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be yjfwifew QW, e 55 we NP' QFD' 9 X SPT e e 1 'egg A0 ,AW Gym Q QQQM df 45 W rw Of O O ef VWAPV39 'DUI' 5QfWI'Of fjedflhi 'Un 54 9 ef 06 dfmoiwt LQ ' ' e x , OU-jwgyjb 3 e FQ 41f3QfiQVQ 1+ X 555125 Anq Q 'Dr meal. MQ lqgcj ,Q QVQOWL fwfgayeeqf W fwefe, l' Lku5LQ erx 9 XV M9 UJQ hCOCDK.QU ,boi-1 Cmfx'4+.5QL1 mi I C:3.bOQ'I- XPFQ OFM-QF3 KUIXOQ M0517 Vw mlm 31ed:r30+MJfnfmw my fm 56 995+ QW gjEdf5xHopQ ' jeg 300 4415 Sdnfwxsw. QIGQCQ V . , X .K - ,5,f wN 59 9000 e Fnemdi Qfwfsqij gg gmmlf Dawg YQ 3 Q x 5 e e X 6 S '3 M QW 4 55 mg , x c Q ' gheme :.., 1 SXSW Q gfL'L'5"s."Tf'?:,: .5123 0 ew 3 xl if-fgsemfgfgi jiiiilii X N KN References ..." 55, R, 3 . X 1-me .,.. 1:1238- Q5 X SN Sf Q2 W gf 3 jx Q F V955 3' Qi Sm if is ff? as J N . 5 T. Wingate Andrews High School 1920 lVIcGuirm Drive X High Point, N.C. 27260 Q el Volume X is S 3 Reverie 1978 EEN? Still Crazy After All These Years ill , in . Hats ojf Margie Stewart and Dawn Spencer don't let cumbersome hats hinder their progress in class. Daredevil Donna. Adding excitement to already tense nerves, Donna Rogers takes a dangerous dive into the arms of her fellow cheerleaders. 5. Q Z ' - sv X 7 if 1. . . ns G . N QF - , . S R i his 2X Th eme it ,K - iw K Little raiders. Being a Baby Raider is a big respon- sibility for day care toddlers Jasmine Smith and Leslie Gibson. Pea pon'ldge hot. Instead of tennis, Dawn Spencer chooses to have an exercise session with kangaroo hops. -,N NNN 1 ""'0x., Pucker up. Portraying a sexy beauty, Mark Vemon receives a juicy Homecoming kiss from Mike Cody at the Interact booth. 03 Cf In this day and age, if someone called you crazy, you probably smiled and considered it a compliment. A crazy person is by no means stupid. In fact, he is the exact opposite. "Crazy people" are the ones that possess a certain kind of wit that enhances their personality and appeal. Any of these people can work miracles on a humdrum conversation or a blase day. For some reason, life seemed to just roll along better with a laugh and a bit of fun. Fun was the name of the game around here. Hardly a day passed without the occurrence of some harmless prank or jesting trickg all done in the name of fun of course. "Having a good time" meant doing different activities to different groups of people. There was the daredevil group, the party-loving group, and the music and concert group. Aside from these were the sports buffs, the crafts and hobby lovers, and some even got their kicks from being intellectuals. This was the era of "doing your own thingu when you felt like doing it. It was refreshing to see so many people living their high school days with a vigor and vitality that made life worthwhile. jg Day of Wacky Craze Once upon a time, 992 future Andrews it. Being unique and having fun isn't students were born in different extremities something that just "wears off." Once of the world. Even then, it was obvious ' you've been molded you usually stay that that we were no ordinary babies. There way for the rest of your life. The best was something distinctly different about word to describe us is a slang term we us little kids, only nobody knew exactly use everyday. We were "crazy" kids and what it was. still are. It's true. Just stop and Well, after a while we began to grow think. How many people do you know that up just like all the other kids on the have as much fun and enjoy life as much as block. We did all the ordinary "little we do? Probably not too many. Try to kid" things like riding tricycles, finger- count the people that watched the painting, and playing hide-and-seek. football team play ball in sub-zero However, there's one exception. Nothing degree weather. Do you know many people, is ordinary about a kid that rides a besides those here, that went to discos tricycle on his head, fingerpaints the and danced all night long? The response mailman's face and plays hide-and-seek on must be negative for there just aren't the other side of town. As was said many who fit the description. before, we were no run-of-the-mill kids. That DYOVQS if then! It's Official Qh gurgy out parents were a little and should be accepted as fact. We're Wort-led at first, but they figured Weld still the same . .. we haven't lost our Qt-OW out of it Sooner or later, They touch. It's good to know that we are were mistaken, for we didn't grow out of Still Crazy after all these years. W S 'w..ilwM-'milf . N 5 nua- '.-M, A- Banana coke. At the Central pep rally, Kelley Walker, good sport that she is, fights hard to win the race by gulping her coke and chomping a banana. Siamese twins? ln a pair of slightly over-sized cords, Kelly Brooks and Laura Greene prove beyond a doubt that they love to find crazy things to do. W Vim and vigor. Students aren't the only ones that support their school. Thefootball team devotes much hard work to winning games for the sake of Raider pride. Hands down. ln spite of all the hassles ofa high ex- istence Mike Wood finds time to enjoy life on his skateboard. Pie in the eye. Nth vigor and spirit, Elisa Mclnnis serves Joe Nay a scrumptious whipped cream pie dur- ing the floor show activities of the Parkland pep rally. Themef5 What was campus life to the average student? Did it mean that students were forced to live on campus for days at a time? Did it suggest that the only favorable existence was that one found within I the confines of school property? Campus life merely tagged the hours spent during a normal day at school. For most students, these hours totaled seven. That number easily increased if one was involved in extracurricular activities. Meetings and practices often lasted well into the evening, and it was nighttime before a weary student returned home. It was these hours after school and the precious minutes between classes that were cherished most in the hearts of every student. One found that the seemingly uneventful happenings were the ones most sharply etched into the memory. We chose to remember the events most dear to us. Therefore, It is not the class election, but the giggle-filled club meeting that is remembered. We have all forgotten a once important semester exam, but who can forget the hours spent building a booth only to see it blown down by the wind on Homecoming Day? The hours of campus life were a combination of memory-filled minutes and seconds. They were the times of smoking between classes with friends, of discovering that Wallyte served beer during lunch, of uo Iking to class with that one special someone, and of making life at school worth remembering. Painted lady. Club president Jena Ikerd transforms Ann Neill Into the French Club’s “shady lady" at the site of the award-winning Casino Bee. Carnival craze. Students sacrifice their lunch periods to lend support to one of many schoohotde acMties; Homecoming carnival booths. Campus Life Q-ii 1'-ll -I-J 8fSpirit Money, not cheese. Instead of begging for cheese, Monica Malpass pleads with the other mice to collect Look at those legs! To encourage school spirit, these money for the Cancer Society. Sock day participants bravely show their legs. "Let's go, HPA, HPA, let's go. Hey, Hey, Hey!" This cheer was all too familiar to anyone present at a pep rally or football game. Who led the cheers? Why, the cheerleaders of course, with head Kim Gant, and co-head Donna Rogers. These girls promoted pride for the mighty Raiders and boosted the morale of everyone attending. You might have thought that the pep rallies were monotonous if they had the same ole' activities week after week. By no means was this true. One such event that was enjoyed by everyone was the "Send a Mouse to College" day sponsored by the Juniorettes. A member of each participating club dressed up as a mouse and students donated money to them. These contributions went to the Cancer Society to buy mice for research. This occurred at the Ragsdale pep rally. Not only did the cheerleaders and pep rallies improve Raider morale, but the band triggered ecstatic participation from the crowd. From "Hail to the Mighty Raiders" to "Brick House" the band played their hearts for the school and team. At first, music did not seem to make any difference, but it soon proved to be a vital part in the excitement. Break through. Preceded by the mascots, the football players tear through the banner with victory on their minds. Take aim. At homecoming activities, Keyette Kathy Spivey helps steady the bow for Matthew Chiappini for a perfect aim at the target. 'iii Mizz. l i ' ' 6,2 lW: :D.v . Q - Q 'i .R - .,, . 1-gr at at fs! . if 3' Lift, in 4, fl' S. .Z gif it-1' X :NY at 55g7k7'Sb,r I g . ' ' . ,,,r'w-E e ,Y t t.t.maef'ts.l'ew Y' ., Q' -T' jp . .1 . ,lt ' llllllr I Q W. MM ix: M T at F5 B+ 2 iaii W ' ,csv wil. ,.f,4tJ'..13 15" W5 fwid, .ww , a X If ,uf -Ar Qs ' ' ffm . 4 N-wt fm-www 6 ,WJ 1 mf w:H'9"WV'W"'F ' 'A 'Nh ,,.., .R aw- ww ,Wm-, ,W.. .ffvmk ,4 ' X ,-A, M, ,iywmiwm -.Q 6 wwf. f Wig., Www- mwwm Wg A -ww 1 L mrs. " ' .W , Nw ' 4' " 5' M, k"' ,A A' ,M .,wQ W W A ,, ef ,. W 4. A H - Q ' Y' , Spiritf9 ,A,K1,L ,,,,7,,1. . ,.ff,,:h,,,,,, K , A Line-up. At the homecoming pep rally Kelly Walker calls the varsity football players to be recognized. W l 'Sh - fr.. fi, .V , fe uwwk , I W 'ff:z1,f'- 4' Q 91 W 4? 14 in i Wi' Q 10fHomecoming Activities A A flurry of homecoming activities I intoxicated the student body in a spir- it of Raider devotion. The day before homecoming all the aches and pains for club workers had just begun as frantic club members whispered last minute plans for their carnival booth. "Who is going to get the card- board? We don't even have any wood 411 yetll' "I haven't heard. l guess we'll have to stay up all night." Everyone managed, despite scarce hours of sleep, to haul their booths to 0 school the next day. The students employed every physical and mechanical means in the common goal to keep them standing. The last nail or tack driven into these courious structures became 'H a magical or promising device to keep the booth intact while the judges strolled by. Teachers tried desperately to curb the excitement, but as homecoming day approached it became increasingly dif- ficult to settle down the classes. Spirit days offered an outlet to this excitement, and on "dress up day" the school found out that the girls had legs and jeans really vveren't glued to the guys. After homecoming activities ended the Raiders crossed their fingers in hopes of a cold, clear night. Pop! Gertrude Brown struggles to pop her balloon jirstso her team will win at the homecoming pep rally. 4-J In concert. Amy Wood and Candy Hart perform in a "Kiss" concert presented by the Art Club in their car- nival booth. Attention. As part of the half-time activities, Sophomore attendant Rose lfWson and Cory Watson pause before taking their place on the field. 'G 5 5 Y 5 wi. Q sf J' ,t xg, . , W , ,zu . r wi.. ""Qvv ln. is 6 Q i' .. 5 45 Qnnllllnw E ff if Z Styling. Displaying their school spirit between classes Craig Mclntosh and Melvin Ingram wear their bestfor Homecoming Actiuitiesfll sf M2 W is 4 I "dress upl' day. W Sophomore attendants: Elaine Alexander, Sherri Junior attendants. LaJeune Mock, Mary Lib Myers, Moser, Lisa Collins, Rose VWson. Jackie Vemon, Tammye Tillman. Mo. ,, at .mm S 12fHomecoming Senior attendants. Front row: Patty Ganong, Rhonda Wanen, Robin Chapman. Back row: Carla Johnson, Gailey Powell, Kim Hall, Cole Mullinnbc, Cathy Beazlie. 4 r On homecoming night anticipation hung in the air as the crowd waited for the new queen to be crowned. The time passed and the curiosity grew stronger for both the court and the fans. 'AWho will it be?", ' ' l seemed to echo throughout the stadium. '-l-4 4.1 Half of the curiosity broke when Rhonda Warren and Robin Chapman were announced as the maids of honor. The other half lingered on until that final moment anived Sharon Braxton escorted by her father, Mr. Eugene Braxton, approached the field to crown Carla Johnson, the new homecoming queen. Recognition. Rhonda Warren, Carla Johnson. and Robin Chapman pause for recognition after a long week ofhomecoming activities, with Jeff Culler. Keith Crawford. and Gordon Haywood. respectively. Last moment. Bcperiencing her last moment as Homecoming Queen. Sharon Braxton crowns her successor, Carla Johnson. Alghx Homecomingf13 Oh, headache. As first period students rake in candy sale profits, their teachers such as Mrs. Ray are left with the chore of balancing records. Money, money. Dwayne Phillips anticipates his riches from the candy sale grab jar as his sister, Cassandra, grins with excitement. Here it comes. Lugging cases of candy bars first period, Tim Kendricks looks to the heavens for relief while Eric Harbinson grins and bears it. Movin' on up. lMth a goal of 15,000 candy bars to sell, Mr. O'Connor marks each days candy sales on the general office chart. 14fCandy Sale 5-,ww w Qt.. - , XM-- 'x -- . -.-. .. t K ' . .. .. .. , if - this Asif IQ- r 'i is A s.t,, , 5 as ,,.. ,, ,ff any ,,,,, N ,s,,s,,, ,.,,.,, .-k,.kk, if s. .tiff ffl? MN' -- if . i issssfiivssiises s NNQ S X as X X' X: A ,f kfk' i as ' Sirflg? - -at wp .f"'x, , - ' ' .. ,H K A-I . nz: Q : -S . ws- Rimini Y if ,tx , as . . ai -i j , V ..... , .,..Q5gfwM,:. f ' -sig .-.. What a dig. A junior, Dwayne Phillips stretches every finger to pull out his loot at the Agrab jarf, Sign yourJohn Hancock. Scott Tucker, Sheni H uff and Monica Malpass eagerly sign for prize money after their winning efforts in the candy sale. During the schoolwide candy sale, students became salesmen laden with their product - "World's Finest" Milk Chocolate candy bars. Enticing prizes included cold cash in hunks ranging from 35.00 to a jack-pot of 57500, joyful digs into the "grab jar," free tanks of gas, and com- plimentary Homecoming Football Game tickets for students and their dates. In previous years, clubs were allowed to hold individual projects to provide their funds. Ideally, a school-wide candy sale was supposed to cover all clubs' needsg however, opinions did vary. +-J 4-I vii as Ov-4 F11 v-1 Ov-4 Candy Salef15 3-4 H-1 3-4 1-4 ov-4 16fGraduation In tune. For her outstanding achievement in music, Pam Johnson is presented with an award by Sergeant Turner of the Marine Corps. Standing serenely: All 310 seniors plus the attending parents and friends rise to hear the invocation given by Reverend Gordon Copeland. ,-11, 3 E 5 5 w M, R As always, graduation night was filled with a mixture of the emotions, happiness and of course, sadness. Who wouldn't be happy to be relieved from the grind for a while? Somehow, the times of joy greatly outnumbered the sad ones. Memories of dances, football games, songs, and friends made it all seem worthwhile. Gene Causby, Assistant Superintendent from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, addressed the large graduating class. To establish-a light mood, his speech was brief, but meaningful. After all, there was not only warmth in the hearts of everyone, but also in the atmosphere. Although just a mere piece of paper, the cherished diploma represented twelve years of studying. Some seniors almost missed out, when coming in the gym, one line turned down the wrong aisle! The graduates of '77 truly earned their diplomas. All smiles. A look of disbelief and relief crosses the face of Phillip Murphy as he congratulates David Dor- sett 3 K f 2 it ui , , ilge 325 1 5 Z i tl 9 l l gt M: Long awaited moment. Mr. Welbom proudly pref Holding tight. After twelve long years of studying, ln- sents David Hayworth, the only student to achieve dia Boyd and Vicki Smith grasp their diplomas as if to straight As in four years of high school, his diploma. never let them go. Graduationf17 Eager ear. Joe Nay catchs up on some news at the Junior-Senior with Robin Boyles. Anticipation began climbing weeks before the big night of May 13 as girls searched for just the right gown and guys that sharp-lookin' tux or suit. Afterthe preparation, worries disappeared and everybody was off! Hungry couples flocked to nearby restaurants including Antonne's, Darryl's, Peddler Steak House, Market Street West, and Le Chateau while others enjoyed the delicious dinner served to them by the Top of the Mart. Next stop the dance floor! Energy was high and smiles wide as Big Wise, the host dee-jay kept the walls shakin' and the good times rollin' with lf mx! rj' everybody's favorites. A 5 l Readyfor a break. Susan OBrien finds the lap of her date, Jimmy Jones, to be more comfortable than any seat at the Top ofthe Mart. 18fProm .1i.l -1 4-J ov-1 3-1 01-4 CD 01-4 4-J 4-J of-4 S-4 'N 4-I F4 4-J . Boogie down. Showing their style, Shirley Jones and Everybody disco, Big Wise, our guestdeejay, keeps James White enjoy the music of Big Wse at the the crowd at the Top ofthe Mart yelling for more. Junior-Senior. k , t fi I 5 X l Rite for the nite- Spfmgflme brings the DVOVY1 and Shaffer, and Eddie Albertson are feelin' good and dates gather at the Top ofthe Mart. JeffBraica, Kathy lookin' great. Spivey, Chris Karahalios, Donna Rogers, Melanie Promf19 W Wit" Shy in the news. During the Science Club paper drive, Kim Peters attempts to catch a wink on a bed of newspapers until a Reverie spy snaps a shot. ,ff law., my .af of yy x x6 fr HQ tw. if r wwf? Wapah!Ms, Brookbank quickly covers her face as a photographer interrupts her paper grading. 2OfCamera Shy . ' f my Rx Surrender with cello. Cathy Chilton hangs her head in despair as Reverie photographers finally corner her in the library during Beta Club inductions. Miss Farlow looks on in amusement at Cathys bashfulness. 3-a hs- 'N v-4 Oi All Secours! Patty Ganong hides herface just in the nick oftime as a photographer sneaks upon her during French 4. - ,wmmfif 1 if 'K at ,W vi' , 5 -QS' . ii TQ? 5 A i Only a wave for the camera. Annette Braswell masters the art of shying from cameras as she con- ceals herself entirely behind Elisa Mclnnis. Hallway surprise. Cynthia Camey, Rhonda Dauis, and Frank Jones giggle with embarrassment when they're caught between classes. They were always there, those Reverie camera spies ready to snap a shot when you were least expecting. Amongst all the toothy grins turned towards the lens, some shy souls with heads tucked behind others' shoulders peeked to see when the coast was once again clear of photographers. Photographers often heard wild shrieks as camera shy folks scrambled for books or notebooks to cover their faces. Others ducked behind a nearby corner, and better yet, some folksturned around and took off at full-speed out the nearest exit. To you, bashful folks, Reverie photographers kindly said .1 from the land, the air, and sea 1 "We Gotchal' Camera Shy!21 Timid toddler. Susan Booe is still the quiet girl that she was at two years old. I p' L kwfkil ' f rf 'R-i l"i'li l l l ,l w S f g if ,fl if ff 22fBaby Pictures 4 so AL M -W,.,,,.-.Nw Curly hair and all. At seven months old, Dale Spen- Frowning slightly. At seven weeks old, 'lim Samuels ,cer wears his own natural smile, takes a puzzled look at the world around him. Thnee's company. The triplets, Susan, Martha and Ann White, have been an inseparable trio even at the age of two. Remember the time your mother hid your bottle and told you that the "boogy man" stole it? Also the times when you fell and hurt yourself and then had it kissed better. Mom or Dad always seemed to be there when we needed them. They had their familiar tunes, like: "Take your thumb out of your mouth," or "Be careful and stay in the yard." We always heard what they said, even though sometimes we didn't obey them. Remember the times you played house or doctors and nurses with your friends and then later stole a cookie out of the cookie jar. Childhood memories, like the first time you tied your shoe or rode a bike by yourself or maybe even the first day of school hold a special place in your heart. Do you recall incidents from your childhood? It takes two. A pint-sized Deborah Miller laughs gleefully while her twin brother Danny, poses with a look of wonder at the age of four. ji CD it CD Baby Picturesf23 Beginnings. Mr. Samuel Burford, Andrews'first prin- cipal, speaks on student academic achievement as well as school achievement. Since the construction of Andrews, the school colors have remained red and white, and outstanding athletes have continually been produced. But what about the changes that have occurred since the Fall of 1968?! Starting with students from William Penn and Central, the struggle for school spirit and loyalty was not an easy one. Students and parents alike had to accept integration, which really came into effect when Andrews first opened. A major protest came from the girls who were not allowed to wear hot pants or jeans unless the temperature dropped below 20" F' It wasnlt uncommon for girls to be sent home to change clothes. Smoking was allowed only in the commons, which used to be where room 110 is now. As always, problems brought about many changes, and vice versa. With the increase in the number of students and teachers, fourteen more classes were added as well as an auditorium. Tardies and class-cuttings rarely occurred because of strict punishment. With each year came new fashion trends and fads. The popularity of jeans and long hair lon boysl came in the early seventies. Rock music was accepted and worshipped. There was the beginning of teenage drug use, too. Streaking and mooning made Andrews history in the parking lots. One of the biggest hangouts used to be the K-Mart parking lot. Students who first graduated here felt that they had fewer inhabiiions and anxieties and much more fun than the students of today. Peer pressures have increased while the eagerness to leam has decreased. Even with the problems and confusions of attending a new school, students and teachers survived a decade - ten years - that definitely improved with each year. Mr. Sam Burford, the first principal of Andrews, had these well wishes for the future, "I hope that your school will become one of, if not the most outstanding high school in the state. I also encourage each student to dedicate himself to his own academic achievements and to the school's achievements, tool" Raider.Although the school colors have always been red and white, the mascot has changed from a Pirate lwhich can silll be seen on the band unifonnsl, to the present day Indian. 'lf-Els 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 History. From assassinations to elections, the national news has effects on Andrews students. Psimgh FR:-iss! Vams. 131-YL Lefnrif- Toward Ucxwxocrsqqskg 7 7 'Illini lilfiii,111?s1s"Sf1fss1T35f3.'15'Uf11N'3 Nixon stems arm u.s. Pnssmeur '1'1u- llc-uvral ls Uc'au1. Xml Xnwriva Nlmnrns M50 7 7 mggg 11 sruasnss nown IN rggzfzc AL XX zzllacc tical After h A ,, ,g,AE, Q . e NI X 0 1 RESIGNS Carter Wins Victory Over Ford Neal Defends Mizell In .Sth District Race fi xlllis ,zAJVkkLLX.VAvr, A KIL11 . - ,.,X X s , ...V . 1, HW Qfmxdrt gmmxk Hgwww Ui' 517155 xii: 7 we Count To Daw-n A d d f R iders. What better expresses Andrews p rts demics, and just plaxn fun? Anniuersaryf25 26fSuper Seniors if SY" sf is Above left: Patty Ganong, Barbara Stalder. Above right: Kelly Brooks, Dan Wagoner, Karen Brooks. Far right: Steue Shaw, Melanie Shaffer. Bottom right: Wendy Butler, Joe Nay, Kelly Walker. Bottom left: Eric Harbinson, Kim Peters, Kay Nash. Far left: Laura Greene, Eva Chess. These fifteen were selected as 1977-78 Super Seniors. What made a SUPER SENIOR? A willing- ness to help others, a great personality, and a bright smile were just a part of it. Thirty seniors with these qualities plus outstanding academic standings, extra-cur- ricular activities, or involvement in athletics were nominated by the teachers. This group was narrowed down to fifteen by the senior class. Dan Wagoner showed his athletic abil- ity during the football season by serving as co-captain and quarterback of the team. Wendy Butler entertained during the half- time shows by twirling her baton as co-head majorette. During the pre-game festivities, trumpet soloists Steve Shaw and Karen Brooks reverently performed the National Anthem and then sprang into the fight song Barbara Stalder swang her way to victory on the tennis team by smashing lobs or barely tapping the ball across the net. By creating beautiful works of art, Kim Peters won several awards in fields of watercolor and pen and ink. The student council was headed by Kelley Walker. She was aided by the vice-president of the senior class, Joe Nay. Joe was also an important factor on the football team. Kay Nash piped her piccolo with the pep band to rouse spirit before and during games. The Reverie staff was headed by Eva Chess who served as Editor-in-chief. Melanie Shaffer proved to be a strong leader as Juniorettes' president. Eric Harbinson also was a strong leader as president of the Key Club and a member of the football team. Patty Ganong expressed her many artistic abilities in her paint- ings and drawings. The volleyball was bunted across the net by Kelly Brooks who played on the team. The basketball team ' benefited from the talents of Laura Greene who guided the team as co-captain. This group of seniors represented all areas of student life. These characteristics and more made these seniors SUPER! L My A,-wwf, Super Seniorsf27 l It wasthe year of World's Finest Chocolates and of buy one - get one free wrappers for Wendy's hamburgers. Once again, clubs and organizations managed to take a large hunk of that precious "free time? Instead of basking in the warmth of a soft bed on Saturday mornings, we found ourselves tumbling out of bed to get to school. With one eye open, we made our way to the parking lots to join our fellow club members for KP duty. After arriving, with two eyes open, long hours were spent in freeing the lots of beer cans, cigarette butts, and the ever familiar McDonald's bags. In the spring, to put a little excitement in the clean-up detail, Mother Nature afforded the clubs g with an abundance of bees swarming around the trash barrels. The sweet,gsyrupyi lg ' soda cans were like a dream comestrue to i the hungry bees. The insects were happy, i . W , t ' Z 7 A1 1'-lfilfy v' r s Z Z but what about the poor, overworked and underpaid club member? Sometimes it was necessary to walk fifty steps out of the way just to avoid being stung. With the arrival of tall and winter, the bees all died out. However, Fate was not kind to the clubs. No sooner had Mother Nature eased the plagues of bees, than she sent cold, icy winds to numb our industrious little hands. There was i nothing more fun than cleaning grounds on an 189 morning! g l i To an outsider, it seemed that clubs l couldn't win for losing. To an "insider"l Q though, the story was aitogether different, College shopping. For college bound students talking to university representatives can be a puzzling axjoeriencei Boogie band. Taurus' drummer, Benny Ferguson, keeps the party jamming to his music at the Student Ffeflnonce. A , A A l 1? .. 11113151 :si1??Q:f1:11?111111 if f11f1'if. if 1312511215311D5151112111111111 .. 1 1111 .. 1 1111111111f1511f111s1111111w11f1111 111: 1 1 1 gs 5 111111111115 ,.., 5, ,.., 1 1111 1 1:111X1s11f11111imS1111'11s1.11111.. 1:11171 11:1 11s311251e111gig1s ff1Q11v1x1:111:f1491 S3112-1211s1'41 iii 1215351151151 111111111s1f111111111 ,K 1 v.vA..,A, 2.1 1441111.11111 a11x1121f1f5i11-111 1 111s15111111g1111111 1445111 5554214552111 ,211 1111111111121 11 ,11.gW12g111s,12 Q, 1151 ?'75f?1Q 31215111911 ??14e11'2f?25iE11s. 1 11 11115. i5?fgf5s191a1fs11S1g1 1111,1g111111111111, 2315121 2511121 111111 11111111. fQ1gY11:s1111g11:f1 11--1112121 111 1 11111s11a11e.121 11411151.11 111 21:11 1111-11fezL:1:e1fw'11 fl'LX1's1 2211115595117 4112111151521 155. 55555 5152 iii ?3?S5'71 11 11111 o551f15ies4esf2112 :Was's:11511?1-5 4411511w15'1?1e 1 2 1' 5111.921 111111111 ifiiiiiiiifffff 1111 311 f11f1gy1?111111111111 211311511111 1111111 1171- 5s1'?iTbiIY??71 "?11111111121.11 151311111 111111 .11 111.5-1311a1x11?1: .1111 111111 11.11111 1111 .Wm 9111 ,,., 1 21 1 11.111111 1 1.153311-1 11. 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N x y",:-gg KJ' y iss G' 2 Q, ug X' h S-. ., N K '-.. Vw in 4 ,J ,kfk gr, fry 0 .xr ' 'K '35 A cms Q f 5 st, kty? X-9226 ,mt , 'i 4' :?"c', V fi ag if WN if 5 bm- rw M.. fl if as S is zamx C, 1 w ,, 'VD'- P-C, 1 SX. 2 ff 'E Q3 JM Drama Club. Bottom row: Julie McGhee, Monica Malpass, Cathye Saunders, Randy Hedrick, Ann Neill. Second row: Paula Shortt, Karen Schutheiss, Jeanette Merrell, LaJeune Mock, Sonya Ray, Bunny McCall. Top row: Martha Bailey, Renee Bolin, Ana Kahn, Greg Bishop, Allen Mabry. 30fDrarna, Art Art Club. Bottom row: Candy Hart, Rachel McLeod, Gary McGee. Second row: Melody McFatridge, Anne Maynard, Valery Draughn, Robert Carter. Third row: Tammy Gamer. Amy Wood, Donna Embler, Karen Fox, Fourth row: Mary Lib Myers, Kim Peters, Mary Caumeld, Susan O'Brian. Top row: Robert Boles, Donna Rogers. Buddy Vwlson. Randy Boles. 6 fii E ,hi ,. it . Take a break. After working hard to clean up the school grounds, Drama Club members LaJeune Mock, Ana Kahn, and Martha Bailey stop for a long needed rest. Routine. Cathye Saunders studies her lines the Satur- day before the Drama Club play "Ten Little Indians. " Closeness' A gi ef z Q r , 1. irtri 1 ff was I r ' ft 5? WH 5' nga 2 f54ff'f1VHwf-rwfffluraavwa, Drama, Artf31 The artists in the Drama and Art Clubs experienced a separate closeness that enabled them to accomplish their goals. During Drama Club meetings mem bers could unwind before acting. As president, Cathye Saunders described, MUsually, as we wait for all the members to arrive, everyone just lets off steam and jokes around talking about their day." They discussed routine business, then plunged into unique workshops of role-playing. The dramatists worked hard to express their characters excitedly and realistically. Members of the Art Club also enjoyed projects and used their friendship to make them successful. A month of hard work produced a 16' x 16' Kiss Concert booth. Club members painted, made cos- tumes, and built the frame at different houses, but since everyone cooperated they completed it on time. The day of the camival, club mem- bers cautiously filed down the road on the way to school hauling the booth on foot. As a result of all their hard work, the club received most original and second place. "Several of our members have been together since the eighth grade, we are all friends and get along well. Many of our members plan to go into some further art education," explained presi- dent, Mary Caulfield. Of interest. Student teacher, Mr. Tripp, explains to the Art Club his unique talent of carving wood and stone at their meeting after school. Jam! At the Art Club carnival booth Susan O'Brien, Amy Wood, Candy Hart, and Jay Moser give a preview of their "Kiss,' Concert. - ,l' l:'3 Working hard. Juniorettes make the last minute touches on their Homecoming booth in hopes of coming in first place. C Dis C O l It was the night before the big day. Juniorettes were bustling about making last minute preparations on their "Dis- co" booth for Homecoming. There was on- ly one problem, and that was getting the music for their booth. At first they de- cided to use a tape recorder until there came a perfect solution. The night before homecoming they were told they could get a generator. At midnight Juniorettes dis- covered the generator did not work. Amid mass confusion, two eight-track tape players were found and numerous tapes were dug up early Friday morning. With sighs of relief, they found the only problem that existed was getting the bat- teries for the tape players. Juniorettes enjoyed the hard work, frustration, and fun that came along with working on a booth for Homecoming. 32fJuniorettes Collecting money. Janine Rolison, Patty Ganong, Miss Christmas Seal. and Janice Green display money they collected for www Up they go. Giving her point of view, Martha Over- man suggests to Melanie Shaffer a better place to dis- play the posters. Filing in. Attending a meeting after school, Jane Wagoner and Tammi Hedrick arrive eager and ready to work and to discuss projects. Not that way! Giving instructions, Sophia Hassapelis directs Mark Collins on where to place the pictures. W 5 : W xii v W N ,rssfsx Bottom row. Kim Patterson, Reniece Henry, Gail Hedrick, Lisa Collins, Janice Green, Jane Wagoner, Second row: Martha Ovennan, Dawn Spencer, Sophia Hassapelis, Candy Hart, Sherri Upton, Tam- mie Patterson, Karen Gurney, Mary Lib Myers, Amber Johnson. Third row. Kim Collins, Rhonda Wanfen, Tammi Hedrick, Cole Mullinnix, Vicki Bowlin, Regina Henry, Susan Booe, Janine Rolison. Top row, Kelly Brooks, Pam McDowell, Sylvia Wells, Cathy Beazlie, Linda Wade, Melanie Shaffer, Patty Ganong. Juniorettesf33 fk., Keyette members. Bottom row: Julie McGhee, Monica Malpass, Martha Monfis, Kay Nash, Wendy Butler, Barbara Stalder, Ann Neill, Karen Sells, Lisa Herndon, Anne Maynard. Second row: Danita Burleson, Teresa Campbell, Jennifer Stanley, Susan Morris, Jana Green, Anne Meredith, Eva Chess, Susan Brown, Barbara Priddy, Susan White, Martha White, Ann White. Top row: Kathy Spivey, Beverly Sheppard, Leigh Beck, Denise Gurley, Jeanne Bailey, Patty lngraham, Sherron Vaughan, Kim Peters, Beth Ashworth, Cathye Saunders. Paying up. At the regular meeting, Martha Morris collects dues from Kim Peters. 'adopting grandmother' 34fKeyettes Wea.. Day's gossip. Keyette members get a chance to talk about the days happenings before the meeting begins. Come to order. Wendy Butler and Barbara Stalder start the meehngs by asking questions and discussing their last meeting. Helping poor defenseless animals was a main concern of the Keyettes. One of their service projects for the year included collecting for the Humane Society. If you looked like a good prospect, a Keyette approached you with hungry eyes for your much needed dollars. Each girl in the club tried to collect at least 33.00. Many girls exceeded this goal and helped the club to collect a whopping amount of over 3114.00 Another of their activities included adopting a grandmother. Her name was Mrs. Rena Kellogg and she lived at the Presbyterian Resthome. Each week after the Kiwanis luncheon, two of her 32 adopted grandchildren visited her. These girls kept her busy so she never won'ied about getting bored. But who would get bored with 32 grandchildren? Pickup operation begins. On every other Monday, Keyette members clean the grounds at Leonard Street School. ' .. ' Q Keyettesf35 Textiles. Anna Gainey, Billy Gailey. Second row: Trip Amos, David Clifton. Top row: Joe Etheridge, Ronnie Polishing if UP- Sam W0ShlnQf0Vl mflke-9 l05f minute Marshall. inspections to see that the dog house is perfect. 'Gigi f.lXi: i .Lv. ,NN ,... K ...U Ei gi. I- X m ,,,. , 36fVlCA Togethemess. Ricky Cole and Mike Sink work diligently to complete their project. VICA. Bottom row: Mr. Wright, Mr. Bolds, Mr. Hester. Second row: Chris Karahalios, Coby Gray, Mary Yee, Lisa Herndon, Gina Henry, Heidi Upton, Cathy Chilton, Kathy Spivey, Sally Ledford, Dale Guthrey, Lewis Yee. Third row: Bobby McLean, Greg Hutcher- son, Jefj' Craven, lim Stevens, Keith Ingram, Ray- mond Pemberton, Blain Goodwin, Ricky Stanley. Fourth row: Keith Kanoy, Whitley Brockman, Terry Foxworth, John Gumey, Eddie Jarrett, Carl Brewer, Chuck Simpson, David Lewis, 'lim Byrd. Fifth row: Kenny Sheppard, Roy Littlejohn, Greg Lushbaugh, Dan Wagoner, Stephen Parker, Mark Duff Melvin lne gram, Jeff Albert, William Dunlap, Alan Davis. Top row: Donnie Marshall, Charles Bodenheimer, David Moore, Reinaldo Siler, James Bean, Mike Sink, Chris Whitley, Mike Cook, Wendell Suggs, Derek Stafford. Help. Mr. Bolds and Ricky Cole make their daily rounds to help out each and every student. 3 . 5- 1:55, - Vica included many fields of study such as Auto Mechanics, Electronics, Carpentry, Textiles, and ICT-Vica. The members of these fields planned to at tend the District and State Leadership Workshop. They also planned to enter as contestants in the District and State Toumament in the spring. Vica took part in several service projects throughout the year. The members par- ticipated in the cleaning of the grounds and strived to help beautify the school by helping plant flowers. They also spent long hard hours of work building a fieldhouse for the Athletic Department. As far as money making projects, Vica talent struck hard, and large dog houses were built to sell. ICT-VICA Bottom row' Vonda Hayes Dawn Rich, Galley Powell Deborah Miller Deborah McCullough, Eva Green Top row Gary Nichols Paul Nielson, 'Dog Houses .,., For Sale' 2, l VlCAf3 7 The orchestra and chorus worked hard, not always under the best conditions, to provide a relaxing break from class monotony. Immense enthusiasm and pro- duction took the place of a large chorus. Their quality made the annual school- wide Christmas show a success. Mrs. Browne explained, "They are very dedi- cated and interested in exploring new forms of music." The orchestra expressed its musical talent through a joint presentation with Central. Hard grueling practices pro- duced top performance on stage. 'musical talent' Wanning up. As part of a routine day, Mrs. Browne accompanies chorus members, Carolyn Alexander and Aaron Davis. In tune. Angie Mathews volunteers her talent during second period to set the mood for Beta Club Induc- tions. 38fOrchestra, Chorus 3 if agar sf! R i fffifs Serenade. Betty Smith and Cathy Chilton prouide opening music for Beta Club lnductions. Chorus. Bottom row: Dawanna lfwthers, Bemice Lewis, Annah Stanback, Angela Archie, Wendy Blakeney. Second row: Charlene Perdue, Ginger Grif- fith, Charlene Whitworth, Debra Miller, Gertrude Brown, Carolyn Alexander. Top Row: Aaron Davis, Teresa Campbell, Donna Rucker, Cathy Gaddy, Cheryl Nance, Joe Washington. J x Orchestra. Bottom row: Angie Matthews, Joni Isley, Cathy Chilton, Terri Gates. Second row: Janet Washington, Penny Crawford, Randi Brown, Candice Dorsette, Betty Smith, Mike Peterson. Top row: Alton Pegues, Karen Schultheiss, Kay Hunley, Kim Mlson, Jackie Spaul, Susie Chilton, Cynthia Massey, Jerry McCullough. All together. Chorus members wait for introduction before beginning a new song. A 2 Orchestra, Chorusf3 9 'one-girl-show, The majorettes finished off another exciting year of performances with a tire twirling routine. It was an ex- perience to be remembered. During the first half of the song the fire batons fizzled out. The five girls were left stunned while trying to finish the routine twirling smoke instead of fire. This night went down in majorette his- tory as an exciting new twirling device- smoke without fire. During halftime at the Kannapolis game the Raiderettes showed their abil- ity to play the routine "by ear". There were four girls missing from the twelve, and with the missing girls there was no way to do the regular routine. Mrs. McCauley and Ms. Measmer worked dili gently to help the eight girls going to the game to adapt the other routine to the music. They leamed the routine in three days. During halftime every girl except one forgot the end of the routine. So, while the band played the end of the song the whole squad marched in place except one solitary girl. She did the end of the routine and presented the fans with a form of "one-girl-show". Boogie fever. Raiderettes show their school spirit by dancing to "That's the Way." All together now. Net Cook, Wendy Butler, Susan Thomas, Kim Ridge, and Debbie Bass rehearse parts of their routine in order to perfect it. Majorettes. Kim Ridge, Susan Thomas Iheadl, Net Boogie down. Kim Ridge, Wendy Butler, and Susan 40fMajorettes, Raiderettes Cook, Wendy Butler Ico-headl, and Debbie Bass. Thomas, attempt the bump while waiting for practice to begin. Group discussion. Before the game the Raiderettes get together to discuss their routine for the halftime activities. Raiderettes. Bottom row: Cassandra Tyson, Lisa Get it together. The majorettes practice hnger twirls Teetor. Second row: Bev Moore, Debbie Brady, Deb- in the commons the day before the game, to make bie Hartman, Karen Gardner. Top row: Debbie sure that everyone is together. Jarrett, Melody McFatridge, Kim Peters, Cynthia Amerson, Vette McManus, Beverly Dunlap. Majorettes, Raiderettesflll UN il 4-I as 4-I Nl 42fBand Y4"N'i Rah Rah Rah Band! During the Central pep rally, the pep band blows enthusiastically to show their A'Beat the Bisonn spirit. Which way guys? Lonnie Smith seems to be asking for directions as the beat goes on down Main Street. And a one, and a two. Alan Marks shows off his jiving ability by teaching Tony Hamerick the new dance steps. '11 'X O ld S , , Pares Studies, 465 please. Donna Sink, Carol naco ,Wet aturday mommgm Dixon, and Carol Hants concentrate on the ever September, the band jOLlIT'lCyQd to Raleigh. terrifying chromatic scale number 65. It had been invited to play in N.C State's Homecoming Parade, but as if that was not enough, it was also asked to perform during the halftime festivities. The parade sailed along smoothly but at the game, as the band watched the N.C. State football team get a little yardage, it began to rain. As the members stepped nervously onto the field, the bottom fell out and it poured. Nevertheless, the band performed one of its best shows ever and was rewarded by the crowd's cheers. The band added life to the football games. It had a way of turning an ordinary game into an exciting event by playing songs such as "Brickhouse," "That's the Way," and "Star Wars". These brought the spectators to their feet and even the adults had to snap a finger or two. The annual contest rolled around and the band was well prepared with songs such as "Toccata" and "The Impressarion. After playing, tension rose among each and every member as they awaited the judges' final decision. Marching band. Front row: Mr. Bell, Owenetta Cook, Wendy Butler, Susan Thomas, Kim Ridge, Debbie Bass, Randy Hedrick. Second row: Kim Peters, Beverly Sheppard, Pearl Com, Anita Dumas, Deirdre Collins, Carol Dbcon, Kay Nash, Patti lngraham, Paula Shortt, Dianne Rudd, Bar- bara Stalder, Bunny McCall, Teresa Lane, Karen Gardner. Third row: Lisa Teetor, David Deaton, Janice Friedman, Crystal Hedgecock, Carol Harris, Donna Sink, Lisa Medlin, Susan Heilig, Debbie Edwards, Melissa Lowe, Jeanne Bailey, Jana Green, Karen Dumas, Deborah Massey, Sylvia Dye, Debbie Hartman. Fourth row: Debbie Jarrett, Kim Olivares, Debbie Moss, Margie Bolin, Peter Boyles, Terry Duncan, Alan Marks, Tony Hamerick, Kim Brendle, Deena Towery, Susan Billings, Sally Strickland, Pam Roebuck, Cynthia Amerson. Hfth row: Melody McFat1idge, Wlliam Dunlap, Karen Brooks, Andy Crews, Mike Sink, Steve Shaw, Jeff Albert, Alan Sheppard, Donnie Kearns, Todd Musick, Beth Ashworth, Lloyd Bowman, Donna Smith, Jackie Harris, Bev Moore. Sbcth row: Vette McManus, Lany Jordan, Mike Rijfell, Ted Benfield, 77m Samuel, Barry Albert, Lisa Means, Mark Venable, Larry Crump, David Allred, Norman Parrish, Cassandra Tyson. Seventh row: Beverly Dunlap, Tony Driggers, Randall Cardwell, Dale McCorkel, Craig Liner, Blaine Goodwin, Benny Ferguson, Sammie Rogers, James Massey, Lonnie Smith, Alton Pegues, Edward McGill, Patrice Mayfield. Back row: Phillip Kleehammer, Roger Jefferies, Cedric McCroy, Steve Duncan, Thomas Hailey. Bandf43 FCA. Bottom row: Wendy Butler, Sylvia Wells, Bar- bara Stalder, Wayne Rial, Johnny Sanders, Scott Lackey, Robbie Rothrock, Second row: Becky Bean, Paula Wood, Sallye Ledford, Linda Atkins, Laura Greene, Johnny Green, Todd Hilliard. Third row: Rick Hall, Ronnie Brown, Eric Harbinson, Jabo Evans, Mark Hunter, Dan Wagoner, Top row: Tom Chap- man, Jeff Kauth, James Bean, Joe Steadman. 44fReverie, FCA Reverie Staj Bottom row: Tina O'Neil, Debbie Hamilton, Susan Thomas, Melody McFatridge, Eva Chess, Anne Meredith, Candice Dorsette, Tammye Tillman. Second row: Jennifer Elliott, Bunny McCall, Karen Alston, Laura Hayworth, Kim Peters, Barbara Priddy, Tina Garner, Martha Overman, Janine Rolison. Top row: Jackie Elliott, Leigh Beck, Kay Nash, Donna Rogers, Jennifer Stanley, Pam Martin, Elisa Mclnnis, Mary Caumeld. Right or wrong? Eua Chess points out various mis- takes needed to be corrected on a layout. Proofreading. Spotting an error in the copy, Mrs. Vwlliford and Laura Hayworth discuss possibilities for correcting the mistake. if 4 I f 1 f Q K E I U 2 Q First there was an assignment made: one layout, pictures, copy, captions, and headings. Many figured it would be simple- nothing to it. There could not be anything hard about doing that. Second came the problems that arose: trapped space on the layout, copy that did not fit, and not having enough pictures. After those prob- lems were solved, everyone thought they were finished. They did not know, however, that they were only half done. Next came drawing master layouts, specifications, cropping pictures, and typing copy and headings. After all those tasks were taken care of one could state, with re- lief, that she had survived. While Reverie members were struggling with deadlines, FCA members were working to help elderly people by raking leaves in their yards. They also worked to help, handicapped and disabled people. With to- getherness, both clubs worked hard to meet their goals and succeeded in doing so. Anticipation. Bunny McCall works on her layout in preparation for the next deadline. ARK-sm I ,W fray, 'lk if Scrutiny. Exercising careful scrutiny, Doug Streetman and Kathy Spivey search for vital information to be used in an upcoming debate. ' 4? f,f sy Q, 4 K, if ,, , s N , ',"' 3' Progressing. Using his spare time wisely, Wctor Kosinski catches up on his reading to gain valuable in- formation for a toumament, Practice makes perfect. Delivering her rebuttal first before her classmates, Diane Guthrie gets extra prac- tice in delivering a debate speech. gh 46fNFI. .X f ' r .-in ,tfwwn V 1' if 5 if X I NFL. Bottom row: Susan Schwenk, Dale McCorkel, Kathy Spivey, Doug Streetman, Tara Elsey. Second row: Mark Vemon, James Cooper, Deanna Parks, Phyllis Peacock, Diane Guthrie, Cynthia Massey. Top row: Steve Amold, Mike Rose, David Boone, Victor Kosinski, Corey Watson. .,.,...,,N R, ' l i l NQWVE s ,M so M , .- .iw-"""""l'K ra U7 U-h r-l- 1.' .. -N i I Many long hours were spent in prep- m aration for the debate in New York. Vi- . tal information was gathered from numer- ous workbooks, providing important evi- dence for the debate. As the debaters arrived at Bronx High School of Science, they reported to the room where the tour- nament was to be held. There they put out their file boxes of the evidence they would use in the debate. Taking a break before the tournament was to begin, the NFL team went to the cafeteria. When they came back, they found their evidence . had been stolen. Search for the file boxes and workbooks proved to be useless. Spirited NFL members did not let it dis- hearten them. The debate had to go on. With determination and optimism, they de- bated without their evidence and refused to give up. Even though they did not come out on top, they were not losers, for los- ers easily give up. Getting the facts. Mike Rose finds Time magazine a N. useful resource in supplying important facts. NFLX47 -P Hand out. As old members look on, Jimmy Brown Giving a lecture. Being president of the Beta Club, proudly accepts the literature that belongs to every Cynthia Massey addresses new and old Beta Club Beta Club lnductee, members on the qualities of leadership. 'ff' 'W J in 6 7 vpn- fwi, 4 1 Destroying. Mr. Therrell and members of the Jr. BUfSf,0f energy- A bonfire was blfilf fo arouse fhe Jaycees began destroying the disco booth, crowds spirit before the homecoming game against North Forsyth. 48X Beta Club, Jr. Jaycees EE , stumbled and fumbled ,gf Beta Club. Bottom row: Denise Gurley, Margaret McMahan, Laura Hayworth, Jana lkerd, Penny Lewallen, Susan Thomas, Melody McFatridge, Sallye Ledford, Linda Adarns, Eric Harbinson, Vernon Hedgecock. Second row: Kay Hunley, Mary Lib Myers, Tammy Garner, Kim Gant, Pam Hamilton, Kent Wck, Martha Monis, Susan Monis, Jana Green, Sarah Clark, Jill Zimmerman, Eddie Nickens. Third row: Mark Venable, David Lewis, Diane Guthrie, Monica Malpass, Julie McGhee, Barbara Priddy, Jackie Elliott, Laura Greene, Beth Ashworth, Deborah Edwards. Top row: Ann Neill, Diana Hubbard, Mark Hunter, Allen Mabry, Todd Musick, Valerie Connor, Leigh Beck, Chuck Fowler. lnxi The Jr. Jaycees stumbled and fumbled trying to reach their goals successfully. They were associated with many school activities. On Homecoming Day, booths were set up in the park- ing lot. At the end of the day the guys put their rags on so they could tidy up the area. Later on that night, the Jr. Jaycees took the wood and paper from the parking lot over to the stadium. There, they built a bonfire. The purpose of the orange flames and crackling Junior Jaycees. Bottom row: Chris McKenzie, John Gumey, David Lewis. Second row: Alan Peters, Allen Mabry, Mike Smith, Alan Davis. Top row: Todd Musick, Mark Venable, Dennis Sink, lim Byrd, Derek Stafford. ...M rd I of the wood was to boost school spirit for the homecoming game against North Forsyth. The Beta Club was an honors organization. The purpose of the club was to stimulate effort, reward achievement, and to encourage and assist its members to continue their education. To be inducted a junior had to maintain a 3.5 average and a senior a 3.0. Beta Club Week was cele- brated March 5-11. Also, several of the members participated at the Beta Club State Convention in Raleigh. Beta Club. Bottom row: Linda Atkins, Jennifer Elliott, Jennifer Stanley, Kim Peters, Cynthia Massey, Wendy Butler, Second row: Anne Meredithu Patty Ganong, Kim Collins, Melanie Shaffer, Kelly Brooks, Barbara Stalder. Third row: Eva Chess, Beth McCoy, Kay Nash, Karen Brooks, Steve Shaw, Top row: Mark Chapman, David Allred, Chris Whitley, Stephen Smith. Beta Club, Jr. Jayceesf49 Man handlers. Key Club members haul loads oftmsh to the dumpsters from the parking lot on a rainy Saturday. 'trash cans' The advisors of clubs are sometimes too busy to help a club progress success- fully through a school year, but it was a different story with the Key and Anchor Clubs. Their advisors always found time to help them advance in service projects. The Anchor Club, headed by Mrs. Townsend and Mrs. Adams, successfully increased its membership from four mem- bers to twenty-two members in one school year. During the annual doll dressing event in December, club members dressed dolls to be distributed by the Salvation Amiy for needy children at Christmas. The Anchor Club appreciated the needed support their advisors gave them. The Key Club, advised by Mr. O'Connor and a new advisor, Mr. Rogers, participated in the school's beautifi- cation projects. The club helped clean grounds by emptying trash cans after school. lt was a man handling job and took all the help the advisors could supply. 5OfKey Club, Anchor Club f A-.M 'www ' , If -,f , . f . , E Anchor Club. Bottom row: Lisa Coggins, Diane Gutherie, Cynthia Massey, Tina ONeiI, Antoinette Legrande, Wendy Blakeney. Second row: Cindy Stanley, Connie Futch, Deirdre Harris, Donna Smith, Deborah Massey, Mary Anne White, Jackie Hanfis. Top row: Lori Michey, Tracy Smith, Kim Johnson, Deborah McJunkins, Pam Roebuck, Rita Dumas, Sandra Dunlap, Sonya Ray. Key Club. Bottom row: Eddie Nickens, Vernon Hedgecock, Scott Tate, Eric Harbinson, Steve Shaw, David Deaton, Mike Sink. Second row: 'lim Lassiter, Craig Tumer, Mark Chapman, David Boling, Tom Chapman, Keith Nance. Top row: Mr. O'Connor, Tim Smith, Alan Davis, Mike Draughn, Lee Edwards. 'KN' 'CQRQQXYQQQQ-1233553 -HIQQW' Wsif A Loading up. Kim Johnson leads the way for the Helping hands. The Anchor Club members dress Anchor Club members on their expected destination dolls distributed by the Salvation Army for needy to a club convention in Vwnston Salem. children at Christmas. Anchor Club, Key Clubf51 The plan. President of the Student Council, Kelley Walker, briefs orientation guides so they can prepare to give sophomores a quick look at the school. 4 ,, time tilt N N Summer lingers. Trent Murray hesitates to enter room 213 for a meeting on sophomore orienta- tion. Student Congress. Bottom row: Carla Johnson, Donna Rogers, Elisa Mclnnis, Bunny McCall, Tammye Tillman, Jackie Hanfis, Sonya Ray, Elaine Alexander. Second row: Kim Jarvis, Anne Maynard, Denise Gurley, Jana Green, Kay Nash, David Deaton, James Cooper, Melinda Teague. Third row: Mary Ann White, Jennifer Elliott, Sylvia Wells, Tammi Hedrick, Kathy Spivey, Sylvia Dye, Sally Strickland, Wcki Ingram, Top row: Margie Stewart, Tina Garner, Candy Hart, Martha Over- man, Sharon Moser, Woody Gilmer. 52fStudent Congress X tthe monotony' The Student Council recognized a know n0W to Qet it- They Planned Van- unique spirit of friendship in the ous activities to keep the Raiders student body and worked hard to keep a lively. Sophomore orientation helped the strong bond between them. They tried to new students feel at home and get set- get students involved in activities to tled for the coming year. A dance pr0- keep the spint alive. Mike Broom from vided a needed break from the monotony Appalachian State University chose Ot StUdVlnQ. AS fi fewafd f0f their hard Andrews to deliver an assembly on moti- work in keeping the Student bodv vation entitled "You and America," The united the council received over 5095 . ry 1 ,Q eff S S I main purpose was to stimulate interest Daftielpatlen in activities and in the school and country. The students fndnv Cefnplefnentanl n0teS tfefn received this program exceptionally tGaCh2rS l l . Welrhand Cami li Oser tigetlllqer d Social hour. A few days before the new school year e Councl new W at t ey Wante begins, sophomore orientation guides catch up on from the students and they seemed to summer activities. at N iw: , eii, up , PM elf, tj 'fav my .1 ' HM --.. V, ., ,,,- iii 5. V my -. -' ' '2 . C2 W, ff 're . 5 :LQ J A X W 22 ' L I l sg, Executive Board. Bottom row: Sonya Ray, Gail Hedrick, Carol McCraw, Mary Ann White. Second row: Sherry Upton, Terri Gates, Tammie Patterson. Third row: Rhonda Warren, Joe Nay, Cathy Beazlie, Regina Henry. Top row: Kelly Walker, David Deaton, Margie Stewart, Carla Johnson. Out in the open. Executive Board displays their devoted enthusiasm to wish Raiders a successful homecoming. Student Congressf53 Giggles. Danita Burleson shares a moment laughter while speaking to her fellow classmates. of More work. Susan Hutchens and Shellie Smith settle down to do a day's work. 54fFBLA YT-.. Togethemess. Connie Lain and Debbie Griffin work together to make enough copies for everyone. Preparing for the Office The members of the Future Business Leaders of America represented the first chartered club of its type in the history of our school. The membership was limited to Cooperative Business students only. V FBLA was a national organization open to students in both high school and college. Various contests and ac- tivities were held on the local, state, and national levels, enabling students to prepare for business and office occupations. The club participated in the clothing drive sponsored by the PTSA Used clothes for babies and adults were donated to the High Point City Schools Clothing Closet. They also partici- pated in other drives and sales throughout the school year, which made the club very successful during the entire year. Bottom row: Carla Johnson, Kay Hunley, Susan Hutchens, Connie Lain, Sara Vwlliams. Second row: Danita Burleson, Deena Towery, Anita Cathey, Penny Pendergrass, Dessie Reid. Third row: Teresa Campbell, Lisa Smith, Shellie Smith, Kim Horlick. Top row: Lisa Hornady, Debbie Griffin, Cole Mullin- nix, Kim Hall, Cassandra Phillips. -. .W 2 Girl talk. A group of girls get together to discuss their Cool it. Miss Measmer and Connie Lain Rnd it hard to daily work. work with all the interruptions. FBLM55 Looking and listening. Barbara Stalder, Kay Nash, and Kim Gant appear unhappy with the thought of cleaning grounds during the winter months. 4 v""4w Bottom row Karen Brooks Jennifer Elliott Barbara Stalder, Eva Chess, Top row. Jennifer Stanley, Kay Nash, Kim Gant, Anne Meredith, Melanie Shaffer. 56fNational Honor Society :Y 'MJZGW Alf r, 1 S J ,li Talking it over. Looking over upcoming projects, President Jennifer Stanley discusses possible alter- natives with other members. 'ri A H 5 2,2 V, 1 H M 'ff g . .. 3 'E li I 2 ft 4 J 5 iq - W Q, X., f 'V fa HY. J, ai' 5 A gl N 7 A gl' ' .eg 5 4 me ,Q -,Q w J we ,wr :ez M5 , ,I r Music. During a quiet moment, Jennifer Elliott prac- tices on an arrangement for the NHS ceremony. 'Ecstasy' There was a different feeling of tension in the air. Next came the wait- ing in uncertainty. The lights suddenly became dim. The candles were lighted and the National Honor Society members began the ceremony of tapping new members. The excitement and nervousness mounted as the members began searching throughout the audience for the selected few that would become NHS members. Moving in be- tween rows, the NHS member came behind the person and placed the gold key a- round his neck. Searching for reality, the person just tapped tried to really believe what had taken place. Exhila- ration and ecstasy replaced the nervous- ness and uncertainty felt before. Becom- ing an NHS member was more than a honor it was climbing the highest mountain and reaching the top. Exhilaration. After inductions, Mrs. Gant shares in Kim's excitement of being tapped, Food and talk. Mr. Chess and Mrs. Massey look on as Eva and Cynthia discuss the induction ceremony. National Honor -Societyf5 7 'building bird houses' The Science Club, along with the Civinettes, held a joint can and newspaper drive throughout the school year. The proceeds for this service project went to fight Muscular Dystrophy. The Science Club collected cans for the flood victims in the N.C. mountains. Some of the club's projects were in co-operation with the Environmental 'N Q f if Center. One such project was building bird houses for the golf courses in the area. Two members of the Photography Club decided it would be fun to take a picture of one of their teachers. This teacher was Mrs. Hernandez and she is knovm for not liking to get her picture taken without notice. As one member with the camera was ready to take the picture, the other member knocked on the door. When she opened the door her sp is mouth flew open and the picture was snapped. It was a good thing the picture didn't come out because some of the Spanish Mrs. Hernandez jerkingly yelled had something to do with how fast grades could come down. News piles up. Donny Keams catches up on some past news while helping out at the Science Club paper drive. Science Club. Bottom row: Phil Joyce, Beverly Shep- pard, Kim Peters, Barbara Stalder, Wendy Butler, Laura Hilliard, Jana Green. Second row: Jane Wagoner, Craig Tumer, Connie Johnson, Laura Hayworth, Penny Lewallen, Jennifer Stanley, Kay Nash, Karen Brooks, Mark Venable. Third row: Martha Morris, Laura Green, Susan Morris, Sheila Schneider, Cynthia Massey, James Cooper, Ricky Stanly, Mike Rose. Top row: Wynn Myers, Leigh Beck, Denise Gurley, Mary Yee, Jill Zimmerman, Beth McCoy, Ten-i lMlliams, Brenda Osbome, David Deaton, Donny Kearns. 58fPhotography, Science .s . 3? 5 5 5 A . .... Q . .: -' K V , 1: 5 2 up 'C-dfjg .aww .. .M 6 QOTZ Photography Club. Bottom row: Candy Hart, Kim Jarvis, Kim Peters, Barbara Priddy. Top row: Greg Bishop, Tony Pulliam, Allen Mabry. Hello down there! Kim Peters finds out that there is more to a paper drive than just stacking papers. Dark room fun. While in the dark room, Kim Peters leams how to print pictures with Allen Mabrys help. What's up now? Allen Mabry walks around the park- ing lot while helping the Photography Club clean grounds. Photography, Sciencef59 Red Raider country. Preparing for the Ragsdale game, Pam Hamilton, Valerie Connor, and Pam Mar- tin hang the traditional pre-game banner. 14' me Nt 1 ffl' 1 by r"Mw,wws A 'H X XL KKMVVMX ax ,xnxx X jim X If ",, X f,, X ell B e ee, 60fCiuinettes, FHA bud! Ciuinettes. Bottom row: Lisa Teetor, Melody McFatridge, Elisa Mclnnis, Tammye 'l7llman, Linda Adams, Tammy Gamer. Second row: Laura Hayworth, Ruth Thacker, Tammi Harris, Martha Bailey, Robin Jones, Valerie Con- nor. Top row: Kim Peters, Pam Martin, Brenda Osborne, Pam Hamilton, Karen Brooks, Lori Cranford. M136 E i.Xif"li1 unit I . lses Oriental booth. The Ciuinettes display their creativity by designing a Karate booth. 'ElS25.00' The Civinettes worked busily as they strived for perfection in all of their projects. The members of the group had a yearly project collecting aluminum cans and paper for Muscular Dystrophy. Civinettes challenged the Keyettes and Juniorettes to top their 5525.00 pledge to the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon. Also, the Civinettes helped the community by giving a public demon- stration of new voting machines. Homecoming turned out to be a very interesting task. Four men who had achiev- ed the Black Belt status attended the Civinettes Karate Exhibit. They gave a free demonstration for the stu- dents. In deep concentration Ronnie Mashbum attempted to split some boards in half when an on-looker endangered Ronnie's life by throwing a water bal- loon in the middle of the exhibit. The Future Homemakers of America had to be on their toes with eyes wide open for the little tots. A new Day Care Center was organized and the FHA members worked with the children for Thanksgiving. The members watched the children while they threw sand from the box and swung high from the ground on playground equipment. youngsters. Call to order. FHA president, Crystal Gray, is anxious to discuss upcoming plans with her fellow club mem- bers. Watching the tots. As a future homemaker, Sandra Gandy learns the best way to handle playful FHA. Bottom row: Sharon Cobum, Cindy Oakley, She liah Smith, Robin Chapman, Annette Wallace, Sabrina Hampton. Second row: Jill McPherson, Kaye Kiger, Vanessa Blakely, Dorothy Graham, Sandra Gandy. Third row: Shellie Crone, Rhonda Davis, An- He Braswell Gail Buchannon Crystal Gray Fourth tte , , . row: Frank Jones, Betty Kuntz, Chennise lfWson. Top row: M. H. Embler, Kevin Pounders. Civinettes, FHAf61 New strategy. During their beach trip, French Club members participate in a friendly game of football. French club. Bottom row: Cathy Saunders, Ann Neill, Susan Foster, Dee Dee Parks. Second row: Melanie Shaffer, Patty Ganong, Sallye Ledford, Karen Brooks, Randy Hedrick, Anne Meredith, Kim Gant Cathy Chilton, Tammy Gamen Laura Hayworth, Mary Lib Myers, Amy Wood. Third row: Susan White, Melissa Lowe, Jana lkerd, Beverly Sheppard, Sara Vwlliams, Eva Chess, Terri Gates, Tammie Patterson, Tara Elsey, Cynthia Massey, June Booe, Leslie Hall, Beth McCoy. Fourth Row: Beth Ashworth, Susan Morris, Denise Gurley, Martha Morris, Jana Green, Sheila Schneider, Vikki Tanner, Debbie Hamilton, Janine Rolison, Barbara Priddy, Janice Friedman, Crystal Hedgecock, Billie Curlee. Hfth row: Wendy Butler, Dianne Rudd, Keith Nance, David Boling, Vemon Hedgecock, Joe Nay, Todd Musick, Lori Leach, Gail Hedrick, Lisa Collins, Janice Greene, Lori Kushner. Sixth row: Susan Schwenk, Barbara Stalder, Steve Shaw, David Stewart, Julie McGhee, Kim Collins, Sally Collins, Pat Osbome, Christi Wall, Allison Brown, Debbie Bass, Cindy Green, Sharon Howell. Top row: Steve Smith, Dennis Sink, Lou Blackman, Joe Talley, Billy McCoy, Scottie Watson, Susan Booe, Heidi Misenheimer. 62X Spanish, French 'iw ,L . . ff' S W,,,,,,,w'i . 'interesting pageant' A iligii -sgjmiwki 53,453 .- iii iff Candy everywhere. These students help clean up af- ter the Pinata, which was broken during the Spanish Christmas party given for the faculty. The French Club held a most interesting pageant during Christmas. Four contestants competed for a title that represented the craziest and most imaginative person in the club. The winner was "Dolly Joe Martonl' played by Laura Hayworth. She won with her song "Here You Come Again." Everyone agreed that this pageant was a big success. At the beginning of the year the Spanish Club members purchased t-shirts saying, "Besame yo hablo Espanol," this translates, "Kiss me I speak Spanish." The t-shirts were a way of getting everyone involved in Spanish activities. For Homecoming the Spanish Club had a fiesta, with many different games and prizes. The Indian that made up the entranceway was 16 feet high and club members had a very hard time getting it to stand up. After working all moming, with help from the other clubs, they managed to get him standing before the lunch periods began. Warm and tasty. Selling tacos on Homecoming Day proved to be very profitable for the Spanish Club. Spanish club. Bottom row: Sarah Clark, Lisa Teetor, Jacqueline Elliott. Second row: Melody McFatridge, Susan Brown, Gina Henry, Kathy Spivey, Lynn Crabb, Lisa Hemdon, Sheny Billings, Joanie Isley. Third row: Diane Guthrie, Margaret Hartley, Jennifer Elliott, Jennifer Stanley, Kelly Butler, Lori Cranford, Robin Jones, Debbie Jarrett. Top row: Ted Wlliams, Monica Malpass, Kay Nash, Kim Jawis, Sherron Vaughan, Kim Peters. Spanish, Frenchf63 'house on the beach' Is it surprising that a civic club called Interact had the same service ideas as a business club called DECA? The purposes and goals of DECA and Interact were different, but both clubs had the idea of helping a needy family at Christmas time. DECA was to help young people get involved with merchandising dealing with sales. The club attended a work- shop in Greensboro where the members took notes on how to run and operate big shopping centers. The workshop proved to be a worthwhile experience for the club. Interact, an intemational organi- zation sponsored by the Rotary Club, had no intentions of attending work- shops and conventions. They found that kissing booths with Sarah Fawcetts inside and beach trips at Easter were just as fun and maybe just as educa- tional. "I think we had the loudest house on the beach," remarked an Inter- s act member. i'It was an experience that we will never forget." Kiss me. Mark Vemon and Mike Cody display the Try tw Gydifl- lflteract members Mark Martin and popular Fawcett image for the Interact homecoming l-Off Mabe work Successfully together, but Sdfldffl scene. Wiley discovers that pyramids are not her thing. Leaming. DECA creates future business persons through the work study courses at school. 64fDECA, Interact In teract. Bottom row: Connie Quinn, Lori Mabe, Kim Top row: P. Joyce, M. H. Embler, L. Blackman, Robert Horlick, Julie Snyder, Sandra Wiley. Second row: Boles, Danny Metcalf Mark Vemon, Mike Cody, Mike Slate, Teni Gates, Mary Caubield, Jayne Randy Boles, 'lim Coleman. Blackbum, Debbie Griffin, Candy Baker, Mark Martin. W 5 f , L -wa DECA. Bottom row: Cindy Burton, Lisa Harden, Robin Overby, Cecilia Evans, Shirley Jones, Johnnie Harris, Shirley Smith, Kim Peters. Second row: Janet Delapp, Janie Evans, Candy Baker, Sandra VWley, Julia Snyder, Cindy McLain, Kathy Wade, Tami Harris, Shirley McDowell. Third row: Tim Wood, Alma Brown, Rosalyn Bohannon, Linda Wade, Kim Ken- nedy, Wckie Bowlin, Scott Bailey, Mike Cody, Mark Collins, Top row: Leroy Vwlliams, Mike Wood, Buddy Stringer, Bany Beaman, Stan Martin, Mark Martin, Lee Edwards, 'lim Parker, Jimmy Traylor, Anthony Clinton. Interact, DECAX65 Smoke Signal. Bottom row: Sarah Clark, Lisa Teetor, Kim Gant, Kim Collins, Teny Blackwell. Second row: Kim Peters, Melissa Lowe, Cathye Saun- ders, Brenda Osborne, Pam Hamilton, Sheny Billings, Allen Mabry. 5 'Fi fi f " if 5, x i I A ,tb 1,,KVwt,h,A M 3 y M Q 'Z r :WYQQ N7 ' M VV , X A r ,Mr 1 .sa B eff: 'V 66fSmoke Signal Y Mom. Three in a row. Angie Boyce, Kim Peters, and Sarah Clark concentrate while trying to get their articles typed. Layout lull. Trying hard to meet a deadline, Kim Collins, Lisa Teetor, and Cathy Saunders discuss layout design. 'f of 'eng is 2 ff53i1l.,'Li2 r -f fn 4 ,, , M ' . W- vvfn Y - Yznffnrv. nv , , 5? ai Z Z fi. ' sf i... it 'LQ' ?'f:?f L ! ZA 'X' , i. ' . z y, In 46 V Q X I vsr,i x .Ny V r X Q is t ll . AIVV giihf X 'rr ,L, if 'langiS ekomS' All smiles. The first edition of the Smoke Signal brightens up the faces of advisor, Mrs. Hatcher and editor, Kim Gant. The Smoke Signal staff faced many problems trying to find a decent printer to print their paper at a reasonable price. The first printer did not follow the directions of printing the paper in red. So the staff members thought they had found a better prewman and he printed the banner so it looked like this, "langiS ekomS" and he also imprinted 300 copies of the entire paper backwards. After waiting excitedly to receive the paper, the smiles turned into frowns as they noticed that the paper had been printed backwards. But of course, the paper was reprinted. Finally, the problem was solved. The solution was for the school's graphic class to print the paper at Central. New additions had been added. The staff members were under a new advisor, Mrs. Gail Hatcher. The staff members felt that her greatest contribution to the paper was originality. The name of the paper was changed from Forum to Smoke Signal. Also new columns were added to the paper in hopes of 'ibeefing up" reader interest and increasing circulation. The Smoke Signal invented the Teacher Spotlight and Dear Pocahontas as new attractions. Taking a look. Melissa Lowe and Terry Blackwell get a different view of how other school newspapers are put together. Money. Members of the Smoke Signal staff Allen Mabry, Brenda Osbome, Sherry Billings, and Pam Hamilton count the first edition's profits. ' ""' ll I V WL. .V-mx 5:13 0? f W? 'i ll' I , . , ,,,,, lf F 2 4 W. fu .iv Alf 1 ri, , 1 1 , z,"r"r's'?'3ff'yu '3m hL, ,, . . ' f f fi. W J .W ,. . a....Tr3i3 I A?--. - ' QQ X1 A AAA AAQA mu 51 65,555 A, AWA? 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Doctors recommended exercise for your health, women exercised to lose weight, men followed Rocky's example and exercised to get in shape for varsity sports, and business men and students did it to relieve tension after sitting all day. One of the growing fads was jogging. Jogging gave the "glow of health" and improved muscle tone. It was also the source of an increase in energy, and since many people ran alone, it proved to be a time in which they got a grip on themselves. Some jogged at the crack of dawn to help wake up, some ran in gym class as a requirement, while others ran at the end of the day to wind things down. Tennis lovers found themselves on the racquetball courts when they could not get up the courage to play tennis in the cold. They often waited hours on Saturdays to hit a ball, on first bounce, off of one of any four walls. They used a racquet that had a much shorter grip than a tennis racquet. New players found that they had to face the front wall at all times because if they turned around they got hit in the nose with a small, rubber ball which gave a sharp sting. Instead, if they faced the front, the ball hit the back of the head. Horseback riders left the city to ride in the country or woods. Some even took their horse to compete in horse shows. "When a horse jumps over a fence, you feel like 'This could be it. This could be the time that the horse is going to fall and I could die.' It is the excitement that makes you want to do it again," remarked Ms. Brookbank. Ping-pong, pool, bowling or playing frisbee were other activities if one of the main objec- tives was to be sociable. Participants were not as interested in the vigorous activity and con- ditioning of their bodies as they were in having just plain fun. Gaining speed. Wiliam Dunlap whizzes by during speed skate practice at the High Point Roller Rink. 70flnformal Sports Strike? At the Brunswick Bowling Lanes, Dee Dee Wardlow concentrates on aiming the ball at the center of the pins to gain ten points. 4 ,, if ' 3 , I ,Wk V "ffl MW? aw f, HW Aft? Horse Power. At the Blowing Rock Stables in Boone, Pam Martin waits her tum to take the horse around the rodeo ring. P-I-N-G P-O-N-G. During gym class, Janet Washington lobes the ball to gain a point against her opponent. Informal SporlSf 71 fain- Urn. if Raiders Triumph The long cold winter was still wearing off when baseball season arrived. The first two home games were held at Central because the field refused to grow grass. Even though the field was not ready the Mighty Raider baseball team was. The first game was held against Central. The Bison played well but despite all their hard effort they could not top the Raiders, who whipped them 11-3. The second game against Central, which was also played there, showed that no matter how hard the Bison tried it still was not enough to triumph over the Raiders, who won 6-3. Concentmtion. Coach Shuck carefully watches the moves of each player during pre-game practice. 72X Baseball Homerun. After the ball was pitched, Chuck Fowler prepares to hit the ball in hopes of a homerun, in the West Forsyth game. Watchful eyes. The coaches and team keep their eyes peeled for new developments in the game against Reidsuille. Swing! Todd Hilliard catches the ball in the Parkland game, while the referee decides whether or not its a strike. . -V gf' x , , ' ' ' ' ' i Llgykggggif. I ' 1977 Baseball Andrews Opponent 11 Central 3 3 Page 0 11 East Davidson 6 6 Central 3 9 Graham 1 O Williams 1 13 Cummings 3 12 Ragsdale 2 6 Parkland 8 9 Reidsville 1 5 Central Davidson 3 3 Ledford 1 25 Graham 7 5 Page 8 7 West Forsyth 4 7 Cummings 5 1 East Davidson 6 1 Ragsdale 2 11 Parkland 3 12 Reidsville 1 1 7 West Forsyth 16 6 Williams 2 Practice makes perfect. Eddie McCluney gets in a few practice his before the Parkland game. Baseball! 73 Teamwork. The team moves the batting cage in or- der to get in a little practice before the Reidsville game begins. 1977 baseball team. Bottom row: Hal Hiatt, Eddie McCluney, Ken Oglesby, Mark Tanner, Scotty Sexton, Phillip Murphy, Tommy Harden, Kent Wck. Second row: Larry Clinton, Vwlliam Jackson, Johnny Jett, Steve Myers, Todd Hilliard, Scott Lackey, Mark Lackey, Top row: Tim Smith, Mike Slack, Tim Ken- drick, Chuck Fowler, Randy Boles. 74fBasebaIl ': ".' 4 W-rt' if "H, ...,- . . , . . , Q 1 1, Kpy A ,,. ,if ,. jaf, 1, -,v .Q Ewa' ,H . w,rz,'1Y3:X.','iM fr fi -.mga "ffri"7 ' wg?-. p ' ". 'fjwh tl TWH efifffjrm' lf ,gffz,U K' . , '. " 1' NI 4 Vg V" , ' -, W fsgabr veg A ' mmf.: - . .. . I 'jf' M' A ' ' Y ' " f . . ' ,fx-y 1 , 1--Nw -.. A 4 ' ' "- Y , 'W ',y'?r,',y:.. ...J ,, . , -,sew '23 . -M, ,- fr f ,1 "-- , , i'w,.f -1 -- . . .-.ns 4,-A, 1 A-.Q , V - J. ,ibm-1-,f . . .- W W '-,wif giwcfr ,.. X f , " , ' r . 1 1 3- r Y f. rf-we 4 -. , ,, -hi sf- 5 " 4 , 1 4 - H. fm.. My '-ww r Y ,ra jlzffkw. f ha " - . , , ' - - . 3',,4.n',5r'f.g:'?:Y fam ' . . ' . 1 ,,V ia . , 8 r i T "QA, .' ' "'f'xf . . . rf, . 'QQ .9 Good Season Baseball season started off well. Nine of the juniors returned as seniors and helped the team have a winning season of 16 and 6. In the game against Reidsville, the team really showed its superiority. In the last inning they were behind 5 to 11. Tommy Harden and Eddie McCluney hit homeruns and helped the team come back to win over the Rams, 12 to 11. The Burlington Williams game, which was the last game of the season was the most exciting of all. The team was hitting well and the enthusiasm of the crowd was high. Mark Lackeyls homerun and the great pitching of Steve Myers topped the day off with the Raiders winning over Williams. "We beat them and knocked them out of the playoffs," recalled Todd Hilliard. Gamelike situation. William Jackson gives the out fielders some practice before the Burlington Williams game. Hit and run. Todd Hilliard hits the ball and heads for first base before the Titan catcher realizes what has happened. Pregame talk. Mark Tanner gets a few last words of advice from Coach Thomas before the West Forsyth game begins. Baseball! 75 Young Winners Last year's track and field team was quite young. The minds of Kenny Michaels and James Boyd seemed to follow the same track of thought. 'Ihey both felt that for them to have had such a young team, they had a fine season. Coach Wilmer dedicated his time and effort with the whole team. In the regular season they went 9-1. The team also placed third in the conference meet. Several records were broken last year. Emest Bayne broke the school record for throwing the discus. He hurled it through the air 145 feet, 2.5 inches, beating the previous record set by Pete Richardson in 1972. 'lim Overman broke his own record as he thrust the shot-put forward for 48 feet, 11.5 inches. Running and running until your body and soul felt that they might not make it and still having that extra something for the finish lineg that was track. Last year's team was young, but they had all of the characteristics a good team should have. They were hard working, willing to practice, and ready to win. 1977 Boys Track Andrews Place Opponents 69 First Cummings 95 First Ashboro West Montgromy 90 First Reidsville 87 First Parkland 61.16 Second Dudley West Forsyth 95.5 First Parkland Ragsdale 79 First Central Season's Record: 9-1 76X Boys Track Up there. On the Raiders tmck and field team Mike Cockerham pole-vaults 9 feet to place third in the meet against Dudley. Prized possessions. Byron Rawlinson receives most valuable participant award from Coach Foree, at the .Striding fonvard. While running the 880, Andrew annual spring sports banquet Bridges tries to improve his time. E Track team. Bottom Row: Ricky Hall, Phil Dickerson, Jeff Culler, Dan Wagoner, Alan McLean, Joey Davis. Second Row: Mike Cockerham, John Gumey, Ray Pemberton, Keith Grace, Ted Williams. Third Row: Emest Johnson, James Boyd, Ben Bell, Kenny Michaels, Andrew Bridges, Chuck Simpson. Fourth Row: Tim Holland, Thurman Pinnbc, Byron Rawlin- son, Mark Freeman, Tim Ovennan. Top Row: Coach Wilmer, Harold Harris, Duane Johnson, Coach Sapp. Boys Track! 77 if ' H an W..- "iz 2 1 , ft ff f-1 78fTennLs ' .1 ,dm .,,,.Nf-fs-ws-Q-rfMr"' Q MW. 0 .ts-N-stream f G ti ' r - ' .V . Q 'f E .I Q ,A-' A 1 r...f , sm.. 55? Q Girls' tennis team. First row: Debbie Hamilton, Susan Schwenk, Wendy Butler, Barbara Stalder, Sara Williams, Jode Beal. Second row: Diana Hubbard, Laura Greene, Dawn Spencer, Linda Atkins, Sylvia Wells, Sallye Ledford, Donna Embler, Susie Chilton. Serve power. Strength and concentration is required as number one player Mike Wood serves to his Reidsville opponent on the Andrews courts. Boys' Tennis Team Andrews Opponent O Central 9 1 Central 8 2 Reidsville 7 3 Thomasville 6 1 Cummings 8 O Ragsdale 9 1 Parkland 8 1 Reidsville 8 9 Southeast Guilford 0 3 Ragsdale 6 0 Parkland 9 1 West Forsyth 8 O Williams 9 Season's Record: 1-12 Serious Attitude "Everybody drop your racquets and run to the net ten times." Coach Busby usually said this after leg stretches, twenty sit-ups and ten push-ups. Then the tennis team played matches or did drills. Maybe this was why the team came out on top of the conference for the first time ever at Andrews. "I think that we had a really talented team this year. Most of the same players were back, and I think they had just as much ability last year, except this yearthey went out on the courts with a positive attitude. About ninety percent of a tennis game is mental ability," commented Coach Busby. The team worked hard during practice and achieved a serious attitude about improving their game, which resulted in a winning conference score of 8-2. The boys tennis team workedhard during practice, too, yet the hard work refused to show up in the scores. The team was young and ineiqnerienced, but it improved throughout the sewon. Al- though they joked around and kidded fellow teammates about the scores to relieve the tension, they realized that they needed a serious attitude during practice. Attitude helped them to improve. Double coverage. Steve Medlin and Mike Sink dou- ble together as they practice forthe upcoming match against West Forsyth. First serve. Number one player th roughout the season, Sara lMlliams, serves to gain a point against her Ragsdale opponent. Net game. Playing aggressively, Susie Chilton rushes to the net to make the final point over her Dudley op- Nrefewfsrvf.wm1,efff,pe,a,w-ss-wt.,s, M, 'mt Girls' Tennis Team Andrews Opponent 0 Central 9 5 Ragsdale 4 6 Kannapolis 3 9 Dudley O 3 Central 5 9 West Forsyth 0 8 Parkland 1 3 Grimsley 6 O Williams 9 1 Ragsdale 8 6 Kannapolis 3 6 Dudley 3 9 West Forsyth O 8 Parkland 1 Season's Record: Tennisf 79 New Combination The dedication and hard work of the girl's track team would have made any Raider fan proud. With the unique coaching support of Miss Thomas and Mrs. Dunn, the conference title was captured. Even though it was a young and inex- f perienced team, outstanding talent and generated spirit proved to be a winning combination. Captain LaVerne Lawson placed third in the district for the 100-yard dash. Dee Dee Wardlaw displayed outstanding skill with a second place finish in the shot put at the Rocksboro Invitational meet. Voted "Most Improved Runner," Sallye Ledford placed third in the mile run as well as fifth in the 880. For a change of pace, the girls and boys ran meets together. Everyone cheered each other on to victory. In shape. The exercises at practice paid off for the girls' track team with a first place conference finish. Taking it all in. The new assistant coach, Mrs. Dunn, keeps a watchful eye over the home meet against Reidsuille, Up, up, and away. Mth a real show of Raider skill, Dee Dee Wardlaw puts grace into the long jump in the meet against Dudley. 80X Girls Track W ,lik mile run. The 1977 girls' track team. First row: Devon Little- john, LaVeme Lawson, Alison Jackson. Second row: Antoinette LeGrand, Michelle Reese, Justina O'Neil, Belinda Wright, Sallye Ledford, Cecilia Evans, Janet practice session. Endless flight. Wth precision and balance, Becky Bean rounds the track'and clears the hurdle during a Follow the leader. During practice, Cedlia Evans and Sallye Ledford demonstrate the winning tactics of the 1977 Girls' Track Andrews Place Opponents 85.5 First Parkland 89 First Kannapolis 1 Q3 First West Forsyth Reidsville ' 87 First Parkland 55,5 Second Dudley West Forsyth 47-5 Second East Forsyth Central 58,5 Second Ragsdale Parkland 64 First Central Conference Meet 71 First Ragsdale West Forsyth Parkland Washington. Third row: Burnadette Sneed, Ann White, Kim Peters, Sarah Haney, Cathye Saunders, Phyllis Wardlaw, Becky Bean, Debbie Moss, Annette Tyson, Candy Hart, LeJeune Mock. Season's Record: 6-3 Girls Trackf81 ai li i l Q fa K jf fi Ball one. Sylvia Wells catches during a noncon- ference game against Central, on the Bison field. The Lady Raiders lost 7-8. Softball Andrews Opponent 5 C entral 1 5 22 Williams 6 5 Cummings 24 1 1 Ragsdale 2 1 9 Reidsville 8 4 Parkland 5 5 West Forsyth 16 1 1 Cummings 1 3 8 Ragsdale 9 14 Reidsville 12 7 Central 8 8 Parkland 14 12 West Forsyth 9 6 Williams 4 Season's Record: 5-9 82fSoflbaIl 4 i Q Q w 5 , in Softball team. First row: Candice Dorsette, Martha Thomasena, Sneed, Robin Ingram, Janet Delapp, and Susan Morris, Aprille Shaffer. Second row: Kelly Vanessa Vemon, Angie Harper, Donna Dumont, Butler, Paula Wood, Melinda Teague, Margaret Har' Coach Busby. tley, Sylvia Wells. Third row: Bernadette and Rookie Players i'The funniest, most memorable thing that happened, occurred during the game against Centralf, said Coach Busby. "lt was the last game of the season. Sylvia Wells was the catcher and Angie Harper played short stop. Angie caught the ball and threw it to home before she realized that Sylvia was not ready. Sylvia moved her face guard with her glove hand, and the glove lwhich was too bigl slid off backwards with the helmet. After Angie threw the ball, she stood there motioning with her hands and yelling 'come back, ball'. The team tried not to laugh at first because they were afraid I would get mad at them, and I was a little upset at first, but I finally laughed with them. We rounded up people who had never played on a team before because of the small number who tried out, but the new members really worked at the skills and shaped up as if they had played on a team all along. The team learned to work together and enjoyed themselves while they played." Batter up. On the field at Andrews, Margaret Hartley practices batting for the upcoming game against West Forsyth. Candid Camera. To help the team improve and learn from their mistakes, Coach Busby films highlights ofthe game against Central. First base. Paula Wood, practicing after school, rushes to first base in order to get in shape for the up- coming game against Central. SoftbalIf83 'lub , 'IM , H M M,,.-0,254 6 gf X ...ami 'W' ,ws fwwlmifirawl . ' - a irway, ,War it rf, W ' V wearer if is . V :if f . f 4" 'wry .w,v2'9K if Lap after lap. During practice after school at the YWCA, Tony Pulliam swims lap after lap of breastroke. W...-vw M, . . iw MT' ' ' , r it M rr A T ,.. ' --wg-ff .fi 4-W . M .,, :Q VV st ,,... an c fi 44.-14" if. M ..,,,,,1' an "" iw tr? or f"",fr I www, 0 ' u,,f .. A wg, + - . i yt.. W -W j V f wh! iz ir r 'fr f ' .. fame, -r ' , M, . ' 'lf 4 .,.. . .7rfM?3,,,, .iw .V ., . MQW W ' t Maw Practice Six new, superstrong girls and four retuming swimmers made a winning girls team inevitable. Many of the girls events were not as exciting as expected because the Andrews swimmers out-swam the opponent by several laps. These victories did not come automatically, however. The girls ran laps around the track and lifted weights almost a month before the swimming season. Neighborhood swim teams during the summer also prepared the girls for the meets. The boys were strong swimmers also, but they did not have as many victories as the girls because of the small number on the team. There were individual victories, but the points added up for the opponent when there were not enough boys to match them. The boys practiced with the girls every aftemoon, but they were officially two separate teams. This did not stop them from cheering for each other. The golf team had the same handicaps the boys swim team had a small number of participants. Members of the golf team practiced on their own time lusually four days a weekl at Oak Hollow Golf Course. They obviously benefitted from individual practice because even with the small num- ber, the golf team matched a victory with almost every tournament lost. l E 1977-78 Swim Team. First row: Marlene McDowell, BUSby, VUVFESSU Vernon, B0VbGf0 Eaton- Third f0wf Carol Shacklett Sall Collins Martha Ovemian Ted Williams, David Allred, Randall Cardwell, Wynn , V Y i Susan Foster, Sallye Ledford. Second row: Tony Myers, Craig Tumer, Tony Driggers. Pulliam, Beverly Sheppard, Susan Schwenk, Coach 84fGolf and Swimming E 9 C Anticipation. David Allred prepares to break the 14 Q I record in the 100 free during practice. y Eye on the ball. At the Oak Hollow Golf Course, Mike Draughn swings for a par three on the second hole. Efasmif- me V35 css . af? Y ,S 22,35 .1 fi S 1977 GOU' Team. First row: Jimmy Brown, Mike Peterson, Coach Goins. Second row: Mike Draughn, Tim Parker, Mitch Simril. Driving. Mike Peterson drives the ball on the last hole during a tournament at Oak Hollow. Golf and Swimmingf85 Disappointing Finish Having only two returning players, the girls' volleyball team had to really work hard for recognition. With their opponents in the conference being the strongest teams faced in recent years, victories were difficult to obtain. The majority of the games ended in overtimes with two point differences. Even though the season record was not high l4-lll, the sophomores and juniors developed highly skilled tactics. Out- standing performances were given by the captains, Kelly Brooks and Dee Dee Wardlaw. With experience behind them, the five retuming lettermen for the next year had high hopes for a memorable season. Set up. Candice Dorsette sets up the ball for her teammates during a home game. aa' it Out reach. Afternoon sessions are used to practice strokes and team work-as Candice Dorsette demonstrates. Volleyball team. Back row: Candice Dorsette, Dee Dee Wardlaw, Vanessa Vemon, Becky Bean. Front row: Antoinette LeGrande, Kelly Brooks, Cecilia Evans, Michelle Reese. 86fVolIeybaIl Eye contact. Kelly Brooks uses Raider skill to bump the ball in the match against Kannapolis. Smash! With a long practiced stroke, the spike, Dee Dee Wardlaw charges back at Kannapolis. Pep talk. Ms. Thomas gives her coaching support during the home Kannapolis match. Volleyball Andrews Opponent 0 Ragsdale 3 3 Kannapolis 0 1 Ledford 2 0 Dudley 3 3 West Forsyth 2 2 Parkland 3 1 Grimsley 3 0 Central 3 0 Ragsdale 3 3 Kannapolis 2 O Dudley 3 3 Central 2 1 West Forsyth 3 2 Parkland 3 0 Grimsley 3 Season's Record: 4-11 Volleyballf8 7 Move it. Dan Wagoner sprints down the field in an at- tempt to score for the Raiders against Central. Time out. Alan Peters and Scott Lackey take a short break while the mighty Raiders charge on to defeat Central. 5 5 ti f z E 3 E 5 Z E 88 f Football Hit'um harder. Split end Ray Pemberton has little Do it Raiders. D.D. Harp shows his enthusiasm and trouble in pulling down his opponent. school spirit as he cheers for his team, which he knows is 41. Pride 77 When comparing a coaches point of view and a players, a lot of the same feelings came across. Before the game Coach Steadmanls mind was curious as to whether or not the guys knew their assignments, if they were mentally prepared, and if they were confident. On the other hand, D.D. Harp spoke of nervousness and a tense feeling, but more important a sense of being ready to play. D.D. Harp's ideas of what would make a good football player were determination and a good attitude. He also thought everyone needed to be a team player, because football is not an individual sport. They basically had the same idea. Coach Steadman felt a player should have some goals set so that he could succeed as a football player. He also felt he should be a team player. A player should be a young man who could realize his potential and be willing to contribute all of it. To sum it all up Coach Steadman stated, "A football player has to be a special kind of man." .raw gf . Varsity football team. Bottom Row: Wendell Pickett, Joe Nay, Clarence Evans, Ernest Bayne, Alan Peters, Phillip Middlebrooks, Dan Wagoner, D.D. Harp, James Bean, John Baily, Mark Smith. Second Row: Perry DeBruhl, Randy Gilbert, Chet Richardson, Eric Harbinson, Alan Davis, Mark Hunter, Alan McLean, 7 . . Todd Hillard, Ricky Hall, Scott Lackey, Jerod Walls. Third Row: Tenfy Buchanan, Bernie Ingram, Rossie Gilmer, Eddie Clary, Hal Hiatt Brad Reed, Wayne Rial, Billy Causey, Chuck Simpson, David Louis, Jerry McCullough. Fourth Row: Alton Wilson, Emest Johnson, Chris Brown, James Boyd, Ben Bell, Thur- .., 'saint man Pinnbc, Phil Dickerson, Ray Pemberton, Keith Brand, Jeff Platt, Tim Holland. Top Row: Coaches Mlmer, Steadman, Schuck, Casazza, Gill, Goins, Mike Middlebrooks. Footballf89 Varsity Football Andrews Opponents 7 East Forsyth 1 7 6 Page 16 14 Ce ntral 1 2 6 Dudley 1 9 13 Parkland 14 20 Ragsdale 14 9 Kannapolis 6 7 North Forsyth 14 14 West Forsyth 7 26 Grimsley 40 9OfFootbaIl Spirited warm up. John Bailey and Perry DeBruhI One day. Kevin Tanner's mind seems to be on his future football career, Breaking loose. Ben Bell tries to raise the score by adding six points. prepare themselves for the game. , Raider Pride and Devotion A lot more went into football, than the games that were on Friday nights. It was not easy for the guys to be football players. There was a lot more involved such as practice, lifting weights, staying late after school, getting in the right frame of mind, watching films and studying plays, and after all of this, finding time to study. The players went through this routine week after week for those two hours on the field, win or lose. After all of this devotion and time spent, the majority of the fellows went directly into another sport to prepare for it in the same mannerg whether it be basketball or wrestling. No matter what the sport, those young men always seemed to have that same pride and sense of devotion. Make that point. As Scott Lackey holds, Emest Boyne tries for the extra point. Get it stmight. Coach Goins enforces the next play as he explains each move. Footba II! 91 1lzst.""" 92fFootball Let's pray. The varsity football team joins hands for prayer before they launch into the breakdown chant. . K5 as A year to remember. The 1972 state 4-A football team is honored before the Homecoming game against North Forsyth. Dynamic trio. Jabo Evans, Jerry McCullough and Ricky Hall aid in blocking the extra point attempt that led to the 14-12 victory over Central. New Raider Code 1' gf! E i i, By Kathy Clinard and Barry Brown Q X , I f fb rs sig? Down set. Andrews' defensive line prepares to "head hut" the North Forsyth offensive line. , f I gottcha! Freddie McCullough tackles a Central op- ponent as the other Raiders break through the Bison defense in thejunior varsity game. That was the night of the Raiders, As true as the sign of the sky The Bison were in for an upset, The Raiders were banking a tie. It was the seventeenth day of September, They tried their best to win: But For the Raiders it was a day to remember, And a 14-12 victory for the redmen. The Bison were stewed by the number, The Raiders were strengthening their laws, The victory was routine for the Raiders, J The Bison were seeking the cause. And that was the law of the Raiders, As true as the flight of the ball: The player who kept it did prosper, But the player who broke it did fall. That was the year of the Raiders, Love was bound and made fast by the team: Like the ball and the parts it was made of, Were bound and made fast by the seam. Pride was the strength of the Raiders, Though the season was not to be remembered But the strength of the team was the player, And the strength of the player, Was the team. Football! 93 Six Points more. After Bemie Ingram scores, his fellow players Norm Richardson and Bennie McLean T0 much- Coaeh Wilmer Seems to be 0 bit puzzled bv congratulate him. all the excitement at the game against Central. Super! The outstanding Junior Varsity Football Team really knew how to show their "stuff", What was more important, however, was they knew how to get their 'Astuff' together, and that was through hard work and a lot of practice. "We needed the practice so that we could have a good team and also get our timing right," commented John Sanders. Phil Joyce seemed to think along the same lines, by adding "The only way we got to where we were, was by practicing." Just what is that "stuff", they seemed to have? Well it consisted of power, skill, an urge to win, and a great team effort. They proved this by starting off the season with victories one right after another. Later in the season they were defeated 22-0 by Page. But this did not discourage them for they knew they must try harder the next time. 94fJ.V Football Q' Listen up. Coach Gill gives quarterback Mike Jester important instructions as to the play against Kan- napolis, Making tracks. Bennie McLean pushes forward as he tries to gain yardage for the Raider team. Junior varsity football team. Bottom row: Carry Whiiworth, Johnny Green, Mike Jester, Dan Shelton, Randy Clark, Roy Gilmer, Lawrence Myers. Second row: Keith Rickard, John Sanders, Greg Creech, Bill Davis, Lou Blackman, Jeff Platt, David Clifton. Third row: David Reed, Kevin Wade, Bobby Hall, Jeff Kauth, Mark Venable, Robbie Rothrock, Roger Brown. Fourth row: Pat Moore, Ronnie Brown, Eric Frazier, Tom Chapman, Larry Chandler, Patrick Wallace, Norman Richardson. FUth row: Cedric McCroy, Fred- die McCullough, Eric Davis, Bennie McLean, Jasper Sanders, Scott Tate, Raymond Hall. Top row: Dyric Williams, Phil Joyce, Ronnie Settles, Mike Golden. J.V. Footballf95 Me and the Trees Mile after winding mile, hour by hour, and day by day the boys ran to reach their goal: the end of the course. Some wondered why the boys bothered to condition their bodies. They ran when it was hot and humid and they ran in cold, wet weather, ,yet they got no support from the school. "It was just me and the trees and the animals," commented James White. "The main reason almost everyone competed in cross country was to condition their bodies for basketball season." "We even ran in the rain." remarked Kenny Michaels. "Coach Foree always stood out in the rain with us." All of the hard work not only conditioned their bodies for basketball, but also gave the boys cross country team a winning record of 104, with 4th place in the Conference. 1977 Cross Country Team. Hrst row: Donald Campbell, Johnny Carroll, Mark Chapman, David Bol- ing, Stan Simril, Coach Foree. Second row: Andrew Bridges, Kenny Michaels, James White, Greg Lushbough, Mike Draughn, Marcenia Davis. Third row: Mark Phipps, Kenny Dole, Ted VWliams, Mitch Simril, 'lim Smith. - Q. s Ns. , . ... - was rr ,s:Z2E:' "" ' .. iii X .Rx r sv . ... . ,Xa .N . . ,.,, ii c W gg, 96fCross Country Team work. Andrew Bridges, Marcenia Davis, Donald Campbell, and Mike Draughn practice together after school for the upcoming meet against West Forsyth. The Last Stretch. During practice after school, Ted Williams and Kenny Michaels jog the last few feet in the wet sunoundings. Leap and shoot. James White leaps to block Bemard Ingram's shot in an after school practice as Andrew Bridges and Andy Davis move in for the rebound. i Q . V Qt f sl' 1 - :,. . ,Q - 5 .k,, 5 lg 'I Q , ' k,.. Q e Q Mass Confusion. The Boys Varsity Basketball Team waits impatiently for Coach Foree and Coach VWmers instructions during practice before a Central game. MW? X 15 Cross Countryf97 1 , X Fired UP. Team Spirit lingers around while the 'F Wiiy Q 8 L cheerleaders help to get the players fired up. 1-nf 5 Mails Ai uimesiss un-.., 54' Y f-ff Q f T1 a 98fBoys' Basketball we J y "XXi1y 1- . f 1 I .v,.t. xiii' ss. ssl, Hifi Two points. Dwayne Harp tries for two more points while leaving East Forsyth stunned. X is Q., K KKV: L :Q T' SV, is Tie breaker. Kenny Michaels backs up Andrew Bridges in a game against East Forsyth in hopes of breaking the tie. Varsity Basketball Team. Bottom row: Chris Brown, Kenny Michaels, Alan Davis, Keith Brand, Dwayne Harp. Second row: Bemie lngram, Mark Duff Mike Draughn, Mark Chapman. Top row: James White, Terry Bucannon, 'lim Holland, Lony Smith, Andrew Bridges, Coaches: Coach Foree and Coach lrlhlmer. Go, fight, win. James White goes for a lay-up in order to help his team win. Look out. Kenny Michaels goes all the way for two points while his East Forsyth opponent tries to block him. if Individual The basketball team improved throughout the entire season. They be- came more of a team than just indivi- dual players. They practiced hard everyday to become what they wanted to be, a winning team. They had a lot of individual talent which made up good group talent. The players worked dili- gently to obtain the unity needed to win the games. There was a high hope for finishing the season by winning the conference. , S S bi r-+- Boys' Basketball! 99 Two points more. Tim Holland goes up for two Get that rebound and go.D D Harp goes up against points to raise the team's score. his Ragsdale opponent for a strong rebound ffl' Ready break. Kenny Michaels, Terry Buchanan, and Jerod Walls wait patiently as they get ready to break for a play. 100f Varsity Basketball -, ' my , if The Varsity Basketball team was hard working and always striving to do its F best. Each player put forth his greatest effort and did his best to benefit the team. The team was an important unit, H but there were individuals who added cn their own special spark to the team. '05 Kenny Michaels, a junior, was a great shooter and point scorer for the team. He made 78.3 percent of his free throws at the foul line and 47.3 percent from the floor. D. D. Harp added to the team in his own special way. Being captain, the team benefitted from his leadership ability. His scoring technique greatly enriched the games by upping the score. James White, the other team captain did his best in rebounding and scoring. sd James' height of 6'3" offered the team a number of rebounds and extra points. Team captain, Andrew Bridges was a terrific field goal shooter. His extra points always raised the team's total score. Andrew also added to the team's 0 QI-I power through his defensive ability. Terry Buchanan put out a tremendous effort with his rebounding strength. His height was a great help when it came to the guarding of his opponent. Don't let um'score. Terry Buchanan uses his height to block the shot of a 'Hger opponent. ig.. 9 4 Q Put it in. James White charges down the court to add two more points to the win over Central, '- - " issswsw-ess.-i Varsity Basketball Andrews Opponent Page East Forsyth Central North Forsyth Central East Forsyth Page Ragsdale North Forsyth Kannapolis Dudley West Forsyth Parkland Grimsley Ragsdale Kannapolis Dudley West Forsyth Parkland Grimsley Season's Record: 6-14 Varsity Basketballf101 Bottom row: Jerod Hayes, James Boyd, Stan Simril, Curt Cursey. Second row: Patrick Wallace, Emest Johnson, Jeff Kauth, Norm Richardson. Top row: Greg Lushbaugh, Cedric McCrae, Tom Chapman, Larry Chandler, Andy Crews, Coach Thomas. . . . seemed to be the motto of the J.V. Basketball team. They were not well sup- ported, but the team was always striving for those two extra points. Whether they had won or lost the game those two extra points always showed that they were striving to do their best. The team was not looking for the admiration of fans, but for the satisfaction of playing the game together H as a team. With the individual potential of each player they were putting it to- gether as a team. The players knew that each game would be a stepping stone to being on the Varsity Basketball team as upperclassmen. Some of them would perhaps play in college or go on to play pro- fessional basketball. The team had a change in coaches in the middle of the season. However, they l kept up their hard work and practice. Coach Billy Sorrell took Coach Thomas' place. This did not alter the team in any great fashion. The Raider team still worked with unity, each one giving his all. A' 4. ig, '4 s v 5Liasir157'5iU55i3f fait tiff . 5 E . E 2 3 r 102fJ.V Basketball E Jump way Up. Greg Lushbaugh and Cedric MCC,-ae Rebound. Emest Johnson goes up against his oppo- go up for a strong rebound. nent for a rebound. Raise that score. Going up for two more points, Norm Richardson makes his move. Guard your man. In practice, Tom Chapman does his best in guarding his teammate Greg Lushbaugh, J.V. Basketball Andrews Opponent 55 Page 70 64 East Forsyth 60 82 Central 74 46 North Forsyth 88 69 Central 71 67 East Forsyth 60 46 Page 67 47 Ragsdale 59 53 North Forsyth 70 I 63 Kannapolis 74 70 Dudley 78 61 West Forsyth 81 I 57 Parkland 59 54 Grimsley 53 62 Ragsdale 45 I 62 Kannapolis 69 66 Dudley 69 68 West Forsyth 78 71 Parkland 57 ' 61 Grimsley 66 I Season's Record: 6-14 JM BasketbaIIf103 Way up. Alison Jackson goes way up for a layup as she scores two points over Ragsdales guard, Robin Kirkland. Varsity Basketball Andrews Opponent 50 Page 38 57 East Forsyth 44 59 Central 48 69 North Forsyth 31 48 Central 56 58 East Forsyth 67 75 Page 55 45 Ragsdale 37 75 North Forsyth 42 58 Kannapolis 29 46 Dudley 37 53 West Forsyth 71 69 Parkland 56 47 G1-imsley 39 75 Ragsdale 54 35 Kannapolis 53 43 Dudley 36 51 West Forsyth 45 48 Parkland 34 48 Grimsley l 31 Season's Record: 22-7 104fGirIs' Varsity Basketball 6 2. Rose Vwlson appears to be a few feet taller than the East Forsyth opponent but she is really using her leaping ability to get a basket. . .rziyk . - , I Two for you. Dee Dee Wardlaw shoots for two points over a Central opponent, Linda Lee. The Champs. The Raider girls display pride and hap- piness after a championship victory over Central. The victory concluded the Womens Jamestown Christmas Toumament. Sit on it! Laura Greene unwillingly decides to "sit on it" as Medley Warren, from Ragsdale goes for the loose ball. Built By Talent A dedication was given in memory of the most outstanding contributor to Andrews girls' basketball. In other words, Aprille Shaffer, was the first girl athlete to have her jersey retired from the courts of Raider basketball. Her contributions to Andrews were final, but Apnlle continued to contribute her talents lina at Chapel Hill. The Raiders were heartbroken by the depar- ture of the star but new talent rebuilt the weakness of the Raider family. Robin Ingram and Dee Dee Wardlaw, better known as the "Dynamic-Duo," led the champions in an outstanding season. Co-Captains, Alison Jackson and Laura Greene contributed their talents successfully in rebuilding a team broken by a strong con- ference. Congratulations went to the mighty lady Raiders for their outstanding basketball year. g 'Sv Hot Hands. Robin Ingram takes advantage of her free throw time to blow-off her hot hands. V Basketball team. First row: Margaret Hartley, Alison Jackson, Laura Greene. Second row: Ann Bishop, Rose Mlson, Susie Chilton, 'lina ONeil. Third row: Pearlette Alsbrook, Antionette Legrande, JoAnn Little, Jackie Portee, Robin Ingram, Dee Dee Wardlaw, Ms. Brenda Thomas. Girls' Varsity Basketballfl 05 upon her acceptance to the team of North Caro- Injury, time-out. Yvonne Wall takes a fall during a home game but smiles just the same. Her teammates gather around to help. :J www , - -5?-l?fi???i'3'1i'E 5 HY- Qflifiiii' 1, 1 ' f' 'i '5- tii was Wie 1 106fJ.V GirIs'BasketbaII ani Girl talk. The Lady Raiders stand tense, strong, and Who, what? Bonnie Jean Ingram disagrees with the ready to wipe out their opponents as they discuss their referees cali and raises her eyebrows in anger and next move. disbelief Ready f0V UCHUW- Bemedeffe Sneedi P0iSed for UC- S-t-r-e-t-c-h. Sarah Haney just barely snatches the tion, looks quickly fora clear teammate to receive the ball from an opponent with her fingertips. Angela FOSS- Archie waits for her chance to grab the ball. Hard Work with a Smile The girls' J .V. basketball team played spirited basketball despite a lack of team experience and a low number of players. The girls' team was coached by Barbara Kinney and Kathy Chorpening. The two lady coaches became discouraged at the season's outset because they felt the girls were not playing with a 10096 effort. However, they both agreed with a smile that their Lady Raiders soon played with every bit of energy. The girls exhibited true enthusiasm after both wins and losses. These girls have laughed and cried together and have remembered each new experience and the loads of fun they shared. At the season's end, the team looked forward to next year. JM Girls' Basketball Team. Bottom row: Ber- nadette Sneed, Yvonne Wall, Angela Archie. second V - - H row: Barbara McLaurin, Sarah Haney, Margie Stewart, Thomasena Sneed, top row: Mrs. Chorpen- ing, Maggie Butler, Bonnie Jean Ingram, VWIlie Anne Breeden, Jackie Hanis, Mrs. Kinney. JM Girls' Basketballf107 Take down. Keith Crawford shoots a cross body against his opponent as Coach Casazza referees in the Raider gym. The wrestling team was young, strong, and small. The boys were willing to work hard during practice after school. They performed drills to help them learn the moves and then wrestled hard against team- mates, working up a sweat, while learning to apply the moves. With only fourteen wrestlers, the boys found that they had to push themselves during Dual lOne on Onel matches in order to win. They wrestled against teams with up to thirty members. With the small number, it was hard getting enough boys for each weight class. The grapplers often starved themselves and then worked out in , the gym, losing up to four pounds a day in l order to be in the right weight class. Because of the vigorous workout and fasting, the mat men were often exhausted before they started a match. They ate snacks for quick energy before wrestling, and then had to lose the weight they had gained before the next match. It was hard getting started, especially with the Dual matches, but the team, which was strong to begin with, im- proved as did the scores. -S+ f gg R. 5r5iri'fffftf'?tfi't'fk"l9' .sisisfexswfr 2 i i i 3 Cmdling. Keith Crawford cradles his opponent dur- ing Meet the Raider night. 108fWrestIing Pin in. Keith Crawford pins in his dling him during a scrimmage. , at Q 4 F E Q opponent by cra- Q , wi ,,,,,,.,,,,...,... is i.i.. , - ., , 5 M - 5 . ,abs-we-.ffzkv f f ,. ,. i 1 -wsmif K . 'Qi 1 Q 1 . 'I ' - 'N' X - - ...I s ww X R x x E5 I X X ss N is as N ., Q. s k A ' KX V' A :Z Fi. f : .ws sf.: gqygsgsk . X . - K. -K tw L- -F ri - 'gms it A X K, X, gs? - . i Q.-.lsstlf Q -4 - ways ft- f- . K at high, 3 A Z A. ,i..., . E 7 ' W' H 7 1 . ff? .sg . . ...,.. M tn Il i , , I' . Q 7 K L 'f K- -7 - ,si 'T -sift:-'I -mf , 'Imax-Ahh, 'wg Ready . . . start. Thomas Frettoloso and his opponent Line up. The Raider grapplers pause to be identified situate themselves in the referee, or starting, position, before they start wrestling at Meet the Raider night. as they wait for Coach Casazza to signal. WrestIingf109 Muscle vs. Skill Breakdown. Danny Miller prepares to break his Page opponent down flat on the Raider mat. Reversing. At the home match against Page, Danny Miller reverses his opponent for an advantage. Pin. Wrestling his Page opponent, Mike Middlebrooks Inbounds. During the match against Page, Danny struggles for a pin to add to the Raider victories. Miller struggles to keep his opponent on the mat. 1 1 Of Wrestling "The team's most outstanding match was our first victory which was against East Forsyth," commented Coach Steadman. "The team needed to win this match to help boost the moral of the group. The mat men wrestled aggressively and were dominant throughout the match. It proved to be one of the best matches of the season. ' One of the factors that helped the grapplers was the drills practiced after school. Because of the weight classes, the two opponents participating were equal in every way. The one who won was the one who knew the moves. During practice the participants did drill after drill of moves to help the move become natural like a habit. While wrestling, there was not much time to think, only to react. After the participants practiced drills they wrestled against each other to put the theories into motion. It was almost a completely new thing to wrestle in high school. The young wrestlers used all muscle while more ex- perienced wrestlers used their brains to execute effective moves. Another thing we tried to teach the boys was to have a steady diet all along so that they would not have to fast the last day, making them tired for the match. We were getting more spectators, al- though there were still not as many as I would have liked. People were becoming more involved and concerned. Groups often came to serve the guys drinks and keep score. Sometimes a team has to go down a little before it can come up." Warm-up. Jasper Sanders and Mike McClendon ex- ercise before the Dual matches against Page. 1978 Wrestling Team. First row: Chuck Simpson, Mike Middlebrooks, Danny Miller, Johnny Sanders, Jim McGee, Keith Crawford, Jasper Sanders, Mark Venable, Johnny Green. Second row: Coach Casazza, Ronnie Settles, Dan Wagoner, Wendell Pickett, Mike McClendon, Coach Steadman. Wrestlingfl 11 ,K I ei f Q f i ,,, J vim. f K dm. zQ,,,, .,1., im ':igg,wf ,w i n . 1 12X Ch eerleaders o i s o Andrews reservation. The JM cheerleaders Shivefor Keep it mov'in. Tammie Patterson, Elisa Mclnnis, perfection GS they diffgeflfly PVUCWCCA and Danita Burleson show their school spirit in the Christmas parade. Raider boosters. With an excessive amount of energy S.O.S. cheer. Randi Brown tries her best to get the Kim Gant and Donna Rogers promote spirit. student body to cheer for their team. Together As Une. Both Varsity and Junior Varsity Cheer- leaders worked hard this year in promoting school spirit. They worked as one team on several yearly projects. Pep rallies one right after another, they just kept on trying to keep the enthusiasm of the student body alive, and keeping them on their feet. They tned everything from sitting on balloons, pies in the face, and Hchowing down" on bananas and coke. All of these were quite suc- cessful as the student body cheered, stomped their feet, and really let their spirit flow. During Homecoming the cheerleaders were quite busy. They worked day after day on a "Decade of Raiders", the Home- coming theme. They put together a birth- day card which consisted of ten pages each page telling a portion of the past years. They also constructed an extremely large birthday cake which the court walked through. Yes, they are two separate groups, but they work together as they are one. They cheer as a team, work and practice as one, but more importantly they enjoy being together as a whole team working for the different athletic teams. NNW s First row: Karen Gumey, Pat Osborne, Julie Traylor, terson, Danita Burleson, Kim Gant, Donna Rogers, Lori Kushner, Billie Curlee, Sherri Moser, Janice Elisa Mclnnis, Lynn Crabb, Susan Morris, Vikki Tan- Green, Lisa Collins, Lisa Freeman, Randi Brown, ner, Melinda Teague, Tammye Tillman, LeJeune Denise Gurley. Top row: Martha Morris, Tammie Pat- Mock. Cheerleaders!! 13 .a,,.fw .. . , .x,, ,,,2g45,..,,. ,,..,.,,7,,,.,, wa, ,mm-. ww? 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Also, each student in Distributive Education or Industrial Cooperative Training were required to work in jobs of Industrial Factories, Sales and Distribution, Office, and Service. Being involved in D.E. and I.C.T. gave students experience in their future jobs. Filling it out. During an interruption, Dale Spencer and Greg Little continue filling out papeis while Deborah McCullough looks around. 116fD.E., I.C.T, ,MQW ..... W t 1 pu' 11 Who's calling? Making use ofthe phone, Deborah Nichols makes a call during Distributiue Education, I al -li Fishy! A sign hanging on the l.C.T. door give students a helpful hint. E f S sr if - :- ,ss A . 1 Q5 fig X if E. S .bs i ass K swmswwww tm , . K if i ,.,.wAA x JW --t... X ti A -S.. . ff -7 . X i sts , QR X5 ii ' fi no . eg g ,- : - -NK X X x Q' 4 'Www s, at a g I Taking it easy. As Sharon Com works diligently, Harold Harris looks on while taking a break. Hard at work. Aware of the time, Se Hwan Kim, Rosalyn Bohannon, and Jimmy Traylor work fast to jinish their assignment before the bell nngs. Z 4 Aim , DE., l.C.T.f117 As The Year Went Timed writings were among the so called "favorites" of the typing students. Every day for an entire year they went into their classroom, sat down, and began typing, "a, s, d, f, j, k, l, Q." Then they typed small words such as, the, that, than, and there. After timed writings were over, they found themselves typing real sentences, with half the words misspelled. Encouragement from Mrs. Bean and Mrs. Chess helped students get back into the swing of things. Independent study in accounting was fun for most students, although they found it was hard to keep up with the schedule. After students finally learned to rule and total their journals, their problems were not quite as bad. The Study Guides got progressively harder as the year went on. Overlooking most of the difficulty in the courses, students had a pretty good year. Typing again. Kathy Harden works diligently to finish up her classroom assignment, as James White snickers. It all adds up. After adding her amounts several times, Brenda Osborne hopes her totals are correct 118fBusiness It takes two hands. Glenius Hilton and Linda Todd find out from firsthand experience that accounting is a two-handed task, No mistakes. Trying her best to type without any mis- takes, Theresa Etheredge reviews the seven steps of proofreading. 3 ,,..,nw, ' T"f.QL?i"' tr - A... r rrsge ,,. ,il ,,,. 2 I 3 ,L . :S-wg:-rg: 2 'Li - A, . , ,kr. ... H wb? 'Pd ' Asking advice. After correcting her mistakes, Debbie Bolin checks her answer with Karen Gumey. Ready to go. Jimmy Brown displays his skills as he concentrates while typing. Businessfl 1 9 Sophomore Physical Education classes became acquainted with co-ed activities. The boys and girls teamed up during volley ball games, badminton, and archery. m They all had a great-time and proved that women were as good in sports as men. Girls, remember when after the first few , '14 washings of your gym shorts they shrunk 431 up? No matter how hard they tried, , students couldn't get the T-shirts down to the right size. So, there they were with short shorts, and baggy T-shirts, 0 I-4 ready to tackle the daily exercises. +-J Guys, do you remember being cool during a volleyball game, when all of a sudden your serve went to the side and straight up in the bleachers? All of these incidents were hard to get use to, but after awhile they got over it. Sophomores weren't the only people that had trouble with Physical Education. Juniors and Seniors found out that weight lifting was more than a few arm lifts and thrusts. The weight lifting program was ' strengthened by Coach Gill and most every- one felt its effect through the aches and pains. All in all, Ms. Thomas and Coach Schuck, the Physical Education Department heads, said it was an outstand- ing year. Flying higher! ln this expressive sequence, Scottie Watson shows joy in how it feels to fly through the air. Ms. Busby helps in getting her started. 120fPhysical Education What a shot. During a practice game, Mike Draughn takes an easy shot. ,, .K 5 Nwmwtmwmwwmm is '-2'- UFO! BOUHCUIQ OH the trampoline, Shirley Cureton Up and down. Gertrude Brown watches her step as feels as though she'Il never come down. she bounces Donna Rucker. 'N' Physical Educationf121 vw' Students instmct. Blaine Goodwin helps his classmate Alan Marks to construct his drawing in drafting. X, 'k7L'?,r. ks 'F --My Flying sparks. As he welds, Billy Gaily works skillfully. Cookie baking. Crystal Boll leams the process of cookie cutting in Home Economics. ,,,, .Ms ii' 4- i Muffler installing. Steve Price, Keith Ingram, and Dane Hayden observe closely as Juellie Jefferson in- 122fIndustrlal Arts, Home Ec. stalls a muffler. , ,. , , J., ,ff are 5 L',, . 5-K B Snowmen season. Getting ready for the Christmas holidays, Penny Crawford and Dora Hayes work on decorative snowmen. Dough process. Shanie Quick adds the finishing paint to her Christmas omaments made of dough. 1.5 Training In All Fields The Industrial Arts department in- cluded Home Economics, Auto Mechanics, Carpentry, and Electronics. These fields were all somewhat related. Their purpose mainly was to help the students gain a better understanding of the world outside of school. They learned how to prepare for opportunities in the world of work. Students also leamed all of the funda- mental skills in these different courses. Industrial Arts, Home Ec.f123 Full attention. Mr, Arnold and Miss. Swayne smile with amusement as French students act out familiar commercials, flilim hail!!! 124fForeign Language Two Monsters. After relating his story, Reubin Monster listens to Cookie Monster talk. 5 ilftsx . . . -- . .i A K.. -ig' .s M s n . .. A ., -fits-. A loss for words was a regular occur- rence with students who tried to speak a foreign language. There was always an English word lurking on the tip of a student's tongue. Both, frustration and a sense of achievement seemed to be in the air of a foreign language class when students gathered in conversation. Frustration at forgetting a word seemed to be overruled with sense of pride when students competed against other schools in drama, poetry, music, costumes, and display projects at surrounding colleges. Overall, students were given an insight into how people from other countries lived through studying about their culture, their beliefs, and by eating typical foods from the different countries. A big bribe. Karen Brooks offers money to Cathy Chilton for her blouse to prove that Clorox gets clothes cleaner and whiter. ,sw 'fi .tary na-.-E 5 Spanish dolls. Jeanne Bailey talks with her friends while they make Spanish dolls to give to the children in the Day Care Center. Diapers or Kimbies? Kim Collins helps her baby to wet so that she can prove to Kim Gant that Kimbies keeps a baby drier. :Qing we 'lt ni .M iw -,rv fl? f .MMV-151 S n the Tip of a Tongue Foreign Languagef125 Little patience. Anticipation for lunch makes lim Hanging it up. Robert Thorp joins in the Christmas Coleman restless during Spanish class. spirit by hanging up a pinata. Expanded Horizon What would students do if they could For the students interested in drama, an not rely on the English language? The Actor's Workshop was offered after school frustration of not being able to speak English every week. On September 29, a State Work- in a foreign language class showed students Shop was also offered in Salisbury for drama how much they depended on their English. students. Just speaking English was not all that The basic grammar of English was just was included in the English Department. The a bore for most students, but with the new student's horizons were expanded with a aspects of English literature, new ideas proposed trip to England over Easter break. were formed in the imagination of students. Also, with American Literature and British Sneak a peek. Randy Hednck and June McGhee Literature, students were introduced into take a peek to see if Penny Lewallen is really working. new worlds of literature. 126fForeign Language, English 2. , ru . " ',V., ii it ir W. V A 1' V.. .Qi 222 i t Nx- Q l x i f i 1 gi E s E i M if .g?, f',:q5ifyfHEl5.fL : - . as i - I:-',u'...l:,., N X N K i " " f,.--" 44" if Freedom. Mrs. Bullins gives students a hint about the freedom of books with a poster by Emerson. Spanish dolls. During Spanish class, Margaret Har- tley works patiently on her doll for the Day Care children. Foreign Language Teamwork. Martha and Susan Morris smile with satisfaction as their Westem Cultures project is finally unveiled. X 12 :X 3 r S Uffifl ,ff ilii 5 rf 515 Pas-me 0 af' 'yr 2,0133 M itii Vlal s V 55,-een 605 K' MQQQQW' fmt! treat- and M K , L Gechwcs Sfixss-4-fzff' f wxiwwfzf Y vks1't?9i"WVi ti 'A wm- , Guess what? Miss Mclntyre pauses during a hectic Yum yum. Kim Hall, Patty Ganong, and Cathy day to talk over an interesting tidbit of news with Mrs. Chilton assist by sewing their own food at the Inter- Russell. national Dinner. 128fHistory, Library Holding up the world. Mr. Therrell carefully uses the globe to get his point across to a Western Culture class, Quiet, please. Wesley Punish poses just one of the in- numerable questions answered by the librarians every day. Students are Plagued with Book Study Students stricken with term papers, current events assignments for Science, tically searched the library for help. The library also provided favorite maga- zines and a few moments of quiet for Q many students. Social Studies students examined the varied cultures of peoples around the world. These students enjoyed the fruits of their hard work in class at their international dinner. Inside joke. Keith Nance leans back and lets loose with a roar of laughter during Mr. Therrell's seventh period class. l,llll l Library, Historyfl 29 and Social Studies research projects fran- Daydreaming. Billie Curlee is caught in a trance as Mr. Johnsons overhead notes run endlessly. Formaldehyde and Interpolations? Brainpower hummed daily as students and chromosomes . . . Mr. Roadhouse's tackled mind-tangling math puzzlers and ominous chart of the elements and molecule ' thought-provoking science labs. The two configurations and of course, those closely-related fields required endless tests that "just couldn't have come from calculation, questioning, and experi- the chapter I studied!" mentation. Students also remembered the endless Reminiscing students reflected upon mazes of math headaches as they struggled past days of cat and rabbit dissections with the "Four Wonders of the World": and the familiar odor of formaldehyde geometry proofs, equations of conic gathering enough courage to prick a finger sections, multiple interpolations, and for blood typing .. . tracing Mr. John- trigonometric functions. Students looked son's steak dinner completely through the back and wondered how they ever survived I I digestive system . . . examining infinite those weekly Friday tests. g:5'E5L?g'Bgzfgziitigngzgfffgai FZ: strings of DNA molecules, mitochondria, knit parrenf of his sweater. 130fMath, Science Possibly a rare one? Wynn Myers squeezes just one more drop of blood during a Biology blood-typing lab. Tomorrow's Einsteins. Leslie Hall, Julie Traylor, and Wynn Myers concentrate during Sophomore biology. me J . , ,. J L v. -QM 4? , if m e W 459' X Um : 1Fg.r'qI3'5'igg , ,W 5 s A sud' W' I. . .zss-.gait mini rw' Lgw.. ,iff-K., f ,qu 14. fg!.Q'."iIf-I '- Heart-to-heart. Mr. Rush speaks to his class about On, headache.A look of deep concentration appears the importance of math as a Reverie camera spy on the face of Robbin Lamb as she struggles with a peeks through a window. math problem. Science, Mathf131 www' r if fi Wanting panently Band students waxt patrently for Making music Teresa Lam concentrates carefully on Q, . E X X ,Q X, Q. ' X Special beat. Lonnie Smith and Edward McGill read their music carefully so that every beat will be the right Being creative. 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Some faces were sad with thoughts of homework while others were excited and overjoyed with the meeting of old friends. For seniors it was a time of excite- ment. Seeing new faces caused memories to flow through their minds of the time when they were sophomores in un- familiar surroundings. Memories of the past soon faded, though, with thoughts for the future. The new year brought a few changes for the tenth graduating class. The long time tradition of red caps and gowns for graduation was soon to be forgotten in hopes of white caps and gowns. Even with this change, seniors still felt a deep pride for their school. Balloons. Danita Burleson makes good use of the balloons provided by the Interact Club for the Central game. Raider pride. As the marching band prepares to go on the field, Barbara Stalder displays her spirit. Senior class officers. Top: Joe Nay. Middle: Regina Henry, Cathy Beazlie. Bottom: Rhonda Warren. Wltiirrw . Intense conversation. During a lull in the action of the football game, Chubby Middlebrooks and Alan Peters discuss strategy. 136fSeniors is .,.. SENIORS f 1 B. +-HQRW' . 'Issey RQ ,iXA--l - AL . 'S l ilzf it gi l A it Q ,: 8 A tt e A me -- W .Hwy A ff lg K Q 'ix 5 .,,. tg. .. fi.. I+ . in wg si 'ii :N in.: 44 1. . A F 53321 L,L Q xx is at K .K . ax Q Q x X SR X X lit Y N X 4+ .F X HK P X X A it Q, 'X ilk x S X ill :gw NS .. .xi .JF it Q5 kt N55 A- Q S2 R NY' S X Qs ., . 1:if:5sg1g' jeff albert david allred cynthia amerson trip amos linda atkins john bailey scott bailey candy baker sterling baker emest bayne barry beamon james bean cathy beazlie ted benfield gracie black vystia black Seniorsf137 jayne blackburn judy boles randy boles robert boles margie bolin david boling susan booe kenneth bowers E 'ww-'Q is ,kts K Z S' .. .V S 1 .Q . S .fish ' . pw , X ' 'Trends' Fashion outlooks for the year brought many ideasg some new and some so new. Style became individualized. Each person projected his personality through his own style. One of the newest fashion trends that came about was the initialed eye- glasses. The initials could be put in the lower left or right-hand corner, according to preference. Sweaters made their way into the fashion scene in many versatile styles. Pull-over sweaters were wom tied around the neck. The look of long sweater coats was new to the scene. Nike shoes, Levi jeans and corduroys made a big comeback. The Levis retumed at 512.50 a pair. The styles were basically the same, but the taste of the student made the look unique. Height of fashion. Sporting the latest look, Susan Booe displays her sense of fashion by wearing in- itialed glasses and a casually knotwd sweater around her neck. SENIORS Q W . .,..,.. xl? 2 si ..f4H""v gf mf its .-'SY .. ...V S "W- 1 5- t if to K Y i fi Q, X K if is ' " a , 5 " 2, ' if 3 orsris M s , 'L.- ' V- 33 . i' -,L 0 V, X--ws -M A yet! , E . A 3 ii i QQN ' w -' K- Ng.:-. 5 - ' tu- Q 1 ,fQf'f "M - 'V fkfffti' 1 ff" s. 1 L37 "Ya -s 5 Y s1.."b- i" r S is 3 9 K 6 Vitw as , ? .. Avi Wlsapw 1 if K X 'X ks - f ' X kkkr F11 K ,Vs mxjgj 1 .A M it LLV, K 3, , L t , L 'sQQ.ggw- ,, ' Y A jf . -2,1 K ' Q W ' ' . ,-f' Y r Q55 i 'W Q i ,.ff Q.k . as t " , aim M m,1, t to ,, W .ra vicki bowlin angie boyce jeff braica annette braswell karen brooks kelly brooks gertrude brown susan brown danita burleson michelle burris gwen butler wendy butler teresa campbell thomas candler Cynthia carney anita cathey Sen iorsf 139 mary Caulfield mark Chapman robin Chapman eva chess cathy Chilton kelvin chisem tim clinton mike cody tim Coleman kim collins Students interested in qualifying for academic scholarships met on a Monday 6 morning, after homeroom. The scholarships were based on merit and financial needs. Most of the scholarships awarded were just for Certain schools. The Morehead scholarships were offered at Carolina and the Stuart scholarships at Charlotte's Davidson College. These scholarships might have decided where these students were headed next year. College bound. Mrs. Mebarie explains to her audience the specific criteria for winning a scholarship. ',ii 'T . n . .. . i sf ..ts - .Q .... f s T Q g i.. . .. .ff "iiii A X . 1 , 1 W I j X' .Q krkk gifs.: K . . -1- - 1 5 W 'k'k f. , 1 .... ....... " ' ' .... , V- V -. ss. C . .issi at - if ' " i ' f .p.iiQ1'2Q7Tif"s'4g'5X "'i A 1- ii.. 1 if is SM i is f fgilfffiii i..i iii. . Q f kg-, 2 -s L if Y is . . s .s'Qsfffsr ,S Q Q 2 Q lic E .. .... , - P sf ,st K 11 5 - , .., ssi- .- -sf SERS- RQ! .al - . . rn --:- v". :E X: sit 'T' 5 S my ,.... . .i r T T lin is KSA S is a A i' - S T . X A my S ik Q C s Q f' s K T 'i ai ria.i is if an S .if it is W . sf Wi if Q A 2 .5 xg 51 C I . 'i ix. its C i T f N J w' a's3iswf fs K ' - T J.: -1 3 9 if If f .J T v V . fs 1 Q' qvxg 5' i ' . f , R is it 'Sk 1 if ws. W Q 'X . ffsjafy s . ' sf it i . A 2 - ,gy fy :greg , - Y ? ff? W .. .. .. ..: ..,. - ...:. iff .gi :': Nil . .T '.i ' i ii i. N5 T "'1f"Q I .sa , . .. . . sys E s 1-. 140fSeniors mark collins sharon corn keith crawford Shelley crone ronald daughtridge andy davis glaceria davis david deaton perry debruhl janet delapp teresa denning mike dixon avis dockery mike draughn steve duncan terry duncan Seniorsf141 , william dunlap lee edwards tim eller dorothy ellerbe jennifer elliott m. h. embler jerry erar cecilia evans clarence evans hugh evans janie evans chuck fovvler temj foxworth thomas frettoloso patty ganong kim gant SENIORS S' 3 iSNws.wWr'w'mwwu vw ei Y - X, . -12, , ax. LL K- s 'if isa sal if J r s v A L , ' M3 fe k'AL E lf -':' f". 7 'lg ,,: F', 1 :.Qi Ezs. . j in Q35 QQ ava if as I E 1' YE r H . 1: TH I :- . me illi 'W' - i - x ' Sf 2 ' "1 .. :E r, .. ., ' ,',, 5 H 6 , ,,. v , , if 1, ,. f . . 3 ,. fl rl lv -J Am i is , if K l 142fSeniors tony garcia tammy garner tina garner coby gray eva green laura greene Sig 5 debbie griffin 1 f' if 3 john gumey ws, 'Ideal Set-up' How would you like to work all day and go to school at night? That seemed like the ideal set-up for James Munlyn, Gwen Butler, Rhonda Ferree, Pam Johnson and Sharon Anderson. They enjoyed Extended Day School because it was shorter. Most of the students said they never felt left out of school activities. The differences between night school at Central and day school at Andrews were less homework, shorter classes, and a greater emphasis on English. In their spare time students joined clubs at Central. Who knows? Night school might be the trend of the future! Looking On. James Munlyn and Gwen Butler con- verse in the Extended Day School lab at Central. Seniorsf143 'Raider F ury' Raider fury was in the air as stu- dents flocked anxiously to the Central pep rally. They poured into the gym and waited restlessly for the arrival of the mighty Raiders. As the football players charged into the gym, the crowd broke into an uproar of cheers. Everybody stood, cheering their team on to victory. I . , l U U D I In the midst of the excitement, nobody Raider sprnt. Seniors get it together, cheenng the Raiders on to victory at the Central pep rally. dared to take their seats. There was quickly. The Big Red Machine tore onto Many were silent in disbeliefg tears only one thought in their mindg BEAT the field. Blood rushed through their filled in the eyes of others. But two BISON! The team valued the great Sup- veins in anticipation of victory. Red straight illegal procedure penalties port and encouragement that the spirited and white balloons floated upward from against the Bison and then a fumble re- seniors and student body gave them, the stands. covered by the Raiders ended the uncer- As the time to meet the cross-town The game was one of anxiety. Wc- tain waiting. As the clock read ten rivals grew closer, tension in the air tory was almost certain until the Bison seconds, everyone sounded the countdown mounted, Decorated Cars, with red and moved down to their own four yard line War cries of victory echoed through the white streamers, balloons, and signs led with forty-nine seconds to play. Raider stadium. One glance to the scoreboard the way to the Stadium, Seats filled fans were on the edge of their seats. revealed the outcome: HOME 14-GUEST 12 thomas hailey kim hall debbie hamilton pam hamilton eric harbinson lisa harden .r f it sy. A 1 N: of sr -xg, t K3 In t i my rx, .. ,Z . . r N . . -i it rs- ' 'ff' Q sr d. d. harpe harold harris 'Y if K. 7 rissjittt I .,, 9 A5 s 5 5 is. s Q gc.. .rc tt, -- X K X .. .t 53 5 A J ' -- 'fi : .- . 144fSeniors SENIORS ,- 4" Q, X , ,. ,if fm" s i 1 sw ? sw I -. .f ip is 3 ms as J' ' 5 F ig, A . ' Q 'W s t .Q 1 wp- -is is-" 'Www mx em, K s ,Q ,ef Q- S if . 'Q' 5? Nik TS? ad l ' ii is ig M f A S f' ' el- i!f""""'-'NM' 'N XQ-,M... .. s5X,a-""' '-"N --..x. ,.,. A ""S. :Q IN -:M fi X Q 5 As we K T 'U Q ill be K, 5 - ' f, ,s . ,fi H. 4 .f' J gi i f,I".' EJ,-v 1 Q in g 7 J, . ,. , . . , ,.-aulvx, W.. 1 yr y 9' J x 1 W Q , is six X' N SQ iw :Fx ' Q K sg 'fx A: sf M3 4 A is it W' V " fi 'I " i if 35,9 iw' if asv, 5 ,ki 16? N. x .i N A .- L W W johnnie harris margaret hartley vonda hayes david hearne tammy hedrick gina hemy kim horlick lisa hornady kay hunley mark hunter susan hutchens jana ikerd keith ingram alison jackson kim jarvis eddie jarrett Seniorsf145 i johnny jett adrienne jones frank jones keith jones g if rs ly ET? ,j wi R QS Q, i as W .:k 3 . 5 shirley jones carla johnson david kahn chris karahalios 'F wifi gl X X gym 'Stylish' A person with unnoticed talent at Andrews was just as valuable to the ,na-1nunrl seniors as the popular athlete or the outstanding scholar. "I wasn't really serious about sew- ing at first, until the tenth grade, then I started making most of my clothes for the contest. The first time I entered, I won second place," said Debra Sellers, after entering her articles into a sewing contest sponsored by the High Point Ladies Club. After the contest, she altered clothes and sewed for others, although she preferred sewing for herself. Debra was a Deca student employed in fashion at a Belk-Beck store in High Point. She was nominated in the junior class as the best dressed girl and was always seen wearing stylish clothes with a glossy smile. A stitch in time. Debra Sellers models her seU-made outfit while checking on the latest announcements at the bulletin board. 146fSeniors SENIORS 0' J ii . 1 . M., ri i,:,Ew::W:':.::5K. 22.':?3-Xiriiirirtffs t ,: "' X'1'3-"X"Yf"5 if .. Q "K XV91 21. 'Q 'fi it Q . .... .. , ,.,.,7 a is -R k-ViV .Q . 'f"w4i3:5.,gVt Wi 'vi 5:3 A .EE5:.:: I- W, ffakgii 1, 5 .. - ' l :E:E: : i?j ,. Q, . ., 4: . , M Ai G -I ,, 4. 1 A- R R? wx' st , Q, X i is N , if W X ll X u X X X xx xg ll. A k , " Z H fi Q it 3 .2 v Q if lynn keams tim kendrick kim kennedy kaye kiger betty kuntz connie lain sherry lawson lanny leach zelda leach sallye ledford antionette legrand bernice lewis rosa linton gregory little keith mabe mark martin Seniorsf147 SENIORS pam martin cynthia massey patnce mayfield anne maynard lanny mccall debra mccullough bernard mcconnell dale mccorkel beth mccoy tony mcdonald pam mcdowell bobby mclean melody mcfatndge elisa mcinnis chris mckenzie anne meredith ,Y are fi? V! Q 5 ' W L ,-f- if A T ft ko, wise Q S let my 2 mf? V 5 E F i ,bb , Y ' X 3 .X X 4 a aka a :"' ":'::' f ::f U is an 5 Q. , an "-'-':a1-:2 aaala :.. i -. nfl' I I is y H lg na - life A 'b abyg i 5 y I f y o5bbb,.. obb. if iii Q y-:: :':, ::: k , . 'k'. N'h' a I., zzi y , ' .12' N' .... S ",b 1 b o n fx a W by 1 " nz: ,f 11.1 " K mhff aka I A ' ' W 8 . - t. 'w w e -. g ,. :ig ' ,-'fij llx ogg gg A LL" W vllf ..,, 0 2 f af,'::1..,, " L swat -2 .- L f ' is " an ' an a L L an 5? - uf, " , , . as . Se X i - :sk it 'EE f N ii Q V . Q' Yi,-A wah i V kw a: I i ' . 5- W Q A' g 4 fa . Le l .Lf S 3 I Wm 148fSeniors danny metcalf myra michael sr.,-f richard michaels mi dd lebrooks -M., ' chubby . ,NE , iShe Wanted to Be a ursef This was Susan O'Brien's fourth year in Art. She wanted to be a nurse until fifth grade, when she became interested in drawing. Guilford Technical Institute and Commercial Art were in her plans after high school. Advertisements for clothes and jewelry stores were her major inter- ests, though later she wanted to teach private lessons. When asked what kind of art she enjoyed best, Susan said water color, and landscapes of trees and lakes were her favorites. "There's not much color in snow scenes," replied Susan. She also enjoyed oil painting, but the paints took too long to dry. 'When I start things I like to keep at them until they are done!" Get the point! Carefully trying to place the next points correctly, Susan O'Brien displays her artistic skills in Pointalism. A- Xil- sisi-"f-.Q-' ' '. 5 's1s:i5'f 1 .4 s'- : M as -2 .L --:- I st s St is X :Si as 4 i wi i it if-f s i i fm s it wwf . ig as X X 1 fs: St' timmy mikels debbie moore sharon moore . y tony monison it .,, ' ,....-f I .'h,: i.:srg3,,1i5g yikk g .r,. , ,..L Seniorsf149 When will they arrive? lWonder what they will look like? The day finally arrived and seniors dashed about the student commons, hoping to be the first one in line to receive their senior environmental pictures. After having a vote in homeroom, it was decided that environmental pictures would be offered along with the formal pictures to the class of '78 So in the Spring of '77 juniors had their "back to nature' pictures taken. The summer vacation breezed by fast. Students returned to school in August and they began once again to search in their pockets for money to pay fees. Many seniors grumbled as they began digging deeper into pockets for the extra graduation fee. More grumbling came with the surprise arrival of senior environ- mental pictures. Not only that, with the loss of receipts many faced the question of how much balance was due on their pictures. It's hard to believe that a single photograph could change a junior into a bona fide senior. Solemn look. 'Dm Coleman and Dot Blanchard take a look at his senior environmental pictures. "Back To attire" I ,fs l r .F gig f ... ff l f M - v cole mullinnix trent murray Pwr sith me cheryl nance keith nance kay nash joe nay dean nichols deborah nichols A.. tv an-Y' 'i.. 1 -1 .V- .x, he -miata. sf 54 L , ., Qi il H' Pm is I - 15OfSeniors SENIORS - A 1 . .. Ak.k iw :Q-fl .,k, if vm F Q ' 2? . Q A 'K f -f 'rw-Q ' 'YN -YSQTLR . . ir .4-rr A gary nic hols mark nickens cindy oakley susan o'brien tina o'neil brenda osbome tim parker raymond pemberton penny pendergrass alan peters kim peters cassandra phillips Wendell pickett gailey powell barbara priddy michelle reese Seniorsf151 r , l dessie reid wayne nal dawn rich april robbins cathy robbins keith robinson donna rogers janine rolison tom rose diane rudd debra sellers karen sells melanie shaffer steve shaw beverly sheppard mike sink SENIORS r. -in 1 'N-Q ,Q .FA . S ' , A is 152f-Seniors 'Fonz?' Starting off with a minibike when young and growing older to ride a 750 Honda, Sterling Baker saw a brighter future in enjoying motorcycles. Speaking with Sterling, he mentioned the good and bad aspects of riding motorcycles. Having a woman behind him and feeling free and loose when riding seemed to be the most enjoyable part. Not having a spare tire when in need of one and storing the bike for the winter were the least enjoyable aspects. Sterling was a member of a group of motorcycle riders called the North Carolina Travelers. Sterling rode with the club in his spare time. The club has travelled to places like Washington D.C. and to several different beach areas. If Sterling doesnlt watch out he might become another Fonzie! Ready to ride. In a hurry to beat the after school traf- fic, Sterling Baker prepares to get his bike in gear, mike slack lisa smith mark smith sheila smith shellie smith Shirley smith steve smith dale spencer Seniors! 153 - A +I! N ,. .N.. s :. - L. cathy spivey at Q .. V Nl ly his barbara stalder , "S+ ' jennifer stanley doug streetman Qfeiis. J' J '-- ag,-?fY ,4 ' E :ri i 1 32455 it . . is-fi 1 . i 'Exams, Dresses' "I d0n't feelprivilegeibut I do the class of '77. There were also prob- feel proud," said Steve Smith, one of the 191115 ai0i1Q with the Di9a5Uf95r 5UCi1 55 ten marshals who marched through gradua- frying to THD? The Pla5fiC CIOWY1 OU the tion a year ahead of the other seniors of floors, and diSC0V9fii19 the CliffiCUl'fV in their class. "lt feels good being recog- finding White dresses and QiOV2S. nized after a lot of hard work," The hard work and practice were over The marshals enjoyed the opportunity when the big night began. While Eva of getting out of most of the final exams Chess, Beth McCoy, and Jennifer Stanley and practicing for graduation along with calmly and quietly stood at their desig- 1976-1977 Marshals. Anne Meredith, Jennifer Elliott, Kelly Brooks, Kay Nash. Back row: Steve Shaw, Karen Brooks, Eva Chess, Jennifer Stanley, Steve Smith, nated places the entire ijme, Anne Meredith and Kay Nash had the occasion go through the boys' locker room, in a panic race to get the other line. "We had to show them everything, be- cause they were so nervous." said one of the marshals. "lt was weird to graduate a year early, but we really had a good time. We felt a part of graduation." t0 154fSeniors 'JS is S. SENIORS a- A X, qi 1 aria Q r K 1 X i i - ., f,,.ii4 ii margie stuart wendall suggs lisa teetor sherby terrell susanthomas deena towery craig tumer ida mae turner cassandra tyson mark vemon kathy wade linda wade dan Wagoner kelley walker jerod walls rhonda warren Seniorsf155 SENIORS l 'T T 'T 'IiT5'i-if rcs 4 us ii. janet Washington vickey watson mark Webb sylvia Wells james White chris Whitley sandra Wiley cynthia Williams 'lfnf ...fa A ,...,.,.,. W T fr-In as 'Keeping the Big Yellas Rolling' While many of the students Were J opening their bright eyes to the dewness of the moming, the bus drivers Were loading elementary kids at their expected destination to school. These dependable and responsible students Were always there When the city schools requested their cooperation. "It seems as though our job is just like the teachersf' said one driver. lf We can't make a trip We have to call in for substitutes, just as the teachers do" They may have felt a little frustrated With the daily routine of keeping "the big yellas rolling," but they realized the responsibility that all bus drivers had, and that Was, "to transport students to and from school safely." These Were the famous quotes stated by the Bus driver supervisor, Mr. Bill Whites. Whenever there Was an accident, a fight, or just a confrontation With a parent, Mr. Whites Was always there and Willing to solve the problem with sensible judgement. The difficulty of transporting forty-two students or more Was compounded With the mechanical and discipline problems. One morning, several bus drivers got into their buses and discovered that the buses had been hit by vandals the night before. The confusion Was the result of a delay of about fifteen buses. Other accidents occured much to the dismay of hard Working bus drivers. "There Were head-on collisions, stop sign violations and Window swipingf' Even so, the drivers had everyone's respect. The mornings Were cold in the Winter and the afternoons Were hot in the summer, but as long as school Was open, the buses Were on the road. 4-K 1 ixiii N' T 5" f , ., .,..- V i s www' W s,,, ,T if t A li fri i , . Q . .,,.k. - ' gi, ' gh. 1- X' pw , is ii i 1" i .Q T. x if Mi sm, .fwk V lf . 5 si x T I Q 6 M 1 156fSeniors gg 'raw Bus drivers. Front row: Ben Bell, William Dunlap, Aluan Allen, Terri McConnell, Darrell Dauis, Alison Evans, Dwayne Phillips, Tim Stevens, Fm Eller, Peter Cooke. Middle: Linda Wade, Adrianne Jones, Kathy Gaddy, Diane Rudd, Antionette Legrande, Cheryl Nance, Margie Bolin, Kathy Hall, Don Bingham, Richard Michaels. Top row: Roger Bodenheimer, Anthony Johnson, Wendell Picket, Alison Jackson, Ronald Daughtridge, Keith Ingram, Wendell Suggs, Thomas Hailey, Tom Candler, Scott Wood. ykk 1 if A M Nr Min' S' we leroy williams sara williams terri williams W 1 t S A xx . . x A . X Kumi I A .,kk it , NM -f .gc 5 W.. Q 0 i Q, s fm A A, 3 N 7 , 5 5 i my A . i1 1 an ' ,gy vema williams gm at is SIS X 5"'g, X v Lax Eg., 2 .S 'if Q wx 5 5 f 3 i A-. ,E ,Q sfss Sl B as if . ' Af., ff if - 1 ,Q B kelli Willingham chennise wilson mike wood tanny wright Seniors! 1 57 Jeff Albert Band 10, 11, 125 Beta Club 125 French Club 115 VICA 125 Church Youth President 12. David Allred Band 10, 11, 125 Beta Club 11, 125 Science Club 10, 115 Math Honor Society 11, 125 Swim Team 10, 11, 125 Most Valuable Swimmer 11. Cynthia Amerson GAA 105 Raiderette 10, 11, 125 Track 105 Spirit Committee 12. Trip Amos Jr. Jaycees 105 Key Club 11, 125 Cross Country 115 Basketball 105 VICA 12. Linda Atkins Beta Club 11, 125 GAA 10, 11, 125 Science Club 105 Softball 125 Tennis 10, 11, 125 Math Honor Society 115 FCA 12. John Bailey Key Club 115 Wrestling 105 Football 10, 11, 12. Scott Bailey DECA 125 VICA 10, 11. Candy Baker French Club 105 Interact 11, 12, Historian 11, 125 DECA 12. Sterling Baker Band 10, 11, 125 Jr. Patricians 10, 11, 12. Emest Bayne Wrestling 10, 115 All-Conference 115 Football 10, 11, 12, All-Conference 11, 125 Track 10, 11, 12. Bany Beaman Baseball 105 DECA 11, 12. James Bean Wrestling 125 Football 10, 11, 125 Track 10, 11, 125 Swimming 115 FCA 10, 11, 125 VICA 10, 12. Cathy Beazlie Cheerleader 10, 115 Student Congress 10, 115 Homecoming Court 10, 11, 125 Senior Class Secretary 12. Ted Benfield Band 10, 11, 12. Beverly Bishop Jayne Blackburn Vystia Black Judy Boles Randy Boles Jr. Jaycees 115 Basketball 10, 11, 12. Robert Boles Interact 125 Jr. Jaycees 115 Art Club 11, 12, Vice President 12, Tennis 10. 125 Cross Country 125 Basketball 105 Track 12. Susan Booe Beta Club 105 French Club 125 Student Congress 125 Juniorettes 11, 12. Kenneth Bowers Michael Bowers Vicki Bowlin Spanish Club 115 Student Congress 10, 11, 125 Juniorettes 10, 11, 125 DECA Club 12: Photography Club 10, 11. Angela Boyce Band 105 Smoke Signal Staff 12. Jeff Braica Jr. Jaycees 10, 11, 125 Photography 11, 125 VICA 11, 12. Annette Braswell Anchor Club 115 HERO 12. Andrew Bridges Cross Country 125 Basketball 10, 11, 12. Karen Brooks Band 10, 11, 125 Beta Club 11, 125 Civinettes 11, 125 French Club 10, 11, 125 French Honor Society 11, 125 National Honor Society 11, 125 Science - Seniors Club 11, 12, President 115 Student Council 105 Wee-President of Band Council 115 Wce-President of National Honor Society 11, 125 Govemor's School Nominee 115 Triple Head Commence- ment Marshal 115 Board of Directors of American Music Festival 10. Kelly Brooks Beta Club 11, 125 GAA 10, 11, 125 Spanish Club 115 Juniorettes 10, 11, 125 Basketball 105 Volleyball 10, 11, 125 Graduation Marshal 11. Gertrude Brown Susan Brown Keyettes 1O,11, 125 Spanish Club 10, 11, 125 Stu- dent Congress 11, 12. Danita Burleson Cheerleader 11, 125 FBLA 12, President 125 Keyettes 10, 11, 12. Michelle Burris Wendy Butler Band 10, 11, 125 Beta Club 11, 125 French Club 1 1, 125 French Honor Society 125 Keyettes 11, 12, Chaplain 11, President 125 Majorette 10, 11, 125 National Honor Society 125 Science Club 10, 11, 125 FCA 12, Treasurer 12. During - Margie Bolin Band 10, 11, 125 Bus Driver 11, 12. 5 . Caught unaware. Paying close attention to his con- Damd Boing 'i'-1' sumer Math teacher, Eddie Mullins is unaware that he l'-' '- Ff0nCl'l Cl!-lb 11, 12: KQV Club 11. 12, 59f.'af'A1'T'nS is the subject ofa Reverie photographers snapshot. 158f Senior Stats Countdown. 'lim Coleman decides to get down to Teresa Campbell -l--i- the basics of mathematics in his fifth period Algebra ll 1-l Beta Club 123 FBLA 123 Keyettes 10, 11, 12, Spanish Club 103 Who's Who Among American High School Students 123 Secretary of Church Youth Group 10, 11. Thomas Candler Art Club 123 Bus Driver 12. Cynthia Camey Band 10, 113 GAA 11, Student Congress 103 ICT 123 Chorus 11. Anita Cathey FBIA 123 COO 12, Mary Caulfield Interact 11, 12, Wee-President 123 Reverie Business Staff 123 Spanish Club 10, 111 Student Congress 10, 11, 123 Art Club 10, 11, 12, Presi- dent 123 Social, Spirit Committee 12, Mark Chapman Band 10, 112 Beta Club 11, 123 French Club 11, Key Club 12, Sgt.-at-Arms 123 Cross Country 123 Basketball 10, 11: Treasurer of Youth Group 12. Robin Chapman HERO Club 12, Vice-President 123 Homecoming Court 12. Eva Chess Beta Club 11, 123 French Club 10, 11, 12, Secretary 111 French Honor Society 11, 12, Wee- President 11,, President 12, Keyettes 10, 11, 12, Secretary 113 NFL 10, 11, Secretary 113 National Honor Society 11, 123 Reverie Editorial Staff 11, 12, Editor-in-Chief 123 Quill and Scroll 11, 12, Secretary 123 Science Club 103 Govemor's School Participant 113 Morehead Nominee 12, Pogue Nominee 123 Red Cross Volunteer 10, 11, Who's Who Among American High School Students 12, Board of Directors YWCA 11, 12Q Commence- ment Marshal 11. class. Q uiet Moments - Keith Crawford Wrestling 123 Baseball 12. Cathy Chilton Shelley Crone Kelvin Chisem Evelyn C'-'felon Sarah Clark Ronald Daughtridge Anchor Club 10, Beta Club 123 Smoke Signal Staff 11, 123 Quill and Scroll 11, 12, Chaplain 123 Bus Driver 12. spanish Club 10,11,12,mCe-Presidem12,surm Alan Davis Key Club 123 Spanish Club 10Q Cross Country 103 Team 10. Football 123 Basketball 10, 11. Anthony Clinton Andy Davis Jr. Jaycees 10, 11. Sharon Cobum FHA 12, Darrell Davis Football 103 Bus Driver 12. Mike Cody Glaceria Davis 'lim Coleman Rhonda Davis Interact 12Q VICA Club 11. FHA 12. Kim Comms David Deaton Beta Club 11, 123 Cheerleader 103 French Club 11, 123 French Honor Society 11, 123 Smoke Signal Staff 11, 123 Quill and Scroll 11, 12, Presi- dent 123 Juniorettes 10, 11, 12, Chaplain 123 Who's Who Among American High School Stu- Band 10, 11, 123 Key Club 123 Science Club 10, 11, 123 Spanish Club 10, 113 Student Congress 103 Student Council Wee-President 123 Boys' State 12, Who's Who Among American High School Students 12. dents 122 Spirit Committee 12. Perry DeBruhl Sharon Corn Jr. Jaycees 11, 12, Wee-President 123 Football 11, 123 Basketball 10. Janet Delapp GAA 10, 11, 123 Basketball 113 Softball 10, 1 1,12Q Volleyball 1 1. Mike Dixon Avis Dockery Raiderette 10, 113 Track 10, 11. Mike Draughn Spanish Club 103 Cross Country 10, 123 Basket- ball 10, 11, 121 Baseball 10, Golf 11. Brenda Dunbar Steve Duncan Band 10, 11, 12. Teny Duncan Band 10, 11, 123 Science Club 10, 11Q Out- standing in Biology 103 Who's Who Among American High School Students 12. William Dunlap Band 10, 11, 123 Bus Driver 11, 12. Lee Edwards Jr. Jaycees 10, 111 Key Club 11, 12, Vice- President 123 Basketball 103 VICA 10, 113 DECA 12. Tim Eller Senior Statsf159 Jennifer Elliott Anchor Club 10, Wee-President 103 Beta Club 11, 123 National Honor Society 11, 12, Secretary- Treasurer 123 Reverie Editorial Staff 11, 12, Club Section Editor 123 Quill and Scroll 11, 123 Spanish Club 11, 12, President 113 Student Congress 11, 123 Art Club 103 Math Honor Society 113 Gradua- tion Marshal 11. M. H. Embler Interact 123 VICA 11. Henry Etheredge Cecilia Evans GAA 10, 11, 123 Monogram Club 10, 113 Basket- ball 10, 11, 123 Track 10, 113Volleyball 10, 11, 123 DECA 12. Clarence Evans Football 10, 11, 123 Basketball 10, 11, 123 Track 10, 11, 123 FCA 10, 11, 12. Hugh Evans Cross Country 103 DECA 113 Boy Scouts 10, 11, 12. Janie Evans Cheerleader 103 Student Council 10QJLll1lOl'2t12S 10. Chuck Fowler Teny Foxworth Band 103 Monogram Club 113 Tennis 11, 123 VICA 11, 12. Thomas Frettoloso Band 10, 11, 121 Wrestling 12. James Gainey Art Club 10. Patty Ganong Beta Club 11, 123 French Club 10, 11, 123 French Honor Society 11, 123 National Honor Society 123 Juniorettes 10, 11, 12, Vice-President 123 Homecoming Court 10, 12. Kim Gant Beta Club 123 Cheerleader 10, 11, 12, Head 123 French Club 10, 11, 123 French Honor Society 11, 123 National Honor Society 11, 123 Smoke Signal Staff 10, 11, 12, Editor-ln-Chief 123 Quill and Scroll 10, 11, 12, Vice-President 123 Student Council 103 Student Congress 103 First Runner- Up in Junior Miss Pageant 12. Tony Garcia Tammy Gamer Art Club 123 Beta Club 123 Civinettes 10, 123 French Club 10, 123 French Honor Society 12, Secretary 123 Church Youth Secretary-Treasurer 10, 12, Outstanding in Biology 102 National French Placement Test 10. Tina Gamer GAA 103 Reverie Business Staff 123 Student Con- gress 10, 11, 123 Tennis 103 UMY Secretary 123 Who's Who Among American High School Stu- dents 123 Spirit Committee 113 Bulletin Board Committee 10. Randy Gilbert Football 12. Dorothy Graham Anchor Club 113 FHA 12. Coby Gray Basketball 103 VICA 12. Eva Green GAA 103 VICA 11, 12, Secretary 11, 123 Bus Driver 12. Chairman 123 Basketball 10, 11, 12, All- Conference 11, Co-Captain 123 Softball 123 Tennis 10, 123 Volleyball 10, 113 FCA 12. Debbie Griffin FBLA 123 Interact 11, 123 Smoke Signal Staff 10, 113 Photography Club 10. John Gumey Jr. Jaycees 11, 123 Track 10, 11, 12. 'lhomas Hailey Band 10, 11, 123 Jr. Patricians 103 Wrestling 10, 11, 123 Football 10, 113 Lettered in Wrestling, Football 103 Bus Driver 11, 12. Kim Hall Beta Club 123 FBLA 123 French Club 103 Juniorettes 10, 11, Homecoming Court 123 COO 12. Janice Hall Eric Harbinson Beta Club 123 Key Club 10, 11, 123 Monogram Club 11, 12Q President Key Club 123 FCA 10, 11, 123 Student Congress 10, 11. Debbie Hamilton Beta Club 123 French Club 11, 123 French Honor Society 122 Reverie Editorial Staff 11, 123 Science Club 103 Tennis 123 FCA 123 UMY President 11, 123 Reverie Sports Editor 12, Pam Hamilton Band 10, 113 Beta Club 123 Civinettes 123 Smoke Signal Staff 123 Science Club 11, 123 Medical Ex- plorers 11, 12. larry Hammond DECA 11, 12. laura Greene Beta Club 123 GAA 10, 11, 123 Monogram Club Lisa Harden 10, 11, 123 Science Club 123 Spirit Committee DECA 12. 3 f 'iw 160f Senior Stats Dipping it out. As a newly inducted member of the NHS, Lisa Teetor is rewarded for all her hard work at the reception. Reaching beyond. Preparing for the first school i""l- dance, Laura Greene carefully tapes balloons on the -'l'-'-'-' ceiling in the commons. -H the Limit - D. D. Harp Jr. Patricians 11, 12, Vice-President 12, Football 10, 11, 12, Basketball 10, 11, 123 All-Conference Football 113 Most Valuable Offense 123 All- Conference Basketball 113 Most Valuable Basket- ball 11. Harold Harris Monogram Club 10, 11, 123 Wrestling 10, 113 Football 113 Track 11, Most Valuable Wrestler 11. Kenneth Harris VICA 10, 12Q DECA 11. Margaret Hartley Anchor Club 103 GAA 10, 11, 123 Spanish Club 10, 11, 123 Basketball 10, 11, 123 Softball 10, 11, 12. Vonda Hayes ICT 123 VICA 123 Jabberwock 12. David Hearne DECA 11. Tammi Hedrick Spanish Club 101 Juniorettes 10, 11, 12, Secretary 123 Student Congress 10, 11, 12. Regina Henry ' Raider Mascot 111 NFL 113 Spanish Club 10, 11, 123 Juniorettes 11, 123 Student Council 123 Senior Class Treasurer 12. Glenius Hilton Kim Horlick Beta Club 123 FBLA 123 Interact 11, 123 Smoke Signal 113 Spanish Club 10, 113 Student Council 103 Sophomore Class Secretary 10. Lisa Homady FBLA 12. Diana Hubbard Kay Hunley Susan Hutchens FBLA 129 Science Club 113 FBLA Treasurer 123 Medical Erqalorers 11. Mark Hunter Beta Club 123 Spanish Club 113 FCA 123 Football 10, 11, 123 Basketball 103 Baseball 10. Jana lkerd Band 10, 11, 123 Beta Club 123 FHA 113 French Club 10, 11, 12, President 123 French Honor Society 11, 123 FTA 103 Most Outstanding French III 113 Govemor's School Nominee 10, 11. Keith Ingram Bus Driver 12. Alison Jackson GAA 10, 11, 123 Basketball 10, 11, 12, Co- Captain 12. Michael Jackson Starr Jacques Eddie Jarrett VICA 12. Kim Jarvis Anchor Club 115 Spanish Club 123 Student Con- gress 123 Photography Club 11, 123 Communica- tions Explorers 12. Johnny Jett Football 10, 11, 125 Outstanding Defensive Player 123 All-Conference 11, 123 Baseball 12. Carla Johnson Cheerleader 113 FSA 113 Student Council 11, 123 Junior Class Vice-President 113 Student Council Treasurer 123 Homecoming Court 11, 12, Queen 12. Adrienne Jones Band 10, 11, 123 Anchor Club 103 French Club 113 Student Council 10, 113 Junior Class Treasurer 113 Bus Driver 10, 11, 12. Frank Jones FHA 125 Jr. Jaycees 10, 113 Monogram Club 113 Student Congress 10. Keith Jones Interact 113 Jr. Patricians 10, 11, 123 Monogram Club 10, 113 Wrestling 10, 113 Football 103 Track 10. Shirley Jones Band 10, 119 Student Congress 103 DECA 10, 11, 12. David Kahn NFL 11, 12, Wee-President 123 Spanish Club 103 President Church Youth 123 Youth Council 123 VICA 10. Chris Karahalios Jr. Jaycees 113 VICA 12, President 12. Lynn Keams Church Youth Group 10, 11, 12, Secretary 103 Sunday School 10, 11, 12. Tim Kendrick Monogram Club 11, 123 Baseball 10, 11, 12. Kim Kennedy Kaye Kiger FHA 125 HERO 125 Campus Life 10, 11. Se Hwan Kim Key Club 11. Betty Kuntz FHA 123 GAA 10, 113 HERO 123 Sportsmanship Award 10, 11. Connie Lain FBLA 12. Sherry Lawson Senior Statsf161 Lanny Leach Jr. Patricians 11, 123 Student Congress 103 Baseball 113 Track 11. Zelda Leach Sallye Ledford ' Beta Club 123 French Club 10, 11, 12Q GAA 10, 11, 12: Keyettes 10, 111 Monogram Club 10, 11, 123 Track 10, 11, 123 Tennis 12Q Swimming 10, 11, 123 FCA 123 Most Valuable Swimmer 10, 11, Most Dedicated Athlete 113 High Point Swim Club 10, 113 4-H Club 10, 11. Antionette LeGrande Anchor Club 11, 123 GAA 10, 11, 123 Raiderette 11, Basketball 11, 125 Softball 103 Track 10, 113 Volleyball 10, 123 Bus Driver 11, 123 Junior Miss Contestant 12. Bemice Lewis GAA 113 Basketball 10, 113 Volleyball 10, 113 Donnie Marshall Ronnie Marshall Track 10. Mark Martin Interact 11, 12. Pam Martin Civinettes 11, 12, Secretary 11, President 123 French Club 10, 11, 123 Reverie Business Staff 11, 123 Science Club 11. Cynthia Massey Anchor Club 11, 12, President 123 Beta Club 11, 12, President 123 French Club 12, NFL 11, 121 NHS 123 Science Club 11, 123 Govemor's School Nominee 102 Medical Explorers 11, 12Q Modem Music Masters 10, 11, 12Q Orchestra 10, 11, 12Q All-City Orchestra 10, 11, 12? Speech Award 11, 12. Guidance Assistant 123 Chorus 12. pamce Mayfield Rosa Linton FHA 113 HERO 123 VICA 12, Jabberwock Contes- tant 11. Gregory Little Track 10. Keith Mabe Band 10: FHA 113 VICA 12. Band 10, 11, 123 Jr. Patricians 12. Anne Maynard Keyettes 11, 123 Tennis 113 Art Club 123 Vice- President Youth Group 11, 12. Lanny McCall Band 10, 11, 12, Jr. Patricians 10, 11, 12. -' 'Fourth and -' 5 . Toilet paper rip-aj Carla Johnson and Kelley i---l Walker prepare to rip away the fourth countdown 1-i-l sheet signifying only three days left in the school year. 162fSenior Stats Andrew McConnell Band 10, 11, 123 Jr. Patricians 113 VICA 12. Dale McCorkel NFL 11, 121 Band 10, 11, 12. Beth McCoy Band 10, 113 French Club 121 Science Club 11, 123 Beta Club 11, 12, Xhce-President 123 Out- standing in Biology 103 Outstanding in Chemistry 11Q Outstanding in French I 11. Deborah McCullough Softball 10, 113 Volleyball 10, 113 Lettered in Softball and Volleyball 11. Tony McDonald Pam McDowell GAA 11, 12Q Monogram Club 11, Juniorettes 11, 12, Historian 123 Basketball 113 Tennis 11. Melody McFatridge Beta Club 123 Civinettes 11, 12, Secretary- Treasurer 123 Reverie Editorial Staff 123 Raiderette 10, 11, 12, Head 113 Art Club 11, 121 Outstanding in Biology 10. Elisa Mclnnis Beta Club 12Q Cheerleader 10, 11, 12, Civinettes 12, Historian 12g Reverie Business Staff 11, 123 Student Congress 10, 11, 123 Community Youth Council 11, 12. Wendell Mclntyre Chris McKenzie Jr. Jaycees 11, 123 VICA 10. Cindy McLain Cheerleader 10, 11, Interact 11, 12Q DECA 12, Wee-President 12. Bobby McLean Band 123 Jr. Patricians 12. Anne Meredith Beta Club 11, 123 French Club 10, 11, 12, Treasurer 113 French Honor Society 11, 12Q Keyettes 10, 11, 123 NFL 10Q NHS 11, 123 Reverie Editorial Staff 11, 12, Associate Editor 12, Photographer 11, 123 Quill 8: Scroll 11, 123 Science Club 10, 113 Commencement Marshal 11. Danny Metcalf Interact 11, 123 Monogram Club 113 Football 10, 113 Baseball 10. Myra Michael GAA 10, 113 Raiderette 103 Basketball IOQ Track 103 Volleyball 10, 11. Richard Michaels Art Club 10, 113 Honor Award 103 Bus Driver 11, 123 YWCA Worker 10, 11, 12. Chubby Middlebrooks Jr. Patricians 10, 11, 12Q Monogram Club 11, 12Q FCA 12, Football 10, 11, 123 Terry Cagle Award 123 All-District Team 122 Sunday Class President 12. First and ten. Keeping with tradition, this feline --1 Raider "strut'ts his stuff" across the football field. 'lim Mikels Band 105 Jr. Jaycees 115 Key Club 105 Monogram Club 11, 125 Science Club 105 Spanish Club 10, 115 Student Congress 105 Most Valuable Diver 105 Youth Fellowship 10. David Moore Deborah Miller Choir 12, Club 10, 11, 125 Spanish Club 10, 11, 12, Secretary 115 Student Congress 11, 125 DAR Good Citizen 125 Commencement Marshal 115 MYF Wee-President 11, 12. Joe Nay Beta Club 125 French Club 10, 11, 125 French Honor Society 1 1, 125 Student Council 125 Senior Class Wee-President5 DECA 105 Who's Who 125 Wrestling 105 Football 10, 11, 12. Justina O'Neil Debbie Moore FTA 12. Sharon Moore Ken Morgan Band 105 Jr. Patricians 10, 11, 12. Tony Morrison Beta Club 121 Student Congress 105 Sophomore Class Treasurer 105 Who's Who 12. Jay Moser Eddie Mullins Dean Nichols Football 10, 115 Track 10, 11. Debbie Nichols GAA 10, 115 FCA 115 Citizenship Award 10. Gary Nichols Baseball 105 VICA 10, 11, 12. Mark Nickens Paul Nielson VICA 11, 12. Cole Mullinnix Beta Club 125 Spanish Club 10, 115 Juniorettes 125 COOXDOO 125 Homecoming Court 10, 12. Trent Murray Jr. Patricians 10, 11, 12, Secretary 125 Student Council 10, 115 Sophomore Class Wee-President 105 Junior Class President 11. Anchor Club 11, 12, Senior Director 125 Band 105 Cheerleader 10, 11, Who's Who Among High School Cheerleaders 115 FTA 10, 11, Secretary- Treasurer5 GAA 10, 11, 125 Reverie Editorial Staff 11, 12, Classes Editor 125 Student Congress 115 Jabberwock 125 Bus Driver 11, 125 Basketball 125 Track 10, 11, 125 Volleyball 12. Cindy Oakley GAA 105 Spanish Club 115 Tennis 105 HERO Club 12. Keith Nance Susan O'Brien Cheryl Nance Band 105 French Club 11, 125 Key Club 125 Presi- dent Church Youth Group 12. Civinettes 115 Spanish 115 Art Club 10, 11, 12, Outstanding Art 10, 115 Red Cross Volunteer 10. Kay Nash 'lim Parker Band 10, 11, 125 Beta Club 11, 12, Secretary 125 Keyettes 10, 11, 12, Sgt.-at-Arms 11, Secretary 125 NHS 11, 125 Reverie Editorial Staff 125 Science Beta Club 125 Jr. Jaycees 10, 11, 125 Student Congress 105 Who's Who Among American High School Students 115 Golf 10, 11, 12. "1 Raymond Pemberton Football 10, 11, 12, Most Improved 125 Track 10, 11, 12, All-Conference 11. Penny Pendergrass FBLA 125 French Club 10, 11, 125 Youth Fellowship Treasurer 11, 125 Who's Who Among American High School Students 12. Alan Peters Jr. Jaycees 11, 125 Monogram Club 10, 11, 125 Wrestling 105 Football 10, 11, 12, All-Conference 12, Head Hunter Award 125 Track 12. Kim Peters Beta Club 11, 125 Civinettes 11, 12, Chaplain 115 National Honor Society 125 Reverie Editorial Staff 125 Science Club 115 Photography Club 12. Cassandra Phillips FBLA 12. Wendall Pickett Bus Driver 11, 125 Wrestling 10, 11, 125 Football 10, 11, 12. Kevin Pounders Gailey Powell Student Congress 125 Homecoming Court 11, 125 lC'T 11, 12. Barbara Priddy Beta Club 125 French Club 10, 11, 125 French Honor Society 11, 125 Keyettes 10, 11, 125 Reverie Editorial Staff 125 Science Club 10, 115 Who's Who Among American High School Stu- dents 115 The Society of Distinguished American High School Students 11, 125 Photography Club 12 Dessie Reid FBLA 12. Seniors Statsfl 63 Wayne Rial Key Club 123 Monogram Club 11, 123 FCA 10, 11, 121 Football 11, 12Q Basketball 10, 11, Baseball 103 Who's Who Among American High School Students 11. Dawn Rich ICT 11. 12. Chet Richardson Jr. Patrlcians 123 Monogram Club 10, 11, 123 Stu- dent Congress 103 Wrestling 103 Football 10, 11, 123 Track 10, 123 FCA 103 Nominated for Gover- nor's School 10. Robert Rippy ICT 11, 12. April Robbins Student Congress 10, Attendance Office Assistant 12. Keith Robinson Jr. Patricians 12. Donna Rogers Cheerleader 10, 11, 12, Co-head Cheerleader 10, 123 Reverie Editorial Staff 123 Student Congress 12. Janine Rolison French Club 11, 123 French Honor Society 123 Reverie Business Staff 123 Science Club 113 Juniorettes 123 Social Committee 11, 123 Spirit Committee 12. Tom Rose Tennis 11. Dianne Rudd Band 10, 11, 121 French Club 11, 123 French Honor Society 122 French Expo-Art, First Place 113 Church Pianist and Organist 10, 11, 123 Bus Driver 11, 12. 164fSenior Stats ,E 2 U- 5 l , Heavy load. On a cold Saturday moming, Eric Har- binson and Mark Chapman try to clean grounds, but get the feeling that their trash can is a "ten ton tub! James Ruddock Steve Rule Fonnm Staff 113 VlCA 12. Debra Sellers D.E. 10, 12. Karen Sells Beta Club 121 Keyettes 11, 123 Spanish Club 10, 113 Art Awards 10, 11. Melanie Shaffer Beta Club 11, 123 Cheerleader 111 French Club 10, 11, 123 French Honor Society 11, 123 National Honor Society 11, 12, Juniorettes 10, 11, 12, President 12, Who's Who Among American High School Students 11. Steve Shaw Band 10, 11, 123 Beta Club 11, 123 French Club 11, 123 French Honor Society 123 Key Club 11, 12, Secretary 123 Tennis 10, 113 Graduation Marshal 113 Math Honor Society 11. Beverly Sheppard Band 10, 11, 12g Beta Club 123 French Club 10, 123 Keyettes 10, 11, 123 Science Club 10, 11, 123 Tennis 113 Swimming 11, 12, Chairman of Social Committee 12. Reinaldo Siler Mitch Simril Cross Country 123 Track 123 Golf 10, 11, 12. Mike Sink Band 11, 123 Key Club 11, 12, Tennis 11, 123 VlCA 10, 12. Lisa Smith Beta Club 123 FBLA 12. Mark Smith Wrestling IOQ Track 10, 11, 12. Sheila Smith Anchor Club 11, Science Club 103 Spirit Commit- tee 123 HERO Club 12. Shellie Smith Beta Club 123 FBLA 12, Secretary 123 Spanish Club 10. Shirley Smith Steve Smith Beta Club 10, 11, 121 French Club 12Q French Honor Society 11, 123 Renessalaur Award 11, Graduation Marshal 113 Math Honor Society 11. Dale Spencer Kathy Spivey Keyettes 10, 11, 123 National Forensic League 10, 11, 12, President 12, Spanish Club 10, 11, 12. Barbara Stalder Band 10, 11, 121 Beta Club 11, 123 French Club 11, 12, Secretary-Treasurer 123 French Honor Society 123 Keyettes 11, 12, Historian 11, Wee- President 123 National Honor Society 11, 123 Science Club 10, 11, 12, Vice-President 111 Tennis 11, 12Q Medical Explorers 113 Red Cross Volunteer 111 FCA 12. Jennifer Stanley Beta Club 11,123 FFA 1O,11, Vice-President 11: GAA 103 Keyettes'1O, 11, 123 National Honor Society 11, 12, President 123 Reverie Editorial Staff 123 Forum 103 Science Club 11, 123 Spanish Club 10, 11, 12, Wce-President 113 Student Con- gress 10, 11, 123 Graduation Marshal 113 Nominated for Govemor's School 10, 113 Spanish Awards 10, 11. Margie Stewart Band 10, 123 Beta Club 123 GAA 123 Reverie Business Staff 11g Student Congress 12, Secretary of Student Council 12. Doug Streetman Interact 11, 12, President 11, National Forensic League 10, 11, 125 Boys' State 11. Buddy Stringer DECA 10, 11, 12, Class Chairman 12, Treasurer 10, Wce-President 11. Wendell Suggs Bus Driver 10, 11, 12. Susan Thomas Band 10, 11, 12, Beta Club 12, Majorette 10, 11, 12, Head 123 Reverie Editorial Staff 123 Who's Who Among American High School Students 11, 12. Cassandra Tyson Anchor Club 10, 11, 12, French Club 11, Raiderette 10, 11, 12, Co-head 11, Head 12. Lisa Teetor Beta Club 12, Civinettes 11, 12, Treasurer 11, Historian 12, National Honor Society 12, Forum Staff 11, Smoke Signal 12, Quill and Scroll 11, 12, Treasurer 12, Raiderette 11, 12, Head 12, Spanish Club 11, 12, Treasurer 11, Secretary 12, Spanish Awards 10, Who's Who Among American High School Students 12. Sherby Terrell Deena Towery Band 10, 11, 12, FBLA 12. Jimmy Traylor Craig Tumer Beta Club .125 Interact 103 Key Club 11, 12, Treasurer 125 Science Club 12, Swim Team 11, 12. Mark Vemon lnteract 11, 12. Kathy Wade Fomm Staff 10, 11, DECA 12. Dan Wagoner Beta Club 12, Key Club 10, 113 Monogram Club 10, 11, 12, FCA 10, 11, 12, Xhce-President 11, President 12, VICA President 12, Wrestling 10, 11, 12, Football 10, 11, 12, Track 10, 11, 12. Jerod Walls Basketball 10, 11, 12. Rhonda Warren Cheerleader 105 Student Congress 103 President of Senior Claw 12, Juniorettes 10, 11, 12, Homecoming Court 11, 12, Miss Christmas Seal 12. Janet Washington GAA 10, 11, 12, Track 10, 11, 12, Orchestra 10, 11, 12. Joe Washington Football 10. Vickey Watson Anchor Club 12. Mark Webb Jr. Jaycees 11, Golf 10, 11, 12. Sylvia Wells French Club 11, GAA 10, 11, 125 Student Con- gress 10, 11, 12, Juniorettes 10, 11, 12, Treasurer 11g FCA 11, 12, Secretary 125 Softball 11, 12, Tennis 10, 12, Swim Team 10, 11. James White Cross Country 10, 12. Shelby Whitworth Chris Whitley Beta Club 11, 123 VICA 10, 11, 12. Sandra Wiley Interact 11, 12, Secretary 11, Track 10, DECA 12 Cynthia Williams Leroy Williams Track 10. Sara Williams FBLA 12, French Club 10, 11, 12, Tennis 11, 12 Most Valuable Player 11. Teresa Williams Science Club 12, Spanish Club 10, 11, Civitan Es say Award 10. Vema Williams Raiderette 10, 11, Track 10. Kelli Willingham Alton Wilson Chennise Wilson FHA 12. Raymond Withers Mike Wood Band 10, 11, Wrestling 10, Tennis 10, 11, 12 'lim Wood DECA 11, 12. Tanny Wright VICA 11, 12. Louis Yee Key Club 11, 125 VICA 12. A box of spirit. This is one of the boxes of mini- footballs that the cheerleaders tossed vigorously to the fans at the pep rallies. Seniors Statsf165 T 166fJuniors 'A blow to Juniors thought that nothing could compare to their sophomore year in high school. After all, the PSAT was a blow to the ego. Who could concentrate in between pots and pans banging in the kitchen and Day Care students screaming? Then there was college day. Students gathered in the gym for information on many colleges. They clutched pamphlets in their hands that contained information from overseas training to state supported schools to independent colleges. All were undecided and curious to find out more. The hectic schedule never did lighten up, but when students thought they might have a little time off for themselves, the the Ego English teachers hit them with a term paper. Most all junior students knew that it was the year for the first real term paper, but kept the idea in the back of their minds. All problems aside, it was a good and industrious year for hard working, ambi- tious juniors. Focus. Deeply concentrating on the game, Chris Brown and Alan McLean psyche up for the next of- fensive possession. Pour it on. Serving at sophomore orientation, Jill Zim- merman displays her involvement in school activities. 7 Who's nod? Ann Neill patiently awaits the next par- ticipant at the French Club Casino on Homecoming Day. if K Attention! Unsuspecting juniors cast curious glances at an upside down sign facing the main entrance. l'l- ",,m 951 W QVQVLZQJ 81-l 1 'Q 5 fi fx Junior Offcers. Relaxing are Dawn Spencer, presi- dentg Sherry Upton, vice presidentg Teni Gates, secretaryg and Tammie Patterson, treasurer. Juniorsf16 7 so JUNIQRS Linda Adams Alvin Allen Ewdwood Allen Carolyn Alexander Angela Archie Robin Archie Rosalind Archie Steve Amold Beth Ashworth Jeanne Bailey Randy Banther Royce Batten Jode Beal Becky Bean Leigh Beck Sherry Billings Greg Bishop Teny Blackwell Rosalyn Bohannon June Booe Keith Boone Gina Boyd 168fJuniors ,Q ,t Q ,ZW fl , l A :LW 1 ' 'V is Wim, 1 ' ' uf ' 3 ..,,, ,z ' i b g l, X5 7 f 5 , , 7 ,.,, ' 1 S ,... , , ,. WW.. 4 i, i " ""' g . M V , ff Z l - Ma K ' 1 P Mg., A , zQ1QiiissgQy7ft-gag: amor,-gr-1 E11 f ff 1,,.., ' -sv" ,f'iffiU2Yikw:'r' 25 V, 3 V ,- , , , - Ewz ' '-1 i ,2?g,mw4W5w1fe2 - QQ fffih - N. mpfrfif f . ., A, .,,i,,, , .. . J, Q vfk V 3 af 'ff , A if ,,, ' 'QE 'lit Sd, 1 ff an ,ai , ar. , f ff? ii'., ri- '2.ff,E,52:1 I r 15572, .Q I 4 S H v ,rg 1934 I X I Wm ' wi! A' N James Boyd Peter Boyles ' f Debbie Brady his is Keith Brand i Kim Brendle Q Carl Brewer in 3? lg . it' Becky Briley 'Sing ll Song, Valerie Connor first started playing the guitar because at one time she had too many idle hours. She wanted an in- terest she could pursue and the guitar had always interested her. She liked the mobility of the instrument and loved the sound of a guitar. Valerie started taking guitar lessons in the spring of her sixth grade year, and began writing her own songs a year later. She got In another world. Thinking of composing another song, Valerie Connor artistically strums her guitar ' Chris Brown James Brown Charles Burton Cindy Burton l Kelly Butler R i tx 1 is tired of playing the same songs, and felt song writing was a great way to ex- press her ideas and opinions. Valerie took lessons for three years until she finished the course. Her songs were about things that were important to her. Valerie loved a receptive audience. She loved to be listened to, and not just heard. She has been in many talent shows and has been lucky enough to have been on television several times. Although Valerie did not have many idle hours and, in fact, few idle min- utes, she still played when she could. She wrote songs whenever she had an idea andthe timeto put herthoughts down on paper. Valerie has never regretted all the work it took to leam to play the guitar, because it was her friend, and not just an instrument. "I only hope others enjoyed hearing me play as much as I enjoyed playing for others." - A Tim Byrd Matthew Carney Billy Causey Sun Joo Chong Roy Church Eddie Clary David Clifton Lisa Clinard Mike Cockerham Rosemary Cascan P SHOI nr- N Juniors! 169 Rick Colquitt Valerie Connor Peter Cooke Kerry Corbett Vera Countee Mike Covington Lynn Crabb Lori Cranford Darlene Crawford Penny Crawford Lany Crowley Alan Davis Joey Davis Phil Dickerson Beverly Dockery Mamie Dockery Candice Dorsette Valery Draughn Kinney Dull Donna Dumont Barbara Eaton Debbie Edwards Jacqueline Elliott Tara Elsey Donna Embler Allison Evans Faye Evans Beth Farlow Kathy Ferguson Susan Ferguson Renee Foster Cathy Gaddy Billy Gailey Anna Gainey l..aVeme Gaitherwnght 1 7OfJuniors Sandra Gandy Gary Gannaway Karen Gardner Jane Gamer Rossie Gilmore Tern Gates Barbara Graham JUNIORS , yyy is is L, f . . Q, , ,' :Imm- EW. 'H ' 1sflk,iii?i5i'ff liv, W ,,,, ,V .'f's.2"' K ,.,,,m- , ,, , Mr'- V ' ff 'W lfbiliitli Q, f 2 ,, , .,,r ,U 5 ff was X ZZ ,af 'F' X f , af rf, ft r , ik-7-3 I ff wfigsg, .V 'rv lt 1 Q I 'Q ,Qv,fi5f21,:i 2 , l ' I 2 H I T' , J, Acer ,A vzff?ss:rsi:fi:,1f:::-f f f f , f f ' ' - WM,, , L A . r, ef' we . , HW ziggy 05,5 , , 1 aw Rini 'z f A ff2?z',,':' K ' "KH" ',tiw1ifvf f ' 4155, 5 V swf 2 it Qrgjmskrfw ,g as raw if T355 'B' sr 'Q wx f,, ,M wg ri U r mrfwr ,meif2r1,fL1 ,f , 'ff .. X625 '?m5s?52f , ,f 1 1 . J I I Kzxfig "D" i' J fd! ,V a fm ff l X F X "" -, we f if rj "s", ffifis, r,,, K 4 ,,,.,, My f . , MW QW, K IKKII H missy' af - , ,215 iamgfy I ,I r , is 7, Jw Q 132' V' , f'l?Z' L?f,7' V Y'nwl,,i," r a 2? 5 Z M -' , ' I ii 'i A F 8 ., , i f WWW I , ,.,' 5 1 Z X Z 2, it if Q, rrfrk Crystal Gray Renee Gray 'Super I-lard' Monica Malpass had first seen the l Miss Teen-Age America pageant advertised on television two years ago. Her inter- est was aroused and she wrote into Ac- tion Line for the address of the pageant. She then wrote the sponsors for informa- tion and an entry blank. Her name was put in a box for the people as candi- dates at large. The first judging, which Monica won, was based on activi- ties in the community that showed lead- ership. Monica also had to send pic- tures of herself and what her grade point average was. For the second judg- ing, which she did not win, Monica had to send in more pictures. Seventy-five percent of the judging was based upon a test made up by the World Book Encyclo- pedia which Monica described as being "super hard." She felt that the test was her weak point because it was such a large percent of the judging. The rest of the judging required references. Although Monica did not make it to the finals, she leamed two things: not to get so wrapped up with the pageant and to be optimistic, even if one loses. Concentmting. After tackling the World Book Test, a requirement for a Miss Teenage America contestant, Monica Mahnass checks for possible algebm mistakes. F SHOI E' E. 0 UI X r-A Xl r-A Candy Hart Debbie Hartman Sophia Hassapelis Dora Hayes Laura Hayworth Vernon Hedgecock Reggie Gudger Denise Gurley Karen Gurney Diane Gutherie Ricky Hall Robert Hall Sabrina Hampton Sarah Haney Kathy Hardin Tami Harris Ginger Griffith Jana Green 'Dreams' College bound juniors made their way to the cafeteria on Tuesday, October 18, to get their first taste of what a test like the PSAT was all about. Many juniors arrived with mixed feelings. Some were not that worried about it until they started taking the test and it proved to be a little harder than they expected. Others were nervous and tense over the thought of taking a test that seemed to be so important a part of their future, and worried about how well they would do. Disruptions gave many juniors problems concentrating. The test, which consisted of English and math, lasted for three class periods. The clock ticked away the minutes quickly and before the juniors realized j it, the long-dreaded test was over. Although the PSAT was frustrating and hard, juniors were not discouraged and still had dreams of going to college. Preparation. Yvonne Wall, Deborah Tumer, and Dee Dee Wardlaw prepare for the PSAT by sitting patien- tly. 1 72fJuniors JUNIORS 4' "?' Wy! K N Q i" if writers' sexi Himsa ' asain tux. fi isis Swiss: Randy Hedrick W f rift? 'fir wg rf, 61 Z Z at QE e 9 ggi a'6f691A iSY.l'?i?5'fllgkz'Ujg-,if5iifs97gQzE "ww WW .ww ze-z,rfzs tif rim- fre! -a. ' ri? ' PALSES - - M. fry 3 QQ 'fzrftwtwaf '-:f::,z,f --f 4,1 llvv .V "'- ,. ,Z 'S f , rr , ite 11 , 67 2 Q in K ww , Q, Q4 4 1, .1 , I' W W ' 5 1 if W f K ,Ly , br . siiicti are iw. Lisa Herndon Harrell Hiatt Cynthia Hicks Jeff Hicks Todd Hilliard Timothy Holland Robert Hoover James Howell Jim Hughes Anatra Hunter Melvin Hutcherson Patti Ingraham Robin Ingram Joanie Isley Cynthia Jackson Bill Jarrett Debbie Jarrett Odessa Jarrett Roger Jeffries Amber Johnson Anthony Johnson Ernest Johnson Robin Jones Ready and waiting. Bemadette Sneed and Anthony Springs wait quietly for the PSAT test forms to be given out. OINUF SH Juniorsf173 1 74fJuniors JUNlORS 'Little Injuns' If one ever noticed two little Indi- ans at the football games, they were none other than Karen Gurney and Denise Gurley, better known as the Raider mas- cots. Karen and Denise had no special reason for desiring to be Raider mascots, only that they wanted to get involved in Raider spirit. Raider mascots, Denise Gurley and Karen Gurney, show their spirit by joining in with the cheerleaders and yelling, "Were number one!" school spirit and they thought it would be fun. To them, the best part of being Raider mascots was running out in front of the football players at the games. Because Karen and Denise are such good friends, they did not want to try out against each other. So they sought out Ms. Harris, discussed the situation, and both were able to be Raider mascots. They designed the patterns for their outfits and made them also. fwflyciliff' " ' -V V' -fum -' VK ft ! 7' If K sm gi at 9 f 599 5 .21 eww ima 'N X ki ll X -'-.f, ' ,f,,,-:' ,'-',- it i Q L V at J 4 5' ' 21' f V,.. AA Riffs sg T iff ' 'H 1 V'f1 we is gas 'N ,,,.' 'V - X 1 Ve W' 4. we 6 , ' ' H X 1 M , rs: V ,V YV Vvsfwfiigezrt- ,v:,,.uj,,5IEZ5W. 4 V V, 1-1 .. - ,,:v, s,t2Vr.,,ef W V he Wi i ' l J J A .Ve .lf 4-ff, ! -4 ,i M W 4 3 mf 2? Aw? 3 ,G fig. 4 J X fix ti I W - X L --A'A f ' 'W Kd : ' it ls 1 gas immstae2qf?eaVa 1 ' 1, V 21,w,, jg id. L Q Su X ' V ,rj1,,,f?5P Qiklgbw, A 3 f i, gh ' J VV,, GV 65 , . . Ml K, , ,.,. ,A Q ' x 1 . "' vl' 1 , Hn, . 'J ' 'W 'QW ti 'i 9, J llcll tl , Vt V J V . we .' si - 4 fr L ,ae l l i Jalal tl Sheny Jones Glenn Kahn Todd Kale Phillip Kleehammer Scott Lackey Robbin Lamb Tim Lassiter Penny Lewallen David Lewis Willie Lloyd Melissa Lowe Brad Mabe Allen Mabry Monica Malpass Stan Martin Dwayne Mason Deborah Massey Angela Matthews Bunny McCall Sandra McCormick Jerry McCullough Janice McDaniel Marsha McDowell Julie McGhee Craig McIntosh Alan McLean Margaret McMahan Vette McManus Jill McPherson Lisa Means Jeanette Merrell Kenneth Michael Lori Mickey Danny Miller Heidi Misenheimer LaJeune Mock Bev Moore Brenda Moore Martha Morris Susan Morris Debbie Moss Todd Musick DI' IN SHO L. : E. O B x D-A 51' Mary Myers Ann Neill Rosemary Nelson Eddie Nickens Michele Olivares Robin Overby Martha Overman 'lim G. Owens Tim L. Owens Stefan Parker Wesley Parrish Tammie Patterson Alton Peques Keith Peters Kim Peters Michael Peterson Mark Phipps Dwayne Phillips Jerod Platt Lori Poage Kathi Sue Pounders Stephen Lee Price Brad Reed Paul Rhew Carol Ann Richardson Kim Ridge Kelly Robinson Cathy Saunders Shelia Schneider Susan Schwenk Carol Shacklett Dan Shelton Chuck Simpson Dennis Sink Mike Slate Betty Smith Mike Smith Tammy Smith Tim Allen Smith Tracy Smith Bernadette Sneed Thomasena Sneed 1 76fJuniors S JUMORS fl -1 ls? N , i X A T l ,Maxam ' -ww , W,L 1 E T ' .,,, Ilzz I l Egfr f 'W a 19' f is 5: if ' H f ' , Q - ,iii 1 T T y i ' Q .Vi it ,it ' its I' W if 1 X 8 X ff, ft 2 X f W 24.11 r ',,?Z, W ww -,ft ,, ,,. ,-.W ,Wsfw u , ff, , ,isa ,V f fM'fssww?fz,: ' f4S:lff' f's jf? 'lg ff 3 f ji V f -'f- 4 sf:-gy, W? fi, -," wimpy, i ,, ,,,V W -f ,tim , . ,,e,,t,,yi5 W 'Wiz ' 25252 f .vffM4f,4 Z, 6, H , ,cs , f ' QW it ' 'f in ,m nv ' ir . . ' A i' P21 ' -152 l :,. .5 M , , ,, .hz , ,..t, PL: if we ,. f Q FF v . ' -' Q V 'zz Fw 'A l s , sw my ., Af if f ff 41 f ax fi' Ell y W 52" sl 1 ,f '5 , 'il , is Q it if if Q mf, 23 ef as M- W 122. E5 l ii , J QW 1,41 Wg! .Ag 1. ? W , , ,, lif t Q as Wav galil lf as i i i .. li 'M E Julie Snyder Angelica Soldano Dawn Spencer Teni Springer Anthony Springs Derek Stafford 'I-Ielpful Place' To many students, the guidance of- fice proved to be a helpful place throughout the year. Any student who wanted an appointment went to the guid- ance office and signed up for an ap- pointment under his counselor. Students sought information about col- lege, class rank, grade point average and various other things. Juniors were mainly concemed with their class rank 'Wm .Sf ssl Q . A look ahead. Kent Wok and Alan Mabry get into the l swing of college life by getting acquainted with college catalogues. and grade point average in relation to the college they thought about attending. The guidance office also provided ample information on colleges that were avail- able for the student's use at any time. Mrs. Bettye Mebane and Mrs. Margaret Bray were always on hand to help the stu- dents with any questions or problems they had. Students found the guidance office to be a familiar, useful place and took advantage of its facilities of- ten. Only the guidance office had the answers to the questions that many stu- dents had. SHOINUI' Q. E P.. o B X D-A xx Nl 1.5 .. 'That's the Way' When Mr. Bell asked Randy Hedrick to be drum major, what else could he say? Randy wanted to do it because he thought it would be a different experience while having fun at the same time. Contrary to what many people believed, being a drum major involved much more than just marching onto the field with the band every Friday night at half-time. Randy led the band and worked with them in perfecting the half-time shows. He practiced for his routines after school. He also helped plan the half-time shows and worked along with Mr. Bell in making new pattems. Another side of Randy and his inter- ests involved acting. Being a French student enabled Randy to become involved in poetry recitation and French drama, in which he placed high honors. His ex- perience helped him in overcoming the fear of speaking in front of an audience. Randy was a member of the Drama Club and the Drama Explorers, a new club in High Point. He hoped to be an actor and wanted to go to a school that sought people who had a genuine interest in acting. Nobody else deserved the opportunity more than Randy Hedrick did. Getting down. Moving with the beat "Ohio," Randy Hedrick does his thing during habftime activities. 1 78fJuniors JUNIORS mi: ,v ,, - iv vi ,qa.oe,:H , . fi'nx"m? I ' w e 1 5. ,,,. 3 . X 2' ,S af Q f iv M ,Q ,je is -QR eM2?,,i.,sw 't f gem I' V if 2 2, 4? i , . KX egg 94 Q w ,rigor , mfg' J , K 2 iii 5 4 it E? in Magix as H :ZE,, ,,,E: " Kgyzezkgjg' ,IH w K. ,YJ ' - + f ij ry e ,I , Q A, "V l5f,,nf V " if ' ' ,r Q' Ms g g, girl . UM ,. ' W wife iisi i f Y I .EW 2 H5 flwizli f in .V 'r , ' 451 - k i M3325 4 " 2 f- ' "" , ' ' . ,,:::g? :':--' . :-' 'J H t r?3I rAiifl .. "" w , si' 1 ' " V W 4755, 'iffmfsfffffiz ' ,Tl if i f I f he ,, ,, ' ,, A T -if i mg- -,A 1 1 " ' ,V a T . 5 ' 'S . ' ,- 2-"1 V Mwggwiiyw eg- ,w ",v?irg1,f4f1 fi 5. ge,-,ffliim ,g54?w24si1sz'5f ' .. . 1 , i f 7 QE ww , 'Z me awhif' ' 95 'L full '- 33 , 1 s ' f'yfq1i2z,52-- . "Q f ffm:-' .wr f- . Q'12Jff,1' if ' A T T. is L Hg. 7?-ga' 3 '53, wigifiiml jj W5 T is-N., A A S fag U ' -M-H A' 5 M: f ,f ' lldifwi M , 'fb X ' Ricky Stanley 'Emmy Stevens Steven Streight David Stuart Vikki Tanner Jeffrey Taylor Melinda Teague Larry Therrell Lori Thomas Marla Thompson Rebecca Thompson Robert Thorpe Tammye Tillman Lorie Titus Linda Todd Adrienne Tumer Sheila Tyson Sherry Upton Mark Ve nable Jackie Vemon Vanessa Vernon Tina Vuncannon Kent Vick Yvonne Wall Annette Wallace Dee Dee Wardlaw Diane Washington Thomas Wellman Ann White Martha White Susan White Ted Williams Terri Wilson Tommy Wilson Angie Witcher Amy Wood Jay Wood Paula Wood Dwayne Wood Mary Yee Jill Zimmerman Terry Zimmerman Olixlflf' SH Juniorsf179 Sophomore oficers: Mary Anne White, treasurer, Carol McCraw, secretary, Sonya Ray, presidentg Gail Hedrick, vice president. 180K-Sophomores x f A 1 ,", , ,,, , .....,.....t,,. .NRWMNNWMNMQNRWN iw G C 7 lb as Rough Sophomores just couldn't wait to get to high school. Although they were the low men on the totem pole, they still enjoyed their new school. Sopho- more biology and geometry were probably the hardest things to get used to. DNA and the RH factor in biology and the Pythagorean theorem in geometry were very mind boggling. Many students said that high school was so different from junior high because it was larger and they got mixed up in which direction to go for what classes and at what time. They said the majority of high school stu- dents were nice and easy to get along with and the teachers were very under- standing, though it took a while to'get to know them. Classroom driver education was for thrill seekers. Remember those "won- derful" movies of wrecks and Smith's Five Rules of Driving? Football games were something else sophomores looked forward to. Just be- ing a part of the excitement was special for them. All in all, they had a rough but meaningful year. Being aware: Working together, Lori Leach, Wynn Myers, Lee McDowell, and Tom Chapman examine slides in Biology class. iii Vs ri sf YS Munn: xirs - " z Not again! Getting ready for another ride, Coach Foree looks to see if Stan Simril is making the necessary preparations for driving a car. Relaxing: After lunch Pat Moore and Mike Jester leisurely await the ringing of the school bell while speaking with some friends. S' Naam Latest gossip: Waiting forthe end of the lunch bell to ring, Sharon Morgan and Sharon Howell listen to friends. Sum? raver rtttv I2 5' Barry Albert John Atchison Elaine Alexander .Ray Allred Hilda Avent Karen Averette Martha Bailey Toni Baldwin Tammy Bandle Sylvia Barringer Debbie Bass Peggy Bean Timmy Bell Angela Bennett Robin Bengeron Susan Billings Ann Bishop Lou Blackman Barnil Blair Wendy Blakeney Renee Bolin David Boone Lloyd Bowman Ricky Brackett Jean Braswell Laurie Bray Willie Breeden Marva Briggs Allison Brown Roger Brown Ronnie Brown Larry Buck Dixie Burton 182fSophomores gfi-rg ,"i ft A l 'Forced to Hope It all started last summer when a city ordinance was passed. To some, the matter was of no great importance, for then was the time of pool days and summer vacation. However, others had the fore- sight to realize that the law would affect their happiness in the fall. The city had passed an ordinance making it illegal to park the privately owned catering trucks on school property. Unless the proprietors were able to find some generous home owner willing to donate his driveway for use during the lunch periods, students would be forced er? YY K -nu x lil' 7 """"' 'A l4m693LZ',,f 2 If gfzifwygfmf, f E ,K fi , A if ri 25511 v fa? l arva? if X i Y 2 ii t 2 Q2 ., fffl ,,t,, l V' ','., 322 , ,q. T 5 fifega A f S i, i r 4+- an 57 9, ,I 5 'Q' Y I M ' H ff- 1 1 s T T . T li ' -2 a z 3, i.SY:fQ5EifT V, H, A ag If M , -, it-sz! I ,if to eat lunch in the cafeteria or off campus. This posed a particular problem to sophomores considering that the majoirty of them did not have driver's licenses. Like every other class, the sophomores felt angry that the old format changed just as they were about to enjoy the benefits. In the eyes of some optimistic sophomores, the situation was not totally void of good aspects. The most noticeable improvement was seen in the student parking lot. The lot was definitely cleaner and L much more attractive. Since the prospect of a private lawn was slim, the sophomores were forced to hope and to await the arrival of sixteenth birthdays. Chatting. Sophomores take advantage of the han- dicapped fifth period lunch that was crippled from the removal of the traditional food truck. it Maggie Butler Donald Campbell Teresa Campbell Towanda Campbell Ricky Candler Randall Cardwell Rosalyn Carr Johnny Carroll Tom Chapman Lany Chandler Susie Chilton Candie Chisem g .,., wg , . i . -if-is V- - ,x ' f fm.-rgsbag .,- , ,rs-,r,.raa., i. -735' " ga, W' " ' if we , - i -- : .-if , . A V ffl 245 35' ws., I we sw fa . 2, " ee 451 ttr. V A 'ffszqgg -1 r A' f A N as f an 4'5F"4" Randy Clark Tony Clark Teresa Clinton Jodie Cockerham Lisa Coggins Clifton Colbert Deirdre Collins Lisa Collins Sally Collins Owenetta Cook David Cooke James Cooper M-Wm f 2 i i S Q i i 4 1 fm f""'wT-""""""' fjw J :Was ici its P75 rmmimns SME xmws fwx limi MM? ? f 1353 5 fl 2 5 2 2 f 3 i li i 3 5 l f a 2 Q i it ,, 5 it 2 1 5 Z 5 5 Z Sophomoresf 183 ' o one got hurt' The anticipation of sophomores resulted in an unusual number of young students that received their leamers per- mit a year before they tumed sixteen. They wanted to take driver education classes in hopes of driving under the wheel before the school year was over. The wait may have been long but the ex- citement of bloody films and bloody stories gained through classroom study deteriorated that anticipation of driving under the wheel so soon. T Coach Foree commented on the record of accidents that occurred. "Everybody looks for a lot of close calls in teach- ing driver education, but this year there was an accident at the intersection of lVlcGuinn and Lexington. Luckily no one got hurt, and it was not our fault!" Anticipation. Stan Simril awaits the day when he will be able to handle the car alone. Awww- 'ggwt st ws M igiwfg--Hg 'lt W if 'i .V .M P0lNT CITY SCHUDL 115: ,. ,,-sais r S -f . fx- f.i5iif2Sf?22?a?i1WfSf vawrszfzgsifikfio K N. igssigggixssgw- 'ii 12 . szisiiggggigssgziggs - , stgsexxfsfasff .. .M-em. K as " --siss?'aii?22Qs5ff Pea rl Corn T ' Willie Covington it 2 iii,, .V , ,..1 - 'Ag' '-v- . , John Crawford Greg Creech ifrv v"v ,,f11f1:,. 1 lt l Andy Crews -- . t-i 4 4 f fr La Crum i',l Q 4 V 5. 5: ' Shirley Cureton Billie Curlee Bill Davis Erick Davis James Davis Rhonda Dawkins David DeLuca Regina Deluca Sharon Denny Dorthy Dewitt Carol Dixon TonyDriggers 184fSophornores E .V M, ,V 2 rig J 52 :fwwvxef 9-Y ,. -'-1, "" it - i:i" x A, ill y , X 4 8, ,trtl ' ' WW? .,, -1 if ,f ' Qal T 2 1 "Vu3lixfl'f " We f 'vEfeE3iffiffP1: 'N 5. , 4 V ' f- , 1 ' , A' is " T jg mriszraxr' Aa, B , 4 U ZIEFZSWEI ' ., " w . Q ,V UNif'Lz,'fff' v - ' n: . W f ,iw ' - , it , 4- , mv' r we ' 2. f ffif rasfg,s,yAm,,. ,, , , , ,, J U ' j S its 1 , ,Q fri? f i "U FE, an iff' 4 - , --N f Q , Q T ' , , Wg., 1, ' 1, I -ml Q if i ' 4 q -wr fxb Q. is we it my gi 4 ff 52 .Teas as 3 'K xwsx f is A M J f , I 5533 W, .., ,,Z .V .hyz 51, H , V ,-.1 , "" ,rj :L 5 ' Mi' S M1 .ni , ,,1., ' Zzi A MR 59 A I Q Wyman w4vW5?2??f LEMWVA . ,,.. , i 0. X X A 'Mini M i , K ii' eawmgwrim ,gn 5 'W'?la'W ff5il57i1"iiEi,:l.?Y E' 'AW' :,:g,5::z: : H , .. . Raimi ' " i2f4,a,fiwq1gi -if: S1 ' " fifigff' ,H , , 15: ,,.. . lfffwie. 15+ A - Y: " , !5??m'fK'Rn . x ' 9 'Q 2. 1, QM 9, lS1"ig'!1.1'f f' -1 ' EBM W Steve Duff Anita Dumas James Dumas Beverly Dunlap Sandra Dunlap Sylvia Dye Theresa Etheredge Tonnya Etheredge Janet Eure Oscar Failey Ben Ferguson Teresa Flowe Melva Foster Susan Foster Karen Fox Kitty Frazier Eric Frazier Lisa Freeman Janice Friedman Janice Fulford Connie Futch Theresa Gailey Mike Gerringer Mitch Gibson Anita Gillespie Woody Gilmer Brian Gold Michael Golden Blaine Goodwin Bill Goodwin Tammy Gordon Myoshia Graham Beverly Green Cindy Green Johnny Green Janice Green Patrica Green Phil Gulledge Dale Guthrie Desiree Haley Renee Halker Leslie Hall f i 5 i 2 I 5 3 3 Q ,r,,W,MM.MWutE Q di? HUWUH SE sl i l l 5 l 5 i Sophomoresf185 ', , wuz" fr Gift? V mmf? A 3mP'Q"9.x..5i1 zi,.,r,..2 'Face beamed with Jo ' Overwhelmed with enthusiasm, Sonya Ray, a candidate to the NCASC, waited with anxieties for the name of the new Junior High State Representative to be called. Within minutes her name was called and her face beamed with joy as she was sworn into the position. Winning this office enabled her to attend many student govemment conventions and workshops throughout the state. Some of these destinations included Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, Edenton, Boone and many other places. This past summer, she was a delegate at the National Association of Student Councils Convention in Marlborough, Massachusetts as well as attending the Mars Hill leadership workshop. Interested in student government and politics, she was honored to have been at Raymond Hall Cheryl Hamilton Jeff Hammond Tony Hamrick Penny Harden Carol Harris fh Jacqueline Harris i Jessie Harris Ronald Harris Gerard Hayes Suzanne Hayes ,,.,,. Robert Head I 6 ,iQ a i 1 Yi ' a , . . M. ,,,, . 2 . i Crystal Hedgecock Gail Hedrick Susan Heilig Reniece Henry Laura Hilliard Bobby Hodge V i T ,B Timmy Holbrook Deborah Holland Lynette Holland Roetta Hood Sharon Howell Brian Hudspeth 186fSophomores the Jesse Helms for Senate Youth leader- ship caucus held at Meredith College. This enabled her to learn more about govemment and how the senate was conducted. She was fortunate to meet Senator Helms and other U.S. Senators. Sonya was in charge of the state Junior High leadership workshop in February and was elected the student body president at her junior high school. She served as Sophomore class president and then decided to run for another state office. She strongly believed that the student govemment was the voice of the students. Grins and giggles. Momentarily forgetting all respon sibilities of her Student Council offices, Sonya Ray en- joys a well-eamed laugh. list 1 fl 1 . A Qi it 3g 3 sf T111 f ug il ,. J 752, , wlfiew "' I was Q -'W qw , 1. 2 f X, ll 6 'is f X I I , f!Y,,.'i?g, 0 , ' f Jgriikw E Z? . - LI ,:,, we W "fi, I , ' -'IS -'J , 2 Q2 an z ' Z R 3359 .. ,H ,H M.. mg-sm, 537: ?L2?fi??Z5l If A iii-Sf, ,.3 3.4, ,ga s w. .,gg,sg 31 -' ' Q.-j :Cty .if-? ,qi ' QlSfi7ii?4.seYiz5ls7l' ' 'ill Tie 5 f' f' ig' '1,12z1'11'J sy W ' 'W ir ' 5' , ,iff X M sw ,es ff f I2 5 fs 'I as 'I ff r ,i . . K 5 Qin, ,' 'E+ . "' fx . , , . -. 15, hge" . 1, + 'I n ,F I h g , fl we i .5 I mf lyk n Wm iI?i?w3sizime?iiff ' V- mi? My ' ' Q I .f I 'V Af Jig, ,,,K ,V - S "' W I " il 55 5 fmwil Z 'eg ' K , wwf in R K , 5 , f of f we rj? f are I 145452 ,,., Wifi f,,. V 4 ,N ,ge 5 , X I rw' 1 5 3 25, f l I Sheri Huff Ginger Hughes Bonnie Ingram Darrell In gram 2 Vicki Ingram Christine Jackson f fs us . fi, gei in I IM,,s:" Darrell Jamison BMW: Donnie Jefferies l 3 Mike Jester Connie Johnson Kim Johnson Tina D. Johnson ij? Tina Johnson I Maria Johnson Kenneth Jones 5 Larry Jordon Phil Joyce Maxine Jumper 4 9 s 2 i f 5 5 3 1 Ana Kahn Jeff Kauth I 5 2 2 Donnie Kearns Carol Kennedy s i Q Martha Kennedy Renee Kennedy I 5 I 2 9 Wesley Kennedy Marty Key Victor Kosinski I r 5 3 Lorie Kushner Julie Lacy Tangee Land Sophomoresf187 Teresa Lane Lori Leach Sharon Leach Glenn Lester Scott Lewis Craig Liner Tammy Link Tammy Linthicum Cotton Little Kenneth Linton Jo Ann Little Marcel Little Greg Lushbaugh Lori Mabe Alan Marks James Massey Billy McCoy Carol McCraw Cedric McCray Jeff McCollough Freddie McCullough Velvet McDonald Jim McGhee Lee McDowell Marlene McDowell Edward McGill Gail McGill Larry Mclnnis Deborah McJunkins Betsy McKiver Dena McLaughlin Bennie McLeod Michael Mcbendon Rachel McLeod Nova McMahan Laura McMullan Renee McNeill Mark McNeill Tony McNeill Lisa Medlin Mourice Middlebrooks Michael' Middlebrooks 188fSophomores Renetta Miller Patricia Mitchell Benny Mock Patrick Moore Sharon Morgan Donald Morris Sherry Moser Wynn Myers Mary Elizabeth Nance Lee Nooe Kathy Morton N 'g Pat Osbome X Norman Parrish Jeff Parsons Deanna Parks Kim Patterson Elizabeth Payne Phyllis Peacock 'E cited Feeling' Two days before school started was a day of excitement and confusion for some sophomores. Ken Linton said, "Most of all I had a sensational feeling of coming to the sophomore orientation. I enjoyed it very much. I was looking forward to becoming a student at Andrews." Before touring the building the sophomores gathered in the cafeteria to listen to Mr. Hipps talk about the good opportunities of the school and how the sophomores could get involved. It was apparent that many students were interested because they wanted a chance to be included in some of the clubs and activities. Most of the students who came on orientation day were sophomores and new students coming to Andrews from Central. There were about 300 students who attended Anxious and confused. Thursday before school star- ted, sophomora Jane Wagoner and Beverly Green tour the building with anitcipation of their initiation into the Raider World. Sophomoresf 189 Perry Pen dergrass Charlene Perdue Scott Peters Ronnie Pierce Crystal Pittman Keith Poage Brent Powers Lori Proctor James Quick Shaine Quick Connie Quinn Sonya Ray 'Pressed Leaves' Squinted eyeballs, pressed leaves, lab write-ups, and dissected specimens were all a part of the one and onlyg soph- omore biology. Life science proved to be quite different from the passive courses of earth and physical science. Although there were some charts and tables in biology books, the majority of the work was manual. Students learned to use the microscope, perform experiments, and to effectively use the metric system. Scientifically, biology was a necessary course. On the other hand, it was a practical course that prepared stud- fl r'l' im.. , ML ia., . .. ,il A . , . ri 2 :si My fy its -s, ...Q ,,., i .N .- rt af.. .wa f- K 1' -K ,.,,, ff L1 If si.. ,,,. s,.. N .,,,,,- We .,it M.. ,--- ti,i Q- -v.W.M.W.,,.k...,,.., ents for everyday living. Teachers took heed to the inevitable Mcoming of the metricsl' and prepared their students for survival in the metric world. It was a relief to leave a stuffy classroom and still be able to accomplish the day's assignment. The location of the campus offered a wide array of environments to study. The wet creek habitat and the dry, wooded one were areas that begged to be explored. Every sophomore knew of the annual leaf collection. In early fall and spring classes could be seen making the rounds about the campus searching for that one last required leaf. Although the requirements varied from class to class, the lesson remained the same. In focus. James Massey makes history by spotting a USOg unidentified squimming object, in his seemingly . A .-is "ff ' 'sf 5? . normal slide. 1ssii.5f, David Reid Delores Rice Diane Marie Rice m f si Jerry Richardson as :::'..- Norm Richardson X R E lll lyll lm 4 llll Keith Rickard if X 'iiff'ii 27 AVQAS A ,,,E ki W M , L I .,'I4 Ilzv Q J Mike Riffell David Robertson Rebecca Robertson Richard Robinson Pamella Roebuck Samuel Rogers , 'i, F "" 1 ,,., 3 XAI, 1 9OfSophomores ,, wh - 'i' .3 X Q ,J ,fm yi were 15?.,A W J 'tat xXx 5-. ft 5 Mike Rose Robbie Rothrock Tim Samuel Jasper Sanders John Sanders Kim Saunders Karen Schultheiss Ricky Scotten Sandy Sells Ronnie Settles Kim Shaver Alan Shepard William Sherrod Paula Shortt Mitchell Shuler Stan Simril Donna Sink Bobby Smith Carolyn Smith Cliff Smith Dawn Smith Donna Smith Cindy Smith Lonnie Smith Jackie Spaul Fennell Spikes Annah Stanback Cynthia Stanley Lisa Stone James Strickland Sally Strickland Vicki Suggs Sheila Swaim Sophomoresfl 91 X,,,,,,,..N,..,A,,..wmM,,.W,.MW,WW.,i,tM,,,.,.,.WWW,f.,W....i.,-,,i,.W..W,WW as 5, r, it lf, ,V an ,i,i,.su,f WMM Randall Tackett Joe Talley Scott Tate Dwane Taylor Allen Terry George Terry Ruth Thacker Randy Therrell David Thomas Randy Thompson Ed Torence Michael Torrence Julie Traylor Scott Tucker Brian Tumer Gloria Turner Sherron Vaughn Kevin Wade Stephen Waden Jane Wagoner lisa Walker Christi Wall Emmanuel Wallace Patrick Wallace Samuel Washington Rocky Watson Scott Watson Tony Watson Shawn Wells Mike Weaver Keith White Mary Ann White Roberta White Tenita White Donna Whitley Robbie Whitley LarryWhitworth Janie Wilbanks Joan Wiley Diane Williams Leonard Williams Teresa Williams 1 92fS0phomores 1. ai f ,,,f f,-f , ,. X f,5,5,1:,1211w1-:.,:: f m1gsQ:arfg'i,ie,z "' , ' flbis frftisff' 'ei -7, ,. .1 ,f1i,i ,rts,V , V avmsirrsrfsrfsrfe' ' ' 'H '-L' mf,i1 5 iizs ,, ,V , my isi ,. , , VAQ: . V , K, W, .. ,, We 49145 ' wi A if W K 'Vl" ' 3-al Tommy Williams Jim Williamson Robin Williamson Kim Wilson Rose Wilson Dawanna Withers f Billy Wood Scott Wood Valerie Yafchak Lori Yarbrough Anthony Zimmerman lt 4' "3 plus 9 equal 13 Nine years ago, Susan Foster began swimming for the High Point swim team. This demonstrated her talents of swimming gained when she was three years old. Susan said, "I didn't start winning until I was thirteen, then I started winning and dropping my time." During the winter of '76 she made her first trip to Memphis, Tennessee. There she competed for the national title for girls of ages thirteen and fourteen. She missed qualifying for the 1500 meters lmilel by only three seconds, but her determination helped her to qualify in the junior nationals the following summer. She placed fourth in the nationals, second in region three, and first in the state. Susan was hoping to go to the Olympics and was also hoping for a first place in the junior nationals. She had this to say about being on the 'swim team, "I was glad I had the chance to swim for Andrews. We had the best chance of winning this yearthat we've had in a while." Congratulations to the "sophomore in the limelight." Pulling hard. Susan Foster proves that hard work pays off as she strokes through lap after lap in prac- tice. 77 S dO WOH HO SEI Sophomoresf193 ww 6 t,' iwr Willing to help. The guidance counselors Mrs. Mebane and Mrs. Bray offer their knowledge and foresight to Jana lkerd. Decisions. By talking with students and teachers, Mr. Whites attempts to solve disciplinary problems, M, f,, ffk fam . f fr 'fr' 2 nr if QMILJW -- ' '4 I? f f Q lf f 12,7 Z Q I Z fi ,, ,4,j5fWa'f , A fr, .... , ,,f A ' l ' 4 ft za W: J , 'eww V I f K we My X K, ,, r it Mg,g,,,,,,4,,.,,,,.,,,,,WfLfz2aiin 4i""' llfs, -,,..... in Z! i 7219 if r, 194fAdministration 'R s -. as ,W 8 MW ' K , 3 4 ..... ' .I .,.. 4,-:Wf , t ' Egfr g r 23 2 fig? rf Q ,s V! A s E 5 , flsa There it is! Miss McCorkel points out to Mrs. Giles and Mrs, Tuckerjustexactly what they are looking for. 'Working Together' Mr. Hipps, Miss Welch, and Mr. Whites all worked together to make plans for a better leaming environment. Together they accomplished a great deal throughout the school year. Mr. Hipps liked working with young people. He felt that students should take advantage of the opportunity to come to school and leam. He also thought that the student body as a whole was very cooperative. Miss Welch said that she liked to sit in on classes and get to know the students better. She was not as fond of the mass of written work to be done. Mr. Whites, Dean of Students, helped Mr. Hipps and Miss Welch with disciplinary matters. He enjoyed his job because it allowed him to get to know the students better. Finally. Mrs. Russell and Miss Mclntyre smile as they recover a lost library card. Welch at work. Working eamestly, Miss Welch, the Principal for Instruction, endeavors to complete her daily quota of work. File fever. As Mr. Hipps thumbs through the files, he contemplates if this is the folder he has been searching for. AdminLstmtionf195 X 3 if L X 1 Q 1 Q iii -f-0 ..,u Sarah Adams Home Economics Don Am old French Rita Bean Business J. Y. Bell Band Nathaniel Bolds Carpentry Linda Bost Home Economics Lloyd Bragoz English Mary Browne Chorus 1 96X Teachers Another year! Before the first day of school for teachers, Mr. O'Connor, Mr. Pembermn, and Mr Roadhouse gather outside the building. S fi ! ,Sr I N. r ' sw K Xi,sj.j Y W W d, K ef? ks X 33,-3, Q..-4 si? .f.v N vw-Q- ff New f vs 43 fn gfnful :Wil a-git., radii! r X :ii fx! a '- ' '- smash?- xx X is r ie, Q1 in sr, . 1 Q Y 5 , A ,+ 'X K- 'I 3 . 5? rr 5"1uI0""' X sr,, i 5 . . r Q' f 1,4 . in ?2? M ,l, rw 'Eg' -' Jyak' A' ' mime? 1 6 ff f ft if A . f ff 'ew : f f '- 'fi ' QM ' ' if gif? 'E l . my H 'To The Attic' If you were a teacher, how would you feel being nominated for Outstanding Young Educator? Mrs. Larson found out how it felt and said it was an honor and it meant a lot to her because the nomination came from her fellow teachers. This honorary award was sponsored by the High Point Jaycees, who wished to recognize exceptional achievers in education. Her husband got into the act, when he went upstairs to the attic for all her high school and college awards and achieve- ments. When he found all the pictures, Mrs. Larson arranged them into a scrap- book. Another step was to fill out a long entry form that stated many facts about her teaching skills. Mrs. Larson proved to be a tough and meaningful compe titor. What an honor. Mrs. Larson looks through her scrap- book that she made as a competitor for Outstanding Young Educator. Damell Bullins English Linda Burch English Cathy Busby Physical Education Wallye Carswell J., K W . , Q si ' 'rv H4111 2 , , W if EQ T Mathematics ' fin af frcwf' fi M12, . '- at wwf W j " ' 4. tw ,. wim, N,.,M , A M 1 .5 554, V. mg- 5? sf, , .Q ' '- - ' straw' 53' V, jr ,Qi ' s :iff 'ffw' J yfpigmfg, '." John Casazza SciencefPhysical Ed. Marlene Chess Business , W f AQ, br fr fit? 4 ,V gy 'fe i if . rg 5 Q ,at Z M gg "' 5 t . Were , +1 ' fffiijlf fair J :f f ,Www- w 7 X 3 QE? A flag, if 5?f.aifuf'Q rf at AM . Www ka fi fjfiiiiggfiii ' as l 4,,V Kenneth Dodson ICTfDrafti ng Sylvia Eaglin English Teachersf197 CD ov-4 4-I UD CD S-4 198K Teachers Bill Elkinton 3. s ICT Pam Farlow Orchestra George Foree Driver Education Craig Gill Physical Education Sylvia Harris Home Economics David Hester Auto Mechanics While not busy grading papers and attending meetings, teachers often occupied themselves with such hobbies as fishing, sewing, hunting and just relaxing at home. Miss Ray who was a cheerleading sponsor, said that she liked sports, and when she had a little spare time she sometimes played volleyball on her church team. She also said she enjoyed sewing. Coach Shuck stated that his favorite hobby was of course enjoying sports, but also he just liked to sit at home and relax Mr. Bolds who taught carpentry, said that his favorite hobbies were fishing and hunting. Funny moment. While teaching one of her math Concentration. Ms. Kimbro, while teaching her math classes, Miss Ray takes time out for a quick laugh. class, concentrates on the next problem. Margaret Home English Sandra Johnson English! French Murrell Johnson Science Cindy Jones Textiles Pat Larson English Ann Measmer Business ,MW Frances McCauley Science Charles O'Connor ri., Social Studies Barbara Oliver Art Teresa Ray ff Mathematics Charles Roadhouse Science Robert Schuck Physical Education Joe Steadman Science! Math Jacqueline Sykes ' ,Q Q' Spanish IDaze M the students' vacation came to an end, preparation for 'school daze' began. The teacher's preparation had to begin a bit early. Desks were arranged and assignments were made, which kept the teachers busy even without the students. Teachers, during their workdays, are not the teachers students know in school. They dress casual, even in jeans, and have radios to keep them company, along with their coffee pots and donuts. ,-When that big day finally arrived both the teachers and the students seemed to be anxious to get involved in school activities once again. The halls and classrooms were crowded with new faces, not only sophomores but new teachers too. All were trying to figure out who was who and how to get where they should be. Teachers and students haven't really changed that much, but it's still exciting to see their reactions to the "school daze." Hun! at work. Ms. Brookbank thinks seriously about the content of the student's work. ZOO! Teachers 'School Grading time. Mr. Rush goes through a daily routine Togethemess. Miss Bost not only enjoys teaching, of recording the students grades. but she also likes to get to know her students better. Time out. Mrs, Hatcher takes a break from teaching, to read a few lines from her book. Brenda Thomas Physical Education Mary Townsend ,nw M. im Science Nellie Westbrook Home Economics Janet Williford Mathematics William Walker Driver Education QS? Danny Wilmer N 'Y - Social Studies Fred Wright g X N Electridfy Teachers! 201 Daydreaming. Mrs. Bullins gazes admiringly at her number one idol, Rod Stewart. 'Singer Rod Stewart Rated Mrs. Bullins became acquainted with Rod Stewarts music in the early seven I I rn ties when he first became popular, and 202K Teachers has been a fan ever since. Not only is he an idol of hers but also of her hus- band In fact it was her husband who Q first started buying his music. She began to appreciate Rod Stewart and his muslc more when his album 'Night on the Town" came out It was his first solo album and most of the songs he wrote himself. Mrs. Bullins felt she could relate to Rod be- cause his music spoke of emotions and feelings that everyone experienced. She said one could understand his music. Mis. Bullins attended his concert when he appeared in Greensboro. She was determined to go and if he had not ap- peared in Greensboro, she had planned to go to Atlanta to see his performance there. Some of her favorite songs were "Maggie," and "Georgie Boy." Mrs. Bullins rated Rod Stewart number one, with Bob Dylan and Steely Dan coming in second and third e f gr ail Q33 wg? -12: sie , tfggw 'sstiisffgit 'Q sf' 4 as it .. Q X t 1. MES? . WM ,- ,,.,W.m,, ,W ,WWW ,WW 'NFS f 4 l i 'N Looking in. A look in from the outside catches Mn Thervell discussing a question brought up in class. Taking a break. Teachers take a break in a faculty meeting by enjoying refreshments served by NHS. so -l 4, 'I 7 A at ll Q W3 o 'Vo K 'M V In V, A,,, V' I if .ffwffl r ZW41, ' will , - ., Papenvork. Ms. Brookbank uses her planning period to catch up on grading test papers. Hey class! At the beginning of the period, Coach Goins gets his class started in a game of basketball. Teachersf203 Y l 'I could get my hands on' Mr. Rogers could best be described as had as the title suggests - fun. There Y being a well-rounded person who has many were approximately 250 people involved in concerns. He endeavored to participate in "Fun Day" and throughout the day they . activities that stimulated his physical, shared in sports, games, painting and emotional and spiritual body. various activities. In his Spare time, Mr. Rogers has in "There were times when I felt like his words "been reading every book on giving up, but I knew there was a purpose ge Watergate I Could get In!! hands On-H in what I was doing." Mr. Rogers put in Being very interested in Pelihesi his long hours on this project and was proud ambition is to Someday fehlfn to 0011292 of his achievement. He had an extremely and Study law- good reason to be. He persuaded MY- Rogers ldined the Council f0f McDonald's to provide lunches and T-shirts Exceptional Children, so last spring for everyone, Hg feels that the while attending The UnlVeYslfV Of Nonh volunteers discovered much about Carolina at Chapel Hill, he 01'9anl2ed themselves and the children. After all, g . . "Fun Day." This was a time when children, as Mr, Rggers said, "there is meaning in '-- A it both handicapped and n0f, QOY T0Qethef almost everything that happens. Things A with student and adult volunteers and just don't occur by chance or fate." .. ii l 2 P 3 l E i 1 3 r l l l Majeslic pmjile. While carrying on a conversation in the teachers' lounge, Mr. Rogers takes time out to relax. 204K Teachers W , , X 1 wi' aff Q, ,,.,, ,.., :,gE,, EE. ,. i l 42 ,,, li? 'Tj Te iueigif' Anudst G mess Whde Surrounded bv papers and Fresh start. Perching precanously on her chair rs posters Lznda Garner rs caught unaware. Watkins busily plans her daiiy work- 'MW l X :S ix ii. 1 ' L., All in a days work The Englzsh department could not do without Mrs Miller who IS an extremely vrtal asset to the teachers Tell me it's not true' Whzle bexng told ofthe mzsfor tune ofa Reuerze staff member Mrs Wllllford gazes zn absolute amazement -, Q1 121 "v1sQzis2z11 S , .,,4f2:1m111w 15 'Q :sausage zfseigesisaz 512' fYL?355if?liiiQs3l5?SY1Q25SFL:ff515EQ5EiiE2si5?EE92Li5EE5iIifx75ki?7?zi?'?siiLii??iif'?sii.si5zi":eiLifi5?fQi.l.,,J.,,,.,,i,.,i .Yfwfgmatu:1sa:e,aaw5ba5zm:M,aEm,:K -BL-5:34 xx ...Q sm, I fw A 9 5 5? rf OAKVIEW OIL COMPANY 312 OLD WINSTON ROAD TELEPHONE: 869-3312 Compliments of 31 1 GROCERY Compliments of PARK VILLAGE SUPERMARKET CLOVER LEAF SUPER MARKETS, INC. 2020 South Main St. College Village Shopping Center Phone l919l 886-4453 Phone l919l 886-7718 High Point, N.C. 27260 Highest Quality at Lower Prices 208fAds 8: Index PERPETUAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 645 N. Main Street High Point, North carolina "WE CARE" SECHREST FUNERAL SERVICE 1301 E. Lexington Avenue High Point, N.C. Serving this community over 75 years Phone 882-2555 or 885-2145 Member of National Selected Morticians 1490 if!-L! I 5152: A ,, N1 15 ta' EX 1, 'G I N ' L -fv Q' ', , lil:,:1:x , rf N qGmvw'3?fn Q " - l' vw 511-5 2 - . 1 T . .L ' Q n Tllllll BENQ 205 Eastchester Drive High Point, N.C. 869-6417 Compliments of VANN YORK PONTIAC HONDA 902 N. Main High Point, N.C. Telephone - 885-2183 Ads 8z lndexf209 1628 S. Main Street Southgate Shopping Center Iiflfngfslgff Il3llS'13,f2If5f19'EiN2 GRACE FLOWER SHOP, INC. 0 North Wrenn at Westwood High Point, North Carolina Member Flonsts' Telegraph Delivery Association 211 Eastchester Drive 888-4085 - PHONES - 882-1617 High Point Mall Mon. Thru Sat. 10 AM. - 10 PM. Sunday 1 'Til 6 Hardware 0 Sporting Goods I Building Materials , Q! HARDWARE COMPANY 214 North Main High Point IBuilding Matenalsl 111 North Centennial "A TRADITION IN HIGH QUALITY AND GOOD VALUE SINCE 18832 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN Four Locations 620 North Main Street, High Point 108 East Main Street, Jamestown National Unity, Thomasville 611 Green Valley Drive, Greensboro 210fAds 8: Index LUMBIA FOOD MARKETS 2401 N. Main o 810 S. Main o 220 N. Centennial 0pen 8:00 til 9:30 Mon. - Sat. Closed on Sunday 410 North Wrenn Street f High Point, N.C. HIGHLAND OLDS-CADILLAC 882-8817 Telephone 869-7111 Albin R. Bernot 2506 N. Main St. General Manager High Point, N.C. SCOTT GARTEN BUICK 2431 North Main Street Compliments Of Wachnvla Wachovia Bank 81 Trust Company, N.A. Ads 8: lndexf211 ,, l I Hi In Point ollogo Meet old friends and new friends on this campus where a career-oriented education is rooted in the traditional liberal arts with a contemporary cumculum. HIGH POINT COLLEGE has about 1100 student fulltime faculty of 60, lmost have the Ph. D. degreel is fully accredited, and is related to the United Methodist Church. The College offers 32 majors leading to the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degree. Visit the campus or phone the Director of Admissions for more information s,a HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA 27262 0 l919l 885-5101 212fAds 81 Index MALL AAJW-4,2 . 1 pr? ','. Elf 411Femme B1wz. nigh mam, mc. Ads 81 lndexf213 Compliments of High Point, North Carolina Ads 81 Indexf215 1 iq, ..q,, firm.. an ZF . .W xi 'f W' Q .fs 1 - 3 E , - .Q - :.r-Ju 5-X X A -, Q, g. 8- 5Qf? i ltmil 'lv "i i '1 ' ,-5 ,, N Y A 'R ' 1,2-ww. 9, fa fi 1 , . ,X K I f, H 6 xx .: ,Q 5 .4 5 .pl -I X49 .EQ H in L f .3 E .: L, .k:, I - - ' 2 Q s if Swggf 5 53 63 Q 1.41RmK b fx, , 3 q 'ij in rv' :fi-1 , Q ' fg 63 .ga U . 'J 1 U7 .SZ A-CQQNPW Ads 8: lndexf217 X E55 ' .N . W . ,NX X . xv'- 1. W' , m . lnbounds pass - D.D. Harp prevents his opponent The Vernon Equipment Company' Inc' from getting the ball in an exciting game against Ragsdale. v .1-1 WAS KEN VERNON School and Chufch Furniture, And Carpet Specialists P. O. Box 5484 312 New St. High Point, N.C. 27262 OFFICE RESIDENCE 919 885-4615 919 869-7979 919 882-0197 X ss - 1' I " Z N "sn sf' nn' 77' ai if III? KMKCP nw 218fAds STEELE'S DINER J RESTAURANT ' ' ' cumin A Anmcm soo ,X to i Dine In or Preston L. Ridge Take Out Accountant Open 6 Days 11:30-2:00 8: 5:00-10:00 2802 North Main Street S t. 5:00-10:00 T l h g2g12g1i2Main High Poingggi C?osed Monday 563332 IXMLLJ 1 X-A O O oollmt-Q6 J-we gfwiit OLGA 'vifbwftwwi' MCDOHHICI' fiiiio 1 t O ki Q6,Q,-6:42 cutie Adsf219 SAMUEL HYMAN COMPLIMENTS JEWELER CLASS RINGS OF B P- ' H- h P - est 15152. ','Q,ahQgSt. Om' TOPS, BOTTOMS, at SOUL COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS 2 I Qclmans FRIEDMANS JEWELERS OF 906 north main street high point, n. c. 27262 L d phone 882-6718 ...- We Care t Abgut Ji? EEENFFAZ FHQES11 Garden like QSJESQI37 O ENGUSH ROAD - HIGH POINT NORTH CAROLINA ' 27260 22OfAds 'Ma W Mala! Gag good-'bye aflfef .222 fha good fms.' Ill-fa , 1 ,. E Ea mi A096 dank v3arbo.m Sfolakf iq www swag SAW Q 941904 Rada! Dsuzki Deafan, Steve claw Kam Braves E hfmdy 8077 liliafzkr' dllred Wwffw FINE CLOTHIERS FOR LADIES AND GENTS COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 1 ohm 1 DOWNTOWN AND WESTCHESTER MALL 77 il fl ig J' ,-XX' ..-'i- JVM iwwm. Q 4 Z1 1 ff 3 , I f"T'X ,fs , V ... sf' 2 .3-"fs ,334-rv-4'f' - L A -e- - -- K wi an as was I H www Ear TOM'S BRASS RAIL Where The College Kids Go 222fAds ll l ' Qfifuguf ssisillu- The Great Egg Drop. David Allred prepares to drop Reuben. Mr. Arnold gets into the Christmas Spirit his homemade egg container in an experiment to find early by giving his French IV class a lesson in out if his egg will break. PUPDCUV- 'Ai KENNEDY OIL CO. W Distributor of Mobile Heating Oil 1203 Courtesy 885-5184 804 ENGLISH ROAD CRC PRI Tl G, INC. Box 2, 724 West Kivett Drive High Point, N. C. 27261 Telephone: 19191 882-9242 883-2113 0 FOUR COLOR PROCESS O LETTERHEADS ' ENVELOPES ' BUSINESS CARDS ' BROCHURES D. L. Everhart, lII HOSIERY INSERTS CATALOGUES PRICE LISTS LABELS SNAP-OUT FORMS Shirley Everhart - Salesman LYHH AICXQUACY President Sales Manager ? Adsf223 ffgzfwlif of-3 5226 Gwfffef YM2 95 S F"3 5 j 1: I 0 I Y 5"'- L N . 212 'Q 2 ? E '- ff-if I a Fi f ' I ' 'ff 6 Hogg, ' -X Q . , 23 -F G n X I . wg 1" . QQ J W, I - W ofa re f I G W J ' E-iff' A ,of J x -R I ' , d ,. :j f" AK ,, I5 I f Jmaoaf 11, 1 4 ' ' - luv- " A Q Maw I-Nnbfb-11?J'5 ,f 94 ai ' G6 qw ,, 5' 97 f 0 ' E W igg jg V- 1. Q E JN f 0 r fb X 5yf."'5j V' Ziff?-' i,S'W f 1 9 ' A 2+ - . , X GJ su women x , 4 . g L ' ITT.. ... ... -... - 1 .-. 2 X F-1 ACADEMICS . . Adams, Linda . . Adams, Mrs. Sarah ADS ...... Albert, Barry . . Albert, Jeff . . . Albertson, Eddie Alexander, Carolyn Alexander, Elaine Allen, Alvin . . . Allen, Ewdwood Allred, David . . Allred, Ray . . . Alsbrook, Pearlette Alston, Karon . Amerson, Cynthia Amos, Trip . . ANCHOR CLUB. Anderson, Sharon Archie, Angela Archie, Robin . Archie, Rosalind Arnold, Mr. Don Amold, Steve . Ashworth, Beth Atchison, John Atkins, Linda . . Avent, Hilda . . Averette, Karen . 226fIndex . .114-133 . . 60,168 . . 50,196 . .206-227 . . . .182 . . 37,137 . . . . .19 .38,39,168 .12,52,182 . .157,168 . . . .168 .84,85,137 . . . .182 ....105 ...137 . . 36,137 . . . . .50 . . . .143 39,106,168 . . . .168 . . . .168 . .124,196 . . 46,168 . . 62,168 . . . .182 .4-4,78,137 . . . .182 ...182 Bailey, Jeanne Bailey, John . Bailey, Martha Bailey, Scott . Baker, Candy . Baker, Sterling Baldwin, Toni . Ball, Crystal . . BAND .... Bandle, Tammy Banther, Randy Barringer, Sylvia Bass, Debbie . Batten, Royce . Bayne, Emest . Beal, Jode . . Beaman, Barry Bean, Becky . Bean, James . Bean, Peggy . Bean, Ms. Rita Beazlie, Cathy Beck, Leigh . . Bell, Ben . . . Bell, Mr. J.Y. . Bell, Timmy . . Benfield, Ted . Bennett, Angela . . .125,168 . .89,90,137 . .30,60,182 . . . 65,137 . .64,65,137 . . .137,152 . . . .182 . . . .122 . . .42,43 . . .182 . . . . .168 . . . . .182 4O,41,62,182 . . . . .168 76,89,91,137 . . . 78,168 . . . 65,137 44,81,86,168 . .44,89,168 . . . . .182 . . .118,196 12,53,67,136 137 . .44,58,168 77,89,90,157 . . .178,196 . . . . .182 . . .137 . . .182 Bergeron, Robin . . . .182 BETA CLUB . . ...... 49 Billings, Sherry Billings, Susan Bingham, Don Bishop, Ann . . . .63,66,168 . ..... 182 . ..... 157 . . . . 105,182 Bishop, Greg ..... 30,59,168 Black, Gracie . Black, Vystia . Blackbum, Jayn Blackman, Lou Blackwell, Terry . ..... 137 .......137 e .... 64,138 . . 62,64-,95,182 . . . .66,67,168 Blair, Bamil ......... 182 Blakeney, Vanessa ...... 61 Blakeney, Wendy . . . 39,51,182 Blanchard, Dot .......150 Bodenheimer, Charles' .... 37 Bodenheimer, Roger .... 157 Bohannon, Rosalyn . 65,117,168 Bolds, Mr. Nathaniel 36,196,198 Boles, Judy ......... 138 Boles, Randy .... 30,64,70,72 74,136 Boles, Robert ..... 30,64,138 Bolin, Debbie . . . .119,182 Bolin, Margaret ..... 138,157 Bolin, Renee ......... 30 Bolin, David . . . 51,62,96,138 Booe, Booe, June ....... 62,168 Susan . . . 22,62,67,138 Boone, David . Boone, Keith . Bost, Ms. Linda 46,182 .......168 .....196,201 Will it break? During a physics ex- periment, Steve Smith drops a wooden box containing an egg, hoping that it will not break. Bowers, Kenneth ...... 138 Bowlin, Vicki ..... 65,67,139 Bowman, Lloyd ....... 182 Boyce, Angie . . . . . 66,139 Boyd, Gina ......... 168 Boyd, lndia .......... 17 Boyd, James . . .76,77,89,103, 169 Boyles, Peter . . ...., 169 Boyles, Robin . . . . . . .18 Brackett, Ricky . . . . . .182 Brady, Debbie ....... 169 Bragoz, Mr. Lloyd ...... 196 Braica, Jeff .... . 19,139 Brand, Keith . . . 89,99,169 Braswell, Annette . 21,61,139 Braswell, Jean . . . . . 182 Bmxton, Mr. Eugene Braxton, Sharon . ....13 ....13 Bray, Laurie . . . . . .182 Bray, Mrs. Margaret .177,194 Breeden, Willie . . .106,182 Brendle, Kim . . . . .169 Brewer, Carl . . . . 37,169 Bridges, Andrew . 77,96,97 99,101 Briggs, Marva . . . . . .182 Briley, Becky . . . . .169 . . . .182 . 78,82,83 CHORUS ........... 39 Brockman, Whitley ..,... 37 Brookbank, Ms. Gayle 20,70,127 200,203 Brooks, Karen. . .27,56,58,60,62 125,139,154 Brooks, Kelly . . .5,27,67,86,87 139,154 Broom, Mike ..,.. 53 Brown, Allison . . 62,182 Brown, Alma ......... 65 Brown, Barry ......... 93 Brown, Chris . . .89,99,166,169 Brown, Gertrude , . 110,239,121 139 Brovm, James . . . 85,169 Brown, Jimmy . . . 85,119 Brown, Randi . . . . 39,113 Brown, Roger . . . . . 95,182 Ronnie .... 44,95,182 Susan ...... 63,139 Browne, Mrs. Mary . . . 38,196 Buchannon, Ruth ....... 61 Brown, Brown, Burris, Michelle Burton, Charles Burton, Cindy Burton, Dixie . Busby, Ms. Cathy Buchannon, Terry , . .89,99,100, 101 Buck, Larry ......... 182 Bullins, Mrs. Damell . .197,202 Burch, Ms. Linda ...... 197 Burford, Samuel ....... 24 Burleson, Danita . . .54,55,112 113,136,139 The resulting egg. After dropping the box from high above, Steve Smith examines his unbroken egg. Butler, Gwen . . . Butler, Kelley . . . Butler, Maggie . . Butler, Wendy . .139 . . , .169 . . 65,169 84,120,197 . .139,143 . . .63,82 .106183 27404144 ' ' 5s,62,7s,i39 Byrd, Tim . . ..... 37,169 Campbell, Donald .... 96,183 Campbell, Teresa . . 55,139,183 Campbell, Towanda CAMPUS LIFE . . Candler, Ricky . . Candler, Thomas . Cardwell, Randall . Camey, Cynthia . Camey, Matthew . Carr, Rosalyn . . . Carroll, Johnny . . Carswell, Ms. Wallye Carter, Robert . . Casazza, Mr. John . Cascante, Rosemary ...,183 ....6-27 ...183 ...139 .....183 ..21,139 ...169 ...183 . . 96,183 . . . .197 30133 ' 89,108,111 197 ....169 Cathey, Anita . Caulfield, Mary 55 139 ' f 30,44,64,140 Clinton, Clinton, Larry . . Susie . . Clinton, Teresa , Clinton, Tim . . CLUBS Cobum, Sharon l Causey, Billy . .... 89,169 Chandler, Larry . . 95,103,183 Chandler, Tom ...... 157 Chapman, Mark . . . 51,96,99 140,164 Chapman, Robin . 12,13,61,140 Chapman, Tom . . 44,51,95,102 103,180,183 Chess, Eva ..... 26,44,56,57 62,140,154 Chess, Ms. Marlene . , .118,197 Chess, Mr. Sammie ...,.. 57 Chiappini, Matthew ...... 9 . . . 20,37,39,62 125,128,140 Chilton, Susie .... 68,105,183 Chisem, Candie ....... 183 Chisem, Kelvin Chong, Sun Joo ...... 169 Chorpening, Mrs. Kathy . . . 106 Chilton, Cathy .......140 Church, Roy . CIVINETTES . Clark, Randy . Clark, Sarah . Clark, Tony . . Clary, Eddie . Clifton, David . Clinard, Kathy Clinard, Lisa . Clinton, Anthony ......3,169 . . . . .60 . . 95,183 . . .63,66 ....183 . . . 89,169 . . .36,95,169 . ..... 93 .. ...169 .. ...65 Cockerham, Jodie Cockerham, Mike Cody, Mike . . . Coggins, Lisa . . Colbert, Clifton . Cole, Mr. Ricky . Coleman, Tim . Collins, Deirdre . Collins, Kim . . Collins, Lisa . . Collins, Mark . . Collins, Sally . . Colquitt, Rick . . Connor, Valerie . Cook, Mike . . . Cook, Owinetta . Cooke, David . . Cooke, Peter . . Cookie Monster . .. 70,72,74 ..78,79 ...183 . . . .140 ...28-67 . . . . .61 .....183 . .76,77,169 .3,64,65,140 . . . 51,183 ....183 .......36 . 64,126,140 150,159 . . . , .183 . .62,67,114 125,140 . . 12,62,67 113,183 , .65,67,141 . .62,84,183 . . . . .170 . 60,168,169, 170 . . . . . .37 . .40,41,183 . . . . .183 .157,170,215 . . . . .124 Cooper, James . . 46,53,58,183 Copeland, Reverend Gordon .16 Corbett, Kerry . . Com, Pearl . . . ,, :-eww, .....170 u-4 r-+- 'Y lndexf 22 7 ......170 Com, Sharon . . Countee, Vera . Covington, Mike Covington, Villie Crabb, Lynn . . Cranford, Lori . Craven, Jeff . . . Crawford, Darlene Crawford, John . Crawford, Keith . Crawford, Penny Creech, Greg . . Crews, Andy . . Crone, Shelley . Crowley, Larry . Crump, Larry . . Culler, Jeff . . . Cureton, Shirley . .117,141 . . . .170 . . . .170 . . . .184 63,113,170 .60,63,170 . . . . .37 . . . .170 . . . .184 13,108,109 111,141 39,122,170 . . 95,184 . .103,184 . . 61,141 . . .170 , . . .184 . . .13,77 . .121,184 Curlee, Billie . . 62,113,130,184 Cursey, Curt . . -..103 Daughtridge, Ronald . .141,157 Davis Alan . . . , ...l. 37 Davis, Alan ,... 51,89,99,i70 Davis, Andy . . . Davis,Aaron . . Davis, Bill .... Davis, Darrell . . Davis, Erick . . . . . 97,141 . . .38,39 . . 95,184 . . . .157 . . 95,184 Davis Davis Davis 1 Glacena James , Davis, Davis, ,Joey . . Marcenia Rhonda Dawkins, Rhonda Deaton, David Debruhl, Pen'y DECA .... Delapp, Janet . DeLuca, David DeLuca, Regina Denning, Teresa Denny, Sharon Dewitt, Dorothy Dickerson, Phil Dixon, Carol . Dixon, Mike . . ....141 . . . .184,215 . . . . . 77,170 .....96 ...21,61 . . . 51,52,53 58,141 . . . .89,90,141 . .,... 64 . . . .65,82,141 .-.184 ..184 ..141 ....184 . ...... 184 . . . .77,89,170 .....141 Avis . . . . ,134,141 Dockery, Dockery, Beverly Dockery, Mamie Dodson, Mr. Kenneth Dorsette, Candice Dorsette, David . . . Draughn, Mike . Draughn, Valery Driggers, Tony . Duff, Mark . . Duff, Steve . . Dull, Kinney . ...170 ......170 ....197 . 39,44,82 86,170,206 . . . . .16 51,85,96,99 121,141 . . 30,170 . . 84,184 . . 37,99 . . . .184 . . 96,170 Dumas, Anita . Dumas, James Dumont, Donna Duncan, Steve Duncan, Terry Dunlap, Beverly Dunlap, Sandra Dunlap, William Dunn, Mrs. . . Dye, Sylvia . . Dylan, Bob . . Eaglin, Ms. Sylvia Eaton, Barbara Edwards, Debbie Edwards, Lee . Elkinton, Mr. Bill Eller, Timothy . Ellerbe, Dorothy Elliott, Jacqueline Elliott, Jennifer Elsey, Tara . . Embler, Donna Embler, M. H. Erar, Jeny . . Etheredge, Joe . . 51,185 .. ...184 . .. 82,170 ...141 ...141 .......185 .....51,185 37,70,142,157 ........80 ....52,185 ...202 . . . .115,197 . . . 84,170 . . . .51,65,142 . . . . . .198 . . .142,157 ......142 . . .44,63,170 . . .45,53,56,57 63,142,154 . . .46,62,170 . . . .30,78,170 . . . .61,64,142 ....142 ........36 Etheredge, Theresa . . .119,185 Etheredge, Tonnya .....185 Eure, Janet .... . . 185 Evans Allison . . Evans, Cecilia . . Evans, Clarence . Evans Faye . . . Evans Hugh , . Evans, Janie . . FACES .... Failey, Oscar . Farlow, Beth . Farlow, Miss Pam FBLA ..... FCA ...... Feree, Rhonda . . Ferguson, Benny Ferguson, Kathy Ferguson, Susan FHA ....... Flowe, Teresa . . . . .157,170 658186142 . 44,89,93,142 .....170 .....142 . . 65,142 . .134-205 ...185 ...170 ...20,198 ..54,55 ....143 ...28,185 . ...170 . ..170 . .... 60 -...185 Foree, Coach George . . .76,96, 97,99,181,184,188,198 Foster, Melva . . Foster, Renee . . Foster, Susan . . Fowler, Chuck . Fox, Karen . . . Foxworth, Terry . Frazier, Eric . . , Frazier, Kitty . . Freeman, Lisa . Freeman, Mark . ....,185 .....170 .63,84,185,193 . 70,72,74,142 . 30,133,185 . . . 37,142 . . 95,185 . . . .185 . . .113,185 . . . . .77 O I l Education. Kenneth Nance, Oc- cupational Education, Dr. Wrginia Q I I q I I 1 I I Q Lewis, Supervisor for Secondary Education, John Morris, Athletics and Transportation. 228fIndex 11,30,53,59 Top Decisions Important meeting. Dr. Warren Anderson, Assistant Superinten- dent, Dr. Charles Haywood, Assis- tant Superintendent, Mrs. Sandro Frye, School-Community Relations: In The Making ri, W FRENCH CLUB ....,.. 62 Frettoloso, Thomas . . .108,142 Frettoloso, Sully ....,.. 142 Friedman, Janice .... 62,185 Fulford, Janice . . ,... 185 Futch, Connie . . . 51,185 Gaddy, Cathy Gailey, Billy . . . . . .123,170 Gailey, Terrie Gainey, Anna ...... 36,170 Gaitherwright, LaVeme , . . 170 Gandy, Sandra .,... 61,170 Gannaway, Gary ...... 170 Ganong, Patty . . . 12,21,26,62 66,67,128,142 Gant, Mrs. June ....... 57 Gant, Kimberly . . 8,56,57,62,66 67,112,113,115,125,142 Garcia, Tony ........ 143 Gardner, Karen ....... 170 Garner, Jane ...... 116,170 Gamer, Mrs. Linda . . .204,205 Garner, Tammy . . 30,60,62,143 Garner, Tina .... 53,143,144 Garringer, Mike .....,. 185 Gates, Terri . . . , . 39,53,62 ....39,157,170 ........185 64,167,170 Gibson, Leslie ........ 2 Gibson, Mitch . . . . . .185 Giiben, Randy .. ..... 89 Giles, Ms. Alice ....... 194 Gill, Craig .... Gillespie, Anita Gilmer, Rosie . . 89,94,198 . . .... 185 . . . . 89,170 Gilmer, Roy ...... Gilmer, Woody ....95 .....53,185 Goins, Coach Herb . . 85,89,90 91,203 Gold, Brian .... .... 1 85 Golden, Micheal . . . 95,185 Goodwin, Bill . . ..... 185 Goodwin, Blaine .... 122,185 Gordon, Tammy ...... 185 Grace, Keith . . . . . . .77 Graham, Barbara Graham, Dorothy Graham, Myoshia .. ...170 .. ,... 61 . .... 185 Gray, Coby . . . . . . 37,43 Gray, Crystal . . . . 61,171 Gray, Renee . . .... 170 Green, Beverly ..... 185,189 Green, Cindy ...... 62,185 Green, Eva .....,. 36,143 Green, Jana . . . 53,58,62,172 Green, Johnny . .44,95,111,185 Green, Patricia .,..... 185 Greene, Janice .... 62,66,67, 113,185 Greene, Laura . . 5,26,44,58,78 105,143,161 Griffin, Debbie Lynn . . 143 Griffith, Ginger . Gudger, Reggie . Gulledge, Phil . Gurley, Denise . Gumey, John . . Gumey, Karen . Guthrie, Dale . . Guthrie, Diane . Hailey, Thomas . Haley, Desiree . Halker, Renee , Hall, Kathy . . . Hall, Kim ,... Hall, Leslie . . . Hall, Raymond . Hall, Ricky . . Hall, Robert . . . Hamilton, Cheryl Hamilton, Debbie Hamilton, Pamela Hammond, Jeff . Hampton, Sabrina Hamrick, Tony . Haney, Sarah . . Harbinson, Eric . . . . 39,172 . .... 172 ...,.185 . . 53,58,62 113,172,174 . .37,77,143 . 67,1f ',119 17. 174 . . . . .185 . . 46,51,172 . 37,144,157 .....185 ,....185 . . . . , .157 .12,55,128,144 . 62,131,185 . . . 95,186 . . 44,79,89 93,172 . . . 95,172 . . . . . .186 . 44,62,78,144 . . .60,66,144 . . . . . .186 . . . 61,172 ......186 . . 81,106,172 . . 14,26,44,51 89,144,164 Dr. Frank Giles, Comptroller Jeny Shaver, Assistant Superintendent in Charge of Personnel: Dr. Edwin West, Jr., Superintendent, Harden, Lisa . . Harden, Penny . Harden, Tommy Hardin, Kathy . . Harp, Dwayne D. Harper, Angie . Harris, Carol . Hams, Deirdre . Harris, Harold . Harris, Jacqueline Hams, Jessie . . Harris, Johnnie . Harris, Ronald . Harris, Mrs. Sylvia Harris, Tami . . Hart, Candy . . Hartley, Margaret Hartman, Debbie Hassapelis, Sophia Hatcher, Mrs. Gail Hayden, Dane . Hayes, Dora . . Hayes, Gerard . Hayes, Suzanne . Hayes, Vonda . . Haywood, Gordon Hayworth, David Hayworth, Laura ....65,144 ......186 70,71,72,75 . . . .118,172 88,89,98,99 100,101,144 ..,..82,83 .....186 ,......51 77,117,144 . . .51,53,106 186 ...186 . . . . 65,145 ...186 . . . . .198 . . .60,65,172 67,81,172 63,82,83 105,127,145 ......172 . . . 67,172 . . . 67,201 ...122 ...122,172 ....103,186 ......186 . . . . 36,145 ......13 . . . . . . .17 62,63,1 72 lndexf229 Head, Robert .,...... 186 Heame, David .,...,. 145 . . , 62,186 Hedgecock, Crystal Hedgecock, Vernon . .51,62,172 Hedrick, Gail .,.,. 53,6267 180,186 Hednck, Randy . .30,62,173,178 Hedrick, Tammi . . .53,67,145 Heilig, Susan .,...... 186 Helms, Senator Jesse .... 186 Henry, Regina . . .37,53,63,67 136,145 Henry, Reniece ..... 67,186 Hemandez, Mrs. Benecia . 58,63 Hemdon, Lisa .... 37,63,173 Hester, Mr. David .,.... 198 Hiatt, Hal ...... 70,72,74,89 Hiatt, Harrell ....,... 173 Hicks, Cynthia . .....173 Horlick, Kim ..... 55,64,145 Homady, Lisa ..... 55,145 Home, Mrs. Margaret .... 199 Howell, Sharon . . . 62,181,186 Howell, James ...,... 173 Hubbard, Diana ..,..... 78 Hudspeth, Brian ...,.. 186 Huff, Sherri ....... 15,187 Hughes, Ginger ....... 187 Hughs. Jim ......... 173 Hunley, Kay . , .39,55,132,145 Hunter, Anatra ....... 173 Hunter, Mark ..... 44,89,145 . . .54.55,145 Hutchens, Susan Hutcherson, Greg ..,.... 37 Hutcherson, Melvin ..... 173 Jackson, Alison . Jackson, Christine Jackson, Cynthia Jackson, William Jamison, Darrell Jarrett, Bill . . . Jarrett, Debbie Jarrett, Eddie . Jarrett, Odessa Jarvis, Kim . Jefferies, Donnie Jefferson, Juellie Jeffries, Roger . ....,187 ...65,147 Hicks, Jeff .,....... 173 Hilliard, Laura . . . 58,186 Hilliard, Todd . , 44,70,71,73 74,75,89,173 Hilton, Glenius ,....., 119 . . . .189,195 Hodge, Bobby . . Hipps, Mr. Herb Holbrook, Timmy Holland, Deborah Holland, Lynette Holland, Timothy Hood, Roetta . . . Hoover, Robert . . ....186 .. ...186 .. ,..186 ,...186 . . . 77,89,99 ff- O 'Q aw-A Xl ONQO L- xl OJ Ikerd, Jana .... 762,145,194 lngraham, Patti ....... 173 Ingram Ingram Bemie . . ,89,94,97,99 Bonnie ..... 106,187 Ingram Darrell ....... 187 Ingram Keith . .37,122,145,157 Ingram, Melvin ...... 10,37 Ingram Robin . 82,104,105,173 Ingram, Vicki ...... 53,187 INTERACT .......... 64 Isley, Joni . . . . .39,63,173 , . 81,104,105 145,157 ,,...187 ......173 ..70,71,74,75 ......187 . ,... 173 . . 63,173 . . 37.145 . . , . .173 . . 52,5359 63,145 . . . .187 . . , ,122 . .... 173 Jester, Mike . . ..... 181 Jett, Johnny ..... 70,74,146 Johnson, Amber .... 67,173 Johnson, Anthony . . .157,173 Johnson, Carla . . . 12,13,52,53 55,146,162 Johnson, Connie .... 58,187 Johnson Dwayne ....... 77 Johnson, Emest ....,. 77,89 102,103,173 Johnson, Kim ...... 51,187 Johnson Mr. Murrell .... 199 Johnson, Pam ..... 16,143 Johnson, Mrs. Sandra ..., 199 Johnson, Tina ....... 187 Johnston, Maria . . .... 187 Jones, Adrienne .... 146,157 Jones, Ms. Cindy ...... 199 Jones, Frank ..... 21,61,146 Jones, Jimmy , . . . . , , .18 Jones, Keith . . . . 146 Jones Kenneth ...,.,. 187 Jones, Robin ..... 60,63,173 Jones, Sherry ...,.,.. 175 Jones, Shirley ..... 19,65,146 Jordon, Larry . ..,. 187 Joyce, Phil . . . . 58,64,94 95,187 JR. JAYCEES . . . . . . .48 Jumper, Maxine , . . . . .187 JUNIORETTES , . .32 Kahn,Ana . . . . 30,187 Kahn, David . , . ,146 Kahn, Glenn . . . . 175 Kale, Todd , . Kanoy, Keith . Karahalios, Chris Kauth, Jeff . . , . . .175 . . . . . .37 . ,19,37,146 44,95,103,187 Keams, Donnie . . . 58,187 Keams, Lynn . ..... 147 Kendricks, Tim 14,70,74,147 Kennedy, Carol Kennedy, Kimberly Kennedy, Martha ...... 187 s i ur Last Chance 230fIndex 4 S l I Rkf. T 55 New NHS members. After much anticipation, Cynthia Massey, Kim Peters, Lisa Teetor, Patty Ganong, Steve Shaw, and Kelly Walker smile with pride and joy. Whats Cooking? Cafeteria stajf Top row: Fronie Laws, Barbara Harris. Middle row: Marie Smith, Azlie Mlliams, Alease Terry. Bottom row: Elizabeth Wat- son, Dot Hill, Rachel Brooks. Kennedy, Renee . Kennedy, Wesley . Key, Marty .... .....187 ....187 ...187 KEYCLUB . .. . . . .50 KEYETTES . . .... .34 Kiger, Kaye ....... 61,147 Kim, Se Hwan ....... 117 Kimbro, Mrs. Elizabeth . . . 198 Kinney, Mrs. Barbara .... 106 Kirkland, Robin ..,.,,, 104 Kleehammer, Phillip .... 175 Kosinski, Victor ..... 46,187 Kuntz, Betty Sue .... 61,147 Kushner, Lori r .... 62,113,187 Lackey, Mark .... 70,71 ,74,75 Lackey, Scott .... 44,70,72,74 88,89,91,175 Lacy, Julie ......... 187 Lain, Constance . . .54,55,147 Lain, Teresa . - - .... 132 Lamb, Robbin . . . .131,175 Land, Tangee . . ..... 187 Lane, Teresa ...... 132,188 Larson, Mrs. Pat .... 197,199 Lassiter, Tim ...... 51,175 Lawson, LaVeme . Lawson, Sherry . . Leach, Lanny . . . Leach, Lori .... ....8O,81 .....147 .....147 . 62,180,188 Leach, Sharon . . Leach Zelda . . . ...188 . ..... 147 Ledford, Sallye . . .37,44,62,78 80,81,84,147 Legrand, Antionette . . 51,81,86 105,147,157 Lester, Glenn . . . . . . 188 Lewallen, Penny . . 58,175 Lewis, Bemice .' . . 39,147 Lewis, David . 37,89,175 Lewis, Scott . . . . . 188 Liner, Craig .... . ., . 188 Link, Tammy . . . . . 188 Linthicum, Tammye . . . 188 Linton, Ken' ..., 188 Linton, Rose Marie . . . 147 Little, Cotton . . . . . . 188 Little, Gregory . . .116,147 Little, Joann . . 105,188 Little, Marcel . . . I.ittlejohn, Devon . Littlejohn, Roy . . Lloyd, Willie . . . ...188 ....81 ....37 ...175 Lowe, Melissa . . . 62,66,67,175 Lushbaugh, Greg ..... 37,96 102,103,188 Mabe, Brad -. , . . .175 Mabe, Keith . . . . ,147 Mabe, Lori . . .64,65,188 Mabry, Allen . . . MAJORETTES . . Malpass, Monica . Marks, Alan . . . Marshall, Penny . . Marshall, Ronnie . Martin, Mark . . . Martin, Pam . . Martin, Stan . . . Mashbum, Ronnie Mason, Dwayne . . Massey, Cynthia . Massey Mrs. . . . Mayfield, Patrice . Maynard, Anne .... 30,53,148 McCall, Bunny .... 30,44,45 McCall, Lanny . . McCauley, Mrs. Frances . . .200 McLean, Bobby . . McClendon Mike . , ..... 111 McClueney, Eddie . . 70,71,73 McCollough, Jeff . McCollough, Jerry McConnell, Bemard . .... 61 .....175 . . 39,46,51 57,58,62,148 Massey, Deborah .... 51,175 I Massey, James ...,. 188,190 ....188 ......39 . . 30,59,66 McConnell, Terri ...... 157 67,175,177 McCorkel, Dale ..... 46,148 . . . . . .40 McCorkel, Ms. . . . . . . .194 . . . 8,15,30 McCormick, Sandra ..... 175 63,171,175 McCoy, Beth . . .58,62,148,154 . . .122,188 McCoy, Billy ...... 62,188 , , . . .37 McCraw, Carol . . . 53,180,188 . . . . . .36 I Mccmy, Cedric . . . 95,103,188 , ,64,65,147 McCullough, Freddie . . .93-,95 . . 44,60,71 ' 102,188 124,148 McCullough, Jeff ..,... 188 . . 65,175 McCullough, Jerry . .89,93,175 McCullough, Deborah . .116,148 McDaniel, Janice ...... 175 McDonald, Tony Lee .... 148 McDonald, Velvet ...... 188 McDowell, Lee ..... 180,188 McDowell, Marlene . . . 84,188 McDowell, Marsha . . .116,175 McDowell, Pam ..... 67,148 , ....., 57 Matthews, Angela . . .38,39,175 .- .... 148 I McDowell,' Shirley ....... 65 McFatridge, Melody . . 30,44,45 60,63,148 53,175 McGill, Edward ,... .132,188 .....148 McGill,Gail... ....188 McGee, Gray . . ...,. 30 McGhee, Jim ,..... 111,188 McGhee, Julie .... 30,62,175 Mclnnis, Elisa ..... 4,21,44,53 60,112.113,148 Mclnnis, Larry ....... 188 Mclntosh, Craig ..... 11,175 McIntyre, Miss . . . , 128,195 74,75 ....148 lndexf231 Peek-A-Boo I see you. Robin Ouerby and Kim Kennedy peer through the holes of a Homecoming Booth. Nichols, Deborah .... 117,150 Nichols, Gary . . . . . 36,151 Nickens, Eddie . . . . 51,176 Nickens, Mark . . . . .151 Nielson, Paul . . . . .36 Nooe, Lee . . . . .189 Norton, Kathy . . . . 189 Oakley, Cindy . . . . 61,151 O'Brien, Susan . . . . .18,30 149,151 O'Connor, Mr. . . 14,50,51 196,200 Oglesby, Ken . . . . . .70,74 Olivares, Michele . Oliver, Mrs. Barbara ....176 ....200 O'Neil,Justina . . . 44,51,81 105,151 ORCHESTRA . . ..... 38 Osborne, Brenda . . 58,60,66 118,151 Osbome, Pat . . . 62,113,189 Overby, Robin . . . 65,176 Overman, Martha , . 44,53,67 85,176 Ovemwan, Tim . . . . .76,77 Owens, Tim G. . . . . . 176 Owens, Tim L. . . . . 176 Parker, Stefan . . . . 37,176 Parker, Tim . . . .65,85,151 Parks, Deanna . . .46,62,189 Mclntyre, Wendell , Molunkins, Deborah McKenzie, Chris . McKiver, Betsy . . McLain, Cynthia . McLaughlin, Dena McLean, Alan . . . McLean, Bennie . McLean, Robert . . McLendon, Michael McLeod, Bennie . McLeod, Rachel . McMahan, Margaret McMahan, Nova . McManus, Vette . . McMullan, Laura . McNeill, Mark . . . McNeill, Renee . . McNeill, Tony . . . . . 51,188 . . . .148 . .188 . . . .65 . . . .188 . . .77,89 166,175 . . 94,95 . .148 ....188 ....188 ..30,188 ....175 188 ...175 ...188 ...188 ....188 188 McPherson, Jill . . . 61,119,175 Means, Lisa .... ....175 Measmer, Miss Ann . . . 55,199 Mebane, Mrs. . . . Medlin, Lisa . . . Medlin, Steve . . .140,177,194 ....188 .....79 Michaels, Richard .... 149,157 Mickey, Lori Middlebrooks, Middlebrooks, . . . . 51,111,175 Maurice . . .188 Michael . 89,111 188 Middlebrooks, Phillip . . 89,136 149 ........149 Moser, Sherri . Moss, Debbie . Mullinniic Cole Mullins, James Munlyn, James Murphy, Phillip . . 12,53,113 189 . . . 81,175 12,55,67,150 .....158 .......143 16,70,74 Mikels, Tim . Miller, Bobby ......... 37 Miller, Danny .... 23,110,111 175 Miller, Deborah ..., 23,36,39 Miller, Mrs. Marcie ..... 205 Miller, Renetta . . . . . 189 Misenheimer, Heidi Mitchell, Patricia Mock, Benny . . i . . . 62,175 .....189 .....189 Murray, Trent . . . 53,150 Musick, Todd . . . . 62,175 Myers, Lawrence ....... 95 Myers, Mary Lib . . . 12,30,62 67,176 Myers, Steve .... 70,71,74,75 Myers, Wynn . . . .58,84,131 180,189 Nance, Cheryl .... 39,150,157 Nance, Keith ..... 51,62,129 150 Nance, Mary Elizabeth . . . 189 Nash, Kay ..... 26,44,53,56 Meredith, Anne .... 44,56,62 148,154 Merrell, Jeanette . . . 30,175 Metcalf, Danny . . . . 65,149 Michael, Myra ........ 149 Michael, Kenneth . . 76,77,96,97 98,99,100,101,175 232flndex Mock, LaJeune .... 12,30,81 113,175 Moore, Bev . . . . . . .175 Moore, Brenda . . . . . . 175 Moore David ......... 37 Moore, Debbie Ann ..... 149 Moore, Patrick ..... 95,189 Moore, Sharon . . .... 149 Morgan, Sharon . . .181,189 Morris, Donald ....... 189 Morris, Martha .... 58,62,82 113,128,175 Morris, Susan ..... 58,62,82 113,128, 175 Morrison, Tony Lee ..... 149 Moser, Jay ..... . . .31 63,150,154 Nay, Joe ....... 4,18,27,53 62,89,136,150 Neill, Ann ........ 7,30,62 167,176 Nelson, Rosemary ..... 176 NFL ....... . . . 46,47 NHS ...... . . . 56,57 Nichols, Dean . . . . 150 Parrish, Norman ...... 189 Parrish, Wesley . . Parsons, Jeff . . ..... 189 Patterson, Kim ..... 67,189 Patterson, Tammie . . 53,62,67 112,113,167,176 Payne, Elizabeth ...... 189 Peacock, Phyllis ..... 46,189 Pemberton, Mr. ....... 196 Pemberton, Raymond . . . 37,77 88.89.151 Pendergrass, Penny . . . 55,151 Pendergrass, Perry ..... 190 Peques, Alton ...... 39,176 Perdue, Charlene .... 39,190 Peters, Alan .... 88,89,136,151 Peters, Keith ........ 176 Peters, Kim . . . . . 20,30,44 58,59,151 Peters, Kim ..... 20,26,58,59 60,63,65,66,81,176 Peters, Scott ........ 190 Peterson, Mike .... 39,84,85 176 ....129 Phillips, Cassandra .... 14,55 151 Phillips, Dwayne . . . 14,15,157 176 Phipps, Mark ...... 96,176 PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB . . .58 Pickett, Wendell ,.... 89,111 151,157 Pierce, Ronnie . . . . .H.190 Pinnix, Thurman . . . . 77,89 Pittman, Crystal ....... 190 Platt, Jerod ....,. 89,95,176 Poage, Keith . . ..... 190 Poage, Lori . . . . . .176 Portee, Jackie . . . . .105 Rush, Mr. Sherrod, William Pounders, Kathi . . . Pounders, Kevin Powell, Gailey . . . Powers, Brent .,.. Price, Stephen . Priddy, Barbara . Proctor, Lori . Pulliam, Tony . . Quick, James . Quick, Shanie . . Quinn, Connie . . RAIDERETTES . Rawlinson, Byron Ray, Mrs. .... Ray, Sonya . . Reed, Brad . . Reed, David . . Reese, Michelle . Reid, David . . . Reid, Dessie . . Reubin Monster . REVERIE .... Rhew, Paul . . Rial, Wayne . . . Rice, Delores . . Rice, Diane Marie Rich, Dawn . . . . . . .176 . . . . .61 .12,36,151 . . . .190 37,122,176 . 44,58,59 62,151 ...190 ..59,84 ...190 . .123,190 . . 64,190 . . . .41 . , .76,77 51,52,53 14,199,200 . . 30,180, 186,190 . . 89,176 .....95 .81,86,151 . . . .190 . . 55,152 . . .124 . . . .45 . . . .176 .44,89,152 . . . .190 . . . .190 . . 36,152 Richardson, Charles Richardson, Jerry . Richardson Norm Richardson, Pete . Rickard, Keith . . Ridge, Kim .... Riftell, Mike ......... 190 Roadhouse, Mr. Charles 196,200 Robbins, April . . . 190 Robbins, Cathy . . Robertson, David . Robertson, Rebecca Robinson, Keith . . Robinson, Kelly . . Robinson, Richard Roebuck, Pamella .... 51,190 Rogers, Donna ...A 2,8,19,30 44,53,112,113,152 Rogers, Samuel . . Rogers, Mr. Tim . Rolison, Janine . . Rolison, Sue . Rose, Mike Rose, Tom Rothrock, Robbie . Rucker, Donna . . Rudd, Dianne . . . Russell, Mrs. . Samuels,Tim . . . Sanders, Jasper . . . ......89 .....190 ....94,95 103,190 . . . . .76 . . . 95,190 . .40,41,176 152 190 . . . . .190 152 176 . . . . .190 ....190 . . 50,204 . 44,62,66 67,152 . . .66,67 . 46,47,58 191 ....152 .44,95,191 . . 39,121 62,152,157 . .131,201 ....195 . . 22,191 . . 95,110 111,191 Sanders, John . Sapp, Mr. Robert Saunders, Cathye Saunders, Kim . Schneider, Shelia Schuck, Mr. Robert Schwenk, Susan SCIENCE CLUB Scotten, Rickey . Sellers, Debra . . Sells, Karen . . Sells, Sandy . . Settles, Ronnie . Sexton, Scotty . Shacklett. Carol . Shaffer, Aprille . Shaffer, Melanie Shaver, Kim . . Shaw, Steve . . . Shelton, Dan . . Shepard, Alan . Shephard, Kinny Sheppard, Beverly Shortt, Paula . . Shuler, Mitchell . Shultheiss, Karen Siler, Reinaldo . Simpson, Chuck Simril, Mitch . . Simril, Stan . . 44.9495 111.191 . . . .77 30,31,62 66,81,176 . . . . .191 . .58,62,176 . .72,89,120 198,200 . . 46,62,68 78,841,176 ......59 ...191 3 . . 146,152 . . . .152 . . .191 . . . 95,110 111,191 . . .70,74 . . 84,176 . . . . . .82 . 19,27,56,62 67,152 . . . . .191 27,51,62,152 . . . 95,176 . . . . .191 . . . . . .37 . . 62,58.70 84,152 . . . .191 . . 30,191 . . . .191 . . . 30,191 . . . . .37 . . 37,77,89 111,176 . . . .85,96 . 96,103,181 184,191 I'll Clobber You! Sink, Dennis . Sink, Donna . Sink, Mike . Slack, Slate, Mike . . . Michael . . Smith, Betty . Smith, Bobby . . Smith, Carolyn . Smith, Cindy . Smith, Cliff . . Smith, Dawn . Smith, Donna . . Smith, Jasmine . Smith, Lisa . . . Smith, Lonnie . Smith, Mark . Smith, Mike . . . Smith, Sheila . . Smith, Shellie . . Smith, Shirley . . Smith, Steve . . Smith, Tammy . Smith, Smith Tim . . Tracy . . smnhlvicki . . . Sneed, Bemadette Sneed, Thomasena Snyde r, Julie . . Soldano, Angelica SPANISH CLUB Spaul, Spenc Spenc Jackie . . er, Dale . er, Dawn . Spikes, Fennell . . . 62,176 . . . .191 , 36,37,51 79,152 .70,74,153 176 . 39,176 . .191 , .191 . .191 . .191 . . .191 . . 51,191 . . . . . 2 . . 53,153 99,132,191 . . 89,153 . . . .176 . . 61,153 . . 55,153 . . 64,153 62,153,154 . . . .176 . 51,70,72 74,96,176 . . 51,176 . . . . .17 .81,82,101 173,176 82,106,176 .64,65,177 . . . .177 . . . . .63 . . 39,191 22,153,116 . 2,3,67,78 167,177 . . 191 Watch Out! Mark Vemon, Mary Caulfield and Pam Martin block Elisa Mclnnis hit. isuilli' ,W lndexf233 Spivey, Kathy . . . SPORTS ..... Springer, Terri . . . .9,19,37,46 47,53,63,154 . . . 68-113 .....177 Springs, Anthony .... 173,177 Stafford, Derek ..,.. 37,177 Stalder, Barbara . . 26,27,44,56 58,62,78,136,154 Stanback, Annah .... 39,191 Stanley, Cynthia .... 51,191 Stanley, Jennifer . . . 44,5658 63,154 Stanley, Ricky .,,,, 37,58,179 Steadman, Mr. Joe 44,89,111,200 Steeley, Dan ......,. 202 Stevens, Timmy . . . 37,157,179 Stewart, Margie .,.., 352,53 106,155 Stewart, Rod . Stone, Lisa . . Streetman, Doug . . Streight, Steven . Strickland, James .....202 .......191 ,46,47,154 . . . . .179 . ...191 Strickland, Sally ..... 53,191 Stringer, Buddy ........ 65 Stuart David . . 62179 STUDENT CONGRESS . 52-53 Suggs, Xhcki ......... 191 Suggs, Wendell . . . 37,155,157 SUPER SENIORS .... 26-27 Swaim, Shelia . Swayne, Ms. Nancy ......191 .....124 Sykes, Mrs. Jacqueline . . .200 Tackett, Randall . . Talley, Joe . . . Tanner, Kevin . . Tanner, Mark . . . Tanner, Vikki . Tate, Scott . Taylor, Diane . . Taylor, Jeffrey . . Teague, Melinda . Teetor, Lisa . , , Terrell, Sherby . . Teny, Allen . . . Terry, George . . . Thacker, Ruth . . Therrell, Mr, John Therrell, Larry . . Therrell, Randy . . Thomas, Ms. Brenda Thomas, David . . Thomas, Mr. Henry Thomas, Lori . , . Thomas, Susan . . Thompson, Marla . Thompson, Randy Thompson, Rebecca . . .192 . . 62,192 . . . . .90 . 7O,71,74,75 62,113,179 .51,95,192 ....192 ....179 . 53,82,113 179 . 60,63,66 155,160 . . . .155 . . .192 . . . .192 . . 60,192 . .129,203 ..,.179 ....192 .80,87,105 120,201 . . . .192 . 71,72,75 103 ....179 . 40,41,44 45,155 . . .179 . . . ,192 . . . .179 Thorpe, Robert ..... 126,179 Tillman, Tammye . . . 12,44,53 60,113,179,206 .....179 Titus, Lorie . . Todd, Linda ....,. 119,179 Torrence, Ed . Torrence, Michael . Towery, Deena ..,,. 55,155 Townsend, Mrs, Mary . . 50,201 Traylor, Jimmy ..... 65,117 Traylor, Julie ..,. 113,131,192 Tripp, Mr .... Tucker, Mrs. Melda Tucker, Scott . Tumer, Adrienne Tumer, Brian . Tumer, Craig . . . Tumer, Deborah Tumer, Gloria Tumer, lda Mae Tumer, Sergeant Tyson, Annette , . Tyson, Cassandra Tyson, Sheila . . Upton, Sherry . . ,.,.192 .....192 ....,.31 ..A...194 ...15,192 .....179 .....192 51,58,84,155 .....172 .,...192 . ...155 . ...16 . ...iss ...179 . . 37,53,67 167,179 Vaughn, Sherron .... 63,192 Venable, Mark .... 58,95,111 179 Vemon, Jackie ..... 12,179 Vemon, Mark .... 3,46,64,155 Vemon, Vanessa . . , 82,8486 179 VICA .,... ..., 3 6-37 Wck, Kent . . . . . 70,74,177 179 Vuncannon, Tina . . . . 179 Wade, Katherine .... 65,155 Wade, Kevin .,.. 95,181,192 Wade, Linda . . .65,67,155,157 Waden, Stephen ...... 192 Wagoner, Dan . , .27,37,44,77 88,89,111,155 Wagoner, Jane ,... 58,66,67 189,192 Walker, Kelly ..... 5,10,27,52 53,155,162 Walker, Lisa ........ 192 Walker, Mr. William ...,. 201 Wall, Christi ....... 62,192 Wall, Yvonne .... 106,172,179 Thank Heaven For 1"ifEleven fs. we 2. 1 :W 234fIndar Early retirement. Aprille Shaffer beams with pride as Coach Monis places her jersey into a permanent niche of Andrews history. Washington, Deane Wood, Billy . . . They Made It Shine Maintenance staff Top row: Mr. Simmons, Mr, Flippin, Mr. Modirthur, Mr. Little. Bottom row: Lucille Dunn, Pat McCrae, Annie Brown. Wallace, Annette .... 61,179 Wallace, Emmanuel .... 192 Wallace, Patrick . . . 95,103,192 Walls, Jerod .... 89,100,155 Wardlaw, Dee Dee . 71,80,81,86 87,105,172,179 Warren, Medley . . . ....105 Warren, Rhonda . . . 12,13,53 67,136,155 . . . .179 White, Keith . . , White, Martha . White, Mary Ann . White, Roberta . . White, Susan . . White, Tenita . . . Whites, Mr. . . . . Whitley, Donna . . Whitley, Chris . . . Whitley, Robbie . . Washington, Janet . . 39,71,81 156 Washington, Joe ....... 39 Washington, Samuel .... 192 Watkins, Mrs. ........ 205 Watson, Cory . . . . . 11,46 Watson, Tony , . . . . . 192 Watson, Rocky . . .... 192 Watson, Scottie . . . . 62,192 Watson, Vickey . . . . . 156 Weaver, Mike . . . . . 192 Webb, Mark .... . . . 156 Welbom, Mr. .... .... 1 7 Welch, Ms. Betty . . . . .195 Wellingham, Kelli . . . , . 157 Wellman, Thomas ..... 179 Wells, Shawn ........ 192 Wells, Sylvia ...,. 44,53,67 78,82,83,256 Westbrook, Mrs. Nellie . . . 201 White, Ann ....... 23,179 White, James .,... 19,96,97 99,101,118,156 Whitworth, Larry . Whitworth, Charlene Wilbanks, Janie . . Wiley, Joan . . . .....192 . . 23,179 . . 51,52,53 81,180,192 . . . . .192 . .22,62,179 . 1 . . .192 156,194,195 . . . . .192 . . 37,156 . . . .192 . . . 95,192 . . . .39 . . . .192 . . . . .192 Wiley, Sandra .,... 64,65,156 Williams, Cynthia ...... 156 Williams, Diane . . .... 192 Williams, Dyric . . ..... 95 Williams, Leonard ...... 192 Williams, Leroy .... 65,79,157 Williams, Sara . . 55,62,78,157 Williams, Ted ..... 63,7784 96,97,179 Williams, Teresa ...... 157 Williams, Terri . . ..... 58 Williams, Tommy , . . . . 193 Williams, Vemon ...... 157 Williamson, Robin . Williford, Mrs. Janet Wilmer, Mr. Danny Wilson, Alton . . . .....193 . . .201,205 . . 76,77,89 94,97,99,201 89 Wilson, Buddy . Wilson, Chennise Wilson, Kim . . Wilson, Rose . Wilson, Terri . . Wilson, Tommy . Witche r, Angie . Withers, Dawanna Wood, Amy . . . Wood, Wood, Wood, Wood, Wood, Wood, Dwayne . Jay . . . Michael . Paula . . Scott . . Timothy . Wright, Belinda . Wright, Mr. Fred Wright, Tanny . Yatchak, Valerie Yarbrough, Lori . Yee, Lewis . . Yee, Mary . .......30 . . 61,157 . . 39,193 . . .11,12,104 105,193 . . .179 . ..179 .....179 . . . 39,193 1 1,30,62,1 79 .....193 .....179 . . . . .179 . 5,65,78,157 44,82,83,179 . . .157,193 ...65 ....81 .....201 .. . 36,157 ..193 ...193 . . . . . .37 . .37,58,179 7 3 , , Zimmerman Anthony , .... 193 Zimmerman, Jill . . . 58,167,179 Zimmem1an, Ten'y ...179 lndexf235 Rig ff wwf Xf Q wg M5657 QW W M WM? 'tw C WW ZD bbse Hamknon Oywvq MWW352 Q E2 22220 jk 060. 635 Q, Q99 A if 2 MK Q ffwff WMM fgmwfdfg Dunng the course of the year several people and organizations realized that the poor souls on the Reverie staff needed help To these people we offer our sincere appreciation and also the finished product Thanks heaps to Mr C F Boswell our Delmar representative for hours of camera clicking and tons of advice cover advice and page changes Mrs Elizabeth Kimbro for coming in and giving us support when we needed it the most Mrs Janet Williford for her at home assistance Mrs Marlene Chess and Sara Williams for pages of typing that helped us to This tenth volume of the T. Wingate Andrews Reverie was printed and bound by Delmar Printing Company of Charlotte, North Carolina. C. F. Boswell acted as the company representative. The covers of the seven hundred twenty printed copies were a two-color process printed over white Bookcloth material. The cover photograph was covered with a black Menotint screen. The paper stock was coated embossed enamel. Souvenir was the type family used. The point sizes were as follows: Headings: 48 pt. Souvenir Light Body Copy 10 pt. Souvenir Light leaded 2 pts. Captions: 8 pt. Souvenir Light Italic leaded 1 pt. Idents: 8 pt. Souvenir Medium Italic leaded 1 pt. Corner captions: 8 pt. Light Italic 1977-78 Reverie Editorial staff: Eva Chess, Editor-in-chief Anne Meredith, Photographer Karon Alston, Leigh Beck, Jackie Elliott, Jennifer Elliott, Debbie Hamilton, Laura Hayworth, Bunny McCall, Melody McFatridge, 'Iina O'Neil, Kim Peters, Barbara Priddy, Donna Rogers, Jennifer Stanley, Susan Thomas. Business staff: Mary Caulfield, Candice Dorsette, Tina Garner, Pam Martin, Elisa Mclnnis, Martha Overman, Janine Rolison, Tammye Tillman. meet our deadlines Emerywood Post Office for the invaluable Pnority stickers Mrs Barbara Freeman and Mrs Ramona Knight for specially delivering our Special Delivery proof packages Mr Don Rogers for fixing all of our broken croppers Kay Nash for her third penod gopher work High Point Photo Supply for letting us borrow wide angle lenses Editorial staff for putting up with the editors gripes and groans Business staff for selling ads The student body for without their crazy antics there would be no Reverie Eva Chess and Anne Meredith editors , . 1 ' . . . CC 1 u 1, . . I . . I l -I l as . . . y, I 1 n 1 n s a s , ' 0 I I ' ' , . Ms. Sybil Parrish of Delmar for H " . ' li 77 ' ' n . ' , Q . . gg - . l 97 - Q . o 1 u - . . . , . . 7 and Last Remarks mb vid As I glanced at the year in retrospect, I realized that a large portion of my time went to creating and editing the Reverie. There were many times when I felt that nothing could be worth the frustration that I felt. In the wee hours of the morning, sitting bleary-eyed amid stacks of incomplete layouts, I often wondered why on earth I had accepted the job. It was not until the arrival of the Reverie that I discovered the reason. While unpacking the books, it suddenly davimed upon me that we, my staff and I, had accepted a huge responsibility some twelve months ago. It was our duty to capture a feeling in print: to create a memory. In the years to come, these Reveries will be our only link to Andrews. They hold our thoughts, our dreams, and our very souls. We knew that sometime in the future your hearts would ache to retrace the steps of youth. We felt that you would need something concrete to show your children. Something that said, "This was Andrews." Eva Chess Closingf237 FU -damentals of Luce Going down? Tradition is not always the best alter- native. Being in a hurry, Wesley Parrish decides to avoid the traffic and take the quick way down. Tug-o-war. Amid a fluff of pompoms, Andrew Bridges frantically tries to drag his opponents, mem- bers ofthe girls' basketball team, across the center line of the court. Patrick's party plans. A gleeful Gary Baldwin purchases tickets and green pebbles for the St. Patricks Day Dance from Student Council represen- tative Mary Ann White. PM Have you ever wondered what life was like before the invention of fun? Take an average day at school and try to imagine what it would have been like without the extra helpings of fun dashed in. You came to class on time, sat in the correct seat, did your classwork, sat quietly until the bell rang, and then left in an orderly fashion. BORING! The easiest way to 'M r make it through school was to learn to make the best of a bad situation. Take the same day and visualize it after you had put in a little fun. You thought up a first-class excuse for being late to class, headed a conspiracy to steal the teacher's seating chart, participated in a class discussion on "The Hazards of Cafeteria Food," and then left class by .sf , 1 way of a second floor window. You must admit that the second way had a lot more appeal. Crazy teenage antics made high school living a test in FUN-damentals. Specialists on the subject said that we were merely enjoying our last fling before slipping "over the hill." Whatever the reason, we were still crazy after all those years. 5 ., P534 , !,.qa-A C33 ' f e ' -, '11 'figfxir K - i. 1 ff' f W - A Q- 'T it E A Q-I1- Q ' - T p f T ,. Q sis i t N' , W X 3 , 2 f st ,. i"i Window shopping. Anxious seniors like Thomas Hailey know that graduation is not far off when BaUour begins to display sample announcements and other graduation paraphemalia. What next? Although he appears to be engrossed in the game, Keith Crawford is really plotting his next masterpiece of mischief Themef239 if 35525 i fm W44 ewmW if QQ Q 146 Q61 , W T42 , wwfza! ig S J.ffwQZ M 35 X wwzwgzf Q57 iapz Q7 wwf 3 5 S ffffgwz fm he ffwiff 3 Q 5 5 Q S WW! QWQAS74 X456 ki E S Q Q f zZf1,Ml 39533552 f 3325335 A 55 5335425 iii? ii 53325533452 ff xx . Have you ever wondered what life was like before the invention of fun? Take an average day at school and try to imagine what it would have been like without the extra helpings of fun dashed in. You came to class on time, sat in the correct seat, did your classwork, sat quietly until the bell rang, and then left in an orderly fashion. BORING! The easiest way to make it through school was to learn to make the best of a bad situation. Take the same day and visualize it after you had put in a little fun. You thought up a first-class excuse for being late to class, headed a conspiracy to steal the teacher's seating chart, participated in a class discussion on "The Hazards of Cafeteria Foodf, and then left class by way of a second floor window. You must admit that the second way had a lot more appeal. Crazy teenage antics made high school living a test in FUN-damentals. Specialists on the subject said that we were merely enjoying our last fling before slipping "over the hill." Whatever the reason, we were still crazy after all those years. s :P gn it riff? 9 . PTH i ,155 t zftfif get gg its 4 fsglgtfsr s tmzigfz, i ,444 ,SW M32 A . i mira . s- . 1 is s t gg .. t.'f ,tl.-.i .- sa K X51 Q t .t-ts . 3 z. . Q 'ff lj. L ' ii Q' 3 y, -la gif 2. ' .7 I-. .f w ts 2- ' - H5152 'Q -- 4 fs- .. 'ts - is-Qs-t r- -: if 1 Q iz-ssh I was Y t xt A 5 K E g .... if K ,. 1: Q K wtf . - was-st. .cs I sf 1 X Z k.t' 5, .....,i 3 1 r 1 ss ' 3, . W sf Window shopping. Anxious seniors like Thomas Hailey know that graduation is not far off when Babfour begins to display sample announcements and Y K S 'Nm 2 'WN other graduation paraphemalia. What next? Although he appears to be engrossed in the game, Keith Crawford is really plotting his next masterpiece of mischief Themef239 M. ,. ...R . , gf 4 ,sg rs - Q -.i. A Q -Q 5 ff .. g ri x We if s it T P Q 1 ig? 3 Q .l Sl Six is K Why did it seem that the year ended too quickly? For all our gripes about research papers, exams, projects, report cards, deadlines, and other such mind-boggling experiences, the year was over before we knew it. We embarked on this journey one day in August, and the following June we had reached the end. A lot happened in that nine month span. Many lives changed drastically. Others remained the sameg or so it appeared. Considering that the year was crammed with "once in a lifetime" happenings, one might easily say that each life was touched in some way. Like always, there were good times sprinkled with bad and joy intermingled with sorrow. However, the year was a smashing success, for most agreed that the good superceded the bad. Since the year was such a red letter one, there needed to be a place to record all the memories: a chronicle to the past. What better place to store those reminiscences than in an autograph section? Friends were able to scribble little passages that would be treasured for always. High school only happens once in a lifetime and there's no going back. Nl - :if .. nly Gnce In A Lifetime 240K Theme wrt il Q rn On the roof A group of Keyettes works late' after school to complete and hang the spirit banner before Fridays football game. Solitude. Seen in a rare moment, the campus seems to relish in a few quiet moments at the end ofa day. S5 E5 i WfM'i,?f2'M Q XDSSSR mZZZ?wW2W7 ZW N555 S zfffgwiwiff M Ss ESX WMJZZZW 3 W6 353352 is fWf65QfWfQWZZf f??Z?52Z2Z,gW SSEERQQSM 2525533 ' 35? GEQQN E G 3 .Qg EE 5535 SESEQQ 3323 Sai Xi f 4- A -.,.. .,,, v., w ,.,,,, h.- ,. . , A A, ' 1 . -1 N ' ,r.ex,, JA-ba, 1, W If H 0 1, V, 7 1 f ,YE P i 1 '. gi 1 ng WE: x - 42- 4. El A U, ,, ,K Y . .W 'Q . ,, - , ff , f 1 1 v 1-: :il 1 ,QL 2 l V ,si iw :L . , 4, '19 ii .14 ,:' Qs ' A: ,Q if 'if' wif' x, Q R. 3, .x X ,---29 ' 'ai i. X. A 4 . ,4 1 ,. X 42 -'fi , .1....,f Q- ,M 5 , Q V an Ht 1 , . 1 if if , 2 295+ fA?'h,5UM UNSW ffl - VK 9 21294 QS S .f Srg25"Kw 5 X , 79 Q Q? SS' Nm gg' 'NSIQT 5 JW S ' X ' ' v Qi lgigvbjs' Eg ggwwwm gud ' ' s V94 aj fy I W ,gs SQXYQ Q7 J XYJ 9355 66191 ' 9853 '50 ST fy! QQ' x W 672 Q! JQJS 7-697 96950 Q X fx, Qc, J u Qwgggvwx Q GY-'ZR 6 Nab gy! '-W My RU! 2 V Q W ff ffm m F' , -2 www' QM Q 2 wfgfiwjbjff allied Um -zf..aL5d J QQ mlawwfvvos wx? .LW QQMLQ nam dam WI ef W .PW ' Y 1, adm J UIFJ- 47? fhw sp QQALL51 I' C 8 BQ' . - Egg Ahdkizws-por Vf-UA' lA.Qsvv1g-up Z 'Z l Yew . UUQ'qQ U VkQ,fLQ,bg1,,hs4MYimfClVbl-. J Q QQQQ Qf'-fGLcDtuQOLgA,uf 4 f 4 A I -6 Os 3353 gin 55 551355335 555 Qgfgggfgffm de5 54dg55!3J5WW. 5s555555j5g5jii ,. '.,, -..- r . ,,.-,...w v Y-Y-.H . -- ,,-.V,, .h 1.-. .+ tu... .. . . X. . .. -..,,...,. ,, ,M , . . A-U.. ,g...,.W -A , i-...,...,..,,.. x .ur ..,5.A....... ., L I 7 Q f Xiwsyi MMA ES , x XMfmW fXww wg XX X X N Nififgiw S N NN Wg Qi Q 5 I SEER I NES S ' N E S b N Ngfjaxx? S ggsigwiixkii X R Q A JA xii? is Sig SX V- fX S Q ESQ X W Y , ggQ ss i1C4,,c'7V, 1?-'uvyox JL , Op fn ' 1 ' - .fp 9 gllfp sfZ2JJgpbCs iv G 0257992 Sic 0 0990-Oro vyoxup jg, 4,966 cf, Q5 , 1 ,O xvfxm JF .0 'Gab N -hc Q IXJKDX XXX XDefjji'OQCf if Wir U 6 F534 Xxvipix Vbiuwbgpf o A Q Q Q- J Lp J-A wg M ff S QT 1 Wg ?AgwX A BX AWWW45? M W U Nj' ,L ,XX van, Tn lj O W5 W C' ,JU 7l,QAN,NgNN Xsqjbxrxixb Rf V xfwfw Sigw' 3 ' Wmux Node new . Xfg5M.X30gvSNXbY? K , , x is New P26NyDPx5: 41 N gif J, W ' "1 'YOMVQY1 lm of' FEW E3 if59X f D 1, A me-fnb-U 5. Lbmcw '6 P5 5 bley a -YWP' X QXWWSD 'reYYNe"' WS' -WW' 5 ,WJ ' ' 1 H- Qi -Q0 ,Y wb 1 eve' ' -'mi il n 1, '90 Xkpb'-Ns" Vo' 025 -good mess QYKQDMM f WW wa 2 fm, v Lysb I MV? 3-49 272-gf f +um,, W? ,jaw Wwwmyhzzmwggwvm Q. ,W mf WWQW W MWF 5fnW4,QQ?WM 'fWW'VWWft7Vvy ,L zfzgaffww 579,53 Ne, Qgoww f,,'f'W2f lf2U4,'fjg gfffiwfwffqf Www H ' ' fi ' x 5 WWWMO 'I7 VJPVO l wpwmm M 5 QQW14 40? iw 97726 Vwfffhw wffffuf WXWOWW 10,4122 f rw fm-af Liv 4mf'77WHf'fF'Tf"fUW W5 AWWV Q "Wa ww? 9 f D06 wmwfnwf . I M

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