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N WWW M Wk M55 . ,REV 3 fi Ldv WWW Cyp Lpfufgf ' 9 A QL My OP M0 y BW W3 UJJZUQWJE W 5 wwwiiv UW Q4 MQ . W QQ J NJTablg og Conzgnts 2 F ' Opening . QM ' student Life 6 Academics 46- 3' ' E AL na itie fiifls' ,Zi KSBEQSXISU Cqmmu ty 216 fx KQXWCLEL sA,41nVi' Closing 266 R W V. ml LC, Ylzgewixigwlxifkkwe W S YW . Ci WQ W if M CQPSG Qifjxxfbvx v Y I? SLM' wfdffww w F Wiiawsmfi Hffglf-'W M7 ww Max vfffm ,Q + Mm M M 65 673444 X F . Dell fgfg2f'4Ijj6 jjpsg , f of 4' 4 mf I T 'WS J Vw FSU? , I A 7g-ifgyr. AJLLZXJAZ f diy Qiiix Wav? J fJ Q? QQ U M mfg' sfffmg E fyxic SQL MVS, Wgvx WN L QQ' ag, jlgyaigjegby QF? ,Y D W goof' Qfcagjpsvgy, A555421 5 iff 05335 'Vg xlffj-.N 555 ? gl? vgigak 155 FQ Q9 1 7 + Go ,Q 0 i gi , Q 4 GLAJ? lu A 0 1 Egg. gl 1 ig-Q 5'ff""f A' Z, wus 3 Qi xg 'K'-full! fiifs ,A,!".?-J ? Li Smeg ,ii nnajkmtni I fs 352, 3352? M by 5 fi ' 33 SS iuwlxmwmfx ' 'IW L Q s D' In i ,WQM 1553 E22 OW'5fX?'Wwd E' ARQSLJN ' ufvx Q51-1 W it IH' T 1 Lg, . 'Th' " lt' ame ings Spea ffm' 'Themselves Q, .2-..:-,ef REVER11: '87 ' af," - Q Q , Y' Thomas Wingate Z Q55 Andrews High School 5' f ing? 1920 MCGuinn Drive . I :A ' High Point, I r 'Inav North Carolina 885-6182 X I Volume I9 Open' 9 Taking care of business. Mrs. Angelica McCormick, Dana Spoon and Candy Hiatt roll up their sleeves and devote all their energies to readying A.l. Simeon Stadium for homecoming. Picniclng in the parking lot. Seniors in fourth period lunch decide that they need a change in pace. i Q Q The 1,258 spirited students at T. Q 9 6 ' Wingate Andrews High School took pride 0 sq Q in their school. They let everyone know that 5 , 0 Q "This, Andrews, is Raider Country." Andrews Q Q' stood above the rest in all areas of high school life 4 0 6 including sports, academics and community service. 0 Becoming a high school student at Andrews meant taking Q Q on more responsibilities as well as being receptive to change. 55 Q V We welcomed . . . ,fc 2!Opening l la a , Day of mourning. A group of senior girls express their grief upon returning to school. Follow the leader. Gina Thompson, Perdita Patrick, Chris Bray, Renee Parsons and Stennetti Stewart show that they can obey the signs when crossing the street. Opening!3 Let's go HPA! Raider spirit follows the football team whether the game is home or away. ' . 'z Y T ar f f i a ,,,, ' ,My ik , 1 Q if 4 R fl ,,, ie 4!Opening Up, up and away! Michelle Fox attest to the fact that Foust, Lori Gibson, julie Pope, Andrews is highly above the Lynda Harmon and Shannon competition. Busy as bees. Brent Walser and Michelle Foust seemingly keep themselves occupied in guidance. Could this be it? T.W. Andrews proves to be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. . . . Mr. Emerson Heatherly as Princi- pal for Administration. The new ideas he f 9' 'A brought to Andrews, combined with the 0 f continued strong leadership of Dr. Frank Walker, Ig 0 'S Q Principal for Instruction, made Andrews stand out 0 4 in the field of administration as well. 9 0 The attitudes of both the students and the administra- Q tion reflected not only the pride they took in their school, but also the knowledge that like Andrews Red Raiders, "Some Things 'Speak' for Themselves. Q fl' 'Ev 09, 6 9 'ly 6!Student Life Divider Student Life We all remember our high school years as being the time that we shared with our friends, but the good times could not begin until we had fulfilled our responsibilities to school and jobs. Students felt it necessary to excel in academics, but at the same time, they spent many hours engaged in social activites. After our obligations had been fulfilled we, then, found time to attend athletic events and go places with our friends. With all the evening events taking place our social lives were always active. People soon May I help you? Mr. Thayer Tyson stops from a busy day's work to assist a student. ' ' 'f k f ' lf realized that Andrews Student Ll e spo e or itse . i 'trir iiitt iiir fit ffrf .. 4 infix-wftwm.amwefrfziirmwy,Nfzwfwiersrrgjfrhff- . -, , - H: f f, . - f ' I . , V ' ' 1- ' L V ' ',,, ttii his , ,,ff N - Q , l i A f f fr i t 5, We want you. LeAnne Davidson and Alan Smith patriotically appear at halftime of the Homecoming game. An apple a day. Andrews students prepare for the future by tak- ing a computer class. Mixed emotlons. The newly 1986 Homecoming Queen Sarah sheds tears of joy, while her brother Robert Yates is all smiles. 'lliilhm Coke ls lt. Daniel Strickland and his date refresh themselves by getting a cool drink between dances. ,A ,Q 1 . gf 'V v N Q ,qi fr ! r i J ik qw HQ tg ' , 'F -a L. Taking A breather. George McLarty and jennifer White rest after finishing a fast dance. 8!Prom A This could be the night. Market Square helped make the memories of the 1986 prom last forever. .f,w , .m,1 5,- if ,, 1-L , wb, 'L ,J , ,: ' 3: Li , , wg 1 z"-IPI :i:,..?Kf':" l. i r Pearly whites. Billy Koontz and Emily Cox flash picture-perfect smiles showing that they are enjoying the prom. Dandng to a different beat. Scott Trotter models his unique style of formalwear. We Made the Night... Last F ore uer On the night of May 3rd hundreds of excited and nervous students got ready for the 1986 Andrews Prom. Most of the girls scurried around in curlers, heels and hose as they rushed to make sure they looked fantastic. Most of the guys had a relaxed atti- tude about the whole thing. As the time arrived, cameras flashed, and mouths ached from con- stant smiles. Then, everyone left for dinner at the finest restaurants in the area. After what seemed like hours, students made their way to Market Square where they were greeted by blue and silver balloons covering the archway. The prom theme was 'Make lt Last Forever," and the night will remain forever imprinted in our minds. Prom!9 i We're almost there. Each member of Self-satisfaction. Carol Swanson the class ofl986 nervously awaits the takes pride in the fact that she has A 5 1 , , 7 4 .. T fe J er 9524 ' fa ,,MV f me Say cheese, please. Karen Cashion A trip down memory lane. Roger takes a minute to daydream before Sims smilesashe takes his lmtwalkas receiving her diploma. a senior at Andrews. l O!Graduation Some Endings Are New Beginnings After twelve seemingly endless years of work, they finally made it. On the evening of june 4, 1986, 285 seniors were pronounced graduates. After being led in by the junior marshals, the seniors quietly took their places in the gym. They listened attentively as Mr. Willis P. Whichard, an associate judge with the North Carolina Court of Appeals, challenged them to continue to learn throughout their lives. No matter if it were college or a career, it would be an exciting challenge. Finally it was time for them to receive their diplomas. After the cere- mony, congratulations could be heard among laughter, tears and con- fusion. As everyone said goodbye and good luck, the graduates left to make their way in the world. I finally made lt. Melisa Dennis flashes a big smile as she accepts her diploma. No pictures, please. Before being seated, Ginger Payne takes a quick gl- ance at the camera. Graduatlonfl 1 N014 ,. 3 4 l I 1 +A fil?'fw f W gf 5 5 mp, 1, A .54i2v,f2i 'Tn , Halal? Q: dxf? 'a f ' fllikiiv 5 A as '4' x A 5 1 1 any M? 5 'fx igxnzgnai V, RQ-gs J' 4 2 'W ffl ?f'i4 M W ' Vi if it 1 , Q w.f5E',' i ' ,v w 9 Q, aa mfg M gi , ,, .V 5 Z, f EQ 1 :V 6 , , Q 5? I -. ,Q J ' V A 1' H 1 bw A 3, Z, Q 5 Q 1 ' N ,, WW 2' i 3 if Si 15 , i J A k W 'A' fi 4 "" WO! iv "'A "fww ""'f441M' ik fs., A 5? gi ff fa .., gk if Fl , ,wp , , 4 4 Q,,.a 5 ig .. b 1 Q ,, t A 41 3 W ,J . , 1 " wi' ' 4 .W ' P wk , f 3,15 f wifi ,ig 's ,ZA x , f 5 Q. ,, 4 5 .. 4, ,, , K hg s J 5 ' ' wg 3 l E' 1 , ,, 4,.,, , xxx 1 V 1. A 1 1 -X , a-. K -L1 I u 1 1 ,Pi rr 'af 2 2 'If 9 1 Wk KW 2 3 A ff' if 1 ig. Q 1 Catch the Wave Summer ,86 Blazing temperatures and a break from the monotonous schedule of school made the summer of 1986 a great one for Andrews students. They gladly made their way to the marina or to the various pools to cool off, play tennis or just lie out in the sun. Myrtle Beach was also a popular site for the lucky ones who had their fun in the sun while surf- ing and partying. How- ever, many students found themselves at home working instead of being on vacation. Students found the nightlife in High Point ex- citing while attending concerts, going on dates and hanging out at parties. Dancing became a new fad, with teen clubs like Dadio's and the Depot opening. Students discovered that the summer went by rapidly, but most were ready to return to the crowded halls of Andrews. The summer break was surely one that students shall not soon forget. V ft ff, wr, f f .QM ,, vi. W I Ta-dahl Susan Chernault shows that swinging is not just for kids. 'O , ' ff' ' f it if ,, 3 Y ' ' ff: is 'k "'ifVif' , f , ,, . M V ,V 5 g fWg1l,fQg,f1f5 tm,rf,'ggifw,,,'l,4 ij H f l4fSummer . ,, 2' Ji l s ' Q . , Down by the sea. Kathryn Hill relaxes Ready for take off. Erik Davidson i ' ' 1 , H 4 1 " , 4, ii in front of a peaceful marina in anticipates an exciting ride inaglider I ' ' 1, 'bl-uf " 'Mtg-J M 'S' Annapolis, Maryland. plane. Q L, rg "fr -6' 4 Wm..- .A i 4-at , in as W Q i ' ' M lv! an Q- - H, ya . , . .4 --fu QW in r it Q Daring to dlve. Archie Beavers essens the summer heat by taking a lip in the pool. w-.Nr-W , W M Y .vw The "Blues" Brothers. jimmy Tanner, jeff Grizzel and Terry Meinecke give signs that their flight to the National Debate Tournament in Oklahoma went iust fine. :ww f 7,f'wvivr'Mf+3gf gm . 'S' V," gwlrrv-aa as -5 XA ,A a 6 , ...M HW M. H - .- 1- Tw-fain' ' M1 ,,, -rf .9-4 - 'z Si? .Q -'al at- "'-f"""3' -,-.ic , Q 7 - e 4 Y W A , .Avg m 5 J Summer!! 5 ' 'ww 4 , I ' i SWS? . 1' leak? Soaking Up Summer Fun All of Andrews' students made straight "A's" in Summer Vacation '86, There were plenty of exciting activities to keep them occupied during the long, hot months. Movies such as "Top C-un"and "Karate Kid ll" kept faces glued to movie screens, while performers Eddie Murphy, Stevie Wonder and Loverboy drew large crowds to their concerts. Staying out to all hours and sleeping late the next morning was another big attraction. For those who held down either full or part-time jobs, the days after those late nights brought many nodding heads and drooping eyelashes. But through it all, a Red Rai- der always managed to have fun. There's no business like show busi- Is this edlble? While at the beach, ness. Brain Mauldin sings his heart Brett Cramer looks a bit confused out while working at High Steppin' Country in Myrtle Beach. l6!Summer about what he has in his hands. fi 2 lm , .,- m 'AF , 1 W NA i , We are famlly. During a two week Let's party. A few senior girls take a Etay in Europe this group of Andrews minute to socialize at a summer 'get tudents becomes close friends. together' X 5 Q. I-89" Take me out to the ball park. A popular vacation for Andrews' students is attending a major league baseball game. Summerfl 7 Returning to the School Zone Once again, it was time to trade in shorts, sleep- ing late and memories of the beach for homework, crowded halls and foot- ball games. Yes, August 25, 1986 marked the beginning of a brand new school year. As always, the first few days were hectic with ex- cited seniors taking their places as the "big men on campus," and bewilde- red freshmen searching for the right classes. Things soon improved, however, as everyone found familiar friends and settled into comfortable routines. There were new aspects, though. For seniors, there was the privilege of having an open lunch and for everyone else, there was the promise of having one less year to go. Although many students seemed to make the adjustments from summer to school smoothly, there were a few who continued to dream of past days. By the end of the first week, the countdown to the end of school had begun. W'-""" "N l8!Back to School SN L',t 15-5: '-,. LW g W. 21 right, I9 left, Zl rlght. Tawanna Thompson tackles the task ol memorizing her lock combination. Paging Dr. Blevins. Student trainer Michelle Blevins 'doctors' an injured Back ln black. Some senior girls leg. mourn the death of the Class of '86. -w-par J ,xg r-.n i i 1 5 , L QQ' his I 'Ill I -U N Typlng talk. Ann loyner explains to her typing class what the course is all 5 4 l Q llgl ' L about. Q Flrst day blues. Henry Hare has an air of seniority as he struts his stuff on the A R Erst day. Back to Schoolfl 9 With the Spirit of '86 A Glorious Victory The Red Raider Varsity football team entered the stadium on October 3, 1986 with a different spirit. The past two games had been dis- appointments for the Raiders and they planned to do something about it. The night was Home- coming and they wanted to win! The game against the Southern Durham Spartans turned out to be the lirst shut-out of the season. The team defea- ted the Spartans by a score of 42 to O. Scoring for the Raiders were Walt McLeod, Tommy Moore, Rodney Holland and Brent David. Mike Daleo and Roland Hanes kicked, adding six extra points. The outstanding victory truly expressed the theme of the night, "An American Celebra- tion--Raider Style." Z0!Homecoming 'Qui F Moving to the beat. Michelle Foust and Shannon Fox show their Raider spirit as they cheer the team to vic- tory. xiii 'W W 3 A- ' r - in , mais-,7-rc A it i f ' V K is aff- ..f.wW,,,g if W Mm, 4 . - .ygg VV .1 ,,iiW ,HM,Q.,y A' .g..f.i5. X Q V +g.,gyi- ' i r .Q V4 -- . fag- R '. y 4 we .-5, A t fs. ..-Nj N . t a . ftffpawasuw, " 'l' """i"k4gf,. .g1+s3?fW'iii,i.f' 'fL'5'w. A 'SN ' " -SZ-as ,y',,',-,lip-f. M, " FM , 2 -4 " f lj ti X' Q -rg 'L .jf "af-, ., ,-"AK, R " " Iflgf f' .Q MHQYZ- -, . +- ,V J , g h . - u l 5 Q '..,r,.,, f-ga ' s H .- '.:5s.,k iJ,--1 ..iff " i'- 1 - 'f,.f,a"' Q A . In-, 15' ..--- s - ' .1 , . H 3 ,L K Going for the gusto. Walt McLeod, Sweep left on two. Quarterback 49414, carries the ball toward the goal William Covington informs the team line. of the next play. widfrwwwusaxww fdifvifiaw r 1 ,JV Marching onward. jerry Benjamin leads the way with to the beat of a dif- ferent drummer. Homecoming!2l l986 Homecoming Queen. Sarah Yates happily accepts a kiss from her brother and escort Robert Yates. Homecoming beauties. Left to right. First row: Picolia Hayes, Kim Peele, jennifer Hobson, Lynette Streater. Second row: Shannon McRae, julie Pope, ju Yon Yu, Tabbatha McClerkin. Third row: Ashley Shuler, Susan Schneider, Traci Minor, Tonya Davis. l Senior attendants. Left to right. First row: Titha Bates, Sarah Yates, Connie King, Ashley Griffin. Second row: Lynn I , ,S Y f Y ' 'V E! J QW MW. , r , x if .V :Vi 7 , hw 5 Wx in.. f bg M .I - zT"'WKQi32 J' L V '," ,H ' 1 ',., 1 2' L flaa fl I I a p e . , 1 Payne, Paula jester, Lynda Harmon, Maid ofhonor.Titha Bates poseswith Hope Rush. her escort, who happens to also be her father, Mr. james Bates. Freedom lam. These seniors show their elation at knowing that the day is over after the Homecoming pep rally. - Mald of honor. Hope Rush smiles as she and her escort, Maurice McRae, have their picture taken. A Celebration... Raider Style As the 1986 Homecoming Court was presented, excitement mounted in anticipation of the announcement of the winners. The senior court consisted of Titha Bates, Ashley Griffin, Lynda Harmon, Paula je- ster, Connie King, Lynn Payne, Hope Rush and Sarah Yates. Miss Hope Rush was named as the second Maid of Honor, followed by the first Maid of Honor, Miss Titha Bates. Silence filled the air as Miss Sarah Yates heard her name called as the 1986 Homecoming Queen. The juniors on the court were Tonya Davis, Traci Minor, Ashley Shu- ler and Susan Schneider. The sophomores were Tabbatha McClerkin, Shannon McRae, julie Pope and ju Yon Yu. Freshmen attendants were Picolia Hayes, jennifer Hobson, Kim Peele and Lynette Strea- ter. The radiant court stood tall along with the Statue of Liberty drawn by Shina Kang. The 1986 Homecoming Court represented a true "American Celebra- tion...Raider Style." Homecoming!23 Just Wanna... Have Fun Homecoming fes- tivities began with a Spirit Week that got students in the mood for a celebr- ation. For Spy Day, the Raiders mysteriously showed up at school with trench coats and sunglasses. Students arrived at school dressed in their most fashionable attire for Vogue and GQ Day. On College Day, everyone wore T-shirts or sweatshirts with his or her favorite college logo. The Raiders were ready for the beach on Vacation Day, having gone through summer ward- robes and picked out beach clothes. Tradition- ally, Friday was Red and White Day, with blue added to coordinate with the Homecoming theme. By Friday after- noon, the students were ready for the real fun to begin. Raider clubs sta- ged a carnival with a con- test to see whose booth could attract the most students. The French Club ran off with first place with the French flag recreated with cupcakes. The Keyettes took second place, while third place went to the Key Club. After a fun-filled afternoon, the Raiders left school and returned home to prepare for the eagerly-awaited game that evening. Playing matchmaker. Wendy Clark Shower anyone? Chris Bray, Greg asks Toni johnson a question at the Warren and jimmy Kendall rinse off the Civinettes' booth, 'The Dating after mud wrestling for the Key Club. Game." Z4!Homecoming Admit one. David Smith and Lanie Moore sell extra tickets during the Homecoming carnival. 1- a1a,,,M ,WM if f f?9g . , ' 2 i mzgm f f 3 sax 1 N x X ., .FXXNK Q 'Tl vvtblx - -- ' sz- -11 ,rar , . gi of A ! Who? Me? As she works in the French club cupcake booth Randee jones looks surprised to see the camera capturing the moment on film. Big mouth. Mr. George Henne cools off on a hot day by bobbing for apples at the Keyette booth. Homecoming!Z5 Here at Andrews... A Star Was Born On April 18, 1986, the Andrews Student Coun- cil sponsored "Star Search '86." Students displayed various talents such as dancing, singing, playing instruments and modeling. The night was a huge success with Dickie Averette acting as the emcee. As the audi- ence walked out of the auditorium, they could not stop talking about Mike Mathai and Chris Smith's drum duet, "Surfin' Cadillacs." Some raved over Brian Mauldin and Gena Bennett's interpretive dance, "Contact" All in all, the night was a big hit filled with much laughter and applause. The next weekend brought again live enter- tainment presented by Andrews'own Drama Club. The talented young 26fTalent Show-Spring Play actors put on the play,"Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." Before the show began, the audience gorged on desserts, prepared by the food service class. Mrs. Teresa Fowler and Mrs. Barbara Oliver directed the play, Mr. Howard Burch construc- ted the set and Chris Nemeth designed the posters which promoted the play. The lead actresses were jenny Lundrigan and Beth Rosa who were complemen- ted by Dickie Averett and Bryant Mack as the lead- ing actors. Mrs. Fowler commented about what a difficult task it was to find the furniture from that particular time period. However, she added how much fun they had doing the show this year. Take flve. Wendy Bradbrook and Delia Rhodes relax after many hours of practicing for the spring play. Acting with ease. Billy Nixon, juan Carlos Lozano, Beth Rosa and Dickie Averette perform well in the spring play, 'Our Hearts Were Young and Gay.' r -....f,-.--af Touch of class. Gina Thompson, Sharon Brooks and Michelle Crawford perform at the talent show. -,,k .lll N. K Lending A hand. Billy Nixon and Chris Harcum help each other make it through a scene of the play. Into the groove. Robert Wagner puts on a good performance by playing his guitar during the talent show. Talent Show-Spring Play!27 A Vacation, or Summer School? This summer several Andrews students con- tinued their education in programs throughout North Carolina. jennifer Davis and Cybele Martin attended Girls State at UNC-Greensboro, while Chris Blackman, Doug Blackman, Todd Burnett, Billy Currens and Chad Futrell attended Boys State at Wake Forest that same week. These students participated in a mock government activity designed to help them understand how our nation runs. Todd Burnett was elected Senator to Boys Nation which is held in Wash- ington, D.C. Linda Venable and jennifer Davis attended C1overnor's School East at St. Andrews College in Laurinburg, North Carolina, and Karen Quinto attended Clov- ernor's School West at Z8!Special Recognition Salem College in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Each student studied philosophy, psy- chology and one con- centrated area in which they excelled. These nine students gave up part of their summer free time in order to attend classes and study, but they found their efforts worthwhile. New friends were made and new knowledge was gained, along with feel- ings of pride in their accomplishments. jerry Painter also ex- celled in the field of auto- mechanics during the summer. jerry won the small engine repair competition for the fourth year in a row. These students showed that education is a year round process, and that summer fun could also include summer learning. Glrl's State Representatives. jennifer Davis and Cybele Maartin. 1986 Prlnclpal's List. Front row: Della Wimmer, Heidi Simmons, Ashley Shuler, Shannon Rich, Susan Chernault. Back row: Doug Boys State Representatives. Doug Blackman, Billy Currens, Chad Futrell and Chris Blackman. W --mr Blackman, Paul Lyddon, Chad Futrell, Matt Leonard, Darren Welch, Andy Butler. Standing proud. jerry Painter and Govemors School Representatives. Mike Hunt attend an awards cere- Linda Venable and jennifer Davis. mony in Arizona where jerry won first place in small engine repair. Special Recognition!29 Pastimes at Andrews After the school day ended at Andrews, students found various ways to fill the rest of their day. While many had after-school jobs, most rushed home to watch soap operas, go to the spa or hang out at Westchester Mall. The athletes looked forward to many long hours of practice. Some students involved themselves in sports outside of school such as basketball at the YMCA or soccer with the High Point Stars. During basketball sea- son, games held during the week gave students another alternative to staying at home. lf homework was not a priority, watching televi- sion certainly was. Prime- time shows included favorites "The Cosby Show," "Moonlighting" and "Family Ties." Whether students were riding around in their cars, working hard for their money or just sitting home watching televi- sion, they always found something to do that en- tertained them. After school. Paul Lyddon grabs a quick bite before going on to other activities. 3O!After School 4run Thanks for my jacket. Rick Grady is glad to pick up his jacket from the dry cleaners. x if 1, ff. 1: I 52K 'Nt nw Weekends were made for H dui ng Fun The word "weekend" brought a million possibi- lities to a Raider's mind. The first thought was the anticipation of extra snoozing time. Unless students held down ajob requiring them to rise early, it was not neces- sary to get up at the usual 7:00 a.m. With the know- ledge that they did not have to wake up at the crack of dawn, very few students could be found at home on weekend nights. The free time that the weekend gave to the Nothing to do. Christy Schultheiss sits around wondering if anything exciting will ever happen. Sink lt. Geoff Clapp attempts a putt while Kevin Boone watches during a weekend round of golf. 32!Weekends Raiders was a well- earned vacation. Some students visited colleges over the weekend, while others cruised to the beach or to visit relatives. During football and basketball seasons, Raiders eagerly looked forward all week to the games on Friday nights. The only bad thing about weekends was the fact that they ended quickly, and students had to return to school bright and early Monday morn- ing. i Q, ., i 5 ,. , I I A I WMM 'Z Stand up Ifyou're a Raider! A group Pedalllng hard. Marc Davis rides his of Andrews students support the ,bike for weekend relaxation. team by cheering them on to victory. Haw ,. .. ,, v .uw , Va 1. ,H 'drift E ' 1 W, ,,f V ,. sn 97 W ,, "' , ' f' fm A. ,,, may l'I E-T51 Q . WJ, ,rf Q f .......f xv, S Ag-an faking ltto the hoop. Brian Blackburn :akes the ball up for the basket during 'si weekend game. Weekends!33 That Red Raider Spirit Lives R-A-l-D-E-R-S! That cry, heard at pep rallies throughout the year, showed that the students of Andrews had spirit and spunk. At foot- ball games, basketball games or any other sporting event, the Raiders proved that they were "on the warpath" against their opponents. just socializing on campus, Red Raiders stood out in the crowd. From Homecoming to holidays, enthusiasm in- fluenced every activity at Andrews. Spirit Weeks provided excellent opportunities to show school spirit. Traditional red-and-white Fridays found Indian mascot faces "raiding" the halls. Being at the "Big A" filled students with Raider Pride. Moving to the beat. The Red Raider Eyecatcher. Susan Schneider shows drummers lead the crowd during a her school spirit inadifferent manner. pep rally. 34!Spirit Catching that school splrlt. Some junior girls got together to show who they think is the best. Q lust clownlng around. Laura Cadle and Ginny Parnell participate in the Homecoming activities, 45 ...., iisf' 1' ur' Celebration, cheerleading style. The girls responsible for school spirit boost the crowd at the Homecoming pep rally. ienlor splrltl Being the oldest in the chool gives the seniors something to heer about. Spirit!35 Dressed to Impress. Kate Duncan has her own look in fashion. Shaved look. l.D. McMeeking and lason Odenwelder show off the fads in hairstyle. 8" i X Into the fads. Leslie Statton displays the latest fashions for the camera. 36!Fads ,gl Proud of the rlng. Class rings are al- ways a very important fashion item. 5550 Vogue Follwers and GQ M en This year saw girls wearing skirts with lengths ranging from the long and full to the short and straight. With longer jean skirts, girls added boots which also helped to keep their feet warm. The guys kept warm by wearing big college sweatshirts and their most faded jeans. This year saw the popularity of stirrup pants and oversized sweaters. Accessories were definitely the "in" thing, with gold and silver jew- elry, belts and shoes added to almost every outfit. Guys exhibited their finesse by wearing gold chains around their necks and sunglasses following Tom Cruise's example in the hit movie "Top Gun." g In ... 1 M Swatch mel Andrews students show Hey there, sweetie! Coach Sandy off the new wave in watch gear. Dalton models the new line of women's lingerie. XQQWA Fads!37 Working 9 to 5... ot Quite Andrews students have always 'needed extra money. Many de- cided to take advantage of the coop program in our school and go to work while technically still in school. These students attended class in their chosen area, left school early to go to work or went to work right after school. Misty Gordon worked at D.A. Kelly's at Westchester Mall, while Lisa O'Connell worked at Belk-Beck right down the hall. Kim Gosnell was em- ployed by Taco Time while Karen Hall put in her time at McDonalds. Curtis Varner worked at the YMCA and joe Hopper made and delivered pizzas for Sir Pizza. Working students were a special breed who successfully balanced work, school and personal time. . I I ii . was , 1 i May I take your order, please? As Making dellclous meals. Chef Paul she works after school, Kim Gosnell Lyddon works in the kitchen at May- asks a Taco Time customer what he berry's to earn some spending wants to edt. 38110195 money. Do you want your oil changed? Cooperative coworker. Doyle Free- Steve Sexton lifts the hood ofacaras man and Randy Shealy keep the he works at Exxon. McDonalds stockroom full. i 2 V Thafll be 52.06. Rodney Ingram counts change for a McDonalds drive-thru customer. Your total ls... Kristin Lohr rings up purchases at Leonard Drugs. Iobs!39 Raider Girls Mode Traditions Whenever the girls were stuck without a date for the weekend, they got together in groups to catch up on the latest gossip. Popular hot-spots were Dadios if they were in the dancing mood,or the Midway Drive-ln if they were ready for a laugh. When parties were in swing, the girls were always seen socializing with the guys. Video stores got a lot of business if there was not a party. The girls gladly Ready for the world. Sarah Yates, Karen lohn and Cybele Martin show amusement at a party. Say cheese! Shannon Watkins, Susan Hammett and Ashley Griffin gladly pose for the camera with their kitten. 40!Glrls' Nightlife watched a movie at someone's house, while enjoying plenty of popcorn and drinks. Girls loved to go out to eat at the Rock-Ola Cafe, 1immy's Pizza and Shoney's. They were still not too old to have slumber parties, staying up all night eating and talking. Saturday was a great time to hit Hanes or Four Seasons Mall to shop. Girls were always ready to gather together and have a lot of fun. Tlme to wake upl Kristin White ha that morning look as she is caught by a mystery photographer. Wheeeel The Roll-A-Rink proves rc be a fun outing for Paula lester, Kelly Sanniota, Leslie Statton, Sarah Yates Christy Schultheiss and Melissa Wright. ll S awaken them. Sleeplng beauties. Shannon Lewin and Connie King snooze while they wait for a Prince Charming to come time! A group of senior girls together to socialize and have Girls' Nightlifeflll After the bell rang... Boys Played Many of the girls often wondered what guys did in their spare time after the school day ended. With a little research, REVERIE discovered that most of them held after- school jobs or played school sports for the school. Also many guys played basketball or football for fun with the rest of the guys in their neighborhood. After the sun finally set, many were forced to settle down to do their homework. When they completed that terrible task, some turned on the television while others turned to the radio. On the weekends, guys either went on dates or if there was not a special lady, they would be found at any place girls were. On Saturdays, they went to the YMCA to play basketball and on Sundays, they played football in the church yard. 3 42lBoys' Nightlife It's a blrd, or ls lta plane? On a boy's Friends forever. Mike Daleo an night out, Matt Blue, Chris Bray, Billy Anthony Dilfoggio show that they'r Koontz, Henry Hare and Klay Barrow having fun at a party. goof off for the photographer. gg. bmilzu ,QM W ' 'L -, f " QQ ,wi A W ff M M qv-f wkifggf I think lt's done this way. Andy Butler and Chad Futrelle can figure out any- thing when it comes to academics. Hey, this ls neat. David Wilson takes time out of his busy schedule to play around on the computer. l 1 ,fi 'sill .se-Q I Q H5 ...adv . ' V it we if - xl - 5 I C hu f i 1-if! , l XIX .- f 1, 5 K ,3 4 was Acmamsl t its Lt N. t ,. ps ., s we ,.,,,,, , f" 44!Super Seniors ' ......--uw"'f t Senlor sensations! jennifer Davis Betsy York and Anthony DiFoggio edi1 a REVERIE layout, lust one of the many things that make them Super Seniors, ln the winter, Andrews teachers voted on the ten seniors who, in their opinion, best demon- strated the qualities of an ideal Raider. The competition was close, but the final ten truly stood out among the student body. Todd Burnett, as student body Vice- President, took a mult- itude of responsibilities this year. Along with membership in the band for three years, Todd was the President of both Na- tional Honor Society and the Science Club. Andy Butler served as In the end, they were The Best President of the junior jaycees and Vice- President of NHS as well as being on the French Club Executive Committee. jennifer Davis had cramps in her hands as Copy Editor of REVERIE '87. She took on added responsibility as the President of French Honor Society and Secretary of juniorettes. Anthony DiFoggio did valuable work in produc- ing the yearbook as Layout Editor and earned a reputation as one of the best goalkeepers on the east coast. Chad Futrell may not have talked much, but he was busy on the French Club Ex- ecutive Committee and by playing soccer for the past three years. Karen john shined as the number one ranked tennis player in North Carolina. She involved herself with the juniorettes for four years. David Wilson starred on the Red Raider football and skillfully drove a bus. Sarah Yates' days were completely filled with activities since she was President of juniorettes, Co-Copy Editor on the Smoke Signal staff, and a member of the French Club Executive Committee. Betsy York successfully produced REVERIE '87 as its Editor and was a member of NHS, juniorettes and History Club. Last but not least, Si Yon Yu as Student Body President and Vice-President of both Keyettes and Sci- ence Clubs proved that girls can handle pressure and do a great job. All "Super Seniors" exhibi- ted the fine qualities which would enable them to go far in life. 11- -. A . . Riva K. ' F' ,sw ,. 2 1' L W -52 is I, . V. g 1 Creative thlnklng. Being on the Ex- ecutive Board, Si Yon Yu and Todd Burnett are used to making posters. Helpful hints. Sarah Yates and Karen john share ideas on their clnswork. Super Seniors!45 46!Academic Divider :Academics Even though the temptation was great to ignore the responsibilities of maintaining satisfactory grades, students realized that the true purpose of being in high school was to learn. Students from Andrews have always had the reputations of being the best around in academics. The students this year did not let the tradition fade. Each seemed to excel in dif- ferent areas for different reasons. Whether a student preferred science, vocational trades or a foreign language, he did not concentrate all his efforts on that one subject. One simply tried even harder on the more difficult classes. You've got to be kidding! Meredith Ho ward looks at a classmate in disbelief. 'lull' May I help you? Coach Wally Burke gives a questioning look to the photographer who has just interrupted his class. Let me show you how lt's done. Rodney Holland makes sure jerry Benjamin draws his assignment just right. fr ' w, a ,L., M Q Q ,ff ff' Q' , ff? -':A W xx 1 F? Words Whether it was French, Spanish or the ever-present English, students could choose their favorite language. Although Engl- ish was required, most students enjoyed being able to communi- cate with each other in a foreign language. This knowledge of either French or Spanish might come in very handy in later years. At least the English students could speak in their native tongues. As they got older, they studied the literature and authors of the United States and other countries. Language, whether En- glish, French or Spanish, served as an important part of the education of an Andrews student. ' x ' W' ' 5' ".'5fZr:i' fs 4 vm qgff , , , if .V 46 A T ff ' iw, V' Q io W W A 1'O"i les Tres Amigos. Doyle Freeman, johnny Batten Searchlng foranswers. Sarah Hearne looks toward denheimer et aid frOm SP3ni5h the photographer to see if he knows the answer to and Tom Bo g teacher Mrs. Benecia Hernandez. the question. 48!Foreign Language-English Ain't English fun? Mr. Bragoz's class Ends that Engl- ish is serious business. ' if 4? vm Q LM Daydreamlni Mrs. Flo Durway seems more interes- Should this be In quotes? Several English students ted in what's going on outside of her classroom. struggle with grammar rules. Foreign Language-English!49 BUSY-ness Business education courses aided all students - both voca- tional and the college-bound. The business classes offered included: typing l, typing ll, business math, accounting l, accounting ll, office occupations l and office occu- pations ll. The ladies who were responsible for teaching these career-bound students were: Mrs. Louise Stanley, Mrs. Marlene Chess, Mrs. Anne joyner, Ms. Angelica McCormick and Mrs. Ann Austin. Syntax error? Sharon Rowsey seems puzzled over 60 words a minute? Dana Gilmore works hard to what her computer is telling her. increase her typing speed 5O!Business Rellevlng the stress. Mrs. Ann loyner checks the lust his type. Brett Cramer and the typewriter seem work of Heather Sparks while Maria Hillpractices to be cooperating as he types his paper. typing drills. ' .as A ,W ,...-ui 'WIP Two typing students work hard to Business! 5 l Smlle, you're on Candld Camera. Mr. Ed Ray haf the look of surprise as someone gets his attention. Q- -. A ,ttt s A slght for sore eyes. Mrs. leannette Kiem's advan- ls math really fun? Mrs. Liz Kimbro makes her math ced biology class spent a school year disecting cats 7 4' Q A , class interesting. for their big project. , -.ui 3-, . - wr, I 7 e 5 Q - S if W 4 ,. li. '3 ,gh 'S li fi--Q t E , is X 3 4 5 if 31 .1 w 9, r 2 K g Y? Q55 Q 5 l ii dk 5' t , 4 X 'Q i Q sf S E Se Fi it 'E x J , , ,Y .1.53g, i , i l . - A 151 5 if . - vi,-:,lw7 -- F N ,ap Allizi 1 t ...., X we N Er Only live more mlnutes. Ashley Hughes checks out the clock to see how much longer she has in class. ls lt 25 or 267 Mike Auman works diligently to ,,..-1 complete his math usignment. szfiviarh-science Q + A P ing l K Numbers The Andrews math and science departments upheld their great reputations. This year was the Hrst year for calculus. The course, taught by Mrs. Susan Varner, prepared students for college math. Other math teachers were Mrs. Winifred Cottam, Mrs. Patty Fonner, Mrs. Amanda Gane, Mrs. Elizabeth Kimbro, Mr. Don Monroe, Ms. Libby Tate, Mr. Vic Sanniota and Mrs. Peggy Watson, who also taught Biology. The science department ranged from physical science to physics. Students enjoyed the challenge of physics, taught by Mr. Ed Ray, who also taught chemistry. Mrs. Knox taught physical science along with Mr. Mizelle and Mrs. Cobbs. Mrs. Trotman taught biology and Mrs. Kiem taught biology, advanced biology and chemistry. Taking It easy. Erik Davidson and Ryan McDaris l'll show you where it goes. Michael Martin relax after Hnishing their math. demonstrates his expertise in advanced biology. Math-Science!53 Dates Does the year 1776 ring a bell? What about the name Thomas jefferson? The answers to these important questions were located in the Social Studies department. The department offered history, along with a probing course in psychology and an interesting look at the running of the United States' government. Mr. George Henne and Mr. Larry Smith taught freshman his- tory, better known as Civics, and also U.S. and World History. Coach Herb Goins, Mrs. Sherry Mewborn and Ms. Lil Lovings all taught U.S. History, including Advanced Placement to juniors. Mrs. Mary Lane taught U.S. History, psychol- ogy and sociology. l!Social Studies History of the world. Mrs. Mary Lane's soca studies class appears to be busy at work. nv" Intense thoughts Sam Davis appears to be con Mrs. Mary Lane glances up to see who is interrupt- centratlng fully on an assignment for clvlcs ing her clfus. I' -Qs ss ' 1 fr limp... Another day of social studies. Alison Aultman has Whafs golng on In the world? Karen john reads up the look of fatigue as she wallcs into her classroom. on world events. Social Studies! 55 Back agalnl Coach William Walker sighs as he Watch outl Ricky Smith gets ready to drive during survives another day of driver's training. his behind-the-wheel driving course, ' if ,ml ,U .3 af r l 233' an J Q 'A if fi: f Q ' 2 if g A may W i 4 1 f vu. 'gtg :L 'W' 4' x ' I Health fanatics! The ninth graders practice techniques of the Heimliech maneuver. the lsn't gym fun? Doug Harris awaits the return of the ping-pong ball. 4 1 f A :ZV i Fitness For some, gym was a great way to break up a long day. There were no books or term papersg just a chance to get out and flex muscles. For most ninth and tenth graders, gym was just another required course that took up another hour of the school day. However, others loved gym courses and enrolled all four years. Ninth graders were required to take health education and CPR as a part of gym. Some freshmen were able to qualify for Driver's Educa- tion, but Coach Walker and Coach Foree's cars primarily carried sophomores who were closer to the magic "l6." Gym-Health-Driver's Ed!57 Advice How did the students at Andrews spell "Relief '? lt depen- ded on what type of help was nee- ded. The L-l-B-R-A-R-l-A-N answe- red Raiders' questions when they needed help in the media center. Students called on the co-media specialists, Mrs. Carmella Russell, Mrs. Carol Courts or the media aide, Mrs. Betty Davis. These ladies, who taught library skills, came to the rescue when audio visual equipment broke down, and worked with the library assistants to make Andrews' library the best around. When students needed help with education planning, college preparations or social problems they spelled G-Ll-l-D-A-N-C-E. Mr. Mike Cochran headed the scholarship program at Andrews. He kept the students updated on the latest information on this subject, while also working with students whose last names began with the letters A-D. Mrs. Sarah Quinto directed the vocational area and worked with students whose last name fell between E-K. Mrs. Beth Howard headed personal and social planning, and she coordinated the administra- tion of the AP tests. She took responsibility for students whose last names began with L-R. Finally, Mrs. Betty Mebane headed the whole department and was the educational planner. She worked primarily with students whose last names began with letters S-Z. 58!Guidance-Library g Now, where ls the author card? Doyle Freeman searches through the card catalog as he prepares to do his research. E it l I t A. Cherie Currens spends some of her time Getting It together. Cynthia Grayson and Faye npu working on the computer in the library. Gillespie Ex up a package for Guidance. mf Mm 3 """""N... Worklng things out. Mrs. Beth Howard helps students prepare for career day. Walting In llne. Missy Ferguson and Mark Idol wait to see their guidance counselors. Guidance-Library! 59 " Practice makes perfect. Marni Lessa, Debbie Smith Ralder Country. This mural painted on the cafeteria and Melissa McGee show practice is the only way to wall shows Raider pride is everywhere. improve. HS H! GH 558323. A star ls bom. Paul Metters shows that he could be the next Tom Cruise. 6O!Fine Arts fr' x gi . "i" X E. fy. fm, - , T, ' -f gf Ir s ,izi ti... 1, Q .Q , ,,, L . 62!People Divider fPeopl The Red Raider student body was what made Andrews the best school around. Each of us had dif- ferent personalities and characteristics which made us unique--a blend of people as diverse as the cul- tures of the world. However, when we all joined together, something special happened. We lost in- dividual traits and took on the bigger and more im- portant identity of a Raider. Everyone worked and acted together in order to make Andrews known as the school with the most spirit and desire to achieve. This is not say that people at Andrews did not exist as individuals, for they certainly did, but when the need arose, we Raiders united and stood proud. ls It A,B or C? Allison Aultman wonders which answer to choose on her Chemistry test. im! Anticipation. Henry Hare relaxes in class and daydreams of 3:15. But I don't do windows! Ms. Libby Tate cleans the day's work from her overhead projector. ,.,,,., , , f ' wi : f . , ,,,. .V , ,,- ' W x W V- .,.-,wlq gz ' 'fy ' Electric company. jon Tuttle? concentrates on finishing his electronics project. 1 , iisi i f 2 Wg, g 2 T""" YQ, if - if ' ' fi, if 4 V in ,s A I f ' ga ve ,I f ' 0 V, 'u V 'f2.152I. f V 1. 1, 2 17 x Hi ahh 'i I At Last ln the air surrounding the Class of '87 there floated invisible, yet definite feelings of anticipation. They knew that their long journey through the tunnel which leads to another phase of life was coming to an end. This year was their last chance to excel, and to try things they had never before experien- ced. Along with the group of spe- cial privileges handed to them came a load of responsibilities that had been placed upon their shoulders. However, each senior knew that the year was excellent preparation for the rest of his life, and also a way to leave his personal mark of achievement on Andrews history. Watching the clock. Seniors Kristin Lohr and Cybele Martin chat with lunior Gina Lewis at the end of class. Q Teacher's aid. Leslie Statton lends a helping hand Where is your hall pass? Stewart Azarigian takes a during her student assistant period. leisurely stroll to his next class. 64!Seniors mg- XJ. 'X 'R ' f QAQZIQQADAMS - DECA 12: SADD 105 S'p'21'Tiish 10,125 Track 105... LRACEY ALSTONK - Beta 11,12TChFF'u's FHA 125... DAVID ANDER- SON - Band 9,10,1 1,125 lunior laycees 9,10,11,125VICA 9,10,11,I2, GREG ARRINGTON... STUART AZARIGIAN - Computer 95 Science 9,105 Soccer 1O5... KEN BAKER. MIKE BANESSE - Beta 1 1,125 Executive Board 12, Senior Class Pres. 125 FCA 103 Key 10,123 Math Honor 1 1,125SADD 105 Spanish 10,125 Spanish Honor 11,125 Soccer 9,1O,11,1Z5... TONY - Band 9,10,11,12, Drum Captain 123 DECA 125 junior laycees 9,10,11,125 VICA 10: Baseball 1O,11,125 Wrestling 1O,11,125...KLAY BARROW - French ll: Key 125 VICA 12: Golf 9,10,1l,12, All- Conference 1 1. - Anchor 125 Band 9,105 Civinettes 9,10,1 lg Environmental 125 French 10,115 History ll: NFL 11,125 S anish 125 Homecoming Court 1 l,lZg... IGTE BEARCE - Band 9.10,1l,1Z: Computer lO,11,12, Tren. 125 French 10,1 1,125 History 10,115 NFL 9,10,l15 Science 10,1 lg SMOKE SlGNAL 125 Basketball 95... ARCHIE BEAVERS - Band 9gVlCA 10,1 1,125 Football 1 15Track 1 1. Seniors!65 ANDREA BECK - Band 9,1O,1 1,121 FBLA IZ: Ke ettes ll,l25 SMOKE SIGNAL 125... IJARIN BELL - Ke 125 Basketball 105 Golf 1O,11,125... KEN- YATIA BELL - Anchor 9,125 Civinettes 9,105 Environmental IO: Raiderette II: Spanish 1 1. SHEMICA BELL - DECA 125 VICA - , ,... NIAMINL - Band 9,1O,1 1,125 um anfflifrench 125 junior laycees 125 Bo s' Homecoming 9,10,115...MICHL?'LLE BIDDY - Civinettes 1 IQVICA 12. DEBE BLACK - Chorus 9,103 French 10,1 I,I2g VICA 95... CHRIS BLACK- MAN - Band 9,1O,11,125 Beta 11,125 French 10,1 Ig French Honor 1 Ig History 11,125 Key 125 Math Honor 1 I,I2g NHS 1 I,I2glUl'11Or Marshal 1 Ig 'Best Persona- lity" 125... DOUG BLACKMAN - Band 9,1O,11,125 Beta 11,125 French 10,115 French Honor 1 lg History 1 I,I2g lunior laycees II,I2g Math Honor I 1,125 NHS 11,l25Science1l,125Tennis9,10,11,125 junior Marshal 1 1. KELLI BLAKE - Chorus 9,1O,1 1,121 Civinettes 125 French IO: SADD 1O5.., MICHELLE BLEVINS - Bancl 9,1O,1 1: FBLA 125 French 10,1 Ig Keyettes 10,1 1,125 SADD 12: Softball 9,10: Student Athletic Trainer 9,10,1 1,125... ANTOINE BOONE - Band 9,lO. 66fSeniors it 2.1" I 1 ,I-3 I . 1 , I WN Wm I 1 'fl' 4- ax t XY N we ' Working It out. Chad Futrell tries hard to figure out a difficult physics problem. -r . . RQ, wk Nlr. Big At last, the class of 1987 knew how it felt to be at the top of the totem pole. The first taste of being seniors came this summer when senior environmentals were taken. With the coming of the new year, seniors were anxious to go out to lunch. The break was well- deserved after three years of hard work and a crowded cafeteria. Another privilege was having their own senior section for pep rallies, giving them more room to show their school spirit. The biggest advantage was the knowledge that this was their last year of high school, but the biggest dis- appointment was knowing that they would no longer be true Red Raiders after their senior year. - Cheerleaders 9: orus J STAL B - Band 9,IO,I Iifnvlrorimenta 125 renc'h 10,11,12qHistory1IgNFL11gSADDIO:... TRACY BRAN ON - Civinettes 1 ig FBLA I I,I2: SMOKE SIGNAL I l:Spanish IO. CHRIS BRAY - Key 10,1 1,12, Sec. 12: Soccer 10,1 Ig Swimmin 9,105 'Most Unpredictable' I2g... RAEDY BRICE - SADD 95 Basketball 94 Soccer 9,1Ig... , - Computer 12: ECAlg a :NFL11,12. Seniors!67 KARE -Beta11,1ZgDECA1Z, So lf. BRD Q . .- Chorus 9,1O,11,12g Bas e a , , ,125 Soc- cer 10,11,12, Track 9, Volleyball 9,10,1 1,1 - DECA 12, Environ- men 6 12: IZ: Pe 95 SADD 10, Spanish 10,.., WOR BUFFONG - Soccer 1 1 , 1 25... , - Anchor 1 , O, ,125 Civinettes 10,115 DECA 12 Environmental 10, Pep 10, SADD 12, Spanish 1 1. 11,125 Track Tops When Andrews's excited seniors entered the gym on the night of june 4,1986, they were led by eleven equally excited junior marshals. These students occupied the top eleven positions on the rank ladder. The year's marshals were Andy Butler, Chief Marshal, Paul Lyddon, Chad Futrell, jennifer Davis, Linda Venable, Todd Burnett, Chris Blackman, Doug Blackman, Si Yon Yu, Susan Chernault and LeAnne Davidson. Ms. Sylvia Eaglin and Mrs. Marlene Chess directed the duties of the marshals. 68!Marshals X115 Cream ofthe Crop. Front row: LindaVenable,SiYon ler, Paul LyddOr1. BaCk FOW: Chris Blackman, Todd Yu, lennifer Davis. Second row: LeAnne Davidson, Burnett. DOug BlaCkmar1. Susan Chernault. Third row: Chad Futrell, Andy But- Us -- 4 'q T. ANGIE BURLESON - French ll: Ke - ettes 10,1 1,125 SADD 12:....IQ,i BURNj.II,,,,,Band 9,10,1 lg Beta '1 1,125 ES'c'ecuf1VT?'Board 12, Student Body Vice' Pres. 12: French 1O,11,12, Executive Committee 125 French Honor 1 1,125His- tory ll: junior jaycees5 Math Honor 11,125 NHS 11,12, Pres. 125 Science 11,12, Pres. 125 Baseball 9,10,1 1,125 Boys' State ll: Boys' Nation ll: H.P. Youth Council ll: junior Marshal ll: MBest All Around" 125... ANDY BUTLER - Beta 11,125 French 1O,11,12, Executive Committee 125 French Honor 11,125 junior jaycees 10,1 1,12, Pres. 125 Math Honor 1 1,125 NHS 11,12,Vice-Pres. 125 Science 10,1 1,12, Sec. 125 Tennis 9,10,1 1,125 junior Marshal 1 15 "Most Dependable' 12. MARC BUTLER - juniorga cees 10,1 lg Key lZ5VlCA 125Golf95... IXANE BYER- LY - Art 1255 anish Honor 125VlCA 125... BARBARA EANNON - Keyettes 10: Spanish 1 1. GREG CARMICHAEI. - DECA 12, Treas. 125 Ke 11,12, Treas. 125 VICA 125... MARTAI CARTER - DECA 125.., LAURA CASHATI' - Chorus 95 French 10,113 juniorettes 125 Keyettes 95 SMOKE SIGNAL 12. LESLIE - Chorus 95 DECA 125 Frenc ,5 . 5 juniorettes 125 Key- ettes 95 REVERIE 1 1,12, Business Editor 125... SUSAN CHERNAULT - Band 9,1O,1 1,125 Beta 1 1,125 Executive Board 12, Student Body Treas. 125 French 1 1,125 French Honor 125 History 11,125 Keyettes 10,1 1,12, Pres. 125 Math Honor 11,125 NHS 11,125 SADD 10: Science 11,125 junior Marshal 115... MELISSA CHILES - Drama 95 FBLA 125 SMOKE SIGNAL 10,115 Soccer 9,11,125 Tennis 1 1. Seniors!69 WENDY CLARK - Band 9,1O,11,12: Civinettes 9,10,1 1,12, Pres. 125 Compu- ter 9,1O,11,125 Drama 125 Executive Board 10,1 lg History 1 l,l2g NFL 125 Pep 1 15SADD 1 1,125 Softball 9,105 Volleyball 95... PAMELA CLIFTON - Art 9,105 Civinettes 11,12, Pres. 125 DECA 125 SADD 125... IEANHTE CLUTTER - Key- ettes 125Math Honor 1 1,125 Science 125 Spanish Honor 11,12. TAMMY COCHRAN - Civinettes 1 1,1Z, Sgt. of Arms 125 NFL 10,113 VICA 9,10,11,1Z, Pres. 125 Basketball 95... V DA C - Anchor 125 En- XIIODVFTICF1 a , , 5 BLA 125SADD l2g VICA 125... RICK COMPTON - Compu- ter 95 DECA IZ5 Key 9,105 Spanish Honor 1 lg Basketball 10. BRETT CRAMER - French 105 History 125 Key 115 Science 11,125 SMOKE SIGNAL 125... SHARON CRAVEN - Civinettes 115 DECA 125... CRQES. DANNY CURIA - Key 1O,1I5SADD 115 S anish 9,10,115 Soccer 9,10,1 15... BILLLY CURRENS - Band 9,105 Beta 11,125 Computer 9,105 French 11,125 History 1 lg junior laycees 11,12, Vice- Pres. 125 Math Honor 1 1,125 Science 1 15 Tennis 9,10,1 1,125 Bo s' State 1 15Who's Who 1 15... MIKE DAIEIEO - FCA 10: Key 9,10,11,125VlCA 125 Football 125 Soccer 9,10,11,12,All-Conference 11. 70!lobs Aimlng to please. Laura Cashatt works diligently to satisfy customers at Biscuit Factory. -K-,f Easy 35 This year many seniors found that not only did they have to go to school, do homework, and play sports, but also they had to work. Their jobs varied from grocery store cashiers to lifeguards to mechanics. They spent their extra money on weekend activities, cars or even college. With their hectic schedule, it was sometimes hard to fit in the time for work, but Andrews students always mana- ged to budget their time between work, study and play. D ,-Band9,1O,l1,12,Beta 1 , al 9, Volleyball 9,1O,1 1,1Z,... I.eANNE DAVIDSON - Beta 11.12, Drama 11, French 10,1l,1Z, Vice-Pres. 12, French Honor 1 1,12, History 11,12, Keyettes9,1O,11,1Z,Math Honor 1 1,1Z, NHS 1 I,1Z, Orchestra 9,l0, REVERIE 12, SADD 12, Governors School 10, Green- sboro Youth Symphony Orchestra 9,IO,11,12, lunior Marshal 11, 'Most Talented' 1Z,... IENNIFER DAVIS - Beta 1 1,12, Cheerleader 9, Computer 10,1 1, Drama 11, FCA 10.11, French 1O,11,1Z, Fxecutive Committee 12, French Honor 11,1Z, Pres. 12, History 10,11,1Z, luniorettes 10,11,1Z, Sec. 12, Math Honor 11, NHS 11,12, REVERIE 11,1Z, Asst. Copy Editor 11, Copy Editor 12, SADD 12, Soccer 9,1O, Governor's School 1 1,Girls' State 1 1,lunior Marshal 1 1. MARC DAVIS - REVERIE 11,1Z, VICA 1 1.., 'I' IS - Chorus 9,1O, En- vironmental 12, BLA 12, FHA 10,... f .DS - Computer 10, En- vironmen a , 'I,1Z, Pres. 12, junior laycees 10, Pep 10,1 1,SADD 1 1,Spanish 10, VICA 12, Boys' Homecoming 9,1 1, NBest Dressed' IZ. SeI'llOfSf7 1 Stop Go Most people did not realize that it was possible to make money before and during school. A driver's license and driving experi- ence were all one needed. After taking the first step of filling out an application, the students attended a two day workshop. A written test was given, and a score ofeighty or above entitled the prospective busdrivers to take the road test. lf the driving test satisfied the super- visor, he then issued a schoolbus driver's license to the student. According to Mr. Thayer Tyson, the busdrivers were the most im- portant people in the process of education. Without them, many students would be unable to school. to get IIM DERUE - Band 9,1O,1 1,12, Compu- ter 9, NFL ll,12, Spanish 12,... ANTHONY Dil:-0GGlQ - French 10,1 1, ey , fi , IE11,12,Co- Layout Editor 12, Football 12, Soccer 9,1O,1 1,1 Z, All-Conference 9,1O,1 1, All- Conference Player of the Year 11, All- Region 1 1, All-State I 1, uBest Looking' 12,... EVELYN DIXON - Art 11: Band 9,1O,I 1,12, Civinettes 9, DECA 12, FHA 10,1 1, French 12, History 12, Raiderette 1 1. ,bs . l . , ,Q - Beta 1 l,12, Executive ' r , , Student Body Sec. 12, French 10,1 1,12, French Honor 11,12, History I 1, juniorettes 1O,11,12, Math Honor 11,12, NFL 10, NHS 11,12, Sci- ence 12, Soccer 9,10,1 1, NASC Region lll Representative 1 1,12, "Most Depen- dable' 12,... KATE DUNCAN - Band 9, Beta 12,French 10,1 1.12, History I 1,12, luniorettes 10,1 1,12, SADD 12, SMOKE SIGNAL 12,... ERNEST DUNQP - VICA 12. ------0 - 72!Bus Drivers fm gg V - . ,,,.-. Dedicated Drivers. Front row, Archie Beavers Tanya Trotman Mamn Carter Nancy Bell David David Wilson, Dana David, Anita Franklin, Michelle Andergon 106 Hopper Ken Baker Mike Council Blevins, Charlisa Bullard, Rodney Holland, Hope Kevin Odenwelder Darin Bell Stuart Azarigian Rush, Ken Ingram, Billy Currens. Back row: Charles lghnny Quick jim Dekue McCormick, Demitrus Brown, Yvette Kirkpatrick ,.. KENNETH DUNLAP - VICA 11,129 Basketball 9,105 Football 9,10,11,IZg... BARBARA EADS BRIAN EASTER - Basketball 9,IO,l 1,121 1 Lj?A5 7-24 l l EONDA EASTERLING... RIKKI Eli LERBEE - DECA 12: S anisb 5:'S6ffl:TaIl lU,l lg.., TABA NGS - Anchor 91 Orches . A ff fx A! af? F xi f-We ,TC fine' P1 DEVONAJUMSQLR... RONDA FERGERSON - FYBLA u,1z1..gg5! ggguv. MICHELLE FOUST... MIKE FOX,.. ANIT ,N-Band 9,1O,I1,IZq ivlrie es 1 lSfOfy 12g Spanish 12. Seniorsf73 DOYLE FREEMAN - VICA 1 1,12, Vice- Pres. 125 Baseball 9,11,125... CHAD FUTRELL- Band9,10,11,125Beta11,125 French 10,11,12, Executive Committee 125 History 1 1,12, Sec. 125 Math Honor 11,125 Science 10,11,125 Soccer 10,1 1,125 Boys' State 1 15lunior Marshal II, MQuietest' 125..- I- -5-9355 SAMANTHA GILCHRIST... EURIKA GLOVER - Anchor 95 Chorus 9,10,1 1,125 Civinettes IO, FHA 125 Raiderette 10,1 1,12, Co-head 125... MISTY GORDON - DECA 11,12. MICHELLE GOSHEN.., KIM GOSNELL - Civinettes IO, DECA 12, Parlimentarian 125 History II: Spanish II, Basketball 9,10,1 1,125 Soccer 10,1 1,125 Softball 95 Volleyball 9,10,125... RICK GRADY - Computer 125 Key 10,1 I,I2q SADD 125 Spanish 9,1 lg Cross Country 125 Soccer 11,125 Swimming IO: Track 10,1 1,12. SEAN GRAHAM - Orchestra 9,10,11,1Z5 VICA IIQ... CYNTHIA GRAYSON - Band 9,10,1 1,125 FBLA 125 Keyettes II,I2,... ROBIN GREEN - Anchor 95 Civinettes IO, Raiderette 11,12, Co-head 125 Track 10. 74!Best All Around . Q f""' W 49 bi! ,Q N "I 915 ' The best of the best. Todd Burnett and Si Yon Yu personify the image of the well-rounded student. B-E-S-T Leadership, involvement, and service were words often used to describe Todd Burnett and Si Yon Yu. Their unending willingness to participate earned them the title of "Best All Around." Todd was the President of both NHS and Sci- ence Club, Vice President of the Student Body, member of the baseball team, and a delegate to Boys' State, and later, Boys Nation. Si Yon was the President of the Student Body, Vice President of Keyettes, and was a member of NHS and the swim team. Both Si Yon and Todd were junior Marshalls. With their leadership ablility, both seniors invoved themselves in sewing others. ASHLEY GRIFFIN - Computer 12: Iuniorettes 9,IO,1 1,12: REVERIE 12: SADD 12: Science IZ: Basketball 9,1O: Softball 9,IO,l 1.12: H.P. Youth Council 9,1O,l 1.12, Chair Person 12: Homecom- ing Court 1Z:... TIM GRIFFEY - VICA I I,12: Football IO: Track 9: Wrestling IO:... KAREN HALL - Chorus 10: Civinettes 10,1 1: DECA 12, Pres. 12: SADD IO. SUSAN HAMMETI - Band 9: French 10,1 I: luniorettes 12: Ke ettes 9: SADD 10,1 I: Swimming IO:... IIIENRY HARP. - Beta I 1,12:Key 10,1 1,12,Pres. I2:Math Honor 1 I: Spanish 10,1 1: VICA 12: Soc- cer 1O,I I,IZ:... LYNDA HARMON - Beta I 1,12:Cheerleader I I,I2, Head IZ: Computer 12: FCA 12: French 10,11: French Honor 1 1: luniorettes 10,1 I,12: REVERIE 12: SADD 10. :Q all ., Seniors!75 AMY HARRINGTON - Beta I 1,121 Ke - ettes 125 Spanish Honor I l,l2g... BREIJT HARRINGTON - Computer 12g French IO: Ke lO,l l,lZg Tennis 9101112 DEBOKAH HARRIS. IQ l Klum SAN - Civinettes I0- izaiiererre - anish Honor I I- Track , P , 9,IO,I I, All-State 9,lO,l lg... CINDY HARTMAN - FBLA lZg... WINDY HARTMAN - FBLA 12. . 9 if f4,,,,,3t,uv One more tlmel Billy Nixon and Betsy York MMost Spirited" seniors, display their outst school spirit by leading students in cheers. 76!Most School Spirit-Most Athletic time Go Red Every year, there are certain athletes that are outstanding leaders. The "Most Athletic" seniors, Walt McLeod and Shannon Thomas fit this description. Walt participated in football, basketball and track, while Shannon demonstrated her athletic ability in volleyball, basketball and track. "Go Raiders!" was a phrase often used by the "Most Spirited" seniors, Billy Nixon and Betsy York. At sports events, they led Raider fans in cheers. During spirit weeks, they al- ways dressed in the specified attire. IULIE HEER - FBLA IZ: Spanish I I:Soft- ball 9,IOg... IOYCE HE ARD - Band 9,I0,I I,IZ,... IEFF HEPLEK CANDICE HIATT - Beta II,IZz Cheerleader IO,I I, Mascot IZ, luniorettes IO,I I,IZ, Treas. IZ, NHS II,IZg SMOKE SIGNAL II,IZq Spanish I0,I I,IZ, Pres. IZ, S anish Honor lO,I I,I2g... I. - Anchor 9,125 Computer IZ: Environmental IO,II,IZ,FBLA9,I0,Pep9,IO,SADDIZ, S anish II: Basketball IO: Track I0,... YFEJLANDA HILL - Pep IO. Seniors!77 To a "T" The classic good looks of Anthony Dilfoggio and Paulalester earned them many admiring glances as they walked through the halls of Andrews. Members of the opposite sex were never far from sight. The two deserved the title, "Best Looking" seniors. Shannon Watkins and Mark Dawkins also received their share of admiring glances from the students. Shannon often modeled the latest Forenza styles while Mark wore fancy suits and spar- kling gold chains. lt was no doubt that these "Best Dressed" seniors would be caught in nothing less than the latest looks in fashion. Mlrror, mlrror on the wall. Anthony Dilfoggio and Paula lester, the 'Best Looking" seniors, show who is the fairest among them all. TOM HODGIN - junior laycees 9,10,1 1,123 Spanish 103 VICA IO: Cross Counm- 9,1O,1 l,l2g Track 9,1O,11,1Z5... SHA HOFFMAN - Band 9,1O,1 15 Computer 10,1 I5 History 10,1 1,125 junior laycees l 1,125 Key 103 SADD 105 Spanish 9,10,1l: Soccer 10,115 Swim- ming 9,1O,1 1,1Z,.. GARY HOLLAND - VlCA9,1O,11,I2. R O D - MBi est Flirt" IOF. PER - Band 50,1 1,125 Computer IO, DECA 11,125 Cross Country 123 Tennis 1 15... DOUG HUD- SON - Band 9,1O,1 lg DECA 125 FCA 125 History 1 lg lunior laycees 115 Key 9,125 Spanish 9,1 1,12. 78fBest Looking-Best Dressed li E 1 CHARLES HUNTLEY - Wrestling 9,lO,l l,IZg... F. - DECA llg Basketbal , 1 Footbal 9,lOg,., PERC I .A - Science 9: VICA ll I2 ,. af f , ,A 7 ' " L . "Hath, ,F ' N N E' v ROD - Chorus I0,I 1,125 , nmental 12g junior I SADD l2g,.. - C h o r u s 2:....EKllQ- 9,lO,I 1,125 junior 2, SADD 125 Basketball IO. l ' il "l l L' ' 5 syn uxff?il , .K 'Q Dressed to impress. The MBest Dressed' seniors, hannon Watkins and Mark Dawkins, show the tudents at Andrews the latest fashions to wear, Seniors!79 E ACKS - Band ,lO,lI,l25 ECA 125 Wrestling 9,10,1 1,125... IULIE IANSSEN - Band 9,105 luniorettes 125 Softball 95.,. TROY IARRETL - Band 9: VICA 1O,11,1Z. DARRELL IEFFERIES - Baseball 9,1O,11,125 Football 9,10,11,1Z5 Wres- tling 10,1 l,l23... PAULA IESTER - Beta 11,125 Chorus 9,105 Computer 11,125 French 10,1 1,12, Pres. 125 French Honor 11,125 History 11,125 luniorettes 12: Keyettes 9,10,1 lg NHS 1 1,1Z,Secfl'reas. 12: REVERIE 123 SADD 10,1 1,125 H.P. Youth Council 9,105 Homecomin Court 125 MBest Looking" 125,.. KAREN IQHN - Computer 125 French 103 History 123 luniorettes 9,10,11,1Z5 SADD 125 Sci- ence 125 Tennis 9,10,11,12, All- Conference 9,1O,11, All-Piedmont 9,10,1 1, All-American 1 1. Cvertime lf one ever needed a helping hand, he didn't need to look any farther than Tia Doar or Andy But- ler, the two seniors voted "Most Dependable." ln addition to serv- ing as student body secretary, Tia demonstrated her responsible qualities by being a member of the National Honor Society and girls' soccer team. Andy took charge as the president of the junior jaycees and as vice-president of the Na- tional Honor Society. 8O!Most Dependable 5 3 1 Q gf t 1? 5 ' f .wt faptg, ,i,g!1.V,,giQ eg 5, ,c,'3g.,V ,ky Lk ' iff? Q,,2545x,Qg, ' 50214, 211 .:,.,,, ,v,c,,,v.g MDW 5. gl - 15-f,,,5,, Wf,,5,1g?if: f ' zffkrwwqfkggfslw .. sit 1 fm 'tl 5, jllll? ,l M5765 it MM All bases covered. Tia Doar and Andy Butler can always be counted to shoulder any responsibility -"4 'IGM is SQ ' I I , I 111111112 I ,I lx' V W... J' V . AMY IOHNSON - FHA 1I,12: Orchestra 9,IO,I1,l2q.,. PATRICIA LOHNSON - Band 9,l0,1 I,IZ:... ONNA KEARSE.. CONNIE KING - Beta 1 1,1 2, Cheerlea- der IOQ Computer 10,1 1,I2, Sec. 12, FCA 10,1 I,12, French 10,1 I,I2, Executive Committee IZ, French Honor I I,I2, His- tory IO,I 1,125 juniorettes 1O,11,12, Vice-Pres. 12, REVERIE 12, SADD 1O,I1,I2, Soccer 9,1O, Homecomin Court 9,10,1I,I2,... V KIRKPQIBICK - Band 9,1 ,I 1,121 Civinettes 10,115.0 QILLY KOQNTZ - Band 9,IO,I IqKeyIO,'I2:'lEEVERIE1I,I2, Soccer 9,IO,I 1,125 Track I I, "Wittiest" IZ. PERRY KYLE - Key 12: Soccer 9,1O,1 1,123 Track 9,IO,1I:... THERESE LENESKI - FBLA 123 SADD 10,1 1,125 S anish 10,1 1,121 Soccer 1I,12,... I8RDIf. LESTER - Drama 9,I0,I Ig Key I1,I2, SADD 9,101 Soccer I0,II. SHANNON LEWIN - Band 9, French 9,IO,l1, luniorettes IZ, Keyettes 9, SMOKE SIGNAL 12, Soccer IO, Softball 11,121 Swimmin IO, MMo5t Un- predictable' 12,... ISN LIBERTY - FCA I 1,1 2, Football 10,1 1,I2, Tennis 10,1 I,12g... IOE LITTLE - Key 11,125 Wrestling 9,1O,I 1,I2, All-Conference 10,1 1,All-Piedmont I I, All-State I 1. Seniors!8I Ha! Hal When it boiled down to the "Most Unpredictable" seniors, the names of Chris Bray and Shannon Lewin quickly came to mind. These two kept everyone around them in constant disbelief of their crazy actions. Chris frequently wore jeans split down the side or shirts that had been through one too many washings. Anyone who ever heard a shrill whistle knew im- mediately that Shannon was somewhere nearby. Everyone at Andrews laughed whenever Billy Koontz and Cybele Martin voiced their opinions, which was often. Their quick wit made them the natural choices for the "Wittiest" seniors. They always joked with their fellow students and put some sun into an other- wise cloudy day. KRISTIN LOHR - Band 9,105 Beta 11,125 Cheerleader 95 Computer 125 Drama 125 French 1 1,125 French Honor 125 History 11,12, Pres. 125 juniorettes 10,1 I,I5 SADD 125 Science 11,125 Soc- cer 9,11, All-Conference 95 Tennis 9,10,1 I,125...YVONNE LORBER- Band 95 Computer 125 History 125 juniorettes 125 SADD 125 Science 125... KIRSI LUKKARI - Band 125 Drama 125 French 12. PAUL LYDDON - Band 9,105 Beta 11,125 Computer II: FCA II,I2g French 125 History 1 1,125 junior laycees 1 1,125 Key IO5 Math Honor11,125NHS11,125 SADD 125 Science 10,1 1,125 Football 1 1,125 Track 1 1,125 junior Marshal 1 15... CYBELF. MARTIN - Beta 11,125 FHA II,I2g French 10,1 Ig French Honor 115 History 1O,11,12, Sec. 125 juniorettes 10,125 NHS 11,125 Science 10,11,125 Tennis 9,1O,1 1,125 Mwittiest' 125... MICHAEL MARTIN - FCA 9,10,1 15 His- tory 11,125Key 9,105 NFL 10,11,125 Spanish 9,1O,11,125 Spanish Honor 10,1 1,125 Football 9,10,1 1.125GoIf9,105 Swimming 9,I0g Track 1 1,125 H.P. Youth Council 9,1O,1 1,12, Vice-Chair 12. wi lust A' SwIngIn'. The "WittiestW seniors, Billy Koontz and Cybele Martin, Hnd a way to add humor to any situation. 4 -O 'z 12. E l 4 au. 1 R17 more I 1: 5 is .wmma V1 uw. ali W 1 4 ft ... 82!Wittiest-Most Unpredictable f I ,y 'Q' al 'Na . 1 I M 5 . 46" 45. fihi 1. BRIAN MAULDIN - Computer 9: Drama I0,I I: SMOKE SIGNAL II,I2, Business Manager IZ, Spanish I0,l I, S anish Honor I I: "Most Talented" IZ:... SRIANNON MCBRYDE ' Drama II: luniorettes IO,I I,IZg Orchestra 9,IO: Spanish 9, I O, I I , I 2:.., STEPQQNLE MCCALL - Anchor IO, I 2, Civinettes I Ig FEDKTZ, Raiderette I I. IIM MC Ally Art 93... CHRIS EE... ORGE MCLARTY - French IO, NFL I Ig Spanish IZ, Soccer II. Body Double. The serious sides of Chris Bray and Shannon Lewin, the 'Most Unpredictable' seniors, are rarely seen. Seniors!83 The Beat Wherever the pounding beat of rock music, or the lullaby of classi- cal music was heard, one was sure that either Brian Mauldin or LeAnne Davidson had a part in it. Brian danced his way to a summer job at Myrtle Beach and practiced dance year round. LeAnne played several musical instruments in- cluding the viola and the harp. Her harp gave her the opportunity to perform in cities such as Wash- ington and Atlanta. These students proudly upheld the title of "Most Talented." w,M,fLTMIg1,LpQ-D - vicA 1O,1l,12: Basketljal 'l'O,11, Football 1O,11,12, Track 1O,11,12, All-Conference ll, "Most Athletic" 12g... IEANNA MCMANUS - Band 9,10,1 1,12, French 12: Keyettes 1I,12, S t. of Arms 12, SADD 1o,.., :Ric MEDLIN - Band 9,lO.1 1,121 Beta 11,12: Computer 10,1 1,i2, Pres. 12, Math Honor 11,l2g REVERIE 12g SADD 10,113 Science 10,1 1,l2g Spanish 1O,I 1. da TERRY MEINECKE - Beta 12: History 123 Key 121 NFL 1O,11,12, Pres. 12, Novice State Championship IO, District Champion I1,I2g Science 11: Cross Country 9,,., TAMMY MELTON... SHEL- l.Y MILLER 84!Most Talented Making beautiful muslc. Brian Mauldin and LeAnne Davidson give a unique outdoor concert. , -2 , C 'f, 'vi' if-yy . . tx? KEVIN MISHOE - VICA 1l,125... BARRY MOORE... TONY MURRAY - Baseball 9,10. . f-?-cffz'-of VINCENT MURRAY...-,LLLCHAEL NEELEY... BILLY NIXON - Banff Beta 1 1,125 Drama 9,1O,11,125 Executive Board 1 15 lunior laycees 1 15 Key 125 Math Honor 11,125 SADD 12, Vice-Pres. 125 Spanish Honor 1 1,125 H.P. Youth Council 9,1O,1 1,125 MMost School Spirit' 12. DARREN NOSAI. - Band 9,1O,1 Ig FCA 10,1 1, French 10,1 15 History 1 1,125 Key 10,11,l2:SADD12:BMeball1O,11,12: Football 9,1O,11,125 Swimming 11,125 Boys' Homecoming Court 105 H.P. Youth Council 10,1 I,1Z5... KEVIN ODENWEL- DER - Band 9,1O,115 Ke 1O,11,12: SADD 125... MARCO ORSINI - Beta 11,125 Computer 9,1O,11,125 History 1I,I25luniorlaycees 125 NFL 125Science 11,125 SMOKE SIGNAL 12, Head Photographer 125 Spanish 9,1O,115 Spanish Honor 11,123 Tennis 11,12. NAT PARKER - Art 95 DECA 10: History , 5Orchestra 105 Pep 95 SADD 1 O5 Basketball 9,105 Football 105 Track 95,.. TQAPA.R.?I, - Band 9,1O,1 1,125 Sci- 'ence IOITK S PARSLEY - VICA I 1,125 Golf 105 Wrestling 9,1O, Seniorsf85 NATA QM: Anchor 9g Drama , ,1l,VlCA11,1Z:...PEKD : Band 9, Computer , His- ory g ADD 9,10,1Zg Science 9, Spanish 9, Basketball 9,10,1 1,125 Softball 9, Track 9: Volleyball 91... KRISTI PATTERSON - Computer 121 Executive Board 1Z,Senior Class Sec. 12, FCA 9, French 10,1 1, His- tory 1l,12, luniorettes 9,10,11,1Zg REVERIE I 1, SADD 10,1 1,1Z, Science 12, Soccer 9. wr.-if , 1 f ,S 3 , " .lim "fi ai ei 5 .Q SEAN PAUS - Math Honor 1 1, Science I l,1ZgVlCA IZ, Swimming 9,l0g... DON PERRYMAN - FCA IZ: Key 10,11,12g SADD 1ZgVlCA 11,125 Swimming 11,12q... GAYLE POSTON - Band 9: FBLA 12, Keyettes 9: Spanish 10,1 1,Soft- ball IO. ll' Smiles Two people who could be sure to brighten anyone's day were Chris Blackman and Sarah Yates, the two seniors with the "Best Personality." They were always surrounded by a crowd of friends and left smiles in their wake wher- ever they went. No matter if you were confused or depressed, these two people could certainly change your outlook. lt was not uncommon for one to see Rodney Holland or Kelly Sanniota giving a member of the opposite sex a hug, a kiss or just a flirtatious look. They often demon- strated the attributes than won them the title of "Biggest Flirt." 86!Best Personality-Biggest Flirt That's what friends are for. Chris Blackman ant! Sarah Yates, having the Best Personality, alway took time for others. A hug and a klss. Rodney Holland and Kelly Sanniota, the uliiggest Flirts,' left a trail of broken hearts behind them. 3' A 6 1 LARRY PRATT - DECA 1 lg Pe 95 Track liz... l. PRIMUS... QHNNY .Q:LLCK- ' s fl f' QA , MALLORY QUICK.. STEVEN QUICK - Computer 9g Histo 1 1gSMOKE SIGNAL 12g... MICHAEL QYIINTO - Band 9,10: Beta 11,125 Computer 9,105 History 1O,11,12, Treas. 12g SADD 105 Science 11,125 Spanish 9,101 Soccer 10,1 1,12. Seniors!87 IL!-Ll'-I3-l.CI,,AmLANDALL... ANNA REYNOLDS - Anchor 10,115 FBLA 12, Treas. 125 Basketball 95... ALAN RICE - Art 12, Vice-Pres. 125 Computer 125 SADD 105 Science 1 1. .5 fl l5'l5Q2m 5,.1AM:s T A 'RODD - oicc SIGNAL 11:,.. IOHN RODDEN. AMY RODDY - Art 9,103 Beta 11,125 French 11,125 History 11,125 Keyettes 10,1 l,l2g SADD 12, Treas. 125... MICHELLE ROHRER- FBLA 1 1,12, His- torian 125 SADD 10,1 15... SHARON ROWSEY - Computer ll: FBLA 125 luniorettes 9,103 Keyettes 1 1,125 Science 1 1,125... BECKY ROYAL - FBLA 1 1,12, Pres. 125... - Basketball 9,10,1 1,125 So tball 95 Homecoming Court 12, Maid of Honor 12. 88!Quie-test Seriously sllent. Librarians never have to say, MBe quietl' to Chad Futrell and Laura Saunders, the 'Quietest' seniors. 8'-"'-'Q Shhhh! Psssst! Did you know that Chad Futrell and Laura Saunders were the "Quietest" seniors? Teachers never had to say a stern word to them. The two always kept themselves under control and busied themselves with more con- structive things besides goofing off. This honor could easily have been titled 'iMost Well Behavedf' However, being voted "Quietest" does not necessarily mean that they did not have a successful senior year. Chad and Laura both made outstanding grades, in- volved themselves in many activi- ties, and smiled greetings to all they met. KELLY N - Beta 11,iz, eer ea er 9, Computer 1 1,12, French 10,11,12, French Honor 1 1,12, History 10,1 1,12, Vice-Pres. 12, luniorettes IO,1 1,12, REVERIE 11,12, Soccer 9,1O, Tennis 9,1O, Who's Who 1 1,12, 'Biggest Flirtn 12,... V - Key 10,11,12,Vic - res. , A12,Sgt.of Arms 12, Football 9,10, Wrestling 9,... RANDY SHEALEY - Art 9,10,1 1,12. Pres. 12, Spanish Honor 9. KAREN SHEPHERD... LISA SHUSKEY - Band 9,1O,11,12, Beta 11,12, French 11,12, History 11,12, SADD 10,1 1,12: Science 11,12, Spanish 12,... ALICIA SMITH - Band 9,1O,1 1,12, Computer 11, FBLA 12, French 10,11, History 11,12, Keyettes 9,1O,1 1,12, Science 11, SMOKE SIGNAL 1 1,12, Co-Copy Editor 12, Basketball 1 1, Soccer 1 1, Tennis 9. Seniors!89 Leaders Members of the Senior Execut- ive Board gathered seventh period in Mr. Henne's roomg that may have been the only time and place they were together. With all of the activities being planned, they rarely had time for anything else. The board consisted of President Mike Banesse, Vice- President Marty Snider, Secretary Kristi Patterson and Treasurer Kristin White. These officers planned Senior Week and Senior Fun Day. They worked together with the junior Class Officers and the other student council members to promote Raider spirit and to make this year at Andrews the best ever. Leaders of the Pack. Front row: Sec. Kristi Patter- son, Treas. Kristin White. Back row: Vice-Pres. Marty Snider, Pres. Mike Banesse. ROBERT SMITH - Key 10,1 1,125 REVERIE 11,12, Co-Layout Editor 125 SEanish II, Soccer 9,10,1 I,IZg... S LINA SMITH - Drama II, FCA 95 Spanish 10,1 15... SHELLEY SMITH - DECA 125 Keyettes 1 1,125 Spanish 10,1 1. SUSAN SMITH - Beta 11,125 French 10,1 I,I2g History 11,125 luniorettes 10,1 I,I2g Orchestra 95 SMOKE SIGNAL 11,12, Co-Editor 125 Soccer 9,1O5... - Computer IZ, DECA 25... ITH - Computer II, luniorlaycees 95 VICA 10,1 1,125 Baseball 105 Football 9. 9O!Senior Officers 1 445 . af i f ,vi MARTY SNIDER - Computer 9,1O, Ex- ecutive Board 12, Senior Class Vice-Pres. 12, FCA 12, French 10,1 1,12, History 12, junior laycees 1 1,12, SADD 12, Science 9,1O,11,1Z, SMOKE SIGNAL 11, Golf 9,10,1 1,12,... BRADY SNOW... IAMIE SNOW - Civinettes 12, French 1O,11, Orchestra 9,10,1 1,12, SADD IO, Gov, ernor's School 10. LISA SPRINGS - Anchor 9,1O, DECA 11,... IOSEPH STANLEY - Chorus 11: French Honor 1 1,12, NFL 10,Whisperin Leaves 11,12, Asst, Editor 12,... KEIS STATON - Art 11,12, DECA 12. LESLIE STATTON - Computer 12, His- tory 12, juniorettes 12,... DARREN STEELMAN - DECA 12, S anish 10: Baseball 9,1O,11,12,... BUEK STEP- HENSON. STENNETTIA STEWART - Band 9,109 Softball 9,10,1 1,12, Volleyball 9,1O,12,... PATRICK STONE - Band 9,10,1 1,... MISSY STUDY - DECA 12, French 1 1, Keyettes 1 1, Science 1 1. Seniorsf91 CINDY STYLES - Art 12, Sec.lTreas. 12, Spanish 9: VICA 9,1O,11:... LISA SUMNER - Art 10, Computer 12, DECA 1O,11,1Zg SADD 10, Science 12g... KAREN TAYLOR - DECA 11,1Z, Pres. 123 Spanish 9,1O. iw 1 , ,gg wi. B RRY - Wrestling 10,1 1,12, Al- o en e 1O,11g... AUDREY THOMAS - Band 9,10,1 1,123 Civinettes 9,103 Computer 1 lgHistory 1 1, Keyettes 11,123 Science 9, Spanish 1O,11g... O N THOMAS - Raiderette g ase a , ,1,12,All- Conference 10,1 1, All-District 10,115 Track 9,1O,1 1,1Z, All-Conference 10,1 1, All-District 10,1 1, Volleyball 9,1O,1 1,12, All-Conference 1 1, All-District 1 1, "Most Athletic" 12, Mm Decisions On October 9, 1986, seniors and juniors proceeded to the gym to scout colleges from all over North Carolina and its surrounding states. Some of the busiest tables were those offering information about UNC-CH, UNC-C, NCSU and ASU. Most seniors quickly made their way to the college they had already chosen, while the juniors randomly scanned the scene to get an idea what college they might like to attend. Interes- ted students asked many ques- tions to help clear up much of their previous confusion. 9Z!College Day Mew- 1 f f 'Q W- Lg. 4, . is , ' , , ,' I7 , .A .. h. 4,-.xl J, im if 1 . g,. ,L 1 W Declslons, decisions. Rick Grady, Denny and Robin Whitener visit different representatives on College Day. f 0 J . A , g I fl? li f Q ss ,4v'l' Ll . i 'L ,...x f A N... SQHLA TH - Anchor 125 Band 9, 0,1 1,1 5 Computer 125 Pep 95 SADD 9,IO:... SUSANNE TODD - Beta 11: Cheerleader 11,125 DECA 115 FCA 125 luniorettes 10,115 Orchestra 9,105 REVERlE125SADD I25Spanish 1O,11,12: Spanish Honor 1 1. TANYA TROTMANH. MITCHELL TYSON - VICA 11,125... CURTIS VARNER - Computer 10,115 DECA 9,1O,1 1,125 History 1 15luniorlaycees 103 SADD IO, Science 95 Spanish 9,105 VICA 9,1O.k LINDA VENABLE - Band 9,1O,11,12: Computer 125 French 125 Math Honor 115 NFL IO: Science 11,125 Soccer 95 Governors School II: junior Marshal 11:... CAROLYN WAGONLR - Band 9,1O,11,125 Drama 1O,11,125 Math Honor 1 Ig NFL 9,105 Science I I,IZ5VICA 125... f - Drama 9,1O5VlCA1 ,12. BRENT WALSER - Band 95 Beta 1 1,125 Computer 95 French 10,1 15French Honor 115 History 9,10,11,125 junior Jaycees 10,1 1,125 Key 125Math Honor 1 15SADD 125 Science 125 SMOKE SIGNAL 125 Golf 95 Soccer 9,1O,115 Swimmin 9,lO,1 1,125 Tennis 11,125... MELISX - Anchor 125 Civinettes 105 nvlronmental 12, FHA 1O,11, History 105 Keyettes 105 Raiderette 105 SADD 125... MARIQXVASHINGISLN - Comput :1TH'5 rsrzsfy 11,125 Science 11,12. Seniors!93 SHANNON WATKINS - Band 9,I0,I I,IZ, Beta I I,IZ, Cheerleader IZ, FCA IZ, French I I,lZ, History I0,I I,IZ, Iuniorettes IZ, Keyettes IO,I I, REVERIE IZ,SADD I0,I I,IZ, MBest Dressed' IZ,... DARIN WHITAKER - VICA IO,I I,IZ:... BILLY WHITE - VICA lO,I I,IZ. KRISTIN WHITE - Cheerleader 9, I 0,1 I, Computer IO,I I,IZ, Drama IO,II,IZ, Executive Board IZ, Senior Class Treas. IZ, FCA IO,I I, French I0,I I, History I0,I I,IZ, luniorette IZ, NFL IZ, SADD IZ, Spanish IZ, Who's Who IZ,... AMY WHITEHART - Cheerleader I0,l I, French IO,I l,luniorettes IO, Homecom- ing Court I0,... ROBIN WHITENEK - French IO,IZ, 94!Seniors A '1 'isis Working towards perfection. Mike Banesse Marty Snider strive to make the I986-87 Council the best. A qulck stop. LeAnne Davidson and Brett Cramer hurriedly go to their lockers as they try to beat the after school rush. w..,,,,,.1r ..,,,, ..,.,..a" Dates One thing almost all Raiders had in common was their attraction to the opposite sex. They used dif- ferent strategies to get themselves noticed. Friends were asked to drop hints "to that certain person." Students took strange routes in order to pass by a certain someone's locker. The grapevine was a good source of information about weekend social activities, where a possible glimpse of the person could be caught. If the message was finally communicated, and the feelings were mutual, so began a relation- ship that might last days--or months. During their time together, couples often dined out, caught a movie or showed up at a party. When all else failed, the two watched T.V. at home with Mom and Dad. KATRICE WI l - Computer ll BlA 5 A IO, Keyettes 9g Pep 105. I0 10,1 lg Track 9. 'F' Senlors!95 - Band 9, Pep g. CHLLLL WILLIAMS - Chorus ,l0,I l,l2, Pep 9,105 SADD 9: Spanish ION WILLIS.., MICHELLE WILLIS - Anchor 10,1 1,12, Civinettes 10, Computer 12, En- vironmental 10,1 1,12, FHA 9, Pep 9,1O, Raiderette 1 1,.,. DAVID CKYMNIILSON TAMMY WILSON FBLA gf'v"'P"""ice- 'fesl Tiff IOHNNY wvlucli. SARAH YATES - Beta 12, Computer 9,1O,11,12, Executive Board 9,101 French 11,12, Executive Committee 12, History 11,12, luniorettes 9,10,11,12,Pres. 12: SADD 10,1 1,12,SMOKE SIGNAL 10,1 1,1Z,Co-Copy Editor 12, Soccer 9,1O,1 1,12, Swimming 9,1O, H.P. Youth Council 10, Homecoming Court 9,1O,1 1,12, Qkleen 12, "Best Personality' l2,... BETSY YOR - Beta 11,l2, Computer 12, French 10,1 1, French Honor 1 1, History 11,12, luniorettes 9,1O,l 1,12, Math Honor 11,12, NHS 11,12, REVERIE 1O,11,12, Layout Editor 11, Editor 12, SADD 11,12, MMost School Spirit' 12,.., SI YON YU - Band 9,10,1 1, Beta l1,12, Dtecutive Board 1O,12, Student Body Pres. 12, French 10,1 1,12, Executive Committee 12, French Honor 1 1,12, History 1 1,12, Keyettes 9,1O,11,12, Vice-Pres. 12, Math Honor 11,12, NFL IO, NHS 11,12, Sci- ence 1O,1 1,12, Vice-Pres. 12, Swimming 1 1,12,Who's Who 12, lunior Marshal 1 1, 'Best All Around' 12. nt Q, wg, SJEENVJECODJDES '77-3 96!Seniors io time to waste. With Todd Burnett's ex- tracurricular activities, he finally linds time to do his 1omework. iii' M i College? As the year progressed, discus- sion began about the seniors' fu- ture plans. Students made the im- portant decision about college. Responding to the question, "Why do you want to go to college?" Andrews seniors gave a variety of answers. "I want to learn about life and play football." -David Wilson "l want to further my education in law." -Wendy Clark "I want to become more productive and valuable in today's society." -Michael Quinto "l want to study dental hygiene, and move out on my own." -Ashley Griffin These seniors have decided to take a big step. They hope that the college experience will help prepare them for life and start them on the road to success. out. Earnest Dunlap keeps his Mcool' even the long hours of school. Seniors!97 The Real Test When the going got rough, the tough juniors got going. This year was the real test of their abilities to balance school, jobs and recrea- tional time. juniors spent long hours on term papers, practicing for the SAT and poring over college pamphlets trying to de- cide where to go. As the year progressed, juniors learned how to budget their time and energies. They also began to see that no one could be perfect and do everything. The junior year was a time to mature and ready oneself for the final step on the road to graduation. f Walt, one last bitel Ronnie Plowman begs the un- kown cameraman to let him finish his lunch. Gefod Adams 1' firssr - - Shannon Adkins 5 it jj j :z,, z., fm ffm ,,1: in ,V ' X ,uf 1 11 "1 W aff if S Mike Auman itss a glamela Auman ,,VV My aw Y S if i'ffiii 'nn S A Y . f . 7 . YQ! 4 t 5 sk "i ,, X, 4 1' 2 TY 5 , ,.,, aiii T E 3 ,. fl" V' ' ' !,JL:E??i2EJ52iiiit2i.-,, Pamela Basheen ' ,,,, ,,,,.. Iohnny Baffen tsisisr iit . Rhonda Bayne it , Kay Bell T i s fa.. ' iirrr iji S6011 Eenfley , I-won Billiard if f iffi T if ' ' ff,- , iil, W' 1 " ": f--r " . , 'T :Q ., -f'. sSzf-enwzifsiziffifl I7 W ,,,,, ,,flTTjf ff' ,,:. , -,,, was nf! 55 ff is ' iiif' fifce be ii'fc it T V7 1 it ctc in . sttt it s ii' I .. 569 X k,,, , V ,j 1 ' 411 G . 3 T wi if ' Tom Bodenheimer I-isa Bolds if Terry Bosworth Q- V Tony Bowman 'Q' ga Wa: Sean Boyce V gh I 1, W- T Mari? Boyles jzi: 'ft 'L 45, T l B, 98ljuniors No.1 h ,X t , Y K? Aix. V. y, , 'E we-cv sl ' ' x, .ff Y ' as . a , I I , f '21 Q lh' ,, 3, A , - af -V e , , V -l V ' L ,Ln ' ,' , 11- A ' ' ' f ,Q 3,1 A A- A , " ng , , 0 Q .-V ' 'A - - . , r W ' r .,,- 'A ,Qc 1 a 4, 61 if f ,W , Q I 11 , W 1 '43 A il .3 MW Y 1" I W , ' 1 jj' I I .P Q Heli .v,fv .. , K a in U ,mv X, 2 ia Y: Q ' . 4 H' i', - lik. ! l5C5la2lr9V 7 5 ' ' 1 'L if , l ik , , it 'YN ig! K W 'W' B ililt r ik T " , ,, V , - 1' L V ' X' Q ., . 2 Vhk, A y S., - I i, C 4 ' A l 'XXX i 's i 'X l Li an U' 5 E A l Linda Eezekiel Veronica Fordyce Larry French Regina Fuller james Galloway Ricky Branch Scott Bray Mike Brewington Naguita Brgwington Gary Brice Angie Brown Caroline Brown lohn Burns Deidra Bryant Laura Cadle Steghanie Camp lammy Canady Ar' Kim Cave Scharmane Channels Gene Clark David Clarey Karen Clifton Sandra Coltrane lodi Combs Rick Cranford Cherie Currens Tracey Dalton Michael Davidson Bryan Davis Chris Davis Keith Davis Paul Davis Sam Davis Tonya Davis Melinda Dennis Donnie Dixon Michael Dunn Samatha Dutton Chris Euler Colleen Ellis Harold Gardner Geoff Gibbs My Lori Gibson A , A Pam GlbS0l'l LVVV rw ' A l AQ9,.,,r 4 6' 1 Tanisha Gould f' 5' ' 5-,,... , , A Richie Greenfield Cinnamon Griggs Charlie onmsread Anthony Hall Willie Hall ,,,.....-. Roland Hanes A in Chris Harcum Allison Hardison Sidwey l-LMS 535554125 lennifer Hedge james Henard lulius Henard Karen Hensley Brent Herndon Kathryn Hill Amber Holbrook A Melanie Hoover " A I Next ln Line The junior class officers led their fellow students with plenty of planning. These officers master- minded the junior-senior prom, and made this event un- forgettable. These officers shouldered other responsiblities as well. President Susan Schneider was also the president of SADD. Vice-president Cherie Currens played tennis. Treasurer Lori Gibson devoted time to being a Varsity cheerlea- der. Secretary Cinnamon Hunter participated on the soccer team. These busy juniors managed to make the year one of the best yet. l OO!luniors if f is it ,, k:', l .E V x . fl 1 i t n 2 x' 4 is ii .dy .xy 'QTY X . Taklng charge. Front row: Vice-Pres. Cherie Currens, Pres. Susan Scheider. Back row: Sec Cinnamon Hunter, Treas. Lori Gibson. David Howard Melissa Howell Keisha Hubbard Scott Hucks Donna Hudgins Ashley Hughes Brian Hughes Cinnamon Hunter ..-1-. Clinton Idol Karen jaclson Christal james Samantha jannssen Tim jarrett Chris jenkins Stephanie jenigan Amy johnson Agri! johnson Arycka johnson jimmy johnson Sammy johnson Keith jones Russell Kahn Lynn Kak Tim Keams jimmy Kendell Belinda Key Cacy Kinney Deidra Kirlfgatrick Brian Lain Leigh Anne Landreth Angelluana Tara Lax Angie Leary Barry Leonard Matthew Leonard Marni Lessa Gina Lewis Mike Lewis Lorena Libertore Mike Linthicum Elaine Lowery - S, Cody Mabe - juniors! I O2 Siasette Mans Anita McAbee Tracie McClain chWl'1viE'cF"' - Minatt ' Ashley McDonald Melissa McGee jill McManus Mark McNeil Ron Meinecke Paul Metters David Mickey Samuel Miller HgQLMi110I- Tammy Mitchell Steven Moore Michelle Muncy MQEIBILMLLII-BAL jennifer Needham Daniel Oakley Lisa O'Connell Stacie Oglesby Victor Orsini Stephanie Oxford H riff 4 A " I ,- ,ef . 5, , z, H1 2:-f" I. f " V L l I 'P ix we ala :,iT,'T7i. , , , V ., . 4 - '. -V .p I . ' u I , V ' 34 i P ' if if A ,Laff y , 'f it a r. 1. 1 Q4 I -- 3 H flag.: I If ' ' ff , 1 " , I x an Q, U ' " f f f ,J 4 if as ,,., Ginney Parnell , ' . l j Tracey Patterson ' " l' , Wayne Perdue ' David Pettus f i , rifrfifj Donnie Phillips VV-V"V , an na essner i jennifer Poole l Sonja Post ,jg Patrick Pritchard i V, i Jil-CMQMLQKA mr ,,:f VffflQ"'Wf"lff1' W T 2 Karen Quinto David Ray Angie Reid Suzanne Rice jennifer Rich Shannon Rich i ras fi af ,xl at z H a W W 5 I' ,, Q www V 1 L f ff" 2 v 1 . Z? f ilw i '1H'i'?f:' 'lf1'l'm'll-5f ' aw V5 ig an , Saw ' -'fi if yry- "1 Ii' R, L 1 'ms ' Z 2 4- X Aa--W f 1 'hm K ' ' ' Z "" . ,Mn H92 '. 1 A "' fi' 92 l 5 2 Qs? W., Y fy ,-A , f f., :,,- - , , ,J ff ,,,, f , V if ' 3 ge ,, , Iii: ff-M , wi: 1"'f 'f , ' mi- W, Q lil F . i I ul ll i 7 r f f Q f Qyf 'AK 4 U r -1, ,w,r,Mssam , -fff af f f f 4 'sa Q fa in ,Li-fa Ah f f A far- it ,, f . ' , , ,1 I i, 'gm H f gf , izu a - , I ly XJ ,ff rA'-,' 'Li 54,4 gg! 1+ f Personality 3575 Cer Looks Dress iw Right Choice What are the characteristics of the "Ideal Date?" Fifty juniors answered this question for the REVERIE staff. juniors usually wanted a date with a good personality and great sense of humor. Favorite places to go ranged from dinner and a movie to a sunny picnic in the mountains. Most juniors felt that the guy should pay for the date, but many were happy to go "dutch," No matter where they went or what they did on the date, having a good time was always on the agenda. W j juicy gosslp. At lunch Scharmane Channels shares her knowledge of what's going on at Andrews with Nadine Wellington. 3 4 i ....,., - Q H juniorsfl O3 Chlllln'. Keith lones shows that you can relax during class. Takln' It easy. Chris Harcum takes a break from his schoolwork during lunch. 1 04!juniors Brandon Ridge Bert Roberts Daphne Rohrer Angie Rorie Robert Runion Darlene Sams Chris Sanders Andy Santaniello Susan Schneider Sherri Schroeder Eric Sechrest David Sherrill lennifer Shore Ashley Shuler loyce Sims Stephan Sims Heidi Simmons Wanda Simpson Debbie Smith jason Smith Scotty Smith Takeia Smith ' Rob snider Sam Spagnola f,a,,,L ,, , atiigit, ,, 1 is :,, , 'RRR - yiy Wi 'QW -,',f rf, . ' , f W ,N f ' 1 ,f I ' ,af -1 swfxrzz, f ' f ,.,,ff- 2 1 r ,,,r f me S ' I l I f I 239' i ' 2 Z 2 ti' S L S ' 4 .., as QW ' ' 55 3 Afiwiffiw 2,526 if f f ' X, X 54 V YQ, f W f 4' 4 X4 my 1 A gf if f ' 7 I, .,, V Wm..5 ,. ,f K gf' if 1 f f y fl! l 1 f f N M l Y, , , f f 1 f f f A A K! 4 E 3 We ' a A 6? A f 5a.,,,a ui K HX E- at - Dana Spoon f I f , -1 J' X 1 ry- fr n l Of 5F at 'Nw-..-q l at in VVVV I : Q in "ry ,, T sf",-fi"-ef"' if Q--'--f--...Tj, 1 1' f f , ' ,,,, 4- 0 l What now?l? Laura Cadle glares at the camera while lodi Combs is caught unaware. Anna Stinson V T .,.. ,,,... Kelly Stone " -f',, 2,.'v Angie SUUOI1 I Lenora Taylor A ' ':Li:i':" A Sheila Thorton r-.ffl slllssl T Q My ,, ,, . ,. Il.. Tim Tilley lohnathan Tuttle Dee Tyson Georgia Vakakis julie Wagner Bonnie Wall Penny Wardlaw Creg Warren jennifer Weber Scott White Lanilyilsan, Sherri Wilson Dana Wimmer Della Wimmer Tracey Winters Sidney Wood Tad Yarbrough Debbie Zeigler College Prep Do you have a number two pen- cil? What is our school code? These questions and more ente- red the minds of many Andrews' juniors as they made their way to the places where they would take the SAT or the PSAT for the first time. Preparation for the test inclu- ded taking sample tests located in the College Board booklets, and reviewing math facts such as the area of a circle. For all juniors plan- ning to attend college, the SAT and PSAT became an important part of the decision-making process. luniorsfl O5 Serious Biz As their second year at Andrews began, the sophomores realized that along with the fun things that went on at Andrews came a lot of hard work to make the grade. Teachers suddenly demanded more from these students, and ex- perienced sophomores were ex- pected to set examples for the freshmen. Sophomores found that the time to get serious about life and school had begun. They parti- cipated in more extracurricular activities, thought about college plans and perhaps had the responsibility of a car or a job. Tenth graders enjoyed this pressure free world, for they knew that the 'tough junior year was just around the corner. Dusty Adams Kristi Albea Leign Albertson David Alexander Keith Anderson F Gena Baisey Brian Barnes Kelly Barneycastle Angela Barrier Erika Bates Scott Baxley Trina Baxter Shawn Bean Amy Billingsley Michael Blakely Paul Blevins Kendle Boone Kevin Boone 4L9jLC.BQLder5. Paula Bowie Rickey Boyles Sam Brackett Wendy Bradbrook Christopher Bradley Tonya Brannon KV' Stralnlng the braln. Heath Putman squeezes bits of knowledge from his memory for a test. .II if ,,,, ,, Maia is at 'Y-,IK , .af K l' W "' -- J - jil, Q is ll ' w "'f 'ffl T tt"' i,,' ff r Kim Brown Larissa Brown lO6!Sophomores W -,H ' . hy 2 2 . , , N ,,,, if in ., 1 . ,,,,, , ,, , aa, , ,,., ,,., , ... ,wa-i,f,.,,f, 2' "" .V , 1 , B " M ' 'A' '. ,I rw, ,,VV of . ,g EIL . f -' ' 1,4-21 f- fa- -i i K ,of v -Q I , , A , , , . is f at , et, N 1- r r 'M ' 'fi if - , fi , ' f' B ,fa ,V I H H 1 i .12 VIVA ,H IM I 11111241 ,, 1 fb "5 'M H ' 1' W, y 4 ,N W5 I 1 Pi A 11 111 K .1 I f ' 'Q r f , l ,. 41 V A , ,, 1 'V ' ' 21" - - VV1 .. wr " Q' 7? 1 'Ha L: "' iv Q., . Q B 'D ' fi g ' 11 f fr, ' - l l X K, 'A 4 xh- gd, , 111111 P 1 I ' iff-n sr , 11 ft if A Q K B 1'-V31 ffl "' ',' y I X .L it ,ft V' 53 -7 mndmwrsi. Ap is NU bl l f 2 , 11 d it 1 7 i 1 e' ,W 1 t, 4 K X A. 4 V, ,g ,v .. 'm 'A .fa , gi ., 4.7 ' . , . 'A A 4, - ' " . , ., -Q11 2 M M ,,, ' ig , B ' . , ,,, .X 'X H M fx jf, Q J b'i Melissa Brown Heath Bryant Marc Bundy Garcia Burrell Eric Butler Rosa Buxton Brett Byerly QAMQLQMMII Q-1-HGH L Adam Carr Angela Childs Young Chong Geoff Clapp Natasha Cody Brandon Cook Tara Curtain Brian Daggett Craig Dashnaw Brennon Dgygj Eric Davis Erik Davidson lill Denny Tikeshia Dickey Vicki Douglas QhamKa.Duma-S Barnetta Dunbar 5 Tionne Dunn fig-asm-D41 Katherine Dygm Kim Eads Keith Efird Theresa Eller Melissa Ferguson Neil Fisher Kim Folkins What's that word? Confused French ll students Eric Butler, leffWhite and Sam Brackett look at the more knowledgeable AP student, LeAnne Davidson. X5-of Sophomores! 1 07 Tim Foster Shannon Fox Brent Futrell Kevin Gainey Bill Gansman Ricky Gardner Tiwana Garland Michael Gilchrist Sylvia Gill 551922315- Beth Gordon Christy Gordon Doug Grizzel Paige Hachet Kenneth Haggerty Lara Hammer Angela Hannah Wanda Hargrove 'GSarah Hearne Lori Hedgecock Maria Hill julie Holdren Chris Hooven Roxanne Howard David Hubbard Chris Hudspeth Robin Hughes Alison Hundley .. A ,gp g , ,- I f . lere 2 2 X yll I 6' 5.2, jf!! in CCGGC C ll C .mf lO8!Sophomores 'I'omorrow's Leaders. Front row: Vice-Pres. ju Yon Yu, Pres. Mike Rowan. Back row: Sec. Kim Stancil, Treas. Barbara Ogle. Sis 'vt ln September. Travis Thompson gets an Are you sure l'm the one you're looking for? start for the snowy winter season. Kenny Williams gives the photographer a question- ing look as he takes a break from his math. Hidden Help Working to expand their hori- zons, the sophomore class officers did more than what met the eyes of the student body. They were responsible for helping in most of the school activities sponsored by the Student Council, even though they were not given class time to do it. These officers were President Mike Rowan, Vice- President ju Yon Yu, Secretary Kim Stancil and Treasurer Barbara Ogle. They assisted the seniors, juniors and freshmen in the "Plas- ter the Pirates" project, Homecoming activities and various programs throughout the year. Besides being involved in Student Council, these busy Raiders had other time- consuming activities such as sports and clubs. Mike Rowan participated in 'cross country, track, NFL and the Key Club. ju Yon Yu was a junior Varsity cheerlea- der, Treasurer of the Spanish and Science Clubs and a Keyette. Kim Stancil participated in the Spanish club and Anchor Club. Barbara Ogle was busy with Keyettes, the French Club, debate and the girls' soccer team. These students put much time into these organiza- tions as well as the Student Coun- cil, and Andrews greatly apprecia- ted their efforts. Sophomoresll O9 Mark Idol Dorice lssaac Robert lsom Trevonda jackson Michael jeffries jeff jeffries Kim jenkins Sophia johnson 'ii Donna jones Gretchen jones Shina Kang Steven Kanoy David Kearns 9 -,ax X -Q 1 W . ' 1 aw V .A I i. ,,,. , i . ,X ,t ' 1 I j, ,K r' Yr, 1, WM mf! if ia' . V u ' Q I a i pf 1 lO!Sophomores Stretchl julie Pope makes an extra effort as she decorates the gym for homecoming. i Porsche 302 I I Corvette YZ I Ferrari 1573 ' Mazda RX? 775 Lamborghini 1675 I Gther' QEZ I I I I I I I I I I ' I I ' I I I I I 2 I 1 I I ' I I I - I I I I 5 N x I-I. III ,Ilia I fs! 0 Wheels With the time for getting driver's licenses fast approaching, many sophomores spent a lot of time thinking about what kind of car they would like to drive when they finally turned sixteen. A survey given to sophomores asked the question, "What is your dream car?" Students jumped at the ch- ance to let their imaginations run wild. Many students hoped that their parents would see this survey and perhaps fulfill their wishes. Below are the results of the survey. Responses ranged from a Honda Civic all the way to a BMW. Elouise Keenan Amy Keener Ricky Kelley Randy Kennedy Angie Knight Martin Kolozynski Chris Ledbetter ljatrenda Logani tv ' no I, E' ',,:I, 'n X I I Afffw I If aff I J, M3 Q, f L ,, 1 Arla Greg Luther Darryl Magnum Danny Mann April Manring Clay Marion Chris Martin Richard Mason Tim McBride w Rhonda McCluney Tracey McCoy Ryan McDaris f Christie Metters joe Miller Richard Minnich Crystal Misenheimer Shawn Moon it Steven Moore I- ' 'B ,W , WE.i:gx II'f 455:02 2, " Gal? Irggil 4, 14 'I gr, I Sophomoresfl l I All work and no play. Amy Ozment concentrates Almost like home. Chris Gray puts his feet up and on completing her math assignment. enjoys his stay in ISS. Kelly More Q WW' y QW Www jason Odenwelder Barbara Ogle Tracey Oxendine if f ,, W 'lf ,,,.fH, ,Q-Ws,,f.f, ,fr '47 .. Ami' Ozment I ir, ' ',,, , ,,, .. ' ' .. Beverly Parker ,E Wil ii M my Paf....-ll-ne ii'f'? 'iri ,"' ' V ,C ,V :M M , 'I , I 4 . S it . N fl, lason Parrish l1'1rr Ken Pemberton IAH? V , ii iii Wfgsleiemwy' Marci Piner V i Ronnie Plowman 1 2- i f ' V , 5, ll-'lie POPG fi i"', ,, a.ff'1 ,, , leff Powers C ,,, QM if W, iw 23 f s 5 . 5 . aw 417 r UW A X 1 gg! ' ik W f '47 if i, H ,. ll Dale Proctor ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,:i,,1,,, f .,,, ,, .,,,,i , ,,,ri ,,r,,, . V ,,, r , ,r.,,1,,,,,, I joe Proctor Heath Putnam Lemasamea William Reynolds Christina Rich Michelle Robbins P a lla P at 5 A Q3 ,,,. in in ly l 4 M 1 f M3 ,f we r f ,, ff fy , " A ,,.., , F 12 " ui 24459 Cheryl Robertson TONY Robinson , 2 Mike Rowan ,, f " ' "" A , i Paul Saunders "', V .,,,, Christy Schultheiss , V , , P Amy Shelton i R rlrr jamie Shillinglaw V l Z, N fc - W ll l ll if f I Alicia Smifh V ',l' ll - lonafhan Smith iitli'l S Leonard Smith V V f ' t i , j g iffgfgyf Michelle Smith i i Ricky Smiiii V x C' W Miies Smiiiisoii ,.,Q ui Tonia Spauldin ix VV f ,,,' ., x ,, , X 1 V, , ' I ,Q , N X i . l l2!Sophomores M f a f -v W it X "2 ZSVW, f " 17-,xr-'7'?W?Wi9V 45 V ' K ' :rif f , W . V, w , 'mv' SWIM 1..- , , H ,, ,M , ,.., A l M WV fwaw W W Nag' fi fi Z rig 1. 4 lr Deric Spencer Aaron Spivey V Emily Spivey an . Robert Steed 1 Toby Taggert V A A ' Ashley Teetor rr,, r Q a t Angela Thigpen Travis Thompson Y Frank Thorton B lohn Tillman Tina Tilson A 5 YO' A. mg! S f W Amber Trotter ii I 349 ,J , xv ! f M ,Z W . wr, u fn .Ll.,,.wn 42 lleyl lt's chow time. Mike Rowan takes a quick gl- ance at the photographer before ugrubbing out'. A . le iiff'1 ' Scott Vernon Tammy Ward . Marlon Washington Lisa Welborn A Darren Welch leff White Kara White 'n , r f f, 'W .4 T "ws Hal" " ,, . Q Scott White Anthony Wilson Phillip Wylie Brian Yaudes Brad Yoder lu Yon Yu jennifer Zeigler N l With This 6? . Ring One time of the year that sophomores looked forward to most was the time to purchase class rings. Students chose from a large variety of styles for both boys and girls. This overwhelming selection confused many, but after ordering their custom-made rings, the students eagerly awaited their arrival. After a seemingly endless wait, the rings Hnally came, and sophomores wore them with pride because they now felt as if they were a true part of the Red Raider family. Sophomores! I 13 First Step Freshmen at Andrews took a big step toward adulthood on August 25, 1986. Some entered the school shy and scared, but others came with confidence and held their heads high. Within a week, all the new Raiders felt right at home in the Andrews atmosphere. Ninth graders looked longingly at the sophomores with driver's licenses, the juniors wearing class rings and the seniors leaving for lunch. They were not too depressed, however, since they knew that in time their turns would come. Harry Acosta loseph Allesi lermaine Andrews ,im , ' Ericka Ashworth V V Kelvena Baker , , ,, Buddy Amwlield ,a :-7, 'ef Q ,M 7 f f . Robert Bamard X Gee, French lsn't that bad. Freshmen Paula lenkins and lennifer Hobson laugh as they do their work and break Sophomore Martin KoIczynski's concentra- tion. Donna Bartenfeld fif FEE1 2 ,,,' 1, ' F Gfes Bel' Brian Blackburn , it , - F Stacy Blake V' ' fnii 'F ' , 4 I M " " " Bert Bolick L gg 3 c, .I V V , i ' Bonnie Booe A' , M i't- X - 1' p' Amber Booker 1' 'i" Z' I ' "f iiri X, WW. X Si: ,if Azhk A ,,,g ,V izg gg I' ' Becky Boone Kevin Boyd Douglas Branscom if David Bray 1, , April Brimer ""' F john Brooks lg Andrew Brown l i4!Freshmen r 4, . t if r Q s. is ' ll ,4- fa ... I - I rata C f rag' ,', l C' K wa Y C f ' : C V- , 4 B ' ' , ' l " . ,g,, .A ,.- .fa f H r l I U l. , K ' w 5, 'Z' , "' - . 3, :el 3 1 A, Q V 1 ,14 , X 5 V . . li- - , an y If , Z L ' , g :, - 'W ', ' A 'cal """' JW ,g" 'I ' ' ' 4? f r ' ,-,,'.' Y 4 ,A I Q 1 " ,.,, ' , fs ?g K 4 1 a X V V ,A.AA T1 , 'Y 1 K aa - " , ', -me ' : 2 4? . .x , V -jr f ul r it .'."' 'fzsitm ' x i ,r g I ,. E5 Q N :MSX ..,. V ai, 4,-,ai yvkv 3 in ,K X fl S, R 'W Qt t Wi A X sbs?-rgx its X Max if sf X . A X, r . , N ,X .X : E .- Q sgisbiagg X .,S: -. ,t t ,... ,W f , Vt. J. 5: MQW Sw l , I 'xt xv , c, I 2 l Q , 1 , j , , r ' , - l vi ik tariffs ! Creative Raiders. Freshman jamie Henderson and sophomore Barbara Ogle, representing the Key- ettes, finish decorating for the Central game. Kenneth Brown Rebecca Brown Wendy Brown yanessa Buchanan, Alberdelgggjargj Samuel Burgess Matthew Busch Samuel Byers Tommy Callahan David Callaway Christopher Campbell jan Campbell john Campbell jeanne Carmichael Dawn Carter Sheila Cathey Laura Cecil Kamilli Chavis Bobby Chernault Billy Clinard William Clutter julie Coggins Tunisha Coleman Kareem Collins Chris Compton Christina Cornell Kim Cox Crystal Crawford G 7 Freshmenfl 15 Barbara Davis A ' H Stephanie Davis A A john Dawkins F' 7 ' wiiiie Dawkins 'izmiaemif iii Patricia Doss ' Christy Duck H Kristi Dye Nikki Eldreth Christy England Gary Bsick jennifer Farmer Stephanie Farmer David Fergerson Angie Ford j C Brenda Franklin Nikki French T Michael Garis ' fi if +4 aw it if it Robert Garrett -tii 1 - f-2"i " A ,, A ,,,, we L , ,,,, 'il Dana Gilmar 3 11 i'i'ir i Dawn Gilreath ' tri. I MW, -sw 5. 1 i r e - Tiffany Good i'iti" '1f'ii i"i"' I Todd Gosnell if Alwana Goss fiv Phil Graham ? Erin Greene i fv:i':' jamie Grimstead ,V if i' my 'ii Z Lisa Hall ' ' ' i QL 1-if ek' W fn 1. 'T M ,x fgf'l'fQ'q'!i,1 5, Mefrfrvrri 'ilimf New Leaders The freshman class came to Andrews with the intention of starting over. Old habits could be changed and new goals could be reached. Four freshmen began showing their leadership qualities when the year had just begun. David Smith, who assisted the Ex- ecutive Board and also played tennis, served as freshman class president. Vice-President Lanie Moore played volleyball for the Raiders. Morhonda Page as secretary of the freshman class aided in Plaster the Pirates and Hush Button Day. Treasurer Sam Byers participated in SADD and the ninth grade band. These four students made the most of their first year at Andrews by becoming involved. 1 I 6!Freshmen if 'P ' i iwfmmfw M, " 2 ' M iilbii ts T H li : ii J," ,J fi sf in Wh' 'z ' M: N ' 4 'Z' " -, . 7 5 ' fl wwf . ' ,, X ,, rs eei. w ,. , 'i if V xr 1 1 a T ia., if ff VV ,... , if M l t,,, . in Nw J' i is ,E z X j . Future polltlclans. Front row: Vice-pres. Lanie Moore, Pres. David Smith. Back row: Sec. Morhonda Page, Treas. Sam Byers. ai' W -..,, V ,st af ,. 4 Hif i 151 7 5 ' ' . A ff , Q gl, 4 1 Y ll 5 Y av .AWK 6 , bar Arnetta Haneu Douglas Harris Picolia Hayes -jamie Henderson Patrick Hiatt 10 .., 'Z' A 1' - 'A , j ya, . r gi, ,ffl tr 1 l V ft ajjf' Z ' ' ,, ff ,, , N. f ,Lim X ,,.. ,.1.,,,, V VV G ,,' . ,, ,. L -V . 1 T ss . -,f w it . M , .yy xv ,, ,, , V ,M ,, li? if f ,- ,, , az, wr. ' ,.. K, wry. ' A , ' vffzw m f 95 it - '-f- ,.f ,. . pflprffwf' 9' 1 . all if A A1 4 .1 g f , Alf ,MV , ,VV A ,, ,. 1 ,pf L fl' , a , , mg: 1 W fx, ' 1 r .9 ,VV ,Q .f ,, 4 f Y. If Af A in F ll QW' l tif'-A -"Fw if ,333 ' ' ' ' f W 1' V ,f gi K .L V AL " AIAA ' ww' lair' QV. Q, K f ? 'N ,, e',' sz V if--jf 1 . ' t .." ffl , ' 5 .w K ' , , .11 - : F' 1 , X .4 K' V, x 1? f. V, Riff k, V L" ,V y x ry - fs 1 ,, un- , 0 ,. r ! ,VH , ' 5 3 j st- Mb H Q l , - ' ,im I' 1 f m .- I x wi ll -kfyy gr.. x ' V . vw V f V Q XJ Q, VV VVf .. - ' 6 '. -ff ' Z , ,, . I X . . . . , T 1, , "" ' Q t g if ! ew ' 1 ' 4 ' 1 T at , , t fl' bv 4 l e -' 2213 fri S! r E 1 r, ,, ,., I A A ff A4 i Anita Hill Lori Hilton Scott Hinson jennifer Hobson Charles Hooven Heather Hough Meredith Howard Dixie Hutchins jimmy jenkins Paula jenkins Hugh jobe jodi jobe Danny johnson Gus johnson Tyrone johnson Monta Kearns Robin Keith Shelly Kennedy Tara Kimsey Tracie King Chad Kinsler Brian Lancaster Ginger Leary Ben Leck Monica-Lee Timothy Leggett Andrea LeGrande Ron Leonard Stephanie Lewis Tracy Lewis Angela Little Hillery Lowe Rachel Lyddon Michael Marion Cecil McAdoo jennife McBride April McCall Bil M elly McCall S,9!SlfLN.lS.CLUnCy- Patricia McCormick Bryan McGuire Marlon McKay jennifer McKinnon Fred McLaurin Matthew McNeil Betsy Menegakis Tiffany Mercer Stephanie Miller Freshmenll 1 7 Tunes Whether relaxing at home, cruising in the car or working out at the spa, a favorite pastime was listening to the radio. Students spent more time "jamming out" with their stereos than they did studying. lt was not a difficult task to catch a tune. Even at the football games, music was provided to "rock the Raiders." Although many students worked, most employers were understanding of the needs to make their employees work harder. They realized music helped pump up their adrenaline. Along with the top five votegetters, other fabulous tunes included: "Stairway to Heaven," "Walking in the Rain" and "Next Time l Fall in Love." Even though "boxes" or walkmans were not allowed at school, the Raiders could be heard humming or whis- tling their favorite songs. T Ton Miller fTi ' or Melanie Moore Ashleigh Myers Maryellen Nuzzo George Odell Carlos Olan H, You Give Love A Bad Name-3lZ All Cried Out NZ Shake You Down World Up MZ 117, .,,,f -vvl . Q " H ' ff T' -fda, ff , 4 4, 5 A ,TQ-I my H ww ,ie M, A , 1 f 5 1 32 T 74, 4 Ti -W - - fwii if ' ,S H ' 'ff 5 Ty., . f if it . A TQ In if Shannon Owens Yly - fig T Morhonda Page 'ggy' . ' 2 +1 H I Dionne Parke' T is ' . f 'V" ' A ii Trina Patterson T V ,V I' TT Robert Payne I " i 5 A ff -- V Kim Peele F iii E "l'l if'. T "h: A i jennifer Phillips jeffrey Poage Sam Price Paul Pulaski Dana Purtle Thomas Rafalski Coe Ramsey 1 l8!Freshmen .,..,.t YQ A ' 'im if Y ei 1' Q A? f W R a fi i S Z 1 in . T TTgfzT,T T k?.aa!i??ea ' 51241 gi .iii v T f T T P 7 , f Q ' I- til' . H J 'R .1 .VT T T, 2455 4 QT , g T, .ff-Ty: Q, , .x ,Tm T f it " at lv " f . :P 'K f if 'a .M -R ri H if 41: ug ' 45, r -' if I . W ww.. liz l , " 453555 515 ,Q wfiiiiif X 7 .1 if -f Q91 is Willie Rataphruks Cedric Rawlinson Dewayne Rawlinwspn loe Rewnolds Renee Rice gi f : U " ag, S J Mi -2 fm , ,,,,, .1,. , v- Q2 gg' 'L 41 11, ,. wr- .. . 41 af f , , , , f,,W ev i I f fm J 9 W1 1 V 6 1 3 1 X fr , 1-4 Matthew Rich Demetress Robinson Crystal Robinson Sarah Roddy Tony Rogers Wendy Rogers Tara Royal Sonya Sappenfield Tiona Sellers Gregory Shaw Deborah Sheldon Shannon Shuskey Dan Smith David Smith Kelly Smith Kim Smith Lisa Smith Mickey Smith Phil Smith Tess Smith Tracy Smith an 1. Fly away. Sam Payne Haps his imaginary wings to escape his tedious work in class, r Freshmenfl I9 FP' I 20!Freshmen Brenda Sneed james Stanley April Steed Kevin Stephson Christy Sterenberg Christy Stevens lennifer Stevenson Aimee Stovall .Tenitg Streatgr Melanie Streett B on ' in Cedric Stubbs Fred Sturdivant Pamela Suggs Michael Sutton Amy Talley Brett Tate Michael Taylor Mavin Thomu Tonya Thompson Tere xc, , ,W W W . My M75 VE A, or ,M 3, I . , , 1 .W A 2. ,T as Away T V my fi, w ff Y 1 2 ' xl Z V. , Z f C ii: H VV LV 1, I Mary Turner Niki Vakakis leff Varner Tracy Vernon 4 , if fn. M., IW - al., Y"' H., ,,.,, ,,, .. X16 f 04 if df V I V VV ,yv T ,. 'u ',,r H: 5 2 lb 'QQ ,,, ,,, , A fi . 3945 e, i 1 r i"' 7 - A ' - u1'Al,v-"1 ,yk W,,:, , f 2 ' N' , re t in A .TH 85f???f12i .- lk W., We all , gfa 4 as in "5-,Q4 2 'Q N' fill f H l?i:f'fi 4 wr K , f .iff avi' How much more? Michelle Warner sighs at the Standing proud. Dana Purtle takes time to pose for thought of all the work ahead of her. the camera after finishing her classwork . - i ....,.... .I it gr i r,L'- .. f 2 2" at Q Changes As the 8:25 bell rang on the first day of classes at Andrews, the new freshmen anxiously entered their new school. They were ready for a big change from their life at middle school. They no longer had AAg they even got an hour for lunch without teachers! Along with these improvements came a grea- ter variety of classes, and best of all, more freedom. For most fresh- men, the change was very scary, but they quickly got into the swing of things after learning their way around Andrews. Many freshmen felt inferior to the upperclassmen, but soon learned to fit right in with the Raider style. Elizabeth wajner Angela Warner loseph Weave' Delane Welborn r ,, Geoffrey White ' "'i2 Rachel Welborn f 'H V E' AW IZ ' TIaCl Wills MF 6' , ff , . iIs+11!1fi:e- 1+ ,i.' , 5 f ' . - Q 1' . .1 wt, V ' hr 5 ,, ..,,, v,,,,J I ,, f, ,mamma-1fffmf:wgu4g.aWff1wzvvlfw-f an 5, ,..,, wx va Watt!! E'fffQ7'fY2w l V Z 7 ffl Sarah Yeats Karen York f .,....,--ff-v-f M lada Williams Misty Williams Sean Williamson Chris Wilson Greg Wilson l2atricia Woodard Melissa Wright Freshmen! I 21 9 Hlgh Polnt School Superlntendents. Carlos Hicks, Dr. C. Owen Phillips, Lillie jones, Dr. Warren G. Andrews, Dr. Frank Giles. High Polnt School Board. Front row: Marietta Af 22 Wright, Laurin Welborn, Dr. C. Owen Phillips. Back row: lennie Herndon, Harding H, Edwards, R. Bruce Laney, Roy Shipman, Colleen Hartsoe. lf looks could kill. Something seems to have Office Staff. Sherry Crawford, Marion Barnes. caught Mr. Thayer Tyson's eye. I 22!Administration Rulers of the school. Principals Mr. Emerson Heatherly and Dr. Frank Walker are prepared to handle any problem whether it be administrative or instructional. ' I 4. K ' Y Of' 215' I q gi lt , .... , sr' '!t'f"'33 uv. , 'N.. Who's the Boss? When students returned to school this fall, they found a change in the administration. Mr. Emerson Heatherly replaced Mr. Frank Penn in the area of adminis- tration, and Mr. Thayer Tyson took the place of Mr. Bill Dameron in the area of discipline. Andrews' students welcomed them to the Red Raider territory, especially since they both came from Central. When Mr. Heatherly was asked how he felt about changing from Central to Andrews he commented, "lt's like coming home." Dr. Frank Walker also kept up his hard work this year by going around to each homeroom talking about the proper way to speak and what the students need to know about history. Andrews' administration in turn received the top command from Superintendant Dr. Owen Phillips and the High Point Board of Edu- cation concerning many decisions like whether students would get out of school for snow or what the students may wear to school. Mr. Emerson Heatherly Mr. Thayer Tyson Dr. Frank Walker Administrationfl 23 ft 2.4 as ,,, ,,,.1i5i I A iii! V. , , 4, . k Faculty Fun Although many students might not realize this fact, teachers are people too. They have activities that they enjoy after school hours and on weekends. t For instance, Mr. Ed 'Ray spends his spare moments cruising along at high altitudes while learning how to fly a small plane. Mrs. Amanda Gane is involved with Cub Scout Pack 89 as its den leader. One might find Ms. Libby Tate braving the ski slopes during the winter months. Coach Sandy Dalton indulges his love of antiques by collecting all the odds and ends he can find. lt is obvious after viewing the hobbies of Andrews' own faculty that teachers do have lives outside the school walls. I 24!Faculty Industrial arts department. Front row: Mike Hunt, Nathaniel Bolds. Back row: Fred Wright, Howard Burch, Randy jackson. Mathematical wizards. Front row: Susan Varner, Amanda Crane, Winifred Cottam, Libby Tate, Liz Kimbro. Back row: Peggy Watson, Don Monroe, Vic Sanniota, Patti Fonner. Q ? f .,.. ..,,, . ,, . X. - 4: 4, It if.: 'west nam CM L, 'S sdc teachers. Barbara Oliver, Peter Cajigal. Business women. Marlene Chess, Ann Austin, Anne loyner, Louise Stanley, Angelica McCormick. l Facultyfl 25 l Teachers of better home economics. Elizabeti Fluke and Alice Spruill. ts: af' f' .,,,,. , ,,:: , H ff ,mxwpw is E 5 : .iii P fifffffmz l26!Faculty Fitness fanatics anddangerous drivers. Front row: Parlez-vous francals?lHabIa espanol? Front rovn Coach William Walker, Sue Shinn, Frances Wall, Don Arnold, Randee jones. Back row: Benici. Brenda jo Thomas. Back row: Coach john Casazza, Hernandez, jaqueline Sykes. Coach Craig Gill, Coach Robert Clemons. av" 3'5" F'--"i 4 fr' Q 1 ' any A f 4. . mg After Hours While most teachers spent nights at home with family, a few were out furthering their edu- cations. Whether it was going back to school as a teacher or a student, much time was put forth. Mrs. Amanda Gane attended Wake Forest to complete a Mas- ter's degree in Math Education. Mrs. Flo Durvvay worked on her doctorate in English and Education at LINC-G. In the spring, Mrs. jennifer Hair finished her Master's degree in Cross-Categorical Spe- cial Education at UNC-G. Mr. Lloyd Bragoz taught a course called Developmental Grammar at GTCC two nights a week. Facultyfl Z7 English Department. Front row: Peggy Burton, Hare, Flo Durway, Sandra Duez, Walter Burke Corinne King, Randy Shaver, Carolyn Whitley, Teresa Fowler, Paula Walters. Darnell Bullins. Back row: Lloyd Bragoz, jennifer 2 'sl I H ,. X gf! ".., ,gfsz 59" 'F J-f,4 ,. .AM Bookwonns. Librarians Carol Courts, Betty Davis and aid Carmella Russell are always happy to help students find just the right book. Soclal Studles. Front row: Sherry Mewborn, Mary Lane. Back row: Kerri Welch, Larry Smith, George Henne, Lil Lovings. 1 281 Faculty 4 i Simple Service Students complain of long hours and hard work, but the school janitors have things much worse. They come to school early in the morning to open the school and leave late in the afternoon when their task of cleaning the building is completed. janitors occupy themselves by emptying trashcans, sweeping the floors and in general, keeping the school spotless. They also ready Andrews for special events such as gradu- ation and live performances. Red Raider janitors work very hard for a very small amount of recognition, but they deserve a lot of apprecia- tion. Facultyfl 29 Sports Having the most loyal fans around, athletes at Andrews felt compelled to stand out in the field of athletics while competing in the Tri-County 3A Con- ference. The athletes and coaches of Andrews who remained from last year were able to say they helped Andrews win the "Triple Crown of Athletic Achievement." Andrews won both the Tri-County and the State Wachovia Cups which recognized overall excellence in high school athletic programs, the En- terprise Cup which went to the school with the best overall athletic achievement in our conference and the News and Record Cup which recognized the high school in Guilford County with the best winning percentage in all sports. Sewing it up. Vicki Douglas aims the ball perfectly to earn a point for the Raiders. Y IN . xg E KKKAV M "M""' e S Q ? S Pressing a point. Tommy Moore sprints for another Red Raider touchdown. A show of excellence. The "Triple Crown' speaks for itself. 1 30!Sports Divider b .Q Trust me, l'lI hold it. William Covington balances the foot- ball as Mike Daleo kicks for the extra point. - Stri ing for Goals The I986-'87 girls' soccer team proudly up- held the Red Raider name with a winning record for the season. The team won six games, lost five games, and ended one game in a tie. Under the leadership of returning coach Mrs. Frances Wall, and with the assistance of Mr. Phil Valente, a High Point College soccer player, the girls emerged from the conference with a record of four wins and five losses. Senior Michele Hobson had an Record 6-5 TWA Opp School Math!Science 4 I Charlotte Latin 4 O N.W. Guilford O Z Ragsdale 2 I Grimsley I 2 S. Stokes 3 I Central O 1 N.W. Guilford 0 Z Ragsdale 5 O Crrimsley O 3 S. Stokes 3 O unforgettable offensive season scoring the most goals for the Raiders, while Phyllis O'Neil ten- ded the goal effectively. Also exhibiting their defensive talents were Angie Brown and Scott Bray. The whole team had a lot of respect for each other, and wanted to do the best they could do. One junior said, "We wanted the senior players to leave Andrews with memories of a successful season in their minds." Mlghty Effort. Scott Bray grits her Look of detennlnadon. Kristin Lohr teeth and uses all her strength to moves in to steal the ball away from make a successful throw-in. her opponent. GIRLS' SOCCER A nuazws A A'-DREW ..,. Nw' I 986 Girls' Soccer Team. Front row: Paige Hachet, Angie Brown, Leslie Mintz, Phyllis O'NeiI, Michele Hob- son, Tia Doar, Stephanie Oxford. muffins mann "'DRE'5 znunevsr nm i 1 guanine? Second row: Virginia Cridderon, Teresa Leneski, Kim Cave, Sarah Yates, Cinnamon Hunter, Ashley Shuler, Lisa Bolds, Rosa Buxton. Back row: Nadine Wellington, Scott Bray, Barbara Ogle, Coach Francis Wall, Kristin Lohr, Cherie Currens. Kim Brown. I32!Crirls' Soccer mfg ,r l The battle rages. Even when her Plotting a strategy. Cinnamon Hunter opponent is close by, Scott Bray man- thinks quickly about what she plans to ages to keep control of the situation. do with the ball. Girls' Soccerfl 33 Running ith the Wind The I985-'86 Boys' Track Team truly outdis- tanced the rest as they sprinted to a Ist place Tri-County conference finish. This took top honors in every meet in which they parti- cipated. The Raiders earned Ist place at the Orange Relays, the Grimsley Invitational and the Dogwood Relays. After capturing Znd place at the Sectionals, the team went on to se- cure a 7th place finish at the Regional meet. Quite a few members of the group won All- Conference honors: year's team Record 9-O TWA Opp Page 99 V1 76 Central Davidson I34 7 Thomasville I I6 62 Orange Relays Ist 4- Ragsdale I I7 Z4 Trinity 126 l7 Central 94 47 Grimsley Ist - Asheboro 98 43 J I 34!Boys' Track Steve Gray, Alex Scott, Walt McLeod, junior Robinson and jasper Roberson. Alex Scott set a new school record in the Discus event, while the relay team of Warren Scott, junior Robinson, jasper Roberson and Tony Holland not only broke the school record for the 400-m relay and became the 1986 State Champions. The unforgettable sea- son of the Boys' Track Team filled Andrews students with pride and placed treasured memories in the minds of the boys themselves. No time for daydreaming. Steve Gray concentrates on his strategy for the next event. Mhz BOYS' TRACK I986 Boys' Track Team. Front row: Freddie Henderson, Tim Foster, Brad Hedrick, Paul Lyddon, Keith Elird, Ray Reynolds, Gerald Rober- son, Mike Martin. Second row: Deshune McCollough, Steve Gray, Rick Grady, Greg jefferies, Alex Scott, Bernard Mathies, Gary Luther, Andy Santinello, Mike Rowan, Sydney Harris, Ivor Buffong, Larry Pratt. Third row: Brent David, junior Powell, Dwight johnson, Warren Scott, junior Robinson, jasper Roberson, Tony Holland, Eugene Shaw, Robert Steed, David Ray, Tom Hodgin, Archie Beavers. Back row: jahmal Pettiford, Ricky Wilson, Walt McLeod, Adrinell Washington, Tommy Moore, Toby Barber, john Wagoner, Brian Ambuehl, Paul Blevins. Off and runnlng. Tony Holland receives the baton from lasper Rober- ?"' ln a slngle bound! Gary Luther clears son while the opposing runner waits the high jump bar with Msuper' ease, for his teammate. wil, - S is of Q s lf' I L5 ?X?EfNAA Q ,Q K 1 -,Sky X :iii f ty X si. 5 ' S S t t 5 IE K g Y ffl , s . ' 'H Q I think I can, I thlnk I can. Terrence Richardson has a positive outlook as he successfully completes his jump. Boys' Trackll 35 Skip and lump The 1986 Andrews girls' track team looked upon the sport as more than child's play. The girls, coached by Mrs. Sue Shinn, recorded a typically memorable sea- son. Finishing lst in the conference, the talented group went on to take second place at the Sec- tional meet and captured second place again at the Regionals. Certain individuals put their very best foot for- ward and excelled in various events. San Harri- son came in second in the 200m dash at the state meet. Shannon Thomas, hailed as the best in North Carolina in the triple jump event, went on to place first at the Regional competi- tion before injury stopped her. Beth Rosa, San Harrison, joyce Robinson, Angela Lindsay and Tuani Nicholson joined these two girls on the All- Conference team. Soft landing, Shannon Thgmag A step ahead ofthe rest. Ann Lindsay successfully clears the vault with the keeps her stride as well as her edge ease of a winner. against the competition. Readyl Setl Gol San Harris gets off to Checking out the competition. Tuani a quick start as she begins the race. l36!Ciirls' Track Nicholson looks to see who she has to compete against before the shuttle relay. l 2 Q C E l l l l l GIRLS' TRACK I986 Glrls' Track Team. Front row: ler, Angie Childs. Back row: San Mclver, Shannon Thomas, Trevonda Dawanna Caldwell, Takeia Smith, Harrison, Angela Thigpen, leanelle lackson, Renee Douglas. Karen Dye, Kathy Dye, Chrystal Mil- Record 5-0 Central Davidson Ragsdale Trinity Queen City Central Grimsley Asheboro Westside Classic Conference Meet 'DNA Opp 75 54 99 31 89 I3 81 42 2nd - 74 55 Znd - Ist - Girls' Tracldl 37 Comin As a result of Coach Bob Shuck's retirement, many changes for the varsity baseball team came during the season. Hugh Gordon, who was no newcomer to baseball and had already led a team to the State Championship, took over and guided the Andrews team. lt took some time for the team to accustom themselves to the new kinds of strategy. There was a great difference between the coaching styles of Coach Shuck and Coach Gordon. However, according to Todd Burnett, "lt took some time, but we even- tually adjusted." The team called on the senior leadership of Record 3-I2 TWA Opp Page 3 4 Southwest Guilford l4 I2 Page 4 I I North Forsyth i 4 North Forsyth 4 I2 Central 8 l4 Ragsdale 9 I4 Asheboro 4 8 Central Davidson O IZ Trinity 2 4 Central Z 9 Ragsdale 5 Z5 Asheboro 0 IO Central Davidson 5 4 Trinity 1 1 IO Can I make lt? Richie Greenlield in Batter up! Tony Passmore keenly tently watches the pitcher as he concentratesas he prepares to swing. prepares to steal another base. Home Garry Burnett, Terry Green and Tony Passmore. They selected Burnett as the Most Valu- able Player and also gave him the batting award. The Golden Glove Award for outstanding defense went to Tony Passmore. Sophomore Scotty Smith and junior Darren Steelman were the only two pitchers on the ros- ter during the season. They knew that the year's work would be tough, but still put forth their best efforts. Despite only three wins in fourteen games, the team stuck together throughout the season and proved themselves worthy of the Raider name. VARSITY BASEBALL irc? K' ' ff: 51 A hi . , -e -1. ,, l986 Varsity Baseball Team. Front man, Back row: Dwayne Farmer, row: Richie Greenfield, Mickey Doyle Freeman, Scotty Smith, Mabe, Mike Lewis, Darren Steel- Darrell lefferies, Tony Barr, Coach 'W . l6'1'ff'3,-ist Hugh Gordon, Todd Burnett, Darren Nosal, Garry Burnett, Terry Green, Tony Passmore, Doug Grizzell. I 38Narsity Baseball aa 555' K ,- ,h A A X ss ,,,1 flzlsi' af fl . 'Qi' Q, ,,.. ml. if ww S ,Mx 5, M -, wwe ' 1- Home Sweet l-Iome. Garry Burnett Taklng a break. While in the dugout, takes the last stride to score for the Andrews baseball players take a Raiders. ubreather' and discuss team strategy. Varsity Baseball! 1 39 iming for the Stars Despite a less than perfect record, the girls' softball team managed to keep their spirits high during the season. Under the watchful eye of Coach Sandy Dalton, the Raiders completed their season with a 6-8 record. Anne McArthur and Donnette johnson sha- red the Most Valuable Player Award, and senior Tammy Lewis received the Most Dedicated Award. The outlook for the softball team next year was bright since Coach Dalton had high hopes for a more ex- perienced team with many returning players. Despite several early season losses against more experienced Record Z-6 TWA Opp Ragsdale I I 20 Asheboro 6 I9 Central Davidson 4 20 Trinity 9 I0 Ragsdale 2 Z4 Asheboro I6 l I Central Davidson 1 7 Trinity 9 4 teams, the Andrews junior Varsity baseball team improved, winning two of their last three ballgames. The team's leading hitters were Brent Herndon, Dale Proctor, Derek Spencer, Adam Carr and Donald Ramey. The boys had strong speed, with Tony Bow- man and Neil Fisher clearing the way. The leading pitchers were Derek Spencer, Michael Brewington, and jamal Wiley, who threw a three hitter against Trinity in the last ballgame of the season. Adam Carr, Donald Ramey and Darren Welch sparked a talented defense. Leather 'n Lace. Laura Cadle laces a Hitting It home. Deric Spencer shot to the outfield as she knocks the swings perfectly at the ball in order to ball squarely over the pitcher': make a run. mound. ww W j.V. BASEBALL X - - . X. -t -' K ta -w H it Q, QQSS Wt' ,. gf? tim I986j.V. BasebaIITeam. Front row: Proctor, Gene Clark, johnny Burns. Ricky Kelley, Tom Bodenheimer, jehmal Wiley, Tony Bowman, Neil Back row: Mike Brewington, Brent Coach George Henne- Fisher, Ricky Gardner, Brent Futrell, Darren Welch, Donald Herndon, jonathan Smith, Dale Ramey, Deric Spencer, Adam Carr, l 4O!j V. Baseball s 5? t ii if -S A K A K M K . , f:-:-h ":tz2fffWkX C ttt 4 . as A get x at GIRLS' SOFTBALL .. ., -:::',..:.r .... W-W - v -S if 1986 Girls' Softball Team. Front row: Ashley Griffin, Donette john- son, Tammy Lewis, Stennetti Stewart, Ann Marie Pennisi, Kelly als Driggers, Anne McArthur. Back row: Tammy Mitchell, Shannon Lewin, Laura Cadle, Sarah Hearne, Lisa Brand, Stephanie lernigan, Sue Sloop, Angie Knight, Ricki Ellerbee, Ginny Parnell. Record 6-9 Page Page North Forsyth North Forsyth Southwest Central Asheboro Central Davidson Trinity Ragsdale Central Asheboro Central Davidson Ragsdale Trinity TWAOpp 9 Z 5 4 8 6 9 5 I4 2 IO O IZ 2 lO 2 I5 I 12 O ll 9 6 4 IZ 2 I3 5 I O Girls' Softballfl 41 Danger: Ball in motion. Buck Step- Perfect form. leff Thrana exhibits his henson readies his racket to return the winning swing during a golf match. volley. V "WF 'Z , W ar ' rn H l l l l I ,, K, W W I .L X nn, , gr , VKVVMQAQW-.pagan BOYS' TENNIS Record I3-O TWA Opp Page 5 3 Thomasville 7 Z Carver 9 O Trinity 8 I Central Davidson 9 O Central 7 Z Ragsclale 9 O Asheboro 8 I Central Davidson 8 I Trinity 7 2 Central 6 3 Ragsdale 7 2 Asheboro 8 l 1986 Boys' Tennis Team. Front Barnes, Roland Hanes. Back row: Davidson, Doug Blackman, David row: Victor Orsini, Geoff Gibbs, Coach john Casazza, Marco Orsini, peffusy loo Hopper, Brent Hamng- David Kearns, Bllly Currens, Buck Andy Butler, Richard Mason, Chris ton. Stephenson, leff White, Brian McGee, limmy Tanner, Michael l4Z!Golf Getting itjust right. Kyle Bellamy uses 1is skill to line up the ball for that aerfect putt. BOYS Swinging to ictor The 1986 golf team "putted" their way to the top with a successful year. They had an outstanding record of 12-1-1 in the regular season and a record of 9- 1 in the conference. The team was named Tri- County 3A Champions. Kyle Bellamy, jeff Thrana and Klay Barrow won All- Conference honors. Kyle Bellamy qualifed for the state match. Herb Goins coached the successful team. The perfect record of the boys' tennis team proved that they could take on anyone, perhaps GOLF WW 1986 Boys' Golf Team. Front row: Gansman. Back row: Marc Bundy, Yarbourgh, Eric Davis. Kevin Boone, jonathan Tuttle, Bill Marty Snider, Chris Ledbetter, Tadd even the pros themselves! The team earned the title of Tri- County 3A Champions and received a 3rd place ranking in the Regionals. Buck Stephenson and jimmy Tanner were the doubles champs at the Regionals and 3rd place winners in the state match. The entire team contributed to the success of the team. Billy Currens was voted the Most Dedicated player, Buck Stephenson as the Most Improved. The Most Valuable Player on the team was Senior jimmy Tanner. Record 10-1-1 TWAOpp Asheboro 177 167 Central W 170 188 Central Davidson 158 195 Williams 325 325 Davie County 308 317 Asheboro 157 180 Ragsdale 158 162 Central 159 166 Trinity 171 182 Central Davidson 165 208 Ragsdale 159 160 Trinity 159 170 Boy's Tennis!143 Tough and Torn With faithful dedica- tion to the Raider teams, Ms. Peggy Watson atten- ded every sports event to take care of all the pulled muscles, broken bones and aches and pains. Her able-bodied student assistants were Michelle Blevins and Christy Metters. To- gether, these three females were invaluable to all the athletes at Andrews. Popular sparetime sports included playing soccer for the High Point Stars teams, shooting a basketball on YMCA teams, working out at the spa, riding horses and getting together to play games informally at nearby facilities. No mat- ter where the action, Andrews students showed a lot of en- thusiasm with their in- volvement and spirit. Wm- QI' ,f ,, l ,,,,i . ',-, 1 N'i' f 'T Vi L,VV 'HUHQFWW fmfub. ?s5.4g,MW,,, ,lr ,, ii X ., -rw'-,ffiiikff ' ' ' ,, - ' ,, l.. . N ,, ,. W N, wr ia, 'fx , ,W 7 A -Mi" , Q 4 'mg W .wi ., ,, A, p ,Ja-0 'W , fl , iw, 9 A uw ,Z We ,WM , , VA, ,i ,, . I ,W g, A I W I MW V 3 vg -V f ' f, , Aw' cj, 4,5 ,.,,., ,,,, . V V wi 1' ' Q ,, ., - , , A ., W- I W W. rr ,J 1 ' -1 f., f. G 'W "' n MW z, qvfi,-ww: 7 M gm- I W , M W, -wfffiy M2""'. t, I ' A W . NM ,., A l44!Sparetime Sports ly, , , . 1 N' , l,.""f, ,1-rv" H ,:fi,, I ,ggf 1 - .Q , H '-- 'W ..'-"1 ' W' I ' f .afW5lQ1,-in c -we , ff'- 'lfmwwuvl , , W ,fm f W ' f, M, in A .,,. ,J-A .M U, M' W ff jdzfg "Superstars" The High Point Stars All set. Michelle Blevins and Christy soccer team gathers in a huddle to Metters wait to see if they will have tc discuss their plan for victory. go to work. klways prepared. Student trainer Vlichelle Blevins keeps her medical Paln Killer. Trainer Peggy Watson al' supplies ready for an emergency. ways knows exactly what to do. Aijlfrtrf 5 ,A , , , i ' ' .gww fzmn 4 - Q 2, ,f 4H- ,, ,, . ,,., - 1 ,,.,.f M -rfwfi-if f' 1 " '11 f , u . ,-fbi - if ' V, - QA , NVQ m Sports Medicine!! 45 Team The beginning of the 1986 Red Raider Foot- ball season could be described in one word- surprise. After losing most of the starting players last year, many fans felt that the season could not compare to last year. The Red Raiders began the year with avic- tory over Thomasville with a score of 9-6. The next week they played their first home game against Southern Alam- ance. The team played well, and it showed with another Red Raider vic- tory 35-18. The next two weeks were not as good with defeats coming from both Grimsley and The Three Musketeers. Coach Wally Burke, coach john Cazazza and Coach Craig Gill urge the varsity team on to victory. Ready to win. The Raiders run on to the field with a confident feeling. 146 !Varsity Football Effort Page. Even so, the team fought well against the bigger 4A schools. The non-conference games ended at Homecoming against Southern Durham. Celebrations went on all night as the Raider team won 42-O. The team's strength came from seniors Walt McLeod, Darren Nosal and jon Liberty playing both offense and defense. The captains this year were David Wil- son and Daryll jefferies. The Raiders relied on William Covington in the quaterback position with Adam Carr as his back- up. A Is for awesome. The Raiders warrr up in hopes to win the game. pig: e X 92222. -'--- Lhxkr .,,.. . -1-EFEESSESPEEG12Ql2:Qi2'::2f:,gaz:.2?w2l..1:1' .121i's:.5'f:::a--1.-is .siiw-1, '..,,. :.,:- .. - J -:.t ... g g7. -fi -2-1: I :sf S L 1 R X Sa x sc X 5 . . QQ, . .35 si ,,.... Q .,,.. ,,.t.. . is . a . . X it .t in -.k-- r K 1 -f--- Q , ,,.. 6 l 5 ! 'a l Stretch It outl During a hot summer Going for a touchdown. The Red 4.4 win . I if 't .IN n gn.. 1' Y ir ggvtffi' , P, practice, the Raiders prepared for a Raiders fight hard to score another successful year. VARSITY F GOTB LL point. ggrifgj,fggjgeggcs-fefqg-gQi,a,34,etf1.N..3 """"""'iffe :ig ,,,- ,, -g-., . A W- Fm.:lj-,W-Meet ,.,. Y 'I' .Y Tu? qw!Q-gE1L.?I'5,f. 'Q ?"f?55"f59,s""""'Q.....-if"359?'f'glfi1?2 cr-W ,,.fi1?' it Are Q, --fur . T' "'v":f::f5'7:, TT'-if T'M4"f31.,,..Q,,,i'IAW3fr-Ir'M"'g TS c fE415.:32:i'-"'iltf 1 1 Record 8'3 mfr' 'gi1f+.,,..1'i'iigif'LffW'f2'2is1e-few-+1-W' Y'iYf 7' ssssc gg: csss 4-L1-ii TWA OPP I f,.'7':if'?bvTq F f rl-ll --e-'r rizggffffk .'Q,.' 7 Tl "ii "r'iii'i" ' Thomasville 9 6 :.:.f.vf A T T si" 'S ' QW", Ev! A n N 5 6 A Southern Alamance 35 I8 af' -' Ct' 1 t 'K S' Ai Q 2' A Q A5 Grimsle Q3 -f is , W - - , .- - - , y 7 I7 JMS "7 M- .--1 X fir" - c '-.-' 7 , if . - Q - 7, bf,-. ,. - 7 A qt, aw, : 9 Page 7 zs , 'I ', I S ,A, 'EE L,, .g.1' 1 if -' YQ j Southern Durham 42 0 A n Q ., fi ,167 in A Eesti' Davidson gg Ig . i- Y ' ,L-4. NT 5 4' g ,' -L - s e oro ' 3, 'Qi-' ' Q S Z' Central Zi 7 x5?.l,et'f"i'25' Q7: 'f35efh40a-wee. 4345 - fi . 455. I 0 13 -. . -lf: fig? Ee- . -'S , . Trinity 40 0 . qt k I A L ' 'G' -4 ' "f ' ". ' -' Q Burlington Williams 6 16 . .1 - a. Q. ' L ,Q ' Q, ' i 4, ,,, rx X . .lr if rf .t 'sk rn 5,9 w . - .., . ' ,fa .1 o ei - ..r. -,a: , , Varsity Football. Front row: William Covington, Roland Hanes, Adam Carr, Wes Allred, Walt McLeod, Kenny Dunlap, Scotty Ingram, Brian Sellers, Mike Lewis, Keith Davis, loe Moore. Second row: Greg leffries, Rodney Holland, Mike Brewington, lemal Wiley, Darren Nosal, Rodney Hines, David Brent David, Tommy Moore, Wilson, jason Gill. Third row: Coach Ericlefferies, Coach Herb Goins, David Clary, jeff Gill, Mike Martin, Paul Metters, Mike Gilchrest, Darrell leffries, Paul Lydclon, Adam Lacks, lon Liberty, lohnny Wyrick, Coach lohn Casazza, Coach Dave Mizell. Back row: Coach Ken Brown, Coach Wally Burke, Pat Richard, lahmal Pettiford, Kevin Gainey, Tony Stevens, Scott White, Derek Spencer, Russell Kahn, Brink Sirmons, Brandon Ridge, Bobby Gilchrest, Archie Peguese, Coach Robert Clemmons, Coach Craig Gill. Varsity Football! I 47 Foot power. Mike Daleo avoids the Steamed. Brent David seems angry blocker and scores a field goal. about the referee's call. X so F i if 148 !Varsity Football A Dlrty deeds. Some things just have to Group effort. Raiders gang up tc be done, for instance, beating Trinity. bring down the opponent. Good catchl The Red Raiders receive a pass to gain yardage at a Friday night game. -1-C-T-o-R-Y What does it take to begin the fantastic Red Raider Football Confer- ence games? How about a 24-0 shut out against Central Davidson. Many spirited fans willingly traveled 30 miles to cheer their team towards victory over the undefea- ted Spartans. Two weeks later the Raiders defea- ted arch rival Central by a score 21-7. The game once again gave the bragging rights of High Point to Andrews. The following game found Andrews facing the Tigers of Ragsdale. lt ended up being the only defeat for the Red Raiders, but after a Rags- dale player was declared inelligible, Andrews was awarded with the win by forfeit. The Raiders finished regular season play with an impressive defeat over Trinity. The team ended the season ranked first in the confer- ence with a record of 5 wins and no losses. Playoffs found the Raiders matched against Burlington-Williams. The Bulldogs landed the Raiders their last defeat of the season. The game ended a very memorable season for the senior Raiders, but the remain- ing team members had the thoughts that maybe next year they would go further. Varsity Football! I 49 Klckoff to a perfect season. The jV team starts its lirst game with a great No pain, no gain. Paul Blevins helps kick. john Smith limber up before a game, E Record 5-4- I TWA Opp Thomasville 6 20 Southern Alamance I4 44 Grimsley Z0 0 Page ZO 20 Southern Durham O I8 Central Davidson 27 O Asheboro 34 O Central 2 5 30 Ragsdale 3 3 6 Trinity 69 0 j.v. Foors LL . , K ,, , , ,"f'X"W?"'x""Q Kgbllm ..,. , .. ..,1e..M ' lf' .W v,i.t..t,. ...,, aaa. ,,a..:,f , k 5 ,Y C, ,ttt ,ttt ,itt , at titt ,C 1 tti.t , C if g W..-.vt-....,.... .tt,.. ...... s C .t....,,. T. W,.., , .,,. . tt,, 3 ..,...,, ,,,,,,N 1 L t1w ,. .,... . .... ,, . ,,. .. N .,,.t..,..,,,,...,,.Nf,,,. .,,.,M.,f.,-i.ta- ,......a. ...,, a . as . Q. , . :,A ,g gi , ,t,,.1.,.. 1 at.,i. , ,..1,...v ., ,,.,t.,,..,., trr,i:: , , , - ,...,. ff iggv Q SEVXZSSV, I , Wi'.i . . ylgv 1l?,SuQiF5, V T ' 1 ' , ,'-1 im . '.it ,--f:- I t to trtt , ghi tigg N3 ' Y We iifii N ,ia.2 1.11f f11f,t fl iie at S SS1 5' f iitt l986 j.V. Football Team. Front row: Dwayne johnson, Tim Leggett, Kenny McLeod, Darryl Robinson, Parrish Andrews, Kevin Logan, joe Proctor. Second row: Coach Wally Burke, Tim Foster, Todd C-osnell, Chris Clark, Gerald Roberson, Robert Steed, Billy if Q" O1 N as 4 Brown, Tim Minor, Dale Proctor, Coach Robert Clemmons, Coach Ken Brown. Third row: Coach Craig Gill, Coach Eric jefferies, Coach john Casazza, Paul Pulaski, john Tillman, Darius jones, john Smith, Danny john- son, Paul Blevins, David Bray, Dustin Adams, Ronald Patterson, Coach Dave Mizell, Coach Herb Goins, Back row: Donald Ramey, Gus Andrews, Craig Gainey, Freddie Sturdivant, jimmy Martin, Tony Smith, Chris Gray, Brent Futrell, Heath Putman, Anthony Lynch. 1 50!j.V. Football Sideline Suceessors Proving themselves to be worthy of the Raider name, the junior varsity football team battled to a very successful season. The team began slowly but finished strong after many long hours of hard practice. The new players worked diligently to learn techniques and team cooperation. who played fullback and linebacker, greatly helped the team's success. Coach Herb Goins was very proud of the team and worked to teach the players strate- gies and leadership qualities. The team had a memorable year and left a promising future for teams to come. Sophomore Chris Clark, Afternoon stretches. Paul Pulaski Trying to connect. Freddie Sturdivant warms up for the dreaded daily foot- punts the ball after the Raiderjv foot- ball practice. ball team scores another touchdown. l.V. Football! 1 5 I Rock the Raiders Let's Go Big Red!! This enthusiastic shout could be heard Thursday and Friday nights all across Raider territory. The cheerleaders started their season in the middle of july when they attended practices two weeks before school started to prepare for the upcoming football sea- son. They led their fellow students in spirited cheers at the pep rallies and performed skits to "psych" up the players. Lynda Harmon served as head cheerleader on the Varsity squad with Lisa Bolds as co-head. For the junior Varsity squad, ju Yon Yu led the way as head cheerleader with Tikeshia Dickey as her co-head. Candy Hiatt supported the cheer- leaders and the teams as the Raider mascot. Smlle If you love the Raldersl Cheerleaders Shannon Watkins, Sus- Follow the leader. Lynda Harmon anne Todd, Lynda Harmon,julie Pope leads the varsity cheerleaders at an and Amy Keener show who's numbei afternoon pratice. One. l ! lg . s 7' c C T S T Pradce makes perfect. Shannon Fox concentrates on learning a new cheer. T j 1 5Z!Cheerleaders 2 Q wi if Sl Q is E S E l, j S g S iflliu-,l 1 zz 'Q ,T L,,,, , , . L fgf, C, 1 W , , w- vw J " no '--A 24 I V' '13, 1: LQ .tilll it it I' Tilly L. 1 - ' 4 J L figli-sg5J junlor Varsity Cheerleaders. Front son, Stephanie Farmer. Back row row: Paula jenkins, Gina Basey, Co- Trina Patterson, Heather Huff, Headju head Takeshia Dickey, jennifer Hob- Yon Yu, Meredith Howard, Kim Peel , pei 1 , 11- - as , T e 3 K K' g, i x Lx ri S , ,. i I lTi""'f"i'i IQ I i l yu' 3 ar 1 'M ' V-. ,K 'l -. ', ' - -N, -b f,,f,V , nk J V P' 4 " f he 4 I 4 I Varsity Cheerleaders. Front row: Spoon, Susan Schneider, Michelle Shannon Watkins, Susanne Todd, Co- Foust, Head Lynda Harmon, Melaine head Lisa Bolds, Lori Gibson, julie Hoover, Amy Keener. Pope, Shannon Fox. Back row: Dana QV Cheerleader splrlt. Melaine Hoover shows her dedication by preparing the stadium for Homecoming night. Cheerleaders!! 53 The "A" Team Under the leadership of Coach Sandy Dalton and Mr. Alan Dawson, the Varsity boys' soccer team advanced to the semifinals of the state playoffs. With a record of I8-l-l, the Raiders remained undefeated in their conference, placing lst. ln the state playoffs, the soccer team made it past Central and States- ville. ln overtime, the pepped-up Raiders lost to Swansboro in the semifinals. This year was the first time that the boys' soccer team has advanced to the semifi- nals. Seven of the eleven starters made all- conference: Rick Cran- Record I 8- l - l TWA Opp Vance Academy 4 O Central 2 O Burlington Williams 4 O West Forsyth 4 0 Thomasville 9 0 Ledforcl 5 0 Trinity 9 0 Central l l S.W. Guilford 4 l Ragsdale l O West Forsyth 5 O Thomasville I2 O Ledford 6 O Trinity 7 O Central I O S.W. Guilford 5 O Ragsdale Z l Statesville 2 O Central l O Swansboro 2 4 ford, lvor Buffong, Richie Greenfield, Perry Kyle, Mike Banesse, Anthony DiFoggio and Mike Daleo. ln the Tri-County conference, Perry Kyle was awarded Offensive Player of the Year, while Anthony DiFoggio received the Defensive Player of the Year award. At the awards banquet, Mike Banesse won the Most Valuable award, while Chad Futrell was honored with the Coach's Award. Although the Raiders lost seven of their eleven starters, they hope to carry on the tradition of an outstanding soccer team. VARSITY SGCCER T 1986 Boys' Varsity Soccer team. Front row: Roland Haynes, Henry Hare, Robert Smith, Anthony Difoggio, Chad Futrell, Mike Banesse, Mike Quinto, lvor Buffong, Richie Greenfield. Back row: Keith Efird, Mike Daleo, Toby Taggert, Brandon Cook, David Sherrill, Perry Kyle, Billy Koontz, Rick Cranford, Chris Davis, lami Grimstead, Shannon Shuskey, Robbi Payne. l54!Boys' Varsity Soccer 1 ,f,--- - xi . A awibsxnpqphi M Q' f '5 f 'Q 4' Ms., . 55, x...,Vk ,X X1.,X,5g,5H.S.wy:g, f X Q as i 135 ii Y 'f Q 3 dk . is-sl Fast Despite a discourag- ing record, the jayvee soccer team kept their spirits high and tried to make the overall season a success. Coach Sandy Dalton had them practice with the varsity team on some days. These work- outs gave them opportu- nities to receive a little kd' . Q.-is 1 'Wu' Flying Hlgh. Perry Kyle leaps high into the air to head the ball. Go for It! Robbie Payne stuggles to keep possession of the ball. l56!Boys' Varsity Soccer Feet extra help from the more experienced players. jeff White and Carlos Brice boldly led the team as its captains. Next year, many of the players are hoping to make the varsity team and carry on the Raider soccer tradi- tion. Ralder teamwork. Mike Banesse and Billy Koontz work together to capture Amazing footwork. Chris Davis uses the ball from their opponent.fPhoto his super skills to keep the ball away credit: H.P. Enterprisej from a defending player. aaa ,vt Q ,Auf ,,.f- ff' iv. socciaiz TUV! I986 l.V. Soccer Team. Front row: Dashnaw, Andy Santinello, Danny Crrizzel, jeff White, Carlos Brice, Kevin Brian Barnes, Tony Bowman, Robbie Mann, Sam Spagnola. Back row: Boone, Bobby Chernault, Chris Payne, Carlos Olan, Greg Shaw, Chris jonathan Tuttle, Brad Yoder, Brian lenkins, Phillip Smith. Hudspeth, Willie Ratanophruks, Craig Daggett, Kenny Haggerty, Doug Record 2-6 TWA Opp Ragsdale 3 0 Ragsdale O I Central 0 I Glen I 0 Crrimsley O 4 West Forsyth I 3 Central O 4 Grimsley O 4 Boys' l.V. Soccerfl 57 Reaching for the Sky Despite a less than perfect season, the varsity volleyball team stuck together under the coaching of Ms. Brenda lo Thomas and made the best of things. With an overall record of Z-I4, the team defeated Ashe- boro in the first round of conference play and came close to defeating Ragsdale, who finished second in the confer- ence. Shannon Thomas, who played defense as well as almost any posi- tion on the court, led the team with her efforts. Angie Brown and Tonya Alsbrook lent their valu- Record Z- I 3 TWA Opp East Davidson I 2 Ragsdale O 3 lordan O Z Central Davidson I 3 Central 3 I Ledford I 2 Asheboro O 3 Trinity O 3 Ragsdale O 3 Central Davidson I 3 Central 2 3 Asheboro I 3 Trinity I 3 Asheboro 3 I Ragsdale I 2 able talents to the team also. On another court, Mrs. Sue Shinn guided the junior varsity volleyball team to a winning sea- son, finishing with an overall record of IO-5. Their efforts earned them second place in the con- ference. Lanie Moore and Kim Brown were to be commended for their consistent exhibitions of skill. Vickie Douglas and Tammy Primus played the net very well, while Eljuawana Goss and Denise Ingram did their best on defense. VARSITY VOLLEYBALL 1986 Varsity Volleyball. Front row: Back row Coach Brenda Thomas Brand Sharon McCollum Amy Coach Sue Shinn, Shannon Thomas, Takela Smith Stennetla Stewart Parnell Cinnamon Hunter Angela Brown, Dawanna Caldwell. Tanya Alsbrooks Kim Crosnell Lisa 1 5811 v. at varsity Volleyball Up In the alr. Lanie Moore successful- ly serves the ball as 'Bird' Hughes follows her moves. Q Emu . J 1.v. VOLLEYB LL 1986 l.V. Volleyball. Front row: row: Cheryl Robertson, Betina Alwanna Cross, Kiki Morrison, Coach Sue Shinn, Vickie Douglas, Bullard, Lani Moore, jamie Horne, Rosalind Woods. Kim Brown,DawannaCaldwell. Back Tammy Primus, Denise Ingram, Hlt of Conhdence. Vickie Douglas returns the volley as Kim Brown, jamie Horne and Lanie Moore anxiously await the return. t ,,. I iicsis Lsfs fif - as , vga .X , if ,.-"" l Record IO-7 DNA Opp Southern Guilford 0 2 Trinity 2 I East Davidson I 2 East Davidson 2 I Ragsdale 2 I Central Davidson Z I Central 2 I Ledford 2 I Asheboro 0 Z Trinity I 2 Ragsdale Z 0 Central Davidson 2 O East Davidson Z I East Davidson I Z Central Z 0 Asheboro I Z Trinity O Z j.V. 8. Varsity Volleyball! I 59 .x W i so 7- ' x M Q Ju- ' I Y .fx t , .mf IL',"4"3"U -y , "Q , X?-.f A 1 -M , ,---' 7 v AA . M ,S - ' ,. V - ,,,w'.f Q i - ,,...... '07, ffqgwza 7 'Wt M I 4,1 J.. ,, F Arifni, -. ,-'ag..w..s ,,fg.3.u1M"""" ., V i,.,,,, ,.,....-a X 'max 'K 'xi l, . if 'rv S 4 W: xx , + . , . AR. wi' " , ,,,.,...,a h ' wr" ,,. 4- xx.-f 1 -: v' 1' , . nigga gf 1 'A 3155? if H, sf: r , 'uf'-i.j1x, -f , +4 " Q T " . ,grfsxmi A xv ,r .. 'L ! ', Ti Foml of a champ. Karen lohn shows Ace? Kendle Boone watches to see if her State Championship style. the ball will be good. l6O!Girls' Tennis iii? if ' KV All the right moves. Cybele Martin Look at that swing. Ashley Shuler stretches her backhand stoke to uses an excellent backhand shot on 'eturn the ball. her way to victory. V4 4 Q J . .. ,. we xp U, i D" s plggunuaduy- QSM ss.-v - Lx' "anim We X ,Q gs ws. The Road to the Top Talk about spectacular! The Andrews girls' tennis team was just that as they ended their season un- defeated and captured the state championship. Under the guidance of Coach Barbara Kinney the team worked their way straight to the top. ln the 3A Conference Karen john, Cacy Kinney, jenni- fer Hedge, Kristin Lohr and Ashley Shuler remained undefeated in the singles division. The doubles team of Lohr GIRLS' TENNIS 1986 Girls' Tennls Team. Front row: Karen john, Cherie Currens, Kristin Cacy Kinney, jennifer Hedge, Ashley Lohr, Coach Barbara Kinney, Kendell Shuler, Cybele Martin. Back row: Boone, jennifer Needham, Gina Lewis. and Shuler advanced to the semifinals in both the regional and state competitions. Kinney and Hedge managed to become the second best doubles team in the state, while Karen john captured the state title in the singles competition. After ten years without a state championship, Andrews Red Raider fans were ecstatic and prayed that the tradition would continue. Record I2-O TWA Opp Thomasville 9 O North Forsyth 8 I Central Davidson 9 0 Ragsdale 9 0 Asheboro 7 2 Central 9 0 Trinity 9 O Central Davidson 9 O Ragsdale 9 0 Asheboro 9 0 Central 8 I Trinity 9 0 Regionals Ist State 3A Ist Girls' Tennlsfl 61 That Extra ile Although this year's cross country team was not entirely successful in winning meets, statistics did not give a true assessment of the team's ablilities. With an overall record of 2-7 and a conference record of Z- 3, the year was spent rebuilding and gaining experience. Sydney Harris was the MostValu- able Performerg Matt Hodgin the Most Improved runner. Rick Grady and Tom Hodgin won the Coach's Award. Coach Carney looks for- ward to a brighter season next year with eight athletes returning. scoreboard Record Z-7 TWA Opp Central Davidson l5 46 Central 73 25 Burlington Williams 73 30 Central 40 l 5 Central 64 Z2 Burlington Williams 64 39 Ragsdale Z5 32 Trinity Z8 27 Asheboro 45 I 7 The Andrews swim team, coached by Mr. Sandy Dalton and Ms. Erin Leahy, was very satisfied with its season. Freshman Chris Comp- ton broke school records in the 50 and 100 frees- tyle events and was rumored to be the best in the state in these events. julie Coggins helped lead the Andrews girls' team to a historic first win over Central. Gther strong swimmers includ- ed Charlie Clrimstead, Brett Cramer, Brandon Cook, Scott Bray, jennifer Ziegler and Tracy Patter- son. Racing for time. Sydney Harris, Tom Ready, set, swim! Chris Comptor Hodgin and Mike Rowan practice for takes a last deep breath before start a cross country meet. ing the backstroke event. CRCSS COLI TRY 1986 Cross Country Team. Front Sydney Harris, Mike Rowan, Tim Hodgin, loe Hopper, Tim larrett, row: Matt Hodgin, Rick Cirady, Barnes, Willie Hall. Back row: Tom Chris Hooven, Coach Steve Carney. i62fCross Country No pain, no gain. julie Coggins shows that doing the butterfly is not easy. 'J 'wr ar M' . wwf J' il' W L, time SWIMMING l986 Swim Team. Front row: Christy Gordon. Scott Bray, Travis Thompson, Chuck Clrimstead, Laura Cadle, jamie Grimstead, Brad Yoder, Danny Nlann, Lara Hammer. Second row: Gina Lewis, Debbie Zeigler, Karen Hensley, jennifer Zeigler, Ginny Parnell, Lynn Kak, julie Coggins, Lisa Welborn. Back row: Brandon Cook, jeff White, Brent Herndon, Tony Stevens, Darren Nosal, Chris Compton, Tracey Patterson, Brett Cramer, Don Perry- man, scoreboard Girls' Record Boys' Record 3-4 2-5 Swimmingfl 63 Big Shots Welch added his exciting new ideas and tech- niques to the boys' varsity basketball team. Along with assistant coaches Gary Peterson and Stuart Peterson, Coach Welch succeeded in bringing out the best in the players. Contributing many extra efforts to the team were jerry gave the Raiders the spe- cial present they wanted. Terrence Richardson and Maurice McRae shared the Most Valuable Player honors. Coach Welch remarked that he felt good about the overall performances of the team members and that all their games had been close. lt was this kind of Benjamin, Darin Bell and Brian Easter. Placing second to Burlington Williams in the Christmas tournament l64!Boys' Varsity Basketball performance that led Surrounded. lan Grove seems tc ignore his opponents as he aims fo the basket. them to the 1987 con- ference championship victory over Ragsdale. Fast break. Brian Easter looks towards Shoot for two! Sam Brackett demon- the Andrews basket as he holds off a strates the perfect form for making a Central defender. field goal. lumpln' throw. William Covington Put It through the hoop. Terrence uses a bit of gymnastics to pass the Richardson drives foralay-upto score basketball. a point for the Raiders. . BCYS BASKETBALL scoreboard Record 9-8 TWA Opp Smith 52 54 Page 54 52 Morehead 67 72 Smith 44 41 North Forsyth 57 54 Morehead 55 72 Eastern Alamance 66 65 Cummings 68 69 Glenn 5l 56 Central 62 65 Trinity 47 35 Asheboro 55 63 Central 60 66 Central Davidson 70 45 Trinity 67 49 Central Davidson 82 41 Ragsdale 72 70 I986 Varsity Boys Basketball Harold Gardner Back row Coach Maurice McRae, jerry Benjamin, Front row Kenny Covington Peterson Brian Sellers Sam David Sherill, Brian Easter, Coach William Covington Chris Ledbetter Brackett Terrence Richardson Kevin Welch. Boys' Varsity Basketballfl 65 Go For the Gold Under the leadership of Coach Sue Shinn and co-captains Shannon Thomas and Kim Gosnell, the Lady Raider basket- ball team emerged with surprisingly good results. Filled with intimidation at the beginning of the sea- son, the girls later overcame this handicap and found the talent to be competitive. With Shannon Thomas, Kim Gosnell, Hope Rush and Angie Brown as the only four returning seniors, the team proved that they could handle any opponent, even without as many experienced players. The Lady Raiders ended their regular sea- son with a record of 17- 3. Since they were the season champions, the girls were awarded a berth in the sectional tournament. They placed second in the conference tournament which was held at Andrews. , .K 15 .xr ,. ,, so K . L,-M-N-"""" . c,,tr,...m ...r-Q-vi-'i""' L hir , ,,, Look of concentration. Kim Gosnell Take lt away. Hope Rush proves sets up a play for the Lady Raiders. l66!Girls' Varsity Basketball herself capable as she steals the ball from her opponent. Good game, girls. The Red Raider We want a basket. Kim Gosnell looks girls team congratulates the Bulldogs for help from a teammate close by, on a game well played. yest 2 7 it 7 O ,Ay it , L Z ' ' 7 li y ,f A 1' K , " ' As F Q h-A---lf! l X A ff .QQ ' ff, 4 , ,,,, 'ff " V """ -1- 4, ' W V M W f .hi ,- 4- 1 .W W fungi' , ,, if V I - ..... , Qi A . 'H -- -gil: , K M. ,, 6 ,,,,,,,.,. ....,,.,.,,W M W ...q-...W ' GIRLS' BASKETBALL 1986 Varsity Girls' Basketball Tammy Canady, Angie Brown, Kendle Boone, Arlisa Carey, Tonya Team. Front row: Tammy Mitchell, Perdita Patrick, Michelle Little. Back Alsbrooks. Takeia Smith, Cheryl McCollum. row: Angie Mclnnis, Kim Ciosnell. Second row: Stephanie Camp, ShannonThomas, Coach Sue Shinn, scoreboard Record IO-3 WVA Opp Smith 46 41 Page 60 49 Morehead 86 23 Smith 50 36 North Forsyth 33 39 Morehead 48 25 S.W. Guilford 50 36 Burlington Williams 50 52 Central 54 39 Trinity 45 46 Asheboro 54 30 Glenn 57 39 Central 61 48 Central Davidson 44 41 Trinity 45 43 Central Davidson 57 32 Ragsdale 47 34 Asheboro 65 5l Clirls' Varsity Basketball! I 67 Iunior Dribblers The Boys' and Girls' jV basketball teams were perhaps not as popular as the varsity teams, but their abilities and scores were just as commen- dable. The boys' team was coached by Robert Clemmons.Team captains were Kenny McLeod and Darren Welch. The team's strong points were rebounding and overall quickness. Outstanding players who proved to be assets were Dwayne johnson, Robert Steed, jeff Talley and Ricky Kelly. Though six players will move up to the varsity team next scoreboard Record 8-3 TWA Opp Smith 37 55 Morehead 65 57 Smith 45 57 Morehead 79 60 Glenn 59 65 Central 74 64 Trinity 75 36 Asheboro 80 7l Central 70 55 Central Davidson 68 38 Ragsdale 69 65 season, there are still plenty of players to make next year's team a success. The girls' team also had a rewarding year, led by Coach "Bird" Hughes. Team captains were Amy Parnell and Tammy Primus, who were also the team's best offense players. The best on defense were Vickie Douglas and Denise ln- gram. Although the team had only seven members, it was a well- rounded group who worked and communica- ted well together. Almln' high. Tonya Thompson con- Outside shot. Kareem Collins makes centrates fully on making foul shot. a break through to score two points. BOYS' IV BASKETBALL I986 IV Boys' Basketball. Front row: McLeod, Ricky Gardner, Bryan Black- Coach Robert Clemmons, Billy Kareem Collins, Adria Harris, Robbie burn, Floyd Spears. Back row: Ricky Graham, Derrick Hayes, Darren Garrett, leff Talley. Second row: Kenny Kelly, Robert Steed, Dwayne johnson, Welch. l68!Boys' jV Basketball 1112 1 fi i. .SNK .fi.W.XWX Q ..,t.aa-W - A1A: Catch that ball. The Raiders and the he A-. ,I " ' Bison fight over who will get the ball. We WS! I 1' If t. Z l ,,f"3+ 11 ' Y,-' 3 ,, , Af' , 5, to ,Af "H: 7' .1 'sf 'T' ISS' 1 U ,.,. GIRLS' IV BASKETBALL dmlreus A- Pi Andreln Andrews 2 2 'lntirenn 3 2 Andrei l 3 1986 IV Glrls' Basketball Team. Coach Sandra Hughes, Vickie Franklin. Front row: Lynette Streeter, Amy Douglas, Tammy Primus, Delane Parnell, TonyaThompson, Back row: Welborn, Denise Ingram, Brenda L scoreboard Record 8-4 DNA Opp Smith 35 I9 Page 48 36 Smith 40 Z8 Glenn 59 Z5 Central 39 27 Trinity 38 41 Asheboro Z9 Z8 Central 41 31 Central Davidson 36 35 Trinity 16 35 Central Davidson 28 36 Ragsdale 32 34 Girls' IV Basketballfi 69 l l' 4- get f. .. r - .AAAA - aww - ffiiif-A VARSITY WRESTLI Ci scoreboard Record I4-I TWA Opp Ledford 63 8 Sanderson 53 14 West Forsyth 72 O Crrimsley Tourn. lst Page 56 I3 Capital City Tourn. lst Madison Mayoden 46 28 Eden Holiday Tourn. lst East Randolph 58 I6 Bull Durham Tourn. lst 1 Sanderson 64 6 West Alamance 54 I2 Central 52 44 Smith 60 9 South Mecklenberg 47 I3 Northern Durham 47 I4 Cary I7 37 East Wake 69 O Oxford Webb 73 0 l987 Varstly Wrestling. Front row: Craig Dashnaw, Sam Davis. Back Martin Carter. Matt Hodgin, Sean Boyce, lames row:BrentDavid,Adrian Lacks,Chris NlcLendon,loe Little, Bernard Terry, Sanders, Paul Metters, Willey Hall. l7O!Varsity Wrestling Makin' the moves. Chris Sanders Flyln' high. junior Varsity wrestler prepares to pin a member of the Matt Hodgin prepares to slam his Trinity Bulldogs. opponent on the mat for a pin. Raiders R The Raider wrestlers upheld the tradition of excellence. With outstanding wrestlers Taylor Peguese, Shawn Briggs, Mark Hairston and Tony Smith the varsity team took first place in state 3A wres- tling this year. Bernard Terry, Edward jackson, Chris Sanders, Sean Boyce and joe Little dominated on the mat. Wally Burke coached both the varsity and jV teams and helped the guys keep up the stamina expected of Rai- der wrestlers. During the last weekend in February, the wrestlers traveled to Chapel Hill and claimed the State 3A title. Bernard Terry was named Most Valuable wrestler and other winners were Ed jackson, Mallory Quick and Brent David. Sean Boyce pla- ced third and joe Little and Chris Sanders finished fourth. The wrestlers made many sacrifices in order to succeed at their sport, including eating the right foods and keeping within a certain weight range. The boys make up for all the inconveniences by piling up wins year after year. iv WRESTLING ' I986 IV Wrestling. Front row: Chapman. Second row:Christopher Tyrone johnson, Antoine Walton. Clark, Paul Blevins, Danny johnson. Crreg Bell, Craig Dashnaw, William Tony Smith. Steve Kanoy. Back row: Shawn Briggs. Taylor Peguese. Coach Wally Burke. scoreboard Record IO-O TNNA Opp Ledford 87 Z2 I Reynolds 54 24 Madison Mayoden 60 I7 East Randolph 70 6 Reynolds 53 I4 Central 42 27 South Mecklenberg 60 I8 Northern Durham 36 32 Central 47 Z9 Ragsdale 69 6 jV Wrestling!! 7 I rgani ations Once schoolwork was done, students at Andrews focused their attention on the clubs they were yy ut ilk involved in. The officers and members of the clubs ie ll f found that staying at school past 3:15 was common. f.f.jsQg1.f Attending the meetings was only a small part of being active, and many involved themselves in events in the community as well as at school. The overabundance of candy this year came as a ff. iyt result of almost every club selling the item. Clubs used candy profits for their inductions and as donations to needy causes. Whether students were selling candy, collecting cans of food, wrapping Christmas presents or participating in Homecoming activities, they had fun just as true Raiders do. Taking it all ln. Minnett McCormick concentrates on what is being said during an ICC meeting. Golf anyone? Members of VICA club wait for customers at their Homecoming booth. Key to the Future. Marco Orsini, a fall NHS inductee, takes time to sign another member's key. l72!Organization Divider -- af ,.t:' wif., In of-If any 'QV 1, "QM Even though the jocks were too busy to take up cheerleading they found time to show their school spirit. The sign of toughness for the "Bad Boys" was a pair of dark shades. Sometimes the Raiders and Raiderettes could not be distingu- ished because of the length of the , guys' hair. .r ,i I N I 'X A true Red Raider could always bf detected by the "A" branded on hi: g X clothing. if 1 i Almost every male Raider tried to Ht , ff f k weight training into his busy schedule. ,A r 0 I ' I . s f , fr A maiority of the "cool" Raider guy: walked around with a built in air condi V tioner fholey ieans were a musty. X , l , , U I 4 0 lx j I I , X The western rage hit Andrews this past year, so all the guys headed out to purchase a pair of "Dingos." I 74!Offical Raider X v N so N I I I I A l l i 1 i l r I The Gfficial Raider! ewlery was a fashion that has never gone 'out of style.' ll .fl x H 5425 VN 0531? ' ' Tix AQFXQSN -QNX fi itelliwiliilq :ttf vf Z... If , f llff 6 I U My 1 Q lx ilk ff., 'jfy'f'Y.'nY' ,fl ...Al It 1,91 l'he official emblem for fashion was ' :he Coca-Cola trademark. l 4 lil fhe length of sweaters tended to ext- - .137 and further down than usual. l A Us I 1 WW 'V mn' i 1 li-tops were not just for basketball cu "'M5'ii'7li'l'llllllUlilnllul - l l 1 p , l l i illi ' df' 0 . I- J players, they also completed the Z essential outfit. l if i f , Over-sized class rings allowed the girls to show off who they were dat- ing. The stirrup pants helped the lady Raiders to show off their figures. Colored socks added that final touch when coordinating an outfit. Offical Raider!! 75 Ready for... The luniorettes, with advisers Ms. Libby Tate and Mrs. Winifred Cottam, enjoyed a year filled with service projects. For Homecom- ing, members spent hours making spirit signs and arrived early Friday morning to decorate the school. They also created a booth for the Homecoming Carnival. A covered dish Thanksgiving banquet was held for members and their parents with entertainment by Monica Ledbetter. During Chris- tmas, the members wrapped presents for the American Cancer Society and also had a party to give presents to their secret sisters. ln the spring, they had a Ea- ster egg hunt for the children in the Headstart Program. Throughout the year, luniorettes had a good time while serving their community as well. , "l' , s tttt ZW. ,,. A - 1 1 Q M I ,,,V ' 1 5 klyy, I f , W NX Proud to be a lunlorette. Angie Leary proudly wears her '86 luniorette sweatshirt. i 76!luniorettes Is thls o.k.? A group of luniorettes discuss the Let's go Raiders! Angie Leary cheerfully paints signs placement ofsigns while decorating for Homecom- in preparation for Homecoming, ing. lunlorettes. Sec. lennifer Davis, Vice-Pres. Connie King, Pres. Sarah Yates, Treas. Candy Hiatt. Second row: Leslie Statton, Lynda Harmon, Karen lohn, Cybele Martin, Betsy York, Kristin Lohr. Shannon Watkins, Kelly Sanniota, Tia Doar, Kate Duncan, Kristi Patterson. Third row: Susan Hammett, lulie lanssen, Laura Cashatt, Leslie Cashatt, Kristin White, Ashley Griffin, Shannon Lewin. Paula lester, Susan Smith, Yvonne Lorber. Fourth row: Christy Schul- theiss, Melinda Dennis. Lori Gibson, lulie Pope, Shannon 2 i s 3 Fox, Michelle Robbins, Sherri Schroeder, Andrea Dea- Delane Welborn, Nikki Eldreth, lulie Coggins, Suzann Suggs, Christy Gordon. Fifth row: Melissa Wright, lennifc Hedge. Stacey Franklin, Lisa Bolds, Angie Leary, loc Combs, Kim Cave, Donna Hudgins, Lori Hedgecocl Gretchen jones, Meredith Howard, Back row: Kara Whitn Kelly More, Amy Ozment, Beth Gordon. Laura Cecil, Ginn Parnell, Laura Cadle. Amber Holbrook, Belinda Key. gi? F16 3 sf if ,., A' 6 ,T e so , so fl . , . .... e Q m. V, ww- -W ,.....,....... N - , wi ly E I - l I: s l he : y 's ' f i if , V if 5 - V ' ' 4' 1' ww, 'N-4 2 xx 'XHQNN Gooflng offl Lori Gibson decorates a car while Iuniorettes are boosting the school spirit at Homecoming. A breath of fresh alr. At a lakeside luniorettes meeting, Sarah Yates takes the roll. W f' jfz,Jg17f ff ' ,. ., We - M ,,,, luniorettesfl 77 Up to no good. Key Club members End time to goof Unidentified wrestlers. Whoever says playing in off after their picture has been taken. the mud isn't fun is dehnitely wrong. 1 1 C f f 5 5 it E - l E l i i Dirty dudes. Don Perryman and Billy Koontz laugh at other guys as they get muddy. Group discussion. Steve Sexton, Chris Bray and Henry Hare talk about plans for the upcoming Key Club meeting. 1 78fKey W Work!Play Under the leadership of its adviser Mr. Monroe, the Key Club had yet another successful and amusing year. The club kicked the year off with a third-place finish with their Homecoming booth, a mud wrestling contest, a unique idea dreamed up by the members. Every Friday, two members of the club met with the sponsors in the Kiwanis club for a luncheon. The club members also participated in taking donations for Multiple Sclerosis. With the help of the officers: Henry Hare, President, Chris Bray, Secretary, Greg Carmichael, Treasurer and Rick Grady, Sergeant at Arms, the club proved itself a real success. Key Club. Vice-Pres. Steve Sexton, Sec. Chris Bray, Treas. Greg Carmichael, Pres. Henry Hare, Sgt. of Arms Rick Grady. Second row: Darin Bell, Brian Yau- des, Kevin Odenwelder, Brent Harrington, jeff White, Robert Smith, Billy Nixon, Adam Carr, Chris Blackman, Brent Walser, Darren Nosal, Perry Kyle, Klay Barrow. Third row: Anthony Hall, Brent Herndon, Mike Daleo, Tony Stevens, Anthony Difoggio, joe Little, Terry Meinecke, Mike Banesse, Roland Hanes, Doug Hudson, Don Perryman, Russell Kahn, David Sherill, Chris Davis, Ron Meinecke. Back row: jordie Lester, Rick Cranford, Marc Butler, Chris jenkins, Billy Koontz, Greg Warren, Moose Miller, David Howard, Carlos Brice, Andy Santinello, Mike Rowan, Corey Moser. Key Club!! 79 Pass It on.1ennifer Davis proudly accepts the honor of being inducted into NHS from Anne McArthur. Worth lt National Honor Society was synonymous with leadership, scholarship, service and character. Last spring fifteen juniors with these attributes were inducted into the society. Later that spring, the club held a car wash to raise extra funds. When the teachers arrived back at school this fall, the club greeted them with awelcom- ing reception. The members offe- red to help the teachers in any way possible, and the teachers readily took them up on their offers. Later on in the fall, the senior inductions brought in fourteen more students. Once again, the annual Christmas canned food drive was a success. ln all its activities, the club demonstrated leadership, service, scholarship and character. l8O!National Honor Society NHS Old Members. Front row: Secflreas. Paulales- Martin, Candy Hiatt, Susan Chernault, Third row: ter, Pres. Todd Burnett, Vice-Pres. Andy Butler. lenniferDavis,Tia Doar, Paul Lyddon,SiYonYu. Back Second row: Betsy York, LeAnne Davidson, Cybele row: Doug Blackman, Chad Futrell, Chris Blackman. gf. X-1 J . Light my fire. Zack Cecil passes the flame to new NHS inductee Betsy York. The honor's all thelrs. Ladies and gentlemen, we Boy that looks goodl Cybele Martin seems en would like to present the new and old members of thralled by what she is getting ready to eat NHS. 'iii NHS New Members. Front row: jeanette Clutter, Susan Smith, Connie King, Kelly Sanniota, Linda Venable, Lisa Shusky. Back row: Billy Currens, Brian Mauldin, Terry Meinecke, Henry Hare, Marco Orsini, Eric Medlin, Mike Banesse, Laura Saunders. What's so funny? LeAnne Davidson seems to End some humor in the NHS reception, National Honor Society! I 81 Golden Active was the word that best described the Keyettes. With a membership of over ninety girls, they made sure no one was without a job. For Homecoming, they made a Bob for Apples booth which won a second place in the contest sponsored by the Student Council. The Keyettes decorated the school with posters, streamers and balloons for the big football game between Andrews and Central. During the Christmas sea- son, the Keyettes contributed their time and efforts to worthy causes by ringing bells for the Salvation Army and wrapping presents for the Cancer Society. Two girls also went to the Kiwanis luncheon every Friday. Under the guidance of Ms. Patty Fonner and Mrs. Ann Austin, the Keyette Club had one of its most prosperous years ever. Keyettes. Front row: Sec. jill McManus, Vice-Pres. Si Yon Yu, Pres. Susan Chemault, Treas, Anna Stinson, Sgt, ofArms jeanna McManus. Second row: jennifer Phillips, Rachel Lyddon, Katie Turner, Kim Cox, Katie Turner, Betsy Menegakis, jeanette Clutter, Melissa McGee, Marni Lessa, LeAnne Davidson, Amy Shelton, Robin Hughes, Kelly Bameycastle, jennifer Weber, Amy johnson, Lisa Shuskey, Veronica Fordyce, ju Yon Yu. Third row: Sonja Post, Stephanie Oxford, Andrea Beck, Amy Keener, Sheila Thorton, Caroline Brown, Debbie Smith, Ashley McDonald, jennifer Rich, Heidi Simmons, jennifer Hobson, Heather Hough, Allison Hundley, Shina Kang, Paige Hachet, Lara Hammer, Emily Spivey, Chrissy Rich, Kim Smith. Fourth row: Audrey Thomas, Wanda Simpson, Pam Gibson, Titha Bates, Arlisa Carey, Shelley Smith, Angie Burleson, Susan Schneider, Karen Quinto, Ashley Shuler, Tracey Dalton, Cherie Currens, jennifer Needham, Cacy Kinney, Toni Nesbitt, Tracie McClain, Tammie Nesbitt, Amy Roddy. Back row: Naquita Brewington, Deidra Kirkpatrick, Tony Davis, Cinnamon Hunter, Doris lssaac, Barbara Ogle, jamie Hender- son, Tracey Patterson, Lorena Libertore, Gina Lewis, Kendle Boone, Tarci Kimsey, Dana Wimmer. 1 8Z!Keyettes 1 Senlorsl jeanna McManus, Susan Chernault and Si Yon Yu pose in front of the senior poster while decorating for the Andrews-Central gamej It looks good here. Lisa Shuskey tells Veronica Fordyce where to tape her streamers. --u Hold your breath. Michael Martin tries to bite an apple at the Keyette booth during Homecoming festivities. 4' Q. it-A 5 it-ai it R a s Keyettes! I 83 Concern The Beta Club and SADD involved many students at Andrews. The Beta Club recognized the juniors with a 3.5 cummulative average and the seniors with a 3.3 cummulative average. At its December induc- tion, old members treated the new members to a reception after- wards. ln March, the Beta Club attended the State Beta Club convention, which was held in Greensboro. The SADD chapter busied itself by placing posters around the school, reminding students not to drink and drive. The members also watched films that encouraged them to become aware of the dangers of drinking while driving. Parties took place during the year to celebrate various holidays, and many members proudly displayed their motto on their club T-shirts. T apped In a SADD sltuatlon Billy Nixon volunteers himself for the club s dunkin booth dur ing the Homecoming carnival. I .I f Nwbbv v5rv9VQ'A6'NMlWQW ff f Ol ON l f 4rf,frf?if 0 'f i i 'jiifbjffff A.QlwQ'Q7My!v4f f m N!!fZ!!f!!!9..5:6.Q4 ewffll fly WG .yyy . ! y W I ,f ff, , A ,f f f f f f?lo'ItQi'tlffll5lif,lf Q f ,Q Qfflffff . if If if , .ff I tl' rw if f'2lQl'OQ6OQlr f , w V 'A Y A I., , X ,X rx X ,X . ,, I Oli fl r I I.-ilk. , , I ti f fi f,. i . .f't A l h I I t 'Q Q3 'I if ll ' rg I iwvpgzf, e..e .LCC I I .1. if I f A ' . IQ. I ty fi A fii I I .1. f rl . we I , igt ,i f, rf Ap ' I 2 i 2 gg vt , p 5, IQ ,t - g y. 5, R X I' . if M 'I y ,,, ,,l g ,fix -4 ., 'fl Q as so A l84!Beta-SADD SADD. Front row: Pres. Susan Schneider, Vice-Pres, Billy Nixon, Publicity Chairman Ashley Cirifhn, Treas. Amy Roddy. S d row: A g B rleson, lulie Coigins, Andre D I Y Lorber, K ti P tterson, Lori Gi son, Brent W I B tsy York, LeAnne Davidson, Shannon Watkins. Lau C cil, Amy Keener, Leigh Albertson, Heather Hough D Hd RbHhM S'dPlLydd onna u gins, o in ug es, arty ni er, au Third row: Ashley McDona d,lennifer Hobson,A g' R Russell Kahn, julie Pope, Darren Nosal, Don P ry Wendy Clark, Laura Saunders, Lori Hilton, Kim Peel Gretchen lones, Kelly Barneycastle, Amy Shelton, An B n, Sam Byerly, Advi I nett Kiem. Ba k A Stoval, lennifer Ri h, M ni L , Chris H P I S ders, Lara H Cathryn Rippy, Rosa Buxt T y McClain, Sher S h eder, Caroline Brown, Ch M t Sh I Thort A ylohnson,lennifer Weber, Ann St H d Sim 6 l'l 3 x 51 . i .I ,Q-Q X ' .6 , " 5 x " 5 6 Q45 'sg 4 . J N. fx K A . " E " A 9' H v Q ivs 4 f nb Q' i' ,f Q 6 f' H f El f .sf g,f N, ' Q 9 Q H f-nw . - , K '5 - Y .q - -fw-ff -- 9' A f, i Q LW Q S 5 2 K 3 ! Q 5 Q X + A , 5 5, 5 f Q n 1 A35 Q Q 6 Y WN 8' X 2 'N Jil ,,, Mm, giiS Vg ik-is f , 5 ,, 5 ,iii 5,i 5394 5 L4 lu-sm' W A x What a famlllar sight. Senior Class Treasurer Kristin White is often found during seventh period painting signs. is... 1 .... ....f j Dedication The Student Council made itself one of the most important organi- zations in the school. They sponsored the Homecoming Carnival and the Mistletoe Magic Christmas Dance. Class competi- tions for worthy causes were popular successes. The Student Council produced a talent show in the spring in which the students participated. Spirit Weeks, Boys' Homecoming and peppy posters around the school boosted spirits and students' morale. The Council attended leader- ship workshops over the summer and during the school year in order to learn ways to motivate students and be responsible leaders. Under the supervision of Mr. George Henne, the Student Coun- cil fluorished and accomplished what they set out to do, which was to serve the student body in every way possible. A man wlth a mlsslon. Student Body Vice- President Todd Burnett looks intent on carrying out his Student Council responsibilities. Executive Board. Front row: Susan Chernault, Tia Doar, Todd Burnett, Si Yon Yu. Second row: Kristin White, Kristi Patterson, Marty Snider, Mike Banesse, Advisor George Henee. Back row: Lori Gibson, Cinnamon Hunter, Cherie Currens, Susan Schnei- der. Executive Board! l 87 Indulge a lltde. Karen john and Ashley Shuler enjoy Afternoon Delight. History Club students enjoy a refreshments at a History Club meeting. pleasant afternoon as they eat snacks. rr 5-JOIN 'VYTHE ISTURY Should I join? Some Andrews comptemplate as to whether to join the History Club. l88!History h i Yu q .,.,,W,gi,-,,, MMf,,,W,,,,,,,, M,g:,.,,, L f , nw: , , ,MW W ef-QM ' A ,V M ,-1W?f'i--z,., - A f - , i f 1 ""' ' I- "-' f f r V V - , Hlstory Club. Front row: Vice-Pres. Kelly Sanniota, Pres. Kristin Lohr, Treas. Mike Quinto, Sec. Cybele Martin. Second row: jill McManus, Stephanie Oxford, Paula jester, Connie King, Yvonne Lorber, Lisa Shuskey, Susan Chernault, Betsy York, LeAnne Davidson, Shannon Watkins, Lori Gibson, Paul Metters, Paul Lyddon, Susan Smith, Kate Duncan, Don Perryman. Third row: Leslie Statton, jennifer Davis, Kristin White, Kristi Patterson, Wanda Simpson, Sherri Schroeder, Laura Saunders, Bret Cramer, Si Yon Yu, Amy Roddy, Tracy Patterson, Bren Walser, Susan Schneider, Shannon Rich, Marni Lessa, Anr Brown. Back row: Doug Blackman, Mario Washington Matt Leonard, Wendy Clark, Alice Hardison, jennifer Poole Karen john, jennifer Hedge, Ashley Shuler, Sarah Yates Billy Nixon, Paul Lyddon, Gina Lewis, Cherie Currens Veronica Fordyce, Della Wimmer. l A "X I it 'Q' '4' , E 4 " f 5 ' J, 5 ' . A I 4 ff f A You deserve a break. Mrs. Mary Lane participates in the activities at the History Club party. 1 0' f' Time Travel What exactly is the History Club? Many students thought that all it consisted of was an 8th period history class. This assump- tion proved to be wrong under the advisers, Mary Lane and Larry Smith, the club was able to bring fun into learning. The club gave two breakfasts for the teachersg one to thank them for putting up with Homecoming hassles and the other was to celebrate Than- ksgiving. Along with field trips, the club also had parties throughout the year. The club gave money to Urban Ministries and also awarded an outstanding senior with a scholarship. With help from President Kristin Lohr, Vice- President Kelly Sanniota, Secretary Cybele Martin and Treasurer Mike Quinto, the members of the club had a successful year. A mixture of food and history. Kate Duncan and Susan Smith gossip a little before the History Club meeting begins. History! I 89 Showtime Two very talented groups of people at Andrews were the chorus and the orchestra. Mrs. Edith Mauney led the chorus, while Mrs. Vanessa Howerton directed the orchestra. They were very busy throughout the year practicing for various perfor- mances, including several for the school. At Christmas, both groups participated in a special concert for the students. The chorus also sang at Westchester Mall before Christmas to entertain shoppers. The orchestra performed at the Beta Club inductions. The end of the year brought preparation for All City Chorus and All City Orchestra where the groups gathered to perform with other schools in the community. The chorus and orchestra often went unnoticed and unappreciated, but they deserved a "thank-you" for all their hard work. V ' f f f , ff , wr 'W f f J JW nun- fly-4 gg 5 ag .T I ,2,3,4. Mrs. Edith Mauney stresses the beat as she leads the chorus. I 9OlChorus-Orchestra Chorus. Front row: Chrisw Duck, Tammy Miles, Misty Brown, Kelli Blake, Bobby Gilchrist, illiam Chatman, Chris Campbell, Tracy Alston, Anita Hill, Kathy Dye, Tawanna Garland. Second row: Renee Rice, Amber Booker, Christy O'Dell, Delphenna Epps, Africa Greene, Stacey Franklin, lohn Brooks, Bert Roberts, Chris Wilson, Nina Harper, Cassandra Payne, , Tera Simon. Third row: Tracie King, Stephanie Miller, Stacie Oglesby, Tammy Coleman, Cedric Walton, Scot Ingram, Billy Mc all, Garcia Burrell, Donna Bartenfelcl, julisa Killiar Alwanna Cross. Back row: Suanne Rice, Kelly Smith, Wendy Rogerf Michelle Williams, Rodney Ingram, Bill Clutter, johnny Quick, Tanish Coleman, lamie Horne, Angie Brown, Yolanda Townsend, Eurika Gl over. t E 5 please. Scottie Ingram keeps his Making beautiful music. Mrs. Vanessa Howerton up front while Amber Bookeris distratced conducts the Andrews Orchestra in its morning something. rehearsal. Front rowzlamie Snow, Marci Piner, Amy Sean Graham, Marc Thomasson, Tabitha Ewings, Andrew Brown. Second row: April Brimer, Tilia jones, Tony Smith. Page, Phil Graham, Twan Smith. Third row: Practice makes perfect. Marci Piner brings out the bass notes to support the harmony of the orchestra. Chorus-Orchestra!! 91 Rhythm The TWA Band started out in a different way this summer. Each member attended band camp during the first two weeks of August. Band members could not be found Monday through Friday from nine to three. Members gave much hard work and dedication even before school began to make Andrews' band the best around. Under the leadership of Mr. john Burns, the band's style became more organized and militant. The band had excellent talent this year being led by drum majors Arlisa Carey and Heidi Simmons and drum captain jerry Benjamin. The band could always be found at all home games help- ing the crowd by cheering and by energizing the football with their music. NK M-I-C-K-E.-Y M-O-U-S-E. Last year the Andrews band received the privilege of playing at Disney World. Director and Drum Majors. Heidi Simmons, john Burns, Arlisa Carey. 1 92! Band Q Perfect pitch. Arlisa Carey and Heidi Simmons prove their musical abilities on their clarinets. ji x .ti 31 It ,SS . fe? - A O Trumpets. Front row: Nathan Gidderon, Debbie joe Hopper. Back row: Tim Tilley, johnny Burns, Smith, Andy Santaniello, David Kearns, Brad Yoder. David Mickey, Chad Futrell. Second row: Lisa Welborn, Tim jarrett, Philip Wylie, ---pf 1--r lutes. Front row: Caroline Brown, Robin Hughes, row: Pat johnson, jennifer Weber, Paige Hatchet, endy Bradbrook, Cythia Grayson, Alicia Smith, Shelia Thornton, Shanika Dumas, Tara Curtain, udrey Thomas, Andrea Beck, Anita Franklin. Back Evelyn Dixon. One,, two, three. Mr. john Burns directs the band with a look of concentration. if Q W ,. , Pep rally fever. The band does their cadences to the beat of the drums. Band! l 93 Wi ,5 . 5 Q It goes like this. Mr. john Burns points out a difticult rhythm for his band students. . M ff., ZX, W J ' Beat of the new drummers. Freshmen Robbie Garrett, Doug Harris and Dan Smith practice their routine for a band performance. I 94!Band Clarlnets. Front row: Lawana Caldwell, Tenisha Gould. Linda Venable, Lisa Shuskey, Kelly Barneycastle, Laura Cadle, Emily Spivey, Tara Lax, Samantha Dutton, Kim jenkins. Second row: Amy johnson, Veronica Fordice, Maria Hill, Missy Ferguson, Stephanie jurnigan, Gretchen jones. Back row: Susan Chernault, Stephanie Camp, Tonya Alsbrook, Tonya Davis, Allison Hundley, Lara Hammer, Angela Thigpen, Rhonda McCluney, Rachel Cotton. Angela Lane, Amy Billingsley, Sarah Hearne, Amy Shelton, r Saxaphones and Homs. Front row: Kristi Albea, ward. Laura Saunders, Crissy Rich. Randy Fowler. Shawn Moon, jeanna McManus, julie Wagoner, jill Vickie Douglas. Back row: Carolyn Wagoner, Harold Denny, Eloise Keenan. Second row: Roxanne Hof Gardner, Eric Medlin, Ricky Gardner. Q s i l l Percussion. Front row: David Alexander, jerry Harris, Steve Simms, Wendy Clark, Edward jackson. Benjamin. Second FOWI Tim BFOOKS- Geoff CIHPPY Back row: Robbi Garrett, Dan Smith, Tony Barr. Travis Thompson, Karen jackson. Third row: Doug Raiderettes. Front row: San Harris, Sharon Wardlaw. Back row: Tammy johnson, Stacy 'VlcCulloh, Michelle Crawford, Tammy Miles. Oglesby, Yolanda Townsend. Second row: Doris Isaac, Karla Hays, jessica l 'rombones and Tubas. Front row: Frank Thornton, Blackman, Matt Leonard, johnny Batten. Back row: Lobert Steed, Kirsi Lukkari, Willie Hall, Erik Davidson. Tom Bodenhimer, David Anderson, Young Chong, recond row: Eric Davis, Chris Blackman, Doug Kate Bearce. Heartbeat. Drum captain, jerry Benjamin, leads the band into the stadium before a football game. ...Mit ,af Stepping Cut During the Thanksgiving holi- day, the band marched in the High Point parade and led the festivi- ties. The talented Raiderettes performed routines along with the band and made an outstanding visual supplement for the Friday night crowds to enjoy. The concert band traveled to a contest in March and proved that the Andrews band was a diverse blend of talented musicians. Band!! 95 Wlll this work? Ricky Branch does a little ex- perimenting with his electronics proiect. I lust don't understand. Mr. Fred Wright explains to Steve Sexton how it worlc. 9 I V 0' A' W Ni' ri,i Qu W l96!VlCA ICT. Front row: Reporter Steve Sexton, Pres. Brady Snow, Treas. Cathy Williams. Back row: Greg Arrin- gton, Don Perryman, Randy Brice, Denny Whitman jim Rodden. Carpentry. Front row: Sec. Wayne Perdue, Pres. Walt McLeod, Vice-Pres. Maurice McRae, Trees. Paul Davis, Michelle Biddy. Second row: Greg Arrin- gton, Cedric Walton, Mallory Quick, Kenny Dunlap, Coleen Ellis. Third row: Aaron Cureton, Albert Bree- den, jimmy johnson, Scott Bentley, Kevin Mishoe. Back row: Donnie Phillips, Earnest Dunlap, Howard Walker, Kris Parsley, Christal james, Adviser Nat Bolds. Electronics. Front row: Trew. jonathan Tuttle, Sec. Paus, Ricky Branch. Back row: Steve Sexton, Kevin Doyle Freeman, Pres. Tammy Cochran, Vice-Pres. Mclntyre. David Anderson. Second row: Don Perryman, Sean . K .Q wg S Labor The Vocational and lndustrial Clubs of America provided a way for students to broaden their hori- zons and learn new skills. The four sections of VICA at Andrews were Carpentry, Auto Mechanics, El- ectronics and Industrial Cooperat- ive Training. All four of these courses gave students opportuni- ties for "hands-on" experiences. Students who took the ICT course left school for on-the-job training and worked about twenty hours a week. District, state, and national competitions recognized outstanding students in all of the vocational and industrial areas. l Thls goes here. David Anderson and Tammy Cochran try to figure out what the problem is. You drove the nail In wrong. Mr. Nat Bolds, the shop teacher, shows his students how to do the work. VlCA!l 97 Curious The Science and DECA Clubs spent the year taking trips. The Sci- ence Club went on a field trip to the Morehead Planitarium in Chapel Hill to learn about the various planets and constellations. Later in the year, the club went to the Outer Banks to see the exotic fish and study the ocean. The Sci- ence Club learned many things while having fun, too. The DECA Club attended several conventions that included students from around the state. During the conventions they learned basic skills for selling and interviewing. At one of their conventions in Greensboro, they elected State officers and planned the upcoming year. The club also went to two more conventions where they learned better skills for selling and going to interviews. Good lob. DECA Adviser Marion Erath smiles in approval at one of her ambitious students. 1 98!DECA-Science DECA. Front row: Chaplain Christy Gordon, Pres, Karen Taylor, Parliamentarian Kim Ciosnell. Second row: Rhonda McCluney, Shelley Smith, Sandra Coltrane, Tim McCall, Mark Bruton, Karen Briggs, Tracey Winters, Pam Auman. Third row: Greg Warren, Doug Hudson, Martin Carter, Kelly More, Michelle Morris, Amy Ozment, Trevonda jackson, Tionne Dunn. Fourth row: Scott Hucks, Tracey McCoy, Renee Douglass, Andrea Deal, Buck Stephenson, Darren Steelman, joe Hopper, Beverly Parker, Tara Curtain, Kathy Dye. Fifth row: Rick Compton, Steve Linthicum, Chris Hudspeth, Mike Davis, Duskin Lassiter, Kim Brown, Tunita Nicholson. Back row: Adviser Marion Erath, Demetri Adams. i In charge. Si Yon Yu, Todd Burnett and Andy Butler Looks good to me. Demitri Adams looks on as are perfectly capable of conducting one of their Karen Taylor inhales food at a DECA function. many Science Club meetings. 1 1 e .Q-ff 5 -. i - . av . , 51 , Sf LW ' fs X as X a S. ri. E: T if W at W las gg ff .tgg s ,,.. Pi fate y yyy, y yyyy y Xyyyi C yyyy 1--- Q' 1-val' 't l 1 .5 1, . ' I as A , . 4 Sdence Club. Front row: Pres. Todd Burnett, Vice- Pres. Si Yon Yu, Sec. Andy Butler, Treas. lu Yon Yu. Second row: Robin Hughes, Christina Rich, Richard Mason, lennifer Rich, Heidi Simmons, Kristi Patterson, Yvonne Lorber, Tia Doar, Chad Futrell, Paul Lyddon, Lisa Shuskey, Laura Saunders, Linda Venable, Sean Paus, Brad Yoder, Darren Welch, jeffrey White. Third row: Angelia Thigpen, Amy Shelton, Kelly Barne- castle, Anna Stinson, Wanda Simpson, Doug Blackman, Eric Medlin. Marco Orsini. Mike Banesse, Kristin Lohr, Cherie Currens, Ashley Shuler. leanette Clutter, Scott White, Cacy Kinney, Karen john, Philip Wylie. Fourth row: Marty Snider, shina Kang, Mark Saunders, Brett Cramer, Victor Orsini, Matt Leonard, Brian Yaudes, leffWhite, Roland Hanes, Chris Harcum, Cinnamon Hunter, lohnny Burns, Paul Metters. Tom Bodenheimer, Geoff Gibbs, David Kearns, Mark Boyles. Fifth row: Thomas Rafalski, Ryan McDaris, Gregory Wilson, Teresa Townsend, Brenda Franklin, Garcia Burrell, lulisa Killian, Mario Washington. Dorice lsaic, Sam Brackett, Eric Butler. Ricky Gardner, Young Chung, Brent Futrell, Andrew Brown. Back row: Brian Blackburn, Danny Mann, Brian Barnes, Tonya Austin, Marni Lessa, Susan Chernault, Sofia lohnston, Angela Childes, Bill Gansman. r a iln:,,.' Whafs next? Si Yon Ye looks over vital Science Club business in order to be the best vice-president she can be. DECA-Sclencefl 99 Excelling While walking down the halls of Andrews, one heard a variety of definitions of the NFL. lt was not a football league. NFL is the inter- scholastic competitive speech and debate. Pages and pages of speeches came from the varsity debate team of Terry Meinecke and Brian Lane. The team traveled to Boston, New York, Cincinnati, Nashville and even to Atlanta. Known for its excellence, the league performed under the leadership of adviser, Mr. Randy Shaver. With leaders such as President Andy Butler, Vice-president Chad Futrell and adviser Mr. Lloyd Bragoz, the junior jaycees had another successful year. The members of the club worked as volunteers at the Environmental Center and with the Recreation Department at their annual haunt- ed house. ln the spring, they delivered phone books for the High Point laycees. On March lst, the members helped with the annual Blood Drive. Even though the club was small, the work done was tremendous. ZOO!lunior laycees-NFL . L c x- ' t, trira 4 8 t ' il we Cv X f sf ,,i.,,,ri..,, gy yu ,NJ ,,,, ,,,, lunlor laycees. Front row: Vice-Pres. Chad Futrell, Gansman, Patrick Hiatt, Doug Hudson. Back row: Pres. Andy Butler, Treas. Paul Lyddon. Second row: jonathan Tuttle, Chris Martin, Paul Saunders, Matt Marco Orsini, Marty Snider, Mike Banesse, Bill Hodgin, Brent Futrell. Goals. Chad Futrelland Lloyd Bragoz discuss future Concentration. lohn Burns works to prepare his junior laycee activities. speech for an upcoming NFL tournament. a i.ii T , tittttittt, otot ttt iiti . fgtti .. xi,-n:.QN,15i1s1::r::zraawQ .sy r- . mms: .- - in Q.- NFL. Front row: SecfTreas. Brian Lane, Pres. Terry Meinecke, Vice-Pres. Mike Martin, Social Chmn. Kristin White. Second row: Matt McNeil, Brink Sirmons, Sam Spagnola, Roland Hanes, Barbara Ogle, Lisa Welborn, Lara Hammer, Richard Mason, Tawanna Thompson, Milton Harper. Third row: lohnny Burns, Mark Boyles, Kathryn Hill, Sonja Post, Mike Rowan, Kate Bearce, Marco Orsini, Kristi Dye, lill Denny, Traci Lewis, Naquita Brewington. Back row: Alan Smith, Dan Smith, Chris Ledbetter, Dale Proctor, Travis Thompson, lim DeRue, Christy Ster- nberg, Meredith Howard, Wendy Clark, Monica Ledbetter. Two heads are better than one. Marco Orsini and Brink Sirmons share ideas about their NFL material. Taking charge. Michael Martin's authoritative side comes out when it comes to getting NFL work done. junior jaycees-NFL!2Ol Active With the help of Ms. Angelica McCormick and Mrs. Anne joyner, the Anchor Club dressed dolls for the Salvation Army and made nap- kin holders for Evergreen Nursing Home during Christmas. At Easter, they made baskets for children at the High Point Preschool Enrich- ment program. The Anchor Club ended their successful year with a banquet. The Civinettes, led by Ms. Darnell Bullins and Mrs. Carolyn Whitley was a service club. Sponsored by the High Point Civitans, they helped the commu- nity by making decorations for lunch trays at the hospital and by visiting ARC, a local home for retarded citizens. The Environmental Club committed themselves to many projects to enrich and enjoy na- ture. They loaded birdseed for the Environmental Center, raked leaves for the elderly, visited Lamb's Nursing Home and collec- ted money for the Cancer Society. Their adviser was Mrs. josephine Trotman, who kept the members enthusiastic. They spent their extra time going to the zoo and to Dis- covery Place. FCA stood for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Their meetings were held in the evenings and on several Sundays at different churches. The club advisers were Mrs. Elizabeth Kimbro, Mrs. Amanda Crane and Mr. Kevin Welch. They had a joint meeting with Ragsdale and also a Chris- tmas party. ZO2!Environmental-Civinettes Environmental. Front row: Treas. Mark Bruton, Sec. Townsend, Robin Green. Back row: Adviser joseph- Tanya Trotman, Pres. Minnett McCormick, Vice- ineTrotman,Rodneylngram,Perdita Patrick,Wayne Pres. Mark Dawkins. Second row: Melisa Wardlaw, johnson, Tonya Davis, Pam Basheer, Tanisha Gould, Eunice Hill, Andrea Garrison, Yolanda is i Clvlnettes. Front row: Co-Pres. Wendy Clark, Co- Kelli Blake, Mary Ellen Nuzzo. Back row:Virginia Gid Pres. Donna Bartenfield. Second row: Missy Brown, deron, Rosa Buxton, Kathryn Rippy. 'wav Ummm...sure looks goodl Mark Dawkins picks out The dynamic duo. Minnett McCormick and Mrs. jo the piece ofcake he wants, while Tanisha Gould cuts Trottman prove that two is better than one. it. f . gi- l ' 4 3 ' ,W a f ll r -I fa AME: . fl tif Anchor Club. Front row: Vice-Pres. Trevonda jack- son, Tanya Trotman, Pres. Minnett McCormick, Tren. Pam Sturdivant, Sec. Keisha Hubbard. Second row: Velika Brooks, Anita Hills, Angie Brown, Lynette Streater, Kristie Albea, Sherri Anthony, Regina Fuller, Yvonne McNeil. Third row: Vanessa Buchannon, jamie Horne, Patricia McCormick, Nancy Bell, julisa Killan, Angie Childs, Brenda Franklin. Back row: Barbara Davis, Tinisha Gould, Kim Stancil, Eljuana Gosh, Tiona Sellers, Dawanna Caldwell, Tabatha McClerkin, Shanika Dumas, Tammy Primus, Adviser Angelica McCormick. FCA. Pres. Paul Metters, Treas. Lynda Harmon, Sec. julie Pope, Vice-Pres. Darren Nosal. Second row: Shawn Bean, Kendall Boone, Derek Spencer, Amy Keener, Shannon Fox, Kristin White, Shannon Watkins, Susanne Todd, Lori Gibson, Chris Davis, Chris jenkins, Benard Mathies. Third row: jamie Horn, Andy Butler, Paul Lyddon, Lisa Bolds, Christy Metters, Laura Cecil, Adam Carr, Mike Rowan, Susan Schneider, Russell Kahn, Brandon Ridge, Scott Hucks, David Sherrill, jonathan Tuttler. Back row: Doug Hudson, Don Perryman, Archie Beavers, Bobby Gilchrist, Darren Welch, Lisa Welborn, Richard Mason, Paul Saunders, Mark Bundy, Dana Spoon, jennifer Hobson, Eric Butler, Bill Gansman. Anchor-FCA!203 Rappln' Roadles. Tyrone McQuillan, Billie McCall The art of perfection. These dedicated art students and james McClendon show their talent as they can stand proud after all their hard work is done. perform during drama class. HS HZ GH SCllOfll just look at it. Larry French works on creating a muterpiece. ZO4!Art-Drama Q -1 Art Club. Front row: Pres. Randy Sheeley, Vice-Pres. jimmie jenkins. Back row: Shane Byerly, Apri Alan Rice. Second row: Cinnamon Griggs, Lorena McCall, Kelly McCall, Dwayne Hamby. Libertore, jennifer Poole, Geoff Gibbs, joe Rogers, l H 4 r l l Drama Club. Front row: Pres. Karen Quinto, Vice- jennifer Farmer, Aimee Stovall, Donna Hudgins. Pres. Dana Spoon, Sec. Shannon Rich, Historian Back row: Wendy Bradbrook, Chris Harcum, Kristin MattMcNeil. Second row: Roxanne Howard, Danny White, Carolyn Wagoner, jennifer Rich, jennifer Curia, Melissa McGee, Marni Lessa, Rachael Deal, Phillips, Sarah Roddy, Lori Hilton, john Burns. Expression Under the leadership of Mrs. Barbara Oliver, the Art Club exhibi- ted their many talents throughout the school year. Students constructed sets for the Drama Club and entered national drawing contests. The club also held socials and traveled to Biltmore House in December. The Art Club gave students the opportunity to express themselves by using their individual talents to create works of art. The Drama Club also had a busy year. Mrs. Theresa Fowler, the adviser, sent several talented students to the district contest at Catawba, where Andrews entered two plays. They won the Theater Arts Award for the best set. The club also put on a major produc- tion in the spring. Caught ln the act. Former student Beth Rosa has what it takes to be in one of the best plays ever presented at Andrews, Art-Drama!205 Are you serious? Paula jester and Connie King catch up on the latest gossip from Kelly Sanniota at a French Club social. 'l'he pizza snatcher. Billy Currens grabs the last piece of pizza at the French Club party. Y- ,. French Honor Society. Front row: Pres. jennifer Davis, Vice-Pres. Ashley Shuler. Second row: Marni Lessa, Amy Roddy, Susan Chernault, Si Yon Yu, Betsy York, Cybele Martin, LeAnne Davidson, Connie King, Kelly Sanniota, Chris Blackman, Brent Walser, Ann Brown, jennifer Weber. Back row: Chad Futrell, Paula jester, Lisa Shuskey, Laura Saunders, Cherie Currens, Kristin Lohr, Todd Burnett, Doug Blackman, Steve Williamson, Kathryn Hill, joe Stanley. 5 l s Watch this! Connie King plays "pop the balloon' at the French Club banquet. 206!French-French Honor french Club. Front row: Sarah Yates, Kathryn Hill. Chad Futrell, Todd Bumett, Si Yon Yu, Connie King, Pres. Paula jester. Vice-Pres. LeAnne Davidson, Andy Butler, jennifer Davis, Ashley Shuler, Cherie Currens. Second row: Klay Barrow, Donna Hudgins, Scott Bray, Melinda Dennis, Alice Hardison. Stephanie Oxford, jill McManus, Kristin Lohr, Susan Chemault, Kendall Boone, Shannon Watkins, julie Pope, Shannon Fox, Lori Gibson, Chris jenkins. Christy Gordon, Kara White, Kelly Sanniota. Lori Hedgecock. Third row: Sherri Schroeder, jennifer Weber, Lorena Ubertore, Kate Duncan, Susan Smith, Kate Bearce, laura Saunders, Lisa Shuskey, Wendy Bradbrook, Lisa Bolds, Roxanne Howard, Tia Doar, Barbara Ogle, Sarah Hearne, Laura Hammer, Amy Roddy, Ashley McDonald, Andrea Deal. Fourth row: Dana Wimmer, Kevin Boone. Harold Gardner, Marty Snider, Michael Davidson, Brandon Cook, Greg Warren, Philip Vvylie, Brad Yoder, Brent Futrell, Paul Lyddon, Eric Butler, Erik Davidson, Tadd Yarborough, Geoff Gibbs, Billy Currens, Chris Harcum, fifth row: Sam Davis, Stephanie Camp, Steven McNeil, Andy Santinello, jeffwhite, Sam Brackett, Angie Brown, Marni Lessa, jennifer Rich, Heidi Simmons, jeanna McManus, Gretchen jones, Melissa Ferguson, Crystal Misenheimer. Sixth row- Caroline Brown. Linda Venable, Michelle Robbins, Angela Thigpen, Shina Kang. Back row: Tara Lax, Arlisa Carey, Tanya Trotman, Michael Brewington, Marlon Washington, Heath Putman, Mike Fox, Brian Yaudes, Paige Hachet, johnny Burns, Angie Knight, Leigh Albertson, Amy Billingsley, Kim Cave, Trina Baxter. Amy johnson, jerry Benjamin. 'hree's Company. Sarah Yates, Brian Mauldin and Susan Smith put their heads together to come up vith ideas for the school newspaper. 15 an S It zi. , K. 7 A .ttt W . tsst, '-ling.. H fl- .ni I' ..., . . t,tr A .' " 'fn 1-'3' 2, rv ff" , r 1 ' X 3. lg " . imoke Signal. Front row: Brian Mauldin, Business Aanagerg Chris Blackman, Advertising Editor, Sarah 'ates, Co-Editor, Susan Smith, Co-Editor, Marco Drsini, Head Photographer. Second row: Brent Valserg Laura Cadle, Sports Editorg Shannon Lewing liar its Alicia Smith, Copy Editor, Third Row: Sandra Duez, adviser, lessica Wardlawg Kelly Stone, Andrea Beck, Laura Cashatt. Back row: Kate Bearce, Steven Quick, Brett Cramer, Richard Mason, Kate Duncan. Broad View The Andrews French Club kept things moving. Their French flag made of cupcakes won first place at the Homecoming carnival. At Halloween, members collected for UNICEF. At Christmas, the entire club journeyed to the Biltmore House to view the authentic decorations. ln the spr- ing, the club held a festive Mardi Gras. Dr. Don Arnold, the officers and members all worked hard to make the club succeed. Responsibilities to the French Honor Society were few, but membership was a big honor. Any French lll or IV student with an A average for two consecutive years was eligible. The club's induction was conducted in French. The Smoke Signal staff kept itself busy all year long, printing six issues a year. The group met every day to work on making the newspaper one of the most up-to- date and original. its adviser was Mrs. Sandra Duez, with co-editors Susan Smith and Sarah Yates. Au, if ji Think this ls enough? Marco Orsini shows Kate Bearce the negative for an edition of the Smoke Signal. .gil- Smoke Signal!207 Helper of sorts. Barbara Cannon diligently files important FBLA papers. Thinkers Members of the Computer club spent meetings developing skills in word processing and SAT- taking. They were also involved in socials where they played arcade- like games. The FHA-Hero club consisted of students in Food Service, Family Life and Child Care. Children's stories, mock marriages and bake- offs were all a part of the FHA- Hero club. The Math Honor Society represented high achievement in the area of math. lt was necessary that students reach and maintain a 3.5 average. FBLA, headed by Mrs. Ann Austin, was the club for business- oriented students. Any students in a class such as Typing or Office Occupations were eligible for membership. Students prepared themselves for futures in business. ZOSIFBLA-FHA FHA. Front row: Ken Baker, Kenny Smith, Devona Steed, Casandra Baker, Rachel Primus, San Harris, Betsy jones. Kaye Bell, Michelle Little, Tonya Spaulding, Lisa Boggins. johnny Taylor, Gina Thompson. Second row: Erika Bates, jada Williams, Amy johnson, LaTonya Austin, Shemica Bell, Michelle Willis, Devona Feimster, Misty Williams. Third row: Tahisha Bivens, Cathy Kearse, Maxine Robinson, Anjenette Getty, Brenda Sneed, Verlanda Colson, Tara johnson, Kelly Smith, Melissa Childs, jennifer McKinnon, jennifer Steven- son, Temisha Anderson. Fourth row: Nikki Dunlop, Melissa Howell, Kenny Covington, Kevin Mclntyre. Yvonne McNeill, james Davis, Shannon Thomas, Tiona Sellers, Danielle johnson, Tracy Vernon, Elaine Lowery, Kim Sloan. Fifth row: Bryan McGuire, Lafonda Rawlinson, Deborah Harris, Patricia Woodard, Angie Mclnnis, Linda Ezekiel, Angie Rorie, Sharon McCollum, Coretta Smith, Len Taylor. Back row: Norman Dunlap, Tilia jones, Fonda Easterling, Nina Guy, Tina Guy, Kim Hewitt, jan Wilson, Pam Gibson. M? FBLA. Front row: Sec. Elisa Grey, Pres. Becky Ro Venable, Lisa Shuskey, Kelly Barneycastle, Laura Cadle, Emily Spivey, Tara Lax, Samantha Dutton, . Second row: Amy johnson, , Angela lane, Amy Billingsley, Sarah Hearne, Amy Shelton, Maria Hill, Missy Ferguson, Stephanie jurnigan, Crretcher jones. Back row: Susan Chernault, Stephanie Camp Tonya Alsbrook, Tonya Davis, Allison Hundley, Lara Hammer, Angela Thigpen, Rhonda McCluney Rachel Cotton. Chef who? These young cooks show off their skill in :he kitchen. hooo r ,r sso, -5113 ,s,WVs,yh , rr Computer Club. Front row: Pres. Eric Medlin, Vice- Pres. joyce Henard, Sec. Connie King, Treas. Kate Bearce. Second row: Karen john, jennifer Hedge, Rick Crrady, Kristin Lohr, Paula jester, Betsy York, Brent Harrington, LindaVenable, Sean Paus,Thomas Rafalski. Third row: Pam Sturdivant, Yvonne Lorber, Kristi Patterson, Kristin White, Lynda Harmon, Lori Gibson, Ashley Griffin, Sherry Anthony, Tammy johnson, Wendy Clark, Marco Orsini, Amy Keener, Brian Lane. Back row: Victor Orsini, Tom Bodenhe- imer, Amber Holbrook, Belinda Key, Andrea Deal, julie Coggins, Bonnie Wall, Philip, Wylie, Matt Leonard, Mark Boyles, Christy Albea. 3. lv- Math Honor. Front row: Billy Currens, jeanette Clut- ter, Susan Chernault, Paul Lyddon, Billy Nixon, Si Yon fu, Tia Doar, LeAnne Davidson, Mike Banesse, Betsy fork, Chris Blackman, Brent Walser. Second row: -lenry Hare, Andy Butler, Doug Blackman, Todd Surnett, johnny Burns, Paul Metters, Andy Santinello, Ashley Shuler, Cherie Currens, Cybele Martin, Shannon Rich, Marni Lessa, Della Wimmer, Charlie Grimstead. Back row: Russell Kahn, Chad Futrell, Eric Medlin, jennifer Rich, Heidi Simmons, Arlisa Carey, Dana Wimmer, Amy johnson, jennifer Weber, Victor Orsini, Matt Leonard, Tom Bodenhe- imer, Sean Paus, Mark Boyles, Kathryn Hill. - Af Asslstance. Mrs, Louise Stanley kindly points out a mistake in Meredith Murray's program. Computer-Math Honor!209 Taklng charge. As President, Candy Hiatt makes Open ears.Spanish Club members listen to Mrs sure the Spanish Club is well represented. jacqueline Sykes talk at a meeting. Hola! Hola! Que tal? These were just a few of the strange words and phrases heard during meetings of the Spanish Club, which was supervised by Mrs. jacqueline Sykes. The Spanish Club was an option for any student taking Spanish. Membership offered a chance to see the culture and taste the food of many Spanish- speaking countries. The Spanish Honor Society recognized Span- ish students in their second year of the language who had all A's and B's. lts purpose was to recognize outstanding students with a spe- cial knack for Spanish. Learning another language was frustrating at times, but well worth it in the end when one learned to commu- nicate well with people of another culture. Spanish Club. Front row: Treas. ju Yon Yu, Pres. Candy Hiatt, Vice-Pres. Debbie Smith. Second row: Karen York, Michelle Warner, jason Parrish, Dereck Spencer, Brandon Ridge, Scott Hucks, Doug Hudson. Karen Hensley, Anna Stinson, Dana Spoon, Susanne Todd, Laura Saunders, Lisa 2 l 0!Spanish-Spanish Honor . , 5 Q. .f,.,,+ .', fs f sst.. . -L .. .... , ' Shuskey, Cinnamon Hunter, Anita Franklin, Titha Bates, Della Wimmer. Third row: johnny Batten, Matt Leonard, Victor Orsini, jason Smith, Timy Tilley, Billy Nixon, Paula Bowie, Georgia Vakakis, Tracey Patterson, Tracey Dalton, jennifer Needham, jennifer Hedge, Cacy Kinney, Brett By- 5PfaN'fSH CTLU3 .4 erly, Tonya Davis, Pam Bashear, Kim Stancil. Bac Kristin White, Cheryl Robinson, Cynthia Ward Adams, Bill C-ansman, Kelly More, Amy Ozment, Leneski, Ginny Parnell, Mike Banesse, Mike Quinto, McLarty, julie Wagoner, Kim Fulkins, Mike Martin. Spanish Honor Society. Front row: Candy Hiatt, Orsini, Matt Leonard, Cinnamon Hunter, Mike Ban- Billy Nixon, Anna Stinson, Susanne Todd, Michael esse, johnny Batten, Dana Wimmer, leanette Clut- Martin, Marco Orsini, Russell Kahn. Back row: Victor ter. 7" " g.,5,.....q-crown, an-assess' atygbn-S " , Q "JZ 1 ,W """lv.. 'w""" M. . A 15 ,Hffn 1,44 1 f 4 1.5- ' ,f if f' 2 'gf if ' pi' A I , Q Q 9 A 5 'T' , K ,fy ' Wg., Qgisvt ' V V z ' : 11 'Q S , f t amy 1 i if . S lymwwg-gf' I V, vw V LN 3 29 fl u V a v, aw , , ,,,,, , f, M fit Vx it ' . C w w " t ,N V. S S J I feel stupid. Michael Martin practices his Spanish conversational skills in front of spectators. Umm....good. Susanne Todd samples the native cuisine of Spain at Taco Time. Spanish-Spanish Honorfll I , wnjg,-K 4 ,,,N,,,L ..,,G 4? :Tiff .i '49 11 Busy as bees. Lynda Harmon, Ashley Griffin, Paula lester and Betsy York are hard at work on their layouts. Wil A deadllne agaln? The REVERIE Staff can always be Who called me? Editor Betsy York looks around to found working diligently around a deadline. see who called her name. 2 I ZXREVERIE REVERIE. Front row: Head Photographer Eric Medlin, Business Editor Leslie Cashatt, Editor Betsy Michelle Muncy. Third row: Marc Davis, Kevin York, Copy Editor jennifer Davis. Second row: Boone, GeoffCIapp, Chris Davis, Connie King, Paula Michelle Crawford, LeAnne Davidson, Susanne lester, Anna Stinson, Lynn Kak, Ginny Parnell, Tim Todd, Shannon Watkins, Billy Koontz, Ashley Griffin, McBride, Sonia Parsons. All Hours As the bell rang to begin seventh period each day, most students looked forward to an easy class since they knew that 3:15 was just around the corner. The REVERIE staff members were exceptions to this rule, however. Their work on layouts, photographs and writing copy had just begun, and lasted often until late at night. The staff, who was advised by Mr. Randy Shaver, met every day in room 205. This year was a first for Mr. Shaver, who took on the added responsibilty of the REVERIE publication during the summer. He said, "These kids are pretty wild at times, but they settle down and do excellent work when the going gets tough." The tough times came about four times dur- ing the year, when the staff strug- gled to meet deadlines. ln the end, the finished product was well worth the fatigue and frustation. 0,5 , - . sf.. , , g . lf 5 QS . 8, 9 at . ... W a... T T iittrrr r . Anna's doing a layout? Anna Stinson Shows her What about this? Mr. Randy Shaver checks over versitility by working on a layout while being on the Some yearbook work from Editor Betsy York. copy staff. REVERIUZ l 3 Challenge Betsy York was the editor of the annual this year. Her experience made the book one of the best around. The co-layout editors were Anthony DiFoggio and Robert Smith. These two super- vised the actual placement of the articles and pictures on a page. jennifer Davis served as the copy editor, making sure that every bit of writing that went into the book was grammaticaHy correct. Mrs. Flo Durvvay as the copy adviser, kept a close eye on jennifer to check for her mistakes. Eric Medlin, as head photographer, directed the other photographers as to what pictures to take and when to take them. This year was also the first year that a computer was used. This handy machine lightened the work load quite a bit. The REVERIE staff did a lot of work that was taken for granted by the rest of the student body. Put- ting together a publication like REVERIE requires many long hours and plenty of dedication. Sometimes, staff members cried out of frustration at some job they were having trouble with. But usually, there were more cheers than tears as the group worked together as a family to produce a yearbook that reflected each of their creative talents. f 2 l 4!REVERlE All in a day's work. Co-Layout Editor Robert Smith checks over layouts to make sure everything is in order. Are you serious? Mr. Randy Shaver wal into his ks room with a look of disbelief on his face. Time out. Copy Editor jennifer Davis Ends some- thing funny while typing copy into the computer. .M mwfwwhm ""'f'Wlllinq..,,-up my A rude awakening. By the expression on the face of Co-Layout Editor Anthony Difoggio, it is easy to see that today is the day of yet another deadline. .5 --., ,Z Q 6 . ,, hawk W i, ' ,,',' "'22f"1'f' Q, mfm'-WLI, L ' 4' .t ' . r V. ' . ,gag jf, QQ? ' W""iiv.,'g"f 4 .fi-M 11.34 ' W 4 my -ww w v., , ,,,',Q'i'?'-U ,V t f Wil!! - fe 'K 02" "- 4, 4,9 .. .ww H+' ,fgiav .Nr .W ' . 1 AM ui ,uf'f.'W" , .fav .w...f?3,.. fi-. W , H?" aryl. 1 if . . , --ww. . f. t5ii'?'fI'T"wVfl4l' 'fri' wg. ax.. . z .1 ' .af--, 5, ...fs gf- fn-,..., 3,25-'f', . any 1- 'r'jqM23,, gf-,ff-f,13, in M 1 - ' f, 'ww ., M we ' ' Mi. M li " fl ,W ,W 5, ff ,f 1 .T " 'wwf at f , ' . vx gfi 4 aww, M 1f.,':,,.f,,sPt'm -my 2 .--f .f 'Q ww ,W .,. . P , .4-.,,,,yM V, .- 2, 1.-ffyaxl., ,cf.,,- .5341 6.4. A ,:, 1 .1 A 4-,MQ x ' -f , - .I , ef up Q A ff., rf 1 gr ' .WW 1 2 Q ' , 11-T. r',,f5" jrxw -H, . M .,,'2"'?L ff f t W u ' 2 QJ4 1, f .Pvt . n ff- ,V 1- , Q0 Tonite we are here, getting things done We know we got to do it, but it ain't much fun. Listening to music, working to the beat Singing the songs and tapping our feet. We can't go home cause the photos ain't back, Ain't our fault, the photographers are slack. lt takes some sacrifices to finish this book But when it's done, you'll want to take a look. Been working hard on layouts and copy. Done it real good, we haven't been sloppy. And whenever we're done you know you'll see- The best yearbook in the land, and it's called REVERIE! - Chris Davis REVERIEXZ I 5 21 6!Community Divider Cammunit REVERIE '87 was made possible only after businesses in the community showed their support by purchasing advertisements from staff members. Open for business. The new "Dog House" restaurant eagerly awaits customers after remodeling. 1 . f M W ff n W 1 ag! 2 Z- I V 42 X i 4 L? at f Cf:- ,, f 1 Mf .4 'ff 7 Xe , Their continued confidence in Andrews High School has given REVERIE the funds necessary to create one .fl.a5 of the best yearbooks around. Many events happened in the communityltgtlgtjj . 5.553 throughout the year. Two major movie productionsfjg .. were filmed in the Triad area. "Critical Condition" star4 I ring Richard Pryor used as its set the old High Memorial Hospital. "The Bedroom Window," itt mystery thriller, was filmed in nearby Winston-Salem. Plans for a movie studio were announced. The events of the community played major roles in the lives of all the students. 1. . , , S 'Q ,, ' 1,33 , ,, Vx . Mli?m ' I ,qf I ? . ,ff, k ff A -.1..,Hg.1 east 2121 ygiyg Biking in style. The Schwinn Bicycle Shop was relocated to better serve the community. Future plans. A new shopping center plans to be the newest High Point attrac- tion. -M. at ii A Q9 1? Y in Y vw. V ,faq Y Q 7, u 4,..,z wi?" , f -V ., an 494 1. ,. 33 H HN ' H aw: '11, f avg, ., Vu" 'J' 555 ffi 'ff ,g,1f,i..Wg,, ,ft f-,cry I 'Q ' ' , ww' ,f,,. VV 5532 M., M .:,, ,, ,, ,. W ' ' .ff , 1 1 gif. 4, I ,U N,mL, .7 5 ,A , 4 ff f latina y Q Wt qs v fs, f ' 1.-My ' I , W Vw fg. ,, N, i, Z 5 5 . f ' f N ' 7397+ " , :W ,W M ,, W1-'ggjvffgwk fm 'V ff' 'A " A4 +164 gr 11 W X Q4 ff' M. 4 f W ff JW ,K ' 3 W .J gk W, F A, , A, A ag or A ,V 1 Q lu 6 ye V '4 A al 4 'WW iv A 1-41' A ff-1 f 'W ,MA rf , gym ,H gl 9 My , f M if Z If 'h ' Q he ff 4 ,,...,,-rf" ..Q, E, kiryr N ww- ,!"'ls gi xi"'9""'f9 f as , .. 4' Q' 1' 1 W, f N M PUTT-PIITT GOLF COURSES 5 2418 N. Main High Point 869-4273 K f CATALOG SHOWROOM JEWELRY - HOUSEWARES SPORTING GOODS 2111 KIRKWOOD STREET HIGH POINT 869-2134 K 2 I 8!Ads fl fl 'N f' CN IIZK ADAMS-fMll.,l,lS CQRPQRATICN Box 2650, High Point, N. C. 27261 Largest Manufacturerllflarketer of Hosiery for the Famil SINCE 19014 Congratulations Class of 87 From Sherry, Virginia and all the gang at Taco'Ii me. K. ,J K. .J Authorized Schwinn Dealer N f BICYCLE Tov AND HOBBY it M' fthe big bicycle on the roofj I Over 65 years 5 :lQ0'Connor Blossom Shop Inc. - f Fe f' 3 2000 N- Main 2500 N. Main sneer Phone C9195 869-2159 ' . , .gc in .. .. HighP r, N.C.2726O X K V 'V f , . N15 . 'X 8871933 511 'F v fl 'N f' N We want to be the best bank in the neighborhood. NCEE Member FDIC C g tulationst th Class of '87 From: Ray, Mena, John, and Katie Shufelt X. ,J X. .J Ads!2 1 9 WMFRodio 'I23O Broadcasting Red Raider Football For 1 9 Years! shfqi' - fir, 'f41L f71 ' 1. rin, ' 4' r.L.,': 4 fl' MA: is :Q hnfg I "' 5'-2 :QQ l , . ' v y I 'WS 1 s, 5 x Q 1 s Q S 42 1' A 'NW CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '87 2ZO!Ads , PARRISH only- if TIRE CO. RI OF HIGH POINT g INC. we TREAT , I f you LIKE 4 G Qovnuv' x ,Ii n ' "Hg . n'1,l:?4 - - IINUEQU IIFTHF . "QV 13:53 ' EEE? S ' ji!!-' , - X I ,:': Klub ' I su - f .xx-Ax. We're big on small car radials 0 FRONT END ALIGNMENT 0 EXPERT BRAKE SERVICE 0 COMPUTERIZED WHEEL BALANCING 0 TRUCK TIRE RETREADS ll DHESTHHE wE'vE GOT BRIDGESTONE QUALITY Q, , ...ft :-: 5.-.gggffI.fIg:fgg.1,..I-f , RADIAL TIRES Fon: ' ., I,. ,,.,., ' CARS-Domestic and Imports V Tnucks-Pick-ups, vans, and Heavy Duty 1'I ,,.., ,,,,.., 5 RECREATIONAL VEHICLES-On- and Off-Road Let us show you our fuII line of quality steel-belted radials today. DEPENDABLE FLEET SERVICE CLILL m aaa-2596 Aho: Hou Trudc Service 882-B610 ,Slave Doss Rssndtnce 306 S. ELM ST. HIGH POINT, N.C. "FIVE POINTS SUBS" SUBS Steak Steak 8: cheese Ham 8: cheese Roast beef Combination fprovalone, ham, salami, balognaj Cheeseburger sub Turkey Pastrami Meatball Italian Sausage 1144 Gordon Street at Five Points Take Our 886-4627 "Specials Every Day" SAN DWICHES Hot dog Hamburger Cheeseburger Fish Sandwich Ham 8: cheese Roast beef Chick Filet SIDE ORDERS French Fries Onion Rings Pepper Steak GREEK SUBS lon pita bread! SALADS Iulienne Clargej Souvlaki Iulienne fsmallb Gyro Tossed salad AdS!22l f N f W AMERICAN PHONE 431-1513 AMERICAN THF! AT AAA COPIERSI su PPLI ES ITOZAHALIETEUKJITS 884-1 5361 K J WW K ' Furniture I -- FJJZHELIU- 1 , I ' ' Z1 gifs?-IIWJA A 1 ,f'?g'arb-7fHa'N'1- jg M :HGH vomr . OF HIGH POINT, INC. Q TH!-XYEIQ CQQQIN, INC. X JK J f N M CHAEL W. WHITE, E: f9I9J 869 5532 J. J. WHITE BUILDING CONTRACTORS, INC. 100 EAST BELLEVUE HIGH POINT, NC 27260 K J Z22!Ads L 145s CD9 Q1 4 Q 9 o"v ogg: CQIRPILETECI OLEANING N x J C N Concrete Driveways - Walks - Patios - Foatings Basemenfs 81 Floors CONCRETE FINISHING CO., Inc. J. RAY GALLIMORE "Nojob Too Small, Few Too Large " PHONE 869-2314 AII OAKVIEW RD. HIGH POINT, N. C x J Ads!223 19193 869-2211 ggqpffggp Waggzha gin Safed, 9nc. HGGGDYEAR RACING TIRES" 3801 N. Main St. High Point, NC 27260 R cnv TRANSFER a. sronnct co 'WIGHP0lNT'S owssrmovsnf' 5 55551252 "FAMIL Y owivso suvcs 1908" gag-3 g :'5ijf' "P -Pl d" local, lon -dlstanc a d ove seas 5 5 E55 : Tnoviimrgjzxclusive Saritized'-triaagd vang. 7175 5 '- Expen Packing ana Grating o Commercial Sig - Rall Siding an ,nes 0 afglxlsnd Commiwial 0 51:95:85 without Private Container Storage Heavy Mnchinn Hauling 8 8 9' 6 1 5 5 Sell Storage-Locked. You Keep T K le e ans Service .Umm VM was 'Cc nm. 1100 REDDING on HIGH Point N.G 'fl'5?'3W7i2ui"fW'w jk Compliments of JOHN SHULER 81 ASSOCIATES High Point, N.C. X K COMPLIMENTS OF Thomas Built Buses 1-' 1 ..a tmdzizkm 112 rmmporzarzbn J K siNcE 1916 J K High Point N Merchants Assn. Congratulations Class of '87 224-!AdS J N K N Richard Parsons Cleaning Services 'NVeHcjea y b kj g t p y ff d F ddt I f ll885 6383 K J N0 s ts Di Q llfif 1 K ' V A R J' ., W vi if 1 ii ' 'F is YJ 0115 "Memories Don't Belong In Closets" 1234 North Main St., High Point Call 882-1628 9-5:30 Mon.-Fri. 9-4 Sat. We Have Plenty Of FREE PARKING in Back "FIVE F 91 tfEr?P.EPBS" Take Our 886-4627 "Specials Every Day SUBS Steak Steak 8: cheese Ham 8: cheese Roast beef Combination Cprovalone, ham, salami, balognaj Cheeseburger sub Turkey Pastrami Meatball Italian Sausage Pepper Steak GREEK SUBS ion pita breadj SANDWICI-IES Hot dog Hamburger Cheeseburger Fish Sandwich Ham 8: cheese Roast beef Chick Filet SIDE ORDERS French Fries Onion Rings SALADS Iulienne flargej Souvlaki Iulienne tsmalll Gyro Tossed salad 226!AdS VVE'VE GOT Tl-IE BUICK YDLJ'VE BEEN VVAITING FSF-I. , QL :Mr SCOTT GARTEN BUICK 889-1212 N J i 321 Eastchester Dr. High Point i , O A ' 1' my frfrievks SQXQ YS When you think of music, think of MARTY'S! l acc you know what I mean Vern? ...G..'J8fN'i,T3L'ifZ51T3.'ZfJ"2 2 a g-imaiEbPj?igFX 1388 NAN HYNN Mfmvwn A cx 919886 7687 J N J LEoNARD's DRUG STORE ' 'ff cfm?" L ' 1-U, Ov! mrs ' 'i 117 W. Lexington Avenue BUY - SALE - TRADE High Point, North Carolina DALLAS FURNITURE STORE 882-3316 215 N. Centennial Ave. High Point, NC 27260 Soda F t P p I Delivery Ser C tics Gifts S h I S ,pm Tgggpgwssne DARREAIQL :Serena Ads!227 K 1 "We Always Go EWU? A lwhnerf " Gapitol Medalcg, IIIJC. TROPHIES - PLAQUE8 - SALES AWARDS - EHGRAVING 919 884-1 176 wonm J. vonn ,Q ,ox ,,, WCS ' ""E3'0E"T 1oa cuesmur onwe 5 GENERAL 'AWA959 mon roam. N. c. am: 2 Z 8!AdS K Stores also in Chapel Hill STAUIQ Specializing in Wine Catering, Deli Items 6 Foot Subs 1807 N. Main High Point, N.C. 887-1556 201 Smyres Pl. Greensboro, N.C. 272-6721 J f N Most Competitive Prices In The Triad! Starnes Art Co. SMALL LLIXURIES H1811 Pol T Fine Jewelry 14 kt. Gold Diamonds Qcowsimxoremrom P O BOX K HIC H POINT WORTH C AROI INA 2 HIGH POINT B41 5677 GREILNSBORO855 3888 WINSTON SALEM 748 0585 124 Ch h A 149V2 Church St. High Point, NC 27260 H gh P N c 27260 Jim Kelly 885-4556 'ml 885 2323 Members American Association of Orthodontists LEONARD CASHION, M.A., D. D.S., M.S.0. Specialist in Orthodontics 886-5171 475-0644 302 LINDSAY STREET 175 W. HOLLY HILL ROAD HIGH POINT, N.C. 27260 THOMASVILLE, N.C. 27360 J jk AdS!229 f fm' 8690158 THE HIGH POINT ENTERPRISE Published Evenings and Sunday Mornings Magic CBYPGIS Congratulations SALEM CARPET DISTRIBUTORS Seniors MARK WALSH 2410 N MAIN STREET P.O. BOX 1009 P II I HIGH POINT N c 27260 X TELEPHONE 885-2161 f N K LAW K X917 nfpdru lnavurr IHII --I--nz -.- IB...- Jones 81 Peacock, Inc. GENERAL INSURANCE AGENTS 615 ENGLISH ROAD "Service Beyond Contract" J.B. Gibson, President - Clark Gibson, Vice Pres. Office: 889-8282 - Home: 885-8587 f N f Highland Yarn Mills, Inc. ' High Point North Carolina X P.O. Box 5488 . HIGH POINT, N.c. 27262 Fufmfffff andmjg Company TELEPHONE 919l886-4841 Z30!Ads L. f ----N Planning to Further Your Education? Gullford Technlcal Communlty College offers tralnlng In over 50 areas of study. Programs at GTCC teach you job skllls, tralnlng for a career, self-Improvement or offer a varlety of courses which enable you to transfer to a four-year Instltutlon. In addltlon, Contlnulng Education offerings help you leam more about a speclal pro- ject or a new hobby. GTCC offers both credlt and non-credlt courses at affordable cost on convenlent locations In Jamestown, Greensboro and Hlgh Polnt. For more lnformatlon on GTCC programs and offerlngs, contact the Admlsslons Offlce on the Jamestown Campus at 292-1101 fGreensboro1 or 454-1126 fHlgh Polntb. Compliments of D Fl. Odom 8t Co. K A GUILFORD TECHNICAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE P.O. Box 309 ' Jamestown, North Carolina 27282 V An Afflrmatlve ActlonlEqual Opportunity lnstltutlon J N f Auto Parts 81 Accessories Open Mon. - Fri. 8 am-5:30 pm - Sat. 8:00 am-12:30 pm 884-2271 Complete Ditzler A DuPont Automotive Paint Service Walker Mufflers 61 Pipes Raybestos Brake Lining 6 Hydraulics TRW E g 81 Ch l P t Wolf's H ad Oll L Lub Gates Belts A Hoses Major Brands Oll Automotive Machine Shop N J Certified Public Accountants B8tM Foreign Car Randys Parts Inc Outdoorsmen ' ' Shop Parts and Accessories for all Foreign Cars Where sharp shooters shop A . 1 HOURS: 33.?.?.g.if115?'g7260 313125022 23557 Mon.-Fri 10-6 - -af. 10-3 919 869-0178 919-885-6617 I 1218 N. Main St. J High Point, N.C. 27262 Ads!23I f N f N BF Goodrich FREEMAN'S TIRE CENTER 201 ENGLISH ROAD HIGH POINT, N.C. 27260 19193 8824193 Buddy and Joyce Freeman PERFORMANCE TIRES! CUSTOM WHEELS X f K C.W. SURLES, D.D.S. 404 Lindsay High Point, N.C. 27260 x V, 4 f .f' ,ef X, GOOD LUCK RED RAQERS a BAND! Compl' 'ents xxx I h l I h xi Fl Hiyzvard Yfxlfre . , I ,f V, 1 ' ', ,- ' f 7 ' ' 1. , ' 7 , 1 V .fx ,ff .X ,Ie if . ff!! .2 882-9820 of F, jx my I fr Compliments from X x " . Kepley's 'A Heritage of Service Since l908" 81 Q44 KepIey's Barn Catering ' Z'.E'iIQ'4,'R'iS?ibI3ea"ng C"eC"'ng , u 884-1021 0 ziorlgage Lloans I 9 . :nsumer avcini ff 1... eplex S k mics gf :ii eh-que! Saving58LoanASS0Ciation IIIIIIII4' 0 E! Z Access Account U Money Market 0 IRA 0 Cartlicates of Deposit People Who Care. . . Z3 2!Ads MIRRO- PRODUCTS COMPANY POINT OF PURCHASE ADVERTISING 1946 West Gr-een Dmve. Hlgh Pomh, NC 27261 Phone LQIQIBSS 4166 Compliments of Hfgiff Speedy VVE MAKE YOU LOOK GOODQ 1701-D. N. Main Street High Point, NC 27262 889-6322 f N K J Ads!233 V 3 XLLLLYN VQ 1-QV Gm fl CJN CEQA WL , gg cg LXEB Qxgxx NWX ffgi QEKQKXS3 U-1 X505 QW NGK kLOJJ Wggg Q5J1g5,Q,g,QX egg, X15 Q, ,ix Llxxwij-N M kfgi Okiwufb 54 LNJQVM :X KK 'X XWXQQX LXFSLMQ Y A QQQX E1 vw wx! -it 5 LQ iiwvk k,vUv'w wbsxk Ex Cjxvqyk JQALMH5 U. Jmfejxzif Cbxklfkh. 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C. if' Paige Stafford Michelle Smith Bridal WW' f' Donna Holton Pam Safrit Formal WBBI' I I ' Pam Marsh Accessories As Tux Rentals r ai, X Open 18-6, glues.-Fri. f I N 1 -ES, at. ' GORDY'S RESTAURANT 2,5 3315333-3974 L, Q 8: CATERING HPDOIHUHSHI FAMOUS BROASTED CHICKEN 'LL 1 . F , - ' Barbecue Pork A U xr, ,gd A A Z greih Seaigodf Rb 'E CN b E 1 4 ' af ecue ee I S N R . , " wi o Vegetables Qspsxip Come by and let us help you get s Plate Lunches to Eat In ready for y0u7' PROM, WEDDING 07' or Take Out .OZ other special occasion ........ 63 COMPLETE CATERING SERVICE rig.. X NOW ' Own-'rf W 5, Catering Parties 81 Picnics Large or Small Groups 2410 North Main 869-2410 High Point Z3 6!AdS N f N COMPLIMENTS OF Compliments of NEW YORK Schutheiss Associates, Inc. LIFE jk J DBXHE AUTO PARTS COMPLETE LINE OF PARTS 81 ACCESSORIES DOMESTIC ron Mosr MAKES a. Moons FOREIGN AUTO PARTS - AUTO PARTS M itj Halley oulcx senvlce o comvsrenve Pmcss "' """ . 0 convenient LOCATION AUTO soov mnr Ann surrues ' BRAKE runnnnc senvlce sonic runso Mumsns MONDAY - FRIDAY IAM-5:30PM!SATUlDAY INA-IPM 6 I I I . 882-4154 CWM?-PM 107 W. LEXINGTON AVE. HIGH POINT, NC. N J Ads!Z37 ROSE RADIO AND TV SALES 8: SERVICE 438 N. Wrenn St. High Point, N.C. 27260 Phone: 882-6427 - 882-2278 Quasar - Sony - Amana L Specializing In: Honda 0 Toyota 0 Datsun H.T.D. Import Repairs Morton-Whitley Ins. Agency Tune-Ups 0 Brakes Minor 8. Major Repairs Life - Auto - Health Group - Commercial 1349 North Main Street Corner Lexington 81 Main 2610 N. Main St. High Point, N.C. High Point, NC 27260 919-841-5300 Dennis Smith - Owner 919-889-4253 Dunbar 8: Smith, Inc. GENERAL CONTRACTOR - INDUSTRIAL - COMMEHCIAL 889-6080 0 INSTITUTIONAL HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA Z38!Ads EIN G. W. Underwood Paving St Grading, Inc. 230 Boyer St. High Point, N. C. 27260 Compliments of North State Company Re-Modeling - New Homes Commercial Work A Lic. 35040 UH-Q EIU R. Brown Building Contractors 1201 Johnson St. P.O. Box 5065 High Point, N.C. 27262 19191 sas-6550 Ei I- f N K N R b N sh Saves You Ca h CONGRATULATIONS CLASS NASH OF '81 JEWELRY 81 LOAN CO. 127 N. Main St. R J K J N f N MASTER Klee n ONE HOUR CRY CLEANERS 1310 N. CENTENNIAL High P ' N C 27260 882-1711 jk J f N Burt's Auto Glass Glass and Upholstery For Your Car or Truck I 13 N. Salisb ry St. L ington NC J AdS!Z39 f N K f I Wiwwww gn 15 f 6 V-' wmsrzuar m HMWNTYNQ v-. 0 9 9 ' 6 l 3 7 Financiai ' I rt L'f QQQQQQS 02395.52 Ken Hucks, ChFC, GLU Financial Planner Metlife Securities, Inc. A . 110 Scott Avenue, P.O. Box 5185, High Point, NC 27262 Office: 19191 869-7133 Residence: 19191 8693410 X J 24O!Ads f N f DR. DEAN R. KENNY NU, .4 V55-,i -. . ,r ig G I CHIROPRACTOR Special Attention To Nerve, Spine 8z Music Disorders KENNY CLINIC OF CHIROPRACTIC 123 Linden Ave., High Point, N.C. 27260 0 C9193 889-3831 Congratulations to the Class of '87 WAGNER TIRE SERVICE u,,,,,,-A . .u 1 - I - . -' -T ,I '.lll-I "Tire Experts Since 1919' 300 CHURCH AVE. 841-3206 N Golden "B" Restaurant 3614046 9225 gmnwh .lj-fl Ama ., 7707-EYZ7, 1.4. fdllh .Wxeef fglfnf, . ?726? Wane mf.oj, inf!! ffaefawf . ffanzrqer K J f K MORE THAN JUST A TIRE STORE! fa-5 SJ Aumomzeo we no IT Au! naesrons seavice cents: AUTO SERVICE CENTER "' TUNE-UP "' BRAKES "' SHOCKS "' COMPLETE ALIGNMENT SERVICE IFRONT OR REARI WE USE TIE LATEST IIIIITEII ALIGNIIENT SYSTEM! . orncm N.C. sms lusvecnon smuon mmm' 2.-M.. wssrcnssren MALL ' "" dapdlutt il U01 WEALQNONG Vla Maur N J Ads! 241 K Lv.. -if et ,JN K N ll I M ll li if V I I V Ln e see us first for I . . . F all the materials Z. I -A 5 and supplies at the lowest prices. I X ' , at e I: 1601 SOUTH MAIN ST., HIGH POINT, N.C. PANELING 14, I I POOPING-GUTTEPS LUMBEP-Doons-SHUTTEPS Til Ml PAINT-SUPPLIES - P 1 --gi x.. A W AV V ' EEVIJH il PLUMBING SUPPLIES Our wishes to you for the best things life can offer: good health, happiness, and dreams come true. From the manufactur er who creates furni- ture with careful attention to design, materials and crafts- manship. Drexel Heritage Distinctive Home Furnishing X J 24Z!Ads f N SUPER MARKETS, INC Locally Owned 8: Cperated High Point, North Carolina 27261 K J Ac1s!Z43 f N JQSYTENSCLASS RINGS THE IOSTENS OPPO RTU ITY 22 x X tg, Qi JOSTEINE Class R g John Bruce KentG th K J f N H mmifment selection quality we . N? 'f IRM ""'.q.v"j ICDSTEN5 CLASS RINE?-++r-AM J Ads!Z45 f N McDonald's Nobody can do it like McDonalds can. MCDOl1ald'S MCD0l1ald'S I I.. ' I 1901 N. Main Street 2738 S. Main Street High Point High Point, N.C. f919j 886- 7169 K J 24-6!Ad5 , Searching for and finding solutions to customer's needs is what Marlowe-Van Loan's research and development laboratories do best. Whether it be for standard products for the hosiery industry, or for unique products in any quantity, Marlowe-Van Loan's more than 50 years of experience and knowl- Iedge mean the highest quality for you. That quality is an integral part of the MARVANOL family of special chemicals - wetting, scouring, finishing, dyeing, and auxiliary agents. And Marlowe- Van Loan has superior dyestuffs for all blends of hosiery constructions. You can count on Marlowe-Van Loan to supply your chemical needs. Call us!'We'll put that QUALITY to work for you. IVY AQLOWE -VAN LOAN CQDD P.O. Box 1851 ' High Point, N.C. 27261 Phones 19191 882-3351 ' 886-7126 ' 1-800-422-4585 We now offer ACS color matching Ads!247 i Mg,-,ilf-Y - f N Pat's Family Restaurant K J Z48!Ads f N TSR SWEATER OUTLET worth the drive S NLRB "UWT RP- ovrfmc, TNACKIN6 8 Mon-Sat 1000-6:00 Phone 294 3354 ' X: e1f-.-giagt.. 3 ' ,fy I W I ,T ,I , .nf My f I I K' Congratulations Dal, Foge 8, Smitty You've come a long way baby! J Ads!Z49 K , gf N X 17 f f' . ,-' 3 1 X f X ff f l:,i XXX ,,xQ Congratulations I to the Class of 1987 from the 1987 REVERIE Staff X x K J Z5O!Ads K N Congratulations to the Varsity Wrestling Team 1987 State 3A Champions K J Ads!Z5l Y nr 2 W El fi 'P' 'Y '.,- Q H Af 7, If CLUB ,"5Q-Ry ff tai I fi ' 5 I2 fl W Wxxwyfff f 1fWy W 11 136 Church Avenue High Point, North Carolina 27260 C9191 887-2221 I Hours: 10:00-5:30 Tuesday through Friday 10:00-2:Oil Saturday, Closed Sunday and Monday Compliments of High Point Youth Council A Youth Organization run by Youth For Youth Sponsored by High Point Parks and Recreation 252!Ads J The Equitable X Financial Services The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States 312 Old Winston Road High Point, N.C. A Broad Range of Personal 8. Business Insurance Products designed to meet your needs of today and tomorrow, MAY WE TALK? Agent: Wm, D. CBilIJ Cecil Bus: f9l9l 869-61 I3 or 869-3947 Randy Cromer John Bellamy UBELLAMY 81 CROMER" AUTO REPAIR 1414 English Road 884-1723 Brakes - Tune Ups - AXC Minor Engine Repair Air Brands of Tires Expert Alignment Computer Balancing TO IILL, I cAN'T BEGIN TO TELL You HOW MUCH You MEAN TO NIE YOUVE SEEN ME THROUGH GOOD AND BAD TIMES You WERE ALWAYS THERE WHEN NCBODY ELsE WAS I HOPE THAT WHATEVER You DECIDE TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE, You WILL co AS FAR AS IT CAN TAKE YOU,YOU DESERVETHEVERY BEST' I DoN'T WANT TO THANK You FOR BEING A WONDERFUL SISTER I WANT TO THANK You FOR BEING THE BEST THAT A FRIEND COULD EVER OFFER. I LOVE Your LOVE YOUR sIsTER 8 BEST FRIEND I . IEANNA N The Business Staff 45'-1 , 1986 -87 x J Ads!Z53 H I INCORPORATED 1905 POST OFFICE BOX 2276 27261 'FDIC KINCI'S EXXON SERVICE CENTER 1 100 Eastchester Drive High Point, North Carolina 27260 19191841-4132 1. MARK KING, OWNER 'YOUR FULL SERVICE CENTER" Best Wishes nfrl' ,I III I X I I I U! xx Oakview Oil Co. 312 Old Winston Rd. Phone 4869-3312 Rotha's Formal ci Tuxedo 'Wedding Gowns ' Pageants 81 Formals 20 w, MAIN sr. THOMASVILLE, Nc. 27360 03191476-3147 Owner - Rotha J. Hanner 'Tuxedo Rental 81 Sales 'Groups - Uniforms 751 N. MAIN ST. HIGH POINT, Nc. 27260 19191841-7455 Confederate Discount Truck Line Salvage Showroom Samples ' Plastic Pipe ' Hardware Since 1969 CONFEDERATE DISCOUNT TRUCK LINE SALVAGE 3015 North Main Street P.O. Box 5433 High Point, North Carolina 27262 ROBERT P. PAYNE Phone 1919 869 2765 .-CI!-Z-2-2 SCBCCBI' r ' 'r1:f:3:f:1:!:f:2:2:2:I:3:2:7: -.-.-:2:2:1:!:5:1:3:3:- .-.-:5:2:f:2:f:5:i 199:-' ' ' ' ' :Q:o:.:n:n:Pu5'u'o:e'a:n -: -X . .,........ :. ...'. . .-.. ,... 5 -'viva .gy .3Zgjzftiritftizf:-:-:-:-:-Z-:-:2:f:-:2:5:f:':g:Z:::g: ,.g.E:S:2:2'7.'N Hljki' Z:I:1g!gZ'Z:Z:Z:.:I' Mfffti :-:-:-2-23 - -: . -1 9744 7,1 3:-:gt-:-:-:-. 7-3 . ' 414' fix- .-23:-:!:3:1'Zv?-BEC 'WH7' "Ph W inc 'ss I "For All Your Soccer Needs" 225 Eastchester Drive WAYNE WRIGHT - MANAGER High Point Mall 919-869-7949 High Poim, NC 27260 ...- Sarah Y. Cybele M. Ashley G. Shanon W. Michelle F Paula 1. Betsy Y. Shannon L. Misty G. Susan H. Laura C. Leslie C. lennifer D. Lynda H. Susanne T i E! .3 LAU RA AND LESLIE K' or hd 'silly 5, Q Les-5-if-'age ff-fi THRGUGH THE YEARS ww ' E ,E 1. A HQ,g,'3ff'AQ"25:4eN.x'Q A " A K, fxAEA?iEQAAwQfEA EMM jg. gh Nw- is ,. ish -Ek XFX-... . - Q W an Jan X - ir A A Z56!AdS tj N f N f N Jeans - Tops - C asua 1 wear RQXQLSM Factory Outlet Store A CHILIITS WORLD T1 ph ass 0195 K J K J K N f N ' Iligllllaml Complimen f W ,1I,Q . .,Qw-f12 Wagner Tire :ez K J X f SUPPORTERS IACMETODD ROL-A-RINK AMELIA STINSON WILLIAMS FLOWERS K J Adsf257 f N SPECIAL ELLA IEAN IESTER SHARON C. SMITH IACK AND IRIS TODD MR. AND MRS. RONALD CASHATT PIEDMGNT PLANNING MILL, INC. DR. DON HARTICI MANE STREET AND Co. HAIR DESIGNERS BETSY YORK MR. AND MRS. WDRTH YORK CHARLES AND IUDI HDBSDN MR. AND MRS. IOHN HARRINCITON KAYE IDHNSON LAURA CADLE DR. RICHARD HDDDENRYLE CIINNY PARNELL TOM AND EMILY RAR IEANNA MEMANLIS R J Z 58!Ad f N PATRONS MR. AND MRS. ROBERT H. SMITH AND FAMILY IENNIFER DAVIS STEVEN L. DAVIS, D.D.S. DR. E. VANCE DAVIS DR. CASHION DR. VVILLIAIVI IVIICHAL EASTGATE ELECTRONICS CAROL, MARTIN, SABRINA, AND DARREN NOSAL IENNIFER HOBSON DR. WADE VV. HARREL REV. AND IVIRS. PAUL V. IVIEIVIANLIS, IR. PA'l'l'l BEAN HEATHER HOLICH KATHRYN IOHNSON MR. AND MRS. O.IVI. HOuOH DR. THOMAS GARRETI' K J dS!Z59 Acosta, Harry 1 14 Adams, David 65 Adams, Demetri 198, 199 Adams, Denise 265 Adams, Dusty 106, 150, 210 Adams, Gerod 98 Adams, Tom 265 Adkins, Shannon 98 Albea, Kristi 106. 194, 203, 209 Albertson, Leigh 106, 184, 186,206 Alexander, David 106. 194 Allesi, joseph 1 14 Allred. Wes 147 Alsbrooks, Tonya 98, 158, 194 Alston, Tracey 65, 190 Ambuehl, Brian 134 Anderson, David 65, 72, 195, 197 Anderson, Keith 106 Anderson, Temisha 208 Andrews, Gus 150 Andrews, jermaine 1 14 Andrews, Parrish 106, 150 Andrews, Warren 122 Anthony, Sherry 98, 203, 209 Armfield, Buddy 1 14 Arnold, Don 126, 207 Arrington, Greg 65, 196, 197 Ashworth, Ericka 1 14 Aultman, Alison 55. 62 Auman, Mike 52, 98 Auman, Pamela 98, 198 Austin, Ann 50, 125, 182, 208 Austin, LaTonya 199, 208 Averette, Dickie 26 Azarigian, Stuart 64, 65, 72 Baisey, Gena 106, 152 Baker, Casandra 208 Baker, Kelvena 1 14 Baker, Ken 65, 72, 208 Banesse, Mike 65, 90. 94, 154, 156, 179, 181, 199, 200, 209. 210, 211 Barber, Toby 134 Barnard, Robert I 14 Bames, Brian 106, 142, 157, 199 Bames, Marion 122 Barneycastle, Kelly 106, 182, 184. 194, 199 Barr, Tony 65, 138, 194 Barrier, Angela 106 Barrow, Klay 42, 65, 143, 179, 206 Bartenfeld, Donna 1 14, 190, 202 Basheer, Pam 98, 202, 210 Bates, Erika 106, 208 Bates, james 22 Bates, Titha 22, 23, 65, 182, 186,210 Batten, johnny 48, 98, 195, 210, 21 1 Baxley, Scott 106 Baxter, Clyde 265 Baxter, Trina 106, 206 Bayne, Rhonda 98 Bean, Shawn 106, 203 Bearce, Kate 65, 185, 195, 201, 206, 207, 209 Beavers, Archie 15, 65, 72, 134, 203 Beck, Andrea 66, 182, 193, 207 Bell, Darin 66, 72, 164, 179 Bell, Greg 1 14 Bell, Kay 98, 208 Bell, Nancy 66, 72, 203 Bell, Shemica 66, 208 Bellamy, Kyle 143 Benjamin, jerry 21, 46, 66, 164, 192, 194 195, 206 Bennett, Gena 26 Bentley, Scott 98, 197 Biddy, Michelle 66, 197 Billingsley, Amy 106, 194, 206 Bivens, Tahisha 208 Blue, Matt 42 Bodenheimer, Tom 48, 98, 140, 195, 199, 209 Bo ins, Lisa 208 B052 Lisa 98, 132, 152, 153, 176, 186. 203, 206 Bolds, Nathaniel 124, 197 Bolick, Bert 1 14, 186 Booe, Bonnie 1 14 Booker, Amber 114, 190, 191 Boone, Antoine 66 Boone, Becky 1 14 Boone, Kendle 106, 160, 161, 182, 203, 206 Boone, Kevin 32, 106, 143, 157,206,213 Borders, jorie 106, 186 Boswell, C F 265 Boswell, Geneva 265 Bosworth, Terry 98 Bouleware, Cameron 266 Bowie, Paula 106, 210 Bowman, Tony 98, 140, 157 Boyce, Sean 98, 170, 171 Boyd, Kevin 1 14 Boyd, Teresa 67 Boyles, Mark 98, 199, 201. 209 Boyles, Rickey 106 Brackett, Sam 43, 106, 107. 164, 199,206 Bradbrook, Wendy 26, 106, 193, 205, 206 Bradley. Christopher 106 Bragoz, Lloyd 49, 127, 128, 200, 201 Branch, Ricky 99, 196, 197 Brand, Lisa 141, 158 Brannon. Chrystal 67 Brannon, Tonya 106 Branscom, Douglas 1 14 Brice, Randy 67, 196 Bray, Chris 3, 24, 42, 43, 67, 82. 83. 178. 179, 186 Bray, David 1 14, 150 Bray, Scott 99. 132, 133, 162, 206 Breeden, Albert 197 Brewington, Michael 99, 140, 147, 206 Brewington, Naquita 99, 182, 201 Brice, Carlos 99, 156, 157, 179 Brice, Randy 67, 196 Bridges, Wendy 67 Briggs, Briggs, Brimer, Brooks. Brooks, Brooks, Brooks. Brown, Brown, Karen 68, 198 Shawn 171 April 114, 191 john 114, 190 Sharon 26 Tim 194 Velika 203 Andrew 114, 191, 199 Angie 68,99, 132, 158. 166, 190. 203, 206 Brown, Brown. Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown. Brown, Brown. Brown, Brown. Brown. Brown, Bruton, Bryant, Ann 184, 185, 188,206 Billy 150 Caroline 99, 182, 184. 193,206 Demitrus 72 Kenneth 115, 147, 150 Kim 106, 132, 158, 159, 198 Larissa 106 Melissa 107 Missy 202 Misty 190 Rebecca 1 15 Wendy I 15 Willie 68 Mark 68, 198, 202 Deidra 99 Black, Debe 66 Blackburn. Brian 33, 1 14, 199 Blackman, 180, 185, 195, 206, 207, 209 Chris 28, 29, 66, 68, 86. 179. Blackman, Doug 28, 29, 66, 68, 142, 180, 188, 195, 199, 206, 209 Blake, Kelli 66, 190, 202 Blake, Stacy 1 14 Blakely, Michael 106 ' Blevins, Michelle 19, 66, 72, 144, 145 Blevins, Paul 106, 134, 150 Blizzard, jason 98 260!lndexing Bryant, Heath 107 Buchanan, Vanessa I 15, 203 Buffong, Ivor 68, 134, 154, 155 Bullard, Alberdell 1 15 Bullard, Betina 159 Bullard, Charlisa 68, 72 Bullins, Darnell 128. 202 Bundy, Marc 107, 143, 203 Burch, Howard 26, I24 Burgess, Samuel 1 15 Burke, Wally 46, 128, 146, 147, 150, 171 Burleson. Angie 69, 182, 184 , Burnett, Garry 138, 139 Burnett, Todd 28, 29, 45, 68, 69, 75 , 97. 138, 180, 185, 199, 206, 209, 266 Burns, john 192, 193, 194 Burns, johnny 99, 140, 193, 199, 201, 205. 206, 209 Burrell, Garcia 107, 190, 199 Burton, Peggy 128 Busch, Matthew 1 15 Butler, Andy 29, 44, 45, 68, 69, 80, 142, 180, 185, 199, 200, 203, 206. 209. 265 Butler, Eric 107. 199, 203, 206 Butler, Marc 69, 179 Buxton. Rosa 107, 132, 184, 202 Byerly, Brett 107, 210 Byerly, Shane 69, 204 Byers. Samuel 1 15, 1 16, 184 Cadle, Laura 35, 99, 105. 141, 176, 186. 194, 207 Ca'i al, Peter 125 Calgwell, Dawanna 107, 137, 158, 186, 203 Caldwell, Lawana 194 Callahan, Tommy 1 15 Callaway, David 1 15 Camp, Stephanie 99, 194, 206 Campbell, Christopher 1 15, 190 Canady, Tammy 99 Cannon, Barbara 208 Carey, Arlisa 99, 182, 186, 192, 206, 209 Camiichael, Greg 69, 179 Camiichael, jeanne 1 1 5 Carr, Adam 107, 140, 146. 147, 179,203 Carter. Dawn 1 15 Carter, Martin 69, 170, 198 Casazza. john 126, 142, 146, 147, 150 Cashatt, Laura 69, 176, 207 Cashatt, Leslie 69, 176, 213. 265 Cashion, Karen 10 Cathey, Sheila 1 15 Cave, Kim 99, 132, 176, 206 Cecil, Laura 1 15, 176, 184, 203 Cecil, Zack 180, 265 Chandler, Sarah 129 Channels, Scharmane 99, 103 Chatman, William 190 Chavis, Kamilli 1 15 Chernault, Bobby 1 15, 157 Chernault, Susan 14, 29, 68, 69, 180, 182, 185, 188, 194, 199, 206, 209 Chess, Marlene 50, 68, 125, 265 Childs, Angela 107, 137. 199, 203 Childs, Melissa 69, 208 Chong, Young 107, 195, 199 Clapp. Geoff 32, 107, 194, 213 Clarey, David 99 Clark, Chris 150, 151 Clark, Gene 99, 140 Clark, Wendy 24.70, 184, 186, 188, 194, 201, 202, 209 Clary, David 147 Clemmons, Robert 126, 147, 150, 168 Clifton, Karen 99 Clifton, Pamela 70 Clinard, Billy 1 15 Clutter, Bill 1 15, 190 Clutter, jeanette 70, 181, 182, 199, 209. 1 59. 21 1 Cobbs, Brenda 53, 127 Cochran, Mike 58, 129 Cochran, Tammy 70, 185, 197 Cody, Natasha 107 Co ins, julie 115, 162. 163, 176, 184. 2085 Coleman, Tammy 190 Coleman, Tunisha 1 15, 190 Collins, Kareem 1 15, 168, 267 Colson, Verlanda 70, 208 Coltrane, Sandra 99, 198 Combs, jodi 99. 105. 176 Compton, Chris 1 15, 162 Compton. Rick 70, 198 Cook, Brandon 107, 154, 162,206 Cornell, Christina I 15 Cottam.Winifred 53, 124, 176 Cotton, Rachel 194 Courts, Carol 58, 128 Covington, Kenny 208 Covington,William 21, 131, 146, 147, 165 Cox, Emily 9 Cox, Kim 115,182 Cramer, Brett 16, 51, 70, 162, 188, 199, 207 Cranford, Rick 99. 154, 179 Craven, Sharon 70 Crawford, Crystal 1 15 Crawford, Michelle 26. 186, 195, 213 Crawford, Sherry 122 Cross, Wendy 70 Cruise, Tom 60 Cureton, Aaron 197 Curia, Danny 70, 205 Currens, Billy 28, 29, 70, 142, 143, 181. 185, 206, 209 Currens, Cherie 59, 99, 100, 132, 161, 182, 185, 188, 199, 206, 209 Curtain, Tara 107, 193, 198 Da ett, Brian 107, 157 Dalgego, Mike 20, 42, 70. 131, 148, 154. 179 Dalton, Sandy 37, 124, 140, 154, 156, 162 Dalton, Tracey 99, 182, 210 Dameron, Bill 123 Dashnaw, Craig 107, 157, 170 David, Brennon 107 David, Brent 20, 134, 147, 148, 170 David, Dana 71, 72 Davidson, Erik 53, 107, 195. 206 Davidson, LeAnne 6, 68. 71, 84, 95, 107 209. 180,181,182,184.185,188.206. 213, 265 Davidson, Michael 99, 142, 206 Davis, Barbara 1 16, 203 Davis, Betty 58, 128 Davis, Bryan 99 Davis, Chris 99, 154, 156, 179, 203, 213 215, 265 Davis, Eric 15, 107, 143, 195 Davis, james 208 Davis, jennifer 28, 29, 44, 45, 68, 71, 176 180, 185, 188, 206, 213, 214, 265 Davis, Keith 99, 147 Davis, Marc 33. 71, 213 Davis, Mike 198 Davis, Paul 99, 197 Davis, Sam 55, 99, 170, 206 Davis, Stephanie 1 16 Davis, Tonya 22, 23, 99, 182, 186, 194 202, 210 Davis, Toshia 71 Dawkins, john 1 16 Dawkins, Mark 71, 78, 79. 202, 203 Dawkins, Willie 1 16 Dawson, Alan 154 Deal, Andrea 176, 184, 198, 206. 209 Deal, Rachael 1 16, 205 Dennis, Melinda 99, 176, 186, 206 Dennis, Melisa 1 1 Denny, jill 107, 194,201 DeRue, jim 72, 201 Dickey, Tikeshia 107, 1 52 DiFoggio, Anthony 42, 44, 45, 72, 78, 155, 179, 214,265 Dixon, Donnie 99 Dixon, Evelyn 72, 193 Doar, Tia 72.80, 132, 176, 180, 185. 206. 209, 265 1 54. 199. v Doss, Patricia 1 16 Douglas, Renee 137, 198 Dougla, Vicki 107, 130, 158. 159, 168. 186, 194 Driggers, Kelly 141 Duck, Christy 1 16, 190 Duez, Sandra 128, 207 Dumas, Shanika 107, 193, 203 Dunbar, Barnetta 107 Duncan, Kate 36, 72, 176, 185, 188, 189, 206, 207 Dunlap, Earnest 72, 97, 197 Dunlap, Kenny 73, 147, 197 Dunlap, Norman 208 Dunlap, Sheneguah 107 Dunlop, Nikki 08 Dunn, Michael 99 Dunn, Tionne 107, 198 Durvvay, Flo 49, 127, 128. 214, 265 Dutton, Samantha 99, 194 Dye, Karen 107, 137 Dye, Katherine 107, 137, 190, 198 Dye, Kristi 1 16, 201 Eads, Barbara 73 Eads, Kim 107 Ea lin. S lvia 68 Eagler, Claris 99 Easter, Brian 73, 164 Easterling, Fonda 73, 208 Eckenrod, Paul 265 Eezekiel, Linda 99 Efird, Keith 107, 134, 154 Eldreth, Nikki 116, 176 Eller, Theresa 107 Ellerbee, Rikki 73, 141 Ellis, Coleen 99, 197 England, Christy 1 16 Epps, Delphenna 190 Erath, Marion 198 F.ssick, Gary 1 16 Ewings, Tabatha 73, 191 Ezekiel, Linda 208 Farmer, Dwayne 138 Farmer, jennifer 1 16, 205 Farmer, Stephanie 1 16, 152 Feimster, Devona 73, 208 Fergerson, David 1 16 Fergerson, Ronda 73 Ferguson, Melissa 59, 107, 194, 206 Finley, Mary 73 Fisher, Neil 107, 140 Fluke. Elizabeth 126 Folkins, Kim 107 Fonner, Patti 53, 124, 182 Ford, Angie 1 16 Fordyce, Veronica 99, 182, 183, 188, Foree, George 57 194 jester, Paula 22, 23, 40, 78, 80, 176, 180, Lane, Mary 54, 128, 189 jones, Mena 265 210 Foster, Tim 108, 134, 150 Foust, Michelle 4, 5, 20, 73, 153 Fowler, Randy 194 Fowler, Teresa 26, 61, 128, 205 Fox, Mike 73, 206 Fox, Shannon 4, 20, 108, 152, 153, 203, 206 Franklin, Anita 72, 73. 193,210 Franklin, Brenda 1 I6, 199, 203 Franklin, Stacey 176, 190 Freeman, Doyle 39, 48, 58, 74, 138, 197 French, Larry 99, 204 French, Nikki 1 16 Fulkins, Kim 210 Fuller, Regina 99, 203 Futrell, Brent 43, 108, 140, 150, 199, 200, 206 Futrell, Chad 28, 29, 44, 45, 67, 68, 74, 89, 154, 180, 193, 199, 200, 201. 206, 209. 265 Gainey, Craig 150 Gainey, Kevin 108, 147 Galloway, james 99 Gane, Amanda 53, 124, 127, 202 Gansman, Bill 108, 143, 199, 200, 203, 210 Gardner, Harold 100, 194, 206 Gardner, Ricky 108, 140, 194, 199 Garis, Michael 1 16 Garland, Tiwana 108. 190 Garrett, Robbie 1 16, 194 Garrison, Andrea 74, 202 Getty. Anjenette 208 Gibbs, Geoff 43. 100, 142, 199, 204, 206 Gibson, Lori 4, 100, 153, 176, 177. 184. 188, 203, 206, 209 Gibson, Pam 100, 182, 208 Gidderon, Nathan 193 Gidderon, Virginia 132, 202 Gilchrist, Bobby 147, 190, 203 Gilchrist, Mike 108, 147 Gilchrist, Samantha 74 Giles, Frank 122 Gill, Craig 126, 146, 147, 150 Gill, jason 147 Gill, jeffrey 100, 147 Gill, Sylvia 108 Gilmore, Dana 50, 1 16 Gilreath, Dawn 1 16, 266 Glover, Eurika 74, 190 Goins, Herb 54, 143, 147, 150, 151 Goins, Renee 108 Good, Tiffany 1 16 Gordon, Beth 108, 176 Gordon, Christy 108, 176, 186, 198, 206 Gordon, Hugh 138 Gordon, Misty 38, 74 Gosh, Eljuana 203 Goshen, Michelle 74 Gosnell, Kim 38, 74, 158, 166, 185, 198 Gosnell, Todd 1 16, 150 Goss, Alwanna 116, 158, 159, 190 Gould, Tanisha 100, 194, 202, 203 Grady, Rick 30, 43, 74, 92, 134, 162, 179, 209 Graham, Phil 1 16, 191 Graham, Sean 74, 191 Gray, Chris 1 12, 150 Gray, Steve 134 Grayson, Cynthia 59, 74, 193 Green, Robin 74, 202 Green, Terry 138 Greene, Africa 190 Greene. Erin 1 16 Greenfield, Richie 100, 138, 154 Griffey, Tim 75 Griffin, Ashley 22, 23, 40, 75, 97, 141, 176, 184, 209, 212, 213 Griggs, Cinnamon 100, 204 Grimstead, Charlie 100, 162, 209 Grimstead, jamie 1 16, 154 Grizzel, Doug 108, 138, 157 Grizzel, jeff 15 Grove, lan 164 Guy, Nina 208 Guy, Tina 208 176. Hachet, Paige 108, 132, 182,206 Haggerty, Kenneth 108, 157 Hair, jennifer 127, 128 Hairston, Mark 171 Hall, Anthony 100. 179 Hall, Karen 38, 75 Hall, Lisa 1 16 Hall, Willie 100, 170, 195 Hamby, Dwayne 204 Hammer, Lara 108, 182, 184, 194, 201, L57 Key. Belinda 101, 176, 209 Kiem, jeanette 52, 53, 127, 184 Killian, julisa 190, 199, 203 Kimbro, Liz 52, 53, 124, 202, 265 Kimsey, Tara 1 17 Kimsey. Tarci 182 King. Connie 22. 23. 41, 81, 176, 181 185, 186, 188.206, 209, 213 King, Corinne 128 King, Tracie 1 17, 190 206 Hammett, Susan 40, 75, 176 Hanes, Roland 20, 100, 142, 147, 154, 179, 199, 201 Haneu, Arnetta 1 17 Hannah. Angela 108 Harcum, Chris 27, 100, 104, 184, 199, 205, 206 Hardison, Alice 100, 188, 206 Hare, Henry 19,42,62, 75, 154, 178 179. 181, 186, 209 Hargrove, Wanda 108 Harmon, Lynda 4, 22, 23, 75, 152, 153, 176, 185, 203, 209, 212 Harper, Milton 201 Harper, Nina 190 Harrington, Amy 76 Harrington, Brent 76, 142, 179. 186. 209 Harris, Deborah 76, 208 Harris, Douglas 57, I 17. 194 Harris. Sydney 134, 162 Harrison, San 76, 136. 137, 195. 208 Hartman. Cindy 76 Hartman. Windy 76 Hatchet, Paige 193 Hayes, Carla 100 Hayes, Picolia 22, 23, 1 17 Hays, Karla 195 Hearne. Sarah 48, 108, 141, 194, 206 Heatherly, Emerson 123 Hedge, jennifer 100, 161, 176, 186. 188, 209, 210 Hedgecock, Lori 108, 176, 206 Hedrick, Brad 134 Heer. julie 77 Henard, james 100 Henard, joyce 77, 209 Henard, julius 100 Henderson, Freddie 134 Henderson, jamie 1 15, 1 17, 182 Henne, George 25, 54, 128, 140 Hensley. Karen 100, 210 Hepler, jeff 77 Hernandez, Benecia 48, 49, 126 Herndon, Brent 100, 140, 179 Herndon, jennie 122 Hewitt, Kim 208 Hiatt, Candy 77, 152, 176, 180. 185, 186, 210, 21 1 Hiatt, Patrick 1 17, 200 Hicks, Carlos 122 Hill, Anita 1 17, 190, 203 Hill, Eunice 77, 202 Hill, Kathryn 15, 100, 185, 201, 206. 209 Hill, Maria 51, 108, 194 Hill, Yolanda 77 Hilton, Lori 117, 184,205 Hines, Rodney 147 Hinson. Scott I 17 Hobson, jennifer 22, 23, 114, 117, 182. 184, 203 Hobson. Michele 132 Hodgin. Matt 162. 170, 171,200 Hodgin. Tom 78, 134, 162 Hoffman, Shane 78 Holbrook, Amber 100, 176, 209 152. Idol. Clinton 101 Idol, Ma Ingram, Ingram, Ingram. Ingram, Ingram, Ingram. rk 59, I 10 Denise 158, 159, 168 Erwin 79 Ken 72 Percy 79 Rodney 39, 79, 190, 202 Scottie 79, 147, 190, 191 lsaic, Dorice 110, 182, 186. 195, 199 Isom, Robert 1 10 jackson, jackson, jackson, jackson, jackson, Bruce 79 Edward 80, 171, 194 Karen 101,194 Randy 124 Trevonda 110, 137, 198,203 james, Christal 101, 197 jannssen, Samantha 101 janssen, june so, we jarrett, Tim 101, 193 jarrett, Troy 80 jefferies, jefferies. jefferies. jefferies. jefferies. jenkins. jenkins. jenkins. jenkins, jernigan Darrell 55, 80, 138. 146, 147 Eric 147, 150 Greg 134, 147 jeff 1 10 Michael 1 10 Chris 101, 157, 179,203,206 jimmy 117,204 Kim 110, 194 Paula 114, 152 ,Stephanie 101, 141. 194 185. 188, 206, 209, 212, 213 jobe. Hugh 117 jobe, jodi 1 17 john, Karen 40. 45, 55. 80. 160, 161, 176, 188, 199, 209 johnson, Amy 81, 101, 182, 184, 191, 194, 206, 208, 209 johnson, April 101 johnson, Arycka 101, 186 johnson johnson johnson johnson johnson johnson johnson johnson johnson johnson johnson johnson johnson johnson johnson , Danielle 208 ,Danny 117, 150 ,Donette 140. 141 ,Dwayne 150. 168 , Dwight 134 , Gus 1 17 ,jimmy 101, 197 , Patricia 81, 193 . Sammy 101 , Sophia I 10 ,Tammy 195, 209 , Tara 208 , Toni 24 , Tyrone 1 17 Wayne 202 johnston, Sona 199 jones. B jones, B essie 1 10 etsy 208 jones, Darius 150 jones, Donna 1 10 jones, Gretchen 110, 176, 184. 206 jones, Keith 101, 104 jones, Lillie 122 186, 194. Kinney, Barbara 16 Kinney, Cacy 101 199, 210 Kinsler, Chad 1 17 Kirkpatrick, Deidra Kirkpatrick, Yvette 1 .161, 182. 185, 186. 101.182 72,81 Knight, Angie 111, 141, 206 Knox, Marsha 53 Kolozynski, Martin 1 1 1, 1 14 Koontz, Billy 9, 42, 81, 82, 154, 156, 178, 179,213 Kyle, Perry si, 154, 155, 156, 179 Lacks. Adam 147 Lacks, Adrian 170 Lain, Brian 101, 220, 201, 209 Lancaster, Brian 1 1 7 Landreth, Leigh Anne 101 Lane, Angela 101, 194 Lassiter, Duskin 198 Lax, Tara 101, 194. 206 Leahy, Erin 162 Leary, Angie 101, Leary, Ginger 1 17 Leck, Ben 1 17 176 Ledbetter, Chris 11 1, 143. 201 Ledbetter, Monica Lee. Monica 1 17 201 Leggett, Timothy 1 17, 150 LeGrande, Andrea Leneski, Therese 8 117 1,132,210 Leonard. Barry 101 Leonard, Matthew 209, 210, 21 1 Leonard, Ron 1 17 29,101,188,l95.199, Lessa, Marni 60, 101. 182, 184. 185, 186, 188, 199, 205, 20 Leste 6, 209 jordie 81, 179 f. Lewin, Shannon 41, 81, 82, 83, 141. 176. 207 Lewis, Gina 64, 10 1,161,182,188 Lewis, Mike 101, 138, 147 Lewis, Stephanie 1 17 Lewis, Tammy 140, 141 Lewis, Tracy 1 17, 201 Libertore. Lorena 1 01, 182,204,206 Liberty. jon 55, 81, 146. 147 Lindsay, Angela 136 Lindsay, Ann 136 Linthicum, Mike 101 Linthicum, Steve 1 Little, Angela 1 17 Little, joe 81, 170. 98 171,179 jones, Randee 25, 126 jones, Tilia 191, 208 Holdren, julie 108 Holland, Gary 78 Holland, Rodney 20, 46, 72, 78, 86, 87 147 Holland. Tony 134, 135 Holtzman, Tracey 265 Hooven, Charles 1 17 Hooven, Chris 108 Hoover, Melanie 100, 153 Hopper, joe 38, 72, 73, 142, 193, 198 Horne. jamie 159, 190. 203 Hough, Heather 117, 152, 182, 184 Howard, Beth 58, 59, 129 Howard, David 101, 179 Howard, Meredith 46, I 17, 152, 176,201 Howard, Roxanne 108, 194, 205, 206 Howell, Melissa 101, 208 Howerton, Vanessa 190, 191 Hubbard, David 108 Hubbard, Keisha 101, 203 joyner, Anne 19, 50, 51, 125, 202 Kahn, Russell 101, 147, 179, 184, 203 209, 21 1 Kak,Lynn 101,213 Kang. Shina 23, 31. 110, 182, 199, 206 Kanoy, Pat 129 Hucks, Scott 101, 198,203,210 Hudgins, Donna 101, 176, 184,205,206 Hudson, Doug 78, 179. 198, 200, 203. Hudspeth, Chris 108, 157, 198 Hughes, Ashley 52, 101 Hughes, Brian 101 Hughes, Robin 108, 182, 184, 193, 199 Hundley, Allison 108, 182, 194 Hunt, Mike 29, 124 Hunter, Cinnamon 100, 101, 132, 133. 158, 182, 199,210,211 Huntley, Charles 79 Hutchins, Dixie I 17 Kanoy. Kearns, Kearns, Kearns, Steven 1 10 David 110, 142, 193. 199 Monta 1 17 Tim 101 Kearse, Cathy 208 Kearse, Donna 81 Keenan, Elouise 1 1 1, 194 Keener, Amy 111, 152, 153, 182, 184, 203, 209 Keith, Robin 1 17 Kelley, Rickey 1 1 1. 140, 168 Kendell, jimmy 24, 101 Kennedy, Randy 1 I 1 Kennedy, Shelly 1 17 Little, Michelle 208 Logan, Kevin 150 Logan, Latrenda 1 1 1 Lohr, Kristin 39, 64, 82, 132, 161, 176 185, 188, 189, 199,206,209 Lorber, Yvonne 82, 176, 184, 209 Loverboy 16 Lovings. Lil 54, 128 Lowe, Hillery 1 17 Lowery, Elaine 101, 208 Lozano, juan Carlos 26 Lukkari, Kirsi 31, 82, 195 Lundrigan, jenny 26 Luther, Gary 134. 135 Luther, Greg 1 1 1 Lyddon, Paul 29, 30, 38, 68, 82, 134, 147 180, 184, 188, 199, 200, 203, 206, 209 265 Lyddon, Rachel 30, 1 17, 182 Lynch, Anthony 150 188, 199 Mabe. Cody 101 Mabe. Mickey 138 lndexing!261 179 zoi,z 210 Roddy. Sarah I 19, 205 Mabe. Vicki 129 Mack, Bryant 26 Magnum, Darryl I I 1 Mann, Danny 111. 157, 199 Manring, April 1 I I Marion, Clay I I I Marion, Michael 1 17 Martin, Chris I I I, 184, 200 Martin, Cybele 28, 40, 64. 82. 180,181,l85,186. Martin, jimmy 150 161, 176, 188, 189, 206, 209 Martin, Michael 53, 82. 134, 147, 183, 185, 201. 210, 211 Marts, Siasette 102 Mason, Richard 111, 142, 199.201, 203 207 Mathai, Mike 26 Mathies, Bernard 134, 203 Mauldin, Brian 16. 26, 83, 84. 181. 207 Mauney, Edith 190 McAbee, Anita 102 McAdoo, Cecil 1 17 McArthur, Anne 140. 141, 180 McBride, jennifer 1 17 McBride, Tim 111,213 McBryde. Shannon 83 McCall, April 1 17. 204 McCall, Billy 1 17, 190, 204 McCall, Kelly 1 17, 204 McCall, Stephanie 83 McCall, Tim 83. 198 McClain, Tracie 102, 182, 184 McCIendon, james 204 McClerkin,Tabbatha 22, 23, 1 1 1, 186,203 McCluney, Coretta I 17 McCluney, Rhonda 1 I 1, 194, 198 McCollough, Deshune 134 McCollum, Cheryl 102 McCollum, Sharon 102. 158, 208 McCormick, Angelica 2.50, 125,202,203 McCormick, Charles 72 McCormick, Minnett 102, 172, 202, 203 McCormick, Patricia 1 17, 203 McCoy, Tracey 1 I 1. 198 McCulloh, Sharon 195 McDaris, Ryan 53, 1 1 1, 199 McDonald, Ashley 102. 182. 184, 206 McGee, Melissa 60, 102, 182, 205 McGhee, Chris 47, 83, 142 McGuire, Bryan I 17, 208 Mclnnis, Angie 208 Mclntyre, Kevin 197, 208 Mclver, jeanell I 1 1, 137 McKay. Marlon I 17 McKinnon. jennifer 1 17, 208 McLarty, George 8, 83, 210 McLaurin, Fred 1 17 McLendon, james 170 McLeod, Kenny 150, 168 McLeod, Walt 20, 21, 77, 84. 134, 146. 147. 197 McManus, jeanna 84, 182, 194, 206 McManus, jill 102. 182, 188. 206 McMeeking, j D 36 McNeil, Mark 102 McNeil. Matthew 117,201,205 McNeil. Steven 206 McNeill. Yvonne 203, 208 McQuillan, Tyrone 204 McRae, Maurice 23, 164, 197 McRae, Shannon 22, 23 Mebane, Bettye 58, 129 Medlin, Eric 84, 181. 194, 199, 209, 213. 214, 265 Meinecke, Ron 102, 179 Meinecke. Terry 15, 84, 179, 181, 185. 200. 201 Melton, Tammy 84 Menegakis, Betsy 1 17, 182 Mercer, Tiffany 1 17 Metters, Christie 1 1 1, 144. 203 Metters, Paul 60, 102, 147, 170, 188, 199, 203. 209 Mewborn, Sherry 54, 128 Mickey, David 102, 193 Miles, Tammy 190, 195 Miller, Crystal 1 1 1, 137 Miller, joe 1 1 I Miller, Samuel 102, 179 Miller. Shelly 84 Miller, Stephanie I 17. 190 Miller. Tony 1 18 Minnich, Richard 1 I I Minor, Timothy 1 18, 150 Minor, Traci 22. 23, 102 Mintz, Leslie 132 Misenheimer, Crystal 1 1 1, 206 Mishoe. Kevin 85. 197 Mitchell, Tammy 102, 141 Mizell, Dave 53, 127, 147, 150 Monroe, Don 53, 124, 179 Moon, Shawn I 1 1, 194 Moore, Barry 85 Moore, joe 147 Moore, Lanie 24, 1 16, 158, 159 Moore, Melanie I 18 Moore, Steven 102, 1 I I Moore, Tommy 20, 130, 134. 147 More, Kelly 112, 176, 198,210 Morris, Michelle 198 - Morrison.Kiki 159 Moser, Corey 179 Muncy, Michelle 102, 213. 265 262!lndexing Murphy, Eddie 16 Murray. Meredith 102, 209 Murray. Tony 85 Murray. Vincent 85 Myers, Ashleigh 1 18 Needham, jennifer 102. 161, 182, 186. 210 Neeley, Michael 85 Nemeth. Chris 26 Nesbitt, Tammie 182 Nesbitt, Toni 182 Nicholson. Tuani 136, 198 Nixon, Billy 26, 27, 76, 77, 85. 179, 184. 185, 188. 209, 210, 21 1. 265 Nosal. Darren 85, 138. 146, 147. 179. 184. 186, 203 Nuzzo, Maryellen I 18, 202 Oakley. Daniel 102 Odell, George 1 I8 Odenwelder, jnon 36, I 12 Pope, julie 4, 22, 23, 110, 112, 152, 153, 176. 184, 186,203,206 Post, Sonia 102, 182, 201 Poston. Gayle 86 Powell, junior 134 Powers. jeff 1 12 Pratt, Larry 87, 134 Price, Sam I 18 Primus, Rachel 87, 208 Primus, Tammy 158, 159, 168, 186, 203 Pritchard. Patrick 102 Proctor, Dale I 12, 140, 150, 201 Proctor, joe 1 12 Pulaski, Paul 118, 150. 151 Purtle, Dana I 18, 121 Putman, Heath 43. 106, 112, 150,206 .QQ Quick, Amanda 102 Quick, johnny 72, 87, 190 Quick. Quick. Quick, judy 102 Mallory 87, 197 Steven 87, 186,207 Quinto, Karen 102, 182, 185,205 Odenwelder, Kevin 43, 72, 85, Ogle, Barbara 109, 112, 115, 06 132, 182. Quinto, Mike 87, 97, 154, 185, 188, 189. Oglesby. Stacie 102, 190, 195 Olan, Carlos 1 18, 157 Oliver, Barbara 26. 61, 125, 205 Orsini, Marco 85. 142, 172, 181, 199.200, 201, 207, 209, 211 Orsini, Victor 102, 142, 199, 209, 210. 21 1 Owens. Shannon I 18 Oxendine. Tracey 1 12 Oxford. Stephanie 102. 132, 182, 188. 206 Ozment, Amy 112. 176, 186, 198,210 Quinto, Sara 58, 129 Rafalski, Thomas I 18, 199, 209 Rainey, Terra 1 12 Ramey. Donald 140. 150 Ramsey. Coe I 18 Randall. Patricia 88 Rataphruks, Willie 1 19, 157 Rawlinson, Cedric 1 19 Rawlinson, Dewayne 1 19 Rawlinson, Lafonda 208 Ray. David 102, 134 Ray, Ed 52.53, 124, 127 Sams, Darlene 104 Sanders, Chris 104, 170, 171 Sanniota, Kelly 40. 86, 87, 89, 176, 181. 185, 188, 189,206 Sanniota, Vic 53, 124 Santaniello, Andy 104, 134, 157, 179. 193, 206, 209 Sappenfield, Sonya I 19 Saunders, Laura 89, 181, 184, 185, 188, 194, 199,206,210 Saunders, Mark 199 Saunders. Paul I 12, 184, 200, 203 Schneider, Susan 22, 23. 24, 100, 104, 153, 182, 184, 188,203 Schroeder, Sherri 104, 176, 184. 188.206 Schultheiss, Christy 32, 40. 1 12, 176 Scott, Alex 134 Scott, Warren 134 Sechrest, Eric 104 Sellers. Brian 147 Sellers, Tiona I 19, 203, 208 Sexton, Steve 39, 89, 178, 179, 196, 197 Shaver, Randy 128, 200, 213, 214, 265 Shaw, Eugene 134 Shaw, Gregory 1 19, 157 Shealey, Randy 39, 89. 204 Sheldon, Deborah 1 19 Shelton. Amy 112, 182, 184, 194, 199 Shepherd, Karen 89 Sherrill, David 104, 154, 179, 203 Shillinglaw, jamie 1 12 Shinn, Sue 126, 136, 158, 159, 166 Shore, jennifer 104 Shuck, Bob 138 Shuler, Ashley 22, 23, 29, 104, 132. 161, 182, 185, 186, 188, 199,206,209 Shuskey, Lisa 89, 181. 182, 183, 185, 188. 194, 199,206,210 Shuskey, Shannon I 19, 154 Simmons, Heidi 29, 104, 182, 184, 192, 199, 206, 209 Simms, Steve 194 Simon, Tera 190 Simpson, Wanda 104, 182, 188, 199 Sims, joyce 104 Sims, Roger IO Sims, Stephan 104 Sirmons, Brink 147, 201 Sloan, Kim 208 O'Connell. Lisa 38, 102 O'De1l. O'Neil, Page, Morhonda 1 16, 1 18, Painter Parker. Parker. Parker. Christy 1 90 Phyllis 132 191 . jerry 28. 29 Beverly 112, 198 Dionne 1 18 Nathan 85 Parnell, Amy 112, 158, 168 Parnel1,Ginny35, 102,141. 176,210,213 Parnell, Tara 85 Parrish, jason 1 12, 210 Parsley, Kris 85, 197 Parson , Natalie 86 Parsons, Renee 3 Parsons, Sonja 213 Passmore. Tony 138 Patrick. Perdita 3, 86, 202 Patterson, Kristi 86, 90. 176, 184, 185. 188. 199, 209 Patterson, Ronald 150 Patte rs Patters on, Tracey 102, 162, 182, 188,210 on, Trina 1 18, 152 Reid, Angie 102 Reynolds. Anna 88 Reynolds. joe 1 19 Reynolds, Ray 134 Reynolds, William I 12 Rhodes. Delia 26 Rice, Alan 88, 204 Rice. Renee 1 19, 190 Rice, Suzanne 102, 190 Rich, Christina 1 12, 182, 194, 199 Rich, jennifer 102, 182, 184, 199, 205 206, 209 Rich, Matthew I 19 Rich, Shannon 29, 102, 185, 188, 205 209 Richard, Pat 147 Richardson, Terrence 88, 135, 164. 266 Ridge, Brandon 104, 147. 203, 210 Rippy, Kathryn 184, 202 Robbins, Michelle I 12, 176, 206 Roberson, Gerald 134, 150 Roberson, jasper 134, 135 Roberts, Bert 104, 190 Robertson, Cheryl I 12, 159, 210 Robinson, Crystal I 19 Robinson, Darryl 150 Robinson, Demetress 1 19 Robinson, Fannie 129 o ce 136 Robinson,l y Robinson, junior 134 Maxine 208 Robinson. Robinson, Tony I 12 Rodden, jim 88. 196 Rodden, john 88 165 Roddy, Amy 88, 182, 184, 185, 188,206 Paus, Sean 86, 197, 199, 209 Payne, Cassandra I 18, 190 Payne, Ginger I 1 Payne, Lynn 22, 23 Payne, Robbie 118, 154, 156, 157 Payne. Sam I 19 Peele, Kim 22.23, 118, 152, 184 Peguese, Archie 147 Peguese, Taylor 171 Pemberton, Ken 1 12 Penn, Frank 123 Pennisi. Ann Marie 141 Perdue, Wayne 102. 197 Perryman, Don 86, 178, 179, 184, 196, 197, 203 Peterson, Gary 164 Peterson, Stuart 164 Pettiford. jahmal 134, 147 Pettiway, Kessia 1 12 Pettus, David 102, 142 Phillips, Donnie 102, 197 Phillips. jennifer I 18, 182, 205 Phillips, Owen 122, 123 Piner, Marci 1 12, 191 Plessner, Sandria 102 Plowman, Ronnie 98, I 12 Poage, jeffrey 1 18 Poole, jennifer 102, 188. 204 188. Rogers, Bertha 88 oe 204 Rogers, j Rogers, Tony I 19 Rogers, Wendy 119, 190 Rohrer, Daphne 104 Rohrer, Michelle 88 Rorie, An ie 104, 184,208 Rosa, Berg 26, 136, 205 Rowan, Mike 109, 112. I 13, 134. 179, 201, 203 Rowsey, Sharon 50, 88 Royal, Becky 88 Royal, Tara I 19 Runion, Robert 104 Rush, Hope 22, 23, 72, 88, 166 Russell, Carmella 58, 128 162 Sloop, Sue 141 Small, lrene 129 Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith ,Alan 6, 201 .Alicia 89, 1 12, 193, 207 . Chris 26 , Coretta 208 .Dan 119, 194,201 .David 24,116,119. 186 .Debbie 60. 104, 182, 193, 210 ,jason 104. 210 ,john 150 ,jonathan 1 12, 140 Smith, Kelly 1 19, 190, 208 Smith, Kenny 208 1. Smith, Kim I 19. 182 Smith, Larry 54, 128, 189 Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith , Leonard 1 12 , Lisa 1 19 , Michelle 1 12 , Mickey 1 19 .Phil 119, 157 , Ricky 56, 1 12 ,Robert 154, 179,214,265 ,Scotty 104, 138 .Shelley 182, 186, 198 Smith, Susan 176, 181, 185, 188, 189, 206, 207 Smith Smith ,Takeia 104, 137, 158 ,Tess 1 19 Smith, Tony 150. 171, 191 Smith, Tracy 1 19 Smith, Twan 191 Smithson, Miles 1 12 Sneed, Brenda 120. 208 Snide 200, 206 Snide Marty 90, 91, 94, 143, 184, 199, r, Rob 104 Snow, Brady 91, 196 Snow, jamie 91, 191 Spa nola, Sam 104, 157,201 Spafits, Heather 51 Spaulding, Tonya 1 12, 208 Spencer, Derek 113, 140, 147,203,210 Spivey, Aaron 1 13 Spivey, Emily 113, 182. 194 Spoon, Dana 2, 105, 153, 203, 205, 210 Springs, Lisa 91 Spruill, Alice 126 Stancil, Kim 109, 113, 186,203,210 Stanley, james 120 Stanley, joe 91, 185, 206 Stanley, Louise 50, 125, 209 Staton, Ken 91 Statton, Leslie 36, 40, 64, 91, 176, 188 Steed, April 120 Steed, Devona 208 Steed. Robert 113, 134, 150, 168, 195 Steelman, Darren 91, 138, 198 Steph Steph enson, Buck 91, 142, 143, 198 son, Kevin 120 Sternberg, Christy 120. 201 Stevens, Christy 120 Stevens, Tony 147, 179, 186 D Steve son, jennifer 120, 208 Stewart, Stennetti 3, 91, 141, 158 Stinson, Anna 105, 182, 184, 199, 210, 21 1, 213 Stone, Kelly 105, 207 Stone, Patrick 91 Stovall, Aimee 120, 184, 205 Stowe, Delores 61 Streater, Lynette 22, 23, 203 Streater, Tenita 120 Streett, Melanie 120 Strickland, Daniel 8 Stricklin, Bryon 120 Stubbs, Cedric 120 Study, Missy 91 Sturdivant, Freddie 120, 150, 151 Sturdivant, Pam 186, 203, 209 Styles, Cindy 92 Suggs, Pamela 120 Suggs, Suzanne 176 Sumner, Lisa 92 Sutton, Angiie 105 Sutton. Mic ael 120 Swanson, Carol 10 Sykes, jacqueline 126, 210 Taicfgert, Toby 113, 154 Ta ey, Amy 120 Talley, jeff 168 Tanner, jimmy 15, 142, 143 Tate, Brett 120 Tate, Libby 53, 62, 124, 176, 265 Taylor. johnny 208 Taylor, Karen 92, 198, 199 Taylor, Lenora 105, 208 Taylor, Michael 120 Teetor, Ashley 1 13 Terry, Bernard 92. 170, 171 Thigpen, Angela 1 13, 137, 194, 199, 206 Thomas, Audrey 92, 182, 193 Thomas, Brenda jo 126, 158 Thomas, Mavin 120 Thomas, Shannon 77, 92, 136, 137, 158. 166, 208 Thomasson, Marc 191 Thompson, Gina 3, 26, 93, 208 Thompson, Shelia 93 Thompson, Tawanna 18, 201 Thompson Thompson, ,Tonya 120, 168 Travis 109, 113, 194, 201 Thorton, Frank 1 13,1195 Thorton, Sheila 105, 182, 184, 193 Thrana, jeff 142. 143 Tilley, Tim 105, 193, 210 Tillman, john 1 13, 150 Tilson, Tina 1 13 Todd, Susanne 93, 152, 153, 185, 203, 210, 21 1, 213 Townsend, Teresa 120, 199 Townsend, Yolanda 1 13, 190, 195, 202 Trotman, josephine 53, 127, 202, 203 Trotman, Tanya 72, 93, 202, 203, 206 Trotter, Amber 1 13 Trotter, Scott 9 Turner, Katie 182 Turner, Mary 120 Tuttle, jonathan 63, 105, 143, 157, 197, 200, 203 Tyson, Dee 105 Tyson, Mitchell 93 Tyson, Thayer 6, 72, 122, 123 Vakakis, Georgia 105, 210 Vakakis, Niki 120 Valente, Phil 132 Varner, Curtis 38, 93 Varner, jeff 120 Varner, Susan 53, 124 Venable, Linda 28, 29, 68, 93, 181, 194, 199, 206, 209 Vernon, Scott 1 13 Vernon, Tracy 120, 208 Wagner, Elizabeth 121 Wagner, julie 105 Wagner, Robert 27 Wagoner, Carolyn 93, 194, 205 Wagoner, john 134 Wagoner, julie 194, 210 Waldrop, juanita 129 Walker, Frank 123 Walker, Howard 93, 197 Walker, William 56, 126 Wall, Bonnie 105, 209 Wall, Frances 126, 132 Walser, Brent 5, 93, 179, 184, 188, 206, 207. 209 Walters, Paula 128 Walton, Cedric 190. 197 Ward, Cynthia 210 Ward, Tammy 1 13 Wardlaw, jessica 195, 207 Wardlaw, Melisa 93, 202 Wardlaw, Penny 105 Warner, Angela 121 Warner, Michelle 121, 210 Warren, Darlene 129 Warren, Greg 24, 105, 179, 198, 206 Washington, Adrinell 134 Washington, Mario 93, 188, 199 Washington, Marlon 1 13, 206 Watkins, Shannon 40, 78, 79, 94, 152, 153, 176, 184, 185, 188, 203, 206, 213 Watson, Peggy 53, 124, 144, 145 Weaver, joseph 1 2 1 Wilson, Anthony 1 13 Wilson, Chris 121, 190 Wilson, David 44, 45, 72, 96, 97, 146, 147 Wilson, Greg 121, 199 Wilson, jan 105, 208 Wilson, Ricky 96, 134 Wilson, Sherri 105 Wilson, Tammy 96 Wimmer, Dana 105, 182, 206, 209, 21 1 Wimmer, Della 29, 105, 188, 209, 210 Winters, Tracey 105, 198 Wonder, Stevie 16 Wood, Sidney 105 Woodard, Patricia 121, 208 Woods, Rosalind 159 Wright, Fred 124, 196 Wright, Marietta 122 Wright, Melissa 40, 121, 176 Wylie, Philip 1 13, 193, 199, ZO6, 209 Wyrick, johnny 96, 147 Weber, jennifer 105, 182, 184, 193, 206, 209 Welborn, Delane 121, 176 Welborn, Laurin 122' Welborn, Lisa 1 13, 193, 201, 203 Welborn, Rachel 121 Welch, Darren 29, 1 13, 140, 168, 199, 203 Yarbrough, Tad 105, 143, 206 Welch, Kerri 128 Yates, Robert 7, 22 Welch, Kevin 164, 202 Yates, Sarah 7, 22, 23, 40, 45, 86, 96, 132, Wellington' Nadine 103, 132 176, 177, 185, 188, 206, 207, 266 Whichard, Willis 1 1 Yaudes, Brian 43, 1 13, 179, 186, 199,206 Whitaker. Darin 94 Yeats. Sarah 121 White, Billy 94 Yoder, Brad 1 13, 157, 193, 199, 206 White, jeff 107, 113, 121, 142, 156, 157, Y0fk, Betsy 44, 45, 76, 77, 96, 176, 180. 179, 199,206 184, 185, 188, 206, 209, 212, 213, 214, White, jennifer 8 265 White, Kara 1 13, 176, 206 York, Karen 121, 210 White, Kristin 31, 40, 90, 94, 176, 188, Young. Donald 55 201, 203, 205, 209, 210 Yu,3uYon22,23,109,113,152,182, 199, White, Scott 105, 113, 147, 199 21 Whitehart, Amy 94 Yu, Si Yon 45, 68, 75, 96, 180, 182, 185, Whitener, Robin 92, 94 186, 188, 199, 206, 209 Whitley, Carolyn 128, 202 Whitman, Denny 92, 196 Wiggins, Katrice 95 Wi ey, jemal 147 Willcs, Traci 121 Williams, Cathy 196 Williams, jada 121, 208 Williams, Kathy 95 Williams, Kenny 109 Williams, Michelle 95, 190 Williams, Misty 121, 208 Williamson, Sean 121 Williamson, Steve 206 W5ll!S-1011 96 zeigier, Debbie 105 Willis, Michelle 96, 208 h Zeigjef, lennifer j 13' 162 1986 Indoor Track Team. Front row: Mclver. Second row: Mike Rowan David Bray, jahmal Pettiford, Bernard Michael Gilchrist, Scott White, Cla Robert Royals, Michael Neele , Ra Scottie Gre e eries, Mathies, Kenn Smith, Tommy Marion, Byron Strickland, ' Re nold Gera , obby arris, Darell owze, erbggt, Mo Ro ne Ines im oster, mrfin'Patrick Pritchard, omsny ichrist, C rystal Miller, jeanell Woodard,MichaelCouncil.Thirdrow: Bill Nixon ac row: rick Wilson lqoagin, An o. lndexing!263 Strain your brain. Members of the Hi-LQ. Bowl team, Billy attestor jennifer Davis and Nixon, Andy Butler, Paul adviser Flo Durway practice Lyddon, Chad Futrell,Tia Doar, for the competition. l l fit 1" gl . C' ,. rl 4 l'rW Some Things "Spoke" For Themselves After three years of experience on REVERIE, l definitely knew that the job of Editor would be difficult, but l did not really realize iow much time it would consume. This past summer, three staff nembers and l attended the Hunter Yearbook Workshop at Nake Forest University. While we were there we developed the 'heme and cover. l wish to thank the following people for giving me support and helping me out when l needed it through out this pastyear: My parents were always there when l needed them. They :omforted me through all my tears and enjoyed all the good imes with me. Thanks for being such great parents. l love you wo. Mr. Randy Shaver for all the times we've gotten mad at Jhotographers and yelled at each other about them, and for all he good time we've had together. Thanks for supporting me ind my ideas. Mrs. Marlene Chess for being an excellent business adviser. To my whole staff for putting up with my daily yelling. Now hat the book is back, maybe all of you can understand why l felled so much. Tom and Denise Adams for all ofyour assistance and figuring nut Hunter's many computer programs. C.F. fWhiteyl Boswell for taking all of our class, club and sports aictures. Mena lones for helping take class pictures. Mrs. Geneva Boswell for accepting all my collect phone calls ind locating lost pictures. Tracey Holtzman, our representative at Hunter, for calling me vhenever we had problems and answering all of my questions. Mrs. Flo Durway for proofing all our copy. Mrs. Liz Kimbro for teaching me everything l know and hav- ng faith in me when you chose me as Layout Editor, then Editor. jennifer Davis for being an excellent Copy Editor. The hours ve've spent in front of that computer have definitely been vorth it. Thanks so much, len! Anthony DiFoggio and Robert Smith for helping me as Co- ayout Editors. Your friendship has meant so much to me hroughout these past two years. Eric Medlin for taking all of my yelling. Thanks for being head xhotographer. Leslie Cashatt and the business staff for doing a great job keeping REVERIE '87 finances under control. Chris Davis and Anna Stinson for doing a great job this year. Good luck next year! Mr. Clyde Baxter for developing our color pictures. High Point Photo for supplying us with our photo supplies. The faculty and administration for putting up with interup- tions throughout the year. Libby Tate and her seventh period class for indentifying people in clubs. All my teachers for allowing me to miss class when l needed. Paul Eckenrod who has supported me throughout this entire year. Your words of encouragement have given me the strength l needed to continue. l love you so much! Billy Nixon and LeAnne Davidson for coming back from lunch early just so l could work on yearbook. "Duckie" and "Smirk" and all my friends at UNC-Ci for having faith in me and giving me support. Thanks! David Wilson and Zack Cecil for teaching me so many things while they were Editor. Thanks guys! To the senior class for helping me make a great senior picture for this book. To all the students at TWA because without you, there would not be REVERIE '87. As l look back on this year, l realize how many difficult times l had. Only five staff members plus myself were returning from last year, and they had to relearn almost everything due to the changing of publishing companies. l thank these five for helping me teach others the proper way of producing a yearbook. lt was very visible when a deadline was approaching that the staff could join together and get things done. l really do not think they believed me in the beginning but it was soon realized by every staff member that cooperation was a necessity for this book to succed. This year's theme really stands for everything at Andrews. Every area of high school life spoke for itself. Thankyou for mak- ing REVERIE '87 the best it could be. Betsy York Editor Thank YOu!265 What do you want? Terrence Richardson seems annoyed at someone for disturbing his work. Taking things in stride. Sarah Yates, Dawn Gilreath and Cameron Bouleware are witnesses to Todd Bumett's crowning as Homecoming King. '2 ,, , ' is. 2? 2 2 V,,, fr ,io g if i 590 5 A" l 'ri .is-www "1" I l l As the 1986-87 school year came to a close, An Q. drews students found themselves forced to make manj decisions. For seniors, it was what to do with the rest o their lives, and for others, it was deciding how to make the remainder of their high school careers the best. Andrews lost . great Spanish teacher when Nlrs. Benica Hernandez retired, bu gained the new, fresh ideas of Erin Leahy, who took her place. During high school our lives were constantly changing. We always hopec that our friends would be around forever, but it did not always happen tha way. Part of high school life is making new friends and losing old ones. Every one at T. Wingate Andrews had a special place in their heart and mind for thei ss 6 friends and their school. 266!Some Things "Speak" it Q5-U ,I ' .S l MYem,K.,,, .r , ink lt! Kareem Collins con- entrates on making a perfect foul shot. ,. 'Sf L1 Dancing in the halls. The Andrews custodial staff put a little amusement into their daily work. H VG M ,,.f:ZN,4m-..,,,.A,,,N,,,,.,,N, W,-vi, f fr: " . - K f ' fi?-ff jf'2' vt- 1 ' ' V Y Y , fr 1 qi '11 ' 'S ii 4 I W 1 T' ,,,, ,N ,......,, W.,,,,,W...,.,....,M..., ,, ....w....., Www-, -.I,- For Themselves!267 Some Things "Speak" For Themselves Q-'X tl nw BBW . REVERIE '87 V I s I eyggiiimy gggigsydgbgfjigf H ff, kg W UD WW 2555 f 23 W"fW ff! Hi, fffffff 'HBH' ig? 55 EW Q Q32 550 5532123 QT EJ 535 325 ig Q52 A Qs Q Q A 2 fig! 25 52 iii 3523253 5 5 gg M52 E2 ' WW ly Clxmdg, U WFP 8 X W 03 9' xl ' X0 NX x ' Wy Wvvfkyv WW' ww K Moi? W VW WMQ wiiwfvg 5 bbwlw NJN JQf5"DkfQ9A+O mgggnwiwbmkfm f'Q"' 'ww Q PQ M fm QMQK W wfwQ xo 9' 'Xx'5W. XJ-UU99 Qembljfhyjswmrfu TQ 01600, 3360? +659 GYM-EfN1'rw9 M51 ' X CDF 0, Swv Udlvfr H102 Mm LFYOSW D Q vi' CQQWQHS PeiW5QiG5DwZ.Qd?6UQ?m1?+hE3aC1bJ3l 599515 wx wmgmf KWH QR xf 6? VXEBOVUINQ Qygm QVPQ. SACD? Q CQQQQ f 'Lib Bess 900 0930 fborvi- DQQQQQ QEQE5-! qkqxoffvdi 4-QUQA 4.0, x x wir bb C, qw K etybfgik YS-,0'gS5,fb.ZJ0bXeQo vff 0' we of Q54 9 ,QQ Nxwqqiov 0 5 6+-V Dir GD 0 ff O9 Q NVQZKQQQO' QQ' BQQQXQ' N ' i 92 XM Nga 0539 953 ZFX max SCN 03 is Qfqovovf E45 Q? MBQA 6106? CN WHT Qx L Qgxomm XDQQOD X E GOV -gxvmkb NS r Wqww 5 O r 3992 NXXCSQU3 big X Ei, 1 YXNCULLEJXOG XCQO X ,ff I YMQXMQQ S531 1 WLQKA VFX KJXGQ 'L 'EW . Q9 ' giibbx +C? QU?-,Q My WI. 'WQQAE' QQJEQQ SXWQ- 3 jd T Wh KWWQH' ihmfafb K fan .x 0 V .f J -. ap U PSX W 47 Aj ,D ff- ar?-. X00 0 mgw .X ZVWZXJZP wbsgtfv 5 O 162760 Q ' 6 qofff vagf .gf 8 X QJN Q 0'rD1"i?u:Qi.x! .gigs . Q . X k XJ . xmqggi-G -03 Of IQWMX ! C Q - JO' A Q Q '50 fx ww M Pwjfd 'XRS QE ww: A WWW 'QQ Xxx MMWMQMNW 1 fy W' 0 9""'5 Wm MM Q0 ga W 'YM' . ,I , H -XCLP gwm Evwa B4-U Chaka Zuomelma Q4 Qu-N Ag I dx? .- T, realli ZMSOYQA our MQW' X dx CF QSQ99 'WPS Yzci 6 I YNOPQ you tm O vb. lfxqvc, Q oboprx Sggmmfl-ff OAK x N HQ-Hx Kem ' 'GNN ib'UA9m'Hq! 94,1 Ya, C5150 XBQNTB-Qffgx as by M dxf XQPQSQDJQQQG 5, WN fm wk ff? ww. 'v airy r Dim? W 1 X Dgxogkreakiccithgi moe me-uw ELQYNQLQLLQO 5 in KQLDQ wmv HC Jfjgi C5395 'mme dmQ'lAU'in r1Q3wQkgLgmmJ0hQm S'mGGmuQrwCUQLgQLL-LKQUUWUS 'VNOnQQLrJL+QiQ9MV'wClYQQsJt,uoNWQINQQQ5Q LaQumQii1Lf5QlC1Jom Cm CAQL fm QVOJQC mmowmwmmomtwwmfi miamlgwhmwggk Lxmmwthem 5995 LQSQGJCQ Lmitkwibut YTJJQGLQX QQPQQXQ gg UQ F1125 mpemmmnqgqml maxim Qu, QUV M up Lk has JCC ua ting HQQUQQQQS BL Libq QQ gmw we QCHWQ fQUcc1Qi,,ouLQS mah UQ mmm Q15 . QBQ QAM bum Q U Q C5 mm Q kdm RGC Law ouQx,H'wQ QLJJ1P4LQjQ,QMLQX we Mm HQUW-M5 bemmbmigwafw KUYNQUP UQQQQHFNLLQQJJQQQ U X Keep isp KOUHQYW XQWUWKX Qboase 1,5005 v N? GJDOVL' LAME QM VS gain QQSVN fffN1OfS xo 5'3faci0QsXa so HOU FWYND ww GY 'S 5 5125+ iff? 7 X0 qc: Xff' 1 Q 633 EGU M1395 . QSJSCJ , Ur . , ,ld Us bu? 43eQ 'v:nQ5XV5 RAY WC2- CLVHVQ Akwxx HQDV O03 5566 0955 Roxy UDQO exr.oXQiXk,3 V003 52 Qixx 00095 5SCCuCL'HCj- VUSQO 13 Y-e,e,X QEXC, Q QVRQVQ5 V5 Q- qflxim 6 ,RQ Ok, , QVXQD46 gxs CL QCXQVNQB WO VYUCLNHQC LOVNOQV WUDPQE 'S xfxmgwg CMNCS l?'p, S6mC3c,O NXR'7CCk NXQYNQKVQ half!! QILUQQS XDQ, cs, LQXWQ Qcr ogy QQCNC S AVG UQ QcLQ,5q3S 'CfXO+iC,Q Q mi QQYVQCAX Qscofnwwev, Sand R-3 going Jvc DQ QL Egg f -fQ0XQ5fNQ,C!.v gpg? 2190 Humps QLxfXGx Akxgj' WQQQ lysrxkl' 1 39Q359fXQr QQDQQVXQ Cevfulpiv mg QvX5 QPOCS 'X HCLQQ u Qgwwxw QQOSQ Ao USQBOQ, me we QQQQK Mmm NU gD0CSx5'fW::05Q6x5 anew? ,VOC our bad MNQQ MR KQCDU QPCQQM povggkx L,-SQZCEQ 6P1'lK QiQi'WO9V - 4,0 30 on 7 , wwe DI 6 1 1 505+ Kiglgiffyg K xlevvef He I Q04 x C5 MQ lk xx 2' r - ff 4... ,.... -,A,,,.H,.ag,g,A...A,L, , -, , A+. ,.., ,,,, ,A .H , TA, . I X Q 'eb Q39 ' XQJ X X0 Colophon W ' H X .U The 1987 REVERIE, in its nineteenth year, Q9 QQ QS! Q Q Q was printed and bound by Hunter Publishing . O C 0 Dj Company in Winston Salem, North Carolina. GED 570 4-ED XT Company consultant was Tom Adams. Q! U A X O 3- l All portraits as well as club pictures were ' K CD L ,y lg taken by C.F. Boswell and Menajones of Max- Q f X? ,XJD if Q' Ward Delmar Studios of Chesapeake, Virginia. 1 63 U l X51 "" Color candids were taken by staff L photographers and were printed by Master - 6' U' .JG L4 PZ Color, Instant Replay, Clyde Baxter and Bob U' XG rw U . P-X U Q Hendrickson of Max-Ward Delmar Company. 5 X QQ QC The type family used throughout the book X 09 was Quadrata. Type sizes were as follows: nk Q X! Copy - 10 points, leaded IZ, Captions - 8 cj' Z points, leaded 9, ldents - 8 points, leaded 9, 4 ks O Q6 Bold Type, Subheadlines - 24 points. Head- U5 XV XL lines varied throughout the book with special Q GSX e art headlines for the opening, xclosing, and 'N dividers. " . U5 BS Except for the opening, closing, ividers CA X and community sections, the layouts were Q done in a column format. The three column KL U ' format was used in -the Academics, Personali- Oxlxjx ties, and Organizations sections. The four column format was used in the Student Life and Sports sections. Paper stock in the lirst sixteen pages was Lustro Color, in the Senior section was Gloss, in the rest of the book was Matte. Endsheets ere from p per stock White Linen 139. fvlvfD2l1UEiL X 1 The 1987 REVERIE was e member ofthe SE Columbia Scholastic Press Association. With a budget of 524,000 and a press run of 800 copies, the 1987 REVERIE was made possible - - M through the efforts of T. Wingate Andrews 6V ' Jw, X supporters. ,f VN The cover was the fourth annual which has ee CF W N been embossed at Andrews. The theme, S99 QQ' gt X "Some Things 'Speak' for Themselves," was QQQM developed and voted on by the four staff members who attended the Hunter Publish- - ' ' ing Yearbook Workshop at Wake Forest 1 University. X T not T QL WW c OJ -L KDDQNUX gwmtfx- T X90 ,Www 'lm9'Q'tb cllf cw W5 T . ,,+w....fe MM 0 i ' 9 ibewam loco, G-WIQEWX S if 5Q lJN'xhE'l-k.lZN'X'f-by 1' C W-Lt l Nl - MMM L3-17 I

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