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- I - 4 - 4 ,H 'K-'af-rf, .V hhvvilfsx I ' ' " 'Mn'-Q A'?"' Zi' I 'W ,,h ,fr isa . . n H' ? fi , g,f i l Q. 1 6 4 1 lf S ni J ,gi s 5 'M V-.1 fx 1 .a 'T C? if -J? ff 'G 'Q F5 3 't 5 -1 - -4 k F 3 ii Z x 14... Psersonnel 3 ,g,,5-Ag, i A . F 1 f m Pars 11B .N 3, 'Q' sy.. ' 2-Ll . . 3 14 1' 'QE,':fjfAg V Wa S h 153213 ,cfm k,,,,.,!.w , 5-.,, .. - k - -11.44 ik ,rj g..3Q15:' 3 Q J, 4 ,-5 91. 3 A f fm XE 7 x X f ,!1KXXxl fjhf X' K , -r 3 a 3 1 v X' 1,7 Z ft f M - " 1' . F,-1 9 4 i From To: Subj Ref: Encl u.s.s. THOMASTON 'cLsD-za FLEET Pos'r okncs SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA E x Commanding Officer, USS THOMASTON CLSD 28? Chief, Bureau of Naval Personnel Q Cruise Bookg forwarding of C fa, COMPHIBPAC Notice 5700 of 8 October 1i C15 USS THOMASTON CLSD 281 Cruise Book 1. Pursuant to reference Cab, enclosure 11 is f 4 A LYDE B, ANDER Ps-szisfas cs- D my f as ali - S E Q 1 Pa , ii AW NX ru 62 ...,-2, 4-'L-me Z .J -,ff Z Kd!- ff' rg' ? . f ,fjf Z """" .... ,-,,,.. "3-'-' ...M-1, '1--- 1..1.--i--- i ---i-,.1 -1'-.-',,. ff-,,,,.i?, f - - XX ,L gl il: A' 'E 3' PE 1 ' ,W 36 .Q 1' , ,,, i 1 Lf, , f ., gi f :lt f' 1 . , 1 , ,...-.n,...,.....-..-Y-Iv'-. v- V 4'f,,-a., Y, ir V i i ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " f 'W 1, " ff l'-a.s.,,.+.i.1Y,- ,- ' I t A I A t I 1 ,H-. V . -, Q' , ,- - M ' '-""-ff '. .i-f1"1- V ,H .,l.7"'qgg-,vga-4-Q-v 7.-gf-vs,-f2'f.-u.,-. "" 4' " - .' , - ' -' , - ...- . .. .. , ,us ,,. , , x . 5,1 SS HO " jo lNMOD0 'I LSDK28 IB , T90 31 Pe1'S0nne1 flfVaShing7' ' - Perg 113 ll V 4 We have now completed what the hoots can call their ' rst of many cruises, the old salts one of many, and our loved ones at home the end of another long, lonely period of Wait- ing. lt is to them that we dedicate this memory of our . . . X f CRUISE TO WESTPAC - . ,,,. . M... - ,,,, .. ,... ' "W U.S.S. THOMASTCN LSD-28 The USS THOMASTON is the first of the NAVY'S newest class of Landing Ships, Dock. ln keeping with the tradition of naming LSD's after famous places, the THONIASTON was named for Thomaston, Maine, possibly best known as the home of Major General Henry Knox. General Knox was the Chief of Artillery during the entire Revolutionary War and accepted the surrender of Lord General Cornwallis at Yorktown. Later he served as the nation's first civilian head of the Navy. The ship was authorized by the Secretary of Navy on 28 February 1952 and built by the Ingalls Ship- building Corporation at Pascagoula, Mississippi. The keel was laid on 3 March 1953 and the ship was launched on 9 February 1954. After commissioning, the THOMASTON partici- pated in amphibious and underway training in Guan- tanamo Bay, Cuba, and then proceeded to join the Pacific Fleet Amphibious Force. The THOMASTON was one of the many ships participating in the Arctic Resupply Project of the DEW Line July through Oc- tober 1955. Later she returned to the Arctic to take A lf- .la . V,,f 1, ' , T'!fZ,1,y Q., 'I part in the Cold Weather Landing Exercise during January and February 1956. The Tl'lOMASTON,S first deployment to WestPac with the 7th Fleet was in August 1957. She returned again in April of 1959, when she participated in sev- eral large scale amphibious exercises in the Borneo and Korean areas. Returning to San Diego on the 19th of November 1959, the THOMASTON enjoyed the holidays at home prior to a busy spring of exercises and inspec- tions before her third deployment to WestPac in J une of 1960. The TOMCAT arrived home in San Diego Decem- ber 22nd 1960. Several weeks later found her in the yards in San Francisco for a long awaited overhaul. She then was worked to death in refresher and am- phibious training, plus several operations. This brings her up to date, as once again we find ourselves in the ullealm of the Golden Dragon." The story of this cruise will be found on the following pages, so good reading as once again we go to sea on the THOMASTON. . .a,,, W1 A MESSAGE FROM TI-IE CAPTAIN i 1 1 i , I, ..... ., CAPT. BLAKE S. FORREST, U.S. NAVY, COMIVIANDING As our cruise comes to an end, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the fine spirit, cooperation and high degree of professional competence which you have displayed in WestPac serving with the 7th Fleet. We have had our hardships and our glories, as well as much time spent in play. I hope this book will not only remind you of these feelings and events, but the fact that you have played a vital role in our nation's defense and the world's fight for freedom, The THOM- ASTON has represented itself in an excellent manner both ashore and at sea, and I am proud to be your shipmate. i CDR. ALTON P. ADAMS, U.S.N., EXECUTIVE OFFICER This has been a very successful cruise for the THOMASTON. It has been successful because every man did his job with that fine competitive spirit which is so vital to a fighting ship. As a result, the THOMASTON stands high in the competition ,forthe Squadron HE" for this year. Personal develop- ment has not been neglected. During this cruise 17 high school level and one college level GED certificates have been delivered to members of the crew. Good conduct medals have been awarded to 23 members of the crew and 61 men passed the February exams for advancement. There has been a minimum of personal problems involving dependents during this cruise, and for this every Thomaston wife deserves a hearty '6Well Done"g their job has not been easy I know. I am proud to have been your executive officer during this cruise. '- q 'AWK 16 24 28 4 16 29 18 19 22 23 28 30 5 7 21 24 24 27 8 11 13 13 18 20 20 22 28 2 2 6 10 10 12 12 14 19 27 28 5 .......,.. vane..Q..-mmm-unwm.xmu.:m:rmm gnxv1aa:,7S'H453ZGmE1 WnsE?EIE Oct 1961 Oct Oct Nov Nov Nov Jan 1962 Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar lVIar Mar Mar Mar April April April April April April April April April April April A May SHIP'S LOG Departed San Diego Enroute Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii Arrived Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii Departed Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii Enroute Red Beach, Maui, Hawaii for Opera- tion "Silver Swordv Completed Operation "Silver Swordf' Departed Red Beach, Maui, Hawaii for Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii Departed Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii Enroute Subic Bay, Luzon, P. I. Arrived Subic Bay, Luzon, P. I. Assumed Duties in 'clfieady Forcen Departed Subic Bay, Luzon, P.I. for Sangly Point, Luzon, P. I. Arrived Sangly Point, Luzon P. I. Departed Sangly Point, Luzon, P. I. Enroute Subic Bay, Luzon P. I. Arrived Subic Bay, Luzon, P. I. Departed Subic Bay, Luzon, P. I. Enroute Hong Kong, B. C. C. Arrived Hong Kong, B. C. C. Departed Hong Kong, B. C. C. Enroute Subic Bay, Luzon, P. I. Arrived Subic Bay, Luzon, P. I. Departed Subic Bay, Luzon, P. I. Enroute Buckner Bay, Okinawa Arrived Buckner Bay, Okinawa Departed Buckner Bay, Okinawa Enroute Yokosuka, Japan Arrived Yokosuka, Japan Departed Yokosuka, Japan Enroute Buckner Bay, Okinawa Arrived Buckner Bay, Okinawa Commenced Operation Tulugan Departed Buckner Bay, Okinawa Enroute Subic Bay, Luzon, P. I. Via Formosa Straits Arrived Subic Bay, Luzon, P. 1. Departed Subic Bay, Luzon P. I. Enroute to Firex Area Off Western Coast Luzon, P. I. Arrived Firex Area V . Departed Firex Area, Luzon, P. I. for Red Beach, Mindoro, P. I. Arrived Red Beach, lVIindoro, P. I. Completed Operation wfulunganf' Departed Mindoro P. I. Enroute Subic Bay, Luzon, P. I. Arrived Subic Bay, Luzon, P. I. Departed Subic Bay, Luzon, P. I. Enroute Guam Arrived Guam Departed Guam Enroute Truk Islands Arrived Truk Islands Departed Truk Islands Enroute Guam Arrived Guam Departed Guam Enroute Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii Arrived Pearl Harbor,-Oahu, Hawaii Departed Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii Enroute San Diego, Calif. Arrived San Diego, California FIRST DlvlsloN TOP ROW: Shroyer, R. S. SA, Toland, G. O. FN, Walker, B. R. SA, Person, R. E. SA, Woods, G. D. SA, Karpus, D. R. SA, Murphy, R. Jr. SN, Roberts, D. W. SN, Dry, H. R. SN, Green, SC, BMl MIDDLE ROW: Richter, E. A. BM2, Yates, B. F. SN, Richard, L. B. SA, Johnson, C. J. SN, Dale, R. E. SN, Powers, .l. R. SN FRONT ROW: LTjg F. R. Jordan, Merman, G. W. SN, Peters, M. A. SN, Parker, J. E. lr. SN, Bartlett, K. D. SA, Stewart, W. L. SN, Thomas, W. R. SA, Horn, O. V. BMSN, LT. D. L. Waggoner -The first division in numbers is small, twenty seven in fact, counting the short' and the tall. i A Our work is back breaking, the hours are long, when liberty goes down, we're still goin' strong. F When we do go ashore, comes a voice quite meek, said the soft spoken Bos'n, "you had liberty last week." The foc'sle needs polishing, the well-deck is dirty, the Bos'n mate said, uit'll be clean by Zero Eight Thirty." So way past dark we Seamen have toiled, we should hit the rack, our liberty is spoiled. When reveillegoes, we hear a loud din, 'cget out of those racks, you had all night inf, Comes Monday morning and we're heading for sea, and these endless tasks we fulfill with great glee. The old saying goes, uSailors are happy when gripingf' they go about moaning while the paint-work they're wiping. When the technicians have secured and gone to their hunks, on the foc'sle we're watching, looking for junks. Most sailors work from sun to sun but a deck-ape's work is never done. When the day of reckoning comes to the test, we will all stand and shout, 'cwe are the best." We havenit had much liberty, so our hearts are quite lonely, but when we get to Yoko we'll have the okani. As this voyage is nearing an end, we'll still hold the Navy's tradition, for real American Blue Jackets are found in the ship's First Division. 1 T1 Our Captaln Turn To .....4,44...- ....,.,,. Af, ..1,.-4..-. "I sf DIVISION , . .-,...,.,4.,,,, . ,,.:,,... x. Y '.,e.....1.........4 - '...- .Lg Home Sweet Home Cham Gang ?9'???9'? I We re Not Lost Dan Busy . 1. -' x..-, .C ,., ,CJ X If x 6" fl JI ' C 4 5 Ov I TI 1 Q -A I , 2 ' L " - J f it X XX ' 'fa If .a ' :XX Never Forget 42. f 05 k "5 X QW Sweepers BAE! 1 -' YN I L I I I I E E I I I E 5 , 1 I' 55 '- ii MxEcf1i:2'2" -' 4Hr-21::if:rfw:m1naaf5:nz:.1.1zv.1-:zf.1-mu4uwLw1, as-.mas sEcoND DIVISION , TOP ROW: Shelton, J. W. BMCA, Hummel, J. S. SN, Smallwood, R. .l. SN, Evans, T. J. SN, Rukavina, J. M. SN, Sarafian, W. V. S'N, Harrell, J. E. SN, Heyrend, D. D. SN, Morris, T. D. SN, Montoya, J. L. G. SN, McCabe, J. T. SN, LT. D. L. Waggoner, lst LT. MIDDLE ROW: Schufer, C. R. SN, Simmons, E. L. BM3, Jones, B. A. SA, Wood, J. R. BMSN, Seagroves, R. C. SA, Dalton, M. E. BM1 BOTTOM ROW: Barho, N. L. BM2, Krecklow, W. R. BM2 . r These HGENTLEMEN OF THE DECKS," as they are correctly called, perform a wide variety of sea- manlike functions aboard ship. They are responsible for just about all the equipment and operations of the after end of the ship. More specifically, they have the maintenance responsibilities of the cranes, boat davits, boat booms, flight deck, welldeck, sterngate and wingwalls. Add to these jobs the duties they per- form during ballasting and flight operations, and you have one busy division. The working men are kept busy by a breed of men called a 4'Boatswain Mate." He may be identified by a bent index finger on his right hand and a voice that would make a drill sergeant blush. His vocabulary is somewhat limited to such phrases as, "turn to," Hwhat liberty card," wget a clean sweep down" and 'cwhat do you mean by Holiday Routinef' 2nd -iurmqg - .. .LL-..: 1 -ff, 1. .l',i..f,LZ I- LL li K' N- "" 37 -" ' 'ig' V ',,"",',- I I p'-nv .'::.z-A:A7.:v:-E ,, A DIVISIQN BM's The Boot THERE. wsu- BE N0 H0Lo0f-XY Qonffwf 'il'-N Heads Up on the Pler C? N Pretty Boy Pick It B J Uillll' - W2 V WMM uh' "5N:,jl.-i,44 M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E "Lay Back On It" ' 7,?5??1g5,.,. L y I-I , ..f -v, , If , A ff S 1, I 3 E I li fi 4 lx rl sl I I I P 2 3 P 4 --- THIRD DIVISION I e TOP ROW: Dismukes, J. CMG2, Tom kins C. D. SN I p , , vy, C. GMG3, McNeace, M. H. FTGSN, Ohl, L. E. LTjg, Rassier, G. S. FTG3, Todd, R. J. SN, Matheny A. L. FTG2 ROW: Stiles, J. F. SN, McWhirter, L. D. GMG3, Smith, D. E. GMGSN, Parks, A. P. SN, Zacharzuk, P. C. GMG1 M R ' ' OW. Swltzer, J. F., Jr. FTG3, Shumaker, A. C. GMC3, Hall, W. F. SN, McGee, J. B. SN This division is an integral part of yet for all practical u ose d f h , , p rp s separate rom, t e Deck Depart- me t- h' ' ' ' n t IS IS artlcularl true when the lant locker IS o en. Its ersonnel are drawn from two ratin s, P Y P P P 3 Gunners Mates and F irecontrolmen - veritable 4'Cannon Cookers." The primary duties of the GM's, other than drinking coffee with the F T's, are to operate, service, and maintain the six, twin 3"f50 mounts, the magazines, and the ship's small arms. These functions are per- f l 0 C I I l O I ormed d1l1gently and with unswerving loyalty, that 1S 1f one dlscounts the occasional grumble or two - a rare happening indeed. The F T's are responsible for the ship's fire-control system along with their associated radar rooms C spot- lessj, directors, and other equipments. These are hi hl te h ' l k'll g y c n1ca s 1 s requiring many hours of study and field work, particularly if the field is Olongapo. In fact, they are so devoted to their work that it is only after unrelenting persuasion that they will agree to "go over." ' The Third Division, in all honesty, works together as a unified team, best exemplified by the speed and accuracy with which they are able to deliver fire during gunnery evolutionsg and, by so doing, pro- vide a vital function in the overall battle readiness of the ship. 3rd DIVISION GM's I "",Q What Are You Looking at Cheesecake Thunklns Dude Th1S Is My Gun I Who's Cold Hey Bud-dy Want Buy Machine-Gun Todd at Work? . - . Q' .f, .qG'p:'x-- , ..........A..... .f.,. -, H. 'Lx ..,--.-.A,.-........ ..,, ..... ......L..-....4, What Are You Hiding McGoo 3rd DIVISION FT's Scarface 1 I . s. What Are You Dolng Mac Pooped I Am a Roach Hunter Bobsey Twms Where Were You All Nlte , ,.. ,.--- W. ' . 1' -:uf Lf . -lrrYf'+""H1""'-W -,3-1 :me fa,11L. F. " VW' W I "M" DIVISION i MM's : Rashe, MM3, McCune, FN, Pilipiak, TtIIlEIJM1??OIlyIcDermott, FN, Plumb, FN, Smiih, SN MIDDLIE ROW: Lehman, MMC, Harrel, MM2, Love, FN, Hoge, FN, Wright, MM2, Rllmef, MM:3v Sipes, MMI, Crawford, FN, Sallgefg, FN, LTJE Geronime BOTTOM ROW: Moore, FN, Wha1eY, FN, Backer, MM2, Hawkins, FN, Peeples, MM-2, Thomas, FN, Morris, FN BT's TOP ROW: Fulisi, FN, Cook, BT1, Ratcliff, FN Storch, FN, Ehrig, FN, Pickering, BT3, Oberby BT1 BOTTOM ROW: LTjg Geronime, ENS Wolfsen, Beggs, BT3, Kerbs, C. BT2, Morgan, FN, James, BT3, Kerbs, L. BT2, Glasscock, FN, Coffman, FN Bagget, BTCA ? 7 7 Our division is composed of two ratings, Boiler Tenders and Machinist Mates. The main purpose of the BT's is to try and cover the decks with soot and make as much black smoke as possible. MM's job is to steal as much paint and paint brushes from the deck force as possible. We are called by such names as 4'snipes," 'cblack gang," and 'cbildge rats." But in all seriousness, we have the responsibility of all ship's power. BT's operate the boilers which provide 600 pounds of steam for ship's propulsion and various purposes such as heating, galley, laundry, etc. They also take care of all fuel oil. MM,s maintain the ship,s main engines, ship's generators and ballast pumps. They also operate the ship's evaporators which supply all of our drinking and feed water for the boilers. Our work is hard and the workin us is proud when we say, "This is HMI, DIVISION." g spaces are hot. We receive little reward for our work, but each of HM!! DIVISICN MM's and BT's Snipes - Q-i1g. 1--17 lu: . ... . ,- f .gK.J'.'7i, XX A l,lhrgg5xo1fN'X'E5l ,,. - XXX X N Ring-Rin ff W NW W ul fm WM W ' My I. XM ff :js W 5 " I Good Old Tom Rm Really Chief We Lost the Load ,np -..f-,-. , . 1 Caught Working Hagavap Kld Party Time Don t Pan1c Fellers Who Sald It Was Secured Truck Dr1ver -Q -- - V, Alert? No asleep ! When I Say Turn To I Mean It "Tooche" Papa San and Boys Turn To? What s That? Go-Go-Go-Phlhss L01'lg Timers Inc. Only One Letter? , ,. V, Q y, ShOI't TiI'I1CI'S 1110. Are You Sore It'S Guam and Not Yoko ! On the Job The Line Up "Jimmy Durantev 'v'W'TI "E" DIVISION TOP ROW: Johnson, T. J. EMFN, Lawley, A. B. EMFN, Davies, G. L. EMFN ' MIDDLE ROW: Murphy, H. E. EM3, Dickerson, C. C. EMFN, Thompson, R. .I. EMFN, Frisco, B. J. ICFN, Allen, F. E. EM2, James R. A. EM3, Corry, S. .I. IC3 BOTTOM ROW: Bayliss, W. W. EMCS, Peak, T. J. EMFN, Morrison, H. J. CWO-4, Schlobohm G. W. EMFN Batts T E. EM1 NOT SHOWN: Robinson, J. E. IC2, Alderdyce, M. E. EMFN, George, D. W. EMFN , , , I Within the realm of the ship known as the USS 'THOMASTON li of wire in strand or cable form. Through this wire flows electrical current which powers everything frclm the smallest radio to the most intricate piece of equipment on the ship, the uSperry Cyro Compass 'i which guides us day or night. The personnel of ME" division kee this ower s l' d twenty four hours a day. OUR MOTTO IS MWE MAY DOZE, BUT WE NEVER CLOSE." es approximately ten million miles p p upp ie to any part of the ship Whenever it's needed, H ...I ' I 'frviwuaifwce N - 0 I Q Power Lighting and Communications G E E 7 7 DIVISION 4 Oz:-9' Freddie the freeloader. In pain! The Loafers. Battery Technicians. fHaD Swamp Rat and Beak. I saw it done like this once. X MI I "A" DlVl5l0N TOP ROW: Dorry, W. R. EN3, Lamb, L. D. FN, Burris, J. O. ENFN, Keykendall, R. R. MR2, Craze, A. E. EN2, Romero, H. L. FA, Cochran, C. J. ENI, Ressler, E. C. MRFN BOTTOM ROW: Scott, R. W. MRFN, Kirby, B. L. FN, Dittrich, G. P. ENFN, Hankins, C. L. EN3, Enlund, E. E. ENFN, Burkhart, H. P. CWO-2, Carlson, R. .l. EN3, Scarborough, W. D. EN3, Linscott, D. A. MR1, Steckhan, N. A. EN2 The MA" Division is made up of two groups of highly skilled craftsmen, Machine Repairmen and Enginemen. The Enginemen take care of all ship's small craft engines, ship's diesel engines, air-conditioning and refrigeration. The Machine Repairmen maintain the ship's tool room Where all the tools are checked out to different divisions. The MR's also operate the MR shop which you will find packed full of highly powered machines and drills. It is said that the MR's can make anything from a nut to one of the more difficult shafts. I K ix S 1 f fl DIVISION EN's AND MR's I Know It's Here Hang It All Help I Can Play? Give Me TWO Okay, I Glve Up What Do You Mean Party Line? ? Chrlstmas 1n P. I It Wlll Too Float Well She Can Read It Sure They re Clean What s New Gosh I'm Tired '7jffp5,jgyg,j,.1A'l'5,1f' EJ."--v 'Tv W'-"""a ""'1 """ "' ' ' " ' A' HR,, , . ,..,,,,, ,.,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,A..,..,,. ,,,, , , , BACK ROW: McDonald, S. B. SFl, Ebbert, R. R. SFM3, Blint, K. J. DC3, Salameno, A. M. FN, Sanchez, P. Jr. FN, Schneider, R. T. FN, Aguirre, E. Jr. SFP3 E . CENTER ROW: Littlefield, C. C. SFP3, Wood, T. R. FA, Maji, .l. F. SFPFN, VanCrleave, N. R. DC2, Mooney, F. D. Jr. FN, Wlnge, N. E. SFP2 ' BOTTOM ROW: Condusta, A. D. SFI, Maguire, J. R. DCCA, McCay, G. E. CWO-2, Maloney, W. Jr. DC3 The mission of R-Division on the THOMASTON is the repair, maintenance, and upkeep of the ship's hull, plumbing and damage control equipment. R-Division is made up of two groups, the Shipfitters and the Damage Controlmen. There are approxi- mately twenty men in ithe division. The R-Division Officer is a Ship's Repair. Technician whose duties consist of damage control assistant to the chief engineer, hallasting officer, and repair officer. The men in the division are both apprentices and the masters of many diversified skills, which they are called upon to use any time, day or night. lt can be said that R-Division can repair anything from a broken heart to a leak in the officeris head. WK 1 ,qui ff ss 'vi 3 i S Sf , F' No Brass Today Mama-San ' 'M DIVISICN - -I , - "Our Gang" 1 if' Q10 on J s ' v i 'W in .f , BMX? so M mow 9.1 C- fy, S-ns gf gf ff QQ, Nh WYFXX ,W Reporting for Duty Sir, Would You Believe It, I Have a Cold' "You're Singing My Song" R Leader Stanless Steel Neil Q M. W :aT IZ .....,,, ff f +-Q vt if y 5 if ' oothpicks Anyone IP!! ive! Dive I Eating Crackers Again, Huh Q77 "Lover ,1 Who Isn t in 79 Change Pesos Joe? Champ Q77 Shape C Long-Shortime Rocky and His Friends Big Ebb Hx" DlvlsloN LEFT TO RIGHT: Costello, W. A. YN3, Pierce, W. H. YN3, Pushman, K. A. PN3, York, R. A. YN3, Doucet, M. J. PN3, Busby, B. M. YN3, Kunde, C. E. ENS NOT SHOWN: Cates, A. C. YN1, Nazareno, J. T. PN2, Voorhees, J. R. SN CCH ' hh' ' d ?7? 66W'.'h ' k 1' 977 66 ey, IS my c it signe yet o p1C ed up our iberty cards. Are we going to get overnights here?" 'cWhat do you mean you don't have the duty?" No, we are not playing twenty questions. This is X Division at work. X Division is composed of an assortment of Yeomen and Personnelmen, Who, along with the help of the Personnel Officer, make up the administrative part of the ship. Like all divisions on the ship its Work is essential, for it is these sly smiling people who keep your record, keep track of your liberty card, issue l.D. cards, take care of all incoming and outgoing mail, receive and transfer you, and even go to mast with you unfortunates. We are also the proud publishers of the only news media pub- lished aboard ship. We have been known to look for something that exists only in the mind of the person who is looking for it, and, vice-versa, We have been known to live up to our motto, "lf We've got it, lT'S LOST!" 1' "' 'Ti-"'WiIimLsr-" 'Nil' What Does It Say About Shore Duty in the Pl? ? ? Office Hours He ls Even on a Dlet OK! Doucet Here's the Scoop. Sea Lawyer at Work, a Hot Case. 'g 'lf v' J MQ Y . I ffxwx, WXXXXK' sf M, Still No Reliefs in Sight Dearest Darhng See Webster Does Spell It Cat! l PL- as 77 DIVISIDN YN's AND PN's hu 5 x Sawdust Twins .lust Another One of Those Days 1 'QV v 17:50 Q Q X 'Q' 1 Q as :DAX if fafp xx' A vig, f l X 9 f Ei: 41 7 ' A tv VP Yxq I,- VNQW 0 'vs ff! O , f X 1' X f - W W v 1 J. - ' - Q 930.045 " , , ' .QAV Q if ' x - -S ..1 w7, .jf Q9 5 iYS5Zs at ' ' N 2 ' if? N E- ,, -N V FX., , if f M 31,41 1. -D, .w QP- N I Q , , 4 1 . 'WDP 5 f 1, '92 . ' , -.L-Q 'ff 1555!-X ggfrghgv ' fl , if .xxx '-1 if F' X V 5 ig. -C A 1 ' N fp Y it - . ,. , . , ,W,n,,,i,,,, ...aT.........., "WW" "' 'W W' 5 ' I --N" nlvlsloN g 4 1 I l 'u 2 3 ? l 5 ? TOP ROW: ENS C. E. Kunde BOTTOM ROW: Hatfield, W. A. SN, Burris, W. A. SN, Giroux, E. T. OM1, Wright, J. C. QM3, Baker, C. W. QM3 ? 9 l V This department is the smallest department aboard the THOMASTON but by far the least unnoticed. l The Navigation Dept. is made up of five enlisted men and one commissioned officer. Their primary duty l is the safe navigation of the ship to any known point of the globe under any existing condition. This is done with an outstanding degree of accuracy. The men of the navigation department, besides from 'being navigators, are also visual communication experts. We of the THOMASTON are very proud of our Navi- cl gation Department, for it is within the highest standards of naval tradition. DlvlsloN ,- NAVIGATORS 'il ' an , rw ' xllhlf llllll We .,,:,f, 3, :gg-egg? A . 5 Qult Trymg to Lead WHA and WAB No Wonder We Are Lost Black Beard What Do You Mean Collision Course? Im Com to Be S a Wheel Someday The Thinker I'm Not Really As Dumb as I Look --oc" DlvlsloN TOR ROW: Cootferdson, SN, Ferencik, R. J. SN, Pisano, A. J. RM2, King, M. RM3 MIDDLE ROW: Peebles, E. E. RMCA, Constantine, R. J. SM3, Angona, V. V. RMSN, Curry, H. C. RM3, Dilley, R. G. RM3, William son, H. B. SM1 BOTTOM ROW: Reed, G. O. RMSN, Haberlock, J. G. RMSN, Kichline, W. C. SMSN, Pacheco, G. A. SN NOT SHOWN: Seibold, C. F. LTjg, Jennings, G. H. RM3, Anderson, D. R. SN, Brown, R. D. SM2, Loser, M. L. RM2, Stevens, W. A RM3, Russel, D. A. RM3 This division is composed of the ship's communicators, the Radiomen and the Signalmen. They may be found in Radio Central and on the Open Bridge, distinguishable from other sailors by their use of a language all their own, composed of little 'abeep-beeps" and strange arm motions. The Radiomen are concerned mainly with the transmitting, receiving, and routing of the ship's radio and teletype messages. They stand many long, tedious hours of watch and it is with only the greatest amount of persuasion will they leave the ship at liberty call. The Signalmen are known mainly for the efficient way in which they can distract the J OOD's, yet bail the OOD's out of trouble with their signal translations. They're a hardy bunch of sailors who stay out in the weather, rain or shine, and a real credit to the ship. K1 ch "CC" DIVISION TOP Secret Radiomen Signalmen V ., , ,,, L. ,., .,I. .-.HQ- .....,4,,. .-.....4.-. ....a,.e 'Shortimersn What Now Chief? H1 Mom 4'Repairmen" 'W' Herman We Are Intelllgent Wllly at Work' "Water Boys: Hired Help" He's Not So Bad" fsxgzmxs-.--.-...Q M- --H "OI" DIVISION TOP ROW: Rodgers, J. D. RD3, Hill, C. I. RD3, Lichtey, L. S. YNSN, Saunders, W. R. RDSN, McCellen, R. E. RDSN, Prescott, R. A. ET2, Dubr e, K. D. RD2 ' BOTTOM ROW: EINS Wallace, Forbus, R. J. RD2, Poe, H. J. RD3, Bauer, K. H. RDI, Bashaw, J. W. RD2, ENS Mason NOT SHOWN: Ladd, H. L. ET3, Cudmore, W. I. ET2, Nordstrom, M. A. RD3, Sherman, T. E. ET3 MOI" division is composed of the radarmen and electronic technicians, known informally as 'cscope dopesv and utwigitsf' The uRD's" hang out in CIC, the heart of the ship, Where they keep the conn advised of all events occurring within radar range. These activities vary from tactical maneuvering. recom- mendations to tracking of contacts to the control of our amphibious landings. The men behind-the-scenes are the uET's," for it is their responsibility to maintain and repair the complicated electronic equipment utilized in CIC and Radio Central. Thus it may be seen that this team of frustrated intellects do serve another purpose besides that of rais- ing the level of coffee consumption aboard ship. The OI division is an important and vital cog in the THOMASTON machine. I I I I 1 . I I I I I I I . II I I I r I square-Q OI DIVISION - RD's AND ET's Scope Doped Contact Bearmg 020 18 Inches Number Please Radar Gang at Work Ah, Please Mr Petersen U Uh Flrewater NO PHOTO AVAILABLE Oue Et's The Accused Lifer The Boot and Short Timer? Hey Guys It's Howdy Doody Trme I Figure We Ought to Be Somewhere Around Here Wfwff3l'5?77'iT:T5JT3?f+F:f?m3'iV5iT'Iil'5mTmmgE'mEH:tv'n"'-mmmzmhxmlrmmuwdivMWTP """x""'iT S "S" DIVISION TOP ROW: Lorenzo, CS2, Joins, C. 'SD3, Meek, M. L. SN, County, SH3, Wiley, C. L. SN, Wallace, W. M. HM3, McCartney, G. E., HN, H m, G. A. HM3 CElN?'l'nER ROW: STANDING: Stock, J. C. SKC, Lazo, TN, Brydon, R. SN, Tambio, TN, Towler, E. V. SN, Brodreck, W. SH3 Stone,-R. H. CS2, Palmer, T. SH3, Schlacter, L. J. SH3, Rabe, M. L. SH2, Paul E. Turner, LTjgfSCJ CENTER ROW: SEATED: Parales, L. SN, Cabatit, TN, Powers, J. M. SKSN, Burns, A. W. SHI, Jenkins, W. A. IH, SKSN, Klein, J. C. SN, Bishop, H. W. SH2 FRONT ROW: Coloma, C. .l. CS3, Paddock, W. G. SK2, Thomas, E. R. CS1, Donald, K. A. SKI, Loughly, J. J. CS1, Christy R. G. CS3 NOT SHOWN: Yandell, B. D. SN, Donald .l. Bunder, LT CSC? A Of all the departments on the ship, that which is most noted for inefficiency and good disorganization is the Supply Department. The department is made up of five different ratings: Storekeepers fSK'sj, Ship's Servicemen fSH'sj, Stewards fSD'sj, Disbursing Clerks fDK'sj, and Cooks CS'sj. No, they don't honor Diners Club Cards. The SK's maintain the eight storerooms and G.S.K., Whose motto is 'cThe customer is always right, at least TOW of the time." They also operate the supply office, having responsibility for divisional bud- gets, invoices and general stores accounting. The SH's operate the service facilities - ship's store, soda fountain QGEDUNKH, finest hand laundry, cobfoler and tailor shop. Naturally, only the finest imported products are used. The CS,s, that means Cooks, prepare and serve the food for the crew, maintain the messdecks, and have the responsibility for all equipment and storerooms. Their's is a thankless job. The SD's operate the Wardroom Mess, prepare and serve the meals, and maintain the officer's state- rooms and the Captainls Cabin. The single DK handles the Disbursing Office under the paymaster, LTJG Turner. All of these ratings, working together, keep the .ship well supplied, fed, and clothed, which all adds toa high standard of morale. I I! Ml 7 7 ,,.,-...1..,f .A.,,,-Q f'771'rLx5r1, f1i:?2iff'f!5 2fS:4"'.-,F x X .,.A . G5 inf DlvlsloN NE sues, mes, sl-I, cs, so The Paymaster Supply Officer E 5 s ' PHIBRON 0NE CHAMPS. TOP ROW: ENS L. E. Grebe, Jenkins, W. A. III, SK3, Curry, H. C. RM2, Parker, J. E. Ir., SN, LTjg C. W. Sporre , BOTTOM ROW: Jennings, G. H., RM2, ENS W. R. Mason, Denbleyker, J. N. Jr. BT3, McWhirter, L. D., GMG3 TI-IOIVIASTON Athletics reached an all-time high this cruise as our teams compiled more athletic points than any other ship in Phibron One to win the annual athletic award. Our basketball, bowling and softball teams all contributed many vital points to give the Thomaston the long-awaited award. The Tomcats, our softball team, overcame many handicaps to capture the Phibron One Championship in the tour- nament held in San Diego two days before our departure to WestPac. This victory was a result of much hard work, patience and teamwork by many people, many of whom have long since left the ship. This effort was climaxed by the final two games of thestournament in which we beat the USS Lenawee QAPA 1955 twice in two action-packed thrillers. J. E. Parker, SN, pitched I4 innings to highlight the individual performances. HPOW WOW' THE WINNERS f---A--A-Y -W -- '- '1- Tom CATS IN ACTION s 4 W D 'GSPECTATORSU "Club-Foot" MacWhirter 1 i '6Shotgun" Sporre 6'Big Red " The infield, composed of Ens C. E. Kunde, Ens W. R. Mason, Ens K. Wallace, H. C. Curry, RM3, and W. A. Jenkins, SN, played tight, almost errorless ball for both games. The hard-hitting outfield included L. D. lVIcW'hirter, GMG3, J. N. Denbleyker, BT3, and G. H. Jennings, RM3. The Tomcats continued their winning ways in WestPac, winning 34 games while losing only 8. We picked up several new players: Ens L. E. Grebe, LTJG C. W. Sporre, Angona, RMSN, and an old veteran, Schlacter, SH3. As We head homeward, the Tomcats are already preparing for their onslaught of San Diego pitching. Theirs is a record to be proud of and one which they've determined to better. Our basketball team played a smaller schedule than the softball team, but was highly effective considering the amount of time available for practice and the scheduling of games. They won 3 and lost 2, but this record is no indica- tion of the talent and spirit that this team had. Our hoopsters were coached by LT R. D. Day and player-coach Ens W. R. Mason. Outstanding performances were turned in by H. C. Curry, RM3, LTJG L. J. Geronime, A. J. Pisano, RM2, H. King, RM3, J. R. Voorhees, SN, Whaley, A. C. lVIlVl3 and Smith, SN. T T HAWAII This mid-ocean uParadise of the Pacific," located 2,000 miles west of exciting contrasts, scenic beauty and color. We think of Hawaii in terms of Leibedecked Hula Girls native rass Q 5 shacks, white sand beaches drenched in moonlight, haunting melodies, gentle trade winds and a place where you can enjoy all these things if you have the money! Hawaii is where the East meets the West in Polynesia, as traces of the Orient and other Pacific countries are to be seen everywhere. But for all of this, Hawaii is up-to-date, progressive and a true center of American democ- W h racy. e ave seen American business institutions, schools, churches, cultural centers, transportation facilities and entertainment as modern as any in the world. We found the Hawaiian people are proud of their American Citizenship and are ready, willing and alert as all Americans to defend it. California, is a palm-fringed land of ga .J -l M V-,V , , ., .,,. , ., .,. . ..,.. ,, ...W 2T""K ' """"" U' ""'A""L' iA'AA'-N - ' ' - --A --f----f--v --M --' - 1--L-A--n-...viA.1...f.-f'A:1..L,.-.aA.1:..,.-..,,1L....g ...' AL"g,',..'.-."'..i.:.4L1i,gL" 'I PHILIPPINES It I L uf if w Ill . I l ui! oipliylfn 5 1' ' I X The Philippines has been described as the most luxuriant group of tropical islands in the World. lt has fertile coastal plains and valleys, rich forests, navigable lakes and rivers, mineral-laden mountains, abundant useful vegetation-such as bamboo and palm trees, a Wide variety of fruits and vegetables and a Wealth of fish. Witho a climate that is basically maritime and tropical, the islands have high relative humidity, abundant rainfall, con- tinuous heat and gentle Winds. The Filipinos have been our allies since the turn of the century and are determined to fight against communist aggression. The young republic, established in 1946, is the only predominantly Christian democracy in the Asian World. Americans and Filipinos alike are proud of this country and its progress. 3 i H -e 1 :1..1:--.1 ., , .-Lf'-'f e-.'- 11 ,- H nw , x ., .,,.,,,-f .f :-:vm ..-mfm.rm1m.1:.m,-n-i'-- -'uv' """ F ?g'A1y,x.:'. .inn .'-- -1' JAPAN W. 5 l Nearly every sailor who has been to Japan wants either to stay or return again someday. Perhaps the reason for this is the people themselves, for nowhere in the world are the people more genuinely friendly, courteous and fasci- nating. Their culture is strange to us, but intriguing and inviting, and the country itself is magnificent in its beauty- We saw more and more traces of Western influence .in the lives of the Japanese, hut then again we have adapted some of their ideas, too. It will be quite a while'hefore we all can forget the wild taxi rides, the shops and fun of Japan. --f'1---'M - - -Af..--.-A-'D-1 -1- ..-Jn L L., BIG TOM'S SCRAPBOOK Fat, Dumb, and H3PPY "Old Salt" Strikers Lux Lovely Back in God's Country lglaln Wiih the o den rm "Big Dealer From the East" I-10019 Maw, N0 HaI1dS K! 'L isis:-Q:-,' . ci- , 4 v 'L-viiiiiffflf , V1 ff, Aw.. , " ' ' 'fa-' ' L La.Q..4gg. - Plank Owners Keep Smiling M Div. Sweetheart f f'!'9'v Bloody Good Show ,fi When We Anchor We Should It's Twice as Hard When You Play Yourself Tijuana Jail P.L.O e Somewhere Between Subic 4'Honcho" B or...HongKong?? ? inpnwmwwvi -ffz1:'1z-1r:'4fq1f-4:ff-g-Y W ffl " -'Q-r:f, . Y' ' '1ff'f'H2- 1 if! T ' W W W W W W W W W I W s I W W W W W N W W W W 1-nn ' n-..I,.Q....,. 'A. . CRUISE BCOK STAFF '71W4-Wfzw x6 S Q, , W U A . ENN Q 4 ff W 1 V' Z ff W K f Xiggiyy- S N lggfvxf , my I f fx 6 I X In Q f 4 y , 552 'F' HW X4'-Qmf f , , fi- - f A f f 'ii W Q ywx, pf f S ,fv , , , f X X 7 ff V f . I if 1 I , f , 4 Z. " Q , . S 1 4 1 STANDING: Schufer, C. R. SN, Baker, C. W. QM3, Rassier, C. S. FT3, Saunders, W. A. SN, Stewart, W. L. SN, Lamb, L. K. FN, Jenkins, W. A. III SK3 KNEELINC: Costello, W. A. YN3, Maji, J. F. SFP3, Curry, I-I. C. RM2, Ferencik, R. I. SM3, ENS W. R. Mason, Peak, T. J. EMFN, Schellinger, T. E. MM2 T N-rw . Advisor-ENS W. R. MASON Co-Editor-JENKINS, W- A- SK3 Co-Editor-SCHUFER, C. R. SN I P ' Jwyy i dig ' I-TV, S fp All 1 QQ I A Q. F I' ' SN 2 ifij A v Q 3 J X X .l 4 X , X -X K WX Xxbx xx 'xXltXX . v.- 1 QQ :ON 1 ' U WN 'fi A-W-. Ill 57 W 5 Artist-FERENCIK, R. J. SM3 . Photographer-SCHELLINGER WT-5-"7r1Q1L.ffe1qgg,-:f 3 3:-if U-:JG-4.-vF:f.':,g4.: L +1 fnlwv FORREST, Blake S., Captain ADAMS, Alton P., Commander PETERSEN, Donald E., Lieutenant Commander BUNKER, Donald J., Lieutenant WAGGONER, Donald L., Lieutenant DAY, Raymond D., Lieutenant SIEBOLD, Charles F., Lieutenant f unior gradeJ OHL, Lawrence E., Lieutenant f unior gradel TURNER, Paul E., Lieutenant K junior gradel SPORRE, Charles W., Lieutenant f unior gradel MUSTER LIST OFFICERS JORDAN, Floyd R., Lieutenant f junior gradel GERONIME, Lee J., Lieutenant f junior gradel WALLACE. Kim, Ensign KUN DE, Charles E., Ensign MASON, Wesley R., Ensign GREBE, Leslie E., Ensign CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS WOLFSON, James J., Ensign - MORRISON, Howard L., Chief Warrant Officer McCAY, George E., Chief Warrant Officer BURKHART, Herbert P., Chief Warrant Officer BAYLISS, Samuel W., EMCS PEEBLES, Elton E., RMCA RHODE, Henry B., MMCS SHELTON, LT, HW", BMCA BAGGETT, Sylvester, BTCA STOCK, John C., SKC EVANGELISTA, Leoncio E., HMCA SMITH, Buford L., GMGCA LEHMAN, William M. Jr., MMC PITTS, Robert E., SF C MAGUIRE, John R., DCCA CRAZE, Archie E., EN2 CARLSON, Robert J., EN3 BURRIS, James O., ENFN DITTRICH, Gerald P., ENFN RESSLER, Edward C., MRFN DORRY, William R., EN3 ROBINSON, Joseph E., IC2 JAMES, Robert A., EM3 DAVIES, Gary L., FN JOHNSON, Thomas Jr., FN THOMPSON, Robert J., EMFN ALLEN, Freddie E., EM2 RICHTER, Edgar A., BM2 HORN, Otis V., BMSN DAVIS, James D., SN HUMMEL, John S., SA JONES, Bruce A., SA KARPUS, Dennis R., SA STEWART, William L., SN TOLAND, George O., FN WOODS, Granville D., SA A DIVISION COCHRAN, Chas J., ENI KUYKENDALL, Robert R., MR2 HANKINS, Carthel L., EN3 ENLUND, Edward E., ENFN SCOTT, Robert W., MRFN E DIVISION MURPHY, Harold E. Jr., EM3 Falsco, B0bby'J., ICFN SCHLOBOHM, Gordon W., FN PEAK, Thomas J. Jr., EMFN B,ATTS, Thomas E., EMI I st DIVISION GREEN, Samuel C., BMI JOHNSON, Charles J., SN ROBERTS, Derryll W., SN YATES, Bennie F., SN BARTLETT, Kenneth D., SN THOMAS, William R., SN GREEN, Ellsworth L., BM3 COUSIN, Leo P., SN DALE, Richard E., SN LINSCOTT, Donald A., MRI STECKHAHN, Nicholas A., EN2 SCARBOROUGH, William D., EN3 LAMB, Larry D., FN ROMERO, Harry L., FA CORY, Samuel J., IC3 DICKERSON, Clifton C., EMF N LAWLEY, Alan B., FN ALDERDYCE, Milton E., EMFA GEORGE, Duane William, FN DRY, Kenneth R., SN MURPHY, Robert Jr., SN POWERS, James R., SN PETERS, Merle A., SN MACK, Robert L., 'BM2 MERMAN, George W. Jr., SN RUKAVINA, Jan M., SN RICHARD, Larry B. Jr., SN SHROYER,- Raymond S., SN . OVERBY, Carl C., BTI PEEPLES, Lemuel C., MM2 TOWNSEND, James E., MM2 KERBS, Larry L., BT2 BEGGS, Robert A., BT3 PLUMB, Lester B., FN WHITE, Charles D., FN SMITH, Mitchell L., SN SIPES, James F., MMI HARRELL, Willie L., MM2 SIMMONS, Arthur E. Jr., BT2 BACKER, Peter C., MM2 DEN BLEYKER, John M. Jr., BT3 PILIPIAK, Lester A., MM3 JAMES, Robert E., BT3 CRAWFORD, Dale E., FN DRAGO, Raymond F., FN MCDERMOTT, Jerry R., FN WILLIAMSON, Herman B., SMI CURRY, Harry C., RM3 RUSSELL, David A., RMS FERENCIK, Robert J., SN HABERLOCK, Joseph G., RMSN REED, Garland D., RMSN DUBREE, Kenneth B., RD2 LADD, Herbert L., ETN 3 POE, Harlon J., RD3 RODGERS, James D., RD3 LICHTY, Larry S., SN VAN CLEAVE, Norman R., DC3 EBBERT, Robert R., SF M3 MOONEY, Floyd D. Jr., FN SANCHEZ, Paul Jr., FN SCHINEIDER, Raymond T., FN MILLER, Robert C., SFM3 KRECKLOW, William R., BM2 SIMMONS, Elmer L. Jr., BM3 MONTOYA, Jose L. G., SN WOOD, Jimmy R., BMSN LEE, Jimmie, SN PERRYMAN, Scotty A., SN SARAF IAN , Walter V. lnmwa M DIVISION BELLOMY, Billy J., MM3 EDWARDS, James H., MM3 RUMER, John H., MM3 BURTON, Gerald J., FN FAULISI. Eugene A., FN THOMAS, James L. Jr., FN WHALEY, Allan C., MMF N COFFMAN, Jerry A., FN EHRIG, Albert H., FA HOGE, William G., FA RALSTON, Jerald D., MMF N STORCH, George P., FN THOMAS, Edward L., FN COOK, Herchel W., BTI FINE, Monty K., MM2 KERBS, Gary D., BT2 WRIGHT, Charles L., MM2 ARNETT, Arthur D., BT3 OC DIVISION CONSTANTINE, Robert J., SM3 DILLEY, Russel G., RM3 JENNINGS, Gary H., RM3 ANDERSON, David R., SN ANGONA, Victor V., RMSN PACHECO, Gene A., AN OI DIVISION BASHAW, Jimmy W., RD2 PRESCOTT, Robert A., ET3 HILL, Calvin I., RD3 MCCLELLAN, Richard E., SN BAUER, Kar H. Jr., RDI R DIVISION MCDONALD, Saywood B., SFI LITTLEFIELD, Charles G., SF P3 MALONEY, William Jr., Dos SALAMENO, Anthony M., FN CONDUSTA, Albert D., SFI WOOD, Thomas R., FN 2nd DIVISION ROTROCK, Donald M. Jr., SN HARRELL, James E., SN HEYREND, Dennis D., SN MORRIS, Timmy D., SN DALTON, Marvin E., BMI HAYES, Floyd A., SN SCHUF ER, Charles R., SN GLASSCOCK, Kenneth R., FN HAWKINS, Larry D., FN WARDLE, Reed G., FN BRORSEN, John R., MMFN MORRIS, Stanley E., FN PICKERING, Donald G., BT3 RASCHE, James L., MM3 SCHELLINGER, Thomas E., MM3 FOSTER, Kenneth R., MM3 AMERSON, Larry C., FN LOVE, Dale L., FN MOORE, William J., FN RATCLIFF, Howard E., FN MORGAN, Michael K., FN SANDBERG, Perry, FN SEAY, Theodore T., FN CRAWFORD, James E., MM2 MCCUNE, William H., FN BROWN, Richard D., SM2 LOSER, Merle L., RM2 PISANO, Angelo J., RM2 KING, Hiran, RM3 STEVENS, Wayne A., RM3 KICHLINE, William C., SMSN CUDMORE, Walter-I. Jr., ET2 F ORBUS, Robert J., RD2 SAUNDERS, William R., SN NORDSTROM, Michael A., RD3 SHERMAN, Tommy E., ET3 WINGE, Neil E., SFP2 BLIN DT, Kenneth J., DC3 AGUIRRE, Eugene Jr., SFP3 MAJI, James F., SFPFN ANDERSON, Larry R., FN SMALLWOOD, Roy J., SA SEAGROVES, Roy C., SN HAGAN, Arthur R., BMI COTTRELL, Harry M., SN EVANS, Thomas J., SN MILLER, Charles W. Jr., SN BLACKSTOCK, Richard M., SN BARHO, Nick L., BM2 KIRKLEY, William L., SN ZACHARZUK, Peter C., GMGI MATHENY, Arthur L., FTG2 SHUMAKER, Alton C., GMG3 MCNEACE, Marvin H., FTGSN SMITH, Donald E., GMGSN MCGEE, James B., SN COLLIS, Luther, GMGI RABE, Melvin L., SH2 BRYDON, Richard, SN BISHOP, Harry W., SH2 KLEIN, James C., SN VINLUAN, Romulo R., DK2 YANDELL, Billy D., SN THOMAS, Errol R., CSL LORENZO, Rizalino R., CS2 SCHLACTER, Leonard J., SH3 GARCILLAS, Silverio, SD3 , CABATIT, Francisco R. Jr., TN SANTOS, Rolando D., TA WALLACE, William M., HM3 WRIGHT, Jimmy C., QM3 BAKER, Charles W., QM3 CATES, Arthur C., YN I DOUCET, Milton J. Jr., PN3 PIERCE, William H., YN3 2nd DIVISION CONT. MCCABE, John T., SN PARKER, Jack E., SN 3rd DIVISION DISMUKES, Jimmy, GMG2 RASSIER, Gene S., FTG3 SWITZER, James G., FTG3 HALL, William F., SN TODD, Robert J., SN IVY, Cecil J r., GMG3 S DIVISION PADDOCK, Warren G., SK2 MEEK, Michael L., SN BRODERICK, William Jr., SH3 WILEY, Charles L., SN YUMUL, F ranxisco P., SK3 POWERS, Joe M., SKSN LOUGHLEY, James MJD, CSI CHRISTY, Ronald G., CS2 PERALES, Leopoldo, SN HILL, Ralph M. Jr., SD3 GANZON, Salvador R., TN TAMBIO, Felip, TA MCCARTNEY, Gerald E., HN N DIVISION BURRIS, William A., SN HATFIELD, Wayland C., SN X DIVISION COSTELLO, Wayne A., YN3 PUSHMAN, Karl A., PN3 YORK, Richard A., YN3 PERSON, Roy E., SA WALKER, Buddy R., SN OUSLEY, Otis D., FTGSN MCWHIRTER, Lawrence D., PARKS, Arthur F., SN STILES, John F., SN TOMPKINS, Charles D., SN KING, Daniel R., GMG1 PALMER, Trubie H., SH3 DONALD, Keith A., SKI JENKINS, William A., SN BURNS, Arthur W., SHI TOWLER, Edgar V., SN SACKETT, Daniel C., SK3 STONE, Robert H., CS2 COLOMA, Ceterino J., CS3 MANALO, Romulo R., SDI JOINS, Clenzo, SD3 LAZO, Jaime D. T., TN HAMM, Gene A., HN GIROUX, Edward T., QM1 NAZARENO, Jose T., PN2 BUSBY, Bruce M., YN3 VOORHEES, John R., SN X. X... HL, l I,tr., 7M X'A.RMED GMG3 FORCES I ,ISI WPUBLICATIONS TAYLORXPUBLISHING COMPANY DALL S USA S! a V , Je' A ' 1-' , s ' -' ffl M 2,3 jj ,Q 'QL ima- 1 1 M. f K ' fi gf?-x5?2iv7f.'3f:l9' , '. 4 -. . 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