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 - Class of 1955

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X ,Bf'Z"ff'sJ'f,LlL' X f 4, Q ,-J' in Wk 1 My F' 'ai , Y I E+ -Y . " . Jllg . rf V,1m'k- F . ff 'fv , f hx, -' I f N? IL Y xmx A , 'lfltx-42,1 THE SEA BREEZE "Class of I955" ,gn X " if 3 N-..., publicly thank Mr Clarence Butler a teacher who has given his tune., advice, and under 9 S J 4 x W standing wheuevergitnwas 'S E 3 S53 5 Si E Q Egg-it 3 gtk S Xia ii? t Q E 5 eg 'Wi PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE NX-ss.. "You cannot teach a man anythingg you can only help him to find it within himself, "--Galileo Galileo was not too far from the truth when he made this statement over three hundred years ago, Our task as your teachers is to assist in creating the most favorable environment in which you may leam. We, as teachers, cannot teach if you do not want to learn, The process of learning is one that takes place WITHLN the individual not from without, The teachers you have, the books you use, the schools that house you are only the components of the stage setting within which you as an individual teach yourself, We motivate, interpret, insist, criticize and praise, but you as an individual must do the learning, There is no limit to man's achieveme V? g ave the ability and the will to achieve, If you have leamed this lesson from your high school exper noe, fine, if you have not, learn it now and carry it always, ffi I., FAU!! TY ,.,.....-1- I fgn MR. CARROLL WALLACE High School: Milbridge High, 1943. College: University of Maine, 1950. Degree: B. S. , and Masters. High School Principal for five years. First year at Thomaston High. MR. CLARENCE BUTLER High School: Rockland, 1941. College: University of Maine, 1950. Degrees: B. A. and Masters. Senior Class Advisor, 1955. MR. FRANK VAITONES High School: Lewiston High, 1940. College: Gorham -State Teachers, 1946 Degree: B. S. Manuel Training Teacher. MISS LORAINE CURRY High School: Rockland, 1947. College: University of Maine, 1951. , Degree: B.S. Freshman Class Advisor 1......rM.-i ..... .. s. Q MR. FRANCIS LEARY High School: Fall River, Massachusetts, 1949. College: Springfield, 1954. Degree: A. B. First year of teaching. Junior Class Advisor. Boy's Basketball and Baseball Coach. MISS DORIS RICHARDS High School: Winthrop College: Bliss Business First year of teaching. Senior Yearbook Advisor. GQ- MR. LENARD OSIER High School: Bristol, 1938. College: Colby, 1943. Degree: A. B. U. of M. Summer School. Sophomore Class Advisor High. 1951 School, 1954. MR. GEORGE WOODWARD Janitor of Thomaston High School. With appreciation of the many things he has done for the school, we, the seniors of T. H. S. take this opportunity to salute "Mr. George Wood ward" as Janitor of the YEAR. "OUR FLAG" When we stand at attention to pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, do we fully realize our responsibilities as American citizens ? Do we fully understand what this tri-colored cloth symbolizes? It is the symbol of the strength and the courage manifested by our forefathers in establishing the solid foundation upon which our country has become great. Our flag has always stood for a dynamic and growing country. The fathers of our country drew up the Declaration of Independence which made our nation free. In the Constitution they affirmed the principles of liberty, equality, and justice. As we view and salute our flag, let us remember the higher price our fathers have had to pay for the freedom which we enjoy and not take it for granted. Let us also remember that we must all be willing to do our share in preserving our cherished liberty as symbolized by "Old Glory". Linwood Moody "l955" WHAT'S IT WORTH Ask yourself this question and answer it honestly and fairly. What will-my high school diploma be worth? Is it just a slip of paper with a few signatures? Was it worth the snuggle? Certainly! It is a privilege to work for a diploma. ln some countries boys and girls of our age are not given the opportunity to go to school. instead, they are made to go to work. We are given the right to choose the subjects we would like to take in school, and we are helped to pick out the subjects best fitted to our interest and to our abilities. The fact that a person has received his high school diploma does not guarantee success. The individual must try to better himself for the goal toward which he is striving. To achieve success a person must have the determination and the willingness to work. As we who are graduating go out into the world today to look for a job, we shall need that high school diploma. We shall be competing with men and women who are high school grad- uatesg if we do not have a diploma, our chances for success will be very slim. There is a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that we have attempted an assignment of life and have achieved it. Annette Adams "l955" K1 Sr' ff, I Q X! ,wou- Z. sfzvloks C 4 . , .- ki' - FY Yivi -J , ' - 1 F,X ks W5 Q It ' V i9 QQNNJW fx' QQ- ' " . ,IW I X 2, RW' A, X I , K 'J ,QW I ' . A A ' N .fx Y ' . Wx! X X A v" A K f ' '7 R- K a .. l,r, ,ij ' I 71 ' f' I n , X W' ' ' f l l ,, f Fzyrlygyl 01? - ' , N 4 ! A ir f' W' .Hx N X ,r ,Bs X X I N:"'o.,v xx J f , 'ff ., ff f 7 1 E ji! U I L f Y b ' 105' I ' Z' w "nf , ,Pl I f 2' X ff 41-ix 1 I -TN .. 4 1 zf ff 1 "WA lf- I -1" x J AW' '-- Wfr lt- xxx I . 'r K I 5 QQ! I lf! x Wf 1 X S 5 , 4 V L, us-if., , 1 N f, f W KX .Q W A , 1 ' -, Vin .hx V If f A 5 A ,f f 5 :' 1 -:cg 7ZTIrW,,, , "lm he - -X "W f "In, 1 -.1 'llffjff' ,' 'gulfix begs' ,L Wa , . 4 ' A ififu y x Ulf, CARL ALTON ACHORN 1, ANNETTE CLARA ADAMS "Carl" General "Anna" Commercial "Good things come in small pack- ages,but so does dynamite. " Mixed Chorus 1, "It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice. " Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3,4, Class Play 4, Basketball l, 2, 3,4, Capt. 4, Softball 2, 3,4, Sea Breeze 3, 4, Majorette 3, Student Council 2, Commercial Club 4, Musical l, Minstrel Show 1, 2, 3, 4. GERALD ISAAC ANDERSON "Gerry" General A strong and mighty man is he. " Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Class President 1, Prize Speaking 3, King Candidate 2 Audio-Visual 2, 3, Track 1, 2, Inter- class Basketball l, 4, CLASS ADVISOR - Mr. Clarence Butler NORMAN RICHARD ANDERSON Norm " General A good man is known by the work he does. " EUGENE ARTHUR BENNER Gene" General A big guy with a heart to match. " Basketball 1, 2. 3, Baseball l, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Minstrel Shows, l, 3, 3, 4, JEAN OLSON BROOKS Brooks" Commercial By the work, one knows the work- man. " Glee Club l, 2, 3, Softball 1,2,4, Journalism Club 1, Orchestra 1, Musical 1, Queen Candidate 3, Prize Speaking 3, Sea Breeze 3, 4, Harvest Queen 3, Commercial Club 4, . ,ni N.. .al 5 ROBERT ARNOLD CLARK Bob" General A patient worker will succeed. " Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, Boy's Chorus 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. DIANE MARY CLU KEY Di" Commercial 'She put her worries in a pocket with a hole in it." Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Sea Breeze 3, 4, Majorette 1, 2, 3, Min- strel l, 2, 3,4, Journalism Club 4, Musical l, Interclass Basketball 1, 2, Soft Ball 4, CLASS MOTTO - Success is for those who JANET ELAINE CURTIS "Janet" Com merc ial "What we learn to do, we learn by doing well. " Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 4 Prize Speaking 3, French Club 4, Commercial Club 4, LOIS FAULKINGHAM "Lois" Commercial "Silence signifies deep thought. " Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Musical l, Journalism Club 4, Softball 1, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, President 3, Class Office 2, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Class Play 4, RAMONA EVA CRUTE "Rae" College "Those who try hard, succeed. " Glee Club , 2, Band 3, Student Council 1, 2,3, Sec. 3, Musical 1, French Club 3, Soft Ball 1, Prize Speaking 3, Journalism Club 2, can grasp it. MARGARET FEYLER 'Peggy" Commercial "There is nothing like fun, is there? Transferred from Brighton High School, Brighton, Mass. 3. Glee Club, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, Basketball 3, 4, Commercial Club 4, Minstrel 3, 4, ELLEN MARIE FITTS "Ellie" College "She looks demure and shy, but with a twinkle in her eye. " Transferred from Brewer 4, Glee Club 4, Mixed Chorus, 4, Basket- ball 4, Sea Breeze 4, Softball 4, CLASS JANE MARIE IFEMEY Janie' Commercial A good personality rates high with anyone. " Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Class Play 4, Basketball 1, 3, 4, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, Journalism 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Minstrel l, 2, 3, 4, Class Office l, 2, Audio Visual 3, 4, ALBERT W. HALLOWELL GERALD W. HARJULA " A1 " College "Gerry" General "Men of few words are the best of "Honor lies in honest toil" man' H Interclass Basketball l, 2, Harvest Musical l, King Candidate 3, Musical 1, FLOWER - Red and White Carnations RONALD G. IAMESON ANITA L. KALLOCH "Ronnie" College "Nita" Commercial "Wisdom is better than riches. " "Love, like time, will never pass Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, away' 4, Interclass Basketball 2, Capt. 4, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3,4, Mixed Chorus Class Office 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Minstrel 3, Student Council 4, President 4, Class Play 4, Musical l, Prize French Club 2,3, Class Play 4, Sea Speaking 3, Commercial Club 4, Breeze 3, 4, Graduation Usher 2, Alumni Banquet 1, 2, Graduation Usher 2, "Mac" College DONALD ERIK MEKLIN Red" General 'The only way to have friends is to be one. " Band 2,3, Mixed Chorus l,2, Sea Breeze 3,4, Musical 1, Audio-Visual Club 3, 4, Minstrel 2, 3, 4, is ROSALIE A. MONTGOMERY Rosie" Commercial Art is a way to good success. " Glee Club l, 2, 3,4, Art 1, 2, 3, 4, Musical l, Class Play 4, Sea Breeze 3,4, Commercial Club 4, Prize Speaking 3, vt n LINWOOD L. MOODY Linny" College A laugh is worth a thousand groans. " Baseball 1, 2,3,4, Basketball 1, 2,3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2,3, Minstrel 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Play 1, 2, 3,4, French Club 2, Vice President 4, Interclass Basketball l,2,4, Boys' State 3, Band 1, Student Council 2, CLASS COLORS - Cherry Red and Silver Gray MAXINE L. ORFF A good laugh is the best for anyone. Transfer from Waldoboro, Secretary 2, Glee Club 2,3, Basketball 2, Softball 2, Majorette 2, 3,4, Class Play 4, Journalism 2,3, French Club 4, Prize Speaking 3, NEIL OLIVER OVERLOCK "Neil" General "Better late than never. " Interclass Basketball 1, NINA F. RICKARDS "Nina" Commercial "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. " Mixed Chorus 2, 3,4, Band l, 2, 3: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Commercial Club 4, Musical Club 1, Softball 1, 2, Basketball 1, Prize Speaking 3, Class Play 4, Sea Breeze Staff 3,4, Minstrel 1, 2, 3, 4, ELAINE D. ROY Roy' Commercial Have fun, you're only young once. " Glee Club l, 2, 3,4, Softball 4, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Minstrel 1, 2, 3,4, , Sea Breeze Staff 3, Musical 1, Class Play 4, GWENDOLYN ANN SAWYER Gwen" College The best way to success is through study, " Band 2,3, Glee Club l,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Class Office l, Nat- ional Honor Society 3,4, Musical 1, Minstrel 2,3,4, Class Play 3, One act Play 3: D. A. R. Candidate 4, Basketball Manager 4, Queen Can- idate 2, SW'-omni' BEATRICE SAWYER "Bea" Commercial One who keeps their ears and eyes open learns more than others. " Glee Club l, 2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 2,3,4, Three one act plays 2, Commercial Club 4, CLASS SONG - Melody of Love DOROTHY TAYLOR "Dot" Commercial "Don't be sad with sorrow, laugh, for there will be tomorrow. " Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Audio Visual 3,4, Journalism Club l, 2, Com- mercial Club 4, Musical 1, Soft- ba112,4,Art1,2,3,4, DENNIS ROSS SAWYER "Denny" College "Good sense and good nature are never parted. " Student Council 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3,4, Track 1, Orchestra 1, Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4, French Club 2, Musical 2, Minstrel 1, 2, 3, 4, Class President 2, 4, KENNETH WOTTON Kenny' Gener al "Thou art a fellow of good respect. " Musical 1, Interclass basketball 4, JZ DENNIS R. YOUNG Den" General Never say more than is necessary. " 'VX Audio visuai 1, 2g Class Office 2, - 'L Musical lg Interclass Basketball 4g 1: A 1 ff S -S cr? ' 'CZ , s ix ,ff THE ATIO AL HO CR SCCIETY Th National Honor Society of Thornaston High School holds its annual initiation in June e Candidates must rank high in scholarship, leadership, character, and service. The two mem bers admitted last year were Lois Faulkingham and Gwendolyn Sawyer. SENIOR CLASS POE What will we do? What will we be? Will our lives be happy and good? Will we make our dearest dreams come true? Will we reach all the goals that we should? Only time can tell us this - - Time and our own determination, As we start down that road of life That leads on from graduation. Norman, Eugene, Carl, and Robert Gaily breezed thru high school days. They're sure to lead carefree lives Having fun in many ways. Albert is a good mechanic Gerald A's a swell one too, And Kenneth in the service Will serve his counny true. An excellent Math teacher Gwen will make You see, it pays to do your best, And Nina really will go a long way With her vim, vigor, and zest. Diane is sure to get ahead She knows just how to act, Gerald H. will make Dolores A good husband - -that's a fact! Peggy's energy will take her far, She'll never fear a thing, And Beatrice's friendliness Much joy to her will bring. Linwood's a born leader, He will be a great man, A busy life they'1l lead - - He and Dotty hand in hand. Dennis Y. is a sea-faring man, A lobsterman bold he may beg And Elaine's life will be full of fun, Filled with laughter and gaiety. Jane excells in many things, In whatever she does she'll go far, Just look at her and you'll agree, You should always aim for the highest star. Donald works with the land, Farming is good honest toil, Neil is another one who enjoys Laboring with the soil. Maxine may live on a mink farm With Norman and be a millionaire, While Dot a beautician will be, And give everyone beautiful hair. Annette will be happy with Johnny, Anita will make her John a fine wife, Ellen too will find happiness With Jock the rest of her life. With good looks and personality, Dennis S's life is blessed: Rosalie will be an artist and With flying colors meet every test. Jean may be raising toy dogs And a family in her new home, While Ramona will go traveling, Around the world she'll roam. Janet and Donald make a fine pair, In their trailer they'll lead a great lifeg And Ronald is bound to be a success With Mildred as his proud wife. Lois is our class secretary Writing is what she likes best, That is with one exception "David" - Well, how did you guess? These are the people we -nl be In the coming years But whatever we do, it will be our best Through the laughter and the tears. We owe our thanks to Mr. Butler For much of our high school fun: For help and advice along the way, And all the wonderful things he's done. We'll never forget our four years here, As each goes his separate way, On our own chosen road of life, After graduation day. by Lois Delano Faulkingham SENICR WHO'S WHO Cutest Personality Studious Prettiest Hair Prettiest Eyes Shortest Tallest Class Flirt Wittiest Best Looking Pest Best Dancer Most Musical Best Gum Chewers Best Athlete Most Popular Latest For School Actor and Actress Best Dressed Most Carefree Most Absent-minded Most lnquisitive Most Dependable Best Complexion Most Likely To Succeed Most Changed From 1954 I ane Ifemey Lois Faulkingham Gwen Sawyer Gwen Sawyer Annette Adams Ellen Fitts Dot Taylor Maxine Orff Diane Clukey Rosalie Montgomery Ellen Fitts Nina Rickards Jane Ifemey Gwen Sawyer Dot Taylor Jane Ifemey Jane Ifemey Elaine Roy Lois Faulkingham Gwen Sawyer Peggy Feyler Nina Rickards Nina Rickards Ramona Crute Diane Clukey Senior Girls Jean Brooks Carl Achorn Ronald Jameson Ronald Jameson Carl Achorn Dennis Young Kenneth Wotton Donald Meklin Donald Meklin Linwood Moody Dennis Sawyer Norman Anderson Donald Meklin Dennis Sawyer Kenneth Wotton Dennis Sawyer Linwood Moody Neil Overlock Linwood Moody Ronald Jameson Norman Anderson Robert Clark Dennis Sawyer Ronald Jameson Gerald Harjula Senior Boys Robert Clark EOS 32 PH grew A0333 M523 2: Ewg Ogg wsggo was Sv-03,565 wssgm EEE 53 SEE: wsgg mn-Sw HSE gm EB E00 32 he M523 wigs .Q .Q .nm .Q .Q .L is HE? msg-6 mix-da H0533 E00 WSE B2 EOS 22 QHOF5 gsgmu H022 as O2 wigs .D iq .L H858 .Q .Q .AH mga .Q .Q .nn IFE-Q UNO mwD1U EEBE mix U08 :sm :Gm Ugw 3552 M33 as Ezgg sam .05 WEB Naam SURF EH he OD EVE H EEE EH 0395 wg-3 Om 53 2 SQEB ae BPS .OU 02 H3 wEOwLnm8 bug 5532 23 he EEE3 52 HSOOE :NU gg S55 HENAOH Uwgm E:-O2 HO mn-Om wEOmlA3o gwdwm 2269 Us 525 ga gm 53 HES xg 85 GOO Sb Eggs UESHOMEOU 5350? 362 EE 05 MO as bug bswgz 25 2:-Uw ENE?-Nw 52 he OBE- Fm 0325550 305353 :Z wEOwlAm3 H33 .Oo 02 H3 Rag 321 Bow 2285 S m-Egg H33 -Oo U2 H3 Uzgwgg EEF DOM' 23 H pgs gg MO as gg MO Q32 w-new 530 Esmlsm E333 Hg-:Sm EBQEUHL-Og-V Egg MO :Q M-Egg HM 32 gm Bm EH OEEOE SEEEW 0:2 Q85 EMWEOH 02 S039 E02-an H093 .Oo 02 H3 ZOHUHGOQQQ Ozom mn-EONSE ENE gui E26 :EOC-WZ 56252 HOUEOSQ H8535 :EHUV-gm OE QE 0:3852 Owg-ENE Eng UQEQE 032-OSSE N 2 SE-OZ ESE OH Ogg gmzm-56: M gg S 3:5 Bake mgigg Ea Omaha-QE :Eugen OE Nga DOH 0333 530 SERS HUGE?-U Omg-:NE 230533 HBE, ggusm OH Qoo 72 053 Haag OEOO2 S H2203 55202 Aw 2 S SMEE Q SEE 2 Bgbsw S H2202 20520 E EVE gg ZOFHB24 HMMUMG U-EH EOM X205 0908 Jw DOME 3205 W .E .H EE SE 5503 H5502 ESOC: 322 UEOS w5Ow 'Q E2 Jw WDMHO8 OH ug M2-OE E3 is gggv Exam E265 Begg 3520 EDEC? 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"f',H,5?x,-2-fl ce . xg.. qu A S ' Y- Ykyfglrfl ,Mtn 1 ask dl ,Aff -v, -. .j f pwfffw XFN I fy Ai, ' Q .Sj.1 Mf W -mam 1, 5 Q WQA fff,1Y gy 1' 'jf 'M " 1 f w 1 W ' f 3 ,' ji ff-, Wu! f I ff, W 'p 1 1 A -r My W rw .i fi my WH, ' f- if dgm- - W xx, yy Wy- M if W ff , 'Wf :M 'E if C 'i ff g 'I'-1, Sf fn ' ' ff ' 5, Z' 1' x M ' ,Ir : " , dy 'jf 'gqlff' ' iv ki "' 1 1 w sf. . 3' , v f . yi 3' NFFE' '47 'iff :rf ffL" '1 T X f :M-,I ff A f',7"'3 4 I 7 , -Q, Y f"',W ,-1-"'fW,f11 " I f 1 'H 1" ,f f A 'Lf' 1 ? 2 ' A -,Nfl fwk' 'M Y A I W ' Q5 V -.MJT V 'WN . ff-,I M x Gm jx Q 5 i A I farm Q . Y :I First row, left to right: D, Whitten, J, Harriman. I. Chapman, M, Brooks, Advisor Mr, Leary, D Stale, V, Wotton, F, Seekins, D, Sylvester, Second row: M, Reynolds, D, Whitten, J. Kangas P, Ring, R, Barlow, R, Ludwig, M, Quinn, S, Beckett, N, Clark, Third row: J, Marks, R, Fey- ler, M, Mayo, J. Elliot, W, Daggett, M, MacMillan, W, Butler, JU IDR CLASS Last September we elected the following class officers: President, David Stoneg Vice President Michael Brooks, Treasurer, Vema Wottong Secretary. Jacqueline Chapman, Student Council, Judith Harriman and Michael Brooks, The girls representing the Junior Class in cheerleading are Jackie Chapman, Dorothy Whitten and Faye Seekins, The boys participating in basketball are John Elliot and David Stone, We held a meeting to elect a staff for the Junior Sea Breeze, They were elected as follows: Editor-in-Chief, John Elliotg Assistant Editor, David Stoneg Literary Editor, Priscilla Ring, Local Editor, Michael Brooks, Advertising Managers, Maureen Quinn and Shirley Beckett, Art Editor, Miles MacMillan, Assistant Art Editor, Richard Feyler and Michael Mayo, Gossip Editor Ruth Barlow, A ' X Tb soPyaM,9RES.A ? I' 4 ,ff 5" , qv A if F '27T ., 5 H Jr f , ,A 4 4 , sf M ,, , , . FX 5 i"!'fJ ,Q x - 6 A,'Av if , AQ Q , fl "Q ffl 0 ' 1 fi , , -, .1f l ,, nf 5 ,Q QQ W f M X9 Vfjix Qi W 756 54 W C 'f 1 N l Wfmffmy X wh, NA F f , I h QQ ','! Q W! QVALKL 1fXKl,A!41-xxx 'MW N-x X X X W -fm W h 'W 'W-fs. -QL, , '- ' 3, XA, X M,,Mg,,Q W First row: D, Mitchell, S, Woodward, E, Fitts, R, Ludwig, P, Melgard, M, Young, E, Sawyer, S, Philbrook, Second row: W, Butler, A, Ames, C, Keyes, S, Stetson, Advisor Mr, Osier, P, Miller, J. Connon, A, Benner, Third row: E, Mitchell, W, Thompson, R, Burton, A, Sylvester, P, Bames C, Bourne, B, Abrahamson, R, Feyler, Fourth row: P, Young, A, Niles, A, Ames, D. Harjula, F. Cochran, F, Cullen, SOPHOMORE CLASS NEWS At the beginning of the school year, the Sophomore Class elected the following officers: President, Peter Melgard, Vice President, Raymond Ludwig, Secretary, Emily Fitts, Treasurer, Mildred Young, Student Council, Alfreda Benner and Gary MacMillan, There are two new members in our class, They are Emily Fitts and Paul Barnes, This year we received our class rings and were all very pleased with them, Those participating in athletics from the Sophomore Class are: Basketball: J, Connon, S, Stetson, E, Fitts, C, Keyes and P, Melgard, Baseball: F, Cullen, B, Abrahamson, B, Burton and R, Ludwig, Softball: E. Fitts, S, Stetson, A, Benner, J, Connon and C, Keyes, Charles Bourne is manager for both the boys' basketball and baseball teams, Mildred Young represents us on the Cheerleading Squad, QFRESHME v ,K e , q ,,.-f" 7' ! fl' . 4' ff' 431 Z 7 ik U9 'X' ""1,f!, , 4. 1' I 1 h ' Ml' ' ' 4 .ff '2f'6m.. ' wif' ' 3 Q52 x , ,bu Wffv' W - X ' 4 ffl V 4111113 H ,ff l +V",3Qi'5 2f"g' N54 M Mx " 4. - 4' W 'I yy " fb 'gbfgfl Y ' 7 A III QA, 1 I MQ A kgfgff ,A X., ,Z xg 412' ' A J ' UI, '0'fw,,.,. g 1' 'J N X , f f -4 ff w if 1 f xNixYQ q""'6i - 'Xl' I! 'Qs' Z, A b G! V ' U, M ' N "1 N 1 , 5 'F 'Q W Q f 5 l 2 1 . X Linn' 4' ,ff U P- ,V X J 1 K- M , ' ' , , ,..: '?iV"b "V .' ' "" Z MW 9:44545 f g .fqg , W g , Z1 ff, Av W I I xx: , ", I . ,Li X if I 1 ,gy 1? ' . 1 5 L W , I ' ' xg I I Uvfk ji QA 'r ':421ff 1fL2f xv i' ' ' 42: . , ' . C471-5, - ' I W ' f 5' fi W 'wfihq 2. W 5, , you Q 55312 ' f 4 ' Q X 9 K ,I X - , ,A 5 1, gf f N X f Aww N- w FJ.,f:, I 'V H H W V, :Mi Pi.1f-'vm qw ayflfffhf ' ,I , ,IU V ,f 91,16 K Ui - ,., A 1' , f A f . W X 'i7c'5.. M f A x - 1 wx LH M "V A A. A - ,vi-' , +5 Q, lfl'A UWLVN A I nf"""' Q' h ' ' 1 X K X V MJ: M ' 1 vb ' , QQ ,, , , ,IF J MH' W 'I - 2 X 1 ' ' 's' - 1 X xf N- ,L xx f First row: A, Chick, J, Kangas, R, Saari, J, Sevon, M, Kiskila, J, Spear, D, Morrison, S, Mitchell S, Seekins, Second row: D, Steele, E, Niles, S, Niles, M, Bodman, J, Pease, Advisor Miss Curry, M, Smith, R, Butler, M, Sabien, J, Hall, Third row: J, Minott, C, Butler, E, Brooks, V, Miller, L, Ames, S, Daggett, R, Hastings, T, Turner, P, Reynolds, Fourth row: J, Minott, L, Cook, R, Beckett, A, Crock ett, B, Flint, B, Donaldson, P, Gay, D, Sanborn, B, Gay, F, Upham, FRESHMAN CLASS When the Freshman Class voted for officers, the following were elected: President, James Savong Vice President, Richard Saarig Secretary, Judith Spear, Treasurer, Marianne Kiskila, Student Council members are Peter Gay and Louise Ames, The Freshman representing our class in basketball are Billy Flint, Peter Gay, Billy Gay, John Minott, Blake Donaldson, Judith Minott, Elsie Niles, Judith Spear, Louise Ames, Janice Hall and Joan Kangas, Eleanor Brooks and Diane Morrison were chosen by the Student Council to be cheerleaders, Those who play in the band are Janice Hall, Blake Donaldson, Verleigh Miller and Leroy Cook, Majorettes are Mary Bodman and Sandra Mitchell, sa 51 X , -1. ' In 'w7f-zff, ff H I ,Q ,J - 'M?awP+fx53'WfY52fufW,,vr1' ,. ,, ,,LL,,,.,, ,,,.,M,m,,,W,.W,:,M A,,,A ,W W . , I UlWOR M f,- f AK f L f X ff fy Z A H '-E , f y X ! , , 5 Z Q. MQW 5 X 'QE 5' EE X ' i ' vi ffnf N ff 5 X ' ul' V' f wf 6 f . ? J' JVN if wg? ,X X X X I in vi' X ' , z.. if I ? Q y 1 Qu, LCLIJ MRS, HILJA LEAVITT High School: St, George High College: Farmington State Teachers Boston University Degree: B, S, Eighth Grade teacher First row: C, Hathorne, P, Davis, D, Small, B, Gay, M, Mills, J, Monroe, B, Weaver, P, Butler, S, Dennison, Second row: D, Brazier, D, McGuire, J, Melgard, G, Butler, N, Sawyer, A. Watts, P, Lindahl, V, Cullen, C, Taylor, Third row: P, Seekins, R, Achorn, W, Rogers, E, Smith, G, Elliot, C, Keizer, J, Cook, R. Williams, B, Robinson, D, Clark, EIGHTH GRADE The class officers were elected as follows: President, Melinda Mills, Vice President, Billy Robinson Secretary, Joan Monroe, Treasurer, Pauline Butler, Student Council, Jean Melgard, George Elliot, During the Christmas season the Eighth Grade sold Christmas cards and earned 341, 82, Including the fudge sales, their treasury now consists of 860. at ' f vw. K 6, R, I i r : FS 'H Wnff Ae 4 eff 0 O W 7 ,lp :ME Sm 5 ox X 0 4" f 'Qib,...w O 0 ,,W S7 'W N ,,, M U wg I 2' W '1 mi? QW Q, Z? af- " , . Q fw ,Wg LW, ,V f f -7 11 N :mxmw-M f f -- ,J ,5 J V nw -' wx fblgllllllxvf' Q gy E wwf, lvl f J l A Y .ll IM I l" In ll J 'Q fy J am: 'E WE' " , - f ic f 4 A' I ' ' :V Q! 1 w flxSHf xIZg?- "1 X PM 1 E 2 M ffyf Wfw f1 1 Sq Q M QS ' , X a t 5 sa X JCKKX X ,L I E 'h If Lx. .1 XQX-ffjzrggj aes M jf! f Xxx -MNfr ri M I X, ! s : Alflfk K ,nll '40, ,gif y, ,,,- I ,f f J ' l ff ,f ., 1 .fe-1 H -. f V UWA PX ,WA M4-W ii A ' L F' W V-Q fs 1 Y 4:21 wx ---1 -- E14 ,L ' 1 V ' gf' gf' 'XMIM ' 1 L ' - f 1' 67417: ua-KZ-419. - M 'I '4Tf"fxy'f'fv X I M. v M .- ,,,5f-imim ei af ui rl jr 1 E3 S Nr ,L 5 Seated: Jane Ifemey, Ronald Jameson, Michael Brooks, Judith Harriman. Standing: Alfreda Benner, Peter Gay, Peter Melgard, Mr, Wallace, Advisor, George Elliot, Louise Ames, Jean Melgard, The first Student Council meetingbwas held on September 21, 1954. Officer were elected as follows: President, Ronald Jameson, Vice President, Michael Brooksg Secretary-Treasurer, Jane Ifemeyg Assist- ant Secretary-Treasurer, Judith Harriman, The problem of basketball cheerleaders was brought up, It was voted that there would be nine cheerleaders chosen from the whole student body by the Student Council, September 25, 1954 it was decided to draw up a constitution but to wait for examples from other schools, as it was a new experience for our Student Council. The group voted to have Student Council Activity tickets made and priced at S2 a piece, November 8, 1954 the Student Council voted to buy uniforms for the cheerleaders. Also it was voted to let the seniors sell refreshments at the basketball games, The last few meetings the Student Council has been working on the Constitution and it was finally finished January 27, 1955. First row: D, Clukey, P, Feyler, L, Faulkingham, J, Ifemey, Advisor Miss Richards, D, Whitten, J, Brooks A. Adams, B, Sawyer, Second row: N, Rickards, F, Seekins, J, Chapman, J, Harriman, R, Ludwig, UR, Montgomery, M, Reynolds, D, Sylvester, Third row: D, Whitten, J, Kangas, P, Ring, J. Curtis, A, Kal- loch, R, Barlow, E, Roy, D. Taylor, THE COMMERCIAL CLUB The aim of the Commercial Club is to create a greater interest and better understanding of the business world, Since the founding of the club, we have continued to uphold this aim, Any Junior or Senior taking at least two commercial subjects is qualified for membership, At our first meeting the following officers were elected: President, Jane Ifemey, Vice President, Dolores Whitten, Secretary, Jean Brooks, and Treasurer, Lois Faulkingham. It was also voted to bring dues often cents At a later meeting it was decided to publish a club magazine, The name of the magazine was to be "Trade Winds, " A cover was voted upon and the staff was elected, Seated: L. Ames, S, Woodward. I. Minott, B, Abrahamson, P. Melgard, W. Thompson, B. Flint, I. Hall S, Seekins, Standing: C, Keyes, L, Cook, B, Gay, P. Gay, I. Connon, D, Meklin, A, Ames. I. Ifemey, Mr, Butler, C, Bourne, E, Fitts, J, Spear, C. Butler and A, Chick. AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB There are twenty-four members i.n Audio-Visual Club, This year there has been more members than ever before, Officers were elected as follows: President, Alan Amesg Vice President, Jane Lfemey. Under the direction of Mr, Butler, Alan Ames has been showing films and teaching the new students how to operate the different audio-visual equipment in the school, Mr, Butler has also shown some of the members how to remove and assemble the operating parts of the projector, tape recorder and view master, We hope that by the end of the school year all members of the Audio-Visual will be able to run the view master, the movie projector, the recorder and the other equipment. M, Quinn, S, Philbrook, D, Mitchell, M. Bodman, D, Stone, M, Brooks, V. Wotton, S. Beckett, S Mitchell, J, Minott, C. Borne, B, Gay, P, Gay. J. Elliott, B, Donaldson, B, Flint, P, Melgarde, Advisor Miss Curry, M, Orff, I, Curtis, E. Brooks, B, Abrahamson, FRENCH CLUB CLes Amis de France! Our French Club now has twenty-two members, Last fall we elected the following as officers: President ---- - - Dave Stone Vice President - - - Michael Brooks Secretary - - - - - Shirley Beckett Treasurer-------------- MaureenQuinn On every other Friday we plan to have a club meeting with an appointed committee supplying the entertainment, Miss Curry has taught us some songs which we enjoy singing in French, We also have some French records. Several in the class are corresponding with French-speaking students in France, Algeria, Belgium and Canada, CHEERLEADERS In October the Student Council chose the girls to lead the cheers at basketball games during the season, They also bought us new black and white corduroy uniforms, By having practices every noon hour in the gym, the cheerleaders have changed many of the old cheers and made up several new ones, It could still stand a lot of improvement, The teams and the cheerleaders appreciate your sup- port, so keep it up, classmates, L, Faulkingham, E, Roy. J. Chapman, F, Seekins, M, Young, E, Brooks, D, Whitten, D, Morrison, THE BA D The Band, under the direction of Antonio Palleria, has approximately thirty members, A meeting was held the first of the year and the following officers were elected: President, David Stone: Vice President. John Elliotg and Secretary-Treasurer, Anita Kalloch, The numbers which are being practiced are POVANE, TO A WILD ROSE, PACIFIC GRANDEUR, LUSTSPIEL, DARK TOWN STRUTTERS BALL, OVER THE WAVES, SERVICE SALUTE, THE MERRY WIDOW and others, The band is looking forward to a composite concert in the spring, and of course, the Eastem Maine Music Festival ir1 Belfast May 7, 1955, Front row: S, Woodward, V. Miller, J, Melgard, G, Elliot, J, Cook, B, Donaldson, A, Kalloch, N. Clark, Second row: J, Hall, I. Connon, L, Cook, A, Ames, D, Stone, V, Wotton, J, Elliot, C, Keyes, Third row: S. Mitchell, D, Sylvester, W, But- ler, M, Orff, A, Ben- ner, M, Bodman, Although the school spirit has been good this year, SENIQR SEA BREEZE STAFF Seated: Nina Rickards, Jean Brooks, Ronald Jameson, Linwood Moody, Standing: Margaret Feyler, Ellen Fitts, Lois Faulkingham, Rosalie Montgomery, Diane Clukey, Jane Ifemey, Annette Adams, Advisor, Miss Richards, Dennis Sawyer and Donald Mecklin, Q' , 8' 53-fr ,aww 1 1-9 JU IOR SEA BREEZE STAFF Seated: Miles MacMillan, Donna Sylvester, John Elliot, David Stone, Maureen Quin, Shirley Beckett. Standing: Marilyn Reynolds, Verna Wotton, Richard Feyler, Michel Mayo, Michel Brooks, Advisor Mr, Leary, Ruth Barlow and Priscills Ring, SENIOR CLASS PLAY CAST Seated: D, Stone, J, Elliot, R, Montgomery, A, Adams, I. Ifemey, L, Faulkingham, L, Moody, G, Sawyer, Standing: E, Roy, D, Clukey, D, Taylor, M, Orff, J, Brooks, A, Kalloch, N, Rickards, R, Jameson, E, Fitts Absent when picture was taken, Miss Curry, Director, an f X al Y' l MIXED CHORUS First row: G, Sawyer, A, Kalloch, N, Rickards, D. Clukey, Mrs, Rogers, M, Quinn, P, Ring, W, Butler, B, Sawyer, Second row: E. Fitts, J, Ifemey, J, Curtis, C, Keyes, M, Young, E, Fitts, S. Beckett, R, Barlow, A, Adams, Third row, R, Jameson, D, Sawyer, D, Stone, R, Burton, W, Thompson, E Ymwkq. fa. -fm Q ' f ,Q-4""'Ww " N' AAL- ' Y L :, za. L V .N A I :ii ci 1, 1.35 Nf fu M . ,vf p'x - ' ,Q " w A t Y-sv ' - t F ggi, N- -,, Y L .. v-q,j,.f' Q- A I , VAN! A L' ' ,1 f W It Vw I Us JN..-w K Z , ,W A if Q W 'fy , Q . X cf.'g'5"' 31' ' , H , -"tw, , X M.,M dau vi -wx-,........ .W-um nm un Qfillfw www Q. ,gm Q, K. r 'f '- Dvx km ,L QJCQPORT LIT? 'ocmland, famne ' SSS: fi? px, Qgwm ' , 1 wh , L N - .-.JSE-... , 4 1' W an ,-Q h-1-or wx A 'S ' H? a N 3. .fi " gv ' E111 Q, N Q " WH W f I, 1 db 4 0 o V mv, W' .1 " 4. ' Lvtlfiu ,Y 3 ul' 1 ' 5 V iw? fnfh. '1x5, ff,f .n ' i 9- - "EEQ 2222: Tris ' a .- Q L . 3 I H First row: A, Kalloch, V, Wotton, M. Quinn, C, Keyes, J, Ifemey, G, Sawyer, L, Ames, S, Beckett, S. Mit chell, 'Second row: S, Philbrook, S, Seekins, E. Niles, D, Steele, R, Barlow, Advisor Mrs, Rogers, J, Kangas, A. Chick, J, Minott, D, Mitchell, D, Morrison, Third row: E. Roy, J, Hall, S, Woodward, F. Seekins, M, Kiskila, B. Sawyer, M, Feyler, D, Whitten, A, Adams, R, Crute, Fourth row: S, Niles, E, Fitts, I. Curtis, L, Faulkingham, E, Brooks, C. Butler, V. Miller, J, Spear, D, Clukey, N. Richards, W, Butler, A, Ames, D, Taylor, Fifth row: D, Whitten. I. Kangas, N, Clark, E. Fitts, M, Young. R. Lud- wig, J, Connon, P, Ring, A, Benner, R, Montgomery, D, Sylvester, M, Bodman, GLEE CLUB The Glee Club consists of sixty-five girls, They meet every Wednesday under the directions of Mrs, Rogers of Rockland, Maine, The following were elected as officers of the club: President, Jane Ifemey, Vice President, Ruth Barlowg Secretary, Connie Keyesg and Librarians, Gwendolyn Sawyer and Louise Ames, Each year the Glee Club participates in the Eastern Maine Music Festival, This year the festival will be at Belfast, Maine. The numbers that will be sung are as follows: "One God" and "If I Loved You, " First row: C, Keyes, P Feyler, A, Adams, J, Ifemey, M, Quinn, D Clukey, Second row: E, Niles, J, Minott, E, Fitts, J, Connon, Manager G, Sawyer, Coach Butler, Assist- ant Coach Richards, L, Ames, J, Spear, E, Fitts, J. Kangas, GIRLS' BASKETBALL A D SGFTBALL Soon after practice began, Annette Adams was elected captain, High scorer with 171 points was Iane Ifemey followed by Connie Keyes with 104 points, Maureen Quinn with 98 points, and Diane Clukey with 83 points, The girls showed goodsportsmanship and they took their losses with a grin, The softball team under the direction of Mr, Butler is anticipating a good season, First row: D, Taylor, J. Chapman. J. Con- non, C. Keyes, P, Feyler, D, Clukey, J. Ifemey, A, Adams, F, Seekins, D. Whit- ten, P. Ring, N. Rickards, R, Barlow, Second row: J. Hall, M, Sabien, E, Roy, E, Fitts, S, Stetson, Coach Butler, I, Brooks, E, Brooks, I. Pease, M, Bodman, E, Fitts, A, Benner, Kneeling: D, Stone, J, Elliot, R, Jameson, D, Sawyer, L, Moody, Standing: C. Bourne, Managerg R, Clark, P, Gay, B, Donaldson, Coach Mr, Leary, P, Melgard, B. Flint, B. Gay. J. Minott, F. Upham, Manager, BGYS' BASKETBALL Basketball practice started the last of October with 16 boys reporting to Coach Francis Leary, The squad was cut to 12 after three weeks' practice, Charles Bourne and Freddy Upham were managers and Gwen Sawyer the scorekeeper. WISCASSET AT THOMASTON The boys defeated the Redskins of Wiscasset to start the 54-55 season, It was a close game with Thomaston trailing 23-18 at the half, In the last quarter the Clippers sailed ahead scoring 28 points while holding Wiscasset to 6, The final score was 63-37. THOMASTON AT ROCKPORT Our boys invaded Rockport on November 30 and put up a good scrap against a fast Rockport five, At the end of the first period the scoreboard showed Thomaston behind 16-6, All the boys displayed good teamwork in coming from behind and emerging with a 49-41 victory, Dave Stone and Dennis Sawyer led the attack with 22 and 15 points respectively, CAMDEN AT THOMASTON The Camden Mustangs invaded Thomaston for a hard-fought game, The Clippers had a 10-point lead after the first period with the score 15-5, The game became a defensive battle with both squads bottling up the route to pay dirt with a tight defense. T homaston took the rugged contest 38-32. Den- nis Sawyer was high for both teams with 14 points. THOMASTON AT LINCOLN Thomaston and Lincoln clashed Dembember 10 with the fighting spirit possessing both teams. At the end of the first quarter the Clippers led 14-12, Thomaston added a little to the score each quarter to make the final count 59-43. Ronnie Jameson and Dave Stone led the team with 20 and 19 points, Lin Moody showed good rebound stretch, THOMASTON AT BOOTHBAY HARBOR For the final game before Christmas the Thomaston Clippers journeyed to Boothbay Harbor, It was a real thriller until the last quarter when we pulled away for a 59-45 victory. It meant the first time in eight years that We had won a game on the very small confines of the Boothbay hall, WALDOBORO AT THOMASTON We were hosts to the Waldoboro Blue jays after an enjoyable holiday and scored freely throughout the game, Substitutes entered after three minutes of the third quarter and played the remainder of the game, They showed considerable promise although lacking experience. The final score was 5'7- 23. 'ROCKPORT AT THOMASTON Class "S" Rockport came here for a return game seeking to avenge their earlier defeat, It was a scrappy game with Butch Farley highlighting for Rockport with 24 points. Dennis Sawyer led the Clip- pers' attack with 22 pointsg Dave Stone and Ronnie Jameson followed with 20 and 15 points respectively, The score at the final buzzer was 59-50 in Thomaston favor, THOMASTON AT CAMDEN ' Tension mounted on the coast as first place Thomaston and second place Camden were fighting it out. The Camden Mustangs were just one game behind us due to their earlier loss in our gym. If they won this contest there would be a first place tie, Fans poured into the large Camden gymnasium ex- pecting a thriller, They got it, It was exciting all the way, We proved that we were a determined group by winning 61-55 even though we lost one of our best scorers, Dave Stone, early in the fourth period, Four of our regulars made double figures, THOMASTON AT ROCKLAND The boys visited Rockland with high hopes of taking the powerful Tigers, We showed them that we were tops in our league by leading them at one time in the second quarter, We were never more than four points behind until Dennis Sawyer became ill and had to leave the ball game before the half was over. Rockland was too much for us without all the starters and it told us they pulled im- mediately ahead following Sawyer's exit, Dave Stone led the scoring with 21 points, They won 69-38, LINCOLN AT THOMASTON We proved too much for Lincoln Academy as we took a 10 point lead at the end of the first quarter and and extended it to 15--at the half, Subs were used at the end of the third period with the score 50-29. The final score was 61-42. BOOTHBAY HARBOR AT THOMASTON Boothbay Harbor, last year's champions, journeyed her and we were ready for them, The period scores telling all: 16-4, 32-15, 45-23 and 57-45. Reserves were used the last quarter. They gained some needed experience in this contest, ALUMNI AT THOMASTON Thomaston played the old pros and downed them '73-41. All of us had fun and everyone played, The alumni consisted of Enos Verge, Russ Kelly, Boddy Watts, Ralph Gordon, Dick Staples. I. Chap- man, Bob Hall, Keith Walker, Bob Beattie, and Walter Chapman, THOMASTON AT WISCASSET Still undefeated the Clipper clashed with a very determined Wiscassit five, This game was a real thriller, The Redskins sank a marvelous 707: of their shots and we scored a goal after every Wiscasset goal. This kept the game undetermined untilthe final whistle which found the Clippers being dipped '70-68. This was our only loss in league competition, THOMASTON AT WALDOBORO Once more Waldoboro fell under Thomaston's power, We kept a steady lead throughout the en- tire game, Substitutes played the final period doing a fine job. We won 61-41. This was the last game of the league play which clenched the Knox-Lincoln League Championship for us. We were very happy, proud and ready for the Western Maine Tournament in Wiscasset. TOURNAMENT We were seeded No, 1 in the Western Maine Class "M" tournament at Wiscasset, Our opponent was Monmouth Academy in the first round, MONMOUTH VS T HOMASTON We were very impressive and gained large enough lead to give the reserves a chance to play, They played most of the last quarter and we won 51-25. We then knew we would face the toughest opponents in our league, the Camden Mustangs, in our semi-final game. CAMDEN VS THOMASTON Again we were very impressive, showing excellent teamwork with four regulars hitting the double figures, We shot a marvelous 60019 of our field goals and 74014: of our foul shots! We sailed to a 36-21 half time advantage and played control basketball the remainder of the game, The final score was 6'7-52. This win meant we would go to the Western Maine Class "M" and "S" Tournament at Lewis- ton to compete for the Western Maine Title, YORK VS THOMASTON AT LEWISTON The game opened with tall York controlling the tap, York's height and accurate shooting gave them a 7 point advantage at half time, 30-23, They kept increasing their lead and won the game 55-40, We were disappointed, but we considered it a privilege and honor to have participated in the tournament, First row: L. Cook, B, Ludwig, J, Elliot, D, Stone, L, Moody, D, Sawyer, R, Jameson, B, Flint Second row: T. Turner. J. Minott, D, Sanbom, R, Burton, G, Anderson, Coach Mr, Leary, B, Gay R, Saari, B, Beckett, P, Reynolds, B, Abrahamson, F, Cullen, F, Upham, C, Bourne, BOYS' BASEBALL We had a rather successful season last year under the coaching of Mr, Butler, In league play we won all home games while losing three away, One of the seasons' highlights was the Rockland-Thomaston contest in which Dennis Sawyer pitched a no-hitter for us, This was the only no-hitter in league competition for any team, The team entered the Western Maine Toumament after the regular season was over. We drew a bye in the first game of the tournament--the second game being played with South Paris to whom we lost 15-11, This was a night game at the Millionaires' ball park in Augusta, We had never played under lights beforeg hence we made many errors, How- ever, as a team we gained much experience, especially the following players who received their letters as juniors: Ronald Jameson, Gerald Anderson, Linwood Moody and Dennis Saw- yer, These boys will be the backbone of Coach Leary's team this year along with veterans John Elliot, Dave Stone, Ronald Anderson, Freddy Cullen and Raymond Ludwig, 1 n 3 Q iL Vg ? , -f "-i f .Q.,. .,.' , f , xki. L K 4 L H I L xg . N H Euzz ' NH A L- L I x , W ,,., iwvfzz :sf 9-D-i AY M ..n...4--f' oo ,411- g ,1... Y 2 ni Y' Q-X, O Fi,i, T - lj Q6 Y ,Q -:-.4-2 Y .f 4 Y Y P ' iio 04 i - O f 8 W " 'fliwiff - A X W ol CQ LL M -N2 ,I , m,bN Y . x "5-. ,,,,Q Wm me Q! AO 21 ll!! ff, A H uqrv J K Team Team Hurray for Team! 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THOMASTQN - MAINE T " 'Wg , g , Q3 5, m 'Q Q 1 H -.5-N. uf- -Q., ' FEYLER AND SAVE FISH CC., Inc as-QUJY A 4-A A T Scallops, Fish Wholesale and Retail Park and Pollard Feeds Telephone 46 Rockland, Maine Waldoboro, Maine BLACK AND GAY CANNERS, INC, We Invite You to Try Our New Product Kid-Glove Brand Boned Chicken Can be Used for Sandwiches, Salads, Creamed Chicken and Chicken Pie, Quality Food Products Thomaston, Maine C ompliments of NEWBERT 8 'WALLACE BOATBUILDERS Th t M ' x W, se Rvccel AWWWNWL XJV5' ' K3 W1 IS oun , ! FIRST 1 THouGHT ' UFHN3, Pu-2Tu2o5m4n'S SERVICE STATION Gas d O 1 Lubr t Main Street Th maston, M f,H V ,E1 any I " Q 689 Main street N Q Rockland, Maine SEA VIEW GARAGE, INC. l J Delicious Foods -KNOX H Thomaston, Maine ' Sliotelg Mouzse'-5 1:55, Thomaston, Maine SHOP 5 ,I M d Sa t r j!! SHWESTON P 'f ' N fc SQ SONS 'INN MX Bottled Gas Service Hardware - Dupont Pai Plumbing and Heating Waldoboro, Maine , r IQ r NATKONAL. ' BANK 'A:'2 XJ-,L-1 Camden, Me. d 06 G cube Flgfifla ' ' ev Camden, Me. HASKELL 34 C.CJl2THEL.l. Camden, Maine THE WOMAN'S SHOP Zmldtg FI RST NATIONAL BLACKS STORES Th maston, Me, L SERVICE W STATION fi E BRACKETTE Thoma S ton, Maine .Q :V .1 VIRGIL YCUNG , and JOEL MILLER Thornaston, Me. Q Esc:-QARCJSCJN 951555 our , I SPORTSWEAR ' A DEPENDABLE DRUGGIST Thomaston Maine . .eg ,yiagfl nf -"CIT aiciiinw ' .d1,u.' A 1 :fu 1 ng 99' .g,.' 0 ' N' 1 VJ" Al 1 .,,1 if .I ' , '.'-' S 2-1 .- .g'. .1' "' Every Need from Foundation to Finish Lumber - Paints Insulation - Hardware Roofing - Masonry Products J.C..I2CJElN5C3N AND SON Telephone Telephone Thomaston s f , fs , v F KY Q St. George 180 Z1Q,lfg So1lj' 56-4 . me ' ,- G UM nw Q XABQL Q, 1 .,,, ' G T .1 . A ll X i i ' 9 , . fit? 1 'rx-monvuAs-rom 79 W' ' Q Q Sl'l"K?a , "l av FARMERS Wm A U A ITS A P EASURFIA 0 F1 Withmore Feeds Poultry Supplies Warehouse Thoma ston, Me. Telephone 47 A 1955 Ford Thunderbird WALDOBORO GARAGE C OMPANY Thomaston, Maine New and Used Cars Telephone Rockland 474 PENDLE-1TON'S SERVICE STATION sskvlcf WHEN YOUNEEDIT i- Sf :J Z C 9 Gas - Oil West Main Street Thornaston, Maine DOUGHERTYS STORE Camden, Maine X --if - - ' f. ..., 0000 eq if vlunnnus . .0.-.-- 4 0 CBS, Columbia S C rosley and We stinghouse .J A IVI E 5 O N Qitlwuz Zyaiam 79 Main Street Thomaston, Maine 8: WALLACE Waldoboro, Maine DUNN 91 ELLIOT COMPANY at' Coal - Groceries Famous Reading Anthracite Esso Range and Fuel Oils Thomaston, Maine WILLIAM VINAL -, ' f :-1-2 ' , 2943 13- Milk and Cream Raw, Pasteurized Telephone 190- 12 Thomaston, Maine IZEEDS WOOD PRODUCTS Work Shop and Gift Shop Warren, Maine Come In and Look Around DREWETT'S GARAGE OIHHI YHHHIQ Y Telephone 3-2332 stare Highway U.s, No. 1 I -f Q , 1 I N X -" 1 ME Warren, Maine Nash- Sales - Service ONE STOP SEIQVICE Amoco Range and Fuel Oils .xv 1' ta? KALLOCH FUEL M SERVICE Rockland 1311 - Nite Call 896 R Operating: Residence: , E, OVERLOCK'S MILL Thomaston, Maine el' gl GEQRGE vv. RUEERS - T 3 3 Tel. 139 1 3 ilu. .,,f- H' 'ini ll' '-...ll- Xr f' 'gf wif I ny' i if 4- Warren, Maine Harold Raw: ! 1 an M E E to , sf 7 XL 'Et M y Au1- Q REPAIRS get M E n .XETEZ ZM7,-it ef if Waldoboro, Maine THE THOMASTON STEEL WORKS Gas and Electric Welding Brazing Portable or at the Shop Machine Shop Prompt Service Workmanship Guaranteed 3 Green Street Thornaston, Maine ram-:Areas l2ADlO-TELEVISION sx-1 op QC AQ Sales and Service nq lr S 12.5 Main Street Q Thomaston, Me. 7s fl! Tel. 151 Motorola THOMASTON RED BQWHITE SELF-SERVICE MARKET JOHN N. MORRISON, Proprietor Main Street Thomaston, Me. SHS I-ICDLJIZTTE t Qaugjy 564,19 v c we 5 B h 30 All B EEN X ph .1 ,JM A T ac9O11aXd5 we Qver Ni 1homas'c00' Q? GOD! F00 D 2523, u:EMEv'S 9 DINER O? i Qi' Th masmn, Maine 2 W W Prescription Druggists E-fbyaflfe LLOYD-S PHARMACY v 1.55122Q1Q:Q1Q:QQQZQE2ifif52f1: I..W'.-1-1:2-Psi' :if 'Z' I ,fk . ....Qrf..if"' "1'....5Qf '51if'fIfQ:f555f3f3f555i3i5f5f3f2f5':' Rockland, Maine ' 'gian- - , ,: -: I 1 125 -1 1 , E:. 5:1 . 1 " 55, .,.,. 5,f,- V . 1 gtgisg x 4 K, 1 :- :, .purpu- 2:I :H : X :QA 2 1 - 1 -1-':1f'.-:ffrftif 3:5 :N :I :eq Q 3 .gy g .., Q 5. .g - - '- -.1-pw . - :Q 2 -Q' -at-9...-,V g-.-.. '- :Z A 2::2' I' ' g R ' -2 E 2 0 0 0 0 0 Q Q, ' on ' EIXXMALI. WE WELCCME YOUR ACCOUNT Tl-ICDTVIASTCJN NATIONAL BANK PHONE 889 FIREPROOF GARAGE CO. OLDSMOBILE - CADILLAC SALES --:- SERVICE ROCKLAND.' MAINE Mobilgas VAUGHAN 'S SERVICE STATXON Tires, Batteries, Oil Change Indoor Lubrication Phone Crestwood 67 Warren, Maine Ladies Fine Nylons Fruit of the Loom Boys' Underwear Men's Underwear Quality Percales 5 and 10 H. D- 5 and 10 Thomaston, Maine If You Sew You Can Save With Simplicity Printed Patterns, Our Sewing Aids and Notions QWZ'?zf7Zffme POWE K CQ. School Means Study Study Needs Good Lighting Congratulations GRADUATES ! REDDY KILOWATT Your Electric Servant R ockland , Maine Thomaston, Maine l g wgwi Q 4 Q I ' I 4 4 Img 4 4,9 .0 f J' x7 DAVIS FUNERAL HOME Thornaston, Maine QWMZWZ GAS AND OII. CO. INC. 689 Maine Str t Teleph 1251 R ckland, Maine FIKEVKOOF GARAGE CO. R kland , Maine BIRDS EYE ' XQQWWZMZ GENERAL F OODS CORPORATION R ckland, Maine To the Class of 1955 S Y LVA N I A M0220 film? Waldoboro, Maine Wishes Success and Happiness STRO UT INSURANCE AGENCY ALFRED M. STROUT, Agent Fire, Auto and General Insurance 17 Green Street Thomaston, Maine Your Nearby Business College For Complete Business Training The School That Teaches Speedwriting - Shorthand Free Catalog on Request ?w,5QmZ QZMZM Qmmefzao 2.45 Main St. Tel. 148 Rockland, Maine A FRIEND DR. E. R. MOSS THOMASTON CAFE EDGAR'S RESTAURANT WALDOBORO LOCKER, INC. MOODY'S DINER THE VILLAGE SHOP G. W. ACHORN CO. NASH MARKET D. E. CROCKETT DR. B. E. FLANDERS MEREDITH FURNITURE CO. THE SHERMAN HOUSE EDWARD GONIAS STORE A. ALAN GROSMAN MAINE MUSIC STORE SEA COAST POINT CURTIS PAYSON MCLAIN SHOE STORE PURPLE DOOR REMNANT SHOP QUALITY SHOE STORE PARAMOUNT RESTAURANT SOUTH END ESSO STARR BROS., INC. ALBERT MacPHAIL LEIGHTON'S JEWELRY SAYWARDS TEXACO SERVICE ROCKLAND AUTO SUPPLY HAVENERS STRAND THEATER KNOX THEATER CROSS PHARMACY BARTLETT 'S GAS STATION BETTE FAN SHOP E. C. MORAN CO. HUSTON -TUTTLE BOOK CO. VAN BAALIN 8a CO. CLARK'S FLOWER SHOP SAVITTS, INC. WOOTON'S DRY GOODS GREGORY'S ELLERY T. NELSON, INC. ROCKLAND GRAIN CO. ECONOMY CLOTHING STUARTS 8a BURGESS CHRISTOPHER S. ROBERTS HOME METHODS BAKERY 'l Compliments of Thomaston, Maine Thomaston, Maine Thomaston, Maine Warren, Maine Waldoboro, Maine Waldoboro, Maine Camden, Maine Camden, Maine Camden, Maine Camden, Maine Rockland Maine Rockland' Maine Rockland Maine Rockland Maine Rockland, Maine Rockland Maine Rockland Maine Rockland, Maine Rockland Maine Rockland Maine Rockland Maine Rockland Maine Rockland Maine Rockland Maine Rockland Maine Rockland Maine Rockland Maine Rockland Maine Rockland, Maine Rockland Maine Rockland Maine Rockland Maine Rockland Maine Rockland Maine Rockland Maine Rockland Maine Rockland, Maine Rockland Maine Rockland Maine Rockland Maine Rockland Maine Rockland Maine Rockland Maine Rockland Maine Rockland, Maine Rockland, Maine Rockland, Maine 1954 Gary E. Aho Marilyn Benner Edmond W. Bodman Lawrance A. Brooks Kay F. Butler Rae E. Clark Malcom A. Daggett James M. Davis James L. Durrell Harlan E. Edwards William A. Emery Edward L. Fetterdi Ralph E. Gordon Clark E. Howard Bernice I. Hunt Doris E. Ifemey Maida A. Jenkins Louise L. Jones Kay K. Keizer Douglas L. Levan Kathleen Libby Kathryn E. Ludwig Emma Matson C. Richard MacFarland James A. MacMillan Tessie C. Miller Donna J. Prior Janice E. Putnam Valerie G. Robinson Donna A. Rogers 1953 Margaret Butler Gerald Chadwick Lawrence Dugas Virginia Frankawski Elinor Glidden Faustina Gushee Gene Harjula Fern Harriman Carroll Hunt Martha Jack Paulene Kaizer Kurt Meklin Douglas Miller Maynard Montgomery Richard Paulsen Henriette Sheffield Shirley Steele Gwendolyn Thorton Gayle Treet Wendall Walker Jeamrie Wooster Lurie Wotton Alumni Employed at Davis' Funeral Home, Thomaston Thomaston, Maine U. S. Coast, Broten, Connecticut Employed by Michael Brooks, Thomaston U. S. Wacs, Fort Myers, Virginia University of Maine, Orono, Maine U. S. Army, San Marcos, Texas Maine Vocational-Technical Institute U. S. Army, Fort Dix, New Jersey U. S. Army, Fort Dix, New Jersey U. S. Air Force, New York, New York U. S. Army, Maryland Rockland Poultry Co., Rockland, Maine Employed by Richard Howard, Warren, Maine Mrs. Harold Dodge, Rockport, Maine Employed by Rockland Telephone Co., Rockland Employed by Rockland Telephone Co., Rockland Rockland School of Commerce, Rockland, Maine Gorham State Teacher's College, Gorham, Maine U. S. Army. San Marcos, Texas Pellitier School of Beauty Culture, Lewiston, Maine Employed at Newbert's Restaurant, Rockland, Maine Mrs. Donald Simmons, Friendship, Maine U. S. Army, New Jersey U. S. Army. Fort Dix, New Jersey Mrs. John Peters, Cushing, Maine Mrs. Wesley Reynolds, Thomaston, Maine U. of M., Orono, Maine Pellitier School of Beauty Culture, Lewiston, Maine Westbrook Junior College, Portland, Maine U. S. Wacs, Fort Sam Houston, Texas Associated Lobster Co., Rockland, Maine U. S. Navy Gorham State Teacher's College, Gorham, Maine Mrs. Francis Eaton, Thomaston, Maine Mrs. David Bryant, Boston, Massachusetts Providence Barrington Bible College, Rhode Island Employed at First National Store, Rockland Employed by Emest Perry, Warren, Maine Employed at Al's Beauty Salon, Rockland, Maine Married, U. S. Army ' Employed at Thomaston Garage, Thomaston Employed at Associated Lobster Co., Rockland, Maine Married Mrs. Leberconect Gorham State Teacher's College, Gorham, Maine Mrs. Harvel Crockeet, Thomaston U. S. Army, Japan Mrs. John Henderson New England Baptist Nursing School, Boston, Massachusetts Dragon Cement Company, Inc A, Manufacturers of DRAGON PORTLAND CEMENT DRAGON SUPERIOR CEMENT DRAGON MORTAR CEMENT Mills at Siegfried, Pennsylvania Thomaston, Maine JACKSON Bc VVH ITE. ffma 526A Congress Str t P tland 1, Maine X , . . w ' we 1 , '1 my 11.141 ., - , X , ' ' . w , - . ' 'A :.j.f,iw-1,mfLn4g:wgf3Q ' Mmm.-2V1.4 V. M 1w f .Ms..p ,V A LITHOGRAPHED I YEARBOOK , DALLAS I 'TEXAS E

Suggestions in the Thomaston High School - Sea Breeze Yearbook (Thomaston, ME) collection:

Thomaston High School - Sea Breeze Yearbook (Thomaston, ME) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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Thomaston High School - Sea Breeze Yearbook (Thomaston, ME) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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Thomaston High School - Sea Breeze Yearbook (Thomaston, ME) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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