Homemakers of America, Vice-President 4: Mills Home: Softball 2: Speed Ball 2: Travelers Club 1. Eddie Branson Student Council 1. Sergeant-at-Arms 2, Vice-President 3, President 4: Hi-Y 2. 3. 4: Glee Club 1: President 'of Home- room 1: Football 2, 3. 4: Monogram Club 2, 3. 4. jane Brinkley Glee Club 1. 2, 3: Monogram Club 3, 4: Cheerleader 2, 3, Chief 4: Future Homemakers of America 2: Future Teachers of America 4: Dramatics Club 4: Student Council 4: At- tendance Committee 2. Alice Bryant Glee Club 1: Y-Teens 2: Tri-Hi-Y 3: Oflice Techniques Club 4: Safety and First Aid Club 4. Carmelita Burleson Bible Club fl: Mills Home: Basketball 2, l: Future Home- makers of America 1. 2: Travelers Club 1: Softball 2: Glee Club 1. 2: Speed Ball 2. J. D. Burton Audio-Visual Education Club 1. 2: International Relations Club 3: D. 0. Club 4. Robert Cagle Audio-Visual Education Club 1. 2: Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent 1: Bible Club 3: Class Vice-President 3: Hi-Y 3: D. 0. Club 4. Mildred Coggins Basketball 2. 3. 1: Monogram Club 4. Secretary 3: Audio- Visual Education Club 2. 3: Y-Teens 2: Future Teachers of America. Treasurer el: Future Homemakers of America 2, 3: Secretarial Techniques Club 3. Peggy Coggins Future Hulnemakers of America 1. 2: Dranlatics Club 1. 2, 4: Homeronm Vice-President 1: Class Secretary 1: School Beautiful Committee 1: Auditorium Committee 2: Bible Club 1: Tri-Hi-Y. President 4: Cheerleader 4. SENIOR HONGRS Nancy Cranford Student Council, Chairman of Program Committee 3. Co- Chairman of Attendance Committee 4: Glee Club 1. 2. Secretary 2: Facts and Fun Staff 2, 3. 4: Growler Staff 4: Class Treasurer 3: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Homeroom Secretary 4: Audio-Visual Education Club 2, Ann Davis Majorette 1, 2. 3: Glee Club 1, 2. 3. 4: Music Club 1: Basketball 1: Facts and Fun Staff 2: Mixed Quartet 1, 3: Girls Trio 2: Bible Club 3. jadie Lee Durham Audio-Visual Education Club 1, 2: Bible Club, Vice-Presi- dent 3: D. O. Club. Vice-President 4. Mary Elgin Bible Club 3: Mills Home: Travelers Club 1: Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4: Softball 2: Glee Club 3. 4. Jeanette Elliott Future Homemakers of America 1. 2: Glee Club 2, 3: Basketball 2. 3: Student Council. Chairman of Sanitation Committee 3. Chairman of Oliice Committee 4: Monogram Club 3, 4: Library Club 4. jean Gilliam Student Council 4, Treasurer 3: School Beautiful Connnittec 2: Glee Club 1. 2, 3. President 4: Dramatics Club 2: Busi- ness Manager of Growler 4: Facts and Fun Staff 3: Mono- gram Club 3, 4: Basketball 2. 3, Captain 4: Grils' Trio 3, 4: Girls' State 3: Band 1, 4: Quill and Scroll 4: October B. P. W. Girl 4. Elizabeth Ann Gordy Homeroom President 3: Tri-Hi-Y Treasurer 3: Dramatics Club 4: Mills Home: Band 1, 2, 3: Basketball 2. 4: Future Homemakers of America, Secretary 2: Travelers Club. Secretary 1: Class President 2: Softball 2: Glee Club 1: Speed Ball 2. Nancy Gray Facts and Fun Staff 1, 3, Exchange Editor 2: Student Council 4. Reporter 1, Chairman of Inside Publicity Com- mittee 2, Secretary 3: Chief Marshal 4: Dramatics Club 2, Program Chairman 1: Glee Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y. Reporter 3: Quill and Scroll 3. President 4: Masque and Gavel 3, 4: National Honor Society 3. President -I: Homeroom Treasurer 3: Chairman of Class Ring Committee 3: Co-Chairman of Junior-Senior Prom Program Committee 3: Girls State 3: Winner of Journalism Trophy 3: September B. P. W. Girl 4: Good Citizen 4. Peggy Gray Dramatics Club, Treasurer 4: Mills Home: Basketball 3, 4: Band 1, 2. 3. 4: Travelers Club 1: English Club 2: Future Honiemakers of America 1. 2: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Secretary 2: Softball 1. 2: Speed Ball 2. Eva Mae Green Dramatics Club 1. 2. 4: Future Homemakers of America 2. 3. 4: Bible Club 3: Library Club 1. 2. Julius Green Hi-Y 1, 3. 4: Dramatics Club, President 1: Student Council 4. Co-Chairman of Recreation Committee 1, Chairman of Elections Committee 2. Chairman of Inside Traffic Com- mittee 3: Homeroom President 1: Basketball 1. 2, 3. 4: Tennis 1. 2. 3. 4: Football 2, 3, 4: Facts and Fm: 1. As- sistant Business Manager 2. Business Manager 4: Monogram Club 4, President 3: National Honor Society 3, Vice-Presi- dent 4: Masque and Gavel 3, President 4: Class Vice- President 4: Marshal 4. Betty jean Hartsell . Secretarial Techniques Club 4: Student Council 4: Quill and Scroll 4: National Honor Society 4: Marshal 4: Bible Club, President 4: Editor of Growler 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Dramatics Club 2: Facts and Fun Stan' 2, 3. Doris Ann Harris Girls Reserve 1: Y-Teens 2: Dramatics 1, 2, 4: Office Techniques Club 3. Secretary 4. Ruby Hauser Class Treasurer 4: Student Council, Chairman of Program Committee 4: Secretarial Techniques Club, Treasurer 3. 4: National Honor Society 3, Treasurer 4: Mills Home: Travelers Club 1: Future Homemakers of America 2. 3, Historian 1. Bill Hethcock Dramatics Club 1, 2: Facts and Fun Staff 1, 2, Business Manager 3: llrowlvr Staff 2, 3: Cheerleader 2, Chief 3: Student Council 3. 4. Sergeant-at-Arms 1. Co-Chairman World War ll Honor Roll Committee 2: Glee Club 3: Mixed Quartet 4: Radio News Reporter 3: Monogram Club 3. 4: Quill and Scroll 3. 4: Masque and Gavel 3, 4: Debating 2. 3, 4: Marshal 4: Class President 4: National Honor Society 4: Future Teachers of America 4: Boys' State 3: Junior Rotarian 4: WBIG Safety Forum 4. 1 24' SENICDR HGNORS john Hiatt Audio-Visual Education Club 1, 2: Bible Club 3: Homeroom President 2. 3: International Relations Club 3: Student Council. Co-Chairman of Inter-Scholastic and Public Rea lations Committee 4. Don Holland Tennis 2, 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Hi'Y 2, 3, Project Chairman 4: Dramatics Club 2: International Relations Club 3: Mono- gram Club 4: Facts and Fzm Staff 3: Cheerleader 3, 4. Elizabeth Joann Hoyle Debating Club 4: Glee Club 4: Band. Drum Major 4: Facts and Fun Staff 4. Charles Huffman Football 1, 2. 3, 4: Basketball 2. 3. 4: Tennis 4: Audio- Visual Education Club 1: Hi-Y 1, 2: Monogram Club 3, 4: Vice-President of Homeroom 4: Dramatics Club President 4. Betty jones Glee Club 1, 2: Facts and Fun Stait' 1, Associate Editor 2, Editor 3: Student Council 3, CfrChairman of World VVar II Service Honor Roll Committee 2, Treasurer 4: Dramatics Club 2. 4: Inside Publicity Committee 2: Winner of Journalism Trophy 2: Tri-Hi-Y. President 3: Quill and Scroll 3, Secretary 4: Masque and Gavel 3. 4: Basketball. Manager 3: National Honor Society 4: Future Teachers of America 4. Paul Ed jones Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Store 3, Manager 4: Audia-Visual Education Club 1, 2: Class President 1: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4. Bill Kanoy Bible Club 3: D. 0. Club 4. Bill Kindley Football 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Tennis 3. 4: Dramatics Club 1. 2. 4: Hi-Y 2, 3: Monogram Club 4. Margaret Kinney Y-Teens 1: Dramatics Club 1, 4. Secretary 2: Cheerleader 3, 4: Monogram Club 4. 4 1 25 Lena Laws Drainatics Club 1: Band 1: Audio-Visual Education Club 2: Y-Teens 2: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Student Council 3, 4: Home- room Secretary 4: Growler Staff, Secretary and Treasurer 4: First Aid and Safety Club 4: Manager of Girls Basket- ball Team. Arthur Lambeth Audio-Visual Education Club. Vice-President 1: Football 2, 3, 4. Sara Leek Glee Club 1. 2, Secretary 3. Vice-President 4: Student Council. Co'Chairman Attendance Committee 2, Co-Chair- man Inter-Scholastic and Public Relations Coimnittee 3, 4: Class Secretary and Treasurer 1: Homeroom Secretary and Treasurer 1: Audio-Visual Education Club 2: Growler Stati' 3, Activities Editor 4: Facts and Fun Staff 4: Masque and Gavel 3, 4: National Honor Society 3. Secretary 4: Marshal 4: Co-Chairman of Junior-Senior Prom Program Committee 3: Red Cross Committee 2: Homeroom Chaplain 4. Bobby Gene Loftin Hi-Y l: Football 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: Library Club 3. Bobby Lof tin Hi-Y 1, 2: Audio-Visual Education Club 2: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 2, 3. 4: Basketball 3. 4: Recreational Reading Club. President 4. Howard Lookabill Homeroom President 1: Class President 2: HiAY 1: Audio Visual Education Club 2. 4: Reading Club 4: Dramatics Club 1: Football 4. Dorothy Ludwick Tri-Hi-Y, Program Chairman 3: Library Club, Vice-Presi- dent 4: Thursday Reading Club, Program Chairman 4: Student Council, Chairman of Library Committee 4: Mills Home: Future Homemakers of America 1, Vice-President 2: Travelers Club 1: Cheerleader 2. 3, 4: Band, Flag Bearer 3. Charles Lyndon . Audio-Visual Education Club 1. 2: Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent 1, 2, 3: Homeroom Treasurer 4: Football 3, 4: Monogram Club 4: First Aid and Safety Club 4. E. , SENIOR HONORS Leon Lyndon Dramatics Club 1: Hi-Y 1: Audio-Visual Education 2, 3: Hobby Club. Vice-President 4. Doris Maney Secretarial Techniques Club 3: Dramatics Club 4: Mills Home: Travelers Club 1: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Future Hoinemakers of America 1, Choirster 2: Softball 1. 2: Glee Club 1. Trio 3, 4. Quartet 4. Bob May Football 2. 3, 4: Hi-Y 1: Draniatics Club 2: Audio-Visual Education Club 2: Homeroom President 4: Class Sergeant- at-Arms 2. Ruth McCarson Future Homemakers of America, Song Leader 3, President 4: Monogram Club 3: Mills Home: Monogram Club. Secre- tary 2: Future Homemakers of America 1: Band 1. 2. Flag Bearer 4: Basketball 2. 3, 4: Travelers Club 1: Glee Club 1. 2. jackie McCull0ck Dramatics Club 1: Audio-Visual Education Club 4, Treas- urer 2: International Relations Club 3: Football 4: Basket- ball 4: Baseball 4: Bible Club 3. Mack McCu11ock D. O. Club 4: Mills Home: Basketball 1. 2, 3: Football 1, 2, 3: Baseball 1, 2, 3. ' Betty McSwain Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Student Council, Chairman of Points System Committee 4: Quill and Scroll, Treasurer 3. 4: Growler Staif 4. Art Editor 3: Facts and Frm Staff 2, 3: Dramatics Club 2: Office Committee 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Home- room Secretary 3. Betty Carol Myers Dramatics Club 1: Future Homemakers of America. Vice- President 2. Treasurer 3: Y-Teens 2. ' Robert Myers Hi-Y 1, 2. 3: Audio-Visual Education Club 1, 2: Monogram Club 2. 3, 4: International Relations Club 3: Baseball. Manager 1: Football, Manager 2: Inside Patrol 1. 2. 3: D. 0. Club 4. Pauline Nelson Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4: Band 3: Mills Home: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2. 3, 4: Softball 2: Speed Ball 2: Travelers Club. Secretary 1: Glee Club 1, 2. 3: Future I-Iomemakers of America 1, Vice-President 2. Helen Payne Bible Club 3: Class Secretary 4: Secretarial Techniques Club, Vice-President 4: Health Room Committee 3: Na- tional Honor Society 4: B. P. W. Girl 4: Oiiice Committee 4: Mills Home: Basketball, Manager 2. 3: Softball. Manager 2: Future Homemakers of America 1. 3, President 2. Bobby Radford Mills Home: Football 2. 3, Alternate Captain 4: Basket- ball 4: Baseball 3, 4: Future Farmers of America 1, 2. Fermon Ragan, jr. Hi-Y 1, 3. 4, Vice-President 2: Tennis 4: Audio-Visual Education Club 1. 2: Arts and Crafts Club. Vice-President 3: Chairman of Magazine Committee 3: Student Council 2. Chairman of Elections Committee 4: Homeroom President 2. Franklin Rutledge Hi-Y 1: Dramatics Club 2: International Relations Club 3: D. 0. Club 4. Dale Sechriest Audio-Visual Education Club 1. 2. 3: Hi-Y 1: Arts and Crafts Club, Vice-President 4. Merle Dean Sherrill Dramatics Club 2, 3, Secretary 1: Future Homemakers of America 3. 4. Secretary 2: Library Club 1. 3: Bible Club 4: Class Poet 4: Library Committee 4. Joyce Sloop Monogram Club 2, 4, Treasurer 3: Y-Teens 1, 2: Audio- Visual Education Club 1, 2: Basketball 1, 2. 4: Captain 3: Oflice Club 3: Band, Flag Bearer 2, 3: Future Homemakers of America 2, 3: Future Teachers of America. Secretary 4: Homeroom Secretary 1: D. 0. Club, Secretary 4. Betty Smith Library Club 1. 2: Dramatics Club 2: Basketball 2, 3, 4: International Relations Club 3: Marshal 4: National Honor Society 4: Monogram Club 4: Debating Club 4. SENIOR HONORS Peggy Smith Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2: Dramatics Club 1, Secretary 2: Class Secre- tary 3: Auditorium Committee 3: International Relations Club 3: Debating Club 3. 4. Ann Snyder Y-Teens 1: Glee Club 2, 3. 4: Dramaties Club 1: Future Homemakers of America 1, 2. Lena Stout Dramatics Club 1: Glee Club 2, 3: D. 0. Club 4. Charlotte Sullivan Future Homemakers of America 2. 3. 4: Library Club 2: Dramatics Club 2. 3: Bible Club 4. jean Carroll Sullivan Dramatics 2. 4: Bible Club 4: Future Home-makers of America 2. 3. Treasurer 4: Library Club 2. Louise Sullivan Dramatics Club 1. President 2: Future llomemakers of 3. America 2. 3. 4: Homeroom Treasurer 3: Bible Club .. Marshal 4: Class Historian 4: Homeroom Secretary 4: Student Council, Chairman of Clubs Committee 4: National Honor Society 4. Betty Surratt Future Homemakers of America 2: D. 0. Club 4. Donald Surratt Audio-Visual Education Club 1. 2: Hi-Y 1: Monogram Club 4: Baseball 3. 4: Basketball 4: Homeroom President 1, 4: Student Council 1: Homeroom Vice-President 2, jane Tysinger Glee Club 2. 4: Future Homemakers of America. His- torian 3. johnny Wallace y Football 2, 3. Co-Captain 4: Hi-Y 2: Audio-Visual Edu- cation Club 3: Monogram Club 3. 4. Bobby Ward Hi-Y 1. 2: Football 1. 2. 3. 4: Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4: Baseball 2, 4. jim Ward Hi-Y 1. 2. 3, VieeAPresident 4: Arts and Crafts Club. President 3: Audio-Visual Education Club 1. 2: Growler Stat? 4: Student Council, Co-Chairman Outside Publicity Committee 3, Co-Chairman Health Room Committee 4: Basketball 4: Baseball 4. james Warren International Relations Club 3: D. 0. Club 4: Bible Club 4. Eugene Wells Football 3. 4: Boys' First Aid and Safety Club 4. Ann Wilder Dramatics Club 1: Bible Club 3. Bobby Wilder Hi-Y 1: Bible Club 3: International Relations 3: D. 0. Club 4. Raymond Williams Hi-Y 1. 2: Audio-Visual Education Club 1: Bible Club 3: International Relations Club 3: D. 0. Club 4. Betty Wilson Dramatics Club 1: Future Homemakers of America 2. Re- porter 31 Homeroom Treasurer 2. 4: Homeroom Secretary 3 Homer Wilson Future Farmers of America 1. 2. Robert Wilson Hi-Y 1. 2: International Relations Club 3. Bobby Workman Audio-Visual Education Club 2: Hi-Y 2. 'Treasurer 4: International Relations Club 3: Inside Patrol 3: Outside Patrol 1: Homeroom President 3: Homerooln Vice-Presi- dent 4: Football 4: Baseball 4: Basketball 4. Frances Younts Glee Club 1, 2. 4: Dramatics Club, Vice-President 1: Basket- ball 1. 4: Cheerleader 2: Future Homemakers of America 1: Flag Bearer 4. 27 l ,.:,, lti J J A"A' 4 f,x : K . ii yr 1 li 1.1 fl SENIOR 1. Julius Green and Joyce Sloop .... ,.... B ef! Spam 4. Nancy Cranford and Jim Ward ,... ........ B en Drefuea' 2. Betty Jones and Julius Green . . , . . , Bert All-Round 5. Jean Gilliam and Bill Hethcock ,.,.. ......... il 1051 Original 3. Wanda Beck and Paul Ed Jones , . . . . . Bell Looking 6. Nancy Gray and Julius Green .... . . Mun Likely To Sufreed 28 l 'E 1, Ruby Hauser and Bill Hethuwck .... .. Mmf Irzlclleflfml 4. lame Brinkley .xml Bill Rimllcy ..,,, . 2. Mildred Coggins and Bula W411'gl ...... ..... 1 Mm! 1'u,lmll1r 5. Surah lane Black .md Dave Bullard ..... . , 5. Betty Sue Wilsnwn and Clmrlcs Lyndon .. .. Alou Iinbflzl 6. Barbara Atwuud and Charles HuHm.m 29 4 Bell Dmlfem . . . . . IVi!fie.rt . fllmf Afblffif lv. CLASS HISTORY Although a few of us had had a taste of high school in the eighth grade, for most of us changing classes was a new and exciting experience. As our president for this year we elected Julius Green. Becoming sophomores at last we now felt very important. Our activities this year in- cluded a very successful class party. Howard Lookabill was chosen as our president. Our junior year was a very busy and en- joyable one. We now began to take a decided part in the activities of our school. This year we were joined by the juniors from Mills Home, who have added a great deal to our class. Paul Smith, Robert Cagle, Peggy Smith, and Nancy Cranford were chosen as our officers. A few of the high spots this year were receiving our class rings, the junior Maga- zine Drive, and the Junior-Senior Prom. We are very proud of the fact that we were the first class to give a prom instead of the traditional banquet. The Dutch theme carried out helped in making the evening a great success. Wanda Beck, who received the honor of being crowned "Miss Thomasville High School," was the pride of our class. Wie entered our last year enthusiastically but with a slight feeling of regret. Bill Hethcock was elected as our supreme officer. Other officers were Julius Green, Vice-Presi- dent, Helen Payne, Secretary, and Ruby Hauser, Treasurer. One of the most exciting events of this year was winning a football game with Lexington. This had not been done since 1942. Our time was taken up with elections, Senior Week, the junior-Senior Prom, the Senior Play, and finally, Commencement. We sincerely believe that our class is the best yet to graduate from Thomasville High School, and we extend to the future seniors a challenge to make our alma mater an even greater school. To the faculty we express our deepest appreciation for their worthy efforts, many of which, we realize, were above and be- yohd their duty. We truly think our faculty is the best to be found anywhere. With our high school career coming to an end, We now look to the future with high hopes. May we all achieve the highest suc- cess in anything we undertake. 9 aa Louise SULLIVAN C lair H irtoriazz CLASS PROPHECY OF 1950 Thomasville North Carolina November 30, 1949 Dear Tootie, How are you liking New York these days? You must be very busy because I haven't heard from you in a long time. I received the latest dope of our class of '50 and thought you might be interested in it. Here goes- Mr. and Mrs. Mack McCullock fthe latter is the former Ruth McCarsonJ own a dairy farm in eastern North Carolina. The former Joyce Sloop married the coach of Fair Grove High School. Those coaching football are Gene Wells, Bobby Workman, Bill Kindley, Johnny Wallace, Bob May, and Arthur Lambeth. Father of a large family, William Saunders is a superintendent at Thomasville Chair Company. Praised for her writing of stories for children, we are very proud of Jean Carroll Sullivan, who lives in New York City. If you are in need of groceries at any time when you get home, go to Sechriest Super Market, which is under the management of Dale Sechriest. Those from our class in the teaching fleld are Lena Mae Laws, who is teaching mathematics in Durham, North Carolina, Bill Hethcock, who is a French Professor at the University of North Caro- lina, and Sara Leek, an English teacher in Mont- gomery, Alabama. Those from our class in the Held of nursing are Betty Ann Surratt, Peggy Gray, Ruby Hauser, Peggy Coggins, and Anabel Lamonds. Doris Maney is chief X-ray technician at the Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem. Several of our classmates are married. Charles Huffman and Pauline Nelson were wed soon after their graduation fromhigh school. Frances "Pat" Younts is now happily married to an earlier grad- uate of T. H. S., Robert Cagle, who married the former Jane Tysinger, is the new owner of the West End Store. Paul Ed Jones is playing professional baseball with the Yankees. u Julius Green, Jr., who is president of the Security Life and Trust Insurance Company, is very proud of his faithful secretary, the former Betty McSwain. Do you remember Joann Hoyle? She is a French Opera singer. I saw "Cotton" Coggins the other day and she is an assistant to a dentist in Charlotte. John Hiatt and Betty Carol Myers are both associated with Hudson-Belk's Department Store. John is a buyer for the men's department and Betty Carol is in charge of the piece goods de- partment. Those from our class in the business field are Helen Payne, Murle Dean Sherrill, Peggy Smith, Louise Sullivan, Ann Wilder, Doris Harris, and Alice Bryant. Although we went to a city school, we also have some boys from our class who are farmers. Homer Wilson and Bobby Radford are in charge of the Mills Home farm, Leon Lyndon, a tobacco farmer, and Robert Myers, a cotton growing farmer, own their farms which are not too far from Thomas- ville. Next time you come home plan to have your picture taken at "Hill's Studio," which is under the management of Robert Hill. I Our friend Jackie McCulloch is an oliicer in the United States Navy. The former Stinson's Esso Station is now owned and operated by J. B. Walser and Bobby Wilder. CLASS PROPHECY OF 1950 Carl Hunt, superintendent of the Ragan Knitting Mills, has james Warren, Raymond Williams, and Donald Yates as his foremen. Our old schoolmates who are making a living coaching basketball are "SherilT' Ward, Betty Smith, Bobby Gene Loftin, Charles Lyndon, and jean Gilliam. Coach of the Denton girls' varsity basketball team, Barbara Atwood has produced some very good teams thus far. Ann Snyder and Lena Stout are operating the long-distance switchboards at the North State Tele- phone Co. Donald "Sarky" Surratt, known as our 1950 T. H. S. glamour boy, has his own upholstering business in Washington, D. C. Our old friend Bobby Loftin is the band di- rector in Senior High School at Richmond, Vir- ginia. Do you ever see Dorothy Ludwick, Ann Davis, or Margaret Kinney, who with you represent our class in the field of modeling? Betty jones is the Society Editor of the Greens- boro Daily News. Manager of the Palace Theatre, Bill Kanoy, has remodeled the theatre since you were home. The former jane Brinkley, who married a wealthy University of North Carolina graduate, has nothing to do but give orders to her servants. Fermon Ragan and jim Ward are co-owners of the Men's Clothing Store in High Point. Howard Lookabill is the Oldsmobile dealer in Thomasville. Franklin Rutledge is working at Hill's Hosiery Mill. Our old pal Betty Wilson is working in the office at the Davidson Laundry. Eddie Branson, who married the former jeanette Elliott, is owner of Branson's Esso Station. Our friends, Mary Elgin, Elizabeth Gordy, Maxine Beck, Eva Mae Green, and Evelyn Branch are housewives. Working as an interior decorator, Nancy Cran- ford likes her work very much. Nancy Beck is the secretary for a well-known doctor in Durham, Don Holland. The former Nancy Gray may be found in the office of Gray Concrete Pipe Company on Randolph Street most any time during the day. Employed by the Thomasville City School System, Betty jean Hartsell is the bookkeeper at Main Street School, our old Alma Mater. jackie Boswell and Carmalita Burleson are both employed in Chicago. Dave Ballard is making his present home on Hinkle Street. Employed away from T'ville caused D. Burton, L. E. Black, jadie Lee Durham, and Stan- ton "Stinky" Davis to become strangers around this part of the country. joe Strider, a local lawyer, has as his private secretary, Charlotte Sullivan. Oh my goodness! Itls past the kids' bedtime. Hoping to see you Christmas, I am Your dear friend, SARAH jANE BLACK V Prophet LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the members of the graduating class of 1950, being of sound bodies and of slightly under par minds fdue to the merciless assign- ments of the faculty during our four-year stay in high schoolj do, on this the 50th day of May 1950, declare this document to be our last will and testament. Although we shall take from this school more than we could possibly leave it, it is our privilege to leave behind a few remem- brances. We, therefore, do will and bequeath all property, both real and personal, owned by us as follows: ARTICLE I To our Alma Mater, we leave our cherished thoughts and never-ending loyalty. May we live up to the standards for which you stand. ARTICLE II We leave to our efhcient faculty and conscien- tious principal, our gratitude for the patience that they have shown us. ARTICLE III To our underclassmen, we will our school spirit and pride in all that our school stands for. To the rising senior class, we leave our swell times at the senior prom and all the wonderful parties. The individuals of the graduating class of '50 do hereby leave the following things: I, john Hiatt, do will my shy good manners around girls to Al Boyles, since he certainly needs them. I, Dave Ballard, do hereby will my wit and ability always to have a good time to joe Pittman. I, Betty XVilson, do hereby leave my swell times in high school to my sister, Jeanette. To Alma Joyce Pierce, I will my ambition to become a nurse. Charles Huffman wills his ability to pull jokes on "Rough-House" Kindley to Ernest Byerly in hopes that he can pull better and funnier ones. He also wills his size 12's to anyone who has the feet to go in them. I, Franklin "Flatt0p', Rutledge, do will my basketball skill to Darr Shealy. I also leave my nickname flflattopj to Mr. Lawrence Page. I, Howard Lookabill, do hereby will my nickname "Likerstill" to anyone who merits the name. I, Bill Hethcock, do will my strong love for French to jimmy Yokely and jerry Black hoping that they will have as much fun in second year as I have had. We, Alice Bryant and Louise Sullivan, do hereby will our ability to hold the important positions as Mr. and Mrs. Lowdermilk's "handy- menv to anyone who thinks he has energy enough to hold it down. I, Ruth McCarson, do will and bequeath to Virginia Williams the task of being the "Satur- day night eyebrow plucker" at the Huffman Building. I, Evelyn Branch, do will and bequeath to my brother, Edgar, my ability to cook. Also to Vannie Downey, I will my favorite pastime, writing letters to that certain soldier. Mary Elgin wills the honor of keeping up the family correspondence to Bertha Poole and Moley Maultsby. I, Mr. Bobby "Sheriff" Ward, will to Miss Ava Alliene Hinkle all my merry times at the Belvedere Plantation Club. I also give to Mr. Earnest Byerly all my Kasco dog food, because I know he will be dogging on the football Held next year, as usual. I, Pauline Nelson, do will and bequeath to Edna Elgin my position on the basketball team, provided she works hard for itg and to Leonard Kornegay, I will the first chair in the trombone section. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Charles Lyndon wills his title as most bashful boy in the senior class to Guy Melton. I, jimmy Ward, do hereby leave my super- light A-Model to Betty Ann Tysinger and my brother, Tommy. In years to come, I hope you get as much fun out of pushing it as I have. I, Maxine Beck, do hereby will to Ann Murphy my love for the name Paul, in hopes that she likes the name as much as I do. Bobby Wilson leaves his senior privileges and seat in Mr. Pagels D. O. class to any under- classmen capable of passing through Miss john- son's English class. I, Raymond fWilliej Williams, do hereby will my homeroom seat to anyone who likes to sit in the confound thing. I leave my good times and pencil sharpener in Miss Dixon's room to johnny Prevo and Donald Hill. I, Arthur fOttj Lambeth, do hereby will my position on the football team to Dale McDonald, hoping that he will be able to play the position of tackle as well as I. I leave my blond and curly hair to Charles Dickens. I, Eerman Ragan, do give my by-word "pot- head" to Tommy Ward, and my seat with my name on it to Martha Kanoy. I, Doris Maney, do leave to my -"big sister,U Dorothy Maney, my ability to get to school on time, and be late only to sixth period class. To Carol jean Gordy, I leave my place as 'lchief cookl' in the Mills Home Infirmary kitchen. I, L. E. fElij Black, do leave to David Long my shy technique with the women. I, Nancy Cranford, will my title as best- dressed to Carol McMahon, who "never has a thing to wear". To Al Boyles, I bequeath my volume of Emily Post. I also will my profile to Betty "no-nose" Tysinger. I, Peggy Gray, do bequeath to my sister, Betty, my bed, closest place at the table, and top drawer. If you want none of these you may have my place on the basketball team fkeeping the bench warm at least two-thirds of the gamej. I leave to Horace Broome the privilege of win- ning the imitation contest on Halloween, all by himself. I, jane Tysinger, do will and bequeath my ability to be a true-love to Carol iMcMahon. I, Robert Cagle, do hereby will my seat in D. O. class to anyone who is lucky enough to get it. I, Betty Smith, do hereby will my position on the basketball team to any girl who thinks that she will be able to warm the bench as well as I. I, Dot Ludwick, do hereby will my "seven- teen" children fat Miles Durhame Nursery, to Edna Davis. Donlt be too hard on them, Edna. Leon Lyndon wills his good times in T. H. S. to his sister, Luna Gray Lyndon. He also wills his hunting ability to Mr. G. M. Eargle and Mr. john Lowdermilk. I, Anabel Lamonds, do leave to my little sister, Irene, the honor of receiving all of the mail from home in her name. Joyce Sloop leaves her position on the basket- ball team to Hazel Overcash. I, Bobby Workman, will my end position on the football team to Buddy Cranford and my ability to flirt with the girls to Bill Connell. Lena Stout and Betty Carol Myers leave their love of D. O. to next year's D. O. girls. I, Charlotte Sullivan, do hereby will my nick- name "Blondie" to Jean McCarr1. Bobby "Laud" Loftin wills his ability to dress quickly for football practice to Edward Huffman. He leaves his pass catching ability to Paul Breedlove. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT I, Margaret Kinney, do hereby will my position as a cheerleader to Alma Joyce Pierce and my seat in Miss Welch's geometry class to any student with plenty of patience and time. I, Robert Myers, do hereby will my twin nicknames "Rabbit" and "Harem to anyone who can stand them. Dale Sechriest leaves his ability to make excellent on English to Donald, Paul, Larry, and Roy. I, Sara Leek, do hereby will mah suthun drawl to the po' ole soul who can tak all all kiddin' and still be able to smile. To all underclassmen, I leave Thomasville High School, complete with a wonderful faculty, junior-senior proms, football games, and Twirp seasons, hoping they will have as much fun as I've had. Helen Payne bequeaths to Edna Elgin her ability to be where work ain't. She also wills her position as bookkeeper for the basketball team to Bertha Poole. Stanton Davis leaves his nickname "Stinky" to all the faculty that calls him by this name. I, Mildred Coggins, do hereby will my nick- name "Cotton" to Peggy Hartsell in hopes that she will live up to it. Barbara Atwood leaves her ability to get to school at least one-half minute before the tardy bell to anyone who gets up as late as she does. I, Elizabeth Ann Gordy, do will and bequeath to Carol Jean Gordy my ability to cook. Remem- ber Sis, when the recipe calls for a level teaspoon of salt, it doesn't mean eleven. I, Carmelita-Burleson, do will and bequeath to Bertha Poole the privilege of entertaining my little brother once a month. Don't forget to stay away from that dangerous road at the Mitchell. I, Betty McSwain, do will to "Rosie" Jarrett my wonderful times in high school. I bequeath to Guy Melton my five feet and two inches. To "Cody", I regretfully return his many posses- sions that I have borrowed. Also, to Betty Warner, I will my ability to blush at Paul Ed's jokes. I, Sara Black, do hereby will my nickname, "Tuffy" to anyone who thinks they can live up to the name. Jackie Boswell wills her love for -Bethesda, Maryland and white caps to Blanche Reddick. I, Betty Jean Hartsell, leave my good times working in Mr. Horton's office to Anne Murphy. I, Peggy Coggins, do hereby will my ability to hold a man to Martha Jane Kanoyg and to Betty Ann Wright, I leave my position on the cheering squad. I, Lena Stout, do hereby will my love of Miss Neece's second year French class to Catherine Prince. I, Betty Jones, do hereby bequeath to Doris Ann Jones my ability to get near the front of the lunch line. To Diana Jones, I leave my love of dramatics, hoping that she will enjoy it as much as I have. I, "Tootie" Beck, do hereby will my sun lamp to Nell Newby in hopes that she will know how to use it. I, Mack McCullock, do will and bequeath to Ray Mooney my good humor. I, Robert Hill, leave to my brother, Graham, my charming personality and my ability to win Mrs. Oliver's aHections. To Miss Dixon, I leave my sense of humor. Homer Wilson leaves Dewey Phelps his seat in Miss Johnson's English class. 'Y v . LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT I, Doris Ann Harris, leave my third period in Mr. Hortons office to anyone who has good health, and strong feet, so they may be able to run from the office to Mrs. Lowdermilk's room every five minutes of the period. Nancy Beck wills to Barbara Stevens her love for the name of Joe. She also wills to Carolyn Kennedy her job as secretary to the Bible Club. I, Bobby May, leave my ability to make Ex's on my report card to William Palmer. I leave my fullback position to anyone who has more nerve than sense. I, Lena Laws, will my ability to type to Carol McMahon. I, Merle Dean Sherrill, hereby will my nick- name, "Blondie,', to Daney Melton and my part- time job in Rose's 5 8: 1Oc Store to Janet Smith. Also, being of sound mind, Ileave my ability to make excellent on shorthand to Joyce Flowers. I, Ann Davis, will my steady nerve to all of next year's bookkeeping students. I, Bill Kindley, do hereby will my size and nickname "Rough-house" to Bobby Cody, who deserves that name more than I do. I will my ability to sing ? in the dressing room to Norman Crews and Donnie Cranford. I, Jeanette Elliott, do will my seat on the basketball bench to Peggy Hartsell. Eddie Branson wills his position as president of the Student Council to whoever is man enough to take it. ' I, Eugene Wells, do hereby will to' Ed Huffman QZMVZJ my position as guard on the football team. I, Paul Ed Jones, leave my ability to flirt with the girls to Doyt Johnson. I leave my corny jokes to Bob Johnson. I, Nancy Gray, do bestow my handwriting upon Miss Bain Johnson and all other admirers of it. Qjokej I also will my ability to arrive at school one minute before the tardy bell rings to my little sister, Ruth, who is going to need something to get her to school on time when I am not here. I leave a box of vitamin tablets, a box of aspirin tablets, a pair of track shoes, an ever-enduring pencil, and a padded cell to all aspiring journalists, knowing from experience that they will need them. Bobby Wilder wills his English book and Mr. Paige's jokes to Red Wilson. I, Jane Brinkley, do hereby will my position as chief cheerleader to Charlesanna Skeen. I, Julius Green, do leave to Guy Melton my beat-up nose in hopes that he takes better care of it during football season than I did. I, Jean Gilliam, do leave my pet peeve, Judy Hix, to Ann Murphy and Catherine Prince, and my ability to do trigonometry to Miss Laura Neece, in hopes that she will someday be able to count to twenty without taking off her shoes. . ' JULIUS GREEN, JR. Tertalor his M QM JUNIOR CLASS O FF I C E R S Donald Moore ................,. Prafident Guy Melton . . .... Vire-Preyidenl Bertha Poole . . . ...... Serretary Mildred Wilson .... Tremzn er ADVISERS Miss Vera Dixon Miss Mildred Eaton Mrs. john W. Lowdermilk 38 Tommy Beard jerry Black Raymond Ball Al Boyles, jr. Horace Broome Betty Brewer Ernest Byerly Betty Callaway Mary Cauble Dorothy Campbell Douglas Childress Bill Coggins Billy connbii Robert Curtis Ray Davis Kenneth Dickens Robert Downey Vannie Downey Edna Elgin Joyce Flowers jack Fine james Garrison Josie Grimes Charles Hampton JUNIOR CLASS 39 JUNIOR CLASS 40 Emma Hanner Peggy Harrison Douglas Hartsell Joyce Hill Bettie Hilliard Judy Hix Jackie Holmes Edward Huffman Ioan Ivey Sam Jarrell Bobby johnson Doyt Johnson Martha Kanoy Carolyn Kennedy Blair Little Don Loftin Gene McDaniel Richard McLendon Carol McMahon Daney Melton Guy Melton Donald Moore Anne Murphy Bobby Myers Alton Oates Nancy Perdue Joyce Picklesimer Dewey Phelps Bertha Poole Raymond Powell Catherine Prince Bill Rapp Edward Richardson Sandra Rothroclc W. K. Saunders, Jr. Edith Sebastian Pat Shuford - Charlesanna Skeen Raynall Sluder Tex Sluder Janet Smith Billy Tolen Betty Tysinger Donald Wall Elizabeth Walker' Lucy Nell Walters Tommy Ward David Wardlaw' JUNIOR CLASS 41 Elmer Wilkie Bobby Wilson Mildred Wilson Hubert Wolfe Evelyn Wood Betty Ann Wright Betty Yates jimmy Yokely Ronald Barker Joyce Bean James Beck Larry Beck Judy Black Joe Branson Catherine Bray Lillian Britt Paul Breedlove Jean Cassidy Nellie Caudle Mildred Coggins Buddy Cranford Donald Cranford Doris Cranford Gary Cranford Joyce Creed Norman Crews Paul Dameron Eva Lee Darr Jeanette Davis Barbara Day Herman Dunning Gene Earnhardt Reece Elliott Zeb Hanner C. R. Fisher Faye Floyd SOPHOMORE CLASS 43 'hd I w l E, SOPHOMORE CLASS 44V Betty Harrison Franklin Hartman Donald Hill Alliene Hinkle- Freddie Howard Edith Hunt Ellis jackson Betty Rose Jarrett Kitty Jarrett Doris Ann jones Irene Lammnnds Betty Legans Patsy Little Dillon Loftin Betty Lyndon jack Lyndon Dorothy Maney joe Marlowe Bobby Miller Sylvia Morton Billy Murphy Doyle Myers Bobby Oakley jimmy Owen William Palmer Barbara Peters Alma Joyce Pierce Lannie Pierce Ioe Pittman Dorothy Pleasant Johnny Prevo Gertrude Price Louanna Prince Audene Rodgers Mozelle Russell Mildred Scroggs Darr Shealy, jr. Donald Shoemaker jean Sink Robert Sink Donald Smith Darwin Sowers Barbara Stevens Vivian Stewart Betty Tobin Bill Tudor Betty Ann Tysinger Betty Warner Hansel Welborn Dewey Welborne Barbara Williard Stanley Wright Madge Wilson Charles Yokeley SOPHOMORE CLASS 45 l l , , l l g.-, FRESHMAN CLASS 46 paul aderhold james allen ann allmond joann beck sylvia beck lula mae berrier billy blair Shirley ann boggs edith bowman james bowman l. j. boyd nell boyles billy bruton Shirley burrus ioyce Childress linda Clodfelter minnie lou Cody joe Connell edgar Cranford faye Crotts barbara Culp gerald davis charles dickens doyle duke clora jane edwards rufus embry betty franks doris gallimore iackie garner maxine goad ruth gray monnie hamm hollis hampton iimmy hampton grant harris tommy harris buddy harrison peggy hartsell hazel hegler ioyce henry melvin hilton ann holladay betty howard sandra jarrett james johnson diana jones hoxie jones jim kinney peggy kinney betty lomax frances lomax david long luna gray lyndon charlotte mcdowell larry mcswain mary ruth morris bradford myers nancy myers nell newby hazel overcash fred perdue helen pittc i'i. :zu rebecca pollock edna pritchett glenda rumple pauline sebastain vann sherrill ioann simpson Carolyn smith Orville spainhour carol stewart dorothy thrift rosella voyles ' frances ward tommy Ward charles whichard loretta Whitaker jeanette wilson dallas wolf FRESHMAN CLASS 47 Q Ge 'xml' "High Spots." Stick em up. The big un got away. "Cigz1-retts and Wl1usky." No comment. C0cly's at it again. XVheet-whew. 9 10 11 12 15 iii 1 1 sf-"" Y Yu Cold Eddie! Wtitcli the chain boys. Before the new look. Waitclu the hoidie. Those lpana smiles. Full House. Good shot. Age of innocence. Cute uint he. ', "Rosie" In the good ole summer time. You tlon't know do you? XVhere's your fur collar Lautl? Seems like ole times. 48 t ., 1 1 1' Al, before the barber chair. Two hits and it miss. Say ah. Look at t-he legs on that rabbit Laziness is bliss. "Sherf." nl ACTIVITIES fl . I I If ! af STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Leff lo riglaf. Ronnie Barker, Ser- geant-at-Armsg Mrs. T. Coving- ton, Senior Adviser, Tex Sluder, Vice-President, Eddie Branson, President, Betty jones, Treasurer, Mr. john W. Lowdermilk, junior Adviser, Pat Shuford, Secretary. STUDENT CGUNCIL Left to 1'iKQf'fl,' josie Grimes, Betty Hartsell, Madge Wfilson, Charlesanna Skeen, Eermon Ragan, john Hiatt, Douglas Callicutt, Anne Murphy, Martha jane Kanoy, Betty McSwain, jane Brinkley o Second Roux' Mrs. T. Covington, Ruby Hauser, Nancy Cranford, Dot Ludwick, Elizabeth Walker, Sara Leek, Pat Shuford, Peggy Harrison, Louise Sullivan, Betty jones, Nancy Gray, William Palmer o Third Rflzvx jimmy Yokely, Lena Mae Laws, jeannette Elliott, Eddie Branson, Doyt johnson, Dave Ballard, Richard McLendon, Ronald Barker, jim Ward, Tex Sluder o Fonrfh Roux' jean Gilliam, Donald Moore, julius Green, Paul Ed jones, Gene Earnhardt, Bobby johnson, Paul Berrier, Al Boyles, Bill Hethcock, Mr. john W. Lowdermilk, judy I-lix. 50 STUDENT STORE Doyt Johnson Paul Ed .Tones INSIDE PATROL Left fo rigbl: Johnny Wallace, Dave Ballard, Bobby Ward, Hubert Wolfe, Bobby May, Bobby Miller o Second Row: john Coffee, Donald Moore, D. Goins, Julius Green, Charles Huffman, Guy Melton, joe Strider. ,gy K1 nn 51 THE GROWLER Hartsell Gilliam Ncece GROWLER STAFF Betty jean Hartsell .,.. .....,...........,......,. . , . Edirol'-izz-Chief jean Gilliam ...... . . . B7l,l'jlI6.l'J' Manager' Miss Laura Neece . . . ....,.,. Adzirer Slmzdifzg, left to righl: jim Ward, Bill Tudor, Miss Laura Neece, Al Boyles, jr., jimmy Owen, Kitty jarrett, Charlesanna Skeen o Seated, Jeff to riglvf: Betty McSwain, Nancy Cranford, Betty jean Martsell, jean Gilliam, Sara Leek, Lena Mae Laws, Daney Melton. ,..-.-annum 52 FACTS AND FUN Murphy Green Johnson FACTS AND FUN STAFF Anne Murphy .... ..........................,............... E dilor-in-Chief Julius Green ..... . . . Bmjzzerf Mamzger Miss Bain Johnson . . . . . . . . . Adzfirer' Slmzdizzg, leaf! In right Miss Bain Johnson, Julius Green, Anne Murphy o Sealed, Fir!! Roux' Bill Rapp fnot shownj, Bill Tudor, Paul Berrier o Semud Roux' Josie Grimes, Doyt Johnson, Joann Hoyle, Bobby Myers o Third Roux' Charlesanna Skeen, Nancy Cranford, Faye Floyd, Kitty Jarrett, Tommy Beard o Fozfrlb Roux' Sara Leek, Jackie Holmes, Peggy Harrison, Madge Wilson. 53 QUILL AND SCROLL Left to right: Betty jones, Bill Hethcdfk, jean Gilliam, Betty jean Hartsell, Julius Green, jr., Anne Murphy, Betty MCSWain, Nancy Gray. Nancy Gray ............... President Betty jones .... . . . Secretary Bill Hethcock ......... Vive-Prerident Betty McSwain ...,........ Treamrer C0-Sporzfofw Miss Bain johnson, Miss Laura Neece, and Mrs. john Lowdermilk, Honorary Member. MARSHALS - Lefi to right: Betty jean Hartsell, Betty Smith, Bill Hethcock, Sara Leek, Nancy Gray, Julius Green, Louise Sullivan. ' Nancy Gray ....... ..... . . .... Chief 54 QUILL AND MARSHALS MASQUE AND GAVEL NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MASOUE AND GAVEL Sitting, left to riglafs Betty Jones and Nancy Gray O Smnding: Bill Hethcock, Sara Leek, Julius Green. Julius Green . . . .... Prefidefzz NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Left 10 riglal: Bill Hethcock, Betty Smith, Louise Sullivan, Barbara Atwood, Julius Green, Jr., Sara Leek, Nancy Gray, Ruby Hauser, Helen Payne, Betty Jean Hartsell, Betty Jones. Nancy Gray ....... ....... P reridenl Julius Green, Jr, . , . . . Vice-Preridefzl Sara Leek ....... ...... S errelary Ruby Hauser . . .... Trearzzrer 55 BAND P V l l s , , CSLEE CLUB BAND OFFICERS mswmq Preriderzl Judy Hix Secreiam GLEE CLUB Lefl Io rigblx Nancy Myers, Loretta Whittaker, Jeanette Wilson, Joann Hoyle, Sylvia Beck, Jo Ann Slate, Pat Younts, Jane Tysinger, Peggy Smith, Joyce Childers, Shirley Todd, Joyce Bean I Second Roux' Miss Hensley, Patsy Garner, Fay Floyd, Madge Wilson, Patsy Little, Joyce Henry, Barbara Peters, Barbara Day, Catherine Prince, Francis Holbrook, Marie Bowman 0 Third Razr: Ruth Gray, Jean McCarn, Betty Lou Walser, Monnie Hamm, Joan Beck, Frances Lomax, Helen Pittman, Ann Allniond, Louanna Prince, Hazel Hegler, Jane Edwards 0 Frmrtb Roux' Ann Holliday, Judy Black, Becky Pollock, Betty Harrison, Judy Hix, Sara Leek, Jean Gilliam, Nell Ruth Boyles, Linda Clodfelter, Ann Davis, Betty Tobin, Ann Snyder, Doris Jones, Catherine Bray, Margaret Nail, Nell Newby 0 Fiffh Raux' Edith PaY'1e Mecia Rich, Kitty Jarrett, Helen Holbrook, Shirley Boggs, Jeanette Davis, Shirley Burrus, Jacqueline Garner. Front Roux Betty Jean Yates, Peggy Bryant, Joann Hoyle, Joyce Bean, Barbara Peters 0 Serond Razr: Barbara Culp, Jack Foster, Stanley Wright, Billy Murphy, Judy Hix, Charles Myers, Benny Loftin, Don Hill, William Palmer, Ellis Jackson 0 Third Roux' Woodrow Charles, Sybil Hinkle, Iris Hinkle, Joe Branson, Larry Beck, Johnny Prevue, Edgar Cranford, Allan Walter May, Don Holland, Webb McCulloch, Pat Younts 0 FOIHIB Roux' Eleanor Foster, Mr, Chester Litwin, Jimmy Teague, Jim Kenney, Bill Tolen, Sandra Rothrock, Joe Stone, Richard York, L, J. Boyd, Don Shoemaker, Jimmy Yokley, Josie Grimes 0 Fifth Roux' Al Boyles, Jr., Jean Gilliam, Catherine Prince, Ed Baldwin, David Ward- law, Bob Loftin. 56 1. f,,.,........-M- F. H. A. OFFICERS Ruth McCarson Preiideul Barbara Atwood Vice-Pretidefzl Merle Dean Sherrill Secreltzrg lean Carrol Sullivan Treui ll ref FUTURE TEACHERS su. OFFICERS Wandir Beck Preiidefzt Jane Brinkley Vir'e-P1-widen! Joyce Sloop Secretary Mildred Coggins Tr em If ref Miss Betty Welch S,f70m'o'r J F. H. A. Fifi! Row, left In rigblf Shirley Todd, Joyce Childers, Charlotte McDowell, Nancy Myers, Floyd, Mecia Rich, Dorothy Maney, Shirley Passmore, Coleen Ferguson, Peggy Hartsell Hughes, Virginia Wfilliams, Patsy Garner, Louise Sullivan, Helen Pittman, litlna Pritchett, Carroll Sullivan, Charlotte Sullivan 0 Third Ruztx' Diana Jones, Shirley Burrus, lxlLll'J.1llI'Qf Betty Prestwood, Doris Bailey, Fern Yarboiough, Doris Frye, Lucy Wtttts, Sandra Jarrett 0 A gguunldi' Qi! Evelyn Kornegay, Lucille O Sermzu' Razz: Jeanette Bohhie Sue Chavis, Jean Little, Carol Jean Gordy, Powell: Razz: Linda Clocl- felter, Nell Newby, Ann Hollaclay, Becky Pollock, Betty Sue HofTman, Merle Dean Sherrill, Ruth McCarson, Daney Melton, Frances Lomax, Eva Mae Green, Thelma Toney. FUTURE TEACHERS Sltrnding. lefl In figbl: Mildred Coggins, Joyce Slonp, Miss Betty Wfelch, Sarah Black, Bill Hethcock, Jane Brinkley I Sillmgs Betty Jones, Talitha Ayers, 57 I Il- -,,,,,,,....f-N-f" AUDIO-VISUAL EDUCATION' CLUB Mr, G. M. Eargle Spozzmr BIBLE CLUB OFFICERS Betty jean Hartsell Prerideul Kenneth Dickens I'ire-Pre.iia'n1I Nancy Beck Secretary Bertha Poole Ywtzi Il fer -sm.....JE AUDIO-VISUAL EDUCATION CLUB Fin! Razr. ld! In riglvlx ,loe Marlowe, Doyle Duke, Phillip Leonard, Melvin Hilton, Orville Spainhour, Tommie Harris, Freddie Purdue 0 Second Rare: J. B. Davis, Larry McSwain, jimmy Moore, Charles Wfhichard, jack Lyndon, Tommy Wrlrel, Frank Huggins, Bobby Baity 0 Tlfird Run: Mr. Eargle, limmy johnson, Reece Elliott, Hansel Welbtwrn, Howard . Lookabill, jerry Black, joe Connell, Rufus Enibry. BIBLE CLUB S1.1r1diz1,g. let! In rigblx Charlotte Sullivan, Maxine Beck, Lannie Pierce, Betty Ann Wfiight, Betty Hartsell, Nancy Beck, Peggy Coggins, Arlene Bouie, Barbara Stevens, ,loyce Flowers, Carolyn Kennedy 0 Serum! Roux' Edith Sebastian, loyce Hill, jean Carroll Sullivan, Evelyn Chandler, Ruth McCarson, Dorothy Campbell, Daney Melton, Mildred Wilson, Anabel Lamonds, Betty Calloway, Lena Mae Wfilliams O Tfvird lffizn Miss Naomi Howie, 'Ioyce Picklesimer, Nancy Perdue, Emma Hanner, Evelyn Wriod, Merle Dean Sherrill, Iackie Boswell, Betty ,lean Steed, Carmelita Burleson, Bertha Poole, Mary Elgin 0 Fnzzflb Ruiz: Charles Hampton, David Wfardlaw, Alton Oakes, Bobby Cody, Dave Ballard, Edward Richardson, Raynall Sluder, Donald XWJII, Kenneth Dickens, Blair Little. 58 HI-Y OFFICERS David Wlalrdlaw Pl'L',ljd67Zl jimmy Ward l'ii'c-Puaifdefif Eddie Branson Swrel.1m Bobby Wforkman T7'64l.lZ1l'K7' Mr, W. Lowdermilk Spmmn' TRI-HI-Y OFFICERS Peggy' Coggins PfK.l'iLfLf7II Carol McMahon l 'itil'-P7'6,'ljd9lll Anne Murphy 5c'L'r'eI.zr'3 ' Betty Jean Howard 7-P't':Il'lH'67' Mrs. E. C, Burrus Spomor' HI-Y Left to right: james Bowman, joe Marlowe, Fermon Ragan, Vliminie Owen, Freddie Howard O Serwzd Roux' Mr. j. W, Lowdermilk, Larry McSwain, Bobby Sink, Bobby Clinard, Raynall Sluder, ,lim Kinney, Don Holland I 'lfrird Roux' David Wfardlaw, Bobby Viforkman, lim Wfard. Bill Tudor, Iiilius Green, Eddie Branson, Ronald Barker. TRI-HI-Y Leff In rigblx Mrs, Burrus, Betty jean Howard, Maxine Btgk, lileanor Foster, ,losie Grimes, Betty McSwain, Glenda Rumplc, Betty Rose Franks 0 Serum! l?r1zz': Peggy Harrison, Peggy Coggins, Martha ,lane Kanoy, Carol McMahon, Lula Mae Berricr, Annu Murphy, Betty Rose Jarrett 0 'I bm! Roux' Frances Holbrook, Minnie Lon Cody, Velna Yates, Lena Mac Laws, Betty jean Yates, Nancy Cranford, Allicnc Hinkle, 59 LIBRARY CLUB OFFICERS Talitha Ayers Pre ardent Dorothy I.udwiCk Ifive-Prefidenl Evelyn Wood Serremry' Betty Sue Tysinger Treutzzrer' Mrs, James Oliver Spomof ARTS AND CRAFTS OFFICERS Gene Earnhardt Prelidem Dale Sechriest Vire-Pfefidenl Bettie Hilliard Sefreiary- Treuturer Left 10 rlgfal Blanche Redd1ck Buddy HHFFISOH Frances Holbrook Peggy Hutsell T1l1tl11 Ayels Divld Long, Mrs. Innes Ollver Fytlyn Wocnd Betty Tystngez Dorothy Ludyuclx llclte Holmes Ioyte Flowers Betty Segcrs, Coleen Iv:-1 Rau le I In Hgh! Hoxre Jones Emmett Sparks Buddy Dtvns Hollrs H tmpton Alflllll Dlvldson Eugene Briles 0 Sewnd Razr Bettte Hrllmrcl Gene IXICD3Hl6l5 Mdf1LlH Bules Gene l"llflll1ILlf Dtle ieclntut Mr Ivan Welbturne. I , I JUNIOR AND SENIOR DRAMATICS OFFICERS Charles Huffman Prei jdflflf Paul Berrier If'ire-Pwiiderz! Louise Sullivan Sefretary Peggy Gray Tren: I lzrer Miss Mildred Eaton SDm1,r0r D. O. OFFICERS Carl Hunt Prexidezzf Jadie Lee Durham Vice'Preridem Joyce Sloop SecretizrQ-Y'rea,iurer Mack McCullock Sergeant-tit-Arm.i JUNIOR AND SENIOR DRAMATICS Sealed. lefz fn rigbl: Anne Murphy, Peggy Coggins, jean Carol Sullivan, Charlotte Sullivan, Doris Maney, Merle Dean Sherrill 0 Snnzdiizgx Margaret Kinney, Miss Mildred Iiaton, Iidith Sehastian, Lucy Nell Xwalters, Louise Sullivan, Doris Harris, Eva Mae Green, Betty Yates, ,Iosie Grimes, Maxine Beck, Elizabeth Gordy 0 Third Roux' Tex Sluder, Betty Jones, Peggy Gray, Charles Huffman, Bill Kintlley, Paul Beriier, Pat Shuford, Elizabeth Wiilker. DIVERSIFIED CCCUPATIONS Fir-if Row. left In rfglvlx Mr. L. Paige, Betty Carol Myeis, Iovce Sloop, Bohhy Wiltlclr, Carl Hunt, Bobby Wfilson, Betty Segers, Betty Surratt, ,Ioan Ivey 0 Sammi Ron: jimmy W2lfI'CH, Lena Pearl Stout, Donald Yates, Ray Davis, Mac McCulloch, -Iadie Lee Durham, Raymond Powell, Dewey Phelps I 'lfvird Roux' Stanton Davis, Robert Myers, Raymond Wfilliams, Bill Kanoy, Franklin Rutledge, Robert Caglc, Don Loftin, Bobby Wilsnmn, I. B. Walser. 61 i-.4 C 2,33 NINTH GRADE DRAMATICS OFFICERS Ieanine Byerly Preridenl Paul Garrison View-Preriderzz Diana Jones Serreiary Sandra Jarrett Tf?rI.FIl?'51' Miss Neece Slmn for TENTH GRADE DRAMATICS OFFICERS Mildred Coggins Prev idezzf lean Sink Vire-Preridefzl Mildred Scroggs Serremri Betty Wai'ner Treafmer Miss Vera Dixon SPUHJOI ' rw .i .Musa-.....M...... , ,Ara NINTH GRADE DRAMATICS , Fifi! Rauq. left lu 'riglm' Miss Laura Neece, Paul Garrison, Betty Lomax, Diana Iones, Mary Ruth Morris, Pauline Sebastian, Ieanine Byerly O Second Roux' Gayle Ball, Frances Buckner, Sandra Jarrett, Joanne Simpson, Frances Ward, Luna Gray Lyndon. TENTH GRADE DRAMATICS Lefl In rigbl: Doyle Myers, Williaiii Palmer, Dorothy Pleasant, Barbara Willard, ,lean Sink, Barbara Stevens, Betty Ann Tysinger 0 Semrzd Roux' Miss Vera Dixon, Mildred Scroggs, Bobby Sink, Howard Coker, Sylvia Morton, Audine Rogers, Mozelle Russell 0 Third Roux' Charles Cranford, Mildred Coggins, Donald Cranford, Darr Shealy, Jr., Betty Wrirner, Vivian Stewart, Norman Crews. 62 OFFICE SECRETARIAL AND TECHNIQUES CLUB OFFICERS Jeanette Elliott Prerideul Helen Payne Vive-Preiidenl Doris Harris Serrelary Ruby Hauser Treayurer Mrs. John Lowdermilk SPOIHOI' OUTSIDE PATROL Mr. John W. Lowdermilk Sponmr OFFICE SECRETARIAL AND TECHNIQUES CLUB Seated, leff In righl: Betty Jean Hartsell, Helen Payne, Doris Harris 0 Sermzd Roux' Ruby Hauser, Mrs. John Lowderniilk I Third Row: Daney Melton I Snnzding: Alice Bryant, Jeanette Elliott 0 Not Slmu'n.' Betty McSwain, Carolyn Kennedy. OUTSIDE PATROL Lefz to Riglal: Dallas Wculfe, Van Sherrill, Darwin Sowers, Colon Wcmlfe, Billy Fox, Gary Sherrill, Freddie Perdue 0 Semnd Roux' Mr. John W. Lowdermilk, Gary Cranford, Ronald Barker, Bobby Ballard, Reece Elliott, Jimmy John- son, Richard McLendon, Bob Boyles, Jack Lyndon. 63 I an F l IM we t DEBATING CLUB Firrf Roux left fo rigbzs Betty Smith, Edgar Cranford, Joann Hoyle 0 Secfnzd Roux' Charles Dickens, Blair Little, Peggy Smith, Bill Hethcauck 0 Third Roux' Mr. Randolph, Williain Palmer. HOBBY CLUB DEBATING CLUB Mr. Randolph 517072107 HOBBY CLUB OFFICERS .lack Lyndon Preridefzf Leon Lyndon Vice-Preridenl Anabel Lamonds Secretary joe Branson Trearurer Miss Bain Iohnson Sponmr Sitlillg. lefl fu f'f,Qf:7f.' Aiubsl Iiuntmnds, line Branson 0 Smfzdfzlg' Miss Bain Iuhnson, Doyle Meyers, Leon Lyndon, lack l.YI1Ci0fl, Sherrill Ingram, Billy Love. 64 iw ,ef Of' . BOYS' FIRST AID AND SAFETY 1 GIRLS' FIRST AID AND SAFETY OFFICERS ,lean Sink Preridenf Barbara Atwood I'ire-Prerideiff Peggy Kinney Secretary Hazel Overcash Tremurer BOYS' FIRST AID AND SAFETY Firr! Ron. left to right: Paul Garrison, Douglas Hartsell, Ronald Barker, David Wairdlaw, Marion Briles, Jimmy Hampton, Arthur Davidson 0 Serond Roux' Donald Moore, Eugene Wells, Edgar Huffman, Guy Melton, Charles Lyndon, Grover Mendenhall, Grant Harris. GIRLS' FIRST AID AND SAFETY Left lo riglalx Barbara Williard, Audeen Rogers, Joyce Creed, Barbara Atwood, Lena Mae Laws, Dorothy Maney, Mozelle Russell, jean Sink, Barbara Stevens, Alliene Hinkle I Second Roux' Mrs. Jackson, Doris Cranford, Lillian Britt, Peggy Kinney, Mildred Scroggs, Alice Bryant, Ellen Hooks, Lucy Watts, Hazel Overcash, Alrna Joyce Pierce, Edith Hunt. s 65 '54 RECREATIONAL READING CLUB Wednesday OFFICERS Betty ,lo Brewer Prerident Darwin Sowers Vire-Preriderzz Mildred Coggins Secretary jimmy Beck Tfearurer Mrs. james Oliver Sliomor RECREATIONAL READING CLUB Thursday OFFICERS Bobby Loflin P7'6,lldEIZf Charles Dickens Vice-Preriderzt Gayle Ball Serrelary jimmy Beck Trearufer RECREATIONAL READING CLUB Table One, left In right Mildred Wilson, Dorothy Campbell, Evelyn Chandler, Mildred Coggins, Dorothy Ludwick, Dorothy Pleasant, Betty Brewer 0 Table Tun: Gene Cassidy, Sylvia Morton, Mrs. Oliver, jimmy johnson, Freddie Perdue, -Timmy Moore O Smnding' Hubert Wcilfe, Howard Lookabill, David Long, Horace Broome, ,Timmy Beck, Paul Breedlove, Donald Foust, Ralph Curtis, Darwin Sowers, Douglas Childress. RECREATIONAL READING CLUB Table One, Jeff Zo rigbz: Gayle Ball, Betty Gray, Anabel Lamonds, Betty Sue Tysinger, Mrs. Oliver, Colleen Swaim, Joyce Flowers 0 Table Tim: Gene McDaniel, Blanch Reddick, Evelyn Wfood, Dorothy Ludwick, Shirley Toppings, Betty Segers 0 Slamling: Jimmy Beck, Larry Beck, Hubert Wcnlfe, Billy Love, Donald Smith, Luther Brackett, Hollis Hampton, Paul Breedlove, Blake Byrd, Charles Dickens, Blair Little, Bobby Loftin, Douglas Childress. 66 CHEERLEADERS Jane Brinkley Chief inning'-W 4' J" N , f ,, K . kr K K V rw, I, 5 ,J . , heya-at rr' W S -fL- f til: K a E ,QQ MONOGRAM CLUB OFFICERS Johnny Wallace Prefidenf Bobby Ward Vive-Preiidenl Joyce Sloop Sefrefazry Barbara Atwood Trenrzzrer Mr. L. D. Shealy Spomor CHEERLEADERS Lefl 10 rigblx Peggy Coggins, Charlesanna Skeen, Betty Ann Tysinger, Don Holland, Margaret Kinney, Kitty Jarrett, Jane Brinkley, MONOGRAM CLUB Lefl lo rigbls Jane Brinkley, Joyce Sloop, Douglas Callicutt, Bill Connell, Richard Mcl.endon, Johnny Wfallace, Bob May, Sarah Jane Black, Mildred Coggins 0 Serrnzd Rnzzx' Jackie Boswell, Betty Smith, Jean Gilliam, Stanton Davis, Eddie Branson, Bob Waird, Donald Surratt, Jeanette Elliott, Betty Jones 0 Tloifd Roux' lvlargaret Kinney, Charlie Hampton, Don Holland, Gene Wells, Arthur Lee Lambeth, Paul Ed Jones, Bobby Johnson, Joe Strider, Robert Myers 0 Fmzrflr Roux' Bobby Myers, Charles Lyndon, Donald Moore, Horace Russell, Julius Green, Charles Huffman, Bobby Gene Loftin, Bill Kindlcy, Mr. L. D. Shealy. 67 tr L 1 -fa l I i l I l 1 l md .7!Loma5uifKz I Miss Joyce Sloop, "Miss Thomasville High of 1950," elected by popular vote of the student body and crowned at the annual Growler Dance on December 20. 68 L QS-GW ,H xv ,M iv: 5 ,K xakv Cnnugoad MAL! WALLAQQ Noam fm Lmnbelh VA R S I T N Sealed, lefl 10 rigbll' Howard Lookabill, Darr Shealy, jr., jackie McCullock, Ronnie Barker, Bill Connell, Bob May, D nnie Cranford, Bobby Loftin 0 Sewml Roux' Paul Breedlove, Bobby Gene Loftin, Julius Green, li Huffman, Paul Berrier, Ed Huffman, Donald Moore I Third ' ' ' 'mmy Yokely, Buddy Cranford, Dave johnny Wallace, 0 Bill Kindley, Charles Lyndon, Guy Melton, Char es Roux' Ernest Byerly, Arthur Lee Lambeth, Bobby Wforlcnmn, Eddie Branson, ,In ' an Dunning, Bobby Wfard. Ba llard, Eugene Wellm, Herm l Yi 'AIO 5 WELLS Rm' Hu mn Gaze - no fOOTBALL LOACHI 5 M N H d Henry NI I D Sh ly BOYS' VARSITY BASKETBALL BOYS' VARSITY BASKETBALL Paul lid Jones Cfflmifz GIRLS' VARSITY ' BASKETBALL Jean Gilliam Cizpmzn Lefl In rigf11.' Donald Surratt, Jimmy Ward, Bobby Ward, Bobby Johnson, Jackie McCulIock, Bobby Wiwrkmain 0 Second Rauf: Charles Lyndon, Paul Ed Jones, Charles Huffman, Bill Kindley, Bobby Gene Loftin, Julius Green. GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL Sealed. Zell to ri,gZv1.' Joyce Sloop, Betty Smith, Doris Jones, Joyce Creed, Diiney Melton, Barbara Atwood, Pat Younts 0 Sfizzzdizzgx Peggy Hartsell, Ann Allmond, Hazel Overcash, Jean Sink, Jean Gilliam, Shirley Boggs, Linda Clod- felter, Mildred Coggins, Sarah Jane Black, Jeanette Hughes, Sylvia Beck, Doris Giilliinore, Mildred Coggins, Louanna Prince. 72 Compliments of THOMASVILLE CHAIR COMPANY FINCH FURNITURE GUMPANY Thomasville, North Carolina HIIIHZUII lfllllllll Illlll Compliments of LEACH'S CURB MARKET AND CAFE MAURICE MILLS COMPANY Incorporated 1925 Mazzzzffzflznefxr of Meufr Half Hose M. L. Bales, President and Treasurer Compliments of E GRAY CUNCRETE PIPE COMPANY, Inc. Aslafzzzffzftzzrefzf C Pipe and C' der Bl k Pl e419-48 ERVVIN LAMBETH and A STAN DARD CHAI R COMPANY 7 STATE INDUSTRIAL BANK Zwfl Paid on Savings Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of THOMASVILLE FURNITURE CORPORATION zlflrznufrzclurerr of Quality Cabinets Furniture Wood Carving L. L. BOTHll0C'K CUMMEBCIAL CABVING COMPANY Randolph Street Extension Phone 820 Post Ofice Box 506 JULIUS A. GREEN -General Agent- SECURITY LIFE AND TRUST COMPANY Th0mawi!!e'5 Leading Life I mumnce Agency 75 C. W. GILLIAM General Real Estate Service 201 First National Bank Building Phone: Office 509, Res. 506 il? Fred Murphy's Tire Service Brown Clinard C. W. Clinard Gas, Oil, and Accessories 'ik CONN ELL'S STORE Quality Meats - Groceries General Merchandise East Main Street MYERS' BARBECUE Formerly Swicegoods Barbecue 102 West Main Street Phone 382 Phone 2307 PIEDMONT CLEANERS The Star Furniture Company Phone 885 12 Winston Street HTh0'714Willel5 Oldeff Sanitone Cleaning Fred T. Ferguson-V. Ray Parrish F1n'fzitm'e Store" 9-11 East Guilford Street Phone 339 'ik Sf? Compliments of City Ice Cr Fuel Company 'ik Thompson Auto Company Expert Body and Paint Works "Tla01mzwille'r Older! and Mort Reliable Azlmmobile Agency" 355 word 431 I'-I lllvllfll Q Nance's Flower Shop 44 E. Main St. Phone 966 Cut Flowers - Designs f Plants We Telegraph Flowers ANYWHERE-ANYTIME MURPHY'S Cleaners and Dryers 605 Fisher Ferry Street 24 Hour Service Call For and Deliver Dial 531 Sf? Citizens Insurance Agency of Thomasville, Inc. Mutual Insurance Lank Harris, Manager il? it Thomasville Family Laundry Dry Cleaning and Pressing Phone 5 5 0 wilt fl? Tomlinson Grocery Co. Super - Market Groceries Meats Phone: 452, 465, and 453 il? wil? THE THRIFT SHOP Self Service Ladies' Shop 30 West Main Sf? wi? Thomasville Theatre Co. PALACE THEATRE STATE THEATRE DAVIDSON THEATRE Sf? Compliments of J. C. GREEN AND SONS Funeral Home Dial 374 SINK ELECTRIC COMPANY Electrical Contractor Frigidaires - Radios - Washing Machines 46 Salem Street Phone 503 Thomasville, North Carolina Stinson's Texaco Service Sky Chief - Fire Chief Gas Firestone Tires, Tubes, and Accessories 60 East Main Street - Phone 2309 Hinkle Milling Company Use Snowdrift Flour Feed Spartan Feeds it Compliments of Community Hardware, lnc. 34 Salem Street Phone 335 it it Compliments of Thomasville Dry Goods Company it it Loftin and Black Furniture Complete Home Randolph Road Phone 2389 it Compliments of Efird's Department Store Correct Merchandise at the Lowest Prices Thomasville, North Carolina Compliments of THE RECORD SHOP 4 Commerce Street Phone 6139 it Sf? Home Appliance And Paint Company 48 Salem Street Phone 2362 Thomasville, North Carolina ii? il? Compliments of SINK'S CLEANERS il? Compliments of THE BOOTERY of Thomasville, Inc. Home of Beautiful Shoes for Ladies and Children 'ik Compliments of F I E L D'S l N C. ik Compliments of HUDSON - BELK COMPANY "Th0111a51'iHe'.r Larger! D6'p6Zl'flIIt'IIf Compliments of Thomasville Tire and Battery Co. 100 West Main Street Store" Phone 336 , . Branson s Esso Service High Point Gas, Oil, and Acfeggofieg Tl'lOl'l1ClSVllle Gnd DeI1l'OI1 Railroad Phone 306 100 East Main Street "N0fl9i11g bzzf Serzfire to Selffl Community Food Center Fresh Produce, Groceries, and Meats Self Service and Deliveries Randolph Street Extension Phone 2527 Thomasville Russell and Crews We Deliver Meats - Groceries - Produce Phone 2372 Thomasville Central Motor Company Auto Supplies - Repair Work ESSO Products Phone 42 2 Thomasville il? Compliments of JEWEL COTTON MILL 609 East Main Street il? Compliments of Holton Furniture Company il? Hodgin Furniture Company "Complete Home Fzrrnirberf' Phone 843 105 Salem Street Mann's Cut Rate Drug Store Phone 413 Thomasville, North Carolina Sir Cloninger Buick Company Sales and Service Thomasville, North Carolina if? it Rex olL COMPANY Mobil Distributor Phone 347 it SPAINHOUR TIN SHOP Tin and Sheet Metal Works 11-13 Winston Street Phone 888 kMilWA!Q - 3 ig..- ti Jfweg Ne w "For Finer Giflf' Thomasville, N. C. A Safe Conservative Investment Home Building and Loan Association 24 West Main Street Phone 318 J. F. Garner, President C. F. Phillips, Secretary and Treasurer WlTTY'S FLOWERS "Fl0werr for All OL'l't1JT0lI.1'U WE DELIVER PHONE 2378 Mrs. T. E. Witty Cranford's Groceteria Your Complete Food Market Vegetables-Frozen Foods Self-Service-Dairy and Meats 36 East Main Phone 412 Compliments of THE BOSTON STORE Ladies, Men's, and Childrens Wear 9 East Main Street - Phone 451 Elevator Service to All Floors COMPLIMENTS OF HAGAN KNIHIO CIINIPA Y Incorporated Mafzzrfartzzrwr nf SAMPLE AND FANCY HALF HOSE Th0IT1aSVi11C North Carolina 82 2 R Me,,,zZffzgz, R fbwi gm R SCHOOL PUBLICRTIOIFIS PRINTERS OF YOUR YEHRBOOI4 R

Suggestions in the Thomasville High School - Growler Yearbook (Thomasville, NC) collection:

Thomasville High School - Growler Yearbook (Thomasville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


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