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B aw In M MW mm 'N an Mmm ,,w esQ, l I-L0 M WY? USS THU AS S. GATES CG-51 OUR FIRST ' "AR if Z Thomas Sovereign Gates, jr. was born in Philadelphia on -April 10, 1906 to Thomas Sovereign and Marie Rogers Gates. His father was a lawyer and investment banker who served as President of the University of Pennsylvania from 1930 to 1944. His mother died when he was born. After gradu- ating from Chestnut Hill Academy in 1924, Gates attended the University of Pennsylvania, wh ere he was a Phi Beta Kappa member of the class of 1928. On 29 September 1928, Gates married Millicent Anne Brengle of Philadelphia. Fol- lowing graduation, Gates en tered his fath er's investment banking business, Drexel and Co., and in 1940 became a part- ner. During those years he served in the Pennsylvania Na- tional Guard as a private. A member of the US. Naval Reserve since 1935, Gates was called to World War II active duty in April 1942 and com- missioned a lieutenant. He graduated from the Quonset Point Air Intelligence School in Rhode Island and was assigned to the staff of the Commander in Chief Atlantic Theater to help organize the Na val Air Intelligence Center under that com- mand. During this tour he participated in the North African "Casablanca" landings as an observer in the aircraft carrier RANGER. In the summer of 1943 Gates joined the new light carrier MONTEREY as Air Combat Intelligence Officer. As part of the Fast Carrier Task Force, Pacific Fleet, MONTEREY sup- ported amphibious landings at Tarawa and K wajalein and participated in strikes against New Britain, New Guinea, and the island of Truk. Gates returned to the United States in the early summer of 1944 to join the staff of R ear Admiral Calvin T. Durgin as Flag Lieutenan t and Air Intelligence Officer and participated in Operation Dragoon, the planned invasion of southern France. Upon the successful completion of Dragoon, Durgin's American carriers redeployed to the Pacific, where on the USS MAKIN ISLAND, Gates participated in the invasions of Linga yen, Iwo jima, and Okinawa. For service in these opera- tions Gates received the Bronze Star Medal. After three addi- tional months of combat operations in support of the Okina- wa invasion, Gates completed his service and arrived in San Francisco on V-I Da y where he reverted to the Na val Reserve with the rank of Commander. f Gates resumed civil life as a partner in Drexel and Co. in the fall of1945 and shortly thereafter was elected a director of several corporations in the Philadelphia area. Continuing in the reserves, Gates was promoted to Captain and contin- ued to take an interest in local reserve- activities, being a founder of the 'Reserve Officers of Na val Service." In addi- tion to serving as national vice president and director of the Navy League of the United States, he served on the naval ad- visory council of the Bureau of Aeronautics, in Washington. In October of 1953, he accepted an appointment as Under Secretary of the Na vy from President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Four years laten on April 1, 195Z Thomas S. Gates, fr. as- sumed the Office of Secretary of the Navy. Admiral Arleigh Burke summed up Gates' time in the Navy Department when he told him "Your service was in an era marked by the most rapid technological changes in the history of the Na vy. " Mis- siles were replacing guns, nuclear power for conventional, jets replaced propellers, supersonic speeds and even explora- tion into space were part of the changing Navy. During that time, he participated in a re-organization of the Department and delineated Na vy-Marine Corps relationship to the satis- faction of both services. Thomas Sovereign Ga tes, jr. In May of 1959 President Eisenhower asked Gates to be- come Deputy Secretary of Defense. He then succeeded Neil McElroy as Secretary of Defense in December of the same year. During his ten ure as Secretary, Gates accomplished managementinnovations that facilitated the Pentagon 's tran- sition to modern weapons and tactics, including long range ballistic missiles, supersonic jets and tactical atomic bombs. After 14 months as Secretary, Gates left the Pentagon. He was appointed President of Morgan Guaranty Trust and in 1966 became Chairman of the Board and CEO. In 1976, Gates was called back to government service when an old shipmate from the USS MON TERE IC President Gerald ForcL appointed him as head of the US. Liaison OfHce to the Peoples Republic of China. He relieved Vice President Bush when he took over the post in Ma jg 1976. Mr. Gates re- tired from public life, at the age of 71, in May of 1977. 'iP""' N st px. Fw .W .. M- ff 2 Eff ', , 0 Xu'-U -. Q L ,ixt F Lf-' .. 14.13. 55--f ' K-Q: . kqi K Q 'Y buffs, fr 'X' F5393 l'tl..x,.. , , C' R' - v- 5 In ' H, X . R n Iiiif In Gifbf f-gfj I .ax , X- A. :'- N , .,. , lag-.. V-Ai 5. lyk e 'G' xi. X on XV. , 'X 'x C3 wg X3 unlink. Mrs Ga tes is the da ugh ter of the late Mr and Mrs Lawrence I Brengle of Morristown N I She was born Wilson Curtin who was both minister to Russia and Governor of Pennsylvania in his lifetime Anne was married to Thomas S Gates jr rn Phila delphia 1111928 following his graduation from the Un1 versity of Pennsylvania They became parents of four children one son and three daughters between 1929 and 1941 During Mr. Gates acti ve public service careeiy they traveled throughout the world living in Washington, D. C., New York City and the People's Republic of Chi- Mrs. Gates now lives outside of Philadelphia and has nine grandchildren and one great grandchild. To this day she remains sincerely devoted to the United States Navy. Ship's Sponsor Anne Gates in 1906. Anne was the great granddaughter of William na SHIP'S CREST The crest is built on the government service of the ship s namesake the Honorable Thomas S Gates The up per section of the shield represents his World War II ser vice The deep blue represents the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the gold symbolizes the US Navy tradition The heraldic rayonne d1v1s1on of scarlet and gold simulating fire and flames IS symbolic of the severity of the japanese kamikaze attacks upon US aircraft carriers during the battles he participated in The anchor and stars are adapted from the flag of the Secretary of the Navy His subsequent terms as Deputy Secretary and Secretary of Defense are in dicated by the three arrows which appear on the flag of the Secretary of Defense On the crest the eagle symbolic of power and authori Ga tes provided for the Department of Defense during a pe r1od of significant technological changes This era IS recog nized by the alternating colors of the wheel The blue and red stars above the gold rays represent the concept of the normalization of Chinese American re lations which he was dedicated to during his tour with the U S Liaison Office The gold rays from the President s Seal emphasize the significance of this appointment and Mr Gates contributions to the United States in this role ty along with the ship's wheel, allude to the leadership Mr. 'uf f 99 QTOFTBBV3' , , IH. X ,, ,- , commmoma oFFncEn uss THOMAS s. GATES gcc sn X X June 1989 Dear Shlpmates, Shlp's are the product of their crew. This ls particulary evident when you take a hunk of metal, electronics and machinery and bring life to lt. Only then can we call lt a ship. In July 1984 the keel was lald for USS THOMAS S. GATES KCG 519. She was known to BIW as Hull 3 421. On a cold day ln December 1985, Mrs. Anne Gates broke a bottle of champagne on the stem, christening the ship which honors her husband, and THOMAS S. GATES slid effortlessly down the ways. The Hnucleusn crew oversaw final construction and combat systems integration in Maine while our UDetachmentH assembled the balance crew in Norfolk. On June 22, 1987 we took custody of behalf of the Navy and for the first time our HONEH. Then, in August 1987 we made our last Kennebec, ate our farewell boiled lobsters at the shlp on crew was trlp down the sea and proceeded to the bicentennlel commlsslonlng ln historic Philadelphia, a red, white and blue event attended by 7,000. Now we were on our own and this Hcrulse bookn will attempt to tell the story of how we got this ship pointed fair. To be sure, we were out more than we were in--such is the fate of true sailors. But , from Ship Qualification Trials CSOTD to Final Contract Trials to Shakedown!Refresher Training CGTMOJ to OPPE to Post Shakedown Availability to four major Fleet Exercises, two VANDALEX's, Carrier escort operations and Caribbean and CONUS port visits, you have created a reputatlon of a winner: a ship which has passed every inspection, made every commitment and steams with a flair for the professional whlle always looking out for one another. You have a great deal to be proud of and have earned my lasting admlratlon and respect. This Book ls your story, the story of the DEFENDER OF THE REPUBLIC! R. Sutton Captain, USN 1 Al A l fn" l. . lf " Pg Vw. M . u ll? Ili XX wk I lil' L. nr, - . E 1' T- . p, ll: . Q ' ' 1 L l I l f ,-If Q.y. ,fVn,yfXHf,f ,yu I - M, X SQXQ, 45 If-15,2 fvfy ff ,fx-W 7 ,, fa U.. ,f.A. ,W fda If I 7 ,Qffwf f ' 1' ff X V W X4 7 W .1 Commander C. L. IDean1 Brown was commissioned via the NROTC program in December 1972 upon graduation from the University of South Carolina with a BA in History. His first tour of duty was aboard USS BELKNAP ICG 281 where he served suc- cessively as the Assistant CIC Officen Assistant Communications Officen and for the majority of his 32 mon th toun as Gunnery Officer. Following the December 1975 decommissioning of the BELKNAP as a result of h er tragic collision with the carrier IOHN F. KENNEDIC he was reassigned to USS ASSURANCE IAG 5211 as Opera- tions Officer and briefly as Executive Officen completing his tour in 1977 From August 1977 through August 1972 CDR Brown was assigned to the NR OTC Unit, Rice University, Houston, Texas, as the Naval Engineering and Na val Weapons Instructor as well as Sophomore Class advisor. While there he attended the University of Houston in vol ving postgra d ua te work in the Department of Histo- Follo wing completion of the Surface Warfare Officer Department Head curricu- lum in Newport, Rhode Island in May 1980, CDR Brown was assigned as Weapons Officer on board USS PA UL IFF 10801 un til February 1982. CDR Brown 's next duty was on USS KING IDDG 411 where he served until November 1983 as Operations Officer. For the next two years CDR Brown was assigned in the Operations section of the Headquarters Staff of Commander, Naval Surface Force, US. Atlantic Fleet, Norfolk, Virginia as the future sch ed uler for LAN TFL Tcomba tant ships. From th ere CDR Brown reported to his assignment as Prospective Executive Officen USS THO- MAS S. GA TES ICG 511 CDR Brown was relieved in November 1988 and has report- ed to Seventh Fleet Staff as Assistant Operations. CDR Brown wears the Navy Commendation Medal with three Gold Stars. CDR Brown is married to the former Robin E. Perrin of Union, South Carolina. They ha ve two sons, Da vid age eleven and Robert, age eight. The Browns currently reside in Yokosuka, japan. ,, 44,177 ry. , V iii.--' , ff . I f SW I ,, ' 7 'x 65.1, , 1 .W , Q N ..,, . ,, X, I -.fits I A ,f 'S My I f f ' ' IT at , f f X! Q CDR C. L. Brown Past Executive Officer LCDR Cox received his commission on 11 May 1975 at the University of North Caro- lina at Chapel Hill, receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. After attending the Surface Warfare Officers School Division Officer Course in Ne wporL RL LCDR Cox reported to USS DETECTOR IMSO 4291 homeported in Portsmouth, NH. During this initial sea tour, he performed duties as First Lieutenant, Supply Officer, Mine Counter Measures Officen Operations Officer, Navigator and Executive Officer. In August 1977 LCDR Cox crossdecked with the crew of IDE TE CTOR to1 USS ADR OIT IMSO 5091 again homeported in Portsmouth, NI-L In March 1978, LCDR Cox attended the Tartar Missile Course at the Na val Guided Missile School in Dam Neck, VA. He th en assumed duties as Fire Con trol Officer onboard USS SELLERS IDDG 111 homeported in Charleston, SC. In October 198lL after completing the Department Head Course at Newport, RL LCDR Cox joined the precommissioning crew of USS AN TRIM IFF G 201 which assem- bled in Norfolk, VA as Prospective-Combat Systems Officer. AN TRIM was commis- sioned 26 September 1981 in Seattle WA. During AN TRIM's first year of service, LCDR Cox won the C OMNA VS URFLAN T junior Officer Shiphandler A ward for the competi- tive cycle ending March 1982. In May 1986 after completing a Master's Degree in Financial Management at the Na- val Postgraduate School, LCDR Cox assumed command of USS FOR TIF Y IMSO 4461 in Little Creek, Virginia. While in command FOR TIF Y successfully completed the very first Operational Propulsion Plant Examination conducted on that ship. LCDR Cox was relieved of command in january 1988 and reported with the entire F OR TIF Y Gold crew to USS INFLIC T IMSO 4561 in the Persian Gulf While in the GulL LCDR Cox operated in three live enemy mine fields. In the Rostam Field LCDR Cox and the Gold crew set a new record for mine clearance, previously held since World War IL by neutralizing five Iranian moored contact mines in one day. In May 1988, after serving four months in the GulL LCDR Cox was relieved of com- mand of USS INFLIC T and commenced pipeline training enroute to his present assign- ment as Executive Officen USS THOMAS S. GA TES ICG 511. LCDR Cox's personal awards include the Bronze Star with Combat IL the Meritori- ous Service Medal, the Navy Achievement Medal, in addition to various campaign and theater ribbons. LCDR Cox is married to the former Amry Stout of Greensboro, NC. LT Amry Cox holds a Master's Degree in Computer Systems Management from the Na val Postgraduate School in Mon terey and is currently assigned to the Operations Support FacilityAtlan tic Command in Norfolk, VA. LCDR 'Robert I Cox Present Executive Officer QQANK 5 M5112 'iff' ' 3' X 521 U, J ,u Af , f.. . ,X C QA UH N 'S ,N J Y :' 4 4 Qi' - - . DER Q 1-'Af " v X" ' A2755 v f ww: DISOBEY 1 '.HE'SE 0RD.E'RS UN 1535953 f .,, ,Walid gmwui? 54 N x ' f- ...f -f.-gf-.A 54 v S Wire' ' 'I ' M327-mf' I I f QM Y. 'ww 9' A 45" ,x.,', 31.3--LL, ,,,,,4..fNf-I ,X mMo,:.,Q 51.5.m-vuM,,5j .n . 1 .sfgci-5277" "ma:-:--3+-nz. M , . M., .,,. 4 , -1-L-. 4,5 xt fX'fxC!7Q allgailofgjglmerelrer e ma Im WE SQUARE'KNOT ADMIRALS, GUN DECKERS, AND ALL THE OTHER fSS0lli2il gmzs ITIQL,'0W3f?Qy My eaal6Q mmm am' dim ma- :.:'-'im N1 'fI.ZL"f'?5 ,-R, ikj'1" ' ff' -. ' N+.,fqA -w1 f a" 4r'nv, .--- V4 MAW-.vm,..1,,...fP-"'.. 'w.W,.--fr:-1, .-VV,-.1 ,W 0 "'----'-'f -fi' f--E H ,N , . M V-,, V 7- f f f 7' nuff 'FSYH-46.53 . A " ,. M wk 'm., , w , fM . ' A-,.,L-M4 H.-' , , ' ' fn -- .. ' H' " '-- .- ' V Jxgmlil W ui W 1 V ,.. VW-g4L7,xr'g ' szrwamm, ' -1 H M' "'- - " , " "' ' ff-M", N " ' ' --w' f'J! L . E . ' - 4 . jfuu? ," S'-H-'W----ff-f ' xii 4..-.- f' ' .- "' "HG . .,- ,,. ,, ,R r N,-:1i.Q ..--u..,,a.,.aw-fw7",Emnn-mdiivmyw ...vw Y ",,qa1vff . , H K, ,Y,, W N , N ,,,, ,, . . , 'f' J " E "rl-Q-a Q .,,1,:...L.4-W,11wwmx if.1..i jg- f vu...wg-'1uf:i-mrxf.j-buf'- 1 H ---M'--wi-'A -f"wfM' .- --I-"bfbfffi:1r"L ""?' T155 .L-l9.:4L:4GW -v f-ferr-1 1 2-,-..,v:-:::::z'.'-T22-.',. rv--dwfifii ni"'?4.-a-nb.-E---a-Lf. ff: -Y w --2-If Hw"1Y'f""""'4"'f-"' "' WAS AN HONORED MEMBER OF THE FIRST AND THE MOST llllimpp, Cununissinneh tha U55 cgzewzafa, 5. qipf,,:i1 AND SUFFICIENT REASON, HE IS ENTITLED BY THE LAWS OF TNE5u arfA" ' A4, sae Ifzfumilen uwpemsiroon: YM AMW We fo A www M MW ,QQ mfs FINAL, ACCURATE sELEcr1oNwmgN1f Hx la Me heawzed, Awmalle aewmaplfi 3 Wi, -1 .,.-V Qummissinneh Z2 GT I I ix KX .5 .fxfx W N 1 I Z I -..-4 I fx g, M7422 ZZ ll!! SALTS, SEA LAWYERS, SWABS, LAND LUBBER5, somxssonreo scnsuc-:ns or me seven sus f5l'B2'IIIlg5: www H - mwmdqmmmmm H ' ' " """"'-'H +1121-1 1 - H'Eg ,,.31f-1? 1 - ,, ,:,.r::-w1fqifi.n:az ... .H:Q'N " -:""" ""' :.1a::':gt,,1.w:-..... .. 1' 1'--xx: 1" " . L fini"-'H-"-11'1 m- 2-.: 4r'::I.L 7.44, ' 'T' ,Lvl Fifi' ' ' "' ' ' ' ' ' " . Ullman.-.,,,, M- ,A W , W ,.... , "'NY.J.4,'77?j '. 9, , ' 1.76: -'1..,,,,-M.. ""'w-'.1,,'1g-QL-,.2C.,"i Aviv my N -- V , 3 " mf .M uh v' ,, Q Q W . 'Wm 1 r.9v5v,w.:' W ,m.,,':5-" xj":,g r Y .1 x. mm--ff' ' - V " ' I-I.iL.fasmM2gF""::"'4' ..-ww: 'J fx f.,!'gf5fg-f,J,-,iI. -,g':1i,:-gh,..,,,,,,,,g:g:,B6JI5f:"z'1:sw,w" ""'i"'Hlm , ' AA, , , My-Mu I W. -. ...,. ...,- ' .1, sw'aerszszzpgfzff'-,rfr11'r:-"f,fff-::-faffwz-'M wf- -2-1-5-415+-1-Eff:-:M-5-bm. n5i4,:,,:55:g1.1gffjg?j?jff:f5::ff '- 'Z ,:'-rr,rw--.-'2:..,,nN.-....:.:,.4.,.::....., ",,.:. ...tiff . . Q1 ' H.. .............,,..M,,.,-...f..:,....,,...,-m--f' .... ,..., ............., ,...., . IOSTISTRIOUS CREW WHICH DISTINGUISHED ITSELF FOREVER WHEN IT 4 J Q95'1"e4 C G '51 Anh, for fhis 051105 ygori SEAQTO ALI. THE RIGHTS AND PHIVIIIGES OF A Ana I4 endlkd ado 6 a oleaa and 5 . . 5 ,Jw M of Me ' 'Mmm' ' W1 ggfIfl7VILL BE M4DEEV ORDER OF SENI ORI T YJ wgkdzla oonhzined ch Q04-'Gy janeffoy fool MHWZELIE PENALTY OF M Y DISPLEASURE Qfnmmanhnng GJ U.5. NMI IIISIIIUID. Annapolis. Md. 21402 Press On 0 Delivery . . . 'Old Salts' swap sea stories as RADM Buckley visit PCU First load out, "Put this heavy one back there on the pota- to chips!" 8 Laying non-skid in freezing weather? Our Many Firsts . . . FIRST MEAL "Good meal, Suppo, but what is Pork Adobo REALL Y made of?" Maine's first Aegis Cruiser "On the Ways" First Watches . . . 'No, I said All Secure S-E-C-U-R-E!" .2 WW WWW, , f K, zu.-1 X f ffff 5 X if Z! I ,, 1 'J fi 'f W ' 7 f 3 i 2 5 V f? f 5 f 5 4 S it 6 i I fda The Barber Shop is now open Fellas! ? First Captains Call . . . Commissioning Day Arrives . . . the Ceremony Begins the tours begin the rain stopped in time Ibarelyl . . . 10 the Crew is ready K Let the Party Begin . . . - Q -gs, MW'41-4-1g3y::g1 wma-gfw, fn Y -m,.,w.--'Q xv. W -1: - W-nv :Qinfix!-a1''.wm'Qr-mn:-fm b f - 1 .. .mf -wwah.-A'f,wW,,w, m,4n,,,, f:g':,11,gg3w-- . ' mf:-Mya':fg:::Q.nq-new-:atv "" -NN' - ' H' vw: widliifwlw-vtlwvftb-5QA?s:H2Qv:wii9 fnfilff' f- . .vu , - .. ,. .ww :ggi-ifgqrifggviqyzw'-in,xgf--'f'-7-.-1-AH'-b f""2qffc'Af."+' Y. '- ' Y' 1:0 :vj::'f: ' meMig-my-'f5f1?s.319zlgni5rf'53t,iiftsvxfqzqsz-11-raw:wrt'"Y 1 K N K V V " ff' giyyqjpgg .au'eg'f'igailimqvl?-GCjzvugtgykgxiggLigff tis. lg -ig! - gn ' X Qitggfz-1q+w2f.Qf'ulgif 51 5?i:f25?'1,f'Zf"'" .W ' , The Quadrangle . . . . . . But the celebration continues in to the night Weapons Qualifications .. . Birds Away WWMWW W 7 w 4 1 J ,f X r N f U 1 9 fb 4 K 1 x ' , X. X V Xf fm x x Y f gf 'X V, f Z 5 2 , 7 X gf! 1. Wg, 'ffff ,, Z! Z 1 'ZWX , W, 1 Weapons systems are checked and double checked . . . , , , , gpg f V JV' W. The Killer Tomato' is readied for target practice. ". . . if it fliecL it dies! if it floats, it won't float long! 15 . . . or training as a team either in combat 16 We had a lot of wickets to go through in the beginning and the pace contin- ued throughout the year . . . . . . Whether it was the loading out of stores . . . preparing for the several Engineering inspections . . or out on deck . . . ,, a fzqfi -:av V ,aw 4 V W'7"M L t ' 'g 'iy4wafQ-L ,, ' yr , mv.. N mf. ,af L :V 1 1' M We 1 ff'- A, V Q " ' . , Ti ,w g A YA 'SW'- ' w-,.n.+ -- , W1-ft ' .VW ,N , gf' --YM, 44. , f. - , ,.. , A f , . V '5 NW? it ., 'W' ' X Mf Nzfjldgl- HJ 1 X V, . 1 x ' , 4 .-tf.1,5'i5g"lEf:r?:1,L an ,I . .N .ff af, mi, . 1- -ffftiv.-up 4, U21 Q ig 31, iw" 1f,ffTQiif. A, JW.. ,q.ll.,,, , f4Q.w:t1"mf -.-mail. . . . 1t all came together at GI TMO where we had to work as a team while at GQ or the towing of another ship We all learned to sta y alert and be on our toes! Q' Z5'72ff3f"1'F' ag w A I -'fd ,. - -M841 At the start of every underway period there has to be the sea detail These evolutions are routine for the lin ehan dlers and bridge teams . . . f ,. V- f wfiwfa , fi aff .X W ,W-ny ff . . Howeveip every evolution still requires special concentration. Vfgf JMS, Once completed with PSA, the ship pretty much stayed underway meeting the commitments of the various fleet exercises, COR TRAMIDS, carrier es- cort duties . . . 19 small boat ops Unreps SPL-?cial Wi 5 fa 4 i L I I 1 11 1: i leap frogs . . . ' n .f. Q. H F.,-'us' 1 o F, 4 wifi s Y A 1 ,N . N1 " 1 gf Evolutions Lifeguard Station 1: Personnel high line transfer . . . Flight Ops , ' ,ffyf Ju Hard a t Work , 4 ,. 5, , ,wa rx A relaxing FLT QT RS evolution Away the Snoopy Team VER TREP! Playing Hard ,E WA ,WKQJQ R Division prepares for another FUN officer promotion j I f M s, 4' w ff f is WWAQQMMW' Hot Sauce does wonders for the ship's bell junior takes it easy in a very secure place 23 HSL 44 Swamplfoxes and Magnum 455 logged several hundred safe deck land- ings and take offs. In flight refueling takes a team effort. Our deck is green "on request." -1 24 , , H nw- -.1 A Ni' iggggcga s? 35:5 5 I .V -.., 4 ,YEWJ m e ,fiv- W ,., fm.-:F ...r ' A ' 7411. .Jwmw .-'il' 135 eg ,U ,gan ,fff ' 2' V 4.41. -,Af 1 ,. ,WX 5.-f -,, - . "'V '10 D , Y KL' J' 1 -N.f:'w'f5iW3ff"'Tf'fix'i-Q. QQ , , H .. .1 wJ2,f 1'i'I"WfW3ii3Pf?' 'A U , F :gf --11,11-I 1- ' ,- -.' ff ,-D .H ,ha V, .. 147: , 1-. 'f f, ,Ah N ta.. If you could not make it to San juan while at ROOSE Y ROADS, the recreation ' facilities always had some form of entertainment available . . . A .. -......0nin- I ig. 1 1 x K ' iff , as Xxx 'Z , . X 26 The weekends 1np0rt at GI TMO gave a mee rest from the week's evolutions . . . the DIET Drills . . . . . . Some lucky few stayed around for N N X , - J,-X A X 4 1 'ax X ti - X .XX N ' , A '. ' - x ,. - ' XXV . S . 5:4 wig X . 1- X "j 9 f X, Ng: X C 'Q Xt, . X--.,,-,X - X X' 'f-1' , 4 ' ',gF:z,X ' 'S- ' 'f N ' ' X 4 f - 1-X 'a ff. X f. A, .QX ,NX X X ,M if gets ZS' x, j-.V ,kv X. vm: ,XX 'Xb fjax f XX xf-gf: : Af' Xgfgfxff - 7 1 'Q' 'X I X XX, fmt- , X -X X X e ' , ,WS X ff ,.,.X :XX nz? Al-'gp-XX' QXHL 'J X - will ' ' X f- WXMXXX A PQXXWQ' VXX ' Y X XXXKM' M" ' ,X X vf 'ew W' W" f Y'f Wfwafw,NX XX-XM-Q 'S45yzfX',4,,,,fS , Hu, X - , X ' XX X wigs- X, 1 X mfmg , S XX 4,,fV X ,f if '-X f -- ---N-SWKXX X ,, ff V2 X -XWXH' Xl Z W 770 x , " X X-X ' 25 ' W' " f X " XX - 'f ' M , -, , ft, 'sw XX 5 X: ,X AW X f f If ' A ,Q X X X X X f- ff?2XxW,,f,3WjM ,,423 WN' K " , X 'f : X in inf, , X 'T lx 'YQ "XS Xa. -XXXJX, XX g 1 ,,,, 5 ff f- Xx X- fj p,, f H :Xym ,,iXg',:, vw. :y,,p,fX ,'i,z 75, SAW? X - le X97 ff Y' X ily' if 6, 'TW Six-'vwANS S X MQ ,XXX ,NW XXXMMHW V, XX 'NM X , gs I Q 1' X .,X.XXXX f- --W X X X ZQX' , 5 XWSSN -X , X5 fgs Xwv U, X X XX - 'iwigf it -XXV 25313-XXXX. QwXX5gg"- wX,a,,ww-wk, 'f X f,,.,,WXX V' ,MX X AX. W X X X. , :WW ' Hwfkmw. XX A wmgg mfg, fxgmf. 'xx 4 'X N- 4 -f SJ WXXEZXX, Wrsj 1X5 A551-NSW? N F: X 1605? X 1 ,. WN mj,v,fV fa X X' fW" 'Wt' 3' x N37 """0XX ml. QQXW'-N MY! -NW'-' V' W! 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I H A , Y ,K E. .I n . . . the beaches were hot and the drinks were kept cool . . . t 1 ,I fl 1 M159 an-. 4 Mm, ll! sxmwwsm X MN Florida is :always fun . . . these are some shots of what We can pr1nt and not get ourselves into trouble . . . ZRSXQ N ' 'z me . -, . 5 x N W vi, 5, XAS2 f K X Y K eg S f. fx sky? ,fc X . Sify , sage , Em f X N X fs? QV Q 'X f Q x ,Sf X ?N5 ! ,g e QQQS' M 4 as SW ' Bi .ZS Y 7 N V Q S Q 4 , F Q sf gf 'ig ' Hx A xx, 4 eww of ez- X S I? Y X ff X W ky? W, Q Y X' 'if CSN w V4 XS . , X Xi! Q f ,, Q ,Ze Y f S ' X ffxfc Q Sli . f ff ag If 3,- QQQ 2 'V X xf'aS ifirii , f NWN X5 ,,f, 4 sqwyi xi, X 7 R, , Qgmws r.,,,-ssh Xxix , M xxx S s F v ,Q-", . ww' 'x ,rw 12 ,I ...4 H' 'QM-F 'E' f if f 5 x 'K K S XMN 1 .wx X. X x flc x x X X ix XR XY x xx Y M, X .25 S Q ,X .Q-af X :X .a v 3'Q,,..QgM,w"' ,J s rf . 17 " , r f A1 . .fx Q42 5i?,,wj , N Q rm A , uf ' ,- .Qi . . M, E S fvif V 1 .1 L. S 2 Saint Maartens had lots to offer . . . . . . Once on the beach after a short boat ride, the sites were close at hand. 1 Eff, 45,79 E fllwfl AM' " in -xxx -E5 e. My rf L' 9 1551 n. ji 'YK N Q as L KW X S Q Q X X X N N Xi N 'Q S SXQ f ,W SX - N vw ' if 7 The people of St. Maartens, mostly tourists, were real friendly . . . 1 op: ? ,i certain areas of the island let you "catch an eyeful" . . . While the Duty Section hadpretty good luck with the catch on the ship . . . iq, ' t 14 W., 33 W -rm xwlkbifig The kid's Christmas Party onboard the ship was a big hit. Santa was on board to see all the Little Gate's Greats 35 ALABAMA HM2 Henry Brown, jr. GMM2 Franklin Dawkins GSM3 Edward A. Freeman OSIIS W1 William H Klieber SR Vincent A. Oden OS2 Donnell O. Parker MS3 joel Thompson, jr. ARKANSAS ' OSSN james M Spruell ARIZONA S TGC Mark W Bogardus GMGSN Bryant Bowles FC2 jon j Gross FC3 Michael I Hale STGSN jeffrey S. Marshall MS3 Patrick M Ramirez FC1 james VC Wetherill CALIFORNIA BM3 Brian K. Connelly E W2 john C Crary GMC Dionicio I Delgado FN Weldon G. Edwards FC2 Douglas A. Fowlkes RM1 Mark A. Hamil STG3 Howard A. Kell FCC Keith T. Matsumoto GSM3 jason E. McFarland GMMC james N McReynolds FA Darren E. Segrest FN Vasan A. Serca HTFN Robert A. Slater TM3 Royce L. Williams COLORADO RM3 Timothy S. Boyer CONNECTICUT LCDR Daine E. Eisold IC1 james A. Hurst SHSN Martin C. Kiskunes RMSN Floyd W Peterson SH3 juan M Wright DELA WARE SK2 john W Rhinehart DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA OS3 William A. Anglin, jr. FN Michael D. Barnes OS1 Matthew B. McCoy SH3 William B. Price RM1 john E. Smith ENGLAND jO2 David L. Lovato FLORIDA FC2 Michael Argenti OS2 joseph C. Behrman RM1 Russell E. Busby FC3 Guy Cabrera GMM1 Ross M Cowell SN George L Csima LT Curtis L. Fields OSSA james W Hamm GSM3 Delbert E. Horton FC2 Steven j Larson FCIISWI Paul M Lyon MS3 Antonio Martinez SKSA john E. Orr SKSA Chad S. Roberts BMCM Bobby L. Scott ST G3 Michael A. Scott FC1 Leonard E. Scuffham CAPT Robert Sutton LCDR Eric L. Sweigard STG2 Kenneth D. White FCC Archie VI Whittenberg QMC Ronald j Willis GEORGIA LCDR Benjmain H Bankston RM3 Darrin D. Dupree YNSA Christopher B. Fleming FC1 Ulyssee A. Fuller C TOC jerry W Hester SN Steve A. jackson E T3 Charles D. johnston GMS3 David I Starling MS3 Timothy M Thomaston STG3 Anthony E. Waites EM1 Robert M Weatherford HA WAII BM3 Derek K. Maikai MS1 Robert W Woode IDAHO PN3 Gary R. Cassell ILLINOIS OS3 Richard ,L Blackwell FC3 Carry A. Disney SR Edwrad A. Doss SN jacob S. Harmon PNSN Gregory A. Hartz QM2 Charles S. johnson FCCS Kenneth E. Leitzen PC3 Scott D. Lemon MSSA Clifford L. Love IC3 james A. Panozzo GSE2 David G. Parker GMM1 Stanley A. Pruemer GSM2 john A. Schlesinger TM1 Lee Schoneman OS1 Kevin W Stanbridge SHSA Frank E. Wilson INDIANA SN Christopher E. Barmes S TG3 Mark Bryan ICZISWQ Brian G. Cole EN3 Michael H E yestone MSSR David S. Hughes ENS Mark R. Laxen STG3 john A. Pohl IOWA LCDR Gary G. Geilenfeldt GSE3 Paul D. Krueger YN3 Omar G. Martinez OS1 Lewis C. Nelson EW3 David D. Robu KANSAS OSSN David M Brown STG3 Bradley W Demos GMM2 Alex B. Ross GMG3 Kerry G. Weston KENTUCKY LTjG Timothy j Armstrong SA Ronald E. Arnold S TG2 George L. Cissell DC3 Russell j E versole OS1 Ricky D. Nevels LT Timothy W Reed FC1 Marion D.A. Slade L OUISIANA I C3 Robert Banks, jr. FC1 Steven W Brown OS2 Charles j Cook, jr. GMGCISWI Robert E. Durham PNCS Douglas C Gates QMSA Robert C. Mire SM2 Bernard A. Vander, jr. MAINE DK1 David R. Bernier S TG3 Dear B. Berube BMC Lee Cook BM2 Dennis Cox ETC Dennis W Paine E T3 Harold L. Sutherland HMC Thomas M Brooks MAR YLAND FC2 Thomas R. BlandforcL III EM3 Michael W Brantner OS1 Rodney L. Butts GSEC Thomas H Casey jr. EN1 Charles R. Distelrath LCDR Peter j Frothingham ENS Mark A. johnson LT Robert S. Kerno OC3 joseph M Lastner GMG2 Paul E. Moore, jr. SM3 George E. Ritenour DCFN Stephen C. Shields E T1 David A. Thompson IC1 Michael P. Turpin MASSA CH USE TTS FC2 Robert M Breen, jr. ICFN Steven R Caristi V E W2 Frederick H Crawford C TRC David H Labrie E WCIS WI Lawrence M Lewis E W3 Michael P. Moreau GMM2 Christopher D. Smith MICHIGAN ET1 Wendell C. Andrews CTM2 Aughtly E. Ayers BM3 Mark Barnett LT Stephen L. Buss EMIISWI Melville P. Carr GSE1ISWl james M Ducey ENFA Paul D. Fritz H TZIS WI Gerald A. Gettleman BMSN Michael D. Gibbs ETC jeffrey M japenga GSMCIS W1 David H jones GSE3 Christopher L. Killion HT1 David H Knoblock STG1 Gerald F. Miney GSE2 john G. Watkins MINNESOTA FC1 Michael A. Clark GMM2 Dewayne F. Gulseth SM2 jeff A. jensen CTRC Kevin B. Lind FC2 Wayne A. Ottesen LT Charles L. Ratte SK1 Wilhelm Streese GSM3 john Wells MISSISSIPPI SMSA Anthony S. Blackwell LT Scott R. Bryan TM3 Marvin McFarland MISSOURI GSM1 IS WI jerry L. Brugger CTO3 Robert W Burton FC2 Paul D. Coale FC2 Erwin V Dunn BM3 Chester j jones, jr. S TG3 Charles D. Kearns GMM2 Richard A. Martin FN Donald W Post MSSA Michael A. Stitzer NEBRASKA GSECISWI Michael D. Bertram FN Brett A. Buescher SMSA Michael ll Walters NEVADA SKC john W Beckman RMCS Vance Cossette S TGSN Dale A. Gluck NEW HAMPSHIRE LCDR Richard D. Gray ET2 james 1 Martin BM3 Timothy G. White, jr. NE W jERSE Y OS3 Nicholas Castello Ra EQ. 5 X Q P if 'Q 'Q A. 5' 5 F Q-'ff PI! PM H i Uk fc .Wm -In 'F :QQ LLL R1 In-1 M h I I E P 5 wit nr if ri In 5? If V3 if I . .14 lv' I if tl If 1 3? , 'TA E T2 Faustino C. Cocco GSE1 Michael j Kostak FC1 Keith Laganga GMM1 Wayne M Lewis GSMC Michael Longo, jr. YNCISWj Ronald G. McLaughlin SK3 Christopher D. Merlino OS2 Benjamin W. Moore GSE2 Michael Timko S TGSN David Torres FCIIS W1 Eric Towe FC1 Robert A. White, jr. NEW MEXICO srccs Phillip o. Bague- SN David Trujillo NEW YORK GMM1 Ronald A. Archambeau SN Paul Basile FN George H Beddow, jr. GSM3 Andrew j Benson SK2 Donald L. Brandt CDR Carradean L. Brown EN2 Fred A. Brown GSCS Sylvester j Burks MSC Donald j Burnside EN2 james A. Contestabile GSM1 jrery D. Crayton FN Darick lf Fisher ENC Thomas j Fitzgerald OSC Gregory M Green FO1 john F. Hagen ENS William R. Hayes MS2 David C. Hester FCCS Glenn R. Kaufman SMIISWI Charles j Kehn GSMFN john P. Karavousanos FC1 Andrew P. Kayaimjian OS2 Mario 71 Majors SA Christopher A. Mangum LT Ralph Martens SM1 Mike S. Moss SN Williams I Nye EM2 Russell j Regan SN Wesley j Robinson DC2 Frank A. Rossen E T2 Mitchell P. Sevier DC2 Danny C. Stewart LT jeffrey j Torrence DC2 john P. Ullery SH3 juan M Wright E T2 Michael j Zakarauskas NOR TH CAROLINA FA Tracy Levorn Bass QMSN Christopher Becker FC1 Thomas B. Bitting PNCMlSWl johnnie H Bristow LCDR Robert j Cox BM2 james R. Cunningham BM3 William E. Edenbeck . FCCMIS W1 Malcolm B. Hicks BM2 Maurice A. Huntley GSMIISWI William D. Ivey jr. STG1 Raymond D. jester OSCSISW1 joseph M Lackey CTR2 Gary K. Parris FC2 William H Richmond OS2 jimmy L. Shipman BM3 Anthony G. Surratt OS1 Cornelius j Ware SH3 Tremmel D. Wiggins SH3 Antonio D Williams BMSN Derek li Williams NOR TH DAKOTA EM2 jerold L. Arthuad OHIO H TFA Daniel j Blom RMSA Richard P. Czerniak E W2 Timothy Charles Dahmer SH2 Darrell C. Eakins STG2 Mark E. Easterday LCDR james E. Etterman OSC David j Fishel LTjG Allen j Gopp SK3 Gregory j Hartman F C1 Daren. L. Hill RM2 Gary W. Howell C WO2 Paul A. KalaL jr. FC2 Anthony R. Looney E T3 Richard S. Myeress FCC Charles E. Nelson RM3 Dana Saffo FC3 Gary S. Sharp CT O2 Keith F. Swanson MS3 Da vid B. Winkle OKLAHOMA FC1 james F. Noland IC2 Thomas O. Marchant, Il OSSN Richard L. Smith E W3 Christopher A. Starkey GMG1 Paul Wilsford OREGON YNSN Stanley D. Brawley S TG1 Steve G. Danskine STG1lSWl Robert E. Forman FC1 Darell N Haley PENNS YL VANIA FCC Charles F. Bissey, III GSM2 David M Brooks BM3 Charles D. Caldwell, jr. GMG1 Samuel R. Cambell, jr. E W1 Ronald S. Cocuzzi GSM3 jose A. DaSilva GSM3 james A. Davis GMMSN Erik K. Dowlan E W3 Robert S. Elden II SK1 Gerald Elenback FA joseph E. Evans, jr. RM2 Eugene R. Haley jr. OS2 Dewayne C. Hart SR Richard M Hoffman FCIIS W1 Robert C. jackson SH1 Hubert jason GSM2 Da vid M Karpinski LT William B. Kramer GSMC Michael D. Meeink FC3 Charles H Miller FCC William H Miller ENFA George W Mrdjenovich MS3 Gerald E. Paldino EN1 Anthony R. Picciano BM2 Darrell N Reed GSM2 Robert E. Rice MS1 Robert S. Rusin EN3 john S. Schad GMG3 Emanuel Sibert STGCS Norman j Stinger L T Eric P. Vogue BM3 Darrell Watkins C TRSA jeffrey W Wilson QMC Robert C. Wisniewski OS1 Peter A. Wood PHILLIPINES SH2 Percival E. Ednalino EN3 Michael A. Gonzales MS1 Laureano C. Mata PUERTO RICO GSMFN Edgar M Chico RHODE ISLAND LCDR Nevin P. Carn jr. R.P. MSC Eduardo V2 Maneja SOUTH CAROLINA EN3 Barry E. Abbott GSMFA Craig M Bryant RM2 jesse Cunningham BM3 Ricardo G. Enriquez GSE3 james E. Morgan RM2 Winston F. Pulaski DC3 Arthur L. Robinson SINGAPORE OS2 William M Burnore TENNESSEE OS1tSWl Frank E. Caruso E T2 Bill D. Estes MA CISWI james D. Fields STG2 john E. Gilliland HTC james E. Goans OS2 Anthony S. jarvis LT Samuel Neth FC1 Martin L. Sissom H TCIS W1 Kenneth S. Tarantole GSM2 Nathaniel Underwood TEXAS FCC Robert D. Adams IC2 Wesley H Ball OS2 Cody R. Bell NC1 Wayne E. Bursey LT Robert L. Carter GSM3 Gabriel Castaneda RM3 Waylon M Cheney OS2 Robert R. Doolittle MS1 jeff C. Dowdy GSE3 Brian N Garceau OS2 Michael W Henson GSE3 Billy R. Hood STG3 Cameron B. Idol MR2 Craig L. Kooyman LT jesus Leal RM2 Gordon R. Martin H TC IS W1 Gary D. Parsons FC2 jack L. Ramsey LTjG james A. Rossen III RM2 Russell j Trammel TURKEY OS2 Galip Yurtsever VIR GINIA EN3 Douglas li Burghart GSM3 jeffrey L. Campbell EMFN Todd V Campbell LTjG Ian M Hall OS2 Danny B. Harper QM3 Brian C. Harvey BM1 james A. Kemler OS3 Adrian S. Marsh S TG1 Richard A. Pullen 0S1ISWl Edwin R. Reedom CWO2 john E. Sayerbeck QMSN Peter li Schenck FN Howard L. Taylor OS2 Larry A. Temple LT jeffrey A. Thomas E W1 Paul H Vangorder SN Darrin S. Williams GMG3 Reginald D. Wilson VIRGIN ISLANDS QM3 Anastacia Gonzalez GMG2 Dominic R. Lindquist WA SHIN G TON GMM2 William S. Nichols GSMFN Thanh Q. Trinh PNSN Benjamin S. Wilson WE S T VIR GINIA OS3 Aaron D. Blair S TGSN Bobby j Burns SA William H Cole, III FA Aaron S. Gibbs OS2 Terry T1 Haynes WISCONSIN MS3 Kenny L. Day ENFN joseph S. Draheim DCFN Kevin P. Oertel DK3 Thomas P. Phalen FC3 Scott E. Schabow GSMFN Christopher A. Thomas OSCS George P. Thompson WYOMING E T1 Vernon A. Fawcett LT Donald L. Grant The first year anniversary partyf picnic held at Fleet Recreation Park . . . I . .. The Little Gate's Greats showed up in force and even tuallyg was successful in breaking the pinata ww ,ii ...L " . . . During the yeah we had several occasions to hold Steel Beach picnics . . . . . . sometimes coupled with other special events . . . 39 Special individual achievements occur continuously throughout the year. . . it would take a book twice this size to recognize every- one receiving either an a warcL promotion or some oth er special rec- ognition . . . SG 40 -2' ima 5 rw xxww x X -WNW I r 5, T" W wg 4,-J.-AT: 4 266115. Ya '. a M .. gl h ,-,gw wi N f' K . K" -:rm , , W: 'LAQLQIJQVQ k QL ' .151 wig For those few pictured here, and for the many that are not, congratulations and keep on charging! 43 V a, ,, - M, , s f ,, Q,. o , , Wg, ya awe l ,. g ' f - '4 X :Wm A ax go , Mx g x in ' wwe 1 The softball and soccer teams were the beginning of OUR organized sports teams and when in port long enough, We usually hold our own . . . W M W f W V? - v ,gf www is Aww AWWA .,, 1 Www, , ,, 1 WWW 1:1 'WWW' ""i'-' 'W Y fa f Q 'Y R E and when not able to play formal games, there are al ways a few ready to have at 1t . .. 45 How do you get to be this cool? OfHcer of the Deck on Hal- loween 46 I 'X i Combat Paymaster I could use one of these in the galley Looks like a fun time in the berthing I don 't really know how this stuff works I've never even been up here Quartermasters at work 47 1, if ,wx If if sf 4, :fi at fi, I QM QM gh. I , X Q, A 352' L. K. ,,s K -,L 35, ,, 'if .' - -f. i 9'2" xr . V W PA, we - S V. M? 1 Q I x F3039 xi is g NNE Nw K X Too Cool. X wWf'7.l Af K M I use to drive those in Nam his Are you sure this thing is turned off? 49 ll They told me it was suppose to go back down there," Ready to sign up for four. ...muy ,, jflff, , ,, X W f W sfw ' QX N- . XSSWQWHXQQN fwNQR A w, .xx. 7 Q A f XX S NWZX WNNQSN X f X he XJ f f X W X 2 4 X Q X 4 "We forgot the keys!!" Use the b1g hammer. 50 K K XNYV SURE ill! X KNEE Xhlbkh S S ,X xx xiii R S , X E , x E w -S sw an BN S ETS SN as Ss H ,4 'Elk Q A fi Q A Q if S 5 r X, 5 1 X Q S X X S X S Www? X X 5 , A Sym 1 f?s X M. X N s w . X S ' N MXX 1 , 4 v af H AI' , , 4 . ' 1 , cf ' . f 2:7 Q tri, 4 u x, X "N v ,nb 4 'fi A -iv 'fs HQ, Ig iflrgx 1 iw Lf, ,U Q , Mfg o f X f .V W. fy 4, A ' f X X! W 7 f .oe W3 Q. Q . QV gsyffg ff, K V , W f X W ff Th1s feels much bett 1' M Doing what they do best. Heave a round!! xx X A sex rr. 5 I K Www!! M .EYES - t 5 f Could we do this in the Army? e 6557" Y 3 ,A EA ' Almost as nice as "The garden" "I've heard this guy before. He's funn y. Really. " WWW, f ,W ,ff , ff r ff la W" 1' 7 ' f A if Z '7-Iejg It's starting to close." N Ms, XR xWAW"N ww, ENF Can you say this? -..,,,,-Q--wma Is that Master Chief? What's an ENF? +w Y , w WWA 5 Nm X ff ,, i r if N Looks hke they ve been at sea for awh1Ie e X ww ,V X W N 'Or Aw f x k v, N ww ,M X Www fx ,, X QM wx, mwW Ts N wg jew W .N ', Q' X Q X 'X W, X XA 2 S N, A ff NW X s X EQ 44 ge XX S. fy? X f 0 f W , Y x W ,, fn? , I 'W ' ' ,,,, V 5W ,, 3 J f f -S7 Q3 ,ff AX ww 7 ff , ' -We ,WA ' JW S 7 X f S ,, f 4 f he-W .. Z WSW ea f K X f f V i E 4 .S 0 AMW V w , N N ik NV. X New X ff f XX es S R S f Wf f, 7 WM fm ? R Z 4 H U Z 4 2 f X 0 1 I l F I I ,,,,,.. , , 2 Wm Z -M W f W 1 1 I" ,, f ' ,W Z Say what? clcnowledgm en ts Cruisebook Staff LT Bryan - Editor L T Kramer LT Thomas LTIG Hayes A special note of thanks and recognition for the following people who submitted photographs for this book: Captain Sutton LCDR Gray L T Carter L T Bryan LCDR S weigard LCDR Carr LCDR Eisold ENS Hayes DCCIS W1 T arantole FC3 Alexander E T1 Fawcett S TG3 Berube GSE3 Starling YNSN Robinson E T2 Sevier QM2 johnson MS1 Mata FN Serca BM3ISW1 Edenbeck BM3ISW1 Surratt SWORTH CRUISE B 56 LISHING 5659 Virgin OMPANY Norfolk, VA t Marceline, Mo. U.S.A. 5? 5 Q . Qi L L i 1 V Z ,, G F r L mtole f i r v 1 i 9 ,, g if 'G F r 1 x y . ,1 H 1 .. . 'a , I , S 1 , f , ,, ww L X, ,,r, X ...,,m, 'A ' ' gnf,jg,L ' Ay 1 ,, fl,-93" ' 1, , , X-nu 1 V' 6 "1 mf 'L' 'GW QM" 'L " I ' P':",F"W If W A f ,M A, WV P M jwffr , 'V 'H' ,4 ' 43 ' 'wiv JL, 45'-'QW' , ,. ' ,Jak 6. 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