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441-'Ej' lf"1f:j: ',ifg4L-:nz-gf41gu.1f'.--1:fg1i.5gg111f,'5:x,:'fa-,L ,WG V2 , 4. ,,,, ,. ,,. , X , . .Q X, , K ,-..,.f,,,. ici, ., -.'f.1,i-5,m'm+x ,,,,:379.::: ,ggi fa Q Q wa' fw -?'CF,.1,-:' P- J-' ' ' -"2,1.,,,,',-., '5'.s.,,',5,,,""""-C1l.,Ew':a- ' ' A Fi:-1' H fm 'W - - -fl f-- Q f GV... .Y N. -'A ,. ,,,,, Table of Contents Opening 1 Activities 8 Organizations 22 Royalty 54 Seniors g 67 Juniors ' '05 Sophomores '21 Freshmen '33 Academics '44 Honors '84 Sports '96 Closing 270 l I 1 l l i l l l l l l i l l Thomas lefferson High School 2 2200 lefferson Drive , Port Arthur, Texas ' 962-8451 E l l l r l l n l l li i We live in a world dominated by energy. Everything from the nation's foreign policy to our own weekend plans revolve around the oil industry. Port Arthur is at the heart of this industry, surrounded by refineries on all sides. Thomas jefferson is at the heart of its own energy industry. This energy is produced by the students themselves, everyone, in their own way, helping to make Tl energized. Energy - it's all around us. Port Arthur's refineries and ports claim to lloil the world." The oil industry touches our lives every day, whether it's because our parents work for the refineries, or because we see the plants almost every day, or even because we gas up our cars so often. But petroleum energy isn't the only kind of energy around. There's energy in the muscles that build a bonfire, in cheers of support at a pep rally, and in the laughter and excitement before a big game. V P 'r , ' "'V' 13" L Even when the sun goes down, energy still surrounds us. Headlights and streetlights can been seen along the highway, illurninating our Friday and Saturday nights. A bonfire glows against a darkening sky to lift spirits and warm faces that get too close. Stadium lights and scoreboards brighten up the field for an energetic team and their energized fans. w P K N v Above all, energy is people: members ofthe community as well as students. Energy is Mr. ludice with his crawfish and Cajun cheers. lt's girls and guys showing their enthusiasm at weekly pep rallies. Energy is a winning football team, an exciting performance by the band, and the Texans proudly carrying Big Buzz. lt's students who give their time and talents to let everyone know that the jackets are - ENERGIZED! 7 f i J I ,M Y Even cowgirls are jacket fans Frankly my dear . . . I donft give a Darth Vadar and the space cadets A casual stroll with an Urban cowboy . tri Ruth Silva says - "Ahoy mate" 4 P if 5 Q1 98151 31: , P" v kfl.1eSi Y' lEBuAKYK1.l.i ? Qivszgxf' ' 'Thai , - ...M 35 Q ,Y,,,. ,, Hg ,Af FX 1 W Si ,ga H 1 UQ Mn Nssa,a!t!!x. i D5 5 ' :gala ENR' ' s ag:-I 'L nf, , f: K4 , r w .gn PM A -E, Q ws :WA Don P. and Teri W. Alicia G. can't see what she's believing! This senior group arrested for felonious posing. Lisa and lan after raid on athletic locker rooms. lody C. and Ronnie N. '-1- J ll ll llll li :-- - 'F N. 5 8 . P Samuel Louis tries to pay attention in Business class, but Pam Odom is distracting in her costume for Almost Anything Goes Day. ,JI s5?"x' - Qzwv ff -Af '?,.f'f-Q, ' a1:'iw.fE'-fag gs-Q -, , 'Lil' 'lf P' i z-'xg 'T cf' Z N' if my Yellow lackets hopelessly trapped at outdoor rally. Scott I. and lan W Maroon team sez - GIVE US VIOLENCE! Excuse the tears - Gail Randle Homecoming Phillip C. and Mari W. fli ,m,, 5 45,514 yi fl ef., ldidn't do it! - Garylefferson - Homecoming King. FQ A f-vlif. 1-4 vm?-32g,4w 1, 5, F 2 K H. mmm The Yellow jackets are number on A bunch of turkeys from Distributive Education One of the many floats presented this year The Homecoming half-time show, by the pride of Port Arthur r Kim lalias Kennethl Campbell Some gorgeous buzzards! Q 4 . .:.,, N I .Vg 5 E, kk, -w i kis' . " A nutty group, just hanging out together. You are so beautiful. Going on a lion hunt on Almost Anything Goes Day. Walking down the hall, I was startled to hear so- meone loudly breathing down my back. Quickly l turned around only to bump into Darth Vader with two beautiful space cadets on his arm. Behind his shoulder, I spied a large yellow lion making his way down the hall with an Urban Cowboy who was holding hands with a blond Scarlett O'Hara. Was the whole school going crazy? No, it was only Homecoming Week. Because our football team was iii in district many Frannie Daigle - clowning around. students got into the act. Such tremendous participa- tion resulted in bizarre costumes and behavior. One girl thought she was Wonder Woman and tried to raise a car! Even the city participated along with us. We held a pep rally in front of the school for the public which was televised on uLive at Five." The end of Homecoming Week was climaxed with an easy win over French, 49-7 and the Homecoming dance held after the game. 17 Political Season - a ti me fOl' SU ort We can pose and support at the same time! l Monique Marroquin shows her stuff at cheerleader tryouts. Liz Ashey and Pam Dunkerly campaigning for the candidate of their choice. E lo Hollingsworth just clowning around at rally.' This years' political season started off with the caml paigning of all school office candidates and girls' runn' ing for cheerleader. The campaigning consisted of tags, hall signs, and the dreaded making of courtyar signs. After weeks of campaigning and speeches, con ventions were held to decide who would run on eac ticket for needed positions. . I . . . I ' ' I Later on in March a political rally was held in boys gym to give the students one last look at candidates. Cheerleader tryouts were also held at I time during the rally. Clowns, balloons, candy, a candidates were all part of the setting at the ra Although, it was a long procedure, the fun of ca paigning ended on March 26, when twelve students took over as T.l.'s new There was an overwhelming sense of excitement the air as these students were pointed out t moderate crowd of political supporters. Win or it's an honor to run . W V Paige, Tayna, and Kecia drumming up support at the political Time for voting and inauguration Q Q X 5 s 4 The Pink Panther supports Patino. . . 4 ..,, . . M, it f 1+ 4 if2"S,,.?f's. 1 ...Q . , . . A 1 ' 1 . - .fairest'w"fHf'i1 Q f .- .- 2 5751. ff f'wftfft'f M. 'r 1 t :m5a.1::se.4.2i:.,:f.. .Q ,tg eff'-:s..:..f..w...t5 1 -ei, - . - N Esifigiiti-ses 'ii " , .. . H . ' f .ns-an K if ' ' ' ., tt. tt. . .i.. ..t. . . . tk,.t,,,,l:t,,Q,..,,y,1,w1q'n1iw5iogyffiiixl f - - ff -f .: Q- -1 -L -: .7 1.-eu.,-.Q :Qi ,,-.-- 1, me-V -11,22 z.saz,..w..1J,s.lM1.fftW --. The new president swears in his officers. VA N I 9' , y ' "os , ' ,. via-as ff.', K ' f A , . f , L 'i.i g 3 -. H " 'tri 'fi' 1 ti , , t,ii flu., K F 11 - 1, Kala's sign says it all. Ulf you don't vote on March 26, don't complain on March 27" was a familiar saying on election day. 940 students voted on all school officers and cheerleaders for the 1981-82 school year. Election results are as follovvs: President, Michael Alston, Vice-President, Allison Wolf, Rep-at-Large, Kelli Hayes, and Secretary, Gretchen Buchanan. The cheerleaders elected were: DeAndrea Prevost, Beth Killebrew, Gina Patino, Anita Romero, Monique Marroquin, Aretha jackson, Kala Romero, and Yvette lacquett. A proud moment for the 1981-82 cheerleaders. Mr. Rothenberger installs the incoming Student Body President. Sweetheart Dance page courtesy of Car Audio-Ziebart 3218 Gulfway Dr. There 's only one Ziebcart Owners, Ca'Vi."' Si"C'ai' Car Audio and Accessories ' Al'Chle Baron Division of 982-4880 M 8t M Sound Systems, Inc. Owner, Bob Moss 982-976 Lucky day for Sweethearts l Chris Boudreaux l'hams" it up at the Valentine dance. Andrea Gonzales and her date take a much needed break. Couples dance to the music of "Powerhouse" Varsity Cheerleaders agree all the hard work paid off as they pose together one last time. The Tunnel of Love was the theme for this year's Valentine dance. The dance, sponsored by the cheerleaders, and Congress presented the atmosphere of an amusement park. A wonderland of heart mobiles were fastened prac- tically everywhere to the ceiling. The tables were decorated with plastic wine glasses and filled with red hots in the shape of hearts. Plants were borrowed from Alston's nursery to put the right effect in the backdrop. Even though Friday, the 13th was the date of the dance, it turned out to be a lucky day for most sweethearts. Sarah Kelley and her date pose for Hollier. 22 KVIA loanle Dunn and Zana Cassel loading paper for paper drive ,rmL Are you sure you two will be able to take a bath in there? The Ecology Club collects . . . "There will be a paper drive, next Saturday on the back porch of Oshman's Sporting Goods. From 9:00- 12:0O, you may bring old newspapers, magazines, and corrugated paper to the group of students from TJ. who are involved with the Ecology Club." Near the second week of every month, an- nouncements like this were heard at school to let the students know the Ecology Club was alive and work- ing. Up early on those Saturday mornings, along with active members were sponsors Miss layne Smith, and Mrs. Tommy Gothia. V. . .... t SS . . ,.... .. I . :SSS 1 ig V S X V Jig ga ,5f1.k.5+.5:s.tffsszstf:.i.-,, i . My Vw,-1 Q3 -j 15:,j:iS M . ,V SS S ' V. V . V . V " , ..., S"S: V , - - , . fs - V .V .,............. .......... .....1 ,Q ...,.,.,... . . ..,..,....,,..... . ... ...... . , 2.4 ---'--- 'S . ,V V ' S 4 f. - - . ' S ' "t' i ' an ' S , X S S .., .S S V.V.V. S V - SS VV 1: VVSSVV.SVV LVVS S it S Sf' Phil Huval takes a breather while fellow ecologists work on On my God, I lost my 1 carat diamond earrings! Oh no, l'm late for a Heralds meeting! Heralds face many problems Since we were short of money and the theme of this year's Homecoming dance was "jackets Are Everywhere," we found it dif- ficult to think up decorations pertaining to the theme. So, we ended up having to make the paper footballs and miniature goalposts dur- ing the 6:00 meetings at lane's house. Those meetings however, posed more of a problem than the decorations. With Band, Hussars and Swingsters, it was hard to make them. But somehow land no one really knowsl everything was finished in time to make the Homecoming dance one of the best one in years. Maury discusses Homecoming with friends, Sidney poses, and lill sits in a daze at a morning Herald's meeting. X Sponsor Mrs. Dunn, Dir. of Activities julie Pittman, Secretary Michelle LeGrappe, President lane Thompson, Vice-President Evelina Rodrigue. 1980-81 Heralds Service Organization As the football soars through the goal post, the Texans know it is time to proudly shoulder Big Buzz, our school mascot, while the Fight song is being played. These seven seniors follow Big Buzz to every football game and pep rally no matter where it is. This year's sponsor is Robert Worthy. Capt. Ronnie Broussard is the head of the Buzz Brigade which includes Phil Caveratta, Ronald Bryant, Vincent Edwards, Kenneth Harrington, Kevin Venable, and Morris Albright. Candy Parham, head cheerleader Beth Killebrew Gina Patino Gail Randle Tessa Romero The "Big One" Molly Talbot DeAndrea Prevost Anita Romero Cheerleaders boosting spirit! ,. ,j Q a. L ,M Q , ,sri i JV's have good year .mg -- , S, , .. cs, -Q, , .V gi tgi- 3 5: A f .t j S1 g . , We Vase? Sa K . N. sfii 1 i , 1. 2 52 22 'S fl ,,ssi 5 jll g, g ait? t .gi. ' 5 -L.. l sis ' Q ix, l jiri i - S gg 1 at Se? ts ,... .. 5st 5 tttttr so ,... ,,L.. -Q ,tt .ti A., . S sssti sss 35 V. - M s l ,LVV - V..V i :.., t. .ki E ! , iitt f S sss as -f'-- V iff 'i 5 7 L E v,,. if' ,s I 3 5 leg gg l s 5: X ai 5 , ggi Q55 .Q 19 525 qti - ' :KL If 'iff ' its K i 2 '. 1 5 F ' so 'tii" , t 3 R ',' A ""f: 1 , , hh i fiifiizfi. ikk, ..:' 5 ' -..f ' '- 1 , r I L s hh S ,:-- '-:- 7 :':' i'i'fx'ff asa. .,k: a E15 'f f,.. , :ilkl'i?T-i5:5:S:i"::iff? fu --ie: -1.,--' -A '----' ttt sssisssss ssss r it l,V. cheerleaders perform at pep rally Two freshmen, two sophomores, and two juniors make up the junior varsity cheerleading squad. Being elected only one day before the first district game, the girls had to get their act together in one day to attend the athletic event. The spirit leaders are under the direction of their sponsor Susan Boyd and head cheerleader Kala Romero. Supporting the Fighting Yellow jackets are freshmen: Missy Duhon and Gina Guidry, sophomores: Melissa Moore and Kala Romero, and juniors: Mari Weldon and lane Weisen. Go, jackets, Go! Gina's showy russian 5 Missy and Kala ready to cheer l Top row: lane Weisen, Mellisa Moore and Gina Guidry. Seated in the middle is head cheerleader, Kala Romero. Also seated is Mari Weldon and Missy Duhon in chinese sli p t. 27 New band director, Kathy Wadenpful contributed immensely to the band program. Band director Herb Germer surrounded by his ardent fans in Dallas. Band stays tuned together Wearily, we trudged through ankle deep water, battled raging blizzards, melted from the sun's pelting rays and sat through hundreds of lectures on pointing toes, picking up knees, memorizing music and correct horn position. We learned that circles were not com- posed of straight sides and pointed corners and piled us demerits which quickly formed an We knock-, ed on doors selling candles, fruitcakes, cheese and! sausage until our knuckles became raw and blistered. We were shoved, cursed at, and had ice and ketchup thrown at us at the Cav-OILcade Parade. Then once marching season was over. We took out the french horns, concert tubas and new base and alto l clarinets imported from France and began to prepare for U.l.L. Which meant sectionals in the mornings and often after school. Unfortunately, the postman goofed and the entry fee dues were late so all of our! ensembles couldn't go. Instead we concentrated on, the band competition and listened to more lectures. This time on intonation, breath support, separating notes, or holding them out their full length, and most! of all BALANCE!!! Most people think that band is easy because all we do is play our horns and walk up and down the foot- ball field and take trips to Florida in the spring but asi you can see, it's more than just playing around, It's Great! Phil P., Mike C. loey S., Cary C., Lindsay S., Carlos G., and Rudy E. enjoy Florida sun at Disney World during the Spring trip. I Left, left, left - right - left. Don't HB' Gary Lampham presents the perfect bandsman stance: elbows out, bell in the air. The band, Swingsters, and twirlers march off the field to the Fight Song ' flat, " " natural WWW W M AQ! x f Mr. ,,,, ,,, , - ,EMZ-ii is s I ii. " " Twirlers perform to 'll Will Survive" at a Friday afternoon pep rally. junior Twirler Denise Durio. Gutstanding line Little does the crowd know, as they cheer for the Maroon and Gold Twirlers at pep rallies and football games, all the hard work and reparation that are behind them. Seemingly endless hours of practice are devoted to perfecting finger twirls, wheels, figure eights and twirling with knives and hoops as well as batons, during marching season and in the spring to perform at the Swingster Follies. When the five girls attended camp this summer at Blinn College in Brenham, Texas, they were honored with being named Outstanding Twirling Line. They also won individual ribbons ranging from good to superior, and a spirit baton everyday. When com- peting for Miss Majorette Queen, Debra Sanford took the top honor with Vanessa Boyd as second runner up. At camp, the Outstanding Twirling Line were taught by the feature twirler from the University of Texas. Spirited Twirlers Vanessa Boyd, Debra Sanford, Terri Barbay, Durio, and Vanessa jordan at an Astrodome game. Denise Assistant Head Twirler Terri Barbay. Vanessa l., Vanessa B., and Debra are all smiles at the Patriotic show. Q. . 'Ohm Y ll. , N-ni., Cynthia and Gwen at the Austin game. Flag Captain Cynthia Lavalais, Beth McMullin, and Althea Sanford before a performance Pantheia Evans, Cynthia Lavalais, and Gwen jackson are all smiles at a Friday night football game. Silks Flash T The Tl Silk Flag Corps practices everyday with the Marching Band, even though they are not members of the band. In addition, the corps rehearses an hour on their own. The Silks also accompany the band on spr- ing trips and UIL Marching Contests. They ,enter the Port Arthur Solo and Ensemble Contest, perform at pep rallies, halftime at T football games, and the Swingster Follies. Flags perform for a large crowd at an afternoon pep rally lst Row: Susan Lawrence, Darlene Hargrave, Tracey Fox, Lisa Holstead, Winda Pitre, Gail Lapham, lanis Newby, Sheri Wilkinson, Linda McMillan, Patti Scrivner, ludy Silva, Melissa Patin. 2nd Row: Gay Freeman, Michelle LeMire, Cathie Greene, Gerry Wilson, Kristi Dixon, Stephanie DeCuir, Tonya Martin, Lisa Stelly, Sasha Quintelle, Lynette De la Cruz, Linda Burleigh. 3rd Row: Prissi lohnson, lo Espinoza, Alice Beckom, loni King, Linda Simon, Shirley Cabellero. 4th Row: Gina Gonzales, Linda Luquette, Ruth Ann LeRosen, Ann Moorer, Carmel Spencer. Sth Row: Sarah Sherman, Suzanne Perciful, Karen Keith. Split or splat It was halftime. With heart pounding, the girl silently whispered a quick prayer before strutting onto the football field. Once in line, the Drum Major blows his whistle and she begins the dance with a split contagion. The au- dience, seeing a ripple of splits, applaud enthusiastical- ly. Her fixed smile becomes a wide grin because she has gone all the way down. Now that her nervousness is gone, she can concentrate on pointing her toes and continue the dance without a mistake. As a dedicated Swingster, she had to go through twelve to fifteen hours a week of strenuous and I V I I rnonotonous practice beginning in the Scoi-Ching Sum- Swingsters display National Emblem during Patriotic show. mer heat of luly and continuing until the harsh winds of an abnormally cold December to make her perfor- mance flawless. She was a circus star juggling practice, homework, and other school activities. What was the reward for her hard work - for the boos and laughter from opponents - for the pulled muscles, shin splints, and large purple bruises which marred her legs? Perhaps it was the fan's thunderous applause and cheers after a high kick dance or the proud look in her Mom and Dad's faces or the self-satisfaction of perfor- ming perfection. Whatever the reason, the Swingster Corps is something Thomas lefferson can be proud of. Michelle, lackie, Cathie, and Angie before Friday night show. An orange and white parachute aid Swingsters in performing to "Watermelon Man" for the West Orange-Stark game. I ,ll ' , - gf .jf Choreographer loyce Clark Pat L. winks at the crowd while Lisa H. and Amy C. smile in Astrodome tanding: 2nd Lieutenant - Karen Keithg Captain - Suzanne Percifulg lst Lieutenant - Sarah Sherman. Sitting: Carla Miles, ina Gonzales, Linda Luquette, Ruth Ann LeRosen, Ann Mooer, Carmel Spencer. Dedication and pride make perfection on field 425 i Seniors lacque Ruiz and Sarah Bowers have fun at a game despite cold weather jill M and Tracey B say The Band is H1 i Assist. Drum Major Belinda Elliason conducts band. The Pride of Port Arthur in circle formation at the West-Orange Stark game to 'xOff The Line." Drum Major Ernesto Cabellero during a performance in the Dome. ,,. lim Grady sun bathes during a practice break at Florida University stadium, Henry W. sneaks a peek during outdoor pep rally. Band boys enjoy dressing up at Homecoming. Gay Freeman in Swingster poise waiting for the music to start f aff , fm, . w..,, :MT Q. w ..-v in -xu,a sf - :9'Tf3s, , Q. '5 F gg? ,...qnnv-wx E'i.i4KX' I --.UM ,,.... , Y . Y- Y V W! ll 5 il gi ,l l f, "" A ' V gm. ,,,,,,,. nfl! ,yy L"' ,,-- all 1.1 ' x as af - 1 if . V4 Front Row: Sara Kelley, Becky Gilbert, Michelle Laurents, Lisa Nebel, Alison Sanford, Stacey Albritton. Second Row: Nancy House, Dawn Pardue Chad Mills, lenny Tiger, Belinda Eliasson, Cindy Henderson. Third Row: Gretchen Buchanan, lane Moore, Margaret Bundy, Patty Siragusa, An drea Gonzales, Chris Parker, lanis Newby. Fourth Row: john Williams, Lonnie Ford, Kevin Channel, David Malveaux, Ronnie Broussard, Mar Follett, Dawud Kalimah, Walter jackson, lessie Samuels. Not Pictured: Brian Angelle, Melissa Soileau, lan Weise. Choir program going strong The Choral Music Department took on a if whole new look for the '80's. Rehearsing in a remodeled choir room, the A Capella choir consisted of many new faces, in- g cluding quite a number of underclassmen. 5 Under the direction of Mr. Hightower, the choir, along with members from ist and 6th periods, performed a candlelight l Christmas concert as well as a final Spring concert in May. A Capella members brought home 17 medals from Ull' Solo and ,Ensemble Con' Studio Singers are "ln the Mood" when they perform today's most popular music. l test and a ll in UIL competition. The newly formed Studio Singers, a pop music group, and the ten-member madrigal group sang for area clubs and an assembly program at school. At the end of May, the choir at- tended the World of Music Festival in Ft. Worth. This was the first trip in many years for a Tl choir, andthe group made it a suc- cess by receiving "excellent" ratings and a trophy as well. 5 Wrapping up a successful year, the choir sang at graduation, and afterwards, the Z madrigal and trio traveled to Austin for final State competition. iii fil J 1 Award-winning State madrigal poses at the spring banquet. 38 Devoted choir delivers a meaningful Christmas concert to an attentive audience. Nancy, lan, and lane put their hearts into the music. Choir proudly sings tribute to American hostages. Mr. Hightower takes a bow to a round of deserved applause Girls' trio won gold medals at UIL solo and ensemble Trophywinner lessie Samuels performs solo for assembly 3111! Area finalists Cindy and Sara pose with State winner Margaret TI contributed seven talented singers to the All-region choir Pianist Doug Coleman receives a plaque of appreciation for his help X Candlelight enhanced the mood of the song and the season at A Capella's Christmas concert. l ., ,, Nsckv ' Q, S mf X M R s fixes N X r we f ir- . ---- IIVV R ,I l What's so funny, lesse? You haven't received your award yet, Kr Walter, Kevin, and David show off the trophies from World of Music. Sara tries out her Greta Garbo pose for the camera. 41 Q if This page courtesy of Lamar University Port Arthur 1500 Procter Street 985-5561 727-0886 Congress acting for everyone President, Danny Wyde . fi W? , A A , ,, ,, , , E if 9.2 3 ,. V4 3,4 Representative-at-Large, lulie Pittman Congress officers and Sponsor, Mr. joe Bartlett Vice President, Lisa Aranda Secretary, Ruth Ann LeRosen. -st X Q1 . .Kiwi-, Wi, t 1 i i Q if , . :Q Kevin ludice helps out with campus clean-up. M, M sk - -my Molly Talbot makes sure everyone is present. Lisa Hostead and friend Mickey join congress during is l Q1 D. Wyde promotes spirit in a special way! Danny congratulates the Outstanding Congressman - Michael Alston 11981-82 Student Body Presidentl lulie and Danny are amazed with Mr. Bartlett's Roll-o-matic. Roxanne and Tom are anxiously waiting their turn in line. Rouel Rothenberger pigging out at Congress banquet. llGood morning, l'm Danny Wyde, it is 2nd period, Sept. 5, 1981. You are at the first Con- gress meeting of the year." lt was time to get the year rolling, elected representatives from every homeroom in the entire school came together to let Thomas jefferson know they were ready to work. Congress had approximately 75 respresentatives and was headed by President Danny Wyde, Vice-President Lisa Aranda, Rep.- at-Large julie Pittman, and Secretary Ruth Ann LeRosen. From the beginning of the year, to the end of the year, Congress stayed active and has a lot to look back on and be proud of. llLet's take a look at some of the highlights of Congress," stated Danny Wyde, on the eve of the last Congress Meeting fCongress Banquetl. To start off, Congress won the March of Dimes trophy, collecting 6,000 dollars. Homecoming parade had more entrants than ever before, and 940 people showed up to vote during the all- school office elections. This was over half the population of the student body. Danny went on to brag a little about the Office of Parliamen- tarian Thomas jefferson will hold next year on the district level. It was a first for T.l. to run for any district office. Congress involves itself with everything con- cerning the school, it would be impossible to list all thie accomplishments Congress has to be pro- ud o . Corps Leaders Ideal Hussar, Kelly Suire Mrs. Comer and her daughter The Red Hussar Drum and Bugle Corps had a very busy and exciting year. The corgs was under the second year sponsors ip of Ms. Marsha Comer. The corps started practice in luly. Through the mist, moscruitos, and heat the corps had a beautifu Red and White Day. The girls added spirit at games and performed during halftimes. The corps played the traditional "Eyes of Texas" at every pep rally. The play off games were great, double timing on turf is something the girls will never forget. The San Antonio trip was a real blast. Mr. Rothenburger was the sponsor for the corps. They waited seven hours for the buses to finally show up, only to have a blow-out in Houston. Once we made it to San Antonio, after the storm layed off, the girls and chaperones had a great time. M4 at Ass't. Drum Major, Melanie Lanclos, Sponsor, Mrs. Marsha Comer, and Drum Kelly Doyle. Hussar Twirlers: Feature, Kay Hodges, Sassy Ramirez, Alicia Gough, and Debbie Elto .sf f ,,,, ' XM T I 1 f W. nf gf jlr ffl' if K 5 f 3 7 f ll sf f f W lf .V 'S L. Field Officers: Bell Sgt. Susie Williamson, Snare Sgt, Molly Chevis, - Symbol Sgt. Michelle LaGrappe, Bugle Sgt. Charlotte Miller, Tenor Red and White Day Sgt. lo Hollingsworth, Snare Sgt. loanne Dumisnell, Baritone Sgt. Michelle Tweedle, and Base Sgt. Gail Brayant. Social Officers: President, Lisa Lawrence, Vice President, lulie Pittman, Secretary, Evelina Rodrique, Treasurer, Yvonne Ashy, Parliamentarian, Marcy Stroder, Uniform Quartermaster, Shelly Simon, Ass't. Uniform Quartermasters, Marianne Boudreaiu and Stephanie Roos, Instrument Quartermaster, Lisa McGilberry, Ass't. Instrument Quartermasters, Helen Ashy, and Anna Slynid, Song Leader, lan Moser, Reporter, Allison Wolf, Corresponding Secretary, Kelly Hayes, Historian, Gloria Washington, Ass't. Historian, Frannie Diagle, Sr. Rep-at-large, lane Thompson, lr. Rep-at-large, Karen Byars, Soph. Rep-at-large, Paige Lawson. Yes, it's the underclassmenl I We aw at .t fyi USS ' Q Shelly Simon, Vickie Orta, and Beth Drake show their Hussar love. Paula Hlavinka and Cynthia Ford on their way to practice. Even the shy Hussars know the jackets are 411. Hussar's parade through parking lot at 7:30 to get spi up for the PN.G.-G. game. A., Qdff WT Hussar's have that lacket spirit! Kelly and Melanie lead the "Eyes A if 2' ., M N V V , , w,.ijf,j3j-:Q-ggfiw - XsiwE,5'l"'M-,K r .f I X -Egffe 1 K ' V sq i 'F K 5 " ll ' M 7'1Q-2,-is H , ....a , "4 ,M .... ...... 5 -Qwfwzfw ' 'augaiiililfili e Y . , X All the way to San Antonio in this bus? ?? Believe it or not, we made it there and back. This page was furnished through the courtesy of Allied IVIerchant's Bank 441 Austin as 3 g g k rrsss . 1. Q X. gu i : 2 . . . .. 1- QM .iw ww .F r I. ll ' .. ' ' 'sad-+5 if -. Ali- .r .f U--f..:':'?1i:::i...f1 ' " .- r -r -- . . as f'- ,Misa if Darlene Young in a pensive moment during playoff game. Hussars were vital in cheering the jackets on to victory in all the games in the Astrodome. Q? Six' . a hi AV in , , nav .. h kr ,, . . ' . g . :-- ,Q 'YN g - . ii vr': - re i f 5' .rr 5 ' K . K . KL Ass ? may vVVkk i , t 35 ff V- I H-"L Vkii 'fr 'Us ,,,, 1 j i 1, .wat A - ' 1 . i-fc' -fl XY. Xml . , I . tt ff 2. ts- s 1 .V U V. Qs .. 1- . ir f 'ig i. ' RQ - ---- a ' I 1 I 6 an li ,.--- 1 M ,.. - kkky in -, , i V,,,,k K. K .58 Hussars prepare to march pre-game show in Memorial Stadium, Austin, , Texas for playoff game. I Suzy Kish tells us, EriCa's shades really block the sun. Hussars and chaperones on sidewalk in San Antonio. 51 Maybe we don't want to be teachers Experience gained The Future Teachers of America and Service Exploration in Education KFTA and SEEJ meet daily challenges to students interest. SEE students get a first-hand look at how it is to be a teacher at the area elementary schools. They work with students in groups and separately. They also work with students who have learning disabilities and make learning more interesting for brighter students. FTA had a Christmas party in the cafeteria for the teachers. They also held their annual banquet in May. RM "S, Ms, Lindsey, FTA and SEE sponsor. Senior Melissa Boesenhoffer reads to students during story hour. ' after all or maybe we do Senior Kevin Rougeau helps student with artwork M- one of his spefialties. Carla Miles Darlene Young and Lorna Queen serve at lean hers party 4 tty 54 , King and Queen Flick Wyble and Yvonne Ashy Most Popular Boy and Girl Gary Jefferson and Sarah Guidry 1 Grand Duke and Duchess Robert Smothers and Sarah Sherman Ladies and Gentlemen in Waiting Don Holloway and Marilyn Kennerson Arnold Landry and Ruth Ann LeFlosen Court Jesters entertain King and Queen i ?" 3 g il Wt ,F Vicki Pittman and Jeff Boudreaux W Senior Royalty says: Waltzerszn Stuart Davalos, Susie Williamson, Ronald Bryant, Kelly Guy, lessie Barber, Kelly Doyle, Victor Scott, lulie Pittman Maury Mingle, lo Hollingsworth, Danny Wyde, lan Moser, Randy Hancock, Ann Moorer, George Diaz, Carla Miles, Dal Eichler, Melanie Lanclos, Kenny Harrington, Alicia Gough. It's our turn Brent Duhon with Crownbearer Brian Norris and Ashley Boyd Senior Singers Sara Kelley and lessie Samuels. The 1981 Senior Class Royalty participated in their Coronation, which took on the theme of "Masquerade," on May 2. Each girl in the court was given an elegant mask with feathers mat- ching her dress to add to the carnival at- mosphere. A red carpet was rolled out as the Master of Ceremonies, Chet Domingue, an- nounced the arrival of the king and queen vvith their court, l'lt's Our Turn" was chosen by the class to be sung for the first time by not one but two Senior Singers, Sara Kelley and lessie Samuels. The twenty Senior Waltzers danced gracefully to "Annie's Song." The court also included a pair of Court lesters to carry out the "Masquerade" theme. These tvvo iesters, Vicki Pittman and left Boudreaux, xvere chosen because of her comic personality and his amusing and sometimes bizarre wit. All in all, the Coronation began a night that the seniors of '81 will be sure to remember. Master of Ceremonies Chet Domingue junior Royalty: Melissa Patin, Kip Cooper, Regan Glasscock, Rob Duplantis, Helen Ashey, Bruce Miller, Roos, Doug Coleman. is A VYAAII Kevin and Gail, masquerade mask in hand, display final Sophomore Royalty: Yvette lacquet, lames Bobb, Liz results of hours of practice on bow and Curtsy. Steven Roccaforte. 62 K--M Sophomore Royalty: Lisa Williams, Micky Fenn, Craig Stump, Roxanne Marroquin. Freshman Royalty: Paul Romero, Gina Guidry, Tina Deleon, Chuck Lal-laye. i 1 ,E I is gs 3 l Front Row: loanna Dumesnil, Lisa Lawrence, Andrea Gonzales, Gina Gillespie, Sarah Kelley, Cathy Klutts, Stella Reyes, Nelda Falcon, Alicia Gough. Second Row: Tessa Romero, Kelley Doyle, Charlotte Miller, Sarah Sherman, Yvonne Ashey, Cathie Greene, Molly Chevis, Ann Mooreri Vanessa Boyd, loni Rice, Carla Miles, Lisa Aranda, and Kay Hodges. Third Row: Molly Talbot, lan Moser, RuthAnn LeRosen, Suzanne Percifull Fourth Row: Paula Hamilton, Carla Geniso, lo Hollingsworth, Kelly Guy, lanis Newby, Debra Sanford, Belinfa Ellisob, and Michekle Tweedel. Bacll Row: lane Thompson and Michelle LaGrappe. 1 gunmawnm. K i For the parade, Gina dressed up like l'The Fat Lady." 1 C i u S D Nelda Falcon, Stella Reyes, Sarah Kelley, and lan Weise. X Candied apples, balloons, and clowns promoted festival spirit ' during the October 23-28, 1980 Cav-Oil-Cade celebration. Of the 54 princesses representing various clubs of Port Arthur, 41 were 1981 seniors from T.l. The night of the coronation brought much excitement, but the girls overcame their nervousness with ease. For instance,when Yvonne Ashy's dress got caught on a box on the stage, she calmly bent down, unhooked it, and went on, laughing. After the corona- tion, there was a party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. lim Carr, which was attended by the princesses and their escorts, and the visiting duchesses and their escorts. The girls also attended the Mac Davis concert, the Charley Pride concert, a dance at The Landing, a part at the Flannagans, a television taping, rehearsals, charm classes, an in- terview, and finally, the parade. The parade offered many interesting circus costumes and floats. Float rizes were awarded to Andrea Gonzales, whose club built her a gig, pink elephant, lanis Newby, who sat on a trapeze, and lan Moser, who was a tiger tamer fKara Gumberger was the tigerl. The parade was followed by a luncheon for the entire party at the Federated Womens' Clubs' headquarters. All in all, Cav-Oil-Cade was an extravaganza full of wonderful memories never to be forgotten. . i Lisa Aranda and Tracey Fox are "Merry" as they go round. Donna Debbie Robert Worthy Photography f W 4. M A :gs ...Q V592 gg Q JMWMMWW, w Q I ZW mf . Wg if ,E , Y.. I , fl . f' fweavfw ' www fwwl i Q My 1 4 ' Y 4 f gf. 5' 1 if P 4 K i a ZH 1 far' 3 ,W 'H f, yr 524,59 V wg ,Q ,Qi ' 3 I 3 ? ie ,y 1:31 l 4 A' C' f5,a1g2fMxq1f' 'E M555 I , 123 2, , W , J Senior Class Officers: Sitting: Sara Guidry, oresident. Standing: Molly Talbot, secretaryg Kevin ludice, vice president, and Sarah treasurer. Senior cheerleader Gail Randle gives some pointers to lunior DeAn- They've been wanting to choke Kevin all year. drea Prevost, K 1 w 1 'SK .v X r F 5 if I U i w 'Sf , w'KQa3,Q , l 5 Sara Kelly and Nancy House laugh it up at pep rally. COI'a Malve-EIUX is excited about another d3Y HS 3 S9l'1l0f- Who in the world would bring books to a basketball game? Trying to get into the NHS? , Garry jefferson and Sarah Sherman discuss a perplexing problem in class, Danny 'lDevo" Wyde presenting his usual control-cool facade. L I -aww xfwxwm manda ,mrsfm K n..- I Sean Kasper 2' rn-ln, 1- :I -r I -, .1 Karen Keith Sara Kelley William Kennedy Leatrice Kennerson x 1 75 S y, .L 54 5 ? K Q 2 S i 4 2 Q S E, E ! Z w V N ! i ' Dwonia Griggie - alias lane Kennedy Kara Cumberger showing her best feature. Constance and Fayette ham it up in the Dome WN 'N L r 4?- 'ir . Q 4 1 88 Debra Williams Michael Williams Erick Williamson Angela Wright Sydney Wroten Rick Wyble Danny Wyde Phadria Young 89 90 whoop it up at the Political Rally. D.E. fashion show was a hit for obvious reasons. tue. s of Mr. Hightower's choir teach the audience how to boogie and 'rapf' :if ll Gary lefferson at Political rally Morris Albright shows that he does know something in Computer Class. 1 ,.,,,..,.,..N N. .M,Nw.m.W.x - - --V - ,,,, . W, wwf ---- fa-msn - fwWWM ,,.. , ,,,,.,, . .,,,,.,,,A m..,,,,N ,,,, ,,V.,,,,,,.,.W,, ...,,,,..W,.,M,W., WW, ..,.,....n- A W. -.WW fwmgL 1i.-lui-. H Anita and lan voice record opinions at Ted's. 3519 Twin City Hwy. 962-5671 4911 Culfway 983-4100 john takes a break at Drago's Kenneth Campbell, Craig Collins, Pastor Vance, Greg Scrivner, Lisa Lawrence, Kay Hodges, 184' energy to sing Fld dance Energy to compet ..1....,...w..,...-X... wh.. Y V x. ,N M V nd energy to cheer and cheer That energy level kept them upto. . . vote v. M. N. . , W, .. . , -' If5512A..41yi,f-ew, 'r --, +- f .lwfmfn--. work Q, ties' mf 3 P X SQ X Rss we 'T N - ,- M will and stud energy Iev slumped and fell. Rowena Ruffin sure looks happy to finally be graduating. Vicki clowns around in the auditorium. 100 Tricia Richard waits patiently to march out to the stadium K fr J 1 7, X wxx, ,y fy .M A 'V W5 2 It H, 5' ug ' F if J , yr V' H V - 1, , ' I i Y Hi if , ww-Y "5 M Q A 1 f Ls ,'IL-1 f 1 3 H if W, , .. - 5 Ck W , ti ? , ,,,L ,A W. ft MEMS Q V ,M ,ik K , 5, W i "W Q W 'G' was ' W f 4 4 A f f ' 'ff ,E Q ? 'S Q.: I A K gk I I CII? I kkkYk"k .ws ,M In 3 .". ' , I - .1,. uv A V 44 ww . . ,,Q,,, M The Reverend Don Dodge opened the ceremonies with a prayer. gun--N gimme ...., W - sa - , .Q .....2IL"' 'H' ,L-at ,M 'xFor life's a song that I must sing." A proud graduate Sarah Guidry told us about her dream for the Class of '81, g Dr. Evelyn Lord spoke about rainbows. 3 The ceremony ended as each graduate received his diploma and a handshake for a job well done. U Stillwell auto body students E ! 2 out I Future employees of: Gaspard's Auto Center Energy Country Borel Brothers Body Shop Roland Ange'.e CarroII's Paint Shop Q if S Q S W? Abraham, Arthur Aclese, Carl Adams, Ronald Adaway, Mitzi Aguilar, Adela Aguilar, lohn Alexis, Donald Allen, Roynald Alpough, lanice Alston, Micheal Anderson, Brenda Anderson, Roy Angelle, Kenneth Anniboli, lack Antione, Tyrone Arabie, Angela Aranda, Augustine Armstead, Harold Arvizo, Oscar Ashy, Helen Austin, Robert Babineaux, David Baker, Carol Baker, Mar Barras, Waker Batiste, lohn Batiste, Travis Becker, Christie Bell, lohn Benjamin, Tracy Bennett, Barry Bergeron, Charles Bettencourt, Kathleen Blackwell, Darren Blanchard, lohn Bobb, Linda Bodin, Dana Bodin, Tim Boudreaux, Randy Bourgeouis, lohn Bourgeois, MaryAnn Bourque, Laurie Breaden, Shirley Britt, Daphne Britton, lewell Brooks, Evelyn Brooks, Loretta Broussard, Cynthia Broussard, lennifer 106 lunlor Class Officers Michael Alston president Stephanie Roos treasurer Patti Tracey Armintor, senior, and Tina Theriot spending their e dent e play' softb l' ' Ing all for Elite Marianne Bourgeois and Kelly Hayes at Junior poster party. 107 hum 33 L5 ffl?-5 Arthur Abraham shows that Jacket Spirit on band trip. Kahla Broussard drums it out at a football game in Dallas. held Stephanie Roos and Linda McMillan help to cheer the lunior Varsity team on to another win. All students got a chance to attend pep rallies this year since they 4 during seventh period. Allison Wolf shows off that Hussar style, 1 E S s l E Lf E 5 J 2 s ts ti S x 1 Broussard, Kahla Broussard, Micheal Brown, Esther Brown, Keenan Brown, Regan Buchanon, Gretchen Bulens, Paul Bundy, Margaret Bush, Craig Bushnell, Thomas Byars, Karen Caballero, Shirley Calhoun, layna Capps, Marlene Captain, Marlene Carmon, jeff Castro, jimmy Castleberr ,Mike Cathey, john Champagne, Carl Champagne, Peter Champion, Zela Channell, Kenneth Charles, Angela Charles, Genera Charles, Katherine Charles, Kathleen Charles, Lola Charles, Mona Charlot, Patrick Childress, Bridgett Childress, Kenneth Cichowski, Amy Clark, Cary Clark, Steven Clary, Marceua Clayton, Cedrena Clayton, Cedric Cohea, Vernita Coleman, Doug Coleman, Toefield Colichia, Scott Conde, lohn Condrey, Sandra Conway, Leroy Cook, john Copper, johnny Corley, Tammy Cormier, Gary Cornell, Helena Costanzo, Carmen Crochet, lill Crutchfield, Kim Daniels, Lawrence Daughtry, Terry Davis, Dudley Davis, loseph Davis, Kenneth Davis, Pauline Davis, Stanley Day, Denise Day, Thomas DeBlanc, Donna Decuir, lulie Decuir, Stephanie Delohn, Ben Delacruz, Lynette Delino, Arlene Deville, Conley Dixon, Kristi 109 Dominque, Edie Dorsey, lohn Dorsey, Pamela Doucet, Dina Doucet, Kirt Doyle, Bryan Doyle, Kim Dozier, Peggy Drake, Trina Dubose, Todd Dunkerley, Pam Dunn, Christy Duplantis, Rob Duplechain, Courtney Durio, Denise Durso, lacquelyn Duvail, Donna East, Earl Echols, Mikka Edwards, Christopher Edwards, luanita Elizonda, Rudoph Elmore, Ursala Erickson, Kirby Espinosa, jesse Espinosa, Tammy Espinoza, losephine Evans, Pantheia Faulk, Teressa Fields, Billy Findley, Kipp Findley, Scott Fleener, Cari Fontenette, Tammy Fontenette, Floyd 110 Catch a wa ve Windsurfing: Mello sport I With one look at him, he seems timid and serious not the surfing type, ye Richard Mello is a self-made windsurfer. With sailing experience and some picture of winsurfers he taught himself in two days. Even though Richard knows how to sail he says sailing experience is no necessary. Wind surfing re uires some skill but common sense is a must. Richard teaches windsurfing on Sabine Lake. Some of his students are Doug Col eman, john Richrd, Richard, Bert Lamson, and lack Anniboli. Although windsurfing is not for everyone, Richard explains people who lik water sports try it and love it. Skiers make the best windsurfers. Richard credits thi y to the balance a skier has. . What makes windsurfing great to Richard is l'the challenge between you and th l sail." He goes on to explain that the upkeep is easy. Because the windsurfing ri does not require much maintainence it is fairly cheap. lt's not heavy. One can just toss it on the car. Five minutes is all it takes to attach the sail to the board. Although windsurfing looks dangerous, the Coast Guard calls it one of the safes water sports because the sail collapses when the rider falls off and can't g anywhere until he climbs back on. l According to Richard, interest in windsurfing is increasing locally but it is still young sport. It was invented in California by two guys a surfer and a sailor, wha decided to put the best of both sports together and came up with windsurfing. l A windsurfer's rig costs about 5750 so naturally Richard advises potential windF surfers to l'try before you buy." ln October, 1979 P.M. Magazine on channel 6 in Beaumont featured Richar demonstrating windsurfing. Unfortunately the interview was marred by the fact th reporter called him Rick Clark. 25.5 -Egg... X ,-,,,,,..:, Q .. '- arise? .: 5 :sir :sissy ' ..,. ,. , .,,g K Y Q -rft . we ' L.: ,f 2 Q A ,,, as . . - A - QW 'N ga 1 . ..... .Q is s - W . J. . ., A 55 ..... . my as -. vp ' N M -5:72-if-at 4 ' 135' sm' -K " ' r X S ,ax X... si S K is We it . igg, . NX tw s. 'X El 3 1 R. Y S- ri la ' , sy? L M il . .1 'el 5' . .ff f + TSE i X s ik Q .. S , 3 , ,L ,ki lx F as s, x We '61 X g.ff'1,,, xx X R R we , .Fix fx at X3 , X031 , zgi 5 F ' 131 i.,j-Eg ri X 155 L J,i'fl7i , ,G-.V ff m ,f 'Ma 'Hx . JL1125 -'ffl ax: 2 -'T' FCAYFNNP' 'wWrak'w5 5QS""' ggji-35sf:z,, 1. - sg,,a51f: fit--:gg 1 F if ' A i QQ, R. ' 1 ,,, mal--' ' '- ' 'Q 1 ' I' 1 i F' :F Si iisic ' 'P . ' ,. . , a . ,.,.... Q X ..., . X fs? N 5 S sc ti. f C HN ,N as sims 8, as , 5 11 s as x, Fontenot, Paul Ford, Cynthia Foreman, Laurie Fortune, Crystal Frank, Loretta Frasier, lamie Fredrick, Renena Freeman, Cassandra Fuller, William Fuselier, Linda Gaona, Richard Garcia, Roland Garrett, Cathy Glasscock, Regan Gonzales, Darrell Gonzalez, Ron Gonzalez, Lisa Gorrer, Danny Grady, james, Graffagnino, Jeffery Granger, lanis Grayson, Charles Grayson, Laurel Griffith, Eva Griffiths, Dennis Grogan, Adoria Guidry, Becky Guidry, Gregory Guidry, leffery Guillot, Donna Gunner, Timothy Hadely, Craty Haley, Stephanie Hammack, Rhonda Hargrave, Troy 111 Harris, Gregory Hawkins, Scheheraz Hayes, Kelli Hayes, Kenneth Heathcoe, Sandy Hebert, Amy Hebert, Caurnest Henderson, Cheryl Henderson, Cynthia Hernandez, Cynthia Hernandez, Randall Hlavinka, Paula Holloway, Linda Holmes, Shirley Holstead, Lisa Hope, Alfreda Howard, Richard Hudson, Cynthia Huebal, Mary Huval, john Huynh, Kim Iles, Donald lnfante, Lucia jackson, Gerald jackson, john jackson, Tongela jackson, Walter jacobs, jackie jimmerson, jan johnson, Kimberly johnson, Micheal johnson, Prissy johnson, Tanya johnson, Victor johnston, jimmy jones, Alex jones, Katherine jones, Kimberly jones, Madeline joseph, Louis juneau, Bernard Kalimah, Dawud Keller, Regina Kemp, jaynen Kennedy, Dana Kestler, Marian Kidder, David Knobloch, Kenneth Lacy, Patricia Lagrappe, Kenneth Lamson, William Lanclos, Donna Landry, Bonnie Landry, Lana Lapham, Gail Larkins, Donna Laurents, Michelle Lawson, David LeBlanc, Stephen Ledet, Nolan Lee, Billie Leger, Theresa Leger, Tricia Levine, Renell Lewis, Anita Lewis, Rose Lewis, Stephanie Lide, Brian Lindsay, Kevin Linthicum, Gary 112 r is rqgwf A ' .,, - 'Q ffl '- S , W 5395! za? l' ws M 4 XV 1 i f 'Wu s L jaw: iii? I 4f K f 4,114 WAY Q fr ' V 2 if FZ qw i as , S I mf V we A A x ew ' fl wal, "lf U l ,ir A ls- "'- t A 1' , Y. A , K, me ,. i A. w ifi , W ,,,, V ,,,,. l, ' ,- 'fl A 4 -my . . ,, :Ilia ., gn ,,, M W if f ff- ,Z , ,Q ,a,. QWQHQSEYE, .VM Qt s, f if i, ' ' It N. I l Richard Gaona and john Richards at pep rally. Tina Theriot and friends carry on at pep rally. vi . if-X. tg .f--. ., , W S f if N in " be , gi, 5 L K 55 L by U52 E ' f"t K : M ak N X ts? N -f Nfgyf' f,-assist saw L ff-af, , f E 3 as c l' 'I , Mft? ,- .-,. RQ, i c X -K l', ,, K.: , - K X .W W Et . a '. L X S XA lk :fx it t y Rexx it 1 wg xx 'ggi N sr 15 5 YQ .sith x x Kiwi K X ' wa 251:15 - i, ' L . . ' ' wg L, , K r S1 ? R E. A 'S 'f 9' as " N QW' , .. M . ,... fa! ' .: ,,j -- -..Daze -' , ' ' "" - to ' Q ' 'K Eh' ,: Q ' 32' X imz,.,:yw TW i fwm , . Q: Locket, Antionette Lopez, Alita Lopez, jeff Lopez, Robert Mannino, Michaele Manske, Leah Marcel, Richard Marrineaux, Eric Marroquin, Monquin Marshall, jackie Martin, Kristi Martin, Tommie Martin, Tonya Matar, Rina Matlock, Laurel Matthews, Eugene Matthews, jackie McCorkle, john McDaniel, Daniel McDonald, LaRhonda McDowell, Tod McGee, Stacey McGuire, Lee Mclntyre, Micheal McLaughlin, Keith McMillan, Linda McMullin, Beth McNabb, Annette McNeal, Elray McVey, Donna McZiel, Ursual Mehl, Kevin Melancon, Harold Mello, Richard Menard, Paul Mickens, Eric Miller, Erica Milo, Lori Mitchell, Anthony Monceaux, Zina Moore, Karen Morcilio, juan Morehead, Susan Moreno, Tommie Morgan, jackie Morris, joanie Nash, David Naughton, Brian Nero, jackie 113 114 Nguyen, Hue Nguygen, Nhieu Nolan, Karen Nunez, Scott Odom, Lanette Ortiz, Cathy Packman, Vickie Palumbo, Odessa Parker, Chris Parker, Richard Patin, Melissa Patillo, Francis Patxot, joe Paul, Tina Perry, Allen Pete, Carion Peterson, Allanah Petisca, Randy Petrovich, Karen Pham, Van Thanh Pham, Ioann Pillitere, Angie Pitts, Philip Polk, Stacie Pond, Shelley Powell, Keith Prejean, Mike Prescott, Darnika Preston, Tracey Prevost, DeAndrea Provost, Curtis Pyle, Volus Quintela, Sasha Ramirez, Felix Ramirez, Lionel Darnika Prescott is studying hard in journalism ,A Gerald jackson trying to look cool on his way to class Marian Kestler: Personality plus as elected editor for the Pilot for the 81-82 school year Have you ever met a person you took to immediately? Someone who is loved by all who know them? lf you can answer these two questions llyes", chances are you know Marian Kestler. After attending Thomas Jefferson for three years Marian has met a variety of people and has learned to deal with everyone. From students to teachers, principals to administrators they all have a witticism for her waiting around each corner. She feels that going to public school will help her later in life. She is a good student and her favorite classes are journalism and French. One thing that makes her such a good student is her love of reading, The library is an important part of her life. The problem is it cut off from her because it is upstairs and she is downstairs. This is one reason for her campaign for elevators. Marian has written an editorial about the need of elevators at T.l. She also in- tends to eventually talk to the school board. Ulf elevators were in- stalled l could go to the library to browse, instead of having others get my books for me." Elevators would also bring access to the language lab. In the future Marian intends to go to Lamar and study advertis- ing and journalism. Her thoughts, and grades are just like those of anyone else. She dreams of the future and fantasizes about life. She insists, lll'd like to think of myself as normal!" She believes that anything she wants bad enough she can get, and those who know her agree. Ratliff, Pam Rawson, Patricia Reynolds, Ricky Rhodes, Tracey Richard, Cindy Richard, Kent Richard, Mike Richard, Ronnie Riley, Shayne Robert, lulie Robertson, Tina Robinson, Ronda Romero, Lenise Roos, Stephanie Rosas, Mary Rougeau, lay Roy, Inga Ryman, Karla Sandford, Andy Schion, Hooly Schmidt, loey Sclerandi, Suzanne Scott, Kevin Scott, Lindsey Scriver, Patti Seals, Bryan Seals, Timmie Selindis, Anna Shaffer, Lisa Sharp, Shanna Shephers, loe Sherlinee, Luis Shockley, Kathy Silva, ludy Simmons, David 115 Simmons, Denise Simmons, loann Simon, Albert Simpson, Freda Sinegal, lames Smith, Damon Smith, Ira Stark, Anita Stelly, Lisa Stevens, joseph Stewart, loann Swam, lanella Tanner, lanis Tatum, Marty Taylor, Nannette Taylor, Stephanie Thakur, Sean Theriot, Tina Thibodeaux, Kirk Thibodeaux, Paul Thomas, Frankie Thomas, Laura Thomas, Marvin Thomas, Suzette Thomas, Sylvia Thompson, Arthur Thompson, Kevin Trahn, Dave Trahan, Stella Tran, Hien Tran, Van Huan Travis, Bertha Tribel, Marion Tweedel, Annette Vargas, losefina Walker, Shea Washington, Gloria Watson, Paul Webb, james Weldon, Mari Wells, Kerry White, Linda White, Tammie Whitewood, Dale Weisen, lane , Wilkinson, Sheri Williams, Cindy Williams, Maggie Williford, Mary I Wolf, Allison , Wolf, Stacey Woo, Tim Wright, Kim Young, Corbin Young, Darleen Young, Paul Cormier, Kevin 116 'wx Enthusiasm as shown bys a, Pat, and Lynette. ' E - r: ., y , V 1, ..L., X ,... X ,.., 2 , Juris-bs-3 sg:, ,,:. and 2 .a ....., 5 sse- '2 .-122355 Ties: . 42 - . f 1. .... 5 ., 2 1-we ' , t ix ,,,, Ei .7 . , : ' , 1 ...., 1 . w s 5 , , S -Q .X -------- , :t X ,M ,g e lanice Granger and her date Kenneth at the Valen- Shea Walker leaves at dome victory with a hurt thigh MNMNM jackie lacobs works hard in journalism. Brent Williams looks seriously on at assembly. Hey, lane! Smile! Nolan Ledet and Darren Blackwell think luniors are Number One. rw U f lf Shea Walker, Shelly Pond, and Regan Classcock enjoy the game Mary Williford goes Hawaiian at the Twirp Dance. yy? -1 my li J Richard Mello is in a thoughtful mood. Kelly Hayes looks like she's enjoying Congress, Ir. Cabinet: Bottom: Marlene, loann, Kelly, lane. Middle: Patti, Lisa, Anette. Top: Michael, Allison, Kirby. , Poster-making is hard work. enneqs ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY Jefferson City Shopping Center 962-5723 v i Formal Wear 2501 Jefferson Dr. 722-8353 waits Yi 'L' L ,.. .S K ' 'go 'V G! A A 1- Q fr, vi , Q-.', L - fx l, l 7 . 5 A Irs.. . "The Latest American and European Trends" ff ' Men and Women Salon p i ' HAIR8tFACE PLACE figge Open 6 days a week 962-3200 0 3500 Chateau Orleans - Apt. 101 and 102 fBehind Jefferson Cityj 121 Adams, Christo er Adams, Michae Albritton, Stacey Alexis, Christine Alpough, Monique Anabtawi, Rima Anderson, Cynthia Andrus, Kimberely Armstead, Carl Arriola, Laura Ashy, Elizabeth Augustine, Scheerish Austin, Allison Avery, David Avery, David Badgett, Tracie Bailey, Leluan Baker, Sheril Barras, Mary Bass, Annette Bass, lanette Bates, Vallerie Baptise, larin Battley, Youlanda Baumgardener, john Bazile, LaDanya Becerra, Elvira Beckcom, Doneane Bell, joe Bell, Patty Bellard, Veronica Bernard, Darrell Bernard, Gertrude Blackwell, G. Lile Bobb, james Bodin, Tim Bordelon, Richard Boudreaux, Christoph Bourgeois, Lawerence Bowling, Richard Braseshe, Matt Bricoe, Byron Brocks, Agnes Brooks, Mathis Broussard, Mark Broussard, Patricia Broussard, Samatha Brown, Alica Brown, Gary Brown, Quintella Bryant, Melinda Bui, Ky Burns, lames Burt, Darrell Burton, Samantha Bush, Linda Bush, Trent Byerly, Sarah 122 MW' 7 , - . H- swf ,... i . A f I K - W V ' .' :ii f,. , ,,1g?'ftgf, - ' . 551, -. Q: -X - HE,-fz5Ei,i?" is "far if f -1-1 A ,- '- , ' as , - ' A -- - -U 't . .. t ,. 1 ki g 1 at -5, - F , rc g . , .. kk H V. + . 1 - F. fi mv.,t,,,, iw asm 1 . ,,.... W , if ' 3 Sri , sys., ga t' .. cccc ., ., l s uw QE it wx X i W f K Vg NR? it i gg: fl :....,. , fkflmx r" sa xr" lr gg fiat .- t mms C 'sf gg , .. , fa, ., ,... . , r X WEN ,fl :':s:', if 11214411111 :aa .tr ,K ,ax if-... M, se it Cade, Anthony Campbell, Lisa Campos, Rita Capello, Daniel Cappadonna, Paula Capps, Charles Captain, Darlene Carrillo, Stephanie Carter, Dejuena Cassel, Zana Castille, Katherine Castillo, Charles Castro, jesus Champagne, lanet Chaney, lerry Charles, Emile Charlot, lohn Charm, Ceelestine Chatelain, Kathy Chisem, lamesetta Clark, Erica Clary, Leslie Coleman, Daphne Collins, Patricia Colonna, Michael Conway, Andrew Cordle, Wendi Cormier, ludy Cortez, Miguel Cotton, Rebecca Covington, Lauri Credit, Cordell Crochet, loseph Daigle, Angela Daigle, Frances Dartez, William Daughtry, Stephanie Davis, Dana Davis, Elizabeth Davis, Frankie Davis, Shenette Deslatte, Sheila Devillier, Tod Devore, Lisa Dolce, Michael Dominic, Chalette Dorsey, Rita Dorsey, Sharon Doucet, Westly Doyle, Patrick Drewett, Carol DuBois, Renee Duhon, Christina Dumesnil, james Duplan, Lisa Dupree, Calvin Dupuy, Shawn Durman, Kathleen 123 Dyson, Daphane Edwards, Louise Ellis, Rhonda Elmore, Andre Emswiler, Karen Espree, Twana Essex, William Estrada, AnaLidia Eabacher, joseph Fadhli, Amy Feemster, Mark Fenn, Mickey Fields, Lori Flores, Angela Flores, Ernest Flugence, Fredrick Fontenot, David Fontenette, Debor Fontenot, Milissa Fontnette, Tammy Foret, Kayla Fowler, Alisa Furrh, Ronald Fuselier, Melanie Gabriel, Daren Gallager, Patricia Galvan, Robert Garcia, Blanca Garcia, lustina Gardner, Latrell Garza, Roel Gaspard, Deborah Gaspard, Mitchell Gilbright, Preben Gonzales, Sylvia Gordon, Georgie Green, David Green, Don Griffiths, lames Grogan, Ellicia Guernsey, Darren Guidroz, Elizabeth Guidry, Admiral Guidry, Dawn Guidry, Marla Guillory, Tana Gutierrez, Liliana Hadley, lerry Hagger, Darryl Hagger, Lisa Haley, Gaylynn Haley, Pamela Hall, johnny Hall, Melissa Hamilton, Debra Hancock, Rory Harkless, Darryl Harper, Michael 124 ah Q X X .- 1 ,,.s x fl? lg X as xg, 33,9 X K 2 E , W -. - , -wig: . L , ' s'a's 'M ' ' ' ' " --"fa " 5 .. .,... , L L2 2 - K ' f isll gy ,--' j m e it ,"' : .' ,L ' Y i ' if e x. 'Yi "Sister" Rita Dorsey during week. L - - ' it af '--- " km 4 ,L R5 N ,E .... L Q, XX wx N X ENN MSX NN 5 Axim Qwxw rw ' ""' ...mms-1-riffs vas., . -c.- ..e-:.:s:- s. 'lf Y .. Wkissssiisa: -we yw-fa, -a N x -g-ere: ssgeiiiwls -Q-5:2-: t em-- . - I - IQ fsq' ' J Q - .. 'Q .elif .3 A " , S wx M 2.421 25513 - 5, 1 Q.: ww? 5 'a Ss if im mix 5 fr 'x akihw i ss,,s sss lssss gif, ..,... K ..k:k , K , I- . ,K.. x i q K I L an , ..-- .--- + W .fe-is .Q , . F J 4 3 SF S , t X as 'K fi. 'Q 4 1 .5 AL.. L.L.. sg , f , -as . - f,,:. .. .H ff, 5 Q-'fx , .L h U 5. ...kL,V . 5... .1 -- ' 4 . , 1 f-', . -af. .iif . f5LkkL ii. , L., 5 ,aim-s: X fggg S 5 figk i N., DN if 's go ff- 1. N . EN W . ., -yfr .'A. ,--- ., l a sss F5 ??A?E ' -mv .5 as X ii 3 ,s ., N. Tammy with friends: jr, Billy F. and Srs. Lisa R. and Magdeline B. ' v. Harper, Nanthal Harris, Garland Harris, Geraldine Harris, Wilma Harrison, Monica Harrod, john Hayes, Carl Haynes, jeritza Heathcoe, Richard Hebert, David Hernandez, Edmund Hernandez, Francis Guidry, Raymond Hicks, john Hill, Harriet Hills, Diane Hoffman, Michael Hoggatt, james Hol ier, Damian Holstine, Frank House, David Huff, Kecia Hunt, Deborah Iles, Rhonda jack, Cheryl jackson, Aretha jackson, Bryan jackson, Paulfry jackson, Sheila jacoby, Linda jacquet, Yvette james, Rodrick johnson, Charles johnson, Cheryle johnson Curley johnson, Darren johnson, Dierdra johnson, Westley jones, Byron jones, Daniel jones, Darlene jordan, Suzzie joseph, Daniel joseph, Roy joseph, Sarah juarez, josephine Kibbe, Kevin Kincade, Heron Kish, Susannah Kitchens, Andrew Knatt, Rosaline Lagrange, Kenneth Lanclos, Dennis Lanclos, Lee Landry, Clifford Landry, Ken Landry, Mark Lanes, Adria 125 Lavolis, Thadeous Lawson, Paige Lazenby, Liz LeBlanc, Alecia LeBlanc, David LeBlanc, Georgett LeBlanc, Michael LeBeouf, james LeBeouf, Mark Leger, Lorena Lemire, Michelle Lewis, Terrance Lona, Tammy Lopez, Lorie Louviere, Myra Lyons, Jeff Malke, Mark Malvo, Monald Marbert, Donna Marroqluin, Maura Marshal, Leonald Martain, Court Martin, Michael Martin, Phyllis Matt, David McDonald, Thomas McKee, Linda McNabb, Willie McNeal, Cassandra Meaux, Tammy Melancon, Christopher Merendino, Cynthia Metoyer, Shawn Migues, Richard Mims, Devin Mingle, lill Mingo, Delvackia Mitchell, Althea Mitchell, Elis Mitchell, Kathey Mitchell, Samatha Molina, Mary Mongold, Rusty Monroe, Donna Montalvo, Abel Moody, ,Kristine Moody, Kristopher Moore, lane Moore, lohn Moore, Melissa Moore, Melvina Moreau, Keith Morgan, Henry Morris, Susan Mose, Rochelle Moses, lustina Mull, Lolita Munoz, Eunice Munoz, Kristina Musgrove, Craig Najera, Gabby Naughton, Rhonda Neeble, Lisa Nealy, Virginia Neff, Elinda Newcost, Buddy Newman, Kevin Nguyen, Hau T. Nicholas, Connie Nolan, Thomas 126 W N M L, M-. 'X it ... - ' S T N aww 5, if is ---- - X J is S X ,Wg X sf xy V N X as X s t wk Q , 'Q , t.,4 x sf W iii? ' 'N Welt SS- 4' -EJQI1' :sImf51'P:-:- -- I' F 3332 ' c ,T " S .... - ' it X ,. 5 . ,- .tr-ee. ee. . k-xx ,N .. , .ttf Xkrw : t Q2 . . ., ,. , 5 3 iswiffi S g... " , 1 'gg si . s .- - it 'iw l' ff iff?'i1T A ,, K1 S K N wig'i?3E9"x'1',m: it ssiiiiiz.. -. - . at , if is ir, a 'QS' tt A, if - H- v w .v -- 4 aw 331' . --- f ' -1 X ..1. T IQWL -K Wfwaf ,,... as ., ' it QQ, ,- - .,-"us j L, at ig gg - L ., fy-:,,'ElvS1i!-r in fi ---- .. fr,-am as as- Hx. EX ' t Q t L, mf . Fifi' . X Eiexwarw .gg x X Q K. t gf t it Xxx Qs, ka we H I N vii i: . Q' i, ia aa' ' " . .s , Nas X R X if it X Q x X X 'mfs B: Q3 S l Q, it was at X S ,, m e 5 X gg QQ s its . , 5, 5 ,,, V, ,,...w: J., Ly, tree- w wi. ,gif .N -, . iti ' U I 1 Q34 -tgiiegzrii i :rf 11 V kki, T L r , YQ- gsesaaas -Q , .ae--i. - N91 Ya, x W ,I QT X f .. mtl Jw ar iff fi? : ff ,Q FW' KX ,. .. ml its s Q50 is 'P ' Norris, Sandra O'Bryant, lohn O'Neel, Sean Odom, Kevin Oliver, Vickie Oropeza, Maria Ortiz, jackie Oubre, Stephan Owens, Fred Pardue, Dawn Parham, Veronica Pate, julie Patin, Michelle Patin, Theresa Patsfield, john Patio, Tanya Payne, Darren Payne, Eric Payne, Nederal Payton, Antonette Perkins, lean Peters, Claudia Petry, Carolyn Philphot, Mark Posey, Charles Preston, Yvette Provost, Tom Puckett, Lisa Pugh, vviiiie Pursley, Ronald Quisenberry, Laurel Rachal, Julie Ramirez, Veronica Rampy, Kendall Ransome, Wallace Rawlinson, Robert Ray, lenette Resch, Richard Reynolds, Eric Reynolds, Lisa Rhine, Kenneth Richard, Keith Richter, Angela Rising, Kelly Robert, Lori Robertson, Ioe Robertson, Partick Roccaforte, Steve Rodney, Mark Rodrique, Erna Rogers, Lisa Rojas, Cesar Romero, jennifer Romero, Kala Roos, Martin Rosas, Dora Rotando, Linda Rouly, lames Roy, Teddy Saenz, Michael Sammels, Kenner Sanchez, luan Sanford, Athea Savoi, Stephen Savoy, Richard Scoggins, Ricky Scott, Deanna Scriviner, Melissa Seals, Tammy Shaffer, Sherri 12 Sherlinee, Oscar Simmon, Roger Siragusa, Patty Smith, lacquelyn Smith, Natalie Solano, Ernesto Speight, Tracy Spikes, john Stafford, Penny Steen, Stephanie Stephens, Deana Stephtenson, Sammath Stewart, Ernest Stewart, Michelle Stuart, Brenda Stump, Craig Suire, lane Sutton, Reginal Swain, Kerri Sweat, jeffrey Tankersley, Cynthia Tarver, Nancy Taylor, Anglea Taylor, Oscar Thacker, loni Theriot, Wendy Thomas, Roxanne Thompson, Kevin Tice, Donald Tobias, Mary Todora, Elizabeth Toerner, Angela Torres, Celsa Trahan, lda Veronica Ballard, strutting her stuff 128 Dennis Harkless, trainer, gathers with team after Dome game "'4-'t ie Band members express the "Proud iii" er"-f 1 Aretha lackson Yuette lacquet Tana Guillory Frannie Daige Row 2 lustina Moses Dawn Guidry Erica Clark Suzy Kish, Tammy Moe, Roose Kala Romero Row 3 William Essex Lisa Rodgers Dora Rosas Linda Barras Georgette LeBlance Roxanne Marroquin, Paige Trahan, Michael Trail, Peter Tran, Minh Trevino, Anthony Trevino, Theresa Tucker, Marcus Vandevender, Chad Vela, Humberto Verde, Flora ' Vidrine, Mary Viltz, Samantha Vuong, Anh Wagcenhauser, Kenneth Wal es, Elizabeth Wallace, Robert Washington, lanice Weiss, loe Welker, Webber Wells, Henry Wheeler, Tammy Whitney, Sheryl Williams, Fred Williams, lohn ' Williams, Kenneth Williams, Lisa Williams, Sameul Willis, Daminus Wiltz, Carolyn Wiltz, Karen Wise, LaKesha Woodin, Wendy Woods, Curley Wright, Edward Wykoff, Yvonne Zamora, George 129 L owerhouse highlight Lawrence and Shane Riley take a break from the dance action. Miller, Randy Boudreaux, lo Hollingsworth and Evelina go Hawaiian. Kecia Huff, Tana Guillory, and Pam Dunkerly have fun at Twirp Dance. .. Carmel Spencer and Gary jefferson display matching T shirts. Karen Keith and Todd Canton snuggle. Twirp Dance The Muffler Sho P 1 MHS Pacesetter in office products. . . since 1895 1908 Ninth Ave. 735-5696 Shell Center Pete Lyday's Service Center 1700 Woodworth 983-51 12 500 7th Street 983-6679 2801 Memorial 982-1011 The Plantation "Rendezvous of the Elite" 2501 Memorial 982-331 A complete menu and catering service F' J Officers work for recognition Rita Gonzales, Tina Deleon, Patrick Vela, Ashlyn Pond, and Karen Perciful - Governors of Freshman class. Kevin Dunn - Vice Presidentg Ronald Sons - Treasurerg Chuck Lehaye - Presidentp Theresa Diaz - Secretary. uck LeHay e, Theresa B reaux, Patrick Vela, Theresa Diaz, Ronald Sons, Rita Gonzales, Ashlyn Pond, Karen Perciful, Tina Deleon. 4533 -m:uvvv"" 7,21 ,suede i.. Q 6 , , K, I i saws .e,. - ...,,, .. ii i i, .... I .. ,... . - ' r :lil H pl: E M K f H ,Q U W kklk ' l ' '- Ef f , . - - '- W l,.. I -'-- e , - L 1 , N ,,,. , ' f - -'i, ' ' X f Freshmen start practice in government 4 1 Ronald Allmand Mary Alpough Isaac Andrus Glenn Baker Alexander Bell Tracey Blackwell Kerri Blanchard Phyllis Boudoin Roselyne Bowie Teresa Breaux Laura Britton Lisa Broussard Morris Broussard Stewart Brown Deborah Butler Kirk Carroll Curtis Chatelain Michael Clark Michael Cockrell Scott Comeaux lohn Condrey Valerie Davis Christina Deleon Trudy Derouen Gregory Deslatte Thresa Diaz Lawonda Duckworth Melissa Duhon Kevin Dunn lason Ewing Gus Flores Sally Flores Wendy Gates Paul Gibson Roy Gil 136 Gina Guidry leads Powder Puff loe Allen shows that rest helps when sick. waswwmglal s snat- 3 Q Nw xy E i w t ,,,, R as s ....,.. ., . 1- 'iw- if .f . , ' 5 . .N I . f ,vazfiisfe it 'L al l - fix-as ef ' - ' .f'11s:-.Mg , , l. ., ,a:e'1:,yz g,,fg1Qs C -. R i ' E. wa, i X -- 1 5 X' 5. Qlt ' N. N X 3 X538 F5155 , -.S 'rv AN .at-WMM ---any-Q -F -' tr:- .-as -. - YP?--w 1, W , ss ,., J, 5 ts T , Bfkwxtl S Q gl A W S C B 'flffl'-1 'i'- ' 1' fri , if Y ' -.-,W-at ish join in on the fun t pep rallies and games Girouard, Lori Glover, Kim Gobel, Michael Gonzalez, Rita Guidry, Gina Harkless, Dennis Marmon, Marlene Harmon, Pearl Harris, Bobby Harris, Darrell l-Iarward, loel l-licks, Robert Higgs, Mildred lackson, Mary lackson, Tanya leanes, Terry lerome, Paulette Johnson, Casey lohnson, Letheal Jordan, Steven Jordan, Sussie Kelly, Youlinda Laday, Shell Lahaye, Charles Lanclos, lohn Landry, Diane Lapharn, Gary Lapoint, Sanreal Lasseigne, Gerald Lavalais, Carla Leday, lacquelin Leday, Savannah Lopez, Francisco Maraist, Bryant Martin, leff 137 Frosh year full of fun . . . and fundamentals Mayfield, Brad Mayon, Eric McCloud, Martin McDonald, Amy McElduff, Linda Mcintyre, Paul Milliet, Matthew Mills, Chadwick Monceaux, Chris Montalvo, Mike Moore, Charles Morris, lane Munoz, Abraham Nero, Paula Nguyen, Yen Thi Nguyen, Vinh Quang Nguyen, Thinh Minh Nguyen, Huong Thu Nguyen, Quang Hie Nguyen, Quang Vina Nguyen, Thi Ngoc Nguyen, Thi Voc Nixdorf, lames Parrish, Carroll Perciful, Karen Peters, Yvette Philpot, lohn Pitre, Floretta Pond, Ashlyn Pyle, Darren Randall, Pamela Richardson, Richard Rideau, Angela Rivera, Mike Robbins, Paula 138 Students concentrate on reading - ' " Rodriquez, Anna Russell, Nolan Schexnider, Mark Simmons, Corey Sons, Ronald Strong, Stephen BN ., Romero, Paul 1535955251 si gg Q E X 229 3 Thomas, Shelia Throgmorton, Cassandra Tice, Yvette Tweddel, Charles Uzee, Cathy Vandewerker, Thomas Vela, Patricio Venable, Michael Viltz, Vanessa Wallace, O. T. Walton, james Washington, Danny Washington, Roxana Wearren, Terry Welch, Abbe Wilson, Lisa Paula Nero runs into success Running cross-country is not an easy task for most of Mrs. Gamble's track team, but for one girl, Paula Nero, it isn't difficult. What makes running long distance so easy for this freshman, is that she's been running since seventh grade at Edison. Paula was included in the 10 to finalists recent- ly at a meet held at Forest Park, 'Although I don't come in first all the time, I did come in first out of TJ." Most students would like to have the ability to run long distance like Paula. Alot of people don't enjoy running but Paula says she loves running Marathons the most. Running track sometimes interferes with other students' social lives and school work, but Paula disagrees with that. I'When we have track meets on Saturday, I have all day Sunday to do my homework, so it isn't that hard to keep up. As far as my social life, it really doesn't bother me, 'cause most of my friends are on the track team." Running requires good eating habits and lots of prac- tice. III eat everything in sight, and as far as practicing on weekends, I hardly ever do that. 'Cause I'm so tired from practicing all week." Most parents encourage their children to be active in school activities. ul just liked the idea of running, but my parents encouraged me a little." 139 ,ai Freshmen on "Checkless Checkdayn - awards were handed out and worn later. Head honchos - responsible for the day - handing out awards, etc, Freshman Checkday 140 1, Mr. Hill announces the time of day at ceremony. i -iw Mgwpwwpf. 4,-wr' The Seniors of '84 pose before being put on buses to be taken to Nazi deathcamps aroun i ww d the Golden Triangle for the duration, Trudy DeRouen enjoying checkday 14 1 Peach Tree 2118 Nederland Ave Flowers and Gifts WILSON HU Franchlsed Store Owner U B!iEvAYINf.QBBITNS ICB CREAM STORE J ' mwbjoebs QI-IOEQ Always a Leader in ChiIdren's High Fashion Shoes Now a Trend Setter in Ladies', Young Ideas and Men's Quality Shoes 3707 Twin City Hwy. Williams Flowers 8iyGlfts fa, 589 9 32fnd t ,sissy 2 my Maggy 3, .ZQEV Mi! W as FE A SY, W if afgif 5 H3 A ogg Q ogy? We W fY qi 7 af Qggafi WW egiirwealiflgfti ,,',L,, -,, , f ,l:1-1ff,::,,n :,, 2 - .hw-g ,.4ia'. wg t,,,ff,:. ,,ll - . 7' ' It "" ' ' :'l ".. E i ,'f-.,, T M. .. lliil1 , L,,L L, K li' ssslll S is A rll 1 ,lll f A sss Wiwww ,mf Patsy's Bridals 'n Formals 3805 Twin City Highway, Jefferson City Shopping Center Port Arthur, Texas 77640 962-5871 fwetsjfx. ' 9 v"9n ' -w ,Q-me , -::..:.:s: :Br ,RE Q 'V -- ix "Q .If 3 .. .-,1 55 N XA X K WN N :qv -'f5u1'Q 5 Another busy year Superintendent, Dr. Clyde Gott The 1980-81 School Board: Seated, Left to Right: Eugene Ford, secretaryg Mrs. Irving Kiefer, vice presidentg lames England. ding, L-R: Dr. Clyde Gott, superintendentg Bob Shaw, presidentg and Alfred Z. McElroy. r administration Mr. Rouel Rothenberger, principal Assistant principals: Left to Right: Mr. Donald Paul, Mrs. Winnie McDaniel, and Mr, Bob Kindell. ,wax Assistant Superintendents: Left to Right: Mr. Charles McBee, Dr. Louis Reed, Mr. Russell Coco, Mr. Ed Watson. Elected Board to Serve in 1981-82: Stnnding: Dr. Clyde Gott, Superintendent: Mr. Eugene Ford, Mr. A, Z. McElroy, president: Mr. lames Burns. Sitting: Mr. Donald Floyd, Mrs. Irving Kiefer, Dr. Barry Davis, vice presi- dent: Dr, Mary lean George, secretary. Ms Lasseigne 2nd VP Ms Levingston, 1st V.P., Ms. Crutchfield, 3rd V.P., Ms Treasurer Ms Mlngle President, Ms. ldles, Historian, Ms. Lupham, Recording Sec., Ms. T 'aim-wa... Mr Rothenberger proudly displays newly arrived district ship stickers at pep rally Attendance office workers, Ms. Leon and Ms. Luquette, take time tc smile for our photographer. Librarians Ms. Brown Ms. Estes Ms. Pittman Wounselors: L-R: 10th - Ms. Thomas, 12th - Godwin, 9th - Hill, 11th - Mr. Rothenberger looks on at pep rally. rs. Graham Office workers take a well deserved break at Christmas Party. Pep Teachers: L-R: Ms. Sanderson, Ms. Cormer, and Ms. Garlington. 149 Ms. Henderson Ms. Van Cleve Ms. Van Zandt Eng Ms. Doris Crisp Department Head Ms. Bauman Mr. Bowen Ms. Granger 1' 1' - fm! , f frlffim an rv" Mis L Q44- Q. K J fi ' Egg-1.1, i if H Y af Ms. lohnson Ms. Marshall Ms. Meeker Ms. Moore Ms. Smith Ms. Stages Rushing into the room just getting to your desk on time, hoping that you have the right book. You take out a s eet of paper for the check test over a story you didn't know you had to read. After the test, you begin discussing, finding out that you pro- bably didn't pass. You begin studying either short stories, novels, poetry, or plays, trying to remember all the literary terms. Freshmen just living through Romeo and luliet lnot knowing what's aheadl. Sophomores try to stay awake during Julius Caesar, luniors attempt to get all the facts in The Scarlet Letter and Seniors struggle through Once And Future King. Then the next step, ESSAYS! The word is enough to scare you. Writing and rewriting each paragraph. Finally, you hand in a neatly written essay saying, "This is the best essay l've ever wrote." Then when you get it back llyour best essay ever," it looks like the teacher started bleeding on it. Plus those famous essay tests in your lunior and Senior years. The class seems longer each day. 10 minutes left, 5 minutes, 30 seconds, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - the BELL! You finally wake up and go to your next class think- ing about what you'll do in there tomorrow. Kevin ludice and Sandra Phillips have been members of the ready Writers, under the direction of Ms. Van Zandt, for three years. They were chosen in their sophomore year through an elimination process. Three years of writing finally paid off. Kevin placed lst in district and Sandra placed 3rd. After advancing to Regionals, held in Pasadena, Kevin placed 5th. llReady writers is probably the most difficult U.l.L. com- petition," Ms. Van Zandt ex- plained, llThey are locked up in a room for two hours and write on a topic that they have drawn." ellers work to get it right M Ms Trevino looks on at her spellers Phyllis Bobiton Steven Clark and Cheryl Baker. Eagle "covers" Ebbtide Q-J Prizewinner published Proofreading, pasting and printing are all part of putting out an award-winning literary magazine. The Ebbtide editors don't simply choose the poems and stories to be published. They type them, proofread them, lay out and paste the pages, and staple the books together after they are printed. They even fill in the art work and calligraphy on many of the ages. p Working long hours after school, even after many of the teachers have gone home, the Ebbtide staff produces a quality magazine that has consistently won the Columbia Scholastic Press Award. The standard of excellence is main- tained every year by Ms. layne Smith, sponsor. Business staff members kept track of all that money l effses-s,,a. , N.. m ' ., 1 . ,..,, 1 ....t ,.t-, Q as it x A H ,,,,.. if Rims Q .i E l Editor-in-chief Sandra Phillips gets practice at re-pasting pages. Terry helps Mari, art editor, decide on a cover design. i l i i Something iust doesn't look quite right. 1980-81 Staff: Kevin ludice, Tracey Preston, Nancy House, Sandra Phillips, Tricia Leger, Teresa Leger, Vickie Pittman. Not Pictured: Michelle Laurents, Terry Wallace. ll' Journalism - an interesting class First year journalism is an interesting and informative lass. It deals with how our nation's mass media works and the influence it has on the public. The class begins ith a brief history of journalism and from there it oes on to all aspects of communications. From ewscasting to advertising, each student learns the utline for a journalist's job. Not only does journalism class teach media, it is one lace for a student to have the opportunity to express 'heir views. By writing news stories and feature stories, tudents are able to express their views on world hap- enings as well as school. The lournalism I students, if he or she desires, can a journalism career. T.l. offers journalism ll and in which students form the Annual and Pilot staffs. lournalism I student Annie Daigle. Photographers Brent and lohn D. l'Don't you dare take that picture." Click!!! 1980-81 journalism Club Members. Yellowjacket yearbook and Pilot staffs Picture this: Ms. Moore, the annual sponsor, with whip in hand, ready to strike at any of her students who forgot to Write a cutline and turned in a page late. With the ruthless assistance of her editor, Nancy House, bit by bit they were able to convince third and seventh period journalism ll classes to produce a winning annual. Of course all days weren't like this, but there were many times such as when the photographers missed an assignment that you just wanted to forget the annual and kill anybody who tried to stop you. And there were the aggravating times when you needed a 54 character headline and your mind was completely blank las Ms. Moore said it normally wasl. Sometimes Ms. Moore pushed a little too hard and all you felt like was sitting and gossiping. Boy, she had the audacity to break up those little chit-chat groups and make us work. But despite all the infuriating times, working on the annual was an ex- perience that taught the entire staff a lesson: Never work on an annual staff again!!! Ms. Moore, sponsor, and Nancy House, editor, discuss changes in yearbook lames Wallace works on football layouts. lohn Cammareri takes football pictures in Memorial Stadium Austin 154 l Our energy gave you memories Terry panics as Mari solves problem. Steve types up one of his dynamite editorials for the Pilot. Qs S Steve Elizondo and Tessa Romero, editors of the Pilot. Morris Albright, head photographer in action. aff Members: Standing: Grovery Como, Brenda Houston, Nancy House, Mari Weldon, Terry allace, Sandra Phillips, lames Wallace. Kneeling: Rosie Caston and Kristie Martin. The whole school is buzzing, teachers are disgusted, students are indifferent, even the janitors have been swept tha-hal into the confusion. Hey, what's going on?! The new Pilot has just hit the newsstands. We the editors - Tessa Romero and Steve Elizondo - strove for a new look and format design for the year. We felt that covering stories that students took special interest in would make a better paper. Wrong. What did we hear? Not enough sports, not enough academics, not enough this, not enough that! There were a few highlights - Coach Honea became Dr. Honea and the Pilot was the first to cover it. Steve wrote many never-to-be-forgotten editorials about food fights in the cafeteria and llforced-final" injustices - and Tessa put out a great story on senioritis. Sound as if we hated it? just catch us at college. You'll find us in the lour- nalism department. 155 Winning year for Speech and Drama Senior Zachary Gibson demonstrates by shooting pool in Speech. W Ms. Granger, Speech sponsor, smiles for the camera Speech and Drama team with 2nd place trophy from Lamar tournament. Ms. Granger eagerly aids her speech students. Ms, Bauman, Drama SDOUSOV- 'K A Game - Playfully Executed UA Game," by Dennis Noble is a drama which explores the territorial natures of man. Baker, Carter and Edson begin Dr. Hennings' experiment with friendly natures. When their llland" is threatened, they revert to animalistic natures. Dr. Hennings' plea at the end that it is llonly a game" isn't enough to save her life. Nobles play shows the darker side of man's need for possessions. Dorzana and Richard in A CAME. Richard and lesse have their own fight while Chet and Dorzana have one. All actors in fight. Richard, Chet, lesse gang up against Dorzana. Richard and lesse look confused, while Chet makes funny faces. Chet and 19559 quarrel. Foreign Larg Mrs- Lwkas S iif fA,A-M VAM,, V. 2 'A22V11.-MA12, ggfq Mr- Hanks 1' ' c s V , ' f:,"'V' as , , Mr. Bowen 2 ZLE mmi . h rl,s 1 , 1 -ii,.1' , 'YI' if Mr' Nguyen E.., kkr, k.L, Mr. Harries - '::: ir-7 ' k,,, T' Yes: sij our, Ja Foreign language is more than Spanish, French, or German. For some students English is a foreign language. The Language Department offers up to four years of study in Spanish, French, and German. These classes combine bookwork, grammar exercises, and work in the lab with dialogues, skits, and songs. Students also learn the history and customs of the countries they are studying. Members of the Spanish and French Clubs make posters and spirit tags during football season, go caroling during Christmas, and host parties and dinners throughout the year. ln addition to these language classes, the depart- ment also covers English classes for Vietnamese students and reading classes for students with reading difficulties. The reading lab uses audiofvisual equip- ment to help students overcome problems with language usage. While most of the world is criticizing Americans for being selfish about our language, the Foreign Language Department is helping students learn the languages and customs of the world outside the United States. Nathanial McDaniel enjoys a good book from the reading lab uage opens new worlds Mr. Nguyen keeps a watchful eye on the Vietnamese students Vietnamese students make good use of the reading lab ,pm Planning Spanish dialogues takes concentration and practice, German students hit the books to learn new vocabulary words. Bmw Mark Malke makes funny faces at Sassy Ramirez's Spanish pronunciation. Ms. Loukas announces French Club meeting. Budding stars perform skits for the class in Spanish ll. Practice on the blackboard helps when learning to write in German. I S5'TSEQm?3S ft -..,,.,.j -al .,.. t f.,.,.,, S My-f ngxnff-f .--- et Qggks. N 4' ,P ,A f f ' , 1 M if ff aijixggx f fi 32 1 i r it , S , ,T-'.- .,X git Si: is his t Q 'Mia Wx ,X 1 K5 fe Q t s Q. N f Q tr 1: N + Q t fs X wg! Y ,WZ to Ms. Dartez, Department Head Ms Alllson shows her students the how to s of Home Economics Students show off the FHA display case honoring football boys who take Home Economics classes K zwxaw HOITIS ECOnOmlCS CIHSSGS 2 7 i, - Q-11fFfz2?5?i'?iM if W f J Q 1 4 fin , .1 ff ff The class listens carefully to Ms. Dartez's useful advice. +1 if in M' L 1 . ,.:,,,, , , ' M ,s,, 2 . f f i ,MH , ,,,,, f.,, H ,qkgfl , . ww? I ww-vw! z ' " '? 4" 42 'J -5 Q 25:9 gffivf 4' 'K' sff1??2' ww -W if , mf vi if f,,,,mz -4 f ff-J' 'm?iWf?f1egi:y.. .- '1-? 51- ,fwlfwg Wi - - 1 l ,, K " ' f 4 it ' - 1 ' , aw f if . L. 'QWESQ'Viz!!-5521'if-2555559 pg, W,11"fww Vjfrpqfift 5" 2 we 'Sf if 1 W will H ,, fl--Q'?J3'b 5 W A ,J ,,,, . Looking through pattern books can be fun. See, even boys can learn --,,..,.,,M,, how to sew, H.E.C.E. brings home success H.E.C.E. has had a very successful year with honors and recognition. To start off with, Odessa Pumlumbo organized the Cav-Oilcade Float, which received an honorable mention. Also lenny Tiger and Andrea Gon- zales put a lot of work into the Homecoming Float. lt was awarded 1st place in its division. The float was shaped as a football helmet done up fancy in the old maroon and gold. And who should win Homecoming Queen? None other than Mrs. Henry's 4th period stu- dent Gail Randall. Mrs. Henry's own celebrities con- tinued with football star Don Holloway and tailback Lonnie Ford. The Great American Smokeout really did encourage some people to give up smoking for one day. H.E.C.E. and F.H.A. students got as many people as possible to sign up. The only defeat this year was the basketball game against D.E., but that did not dampen their spirits any. DF. and H.E.C.E. put on a style show together and the models were successfully noticed. We also had an interesting Christmas Party high- lighted by Troy Chance who received his very own SUPERMAN 'lunderoos" underwear. The H.E.C.E. ban- quet had a high attendance. There were 120 people there. The entertainment was put on by the H.E.C.E. students. lan Weise, who sang llFar Away" Lonnie Ford, jenny Tiger, and lessie Samuels, fwho was not a member of H.E.C.E.J volunteered to sing "One ln A Million" and the guests loved it. All of these happy and successful events would not have been possible, if it were not for Momma and Daddy of H.E.C.E. Mrs. Billie lo Henry and Mr. Robert Kindell, and for our student teacher Miss Nell Thopmos. They have helped with students problems with genuine concern. lt certainly was a successful and joyous year. Santa got a kick out of the 4th per. H.E.C.E. Class! Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You! Mrs.Henry's Balloc Bouquet. Don Holloway learns how flowers are put together for the H.E.C.E quet in 81. The Banquet was a successg the food was wonderful. Be employable - take Business classes Lauri B. and Isaura V, work on their shorthand. Depthead Ms. Coco Ms. Barrington Ms.Harris Ms. Preston Mr. Hauck Mr. Van White as if l S is , 5 . 3 Ms. Wilson "'ii' ri M J Deborah Vaughn looks worried about her shorthand. The Business Department offers students courses to prepare them for the business vvorlcl. The courses they offer are Typing I and ll, Shorthand I and Ii, Accounting l and Il, Business Lavv, Business Com- munication, and Personal Business Management. Mary Huebel competed in district. l X .f R .M f Ms. Barrington helps the U.I.L. competitors prepare for district. . Www, M, My. W -.W W, -- .. .. i , -- D.E. - a chance to work and learn ' Rick W., Robert C., lay L., Mr. White, Russell B., and Todd C. munching on boudain. Craig Collins pl8YS il Out' at the Style Show. Mr Hauck asks. "ls this any way to treat your teacher?" Cathy Guthrie steps in style, DECA students accepted many awards at the area meet. The Distributing Education program offers students in- struction in marketing and distribution. The students have the chance to work half a day and attend school the other half. The D.E. program was very active this year. They had a spring style show, had a Hallo- ween party, and challenged the H.E.C.lE. program to baseball games. Students reveal talents N valiant 1 . gas. . l I l 5 i Erick Williamson displays some of his unusual talents. A double page spread of artwork was in the Pilot. wwf l Tracey Armintor and Alexandra Bell malce Christmas ornaments. L 1 l' 4 ' i f WW 2: ' .4 ,Zh 7 'f Wig, l ,H Z 4' - Q3 rafts classes made Homecoming mums from silk and sold them for extra cash. Crafts classes can ead to careers. 'MOE Mr. Cichoski Department head Drafting Mr. Kay Wood Shop Mr. Taylor Arts and Crafts Mr. Richardson Arts and Crafts Mr. Rogan Metal Shop W I-and Mai Pham paimg her paper mache puppy, Ioseph Furbacher concentrates on drawing Industrial Art prepares students for career Art used to be known as a 'copout" class. But now once people get in the class they realize there's more work in- volved. A lot of people seem to be get- ting into art. Since we have several dif- ferent types of art classes, its easier for students to choose their specialties. Crafts are for those who prefer working with their hands. Since t-shirts are so popular, students really get a kick out of silk-screening. Paper mache is a messy but fun project to undertake. One of the new projects in crafts is oriental calligraphy. Art is mainly for students who enjoy painting, and drawing, although other projects are done. Block printing is an annual event in Mr. Taylor's class. Rug hooking, macrame, and clay are sometimes worked. People who enjoy working with wood usually take shop. ln the shop classes, students make tables, bowls, gun racks, and shelves, among other things. Art adds up to be a fun and creative subject. lunior Patti Scrivner works on plans for nuclear warhead that she will install in her backyard. jerry Hadley is totally and undeniably disgusted with Monday morning. Apparently his drafting project is not flowing smoothly. 168 Autograph page courtesy of following merchants E REPUBLIC F M g F TEXAS FIDELI-F-NYA 3 SAVINGS ASSOCIATION an BLUEBONNET 51112666102 MATTRESS Co. SLEEP SHOP 2449 Jefferson Dr. Mathematics adds up to achievement The mathematics program is based on the belief that mathematics is of vital importance to many professions. The math department offers more subjects than any other department. We offer 14 courses from Fundamen- tals to Advanced Theories in Math such as Calculus, and Analytic Geometry. There are also other courses such as Number Theory, and the History of Mathematics. The math curriculum undergoes constant change so it will continue to be up-to-date. Many students who take math every year receive col- lege credit for courses taken in high school through ad- Ifanced standing exams taken their senior year or at col- ege. Dept. head Ms. MacMillan ponders what to do with her Calculus class. has Linda and Becky absorbed in putting Calculus problems on the board. Kelly Doyle working on a program in computer. Ms. Capello ' " Ms. Duhon Ms. Hebert MY- Hebert Mr' Lee ....i. Ms. MacMillan . ' Ms. Ross gg,, ff Ms. Ryes L V D . Ms. Seiver Ms. Simmons l Ms. Taylor l Michael and Phil in their normal Trig moods. Students working on their calculators in the Math Lab. Mr. Hebert explains calculator function to student. Giving out assignments to the class. Ms. Ross helps many students with their difficulties in Math. Math lab tS3Cl'lGS basics Four years ago, we started a program in which students could have special help and attention to aid them with their difficulties in mathematics. This Math Lab program can be taken advantage of by all students and is directed mainly toward F.O.M. and LA. students. Here, they learn such things as banking, check balancing, and the filing of income tax as well as basic mathematical skills. Students are sometimes brought to the lab by their math teachers to get help in a special area however many students come on their own after school. The idea of the Math Lab was conceived by Ms. MacMillan who spent five years working to develop it. 'lShe is responsible for all the math labs in all of the secondary schools" said Ms. Seiver. The Regional Math Organization awarded Ms. MacMillan their first outstanding teacher award. The program is o erated by Ms. Carol Ross who works with the studlents daily along with five other teachers. She has been in charge of the lab for three years. Calculator team wins trophies There are no seniors on this year's Calculator Team, but this has not stopped the team from excel- ling in competition. The team met in the mornings and after school for 45 minutes and each member spent five to six hours a week prac- ticing at home, This hard work resulted in the Winning of nine team trophies, including two first place and many individual awards. lunior Kirby Erickson placed second in district and Steven Clark placed fourth. ln Regional competition, Kirby placed first and went on to place fifth at State. "Mr. Sell deserves most of the credit for the team's success because of all the time he devotes to us," said Kirby. The Calculator Team intends to continue the winning streak of the slide rule team from the past years. ,gf -2 Q R42 .sr A if? E rm: ---" re- swf 'fl---- vrrr M - z, its 'es "lL 7 5 r- xx A pl,tst1, X K S: l E ,irs tss , t pf .. ' 'ii - E T ssss K K are 552, Xiao, Ng X :X gf 3 A tri 3 E 3 5 tg i f sg, gi, vi 5 S .. ,,,.. .. 1' ,- ..,, t T ,, ,,,, Q wig W as "" ..,,,,,... S fl ' ilii gifs? E ..:: ,fx ii E5 tl 3 fkzwmw. ' A W4 1 1 S ' , rx-:st V ss at lll' i ,.,, it ' at fist .... Ps i 5 f -- 'X 52 ew ..... tt am ,..... ,..... fmt . ,,.. , , , gg Xxx X Fascinating facets to Science Lab partners Vanessa Boyd and Suzanne Sclerandi in Chemistry. David Nelson demonstrates the paper towel test. C Y Y Ms. Boyd Ms. Butler, Department head Ms. Dunn Mr. Garrett 'M Coach Gaspard Ms. Long I 1 Ms. Richardson E Mr. Sell Mr. Tolar Shea Walker confidently prepares to perform his experiment. t t... 1'f..l'fS 'mS' Todd Weber salutes the camera while the rest of the Practical Chemistry class works diligently. 173 Some people say disecting is fun Frogs and fruit flies, goggles and aprons, labs and experiments - these are some of the things that stand out in your mind after taking a Science course in our department. Remember driving around town trying to find leaves for your leaf notebook? Or how about digging up cattails on the side of the highway land nearly landing in the pondl or buying gold fish during lunch so that you could turn your habitat for Ms. Richardson in on time. Who is ever going to forget the endless Physics homework problems Mr. Tolar assigned or Mr. Sell's heartless way of turning down your discussion. Also, how icky it felt to skin a fetal pig or the triumph when you got the brain out whole without popping it. Remember when it was time to study Reproduction and the loud guy behind you suddenly became shy and didn't raise his head up throughout the entire unit? Little things, from frogs to fetal pigs, gave Science classes a different, interesting, and memorable facet. WOW - this is really fascinating!! Ms. Richardson's Biology I class listens to a lecture on genetics Mr. Garrett demonstrates some chemical properties. Hank checks orbital calculations, Club members celebrate the end of a successful year with a coke party. Astronom Club membersS d W t C th G tE' y y ney ro en, a y arre , rlc Marioneaux, Eric VanDevender, Hank Clark, and sponsor Mr. Tolar. Mr. Tolar receives a gift from the Astronomy Club. Starstruck Astronomy Club Black holes in space, quasars, eclipses, and the stars are just a few topics of talks for the Astronomy Club. Every other Tuesday night, the members of the club meet in Mr. Tolar's room for interesting and informative discussions and observ- ing the stars and planets with two large telescopes. Occasionally the club will be fortunate enough to observe unusual things. l'At one meeting we saw a satellite moving across the sky, then it just disap- peared in the shadow of the earth," said Mr. Tolar. The club also gets together for special happenings like the eclipse of the moon, when they all celebrated with hot chocolate. 'lWe have also observed a partial eclipse of the sun," Mr. Tolar added. Since the Astronomy Club was chartered in 1961, more and more students have shown an interest in it whether it is because of the revitalization of the American stpace program with the space shuttle or just to satis y curiosity about space. 175 176 Whether it's an American History, American Govern- ment, or World History class, leaving is usually accom- panied by writer's cramp. Those are not the only classes in the social studies department, though. This department also includes black history, psychology, sociology and economics classes. Students study the United States from reconstruction after the Civil War through World War ll in American History. World History contains the prehistoric cavemen to World War ll. After a brief discussion of the background of American Government, students begin an indepth study of the entire American Government. Black History covers all black history from the African Black man through slavery to the present time. ln psychology you learn why a person behaves a certain way and what influences his or her behavior. Sociology, unlike psychology, studies peoples' behavior not just the study of the country's economics. No matter which history class it is, writer's cramp from notes and headaches from the test will remind you of that class! Mrs. Charlene Commings ir 11 tt Department Head A l l . .tt .V ll ,Z , Mr. Gothia H Nlf. l'l8l'1kS Q' Nggs " A H if ltii, V. A A siis . rtt j j h H . . V, .kikr V' Mr. lagneax Ms. Lindsey Mr. Owen Ms. Sanderson Ms. Snider Ms. Tate Mr. Williams Mr. Wilson Mr. Worthy ...- H 7 Randy Stephens tries to stay awake. One student studies while Gina laughs. Mr. Gothia explains the structure of the government. Past to present in Social Studies INSTURY Honea aids group in one of his hypothetical dilemmas. mwt We M we .. x ..f4,r2t. .. + SW'-S B ,.. . , he x -sf X W ,to 4612 S A ,ez pg Qt Mr. Williams and Gina Ford look at a bulletin board of black history. it "X-NW, l 'W 1 e E 5 F W0VlhY S taste YSSY. l0l1f1 C9959 fl1lf'lkS Q' tastes belief than Mr. Gothia s 2nd period class studies how the government is run although he learns later that it is the same drink. Dennis, Rima, and Kathy all meditate in psychology. Ready, and stretch 1, 2, 3, 45 2, 2, 3, 43 3, 2, 3, 4, 4, 2, 3, 45 and again . , , This is how we keep in shape. One of us will hit the bali! Watch the PRO in action. Keep the pace 1, 27 1, 25 1, 2. Mike Owens Bertha Hebert Margaret Gamble Sherrie SanAngelo Nancy McClain Bill Meehan George Hawkins Willie Williams Charels Wilson Norman Gaspard Steve DeReuen P T , T l we--f Sit' t' :- ....t . JV -.--:atm-: Q-,. 'T " ,, ...... ws?-if-5 fifh- qgsifiin i, 'W' , .. ' iii' i't1s..'lJl1!'f5l.. JT 5 ""' . 3' X. s ,ss 7 . A s ,, itsiis . bu A 3 A . 4 ,,,- es, 1, Gaz... ,,:, Lk.. ,ig ,L gl 5 1 'gf fx: f ' gig. ,"' " , i '55, ' ssr". :P - is-' tv' ' at 'iii' - 1 ,'rr st.. , T f .s 1 " - . 5 A f .." Et : xiii i "l'r' N tri' : ' ' . .. "" N JLQQK "7 ' WN: 5 X2 "f--Wifi' Y.-. .sf ' ' t tf' K "t' , -- -',' gg i , Xs,,,,-,,Esf.g:- L-,, -, r V Q -A -sg: - ,253 Q if fi! ,,-- ti L T ,W 5: ' S W' is T i s . '-i- " 'l "-' 5'-1' "" A i A ' -"' ,QI :Q ,-ij , -- .X I A '-" "- tssi' it , Vvir I 1 r - T T s - ,,'-i t 1 - T' ' , , if P ssii Exercises, basketball, track, and ss' Q X tennis are only a few things that 3 P' . .rf , ,E TTSV xi' L R : Q ' g g , , . the students can choose from. Girls can choose from the follow- ing: Tennis, Volleyball, Softball, Badminton, Basketball, Track, Gymnastics, and Archery. The Boys, well they do whatever the coaches tell them to do. Students dress out, do exercises, and con- tinue with the day's plans. Not all students like P.E., but most of them do. P.E. classes give the students a chance to talk to their friends and get physically fit at the same time. P.E. is not the easiest class at T.l. but, if you dress out and participate you should pass. , ,,,, L in snr . uw ..-'f wm- Start off at this line and stop at that line. Block it DeReuenl!! 179 'fit YS is ' Unique programs serve studen i .lff f, , gtk Daryl Carter, Jeff Coudreaux, and Terry Clayton try to play it cool in metal shop WNW' -sim ASQ his lennera C., Giles B., Kirt T., Larry C., Santos D., Robert D., and David K. all gather around a diesel engine for repairs with Bruce M. and friends. is Patrick S. sands the back of a car in body shop at Stilwell Technical Center Shane R., Alvin C., and Mike S. working with a metal grinder. Carl jenkins shows his ability to dress a dummy or propose ,Mmm laynen Kemp shows her drafting layouts to her classmates. Technical center , teaches skills for careers Gail Bryant takeg time 10 give U5 3 Smile in Office praglige Class- Esther HalTiSOI'1, Princella BBUSYS, and Betty THFIRSIGY check patients charts at Cresthaven. Tongela lohnson, Charla Brown, and Mitzi Adaway try to find out what is wrong with Randy Hancock. Terri Barbay is hard at work at Edison ir. High, 182 f-P lackson, Gerald jackson, Bert Lampson, and Tommy Thigpen are busy designing for a house. Carl jenkins shows his ability to dress a dummy' Can you rebuild a turbo charger? Set main bearings on a 350 small block? Or do you know how many minutes to leave a permanent in your hair? lf you want to learn the answers to these not so every day questions, apply for Stilwell. Stilwell students are provided with quality academic and vocational train- ing, to help prepare them for the business world. Through class room and organizational activities, students learn leadership, good worker traits, positive competitive attitudes and desirable social habits. Stilwell graduates are prepared to accept their places as con- tributing members of our society. Stilwell offers thirteen programs: Ap- pliance Repair, Automotive Mechanics, Building Constructive, Cosmetology, Drafting, Diesel Mechanics, Electronics, Health Occupations, Machine Shop, Vocational Office Education, and Welding. 184 Working for Congress took up a lot of time. The March of Dimes drive went so well we were again awarded the big trophy. Playing the flute during the choir concert took a lot of practice time for perfection. SQ: , f E Kevin put in some long hours with the Ebbtide staff. KeV.f..iud.Ce Monticello Guardians Kevin Judice Salutatorian Gina Gillespie Valedictorian Sarah Guidry Working closely with Ms. Marshall, class sponsor, was part of being Senior class President As an active member of Congress, Sarah was kept busy by Mr. Bartlett and Lisa Aranda. Highlight of graduation for Sarah was serv ing as Senior speaker. National Merit Scholarship Winner 187 We, the brains. . . We vveren't all characterized by inch thick glasses and preppy clothes, but that still didn't stop other kids from calling us l'eggheads," or from making snide remarks such as, llOh, you're in the Honor Society. I thought you were normal." Some even classified us as freaks tand not the cool kind, eitherj just because we liked English and Algebra and Chemistry. But unbeknownst to them, aside our grueling AP. and Honor classes, we actually found time to par- ticipate in extracurricular activities. Some of us played football, volleyball, and ran track. We proved that all jocks weren't dumb, Some of us marched, tvvirled and memorized music. We had a lot more on our minds than just Beowulf and Chemistry formulas. So you see, vve're normal. We breathe, eat, sleep and get in trouble occasionally just like everyone else. Only we take pride in trying to get the best education possible and that produces our good grades. Vice-President Sandra Phillips -EV: i L ' In I vfssffsizxiiaaz . x -ily: -. ' . 5 s ...5 1tw : W as if ' - t M . W ...s .. H as ca VS. i sg tt f s :-- X ' .,,. Slfmft A... .....,- s ffi' s Q ,,--: ms, ... ,swsci kxit ,, .X -ss' " - 'kii :L V is - 4 strssss iq ' ' ' fiirtfn - s it -s- t ' ' i :QW : 5 JS '1 jigy.-..3i,t::gg.ss15' i .l'.. 4 t f M. 4 tt li v fa -Li Q 'H f fa fi Q. ... PM , 1 2 a i 1, , :ij President Kevin Iudice Secretary Becky Gilbert National Honor Society L nior Members: Top: Molly Chevis, Lisa Lawrence, Michelle LaGrappe, lane Thompson, loanna Dumesnil, Sassy Ramirez. Bottom: Kelly Suire, Ely Hodges, Charloote Miller, Evelina Rodrgue, Julie Pittman, Linda Fey. W'7'fifllifili'-53Wt5Mw' ff . ,,,,,4aw,,, . T, .S .QQ Too bad jennifer, Mrs. Snider didn't spike the punch. .. . 1 Q Sponsor Mrs. Thomas serves punch to parents at NHS reception. That HE" paper can't hurt your grade too much, Nancy. Senior band NHS members this year were: Top Row: Maury Mingle, Winda Pitre, Kenneth Campbell, Debra San- ford, Carlos Garza, lenifer Amy. Bot- tom Row: Ruth Ann LeRosen, Lisa Aranda, Suzanne Perciful, Ann Moore, Cay Freeman, Linda Lu- quette, and Ruth Silva. . l Senior Members: Tina Taylor, Pam Odom, Norma Thompson, Gina Gillespie, Chet Domingue, Dorzanna Duhon, Tricia Richard. WMM' k v f Michelle and lane, making their first appearance after their Siamese twin operation. Smart peopl Ron and llBig Sis" lan enjoy themselves at NHS reception. e have fun, too W X xfx Watkin Studio Call 982 3666 's When You Marry tor Love 2329 Thomas Blvd 4 f Xigz Hx Xp Y RX Y-'N E SX Xgm X QXQXX cxx 1LX vNix,N xxx 5 X Xw XX Lf 5 w WN tt YF WW x' Ui 7 X iffig is ww is 7 U65 'iffjsgmsg X xgjjxm K 9395 im SV 'F-Wfiry x,i5m,XggN Nw Wake X PORN X x 3 xg X X R xx Ng: J. X 3 , Www TWNYQM X K , 5 -I SKK ftiwl W9 1537 w M , af X E .QXQXX , we xe N31 3? HNX' XTX x Xt? X X XXX' X X XYW X X X X XA-Q NE Niigqi IX Q wx XXX' 'X ,X X x Q X N xl gq XXXN7-QN X ,Mg QR? wee Q x Xi X NZ 7 34, K 7 was mum 3? 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Top Ten tap talents: music writing, computers, politics, art Valedicjtorian Gina Gillespie Ruth Ann LeRosen Deborah Webb e Becky Gilbert '...., .1,,,, 'ff' I Salutatorian Kevin ludice SP0 WML, ll' ,Nw Kelly Suire 193 . , NA.,. 1,,.g, ig::yf,g5lii5: ,tw g-- , Hard work at Stilwell brings district winner S refrigerationelectronic sdieselmechanicsweldi ngcosmetologyofficeed ucationhealthoccupati onsdraftingautomecha nicscarpentryautobody N 195 A1 1 nv F-4 if 0 W" fl x ,. , sei? 75 gs:zz7i?5 SS 3 ENE,-M , S , . A 197 V , , M' W. W . , nw W X M QM V-if X.-if i544 ' is M Km Q 1, 'Nw ws ,,T 'ww gh 1 ,QV X M 1 1 H me ff -r 1- ,, JL M. M E, 4 A ' !,MG ggi ls I. L P WSE? 4-'fel f 'ngfiffzgsasil rw , Q ' 'z ,xx 225551 2 S , A ,.,.. .W Dupuy and Hancock discuss Odessa game. The Dome's scoreboard lights up jackets' first shutout of season. 05 'T xllitg. Wikuill if -Y Q iri ' gt, f 4. .raw ts. xg 53 A s:i,,,f'l'i , i ' F isif A if ' at swim- i l . if" fl 5 ff H a i '-i' . 'tc ifcs . i tl . .. w 'Q W . A view of two of the few high schools that have played at Memorial Stadium in Austin. Holloway bashes LaMarque's defense. Craig Stump throws pass with protection provided by fullback Holloway, and guard Leviege. Coach Thompson studies game plan. mwah! Greg Brugman, Gary jefferson and friends stuff sweep into opponents' backfield. Coach Thompson rehearses pep talk. Q 5 E 1 Shea Walker fights Bulldog for 'lbone." Todd Weber, Rick Wyble, lay Livingston are the team's founders at the walking wounded club. Lincoln's Quarterback learns the art of how to pass on the run from the jacket defensive linemen. 200 Don Holloway, Reman Leviege and Gary lefferson pose before pregame practice. l' 3 in l l of , ,J Bruce l'The Juice" Miller cuts back anticipating Don Holloway's block A classic goalline struggle in progress at the Dome. Holloway knocks oncoming cornerback outside for Bruce. sul, N P X1-mt N, - fa - 12 " , 5 a ' ' A ' M A happy huddle during the LaPorte game on a wet Saturday. The symbols and feelings of victory abound. District - Dome - Dallas 1980, The year it all came together. The Yellow jackets rampaged through fourteen straight victories to win a berth in the state championship. Coach Thompson's third year as head coach, with previous records of 1-9 and 6-4, proved that his training program would be successful if given time. The first chance to prove the worth of the Yellow jacket team, which boasted a high powered offense and re-vitalized defense, came in a preseason scrimmage against Aldine MacArthur. The offense, sparked by quarterback Todd Dodge, fullback Don Holloway, and All-State receiver Brent Duhon, fulfilled everything predicted about them by scoring an amazing five touchdowns in twenty lays, The maroon and gold defense, led by, standouts Troy Ter- rell, Mark Lewis, Don Holloway, and Robert Smothers, shut down the Houston team's offense completely. Aldine Mac managed to score twice, but both TDfs came against the se- cond string. The Yellow jackets were given a ii2 state ranking on the APl and a 114 on the UPI polls, but Coach Thompson told his players to pay no attention to publicity. Instead he had them focus on the season opener against top ten ranked LaPorte. Tropical Storm Danielle forced the first game to be played on Saturday afternoon instead of Friday night, but the delay didn't hurt jefferson as they rolled over the Bulldogs 41-14. Next they traveled to Baytown to take on the Ganders. The jackets controlled the entire game and won 21-0. Then came Vider, who played hard while trying to capture their first win and made it a close game before falling 24-21. Tj met and blew out West Orange-Stark, 30-6. The jacket offense penetrated the Mustang's 20 yard-line in the first three tluarters before turning the game over to backup players for t e Final period. Perhaps the most important win came against Port-Neches Groves, an exciting game - 14 to 13. james Wallace made a game saving tackle to preserve Tj's one-point lead. The jacets simply overpowered BC-P, Forest Park, Lincoln, Nederland, and French to dominate 22-5A. The offense scored a walloping 218 points in the last 5 games, while the defense held opponents to a total of 32. The Yellow jackets stormed into the Astrodome for their bi- district tilt against Houston's Aldine Mustangs. The maroon and gold intimidated scrappy Aldine 49-6 to advance to the regionals. The Lalvtarque Cougars proved to be the fastest most ex- plosive team Tj had met all year, The Yellow jackets managed to outscore the Cougars, 29-24. Tj had no problems reaching the state championship with easy wins over Stratford and San Antonio Lee. But, it seemed, the magic couldn't last forever as the jackets were shocked by the Odessa Permain Panthers. Tj went into the game two-touchdown favorites, but couldn't outrun the speedy Panthers. The scored ended Tj - 19, Odessa 28 but t e loss couldn't snuff the fire that Coach Thompson had rekindled in PA football. This was the year of the jackets! 202 Kip Cooper destroys Lincoln's quarterback in city championship, Troy Terrell shows gander backs what football is all about. ae if Ban HOBEFI? WORTH! Walker snatches one under close coverage by Laporte defensive back. nd won but then lost Terrell and Wllllams penetrate over Lincoln s offensive Ilne Holloway demonstratlng linebacker skulls Dodge fares away with the benefit of great protection provnded by offenslve line. Halftime at Bulldog Blowout Bee's Quarterback learns you can't throw through defensive linemen, Smothers covers Bee's receiver in All-State style. Leviege and Cooper pray that Holloway will keep his balance. cami? '- i wwevw Wh!- ff: q ..fV as W, 24- ,,.., nfsszf--5,1 V ' - 'r ' Coach Thompson and Wilson both agree on taking the penalty. 1 t 3 ir l I s Tatum steals ball away from Bee's and elminates a possible first down Randy Hancock finds something to smile about on the bench while Roman LeVeige watches game. Stump finds dropping back and firing is easy with good linemen. Gary lefferson sacrifices his body for a possible big play. Dodge hands off to Bruce 'lThe luice" Miller for precious yards. Fighting offensive lineman Terrell leaps trying to foul up pass. Greg Brugman rushing point after touchdown with intensity. Landry blasts a Gander away in defensive secondary style. Beating the odds The first playoff game of the season was a first in more ways than one - specifically a first at the Astrodome, a first playing on Astroturf and a first playing a ball game after spending the night in a hotel. And the idea of being in the playoffs itself was enough to shake up a pro. Unfamiliarities were abundant. The long bus rides, keeping up with your hotel key, getting up Nearly" on Saturdays, and having one day for your bruised muscles to rest before practice on Mon- day. Trying to come to a sudden stop on Astroturf is like trying to land a space shuttle in your garage - it just does not work. When linebackers try to call out formations on the turf, they might as well have cotton in their ears because sound travels as slow as Christmas in the Dome. The acoustics were rotten. After the 2nd playoff game, the unfamiliar was becoming routine and llcomfortablef' Meals at Wyatts were a fact of life, and Mar- riott hotels were home away from home. Playing electronic games on the Greyhound pilgrimages had become a weekend ritual. And Astroturf was viewed as alot better than the llAstro-cementf' of the old practice field, The Dome was our home. james Wallace 205 Brent Duhon out-strides outraged Indian for long gain. Wallace and Brugman corner off Lincoln running back. Brent Duhon produces second effort and goes for seven. Managers Harkless and Adams other's conversatron. A rj' Captains recognized during 1 of 15 pep rallies held during the 1980-81 school year. 4 N 5 5igM..X x5 i Q i,',.jf ,FE jf ax. . 'w lwavg sf ff i ss. -- g s' 7 ivq.-an is . 1 gfigjg -RQ g f f-my-g t" N , .- 1 X ., 22: ne w ff Nsss Q ggi L Y' me " mfg Q A c . X M551 ' .1 A f' 4 :ai .1-.ata ' f ' ti' 1 ,f .- ge .,.... ..-Wt WM., fs .fs Q E - rc A .i.' l "'- ' FKQBERT WORYHY PHOTOGRAPHY Stump gets his chance at operating the offensive dream machine. Players set and ready anticipating Dodges snap count. All Americans Dodge and Duhon are all smiles during victory. Tatum tackles Aldines' quarterback for short yardage. Weak side Linebacker Don Holloway, Middle Linebacker Mark Lewis and Safety Marty Tatum zero in on Aldine back Yellow lacket kickoff team hustles downfield in Komokasi tradition disregarding any respect for pain A Randy Petisca mows out lane for Marty Tatum during Lincoln game Duhon prepares to snatch pass from Dodge. Tatum rushes quickly through daylight in Lincolns' defense Parham lays a vicious tackle on Aldine running back. lohny Kip Cooper bear hugs Aldine quarterback to turf. Troy Terrell, james Wallace, Greg Brugman and Shea Walker corner off Aldine sweep. lunior john Romero rushes through PNG Indian defense. Nolan Ledet strings out and negates Nederland Bulldogs sweep l Tl's IV defense lines up at mid-field ready to react to snap of football to Quarterback. Fullback Griffiths makes use of David Babineaux's block. John Romero evades Port Neches Pursuing defense. Dennis Griffiths is met at the line by a gang of Bulldogs Quarterback lack Annaboli smells paydirt 4 yards away. Terrell and teammates trot off field for short rest. -ulldo runnin back is sto 8 h 8 , P' ed near line of scrimmage y lacket defenders. 211 Varsity played 'em olose but close was not enough The Tl varsity Ladyjackets, for the 80-81 school year has completed their volleyball season with a 6-10, win-loss record. Although the girls' year did not turn out exactly as planned, they had many valuable experiences. They dinked, spiked, bumped, and served their way through their schedule with much enthusiasm. This team com- posed of seniors, juniors and sophomores alike, were very energetic and vigorous, not only in the 3:00 to 5:00 practices every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but also when playing each opponent. For instance in playing BCP, the first district game, the teams were so evenly matched that the scores went into the 20's, 118-20, 20-221. This energy was transmitted by their number one Ladyjacket, Ms. Bertha Hebert, who makes the business of playing volleyball enjoyable. Outstanding spikers for the Ladyjackets were Gina Ford, Phaedra Young and Tammy Seals. The leading scorers were senior Rachel Provost who ac- cumulated 134 points, junior Katherine Charles with 92, Wendy Theriot, a sophomore, who served for 72, and 57 points were also gathered by Susan Petrovich. Katherine Charles is a young lady to be con- gratulated. She was named to the all-district second team. Proud coach, Ms. Hebert, smiles because her team is energized. Back Row: Ms. Hebert, T. Moreno, S. Petrovich, T. Seals, P. Young, G. Ford, K. Charles, Z. Malveaux. Front Row: W. Theriot, R. Provost, L Charles. Ah. Cari F. concentrates on set as Gert awaits to give spike, Courtney Duplechain 1551 delivers powerful overhand to awaiting i opponents. 2 1 JV takes 2nd place ln junior varsity action, the season ended with an 11-5, win loss record. Their only losses went to Port Neches-Groves, Forest Park, and Beaumont Charlton Pollard. The team took second place in district finishing behind Port Neches-Groves. The winning drive of this team was led by the outstanding scoring ability shown by Cari Fleener 193520, Gert Bernard 18921, jackie La- day 18821, and Courtney Duplechain t81'Xsl. Along with outstanding serving awesome spiking was a ma- jor factor in most of the team's wins. This power was led by Gert Bernard, lackie Laday, and Lynn Lanes. The captain for the IV team was Cari Fleener. The s irit of the team was held by the coaching ability ol, Ms. Nancy McClain. She kept the team well enthused and interested in their sport. Hoping to fill the shoes of their Eredecessors, the girls worked long hard hours, w ich started two weeks after school ended, and even on weekends, to achieve their goals and prepare themselves for next year. Ms. Nancy McClain, a veteran at coaching volleyball, well interested. ke eps her team Back Row: Ms. McClain, L. Lanes, l. Nero, G. Bernard, 1. Laday, C. Fleener. Front Row: C. Duplechain, P. Randla, I. Simpson, and D. Carter. 4 gives a forceful spike as Tammy Seals backs her up. Big team talks it over with coach while Mia Young keeps stats. Devoted fans, Mr. Honea and Mr. Rothenberger, watch the ladyjackets. i'Pay attention Gina and Phaedraf' 215 z i 1 whwk Gert Bernard goes high in the air to spike it over. Cari Fleener and Dejuana Carter backs her up. Ida Simpson dinks ball over West Orange Mustangs. jackie Laday goes high in action to attempt a successful spike against WO-S opponents. 6 Gert Bernard 1221 is high in the air to give one of her forceful spikes, Wendy Theriot 114i dinks the ball into action. Carrying out her spike successfully, Iackie Laday scores here. Gina Ford's spiking power was too much for PN-G to keep up with Amanda johnson, statistician, Coach Williams, David Harkless, trainer, and Coach Williams shows his stuff at the benefit game with Dennis Harkless, manager. Arthur Police. fd 28 5 3 ll 'llflia 4' s-.W Amanda lohnson, Farris Gaberil, Tony Trevino, Brian Cole, Donald Reed, Casey Theriot, Theo Reado, Kevin Newman, Coach Williams, Rader- man Scypion, Dwayne Brannon, Anthony Reynolds, lerry jackson, Thomas Houston, Robert Matthews, Chris Pillitere, Dennis Harkless, and David Harkless. Ball goes upg and scores for two During the school year of 1980-81, the Yellowjackets team had a quite a vigorous schedule. this schedule was rough, these young men it rather smoothly. Aiding the lackets to of their wins were Dwayne Brannon, Sr., Theo Sr., Tony Trevino, Sr., and Donald Reed, lr. Bran- non led all scores with a total of 437 and an average of 413.7 points per game. Following were Theo Reado and Tony Trevino with scores of 379 and 298. Their averages were 12.0 and 10.8 points per game. Free throw shooting is a very important technique, and the best shooters for our team were Donald Reed and Tony Trevino. Reed's percentage was 73 for the season and 74 for district, while Trevino's percentages were 69 for the season and 70 for district. Giving great effort on defense was Reado, Brannon and Trevino. Reado led all rebounds with 269 and an average of 9.3 per game, while Brannon had 260 and an average of 8.6 per game. Trevino led assist with 124 and an average of 2.4 per game. Donald Reed high for the shot. Dwayne Brannon shoots from the top of the key. wg 21 9 Donald Reed shoots over Nederland's number 50. Trevino is trapped between two Trojans. 42 3 .J j x...,Ji IL wr' Theo Reado shoots over Trojans' number 42. Theo Reado jumps with a French player and beats him off the floor E I 3 Trevino aims for the net. Brannon high for a jumpball. Reed undecided on whom to pass to. Brannon follows through on shot. lenkins attempts rebound. Brooks performs jumpshot. 1 1 ' ' f " Shelton in the clear for a jumpshot. pponents Them Us orest Park 45 57 ederland 68 73 incoln 74 57 rench 68 60 N-C 44 55 idor 34 77 40 62 52 54 Park 49 67 57 66 47 46 61 54 37 59 44 60 58 60 57 43 Hard 8 long practices pay off for JV NWS omg exe, Row: Coach Wilson, Carl lenklns, Ben Delohn, Kennedy Shelton, lames May, Edward Malveaux, Amanda johnson, David Harkless. Front Harkless, Tim Woo, Mathis Brooks, Dawud Kalimah, Michael lohnson, Brian Seals. 224 Patrick Robertson in mid air. N X Coach Gaspard talking it over with team. Lincoln s S jones cannot seem to catch Heron Kincade wmmwmwh A 5-7 Finish ' E pponents Them Us 37 40 . 47 45 68 54 57 63 58 41 56 60 55 53 Park 62 59 62 54 45 54 64 45 34 43 Heron Kincade goes for a layup over Lincoln. Close games for sophomore ack: Coach Casper, Charles Moore, Patrick Robertson, Devin Mims, Larry Williams, Darrell Harkless, Amanda johnson. Front: Dennis Harkless avid Harkless, Steve Roccaforte, Kevin Thompson, Anthony Cade, Heron Kincade. Dejuana Carter high over the rest. The ball is up and so are eyes. f' elee M my Coach Honea talks it over with his team Dejuana gets pass in the middle of the key. Craty Hadley high for a jumpshot. Deanna Robbins concentrates on pass Craty Hadley is up for the lump Anette is high in the air with a jumpshot. Tammy Seals from the side of the key. 228 Rough year. . . Juniors 8t Sophs rule the oourt Varsity finished -a rough year with their closing record for the season 16-11 and for district 8-8. This placed them in 4th place out of 9 teams. The teams efforts were led by juniors Craty Hadley, and Katherine Charles, and sophomore Dejuana Carter. Hadley, a 5'10" post, led all scores with 228 points, 40 free throws, and 213 re- bounds. Charles, a 5'5" point guard, was second in scor- ing with 222 points. She caused her opponents to make 21 mistakes, for a season high, and brought in 68 steals. Ms. Charles was also named to all-district, 2nd team. These girls managed to accumulate a season total of 1340 points, averaging 49.86 points per game and 953 re- bounds, averaging 35.2 per game. The junior varsity finished in second place, only to WO-S. Their season record was 20-8 and their district record 12-4. The outstanding girls for this squad includes junior Katheleen Charles, and sophomores Tammy Seals and Gert Bernard. Charles averaged 13.2 points per game and 3.6 rebounds, Seals 6.3 points per game and 6.1 rebounds, and Bernard 8.8 points per game and 6.7 rebounds. VIDOR PN-G FRENCH Front: Kat Charles, Tracey Armintor, Deanna Robbins, and Wendy Theriot. Back Row: Zina Monceaux Dejauna Carter Anette Craty Hadely, Tammy Seals, Gert Bernard, Coach Mark Honea. ludy Cormier, Sharon Dorsey, Iackie Leday, Gert Bernard, jackie Jacobs, Tammy Seals, Lynn Lanes, Wendy Theriot, and Coach Nancy McClain. gg ressive teamwork ets JV 2nd place Gertrude Bernard practices her freethrows, ".1 -1'rf1 ,y,,a rrr,, ,,,s.1. ,,,,-1 rss Ldr frfg "rs Q rr syyd iii ssss rr'r IOHNSONBASYGUW 32 ese ddds 1 soUrH CAMERON1' r-38W ssss ddL HACKBERRYX ,rssrrrr,srrss S 345 NEDERLAND FoREsT PARKf WO-S S srr 38 sar sryy BC-P 1 sssssr 44 rrrsi LINCOLN s ryy ,,,,.i , so srrrr ,.r , ryrs FREN 'ivai H S sysss ssys LINCOS QJ SSQ dr sd as firf 6 '9 scial f yrr ssss rrss Zdd srrrrs rssssr sss rrsdry fs ssrrrr S rrssrr rrd s drrd srrl ifW7'fEc drd IZZA slrr rryy rssis rrsl s sss sFR'NcH 2 S S rss Season Record: 20-8 District Record: 12-4 XChampronshrp of V +Third Place at Orangefi'eidwW2WoHr+mrmf dds wr Q 4 , ,sr f , gf 230 , , we 5 5 :gr 4 iq' ' "J f J" ' V , ,,,, N'if'l,1? , -- f N I- l?3.q,,ggmf1,W ff ff 4 , U , V ,, 'W l' 4. Hi ww WH ,i W 'Y fi f 1' , il Cf Vin? , 5 ' mf! 1 Ik f ,, , Zin ' f A V ,lf ,, , A ' if f V x , i s Gert Bernard for a free throw. Gert Bernard showing off her handling skills 'MW Katherine Charles hamming it up. Tammy Seals high for a jumper. AS ,s GRAMMIER-OBERLE FUNERAL HOMES T. W. Oberle, President A 962 4408 ' lf f'iEf'5'Z3f0lt'a P .- I I 4841 39th Sl. . f Q 6 Q N71 I 1 .. -. ii " X if ffWa" "' - L, 2507 Jefferson Drive Port Arthur Phone 962-8514 Call in orders to go! Open 9 a.m.-10 p.m., Mon.-Thurs. 9 a.m.-11 p.m., Fri.-Sat. 2' QW -N 121 2 ,L A , ,,.. ,,,,, , ,. ,, 'rrf::--"' "f' ' rfyz- ' L I A t awson s u o , ' 252 A :VV " ,:r' Z2 5 giyyy H 5 'ewiffa' df Q VSVV A .. ,, E W S a e r '1 or 22 h mA M g i f "A ' ee ii i ! eg e , " rree 2' . . Free Phone Locating Service . Throughvullhe South "'V H Q ---" P APP'ii E ..r'-, Q ' in rr 225 see he NewBeaNm0n:gZ1g3QrihurHlshway :VA A ,, vrr, ff kyx.. M VVVV - rerr n o 722-3481 -, 1 V- - ' , -E2 ,,,,,L..b W' ' 2 A h - ,,"'V- 5' 2 bxer W 735-2663 WL x f ' , "f' eeee eeee 2 se 2 r P-0- Box 1627 SUNNY LAWSON F : A.'r ' , ,V, Nederland, TX 77627 Owner vw -" l fiil ""f I I :'- ,.,, ,Q "ff rv f , m V .L m Al' hrrhrrrr 222 ' 2 ree L ' . 222 2 e'2n2 3 Wsan 5 says 2 ""' ".2 2 rriree so ssehh 2222 P 2 5 2 e e m 2 1 -7 7 'A" e-ef,,,, rel i N N P E ac e s rrsss Field events start day off right ,M 'fa f2'iVfm, .. f , e. k "f-: ,k'-'i' e :, ee,e si zz! "f'f'?.,:, ,zz:p. ,,..... "'--- is ' i" 97,x-f .. eee :, ,. "'Le N'e, ' We" Kennedy Shelton, doing what he doest best. Winning district in long Stewart Davalos goes high pole vaulting. jump with 21 feet 6 inches. Danny Gorrer, Coach Wilson, Dawud Kalimah, Robert Smothers, Robert Matthews, and Eugene Matthews watch the field events. E 5 It takes energy to get up and over That make it or break it jump .rfkgf 1600 Meter Relay Team: Levine, Bell, Laverne, and Bobb. f .ag..faa"'lf3f"..f 4,1 . k , . ff, ' gf. 'ff q f"y-af Jumpers: Stephens, Frank, Augustine, Scott, and Laverne. nv 73s, ,Q " i, K , J' vii, aws ' ,Hi"'Q?211c?T I A SB rg V 2557 W f aafai ,i a ,A..,,,,,, , Q 'wx ,es N sf 531011 as L m l '5 ,. 'lf , C .2 6, I 'X f, 's Nw.: , - EXPERT WOR'KMANSHIP - BUCKY'S PAINT sTUD1o, INC. l U Complete Auto U Frames El Insurance K . I Body Repair Straightened Claims 3 U Complete Auto E1 Windshields C1 Wrecks Completely , Painting Replaced Rebuilt Q. Auto "Rusty Jones" Rustproofing Ab 963-1216 Port Arthur, Texas 5732 Culfway is ef if ,t y Q s , H I if fif 5 Y' K fff,rk K " sv T I ir Jr A in i,yr y p T .M it p 1,6 if p I pp sy ff is A . sesls ittte .s s ises A A I A l T rii J it ra e i ,, S ' I irt if THE CONVENTION, CIVIC AND SOCIAL CENTER OF SOUTHEAST TEXAS . . . DRIFTWOOD Q me... Meeting Rooms and Banquet Facilities for: 'Banquets 'Wedding Receptions 'Luncheons 'Business Conferences 3700 Memorial Boulevard 236 Call 983-1633 Huber's Davis Decorating Port Center Arthur Says Jackets Honda all the 3225 eulfway way 982-5591 4448 Gulfway G0 985-5505 Jackets Backs Jackets! 2948 Gulfway 983-2748 Practice, practice, and more practice was the chant heart from all of the cross country runners. For the girls, Monday's practice was two and a half miles distance running and the following days were two mile days. The course included running from the girls gym, to along the side of Safeway, to the front of the school building, behind the stadium, two laps around the huge parking lot, and back the way they came. The boys' practices consisted of six miles each day, wll around the school grounds. Along with these workouts, practice meets for the girls were held at Tyrell Park, McFaddin Beach, and Pleasure island. The meets that really C't3unted were held at the University of Houston, Forest Park, and Clear Lake. The boys only attended the district meet where they placed third over all. Members that placed in the top ten were Elliott Maiben, and Adolfo Cortez fwho advanced to the regional meet.l The entire team included Stewart Davalos, Michael Cortez, leff Guidry, Danny Potter, and Mickey Finn. The girls team consisted of seniors Shannon Stephens, and Tara Augustine. Accompanying the seniors were juniors Linda Bobb, Sylvia Thomas, Natalie Smith, and Sonda White. Outstanding sophomores and freshmen were Paula Nero, Shelia Thomas, Deanna Scott, Wendi Theriot, and Tamara Frank. Shannon Stephens and Sylvia Thomas learn starting techniques from Ms. Gamble. 3 i ii ll' . 2, .it g .af l it The race is off, wonder who'll be the winner. 238 C takes rd, 5th fi . ag Linda Bobb leads pack and teammate Pam Haley is close behind. -A wg,m,,f1. , junior jeff Guidry is far ahead of opponents. Adolfo Cortez: regional qualifier. jacket runner outdistances competitor. Runners, in the drivers seat again ln the winning mood! A perfect phrase for the 80-81 Ladyjackets track team. The group of young ladies consisting of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and only five seniors ran, jumped, and threw and jumped themselves to victory. Bringing home four first place titles, a se- cond and third place, and one ninth place, they showed that they were the best. In each of their first place finishes the team managed to ac- cumulate over 1OO points, and taking their se- cond place, missed first by only three points. These girls gathered 14 trophies during their season, more than any other team has been able to manage. At the end of the first day ffield eventl of the district meet, they had managed to remain only two oints behind the leader. But on the second day liunningj, the Ladyjackets showed that they were second to none, breaking four records and tieing one other. By the end of the meet the team was ahead by 17 points and the district champs once again. Back: Becky Guidry, Renell Levine, lane Suire, Reatha Bell, Tara Augustine Angela Charles Genera Charles Dejuana Carter Sonda na Scott, Camilita Gray, Linda Bobb, Phadria Laverne, and Tamara Frank Front Mavis james Tammy Lona Sheila Thomas Rhonda Shannon Stephens, Lisa Burns, Paula Nero, Lisa Reynolds, and Debra jones Dejuana Carter getting instructions from Coach Hebert. Shannon Stephens and her record lieing jump. ff' f W, - WW, 5' ' N ,1,:.,w - 7 . , , Coach Gamble measuring Stephen's jump. Lisa Burns pushes the shot putt. 241 t ,f ' 5' ' , ,A nie, --if 'F ' .. .ag be :xg .. ,,,, ,.t.,,pvaf:Q.' :X.. R11w t jem.Qvf5 Phadria Laverne, district's third place long jumper. Shannon Stephens, second to none. Tara Augustine high jumps to get points. Becky Guidry concentrating on her specialty, hurdles in , , . ,E ra? Shot Putt: Burns, Carter, Gray, and Charles. 800 Meter Relay: Long, Levine, Frank, and Laverne Lettermen lead team BANG. The boys' tennis year had just begun and second year coach George Hawkins found a hard task before him. The team had only two returning Iettermen . . . juniors Gary Linthicum and Toefield Coleman. Linthicum and Coleman teamed up for a strong district bid in doubles, while Senior Giles Broussard and Sophomore Michael Harper gave adequate support as 112 doubles. Sophomore Keith Moreau made a good showing in singles, getting to the quarterfinals of the lacket Invitational before faltering. Broussard and Harper peaked their year in the Bridge City Tournament, taking se- cond to Semien and Threet fthe 31 seedsj from South Park. Toefield aims at ball. Coach Hawkins boys tennis coach takes time out to show em how it is done X ff 44 1 we' WW ff? W f Michael Harper Iobs a ball. Gary Linthicum returns a serve. any . 5 Toefield Coleman powers a return. Gary Linthicum delivers a powerful serve. cccc t t s t 'E , X f ,MQVHI . 5 t W , . I 15 .4, it E I A ,Q , LJ, u . . . 5 uriwqafriji iw ,, ,S ,Q 2 ,, ,,,, , Z , A 1? y 4- ,E .I 1 2 , W , Q i 5. L ci 1 'W l i E 5 3 f rl 4 , --l s- l w 1 s. S. im--,,-x, W : f T ' l ' ,"--- tell? 4 H5 at? 12,1 24 Young team leaves coach satisfied The girls on the Yellow lacket tennis te were not sure what their 80-81 season was g ing to be like as they started in early january, The Ladyjackets had a relatively young tea which sported only two returning letterme Vicki Pittman and Tricia Richard. Tina Theriot vi the lone junior supported by eight Sophomor and one Freshman. The girls managed to overcome inexperien and capture third in the District Team Tourr ment, held at Nederland. The netters dump district powers, the likes of which were Pt Neches, Lincoln, Nederland, West Orange al Vidor on the way to the third place trophy. fra.. Coach, Sherrie San Angelo Tina Theriot on a strong return. Rita Dorsey getting complete concentration. MW at 'g'g'g.. rn: Standing: Tina DeLeon, Linda Barras, Tina Theriot, Stephanie Steen, Rita Dorsey, Vickie Pittman, and Ms, Sherrie SanAngeIo. Kneeling resa Patin, Tricia Richards, Michelle Patin, Tudora and Yvette lacquet. ,,,, Senior, Vicki Pittman. Q it ' ' 2 E E ! E' , 3 S , Q SE E I ii iimiq fi 'averages ,,t, at , N Tina DeLeon readies her smashing serve. W Yvette and Tricia doubieup as partners. .1 wi Chris Stump connects with big hit in double - header. Shea Walker smashes ball to right field. Mott gets valuable time in as pitcher - an asset for next year. Coach lagneaux prepares to talk with umpire ,X i ri 2 - E -, bwb- s gf if 4 Q l i l t ..... N, .,.... .,.... N sa. A ,.,. , 1 s . . mms E i S- ..4::f1:: 5 5 E I .. li f k,.... w SF-s i ' 7 fd V: V T saffiii. ',. .' 1 f ' ....' . i it . 1 l -fs . , Q s 3 .'.. 3, y " 5 IE if fy 'ji if E Q ,- : I 53 B "" K 1 . ' ' i .Z - f is X v"' X - ---- ar -- -fi .. sf . P it . " i o r i f".,i'f'i'NW., .. tag mm L m "' . - W. ..,f ,if ..i,, ' ,. .W .. ,A ,,..- f,,, - .. -. ...sw M.. X : -.fra .sem-2. W ,-.s. . . TONY Tf9Vif10 in Stance, f0f pitch from Lincoln- First baseman Lee Parham breaks down to get ready for play. iii Shea Walker hits drive over Grst baseline and procedes to first. Duhon is also in his habitat playing baseball. f s Craig Stumps in batters box awaiting strike pitch with eyes on ball. iviott batting on Iett side ot plate awaits pitcn. 24 E 3 K 2 E f E 5 5 3. S Z 3 S 5 5 w 3 i 4 E Coach Emrick lagneaux Marty Tatum in low stance awaits pitch. Lee Parham walks to warm up at first base ...M Rick nails pitch which sends ball flying through center field. A .V ,,.. U A 1 f 5' ' . , H eftff se Q . - k hm-swf K rssf f is s x s ' -1 - .5 ,,.. -F V 1- . Q ' f . . .. I ,V K A ,, , ,.,. .S VL ,L . LL .. 'if ?""5f'E X L 555' Rob Duplantis thinks things over before stepping to plate. Craig Stump makes throw to Team is fired up before game, fe vino playing first baseman, hopes to trap runner with fake warm up Centerfielder Shea Walker manages to snatch high fly ball in her Robert Lopez. first game of season. , . X W iiii 33, N - "1 " . E. :. 'W l NW of ' . , Q X -"- f 2 ' T -a at X... A M :-: . ' . va NLM i ' :TW , ,t . t. ,--- . .. . ,, 253 Back Row: Kevin Thompson, Barry Bennett, Mathew Beshears, joey Schmidt, and Coach Leland Kay, Front Row: Gregory Harris, Sean Michael Alston, joel Burns, and Arthur Rojas. Kelly Guy readies her putt. Sean Giles demonstrates practice swing. ,L as Greg Harris concentrates for perfect swing. ,. ,. ..,, ,f Q: 59 " T., 7' K to r to rrrrt . .g,,r.:,,gh LM f Arthur Rojas shows his backswing. joel Burns gets ready to putt. 1 to . 'M trst sss, r ttttrr f We had the energy it takes . e I N Q E 3 ,lunuilliil owin! I 257 Toyota E, I ao ' 78 A 'W 581 Coooao as-A 5363 Toyota K Celica PERFORMANCE AND ECONOMY" LINNS BACK THE JACKETS "LINNS SINCE 1912" Gnoves-Pom Anruun JUDlCE'S FRENCH MARKET BACKS THE JACKETS! A.J.'S ETTOUFFE CHEER BOUDAIN CRAWFISH ETTOUFFE COME ON JACKETS ALL THE WAY! A' J'J""'CE A.J.'S VARIETY CHEER BOUDAIN CRAWFISH COURTESY OF: SHRIMP Gumso .1umcES FRENCH MARKET T..1. T.J. aoos 7th ST., PORT ARTHUR Go! Go! Go! up W Q- 1 F X: .Qczi G 8 8' ' Yi-ti E , - Port Arthur - to ' L -Groves- Carpetland 3988 Gulfway 983-2350 Estes Sporting Goods 4505 Gulfway Dr. 982-8723 Home of fine sports equipment and serving all your sporting needs HOWARDS Just Part of the Store Fine foods in an old-fashioned atmosphere 'II'he best place to eat when you want the best Gulf States Utilities wants you to know what's N E W IT MEANS NATIONAL ENIERGY WATCH IT MEANS A WAY TO SAVE MONEY ' ' 'nh osue gy I I O I . For complete mformatlon, vlsl e ner Informatlon Center nearest you GULF snmrss UTILITIES COMPANY Gulf People: Meeting the Challenge IGARRlSON'SI Brent buys corsage for that special g Lakewview Flower and Gift Shop FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH C, 4-fo CC John 3:16 - God loves you. John 14:6 - Jesus is the way to God. John 1: 12 - Ask Jesus in your life. John 15:4-5 Abide in Christ. These 4 steps are your keys to HAPPINESS Ronnie's Auto and Paint Supply Co YOUR DUPONT AUTO PAINT SUPPLIER ,..,.im . ,L , 'N- Ruth demonstrates pointer ability. Get your senio rings 2320 Twin City Hwy. Groves, Tex. 962-8471 I' A. E. Scott Furniture 449 5th St. - Downtown Lane Company Girl Graduate Headquarters Famous Lane Sweetheart Chests Three Floors Furniture Bridals - Formals - Photography Frank Crlcchlo STUDIO Two Locations Port Arthur - 2701 Gulfway Beaumont - 585 North Zwfww-W REYNQLDS WMMWWMM INSURANCE c!444a,,!'f7w44we'ze Wdhwhdgcm r AGENCY Viaueyaw ,4aa!7'!!fzeaez,hfzget' X f We Tatum 's Blossom Shoppe "You Can Trust Your Car to" PETE'S TEXACO STAR Your Complete Car Care Center B.F. Goodrich Tires Mechanic On Duty Batteries and Accessories 'moe If yD e 983-4241 5011 34th Sf Port Arthur 962 0088 Fast Road Service Sabine Bank 3223 Gulfway Port Arthur Q PORT ARTHUR AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION RAIFORD MOTORS FORD LINCOLN MERCURY 4545 Twin City Hwy. 962-8383 JIM WALTON BUICK-GMC INC. 4401 Twin City Hwy. 963-1231 or 722-8181 MINGLE CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH DODGE 4200 Gulfway 983-5171 ROLAND ANGELLE PONTIAC 5215 Twin City Hwy. 962-5726 JIM CARR VOLKSWAGEN 3000 39th Street 983-3245 COLEMAN BERNARD OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC INC. 266 3800 Memorial Blvd. 983-1626 Kathy Chatelain Lakeview Pharmacy 548 Stadium 985-2536 T I it A I .sf 4 I N-xieslwi K mfumwzmam--T KYLE HOLLIER, Owner 2531 Jefferson Drive Griffing Plaza Port Arthur This autograph page courtesy of 6fm.5,14m,z JEWELRY COMPANY "The Finest in the Southwest" Cassandra Freeman Consrderrng a career? lnvestrgate the held of health our Personnel department Park Place Hospital A Medenco Hosprtal 3050 39th St Port Arthur Texas career opportunities. Contact I 2 As the end of the year approaches our energy is almost used up. Activities may be drawing to a close, but spirits still run high as we look forward to the long summer ahead. Shorts and T-shirts will soon take the place of dresses and blue jeans for most of us. Students take time out from the end-of- school rush to do some clowning around at the political rally or to just smile pretty in the hallway. Spring fever brings on more ener- gized excitement as the last day of school draws closer. Friends gather in the courtyard for one last pose before leaving the books behind for the sun and the surf. But before that final bell rings, there are still classes to sit through, or sleep through in some cases, and finals to be taken. All our energy is now put into late-night cramming sessions for that final English essay or Biology exam. Last-minute locker clean-outs force stu- dents to put their muscles to Work hauling around books, papers, and all that other junk that had been sitting in their lockers all year long. Trash cans are filled to over-flowing in one last attempt to keep the campus beauti- ful. Finally, the day arrives that makes all our hard work worthwhile - Graduation Day. As the graduates march into the stadium, excitement, happiness, and a little nerv- ousness shovvs on their faces. An energized year is about to end, but all that energy and effort seems to have paid off when we finally get that diploma in our hands. This isn't the end, though, because vve'll keep using our energy in whatever we do. And soon everyone vvill know that Tl, and its stu- dents, are ENERGIZEDY XX OQEQ WQSV9 ,ogy Th Omag JQQQ-arson Year booli , C The xlfgrr 'fn amos XE?-QYSOI1 04693346 Table of Contents Opening 1 A- 1 Activities 8 Organizations I , 22 4 Royalty 54 Seniors 67 Juniors 105 Sophomores 121 - Freshmen 133 ,L Academics ' 144 Honors 184 Sports 196 Closing 270 r

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