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3' ,W 4 ' Q sw- if GQEFWW' THOACAN-1972 Thomasville Academy Thomasville, Alabama Table of Contents Theme ............. ,.. I Faculty .......... . Students ........... School Life ........ ' Activities ........... Sports ........... Advertisers ........ S ve mn 1 My f .f ,rf 754551, Vw: gg. mf, f 'mg S, S vm QL, Saw M245 awe- V 552 S. if y 7 4 Q , 4 ', ,Q Q 8 1 1 rf -s, U ,, L. V, F. i..S'.,..,..m z' , 5 .E,,J ' . ...fa-Q,z1.g.3,, K fi ., :i i 3 S -4 V -1f'Q49?5P' ws-fix f 1, YZQQHQSQ wi. ,7. 51 mx?- we 155341- .Q A .W .L ., L Hmm . 1 f ' .iksffhjefv ' Sissy., wif, lf? TJSEEK .11 ' Aww ,, ggi' , L, .. . ,.sm:H - . . .,.. 55, .,,..,L L. I L. . ,Q , W .. ,H .K Sm.. ,wif w' -- 6495551 3, .iw . culnvoted in The right environment with some love ond core . . . . This seed sprouts forth into o blossom of beauty truTh, knowledge, ond individuolism . . . . it sronds Hrm ond strong, srreiching our its limbs To irs surroundings . . Q' msgs WW? -,gg-'rw rw W 359 sw 'Wm , . .sgfj M ' A I ' 5? 3 .1 'V ,,,, E , K? ., 4 d . ,M . adding To The signifkonce ond ioy of cz simple life. i972 annual stofl sponsor, Mrs. Shirley Harrison, presents a token of love and appreciation from the students of T.A. to Dr. Margaret Henry and Mrs. Barbara Brasell. Dr. Margaret Henry "The utmost in total dedication" is probably the best way to describe Dr. Henry. A dearly loved doctor in Thomasville for many years, Dr. Henry is known for her prominence in medicine and the self sacritTces she makes in caring for others. Reared in Montgomery, Ala., Dr. Henry attended Sidney Lanier High School. After high school she attended Hunt- ingdon College and received her AB degree in l942. Two years in medical school took her to the University of Ala- bama in Tuscaloosa and to Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. She did her residency work in internal medicine with a subspecialty in rheumatology. ln i956 she began four years of special study in Great Britain. Hobbies include gardening and bridge, while her favorite sports are football and golf. It is with great pleasure and deep felt love that we co- dedicate this i972 Thoacan to Dr. Margaret Henry. I0 Mrs. Barbara Brasell An outstanding worker around Thomasville Academy is Mrs. Barbara Brasell. She's the type who will dive head first into a proiect and give every ounce of devotion to its success. Mrs. Brasell was brought up in Raymond, Miss. Here she attended Hinds High School and Hinds Jr. College. Later enrolling at Jackson Commercial College, she flnishebl with a degree in secretarial science. Active during her own school days, as she still is active now, she was a cheerleader all through high school and in college and was voted for Who's Who. Hobbies include art, bottle hunting, and the ever-famous "taking care of the family". She is a member of the Thomas- ville Baptist Church and has recently been nominated as one of Alabama's Outstanding Young Women. Mrs. Brasell is truly deserving of this honor, and it is with great pleasure that we include her in the co-dedication of the i972 Thoacan. ffm 'asf .V I 1 .N I' .fxig Y sv FACULTY HEADMASTER l97l-72 Mr. Jimmy NewTon HEADIVIASTER Mr. Newfon hos served os heodmosTer of our school for Two yeors ond hos done o greoT iob of "holding down The forT." We dll love him very much ond will Truly miss him nexT yeor, While here, he noT only served os heodmoster, buT wos olso ci voluoble osseT To The Teoching force OT Thomosville Acodemy. We The sTudenTs of T.A. would like To Toke This opporTuniTy to wish you The very besf of luck in TuTure endeovors . . . ond remember . . . we love you. SCHOOL SECRETARY Mrs. Ollie Hinson GRANIIVIAR SCHOOL FACULTY Mrs, Mabel Bradley First Grade Mrs, Anna Clemons Second Grade Mrs. Gladys Grifhn Third Grade Mrs. Mildred Megginson Fourth Grade Mrs. Anne Downey Fifth Grade Mr. David Clanton Sixth Grade HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Mr. Jimmy Newton 7th Grode Homeroom Moth Couch Wilson Williams Blli Grade Homeroom Science, History Mr. Buddy Sonders Freshmen Sponsor Moth, Science, History Mrs. Shirley Horrison Sophomore Sponsor Jr. Hi Moth, Science Mrs. Ann Clonlon Junior Sponsor Business, History Mrs. Virginio Nellles Senior Sponsor l English Q l ffm 'fifvtr if L 1.1 r 'r f' - Y'-at .- I, I 5" SENICRS PHILLIP HAROLD GUNTER "Keep smiling. It mokes everybody vvonder what you've been up To." 16 REBA FAYE CLINE Loyol, witty, full of fun, Rebo's o friend of everyone. MICHAEL VAIDEN DOZIER A mon of few vvords, but those vvords meon something. Thomasville SENIORS RICKY JAMES HART "I'm gonno surprise everybody one doy when I folk To o girl." DANNY FRANK JACKSON Don's our model for 'roking life oi ease, why Worry of oll, when you con do us you pleose? Academy 1972 JOEL DOUGLAS JACKSON Here he comes, There he goes, whoT he's up To, nobody knows. JULIANA MEGOINSON Jolly, friendly, full of Tun, bm olvvoys True To Thor speciol one. LLOYD CLIFTON PHILLIPS "LiTTIe I Think, less I do, oin'T iT ornoizing how I pulled Through?" BE'I'I'Y JANE SMITH She Tolces odvonToge of "Freedom of Speech" DOUGLAS ELBERT WILKERSON "All I vvonT out of school is myself." i7 SENIOR DIRECTORY Left to right: Pres. Reba Cline, V. Pres. Betty Smith, Sec. Clifton Phillips, Treas. Julie Megginson REBA Cl.lNE-Class Olcficer l,3,4. . FHA l . . . Science Award l . . .THOA- JOEL JACKSON-FFA l,2 . . . Baseball 3,4 . . . Football 3,4 . . . Business CAN Stal? 3 . . . Cheerleader 3, Head 4 . . . Beauty 3,4 . . . Beta Club 4 Club4. . .Beta Club. . .Monitors Club 4. . .PantherTracks Staff 4. . . Business Club4. . .Who's Who 3,4. . .Pep Club l,3,4. . .Monitor's Club 4 JULIE MEGGINSON-Class OFticer 2,3,4. . . Band i,2. . . FHA i . . . Pep MIKE DOZlER-Class Officer 2,3. . .FFA l,2. . .Football l,2,3,4. . .Caption Club 1,2 . . . Cheerleader 3,4 . . . THOACAN Staff 3 . . . Business Club 4 4. . . Baseball 3,4 Track i,2. . . Lettermen's Club 2. . .Monitor's Club i,2,4 . . . Beauty 3,4 . . .Beta Club 4 . . . Monitor's Club 4 . . . Valedictorian 4 . . .FCA2. . .Elite Nite4. . .Business Club 4. . .Football Award 4. . . . . . PHILLIP GUNTER-Class Ofticer 3. . .FCA 2. . .Football l,2,3,4. . .Awards CLIFTON PHILLIPS-Class Officer i,4. . . FFA 1,2 . . . Lettermen's Club 2. . . 3,4 . . . Baseball 3,4 Lettermen's Club 2 . . . Who's Who 3,4 . . . Business FCA 2. . . Football 2,4 . . . Club 4. . . Beta Club 4. . . Monitors Club i,4 . . . BETTY SMITH-Class Omcer 3,4 . . FHA l,2. . . Pep Club l,2,3,4. . . Panther RICKY HART-Band l,2. . .Thomisana Stall 3. . . Football 4. . . Elite Night Tracks Editor. . .THOACAN Stal? 3 Beta Club 4. . . Beauty 3,4 . . . Foot- 3,4 . . . Who's Who 4 . . . ball Favorite 3,4 . . . Monitors Club 4 . . . DAN JACKSON-FFA l,2. . . Football l,3,4 . . . Baseball i,3,4 . . . Basket- DOUGLAS WILKERSON-FFAT . . . Business Club4. . .Panther Tracks Stal? balll... 4... I8 fff11.',,, .Telly of v L 0.1 I' V I, - , -,P .s"., UNDERCLASS Ginger Carlelon Bobby Crow Scott Davis Johnny Duncan Deborah Harper Dickie Harrison Randy Harrison Sondra Morgan Porn Noble Teresa Noble Ronnie Ross Clyde Sheffield Debbie Singlelon Anne Spinlcs lewis Springfield Becky Wilson JUNIORS CIASS OFFICERS JUNIOR SPONSOR Left To right: Pres. Scott Davis, Sec. Debbie Singlelony Treas, Anne Spinlcsp Rep. Sandra Morgan Mrs- Ann Clanton 20 AI Agee Mike Bishop Judy Dixon Lynn Dozier Kim Dunn Joe Hinson Farrell Knight Warren Noble Jackie Smith Jackie Wilson SOPHOIVIORES ERESHMEN SPONSOR CLASS OFFICERS . Mrs, Shirley Harrison Top to Bottom: Pres. Lynn Dozier, V. Pres. Jackie Wilsong Sec,-Treas. Jackie Smifhg Rep. Joe Hinsonf Dev. Chrrn. Warren Noble J 21 FRESHIVIEN Dean Bedwell Ricky Champion Eddie Morgan Keith Nichols Randy Cline Sloane Davis Nancy Noble Sandra Parden Elaine Dozier Randy Goddy Jackie Rush Eddie Vick CLASS OFFICERS Leh To righi: Nancy Noble, Eddie Vick, Eddie Morgan, Sloane Davis, Keith Nichols Freshmen Sponsor: Mr, Buddy Sanders Mike Agee Neal Bishop Jerry Champion Tonya Demenl lon Duncan Sharon Fendley Russell Gunler Sieve Harrison Linda Han Sabrina Ingram Donno Jackson Bren? Knight Rocky Knight Becky Moore Dennis Morgan linclo Springfield Joe Wilson Debbie Williams Jon Duncan and Rocky Knight EIGHTH GARDE CLASS FAVORITES Cu-iss OFFICERS Left To right: Steve Harrison, Lindo Springfield, Joe Wilson, Jerry Champion, Lindo Horf, Sabrina Ingram, Rocky Knight SEVENTH GRADE Danny Beclwell Cathy Dozier l Jimmie McCall Jamie Morgan Donna Fleming Bruce Gacldy Michael Noble Jackie Parler Kenneth Gadcly Butch Ingram Mike Walker Wanda Walker Theresa Kelly Gerri Lyles Rita Westbrook Roy Williams CLASS OFFICERS CLASS FAVORITES Donna Fleming and Butch Ingram Left To right: Kenrielh Gaddy, Jamie Morgan, Wanda Walker, Mike Walker, Bruce Gadcly, Danny Beclvvell Wells Bozeman Wayne Brasell Kirk Dozier Ruthie Dunn Sheila Fenclley Chris Harrison Ginney Hinson .ludy Holland Kevin Lyles Jimmy Lyles Valerie McVay Angela Morgan Barbara Morgan Janice Noble Cecilia Phillips Monica Sims Gary Smith Marie Vickers Martha Vickers Craig Wells Bruce Wilson SIXTH GRADE CLASS FAVORITES. Ruthie Dunn and Gary Smith SIXTH GRADE TEACHER: Mr. David Clanton Rlionclo Brosell Ccirolyn Gocldy Mike Harper Ricky Horrison Scott Lewis Terri Lyles Billy MCVQV Ken Nichols JO-Ann Simms Morlc Simms Steve Wilson FlFlH GRADE TEACHER . . . Mrs. Ann Downey V 7 CLASS FAVORITES 26 Steve Wilson Joscmn Simms 4 lisa Armisfead Dale Bedvvell Kim Cogle Karen Dozier Donna Fiore Jeanne-an Gadclv Jim Goodreau Adam Gunter Roy l-lill Rebecca Jackson Don Lauderdale Suzefie Lewis Elizabeth Megginson Sandra Megginson Michelle Smiih Suzanne Siephens Debbie Wilson John Wood THIRD GRADE THIRD GRADE TEACHER Mrs. Gladys Grilylin CLASS FAVORITES Michelle Smith Aclam Gunter Joey Agee Roycelio Agee Mory Boone Elizcibelh Comp Dorlo Delooch Melinda Dozier Scott l-lorrison Billy Jockson Rhonda Jockson Dennis Johnson Kevin Nichols Robin Oversfree Terry Oversfreet Pomelo Sanders Cliff Scorbrough Lori Smith Liso Wolker hell T Gloria Arrnistead Mark Clemons Sonya Fendley Mary Ann Gaddy Sabrina Gaddy Allan Harrison Amanda Harrison Angie Kelley Darren Kirkliam Kim McVav Billy Neiiles Kimberly Newion Sabrina Summerliri FIRST GRADE planting the seed of knowledge . . . Cl-ASS FAVQRITES 30 FIRST GRADE TEACHER Mary Ann Gaddy Mark Clemons Mrs. Mabel Bradley .f?""if wff 9' 1 .A -'lr V1 :xii .fo-Q! gf!! SCHOOL LIFE 5 P V 4 Second Runners-Up First Runners-Up Johnny Duncon-Junior Anne Spinks-Junior Julle Megginson-Senior Teresa Noble-Junior Sion DGWS-Junior Randy Harrison-Junior Jackie Smith-Sophomore Anne Spinks-Junior Lynn Dozier-Sophomore Bgbby Crow-Junior Scmdrcu Morgan-Junior Deborah Harper-Junior Mike Dozief-Senior Eddie Vick-Freshmon Reba Cline-Senior Ginger Carlton-Junior Ricky Hurt-Senior Ronnie Ross-Junior Debbie Singleton-Junior Eioine Dozier-Freshman Johnny Duncan-Junior Clifton Phillips-Senior I i i Betty Smith-Senior Phillip Gunier-Senior T. A. At ITS BEST! Who's Who at BIGGEST FLIRTS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Phillip Gunter Anne Spiriks Scoii Dcivis Reba Cline MOST ATI-lLETlC MOST COURTEOUS Mike Dozier Becky Wilson Ginger Carlton Randy Harrison 38 Thomasville Academy GJ MOST TALENTED MOST STUDKDUS Sco71Dovis Becky Wilson Debbie Singleton Randy Harrison LAZIEST FRIENDLIEST Clyde Shefiield Deborah Harper Clifion Phiilios R950 Cline 39 if CUTEST BEST ALL AROUND Jonnny Duncan Debbie SingIeTon Scot? Dovls Rebc Cline ' MOST BASHFUL WITTIEST Pom Node Ricky Hart Johnny Duncan Anne Spinks 40 A I IVIr. T. A. 1972 Phillip Gunter Q IVIisS T. A. 1972 FOOTBALL FESTIVAL Foofboll Queen Fooflooll Court Befiy Smilh Becky Wilson, Eloine Dozier, Mory Ann Godcly HALLOWEEN COURT Grornmor School High School QUEEN: Vicki Walker QUEEN: Debbie Willioms 44 KING: Dick Newton KING: Neil Bishop :ffm 4'15giJIL 1 V uxf- T ACTIVITIES ANNUAL STAFF MEMBERS, left to right: J, l-linson, T. Noble, S. Davis, L. Springheld, J. Wilson, J. Smith, R. Cline, S. Harrison, A. Spinks, D. Singleton, J. Meggin- son, S. Morgan, B. Smith, B. Crow, R. Ross, J. Dixon, G. Carlton, D. Harper. THOACAN STAFF Business Manager, Teresa Noble, Editor, Scott Davis, Sponsor, Mrs. Shirley Harrison. 46 T.A. SENIOR BETA CLUB Beta Members, lett to right: S. Davis, .l. Smith, D. l-larper, L. Springfield, R. Harrison, D. Singleton, S. Morgan, N. Noble, .l. Wilson, D. Bedwell, A. Spinks, T. Noble, E. Dozier, S. Davis. ACHIEVEMENT . CHARACTER . . . LEADERSHIP. . . SR. BETA '72 Preparation for the Future The Senior Beta Club is a non protqt organization which serves as a service club to school and community. lt is com- prised ot students from grades nine through twelve. These students are asked to ioin this honor society, however, each student member must maintain an A or B average on all se- mester grades. Other qualifications include high moral standards, leadership ability, outstanding character, and honesty. The Thomasville Chapter of the National Sr. Beta Club has sponsored several worthwhile proiects at Thomasville Academy and many other beneficial proiects tor next year are in the planning stages. One proiect established this past school year was the hall monitor system. The l97l-72 sponsor tor the Sr. Beta Club was Mrs. Vir- ginia Nettles. 47 LIBRARY CLUB JUNIOR BETA CLUB Jr. Belo Members, left To right: D. Flemming, R. Westbrook, T. Kelly, J. McColl, VV. Welker, T, Lvles, B, Gcxdcly, L. Springfield, L. Hurt, S, Fenclley, J. Parker, D. Williams, C. Dozier, S. lngrom, B. lngrom, D, Jockson, K. Gcxddv, B. Moore. PEP CLUB The boost cmd pep which this organization contributes to student lite is a vital asset to Thomasville Academy. The Pep Club consists ot all girls in grades seven through twelve. These girls elect their ovvn otlicers who work along with the cheerleaders to give added support to the spirit at T.A. prior to athletic events. Pep Club members made posters and exercised their lungs at all the pep rallies. This year's pep activities included buying look-alike shirts tor all club members to wear to games. This year's "tolerant" sponsor was Mrs. Anne Clanton. Have you ever been to college? Have you ever been to school? If you ve ever been to TA then you know you're SUPER COOL!! 49 NEW STUDENTS AT T.A. J. Simmons, A. Tucker, W. Morgon, W. Morgon, R. Simmons, C. Dovis, D. Jcickson, D. Simmons, H, Morgan, D. Bozemon, P, Godbold, T. Huffo, M. Morgon, B Kiireil, E. Bozemon. Note io the reoder: this is o spoce filler!! 50 7f'ifI.',,. -sfifff' V . L rn' .N ,p V f' - F' QQ' si' ATHLETICS THE THOIVIASVILLE ACADEMY 1971-72 FOOTBALL TEAM i 1 l l Coaches Captains Wilson Williams, Head Coach Mike Dozier and Phillip Gunter David Clanton, Assistant Coach FOOTBALL AWARD Ronnie Ross-Most Improved Plover, Mike Dozier-The Golbroirh Good Sporrmonship Aword, Lvnn Dozier-Mosr Improved Plover, Eddie Vick-Most Voluoble Offensive Plover, Phillip Gunrer-MOST Voluoble Delensive Plover ond The Thomosville Acod- emv Acodemic Avvord Mike Dozier Phillip Gunter 4 Ricky HQVT Joel Jackson Clifton Phiilips SPIRIT, PRIDE Bobby Crow Johnny Duncon Roncly I-Iorrison Ronnie Ross Lewis Springiqe-Id Lynn Dozier Forre-I Knight AND DETERlVIINATIO1 Rondy Cline Eddie Morgon ' Eddie Vick PANTHER PEE WEE'S FOOTBALL'TEAM Bottom Row, C. Wells, D. Newton, J. l-larrison, B. McVay, S. Wilson, G. Armistead, R. l-lill, QEDLQU- derdale, J. Woods, S. Wells, K. Boone, manger. Second Row, G. Smith, K. Dozier. K. Lyles, C. Har- rison, R. l-larrison, B. Wilson, S. Sheehan, M. Dozier, K. l-lutol, T. l-lill, G. Ingram. Top Row, J. Morgan, M. Noble, M. Walker, B. Gaddy, K. Gaddy, B. Ingram, R. Williams, W. Bozeman, S. Lewis, J. Lyles, K. Nichols, W. Brasell. CHEERLEADERS Angie Morgan, Valerie McVay, Rhonda Brasell, Lynette Agee, LeDare l-lull, Darlene l-losmer, Jo-ann 8 Simms, Carolyn Gaddy, Ginny l-linson, Raycelia Agee, mascot. 5 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Anne Splnks, Debbie Singleton, Terescv Noble, Ginger Corlefon, Deborolw l-lorper, Sondra Morgan, Julie Meggus Cli lronl-Rebo ne. REBA CLINE-HEAD JULIE IVIEGGINSON max A UEEQRNN ANNE PWRP 0 Egglf 4 PANTHER PEP! , ,,'IL'11'fi3P5375?ffP5f55'flTiL'AX33fW'f'f27i31L535z5'5Q?iV'k5 Wis33F555" k??"'fii?:"?i3ifP'fii?U ' 'WaY:'Sj1ffQsg.L.a'fI.,,k A E 1 ,+L ..,. ,Q igiwmig, ,5.wwrQfa+5:Wg.W-mg, qi 1k.,.5:,-fy, , , ffir-if-I1 2? .. . " 4 f . . , :.,. ,I A,:, .,.,M-g,,h V w.2TE.M, ,,5:,., j ,AAk. E :-, A. ,L L - . , A 2 Q-:,.U f7,L.f,f 5 wmv ,ffy qkf 5 ug F - V: :3!"1Njg5g, , - ., 2--,-"gg-'V '- f'g,,g,'- , 'fr' "gl ,-gg", 'fm ' J 4 afmww? . 5K3 ' Yi: ,g i , T' . Q ' :T f. . if X f P QQ-Q' f -55 4 A Q Q , Q q wrzigx M K V Jig.. A1055 k W, Li Q gr 4 ,ps 7 7 -Q1 V , 55 ...-, ' flfh A 'V Q. ' ' 4 f ' " , ',..-7 i : " V fl. .4 rf. - f 9 " 1---H S if rr Ng-s - w Q . ik- azz' . 1 . q w f -1 1 i '-I ' L, "3 3 N' "5..m tf'i1, :V . , ' W1 'I ' Q ,ML 'x Mg . ' , f: J, ' R, -' 1, i 1 ff ,4 'Lu i ' A A T-ZA sh ' 'f ' V' if - W: g .' , w..::5-,, . VA , . 'K 955.3 f k, r ., ,E K ag, ,Sy ,, ,, .. , ,, . . ' kkrr , I "M ,Q mn' Q :wg , 1-1 ,... , - .f - H qi , .. 7 -kg, M ' f ' , My ' P fr r-' P - :sffsfff . Y . A , -'fi HQ- A- ' fa V NR . ' 'z"Ji+'f f " I . P 'gf , r..nLM I- ,, -.iflk -1 ,Q M.a,.f, - W . Q THOIVIASVILLE FOVVGI KUIQW Wynndv Morgon Bob Sornoc Cooch Wilson Willioms Keith Nichols E Brent Knight Bobby Crow BASEBALL Jonny Duncan Mike Dozier ROI'1dV Cline Dan Jackson Joel Jackson Eddie Morgan Rocky Knight Phillip Gunter H, vm. 5,1 A ,,,.. as MW ww ,gg f Mg? ,W my .. .f -.L X 'GG f viiilfw Us qw -wi .W ,, U vw 1 f 7 Me V ' -:V iggsifnzf' V J, QM, ,. - J 4 l , 1 W 4 i l 1 I I 'i Ka W l F 1 r Y 1 5 Y 1 'A w , ,. Q-A ft 11,0 'sf JT L 9 I' fx? I ADVERTISING . . I Ar .qi -'. - I JA? P, ' . 'v ,- . - . " 5- 4 - by I ' Q 1. I 'fl :I R-A" gp! . I 2- . I , 1 ,', A - 'J . W .J : F.. f I I, '. . f 1.4 . ,' ' '.-4 Viv! ' I Y 'fs '. I .ff v' '. s. x' 1 C .f. .- V. 'C ' ' .l I x . 1 a I -'l .uf " 4 "yn, ...f fl- -I, 1.2, . lf., .1-. :ff ' - '5- lr . ' ' - w . , , ., 's , ... . xi .bn -V' 1. X - .N , 31' z pl 4 ' . . 4 , V 'I . I , -. -Q 1 1 -, , ' u,' ' , '. - 4 f .- V gi ' V . .D ,-8,3 - . -3-, 7 t 3 V2 r A Chamber of Commerce SALUTES S I-Ih B Clb Thomasville, Alobomo THOIVIASVILLE, ALABAMA CITY COUNCIL 1- 'O , 0 Mc, , v Seniors 72l!! Seated-Johnson McCall, Mayor Wilkinson CE. Srnifh Standing-Virgil Moore Nathan Stephens Harold Gunre B II S cl! Thomasville Machine Shop Thomasville Alabama Thomasville Times W, zfx 2 M74 ---- N ' v s vw , fw Pace Bozeman owner and editor Thomasville Alabama OFT Don's Standard Station STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS EXPERT MECHANIC WORK 636-9330 Solomon Brothers Nathan Stephens Grocery i ,seg Quolity "" ' ' i" Fine Shirts Thomos 'II Alob I-li-woy 43 South Thomosville Aiobomo Southern Piling Company Sl TAA IS FF Alb l-lwy. 43 Bruce Cogle Ford "Tile Deol You'll Like. . . The Service You Expeclll! if Ufirai X, Tlaomosville Compllmerlls ol: Alabama Grill Fine Foods Al.. "Red" Sims Owner Ph.-636-4989 l-li-vvory 43 Norllw Tlromosville, Alobomo 71 Dozier Oil and Recapping Company Th 'II A b Jo's Beauty Shop "Service with a Smile" lil Dixie Auto Parts Co. Jim l-lart-Owner Thomasville, Alabama Stewart Chevrolet El El . ggfjgk LQ Thomasville, Alabama LE ' 'VA H 5-1 2, ' E Kiosk? W ei , to 2 he E Dement's Arco Station Thomasville, Alabama Service Cleaners Thomasville, Alabama Qlwmf-frla ina Homelite Chainsaws Rex Wood Owner Thomasville, Alabama Jr. High Beta Club Davis Insurance Agency and Variety Store A Bama Wholesale Pine l-lill, Alabama 963-4345 Parker's Body Shop Thomasville, Alabama Sheffield Insurance Agency Thomasville, Alabama Burge's Men Shop Merfs anal Bov's wear Thomasville Alabama Bedwell Dil f Ruby's Fabric Center CO' Custom Made Draperies Hi-vvav 43 Sourh I Thomasville, Alabama A 1 aexl Compllmems Daw Ego Of 3 Friend l-li-vvav 43 South Thomasville Alabama Bama Auto Pads Inc for '-I Ports cmd supplies ors, Trucks, ond Tractors of oll mokes. Pho n e 636-4468 Thomosville Alobomo E S3 qv- M? Q X K Q 1 W i Q , f 3' ff X5 1 4 fy. H 'i ii E L Ik? if- Ti wiv 5 A 2 . 2 l 1 5 Jackson Craft Shop Ccrrpefs cmd d AI ' d rr I A b Io 636 255 Bedsole Dry Goods and Furniture Store Thomasville, Aloloormcr Spinks Drug Company Jackson Grocery R FIFSSTW IVISSSOAISIISS I - ' ' ' ' T one NX I, 652-4481 M I V., TI-IOMASVILLE X ALABAMA Ph. 636-4710 Thomasville, AIobomc1 PRUITTS DRIVE IN TI-IOMASVILLE, ALABAMA S 8 S SERVICE CENTER TI-IOMASVILLE, ALABAMA CLARE'S BEAUTY SI-IOP TI-IOMASVILLE, ALABAMA LINTON'S FOOD MART TI-IOMASVILLE, ALABAMA BRADFORD AUTO PARTS PINE I-IILL, ALABAMA MCOILLBERRY OMC TI-IOMASVILLE, ALABAMA Compliments of: JACKSON 8K SON HARDWARE PINE I-IILL, ALABAMA DIXIE DAIRY BAR PINE I-IILL, ALABAMA AVERITTS OROCER SUNNY SOUTI-I, ALABAMA ORIS NICI-IOLS TI-IOMASVILLE, ALABAMA MR. JONES DIOMON TI-IOMASVILLE, ALABAMA LYLES SERVICE STATION TI-IOMASVILLE 1-I

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