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W wwf. f L ?E5wi5MifiWwgs?yXQ M Am WL MW? QW N Q - W B xl MX MMM NNW www E M N5 wi J L WS? ' 'QJ CFSKNQQV GQ v seg' wg A Wig Q QQ' N 3065995 gy QQ? gk, WUQMQSVGQ V552 v-SPY-Qbgwbfw NQJSQYSSSJQQWQQJEP WSNMQ X 9 we 5 R fsgjgyaswx V YQ XE X N UN - 'KJ YN KCX f we 6, QQ XX I SQA V Q Q QSySAsJEWXQiQqfV X Qgffyswiw W . W sy Q if Z fffm 5P5J5Qff JN ,222 ,vi if QWWFWWWYQV wffwmffw , W WW? VZ? Qi W W WWWWW M67 '5M 635939 Uf Qpxfffiggy 899, wif H 1,5305 5 , x Ofzlf Qi? XV I 7P9OXf?:rN5o H if 6,-ESNCLO Jiammjcab-,L mf, .QGQ X? 'filo' +MiSO'f-2 Zfffwf sv? Cxfuyx F 6 , WWW mfekf' 'Y . , CO P QQQZB7 0? J UM. igkiw 9 c, - x V fm PQDSDK- d2 glut, ,xsoxsgc ?QwZTw gxiggi Qwifx 0 N., QIQQQKQQAU' . Misa W 952355 Q Wifi hw - 2 Z, 2 "gKOyLcbm.0' ' www? z ww, L gg 40 Q . M zfb 0 , ,xgggbgggm 555 Q XAQY w ,526-V HAL-Y-5QQQQ?4?5,v ' ,iE3?D:U3 2 g ' 63' iQJ6 if ? "QQ, 551 QQQJII' Q04 Q,Ej,U53 .QQQDUO -5 PM VU3EEg3:3QO5 Qwibfjii 3 A A H3ggg336ig?Qf3 3 ii More Than Meets the Eye REVERIE 1985 Thomas Wingate Andrews High School 1920 McGuinn Drive High Point, North Carolina 27260 885-6182 Volume 17 Q 5 ., gmicm ML Wh y p t ke mistakes? APPLE II has the real facts stored securely in its software. V More Than Meets the Eye A certain enthusiasm filled the halls as we hurried to our classes. It came from a special pride that was a part of all of us. Outsiders must have seemed amazed at the ceaseless flow of energy It was some- thing that each of the 1253 students at Andrews had in his heart - Raider Pride. It was Raider Pride that made us take changes in stride. The two new princi- pals, Mr. Frank Penn and Dr. Frank Walker, brought with them the promise of more assemblies, a Homecoming dance and of course, the dreaded deten- tion hall. "Get your school supplies hel Penny DuPree and Tonya Trotn sell Tammy Boyce some essen' supplies. lv Q - ,..a....--.Q...,,, M4 ii: wumn Busy, busy, busy Dr. Frank Walker and Mr. Frank Penn glance over one of their numerous memos for the day 2 I Opening Does this work or not? Laura Riu and So Yon Yu examine one of the lab experiments during chemistx class. ff lefgfz df? X ,u ,, ,. 2 OJZJLL, iU1fCyy JLUEIK' , L 1 1614-f flfirffla 9477 numb rx Sn: . I Lffmuf X1-'fl 4 A l ' W M l , : ,QM If if el sw e .f W ,K 1- 94.1, Y " EA Xalvjy Xi' L4 'K A J i K A ,,.-.-.,, vAL4 I ,P 5 ll, 3 si!! lefeleffiee'MM ,, fn l,'!,?n i,RW5Lg N17 SMF! W' ,. wfe ff fj K" X k QUBE2:-X gg-PL 4-who i "A" as ' , lh awesome. The varsity foot- ball team warms up in style before a game at AJ. Simeon Stadium. Opening I 3 More Than Meets the Eye We welcomed their changes with open arms, and they came to us ready to be a part of our special family Anyone who looked our Way could see that Raider Pride was more than just cheerleaders or the clubs that generated spirit and pulled Homecoming together. It was a part of all of us. It flowed like electricity through both the students and faculty proving that at Andrews there is more than meets the eye. 93' Picture perfect. How could any- thing loo better than a front view of the best school around? 4 I Opening ' ff X ' .fx ' N f ,V f , X nik? N , s Q lgfhbw AUX s me M Km A XM ff I ll Y QV X 6qVXLf4'X Qc mqfqi N VXQ U42 4 WL' fx fx UC 1 NX T1 VN 2' k XXX if W Ax' wi. X NQXQ fx 7 i My X D XS X W fl WL ' -1,51 A--Q XJ It I 'li N - ,f NN 5 kf X 5 D Qi-f .V q Qjdcji WAIKW N f G J xxxxxj BQ? X 'Nm s Q QBXEKX 'X A Q off my Q A i E ,5 'mx X fx, X L fqbdyfx ' , x fx Q! ff. mf kv 2 X N . .W L' X A ' 'WCCM1 A ' KX fx vu iq GUGQLW kb i Xuvv, X X i lfixp R.. U F gk? X IQ xcC.V gf ,ikcfvs sf vi and h, , -.g..a-,.- v.q4..r.-.,i..s,. XM.. .M :..,,w. , 'zffvw Spirit is expressed in strange ways. Jimmy Scott struts through the crowd in costume on "Mismatched Day" during Spirit Week. 1 .M W f 1 I A - A X ,f KJ OL i Nerf! if f A f 9 if fi X f' Xlflff My Opening I 5 fe K fFw',.,v ,, WM, ...A- Raider Pride. Great school spirit is evident as the stands are full at a May I help you? Mike Mathai enjoys home football game against Central his work at the Martin Twin Theater. High School. lbw , m fi M :ily wwf xml' Dm, .lea .,,q.o, SM 1 -A 6-ww 61 Student Life The crew. Tony Campbell, Adrian Mock, Ben Whitfield and Ben Thom- as "chill out" after a long day anew if W' We W f at sv' ,.-, .Wi iggxzi.-.. , f f ,1"' ..J,,. A . .,-W' 'pf 1 ,...c,,,,,,,.,.,-.f .,.t-W..-.f ,, ,,...,....,..,- I M,.M,,,,.,U !laf..w-., . j'g.E2tizigfig?e3gf: tj ' .. ' ' 'gn 1' H in Q a A t it . 1 'hh e f c ' 1 A? .M - 2 ,Mitt ' a f - 1 1 ' we K3 -ff, .',. fiita??f?q:m s Q - . ' W X ' ff i,aigff..itf:- " ' .. k , W A .- i i A , - Miswe-t1,i,ai1:sttt,xf :gi Now where was I? Patti Bean works to perfect her typing skill and her grade. S 1. . isdids t . e , Q s p f fs yi , ' -, 1-f' sf , ,. f M 'Yin 9' fb ., ..L- 'L t l 2 ts s I. 5555 fi- Student Life The final bell of the day We all gave a sigh of relief at this welcome sound be- cause it signaled the end of the school day and the beginning of OUR free time. Sometimes part-time jobs or term papers presented major obstaclesp but with vi- sions of Homecoming, the prom and the long awaited summer etched firmly in our minds, we overcame anything that got in the way of our good times. Wheth- er it was a Friday night football game or a Weekend of sun and fun at the beach, We continued to show that student life was more than meets the eye. i Student Life! 7 it W f i wow' lf, fi? N 41 'X KW Everyone wants to lead . . . The Glamorous Li e Some were breakin', some were shakin', all were makin' it one of the best proms ever. If you missed it, you missed the social event of the year. The excitement started many weeks in advance as the guys began to worry about where the funds would come from to finance the whole evening. Anxiety con- tinued through the placing of orders for tuxedos for the guys and dresses for the la- dies, to the making of reser- vations at the classiest restau- rants in the Triad. When everything was put on and adjusted to fit perfect- ly the long awaited evening was at hand. After dinner everyone con- verged on "the" place to be. Upon arriving at the Top of the Mart, one could instantly tell that this would be a night they would not soon forget, as they danced the night away Once the main event was over, it was time to head for the parties. When the early morning hours rolled around, everyone knew that the time had come to put ev- erything away until next year. ff N VNNVT f Q' xgjl lc o 'X ,KW at at ' ' X ,J D0 g al -- l T Nr 8! Prom x The perfect gentleman. Craig Smit proves that he can be the perfect gen tlemen when he opens the door fo Teresa Blevins as they leave for th prom. haring a magical moment. For Lisa Iisenheimer and Mike Cannon, the 'orld could pass them by as they mare a slow dance at the prom. Taking a breather. A few couples take a break from dancing and use the time to enjoy the refreshments and scenery provided at the prom, ,iw , u S, .wav X-H ,. What are you doing in here? Ienni- fer Delonge has company as she tries to get ready for the prom. Be Careful! Leslie Kushner cautious- ly pins a boutonniere on Kevin Pat- ton's lapel. Prom! 9 10 I Summer GPR? '53 2 One for "Indiana jones." Robert Summer fun. Chris Blackman, Ricl Yates looks eager to see one of the Compton, Kelly Sanniota, Shanno most popular movies of the summer. Lewin and Susan Smith appear to b having fun just talking with thei friends at Oakview Pool. 2 Q 2 X R xle! Karen Hensley seems happy to nd fashionable clothes for lower fices. Summer. . . the time for Surmm' and Furmm' Books were closed, exams over and the lockers cleaned out. Summer had arrived. Summer, that magical word, meant it was time for relax- ation and recuperation from the school year before. Hot, sunny days lured many to the out to places like Putt-Putt and McDonalds, two famous meeting places for teenagers. Unfortunately, a good thing doesn't last forever. The summer seemed to drift away too quickly and suddenly it was time for the hectic life of 'WI' 'N beaches and pools while some took advantage of the long days to sleep and catch up on the "soaps" Warm, breezy nights brought people school to begin again. Sum- mer was over, but the memo- ries of the summer of '84 lived on! Summer I 11 A moment to relax. Mr. Hipps ar Dr. Duane Kirkman take a mome. out of their hectic schedules to enjt a few laughs. HHH ll i xfiigs, . - .+. ffm P 60Y."?'5 .iity 'ws F ""'1 V ..,. , .,,, , . Q ff, 'fr' - 4 12 I A Tribute to 1 i 1-. h1 4,.h V H 55' ,, . it t is 'Q li: ,gt V4 ,tt we + h-h' t ' 4 -A lf Wil' 62' if my if' wi gg I All good things must end. Students In appreciation, Mr. Hipps looks and faculty express their feelings as grateful as he is presented with a thev bid a fond farewell to Mr. farewellgift from the REVERIE staff. Hip'ps. For 12 years he was more than just a principal. Andrews said i Good-bye to Oar Daddy Raider More than just a principal, was the students' friend, e faculty's companion and e head Red Raider for 12 lars. After 25 years in ad- inistration in the High rint City School system, Mr. erb Hipps said farewell to T. ingate Andrews this past lring. Along with many Prs, a strong tradition and a l standing ovation from the faculty and the student body he left to be replaced by a constant memory in every- one's mind. Mr. Hipps stated that he would always have a soft spot in his heart for the students, faculty and school and that being here with the students had given him a feeling of youth. His dedication to his work, understanding of teen- agers and his ability to han- dle the toughest situations with ease were only a few of the outstanding qualities which will keep his name stamped at the top of Red Raider history forever. Mr. Hipps is now busy with his fishing trips to the beach, if at Andrews. fifagwf 14- Q - , 'F . A at 'f is i 'fi for a king. Jennifer Delonge es- The final task. Mr. Hipps cleans out Mr. Herb Hipps into the school his desk as he prepares to leave for he final day of his sixteen-year the last time. 'YQ' pp rf-mcg:-ra-vgpoq EQEHHQQSLDQ Q-Qigzs'-"23n.fDfLo. H 7- my--whom mE'T9,"fS5"Dsf,,TD 5"1"'5"' m5K4E' . f'D""C-'P-lui n-- Qf"BF6:rgfUg0" g35""'tmmmO mo H UQ K4 :gSi.U'Ov-+- "'4"'n-Tim mga-I FD FD 'ii-'QMS "B Wg an ,,v-'mjagji 2:1-'Ut-r1:sf-""'O 5:mE4dggS H709 l'!'1Hf-4 "" 'D master, my-H 25?-i:LEf'L1":3 y , :f 1 MSW Herb Hipps! 13 Who are you going to call? STOKES- B LISTERS Cowboys, togas, what was all of this? Homecoming, that's what. The week was filled with activities. Each club nervously tried to finish its float for the parade, hop- ing that it would win first place, while the student body showed its spirit by dressing up for the different days dur- ing Spirit Week. With "Col- lege Recognition Day" "West- ern Day" and "Red 'n' White Day" there was something to appeal to everyones tastes. Friday was the big day and the festivities began with the Iuniorettes decorating the school. In the afternoon the parade had everyone's atten- tion. As the Homecoming court attendants were chauf- feured past the crowds, the clubs showed off their fin- ished floats. Max Meeks from WMFR and Bill Flynn from WMAG judged the floats, and at the pep rally the results were announced: Art Club won first place, the Electron- ics section of VICA won sec- ond and Computer Club won third. The tone was set for the long-awaited game that night. Homecoming Queen. Sharon Lind- say daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Shad Ross. 14 I Homecoming No Sauras allowed. The soon-to-be- crowned queen steps out from be- hind the giant "No-Sauras" sign. Thanks, guys. Tony Holland sprints toward the Foal line after the superb blocking 0 Del Foster and David Wilson. Senior Homecoming Court. Front row: Susan Erwin, Lisa Misenheimer, Sabrina Shaffer, Felicia Boyd. Back row: Renee Parsons, Ginger Yacuzzo, Stephanie Rickard, Sharon Lindsay Maid of Honor. Sabrina Shaffer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William R. Shaffer. a eirr 14' a is Maid of Honor. Stephanie Rickard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas K. Rickard. 16! Homecoming f' vx"'r.g 1 I 'UIQ Rpm 5 W H . 3 Upalittle. Okay perfect! Early birds Junior Homecoming Court. Front help out as the Iuniorettes display row: Tammy Boyce, Phyllis O'Neil. the Homecoming theme. Back row: Karen Cashion, Ginger Payne, Melisa Dennis. YY Freshmen and Sophomore Home- coming Courts. Front row: Melanie Hoover, Susan Schneider, Lisa Bolds. 2nd row: Ashley Shuler, Arlisa Carey Traci Minor. 3rd row: Eunice Hill, Sarah Yates. Back row: Connie King, Amy Whitehart. We love a parade. Max Meeks leads the way in the parade during Home- coming. lv,y . ooss , g The football team was the Stokesbusters From the opening kick-off Andrews dominated the Homecoming game against the South Stokes Sauras. A blocked punt by Del Foster set up the first Raider touch- down. The excitement con- tinued as Iunior Robinson set the momentum for the rest of the game with a 51-yard touchdown run. An inter- cepted pass by Wendell Als- brooks and a recovered fum- ble by Steve Thompson both led to touchdowns in the sec- ond half. When the final whistle blew the score was 29-6 with Andrews the clear winner. At half time a full AJ. Sim- eon Stadium watched as the Homecoming Court atten- dants anxiously awaited the announcement of the queen. A hush settled over the crowd as Larry Craven from WMFR announced the Queen, Sharon Lindsay and the Maids of Honor, Steph- anie Rickard and Sabrina Shaffer. After the game 496 people attended the Homecoming Dance in the Andrews cafe- teria to dance the night away with disc jockey Wayne Sand- ers. The Stokesbusters proved that they were the ones to call. Homecoming I 17 For the class of '84, graduation was not the end But the Beginning Excitement was in the air on May 31, 1984. For most students it was the final day of exams, but for the 288 graduating seniors it was time to say good-bye to An- drews forever. As Mr. Ben Cameron, a for- mer graduate of Andrews, gave the commencement ad- dress, some seniors thought of their plans for the future. Large universities, small col- leges, military service, mar- riage or work were some of the thoughts the seniors had to ponder. Too soon the future became the present as sweaty palms reached out to shake the hands of Mr. Herb Hipps and Mr. Laurin Welborn, who presented the diplomas. Watchful parents realized that their sons and daughters had finally reached a 12-year goal. The ceremony ended as the band played "Pomp and Cir- cumstance," and the gradu- ates of the class of '84 were led out. In the Commons tears of joy and sadness were shed freely as parents snapped pic- tures, and the now ex-seniors hugged friends, often not knowing what to say beyond "Good-bye" and a promise to stay in touch. The future looked bright for the class of '84. The world awaited them, and they were ready to greet it with their newly earned ti- tle of "GRADUATE" l 18 I Graduation The final touches. Ms. Sylvia Eaglin straightens the cap of Trisha Buchan- an as Kristi Bullins waits to be next, so they can look their best to receive their diplomas. Mr. Laurin Wel- ids congratulations to Anjan- Baker as she receives her diplo- It's all over! The time has come for seniors to express their joy having just graduated. f fl -fm xx-W-. -- l Y .Ll ff J l me x tl 3' f. . .X t 1 The earlier the better. Rodney Suggs, Harold Ferguson and Bonnie Goodwin arrive at school in plenty of time before graduation. As time rows near. Students pre- pare for their last walk to the gym. Graduation I 19 201 First Week ii x e When Iody Combs talks. Ienny Par- nell and Angie Leary listen to the other girls talk about their future plans as Raiders. What's the problem? Melissa Morri- son, Tammy Earls, Gordy Arnold and Diane Hensley wait for schedule changes that sometimes occur at the beginning of the year. August 271 1984, 8:25 a.m. Sandra Coltrane, Karen Taylor, Kim Craven, Lisa Cole, Ieff Thrana and Harry Truesdale still seem to be on summer vacation as they await the first bell of the year. Say it again. Cissy Caldwell, Ienni- fer Hightower and Gloria Evans look to band director John Burns for fur- ther directions. Another great year in the works Back Again Amidst scattered cheers and groans, the school year started Monday August 27. Swarms of students pushed their way through the front doors of the school. Signs of "Welcome Back" and "There's No Stopping Us" greeted ev- eryone, as did the new prin- cipals, Mr. Frank Penn and Dr. Frank Walker. There was the old familiar crunch in the halls as freshmen looked for their rooms and the upper- classmen stopped to say hello to old friends. And the year was off! Student Council immedi- ately started work on Spirit Week. The week began with "Beat It Day" and ended with "Mourning Day" for the Tho- masville Bulldogs. The new administration promised more assemblies, pep rallies and school activi- ties. At the first assembly of the year on Wednesday Gov lim Hunt was the guest speaker. He urged all stu- dents to strive for their goals and "Go for the Gold." Students had a lot of changes to adapt to this year. While the freshmen were getting used to being the new kids, the seniors seemed to enjoy their upperclassmen status. When asked "What's the best thing about being a senior?" David Gerson just grinned and said, "People coming to me asking about my senior status." All in all, the year got off to a good start with a lot of surprises, prov- ing that at Andrews, there's more than meets the eye! Billie jean Ir. Kristi Murray really portrays the Michael Iackson look on "Beat It Day" during Spirit Week. Where's the fire? Students practice the first fire drill of the year. First Week! 21 Cherokee or Iroquois? Hilary Ingra- Raider pride. Jamie Snow and Mi- ham shows her school spirit at all chelle Biddy promote their Raider sports by being the school mascot. pride at a football game. I The s unQi. 221 Spirit t azqgegtm ..,- , . 'S if A - :xr ' fi: JF -z:9.::js ' ' I , Rockin' and boppin'. Andrews fans Getting into the act. Teachers show dance to the beat of the music sup- even greater enthusiasm during plied by the band. Spirit Week' Clowning around. Rusty Evans shows his school spirit while play- ing in the band at a pep rally Kick-off time. Fans point the way Catch that . Raider Fever Go Raiders! Fight! Spirit was a big part of school pride! Without it there was apathy, with it there was victory! School spirit could be seen everywhere. "Raider Pride" buttons and red and white filled the halls. At Andrews' games the stands were filled with ecstatic Raider fans of all ages cheering the big team on to victory The T.W.A. band always added that extra boost the fans needed to get in- volved in the Raider action. Raider fever infected ev- eryone, teachers and stu- dents alike. At pep rallies, ev- eryone was trying to play cheerleader with first the male cheerleaders and then the teachers dressing up to give the students a big "One bit, two bits, three bits a dol- lar, all you Raiders stand up and holler." spiriffzs Andrews students knew what was ll ll In "What was the look at An- drews in 1984?" This could have been the question drawn by one of the many people who were involved in playing Trivial Pursuit, but any Andrews student would have been able to answer the question with ease and move on to the next color. The answer? Quite simply: Denim. It covered Andrews this year. Stripes and checks, jackets, jeans, miniskirts and purses in all shades of blue. Denim was in. There were also those who broke with conventional clothing. Parachute pants, chain wrap-around belts and leather were popular with the new-wave punkers. Neon was also a bright change at Andrews. Fluorescent skirts Now let's examine the situation. Paige Nance and Brenda Orche- kowski, after decorating the school for Homecoming, show off part of the latest fashion, the "baggy look." 241 Fads and belts in orange, green and hot pink were very no- ticeable in the halls around Andrews. Students were stepping high in fashion and getting thernethere were many differ- ent kinds of shoes and boots. "Peter Pan" boots were still popular and ranged in color from basic black to gray, beige, blue and magenta. High top tennis shoes laced with bright shoe laces were big with the break dancers. Andrews students knew who they were and where they were going. They could always be spotted at popular hangouts such as Putt-Putt, the Depot and McDonald's. They had what it took to be the trend setters, and that was just what they were. E I Shoe show These unidentified fn seem to have walked their way ir the same picture to display the lah shoe fashion. Icebergs. Donnie Dixon,Wayne Pur- 4559? due and Robbie Snider strike a pose Safy cheese. Lisa Misenheimer shows to demonstrate the cool look. of the new look Bhose and shoes. s Sitting pretty Amy Galer wears a High class stuff. Kelly O'Brien mod- comfortable sweatshirt which is pop- els the well known womens fash- ular with everyone. ions by Esprit. Fadsl 25 All the way to State 4A. The student "Let's Go Crazy" The Prince con! body spent all of their Friday nights was the hot spot where a large nu at A.I. Simeon stadium cheering ber of students spent one of tl their team to a winning season. weekends. 26 I Weekends F 1 , . rtt, . "East Coast Conference." Teachers, Ms. Gayle Brookbank, Mrs. Liz Kim- bro, Mrs. Ella Iean Iester, Mrs. Mary Lane, Ms. Sylvia Eaglin, Mrs. Flo Durway and Mrs. Lynn DiFoggio spend a weekend away from all the paperwork. "All caught up in a reverie." Th hot days on the weekend could cooled off with a relaxing, drea sail on the lake. if ,..' . i T 5 ...,,,........a.W...-..,-.-. ..,.,.,-. S' W 28 I Elections The glamorous life. Traveling and Speaker of the house. Iimmy Tanner campaigning have a definite part in shows correct debating skills during politics, as shown by Robin Britt. 21 publif SCh00l debate. fue P0lifiCi3Il- lim Hunt SPGHKS to Reagan vs. Mondale. Student debat- student body about politics and ers argued their views in a school ipaigning. debate over the presidency 1984: A year of Competition Carl Lewis won how many gold medals? Ronald Reagan won by how many votes? These were the common questions asked as students attempted to keep up with the headlines. The year came alive with the 1984 Olympic Games and the national elec- tions. This past summer many students kept up with the stiff competition at the Sum- mer Olympics held in Los Angeles, California. Though many communist nations were not in attendance, the games were not lacking in competition. The United States enjoyed a sweep in al- most every event, and the men's gymnastics team won the first gold medal since the beginning of their participa- tion in the Games. As talk of the Olympics di- minished, anxiety started building around who would be our next President. In an effort by Andrews' adminis- tration to give the students an idea of what it's like to vote, a mock-election was held. Students listened to de- baters from Andrews' Na- tional Forensic League who presented the views of each party. Afterwards, the stu- dents voted on the candi- dates running for President, the Senate, the House of Re- presentatives and Governor. Our results were: Ronald Rea- gan, President, jim Hunt, Senate, Robin Britt, House of Representatives, and Iim Martin, Governor. Two out of four wasn't bad. The results of the real election held on November 6 were: Ronald Reagan, President, Iesse Helms, Senate, Howard Co- ble, House of Representa- tives, and Iim Martin, Gover- nor. The involvement of the students in the mock-election proved to be a good idea, helping the students to better understand politics and the election process when they are old enough to vote. Rr in xx Bi su GAN , REQUSH campaigning. Leslie Mintz Brent Herndon show their fa- candidates for the elections. if Electionsl29 i l l l .Q ,I E t 8 Time out. Kevin Patton and Sabrina Shaffer take a breather from Biology while studying in Mr. Iohnson's class. What did I do? Allison Heilig did indeed do something, she earned herself the title of "Super Senior." I 3 X ...K ... Her natural habitat. The REVERIE photographers tried to catch Patsy Cannon in a candid shot, but you can rarely find her away from the gym or her studies. 30! Super Seniors 'hull - 'fi A moment to relax. After band, Da- vid Bearce takes it easy as he waits for the bell. Up, up, and away. "Super Senior" That senior look. Giselle Jones has Jeff Eaton seems to be lifted by the that special glow just like that of an balloons that his teammates present- excited senior. ed him on his birthday Professor Alsbrooks Not quite, but Wendell shares his knowledge of with his classmates in Mrs. Tate's ometry class. ...,..W.ym ,A .. 3 ,vs W 'V I - ' an WMM .Tx ' V H , . The nine "Super Seniors" had "The Right Stuff" A Astronauts? Well, not ex- actly but these nine students were definitely shooting for the stars. They always found the extra time and energy to give a little more than was ex- pected. For these nine se- niors, who were voted on by the faculty good grades were not enough. The school day didn't end with the 3:15 bell. Clubs, sports, band and many other activities kept these students on their toes. Or was it the other way around since they also held many key lead- ership positions? This combi- nation of involvement and giving of that little bit of ex- tra effort made these students uniquely qualified to possess the title of "Super Senior". Wendell Alsbrooks could always be found practicing his athletic skills as a member of the football, basketball and track teams. Speaking up for himself, David Bearce repre- sented Andrews well as a member of the National Fo- rensic League and also as a member of the National Hon- or Society and the band. Be- tween being the copy editor of REVERIE and being a member of the volleyball and softball teams, Patsy Cannon found little time to kick off her. shoes and relax. As a You must be joking. When asked if she participated in sports, Stephanie Rickard just laughs as she mentions tennis, basketball and softball to name a few. REVERIE photographer, member of the wrestling and soccer teams and member of the band drum section, Jeff Eaton was always where the action was. Allison Heilig knew what was happening since she was a cheerleader and she held many offices, including vice-president of NHS and president of the student body Leading the way Giselle Iones, who participated in several clubs, was the student body treasurer and the Cen- tral District president of the Student Council. As a mem- ber of NHS, the REVERIE staff, the football, track and swimming teams, Kevin Pat- ton kept his mind and his body in good shape. Always on the go both on and off the court, Stephanie Rickard not only played basketball, soft- ball and tennis, but she was also the president of Junior- ettes. Sabrina Shaffer showed her many different interests in several clubs, such as NHS and as vice-president of the student body These "special" seniors never let up. Pushing to gain their goals came naturally, and so did the rewards of their hard work. Super Seniors! 31 Now think of the advantages, Rob- ert. Robert Martin ponders the thought of possibly attending this particular college. W "ew: -f s A L' 'fvf' ,- You're joking, right? Amelia Bal- dwin, Holly Beck and Annette Pow- ers look disbelievingly at the repre- sentative. Did you get all that? Stephanie Here BYE SOIUE of Olll' COUTSES. Patti WMM Rickard, Paige Nance and Mike Koh- ler try to get all the important infor- mation during College Day Bean and the Appalachian represen- tative look through a booklet to see her choices. A day for the College Bound "Where is the Appalachian table?" With 79 colleges and the Armed Forces represent- ed at College Day on October 12, some students had a hard time trying to decide where to go first. After getting a copy of their transcripts with their grades, grade point average and class rank, the jun- iors and seniors were free to go in search of that one col- lege that was "just right." Due to the hard work and time that the guidance de- partment spent in prepara- tion, the event went off with- outa hitch. For the students it was a chance to get some in- formation on the colleges that they were interested in. From the American Business 8: Fashion Institute to Wof- ford College, each school had a representative who could answer any questions that the students had, and through this day many stu- dents found that special col- lege or branch of the Armed Forces where they wanted to continue their education and their lives. College Day! 33 What to do After 3:15 "5, 4, 3, 2, 1 . . . Rinngg!" It was 3:15, time for school to end and everyone to go home and relax - or was it? It seemed as though the stu- dents counted the seconds, minutes and hours until the wonderful 3:15 bell finally rang and school was over. Then the mad rush was on! Though some students' flight to freedom was de- layed by club activities, sports or the dreaded deten- tion hall, everyone hurried to get home. Whether it was to go to work or just sit by the television and eat, the Whole student body seemed to dis- appear from the school grounds as soon as possible. Doing homework, playing basketball, football and other sports, and practicing dance and piano were just some of the pastimes some students found to occupy their hours after school. For others, talk- ing to friends on the tele- phone and watching the last half of their favorite "soaps" were just what the doctor or- dered for one who had just finished another long day at school. '1 341 After School . .e.. X . Proofreading is the best policy! Making up his typing after school, Nino Leach makes sure there are no mistakes on his typing paper. just monkeying around. Erik Lun- drigan, Zack Cecil, Susan Erwin and Brenda Orchekowski goof off a little in the top ofa tree at Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville. The final solution' For some Stu- Come sail away. After school, David dems MCDLjna1dS is the best Place Bearce relaxes by navigating his sail- affer 551-1001A boat at the Oak Hollow Marina. le rap section. After school band actice calls for a "catching up" time r the drummers, After School! 35 Thanks to modern technology. Shandel Motsinger and Amber Smoot are able to watch their favor' ite television programs while sitting at the lake. Girls just want to have Fun Party hearty! From 8:25 to 3:15, they belonged to the teachers, but from 3:15 til . . . the students were free. The homework was forgotten, and the fun was startin'. Not all girls played the dat- ing game. Many found that not having a date wasn't the end of the world. After all, what were friends for? Girls used the option of not being in mixed company to go to the movies, shopping and even 36 I Girls' getting together at each oth- er's house to eat and gossip. More girls went cruising, a popular nighttime activity in search of new people and places. "Girls just want to have fun," a phrase immortalized by Cyndi Lauper, was whole- heartedly agreed with by An- drews' girls. There was defi- nitely more than homework accomplished after the 3:15 bell rang. For the fun of it? Coleen Fischer spends her Friday nights working behind the counter at Putt-Putt, Girls' night in. Sabrina Shaffer, Hol- ly Beck and Iulia Atkinson get to- gether to watch T.V and read their favorite magazines. Girls will be girls. While having great time, the "Seniorettes" ta time to pose for a mysterious photc rapher. Don't say "cheese," Brenda Orcl' kowski doesn't want to he "cheese,"she'd rather hear the "Se iorettes" yell the names of their g vorite guys. X r Babysitting can be fun. Ian Boling is having the time of her life, not to mention Krystyn Farlow who is get- ting all the attention in the world. Night1ife!37 The guys came out when The Sun Went Down Contrary to what some may have thought, there was life in High Point. Whether it was at the movies, parties or just cruising, the guys made use of every minute. After all, who wanted to be a dull boy? Every now and then, some were willing to pay a little ex- tra in order to see their favor- ite group or artist in concert. In between these special events, guys could be seen showing off their wheels or entertaining their favorite la- dies. When nothing was on the agenda for the evening, most guys were out searching for a party When all else failed, everyone converged on Putt- Putt in an attempt to organize other social activities. It was evident that those of the male persuasion kept themselves busy at all hours. No matter how they occupied their time, the fellas at An- drews were never bored. l Show time. The Greensboro Colise- um is the place to be when one's fa- vorite group or performer is in town. The meeting place. When the ev ning arrives, many students go Putt-Putt searching for something do. wt. To enjoy oneself. David Hough and The social life must wait. Many ,,,,W David Wilson enjoy themselves at guys participate in sports activities at yi one of the many social functions that night and have to wait until their N--i-f take place after the daylight hours. game is over for their "free time." 38 1 Boys' e J ez 5 ' . Ni- N - 4 'QQ if f W8 11, X K wif xx N wk Q X x ' S ik? f A Q . - - 4 E ,K A .5 QPUTT- Puff Boa.: e GAMES x 'H " - 5 1 . a f' m iff? E' .J f - A my I A ai , , .f ' E N.-Nvwnusn +P- X ., , A Q an ,.., Nw 'ww' ,:,.- ,.., X . w, ., . .. J lQAJ M W W . A S S M 9 W Wx! N58 Q!! Sit? Xiiki . x . . Q Q xx K 5 4 Q w Q A Y K in Q w xi Q 4 V is v- P 1 t R Q S Q Q X Q R U if R . . , Q . . S N Q 1 A 4 'Q Y N Q . . X Q., v Q v xzii? n w 1- z Q Q x 2 ' 1 , , X Q X 1. x X . Q x Q Q . . . , X . . . Q . . . 4 1 Q Q X Q Q Q 1. ,, ' 3 . . , Q , Q . , Q Q . , , . . . 5 'L ' ll f 'g A . ' 32 N Could this be the next Charles A 1. las? Chris Brooks urges Deric Stubbs on as he attempts to clear the bar. just call me Michelangelo. Glen Milligan displays his latest master- piece in art class. Glen has received many artistic awards, one of which was used for the cover of an Art Show invitation. M vi i P , :K '- 1 'z ,L.13T.,11f33g',L1'iif1i1 f111.A11',f11Q. D. ,.,::,.,:Q,v:Q,,n Q : . , Y :Q14xQ.,, .7111 4 "'I,-"1Z+"I,M" 6 ,j.wi,,ig,5' 3' K dl qs.. ,W . I I l ' 401 Academics Well, which direction is it? Mrs. Amanda Cane explains to her class the basics of geometry using parallel lines. Putting things into a better per- - spective. Frank Banesse establishes a different viewpoint on his physics lab as Erik Lundrigan and David Bearce look on. if H 7 MW .ra l ' . , 'Q 'Ye- , aa, Q 1 S 1 me -Q,-,-.-.,,..S Z-ff we ,,,,,, 4 9 are Academics School wasn't all extra-curricular ac- tivities. There were also classes that were the whole reason for being at Andrews. English, foreign languages, math, sci- ence, social studies and physical educa- tion Were all part of every student's edu- cation. Many also chose to take one of the numerous business or Vocational education courses. After a couple of years, most students found themselves concentrating on the subject that inter- ested them most. With a little hard Work and diligence students could broaden their horizons in any number of differ- ent and interesting subjects. Academics I 41 X if lik "" 'br' 'um 'S L :K, ,, L, if -J 1, , , If ' 1 K wal 'J ,, Q- 'H X42 A .. fl ' gf :Q 4 E.. 5 - 5 n A' ,, B 5 w e . f S' ' ' .1 1 - if Twister. Students in the drama class make a twist- ed human design, 421 Fine Arts Ai' Ah, Ah, Ah. Ms. Edith Mauney leads the chorus in warm-ups before class. ""' me if ...Q-, rt given at a PTS A meeting ninth grade band through another piece of music I I unch Talent ran rampant at Andrews. While some students worked on their skills as an actor or actress, budding artists worked in drawing, painting, ceramics, three-dimensional design and textiles. After finding their particular niches, art students had a choice of drawing and painting classes or ceramics and textiles classes. For the more musically inclined there was band, orchestra or chorus. The ninth grade band worked hard and practiced for the time when they would be a part of the marching band. Mem- bers ofthe marching band not only had to learn and practice each piece of mu- sic, but during marching season they also had to learn the moves to the differ- ent marching routines. When marching season ended concert season began. Much hard work and practice went into maintaining the high standards that the band and its director Mr. Iohn Burns set for themselves. The orchestra students, under the di- rection of Miss Vanessa Howerton, worked hard to improve their musical ability with their stringed instruments. Iust as the orchestra performed through- out the year, the chorus, led by Mrs. Edith Mauney sang before several audi- ences. Both were prime examples that Raiders know how to make music. Artist at work. Rudy Dockery draws another mas- terpiece in art class. Fine Arts! 43 It's like this. Mr. Lloyd Bragoz explains the details to Phil Kak during a Humanities class. 10 Q aw S2 Q- .1 i Q 5 6 l 0 If "5 Out of touch. Mike Stanley pays no attention to anything else as he reads his English assignment. Foreigxn affairs. Loren McCarter works on his Frenc till the last minute while Chris Smith, Me- lissa Dennis and Scott Pugh wait for the bell. 44f English k ,A .ix-is-li V ntiye . A MQ it W -J 1-UU f1'fw S :Q 1, S F .' Ji me T Change of Scenery Expanding their horizons. While some students in the French, Spanish and English classes were looking be- yond their present scenery to far off lands, others saw plenty of opportuni- ties to use their newly acquired knowl- edge right here at home. French students studied both written and conversational French. Our "Frenchmen" and "Frenchwomen" at Andrews could order breakfast, lunch or dinner in any cafe with a view of the Eiffel Tower. At Christmas everyone looked forward to the time when the French students would walk through the darkened halls with candles singing French carols. Spanish students often took a break from conjugating verbs and learning vo- cabulary to study the culture of the many Spanish speaking countries scat- tered over the world. Sometimes these students could be found sampling the native cuisine of one of these, often not so far away countries. While French and Spanish students dreamed of foreign countries, English students took a much closer look at the literature of both America and England. Freshmen and sophomores built gram- mar and composition skills and gained a general knowledge of both American and British authors and poets. Iuniors, however, found themselves with much more time to seek out the special person- alities and characteristics of Americans through the eyes of American writers. As a senior there was a decision to be made - whether to take British Literature or Humanities. Humanities students stud- ied the fine arts such as music and archi- tecture, and British Literature students read the works of British authors which enabled them to gain insights into the people of England. Through their expo- sure to the various authors and human- ities, students could pick out and better understand the many different aspects of human nature. They could also see and learn from the many different per- spectives on life, whether from here or the other side of the world. 1199 No problem. Mike Daleo and Matt Blue seem to have everything under control as they listen to Mrs. Benicia Hernandez during Spanish class. Study crew Ion Manring, Terry Green, Alan Hern- don and Kenneth Robinson study their "favorite" author in English class. Foreign Language! 45 Exploring Biology Wasn't the only science course, but it was a requirement for all sophomores. Trying to get an idea of how the human body Worked, some bi- ology classes dissected frogs, pigs and other small animals. Advanced biology students spent part of the year dissect- ing cats and then gluing their bones back together. Any student in biology studied bones and muscles, but a chemistry student could study the chemicals that make up the body and the world around it. Chemistry students studied everything from electron shells to molecules. What physical science students had begun to explore, physics students studied in great detail. Physics involved the inter- action of forces such as gravity on other things. While everyone had to take biol- ogy students differed on the course that they chose as their second or even third science credit. Students who were con- sidering a career in medicine often chose advanced biology while others chose chemistry or physics. 46 l Science You should have studied. Several students ponder Coach Hugh Gordon's biology test. ll i 1 Hey what's dis? Ricardo Lopez tries to figure ou what this specimen is that he is cutting up. Q Q Jod job Karen. Karen Cashion laughs when she es her grade. 4, It goes like this. Patsy Cannon shows Nancy An- drews how to use a physics lab instrument. sssssEs?iF?iE?W?fe s'eiills1lii like sseseismsese e s l e -'- -we es 213 rfff ees- f 3 P' F VLLW- -V ' . g,,,, . . i 555'--'tml' snssllinnf 'llx j " 'G . it M51 tif K ' se gi V s :-- ?g:fSf,,.:T,is., .,.,l , Aetl, tg Lui. gt g 3 gk H Ki, Q E A Q' ...... .ffl l.1f.W,,...s il , 'f i . -f ' . K cf' n ,Fi l ye y N im lllel aW taasa yy,seal eyeeyy,, - e l H N gwwmiig ,.l,f l so ,,,. l yye -,le . h, , l, .eQ, . .,,s.,y, e iiii if is ,ji Q LH so if if n is mm ,,ls el,yy eeeee, K wi aa s ..,,.. .. X cenrfimw nii Ill HR? im Q M m , is is Hey, this is fun. Pamela Patrick gets the experi- Get me out! Ashley Hnghes looks for help while ment started as Cissy Caldwell and Lisa Cash look doing her biology assignment. OH. Science I 47 Conference time. In math class Ben Whitfield Ed die Iones and Terri Norton discuss one problem What in the world? Ieff Burton studies intently as while Sandra Murvin, Diane Collins and Nesand he attempts to answer a question in social studies. Woodard discuss another one Counting U the Years Religions, foreign countries, cultures and human relations combined to form the area of social studies. This subject helped students to understand their ba- sic background, as well as the history of other countries. Social studies was re- quired in the ninth and eleventh grades, but many students who had a strong in- terest in this area furthered their study with extra courses such as Advanced Placement History and Western Cul- tures. For students who found numbers easi- er to work with, mathematics proved to be a more concrete field of study An- drews had a very strong math depart- ment. Seven different math courses were offered. Three math courses were required for grades nine through twelve. The competency level of each class varied, but in all of the classes, two plus two always added up to four. - ""-vm iw. . ' i .,,. get ,,: Q"- -at gh, . .. t ua... Dedication. Lawana Huff, Tracey Lamb, Mike Lit- The wiz. Michaela Brewington demonstrates her tle and Cece Lain seem bent on finding the correct skill with numbers in math class. answer. 481 Social Studies if ,Q 152, .. .yh . . enwwxii wjws Searching. Cathy Nicopoulos and Mike Mathai look for a certain fact while working on their arti- cles in social studies. Able assistant. Mrs. Karen Strickland lends a hand to Tony Stevens on a difficult math problem. Math! 49 Shaping U Dressing out and learning the funda- mentals of many different sports was the basic curriculum for Physical Educa- tion. No homework was a great advan- tage to the freshmen and sophomores for which it was a required course. For those who found RE. a nice break from a day of sitting behind desks, the course could be taken for four years. While freshmen were taught health during part of their year in RE., sopho- mores got out of class for several weeks to take Driver's Education. After much tedious work and preparation in the classroom, the students then received their "behind-the-wheel" training. When the students had successfully competed both sections, they were ready to hit the roads once they turned 16. 501 Physical Education "' ,fs -1 Getting ready for another day. Coach George Up . . . down. Gregg Charles shows his muscles as Foree gets the car ready for his students. his gym class does push-ups. Where does this go? Marika Skaggs tries to figure out how to use a bow-and-arrow. xv-'far lmost there. Chris Parsley and Scottie Reed are One more. Scott Trotter urges his partner to do just ixious to begin and finish their Driver's Educa- one more push-up. on class. Driver's Education I 51 l 3 5 1 Sri 'lt f X s if -sf 'W' t....w"' Xa is MQ 521 Library Q The lone bookworm. Iimmy Tanner, busily caught What is if HOW? Seiiretary Mrs. Gladys Jackson, up in his studies, seems to be off in his own little keeps her smile although she is surrounded by world. paperwork for guidance. Now pay attention, Mrs. Quinto. Mr. Troy Briles is unaware of Mrs. Sara Quinto's sudden distrac- tion by this unknown photographer. It's got to be here somewhere. Donnie Streeter searches for the right information among the nu- merous stacks of literature surrounding him. syewik dm W tr' a .M Helping ands Whenever a student had a problem, he went to guidance. Either Mr. Troy Briles, Mr. Mike Cochran, Mrs. Bettye Mebane or Mrs. Sara Quinto was always ready to help. But a student didn't have to have a problem to go to see a guidance counselor. Helping students to decide which classes to take and college to choose was also a big responsibility Sending transcripts to colleges and helping students find scholarships were other tasks for which the students de- pended on the guidance department and its secretary Mrs. Gladys Iackson. The library was another place to find a helping hand. Mrs. Carol Courts or Mrs. Carmelle Russell was always there to of- fer assistance. All of the audio-visual equipment was also under the care of the two librarians. Daily teachers de- pended on the library for the films, filmstrips and video cassettes that were shown to their classes. The library was the place to go when a student wanted to read or just needed a quiet place to study or think. O hh.,- ,W-ani' Does this ever end? The piles of books and paper- work seem endless as Librarian Carol Courts searches for a reference. Guidance I 53 A pinch of this and a dab of that. Alex Scott, Iasper Roberson, Corinthian Price and Eric Vick Great job, no mistakes. Mrs. Anne Joyner looks cook it up in Home Economics. on as Sandria Plessner tries for error-free typing Broken concentration. Something outside .of the door catches Heather Thaler's attention while she is in typing class. eirit - ' H 'F' 9 f 4 NXKM, 5 ga I v 5 , z 1 . Here comes the bride . . . and the groom. Tracey Got a flat? Call T-W-A A-U-T-O. Tony Passmore Gibson and Cameron Boulware practice a precious and Mark Chappel repair a flat in Auto Mechanics moment as Amy Galer and Delvin Caldwell look class. on in Family Life Education. 541 Business 'lil- it K' ,, ff A '7 Q W' J Building for the Future The familiar sounds of typewriters and computers could be heard in the halls at Andrews. There were more voca- tional education courses than just those dealing with typewriters and comput- ers, however. Woodworking, auto me- chanics, electronics, drafting, business occupations, home economics and ac- counting also provided the training nec- essary for many jobs. Some students also participated in work release programs in which they came to school the first half of the day and worked the other half. The students in all of these courses were offered the experience that would help them prepare for their future careers. "Well, I guess that looks right" Dwayne Little lines up his ruler in drafting class. Business! 55 The art of spiking. With the volley- ball up for grabs, Michele Hobson Definitely PGA form. jeff Thrana jumps up with a defender from Park- takes a few practice swings before land in hopes of spiking the ball for a stepping up to crush a fairway drive. win. 56 I Sports Now who could this little munch- kin be? Along with Christy Hoppe and Susan Erwin, fans this year have been seeing little Beth Fonnen our newest addition to the varsity cheer- leading squad. "I can even do it backwardsl' With true form and a look of determina' tion, Cacy Kinney sends the hall over i the net with a nifty behind-the-back shot. Sports l Great athletic teams seemed .to come naturallyyfor theypylgecl Raoiders, But even when a steam didin'tlis5Win every game, the students still backedffthem all the Way Pride and dignity were always present Whether it was a Win or a loss. Because it was Andrews' last year in 4A conference play all of the teams worked hardy to have a memorable season. Looking ahead, the teams also developed skills and strength in preparation for their first e 3A conference. Sports I 57 1 Varsity Cheerleading Squad: Front YaCuZzo, Allison ' ' ' row: Hilary lngraham. 2nd row: I1iS, Gina Parken Christy Hoppe, Coleen Fischer Tracey Leslie KLISTUIGI1 Lamb, Susan Erwin. Back row: Ginger eerlea ad. Front row: Back row , 2nd ' , Melanie Hoover, Lori Gibson, 58! Cheerleaders W your spirit. Andrgana Leach, Proud to be a Raider. Leslie Kushner, ii Richardson, Kristin White, Les- Chf15fY Hoppe, Susan Erwin and Tra- lushner and Hilary Ingraham help cey Lamb show their Raider Spirit as st the spirit of the many Raider the team faces their arch-rival, Cen- - tral. W I . , ,,,, ., ,,A, ,,,L , ,, , V 'Q-VX , H. "fur 4,2 , 1 ' K fi iz ,girly fi ,f,, W ' , . f,,,,, A 1 -'sq , if " y ai? iiii 5' G as 9. at time. The cheerleaders finally get Way to go, Raiders! The varsity squad tance to sit and rest at the Home- shows its excitement as the mighty Red iing pep ralley Raiders score another touchdown. Cheers Dedicated to all sports and spirited at all times . . . cheer- leaders! Many hours were spent preparing for the games and pep rallies, in ad- dition to four days spent at N. C. State at camp learning new cheers and routines. For the IV advisers, Mrs. jennifer Hair and Mrs. Lynn DiFog- gio, the Varsity squad adviser, Miss Laura McLean, and, of course, the cheerleaders themselves, this time was well spent. When the time came for them to cheer, they brought the fans alive! "Two bits, four bits ..." was the fa- vorite among the students. The expressions that they had on their faces would have given one the impression that the cheerleaders themselves were actually participating in the sport. They gave it their all. They cried when the team lost and rejoiced more than anyone else when the team won. Despite a busy schedule, some of the cheerleaders found the time to help the lit- tle cheerleaders of the High Point Parks and Recreation Department football league. As one cheerleader com- mented, "Being a cheerleader was very rewarding. We got the chance to decorate the stadium at Homecoming - the most fun activity of them all! Also, we became really close friends with the other squad members - we be- came a team!" Cheerleaders! 59 Driving Hard The golf team's hard work and dedication paid off with a third place standing in the conference. The team and Coach Herb Goins pulled off another good season. Two golfers who had an especially good season were Kyle Bella- my and Eric McDaniel. Kyle was named All-Conference, while Eric qualified for the state tournament where he finished in the top 25 golfers. The six runners on the cross country team had a tough season. The team, coached by Mr. Henry Hicks, ended the season with a fifth place standing in the confer- ence. Anthony Bell was the top runner all season, but all of the members contributed to the team effort. Practice makes perfect. Bret Kir makes the perfect putt after rr years of playing on the golf tea hi it? Tiik' it Wins 28, Losses 17 Ragsdale 1st Central lst Andrews 1st Davie Co. 2nd Williams lst Andrews 4th Parkland 4th Grimsley 3rd Dudley 3rd W Forsyth 4th S. Stokes lst Sectionals 4th 84 Golf Team. Front row: H Won Yu. Back row: Coach Thrana, james Ward, Bret Kinney -L er Goins, Q jeff Kyle'Bellamy 60l Golf The lon and winding road. Antho- The perfect touch. Kyle Bellamy ny Bell iads the cross country team shows good golfing skills as he stud- to another victory ies his shot 1984 Cross Country Team. Troy Bell, jeff Smith, Tom Iackson, Ben Thomas, Anthony Coach Henry Hicks. Hodgin, Wins 8, Losses 4 TWA OP 38 Parkland 20 41 W Forsyth 20 27 S. Stokes 28 27 Glenn 45 40 Grimsley 15 24 Dudley 33 Cross Country! 61 The Big Leagues Though they didn't have million-dollar contracts, the members of the varsity base- ball team, under the guid- ance of Coach Bob Schuck and Assistant Coach Keith Flynn, made great strides to- ward establishing a winning tradition. With seniors Tommy Green, Kevin Evans and Steve Niewulis, junior Wil- liam Walker, and sophomore Tony Barrett leading the way the Red Raiders became a force to be reckoned with. Andrews won the Ledford Invitational Eastern Tourna- ment. Throughout the season the team showed themselves to be Raiders all the way SQA If it 1' 't ' ' .,. .ll C. ,. ,, sl 75 3 5515 ., . 3 ek wi .eil P it f,a-K,-My -vw . as 'ffm-142' "f""'l'0lliMvil 1. ,,, . -J 1 1-.3 f r , AQ, . . AP Wins 16, Losses 6 TWA OP 13 N. Forsyth 11 10 N. Forsyth 12 10 Southwest 6 2 Southwest 3 5 Page 2 9 Central 3 5 Smith 2 11 Smith 4 2 Page 3 5 Central 3 6 W Forsyth 4 14 S. Stokes 1 5 Parkland 3 13 E. Davidson 5 6 N. Davidson 2 O Grimsley 5 6 Dudley 7 3 W. Forsyth 1 7 Parkland 4 3 S. Stokes 5 9 Grimsley 6 8 Dudley 4 a. f"t "'s. 1984 ' Front row K er E Mike Llll. 13 Back row 62! Varsity Baseball .f 3.4.51 E-it 9. is fy, l is . 4 'Ti if X 'HR' N L ' gf S X .sf N . 1 fi 1 Kirin X l l A . l is SB , A -' V" -7 2 f 'i 2 , L . .W .. A 3 'M 'Q 2 ' -s-vnaa . ' ,. ,ww in , ' , 1 . c, 4. - t L 'N - i M. Nw. . ' 1, . - . 1-ff . """' . .. ' l M . -xiii . . .N -t Vw , tl-5 - .- H A . ,J - -fi " -3362 , 'N-gg , ,, . .Q no 3,523 fv A4456 Q .U Uses .L ,N ' V .f :' a ny ,Q t - wg . - l 'ig -f 'L'L L' . "M 'Th 4 X v .. ' . af. -.,- 3114 sl--4r':a-..f4i Qar' ei ' f z Q .Q r ti A .' K A5351 .g1,s23y,g'fi.2f--gi Q K gt, ug! - h ..+te-f'..,gjf AL, .Q r x aa. -has 5 Q . X,-u.r-,w t. ... 1 , it-S"ia,..L,gc .1-s.. . .g K f - , Q. 1 f- - . 1 Har, ,ga 5 K 0 5 ffiwie-iaisvfSwf'1r.'."41f'.4i'wim.a'ff-. J' 1 . . Ll ' naw.. as-W 'M' R -.- f 1 1-'vs 'ygtfkein-,yrssw,S-3.f 5. ,uh 3... 2- ..-- -- - . . i 1 ,f ' ' ' - M . is rw, :W A I .N ...M- s ,., ., ,, X . Q .2 f' " '. Q . .N 4. bv . vt J , ,.-is-W .t ,W T L e f , sv f "l! V. X mgfj '- 1 . ' - V - 5. sv . , .. Q45-sf - 'aww U-.A - 'z' A- , , - f.ii'.3w'-.. - as-avi? X' we-'. 535 , . 44 saggy WF ,,. QSW1 -ff-9'2:f35ff , ifiiff-?35"fi-'1"" "'-f .js gf?-915 gi 4 N',gz.9C5g?-,?f1f',.i,. , " H 'X ,yy Q. a T.. .A .V LL e rw . . e X fi - 4-,.,s.--ef-gf ff . 1. -- -. - W J. . saws., Pre-ga ' . evin 'Evans takes some warm-up tosses to prepare for the game. . .,.., la, if 1 ef-xiii' Picture perfect. Tommy Green shows perfect form as he bangs out another base hit in a 9-6 victory over Grimsley x , - M an , 1 1 ,,-,W Q. 4 an , , , I -, '1'a"4-if-ink-f 1,w,.,z:afp.,, , ww,-. we-' , fffxzsSia,g4f,-Ifffw.-'fw . , Concentration. Tony Barrett awaits the signal as William Walker antici- pates the play in a 5-3 win over arch- rival High Point Central. W?-yfagg W. 4 ,K . . Too close to call. Jeff Coggins waits for the call as he applies the tag at first during a 10-6 triumph over Southwest Guilford. M A A my wx i J M ., X M -we -. Qtr Wi? E? M" , , A .-Na,n...,. E 6, W, ,. A , 74? -, Varsity Baseball! 63 I 'W Teamwork. Anne McArthur Ioyce Robinson and Shannon Thomas pre- pare to work together to win the next point. Perfect form. Michele Hobson picks out a spot as she prepares to serve another ace. jwyttr? J ,537 A , 41' 1 if V ' "3 ' ,' Wins 8, Losses 3 TWA OP 0 S. Guilford 2 2 S. Guilford 1 2 Central 0 1 Thomasville 2 2 W Forsyth 1 2 Thomasville O 2 Central 0 0 S. Stokes 2 2 W. Forsyth 0 2 E. Davidson 0 2 E. Davidson 0 1984 V Volleyball Team. Front haron McCollum, Cheryl Brow Y enny Ward- row: n, Tam - cCollum. Back row: Coach Sue law, R , '- is. 2n art Shinn, Elaine Loweryq brooks, Pam Sturdivant, 641 Jv Volleyball ning for it. Shannon Thomas prac- :es her blocking style in the warm- Js before an important game. olle ing To Be the Best Bump, set, SPIKE! These were the magic words for the varsity volleyball team. Prac- tice and hard work paid off for the team and Coach Bren- da Io Thomas as they finished the season third in the con- ference. With the strong serv- ing of Ann McArthur and Bradna Bowers, the consis- tent defense of All-Confer- ence Patsy Cannon and Mi- chele Hobson, the setting of Phyllis O'Neil and the pow- erful hitting of All-Confer- ence Shannon Thomas and Ioyce Robinson, the varsity volleyball team had the best all-around talent that it had had in recent years. Under the leadership of co-captains Bowers and Cannon, the team proved that it could work together to become a force to be reckoned with. Excellent talent and sheer determination helped the IV volleyball team to end its sea- son with seven wins and two losses. Led by the outstand- ing play of Mitzi Morrison and Dana David, the team al- ways gave its opponents all that they could handle. Coach Sue Shinn praised the girls for being a good-na- tured and hard-working group who would provide a solid foundation for the var- sity team in the coming years. 1984 Varsity Volleyball Team. Anne McArthur. Back row: Julie Rhonda Baken Coach Brenda I. Front row- Bradna Bowers, Pats Heer Barbara Cannon, Angela Thomas. Cannon. 2nd row: Kim Gosnelli Lindsayloyce Robinson, Shannon Phyllis O'Neil,Donnette Iohnson, Thomas, Michele Hobson, Wins 8, Losses 6 TWA OP 2 S.W Guilford 0 1 S. Guilford 2 2 W. Forsyth 0 2 Denton 1 0 Parkland 2 2 S. Stokes 1 2 Central 0 0 Grimsley 2 2 Dudley 0 2 W. Forsyth 0 0 Parkland 2 2 S. Stokes 1 0 Grimsley 2 O Dudley 2 Varsity Volleyball! 65 Strokes of Excellence Serving up defeat. The girls' tennis team achieved a goal sought after by many but accomplished by few - a perfect season. After completion of the regular season, they moved on to the sectionals in Greensboro vfhere the team won the team championship. Karen Iohn won the singles title here and went on to win the regional title though she lost in the semi-finals of the state tournament. The dou- bles team of Cacy Kinney and Kristin Lohr won their first three rounds, qualifying them to attend the regionals, although they lost after the first round. At the regionals in Goldsboro, the team won another title. Karen was vot- ed the Conference Player of the Year, and both Cacy and Karen were named as All- Conference players. The 1984 boys' tennis team experienced a very successful season. With an overall re- cord of 11-5 and an 8-2 con- ference mark, the Raiders fin- ished second in the confer- ence. In sectionals play the Raiders finished fifth in a field of 20 teams. Led by Jim- my Tanner, Greg Gibbs, Ke- vin Deaton, Chris Mitchell, Brent Harrington and Buck Stephenson, they then reached another milestone by defeating High Point Cen- tral twice, having never beat- en them before. Wins 17, Losses O TWA OP 6 S. W. Guilford 3 6 Page 3 6 Central 3 9 Smith 0 5 Page 4 5 Central 4 9 Smith 0 9 W. Forsyth 0 8 Parkland 1 9 S. Stokes 0 7 Grimsley 2 9 Dudley 0 8 W. Forsyth 1 9 Parkland 0 8 S. Stokes 1 9 Grirr-sley 0 9 Dudley 0 1984 Girls' Tennis Team. Front row: Iennifer Hedge, Cybelle J, ohn, Martin, Ashley Shuler, Kelly San- ' l w Batba Kinney Kristin Lohr, len n m, Cheri Currens. .ci 661 Girls' Tennis uard that line! Jimmy Tanner puts The key is concentration. Kristen is Iohn McEnroe form into motion Lohr intently watches the ball as she s he prepares his return of serve. re-routes it over the net, Another Chris Evert-Lloyd in the making. A swing of poise and confi- dence is displayed as Karen Iohn puts her tennis skills into action. 1984 Boys' Tennis Team. Front. son, Iimmy Tanner, Chris Mitch- Munday, Andy Butler, Steve row: Doug Blackman, Billy Cur- ell. Back row: David Hough, Brent Boone. rens, Greg Gibbs, Buck Stephen- Harrington, Kevin Deaton, David Wins 11, Losses 5 Smith Page Central Page Central Smith W. Forsyth S. Stokes Parkland Dudley Grimsley Parkland W. Forsyth S. Stokes Grimsley Dudley Boys Tennis! 67 Gut in the Field Whether it was a fly ball or a throw from second base, the girls' softball team and the IV baseball team knew what to do . . . catch the ball. Behind the pitching of Tammy Lewis and the strong defensive play of the entire team, including the fielding of Abby McMullan, Steph- anie Rickard and Bradna Bowers, the softball team had a winning season. Coach Sandy Dalton stressed a com- bination of good defense and consistent hitting which led the girls to end the season with nine wins and seven losses. For the IV baseball team, hard work was the name of the game. The team was a very young team, consisting mainly of freshmen. Under the guidance of Coach Ieff Thomas, the players spent the season building their baseball skill both on the field and at the plate. The powerful hitting of several players, including Todd Bur- nett, Doyle Freeman and Dar- ren Steelman helped to bring in a total of 131 runs by the end of the season. Wins 8, Losses 7 TWA OP 13 Page 5 7 Central 24 7 Smith 5 12 Smith 4 10 Page 7 6 Central 1 4 17 W. Forsyth 2 1 S. Stokes 2 3 Parkland 17 6 Grimsley 7 7 Dudley 3 7 Parkland 10 0 S. Stokes 3 4 Grimsley 5 y 7 Dudley 6 1 1984 Girls' Softball Team. Front row: Donette Iohnson, Nettie' Stewart, Tawanna Dockery Wendy Clark. 2nd row: Carla Dunham, Bradna Bowers,"Ashley Griffin Tammy Lewis, Ann Marie Pennisi, Carolyn Little, Michelle Blevins. Back row: Iulie Heer, Patsy Can- non, Coach Sand Dalton, Anne McArthur, Stephanie Rickard, Abby McMullan, Kim Gosnell, Evette Kirkpatrick, Shelia Thomp- son, 68 I Girls' Softball Lday Andrews, tomorrow the rld Series. Ashley Griffin con- "And y0u're Out!" Ieff Hepler ictg with 3 base hit during Sfjftball reaches for the ball as Darren McIn- gctice, nis hurries toward home plate. if, I ,ik -, N.. 9 .. l lm -- L. 1. 1984 IV Baseball Team. Front row: Tony Murray Darryl Jefferies, Dar ren Steelman, Delvin Caldwell Corey Moser, Ward Smith. Back row: f 1 2 1 ' ff i Coach Ieff Thomas, Anthony Wayne, Ieff Hepler, Doyle Freeman, Robert Martin, Todd Burnett, Rusty Evans. Wins 4, Losses 8, Ties 1 TWA 12 7 4 6 24 22 9 8 7 7 15 3 7 OP E. Randolph 12 E. Davidson 14 Trinity 22 S. Stokes 10 Grimsley 4 Thomasville 4 Grimsley 18 Trinity 9 Ledford 11 S. Stokes 13 Central 12 Ledford 9 Central 6 IV Baseball! 69 On the Ball Dedication, self-discipline and determination definitely described the girls' soccer team. Under the leadership of two new coaches, Mr. Iono jackson and Mrs. Frances Wall, the team had an excit- ing season. The key word for the season was "team work." The team placed second in the Central State Conference with six wins and two losses. Pam Barnes, Michele Hob- son, Kristin Lohr, Ingrid Lohr, Phyllis O'Neil and Lynn Simril proved to be valuable assets to the team. According to the coaches, the team proved to be a great group of athletes. Whether it was on the field or on the bench, each girl played an important role in the team's success. Wins 7, Losses 6, Ties 1 TWA OP 1 Central 4 l Smith 1 1 Page 9 Txrzyv K .sy Z at E 1 up-31 'Tx W5 V ' Q nf- ,. ii VQQ si is -"lg 4 W. Forsyth 2 ' -it ff . F 4.4 KC'-lx 2 Smith 4 , ' V sass J ' 8 Parkland 0 f-5 1 fi I 0 Page 3 E 2 ' 1 Grimsley 3 V 2 9 x - as v Q 7 Parkland 0 5 S. Stokes 0 n 2 S. Stokes 0 1 Grimsley 4 2 W Forsyth 1 2 Central 1 . K J if 'Q 1984 Girls' Soccer Team. F -Q4 Linda Venable, Rhonda Michele Hobson, Ingrid Lohr, row: Melissa Chiles, Co g. 'f ,.:'.5.QAJf . ' .Kr , 1 H Iones, Kristi King, Sarah Yates, Iennifer D S, urri QM -.v+:Q. '-f l ' rx Lf . - iyw, , i 'tllugigl hv 3 ,N A Susan Smith, Kelly Sanniota, ' li ' 'm l' .f+,:- 1 in it 701' Girls' Soccer e longest yard. In a 2-1 victory chele Hobson dribbles cautiously Not while I'm here! Goalie Phyllis wn the field as Central tries to O'Neil defends Andrews' goal as the ive in. opponent tries to score. Q iv fe.. fs. ,va al' .W sri ' X4 Ji m. ,J .Q W M Q 'iz ,sw-rf , N ,q ,,,,,,.,,i,, 1 ,E , .,,. M .N f HL, M ,N-as X ' N . K , gf! M Q.: i 43 ' Q - . V' f J Mgad' g"'W'fa..f . A' I mf . A W 'M , 9 WL M, 4 L - U, Ready willing and able. Sarah Yates Waiting is the hardest part. Giselle prepares for a pass kicked by a team- Jones awaits the next attempt to mate in practice. score in a 2-1 victory over West For- ! syth. Girls' Soccer! 71 Practice makes perfect. Anthony Di- Making the right move. Ieff Eaton Foggio plans his next move to make dribbles down the field as Todd the save. McIntosh awaits the pass. . - X 'xi ' 'Q ,, - Si 'X Wins 2, Losses 4, Ties 1 TWA OP 5 W Forsyth 0 3 Central 1 0 Reyholds 5 1 Central 2 1 E. Forsyth 1 0 Reynolds 3 0 Page 3 Ty " .A , is S 'fr 9 1 01 Ni yfhwf at if 1 1 r l ,GA 1 fwhi 1984 Boys' IV Soccer Team. Front Rick Cranford, Brent Walser. Back Stewart Azurigian, Chris Davis row: Chris Harcum, Burke Rob- row: Moose Miller, Chad Futrell, Coach Kevin Kozcrov erts, Billy Koontz, Chris Bray, Rowland Hooks, Iordan Lester, Dickie Averette, Mike Quinto, Henry Hare, Damon Kenton, 721 Boys' IV Soccer "Heading" Toward the Goal Dribble, dribble. No, it wasn't the basketball team but the two soccer teams. Iust as it is growing all over the world, the soccer program at Andrews expanded to include both a IV and varsity team. The varsity team was made up of mostly juniors and se- niors, with only a few excep- tions. Frank Banesse, Ieff Eaton and Robert Yates were named team captains. Under Coach Bob Schuck, the team ended the season with seven wins and three losses in con- ference play The team also got to play for the first time at A. I. Simeon Stadium which proved to be a great morale booster for the players. The first IV soccer team in the history of Andrews was coached by M11 Kevin Kozcrov Leading players on the IV team were Chris Davis, Chad Futrell, Henry Hare and Kyle Bellamy Working hard and giving their best in every game, this team gained valuable experience and led the way for future IV soccer teams. A R .- gp g X . .p I X . ,. - g?iES' i"i'i Qty ,.,5..lV.. g- . ...- l ll nu , .. ,, gil l' Lg 6. NN kg.. S. . , 1984 Boys' Varsity Soccer Team, ette, Ieff Eaton, Chuck Greenfield, Frank Banesse. Back row: Robert Front row: Robert Yates, Mike Da- Richie Greenfield. 2nd row: Mike Petty Todd McIntosh, David Rea- leo, Mike Linthicum, Eric Burgh, DeIonge, David Gerson, Mike Bar- gan, Wes Allred, Kyle Bellamy Anthony Dilioggio, Dickie Aver- nesse, Matt Blue, Robbie Smith, Bret Cramer, Coach Bob Schuck. l. S Wins 10, Losses 9 TWA OP 3 Smith 0 1 Page 12 3 Central 1 1 Page 3 1 Central 2 5 Smith 1 1 Page 5 0 Central 4 0 Smith 1 4 W. Forsyth 1 7 Parkland 1 3 S. Stokes 2 0 Grimsley 1 11 Dudley 1 1 W. Forsyth 3 2 Parkland 0 5 S. Stokes 0 1 Grimsley 7 4 Dudley 0 Boys' Varsity Soccer! 73 See How They Run . . . and jump and throw The girls' track team was always on the go, straight to the top. After going unde- feated during the regular sea- son, the team, guided by Coach Sue Shinn and Assis- tant Coach Sandra Hughes, won the conference champi- onship. Led by the talents of Stephanie Council, San Har- rison, Vanessa Hatch, Angela Lindsey Kim McLean, Mary Mills, Tuani Nicholson, Sa- mantha Poke, Ioyce Robin- son, Iennifer Taylor and Shannon Thomas, the team won the sectional champion- ship and went on to win the first regional championship in the history of girls' track at Andrews. The team ended the season by placing third in the state championship. Placing first in the state meet were discus- thrower Vanessa Hatch and the 1600m relay team, com- posed of Stephanie Council, Angela Lindsay Tuani Nich- olson and Ioyce Robinson, which set a new school and state record. All of the girls on the track team were out- standing in their own way but it was their combined ef- forts which put them at the top. asm Wins 6, Losses 0 TWA OP 98 Page 32 112 W Forsyth 9 95 Central 27 85 Dudley 47 93 Parkland 26 95 Grimsley 33 Conference Championship 99 Grimsley 58 Dudley 54 Sectional Championship 93 Grimsley 68 Regional Championship 44 S. Mecklenburg 40 Independence 38 1984 Girls' Track Team. Front row: Denise Minor, Kay Davis, Kim McLean, San Harrison. 2nd row: Angela Brown, Stephanie Council, Vanessa Hatch, Michelle Reap. Robinson, Angela Lindsay Tuani Back row: Assistant Coach Sandra NiCh.O1SOI1, C0aCl'1 Sue Shinn. Hughes, jennifer Taylor, Shannon Thomas, Sandy Richardson, Ioyce 74! Girls' Track isingit along. Kim McLean passes First class all the way. Shannon baton to Iennifer Taylorinamed- Thomas shows perfect sytle in the race. high jump. Yyilll KW 339 --pawn!!! -Q 'mfs I ao. 24 A ffgygaggfwaw A1":,.' f We . ,,,,, . My Runners on your mark. Darlene Hayes places herself in a good start- ing position for the race. Giving it all. Vannesa Hatch gives 110923 as she helps add another victo- ry to the Lady Raider track team. The winner's circle. Stephanie Council, Angela Lindsey, Tuani Nicholson, Vanessa Hatch and Joyce Robinson take time to smile for the camera after placing first in their events in the state meet. Girls' Track! 75 Pace Setters And they're off! The boys' track team owed its success both to the coaching of Mr. Craig Gill and to the dili- gence of the athletes throughout the season. The track team went undefeated during the regular season, and won the conference championship as well. With Cameron Boulware, Wayne Brown, Rick Green, Tony Holland, Carlos Hum- phrey Darryl Lynch, Warren McNair, Adam McNeil, Ias- per Robertson, jimmy Scott and Iohn Wagoner setting the pace, the team went on to place fifth in the state meet. Here, Iimmy Scott became the state champion in the 800m run. Although there were many outstanding individuals on the team, every member con- tributed to the team's success and continued the Raider tra- dition of winning track teams. X4-2, Wins 6, Losses 0 TWA OP 111 Page 30 98 Central 43 108 W. Forsyth 33 110 Dudley 31 100 Parkland 41 84 Grimsley 57 Conference Championship 158 Grimsley 136 Parkland 83 Dudley 67 W. Forsyth 57 S. Stokes 25 rfkwqnl' . my N ' 1 1984 Boys' Track Team. Front row: Greg Nelson, Brian Ambuehl, Brad Hedrick, Scott Dockery Alex Scott, Rodney Holland, Warren Scott, War- ren McNair, Keith McCollough, Chris Clapp. 2nd row: Ieff Sims, Ke- lbs. vin Patton, junior Powell, Barry johnson, jasper Robertson, Sam Sanders, Tony Holland, Adam McNeil, Iames Hayes, Keith Iackson. 3rd row: Jeff Smith, Adrinell Wash- ington, Cameron Boulware, Carlos x :FZ D44 "' 4 vu-X... Humphrey, Ierry Benjamin. Back row: Gregg Grady John Wagoner, Wayne Brown, Darryl Lynch, Billy Payne, Coach Craig Gill, Mike Glov- er, Rick Green, Benson Rogers. 7 61 Boys' Track Round and round she goes. Scott Hardee, Gregg Grady and Greg Nel- son rest as Alex Scott takes his turn at the discus throw. Olympic style. Gregg Grady concen- trates on his discus throw in another intense meet. ,,,.,,,, Y, , .Q . -W.. K ,Nt , cs Y, - ,Q . , , A1 , 1 ' - ,J - A fam . K - Y t , . lytsc t Q up it 5,1 A I t 1 gi 5 at 1 , nie-.. J A photo finish. Dashing for the fin- Leaping tall buildings in a single ish, Anthony Bell confidently holds bound. Rick Green gains another vic- off his opponent. tory in the high jump. Boys' Track 177 ,aglhuw 490' W :dqlX9"'N-W"" :X www' W WW ieee y ,N K K kkky L Lk., All ,.,L My W.-H wwiw L::g i ,,L' ,,,h.0M,,:mmd!FN'N9"' ii'lv-QWUGW QvwH'm Q51 Watch the "birdie." Kyle Bellamy keeps his eyes on the ball while he plays golf during his spare time. Break a leg.' Craig Smith watches the ction from the sidelines after breaking is leg in the Raiders' game against mith. Step aside Dr. I. Ieff Grizzel displays his athletic skills while playing basket- ball on a sunny Saturday afternoon. o Coaches Not all Andrews students had to have a uniform to play sports. All many of them need- ed was a big field and some friends. Whether it was basket- ball, football, soccer or baseball, it didn't matter to the students. Relaxation and fun were the objects of all the games. It wasn't organized, and it wasn't on a marked court. It wasn't school related, but it was fun. No matter what the sport, An- drews students found pleasure in "doing their own thing." Sports brought fun, victories Helping was the Watson. and sometimes pain. to soothe that pain trainer, Miss Peggy Throughout the year she was always ready with a pack of ice or an ace bandage. She also played a big part in the pre- game preparation of the play- ers. Her taping of ankles and wrists led the players to pin the nickname "Doc" on Miss Wat- son. Whether it was a scrape or a sprain, Miss Watson always had just the right medicine. fr? - Ly if 3": 1 Sports Medicine! 79 801 Swimming Excellency. Roger Sims shows how Push it! Tammy Childers takes that to do it right in winning the 100m last breath before winning the 200m butterfly individual medley Goggles and a swim cap and Scott Bray aiting the sound of the shot. jeff mis and Damon Kenton anxiously fait the start of the 200m medley lay A perfect 10. Brent Herndon shows excellent form in the diving compe- tition. ' 0.1 E '1985 Swim Team. Front row: Rick Grady Wendy Gibson, Sherri Smith, Lynn Kak, Samantha Dutton, Mark Cecil, Scott Bray Shannon Lewin. 2nd row: Brent Herndon, Tammy Childers, Ginny Parnell, Sarah Yates, Splash were necessities to competi- tive swimming. Relentless practices and the coaching of Mr. Keith Flynn helped the boys' and girls' swim teams to grow stronger and have win- ning seasons. Although the sport of swimming was a team effort, it was also made up of many individual efforts. Outstand- ing members of the boys' team were Roger Sims, Ieff Sims, Brett Cramer, and Char- lie Grimstead. Anchors for the girls' team were Stacey Cramer, Tammy Childers, The girls' team finished the regular season with an 11-11 record. The team-went on to finish 5th in the conference. Some swimmers continued to represent Andrews in the sec- tional and state meets. The boys' team had an im- pressive record of 16-6. They finished 4th in the confer- ence, and were well repre- sented in the sectional and state meets. Both the girls' and boys' teams deserve con- gratulations for an outstand- ing season. , Q Burt Roberts, Sean Paus, Shane Hoff- man. 3rd row: Robert Martin, Kim Cave, Karen Hensley, Ieff Sims, Coach Keith Flynn, Stacey Cramer, Iames Collins. Back row: Susan Ham- mett, Brent Harrington, Brett Cramer, Michael Martin, Chris Bray Damon Kenton, Danny Abraham, Charlie Grimstead, Roger Sims, Ke- vin Patton. Girls' Final Record 11 Wins, 11 Losses 5th in Conference 7th in Sectionals Boys' Final Record 16 Wins, 6 Losses 4th in Conference 6th in Sectionals Swimming l 81 Shooting for a star . . . or maybe just two points. The IV girls' basket- ball team underwent a major change with the introduction of a new coach, Miss Dee Dee Wardlaw. With the good ex- amples set by the captains, Angie Brown and Kim Gos- nell, the team improved from the beginning of the season. Each player worked hard to better her individual skills, but the most important qual- ity which the team displayed was being eager to work and learn as a team. "Young and inexperi- enced" was how Coach Sandy Dalton described the IV boys' basketball team. It wasn't the scores that always made the team but the qualities and skills that they possessed. The players' quickness and accurateness made them tough opponents, as junior Walt McCloud and freshman Ronald Leach showed the other teams. Iust as the team played against its most formi- dable opponent, Page, they worked hard to improve throughout the season and always gave it their all. All the right moves. Brian Seller On the guard Kim Gosnell doesi makes a fast break to keep the Raid- bat an eye as she guards a potent: ers ahead of Parkland. scorer from Parkland i,.,1t f Girls' IV Basketball Wins 16, Losses 2 TWA OP 38 N . Forsyth 28 27 N. Forsyth 21 61 Ledford 26 59 Burlington Williams 39 54 Ledford 30 37 Central 54 64 Burlington Cummings 21 34 Central 54 57 W. Forsyth 18 71 Parkland 30 53 S. Stokes 34 48 Grimsley 42 48 Dudley 38 68 W Forsyth 21 57 Parkland 16 53 S. Stokes 35 52 Grimsley 47 36 Dudley 24 821 Girls' IV Basketball , ,.j- rigs: Vi . 1985 IV Girls' Basketball Team. Tammy Mitchell, Takeia Smith, Lau- Wardlaw Arlisa Carey Stephan Front row: Angie Brown, Ashley ra Cadle,Iudy Quick.Back row: Shar- Camp, Tonya Alsbrooks Griffin. 2nd row: Saisette Marks, on McCollum, Lisa O'Connell, Kim Cheryl McCollum, Iennifer Hedge, Gosnell, Perdita Patrick, Penny On the rebound. Walt McCloud moves quickly for the Raider defense in a game against Parkland. -1 V V V,,, I v . . I iii , , .1 In ,kyk My I Ill? i.a: , . - - , 1 'W' 13? 985 IV Boys' Basketball Team. ton, Bruce Jackson, Ronald Leach, Dunlap, wa1fMCC1oud,1efiy Benja- 'ront row: Brian Seller, Keith Jack- Rodney Holland, Donald Young, min, Ricky Wilson, Sam Barthe1,IGff on,Darin Bell. 2ndrow: Rick Comp- Chris Ienkins. Back row: Kenny Smith. x "fu, ,.,,, main Boys' IV Basketball Wins 6, Losses 13 TWA OP 60 N. Forsyth 55 45 N. Forsyth 68 35 Smith 55 56 Page 80 49 Reynolds 34 51 Central 49 49 Smith 52 50 Page 56 45 Central 56 54 Parkland 56 68 Dudley 73 54 W. Forsyth 46 68 Parkland 45 47 S. Stokes 51 54 Grimsley 51 53 Dudley 72 51 Grimsley 72 61 W. Forsyth 68 56 S. Stokes 50 Boys' IV Basketball! 83 Sizzling with Success Swish! The basketball sank through the net, and the buzzer sounded. The roar of the excited crowd marked an- other victory for the An- drews girls' basketball team. Despite the loss of several of last year's starters, the Lady Raiders rallied for a ter- rific season. This Raider ef- fort was led by the outstand- ing play of Michelle Hobson and Shannon Thomas, but it was the whole team's work- ing together that proved them to be a force with which to be reckoned. Part of this success also had to be attrib- uted to the coaching ability and game strategy of Coach Sue Shinn. Girls' Varsity Basketball Wins 18, Losses 5 TWA OP 50 N. Forsyth 32 63 N. Forsyth 42 53 Smith 28 56 Page 35 52 Burlington 36 Williams 73 Burlington 43 Cummings 81 Reynolds 34 44 Central 43 53 Smith 33 63 Page 53 45 Central 49 83 W. Forsyth 27 49 Parkland 44 46 S. Stokes 48 48 Grimsley 60 49 Dudley 31 77 W. Forsyth Z8 57 Parkland 46 66 S. Stokes 41 54 Grimsley 67 53 Dudley 35 78 W. Forsyth 27 55 S. Stokes 57 dff' fx clrtwi 1, 1985 Girls' Varsity Basketball Team. Front Row: Sharon Lindsay Steph- anie Rickard. 2nd Row: Manager Ta- sha Hayes, Tamara Brown, Coach Sue Shinn, Phvllis O'Neill, Kath Wil liams. Back Row: Donnette Johnson, Paula Patrick, Michele Hobson, Ien nifer Taylor, Shannon Thomas Tammy Gilmore, Ann Lindsay Anne McArthur, Mary Finley 841 Girls' Varsity Basketball lebound that basketball. Iennifer aylor jerks down a missed Burling- un Williams' shot as Raider team- nate Michele Hobson is present to end a hand. Up, up, and Away. Stephanie Rickard takes the shot while West Forsyth players can only watch in amaze- ment. Break! The West Forsyth defense seems to frustrate Anne McArthur before she gets the ball to the open Cwojman. Time Out! Coach Sue Shinn takes an important time out to discuss the Raiders' strategy Don't Even Try. As much as the Burl- ington Williams player wants the block, she's got to remember who she's up against as Michele Hobson shoots over her outstretched hand, Girls' Varsity Basketball! 85 Setting up. William Covington calmly and patiently scans the court for an open Raider teammate, l -fb, Out of reach. Andrews' Iames Hayes lays it in, out of Page player Lindsay Fosters reach, iPhoto credit HP En- terpriseb ,., I Boys' Varsity Basketball Wins 10, Losses 11 TYVA OP 47 N. Forsyth 66 48 N. Forsyth 59 50 Smith 56 53 Page 69 55 Reynolds 60 65 Central 65 53 Smith 59 61 Page 62 45 Central 44 50 W. Forsyth 51 37 Parkland 58 61 S. Stokes 49 63 Grimsley 41 46 Dudley 47 88 W. Forsyth 69 44 Parkland 58 69 S. Stokes 48 63 Grimsley 70 66 Dudley 55 1985 Varsity Boys' Basketball 2nd row: junior Robinson, Steve McRae, Gordy Arnold, Toby Bar- 71 S- Stokes 42 Team. Front row: james Hayes, Thompson, Brian Easter, Ben ber,IohnnyMcNeil,Kevin Linton, 45 Grirr1S1ey 50 William Covington, Steve Ware. Thomas. Back row: Maurice Secoyah Brand. 861 Boys' Varsity Basketball riving for two. Andrews' Kevin drives for the basket as 's Chris Pritchet looks on hope- CPhoto credit HR Enterprisej YI' l B" xfl 51 W w ssi r M.a.0A v2Q'w sbx lx SMITH Chairmen of the Boards Rising to any occasion seemed to be the trademark of the boys' varsity basketball team. Being the returning conference champs definite- ly placed pressure on the Raiders' shoulders, but they showed that they could face any challenge. Under the guidance of Coach Henry Hicks and Coach Phil Barry the Raiders continued to show their poise and talent while on the court. With the senior leader- ship of Kevin Linton, Ben Thomas, Steve Ware, Steve Thompson, and Iames Hayes, the Red Raiders shared the good and the bad like a true team. Two close victories over Central were undoubtedly the high points of the season, although there were some losses too. Through it all, the team kept their composure and continued to improve. Boys' Varsity Basketball! 87 F x 2 -M I , . . .. W ,W Q Q Down for the count. Scott Hardee ittempts to pin his opponent in a natch against Lexington. Something wrong Ref.? Coach Wal- ly Burke discusses the technicalities of the sport of wrestling with the ref- eree before a match. Pinning to Win One, two, three! Another win went to Andrews. The IV wrestling team not only had a successful year in their win- loss record, but the team members gained valuable training and experience for the future. Under the guidance of Coach Wally Burke, the team attended several tourna- ments in which it proved what a tough opponent it really was. At the Eden Invi- tational Tournament, team captain Edward Iackson was named the Tournament Champion, and Tony Barr captured the Most Outstand- ing Wrestler title. In the Cow- boy Classic at Southwest Guilford High School, Dar- rell Iefferies was named the Tournament Champion. Sean Boyce and Chris Saunders showed their dedi- cation to the sport by wres- tling on both the varsity and IV teams. The hard work of the whole IV wrestling team proved that they were pin- ning to win. 1985 Varsity Wrestling Team. Front Sean Boyce, Ioe Little, Scott Warren, McLendon, Chris Saunders, Matt row: Bernard Terry, Willie Hall, Chris Horne. Back row: Iames Blue,Todd McIntosh,DarrellIeffer- ies. Varsity Wrestling Wins 5, Losses 4 TWA GP Lexington Tournaments 4th 31 Ragsdale 29 42 Page 17 Bull Durham Tournament 4th Eden Holiday Tournament 4th 16 Central 46 45 Lexington 20 48 W. Forsyth 18 24 Parkland 34 24 S. Stokes 38 23 Grimsley 27 41 Dudley 27 Sectionals 5th State 12th IV Wrestling I 89 The Masters of the at Wrestling at Andrews had always been top-notch, and the varsity wrestling team was not about to let the stan- dards drop one bit. Coach Wally Burke and the team captains, Chris Horne, Todd McIntosh and Scott Hardee, led the team to the great sea- son that they and everyone else expected. The Raiders began the sea- son with hopes of defending last year's conference cham- pionship. Todd, last year's State Champion in the 167 lbs. class, was also trying to defend his title. To add some icing to the cake, the Raiders sent de- fending State Champ Todd Mclntosh to the State tourna- ment. Todd arrived with hopes of bringing home a state title for the second con- secutive year. When the out- come was finally known, Todd had become only the second wrestler in Andrews' history to win two consecu- tive State Championships. When all was said and done the Raiders had completed a truly outstanding season. Stiff competition. Tri-captain Chris Horne shoots a single leg takedown against his West Forsyth opponent for his 20th win of the season. 90! Varsity Wrestling The thrill of victory. Bernard Terrv starts the season off right with the first victory for the Raiders against Ragsdale. ""!9'R 2" Owl' M mWM,,,, ,,,,WW,,.,V ., V H 1 Vw ' ,m,, A W, mfww 'fiif V , ,, .-,, ' fzy' 5 v Q Y f L '1-,:' f ,K',' ,,,. , ,',,Q,, f , ,, V427 My Q I Q I ,M V, , , , . ww-mywqe , 5475 9,23 L, .5 wg., , I . ,W'.W . ,.,L fy, W, ,ME W,-. new ,ifm 'VW 'M ,- 'Q , 'W' 2 2 5 f W 1,9 if X I 4 :Z , W J wi . Eau. cw ' Jgsy ,K 3 ,,., ' ' V , ,,V.Wf,.w'wwM ,',v1"e,,7:, W f ff A ,vw ":, M' :T Qi F WM-. W 'buy Breakin' away. Iames McC1endc runs the ball to add another s points to the score. Wins 3, Losses 6 TWA 7 Thomasville 6 Lexington 0 Smith 6 Page 12 Central 14 Smith 0 Parkland 13 S. Stokes 27 Grimsley Q 1 ,V QQ-Q-E'-4 721 I .. 1 7 'L J' 7 SQ. ' 'vn12 1984 IV Football Team. Front row: Joel Mauney Mickey Mabe, Walt McCloud, Kenny Dunlap, Rodney Holland, Tony Stevens, James McClendon, Marshal Lowery Bry- ant Stewart. 2nd row: Mike Brew- ington, Mike Lewis, Darren Nosal, Iames jordan, Tommy Moore, Da- vid Clarey Jeff Gill, Darren Pierce, Mike Martin. 3rd row: Coach Keith Flynn, Paul Metters, Steve Sexton, Darrell Iefferies, Ieff Pierce, john Liberty, Andrew Mickey Bryan Walker, Bryan Lane, Tim Griffey Coach Robert Cle- mons, Coach Hugh Gordon. Back row: Chris Caldwell, Brady Snow Rick Grady Brink Sirmons, Archie Peguese, Frank Penn, Kenny Goss, Iulius Hennard. 92!IV Football tep above the rest. Bryant Stewart ides in front of the opponents to ke a touchdown. Head-to-head. The defensive line prepares for another attack by the opponent, Thomasville. Team tag. The Raiders double up on a Thomasville player. Coming on Strong Young but tough. That was definitely Andrews' IV foot- ball team. Under the guid- ance of Coach Hugh Gordon and defensive Coach Robert Clemons, the team came on strong at the end of the sea- son, winning three of its last four games. Tommy Moore, Michael Martin, Kenny Dunlap, Dar- ren N osal, Mike Lewis, Iames McLendon, Kenny Goss, Bri- an Walker and Walt McLeod did an excellent job for the team during the season. This young and inexperienced team worked hard and im- proved throughout the sea- son. The coaches felt that the members of the IV football team were now ready to be- come "true varsity Red Raid- ers." IV Football! 93 lust Getting Started Hike, hike! The varsity football season began rolling on Friday night, August 31, by shutting out Thomasville 17-0, the best start in years. It was Andrews' last year in Class 4A, and the football team seemed inspired to greatness. After alternating wins and losses in the next three games, the team ended non- conference play with an im- pressive victory over arch-ri- val Central. The team was led by All Conference players, Donald Bohannon, Del Fos- ter, Terry Green, Scott Har- dee, Scott Pope, Iunior Rob- inson, Iohn Wagoner and Sam Sanders who was the leading rusher in the Confer- ence and was also voted the Conference Player of the Year. The head coach Herb Goins and assistant coaches, Wally Burke, Iohn Casazza, Robert Clemons, Craig Gill and Hugh Gordon, saw great things in the team's future. A tight squeeze. Terry Green finds the open hole as Benson Rogers, Greg Nelson and Wendell Alsbrooks do the blocking. iPhoto credit H. R Enterprisej Going for the ball. A Page rece can do nothing but prevent an ir ception when he sees that Dol Bohannon has made an excellent fensive play iPhoto credit H. R terprisel A 941 Varsity Football "Such a hard tackle to make." T back Sam Sanders pushes ahead more yardage as Central Defende David Colonna and Iames Davis, tempt to stop him. iPhoto credit H Enterprisel if - . if A" Nagar' Hit H f mf" f' Lfgf-222-1 , . -1 ,, , 1 . ,f .K ,K f -4 4.13 . . t f . , 6 .I ,Y g L 5 f V 10 z at O f M samg?f.,,f.1. X Q M gf, ' Wg s,m,,- , 5 W ,.. ti ' Eff . EL-Aifkiiafa 7f'i'i.L f . XE, 'W Q at-w?'1f.ff' Ls . f 'wx' ,Qing ,pw . ia rg . . ..,,,, 'xo '61 C N-I 4-,uv What's the deal? Coach Herb Goins questions quarterback Iohn Wagoner about the important situation at hand. iPhoto credit H. R Enterprisej Q4 'fir Not 'till I get a first down. Iunior Robinson powers ahead for the first down, planning to treat 1181 from South Stokes the same as he did 4124. iPhoto credit H. R Enterprisel Not if I can help it! Linebacker A1- fred Baldwin comes from behind to surprise Parklands quarterback with a key defensive play iPhoto credit H. R Enterprise Varsity Football! 95 ' 1 Na. 1: VV' 9 , 5 ,i ' gg etqin J ' , al .?1nL" is A ' f . K ' ,Ib 'ai it 1 gt O as X I 5 the Track On Right Big wheels rolling! After the victory over Central, our warriors plunged into the second half of the regular season which consisted of conference games. These last five games were all a factor in the team's playoff hopes since our conference was noted for undefeated playoff berths. Against all predictions, the Raiders made being the con- ference representative a reali- ty once again, when they swept the conference and ob- Dudley every game. tained a playoff berth by coming from behind to beat There's no stopping me! As lun Robinson turns upfield, he eyes I defense and plans his strategy The Raiders then won their first playoff game against East Burke, 27-14. The team's state championship hopes ended with a disappointing loss to Charlotte Garinger, 17- 9, but they had enjoyed a very successful season in N which the members of the ' 7' team blended their many tal- ,. ents and pulled together in 7 , "' N ' em-WM.: -f -as is . , .... .0 --A .c .- Wins 8, Losses 2 g.,g ,1 pw- -,,,. ..,..,..s-----qu-up-U---.. .. - ....,.. .,. TWA OP T A --- - A A 17 Thomasville 0 f f - tii ' ' Q 34 l..eXll'1glIOI1 i '- ,511 -". l 'ij . ilk 19 s 'th 7 ' A i i'i W ,'.i 'iti" E., ' L' 'f fiii itii 7 ii' ----" H 0 Phrge 24 is fc 5 ' y ggi, Q 20 C t l 3 it ' . T' . .W .2 Wx. 'X ,att T' 37 wfqggisyth 6 at -1355: 1 ,egzba 5.tB7,r IN:-. I. g 12 Parkland 10 ei ' I flats' r"f'fQ'k v '--- g ii is 25.5.1553 .2 T39ie12:-if-3,334 its-3- T I i .T . . D -A-W ,. y ',..1 F: -- - 27 E- Burke 14 - -f f iizi f Q "I - -1 , . ,. i--A-1- Q. -, "1 . ,.,.. 17 Char. Garinger 9 A A 1984 Varsity Football Team. Front row: Lon- McNeil, Keith McCullough, jasper Robinson, Cotton, Craig Smith, Benson Rogers, Coach nie Gray Junior Powell, Donald Bohannon, Kevin Patton, Sam Sanders, David Wilson, Keith Flynn,CoachjohnCazaz1a,CoachRob- Iohn Wagoner, Steve Thompson, Michael Lit- tle, Junior Robinson, Tony Holland, Todd Mclntosh, Brian Ambuehl, Barry johnson. 2nd row: Coach Craig Gill, Corinthian Price, Austin Little, Tony Burris, Terry Green, Adam Coach Wally Burke. 3rd row: Coach Hugh Gordon, Coach Herb Goins, Scott Pope, Zack Cecil, Greg Nelson, Gregg Grady, Alan Hern- don, Robert Smith, Scott Hardee, Maurice ert Clemons. Back row: Del Foster, Michael Stanley Ricky Gray Danny Abraham, Alfred Baldwin, Steve Gray jimmy Scott, Wendell Alsbrooks. 96 I Varsity Football 1 ,M . if 1" Q f' z Q:-.5 ' nr: ..,,'x-wg as ,, A A 'I 1 I ff w Jn v-W K " M X ! W if 'W AY , 'f 'E SK "' A 'W ,V ' ' 'Q if ' ' 'TEFL' ff f W. mx' , U - , pak I . K , 1 ' if A fl! its V ll Q A . ,K . " w W f, A --'9 3' mi??.i., 1 . , gmt' ', , WA,- wr ix w Ot 4. f 'f ' "5 5' 4' W Qf . -4,f5m',-ss, f W - Q 4 i ' J V g - y 'N ax H 3 1511 , 3 ba f A - W. A nk 'K A , , 1 Q 5 1 1 0 Y f I f 1 t R ... ,,,. ,mm 5 fix ,fa 2 ,, '4i2:h,,,.Q!' f W - Q ,f.'Q11iHf,mQWm xnkwwrnggfmfkwgi is .agiigmyw Y w' '3'?'1s2-wan. ., abs if if ,JY 1, if .-2 T -., W' ,V 4 A I 1' -af: .- . 4 if 5' M ' A ' 4 r U 1 A . xg? : JF' A . VN ':?Qs.2,:v-Q .Q , 1 . .Y ., U 2,1 K, . .dpi J" if 'i "' if 'J Y Y' Y -I L , "' , mn S J f ,f l I ' s x i 5 9 af A X Q X 4' - if 4 'Q " X I, y. -W M r Ma-1m1.,,.M,,,i,: . gui 1 .- , .Af-w.r'!' Aim- .ww Q-.W 'lm New This is for the birds. Several stu- Respect for the governor. Students dents spend an hour of their after- listen attentively as Gov lim Hunt noon in detention hall. speaks at an assembly new 74- ,noni-w-'f"""""""""" .ya ' as I -1 D L heat. ,L Not now Mr. Frank Penn seems to be a little startled with this surprise in- terrruption of his lunch. 98 I People u- ' Firecracker, flr k boom- boom-boom." "The ther half" of our h l d' g q d d mon- Strate th ' 'q b'l't' d ' g pep r lly F' 1 I 9 of it o U' 1 1 tr ' ' K k l ti' ' A- 24 i , 'L 'wh 0 L 4 " , 9 ,4 w . li is .Ng K v ragga A t M Q 14, fp g as 4 it F , if gg. 4:- W . -so 5 " V A ' if ,u .X Personalities Anyone who roamed the halls could see that the thing which made Andrews stand above the rest was the people. Each person was an intricate part of the spe- cial feeling that abounded in all of our activities, from club meetings after school to Friday night basketball games. It was easy to see that the student body and faculty functioned as one in the quest for the best. Every face could be identfied with a different personality and at Andrews it was all of these faces combined that formed the Raider spirit. People! 99 GAIL ADAMS - FBLA 12 ,. . VANESSA ALLEN - Anchor 10, 11, 12, Sec. 11, 12, FLBA 12, FHA 10, 11 .HWENDELL ALS- BROOKS - FCA 12, VICA 12, Pep 12, Foot- ball 10, 11, 12, Basketball 10, Track 12. KEN ANDERSON - Band 10, 11, 12, Beta 11, 12, junior Jaycees 10, 11, 12, Math Honor 11, 12, History 11, Marshal 11, Page in N.C. House of Representatives 10, Boys' State 11, Computer 10, Bus Driver 11, 12 . . . NANCY ANDREWS - Beta 11, 12, NHS 11, 12: Spanish 10, 11, Spanish Honor 10, 11, 12, Student Council 10, History 11,C1irls' State 11 RICHARD ANDREWS - FCA 10, Spanish 11, VICA 12, Football 10, Golf 10, 11. TROY ANTHONY - DECA 12, VICA 11, Track 10 . , . GORDY ARNOLD - Key 10 JULIA ATKINSON - Iuniorettes 10, 11, 12, Treas. 12, Spanish 10, 11, 12, Spanish Honor 11, 12, Student Council 10, 11, 12, Class Treas. 11, 12, History 12, Vice-Pres. 12, Computer 12. AMELIA BALDWIN. , . BRIDGETT BAL- DWIN - DECA 11, 12, FBLA 12: Raiderette 11 ... FRANK BANESSE - FCA 10, Key 10, 11, 12, Vice-Pres. 12, Science 10, 12, Spanish 12, Pres. 12, Spanish Honor 11, 12, Vice-Pres. 12, Soccer 10, 11, 12, Capt. 12, All- Conference 10, 11. 1001 Seniors . G ,ff 441 1 r 5- Q.. gggi--i , Q ' x K 2. -. dway blues. Several students siasm found in each student by the nonstrate the usual lack of enthu- middle of the day. -H at . 1 1 c' W b fi, As- 4"-. STATUS! "Here we are, seniors at last!" "Yes, the class of '85, what a feeling." "Do you know how long I've waited to be called an upperclasman?" "1 know the feeling. No more being looked down on." "Or caught in the middle." "'Or being stuck in that crowded cafeteria." "I love going out to lunch." "Freedom at last, isn't it great?" "We're finally at the top." "Not for long, wait till next yearn "What about it?" "We'1l be starting at the bottom again, as freshmen in co1lege." "Some of us will be going to work." "Wow what a thought." "Well don't start worrying about it now. We still have 180 days to be se- niors." "Let's enjoy it." "Yeah, it's a great feeling being a se- nior!" PAM BARNES - Band 10, 11, 12, Beta 11, 12, Civinettes 10, 11, Pres. 11, Keyettes 12, Science 10, 11, Math Honor 11, 12, History 11,12,Computer12, Pres. 12, Marshal 11 . .. ELIUANA BARRIER - Anchor 12, Band 10, 11, 12, Civinettes 12, Drama 11, 12, Sec, 12, Keyettes 12, Majorettes 11, 12, Spanish 12, Student Council 10, 11, 12, Class Treas, 10, Sec. 11, Pep 12, History 11, 12, Jabber- wock 11 .,. MICHAEL BARTON - Span- ish 10, 11, VICA 10, 11, 12. IACKIE BATTLE - Student Council 12 . ,. JAY BEAL - Baseball 10, 11, 12 . . . PATTI BEAN - Chorus 10, 11, 12, Civinettes 10, Keyettes10, 11, 12, Sgt. of Arms 12, Science 10, Student Council 10,1-ll? Youth Council 10, 11, 12, Seniors! 101 DAVID BEARCE - Band 10, 11, 125 Beta 11, 125NFL10,11,l2, Vice-Pres. 115 NHS 11, 125 Science 115 Math Honor 11, 125 History 11, 125 NFL District Debate Champion 115 Na- tional Merit Scholar Semifinalist125Gover- nor's School 115 Marshal 11 .. . ANITA BEATTY - Anchor 11, 125 Band 11, 125 DECA 125 French 115Keyettes125Raiderette 125 Student Council 11, 125 Student Body Sec, 12 . . , HOLLY BECK - Band 10, 11, 125 Beta 11, 125 Keyettes 10, 11, 12, Treas, 11, Pres. 125 NHS 11, 125 Spanish 10, 11, 125 Spanish Honor 11, 125 Student Council 125 Math Honor 11, 125 Computer 12, Vice-Pres. 125 Marshal 11. MARK BECK - Iunior Iaycees 105 Key 10, 11, 12, Pres. 125 Spanish 10, 115 Student Council 125 Environmental 12. . .ANGELI- QUE BINGMAN .. , KENNY BISHOP - Band 10, 11. TERESA BLEVINS - FBLA125VICA11.. . SCOTT BLUE - Computer 125 Key 11, 125 Spanish 11 ,. . DONALD BOHANNON. ION BOONE - Golf 12 BRADNA BOWERS - Keyettes 11, 125 Spanish 11, 125 Spanish Honor 11, 125 Softball 10, 11, 125 Volleyball 11, 125 Co-Captain 12 . .. FELI- CIA BOYD - Band 10, 11, 125 Cheerleader 10, 115 Majorettes 125 Homecoming Court 12. 102! Seniors 23 .. 9.2- "if KERRY BOYER - Band 10, 11, 12g Beta 11, 12, French Honor 11, 12, Keyettes 125 Histo- ry 11 MICHAELA BREWINGTON - Anchor 125 French 11, Raiderette 12 . . . SHARON BROOKS - DECA 12. 4 if I lk. 'wr--vu' rf 'M S. Well rounded in all respects. Patsy Cannon and David Bearce take time out of their busy schedules to smile for the camera. BARBARA BROWN . . .CHERYL BROWN . . . TIMOTHY BROWN. All in One "Where are they off to now?" The two "Best All Around"seniors, Patsy Cannon and David Bearce were involved in nu- merous activities that kept them busy throughout the school year. Patsy was a member of the varsity vol- leyball team and softball team. She was also a member of the Beta Club, History Club, Keyettes, Math Honor Society Na- tional Honor Society and the copy edi- tor of the '85 REVERIE. David was a member of the Beta Club, History Club, Marching Band, Math Honor Society NHS, National Forensic League and Sci- ence Club. Both Patsy and David served as Iunior Marshals. A combination of involvement, car- ing and friendliness earned them the re- spect and friendship of many of the stu- dents here at Andrews. Seniors! 103 Lookzng Good Many of us remained in bed until eight, but there were a few who rose at unheard of hours in order to prepare "the look." Gina Parker and David Hough's efforts were rewarded when the senior class voted them as being "Best Dressed." Gina and David were al- ways up to date with the latest styles. Everyone could always be assured that whatever they wore would complement their natural look. Then there were those who comple- mented what they wore with their natu- ral good looks. The two who always caused second glances in the halls and melted the hearts of whoever they were near were Sabrina Shaffer and Mike Herndon. Radiating good looks and good personalities to match earned Sa- brina and Mike the title of "Best Look- ing." TRACI BYERS - Chorus 10. . , BARBARA CAGLE VERONICA CALDWELL - Anchor 10, 11, 12, Band 10, 11, FHA 10, French 12, French Honor 12. 4,3 9 PATSY CANNON - Beta ll, 12: Keyettes 10, ll, 12, NHS ll, 12, REVERIE 12, Copy Editor 12, Spanish 10, Spanish Honor 10, Math Honor 11, 12, VICA 105 History 11, 12: Softball 10, 11, 12, Volleyball 10, 11, 12, Co- Captain 125 Marshal 11 LYNN CAR- ROLL - Beta 11, 12, Iuniorettes 11, 12, Pres. 12, NHS 11, 12, Sec.!Treas. 12, Spanish 11, Spanish Honor 11, 12, Student Council 10, 11, 12, Class Vice-Pres. 10,11, Pres. 12, Math Honor ll, 12, Homecoming Court 10, 115 Marshal 11, Computer 12 . . .LISA CASH -- Anchor 11, 12, Band 10, 11, 12, Beta 11, 12, FHA 11, 12, Vice-Pres. 12, Keyettes 12, NHS 11, 125 Raiderette 12, Spanish Honor 11, 12, Math Honor 11, 12. .W M' I 104 I Seniors QQ 4' 'NP Jian.. W... .Q , ', V"'v""" 435, , lm -...Eff 'AGA-4-- nlfilia A 4 ,xg fu I ,- . ,JN .r i 1. 4 1 fi . aging f! . Q I , EC me ri ' I I fa. ,. L- - has-----4--mu-p 4-n MICHAEL CASHION - VICA 10, 11, 12, Treas. 11, Vice-Pres. 12, Wrestling 11, 12 . . . HAUKE CLAUSEN-SCHAUMAN ... CANDY COLE - Drama 125 French 11, 12, Iuniorettes 12, NFL 10, 11, 12. LISA COLE - FBLA 12, French II, French Honor 12 . . . STERLING COMBS - Key 11, 125 VICA 12, Baseball 12 WENDI COMBS - Band 10, 11, 12, Beta 11, French 11, 12, French Honor 125 Keyettes 10, 11, 12, VICA 11. Seniors! 105 A Dream Fumllea' The marshals were a special group of juniors. They had the honor of leading the seniors into the graduation ceremo- nies. The marshals, selected by class rank, were Patsy Cannon, chief, Ken Anderson, Pam Barnes, David Bearce, Holly Beck, Lynn Carroll, Allison Hei- lig, Christy Hoppe, Sabrina Shaffer, Car- ole Snider and David Wilson. These eleven students were outstanding in all fields of academcis, athletics, school or- ganizations and student government. The marshals were recognized for their accomplishments on May 31. As one marshal proclaimed, "It's a feeling of accomplishment, a dream fulfilled." junior Marshals. Front row: Pam Barnes, Sabrina Carole Snider. Back row: David Bearce Davi Shaffer, Christy Hoppe, Holly Beck. 2nd row: Wilson, Ken Anderson, Mr. Herb Hipps. Patsy Cannon, Lynn Carroll, Allison Heilig, sg . X f if .ff i3.1,1,,H5 4 Ni tai 'E I 'I Q 4 Q' 6 14,1 iw WENDY COOKE - DECA 11 . . . STEPH- ANIE COUNCIL - Student Council 11, Track 10, 11, 12 STACEY CRAMER - Iuniorettes 11, 12, Keyettes 10, REVERIE 12, SMOKE SIGNAL 11, Spanish 10, 11, 12: Spanish Honor 11,12, Student Council 12, Class Vice-Pres. 12, History 12, Tennis 11, Swimming 10, 11, 12. I 'v as I . J.. VK ' H RX N. I KIM CRAVER TERRENCE CRAW- FORD - Track 10, 11, 12 ... SHEILA CROSBY - Band 10, 11, Beta 11, 12, DECA 12, FBLA 10, Raiderette 10, 11, Spanish 10, 11, Spanish Honor 10, 11, 12, Math Honor 11, 12, Student Council 10, 11, Class Pres. 10, Student Body Sec. 11, Homecoming Court 10. 106 I Seniors f if A 1 Q 5. ur- , I9 as 'Sl 1 N.,-fx, W ALLISON CROWLEY - DECA 12, Vice- Pres. 12, Pep 10 . . . KAY DAVIS - Anchor 10,11,12, Pres. 12, Band 10, 11, 12, Beta 12, FHA 10, 11, 12, Sec. 11, 12, Keyettes 12, Rai- derette 12, Spanish Honor 11, 12, Student Council 11, 12, VICA 11,12, Track 10, 11, 12 . . . ERIC DEJONGE. MICHAEL DEIONGE - FCA 10, Spanish 10, 11, Spanish Honor 11, 12, Math Honor 11, 12, Soccer 10, 12, Computer 12 SCOTT DELAPP - VICA 11, 12. . .SCOTT DOCKERY. DAWANA DUNN - Anchor 12, Band 10, 11, 12, Drama 11, 12, FHA 10, 11, 12, French 12, Keyettes 12, Majorettes 12, SMOKE SIG- NAL 12 . . . DONNA EADS - Art 12 . .. DIANE EARLS - Anchor 10, 11, Band 10, 11, 12. TAMMY EARLS - Band 10, Math Honor 11, 12 . . .TIIUANA EASTER - Anchor 12: Band 10, 11, 12, Civinettes 12, Keyettes 12, Raiderette 12 . . . JEFF EATON - Band 10, 11, 12, Key 11, 12, Sec. 12, REVERIE 12, Wrestling 10, 11, 12, Soccer 10, 11, 12, Cap- tain 12. Seniors I 107 5' xl Ai Q ,. ho Q- 1' 4 CHARLES ELLER - Student Council 125 VICA 12. . .SUSAN ERWIN - Cheerlead- er 12, Drama 12g French 11, 12, Executive Committee 12, French Honor 12, junior- ettes11,12,REVERIEl1, 12, Business Editor 12g Pep 125 Homecoming Court 12 BROOKE FARLOW - Beta 10, 11, 12, French 11, 12, Iuniorettes 11, 12, Keyettes 105 Student Council 11, 12, REVERIE 12. KEN FERGUSON - Key 11: Spanish 11 . . . DEL FOSTER - FCA 122 French 11, 12: Kely 12, Science 125 Football 10, 11, 12, Basketba l 10, 11, 12 . . . TRAVIS FOSTER - Band 10, 11, 12, Basketball 1l,12. WC' A 1 . w l wi 'K x I. flvlf' 108 I Seniors Non-stop morale boosters! "Most School Spirit- Red 42,hike! "MostAthletic"seniors, Sam Sande ed" seniors, Christy Hoppe and David Reagan, and Stephanie Rickard, practice their skills contain that never-ending spirit. DELORES GAINEY - Anchor 11, 12: FBLA 12 AMY GALER ANGELA GASKIN - FBLA 12. i iii if E it MN' ,Q-qf""" I 'al' iss -si DAVID GERSON - Beta 11,12,IuniorIay- cees 125 Key 12, Spanish 10, 11, 12, Math Honor 11, 12, VICA 10, History 11, 12... WENDY GIBSON - Drama 10, 11, Treas. 10, FBLA 12g FCA 10, 11, 12, Iuniorettes 12, Keyettes 11, Pep 10, 11 TIM GIL- CHRIST - VICA11, 12, Pres. 12, Bus Driv- er 11. The Spirit We've got the spirit, that's for sure. Two seniors stood above the rest in mak- ing this fact perfectly clear. These stu- dents could be seen and heard over ev- eryone else at pep rallies and games. It's easy to understand why Christy Hoppe and David Reagan were voted "Most School Spirited." Christy showed her spirit all the way as a varsity cheerlead- er, and David's school spirit was easily seen in his faithful attendance at An- drews' games. While Christy and David cheered An- drews on to victory either Stephanie Rickard or Sam Sanders, our two "Most Athletic"seniors was likely to be a mem- ber of the team playing at the time. Stephanie was a well-rounded athlete, participating in basketball, softball and tennis. As co-captain of the varsity foot- ball team and a member of the track team, Sam proved himself worthy of the title "Most Athletic." Seniors! 109 Making Sunshine "Hey babe, what's new with you?" or "What are WE doing Fri- day night?" were two lines often spoken by Kristi Murray and Frank Banesse, our two "Biggest Flirtsf' One could usually find Kristi or Frank in the middle of a group composed of members of the oppo- site sex. Their teasing ways and outgoing personalities brought smiles to many faces. Two other people with the abili- ty to spread smiles wherever they went were Lynn Carroll and Ieff Sims. Lynn and Jeff were always ready with a good word and a smile for everyone. Their cheerful disposition earned them the title of "Best Personality" MARK GOSHEN - Art 10, 11, 12, Vice- Pres. 12 LONNIE GRAY - VICA 12, Football 10, 11, 12, Track 11, 12, Bus Driver 11, 12. . .RICKY GRAY - Football 125 Bas- ketball 12, Track 12. EDDIE GREENE - Band 10, 11, 124 Key 10, 11, 12: SMOKE SIGNAL 12g Spanish 10, 11, 12, Student Council 12, I-LR Youth Council 10,11 . . .CHUCK GREENFIELD - Key 11, 12, Spanish 10, 11, Spanish Honor 11, Histo- ry 11, Baseball 10, 11, 12, Soccer 10, 11, 12, Computer 11 . . . BARRY GRIFFIN. 110 X Seniors is Bn? g .gf pfnx 9 J' a Ol 3' ns.. ,ww ef W, a,,.,a JS M- .ff fi", Q-'fag Can I buy a kiss? "Biggest Flirts," Frank Banesse Always with a smile. Lynn Carroll and Jeff Sims' and Kristi Murray, take time to share a kiss. smiles and good words give them the title of "Best Personality" . 1 o m'.,iffia'15 My Y , -- i FCA 10, 115 Iunior- e es , , 125 Student Council 10, 115 Class Sec. 1-O' ' ' 10 11 Caitain 11 . . - DECA 12. . Key 11, 125 Football 1 , , 12, Co-Captain 25 estlin 10 11 1' ack 10, 11, 12 .. DECA 10, 11, 125 Bus Driver 11, 12. Seniors! 111 DARLENE HAYES - Track 10, 11, 12 IAMES HAYES - Basketball 10, 11, 12 . . . IAMES HAYES. TAMMY HAYES - FBLA 10, 11, 12, Histo- rian 12g Keyettes 10 . . . LUANNE HEATH - Band 10, 11, 125 French 115 Iuniorettes 11, 12, Keyettes 10, REVERIE 12, Student Coun- cil 10,11, 12, History 11, 12, Treas. 11, Pres. 12, Civitan Youth Conference 11 . . . ALLI- SON HEILIG - Band 10, 11, 12, Beta 11, 12, Cheerleader 10, 11, 12, Head 10, French 11, 12, French Honor 12, Iuniorettes 11, 125 Keyettes 10, NHS 11, 12, Vice-Pres. 125 REV- ERIE 12, Student Council 10, 11, 12, Class Pres. 11, Student Body Pres. 12, Math Honor 11, 12, History 125 DAR Good Citizens Award 12, Marshal 11. DIANE HENSLEY - FBLA 12: Raiderette 11, Spanish 10, 11, Soccer 10, 11, 12 RODNEY HENSLEY - DECA 12. . . MIKE HERNDON - FCA 11, 12, Key 10, 11, 12: Baseball 10, 11, 125 Swimming 10. CATHERINE HIGHBAUGH - Drama 10, 11, 125 French 11, 125 Keyettes 10, 11, 12, History 11, 12, Greensboro Youth Sympho- ny Orchestra 10, 11, 12, Orchestra 10, 11, 12 . . .BYRON HINSON. . .LAURA HITCH- COCK - Art 12, Drama 10, 12, Iuniorettes 12. 112 I Seniors n't tell me they're on the roof! David Gerson, Nance show off their humorous and unpredictable 'nda Orchekowski, Eddie Greene and Paige natures. Gremlins "What are they going to do next?" That was the most frequently asked question whenever Paige Nance and Ed- die Greene were around. There was nev- er a dull moment at any activity in which these two "Most Unpredictablen seniors were involved. Setting their own style and pace, both in and out of school, was the thing that made Paige and Eddie stand out from the crowd. A mixture of jokes and craziness with a dash of fun formed the category of "Wittiest." Brenda Orchekowski and Da- vid Gerson had the necessary ingredi- ents. Qualities such as being fun loving, having a good sense of humor and being well-liked by all were found in Brenda and David. But the characteristic which made them stand out the most was their ability to make others laugh. Wherever they found themselves, Brenda and Da- vid made a more jovial atmosphere with their quick wits and laughing smiles. . Q 15 WMJ7 1 is-QQ is., --5 MIKE HOOVER - Band 10, 11, 12, Key 125 Spanish 11,125 Computer 12 . . . CHRISTY HOPPE - Beta 11, 12, Cheerleader 11, 12, Chorus 10, 11, 12, All-State Chorus 12, French 125 Keyettes 10, 11, 12g NHS 11, 12g Marshal 11, REVERIE 12, Student Council 10, Math Honor 11, 125 Pep 10, HP Youth Council 10, 11, 12 CHRIS HORNE - Band 10, 11, 12, Iunior Iaycees 11, 12, Span- ish 12, Spanish Honor 11, 12, Wrestling 10, 11, 12, All-Conference 11, 12. ANDRE HOUGH - VICA12, Vice-Pres. 12 . . .DAVID HOUGH - REVERIE 12, Span- ish 10, Tennis 10, 11, 12 . . . PAT HOWARD - Key 12, SMOKE SIGNAL 12. Seniors I 113 YVETTE HUNTER - Anchor 12, Civin- ettes 11gDECA ll, 12, FHA 10, Keyettes 10, Spanish 10, 11, Environmental 10, Jabber- wock 11 . . .HILARY INGRAHAM - Band 10, 11, 12, Iuniorettes 11, 12, Keyettes 10, Spanish 10, 11, 12, Vice-Pres. 12, Spanish Honor 11, 12, Sec. 12, Student Council 11, 12, Class Sec. 12, Math Honor 11, 12, History 11, 12, Sec. 12, Governors School 11, Mascot 12 . . . ROBIN INGRAM. RUDY ISAAC - Beta 11, 12, Spanish 12, Student Council 12, Math Honor 11, 12, Pep 12 . . . ANDY JACOBS - Art 10, VICA 10, 11, 12, Sgt. of Arms 12, Soccer 10, 11 HOPE IEFFREYS - Chorus 10, 11, DECA 11, FBLA 12. The Show Must 0 On There's no business like show busi- ness, especially when it came to the business of being the "Most Talented." For Carole Snider and Eric Lundrigan, talent came naturally. Carole played the cello in the school orchestra, and she accompanied her church youth choir on the piano. She also attended Governors School for greater mastery of the cello. Eric leaned more toward the dramatic. He acted, danced or sang, often in com- bination, in a variety of productions, in- cluding Motion '84, "The Canterbury Tales," "Godspe1l" and "Scrooge" He also starred as Adam in "The Diary of Adam and Eve." For these two "Most Talentednseniors, long hours of rehearsal were rewarded by the audience's applause after a per- formance. 1141 Seniors W 1 S Q , Let the music play, Most Talented", Eric Lun gan and Carol Snider, display their talents throu music and drama. 1 3 'hah-. . Lama Allin. , ,I 'I , 4 A ' p ll. I . 'S-x " s p.- -r x X4 .ann lf' V, , .ww X1 ii., X3 JOAN JERNIGAN - Band 10, Keyettes 12, Spanish 11, Spanish Honor 11, 12, Math Honor 11, 12 NORA JERNIGAN BARRY JOHNSON - Chorus 10, Drama 12, FBLA 10, 11, 12, Junior Jaycees 12, Span- ish 11, 12, Spanish Honor 12, Student Coun- cil 10, 11, 12, History 12, Football 10, 11, 12, Basketball 10, 11, 12, Track 10, 11, 12. DWAYNE JOHNSON TOM JOHN- SON - VICA 11, 12 . . . GISELLE JONES ...- Anchor 10, 11, 12, Band 10, 11, 12, Beta 12, French 10, 11, 12, French Honor 11, 12, Co-Pres. 12, Keyettes 12, Student Council 10, 11, 12, Student Body Treas. 12, Central District Vice-Pres. 10, Pres. 12, Girls' State 11, Jabberwock 12. EDDIE JONES .., BARBARA JOYCE . .. PHIL KAK - Band 10, 11, 12, Civinettes 11, Keyettes 12, Science 10. CHRIS KNIGHT - Key 12: REVERIE 12, VICA 11, 12, Baseball 11 MIKE KOH- LER - French 12, Key 11, 12, Orchestra 10, Football 11, Baseball 10,11, 12, Computer 12 LESLIE KUSHNER - Beta 10, 11, 12: Cheerleader 11, 12, Head 12, Drama 11, French 11,12, French Honor 12, Juniorettes 12, NHS 11, 12, Student Council 11. Seniors! 115 KIM LAND - FBLA 12 . . , NINO LEACH . . . HEATHER LEWIS - Art 11, 12, Sec. 12, Keyettes 10, 11, 12. SHARON LINDSAY - Chorus 10, 11, 12: NFL10gRaiderette10,11,12,Pep10,11,12, Basketball 10, 11, 12, Track 10, 11, 12, Home- coming Court 12 . . . BEIKQVEDKALONG - Band 10, 11, 12, FHA 11, 12, Treas. 12, French 125 French Honor 125 Raiderette 11, 12 . .. RICARDO LOPEZ - Key 10, 11, 12, REV- ERIE 125 Science 12, Spanish 10, 11, 12, Pres. 10, History 11, 12, Computer 11, 12. MIKE LOVELACE - Key 12: SMOKE SIG- NAL 12, Baseball 125 H.P Youth Council 12 . . . ERIK LUNDRIGAN - Beta 11, French 11, 12, Pres. 12, French Honor 12, VICA 11, 12, Vice-Pres. 12, Computer 10 . . .TRACEY MANN - FBLA 12, Iuniorettes 11, 12, Keyettes 10, Spanish 10, 12. VONDA MARTIN - Anchor 12, Band 10, 11, 12, Cheerleader 10, 11, Civinettes 12, FBLA 12, Keyettes 125 Majorettes 12, Stu- dent Council 12 . . . ROBERT MARTIN - Key 10, 11, 12, Orchestra 10, SMOKE SIC,- NAL 11, 12, Business Editor 12, Spanish 10, 11, History 11, Baseball 11, 12, Swiming 10, 11, 12, H.P Youth Council 10, 11, 12, Treas. 11, Vice-Chairperson 12, Computer 12, Medical Explorers 12, Treas. 12, N.C. State Youth Council 10, 11, 12 DANNY MAULDIN - VICA10, 11, 12, FFA 10, 11. 116 I Seniors with a smile. Diane Hensley proves that is always time for humor while waiting on Dehart at the Sweet Shoppe Bakery N in a l as s i . S l it if fyqf X, . gws ,gm K , A ' fy l f L we as- fs Vi , " 'wr Lf."I.fJ:f.1.f..f U r' UU -..signs .I- YN in fat was had ., 1""""" . Nill that be all?" Sharon Mills is always polite as ie rings up a sale at Rite Aid in Westchester Mall. m ww S 7 gm at if 'wi 's A M -EA i YA! 1M "' Fun Money No job meant no money And to most, no money meant no fun. Consequently many students found themselves work- ing this summer and school year. A com- bination of professional dishwashers, cashiers, bag boys and service station at- tendants could be found in the halls ev- eryday Those who kept their jobs, even as the school year began, all agreed that going to work and doing homework were a tough combination. Carole Snider, employed by Belks, and Ken An- derson, employed by McDonalds, agreed that the only good thing about working was the money which could be used for fun activities. Only the most responsible students prevailed through working and keeping their grades up. Many wondered if it was worth all of the trouble, but when payday rolled around, that question was answered. No matter what the jobs were, students continued to work hard for their fun money Seniors I 117 RONNIE MCBRYDE ... TYRONE MCCALL SHARON MCCARTHY - DECA 11, 12, Treas. 11, Pres. 12, Student of the Year 11, Spanish 10, 11. KEITH MCCULLOUGH - Football 10, 11, 12, Track 11, 12, Bus Driver 12. . . CHERYL MCINNIS - VICA 12 TODD McIN- TOSH - Key 12, VICA 10, Wrestling 10, ll, 12, Most Valuable 11, 12, Football 10,11,12g Soccer 10, 11, 12, Best Offensive 11. VICKIE MCRAE- Civinettes 10, FBLA 10, FHA 10, 11, 12, Student Council 12, Pep 12 . . . DAVID MEREDITH - Key 12, VICA 10, 11, Pres. 11 ... WANDA MILLER. SHARON MILLS LISA MISEN- HEIMER - Iuniorettes 12, SMOKE SIG- NAL 11, Homecoming Court 12 . . , CHRIS MITCHELL. 118 l Seniors 91. ffxb 2 X' A shoulder to lean on. "Most Dependable" se' iiors, Allison Heilig and David Wilson, are always fvilling to lend a helping hand. 4 V 1 0 . xt Q. "T MN Actzons 01 Words If silence was golden, Danielle Peters and Ionathan Runion would be worth millions. Actions spoke louder than words where our two "Quietest" seniors were concerned. Danielle and Jonathan never had the need to say much, for their smiles were worth a thousand words. For the "Most Dependable" seniors, the smile was accompanied with the words "May I help you?" Allison Heilig and David Wilson were always ready with a helping hand. Both Allison and David had jobs which involved many responsibilities. David was the editor of the REVERIE and president of the Na- tional Honor Society and Allison was the president of the Student Council and vice-president of NHS. Allison and David handled their responsibilities with ease, and one could rest assured that they were ready to undertake any other task thrown their way No job was too difficult for these two "Most De- pendable" seniors. Shh! Quiet in the library! For Danielle Peters and lonathan Runion, our two "Quietest" seniors, this sn't a difficult task, Seniors! 119 ADRIAN MOCK - Band 10, VICA 12, Football 10 . . . SONIA MOORE - FBLA 12 FHA 10, 11, 12: Pep 12 . . . TERI MOR- GAN - FBLA 11, 12. CHIP MORRIS - VICA 12, Vice-Pres. 12 11 12 . . .DAVID MUNDAY - Science 12. MELISSA MORRISON - Chorus 10 w 1' O I F M zsszon I mpossi ble? Making an ordinary year extraordi- nary Was a tough job, but the Senior Class Officers executed the task with ease. Along with the help of Ms. Gayle Brookbank, the Senior Class Adviser, the class officers planned the 10-year re- union and organized Senior Class meet- ings in which such things as the color of the caps and gowns were decided. The Senior Class Officers, Lynn Car- roll, president, Stacy Cramer, vice-presi- dent, Hilary Ingraham, secretary, and Julia Atkinson, treasurer, worked hard to make the year unforgettable for the seniors. It wasn't always easy but for these four dedicated girls it was: Mis- sion Accomplished. 120 I Seniors r"""l .alt ln. Q If Look out Geraldine Ferraro! If julia Atkinson, Hi- keep up their leadership abilities, they could so lary Ingraham, Stacey Cramer and Lynn Carroll be on the Vice-Presidential ballot also. of I , . ,.,m.mMi C'- 'lg 1 J Q V 4 pl' Xxx 'ff ' V ' "' 1.49 PM ?i5'f5wf3'fr:1Q"i?- - WA,Jnn.,:. ..- , - S M--J4.-.a'f1H, .., .u KRISTINE MURRAY - Band 10, 11, 122 French 11, 12, Keyettes 10, 11, Medical Ex- plorers 11, 12 . . . PAIGE NANCE - junior- ettes 10, 11, 12, Vice-Pres. 12 IERRY ODENWELDER - Band 10, 11, 12: Key 12, VICA 11, 12, Pres. 12, Computer 10, 11, 12. BRENDA ORCHEKOWSKI - Drama 11, 12, French 11, 12, Executive Board 12, lun- iorettes 10, 11, 12 ...SOPI-IIA OWEN ... SCOTT OXFORD - VICA 10, 11, 12. GINA PARKER - Band 10, 11, 12, Cheer- leader 11, 12, Drama 10, French 11, 12, French Honor 12, Iuniorettes 11, 12, Sec. 125 SMOKE SIGNAL 12, HP Youth Council 10, 11. . .BEVERLY PARNELL - Bus Driver 12 . . . JONATHAN PARSONS - Football 10, 11. RENEE PARSONS . . . PAMELA PATRICK ,. . PRINCE PATRICK. Seniors! 121 A Lot on Their Minds Being a senior was great, but it wasn't all fun and games. As many upperclass- men found out, seniors had a lot on their minds. "I need how many more unit points to graduate?" "Don't forget to bring your S515 for se- nior fees before next Monday!" "Next week all seniors will be fitted for caps and gowns." "I have to fill out my application for UNC-Chapel Hill today!" "Don't forget to register for the draft." "I need to register to vote. Am I a Democrat or a Republican?" "If I am going to graduate, I have to pass this British Lit. test!" "I don't know where I'm going to get the money to go out to lunch tomorrow." "Isn't there a man coming to talk with us about scholarship money today?" "Have you found out if you've been accepted at State yet?" "I wonder what Andrews will be like without us next year?" Most seniors heard these phrases many times, so underclassmen, before you go wishing your carefree years away, remember that being a senior means not only extra privileges, such as open lunches, but also many responsi- bilities which come with the title. KEVIN PATTON - Beta 11, 12g FCA 12, NHS 11, 12: REVERIE 12: Football 10, 11, 12: Track 10, 11, 12, Swimming 11, 12, More- head Nominee 12, Rotary Youth Leadership Camp 11 . . . LASONYA PAYNE - Anchor 12, Band 10, Chorus 12, Drama 10, Spanish 11, 12. . .GAIL PEGUESE - Anchor 11, 12, DECA 11, FHA 10, VICA 12, Track 10, Vol- leyball 10. 122 ! Seniors We deserve a break today. Stephanie Rickard and Take one. Ieff Sims fulfills an obligation to Lynn Carroll take full advantage of a senior privi- country by registering for the Selective lege, as the enjoy lunch off campus. with the aid of Mr. Sonny Hepler. .buff Q nf' 5,212 Af I W-I I I r' DANIELLE PETERS . . . SCOTT POST - Band 10, 12, junior Iaycees 11, Key 11, 12, NFL 11, 12, Science 11, Spanish 11, 12, His- tory 11,Track 11 , . ,ANNETTE POWERS - Band 10, 11, 12, Beta 11, 12, French 11,12, French Honor 12, Keyettes 10, 11, 12, REV- ERIE 12, Math Honor 11, 12. SCOTT PUGH - French 11, 12: NFL 11, 12, History 11, Baseball 10, 11, 12 . . . IANICE QUICK. . .RHONDA QUICK - DECA11, 12. DAVID REAGAN - French 12, Key 11, 12, REVERIE11, 12, Layout Editor 12, Soccer 12 . . . ERICKA REID - Anchor 11, 12, Band 10,11, 12, Civinettes 12, Drama 12, Keyettes 12, Raiderette 11, 12, Spanish 12, Student Council 10, 12, Iabberwock 11 . . . REBEC- CA REYNOLDS - FCA 12, Student Coun- cil 11. STEPHANIE RICKARD - Iuniorettes 10, 11,12, Pres. 12, Basketball 10, 11, 12, Softball 10, 11, 12, Tennis 10, 11, 12, Homecoming Court 12 . , . INGA ROBINSON. . .BRIAN ROWSEY - DECA 12. Seniors I 123 IONATHAN RUNION - Beta 11, 12, French 11, 12, French Honor 11, 12, Co-Pres. 12: Orchestra 10 . . . ANITA RUSSELL . . . SAM SANDERS - Football 10, 11, 12, Track 11,12, All-Conference 11, 12. AUDREA SAUNDERS - Anchor 10, 11, 12, Vice-Pres. 12, Beta 12, FHA 10, 11, 12, Treas. 11, French 10, 11, 12, Keyettes 12, Rai- derette 11, 12, Captain 12, Science 10, 11, Student Council 10, Math Honor 11, 12 . . . ERIC SEXTON - VICA10,11, 12, Football 10... SABRINA SHAFFER - Beta 11, 12, Iuniorettes10,11,12,NHS11, 125 REVERIE 12, Spanish 10, 11, 12, Treas. 11, Vice-Pres. 12, Spanish Honor 10, ll, 12, Pres. 12, Stu- dent Council 10, ll, 12, Student Body Treas. 11, Vice-Pres. 12, History ll, 12, Treas. 12, Marshal 11, Homecoming Court 11, 12, Computer 12. ALESIA SHAVIS - Anchor 10, 11, 12, Vice- Pres, 11, Sec. 12gFHA10,11,12, Pres. ll, 12, Keyettes 12, SMOKE SIGNAL 12, Raiderette 11, 12, Captain 12, Science 10, 11, Spanish 10, 11, Spanish Honor 10, 11, 12, Student Council 11, 12, Jabberwock 11 KEVIN SHORE - Key 12, Spanish 10, 11, VICA 12 .. .APRIL SHULER - Band 10, 11, 12, Beta 11, 12, French 11, 12, Treas. 12, French Hon- or 12, juniorettes 12, Keyettes 10, 11, REV- ERIE 12, Math Honor 11, 12. IEFF SIMS -'Band 10, 11, Beta 11, 12: FBLA 10,11,12, Vice-Pres. 12, Key 10, NHS 11, 12, Spanish 11, 12, Spanish Honor 125 Math Honor 11, 12, Iunior Jaycees 11, 12, Pres. 12, Baseball 10, Track 11, Swimming 10, 11, 12, Captain 11, Most Valuable 11 CRAIG SMITH - Key10,11,12:VICA1O,11,12, Pres. 11, 12, Treas. 10, Football 10, 11, 12 . .. MARY SMITH. 1241 Seniors .-af' 'Fu 5 . 41 it 2 J Ja.. fjigweg wi 1. 'Q 'F in s. .i fff-M 1 In -.7 I 5 , 33315. i - 3 , , f ,. , t A g j' . ,g gf. K .. ' ,, f, , 41' X x '53- . CAROLE SNIDER - Beta 11, 12, Drama 10, 12, French 12, Keyettes 10, 11, 12, Vice-Pres. 12, Orchestra 10, 11, 12, Greensboro Youth Orchestra 10, 11g Andrews String Quartet 11, 12, Student Council 11, 12, Math Honor 11, 12, History 125 Governor's School 10, Marshal 11 . . . DEBBIE SPAGNOLA - Art 11, 125 Beta 11, 12, Drama 11, 12,Keyettes11, 12, REVERIE 12, Science 12g Student Coun- cil 12 . . . LOIS SPURLIN - Anchor 12. CAROL STANLEY KENNETH STE- VENSON - Bus Driver 12 TODD STILES. Up at the Crack of Dawn """""" ""- ESM, , .t??'J nor Bus Drivers Front row Scott Hardee, Sharon Walker, Lonnie Gray Back row: Ken Anderson, Rudy idsay Kenny Stevens 2nd row: Kelly Thornton, Isaac, Olanda Harrington, Keith McCullough, Mike nes Hayes Sam Sanders Steve Thompson, William Herndon. The Andrews Taxi Service . . . 180 days a year. Many students took advantage of this means of transportation. Though the bus drivers were rarely recognized, their services were available every morning and afternoon. These dedicated students were ad- mired for their sacrifices. Many students depended on their driver to get them safely to school on time. The drivers were content with their jobs, but all agreed that being a bus driver was a big responsibility One driver commented on how he felt about his job. "It's easy money and it doesn't interfere with out- side activitiesf' Another's thought was, "You have to get up too early" So if you ever need a ride to school, Call A-N-D-R-E-W-S. Seniors! 125 IERI STRICKLAND - DECA 12: French 12: Keyettes 12 . .. CONNIE STYLES . . . BARON SULLIVAN -- Band 10, 11. APRIL TATE - Anchor 10, 11, 12, Band 10, 11, 12, Cheerleader 10, Civinettes 12, FBLA 12, Keyettes 12, Majorettes 11, 12, Head 12 ... ANGIE TEDDER - FBLA 11, 12: French 11, Keyettes 10 . . . IAMES TEER. ANDREA THOMAS - Band 10, 11, 12: Beta 11, 12, Science 10, 11, 12, Sec.12, Span- ish Honor 11, 12, Student Council 11, Math Honor 11, 12 . . . BEN THOMAS - DECA 10, 11, VICA 11, 12, Cross Country 10, 12, Basketball 12 . . . LYNN THOMAS - VICA 11, 12. CAROL THOMPSON - French 11, 12, Keyettes 12, Orchestra 10, 11, 12, Raiderette 11 . . .STEVE THOMPSON - VICA 10, 11: Football 10, 11, 125 Basketball 10, Tennis 12 . . .KELLY THORNTON - Band 10, 11, 12, Bus Driver 11, 12. 1261 Seniors M e us your views. Ericka Reid and Robert Mar- give us their thoughts on being a senior. Views from the Top It was a long Wait, but the seniors fi- nally got the chance to be recognized for their upperclassmen status. How does it feel to be a senior? Many members of the Class of '85 expressed their views in re- sponse to this question. "I feel relieved!" - Frank Banesse. "Now that I'm a senior, I feel like I have more privileges." - Danielle Pe- ters. "It's a great feeling because after 12 years of school, I've finally reached the top." - Robert Martin. "Unusual, strange." - Gordy Arnold. "There's a lot of stress, worrying about finding and being accepted at the right college." - Nancy Andrews. "Feels good because you're like the top dog. It's our last year and we're go- ing to take it to the roof." - Donald Bohannon. "Being a senior gives me the feeling of reaching the end of one long journey and preparing to begin another." - Lisa Misenheimer. "It's something I've been waitng for for a long time." - Mike Lovelace. "Feels good because you feel like you've worked your Way to the top." - Sam Sanders. "Satisfying" - Chip Morris. "It really feels good to know you've completed 12 years of school." - Scott Post. "Good feeling. Feels like it's time to get out of shcool." - Steve Ware. "Being a senior gives you the privi- lege of knowing you have what it takes to make it." - Ericka Reid. "Terrific!" -- Eric Sexton. SUSAN TUCKER - Chorus 10, 11: FBLA 11, 12, Sec. 12, Keyettes 10 , . . ERIC VICK . . . WILLIAM WALKER - VICA 12, Foot- ball 105 Baseball 10, 11, 12, Bus Driver 11, 12. HENRY WALLACE - DECA 11, 12 JAMES WARD - Band 10, 11, 12, Drum Major 11, 125 Iunior Iaycees 10, 11, 125 VICA 12, Treas. 12, History 11, 12, Civitan Leader- ship Conference Delegate 11 DORO- THY WARE - VICA 12. Seniors I 127 LYNN WAY - FBLA 11, 12 RONDA WHITAKER - Art 11, Drama 11, 12, FBLA l1,12, Sec. 11, Pres. 12, Keyettes 10,11 ... IOEY WHITE - VICA 12. BEN WHITFIELD KEVIN WILEY - French 10, 11, Key 10, 11, 12, REVERIE 10, 12, Science 12, Student Council 10, History 11 .. . RENEE WILLIAMSON - Anchor 12, Civinettes 12, Sec. 12, FHA 12, Student Council 12, IAMES WILLIFORD - Spanish 10, 11: VICA 11, 12, Computer 12 ANDREA WILSON - DECA 10, 11, 12, Vice-Pres. 11, Co-Pres. 12. . . DAVID WILSON - Beta 11, 12, Key 10, 11, 12, NHS 11, 12, Pres. 12, REV- ERIE 11, 12, Editor 12, Science 11, Spanish 11, 12, Spanish Honor 11, 12, Math Honor 11, 12, History 11, 12, Boys' State 11, Marshal 11, Computer 12. STEPHANIE WILSON - Band 10, 11, 12: DECA 10, Drama 12, Keyettes 10, 11, 12, Spanish 11 . . .GINGER YACUZZO - Band 10, 11, 12, Cheerleader 10, 11, 12, Co-Head 12, Iuniorettes 11, 12, Keyettes 10, REVERIE 12, Homecoming Court 10, 11, 12 . . . ROB- ERT YATES - NFL 11, 12, Soccer 10, 11, 12. 128 I Seniors ...r 'Yi 1 4' -7 :We 1 -..- 'EM' ""i Looking orward For the seniors it was their last year at Andrews. After graduation, many were looking forward to large universities or small colleges. While some headed for the Armed Forces to serve their country jobs and family life awaited others. The class of '85 was ready for life and all it had to offer. No matter what they were to pursue in the future, the success they were to achieve meant they would nev- er be the same again. ...L "Can I help?" Miss Laura McLean assists Chip Morris in understanding his English assignment. I like that one. Bryan Hall and Mike Lovelace choose the proof that they want to appear in REV- ERIE. Seniors! 129 ot S0 Bad "Am I ever going to make it?" This question applied not only to becoming a senior but also to surviving the year. As many found out, the junior year was the hardest of all. "Term paper" and "SAT" became everyday words in the juniors' vocabulary Being a junior meant that it was time to begin making some decisions about the future. For many this included look- ing for the right college and keeping up their grades for application as a senior. But sooner or later the juniors learned to take everything in stride, and they dis- covered that being a junior wasn't so bad after all. n Abraha L ' 1 Dickie Averette Rhoda Baker Rhonda Baker Carlos Baldwin Toby Barber Tony Barrett Amanda Barrino Laura Bartlett Johnny Batton Jeanna Baxter Lavinia Beacom Wayne Beech Kyle Bellamy Jeff Billingsley Lee Boles 130 lluniors I 1 I UR Isn't that just precious! Michele Hobson gives u big smile with her furry little friend. x S if i 3 3 i 5 r it Ian Boling Sheree Bondurant M- .. Rusty Booker a. , 4 ' B Rodney Boone ' Cameron Boulware Tammy Boyce mu asf IV B yoo Tamara Brown julie Buie fi gym Eric Burch 'L' Garry Burnett .'L,y fi Byye Jeff Burton Kenneth Buxton myygs, H, s,f,.,: W if 1 'r ,sl W as Q,-3, 1' In M Es, xl Delvin Caldwell Tracia Carter Karen Cashion Mark Cecil Zack Cecil Mark Chappell t e Tammy Childers Chris Clapp Keith Cochran James Collins Iulie Collins Nathan Collins Angie Cornelison David Corurn Maurice Cotton Emily Cox Brian Cross Michael Davis Tim Defriece Gene Dehart Melisa Dennis Rudy Dockery Stephanie Doss Kelly Driggers Belinda Duncan Tammy Duncan Carla Dunham Penny Dupree Tammy Eads Juniors! 131 Rachel Elliott Gloria Evans Rusty Evans Coleen Fischer Teresa Gaskin Misty Gibson Tracy Gibson Gregg Grady Steve Gray Terry Green , Jeff Grizzel Duane Hamby Christie Hardin Iennie Hearne Mitchell Harper Dexter Hayes Brad Hedrick Alan Herndon Iennifer Hightower Mary Ann Hines Grey Hinshaw David Hinson Michele Hobson Tony Holland Teresa Horne Robert Howard Lawana Huff Dana Hunsucker Linny Ingram Paula Ienkins Carolyn jones Teresa Iones Traci Jones Joe Jordan Tim Kak Pam Kearns Anna Kelley Iohn Kennett Cece Lain Tracey Lamb Trudy Land Jeff Landreth 132lIuniors x l xt , K , -,,, ' ff'-1mg,,f, H K , A? Q: l 1 'S junior Class Officers Ieff Mclnnis President Jeanna Baxter Vice President Melisa Dennis Sec retary Paula jenkins Treasurer Us .MQW A I .33 E , Mark Lassiter Andreana Leach Lisa Ledbetter Tammy Lewis Charles Littlejohn Angela Lindsay Stephen Linthicum ' Q e esi'ffsl1efs Michael Little Marshall Lowery A a aa 'Q Iennie Lundrigan A Gary Luther , I Chuck Mann Ion Manring Mike Mathai 'P' Anne McArthur Iackie McCallum 1 Loren McCarter Wanda McClerkin Iacky McCluney Wendy McCluney rf Lynn McCraw Ieff Mclnnis Allan McKenzie Working H ara' Dedication and hard work were two of the characteristics which the Iunior Class Officers possessed in abundance. With Ieff Mclnnis, president, Ieanna Baxter, vice-president, Melisa Dennis, secretary, and Paula Jenkins, treasurer, the Junior Class was assured leadership that would get the job done. One of the main jobs of these four stu- dents was the organization of the Iun- ior!Senior Prom. From setting up to cleaning up afterwards, they did it all. The work put forth by these four people was seen in the great success of this and the other Student Council functions in which they were involved. For the lun- iro Class Officers, making the junior year one that their classmates would not soon forget was just part of the job. juniors I 133 Les McLean Iohnny McNeil Catrina Miller Denise Minor Leslie Mintz Kevin Mishoe Ronnie Mitchell Ann Monroe Teresa Morefield Mitzi Morrison Sharon Morrison Vernell Morrison Shandel Motsinger Dale Murphy Craig Murrow Sandra Murvin Greg Nelson Tuani Nicholson Cathy Nicopoulos Princess Nilen Lori Nuff Kelly O'Brien Phyllis O'Neil Arlisa Outlaw Frank Page Ierry Painter Tony Passmore Cindy Payne Ginger Payne Ann Marie Pennisi Joe Pennisi Robert Petty Scott Pope Wallace Powell Iohnny Quick Eddie Rafalski Delia Rhodes Amy Rice Sandi Richardson Ioyce Robinson Audra Rook Sheila Rorie 134 I juniors C:2 0 X ' 'unre- Monseiur Photographer. Garry Burnett gives the unknown photographer a mischievous smile as he takes a break rom his French. " , , . .1 I - K ..,.g,gzg ,qt sf- 1 .V " nf- ,ms . H, Eddie Rowe Dawne Rudd David Rumley Dena Sanders Melissa Saunders Renee Saunders Buddy Scarborough Kathy Schneider David Schultheiss Robert Schultz jimmy fScott' Kris See , Leshia Sellers Patti Sheldon Iulie Shelton Betty Simmons ions Fun, ot All Work When the working day was over and the weekend rolled around, many ju- niors dumped their books, cashed their paychecks and went off in search of fun. The definition of fun varied among juniors. Some spent their time and mon- ey on shopping sprees while others went cruising. There were also those who were involved in sports and other activities of that type. The Iunior Class worked hard, both at school and on jobs, but that didn't stop them fron finding time for some fun and relaxation. Juniors! 135 Kim Simmons Roger Sims Jeff Slay Chris Smith Ieff Smith jennifer Smith Maria Smith Amber Smoot Maurice Spagnola Iennifer Stack Michael Stanley Carl Stewart Amelia Stinson David Stone Miranda Strickland Deric Stubbs Iimmy Tanner Iennifer Taylor Lynn Taylor Patience Thomasson David Thompson Mark Thompson jeff Thrana Scott Trotter Harry Truesdale Darren Vanderhall John Wagner Scott Warren Adrinell Washington Anthony Wayne Lori Weaver Brent Whittington Carol Wilson Iulie Womble So Yon Yu In Sun Yuh 136 lluniors X I 3 r ' tt V, wi 1 1. -:3,,n,,r?g,,g:'f ' " if 0 4 14, Q 5 fs i I' 4 x F wx hs- f A-" " '- 4.-, 2 45' X fi E f at , at Q if f 'ff 2 y I , ,ty S, , ,X i A ig' Q f tsl fr i l wit 1 ,. r X 1 f f ,,a,fVZ?'1'! C7 'WPI 1' ii l 'ke x "-ual"'x .'f"...':1 . .' Ii Hyun Yuh reparing for the SAT Tracy Timberlake and Ierry lainter diligently study the SAT booklets. ai ' PN..- Hitting the Books "I can't find any criticism on my nook!" Most juniors found themselves saying this at one time or another, but eventually everyone found the materi- als needed to write his term paper. The search for critiques on books such as Moby Dick and The Grapes of Wrath led many juniors not only to the school's library but often to the more extensive library of a local university Hundreds of lndex cards and countless trips for more lnformation soon followed. After scrambling to get their cards organized and the rough drafts written, they had a chance to rest. But when these rough drafts were re- turned, juniors found themselves mak- ing revisions and trying to get the cor- rect margins on the final paper. With ev- erything finished and turned in, they could then consider themselves "junior specialists" on their topics. For any of the juniors who wished to attend college and continue the "plea- sure" of writing term papers, the Scho- lastic Aptitude Test was a necessity. When the registration for the SAT was completed and the No. 2 pencils were sharpened, it was time to get up early one Saturday morning and take the test. After sweating over the test, the juniors anxiously waited for the test scores to arrive in the mail. With the scores in hand, the juniors could see some of the results of their years of study and hard work. Juniors I 137 On the Fence No longer the youngest, but not the oldest either. The sophomores were stuck in the middle. They were older than the freshmen but too young to be included with the upperclassmen. Still, being a sophomore had its advantages. Turning 16 and getting their driver's li- censes was seldom far from the thoughts of the sophomores, and few minded get- ting out of gym class to take driver's education. This was the year to order class rings. Feeling more a part of the Raider family most began to involve themselves in more extracurricular activities. The more far-sighted individuals arose early one Saturday morning to take the PSAT in preparation for the SAT. Others slept in. As care-free sophomores they all had two more years at Andrews to worry about the future. But with fearful ru- mors about the junior year floating around, the sophomores decided to en- joy this year to the fullest. David Anderson Danny Arnold Stewart Azarigian Misty Bagwell Cassandra Baker Tim Baker Mike Banesse Tony Barr Clay Barrow Sam Barthell Hedgie Bartol Titha Bates Kate Bearce Archie Beavers Andrea Beck Darin Bell Nancy Bell Shemica Bell Jerry Benjamin Michelle Biddy Debe Black 1381 Sophomores S What a day for a daydream. Danny Arnold fm something funny while in detention hall. v., eff i,..,-5, My 3' 'Jie :151.m It 1 t ' a A Q www' Chris Blackman Doug Blackman Kelli Blake Michelle Blevins Matt Blue Antoine Boone Teresa Boyd Daryn Boyer Chrystal Brannon Tracy Branson Chris Bray Angie Brown Rick Brown Mark Bruton Charlisa Bullard Angie Burleson Todd Burnett Andy Butler Marc Butler David Byerly Shane Byerly Barbara Cannon Brian Carden Greg Carmichael Laura Cashatt Leslie Cashatt Susan Chernault Melissa Chiles Sophomores! 139 --- - Wendy Clark Iamey Clifton Pamela Clifton Tammy Cochran Rick Compton Iennifer Corton Brett Cramer Kimberly Craven Sharon Craven Billy Currens Michael Daleo Dana David LeAnne Davidson jennifer Davis Mark Davis Sam Davis Toshia Davis Mark Dawkins Iim DeRue Leonora Diaz Anthony DiFoggio Evelyn Dixon Tia Doar Kate Duncan Barbara Eads Brian Easter Bill Easterling Donna Engstrom Tabatha Ewings Rhonda Fergerson Lee Ford Debbie Fowler Michael Fox Anita Franklin Doyle Freeman ii y f ,,, ., . Z , Q., ,..,. L --iii Q . -2 B 4,5 A A , 2 '. , 1. , B A ,,.V, , " , ' xv I W C 6 , ...ff ga a, fl ' f ,,, ,, , , , , ,,,,,,. , u:,,,J,,,M , T6 we h W' V., .' n J ,,, rr ' s F aia A c ,. 1 ,..f,,,, K Q ff' A Q V .N f 've' j 1, xv ff v :H f ' , yas, C . -- f 1 gi ,ag fi? , ,, ,M M 3 A va, A 1 ' W 1 , .. yyat Q Q-me l F ' B kkyyr , ... W 6 H k','f , f A mr. I Vrkr .Q 3 324-7 V 2 W Q 1, ff , M? 4 we ,V l'ih A llll ', Z1'f2f:i-11.20 ' L s 140 l Sophomores What 'cha lookin at? Angie Burleson glances away as something catches her eye. ,Q Problem solvers. Sarah Yates, Si Yon Yu, Krist White and Wendy Clark are always around solve the problems that arise in the Sophomo- Class. ,mf , . , 1.-zv.fze,e.::i.fgg,yd.,f1y -Was, ,..,, , ,,...,,,, , .4 diff K . , R . 1. 9 f J , 232 fi 1, "" f -1 " "" . was J C., , . f 5. M - V. 1 A 19 H g, 'wwzfl ,.., -., . .,, , . 4 ,,,...,,,,, My ,fy . q if 1 un, Qin' if z,,w,y .,, . .. ',,: y , . ,Gl, M 5 ff! gg if M? ' if w 1 ,fi if if 'f 1 -1 A 17 f + -: wasizt:s,,u.s.szzeissf 16 5, ,- f I ff? 5 ' 1' rtt f sk' 4 Chad Futrell Andrea Garrison Ann Gilchrist Eurika Glover Michelle Goshen Kim Gosnell V V, 3 ,r,,, ,,,r ,.,k Rick Grady Cynthia Grayson Z Robin Green - , as,. , Tim Griffe rili Ashley Grgfen Karen Hall Susan Hammett Christie Hardin Henry Hare Lynda Harmon Amy Harrington - Brent Harrington Deborah Harris San Harrison x , ffff Q ' f bf fd 9 if Q I at Harold Hart Z Dawn Hedrick Iulie Heer is W Ioyce Henard Ieff Hepler Candy Hiatt fi Danette Hill WB an it Q s 0 Problems There's no limit to the things you could do when you had an outstanding group like our Sophomore Class Offi- cers. Under the leadership of President Kristin White, Vice-President Si Yon Yu, Secretary Sarah Yates, and Treasurer Wendy Clark, the Sophomore Class had a great year. In addition to being co-head of the IV cheerleading squad, Kristin was also ac- tive in Fellowship of Christian Athletes and History Club. Si Yon was a member of French Club, Keyettes, Science Club and National Forensic League. "In- volved" was the word to describe Sarah who was a member of Iuniorettes, Com- puter Club, the swimming team and the soccer team. Wendy showed her many different interests by participating in the band, softball team, Civinettes and Computer Club. With solid leaders like these in the driver's seat, the future of Andrews is always going to be bright. Sophomores!141 Eunice Hill Tom Hodgin Shane Hoffman ' Rodney Holland Joe Hopper Todd Howard Doug Hudson Charles Huntley Erwin Ingram Bruce Jackson 4, U Troy Jarrett 1. if! Darrell Jefferies 7' Paula Jester - Karen John Amy Johnson Patricia Johnson Connie King Yvette Kirkpatrick Billy Koontz Therese Leneski Jordie Lester Shannon Lewin Philip Lewis Jon Liberty Joe Little Kristin Lohr Kim Loutz Paul Lyddon Where To? Start your engines. One of the biggest events in the life of a sophomore was getting a driver's license. With this little jewel and the keys to the car, he was free to go anywhere the roads will take him. Here were the responses of some of the sophomores who were asked, "Where is the first place that you are going to drive when you get your driver's license?" "To cruise chicks." - Matt Blue. "The mountains." - Mike Mitchell. "Home." -- Darren Nosal. "School." - Henry Hare. "McDonalds." - Kim Gosnell. "Appalachian State University" - Teresa Smith. "Hanes Mall." - Alan Rice. "To a girl's house." - Johnny Quick. "Putt-Putt." - Brian Mauldin. "Myrtle Beach." - Linda Venable. "My best friend's house." - Julie Heer. "To the store." - Kris Parsley "Just riding around town." - Saun' dra Harrison. 142 I Sophomores ML, , N. S E i E i Q E E l Wi f. . Q L- Q ' 0 xx. 'M X J 15' Q7 uble trouble . . . behind the wheel. Ioyce Hen- and Iill Stephenson smile as they get ready to ve. 41 Y '1 , 1 ,jf ,. 31, gktwqgagf t 11 ...'i'SQ,w. cl ni 'sN?19v'f'Qs A ,Ci-. 38 right, 24 left, 15 right. Alan Rice sees that a jammed locker can cause many hassles as he fum- bles with his lock after the bell. Chris McGhee George McLarty Rodney McNair Eric Medlin Brian Mack Cybele Martin Michael Martin Brian Mauldin Shannon McBryde Stephanie McCall Charles McCormick Sophomoresl143 7-4, A ,, So, whats the latest gossip? Betsy York, Cybele Martin and Kristi Patterson add their 2sr worth to the conversation. I ,Mf Teffb' Meinecke ii iili Z M ., iiiiir Jii l Mike Mitchell 1 1 Mf, M M W , Corey Moser K 'S x ' Lf' ' K fl Tony Murray K' 'YM y Phan Nguyen ,M , f4',,g4I, l A I T ef' ,i , ' Billy Nixon tp 1 f M it , Michelle Nordstrom 'o 'l? K My ll1fi1 Q ll1ff1ll1l1lisl M , f K if ilflii M i'ii1 r f wt- M Darren Nosal y ,,iC' X l' lyl , J V of Kevin Odenwelder V' Qg, W3 , 9 4 Q f .. , A., Marco Orsini f M , K Q iiii gg, E , M l H if, E gt M ji, i Kris Parsley In y A y 'K ' yii 7 y , Renee Parson M, A M M M Mi s ' Kristi Patterson ' lv KM " A K it Sean Paus ..,. , , ,,,, tr, Frank Penn Anthony Pennisi M Don Perryman 8, Adrienne Phifer ll Gayle Poston r Larry Pratt ' 1 5' if ff' y .. ff' 3 , Wax, 'Of e 'Q we 2 1441 Sophomores aw I want the most expensive one. Shannt McBryde, Misty Bagwell, Cybele Martin, Sus Srnith, Leslie Cashatt and Rick Grady all wait line to order a class ring. an-""' si 1, Sh0u2and TEH Decisions, decisions. Gold or silver, an Indian head, the graduation year, the school name and kind of stone were just a few of the options available to the members of the Sophomore Class as they began to order their long awaited class rings. The design of one's personal ring required many important deci- sions. "Mr. Bruce, the ring man," became a popular phrase around school. The class ring was a respected em- blem, and it displayed a certain pride in one's school. The sophomores anxiously awaited the delivery date of the class rings, and when it arrived it was time for "show and tel1." Everyone delighted in showing off his ring to others. A sense of pride filled the members of the Sophomore Class after receiving their rings because they finally felt like part of the school. Ieff Price Michelle Prince Barbara Quick Iimmy Quick Mike Quinto Rachel Redwine f Anna Reynolds S Bobby Roberts Iames Rodden Iohn Rodden Amy Roddy Michelle Rohrer Sharon Rowsey Rebecca Royal Kelly Sanniota , Laura Saunders x I ' f 4 'N Steve Sexton 4 ' ' Y 1 Lisa Shuskey ig e . V V Marika Skaggs Kim Sloop i"'S A S N. . A f Alicia Smith Robert Smith Shelley Smith Susan Smith Teresa Smith Ward Smith Scott Smitherman Marty Snider Sophomoresf 145 Stuck in the Middle Never being noticed, watching up- perclassmen enjoy privileges that they wished they had and living through what seemed like the hardest school year yet. These things were all part of what members of the Sophomore Class had to live with. They had many differ- ent ideas. These are some of their an- swers to the question, "What is the most frustrating part of being 'stuck in the middle' as a sophomore?" "Knowing that I have two more years until I can go out to lunch."-Leslie Ca- shatt "Sophomores can't do a lot of the Brady Snow Iamie Snow Lisa Springs Joseph Stanley Ken Staton Devona Steed Angela Steele things that the juniors and seniors can. We always hear, 'Next year will be your turn.' "-Susan Chernault. "Not being old enough to be invited to upperc1assmen's parties."-Iennifer Davis. ' "You aren't able to be considered a reg- ular student without being thought of as childish because you are in the 10th grade."-Connie King. "Knowing that this is the year that will decide class rankings."-Billy Cur- rens. "Having to wait another two years for the great senior life."-Doug Blackman. ,if - 4 . M 'I 1 D a r re n Steelman ,if W . .. i f ,Fev 2, -AL Buck Stephenson 4 e jill Stephenson 52,4 g ,T A T ' 1 Tony Stevens g ,,,ii'l Stennetti Stewart " A V Robbie Stone ff! C ee Q 51 T K Charles Strickland -A ' ll i ' I Cindy Styles Iulie Summey Karen Taylor Heather Thaler Audrey Thomas Gina Thompson Sheila Thompson Susanne Todd Tanya Trotman Curtis Varner Linda Venable Carolyn Wagoner Howard Walker Brent Walser Cedric Wal-ton Melisa Wardlaw Jerome Washington Shannon Watkins Billy white Kristin White Amy Whitehart 146 I Sophomores ,,, rl-- X . , ' W, ,A f we , N ,1 an :fs X 4. X U' 4 K ' f A .. if lf'lll W K Lf Denny Whitman Katrice Wiggins Ionathan Willis Michelle Willis Carla Wilson :ert Einstein? No its Paul Lyddon dressed for Practice makes perfect Ierry Benlamin works to- 1'C1 Day' ward perfection while the drummers learn a new Dav Tammy Wilson Sarah Yates Betsy York Si Yon Yu Andrenia Zimmerman FRESHME Knights of the round tables. These freshmen fir that the cafeteria can be used as a meeting place fn their gym class, as well as for lunch. Wes Allred Sherry Anthony Pamela Basheer Iason Blizzard Tom Bodenheimer Iennifer Bodle Earl Boss Tony Bowman Tara Boyer Mark Boyles Scott Bray Tracey Bray Melissa Brockway Andrienne Brown Iohn Burns Laura Cadle Ste hanie Camp Arlisa Carey Kim Cave Charmane Channels Gregg Charles Gene Clark David Clar Tammy Coleman 1481 Freshmen ii was W ,E Q '!1'W..,N yr ze- J' X 'X 1, y, , 11 X? 'Vx 5 V C ,5' A ' t A 'f' 'rx f .' A 'W 't ' 1 I i M ' h" .. I , , I 4 r , 7, S, ,, ,, at y T B ' X' ' ' -',- Uxi U X l ,A ,, .. lfgmv -C .,,, ,.. ' X - "' ' .l Q T - - i ,er e 'f' ' 4 "4 f S V I X vi' ,A X ' , ' L. Wig K4 " ff 3.6 -.x '47 1' 11 L. . 5 ,f "" 5 Y W ' t , f , L! ' f , i 1,f , I Iodi COITlbS Qi y , A- I eff COX '? i ,ir y fl t , y .L-A p i, Rick ranford l V pg A ' 7' Michelle Crawford l i R 'F'A "' A e Cherie Currens l f ' ' ' , A Kristine Daleo ,A I V, ,rr' ,L ,,,, 2 V t , Tracey Dalton ,gilt i 5 A ,C - P . Michael Davidson y W, 5... Q ' 5 Brian Davis hm : l .rv f f VV H. Vx Bryan Davis i l Q' y X it - it tl up at Chri's'Davis -f t ii f ff' , 'b hi 4 'flames Davisiiii' fag, , W .... " I L Melinda ennis fi 3 , 7.' It i . In W ,mg f y Tonya Davis ' 1 is Andrea Deal Y K' f l i Mike ens 4,1 Michael Dunn by K- i Samantha Dutton V 41:1 3 55, ff Earl Edwards 'vi' ' X? -fi" t' t Colleen Ellis Scott Dunlap Linda Ezekiel C arching the Spirit A whole period for lunch? Andrews was a big change from the middle schools for the freshmen. Having PE. every day and actually having plenty of time to eat lunch and visit with friends were just a few of the differences. After becoming adjusted to the build- ing and the different rules, the fresh- men began to feel more like true Raid- ers. They had a special place as the youngest members in the Raider family As the year progressed, the freshmen began to realize what being a Raider meant, and they soon found themselves an important part of Andrews. Velcome to the world of studying. The members f this freshman class keep their minds busy dur- ig what seems to be a study hall. Freshmen I 149 Deanna Fiddie Veronica Fordyce George France Stacey Franklin Larry French Regina Fuller Iames Galloway Geoffrey Gibbs Ieff Gibbs Lori Gibson Pamela Gibson Elisa Gray jerry Green Christine Greene Rich Greenfield George Gregory Cinnamon Griggs Charlie Grimstead Ian Grove r Nina Guy . Q .r y r Tina Guy L 4 Preparation Learning to be great leaders . . . the Freshman Class Officers. Preparing for the school's future had always been a tradition at Andrews, and the Freshman Class Officers were a part of that tradi- tion. President Susan Schneider was active in many clubs, such as Iuniorettes, and was a member of the Homecoming Court. Arlisa Carey who served as vice- president, promoted school spirit by serving in the Pep Club and playing in the band. Not limiting herself to just keeping accurate records, Secretary Cherie Currens involved herself in oth- er activities, like Iuniorettes and the ten- nis team. In addition to handling the money Treasurer Laura Cadle also han- dled a basketball on the IV basketball team and was a member of Keyettes. Being an active part of the school was important to these girls. They all showed leadership and involvement in school activities that ranged from band to sports. The Class of '88 promised to provide leadership and ability in the years to follow. 150 1 Freshmen 'V " A , W 2 if H, , , 1, Freshman Class Officers. Susan Schneider, Ar Carey Cherie Currens and Laura Cadle get ou class to have their picture taken. s i Willie Hall Roland Hanes Chris Harcum Alice Hardison Sidney Harris Carla Hayes Carol Hazelwood Iennifer Hedge Iames Henard Julius Henard Karen Hensley Brent Herndon Kathy Hill Amber Holbrook Melanie Hoover David Howard Melissa Howell Kisha Hubbard Scott Hucks Donna Hudgins Ashley Hugham Brian Hughes Carolyn Hunter Cinnamon Hunter Clinton Idol Iunior Jackson Christal Iames Tim Iarrett Chris Ienkins Stephanie Iernigan Amy Johnson April Iohnson Arycka Iohnson Sam Iohnson Russ Kahn Lynn Kak Jimmy Kendall Belinda Key Cacy Kinney Damon Kinton Diedra Kirkpatrick Brian Lain Leigh Anne Landreth Angela Lane Tim Lawrence Tara Lax Ronald Leach Angie Leary Barry Leonard Lynn Leonard Matt Leonard Marni Lessa Mike Lewis Lorena Libertore Mike Linthicum Elaine Lowery Freshmen I 151 MZ!! C Luther Mabe A . Saisette Marks Cheryl McCollum Sharon McCollum AS L . ald wfKev 4 V 1' ntyre Ron Meinecke Paul Metters Kathy Meurs David Mickey Ieffrey Mill Samuel Miller Traci Minor Ste'3en'iMfaore Michelle Muncy Michelle Murray Meredith Murray Ienriifes,NGsQ!1aaH Greg Norman Lisa O'C'Uni1ell Sfacieifiglesby Victor Orsini Stephanie Oxford Dwa ne Parham Sonja Parsons Darian Payne David Pettus Sonja Post Brandon Ridge 1521 Freshmen an-gl - 10 1 M . faq. ' A , . . , -f rv 1 1, Q? 1 'P w, f J if .ff 4 'Q' 12 Wig gt 9 416 . M351 :H 'Rf 'N fem, , ,F , A, X xv, 4. "ei a W I I A N Q- P f A -ex 6 ' ' M-x, Q, I l 5 f f ' I rf, H ll 7 ' sv g 1 "' V in ' Y- W Z If Ma V X 1- , 4 L 5 , yy, :gn , W, mvmr I A VI ,, Q.. , Mg Q My as ' fgg ,. M 3 k 'rg 5 , 5 Q M A ayaa y P M y M lv wp Vfmfflg I N 2 A XT 'r I f- . 1 G Q n . , ' '- Q 7 ' 3 W Q ' .- Q 3 4 x , si 1 V ' 5 lr 'Ml 1 v if ll' iii , " . if 1 ,,., W I x X X mv, M whim' ivy, ww, s , 45 .. , . G .. l ' ' ' J' liaiaiiy A ,,,,.A tanding tall. Willie Hall looks confidently at the hotographer. --H ..f.Qg,,,,.3-.33,,1.. . mfggtg 'MLM The New uys Marching to the beat of a new drum- mer. For a while the Freshman Class had a hard time getting used to Andrews. While everyone else slipped back into a familiar routine, the youngest Red Raid- ers had to make many adjustments. Sev- eral different replies Were found to the question, "What is the biggest differ- ences between being a student in a mid- dle school and being a student at An- drews?" "We have more independence. You meet new friends, and it's a whole lot bigger and more fun than the middle school." -Julie Wagner. "You have to study more, and there's a lot more homeWork." -Stephanie Ier- nigan. "Nothing, except the babes." - Willie Hall. "There's more discipline, and you have to study a lot more." - Jason Bliz- zard. "There are more fine babes and too many big collars." - Michael Dunn. "You can get more interested in the classes because of the variety of students and teachers." - Debbie Smith. "Longer . l ." -- Iennifer Hedge. "There are more advantages here at Andrews." - Sheri Smith. Jeremy Runyon hris San ers taniello i san c neider Sherri Schroeder ,k., ' I' U . . 351.5- ..... Q: p 2. r i xl 2 XD Ashley Shuler Simmons Freshmen I 153 Life Without Wheels Being a freshman wasn't the easiest thing in the world. Besides being picked on as the "babies" of the school and be- ing told they were too young to do cer- tain things and go certain places, they had to find transportation to get them where they were allowed to go. Many freshmen had to rely on good old mom or dad for transportation, while others had friends or older broth- ers or sisters to play chauffeur. There were some freshmen who pulled out their trusty bicycles. Freshmen could be seen at such places as Putt-Putt, the Rol-A-Rink, football games and the movies, proving that their social life could survive, even if they couldn't drive. Michelle Sink Iames Sirmons Peter Skjaerris Allen Smith Coretta Smith Debbie Smith Debbie Smith Iason Smith Scotty Smith Sheri Smith Takeia Smith Terri Smith Robby Snider Sam Spagnola Tim Speth Sherry Spitler Dana Spoon Chris Stewart Anna Stinson Kelli Stone Deana Stroud Pam Sturdivant Angie Sutton Lynn Taylor Raynard Thomas Marc Thomasson Tijuana Thompson 1541 Freshmen When they must. Like the rest of the student Andrews, these freshmen find that school is all fun and games. There is also studying to done . . . 1. lit, ii ..,, . 44 Q! 1 -, f ' y A W f J ' 4 ' -ialaii' J ,jx ef 1 f -V I L- '." . Q MN ' x Od li f ZA Q " v 1' Q 'I' . , Q3 X 1 X 'll 1 L l .. ll 7 1. alfa . K, My Y at 1 f lQ' H X1 X in X a a , 4 1 Tina Tilson Johnathan Tuttle Iulie Wagner Bonnie Wall Mary Walton Jessica Wardlaw Penny Wardlaw Douglas Weaver Iennifer Weber Patti Welch Scott White Villis Ian Wilson Dana Wimmer Della Wimmer Tracey Winters Sidney Wood Todd Yarbrough Iason Yates Donald Young Foo busy for conversation. Mickey Mabe and Amy Whiteheart,with their attention focused on he lunch table, seem to be too busy for talking. Freshmenl155 Bringing in the New Detention hall, more assemblies and an orderly atmosphere were all distin- guishing elements of the new adminis- tration's policies which also included the addition of more advanced place- ment courses. Mr. Frank Penn and Dr. Frank Walker were the initiators of these new policies. Mr. Penn came to High Point from the Orange County School System where he had been an associate superintendent and a secondary school principal for six and a half years. After seven years overseas as a teacher and administrator in international schools, Mr. Walker arrived in High Point. They became as much a part of Andrews as their policies. Mr. Bill Dameron, though not a new addition, continued to perform his du- ties with the utmost efficiency The new discipline policy increased his work load for a while, but as students got used to their new environment, life at An- drews seemed to settle back down to normal. As Mr. Penn, Dr. Walker and Mr. Da- meron did their jobs, the student body contributed their cooperation. Together, the student body and the new adminis- tration made the year one of the best. , W ...le 'is Now that's S50 . . . no, 555. Mrs. Ramona Knight seems lost in dollar signs as she sums up the school's money matters. 156 I Administrators X I know it's here somewhere! Mrs. Barbara Free- man looks puzzled as she searches for a paper on Mr. Penn's desk. It's lonely at the top. It looks as though Mr. Fra Penn could use a little assistance with all of 3 paperwork. Uh-oh, trouble. Dwayne Johnson discovers tl Mr. Bill Dameron's office is not where you want be, if you're in trouble. , A good, strong example. While attending tl school's political debate, Dr. Frank Walker giv the students a good example of listening attentiv Y 3 4 ,A W. ,,:-, - 1 X, Q MR. BILL DAMERON - Administrative As- sistant ... MR. FRANK PENN - Principal of Adminis- tration. . .DR. FRANK WALKER - Principal of Instruction M., .. ,.. :Q . , att 4 Administrators! 157 Hidden Going for the gusto. The teachers at Andrews chose education as their career, but that didn't mean they didn't have other aspirations and dreams to do other things. Here are some of the answers to the question, "lf you were not a teacher, what would be your secret ambition?" "A belly dancer." - Mrs. Patricia Fon- ner. "Independently wealthy." - Mrs. Sherry Mewborn. "An astronaut." - Mrs. Betty Mebane. "Professional beach bum." - Mrs. Francis Wall. "Work in a test kitchen." -Mrs. Sarah AN 0 Q l Dreams " 'Chairman of the Board' for Denver Carrington." -Mrs. Amanda Gane. "Wealthy world traveler." -Ms. Gayle Brookbank. "Professional basketball player." - Mr. Henry Hicks. "Famous actress." -Mrs. Teresa Fowler. "Corporate lawyer." -Mrs. Gail Hatcher. "The San Diego chicken." -Mrs. Mary Lane. "Beach bum somewhere in the Carrib- bean." -Mr. Mike Hunt. "Hermit" -Mr. Wally Burke. ACIHIHS. "Jumping out of an airplane . . . with a "Stand-up comedian." - Ms. Sylvia parachute." -Mrs. Elizabeth Tate. Eaglin. MRS. SARAH AD- AMS - Home Eco- nomics, FHA DR. DON ARNOLD - French, ICC MR. NATHANIAL BOLDS - Carpentry, Busses, VICAQ Supervision . . . MR. LLOYD BRAGOZ - English, junior jay- cees. MS. GAYLE BROOK- BANK - English, Co- chairperson, Senior Class Adviser . . . MR. WALLY BURKE - English, Football, Wrestling, Supervision . . .MR.JOHN BURNS - Band, Chairperson, Band Boosters . . . MRS. SYLVIA CATES - Social Studies, His- tory, Hospitality, Chairperson. 158 I Faculty v E iw..-...wa it 543 g MRS. MARLENE CHESS - Business, Chairperson, Iunior Class, REVERIE, Busi- ness MR. MIKE COCHRAN - Guid- ance, Freshmen Class MRS. WINIFRED COTTAM - Math- ematics, Iuniorettes. e N l 43-4' nother picture? Mrs. Gail' Hatcher seems indif- rent to the fact that she is being photographed. Cleanliness, a household word. Mrs. Sarah Ad- ams cleans utensils before beginning another class. ,, , , , ,K .V is-wry ld then . . . Miss Sylvia Eaglin entertains her iss with another of her well-known stories. This is the teaching business. Mr. Henry Hicks is preoccupied with his teaching once again. Faculty! 159 their an mit MRS. CAROL COURTS - Mediag Volunteers . . . MR. SANDY DALTON - Math!Sciencep IV Bas- ketballp Softball . . . MRS. BETTY DAVIS 'E ::Z - Clerical Aide . . . MRS. LYNN DIFOG- GIO - ISS Aideg Asst. IV Cheerleaders. MRS. SANDRA DUEZ - Englishp SMOKE SIGNAL. . . MRS. FLO DURWAY - Englishg Asst. Keyettes MS. SYLVIA EAGLIN - English, CO-Chairper- song High I.Q. Bowl . .. MR. DAVID ESSIC - ICTJ VICAQ Supervi- sion. ,mwah x Q2 A .--- ff' ,... A A, A ll'i 1 Sneaking Around Lurking around corners and typing secret messages. No, it wasn't an inter- national spy ring but the teachers'secret pals. At a breakfast near the beginning of the year, the teachers drew names for whose secret pal they would be. The teachers never knew where they would find a present or what it would be, but their secret pals always made sure that it spiced up the day Sometimes it was an outrageously funny gift or just a note telling them to have a nice day: It didn't matter what it was, because any remembrance said that their secret pal was thinking about them. 160 I Faculty at . A F ,t .5 R T sir? as BX 1 , ,..., ..t, , we-no MRS. ELOISE FAR- LOW - Scienceg Hos- pitality MRS. PA- TRICIA FONNER - Mathg Keyettes , . . MRS. TERESA FOWLER - Englishg Drama MRS. AMANDA CANE - Mathematicsp Varisty Cheerleaders. MR. CRAIG GILI. - Physical Educationg Footballg Trackg Super- vision MRS. IEN- NIFER HAIR - Eng- lish: IV Cheerleaders ... MRS. BENICIA HERNANDEZ - Spanishg Spanishg Asst.Hospita1ity . .. MR. HENRY HICKS - Social Studiesg Bas- ketballg Cross Country. Supervision. MR. IOHN HORNE - Home-School Coordi- natorg Free Lunch Su- pervision . . . MR. MI- CHAEL HUNT - Auto Mechanics. VICAQ Bussesg Supervi- sion MR. MUR- RELL JOHNSON - Science, Chairpersong NHSQ Supervisiong In- structional Supplies. , . MRS. RANDEE IONES - Frenchg Asst. Sophomore Class. Faculty f 161 MRS. ANNE IOYNER - Business, Asst. An- chor, Hospitality. . . MRS. ELIZABETH KIMBRO-Mathemab ics, Chairperson, REV- ERIE . . . MRS. MARY LANE - Social Stud- iespStudent Council . . . MRS. EDITH MAUNEY - Chorus. MRS. ANGELICA MCCORMICK-Busi ness, Student Store, Anchor . . . MS. LAU- RA MCLEAN - Eng- lish, Varsity Cheer- leaders MS. ANN MEASMER - Busi- ness, FBLA, Asst. Stu- dent Store . . . MRS. SHERRY NEWBORN - Social Studies, Stu- dent Council. S if ...see - N Homework for Teachers Believe it or not, teachers had home- work just like the students. The 3:15 bell didn't mean the end of the work day for this dedicated group, and grading pa- pers was just the beginning. Each sub- ject also required special work. Keeping up with what was happen- ing in the world was a must for any so- cial studies teacher. They also spent a great deal of time in the library research- ing new topics and reading primary sources. English teachers could always be found refreshing their memories on the students' latest reading assignment. Making observations of people and their characteristics also made it easier for them to help their students better understand their readings. For math teachers, making out work- sheets and working homework prob- lems were very time consuming tasks. Finding new Ways to present each new lesson was a challenge both math and science teachers had to meet. Science teachers also had to stay abreast of all the new scientific developments hap- pening each day Business and vocational education 162 I Faculty teachers taught skills that the students would use directly in a job in that area. They had to stay informed about the ex- act skills that employers expected for different jobs. The teachers who super- vised the work release program were in- volved in both finding their students jobs and then making sure that both the student and employer were happy While the physical education teachers spent their time finding the best way to teach the fundamentals of each sport, the computer literacy teachers graded programs and kept up to date with the latest computer technology The band and orchestra teachers had to choose and review the music that they wished to perform. In addition to all of this daily home- work, many teachers had extra responsi- bilities such as sponsoring clubs or coaching athletic teams. A couple of teachers took on the enormous responsi- bility of sponsoring one of the two school publications. There was no doubt about it, the teachers at Andrews were definitely working hard to give the stu- dents the best education possible. :-: 5 ' C I W' wx x x? XT w x x A. S? X N Q X R I m A f s 'tra NNN xx , Sw E33 x N221 s me Y S N as W Q WLI""Y X XX z wRgX s ff H MRS. BARBARA OLI- VER - Artg Chairper- song Drama MRS. SARA QUINTO - Guidancep Free Lunchg Sophomore Class . . . MRS. DELORES RI- LEY - Mathematics, Assessment Commit- tee, Chairpersong Asst. Hospitality. . . MR. CHARLES ROAD- HOUSE - Sciencep Sci- enceg Supervision. MRS CARMELLE RUSSELL Media MR VIC SANNIOTA Mathematics Key Supervision MRS SUE SHINN PE X Health Track Basket ball Supervision MR LARRY SMITH Social Studies NFL Supervision F sten up Keyettes! Mrs. Patti Fonner takes time The sideline View Coach Herb Goins receives re- ,t of her busy schedule to be the adviser of the ports from the press box. fyettes. Faculty! 163 Behind the Scenes Filling in at pep rallies as cheerleaders and dressing up as orphans at a farewell dinner for Mr. Herb Hipps were just a few of the more memorable things that teachers did after school. Teachers also did a great deal of eating at everything from "Welcome Back" brunches to as- sorted luncheons throughout the year. All of the teachers also had hobbies that they liked to do in their spare time. Needlework, crafts and cross-stitching, along with keeping up with favorite col- lege or professional teams, were among the most popular pastimes. Some teach- ers also found the time to teach a night class at a local college. Of course, all of the teachers were devoted Red Raiders and could often be found at one of An- drews' games cheering the team on to victory """""M-W-4. wg HK' 'uf Werner r TEQ..r,.,..a f wr 'M 'W we. N110 uumfr 9, If ' when fopfgw 1, 1 UJ1..,.f... , .f,.,. 'gigs F1"4lulmnfn.,,. hwwwwu-hm-m""""'--au. .M r , Only wise ones know. Mrs. Elizabeth Kimbro pre- Little Orphan Eaglin. Ms. Sylvia Eaglin and Ms sents a cross-stitch she made for Mr. Hipps on the Marlene Chess harmonize their farewell to Daddy advent of his retirement. Raider Herb Hipps at his retirement dinner 164 I Faculty l'hat's Italian. Mr. Vic Iapri on a trip to 5 A 'Syst F, ' ' 5 ,'1,,LAjyfu.,x,.V4 s i A s W, 1 X' u "Y1""'H Firecracker, firecracker. This group of teachers visits the Isle of shows that they have just as much spirit as the students when it comes to pep rallies. 109' Jiw:i1.v". A- . xi? 4.1:- f ,fs 0, 1 . 5 r ' ' K ' I' t l I W.5.u.V?.kt.,Ain. - .LQ 'I iii Q Lending a helping hand. David Munday stays Aloha! Mrs. Sylvia Cates enjoys sun and blue wa- after class so he can get help from Ms. Angelica ters on her trip to Hawaii during the summer. McCormick. Faculty! 165 MRS. ELIZABETH TATE - Mathematicsg Asst. Iuniorettes . . . MS. BRENDA IO THOMAS - RE. Co- chairpersong Supervi- sion, Volleyball ... MRS. JOSEPHINE TROTMAN - Scienceg Sophomore Class . , . MRS. SUSAN VARNER-Mathemat- icsp NHSp Computer. MRS. FRANCES WALL - RE.!Healthp Asst. Basketballg Girls' Soccer: Supervision . . . MS. PEGGY WATSON - Math!Scienceg Ath- letic Trainer . . . MRS. CAROLYN WHITEY - Englishp Asst. Civin- ettesp Hospitality . . . MR. FRED WRIGHT - Electricityg VICAg Supervision. MRS. LOUISE STAN- LEY - Business!Mar- ketingg DECA . . . MRS. KAREN STRICKLAND - Mathematicsg Asst. Junior Class MRS. IACQUELINE SYKES - Spanish, Chairper- song Beta, Spanish. 4xf""' K . Ji ,w f ' Never a dull moment. jean Blevins never has a Cleaning up their act. Iohn Little and Ervin Poole moment to spare in the attendance office. pose for a picture while maintaining school clean- liness. 1661 Faculty 'ust three more pounds. Audrey Gray a cafeteria vorker, measures out the correct amount of flour o make a delicious cake. M , '- ai.. - P , as, , ' A' K. if e lf f,,f i i . 1 wc, WY x A Iafeteria Staff. Front row: Audrey Gray Mary -Iayes, Pat Talley. Back row: Carol Bradshaw, Donna Stanler, Pat Staton, Joanne Little, Fannie lobinson. Faces in the Crowd There were certain people at Andrews who contributed to the success of the school, but rarely received the recognition they deserved. This group included the custodians who were often seen in the halls. They put in long hours of hard work to keep our school clean and in top shape. The cafeteria staff was another impor- tant group on which Andrews depended. They worked extra hard to prepare meals for many students and faculty One could always get service with a smile from our capable cafeteria staff. Mrs. Iean Blevins played an important part in the everyday life at Andrews. In charge of attendance, bus drivers and checkouts, Mrs. Blevins has a lot of respon- sibilities. It wasn't always an easy job, but her cheerful disposition made even the worst situation easier. On November 29, Andrews said good-bye to Mrs. Blevins who had been a part of Andrews for six years. The 1985 REVERIE staff wishes her a fond farewell and much luck in her future endeavors. Even though they weren't in the lime- light, these people were very important to Andrews' well-being and much more than just "faces in the crowd." Faculty! 167 Busy, busy busy With FBLA activities 'Our newest inductee is . .. " Sabrina on their minds, Angie Tedden Tammy Shaffer Waits in the aisle to escort the Hayes, Teri Morgan and Ronda Whi- newest NHS inductee, David Gerson taker keep busy with several tasks. up to the stage. ,M unllnllslmsxen puns-'ww Iam on the Bison. With rumbles, roars and numerous cadences, the elite force of the marching band, better known as the drum section, marches into a pep rally before the football game against Central. UW A 'We ain't af d fS th St k S Cl b th eral memb fth A start of h H g P 01 show off thex oon-to-be first place float. Urganizations To really appreciate what Andrews was all about, one only needed to look at the many organizations. Energy and enthusi- asm seemed to overflow from the students as they organized projects and Worked to- ward goals throughout the year Selling candy cleaning grounds and building Homecoming floats were activities in which almost every organization took part, but it was their other endeavors which made each one different from the others. On top of things. Members of the Iuniorettes arrive Caught in the act. Angie Leary is stunned when a early to decorate the school for the Raiders' Home- coming against South Stokes. REVERIE photographer catches her off guard while painting Homecoming posters for the Iuniorettes. Hold on tight! Risking the chance of floating away Lori Gibson holds a bundle of balloons as she and Lisa O'Connel stand on the roof and decorate for Homecoming. 170 fluniorettes i. .kk- K K s Iuniorettes. Front row: Lynn Carroll fPres.7, Stephanie Rickard tPres.J, Paige Nance iVice-Presb, Gina Parker fSeC.J, lulia Atkinson tTreas,J. Znd row: Candy Cole, Laura Hitchcock, Ginger Yacuzzo, Allison Heilig, Hilary Ingraham, Stacey Cramer Brooke Farlow Gwynn Griffin, Sabrina Shaffer: Susan Erwin, Brenda Orchekowski, Lisa Misenheimer Leslie Kushner 3rd row: Kristine Daleo, Candi Hiatt, Stephanie Oxford, Andrea Deal, Lisa O'Connell, Tracey Dalton, jennifer Hedge, jennifer Needham, Kelly Sanniata, Iennifer Davis, Susan Schneider 4th row: Sherry Smith, Kristi Patterson, Betsy York, Tia Doai: Kate Duncan, Melisa Wardlaw Ashley Griffin, Cacy Kinney Karen john, Sarah Yates, Sharon Rowsey Teri Smith, Melinda Dennis, Shannon McBryde. row: Cyhele Martin, Ginger Payne, Lynn McCrav-4 Anne McArtl Michele Hobson, Ann Marie Pennisi, Lawan Huff, Tammy Child Melisa Dennis, Kathy Schneider, Iennifer Stack, Coleen Fiscl Shandel Motsinger 6th row: Cathy Nicopoulus, Iodi Combs, Tra- Bray Ginny Parnell, Angie Leary Kathy Meurs, Scott Bray Liz Harmon, Connie King, Susan Smith, Kristin Lohn Cheri Cum Angie Cornelison. Back row: julie Womble, Michelle Nordstrom, Whitehart, Iennifer Bodle, Amber Smoot, Karen Cashion, julie Coll Sandra Pleasner Ashley Hughes, Lori Gibson, Susanne Todd, Ne're not finished yet?' Ginger Payne and Julie ollins display the fatigue and headaches caused bv iilding the Iuniorettes' Homecoming float. ' aping up the 'body'! Michele Hobson and Coleen cher put the finishing touches on yet another lun- ttes Homecoming poster Having Fun With over 75 members the Iuniorettes helped more people, completed more tasks and had more fun than ever The club wrapped presents for the American Cancer Society and donated the money to the Cheer Fund at Christmas. The girls also provided our faculty with doughnuts during Teacher Appreciation Week. One of the highlights of the club's activi- ties was the decorating of the school for Homecoming. The hardworking bunch arrived at the school long before the sun came up and helped to get everyone in the Red Raider Homecoming spirit with their balloons, streamers and posters which were hung everywhere. With the supervision and support of their sponsors, Mrs. Winifred Cottam and Mrs. Libby Tate, and the dedication and hard work of the officers, the Iuniorettes definitely proved themselves to be more than just another service club. Iuniorettes!171 5 i T 'l 155' f if 5 Q w,iYtf3:,vL ,R 1 ,ti W We 5 gR1?3.,,' tt it Q1 Student Council. Front row: Allison Heilig fPres.J, Sabrina Shaffer CVice-Pres.J, Anita Beatty CS-ec.J, Giselle Jones CTreas.J. 2nd row: Lynn Carroll, Stacey Cramer Hilary Ingraham, julia Atkinson. 3rd row: jeff Mclnnis, Ieanna Baxter Melisa Dennis, Paula jenkins. 4th row: Kristin White, Si Yon Yu, Sarah Yates, Wendy Clark. Back row: Susan Schneider Arlisa Carey Cherie Currens, Laura Cadle. 172 ! Student Council Reagan and Mondale. David Bearce and jeff Grizzel Macy's Parade? Andrews' Student Council prepares take a break from debating at an out-of-town to give a Homecoming parade for the school. tournament, 3 it Hard at Work The Student Council and the National Forensic League were two very hard working classes. "Get the job done fast" was their motto. In the Student Council time was the key Every project or activity was on a tight schedule. The Student Council, sponsored by Mrs. Sherry Mewborn, planned Homecoming and the first Homecoming dance in several years. They also sold over 7,000 candy canes and raised S362 in the money jar contest for a family in need. This activity let all of the classes show their school spirit. Boys' Homecoming was another one of their big projects, along with special recognition weeks for the teachers and outstanding athletic teams. Besides planning school projects and activities the Student Council also had everyday responsibilities such as the daily announcements, the club bulletin board and the monthly calendar The Student Council was truly a group hard at work! The NFL, led by Mr Larry Smith, at- tended various tournaments where they competed in speech competition. The cate- gories included extemporaneous speak- ing, student congress, original oratory dra- matic interpretation, humorous interpreta- tion, Lincoln-Douglas debate and team debate. The team was very successful in their competitions and came home with many awards. The NFL was a group to be admired for their hard work and dedica- tion. NFL. Front row: David Bearce fPres.J, jeff Grizzel Nice-Pres.7, Amelia Stinson fSec.!Treas.J, Mr Larry Smith fAdviserJ. 2nd row: Robert Yates, Candy Cole, Lavinia Beacom, Tia Doaiz Kate Bearce, Carolyn Wagoner Tim Kak, Loren McCarter Back row: joe Stanley Linda Venable, Si Yon Yu, Tammy Cochran, Michael Martin, Terry Meinecke, Scott Post, jimmy Tanner NFL! 173 Building America' Tomorrow Toda The Vocational Industrial Clubs of America offered students the chance to en- hance their skills in the areas of auto me- chanics, carpentry electronics and indus- trial cooperative training. Each of the four areas had its sponsor, they were Mr. Mike Hunt, Mr. Nathaniel Bolds, Mr. Fred Wright and Mr David Essic, respectively In a contest on February 18 students tested their skills in a particular area against other students of the same skill level. From this contest an outstanding student advanced to the national competition. VICA also helped in the community by collecting food for a needy family at Christmas. In the spring a yard-sale and car wash were also planned to raise money for the Statue of Liberty restoration fund. The members of VICA were definitely planning for the future. ICE Front row: Teresa Watson, Eddie Rowe, Craig Smith, Tamblyn Michael, Shelia Rorie, Andre Hough. 2nd row: Vernell Morrison, Kenny Hough, Freddie Henderson, Wendy Cross, Dorothy Ware, Brian Cross, Keith Cochran, Scott Oxford, Estelle White, Mr 174 I VICA Carpentry Front row: Leroy Porter, Scott DeLapp, Gray Kenny Huff, Ben Thomas, William Walke Anita Russell, Ricky Gray Denise Smith, Mr. Nat Bac row: james MCLGHCIOD, K9V1l'1 LIAHYOIL SCO Bolds fAdviserD. 2nd row: Wayne Horne, Lonnie Hardee, Benson Rogers, lay Beal, Sterling Comb Slay Curt Varner Richard Andrews. Back row: Dani Mauldin, Tammy Cochran, David Anderson, Mr Fr Wright fAdviserJ. Electronics. Front row: Ierry Odenwelder, Erik Lundrigan, James Ward, Andy Iacobs, James Williford, Mark Lassiter 2nd row: joey White, jeff David Essic fAdviserJ. Back row: Michael Cashion, Kevin Cole, Tom johnson, Eric Sexton, Renee Saunders, Eddie Iones, Kevin Shore, Randy Lowery Demetrius Brown, james Hayes. It must be here somewhere. Mark Chappell h' difficulty sorting out nuts, bolts and screws in seard of the right one. Maybe if I disconnect this wire .. Mike Cashion finds himself arm deep in a van while working at Exxon. Read the instructions first, Mr Fred Wright shows Erik Lundrigan how important it is to know what hes doing before he starts as Andy -lacobs and james Williford look on. E - wil? Auto-Mechanics. Front row: Tim Gilchrest, Lynn Thomas, Mike McSwain, Allen McKenzie, Tony Barr Cliff Faulkner Craig Smith, Mike Cashion, Scott Clifton, Shelly Miller, Mark Chappell, Rachel Redwine, M11 Michael Hunt CAdviserJ. 2nd row: Chris Davis, Connie Styles, Archie Beavers, Wendell Alsbrooks, Danny Arnold, Ben Whitfield, Percy Ingram, Phillip Lewis, Ward Smith. 3rd row: Adrienne Phifer Darin Whitaker Shane Washam, Michelle Causey Anthony Ellen Ben Thomas, Troy Iarrett, David Anderson. 4rd row: Kevin Cole, Gary Holland, Ieff Landreth, Kenny Stevenson, Billy Easterling, Cindy Styles, Billy White, Maurice Spagnola, Keith Lamb. Back row: Danny Mauldin, Kenneth Buxton, William Boyles, jerry Painter Tim DeFriece, Gene DeHart, David Doss, Tony Passmore, Les McClain, jamie Clifton. ICT I 175 Organized Assistance The need for assistance was usually great, and whenever there was a need, the Junior Jaycees or the Key Club could be depended on to lend a hand. The Junior Jaycees' main event of the year was the annual blood drive, which was always a success due to the hard work and time devoted to the project. With Mr Lloyd Bragoz as sponsor the club was also involved in the selling of bird seed in co- operation with the Environmental Center. Also involved in community service was the Andrews Key Club. With Mr Vic Sanniota as sponsor the Key Club showed their school spirit and sense of caring by participating in many community and school activities. Both of these clubs were very involved and showed their true car- ing for the people in their community 176 I Junior Jaycees E' i ' MM N Junior Jaycees. Front row: Jeff Sims QPres.7, Garry Burnett fVice-Pnesj, Jimmy Tanner fSec.J, Mr Lloyd Bragoz CAdviserJ. 2nd row: Tommy Hodgin, Chris Horne, Bruce Jackson, Mark Dawkins, Cameron Boulware, Tony Barr 3rd row: Ward Smith, David Gerson, Roger Sims, Mark Butler Mark Cecil, Tod Burnett. Back row: Anthony Pennisi, Jeff Hepler Je goacgames Ward, David Bearce, Keith Anderson, Je mit . ving the gift of life. Mr Lloyd Bragoz donates void, knowing that his concern 'will help others in First things first. Ronnie Lewis gets his temperature checked before he gives blood. -5.3 V Club. Front row: Ieff Eaton CVice-Pres.J, Frank iesse fSec,J, Mark Beck CPres.J, Danny Abraham -as.J. 2nd row: Billy Koontz, Paul Lyddon, Matt e, Loren McCarte13 Pat Howard, David Meredith, nry Hair Ieff Thrana, Anthony Difiocggio, David son, Mike Banesse, Mike Lovelace. 3r row: Doug dson, Steve Sexton, Rick Compton, Michael rtin, Kevin Shore, Mike Hoover, Brent rrington, Shane Hoffman, Kris Gunn, Scott Tren, Brad Hedrick, Robert Smith, Ieff Grizzel. 4th row: David Howard, Robert Martin, Mike Kohlen Scott Post, Scott Hardee, Kyle Bellamy Chuck Greenfield, Rusty Evans, Iohn Kennett, Kevin Wiley 5th row: Ioe Iordan, Don Perryman, Ricardo Lopez, Eddie Greene, Gordy Arnold, Mike Mathai, Chris Smith, Robert Petty Scott Blue, Mark Cecil. Back row: Denny Whitman, David Reagan, Kevin Odenwelden David Wilson, Zack Cecil, Del Fosten Craig Smith, Eric Burch, Chris Clapp, jeff Smith, Tim Jarrett, jeff Billingsly Helping hands. Ieff Sims and james Ward lend assistance to a Red Cross worker during the In Iaycees annual blood drive. Key! 177 J n the Right Foot The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Pep Club and the Environmental Club added new life and enthusiasm to Raider Pride. A The FCA met twice a month on Monday nights and attended various churches in the community throughout the year Led by Mr Hugh Gordon, they collected food for a needy family at Christmas. Their goal was to reach out and draw athletes closer to Christ. The Pep Club, sponsored by Mr Henry Hicks, attended the athletic events. They sat together at games and helped the cheerleaders get the fans fired up. They added the extra "pizzaz" needed at the var- ious athletic events. The Environmental Club worked forthe benefit of the community under the lead- ership of Mrs. Iosephine Trotman. They traveled to nursing homes where they spread cheer among the residents. The En- vironmental Club also participated in pro- jects for the improvement of our commu- nity Two of a kind. Sam Sanders and Donald Bohannon show that they have as good a friendship off the field as on. 17 8! Environmental-Pep Pep Club. Front row: Cameron Boulware fPres.D, Princess Nilen tVice-Pres.J, Andrea Garrison CSec.D, Tonya Bowie fTreas.J. 2nd row: Cassandra Baker Eunice Hill, Wanda McClerkin. 3rd row: Stacy Franklin, Cinnamon Hunter Donna Dawkins, Stacy Ingram, Takeia Smith. 4th row: Shelia Rorie, Katr Williams, Kim Dunlap, Amanda Barrino, Traq Iones. Back row: M11 Henry Hicks CAdviserJ, M Dawkins, Arlisa Carey Deric Stubbs, Leshia Sell Rodney Ingram, Adrinell Washington. Environmental Club. Fnont row: Tonya Bowie CPres.J, Cameron Boulware CVice-Pres.J, Tonya Trotman tSec.J, Mark Dawkins tTreas.j. 2nd row: Princess Nilen, Amanda Barrino, Wallace Powell, Michelle Wil Mrs, Iosephine Trotman fAdviserJ. Back row: Eun Hill, Deric Stubbs, Michaela Brewington. Lharing stories. Kristin White, Mrs. Elizabeth limbro, Iennifer Davis and Zack Cecil swap stories nd laughs while Patsy Cannon is busy with omething else. Q . g ts X 105- 0' in W tx , , . . W .Q ' -te" ef C M y N. ,- .-.. A .i K. ,- H ' as K , i gf tiitl , CA. Front row: William Walker CPres.J, Danny ,braham fVice-Presb, Mike Herndon CSec.J, Bryan aine fTreas.J. 2nd row: Todd McIntosh, Steve hompson, Darren Nosal, Roger Sims, Ieff Sims, Matt lue, Mike Banesse, Mike Daleo, Kyle Bellamy Kevin atton. 3rd row: Wendell Alsbrooks, Paul Metters, Tim Iarrett, Chris Horne, Frank Banesse, Kristin White, Connie King, Patsy Cannon, james Sirmons, Coach Hugh Gordon CAdviserJ. Back row: Michael Martin, Craig Smith, Tony Stevens, Scott Hardee, Terry Green, Del Fosten Iohn Wagonen Zack Cecil. 5 , X C hd' Dig in! Coach Hugh Gordon helps himself to a snack at the FCA Christmas party FCAl179 Helping Hands The Anchor Club was an extremely busy organization. Whether it was helping those in need or just having a good time together this club always seemed to have something to do. Their activities included dressing dolls and stuffing stockings for the Salvation Army and helping put up Christmas decorations at a local nursing home. As busy as they were with helping oth- ers, the officers and the advisers, Mrs. Anne Ioyner and Mrs. Angelica McCor- mick, took some time out for social activi- ties. One of these activities was the An- chor-Compass Club Banquet at Central, in which the boys of the Compass Club at Central and the Anchor Club here at An- drews got together to eat and just have fun. The Civinettes was another of the many service clubs at Andrews. The girls spent much time at the A.R.C., a center for re- tarded children. At Thanksgiving the members gave fruit baskets and at Christ- mas, presents to the children. One of the major projects the club participated in was the Student-of-the-Month bulletin board which honored students with outstanding hobbies or talents that were relatively un- known. Some of the Civinettes' social activities included a pizza party after school and a Christmas banquet at Quincys. The Civinettes, along with their advis- ers, Mrs. Gail Hatcher and Mrs. Carolyn Whitley had a very successful year Anchor Club. Front rowz- Kay Davis fPres.j, Audrea Saunders CVice-Pres.J, Vanessa Allen CSec.J, Alicia Shavis fTreas.J, Tanya Trotman, Lisa Cash. 2nd row: Mrs. Angelica McCormick tAdviserJ, Dawana Dunn, Penny Payne, Ericka Reid, April Tate, Vonda Martin, Tijuana Easter, Eljuana Barrier, Renee Williamson, Carolyn Little, Wendy McCluney 3rd row: Adrian Brown, Nadine Wellington, Denise Smith, Tanya Bowie, Christie Hardin, Michelle Willis, Lisa Bolds, Carla Hayes, Charlisa Bullard, Nancy Bell. Back row: Anna Reynolds, Tonya Davis, Arlisa Carey Giselle Jones, Delores Gainey Amelia Baldwin, Jackie McCluney Tammy Boyce, Lisa Springs, Stephanie McCall. 180! Anchor ftLr'1Nf"" 2.5. -, l U I Student of the month. The Civinettes' bulletin board Making a stand. Alesia Shavis gives out important spotlights students whom they feel deserve a special club news to the Anchor Club. notice for their achievements. f'C25Q.fRL.S EBTUDEM at shows-i 1 Leanne :J 5 ' EQQQSYIYXS li-kr -3' own Grew Civinettes. Front row: Wendy Clark CPres,J, Sandra Harrison Nice-Presb, Renee Williamson tSec.b, Tia Bates CTreas.J. 2nd row: Ericka Hatcher Ericka Reid, Christie Hardin, Vonda Martin, Tijuana Easter April Tate, Anita Franklin, Robin Green. 3rd row: Lynn Leonard, Kim Gosnell, Carol Hazelwood, Nancy Bell, Penny Payne, Melissa Wardlaw Michelle Willis, Charlisa Bullard, Teresa Boyd. Back row: Audrey Thomas, Karen Hall, Heather Thaler Shane Byerly Angela Quick, Carla Hayes, Tonya Alsbrooks, Metia Binkney Evette Kirkpatrick, Eurika Glover Stephanie McCall. Civinettes!181 5 3 3 ! Capturing the spirit. jan Boling, Tracey Lamb, Kelly Who br0l1ghf the nails? The Keyette Homecomin O'Brien and Dawne Rudd show their Raider Spirit 35 float is in good hands as Holly Beck, Laura Cadle an they decorate the gym during Homecoming. Kelly O'Brien put on the finishing touches. 2 f -is. . . i , l 1 4. re Q 1 , ff 1. Ma" i' - re---few me-.t-..w ' - f- v K . , "k' .Q 'PS . 'ETF H A - thee: iifffi W S ' t A e L ' Y 3,1 , K . 1 , t 1 l X5 tr . . 1 -W - .c .ab .M .ii'i'1w 4 ,.u - . 1: ., 'QTVHQ " ' ,Q H 'K 'f' 'Q is f- Nw f A V -A , ' M X, L fi' N Q f-J el ' '-.xgf 59,5 1 fu, 'Zi - .fp Q1 'r - A, Q . R .DQS Q: -iiltiagzgt g -,"'r:- J 'M F'ff1f""f2f15'f' 2 ' 1 --2. V me K f 'rt ' "reef-..g.. 2 A At1,s1Qfapg,f , .Tu e Q tT.."rs , ' r 's.5ss5.g,'g 4 - 'W'5fai.5?'f x ' 'K -X, .g5E1isI-4 t ' tf1i'tfFi1l 14 11fN1 1 K . I-5"" , M .. p , . X ik kg - K-qi . 'K of ' :M A V N ext, gf A . W x i . To 4 8 i - , -Q. V ' ,MW 3 ' -.N..p- .tt . - W, -yo-..w-w ,.wt-.s-sg.FUi0-emuwwr'm"t"Wmrwr1eQe'ef v 6 , I .new 5-Q' pa, . K A I if 2: A .. .Je Keyettes. Front row: Holly Beck fPres.j, jan Boling iSec.j, Patti Bean fSgt. of Armsj, Carole Snider Nice-Presj, Amelia Stinson 1Treas.j. 2nd row: Annette Powers, Debbie Spagnola, Heather Lewis, Kelly Driggers, Emily Cox, jennifer Hightower Ashley McDonald, Suzanne Rice, Lisa Ledbetten Lavinia Beacom, Melissa Brockway jennifer Weber Patti Welch. 3rd row: Kerry Boyer Ioan jernigan, Patsy Cannon, Kelly O'Brien, julie Shelton, Vonda Martin, Melisa Wardlaw Candy Cole, Anna Kelley Dawne Rudd, So Yon Yu, Amy Rice, 4th row: Alicia Smith, Susan Chernault, Si Yon Yu, Kim Sloop, Pam Barnes, April Tate, Eljuana Barrier Bella Wimmer Veronica Fordyce, Lisa Shusky Melissa Saunders, Dawana Dunn, Tawana Easter 5th row: Lesley Cashatt, Laura Cashatt, Michelle Blevins, Barbara Cannon, Anna Stinson, Melissa McGee, Karen Hensley Kim Cave, Amy Roddy, Bradna Bowers, Angie Burleson, jennifer Cortin, Caml Thompson. 6th row: Alice Hardison, Paula jesten Alesia Shavis, Sonya Post, Tara Boyer Amy johnson, julie Wagner Tammy Duncan, Anita Beatty Ericka Reid, Giselle jones, Kay Davis, Audrea Saunders, Lisa Cash. 7th row: Ms. Patti Fonner tAdviserj, Kathy Hill, Dana Wimmei: Tammy Lewis, Sherry Miller Laura Cadle, Karen Quinto, Marni Lessa, Phil Kak, Christy Hoppe, Stephanie Wilson. Back row: Paula jenkins, jeanna Baxter Belinda Duncan, Vanessa Robertson, LeAnne Davidson, jeri Strickland, Kelly Stone, Catherine Highbaugh. 182! Keyettes if .,.--X kre you getting all of this? So Yon Yu and :ole listen carefully at a Keyette meeting. Candy Operation Football Player. Holly Beck and 1161 take time out from the preparation of the Homecoming float. Cooperation The Keyettes were a key group in school and community service. Decorating the school for the Central game and spending time with the children at Mills Home were just two of the club's many projects. Despite dismal weather the members helped make Day in the Park a success. They also began the schools beautification project by planting tulip bulbs in front of the school. At Christmas the Keyettes rang bells for the Salvation Army and wrapped presents for the American Cancer Society Later for Teacher Appreciation Week the club gave the teachers balloons that were attached to a dish of candy kisses. Only the dedicated officers and the adviser Ms. Patti Fonner, could have led the 91-member club to have had such a great year. Everyone's caring and cooperation made the Keyettes a leading club at Andrews. Keyettes!183 UN Chorus. Front row: Sharon Morrison, Emily Cox, Christy Hoppe, Michelle Williams, Charles Huntley Bert Roberts, Ronald Phifen Ann Gilchrist, Rikki Ellerbee, Angie Brown, Ms. Edith Mauney 1Directorl. 2nd row: Andrea Zimmerman, Suzanne Rice, Christy O'Dell, Stacey Franklin, Stefhon Cave, Scottie Ingram, Melissa Morrison, Carla Wilson. 3rd row: Carol Stanley Kelli Blake, Paula Iester Patti Bean, Cedric Walton, Patrick Gilchrist, Tammy Johnson, jackie McCallum, September Vance. 4th row: Stacie Oglesby Toshia Davis, Mark Lassiter Scott Dockery Iimmy Scott, Iimmy Teen Karen Hall, Tracey Austin, Eurika Glover, Back row: Dawn Hedrick, Marika Skaggs, Ann Monroe, Tammy Coleman, Sharon Lindsay Rodney Ingram, Tim Brown, Tracia Carter Carmen Boyd. 184! Chorus In the spotlight. The ghoms Performs a Christmas Name that tune. Making music is serious business for program for the student bgdy Carole Snider and LeAnne Davidson. tglii... Orchestra. Front row: Miss Vanessa Howerton tDirectorJ, Delia Rhodes, jamie Snow Catherine Highbaugh, Robert Runion, Carole Snider LeAnne Davidson, Amber Holbrook, Alisa Gray 2nd row: Amy Johnson, Tabatha Brown, David Rumley Carol Thompson, Andreana Leach, Carol Robinson, Tilia jones, Tabatha Ewings, Shannon McBryde, Susanne Todd. Back row: Tammy Gibson, Sean Graham, Mark Thomasson, Daphne Rohrer Bryant Mack. Performance Performing came naturally to members of the chorus. With the help of Ms. Edith Mauney the chorus reached new heights on the musical scale. The chorus put on many shows for the student body and parents. They also performed at Christmas at Westchester Mall. The chorus experimented with different styles of songs and presentations. The orchestra presented the image of organization and class. Under Miss Vanessa Howerton, the orchestra performed several shops for the parents and student body They also performed at Westchester Mall at Christmas, at elementary schools and at the Spring Arts Festival which was a combination of the Andrews and Central orchestras. The quartet, consisting of Delia Rhodes, Iamie Snow, Carole Snider and LeAnne Davidson, also played at the Beta Club inductions. Both the chorus and orchestra exhibited much talent. These two groups were definitely going places. sa F . And a one, and a two. Miss Vanessa Howerton directs the orchestra in another piece of music. Orchestra I 185 Making it official. Garry Burnett makes his induction into French Honor Society complete as he signs his name into the Honor Book. --.,,, 4 KWQNW .':-.JEAlv- What's in there? Members of the French Club peer into a fountain at Biltmore House while Loren McCarter kneels over for a closer look. 186!French-French Honor French Honor Society. Front row: Ionathan Runion, Giselle jones, Garry Burnett. 2nd row: Allison Heilig, jan Boling, Gina Parker, April Shuler, Annette Powers, Lisa Cole. 3rd row: Susan Erwin, Erik Lundrigan, Eddie Rafalski, Bergeda Long, Tracy Timberlake, Wendi Combs. 4th r Me-lisa Dennis, Leslie Kushner, Loren McCa Coleen Fischer, Ieff Thrana, So Yon Yu, K Boyer. Back row: Brian Philyawy Iimmy Tan Veronica Caldwell. French Club. Front row: Garry Burnett, Allison Heilig, Susan Erwin, Brenda Orchekowski, Erik Lundrigan, Zack Cecil, April Shuler, So Yon Yu, Wendi Combs, 2nd row: Kelly Blake, jamie Snow Timmy Gilmore, Kristin White, Coleen Fischer, Darren Nosal, Brooke Farlow, Gina Parker, Carol Thompson, Annette Powers, Carole Snider, Catherine Highbaugh. 3rd row: Candy Cole, Dawana Dunn, Giselle Jones, Kim Woods, Iennifer Hightower, jan Boling, Lawanna Huff, Amber Smoot, Susan Smith, LeAnne Davidson, Paula Iesten Debra Black, 4th row: Brett Cramer: Christy Hoppe, Betsy York, Kristi Patterson, Leslie Kushner: Michelle Goshen, Dawne Rudd, Sandi Richardson, Iennifer Davis, Lynda Harmon. Shannon Lewin, Kelly Sanniota, Connie King. 5th row: Del Foster, Kyle Bellamy Peter Farmer, Laura Cashatt, Le: Cashatt, Kristi Murray Kate Bearce, Si Yon Yu, Alicia Smith, Berg: Long, Tracy Timberlake, Tim Kak, Wendy McCluney, Aud Saunders. 6th row: Ieri Strickland, Brent Whittington, Me Dennis, Iimmy Tannen Loren McCarten Mike Kohler: jeff Thr John Kennett, Rusty Evans, Eddie Rafalski, Mike McSwain, Ai' Butler, Todd Burnett, Hauke Clausen-Schauman. Back row: K Duncan, Tia Doar, Scott Warren, Ionathan Runion, Brian Phily Karen john, Susan Hamett, Amy Whitehart, David Reagan, So Pugh, Ion Willis, Brent Harrington, Chris Blackman, Tammy Lev George McLarty, Chad Futrell, Marty Snider, Brent Walser, Do Blackman, Janish Honor Society. Front row: Sabrina 3rd row: Chris Horne, Danny Abraham, David iaffer, Frank Banesse, Hilary Ingraham, Roger Wilson, Lynn Carroll, Nancy Andrews, Bradna ms. 2nd row: Mike Dejonge, Holly Beck, Bowers, Iennie Lundrigan.Back row: Kay Davis, acey Cramer, Iulia Atkinson, Michele Hobson. LiSa CHSY1, A165121 ShaviS, Andrea Th0ma5- mish Club. Front row: Frank Banesse, Hilary Ingraham, vrina Shaffer, Eddie Greene. 2nd row: Tracey Mann, Stacey imer, Lynn Taylor Sherri Wilson, Shellie Smith, Kim Loutz, ke Banesse, Candy Hiatt, Aaron Caple, Rikki Ellerbee, Mark 'ton. 3rd row: Danny Abraham, jeff Sims, David Gerson, julia zinson, Holly Beck, David Wilson, Scott Post, Kris Gunn, nda Baker, Rhoda Baker, Adrian Phifer, Mark Dawkins, iessa Robertson. 4th row: Darren Steelman, Eric Medlin, iana Barrier, Carol Wilson, Brian Mauldin, Shane Hoffman, n Marie Pennisi, julie Shelton, Lynn McCraw Melissa McGee, uber Holbrook, Sandria Plessner, Cinnamon Hunter Sth row: Kelly O'Brien, Kelly Driggers, Tracey Lamb, Iames Collins, Mike Hoover Iennifer Corton, Kim Craven, Tracey Branson, Karen Taylor, Paula jenkins, Lori Duff, Tonya Davis, Cameron Boulware. 6th row: Stacey Franklin, September Vance, Tim Tilley, David Petrus, Iason Smith, David Thompson, Chris Horne, Michael Martin, Robert Petty Henry Hare, Iohn Wagoner Suzanne Todd, Shannon McBryde. Back row: Mike Quinto, Tommy Hodgin, Rudy Isaac, Mike Little, Darren Vanderhall, Penny Payne, Rudy Dockery Ieff Burton, Ricardo Lopez, Jeff Smith, Bradna Bowers, Bryant Mack. Hola or Bonjour Those who thought they had mastered English tried their hand at a foreign language. Students taking either Spanish or French could join the respective club. Evidently, both Spanish and French students seemed to be interested in continuing their exposure to their chosen language outside of the classroom, since the French and Spanish clubs were two of the largest clubs at Andrews. The French Club, under the guidance of Dr. Don Arnold, and the Spanish Club, under the guidance of Mrs. Iacqueline Sykes and Mrs. Benicia Hernandez, informed the students about other cultures. Both the French Club and Spanish Club had an honor society for those who were more fluent in their chosen foreign language. I.,-,,,.,,..,..-,,.,-.QA pau Congratulations! Allison Heilig receives congratulations from her father and Mrs. Martha Shuler on her induction into the French Honor Society Spanish-Spanish Honor! 187 Recognizing Excellence Many students who excelled in a par- ticular academic area were recognized for this by induction into the Math Hon- or Society or the Beta Club. The recently formed Math Honor So- ciety recognized students with a special ability in math. For membership, one had to have an overall average of 3.0 and a 3.5 in math, with seniors to be enrolled in Advanced Math and juniors in at least Algebra II. With the help of Mrs. Susan Varner, Mrs. Elizabeth Kimbro and Mrs. Patti Fonner, these people were given much deserved recognition. The National Beta Club also granted recognition to those deserving of it. For induction into the Beta Club, a junior had to have maintained a 3.5 average while seniors must have earned a 3.0 academic average. With Mrs. Jacqueline Sykes' assistance the Beta Club present- ed the chance for these many hard workers to receive a pat on the back. Another special-interest group was the Science Club, which gave members a chance to put their energy into one of their favorite fields. With Mr. Charles Roadhouse as the adviser, this organiza- tion gave its own special recognition to its members by letting them showcase their talent in a very different field. 188 I Beta-Science ,..i, - 94, g 3514499 ..., . Z Science Club. Front row: So Yon Yu, Jimmy Tanner, Andrea Thomas. 2nd row: Kate Bearce, Eric Medlin, Frank Banesse, Jeff Thrana, Kathy Schneider, Jennifer Stack, Amber Smoot, Amelia Stinson, Amy Rice. 3rd row: Si Yon Yu, Debbie Spagnola, Chris Clapp, Loren McCarter, G Burnett, Danny Abraham, Del Foster, Steve Rusty Evans. Back row: Chad Futrell, Paul Lyd Ricardo Lopez, Mark Cecil, Chris Smith, A Butler, Geoffrey Gibbs, Todd Burnett. Beta Club. Front row: David Gerson, Annette Powers, Pam Barnes, Mike Delonge. 2nd row: Giselle Jones, Lynn Carroll, Eddie Greene, Gina Parker, Robert Martin, Brooke Farlow, Hilary Ingraham, Nancy Andrews, Allison Heilig, Julia Atkinson, Frank Banesse, Tracy Timberlake, Felica Boyd. 3rd row: Christy Hoppe, Holly Beck, Patsy Cannon, Tammy Hayes, Stacey Cramer, Susan Tucker, Lisa Misenheimer, Leslie Kushner, Ronda Whitaker, Stephanie Council, Veronica Caldwell, Stephanie Rickard, Sabrina Shaffer, Lisa Cash, LuAnne Heather, Shelia Crosby Bergeda Long, Kerry Boyer. 4th row: Heather Lewis, Debbie Spagnola, Carole Snider, Eljuana Barrier, Coleen Fischer, Jennifer Hightower, Kelly Driggers, Amy 2 Rice, So Yon Yu, Andrea Thomas, Danielle Peters, Jeanna Bal April Shulen 5th row: Julie Buie, Anne McArthur, Michele Hoi: Melisa Dennis, Roger Sims, Rusty Evans, Jeff Sims, Da Abraham, Chuck Greenfield, Delia Rhodes, Belinda Dun Amelia Stinson, Tammy Lewis. 6th row: Jonathan Runion, E Rafalski, Loren McCarter, Garry Burnett, Jeff Thrana, Jir Tanner, Chris Smith, Vanessa Allen, Alesia Shavis, Aui Saunders, Kay Davis. Back row: Jeff Eaton, Steve Gray D Bearce, James Ward, David Wilson, Kevin Patton, Chris Clapp Jordan, Maurice Cotton, David Hough. 2 e wonders of modern technology. Members of -Science Club are entranced by the latest medi- Anxiety. New Beta Club inductees wait for their advances on their visit to the hospital in De- names to be called so that their membership will fiber. be official. va --Q"-Q.. me ...aww af- 'Q Um li' 1 Honor Society. Front row Michael Delonge, Rudy lsaac, 1 Carroll, Sabrina Shaffer, Hilary lngraham, April Shuler, Holly , Andrea Thomas, Kerry Boyer, Lisa Cash, 2nd row: Carole er, Pam Barnes, David Gerson, David W1lson,jet'fS1ms, Patsy ion, Kevin Patton, David Bearce 3rd row Steve Gray Amy Kelly Driggers, Ioyce Robinson, Sandi Richardson, Iulie Buie, Belinda Duncan, ln Sun Yuh, Amelia Stinson, 4th row: Maurice Cotton, Anne McArthur, Michele Hobson, So Yon Yu, Coleen Fischer, Melisa Dennis, Tracey Lamb, Tammy Lewis Back row DannyAbral'1am, Roger Sims, Loren McCarter, Garry Burnett, Jeff Thrana,1immy'Ianner, Eddie Ratalski, Rusty Evans, David Stone, .wa-Q Another formality As President of the Beta Club, David Gerson realizes the importance and prestige that accompanies membership into the Beta Club. Math Honor!189 When there's work to be done . . . Jamey Stevens gets serious when he is on the job at Food Lion. Planning Ahead Several clubs at Andrews were for those who wanted to gain insight into the world that awaited them. Members of Distributive Education Clubs of America, Future Business Leaders of America and Future Homemakers of America were given this opportunity and used it to the fullest. The FBLA, sponsored by Ms. Ann Measmer, presented its members with an opportunity to see the business world and have a hand in running it. The experience gained by FBLA members was well received and could be used in later careers. The FHA and its advisers, Mrs. Alice Spruill and Mrs. Sarah Adams, spent much time helping others while they learned for themselves. Visiting Lamb's Nursing Home was one of the many functions in which this club participated which showed their care and concern. DECA, led by Mrs. Louise Stanley and Mrs. Marion Erath, offered students the chance to see the working community up close and to learn from what they saw. From this exposure to the world and projects they performed, this group learned how to better prepare themselves for the future. 1901 DECA DECA. Front row: Troy Anthony fHistorianJ, Stephanie Carew fTreas.5, Andrea Wilson 1Co- Pres.j, Sharon McCarthy fCo-Pres.J, Rachel Elliott fSec.J, Dena Handy QChaplainJ. 2nd row: Bridgett Baldwin, Sharon Mills, Anita Beatty, Patience Thomasson, Robert Howard, Pam McLaurin, jackie McCallum. 3rd row: Michael Kearse, Kenny 3 Parker, Lisa Mack, Princess Nilen, Sharon Broo Lorraine Mclnnis, Sheila Crosby Rhonda Qui Leshia Sellers, Tammy Eads, Lorrie Armfie Sandra Marion, Kim Craver, Ieri Strickland. B row: Bryon Hinson, Bryan Hall, Brian Row Rodney Hensley Jamey Stevens, Barry Grif Neal Griffin, Carmen Boyd, Melissa Morrison, at Roses. mer service. Shelia Crosby can always be This little light of mine. As the candles shine, the hard at work behind the Customer Service newly inducted officers for FBLA read their pledge. wg :oil its -. SS HA. Front row: Alesia Shavis CPres.D, Lisa Cash Dawana Dunn, Vickie MCR39f Eu1'1iC9 Hill, Toshia 'ice-Pres.J, Kay Davis QCo-Sec.J, Amanda Barrino DHViSf KaffiC0 WiggiI1S, Evelyn DiXOI1f Iesica fo-Sec.J, Bergeda Long CTreas.J. Back rowg Wardlaw Ronnie Wall, Audrea Saunders. 1 C . ,,,r Q Ml it " ,,vv.- i W 'ff We 'fi .. . The fine art of cooking. Members of FHA learn how to prepare delicious dishes. FBLA. Front row: Ronda Whitaker CPres,J, jeff Sims CVice-Pres.j, Susan Tucker 1Sec.D, Stephanie Wilson CTreas.J, Diane Hensley fReporterJ, Tammy Hayes fReporterJ. 2nd row: Wendy Gibson, Tracey Mann, Teresa Horne, Rhoda Baker, Shepell Brand. 3rd row: Vanessa Allen, Rebecca Reynolds, Gail Adams, Delores Gainey Kim Simmons. Back row: Teri Morgan, Lynn Way Teresa Blevins, Lisa Cole, Melissa Saunders. FHA-FBLA! 191 A dynamic duo. Shandel Motsinger and Ginger Payne work hard to prepare for their next dead- line. SMOKE SIGNAL Staff. Front row: Shandel Motsinger fliditor-in-Chiefj, Robert Martin fBusiness Editorj, Eddie Greene, Robert Petty, Back row: Alesia Shavis, Melissa Chiles, Gina Parker, Ginger Payne, Sarah Yates, Mike Lovelace, Pat Howard, Dawana Dunn. 192lSMOKE SIGNAL wif Eusy as bees. Photographers, Robert Petty and ddie Greene, look over their work as the rest of he SMOKE SIGNAL staff does the same. 1-U51-. Putting ideas on paper. Pat Howard, with the assistance of Robert Petty adds another good thought to the layout of the Christmas edition of ,the SMOKE SIGNAL, Xfgflf? W its .,...ns4 if V 1 , fl, I I l Getting the job done. Editor Shandel Motsinger careful y arranges information on the pages of the SMOKE SIGNAL. 0 Getting the News to ou Everyday the SMOKE SIGNAL staff met seventh period to put together articles and pictures that would come together as the SMOKE SIGNAL, Andrews' own newspaper. The SMOKE SIGNAL's task was keeping the student body informed on school matters, as well as providing editorials and provoking thought by the students. Heading the SMOKE SIGNAL was Adviser Sandra Duez, Editor-in-Chief Shandel Motsinger and Business Editor Robert Martin. Robert Petty and Eddie Greene were the SMOKE SIGNAL pho- tographers. Whenever a new story of interest broke, the SMOKE SIGNAL was there, getting all of the details and reporting them to the students. SMOKE SIGNAL! 193 Saxophones. Front row: Laura Saunders, Kelly Driggers, Nino Leach, Michelle Blevins. 2nd row: Carolyn Wagoner, George Moore, jerry Odenwelder, Michael Council. Back row: Todd Drum Majors. Mitchell Harper and James Ward. Burnett, Wayne Beech, lim Derue, Bruce jackson. Percussion. Front row: Chris Horne, Travis Fo 2nd row: Jeff Eaton, Mark Cecil, Scott Post, IN Mathai, Chris Smith, Wendy Clark. Back row: 'I Barr, Ierry Benjamin, Dexter Hayes, Edu Iackson, Billy Koontz. 194 I Band I ...A Let's groove tonight. Under the guidance of Mr. john Burns, the music of the marching band ech- oes in perfect harmony throughout the stadium. Do the side-step! Drum Major james Ward sho his fancy footwork while keeping the rest of band members in rhythm. ..llE I Trumpets. Front row: Dwane Hamby, Wendi fombs, Billy Currens, Michael Fox, Ann Marie 'ennisi, April Shuler, Kevin Odenwelder. 2nd ow: Chad Futrelle, Pam Patrick, Antoine Boone, Ioe Hopper, Brooke Farlow Eddie Greene. Back row: Billy Nixon, Chris Clapp, Iohn Kennett, Buck Stevenson, Iulius Stone, Hauke Clausen- Schauman. Iames Dixon. Clarinets. Front row: Lisa Shusky Linda Venable, Vlichelle Prince, Giselle jones, Laura Bartlett, Phil iak, jennifer Hightower, Holly Beck. 2nd row: Qaren Briggs, David Stone, Shelia Rorie, Si Yon Yu, Kim Craven, Annette Powers, Susan Chernault, Tara Parnell. Back row: Evette Kirkpatrick, Shelia Thompson, Dana David, Kristi Murray Cindy Payne, Eric Medlin, Kim Sloop, Kate Bearce. I X l I ft? ,A jf - ov-'lt ji W 'liiAX'pL4lV lumpy O-JFX '-fll T. H ,LQ t .www i IXCUA Q I L' lkfw xv' -xg fl L's,DC'j K .ri S -occ Q, fleet so A U f ll ' 4 . T- V it 3 r . fx GJDXC cz-6 Vidwi HW W. tid tggse A Cnr K A tai xi' V If-ymgfxjpx Xi Q., Q: can A 'X , t XXKLTXJNJ if i 1 ! aking Music Making music was the major objective of the band, and over 200 students took part in the band program at Andrews. Under the leadership of Director Iohn Burns, and drum majors, Iames Ward and Mitchell I-Iarper, the band played at over ten football games, marched in four parades, gave two concerts and had a March-a-thon. The band got off to a rough start with so many new members promoted from the ninth grade band. But, as usual, they performed with perfection throughout the season, with more than 160 mem- bers, including the Raiderettes and the Majorettes. All of these events didn't happen without practice. At the beginning of football season, the band practiced four nights a week for two hours in prepara- tion for the half-time show on Friday nights. But all of the practices paid off as the fans went wild when the band per- formed another flawless show. This was just another part of the Andrews tradi- tion continued. The Raiderettes and Majorettes were a big part of the band. The twirling of the flags and the spinning of batons gave an added effect to the band's appearance. All of these accomplishments came as no surprise to the fans of the "Andrews Band" because they knew the tradition would be carried on from the years past. Flutes. Front row: Yolanda Wade, Lori Duff, Anita Russell, Kelly Thornton, Kerry Boyer, Iill Stevenson, Andrea Beck, Shannon Watkins. 2nd row: Teresa jones, Iulie Shelton, Dawne Rudd, Ian Boling, So Yon Yu, Amy Rice, Kristin Lohr, Crystal Brannon, Stennetti Stewart. Back row: Tonya Trotman, Patricia johnson, Gloria Evans, Alicia Smith, Audrea Thomas, Cynthia Grayson. Bandl195 In Perfect Harmon The band shined throughout the year. One highlight for the band was being invited to march in the inaugural parade for the new governor in Raleigh on Ian- uary 5. Another was the Mooresville pa- rade, in which the band Won the S500 first place award. In the High Point parade they also won first place and received a trophy At the parades the band definitely felt Iack Frost nipping at their toes while waiting for their place in the line-up. But it all paid off when the fans followed them down the street. After the marching season the band settled clown to the long winter's work of playing concert music. Bach and Mo- zart became familiar names around the band room. Although the football games had ended, the band marched on to their ultimate goal of "making mu- s1c." 196l Band i Raiderettes. Front row: Sharon Lindsay Ericka Reid, Audrea Saunders, Alesia Shavis, Michaela Brewington, Anita Beatty 2nd row: September Vance, Melissa Wardlow Lisa Mack, Bergeda Long, Eurika Glover. Back row: Christie Hardin, Lisa Cash, Tijuanna Easter, Denise Minor. - r :Q a X Exit, stage right. Laura Saunders and Travis Foster Majorettes Front row Tuani Nicholson Daw exit the football field after the half-time perfor- Dunn Back row VondaMart1n April Tate Elju manfe- Barrier Felicia Boyd - awiirig-we Q5 . ,mfg . P ' r if k i. ,. i . if-1 K ' Q 7 Iorns and Tubas. Front row: Stephanie Wilson, Eric Burch, Steve Linthicum. Back row: David 'am Barnes, jennifer Corton, Joyce Henarcl. 2nd AHd9I'S0H, Ken Ar1d6rSOH, Randy Lowery Rusty sw: Mike Hoover, Mike Kneely Darren Cason, EVHHS. 'r0mbones. Mike Quinto, Andrea Thomas, Th0mP501T Back f0W3 Dale MufPhYf GNTY ingela Lindsay Frank Page, Troy Anthony 2nd Burnett, David Bearce, jeff Burton, Michael ow: Loren McCarter, Shane Hoffman, Doug Bart'-mf Chfi5 Blackman- Iudson, Doug Blackman, Brady Snow, David ri I ,,ff.,,, K Right or left? The fancy steps of the marching band require quick thought and coordination by Frank Page. Band I 197 '--' 'Ffiff-.if -'Y ' - S W V i4.,fggf,,- Af ,L i K is wiifgil -Rafts . - I 'S' Et il'-'1 :wif 'gzz-no Q, - K 'tffiifg - U - J L -3 , se t .Q 1 23' ' S' ww . , I t -1 1 , t t g S if Ii U Inspector Lester. Iordie Lester calls headquarters with some damaging evidence against a supposed tax evader in the Andrews Dinner Theater production "Kiss or Make Up." 198! Drama 4 Drama3Club. Front row: Iennie Lundrigan QPres.j, Delia Rhodes fVice-Presj, Eljuana Barrier fSec.J, Karen' Quinto fTreas.j, 2nd row: Brenda Orchekowski, Carl Stewart, Matt Buckner, Laura Hitchcock, Kristin White, Dana Spoon, Carole 5 5 Snider, Catherine Highbaugh, Mary Ann Hine Back row: Hedgie Bartol, David Campbell, Bet Rosa, Brian Mauldin, Susan Erwin, Debbi Spagnola, Dawana Dunn, Melissa McGe1 Shannon Rich. X X N Fix sg 8 i , in in and stay awhile. Iennifer Lundrigan Billy Nixon with his coat while Paul Lyddon an accusing finger in a scene from "Kiss or X s , We.ain't afraid of South Stokes! The Art Club is all smiles as they pose in front of their winning float at Homecoming. 5 Q if .. T i. ,S 1 v 4 sf g 2 'HJ -..' .H x ' . , Q 3 f I 1 Q f X .V i s Art Club. Front row: Scott Dockery tPres.J, Mark Goshen CVice-Pres.J, Heather Lewis tSec.!Treas.l. '2nd row: Mollie Robbins, Carla Wilson, Carol Wilson, Pamela Clifton, Donna Eads, David Stone, Kenny Smith, Chris McGhee. Back row: Amy Roddy, Brent Whittington, Dwuane Hamby, Debbie Spagnola, Michelle Nordstrom, Kris See, Glen Milligan, Randy Shealy Cinnamon Griggs. Talent bounds For Weeks before Homecoming, Art Club members could be heard in the halls humming and singing to them- selves, "We ain't afraid of South Stokes!" This wasn't surprising since their dedi- cation to building a Homecoming float paid off for the Art Club when they took first place in the Homecoming parade float contest. Other than building floats, the Art Club kept themselves busy selling can- dy and painting scenery for the Drama Club. Under the guidance of Mrs. Bar- bara Oliver, the Art Club enjoyed extra- curricular activities such as a Christmas costume party and many field trips. The Drama Club, sponsored by Mrs. Teresa Fowler, went on trips to compete in play competitions. In November some members of the Drama Club were in two one-act plays, "A Conspiracy of Angels" and "The Babysitter." "The Babysitter" received a distinguished award at the Regionals and went on to competition at the state level. Jennifer Lundrigan received an honorable men- tion for her performance. When not per- forming in plays, the Drama Club pro- vided services for the High Point Com- munity Theater and High Point College, distributing posters and ushering. In the spring, the Drama Club helped High Point College clean their warehouse and take inventory Both the Art Club and the Drama Club provided some beauty and talent both in the school and in the community Art! 199 Striving Going for the gusto. The requirements necessary to become a member of the Na- tional Honor Society made it one of the highest goals attainable in high school. First, students had to have a 3.3 grade point average which constituted scholarship. Next, qualified students were screened in the areas of leadership, character and ser- vice. Only a few of the most qualified stu- dents made it. Under the guidance of Mr. Murrell Iohn- son and Mrs. Susan Varner, NHS began the year with a brunch for the faculty Its mem- bers served as guides for PTSA and spon- sored the Cans for Christmas Drive. In the spring, they helped the guidance office initiate a tutoring program. Along with these activities, the NHS also had the responsbility of preparing for and successfully producing the junior and senior induction ceremonies. This group was definitely kept busy during the course of the year whether it was by NHS activi- ties or just maintaining their high stan- dards. Follow me. Nancy Andrews shops her new inductee April Shuler to her seat on stage during the fall induc- tions. zoo! NHS In this corner. . . Frank Banesse, from the winning homeroom, watches as Nancy Andrews and Lisa Welcome back! NHS members held 3 Welcoxj Cash dispute whose can is better during the NHS back bfUHCh at the end ofthe summer for tl canned food drive. Andrews faculty ' m fs j- NHS. Front row: David Wilson fPres.J, Allison NHUCY Andrews, Patsy Cannon. Back row: Lesli Heilig CVice-Pres.J, Lynn Carroll CSec.!Treas.l. K11ShI16r, Christy Hoppe, jeff Sims, Kevi 2nd row: Lisa Cash, Holly Beck, Sabrina Shaffer, Patton, David Bearce. llyllls Ull IIIC lldhllllllll. 1XULl1lC'y Dlldllel ltfdllb s sister Sabrina during last year's spring ductions, 'V a..-af' ssfrilgsw N, , is New fall members. Front row: Eljuana Barrier, TOW1 Dalfid GGFSOYL Mike Delongff RUdY 15330 Giselle Iones, April Shuler, Gina Parker, Hilary James Ward' EF Ingraham, Andrea Thomas, Carole Snider. Back ik Lundrigan. NHS! 201 , J Time To Learn Service, club activities and a great deal of learning were all parts of the Computer Club and History Club. Spon- sored by Mrs. Sylvia Cates, the History Club had many opportunities for the growth of knowledge in many different activities. A History Day and attendance of N.C. Close-Up were just two of the activities in which the History Club planned to participate. The Economics in Action seminar was also an important activity for the History Club. The Computer Club offered students a chance to become more acquainted with the use of computers in today's society With the help of Adviser Susan Varner members expanded their knowledge of programming. The club not only dealt with computers, but it also contributed to the welfare of the community when its members donated money to the Christmas Cheer Fund sponsored by the High Point Enterprise. A picnic and a Christmas party were some of the Com- puter Club's other activities. 202 f Computer Discussing the past or the future. President LuAnne Heath and members Patsy Cannon, David Wilson and Loren McCarter discuss future plans for the History Club. Perfect program. Pam Barnes, the president of tl Computer Club, shows her satisfaction aft completing another project. .wkg Computer Club. Front row: Pam Barnes fPres.J, Holly Beck tVice-Pres.J, Sarah Yates fSec.J, Mitchell Harper CTreas.l. 2nd row: Victor Orsini, jennifer Corton, Michael Delonge, Steve Gray Ieff Sims, Danny Abraham, Eric Burch, Marco Orsini, Rudy Isaac, Mary Hines. 3rd row: james Williford, Scott Blue, Robert Martin, Michael Hoover, Kristin White, David Wilson, Sabrina Shaffer, Iul Atkinson, Lynn Carroll, David Gerson. Back roi Ionathan Tuttle, Chris Mitchell, Mike Kohl Tanya Trotman, Mark Dawkins, Wendy Cla Connie King, Iennifer Davis, Kelly Drigge Kelly O'Brien, Amy Rice. .L A Qistory Club. Front row: LuAnne Heath fPres.D, ilia Atkinson fVice-Pres.J, Hilary Ingraham 'reas.J, Sabrina Shaffer CSec.J. 2nd row: Amy Rice, elly O'Brien, Kelly Driggers, So Yon Yu, Kristin lhite, Danny Abraham, Melisa Wardlaw Amelia tinson, Tammy Childers, Stacey Cramer, if Catherine I-lighbaugh. 3rd row: Carole Snider, Patsy Cannon, Eljuana Barrier, Garry Burnett, Loren McCarter, Jimmy Tanner, Pam Barnes, Michele Hobson, Kathy Hill. Back row: Iames Ward, David Bearce, Kelly Sanniota, David Gerson, jennifer Davis, David Wilson. Computer-designed float? Mike Delonge and jonathan Tuttle have a good time while working on the Homecoming float for the Computer Club. - History! 203 Behind Closed Doors Every smile, every frown, all the tears and all the cheers, all the moments to remember, captured forever by members of the 1985 REVERIE staff. This group of dedicated students worked hard to bring the highlights of the year together into one finished product. Both the editorial staff, under the guidance of Adviser Elizabeth Kimbro, Editor David Wilson, Copy Editor Patsy Cannon and Head Photographer Maurice Cotton, and the business staff, led by Adviser Marlene Chess and Business Editor Susan Erwin, worked together to make the 1985 REVERIE the best ever. Deadlines kept photographers snapping pictures, copy writers writing and revising copy, layout people drawing layouts and cropping pictures, and the business staff selling ads. Many long, hard hours were put into the yearbook's making, but in the end all the tears of frustration and raw nerves as the deadlines drew near were worth it. Finally the last page was finished and the final deadline was met. Much work, unseen to those not on the REVERIE staff, had been put into the yearbook's creation. Whatever it was, whenever it happened, the 1985 REVERIE staff was there to record it, showing that at Andrews there was more than meets the eye. 2041 REVERIE Letting her fingers do the walking. REVERIE staff Are you serious? Kyle Bellamy and Lynn McCrax member Betsy York prepares important layout ma- question jennifer Hightowers idea concernin terials to meet her deadline, what to put on her layout for the 1985 REVERIE 1985 REVERIE Staff. Front row: Maurice Cotton fl-lead Photographerl, David Wilson fEditorJ, Susan Erwin CBusiness Editorj, Patsy Cannon fCopy Editorj, 2nd row: Gwynn Griffin, Stacey Cramer, Christy Hoppe, Brooke Farlow Allison Heilig, Annette Powers, April Shuler, Debbie Spagnola, Ginger Yacuzzo. 3rd row: Sabrina Shaffer, Kevin Patton, Iennifer Hightower, Ie Thrana, Betsy York, Amber Smoot, Karen Cashioj Sheree Bondurant, Lynn McCraw. Back row: Za Cecil, jeff Eaton, Ricardo Lopez, Deric Stub David Reagan, Kyle Bellamy Kevin Wiley Dav Hough. .. . 4, ., Is. - . , V fi,5,3f- -I w .iatlixiiv . ii, N, Q .. kr., , on " - L Tip 'ff' .4 'aid .gjflti 321 as so as f . .. sp -1, sz k,f::.s5 ,.,.L - H, , .u,Y'.i:xi.L . s . E i E F ,Qi X li Q X if lx , xl i 'f Y i Ny V il W N X N5 Q av -,Jie 5 all g,gg,e1w if as X X :R X 5 S1551 V X i- S Q- l' 51, si M ,ska Q3 xx 5 W, --2.. . 1 ,.,-. if W 4-v Expert at work. Yearbook adviser Mrs. Elizabeth Kimbro crops yet another picture while helping a staff member finish up their work Okay, from the beginning. Editor David Wilson explains at the beginning of the year the impor- tance of being a REVERIE staff member, REVERIE! 205 Involved To a lot of students, school didn't end at 3:15. It was evident that many hours were put into extracurricular activities since many clubs at Andrews had large memberships. Being a club member wasn't always easy. Last minute calls for meetings, grounds cleaning in the rain, working around a job schedule and finding a ride home were some problems that club members had to face. It wasn't always easy but it was always worth it when the projects were finished. Andrews had a lot of active clubs, and each one contributed something to both the school and community. Whether it was ringing bells for the Salvation Army or selling pizzas, Andrews stu- dents showed that they cared. Pretty 35 2 Piffufe- Sem? ef the Fifmfh Students Showing their Raider Pride.VlCA shows irsspi pose for a picture while visiting Biltmore House as members Pull 3 float in the Homecoming I and Gardens, racle, A 'Apr I 5 i 1- . f .gin 2.1 tiff. Hey, this is fun! Stephanie Rickard, Cathy Nicopo- Secretarial smile. Tammy Hayes finds time in her lous and Ann Marie Pennisi are all smiles as they busy schedule at Carolina Beauty Systems to crack work on the Iuniorette's Homecoming float. a smile for the unknown photographer. 206f Clubs avian.. J 'Hs Getting Involved I 207 It s party time! Party Galore supplies the proper accessories for a good party around town. if we Picture Perfect. This grand piano displayed at the Furniture Market shows the appropriate splendor found around High Point during the Market. sw' fi: - rrss new A I g . .L 5 ., c Egg, pa f f . . , 2 . 9 2 .9 55 kill- ' Tflaf W My Q S 2 5 S if 2 semen Yi rs li fe ii., :ri,, ,,,, .1,, 5 ,,I o.i: .,.. . ,,.r ...,,. t.,rr .,.r E like-tegm. fitter .Ag 0994 SUNUAYS 50 is Q. .- X Y'!,xN Q 'Q K ,. , -::'1r-A ' 1-': 'L ' XTR . N WQQ5 xv N 'rr ' m.?'1'9k' Igiiifii F gi if lr-Q Sw' It f-I -:. -' r 411- -' in Q F -Q. W?-5 Fulk' :s':i"'Qff""i' 5' if . ' N"' ' " ' fl , . , X L . - 'kwqw 's ease .Q N ,LLK -fee--..,t,,.ret, k v .t 4' 'iii ..., If "L I ' 3, 2 N' r N , - . . . . ' .S, Q, 'Q ,W W Wwxmi X W WWW E - -- A a- a- a ,. , X 2081 Community We've got the best prices. Cloverleaf supermarket hopes to attract food shoppers with low prices. Center attraction. The Southern F A , niture Market Center is the trunk from which all furniture stores branch to form the actual market. , t ,..t Af,., L My 5 melt--We ellsllw ket Center. Communit Without the great support that area businesses contributed to the 1985 REVERIE, there would be no yearbook. Some of these businesses' money came from the Spring and Fall furniture mar- kets which brought thousands of buyers from all over the world into High Point. For others the growing economy made this money available, not only for ads, but for things such as the completion of the construction of the new High Point Memorial Hospital and the new Design Center of the Southern Furniture Mar- Community I 209 Compliments of AMERICAN AUTO SUPPLY CO. 2504 South Main Street High Point, NC 27260 .Jig x Q H QuiQ6ond Qpticafl Compang ighland Yarn Mills, Inc High Point North Carolina 654 NORTH MAIN STREET HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA 27261 O BO 5488 TELEPHONE 885 2647 IG O Nlci 27262 E o E 9191886-4841 B WILSON Industrial Pneumatic Equipment HIGH POINT PNE UMA TICS, INC. P. O. Box 5802 High Point, N. C. 27262-5802 Phone 19191 889-8416 2101 Ads "A Heritage of Service Since 1908" Our 75th Anniversary 1983 COfl'lpliYTlentS of U N,O.W. Interest Bearing Checking 8: Super N.O,W. 0 Mortgage Loans 0 Consumer Loans .,.,,.. 0 Passbook Savings 0 Safe Deposit Boxes -u Go Rt. 1 Skeet Club Rd. High Point, N.C. Paint 8a Body Repairs David Horne N sy 2 - 'L S ' 144' 1 F 0 o 4544312 HEILTAQE Ensign Swings C' Loan Association EXZ Access Account Money Market IRA Safe Deposit Boxes 0 Certificates of Deposit People Who Care. . . "FIVE4F9!NIt5P5UB5" Take Dui' 886-4627 "Specials Every Day" SUBS Steak Steak 8: cheese Ham 8: cheese Roast beef Combination fprovalone, ham, salami, balognaj Cheeseburger sub Turkey Pastrami Meatball Italian Sausage Pepper Steak GREEK SUBS ion pita breadj SANDWICHES Hot dog Hamburger Cheeseburger Fish Sandwich Ham 8: cheese Roast beef Chick Filet SIDE ORDERS French Fries Onion Rings SALADS Iulienne f1argeJ Souvlaki Iulienne fsmallj Gyro Tossed salad Ads! 211 O - 9 .0 :mov A nsulxsn rmmr Amosmeus 6321221122 YKYKYYEEYLKKHEEKIKZKHYY lf . X ' lah gf!!! Sedvfood Q 5' e ' ' 'F U ', r ,rf 'J feafawumz 19' H J, ' ' ' -:- S 5533 33 1 I D11 1 xi1"l33'i'ixxx," Enjoy A Relaxed Family Atmosphere LIBBY HILL SEAFOOD RESTAURANT - Flounder ' Perch ' Trout - Clams ' Oyster 0 Shrimp Shrimp or Oyster Cocktail Open 11:00 A.M. Till 8:30 PM., Monday Thru Thursday 11:00 A.M. Till 9:00 RM., Friday 8: Saturday Closed Sunday Special Lunch Everyday 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM We Pack Orders To Go 2004 N. Main St. High Point, N.C. James C. Stevens - Manager f'.lI "S f d 882-4191 Compliments of MARTY'S RECORD SHOP Compliments of CONFEDERATE DISCOUNT TRUCK LINE SALVAGE 3015 N. Main High Point, N.C. 869-2765 Congratulations CLASS of '85 -!!""1 Marsh KITCHENS, Inc. 1015 S. CEN TENN IAL ST CAT MAINJ High Point, NC 27261 886-7817 or 882-0722 "YOUR KITCHEN IS OUR BUSINESS" C9192 869-2211 aaanfinn Wuggzha Ulke Saiea, Quc. HGOODYEAR RACING TIRES" 3801 N. Main St. High Point, NC 27260 2121 Ads ff Builders of Furniture Hardware 901 Old Thomasville Road Phone: 19191 882-0723 High Point, N.C. 27260 Ads! 213 919-431-1098 THE PEANUT SNACK 3,5 35 rw caan.-In WESTCHESTER MALL ALL SEASONS COMFORT, INC. HEATING a AIR CONDKTIENING A SAES-15. sERvlcE M PH. 889-9461 A E coox, PRES. P o sox 4097 919-885-9320 HIGH POINT. NC 27263 Compliments of PIEDMONT VENEER co., ' 1152 TYICVQS INC. Place I Face Veneers of all Kinds I 21261 - k+faI'II me L Ready to Lay W W 5 Ph. 19191 379-9090 Ph. 19193 869-2181 HARQLD W. RITCH Greensboro, N.C. High Point, N.C. 919-886-4454 Ph. 18003672-4399 100 om Winston Road N.C. Toll Free High Point, N.C. 200 PROSPECT ST' HIGH POINT, N.C. 27260 L Ebony Magic Sfaf-nes THE HIGH POINT ENTERPRISE By Bertha, Hair Stylist ' C ' Q t Blow Dry Styling - Curly Look A t GG Published Evenings and Sunday Mornings perms . Cuts . press at Curl F - E . "THE BLACK EXPERIENCE Congratulations IN HAIR CARE., Seniors H-J Best Wishes Always Sonja 124 Church Avenue, Bertha LA Sims RO- BOX 1009 2006 E. Green Street High Point, N.C. 27260 H. h P I t NC 27260 TELEPHONE 885-2161 lg Om ' I919I 885-2323 5h0P1 336-4510 Res: 885-6851 Compliments of Ron's Sandwich Shop 711 W. 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ELMS PHONE 1919i 294-3586 john Bellamy Randy Cromer HBELLAMY 81: CROMERH AUTO REPAIR 122 N, Hamilton St. 88-31723 Brakes Tune UP AIC Minor Eng R p S A COMPANY Ads! 217 Ne21WI'vQ Wwowm oo For 3 XQQJ I QUQGO Wwe Qofwmexf youre of raghflg-3O05,iiQQ tcoxofwc-2, gmt one yQtum5FQmxav, qggbemg M66 Vwlfoih JCOZED. If ll QVOICODIXI D8'C3JOUfNG Qgf OLWW162 - 60 we QOfw.OQ, mot ctloisffftwibomflf Pmnfp CDVNENZD 0, MHLQ Owrwoveh ge Q95 Gwen C-3 7 . T MEA rw HWQQUEJQQKO Qvowcmmq yup do Cxipecwcmly QSDCJWKDCJO png jcrwegiw Qfwrt J-ff CWDOOW QQVG-if flora wrwo Qmr eww JCVWGMFN s'x"N Qfctoffa WN IWEYQ fiiwcw wfjwgg Q06 XIDU travel 0.04: EYNCBJ: It rvwdtkffeffu. , X 'QW WSH I U656 IW! CQ 05666 I CONE rfwcmfvgpw O? QCAFFNQYQ vwflfieeokbije, I2 you fwegzjf t 'fo QQJ WWE? A if ' my fimgeifidf 9 e HMO O Wwe 90-Q Q QQ Lxfbdzef QQOQQQ QQTQ J Hu Q zeofdfotx CHO Mmm BANK 81 TRUST COMPANY, N.A. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member Federal Reserve System S 2181 Ads 3 QLD fXvQ,1'g MQQ pyggvx 00140 I TUVQ GYM! RVQWW fm UIQ QQQJ DW WM 1Qf6QwOlSVLlJJ V105 QXUMJVV swcbrwger CIW QPKQK Omg. Gwd IUCR with 3QwfOUQC1mS CMU CXKYUDKSQJUS, 'TQLKQ QOLKQ 0? gewwf. UCSB Lsvexxd 0? l .Lvcw Mm. SUPER MARKETS, INC. Locally Owned 8: Operated High Point, North Carolina 27261 Tel V, ' Y Mlmlil' ww: f' . JALZQ , HC. 6214, A A I fmmswvp Q 1 Established 1937 ' MURRAY M. WHITE, IR., President ' W. RAY LONG, Vice President ' WILLIAM R. SHAFFER, Secretary Sz: Treasurer 1911 N. MAIN ST. ' P.O. BOX 2196 ' HIGH POINT, N.C. 27261 ' PHONE 889-4747 UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE SUPPLIES l Ul- Paper 8: Supplies Inc. I9I9l 431 2187 817 W. FAIRF HIGH POINT R P o B 4e7 E 3 J Z N C 2725' AND FRAMING STUDIO 516 N VI renn Street ' High Point, N0 ,.. DALLAS BUY- Comp! I 5 Hom: I Ou! tier SALE - HIGHLAND We OLDS-CAP" ' Sid's Auto Supply I . Gwynn Formal House Company' nc ofAI.Chda1e WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS 2911-A ARCHDALE ROAD PIO- BOX 508 BeSfW1SheS! 312 E. KIVETT DR. HIGH POINT, NIC- HIGH POINT, Nc. 27261 Love, 434-3974 PHONES 885-5047 885-5048 fl Kelly Tracy, Kay, fl! 6 V 8: Dick More Bridal Wear X 023534 'fl' DCE!! l'N'l.l,'X Formal Wear N ,A 1 X ,.,gggffL..,, Accessories f I X 9 Tux Rentals Aj, X Open 10-6, Tues.-Fri. ' 10-5, Sat. , ff 'ax , 9 I 5 x The Sharon Maness X ' 75 A 51'-ana I Dancenter , gf? N l B F, A pg jam? Syihlliny inc , ., .f - f 45: 2- , ' --0 M PO B ,236 fZi.lZdZlIf2F3?n' 103 W M Street 5 0 N C. 27282 Come by and let us help you get 4 B 19191 454-58" few for your PROM, WEDDING of HESI?I9CYlI::tNliI:1nggroIlI1lfr2l'Ig62 other special occasion ..... 919-889-4918 NORMA SMITH, Owner Bose Yamaha Denon Pllot Life pilnl Q, - s: Insurance Company lIlE 5 41 ' . .. . . P 'd' l't El t ' ml., A. Berry, cw fovlpgggjggtg General Agent 5 In Store Service, Professional Car Installation gg gi-Xpggfg Avenue Q 737 N. Main st. High point, NC 27262 TE High Point, N.C. 27262 Telephone: Bus. 869-0166 J 919-384-1771 Res. 454-2434 75 Q- Grade TDK Fried 'Ci FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS Congratulations Seniors DAVIS FURNITURE INDUSTRIES IIXICURRCJRATED P0 Box 2065, High Point NC 27261 2065 Telephone C9195 889 2009 "Manufacturers of Fine Office Furniture HI-:IIEEI:IIIIs'i5 Compliments of C 1 f CAPITOL MEDALS, VARNER ELECTRIC INC We Want to be the best bank in the neighborhood. NCEE Member FDIC Compliments Cf 1.0. PENNEYS COMPLIMENTS QF Confemporarg lgeagy, .gnu 700 67a5fcl1e5fer Iriue pod Ofhce Box 5621 ,Mgll Point, 77644 Cxamhna 27261 Ofhfe 889-0059 .Slwy .Sf WL, Jflome 869-2633 gr0Ler "DEDICATED SERVICE IN REAL ESTATE" REALTOR. 224l Ads Put Us On Your Shopping List... os eip? .., l, 0 '90 Q Oo 19366, nf, i Largest Selection Of Wines... Beers And Party Items In Town! '99, oo' 'iv -es irthdaff - Ke GGSSOU fe PARTY 9 Beer Ba, N3 ' 73 . 1+ ' Cha , - ,wi 07,0 S 1 5Lf,fl?'Ll'?4ff::z-iii.ffl' -- a Cheese 909 . s i Q J . mba G. Gandw ' Wedding W packs ' and ' C 0,0 6 items Party S 5 Gfas 6,3459 Supplies 1965- 0 ds , rw Goo gfapklhs ef Pa 'onhffb Pap . 5095 ' p gl 0 prin af-fy D Um e Gifts 9859 C"'affbf, . G89 g wa.. S Nmrei' y ff,,,p ,hes rN "Wh P8 0 gf ' nuff' IEIOWU 6 64' ' Hnenwx if e'U,o U H OPEN NIGHTS 135 West Lexington Ave. Phone 883-1963 Ads! 225 ARTQ4 RVED , 'r 'Q .J Z , HIGH SCHOOL A DESIG 1- Yi' " Pelife W, . f Q lv, Q l 7 X-QE yggl ,5 1 wr, S Sgr OXO jr ,. ,115-P24 f 'QPQHI A My 06' Sf fir IR v I-11 X v Q . Yr' 5 0 y N K X544 1' ' X ' A .,. Champion if , R ' ' V, wfffifl, A jk ' ' fag XQGXA k'i':7 7' 'ff g7,-- I wr c o 659, Medalist I0 2, 77 SALES REPRESENTATIVES Iohn M. Bruce Kent A. Gaither Retha I. Tatum P.O. Drawer 5433 Statesville, NC 28677 C7045 872-4902 Ed Day 6506-P Yateswood Drive Charlotte, NC 28212 C8001 531-5055 CLASS RINGS 226f Ads Compliments of Compliments of 'J fd W ff 6 6. L fownk, nc. GENERAL CONTRACTORS P. O. BOX 1349 TELEPHONE 919-882-8149 High Point, North Carolina 27261 1 1 1 Moving up in the world. The city of High Point will be taking a giant step in health care with the completion of the new High Point Memorial Hospital. Ads! 227 Nancy Streetman Hairdresser Complete Hair Care O'CONNOR BLossoM sHoP I- X INC. Color Specialist .gin A A Ihirmack Products .. f.?j'.FF.j-gig. 2500 N. Main sneer By Appointment Only Poiglfg W7 Xe. - " - Phone .. . 869-3412 - 352- one 4 5 '23 Authorized Schwinn Dealer BICYCLE TOY AND HOBBY 504 N. Main Serving High Point for 7 ,- Over 50 Years Q X2 gf I 887-1933 Bidqe Golf C0 A " A . Sllndu 1 . ll 1 A D' -- ---. ..... qt Xi K WAX x mf . Iivx 'X wand-afmlield M1939 urniture oo. P. O. BOX C 460 SOUTH MAIN STREET HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA 27261 Sandy Ridge Rd., Colfax, N.C. C9193 668-0408 Remember Compliments of "Nash Saves You Cash" the NORTON COMPANY NASH JEWELRY 3r LOAN CO- First Citizens Bank Plaza 885-5067 127 N. Main St. 228 I Ads CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! Excellent Rates For Inexperienced Drivers- AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE We Insure if We Give All 7 J-I' -fi Rates Drivers Over Phone D.U.I.? Speeding Tickets? Too Many Insurance Points? Low Down Payment - With Monthly Payments 0 Homeowners 0 Motorcycles O Mobile Homes ' Business DAVIS INSURANCE CENTER Two Locations To Serve You 441 W. Meadowview Spring Valley Shop. Ctr. Greensboro, N.C. 27406 274-9021 2102 S. Main High Point, N.C. 27263 889-6339 Hamilton Street Cafe. In recent years this restaurant has been noted for its elegance and fine foods. SOUTHSIDE Hardware and Garden Center COLLEGE VILLAGE BARBER SHOP 88-21323 C.H. Ward C.R. Cecil Bill Eudy H.E. Durham C.I. johnson High Point, N.C. 27263 2615 South Main Street Phone 919 885-2053 Open 6 Days 8 A.M.-6 RM. 8 A.M.-5 RM. Sat. College Village Shopping Center MAJESTIC FABRIC CO. 2122 N CENTENNIAL I PO BOX I595 HIGH POINT NC 27260 PHONE I9Y9l H86 8128 BILL COX Res, ass-2005 .9 ,galil ' .1 Bag 8: Baggage Clinic 203 HAYDEN PLACE HIGH POINT, N C 27260 HOKE SMITH PHONE ELIZABETH sMlTH 889 4239 RANDY'S OUTDOORSMEN SHOP 1218 N. Main High Point, N.C. Ads I 229 .l'llll IIIIII llllll I I I I I , 'I' l-l-l-l-l- l-l-l.l.l.l- I I-I I I : I wltcrqatives 'I' . I NELLIE GRAY EELINGTON , I I Blcycle Toy 8: Hobby Sales l-l OWNER mlm, I - - I . cosmetics I-l QThe bIg bIcycle on the roofj I , I I - I I I 504 North Maln St. I F1 b N ll I I High Point, North Carolina 27260 l-l owers Y e 34853091-f I'I Phone 919-887-1933 I-I GW GW I I-l 'I' 201 HAYDEN PLACE I I I-I HIGH POINT, NC27260 fw,,,,1,,,..,44,ff -:- I.. PHONE 885-6166 LPA 117191 589-4472 ll .--I-.---I---.--I I I-I .I-I-l-I-l-I 'I'I'I'I'I'I l.l.l-I-l COMPLIMENTS OF GREENSBORO COCA-COLA RANDY'S . OUTDOORSMEN C0mP11meHfS SHOP McLarty Drug Co. T' gf "for all your health needs" I Y0ung'S 887-2731 - HIGH POINT 128 Church AVC- ' 883-1431 Furnlture 1218 N. MAIN STREET HIGH POINT, . . and Rug NORTH CAROLINA 27262 H1811 P9119 Adsf 231 , , , E, 1602 N. MAIN sr. 889-2248 Q pxoziisxsafwk X 8 0608 omeaideosq W f Q X256 e5'5 xwvvanc SQ S5 'Wwe ' A Q 9196! 'm 4Q 88l88 in if if 8 woggggiifn COMPARE oun 8 Y 0 U Low PRICES! 9 3 I 'g 8 Q. I Rllll MACQNAVQX .M -L-....z.hL1,4, 232l Ad COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF REFERRED S and LOAN ASSOCIATION, ING. Where We Make You Money 1200 N. Ivlain St. High Point and 1951 Battleground Ave. Greensboro ALSO IN CHARLOTTE, HICKORY, AND RALEIGH u--,ffl , X , ' f l r IIE i f ist? I ' "lf I 9- + -"l 2 A y . 3 ,, .4 ,un llilll 3 I f QgvfZ'1igilFf2'? 1 za- '41 F -- From the manufacturers who create -Q Q i furniture with careful attention to X E .gun , design, materials and craftsmanshipe k.5fAf'Ql:L,"L if 'I i - UL' Our wishes to you for the best inqlld If Hu-I--M things life can offer: good health. i I I , , v f ,- x ily? happiness, and dreams come true. ' ' ' K , 3 A Bll Ml 'f if Mfg: - ,fl - ,W f I , 5 'lil -77 TT g yr: Q f W' Q9 xv F J W , - ' i ' 1 H' It ' A-'L Drexel Heritage Furnishings Inc, I V 16 A "'11WiI:l 741 Ward Street ' l " Ni I I - Em- ' if I 'J-V4 High Point, N. C. A Compliments of HIGH POI T ELECTRIC, INC. High Point, N.C. 2341 Ads - DISTRIBUTOR OF - Congratulations to the Class of '85 E N from Gasoline 0 Diesel Fuel , Moto, Ui, PINEWEST OB-GYN, INC. and Pinewest SurgiCenter ofNCInc, Petroleum Products For Home 8 lndustry Phone . . . 885-5073 1401 S. Elm High Point N.C. """ if f- . Z MACHINE il ' 8 ft' El fi "QUALITY AUTOMOTIVE PARTS" GENUINE PARTS Co. l Four Locations To Serve You. 4 Main store 885-4081 N. Main sr. 869-2196 Make it Q , Archdale 434-3196 English Rd. 886-7084 WD iw Ads! 235 I I Interforest Ltd. I X V, 300 Standard DTIVG Triad Industrial Park Greensboro, N.C. 27409 Tel. 19191 668-7732 N.C. - Toll Free 1-800-632-1233 1' 'LC' Telex: 574466 Cliff Cramer X C K' 0183 M31 6 jr? A2460 1702 ENGLISH RD. ' HIGH POINT, N .C. 27260 PHONE 886-5316 236 I Ads -LEE! Ei -T -I be-fi E :Sv C d I Terms Av nl Ib 6 c.h0'9a xl MASTERCHARGE VISA 51000 INSTANT REDIT fum Q PPHOVAL Wh upon IELBILT-E3 :L f . "fb 7 amgnoa re .QMTZ N12 'Q B I'-fIQIU3If6 X9 U E Yi tl hu 'W' cfvicc 5 LOL ----ri C C Ill! I ass: iris I ' m u'-.E I NAME BRAND PRUDUCTS AT LUWEST PRICES 40 YEARS OF RELIABILITY ASK YOUR NEIGHBOR ' WE HAVE STORES TO SERVE YOU IN WINSTON SALEM BURLINGTON MOUNT AIRY HIGH POINT Salas Creek Pkwy LEXINGTON SALISBURY EDEN Mann Street i -3 I O . 'Ill m I I ' I . . ff' -T el--E I IQ ' , 'I , Ig . rc' I , I . I I I 1 - I5 r E , I KV. iii -.,.... ..,. ' W Ix ahiakh . Xf 5 if ' 1 1 -I 'j"'1T":. ",L.T'A 1 I V ,. 'P'-l -1 . ' . . I. J OQQ ' 411 1 F' . -1 , I , , 4, -,I A A ffE C KL,N"4 WIYNA in ,O-I , YAP A 1,-Q YV - 'V ,-Y , I ,gin - ii? ' :"'Q 1, I ll -5- ,P ' ' I Q1 I I K, I 4 d I - 5 ., 4 . , I I ff- 'iz I 5 ,I O. . My . , - ,gn ee .,,1 XYAV f E ,, A A ,ggfelnlln ' 'f' ' ' ' ' Y I Q H . x ' A-4 x I A -. A ' , Bfrnclvl one iT,,1 ""' Q IIII' ' A 'f T 4 p f , 5 if 1 I If "qIIIIIllIl I' I 37' I :Ee II I I rg , I fl ig-1. I I il., Ia I Q I I n ,,l1l,xl1l,I, I I , --1 , -L, n ll r ni ' M f l I xx I Carrier - " I Ads! 237 o Q7 cv C -wbpx Q9 3 '3 55 A90 C-,N sow -bm? X Yo! 'f' Q XXQ9., 'OEIS N0 E 5,5 SX QV X of C,-Sf' 'Sf Q' ON X ' . ,Qc YP 4- RQ' Qs' .J U' O9 QW u w J O rv ,, A5445 SY? Q x D of oo oo' PC? 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V ' Vegetables 0 Plate Lunches to Eat In 1' Lu' 'ny ,Nr W Or Take Out KQV, . ,l COMPLETE CATERING SERVICE Catering Parties Sr Picnics Large or Small Groups 2410 N, Main 869-2410 High Point N N Club Repair I S shop 8 ' ' Any Type Repairs ' l -- Reshaft - Regrip - Refinish Also Have Loft and Lie Machine ' 0 1+ J. w.'s GOLF SHOP ' i' r a 330 West Burton Street -T' High Point, N.C. 27260 Telephone: f919J 886-4719 CLUBS - BAGS - SHOES - BALLS - GLOVES -- CLOTHES COMPLETE GOLF SHOP High Point Datsun Sales, Inc. 1810 S. Main St. High Point, N.C. 27260 .4 fill if lg :Q-Qlrz' -L 0 L' ' 4,4114 r l,-1, ' . 4 amillwz Wee! az e . f Q- y , . 8 fco ER OF HAMILTON at SHERATON7 1 sf i HIGH Po1NT,N.c. 27260 MONTE smm-1 I T' Q 19193889-4900 ANNE WHITAKER lnd COMPANY REALTORS 142 CHURCH ST. HIGH POINT, N.C. BUS. PHONE 885-8116 RES. PHONE: 885-2861 To Someone Very Special: You have been the greatest part of my life. You have filled the empty space in my life that no one else could fill. You mean more to me than you will ever know. I hope our future dreams will come true! I Love You! Moose WAGNER TIRE SERVICE .,.....?.?.'2.v.. .ZEZSE1 Clarence McCluny Compliments of 240 I Ads ff if X' .JL 6'4'i' THE "CUZ" CREW XT' 3 5 Q.. Y- Clf-xss I of 7 K 8 50 Wjkll fd IATIONS FROM... Ads! 241 . , , K RQ kid ' O 'Ofc' l'OOOK,li,l.SA-el ANA-ke ' X 'Nt'CNv"'N , C I HM j ifxwi. f , f w 'gtguw ylcv ,Wi Wifi 91,1 sr . avid, x fl--, ,beg -M D lX P A + 1- - C. y LR 1 ',v xD.I-.fl X-'V CJXJ ,Wg 2, your 4 uv l Mun! tjlocl r cw we 2' i X ide-mf! is lt i A X jf + I l Vdfy., wir ic.lkF'5 it 5tJ6gnLl Illfdpd WY I aL '. L VJ, iinytcbsy l I g 1 'f Im, M 4l'X1'l'f1'-' Qvnv, ,WU ' -4 S 1,-,J,1LfH,f1 1 ,.., K, tm, c 5' 0' nt! dl W' n 'I St' , A ,1 ' :UU 1 'I l I , io t BISCUIT FACTORY rkrf I J Homemade Biscuits Sandwiches Country Ham Tenderloin Hot Dog Bacon-Let.-Tomato Sausage Chicken Hamburger Bacon Burger Bacon Egg Cheeseburger Barbecue Steak Butter Grilled Cheese Chicken Smoked Sausage Cheese Ham 8x Cheese Canadian Bacon Plain Desserts Apple Turnover Ice Cream Cones Peach Cobbler Sundaes For Call In Orders Phone 869-7217 Please Call Ahead For Big Orders 8: You Will Not Have to Wait Corner of Eastchester 8: Kirkwood QBeside High Point Malll Open 6:00 A.M. - Close 8:00 RM. Monday thru Saturday fClosed Sundayj 242 l Ads . Dealer for: M MICHELIN ROAD HUGGER REMINGTON qu GOODRICH BRIDGESTONE TIRES BURROW TIRE 8: ALIGNMENT SERVICE 1112 EASTCHESTER DRIVE, HIGH POINT, N.C. Complete Brake Service BILL BURROW TELEPHONE: OWNER 885-4321 ' ' ' ' ' ' CREATIVE CWLOR LABS, INC. . . . I I - Box 5545 1313 N. Main St. High Point, N.C. 27262 919-889-3810 J ff! I ' Quality 35 mm Developing gl Printing for the Serious Photographer ' Copy Negatives from Prints ' Internegatives 135 mm, 4x5, 8x10 from Transparencies! ' Slides from Negatives lPrint Filmi ' Up to 20"x24" Transparencies lDuratransJ ' PhotofNegative Retouching, Air Brushing ' B8cWfColor Quantity Discounts ' Fresh Film: 135-20, 135-26, 120 Vericolor II Types QUALITY IS ASSURED Ads! 243 Gardensmm-A N A A iq? ::a1.rxssJ:.v2E.R2z:b f Q J J fd-ef! M , N il' wmwg-1xNG 33.5.4253 -"jg'G,',g,'gAT f979l 882-6322 f9l9l 855-4613 LEONARD'S DRUG STORE A 117 W. Lexington Avenue U High Point, North Carolina 882 3316 Bank CENTRAL SAVINGS HIGH POINT, N.C. N-Nj FOREIGN AFFAIRS - 2502 N. MAIN ST. C11Tf L11 Ss 883-6979 Q NWN! Il l O r sp c alty is serv ng nd repairing Mercedes Benz automobiles 244l Ads A " r 5 - ' M , X if H5 OJ' 5 5592! xy? GXB5 XLQOU YW YQ. may GJ' my 0 X O f , Q. Xbfxfxciqokvxf PSWTZ Vp? 00220920170 XYA W X X "f x4 O Q0 YN 'QBQJJVXOWO 3 O5 0005 5 N0 O QU Wy 99 Q .s XQX Q19 O' fx , U' xx! I 30' X003 81 90 qv mfg - w 59 , Cr Q5 W WV xp Q6 X0 ya ,X rwoj Q' Wogjbxops QXVQJ Q! OXQS851 X CGNGRATULATIGNS to CLASS GF '85 REVERIE STAFF Ad f 245 New York Life Insurance and Annuity Corporation Ca Delaware Corporationl Memories that'l1 Last Forever! New York Life Insurance Co. Life, Group, Health and Disability 4324? Insurance, Annuities, Pension Plans sw., TIM SIMS 2212 Wachovia Building Winston-Salem, NC 27111 Bus. 723-0578 Res. 869-5790 Karen 8: Steph SENIOR fsen' yerj, noun. awesome - superb ' excellent - . , , . FRED L. TATUM charming - exciting - superior - ex- traordinary 0 supreme v priceless ' Q X one-of-a-kind - distinguished - non- FIRESTONE STORES "fi, Bison 0 dominate - beautiful - intel- 2607 5. Main SL 13? ligent - partying - great - lively - High Point, NC 27260 .1 K: fantastic 0 amazing ' incredible - 555 - spectacular - all-around wonderful people Phone: 19195 885-2188 THERE ARE NO 49197835-6416 SUBS-I-ITU-I-ES!! Home 19195 855-6772 Featuring: The Class of '85 S W Compliments of High Point Photo 246 I Ads we 'finaly Jie! if Gwgrm Gina. Ginger fy?" KBSUC. Cana! WB TM ge Sew use 5"J"'im ummm CYUUO- , '5"00k1- 33525 Ads! 247 SPECIAL PATRONS REVERIE '85 Dr. Don Hartig Carolina Birth Center Dr. J. Errico Sharon Reid Mr. and Mrs. B.R. Farlow Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hewitt I.W. Taylor, D.C. Dr. and Mrs. L.R. Cashion High Point ENT Assoc., Inc. Mr. Ricardo Lopez Dr. Steven C. Davis D.D.S. P.A. Northwood Animal Hospital Dr. Iohn D. Hamrick Dr. Charlie and Jackie Futrell Simpson Radiator Repair Mr. and Mrs. Richard-Whalen Dennison Donna Hammett Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Wilson Charles H. Wiley Jimmy, Rayma, Ashley and Buck Stephenson Delores Hough Ridge and Ridge, D.D.S., P.A. Charles, Iudy, Wesley, Michele Sr Iennifer Hobson Tracey Lamb I.A. Bardelas, M.D. Quaker and Neurological Group, Inc. Dr. Harvey Tilles Mr. Harold T. Murran Eddie Iones Dr. M.D. Samuel LuAnne Heath Deric Stubbs 248 l Patrons SUPPORTERS REVERIE '85 f Mr. and Mrs. Bill Iohnson Mrs. Trotman Gerry and Ame Currier Woody Brown Mr. and Mrs. Worth J. York John, Carolyn and Lynn Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Setzer Mrs. Mildred L. Rice Mrs. Betty Lackery Zaphod Beeblebrox Mr. and Mrs. Clifford E. Cramer John and Pat Holt Patrick Simpson EV, Dayne and Gwynn Griffin Red Bird Cab Service Robert L. Cecil Supporters I 249 Art 198-199 Abraham, Danny 1, 52, 75, 81, 81, 96,130,177,179, 187, 188 189, 202, 203 Academics 50-41 Adams, Mrs. Sarah 158, 159, 190 Adams, Gail 100, 191 Administrators 156 Allen, Vanessa 100, 178, 188, 191 Allred, Wes 72, 73, 148, 262 Alsbrooks, Tonya 64, 82, 148, 181 Alsbrooks, Wendell 17, 31, 94, '96, 100, 175, 179, 263 Ambuehl, Brian 76, 96, 130 Anchor 180-181 Anderson, David 138, 174, 175, 197 Anderson, Ken 100, 106, 117, 176, 197 Andrews, Nancy 47, 100, 127, 174, 188, 200, 255 Andrews, Richard 100 Anthony Troy 100, 190, 197 Anthony Sherry 148 Appalachian State University 33 Apple 1 Armfield, Lorrie 130, 190 Arnold, Danny 138, 175 Arnold, Dr. Don 158, 187 Arnold, Gordy 86, 100, 127, 177 Atkinson, Iulia 36, 100, 120, 170, 172, 187, 188, 202, 203 Austin, Tracy 184 Averette, Dickie 72, 73, 130 Azarigian, Stewart 72, 138 Bagwell, Misty 138, 144 Baker, Anjanette 18 Baker, Cassandra 138, 178 Baker Rhoda 130, 187, 191 Baker Rhonda 65, 70, 130, 191 Baker, Tim 138 Baldwin, Alfred 95, 96 Baldwin, Amelia 32, 100, 180 Baldwin, Bridgett 100, 190 Baldwin, Carlos 130 Baldwin, Onita 100 Band 194-195, 196-197 Banesse, Frank 41, 73, 100, 127, 177, 179, 187, 188, 200 Banesse, Mike 73, 138, 177, 179, 187 Barber, Toby 86, 130 Barnes, Pam 70, 101, 182, 188, 197, 202, 203 Barr, Tony 88, 138, 175, 176, 195 Barrett, Tony 63, 68, 69, 130 Barrier, Eljuana 101, 182, 187, 188, 196, 198, 201, 203 Barrino, Amanda 130, 178, 191 Barrow Clay 60, 138 Barry Mr. Phil 87 Barthell, Sam 83, 138 Bartlett, Laura 130, 195 Bartol, Hedgie 138, 198 Barton, Michael 101, 197 Basheer, Pamela 148 Bates, Tia 138, 180 Battle, Iacquelin 101 Batton, Johnny 130 Baxter, Jeanna 130, 133, 172, 182, 188 Bayne, Rhonda 148 Beacom, Lavinia 130, 173, 182 Beal, Iay 101, 174 Bean, Patti 33, 101, 182, 184 Bearce, David 30, 31, 35, 102, 173, 176, 188, 189, 197, 200, 203, 255 Bearce, Kate 138, 173, 186, 188, 195 Beatty Anita 102, 172, 182, 190, 196 Beavers, Archie 138 Beck, Andrea 138, 195 Beck, Holly 32, 33, 36, 102, 182, 183, 187, 188, 189, 195, 200, 202 Beck, Mark 102, 177 Beech, Wayne 130, 194 Belks 117 Bell, Anthony 60, 77 Bell, Darin 83, 138 Bell, Nancy 138, 180, 181 Bell, Shemica 138 Bellamy Kyle 60, 61, 73, 78, 130, 177, 179, 186, 204 Benjamin, Jerry 76, 83, 138, 147, 195 Best-all-around 102-103 Best dressed 104-105 Best looking 104-105 Best personality 110-111 Beta 188-189 Biddy Michelle 22, 138 Biggest Flirts 110-111 Biltmore House and Gardens 34 Billingsley Ieff 130, 177 Bingman, Angelique 102 Binkney Metia 181 Bishop, Kenneth 102 Black, Debe 138, 186 Blackman, Chris 11, 139, 186, 197 Blackman, Doug 67, 139, 146, 186, 197 Blake, Kelli 139, 184, 186 Blevins, Mrs. lean 166 Blevins, Michelle 68, 139, 182, 194 Blevins, Teresa 8, 102, 191 Blizzard, Iason 148, 153 Blue, Matt 45, 73, 89, 139, 142, 177, 179 Blue, Scott 73, 102, 177, 202 Bodenheimer, Tom 148 Bodle, Iennifer 148, 170 Bohannan, Donald 96, 96, 102, 127 Bolds, Lisa 17, 58, 148, 180 Bolds, Mr. Nathaniel 158, 174 Boles, Lee 130 Boling, Ian 37, 131, 182, 186, 195 Bondurant, Sheree 131, 204 Booker, Rusty 131 Boone, Antoine 139, 195 Boone, Ion 102, 262 Boone, Rodney 131 Boone, Steve 67 Boss, Earl 148 Boulware, Cameron 54, 76, 131, 176, 178, 187 Bowers, Bradna 65, 68, 102, 182, 187 Bowie, Tonya 178, 180 Bowman, Tony 148 Boyce, Sean 88, 89 Boyce, Tammy 2, 17, 131, 180 Boyd, Felicia 16, 102, 188, 197 Boyd, Carmen 184, 190 Boyd, Teresa 139, 181 Boyer, Daryn 139 Boyer, Kerry 103, 182, 188, 19E Boyer, Tara 148, 182 Boyles, Mark 148 Boyles, William 175 Boys and Girls I.V1 Basketball 82-83 Boys and Girls Tennis 66-67 Boys Soccer 72-73 Boys Track 76-77 Boys Varsity Basketball 86-87 Bradshaw Mrs. Carol 167 Bragoz, Mr. Lloyd 44, 45, 158, 176 Brand, Secoyah 86 Brand, Shepell 191 Brannon, Chrystal 139, 195 Branson, Tracy 139, 187 Bray Chris 72, 81, 139 Bray Scott 148, 170 Bray Tracey 148, 170 Brewington, Diane 49 Brewington, Michael 92, 148 Brewiongton, Michaela 103, 178, 196 Briggs, Karen 195 Briles, Mr. Troy 53 Britt, Robin 28 Brockway Melissa 148, 182 Brookbank, Ms. Gayle 26, 120, 158 VARIPAPA'S Compliments of En UIIE Hllllll DRY CLEANERS Phone 1616 N. Main St. 882-2929 High Point, N.C. Family Resturant 8: Neighborhood Tavern 1616 N. Main St. 882-2919 Kepley's Barbecue 1304 N. Main sr. High Point, N.C. 1310 N. Centennial 'High Point, N.C. 27260 Brooks, Gary 88 Brooks, Chris 40 Brooks, Sharon 103, 190 Brown, Adrienne 148, 180 Brown, Angela 74 Brown, Angie 64, 65, 82, 139, 184 Brown, Barbara 103 Brown, Caroline 148 Brown, Cheryl 103 Brown, Demetrius 170 Brown, Rick 139 Brown, Tabitha 64, 65, 185 Brown, Tamara 84, 131 Brown, Timothy 103, 184 Brown, Wayne 76 Buchanon, Trisha 18 Buckner, Matt 198 Buie, Iulie 131, 188 Building Skills 54-55 Bullard, Charlisa 139, 180, 181 Bullin, Kristi 18 Burch, Eric 73, 131, 177, 188, 189, 197, 202 Burke, Mr. Wally 89, 90, 94, 96, 250 I Index 158 Burleson, Angie 139, 140, 182 Burnett, Garry 62, 131, 135, 171 186, 188, 189, 197, 203 Burnett, Todd 68, 69, 139, 176, 186, 188, 194 Burns, Iohn 43, 88, 148, 158 Burns, Mr. john 20, 21, 43, 158 194 Burton, Mark 139, 187 Burris, Tony 96 Burton, Ieff 48, 131, 187, 197 Busdrivers 124 Butler, Andy 67, 139, 186, 188 Butler, Marc 60, 139, 176 Buxton, Kenneth 131, 175 Byerly David 139 Byerly Shane 139, 181 Byerly T.L. 148 Byers, Traci 104 Cadle, Laura 82, 148, 150, 172, 182, 183 Cafeteria Staff 166 Cagle, Barbara 104, 264 Caldwell, Brian 20, 148 Caldwell, Chris 92 Caldwell, Delvin 54, 69, 131 f-. Caldwell, Veronica 20, 21, 47, 104, 188 Camp, Stephanie 82, 148 Campbell, David 148, 198 Campbell, Tony 6 Cameron, Ben 18 Cannon, Barbara 65, 139, 182 Cannon, Mike 8 Cannon, Patsy 30, 31, 47, 65, 68, 82, 104, 179, 188, 189, 200, 202, 203, 204, 255 Caple, Aaron 187 -w s., -w arden, Brian 139 Carey Arlisa 17, 148, 150, 172, 178, 180 Carewz Stephanie 190 rw -w -.. armichael, Greg 139 Carroll, Lynn 104, 106, 110, 120, 122, 170, 172, 188, 200, 202 arter, Tracia 131, 184 Cash, Lisa 47, 104, 180, 182, 188, 191, 196, 200 Cashatt, Laura 139, 182, 186 Cashatt, Leslie 139, 144, 146, fn 4. 182, 186 Cashion, Karen 17, 46, 131, 170, 204 Cashion, Michael 105, 174, 175 Cason, Daren 197 Cates, Mrs. Sylvia 158, 160, 165, 202 Causey Michelle 148, 175 Cave, Kim 81, 148, 182 Cave, Stephen 184 ff Casazza, Mr. Iohn 67, 94, 96 Cecil, Mark 81, 131, 176, 177, 188, 195 Cecil, Zack 34, 96, 131, 177, 179, 186, 204 Central High School 59 Channals, Charmane 148 Y Chapman, Tracy 105 Chappel, Mark 54, 131, 175 Charles, Greg 51, 148 Cheerleaders 58-59 Chernault, Susan 139, 146, 182, 195 Chess, Mrs. Marlene 158, 164, 204 Childers, Tammy 80, 81, 131, 170, 203 Chiles, Melissa 70, 139, 192 Chorus 184-185 Civinettes 180-181 Clapp, Chris 76, 131, 177, 188, 195 Clark, Gene 148 Clark, Wendy 68, 141, 172, 181, 195, 202 Clary David 92, 148 Class Rings 144 Clausen-Shaumann, Hauke 78, 186, 195 Clemmons, Mr. Robert 92, 93, 94, 96 Clifton, Jamie 140, 175 Clifton, Mary 140, 148 Clifton, Pamela 140, 199 Clifton, Scott 175 Clubs 168 Cochran, Keith 131, 174 Cochran, Mr. Mike 53, 158 Cochran, Tammy 140, 173, 174 Coggins, jeff 63 Cole, Candy 29, 105, 170, 173, 182, 186 Cole, Kevin 174, 175 Cole, Lisa 20, 21, 105, 191 Coleman, Tammy 148, 184 Collins, Diane 49 Collins, James 81, 131, 187 Collins, julie 131, 170, 171 Collins, Nathan 131 Colonna, David 94 Coltrane, Sandra 20, 21, 148 Combs, Iodi 20, 21, 149, 170 Combs, Sterling 105, 174 Combs, Wendi 105, 186, 195 Community 208-209 Compton, Rick 11, 47, 83, 140, 177 Computer 202-203 Cooke, Wendy 106 Cornelison, Angie 131, 170 Corton, Iennifer 140, 182, 187, 202 Corum, David 131 Cottam, Mrs. Winfred 158 Cotton, Maurice 88, 96, 131, 188, 204 Council, Mike 194 Council, Stephanie 74, 75, 106, 188 Courts, Mrs. Carol 53, 160 Covington, William 86 Cox, Emily 131, 182, 184 Cox, Ieff 149, 176 Cox, Melissa 149 Cramer, Brett 73, 81, 140 Cramer, Stacey 81, 106, 120, 170, 172, 187, 188, 203, 204 Cranford, Rick 72, 140, 149, 186 Craven, Kig1..,195 Craven, Larry 17 Craven, Sharon 140 Craver, Kim 20, 106, 140, 190 Crawford, Mark 62 Crawford, Michelle 149 Crawford, Terrence 106 Crone, Alicia 70 Crosby Shelia 106, 188, 190 "Hmm, now let's see." REVERIE Business Editor Susan Erwin con- templates an advertisement predica- ment shown to her by Amber Smoot. 4. . . C X"""' ,1- Cross, Brian 114, 131 Cross, Wendy 174 Crowley Allison 107 Currens, Billy 67, 140, 146, 195 Currens, Cherie 66, 149, 150, 170, 172 Currier Martha 70 Custodians 166 Daleo, Kristine 149, 170 Daleo, Mike 45, 73, 140, 179 Dales, Michael 140 Dalton, Mr: Sandy 68, 82, 160 Dalton, Tracey 149, 170 Dameron, Mr. Bill 156, 157, 165 David, Chris 149 David, Dana 64, 140, 195 Davidson, LeAnne 140, 182, 185, 186 Davidson, Michael 149 Davis, Mrs. Betty 160 Davis, Brian 149 Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, 170, , Davis, Kay 74, 107, 180, 182, 188 191 Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Bryan 149 Chris 72, 149, 175 James 94, 149 Jennifer 70, 140, 146, 186 202, 203 Mark 140 Michael 131 Paul 149 Sam 140 Tonya 149, 180, 187 Toshia 140, 184, 191 Dawkins, Donna 178 Dawkins, Mark 140, 176, 178, 187, 202 Deal, Andrea 149, 170 Deaton, Kevin 66, 67 DECA 190-191 Defriece, Tim 131, 175 Dehart, Gene 117, 131, 175 Delonge, Eric 107 Delonge, Jennifer 8, 13 Dejonge, Mike 73, 107, 188, 189, 201, 202 Delaney Crystal 149 Delapp, Scott 107, 174, 264 Dennis, Melinda 149, 170 Dennis, Melisa 17, 44, 58, 131, 133, 170, 172, 186, 188, 189 Depot 24 DeRue, lim 140, 194 Diaz, Leonora 140 Dickens, Mike 149 Difoggio, Anthony 72, 73, 140, 177 Difoggio, Mrs. Lynn 26, 59, 160 Dixon, Donnie 24, 25 Dixon, Donovan 149 Dixon, Evelyn 140, 191 Dixon, James 195 Doarp Tia 70, 140, 170, 173, 186 Dockery Rudy 43, 131, 187 Dockery Scott 76, 107, 184, 199 Dockery Tawanna 68 Doss, David 175 ' Doss, Stephanie 131 Drama 198-199 Driggers, Kelly 131, 182, 187, 188, 189, 194, 202, 203 Drivers Education 142 Dudley Drew 149 Duez, Mrs. Sandra 160, 193 Duff, Lori 187, 195 Index I 251 1 Duncan, Belinda 131, 182, 188, 189 Duncan, Kate 140, 170, 186 Duncan, Tammy 131, 182 Dunham, Carla 68, 131 Dunlap, Kenny 83, 92, 93 Dunlap, Kim 178 Dunlap, Scott 149 Dunn, Dawana 107, 180, 182, 186,191,192,197,198 Dunn, Michael 149, 153 Dupree, Penny 2, 131 Durway Mrs. Flo 26, 160 Dutton, Samantha 149 X Eads, Barbara 149 Eads, Donna 107, 199 Eads, Tammy 131, 190 Eaglin, Ms. Sylvia 18, 26, 158, 159, 160, 164 Earls, Diane 107 Earls, Tammy 20, 21, 107 Easter, Brian 86, 140, 262 Easter Tijuana 107, 180, 181, 182, 197 Easterling, Bill 140, 175 Eaton, Ieff 30, 31, 73, 107, 177, 188, 195, 204 Edwards, Earl 149 Eiffel Tower 45 Einstein, Albert 147 Eller Anthony 175 Eller, Charles 108 Ellerbee, Rikki 184, 186 Elliot, Rachel 132, 188 Ellis, Colleen 149 English 44-45 Engstrom, Donna 140 Environmental 178-179 Erath, Mrs. Marion 165, 190 Essic, Mr. David 160 Erwin, Susan 16, 56, 58, 59, 108, 170, 174, 186, 198, 204 Evans, Gloria 20, 21, 132, 195 Evans, Kevin 62, 63 Evans, Rachel 132 Evans, Rusty 15, 23, 68, 69, 132, 177, 186, 188, 189, 197 Ewings, Tabatha 140, 185 Ezekiel, Iames 264 Ezekiel, Linda 149 Farlow Brooke 18, 108, 170, 186 188, 195, 204 Farlovw Mrs. Eloise 161 Farmer, Peter 186 Faulkner, Cliff 175 FBLA 190-191 FCA 178-179 Ferguson, Harold 19 Ferguson, Rhonda 140 Ferguson, Ken 108 FHA 190-191 Fiddie, Deanna 150 Fine Arts 42-43 Fisher Coleen 36, 58, 132, 170, 171, 186, 188, 189 Flynn, Mr. Bill 14 Flynn, Mr. Keith 62, 81, 92, 96 Fonner, Beth 54 Fonner Mrs. Patricia 161, 162, 182, 188 Fordyce, Veronica 150, 182 Ford, Lee 140 Foree, Mr. George 5, 50 Foreign, Language 44-45 Foster, Del 15, 17, 94, 96, 108, 177, 179,186,188 Foster, Travis 108, 195 Fowler, Debbie 140 Fowler, Mrs. Teresa 161, 199 Fox, Michael 140, 195 France, George 150 Franklin, Anita 140, 181, 187 Franklin,Stacey 150, 178 Freeman, Mrs. Barbara 156 Freeman, Doyle 68, 69, 140 French, Larry 150 Freshman Officers 150 Freshman Opening 148 Fuller, Regina 150 Futrell, Chad 72, 141, 186, 188, 195 Gainey Delores 109, 180, 191 Galer, Amy 25, 54, 109 Galloway Iames 150 Gane, Mrs. Amanda 40, 158, 161, 165 Garrison, Andrea 141, 178 Gaskin, Angela 109 Gaskin, Teresa 132 Gerson, David 20, 21, 73, 109, 113, 168, 176, 177, 186, 188, 189, 201, 202 Gibbs, Geoffrey 150 Gibbs, Greg 13, 66, 67 Gibbs, Jeff 150, 188 Gibson, Lori 58, 150, 170 Gibson, Misty 132 Gibson, Pamela 150 252 I Index The Royal Homecoming Court. 1985 King Donald Bohannon with escort Rosalyn Randleman, Prince Wendell Alsbrooks, Prince Kevin Patton and 1985 Queen Sharon Lind- say with 1984 King Gary Taylor. Gibson, Tommy 185 Gibson, Tracey 54, 132 Gibson, Wendy 81, 109, 191 Gilchrist, Ann 141 Gilchrist, Patrick 184 Gilchrist, Tim 109, 175, 264 Gill, Mr. Craig 76, 94, 96, 161 Gill, Ieff 92 Gilmore, Tammy 84, 186 Girls Soccer 70-71 Girls Softball 68-69 Girls Track 74-75 Girls Varsity Basketball 84-85 Girls Volleyball - IV and Varsity 64-65 Glover Eurika 141, 181, 184, 196 Glover, Mike 76, 184 Goins, Mr. Herb 60, 95, 96, 16 Golf 60-61 Goodwin, Bonnie 19 Gordon, Mr. Hugh 47, 92, 93, 94, 96, 179 Goshen, Mark 110, 186, 199 Goshen, Michelle 58, 141 Gosnell, Kim 65, 68, 82, 141, 142, 181 Goss, Kenny 92, 93 Grady Gregg 76, 77, 96, 132 Grady Rick 81, 92, 96, 141, 14 Graham, Sean 185 Gray Mrs. Audrey 167 Gray Elisa 150, 185 Gray Lonnie 96, 110, 174 Gray Ricky 92, 96, 110, 174 Gray Steve 96, 132, 188, 189, 202 Grayson, Cynthia 141, 195 Green, Christine 150 Green, Ierry 150 Green, Rick 76, 77 Green, Robin 141, 181 Green, Terry 43, 94, 96, 132, 11 Green, Tommy 62, 63 Greensboro Coliseum 39 Greene, Eddie 62, 99, 110, 113, 177, 187, 188, 192, 193, 195 Greenfield, Chuck 32, 62, 73, 110, 188 Greenfield, Richie 72, 73, 150, 156 Gregory George 150 Griffey Tim 92, 141 Griffin, Ashley 68, 82, 141, 17 Griffin, Barry 110, 190 Griffin, Gwynn 111, 170, 204 Griffin, Neal 111, 190 Griggs, Cinnamon 150, 199 Grimestead, Charlie 81, 150 Grizzel, Ieff 79, 132, 173, 177 Grove, Ian 150, 262 Guidance 52-53 Gunn, Kris 187 Guy Nina 150 Guy Tina 150 Haines, Roland 151 Hair, Mrs. Jennifer 59, 161 Hall, Bryan 111, 129, 190 Hall, Karen 141, 181, 184 Hall, Willie 88, 89, 151, 153 Hamby Duane 132, 195, 199 Hammett, Susan 81, 141, 186 Handy Dana 190 Handy Marcia 111 Harcom, Chris 72, 151 Hardee, Scott 94, 96, 111, 174, 177, 179 Hardin, Christie 132, 180, 187, 196 Hardin, Chris 141 Hardin, Jennie 132 Hardison, Alice 151, 182 Hare, Henry 72, 141, 142, 177, 187 Harmon, Lynda 55, 141, 170, 186 Harper, Mitchell 132, 194, 202 Harr, Saundra 141 Harrington, Amy 141 Harrington, Brent 66, 67, 81, 141, 177, 186 Harrington, Orlanda 111 Harris, Deborah 141 Harris, Sidney 151 Harrison, Sandra 74, 142, 181 Hatch, Vanessa 74, 75 Hatcher, Ericka 181 Hatcher, Mrs. Gail 158 Hayes, Hayes, Hayes, Hayes, Carla 151, 180, 181 Darlene 75, 112 Dexter, 34, 132, 195 James 76, 86, 112, 174 Hayes, James 86, 112 Hayes, Mary 167 Hayes, Tammy 112, 168, 188, 191, 206 Hayes, Tasha 84 Hazelwood, Carol 151 Heath, LuAnne 112, 188, 202, 203 Hedge, Jennifer 66, 82, 151, 153, 170 Hedrick, Brad 76, 132 Hedrick, Dawn 141, 184 Heen Julie 65, 68, 141, 142 Heilig, Allison 30, 31, 58, 112, 170, 172, 186, 188, 200, 204 Helms, Jesse 29 Henard, James 151 Henard, Joyce 141, 143, 197 Henard, Julius 92, 151 Henderson, Freddie 174 Hensley Diane 20, 21, 112, 117, 191, 264 Hensley Karen 11, 51, 151, 182 Hensley Rodney 112, 190 Hepler, Jeff 69, 141, 176 Hepler, Mr. Sonny 122 Hernandez, Mrs. Benicia 45, 161, 187 Herndon, Alan 45, 96, 132 Herndon, Brent 29, 81, 151 Herndon, Mike 62, 112, 179 Hiatt, Candy 141, 170, 187 Hicks, Mr. Henry 61, 87, 158, 159, 161, 178 Highbaugh, Catherine 112, 182, 185, 186, 198, 203 Hightower Jennifer 20, 21, 132, 182, 186, 188, 195, 204 Hill, Danette 141 Hill, Eunice 17, 142, 178, 191 Hill, Kathy 151, 182, 203 Hines, Mary Ann 132, 198, 202 Hines, Rodney 88 Hinshaw Grey 132 Hinson, Byron 32, 112, 190 Hinson, David 132 Hipps, Mr. Herb 12, 13, 19, 106, 164 Hitchcock, Laura 112, 170, 198 Hobson, Michele 56, 64, 65, 70, 84, 130, 132, 170, 171, 188, 203 Hoffman, Shane 81, 142, 177, 187, 195 Hodgen, Tom 61, 142, 176 Holbrook, Amber 151, 185, 187 Holland, Mark 99 Holland, Rodney 76, 92, 83, 142 Holland, Tony 15, 76, 84, 96, 132 Hooks, Roland 72 Hoover, Melanie 17, 58, 151 Hoover, Mike 32, 113, 177, 187, 197, 202 Hoppe, Christy 56, 58, 59, 113, 182, 184, 186, 188, 200, 204 Hopper Joe 142, 195 Horne, Chris 89, 90, 106, 108, 113, 176, 179, 187, 195 Horne, Mr. John 132, 188 Horne, Wayne 174 Horne, Teresa 132, 188 Hough, David 38, 67, 104, 105, 113, 188, 204 Hough, Kenny 174 Howard, David 151, 177 Howard, Pat 41, 113, 177, 192, 193 Howard, Robert 132, 190 Howard, Todd 142 Howell, Melissa 151 Howerton, Miss Vanessa 43, 185 Hubbard, Kisha 151 Hucks, Scott 151 Hudson, Doug 142, 177, 197 Hudgins, Donna 151 Huff, Lawana 48, 132, 170, 186 Hugham, Ashley 151 Hughes, Ashley 47, 170 Hughes, Brian 151 Hughes, Ms. Sandra 74 Humphrey Carlos 76 Hunsucker, Dana 132 Hunt, Gov Jim 21, 28, 98 Hunt, Mr. Michael 158, 161, 175 Hunter, Carolyn 151 Hunter Cinnamon 64, 151, 178, 187 Hunter Yvette 114 Huntley Charles 142, 184 Idol, Clinton 151 Ingraham, Hilary 22, 58, 114, 120, 170, 172, 187, 188, 189, 201, 203 Ingram, Erwin 142 Ingram, Linny 132 Ingram, Percy 175 Ingram, Robin 114 Ingram, Rodney 178, 184 Ingram, Scott 92, 184 Ingram, Stacy 178 Isaac, Rudy 114, 187, 189, 201, 202 J.V Baseball 68-69 J.V Football 92-93 Jackson, Bruce 83, 142, 176, 194 Jackson, Edward 88, 195 Jackson, Mrs. Gladys 52 Jackson, Junior 151 Jackson, Keith 76, 83 Jackson, Michael 21 Jackson, Troy 60 Jacobs, Andy 114 James, Christal 151 Jarrell, Kitten Jarrett, Tim 151, 177, 179 Jarrett, Troy 142, 175 Jeffries, Darrell 69, 88, 92, 142 Jeffries, Hope 114 Jenkins, Chris 151, 262 Jenkins, Paula 132, 133, 172, 182, 187 Jernigan, Joan 115, 182 Jernigan, Nora 115 Jernigan, Stephanie 151, 153 Jester, Mrs. Ella Jean 26 Jester, Paula 142, 182, 184, 186 John, Karen 66, 67, 142, 170, 186 Johnson, Amy 142, 151, 182, 185 Johnson, April 151 Johnson, Aryecka 151 Johnson, Barry 75, 96, 115 Johnson, Donnett 65, 84, 168 ta ,w'...n,wvxa.e4,,u, .H -. an his H Which George is that - Washing- ton or Henne? New history teacher Mr. George Henne discusses impor- tant past events with his class. ff Index f 253 Welcome to the world of bookwork. The new attendance secretary Mrs. Kitten jarrell glances up to see the reason for this distraction from her paperwork. johnson, johnson, johnson, johnson, johnson, johnson, Dwayne 115, 165 Mr. Murrell 161, 200 Patricia 142, 195 Sam 151 Tammy 185 Tom 115, 174 jones, Carolyn 132 jones, Coy 115 jones, Eddie 44, 49, 175 jones, Giselle 30, 31, 70, 115, 172, 180, 182, 186, 188, 195, 201 jones, Randee 161 jones, Teresa 132, 195 jones, Tilia 185 jones, Traci 132, 178 jordan, james 92 jordan, joe 132, 177, 188 joyce, Barbara 115 joyner, Mrs. Anne 55, 162, 163 junior jaycees I Key 176-177 junior Marshals 106-107 junior Officers 132 junior Opening 130 juniorettes 170 Kahn, Russ 1512 Kak, Lynn 81, 151 Kak, Phil 44, 45, 115, 182, 195 Kak, Tim 132, 186 Kearse, Mike 190 Kearns, Pam 132 Kelley Ann 132, 182 Kendell, jimmy 151 Kennett, john 15, 132, 177, 186, 195 Key Belinda 151 254! Index Keyettes 182 Kohler, Mike 20, 32, 33, 62, 115, 177, 186, 202 Kimbro, Mrs. Liz 26, 163, 164, 165, 188, 204, 205 King, Connie 17, 58, 92, 142, 170, 179, 186, 187, 202 Kinney Mrs. Barbara 66 Kinney Brett 60 A Kinney Cacy 57, 66, 151, 170 Kinton, Damon 151 Kirkman, Dr. Duane 13 Kirkpatrick, Diedna 151 Kirkpatrick, Yuana 68, 142, 181, 195 Kneely Mike 197 Knight, Chris 32, 62, 115 Knight, Mrs. Ramona 156, 166 Koontz, Billy 72, 142, 177, 195 Kozcroy Mr. Kevin 72 Kushner, Leslie 8, 58, 59, 115, 170, 186, 188, 200 Lain, CeCe 48, 132 Lamb, Keith 175 Lamb, Tracey 48, 58, 59, 132, 181, 189 Land, Kim 116 Land, Murry 116 Land, Trudy 132 Landreath, jeff 132, 175 Landreth, Leigh Anne 151 Lane, Angela 151 Lane, Brian 151, 179 Lane, Bryan 92 Lane, Mrs. Mary 26, 158, 162, 163 Lassiter, Mark 133, 174, 188 Lawrence, Tim 151 Lax, Tara 151 Leach, Andreana 58, 133, 185 Leach, Nina 83, 151, 194 Leary Angie 20, 151, 170 Ledbetter, Lisa 133, 182 Lenesky Theresa 142 Leonard, Barry 151 Leonard, Lynn 151, 181 Leonard, Matt 151 Lessa, Marni 151, 182 Lester, jordine 72, 142 Lewis, Heather 116, 182, 199 Lewis, Mike 92, 93, 151 Lewis, Philip 46, 142, 175 Lewin, Shannon 92, 93, 151 Lewis, Tammy 64, 68, 133, 182, 186, 188 Libertone, Lorene 151 Liberty john 92, 142 Library 52-53 Lindsay Ann 84 Lindsay Angela 65, 74, 75, 133, 197 Lindsay Sharon 14, 15, 16, 17, 84, 116, 184, 196 Linthicum, Steven 73, 133, 197 Linton, Kevin 86, 87, 174 Little, Austin 96 Little, Carolyn 68, 178 Little, Dwayne 55 Little, Mrs. joanne 167 Little, joe 89, 90, 91, 142 Little, john 166 Little, Michael 48, 51, 96, 133, 187 Littlejohn, Charles 133 Lohr, Ingrid 70 Lohr, Kristin 66, 67, 70, 142, 170, 195 Long, Bergeda 116, 186, 188, 191, 196 Lopez, Ricardo 46, 116, 177, 187, 188, 204 Loutz, Kim 142, 187, 198 Lovelace, Mike 116, 129, 177, 192 Lowery Elaine 64, 151 Lowery Marshall 92, 133, 197 Lundrigan, Erik 34, 41, 116, 174, 185, 184, 201, 255 Lundrigan, jennie 133 Luther, Gary 133 Luther, Greg 152 Lyddon, Paul 142, 147, 177, 188 Lynch, Darral 76 Mabe, Cody 152 Mabe, Mickey 92, 152, 155, 158 Mack, Brian 143, 185, 187, 190 Mack, Lisa 196 Macken, Andra 152 Manly john 46 Mann, Chuck 133 Mann, Tracey 116, 187, 191 Manring, jon 45, 133 Marion, Sandra 190 Marks, Saisette 82, 152 Martin, Cybelle 66, 143, 144, 145, 170 Martin, jim 29 Martin, Michael 60, 81, 92, 93, 143, 173, 177, 179, 187 Martin, Robert 32, 69, 81, 116, 127, 177, 188, 192, 202 Martin, Vonda 116, 180, 181, 182, 197 Mathai, Mike 6, 49, 133, 177, 195 Math Honor Society 188-189 Mauldin, Brian 142, 143, 187, 198 Mauldin, Danny 116, 174 Mauney Mrs. Edith 43, 162, 163, 184 Mauney joel 92, 152 McAbee, Anita 152 McArthur, Anne 64, 65, 68, 84, 133, 170, 188 McBryde, Ronnie 118 McBryde, Shannon 143, 144, 170, 185, 187 McCall, Stephanie 143, 180, 181 McCall, Tim 4 McCall, Tyrone 118 McCallum, jackie 133, 184, 190 McCarten Loren 44, 133, 177, 179, 186, 188, 202, 203 McCarthy Sharon 118, 190 McClendon, james 92, 174 McCluney jackie 133, 180 McCluney Wendy 133, 180, 1E McClurkin, Wonda 133, 178 McCollum, Cheryl 64, 82, 152 McCollum, Sharon 64, 82, 152 McCormick, Angelica 163, 165 180 McCormick, Charles 143 McCraw Lynn 133, 170, 187, 204 McCullogh, Keith 76, 90, 96, 118 McDonald, Ashley 152, 182 McDonald's 24, 34 McEnroe, john 67 McGee, Chris 143, 199 McGee, Melissa 152, 182, 187, 198 Mclnnis, jeff 133 Mclnnis, Lorraine 190 McIntosh, Todd 73, 89, 91, 96, 97, 118, 179 McIntyre, Kevin 152 T McKenzie, Alan 133, 175 McLarty George 143, 186 McLaurin, Pam 190 McLean, Kim 74 McLean, Miss Laura 59, 129, 162 McLean, Les 134, 175 McLendon, james 89, 91, 92, 9 McLeod, Walt 83, 93 McMullan, Abby 68 McNair, Rodney 143 McNair, Warren 76 McNeil, Adam 76, 96 McNeil, johnny 86, 134 McRae, Maurice 86 McRae, Vickie 118, 191 McSwain, Mike 175, 186 1 Measmer, Mrs. Ann 62, 163, 190 Mebane, Mrs. Betty 53, 158, 161, 165 Medlin, Eric 143, 187, 188, 195 Meeks, Max 14, 17 Meinecke, Terry 144, 173 Meinecke, Ron 152 Mennard, julius 92 Meredith, David 118 Metters, Paul 88, 92, 152, 179 Meurs, Kathy 152, 170 Mewborn, Mrs. Sherry 158, 16 163 Michael, Tamblin 174 Mickey Andrew 92, 97 Mickey David 152 Mill, jeffrey 152 Miller, Catrina 134 Miller, Samuel 72, 152 Miller, Shelly 144, 175, 182 Miller, Wanda 118 Milligan, Glenn 40, 41, 199 Mills, Sharon 117, 118, 190 Minor, Denise 74, 134, 196 Minor, Tracey 17, 152 Mintz, Leslie 29, 134 Misenheimer, Lisa 8, 16, 25, 118, 170, 188 Mishoe, Kevin 134 Mitchell, Chris 66, 67, 118, 202, 262 Mitchell, David 152 Mitchell, Mike 142, 144 Mitchell, Ronnie 134 Mitchell, Tammy 82, 152 Page, Frank 134, 197 Mock, Adrian 120 Mock, Rhonda 64 Mondale, Walter 29 Monroe, Ann 134, 184 Moore, George 194 Moore, Sonja 120 Moore, Steven 152 Moore, Tommy 60, 92, 93 Morefield, Teresa 134 Morgan, Teri 120, 168, 191 Morris, Chip 120, 129 Morris, Michelle 152 Morrison, Melissa 20, 120, 184, 190 Morrison, Mitzi 64, 134 Morrison, Sharon 134, 184 Morrison, Vernell 134 Moser Cory 69, 144 Most Athletic 108-109 Most Dependable 118-119 Most School Spirited 108-109 Most Talented 114-115 Most Unpredictable 112-113 Motsinger Shandel 36, 124, 170, 192, 193 Muncy Michelle 152 Munday David 67, 120, 165 Murphy Dale 134, 197 Murray Kristi 20, 21, 110, 121, 186, 195 Murray Meredith 152 Murray Tony 69, 144 Murrow Craig 134 Murvin, Sandra 49, 134 Nance, Paige 24, 32, 33, 121, 170 Needham, Iennifer 66, 152, 170 N eiwulis, Steve 62 Nelson, Greg 76, 94, 96, 134 Nguyen, Phan 144 NHS 200-201 Nicholson, Tijuanna 74, 75, 134, 197 Nicopalus, Cathy 49, 134, 170, 206 Nilen, Princess 134, 178, 190 Nixon, Billy 144, 195 Nordstrom, Michelle 144, 170, 199 Norman, Greg 152 Norton, Terri 49 Nosal, Darren 92, 93, 142, 144, 179, 186 Oak Hallow Marina 35 O'Brien, Kelly 25, 134, 182, 183, 187, 202, 203 O'Connell, Lisa 152, 170 Odell, Christy 184 Odenwelder, Ierry 121, 174, 195 Odenwelder, Kevin 144, 177, 195 Ogelby Stacie 152, 184 Oliver Barbara 162, 163, 199 O'Neil, Phyllis 17, 65, 70, 134 Orchekowski, Brenda 24, 34, 36, 121,170, 186,198 Orchestra 184-185 Orsini, Marco 144, 202 Orsini, Victor 152, 202 Outlaw Arlisa 134 Owen, Sophia 121 Oxford, Scott 121, 174 Oxford, Stephanie 152, 170 Painter, Ierry 134, 137, 175 Parham, Dwayne 152 Parker, Gina 58, 104, 105, 121, 170, 186, 188, 192, 200 Parker, Kenny 190 Parnell, Beverly 121 Parnell, Ginny 81, 152 Parnell, Ienny 20, 21, 170 Parnell, Tara 195 Parsley Kris 50, 142, 144 Parson, Renee 144 Parsons, Ionathan 121 Parsons, Renee 16, 121 Parsons, Sonya 152 Passmore, Tony 54, 62, 134, 175 Patrick, Pamela 47, 121, 195 Patrick, Paula 84 Patrick, Perdita 82 Patrick, Prince 121 Patterson, Kristi 70, 144, 145, 170, 186 Patton, Kevin 8, 30, 31, 76, 81, 96, 122, 179, 188, 189, 200, 204 Paus, Sean 81, 144 Payne, Billy 76 Payne, Cindy 134, 195 Payne, Darian 152 Payne, Ginger 17, 134, 170, 171, 192 Payne, Penny 122, 178, 181, 187 Peguese, Gail 122 Peguese, Nochie 92 Pierce, Darren 92 Pierce, Jeff 92 Penn, Mr. Frank 2, 20, 21, 98, 156, 157 Penn, Frank 92, 144 Pennisi, Ann Marie 68, 134, 170, 187, 195, 206 Pennisi, Anthony 144, 176 Pennisi, Ioe 134 People 98-99 Pep 178-179 Perdue, Wayne 24, 152 Perryman, Don 144, 177 Peters, Danielle 123, 127, 188 Pettus, David 87, 152 Petty Robert 73, 134, 177, 187, 192, 193 Phifer, Adrienne 144, 175, 187 Phifer, Ronald 184 Phillips, Donnie 152 Philyaw Brian 186 Physical Education I Drivers Education 50-51 Pierce, Darin 152 Pinkey Tia 152 Plessnery Sandra 55, 152, 170, 187 Poole, Mr. Erwin 166 Poole, Ienny 152 Pope, Scott 94, 96, 134 Porter, Leary 174 Post, Scott 32, 123, 127, 173, 177, 187, 195 Post, Sonja 152, 182 Poston, Gail 144 Powell, Wallace 76, 96, 134, 178 Powers, Annette 32, 33, 123, 186, 188, 195, 204 Pratt, Larry 144 Pressley Darrell 152 Price, Corinthian 54, 96 Price, Ieff 144 Prince 27 Prince, Michelle 145, 146, 195 Pugh, Scott 44, 45, 62, 123, 127, 186 Purdue, Wayne 24, 25 Putt-Putt 24, 39, 154 Quick, Angela 181 fr P Quick, Barbara 145 Quick, Ianice 123 Quick, Iimmy 145 Quick, Iohnny 134, 142, 145 Quick, Iudy 82, 152 Quick, Rhonda 123, 190 Quietest 118-119 Quinto, Karen 182, 198 Quinto, Mike 72, 145, 187, 197 Quinto, Mrs. Sara 52, 162, 163, 187 Rae, Suzanne 23, 152 Rafalski, Eddie 134, 186, 188 Reagan, David 73, 177, 186, 204 Reagan, Ronald 29 Reap, Michelle 74 Redwine, Rachel 145, 175 Reed, Scotty 50, 152 Reid, Ericka 123, 127, 180, 181, 182, 196 Reid, Scottie 152 Responsibilities 122 REVERIE 13, 31, 167, 204-205, 206-207 Reynolds, Anne 145, 180 Reynolds, Rebecca 123, 191 Rhodes, Delia 134, 185, 188, 198 Rice, Alan 142 Rice, Amy 2, 134, 182, 188, 195, 202, 203 Rice, Suzanna 152, 182, 184 Rich, Jennifer 152 Rich, Shannon 152, 198 Richardson, Sandi 58, 134, 186 Richardson, Sandy 16, 68, 74, 109, 122, 123 QC. Q .ar Taking a break before their 'Super Saturday." Andrews' representatives in the High-IQ Bowl are Patsy Can- non, Nancy Andrews, Erik Lundri- gan, Carole Snider and David Bearce. 1 1 Indexl255 X Getting ready for the big day. I preparation for Graduation, the sa niors are measured for caps an gowns. K! . . , .4544 .. Rickard, Stephanie 16, 17, 31, 32, 66, 6 188, 206 8, 84, 85, 123, 170, Ridge, Brandon 152 Riley Delores 161, 162, 163 Roadhouse, Mr. Charles 162, 163, 189 Robbins, Renee 152 Robbins, Mollie 152 Roberson, Jasper 54, 76, 96, 154' Roberts, Bobby 145, 152 Robertson, Joyce 134 Robertson, Vanessa 182, 187 Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, 97 Robinson, Robinson, Fannie 167 Carol 185 Inga 123 Joyce 64, 65, 74, 134 Junior 17, 86, 95, 96, Kenneth 45 Mark 152 Rodden, James 145 Rodden, John 145 Roddy Amy 139, 145, 182, 199 Rogers, Benson 76, 94, 96, 97, 174 Roher, Daphne 152, 185 Roher, Michelle 145 Roller-Rink 154 Rook, Aud ra 134 256 l Index Rorie, Angie 153 Rorie, Shelia 134, 174, 178, 195 Rosa, Beth 198 Rowe, Eddie 135, 174 Rowsey Brian 123, 190 Rowsey Sharon 145, 170 Royal, Rebecca 145 Rudd, Dawne 135, 182, 186, 195 Rumbley David 135, 185 Runion, Jonathan 119, 124, 186, 188 Runion, Robert 185 Runyon, Jeremy 152 Russell, Anita 124, 175, 195 Russell, Mrs. Carmella 53, 161, 162, 163 Sams, Darlene 153 Sanders, Chris 88, 89, 153 Sanders, Dena 135 Sanders, Melissa 135, 182, 191 Sanders, Mr. Steve Sanders, Sam 76, 94, 96, 97, 124 Sanders, Wayne 17 Sanniota, Mr. Vic 162, 163, 164 Santaniella, Andrew 88, 153 Saunders, Audrea 124, 178, 182, 186, 188, 191,196 Saunders, Laura 145, 195 Saunders, Renee 135, 174 Scarborough, Buddy 135 Schneider, Kathy 135, 170, 188 Schneider, Susan 17, 58, 150, 153, 170, 172 Schroeder, Sherri 153 Schultheiss, David 135 Schultz, Robert 135 Science 46-47 Scott, Alex 76 Scott, Jimmy 5, 54, 76, 96, 135, 184 Scott, Warren 76 See, Kris 60, 135, 199 Seets, John 153 Self, Julie 153 Sellers, Brian 83, 153 Sellers, Leshia 135, 178, 190 Senior Officers 120 Sexton, Eric 124, 174 Secton, Steve 92, 145, 177 Shaffer, Rodney 201 Shaffer, Sabrina 16, 17, 30, 36, 124, 168, 170, 172, 187, 188, 200, 202, 203, 204 l l Shavis, Alesia 124, 178, 182, 188, 191, 192, 196 y Sheeley Randy 199 ' Sheldon, Patti 135 Shelton, Julie 135, 182, 187, 19. Sherrill, David 153 Shinn, Mrs. Sue 64, 74, 84, 85, 163 Shore, Kevin 124, 174, 177 Shuck, Mr. Bob 62, 73 Shuler, April 124, 187, 188, 195 200, 201, 204 Shuler, Ashley 17, 66, 153 Shusky Lisa 145, 182, 195 Simril, Lynn 70 Simmons, Betty 135 Simmons, Dean 135 Simmons, Heidi 153 Simmons, Kim 136, 191 sims, Jeff 76, 80, 81, 124, 176, 179, 187, 188, 191, 200, 202 Sims, Roger 80, 81, 136, 176, 179, 188 Sink, Michelle 143 Sirmon, James 154, 179 Sirmons, Brink 92 Skaggs, Marika 51, 145, 184 Skjearris, Peter 154 Slay Jeff 136, 174 lloop, Kim 145, 182, 195 lmith, Alicia 145, 182, 186, 195 lmith, Allen 154 lmith, Chris 44, 136, 177, 188, 195 lmith, Coretta 154 lmith, Craig 8, 79, 96, 124, 174, 175, 177, 179 lmith, Debbie 154 lmith, Denise 180 lmith, Dennis 174, 187 lmith, Jason 154, 187 lmith, Jeff 61, 76, 83, 136, 176, 177, 187 lmith, Iennifer 136 lmith, Kenny 199 gmith, Mr. Larry 162, 163, 173 lmith, Maria 136 Lmifh, Mary 124 lmith, Nadine 180 lmith, Robert 73, 96, 145 Lmith, Scottie 154 Lmith, Shelly 145 Lmith, Sheri 58, 81, 153, 154, 170 Lmith, Susan 11, 70, 144, 145, 170, 186 Lmith, Teresa 142, 145 Lmith, Teri 154, 170 Lmith, Takeia 64, 82, 154, 178 Lmith, Ward 69, 145, 175, 176 Lmitherman, Scott 145 LMOKE SIGNAL 192-193 Lmoot, Amber 36, 136, 170, 186, 188, 204 Lnider, Carole 125, 182, 185, 186, 188, 198, 201, 203, 255 Lnider, Marty 22, 146, 185, 186 Lnider, Robbie 22, 55 Lnovlr Brady 92, 146, 197. Lnow Iamie 146 Lophomore Officers 140 Lpagnola, Debbie 125, 182, 188, 198, 199, 204 Lpagnola, Maurice 136, 175 Lpagnola, Sam 155 Lpare Time Sports 78-79 Lpeth, Tim 154 Lpit, Sherry 154 , Lpoon, Dana 154, 198 Lports 56-57 Lprings, Lisa 146, 180 Lpruill, Mrs. Alice 191 Lpurlin, Lois 125 Ltack, Jennifer 136, 170, 198 Ltanley Carol 125 Ltanley Donna 167 Ltanley Ioe 146, 172 Ltanley Mrs. Louise 166 Ltanley Michael 45, 96, 136 Ltaton, Kenneth 146 Lteed, Devona 1456 teelman, Darren 69, 187 ltephens, Iamie 190 ltephenson, Buck 67, 146, 195 ltevens, Tony 92, 146, 179 ltevenson, Iill 143, 146, 195 ltewart, Bryant 92 ltewart, Carl 136, 198 itewart, Chris 154 itewart, Greg 63 Stewart, Netti 64, 68 Stewart, Stenneti 146, 196 Stiles, Todd 125 Stinson, Amelia 136, 172, 182, 188, 203 Stinson, Anna 154, 182 Stone, David 136, 173, 195, 199 Stone, Julius 195 Stone, Kelli 154, 182 Store, Robbie 146 Streeter, Denny 126, 184 Strickland, Charles 146 Strickland, Ieri 126, 182, 186, 190 Strickland, Mrs. Karen 49, 166 Strickland, Miranda 136 Stroud, Deana 154 Stubbs, Deric 40, 136, 178, 204 Student Congress 172-173 Sturdivant, Pam 64, 154 21r'Styles, Cindy 146, 175 5kStyles, Connie 126, 175 Suggs, Rodney 19 Sullivan, Baron 126 Summey Iulie 146 Super Seniors 30-31 Sutton, Angie 154 Swimming 80-81 Sykes, Mrs. Iacqueline 166, 187, 188 Thaler, Heather 54, 146, 181 Thomas, Andrea 126, 188, 197, 201 Thomas, Audrey 126, 188, 197, 201 Thomas, Audrey 146, 181, 195 Thomas Ben 61, 86, 126, 174, 175 Thomas, Brenda Io 65, 166 Thomas Ieff 68 Thomas Jerri 126 Thomas Lynn 126, 174 Thomas Thomas, Raynard 154 Shannon 64, 65, 74, 75 Thomasson, Mark 154, 185 Thomasson, Patience 136, 190 Thompson, Carol 126, 182, 185, 186 Thompson, David 136, 187, 197 Thompson, Gina 146 Thompson, Mark 136 Thompson, Shelia 68, 146, 195 Thompson, Steve 17, 86, 96, 126, 179 Thompson, Tijuara 154 Thornton, Kelly 126, 195 Thorton, Shelia 155 Thrana, Ieff 20, 21, 56, 60, 136, 177, 186, 188, 189, 204 Tilley Tim 155, 187 Tilson, Tina 155 Timberlake, Tracy 137, 186, 188 Todd, Susanne 146, 170, 185, 187 Top of the Mark 8 Torrence, Yvette 155 Trotman, Iosephine 166, 178 Trotman, Tonya 2, 146, 178, 180, 195, 202 Trotter, Scott 136 Truesdale, Harry 20, 21, 136 Tucker, Susan 127, 188, 191 Tulley Pat 167 Turner, Diane 155 Tuttle, Ionathan 155 Vance, September 184, 187, 196 Vanderhall, Darren 136, 187 Varner, Curtis 146, 174 Varner, Mrs. Susan 165, 166, 188, 200, 202 Varsity Baseball 62-63 Varsity Football 94-95 Varsity Football - color 2-3, 96- 97 Venable, Linda 70, 142, 146, 173, 195 VICA 174 Vick, Eric 54, 127 WXY Z Wade, Yolanda 195 Wagner julie 153, 155, 182 Wagoner Carolyn 146, 173, 194 Wagoner Iohn 76, 95, 96, 136, 179, 187 Walker Brian 92, 93 Walker Dr Frank 2, 20, 21, 157 Walker Howard A. 146 Walker William 62, 63, 127, 174, 179 Wall, Bonnie 155, 191 Wall, Mrs. Frances 70, 158, 166 Wallace, Henry 127 Walser Brent 72, 146, 186 Walton, Cedric 146, 184 Walton, Mary 155 Ward, Iames 60:, 127, 174, 176, 188, 194, 201, 203 Wardlaw Iessica 155, 191 Wardlaw Melisa 146, 170, 181, 182, 196, 203 Warldlaw Penny 64, 82, 155 Ware, Dorothy 127, 174 Ware, Steve 86, 127 Warren, Greg 155 Warren, Scott 89, 136, 177, 186 Washam, Shane 175 Washington, Adrinell 76, 136, 178 Washington, Ierlome 146 Watkins, Shannon 146, 195 Watson, Peggy 78, 79, 166 Watson, Teresa 174 Way Lynn 128, 191 Wayne, Anthony 69, 136 Weaver Douglas 155 Weaver Lori 136 Weber jennifer 155, 182 Welborn, Mr Laurin 18 Welch, Patti 155, 182 Wellington, Nadine 180 Westchester Mall 185 Whitaker Rhonda 128, 168, 188, 191 Whitaker Darin 175 White, White, White, VVhite, 172, White, Billy 146, 175 Estelle 174 Ioey 128, 174 ' Kristin 58, 141, 146, 147, 179, 186, 188, 202, 203 Scott 155 Whitehart, Amy 17, 58, 146, 155, 170, 186 Whitfield, Ben 6, 49, 128 Whitfield, Guy 155, 175 Whitley Mrs. Carolyn 166 Whitman, Denny 147, 177 Whittington, Brent 136, 186, 199 Wiggins, Katrice 147, 191 Wiley Iemal 155 Wiley Kevin 128, 177 Williams, Kathy 84, 178 Williams, Michelle 147, 186 Williamson, Renee 128, 180, 181 Williford, Iames 128, 174, 202 Willis, Iohnathan 147, 186 Willis, Michelle 147, 155, 178, 180 181 Wilson, Andrea 128, 190 Wilson, Carla 136, 147, 184, 199 Wilson, Carol 136, 187, 199 Wilson, David E. 38, 106, 119, 128 177, 187, 188, 189, 200, 202, 203 204, 205 Wilson, David 15, 96, 147 Wilson, Ian 155 Wilson, Ricky 83 You deserve a break today! Mr. Ste ven Sanders, the new biology teach er, enjoys his sandwich in the teach er's lounge during his lunch hour. Index 1257 1 2581 Index Q fi Wilson, Sherri 155, 187 Wilson, Stephanie 128, 182, 191, 197 Wilson, Tammy 147 Wimma, Della 155 Wimmen Dana 155, 182 Winters, Tracey 155 Wittiest 112-113 Womb1e,Iu1ie 136, 170 Wood, Sidney 155 Woodard, Nesand 49 Woods, Kim 186 Wrestling - LV 88-89 Wrestling - Varsity 90-91 4-'B wright, Mr Fred 166, 174 Yacuzzo, Ginger 16, 58, 128, 170, 204 Yarbrough, Tadd 155 Yates, jason 155 Yates, Robert 10, 73, 99, 101, 128, 173 Yates, Sarah 10, 17, 70, 81, 141, 147, 192, 202 York, Betsv 145, 147, 170, 172, 186, 204 ' Young, Donald 83, 155 Yu, In Sun 136, 189 Yu, Si Yon 141, 147, 172, 173, 18 186, 188, 195 Yu, So Yon 2, 136, 182, 183, 186, 188, 195, 203 Yu, Won 60 Yuh, Ii Hyun 136 Zimmerman, Andrenia 147, 184 Three little snow bunnies. Angie Cornelison, Laura Hitchcock and Sarah Yates make the most of this snow-day with snowball fights and such. Champion material. Two-time State Champion wrestler Todd McIntosh puts another victory under his belt with a breezy 20-1 victory over his West Forsyth opponent. 3' Mass exit. At the end of another long day, students hurry towards the parking lot and their rides home. .o--vi it '11-ff ..,..... ,.,.,,,. Q is .try K hm M K U X .. 1 y A p -g ,M f . f- .c . f , - , D . ' . si . 'Qin V ' Y Y ' -"M - .. ii, A M N35 . -sr vp' 5 .x 4 X-we , . Xl: QM.. q N I f A W.. fqweww H L. ry mf..- . t i t . ef: , fgi Xt.. i' . W-.5 i , M he v is t QL' s -L tg. ,. . . .. I awe, -- W I 5-gz,,y..,:-S-W, T 4 -2 5 - -'.. ie- v H it R f 'i A L- 'Y' ""'t e V. t W f K K .lf .. Index I 259 Nia A K, 3 .. L gi ' 'N e e is' G . .fi ' 1 4 " Q. XV? . e. . N, ff-- .. , -sm ,gr . Q' k . by 260 I Index zx.. Leaving isn't all that bad. Before di parting for another job, Mr. Murre johnson receives a luncheon fro his many friends in the faculty md the winner is . . . The Royal iurt with the soon-to-be-crowned Dmecoming King, lines up in front the student body at a pep rally No place to go. These ducks, sur- rounded by ice, discover that the only way back to land is by ice-skat- ing to it. fr A 1 U. Q ' 'Q 'te ' -"wg:r-f'-ggi? - . .... .. A Y 'X -Q N - t"'. wig W . K W- f .. .... K x I ifelsgsf. K U I K L, - f' M .- . . Q :.. - -I 5' ipfszjgt illi 5 - oiee' ' gf., A VX-,K ,gi-rgifmk fm. ' :iff ',f.?f::if?T" 4. MSJN1 - .. -iffffi..-" s WMS. Q. Nfii. ' Yi .K More Than Met My . . . I knew the task was going to be difficult, but little did I know of how big a sponsibility it was to take the editorial job I took. The following people, and hers to whom I owe a great deal, deserve special thanks for helping me to ake this reverie the best it could be: Mrs. Liz Kimbro -- Although there were a few rough times when we had sagreed on occasion, the bright spots in our friendship strongly outlasted em forever. I can only say thank-you so very much for all of your help, I love u! Patsy Cannon for her endless hours and the meticulous care she spent on ch page of this book, I could not have made it without you. Mr. "Whitey" Boswell for delivering our proofs and adding a cheerful smile len we needed it. Ms. Darlene Yow for accepting my long distance calls and not getting istrated with my confusion. Mrs. Geneva Boswell for her time spent with senior environmentals. Master Color for somehow producing our color pictures from our stray Jpping marks. Mr. Clyde Baxter for developing our color negatives. Mr. Dwight Ledbetter for helping with senior environmentals while add- g spice to the day, Mena Iones for helping with underclassmen pictures. The entire faculty and staff for putting up with many interruptions and mera clicks all around them. Mrs. Ann Ioyner for the use of her typewriters at deadline time. Mrs. Libby Tate for knowing every person in the student body and for antifying a lot of our pictures. Ms. Patti "Hot Dog" Fonner for being a good buddy to me with her morale osting, her famed "hot dog" song, and her classic pep talks. Mrs. Susan Varner and Mr. Lloyd Bragoz for understanding the meaning of adline time and constantly letting me out of class. Mrs. Mary Lane for her much needed help of checking copy and for letting 2 out of class. Maurice Cotton for making sure I got the picture I needed at that time. Mrs. Marlene Chess and the Business Staff for handling our ads, finances, d bills. Susan "Ed" Erwin, Business Editor, for her help when it was needed and for her friendship. Mr. Howard Burch and Eric Burch for their extra help in the darkroom. Pam Barnes, Lynn Carroll and Hilary Ingraham for their typing skills when we needed them and for any other extra help. Carl Stewart for his knowledge of computer skills which we used for indexing. Zack Cecil for his help with the slide show and many extras throughout the year. Good luck next year! My mom for her expertise typing skills when I needed them the most, usually at 2:00 a.m. before a deadline! Area businesses, supporters, and patrons for paying for our attempts at excellency Amy Ward, to whom I owe a great deal, for her definite understanding of a job such as this, and for her pep talks about things getting better and brighter. Each individual staff member for supplying the unique combination that formed REVERIE '85. The student body for allowing us to capture your special memories on paper. ' When developing our theme at the beginning of the year, we looked around and noticed that our spirit went beyond visibility by the eye alone, it spread into every aspect of the school. Thus the theme which thoroughly described us, more than meets the eye. As the year progressed, I began to realize the deep significance a yearbook served as a flashback for us in the future. Somehow this book had to capture that special time and make it unique enough to remember by just glancing through these pages of history later on. My regrets for accepting this job are very few. Now that it is complet- ed, I can step back, look at the finished product, and be proud of a job I consider well-done through the united efforts of many. Completing a seem- ingly impossible project proved to myself that I am capable of accomplishing my goals in life and maybe. . . dreams. I thank you for letting me take part in capturing a glimpse of your time which I consider special. My last and only hope is that you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed giving it to you. David Wilson EDITOR Thanks I 261 H iyy More Than Meets the Eye When the school year began to come to a close, we could look back on it with many happy memories. Our apprehen- sions of the new discipline plan were gone. Term papers and the SATwere now behind us. In this special yearbook we could flip through the pages and memo- ries of one year of our lives. At Friday night games, the Prom and every other event there was no mistaking the Raider spirit that flowed through the crowd. Raider Pride and our fun-loving spirit came through in everything that We did. if if? "You're not going to believe this." Chris Ienkins shares an item of inter- est to the curious Wes Allred and Ean Grove. 262 I Closing Up for grabs. Brian Easter flies hi for a rebound in a game against Pa l w-G!! 3.2.-z 7' L - fig? Q. , sg" Q . -. "fm 5 . - f" Q . ' - 7 i, if ' - Q A s s Hr I :N s s' ' 1, 2' I 1 N LT . . I Nw A I .. I X. nk l ' z - -, -' i'iii' L -W - ' ' . T A: ,. i 2 , i All . :wi -,s., .f if . ' Q Y- ...,. it A V .. ,un-fs, QQ, all K In ' lr . . - It's finally over. Chris Mitchell a Ion Boone head for their cars af another long day in school. 2 Q ew ,vw N""""""UllHm-a- A. ,liL"' 'f ff W,,,,i,., ., ml hflwwq Prince's new co mpetition. Wendell Alsbrooks received the title of "Prince" at the Boys' Homecoming game. awww 2 ww Closing! 263 Appl II h re is no substitute. Iames Ezekiel, Scott DeLapp and Tim Gilchrist closely watch Diane Hensley's computer skills. I Tri W.. More Than Meets the Eye It was the people seen on every page of this book that made this yearbook unique. We would never forget the friend who was always there to pick us up or to share our joy Some old friends left Andrews to seek something new and different While new friends came to help fill our loss. Mr. Murrell Iohnson, who went to Alamance County as their new Director of Middle Schools, was replaced by Mr. Steven Sanders. Mr. George 2641 Closing I-Ienne took the place of Mrs. Sylvia Cates, who went back to school to get her masters degree in library science. In the attendance office, Mrs. lean Blevins' po- sition was filled by Mrs. Kitten Iarrell. As the school year came to an end, we could look back through the pages of the 1985 REVERIE and see that really was proof all around us. This year had truly been more than meets the eye. , - .WW . E 2 - fi ' EXC E Q 52525523 3 ESEQ 2 5 55? ? f 1f2,Ef-3 F? ifgakijgiffb ik? " ?2Xs? 2g???f2 3 951 5? 32225232 Z1 I N659 90, ,xv Q8 my RQ AX xf M W fl fy , - W A0 Ncfpip 585W OXSQQ-wxbxsysd M f Rx xx, N60 QQXAQ cy 80058 OXK wx AQ? QM 40 Wy? fO3 Q Q96 YD Q03 QYVX' A Of 53' ,N Qxibyfifabgxvgpxxxjxbqlgocp JJ K Wfkafj A W S5 QWW 5, X' f 6 2 3 wffifi' Qosbfx WW mfg Q5 Q 8 , I 3,7 Q59 W X5 K5 552335223 15 Q-If O A5 0' -14 W ' 37 QD y xk f 2 rj Q Q 5 CL ' -X I ' 5 3 A S Y . 'L' P .2 Q A 3' X' 'ai Q YN 5 Q TI A4 O 5 3 B 5? x, .xg X N SQ 3 M 2 f Q Vw r Y X I Dx C lm 1' Q3 a L N 3 A ij DX V fr 1 i Q F i 'IJ Q A :R -R Q jg: T 3 3 'll 'b ' E H C Q5 if N Q1 -F '9' g K T 1 '+ XA ,T-F -BLM 'N S "XX-HAOQ QL! C1 qi , fa -d I ...1' Q QQ Q0 'Sx?x'f?3:?5jE Lgf Q33-igqug. , 6335335 Qlmikfbx K , ,Ci xl wlw . ww , kgs J r fx ' XJ C W QQQQQ mimic XjlnQ.LJ40 M QQSWUQWQJWSQ dcirk JIXDNNQ, ix iNQlil'1M03imxwT.x5 WQQQQQSLWQQQ New W Q5 X Q4-dl, xfkzlaeg w.912 vvl-Qi,Q1z5-A Vw.4+,.Dx.oluu-Q5 XLIYQ S1 www www, nw. M MXJM 1'?Gv4-QQANAA-LPvx.fXAA.QS'1Mgr'vui-Q u.go...,,.KXQ.9.5-S1-2 L9-2-fsQkQQ lQQLQ,.H,Qf, Mui ':9fo..v-PQ aw-Q3-Qokaqw-.. V10-dv-Qcgxl-2,M1wxQ,Q lgclu 5X5nQ+e.DsM3Eq,a,Mqlo1QAw4QQhwJk,yke9xX9qhuJxQkMQQVvxX2 ' L-SPQ6 al XLJA KOA S 7 k' , CY85-96795 -Q-EV" T- .X "f"'---' ., , M ' 19- H V. ,..V-, .., ww -vw 'K "" "" ' ' -if-H Vw. VCV -QD 5 K3 X05 ,G X , QQ O' 'N KPNCQQAX X FLUX Xp -5QjU QW QUQQYXQVO SN YB Q5 Gxfgb K Q16 6055 Qv X QQPD X YB ip Q3 W OJ 006505 YUKQ5 C Q54 LQCK gg! ULAX dj Q9 M Efg?gL5JVELC2QDCvU43Qf9 fQ5fkXfJy 4 Wi? xbf QSOO5 69103 Q05 QW 2 ffl ? 53 5 5, gd 3 MM 5 'T 5? 3 fly? 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E Boswell and Dwight Ledbetter of Max-Ward Delmar Studios. Color candids were taken by staff photog- raphers and were printed by Master Color. Palantino was the type family used. Type sizes are as follows: copy-10 pts., leaded 2, captions - 8 pts.,tnolead, idents - 8 pts., no lead, bold type, subheadlines - 18 pts. Headlines varied throughout the book. Except for the opening, closing and community sections, the layouts were done in a column format. The three-co1- umn format was used in the Academics, Personalities and Organizations sections. The four-column format was used in the Student Life and Sports sections. Paper stock is eighty pound dull enamel, and endsheets are from paper stock fifty pale grey The 1985 REVERIE is a member of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. The 1985 REVERIE, with a 523,000 bud- get and a press run of 800 copies, was made possible through E f gp forts of T. W An- The cover was b und annual which has been emb dfgt Andrews. The theme, "More lgeets the Eye", was .developed and 'bjffedlfon by the staff. d t it i C QTA1, .f . rews suppor ers A, gi g' Qi' lb. Qian. np Nici, llwfvivv-JMX8 p im, My .f1,U'Y'!'s2- gh fYl"'X1.K IZOC'-A1191 mmfvgemti ,buick P Mwlwi Sl Bl Fl - F C JVM! l ll l N YXQ sffit cl WN were Uggwgko MQ W Q, l sf A bfifgh Snfw Q! Cx lxlxd 1 '5 L75 M5 A 5 '7 wif, C'.e,fw,,0.f mmllf- was Q, fnfvif, Qne nf, Ven, fXL+UYLfYN , Burl J 1134 Ovffp f ahah' E ' assi! H1 q LJ. Mwst Scala? 1, " ou oe e.7havtsf ,ti I. a l 2 EJ. 352 .QS if , X . li -' sta e...t+ O, of E22-?3ffHsiaQ shim il W' 3 Q ,Q QS 'mica Mf,,..,Q,+1.- 1 . E332 Qatar-at 3222235 si

Suggestions in the Thomas Wingate Andrews High School - Reverie Yearbook (High Point, NC) collection:

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1985, pg 19

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