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iv' cw . " Xe Qgiy X I REM! Q.-.M . . Mfffffi E X, .lf , . Q w F' Q , 22 .Y ' ,f 5 THE YELLO THOMAS JEFFERSON VOLUME 17 PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS T RLE OF OPENING 2 FACULTY 8 ACADEMICS I L 32 ACTIVITIES ,CEC L L CEECC , 42 SPORTS , SCICSCC.. , CS-. L 70 BOYS, SPORTS SCCSS.. I CSSS . , 72 GIRLS' SPORTS LLLL,,.. A ..,.. I I. LI244 ORGANIZATIONS ,,.. ,LLL L S142 JACKET SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL 1963-1964 PUBLISHED BY JOURNALISM DEPARTMENT CONTENTS HONORS Iv..II I..IIII..I, I 71 SENIORS IIII..I... .......,IvI I 80 FAVORITES .... . ...... ...,,I-II,. 2 46 CLUBS ....II,,....II IIIv.... . -266 JUNIORS IIII.III....III IIIIIII.,II 3 02 SOPHOIVIORES .,,,,,. ,,.IIII.... 3 36 PUBLICATIONS ....LLL ...IIIIIIII 3 68 Sharp Lines Reflect italit and Freshness 1 THE COURTYARD EMERGES from winter wraps . . and the breezeway increases in popularity The Lively Ones The Lively HBeat South Park!" 'cPoor little Indian boys . . . Jackets gonna beat these . . .U They all start this way at TJ-the happy years, the slow years, the mediocre, and THE LIVELY ONES. The calendar marks the sports seasons, club activi- ties, difficult classes, easy ones, finals, graduation. The time between-that's what counts, the spirit makes the difference. It distinguishes the slow years from THE LIVELY ONES. That intangihle quality . . . a vigor, a life, a "something speciall' . . . made this a year of out- standing achievements. The year is over, but the charged energy it gen- erated will never die, it has become the symbol of the new generation of Americans . . . THE LIVELY ONES! S El HCS LL L A r iv- 5?zf 1xQ 1..i1 u L QR T1 N 1 KH! sl, Xsvf A ,dk X 4 KS L Z i gr N 5 gifgfgf- ,ill A ,IZQWWEQWI W N Q f , 1 'xr N 'g Y, X , Minar, mmf ff X l Q L' ww ' 'mhl A x- Xxx' X XY 'f n 'f V wligtffpu i ' - ,-.. ,wwr f f A qfoufi 1 l l ' fi f ' 'c ff f JW! V j f mf IM, LTY I Progress in Education The Port Arthur Independent School District achieved a major goal this year-the completion and opening of the new G. M. Sims Elementary School. Progress in enlarging educational facilities has always been foremost in the minds of those who lead the school district. Mr. Z. T. Fortescue, superintendent, the members of the school board, and the administrators are constantly striving to improve Port Arthur's already fine educational system. This year two new members, Mr. J. C. Rabuck and Mr. Maurice Born, were elected to the school board and con- tributed their knowledge and abilities to making this year a successful one for education in Port Arthur. MR. Z. T. FORTESCUE, superintendent, plans his day's work with his secretary, Miss Juliette George. SERVING ON THE school board this year are Mr. Nel- son B. Haskell, Mr. M. L. Rosenberg, Dr. R. J. Shields, Mr. Z. T. Fortescue, Mr. Maurice Born, Mr. J. C. Rabuck, Mrs. R. L. Murray, Mr. A. E. Patterson, and Mr. Edwin Baldwin. I The administration of a large, modern high school, such as Thomas Jefferson, is complex and requires the joint efforts of many highly-trained and capable people. Much planning on the part of school leaders has contributed greatly to a successful year. Guidance and counseling are also of major importance at Thomas Jefferson. A comprehensive testing program and individual conferences help students map out their high school and college or career plans. I2 dministration MR. BEN KIKER, director of student activities, pauses for a moment during an assembly program. Mr. Kiker is in charge of assemblies, Congress, school dances, and many other student projects at TJ. MAKING PLANS FOR the school year are Dr. Frank Leathers, director of curriculum in secondary schools, Mr. A. E. Patter- son, business managerg and Mr. Alexander Koerth, assistant superintendent of schools. Dr. Leathers left Port Arthur to assume the position of superintendent of schools ln Lllfklrl- l nd uidance "EDUCATION STRENGTHENS THE NATION" is the slogan for American Educa- tion Week, and Mr. Lonnie Devall, assistant principal, does much to assure TJ students of a strong education. HARD AT WORK is Miss Jeannette Tenney, attendance secretary. SCANNING THE LAT- EST college and career bulletins are Mrs. Edna Hargus, counselor, Miss Louise Erwin, director of education guidance, and Mr. Arthur Morgan, counselor. I3 Proper Use of English Competence in the use of English is vital today in all fields of endeavor. Almost every job requires mastery of ' basic language skills, and college work demands proficiency in all phases of English. With these goals in mind, TJ of- fers a good foundation in English to all its students. English is a broad subject that includes a variety of study areas, such as expository and creative Writing, liter- ature in all its forms, and the mechanics of the language, grammar. Class and outside work provide students with much practice in all these areas and train them to use English effectively. MRS. ISABELLA BJERRING, chairman of the English Department, has long been a world traveler. Her classes benefit from her talks on life in other parts of the world. This year Mrs. Bjeriing represented Thomas Jefferson High School at the National Council of Teachers of Eng- lish convention in San Francisco. SETTING UP THIS student project of "The King and Ii' did not really require all these hands, but it served as an amusing center of interest for a picture of these English teachers: Miss Doris Crisp, English III and IVg Mrs. Margaret Barry, English II and IVQ Mr. John Aikman, English IIg Mrs. Faye Lynn White, English II and Illg Mr. Kerry Kent Morris, English II and Illg and Miss Nancy Creswell, English II and III. I4 s Essential to uceess I Q x THE NEW ELECTRIC laminator in the English office covers important papers with a protective plastic coating. Miss Peggy Bruce, English II, reads the instructions as Mrs. Margaret Parker, English III and IV, pulls the lever. Looking on are Miss Tommye Hogue, English II and III, and Mr. William Green, English III and IV. CHECKING THE PILOT'S coverage of the jun- ior-senior play are Mrs. Ethel Redman and Mr. Louis King. Mrs. Redman teaches English II and journalism, and Mr. King teaches speech and drama. 1 THE PAPERBACK LI- BRARY in Miss .layne Smith's room is attrac- tive to teachers, as well as students. Selecting hooks to recommend to their classes are Mr. Kenneth Parker, English III and IV: Miss Ann Jones, English II and IV, Miss Jayne Smith, English III and IVg and Miss Margaret Miller, English II. I5 KEEPING UP-TO-DATE on the latest developments in the complex field of mathematics is no small task, but Miss Lavern McMillan, chairman of the Math. Depart- ment, has a wealth of newly-published books for use as source material. GRADING FINAL EXAMINATIONS is often as tiresome to teach- ers as is studying for them to students. Miss Mah Lynn Hill and Miss Irene Smith, two of TJ's algebra teachers, find the job lighten- ed somewhat when they see some of the amusing, if incorrect, answers written by students. I6 ath Helps Students BULLETIN BOARDS AND charts often help in teaching mathematical concepts. Evaluating a student's project are three new teachers in the department this year: Mr. Gary Corley, geometry and consumer math.g Mrs. Myrtle Arnett, geometry and consumer math.g and Mr. Michael Johnson, geometry. Plan Varied Futures THE SIGN SAYS MATHEMATICS, and so do these teachers whose job it is to provide students with a strong mathematical background: Mrs. Nora Gregory, algebra and geometryg Mr. Shelby Adams, geometry and consumer mathg Mrs. LaVerna Kiefer, trigonometry, elementary analysis, and probability and statisticsg Mrs. Martha Taylor, algebra, trigonometry, and elementary analysisg Mr. B. O, Wisener, algebra and gcometryg and Mr. Hobart Ward, algebra and geometry. Mr. Ward is also an administrative assistant at TJ. "Honestly, l've never seen such grades!" Math. courses at Tl are designed to meet the needs of all pupils, regardless of their future plans. College-bound students may take four years of mathe- maticsg they study algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and elementary analysisg those in the accelerated program study more advanced math. in the twelfth grade. Students planning to work after graduation may take consumer math., which will equip them to handle mathe- matics in everyday life and in the busi- ness world. I7 Science Courses Kee AFTER A YEAR of teaching in Germany, Miss Martha Butler returned to Port Arthur to assume the position of head of the Science Department. Miss Butler uses this human torso model to illustrate biological principles. I8 MRS. REVA WESTERMAN, Mr. ,lack Sell, and Mr. Darrell Ardoin, T.l's chemistry teachers, find mod- els of molecules helpful in teach- ing the complex structure of sub- stances. In addition to chemistry, Biology I and the new Biology ll are taught by Mr. Sell. Mr. Ardoin also teaches classes in biology. ln the fast-moving world of science the value of a top quality education cannot be ovcremphasized. Basic courses, such as biology and chemistry, provide students with a sound scientific background, more advanced courses, such as physics and second-year biology, en- able those students truly interested in science to explore new areas and Work on individual projects. m i ace With the odern World EXAMINING SPECI- MENS UNDER the mi- croscope is an impor- tant phase of the study of biology. Mr. Alfred Hebert, Mr. Billy Willis, Mr. John Godwin, and Mrs. Sandra Shaw all teach biology and spend much time selecting suit- able slides for class use. MR. BOB BILLINGS, who teaches applied science receives a lesson in stroboscopic techniques as demonstrated by Mr Billy Tolar, physics teacher NOEL, NOEL,-CHRISTMAS parties are for teachers too! Social Studies Educate MANY INTERESTING AND informative books on American history are available to TJ students. Scanning a hook of special interest to Texans are Mrs. Jo An Carver, world history and government-economicsg Mrs. Mary Evelyn Hayes, government-economicsg Mrs. Jewel McEwen, American historyg and Mr. Hugh LeBaron, American history. THE NEW ADMINISTRATION under Pres- ident Johnson is the subject of a lecture hy Mr. Terrell Stansell, head of the Social Studies Department. 20 MODELS HELP ILLUSTRATE various phases of life during many historical periods. Mr. Joe Price and Miss Ara Golmon, American history teachers, and Mr. Roger Griffin, world history teacher, examine models that span the centuries from knighthood to aviation. i Tomorrowas Citizens .ff THE SOCIAL STUDIES office is a busy place as teachers type material and run off tests for their classes. Hurrying to finish before homeroom are Mr. .lohn Aikman, world historyg Miss Eleanor Wall, government-economicsg Mr. Lionel Rowland, Ameri- can historyg and Miss Mary Eunice Vickers, government-economics. Does history repeat itself? Students at TJ may not know the answer to that question, but they know the answers to many other questions pertaining to world history, American history, govern- ment, and economics. A knowledge of these subjects is an essential part of becoming a well-informed, interested citizen, the kind of citizen America needs in today's rapidly-changing world. s TEACHERS KEEP UP with current events too. Before class the day's news is reviewed by Miss Virginia Cain, American history, and Miss Alice Anderson, govemment-economics. CHOW TIME! 2 I 1 F I' N F vt 15 fa Languages: Key to nderstanding 'MANY AND VARIED are the new books used in teaching foreign languages. Examining some of them are Mrs. Judy Heard, Latin Miss Margaret McGinty, Spanishg Miss Peggy Bruce, Frenchg Miss Sandra Cole, French, Mr. Ernesto Guzman, Spanishg and Mr Michael Johnson, German. New at TJ this year are Mrs. Heard, Miss Bruce, and Mr. Johnson. Since a changing world demands in- creased proficiency in linguistic skills and since language is a tool for better under- standing, the different courses-French, Spanish, German, and Latin-are designed to meet these needs. The modern languages are taught by the audio-lingual method and stress skill in speech and comprehension, while Latin offers a general cultural hack- ground and a Wide historical perspective. 22 PLANNING LESSONS FOR her Latin classes is just one part of the job for Mrs. Geraldine Johnson, chairman of the Foreign Languages Department. MR JACK BOTTOMS, choir director, and Mr John Badgett, band director, survey lines of seniors practicing for gradua- exercises. Both the band and the choir lose good members in June Music, Literature Enrich TJ Books and magazines of all de- scriptions, paintings and other art forms, instrumental and vocal mu- sic-all these enrich the lives of TJ students and faculty. The li- brary furnishes information on numerous subjects of interest to students struggling with research papers, as well as books of fic- tion, poetry, and drama. Art classes, contests, and exhibits en- able students to develop their tal- ents and display their work. Mu- sic, both vocal and instrumental, provides the school and commu- nity with programs of entertain- ment, such asithe band's half-time maneuvers, and inspiration, such as the choral departmenfs Christ- mas concert. MR. ROGER RUSSELL, art teacher, shows his class one of the paintings to be sub- mitted in a contest. Though art is his pri- mary interest, Mr. Russell also teaches an English class. MRS. MARCELLE PITMAN, head librarian, and Mrs. .lean Manning, librarian, face the prospect of filling new book- cases bought to contain the many volumes in TJ's grow- ing library. 23 Practical Skills Contribut Teaching skills that will be useful after graduation is a major goal of three departments-Homemaking, Industrial Arts, and Business. Through working on group and indi- vidual projects, students develop self-reliance and resource- fulness in meeting practical situations and attain habits of orderliness and efficiency in completing tasks. FASHION MAGAZINES ARE valuable sources for ideas and styles in the clothing classes taught by Mrs. Janis Lindemann and Miss Sheila Scott. THE VOCABULARY OF the business world is important knowledge to a DE student. Mrs. Dell Hille, DE teacher, discusses the meaning of words used in retail merchandis- LEAVING HER OFFICE is Mrs. Pat Reed head of the Home Economics Department. Mrs Reed teaches three classes in foods. ing. 24 To Total Education MR. W. G. JONES, head of the Industrial Arts Department, checks over a particular aspect of a current project. Many important services are performed by the shop classesg for example, student directories and football programs are printed by the boys in print- shop. MR. GENE JACKSON, printshop teacher, demonstrates some of his equipment to Mr. Hugh Shaw, Mr. Marvin Cichowski, and Mr. Leland Kay. Mr. Shaw teaches mechanical drawing and metalshopg Mr. Cichowski, mechanical drawingg Mr. Kay, woodshop. Knowledge acquired in these classes will be valuable to boys long after graduation. GRADING PAPERS AND checking book numbers are necessary jobs for Miss Eola Gunstream, chairman of the Business Education Department. Miss Gunstream teaches shorthand in addition to her supervisory duties. THE TYPEWRITER IS the subject of a discussion among TJ busi- ness teachers. Varied commercial courses are taught by the follow- ing: Mrs. Linda Bentley, typing and business communicationsg Mr. Rex Copeland, general business and typingg Mrs. Betty Cowan, typ- ing: Mr. P. T. Reynolds, bookkeeping and typingg and .Mrs. Mable Swanzy, shorthand and typing. 25 COACH CLARENCE UNDERWOOD has a dual job at TJ. He is the chairman of the Boys' Physical Education Department and head coach of the Yellow ,Iacket football team. Developing abilities and keeping fit are part of every boy's education at TJ. Through a varied program of exer- cises and sports they are trained in many areas of profi- ciency. The health course this year presented the facts about alcohol and narcotics and stressed their harmful effects on the body. Boys, BE. Department Produces Athletes DRIVER EDUCATION IS one answer to the problem of traffic safety, and Coach Bentley Jones is the man responsible for teaching this important course to TJ students. FOOTBALL IS A year-round topic of discussion in the Boys' P.E. Department. Coach Francis Hill explains a new play to Coaches Rodney Pirtle, Marvin Kunkel, Bob Billings, Henry Clark, and Howard Tippett. 26 irls, P.E. Stresses Fitness The Girls, Physical Education Department stress- es physical fitness and offers activities which can be used later in life to continue physical condition- ing. This year the departmenfs program has been set up on a three-year cycle so that all students will be able to participate in all activities. Fundamental skills are emphasized in class, while competition is encouraged in the extracurricular GRA. ALCOHOL, NARCOTICS, AND tobacco were the three subjects covered in health classes this year. Pointing out the harm alcohol can do to a person are Miss Marie Bohlmann and Miss Nancy McLain. Miss Bohl- mann is a new teacher in the department this year. DEMONSTRATING THE PROPER techniques in playing volleyball is Miss Bertha Hebert, head of the Girls' Physical Education Department. ATTRACTIVE POSTERS AND bulletin boards, such as the one in the background, have brightened the girls' dressing room this year and are the handiwork of Mrs. Laverne McWilliams. Lending a hand in the newest creation is Mrs. .lune Chambless. fx, Q, x 27 CHECKING ART WORK done in their special education classes are Mr. Charles Roethke and Mr. Paul Williams. Special education classes, health services, cafe- teria management and administration, and student teaching-all these functions aid in the smooth operation of Thomas Jefferson High School. All the people represented here share a common bond-patience, helpfulness, and an understanding of students, needs and desires. 28 an People Help C l MRS. JESSIE JUDD MILLER, TJ's nurse, finds the job of recording infomation on a student's health form simpli- fied by an up-to-date filing system. STUDENT TEACHERS RECEIVE valuable class- room experience and con- tribute their enthusiasm and recent training to the education of students. Four of these student teachers and the teachers with whom they are working this year are Miss Rebecca Seward fMrs. McEwanJ, Mrs. Betty Keels fMrs. Swan- zyJ, Miss Sena Walters fMiss Crispi, and Mr. Jim Boone CML Bad- getth. TJ Run moothl COUNTING THE MONEY and balancing the books are part of the day's work for Mrs. Made- lene Gautreaux, cafeteria manager. COOKING AND SERVING lunch to hungry students is the main concern of the cafe- teria staff. Preparing platters of hamburgers and hot dogs are Mrs. Gracie Hlavinka, Mrs. Stella Franks, Mrs. Au- drey Smith, Mrs. Ruby Gun- ther, Mrs. Lottie Winverg, Mrs. Nova Brookshier, Mrs. Isabelle Landry, and Mrs. Sally Thompson. l MR. JERRY MABE fsecond from leftl came at midterm to teach social studies. Getting some helpful teaching hints from him are these student teachers: Mr. Tom Gorzycki iMiss Jonesj, Mr. Gerald Cra- ven QMiss Smith,J and Mr. Mickey Trainer fMr. King.J Student teachers not pictured are Mr. William Stafford CMrs. Shawl, Mr. Vern- on Crowder fMr. Hilll, and Mr. Leo Chelette fMr. Griffinl. 29 Teachers Evoke Read Future Teachers hear Mr. Walter Dezvlle urge their attendanve of a Special Education Workshop. He points out the need for young teachers trained to instruct those with special problems in learning. Director John L. Badge!! can be heard giving his directions for blocks around if he so chooses. The new loud speaker was presented him by the band at the spring concert. 30 Response From Jeffites Mr. Reynolds' homeroom seldom lugs in assorted drives. They were winners in the Senior class for con- tributions to All-School Chest drive. Mr. Roger Griffin's classes shared in the Teachers and students W9l4'OlIlCd parents during Pub shock when President Kennedy was as- lic Schools Week. sassinated in Dallas. 3' 3 32 ACADEMICS Education -The FIGURE DRAWING IS best accomplished with a strong north light. Purpose of ohool INTERESTED ONLOOKERS GATHER as an art student sketches. FINAL EXAMS DRAW near and with them come long hours of study. DEVELOPING THE ABILITY to speak well before a group is important training for English students. Il A Kaleidoscopic View o EXPERIMENTS R E - Q U I R E C A R E F U L STUDY HALL PROVIDES man measurement of chemi- cals. MOMENT OF TRUTH! These homemaking students peer hopefully into the oven as they await the results of their cooking abilities. 4 E 5 , 2 Q 4 Y J at Work tudents with time to complete homework. LEARNING TO USE the printing machines is an essential part of printshop courses. ELEMENTARY ANALYSIS STUDENTS study many interesting phases of mathematics. 37 Educational Growth Through PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT, and band classes provide time for practice and perfection. WHETHER BROWSING FOR a novel or searching for a particular reference work, TJ students find the library invaluable. 38 FOREIGN LANGUAGES BECOME more personal when one hears his own voice speaking via a tape recorder. tud and Experience ACTING OUT Julius Caesar enhvens sophomore English classes. A SPACE SCIENCE Demonstration sponsored by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration fascinated all who were fortunate enough to see it. I EVEN SCIENTISTS HAVE to wash dishes! 39 rowth Ta ies l1'1d1v1dua "RIDERS TO THE SEA" is performed by drama students as a part of their class work ALTHOUGH MANY DUTIES keep lab assistants busy, it is sometimes possible to find a few free moments to study. KNOWINC HOW TO type is useful to any student, whether college or job bound. 40 atterns in Learning , ,W JH, ,,,r,,,,,,,, by helping in the cafeteria: Dennis Hamilton, .lackie Haynes, and Natalie Roy. SIX SPECIAL EDUCATION students receive certificates at a culminating ceremony in the school auditorium. The recipients are the following: BACK ROW: Homer Woodlialii, Reuben Vigil, and Bonnie Lee. FRONT ROW: Irma Garza, Maurice Eaton, and Terry Bourque. LEARNING TO WORK with their hands are Dennis Hamilton, Del- bert Robbins, Linda Butuud, Em- elia Rivas, and Rosa Vara. CLASSWORK IS TAILORED to fit the future needs of the stu- dents. They are as follows: BACK ROW: Vidal Espinosa, Linda Bu- taud, and Ofelia Rivas. FRONT ROW: Delbert Robbins, Terry Bourque, and Emelia Rivas. 4I , , 4 '42 ff , fx 1 1' .' I k 'fffxif f fa 1 "" M :fx I!!! +A- IM? df:-u F 'fJ'f'f5s ' Al., 9 Wf1f'Q f'X Q x ff! A ' N 42? 'lf gy. " ' 'fW4f g , ' .1 nm nz- ,f' ,f 5 -,-ia"' , f j si . ,i??'6'll'l'1A : ' ! X QwQ5L:A.ss5 wt 7 V h 'gi My Jx i.. Sv. CTIVITIE5 ,X I Q X ,QX ,,- X 4 X . f ,- x,'gfg:5,-5,-.- N 5 TNQ - xi. K STUDENT X W :S,1 . 1 ,. I .ff RWE .51 ,,i,W..m.,,,.,. Congress in Action EFFICIENCY AND DEPENDABILITY were the results of work of the appointed officers in Con- gressg Bob Thompson, parliamentarian, Judy Chelette, typist, and Peggy Gralino, Scribe. .f""" The Year Started With a Ball Congressmen took the oath of office to serve their homerooms faithfully in the Student Congress in its weekly sessions. A gala Inaugural Ball proposed by the newly-elected officials followed the swearing-in ceremony. Outstanding C011g1'CSS1116l1 Chosen PETE GOLDBLUM CAROLYN ESTES Fall Spring 46 Citizens of the Month OCTOBER Philip Fleckman Mr. W. C. Jones Elizabeth Flynn A SEPTEMBER Mr. .lack Bottoms Chris Bray Peggy Oralino NOVEMBER Gay Ellcrhec Boh Thompson Mr. Louis King DECEMBER Charles Wilson, Mrs. Martha Taylor, and Dora Sculco. FEBRUARY Carolyn Estes, Miss Bertha Hebert, and Tommy Ryan. JANUARY Charlotte Rhodes Pete Coldblum and not pictured, Mr. Roge Russell. 4 l fi MARCH l Miss Margaret McGinty, Betsey Meeker, and not pictured, Dan Cliffe. W APRIL Stephanie Fuselier, Miss Ann Jones, and not pictured, Forrest Hopkins. Football Brings Spirit to Til .IUNIORS BOOST SPIRIT by putting on a skit at the pep rally. ENCOURAGING WORDS ARE given by Norman Reeves at a pep rally. LAST MINUTE PREPARATIONS are made for dress-up day, a Junior Class function. Ghostly Preparations Haun Bonfire builders discovered un unexpected Jacket fan. Mask Day added to the Homecoming enthusiasm. Hiding behind these are Tommy Hicks and Richard Taft. 50 i lallowe'en Homecoming Date PRETTY SMILES DESIGNATE finalists for Homecoming Queen. Nominated by the Senior Class the top five were Peggy Cralino, Ann Mulkey, Norma Storey Cqueenl, Judy Chelette, and Dora Scalco. A mighty bonfire was assembled days ahead of time and kept carefully stashed away. Someone set a decoy fire ahead of time, but the real am- munition was quickly brought in and set up. The stack of wood towered almost two stories high. It blazed and warmed spirits before the game with South Park. A dance in the cafeteria honored the class of "Thirteen Un- lucky Years Ago-the Class of 1951.9 Burn, Fire, Burn! REJOICING STUDENTS RUSH out to begin their Christmas holidays. THE CHRISTMAS PROGRAM was enjoyed by all, as it was performed by the choral department. hristma Come e S E pirit 0 TJ SPREADING CHRISTMAS CHEER were several members of the Junior Red Cross. The Christmas tree added to the scene for those attending classes on the second floor. ff' I W ' Miss Nancy Cresswell's hilarity could be caused only by misapplied make-up in the dressing room THE 1963-644 JUNIOR-SENIOR production, "The Night 0f fanuary l6,', directed by Miss Nancy Cress- well and Mr. Louis King Won praise and acclaim by all who viewed it. Jefferson was priviliged to have Regina Buchtine, German exchange student, as a member of the Junior- Senior cast. The three-act play presented January 3 and 4 was a courtroom scene in which a secretary was on trial for killing her boss. Many of the witnesses were char- acter parts and presented a challenge for high school students. DETECTIVE BILL HEBINCK on the witness stand being questioned by Defense Attorney Justin Campbell is feeling the pressure of ulawyer badgeringf' 54 Januar 16,7 - Termed Success THE DOCTOR, PLAYED by Bill Johnson and the custodian's wife, played by Judy Fletcher, interrogate German Exchange Student, Regina Buchtine, playing the role of the maid. CHORUS GIRL, ROB- BIE Laemmle, gives Bailiff Harold Magnus a difficult time while be- ing sworn in. Judge Tim Sumerlin and Police wo- man Jackie Benfield look on in shock and disap- proval. ELLEN BEAUCHAMP, in the role of the accused, protests the testimony of the de- fendant's wife played by Dora Scalco dur- ing a rehearsal. LYNN BOND IN the role of the father gives his daugh- ter, Dora Scalco, a warning look hefbre taking the stand. 55 A NEW SIGHT around TJ this year were the decals used to help elimi- nate the traffic problem. 56 Something ld, Something New, TRADITIONALLY, ABOUT THE same time every year, old Hussars welcome the newncomers EVERY NEW YEAR brings its own new fads and fancies. This year's typical sights were jump- ers, patched sleeves, and big bows. CAN'T YOU FIND a better place to sign your name, Marion, then on Sue's arm? Sue's cast makes a dandy place for an autograph. OKAY, SUZIE, W'E'LL believe you ran 1nt0 21 door. omething Broken and Something Blue Pla WIHS D1SlI1Cl Honors Slave With l'Wo Faces l Q5 2 l CC ' 7 97 Thomas Jefferson's entry for the Distric 11-AAAA lnterscholastic League One-Act Pla Contest was HA Slave With Two Faces" b Mary Carolyn Davis. The cast members wer Bill Hebinck, Jennifer Huber, Roxie Roll, Bobby, Hall, Bill Johnson, Karen Johnson, Judy Boul lon, and George Randell. They were directe by Miss Nancy Creswell, Mr. Michael Traine and Mr. Louis King. Thomas Jefferson's pla Won first place and Bill Hebinck and Jennifel Huber won the District 11-AAAA Best Acto and Best Actress Award. Bill Johnson wa named a member of the All-Star Cast. The pla. was presented in Regional Contest at the Un versity of Houston in Houston. 4 l l l l l l l Debaters in Active Program Prissy Jordan, Justin Campbell, Theresa Marks, and Bob Thompson made many a speech. The four debaters took part in a wide variety of speech tournaments during the year, their efforts resulting in valuable experience for them and good representation for their school. After participating in summer training programs at Lamar Tech and the University of Texas, Bob and Justin led the way in competition at meets in Tulane University, Spring Branch of Houston, and Baylor University. Thompson scored a second place in extemporaneous speech at the Bellaire tournament, a first at Spring Branch in original oratory, and first in extemporaneous speech at Lamar Tech. The boys' team placed first in district Interscholastic League, while the girls' team overcame regional opposition and represented the school in the state meet. The highlight of the year for Bob came in March when he represented Texas in the Veteran of Foreign Wars L'Voice of Democracyw contest in Washington, D. C. ampaigns, Platforms GOLD CONVENTION 1964 THE CONVENTIONS WERE participated in whole-lieurtedly through the auditorium. MAROON CONVENTION 1964 BS the delegates paraded CANDIDATES FOR CHEEF LEADER displayed their abil ties before the student body i the gymnasium. 60 and Conventions WINNING THE NOMINATION for the Maroon party are David Watts, vice-president nominee, and Jerry Sharpless, president nominee. The Gold party nominees are Roy Flores, president nominee, and Terry Brown, vice-president nominee. NERVOUS BUT DETERMINED, the candidates for secretary and representative-at-large addressed the assembled students. THE AUDIENCE LISTENED attentively as the nominees presented their platforms. 6l Winners Are Picked A TYPICAL SIGHT around election time was busy builders of signs in the courtyard. 62 EXCITED, ENERGETIC SUPPORTERE marched over the campus soliciting votes for their favored candidates. ITS BEEN A TOUGH battle but it's all over now. The newly elected all-school of licers are president, .lerry Sharplessg secretary, Judy Menard g representative-at large, Rita Lieblingg and vice-president, David Watts. THOMAS JEFFERSONS SWEETHEARTS were presented at the Spring Concert given by the music departments. LEAP WEEK was .1 bi success this year. One item on the schedule was t1e day Girls had the pr1v11e e of askin boy for dates during the last 63 Activities Around Campus CLOTHING CLASSES SHOWED off their skills at at style show performed for the PTA. 64 THE TEACHERS ENJOYEI themselves at the annual tea givel in their honor. l 1 v 1 1 . 1 I l i THE SPANISH CLUB and othe interested students participated il the Spring Fiesta celebrating Pan' Am Day. Q 5 i 5 : I Q1 5? ei MOH, CURLY, YOU'RE so-o-o stron H. . . AND THEN YOU turn it andiWOW!" Record 'ttendance WITH A FEW strokes of Ann Mu1key's eyebrow pencil, Terry Rozellc changes into Judy Fry. 66 AUNT ELLER-Butler-Cllurner of the year! TAKING A BREAK during an "Oklahoma" rellearsal are Dan Dennis and Marcia Tau- ber. 0 Mus mal Draws HMANY A NEW day will dawn he-fore I do . . ." AND WE'RE OFF to 21 picnic " MISS CRESWELL SHOWS ller skill as slle prepares Glenn ,lOllIlSOl1lS face for the stage. ALI HAKIM TRIES luis lwsl tu sell Aunt Elle-1' S0 "useful" article. CAPS AND GOWNS - Last Days Are Full of Memories A1 S SENIOR BALL - ' . -mn 4 CHECK DAY - Y TEXAS DAY - 70 BOYS SPORTS - Im. , L, L,...- Y PEM? Ki 'iiisnif U 13' iiifisfzf xi. , . fiihsf .W-13513, W ry, .Aw-s , .M ...fy Q- mu.. 1 . ,ya .wg .we .wi 1- m?w:.',sQ, y 211. :QQ-121 4,1 Qigxis K Y .W ffiggiizi ' . ., JJ, . .iv 5, 4, . 4 M i l. .xiii i sez sf' -2-film "M JIQQ., fkifuv 1 'V R JIf??2s?Y'-.. 5, J 2 3' Si p, Q k!.,.,,. .. ,... ,W A fu JL " N ,L 2 Q... w 3?E5.f?'s' , 1, :ms g .Q Vfiifaf' - , Wifgikgz'-kiksw gk -,.:v' . M ae, as - . .jim ' ' ,ffg::., nf Wk Wg. Tiff -' ' "A" fvl u rf' IWW 555'.9ifiW ns 53" 03:3- kgggr , -:qw H ,Q .sv QM M '17 ' ,mf " fb V A , 4525: -"':1 ':. H ' lim: wfsk , ., an ,,-..:.,: 5ff'E??: :f: - . ,1 M.. 'ww eqgigsig -23.55 ' I EMU W. - --f Nm X .w1.,Q,if, ,g 4235555 'ifusyjgiz . ...', , f - 'msg 1 3: 7 ffe, L V, '21 1555 .1 7 " ,gzgff -,,, 1 P 1 P 5 3 0 bziilalnafi kt. f,32Q?7siiS3E?S!L2E??55'1fIiiiiiiifiy,.g.i?3.iiYasi'sHl2..5iZfLffIlsi?51292!?5W E"5SiM553w .iYSEf2,.-f- 'Siiiii 'A'Y5522V211-Vfif'iff.-wiffisifviwfi , JM 'wif sw 1 O ,U in N, x1m9kw,- ff 1 wma mimi ,fgk-w x , ., .W LV, af' --'srLELi55i'1iJ:zE " 15552559 Q k M' ' . - . mfs-f ,mg 1 M, ' K ff i JW, .fi iii V V - M116 W' K fx , 'vvisrwv H ,. '+R if f 72 1 . .: : w ZEN? k "3E'3F .sv-fe, K-W . ' fig? ' 5 . lf , Eiiimm ., W. A . , me -- .wx 151 13- ,Ny The Coaches Head Coach CLARENCE UNDERWOOD A coach is a person of many qualities. He must have the patience to teach, the wisdom to know when to admonish and when to praise, the ability to inspire his players, and the willingness to work hard for success. Thomas Jefferson is fortunate to have a coaching staff exemplified by these characteristics. Coach Underwood puts much more into his profession than is required of a coach. He has a genuine love for the game and is interested in building up the characters of his players as well as their bodies. Men like him are respon- sible for the tremendous popularity football enjoys today. An inspiring message tops off a pep rally. Football is a sport of thought. ngineers of Success i I BENTLEY JONES HOWARD TIPPETT MARVIN KUIKEL FRANCIS HILL The tension of game time is reflected on the face of each coach. Pride in success and in the team was a trademark of the Yellow Jackets' 1963 coaching staff. I Trainer Bob Billings had his work cut out for himself as he taped injured bodies and encouraged those with down- trodden spirits. Managers Robert Orr, Barry Hutto, and Louis Petit did a fine job of keeping the ath- letic equipment in good shape. Jackets? Success Formula Blocking is perhaps the most fundamental phase of football. It can he perfected only through long hours of practice. VIEWING FILMS IS an integral part of pre-game preparation. It provides an op- portunity to analyze the strong and weak points of the team and opposing teams. 76 The football game is won or lost according to the outcome of many individual battles. A player has to accustom himself to the world of contact. Desire Preparation : Success Strength and stamina are necessary to en- dure the pounding during practice and the A game. Preparation for a football season begins long before the opening game. Weightlifting is carried on throughout the year. GAME AT A GLANCE Bellaire Port Arthur Total first downs ....Y,,,,YY, 7 16 Yards gained rushing .... 116 179 Yards lost rushing ........ 23 14 Net gain rushing ,,,,,,,,,,. 88 165 Passes attempted ,.YY,,,,YY,.,. 5 9 Passes completed ,........., 1 3 Yards gained passing 22 52 Passes intercepted by .... 0 1 Net rushing, passing ...... 110 217 Number of punts ..,.Y,,..... 7 4 Punting average ....... , .,..... 23-1 30-2 Number of penalties ,,.,,, 4' 2 Yards penalized ,..,rsY.,...,.YY 30 20 LINEBACKER NORMAN REEVES puts shoulder to good use as he puts down a Bellaire back. Jackets Cop Opener PORT ARTHUR, SEPTEMBER 13, 1963 With more pre-season credentials than Scotland Yard, the 1963 Port Arthur Yellow Jackets made their debut by trouncing a tough Bellaire team 16-0. The Yellow Jackets were burdened with being ranked number two in the state and number four in the nation, but they convinced the near capacity crowd of 13,000 they were a team to be reckon- ed with. The Jackets lit up the scoreboard for the first time in the third quarter when quarterback Gene Pace found end Tommy Hicks for a 20 yard touchdown pass. Tailback Walter Sorgee swept end for the gratis points. The second Jacket tally came in the fourth quarter when fullback Charles Wilson plunged over for the score. In the final analysis it was the Jacket defense that beat Bellaire. Led by linebackers Norman Reeves, Tommy Daniels, and Chris Bray, the HHeadhunters" constantly throttled the Cardinal scoring bids. BUDDY BALL DAVID BONHAM CHRIS BRAY End End Center I 78 .1 'l l AW'-if - ff-M we 7 A www TOh1l11Y DANIELS JESSE DeLEE ERROL CUIDRY Fl1lllJHCli End Tackle Arch Rival Ba town Falls to P. A. PORT ARTHUR, SEPTEMBER 20, 1963 This game unveiled a new chapter in one of the oldest series of highschool football contests in the history of Texas schoolboy football. Whoever is the victor of this contest each year usually has a fairly successful season for the simple reason that each team usually fields a proud and powerful football team. In this year7s contest, the Port Arthur Yellow Jackets outgained the tough Canders 239 yards to 119. Charles Wilson scored the first Jacket touchdown on a one-yard plunge which capped a long Jacket drive. Neither team could manage a score until- the Jackets' Wingback, Richard Taft, circled left end for a seven-yard touchdown in the last six seconds of the game. The final score of the game was 12-0 in favor of the Jackets. The reliable Jacket defense, led by Norman Reeves, Chris Bray, and Terry Rozelle, once again proved to he a formidable barrier to the opposition. Port Arthur had once again defeated their arch rival Baytown. TAILBACK WALTER SORGEE eludes would-be Baytown tacklcrs and goes for a sizeable gain. Aiding Sorgee is guard Steve Wells, t66J, and end Claude Pardue, t89J. GAME AT A GLANCE Baytown Port Arthur 15 ards gained rushing ....... 125 253 14 Net gain rushing ........,........ 119 239 empted ,,,,.,.,,,,,.,,,. 18 3 Passes completed ............... 7 0 Yards gained passing ,,,,,,, 56 0 P ' t rccplcd b' .....-- 1 2 239 3 31.6 3 15 28.2 c lt s ......... 5 GAME AT A GLAINCE Pasadena Port Arthli Total first downs ....,,, , ,,,,,, 8 Yards gained rushing .,,,... 148 2 Yards lost rushing ........... 15 ll Net gain rushing .......,.,. A.. 133 23 Passes attempted ....,,, , ,,...... 11 Passes completed .......,,,,,.,, 4 Yards gained passing ..,.... B2 Passes intercepted by ....,Y. O Net rushing, passing ..r- .... 215 23 Number of punts .,,i - ..,,,,,,, 3 un in avera e ,,,,,,,,..,.,,,,.,, 39.0 42 P t g g Number of penalties 4 Yards penalized ....... -..- ..... 50 TAILBACK DWAYNE CATALINA scampers around Eagle's left end. Other identifiable Jackets are Tommy Daniels f32J, Bill Scott i613 and Tommy Hicks 1805. Port Arthur Suffers First Loss of Year PASADENA, SEPTEMBER 27, 1963 Riding on the crest of a two-game Winning streak and the number one rating in the state, the Port Arthur Yellow Jackets were railroaded by a fired-up Pasadena team, 7-6. The Jackets dominated the ground game while Pasadena took full charge of the air. The lone Jacket score came on a 14-yard dash by Walter Sorgee. Charles Wilson was stopped short on the con- version attempt, and this proved to be the deciding factor in the game. Pasadenals tally came in the fourth quarter following a razzle-dazzle play that put them on the Jacket 26-yard line. From there quarterback Ricky Barret rolled out to his left and for a moment looked like he might be tackled for a loss, but he kept his feet and shot straight up the middle for the score. The Eagle defense then stymied all Jacket attempts forasecond score. TOMMY HICKS NORMAN MOREATQ GENE PACE End Fullhack Quarterback X 4 4 ' I slaxvraswepefrfreatsfs.:wars-aatsw:min .-1 4 mtAHUax' CLAUDE PARDUE NORMAN REEVES TERRY ROZELLE End Guard Tackle P.A. Hopes Dimmed b Tigers ORANGE, OCTOBER 5, 1963 The Yellow Jackets rolled into Orange confident of bouncing back from a 7-6 loss to Pasadena. They ran into an aroused Tiger eleven that refused to be patsies for any rebound attempt by the Yellow Jackets. The Jackets scored on their first possession, then bogged down for the rest of the game. The Jackets simply failed to match the fire of Orange. This loss greatly dimmed Jacket hopes for the future. It was evident at this point that a new spirit was necessary for the improvement needed to be champions. The Jackets scores came on that old stand-by, the power sweep, perfectly executed by Walter Sorgee. The running of junior backs Dwayne Catalina and Dale Bernauer was one bright spot in an otherwise discourag- ing game. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, Pt. Arthur wingback Dale Bernauer manages to slip through this cordon of enclosing Orange Tigers for a 40-yard gain. GAME AT A GLANCE Orange Port Arthur Total first downs ....,,,,,,,, 16 12 Y d g 11 r ar s nine ushlng .... 218 228 Yards lost rushing ........ 13 N Passes attempted ...,........ 14 4 Passes completed ........,ri. 6 1 Yards gain-ed passing .,.. 59 23 Passes intercepted h Nct rushing, pasi Number of punts ,.,,.r,,,,,, 4 5 Punting average .0 32,8 Number of penalties v ..... 3 4 vhi, , . .- .. GAME AT A GLANCE Total first downs ..,......,... ........ 1 1 13 Yards gained rushing ....,,,.......... 206 157 Yards lost rushing ..r.,,r, ........ 2 9 21 Net gain rushing ........ .,,..,.. 1 75 136 Passes attempted ,.............. .Y.. 5 7 Passes completed ..,......Y.........- - ---- 2 4 Yards gained passing .... .v., L ..- 37 55 Passes intercepted by ......... .... 1 0 Net rushing, passing ...A r........,.,... 216 192 Number of punts ............. YY---- - - 4 5 Punting average ..........,...... ,r....... 3 5-5 37-4 Number of penalties ...- ...... -..-... 1 3 Yards penalized ,.,,.....,. - .............. . 15 35 Ray Port Arthur END TOMMY HICKS QSOJ shows how it is done as he gathers in an 18-yard pass BILL SEALE Quarterback WALTER SORGEE T 'll k against the Mighty Texans. Richard Taft attempts to lend a hand in the play. at mc P. A. Route Ra PORT ARTHUR, OCTOBER 1.2, 1963 The big Ray Texans invaded the green turf of Jacket Stadium following two straight losses by the Jackets to Pasadena and Orange. Corpus Christi sported one of the heaviest lines in the state of Texas, including a 315 pound center, Tiny Hudgens. Jacket desire, however, was not to be denied this night and Port Arthur continually punished the Texans. Yes, the Jackets had gotten back on the victory trail this fateful night with their 20-6 victory over Corpus Christi. The first Jacket score came on a six-yard jaunt off guard by tailback Dwayne Catalina. Charles Vvilson then kicked his first of two successful points from placement. Wilson scored the second Jacket touchdown of the second quarter when he churned into the end zone from the eight. The big fullback kicked his second extra point, and the Jackets led 1-1--6 at halftime. The Jackets, quarterback David Watts then connected with tailback Catalina on a pass which carried to the one yard line and from there Wilson went in for the final score. 82 RICHARD TAFT Wingback 1fi,:-2,q-'J' 1.1 K .5 ,as K 1' 272111 rwftiligftzilrilitifife ff -: sw.2fYsgft?Tsiii2i isitffrwtin , - - :.f'rs1:szsw si t' 13 4 mr k,.,. Q ,., . . xp .,,. . .iq 1 Q J., I ,, tie J 1i1s.1 J gs 1 , 7 -" fi' , rss. --'f s.sva.sw-f. J'XQ'lQ.3fQ QYNRT R :" T K fi 1 mar nmux 1 az-sets: gtg fglg V-.ti-Q E? ,Q "" ' .2-'af sbtfafggf -art':g:gi3:f+:E-.fsfit-1-,!,g:. fs.:-.1-ig. . 5 '-: r'-'..E:I,s-,fait 1-:'5,:iI1Zf5Q?a' e?"a...,L:?".-'a:1:1: tt :si ' -- '- ' 5,4-. ,W-.. 3 E- MIKE TRAHAN CHARLES WILSON DALE BERNAUER Taflkle Fullback Wingback P. A. Blitzes Gators PORT ARTHUR. OCTOBER 19, 1963 A rousing 20-7 victory over the powerful La Grange Gators set the stage for the Yellow Jackets' 1963 District 11- AAAA campaign. The Jackets displayed a mighty ground game led by the brilliant running of fullback Charles Wilson, who scored twice from the one yard line and kicked both points after touchdowns, in their victory over La Grange. Another factor in the Jackets, victory was their stalwart defensive play featuring a 40-yard touchdown run with an intercepted pass y Gene Pace, a star on defense from his cornerback post. This last pre-district game for 1963 left victory deeply imbedded in the mind of every Jacket player as Port Arthur prepared to begin a whole new season which, technically, the district games represented. b PERFECT STEAL! Eugene Pace H105 snatches the football out of the hands of a Gator receiver as Buddy Ball f84J, Mike f60D, and Tommy Daniels i325 look on in amazement. GAME AT A GLANCE Passes attempted ,,,,,,, Passes completed - ......... ....... Yards gained passing ..,.,,,, ,,,,,,., . 1 Passes intercepted by ........ ....... ,QQ-i.,:,'U't Net rushing, passing ..... .,.,., . -,, -,,- Number of punts M., ..... . Punting average ..,.... - .... ..... .... .W ' -' Number of penalties ..... ,,,, , , Yards penalized ......,., Yards gained rushing ....... -... Yards lost rushing ....... ....... Net gain rushing .........., ....... 8 73 0 73 12 6 97 0 170 4 37.2 2 22 P t Art 16 264 12 252 2 1 16 1 268 2 38.5 4 20 STEVE BRITT Tackle Indians Fall PORT NECHES-GROVES, OCTOBER 26, 1964 In a game which probably decided the District 11-AAAA championship, the Port Arthur Yellow Jackets overpowered the PNG Indians in the first half and then relied on a staunch defense to quell a second half Hlnjuni' uprising to prevail 21-8. Both teams were fired up to the hilt, and the game turned into a ferocious hitting contest. Not only was this game a peak of Jacket effort, but the TJ student body displayed a spirit that has had no equal in the past seven years. The Jacket scores, all in the first half, were quick and long. Walter Sorgee reversed field for 37 yardsg Dwayne Catalina zipped for 45 and 26 yard scores. The Jacket line outcharged PNG time after time. The Jackets showed an undeniable desire for victory. The defense, led by the front four of Buddy Ball, Mike Trahan, Terry Rozzle, and Errol Guidry, played havoc with the frustrated Indian backs. WINGBACK RICHARD TAFT explodes like a stick of dynamite as he picks up valuable yar age against the Indians. Guard Steve Wells C663 offers his help on the play. BYRON CASTON Center DWAYNE CATALINA Tailback GAME AT A GLANCE POM Neches Port Arthur Total first downs ............... 9 Yards gained rushing ....... 163 Yards lost rushing ....,.,..,. 42 Net gain rushing ............... 121 24,5 Passes attempted ....,,..,,.. -., 15 1 Pa 5 l ed sse comp et ...- ......... . 3 0 Yards gained passing ....... 22 0 Passes intercepted by - ---fA 0 2 Net rushing, passing ..r...... 143 246 Number nf punts ............... 5 4 Punting average .......,........... 35.2 37,7 Number of penalties ..,...... 2 4 Yards penalized ,,,,,r..,,,,.,,..., 10 25 iwiitvww 'a3ff A.- f CAME AT A GLANCE South Park Port Arthur Total first downs .,YY.., 1 .,,,,. 3 27 Yards gained rushing ....... 22 301 Yards lost rushing ,..,,,,,,,, 20 32 Net gain rushing ...,...,,.,.,,, 2 269 Passes attempted .,,,,,,,,,,.,,, , 19 Passes completed ........,,,,.,, 5 Yards gained passing .,...,. 111 P s intercepted by -----.. 1 Net rushing, passing ,...,,... 113 iNumbcr of punts ...K ,,,,,,, -, 5 ' --,,----,,,,---,, 35.8 penalties ......... 0 3 lY8rds penalized ..,...... .. ,.,,,., . 0 35 DISPLAYING THE POWER that earned him All-State honors, fullback Charles Wilson crashes through the staunch Greenie line. Also seen are Buddy Ball i841 and Walter Sorgee f26J. Homecoming Flavored by Win PORT ARTHUR, NOVEMBER 2, 1963 The 1963 version of the Port Arthur Yellow Jackets obviously recalled vividly the 1962 team as they whitewashed the Greenies 26-0. As the seniors of last year's super-team, which was upset by South Park, watched from the side- linesg the Jackets completely dominated the battle. The usually ground-hugging Yellow Jackets shocked the crowd of 12,000 when the first time they got the ball, quar- terback David Watts unleashed a twenty-yard strike to end Buddy Ball that set up the Jackets on the 16 yard line. Full- back Charles Wilson made the first of his four touchdowns from that point. Wilson played perhaps his greatest game of the year as he romped for 129 yards in addition to his four tallies. Another Watts pass set up the second Jacket score as end Tommy Hicks pulled it in on the two yard line. Wfilson put six more points on the scoreboard from there. Yes, it was a sweet victory for all. RONALD CHADDRICK EDGAR EATON BILL SCOTT Guard Wingback Guard JE? ---- ---!9l""'W W" ::..mI?.I! fir? sfwlwfr e1,?Ffi ftgfiatf-Qi'H5"fl'?.?'lrgf1if'lls.+fZfs4re:Lf.i9??I?fx:3: .ezf2'iHs-,iw sz l GAME AT A GLANCE French Port Arthur a first downs -- ........... 7 Yards gained rushing ..-... Yards lost rushing --.... 89 23 Net gain rushing ..- .A,.., -,.. 66 Passes attempted ,,,.,,,,,- 10 Passes completed ...-.....-. 3 Yards gained passing ..,..., 52 Passes intercepted by ....... 0 Net rushing, passing ...-..- 113 175 Number of punts ..,.,,.. - ,,,,, 7 4 Punting average ...,....,,, - .,..... 33-3 Number of penalties -.- ..... 22 Yards penalized ...,...,. .. ,,..., QUARTERBACK DAVID WATTS splashes his way around left end against the 4'Water Buffaloes." Offering their assistance are Charles Wilson 6335, Walter Sorgee f26J, Steve Wells f66J, and Terry Rozelle 6785. Jackets Outmud French BEAUMONT, NOVEMBER 9, 1963 It was a proud French team that went down in the mud this night. After shellacking Beaumont 30-0 the previous week, the Buffaloes were geared to the limit to stop the favored Jackets. However, a continuous deluge dumped 3M inches of rain on the turf of Purple Stadium and the Yellow Jackets found the mud to theirliking as they powered their way over the ambitious Buffs. Borrowing a chapter from Port Arthur 'Lmud dogsi' of the past, the .lackets domi- nated the game with their power sweeps and ferocious defensive play. This victory cinched at least a tie for the dis- trict championship for the Jackets. The deft running of tailback Walter Sorgee highlighted the otherwise brutal defensive struggle. Sorgee scored twice from ten yards out and returned a punt 80 yards only to have it wiped out by an official's red flag. Charles Wilson scored the other Jacket tally and booted two extra points. SKIP SUDDUTH DAVID WATTS STEVE WELLS Center Quarterback Guard ,.? THE JUBILANT JACKETS carry Coach Underwood off the field after capturing the district llAAAA championship for the first time in three years. Jackets Wrap Up District PORT ARTHUR, NOVEMBER 15, 1963 With the district crown in the sights of every Yellow Jacket player, they romped and stomped over hapless Beau- mont 49-6. The Jacket ground game proved too much for the Royal Purples as they rolled up 479 offensive yards. The Purples were limited to 206 total offensive yards, even though the Jackets often played second and third string players. Quarterback David Wads threw a 31-yard touchdown strike to end Claude Pardue for the first Jacket touch- down. The conversion attempt was wide. After receiving the ball, the Purples couldn't move it and punted to the Jacket 35-yard line. On the first play of the series Walter Sorgee, aided by great blocking of the Jacket line, raced 65 yards to a second Jacket touchdown. The Jackets drove 99 yards for their next score, with Jesse DeLee capping the drive by catching a 7-yard touchdown pass. The Jackets' scoring was increased by the running of junior wingback Dale Bernauer, who scored touchdowns on jaunts of 87 and 20 yards. Other scores for the Jackets came on a one-yard plunge by Dwayne Catalina and a one- yard run by Edgar Eaton. This was the J ackets' greatest offensive show of the season and a great way to close the district race. DWAYNE CATALINA seems to lose the hall as he races in from seven yards out to score. Clearing the way for him are Mike Hilliard 1153, Pinky Chaddrick 1653, and Dale Berneur C241 'XME AT A GLANCE Beaumont Port Arthur tal first downs .....,. , ..,... -..... ..,, 9 24 ,rds gained rushing ,,.......... -.-, 154 498 nrds lost rushing ............... - ...., 9 19 rt gain rushing ........,., - 145 479 sses attempted ,......, ,,,,, 7 8 sses completed .,., .,,,, ......... . 2 2 trds'gained passing ............,,,,., 61 38 tsses intercepted by ,,,,..... ...- .... 1 1 -t rushing, passing D,,-,,- ...... 206 517 hmber of punts ..-......--..... 5 3 tnting average -.......,,,-..-.--4l.6 26.7 5 of penalties ...- ...,,, W--. 1 penalized ..,........ - .....,........... 6 GAME AT A GLANCE Pasadena Port THE YELLOW JACKETS swarm on this poor Eagle. Covering the kickoff return for Port Arthur are Tommy Hicks 1803, Tommy Daniels 1325, Eugene Pace 1105, Richard Taft 1291, Bill Scott 1615, Aubrey Suddeth 1515, and Edgar Eaton 1223. Season Finale - A Heartbreaker PORT ARTHUR, NOVEMBER 29, 1963 The Port Arthur Yellow Jackets, handed the role of underdog in the bi-district clash between district champions of 11-AAAA and 12-AAAA, came away from a 22-21 loss both proud and shellshocked. The Jackets blocked and tackled as they never have before, showing the form it takes to go all the Way to state. They showed an unprecedented dedica- tion to winning, pushing the larger Eagles around at will. The best illustration of the lucklessness plaguing the Jackets is the manner in which Pasadena scored: an 85 yard punt return, a blocked punt in the end zone on a missed high snap from center, and a last-minute touchdown which was later found to be illegal. Of course the score is what counts and that is the place the Eagles prevailed. The Jacket ground game was magnificent, Walter Sorgee, running with speed and power, rolled up 137 twisting yards. Charles Wilson scored all three touchdowns and provided a constant threat to the middle of the Eagle line. This game is of the type that stirs visions of what might have been. STRIKE! The Eagles are bowled over as halfback Walter Sorgee follows his teammates' blocking for a long gain. Doing an outstanding job of blocking are Charles Wilson 1331, David Watts 1125, Mike Trahan 1601, and Steve Wells 166l. Total first downs .,,,,,. - ,,,... ..... 7 Yards gained rushing .-,,,,-1,.. 61 Yards lost rushing . -..-r 31 Net gain rushing ,,,.,... ....... 3 0 Passes attempted ............. ......, 2 5 Passes completed ..,.....,,. ....... 1 0 Yards gained passing ....... - .... - 119 1 Passes intercepted by ....,... -.- 0 Net rushing, passing ........... ,..., 149 3 Number of punts ........... -...,..... 5 Punting average .,,,,.,,., .,,, - ...,.34'3 28 Number of penalties ,,.,,... ,.,,,,,,, 0 Yards penalized ...,.,,,, ,,,. A 0 2 1963 The 1963 football season found the Yellow Jackets starting slow and finishing with a rush. Before the season even began, the Jackets were put under pressure by high state and national rankings. The Jackets slugged past their first two foes, Bellaire and Baytown, in a methodical fashion fluctuating between brilliance and mediocrity. Pasadena and Orange came- from behind to take one-point victories on successive Fridays, and the Jackets faced the bleak possibility of losing two more games to powerful teams before district rolled around. They had a challenge to face, and face it they did as Ray and La Grange fell before a new team spirit. Each man on the field displayed a determination to erase any doubts as to the quality of the team. The Jackets, with power and finesse, ripped through a four-game district schedule to take the first 11-AAAA title in three years for Port Arthur. They found themselves underdogs to a familiar Pasadena team in bi-district, the Eagles hit the turf at Jacket Stadium with a touted offense and a tough defense. The Jackets played as they never have before, they completely dominated the game until the clock showed eight minutes left in the last quarter. Lady Luck looked the other way and stunned fans stared at the scoreboard's final 22-21 margin for Pasadena. The Jackets had lost the game but won a place in every TJ-ites heart for the courage they displayed. Not many teams can say they came with- in a thin three points of being undefeated for a season. THE 1963 PORT ARTHUR YELLOW JACKETS FIRST ROW: Claude Pardue, Terry Rozelle, David Watts, Norman Reeves, Errol Guidry, Norman Moreau, Tommy Daniels, Buddy Ball, Chris Bray, Charles Wilson, Mike Trahan, Tommy Hicks, and Jesse DeLee. SECOND ROW: Gen Methvin, Frank Messina, Jerry Malin, Skippy Sudduth, David Bonham, Steve Wells, Richard Taft, George Woodworth, Bill Scale, Eugene Pace, Dwayne Catalina, Jackie Bemard, Steve Britt, and Bill Powell. THIRD ROW: Edgar Eaton, Mike Hilliard, Wayne Nance, Ronald Chaddrick, Wayne Colichia, Chris Phillips, Byron Caston, Gary Woodard, .lim Lawson, Tommy Tucker, Roy Flores, John Hammond, Bobby Jackson, and Kent Wickware. Not pictured are Walter Sorgee, Dale Bernauer and Billy Scott. I .f 'If 5 . I f -fe- vt-fix 'xii 89 1 C0-All-State and CHRIS BRAY Center and Linebacker A11-District Defensive Linebacker 1962 All-District Offensive Center 1963 All-State Center-1963 First Team VVhh w . Eleven Jaeke K RICHARD TAFT Offensive Wingback DAVID WATTS Quarterback WALTER SORGEE Offenslve Halfback Safety STEVE BRITT Offensive Tackle BUDDY BALL Offensive End 2 2 arner 11-District GENE PACE Defensive Cornerback TERRY ROZELLE Offensive and Defensive Tackle TOMMY DANIELS NORMAN REEVES Defensive Linebacker Defensive Linebacker MIKE TRAHAN ERROL GUIDRY Defensive Tackle Defensive End Jacket Junior Varsi THE 1963 PORT ARTHUR YELLOW JACKET JUNIOR VARSITY FIRST ROW: J. Hebert, P. Snell, J. Martin, P. Linthiam, S. Crain, F. Lea, R. McLain, N. Norris, L.'Deslatte, L. Pace, J. Cookse M. Babin. SECOND ROW: P. Pate, A. Goss, R. Joel, C. McFa1ls, P. Brogdon, T. Enrigh, T. Felps, E. Kitchens, J. Jordan, T. Yanc R. Murray, M. Smith. THIRD ROW: J. Singleton, R. Walker, K, Huber, F. Lopez, D. Young, R. Nunez, J. Smith, G. Pierron, D. Mee er, D. Mingle, B. Kirchmer, F. Schneider, M. White, T. Long, R. Daily, T. Palmer, K. Courville. LARRY DESLATTE FOLLOWS the determined blocking of Nick Norris, 1385, and Bobby Kirchmer, 6883, 35 he makes 21 Ilifle S311 against South Park. Q i 1 Q2 5 fs 5? S 2 94 l -f S 4 1 I il Displays Talent and pirit I JUNIOR VARSITY SCHEDULE I P. A. 32 Vidor 0 P. A. 12 Silsbee 6 I P. A. 38 Bridge City 0 N P. A. 23 French 0 P. A. 8 Nederland 36 P. A. 14- Beaumont 0 P. A. 18 Orange 14 P. A. 8 P. N. -G. 8 P. A. 22 South Park 8 I ALONG WITH THEIR many other duties coaches Hank Clark and Rodney Pirtle tutored the Jacket JV's, posting a fine 8-1-I season record. W WINGBACK LARRY PACE is brought down by a gang of Creenie JV's as Bobby Kirshmer C885 comes upto help. Basketball New Coach Proves Impressive COACH RODNEY PIRTLE TOURNAMENT RECORD PHA - P.A: FITSI runner-up ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,C,4,,,, YMBL First runner-up consolation ,,,,, ,,,,,,,, P qgadenu RA- First round loser , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, P ,A, News P.A. P.A. P.A. P.A. P.A. P.A. P.A. P.A. P.A. P.A. P.A. P.A. PA. BASKETBALL Milby Houston Jones Bridge City Beaumont Houston Jones Lake Charles Baytown Lake Charles French Beaumont Port Neches-G South Park French Beaumont Port Nechcs-G South Park IOVCS IOVCS THREE-TIME ALL-DISTRICT veterans battle with Charles Wilson on the offensive and Hugh Fant on defense. BENNY WARR Senior Guard 98 lm " r l -at Tlllwll ll r Tilt ill' tklllh 6 mtl "W lla Mggy i wxmgmg mulll 'lx N X T , it T T N A PORT ARTHUR 53 PORT ARTHUR 42 FRENCH 51 FRENCH 45 BEAUMONT, JANUARY 14 The Port Arthur Yellow Jackets stunned area basketball fortu tellers by toppling French, everbodyis pick to win the district crowi 53-51. This win stationed the Jackets in an unexpected tie for fi place and inflicted the team with a new zest that they kept for t remainder of the season. The most noticeable improvements in t Jackets' play were their staunch defensive and their aggressive bounding. The offense was balanced as the Jackets put a well-oilu machine on the floor. Charles Wilson, Benny Warr, and Keith Moo hit in double figures to lead the way to victory. PORT ARTHUR, FEBRUARY 12 After winning two of three games on the road, the Yellq Jackets dropped their second straight home game to a powerf French team, 45-42, before a capacity crowd in the TJ gym. Ar though trailing throughout the game, the Jackets made a batt royal out of it in the end. They came within one point of tying score on several occasions but never could overtake the battli Buffs. Charles Wilson captured game-scoring honors with 16 point HEIGHT PROVES TOO much as Keith Moore shoots over Pudgy Kozlosll ? w, iflwif' A- , f fi ft W ' PORT ARTHUR 47 PORT ARTHUR 42 BEAUMONT 50 REAUMONT 50 AUMONT, JANUARY 21, 196-1 ort Arthur's cagers made a valiant attempt to again ll it out of the Hfirew in the final minutes, but the 'nts came too few and too late as the Royal Purples lked off with a hard-Won 5047 victory. Benny Warr finished the night as the game's top nrer with twenty points. DRT ARTHUR, FEBRUARY 7, 19641 he Jackets found themselves fighting to stay out of District ll-AAAA7s cellar as they dropped their Irth district tilt. 50--12, to the Reaumont Royal rples. 1 he margin of victory for the Purples came with HEAD FOOTBALL COACH Clarence Undeux ood di played his interest in all school sports hy faithfully 'ttttndm he basketball games. lair cashing in on 23 Jacket fouls for sixteen points. Charles Wilson kept the Jackets in contention as he lured l8 points. IDACH RODNEY PIRTLE did an admirable joh of molding inexperienced group of players into a smooth-functioning sketball team. LEO HE RE RT Senior Guard Wy? X My I J K f I X ky -at -0 fl ' ' . , ij J Xl, ff' I I I' if il: II! PORT ARTHUR 64 PORT NECHES 63 X X FX W fn w al. ' ' fn A 1 WM lull. 9' 1 , wg' fi 5 I cf QC' ll 'Q' fi 'l'j I f PORT ARTHUR 64 PORT NECHES 60 PORT NECHES, JANUARY 24, 1964 This game found the Indians trying to end their losing skein to the Jackets, and the Jackets were forced to come from behind in overtime to nip the Indians 6463. The Indians led most of the game, but the Jackets tied it up in the fourth quarter with only nine seconds remaining 'on the clock. Benny Warr sank the clutch shot to send the game into over- time and then sank the winning shot for the .ckets with two seconds remaining. PORT ARTHUR, FEBRUARY 12, 1964 The Jackets again stymied all Indian's attempts to gain a victory over them as they whipped Port Neches 64-60. It was the Jacket's third district victory of the season and enhanced the Jacket's chances of gaining a three-way tie for second place in District 11-AAAA. Keith Moore led the Jacket scoring by sinking. 21 points. GEORGE CHASE, in quest of the basket, slips pa Indian defenders. Q CHARLES WILSON Senior Forward if X CHARLES WILSON STRIKES a familiar pose as he searches for a teammate or an opening. a 5 1 5. iz IOO i D QI i 4 it Qs ww f f t l? A 4 ,, . if X :QQ X , , 0 , f, f PORT ARTHUR 55 PORT ARTHUR 44 SOUTH PARK 60 SOUTH PARK 58 RT ARTHUR, JANUARY 31 Confusing circumstances existed as South Park invaded Yel- Jacket Gymnasium this tension-packed evening. The Green- along with Port Arthur, French, and Beaumont, were tied the loop lead. off with an unusually potent attack, the Jackets early and kept it until the end of regulation play. Park tied the score 51-51 on two charity tosses with seconds left to send the game into overtime, where they their hosts 9-4 to win the game. Benny Warr and Jeff tallied 16 points a piece to lead the Jacket scorers. PARK, FEBRUARY 15, 19611 final game of the season ended on a sad note as the lost to South Park 58-44. Jackets were lead by Charles Wilson with a 20-point Jackets played a good offensive game, but fouls cost the game. KEITH MOORE, Senior, Forward JEFF ARNAUD DRIVES around South Park for two points. BENNY WARR LOFTS a missle with a mission. IOI I 1 w l E 2 fl Q 4 Q 3 5? x Fl, 'nv WM.,.gav!""' i' yt Ei ,gm zlwrzw ff, 1 at mmf 'lull' 1 at an Two Cop All-District CHARLES WILSON AND BENNY WARR Pt Pt Pr Pt Pt Pt Pt Pt. Pt Pt Pt Pt Pt Pt Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur B-Squad Gains Experience SEASON 52 36 31 46 50 37 43 33 47 38 40 42 44 47 RECORD Buna Lake Charles Orange Nederland Mauriceville West Orange South Park PNG Beaumont French South Park PNG Beaumont French COACH HENRY CLARK Left to right: Coach Clark, Jimmy Cooksey, Terry Phelps, Bobby Kirchmer, Randy Lofton, Cub Beard, David Meeker, Warren Grammer, Phil Pate, Earl Kitchens, Keith Eaves, Fred Schneider, Ronald Cooper, and Coach Hebert. Spring Sports l. Track Events Track Marked h Progress 1964 RECORD SECOND PLACE FINISH rrrr GULF COAST RELAYS THIRD PLACE FINISH .. ,v,,. c L DISTRICT 11-AAAA EICHTH PLACE FINISH s rr,r,rr REGIONAL MEET fhighest finish for ll-AAAA teaml DISTRICT I I-AAAA RESULTS Charles Wilson lst in shot put and discus Errol Guidry 4th in shot put Randy France 2nd in discus Dale Bernaeur lst in l00 yd. dash and 220 yd. dash, on 2nd place 440 yd. relay team. David Bonham 6th in pole vault Edoar Eaton lst in broad jump, on 2nd place 440 yd. relay team Tim Summerlm: 6th in 440 yd. dash, on 2nd place 4-40 yd. relay team, on 5th place mile relay team Cary Plerron 2nd in pole vault James Emmons: On 5th place mile relay team Larry Patterson: On 5th place mile relay team Walter Sor ee 6th place in broad jump Earl Kitchens On 2nd place 440 yard relay team David Auld 4th in high hurdles and 6th in COACH FRANCIS HILL low hurdles Way ne Glover 5th place in high jump James Shaw 5th place in high jump 440 yard relay Mile relay ,,,.,, I00 yard dash 220 yard dash 440 yard dash 880 yard dash M1le run ,.......,...... . High jump ..... Broad jump ......... ....., Pole vault ......... Shot put ,,.,,. ,. Discus ,,,, SEASONS BEST Bernauer, Eat Summerlin Summerlin, P Bernauer Bernauer Bernauer on, Kitchens, ,. atterson, Emmons ..... Summerlin ..c.. Powers ...,..,,.,. Gerald Malin ...., Glover ,,,.,c, Eaton Pierron ...... Wilson H Wilson . 42.9 sec. .. 3:29.4 ,. ....... 9.6 ,,,..-.21.6 ,,,,,..51.6 ,,,,-.2:04 ....-.4:49 6, 22' lgw 12' 3" -53' 2" c,........I57' 62 Relays Require Great Efforl DALE BERNAUER, 100 yard dash, 220 yard dash, and 440 yard relay. JAMES EMMONS, mile relay and 440 yard dash. I08 TIM SUMMERLIN freceiving batonl mile relay, 4-40 yail relay, and 440 yard dash. DAVID AULD Cpassing baton 120 yard hurdles, 180 yard hurdles, and the mile relay. - LARRY PATTERSON LARRY PATTERSON, 440 yard dash, and mile relay. EARL KITCHENS, 100 yard dash, 220 yard dash, and 440 yard relay. GEM METHVIN, 120 yard high hurdles, and 180 yard low hurdles. IO9 Track Takes Action CHARLES WILSON, shot put, discus, and broad jump. ERROL GUIDRY, shot put. EDGAR EATON, broad jump, and 440 yard relay. WALTER SORGEE, broad jump, and 100 yard dash Il0 Speedsters Carr TJ's Banner RONNIE SCHKADE, and MIKE MARTINEZ, mile run. MIKE POWERS and JAMES COX, 880 yard run. LUPE de la ROSA, mile run. Alvin Goodyear runs the 880 course II2 David Bonham, Gary Landry, Gary Pierron Pole vauiters Not pictured in this section are hurdlers David Meeker and Bobby Jackson and high jumpers Wayne Glover, James Shaw, and Steve Frazier. Baseball TJ Finds Going Tough P.A. 5 Orange P.A. 0 Jasper P.A. 5 PNG P.A. 10 Nederland P.A. 1 Orange P.A. 2 Nederland P.A. 4 Bridge City P.A. 3 PNG P.A. 7 Bridge City P.A. 1, 0 PN G P.A. 6, 1 Beaumont P.A. 3, 2 French P.A. 1, 6 S. Park COACH HOWARD TIPPETT and managers Ronnie Exley and Barry Hutto. SENIORS STANDING ARE Jackie Pinner, Leo Hebert, .lo Jo Domingue, Demetrius Loukas, and Charles Wilson. llgneiling are: Lee Kiamar, Carlos Estrada, Cary San Angelo, David Landry, Jimmy Dubois, Danny Richardson, and d utte. , DANNY RICHARDSON Co-Captam ff. ,LW 44 al gf if A 4 3 2 'LS x Q i F EYE? x V dx KX gg? MX s Aww DONNIE KASPER Rookle of the Year Jackets Lose bu OUTFIELDERS: Jimmy DuBois, Carlos Estrada, Jackie Pinner, and Ed Boutte Ckneelingl. Lee Kimar, Drew ' Haynes, Donnie Kasper, Dub Hardin, and Charles Wilson. Cstandingl. INFIELDERS: Kneeling, Cary Carrol, David Landry, and Jeff Arnaud. Standing, Leo Hebert, Ronnie Hudson, Demetrious Loukas, and Kenneth Domingue. earn Through eason VETERANS Leo Hebert and Ronnie Hudson flank newcomer Gary Carroll. Not pictured is pitcher Lee Kiamar. CATCHERS: Gary San Angelo, Danny Richardson, and Ed Boutte. II7 DAVID LANDRY LEADS off third base in a tense moment in the game with Port Neches-Groves. BEAUMONTW-FIRST GAME In this game the Yellow Jackets and the Beau- mont Boyal Purples battled to a 6-6 tie as the Jackets remained winless in two district games. Jacket pitcher Ronnie Hudson went the distance and gave up only -1- hits. Beaumont pitchers David Bissel and Ike Wvynn allowed 12 hits. The Jacket hitting attack was led by Jo Jo Domin- gue, Danny Richardson, Jimmy DuBois, and Carlos Estrada. BEAUMONT--SECOND GAME The Yellow Jackets remained winless in district play as they lost a 2-1 decision to Beaumont High. The Jackets received fine pitching from Ronnie Hudson who allowed 5 hits while striking out 6. The Jackets were helped by the hitting of Jo Jo Domingue. He collected two hits. II8 Jackets Find F at PORT NECHES-FIRST GAME The Yellow Jackets opened the 1964 district rat with a 2-1 loss to PN-G. Leo Hebert, the Jacket pitcher, gave up 3 hit walked 3 and struck out 4. Port Neches pitche Pat Holloman, allowed only 2 hits, Walked 7 an struck out 7. The Jackets hits were collected by Jo Jo Domingr and Jimmy DuBois. PORT NECHES-SECOND GAME The PN-G Indians invaded the Jacket diamor and soundly defeated the Jackets 9-0. Leo Hebert was again the victim of excellel hitting as the Indian collected 8 hits. Hebert als struck out 5 and walked 3 batters. Indian pitch' Pat Holloman allowed only 3 hits, two singles I Jimmy DuBois and one by Danny Richardson. BILLY PIETZ, a Junior Hurler igainst Them in District FRENCH-FIRST GAME In this game the Jackets were defeated by the league-leading French Buffs 5-3. Pudgy Kozloski allowed only 3 Jacket hits, in- cluding a solo homer by Leo Hebert. Kozloski al- lowed 4 walks while striking out 8. Jacket pitcher Leo Hebert gave up 6 hits and struck out 4. FRENCH-SECOND GAME The French Buffs defeated the Jackets 3-2 to stretch the J ackets, losing streak. Starting Jacket pitcher Leo Hebert allowed only 1 hit, walked 3 and struck out 4. Reliever Ronnie Hudson gave up 3 hits, walked 3 and struck out 2. The Jackets collected 3 hits off French pitcher Kozloski. Collecting hits for the Jackets were Jo Jo Domingue, Jimmy DuBois, and Donnie Kasper. LEO HEBERT, about to deliver THE OLE BACKSTOP, Danny Richardson SOUTH PARK-FIRST GAME Port Arthur's losing by one point continued as the Greenies defeated the Jackets 2-1. The Jackets received fine pitching from senior right-hander Ronnie Hudson who allowed only one hit and struck out 5. The Jackets gathered only two hits off Greenie pitcher Billy Wright. Collecting hits were .lo Jo Domingue and Ronnie Hudson. SOUTH PARK-SECOND GAME The Jackets finished the district race by dropping a 7-6 decision to South Park. Jacket pitcher Ronnie Hudson gave up 5 hits and struck out 4. Leading the Jacket hitting attack was Leo Hebert and Jimmy DuBois. Hebert blasted a homer that carried well over 350 feet and DuBois lofted a grand-slam homerun in the 4th inning. II9 Golfers arner Honors TJ GOLF TEAM-STANDING: David Beane, Bill Jones, Donnie Klutts, Ronnie Kluts, John Bigham, Leon McKee anc Larry Ellendar. KNEELING: Justin Campbell, Ellery Lacy, Woody Willialms, and Douglas Fleckman. SEASON RECORD SOUTH PARK-lst Place Lacy, 75g Jones, 769 Fleckman, 77g Campbell, 77 BRAZOSPORT-2nd Place litiecl for 1stj Campbell, 75 Lacy, 765 Jones, 789 Williams, 80 GALVESTON-Did not place ORANGE-2nd Campbell, 78, Williams, 80, Lacy, 82 lones,82 CHAMPIONS-3rd Lacy, 75g Fleckman, 76g Willialiis, 78 Campbell, 811 DISTRICT-3rd Campbell 71-74 1 145 Lacy 77-7-1 I 151 Williams 74-75 1 149 Fleckman 80-84 I 164 ELLERY LACY Seniors Lead Team WOODY WILLIAMS JUSTIN CAMPBELL DOUGLAS FLECKMAN Rebuilding of TJ Tennis Harold Leavell, Paul Rabuck, Berme Brown, Tommy Tucker, Russel Demler, and Phil Fleckman. TOMMY TUCKER AND JOHN WEATHINGTON, first e""" doubles team. CARL WEATHINGTON I22 1 I L The 1964 Yellow Jacket tennis tearn standing left to right are: Ford Painton, Mark Spooner, John Weathington, Carl Weathingto, Program tarted With Depth BERNIE BROWN singles PAUL RABUCK singles FORD PAINTON AND MARK SPOONER. third doubles ar GIRLS, Physical Fitnes GET ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO is the signal for Elaine Corgi, Carol Smith, and Margaret Reid. BICEPS GET A work-out as Evelyn Etter, Nancy Bush- nell, and Liby An Palmer throw the softball. I26 SHEILA SWICEGOOD, JEANETTE BERGERON, AND Mary Be Beauchamp look on as Judy Franklin tries for the 7-foot mark. f 1 l E lays a Big Part 'RIN AND BEAR IT" is the motto for the 600-walk-run insist Brenda Eetere, Sheila Champagne, and Nancy Blakley. OOD FORM AND speed are essential for Gay Burris to make a good tim- g in the shuttle-run. BOYS ARE NOT the only ones who do isometric exercises say Mary Doering, D'Lys Cillman, Melinda Simmons, and Linda Williamson. A 22-INCH WAISTLINE may result from sit-ups. Demonstrating the technique are Candy Matlock, Ellen Morgan, Cherry Moritz, and Nita Green. Earl Rewards ACHIEVING THE REQUIREMENTS are the new letter girls. STANDING: S. Haskell, P. Landry, M. Breaux, P. Johnson, P. Johnson, J. Bergeron, R. Wingfield, R. Wagner, M. Rethke. SITTING: J. Townsend, M. Tumer, C. Tibbetts, B. Wriborg, J. Welch, S. Sheffield, W. Thomell, and S. Scogin. PUNCH AND CAKE were served after the installation was conclud- ed. X I S E w ENJOYING THEIR SECOND year Letter Girl members are STANDIN S. Landry, J. Benfield, M. Kusch, Barnett, G. Burris, D. Domascl SEATED: B. DeVillier, J. Franklin, Estes, and J. Chelette. l28 t Midterm AFTER receiving their trophies for posture are Norma Senior .Class posture queeng Delia Urbina, Junior Class queen and All-School posture queeng and Maxie Taylor, posture queen. PROUDLY DISPLAYINC THEIR well-deserved trophies are the ping pong champions Sue Haskell, Carolyn Barnett, and Rhonda Miller. AFTER EXTENSIVE TESTING nine girls were chosen as posture finalists. They are P. Johnson, H. Trahan, A. Hamilton, N. Storey, D. Urbina, M. Taylor, R. Babin, B. Bremmer, and L. Carlton. I29 Letter G1I'lS Promote Splflt III GRA Carolyn Barnette .lackie Benfield Jeanette Bergeron Mary Alice Breaux Cay Burris Judy Chelette Becky Devillier Donna Domaschk Carolyn Estes Judy Franklin Pam Johnson Pat Johnson Meredith Kusch Patsy Landry Sylvia Landry Mary Rethke Shirley Scogin Sharon Sheffield Wanda Thornell Clara Tibbetts Janice Townsend Marion Turner Rae Wagner Rita Wingfield Becky Wriborg I30 BOAT RIDE is a pleasant way for GRA letter girl officers to climax an active year. They include: Judy Franklin, presidentg ckie Benfield, secretaryg Judy Chelette, reporterg Carolyn Estes, parliamentarian. Carolyn Barnette, vice-president, could not be es ent for the picture. HARD WORK BRINGS close friendship among these team managers who are Sylvia Landry, Gay Burris, and Carolyn Barnette. I3I WRIST ACTION AND precise timing go hand in hand in playing badminton. ON THE SOCCER field action is fast and furious as these girls try their best to kick the ball. l32 ction haracterize HIT THAT BALL! Softball challenging. he irlsl Sports as well as READY, AIM, FIRE! These girls are learning the basic fundamentals of archery. UP AND OVER with perfect form is the key to completing a successful hurdle. "' A I33 Skills Provide for lVlor+ AUTHORITATIVE INFOI1 M A TI O N CONCERNIN drugs and narcotics is taugl in the health program. WATCH THE BALL, bend knees, and hit the hall at the right time. These are some hints for playing a better volleyball game. This sport is liked and enjoyed by most of the girls at TJ. njo able Recreation BASKETBALL IS A tiring game but an excit- ing one. Many rules and regulations concern this sport. Zone and man-to-man guarding make the job of the forward even harder. BALLET OR VOLLEYBALL? l irls Learn ew Wa : SORE LEG MUSCLES result from taking modern dance. The final result, however, is expected to be shown in gracef posture. HSKINNINC THE SNAKE' is demon strated by several students in El tumbling class. J aintain Fitness lT'S WINDY OUT on the new tennis courts, but these members of the girls' Tennis Club don't seem to mind. They are Marcia 1 Hunter, Rhonda W Miller, Nancy Blak- ley, Carolyn Bar- nett, Sue Haskell, , Gloria Hicks. EXERCISING ON THE bal- ance heam isn't as easy as Pain Johnson and Sandra Wllkasli make it look. I37 GR Provides Activity THE BALL SEEMS to balance on the net as the girls watch to see which way it falls during play night, which is the letter girls' annual activity. GLADLY RECEIVING THE Invita- tional Volleyball Tournament trophy are STANDING: Judy Rode, Norma Schroeder, Miss McClain, sponsor, Carolyn Barnett, Melinda Simmons, Judy Franklin. SEATED: Barbara Comeaux, Rhonda Miller, Rita Wing- field, Gay Burris, Sylvia Landry. BEING A GYM office help er requires energy and pa tience. Standing are S. Sum- merhill, S. Scogin, C. Bar- nette, A. Hamilton, J. Frank lin, L. Williamson, S. Lan dryg seated are G. Burris, S Coody, P. Jackson, D. Gill- man. arious Activities THERE WAS PLENTY of action and excitement at this year's student teach- er volleyball and basketball games, even if the teachers won both games. pring Brings Awards at GR Installation TENNIS CHAMPS IN their respective classes are Sylvia Landry, seniorg Kay Bolles, juniorg Karen Borel, sophomore. ATTAINING THEIR GOALS of becoming letter girls are STANDING: Susan Castille, Gloria Hicks, Sue Castille, Kay Bolles. SEATED: Nancy Bushnell, ,Ian Willoughby, ,Ioan Traube. l40 GR hampions THESE SENIOR BAS- KETBALL champions are Pam Johnson, Judy Franklin, Becky DeVil- lier, Meredith Kusch, Becky Wriborg, Jackie Benfield. VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS this year are seniors. STAND- ING: Sylvia Landry, Judy Franklin, Becky Wrihorg, Meredith Kusch, Carolyn Barnett. SEATED: Jackie Benfield, Pam Johnson, Cay Burris. SOPHOMOBES WON the softball championship. STANDING: Barbara Comeaux, Shirley Andoe, Rhonda Mil- ler, Carolyn Boutte. SEATED: Donna Fontanessi, Patti Moak, Emily Bea- champ. l4I l 1 . f ll l 1 g il jjg l i i lil l + ORGANIZATIONS The Power Behind ur Champs Glenn Johnson Dora Scalco Steve Harris Pam. Johnson HA TORCH PARADE in the rain is about as effective as a good- night kiss from a doorknobf' came a shout. "Who cares, if the torches don't?" came the reply, as the torches kept burning bright- ly and spirit heightened for the Pasadena bi-district game. Little did the cheerleaders realiie that on the following night the football season would end tragically. A hot summer sun had the cheerleaders sweating over new routines that would later pay off I44 Lance Lyday in fall game spectaculars. Beginning with the first pep rally the cheerleaders nurtured the spirit of the students, helping it grow into a driving force pound- ing the players to go "all the waylv The students had the spir- itg the players had the ability, but fate had our number. The cheerleaders displayed their industry in other ways too. They covered the campus and school with signs and were always ready and willing to work on any school Pat Johnson project. Cold winter set in and with it came Basketball season. During this time the cheerleaders set a precedent by attending all games in uniform. Needless to say, seeing the in- dustrious six getting behind the teams gave the 1964 students a big boost. The cheerleaders, headed by Lance Lyday, are sponsored by Miss Nancy McClain. LET IT RAIN! We don't care. We're going "all the way." YOU COULD jump that high? Trick photog- does much for the status symbol of the WATCH IT! DON'T let all the spirit out. Save some for the next game HERALD MEMBERS: BOTTOM ROW: A. Berry, J. Campbell, K. Gray, .I. Pierce, E. Flynn, M. Vickers, T. Wyble, T. Rozelle. MIDDLE ROW: C. Tibbetts, G. Saunders, C. Branch, D. Scalco, M. Doering, R. Gross- field, L. Bond. TOP ROW: S. Carter, S. Clarkson, N. Reeves, D. Riegner, T. Hicks. W. "--.ty HERALD MEMBERS: BOTTOM ROW: V. Andrus, P. McBride, C Hightower, L. Codkin, C. White, P. Piggott. MIDDLE ROW: G. Lanclos, E. Charrier, A. Rountree, R. Liebling, S. Castro, C: Sheppard, S. Schmidt. TOP ROW: P. Culley, M. Thompson, L. Carter, C. Buckner, S. Kasper, L. Parker. I46 Industriot HERALD OFFICERS DISPLAYING "the long football poster in the world" are Peggy Gralf treasurer, Phillip Fleckman, vice-president: and IN Nancy Creswell, sponsor. I A 'V I HERALD MEMBERS: BOTTOM ROW: B. Meeker, S. Swicegood, P. Johnson, S. Chambless, L. Hays, A. Mulkcy. MIDDLE ROW: C. Wlngate, G. Henry, J. Townsend, W. Thornell, J. Chelotte. TOP ROW: A. McManus, N. Harman, M. Kusch, J. Darling, B. Wrihorg, S. Floyd. leralds 'HER OFFICERS ARE: Carolyn Estes, secretary: b Thompson, president: and Mrs. Pat Reed, sponsor. Z i . .. HERALD MEMBERS: BOTTOM ROW: B. Hudson, J. Menard, S. Britt, A. R. McKee, J. Sharpless. MIDDLE ROW: J. Truuhe, C. Gcison, S. Morgan, P. Dungan, J. Class. TOP ROW: C. Bell, K. Bolles, J. Willoughby, J. Huff, J. Avila. I I47 HERALD MEMBERS: BOTTOM ROW: M. Pirnack, D. Oliver, J. de la Cruz, M. Hooks, M. Teran, N. McNabb, L. Bordelon, B. Hopkins. MIDDLE ROW: D. Cliffe, B. Theriot, J. Millar, J. Johnston, P. Pullen, D. Denho, D. Lequeux, S. Summerhill, J. Welch, A. Cotham, M. Rutt, S. Fuselier, P. Larsen, H. Bennett. TOP ROW: K. Moore, A. Klebha, D. Rozell, L. Lyday, G. Badgett, S. Harris, and P. Delaney. HERALD MEMBERS: BOTTOM ROW: J. Andrus, L. Brown, M. Reehurgh, J. Montroy, S. Capps, L. Brown, A. Boutte. TOP ROW: J. Sharpless, B. Langdon, A. Wehner, J. Emmons, D. Auld, B. Jackson, C. Beckom, L. Romero, and B. Meeker. They Stood Out Heralds and service form a gigantic partnership to make school life pleasant and sometimes even exciting. Two members from each Junior and three from each Senior homeroom comprise the membership. Despite their size, Heralds find it easy to put plans into action. Spirit Week represented one of their most determined efforts. Maroon and gold streamers for cars, splashy signs for the caravan of buses, and heart warming pep sessions marked this week when the motto was "Plunder Pasadena." Heralds saw that signs were displayed on the field for each game. That gave Big Buzz his raucous horn, painted it, and saw that Buzz cheered lustily for each touchdown made by the Jackets. The longest football poster in the world, measuring a whopping 120 yards, was prepared by Heralds as they neatly painted their legend in one and one-half gallons of paint. The Red Hussars paraded the sign on the field at half-time. Merry Christmas was made even happier when this group assumed the job of decorating the Community Home for the occasion. The Heralds have laid plans to sponsor a homecoming for the 1964 class a decade from now, and they suggested that the group should try to become affiliated with the National Key Club. l48 HERALDS TAKE TIME out to pat themselves on the back and re after a year of many accomplishments. Buzz Travels With the TEXANS EXANS INCLUDE: Edmond Boutte, Phillip Fleckman, Tommy Cochran, Bob Thompson, Justin Campbell, Steve Carter, Arthur lebba, Ronnie Bost, and Pete Goldblum. Not pictured is Bennie Warr. Mascot Needs Special Grooming WANTED: A MASCOT and everal senior boys to serve as aretakers and escorts. A plan to fulfill this desire riginated in the mind of 'a stu- ent body president a few years go. Big Buzz has served as a ymbol of Thomas Jefferson's ath- Etic ability and its spirit, but the exans are responsible for Buzz's ibrant appearance. This year the 'exans had Buzz repainted and ad his wings repaired. Scrunched in the back of a pick- p truck, the Texans anchored and protected Big Buzz as they rode to out-of-town games during the '63- ,64 season. They also helped trans- port and erect signs on the field or gym of the opposition to boost our team's spirit. The home games were easier on the Texans. After Buzz was set up, they presented him to the stu- dent body at the pep rallies on Fri- day afternoons. 011 Friday nights, the football players ran through Buzz's newly made arch, and Buzz was carried on to the field, much to the delight of the spirited spec- tators, and the chagrin of the op- position. With every touchdown came a blasting buzz from the buzzer that the Texans procured, put in work- ing order, and attached to Big Buzz. Buzz not only went to all the games, but he was also a popular figure at the bonfire and at the torchlight parade. Miss Nancy McClain is the sponsor of the Texans. I49 Colorful aroon and Gold PEGGY GRALINO DRUM MAJOR LINDA PLAIA ASSISTANT DRUM MAJOR COLOR GUARDS: MARY DOERING, HEAD COLOR GUARDg ANN BOUTTE, TONI GRIFFIN, MARIAN LAIR, and SHIRLEY GRA- HAM. Band Features Good Organization MAJORETTES: DIANE LEQUEUX, HEAD MAJORETTEg CAROLYN BRANCH, ALICE ROUNTREE, MARIE VICKERS, and PAULA STRICKLAND. MR. JOHN L. BADGETT ILLNESS ABREVIATES MARCHING SEASON FOR BADGETT A well-organized band found it possible to perform admirably during the latter part of the football season because their director, Mr. John L. Badgett, had planned maneuvers ahead of time. When he became ill in November, Drum Major Peggy Gralino took over the direction of the marching, and Student Director Gene Badgett took up the baton to direct the playing. They had the assistance of substitute teacher Mrs. Florence Meeker during the weeks when Mr. Badgett was absent. Fully recovered after the Christmas holidays, Mr. Badgett once more assumed control of the Maroon and Cold Band and made beautiful music for the annual concert. ISI COME AND GET IT! Oooh, Curlcrs Yef Well, even the Band lets its hair down om in a while-or puts it up in curlers! PEP RALLIES WERE 1 only one scene of thc Band's many performances. W l NEVER WAS THERE such music as there was at the last performance of the great 1964 TJ Band. GENE BADGETT, Cornet RUBEN CANTU, Saxophone MARGUERITE CASTRO, Clarinet ROBERT COWLING, Saxophone JAMIE CREED, Cornet MARY DOERING, Clarinet BOB GIBBONS, Tuba SHIRLEY GRAHAM, Clarinet PEGGY GRALINO, Clarinet RAY HINDS, Tuba JAY HORSAK, Tuba JOEL LANGHOFF, Trombone PATSY LANDRY, Drum DIANE LEQUEUX, Drum MARTHA MCCARTNEY, Clarinet KEITH MOORE, Trombone LAMBERT PRICHETT, Cornet ANN RETHKE, Saxophone BILL SEALE, French Horn DONNA SEBASTIAN, Flute I ADRIAN SEPEDA, Cornet BOB SMITH, Baritone MARIE VICKERS, Oboe JOYCE WELCH, Saxophone Seniors Displai Leadership ENIORS ARE THE greatest-and the greatest of the seniors was Gene Badgett as he performed a solo in this maneuver. THE NEW SOUND? of a stage band in th auditorium - P R E- SEN TING THE JEF FERSONIANS. DISCUSSINC THEIR TRIP TO SIX FLAGS are band officers, Ray Hinds, rnanagerg Donna Sebastian, Librariang Linda Plaia assistant drum majorg Mary Doering, historiang Gene Badgett, student directorg Shirley Grahm, treasurerg Marguerite Castro secretary, Bob Smith, presidentg Peggy Cralino, drum majorg Diane Lequeux, head majoretteg and Keith Moore, vice-president ONE OF THE many highlights of the year for tl Maroon and Gold Band was their banquet. Herr good food and a cheerful atmosphere, topped with tl excitement of crowning the 1963-1964 Band Swee hearts, provided a memorable evening. Conclusion of mother Year AND PRACTICE NEVER really ends. Early rnings and late afternoons often found the 125- mber hand in practice sessions. ecause of their high performance level, the roon and Gold Band won a blazing array of re than one hundred individual awards, as well a long list of "firsts" in Interscholastic League tests. ome of the important social events of the year e the Band Banquet in February and a trip to x Flags Over Texas in May. Gene Badgett was student director Good marching requires miles and miles of practice pirited Red Hussars DRUM MAJOR ANN HAMILTON MAJ ORETTE JANIS STEEN DRUM SERGEANT BUGLE SERGEANT NANCY MCNABB JANIS DARVILLE ASSISTANT DRUM MAJOR MAJORETTE SUZANNE SUMMERHILL SUSAN ARRINGTON LINDA BEALL Snare drum SUE BLANTON Snare drum LINDA BOTTOMS Cymbals ROCHELLE BOURQUE Bugle JUDY CHELETTE Snare drum MARY CLARK Bugle SUSIE CLARKSON Bell Lyre JOYCE DARLING Tenor drum DEANNA DENBO Snare drum REGENIA DRODDY Bass drum GAY ELLERBEE Bugle CAROLYN ESTES Snare drum PATRICIA FLANAGAN Cymbals MARY FLOWERS Tenor drum ELIZABETH FLYNN Bugle CHRISTINE FOLSOM Baritone bugle SUSAN FRANKLIN Baritone bugle STEPHANIE F USELIER Bugle RENA CROSSFIELD Bugle JOYCE HARE Bugle EVERYONE WAS IN hxgh spirits at the Red Hussar Ball especrally Ann McManus, who was chosen Ideal Hussar LINDA HAYES Snare drum VIRGINIA HICKS . Snare drum ' MAURINE HOOKS Snare drum MARLENE .IOWELL Bugle MEREDITH HUSCH Snare drum DONNA LEBLANC Snare drum ANN McMANUS Tenor drum BETSEY MEEKER Snare drum JUDY MILLER Bass drum DIANE OLIVER Snare drum LIBY AN PALMER Snare drum PAT PARENT Cymbals NANCY RICHARD Bell Lyre SHIRLEY SCOGIN Snare drum CAROL SKAFF Snare drum NORMA STOREY Snare drum NANCY TATUM Baritone bugle WANDA THORNELL Bell Lyre CLARA TIBBETTS Tenor drum .IANICE TOWNSEND Cymbals LNER Snare drum X Snare drum 'IGATE Bass drum ORG Tenor drum Dreams Will Never Die The Red Hussar Drum and Bugle Corps is an organization which encourages good character among its members by stressing school loyalty, discipline, and in- terest in its purpose. The Corps spent two months training in the summer and sixth period gym class during the school year for partici- pation in half-time activities at football games, parades, and other public performances. Red and White Day in late August presented the corps to an I58 audience in Jacket Stadium. Throughout football season they entertained the spectators with in- tricate displays of precision drills and novelty formations. Among their outstanding maneuvers were the spelling of "BUZZ" to salute the school mascot, the pinwheels formed while playing "Swinging Safarif, the feature twirling, the presentation of two popular songs, "If I Had a Hammer" and "Bo Diddly," and the ten minute "Nato Waltz" and corresponding drill. The Hussars also provided spirit at the pep rallies, the bonfire, the torchlight parade, and the Cav- OILcade and Christmas parades. Among the Corps' social func- tions were a swimming party at the end of summer practice, the gala Hussar Ball at Christmas, the formal installation of new members and officers, the Senior luncheon, and a Play Day for all old and new Hussars on May 29. The Corps is sponsored by Mrs. June Chambless. Q29 S aww' The Red MRS. JUNE CHAMBLESS, SPONSOR Hussars THE HUSSAR LUNCHEON was great say the Hussar officers of 1963-1964. TOP ROW: Judy Chelette, president Jams Darville bugle sergean-tg Nancy McNabb, drum sergeantg Janice Townsend, instrument quartermasterg Janis Steen, majorette Ann Hamilton drum majorg Sue Arrington, majoretteg Suzanne Sunimerhill, assistant drum majorg Ann McManus, tenor co-sergeant BOTTOM ROW Joyce Hare, assistant bugle sergeantg Donna LeBlanc, assistant drum sergeantg Stephanie Fuselier, treasurerg Nancy Richard retaryg Susie Clarkson, hell lyre sergeantg Carolyn Estes, vice-presidentg Becky Wrihorg, tenor co-sergeantg Claudia Wingate bass sergeantg Laura Carter, assistant instrument quartermasterg Gayla Bell, assistant uniform quartermasterg Margaret Reebur li chap laing and Kay Easley, historian. Spirited Hussars - at Work at Rally and on the Mafch Fame Hits Hom A CAPPELLA OFFICERS, Donna Cieson, reporter, Wfanda Thornell, librarian, Barbara Corley, librarian, Donna Schamber, treasurer, Charlotte Rhodes, secretaryg Mike Phillips, vice-presidentg Jeff Smith, president, reflect the festive feeling at the choir banquet. GENE BADCETT LINDA BEETLE NANCY BLAKELY LINDA BOTTOMS SONDRA BRADFORD CHRIS BRAY ERMA BROCKSCHMIDT JUDY CHELETTE BARBARA CORLEY DEANNA DENBO DAN DENNIS SANDRA DENTON SHIRLEY DOYLE CAROLYN ESTES ge 2: :gc rg: ig: ig: :gi ig 1: PHIL FLECKMAN KATHY FOLLETT NANCY HARMON DARRELL HOLMES CAROLYN KETTRICK ELLERY LACY l62 Seniors n Leaders of Cappella CHOIR DIRECTOR JACK BOTTOMS Acclaim and applause, such as the standing ova- tion given the A Cappella Choir when they sang in Houston at the National School Board conven- tion, have marked the appearance of these choris- ters . . . lVlemhers pass tests on voice quality, sight reading, and carrying a voice part solo. They rep- resent the cream of the vocal crop. Fourteen mem- bers were named to the All-Region Choir and two sang in the All-State Choir. Appearances in the auditorium assembly pro- grams, singing for numerous civic events, and work- ing up Christmas and Spring Concerts are high- lights in the annual program. Presenting 4'Oklahomal" was a major event of the year. Social occasions enliven rehearsal sessions. A Get Acquainted party initiated the year. A banquet at which awards and letters were presented took place at mid-year, and a farewell coke party rounded out the year. CRAIG LITCHFIELD LANCE LYDAY PAUL MATTE MARY MCGREEVY ANN MULKEY PAT PARENT DAVID PINEDA AL PROVINCE RECGIE ROGERS DONNA SCHAMBER SHARON SHEFFIELI JEFF SMITH BILL STACK WANDA THORNELL CLARA TIBBETTS PAUL TROSCLAIR GLENN WILLIS CHARLOTTE RHODES NORMA SCHROEDER CHARLOTTE SEEWOOSTER I I63 inging Fills The PRACTICING HARD FOR a coming program are members of the Girls' Sextet: Charlotte Rhodes, Linda Whitehead, Carolyn Estes, Pam Thompson, Norma Schroeder, Marcea Tauher, and Clara Tibbetts, accompanist. SINGING IN CONCERT are these members of the Boys' Quartet: Mike Phillips, Gene Badgett, .Ieff Smith, and Bill Proft. PRESENTING THE A CAPPELLA CHOIR I64 ups to Overflowing yy.. , 17, - - - . C we , - . . mg. , . . .. .1 s, xx - M 4 : ew' ' . -':'.f'-5-Y-.r - : V 7,,, L5 , ' All fff' ' .. .,, Qui:-I F : 75 as .na rg : THE GIRLS' GLEE CLUB IN PERFORMANCE I FW' I Q X X Sw . RR I Y' ' 2 . I OFFICERS OF THE GLEE CLUB proudly display one of the record albums made by the Choral Department during the year. Officers include: SITTING: Karen Parker, vice-presidentg Es- merelda De La Santos, secretary. STANDING: Dottie Moses and Frcdna J. Jones, lihrariansg Rae Wagner, president. Choir Enjoys Successful Year MIXED CHOIR OFFICERS are .lim Miller, vice-presidentg Roy Codkin, presidentg Patsy Joranstad, librariang and Fran Stagg, sec- retary-treasurer. Not pictured is Suzie Thornton, librarian. The Mixed Choir, the Girls' Glee Club, Boys, Chor and A Cappella Choir join to form one big group main performances. The entire group went to Int scholastic League contest and placed first division sight reading and second division in concert. The Mixed Choir, composed of approximately six six members went to the contest and competed as separate unit as well. They joined the Girls' Glee Cl in Christmas caroling. Girls, Glee Club, composed of forty-five, rehearse class time and join other groups at performances. The Boys' Chorus has grown from fifteen membf in I959 to include forty boys who do not meet at clz time. They meet twice a Week in the early mornir I66 THE MIXED CHOIR ational High School Honor Societ Even the best of plans can go wrong at ini- tiation, and Shelia Swicegood seems con- vinced that Miss Anderson should take all precautions against surprises. Needless to say, however, the initiation came off with- out a flaw. Members of the National Honor Society represent the elite in leadership, scholarship, service and character. Selected by their teachers for the fore- going qualities, 107 became NHS members shortly before the close of school. A major service project was obtaining 100 college Officers of the local chapter of NHS during the year in- cluded Keilh Moore, presi- dent, Phillip Fleckman, vice- president, Miss Aliece An- derson, sponsorg Peggy Cral- ino, secretaryg Forrest Hop- kins, parliamentarian. catalogs and making library cards for the collection so that they might be checked out by inquiring seniors. The library of catalogs was placed in the educational guidance office. NHS membership is a status symbol highly prized by all academically ambitious scholars. I67 Susan Arrington Gene Badgett Chris Bray Erma Brockschmidt Sue Chambless Judy Chelette James Creed Tommy Daniels Jesse Deanna Denbo Christine Folsom Jeannine Fox Nancy Harman Bill Hebinck Bill Johnson Pam Johnson I68 ational Honor Society Senior Class Members Ellen Beauchamp Lynn Bordelon Don Boriske Justin Campbell Steve Carter Marguerite Castro Susie Clarkson Dan Cliffe Barbara Corley Janis Darville Mary Doering Peyton Delaney Sandra Denton Carolyn Estes Elizabeth Flynn Stephanie Fuselier Peggy Cralino Rena Grossfield Jack Holladay Margaret Hooks Forrest Hopkins Pat Johnson Jean ,Johnston Candace Jones Carolyn Kettrick Donna LeBlanc Mary McGreevy Euclid McLeod Ann Mulkey Robert Orr Linda Ritchie Don Rozell John Scheifly Norma Schroede Bill Stack Suzanne Summerhill Wanda Thornell Clara Tibhetts Dee Lequex Rise l.ind Lance Lyday Nancy McNabb Judy Miller Keith Moore Claude Pardue Judy Pierce Pam Ponder Maria Rutt Gail Saunders Dora Scaleo Carol Skaff Dan Smith Jeff Smith Sheila Swicegood Mary' Alice Teran Robert Terry Michael Trahan Marion Turner Marie Vickers V Rita Wingfield Kenneth Wolf I69 Junior embers JUNIOR MEMBERS STANDING: S. Haws, A. Goodyear, F. Forque, C. Chelette, E. Dimicilli, C. Beckom, D. Bar J. Glass, J. Free, L. Cremillion, D. Auld, G. Chase, D. Bernaur, J. Hassinger, S. Dixon. SEATED: M. Coward, S. C01 L. Stephenson, S. Castro, L. Cartwright, L. Carter, S. Capps, J. Bussey, L. Brown, A. Boutte, V. Andrus, N. Dailey, Easterling. JUNIOR MEMBERS STANDING: J. Sharpless, T. Summerlin, D. Banks, L. Sharpless, S. Russell, P. Wilson, J. Traube, D. Watts, J. Willoughby, E. Trevino, P. Rohideaux, E. Richey, B. Proft, B. Jackson, B. Hudson. SEATED: S. Wilkenson, K. Whitlow, C. White, P. Stansbury, C. Snook, Cheryl Shanks, S. Schmidt, J. Ryan, D. Morgan, M. Reehurgh, S. Moritz, D. Jones, J. Huber, S. Toliver. JUNIOR MEMBERS STANDING: B: Powell, L. Plaia, C. Phillips, H. Peterson, L. Parker, E. Mosonia, T. Marks, Mandell, B. Hill, P. Langley. SEATED: J. McBride, E. Morgan, E. McBride, C. Lively, R. Liebling, P. Malgrem, P. lV Carry, M. Lair, S. Casper, P. Jordan. , l70 .V.VV Air. 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V V' K'V.'VV11VK.1..i191'fV1.iLiQ.115i IVVVV 11. -1zgI1.11V1'3K'5 1 V V V K, .V V K V Q 11 V 1 K 'V V.V 1V..VVVV..qV11.Vy1V.s1VVVV.1V1 V u.1VVKV.51a V..V V V VV.V..VV-VV.VV.1n V. V .1V 1 V V - V 1 V 'Vx 1 VVVV111 V1.1V111s-VV.sV13i111.1122-15111-.11:1'V1V. V V SV .V..VV .V 11 - V .V V.fs.VVV.Vs VVV.-1 VV .-V VV V .V V .V -VVV -VV V V.4V VV mx VVV V. .5 V...vVV .. 9 VV V V 11 ,V we Good Citizens Make Good Grades THE GOOD CITIZENSHIP AWARD, presented hy the Daughters of the American Revolution, was won by .ludy YOUNG TEXAN OF THE YEAR RUNNER-UP, Bill Chelette. Seale, poses in front of the state capitol at Austin. His essay entitled him to a 31,000 scholarship. A 4.0 GRADE AVERAGE IS THE COMMON DENOMINATOR of these eight Seniors holding the top berth in their class. They are: Claudia Wingate, Keith Moore, Sandra Denton, Meredith Kusch, Marion Turner, Gwen Henry, Rena Grossfield, and Forrest Hopkins. l72 Musicians ain Recognition MEMBERS OF THE 1963-1964 ALL REGION CHOIR ARE: BOTTOM ROW: Charlotte Rhodes, Carolyn Este Bill Proft. MIDDLE ROW: Jim Miller, Janet Tansil, Sandra Denton, Gail Christie, Dwight Perry. TOP ROW Mike Phillips, Gene Badgett, Tim Summerlin, Jack Steele, .Ieff Smith. Asif was L55 it 50 if! fm' ,fi igg in ' gfi gifiif ,side Ei - - MAROON AND GOLD BAND MEM- BERS CHOSEN to the All-Region Band are: BOTTOM ROW: Linda Plaia Linda Newsom, Barbara Tricliel, Dee Lcqueux. MIDDLE ROW: Pat Piggot, Carolyn Branch, Barbara Turnian, Lydia Lequeux, David Mandel. TOP ROW: Gene Badgett, David Neel, Ray Hinds. Edward Richly. ational Merit Commendation FINALISTS IN THE National Merit Snholar lnp Pro rain 'ire Keith Moore Dan Smith Meredith Kush Rena Grossfield Robert Smith and Phil Fleclxman rv AMONG THOSE COMMENDED for their scores on the National Merit tests are Forrest Hopkins, Stephanie Fuselier shown with Mr. Colt and Rohert Terry, Joel Lzrnghoff, Justin Cznnhell, Herman Bennet, Jack Holloday, and John Wcathington. I74 ROBERT SCHMIDT IS CO1 GRATULATED hy Mr. Clyf Gott on his selection as a Nation Merit Scholarship winner. i inners Take ll OUD GRINS ARE displayed hy those boys receiving tball scholarships. They are: Tommy Daniels, Norman ves, Richard Taft, Buddy Ball, Errol Cuidry, Terry .elle, and Walter Sorgee. Not pictured are Christopher y and Charles Wilson. JEANNINE FOX proudly poses with a telegram informing her she is a recipient of a National Maritime Union Scholarship. FORENSIC AND REPERTOIRE honor winners are SITTING: Judy Fletcher, Rohhi Laemmle, Mary- heth Boyanton, and Maria Rutt. STANDING are: Bob Thompson, Theresa Marks, .Iustin Campbell, Prissy Jordan, Gail Saunders, Bill Hehinck, Roxie Roll, Bill Johnson, Dora Scalco, Ellen Beauchamp, and Lynn Bond. I75 wards Represent Wide Variet SCHOLARSHIP ART AWARD Winners shown are Robert Joyce Darling, Steve Harris, and Karen Sue Gray. OUTSTANDING GIRL DEBATERS, Prissy Jordan and Theresa Marks, brought TI honor with their forensic talents. 1 Z I76 ound Principles Pa Dividends MICAL AWARD WINNERS are Phillip Fleckman, shown with Mr. Jones presenting the Texas Chemical Award, and ,lane Bussey, with K. Hurwitz from Texaco, presenting the American Chemical Award. N CLIFFE AND CLAUDIA WINGATE receive their Youth Citizenship Ids presented hy FARM and RANCH hy Mr. Lonnie Devall. THE THOMAS MCANN Company presented Forrest Hop kins and Rena Grossfield with leadership awards. I77 pecial Assembl B ' X Awards Assembly H .IUNIORS SELECTED to participate in the Summer Science Program are Susan Dezelle, .lolln Baron, Dan Banks, Eman- uel Dimiceli, Jerry Hebert, and Phyllis McBride. ADDITIONAL PARTICIPANTS in summer study are Paul Protas, Kay Whitlow, David Watts, Anthony Romero, Margaret Reehurg, Billy Proft, Vedon Otto, and Harold Magnus. eholars to Public E e 1 Good Students SOPHOMORE STUDENTS WHO ACHIEVED HIGHLY in the National Educational Development Test are shown with Mr Clyde Gott. They each received certificates for their achievement. I79 :ao f QQTQN vgiwllx NR 11: C' xxx 4 'TSS his K Maw! '-vhxfff' X vi "' Q XP' QM' QAQK5 W.. X 5 A:-57,7 f-'4414' . 'f "1 E.. L. Y '-h' g ' A? , ' f - .1 fffifzi, I 5- if VVVL 'WO-'S' 4' g 15.3 F: ' X Em Nga' 'fax . ,gywq lm., ,kg-I, g K ,Q 1 gi: 1' ', i ,khr I K I' Mr, if 1-Ax, ,, Q". 4353 xxjklggs 4 ',-- 1 W ,vm -'af-M PM 2. uf 2 ..' N.: ,,w,fi:i':gm '17 "vm, -if bk wa ffgg-pl . x f .:. A "I, fx-P 4.11 , 1 V, I . v- f gf:-'a' u yu f Y ' , r Q-'Fl!'b, jg- 4 -1" 2 ""':'4?fiL 3,51 ,M , , "A 79",-" K ' 'H 4v,i:z,iw.i:f' K . IO 2,0 ahinet Must Provide Guidance SERVING THEIR HOMEROOMS with enthusiasm are Cabmet members BOTTOM ROW Howard Blrkman Shirley Graham, Stephanie Fuselier, Prissy Pullen Claude Parduc bECOND ROW Demetrius Loukas Candy Matlock Gay Ellerbee, Mary Doering. THIRD ROW' Nancy Harman Ann Clalre Cotham Carol Skaff TOP ROW Blll Johnson Buddy Ball, Al Provence. REPRESENTING T H E I R HOME- ROOMS in Cabinet this year are- BOTTOM ROW: Christine Folsom, Bette Pittman, .IO Ann De la Cruz, Lance Lyday. SECOND ROW: Pat Johnson, Jeanne Ann. Johnston, .Ioan Miller, Janis Darville, Mary Beth Beau- champ, Martha McCartney. TOP ROW: Danny Richardson, Charles Wilson, Keith Moore, Steve Carter, Donna Se- bastian. eniors Must Lend Directlo SENIOR CONGRESSMEN-FRONT ROW: Lynn Bordelon, Don Rozell, Marlene Jowell, Terry Rozelle Ann N Manus. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Estes, Erma Brockschmidt, Linda Beall. BACK ROW: Craig Lithfleld Charl Wilson. Barbara Absire Paula Allen Ann Andrews Donald Anglin Louis Anselmo Jerry Ardoin Mary Arenas Michael Arisco Fo a Busy Congress Beverly Armstrong Diane Arnaud Susan Arrington Bobby Atchley Wayne Austin Max Babin Gene Badgett Nancy Bailey SERVING IN CONGRESS are-FRONT ROW: Herman Bennett, Dora Scalco, Karen Gray, Betsy Meeker, Edmond Boutte. SECOND ROW: Liby Palmer, Pete Goldblum, Marion Turner. BACK ROW: Tommy Ryan, Justin Campbell. eniors Set ut to Mali Thelma Beall James Beasley Ellen Beauchamp Victoria Belz Jacqueline Benfield Herman Bennett Carolyn Barnett Harold Barnette Linda Beall Mary Beth Beauchamp Linda Beetle Linda Beevers Cecil Baker James Ball Carol Barhay Lydia Barbosa heir Last Year the Best Jeanette Bergeron Arthur Berry Roger Berry Sharon Best Howard Birkman Robert Black Shirley Blackwell Sue Blanton lNancy Blakley Beverly Blanchard Lynn Bond DaV1d Bonham Susan Blanchette Randall Bonnette Lawrence Bonura Lynn Bordelon Seniors Grow Aeeustome Andrew Braunlncer Donald Boriskie Ronald Bost Linda Bottoms C. J. Bourg Rochelle Bourque Edmond Boutte Zella Boyd Sandra Bradford Carolyn Branch GETTING T0 SCHOOL on time is especially rough on Monday. T3 the Weekl Schedule Christopher Bray Mary Alice Breaux Michael Breaux Erma Brockschmidt Jerry Broussard Linda Gayle Broussard Linda Jane Broussard Rodney Broussard Sharon Broussard Bernard Brown Bertha Brown Glen W. Brown Tina Brown Michael Bruney Bennie Buie Margaretha Bullock Many lu Clifford Burke Elizabeth Burnham Gay Burris Donald Butler Marilyn Buvinghausen Bobby Campbell James Campbell Justin Campbell George Canada Kathleen Cantrell Ruben Cantu Belinda Cappadonna eet on Tuesda Carolyn Cappadonna George Cappel Steve Carter Wanda Castille Marguerite Castro Rene Castro Milton Cecalek Sue Chamhless xv BEFORE ENTERING THE halls, Linda Beevers, Norma Storey, Gary Hester, Jesse Goodman, and Richard Fontenot have their passes checked by Miss Bertha Hebert. I9I ednesday Is Used t Carol Skaff directs business for Mr. Parker's seniors during long homeroom period. Margo Chatagnier E. B. Chatelain Judy Chelette Edison Choates Jesse Christian Gary Christie James Clanan Mary Clark ake Important Decisions Susannah Clarkson Dan Cliffe Tommy Cochran Mary Collazo Samuel Colletti William Comstock Janice Cook Ernest Cox Barbara Corley Ann Claire Cotham James Creed Stephanie Cross Robert Cowlin Robert D'Abadie William Dak Thomas Daniels Seniors Often Atten Joyce Darling Janis Darville Raymond Dautrevie Bruce Davis Denis Decuir Jo Ann De La Cruz Peyton Delaney Martha De La Rosa SENIORS AND HALF of the Junior class enter the auditorium for a Thursday program. tssemhlies on Thursday Jesse DeLee Deana Denbo Dan Dennis Lucille Dent Sandra Denton Edward de Steiguer Charles Deutsch Paul Deutsch Becky DeVillier Lynelle DeViller Sandra Dionne Mary Doering Donna Domaschk Kenneth Domingue Stephen Donaldson Linda Downs tudents Show Boosted pirit a Dinah Eppler Michael Escagne Carolyn Estes Carlos Estrada Gerald Dunklln Shirley Doyle Cheryl Droddy Reginia Droddy Glen Duplechaln James DuBois Donnle Dunk J0d1C Easley Joseph Egly E E Cay Ellerbee Albert Elliott Karen Emery ep Rallies During Homecoming Week Ronald Exley Kent Falgout Milton Ferguson Wilford Fergusson Ronald Finley James Fisher Patricia Flanagan Douglas Fleckman Philip Fleckman ENJOY THE weekly pep rallies that Friday brings. Football Team Fights Back Olivia Flores Mary Flowers Susan Floyd Elizabeth Flynn Kathleen Follett Christine Folsom Richard F ontenot Judy Franklin Jim Forrest John Foster Susan Franklin Karen Furlow Jeannine Fox Stephanie Fuselier Manuel Garcia Richard Gardner egain District Championship Fred Gloria Roy Godkin Michael Goff Dellphine Goodman Jesse Goodman Marsha Gouthier Marcelyn Gooch Nancy Good D'lys Gilman George Girard Ethel Giroski Charles Garner Leland Gaspard Robert Gatza Robert Gibbons Peter Goldblum Russell Green Sandra Gregory Frances Griffith Rena Grossfield Rudy Guerra Toni Guerrero Gene Guidry Jerry Guidry Most Active Year Brm Peter Graffagnio Brenda Graham Shirley Graham Peggy Gralino ,lean Graves Karen Gray Clark Green Margaret Green Pleasure, Errol Guidry Sandra Guidry Jacki Gulley William Hall Ann Hamilton Darlyne Hammers Earl Hammond Arthur Hanson Adds Responsibilit Joyce Hare Nancy Harman Stephen Harris Karen Hartford Robert Haught Gregory Haynes Ronald Haynes Linda Hays Alvin Hebert Kent Hebert Christmas Sets th- Leo Hebert Linda Hebert William Hebinck SHARON SHEFFIELD, RITA WINGFIELD, Bette Pittman, Dellphine Goodman, and Becky Wolf work on Christmas trimmings for Home Decorations project. ood for December Rita Himel Jackson Holladay Larry Hollier William A. Holmes William D. Holmes Margaret Hooks Maurine Hooks Forrest Hopkins Haden Henning Gwendolyn Henry Marshall Hensley Cynthia Hernandez Wendell Hernandez Cary Hester Thomas Hicks Virginia Hicks Jay Horsak Beverly Howard Dolores Howell Helen Howell Ronnie Hudson Margaret Huebel Linda Hunt Sue Hunter Senior Cary Hyatt Demetria Infante Clyde Jackson Penny Jackson Chadwick Jacobs Janet Jardell Charles Jeanis Jimmie Jenkins f 1964 William Johnson Jeanne Johnston Candance Jones Carole Jones Donald Jones Mary Jordan Marlene J owell Carolyn Kettrick Sandra Johnson Tim Johnson Jenille Johnson Judith Johnson Lynda Johnson Otis Steve Johnson Pamela Johnson Patricia Johnson Wayne Landry Joel Langhoff Patrick Larsen Robert Lawson Lee Kiamar Don Killebrew J oe Kimball Arthur Klebba Linda Krautz Michael Kubitz eniors Wi Meredith Kusch David Landry Patsy Landry Sylvia Landry Scott Lackey Ellery Lacy John Lazenby Harold Leavell Donna Le-Blanc Edward LeBlanc ittle Buzz Judy LeBlanc Maurice LeBlanc Kathleen Ledoux Linda LeDouX Lester LeBouef Kenneth LeLeuX Donna Lemoine Diane Lequeux Frankie Letuile Rise Lind Lana Lindsey Craig Litchfield Lance Lyday John McCall Larry McCann Martha McCartney Lethel Omera McConathy Alton McCord Judy lVIcCorvy Larry McElroy Donald Lumpkin Judith Livingston Fred Loeb Sandra Logan Jo Ann Loiacano Rose Ann Lona Linda Lopez Denietius Loukas Daniel Lozano Excitemer Court for emo Shirley McFadden J oe McFarland Mary McGreevy Euclid McLeod Leslie McMahen Ann McManus Nancy McNabb Ronald McPherson Christine Mannino ounts as ll ls Selected ,leridine Mannino Katherine Marshall Janet Martin Antonia Martinez Bernard Martinez Gloria Martinez Jaime Martinez Linda Mathews Invitations and Gow USING A LITTLE EXTRA effort, Toni Guerrero and .ludy Pierce are able to measure Buddy Ball for his gown. Paul Matte Ronald Mayes Gloria Medrano Betsey Meeker Connie Melancon Candace Matlock 2I0 l re rdered hy Seniors Richard Meier John Mendez Richard Mendoza Kay Merritt John Meyer Patricia Meguez Joan Miller Gloria Moore Barbara Miller Judy Miller Keith Moore Mlldred Moorehead Sue Ellen Minner Norman Moreau Cheryl Moritz Sheryl Ann Mulkey CECIL BAKER AND ANN CLAIRE COTHAM Named 'Typical Texans' Texas Da 'LPROMENADE PODNERSH SENIORS needed just a few lessons E. before squaring off. AN AUTHENTIC TEXAS BARBECUE climaxed a day when Seniors Only wore western clothes. rings Western ear Committee work is necessary in planning class activities. Miss Vickers' Wranglers created the best looking homeroom brands. Each Senior homeroom is named Texas, each one being designated separately by its district number. "HEY, WAIT A MINUTE, he's unarmed." OH, BROTHER, THESE borrowed boots are kill- ing me." 2I3 ports Events and Spring Feve Sandra Nash Marion Neel Darrell Neely Paul Nelson Edgar Neu Penny Nevils Thomas Newman Dlane Olrver Ronald Nlckelson Frank Nunez John Oliver Jack Ol1v1er Barbara N unnelly Mlchael UQUIHD Marie Orozco Mary Orozco v i Q E E ake Studies Even Harder Claude Pardue David Pardue Mary Louise Perales Brenda Perego Patricia Parent Diana Phillips Judith Pierce Jules Pineda Robert Orr Sergio Ortiz Kathy Overstreet Eugene Pace Robert Page Carolyn Palermo Liby Palmer Lawrence Parker Jackie Pinner Myrna Pirnack hange of Pac Bette Pittman Paul Pizer Doris Pleasant Patricia Pomier Pamela Ponder H. C. Powell Leap eek William Powell Randy Pratt Norman Prejean Carolyn Prince Sidney Prince Lambert Pritchett Albert Provence Gregg Provence s Provided b Kctivities Walter Rastelli Norman Reeves Johnnie Ruth Regan Margaret Reid Mary Ann Rethke Charlotte Rhodes Linda Richard Nancy Richard Myrtis Quebedeaux Ricky Radley Mildred Ragona Jo Ann Ramsey George Randall Rhoda Ransom Priscilla Pullen Robert Putbres eniors View Coming T Dlane Rlegner Laurence Riley Danny Richardson Linda Richardson Joseph Richker Charlotte Robbs Llnda Rltchle Donley Rodgers James Rogers Roxie Roll Kenneth Romero Donald Robert Elizabeth Roberts James Robinson Thomas Roddy Judy Rode leetions With Interest Dolly Romero Molly Romero Marla Rutt I Sally Romero J ack Rose Donald Rozell Thomas Ryan Timothy Ryan Terry Rozelle Vera Salter Gregory Salvaggio Gary San Angelo Betty Sanner Gail Saunders Clyde Savoie Cary Sawyer 23 Seniors Become New Charlotte Seewoster James Self Adrian Sepeda Dora Scalco John Shaunfield James Shaw Donna Schamber John Scheifley Walter Shaw Ronnie Schkade Robert Schmidt Phyliss Schnitzer Norma Schroeder Shirley Scogin William Seale Donna Sebastian onor Society Members ME OF THE senior Honor Society Members pause for a few moments worth of conversation before the tallation begins. Dean Shook Beverly Simmons Kent Simon Mary Sirman Sharon Sheffield Connie Sherrer Michael A. Smith Michael F. Smith Patsy Smith Robert Smith Ronald Smith Stanley Smith Thomas Smith Walter Sorgee Virginia Sirman Carol Skaff Dan Smith I Eugene Smith Georgia Smith James B. Smith James W. Smith Jeffery Smith Seniors Enjo a Tigk and Best Yea Jacky Spears William Stack Frances Stagg Janice Steen Paul Stewart James Stilwell Thomas Stopyra Norma Storey chedule as the Final Paws to a Close Ann Strange Claude Strother Danny Styles Suzanne Summerhill Brenda Swanzy Scott Swanzy Sheila Swicegood Richard Taft an Seniors Set Coll Richard Tatar Nancy Tatum Mary Alice Teran Barbara Terrell Gary Terrell Robert Terry Robert Theriot SENIORS JACKY SPEARS, Tim Ryan, Trudy Wyble, Pat Flanagan, Betty Mallet, and Lyndon Wright discuss college plan as they read college catalogues. 224 s Their ew Goal Michael Trahan Larry Travis Paulfrey Trosclair Marion Turner Clara Tibbetts Timothy Towery Janice Townsend Luther Trahan James Thibodeaux Johnny Thibodeaux Dianna Thomas Bob Thompson Jacqueline Thompson James Thompson Thomas Thompson Wanda Thornell TWENTY-SIX SENIORS are honored at Check Day breakfast YOU GOT UP at 5:00 too, huh?" Seniors Beverly Walker Bruce Walker Nancy Wall David Warlick Marle V1CkCfS Katherine Vincent Diane Vittum Rae Wagner James Veazey John Veillon Brenda Vlncent Gable Vrncent Martha Upton Adolph Valverde Richard Vasquez Jesse Vrllareal Benny Warr Ralph Watterson John Weatheington Marcos Weaver Dennis Wehmeyer Cynthia Welch Joyce Welch Delores Wells Tension ounts Richard White J. A. Whitehead Fran Wilcox Danny Williams Nancy Williams Sidney Williams Linda Williamson Glenn Willis 228 l ommencement pproaohes Rebecca Wrihorg David Wright Jayn Wright Lyndon Wright Sandra W ukasch Trudy Wyble Madeline Zampini Patricia Zimmerman Charles Wilson Harry Wilson Ronald Wilson Claudia Wingate Joan Wingfield Kenneth Wolf Rebekah Wolf Kathleen Woods MASTER OF CEREMONIES BOB THOMPSON OO This year,s Senior Ball with its modernisti decorations and unique waltz indeed reflecte the "Mood of ,64." The presentation of th royal court followed by a program of ente tainment was only the start of a magic nigh for seniors and their dates. 1964 The Senior Waltz this year was modern, as ell as traditional: each couple performed in 'cspotlightv dance, and then all joined in the raceful waltz to "Fascination" After the hall itself, Seniors continued to a ariety of after-prom parties, breakfasts, and utings the following day. This was Senior all night-the '5lVlood of '64.,, COURT DIGNITARY TERRY ROZELLE Entertainment, etting JUDY MILLER, NANCY Richard, and Carol Skaff work on the unique decorations for the ball. Mr. Roger Russell was in charge of decorations for this event, as well as for the constructlon of IIIIIUCYOUS Slwlgfl S6lS. ez ThteitgQSeQior Ball is the mostifi f"' important social event iiii ofthe ugraduatesv cial life. The court' of the Senior Class and its representatives from Sophornore and luniorp asses-ip are elected by their mates. Theyfziiiejareseiitw the most popular, the hanclsomest, and the most beautiful school. a , 232 THE COURT WAITS eagerly and anxiously for the march to begin. llamoiur to ooial Event Kia ii 5 CHARLOTTE RHODES DISPLAYS her singing talent before the royal court DANCERS LINDA ANGELLE and Ronnie Abshire present a fast-moving ballet for the enjoyment of the audience and the court. T..l.'s Largest Graduating C RECEIVING MERITORIOUS CITATION with Special Honors are: S. Fuselier, G. Henry, H. Howell, G. Badgett, C. Estes, M. Kusc M. Doering, R. Grossfield, F. Hopkins, P. Fleckman, J. Scheifley, S. Denton, N. Schroeder, K. Moore, W. Seale, M. Turner, C. Wingal K. Wolf. M. Castro and I. Creed are not shown. I fam , wma Maw aw. saw . ....-' ,,...r- f Ai I Ykrrx If ,,,.' M W " ,lf lx I 5 ,C I C RECEIVING MERITORIOUS CITATION are: B. Corley, C. Kettrick, M. Thornell, R. Lind, J. Fox, M. McGreevy, E. Brockschmidt, D. Lequeux, G. Saunders, N. Harman, L. Lyday, D. Rozell, B. Thompson, T. Daniels, D. Boriskie, D. Smith, W. Johnson, D. Cliffe, R. Schmidt. Not shown are: E. Beauchamp, T. Bordelon, S. Chamhless, S. Clarkson, J., E. Flynn, P. Cralino, J. Holladay, C. Jones, R. Orr, L. Ritchie, D. Scalco, S. Swicegood, R. Taft, R. Terry. 234 eoeives Diplomas CAROLYN ESTES AND For- rest Hopkins are recipients of the cherished Monticello Guardian Awards. They were chosen hy teachers and stu- dents. THESE GRADUATING SENIORS are not pictured in dividually: Ann Cormier and Betty Mallet. RECEIVING MERITORIOUS CITATIONS are: P. Johnson, P. Johnson, N. McNabb, B. Meeker, C. Skaff, S. Arrington, P. Ponder, J. Pierce, M. Vickers, C. Folsom, M. Teran, S. Summerhill, D. Denbo, R. Mayes, J. Smith, W. Stack, L. Wright, L. McMahen, E. McLeod, J. Campbell, M. Trahan, C. Tihhetts, A. Mulkey. 235 enior Activities BARBARA ANN ABSHIRE PAULA ANN ALLEN ANN ANDREWS JCL 103 Honors 10, 11, 123 Heralds ll, 123 Homeroom Sec. 113 Gold Convention 10, 11, 123 ANNUAL Staff 12 DONALD ANGLIN DE 12 ANGELO LOUIS ANSELMO Future Doctors of America 10, 11, 12, Sec. 123 Homeroom Parliamentarian 10, ll, Treasurer 123 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 12 JERIS' LEE ARDOIN Boys' Bowling Club 103 Gold Conven- tion MARY ARENAS GRA 10, 113 Repertoire Players 10, ll, 123 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 12 MICHAEL JOSEPH ARIS-CO JCL 10, 113 Band 103 Home- room Sec. 123 Maroon Convention 113 Perfect Attendance 11 BEVERLY ARMSTRONG Gold Convention 10, 11 DIANE ARNAUD FTA 123 GRA 10, 11, 123 JCL 113 Home- room Lt. Gov. 11, Treas. 123 Maroon Convention 10, 113 Honors 12 SUSAN KAY ARRINGTON French Club 11, 123 Future Doctors 103 GRA 10, 113 JCL 10, 113 Jr. Red Cross 11, Sec. 113 Hussars 10, 11, 12, Uniform Quartermaster 11, Majorette 123 National Honor Society 11, 123 Homeroom Gov. 10, Sec. 11, Lt. Gov. 123 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 123 Honors 10, 11, 123 PILOT Staff 123 Recording Sec. for Maroon Convention 123 Meritorious Citation3 Optomist Clubwoman, March BOBBY WAYNE ATCHLEY DE 123 Slide Rule 103 Home- room Gov. 10, Treasurer 113 Maroon Convention 10, 113 Honors 10, 11, 12 WAYNE AUSTIN MAX ANDREW BABIN DE 11, 12 EVERETT EUGENE BADGETT French Club 10, 113 A Cap- pella 123 All Region Choir 12g Band 10, 11, 12, Student Director 123 All State Orchestra llt All Region Band 11, 123 Heralds 11, 122 Jeffersonians 10, 11, 123 National Honor Society 11, 123 Maroon delegate 10, 11, 123 Band Honor Award 10, 11, 123 High Honors 10, 11, 123 Outstanding Band Member 12, Special Meritorious Honors NANCY CAROL BAILEY DE 12, Corr. Sec. 123 Future Law- yers 11, 12, Sec. 123 GRA 10, 113 JCL 10, 113 Homeroom Treas- urer 123 Maroon Delegate 10, 11, 12 CECIL BAKER Jr. Red Cross 103 Homeroom Lt. Gov. 123 Gold Convention 12g PILOT Staff 12 BUDDY BALL Court 12, Prince Homeroom Lt. Gov. 10, Gov. 11, 123 Sr. Class Vice Pres.3 Gold Convention 10, 11, 125 Letter in Football 11, 12Q All-dist. offence end 123 Gentlemen in Waiting 12 CAROL BARBAY Nurses 10, 11, 123 Slide Rule 10: Gold Convention 10, 113 Honors 10, 11, 12 LYDIA BARBOSA Homeroom Sec. 10, Treasurer 123 Maroon Convention 10, 11 CAROLYN BARNETTE Camera Club 12, Sec.3 GRA 10, 11, 123 Maroon Convention 113 Letter Girl 11, 12, Vice Pres. 12 HAROLD BARNETTE Homeroom Lt. Gov. 103 Maroon Con- vention l0, 11, 123 Honors 10, 11, 123 PILOT Staff 123 Perfect Attendance 10 LINDA NELL BEALL FBLA 123 Hussars 11, 123 Homeroom Treas. 11, Congressman 123 Maroon Convention 103 Gold Con- vention 113 Honors 123 Perfect Attendance 10 THELMA DEE BEALL GRA 10, 123 Cabinet 10, Parliamen- tarian 103 Gold Convention 103 PILOT Staff 11, Business Man- ager 123 Maroon Convention 12 JIM BEASLEY ELLEN JANE BEAUCHAMP Creative Writing Society 123 French Club 113 Forensic Society 11, 123 GRA 10, 11, 125 Repertoire Players 10, 11, 12, Lettered 11, Sec. 123 Jr.-Sr. Play 11, 123 Texas Day Play 123 Slide Rule 103 National Honor Society 11, 123 Gold Convention 10, 113 Perfect Attendance 103 Honors 10, 11, 123 Repertoire Sweetheart 123 Meritorious Citation MARY BETH BEAUCHAMP DE 113 French Club 10, 11, 12, Sec. 113 GRA 103 Congress 10, 113 Cabinet 123 Maroon Conven- tion 10, 11, 123 DE Beauty 113 Honors 10, 11, 123 National Honor Society 12 LINDA BEETLE Jr. Red Cross 113 A Cappella 11, 12, Re- porter 113 Mixed Chorus 103 PILOT Staff 11, 12, Assistant Editor 123 PILOT Sweetheart 123 Gold Convention 123 A Cappella 11, Lettered ll, 12 Creative Writing Society 11, 123 Future GRA 10, 11, 123 Pan Am Club 10, 11, 123 236 LINDA BEEVERS GRA 103 Gold Convention 11, 12 VICTORIA BELZ FBLA 11, 12, Treasurer 123 GRA 10 Homeroom Treasurer 113 Maroon Convention 10, 11 JACKIE BENFIELD GRA 10, 11, 12, Lettered 11, Sec.-Treas 123 JCL ll, 123 Jr.-Sr. Play 123 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 12 HERMAN BENNETT Adv. Science Club 10, ll, 123 Future Doctors of America 113 JCL 10, 11, 123 Jr. Red Cross 11, 12 Slide Rule 10, 113 Heralds 123 Congress 103 Homeroom Lt Gov. 113 Maroon Convention 103 Gold Convention 113 Nationa Merit Scholarship 123 Honors 10, 11, 12 JEANETTE LOIS BERGERON Art Club 12, Sec.-Treas. 124 Camera Club 123 Creative Writing Society 123 FBLA 123 Future Nurses 123 GRA 10, 11, 12, Lettered 123 Jr. Red Cross 10, 11 Repertoire 10, 11, 123 Tennis Club 123 Homeroom Treas. 10 Gov. 11, Lt. Gov. 123 Maroon Convention 10, 113 PILOT Staf 123 Jr.-Sr. Play 12, Make-up ARTHUR BERRY French Club ll, 123 Jr. Red Cross 10, 1 123 Projector's Club 103 Heralds ll, 123 Gold Convention 1 123 Perfect Attendance 10 ROGER BERRY SHARON BEST Future Nurses 123 GRA 10, 11, 123 Golf Convention 11, 12 HOWARD ROGER BIRKMAN Homeroom Lt. Gov. 10, 11 Cabinet member 123 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 12 ROBERT BLACK DE 123 JCL 103 Glee Club 113 Honors 11 SHIRLEY BLACKWELL FBLA 123 Maroon Convention 1C 113 Honors 10, 113 Perfect Attendance 10, 11 NANCY BLAKLEY Princess 123 Maroon Convention 123 Mis Irresistible 113 Recording Sec. Maroon Party 12 SUSAN ANN BLANCHETTE GRA 10, 11, 123 Maroon Con vention 11 BEVERLY ANN BLANCHARD DE 11, 123 GRA 103 Jr. Ret Cross 103 Pan Am Club 103 Maroon Convention 103 DE Beautj Queen 123 Honors 123 Outstanding DE Student 12 SUE BLANTON Hussars 11, 123 Homeroom Treasurer 10 11, 123 Maroon Convention 10, 11 LYNN BOND French Club 123 Forensic Society 11, 123 Jei ferson Union of German Students 11, Vice-Pres. 113 Repertoir 10, 11, 12, Historian 11, President 123 Interscholastic Leagu 1-act Play Contest 11, All-Star Cast 113 Heralds 123 Cabine member 113 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 123 Honors 10, 11 Senior Waltz 12 DAVID BRADLEY BONHAM Gold Convention 10, 11, 12 Football 10, 11, 12, Lettered 123 Track 10, 11, 12, Lettered 1C 11, 123 Regional track meet 10, 113 Senior Waltz 12 RANDY JOSEPH BONNETTE Jr. Red Cross 123 Pan Ar Club 103 Gold Convention 113 Honors 10, 123 Perfect Attend ance 10 ' LAWRENCE BONURA Gold Convention 113 Honors 103 Pei fect attendance 10, 11 LYNN BORDELON JCL 10, 113 Heralds 12: Homeroom Treai urer 10, Sec. ll, Congress 123 Gold Convention 10, 113 Honor 10, 113 ANNUAL Staff 123 National Honor Society 123 Meri torious Citation DON BORISKIE Pan Arn Club 103 Slide Rule 113 Nationa Honor Society 11, 123 Homeroom Lt. Gov. 123 Maroon Conventioq 10, 113 High Honors 10, 113 Honors 123 Meritorious Citation RONALD RAY BOST Texan 123 Senior Waltz 12 LINDA BOTTOMS GRA 103 JCL 11, 123 Jr. Red Cross 11 A Cappella 123 Girls' Glee Club 10, 113 Hussars 10, 11, 12 FTA 103 Honors 113 Perfect Attendance 11 C. P. BOURG DE 11, 12 ROCHELLE ANN BOURQUE French Club 11, 123 GRA 14 11, 123 Hussars 11, 123 FTA 10, 11, 12g Devotional Leader 11 Homeroom Lt. Gov. 113 Gold Convention 10, 11g Perfect Attenc ance 10, 11 EDMOND GUY BOUTTE French Club 113 Future Doctor 113 Texans 123 Congress 12g Gold Convention 10, 11, 123 Honor 10, 113 Football 103 Baseball 10, 11, 123 Perfect Attendant 103 Duke 10, Grand Duke 123 Jr. Lion 1963 ZELLA MAE BOY D SONDRA ANN BRADFORD Advanced Science- 103 Creatix Writing Society 113 Future Doctors 103 JCL 103 Glee Clu 10, 113 A Cappella 123 Maroon Convention 10, 123 Gold C01 vention 113 Scholastic Achievement Award 103 PILOT 12 CAROLYN SUE BRANCH FBLA 123 Heralds 11, 123 Ban 10, 11, 12, Majorette 11, 12, All-State Band 10, All-Region Ban 10, 11, 123 Maroon Convention 103 Gold Convention 11 enior Activities NDY BRAUNINGER French Club 113 Ski Club 103 Gold onvention 11 HRISTOPHER DAVIS BRAY French Club 10, 113 A Cap- ella 10, 11, 12, Choir Beau 113 Heralds 11, 123 National Honor ociety 11, 123 Congress 10, 113 Student Body Pres. 123 Outstand- g Congress 102 Maroon Convention 103 Duke 103 Oklahoma 13 Honors 10, 11, 123 Football 10, 11, 12, All District 11, 12, aptain 12, Most Valuable lineman 12, Best offensive lineman 2, Honorable Mention-High School All American 123 Baseball 23 Texas Day Play 11 ARY ALICE-BREAUX Future Nurses 103 GRA 10, 11, 12, ettered 12? Pan American Club 10? Girls' Glee Club 103 aroon Convention 10, 11, 12g Honors 10, 11 ICKEY BREAUX RMA BROCKSCHMIDT JCL 11, 12, Senate 113 A Cappella 2, Lettered 123 Mixed Choir 10, llg National Honor Society 1, 123 Cabinet Member 113 Congressman 123 Gold Convention 0, 123 Honors 103 Meritorious Citation ERRY THOMAS BROUSSARD Slide Rule 11g Boys, Bowling lub 103 Gold Convention 10, 113 Perfect Attendance 10, 11 INDA GAYLE BROUSSARD GRA 10, 113 Maroon Conven- ion 10 INDA JANE BROUSSARD Future Nurses 10, 11, 123 Vice- res. 12g Jr. Red Cross 11, 12, Program Chairman 12, President 2g Maroon Convention 10, 11, 12 ODNEY BROUSSARD Homeroom Treasurer 10, 11, 12 HARON ANN BROUSSARD FBLA 123 Gold Convention 0,11 ERNIE BROWN Jefferson Union of German Students 11, 123 ennis Team 10, 11, 12g Senior Waltz 12 ERTHA BROWN DE 12, Sec. 123 Gold Convention 11, 12 . W. BROWN OY TINA BROWN FBLA 10, 113 GRA 103 Gold Convention O, 121 Maroon Convention 11 IKE BRUNEY JCL 113 Homeroom Treasurer 10, 11, Par- iamentarian 123 Gold Convention 10, 11, 123 Honors 10, 11, 123 ootball 10, 11 ENNY BUIE ARGARETHA LORRAINE BULLOCK FBLA 10, 11, 123 RA 10, 11, 12 LIFFORD LEE BURKE LIZABETH BURNHAM CHEL GAY BURRIS Creative Writing Society 103 Future urses 123 GRA 10, 11, 123 Jr. Red Cross 10, 113 Girls' Glee lub 123 Homeroom Treasurer 103 Maroon Convention 10, 113 onors 10, 123 Tennis Club 12, Lettered 11, 12 ONNIE BUTLER ARILYN RUTH BUVINGHAUSEN FBLA 123 GRA 103 erfect Attendance 10, 113 Gold Convention 12 OBBY DALE CAMPBELL ,JIMMY CAMPBELL JUSTIN MARVIN CAMPBELL Forensic Society 10, 11, 12, fPres. 123 JCL 10, 113 Repertoire Players 10, 113 Heralds 11, 123 Golf team 10, 11, 123 National Honor Society 11, 12S Jr.-Sr. Play 123 High Honors 10, 11, 123 Congress 10, 11, 123 Meritorious Citation 'GEORGE RAYMOND CANADA DE 11, 123 Gold Convention 10, 11, 123 Honors 103 Football 10 JKATHY CANTRELL French Club 10, 11 RUBEN CANTU BELINDA ANN CAPPADONNA Art Club 10, 113 DE 12, Treasurerg Future Lawyers 12? Future Nurses 103 Pam Am -fClub 102 Maroon Convention 10, 123 Spanish Club 10 CAROLYN ANN CAPPADONA FBLA 103 Future Nurses 11, 12, Sec. 123 GRA 10, 11, 123 Homeroom Sec. 103 Maroon Con- vention 10, 11 GEORGE CAPPEL DE 123 French Club 113 Maroon Conven- tion 10, 11 JAMES STEPHEN CARTER JCL 10, 113 Slide Rule 103 Heralds 123 National Honor Society 11, 123 Texans 123 Home- room Gov. 12g Jr. Class Pres. 113 Maroon Convention 103 Boys' State 11? Honors 10, 113 Track 113 Perfect Attendance 10 WANDA FAYE CASTILLE FBLA 123 GRA 10, 11, 12 MARGUERITE CASTRO Jefferson Union of German Students 12, Sec. 12g Band 10, 11, 12, Sec. 123 National Honor Society 11, 123 FTA 10, 11, 12, Treas. 10, Veep. ll, Pres. 123 Homeroom Treasurer 10, Sec. 113 Gold Convention 10, 113 Special Meritorious Honors RENE CASTRO Cabinet 10, 113 Gold Convention 10, 11 MILTON LAMBERT CECALEK JCL 113 Maroon Conven- tion 10 SUE CHAMBLESS FBLA 11, 12, Sec. 123 Heralds 11, 123 National Honor Society 11, 123 Cabinet 103 Homeroom Sec. 11, 123 Gold Convention 10, 123 Maroon Convention 11: Honors 103 High Honors 113 Meritorious Citation MARGO ANN CHATAGNIER Jefferson Union of German Students 11, 12, Vice Chancellor 123 Jr. Red Cross 103 Home- room Lt. Gov. 11, Treasurer 123 Gold Convention 10, 11, 12 SKIPPY CHATELAIN DE 11, 12, Pres. 12 ' JUDY CHELETTE Advanced Science Club 10, Veep TOQ GRA 10, 113 Pan Am Club 10, Reporter 103 Jeffersonian Vocalist '11, 123 Girls' Glee Club Veep TOQ Letter Girls Reporter 11, 123 National Honor Society 11, 123 Heralds 11, 123 Bowling Club 103 Class Posture Queen 103 Hussars 11, 12, Pres. 123 A Cap- pella Choir 11, 123 Congress 103 Homeroom Veep 11, Treasurer 123 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 123 Basketball Sweetheart 123 Football Sweetheart 123 DAR Award 123 Honors 123 Perfect Attendance 12 EDDIE CHOATES JESSE CHRISTIAN GARY WAYNE CHRISTIE JAMES CLANAN Maroon Convention 10, 113 Honors 11, 12 MARY CLARK FBLA 103 GRA 10, 123 Hussars 11, 12, Mixed Choir 103 Gold Convention 113 Senior Waltz 12 SUSIE ANN CLARKSON GRA 10, 11, 123 Hussars 11, 123 Heralds 11, 123 Homeroom Gov. 10, 113 Gold Convention 10, 113 High Honors 113 Honors 10, 123 Meritorious Citation DAN CLIFFE Advanced Science Club 10, 11, 123 Creative Writing 113 Future Doctors of America 11, 123 Jefferson Union of German Students 123 JCL 10, 113 Slide Rule 103 Band 10, 113 Heralds 123 National Honor Society 11, 123 Congress 113 Student Body Veep 123 Gold Convention 10, 11, 123 NEDT Award 10, 113 High Honors 103 Honors 113 Perfect Attendance 103 Citizen of Month3 Meritorious Citation TOMMY CLIFTON COCHRAN Slide Rule 113 Texans 123 Congress 113 Homeroom Treas. 10, Gov. 123 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 123 Honors 10, 113 ski Club 11 MARY COLLAZO Advanced Science 123 GRA 10, 113 Pan Am Club -10, 11, 123 Maroon Convention 11 SAM COLLETTI Future Doctors of America 123 Pan American Club 10, 113 Slide Rule 113 Gold Convention 103 Maroon Con- vention 123 Honors 10, 11 BILL COMSTOCK DE 123 JCL 10, 113 Ski Club 10, 113 Maroon Convention 10, 11 JANICE KAY COOK French Club 10, 11, 123 FBLA 123 GRA 10, 11, 123 Jr. Red Cross 12 BARBARA ANN CORLEY GRA 10, 113 A Cappella 11, 12, Librarian 123 Mixed Chorus 10, Vice-Pres. 103 Homeroom Sec. 10, 12, Treasurer 10, Cabinet 113 Gold Convention 10, 113 Honors 10, 11, 123 Meritorious Citation ANN CLAIRE COTHAM French Club 10, 11, Veep llg Foren- sic Club 123 Future Doctors of America 11, 123 GRA 10, 11, 12g All Star Baseball and Basketball Band 103 Heralds 11, 123 T. J. Debate Team 123 Cabinet 10, 12, Treasurer 113 Gold Convention 103 Maroon Convention 11, 123 Honors 10, 12g ANNUAL Staff 123 Miss Typical Texan 12 ROBERT MERLE COWLING Slide Rule 113 Band 10, 11, 12, Jeffersonians 11, 12 ERNEST WILLIAM COX Perfect Attendance 11 JAMES BENNETT CREED Advanced Science Club 10, 11, 12, Veep 113 Creative Writing Society 113 JCL 10, 11, 123 Slide Rule 10, 113 Band 10, 11, 123 National Honor Society 11, 123 Jeffersonians 10, 11, 122 Organist 12, Senior Waltz 123 Special Meritorious Honors STEPHANIE CROSS GRA 103 Gold Convention 11 BEVERLY CROWDER Future Nurses 103 'JCL 113 Jr. Red Cross 103 DE 12g DE Sweetheart 12 ROBERT D'ABADIE Slide Rule 10, 113 Maroon Convention 10 WILLIAM DAK JCL 113 Repertoire Players 10, 113 Cabinet 103 Jr. Red Cross 123 Gold Convention 10: Football 10, 11 TOMMY DANIELS Advanced Science Club 10, 11, 12g French Club 103 Slide Rule 113 National Honor Society 11, 123 Congress 10, Cabinet 113 Maroon Convention 103 Duke 103 Honors 103 High Honors 113 Football 10, 11, 12, Lettered 10, 11, 12, All- District ll, 123 Senior Waltz 123 Meritorious Citation 237 enior Activities JOYCE DARLING Art Club 129 GRA 10, 11, 129 JCL 10, 11, 129 Jr. Red Cross 119 Slide Rule 12g Heralds 11, 12, Sec. 112 Hussars 11, 129 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 129 Honors 11 JANIS GAIL DARVILLE GRA 109 Hussars 11, 12, Bugle Sergeant 129 Cabinet 12g Homeroom Secretary 10g Maroon Con- vention 10, 11? Honors 10, 11, 12 RAYMOND DAUTRIVE BRUCE DAVIS Gold Convention 109 ANNUAL Staff 129 French Club 11, Projectoris Club 10? FBLA 10 DENIS SAMUEL DECUIR Gold Convention 12 JO ANN DE LA CRUZ FBLA 122 GRA 10, 11, 12g Pan Ani Club 10, 11, 12, Pres. 12g Girls' Glee Club 119 Heralds 129 Cabinet 10, 12g Homeroom Secretary 119 PILOT Rep. 119 Maroon Convention 10, 119 Honors 11 BUDDY DELANEY Advanced Science Club 129 Slide Rule Club 119 Heralds 123 Homeroom Gov. 10, Lt. Gov. 119 Gold Conven- tion 10, 11, 129 Honors 10, 11, 12 MARTHA DE LA ROSA French Club 11? Future Nurses 10, 11, 12g GRA 109 Pan Am Club 12g Maroon Convention 119 Honors 11, 12 JESSE DELEE Advanced Science 109 JCL 10, 11, 129 Pro- jector's Club 129 Slide Rule 10, 11, 129 National Honor Society 129 Congress 10, 119 Gold Convention 10, 11, 129 High Honors 10, 11, 129 Football 10, 11, 12, Lettered 129 Basketball 10, 11, 12g Perfect Attendance 10, ll, 12, American Chemical Award 119 Meritorious Citation DEANA ALINE DENBO Maroon Convention 10, 11, 129 French Club 11, 129 GRA 10, 11, 129 A Cappella 11, 129 Girls' Glee Club 109 Heralds 11, 12? Hussars 11, 129 FTA 10, 11, 129 Honors 10, 11, 129 ANNUAL Staff 129 Meritorious Citation DAN MICHAEL DENNIS JCL 10, 119 A Cappella 129 Gold Convention 109 Maroon Convention 11, 12? Honors LUCILLE MARIE DENT SANDRA GENE DENTON GRA 10, 11, 129 JCL 10, 11, 12g Slide Rule 109 A Cappella 11, 129 National Honor Society 11, 129 Homeroom Treasurer 109 Maroon Convention 109 All Region Choir 129 High Honors 10, 11, 129 Special Meritorious Honors EDWARD DESTEIGUER Advanced Science Club 119 Slide Rule 119 Congress 109 Homeroom Gov. 11, Lt. Gov. 129 Honors 109 Football 109 Jr. Lion Rep. 109 Maroon Convention 109 Gold Convention 11, 12 CHARLES JAMES DEUTSCH Slide Rule 12? Maroon Con- vention l0, 119 Honors 10 PAUL JOSEPH DEUTSCH Slide Rule 11, 129 Maroon Con- vention 10, 11, 122 Honors 10, 11, 129 Perfect Attendance 10, 11 BECKY ANN DEVILLIER Future Nurses 10, 11, 12, Out- standing Member ll, Pres. 129 GRA 10, 11, 12, Lettered 119 JCL 10, 119 Repertoire 10, 119 Homeroom Sec. 10, Congress 11, Governor 129 Gold Convention 10, 11, 12 LYNELLE MARIE DEVILLIER SANDRA ANN DIONNE GRA 10, 11, 129 Pan Am Club 10, 11, 129 Homeroom Treas. 129 Maroon Convention 109 Gold Con- vention l19 Lion Sweetheart 12 MARY ELIZABETH DOERING FTA 10, 11, 12, Merited Member 11, 12, Vice-Pres. 12, District Convention Delegate 12, State Convention Delegate 129 GRA 10, 11, 129 Pan Am Club 109 Band 10, 11, 12, Colorguard 11, Head Colorguard 12, His- torian 12, Band Sweetheart 129 Heralds 11, 12? National Honor Society 11, 129 Number Sense 10, 119 Congress 109 Cabinet 129 Gold Convention 109 Maroon Convention 119 High Honors 10, 119 Perfect Attendance 119 Special Meritorious Honors DONNA LEE DOMASCHK GRA 10, 11, 129 Mixed Chorus 11, 129 Gold Convention 10 KENNETH JOSEPH DOMINGUE Maroon Convention 10, 129 Baseball 11, 12, Lettered 11, 12 STEVE DONALDSON Slide Rule 129 Homeroom Lt. Gov. 129 Maroon Convention 11, 12 LINDA CAROL DOWNS French Club 129 FBLA 119 Tennis Club 129 Gold Convention 11, 129 ANNUAL Staff 11 SHIRLEY DOYLE French Club 119 Future Nurses 129 GRA 10, 11, 129 A Cappella Choir 11, 12Q Gold Convention 12 CHERYL LEE DRODDY FBLA 129 Future Nurses 10, 11, Treas. 119 GRA 10, 11, 129 Jr. Red Cross 119 Gold Convention 10, 119 Honors 12 REGENIA JO DRODDY FBLA 10, 11, 12, Historian 129 GRA 10, 11, 12Q JCL 11, 12, Excelsior Staff 11: Hussars 11, 12, Historian 119 Girls' Bowling Club 109 Gold Convention 109 Honors 12 238 JAMES RAY DUBOIS DONNIE LEE DUNK GERALD WESLEY DUNKLIN Gold Convention 11, 12 GLEN DUPLECHAIN JODIE MILTON EASLEY Projector's Club 11, 12g Slide Ru 119 A Cappella 109 Mixed Chorus 129 Perfect Attendance 12 Maroon Convention 12 JESEPH EGLY Maroon Convention 12 GAY ELLERBEE French Club 119 GRA 10, 119 Hussars 1 129 Homeroom Gov. 10, 119 Cabinet 125 Sophomore Secretary Rep. at Large of Student Body 12g Gold Convention 10, 11 Soph. Duchess9 Perfect Attendance 109 Grand Duchess to Senio Ball TEX ELLIOTT Jr. Red Cross 119 Cabinet 109 Homeroom Go 11, 129 Honors 109 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 129 Footba 10, ll KAREN JEAN EMERY FBLA 129 Homeroom Treasurer 1 Secretary 11 DINAH EPPLER GRA 109 Pan American Club 11, 129 PILO Staff 12, Maroon Convention 10, 11, 12 MICHAEL ESCAGNE CAROLYN ESTES GRA 10, 11, 12, Lettered 12, Parliamenta ian 129 Repertoire 109 Slide Rule 119 A Cappella 11, 12, Girl Sextet 12, All Region Choir 11, 12, All State Choir 129 "Okl homa" Cast 129 Heralds 11, 12, Sec. 129 Hussars 11, 12, Vee 129 National Honor Society 11, 12g FTA 10, 11, 12, 2nd Veep 1 12, Merited Member 10, 11, Miss FTA 10, State Delegate 10 Homeroom Gov. 109 Congress 12, Corr. Sec. of Congress 121 Gold Convention 119 Girls' State Alternate 129 High Honors 1 119 Special Meritorious Honors CARLOS ESTRADA Baseball 11, 12, Lettered 11, 12 RONALD EXLEY Jr. Red Cross 10, 11? Pan Am Club 113 11, Chaplain 11, State Convention 109 Slide Rule 10, 119 Maroo Convention 10, 11, 129 Baseball Manager 12 KENT FALGOUT DE 129 Ski Club 10 MILTON FERGUSON LARRY FERGUSSON Future Doctors 129 Cabinet 119 Maroor Convention 10, 11, 12 , RONALD FINLEY JIM FISHER French Club 129 Jefferson Union of Germar Students 119 Pan Am Club 109 Ski Club 10, 119 Maroon Con vention 109 Honors 10, 11 PAT FLANAGAN FBLA 11, 12, Pres. 12, Attended State Con vention 11g GRA 10, 119 Jr. Red Cross 10, 11, 129 Hussars 11 129 Gold Convention 10, 119 Honors 129 ANNUAL Staff 11, 12 Associate Editor-in-chief 12, Assist. Editor of Jr. Section 11 DOUGLAS FLECKMAN Jefferson Union of German Student 11, 129 Jr. Red Cross 10, 129 Slide Rule 10, 119 Gold Conventiori 10, 11, 12g Golf 10, 11, 12 PHIL FLECKMAN Jefferson Union of German Students 11. Chancellor 119 JCL 10, 11, Lictor 119 Slide Rule 10, 119 Cappella 11, 129 Heralds 11, 12, Vice-Pres. 12g National Hono Society 11, 129 Texans 129 Cabinet 10, 119 Maroon Exec. Comml 109 Maroon Convention 11, 129 High Honors 10, 119 National Merit Semi-Finalist 129 National Merit Finalist 12: Tennis 11, 129 Special Meritorious Honors , OLIVIA FLORES MARY ELEANOR FLOWERS Hussars 11, 129 Homeroom Lt. Gov. 109 Gold Convention 11 SUSAN EDWINA FLOYD French Club 129 GRA 10, 11, 129 Repertoire Players 10, 11, 12g Heralds 12g Homeroom Sec. 11: Cabinet 109 Gold Convention 109 Maroon Convention 11 ELIZABETH ANN FLYNN French Club 10, 11, 12, Treasf 11, Vice-Pres. 129 French National Honor Society 11, 129 GR 109 Heralds 11, 129 Hussars 11, 12, Chaplain 119 National Hong, Society 11, 129 FTA 10, 11, 12, Sec. 11, Merited Member 10 ll, 12, Devotional Leader 12, Convention Delegate 109 Homeroo Lt. Gov. 10, 119 Jr. Class Secretary 119 All-School Sec. 129 Gol Convention 10, 11, Gold Exec. Committee 129 Citizen of Month 129 Jr. Clubwoman 12: Duchess 119 Princess 129 Honors 10, 119 Meritorious Citation KATHY FOLLETT Gold Convention 10, 119 Homeroom Treas. 1219 lfiirls' Glee Club 10, 119 A Cappella 12, Lettered 129 Honors CHRISTENE FOLSOM FTA 10, Historian 109 GRA 109 JCL 109 Heralds 119 Hussars 11, 12, Asst. Instrument Quartermaster 119 Cabinet 129 Homeroom Sec.-Treas. 11, Gov. 129 Maroon Con- vention 10, 119 Honors 109 High Honors 119 Meritorious Citation enior Activities ICHARD WAYNE FONTENOT Camera Club 115 French lub 115 Projector's Club 105 Gold Convention 115 Maroon Con- ention 125 Perfect Attendance 10 LOYD JAMES FORREST OHN FOSTER Pan Am Club 115 Boys' Bowling Club 11 EANNINE EVE FOX French Club 11, 125 Future Doctors 25 Slide Rule 115 National Honor Society 11, 125 Maroon onvention 1l, 125 High Honors 10, 115 National Maritime Union cholarship 125 Meritorious Citation UDY FRANKLIN Gold Convention 105 Maroon Convention 1, 125 GRA 10, 11, 12, Pres. 125 Congress 105 ANNUAL Staff 2, Editor of Girls' Sportsg Letter Girls 12, Pres. 125 Senior altz 12 USAN FRANKLIN Future Teachers 105 Hussars 11, 125 owling Club 10, 11, Sec.-Treas. 115 National Honor Society 105 omeroom Gov. 105 Maroon Convention 10, 11 REN FURLOW TEPHANIE FUSELIER French Club 125 GRA 10, 11, 125 Pan m Club 105 Heralds 125 Hussars 11, 12, Treas. 125 National onor Society 11, 125 FTA 10, 11, 12, Veep 12, Merited Member 1, 125 Homeroom Sec. 105 Cabinet 11, 125 Gold Convention 10, 1, 125 High Honors 10, 11, 125 ANNUAL Staff 11, 12, Jr. Editor 1, Editor-in-chief 125 Citizen of the month 125 Lion Sweetheart 25 National Merit Scholarship Commended Student 125 Third lace State DAV Essay Writing Contest 125 Special Meritorious onors ANUEL GARCIA ICHARD GARDNER FBLA 12 HARLES GARNER ELAND WAYNE GASPARD DE 12, Treas. 125 JCL 11, 12, uastor 105 Slide Rule 105 Gold Convention 10, 115 Ski Club 15 Congress 105 Homeroom Lt. Gov. 115 Honors 105 Senior alt 12 OBERT GATZA OB GIBBONS Future Lawyers 125 JCL 105 Gold Convention 05 Slide Rule 105 Maroon Convention 11, 125 Band 11, 125 onors 115 Perfect Attendance 11 'LYS GILLMAN FBLA 105 Future Nurses 105 GRA 10, 11, 25 Ski Club 105 Cabinet 10, 115 Homeroom Sec. 125 Alt. Con- ress 115 Gold Convention 11, 125 Honors 10, 115 Senior Waltz 12 EORGE DARRELL GIRARD Honors 125 PILOT 12, Circu- ation Manager 12 THEL ANN GIROSKI FTA 125 GRA 105 Pan Am Club 11 RED GLORIA Jr. Red Cross 10, 115 Pan Am Club 12 OY LYNN GODKIN Pianist Girls' Glee Club 105 Mixed horus 11, 12, Pianist, Pres.5 Perfect Attendance 12 ICHAEL GOF F ETER GOLDBLUM JCL 11, 125 Heralds 11, 125 Texans 125 Congress 10, 11, 125 Gold Convention 10, 11, 12, Exec. Comm. H15 Parliamentarian of Gold Party 115 Honors 10 ORA MARCELYN GOOCH FTA 10, 11, 12, Treasurer 125 JCL 11, 125 Homeroom Secretary 125 Maroon Convention 10, 115 Honors 10, 11 NANCY GOOD Art Club 125 French Club 10, 115 Future urses 125 GRA 10, 115 Repertoire Players 115 Homeroom Treas- lurer 115 Maroon Convention 11 EELLPHINE GOODMAN Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 125 Maroon onvention 12 JESSE GOODMAN Gold Convention 115 Perfect Attendance 11 MARSHA LYNN GOUTHIER GRA 105 Gold Convention 115 Perfect Attendance 10, 11 ETE GRAFFAGNINO Mixed Chorus 12 RENDA SUE GRAHAM Future Nurses 10, 11, Outstanding Nurse 105 Gold Convention 10, 11 SHIRLEY ANN GRAHAM Band 10, 11, 12, Sweetheart 12, Color Guard 11, 12, Treasurer 125 FTA 10, 11, 12, Treasurer 12, Merited Member 10, 115 GRA 10, 11, 125 Homeroom Treasurer 10, 115 Cabinet Member 125 Gold Convention 10, 11, 125 Honors 12 PEGGY ANN GRALINO French Club 10, 11, President 115 FTA 10, 11, 12, President 12, Secretary 10, Vice-President 115 Band 10, 11, 12, Assistant and Drummajorg Heralds 11, 12, Treas- urer 125 National Honor Society 11, 12, Secretary 125 Congress 10, '115 High Honors 10, 115 Honors 125 Maroon Convention 10, 115 Senior Court 10, 125 Outstanding Congressman 105 GRA 10, ll, 125 Perfect Attendance 105 Meritorious Citation JEAN GRAVES KAREN SUE GRAY Creative Writing Society 115 French Club 10, 11, 125 Heralds 11, 125 FTA 105 Homeroom Gov. 10, Lt. Gov. 115 Congress 125 Gold Convention 10, 11, 125 Honors 10, 11, 125 Perfect Attendance 10 CLARK GREEN JCL 11, 125 Maroon Convention 10, 115 Homeroom Treasurer 11 MARGARET GREEN French Club 105 Drama Club 115 Inter- national Club Il WARNER RUSSELL GREEN Pan Am Club 115 Gold Conven- tion 10, 11 SANDRA GREGORY FRANCES ANNE GRIFFITH French Club 105 JCL 125 AN- NUAL Staff 11, 12 I RENA GROSSFIELD French Club 125 Forensic Society 115 GRA 105 Pan Am Club 105 Slide Rule Club 105 Heralds 11, 125 Hussars 11, 125 National Honor Society 11, 125 Advanced Science Club 105 Cabinet Member 105 Homeroom Secretary 105 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 125 Local and State VFW Essay Contest Winner 115 Local 125 High Honors 10, 115 National Merit Semi- Finalist 125 National Merit Finalist 125 ANNUAL Staff 12, Faculty Editor 125 Ready Writers 125 Special Meritorious Honor RUDY GUERRA TONI GUERRERO GRA 105 Pan Am Club 10, ll, 125 Sergeant at Arms 125 Maroon Convention 10 GENE PAUL GUIDRY JERRY LANE GUIDRY DE 12 JOHN ERROL GUIDRY Football 10, 11, 125 Track 125 Perfect Attendance 10 SANDRA GUIDRY BOBBY HALL Jefferson Union of German Students 11, 12, Parliamentarian-Historian 11, Class Representative 125 JCL 10, 11, Outstanding Member 10 ANN HAMILTON GRA 10, 11, 125 JCL 10, 115 Jr. Red Cross 115 Hussars ll, 12, Drum major 125 Homeroom Secretary 10, Treasurer 115 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 125 Honors ll, 125 Senior Waltz 12 DARLENE MARIE HAMMERS EARL MADISON HAMMOND Chess Club 105 Honors 105 Football 10 ARTHUR EDWARD HANSON Perfect Attendance 10, 11, 12 JOYCE HARE Hussars 11, 12, Assistant Bugle Sergeant 125 Congress 10, Cabinet Member 115 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 125 Homeroom Gov. 125 Honors 11, 12 NANCY LYNNE HARMAN GRA 10, 11, 125 JCL 10, 11, 125 A Cappella 125 Heralds 11, 125 Homeroom Gov. 10, 115 Maroon Convention 115 Honors 10, 11, 125 Meritorious Citation STEPHEN P. HARRIS Art Club 10, 11, 12, Vice-President 11, President 125 Camera Club 105 Cheerleader 125 Heralds 125 ANNUAL Staff 12, Art Editor 125 Football Manager 115 Maroon Convention 125 Art Honors 10, 11, 12 KAREN ANN HARTFORD FBLA 11, 125 Jr. Red Cross 105 Maroon Convention 11 BOBBY HAUGHT DE 125 Honors 12 GREG HAYNES RONALD HAYNES Maroon Convention 11 LINDA KAYE HAYS Hussars 11, 125 Girls' Glee Club 10, 115 Gold Convention 10, 115 French Club 11, 125 Homeroom Lt. Gov. 125 Maroon Convention 125 PILOT Staff 12, News Editor 12 ALVIN ACE HEBERT Gold Convention 10, 11 HARRY KENT HEBERT LEO HEBERT Gold Convention 115 Basketball 10, 11, 12, Lettered 11, 125 Baseball 10, 11, 12, Lettered 10, 11, 125 Honors 11 LINDA MARIE HEBERT BILL RAYMOND HEBINCK Camera Club 125 Creative Writ- ing Society 125 Jr. Red Cross 10, 125 Pan Am Club 105 Reper- toire Players 125 Band 10, 115 National Honor Society 11, 125 Chess Club 105 Gold Convention 10, 115 Honors 10, 115 Perfect Attendance 11 HADEN HENNING Pan Am Club 105 Slide Rule Club 125 Ski Club 10, 115 French Club 10, 11, 125 Homeroom Cabinet Member 10, 12 GWEN HENRY Creative Writing Society 105 GRA 10, 115 JCL 11, 12, President of Clan 125 Slide Rule 105 Heralds 11, 125 National Honor Society 11, 125 FTA 10, 115 Homeroom Gov. 10, Lt. Gov. 125 Congress 115 Gold Convention 10, 115 Honors 10, 115 Senior Waltz 125 Special Meritorious Honors 239 Senior Activities MARSHALL HENSLEY Creative Writing Society 113 DE Club 12, Vice-President 123 Future Doctors 10, 113 Ski Club 113 Home- room Gov. 113 Cabinet Member 103 Gold Convention 10, 113 PILOT Staff 113 Baseball 10 CYNTHIA SUE HERNANDEZ GRA 10, 113 Gold Convention 103 Perfect Attendance 10 WENDELL LEE HERNANDEZ DE 11, 123 Maroon Conven- tion 10, 112 Honors 10, 11, 12 GARY WAYNE HESTER TOMMY HICKS Future Doctors 103 JCL 10, 113 Heralds 123 Homeroom Vice-President 10, 113 Gold Convention 103 Maroon Convention 11, ANNUAL Staff 123 Football 10, 11, 123 Ed. of Honors section3 asst. editor of football section VIRGINIA HICKS GRA 10, 11, 123 Band 103 Hussars 11, 123 Gold Convention 10, 11, 123 Honors ll RITA JAYCE HIMEL GRA ll, 123 Homeroom Lt. Gov. 123 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 12 RAY HINDS JACK HOLLADAY JCL 10, 113 Slide Rule Club 113 Band 10, 113 Number Sense Club 123 Gold Convention 103 Maroon Convention 113 Honors 103 High Honors 113 Perfect Attendance 10, 113 Meritorious Citation LARRY JAMES HOLLIER WILLIAM A. HOLMES Ski Club 103 Maroon Convention 10 WILLIAM D. HOLMES Creative Writing Society 10, 113 JCL 10, 113 A Cappella 123 Perfect Attendance 113 Band 113 Mixed Chorus 113 Homeroom Secretary 113 Gold Convention 113 Honors 10, 11, 12 MARGARET ANN HOOKS GRA 10, 11, 123 JCL 10, 113 Heralds 123 Homeroom Secretary 10, 113 Gold Convention 10, 11, 123 Honors 10, 11, 123 ANNUAL Staff 12, Business Manager 123 Perfect Attendance 103 National Honor Society 12 MAURINE ANN HOOKS FBLA 11, 12, Vice-President 12, State Convention 113 GRA 10, 11, 12, Jr. Red Cross 10, 113 Hussars 11, 123 Senior Class Treasurer 123 Homeroom Secretary 10, 11, Treasurer 10, 113 Cabinet Member 123 Gold Convention 10, 11, 123 ANNUAL Staff 123 Perfect Attendance 103 Congress 113 Honors 12 FORREST FRANK HOPKINS Advanced Science Club 10, 11, 12, President 123 JCL 10, 113 Heralds 123 National Honor Society 11, 12, Treasurer 123 Cabinet Member 10, 113 Homeroom Lt. Gov. 123 Maroon Convention 10, 113 Citizen of the Month of November and April 123 High Honors 10, 11, 123 ANNUAL 12, Editor of Sports Sectiong Representative of Southem Association of Student Councils 12g Thom McAnn Leadership Award 12? Junior Lion of May 123 Special Meritorious Honors JAY HORSAK Band 11, 123 Gold Convention 10, 11, 123 Bas- ketball 103 Perfect Attendance 10, 11, 12 BEVERLY HOWARD GRA 10, 113 Maroon Convention 10 DOLORES HOWELL Future Nurses 10 HELEN MAURICE HOWELL JCL 10, Secretary 103 Pan Am Club 112 Mixed Chorus 123 FTA 123 Homeroom Treasurer 123 Gold Convention 11? FHA 103 Special Meritorious Honors RONNIE HUDSON Maroon Convention 10, 113 ANNUAL Staff 1g31:l3aseball 10, 11, 12, Lettered 11, 123 Perfect Attendance MARGARET SUZANNE HUEBEL DE 123 FBLA 103 Maroon Convention 10, 113 Honors 10 LINDA SUE HUNT Maroon Convention 10, 113 Honors 11 SUE ELLEN HUNTER DE 123 GRA 10, 113 Maroon Convetn- tion 10, 12 JIEEE HYATT JCL 10, 113 Band 103 Maroon Convention DEMETRIA INFANTE Pan Am Club 10, 11, 123 Perfect At- tendance 10 CLYDE JACKSON Perfect Attendance 11 PENNY JACKSON FTA 10, 113 French Club 11, 123 GRA 10, 11, 123 Slide Rule Club 103 Mixed Chorus 103 Homeroom Secretary 10, 113 Gold Convention 10, 11 CHAD JACOBS Perfect Attendance 103 Camera Club 10, 113 Jr. Red Cross 103 Homeroom Treasurer 103 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 123 ANNUAL Staff 12 JANET MARIE JARDELL CHARLES RAY J EANIS Perfect Attendance 10 JIMMIE SUE JENKINS Future Nurses 103 Girls' Glee Club 10, 113 Mixed Chorus 123 Maroon Convention 123 Honors 10 240 CHRYSTAL JENILLE JOHNSON DE 123 Honors 123 Gol Convention 123 Honors 12 JUDI JOHNSON Future Nurses 10, 113 JCL 10, 113 Maroo Convention 10, 11 LYNDA JOHNSON DE 123 FBLA 103 Ski Club ll, 123 GR 10,11 OTIS STEPHEN JOHNSON Jr.-Sr. Play 112 Texas Day Pla 123 Honors 10 PAM JOHNSON GRA 10, 11, 123 Cheerleader 12Q Heral 123 National Honor Society 11, 123 Maroon Convention 10, 1 123 Honors 10, Il, 123 Letter Girls' 123 Perfect Attendance 11 Homeroom Gov. 10, Lt. Gov. 11, Secretary 123 Meritorious Cita tion PAT JOHNSON GRA 10, ll, 123 Pan Am Club 10, 11, Chee leader 123 National Honor Society 11, 123 Homeroom Gov. I Secretary Il, Cabinet Member 10, 123 Maroon Convention 10, 1 123 High Honors 123 Letter Girls' 123 Meritorious Citation SANDRA MARIE JOHNSON DE 123 GRA 10, 113 Maroor Convention 11, 12 TIM DOUGLAS JOHNSON WILLIAM JOHNSON Advanced Science Club 11, 123 Honoir 11, 123 JCL 10, 113 Perfect Attendance 10, 113 Repertoirf Players 12, Lettered 123 Slide Rule Club 11, 123 Jr.-Sr. Pla' 11, 123 Homeroom Gov. 12, Congress 113 Maroon Convention 11 123 Meritorious Citation JEANNE ANN JOHNSTON Future Nurses 103 GRA 123 JC ll, 123 Jefferson Union Of German Students 123 Slide Rule Clu 113 Heralds 11, 12g Homeroom Gov. 11, Treasurer 113 Marco Convention 11, 123 Honors 10, 11 CANDANCE JUNE JONES FTA 123 Meritorious Citation CAROLE SUE JONES GRA 103 Maroon Convention 10, 11 Honors ll, 12 DONNIE JONES MARY JORDAN MARLENE MARIE JOWELL French Club 123 Hussars 111 125 Congress 123 Homeroom Secretary 113 Maroon Conventio 10, 123 Gold Convention 113 Honors 113 GRA 10 CAROLYN SUE KETTRICK Jr. Red Cross 123 A Cappella 12: Mixed Chorus 10, 113 National Honor Society 11, 123 Gold Con vention 10, 113 Honors 10, ll, 123 Meritorious Citation LEE KIAMAR Baseball 11, 12 DON WAGNER KILLEBREW Art Club 123 Camera Club 12 Ski Club 10, 113 Maroon Convention 103 Perfect Attendance ll JOE WILEY KIMBALL ARTHUR LEE KLEBBA Gold Executive Comm. 123 Slide Rule 103 Heralds 11, 123 Texans 123 Homeroom Gov. 113 Cabine 113 Gold Convention 10, 11, 123 Baseball 103 Tennis 12 LINDA KRAUTZ Homeroom Treas. 113 Gold Convention 10 113 Honors 11 MIKE KUBITZ Future Doctors ll, 12, Vice-Pres. 123 Slide Rule 113 Maroon Delegate 113 Honors 10 ' MEREDITH KUSCH GRA 10, 11,1125 Lettergirl 123 JCL 10 113 Heralds 11, 12, Attendance Sec. 123 Hussars 11, 12, Asst Uniform Qtrm. 113 National Honor Society 11, 123 FTA 10, 11t 12, Veep 123 Homeroom Gov. 10, ll, Sec. 123 Gold Conventior 10, 113 Perfect Attendance 113 High Honors 10, 11, 123 Special Meritorious Honors SCOTT LACKEY JCL 10, 11, 123 Slide Rule 123 Maroor Convention 10, 113 Honors 11 ELLERY JAMES LACY JCL 10, 11, 123 A Cappella 123 "Oklahoma" 123 Homeroom Gov. 10, 12, Cabinet 113 Maroor Convention 10, 113 Honors 10, 12? Golf 10, 11, 12, Lettered 11 12, Captain 12? Perfect Attendance 10, 11 DAVID WILLAM LANDRY Baseball 12 PATSY LANDRY GRA 10, 11, 123 Lettergirl 123 Band 10 11, 123 Homeroom Treas. 123 Gold Convention 11, 12 SYLVIA ANN LANDRY GRA 10, 11, 123 Lettergirl 11 Bowling Club 10 WAYNE JOSEPH LANDRY DE 12 JOEL LANGHOFF Slide Rule 10, ll, 123 Band 10, 11, 12 Gold Convention 10, 11, 12g National Merit Scholarship 11 NEDT Meritorious Citation 123 Honors 10, 11, 12 PAT LARSEN Art Club 10, 11, 12, Pres. 113 DE 123 Herald: 11, 123 Gold Convention 10, 11 ROBERT WALTER LAWSON Ski Club 11 enior Activities HNNY LAZENBY Perfect Attendance 10, 11 ROLD NELSON LEAVELL Advanced Science Club 10, 11, 3 Future Doctors 10, 113 JCL 12, Tribune 123 Pan Am Club 3 Slide Rule 113 Cabinet 10, 11, 123 Honors 10, 11, 123 Tennis 3 Gold Convention 10, 11, 12 NNA MARIE LEBLANC Future Nurses 10, 11, 12, Corres. c. 12, State Future Nurses Parliamentarian 11, State Sec. 123 L 10, 11, 12? Hussars 11, 12, Reporter 11, Asst. Drum Sgt. 12, iform Qtrni. 123 Homeroom Sec. 10, 11, Cabinet 12g Maroon nvention 10, 11, 12, Honors 10, 113 National Honor Society 3 Latin Honor- Society 123 High Honors 12 WARD LEBLANC JCL 11, 123 Homeroom Lt. Gov. 10, 113 ralds 113 Gold Convention 10, 11, 123 Baseball 103 Football 10 DY ANN LEBLANC AURICE LEBLANC DE 123 Jr. Red Cross 10, 113 Projector's ub 113 Gold Convention 10, 113 Honors 11 STER LEBOUEF JCL 113 Gold Convention 10, 11 THY LEDEOUX NDA ANN LEDOUX GRA 10, 113 Maroon Convention 10 NNETH LELEUX NNA LEMOINE E ROCHELLE LEQUEUX French Club 10, 11, 12? GRA , 11, 123 Band 10, 11, 12, Head Majorette 11, 123 Heralds 11, 3 National Honor Society 11, 123 Gold Convention 10, Maroon , 123 Honors 10, 113 High Honors 123 Perfect Attendance 103 nd Council 123 Homeroom Secretary 12, FTA 10, 11, 12, rliamentarian 11, Pres. TJ Club 12, Honor Award 10, Merited ember 10, 11, 12, Sweetheart 12, Dist. Convention 10, 11, 12, ate Convention 123 Senior Waltz 123 Meritorious Citation IRANKIE LETULLE Repertoire Players 103 Mixed Chorus 10, 3 Homeroom Sec. 103 Gold Convention 10, 113 GRA 10 ISE LIND Creative Writing Society 11, 123 Jefferson Union f German Students 11, 12? Repertoire Players 10, 11, 123 Girls' lee Club 10, 123 National Honor Society 11, 123 Ready Writers IZ3 Gold Convention 10, 113 Honors 10, 113 Meritorious Citation NA LINDSEY FTA 113 Maroon Convention 10, 12 AIG EDWIN LITCHFIELD French Club 113 A Cappella , 123 Mixed Chorus 103 Boys' Chorus 10, 11, 123 Congress 123 iomeroorn Gov. 123 Perfect Attendance 10 DY LIVINGSTON Mixed Chorus 12 ED LOEB Future Doctors 10, 11, 123 Jr. Red Cross 123 ide Rule 103 Maroon Convention 103 Honors 10, 11 NDY KAYE LOGAN GRA 103 Bowling Club 103 Mixed horus 12 DANN LOIACANO Maroon Convention 11, 12? Perfect At- Izndance 12 ,OSE ANN LONA Pan Am Club 11, 12 INDA LOPEZ DE 11, 123 Maroon Convention 10, 11 'EMETRIUS FRED LOUKAS Future Doctors 10, 11, 12, Pres. E3 JCL 10, 113 Slide Rule 123 Congress 103 Cabinet 11, 123 aroon Convention 103 Gold Convention 11? Honors 10, 113 asketball 10, 113 Baseball 11, 12, Lettered 11, 12 IANNY LOZANO Homeroom Lt. Gov. 123 Gold Convention 0, 113 Track 10 UONALD LEE LUMPKIN Camera Club 12, Veep 123 Creative Vriting Society 12g Jefferson Union of German Students 11, 123 land 10, 113 Gold Convention 10, 11 IHARLES LANCE LYDAY A Cappella 10, 11, 123 Head Iheerleader 11, 123 Heralds 123 Homeroom Lt. Gov. 10, Gov. 1, Cabinet 123 Gold Convention 103 Maroon Convention 113 High Honors 10, 11, 123 National Honor Society 123 Perfect ttendance 10, 113 Meritorious Citation OHN MCCALL Future Doctors 10, 113 Slide Rule 10, 113 Iabinet Member 103 Gold Convention 10, 11 .ARRY MCCANN Repertoire Players 103 Gold Convention 10, 13 Honors 10, 11, 12Q Perfect Attendance 11 JIARTHA McCARTNEY GRA 10, 11, 123 JCL 10, 11, Scribe f Clang Jr. Red Cross 113 Band 10, 11, 123 FTA 10, 11, 123 Iomeroom Treasurer 103 Cabinet Member 123 Gold Convention l0, 113 Honors 10, 12 JMERA MCCONATHY ILTON McCORD Art Club 123 Camera Club 123 Slide Rule L13 Chess Club 103 Gold Convention 113 Perfect Attendance 11 UDY McCORVY French Club 123 Future Nurses 103 Reper- oire Players 113 Homeroom Treasurer 123 Gold Convention 10, 113 GRA 10, 11, 12 LARRY MCELROY DE 12 SHIRLEY McFADDEN Future Nurses 10 JOE MCFARLAND MARY MCGREEVY FBLA 10, GRA 103 A Cappella 11, 12g Girls' Glee Club 103 Homeroom Treasurer 103 Maroon Conven- tion 103 Gold Convention 113 Honors 10, 11, 123 Meritorious Citation EUCLID McLEOD Advance Science Club 10, 11, 123 JCL 10, 11, 123 Slide Rule Club 10, 113 Band 10, 113 National Honor Society 11, 123 Homeroom Lt. Gov. 11, 123 Congress 103 Maroon Convention 10, 113 High Honors 103 Honors 113 Senior Waltz 123 Maroon Executive Committee 12g Meritorious Citation LESLIE MCMAHEN Slide Rule Club 123 Honors 10, 113 Perfect Attendance 113 Meritorious Citation ANN MCMANUS French Club 11, 12, Future Nurses 11, 12, Reporter 12g GRA 10, 11, 12Q Hussars 11, 12, Reporter 11, Ideal Hussar 123 Homeroom Treasurer 10, 113 Heralds 123 Congress 123 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 12, Honors 10, 123 High Honors 11 NANCY MCNABB GRA 10, 113 JCL 10, 113 Heralds 11, 123 Hussars 11, 12, Historian 11, Drum-Sergeant 123 National Honor Society 11, 123 Number Sense Club 103 Cabinet Member 103 Maroon Convention 10, 113 High Honors 103 Honors 11, 123 Meritorious Citation RONALD MCPHERSON Basketball 10 BETTY MALLET GRA 10, 113 Jr. Red Cross 113 Homeroom Secretary 103 Gold Convention 103 Homeroom Treasurer 123 Library Assistant 12 ' CHRISTINE MANNINO JERIDINE MANNINO GRA 10 KAY MARSHALL Forensic Society 11, 123 Debate Team 123 GRA 10, 11, 123 Future Lawyers 123 JCL 10, 11, 123 Jr. Red Cross 123 Pan Ani Club 11, 12, Slide Rule 123 FTA 10, 11, 12, Devotional Leader 12, Merited Member 11, 123 Cabinet Member 113 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 123 FTA District Convention Delegate 123 Honors 11 JANET MARTIN ANTONIA MARTINEZ BERNARD MARTINEZ Pan Am Club 11 GLORIA LINDA MARTINEZ GRA 10, 113 Gold Convention 113 Perfect Attendance 10 JAIME MARTINEZ LINDA GALE MATHEWS GRA 103 Jr. Red Cross 10, 123 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 12 CANDY MATLOCK French Club 11, 12, Treasurer 123 GRA 103 Pan Am Club 103 Homeroom Gov. 10, 11, 123 Cabinet Mem- ber 10, 11, 123 Gold Convention 103 Maroon Convention 10, 113 Senior Waltz 12 PAUL STEPHEN MATTE French Club 10, 113 Slide Rule 103 A Cappella 11, 123 Perfect Attendance 103 Maroon Convention 10,11 RONALD MAYES Art Club 10, ll, 123 JCL 123 National Honor Society 11, 123 High Honors 10, 113 Meritorious Citation GLORIA MEDRANO GRA 10, 113 Pan Am Club 12 BETSEY MEEKER Gold Convention 10, 11, Gold Executive Committee 123 Congress 10, 11, 123 French Club 123 GRA 10, 113 JCL 10, 11, 123 Heralds 11, 123 Hussars 11, 12g Honors 10, 113 High Honors 123 ANNUAL 123 Editor of Organization Sectiong Citizen of the Month 123 Senior Waltz 123 Lion Sweet- heart 123 Meritorious Citation CONNIE DEAN MELANCON FBLA 103 Future Nurses 103 GRA 103 Jr. Red Cross 11, 123 Maroon Convention 10, 11 RICHARD MEIER DE 123 Maroon Convention 103 Golf 10, 113 Perfect Attendance 10 JOHNNY RALPH MENDEZ ALLEN RICHARD MENDOZA KAY MERRITT FBLA 123 Future Nurses 10, 11, 123 GRA 10, 11, 123 Bowling Club 103 Ski Club 10, 113 Maroon Conven- tion 10, 11 JOHN CARROLL MEYER Slide Rule Club 12 PAT MIGUEZ GRA 103 Repertoire Players 103 Mixed Chorus 103 Gold Convention 10 JOAN ELIZABETH MILLAR FBLA 103 JCL 11, 123 GRA 10, 11, 123 Heralds 11, 123 FTA 10, 113 Homeroom Gov. 10, 11, 123 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 123 Honors 10, 11, 12 BARBARA MILLER Gold Convention 113 Honors 11 24I Senior Activities JUDY MILLER Advance Science Club 123 Hussars 11, 123 Art Club 12Q National Honor Society 11, 123 GRA 10, 11, 123 Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 103 JCL 10, 11, 12? Cabinet Member 11, 12, Maroon Convention 10, 11, 12g Jr. Red Cross 10, 11, 123 Repertoire Players 10, 11, 12, Treasurer 123 Slide Rule Club 113 Honors 10, 113 High Honors 123 Senior Waltz 12 SUE ELLEN MINN ER GLORIA JEAN MOORE KEITH DENVER MOORE Advance Science Club 10, 123 JCL 10, II, 123 Homeroom Gov. 10, 11, 12Q Slide Rule Club 113 Jr. Class Vice-President 113 Band 10, 11, 12, Vice-President 122 Heralds 11, 123 National Honor Society 11, 12, President 122 Maroon Convention 10, 113 High Honors 10, 11, 12g Basketball 10, 11, 12, Lettered 11, 123 Special Meritorious Honors MILDRED ANN MOORHEAD Art Club 10, 113 Homeroom Secretary 103 Camera Club 103 French Club 103 Gold Convention 103 FBLA 103 Ski Club 10, 113 Future Doctors 103 Bowling Club 10g Future Lawyers 103 Future Nurses 10g GRA 10, 11, 123 Jr. Red Cross 123 Pan Am Club 103 Repertoire Players 10 NORMAN MOREAU Art Club 12? Camera Club 12g Home- room Gov. 10, 113 Congress 113 Gold Convention 10, 113 Foot- ball 10, 11, 12, Lettered 11, 12 CHERI DIANE MORITZ French Club 10, 11, 123 FTA 10, 113 GRA 10, 113 Jr. Red Cross 12g Girls, Bowling Club 103 Homeroom Secretary 103 Cabinet Member 103 Maroon Conven- tion 10, Gold Convention 11 SHERYL ANN MULKEY French Club 11, 123 GRA 10, 11, 12, JCL 103 Repertoire Players 123 Slide Rule Club 113 A Cappella 11, 123 Heralds 11, I23 National Honor Society 11, 12? Cabinet Member 11, Homeroom Secretary 10, Gold Executive Committee 103 Duchess 113 Queen 123 Meritorious Citation SANDRA SUE NASH GRA 103 JCL 10, 123 Band 103 Home- room Secretary 123 Honors 10 MARION VERLENE NEEL Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 12 DARRELL NEELY PAUL WAYNE NELSON Gold Convention 10 ED ARTHUR NEU French Club 103 Pan Am Club 11g Maroon Convention 10, 113 Honors 10, 113 Perfect Attendance 10, 12 PENNY DIAN NEVILS FBLA 123 GRA 10 TOMMY NEWMAN RONALD LOUIS NICKELSON DE 11, 12 FRANK NUNEZ Gold Convention 10, 113 Honors 11 BARBARA NUNNELLY Mixed Chorus 123 Gold Convention 10, 12 DIANE MARIE OLIVER FBLA 103 GRA 10, 11, 123 Heralds 123 Hussars 11, 123 Homeroom Secretary 123 Gold Convention 11, 12 JOHNNY OLIVER JACK OLIVIER A Cappella 103 Mixed Chorus 10 MICHAEL RAY O'QUINN Congress 113 Homeroom Gov. 123 Maroon Convention 11 MARIE DIANE OROZCO MARY LOU OROZCO Future Nurses 10, 113 GRA 10, 11, 123 JCL 113 Pan Am Club 123 Maroon Convention 113 Perfect Attendance 10, 11 ROBERT A. ORR Advanced Science Club 10, 113 French Club 10, 113 Slide Rule Club 10, 11, 123 Homeroom Gov. 103 Cabinet Member II, 123 Gold Convention 103 Gold Executive Committee 11g Honors 10, 113 Football Manager Il, 12g Meritorious Citation SERGIO AGUILERA ORTIZ JR. Art Club 11, 123 Camera Club 123 Pan Am Club 11, Maroon Convention 113 Football 10, 113 Baseball Manager 11, 12 KATHY OVERSTREET FBLA 10, 123 Maroon Convention 103 Gold Convention 11 EUGENE PACE Advance Science Club 10, 113 JCL 10, 113 Slide Rule Club 113 Congress 103 Homeroom Gov. 113 Home- room Lt. Gov. 123 Gold Convention 10, 113 Football 10, 11, 12, All-District Cornerback 12 BOBBY PAGE Slide Rule Club 123 Maroon Convention 12 CAROLYN ANN PALERMO GRA 10, 11g Ski Club I0 LIBY AN PALMER FBLA 10, 11, Reporter 113 GRA 10, 113 JCL 10, 123 Hussars 11, 12, As. Uniform Qua.rter'Master 113 Congress 10, 123 Homeroom Secretary 113 Gold Convention 10, 123 Gold Executive Committee 113 Honors 10, 11 CLAUDE GENE PARDUE Jefferson Union of German Students 11, 12, Beirgeimeibter 11, Chancellor 123 Slide Rule Club 113 Good Sportsmanship League 103 National Honor Society 11, 123 242 Congress 10, 113 Homeroom Gov. 123 Gold Convention 103 Maro Convention 11, 123 Honors 10, 113 Football 10, Il, 12, Letter 11, 123 Basketball 103 Senior Waltz 12 DAVID DWIGHT PARDUE Senior Waltz 12 PAT PARENT French Club 11, 123 FTA 10, 113 A Cappel 11, 12, Lettered 12, Hussars 11, 123 Mixed Chorus 103 Hom room Secretary 12? Gold Convention 10, 11, 123 Honors 10, 11 Oklahoma 12 ' LARRY PARKER Perfect Attendance 11 MARY LOUISE PERALES GRA 10, II3 Pan Am Club 11 12g Maroon Convention 10, 11 BRENDA PEREGO Future Nurses 123 FTA 103 GRA 10 Gold Convention 10, 11 DIANA GALE PHILLIPS FBLA 11, 123 Future Nurses 10, ll Cabinet Member 113 Maroon Convention 113 Gold Convention I JUDY IRIS PIERCE French Club 10, 11, 123 Slide Rule Clu 103 Heralds 11, 123 French National Honor Society 11, 123 Horn room Treasurer 10, II, 123 Gold Convention 103 Maroon Cod vention 113 Honors 10, 113 Meritorious Citation JULES DAVID PINEDA DE 123 A Cappella 11, 12, Lettere 123 Mixed Chorus JACKIE LEE PINNER Cabinet Member 113 Homeroom L Gov. 12Q Gold Convention 10, 11, 12, King 123 Honors 11 Baseball IO, 11, 12, Lettered 12 MYRNA JEAN PIRNACK GRA 10, 113 Pan Am Club 10, 11 Band 103 Heralds 11, 123 Gold Convention 11 BETTE SUE PITTMAN French Club 113 GRA 10, 113 R pertoire Players 103 Heralds 11, 123 Bowling Club 103 Homeroo Lt. Gov. 103 Congress 113 Cabinet Member 123 Maroon Conve tion 103 Gold Convention 12 PAUL PIZER DORIS PLEASANT Maroon Convention 11 PATRICIA RUSSELL POMIER FBLA 123 Cabinet Membe 113 Homeroom Gov. 123 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 123 Honor I03 High Honors 11 PAMELA JO PONDER Future Nurses 11? Creative Writin, Society 113 FTA 10, 11, 123 Jefferson Union Of German Student 113 Pan Am Club 103 National Honor Society 11, 123 Homeroon Lt. Gov. 103 Homeroom Secretary 112 Cabinet Member 123 Golt Convention 10, 1I, I23 Honors 10, Il, 123 Meritorious Citation H. G. POWELL WILLIAM FRANK POWELL Camera Club 11, 123 DE 12 RANDY OSCAR PRATT Maroon Convention 103 ANNUAI 123 Perfect Attendance 10, 11, 12 NORMAN ANTHONY PREJ EAN CAROLYN LEE PRINCE Creative Writing Society 113 Futur Nurses 11, 123 Jr. Red Cross 123 Mixed Chorus 11, 123 PILOT Staff 123 Maroon Convention 10 SIDNEY JOSEPH PRINCE FBLA 123 Advance Science Clul 11, 123 Slide Rule Club 11, 122 Ski Club 10, 113 Perfect Ati tendance I2 i LAMBERT PRITCHETT Art Club 123 Camera Club 123 Bane 10, 11, 123 Maroon Convention 113 Gold Convention 123 Honori 10, I1 I CLARENCE ALBERT PROVENCE A Cappella 10, 11, 1 President 113 Homeroom Gov. 10, 11, 123 Maroon Conventio 10, 11, 123 Football 10, I13 Senior Waltz 12 GREG PROVENCE PRISSY PULLEN GRA 103 Heralds 11, 12g Homeroom Lt Gov. 103 Homeroom Gov. 113 Cabinet Member 123 Maroon Con vention 10, 113 High Honors 10 ROBERT MASON PUTBRES Football 10, 11 MYRTIS FAYE QUEBEDEAUX FBLA 123 GRA 103 Re pertoire Players 113 Mixed Chorus 10, 113 Senior Waltz 12 RICKY RADLEY MILDRED ANN RAGONA JO ANN RAMSEY GEORGE RANDALL Art Club 113 French Club 11, 123 Reper toire Players 11, 123 Cabinet Member 102 Gold Convention IU 113 Contest play 12 RHODA RANSOM GRA 10, 11, 123 Pan Am Club 113 Home room Pilot Rep. 12 WALTER DAVID RASTELLI JCL 103 Repertoire Players 10 Slide Rule Club 113 Mixed Chorus 11, I2 NORMAN WILLARD REEVES JCL 113 Projector's Club 11 enior Activities , President 123 Heralds 11, 123 Homeroom Gov. 102 Gold nvention 10, 11, 12: Football 10, 11, 12, Lettered 11, 12 HNNIE RUTH REAGAN Girls' Glee Club 11, 123 Perfect tendance 10, 11 ARGARET REID French Club 10, 113 GRA 10, 11, 123 nd 10, 113 Heralds 113 Cabinet 103 Homeroom Secretary 10, 3 Maroon Convention 10 ARY ANN RETHKE Interscholastic League Typing Contest 3 FBLA 123 Future Nurses 123 GRA 10, 11, 125 Pan Am ub 103 Band 10, 11, 123 FTA 103 Gold Convention 10, 113 onors 10, 11, 12g Letter Girls 12 ARLOTTE ANN RHODES GRA 10, 113 A Cappella 11, , Secretary 12, All-Region 10, 12, All-State Alternate 123 Girls' ee Club 10, Secretary 103 Homeroom Lt. Gov. 11, 123 Gold nvention 10, 113 "Oklahoma" 123 Citizen of the Month of nuary 123 Honors 10, 11, 12 NDA RICHARD NCY RICHARD Future Nurses 10, 11, 12, Vice-President 3 JCL 10, 113 Slide Rule Club 113 Hussars 11, 12, Secretary 3 Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 103 Homeroom Gov. 123 binet 113 Gold Convention 10, 113 Honors 10, 11, 12 NNY RAY RICHARDSON Projector's Club 103 Home- m Gov. 11, 123 Maroon Convention 10, Duke 113 Honors 11, 3 Baseball 11, 12, Lettered 11, 12, Rookie of the Year 113 erfect Attendance 103 Gentleman-in-Waiting 12 NDA BERNICE RICHARDSON E RICHKER Slide Rule Club 123 PILOT Staff 12 ANE RIEGNER Creative Writing Society 12: GRA 10, 113 L 10, 11, Scribe 123 Slide Rule Club 103 Homeroom Secretary 3 Heralds 11, 123 Gold Convention 10, 113 FTA 10, 11, 12, 'ce-President 123 Honors 10, 11, 123 Perfect Attendance 11 RRY JAMES RILEY Ski Club 10, 11, 123 Homeroom Lt. ov. 102 Jr. Red Cross 113 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 12 IINDA SUE RITCHIE National Honor Society 11, 12? Gold onvention 10, 11, 12? Honors 103 High Honors 11, 12: French lonor Society 11, 123 Perfect Attendance 123 Meritorious Citation HARLOTTE ANNE ROBBS FBLA 10, 113 Homeroom Sec- retary 103 Future Nurses 10, 113 Homeroom Gov. 113 Homeroom 'reasurer 123 GRA 10, 11, 123 Gold Convention 10, 11, 123 Eeralds 11, ANNUAL Staff 12 ONALD LEE ROBERT IZ ROBERTS Future Nurses 10, 113 GRA 10, 11, 123 Home- m Secretary 123 Gold Convention 10, 11, 12 MES WILLIAM ROBINSON JCL 11, 12g Gold..Convention , 113 Perfect Attendance 12 'HOMAS CARL RODDY Future Doctors 10, 11, 123 JCL 10, , 123 Slide Rule Club 10, 11, 123 Gold Convention 11 DY ANN RODE Future Nurses 12, Chaplain 12g Homeroom reasurer 103 Gold Convention 11 ONLEY WAYNE RODGERS DE 123 Parliamentarian 123 onors 10, 11 EGGIE ROGERS A Cappella 11, 123 Band 10 lOXIE ROLL Forensic Society 10, 11, 123 FTA 10, 11, GRA 0, 113 Jefferson Union of German Students 11, 123 Jr. Red Iross 113 Jr.-Sr. Play 113 Repertoire Players 10, 11, 12, Lettered 13 Ski Club 10, 113 Treasurer 113 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 3 Cabinet 103 ANNUAL Staff 113 PILOT Staff 123 Repertoire ward 123 Contest Play 11, 12 JOLLY ANN ROMERO Homeroom Treasurer 103 Maroon :onvention 11 IENNETH ROMERO Baseball 11, 12 IOLLIE ANN ROMERO DE 12? Maroon Convention 10, 12 iALLY ANN ROMERO Maroon Convention 10, 11, Perfect tttendance 10 ACK ROSE DE 12 JON G. ROZELL Forensic Society 10, 11, 12, Vice-President 23 JCL 11, 12, Tribune 11, Aedile 12g Repertoire Players 113 Slide Rule Club 103 Band 103 Heralds 12g National Honor Society 11, 123 Congress 11, 123 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 123 Iigh Honors 103 Honors 11? Meritorious Citation TERRY ALLEN ROZELLE Slide Rule Club 11, 123 A Cap- gella 113 Heralds 123 Mixed Chorus 103 Homeroom Lt. Gov. 10, L13 Congress 123 Gold Convention 103 Maroon Convention 113 Elonors 103 Football 10, 11, 12, All-District 12, Best Defensive Lineman 12, Lettered 11, 12 VIARIA RUTT Forensic Society 103 Congress 123 Jefferson Jnion of German Students 11, 123 Officer 123 Maroon Con- vention 10, 11, 12? Repertoire Players 10, 11, 12, Parliamentarian 123 Lettered 123 Girls' Glee Club 103 Heralds 123 National Honor Society 11, 123 Perfect Attendance 103 Student Directory Committee 10, 11, 12, Chairman 123 Cabinet 113 Honors 11, 123 High Honors 123 PILOT Staff 11, 12, Editor-in-Chief 123 Jr.-Sr. Play 11, 123 Texas Day Committee 123 Three-Act Play 103 Posture Queen Finalist 10 THOMAS JOSEPH RYAN Citizen of the Month of February 123 Future Doctors 123 JCL 123 Projector's Club 12, Slide Rule Club 11, 12g Homeroom Lt. Gov. 11: Congress 123 Maroon Con- vention 10, 11, 12, Jr. Clubman 123 Duke 113 Most Popular Boy 123 Honors 10, 11, 123 Perfect Attendance 10, 11, 12 TIM RYAN Art Club 10, JCL 10 VERA SALTER Homeroom Secretary 12Q Jr. Red Cross 1'03 Maroon Convention 10 GREG SALVAGGIO Projector's Club 11, 123 Jr.-Sr. Play 113 Maroon Convention 10, 11 GARY GENE SAN ANGELO ANNUAL Staff 123 Baseball 10,11, 12 BETTY MAY SANNER DE 12, Future Nurses 103 Gold Con- vention 113 Honors 10, 11 GAIL SAUNDERS Advanced Science Club 11, 123 Forensic Society? Jefferson Union of German Students 113 Jr. Red Cross 103 Pan Am Club 103 Slide Rule Club 113 Heralds 123 National Honor Society 11, 123 Cabinet 103 Homeroom Treasurer 113 High Honors 10, 11, 123 Perfect Attendance 12: Maroon Convention 10, 11, 123 Debate Team 123 FTA 10, 11, 12, Parliamentarian 10, Treasurer 11, Council President 12, Merited Member 10, 11, 123 District Convention 10, 11, 12, State Convention 123 Meri- torious Citation CLYDE SAVOIE Mixed Chorus 11 GARY EVERETT SAWYER FBLA 113 Maroon Convention 11 DORA GAYLE SCALCO French Club 11, 12, President 123 Forensic Society 123 FBLA 11, Treasurer 11g GRA 10, 11, 123 Jefferson Union of German Students 123 Repertoire Players 11, 123 Cheerleader 123 Heralds 11, 123 National Honor Society 11, 123 Congress 10, 11, 123 Homeroom Gov. 103 Maroon Convention 10, 113 Duchess 113 Princess 123 Citizen of the Month 123 High Honors 10, 113 'Good Sportsmanship League 103 Meritorious Citation DONNA LYNN SCHAMBER GRA 10, 11, 123 Jr. Red Cross 103 A Cappella 11, 12, Treasurer 123 Girls' Glee Club 103 FTA 10, 11, 12, State Convention 12g Homeroom Treasurer 10, Secre- tary 113 Congress 123 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 123 Honors 10, 4'Oklahoma" 12? Perfect Attendance 10 JOHNSCHEIFLEY Slide Rule Club 10, 113 Band 10, Maroon Convention 11, High Honors 10, 11, 123 Special Meritorious Honors RONNIE RICHARD SCHKADE Track 12 ROBERT RUBEN SCHMIDT JCL 10, 11, 12, Vice-President 123 Slide Rule Club 113 National Honor Society 11, 123 Homeroom Gov. 103 Gold Convention 10, 113 National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist 123 Honors 103 High Honors 113 Meritorious Citation PHYLISS DIANNE SCHNITZER French Club 113 JCL 103 Repertoire Players 113 Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 10, 123 Gold Convention 10, 11, 12 NORMA ELIZABETH SCHROEDER Maroon Convention 10, 11, 122 JCL 113 Jr. Red Cross 113 A Cappella 11, 123 Mixed Chorus 103 National Honor Society 11, 12? Homeroom Secretary 123 High Honors 10, 113 Latin Honor Society 123 Special Meri- torious Honors SHIRLEY LAVERN SCOGIN FBLA 10, 11, Reporter 113 GRA 10, 11, 123 Hussars 11, 123 FTA 10, 113 ANNUAL Staff 123 Letter Girls 12 BILL SEALE Advanced Science 10, 11, 123 JCL 10, 11, 12g Future Doctors 10, 11, 12g Jr. Red Cross 103 Slide Rule Club 113 Band 10, 11, 123 National Honor Society 11, 123 Homeroom Lt. Gov. 113 Maroon Executive Committee 11, 123 High Honors 10, 113 Football 10, 11, 12, Lettered 123 Tennis 123 Senior Waltz 12g Special Meritorious Honors DONNA SEBASTIAN FBLA 123 GRA 103 Band 10, 11, 12, Librarian 123 Cabinet Member 10, 11, 123 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 123 Honors 123 Miss FBLA 12 CHARLOTTE ANN SEEWOSTER Jefferson Union of German Students 11, 123 A Cappella 12: Mixed Chorus 10, 113 FTA 10, 113 Gold Convention 103 Maroon Convention 113 Honors 11 JAMES SELF DE 123 Jefferson Union of German Students 11 243 Senior Activities ADRIAN LAMAR SEPEDA Pan Am Club 115 Slide Rule Club 10, 11, 125 Band 10, 11, 125 Gold Convention 105 Maroon Con- vention 11, 125 Honors 11, 125 Perfect Attendance 10, 11, 12 JOHN EDWARD SHAUNFIELD Maroon Convention 10 JAMES SHAW Slide Rule Club 12 WALTER GEORGE SHAW SHARON SHEFFIELD GRA 10, 11, 125 JCL 10, 11, 125 A Cappella 11, 125 Letter Girls 125 Homeroom Secretary 125 Maroon Convention 10, 115 Honors 10, 115 High Honors 125 Perfect At- tendance 11 CONNIE RAE SHERRER Maroon Convention 10, 115 Honors 10, 11 DEAN A. SHOOK JCL 10, 11, 125 Slide Rule Club 125 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 125 Honors 105 Perfect Attendance 10, 11 BEVERLY RUTH SIMMONS GRA 10, 115 Gold Convention 10, 115 Honors 125 Perfect Attendance 11 KENT SIMON MARY CLAUDINE SIRMAN Future Nurses 10, 115 GRA 10, 11, 125 JCL 11, 12, Excelsior Staff 125 Homeroom Secretary 105 Congress 115 Cabinet 115 Maroon Convention 10, 11 VIRGINIA SIRMAN Future Nurses 10, 11, 125 GRA 10, 11, 125 JCL 11, 125 Latin Honor Society 11, 125 Gold Convention 10, 11, 125 Honors 10, 11, 12 CAROL SKAFF GRA 10, 115 JCL 10, 11, 125 Slide Rule Club 115 Hussars ll, 125 National Honor Society 11, 125 Homeroom Secretary 10, Gov. 125 Congress 115 Gold Convention 10, 11, 125 Texas Day Play 125 Honors 10, 115 High Honors 125 Meritorious Citation DAN FORESTER SMITH Advanced Science Club 125 JCL 10, 11, 125 Camera Club 12, President 125 Slide Rule Club 10, 11, 125 Creative Writing Society 125 Band 10, 115 National Honor Society 125 Gold Convention 105 National Merit Scholarship Semi- Finalist 125 Honors 10, 11, 125 Perfect Attendance 115 Meritorious Citation GENE SMITH Perfect Attendance 10, 11 GEORGIA LOUISE SMITH French Club 115 FBLA 10, 125 GRA 10, 11, 125 Gold Convention 10, 11, 12 JAMES SMITH JAMES W. SMITH Maroon Convention 10, 11, 12 JEFF SMITH A Cappella 11, 12, President 125 All-State 10, All-Region 10, 11, 125 Boys' Chorus 11, 125 Congress 115 Home- room Lt. Gov. 125 Maroon Convention 115 Honors 11, 125 Meri- torious Citation MICHAEL ARTHUR SMITH Maroon Convention 115 Honors 10 MICHAEL FRANK SMITH JCL 11 PATSY LYNN SMITH FBLA 125 Girls' Glee Club 10, 115 GRA 10, 11, 125 Honors 10, 11, 125 Jr. Red Cross 125 JCL 11, 12, Excelsior Staff 125 Bowling Club 10, Captain 105 FTA 10, ll, 12, Parliamentarian 12, Merited Member 125 Maroon Con- vention 105 Gold Convention 11, 125 PILOT Staff 12, Feature Editor ROBERT REID SMITH Band 10, 11, 12, President 12, All- Region 10, 11, 125 Gold Convention 10, 11, 12 RONNIE GRADY SMITH STANLEY SMITH THOMAS SMITH JR. WALTER SORGEE Jefferson Union of German Students 115 Homeroom Lt. Gov. 10, 11, 125 Gold Convention 10, 11, 125 Honors 105 Football 10, 11, 12, Lettered 11, 12, All-District 11, 12, Best Offensive Back 125 Track 10, 11, Lettered 10, 11 JACK ARNOLD SPEARS Art Club 10, 115 Camera Club 105 Jr. Red Cross 10, 115 ANNUAL Staff 125 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 125 FBLA 105 Bowling Club 105 Ski Club 105 Homeroom Secretary 11 BILL STACK Advanced Science Club 105 JCL 11, 125 Slide Rule Club 10, 11, 125 A Cappella 10, 11, 125 National Honor Society 11, 125 Homeroom Treasurer 10, 115 Maroon Convention 10, 115 Honors 10, 11, 125 Basketball 10, 11, 125 Meritorious Citation FRAN STAGG Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 12, Secretary 125 Home- room Gov. 115 Gold Convention 125 Honors 11, Perfect At- tendance 12 JANICE ANN STEEN Future Nurses 105 GRA 10, 11, 125 Repertoire Players 125 Hussars 11, 12, Majorette 125 Homeroom Lt. Gov. 10, Secretary 115 Cabinet Member 125 Gold Convention 10, 11 244 LUTHER PAUL STEWART JCL 115 Projectors' Club 10, 1 Slide Rule Club 10 SMOKEY STILWELL PILOT Staff 115 ANNUAL 125 Baseb 10, 115 Maroon Convention 10, 115 Ski Club 10, 11, 125 Fren Club 10, 11, 12 THOMAS FRANK STOPYRA NORMA JEAN STOREY GRA 10, 11, 125 Hussars 11, 1 Homeroom Gov. 10, Secretary 125 Cabinet Member 10, 115 Go Convention 10, 11, 125 Optimist Clubwoman 125 Homecomi Queen 125 Senior Posture Queen5 Lady-In-Waiting 12 LUCINDA ANN STRANGE GRA 10, 115 Gold Convention 1 CLAUD STROTHER DE 12 DANNY STYLES DE 11, 12 SUZANNE SUMMERHILL GRA 10, 11, 125 JCL 10, lll Heralds 11, 125 Hussars 11, 12, Assistant Drum Major 125 Hom room Secretary 11, 125 Maroon Convention 10, 115 Perfect A tendance 10, 115 Honors 10, 115 Senior Waltz 125 Meritorior Citation BRENDA SWANZY Jr. Red Cross 105 Gold Convention 10 SCOTT SWANZY JCL 10, 115 Band 105 Homeroom Gov. Ill Lt. Gov. 115 Maroon Convention 10, 115 Gold Convention 11 Student Directory Committee 10, 11, 12 SHEILA ANN SWICEGOOD French Club 11, 125 Futu Lawyers 105 GRA 10, 11, 125 JCL 10, 11, 125 Congress 125 Jlf Red Cross 105 Repertoire Players 10, 115 Slide Rule Club 11 Band 105 Heralds 11, 125 National Honor Society 11, 125 Co gress 105 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 125 High Honors 10, Honoil 11, 125 Senior Waltz 125 Meritorious Citation RICHARD ALLEN TAFT French Club 115 Heralds 11, 1 National Honor Society 11, 125 Homeroom Gov. 105 Cabin Member 105 Gold Convention 10, 11, 125 Jr. Kiwanian 125 Hono 10, 115 ANNUAL Staff 125 Football 10, 11, 12, Lettered 11, 1 All-District Wingback 125 Track 10, 11, Lettered 10, 115 A. Love Memorial Award, Best Blocker In Jefferson County 12 Meritorious Citation RICHARD TATAR NANCY TATUM French Club 10, 115 Homeroom Lt. Gov. 11 GRA 10, 115 Hussars 11, 125 Jr. Red Cross 125 Gold Conventio: 10, 11, 125 PILOT Staff 125 Perfect Attendance 11, 12 MARY ALICE TERAN GRA 105 Pan Am Club 105 Heraltj 11, 125 National Honor Society 11, 125 FTA 10, 11, 12, Vic President 10, 11, Historian 125 Meritorious Citation BARBARA LYNN TERRELL GARY TERRELL Gold Convention 115 Basketball 11 ROBERT E. TERRY Advanced Science Club 10, 11, 125 Forensi Society 10, 11, 125 Slide Rule Club 125 Jefferson Union O German Students 115 National Honor Society 11, 125 Gold Con vention 105 Honors 105 High Honors 115 Meritorious Citation BOBBY THERIOT Camera Club 12, Reporter 125 Creativt Writing Society 12, Reporter 125 FBLA 105 Pan Am Club 12 Slide Rule Club 115 Heralds 125 Homeroom Gov. 115 Cabine Member 115 Maroon Convention 105 Gold Convention 11 JIMMY THIBODEAUX Boys' Bowling Club 10, 115 DE 12 JOHNNY THIBODEAUX ' DIANNA THOMAS Future Nurses 11, 125 Jr. Red Cross 12 GRA 10, 115 Homeroom Treasurer 11, Secretary 10 BOB THOMPSON Meritorious Citationg Forensic Society 11, 125 Future Lawyers 10, 11, 12, President 125 JCL 11, 12, Presi dent 125 National Latin Honor Society 125 Pan Am Club 10i Repertoire Players 10, 11, 12, Parliamentarian 11, Vice-President 125 Slide Rule Club 10, 115 Heralds 10, 11, 12, President 12 Outstanding Member 125 National Honor Society 125 Debate Team 10, 11, 125 Congress 115 President of Sophomore Class 10i Student Body Parliamentarian 125 Maroon Convention 10, 11 125 Honors 10, 11, 125 Perfect Attendance 10, 11, 125 Citizer of Month, Novemberg Outstanding Congressman 63 JACKIE THOMPSON Future Nurses 115 GRA 105 Cabinet Member 105 Gold Convention 10, 115 Honors 12 JIM THOMPSON Pan Am Club 115 Gold Convention 105 Track 105 Basketball 10 THOMAS R. THOMPSON Bowling Club 10, 115 Projectors Club 10, 11, 125 Repertoire Players 10, -11, 125 Chess Club 105 Number Sense 10, 11, 125 Maroon Convention 11 WANDA THORNELL GRA 10, 11, 12, Lettered 125 Heralds 125 Hussars 11, 125 A Cappella 11, 12, Librarian 125 Mixed enior Activities orus 10, Secretary 105 Congress 11, 125 Homeroom Lt. Gov. 5 National Honor Society 11, 125 FTA 10, 11, 12, Third Vice- esident 125 Maroon Convention 10, 11, Executive Committee , 125 Honors 10, 115 Perfect Attendance 115 Meritorious itation LARA TIBBETTS GRA 10, 11, 125 Letter Girls 125 Pan Am lub 115 A Cappella 11, 12, Accompanist 125 Heralds 11, 125 ussars 11, 125 Mixed Chorus 10, Accompanist 105 National onor Society 11, 125 Cabinet Member 105 Gold Convention 105 onors 10, 11, 125 Meritorious Citation IMMY MICHEAL TOWERY Jefferson Union of German Stu- nts 115 Gold Convention 105 Perfect Attendance 11 NICE ELOISE TOWNSEND French Club 11, 125 Future urses 105 GRA 10, 11, 125 Letter Girls 125 Heralds 125 ussars 11, 12, Chaplain 11, Instrument Quartermaster 125 uchess 115 Congress 10, 11, Treasurer 105 Gold Convention 10, , 125 High Honors 10, 115 Lady-In-Waiting 12 UTHER JOHN TRAHAN ICHAEL A. TRAHAN Advanced Science Club 10, 115 JCL , 125 Aedile 125 Latin Honor Society 125 Slide Rule Club 10, 15 National Society 11, 125 Jr. Clubman 125 Gold Convention , 115 Honors 105 High Honors 115 Football 10, 11, 12, Lettered 1, 12, All-District Tackle 125 Senior Waltz 125 Meritorious itation OBERT LARRY TRAVIS Slide Rule Club 11, 125 Maroon nvention 10, 125 High Honors 10 AULFREY ODIL TROSCLAIR A Cappella 11, 125 Mixed horus 10, Librarian 10 ARION TURNER Advanced Science Club 10, 11, 125 French lub 125 GRA 10, 11, 12, Lettered 125 All-School Posture Queen 15 JCL 10, 11, 12, Secretary 115 Slide Rule Club 10, 115 ussars 11, 125 National Honor Society 11, 125 Bowling Club 105 omeroom Secretary 10, 115 Congress 125 Gold Convention 125 igh Honors 10, 115 Special Meritorious Honors ARTHA UPTON DE 125 Forensic Society 115 FBLA 105 RA 10, 115 Repertoire Players 10, 11, 125 Band 10, 115 Maroon onvention 10, 11, 125 Honors 12 DOLPH VALVERDE Baseball 10 ICHARD BASQUEZ Pan Am Club 10, 115 Maroon Conven- ion 11 IMMY VEAZEY OHN JIMMY VEILLON ARIE ANN VICKERS French Club 10, 11, 125 GRA 10, 115 and 10, 11, 12, Majorette 11, 125 Heralds 11, 125 National Honor ociety 11, 125 FTA 10, 11, 125 Secretary 12, Merited Member 0, 11, Delegate to District and State Convention 125 Congress 15 Homeroom Secretary 125 Gold Convention 10, 115 Honors 105 igh Honors 115 Maroon Convention 125 Perfect Attendance 115 eritorious Citation ESSE VILLAREAL Pan Am Club 12 RENDA JOYCE VINCENT GRA 10, 115 Maroon Conven- ion 10 ABLE VINCENT ATHERINE MAUREEN VINCENT FBLA 10 IANNE VITTUM FBLA 125 GRA 10, 11, 125 Pan Am Club 05 Bowling Club 105 Homeroom Secretary 10, 115 Gold Conven- ion 10, 11, 125 Honors 11, 12 AE WAGNER French Club 11, 125 Future Nurses 10, 11, 125 RA 10, 11, 12, Lettered 125 Jr. Red Cross 11, 125 Girls' Glee lub 11, 12, President 125 Homeroom Lt. Gov. 11, 125 Honors 115 Maroon Convention 12 VBEVERLY WALKER IJ. BRUCE WALKER JCL 10, 11 NANCY LEA WALL AVID WARLICK Projector's Club 115 Gold Convention 10 ENNY ROSS WARR Texans 125 Jr. Red Cross 115 Basket- ball 10, 11, 12, Lettered 11, 12, Second All-District 12 RALPH C. WATTERSON JCL 11, 12 JOHN WEATHINGTON Cabinet Member 115 Maroon Conven- tion 10, 11, 125 JCL 11, 125 Slide Rule Club 10, 115 Tennis 12 MARCUS WEAVER WILLIAM DENNIS WEHMEYER CYNTHIA WELCH French Club 125 GRA 10, 11, 125 FTA 10, 115 Homeroom Secretary 10, 115 Gold Convention 10 JOYCE ELAINE WELCH Advance Science Club 105 French Club 11, 125 Creative Writing Society 115 Future Lawyers 10, 11, 12, Secretary 11, Vice-President 125 GRA 10, 11, 125 Slide Rule Club 115 Band 10, 11, 125 Heralds 125 Letter Girls 125 FTA 10, 11, 125 Cabinet Member 105 Homeroom Lt. Gov. 115 Congress 125 Maroon Convention 10, 11 DELORES ANN WELLS FBLA 11, 125 GRA 10, 115 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 125 Perfect Attendance 10, 11 DICKIE WHITE Projector's Club 11, 12, Treasurer 125 Cabinet Member 10, 115 Gold Convention 105 Maroon Convention 11 J. O. WHITEHEAD Bowling Club 10 FRAN WILCOX FBLA 105 Hussars 11, 125 GRA 10, 11, 125 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 125 JCL 11, 125 Perfect Attendance 10, 11 DANNY EDMOND WILLIAMS Slide Rule Club 125 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 125 Cabinet Member 12 NANCY IRENE WILLIAMS French Club 11, 125 GRA 10, 11, 125 Jr. Red Cross 125 Cabinet Member 105 Gold Convention 105 ANNUAL Staff 11 WODDY WILLIAMS Maroon Convention 10, 115 Golf 11, 125 Perfect Attendance 10 LINDA L. WILLIAMSON French Club 11, 125 GRA 105 Future Nurses 10, 11, Secretary 115 Jr. Red Cross 10, 115 Slide Rule Club 105 Mixed Chorus 105 Maroon Convention 10, 11 GLENN WILLIS Future Doctors 11, 125 JCL 10, 113 Jr. Red Cross 10, 115 A Cappella 125 Band 10, 115 Congress 115 Cabinet Member 105 Gold Convention 10, 11, 12 CHARLES WAYNE WILSON National Honor Society 11, 125 Homeroom Gov. 105 Congress 125 Senior Class President 125 Maroon Convention 105 Gold Convention 125 Honors 11, 125 Football 10, 11, 12, Lettered 10, 11, 12, First Team All-State Fullback 12, Third Team All-American 12, All-District Most Valuable Player, County's Most Valuable Back 12, Co-Captain Football 125 Basketball 10, 11, 12, Captain 11, 12 HARRY ORAMEL WILSON Honors 125 Perfect Attendance 11 RONNIE WILSON CLAUDIA JOAN WINGATE GRA 10, 115 JCL 125 Pan Am Club 105 Heralds 11, 125 Hussars 11, 12, Assistant Quartermaster 125 National Honor Society 11, 125 Latin Honor Society 125 Homeroom Lt. Gov. 10, Gov. 11, Secretary 125 Cabinet Member 105 Gold Convention 10, 11, 125 High Honors 10, 11, 125 Special Meritorious Honors RITA JOAN WINGFIELD Future Doctors 115 GRA 10, 11, 12, Lettered 115 Heralds 115 Homeroom Lt. Gov. 11, 12, Reporter 125 Gold Convention 10, 11, 125 Honors 10,115 Perfect Attend- ance 115 National Honor Society 12 BECKY ANN WOLF Gold Convention 115 Perfect Attendance 115 Maroon Convention 125 Library Assistant 10,12 KENNETH H. WOLF Advanced Science Club 115 Creative Writing Society 125 JCL 10, 11, 125 Slide Rule Club 10, 11, 125 National Honor Society 11, 125 Gold Convention 10, 125 High Honors 10, 11, 125 Special Meritorious Honors KATHLEEN WOODS French Club 11, 125 GRA 105 Glee Club 10, 11, 125 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 125 Honors 10, 11, 125 PILOT Staff 125 French Honor Society 12 REBECCA JO WRIBORG French Club 10, 115 GRA 10, 11, 12, Lettered 125 Jr. Red Cross 10, 125 Heralds 11, 125 Hussars 11, 125 FTA 10, 11, 12, Secretary 12, Merited Member 125 Home- room Secretary 11, Lt. Gov. 105 Gold Convention 105 Maroon Convention 115 Honors 12 DAVID LEON WRIGHT JAYN WRIGHT Camera Club 105 GRA 10, 11, 125 Repertoire Players 10, 11, 125 Homeroom Treasurer 105 Maroon Convention 105 Honors 11, 125 High Honors 11 LYNDON ROY WRIGHT JCL 105 Slide Rule Club 105 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 125 Honors 105 High Honors 11, 125 ANNUAL Staff 12, Editor of Senior Section5 Jr.-Sr. Play 125 Meritorious Citation SANDRA GAIL WUKASCH Senior Waltz 12 TRUDY WYBLE GRA 125 Jr. Red Cross 12, Pan Am Club 125 Band 115 Heralds 125 Homeroom Lt. Gov. 125 Maroon Con- vention 11, 125 ANNUAL Staff 12 MADELINE ZAMPINE Future Nurses 10, 11, 123 GRA 10, 115 Jr. Red Cross 115 Gold Convention 10, 115 ANNUAL Staff 12 PATRICIA ZIMMERMAN GRA 10, 115 Jr. Red Cross 115 Maroon Convention 10, 11, 125 Homeroom Secretary 105 Honors 10, 11, 12 245 y , , A i -' Q ---11.- ----1---....-.. 246 1 . ,xl I ,X as Q J S, S i W ' r F ' 1 ' , , ,I 9 A H 1 ,. f m v hi VJ" ' ' W1 sf SQ hg 'ff-.o'eQ S553 Fl X K NQ- E4 ig EN! K Qiegfw Q RW M iq Eff! A kwfff ' ' f F 1 fx X f lx X !!! f gf: f 5, f ff" M f 1 w My 1,1 . ,X V ',--.L" f 'L', g .V-- gy, KN iff 'fl I X, A K7 fl , 'vw, i .,L, Ly. , I , v J, XM s , 1: m ?.v?!ihW" . " Ii IJ ' ,g. f 1 v . AVQRITRS Distributive Education classes elected BEVERLY CROWDER sweetheart and BEVERLY BLANCH- ARD outstanding member. They are shown at a ban- quet. 248 Sweethearts JUDY CHELETTE won double honors. She was elected Football Sweetheart and Basketball Sweet- heart. She is shown here with Charles Wilson, winner of Honors in both sports. c Chosen H Favorites I Three were voted Outstanding Members by Future Nurses of America. They are LYNN WAL- LACE, PAULA SUE STRICK- LAND, and LINDA BROUS- SARD. JUDY FRANKLIN hosen Best All Around Girl by Letter Girls and Girls' ecreational Association DIANNE LeQUEAUX and MARY ALICE TERRAN Two distinguished members were chosen to be Misses FTA by Future Teachers of America l 249 MISS FBLA DONNA SEBASTIAN i f Q 1 5 K 3 ? 2 K 2 IDEAL HUSSAR ANN MCMANUS E S HOMECOMING QUEEN NORMA STOREY A 1 4 Sweethearts A CAPPELLA CHOIR SWEETHEART AND BEAU CHARLOTTE RHODES JEFF SMITH BAND SWEETHEARTS SHIRLEY GRAHAM MARY DOERING OUTSTANDING LETTER GIRL CAROLYN BARNETT Favorites YELLOW JACKET SWEETHEART AND BEAU Forrest QBoomyj Hopkins Diane Borel MISS IDEAL SECRETARY Sue Chambless weethearts PILOT SWEETHEART Linda Beetle REPERTOIRE PLAYERS SWEETHEART Ellen Beauchamp Elected by Classmates If E il 1 W a :ai 5 if H na 15 4: gf 5 I5 ae R i Q 2 5 Q i In the Class of 1964 Most Popular Boy - Tommy Ryan 56 si' W ia 5-E Q 5 ES gg :W pw ff 72 si? E3 if ,J .5 Q W 55 as Grand Duke and Grand Duchess GAY ELLERBEE and EDMOND BOUTTE JAN ICE TOWNSEND DANNY RICHARDSON Ladies-and-Gentlemen in-Waiting to Their Majesties NORMA STOREY JAMES BALL CHRISTOPHER BRAY ' NANCY BLAKLEY 0 MARION TURNER 0 CHARLES WILSON Princes and Princesses CECIL BAKER 0 ELIZABETH FLYNN 0 DORA SCALCO ' LEO HEBERT A Elected by Senior Class 26I A Speci Mary Clark David Pardue Judy Franklin l Tommy Daniels Ann Hamilton Claude Pardue Betsy Meeker Mike Trahan , . v T xi i ,ii' 2 Gwen Henry Dee LeQueu James Creed Euclid McLeod ance for B0 alty 7 i X i X 1,,xs X1 Xi NM S 1 Sandra Wukasch Leland Gaspard Sheila Swicegood Lynn Bond Suzanne Summerhill Ronnie Bost -. 2' 3 ,. .. ' 2 1 .,-25 gn ' B a D'Lys Gillman Al Province Candy Matlock ' K David Bonham K V as 1-yi -,.vA .V -. .Ami Judy Miller Bill Scale s c Bernie Brown Myrtis Quibedeaux 263 DUCHESS SANDY BOUBREAUX DUKE AL WEHNER DUCHESS JAN HORSAK DUKE KENNETH LGUPE DUCHESS NANCY BUSHNELL DUKE-ROY F LORES Junior Court 264 DUCHESS CAROL RITCHEY DUKE RAYMOND MURRAY DUCHESS CATHY GASTON DUCHESS CAROL MARSH DUKE TOMMY GOTHIA DUKE PHIL PATE ophomore Court 266 S Qi, qi g M l Z Q jx. x K ',iL, . K .J XSL 7 S 1 ff' ' Q X S S S z, 1 .,,.. . , .waz- 1 5 S 3 V V , x Q 11.-ii ' 'W Q1Zfl','1- f '- kriziglk X x ' Q L , I i ffl ' V .4 4' W f',., g ,f 1 '- ' wi." m:kk'K x X S ' X S S 5 5 X A Q Q , Q S uidanee Comes From These THE SPONSORS THAT have always given their understanding and ever-needed guidance to the members of FTA are Miss Mary Eunice Vickers, Mrs. ,lo Ann Carver, Miss Eleanor Wall, Mrs. Margaret Barry. and Mrs. Nora Gregory. Future Teachers of America Club helps students, boys and girls, who are interested in teaching as a career. It familiarizes them with the profession as well as with the responsibilities. The club is di- vided into three groups: The Thomas Jefferson Club, G. M. Sims Club, and David Miller Club. These smaller clubs Work together as one organization in their ac- tivities and projects. The mem- bers attended district convention in Bellaire and state convention in Austin. 268 Q 5 COMPARING NOTES FOR the next meeting are the overall officers of FTA: Marcel Gooch, treasurerg Patsy Smith, parliamentariang Mary Alice Teran, historiang Gail Saunde presidentg Mary Deering, first vice-presidentg and Carolyn Estes, second vice-president. 3 1 ' ophs, lnducted Into FT DING AN OFFlCER'S meet- of the G. M. Sims Club is ident Peggy Cralino. Other ers of the club are Debby er, Barbara Turman, Mariel- Showalter, .ludy Tobias, Betty ox, Carol Marsh, Lydia Le- x, and Deanna Stahl. HOMORE MEMBERS-SITTING: Karen Martin, Eleanor Ferguson, Judy Tobias, Kathy Gaston, Cynthia Linder, Betty Lennox, erly Salter, and Sue Foster. STANDING: Janet Frazee, Elizabeth Walker, Barbara Treibel, Tana Townsend, Lydia Lequeux, Diane ite, Carolyn Handy, Mariellen Showalter, Carol Marsh, Linda Lockwood, and Deanna Stahl. Semor Members E OFFICERS OF THE Jefferson Club are Graham treasurer ' Rie ner first vice-1 n Diane Lequeux 1 Deana Denho historia Marshall devotional Marie Vickers secretary' Stephanie Fuselier vice-president. THIS LIVELY GROUP of members is headed for Bellaire High School in Houston where they will attend the district c The members are-FIRST ROW: Mary Alice Teran, Sue Capps,'Linda Newsome, Lydia Lequeux Darlene Downs Elizabeth W Shirley Graham, and Marie Vickers. STANDING: Miss Vickers, Linda Stevenson, Kay Belles, Peggy Gralino, Diane Lequeux Welch, Gail Saunders, Mary Ann Koerth, Judy Meyers, Kay Marshall, and Evelyn Trevino. 270 L1 ne Year. raise and Merit Marguerite Castro Deana Denbo Mary Deering Carolyn Estes Elizabeth Flynn Stephanie Fuselicr Marcelyn Gooch Shirley Graham Peggy Cralino Carolyn Kettrick Dee Lequcux Martha McCartney Kay Marshall Diane Riegner Gail Saunders Donna Schamber Patsy Smith Mary Alice Teran Wanda Thornell Marie Vickers Becky Wriborg r. Joe Price receives many congratu- tions for being awarded Teacher of wards Are Given AWARDS NIGHT FOR Future Teachers brings joy to many girls who have striven all year for this honor. RECEIVING THE AWARD for Outstanding FTA members are Sandra Castro, Mary Alice Terran and Tana Townsend. Mr. Clyde Gott presented the award. Mr. Joe Price received the Teacher of the year award. 272 David Miller Club Plans Future MEMBERS of Future Teachers: SEATED: Linda Stevenson, Andrea Commander, Nancy O'Neal, Marilyn Weeks, and Sylvia Daniels. SECOND ROW: Karen Miller, Mary ,lane Hill, Mary Ann Koerth, Merle Coward, Dana Morgan, Sara Hawes, Lois Brown, and Ann Boutte, THIRD ROW: Carolyn Sheppard, Linda Cartwright, Darlene Downs, Elaine Charrier, Sandra Coody, Nancy Bushnell, and Sue Capps. DAVID MILLER FTA OF- FICERS INCLUDE Rita Leihling, first vice-president: Maurgurette Castro, presi- dentg Sue Haskell, second vice-president. STANDING: Dinah Chism, devotional lead- er, Joan Traulne, third vice- presidentg Phoebe Malnigren, treasurer, and Marian Lair. secretary. 273 The members of Future Lawyers discussed several court cases and visited court rooms while court was in session. They were ex- posed to various techniques used by ef- fective lawyers. Valuable infonnation is also available to all members through their participation in the club's program. Mem- bership is open to all students who are interested in entering the law profession. LEARNING T0 MAKE a valid thesis statement will he useful to these future solons: Barbara Melancon, treasurerg Nancy Bailey, secretaryg Bob Thompson, presidentg and Joyce Welch, vice-president. tudents Plan head satfzsmznrs Bob Thompson gives a preview of the club's plans for the future The members of Future Lawyers are Joyce Welch, William Castille, Brenda Cappadona, Mike Spell Came Brzot Mr Rex Copeland sponsor Kay Marshall Ronald Spell, Nancy Bailey, and Bob Thompson 274 t se Trainin Provided or Medical Clan THE FUTURE DOCTORS' CLUB aids students interested in medicine and familiarizes them with the medical profession. It provides an introduction to the long, rough schedule that is re- quired of all students who wish to en- ter the field of medicine. The club helps to find the answers to pertinent questions that arise during the year. This year the members took two field trips. They visited the .lohn Sealy Hospital in Galveston and the Baylor Medical Center in Houston. LISTENING ATTENTIVELY TO Mr. Darrell Ardoin are Mrs. Sandra Shaw and Mr. Alfred Hebert, sponsors of the Future Doctors of America. DOT-DASH-DOT-DASH! Does a pulse beat usually come through in Morse Code? Seeking an answer are these officers of Future Doctors: Demetrius Loukas, presidentg Rita Leibling, treasurer, Mike Kuhitz, vice-presidentg and Louis Anselmo, secretary. MRS. SHAW HOLDS the at- tention of the members as she reports on the latest med- ical development. Members of the Future Doctors-FRONT ROW: Roy Druitt, Glenn Wil- lis, Danny DeVillier, Larry Fergusson, John Bigham, Paul Paris, and Fred Loeb. SEC- OND ROW: Jerry Hebert, Major Hightower, Elizabeth Foster, Karen Johnson, Shir- ley Zingleman, Rita Leibling, Jeff Kush, and Bill Long. THIRD ROW: Larry Vidrine, T. C. Roddy, Tommy Ryan, Sam Colletti, Dan Cliffe, and George Roddy. 275 Slide Rule Meets Early Mrs. Laverna Keifer keeps Slide Rule Club members hoping to win added trophies. SLIDE RULE CLUB at- tracts those Who will pursue further math and science studies. It is chartered by Student Congress, but it has no officers. The group meets twice weekly to get special practice in the use of the mathematics needed to make use of this instrument. This is a small segment of approximately 150 who came in regularly for early morning instruction. Competition is keen for representing TJ at Interscholastic meets. 276 Junior Red Cross Aid helped decorate the Christmas tree for the enjoyment of all students. Included in group are Linda Broussard, Carolyn Prince, Becky Wriborg, Kay Marshall, Dianna s Linda Mathews, and Janice Cook. s Man Every homeroom sends a representative to Junior Red Cross meetings held each month. This group helps in national projects, such as making cartoon books for hospitals and col- lecting items for boxes to be given to needy children. Each one who contributes to the All School Chest Fund becomes a member of the national organization. fficel-5 and Sponsors include M1-, Kenneth Parker, Mrs. Sandra Shaw, Adrienne Iverson, vice presidentg inda Broussard, president: Pat Gulley, program chairman. 277 MEMBERS OF FUTURE NURSES-SEATED: Carolyn Bievenue, Tobin Weaver, Julia Crookshank, Connie Breaux, Dawn Carona, Delia Dunklin, Nancy Ellis, Susan Young, and Lynn Wallace. STANDING: Janice l.eBouef, Janet Loar, Kay Malin, Brenda Richard, Annis McRee, Carol Parks, Lynn Fitzgerald, Marsha Woodall, Linda Courville, Linda Hayes, and Cynda Vincent. The need for trained. nurses and medical workers is growing each year. The Future Nurses Club introduces interested girls to the varied fields of nursing and helps them plan study courses which will prepare them to enter the medical school of their choice. The club provides actual experiences in patient contact, and more than 6,000 hours of volunteer service was given hy the cluh. The club took the annual field trip, which lasted two days. During this trip, they visited the open house at Hotel Dieu in Beaumont, Rusk State Hospital in Rusk, the health museum in Dallas, and the Children's Hospital in Fort Worth. MEMBERS OF FUTURE NURSES-FRONT ROW: Penny Thomas, Sherilyn Lacey, Linda Brown, Charlotte Brinson, Melinna Hollier, Connie Ragio, Connie Guidry. MIDDLE ROW: Pat Gulley, Carol Skillman, Carol Brown, Paula Strickland, Dian Dunnam, and Dianah Solis. BACK ROW: Toni Griffin, Peggy Thomas, and Bonnie Macbeth. 278 Future Nurs MR. MCGEE AND Mrs. Kay have nated this special set of text hooks behalf of The National Foundation the March of Dimes, Jefferson Seniors Carol Barhay Q ,, iz, it ww X if Sharon Best ffl K' .P ta' 155942: Linda Broussard ,f-, 1 ,Y we, -af is ,wt wxfsffw msfwa-1 5, ima, -ifarsafg ,e fffzzxss 1 i4 M Carolyn Cappadona 'Y fkivnfi Martha de la Rosa T5 Becky DeVillier et ew niforms ter to Mrs. Jesse Miller, the spon- MEMBERS OF FUTURE NURSES-STANDING: Kay Titus, Mary Wright, Karen of the Future Nurses club. The Baxter, Nancy Bowden, Karen Banhess, Kitty Hebert, Bonnie Neal, Nona Hoffpauir. s will be especially used for re- SEATED: Edwina Rabioles, Linda Landry, Dian Feltman, Edna Mathews, Molly Clinton, ch on Birth Defects, Judy Holberg, Mary English, Carolyn Weisinger, and ,lean Hall. CI11OI'S iaaz' gig, ,, Rae Wagner ' ,ii Madeline Zampini aite T ' Donna LeBlanc Marie Orozeo Brenda Perego Nancy Richard Diana Thomas - 5 ,sa Ji HE - F THE OFFICERS OF THE FUTURE NURSES!SEATED: Becky Devillier and Diana Thomas. STANDING: Linda Broussard, Diana Solis, Judi Rhody, Carolyn Cappadona, Ann MacManus, Paula Strickland, Nancy Richards, Connie Raggio, Donna LeBlanc, and Judy Holberg. 27 HELPING INTERESTED STUDENTS to learn business tactics is the main function of the Future Business Lead- ers of America club. The club is spon- sored by Mr. Rex Copeland, Mrs. Linda Bentley, Mrs. Mable Swanzy, and Mrs. Betty Cowan. The members have been very fortunate in having several leading local businessmen at their night meetings. They have also visited several local business firms. 280 Future Business Leade HAVING BEEN SHOWN the new office equipment by experts, the officers of FBLA smile confidently. They are Pat Flanagan, president, Maurine Hooks, vice-president, Sue Chambless, secretaryg Vickey Belz, treasurer, Regina ' Droddy, parliamentariang and Carolyn Blankenship, historian. TOO MUCH FEMININE advice can confuse even the best typist, concludes Mr. Rex Copeland, one of the quartet of FBLA sponsors. Others include Mrs. Linda Bentley, Mrs. Mable Swanzy, and Mrs. Betty Cowan. earn Business Tactics E MEMBERS ARE: BOTTOM: Peggy Thomas Patsy .loranstad Connie Rush Barbara Cude Sue Chamhless Gayle Giddens :resa Dupuy, Sandra Richards, Penny Thomas Sherilyn Lacey and Pat Flanagan TOP Georgia Smith Christine Patm Betty St ', Linda Beall, Pat Pommier, Regina Droddy Cheryl Droddy Mar aretha Bullock Sherrie McDonald Patsy Smith Mary Ann Rethke 1 Merritt, Carlene Swan, and Maurine Hooks HE REMAINING MEMBERS in- ide: BOTTOM ROW: Carolyn Blank- ship, Becky Resendez, Beverly Shav- ,, Vickey Belz, ,lo Ann DeLa Cruz, d Sheila Beach. SECOND ROW: anne Phillips, Sharon Broussard, Mer- Quibedeaux, Emma Gonzales, Char- te Thibedeaux, Sidney Prince, Rich- l Gardner, and John Garcia. THIRD JW: Jodie Andrus, Carolyn Bra.nch, e Castille, Donna Sehastain, Sue ndry, Penny Nevils, Sandy Bou- zauz, Pat LaSalle, Jeanette Jones, se Vasquez, Susan Hartford, Wanda stille, and Susan Caldwell. C. J. BOURC AND JIM GRATZ give a quick demonstration of the type of work they often do. DE Members Organiz Approximately eighty students combine work and school with the aid of the Distributive Education program, and this common interest in earning and learning is the basis for membership in the Dis- tributive Education Club. Meetings are held once a month in the evenings. Since the most important event of the year is the spring banquet, the club decided to use most of their space to show how they looked when they entertained their bosses at the Driftwood late in the spring. Although the club is a rather loosely knit organization as far as procedures go, these officers helped generate enthusiasm for the general program. They include the follow- ing: Skippy Chatelain, presidentg Marshall Hensley, vice-presidentg Bertha Brown, sec- retaryg Nancy Bailey, corresponding secre- taryg Belinda Cappadonna, treasurer. Mrs. Dell Hille, program co-ordinator, also spon- sors the club. 282 ourteenth nnual Banquet Marshal Hensley was voted the out- standing boy in the DE program. Bev- erly Blanchard fcenterl received the award for the girls, and Beverly Crow- der frightl, was honored as DE sweet- heart at the banquet. Leland Caspard served as master of ceremonies. Other students who appeared on the program were Ronald Nickleson, Bobby Atchley, George Cappell, and Martha Upton. Others were Wayne Rodgers, Danny Styles, Mary Jordan, Ray Can- ada, Maurice LeBlanc, Rudy Vaughn, Margaret Huehel, Beverly Blanchard, Sandy Johnson, Susie Johnson, and James Bell. This was the fourteenth DE banquet when student workers put on their best fmery to become hosts and hostesses to therr bosses and supervisors. 'QCliek7' Goes the Shutter ONE WAY TO capture memorable moments is through pictures. The sponsor of the Cam- era Club, Mr. Roger Russell, helps students interested in photography to learn more about parts of the camera, and the production and development of pictures. The members enjoy many individual projects throughout the year. A FUZZY PICTURE disqualifies a possible contest winner. Guiding the informal gatherings of the Cam- era Club are Jeanette Bergeron, presidentg Mr. Roger Russell, sponsor, and Carolynn Bamette, vice-presi- dent. 284 THE CAMERA, A complica device, is the center of discuss at a typical Camera Club m ing. The members learn m valuable camera techniques. T are Jeanette Bergeron, Caro Barnette, Bill Powell, Bill Hebin Bart Bragg, Don Killebrew, not and Joe Martinez Ifurnpkin, Dan Smith, Bobby T Films Boost Learning EVERY YEAR ONE'S knowledge expands, and films con- tribute greatly to this process. The members of the Pro- jectors Club make this possible. It is a service organization and is composed of boys who wish to devote their regular study hall time to helping teachers in need of someone to project various films. The librarian, Mrs. Marcelle Pitman, trains members to operate the projectors and helps them coordinate the needs of the teachers and the services of- fered. "YOU SEE, THIS gizmo is connected to that gadget," explains Mrs. Pitman to Jackie Gulley, secretaryg Dickie White, presidenlg and Norma Reeves, vice-president. LEARNING MORE ABOUT the parts of the projectors are the members of the Projectors Club. SITTING: Mike Hilliard, Ronald Chaddrick, Tommy Ryan, Norman Reeves, Jackie Gulley, and Wayne Mayfield. STAND- ING: Robert Hundertman, Lynn Lemoine, Richard Knight, Paul.Stewart, Alvin Goodyear, Mike Broussard, and Skippy Sudduth. 285 Plays Add Color THE REPERTOIRE OFFICERS are hunting for new techniques which will help them this year in the field of drama. SITTING: Mary Beth Boyanton, historian: Ellen Beauchamp, secretary, and Maria Rutt, parlia- mentarian. STANDING: Lynn Bond, presidentg ,Iudy Miller, treasurer, and Bob Thompson, vice-president. 286 Plays and other programs' are p sented throughout the school year the members of Repertoire. The c is divided into two groups: the Sp lighters, consisting of old membe and Footlighters, consisting of n members. The most active membt who participate the greatest num of hours belong to the Rep level. Players help strengthen the cultu interests of our town. CUIDING THE FORTUNE and destiny Repertoire are Mr. Louis King and M Nancy Creswell. l Q X ev i I l l l REPERTOIRE MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Robbi Laemm Betty Formagus, Susan Floy Starline Baker, Carol McPherso Fay Trahan, Maria Rutt, and ,Iuc Miller. SECOND ROW: Bill .Iohl SOD, Justin Cambell, Mary Bet Boyanton, Phyliss Daigle, Kara Johnson, Rise Lind, Dorthy Jacl son, and Lynn Bond. THIR ROW: .limmey Beasley, Elle Beauchamp, Pat Hebert, Sane Toliver, Judy Fletcher, and Bi Hebinck. ctors, Debaters - TJ Has Both ESE MEMBERS ARE enjoying a produced, directed, and acted by nette Bergeron and Ronnie Absire. IADING THE TRUNK of a car, bearing a Lousiana license plate, indicates that the Repertoire mem- .s are entering the degate meet in New Orleans. The lucky members are Jerry Sharpless, Terry Brown, n Claire Cotham, Mr. Louis King, Benny Hutson, Justin Campbell, Larry Sbarpless, Bob Thompson, eresa Mark, Prissy Jordan, and Gail Sanders. NGift of Gab" Gathers Many Forensic Honors The Forensic Society is a great help to students who plan frequent public speeches or the pursuit of the lawyer,s profession. One must be active in Forensic events before he can be eligible for mem- bership, which is determined by invitation. Events include debate, oratory, extemporaneous speaking, and dramatic interpretation. TJ was represented in five debate tournaments: Bellaire, Spring Branch, Lamar, Baylor, and the Tulane University Glendy- Burke Tournament. The club entered the district University Interscholastic League competition for one-act plays. In the Baylor debate tournament, Bob Thompson and Justin Campbell advanced to semi- finals in extemporaneous speaking, debate, and ora- tory. They were chosen fifth out of two hundred teams. In the Spring Branch tournament, three of TJ's students advanced to the semi-final position: Roxie Roll, Lynn Bond, and Bob Thompson. Bob also won a first place medal and trophy in the ora- tory division. Dora Scalco, Lynn Bond and Bob Thompson won first place trophies at the Lamar tournament. Dora also won a second place medal. THE OFFICERS OF Forensic Society are Don Bozell, presidentg Trl' resa Marks, secretaryg Prissy Jordan, parliamentariang and Justin Ca bell, vice-president. .JUSTIN IS EXPLAINING a few points to keep in mind when competing in tournaments. SITTING: Gail Saunders, Dorothy Jackso Mary Boyanton, Robbi Laemmle, Kay Marshall, and Theresa Marks. STANDINGQ Bob Thompson, Larry Sharpless, Don Rozell, Jer Sharpless, Benny Hutson, Prissy Jordon, Roxie Boll, Mike Hendryx, Lee Pelz, Paul Moore, and Justin Campbell. 288 Henke FICERS OF CREATIVE Writers are Tim mmerlin, presidentg Bobby Theriot, vice-presi- nt, Shirley Schmidt, secretaryg Jeanie Mon- y, treasurerg and Linda Brown, parliamen- rian. ATTENTIVELY TO Tim Summerlin while he conducts a typical are BACK ROW: Geary Hamilton, Dorothy Jackson, Bobby Theriot, Smith. SECOND ROW: Shirley Schmidt, Phyllis Wilson, Lee Lumpkin, Heibenk. THIRD ROW: Jeanne Montroy, Carol Barbay, Mary Christian, Otto. FRONT ROW: Suzie Thornton, Robert Terry, Merle Coward, ni and and and and Creative Writers Society Instant Authorship is not promised to members of Creative Writers, but a knowledge of correct grammar and avoiding cliche ideas certainly help in writing impromptu papers. The sponsors are Miss Ann Jones, Mrs. Isabella Bjerring, Mr. William Green, Mrs. Margaret Parker and Miss Doris Crisp. DISCUSSING THE CLUB activi- ties are the sponsors: SEATED: Miss Ann Jones and Mrs. Isabella Bjerring. STANDING: Mr. Wil- liam Green, Mrs. Margaret Parker, and Miss Doris Crisp. 289 LINDA PARKER, VICE-PRESL DENTQ Rose Gonzales, secretaryg and Jo Ann De La Cruz, presi- dent, admire Martha Dela Rosa's colorful Spanish costume. 290 Learning to Spe AS LATIN AMERICAN AFFAIRS grow closer in relation to the United States, know- ing how to speak Spanish pays off. This year the members of the Pan Am Club attended the Pan Am Student Forum Convention in Austin. This yearis projects include writing to pen pals, exchanging tapes with Spanish-speaking countries, and translating books for students in Mexico. Students currently taking Spanish and former students are eligible for member- ship. The' sponsors are Miss Margaret McGinty and Mr. Ernesto Guzman. The club is growing each year. It is no wonder because the mem- bers have access to various Spanish literature and become acquainted with the music, art, and traditions of the Spanish-speaking people. MISS MARGARET MCGINTY puts up the year's calendar while Mr. Ernesto Guzman reminds her of the important events concerning the Pan Am Club that will take place this year. Efty, Johnny Jackson, Carol panish Pays ff MBERS OF PAN AM Club- ONT ROW: Tony Guerrero, ia Barbosa, Martha dela Rosa, ry Collazo, Rose Lona, and Jo De la Cruz. STANDING: dra Dionne, Kay Marshall, Bob- Theriot, Fred Gloria, Marie co, and Mary Lou Orozco. OTHER MEMBERS-FRONT ROW: Robert Avilez, Linda Flores, Sylvia Daniels, Estela de la Rosa, Galvan, Gloria Hicks, Carolyn Sepeda, Becky Resendez, and Emanuel Dimiceli. SECOND ROW: Mary Ann Koerth, Anna Lopez, Linda McClintock, Janie Tennent, Kay Whitlow, and Susan Daniels. THIRD ROW: Emma Gonzales, Phyllis McBride, Shasa Perez, Cheryl Snoek, Linda Parker, Dana Morgan, Prissy Jordan. FOURTH ROW: Gerald de Leon, Billy Lanclow, and Roy Flores. DITIONAL MEMBERS CLUDE-SITTING: Vir- ia Barbosa, Cynthia Marti- z, Connie Roberts, Lana lmand, and Betty Jo He- rt. STANDING: Terry Wig- s, Earl Kitchens, Allan arsh, Janet Rhodes, Marsha nter, Mike Elizando, Rob- McCullough, Bart Bragg, cl Randall Guillory. 29I 'Jugsi Draws Many New embe The Jefferson Union of Germa if . 'E Students, hence JUGS, encourage those in the Foreign Languag Department, especially those i . German courses, to maintain a 5 interest in the program. Althoug , - Q meetings were not scheduled on it Q regular basis during the past year - 1 an occasional session with an appl 1 strudel and some good talk i ff German added spice to class ses Sions- ' t'2f:if' ::5Qf b f i f": :, ,- - : '5iii5-:5S2':'- 52 A H .J if Q Q V' vt F 5 S tiitiis m f ' ss, 55 -:gs Mr. Michael Johnson, sponsor, takes a look at the spring scene. This is his first year on the Jefferson faculty. MEMBERS OF THE GERMAN CLUB-FIRST ROW: Dora Scalco, Marguerite Castro, Charlotte Seewoster, Karen Johnson, Carolyn Hoffpauir, and Beverly Domaschk. SECOND ROW: Jennifer Huber, Rise Lind, Devera Jones, Susan Lamplen, Donnie Haynes, Jeanne Johnston, Phoebe Malmgren, Maria Rutt, and Elizabeth Blevins. THIRD ROW: Bill Patton, Brent Landry, David Auld, Dickie Shinn, Jeff Holberg, Lee Lumpkin, Julius Eickenhorst, Robert Brock, and Dennis White. J 292 evelopers of Deeper ppreciation LPING T0 DEVELOP a deeper appreciation art, the A11 Club, sponsored by Mr. Roger ssell, adds a touch of color to various school ctions. Throughout the year the showcase, stage s, and campaign signs are evidence of the mem- rs' abilities. This year the Art Club Sponsored TCU traveling exhibit, took a field trip to the useum of Fine Arts in Houston, and entered the ley's Regional Scholastic Art Magazine Exhibit, ere eleven TJ students won awards. Work was o entered in the Port Arthur Art League Ex- bit and in an exhibit at Lamar Tech. 'LBUT YOU SEE the trees are too . . ." remarks Mr. Roger Russell sponsor, to Laura Tindell, secretary, and Jeanette Bergeron, vice-presi dent. EVERAL MEMBERS ENJOY comments made by Steve Harris, president of the Art Club. The members are: STANDING: erry DeRouen, Steve Evens, Alton McCord, Ronald Mase, Gary Parks, Serigo Ortiz, Don Killerbrew, Joe Martinez, Johnny lendez. SEATED: Laura Tindell, Debbie Gouthier, Shirley Schmidt, Joyce Darling, Steve Harris, Nancy Good, Charlotte ,obbs. 293 JCL ees Familiar Fac Mrs. Judy Heard, Mrs. Geraldine Johnson, department chairman, and Miss Margaret Miller admire a student project displaying a Roman fort. JCL gives students an opportunity to learn more about the ancient civilization of the Romans and our classical heritage. The club has one of the- largest memberships in the school. The first major event of the year was the Saturnalia, when firsi year students were promoted. The Roman Banque was held in the spring. JCL Honor Society wa: organized in which a student must have an 2AfI average in the first year of Latin and 4'A"7s tht- first two nine weeks of second year Latin. Presiding over JCL are tl officers which are Dial Reigner, secretaryg Robe Schmidt, vice-presidentg B4 Thompson, presidentg ai Jan Horsak, treasurer. FIRST YEAR IVIBLRS are SITTING e Carlquist Kay Powell ron Robinson Tommy n Claire Geisen Cynthia nson and Donna Schmidt NDING Gary Willis rles ,Iayroe Dub Hardin Miner Harold Leavell Curtis Beckcom Well as New FIRST YEAR MEMBERS are- SITTING: Sheila Messina, Molly Roddy, Beverly Zumo, Carrie Bi- zot, .Io Marie Ryan, and Judy Holberg. STANDING: .Iimmy Ash- craft, Tommy Cain, David Meeker, Henry Gregory, Anthony Romero, and Raymond Murry. FIRST YEAR MEM- BERS INCLUDE-SIT TING: Janet Loar, Fran- ces Griffith, Pam For- sythe, Pat Freeman, Star- son. STANDING: Robert Weldon, Bruce Owens, David Meeker, Henry nelly. 295 lene Baker, Tracey Ed- wards, and Linda Steven- Gregory, and Bobby Nun- FIRST YEAR ME. SITTING: Clara Beard, ' Wilson ,Io Anna P Vote Aye! THIRD YEAR MEMBERS of JCL are Keith Moore, Joyce Dar- ling, Sheila Swicegood, Diane Reig- ner, T. C. Roddy, Nancy Harman, Sandra Denton, Carol Skaff, Roh- ert Schmidt, and .Iamie Creed. 296 , l Gully, Bonnie Clinton Andrews, and Kay STANDING: Mike aro, Benny Hutson, Ioubert, John Baron, Carter, Edward Richey Neil, Forrest Forquc, Bobby Nunnclly. THE AYES HAVE it! Membr of .ICL Senate-STANDING: B Thompson, Sheila Swicegood, Gw Henry, Mike Trahan, Starle Baker, Theresa Marks, Don Rozf Harold Leavell, Margaret Reeburg Bill Stack, and Mary Jane Hi SITTING: Diane Reigner, and ,I Horsak. Second Year embers Enjo Roman Banquet SECOND YEAR MEMBERS - STANDING: Pete Coldhlum, George Roddy, Mary Sirrnan, Al- len Newsome, and Don Rozelle. SEATED: Cindy White, .lane Bus- sey, Ernigl Brockschmidt, Linda Bottoms, Connie Garner, .lanet Noel, Denise Loupe, and Toni Griffin. THE ANNUAL ROMAN Banquet was held May 4 in the cafeteria. OTHER SECOND YEAR MEMBERS-STANDING: Janice Hassinger, Mary ,lane Hill, Vedon Otto, Carlton Fuss, Jan Horsak, Pat Page, Linda Cuccio, Ronald Mayes, Beverly O,Neal, Kenneth Miller, John Bigham, Susan Moritz, Phyliss Daigle. SEATED: Pat Piggot, Shirley Schmidt, Jackie Benfield, Frances Wilcox, Patsy Smith, Claudia Wingate, Pam Dugan, ,loan Millar, Marcelyn Gooch. Members Are lnstalled lnto JCL Honor Soeiet JCL has sponsored an honor society for members qualifying with an A average in two years of Latin. The newly-installed members are: QSEATEDJ Margaret Reeburgh, Jane Bussey, Erma Brocksehmidt, Diane Riegner, Sue Dixson, Claudia Wingate, Sheila Ann Swicegood, and Susan Moritzg fSTANDlNCvl Gwen Henry, Donna LeBlanc, Vedon Otto, Phil Fleckman, Kenneth Wolf, Norma Schroeder, Robert Schmidt, Ken- neth Miller, Carleton Fuss, Shirley Ann Schmidt, and Sue Ellen Capps. Not pictured are Sandra Denton, Scott Russell, Michael Trahan, and Al Wehner. THESE ARE SOME the many second ye JCL members. STANI ING: Wayne Baloi Beorge Holmes, T. ' Roddy, Russell Demla Bob Thompson. SEAl ED: Gwen Henry, M garet Reeburgh, S Dixon, Norma Schroed Earlene Masonia, Regi Droddy, and Sue Capp Ellis McBride, Buddy Delaney, ientific Field Is Broadened VQUID? THAT may be the biology specimen Mr. John Godwin is using to fascinate Boomy Lkins, president of the Advanced Science Club. Fellow sponsors include Mr. Bill Tolar and Martha Butler. Since many careers are ad- vancing in the scientific field, it is wise to be a member of the Advanced Science Club. One must maintain a "B" average and have two years in both math and science. Of special interest are individual reports from those who have attended summer science pro- grams where they worked on college levels ranging from biology to nuclear physics. 3 A SNAP! A snapping turtle is. These scientists are taking iorough inventory of this live zimen. The members are SIT- G: Margaret Reeberg, Gail riders, Judy Miller, Benny Hut- David Auld. STANDING: y Daniels, Bill Scale, Bill ison, Paul Robideaux, Dan f, and Dan Banks. 299 'el Love Par REMINISCENT OF SPRINGTIME in Paris, French, Club members enjoyed a spring banquet as the most important event of the year. To belong, one must be presently enrolled in French. Former class students are also eligible for membership. French music, art, and customs are the main centers of interest for this group. With the guidance of Miss Sandra Cole and Miss Peggy Bruce, the club enables its members to learn more about the culture, geography, and ways of life of the French people. MISS COLE AND Miss Bruce seem to have taken over the record corner at the Christmas party for French Club members. HIT IS TOO pretty to cut," exclaims Dora Scalco, presidentg Elizabeth Flynn, vice-presidentg Jan Willoughby, secretary, and Candy Matlock, treasurer. 300 0 o the Sprmgtlme MEMBERS OF FRENCH FIRST ROW: Cheri Moritz, Pierce, Linda Downs, Karen , Marion Turner, and Rena sfield. SECOND ROW: Ann ey, Joyce Welch, Kathy ds, and Linda Hays. THIRD : Deana Denbo, Linda Wil- on, Susan Floyd, Lynn Bond, Gillman, Janice Townsend, Arrington, Betsey Meeker, hanie Fuselier, Pat Parent, Penny Jackson. ened the Christmas season for French ROLING PARTY, held in the cafeteria, members. They sang in the native h language. FRENCH CLUB MEMBERS were entertained ,at an informal coke party in the cafeteria. This social was one of the special events of the club. Additional members in- clude-FOREGROUND: Elizabeth Hardy, John Parent, Judy Kirken- dal, Diane Duplan, Brenda Pile- tere, Sharon Lopez, Sandra Clan- an, Delia Ann Dunklin, Gail Nor- strum, Andrea Commander, Susan Castile, Sherry Morgan, Susan Barnard, Murry Haber, Judy To- bias, and Betty Formagus. BACK- GROUND: Alan Sonnier, Ford Peyton, Laura Bottoms, Sharon Blanton, Eleanor Ferguson, Judy Castile, Sheila Louvier, Pat Mc- Carey, and Greg Davis. 30l i. f ,f L ' 'Q H302 ' ff L l 'f 5 ' iw f' gt A X .. f IN ,I mu X mf , .f V-kf'L ig 1 if :,. E13 7 ,34-1 nu: fc , fr! x, , X 1 i XX l NM X , , .i,,, 5,:. L 1 -. i waitin, . . ':'WOW?"xf?'- J f' ,. 'Q' -,I 1,44-,.. g K ..:3,A:,Q4 . , ' fr- il ll 1 NF PRESIDENT - David Watts SECRETARY -- Judy Menard TREASURER - Jan Willoughby VICE PRESIDENT - Jerry Sharples 5 Chosen as Congressmen FALL CONGRESSMEN-FRONT ROW: C. Snoek, J. Menard, S. Haskell, R. Liebling, P. Stansbury, S. Boudreaux, J. Free, D. Borel. BACK ROW: T. Brown, B. Landon, K. Loupe, L. Sharpless. SPRING CONGRESSMEN-FRONT ROW: S. Capps, J. Horsak, L. Easterling, B. Edwards. SECOND ROW: P. LaSalle, B. McBeth, J. Andrus, D. Jones, J. M. Ryan. BACK ROW: R. Flores, B. Collins, J. Eickenhorst, J. Sharpless. Juniors Add to Lively Timl From early football season .... Through election time .... Until they conclude the school year. .luniors move into pluves of leadership. Student Government JUNIOR GOVERNORS-FRONT ROW: A. Romero, J. Bigham, G. Methvin, R. Couwille. SECOND ROW: M. Reeburgh, J. Huff, P. Dugan, L. Easterling, N. Green, N. Bushnell. THIRD ROW: J. McBride, L. Parker, N. O'Neal, S. Castro, L. Plaia, M. Simmons, C. Hampton. TOP ROW: D. Haynes, J. Emmons, D. Baker, P. Rabuck, J. Barnard, C. Moore. Lillian Achord Laura Adams Jeanette Adaway Jo Ann Alexander Jackqueline Ames Bobby Andrews Linda Andrews Patsy Andrews Jodie Andrus Virginia Andrus Lupo Angelo Linda Armstrong Jeff Arnaud Liz Arnold Linda Arriola Karen Arthur Brenda Ashcraft Robert Aucoin David Auld Carol Avery Judy Avila Wayne Babin Don Baker Douglas Ball Mike Ballanger Dan Banks Tim Bargainer Janice Barker .lackie Barnard John Baron John Bartlett Ronald Bass Shelia Beach Melvin Beachamp Roy Bean David Beane Albert Beard Curtis Beckcom John Becker .limmy Begnaud Gayla Bell Helen Benfield Phyllis Bennett Travis Bergeron Dale Bernauer John Bidelar John Bigham Bobby Birkelbach Darlene Blanchard .lohn Blanford Carolyn Blankenship Karen Blanton Richard Blefnderman Elizabeth Blevins Kay Bolles Ginger Booth Michael Bordonaro Dianne Borel .ludy Borel Sandy Boudreaux Becky Bounds David Bourg Rolland Bourg Ann Boutte Larry Boutte ,Io Beth Bower Marybeth Boyanton Michael Brabham Karen Brackin Darrell Breaux Kenneth Breaux Linda Breaux Melvin Breaux Bonnie Brehmer Monte Brickey Steve Britt Robert Broch Donald Broussard Frances Broussard Clenn Broussard Larry Broussard Mike Broussard Sue Broussard John Brown Junior Girls Lear omemakmg Slqlls .ludy Brown Linda Brown Lois Brown Terry Brown Connie Buckner Cheryl Burge Danny Burneston Nancy Bushnell Jane Bussy Tommy Cain Susie Caldwell Margaret Callis John Canada Barbara Cappen Lois Capps Martha Capps Sue Capps Pat Carberry Martin Cardenas Sylvia Carpenter Laura Carter PENNY THOMAS IS all snules as she models her newly made Jumper whlle Evelyn Gllbert and Karen Pace admxre her work HE REMEMBERED! EXCLAIMS Sherilyn Lacey as her homecoming corsage is delivere Barbara Chiasson Dinah Chisum Katherine Choate David Cligan Linda Cline Bonnie Clinton Becky Clooney Wayne Colicher Joe Collazo Ruth Colletti Billy Collins Andrea Command Sandra Coody Charles Cooksey Gary Cooley Rene Courville Carole Cotham .lames Cox Suzanne Craig Richard Cricehio Julie Crochet d. er Excited Juniors Aw Linda Cartwright Sue Castille Susan Castille William Castille Byron Caston Sandra Castro Dwayne Catalina Merle Coward Bill Cazemier Ronald Chaddrick Shelia Champagne Elaine Charrier George Chase Randy Chatagnier Cary Chelette omecoming ctivities HCOME ON, GANG, put on those stompin' shoes" is the shout that echoes through the gym as Juniors promote school spirit. Patsy Crochet Barbara Cude David Cross Julius Daguano Mike Daigle Nancy Daily Susan Daniel Sylvia Daniels Ronald Darcy Wayne Darnell Larry David David Davis Gail Davis George Davis Greg Davis Howard Davis Phyllis Davis Claire DeCou Gerald Dehoun Estela de la Rosa Orelia de la Rosa Esmeralda De los Santos Russel Demler Ronald Denby Robert Dent Terry DeRouen Karen Desormeaux Diane Dunnam .lohn Dupry Sherralin Dupuis Theresa Dupuy Paul Duve James Earle Kay Easly Linda Easterling Edgar Eaton, Robert Eaves Beverly Edwards Tracy Edwards Julius Eickenhorst Larry Elender Pat Ellis James Emmons Evelyn Etter Robert Evalez Susan Dezelle Rosalinda Diaz Renee Dickson Emory Digatera Emanuel Dimiceli Tommy Dismukes Sue Dixson Beverly Domaschk Joe Dominquz Eddie Dore Darlene Downs Lynda Draughon .lohn DuBose Pam Dugan Jimmy Dunn ALICE ROUNTREE AND Jan Willoughby pf Boys Slave to in - the real winners of letter jackets are girls. irls Reap Rewards Steve Evans Marilyn Evans Tommy Falcon Edgar Fears J eff F elder .lane Fergenson Annie Fichera Kay Fleming Judy Fletcher Delores Flores Linda Flores Roy Flores Tommy Foley Darell Fontenot Al Ford Betty Formagus Forrest Forque Steve Frazier Freddy Fredrick Judy Freeman Ronnie Freeman Ernest Friedl Patsy Froberg Donald Gallet Linda Galvin John Garcia Larry Gardner Connie Garner George Garsea Connie Gaspard Sandra Gaspard Gayle Ciddens Clare Giesen Donna Giesen Evelyn Gilbert .lacki Gill James Girouard Mary Girouard David Gladden Jane Ann Glass Bobby Glaze Wayne Glover Larry Godkin Glenn Goldsmith Alice Gongora Glen Gonsoulin Emma Gonzales Renaldo Gonzales Betty Goodman James Goodridge Mike Goodwin Alvin Goodyear Dennis Gordy Wayne Graham John Grant Jim Gratz Education and Enjo me AUDITORIUM PROGRAMS PROVE entertaining for everyone. ake Jumor Year Complete Carolyn Graves Linda Green Nita Green Jesse Gregory Linda Gremillion Toni Griffin Pam Griffith Susan Gruenke 'LBUT I KNOW I deserve an 'A'," exclaims Renee Dickson as she discusses a report card grade with teacher Mlss Hogue Jesse Guerra John Guerra Nicky Guerrero Connie Guidry Gail Guidry John Guidry Rodney Guidry Ronald Guidry Randell Guillory Pat Gulley Charles Guy Murry Haber David Hall Percy Hallmark Paula Halsell Floyd Hamilton Geary Hamilton John Hammond Claudia Hampton Roy Hancock Shelia Hanes Nomla Haney Kaye Hardage Bill Harder Assassmauon Dims Christmas Jo Eddy Haden Dub Hardin Harry Harrington Linda Harris Betty Harrison Susan Hartford Sue Haskell Janice Hassinger Sarah Hawes Drew Haynes Bruce Healey Jere Hebert .lules Hebert Linda Hebert Mike Hebert Pat Hebert Shirley Hebert Susan Hebert Richard Hencke Mike Hertica Gloria Hicks Marsha Hicks Cecil Hightower Jimmy Hill Mary Jane Hill Mike Hillard Donna Hiser Carolyn Hoffpauer STUDENTS LEARN TO temper grief with Joy as news of President Kennedys death spreads E Juniors Stud Macbeth Kyle Holberg Malinna Hollier Gerald Holmes Lanell Holmes Charlotte Holtzclaw Ginger Holtzclaw :Jan Horsak Barbara Howell Jennifer Huber Paul Hubert Kenneth Huebel Sandra Huett Judy Huff Benny Hudson Ronald Hulin Robert Hundertmark Barry Hutto Larry Hyde Lynn Inglish Howard Iron Adrianne Iverson Eddy Ivy Bobby Jackson Dorothy Jackson Ronnie James Sandy Jofferin Jerome Johnson Glenn Johnson "FAIR IS FOUL and foul is fair." . . . Junior English students suspect Miss Creswell of witches' tactics in de- vising the exam questions. lumors Sponso y I EXCITED JUNIORS ANXIOU LY purchase their senior ring Susie Johnson Bobbie J ones Devra Jones Gary Jones Jackie Jones J enette Jones Jimmy Jones Kenneth Jones Ralph Jones William J ones Patsy .loranstad Priscilla Jordan Danny .loubert Darla ,Iudice Gary Juneau Johnny Juneau Edwin Kalhaugh Sandra Kamer Donnie Kasper Susan Kasper Linda Kaufman Sandra Kiihnl Diane Kimbrough Shirley King Lauretta Kirkland Maureen Kirwin Billy Klecka Donny Klutts TT Y M E N A R D , RA Carter, Jan Wil- hby, David Watts, Jerry Sharpless take in "Youth in Focus :k" by participating iscussion groups over io KOLE. outh in Focus Weeli', Ronnie Klutts Lewis Knight Mary Ellen Knight Richard Knight Mary Ann Koerth Mike Krohn Sherilyn Lacey Robbie Laemmle James LaGrone Marian Lair Sherry Lambeth Linda Lampkin Billy Lanclos Ginger Lanclos Brent Landry Clarence Landry Dale Landry Gary Landry Mary Lou Landry Ronald Landry Steven Landry Sue Landry Bill Langdon Keith Lange Paul Langley Susan Lapham Brenda Larson Pat La Salle .lim Lawson Jerry LeBlanc Louella LeBlanc Lydia LeBlanc Todd LeBlanc Germaine Lelioeuf Bonnie Lee Rita Liehling Ellen Little Cheryl Lively Linda Lively Vicki Loeb Charlotte Long William Long Lawson Loper Anna Lopez Phyllis Lormand Kenneth Loupe Randy Louvier James Lynch James Lyon Sheryl Lyons John McAdams Linda McAfee Bonnie MeBeth Jeanne McBride Judy McBride Phyllis McBride pring Brings New TAKING TIME OUT model their shifts and :chu dresses" that have been popular this year are C Skillman, .lackie Jones, C l I Smith, and Peggy Thomas ashions and pril howers Pat McCarry David McClellan Linda McClintock Mike McCollun1 Monti McComloer Phylis McComher Sue McCoy Brenda McCullough Richard McDonald Sherry McDonald Charles McFadden Sandra McFarland Shelia McGee Ada McKee Leon McKee Greer McLain Linda Mclaelland Carolyn McPherson Tom MacBride Laura lo Maceiras Harold Magnus .lerry Malin Mike Mallet Rowan Mallet Phoebe Malmgren David Maltese Fred Manar David Mandel THE MAILMAN HAS nothing on these students as they plow through the rain to get to their next classes. 32I enior Guidance ls Helpful Glen Marceaux Theresa Marks Ralph Martin Molly Martindale Joe Martinez Ray Mathis Wayne Mayefield Nancy Meadows Sylvia Medrano Bobby Meeker Barbara Melancon .ludy Menard Frank Messina George Methvin Kathy Metz Judy Meyer Mike Meyer Betty Miller Karen Miller John Mills Lee Minor ANN HAMILTON, THE '63-'64 Drum Major of the Red Hussars, gives Pam Dugan, Judy Huff, Nancy Meadows, Marilyn Weeks, Jan Horsak, Jan Willoughby, and Nancy Bushnell pointers before the '64--'65 try-outs begin. Oklahoma What a Beautiful Pla I Carol Montana Patricia Montgomery .leanie Montroy Corky Moore Otis Moore Paul Moore Dana Morgan Ellen Morgan Sherry Morgan Susan Moritz Dottie Moses Earline Mosonia JUNIORS CONTRIBUTE MANY long hours of hard work to make the final production of the musical play, OKLAHOMA, a success. Lana Moss Lorraine Moss ,lulie Motlieral Jessie Munoz David Murphy Marsha Myer Linda Myers Sherry Myers Haheeh Nacol Allan Wliyne Nance Patrick Naquin Judy Nave David Ncal Mary Neuman 323 ffices Are Fill Allen Neusome Larry Nickelson Janet Noel Brenda Norris Gail Norstrom Kathy Norton Joan Nusom Tommy O'Brien Beverly Odneal Carole Ogea Pam Oliver Nancy O'Neal Vedon Otto Bruce Owens Karen Pace Pat Page Carole Palombo Michael Purdue Paul Paris .lames Parker Karen Parker TJ ITES ARE HELD spellbound as Cary Chelette oes through an acrobatic routine during cheerleader try-outs 1' the School Term Linda Parker Penny Parker Cary Parks Bill Patton Carl Pavia Lee Pelz George Pender Shasa Perez Diane Perkins Larry Petersen Perry Peterson Louis Petit Chris Phillips Mike Phillips Carolyn Pierce Billy Pietz Pat Piggott Frank Piletere Cheryl Pinel Patricia Pipes Jim Pitre grass TERRY BROWN STEPS up to the mike as victor in the race for the Cold vice-presidential nomination. School ACTIV The skit on Roman life put on by Claire Gieson and Donna Schmidt brought many laughs to the remaining JCL members at the annual Saturnalia. Linda Plaia Patricia Platt David Pond Smith Bobby Poole Leo Porras Bill Powell Mike Powers William Pratt Pat Preddy Milton Prewitt Glenn Price Christy Prince Glenn Prince Gwen Prince James Prince Murry Prince William Proft Paul Protas Alvin Quihide Mildred Quibodeaux Paul Rahuck HIIX 1t1u ome to a Close JUBILANT JACKETS WHOOP and holler as spring training comes to an end. Connie Raggio Travis Rattley Margaret Reeburgh James Reid Becky Resendez Mae Reynolds Larry Rhodes John Rice Brenda Richard Sandra Richard Verlie Richard Roddy Richards Edward Richey James Riley Travis Robbins Arthur Robertson Paul Robinson Randy Robinson George Roddy Richard Rodriguez A. J. Romero Jumors Take Part 4'IT'S NOT AS easy as it looks," remark these girls as they begin the forty-five pull-ups necessary to achieve credit for full participation in the physical fitness program. Anthony Romero Arline Romero Larry Romero Alice Rountree Sue Rowley Trudy Royer Connie Rush Carolyn Rushing Scott Russell Jo Marie Ryan Judy Ryan Candy Ryder Robert Sadler Edward Salas Art Samuels Harry Sanders Terry Sanders Sharon Savoie Donna Schmidt Shirley Schmidt nbur Micky Schuartze g hysioal Fitness Program '492-93-94-UGH,' is a familiar sound from the boys when they are expected to do 100 push-ups to complete their physical fitness program. Glen Sclerandi Betty .lo Scott Bill Scott James Scott Eddy Seaman Dot Sedtal Carolyn Sepeda Jerry Sessions Gherly Shanks Jerry Sharpless Larry Sharpless Beverly Shaver Charlotte Shavers James Shaw David Shehee Carolyn Sheppard Janis Sherman Bobby Shields Richard Shinn Della Simmons Melinda Simmons Dianne Solis Linda Solis Ronald Spell Katy Spradley Dale Stanley Pat Stansbury Sherry Stansbury Betty Sr. Cyr. J ack Steele Wayne Stegall Geraldine Stelly Linda Stevenson Juniors Prepar Johnny Simon Larry Siragusa Carol Skillman James Slay William Slay Linda Smart Carol Smith Donna Smith Rita Smith Walter Smith Danny Smitherman Cheryl Snoek IF CAMPUS PARKING is improved next year, it will he the result planning by Congressmen Jo Marie Ryan, Gary Storey, and Dianne Born l I or Senior Year ASPIRANTS STRIKE POSES in tryouts for the school play, Jerry Steward David Stickley Richard Stopyra Janet Stough Paul Stranahan Frank Stubbs Aubrey Sudduth Tim Suminerlin Carlene Swan James Swanson Merle Swearinge Marcia Tauber Ned Taylor Ray Taylor Zach Taylor Leslie Teel Jane Tennant Bobbie Theriot Bonnie Thcriot Sheri Theriot Charlotte Thibodeaux "A Slave with Two Faces Cheryl Thihodeaux Sandra Thihodeaux Peggy Thomas Penny Thomas Bertha Thompson Denzil Thompson Marilyn Thompson Pam Thompson Ruby Thompson Suzanne Thornton Jason Tihbetts Gerald Tilman Laura Tindell Melba Tipton Sandy Toliver Darrell Totino Leonard Touchet Valarie Touchet Johnny Toutcheque Hope Trahan ,loan Traube Evelyn Trevino Pete Truncale Tommy Tucker Delia Urbina Billy Joe Usey Rose Vasquez Jessie Vernon LEAP WEEK BRINGS about a cha! Leap Weeli l ,i iii sl HQ an 'fa flli my iii? , face for both boys and girls. Big Success Linda Vestal Carleen Vidrine Mike Vincent Cheryl Wade Sandra Waedeman Bernadette Wallace Patsy Wallace Larry Ward David Ware David Watts Dotty Wealer Cheryl Weatherly Catherine Weaver Raymond Weaver Thomas Webb Marilyn Weeks Al Wehner Katherine Wells Marian Wells Marilyn Wells Steve Wells Linda Wharton Carolyn White Cindy White Dennis White Kenneth White Linda Whitehead Kay Whitlow CABINET MEMBERS-FIRST ROW: J. Wiltz, .I. Wiltz, S. Wilkinson, L. Whitehead, C. Smith. BACK ROW: V. Otto, C. Hightower, L. Gardner, and B. Scott. CABINET MEMBERS iFIRST ROW: J. A. Glass, L. Capps, S. Tol- liver, E. de los Santos, P. McCarry, P. Piggott. SECOND ROW: A. R. McKee, M. Kirwin, E. Morgan, G. Booth, K. Easley. THIRD ROW: J. Bigham, D. Stanley, B. Jackson, D. Auld. Kent Wickware Joe Wilkinson Sharon Wilkinson Duane Williams Gayle Williams Ronnie Williams .Ian Willoughby Phyllis Wilson Robert Wilson .lane Wiltz .Iudy Wiltz .lanice Wood Gary Woodard Reagan Woodson George Woodworth Ronald Worthy .Ierry Wright Mike Wueller Marie Young 334 eniors 96 C i ii NCING IS ALWAYS a ecial delight. FNIOR PROM IN April ought out best spring finery. Hawaiian Theme A Hawaiian theme was adopted for the decoration motifs of the Junior Prom. Planned by the various committees from Cabinet, the event was such a success that Junior Class editor Dianne Borel forgot to tell the photographer which pictures to make for her section, and it was neces- sary to make studio pictures which are a reasonable facsimile of the original occasion. Cabinet is made up of representatives from each homeroom. Their activities are under the direction of faculty sponsors Mrs. Martha Taylor, Mr. John Godwin, and Mr. Corley. 1 W 336 ff W .,,, L, Nwff ' 'T .-,, ,, - 5: W., .. ,f.?,.w.W- , ., ffffngfwu, .,..,,,.,. , ,fi-'L' 1 v2k:,-QW L:sfvggS5S6+G ,.y, gafaw, . f -.wi ' '--s1w"ffff..' fv f, Alf :es-,'1:",z :,J',f5-in' , e.L:i.J- -fgV5g'.:5j,f',Lg!. +92-,V f,.3Ae-gy , ' ,525 Mx... w i ...QQ k W , . ..eS5He-M '- 4.1-Qgfvfz' j, : my . 1 .g,gy:f.- f.-qsgfgiig-'z'-,s ,-J:-'fhg:.'.., f 5-qw,---4 gr' ' - --vip. , , :. .. - -f,..,f- .S-..f.., .fra-,, - ,W ,,.,.,.-V g- w,:yQ.U.:,.',,,H,...j, , fi-ww. l..,.,.,., - V- ugffwx-:ww , H . , il-.:.s:az'v', '-fi-Ekiifitjifff 'PP.2255f1Sg?zf vii?" .K -'.f-if-,f "JI:-Siiivfiff'5.U-IWETLTE,-., 1-25?-L' -'Af 'f ' ",:fFvx1?:?:":" ',-Uf2ff:9'11'f ' ziff-f. ' T . . "','2:5Lf -""?i2?Jf f MP,-f5.5:wSM",4' Lfivik-if - .. 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YV.. i' ' 5 :-'L4f.f75,-"'"f9fff7Ll1f.f.- - , 'll T: " ' M "M-Q-wwwfmggzg,SV :fg.Q.i3'4ii'sP:--i3iQga.uf - gg-za. :ggz...g '..s,..W--f-,,,--,Q V. fm Wfqggsgfx-gfkff,.f-ffwv:'jf ,-pf? , ,-'ffm-', ' if .5 Q SAM... , - -- ' ....1W,g' wig?.Mf,wg3s,m2.,x:w??fj'wif,z-3.51.41 .. 1-:iw ...Wei-,,f.6p:w,,g - .pr4q',:G1 5 WZ, 57,4 NJ-01 Fr: 'k -Lv. -vsngairibg-'xi'-was-p-z-.1, - ,FA...mem-k,e,..g,.Wsw ! W 1 . f 4 1 J Congressmen Represent Homerooms BUSY MEMBERS OF the Spirit Corrunittee, Mike Hendryx and Tommy Long, work hard on football posters. SOPHOMORE CONGRESSMEN-BOTTOM ROW: E. Georgi, D. Ladner, K. Gaston, C. Bizot, L. R. Fenn. SECOND ROW: C. Linder, M. Knight, M. Showalter, C. Patin. TOP ROW: J. Keeling, D. Meeker, C. ltin, and G. Storey. OTHER CONGRESSMEN-FIRST ROW: D. Feltman, J. Simon, M. Theriot, C. Ritchey. SECOND ROW: N. Underwood, B. Lennox, E. Hardy, G. Meaux. THIRD ROW: F. Painton, T. Long, C. Weathingtofn and R. Abshire. 339 Sophs Have 6 in Cabinet MEMBERS OF SOPHOMORE Cabi- net are-FIRST ROW: S. Clouse, and C. Marsh. SECOND ROW: L. McLain. THIRD ROW: E. Rose, and C. Beard. FOURTH ROW: C. Chandler, and AZ McRee. FIFTH ROW: K. Eaves, F. Schneidor, G. Christie, B. Hackbaith, B. Triebel, J. Sedtal. OTHER REPRESENTATIVES TO Cabinet are--FIRST ROW: J. Brous- sard, and K. Martin. SECOND ROW: T. Enright, C. Weisinger, C. Parks, and M. Clinton. THIRD ROW: C. Handy, M. Smith, W. Grammer, S. Logsdon, L. Patterson, and M. Woodall. 340 CABINET SPONSORS CHECK TO make sure all cabinet members a eligible. Pictured are Mrs. Mabel Swanzy, Miss Doris Crisp, Mi1 Shelia Scott, and Mrs. Margaret Barry. SOPHOMORE GOVERNORS ARE: BOTTOM ROW: J. Kirkendall, E. Moss, and D. Noack. TOP ROW: F. Jones, and S. Baker. Governors Head Sophomore Homerooms YHER GOVERNORS ARE: SEATED: B. Draughon, D. Haynes, J. Castille, G. Coody, R. Murray, T. Wiggins, M. E. Holder, P. Deck B. Johnson, B. Smith, D. Boudreaux, P. Hensley. AND STANDING: L. Pace, B. Kirchmer, K. Huber, D. Mingle, R. Lofton J nlberg, M. Richardson, N. Norris. ' 34I TYPICAL SOPHOMORE, PAT Woods, enters TJ for the first time. 342 Rhonda Babin Val Bahineaux Sammy Badger Mike Bailey Starlene Baker Ricky Baldwin F 1rst Da Was Crea Ronnie Abshire Beverly Abston Rudy Achee Edgar Ackermen Sandra Adair Claudine Adams David Adams James Adams Rogers Adams Dian Addcox .lo Ellen Allen Virginia Allen Willard Allen Lana Allmand Margaret Allred Louis Almaraz Rebecca Ames Terry Ancelet Shirley Andoe Joan Andrews Pat Andrews Ted Andrus Linda Angelle James Ardoin Rosa Arenas Jimmy Ashcraft Lil Audion Mike Bahin ut ot ll Fun mmm,AW, 1,i K A a:Qg,.g' :ZZ 2.5 352,35 "t "" ':' iiilezsassif is W . ' . 1 P ' "a. 2 ' :BE 3 'Y Z Yiqff 57. ' sf ,-R - X52-,'ft ll 355 5 V, a Q Mike Barnes Harry Barnett Dianne Barrett Preston Barras Betty Bartlett Pat Bass David Bates Tommy Baxter Jimmy Beagle Clara Beard Emily Beauchamp James Beck Linda Becker Reagan Bedford Jenny Bell Micheal Belz Micheal Bennett Wilbur Beniot Ronald Benton Peter Berg Carolyn Bergeron David Bemard Charles Berry Robert Berry Nancy Berryman Verna Bertand Carolyn Bievenue Charles Bigler Tommy Banks Robert Barbay Phyllis Barbin Virginia Barbosa Yolanda Barbosa Susan Barnard- "NINE MORE MONTHS of this? Excitement Rises as First Game Nears Jay Bigler ,loel Bittensky Carrie Bizot Linda Blackwell Ronnie Blanchard Kenneth Blancliette Sharon Blanton Carl Boettger Rosa Bonura Karen Borel ,lack Bostick Laura Bottoms David Boudreaux Judy Boullion Christie Bourgeois Mark Bourgeois Roger Bourque Carolyn Boutte Nancy Bowden Robert Bowden .lohn Bowen Vernon Bradley Bart Bragg Theresa Brayton Connie Breaux Leslie Breaux Ralph Breaux William Brenner Mary Brien Charles Britten Paul Brogdon Donald Broussard Janice Broussard .lody Broussard Linda Kaye Broussard Linda Sue Broussard Leroy Broussard Patrick Broussard Joseph Bruney Terry Buck Keith Burke Janet Burr Carl Burton Eric Busch Grace Bush Gloria Byrd Kenneth Byrd Linda Butaud Arthur Cadena Sherryn Caldwell Pegge Calhoun Mary Callahan David Cammack Claude Campbell .lohnny Campbell Raymond Campbell Sophs Attend First Pep Rall VIGOROUS SOPHOMORE BAND members play Fight Song at Jacket pep rallies. Randy Cappadonna Micheal Carabine Linda Carleton Faye Carlquist Robert Carlquist Dawn Carona Gary Carroll Diana Carruth George Carter Amparo Castaneda .ludith Castille Peggy Castille Demetrio Castillo Larry Causey Kenneth Cavaretta John Chadwick Paulette Champagne Sheila Chandler Margaret Chapman Gerald Choate Margie Choate Mary Christian Walter Christian Susan Christie Sandra Clanan Linda Clark James Cliffe David Cligan Learnmg Can Molly Clinton Susan Clouse Marsha Collins Barbara Comeaux Elaine Comeaux Glenda Comeaux Linda Connett Gary Coody .limmy Cooksey Paul Cooksey Bill Coon Ronald Cooper Johnny Costanzo John Cotham Debarah Courtney Kenneth Courville J o Ann Cox Patty Cox Richard Cox Steven Coyle Cheryl Cozad Steve Crain Marilyn Crawford Linda Crenshaw Frank Critchfield Violet Cropper Julia Crookshank Linda Cuccio Kirby Cude Troy Cunningham Elizabeth D'Abadie Eloise Daigle Paul Daigle Russell Daily Sherry Daniels Edward Dauphine Bernice David Linda Davidson Don Davis Jeff Davis Linda Davis Margaret Davis Lanell Dearman Linda Courville Pam Decker Donald Dean Pam Delohn Lonnie DeLahoussaye Be Fur SPGC1E1ll Group ork CUTTING UP IN Mr. Ardion's Biology class. Martha Dezelle Andy Diamond Lois Diamond Gladys Dill Malcolm Dimiceli Cherrie Dismukes Debbie Distefano Douglas Dixon Ada Dorion Sherry Domasches Freddy Dominquez Butch Doyle Bobby Droughon Roy Drewett Wayne DuBois Cheryl Duhon Larry Duhon Irene Dominquez Lupe De La Rosa Nita Delino Linda Demahy Roy Demler George Denison Mae Dennis Donnica Deslatte Larry Deslatte Raymond Desmond Danny Devillier ophomores Study Stock Marke Diane Dunham Delia Dunklin Dianne Duplan Betty Duplantis Dana Duplantis Mary Duplantis Ginger Duplechin Carol Duplissey Thomas Dupree Ricky Dupuis Glynda Durant Tommy Durham JoAnn East Deith Eaves Cecil Ehanks Merrie Eckols Tommy Elam Tommy Eldred Micheal Elizondo Nancy Ellis Mary English Tommy Enright Paul Entrekin Arthur Estes Ronald Estrada John Evans Tommy Evans Pat Fallwell CONFUSION AND EXCITEMENT RISE as Sophomores study the Stock Market. Buying and selling mythical stock gave a realistic touch. ootenann Is a Big Hit Sandy Farley Terry Felps Dian Feltman Barbara Fenn Linda Fenn Eleanor Ferguson Lynn Fitzgerald Donna Fontanessi Beverly Fontenot Cedric Fontenot Dale Fontenot Dewey Ford Garrett Foreman Pam Forsythe Janet Foster Sue Foster Diana Fountain Bonnie Fournet Randy France Carolyn Franciscos Janet F razee Bennett Friedlander Rudy Fuselier Carleton Fuss Phillip Galloway Arenis Garcia Delores Garcia Esther Garcia Carolyn Gardner Becky Garrett FOLK SONGS BRING en- joyment to Seniors and .lun- iors as Sophomores perform at Hootennany. 349 Sophomores Fill Food Baske P David Gaston Kathy Gaston Kenneth Gaston Kim Gates Carol Gay Thomas Gay Lanell Genusa Mary Gendron Elaine Georgi Jeanie Gill Pat Girouard Johnny Gleason Barbara Godbold Judy Goldblum James Gondron Alec Goss Tommy Gothia Debbie Gothier Anthony Graffagnino Josie Graffagnino Rose Graffagnino Warren Grammer Keith Gray Harry Green Buren Greer Henry Gregory Florence Griffith Mike Gross EARL KITCHENS, MARK HONEA, LaNell Genusa, and J anet Tansil busy themselves filling food baskets from Miss Jones' homeroom. 350 ind Anxiously Await Holidays Curtis Guidry George Guidry Ricky Guidry Sandra Guidry Kate Gully Ronnie Gunn Bettye Hackbarth Jean Hall Dennis Hamilton Carolyn Handy Floyd Hanks Elizabeth Hardy Larry Harman Diana Harrington Larry Harrington Connie Harty Glyn Hatfield Lynn Hatfield Louis Haven Linda Hayes Donnie Haynes Jackie Haynes Russell Head Betty Hebert Elaine Hebert Fred Hebinck Jack Hebert Kitty Hebert Linda Hebert Michael Hebert Pat Hebert Rose Hebert Kenny Hecker Alan Hefty Karen Henderson Mike Hendryx Dennis Henry Janis Henry Philip Hensley Debbie Hiatt Brenda Hicks .lane Higgs Ada Beth Hill Cecil Hilton Anita Himel Linda Hinson Russell Hansen Raymond Hoffman Nona Hoffpauir .l eff Holberg Judy Holberg Mary Ellen Holder C. B. Holland Judy Hollingsworth Edwin Holstead JoAnn Hollzclaw ophs ram for 1d Terms THESE SOPHOMORE GIRLS find crammm, for midterm a necessity even if its during lunch Pictured left to right are Kay Powell Dianne Duplan Sharon Robinson Margaret Allred Susan Prerce Mariellen Showal ter and Carolyn Handy Sam Holtzclaw Mark Honea Ann- Hood Leslie Horton Jodie Howell Susan Hutto Kyle Huber Cynthia Hudson Sylvia Hughes Stella Hulin Susan Hulin Donna Hunt Marcia Hunter Virgilio Illa Gail Irvin Kenneth Isom Chris ltin John Jackson Charles Jayroe Brad Johnson Bradley Johnson Brenda Johnson Cynthia Johnson Karen Johnson Linda Johnson Mary Johnson Vernon Johnson Anita Johnstone Plan '64-96 Schedules Buford .lones Fredna Jones Daniel Jordan Jerry Jordan ,loan Jordan Russell .lowell Michael .ludice J oe Mac Keeling Robert Kinorick Douglas Kerr Mary Kiamar Chris Kibbe Stephanie Killebrew Jimmy Killingsworth Peggy Kinder Dinah King Gary King Bobby Kirchmer Judy Kirkendall Earl Kitchens Melinda Knight Kent Koerth Geof Kusch Karen La Borde Genell Lanclos Debbie Ladner Sharlene La Fluer Carolyn Landry Gary Landry Linda Landry Nancy Landry Patricia Landry Glen Larkin Herman Larkin Leonard Larson Karen Latimer Herold Lauve Marsha Laurence Freddie Lea Phyllis LeBlanc Sandra LeBlanc Janice LeBouf Judy LeDoux Harvey Legate Lurlan Leleune .loan Lemoine Marilyn Lemoine Cheryl Lene Betty Lennox Lydia Lequeux Patricia Liles Cynthia Linder Pat Linthicum Harvey Little Janet Loar Linda Lockwood ophomores Suppoi Sally Logsdon Randy Lofton Roy Lona Thomas Long Felix Lopez Lupe Lopez Sharon Lopez Dale McElroy Garry McFalls Nancy McKenzie Lovina McLain Minda McLain Ronnie McLain Cheryl Mclxlaughten Annis McRee Cherrie McVey Cheryl McWilliams Michael Mack Lynn Magnus Denise Loupe Shelia Louvier Claudia Love Kenny Lovell .lim Lowther Arthuro Lozano Oscar Lozano Steve Luckas Katherine Lyons Robert Lynch Donna McCauley Michael McClintock Frank McCoy Betty McCreary John McCullough Robert McCullough Lynda McDaniel Carolyn McDonald Donna McDonald Robert McDonald Diane McDuffie SOPHOMORES HAVE BEEN faithful in their s port of junior varsity sports. Mark Honea, the c sophomore on the Jacket varsity, basketball te v E oket JVQS Kay Malin Joel Mallet Ann Maloney Jimmy Mancher Carol Marsh Robert Marshall Carolyn Martin J oe Martin Karen Martin Paul Martin Randy Martin Cynthia Martinez David Martinez Frank Martinez Juan Martinez Edna Mathews Sharon Matte Gilbert Matthijetz Ruth Matthijetz David Mayfield Glenda Meaux David Meeker Billy Meier Judy Melancon Lionel Menchaca Linda Messer Shelia Messina Myrna Meyer onstrates a shot to jv members, Bobby Kirch- Randy Lofton, David Meeker, Phil Pate, and lK1tchens. Darla Miles Archie Miller .lim Miller Larry Miller Rhonda Miller Darrel Mingle Pattie Moak Milton Molbert Pete Mondello Patricia Montgomery Dofn Mook Ronnie Moon pring Brings New 1, J AFTER TEN DAYS of hard work and anxiety, the new Hussars are announced, bringing tears of relief and joy to forty-nine sophomore girls. Charles Moore Joyce Moore Barbara Morgan Dennis Morgan J im Moritz John Moritz Elizabeth Moss Celia Mount Debbie Mouret Archie Mudd Andy Mullenix John Murphy Raymond Murray Henry Nabours Ricky Nance James Naylor Bonnie Neel Martha Neel Barbara Nietsche John Nelson William Nepveux Linda Newsome Ann Nicholas Lela Nixon Debbie Noack Dale Nunez Randy Nunez 356 Hussai E 1 ummertime ports Nick Norris Pat Nordlander Bobby Nunnley Pat O'Crady Linda Operstrom Sandra O'Neal Ralph Orozfzo Leroy Owen Kay Pace James Pace Larry Pace Betty Page Ford Painton Thomas Palmer Steve Pardue John Parent Donna Parker Kenneth Parker NERGETIC SOPHOMORES AD FOR THE baseball field d new tennis courts: Kyle Hu! r, Cherrie McVey, Jenny Alleng d Bobby Kirchmer. Carole Parks Benson Parsons Phil Pate Christine Patin Larry Patterson Lloyd Patterson .lohnny Paul Carlo Paulino Victor Peccorino Michael Penn Dwight Perry Karen Peterson Daryl Peveto Jo Anna Phares Sherra Phelps Ted Piccard Mike Pierce Susan Pierce Gary Pierron Brenda Piletere Mark Pittman Greg Pitts Gary Pliagman Lawrence Pliasan CC "I NEVER KNEW how much nelye it took to ask someone out," says Mary Ellen Holder as she dials Gary's number. Leap Weeli Give V1 e Boys a Rest GARY STOREY ENJOYS having leisure time and more money in his pocket during this years' Leap Week. Murray Platt Micheal Pouche Regina Pommier Harold Ponder Nancy Pondsmith Lydia Porras Kay Powell Joyce Powell Doug Powell Richy Pratt .led Prince Edwina Rabalais Bill Rambo Hector Ramirez Bobby Ramirez David Randall Walter Ransom Liz Rawls Duane Rewe Micheal Reiney Edward Retherford Boyd Rethke Linda Reyna Karen Revet ophs Participah SOPHOMORE BENNET FRIEDLANDER circles the candidates of his choice as sophomores participate in their first election at TJ. Janet Rhodes Sally Rhodes Sharron' Rhodes Brenda Richard Glenda Richard Wayne Richard .lerry Richardson Mike Richardson Monte Richardson Wayne Richardson Kevin Riley Carol Ritchey Dennis Ritchie Emila Rivas Roy Robbins Connie Roberts Dedra Robertson Gerald Robinson Sharon Robinson Susan Robinson Leonard Roccaforte n All-School Election Molly Roddy Ronnie Rode James Rodriquez Danny Rogers Judy Rogers Gloria Rohde Mike Roll Barbara Romero Rivers Romero Brenda Ronsonette Gary Root Libby Rosales Edna Rose Natalie Roy Sharon Ryan Beverly Salter Walter Satterfield F. J. Schexnayder John Schexnayder Fred Schneider JUDY KIRKENDALL, THE only sophomore in the finals for cheerleader, puts the finishing touches on her courtyard sign. Classroom Stud Play Gregory Schnell Dale Schroeder Bob Scott Linda Scroggs Elton Seago Joan Sechler Jack Sedtal Kirk Segura .lo Self Sam Self Thomas Sepeda Eric Shepherd Marie Sherwood Sharon Shipp Judy Shirley Mariellen Showalter Janis Simon Nolan Simon Suzanne Simoneaux Sue Simpson .limmy Singleton Tommy Skelton Gary Sott Bobby Richard GEOMETRY IS ONE of the most in- teresting subjects taken by sophomores. In Mrs. Gregory's third period class Paul Martin demonstrates a proof to his classmates. Neeessar Part Becky Smith Helen Smith Galen Smith John Smith Leslie Smith Lilly Smith Michael Smith Mike Smith Susan Solis Lee Soliz Alan Sonnier Ronald Sourdelia Julia Southerland Mike Spell Johnny Spiris Mark Spooner Deanna Stahl Ralph Stanley Frank Steele Lucien Stein Becky Stevenson Donna Stewart Nash Stewart Thomas Stokes THE THINGS WE go through for Enghsh projects' exclaxms B111 Rambo as he IS dressed in an authentic Roman costume by Chrlstme Patm and Libby Rosales Donald Taylor Maxie Taylor .lean Tade Faye Theall Marilyn Theriot Dolores Thibodeaux Pat Thihodeaux Pam Thibodeaux Theresa Thomas Larry Thomason Evelyn Thompson Patsy Thompson Iibrar ls Gary Storey Roger Sutherland Donna Sutton James Swann Richard Talamantez Karen Talbert Janet Tansil Gary Tapp Jon Tarquine Johnnie Tauber .lo Ann Tauzin Darlene Taylor Founi BEING SHORT IN STATURE DOESN'T stop Brenda Pilitre from using T. .l.'s library. Darell Mingle assists her in getting necessary books from the top shelves. l Useful b ophs William Timmerman Sandra Titus .ludy Tobias Cecile Tortcheque George Touchette Tana Townsend Faye Trahan Barbara Jo Trahan Kerry Trahan Barbara Treibel Darleen Trim .lulie Trosclair Arthur Fulda Philip Turano Barbara Turman Nancy Underwood Sheryl Van Doren Karen Van Hess Carol Ann Vincent Cinda Vincent Gerald Vincent Brenda Wagnon Robert Wagnon Ann Waldron Darlene Walker Elizabeth Walker Rayburn Walker Lynn Wallace Gilbert Ward Dale Warren Donna Weatherly Carl Weathington Tobin Weayer Tommy Webb John Weber Kathleen Weber Kay Weeks Carolyn Weisinger Robert Weldon Charles Wells Kenneth Werner Jeanette Wheeler Diane White Pamela White Shirley White Mike White James Whitehead Donna Wiggins Ronnie Wyble Debbie Wilcox Tommie Yancey Sandy Yeager Ted Yoast Roy Young Derrell Young Susan Young Betty Youngblood Barbara Youngs Shirley Zingleman Rose Zummo ophs Complet Terry Wiggins Mariane Williams Billy Williamson Cary Willis Jane Wilson Carol Wimer Larry Winkler Marsha Woodall Elizabeth Woodall Homer Woodhamn Pat Woods Mary Wright CHECKING IN BOOKS is one of the surest signs of the end of schof From this picture it is hard to tell who is happier, Mrs. McEwan or J4 Keeling. ii Z, Mhz . I, ,S fx ia 'sift Exis- 3, .1 V gf Jes? 251. FEET . .:, Y E125 Q 3 A if ,mwaw-wwmw was-Q-M-,W Hg Mil 'Q l'w Q-que-v www M., 'iw X F 1 1 infix . X .ul "v'1 lx- 1- 4 UM 4 ',. i'i4'5M9 l., ' A ., " f -- , 4, If Q ly , j ' x iii! Q "Weill fx il" W baggy' -i Q , ,. - 3 .,,. 1 , ..k, K, 3 igtggzf Q "ij, ' lyk X , A 3 ' 'WA , -X . ,,-f V , A - g V .L f 41- "m. :- X Q Vliy 2L.., il ,xyy V. 1. T lhm f, 'mf1 ++ Z A , 1 vffTr2f'ff 'W 1' M PUBLIC TIUNS Famous Name akes Ne Learning to write news style requires a real feeling for words plus the sense of differentiat- ing between facts and facts that will interest many people. It is this difference that makes news. A good reporter acquires a nose for news through practice. Planning and reporting for the school paper usually brings satisfaction to those who do it, not from the public acclaim they receive, but from seeing others read the newspaper and noting expressions of satisfaction. The news staff is usually a closer-knit group than others. It takes a sense of utogethernessi' for the newspaper to succeed. When the paper comes out looking sharp and crisp, the stories sparkling with interest, and errors held to a minimum, the entire staff basks in the sunshine of approval. When some ublightv descends, however, the staff often moves closer together in order to shoulder the blame. Where else can one learn to write and enjoy companionship as on the newspaper? MARIA RUTT, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF EDITOR RUTT AND CHARLES BARNETT turn the tables to in- terview newscaster Frank McGee, who was principal Chamber of Commerce banquet speaker. t Pilot Reporters Acquire kill GOOD FILING SYSTEM often aids in getting material for a news story. Nancy Tatum, Jeannette Broussard, and hn Canada consult hack issues of THE PILOT for information. '. W. C. Jones and Mr. Gene Jackson see that THE PILOT is the st printed paper in the state. Associate editor Linda Beettle was chosen PILOT sweetheart. Dianne Borel was elected YELLOW JACKET Sweetheart. The Paper Goes to Pre l Getting the paper to appro mately 1,000 subscribers v the job of the circulati staff. George Girard, stal ing, was chief of the crc Helping him are Artl Fulda and Thomas Stopyr Below: Carolyn Prince a Barbara Melancon consult 1 exchange papers. Composing the main body reporters were Kathlt Wood, who usually report the band and music nev Patsy Smith, whose favol assignment was page th newsg Beverly Domascl who wrote varied stories, a Roxie Roll, who could wx speech news, fill in with m ing a lay-out for the annt and generally do anyth: needed. 5 3 5 i 2 we if 3 i 5 r , a Result of Combined Efforts EIELMA BEALL and SANDY ADFORD CHECK a copy of e paper to complete string Joks. Thelma served as business nager and Sandy often edited ge Two. ABOVE RIGHTJ Susan Arring- 'n became one of the most versa- e reporters of the year, writing erything from "Fillers" to edi- irials. Linda Hays was general ews assignment editor. CECIL BAKER DEMONSTRATES mechanical problems of putting out a newspaper to Harold Barnett, Einah Eppler, and Joe Richker. 373 ,. ,Mg S Stephanie Fuselierk, editor-in-chief, served her apprentice- ship as Junior Class editor. Because of her good work, she was promoted by Mrs. Mike Redman, sponsor, to the top job as editor. Mrs. Mike Redman, yearbook sponsor, also supervises the school newspaper, THE PILOT. 374 Journalism- ppor Planning a history book more than 400 pages in length is the job of the annual staff. They usually come into the course inexperienced in- matters of making layouts, writing copy, and planning pictures. They must learn fast how to combine all elements so that the yearbook will not only be complete but will compete on a professional basis for the interest of its readers. Indeed, there is an opportunity for creativity! Margaret Hooks, business manager, checks on finances. Mr. P. T. Reynolds is advertising sponsor, and Ann Clair Cotham has not only edited the advertising section, but she sold most of the ads. it for Creativit t r Much of the success of the book depended upon this group. Betsey Meeker planned and edited the Organizations Ann Andrews provided help with Senior section and the Senior index. Steve Harris planned the cover and the division pages. .ludy Franklin edited the Girls' Sports section. Shirley Scogins aided in this section, and she also did the final editing of the Activities section. Pat Flanagan served as associate editor and aided in the business administration of the book. 375 W Seniors Strive for ew Loo Lyndon Wright, far right, edited the Senior section. He was aided by Jackie Spears, Trudy Wyble, and James Stilwell. It was their decision to try a new look in this section hy placing the list of activities at the end of the section. .,. 1 , ..". .. ' X Frances Griffith and Lynn Bordelon planned the Favorites section. Janet Noel, assistant on the large Clubs division, checks the page chart with Patsy Crochet. 376 hile there Look for Aoourao Deanna Denbo, Clubs editor, rejoicingly turns the pages of her section over to Randy Pratt. X ' an-wymwrgwu Y Rena Grossfield, left, was officially Faculty and Honors editor, but her great versatility made her one of the most valuable members of the staff. She was assisted by Maurine Hooks. .V I , ,..sWQG+ikaK1sW. A S r K rf' ww xv Www as if Sophomore and Junior sections require unusual devotion to accuracy because so many pictures are involved. Charlotte Robbs and Madeline Kampini assisted Kay Powell, sophomore editor. Dianne Borel was Junior editor and she was assisted by Penny and Peggy Thomas. 377 When it comes to getting out a yearbook, there many factors to consider and many jobs to he done. This group did the initial planning on the Activities section: Chad Jacobs, Roxie Roll, Bruce Davis, and Ronnie Hudson. 378 Dedication to Kennedy Decided by Sports Staf The Sports section, headed by Boomy Hopkins, did a thorough job of coverage. He was aided hy Richard Taft, Tommy Hicks, and Gary San Angelo. It was their idea to dedicate the sports section to the late President John F. Kennedy in honor of his interest in the physical fitness program. The tory ls Completed So the story of THE LIVELY ONES from' September, 1963, until June. 1964, comes to a close. THE YELLOW JACKET staff looks back over our efforts to compile a Worthwhile account of the events that have taken place, and we find that We are indebted to many who have assisted us. Surely we should mention lVlr. Roger Russell, art teacher, whose help in designing the book was freely given. Mr. W. G. Jones, director of Industrial Arts, has advised on a number of technical matters. Mr. P. T. Reynolds, bookkeeping teacher, put his skills to use once more and kept the advertis- ing accounts straight. Staff member Ann Claire Cotham sold the greatest part ofthe ads. Our photographers Frank Cricchio, J. C. Watkins, and Mrs. Arthur Rice made the pictures that play a key role. Our publishers, Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas, have furnished excellent materials and advice. Those who aided in any way-by buying a book, by posing for a picture, by collecting money in homerooms-have contributed to our picture of THE LIVELY ONES, and We thank you. ' 1 ,dy uf Stephanie Fuselier Editor-in-chief 'L' 'L q ' LLL,' f 1'L ' . . l Y i 3 ffl, . 380 X, X XX X 3-gXXj X Xmgw X X ffX,X,3,XgXKIWXWH X Sv , 1 K QM S -Wie,-2'.sQfX X H Q S X X' ff 4 X X X X X X ,X S X X XX , X X X X S X X X , X X X W X X X X X X X S X im. X X ,XX was X,,.X,:X n.,, S Xi Q3-2 If si .X fr iw , XX-fX,efz'sX ,:xfiiX:w1.:.- 2 .sfkiwfX,:fW2,?,sfz1'.fs1-ziisfzii ,svww'15523,-LgXgff..e5:',,m X X 11:iiee1Tg,sQasX5, .sr zgQa,z'fX 3 11,2 X S .. ,, ,, ,, L X, ., , is ' " bali: X 2 , XX , f x 1 5 XX ' XX 1 , X, X, , X 5 5 X X ' ,f X f RX Y f X A X , X X if ,X ,XXX X '-fZ4"Q3i?R2E?S75" , f ,,X X .X,.,. XA , LLV i ,L.' i l r- X aif, KX X , 1- 'Q K FKTK . Q .. X X' MX X5 X1 1 nf X XXXX X ' XK,.v'YxXX . ',"L , X, , K 'I ' l X L,, ' X . .,,., ,,,, X . e Things if PERSONAL HAPPINESS k PERSONAL FRIENDS -k PEACE WITH GOD Th BFSI LIFE In "Bel ieve in Ihe Lord Jesus Chrisf and Thou ShaI+ Be Saved" ACTS I6:3I Sianiey Smifh, Roberi' Schmidt George CappeI, Pa'Isy Smifh, Vera SaIIer, Jackie Pinner NORTH END BAPTIST CHURCH 4349 Lewis Drive PorI' ArI'hur, Texas DONALD WOOD, Pas+or Corppliimenis of SABINE NATIONAL BANK YU 5-2525 3723 Gulfway Dr. BLU EBONN ET MATTRESS COMPANY You will nol need a Serenade--il: you sleep on a Bluebonnel eX?.,,gi gl 566. -,x-:,-:-f ',,'a -u--.:, '-f- fA:" eeeeeeEM5wMH5AW!i "The Ullimale in Modern Aparlmenl Living" 4I I7 Gulfway 4I I6 Dryden YU 3-4636 YU 5-433I Porf Ar'I'I1ur, Texas WHELESS INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance 5IO Waco Ave-YU 5-5I3I Por'I' ArI'I1ur, Texas lvlallress x G-e:N'I:i: Rolicy wo 2-8555 P' S., S1-adiurn Personal Service CLEAN USED CARS-OUR BUSINESS SATISFIED CUSTOMERS-OUR AIM R8fR AUTO SALES 7I'I1 and Savannah PorI' Ar'I'I1ur, Texas YU 3-596I 0 YU 3-4343 RICHARD'S FINE O Q Gen. Con'Irac'I'ors SHOES 406 Proc'I'er Home Phone JOHN FOSTER YU 2.9931 YU 3-5237 llll S+adium Rd. Por'I' Ar'I'I1ur,Texas YU 5'880I Ke? BRUTQ 5 0 4 LAKEVI EW PHARMACY YU 5-2536 Congrafulafions Seniors '64 MODEL GROCERY AND MARKET 40 "NC: 225555:-7, 0 90 M M ff, '4' ...A In Xih' 'Ml v . f A 3026 Proc1'er Phone YUkon 5-9383 Complimenls of ROBERT E. LEE, JR. Businegs Men's Assurance l9I6 Ninll-1 Avenue YUIc0n 2-4705 SOUTHERN UNION GAS COMPANY SOUTHERN UNION GAS CO. TH ESE THINGS YOU'LL LOVE IN AN ALL-GAS HOME FAST energy for cooking, wafer hea'Iing, clo'II1es drying, cooling and healing. CLEAN burning ranges +hn+ consume smoke and odor. SAFE homemaking wi+h fhe fuel of II18 NaI-ional Fire Pro'I'ecI'ion ASsocia'l'ion ra+es safesi- of all. ECONOMICAL fuel ser- vice 'l'ha+ can save you Ihousands of dollars over rne life of your morlage. AUTOMATIC convenience wiI'h conirols Io do 'Ihe worlc land wafch 'Ihe clockl for you. LET GAS PUT MODERN LIVING AT YOUR FIN- GERTIPS. Headquarfers in +his area 'For 'Ihe s+yIe conscious Young Men who demand "FRANTIC FASHIONS" L E ' E M A R T I N wo 2-647: Jefferson Ci'I'y Shopping Cen'Ier FasI' Delivery Katya P Two Loca'Iions Io Serve You The Prescripiion Shop 2349 Proc+er YU 3-4545 302I 9+h Ave. YU 3-4545 T AND F BIGABERGER IF I1"S GOOD FOOD YOU YIAll'l'-- 1 I ? wif N 39I9 Gulfway Drive YU 5-206I HIGHEST QUALITY CLEANING-PRESSING LAKEVIEW CLEANERS CompIeI'e Laundry Service AI+era+ions 'Lei us help you Iive a cleaner Iife 549 Sfadium YU 2-2I64 HERBERT GROCERY 3300 25+h s+ree+ EVANS' STURGES SHOP YU 2'0I2I "Visi+ our new sporlrs wear de arImenI." ll GRO P Vxte ctble fg nniix 0 I40 Gafeway Jefferson Ciiy 2,1 -P Beaumoni Pori' ArIhur la X " mf? YOUR ndependenf X Imzzmme fAGENT NSERVES YOU FlRST" QNAIA CHARLES BERRY INS. AGENCY -Real Es+aI'e- 7I4 Sladium Rd. YU 3-3379 PORT ARTHUR SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Savings Insured Safe by Federal Savings and Loan Associalion "Any Amounl . . . Will Open an Accounl' Real Es+a+e Loans for Buying-Building or Remodeling 430 Ausfin YU 2-9485 3421 Twin Ci+y wo 2-5763 Shop ANGELLE'S and USED CARS Save a'I Yau' TROUBLES C. 44 VAIISH ANTHONY fly N W COMPANY A Men's Women's Chlldrenls 4600 Gulfway CIOIIIIDQ, Shoes and Accessories YU 2-9476 "Fines'r Seleclion in The Area" I9l2 Nin'Il1 Ave. YU 5-7242 MEMBERS of the 1964- Yellow Jacket Football Team FRONT ROW: Claude Pardue, Terry Rozelle, David Watts, Norman Reeves, Errol Guidry, Norman Moreau, Tommy Daniels, Buddy Ball, Chris Bray, Charles Wilson, Mike Trahan, Tommy Hicks, and Jesse DeLee. SECOND ROW: Jim Methvin, Frank Messina, Jerry Malin, Skippy Suddith, David Bonham, Steve Wells, Richard Taft, Jerry Woodworth, Bill Seale, Gene Pace, Dwayne Catalina, Jackie Bernard, Steve Britt, Billy Powell. THIRD ROW: Edgar Eaton, Mike Hilliard, Wayne Nance, Ronald Chaddrick, Wayne Colichia, Chris Phillips, Byron Caston, Gary Woodard, Jim Lawson, Tommy Tucker, Roy Flores, John Hammond, Bobby Jackson and Kent Wickware. 'V a A an Ago S - J:71,Q.ui 4 :5 4 5 PP QE lf MlllllllllllllmlllllwlllllWlwwlllllw 1 A , the - fl graduating 5 if ""'u"t""""' class A ,lllllllllllllllbwllwlllllilllllbllblllllllllllll mf ' ,,,, .. , BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY Mlllllllilliillblllllllllllllbblllwhlvlivib PORT ARTHUR COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. X E BETTE lfvrnicry "Education is your key to future Success" Gel' all 'Ihe eclucaiion you can 'I'o prepare yourself for I'he exciting space age ahead. The fuiure belongs +o Ihose who prepare for i'r. REDDY KILOWATT Your Eleclric Servani GULF STATES UTILITIES CO. AN INVENTER-OWNED ELECTRIC LIGHT AND POWER COMPANY an I Congratulations Senior's 1964 Complimenls of PORT ARTHUR PLUMBING COMPANY 2 I OI Bluebonnel I YU 5-8895 Miss Marie Vickers HEIGHTS DRUG CO. Complele Drug Sl'ore Service H M' C' Prompr, Free Car Delivery 81 In Porl Arlhur, Groves P'fa'ES and Porl' Acres l70I Houslon Ave. al Gulfway Dr. Dial YU 5-5507 FACTORY AUTHORIZED PARTS AND SERVICE APPLIANCE SERVICE CENTER Sales ancl Service FRED CHISUM Phone YU 2-9262 420l I6'l'I1 "THE HOME OF FINE CLEANING" Agenl' 'For Avon Parlciclolhes Tuxedo Ren'l'aIs 2825 Proc'l'er YU 2-4I3l B.. ,, e O92 ws.b m ,,,,,.,a A sf A ,x-, -f GULF PORT ARTHUR CREDIT UNION A COOPERATIVE SAVING AND Uniform and Linen LOAN ASSOCIATION , . Ren'IaI Service FOR GULF OIL CORPORATION EMPLOYEES Supervised and Examined Annually 930 Seven+I1 S+reeI' by 'Hqe Pori- Ar+I1ur, Texas S+a+e of Texas Deparimeni' of Banking 649 Six'rI1 S+ree'I' Phone YU 3-I604 BARKER'S DEPARTMENT STORE Twin CiI'y and 32ncI WO 2-854I gfaeetechb D Stone QUALITY-SERVICE-STYLE Serving Pori' Arihur The Finesi' Values in for 47 Yew LADIES'-MEN's YU 2-23I I CHlLDREN'S 60I Proc+er APPAREL ACCESSORIES Complimen+s of TED'S RECORD SHOP Jefferson Ciiy Shoppng Cen'I'er Pori' Arfhur, Texas cinn' Dislribulors for ' our 4 L HY+One ,,-",' 35"m., 3 School Supplies "" 'M' . DEPENDABLE .1 DRUGGIST PRICE AND COMPANY , WE,BB S WHOLESALE GNLY Cigars, Candies. Tobacco. and Sundries. Sclnralfls Famous Candies No. 2. I948 9+h Ave. YU 2-9408 80l Hous'ron Ave. YU 2.9494 No. 3. 4247 Lincoln Porl' Arl'l'1ur. WO 2-448l Texas Drugs-Cosme+ics-Sundries WALKER ELECTRIC COMPANY Elecfrical Confracfors P. WALKER Phone YU 5-8422 D. P. WALKER YU 5-993I I503 Houslon Avenue Por'r Arfhur, Texas CARL CARTER INSURANCE Sieve Carler l537 7l'l1 Sl'ree'r YU 2-9423 B SUR N SUR' ' ' DRYDENS lnsum.-. ,.EA L1oR - WHERE GROVES SHOPS - 3560 25Ih S'IreeI' PorI' Arfhur, Texas Complimenfs of G. D. DUHON FURNITURE APPLIANCE Phone YU 5-58II 30I Procfer S'I'reeI' IVIARIES FASHIONS Where Ihe red carpei' is always ouI'. 4320 Proc'I'er YUIcon 3-265I Spor+swear Is Our SpeciaI'I'y YOUR PORTRAIT FROM ... C. WATKINS STUDIO . I'I1e mos+ in+ima'Ie gif+ you can besiow DIRECT COLOR PORTRAITU RE GRADUATON PICTURES BRIDAL PORTRAITS Phone for your appoin+men+ +ocIay. JC WATKINS STUDIO 2329 Thomas BIvc.I. YU 2-3666 Would you like fo be a pl1armac1s+? In America as in no ollwer counlry you have +l1e righl' io choose whal you would like 'lo do 'lo make a living. Our syslem oF free educalion is unparalleled in producing a happy individual in a free, democralic sociely. Prescriplion Pharmacies, Inc. FINEST CQSMETICS 5600 Thir+y-Nin+h S+ree+ WO 2-444l QIFT WRAPPINQ 2805 Proc'l'er YU 3-I666 eww ww 44, . 'P 0"' i Wpww qlfw' ouAuTY-c:ouRTEsY- M SERVICE Fo' 'fha Finesf BARRI ER-ALBRIGHT QuaIiI'y, See Us G M ., ""4'f ' 44, BUILDING MATERIALS LUMBER, PAINT 3830 GuIfway Drive Dial YUkon 3-6733 W' L' JAMES ALL FO Ms OF INSUR CE R AN AND SCN YU 5-253: me Nin+h Ave CompIimen'I's of Por'I Ar+I1ur, Texas MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK TRAWEEK DRY GOODS 514 s+adium Road YU 2-9357 W BEST WISHES, SENIORS For BeHer Ready-Io-Wear and OF '64 BETTER CAMPUS CASUALS , Ch ' I - - f a"""'gY Yom CAMPUS EAS:-uoNs Q9 A Charm for M Every -7 O Occasion ol II I pi ' 1 S SchneII Shopping I X. 3 OO JEWELRY Cf-wer so ' KCI? 2325 Procier YU 2'7o9I i 1? ' I HARRIS BOOK STORE FOURNET'S 524 Fif+h SI'reeI' ELEGANT MEN'S WEAR Perf Arihur. Texas SUITS, SPORT CLOTHES, ACCESSORIES YU 5-2585 735 PI'oCI'er YU 5-8032 Congratulations, Seniors ELLERBEE BROTHERS 2I00 Fifih Avenue Por+ Ar+hur, Texas SERVING THE OIL AND CHEMISTRY INDUSTRY WITH FABRICATED STEEL CONSTRUCTION Misses Nancy McNabb, Gay EIIerbee. Suzanne SummerhiII 2847- Bluebonnei' YU 5-4I2I Perf Arihur, Texas V I S I T sKlP's DRIVE INN "The Beslr Food in Town" 3448 Gulfway A A .44,., A YU 2-O24l 6 4oo PRQCTER STREET 59- Res+auran+ , pig Bar-B-Que l Cafering Service Phone YU 5-823I Por+ Arfhur, Texas MARGGIE'S SALON OF BEAUTY Congra+uIa+ions 'lo 1 'The Seniors of I964 G f 6 DR. GEORGE M. SIMS, O.D Comple+e Op+ical Service Con+ac+ Lenses 300I Procfer Sireei' Porl' Arfhur, Texas YU 2-4493 GOOD LUCK TO THE SENIORS OF I964 GIFFORD S FURNITURE 81 CARPET CENTER l928 Woodworih YU 5-4359 Pori' Ar+hur, Texas FLECKMAN LUMBER CO Look Holsum 32I0 Gulfway Drive Be Hokum YU 5-7439 BUY Holsum HOLSUM "Call us for all your maferials and fools." -WS P0lY'WfaPPed" HSWEETEST SWEETS IN TOWN" MURPHY'S CAKE SHOP Randy Chafag 3442 Gulfway Drive Phone YU 3-4506 Complimen'rs of +he PORT ARTHUR SEVEN-UP BOTTLING WORKS ATKINS AND HOFFPAUIR INSURANCE no 0 Phone YU 2-l59I 3 2 Service ai' 20lI Bluebonnef 645 Hous'l'on Avenue Pori' Ar'H1ur, Texas HEAVEN TO CAZAUX Z, SEVEN SHOP SUPER MARKET Aexfy, , N Ei:Fi'4,, gr f W 71, .MER ' 'fit Q 4448 Gulfway Drive YU 5-2652 A Full Line of Qualify Groceries-Meafs PouH'ry-Fish Fruifs and Vegefables 2500 GULFWAY DRIVE-YU 2-088I , uf 2? :!- p E -4. ,F if '52 " 1 X E B . if OPEN FLAME ' e Way 'I+ Shou e one. JS, E Lal F I ' 044 k ff 1 Giifway llhlaaunacas K I ij..-A X M ': f ' W 2 IE I 3 ' IN, I 5.4.1, AX f xbfifg f f ff -V 'IN ' We roll Each Burger I' V and Toasi' Each Bun fp' Over an UI +11 Id B D ' ,ki Clofhing, Ha+s, Shoes McGregor Sporiswear HOLLEY-AN DREWS 640 Proc+er S'I'ree+ Pori' Arihur, Texas YU 5-47I6 EARL B. HOLLEY AND ROY ANDREWS Owners II N in v-"' H jf 3 X of . ,E K Dis+inc+ive Men's and Boys' Wear -,V Eb 'F 7 1.9.51 J, "BeHer Drug Service" Pecos Pe+e I Says: Buy . J Jef 3.1 ' ' 4 5 Your Drugs 4 x . 9' . 'EMR ,At-,L :E 31 w-Us-X JG 1... 1 L1 6. . ,F if 1.7: Xlgr- 1' 'L 'S' N46 ,4c"5'Q?s,, 'I r Q f ,Q . a G BUDDY WEEKS, Owner CompIe'l'e Gulf Service WEEKS GULF SERVICE and Jusi' ' Everyihing From - E T ' fi Guifway Drive U F and Ninrh Ave. YU 5-24-I I Por'I' Ar'I'hur, Texas PHARMACY 548 9+h Ave. YU 3-been . CHERRY FURNITURE Compllmenfs of CO S' 3009 Gulfway Drive JEWELRY YU 2-8495 l 528 Procier Goocl Luck +o +l1e Seniors of YU 3-3345 '964 lI48 7+h Sfreef YU 3-455l AUGUST MILLER 8: SON INC. I ,,If .,., H ome of Miss Pai Flanagan JACOBSEN POWER MOWERS SCHWINN BICYCLES THERMOLAIRE HEATERS I WILEY.S SHOES PORT ARTHUR "For All Tha+'s New in Shoes" 617 Procier Porl' Arihur, Texas 500 Orleans Beaumont Texas 3IO0 Gulfway Drive YUlcon 3-3396 7,7 Ryan "IT PAYS . . . 'ro SHOP our A WAYS! Lake Charles, La. MARTIN FLGRIST f Complefe Floral Service f Flowers Wired Anywhere k Free Cify-Wicle Delivery 648 Fouah s+. YU 5-saw Nighfs YU 5-5645 Congraiulaiions, Seniors '64 Jamie Creed CompIimen+s of JAMES B. CREED THOMPSON'S FURNITURE STORE YU 3-252I I928 9+h Ave. Jusfice of 'rhe Peace WHOLESALE MARKET, INC. DEWWT KNIGHT SERVICE STATION Mo+or Clinic Road Service me YU 3-477I- YU 3-454l 235 7+h S+. YU ZSLLZI 44OI Procfer LYLES-WILLIAMS 81 ROBERSON "Our 4OH'1 Year" GOODHUE HOTEL "Wlwere Food ls King" Par+ies Banquefs Recepfions Gues+rooms and All Ofher Ho+el Faciliiies BUDDY WILLIAMS-LEONARD ROBERSON . ' MGR.. VIC SCARINZI A GENERAL INSURANCE ' J AND A - REAL ESTATE q 2005 Procfer S+ree+ H. 7 ea Congra+uIa+ionS YU 5-8I I2 . V. ' Seniors '64 5'H'1 S'l'ree+ and Waco Ave. YU 5-882I DISMUKES COMPANY Furni'l'ure Appliangeg D. M. 428 Waco Avenue 81 YUkon 5-745l Con+rac+ors XC!" River and Harbor Im rovemenfs Q9 2 P ,E ff, TUG BOATS-BARGES SJ DERRICK BARGES V i yi TowAe-E S HARBOR TOWING-INTRACOSTAL gig," GULF CGAST TOWING lvifvggg 630-O4-05 Adams Building "Es+ablished in I9I2" Por'I' Arfhur, Texas HAMPTON'S The Largesi' and Fines+ Furni+ure S+ore Befween Hous+on and New Orleans Wiih a Price for Every Pockei' Book. -- AUTOGRAPHS - CREATIVE HOTOGRAPHY Q Weddings I PorI'raiI's Q Commercial Q Color or Black and WI1i+e Q Aerial Q Indusfrial Q Animals STUDIO I629 Woodworlh Blvd. YU 2-6426 Por'r ArI'I1ur, Texas Miss Ann Mulkey 5:4--4 13 ,A ' JIM'S HARDWARE C0 is I I OPEN s AM 'TIL 6 PM Sherwin-Williams and Masury Pain'Is Plumbing Supplies Keys Garden Tools Lawn Mowers Professional Tools IHand and EIecI'ricI Glass Fencing Tool Ren'IaIs Builders Hardware LigI1+ing Fix'rures "WE PUT THE -D-Q IN ED-U'-YOURSELF." 3225 Gulfway Drive TRITICO'S PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION 947 7+h S'I'ree+ YU 5-5555 PENN EY' Down+own and Jefferson Cify 6 I 7 Proc'I'er YUIcon 5-889I 340I Twin Cify Hwy. WO 2-5723 TWEEDEL :::::::::'::: :::::::::: BROS-I 'NC HAVEN FENCE co. "Bes+ Prices In Town" 3625 25+I1 S+ree+ The Besf for Less BRANCH OFFICES YU 3-3368 Pori' Ar-Ihur - New Orleans 64I0 Gulfway Dr. Groves, Texas dm BLUE BoNNE'r E' FLORIST A. L. REYNOLDS 8. SON I I GMS and F,owe,s ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE ' 'ro SUII' Your l435-37 Proc+er S'I'ree'I' Ta5I'9 DIaI YUIcon 3-2774 YU 2-6474 V la4a l3+h S+ree+ " """' T ' ALBERT AND PAULINE KROHN 5, Lance Lyday PETE LYDAY'S SERVICE CENTER "a aSI -SERVICE Q' I L: f 'A .A J!! - 'WV 733 A N I "WE WISH YOU THREE-FOLD SUCCESS." Congratulations to the 1964 Seniors Good Luck to the Seniors of 1965 and 1966 RICE STUDIO 2019 Procrer SI'ree+ YU1con 5-8011 Porf Ar1'hur, Texas SABINE TOWING 81 TRANSPORTATICN COMPANY, INC. Formerly i Sabine Towing Company Ocean, Coastwise, Harbor and Intracoastal Towing Por? Arfhur, Texas GIBBON'S I v-C119 Il I 4 ' fs CI'fIIO'S SIUIIPE ETTE - Ship CI1andIers - Grocery and Marine Supplies DON DONLEVY YU 3-469I Nighf Phone I945 WoocIworI'I1 YU 5-48I2 Porf ArI'I1ur, Texas CITY MATTRESS IIIIIIII MFG. co. QP? "SNOW OUEEH MATTRESS Ladies' Fashions zeon eulfway Drive YU 2-949I 706 9I-II Ave' Porf Ar-Ihur, Texas YU 2-38II D 8: D MISSES 726 9I'I1 Ave. YU 3-I96I Dresses and Sporiswear BILL TORRES AUTO FINISHERS "WE DO ALL KINDS OF WORK" 320 7'Ih S+ree'I' YU 3-I89I VINCENT BODY SHOP 3I49 25+I1 S'I'ree'I' YU 2-849I CompIimenI's of PORT ARTHUR AUTHORIZED AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION CLEGG MOTORS MINGLE MOTOR COMPANY COLEMAN OLDSMOBILE-CADILLAC FRANK EDWARDS BUICK-GMC INMAN CHEVROLET COMPANY RAIFORD MOTORS - FORD KLEAS-LATHAM MOTOR CO. WEAVER-SCLERANDI PONTIAC CO LINN MOTOR CO. RAMBLER 5 ' . CRICCHIO FOOD MARKET HOUSE OF FINE FOODS III7 5+h Ave. YU - H I NOTE ELECTRIC COMPANY TILLMAN'S AUTO SERVICE Specializing in AuI'oma'I'ic Transmissions and Froni' EncI Service Dial wo 2-5775 wb EIecI'ric Con'rracI'ors C9 I T' . E . - ll: E E, ,M ' 6266 Orange Highway an 5 Pori' ArI'hur, Texas I5I'h and Bluebonnei' YU 3-2525 IRENPS SPENCE as. HOWE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 6I2 ProcI'er YU 3-I688 INCORPORATED I9II Fashions Thai Will Keep You on a Merry- Go-Round. Engineers and Con'rrac'rors Specializing in PiIe Driving Locks - FouncIa+ions - Concrefe ConsI'rucI'ion There is no SubsI'iIu're for a Good Educaiion Por'I' ArI'hur, Texas STAND? BRASS 84 Manufacturing Company Por+ Ar+I1ur Beaumon+ Hous+on Corpus Chris+i New Orleans SI'1revepor+ LafayeHe Mobile Jackson Ba+on Rouge FOUNDRY AND MACHINE PRODUCTS REFRIGERATION AND AIR CONDITIONING PARTS AND SUPPLIES Aluminum Sheer, PIa'I'e, Tube, Pipe, Rod, Bar, Wire Brass S'I'ruc+uraIs, Exfrusions Copper S'IainIess REIF'S CLEANERS DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. 2036 Bluebonne+ Porf Ar+hur, Texas 624 Hous+on Ave. 6I4 9+h Ave. 26I2 Memorial Blvd. 6477 39+h S+. 3248 9141 Ave. .af Q K f R -.1 sg.. -, X wif i Phone YUkon 2-293I HALL'S Grocery and Markei' Fresh Mea+ and Vege+ables YU 3-9387 'S 3 V7 A 1.3 ea V575 eva cw- A Xl X I X, '51 2748 Gulfway Dr. PARAGON SANDWICH SHOP YU 3-345l 2600 Memorial or+ Orders ' Sandwic Cold Drinks E Complimen+s of JOE FORMAGUS INSURANCE AGENCY l832 Gulfway Drive Pori' Ar+hur, Texas THE CO. Road Maferials Gen. Confracfors Equipmen+ Renfal 509 E. Gulfway YU 2-6436 Por+ Arfhur, Texas 1 V 1- 1.1Q.fQ5ggM11.1,1 11, .-.111 1 ...-4:1 -1,-11,11-. ,,.. -1.115-1,1 51.3 1, . ., ,.111.1....-:.J,., , , 1 fe 1 .1 .1 af., 1 5 1,15 .,.:.,, .,.,k ,.,,,L 1 1 ,1,.f,.1,.1,,,, , ,-.-, 11 -1-ima 11 . . 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I , 111 .1 3. -- , 1 1.a111mzm.111:111.11,11,.11.v1191 .1111 1111.31 Q 11 111.112, 1... 151: 1.-8:11314 111-1 new 1-111-1-ac11.W 11 .. -- -- M111 W , VL.w1-M1-mia .1 1-1-31-1131.151 5.1.1.-y5g11,..11 1 L. 111214. 11. 1. , ' 1. 1412 -.1?..: 1 1- , 1, 11 " ' ' " ' 1 1 1 1, . - - 1 I.: -111 - 2640 M I BI d 'T emona V ' . 1, . 1 11,..-- , 111 11.,1 ,1-1.1, -, 1, ' 1 .1 , , 1 1 ,.asi?2ff'-g. 5.5" .1 1 1 451 L 1 . ---- 1 , .W 1.1. 1, .,.,..11...--11-. 11.. :1w11s,ap..1vf:... ONWARD T. J. - WE BACK YOU ALL THE WAY l 4. - , I 4 v v v PORT ARTHUR'S OLDEST ESTABLISHED DUNN RADIO 84 TV SERVICE EXPERT REPAIR AT SENSIBLE PRICES II35 7+h S+ree+ Phone YU 2-0066 ,-A QA T' lf- - I ' h . X, h g f X Congrafu ahons 'Io + e CompIImen'Is of f - an 1 M Q75 ' Q ' g Class of X ' I , E E, ff? EI SEEP I LIPOFFS I964 GUARANTEE SHOES Jewelry and Florisi' and GIH Shop of Diamonds 540 91h Ave Por-I Arfhur, Texas 440 proder YU 2-4655 7II Procfer YU 3-6606 YU 2-9488 "Where The Red I-Iussars GeI' Their Boofs Fixed" SPENCER'S ROY'S SADDLE SHOP INCORPORATED SHOE HOSPITAL , WESTERN WEAR 4336 Lmcoln Avenue Groves, Texas ERNEST L- BADGETT 2634 Bluebonnef Phone YU 2464! Porf Arfhur, Texas PROCTER STREET BAPTIST CHURCH Best Wishes to All Graduating Seniors God Bless You. PASTOR. DR. E. A. AUTREY 27I5 Procier Pori Arihur, Texas Complimen+s of W. F. GARNER, JR. ALL FORMS or INSURANCE Good Luck fo 'The Seniors I964 Adams Building YU 5-2350 CRAVENS PLUMBING lI2I Je'F'Ferson Drive YU 3-I944 - Phone THE SCHOONER RESTAURANT Exclusive Originals RA 2-2323 New Beaumoni'-P+. Ar-fhur Hwy. Haunfed Homecoming 9 DRUGS DURSQ . PREscRiPrloNs HOL5-I-EAD PHARMACY Q SUNDRIES MOTORS Prompf and Efficieni Service WOOCHBWII Gulfway Drive Phone YU 5-2225 SAM M. DURSO 4loo szna s+. PM Mhuf- Texas 330i Medical Triangle Reg. Pharmacisf Porf Arfhur, Texas PORT ARTHUR WINDI-IAM's GULF HOBBY CENTER nd J 'L- fig SERVICE 2900 25II'I SI'reeI' YU 3-9I09 Por'I' ArI'I1ur, Texas IHEYM A "I -Q2 ww 1 -I v ,X TI I I I .If f If I-ICME INSURANCE Q Adams Bldg. Qi' Toys, Models, Pain'Is. YU 5'72'3 If Games, PoH'ery ' ' 725 S+iIweII YU 5-27II II B, q CHUC WAGUN .QL Shop and Save ai , 2248 G-My If SPENCE BA'I'I'ERY YU 3-377I U III afos -,ID AND Q 4 ELECTRICAL COMPANY :"'i"T GENUINE ELECTRICAL PARTS DIEHL RADIO 8: TV SUPPLY 2I2o 7+h s+. YU 2-63II 32I Seven+I-I S+. Dial YU 3-4522 and 33IO SIx'I'eenI'I1 S'I'. DiaI YU 5-5588 Por+ Ar'II1ur, Texas COTTAGE FLOWERS "Every Order a Special Order' 50I 9+h Ave. YU 5-557I Pori' Ar+hur, Texas LEO 8: WILLIE'S Por+ Ar+hur's Mosf Modern Resfaurani' LEO AND WILLIE HEBERT. Owners Dial YU 3-445i 3825 lbfh Sfreef Porf ArI'hur, Texas RWE .Wig In QUT I TAKE ff OF Remember +he Olcl Fashion THE ' V X ACCI- Mai+ed Milk DENTS 1' -W DENTS I VISIT RE1'rie's ice CREAM R. BREAUX 2648 Gulfway Drive I700 Procler 200I 'Hh S'l'. YU 3-502I Bus. Phone, YU 3-I68I Home Phone, YU 2-7425 TRI-CITY COIN EXCHANGE JIFFY-CAR-WASH .5 9' L' QA Washing - Polishing - Sfeam Cleaning H I ,fw'WTs'e1Qfw..fgj,, 12,5235 Waxing if 'I gil If, 3-Minuie Service K . JI., 15. 311,11 I ' ' Trib- iQ iiui 'EAW YU 3'I09I 2539 Bluebonnel' 1-'fy WALTER I-ANDRY Por'I' Arihur, Texas 909 Ninfh Avenue por-f Arfhurl Texas DRAKES . PARK PLACE LANES Fme Food "wh P + A iii B I " Complefe Founfain ere or F ur OWS Service 24-Hour Resiauranf Orders Io Go Dial WO 2-293I Twin Cify and 39+h Sfreef 2700 Memorial Blvd. YU 3-I686 Leo rn The ' Difference In Cor, Horne, end Business Insurance N YO U R zzzfepellzfezzf lzzszzrafzfe AGENT HSERVESKYOUARSTH .: GNN Is Your AgenI' a Member? PORT ARTHUR ASSOCIATION OF INSURANCE AGENTS f RIGGLE a PITTMAN U 4i2i,5iE: wg A. LOUVIER FURNITURE COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS AND APPLIANCES COMPARE VALUES 840 SevenI'I'1 YU 5-8858 PorI' Arfhur, Texas BesI' of Luck Io 'Ihe - Seniors of I964 - Te B- Mark Pi'rIman Pc'I'. 2 Commissioner 5256 Lakeshore YU 2-945I READY-MIX CONCRETE 5337 Orange Hwy. WO 2-4458 ALINE'S Ready-to-Wear 81 Bridal Salon "The Place To Go for a Dress for Every 0ccasion" 2l47 Proc+er Por+ Ar'rhur, Texas - s ,Q , VXA V 7 N I, f l. cl e I m CI r .-L IAKA FOROUf QQ :Hap I942 9+h Avenue Por+ Ar+hur, Texas YAKIE AUTO SUPPLY SERVING SABINE AREA FOR aa YEARS 225 Aus+in Ave. Dial YU 5-4328 EVERYTHING AUTOMOTIVE-COMPLETE MACHINE SHOP SERVICE i Sales - Service 4' j GOOD LUCK, SENIORS Ren+aIs - Supplies " 'f PORT CITY 1 .A - DRUM CO. TYPEW I I 237 Wesf Nin+I'1 S+ree'I' R in YU 3-6677 ALL MAKES MACHINES Olympia YU 2-I57I Typewriiers 6I4 7+I1 S+. 'S BURGER BAR SVEIR 5236 eulfway Dr. t Por'I' Arfhur, Texas 15' YU 2-I3II 'f J . COME Beg S. 1951 AND if nce A eroves GET m A 7 4 Texas X O U p 1 R T T I H C 5 v H T EN UR C U H E Por? 3200 Arihu Thomas Texas BERGERON 665095 , BARBER SHOP Uxwvgevff R u wa r. I .XX ' Vuln 'Q' 264?rUG3F92gsD 'N V 5 I248 9'rh Ave. YU 5.4416 Il lj llillw,-.U BoNEAu's RADIO PQRJPIQEJN S SERVICE 24,5 Gulfway Drive Congra+ula+ions, Seniors YU 5-7220 300 W. 7+h S+. YU 3-l64l A F NU ZEST We Feed Yellow Jaclcels Nu Zesf on Jefferson Drive When Fun ls on Your Schedule, Make Lloyd's Your Headquariers - LLOYD'S ROLLER RINK 2640 Memorial Blvd. YU 3-9l47 Por+ Ar+hur, Texas TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" 6 1 A H v My--,Wg Wm-.....q..,-,, 5 1 :El -V rf 1-.J ,14- 1 ,pw -4' , Q, X ' , ,, ,, A, M.Wg,,, My , W , , . , N, , ,,,, , , A , , ,, Q ,Q ii W . , 1-' - M-, ,,-,.,,,, I ,. vw " H -- ' Ag l 3 I l ii f X f X Y ,gm sw , f f N ,

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