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W- ml LVL? xv, QF T4 -1 661, ,Lg EW' N me 5L+z,..:g,.L.Q ,, -mremf,'QQ:Veg:,gayH.:5w1,ggxg,,g,,a,5. ,, L X f gs 21. . . V: ,41,.,,,P y A -f, .,W,:V:.4 1 1 ,,- rx 3121, X ' 'F any Af' XJR i U 4 , r 4 lx: 1 W ,Tm X. , . t . ., J. 1, L, 1 -H. . , , L . .N .,-if r X F ri- ,,, . , W- Y- gqgbf.:5'1':,",,,,v1s,-,- 'gill' 4 1 ,VS , .mf j-:ilfhf gg ,J V' W 22HI-wm1PiJ3'ff.'f'ffI' 1529-'.'-H.1H.1'i'3Q.'Vf 1 -,.wqS.w "qs " 11 X , A 'F?f1w?fIu,,Q'., ,N i+f,,L . 155 5337757537 mx-r' A A K ' X ' 'V , .. V, 5'?LQ::,mg, ff' WVf2.11f.-,wg Q? FORE ORD In searching for a theme to unify our story of the school year of 1960-61, We decided to try to show, as vividly and as meaningfully as pictures and Words will allow, the many opportunities that Thomas Jefferson High School students have to earn an educa- tion that is not only adequate, but generous in scope. Accordingly, we divided our book into four major sections: guidance, memories, opportunities, and competition, believing that all of these are necessary parts of an education marked by excellent quality. We are the fourteenth staff that has tried to make THE YELLOW JACKET a trusted reference of memories. The experience has been one of the generous features of our curriculum, for we have learned to know and love our school better through editing a book designed to, please you. Trusting that Volume 14 dramatized to-some extent the business of securing an educa- tion for a lifetime filled with receiving and giving guidance, acquiring memories, accept- ing opportunities, and competing successfully, THE YELLOW JACKET staff invites you to take a look at EDUCATION PLUS in operation. 9 f deff 5 f E 5 3 GUIDANCE P. 10 MEMORIES p. 24 OPPORTUNITIES p. 104 COMPETITION p. 232 STAFF S ponfor-Mrs. Mike Redman Co-eiiitorf-in-ebief-Diana Dupy and Erleen Porter Faculty Editor-Pat Daniel Government Editor-Cindy Brantley Senior Editor-Karen Byrd Organization! Editor-Sue Gartin junior Editor-Carol Scott S ports Editor-Harvey Reeves S opboinore Editor-Olivia Aleman Girly' S portf Editor-Karen O'Brien Artioitief Editor-Linda Tomlin Adoertifernentf Editor-Linda Iones Favorite: Editor-Peggy Breaux Bufineff Manager-Claudette Hilliard Adifertifing Sponfor-Mr. P. T. Reynolds Guidance in Learning Sweat and a few tears sometimes accompany study of blood types, but with Mrs. Thomsen's guidance, sophomores usually win the battle of biology. To obtain the best possible guid- ance program for a school, the faculty must be a group of well- trained teachers and advisors. Thomas jefferson teachers meas- ure up to that requirement in every way. The classroom teachers are well-versed in their subjects and the office personnel are always willing to give their time and ad- vice to help a student. c.Tf'f'wf Place the pin here, cut along dotted line, and presto, a dress! So Khrushchev did not get to see Disneyland? Or is it the newest techniques of machine teaching? Whatever the subject, Mr. Gott, Mrs. Bjerring and Miss Hill look skeptical. Guidance is the password to Miss Erwin's office. Always willing to give advice, Miss Erwin talks over college plans with a student. Memories in bundanee A Wet night saw T.j.'s bonfire burning brightly. Cheers, fight songs, and excitement were prevalent that night. Deeana Huff adjusts Barry Anderson's graduation cap as they prepare for commencement exercises. "Go ye, Port Ar- thur." The vic- tory song is sung again as the Jackets score an- other touchdown. The good sportsmanship that was displayed by the team during the entire football season will long remain in our memories. 5 pportunities in Education Lf, -.wvfg s v The 1961 presidential election 5 74 b h t f . 9, roug t a new ype 0 oppor tunity to the classrooms of Tj. Decorative bulletin boards, stu- 1 Q, gvfi dent poll participation, and classroom elections climaxecl the Kennedy-Nixon race. iaftffffs wifi The variety of clubs and organizations presents many opportunities to interested students Congressional activities provide instruc- tion in government. 6 Selecting the right college is no problem when students come in contact with the many bulletins in Miss Erwin's office. Competition in Sport Football came first. Track followed with thrills of ex- citement. X, w ' ini, .-t. Z'x,,5,ffi- E :a:g',sf.-, . . 119:-f " , , 1 jg 4: Ei gn Basketball brought more cheers from spirited fans. 92, i me i 4 32 Q GU is 1 si s i Baseball climaxed the years compe- tition. Archery, a new attraction, provided a change of pace in girls' activities. 7 ? Q ., -7. a ,Q M' ,N 0 sr-My ,,. H... 5 - x I Q l Q Y , .-4,1 King.-4-1 X, - K .,, 1... f, fx' f ?.,, ..,- , . o D 9 . -ur" """' ' . ,wt "J .,.,,wa-uv :Ji Wigzxmwf 1 N . , i X Mf-fad? 'R A tl K u if n 1 x f- . f l Q 4 ,, ,1 I 1 , g ' I 'I ,, . 11 : , -'J A-1 'X' w rn. 'K .P . . , . -wa :ffl VL. '.. . - -f -.L"k'3 W-' V, W- --- in , N ,,, .W rf" .. . 4 xx .1 'QP 1 gc 141 W ,Ag . ,-,V 4 - ,, . - ' 'Wii ? L 1 4 V1 +wxf,:-w,..,,- 1 - f W 1 H ww :':"i7" In gui q ',," 7 , In an 1 -, fm., ,y,',.jg-17 ,444-iff' ,f,.-gal Q? 5311323g,Qgi5,-14-,iw,1zq':,x1f i , I G Q ' 'ii Q A V ff: "w I 1? ' -ay, s Effizfgl 'Y 2 L fi, ' .1 - 1 ,,.,,w , . - .nv ' . .M ,, , ,. -1' '51 5 --wee .: - , , ' " A ' Q s 'L , QP' - 1, 2 4. L 353, fi! ,V.,,, , .,., I 'Eff 1553? ' ' . ff' 14 V V WM 'f2" ,., .1 up 1. QEYEUW If ' f 373745 2 L , e- 4 I5 5 , " f 7 1 If , Q r 1 If A, : 1 ed ' M . w 7 f , H ff' ,W 4, -,., 1? f 'jr 1 x e , f , ' 'L , , 1 , 5 1 W 2: 1555. 5 L',, Q ,..L ' . -f -12 '3 w a s 1 . ., 'ftagfg 'i W. f"f?m"'w-' -...ffi I ' ' X 1 C 4 S u 'I a i . -friY1ALy2.:f?':T?:TT'6L2Qfi.4' .f in f-if' 1,7 l1f4ff!,3'xf'4cf'1 5 X ' " I Q f, 1Li!7fl47XYQ'2EY QIXLLLW ff, - , b :gy ' ,,1f"'!'?,!.- ' ' 1 ,,., Z I,.1,,,j, 1 R1 i E 1, L fi i ' , A uf 'LPQ f f- School Administrators MR. Z. T. FORTESCUE Superintendent of Schools MR. ALEXANDER KOERTH Assistant Superintendent of Schools M5-w-M. ,,,, ' ' ,.-9 4, .ff i T MEMBERS OF THE School Board include, Slazzding: Robert E. Price, A. E. Patterson, I.. Rosenberg, George Huber, Dr. R. J. Shields, Edwin Baldwin. Seated: Z. T. Fortescue, N. B. Haskell, Donnie M. Jones. I2 New Leader Initiates Changes This has been a year of transition for stu- dents, faculty, and patrons of Thomas Jef- ferson High School as Principal Clyde Gott assumed leadership in a program designed to accent the primary purpose of any high school: giving its pupils an opportunity to become students in the literal sense of the word. "Keep the student in the classroom. Do nothing that will interfere with our program of learning." These Words are often quoted axioms of this new leader. as wg Mr. Gott came to Thomas jefferson High School this year from San Antonio, Texas. Many hours of work on his part have shown us a man Whom we can increasingly admire and respect as an educational leader. Mr. Clyde M Gott Principal Counselors Give Helpful Hints MR. LONN IE DEVALL Assistant Principal Heading various activities of the school with a long-time service record at Thomas Jefferson, is a man known and liked by hun- dreds of students, Mr. Devall. Patient and expert in working out prob- lems with faculty members, students, and parents, he holds a position of respect and trust. MRS. EDNA HARGUS Girls' Advisor MR. JAMES TARTER. Boys, Advisor MISS LOUISE ERWIN Director of Educational Guidance MISS ALIECE ANDERSON Director of Student Activities Keys to Successful Operation MISS IEANETTE TENNEY Attendance Clerk MRS. JESSIE JUDD MILLER School Nurse MRS. ANNA MAE DEVINE Principalis Secretary MISS MINNIE LOU WILSON Registrar MEMBERS OF THE P.T.A. Executive Board are mzmiing: Mr. Gott, Mesdames Larson, Brantley, Hayes, Murray, Foglernan Schiefley, Tennant. Sealed: Mesdames Hall, Bernauer, Lofton, Womack, Orrill, Smith. I5 Familiar Faces On Campus Ricky Montana, Kay Thames, and Mary Arisco admire Miss Martha Butler's lovely corsage given to her by her homeroom members for the semi-final football game. ,W K qw A 423 1, - 6 4 X tp Q Q i I Lfgir v l MR. LAWRENCE ALLEN, Latin, B.A., Baylor University MR. JOHN BADGETT. Music, B.S., Lamar College MISS EDITH BENZ, Math, B.A., T.W.U., M.Ecl., University of Hous- ton MR. CHARLES BILLINGS, Physi- cal Ed., B.S., University of Texas Miss LINDA BILLINGSLEY, Span- ish, B.A., University of Texas MRS. ISABELLA BJERRING, Eng- lish, B.A., Sam Houston State, M.A., Columbia University MRS. PEGGY BORN, English, B.A., Vassar College MR. JACK BOTTOMS, Choral Mu- sic, B.S., Sam Houston State, B.M., Baylor University MR. PAUL BOTTOMS, Physics, B.S., Sam Houston State MRS. SARA BUSH, English, B.A., Sam Houston State MISS MARTHA BUTLER, Physi- ology, B.S., Southwestern University, M.S., Oregon State University MR. MARVIN CICHOWSKI, Mech. Drawing, B.S., University of Ala- bama MR. DOYLE CLINTON, Spanish, French, German, B.A., Mississippi Southern College MISS TOM COLLIER, Head of I-Iomemaking Department, B.A., Southwest Texas College, M.A., Co- lumbia University MR. ,REX COPELAND, Typing, Business Law, B.S., Northwest Mis- souri State, M.Ecl., Sam Houston State MISS DORIS CRISP, English, B.A., M.A., T.W.A. "Around and About" MISS MARILYN DAVIS, Physical Ed., B.S., L.S.U. MR. JOHN GODWIN, Biology, B.A., M.A., North Texas State MRS. MARTHA GODWIN, Eng- lish, B.A., Mary Hardin Baylor MISS ARA GOLMON, Social Studies, B.A., Mary Hardin Baylor, M.A., Baylor University MRS. FLONELLE Greer, English, B.A., North Texas State, M.Ed., University of Houston MRS. NORA GREGORY, Math, B.S., M.Ed., Stephen F. Austin MR. ROGER GRIFFIN, Social Studies, B.S., North Texas State MISS EOLA GUNSTREAM, Head of Commercial Dept., Shorthand, B.A., Baylor University, M.A., Uni- versity of Houston MRS. EDNA HARGUS, Clothing, B.S., M.A., University of Houston MRS. MARY EVELYN HAYES, Social Studies, B.A., M.A., T.W.U. MISS BERTHA I-IEBERT, Head of Physical Ed. Dept., B.S., Lamar Tech. MR. FRANCIS HILL, Physical Ed., B.S., Lamar Tech MISS MAB LYNN HILL, Math, B.A., Hardin-Simmons University MRS. DELL HILLE, Distributive Ed., B.A., Mississippi Women's Col- lege MR. GENE JACKSON, Printing, B.S., Sam Houston State, M.S., Bay- lor University MRS. ALMA JOHNSON, English, B.A., Sam Houston State Ch ' t eriments are only part of a days work m the lab Mr Ben Kiker is very helpful when it comes to showing Glenda emis ry exp for Lamar Lawson, Roland Gooch, and Neil McLaufm Folsom how to operate the duplicating machine Christmas greetings were extended from Mrs Westermans classes by a colorful display of Christmas cheer including Sylvia Tyson Joseph Vincent, Judy Goff, and Jimmy Johnson MRS. GERALDINE JOHNSON, Latin, Head of Foreign Language Dept., B.A., East Texas State, M.Ed., University of Houston MISS MARTHA JOHNSON, Speech, B.F.A., University of Texas MR. BENTLEY JONES, Physical Ed., B.B.A., M.S.Ed., Baylor Uni- versity MR. W. G. JONES, Printing, Head of Industrial Arts Dept, B.S., Sam Houston State MR. LELAND KAY, Wood Shop, B.S., M.S., North Texas State MRS. LaVERNA KIEFER, Math, B.S., University of Illinois MR. BEN KIKER, Math, B.S., Delta State College MISS CATHERINE KLEIN, French, B.A., Stephen F. Austin MISS JANICE LANGSTON, Home Decoration, B.A., Mississippi State MR. ALFRED LINDEMANN, Phys- iology, B.S., M.Ed., Southwest Texas State MR. BILL MCANALLEN, English, B.A., Butler University MISS NANCY MCCLAIN, Physical Ed., B.S., T.W.U. MRS. JEWELL McEWAN, Social Studies, B.A., T.W.U., M.A., CO- lumbia University MR. BILL MICHAEL, Physical Ed., B.S., University of Arkansas MISS MARGARET MILLER, Eng- lish, B.A., Cumberland University, M.A., George Peabody College MRS. LELA MORGAN, Head Li- brarian, B.S., Stephen F. Austin M.A., Columbia University I8 a And ur Friends As Well "Ah, perfect!" say the cooks in TJ's kitchen. MRS. HELEN NEUMANN, P.E., B.S., University of Texas MR. ED NOWLAND, P.E., B.S., Oklahoma State MR. KENNETH PARKER, English, B.A., Northeastern State, M.Ecl., University of Oklahoma MISS MAE BELLE PELTON, Head of English Dept., B.A., Trinity Uni- versity, M.A., University of Texas MR. jj L. PENSE, P.E., B.S., B,A., Northeastern State, M,Ecl., Univer- sity of Houston MRS. MARCELLE PITMAN, Eng- lish, Library Science, B.A., Sam Houston State, B.S., T.W.U. MRS. ETHEL REDMAN, Journal- ism, B.S., T.W.U., M.Ed., Univer- sity of Houston MR. P. T. REYNOLDS, Bookkeep- ing, B.S., M.A., Sam Houston State MR. ROGER RUSSELL, Art, B.S., M.Ed., Sam Houston State MR. G. SCHMELTZER, Visual Aids, B.S., Southwest Texas, M.A., University of Houston MR. JACK SELL, Chemistry, B.S., Southwest Texas, M.A., University of Texas MR. H, C. SHAW, Industrial Arts, B.S., North Texas State MISS ELIZABETH SHAW, Head of Science Dept., B.A., University of Iowa MR. JOHN SHELTON, P.E., B.S., University of Louisville, M.A., Uni- versity of Kentucky MISS IRENE SMITH, Math, B.A., Hardin-Simmons, M.A., North Texas State MISS JAYNE SMITH, English, B.A., B.F.A., University of Okla- homa I9 Patience Is a Must MR. T. S. STANSELL, Head of So- cial Studies Dept., B.A., North Texas State, M.A., Columbia University MRS. MABLE SWANZY, Typing, Shorthand, B,S., T.W.U. MISS LINDA TAYLOR, Home Eco- nomics, B.S., Henderson State MRS. MARTHA TAYLOR, Math, B.S., North Texas State MRS. GUNHILD THOMSEN, Bi- ology, B.A., University of Texas MR. C. E. UNDERWOOD, Athletic Director, Head of P.E. Department, B.A., Marshall College, M.A., Uni- versity of Kentucky MRS. IRALENE VENTRELLO, Homemaking, B.S., University of Texas MISS MARY EUNICE VICKERS, Social Studies, B.A., Mary Hardin Baylor, M.A., T.W.A. MISS ELEANOR WALL, Social Studies, B.S., Southwest Texas MR. W. H. WARD, Head of Math Dept., B.A., North Texas State, M.A., Peabody College MRS. REVA WESTERMAN, Chem- istry and Social Studies, B.A., Ne- braska State Teachers College, M.A., University of Colorado i 1 Student life was spiced as the PILOT sponsored a school-wide poll on the Kennedy-Nixon election. The results proved to be true as Kennedy won the election on a national-wide basis. ariety Is the Spice of Stud GETTING UGOODIESH AT LUNCH time is an everyday affair in the cafeteria. TWO BITS, FOUR BITS . . . This was the cry of Mr. Roger Russell and the teacher cheerleaders as he and other teachers participated in the pep rally preceding the bi-district game with Galena Park. MEMBERS OF THE P.T.A. sold hot dogs and coffee at the football games to earn money for the P.T.A. scholarship. THESE INTERESTED ART STUDENTS, Aubrey Howard, jane Booth, and Jimmy Richard compare perspectives of Tj build- ings for art class.. 2l I Assorted Activities Add "REAMS OF PAPER AND OCEANS of ink seem to flow from the mimeograph machine," declare Mr. Lonnie Devall, Judy Emmons, Roy Hooks, and Miss Minnie Lou Wilson. CORRECT USE OF THE TELEPHONE is taught by Mrs. Norma Sue Weldon as she helps Harry Fitzner and Jeanette Cooper. 22 URDU? PENJABI? PERSIAN? All of these languages were used as Raghbir Singh, a Port Arthur College exchange student from India, helped Mrs, Geraldine johnson with tapes for foreign language students. Excitement to School Life Talking over, the day's plans in the shop office are Mr. Leland Kay, Mr. Gene jackson, Mr. Gus Schmeltzer, Mr. W. G. Jones, and Mr. Hugh Shaw. GENE DAVIS NEVER was caught without his pass while working as a lab assistant. CARDINAL BERTHA HEBERT was the target for Hunter Jack Bottoms as they staged a bird hunt prior to the Bellaire football game. "WAKE UP, LEONARD, IT'S TIME to go to class" says Reagan Knight as he tries to arouse Leonard Duckworth for his next class. 23 ? i Q V4 ri 3 Q 'a 4 11 P :gg ii 4, M 4 fi Y as nl S6 2 To the Senior Class of 1961 . . When the final diploma was issued, and the last graduate stepped off the platform at jacket Stadium on the evening of june 1, 1961, twelve years of work and study were rewarded. This class has many memories to recall from school years filled with study, fun, a.nd friendships. Here, the initial process of securing an education had its beginning. Dreams and plans were mingled so that these times will forever be touched with their gold. Here, the challenge of competition crystallized to become ambition. Within the short space of time between graduation and receiving this year- book, most of these graduates will already have taken decisive steps toward personal goals. Some will be getting ready for college, some will be drawing pay checks at new jobs and setting up new homes, while still others may be far away in military duty. Whatever the circumstances in years to come, classmates of this year may once more in spirit rejoin the group by the simple process of recalling the days when they truly believed: "IF WE CAN'T DO IT, IT CAN'T BE DONE! THE SENIOR CLASS OE SIXTY-ONE" 4 Ayfi . ' ,ff HELEN ROSEMARIE ABRAHAM-FHA, 58-595 French Club, 59-61, GRA, 58-61, HR Treas., 58-59, Lt. Gov., 59-60, jr. Red Cross, 59-60, Hussars, 59-61, Repertoire Players, 60-61, Yellow jacket Staff, 60-61' Bowling Club, 61 MARY MARGARET ABSHIREAFNA, 58-61, GRA, 58-61, HR Lt. Gov., 58-59, Mixed Chorus, 60-61 MARY ELIZABETH ADAMS-FBLA, 59-60, GRA, 58-61, Jr. Red Cross, 59-60, HR Lt. Gov., 59-60 a ROSE MARIE ADAMS-Spanish Club, 58-60 OLIVIA E. ALEMAN-FBLA, so-61, GRA, 58-61, Outstanding Member, 58-59, Hussars, 59-613 Bugle Sergeant, 60-61, SBC, 58-60, Spanish Club, 59-60, Soph. Posture Queen, 58-59g "B" Average Award, 59-603 Outstanding HR Member, 58-59 VUINFRED ALEXANDER-Bowling Club, 59-60, Spanish Club, 58-59 KATHLEEN ALLEN-A Cappella choir, 60-61, Band, 58-61, Bowling Club, 59-61, ETA, 59-61, Mer- ited Member Glee Club, 59-60, GRA, 59-61, Mer- itorious Citation, 58-59, "B" Average Award, 59-60 JERRY EUGENE ALLGOOD-Football, 58-592 FLA, so-61, Treas., JCL, 59-60, ski Club, ss-ao, Slide Rule, 59-61, "B" Average Award, 59-60, Meritorious Citation, 58-59 GABRIELLE MARIE ANDERSON-DE, 59-61, Veep, 60-61, GRA, 58-593 Heralds, 60-61, JCL, 58-60, Slide Rule, 60-61, "B" Average Award, 60-61, HR Sec., 58-59, Treas,, 60-61, NHS, 60-61, Mer- itorious Citation With Special Honors, 58-59, Out- standing Service Award, DE Can't Do It, It Can't Be Done JAMES BARRY ANDERSON-Football, 58-61, HR Gov., 58-59, Sec., 60-61 FRANK E. ANDREWS-DE, 60-61, HR Gov., 59-60, Lt. Gov., 60-61, SBC, 58-593 Printing Club, 59-60, Yellow Jacket Staff, 60-61 ANDREW PETE ANDRUS III-Baseball, 58-593 HR Lt. Gov., 60-61, SBC, 58-59, Slide Rule Club, 60-61, "B" Average Award, 59 ROBERT L. ANDRUS-Baseball, 58-61, All Dis- trict, 59-60 LO SAM AQUILINA-Cabinet, 58-59, JCL, 58-60, NHS, 60-61, Slide Rule Club, 60-61, "B" Average Award, 60-61 LINDA LOU ARISCO-FBLA, 58-61, Reporter, 60-61, GRA, 58-59, HR SBC, Outstanding HR Member, 58-59, Heralds, 59-61, Hussars, 59-61, Asst. Uniform Quart., 60-61, "B" Average Award, 58-59 The Senior Class of ,6l KLONDYS MICHEAL BAILEY-DE, 60-61 DONALD M. BALL-HR Lt. GOV., 59-60, Yellow Jacket Staff, 60-61 ROLAND R. BARBOSA MONA LEE BARNES BETTY C. BARTON-PNA, 59-60, Repertoire Players, 60-61 JOHN MELVIN BASS-Track, 61 MARY MARGARET ARISCO-Band, 58-61, Color Guard, 59-61, Bowling Club, 59-60, GRA, 58-61, JCL, 58-60, Jr. Red Cross, 58-60, VEEP, 59-60, HR Sec., 58-60 BARBARA ARMENTOR-DE, 59-60 JOHNNY ELEM ARNOLD-DE, 59-61, Reporter, 60-61, Football, 58-59 NORMAN C. ATCHISON SAMMY XVILLIAM ATCHISON-Bowling Club, 59-60 SHARON ANNE AUSTIN-Art Club, 60-61, Chess Club, Sec., 60-61, FBLA, 58-60 CARL AVILA-Baseball, 58- 59 BOBBIE LEE BABINO-Bowling Club, 59-60, GRA, 58-61, All-Star Team, Letter Girls, 60-61, Tennis Club, 58-61, Treas., 58-59 MARY CATHERINE BAGGESE-Art Club, 60-61, Sec.-Treas., Bowling Club, 59-60, Cabinet, 58-61, Camera Club, 60-61, FBLA, 59-60, FHA, 58-59, GRA, 58-61, HR SBC, 58-59, Gov., 60-61, Treas,, 59-60, Jr. Red Cross, 59-60, Repertoire Players, 60-61, Reporter, Spanish Club, 58-59, Gold Execu- tive Comm., 58-59, Lady-in-Waiting, 61, Outstanding HR Member, 58-59, Citizen of the Month, 59-60, Yellow Jacket Staff, Editor of Fine Arts, 60-61 MAURICE JAMES BELLOT-Yellow Jacket, 60-61 GEORGE BEMAUER-DE, 60-61 MARIE KATHLEEN 'BENAVIDEZ-FBLA, 58-61, GRA, 58-59, "B" Average Award, 58-603 Perfect attendance, 58-60 MARIE BENOIT-PNA, 58-593 HR, Treas., 59-603 Ski Club, 58-60, Repertoire Players, 58-60 MARY CAROLYN BENSON-FNA, 58-59, HR, Gov., 58-59, Lt. Gov., 60-61, GRA, 58-613 JCL, 58-61, Praetor, 60-61, Jr. Red Cross, 58-61 ROLAND A. BERNARD JR. MILTON JOHNSON BERRY-Slide Rule, 60-613 "B" Average Award, 58-59 JUDY BERTRAND-French Club, 59-60, Pilot Staff, 60-61 CHARLES EDWARD BILBO-HR, GOV., 58-59, Treas., 59-60g Pilot Staff, Sports Editor, 60-615 Pro- jectors Club, 60-61 30 MARVIN L. BATES-A Cappella Choir, 58-61, Pres., 60-61, Quartet, 59-61, All-State Choir, 60-613 JCL, 58-615 Repertoire Players, 58-61, Parliamen- tarian, 60-61, Slide Rule Club, 60-61, HR, Gov., 58-59, Outstanding Repertoire Player, 58-59 KAREN LYNN BAXTER-Cabinet, 58-593 Cheer- leader, 60-61, French Club, 58-61, GRA, 58-61, Jr. Red Cross, 59-60, Repertoire Players, 58-61, SBC, 59-60, Soph. Duchess, 58-59, Most Popular Girl, 61 KENNETH EUGENE BAYLASS-Camera Club, 59-60, Spanish Club, 58-59 DAVID BERAL BEAGLE EUGENE JOSEPH BEARD SANDRA JNEANE BECKWORTH-GRA, 58-61, HR, Sec., 58-59, Mixed Chorus, Librarian, 60-61 Daily Schedules Received BILLY BLACK-Bowling Club, 59-603 Football, 58-593 NHS, 60-613 Slide Rule Club, 59-603 Track, 59-61, "B" Average Award, 58-60 DONNA FAYE BLANCHARD-GRA, 58-613 HR Lt. Gov., 60-613 NHS, 60-613 Hussars, 59-613 HR, Treas., 59-603 Meritorious Citation, 58-593 "B" Aver- age Award, 59-60 SUSAN MARIE BLANCHARD-French Club, 58-603 FTA, 59-eo, GRA, 58-eo, Mixed choir, eo-61, NHS, 60-613 Meritorious Citation, 58-593 "B" Average Award, 59-60 DOROTHY LOUISE BODDEN-FBLA, 60-61, Yellow Jacket, 60-61 HAROLD BODDEN-DE, 60-61 REBECCA LYNN BOEHME-FBLA, 58-593 Span- ish6Club, 59-613 NHS, 60-613 Meritorious Citation, 58- 0 By 465 Seniors ANN ELIZABETH BOOTE-FNA, 58-61, Treas., 59-61, GRA, 58-593 SBC, 583 Cabinet, 603 Outstand- ing junior Future Nurse, 60 JOHN BORDELON JAMES BOREL-DE, eo WILLIAM BOUTTE TOMMY ELTON BRADBERRY CYNTHIA LOUISE BRANTLEY-Band, 58-61, Color Guard, 59-613 Bowling Club, 59-603 Cabinet, 58-603 FTA, 59-61, Veep, 59-603 GRA, 58-60, Good Sportsmanship League, 59-613 Heralds, 59-613 JCL, 58'60Q NSH, 58-60, "B" Average Award, 59-603 Meritorious Citation, With Special Honors, 58-593 Outstanding HR Member, 58-593 Honor Awards Band, Congress, 58-593 Perfect Attendance Award, 59-60, Yellow jacket, 60-613 Rep. at Large PEGGY ELLEN BREAUX-Cabinet, 58-593 FBLA, Pres., 60-613 GRA, 58-60, JCL, 58-593 Jr. Red Cross, 59-60, Sec.3 Heralds, 60-613 Hussars, 59-60, Asst. Inst. Quartermaster, 59-60, Treas., 60-613 "BH Aver- age Award, 58-593 Jr. Club Woman, 60-613 Jr. Duchess, 59-603 Outstanding HR Member, 59-603 Miss Typical Texan, 60-613 Yellow Jacket Staff, Favorite Editor, 60-613 Princess, 61 ROBERT L. BRECKENRIDGE-Band, 58-61, French Club, 58'61, FDA, 60-613 Heralcls, 59-61, Veep, 60-613 NHS, 60-61, jr. Liori, 60, Meritorious Citation, With Special Honors, 58-593 National Merit Scholar- ship Foundation Semi-Finalist, 60-613 Chairman Ma- roon Executive Committee, 61 EVELYN BROUSSARD-DE, 59-61, Sec., 60-613 HR Sec., 58-59, Tre-as., 59-61, GRA, 58-593 "B" Average Award, 59-60 3' JOHN LEWIS CALHOUN-Football, 57-58 JAMES RICHARD CARR CARL CARTER JR.-Boys' State, 593 Court, Jr. Duke, 59-603 Football, 58-613 Track, 58-603 SBC, Pres., 60-61 KAREN CARY-Bowling Club, 59-60, GRA, All Star, 58'61Q Letter Girls, 59-61, Veep, 61, Pilot Staff, 60-613 Tennis Club, 58-613 Hist., 58, Pres., 593 Yel low Jacket Staff, 60-61 JAIME ENRIQUE CASTANEDA-JCL, 59-61 Track, 58-61 JESSE CASTANEDA 32 GARY WAYNE BROUSSARD HELEN ROSE BROUSSARD-Bowling, 59-603 FBLA, 58-593 French Club, 58-613 GRA, 60-613 Jr. Red Cross, 59-GOQ Repertoire Players, 59-613 HR Treas., 60-613 Perfect Attendance WAYNE JOSEPH BROUSSARD-Slide Rule, 59-60 MYRTLE EVELYN BROWN-Cabinet, 59-603 FBLA, 60-613 GRA, 58-613 Gold Executive Comm., 60-61 FAY BURDETT-FBLA, 60-613 GRA, 58-603 HR Sec., 58-59, Lt. Gov., 59-60, Gov, 60-613 Hussars, 59-613 Ski Club, 58-59 DAVID WAYNE BURGE-Art Club, 58-59, Bowl- ing Club, 59-603 JCL, 58-593 Pilot Staff, 59'60Q Rifle Club, 58-593 Ski Club, 59-603 Spanish Club, 58-59 JUDITH BURGE-FBLA, 59-60 JANELLE MARIE BUVINGHAUSEN-Cabinet, 58-593 DE, 60-613 FTA, 58-61, Veep, 60-613 GRA, 58-593 Heralds, 60-613 HR Sec., 59-60, Gov., 60-613 JCL, 58-613 NHS, 60-613 SBC, 58-593 "B" Average, 59-603 FTA Merited Member, 58-61, Meritorious Citation, 58-59 KAREN ANNE BYRD-Art Club, 60-613 Cabinet, 59-613 GRA, 58-613 Heralds, 60-613 Hussars, 59-613 Asst. Uniform Quartermaster, 59-60, Pres., 60-613 Jr. Red Cross, 58-593 NHS, 60-613 Spanish Club, 58-593 Yellow Jacket Staff, 60-61, Senior Editor3 "B" Aver- age Award, 59-61, Letter Girls, 60-613 Lion Sweet- heart, 61, HR Lt. Gov., 58-613 Maroon Convention Sec., 59, Meritorious Citation, 58-593 Outstanding Hussar, 59-603 Senior Class Treas., 60-61 Seniors Meet and OUIDA NELL CATES-French Club, 58-603 FNA, 60-61: GRA, 58-60, HR Sec., 60-61 ROBERT THOMAS CAUGHLIN-Cabinet, 60-613 FBLA, 60-613 FDA, 6O'61Q Football, 58-593 HR Gov,, 58-613 Heralds, 60-613 Slide Rule Club, 60-613 Yellow Jacket Staff, 60-61 HARRY JOHN CAZEMIER-French Club, 60-613 JCL, 58-593 Jr. Red Cross, 58-593 Slide Rule Club, 60-613 "B"' Average Award, 59-603 HR Lt. Gov., 58-60, Sec., 60-613 Meritorious Citation, 58-593 NHS, 60-613 Cabinet, 60-61 BOB CHADDRICK-French Club, 59-60 JERRY LYNN CHAMBERLAIN IRVIN HOLBERT CHATAGNIER NANCY CAROLYN CHRISTIAN-Bowling Club, 60-613 Cabinet, 58-593 GRA, 58-61, Glee Club, 58-593 Mixed Chorus, 59-603 Jr. Red Cross, 60-613 Letter Girls, 60-61 LESLIE JOSEPH CLARY-Repertoire Players, 60-61 LINDA LEE CLOAR-Art Club, 60-613 Cabinet, 59 60 FBLA 60 61 GRA 59 61 CL 59-603 Hus- sars,59-60 , - 5 , - gJ , Greet Mr. Gott THOMAS LEE CLOONEY JACK THOMAS COFFMAN-Bowling Club, 59-603 Ski Club, 59-60, Slide Rule Club, 59-603 "BH Aver- age Award, 59-603 SBC, 58-593 NHS, 60-61 JESS MATLOCK COFFMAN-Bowling Club, 59-60, Slide Rule Club, 59-613 Ski Club, 59'60Q NHS, 60-61 NOVA LYNNE COLEMAN-Band, 58-61, Drum Major, 60-613 Bowling Club, 59-613 FTA, Chaplain, 59-603 GRA, 58-61, Heralds, 59-61, Sec., 60-613 JCL, 58-61, NHS, 60-613 Cabinet, 59-61, Treas., 59-603 SBC, 60-613 "B" Average Award, 59-60, HR Treas., 58-59, Sec., 59-603 Meritorious Citation With Special Honors, 58-593 Perfect Attendance Award, 59-603 Letter Girls, 60-61 SHARIN COMEAUX-Cabinet, 59-603 GRA, 58-613 Heralds, 59'61, JCL, 58-61, Praetor, 60-613 Jr. Red Cross, 59-603 French Club, 60-613 FNA, 58-593 HR Lt. Gov., 60-613 SBC, 58-593 "B" Average Award, 59-60 JANICE GAYLE COOPER-GRA, 58-61, French Club, 60-613 HR Sec., 6C-613 Hussars, 59-613 Spanish Club, X SHIRLEY RAYE CORLEY-DE, 60-61 DONALD JAMES CORMIER MILDA ANN COURVILLE-Glee Club, 59-61, Spanish Club, 58-59 ROY RANDOLPH COWLING-Band, 58-593 DE, 60-61, Football, 58-59 CAROLE DARLENE COX-DE, 60-61, FNA, 58-595 JCL, 58-59 LINDA GAYLE COX-Band, sa-61, GRA, 58-59, FHA, 58-61 -, , E.-,714 Bonfire Highlights CHARLES HUNTER CRAWFORD-Bowling Club, 60-61, Slide Rule Club, 59-60, Track, 59-61 SHARY J. CRAWFORD-Art Club, 60-61, FTA, 58-59, Heralds, 59-61, HR Sec., 58-59, Gov., 59-60 JOHN L. CROCHET JR.-Projector Club, 58-59 CHERIE D'ABADIE-Cabinet, 60-61, French Club, 58-61, FTA, 58-61, Treas., 58-59, Veep, 59-61, GRA, 58-59, Heralds, 60-61, Jr. Red Cross, 58-59, NHS, 60-61, SBC, 60-61, Ski Club, 58-61, Sec., 59-60, "B" Average Award, 59-60, Meritorious Citation, 58-59 IDA NELL DAIGLE-FBLA, 60-61, FNA, 59-61, GRA, 58-61, Hussars, 59-60, Repertoire Players, 58-61, Pres., 60-61, Jr. Red Cross, 58-59, HR Lt. Gov., 58-59 PATRICIA MARIE DANIEL-Cabinet, 60-61, French Club, 58-61, GRA, 58-61, Letter Girl, 60-61, HR SEC., Treas., 58-59, Lt. Gov., 60-61, Hussars, 59-61, Reporter, 60, Majorette, 60-61, Pilot Staff, News Editor, 60-61, Yellow Jacket Staff, Faculty Ed- itor, 60-61 MARY ANN DANIEL-Cabinet, 60-61, Bowling Club, 60-61, FTA, 58-60, GRA, 58-60, JCL, 58-60 WILLIAM ALBERT DARNELL-Slide Rule, 60-61 ELDRIDGE EUGENE DAVIS, JR.-Cabinet, 59-61, Parl., 60-61, French Club, 58-61, Pres., 60-61, Her- alds, 60-61, HR Gov., 58-593 Ski Club, 58-61, Slide Rule Club, 59-61, Football, 58-61, SBC, 59-60, "B" Average Award, 59-60, Meritorious Citation, 58-593 NHS, 60-61, Outstanding French Club Member, 58-59, Outstanding HR Member, 59-60 Football Activities ROBERT E. DEVILLIER-French Club, eo-61, ski Club, 59-61, Veep., 60-61, Slide Rule Club, 60-61 JANICE EVELYN DICKERSON-GRA, 58-eo, HR Sec., 58-59, Treas., 59-60, Lt. Gov., 60-61, Repertoire Players, 60-61, Bowling Club, 60-61 JEAN KAY DOMINGUE-Bowling Club, 58-61, FBLA, 58-60, Treas., 58-59, Corresponding Sec., 59-60, French Club, 58-59, GRA, 58-61, Cabinet, 60-61, HR Sec., 60-61, Letter Girls, 60-61, Repertoire Players, 60-61 CORINA ROSA DOMINGUEZ-GRA, 58-61, Let- ter Girls, 60-61, Spanish Club, 58-61, Tennis Club, 60-61 PATRICIA ANN DOYLE-FBLA, 58-59, GRA, 58-59, JCL, Veep, 60-61, Pilot Staff, 59-61, Feature Editor, 59-60, Editor, 60-61, Pilot Sweetheart, 60-61, "B" Average Award, 59-60, HR Sec., 58-59, Treas., Outstanding Member, 59-60, Maroon Exec. Comm., 59-60, Cabinet, 60-61, Perfect Attendance, 58-59 JEANNINE CAROL DUBOIS-Bowling Club, 60-61, GRA, 58-61, Letter Girls, 60-61, Jr. Red Cross, 59-61, Veep, 60-61, Heralds, 59-61, HR Lt. Gov., 59-60, Maroon Exec. Comm., 59-60, SBC, 60-61, "B" Average Award, 58-59, GRA All-Star Team, 58-61 LEONARD DUCKWORTH-Football, 58-61, Ski Club, 60-61, Track, 58-59 RODNEY DUHON-Football, 58-59, Slide Rule, 60-61, "B" Average Award, 58-59 THOMAS JEFFERY DUMESNIL HOWARD LAWRENCE DAVIS-DE, 60-61, Latin, 57-59 JAMES M. DAVIS-DE, 59-61 JANICE LYNN DAVIS-Bowling Club, 59-60, FBLA, 58.59, GRA, 5s-61, HR Lf. Gov., 58-59, Jr. Red Cross, 58-61, Reporter, 60-61, NHS, 60-61, Slide Rule Club, 60-61, Spanish Club, 58-59, "B" Average Award, 59-60, Gold Executive Comm., 59-60, Ski Club, 59-60, Letter Girls, 60-61 CATHERINE DEAN-French Club, 59-61, FTA, 59-61, Historian, 60-61, Heralds, 59-613 GRA, 58-59, HR Treas., 60-61, Repertoire Players, 59-61, Yellow Jacket Staff, 60-61, FTA, Merited Member, 60, Out- standing French Club Member, 60 CHERYL DECKARD-Art ciub, 59-61, Pres., eo-61, HR Gov., 60-61, sBc, so-61 JIMMY N. DERISO-Bowling Club, 58-59, French Club, 59-61, HR Lf. Gov., so-61. f flfli WH! Working as lab assistants, seniors show interest in science. Waldorf is welcomed into the senior class by Lamar Lawson and Cindy Brantley. 36 Marie Benoit, Frances Proft, David Nutt, and John Hawsey model typical hats on Hat Day. ariety Lightens the Darkest Days Carl Carter greets Louis Gres, exchange student from France, to Thomas jeffer- son. I Seniors gaily take part in the Sadie Hawkins Dance. I 1,--sg..,f:c5s1-h , ', " 4' w e A f 42 '4ff"2 . -12 f , if sf igwqzv jg L i QV V kbky H 1 we Q , iec as Senior Activities Range Wide Not even the book of knowledge could tell these 1960 Cav OIL Cade Princesses who would reign as queen. ii 'z f GLADYS FAULK RUTH FAULKNER JUDY DARLENE FEARS-Bowling Club, 58-59' FBLA, 58-59, French Club, 59-60, PTA, 58-593 om, 58-61, Jr. Red Cross, 58'59Q Spanish Club, 58-59 LINDA MERLE FERGUSON-Band, 58-61, Cabi- net, 58-603 FTA, 58-61, Pres., 60-613 GRA, 58-613 Letter Girls, 60-613 HR Gov., 58-603 Jr. Red Cross, 60-61, "B" Average Award, 59-603 Band Award, All Region Band, 59-603 FTA, Merited Member, 61, Miss FTA, 58-613 Outstanding HR Member, 59-60 MARION CLIFTON FERGUSON PAUL FITZNER-Football, 58-59 38 BETTY ANN DUPLANTIS-GRA, 58-60 PATRICIA ANN DUPONT-Bowling Club, 59-613 GRA, 58-61, FBLA, 60-613 Perfect Attendance, 59-60 DIANA DUPY-Cabinet, 59-613 FTA, 58-61, Sec., 59-60, Veep, 60-61, State Delegate, Merited Member, 61, GRA, 58-593 Heralds, 60-613 HR Lt. Gov., 58-593 Hussars, 59-61, Hist., 603 JCL, 58-61, Pres., 60-61, Outstanding Member, 613 NHS, 60-613 Pilot Staff, 59-60, Slide Rule Club, 60-613 Yellow Jacket Staff, 59-61, Copy Editor, 59-60, Co-Editor, 60-613 "B" Average Award, 59-613 Meritorious Citation, 58-593 Outstanding Journalism Award, 59-60 JEWELL HOWARD EDGERLY-Spanish Club, 58-59 JUDITH RAE EMMONS-Bowling Club, 59-60, GRA, 58-603 Letter Girls, Reporter, 60-613 SBC, 58-593 "B" Average Award, 59-60 BEVERLY JANICE ENGLISH-Art Club, 58-595 JCL, 58-59, Hussars, 59-613 NHS, 60-61, Slide Rule Club, 60-613 "B" Average Award, 58-60 JOHNNIE RUTH ENGLISH-Bowling Club, 59-61, PNA, 60-613 GRA, 58-593 Mixed Choir, 59-60 JOHN EDWIN ERICKSON-Basketball, 58-612 Football, 58-59 DIANN ESCAGNE Waldorf Captured b f flfill'--18'?2,5iax'F?'e,..f'5j.EZ'2'fff,4iwaf FG5i'R??5?1"E'1Li 'T' i f MARGARITA FLORES-GRA, 58-61 EVELYN LUCILE FOGLEMAN-A Cappella Choir, 60-61, "B" Average Award, 59-60, Band, 58-61, Li- brarian, 60-61, FTA, 58-61, Treas., 60-61, GRA, 58-61, JCL, 58-60, Jr. Red Cross, 59-60, HR Sec., 60-61, FTA, Merited Member, 58-60, NHS, 60-613 SBC, 60-61 JANICE GAYLE FOREMAN-Cabinet, 59-603 FBLA, 59-61, French Club, 58-61, GRA, 58-61, Heralds, 58-61, HR Gov., 58-61, Outstanding HR Member, 58-593 Hussars, 58-61, Repertoire Players, 60-61, "B" Average Award, 60-61, Bowling Club, 60-61, Ski Club, 59-60 KENNETH RAY FONTENOT ALLAN FRANKLIN VIVIAN FRANZ TOMMY GENE FEEMSTER SANDRA R. GALLION-DE, 60-61, Jr. Red Cross, 58-59, Heralds, 58-59 EDWARD GARCIA-Pan-American Club, 59-61, Chaplain, 60-61, Slide Rule, 60-61 Senior Class M SUE GARTIN-Band, 58-61, Majorette, 59-60, Head Majorette, 60-61, JCL, 58-61, GRA, 58-61, Cabinet, 59-61, Sec., 59-60, NHS, 60-61, Letter Girls, 60-61, Meritorious Citation, 58-59, HR Sec., Treas., 58-60, SBC, Sec., 60-61 DELORES GACHASSIN CLERPHE BARNABAS GASPARD-Football, 58-59 ROY GASPARD-Football, 57-583 DE, 60-61 PAUL GENUSA JO ANNE GERACE-Biology Club, 58-593 JCL, 58-61, "B" Average Award, 59-60, Meritorious Ci- tation, 58-59, NHS, Hist., 60-61 39 WILLIAM EVERETT GIBBONS, JR.-Cabinet, 58-59, Football, 58-59, HR Veep, 58-593 JCL, 58-593 Slide Rule Club, 59-61 GORDON RUSSELL GIBSON-Bowling Club, 60-61, Cabinet, 59-60, Jr. Red Cross, 60-61, Slide Rule Club, 60-61, Spanish Club, 58-60 BILL WALTER GILBERT-A Cappella Choir, 60-61, "BU Average Award, 58-60, Cabinet, 58-593 HR Gov., 60-61, Jr. Red Cross, 58-59, JCL, 58-60, siide Rule Club, 59-61 ELIZABETH ANN GIVENS-Band, 59-60, GRA, 59-60, HR Gov., 58-59, Lt. Gov., 59-60, Jr. Red Cross, 59-60, SBC, 59-60, Spanish Club, 59-60 BARBARA ELLYN GLAZE-Bowling Club, 59-60, Camera Club, 59-60, French Club, 60-61, FNA, 58-61, ski Club, 58-61, GRA, 58-61 ROSE ANN GLoR1oso-Bowling Club, 60-61, PNA, 59-61, GRA, 59-60 Successful Food Drive Ushers CHARLES RAY GOEDDRET, JR.-DE, 60-61 JANE ELLEN GOFF-Band, 58-61, Cabinet, 59-60, FBLA, 58-60, GRA, 58-61, Pilot Staff, 60-61, Yel- low Jacket Staff, 60-61 JUDITH ANN GOFF-Cabinet, 59-60, Chess Club, Sec., 59-60, FNA, 58-61, Outstanding Soph. Member, Pres., 60-61, Gov., Conference, Austin, 59-60, HR Gov., 58-60, GRA, 59-60, JCL, 58-61, Sec., 59-60, National Whitehouse Conference, Washington, D. C., 59-60, Ski Club, 59-60, Pilot Staff, 60-61 RANDALL MARK GOLDBLUM-Cabinet, 59-60, FDA, 60-61, Jr. Kiwanian, 59-60, NHS, Veep, 60-61, Ski Club, 58-60, Slide Rule Club, 59-60, Meritorious Citation, 58-59 LUCIEN JOSEPH GONDRON-Cheerleader, 59-60, JCL, 58-60 EDWARD ANTHONY GOODELL JOAN FRANCES GRAHAM-Bowling Club, 59-61, FNA, 60-61, GRA, 58-61 PAUL CRAIG GRANT-Football, 58-59, FDA, Veep, 60-61, SBC, 58-59, Slide Rule Club, 60-61, Track, 58-60 DAVID LLOYD GRANTHAM In Christmas Season LYNDA ELEANOR GUIDRY-Bowling Club, 59-60, FNA, 58-61, GRA, 58-61, JCL, 58-60, Tennis Club, 59-61, Hist., 59 KYLE HAINES-Football, 58-61, All District, 59-60, All-State, Second Team, 60, Track, 58-61 EDITH ROSE HAMMOCK-Cabinet, 59-60, Cam- era Club, 59-60, FDA, 60-61, FNA, 58-61, French Club, 59-61, GRA, 58-61, Hussars, 59-60, Ski Club, 59-61 SHERRY Jo HAMMOCK-Camera Club, 58-60, DE, 60-61, FBLA, 58-60, FNA, 58-59, GRA, 58-60, Repertoire Players, 59-61, Tennis Club, 58-59 MICHAEL WAYNE HAMILTON-E0Otball, 58-593 HR Treas., 58-59, Lt. Gov. 59-60, Slide Rule Club, 59-60 JOHN WALTER HANSON-JCL, 59-61, -Slide Rule- Club, 60-61 JEAN ETTE HATCHETT JOHNNY HAWSEY-Bowling Club, 60-61, Foot- ball, 59-61, Slide Rule Club, 59-60 CHARLES RAY HAZLETON-Basketball, 58-60, Pilot Representative, 58-59 .. . le i f' 5 -3' i " was in 'if BQ I N x S S, Q M S ex wx? I- -- - ,.-'-.' ".- . .- ,'.:f if X f 1-KX. A - 2:-6 'f if . , - - . -1- , .. Q1-,-.-Q 152 5 " 5' ' 5' - ifj. ai.. ROBERT E. GILBERT JIMMIE DON GREEN-JCL, 58-60, Ski Club, 59-61, Slide Rule Club, 60-61 MARY GREGORY-"B" Average Award, 59-60, Cabinet, 59-60, FTA, 58-61, Pres., 60-61, Gold EX- ecutive Comm., 59-60, HR Sec., 58-60, Hussars, 59-60, JCL, 58-60, NHS, 60-61, Meritorious Cita- tion, 58-59, SBC, 59-60, 'Slide Rule Club, 59-60 LOUIS MARCEL H. GRES-Exchange Student from France, Jeunesse Musicale de France, 50-60, Ameri- can Field Service, 59-61, French Club, 60-61, Judo Club, 57-59, HR Lt. Gov., 60-61, Hi-Y Club, 60-61', Routier, 58-60 RICHARD GRIFEITHS ROY GUERRA JR.-Spanish Club, 59-61 mu. i LW ll li! .:.?5il'Wf,11fff1 .ksleillllll - iiliik 'Y BEVERLY PEARL HEATH-Band, 58-61, Major- ette, 60-61, All Region Band, 59-61, Jeffersonians, 60-613 "B" Average Award, 58-603 Bowling Club, 58-61, Outstanding Member, 58-603 GRA, 58-613 JCL, 58-603 Letter Girls, Pres., 60-613 Slide Rule Club, 60-61 ANITA LYNNE HEBERT-DE, eo-61, PNA, 58-59, GRA, 58-59 DIXON JAMES HEBERT-Art Club, 58-59, Camera Club, 60-613 Slide Rule Club, 59-60 MELBA HEBERT-FBLA, 59-eo, GRA, 59-eo, HR Treas,, 60-613 Repertoire Players, 59-61, Sec., 60-613 Ski Club, 59-613 Yellow Jacket Staff, 59-61 NANCY MARIE HEBERT-GRA, 58-593 Pilot Staff, Sec., 60-61 WADE DAVID HEBERT-FBLA, 60-61 DOYLE WOODROW HESTER JR. JOHN HARDIN HICKS III-Basketball, 59-603 "B" Average Award, 59-603 FDA, 60-613 Football, Letter- man, 60-613 Gold Executive Comm, 60-613 HR Gov., 60-613 JCL, 58-593 NHS, 60-613 Prince, 613 Senior Class Veep, 60-61 NEIL ADAM HIGGINBOTHAM-Band, 58-613 JCL, 58-59 Jackets Attain CLAUDETTE HILLIARD-"B" Average Award, 58-613 Cabinet, 58-593 Duchess, 59-603 FBLA, 59-613 French Club, 58-61, Parl., 59-60, Veep, 60-613 GRA, 58-613 Heralds, 58-613 HR Sec., 59-613 Hussars, 59-61g Majorette, 60-613 Parliamentarian Maroon Convention, 59-6OQ Pilot Staff, Bus. Manager, 60-613 SBC, 58-593 Yellow Jacket Staff, Bus. Manager, 60-613 "B" Average Award 60-613 Bowling Club, 60-61 JOHNNY JAMES HINSON LEDEL MARBUT HOLBROOK DENNIS RAY HOLLANDER-"B" Average Award, 58-593 Bowling Club, 59-61, Treas., 60-613 FDA, 60-613 French Club, 59'61Q Heralds, 58-593 Jr- Red Cross, 60-613 Perfect Attendance, 59-603 Slide Rule Club, 59'6OQ Track, 58-61 JAMES EARL HOLLIER-DE, 59-61 JEANIE HOLLINGSWORTH-Cabinet, 58-613 Class Sec., 58-59, Football Sweetheart, 60-61, French Club, 58-61, Outstanding Member, 59-60, Sec., 60-613 GRA, 58-613 Heralds, 59-61, Treas., 60-613 HR'Gov., 59-60, Outstanding Member, 58'59Q Hussars, 59-61, Hist., 59-60, Majorette, 60-613 Maroon Executive Comm., 59-60, Parliamentarian Maroon Convention, 58-593 Princess, 61 Semi-Final Bid DEEANA HUFF-Art Club, Veep, 60-613 Band, 58-593 Bowling Club, 59-603 Cabinet, 60-613 GRA, 53-613 HR GOV-, 58-59, SCC-, 59-603 Jr. Red Cross, 59'60, Repetoire Players, 59-61 MYRA JEAN HULL-Art Club, 59-613 "B" Aver- age Award, 59-60, GRA, 59-61 GLENDA HUNT-FHA, 60-61 JOANN MARCELL HUNTER-Art Club, 60-613 FNA, 58-613 French Club, 58-593 GRA, 58-61, HR Parliamentarian, 60-613 Hussars, 59-613 JCL, 59-603 Pilot Staff, 60-61 CARLO F. IENNA DENNIS JAMES JACKSON WILLIAM HENRY HOLTMAN-"B,' Average Award, 58-593 Cabinet, 58-593 Duke, 58-59g FOOibHll, 58-603 Heralds, 58-593 HR Outstanding Member, 58-59, Gov., 59-613 JCL, 58-593 Jr, Class, Veep, 59-60, Jr, Kiwanian, 58-59, Mr. Typical Texan, 60-613 Prince, 60-613 Slide Rule Club, 59-61 HELEN LEE HOLZAPFEL-"B" Average Award, 58-603 FBLA, 60-613 FHA, 60-613 NHS, 60-613 Perfect Attendance, 59-60 TOMMY HOLTZCLAW DAY ROY HOOKS JR.-Baseball, 59-61, Letterman, 59-61, Basketball, 58-593 Boys' State, 603 Cabinet, 58-61, Citizen of the Month, 60-613 Duke, 58-595 Football, 58-61, Letterman, 59-613 French Club, 59-61, Treas., 60-613 Heralds, 60-613 HR Gov., Outstanding Member, 58-593 Jr. Class Pres., 59-603 Jr. Kiwanian, 58-593 SBC, 59-61, Track, 58-593 Yellow Jacket Staff, Baseball Editor, 60-61 THOMAS JAMES HORTON-Perfect Attendance, 58-59 AUBREY CHARLES HOWARD-Art Club, 60-613 JCL, 60-613 Track, 59-603 Baseball, 60-61 BARBARA GAY HUBERT-FNA, 58-61, Corre- sponding Sec., 60-61, Outstanding Member, 60-613 JCL, 58-60 ALICE ANNE HUDSON-Cabinet, 60-613 He-raids, 59-613 HR Gov., 58-59, Sec., Treas., 59-60, JCL, 58-603 Repertoire Players, 59-603 Ski Club, 59-60 MIKE HUEBEL-DE, 60-613 Football, 58-59 i I W ISI!! I'M?-fwWl?! Q4f!falZ1ZhZdzl'ilwW ki .5 2 a l JAMES WILLIAM JOHNSON-Football, 58-61, All-District, 60-61, Honorable Mention All-State, 60-613 HR Tre-as., 58-593 JCL, 58-59, Jr. Lion, 60-61 KYLE WAYNE JOHNSON-"B" Average AWard, 58-593 Bowling Club, 60-613 Slide Rule Club, 59-61 XWILLIAM THOMAS JOHNSON JOY LYNN JOHNSTONE-Art Club, 60-61, Bowl- ing Club, 60-613 French Club, 58-593 Glee Club, 58-613 GRA, 58-59, HR Sec., 58-59 CAROLYN KAY JONES-GRA, 58-603 HR Sec., Treas,, 59-60 DON CARLTON JONES-DE, 60-61 LINDA ALICE JONES-Bowling Club, 59-603 Cabi- net, 60-613 French Club, 58-613 FTA, 59-603 Gold Executive Comm, Chairman, 59-603 HR Gov., 59-603 SBC, 58-59 LINDA JEAN JONES-"B" Average Award, 59-603 DE, 59-613 GRA, 58-593 JCL, 58-59 LLOYD RONALD JONES 44 ELLIS LEON JACKSON DONNA RENEE JAYROE-Band, 58-61, All Re- gional, 59-613 "B" Average Award, 58'60, JCL, 59-613 Meritorious Citation, 58-593 NHS, 60-613 Ski Club, 59-60 WILLIAM G. JENKINS-Biology Club, 58-595 Bowling Club, 59-61, Ve-ep, 60-61 LARRY RONALD JERNIGAN-French Club, 58-59, HR Lt. Gov., 58-593 Meritorious Citation 59-603 Slide Rule Club, 59-60 BERT CONRAD JOHNSON-Band, 58-59 GLENN JOHNSON-Art Club, 58-613 "BH Average Award, 59-603 French Club, 59-61, Sec,, 60-613 GRA, 58-603 Meritorious Citation, 58-593 Repertoire Players, 58-593 SBC, 58-593 Spanish Club, 58-593 Ski Club, 58-60, Parliamentarian, 59-60 Basketball Attendance SHARON ANN JONES-"B" Average Award 59-613 Cabinet, 58-60, FTA, 58-61, Merited Member, 59-61, State Delegate, 60, Gold Recording Sec. 59-60, GRA, 58-61, Heralds, 59-61, HR Gov., ouff standing Member, 58-60, Hussars, 59-61, Drum Ser- geant, 60-61, jr. Red Cross, 60-61, Letter Girls oo-oi, Meritorious Citation, 58-59, NHS, oo-61, Rei pertoire Players, 58-59, Slide Rule Club, 60-61 GENIVA JOUBERT-Bowling Club, 59-61, FNA, 59-61, GRA, 58-59, HR Lt. Gov., 60-61 CLAIRE LOUISE JUDICE-A Cappella Choir, 60-61, "B" Average Award, 59-60, French Club, 60-61, Gloo Club, 59-oo PAUL ANTHONY JUDICE-HR Lt. Gov., 59-60 RICHARD A. JUDICE-DE, oo-61 EDWARD LEE JUNGEN-Art Club, 60-61, Camera Club, 60-61, Track, 58-59 Award Won b Seniors ,. , , ,, . .,,., , . . we - ' ' - I 92--xiK l X f EDWIN ALBERT JURISCHK-Camera Club, 59-61, Rifle Club, 59-60, Slide Rule Club, 58-61 DAVID W. KAY-Bowling Club, 59-61, Camera Club, 58-60, Pres., 60-61, Rifle Club, 58-60, Yellow jacket Photographer, 60-61 MIKEL ANNE KELLY-Glee Club, 60-61 JUDITH JOAN KENDRICK-GRA, 58-59 SANDRA LUCILE KERR-Art Club, 58-61, PA School Art Contest Award, 58-60, Outstanding Achievement, 59-60, Gold Pin and Certificates in National Scholastic Regional Art Show, Houston, 58-60, "B" Average Award, 58-59,oCamera Club, 59-60, Chess Club, 60-61, DE, 60-61, NHS, 60-61, Repetoire Players, 59-61 JAMES LESLIE KESMAN JAMES A. KILGORE-"B" Average Award, 58-603 Commendation from Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, 60-61, Perfect Attendance Award, 59-60, Slide Rule Club, 59-60 CHARLES KILLINGSWORTH - "B" Average Award, 58-61, FBLA, 60-61, Football, 58-61, Letter- man, 60-61, French Club, 59-60, HR Gov., 60-61, Lt. Gov., 59-60, NHS, 60-61, Slide Rule Club, 58-61, Spanish Club, 59-61 JAMES KINCAID-French Club, 58-59 45 Bo-Peep Patrick begs for assistance from fellow Texas Day Committee members, Lamar Law- son, Mary Catherine Baggesse, Matt Coffman, joe Landry, and Peggy Breaux. Texas Day 1961 ushered in new activi- ties. Peggy Breaux and Bill Holtman reigned from dawn to dusk as Mr. and Miss Typical Texan. The day was spir- ited by the Texas Day play, "This Is Texas P" The barbecue and dance ended a long remembered day. rf. lf Barbecue and Dance Add Zest Slide rule houses hats of Russell Richard, Kyle Johnson and Neil Sirman. MTW s l ss s if Qmiifv Anne Boote and Regan Knight push open the doors to an evening of fun. Good food and dancing were enjoyed by everyone at the Texas Day barbecue and dance. Looting the lockers are Carrie Weeks, Judy Van Slyde, Janice Davis, and Glenda Hunt. 4, J Playwrights of "This Is Texas?" as seen in natural surroundings of Mrs. Bjerring's third period English class. 47 LAMAR EUGENE LAWSON-Basketball, 58-595 Duke, 58-59, Football, 58-61, Letterman, 59-61, Gen- tleman-in-Waiting, 60-61, HR Gov., 58-59, Sec. so-61, JCL, 58-61, Meritorious citation, 58-59, SBCZ 59-60, Sr. Class Pres., 60-61, Soph. Class Pres., 58-59, Track, 58-59 JAMES RAYMOND LAWRENCE-DE, 59-61, JCL, 58-59 MARIAN LEAVINS-GRA, 58-60, Mixed Choir, 59-60 GLENN LAWRENCE LEBLANC-French Club, 60-61 JULIETTE LEBLANC-"B" Average Award, 59-60, FTA, 59-61, Merited Member, 59-60, GRA, 58-61, HR Treas., 58-59, Parliamentarian, 59-60, JCL, 58-61, Meritorious Citation, 58-59, NHS, 60-61, Slide Rule Club, 59-61 WELDON JOSEPH LEBLANC-Slide Rule Club, 59-61 ' 48 PATSY REBA KING-GRA, 58-60, Repertoire Players, 60-61 FRANCES KINNAIRD-DE, 60-61 CHARLES BYRON KIRKENDALL JR.-Basketball, 59-60, "B" Average Award, 59-61, Meritorious Cita- tion, 58-59, NHS, 60-61, Ski Club, 59-61, Slide Rule Club, 60-61 MORTON KLINE MARY ELLEN KLEBBA-Band, 58-59, Cabinet, 58-595 FTA, 58-61, Chaplain, 58-59, Merited Mem- ber, 59-60, Veep, 60-61, Future Club Woman, 60-61, Girls State, 60, Gold Executive Comm., 59-60, GRA, 58-61, Heralds, 60-61, HR Treas., 59-60, Outstand- ing Member, 58-59, Hussars, 59-61, Asst. Inst. Quar- termaster, 59-60, Veep, 60-61, JCL, 58-59, Perfect Attendance Award, 58-59, SBC, 58-59, Correspond- ing Sec., 60-61, Tennis Club, 60-61, Sec., Treas., 60-61 REAGAN KNIGHT-Perfect Attendance, 59-60, Track, 59-61 JIMMY LAND JOSEPH PETE LANDRY-Football, Letterman, 59-61, HR Gov., 59-61, Projectors Club, 58-61, Slide Rule Club, 60-61 HUEY JAMES LATIOLAIS Texas Day Highlights f i TQ W' Q793242Vi-if555?liE5'f3HMf.s:H2f: - .1L:':Xfixf I Q , Cheerleader, 59-60, HR Gov., 58-59, Rifle Club 58-59, SBC, 58-593 Slide Rule Club, 60-61 LINDA MARIE LEBOUEF-DE, 59-61, Treas. 60-61 NANCY LOUISE LEDOUX-FNA, 59-60, GRA, 58-61, Tennis Club, Pres., 59-60 BILLY LEE RICHARD LEE LEGATE-Football, 58-61, All-Dis- trict, First Team, 61, All-District, A8cM First Team, 61, Honorable Mention High School All American, 61, Letterman, 59-61, Yellow Jacket Staff, 60-61 BONNIE RUTH LELEUX-GRA, 58-61 THOMAS L. LETULLE-DE, 58-61 SHANNON LIGHT LIZBETH ANNE LOFTON-"B" Average Award, 59-60, Cabinet, 60-61, French Club, 59-61, GRA, 59-61, Heralds, 60-61, Hussars, 59-61, Drum Major, 60-61, NHS, 60.61, SBC, ss-59 March Activities WILLIAM OSEPH LA UEY-Art Club 60-61' 1 1 7 'BF IRE MARY LONA-Spanish Club, 59-61 FRANCISCO LOPEZ JOHNNY LOPEZ-Football, 58-59, Spanish Club, 558-59, Sgt. at Arms, 59-60, Pres., 60-61, Meritorious Citation, 58-59 RUDOLPH LOPEZ-Bowling Club, 60-61, Spanish Club, 58-59 OSCAR DENNIS LOTT-JCI., 58-60, Slide Rule Club, 60-61 DIANE LOUKAS-A Cappella Choir, 59-61, Li- brarian, "B" Average Award, 58-59, Bowling Club, 59-61, FBLA, Treas., 60-61, FTA, 58-59, GRA, 58-61, Heralds, 60-61, HR Sec., 60-61, Hussars, 59-61, JCL, 58-59, Letter Girls, 60-61, Yellow jacket Staff, 60-61 49 PATRICIA MCCUE-FNA, 58-61, GRA, 58-61, JCL, 58-61, Slide Rule Club, 60-61 JOHN ROBERT MCCURLEY JR.-Baseball, 58-61, Letterman, 59-61, Basketball, 58-61, Letterman, 59-61, "B" Average Award, 58-59, Football, 58-60, Letter- man, 59-61, HR Gov., 60-61 MARY LEE MCDANIEL BETTY MCDONALD-"B" Average Award, 58-61, FNA, 58-60, JCL, 58-61, Treas., 59-60 MICKEY MCMONAGLE CAROL JEAN MCMAHON-Band, 58-61, French Club, 58-60,, GRA 58-59 KENNETH W. McELWEE CHARLES W. MCFATTER-Band, 58-61, Pres., 60-61, Camera Club, 59-60, Citizen of the Month, 60, Duke, 58-59, FDA, Pres., 60-61, JCL, 58-61, Junior Rotarian, 58, Meritorious Citation with Special Honors, 58-59, Meritorious Citation, 59-60, NHS, 60-61, Pres. Soph. Class, 58-59, Pres. Jr. Class, 59-60, SBC, 58-61, Slide Rule Club, 60-61, Winner 5250 Optimist Club ,Scholarship MICHAEL PHILLIP MCGREW-Art Club, 60-61 50 SARAH ANN LOWTHER-Band, 58-61, Bowling Club, 59-61, Cabinet, 58-60, GRA, 58-61, JCL, 58-61, Yellow Jacket Staff, 60-61 VIRGINIA LOZANO-FBLA, 60-61, Spanish Club, 58-61 RAYMOND N. LUDWIG, JR.-Band, 58-61, Jef- fersonians, 60-61, "B" Average Award, .59-60, Cabi- net, 60-61, FDA, 60-61, Heralds, 59-61, HR Out- standing Member, 58-59, Lt. Gov., 59-60, JCL, 58-60, Jr. Red Cross, 59-60, Meritorious Citation With Special Honors, 58-59, NHS, 60-61, SBC, 58-599 Slide Rule Club, 60-61 PEGGY LOU MCBETH-"A" Average Award, 59-60, Cabinet, 58-60, Corresponding Sec, 60-61, FTA, 58-61, Pres., 59-60, Miss FTA, 60, State Dele- gate, 60, Outstanding Future Teacher, 60, Future Club Woman, 60, GRA, 58-59, Heralds, 59-61, Pres., 60-61, HR Gov., 58-59, Lt. Gov., 59-61, I-Iussars, 59-61, Chaplain, 59-60, Outstanding, 60, JCL, 58-60, Sec,, 59-60, Meritorious Citation with Special Honors, 58-59, NHS, 60-61, Repertoire Players, 58-59, SBC, 60-61, Speaking Sec. Maroon Convention, 61, Citizen of the Month, 61, Outstanding Congressman, 61 KAY HOWSLEY McCONATHY-FNA, 59-61, GRA, 58-61, JCL, 58-61, Mixed Choir, 59-61, Re- pertoire Players, 58-61 LARRY MCCRARY-Art Club, 58-59, Bowling Club, 60-61, Camera Club, 59-60, HR Lt. Gov., 59-60, Rifle Club, 59-60 Project Talent Gives DAVID ANTHONY MCQUEEN CYNTHIA MACHALEK-Art Club, 60-61, FNA, 58-60, GRA, 58-61, HR Treas., 58-60, Repertoire Players, 58-59, Ski Club, 58-59, Spanish Club, 58-59, Yellow jacket Staff, -59-60 GROVER A. MACKENROTH JR.-FBLA, eo-61 BRUCE CARROI.. MAHAFFEY-HR Gov., 60-61, jr. Red Cross, 58-595 Rifle Club, 58-59, Slide Rule Club, 59-61 CECIL DEAN MALLET-DE, 59-61 JOE KING MALONE Hints to Future Vocations ' , "3 1 'Q SANDRA MARSH-FNA, 58-61, Corresponding Sec., 59-60, Sec., 60-61, GRA, 58-61, HR Treas., 59-60, Mixed Choir, 59-60, Pilot Staff, Asst. Busi- ness Manager, 60-61, Yellow jacket Staff, Editor of Future Club, 60-61 SUSAN MAE MARSH-"B" Average Award, 60-61' Band, 58-61, Color Guard, 60-61, jeffersonians 59-61, Bowling Club, 59-61, Cabinet, 58-61, FTA, 59-61, Parl., 60-61, GRA, 58-595 Yellow Jacket Staff, 60-61 ERLINDA MARTINEZ-GRA, 58-61, Spanish Club 58-61, Reporter, 60-61 9 J 5 LUPE MARTINEZ-FNA, 59-61,. GRA, 58-61, Spanish Club, 58-61 EVA JEAN MASON-DE, 60-61 PATRICIA ANNE MATHROLE-A Cappella choir, eo-61, FBLA, eo-61 LOUIS P. MAY-French Club, 58-59 WILLIAM MAY-HR Treas., 58-59, Gov., 59-60 JAMES ALTON MAYBERRY 5l ROBERT ALLEN MILLS-DE, 58-61 BYRON LOUIS MILNER-Basketball, 58-613 HB" Average Award, 58-593 Cabinet, 58-593 FDA, 60-613 Golf Team, 58-603 HR Outstanding Member, 58-603 JCL, 58-60g Jr. Red Cross, 59-603 SBC, 59-603 Slide Rule Club, 60-61 JOHN MINER-Golf Team, 59-61, HR Treas., 58-59, Lt. Gov., 60-613 JCL, 58-593 Slide Rule Club, 60-61 BARBARA ANN MIRE-GRA, 58-61 FRANCES ELAINE MOAK-FBLA, 60-613 GRA, 58-603 HR Lt. Gov., 58-593 Jr. Red Cross, 58-61 ANN LOUISE MOCK-Band, 58-61, All-Regional, 58-593 "B" Average Award, 58-613 FTA, 58-61, Merited Member, 59-603 GRA, 58-61, NHS, 60-613 Perfect Attendance, 58-61 52 MAUREEN MAYEA-FBLA, 60-613 FHA, 60-613 GRA, 58-59 - JAMES M. MAXFIELD-Football, 58-613 All-Dis- trict, 60-613 Spanish Club, 58-593 Track, 59-603 Yel- low Jacket Staff, 60-613 Jr. Rotarian, 61 ROBERT MENCHACA, JR.-Football, 58-59 GERVIS EDWARD MIDGETTE-JCL, ss-eo, Slide Rule Club, 59-613 Yellow Jacket Staff, 60-61 CAROL JEAN MIGUEZ-Art Club, 60-613 Bowling Club, 59-61, Camera Club, 60-613 GRA, 58-613 Re- pertoire Players, 60-613 Ski Club, 58-593 Yellow Jacke.t Staff, 60-61 GRADY MILLER JR.-Football, 58-593 Pilot- Staff, 60-613 Projectors Club, 59-61, Pres., 60-613 Track, 58-60 IVAN C. MILLER-A Cappella Choir, 58-61 MARY KAY MILLER-FHA, 58-593 GRA, 58-603 HR Sec., 59-60, Lt. Gov., 60-61 OLLIE F, MILLER-"B" Average Award, 58-59 Private Parties Dominate 11" f W ff7 M"ll!' i :fi I ' fr- 5 W 'W SHERI DIANE MONTAGNE-DE, so-61, ski Club, 59- o EREDRICK N. MONTANA-Football, 58-593 span- ish Club, 58-59 JANIS GAIL MOON-"B" Average Award, 58-61, Cabinet, 58-61, Duchess, 59-60, FBLA, 58-61, GRA, 58-61, Heralds, 59-61, Outstanding, 60, HR Lt, Gov., 58-59, Outstanding Member, 59-60, Hussars, 59-61, Chaplain, 59-61, Veep, 60-61, Maroon Exec. Comm., 58-60, Sec., 59-60, Recording Sec., -60-61, SBC, 58-60 SHARON KAY MORGAN-Cabinet, 58-59, DE, Reporter, 60-61, FBLA, 58-59, French Club, 58-59, GRA, 58-59, Heralds, 58-59 CAROL MORITZ-"B" Average Award, 59-61, GRA, 58-61, Heralds, 59-61, HR Lt. Gov., 58-59, Sec., 59-60, Treas., 60-61, Hussars, 59-61, JCL, 58-61, Jr. Red Cross, 58-59, Meritorious Citation, 58-593 NHS, 60-61, Slide Rule Club, 60-61 MERRILL JANELL MOSS-"B" Average Award, 58-60, FNA, 60-61, GRA, 58-61, Heralds, 60-61, HR Gov., 58-59, Sec., 60-61, Hussars, 59-61, Ideal Hussar, 61, JCL, 58-59, Jr. Red Cross, 58-60, Letter Girls, 60-61, NHS, 60-61, Perfect Attendance, 58-593 Slide Rule Club, 60-61 JAMES COPLAND MOYER-American Mathematics Association Award, 59-60, Band, 58-61, NHS, 60-61, National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist, 59-60 LARRY W. MUNLIN-Art Club, 60-61, Bowling Club, 59-61, Camera Club, 59-60, DE, 59-60, Rifle Club, 58-59 JERRY CARL MYERS-Bowling Club, 59-60, DE, 59-61, JCL, 58-60, Slide Rule Club, eo-61 Seniors' Free Time ff:-Lv 23 MARIE ELODIE NACOL-Art Club, 60-61, Camera Club, 60-61, FBLA, 60-61, French Club, 59-60, GRA, 58-59 JAMES ALFRED NORMENT IR.-Bowling Club, 59-61, Football, 58-59 GERALD LYNN NUNEZ-Bowling Club, 60-61 SANDRA ANN NUNEZ-Band, 58-61, Veep, 60-61' jeffersonians, 60-61, French Club, 59-61, GRA 58-61, HR Sec., 58-61, Pilot Staff, 60-61, SBC 59-60, Yellow jacket Staff, 60-61 s 7 GAYNELL NUSOM-Band, 59-61, FBLA, 60-61, FTA, 58-59, GRA, 58-59, HR Treas., 58-59, Reper- toire Players, 58-59, Spanish Club, 58-59 DAVID NUTT-Basketball, 58-61, All-District, 59- 61, Letterman, 59-61, Duke, 59-60, Grand Dulce, 60-61, HR Treas., 58-60, Spanish Club, 59-60 53 VIRGINIA LEE OAKLEY-"BU Average Award, 59-60, Cabinet, 59-60, French Club, 58-61, GRA, 58-61, Heralds, 59-61, HR Sec., 58-59, Outstanding Member, 59-60, Sec., Treas., 60-61, Hussars, 59-61, Instrument Quartermaster, 59-60, Mixed Choir, Pres., 60-61, SBC, Outstanding Congressman Award, 59-60 EDWARD OROZCO, JR.-Art Club, 58-59, Bowling Club, 60-61 JOHN JOSEPH OTERI III--Baseball, 58-61, All- District, 59-60, Letterman, 58-61, Bowling Club, 59-eo, spanish Club, 59-60 CHARLOTTE ANN OWENS-FBLA, 60-61, PTA, 58-59, GRA, 58-61, Mixed Choir, 60-61, Repertoire Players, 58-59, Spanish Club, 58-59 LINDA RUTH OWINGS-Art Club, 60-61 ing Club, 60-61, Camera Club, 60-61, FNA GRA, 58-61, HR Treas., 60-61, Jr. Red Cross Repertoire Players, 58-61, Yellow Jacket Staff Ski Club, 59-60 NELDA JEAN PACE-Cabinet, 60-61, FBLA, 5 1 1 Bowl- 58-59 60-61 60-61 60-61 FTA, 58-59, GRA, 58-61, HR sec., 58-60, Hussars, 59-61 Measurement for Caps and Gowns ELIZABETH ANN PARDUE-FNA, 58-61, Hist., Parl., 59-60, GRA, 58-61 LINDA FAY PARENT-Band, 58-61, Color Guard, 60-61, All-Region Band, 58-60, FHA, 58-59, French Club, 58-61, GRA, 58-61, Repertoire Players, 59-61 LIONEL RAY PARENT-Baseball, 59-61, French Club, 58-61, Parl., 60-61, Slide Rule Club, 60-61 MONTY LYNN PASTORICK BO-PEEP PATRICK-"B" Average Award, 58-60, Cabinet, 59-60, Duchess, 59-60, FBLA, 58-59, GRA, 58-61, Hussars, 59-61, Majorette, 60-61, Mixed Choir, Veep, 60-61, SBC, 60-61, Queen, 60-61, SBC' JAMES PAYNE-"B" Average Award, 59-61, Bowl- ing Club, 59-603 Chess Club, 59-60, FDA, 60-61, HR Gov., 59-60, Meritorious Citation, 58-59,- NHS, 60-61, Slide Rule Club, 58-59 EMMA RosE PECORINO-Bowling Club, 59-eo FTA, 60-61, GRA, 5a-59 DONALD PERRON WILLIAM PITRE, JR.-Slide Rule Club, eo-61 Turn Thoughts to Graduation MELVIN JAMES QUEBEDEAUX-Projectors Club, 60-61 ELLIOT PAUL QUICK, JR.-Ski Club, 59-61, Slide Rule Club, 60-61 MARY HELEN RAMIREZ-"BU Average Award, 59-60, GRA, 58-61, Ski Club, 59-60, Spanish Club, 58-60 ROBERT REEVES WILLIAM HARVEY REEVES-Football 58-61, All- District, 59-61, All-State Honorable Mention, 60-61, Letterman, 59-61, Most Popular Boy, 60-61, Yellow Jacket Staff, Sports Editor, 60-61 HAROLD JAMES RICHARD-F1'enCh Club, 58-60, HR GOV-, 59-60, Jr. Kiwanian, 59-60, Meritorious Citation, 58-59, Slide Rule Club, 59-61 RUSSELL JAMES RICHARD-Duke, 59-60, JCL, 58-59, Projectors Club, 58-60, Slide Rule Club, 59-61 MELINDA LOU RICHARDS-Art Club, 60-61, Bowling Club, 60-61, Cabinet, 58-59, FBLA, 58-59, FTA, 58-59, GRA, 58-61, JCL, 58-60 TIM C. RICHERSON-HR Lt. Gov., 60-61, JCL, 59-60, Jr. Red Cross, 60-61, Repertoire Players, 60-61, Slide Rule Club, 59-60, Spanish Club, 58-59 ERLEEN PORTER-A Cappella Choir, 60-61, Li- brarian, 60-61, Art Club, 58-59, "B" Average Award, 59-60, FBLA, 58-61, Outstanding Member, 58-59, Pres., 59-60, FHA, 58-59, GRA, 58-60, HR Sec., 58-59, Hussars, 58-61, Parliamentarian, 60-61, Mer- itorious Citation, With Special Honors, 58-59, NHS, 60-61, Pilot Staff, 59-60, SBC, 60-61, Bulletin Scribe, 60-61, Yellow Jacket Staff, 59-61, Co-Editor, 60-61, Journalism Honor Award, 59-60, Sextet Accompanist, 60-61 TIM PORTER ALICE LOUISE POWERS-Cabinet, 59-60, FTA, 58-59, GRA, 58-60, HR Lt. Gov., Gov., 58-59 JOHNIE PRICE-"B" Average Award, 59-60, Cabi- net, 60-61, Slide Rule Club, 59-61 MICKA CHARLES PRIMEAUX-Baseball, 60-61, Bowling Club, 59-60, Chess Club, 59-61, French Club, 58-60, HR Treas., 58-59, Slide Rule Club, 60-61, Ski Club, 59-61, "B" Average, 60-61 FRANCES KATHRINE PROFT-A Cappella Choir, Reporter, 59-61, All-State Chorus, 60, Outstanding Member, 59-60, Girls' Sextet, 59-61, "B" Average Award, 59-60, FTA, 58-61, Parliainentarian, 58-59, Pres,, 59-60, Heralds, 59-61, HR Gov., 58-59, Sec., 59-60, JCL, 58-61, Outstanding Member, 58-59, Sec., 59-60, Meritorious Citation, with Special Honors, 58-59, NHS, 60-61 Ivy-leaguers Invade T. J. Circle Pins Circle Campus I-hgh Top Socks H1t H1gh School F ads an F ancies Charms and Bows Mr. and Miss Typical Texan Mr. and Miss Typical Texan represent the spirit of the 1961 class. Each homeroom with 100 per cent annual sub scription nominated typical seniors. Bill Holtman and Peggy Breaux were chosen by the class for this honor. 57 SUSAN RIEGNER-FNA, 58'6lQ JCL, 59-61, Treas., 60-613 Spanish Club, 58-59g Hussars, 59-61, Sec., 60-61 LINDA FRANCES RILEY-"B" Average Award, 59-603 French Club, 58-613 FTA, 5861, Outstand- ing Member, 58-59, I-Iist,, 58-59, State Delegate, 59-60, Pres., 60-613 HR Gov., 58-59, Lt. Gov,, 59-60, Treas., 60-613 Hussars, 59-61, Meritorious Citation, With Special Honors, 58-593 NHS, Treas., 60-61 GARLAND JAMES RODDY-Basketball, 58-613 Track, 59-61 DIANA ROGERS-Bowling Club, 58-593 Cabinet, 58-593 FBLA, 60-613 GRA, 58-613 HR Lt. Gov., 58-59, Sec., 60-613 Jr. Red Cross, 58-59g Repertoire Players, 60-613 SBC, 59-60 LINDA JEAN ROGERS-Art Club, Pres., 58-593 Cabinet, 58-593 HR Treas., 59-603 Hussars, 59-60 WALTER VAN ROLL-Bowling Club, 59-603 Cab- inet 59-603 Camera Club 60-613 Football, 58-59, HR Gov., 60-613 Slide Rule Club, 59-603 Ski Club, 60-61 CAROLYN ROMERO-FNA, 58-61, French Club, 60-613 GRA, 58-613 HR Treas., 58-593 Letter Girls, 60-613 Slide Rule Club, 60-613 Tennis Club, 59-61 WILLIAM ARTHUR ROUSSEL III-JCL, 58-593 NHS, 60-613 Slide Rule Club, 59-61 PATRICIA ANN ROY-A Cappella Choir, 60-613 FTA, 58-593 GRA, 58-613 HR Treas., 60-613 JCL, 58-61, Sec., 59-60, Treas. 60-613 Letter Girls, 60-613 Repertoire Players, 60-61 Twirp Week Keeps Girls on Their Toes LYDIA O. RUIZ4-FNA, 58-61, Chaplain, 60-6 GRA, 58-595 JCL, 60-613 Spanish Club, 58-60 JOHN THOMAS RUSSELL-Rifle Club, 58-59L Ski Club, 58-59 KJATHRYN ROSE RUSSELL-French Club, 59-603 Yellow Jacket Staff, 60-61 MICHAEL EMMET RYAN-Drama Club, 60-613 Glee Club, 58-603 Latin Club, 59-603 Slide Rule Club, 60-613 Spanish Club, 59-60 GLENN SALEM-Bowling Club, 60-613 Spanish Club, 58-593 Track, 58-59 , JACK SANDOVAL-"B" Average Award, 58-593 Bowling Club, 59-613 Prince, 60-613 Slide Rule Club, 58-593 Spanish Club, 58-59 58 CHARLYN ANN SAULSBERRY-A Cappella Choir, 60-61, Bowling Club, 59-60, Cabinet, 60-61, Cheerleader, 60-61, French Club, 58-61, GRA, 58-61, Princess, 60-61, Repertoire Players, 58-59, SBC, 60-61. JERRY SAVANT VICTOR MANUAL SCALCO SANDRA ANN SCHEXNAYDER-Bowling Club, 59-60, Cabinet, 59-60, GRA, 58-61, Outstanding Award, 58-59, Letter Girls, Sec., Treas,, 60-61, Per- fect Attendance Award, 58-59 CAROLYN JEAN SCHKADE-"B" Average Award, 58-59, FBLA, 58-61, French Club, 59-60, FTA 58-61, Treas., Merited Member, 60-61, GRA, 58-61' Heralds, 59-61, HR Lt. Gov., 58-59, Sec., 59-60, Treas., 60-61, Jr. Red Cross, 58-61, NHS, 60-61, Per- fect Attendance, 58-59, Yellow Jacket Staff, 60-61 1 1 SHARON SUE SCOTT-Art Club, 60-61, "B" Av- erage Award, 60-61, Bowling Club, 59-61, Cabinet, 60-61, GRA, 60-61, Heralds, 60-61, HR Lt. Gov., 58-59, Gov., 59-60, Hussars, 59-61, JCL, 58-59 GERALD RAY SCROGGS MORGAN LLOYD SCHROEDER-Football, 58-599 HR Treas., 60-61, Track, 58-59 ELBERT EUGENE SHEPPARD-Art Club, 60-61, Bowling Club, 60-61 and Gives Boys a Holida ROBERT ONEAL SHEPARD-"B" Average Award 58-59, Football, 58-59 JERRY ANN SHERMAN-DE, 60-61, FNA, 58-59 GRA, 58-60, JCL, 58-60 BOBBY HUGH SHERXVOOD--DE, 59-61, Pres., 60-61 CELIA SHERWOOD-Bowling Club, 59-60, GRA, 59-60, HR Lt. Gov., 59-60, JCL, 59-60, Jr. Red Cross 59-60 JUDITH FAYE SHINN-A Cappella Choir, 59-61, Veep, 60-61, Band 58-61, Reporter, 60-61, "B" Average Award, 59-60, Bowling Club, 59-61, FNA, 58-61, GRA, 58-61, Heralds, 59-61, HR Sec., 58-61 Outstanding Member, 59-60, Letter Girls, 59-61, Meritorious Citation, 58-59, NHS, Sec., 60-61, Spanish Club, 58-60 JOSEPH SIGLER 59 9 MITCHELL NEIL SIRMAN JR.-Band, 58-61 CAROL ADELE SMITH-Band, 58-61, "BU Average Award, 60-61, FTA, 58-61, Treas., Merited Member, 59-60, Sec., 60-61, Heralds, 59-61, JCL, 58-60, Jr. Red Cross, 58-61, Meritorious Citation with Special Honors, 59-60, NHS, 60-61 JANE ANN SMITH-A Cappella Choir, 60-61, "B" Average Award, 59-60, Band, 58-61, Treas,, All- Region, 59-61, FTA, 58-60, GRA, 58-60, Heralds, 59-61, HR Parl., 58-59g JCL, 59-61, Letter Girls, Parl., 60-61, Meritorious Citation, 59-60, NHS, 60-61, SBC, 59-60 KAREN ANN SMITH--Art Club, 58-59, Cabinet 58-59, FNA, 58-59, GRA, 58-61, Heralds, 59-61, HR Sec., 60-61, JCL, 58-60, Jr. Red Cross, 59-60, Ski Club, 58-61 LECRETIA SMITH-"B" Average Award, 59-60, FBLA, Hist., 60-61, GRA, 58-61, HR Treas., 58-59, Hussars, 59-61, JCL, 58-61, Meritorious Citation, 58-59 OLIVE RUTH SMITH-Cabinet, 59-60, FBLA, 60-61, GRA, 58-61, NHS, 60-61 Invitations for Commencement ROBERT WALTER SMITH-Art Club, 60-61, Camera Club, 60-61 SANDRA SUE SMITH-Band, 58-61, Hist., 59-60, All-Girl State Band, 59-61, Jeffersonians, 59-61, "B" Average Award, 58-60, Bowling Club, 58-61, Outstanding, 58-61, GRA, 58-61, Heralds, 59-61, JCL, 58-61, NHS, 60-61, Pilot Staff, 60-61, Scholar- ship Optimist Club, 60 CHARLES DAVID SMITHERMAN-Bowling Club, 59-60 KARLENE SNOEK-Art Club, 60-61, "B" Average Award, 59-60, Bowling Club, 59-60, Cabinet, 60-61, GRA, 58-59, HR Sec., 59-60, Hussars, 59-61, Uniform Quartermaster, 59-60, JCL, 58-59, NHS, 60-61 IRENE SOLIZ-FBLA, 60-61, GRA, 59-61, Hus- sars, 59-61, Spanish Club 59-61, Treas., 60-61 JOHN WAYNE SONNIER-Basketball, 58-61, Let- terman, 59-61, Football, 58-61, Letterman, 59-61 BENNY SORGEE-Bowling Club, 59-60, Football Letterman, 60-61, French Club, 59-61, Rifle Club, 59-60, Speaking Sec., Gold Convention, 60-61 LYNN P. STANSBURY-DE, 59-61 MIKE W. STEPHENS-DE, 59-61 rdered by Seniors KIRK FOREST STRICKLAND-Football, 58-593 JCL, 58-60 MARY ETTA STYLES-GRA, 58-59 JOHN DEE SURRITT LEROY JOSEPH TATE JR.--Bowling Club, 59-eo, DE, 60-61 MORRIS TATE JR. MARY JANE TEMPLETON-A Cappella Choir, 60-61, Meritorious Citation, 58-60, NHS, 60-61, Repertoire Players, 60-61, Slide Rule Club, 59-60, Spanish Club, 59-61 MARY BETH TENNANT-Band, 58-61, Bowling Club, 58-60, FNA, 58-61, GRA, 58-61, HR Treas., 58-59, Lt. Gov., 59-60, Repertoire Players, 58-61, Ski Club, 58-60, Spanish Club, 58-61, Tennis Club, 58-59 RALPH TERAN CLARENCE TERRELL GLYNN STILWELL JR.-Yellow Jacket Staff, 60-61 CAROLYN STOKES-"BH Average Award, 59-60, Cabinet, 58-61, PNA, 58-60, GRA, 58-61, Heralds, 58-60, HR Gov., 58-59, Sec., 60-61, Hussars, 59-61, JCL, 58-61, Jr. Red Cross, 58-593 Meritorious Cita- tion, 58-59, NHS, 60-61, Ski Club, 58-595 Slide Rule Club, 60-61 JASPER ROBERTS STONE JR.-Rifle Club, 59-60, Slide Rule Club, 59-61 RUSSELL STOUT-Cabinet, 59-60, Court, 59-60, Football, 58-61, Letterman, 59-61, All-District, 60-61, HR Gov., 59-60, JCL, 58-59, King, 61, SBC, 58-59, Slide Rule Club, 60-61, Veep, SBC, ,60-61 MICHAEL STRANGE FRANK JAMES STRAUB-Cabinet, 58-593 HR Gov., 60-61, JCL, 58-61, Slide Rule Club, 59-61 Z1t?1XfZ2Y1?9ZZi33 ,22f H1 DONALD H. TETREAULT-Bowling Club, 59-60, Football, 58-61, Letterman, 60-61 SUE FRANCES TERRELL-A Cappella Choir, 59-61, FNA, '58-61, Treas., 60-61, GRA, 58-61, HR Sec., 58-61 KAY LOUISE THAMES-"B" Average Award, 59-60, Cabinet, 60-61, FLA, 60-61, GRA, 58-60, HR Gov., 59-60, Outstanding, 58-59, Hussars, 59-61, Reporter, 60, JCL, 59-61, Maroon Executive Comm., 59-60, NHS, 60-61,iRepertoire Players, 58-60, SBC, 58-59, Spanish Club, 58-59 DARRELL JAMES' TI-IIBODEAUX--Art Club, 60-61, Bowling Club, 59-60, Camera Club, 59-60, DE, 58-61 JEANETTE THIBODEAUX VELMA JEAN THIBODEAUX-Bowling Club, 59-61, FBLA, 58-61, GRA, 58-61, Letter Girls, 60-61 GLEN ALLEN THOMPSON-Perfect Attendance Award, 58-59 LINDA JEAN TOMLIN-"B" Average Award, 59-60, Bowling Club, 58-59, Cabinet, 58-61, Duch- ess, 58-59, FBLA, 58-61, French Club, 58-61, Future Clubwoman, 60, GRA, 58-61, Grand Duchess, 61, Heralds, 59-61, HR Sec., Outstanding Member, 59-60, Hussars, 58-61, Head Majorette, 60-61, NHS, 60-61, Repertoire Players, 59-61, Yellow Jacket Staff, Activi- ties Editor, 60-61. MARGARET TORBERT-DE, 60-61, FHA, 58-593 FNA, 58-59, GRA, 58-59, Yellow Jacket Staff, 58-59 Royalty Reigns Over SABRA ARDIS TRAHAN-FBLA, eo-61, GRA, 58-595 HR Gov., 58-59, Sec., 60-61, Hussars, 59-61, Treas., 61, Yellow Jacket Staff, 60-61 MARY LOUISE TREVINO-"B" Average Award, 58-593 FNA, 58-593 GRA, 58-61, Jr. Red Cross, 60-61, NHS, 60-61, Spanish Club, 58-61, Veep, 60-61 GUY J. TRITICO-Boys Choir, 60-61, FDA, 60-61, Rifle Club, 59-60 JAMES M. TUCKER-Bowling ciub, so-61 SYLVIA TYSON-Band, 58-61, Sec., 60-61, Jeffer- sonians, 60-61, Bowling Club, 58-61, "B" Average Award, 58-60, FTA, 58-60, GRA, 58-61, JCL, 58-61, NHS, 60-61, Slide Rule Club, 60-61 JUDY GAIL VANSLYKE-GRA, 58-61 1961 Senior Ball RANDLE RAY WEAVER JR. JAMES R. WEBB CARRIE ANN WEEKS Bowlin Club 60-61, 1 8 , FHA, 58-61, Glee Club, 60-61, GRA, 59-60 CAROLYN MARIE WELLS-GRA, 58-59, HR Lt. Gov., 58-59, Jr. Red Cross, 58-59 INGRID WENDLANDT-Bowling Club, 58-60, Cabinet, 59-61, Cheerleader, 59-61, Head Cheer- leader, 60-61, Duchess, 59-60, FBLA, 58-59, GRA, 58-61, HR Lt. Gov.,.Outstanding Member, 58-59, Gov. 59-61, Jr. Red Cross, 58-59, Lady-in-Waiting, 61, Repertoire Players, 59-61, Treas., 60-61, Ski Club, 59-60, Spanish Club, 58-60 ELIZABETH WELLBURN-Citizen of the Month, 60, FNA, 60-61, GRA, 60-61, JCL, 59-61, Sec., 59-60, Mixed Choir, 58-59, NHS, 60-61 DAVID TROTT VAMAKIAS MANETTE VEAZEY-A Cappella Choir, 60-61, FBLA, 60-61, FNA, 58-59, HR Sec., 60-61, Mixed Choir, 59-60, Repertoire Players, 59-61 BEATRICE MAE VIDRINE-GRA, 58-59, Heralds, 58-61, HR Sec., 58-59, Spanish Club, 58-59 JOSEPH WILLIAM VINCENT-DE, 60-61 FRED WALLACE-Bowling Club, 59-60 WILLIAM JOHN WALLACE-"A" Average Award, 58-61, American Chemical Society Award, 60, Citizen of the Month, 60, Heralds, 58-61, HR Gov., 60-61, JCL, 58-61, State Pres., 59-60, Junior Lion, 60, Meritorious Citation, 59-60, NHS, Pres., 60-61, SBC, Parl., 60-61, Slide Rule Club, 58-61 PEGGY DIANN WARD-Bowling Club, 60-61, GRA, 59-60, HR Sec., 59-60, JCL, 60-61 CLYDE WOODROW WEAVER-Football, 58-59 PRESTON J. WEAVER SUSAN CLAIRE WHITE-"B" Average Award, 59-603 Bowling Club, 60-613 GRA, 58-613 Heralds, 59-61, HR Gov., 58-61, Hussars, 59-61, Sec., 60-61, JCL, 59-603 Lion Sweetheart, 61, NHS, 60-613 Span- ish Club, 58-593 Yellow jacket Staff, 60-613 Cabinet. 60-61 BILLIE JO WILEY-GRA, 58-59 EILEEN ANN WILKINS-Bowling Club, 60-61, FHA, 60-613 GRA, 59-60, Jr. Red Cross, 58-593 Repertoire Players, 58-593 Ski Club, 59-60 IRIS LOUISE WILLIAMS-"B" Average Award, 59-603 FTA, 59'61Q HR Treas., 58-59, Gov., 603 Lt. Gov., 613 jr. Red Cross, 58-593 Meritorious Citation, 58-593 NHS, 60-613 Perfect Attendance Award, 58-593 Spanish Club, 58-59 ELIZABETH ROSE WILSON-DE, 60-613 FBLA, 58-593 French Club, 58-59g GRA, 58-593 HR Lt. Gov., 58-593 Jr. Red Cross, 58-593 Meritorious Cita- tion, 58-593 NHS, 60-61 WENDY WINGFIELD-"B" Average Award, 59-603 GRA, 58-61, Outstanding Member, 59-603 Heralds, 60-613 HR Gov., 58-613 Hussars, 59-61, Pres., 61, Letter Girls, 60-613 Meritorious Citation with Special Honors, 58-593 NHS, 60-613 Spanish Club, 58-59 Checks Prevail on Class Day JOHN COLWELL WOLFE-JCL, 58-60, Slide Rule Club, 59-60 ROBERT H. WOOD JR.-Rifle Club, 59-60 ROBERT DAVID WOODSON-Football, 58-61, All-District, A 8a M Club, All-State, Honorable Men- tion, 60-613 HR Lt. Gov., 60-613 Jr. Kiwanian, 61 WAYNE E. WOODWORTH-Art Club, 60-613 A Cappella Choir, 60-61 SHIRLEY ANN WUELLER-"B" Average Award, 58-60, Cabinet, 60-613 Hussars, 59-61, Uniform Quart, 613 NHS, 60-613 SBC, 60-61 EUGENE AARON YENTZEN-DE, 60-613 Foot- ball, 58-593 Rifle Club, 58-593 Track, 59-61 5 M 64 A HONOREES OF THE Check Day Breakfast smile on a full stomach. ARE YOU EXPECTING a rainy Check Day? OH, MY EMPTY stomach! NVE HATE TO disturb you, but . . . IT WASN'T A bit easy to make all A's, was it? NOW, BOYS, IT Couldl-ft be that bad! 3 65 Baccalaureate Inspires Seniors AS THE STRAINS of "Pomp and Circumstancei' begin, seniors sol- emnly march from baccalaureate services. 66 THE REV. VICTOR Buvinghausen delivered the baccalaureate address to the graduating class, relatives, and friends. SHEDDING ROBES AND hats was first on seniors' minds when they reached the auditorium. s fc 3 2 , -. . ,X m'?f:v,f,,f ' V. '- . Wfzfff' "Www I . 4 , , . L 1 -. mi, " Q75 ,, , , , 2 -., ' V A gfg ,, ff A -v, f X I Wy? ' A' Y 1 f fe? f Z ,f ff X: ..1 ,V ff ,hx ,Q W W ' V f pun ,f 0 'Q 'Q , fw-5, A 1-ri Z' 'Q .,,' 4 JI W' Z 1 - 4'7'Q'7' 4 Z -, f 'R 4 ff-sling , 4 " 2 n , 4 Q Olin QQ!" Ol f f ' X, N QQQXQYQXQX NQQSQQSQ QQX X K 5 Ai ? at 5 9 CINDY BRANTLEY Monticello Guardian Award 70 Seniors Receive Top Honors CHARLES MCFATTER Monticello Guardian Award Highest Scholastic Award for Boys PEGGY LOU MCBETH Highest Scholastic Award For Girls 1? 7 if 5 Av. SZ 3 5 9' Z QL, z vs 52 1 a Z 2 X. VV I If f ,V,, f ,f 5, ' ,f , f f f , ,,., X fQ2!ji' f H, ff,ifLfZ..'1f ffiL?? 2''QQ 5?-Q55 WW . ?C'ff.3yff'57 , 323 ZYQQQ f2ff,LQ!Q YZ? ff,, 2 f'-- f f f fmffm WW WWZVWZWK 2 5, g ,,,- Q if fp fmmgfff ff f, J H , Kg ffmffw f ff 4 ff 4 UW wfffidywfwfwff ff K f f .,. fff, - -' ff HOUSE or - , 0 f f A ,-,' ff' Q3-fzzwav.-yfy.,:f-ww. .-.- 154 Z .lfL"W'f:"' X - 4 1 'figzff ' '5 6 , ' K , ,f Y i fi ' X, ' 151.-msf 4 ' 'zinfif ' ,ig .Q , , ,M 55:54, ei-,ff , f . -f , , , -,fl V . I , ,, ,J , . ' 3, , , KAREN BAXTER+MOST POPULAR GIRL xff452'if " ' ,. ' - f 5-g,,Sg..y,j' R N 3 3 2 i , 5 0 ff, ,f f ,J ,V W, ,W , M ,, 4,,,fw4 ff 7 , n P Mnnnawdbvffy ogULAf LAMAR LAWSON Gentleman-in-Waiting MARY CATHERINE BAGGESE Lady-in-Waiting RONN IE JONES Gentlemanrin-Waiting INGRID WENDLANDT Lady-in-Waiting , I WZ- ' ' ' 5 f- ww I A ' "K'f I . X' f 3 ' ' -f . ,m,. , ff--M I Mg PRINCESS CHARLYN SAULSBERRY PRINCE BILL HOLTMAN Senior Favorites PRINCESS PEGGY BREAUX PRINCE JACK SANDOVAL Reign at Ball PRINCE JAY HICK PRINCESS CINDY Junior Court D UCHESS cARoi GORY Sophomore Court I DUCHESSJANET UND-ERWGOQ o ol QC o of o oo lug DUKENOEL DOLCE g jyT 7js l of Barry Anderson, Cheryl ,TDeckard, Abraham, Craig Grant, Allan Seared: Ray Ludwig, Carolyn Allgood, Diana Rogers, ,Lerrgy Tate, Janice Tritico, Karen Byrd. ' f , ' ' gg. ff- N iw ef 1 ,A 'p :Af Q ss N' 'ff' 1 Seniors Celebrate W! V 'iw 1 'wwmvew COURT DIGNITARY CHARLES MCFATTER ' 52 5' .,ff 'iWa3wE7' w Q:2g'25Qq.-f' WW f 'f V ., 1zw-9,21 If, ff -,ay ,- M- ,T 1, , 42 ,V 2. -,e ' , , " , ,, f ' ""' " ""' ' 'L:I'L,J.!" "f1f,"r,,L,,, 5, QQ-H Jjif, .V C I ,gn ,,', 'I V 5 i f-v 'A , f ,W ff l ' 5 . . ' , ' ,, , , , QVVH ,,,Le, ,6 . - - 'Q ,L i C ' I VP' 7 'ii ' X 'tix' ,.v, vm Z ,' , , f,f"' " A, S , ' " WH - . -" ' 4 ' 4. yin' 4 if A eeee ryw' , ff L a 6 if N ' if ,g 'Z ' S A eeee - ,4 .,,,,,, Y , ' .fy , ,-ay " f G- 'U X -I " gs' 2,57 ' , , 1 1' 1 - .. , 'vw ' " 'Z f mf,-5 A ' 'iff ..-, . f fr 'A -, ' 4-21:5 1 " -1 ff," ' ' ... ,gm f -my . f .X 55, ii X , eeee L S ee e . -, I ak ' J 4, ,ff 1 , M y , ,Q f " Jia. ,", ' g Qfigfff K S ' , , ,, ,W 'MQ f h e ' ." glifhf 2 ' 6, 'W "',. 'VE ,VV, .V,V., X I I I 21, , m"" ,Mft P " W, 'iygfffg 5 A i ff - 'L A vWfiag,QS,'fa4f 4 N I ' f' ' ' ,, 4' ' 38 ' wi T n R , V , If V I ,. U M , 9 nf AK -'9 5 SVT . X .f,-s:-:::--- ,, " --,-- I-rf'-use ..-- ' .f:::--' . swf,-'ii ' 5 ffeif-"QQ , : ah ' .fm -"- 1 , 'f ,' W - " , f- ONE NIGHT OUT of the year the Fieldhouse takes on a new look. Pretty girls in formals and handsome boys watch the activities of the night. 2 T. j.'S PRODUCED A gentleman! Noel Dolce is noticed by all as ne aids Jane johnson in adjusting her gloves. DANCING TO THE music of the Lamar Tech- nicians followed the Coronation and senior waltz. ,aff f-'- 4 ALL EYES ARE upon Russell Stout as Court Dignitary Charles McFatter crowns him king of the Senior Ball. 84 the Majestic Night 1 1 -MAKING A GRAND entrance into the gymnasium is the Royal court of 1961 followed by the waltzers. LEADING THE FIRST dance were the king and queen and court members. MASTER OF CEREMON IES BILL GILBERT MASTER OF CEREMONIES ANDY ANDRUS K. ki ,. VA., A A -LAL SQLQ' 3 LL,' i ry.-3? BRENDA RICHARD A POSTURE QUEEN T .J .'s 2 f3wg ,f'h j is A Wg ' Ex-5, ' ' f A AA Rlww, ,,R,. 6 A ,ay A - ' Q BEVERLY HEATH BAND SWEET HEART PAT DOYLE PILOT SWEETHEART Sweethearts LINDA LEBOUEF DE SWEETHEART SWEETHEART PATSY SMITH CHOIR SWEETHEART MYRTLE BROWN MISS IDEAL SECRETARY MERRILL MOSS IDEAL HUSSAR LINDA FERGUSON MISS FTA CINDY BRANTLEY DAR AWARD Vik, , 'x , aa My X. it 'Siu 1 YR ,X K gyiwx 1 tj' 1' ' x .,f',.e , , kX4,wg:Jj!,, 1 N' 'kfnff ' y avy a H xx :fx f Jr, f 154 f w I is ,, End of Vacation . aim. Archery requires good coordination, a steady arm, and much SAILING WAS A very popular activity during the sum- physical strength. mer months and September for Neil Sirman, Doug Spooner, and Robert Devillier. Much pleasure is derived from boat sailing such as this. 90 JACK SANDOVAL AND Sammy Atchison exhibit their good form as they hope to score a strike. But Student Spirit Spices Fall Life J "l3EAT the INDIANS" and that is just what the jackets did that night. Poster parties produced not only posters, but much enthu- siasm over the game. The Cola Cola Company provided the building and the cokes for all of our poster parties. THE "SHIRT TAIL" parade was led by the Band. The parade started at Dryden Road and continued on to the stadium for a pep rally. Stunts and speeches were performed by the students, the Band, and the Hussars. I tm THE VICTORY LINE, consisting of 5 t u d e n t S, adults, and Hus- sars, helped sup- port the jackets. 9I I IF AN ELECTION were held to find the most school spirited, Morgan Schroeder would win hands down. On the Way to the pep rally are Susan Marsh, Morgan, and Roy Hooks, Morgan had one of his crutches wrapped in maroon and gold and the other in red and white. "ALL ,THE WAY big team!" chanted the ambitious Tj supporters at one of the outdoor pep rallies. The time for these sessions came in the early morn- Sohool Spirit: Just "THE JACKETS ARE WINNING." This statement is shown on the faces of loyal jacket fans, Barbara Wukasch and Ethel Wehmeyer. ing hours before school or took the place of regular assembly programs on Friday afternoon. Little time was lost from study, but there were plenty of happy moments in organizing and producing these pulse quickeners. 92l This was a familiar sight as the football boys boarded the bus for im- portant out of town games. What Is TJ's Spirit? ,,, . fn h,,. ll! "X S' V ' . .ew fag i f ' 'Q i L f ' .f 1 ', T , 5 'N iiz5 f74.r Qg ' leg ifg':y+f,Li"'5 'A f't L, ,gl ,la-"f,f:g':' plfifig-3 4, L at T Q3 sFifQf3w e+a'3i 252' 1 Q , i zffffgyligifgeffiplfigjfl V 4- xgfifi ,gs 'fgf,i'5.:215riaf , 4 ' 2 . " , , :P ' ' ,. i.. , K. '14, in f, ' fu. ,, , 11,5 V Q. . , y- ,,,, K. I , , , H ,Q if ,,, Q? vi 'MP l f . f ' 2 A 'Mi 5 . . A A V 1 ' 9 I l , A "" M ' V hiiii ' A ' ' S' l.4f:fgf- ,S , 1 A f T E 'R ,M 1 .,i, L - A R: ,iriii ' A .4 .. r HUSSARS BOOST SCHOOL spirit as they take part in Hat Day held for the Orange game. Many interesting hats were worn by most of the students participating in the pep rally. CHEERLEADERS PLAY THE largest part in school spirit. Their job is to stir up excitement, to plan amusing pep rallies, and to cheer the team to victory. An outstanding performance was the 2'Cage the Tiger" skit. Ronnie Jones, Jimmy jordan, and Bob Clouse made sure the tiger did not escape. MOTHERS AND FATHERS of the football players even got the feeling of spirit, Holding the sign for the Orange game are Mrs. James Johnson, Mrs. Pete Landry, and Mrs. Price Killingsworth. M .min X a HAPPY BOYS, a happy coach, and a quarter-final title. These are the end results oF all the school spirit. This makes all the effort worth while. 93 Highlights of Football Season ff -e THE VICTORIOUS HOMECOMING dance sponsored by the Heralds in honor of the team sweetheart, Jeanie Hollingsworth, the overwhelming success of the bonfire, and the "pied piper" led by the band from the courtyard to the gym for the pep rally proved to be the most outstanding events that took place this year. Hats Conquered range High EVEN the most timid souls became bold when it came to designing spectacular hats preceding the Orange game. "One of the best projects of the year," agreed teachers and students. THIS is a typical scene from one of the many confetti parties. Diana DUPY, Claudette Hiuiafd, Janis MOOD, and Mari' Ellen Klffbba hell? to Harvey Reeves represented the football team for a pep make much Ceflfetti fof the big game Ffidel' night- talk to the student body. He stressed the importance of the student body's support in the coming games. OUTstanding hats were worn by Don Tetrealt, Merenda Jones, Linda Tomlin, Steven Wolfe, Ronnie Jones, and Gayle Randall. Many other unusual and outstanding hats were worn on hat dy, the Friday of the Orange game. Jerry Kidd and Donald Cain are obviously excited and pleased the results of the last play. nw ,.. f OVCI' 95 v I w SHIRLEY CORLEY ADDS her special Christmas touch to the store in which she works on the D.E. plan. 96 TJ Dons New Face LOVEEY DECORATIONS LIKE these being put up by Pat Roy help promote Christmas spirit in the student body. E Q I, E 5 3 1 ANN PARDUE, DEEANA HUFF, Sue Terrell, and Linda Owings put the finishing touches on the Christmas tree in the main foyer. MEMBERS OF THE choir spread good cheer as they carol an old man and woman during the Christmas concert. As Christmas Holidays Near 7 , , X L , z .69 MERINDA JONES AND Carolyn Rogers help give me school pre-holiday cheer as they disguise Miss Jane Smith's V room with a typical Christmas scene. '?2'jfi,g2,fL'z-f WATCH YOUR snap, girls! "SCHOOL IS OUT for two whole weeks," shout excited students as they pile in ears to leave for the Christmas holidays Study, Stud , and ore Stud l ers must study. THOSE EXTRA STUDY hours and extra conferences are what keep Ray Ludwig's and Bill Gilbert's trig grades so high. They say two heads are better than one, THIS ISN'T MACBETH? Oh, yes it is! just Miss Miller's senior English class with a Presentaf tion of "The Twisted Tales of Vifilliam Shakespeare." Taking part were Judy Goff, Alice Hud- son, Dicky Legate, Sharon Jones, and Sandra Smith. 8:12 AND ALL IS WELL! Mr. Allen uses this time to read up on his Latin I work. Even teach- WORLD EVENTS, LO- CAL headlines, funnieg? It is all to be found in the library. Jackie Scott takes time to check the world happenings. Students Enjoy Assembl Programs JEFFERSONIANS WITH HANNA Hampton as soloist was a high- light of the Band Revue. EVELYN FOGLEMAN, COMMENTATOR for the Style A TOUR TO DIFFERENT lands to observe their dances was the show, presents many new and exciting fashions for spring theme of the program presented by the girls' P.E. Department. and summer. ARE DRESSY DRESSES the order of the day? These girls have just the thing as they model dresses they made in clothing classes. The program featured the proper attire for any time of the day or night. 99 Spring I Twirp Week . . . 1, ' "DUST OF THE ROAD," presented by the Thomas jefferson Repertoire Players, .r1,.M,1 :H T..+....afI.n1M-+:f Tp'-imap mmm-Hfinn 'Flap mei- im-Iuried Tm-rv Scelerandi. LK-ML! L0 Wlllkll 5lVK- I-ll'-ill U- llblu- 'V 'V"' "' """ ""' Y ' f '7 ""'J """'C1 NEAR PROFESSIONAL QUALITY marked Heleii Broussard, and Janice Dickerson. Oongressmen Peggy McBeth, Mary.Gregory, colorful campaign signs that sprouted on Cheryl Deckard, Pat Daniel issue the receipts. campus during SBC elections that took place in April. Good examples are displayed by joan Leavell and Martha Smith. IOO Elections . . . Parties. . . "HE'S ALL MINE and you can't have him!" claim Pat Daniel and Pat Doyle as they put on the bibs worn by Lamar Lawson and Joe Landry the day of the Sadie Hawkins Dance. WHAT A NEW look the courtyard has with the new trees and the campaign CONFUSED BECKY? Becky Gillman signs. Many students take a walk through the courtyard to admire the land- tries to figure out if this young man is scaping and to decide for which candidate they will cast their vote on elec- eligible for a Twirp Week date, He tion day. has on one white sock and one red sock. THE BLACK AND WHITE BALL proved to be a very gala event which set the pace for the senior parties to follow. IOI aried Activities Mark i WHAT MR. CRICCHIO has to go through to get a picture! SADIE HAWKINS DANCE was a roaring success, agree Janis Moon, Dickie Legate, and Peggy I-Iosen, who dressed up for the occasion. HOW ABOUT ONE over the plate, OK? THERE ARE NO if'5, ancl's, or but's about it . . . I02 ' : V? w,'fJ-f'f2XWZ "?iE' 5-. the Conclusion of School ?Diwn To Em-lla" cast finishes its last dress rehearsal as Repertoire players present their I ina play. ANNE LOFTON PRESENTS her whistle to Gracie Potter who will succeed her as Drum Major of the Red Hussars. WHEN YOU DIVIDE, move the slide-figure Lee Weathington, Tommy 4 'V Townsend, Kenneth Hurwitz, Robert Lowenstein, and Roland Gooch of the Slide Rule team. MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC THE SECOND SEMESTER brought new teachers Mr. Guzman, Miss Andrews, Mrs. Sheppard, and Mrs, Reid. fu OPPORTUNITIES .Q , , ga ,if wg, lds I Opportunities . . When you do your best to become the most laudable member of the junior Class, and when you acquire extra experience in participating in clubs and organizations, or when you make being a first-class sophomore the important business of the year, then you are defining that vague term known as "opportunity" in personal terms. This large section of the yearbook has been designed to remind you of the many times you have answered affirmatively during the past year when opportunity was yours. pf , y a5,.,., K ,E GQ G 2 f ef' FS Jef f Abraham Floy Abshire fa- ,v Royce Abshire Elizabeth Adams , Gloria Adams f1- ri. Kay Adams Wayne Adams ' Phil Albers A y jim Alleman Bob Allred Carolyn AnaWaty Leni Anderson Nancy Anderson Donna Ardoin Janice Ardoin David Atchley Florence Atchley Skipper Austin " -A Yolanda Avilez Linda Axtell , lg Carolyn Baggett G. W. Bailey Gerald Bailey Geraldine Bailey Kenneth Baker Mabel Baker William Barker 2 , , --Fl lift! 555' rf' Mary Balawajder jackie Ballard Elaine Barbay Mary Louise Barbosa Sue Barnes Sherry Barrington 32 fn- 'nf' av if f sw , , I08 ,... M 5 1 v- af -V' f , K ,m y P ,. .i sf " - wi, J' A f- -1 Af my 9 Q if ,- i n - , - A P 5 'f li Junior Spirit Reigns High Juniors boosted school spirit with a variety of posters throughout the football season. z h Throughout the School Year Try as they may Carol Scott and Ann Smitherman just can't blow out that junior spirit. Seeing that it stays ablaze are jay Gary Sims and Sammy Skaff. Andres Barnoa Archie Barron Earnestine Bass Mike Bass William Batic Lawrence Beasley Benny Beauchamp Pat Belanger Melvin Bell Phillip Benjamin David Berg Donna Berg Mary Bergeron Anthony Bielecki john Birkman Gale Blackwell Louis Blenderman Myra Bodle Charles Bolyard George Boland Linda Boles Robert Bolles Janice Bonura joel Boone Michael Borres Dale Boudreaux in iff it Paul Bourg as ayts,jticy ,Q 5 j fig 'gf jcts S :Z Kathleen Boutin iiii ,QQ gy S i i Gary Bowden f' ,,ci a - V, David Bowker f f 'f.j A ff IP 6 G Elizabeth Bowman af Richard Boyer Charles Brabham IO9 1: W 'A pi f , - W 7 1-JK 7 W-Q, ri' I we gk Sheryl Bradley Larry Branham Shirley Brasseaux Geraldine Breaux Mike Briggs Annette Broussard Gayle Brown Gene Brown Lanell Brown Sharon Buckner Reva Bullock Cecile Burke Cecil Burks Douglas Burroughs Carolyn Bulter SM, Gene Byrd Donald Cain Roger Cantu Rudy Cantu Manuel Cardenas Wanna Dean Carrier james Cassel Ray Cates Alice Chambers Charles Champagne A P Y P , Cheryl Chatagnier Carol n Cha a Helen Church Clyde Clark ,T .132 mu.. nw Theresa Clary Peggy Cline Mary Clinger Ginger Cloar 5 JC 4 s fl! J 5 , mr 1 494 f A '.., 'ii "' umerous Activities "DOUBLE, DOUBLE, TOIL, and trouble." Hamlet provided themes for projects made by jonell Swearingen, Joe Kares, and Kenny Rutty. Bob Clouse Billie Cody Bobby Cole Eleanor Collazo Paula Colletti jerry Cook Curtis Cormier Clyde Corley Edith Cortez Bob Coshman Carol Costly Betty Craig Janet Craig Rose Cricchio Barbara Criswell Linda Cross Betty Cutaia E. W. Cunningham Juanita Dailey Lynne Daire Ann Dartez Kay Dartez Robert Darville Renell d'Augereaux Karen Dauphine James Davis Judi Davis Rodney Davis Claudia Dearmond Earl DeErates Gene DeKerlegand Marie DeLaRosa Alex Deleon .We V .5 -af ' 1 f f f f f f, ta rf y 4 'gf X W f pd, f X 1 ww I ff , f ,W VA, . .,xV E 1 ,V ,ILM ff fy't,' T2 1 , ' vb B V , all ' ' , ' ' resrr L. Eloise Foret 'ev Ui 4. Isabell Delgadillo Sandra Demler Wally Denton Nora deSteiguer Dianne Devoll Dolly DeYoung Elizabeth Dilworth Mary Dixon Nancy Dore Tommy Dorsey janet Doyle Lorraine Drewry David Earle Jolene Eaves Mike Eaves Gail Eck Deanie Elam Linda Ellis Edith Faye English Lucy Evans Franklin Ezzelle Billy Feltman Sandra Ferris B. I. Fett Joan Fischer Bonnie Fitch Glenda Folsom rn . 3. Q 24 Marty Fleckrnan jo Ann Fontenot 9 Steven F ontenot Andy Foote zz V nerv- -5 Darlene Foster N - x K ' - few r .v Y. i 1 .v:, R f I ,,.L 11- Sim A th ff wa. J . rar? I Jw is V - t of so S ' lf' S' E s if t q l r. "fr: - J k,,,.., 4 'VVA V 'i M K K 1 i 3. VV 3 K kyyr . . 3 5? l, ' Q fx". k,V.1 at 5 7 ' "- ' K ' i-i. ' .. ' , 1 .0 L 5 X .oty . LVQ' A. in .f ,p -'.' s in - 4i..' dx 51 V V 'V , 5 3, la ll sr Maw ltd A ,ff N H N' 4 E ' 't " 1 K' lliv ' , A i ,if f,, ' Z 1 4 :I a I 52 Juniors Carry Heavy Loads Spending much time in the library seems to pay off in the long run when the report cards are passed out with straight A's on them. Recipients for the second nine weeks include Mavis Lander, Ann Miller, Mable Bakerg standing, Billy Shively, Kenneth Herwitz, Buddy Jordon, Rob Savoie, George Hadden, and Ronnie Robins. of Studies and Fun SPIRIT REIGNS HIGH as Juniors Martha Smith, Betty Cutuia, John Lusk, Linda Axtell, and Bob Allred attend the basketball game. Kent Foster Tommy Fox Robert Gallio Sandra Gallio Fan Garrett Leo Gayle John Gesin Bobby Gilleavd Mary Ell Glass Rachel Gloria Sandra Goff Robert Gongora Edward Gonzales Emma Gonzales jimmy Gonzales Roland Gooch Peggy Gorday Martha Grace joseph Graffio Doris Grantham johnny Green Carl Greig Gwynn Griffith joselyn Griffith Allen Guest Beatrice Guitterrez Cecil Gunter Beverly Guidry Ed Guidry v UT' Ya 'Q 2 1 ,sl Y f ', ,I 41 af it 2, i.g V f W HZ I ,. , T 'Y --f-'. f 5 If fa f, fa "-1.7 " , ug, -,, -gi! ' .i v A ig: v ',,. K 'I 1-a t -zfxf I ."5"f7'f1',f'z'ffl . . fl ., , 2 43 - Q ,- as ' r. ex. Harry Guidry ,W 4 I James Guidry 4 Q' jr Earline Guillory , VZ i f Geofge Hadden ' if if E 'fab II3 jackie Hale Mary Hall Vera Hallmark Shirley Hammers Hanna Hampton- Lamar Hankins Milton Haney Harry Harbert jean Harden Odette Hargrave Karol Harrington Bobby Harris Ioe Harris Peter 'Haskell Larry Hathaway Carrie Hebert Diana Hebert Wayne Hebert Ashton Hecker Martin Hefley Warren Henrey Jackie Hensley Gloria Hernadez joe Herring ' s, y Richard Hicks as ' S 5 s - Dianne Hightower , gy :...,- :iw A . Rodrick Hill Clifford Hoffpavir li sat s -, Af" , V K J' A 1 " Mg, 2 jmf 33: Jeanne Holmes A .2 Q if' Pat Holston r ela W Barbara Holt Y Susan Holtman II4 Many Juniors Seek Putting up-r one of the many bulletin boards that decorated Mrs. Mc- Ewan's Social Studies classes are Darla Patin and Mary Lou Wagner. Student Body Offices. It is very important for Juniors to make correct course selections ahead of time. Gregory Reyna, Carrie Hebert, Gary Miertschin, Pam Huber, and Philip Pampolina are at that important task. Dianne Hoover Peggy Hosen Pam Huber Larry Hudson Earle Huffhines Hilton Hunt Tommy Hunter Kenneth Hurwitz Jimmy Hutchins Sandra Hutto Sandy Irvin Kathy Irvine Betty Irwin Dominga Infante Kay Ingo Bobby Jackson Bobby Jackson Carlton Jackson Sandy Jackson Ronnie Jeanis Betty Jensen Ricky Joffrion Carol Ann Johnson Carol Johnson Gene Johnson Glenda Johnson Jo Ellen Johnson Michael Johnson Dayne Johnson Dan Johnston Gene Jones Juanette Jones Wayne Jones J fi J iw fe J, A f ' fin s, J ff 152012 ,i J X I 1 ft 1: ,f J.:fJyJ1'Jg' .fy-Jf.,nJ'.2 I 571. J .ififfv siisie J' slst J V VVL, J ' J V 'k'V,, ,. , 5 ww" WD t 71 ' J' J , JJ J ' ,-,', ' f Jy Jgg., ',y f,f, ' 4 J " J " J I Ja f J f J J J J i J 'ili "1 J J V If "" " ,J J ' It ,Q fb, ,V,,k ' 'Z 5114: ir! 1 J, 4 J J fr lvf J7 Jai? il I l Patsy jones Buddy jordan Jimmy jordan Ronald jordan Jerry Kidd Ann Killingsworth Donald King Robert Bennet Knight Karen Krautz Dickie Krieter Larry LaBorde Sondra Ladner Deanna Lafleur Morris Laird Mavis Lander Clifford Landry Don Landry Eugene Landry Mike Landry Ronnie Landry Sharson Landry Mercedes Langton Donna Latiolas Andra Laurent james Leavell C' S "" 5 joan Leavell 'Q 3 fag Carolyn LeBlanc X fy? x A Q, C Geoffery LeBlanc ' IL 5 V " v S' Lillian Ledet as aaa if , . james Lee II Linda Lee 3. Nancy Lee tv J X , Richard Lee fi X II6 """'il V sivvm ' i ' ff - if 1' V5 ' ,' ' - "'fk . ' , Ip , 3-, I - A W If ',.,-. A 1 I -zijzl m -f,, J f- .,,, A ., fa g ewes L ,,,ri r.if faaa mmf Interest Increased All Year What busy little bees! These juniors are using the library at TJ. to its fullest capacity. Pictured are Carolyn Anawaty, Sharon Sibley, Michele Stephens, and Gail Eck. S Sandra Leman i Joy LeLuX Melvin Lene Bettie Lewis james Lewis Judy Lewis Joanna Light Harry Logan Tim Logan Linda Looper Shirley Looper Carmen Lona Lois Love jimmy Low Butch Lusignan John Lusk joan Lyday Charlotte Maltese Kenneth Mannino Marilyn Marsh As Juniors Studied and Studied T.j.'s library was an important source for information for junior research themes. Linda Tatum, Kay Thompson, and J. W. Attaway are busy in there for information. l Raymond Martin Ruth Martin Tommy Martin Glenn Mason Pat Matte I IS y n st itfifii S lf' ,i.,y Alton Matthews Q.., ',,, :ir ,.',., ,fS1S.V H 'fl Melba May ' il ,its g 'S'3Slli1if' H f ..," i ' 'iiimvifff S. ,,,,rV..,,, , i ii . S1 ,S tiits S S S9 f s is" "'e" 'e""f' V 'rs' 2 'ff "-' P L' iieeir vf :,p S,.01., ,.,, ,,.4g1,, 4 Charles McCall Zzgffigiy f ifgif 1zfi1'S. -,,,, 'fig '.'f' .,.f ,5f,:f, gg : Teddy McComber or iisi issii 's'1 ' "', 14 I :H "', -'f4f'liffS5iivii A 'sst" L L Theron McCornber ,ug at T s L iiny ff? jgyj:f?52i Royce Mccomfhy V,r, V k,r,,7 S T S it iw ' 75 i ' ' S ' Linda McCor d l L Q S S 7' 'Gift qua a e if '43 S 4 Paul McCorvy - L y ,J i'yr i' SS'ifff2 it S - tri' S , fd' S I K .ff i W' I I7 A Wayne McCoy Judy McCuistion Glenda McDaniel Margaiet McDaniel Charles McDonald Donna McFadden Mack McGoug Paul McKinley Neil McLaurin Ginger McMillian Verna McMillian Judy McMurray Brenda McNabb Sunny McQueen Marcia McRee Judy McVey Margaret Meeker Linda Melancon Carolyn Menard Judy Metcalf Gary Miertschin Ann Miller Clara Miller Earnest Miller Gary Miller Lucille Miller Lynne Miller Malcolm Miller Phyllis Miller Phyllis Moak Chloe Moerbe Irene Montalvo Elizabeth Moore i ' f Wiz J, V I V VVVV,VA, eff . T V X. K C I ,A--. , A y W -af, ,' ,z. ,Q . , K CA tr QC ff J, ' 5' Q , ,. 4 -73 C C ' ' V ' C fl f ' f ,, 'f ,- ' 'K' Af, - , fs ' J , f ..,. ' ' 1 'H '- C C C C C C ,, ,,.,. , 1 fi AV,. ?,.C3,V idaifga f , 1 if . , 5 , wi ' 1 ,f f X ' r C. 'Q f "W ' .' , ' 1 , ,f 1 , , , , W , . ' ii- 'f f, fu , Q, , pp, f i fi V' ' , i f-'ff fd, , f--f, ,,.. f .!,yrgy, 1 ' ' m7'ja.4 ::: ff-, . iff' iif M" ,ff 4 i,y. Mg a Qvkkvlil' "" ' , J . 0 f-'e ' if C J - J' C My C y,iy J f - ,a f Q w f'-" 5 , ,, 1 4- w,f,f,-ofa ' -, -1, 'f -1, ,guyz , f g ,,,, fvnf fy wwf - 4 J J C C, a , If f- , f, . j ' 5 , f 'af 1 ' Q: . C, fr- I ' V ' A I VV 4' 'ffifi "?if I 1 5 ig, , an ,V-M. I I I g A af ,,1-ftp I mv 75, - ,fi V ' ' f 2' , f I - Nm- f ' , ' -wi ' ' , ,ang naffw ff,CymCz,wQ,Qy .' J. f- , f ff .v I 3- 4 f 37 , C, C C i C . , , jg w'!f4wu7C ,f f , Y'-,1?4.' - 'Q I rf , , H i . ' ffiflk fifffimiiC1z'f7 wggiif' , , i C If f' ' f"'f" IV? i ,,C, f, ,K fffff' J Crra ,C C C, I ,CC., , A V U 3 ','C J ,V M Cyi' 1 C 1 ' ',", 4 ' : "r', ' if ' A ir'l' J 'J f x - f,if - ""' C f V ' ' .A ' "', ' .V L 'igflljjr J 131531 5 " , f,," ' a '73 'f7,W2ipJl,Pf,5f Vfiv' ' Spring Brings Windy D ys What a convenience! The new book racks that were provided this year are being put to use by TJ. students, Sondra Ladner, Jerry Serville, Verna McMi11ian, and Warren Henry. and Lots of Sunshine Paula Moore Audrey Morales Ralph Moreno F rank Morranto Ronnie Mosier Perry Don Mosley George Mouton Pam Moyer Mike Murray Steve Murray Ronny New Teddy Nolan Diane Norvell Lina Oates Francis Andrew Oatman Karen O'Brien Luther Odom Abraham Ogea Dianne Hoover Karen Olive Peggy O'Quin Ray Orrill Mike Otto Carol Overman Philip Parnpolina Elaine Pansano jean Ann Parker Linda Parker Susan Parker Mary Lynn Parsons Darla Patin Linda Patin Dexter Patterson Inspection of T.I.'s new trees from the Landscaping Project is being done ' P 1. by Kay Dartez, Gary Miller, Ronnie New, and Bobby Rabuck. James au mo t s ft , WN ta sq 3 we tx i 'f' . 1 Fu Q' . N,,, ', . -1: , ,gk . x.f H , , at .0 , ? jimmy Don Perritt Dot Peyton Marshall Pierce Barbara Pietz Carol Lee Pittman Claudia Pitts Joe John Pitzula Joseph Pomniier Bob Potter Gracey Potter Barbara Powell Mamie Powell Stanley Powell Gail Pratt Judi Prejean Gene Provost Nancy Pryor Loraine Pulito jane Quinn Larry Quinn Linda Quinn Gayle Randall Robert Rabuck Glenda Read Sherry Read l I M Twirp Week Brings a Whirl of Linda Reaves Linda Register s Cfdegofy Reyna X 4 P , jimmy Riche :" M Qu 'ir ' Riva? .5 4.5 - Virginia Rivas vm N . g ,,.V! fm. A f ' fi M " r s 'G Carol Rivas " . Getting their dates early for the all important Twirp Week are Lynne Q", Ronald Robbins Miller and Karen O'Brien, while Judy McVey and Gretchen Verboon are deciding whom to call for their dates. l20 ,gaw -a ff 1 it . Q,-5 . at ...f K - 1 I f S l scac C ,A as f f -1 fi - . .aw C .,,,,, , .3 ,Ni , Q I f A f 5 . , f A' ., 7 4 ,1 or A at c G C, , 5 1, " f , ' " U: . ",': XV" Q , 1 S " i ' "'l' Y 1' 6 -.'- Q,1 , c to , l C lX C oy or X lY k h Adm: I N AAAAA' G ,J" C ' ' in Q. 'N 'l'L " 'S' . - N 'f i T' La' ila ecis ffi C C 3 1 y " 'LW LALK ' 'Swim ,gli ri 521. ,SZ L' 1 ,-at 4 ,M I , l A AM nfni My-5 if .,..- VV I A y. , H gi S3 Mary Robin Carl Roddy jimmy Rogas Charlotte Rothman Carolyn Rouly Kenny Rutty Bob Salter Gene Sammons Ellen Sanders Connie Sandifer Dale Saulsberry Neil Saunders Robert Savoie Bill Scheifley Barbara Scheler Harold Schroeder Bonnie Scott Carol Ann Scott Tommy Searle Stan Sechler john Self jerry Seryille Katherine Shaunfield Dolores Shavers Judy Schieffer Dates and the Sadie Hawkins Day Dance Wally Denton seems to want Diane Devoll to take the hint and ask him to the big Sadie Hawkins Day Dance. Donna Shless Sam Showalter Mike Simmons Sharson Sibley jerry Simoneaux Glen Shelton' Jay Gary Sims Sammy Skaff .. I-aw , I 4 1 A , , 4 ,, 4 , X , . , Fifi ., , , www- , :X - 1. , I ,, ' Qrfl i ' ff D 4 f Vi A V ' -raid' ' Q , f reef' 1 , ' , p +1 2 gy ,- ww , 9 ' ,"k .1 fy IZI Tony Slaupus Beverly Smith Chris Smith 'Louis Smith Martha Smith Pat Smith Patsy Smith Ronald Smith Sandy Smith Ann Smitherman Loretta Snoek Butch Soileau George Solis Victoria Solis Sissy Spears Mary Spradlin Tommy Stansbury William Stansell jerry Bob Stelley Michele Stephens Nancy Strokes Paula Strokes Sue Strokes Sue Strother jimmy Sullivan Robert Summerlin Alice Summersgill jonell Swearingen Mike Tahaney George Talbert Bill Tapp Linda Tatum Shirley Taubert A Successful Year Is Led by The flag new gins state homeroom of Iowa collected money for a beautiful new state , which was one of their projects for the year. Proudly admiring the banner: Karen Krautz, Sherry Barrington, Jeannie Holmes, Bill Wig- , Leo Gail, Vera Hallmark, Juanita Dailey, and Janice Ardoin. Junior Class Officers C It appears to be all in fun for the junior social committee composed of Shirley Looper, Linda Turner, and Jo Ellen Johnson, who helped clean up after the junior dance. John Taylor Pat Taylor Wayne Taylor Shirley Thames Gerald Thibodeaux Dinah Thomas Kay Thompson Ronnie Thompson Mike Toliver Annette Tomlinson Charles Tortoris Cherie Townsend George Treibel Charles Trentholm Theresa Trevino Mary Trokee Loron Truett Linda Turner Dane Umphrey Winfred Vandiver Carl VanHess Gretchen Verboon Rosie Villareal Denise Vincent Carly jo Vines Mary Lou Wagner Mary Wahl William Wahl Paul Walker Carol Walpole Marthina Walters Robert Watts Lee Weathington fm, f,'. ' :mf '-' :QM r, , ,, f 'li' fr, ,.,,, M, 1, f .WMM f Img Y , 1'-lf? H f 55 , 4 2 6 IV f a ifififff Wi ff 41' ' r f . A f 6 ' Q3 fffffff 'TX' ' ff ':fif,"!f" I 'f N ' Jitff' , . , we Q fzwar ,vc ,Q f f ffif ff!!! f ff! f 1 C , 7 , f f ff ff ff ,Uv f f fe, 2 'lf Q , f C.: -11 ' if L, M r - - - - H +,'4f7,,fyf,f:cz -, 74 ff ffif f f X 7 ff Vw fy fffff 4 X 1 P 4 Q ff f ref' 5 1 I 4 jf , , f gf f 5? f iffw 5 X , i iw 1 If f ff f f f f fa' ' fd ,W Q f fv X X Q f Z ee ff I , 'ff l ,fk T C' y ,'2'iifr'i,l .f,fy,. if-1 ,f fa-hzzzzcz 1.. f f ' f ,ec if I Q 7,f,i'. 'f f fff' V L 1 iw if I23 Lois Webb Ethel Wehmeyer Sherry Welch Becky Wells Linda Werner Sally White Penny Whitman Bill Wiggins Sharson Wilson Wayne Wilson Regina Wing Pat Wingfield Stephen Wolfe Mary Womack Trudy Wood jerry Woodall Aundria Woods Stephen Worthington Larry Worrell Barbara Wukash Wilson Yancey Delilah Yates Beatrice Ybarra Richard Zampini Bobby Zeiger V13 K I K 419 A , .fes- ff? 9 3 4 Aux F "Uv Q We fi an Term Q 'lr 401' MQ 'S -It Wi' 'Hr ,nag ye N6 K .K 2 .K . lffiff .rt- . D 6 ' I - 4 KK. 1 K ,r,WK K . K KK . KK ,K KK x , K K W K KK,W,K.fW K . kkkrkk 1 i K i' . . K , KK KK K K W K K K K' K -'i'W,-gW-KKK-5K-AK f QK - WK - ff, K Z K . A .W ' 1'.,l K. .W K. -v.V K. .t K- -KK K - j . ,K K5 KK 'B W W ' W r B ,KKK K K KKKK, K KK .K.r KK K . K a.f,K,Ww,,. ..K..... Y KKKKQKKKK f fx g , srrs . rsts if , ' ,K . . r W , W W cWet W , B' - WWKW . Wi . Kf "K , K - K K' KK KKKKK, K ,. K , K , K WK.KK. KK, . K , 1,:K- K,KK KK ., ' A '5f.K'.- ,' K ' 'I ',. K .,K, rK.iK K K K 112 ' ' -' W W, t-i' - 'ii. W - ' I ' fbi I W W + t WrWWt as ,rWW trll'Wt :iii QW , W . iii. 'X f ti W no W W 1 xi 4-at r t is ' aWtr 1f:V ?i W 5 5' 1' e '1 K .Kwy KK K . KK WKKKK,KK , . KK KK KfKW K. KK NK. . ., , . K K K5 RW KKKK K . r , 4 K K K. K KKKKKKKKKK .W ,1,',i ',..'--. " ' A ' - .!'fWQVfYE --'. , ' ' A I . W 'Wi" . , -. 1 , . i., K .WW. .K 'KKK :GK K K K , Q .W , ' H . , t K KIK K . K K K K K K KKK KKK., K f , KK .3 W' 152- - e ff fi W.ei 5 W 0 " I if X W-'- iliiiili -'. it,W '75 'fW.,W 5 KK.. gf, ' .K,KK . KK.K'K. K' xg! t..' T K f -' 5 ""' - ., V it iii' l i Q ...W to W B K KKKJM KKKKK K K i ., KKK KKN K ,K. KK K K K KK K KK K , K, K,,K y., . N , , ff' it KK KKWKK YK, K KKKWK .K SKK -,KKM WK W W tb . r lWW, is t xii e" : , l to 4-1 ,tere .. K-,yy . ,K , K ,K , ga ' -J A 3 ' .rr if K V I f , 5 ' 544 fa Q2 'vvi 9 af? lx Wa ?' , ,.:4 ' " ' M' 5 ' 1 Taxa The doors were open to new opportunities, challenges, guidance, new memories, and plenty of good competition for this year's juniors. 'Xlow the doors are closing as a successful year draws to a close. Student Chest X gf ea, the another A group ftieers and Committees Take Carl Carter Russell Stout Pferident Vice-Preridenz PRAISES ARE DUE Renell d'Augereau, Noel Dolce, Kay Thames, G. W. Bailey, Diane Loukas and Susie Coe who worked tirelessly to give T. J. a successful Twirp Week. THE LAST STAGE of the printing of Stu dent Directories was a rewarding sight for X Betzy Roussel' Am Mmm Jeff' Straub' ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL DRIVE was pleasing to civic committee members Russell ffjjhffffjgflgffii1fg3QQeif1fCimft2EnBfCfg Stout, Annette Broussard, Cheri D'Abadie, and Dub Deloney. the book. Q l 26 Lead in Congressional Activities Sue Gartin Serremry 'Ai ,g Cindy Brantley Representative-at-Large qif, L QV 'ff 4 4? if USE WAS Cmdgaia F193-XT TB if QTQLW, PAUSING FOR A moment while sorting bangles, pamphlets and buttons are the members of the All-School Chest committee: Diane V Hightower, rented, Cindy Brantley, Diane Loukas, Arthur Elster, and Margaret Ann Meeker, standing. OFF TO FRENCH for a Good Sportsmanship League meeting were Leni Anderson, Ann Killingsworth, Lamar Lawson, Cindy Brantley, Dub Deloney, Mrs. Hayes and Ronnie Jones. EACH MORNING STUDENTS stand and bow their heads to begin the day with a few moments of meditation. Pat Solis, Peggy McBeth, Mike Landry and Ray Orrill worked with this daily chapel program. I27 'Q Good Organization These SBC appointed officers who prepare congressional bulletins and keep parliamentary order during Congress sessions are John Wallace, parliamentariang Brenda McNabb, typistg and Erleen Porter, bulletin scribe. CONGRESS HONORED THE faculty with a tea, showing appreciation for faculty co-operation in letting congressmen take part in student body government. GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP LEAGUE guests to our Bi-District foot- ball game were L. Anderson, R. jones, P. Af, G. Edwards, Orange, J. Carmichael, Beaumont, M. Waters, Orangeg T. Fuller, Beaumontg P, Hooks, R. Tyson, French, P. Sattler, R. Carlin, Port Neches-Groves, and C. Brantley, P. A. g. 'AX' WHEN THE UNITED States flag and the Lone Star banner snap in the breeze, the patriotic committee has done their duty. Putting the flags away at the end of the day are Danny Bell, Don Landry, Dennis Hollander and Vince Scalco. CONGRESSMEN COME TO room 118 each Monday as representatives from their homerooms to evaluate old policies X. yr arks Committee Work K FACULTY AND STUDENT body representatives' share ideas on Congress activities. Seated are Mrs. Hayes, Mr. Gott, Miss Anderson, and Mr. Devall. Standing are Russell Stout, Cindy Brantley, Sue Gartin, and Carl Carter. RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ac tivities of the Good Sportsman- ship League at-Thomas jeffer- son and Working with the dis trict GSL were Cindy Brantley 7 Lamar Lawson and Leni Ander- 2 . 5011. Fall Outstanding Congressman, Peg- Spring Outstanding Congressman, gy Lou McBeth. Jean Harden. and CHSCUSS new Ones- THE LANDSCAPE COMMITTEE surveyed the fruits of their labor with pride as trees and shrubs were planted on the T. J. campus Carol Johnson, Susan Holtman, Sue Gartin, and Carly Io Vines. l29 orking Together for a Big Senior Year . . . Senior Class Officers Prerident Lamar Lawson 1 Secretary Jeanie Hollingsworth Trearurer Karen Byrd Vice-Prexiderzt Jay Hicks SENIOR CABINET MEMBERS-Seated are, P. Doyle, J. Moon, D. Dupy, S. Marsh, S- Gaffiny A- I-0ff01'1, M- Gr'-?801'Y, and K Snoek, Cabinet members kneeling are P. McBeth, P. Daniel, P. Breaux, G. Davis, H, Cazemier, C. Saulsberry, M. A. Daniel, D. Huff, and R. Ludwig. I 30 Senior Congressmen Lead the Way DISTRIBUTIN G FLAGS AND home- room signs are Ron- nie jones, Shirley Wueller, L i n d a Tomlin, Betsy Well- burn, Carol DuBois, Charlyn Saulsberry, Cherie D'Abadie, and Dennis Hollan- der. OBSERVING THE NEW placemenfc of the Hall of Fame are Diane Loukas, Cheryl Deckarcl, Judy Shinn, Buzz Milner, and Kay Thames. 1 l ADMIRING THE PLAQUE in the front foyer are Bo- Peep Patrick, Mary Ellen Klebba, Char- les McFa.1-ter, Mary Gregory, Peggy Mc- Beth, Nova Cole- man, Roy Hooks, and 'Alice Hudson. Spirited Junior Officers Work Hard. . . Junior Class Officers Prerideni X, G. W. Bailey X, S erretary 1' Mary E11 Glass Trearurer X Carol Scott 1 Vice-Prerident Gregory Reyna j'U,NIOR CABINET CONSISTS of, Franz row: Barbara Wukasch, Pam Huber, Diane Norvell, Kay Dartez, Gracey Potter, Gene Byrd Judy McVey, Ken Hurwitz and Jack Hens1ey. Bark row: jimmy jordan, Ronnie Landry, james Cassel, Stan Sechler, Mary E11 Glass Gretchen Verboon, Nancy Pryor, Martha Smith, Sharon Sibley, Isabel Delgadillo, Claudia Pitts, Alice Chambers, and Joanna Light. 132 Junior Congressmen Carr Out Duties CATCHING SOME BRIGHT sunshine before Congress are, from row: Pat Solis, G. W. Bailey, Don Landry, and B. J. Fett. On the lop row are Renell d'Auger- eau, Karen Olive, Rachel Gloria, Ed Guidry, Ray Orrill, Dianne Hightower, Carol Johnson, and Ann Killingsworth. KEEPING UP WITH the recent events are Law- rence Beasley, Susan Holt- rnan, Ann Srnitherrnan, Carly Jo Vines, Richard Kreiter, and Ginger Mc- Millan . JUNIOR CON- GRESSMEN, Seat- ed, are Dot Peyton, Annette Broussard, Barbara Scheler, and Karen O'Brien, Those :landing are Margaret Meeker, Carol Scott, Roger Canru, jean Harden, Mike Landry, and Bobby Rabuck. Sophomores Choose New Leaders Sophomore Class Officers Prerident m Ray Hecker Vire-Prerident Jackie Scott Sefretary Belinda Davis Trearzzrer Marilyn McGuff SOPHOMORE CABINET MEMBERS are, from row: J. Booth, L. Livingston, P. McGrew, R. Benz, G. Cooksey, Mrs. Swanzy, sponsor Serozzd row: L. Garcia, J. Carver, L. Romero, L. Babin, P. Price, S. Beavens. Tlazrd row: P. Meyers, J. Henry, R. Tantilla, D Morgan, I.. Goss. Fourth row: S. Allbritton, H. Neal, M. Brannon, R. Hollier, R. Byrd. I34 Sophomore Congressmen Fall Right Into Step GETTING USED TO the procedure of Congress are, seated: Sylvia Sandoval, Ar- thur Elster, and Janet Underwood. Those standing are Kay Chalmers, Susie Coe, Betsy Roussel, Becky Gillrnan, Lib- by Sumrnerlin, Lee Roy Byrd, Gail Flan- agan, Vince Scalco, and Noel Dolce. DISCUSSING SCHED- ULES OF Congress activi- ties with Miss Anderson are Tom Kirchrner, Carole Ha-ll, Judy Dawson, Vince Scalo, and Beth Gartin. C H E C K I N G DATES of Congress meetings are :rand- ing: Ray Hecker, Charles Hall, Joan Mims, Linda Smith, Laurenda Babin, Dub Deloney and Joan Mims. Seated are Pat Easley, jo- hanna Gebhart, and Barbara Light. l I35 A Governors Preside Over Homeroom ffairs KNOWLEDGE AND EXPE- RIENCE was gained by these junior governors as they com- pleted another year. Seated: Pam Moyer, Brenda McNabb, Shirley Looper, Verna McMillan, Alice Chambers. Slanding: Sammy Skaff, Judi Prejean, Judi Davis, Kathy Irvine, Jerry Serville, Buddy Jordan, Ashton Hecker, Eloise Foret, Ann Miller. ENTHUSIASTIC SOPH- OMORE GOVERNORS preside over homeroom affairs. Seated: Bettie Glenn, Mercina Tragelis, Sue Honeycutt, Jackie Scott. Standing: Gary Reynolds, Slagle Allbritton, Beth Knight, Mike Brannan, Jane Johnson, Gerald Segrest, Belinda Davis, Lance Goss, Kathy Prohl. l36 ENJOYING THE BENEFITS of the courtyard are the following Senior governors: In front: John Wallace, Iris Williams, Ingrid Wen-dlandt, Janice Foreman, Mary Catherine Gaggese, Charles Kil- lingsworth. In back: Bruce Mahat- fey, Fay Burdett, Jay Hicks, Roy Hooks, Susan White. QQ' orking for a Better Thomas Jefferson DELEGATES TO BOYS' State were john Wallace, Roy Hooks, and Carl Carter for 1960 and Pat Solis, Phillip Pampolina, Ronnie Landry and Mike Landry for 1961. COMPILING TIS HANDBOOK for next year are jean Harden, Peggy Meeker, Libb Summerlin Bo Pee Patrick Mar Ellen Klebba, Karen Olive, and Ann Kil- s Y s ' P 7 Y lrngsworth. GIRLS' STATE DELEGATES for 1961, Mary Ell Glass and Sharon Sibley Kxeatedj, play the Girls' State record and check dates with last year's delegates Mary Ellen Klebba, Cindy Brantley, and Peggy McBeth. PUT THAT FIRE out, boys! The fire committee consisted of Buzz Milner, Charles McFatter, Randy Goldblum, Ronnie jones, Andy Andrus, and Gene Davis. I37 Rewarding Results From Doing a Duty , 2 4 . . 1 ,011 f ',,f,,'k, .-,'.f, I-Q.g,ff,5 , , 'O io 3 f V . ,'A'- ,"', g ',', ' jg, .-,'1 MISS WILSON AIDS the Credentials committee which checks the report cards of all congressmen, officers and candidates: Mrs. Hayes, Roy Hooks, Nova Coleman, Ray Orrill, Ann Killingsworth, Miss Golmon, Noel Dolce, and Pat Easley. LOST ANYTHING? NUMEROUS articles were returned to their owners from the Lost , and Found in room 118 kept by Linda LENI ANDERSON, RONNIE Jones and cindy Brantley, on behalf of our school and Tatum and Alice Hudson- the Good Sportsmanship League, presented a book in pre-game ceremonies to Phyllis Sattler, D. P. Lyons and Cheryl Say, representing Port Neches-Groves. 5""'fr:::.::fm COFFEE, COOKIES AND sandwiches made the teachers' day more enjoyable thanks to the Teacher's Tea committee of Congress: Karen O'Brien, Roy Hooks, Mr. Guzman, jean Harden, Roy Byrd and Charlyn Saulsberry. I38 THE FIRST AFTER-GAME dance was sponsored by Con- gress with members of the Recreation committee mak- ing all arrangements. Check- ing to see that enough re- freshments will be available are Mr. Copeland, Roy Byrd, Robert Watts, Betsy Well- burn, Mr. Ward and Betsy Roussel. 'l ff' THOUGH SOMEWHAT MUDDY, the night of the bonfire finally arrived after many days of planning by Congress. A FEW MOMENTS of planning and then they were off to decorate the stadium for the game: Stan Rising, Russell Richard, Wayne Broussard, Robert Menchaca, Luther Odom, Donald Haltom, and Buzz Milner. "TIS KEEN KEEP IT -CLEAN" was the motto used by students during clean-up week headed by the civic com- mittee: Arthur Elster, Leni Anderson, Shirley Wueller, Russell Stout, Janet Underwood, Tommy Kirchmer. I39 OCTOBER CITIZEN RONNIE jones seems happy even though Betsy Wellburn and Miss McClain pile him high with books. Citizens of the Month APPLE POLISHING IS practiced in November by Janelle Buvinghausen and john Wallace. Are you trying to "get in good" with Mrs. Weldon? DECEMBER PROVED TO have its share of bad Weather. Trying to keep out of the rain are Dave Nutt, Linda Riley and Coach Underwood. JANUARY DAWNED SUNNIER days. Coach Pense, Linda Tomlin, and Buzz Milner enjoy the warm weather. ' f rw , .Y 1, f f 4 f.f1,',ii' an lain zzzfewi-Q2zfa , Z , .,4,.,,. ff. H, ,,-, W. g fc,-ff my .. , ,f ,ff-f,iz,.a.. Receive Awards in Assembl ENJOYING THE BREEZE in the breezeway are February citi- zens: Roy Hooks, Peggy McBeth, and Mr. Russell. MARCH WINDS CAN'T blow away the smiles of jay Hicks, Sue Gartin and Mr. Allen. ADDING THEIR APPROVAL to the landscaping program are: G. W. Bailey, Cindy Brantly and Miss Vickers, out- standing citizens of the month for April. ' 4 CHOSEN AS CITIZENS of the month of May were: Bo ,,,. Peep Patrick, Mr. Gott, and Pat Solis. L, V , , .W f f 1. ., f f V 'V THE MAROON EXECUTIVE Committee made early plans for the convention, Patsy Smith, Noel Dolce, Mrs. Swanzy, Bob Breckenridge, Gene Byrd, Gary Sims, Kay Thames, Charles McFatter and Glenn johnson. THESE VICTORIOUS CANDI- DATES will serve TJ next year as All-School Officers: Roger Cantu, President, Mary Ell Glass, 3.I'OOI1 fri, MEETING CANDIDATES and the evidence of posters, tags, stunts and speeches are a sure sign of elections at TJ. The stu- dent body, divided into two par- ties, follows, to some extent, the same procedures done in the selec- tion of our national leaders. Both the Maroon and Gold par- A COLORFUL CONVENTION was the result of good demonstra tions mittee. SPONSORS, TABULATORS, TIMEKEEPERS and the executive committee made the stage a busy place during the convention. l42 PUTTING A STAMP of approval on posters were Linda Tomlin, Rich- ard Kreiter, Lawrence Beasley and Cherie D'Abadie of the sign com- Rep.-at-Large, Gregory Reyna, Vice-President, and Sharon Sib- ley, Secretary. Gold ties choose presidential and vice- presidential nominees at their con- vention, represented by five delegates from each homeroom. The executive committees are responsible for mak- ing all party plans and the election committee, headed by the vice-presi- dent, takes care of all other phases of the election. REGISTERING FOR POLL tax was the first big duty of the elec- tion committee: Cheryl Deckard, Judy Dawson, Dub Deloney, Rus- sell Stout, Annette Broussard, Dot Peyton and Peggy McBeth. GOLD EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE members are, Sealed: Gene Davis, Miss Klein, Mr. Parker, Roy Byrd, janet Un- derwood and Jane Johnson. Standing: Betsy Wellburn, Brenda McNabb, Greg- ory Reyna, Jolene Eaves, and Myrtle Brown. GOLD CONVENTION DELEGATES support their candidates. CONVENTION PERSONNEL AND Gold can didates awaited the choice of nominees. I43 eau COIWE d and throughout the building m st3tf'f00mN1gZONS ARE . 83 o KN THE COHYWQ' 1 and b pen d itilisat time Of Year once again Oth Pfiriies hgh the Par d a Oose no 'C' of Vote Your Choice ANOTHER LINE, BUT this one's important-they're lining up to vote! Hllnees' U 3 Y I it Ei il H if 5 booth of decmon YOU? EZMY PART - asa me, adaV,.1sdO. 1 CHXNE W 111. 0156. In Ile, how XS voxmcxtggh my student goiivouz TH Apii ' fn- studeflfs OH SOP ORES Maria Adame Linda Adams Mary Helen Adams Danny Adaway Billee Albright Slagle Allbritton Cheryl Alleman Donald Allen Margaret Allen Sandra Allen Sue Ellen Allen Gene Amm Bryan Anderson Pete Andrews Jerry Ardoin Virginia Aston Jerry Attaway Richard Ayala Laurenda Babin Marcella Babino Pat Badger james Bailey Linda Bandsma Paula Bandsma Mary Bandy David Bankston Richard Barbosa Barry Barnard Neatha Barnette Don Baskin Pete Bass jane Battarbee Penny Bazar James Beane jack Bearden Margaret Begnaud Tommy Belk Danny Bell Carolyn Belton Richard Belz David Bennett Mike Bennett Meet the Class of '63 2 ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS WERE scheduled on Thursday mornings for sophomores, who found that this ac- tivity gave added opportunities to see old friends as well as making them feel at home at TJ. A variety of programs made the period interesting and entertaining, all A N X . ,J l' -r as Wg f 1 K al 4 " intent - 1 . 52.9 - ,.- 35 5 fb f 1 ,rv I f 146 l J, f 'ff lf' 1' THE COKE MACHINE in the caf- eteria seenls to be the subject of much interest as Sue Ellen Allen, Tommy Townsend, Noel Dolce, Ray Beth Ann Knight patiently wait in line. Benz, and ' Dillfqf Sophomores Begin a Year of New Experiences , V V V , VSV "f, 1 V +V i f',' i.f- ' V - '+V V V-VVYVVVQVN VV VV1,VV,V fV.VV.Vf1 'V V, V VV-V, ,V-V,V, ff--'f W ,V , ' V x ,V 1' V' '," ,gf - i 3 fV , A f-e"' Vf Q Q, 'V V ' A " I " I V ' A , .iff V-V .. I VV ',,f VVVV ,V ,. V'V?VgV,: f VV V-V-V, , , VVVV-V, ,I,V,. -VV ,.'-, VV f',f ,,-QV1-,VVV,gi- IVV,V2V-.5,V.VV ':,':'g ' , V LV I I' :VV ,k,','. VJ V , V V Q V- 1. V V VVV I X ,',- VV V V f V f f1,VVV 'Vg:1Vf,V. "" ,ff .,,. z- ,, . T "'i V f f V. V. V '1iVfVV'fVV7V 'A I V- "'f V. VVV f'f" ' .. ".- V X -' "" , f V ' V V .,,' V M I, V V I VVVVV, VVZVVQVT-V ,. VV,-.. . V II A . H V ' ,I X V, Vw V V V,V,,VQV?V,g?,5 ' ,,. "', ,V ,,,,.,,,,I 25,55 V " e-"V ",, V , VV - 'V , A X , , ,'Vt ' V,VV,V V V, V, V, V VVVV V. V VV ,Via ,L ' ,,', V ,, V--Vf V VI V VV VgV'VVVV,VV V f--V , ,VV-Vf:V-V V1VVV-V,ViV'f',VfV,,g:.V- , V-V'-f, TVQVV ' " VV V , VV ,,," V, ,g,V,7QV,V.7 I VVgf,Vy,VVV,IV,,,-VV, V,V,Vg,1VZ5 V , 4 V ". VV-eV .V ".- V X A flfV V .1 V, no A VVEV , V law, V,V V I l V ,r,, ,V., V f.I5,.'1,f,., V, A f ,: V ' V! 'V 1' i'ZV'WfV V! VT -V 'Vin ,VT 'QV VV' if -gi ,3 7-VVeVVsf7f2fV V' ' " V VV ,V , VV . ' ' 5 V V .V cc V, , VVVVVVVVV VVVV ,V 5 if3'V5'gfVzff,1,,,, VV,V V V V..VV,,, V, V ,I , IIWVV., my -VV,VV- -'VV,VV',IVi3gV1,,1-IgVV,g,V 1 V VVVV 'VV'-1,451 , I,III'VVVV-V-'.VggV,V.-1,gVV,VIV,gV1Vr.V, . Vi-y,VgVVfV,, W-VVV . .,.. . VV , f'-.V V VV ' VV fV" ,. V- V . V.-VV1Vf2'V V JWVVZV ' . V'f!VV V4VV,VViVV4iV V,.. V VVV V',V-' V AV' .V,f-We V if we ff VV., V V ,: 7, . 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V V V f 6 , V, I. ,V,, ,V,V V V ' . ,' ri ', 1 -- V,,V-1Vg1-,V VV.3V,,V V ,V V I ' -4 '," ,V VV QV j V' V, rf, .1 V V, V- V 'Vg,,Qj VV V V . f V' Vw? VA' V ,' ' f'VV5VfVt Vx V ' 151V ff .QVVVE ,, IVfgL,V-'Vg VgV2,V,Q5, 13,5 ,yy ',,r -1 'V V' IV , fs I,.V,QQ V , I4 ,X '47 ' V VVIJ,- V Ig,,jf5 , A' VV ,,.V -V fv V X !V4fX'V'1 V"' VVVV X X ff! X f 3 V ,ff V VV V V S , ', V WV V272 ,,.' 'V'il,VVfV1'f'f' f V ' VgV6V,Vg VL 5 V'VfVi' if' 'WVF4 'VQQLVYV V VVV, VVVVVVVV LVVQV' Vf ,VVYVVZ if?-V, ,Va V"Vi5l,Vi?' Juli, V V' Vilffiflii V ' V ff? 2i,VE V V ,XV VVVV ,LVVV V, . ,,, ,M aff ,V 'VW V'-' V ,V,V-V1 Vi , f .VXV Qwbf ,f,,Vi,47V-7- ' 'Z V QW f QVWVWQ ' ,V V, X, VV, I V., ,V , QQVLVKVQV X IV 2:VV,V 'V VV V 'ff f'ffffi, V,V,,,V,,V,I,V,VIVIVV, I V, rVI,V,VIg'Vgff2gV, V, V1f,,V Vj2I'V6MV,,QVjV,Vff,f V! I,VI,,V,VVV, V ,V VV ,Q pf ' V, ' ' JV :V ,:.Y,,?, 'V X XUW .G Vi, . 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' V' Z" V.-252 X X XM ,I MV, V, VU V,V - VV .,,', , V f ia' I V,,,,g,,, lV::i:V'VV, V 'VT VfVfVyVVig.1,V,VV V ' ' ,I , QV jjj, j Vt- ,Vw V V. +6 V. ., V. ,IVVWQVVVQ if V f 4 XVV f i V if ' f 'fi -' "rg VV V,,V VfVVV'Vi4',i X V V f V " V f 4 V X V X ' V ,Vg V V f I X 5 V f A f 'V V f ' M' , f V V f qw, f X , ,W I ,VV ,tr ,V-,VVV, V ,iw ,,V V Ray Benz Judy Berg Claudia Berry Dolores Besse joy Besse Sandra Bevins Wanda Bewley Bill Bigler Ruth Ann Birkman Allen Blanchard Terry Blanchard Velma Blandford Mark Bonin Jane Bo-oth Diann Borel Margaret Boris James Bouillion Greta Bourg Lynda Bradley Mike Brannan Sandra Brauninger Linda Brewer George Bright Carolyn Brite Barbara Brogan Barbara Broussard Butch Broussard Carol Broussard Gerald Broussard Norris Broussard Chuck Brown jean Brown Mike Brown Nita Brown William Brown Donna Brunson Lora Bryan Barbara Burks ii V A , , , . V Martha Burnett V IVV, V V I Vfi V Q ,I Calvin Bush V ' VVV25 Lee ROY Byrd V V '7' LV JE jg , ' Mary Cappadonna V V'77,VV.V V'V' V fV 'ff' ' V 1 VVVV ,V V VV 1 ,IVVI , V I, A I47 Vw- VVVV VVVVV V VJ V V V ' VV L, VV. -1 A fi , af :E ' , gs ' V, ,.,,.5LE1- Q s Rf -41? ' z , L2 , .7 fc. Y i f ,ggi -, , ,vv- . f 7 if 2. 'B' p , vp K Na ,V , . an 4 V ,, rf ,W ww -rv ' 1 ,i in 4 lxvf I I l ,mf Q" ' fri-4. ' I fa .,: . 4 1 ,x A Q , 4 5457, H , , 9 ,.,.,- x f fa, , V, .. A, Q3 ,fn 5 1 V, ,f, 1 s - "Mg ,451 f ' , Ami , K 'ai xk , . 5 s f' K r ,V Lxk' Q 1, 1 ,N A ., 1 if ', ,. .9 ' -. 4- Vw ,Za . , s f 41 s i L ci it C " stst f iiii Q r l ,stfri 1 1' A ', , , " ' L . ..,1,- -,Q . Y .T I U lui I: its gg' g i' ,PVV 4: Q A IL-Q ' 1, , - D M 1 N L,., , A . , 4 V -"A I , i n Q c Q ' 7 C wig rc sr v if , ' .' ' L5 f ' i ' I X, , lf L"',1 3, v f ' David Capps Roxann Carcara Cindy Carr john H. Carter Sue Carter Janis Carver Alejandro Castaneda Hugo Castro Lewis Cavaretta Kay Chalmers Charlotte Champagne Brenda Chapman Tim Clarkson jackie Clingaman Susie Coe LeRoy Coffey julie Collins Mary Collins Toby Cone Gay Cooksey Jeanette Cooper Nellie Cooper Hazel Cormier Richard Cortez New Activities Interest Sophomores Charles Cotham Martha Coulboarn Marion Court Mary Coward Bettye Cox Melba Cox james Crenshaw Mike Creswell Mitchel Cricchio Barbara Critchfield Mary Crochet Dona Cropper Katherine Cropper Tommy Crow Nancy Cunningham Iris Curci john Curtiss Lewis Davalos Ronny Dauphine Ruby David Barbara Jo Davis Belinda Davis Claudia Davis Kenneth Davis Loyle Davis Judith Dawson Connie DeCluitt Ellen DeCOu Edward Dejean Gloria Dejean Dub Deloney Lydia DeLaRosa Eloise DeLosSantos Helen Demahy Darlene Desiatte Sarah Dezelle Coyth Die Paula Dionne Nancy Dix June Doiron Noel Dolce Gordon Domaschk I48 , 9 f get as S sf PZ Q 3 6,1 -QP' 1 'Q' gui 4 -as -K ' f' f 1 if f . Q N g -' t ' - 4 -s I 'i,ir1!.' V fa if, 5, 51 ' '32, ,i W, . s,,,p 'PL wr? af XX ' i V X. -N rr Wm. I 7 a W 6, W 4 4 , 3, A as XX l iff? My A Zi 1 2 'casa 'X , ,, 1 rs, f 1 .X fy 4 0 f 6 ' f f- N 'JY , ,, Y , V f' ' in . f""" im- 5 , , .If W7 f'- I 'f M715 ' , M my if 1 4 .,, V 'f -ff, af bfs"i"' 12, f are Z2 9 6 4 ,wit V ,pf K, ,k A, yy: - A ' . .Q ,.k.,. - A 2 . L9 I ' ' , a if 4 . f f .c' f. rg, -. 0 31 I lu fda 7' J f , -, ff"i.'4,I .. ,wav t A 1 m , it , " " f 4' QW. 1 'S' .- ff 1: , J cfm ... Billie Domingue Carolynn Domingue Charles Domingue Carol Dominguez Shelby Dorsey jesse Doty Susan Downs Mike Doyle Robert Drodcly Marilyn Ducote Barbara Dugas Sammye Duhon Curtis Dumesnil Pam Dunkerley Johnny Duplissey Kenneth Durham Leonard Durow Claude Dwyer Ray Dyson Karen Earle Pat Easley Jean Eaves 'Teri Eaves David Edwards .35 52 y ' f any Participate in Clubs and Organizations Norris Elliot Arthur Elster Judy English Delia Estorga Pat Etheredge Alice Falcon Ray Feemster Katherine Ferguson Charrlotte Finley Jerry Fitzgerald Harry Fitzner Gail Flanagan Diana Flores Linda Flowers Pat Foley Barbara Fontenot Janis Fontenot Bing Formagus Julia Foster Sandra Foster Barbara Fournier Carol Franklin Jerry Frasier Bruce Frobeng Rodney Furrh Mary Gallio Danny Gannon Amado Garcia Lupe Garcia Mary A. Garcia Sylvia Garcia Beckie Garsee Beth Gartin Delores Garca Alzina Gauthier Johanna Gebhart Ragan Gennusa Becky Gillman Kathy Givens Floyd Gladden Bettie Glenn Celia Gongora I49 MELBA cox, MARILYN Ducote, Sandra Green, Barbara Wallace, and Paula White relax for a moment after a long day of studies. The stairway in the main foyer provides an ideal spot for this purpose, and it is often seen cluttered with girls awaiting their rides when the school day ends. Conventions Prepare Sophs for Leadership Alice Gonzales Gracie Gonzales Jerone Gonzales Jessie Gonzales Arthur Goodman Lance Goss Diane Grantham Bob Gratz Hollie Green johnny Green Sandra Green Jack Griffin Kenny Griffith Martin Griffith Mary Guajardo Lonney Guidry Ray Guiclry Terry Guidry Lana Ruth Gulley Travis Hagler Carole Hall Charles Hall Donald Halton Tom-my Harris Bernard Hankins Mary Hart Craig Haynes Bruce Heath Pam Hebert Sandy Hebert Sidney Hebret Ray Hecker Judy Henry Marcella Henry Sylvia Hernandez Alfred Herrera 4 H98 ,A-v M I 4, b " v 6 ROYce Hickson fi C 'if f Donald Hightower .Tasman A A Dona Hinrichs Cliff Hodges Jim Holbrook Sandy Holbrook ISO Jo Ellen Holland Robert Hollier Sue Honeycutt Brenda Hollingsworth Curtis Horn Edward Horwitz Priscilla Hubbard Becky Hudson Charlotte Hudson Gary Huebel Milton Huebel Hank Hughes Peggy Hughes Kennet Hund Rodney Hunt Jane Hurst Barbara Irion Kay Irion Sandra Iruin Reagan Jackson Reggie Jackson Harvey Jeane Ronny Jenkins Charles Jenny ,fa - - rf 1 Q x i ,1-5, ,V w, ' 1. A. j 2 fa al N fe, ' it 45 Liss -L . 4, A f I K If L 1 , 2. 1 at , , J H . ,L ,f f 5- vi " 'W .3 ff J may , ,X A J J, 1 ,aff lii L , +11 ,. 'K ., ' 5' , -.f,,, Q- .. - .' sa , g ' , V ,fry U, V if ,r,' ,'r : V' .35 as f- ly ,k,. 'V .V , 1 -V 7 syyii L , 5i.ff51- f gi J , 1 ,4 C X ' Q :ai W fa cf f A I J fs Election of Favorites Spices Spring Life 1 'rw A nr fy? Z2 , . Ima 4, , .fi f.A, '," L Q ' ' ' A 'ii' Q, ' , "UV 4 ' H af ,f ly , I I, y f, ,V lx, -,ff ,V 4 Q , ,vii 7 V V ,, Q ' , f A f , . f f x Charlotte Johnson Ellis Johnson Jane Johnson Pat Johnson Norman Johnston Wayne Johnston Gilbert Jones Jo Ann Jones Joe Jones Linda Jones Martin Jones Merinda Jones Karen Jordan Molly Kesman Sondra Ketcherside Sharon Killian Diane King John Kirchmer Marilynn Kitchens Dwight Klages Beth Ann Knight Brenda Knight Johnny Krautz Ruth Krummel Henry Kube Anita La Combe Bill Laird Pancho Laird Judy LaLonde Philbert LaLond Arlene Landry Barbara Landry Claire Landry John Landry Jo Lynn Landry Rudy Landry Jeanenne Lane Barbara Langford Gene Larson Pam Larson Phyllis Latiolais Leonard Lauve ISI M, X gy , M if f I 7 1 W 'Ziyi 4- Q ii Beatrice Lopez Dick Lowther Victor Lozario Joanne Ludwig Tommy Lumpkin Donald Mackenroth Judy Magnus Maudine Malone Jay Mandel Rufus Manley Ann Mannino Betty Marceaux John Marchall James Marcontell Donald Marsch Barbara Marsh Brenda Martin Jane Martin Janet Martin John Martin Dominga Martinez Robert Martinez Rita Mason Ray Mathis Nureana Matte Cheryl May Marilyn McAdams Shirley McCoy Charolette McCurley Sandra M,cDonald Mike McDowell Larry McDuffie Sharon McElroy Judy McFarland John Scott McGlothlen Patsy McGrew Marilyn McGuff Darrell McKenzi Jerry McMillan Kathileen McMonagle June McWil-liams Sally Meadows l52 Mary Lea Brenda LeBlanc Buddy LeBlanc Margaret LeBlanc Roudley LeBlanc Billy Lee Daryl Lee Jimmie Lee Sandra Lee LeJeune Charlyne Leman Blayne Lequeux Jimmie Ruth Levingston John Lewallen Shelby Lewis Barbara Light Teddy Lilljedahl Ed Lippincott Linda Livingston Jay Loar Mary Lockwood Bobby Loewenstein Frank Logan Pinkney Logan Arthur Lona Hearts, Kisses, and Cards Burnell Meaux Judy Meaux Verna Meaux Ted Meeker Donna Melancon Madelyn Melancon Homer Mendiola Chris Menzel Gene Meyer Patty Meyer Carol Midgette Kay Milburn Cheryl Rae Miller Joan Mims James Mingle Janet Monroe Alice Molina Mike Montondon Dennis Moon Mollie Moore Kenneth Moreau David Morgan Tommy Morgan Gerald Morrell Philip Moser Jane Moss Janice Munlin Danny Murphy Eileen Murphy Mary Murphy George Murray Marilee Musick Peggy Myers Hoyt Neal Mike Neel Johnny Nelson Jeanette Nicholas Mike Nicholls Barbara Nicholson Martin Nielsen Tommie Nielsen Donna Nimitz I 5 Learning to make use of TJ's moclern library are these sophomores: Bryan Anderson, Brenda Theriot, Janis Pace, and Jimmie Lee. l Good Grades Result V VV ' QV Phyllis Nunez ,, ,V VV f '-', ' 'V fVV'fVV,V,cf . V V -,k ,- V , ' , V V 'Q ' ' IVQVVQQV -r,,,,r, Mike Nutt V V im :V :V V g V ,gf ,V i., VVV, ,f,- , V' V .V V 'V V ' V- W. ' ' V - f,,VVV ,i"' ,,,' V , DOH Odom M " . Z3 ' M V ' i 'ff' 22 V R 'ff VV Bfeflda O'QUiHU QL, 3' VV ff ' 'f V ' V5 V? if ,"' .. . ' V- ff '., .V , 1 , VV,fVV ,,,,3V1ffVgVV4 , VVVV J0leHe Orflll V ,V 6 feif , V ,V eihie ,hii , Charles Oubre V - 4- V V , VV V' V V aiz ee gh, V VV ' , - V , Ve V A4 L13-fgle Owens '." V "," f", 1V"VV,'V7'VYfVV'V'e14'V ".' V f ' - 5V -'e,. 2 ' f,-',- -' " V " ' 'w'1'.V'Vi'5,f:VVV,'V V V7 VfWj4"f' Janis Pace VV V V Maurice Page ,aia V VV, VV VVVVV V V WV: V. .V , ' V VV , ,' V '-" V W' U , , 2421 . fV 'Vgf' A Carolyn Pansano ,Vg x 2, ,,, , ,MV ,", , if , V A V 203, ' V . - V Va V -Zz V V14 VV , V V . :VV --'f- ' W' Var 2 ,V ' ' ,V V6-.iV,1LVVV,VV,'V,zVV 'VSVVVVWV Christy Lynn Paris fi?j.1 " A f R 'W -VV, , Wil, V VV X V. " 'V' Vf 'V "I Sf, K V VV ef! M ' ' Vff ' V' 5 ZH 'J 'V Gl2ClYS Pafkff ' V ' Va' , f V, , V VV y V . C- V , .,. " "Vi J ' , 4V fi':'Q - V V " ,VV fi -V ifV-'V ' ,VV4fbVVVfVf43if'iV6, "f,' ?V'UZQ,'VV' Charles Parks V V V V , 1, V V V VZ? Ernest Patrick V ' Q 1 - V V V ,',- VV,- V V V Reid Patterson ' 'V V VV VV VVVVfVVVV,',EgV3fQ5 V75 VV ' X , V V V,. . ., V,VVz,V-3 .,-- f'-' ' -9 V '-',V, ,V 1--gf,zVg2 . H 'VL-7' f Pat Pattefgon VJ. KVVV ,, VVVV-l ,V , ,V , V ,. V, V LV, - V V V , Linda Perkins A V VV W ,V ' Y V? ' , VMQV V ' " W VV ,V Charles Peterson V ' V V' ' Q ' . f,,q,fVVV , VVLVVVW QVV , ' V 'V V ' K N" ,JV ,QQ -V V' ' V ' V g 'A 1 V," Vftfiil 7'7I,jVi ?'ZQ: iff? TQWQVVKK V Cmdl Petteway V ' VV Coy Petteway VV my V l a jz, V V, ,,,, V V6 VV,VVVV V V ,,,V V V V 5 VV-wwf K , ' ' X Vi 'V " 'Lf ' Vx V,V:V 'iii 'V'V' 'if2VS"Vv,:1 Carole Peyton " V ' V fi-V' Q I VV'V ' V Par Pineda mai' zz2rs,EzfV ,, 1 ,V L 1, 'V r iVsV, V V V V V, ,V , Befky P001 C ' V V ll 'i', , V A , Marcella Porras -V , V V ' 'W H ,, ,, , VV 'V Q , . VV .V ' V 4 ,V ,' V V ,z ,V K V,VzVVVVpVV VVVV QVQQTVVV' V55 Ubaldo Poms V ,.. 1 , ' are 3 , V, , sa, f P VV . , , 5 ,V , V , , , 1.4, V V ,ap V 5 , V VV , V V VV V W1ll'am Powell V V, 'V.V fog, VVVVV1',, ,,'V V , EVE, VV V xy , VVVV VV , V,V , VVVVVVVVV WV ,kV, V Mikie Preieen , - VVVV ' V V V, - - 4 ' -"-i ' " ' V V ' Nffiv 'V fViVV'Vf V,'V "V" ' VVV, f Steven Pre-Jean A 1. ' f V ' V JeHe11Pf1fe V V V V V VVVV V , , H W flfe , V f QV , VV ,, 'V,' V ' if bf V ':iV ' " , VV ,f . V VV V V4V,VVVVfV-' Herbert Preeelle V V V , , VV 3 V fo '42 V f - " V VNV-V V YL 'ff V V V,VVfV.Vf, 'f?' fi: Robert Raborn -V - I - Meri 47' ,Vie ' '51 , , ' , "V, we-1 ' 'V if" 'f f Q "', VjVV1V2'V1f'f7, Clo Raggio V , ' V,,V, M V R - ,,V . Vi, ' fe V ,V ,Vf2zap5VVf' MY Levee amlfez f VV VV gg-1 w,Vfa,Vi ,VVV , V Marian Randall QV, W ay? lk V V V , ,af ' V ,,f V,-, Hs - 25, -V VVVVWZV 5VVVV5,V,VV,V. VV VVVVVVVVVVVVVVV V ' ' VV ,V V V' "" V Gary Randolph V eV V ' VVVV f V , V V' .V , VVV:VVV, V VV,V , " , V. Ve jerry Ratley V V , ,V V ,V , 27 Karen Ravel' - -V li 73 1 V1 V fV "'ii ' R cl' k vi ii 0' VV-Q' 4 fm if ' 'V T47 MV TV," Jlmml' 6 IC - V"" ff V V ' , , f:,,V1 ,VVV,' 1f1,,vVV A11 V , V 'ff V , V V V ,VcVV Vw VVVQVZV fp 3741 I ,,V,-,, V ' ' :VI, V' " eff f'4,,f'V VVQ ' f V' Vf, VW K ' ' V V V, VV VV','V V , VVVV V,V ' V' V'VVV: 'VV 'V VW? ,V ' VV Q ,Vg V , .Vf VM, , Sheri Reeve Donald Reitz Don Renner Gary Reynolds Richard Rice Brenda Richard Douglas Rising Stanley Rising Travis Robbins jimmy Roberts Vance Robideaux Lynn Roberson Ann Robison Lofton Robison Paul Robison Dian Roccaforte Carolyn Rogers Alvin Joseph Romero Ernest Romero Lannie Romero Pat Romero Betzy Roussel Edward Rountnee Cindy Rowe Dolores Ruiz Sharon Rumm Larry Russell Pete Russell Mary Sanchez Leah Mae Sanders Sylvia Sandoval Linda Sappington Douglas Savant Vince Scalco Edwin Clarence Sc joe Alvin Scherry Sue Schexnayder Sandra Schoppe Larry Sclerandi jackie Scott Karen Sealey Julius Sedtal ISS haefer Z ,,. J at f 3 rf n Af? S , r li i i i a Q " , ,,,. c f- 4 X I X Q , f-' g , V t, ?.z1 47 ,, 2, ,gf r o t 1?- 'P' KN ff L S l F'll',rg fo S l " ' A 1 ff ,S c gym it lccrt . f X' l aw S ,Q at 1 l u Q J . S , f " S l'fl3?2 c t f f f 1 l rl f Gerald Segrest Rebecca Self Don Sellers Virginia Sepeda Donald Shaffett Connie Sharp Sharon' Sharp Jerry Shaw Art Sherwood Teddy Short Buddy Simmons Lynn Simmons Donald Simon Durwyn Simon Shirley Sims jan Sinclair jerry Siragusa Kenneth Sistrunk Bill Slocum Ann Smith Charles Smith Charles Rae Smith Clark Smith jill Smith Food Drive Made "Is it alive?" asked Linda Lynne Smith, "No, it's only a coat," whispers Patsy McGrew. Gail Flanagan, Martin james, and Frank Zumo help to make the sophomore Food Drive a success. Larry Smith Linda Smith Linda Kay Smith Lynn Smith Lynn Vess Smith Mary Juanita Smith Micky Smith Robert Smith Sidney Smith Sue Smith Sharon Sorenson Doug Spooner Pam Stansbury Bert St. Cyr Carlene Stephens Marsh Stevens Carroll Stewart Suzy Stewart Brenda Stone Jean Straub XY'anda Strodercl Chuck Stroud Danny Styles Carl Suire L ev gf: uni Successful b Sophomores Telephones in the cafeteria seem to be a problemg Either you canlt hear, as in the case of Lynn Simmons, or you can't even find the right telephone directory as in the case of Reggie jackson. Christmas cheer is spread through many classrooms by decorated bulletin boards. Helping with the decora- tions of this one are Kenny Griffith and Leonard Lauve. I57 I ws 0 V if , 7 - 113, W f,l,,,a,g 'WV -- , A ,rr ff , Z " , v i : . A, ii . -Mi . .ff L ' ",' Yi: A . Axim 'Hr f we if 15 4' , if' 1 , I f 2 f' -- r ' 3 , X J "' 7 if fig. "' 1 'ff ,B ,f TP '51 l 5 , . 3 :M Parking Lot Poses Problems 'W-. , TJ , f V -V V ,fn 4' ww 1 ' ' Z, " '11, X, , W' ' " ' ' Ja ' fi "N'f7' f, K , " i H 'lf up 7 .KS X 157 , ff va A ,, ,- L, V 1 Q si' T amy' ff f,, ,fy , ,,,, ', W 1 hkh. f ff .f , , 1 M' .4 uv 0 yf'Q"'f A Y K .,,.Z'A 2' W Aw, 'rar , if ' 7 ' j' 1 'ff x f 4' 5, 72 . , if , I If if , ,, , I if , P . 3,03 ff r f af f 4 -f .ff , , .. , fa, WWA X if X f " 5 any , X' sy p re , 4 f' iw I H f fr , 11 'D 4 ff I fl if ff 4 ky " A ' , 5, 7 L 4' :ia ff L f 'we f rf 74-Mfg f f f , .4 , V, ,. kk X 1 . 1 ,mfr ' ' 4 '4' K fi 'U 1 f X' of 4 if X , 3 ,gf 5 ,444 ' '11 J , A fl, was-f 7 f 'X 12 ' ,QL if 4' ,, 1 4 , , If 'T ' "3"'..' ,, , "2tf1'JfiwW' , V W '4 2 W. ff "V Gif M ,, A M ff gr fifmz, ff ., , 1 C fff 1 lf? X I fx 4' if , T ' f "fMf'l6, H1 gf ,,. 94 if i V fvr X f f V , ,ff 7 42,29 f , ,ff ,wfii f f : 'fmi V, 1,47 ff X if , ,f ' I , f f , O ,fir M5 2 ff ' 4 I ,, 1, ,.. .ff-fy 5 V 5 , 5 A ' ev 3 A ,fa l,,- f, AV Q i, . L , ' 4 . f Q 'f Wonien drivers, Ray Benz and Mar cella Babino, have trouble parking in Tfs large parking lot. Libby Summerlin Nancy Summerlin Sharon Suttle Pat Swanzy Karen Tansil Robert Tantilla Robert Tardiff Leonard Ray Taylor Laura Taylor Brenda Theriot Peggy Thomas Carolyn Thompson Mike Thompson Paul Thraser Linda Tipton Donald Touchet Tommy Townsend Mercina Tragelis Linda Trahan Tony Trahan Carol Travis Con Travis Larry Treibel Robert Trend Portia Trenholm joe Trim Robert Trim Richard Trow Priscilla Truett Donald Twieg Janet' Underwood Mary jane Valdez David Van Devender jimmy Veal Vincent Ventrello Richard Vincent Pat Voight Charles Waldron Barbara Walker Charles Wall Barbara Wallace Alvina Walters David Walters Karen Wappler Richard Warner Linda Webb Andrea Weber Bill Wehner Virginia Wells 1441 ea rea- ky- 4 .4 i ll N ' 'i4nUg e'W arr n . i N WWM W Mviey c"Gfw43W7 iciff his W' 5 f' J Y rfi?J1 1 stef il ffi' J J elf -Q U Lf if W ff its AJ? w,a ,,ifV' 'W J of r J t wma-g'fua -fxr J 2 if-a ef W We J reaera an NW ' . A lb' W Q A1 nisikidlawik ,f,wWa. f ele H zur Judy Whaley Donn Wheeler Janice Whelply David White Paula White Tommy Whitehead Carolyn Whitlow Sandy Wiggins Glenn Williams Joe Bob Williams Sandy Williamson Kyle Willis Q 'M 'Si'-. 'IQ , , Q, 1 4 , ' V f nf, , .V ,.,,.,. ff-f -4- Wg' , I 'W V 1 ,Q2,,If'-lf. , A K , , as f AQ W is '-1 K ,,,f, Z gy, , 4. if in -', ,Q,if neva +- 'Geffen I . I If !.,, Y L , iigiciha ' if I ii fi J ii 2E?323::2SiiZ 5 , . J , Y I - -' "" 1' .-',,f,, , ff ' ' ' , . . . 1 aim' - f W ,QL ,Q 5 VV X 1 .4 . ,Z :WIA I eff" A. ,I fi -' V, 'Wy ,, , iff, , We , fm- , W 1 J W J ll.,r WW - ' ,f sq, yy.A fMw I ,m,m Wf I , I ,,,.. , xv any f ' ,. If :. f I Q f K+ W lsair in W DeAnn Wilson V f' , 1 AV r,,, 1A'5 W"" f,?,L Carolyn Wilson f 23 A if fi", 5 "'W ? Linda Wiltz , , fa 1.- , V 3927 '13, Raymond Windsor ,i,W' ' W 7 , ' ri ' i i'i, , any , B V. ., . . T ,X 1, . ,,ni My .A,, , p ,R Leslie Wingfield ff K V AA A I VVKV i,gV.g , , , Vd.V,,,VVV f ., Kathy Wolf iWyl ay,i Wr W -W LO11iSC' W01f J Q, ' 1'-C iWiei i iffy or is if J Wrll if ii li J ffl. ,,'iiWii fi lli Tommy Wood W J J + iWi W i Carolyn Woodward . ,tls , 2, if lr I , 17, 1, , I . ,,,:,, I H W, If I . ii. E15 kkyl- Robert Worthy J W, iW, 1 Vyy M f w,,pWVQWj ,' "L,' in Frank Zumo 1' V ' 5. ' - J V W W W' - Sophs Run for ll-School Offices Running for the office of cheerleader takes many hours of hard practice, Practicing for next day's assembly program are left to right: Jerry Mc- millan, Jeanette Cooper, Kay Chal- mers Penny Bazar, Phyllis Nunez, Janet McLain, and Claire Landry. 1 Y-72-F Clubs and Organizations Special interests that can be strengthened through participating in related club and organization programs make this campus a center for busy students and teachers early in the morning, after school, and sometimes in the evenings. The total program of club and organization meetings helps individuals in obtaining a better education and con- tributes toward this school's leadership in our area. We have grouped this section to include these divisions: Fine Arts junior Classical League French Club Spanish Club Choir and Glee Club Repertoire Players Instructional junior Red Cross Slide Rule Distributive Education Camera Club Projectors Chess Club Future Professions Future Business Leaders Future Doctors Future Lawyers Future Teachers of America Future Nurses of America Honors Publications National Honor Society THE PILOT Heralds' THE YELLOW IACKET SCHOOL SPIRITED Cheerleaders Maroon and Gold Band Red Hussar Drum and Bugle Corps , J 1 iz . JCL Provides f:,:,.Z. MRS. GERALDINE JOHNSON and Mr. Law- rence Allen, sponsors of JCL, enjoy working in the language lab. State Leadership JCL OFFICERS ARE Secretary Lincla Reaves, Praetor Mary Womack, First Consul Diana Dupy, Second Consul Pat Doyle, Treasurer Gin- ger McMillan, and Praetor Lucille Miller. CICERONIAN MASTERS, Sitzing: Pat McCue, Sylvia Tyson, Lecretia Smith, Charles Kirkenclall, Carol Moritz. Standing: Betsy Wellburn, Sue Gartin, Janelle Buvinghausen, Sharon Comeaux, Sandra Smith, Julie LeBlanc. ANTONIAN MASTERS, Bofzom row: C. Walpole, L. Evans, A. Miller, S. Looper. Second row: L. Parker, L. Pulito, G. Potter, L. Miller. Third row: M. Marsh, M. Meeker, L. Reaves, J. Smith, B. McNabb, P. Moyer, M. Landers. Fourfh row: D. Landry, L. Weathington, J. Lewis, G. Byrd. Fifth row: P. Walker, R. Orrill, K. Herwitz. Sixlh rouf: B. Schiefly, B. Grieg, M. Heifly, R. Savoy. ANTONIAN SLAVES, Bozlom row: D. Hinrichs, R. Benz P. Price, M. Bancly. Second row: S. Sibley, P. Huber, J. Gebhart, S. Beavens, M. Murphy, C. Whitlow, K. Wolf, L. Bandsma, M. McGuff, C. Alleman, C. Thompson, L. Caveretta. Third row: N. Dolce, C. Petteway, K. Willis, L. Lakie, E. Horwitz. Fozzrlh row: T. Morgan, D. Lowther, J. Lore, J. Marcontell, E. Lippincott. a OLYMPIAN CLAN: Cindy Carr, Betty Glenn, Glenda Read, Pat Doyle, Toby Cone, Barbara Burks, JoAnne Gerace, Diana Dupy, joan Mims, Martha Colburn, Brenda Theriot, John Wallace. ake JCL A dead language? Far from it! junior Classical League is active proof that Latin is a living, breathing part of the Foreign Language Department. Organ- ized into six clans, this organi- zation takes a lively interest in clan meetings, programs, and various other activities spon- sored by the club. Monthly senate meetings play a big role in the affairs of this 200 mem- ber organization. The slave sale early in the semester, the Sa- turnalia in December and the convention in March contrib- uted to the success of the year. CICERONIAN SLAVES, Silling: Jean Straub, Sue Smith, Bobby Hollier, Mike Brannon, and Slagle Albritton. Sldndifzgx Gary Ran- dolph, Kay Milburn, Jane johnson, Norris Elliot, Hoyt Neal. TITANIAN SLAVES, Fin! row: Jackie Scott, Carolyn Brite, Babs Brogan, Donna Nimitz, Becky Hudson, Prissy Truett. Seroffd ww: Sue Carter, Gail Flanagan, Carol Midgette, Becky Poole, janet Underwood, Lydia Ruiz, jackie Clingaman. Third row: Vince Scalco, jerry Secrest, Rufus Manley, Robert Loewen- stein, Rudy Landry, Mary Alice Collins, Maudine Malone. TITANIAN MASTERS, First row: Susan Holtman, Ginger McMillan, Mary Dixson, Reva Bullock, Mary Womack, Kay Thompson. Second row: G. W. Bailey, jerry Allgood, Bob Bolles, Charles Cham- paigne, jimmy Lee, and Larry Brannon. 2131511 " 7 X 'FH Saturnalia Provides Holiday Air RAISING OF SLAVES was the main event of the Saturnalia held in December in the cafeteria, HERCULEAN MASTERS, Pint row: Linda Tatum, Linda Ellis, Carol Costley, Karon Olive, Nancy Pryor, Susan Reigner. Seward ww: Mary Hart, Glenda McDaniel, Renee Jayroe, Gayle Brown, Martha Smith, joey Griffith, Barbara Criswell, William Batic, Clifford Hoffpauir, Ronnie Robin, Bob Clouse, and Carl Roddy. OF THE pre-Christmas Saturnalia was a pro- gram given by a number of slaves. HERCULEAN SLAVES, Fin! row: Judy Magnus, Roxann Carcara, Connie Sandi- fer, Paula Bandsma, Jean Brown. Second row: Martin Neilsen, Larunda Babin, Be- linda Davis, Lora Taylor, Linda Perkins, jay Mandel. Third raw: Danny Gammon, john Marshall, Tommy Townsend, Mar- tin Griffith, LeRoy Byrd, Gilbert Jones, Curtis Dumesnil, Bill Wehner, and Billy Lee. I I64 JCL Goes to Austin Convention VOTING DELEGATES GRACEY Potter and Martha Smith with John Wallace ,geeks mark the calendar and await with anticipation the day of the state convention. NOEL DOLCE AND Lamar Hankins also deserve glue credit for being convention contestant honorees. Noel received an honorable mention for his poster and Lamar placed third in sculpturing with his bust of Caesar. VINCE SCALCO AND Ken Hurwitz have a reason to beam so proudly. Vince placed second in the in- strumental contest and Ken was named TJ's outstand- ing Latin student. JOHN WALLACE, out-goihg state JCL pres- ident, makes an informal speech to one of the convention committees.. Q V ,W ,,54.y.:, Q wgigw:Uwe--.f,,fi., K , Wi. MARY MURPHY, BE CKY Poole, Gene Arnm, Lucy Evans, and Pam Huber were five of the nine oratory, vocal, costume, and mythology contestants. Others not shown are G. W. Bailey, Jolene Orrill, Betty McDonald, and Jim- my Lee. I65 Vive La France French Club officers helped in making this year a success. They are left to right Gene Davis, president, Roy Hooks, treasurer, Lionel Parent, historian, Glenn C0'SP0fl50f5 of the French Club afe Miss Cath' Johnson, secretary, and Claudette Hilliard, vice-president. rine Klein and Mr, Doyle Clinton. Louis Gres, an exchange student from Aubenas, France, tells of his experience en route to the United States. Louis will be on his way back home as you read this but he will take with him many memories of a year in a typical American high school-Bon voyage, Louis! I66 For entertainment a French play was given by Miss Klein's French III students. The play "Why the Chimes Rang" was based on an old Christmas story. The cast left to right are Helen Broussard, Dale Saulsberry, Bill Gibbens, Linda Riley, Vir- ginia Oakley, Linda Jones, Karen Baxter, and Anne Lofton. Early in the year a French dinner was given to honor all members. After the dinner everyone enjoyed the French play, "Why the Chimes Rang," Outgoing members of the French Club include firft raw: R. Hooks, C. Saulsberry, P. Daniels, H. Abraham, V. Oakley, L. Parent. Second row: J. Cooper, L. Gres, D. Hollander, S. Come-aux, C. Romero. Top row: B. Sorgee, B. Breckenridge, R. DeVi1lier, G. Davis, G. Johnson, S. Nunez, C. Hilliard, L. Parent. New sophomores are welcomed into the French Club firfl row: D. Deloney. Sefond raw: T. Gauthier, P. Nunez, V. Meaux, C. Stephens, B. C. Albright, P. Bazar. Third rawf P. Latiolais, I. jones, M. Lockwood, A. Weber, L. Webb. Fourth row: D. Brunson, D. Wil- son, C., Hall, S. Dezelle, S. Soreson. Fifth row: M. Ducote, B. LeBlanch, R. Dauphine, A. Molina. Top row: G. Broussard, N. Broussard, L. Treibel, S. Reeve. junior members include, firft row: M. E. Glass, C. Chatagnier, M. Langdon, K. Boutin, J. Ardoin. Serond raw: S. Read, D. McFadden, S. Stokes, E. Adams. Third row: M. Baker, I. Eaves, R. Wells, D. Norvell. Top row: D. Saulsberry, P. Has- kell. Officers for the 1960-61 term were elected early and have been interested in the progress of the club. Se.fzied.' Linda Martinez, re- porter, Lupe Garcia, historian, G i n g e r C 1 0 a r , secretary, Mary Louise Tre- vino, vice-president, Pat Roy, treasurer. Stzznding: G e 0 r g e S o l i s , sergeant-at armsg Johnny -Lo- pez, presidentg Stan Sechler, parliamen- tarian. SENIOR SPANISH C L U B MEMBERS - Sealed: Irene Soliz, Janie Templeton, Mary Lona, C 0 r n i a Dominguez. Standing' Linda Martinez, Vir- ginia Lozano, johnny Lopez, Mary Louise Trevino, Pat Roy. l68 Pan American Club SPONSORS: Mrs. johnson and Miss Bill- ingsley enjoy working with members on club activities. The Pan American Club, under their sponsorship, has received a state charter that has given added importance to the 65- member organization. Is Interesting and Fun SOPHOMORES SPANISH, CLUB MEMBERS-Front ww.- jill Smith, Jane Battarbee, Beth Ann Knight, Mary Sanchez, I Sue Ellen Allen, Linda jones. Second row: Marisela Porras, Ruth Ann Birkman, Mary Garcia, Pam Stansbury, Linda Smith, Carol Dominguez. Third row: Jessie Gonzales, Ann Smith, Gay Cooksey, Gracie Gonzales, Lupe Garcia, Marie Adame. Top row: Susan Downs, Leah Sanders, Gary Reyn- olds, Linda Tipton, Carmen Garza, Janell Price. Liz Moore and Paula Moore decorate an interesting window encour- aging us to "Learn More About Mexico." Everyone strives toward making the club fun and improving accents and vocabularies. Pan- Arnerican Day is usually celebrated with a special party or program. wr JUNIOR SPANISH CLUB MEMBERS-Sealed: Phyllis Miller, Paula Moore, Liz Moore, Karen Dauphine, Carolyn Chapa, Janet Craig, Carmen Lona, Carrie Hebert, Isabel Delgadillo, Mary Balawajder, Wayne Jones. Standing are: Wayne Willson, George Solis, Roger Cantu, Richard,Kreiter, Stephen Wolfe, Stan Sechler, Beatrice Ybarra, Victoria Solis, Emma Gonzales, 'Dominga Infante, Beat- rice Gutierrez, Irene Montalvo, Ginger Cloar, Yolanda Avilez, Cecilia Gunter, Ronald Jordan. I69 A Cappella Choir Presents MR. JACK BOTTOMS Director Outstanding and Original Programs in CW' A 01996 5 l70 jane Ann Smith Lexon Faulk Student Directors Kathleen Allen Marvin Bates Mary Carolyn Lexon Faulk Evelyn Fogleman Benson Bill Gilbert Claire judice James Kesman Diane Loukas Patricia lvfathrole A Cappella Choir Seniors Ivan Miller Erleen Porter Frances Proft Pat Roy Charlyn Saulsberry Judy Shing jane Smith janey Templeton Sue Terrell Manette Veazey Wayne Woodworth A Cappella Choir Active in Many Areas ,. X' B 'LTV' eaaaa f 'a"' I L v. A CAPPELLA CHOIR OFFICERS are: Erleen Porter, Diane Loukas, Frances Proft, Marvin Bates, Judy Shinn, and Gracey Potter. THE GIRLS' SEXTET INCLUDES: Erleen Porter, accompanist, Jimmie Livingston, Frances Proft, alto, Sandy Leman, Gail Pratt, first sopranog Becky Pool, Brenda O'Quinn, second soprano. BOYS' QUARTET MEMBERS are: Marvin Bates, second tenorg Charles McDonald, bassg Bill Scheifley, first tenorg Lawrence Beasley, accompanist, and Bill Gilbert, baritone. TI-IE ANNUAL CHOIR banquet was highlighted by the appearance of the junior Melody Maids and the presentation of letters and awards. l72 i They ade Choir News Choir Sweetheart and Beau PATSY SMITH AND MARVIN BATES Most Valuable FRANCIS PROFT ALL STATE MEMBERS, include: Charles McDonald and Joan Lyday, alternatesg Brenda O'Quinn and Marvin Bates. "Songs of Christmas" Mixed Chorus and Glee Club Has a Successful Year PARTICIPATING IN THE Christmas Program was the Mixed Chorus. Officers of the Girls' Glee Club are Pam Lar- son, Judy Henry, Karen Tansil, Kathy Wolf, and Julie Collins. Mixed Chorus officers look over music for the coming program. They are Sandra Beckworth, Jean Brown, Bo-Peek Patrick, Virginia Oakley, and Susan Blanchard. '74 . The Girls' Glee Club presents many interesting programs. Let's Paint a Picture Mr. Roger Russell Spomor One of the many work sessions of the Art Club kept the members busily working before and after school. OFFICERS ARE: Cheryl Deckard, president, Deeana Huff, vice-president, Mary Catherine Baggesse, secretary-treasurerg and Bill LaQuey, activity chairman. Kafleen 590914 and Mfifceu Hume? UV fo Pfo' mote better school spirit by hanging up signs made for the basketball game. MEMBERS ARE, Sealed: M. Landers, I. Bess, N. Dix, R. Carcara, H. Green, K. Griffith, L. Romero, J. Collins, L. Owings, C. Deckard, M. C. Baggesse. Slamiing: B. Smith, E. jungen, K. Olive, J. Johnston, L. Cloar, B. O'Quinn, B. Creswell, B. Cutaia, G. Griffith, D. Huff, B, LaQuey, M. MeGrew, G. johnson, C, Machalek, S, Crawford, J. Lewis, and R. Stone. I7' Repertoire Players Encourage Interest FOOTLIGHTERS ARE, Fifi! 7'01U.' M. Stephens, L. Miller. Second row: G. Griffith, C. Pittman, C. Anawaty. Third row: M. Ryan, J. Dickerson, K. Irvine, M. A. Smith. Fourth row: C. Miguez, P. King, M. C. Baggesse. Fifth row: H. Broussard, u G. Verboon, D. Nutt. Sixth 1-ow: J. Domingue, M. COX, T. Richerson, B. Allred. I I MISS MARTHA JOHNSON, sponsor, checks to see that lights and sound are in good condition as she gets ready for the first play of the season. CAST MEMBERS OF "Dust of the Road" are: Sealed: Leslie A SMASHED THUMB is one of the many job hazards in build- Clary, Manette Veazey, and .ftamz'i1zg.' Larry Sclerandi and Hil- ing a set for "Dust of the Road" agree Larry Quinn, stage man- ton Hunt. ager, and Ida Nell Diagle, student director. I76 In High School Dramatics FOOTLIGHTERS ARE: B. Craig, J. Craig. Second row: B Barton, I.. Tatum, J. Schiffer. Third row: S. jackson, K. Prohl E. Dilworth. Fourlla row: H. Fitzner, J. Prejean, S. Laclner, J. McCuistion. Fifth row: B. A. Knight, N. Stokes, D. Wilson. Sixzls row: C. Rothman, A. Spears, J. Lusk, L. Clary. OFFICERS ARE: Manette Veazey, Ida Nell Daigle, Hilton Hunt, Melba Hebert, Ingrid Wendlandt, Mary Catherine Bag- gesse, and Marvin Bates. Helping out with the Costume Drive were Mary Catherine Baggesse, Marvin Bates, Melba Hebert, Ida Nell Daigle, Hilton Hunt, and Ingrid Wendlandt. I77 Drama Students Perform for Class HARDWORKING SPOTLIGHTERS, Silling from left to rigbl: M. Hebert, I. N. Daigle, H. Hunt. Standing: L. Quinn, G. W. Bailey, D. Huff, M. Benoit, L. Smith, S. Hutto, M. Bates, I. Wendlandt, M. Veazey. FOOTLIGHTERS ARE, Fimt ww: P. Hosen, H. Green, S. Stewart, W. Stroderd. Semnd row: M. Langdon, L. Bradley, J. Templeton. Third row: L. Sclerandi, D. Rogers, K. Adams, P. Roy, D. Saulsberry. Fourlh row: R. Robins, L. Owings, B. LeBlanc, S. E. Al- len. Fifrb row: B. Scott, G. Boyle, R. Jones. Sixila row: 1. Mims, P. Walker. l78 PERFORMING IN FRONT of the class is a requirement for every drama student. Presenting their skit are, Franz row: Linda Tomlin, Fred Wallace. Second row: Helen Abraham, Gretchen Verboon, Mary Clingan, Ida Nell Daigle, Michelle Stephens. Lax! raw: Judi Pregean, Lucien Gon- dron. Jn. X K, M .myf- 'AEG-. klffibwff ? 'W' 'mf fff 2sQKff1ff'?AV-Amimz f 0. WWW-W!9,9FU-GN 279' WW? AZN? WfS42e.6 'W W Future Business Leaders of America SENIOR MEMBERS INCLUDE: Firrt row: L. Tomlin, J. Foreman, C. Hilliard, C. Schkade, N. Pace, F. Burdett, P. Breaux, E. Porter. .Second row: J. Moon, O. Alernan, G. Nusom, O. Smith, D. Loukas, P. Mathrole, M. Veazey, I. Sloiz. Third row: V. Lozano, M. Mayea, L. Arisco, M. Nacol, V. Thibodeaux, R. Boehme, I. Diagle, L. Smith. Fourth row: J. Maxfield, J. Johnson, K. Benavidez, H. Holzapfel, G. Macl-zenroth, T. Caughlin, W. Hebert. 4 Keeping the club's activities up to par are Mrs. Weldon, sponsor Peggy Breaux, presidentg Andy Foote, vice-presidentg Diane Loukas, treasurerg Lecretia Smith, reporterg and reared: Dot Peyton, secretary. I80 f qw. Addressing Christmas cards to residents of the Old Fo1k's Home was the club's holiday chore. Receiving expert advice on the project from Miss Gunstream are committee members Olive Smith, Manette Veazey, and Phyllis Moak. Prepare Students for Business World Dr. Richard Setzer, dean of business at Lamar Tech, brought the installation to a close by including the responsibilities of a good business leader in his enlightening speech. Erleen Porter, 1959-60 president, admin- isters the oath of office to the incoming president Peggy Breaux as she lights her candle symbolizing the duties she is to - perform. Taking a leading part in the club's activities are these sophomores, Fin! row: Lana Gulley, Mary Ramariz, Janette Cooper, Pan Hebert. Sammi raw: Katherine Ferguson, Kay Irion, Judy McFarland. Third row: Mary Capadona, Shirley Sims, Jo Ann Jones, Janis Fontenot. Fourlh row: Linda Sappington, B. C. Allbright, Carol Peyton, Judy Magget. l JUNIOR MEMBERS ARE: Fin! row: I. Delgadillo, B. Wukasch, C. Moerbe, R. Gloria, D. McFadden, J. Davis, E. Collazo, D. Peyton. Second row: C. Costly, C. Dearmond, K. Dauphine, S. Hutto, E. Wehmeyer, P. Jones, K. Irvine, V. McMillan, D. Vincent. Third ww: J. Fisher, D. LaFleur,'J. Eaves, A. Foote, C. Anawaty, J. McVey, D. Berg. l8I Future Doctors Club Newly rganized i S O X I 'I 6 SPONSOR MISS ELIZABETH Shaw looks on as president Charles McFatter listens to vice- president Craig Grant's heart. Secretary Kay Chalmers takes his pulse as George Solis writes down the findings. NME? . . . A DOCTOR?" Although all students in FDA do not become doctors, the club fosters an interest in the medical profession. It provides information about other areas connected with it. Some club activities are field trips, reports on medical topics, guest speakers from the Heart Association, the Cancer Society, and other medical research organizations, FUTURE DOCTORS INCLUDE: Front row: N. Pryor, S. Wiggins, S. Benz, S. Arrington, L. Flowers, K. Chalmers. Second row: C. McCall, R. Robbins, P. Walker, B. Breckenridge, G. Solis. Third row: G. Randolph, R. Goldblum, T. Caughlin, J. Hicks. Fourth row: R. Dauphine, D. Hollander, L. Weatherington, C. Roddy, R. Ludwig. Tap row: D. Patterson, G. Tritico, T. Morgan, J. Payne. l82 Future Lawyers Receive First Charter THE DEFENSE RESTS . . . now the verdict is yours, Judge! These may be the statements of the Future Lawyers in the coming years. The newly organized Future Lawyers Club is sponsored by Mr. Roger Griffin and Mr. Rex Copeland and is composed of students interested in law as a pro- fession. The main club activity is inviting guest speakers to tell the students about the "business of being a lawyer." MEMBERS OF THE Future Lawyer Club are: Seated: Tommy Crow and Robert Tantilla. Sefond row: Kay Chalmers, Kay Thames, and Carolyn Stokes. T bird row: Robert Hollier, David Van- Devender, Dub Deloney, and Tom Errington. Q , HOLDING A PRACTICE court session are officers Sandra Hutto secretaryg jerry Allgood, treasurer Noel Dolce, presidentg jimmy Lowe vice-presidentg and George Bright reporter, INVITING ONE OF the clubs many guest speakers are sponsors Rex Cope- land and Roger Griffin. 1 XV fl' ,AQ 4' Q 'Z-f f 1 Q 'v ,wqf ' l83 Thomas Jefferson Club of F-TA M GETTING THE CLUB activities under way are the fall officers: Carol Smith, Diana Dupy, Linda Ferguson, Pam Huber, Catherine Dean, Nora de Stieguer, Carolyn Schkade. , - I84 MEMBERS OF THE Oldest Fu- ture Teacher Club are, Firft row: Diana Dupy, Carolyn Schkade, Sharon jones, Ann Mock, Sherry Welch. Second row: Linda Riley, Carol Smith, Frances Proft, Jo Ellen johnson, Rebecca Wells, Peggy McBeth. Third 1-ow: Ann Miller, Judy Lewis, Liz Moore, Pam Huber. Fourth row: Sandy Leman, Pat Wingfield, jean Holmes, Ann Srnitherrnan. FINISHING THE YEAR as spring officers are Catherine Dean, Fan Garrett, Jo Ellen Johnson, Evelyn Fogleman, Cherie D'Abadie, Mary Ellen Klebba, Pam Huber, Becky Wells. HELPING LEAD THE way in club activities are, First row: Mary Ellen Klebba, Cindy Brantley, Linda Ferguson, Nora deStieguer, Virginia McMillan. Second row: Catherine Dean, Mary Gregory, Janelle Buvinghausen, Kathleen A1- len, Elaine Barbay, Ann Killings- worth. Third row: Cheryl Bradley, Sherry Barrington, Evelyn Fogle- man. Fourth row: Sandra Dernler, Sandy Goff, Fan Garrett. . M. Sims Club SERVING FOR A full year are G. M. Sims officers Libby Sum- merlin, Linda Riley, Ray Benz, Sandra Demler, Patty Price, Gail Flanagan, Marilyn McGuff, Margie Owens. G. M. SIMS MEMBERS include, Second row: Becky Poole, Margie Libby Summerlin. ENJOYING A FULL year of activities are members of the G. M. Sims Club, Pint row: Pam Larson, Charlyne Leman, Gail Flanagan, Patty Myer, Ray Benz. Sefond row: Gay Cooksey, Barbara Burks, Susan Downs, Kay Milburn, Carolyn Brite, Sarah Dezelle, Sandra Green. Third row: Marilyn McGuff, Pat Badger, Joan Mims, Sally Meadows. First row: Karen Tansil, janet Underwood, Barbara Walker. Owens, Peggy Thomas, Patty Price, Jean Straub, Sheri Reeve, l85 David Miller Club CHARTER MEMBERS OF the David Miller Club are, Fira! row: Susan Marsh, Sharon Sorenson, Charlotte Hudson. Second row: Lucy Evans, Toby Cone, Barbara Criswell, Linda McCorquodale, Betzy Roussel, Joanne Ludwig. Third row: Bobby Droddy, Gin- ger Cloar, Kathy Wolf, Jerry Cook. The David F. Miller Club, organized in 1960, was named in honor of Mr. David F, Miller, late principal of Thomas Jefferson. Mr. Miller was so greatly interested in the advancement of education that Future Teachers felt that he should be so honored. Mary Gregory, charter president, presented the national and local charters to Mrs. Miller and her daughter Sandy at the installation of the David Miller Club members. It has become active in the work that the Thomas Jefferson Club and the G.M. Sims Club carries on. MEMBERS OF THE David Miller Club enjoy an evening at the Delta Kappa Gamma Christmas Party. Charlotte Hudson, Sharon Sorenson, Merinda Jones, and Kathy Wolf receive refreshments from Mrs. Jewell Hammit, president of Delta Kappa Gamma, and Miss La Verne Mc- Millan. I86 LEADING THE CLUB during the first year are the officers, Betzy Roussel, Barbara Criswell, Ann Miller, Ginger Cloar, Mary Gregory, Charlotte Hudson, Joanne Ludwig, Susan Marsh. MER! TED MEMBERS Active Participation Results in Awards WORK FAITHFULLY Kathleen Allen ' J IIB 'gh Cherie D'Abadie Catherine Dean Diane Dupy Linda Ferguson Mary Gregory Mary Ellen Klebba Peggy McBeth Ann Mock Frances Proft Linda Riley Carolyn Schkade Carol Smith l87 ' 21116 UVIH 211.1 SCD FTA Activities Interest A very strong arm of F.T.A. is its council. Members in- clude, Seated: Ann Killingsworth, Toby Cone, Janet Under- wood. Slmzding' Peggy Thomas, Peggy McBeth, Frances Proft, and Sandy Goff. I88 Miss Jo Carol Savarino spoke to the Future Teachers at the Get- Acquainted Party held in the fall for prospective members. Enjoying refreshments with her are F.T.A. members, Peggy Thomas, Susan Marsh, Ann Mock, and Jean Holmes. Barbara Criswell, reared, was crowned Miss Molly Moron by Frances Proft at the Initiation Party. Runners-up were Toby Cone, Charlotte Hudson, and Libby Summerlin. l I "Full Back or Fall Back in the Teaching Profession" was the topic on which the three winners of the local Miss F.T.A. contest spoke. Linda Ferguson, Sarah Dezelle, and Jo Anne Ludwig also participated in the district convention. Members of All Clubs Miss Mab Lynn Hill Miss Mary Eunice Vickers ' C -S ' . . , . 0 pomwj Committee chairmens meetings are a necessary part of F.T.A. In.these meet An important event each year is the state conven- tion held on the North Texas State College cam- pus. Delegates were Di- ana. Dupy, Miss Hill, sponsor, Sandy Goff, Bar- bara Criswell, Sarah De- zelle who was unable to attend, and Jo Anne Lud- wig. ings many problems of the chairmen are discussed and solved. An impressive candlelight ceremony was held for the induction of new members, Future Nurses of America FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA The Future Nurses of Thomas Jefferson High School performs many services of im- portance. The club helps girls choose the right subjects while in high school, learn about the various fields of nursing, give service to the community and become better nurses in hos- pitals. asa Guiding the Future Nurses to success were Miss Elizabeth Shaw Co Sponsor with Mrs Jessie Judd Miller Sponsor Striving to make the Future Nurses Club a better one were Judy Goff, Ann Pardue, Ann Boote, Sandy Marsh. Sifznding: Lorraine Pulito, Clara Miller, Phyllis Latiolais, Sue Terrell, Kay Ingo, Lupe Martinez, Lydia Ruiz, and Gay Hubert, Helping pack to go home was one of the many chores performed at St. Mary's Hospital by Lorraine Pulito, Kathleen Allen and Lydia Ruiz. ,fi V Striving to sell programs at the football games is Pam Hebert. Mr. Lonnie Devall was always a buyer, Decorating a tree and presenting gifts to the children in Pediatrics Ward at St. Mary's Hospital were Carolyn Domingue, Jane Batterbee, Betsy Welburn, Carol Midgette. Slzmding: Sue Terrell, Mary Balawajder, Gayle Randall, Lorraine Pulito, Kay Ingo, Phyllis Latiolais. I90 Gain Hospital Experience Anxiously awaiting hospital work are these sophomores: Alzina Gauthier, Diana Flores, Judy McFarland, Jackie Clingaman, Pam Hebert, Laurenda Babin, Beth Gartin, June Moss, June McWilliams, Diane Grantham, Brenda Stone, Janice Whelpy, Mary Bandy, Prissy Truett, Alice Molino, Jessie Gon- zales, Delia Estorga. Back raw: Judy Eng- lish, Lora Taylor, Cinda Pettaway, Marilyn Kitchens, Marion Court, Rita Mason, Becky Hudson, Jane Batterbee, Diann Borel, Phyliss Latiolis, Sandy Hebert, Janet Mon- roe, Janet Martin, Sandra McDonald, Caro- lyn Domingue, Eloise DeLos Santos. Seeing that every patient has proper care while at the hospital were Clara Miller and Johnnie Ruth English. Working for their pins and guards were the Juniors: Floy Abshire, Linda Turner, Mary Dixon, Reva Bullock, Gayle Randall, Sharon Landry, Ann Dartez, Kathleen Boutin, Kay Ingo, Renell d'Augereau, Nancy Pryor, Ethel Gresham, Judi Davis, Lorraine Pulito, Jean Har- den, Claudia Pitts, and Clara Miller. At Christmas time the girls gave candy and cookies to the Proctor Street Rest Home. On the committee, Siziizzg: Lupe Martinez, Linda Turner, Sandy Marsh, Diann Borel. Suzzzdingx Judy Goff, Pam Hebert, Claudia Pitts, Clara Miller and Jessie Gonzales. I9l Scrapbook Places First First place on the scrapbook and second place on the annual report were received by Kay Ingo and Ann Boote. Delegates to the convention were Susan Holtman, Ann Par- due and Judy Goff. Senior Future Nurses Gay Hubert Geniva Joubert Sandy Marsh Lupe Martinez Merrill Moss Kay McConathy i Mary Abshire Ann Boote Ouida Cates Ida Daigle Johnnie English Barbara Glaze Rose Ann Glorioso Judy Goff Joan Graham Editl Hammock Pat McCue Ann Pardue Emma Pecorino Susan Reigner Carolyn Romero Lydia Ruiz Judy Shinn Sue Terrell Mary Tennant Betsy Wellburn if fi Q 55 l UI X: f 5 5 5 V J ., , ' ' " A 'fbw Lvfvii '-ifgfQf:1'ff.i'!-f.E.'Z'fwi", 'Di Iv f'--11 '.-fhf' f,'1'vs-2lfifi'-2.!4f'!'i',,1-f.'k1Z,i,fi-1UMW? 1?-1-3911, 6'-if-?,W-W -' Vi"'f?J2'l'Ql' Box Drive Made Successful by JRC MISS MILLER DISCUSSES plans for the club with the 1960-61 officers: Carol DuBois, vice-president, Hanna Hampton, president, Carolyn Benson, THE GIFT BOX drive was made a success by secretary, Janis Davis, reporter, and Janis Moon, treasurer. the hard working senior members, from lop, lefl to right, are: D. Hollander, T. Richardson, F. Moak, 1. Goff, C. Benson, M. Trevino, C. Schkade, S. jones, J. Goff, N. Christian, G. Jourbert, J. Davis, J. Moon, C. DuBois, and A. Hudson. BEGINNING THEIR FIRST YEAR in the club were sophomores, from lop, lefz to right: S. Sims, L. Sapping- ton, j. English, J. Moss, D. Van Deavandor, C. Midgette, B. LeBlanc, S. Honeycutt, J. Booth, S. Sandoval, K. Prohl, J. Meaux, and J. Smith. I94 ENERGETIC JUNIOR MEMBERS from top, left to right, are: D. DeYoung, J. Quinn, L. Anderson, P. Colletti, D. Elam, S. Barnes, L. Tatum, K. Dauphine, H. Hampton, L. McCorquodile, R. Villareal, C. Chapa, L. Pulito, E. Wehmeyer, S. Hutto, G. Blackwell, S. Leman, and Mary Bergeron. Slide Rule Club Using a slide rule is a short Cut to many answers when you know how this instrument works. Not only engineers, but doctors, nurses and scientists can make use of a slide rule. ,To give TJ students that something extra in the way of a beginning, Mrs. LaVerna Kiefer has sponsored an early morning volunteer class in the use of the slide rule. Interested students have made the effort to get to school extra early for the instruction. Seniors will make immediate use of slide rule knowledge in chemistry, physics, and trig classes. They are Firrt raw: R. Devil- lier, M. Bates, N. Sirman, J. Landry, E. jurischk. Second row: L. Parent, R. Duhon, -M. Berry, M. Ryan, C. Kirkendall, D. Green. Third 1-aw: J. Price, B. Gilbert, C. Killingsworth, C. Moritz, J. LeBlanc. Fourth row: B. Mahaffey, C. Grant, W. LeBlanc, C. Romero, D. Dupy. Fifzh row: B. Pitre, I. Hanson, V. Roll, B. Darnell, S. Tyson, P. McCue. Sixth row: I. Moyer, J. Wallace, S. jones, B. Heath, C. Smith. Seventh row: I. Coffman, K. johnson, W. Roussel, N. Coleman. Eighth row: H. Cazemier, C. McFatter, M. Coffman. Funny, funny answers must be the rule for juniors D. Landry, C. Mc- Donald, E. Scharlfer, P. Solis, K. Hurwitz, J. Lee, G. Miertschin, B. I. Fett, L. Weathington, R. Mc- Conathy, R. Cantu, R. Gooch, P. Walder, E. Landry, W. Johnston B. Boles, J. Riche, I. Queen. Sil- zing: L. Pulito, C. Gunter, M. Lan- der, P. Matte. Q Sophomores came to school early to learn that it's a Slide Rule, not a "slip stick." They in- clude T. Townsend, D. Lee, L. Lokey, D. Gan- non, L. Cavaretta, R. Manley, B. Knight, C. Landry, R. Loewenstein, R. Trow, H. jean. l95 Distributive Education . . . Gateway to Success SUNNY MCQUEEN DEMONSTRATES a model's pose to a group of D. E. students: C. Mallet, G. Morris, P. Burge, A. Dore, B. Melancon, F. Ezell, D. Berg, B. Soileau, R. Reeves, I. Plagman, R. joffrion, R. Warner, S. Powell. In foreground are: E. Wilson, G. Anderson, A. Powers, C. Smith, G, Yentzen, J. Vincent. Distributive Education stu- dents attend classes only one half day, spending the rest of the day working, They are able to attain much knowledge of sales- manship, discipline, and the know-how to get along with and meet other people. During the school year D. E. students earned approximately iS80,000. EVELYN BROUSSARD, 20 Cm- MRS. DELL HILLE, Co-Ordinator ployee of Weingartens, was chosen by businessmen of Port Arthur to be this yearls D. E. Queen. PERIOD 2, from lefl zo riglvz, are: C. Ienna, B. Sherwood, W. Trahan, L, Stansbury, and L. Tate. Second row: J. Hollier, B. Baker, J. Buvinghausen, C. COX, S. Corley, E. Broussard., P. Suttle, and H. Bodden. Third row: J. Sullivan, R. Cowling, J. Ziegler, L. Davolous, B. Hicks, D. judice B. Feltman, P. Craig, J. Arnold, M. Bailey, and Frank Andrews. I96 Banquet Ends Successful Year Accepting gifts for being named as outstanding D. E. students for the 1960-61 school year are Mike Bailey and Gail Anderson. Held at the Port Arthur Country Club, the Annual D. E. Banquet was noted by many as one .of the best. Attendants shown are the D. E. students with their bosses. Sealed 20 the left are: Hall Cole, last year's national D. E. president, along with Mr. W. F. McCurdy, guest speaker for the event. Students listen attentively to sales demonstration given by Roy Gaspard. Slmzdifzg, from lefl to rigbl, are: C. Berry, M. Hubel, H. Davis, J. Mey- ers, B. Holtman, J. Davis, D. jones, and T. Letulle. Seated, left fo fight mzrzirzg at bark, are: G. Bernauer, R. Abshire, W. Alexander, F. Kinnaird, E. J. Mason, S. Morgan, N. Ander- son, R. Harris, B. Tapp, S. Ham- mock, M. Talbert, S. Gallion, B. Vidrine, C. Burke, S. Kerr, C. Rouly, -T. Scherry, and jerry Ann Sherman. Linda I.eBeouf, D. E. Sweetheart, receives a gift from the D. E. Club 'plus a kiss from Frank An- drews, who made the presenta- tion. The State D. E. Convention, this year held in Galveston, was attended by seven delegates from Thomas jefferson. Making ready for the trip are, left to right: Linda Jones, Elizabeth Wilson, Sonny McQueen, Gail Anderson, Gene Yenzen, Lynn Stansbury, and Mike Bailey. I97 Mr. Roger Russell S pomor Gwen Griffith, David Kay, Frank Maronto, and Bobby Smith, officers of the Camera Club, examine a roll of film which they have just developed. I , Camera Club "Look at the birdie," says David Kay to Linda Bradley, as he snaps a quick picture of her. Other members looking on are: Fim' raw: Bobby Smith, Van Roll, Edwin Jurischk, Eddie jun- gen, Linda Turner, Francis Latiolais, Linda Owings. Second row: john LeBlanc, 'Deeana Huff, Judy Lewis, Linda Axtel, Gwen Griffith, Mary Cathering Baggesse, Betty Cutaia. I98 Projectors Club Interests Movie Minded THE PROJECTORS CLUB, sponsored by Mr. Gus Schmeltzer, is composed en- tirely of boys who are inter- ested in learning about movie projectors. The club helps many different classes by showing related films to them. The boys work in this club during their study hall periods. Members seated are: Eugene Larson, Ash ton Hecker, and Larry Hathaway. Serond raw: Jerry Ratley, Tommy Fox, Joe Lan dry, and Tim Clarkson. Third raw: Tom- my Martin, Joe King Malone, and Stephen Murray. ,A ,.,. ,, A , ,, ,. ,.... . ,,, .,.. .. .s ., . ,, . . ,, M . ,, EEN 1 Abtt ,yqp i " es' .,p I ,...,., . ,..,.,.,.. ....,..,..,,.,.,,, .,.,,.. . ,,,,.. ...,.,..,,., 1 ,.,,,,,. ..,., , .,,....,,.. ,,,, ,,,, ..,,,,, ..., ,,,.,. . . ...,. , . ..., . .,,, ...,., ......, gl, ,A ' X, Bell Er Howell "-' if ' 33: ' QUALIFIED PROIECTIUNIS1' yr T W .. it '5 9- S Q -' .... ,65 1 ' tr eo r This certifies that s- 5 has satisfactorily completed the course of instruction prescribed in the Bell and V Howell Student Projectionists' Training Program and having exhibited compo- 5' , tence in the operation and maintenance of the Filmosound Projector is hereby og awarded this Qualified Projectionist eminem. Ei Certified by: .Q -af T, 'K' INSTRUCYOR DATE AUDIO-VISUAL REPRESENTATTVE BELL li HOWELL COMPANY ,X A .is . - f 1 ,eva ,I 7 .32 I Qi? .aff E25 WC .Q ,V , 'fs . 4-,gygy . fadqzg "What's this button for?" asks Grady Miller as Spon- sor Gus Schmeltzer and Charles Bilbo get ready to supply the right answer. 3, ,B V .sr-if tif' X.: .3,.-nee ff fs- 5 rex qt at-A f r '-1 fiifillfb' I99 Chess Club The Chess Club gaze upon Mr. Clinton in amaze- ment, while he is in deep thought trying to figure out a tough play. Rufus Manley tries to point out a play for him. The rest of the club are from left to right: Sharon Austin, Elizabeth Dilworth, George ll Bright, Tommy Morgan, Sandra Kerr, Norris Elliot, Mr. Doyle C'liI1fOI1 joseph Pommier, Don Twigg, Roderick Hill, Wil- Spmzfor liam Batic, Bob Lowenstien, and Bill Bigler. Left: Sharon Austin and Right: Tommy Morgan looks like he is in trouble as Don William Batic are both Twigg thinks he has this game sewecl up. surprised when William cheers CHECKMATE. W-.,wmW4.4...... ,. .... .,..,,W.....,,,.f-V , - E SQ zoo 5 Q3 ,L gg 4' 40 E W ? as fi, 6 1 3 G 24 1 3 s Q ,XE x , 9 X? Ks A 2 fa ,. 1 f Z? I f ? X Z K f A ational Honor Gaberille Anderson Lo Sam Aquilina Billy Black Donna Blanchard Susan Blanchard Becky Boehme Cindy Brantley Bob Breckenridge Janelle Buvinghausen Karen Byrd Harry Cazemier Jack Coffman Matt Coffman Nova Coleman Society Cherie DfAbadie Gene Davis Janice Davis Diana Dupy Beverly English Evelyn Fogleman Sue Gartin Jo Anne Gerace Bill Gilbert Randy Goldblum Mary Gregory Jay Hicks Helen Holzapfel Donna jayroe Sharon jones Sandy Kerr Charles Killingsworth Charles Kirkendall julie LeBlanc 202 Anne Lofton Ray Ludwig Peggy McBeth Charles McFatter Ann Mock Carol Moritz Merrill Moss james Moyer Jimmy Payne Erleen Porter Frances Proft Linda Riley William Roussel Carolyn Schade Inducts Sixty-six Members Judy Shinn Carol Smith Jane Smith Olive Smith Sandra Smith Karlene Snoek Carolyn Stokes janey Templeton Kay Thames Linda Tomlin Mary Louise Trevino Sylvia Tyson John Wallace Betsy Wellburn Susan White Iris Williams Elizabeth Wilson Wendy Wingfield Shirley Wueller 203 HS Donates Books SERVING NHS AS officers are: john Wallace president' Linda Riley, historiang Judy Shinn, secretary-treasurerg Randy Goldblum,,vice-president. sw.. ' .sv Q MR. DEVALL PRESENTS each NHS mem- ber with his ribbon at the formal induction in December. BOOKS INCREASE KNOWLEDGE agree the members of the National Honor Society. Presenting three books from the club to our library are: Jo Ann Gerace, Frances Proft and julie LeBlanc. 204 Al 'l ' ' llllihlllll f.fff?'! ,Q-l Mrs. Martha Godwin Sponror NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Ei IZ Z!! ix? E L ixxl mv, ximzzxzssras me 1 Sophomores and Juniors Receive Honor Wards Earning the junior "A" average awards were Bill Scheifley, Ann Miller, and Mabel Baker The award was presented at the awards pro gram by Mr. Gott. MRS. ED LOFTON looks on as Carl Greig and Ken Hurwitz are presented the Cham- ber of Commerce Essay Award by a repre- sentative from the Chamber of Commerce. MR. GOTT PRESENTS straight "A" average awards to George Bright and Dwight Klages. These sophomores maintained straight "A's" throughout the year. Carl Greig, Ann Miller, Rob Savoie, and Bill Scheifley display the certifi- cates presented to them as winners of the American Chemical Society. 205 Service: Heraldsi Keyword to Success I-IERALDS-THE SERVICE organi- zation of TJ .... I School spirit sag- ging? Heralds rush paint, paper and handy slogans to revive it. One of the most impressive assembly programs of the year was done in the interest of patriotism with I-Ieralds tak- ing the lead. What will I wear . . .! Who will I ask? This was the cry of many TJ. students as they made plans to attend the Homecoming Dance sponsored by Heralds. In addition to sponsoring this oustanding school activity, I-Ieralds also helped in the spring elections and Open House. ,Civic minded Herald members also collected magazines for the Nich- olas Home. ADDING THE FINISHING touches to the decorations for the Homecoming dance are: Tommy Caughlin, Virginia Oakley, Catherine Dean. 206 BOOSTING SCHOOL SPIRIT are officers Jeanie Hollings worth, treasurerg Nova Lynn Coleman, secretary Bob Brecken ridge, vice-presidentg Peggy McBeth, president SLOGAN CONTEST WINNER Barbara Wallace was presented a cor sage by Herald President Peggy McBeth. Heralds CLOSING THE YEAR of Herald activities are senior members, Fin: row: Peggy McBeth, Judy Shinn, Jeanie Hollingsworth, Claudette Hilliard, Susan White, Janis Moon, Janice Foreman. Second row: Nova Coleman, Karen Smith, Sharon Jones, Cindy Brantley, Carol Du- Bois, Virginia Oakley. Third row: Bob Breckenridge, Shary Crawford, Carol Smith, Carol Moritz, Cathe- rine Dean, Ray Ludwig. CONCLUDING HERALD ACTIVITIES are Fifi! Raw: Windy Wingfield, Cherie D'Abadie, Janelle Buving- hausen, Pat Doyle, Alice Hudson, Peggy Breaux, Di- ane Loukas, Second ww: Linda Tomlin, Mary Ellen Klebba, Karen Byrd, Diana Dupy, Merrill Moss. Third row: John Wallace, Roy Hooks, Gene Davis, Tommy Caughlin. CHECKING COMMITTEE REPORTS are the Herald co-sponsors Miss Marilyn Davis and Mrs. Norma Weldon. 207 Juniors and Seniors Participate in Club EXPERIENCING HERALD ACTIVI- TIES for the first time are, Pint row: Rachel Gloria, Sharon Sibley, Kay Dartez, Cheryl Chatagnier, Judi Prejean, Ann Smitherman. Second row: Sandra Demler, Mary Womack, Pam Moyer, Paula Colletti, Margaret Meeker. Third row: B. J. Fett, G. W. Bailey, Buddy johnson. ENJOYING HER- ALDS THIS year are, Firrt row: jean Har- den, Patsy Smith, Judy Lewis, Fan Garrett, N o r a deSteiguer, Karen O'Brien. Sef- ond row: Martha Smith, Ann Miller, Lucille Miller, Shirley Looper, Jolene Eaves, Gracey Potter, Gret- chen Verboon. Third row: Louis Smith, Ray Orrill, Carl Greig, Mike Landry, Stan Sechler. 208 HERALD MEMBERS PARTICIPATING in a magazine drive to help The Nicholas Home are: Karen Smith, Alice Hudson, Fan Garrett, Ann Smitherman. YS ,R ,H E 155 i 2 233 i 1 7 '4 z 6 4 4 5 I 6 1? 2 7 X 4 Q 211 f 74 f ZWfl2f'?fQ1?Y2?F:iA',14v.+.fL1f'H'-Y, fvf' H--A ' f ,- ,, -1:::.. ,,,,, , ,,,, L ,,,,,l,,- ,,,,, ,.- ,,,, XXVf'ff4l,d:A"'i-lfv7'ff Headaches + Headlines ,, ,ff V Help F M1 DIANA DUPY Co-Editor 7 MRS. MIKE REDMAN Sponsor THE PILOT and THE YELLOW JACKET I V ..LU......,. 1 A V-. A ..-x c0-Edif0f A THEY THOUGHT IT couldn't be done . . . but we did it! Even with the hustle and bustle and all The noise of the sixth period journalism class, the final shipment was completed and the annual was on its way to the publisher. Checking copy on the triplicate sheets with junior editor Carol "Sophomores, bless them, are so numerous!" ex- claim Olivia Aleman and Scott are section work- ers Ann Killingsworth, who shouldered the load during the editor's absence, Gayle Eck, and Glenda Folsom. Linda Owings as they complete identification On' the largest class section in the yearbook. Completing a successful faculty section were Pat Daniel and Catherine Dean. Business Manager Claudette Hil- liard, rented, checked figures to keep the annual 3-.fic-kin in Pmflupf Taking time out from checking senior activity sheets are Susan White, Tommy Caughlin, Janice Foreman, and Sabra Trahan. Work on the senior section was supervised by Sen- ior Editor Karen Byrd. Learning the correct procedure for handling their sections are, Seated: Nelda Pace and Peggy Breaux, favorite-sg Sue Gartin, clubs and organizations editor. Slfzndifzgs Linda Tomlin and Glenn Stillwell, activitiesg Carolyn Stokes, assistant clubs and organizations editor. 2ll any Plans Are Made Planning the Spirited and Future sections were clockwise: starting at twelve are: jean Kay Domingue, Susan Marsh, Linda Reeves, Carol Miguez, Linda Martinez, Di- ane Loukas, Helen Abraham, Mary Cathe- rine Baggesse. Using their own ideas on the sections assigned to them were, Fir!! row: Leni Anderson, Governmentg Sarah Lowther, junior Red Crossg Carolyn Romero, Slide Rule. Second row: Maurice Bellor, Chess and Camera Clubsg Frank Andrews, Distributive Educationg and jerry Ratley, Pro- jectors Club. H' 2I2 Working on the Spirited and Future sections were, Lam raw: Carolyn Schkade, Jane Goff, Mary Margaret Abshire, Sandy Marsh, Gloria Morris, and Mary Helen Rame- riz. Seated: Sandra Nu- nez and Ingrid Wend- landt. As Section orkers Complete Cop ADVERTISING STAFF SPENT many hours checking and re- checkin the names and addresses 8 of all the firms which will ap- pear in the annual. Members of the staff are Dorothy Bodden, Kathy Irvin, Sandy Jackson, janet Doyle, jackie Hale, Kathryn Rus- sell, and feared: Linda jones, sec- tion editor. LOAFING AFTER THE job is done are the members of the football staff, Seated: Harvey Reeves, editor, Alton Matthews, Don Ball, and Stamiizzg: Dicky Legate. SPORTS STAFFERS TAKE a look at the good spring weather: Ralph Teran, trackg Louis May, basketballg Larry McCrary, golf and tennis, Karen O'Brien, girls' sports editorg Mary Lou Wagner, girls' sports, Roy Hooks, baseball. 2I3 PAT DOLYLE, EDITOR-in-chief looks over a finished copy of the PILOT. Pilot Receives Distinguished r CHARLES BILBO, SPORTS editor, says "Charlie Pre- dicts" that staff writer Allen Guest and news editor Judy Goff may win awards for their good copy. 2l4 COPY NEEDED? An editorial .must be written? Gretchen Verboon, feature editor, and Sandra Smith, news editor, proved invaluable in producing the 1960-1961 Pilot. A MAD RUSH occurs when the assignment sheet is posted in the second period class. RAY CATES, FAR right, nor- mally works on sports, but he appeared just in time to be pho- tographed with Marcelle Hunter, reporter, Nancy Hebert, secre- tary, Cheryl Chatagnier and Car- olyn Cody, reporters. CLOWNING BEFORE THE as- signment sheet went up are Kay Thames, Kay Adams, and Jolene Eaves. COPY WAS NOT always easy to produce, but Pilot staffer Edith Hammock was always eager to type for Barbara Glaze, Grady Miller, Mary Trokee, and Dominga In- fante. 2l TJ 'S Official Newspaper CUB REPORTERS NEED expert print- V SHARON SCOTT, CENTER, checks roll while Shary Crawford posts copy dummy The Pilot for the printer. Versatile Karen Smith checks spelling for a news story. ers Willie G. jones and Gene Jackson to make the copy look its very best. ONE OF THE e a r l y exciting e v e n t s of the year came when several b r a-n d new reporters in- terviewed Cav- Oilcade talent. Pictured w i t h the Crewcuts are Pat Doyle, Gret- chen Verboon, Sandra S m i t h, and Judy Goff. 2l6 ABOVE: KEN- NETH FONTE- NOT, sports fea- ture writer, and Myra Hull, re- porter, h e l p e d make news writ- ing something out of the usual run of classes. SPORTS NEWS AND the opportunity to drift out to the gym intrigued Jeff Dumesnil, james Maxfield, Dick judice, Gervis Midgette, Neil Higginbotham, and Micka Primeaux. IZATIONS 'E 5 QE 4 12:2 w-QQ ii T J Cheerleaders BOB CLOUSE WAGONS HO KAREN BAXTER fe VHA , - X Hey, gang. Th1s IS uh . . . uh . . . PEANUTS, POPCORN, HOT DOGS, cokes, X Yellow jackets, are halftime Cries. fviiuiw 'LWWAEEXMWWX .b'I7?4?Z?232ri':iiMM ,WMS 7 RONNIE JONES 1960-1961 .J 1V V ,V h M .1 .1 1111 1 Q14 Bw? fm ,--,,.. My VV VV X lx, --' I INGRID WENDLANDT, Head Cheerleader JIMMY JORDAN I hear you knocking Guard it, don't let it get away, CHARLYN SAULSBERRY One more flight ought to do it. Cheerleading Sponsor MRS. HELEN NEUMANN 2l9 Twenty-two Graduating Seniors Fulfilling the official duties of their present position are: J. Smith, treas- urer, C. McFatter, presidentg S. Nunez, vice-preside-ntg S. Tyson, secre- taryg E. Fogleman, librariang J. Shinn, reporter, R. jones, band managerg N. Coleman, drum majorg S, Gartin, head majoretteg R. Savoie, student directorg C. Brantly, head Color guard, A. Miller, assistant drum majorg S. Smith, historian. 220 Kathleen Allen Bob Breckenridge Linda Cox Linda Ferguson Evelyn Fogleman jane Goff Renee Iayroe Ronnie Jones Sarah Ann Lowther Ray Ludwig Charles McFatter Honored at making the All-Region Band are, Bottom row: B. Heath, R. Orrill, G. Bright, J. Doty, M. Hart. Second row: T. Logan, J. Smith, S. Gartin, M. Dixon, R. jayroe. Top row: C. Peterson, L. Byrd, N. Sirman, B. Lequeux, B. Gartz. N. Sirman and G. Bright also made the All-State Band. Take Lead in Bandis Activities Carol McMahon Ann Mock James Moyer Sandra Nunez Gaynell Nusom Judy Shinn Carol Smith Jane Smith Sandra Smith Mary Beth Tennant Sylvia Tyson Bright and early every morning, these sleepy-eyed members are always-at least neaify always-ready to put their best note forward. 22l ff.. -A .hw . 4 w. 4? Guards Add Interest to Performances Assistant student director Rob Savoir listens attentively as Director john L. Badgett points out a few hints on directing. Head Color Guard CINDY BRANTLEY 4 Color Guard Color Guard Color Guard my LINDA PARENT SUSAN MARSH MARY ARISCO 223 Band Participates in The concert band, consisting of 115 musicians, took top honors in Inter- scholastic League Contests in sight reading and concert playing. Many individuals also won top division ratings. jeffersonians form the jazz band unit of the Maroon and Gold Band. Their contributions to assembly programs and the concert added sparkle to these occasions. More than half the fun of the trip to San Antonio was in the planning Activities of the baud i1'1C11lde assembly Pf08f2mS, football of the early morning departure. 224 aried Activities A as 4 E, , Y ' 9 , 4, .es ,Q F 1 - 5 ,V t Q-.f3N,.,a, The perfect finish to an outstanding maneuver is the marching I as it leaves the field. The game is over, the school flag is furled, and it's another victory for this school. At the traditional joint maneuver of the Port Neches-Groves and Port Arthur bands, the letters of each school were formed as the crowd joined in singing the school songs. maneuvers, contests, the Band Review, and the annual trip. Excitement prevailed at the bonfire as band members yelled, "Scalp the Indians," and we did just that. 225 Red Hussar Drum and Bugle Corps ANNE LOFTON Drum Major When' the Red Hussar Drum and Bugle Corps flashes past in parade formation, Port Arthurans view the best drill team in the area. Girls are chosen for their outstanding posture, rhythm, coordination and memory. 226 MISS NANCY MCCLAIN Sponsor OLIVIA ALEMAN SHARON JONES Bugle Sergeant Drum Sergeant Majorettes Add Color to Well-Chosen Corps PAT DANIEL JEANIE HOLLINGSWORTH ll' LINDA TOMLIN Head Majorett i F WEE? BO PEEP PATRICK CLAUDETTE HILLIARD Majofette Majorette 227 Helen Abraham Linda Arisco Donna Blanchard Fay Burdett Diana Dupy Beverly English Janice Foreman- Mary Gregory Forty-one Graduating Seniors Bid Farewell to Marcell Hunter Mary Ellen Klebba Diane Loukas Peggy McBeth Virginia Oakley Nelda Pace Erleen Porter Susan Riegner Janis Moon Carol Moritz Merrill Moss The Corps consrstmg of 102 members performed spectacular maneuvers before hundreds of football fans and cheered the team on to the Years of Hard ork and EXc1t1ng oments f ' Sharon Scott gg, I Q Karlene Snoek .51Q"fQQ,,yn Q 2 Yi X , ' r x ff S17 I' Z e , ,'e, Q ,aj ,'g, 4 ' X r l " " ii: X5 , .,,, Irene Soliz Carolyn Stokes Kay Thames ixed Emotions Climax One of the spirit boosters of the season was a clock formation with the hands pointing to 7:45 pm saying, "Time to Win, jackets!" Leading the Corps during the fall semester were officers, Knee- ling: S. jones, O. Aleman. Connler Clorkwiie: K. Dartez, P Huber, A. Killingsworth, S. Sibley, H. Hampton, S. White, K. Byrd, J. Moon, P. Breaux, V. Oakley, K. Snoek, E. Porter. Center: A. Lofton. Center Counter Clarkwiiex B. P. Patrick J. Hollingsworth, L. Tomlin, P. Daniel, C. Hilliard. 7 i Susan Holtman and Merrill 5 Moss are typical Hussars who filled the gym with the thun- ' der of drums and cheers at A good time was had by all at the Hussar Ball agree Sherry each Pep ra-Hy. WIQIFL Q..L..,. "r'.,.1..i,. Va., 'r'1.,.......-.. T..,1.. vmuxr-.. 71-1, . niciiiain, u. 1auu.n., M, Aaiuuuu, A. uukaivi, J. a.4vuiu5owv.Lu Presenting "Miss Hussar Spirit" to the Corps were members of Tomlin, A- Loffon- the Public Relations Committee. Left to righf: Donna Blanchard, Susan Riegner, Peggy McBeth, Carol Moritz, Mary Gregory. Senlezzf' Phyllis Moak. 230 The Year's Activities Entertaining at the Hussar Ball with their interpretation of "Young Blood" are Helen Abraham, Jeanie Hollingsworth, Vir- ginia Oakley, Sabra Trahan, and Pat Daniel. Keeping those hard-earned white boots spotless is a job skillfully mastered by each Hussar. Combining work with pleasure are Diana Dupy, Nora de Stei- geur, Mary Ellen Klebba, Glenda McDaniel and Helen Abraham. The spirit-filled Corps helped make each pep rally a success. members with gifts and good luck. -A ff. ' "Q f- ,, : 1 ,gf if -1, V2 'ff' 5' 1192! ' gif ' 9' H 5 tiff? " TRADITIONAL WHITE DRESSES and white boots are results of many hours of practice, worry, and hard work. and surprise prevailed as big sisters presented the ! f Excitement new corps 4. at ,fni, 1 rftt trac lata? 2 t,, iii t,.i I a asa i-i W ., I lzptv ""-' f"' nli. Qrii T it i i,ia a s I a 'MY '-fVt- ""' ' ,,., 4 I -' ,tt r rr. f si.y fci "fir I , is t i I v ..,.., ...-. - ,V,. -,, , , . Complete confusion occurred when tryouts were completed and little sisters were chosen. 23I 4 . I 94 5 4 I 5 5 55 'Z 3 Q Q2 A 2 7 5 Q Q 2 Ei 5: E F' 3 ,, if gs 7 v .f Q4 7 5 l, il 'i1,3215mEwfi!2'?1 1 "P'QJ74f?Kf',WJZJy.kyfLzJ" ' 1 fry ii' WW L' 1 'WU' 'ff W'1'VW'W47Tz-"2 f 'UEm?'? I 1 V 2 ii 2 9 n. 2 7, W 94 , wus. 2 . .511 09 f f if f?4iSli4lX2Azf ' f, '- f ' I Yellow Jacket Coaching Staff ED NOWLAND Backheld Coach FRANCIS HILL Line Coach JOHN SHELTON BENTLEY JONES Line Coach Backfielcl Coach BILL MICHAEL Line Coach BOB BILLINGS 234 Trainer THE PLAYER'S PRAYER to be a good sport in this little game of life. I don't ask for lineupf-play me anywhere You need me. I only ask for of what I've gotg and if all the tough breaks seem to come my Help me to remember that You won't ever let that You I together caxft handle, and help me to take the bad understand that theqfgame is full of knocks to get so that the harder they on the square no about 7':Nk3zW::',7!'f!if1f3?TfffwfziWVWZMJQVTAZZ4' ' wff - ' V f ff ' f f lf-WWf"'-32"i7ff'fVfM"ff Jackets Start Season Victorious BARRY ANDERSON DONALD CAIN CARL CARTER Senior junior Senior Quarterback-No. 15 End-No. 82 Halfback-No. 29 Oct. 9. The Port Arthur Yellow Jackets started the 1960 season right by defeating the Jesse jones Falcons of Houston, 28-14 in the opening game of the season. Twice in the first quarter jackets got inside the Falcon 15 yard line, only to meet stiff defense. The big break came when Dickie Legate recovered a fumble on the Jones 16 yard line. Three plays later fullback Kyle Haines rammed over from the two. The try for the extra point failed. The jones Falcons soon tied the score, set up on a long run by a jones speedster. Five minutes later the jackets went ahead to stay. From the jones 38, halfbacks Don Tetreault and Bobby Woodson teamed with Ronny Landry to carry the ball to the one, then fullback Lamar Lawson went over, and re- peated with-the extra point. The Jackets scored on their first effort in the second half. Covering 72 yards in 16 plays, the Jackets scored from the six with the fullback trap and Kyle Haines' efforts. The big fullback also added the extra points. Four plays deep in the last quarter the Jackets got their final counter. Fullback Lamar Lawson, on a fullback trap, exploded for 36 yards and put the ball on the Falcon one yard line. He plowed also over from the one to put the cap on the Jacket scoring. The jones Boys got their final T.D. by an 8 yard pass. They also added the extra points via a pass. The Jacket defense showed its stuff by recovering two of four jones fumbles and also holding the Falcons to 200 yards rushing. With the defense and the fullback trap the Jackets got onto the victory road, which eventually led to an 11 and 2 record. Quarterback Ronny Landry 1115 hands the ball off to fullback Kyle Haines for a gain of five yards. 236 Jackets Suffer First Defeat Halfback Bobby Woodson C225 gains yardage against Baytown. Other identifiable jackets are jimmy johnson G65 and Kyle Haines 1531 fBaytown, Sept. 115 In front of 13,300 surprised fans the Baytown Ganders were able to defeat the Port Arthur Yellow jackets with a final score of 21-0. The first mistake by the Jackets was a fumble on their own 3 yard line. The Ganders recovered the ball and went on for the touchdown. A The second mistake was not being able to find a defense for the 85 yard touchdown drive put up by the Baytown Ganders. It was not until the fourth quarter that the jackets were able to find an opening. Early in the fourth quarter jimmy johnson pounced on a loose ball that got away from a Gander ball carrier. Haines and Woodson moved the ball to the 16 yard line. The jackets were then penalized 15 yards, and on the fourth down, Ronny Landry was overwhelmed by the Ganders when he tried to throw a pass. A 50 yard drive which carried the Jackets to the Gander 16 yard line was halted by the final gun. GENE DAVIS MIKE DOYLE LEONARD DUCKWORTH Senior Sophomore Senior End-N0 84 Halfback-No. 28 Tackle-N0 74 237 Jackets Bump Off Undefeated Odessa Halfback Ronnie Thompson tries to evade Odessa tackler to pick up valuable yardage during a crucial moment of the game. The Yellow jackets started the scoring against Odessa late in the initial period when they took over the ball on the Odessa forty-nine yard line. Quarterback Ronnie Landry, after several attempts, handed the ball to Kyle Haines who scampered over for the point. In the second half the Jackets again drove to the Odessa goal line. They were stopped after a hard drive on the 1 yard line. Then Ronnie Thompson carried for two successive times for a total of nine yards. Lamar Lawson blasted for thirteen downs to the one. He then smashed into the end zone with four minutes and forty-two seconds left in the quarter and with no other scoring taking place ending the game with a 14-O victory for the jackets. KYLE I-IAINES Senior JAMES GUIDRY Fullback-No. 53 JAY 1-HCK3 junior Senior Tackle-No. 77 End-No. 80 238 Jackets Romp Brownsville 48-0 ROY HOOKS . JERRY KIDD Senior T junior Halfback--No. 21 JIMMY JOHNSON Fullback-NO. 36 Senior Guard-No. 56 Before an exceptionally large crowd, the Port Arthur Yellow Jackets shocked everyone with a brilliant first half attack. The Jacket defense was strictly up to par, as was the Offense. The Jackets built up a 54-O halftime lead. Bobby Woodson scored three out of the five touchdowns. The other two were scored by Russell Stout and Jimmy Lee. Included in the Port Arthur total was one of football's most unusual ways to score. Russell Stout covered kickoff in the opponents' end zone. Harvey Reeves intercepted a pass and re- Haines bucked across from the one yard line for the score. After no scoring in the third quarter, things began to move once again in the fourth quarter. The last touchdown of the game came with only thirty seconds of the game left when Jackets' Kyle Haines crashed through to block an Eagle punt. Haines pounced on the ball but because of his momentum he bounced offp Then Lee covered the ball and was credited with the Jackets' touchdown. Mike Doyle led the Jackets in yardage thus ending the slaughter. turned it to the opponents' 25 yard line. Seven plays later, Sophomore Halfback Mike Doyle. Q85 stiff-arms a Brownsville player. Offering help are Don Tetreault f25j and Lamar Law- son C321 239 Jackets Even Dispute With Ray Texans jackets board bus for Corpus Christi to settle an old feud with the defending state champions of 4-AAAA. Oct. 8. The Port Arthur Yellow Jackets got even with the team that defeated them a year before in Texas AAAA Semi Finals. The score was evened when the jackets upset the Ray Texans on their homefield 20-6. The first jacket tally came after a Texan kick died on the jacket 47. The Texans were barred from that point on by Kyle Haines and Bobby Woodson. Woodson proved the principal impetus with a 16 yard run. Then with 5:54 minutes left in the first half, Kyle Haines bulled over from the six. john Sonnier added the extra point. On the ensuing kickoff, Harvey Reeves rammed into the Texan ball carrier, causing him to fumble, and Bobby Wood- son recovered. From that point on the 25 yard line, the Jackets battered their way to the one yard line where Haines again got the touchdown. Sonnier made good the extra point. The Texanis lone score came on a nifty 24 yard hand off play that thoroughly confused the Jacket defense. The jackets' final T.D. drive was a tribute to sheer bruising power football. Ronnie Thompson received the final honors. Thompson scored from one yard out and put an end to the scoring for the night. By intercepting three Texan passes and recovering three enemy fumbles, the Jacket defense again stood out with brute strength. The jackets allowed the 1959 Texas State AAAA Champs only 212 yards in running and passing. I JOE LANDRY Senior CHARLES KILLINGSWORTH Center-No. 55 LANDRY - unior Senior Quarterback-No. 18 240 Tackle-No. 78 Managers Help Make a Successful Season ROISTNY LANDRY LAMAR LAWSON RICHARD LEGATE .Tumor Senior Senior Quarterback-No. 11 Fullhack-No. 32 Tackle-No. 70 TOMMY MARTIN junior Center-No. 51 Manager Chuck Stroud wipes the face Managers George and Larry Triebel take a JAMES MAXFIELD of Joe Landry, as Landry gets a well pause for the photographer during their work. Senior earned rest. Tackle-No. 76 Familiar Sights jackets are honored at after-school pep rally. Haines crashes through for short yardage against the Indians. Identifiable jackets are Harvey Reeves f62j and Ronny Landry fllj. Fullback Kyle Haines rambles on as Jackets defeat Port Neches. With Fullback Kyle Haines leading the way the Port Arthur Yellow Jackets defeated the Port Neches+ Groves Indians 20-11. Haines led by scoring all three of the jacket touchdowns. The Indians scored first by a field goal, and led 3-O. Then the big fullback scored on a run of 57 yards, which was the first of the three. The other two were runs of 17 and 11 yards. at v L X L f X J f ,Q , was ffffr 1 5 V , ,, IQ-f V Y ,FH if l E , f fi 195.1 ffl? lf 2 if , I , - g 1, A 5 , Mgt . 1 W- T 'gr " I 1 - 2 , ff , ' jacket starting eleven kneel in prayer before opening kickoff of Port Neches game. 242 Jackets Open District With Homecoming Homecoming Queen Jeanie Hollingsworth re- ceives flowers from Mr. Clyde Gott, prin- cipal of Thomas Jefferson. Miss Hollings- worth is escorted by Kyle Haines and Bobby Woodson. Climaxing a week of exciting activi- ties including the shirt tail parade, the bonfire, and the night pep rally was the Homecoming game. Before a crowd of excited spectators the Port Arthur Yellow jackets chalked up a significant victory. Jeanie Hollingsworth was crowned Homecoming Queen by Mr. Clyde Gott. She was chosen by the senior members of the football squad. Dad's Night was also Observed during this game. Each Dad encouraged his son from the sideline. Fathers of the Yellow jackets look the situation over carefully and decide what can be done to aid their sons. WK. Ronny Landry shows how it should be done. Coming in to assist are Dickie Legate 4703 and Barry Anderson 4155. 243 Jackets Down Inspired Purple Eleven 14-9 V Landry connects with Woodson on a touchdown pass against the Purples. jackets.went on to win a hard fought 14-9 victory over a fired up team of Purples. A rainy Friday night was the scene of a hard-fought battle, which at the final gun, favored the Jackets by a 14-9 score. The only Purple T.D. came late in the second quarter, but the jackets bounded back for a 7-6 halftime lead. Following the Purple touchdown, Jackets put the ball into play on their own 42. Then the fireworks started. Quarter- back Ronny Landry threw two consecutive passes to Bobby Woodson. This moved the ball to the 18 yard line. Then after three more la s Landr again connected with Woodson, this The Purples came back in the second half with plenty of fight left. With over 7 minutes left in the third period the Punples again made the scoreboard light via a 28 yard field goal. The jackets then started to fight for their lives. Late in the final quarter the Jackets started the drive that won them the game. With the jackets in possession of the ball on the 22 yard line, they introduced a series of plays that gave the jackets their final score. P Y Y time for a touchdown. john Sonnier booted the point after. fa HARVEY REEVES Senior Guard-No. 62 GARY MILLER BOBBY RABUCK junior junior Halfback-No. 26 End-No. 89 244 Jackets Stomp Greenies, Prepare for Orange, 19-6 JOHN SONNIER Senior Center-No. 50 BENNY SORGEE RUSSELL STOUT Senior Senior End-No. 85 End-No. 88 l Port Arthur Yellow Jackets romped past South Park by 19-6. the Jackets to take the ball out of the danger zone. Kyle Haines scored all three touchdowns on runs of one yard, The Greenies finally drew first blood, making the score 6-O, 83 yards and 22 yards, His total yardage against the Greenies but the quick jackets evened the score in the second half. was 178 yards. South Park received the opening kickoff and Returning from half time the fired-up jackets scored 13 slashed to the Port Arthur 5. Barry Anderson, the Jflfikf-It more points with Sonnier kicking the extra points. safety, intercepted a pass from Robert McNeil which enabled Halfback Ronnie Thompson carries the ball for a good gain against the Greenies. Tackle Leonard Duckworth 174D is shown in back- ground. 245 Jackets Win District by Defeating Orange 14-O DONALD TETREAULT Senior Halfback-No, 25 jackets line up for opening kickoff against Orange and prepare to defend District lead. Before a near capacity throng in the Yellow jacket Stadium, the Yellow Jackets de- feated the Orange Tigers 14-O. Fullback Kyle Haines went 14 yards for a first quarter touchdown. In the fourth period fullback Lamar Lawson crashed three yards for a touchdown. John Sonnier kicked the point after both tallies. Kyle Haines made a third quarter run which totaled 24 yards from scrimmage, Later in the third quarter Jacket guard Harvey Reeves recov- ered a Tiger fumble on the Tiger 32 yard line. Two plays later halfback Bobby Woodson was called on and raced for 40 yards, this only to be erased by a clipping penalty. The jackets made 15 first downs to the Tigers' 7. Port Arthur lost 25 yards on penalties while Orange was also penalized 25 yards. Orange had three punts for an average of 32 yards per punt. The jackets punted 5 times for a 25 yard average. Woodson crashes through for yardage against the Tigers. Jackets Wham Buffs 39-0 RONNIB THOMPSON BOBBY WOODSON TONY SLAUPUS Junior Senigf junior Halfback-No. 10 Halfback-No. 22 Guard-No. 66 ' The Port Arthur Yellow jackets were thrown into the bi-district playoffs when they defeated the French High Buffs of Beaumont 59-O. During the first quarter of play the jackets had blasted their way to two big touchdowns and a 14-0 lead. The first came when Ronnie Thompson cracked over from the three. John Sonnier kicked the extra point. The next time the Jackets took possession of the ball they powered in 11 plays 50 yards to a touchdown. Only once did French own the ball during the entire game. That was when Spencer White, was was just about all of the Buffs' offense, sparked a short push to the Porth Arthur 30. Dickey Legate recovered a fumble by White early in the third, and three downs later Haines tallied from the four. Late in the third quarter the Jackets made a 47 yard drive after Landry returned a punt 34 yards. Lawson exploded through left tackle and raced 24 yards for the touchdown. Fullback Lamar Lawson led the Jacket ground gainers with 111 yards in 14 carries followed by Fullback Kyle Haines with 49 yards in 11 carries. CARL GREIG Junior Guard-No. 69 .Q Kyle Haines rambles through a hole made by the jacket line and goes for good yardage. 247 Jackets Start Playoffs With Victory The Port Arthur Yellow jackets earned a berth in the state schoolboy Class AAAA quarterfinals by beating the Galena Park Yellow jackets 14-7. Once again it was Port Arthur's defensive unit's contribu- tions which made the difference between winning and losing. Galena Park covered a fumble on the Jacket 47 and after four running plays the ball was moved to the Port Arthur 13 with a first and ten to go and proceeded to score thus making the score 7-O in Galena Park's favor. Taking the ball on the Galena Park 22 yard line, Port Arthur hit the line and gained only 2 yards in three plays. Landry then passed the ball for 11 yards to Woodson on the 9 yard line. Haines scored on the next play making the game tied. A fumble on the 25 by Galena Park set up the next Jacket touchdown. Woodson, Landry, and Thompson shared the honors until Woodson finally went over for the winning touchdown. 248 Halfback Bobby Woodson Q21 is brought down by a swarm of Galena Parkers after making a good gain. Haines crashes through for yardage against a tough Galena Park defense. Other Jacket players are Russell Stout C88j, Ronnie Thompson CIOJ, Ronny Landry A fllj and Leonard Duckworth 1741. Jackets Defeat Bellaire in Quarter-Final Game Ronnie Thompson 4109 swings in for needed yardage against Bellaire. The Port Arthur Yellow jackets smashed the Bellaire Car- dinals 27-15 in the quarter finals game. The Jackets' first break of the game came when a back was jarred loose from the ball and the jackets got possession on the Bellaire 35. The jackets carried the ball to the Cardinals' 2 and Kyle Haines rammed over for the score. The Jackets scored again in the second quarter and led at the half 13-O. The Cardinals came back in the third quarter and at the end of the third quarter the jackets led 13-7. The last quarter was full of scoring. The Jackets scored two touchdowns and the Cardinals one. The jacket forward wall led by Dickie Legate, Kyle Haines, and Benny Sorgee, showed their stuff while Ronny Landry and Gary Miller stood out in the secondary. Fullback Lamar Lawson goes for long yardage against the Cardinals. 249 Defeat to Remember 1 56 f wafaf M14 Scat-back Bobby Woodson rounds left end for a valuable gain. Corpus Christi, Dec. 9, before 12,000 fans, the Jackets went down in defeat to Miller of Corpus Christi 6-0 in the Inter- scholastic League semi-finals game. Port Arthur, playing with- out the full services of halfback Ronnie Thompson and fullback Kyle Haines, were at a definite disadvantage, Miller scored midway in the second quarter with their Negro halfback, Johnny Roland, crashing over from the 3. Port Arthur put on a drive late in the period and threatened to tie things up. After taking possession on their own 29, the Jackets, with Woodson leading the way, moved all the way to Miller 10 yard line before the drive faltered. The Jackets came on the field in the opening minutes of the second half and looked as if they were going to even things up. With Landry and Woodson leading, PA moved deep into Buc territory before a penalty killed the drive on the 19 yard line. During the fourth period Port Arthur again started a drive which could have meant the difference between defeat and victory, but this drive also faltered deep in Buc territory. jacket fans saw Port Arthur's final chance fade when, late in the final period, after taking a Miller punt on the jacket 14, a pass interception ended the last scoring attempt. L. Fullback Kyle Haines finds yardage scarce in the air. 250 Familiar Faces of the '60 Season Q .4,, f 2, fe ri.3,,k, K, .. Ry h Ulzn, r ly , m 1 Q. n aa a Z : i aai C a, R a ,e, i rn- sg jfv- 4i2Qi3e-1f.g,... ' 're-A if Y ' f K' V,,,L, ir. X K --C ,f--,K Members of the defensive line who saw much service during the season include, Fifi! raw: Russell Stout, Dicky Legate, Leon- ard Duckworth, Benny Sorgee. Sammi row: Jimmy Johnson, Harvey Reeves, Kyle Haines. Chosen by the sports writers of the Golden Triangle for the All-District Team were, Sealed: Dicky Legate, Har- vey Reeves. Smmiing: Rus- sell Stout, Bobby Wloodson, jimmy Johnson, Kyle Haines, Ronny Landry, jim- my johnson. ,, ',V V ' V Receiving special honors at the Port Arthur A8cM ban- quet are Russell Stout, Coaches Award, Jimmy johnson, Best Offensive Linemang Harvey Reeves, Best Defensive Linemang Kyle Haines, Most Valuable Playerg Barry Anderson and Gary Miller, Best Defensive Backs, Bobby Woodson, Best Offensive Back, and Coach Clarence Underwood. 25l '60 Season Finished in Grand Style Q L! Returning lettermen for the 1960 Yellow jacket football team are, First row: joe Landry, James Guidry, Carl Carter, Dicky Legate, Roy Hooks. Second row: jimmy Maxfield, Kyle Haines, Harvey Reeves, Bobby Woodson. Third row: Ronny Landry, Jimmy johnson, Lamar Lawson. HARVEY REEVES and RUSSELL STOUT Co-Captains it tt f-1 B5 Finishing the '60 season in grand style and with a Semi-finals title are the senior squad members, First row: joe Landry, Dicky Legate, Leonard Duckworth, Jimmy Johnson, Harvey Reeves, Russell Stout, jimmy Maxfield, Benny Sorgee, Second row: Roy Hooks, john Sonnier, Bobby Wfoodson, Kyle Haines, Don Tetreault, Barry Anderson, Charles Killingsworth, jay Hicks, Carl Car- ter, Lamar Lawson. 252 A11 State Honors Yellow Jacket "Bn Squad Z ' ,VVA 2, ,Q Z , ,, A' .. 1' ' sf 4 f ' -f-4. -4 ,V 'ia-3 ' . 7 W, . V Ei . N ug , .Ay . ,,,, . 4.4 Aff 5 S ,,V, Q72 First raw: C. Graig, T. Kirchmer, R. Capps, L. Simmons, L. Hankins, F. Logan, R, Hollier, T. Lilljedahl, I. Hicks. Second row: D. King, D. Van Devender, J. Lee, E. Johnson, R. Jackson, C. Hall, A. Sherwood, G. Miertschin, J. Cassel, G. Segrest, M. Johnson. Third row: B. LeBlanc, B. Anderson, R. Gennusa, -I. Reddick, P. Haskell, L. Goss, D. Rising, M. Haney, A. Perez, G. Treibel, L. Treibel. l Reagan Gennusa gallops around end in Beaumont game. 254 Halfback Lanny Goss goes for yardage in Beaumont game PETE PENSE-"B" squad coach. ALL .ad MARTY FLECKMAN JOHN MCCURLEY CHARLES MCDONALD Junior 5' 10" Senior 6' lk" junior 5, 7" JOHN ERICKSON Senior 6' 3M" MIKE DOYLE Sophomore 6' IMH EARL DeFRATES 256 junior 6' 1" S t1ff Comp et1t1on M arks SEASON SCORES jackets ,e..,ee,w, Aee,...A 3 7 LaGrange ..A..., AA..,., 5 O jackets .....,.... ........ 4 9 Jef f Davis ....... ....... 5 8 Iackets .....,. i,...,i, 4 2 Buna ....7,e,.Y,..,........ ,...... 4 4 jackets .......... ..,..... 3 8 Spring Branch ,,..,. ......, 5 1 Jackets ......, 24 LaGrange .,..... .,r.... 2 2 jackets ,r...rr ,...... 2 7 Buna ...,.....,. ....... 3 2 jackets r...... ...,,.. 4 7 Burkeville ....... ....... 3 7 Jackets er...., 45 Baytown .,....... ....... 3 7 jackets .r...,. .,...., 3 7 Buna .,,...,........... ....... 4 7 Jackets r...... rrr,,... 4 4 Sp ring Branch ................ 49 jackets ....... r,,,,.e7 5 1 Port Neches-Groves .,...,.. 40 jackets .,Ve... .,,...,. 6 3 Luf kin ............,............... 5 4 Iackets ,.r,.... 3 3 Deer Park ....,.. ....... 3 O Iackets Vr..... 3 9 Buna ............... ,..,... 4 1 Jackets .....Y. ,r,,,,, 4 1 Milby .....,....,...,, ,.,,.,, 4 5 Jackets ....... ,,...... 3 7 Sp ring Branch ..... .....,. 5 2 jackets ....... 5 O Beaumont ,..,,..,,, ,,.,,.. 4 9 jackets ....... .,...... 3 7 Orange ........,,. .,,.... 3 5 Jackets ....... ....... 3 O French ..........,...r..-,,...,,... 3 5 Jackets .H ...,. 5 0 Port Neches-Groves ...... ..2 7 Jackets ........ 47 South Park ...................... 34 jackets ........ 36 Beaumont ....... .....,. 5 2 jackets .,...,. 40 Orange .....................,...... 4 1 jackets ....... ........ 5 4 French ,........................... 3 7 jackets r,,,,,r ,,,,,,,, 6 2 Port Neches-Groves ........ 5 3 Jackets ..r..... 64 South Park ...................... 5 2 MALCOM MILLER BUZZ MILNER DAVID NUTT junior 6' 1" Senior 5' 11" Senior 5' 10" Year's Basketball Season CARLTON JACKSON Manager JERRY SIRAGUSA Manager GARLAND RODDY Senior 6' IM" JOHN WAYNE SONNIER Senior 6' 3M" MR. PETE PENSE Coach 257 Jackets Win District Opener Against Beaumont 50-49 FOLLOW ME, COME WHERE I LEAD YOU . . . AND THE SCORE GOES UP ANOTHER NOTCH . . . The jackets opened the season's district 11-AAAA race with a 50-49 victory over the Beaumont Royal Purples. The majority of the time the scoreboard showed no more than a 5 point lead by either team. The jacket win was sparked by David Nutt who collected 22 points to lead both teams in scoring. The score at the half was 24-26 but the jackets were trailing by 6 points when the third period ended. In the fourth quarter Nutt added 8 points to the scoreboard to give the jackets the much needed point to win the game. As the clock ran out, a Beaumont player sank a long field goal from the side of the court. As the fans of both teams were screaming, it was difficult to hear the buzzerg but the official timekeeper ruled that time had run out before the Beaumont player shot, thus giving the Jackets a one-point victory. The B squad game was won by Beaumont 56-25. Joel Boone was high-scorer with 7 points. COME DOWN, COME DOWN . . . 259 Jackets Topple Orange 37-35 u 12 2 .e 1 1 ff ' N 6 ,w f? Q -.5 1. N gf? ff H 'I' ,f .. .W with ov -,,W., , ,M Q w KM A , 1 , 0 M f ,bf il Mc :QQ DON'T FENCE ME IN I LEAD YOU . . . The Yellow jackets found themselves in the driver's Seat in District 11-AAAA basketball competition after upsetting the Orange Tigers 37-35. A tough zone defense greatly contained the Jacket offense, but John McCurley managed to bucket 18 points for the cause of victory. The Jackets were assessed only 8 points at the free throw line, collecting on 7. The Tigers were given 18 free throws but made only 13. The jackets trailed 22-19 at the half but came back in the third quarter to collect their second district victory. The B squad game was also won by the jackets 41-40. MARS CALLING EARTH COME IN, EARTH. X Sq -- W""r""'....ct., .rt I WANT IT, YOU CAN 'T HAVE ITQ IT BELONGS TO ME . . . 260 UP, UP AND AWAY! ! ..-.....,,,iu-qv Jackets Defeat Port Neches Indians 50-27 MAYBE HE'S TRYING TO BE AN EAGLE . . . A 50-27 defeat of the Port-Neches-Groves Indians put the Jackets back in the district race. They outscored the opponents in all but the third quarter. Rebounding ace John McCurley was high scorer with 17 points. At the half, the score was 25-15 in favor of the Jackets. After the first field goal by Port Neches, they were never ahead again in the contest. The B squad game was won by the jackets with a score of 31-25. joel Boone was high scorer with 15 -points. Mike Eaves followed close behind with 10. u High scorer against PN-G in the news tourney was Marty Fleckman with 12 points. BASKETBALL BALLET . . . Jackets Complete Season Participating in his last Jacket game was senior Garland Roddy. 262 john McCur1ey added 14 points out of the 66 point total. With South Park Victory The jackets ended the 1961 basketball season in second place with a bang by romping the South Park Greenies 66-52. It was a grand finale for two seniors, John Sonnier and John McCurley. It was also the last game for David Nutt, John Erickson, Buzz Milner, Garland Roddy. In the first half Sonnier collected 14 of his 18 points. McCurley made 9 of his 14 points in the last half. The jackets had a 7-3 record in District 11-AAAA which was second only to Beaumont High who won district. The Greenies were beaten by the B squad 43-34. Joel Boone was the high scorer with 16 points. Scoring 18 points during the South Park victory was john Sonnier. NEED AN UMBRELLA? Jackets Finish District in Runner-Up Spot MALcoM MILLER l MIKE DoYLE CHARLES MCDONALD JOHN ERICKSON B Squad members are, Fifi! row: A. Blanchard, L. Beasley, H. Castro, D. Deloney, M. Eaves, H. Dugas, R. Iacksonl Serond row: Coach Nowland, A. Elster, R. Mathis, R, Robinson, M. Neil, T. Meeker, I. Boone, H. Schroder, J. Redick. 64 A. g4N"l"' 4 NCQN - Q l!: -fi: , .AA if . T-3? A Q , R A va A W W ,M 5 W Q W W 5 sw If A v w fl V ax ,gg Q N 4 '5 ' K 3952- wi WKQQQM rg, .. ,- 1, ff' '-,QAff-.,,',.ffM-.few - vu-.-. 'A X Tigers Down Jackets 10-8 in First District Game SENIORS AUBREY HOWARD, Robert Andrus, Buzz Milner, Micka Primeaux, John McCurley, Roy Hooks were the backbone of the Yellow Jacket team. f A 1 CHARLES MCDONALD U11 gets a warm welcome from his team- JACKET COACH BILLY GENE MICHAELS mates after hitting a home run against the Orange Tigers. n 2 lllgx 1 1" MEMBERS OF THE 1961 Yellow Jacket team are, front row: A. Howard, L. Laborde, E. Cunningham, M. Primeaux, C. Mc- Donald, L. Lauve, L. Parent. Second row: R. Hooks, L. Hudson, B. Knight, M. Miller, McCurley, A. Howard, D. Bowker. Lan row: Coach Michaels, G. Broussard, R. Andrus, K. Rutty, B. Slocum, R. Landry, B. Milner, Manager J. Davis. 266 ' ORANGE ab r h PORT Barron 2b 4 2 3 ARTHUR Hb McClain lb 5 1 2 Howard SS 2 Penny P 3 0 0 McDonald 2b 4 Foster o 1 o Andrus P-3b 4 Edwards cf 3 o 1 MCCUFICY Cf 4 Lewis 3b 4 o o Hqoks rf 4 Perment rf 2 2 1 Miller 1b 2 Cannon ss 4 0 0 Knight 1b 2 Uzzle lf 3 3 1 Landry lf 4 Henry C 4 1 3 Lauve Sb 1 - - Milner p 2 Parent c 3 Totals 33 10 11 - Totals 31 8 9 Orange 042 O10 3-10 Port Arthur 130 200 2- 8 BACK AND READY for another year are returning lettermen. Front row are L. LaBorde, C. McDonald. Back row are R. Andrus, B. Milner, J. McCurley, R. Hooks. Game Called Because of Darkness Keeps Jackets Out of First Place JACKET FIRST BASEMAN Malcom Mil- ler slides in home before Port Neches catcher can tag him. ,js GAME FACTS PN- PORT GROVES ab h ARTHUR ab h Burns cf 2 2 O LaBorde lf 5 0 Screen 3b 4 0 3 McDonald 2b 5 3 Carroll ss 2 0 1 MCC'-lrley cf 4 3 Hopper c 4 0 1 Andrus 3b 2 O M'Collum 1b 3 0 1 I-apve 3b-p 2 1 Taliaferro rf 3 1 0 Miller lb-p 2 O Poss p 2 o o Knight 1b 1 0 Philpott p 1 1 1 Hooks rf 3 1 Wallace lf 4 2 2 Howard ss 4 1 Hollomon 2b 2 2 1 Parent c 2 1 - - -. Milner p 2 1 Rutty O 0 Totals 27 8 10 - - - Totals 30 11 PN-GROVES 001 014 2-8 PT. ARTHUR 211 002 2-8 1, M . . -A A M AUBREY HOWARD 693 is OL1t'8.t 2 a N 1 2 home on an attempted bunt, which ,A ' ' h failed, by Lionel Parent CU. V' . , F9 f ag M VU T, A A- QR 21 V i ff 2 A a c, P, M s ' 1 wwwlg . -f-, 3 A f - .,,. I 1 . , I 2 ... ft IA. ZW' , . ,,,,, A ,., "1 -g - A 1 'A Rf f iis , " I " 'J ,, f ' .. l YELLOW JACKET outfielders are, ' 14 Q, ugfjja U A kneeling: L- Hudson, R. Landon J- ,g Q'.'L McCurley, R. Hooks. Standing: K. W D A ' jV.5g..1 g:gf' . is V Rutty, L. LaBorde, E. Cunningham, ' d Co ch Michaels. st r ' ,V L il. , ,..' . - 1 J V 'I ' an a ' "' ' ' if f f 2 s nlil 1 nel s'i'i f 1 .i., 1' 5 f" . ' Buffs Lose to Jackets 10-3 CAPTURING BERTHS ON the 11-AAAA All-District team are: Charles McDonald, John McCurley, Malcom Miller, and Robert Andrus. , PORT ARTHUR ab r h FRENCH ab r Hudson lf 3 O 0 Young ss 4 O I.aBorde lf 2 0 0 Hamm cf-p 3 0 McDonald 2b 5 3 2 Langston lf 4 1 McCurley cf 3 3 2 Mabry c 4 1 Andrus 3b 4 1 2 D. Young 2b 4 0 Miller 1b 5 1 2 Byrne lb 2 1 Parent C 4 1 O Quick rf 3 0 Hooks rf 3 1 0 Hamilton rf 0 0 Howard ss 2 0 0 Tyson 3b 3 0 Milner p 3 0 0 McCullor p 3 0 Totals 33 0 8 Totals 33 3 PE. Arthur 102 O02 5-10 8 French 010 110 0- 3 9 'X A f" 7 X H if UE' FU T F0 7 ' ' , U R ' g 7 U 1 g 1, ss,,,yV 4 if v 13" All at .gn AN N A Xt V M ,lg , , 5, , lmr! .- ' W1 x ' J' :Stk 'nf PU T y, r 1 r y onyy n s af 1 . . g . Q--... Jr I Q - MM - . , A , M 1 '.,w.,...rf-A., . f a f.-my- -r , .1 fy Il . W- 9 J' sian- ' W N. this 1 W X. at is A f I-.'fq,:,,, 11.5 1 A if .f '- R ' is --aura, sr. XZ, 3 f .' s :va f M - .- f ., ,. A 4, gm, ., 1 1. J P .swf C .. - .. ' 4 4 A 2 7 .f EQ FIRST BASE COACH Micka Primeaux relays the signals from Coach Michaels to the batter. gr ,, if U Q JACKET OUTFIELDER Larry LaBorde 1261 rounds third on his way to score in the French game. .5 ,-s' - li yree icl , a 1. we "'igg'?3gxi as I . w i, s . xy l Sgg, ir, .wgqh ., inf. 7 Vi f. ' 'ii' 11 n Q was M THIS HEFTY bunch composed the Jacket infield. They are, front' Robert Andrus, Leonard Lauve, Charles McDonald, Benny 335 Knight. Bark: Art Howard, Malcom Miller, Micka Prirneaux. 1 ' l52f'gx?x' -f, ff Jackets Down South Park 4-3 to Enforce a 19 Year Jinx PROVING TO BE a big help to the jacket in- field is shortstop Aubrey Howard. HELPING THE JACKETS have a successful sea- son is Manager Jerry Davis. PORT ARTHUR ab Hudson lf 2 LaBorde lf 5 McDonald 2b 3 McCurley cf 4 Andrus p 4 Miller lb 1 Parent C 4 Hooks rf 3 Howard ss 3 Lauve 3b 1 Totals 28 Pt. Arthur French SOUTH PARK ab 2 Ickles 2b G. Flem'g cf 3 Coleman c 4 M. Flem'g p 4 McNeil ss 3 Gammill rf 3 Wheat lb 3 Ashworth 3b 3 Totals 28 020 000 O2-4 020 O00 O1-3 JACKET CATCHER Lionel Parent scampers across homeplate to score. The run helped the Jackets keep a 19 year jinx on the South Park Gfeenies. Yellow Jacket outfielder, Larry LaBorde C261 watches. HOLDING DOWN THE Jacket pitching chores are, kneeling: Robert Andrus, Buzz Milner, Malcom Miller. Standing: Larry LaBorde, 'Leonard Lauve, Bill Slocum. 269 Jackets Down Purples by a Score of 4-2 JOHN OTERI, 2-year return- ing letterman, hampered by a pre-season injury, watches his teammates defeat Beaumont. VIEW OF THE Jacket bench during a game. fre-Mi-wi?-ill 2-F535-k'I'?"f-Lit--a-2. .if-M.-2ay.p.'"T' 3J7:klfw."f 99 fiw4"-Hfa-.Tm-fa f ,f 'ai ew, 1, if ,-1'4.a..f.L,1.?w,1 THF CATCHING SECTION of the Yellow jacket team is made up by these three boys Davifd Bowker, Lionel Parent, and Gerald Broussard. JACKET PITCHER Buzz Milner beats the throw to first base and is safe in the Beaumont game. PORT BEAUMV1' ab 1- h ARTHUR ab r h Rinando ss 2 0 0 Hudson If 1 0 0 Wynne ff 3 O 1 MiDOH3ld 2b 3 0 0 Pulsifer c 3 0 0 Prgm'ux 2b 0 0 0 Cobb 3b 3 0 0 MCur1ey cf 3 1 1 Syptak cf 1 1 0 Andrus 3b 2 1 0 Howell 1b 2 1 0 Parent c 3 1 2 Robinson 2b 2 0 O Miller 1b 3 1 2 Crenshaw lf 2 0 0 Hooks rf 3 0 0 Milam P 3 O 0 Howard ss 2 O 0 -. - -. Milner p 3 0 0 Totals 21 2 1 Totals 23 4 5 Beaumont 000 000 2-2 1 Pt. Arthur 000 O04 X--4 5 Sophs Dominate Track Team. REAGAN KNIGHT, TERRY Guidry, Garland Roddy, and Donald Marsch composed Tfs 440 relay team. DAVID NUTT, SENIOR broad jumper, placed 1st in district with a jump of 20' 11" and represented TJ in the regional meet. MACK MCGOUGH, JUNIOR pole vaulter, poled 10' 6" in district meet. MIKE DOYLE, SOPHOMORE shot putter, placed 5th in district with a throw of 47' 6". 27I Young Track Team Looks Forward pcm, A,,, wr K ,-,,.r,.,, A su.-..........L ' ' amz- ,L VA DW' Representing Tj in District meet were, bottom row: Jaime Cas- taneda, 8803 Ronnie Dauphine, 440. Top row: John Gexin, mile, and james Moyer, miler. LOUIS BLANDEMAN AND Ronnie Dauphine spent many hours getting in shape for the Dis- J! trist 11 4A Meet. Dauphine placed 6th in the 440 run. e u 272 RAGAN GENUSA AND David Nutt were Tfs out- standing track men of '61. to a Successful 962 Season REAGAN GENUSA, ALL around sopho- more trackster, placed'6th in low hurdles, 5th in high hurdles, 3rd in broad jump and tied for lst in high jumping. Genusa scored a total of 16 points in the District 11-4A Meet. COACHES HILL AND BILL- INGS did an outstanding job in developing the '61 track team, composed largely of soph- omores. Look out for the jack- ets next year! MEMBERS OF THE '61 TRACK TEAM are, front row: K. Durkan, 1. Nelson, D. Marsh, A. Shewood, R. Dauphine, R. Genusa, D Bell T. Guidry, S. Prejean, R. Windaor, R. Dyson, B. Black, P. Weaver and Coach Hill. Top row: Coach Billings, G. Yentsen, R.. Savoie, G. Hadden, L. Blendeman, R. Watts, G. Roddy, T. Dorsey, J. Moyer, J. Segrest, S. Allbritton, M. Doyle, J. Carter, J. Bass, R. Knight. 273 TJ's Tennis Players Get Into the Swing TOMMY TOWNSEND JOHN LUSK JOHN WOLFE TOMMY TOWNSEND LOOKS on as his doubles partner, john Lusk, gets ready to return a volley during practice 274 Golfers Add to Sports Picture 532 MARTY FLECKMAN JAY LoAR RUFUS MANLEY SAMMY SKAFF MARTY FLECKMAN, SAM Skaff, jay Loaf, and Rufus Manley compose the 1961 Thomas Jefferson Golf Team which placed fourth in the district meet. 275 Let's Go Bowling A careful aim . . . It's a strike! Aw, it Curved . . . These are some of the exclamations heard -from members of the Bowling Club. Twice a month TJ-ites head for the bowling alley to improve their skills under the expert guidance of Mr. Mar- vin Cichowski, and Mr. Rex Copeland, sponsors. With tournaments underway excite- ment is king as members cheer their team on to victory. and a complete follow through sends the ball on its way to a strike! 276 Nope! Only six Billie Domingue, sophomore, blazed her way into state finals for tennis singles championship after overcoming district and regional competition. Physical Education Teachers MRS. HELEN NEUMANN MISS NANCY MCCLAIN MISS McCI.AIN'S SIXTH period gym class demonstrates a new activity, Russian folk dancing, taught for the first time in Tj this year. 278 Mrs. Helen Neumann is sponsor of our Yellow jacket cheerleaders and of G.R.A. She also coaches the girls' vol- leyball team. Miss Nancy McClain is the sponsor of the Red Hussar Drum and Bugle Corps of Thomas jefferson and she also aids in coaching volleyball. Miss Marilyn Davis is the sponsor of the Girls' Tennis Club, Heralds, G.R.A., and Volleyball. She is also the sponsor of the Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y group. Miss Bertha Hebert sponsors the girls' Bowling Club, Letter Girls, G.R.A., and Volleyball. Outside of school she participates in a bowling league. She is head of the department. Promote Interest in Sports MISS MARILYN DAVIS MISS BERTHA HEBERT MISS HEBERT'S THIRD period gym class is tackling with the basketball, trying to score those last few points Well-Balanced Program for Health CHAMPIONSHIP IN VOL- LEYBALL is the real goal for members of the fourth period class. Miss Davis is their coach. STEADY THERE! It's just a matter of balance- "SHE'S OUT!" exclaims Miss Hebert as Raye Benz is tagged by Gayle Blackwell after trying for a homerun. 280 Are New and Varied EAGER EYES ARE WATCHING as Karen Cary, left, and Nancy Christian battle out the singles badminton cham- pionship. SEVEN NATIONS WERE represented in the grand finale of the program presented by the girls taking folk dancing. HEALTH IS A REQUIREMENT for all girls' PE Classes IT'S FUN BUT-no aim! Mary Louise Ramirez, Linda Smith, at Tj. These girls represent Miss Nancy McClain's fifth Brenda Richard, and Linda Cross have to admit they aren't too period gym class. good. 28l EVEN THOUGH BILLIE Domingue and Bobbie Babino have won several trophies Miss Davis still finds it necessary to give them a few pointers on playing tennis. TENNIS, ANYONE? These three, representing the best players in sophomore, junior, and senior gym classes, would give anyone plenty of competition. They are Mary Hart, Becky Wells, and Judy Shinn. Miss Davis, Sponsor Tennis Brings Excitement l TENNIS -OFFICERS, pirtured fight to lefl on the front row are: Billie D o m i n g u e, president, Sue Schexnayder, vice- president, and Mary El- len Klebba, secretary and treasurer. Other mem- bers of the club are, left to rigbt, kneeling: J. Craig, I. Montalvo, and L. Adams. Back row are: K.. Cary, V. McMillan, S. White, B. Wells, B. Lopez, M. Hart, A. Dar- tez, B. Babino, and N. Dore. MODERN DANCING BROUGHT many sore limbs to the girls in Mrs. Neu- mann's fourth period P.E, class. This is one of the new- est activities in the girls' P.E. department. J 4 Fun, Fun and More F un ARE THEY NUTS? No, they're just office girls working for the girls' P.E. teachers. You say you can't recognize them . . . well, neither can we! LETTER GIRL INSTALLATION brought in- teresting talent to light. Here Karen Cary and Beverly Heath present their pantomime of "Baby Talk." 283 Bowling Exoites New Sophs THE SOPHOMORE MEMBERS of the bowlin club are, 8 Kneeling, left to right: C. Hufford, J. Sinclair, and B Knight. Sitting ure: M. Wolf, E. Guarjarclo, C. Berry, C. Davis, P. Foley, J. Carver, J. LaLonde, D. Cropper, V. As ton. Standing are: S. Hebert, C. Rogers, B. Theriot, L. Sap pington, L. Smith, P. Larson, W. Buley, M. Lockwood, M. Prejean, S. Wiggins, G. Dejean, and K. Griffith. GAY COOKSEY HOLDS the highest average of the sopho- more bowlers. 284 OTHER SOPHO- MORE BOWLERS are, Left to right: L. Gully, C. Car, P. Eatherige, D. Borel, B. Marsh, N. Cun- ningham, P. Nunez, B. LeBlanc, B.Nich- olson, and P. Myers. Standing are: S. Beavers, S. Green, M. DeKody, G. Oooksey, C. Steven, L. Babin, J. Graves, S. McDonald, B. C. Albright, S. Downes, and B. Richards. Bowling Furnishes Year-Round Sport SENIOR MEMBERS of the bowling club are, front row: P. Dupont, M. Adams, A. Pardue. Second row: C. DuBois, B. Heath, S. Smith, L. Guiclry. Third row: J. Shinn, J. Domingue, I Wendlandt. Bark row: S. Tyson, I. Daigle, N. Chris- tian, and N. LeDoux. TAKING IT EASY BEFORE try- ing for a strike is Karen Dauphine one of the top junior bowlers. IUNIOR BOWLERS CONSIST of, front row: M. Walters, G. McMillan, B. Creig, D. Arcloin, C. Chatagnier. Sammi row are: L. Turner, A. Chambers, K. Dauphine, N. Dore. Third row are: P. Stokes, B, Wells, S. Jackson, and S. Landry. STRIKE OR NO STRIKE the senior girls take active interest in the bowling club. 285 Letter Girls Participate Olivia Alemarl Bobby Babino Donna Blanchard Karen Byrd Nancy Christian Nova COICITIHI1 Ida Nell Daigle Pat Daniel Janice Davis jean Kay Domingue C0fif13- Dominguez Carol DuBois Judy Emmons Linda Ferguson Sue Gartin Linda Guidfy Beverly Heath Sharon jones Diane Loukas Merrill Moss RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING this year of Letter Girls a success are the 1960-1961 officers: Judy Shinn, treasurer, Jane Smith, parliamentarian, Beverly Heath, president, Judy Emmons, reporter. Not pictured are: Sandra Schexnayder, secretary, and Karen Cary, vice-president. 286 1I1 All Aspects of Sports Sandra Schexnsyder Jane Smith Velma Tmbodeaux OUTSTANDING LETTER GIRL Linda Guidfy Carolyn Romero Pat Roy Sharon Scott Judy Shinn Lecretia Smith Irene Soliz Wendy Wingfield Karen Cary left and Best All Around Girl Olivia Aleman were Very proud of the trophies awarded them at Letter Girl Installation in May. Sixteen Seniors and Four Juniors were inducted as new members of Letter Girls at installation February 9. Proudly dis- playing their hard earned letters are: juniors, G. McMillian, B. Wells, S. Jack- son, 1. Harden, Seniors are O. Aleman, L. Fergson, N. Coleman, D. Loukas, L. Smith, N, LeDeau, L. Guidry, N. Chris- tian, C. Doninguez, I. Soliz, J. Davis, P. Daniel, D. Blanchard, V. Thibocleaux, J. Domingue, and I. Daigle. 287 Soph ins Votes for cBest' SOPHOMORE IS NAMED posture queen! Brenda Richards was the lucky girl to receive the posture honor. Olivia Aleman was chosen senior posture queen while Pam Huber was junior posture queen. Miss Hebert presented this award at the Letter Girl Installation. BILLIE DOMINGUE HIGHLIGHTED the girls' sports activities by competing in the singles competi- tion in Austin. 39-8-21 - - - HURRY-ONLY FOUR more minutes! I l 288 Posture Queens Parade for Judges THESE NINE GIRLS were vying for the all-school posture award. Fin! row: Pam Huber, Eloise Foret. Second row: Sandy Wiggins, Carol Hall, and Brenda Richards. Third Qlwi hPat Daniel, Olivia Aleman, Ann Lofton, and Sherry e c . "AROUND THE CIRCLE they must go . . is the scene as the top three girls representing the newcomers of TJ are chosen to try for Posture Queen of the school. THERE THEY GO. . . WHAT A COMB can do! 289 Team Captains for GRA CAROL DUBOIS Sophomore Team Captain KAREN CARY JUDY EMMONS junior Team Captain Junior Team Captain THE GIRLS REPRESENT- ING the Outstanding GRA Softball team are, left io fight: K. Olive, s. White, B. McNabb, C. Chapa, J. Creig, ' , ' . .' 'v' ,"f.,,9f,.2f,55-Q4 ' Vg Miss Davis, sponsor, N. Dore, :-.Q , It If QQ., V ' '22 R. Gloria, G. McM1ll1an, and LA ' by jj 10, fV,,o , , 7, i . vu 'L f .f,, W 'fy f 'fy wiv S. Jackson. 'gli-,,p.'5 V E, HW? fan, 1 QW'-if ' wan' 'wk fit , wat., ff-Ea - 2 1 .fiat f ?v-4'-.zo.2'f11w'f5:,"ff:?fsr L , L as L ' 'Li Ll..'I'x'94 'El,'x:'.'-iw ,cfzf I A I 290 f-3,4 .1 gm ' i ' gzgji 5 , EER, -ff' , ' in ' W 2 gif? , Q on 1 fy J .ip ,1 up V 1 f,,,, , , I, ,, 1 , f wig vi . p wg Z fi: ff-', J' XA vas 4:4 , ' y , ., .ff aa My .,,- Q XC? L Standing very proud after 'the winning of play night are, left lo riglaz: Joanne Ludwig, Sharon jones, Olivia Aleman, Myra Hull, Betzy Roussel, and Merril Moss. 4, Letter Girl Officers fdfjf CAROLYN ROMERO Sophomore Team Captain SANDRA SCI-IEXNAYDER BOBBIE BABINO Senior Team Captain Senior Team Captain x . f . ' in A Qs ' f E43 T I i l THE GIRLS' BASKETBALL All-Star Team consists of Wendy Wingfield, B. Heath, J. Smith, B. Babino, L. Guidry, M. Moss, S. Gartin. MAKING THE GIRLS' volleyball team a suc- cess this year were I. Wendlandt, C. Dominguez W. Wingfield, M. Moss, N. Christian, P. Roy L. Guidry, B. Babino, and J. Smith. 29I Thank You Note It just would not be possible to list all the names of those who have aided in the production of this book, but we would like to include those who have been of special technical help. Our photographers were especially patient: J. C. Watkins, Frank Cricchio, Rice Studio, Trost's Studio, Buddy Perkins, and student photographer David Kay. We appreciate the attention our yearbook representative, Mr. George Ramsey, has given, as well as the excellent service by Taylor Publishing Company. It is with some regret that we job-stamp the last picture and get Volume 14 of THE YELLOW JACKET on the way to the printers, for we have enjoyed compiling it. We have checked and double-checked, and We hope that our errors are few. Please be understanding if we have made an error or two. Sincerely, THE YELLOW JACKET STAFF OF '61 ERTI EMENTS Advertisements in THE YELLOW JACKET represent a long-term investment. Those who look at its pages are potential customers for the firms represented during the next thirty years. The cooperation of those who buy the space from the salesmen who take the time and energy to do the selling all deserve our sincere thanks. NORTH END BAPTIST CHURCH 4349 Lewis Drive Pasror-WENDELL M. JOHNSON Taking pari' in church services are: Wayne Wooclworlh, Sherry Jo Hammond. Joy Johnslon, Allen Franklin, Gail Anderson, Kalhleen Benavidez, James Dodson. Noi' picfured are: Lecrelia Smi'l'h. Gladys Faullc, Linda Jean Jones. These are members of lhe Senior Class Thar allend Norlh End Baplisl' Church. 706 9+h Ave. YUkon 2-38lI 0 Ladies' Fashions PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS Bes+ Wishes AUGUST MILLER 81 SONS II48 7'rh S'IreeI' YU 3-455I HOME OF JACOBSEN POWER MOWERS SCHWINN BICYCLES THERMOLAIRE HEATERS 320 nh S+ Paini' Shop YU 3-I89I ' ' T.-im Shop YU 5-2631 Co.mpIimenI's of 81 TRIM SHOP susua Hooks OVEN BAKED ENAMEL 9 I YEAR GUARANTEE "'I'If's BeH'er, Because l+'s Oven Baked" BEAUTY SALON C Body Seaf Covers E Fender Headliners P Wreck Au'I'o Upholsfering L Work , Tailored Door Panels Phone YUkon 2-7247 E . in Our Shop T Floor Ma'I's E Free Es+ima'Ies COW+- TOPS WE DO INSURANCE WORK D. M. PICTON 81 CO., INC. ConI'rac'rors River and Harbor ImprovemenI's TUGBOATS-BARGES DERRICK BARGES TOWAGE HARBOR TOWING-INTRACOASTAL GULF COAST TOWING 63 0-04-05 Adams Building WEBB'S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY No. I-60I 5'Ih Sireei- YUkon 3-27II No. 2-2048 9+h Ave. YUkon 2-9408 McGLOTH LIN AUTO SUPPLY Orange Hwy. and S+adium Road Dial YUlcon 3-43II PORT ARTHUR. TEXAS DECUIR'S CASH-N-DASH GROCERY Je+ Service Submarine Prices 638 Gilham Circle YUlcon 5-9l60 PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS DRYDENS 4343 Lincoln Groves WHERE GROVES SHOPS TExAco TOLER'S Service Sfaiion Piclc-up and Delivery Service Washing - Greasing Polishing and Waxing Tires and BaHeries Mofor Tune-up 2200 PROCTER YU 3-36Il BLUE BONNET MATTRESS COMPANY Phone Us for Slip Covers, Drapes, Bedspreads, Headboards, S+erilizing, Box Springs, Upholsfering "The Resl of Your Days Depends on ihe Resi oi Your Nighlsu YU 3-277I Pain'r and Glass PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CO. 9I4 Proc+er Por+ Ar+hur PHONE: YU 3-5676 Complimenls of SAN DER'S SPORTING GOODS l600 9+h Ave. YU 2-54lI X GLAMOUR PORTRAITURE Only you can give fhe finesf giff of aII - porfraif. Af J. C. Wafkins Sfudio you receive fhe finesf in porfraifs - Giffs you can fake pride in giving. Color or black and whife finishes offered. J. C. WATKINS STUDIO 2329 Thomas Blvd. Phone YU 2-3666 Porf Arfhur, Texas R Ann Glorioso I 649 Procfer WHITES TRIM SHOP Complefe Aufomobile Upholsfering THE CHUCK WAGON DRIVE I N N Wheel-Burger Hu b-Burger Spoke-Dog There's a Meal in a Wheel 3'3I Procfer Sfreef YUIKOFI 5-5632 ED GURGE PAUL BURGE HONEST BEN A-I HOUSE MOVERS J Housemoving Demolishing Diamonds Wafches Raising Fine Jewelry Ave. Gifl' Ware Luggage Porf Arfhur, Texas Shaeffer-Parker Sefs 297 LAKEVIEW PHARMACY For All Your Banking Needs K s 548 s+adium Rd. Ph. YU 5-2536 'Fpgn' f PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS I R -1 . W iam X - "' Bossv AUSBURN CLASS OF eo 1 ' 5V5Q5 I Q4-"-r,,, JIMMY LOW CLASS OF 62 JIMMY QUEBEDEAUX CLASS OF 6I KAREN KRAUTZ CLASS OF 62 CAROL MEGUEZ CLASS OF 6I Groves' Texas GROWING WITH GROVES pn-11 FLUKER'S J ,V BURGER BAR 3 A 9. 4719 F,0,,e,S 8, 5236 I6+h S+ree'r Inc ' Inferiors Po"'IYG"I:L:gnexas x Ar+is+icaIIy Designed ' Flowers WQG f 'For Every Occasion CQME 7 T., .fr 540 9+h AVENUE AND' Q' XR YUkon 2-4655 GET IT' Dennis M. Fluker, Owner WE WIRE FLOWERS The Besi Friend Your Car Has Ever I-Iad TEXACO SERVICE M. G. OLIVER TEXACO SERVICE l6I'I1 S+. and Bluebonnei' Porl' Ar'II1ur. Texas YUI:on 2-I95l , R TROPICANA Zi ij "The Uliimaire in Modern Aparlrmeni Living" 4II6 DRYDEN ROAD PORT ARTHUR. TEXAS MRS. VERA FOSTER YU 3-4636 Manager YU 5-433l 298 Dlfeppel' A flavor +rea1' fhai' never +ires Hue i'as+e Keep Dr. Pepper in 'rhe home refrigeraior Buy ii' in 6-boH'le, car+on or case. DR. PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY 2036 Bluebonnei' ..............e, YU 2-547I Congra+ula+ions, Seniors ELLERBEE BROTHERS 2IOO Fi'Hh Avenue PORT ARTHUR. TEXAS Serving ihe Oil and Ohemisiry Indusiry Wiih Fabricafed Sfeel Consirucied Tank Repairs and 'New Tanks Remember! ELERBEE BROTHERS 2I00 FiH'h Avenue Phone YU 2-6424 Z ' I CARROLL PLESSALA I7 I 7 Woodworih AND SON LAWRENCE GUILBEAU Groc. a. Mkt. GARAGE 4948 Twin CNY Hwy. Day Phone YU 3-9674 WO 2-725' Nigh+ Phone YU 2-0026 NOW TWO LOCATIONS TO BETTER SERVE YOU THE FAIR 40I Procfer IDown'rownI Jefferson Ci+y Shopping CenI'er 3849 28+h S+. BAND YU 2-2632 4 J A 'I ANGEu.E's x-'N 9 4 X' M ' Q 1' Fm 0 S6 al' 3 E AuI'o8ILoans E PA E 6I0 I6+h SI' I' YU 29076 453I I6I'h SI' 'I' YU 2808l a . ck T TADLOCKS 00 PORT ARTHUR ASSOCIATION OF INSURANCE AGENTS AIIen 8: EddingsIon Ins. Agcy. E. Baker Ins. Co. Barrier-AIbrigh'r Ins. Agcy. Bob BIan+on 8: Son Cliff Byrd Ins. Agency Carl Car'Ier Ins. Agency CharIes Berry Ins. Agency Joe Formagus Insurance Gulfporf Ins. Agency Don Hendryx 8: DeWi'rI' Cudd Claude HoImes Ins. Agency Home Insurance Agency Landry 8: GisI' Ins. Agency James L. LaI'imer Ins. S. O. La'I'imer Ins. Agency C. Bradley McCoy Agency Mel MeI'caIfe Insurance Morehead Ins. Agency Vedon O+I'o Insurance PorI' Ar+hur's Insurers J. E. PuIIen Insurance Rowland-Huber Insurance Julian SaI+er Company J. J. SaIverI' Agency George L. ScuIIy Insurance Wes Spiegel Agency Craig SI'evenson Ins. Texas Insurance Agency H. C. ITommyI Thompson Agency E. L. Vaughan 8: Company Wheless Insurance Agency WiIIia.m WhiI'e Insurance CharIes M. Wiesen Ins. Agency T and F BIG A BURGER TO SU IT YOUR TASTE THE MODEL 0 ,X-aff' F' qi Q2 3022 PROCTER YU 3-9700 SKIP'S DRIVE INN IF IT'S GOOD FOOD You WANT... ? Ba,,B,Que Pi, ' y ResI'auran'I' Wm A Ca'I'erers A Phone YUIcon 2-024I 3448 I6I'h SI'reeI' 30I Loolc HoLsuM HUTCHEN BE HoLsuM DRY GOODS CO. I6+h S+ree'r a+ Housion Ave. BUY HOLSUM BREAD Congraiulafions Seniors of '6I PENNEYQS HOLSUM BAKING CO 6I7 Procier Sfreei' Housion YUkon 5-8891 YU 2'944' 340l Twin Cify Hwy. WO 2-5723 For Heal+h's Sake, Roller Skaie BARNEY'S ROLLER RINK 365l Twin Ci+y Hwy. WO 2-9I5I BEST WISHES, SENIORS of '60-'6I FULTON LEE Jusfice of +l1e Peace PRECINCT 5492 Jefferson Counry Complimenfs of LAMAR LAWSON Commissioner MU RPHY'S CAKEOSHOP Swee+es+ Sweeis in Town 3442 I 6+h S+ree+ Por+ Arfhur, Texas PHONE YU 3-4506 RElF'S CLEANERS 624 Housfon Ave. 6I4 9'ri1 Ave. 26I2 Memorial Blvd. 6477 39+i1 S+ree1' 3248 9'rh Ave. Phone YUkon 2-293 I DOCTOR G. M. SIMS 300I Proc+er YU 2-4493 Por+ Arihur, Texas SABINE PILOT 709 Lakeshore Drive YUit0n 2-849i 'I"I-IIE n MA1-:nuns snmuifv conrncroni 16TH STREET YU 2 6436 I CO' 23 f f 23, . f . .I A ,ww I- '- 50 . . PORT ARTH UR. TEXAS Always New Ideas in 'FABRICS 'CLOTHING 'SHOES I9I2 9+h Ave. ' IJus1' Across From S+. Mary's Hospiialj HEAVEN TO SEVEN SHOP From Birfh To Seven "The place To go Tor The A large seIec+ion of PORT ARTHUR COLLEGE Offers Courses in Business Subiecfs, Elecfronics, Radio and Television Train ai' KPAC and KPAC-TV INQUIRE TODAY brands you know" cIo+hing-Toys and baby needs Low Tuifion Free Placemeni' 4448 I6I'h ST. YU 5-2652 I500 Proc+er Phone YU 5-556I YU 2-896I FACTORY AUTHORIZED CARABINE'S PARTS AND SERVICE JUNIGR SHOPPE APPLIANCE SERVICE CENTER Sales and Service Dress, Sporfswear, Swimwear Lingerie and Accessories FERD CHISUM MRS. PETE CARABINE 3632 l6+h S+ree+ Phone YU 2-9262 4I I9 I6'rh S+. Owner PM A'+l'u" Texas ESE Mlammumapqiilngyuemipamgf ALUMINUM BRASS COPPER STAINLESS f,,,x PORT ARTHUR BEAUMONT HOUSTON CORPUS NEW ORLEANS SHREVEPORT LAFAYETTE MOBILE JACKSON BATON ROUGE CHRISTI Foundry and Machine ProducTs Refrigera+ion and Air Condi+ioning ParI's and Supplies SHEET, PLATE, TUBE, PIPE, ROD, BAR, WIRE. STRUCTURALS, EXTRUSIONS RIGGLE 81 PITTMAN GU LFPORT SHIPBUILDING CORPORATION "On Ihe Highway 'Io Ihe Sea" INC. HIGHTEST QUALITY 5337 Qrange Hwy. ligzi OLEANING-PRESSING Laundry Service ' Alferafions Prompi' Pick-up and Delivery 549 S'I'acIium ------------- YU 2-2I64 LAKEVIEW CLEANERS WILLIAMS FLORIST and GREENHOUSE 5890 TI1irIy-second S'rree+ WO 2-4489 Congra'IuIa+ions, Seniors '6I PRECISION VISION Since I935 TEXAS STATE OPTICAL 4I7 AusI'in Ave. YUIcon 5-8893 Please Call Us for Your: PARTIES IBANQUETS RECEPTIONS GUEST ROOMS and All O+I1er Ho+eI FaciIi+ies YouR ALSONETT HOTELS SABINE HOTEL YUIcon 5-936I GOODHUE HOTEL YUkon 5-882I SABINE TOWING INC. COMPANY Ocean Coasiwise Canal Towing BOX I500 PORT ARTHUR. TEXAS Harbor PHONE YUIcon 3-6666 MISS INGRI D WENDLANDT crea+ive h o t o g r a p h y I- weddings - Por+rai+s ' Commercial - Color of Black and wha+e ' Aerial ' lndusirial ' Animals I O STUDIO l629 Woodworlh Blvd. Pori' Ar'rhur, Texas YU 2-6426 JIFFY CAR WASH WASHING POLISHING WAXING STEAM CLEANING 3-Minule Service YU 3-I09I 2539 Bluebonnef Waller Landry Pori' Ar+hur, Tex. Complimenis of J. IMHOFF AND SONS 30I 71'h S'I'ree+ YU 5-4337 Besl' Wishes From BLUESTEIN'S La+es+ Fashions Come on In and Look Around Everylhing for Young Girls From Play Clolhes +o Formals b0I PROCTER Phone YUlcon 3-662I PHONE NIGHT NUMBER YU 5-259I WO 2-4l92 LAKEVIEW FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP "Our flowers say II for you" Wire Service DESIGNERS Jack Raby and BeHy Willians 7I6 S'I'adium, PorI' ArI'I1ur, Texas PHONE YU 3-I679 Congra+uIa'rions, Seniors of '6I BEACON FURNITURE CO. NEW AND USED FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES I 43 ProcI'er S+. -'.,Ev' , s S A EVANS' sTu RG ES SHOP I ee I I , iI'Iiii Irrssi l r r ss I o o o ' BUDDY PERKINS PHOTOGRAPHY "Le+ us pI1oI'ograpI1 your wedding" Mg GaTeWaY '-ITDHQVSZVI EITY new Proc+er sf. Phone YU 5-45I2 eaumom Ori' 'I U' Pori' Arfhur, Texas PEVET0 EL PATIO CABINETS 81 FIXTURES A-C1 PEVETO Specializing in MEXICAN FOOD Designers and Manufacfurers BANK AND STORE FIXTURES 3940 I6'Ih Sfreef, Phone YU 2-204I Orders 'I'o fake ouI'. 5520 Orange Hwy. WO 2-485I Closed Tuesday 309 Congralulalions, Seniors '6l J. J. THERIOT'S FOOD STORE II I7 Fiflh Avenue PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS YUlcon 5-45I3 THUNDERBOWL LANES Twin Cily Hwy. NEDERLAND, TEXAS "You will never bowl where you are more apprecialeolu 1 15" lui.. -- All .., 'V ' . qv' vw-rr:-r"--r .as .-fv"l':E""""T G5 Gaiam Juomea 899 QEUBZJPZFJ BUILDERS UF UIIII-LITY HUMES D o N JA c K HENDRYX-MQCORD 2600 I6+h S+. Por'r Ar+I1ur, Texas YUIcon 5-2568 CARL CARTER Insurance and Real Estate 1527 7-H1 S+. AUTO FIRE MARINE STOCK COMPANY PROTECTION Call YU 2-9423 Evenings, Call YU 2-0686 ESTABLISHED I93l DRAGO HARDWARE CO. GOOD HARDWARE Since I93 I TWO LOCATIONS 630 Housfon Ave. and I300 Nin+l1 Ave. 5 1 f V? 3 5 sf? Wholesale - Refail f W Hardware, Tools, Cuflery lndus+rial Supplies and Con+rac1'or's Supplies . . -' :-M552 51. f-.64 'fy Waifgiiw : A 1 " m f A ' ' ,- ., 1 ,qw j.,., ' g h T V , , gk f M. W my ,0- Qi Ewa film 'S 1369433.24238 2 f ,. ff If M' 14' f Z e' 11047 Q41 W THAMES INS. AGENCY 2448 Bluebonne+, YU 3-5555 SAVOIE'S GULF STATION LubricaTion Washing Official AAA Wrecker Service Gulf ProcIuc+s Congra+uIa+ions, Seniors Class of I96I CHARLES S. NACOL JEWELRY 330I 6+h ST. YU 2-2222 SNIDERS CAFE Fe-during 528 Proc+er One PIa're Meals O 0 Cafeferia SI'yIe 5 '5 OUR YU 33345 Bag Lunches To Go f THSEZTHT 829 PROCTER A5 GULF PORT ARTHUR 1 wwHEN',NTHE.3 CREDIT UNION MQQRIIIIID Flu, CRICCHIO'S A Coopera'Iive Saving and BeHer Groceries I-Oan ASSOCIGIION HOUSE OF FINE FOODS for Fresh Vegefables Gul-f Oil Qualify MeaI's Corpora+ion Employees 649 SIXTH STREET Phone YU 3-I604 AIR CONDITIONING 3200 I6'I'h S+. PHONE YU 2-3922 Fresh MEATS ancI VEGETABLES I T I w.I , ' QMEJTEETZTT 5 U ER 40 O i POST 5 2 FIRST L THOUGHT f 3 4 ,XS Q Gen. Czoni-rs. E QM Ill f,,,,,,,. SPENCE 81 HOWE ' I I Adams Bldg. I 5 I I I I S'radium Road YU 5-5535 YU 3-4l00 I I I I SBC leaders counI' All School Chesfr money in charify drve. I I 722 Procfer S YUIcon 2-242I if 3I3 H QQ ohrhhhoho 1 lfffj h 1 r r y Your School Photographer 2019 Procter St. - Phone YU 5-8011 PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS ' 25' f " K 'rl' " , sk of N A-,v 85 B First row: Bobby Rabuck, Dickie Legate, Leonard Duckworth, Jimmy Johnson, Harvey Reeves, Russell Stout, Jimmy Maxfleld, Benny Sorgee, Mike Landry, James Guidry. Second row: Joe Landry, Roy Hooks, John Sonnier, Tommy Martin, Gary Miller, Barry Ander- son, Ronny Landry, Charles Hall, J ay Hicks, Tony Slaupas. Third row: Carl Carter, Bobby Woodson, Kyle Haines, Ronny Thompson, Jerry Kidd, Donald Tetreault, Lynn Simmons, Ragan Gennusa, Lamar Lawson, Charles Killingsworth, Bob Holljer, Slagal Allbritton, Mike Landry. ' Engruiulutinus N, ,1g22l'iiilL giailliliiting class A-a ' PORT ARTHUR COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 3l5 PROCTER STREET BAPTIST CHURCH 270l PROCTER STREET PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS "A Church Where Everybody Is Somebody" DR. E. A. AUTREY, Pasior ROBERT WEISSINGER, MinisI'er of Music and Educafion Com pIImenIs of HEIGHTS DRUG STORES MYRTLE BRITT, REALTOR 4705 Evergreen Drive WOocIIawn 2-6992 "'Le+ us fill your prescrip+ions 'Two regis+erecI pharmacisfs I70I Housfon Ave. No. I Yukon 5-5507 Made-Io-Measure CIo'rhes IOOO Housion Ave. No. 2 4841 I6+h ST' YUkon 5-73I3 Por'I' -Arfhur, Texas Phone YU 2-25 I 3 ONE STOP INSURANCE VINCENT BODY SHOP S -2 Q' 1 3I49 25+h S+. mg, A YU 2-849I YO U R fzdepemlefzf so Imzzmme AGEN T NSERVES YOU FIRST" School Supplies GMM HARRIS BOOK STORE CHARLES BERRY 524 FIHI1 S'I'reeI' Porf Ar+I1ur, Texas Real ES+a+e Phone YUIcon 5-2585 7I3 STADIUM ROAD Office YU 3-3379 ROY HAYES Realtor Home Builder YU 2-942I 2940 Commerce Por+ Ar+I1 Texas 3l7 Doctor- awyer- Merchant- Chief. . . J as ,L , 'mx' v , gf 0 -0 ' dh 1 s. I ' f ll ei,- o 'P -a 4 x .2 ., e il I I: ! 4 8 r X 'a C After graduation you'll find new goals to achieve-increas- ingly interesting though some- times difficult. And whatever your goal-in medicine, law or business, you'l1 lind America's free enterprise system offers ever-growing opportunities and rewards for successful accom- plishment. To make your job easier you'll find Reddy Kilowatt elec- tric power an able helper - a partner working for Better Liv- ing for America. N Q G U LI STATES O0 X f e al I, '- Q 4 , ,,, 0 UTILITIISS co., 041 E 41 ' dx C SIB DEPENDABLE CompIimen+s of DRUGGIST PRICE AND COMPANY Wholesale Only Cigars, Candies, Tobacco, and Sundries, Schrafffs Famous Candies, Bracks Famous Bag Candies S1'ore No. I-3648 l6'rl'1 S+. S1'ore No. 2-260I 7+l1 S+. Sfore No. 4-3838 Main Ave. 80' Housfon Avenue in Groves YU 2-9494 PORT ARTHUR PLUMBING C0. 2 I O I BIuebonne+ YUIion 5-8895 G. S. BELK GRO. 81 MKT. 3030 9+h Avenue Dial YU 5-4742 Fancy Groceries, MeaI's, and Vege+abIes MARI E'S FASHION Where 'rhe Red CarpeI' Is Always Ou'I' 4320 Procfer YUIcon 3-265I Sporiswear Is Our SpeciaI+y ALL WORK GUARANTEED BONEAU'S RADIO SERVICE Radio and Television Sales and Service AIso Record Shop 24I5 I6+I1 SI'ree'I' YU 5-7220 Besf of Luck 'Io +he Senior CIass of '6I. Your PCI. 2 Commissioner, T. B. ELLISON 525 Lakeshore Drive Phone YUIcon 2-945I DISMU KES COMPANY FurniI'u re Appliances 428 WACO AVENUE YUIcon 5-745I "EsIabIished in I9I2" KINGS PHARMACY The Prescripfion Shop 3046 Proc'I'er Por'r Arfhur, Texas KINGS PHARMACY 2349 Procrer Por'r Ar'I'hur, Texas YUkon 3-4545 Fasi DeIivery Service 320 Congra+ula+ions 'ro +he Class of I96l xXlQ TT' Ill From JEWELRY AND DIAMONDS 440 Procfer YU 2-9488 CAZAUX FRANK GROC. 81 MARKET A Full Line of Qualify Groceries-Meals Poulfry--Fish Frui+s and Vegerables Fully Air-Condifionecl 2500 l6'l'l1 S'I'ree'l'-YU 2-57II HINOTE ELECTRIC COMPANY DIAL YU 3-3349 Elecfric Con+rac'I'ors Ho'l'poin1' Appliances PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS Besl' Wishes, Seniors of 'bl Charmingly YoursL-l.- SIXTEENTH STREET DRUG STORE Prescrip'I'ion Specialisfs Free Delivery 23l6 Sixfeenih S+. Phone YUkon 2-6428 C. A. MARTOY PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS Regisiered Pharmacisi' Our Bes+, Seniors '6l JEFFERSON CAFETERIA Q - A Ciilfgrrg for "Wl1ere you expecl Hue besl 'Eff TTR' J, GCC-TIGR and find il even bel'ler." ful. T ng a C TURNBULLS DOWNTOWN CAFETERIA X'x01g,,,El.ik-ggag 2325 p,-ocfer 635 5+l1 S1'ree+ " A JEWELRY MRS. MURPHY CHATAGNIER M. 601+ and Fooibali Sweefhead Jeanie I-ioilingsworih 1960-6l For +he Finesi' QuaIi+y, See Us, W. L. JAMES AND SON Building Materials Lumber-Paint 3830 SIXTEENTH STREET DIAL YUkon 3-6733 WlLEY'S SHOES "SHOES FoR LADIES-LAsslEs" 6I2 Proc'I'er Pori' Ar'rhur. Texas 7I7 Ryan Sfreei' 4 Lake Charles, Louisiana 4 4 1 Complimenfs of CRAIG STEVENSON INSURANCE 425 6'l'h S+ree+ P.O. Box 909 Pori' Arl'hur, Texas 1 a'Ai"-- a-,-4 an aa,.,,a V Epyrafi 5 'v"- "'a .l,Q.,. , ,aa,a,.., 2 a.... f -- . .,a-.4Q. 1 .i A A-... 1 "1 .... -.-- 1 1.535 ""' ffif' -"" .. ,.l 'fa 11f5.""'?'Tf V-51, .... -.. .,.. .." :fr-s'z:sfa.:-W-211.1 A 5I5',,eI'22.4ff .... 2 b ,A,-vA V,V.,, .,,,,N I "" S .'v.,.a fiff?212i2Q251. .a., ',a. S A' 1':f:q ,--'-' 'AS"A .-.- "" f S. ""'VV' "W rw-1: f'- '- - 'if:" Q.::2?i51 1.-77" V. "5fZ5'ff?'rf:iI'?2b If 'f ' Ii'I225::1:l"?'f'f2f' ig A'::f::'f:f:E::::: Ji." -- ?:?if"l 2112?Saz1fif?ff111ff-Affii ""' " ,,a,' E25 2 ,s 'ff1ff? f :1'ffGE15.i M -Q11-'11 -gfi1g1E,5i25f5s5i555S1f:gagsisjzjijsisisiaiaisisi?'fa Ei? . ' .5sEEi2z'::2, 3 x i ' ', f ...a' S ,.,. .a,aa ' goes A"" 3 " 'E' 3555251 .,.' ' v.,wi,..iff 1 '? , an 'QA' ' 2 2 , 513155 95515 fiffffjf if f """' 5 9- '1E5:fgSg,,'rEr. ---.- fig , Mff25'Q'H1W" , I 55.1 ,.,. 1 , . .f-1-f-1-1, gf ilifff fr 5 "" ' -if '""'+' 1- . .5'5,Q.'1.Q551g5i25s5?55 , E 15.,g2g1:i.2:':1ff41511"' , : s 5 52Q2f5fi2i2E, S005 -1-'44 , nvins aaaa a aaaa -' ' ' V. S... .. , if3i3.f?'7f5?,5 rgijfiii 'S "" ',.,... i " "" '-'- S ' a,aaa A .-,a V 1 SAAS rw. A - A ,',, A ,h:55f-- gf:'f1'353f 5 2 a A aS S r aaa r ...gfacfw 6'HSf'S'f Mfg m 5 home ffm 6 gm-fmg me 1 aaaa W aaa S r ', r , ,. ,V ,.:-:-:-:-:-:: -.-, ,-.- 1 45:-:-'f"" ' , "-:-:-:-:-, for friends you enjoy Make your enfertafnrng fun and fashronabfe ""' with smart cooking separates-a wa!! oven and surface burners ' ' . S placed to please you. And do rnsrst on gas unffs. .. A iradftfonalfy hrlgh fashion, hrgh quafffy, fow cost! SCD'U"I'I-IERJN' UNION' GAS COMPANY 323 MIKE'S FOOD STORE 2320 IOII1 S'IreeI' YU 5-8I42 EL CHARRO RESTAURANT Specializing in Mexican Food I8I4 Housfon Ave. Dial YUIcon 3-9605 Come and Try Our Delicious Tacos Complimenfs of PORT ARTHUR AUTHORIZED AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION CLEGC-5 MOTORS MINGLE MOTOR COMPANY COLEMAN OLDSMOBILE-CADILLAC RAIFORD MOTORS INMAN CHEVROLET CO. KLEAS-LATHAM MOTOR CO. LINN MOTOR COMPANY J. C. ROBISON BUICK WEAVER-SCLERANDI PONTIAC TRAWEEK DRY GOODS 5I4 S'IacIium Rcl. YU 2-9357 CompIimen'Is of Your SI'a'Ie Senafor JEP S. FULLER A. L. REYNOLDS 81 SON All Forms of Insurance l435-37 Procfer S+ree+ Dial YUkon 3-2774 CAMPUS FASHIONS For BeH'er Ready-fo-Wear and BeH'er Campus Casuals 2335 Procfer YUkon 2-709I PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS Clofhing, Ha'rs, Shoes McGregor Spor+swear HOLLEY ANDREWS 640 Proc+er S'rree'r PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS Phone YUkon 5-47I6 EARLE B. HOLLEY R. ROY ANDREWS Dis+inc+ive Men and Boys' Wear ATKINS AND HOFFPAUIR Congra'rula+ions, Seniors '6l A JEFFERSON COUNTY 'P':f:Jl1A2'ff:ff SH Service ai' 20II Bluebonne'r CHERRY FURNITURE CO. 3009 I 6'rh S+ree+ Pori' Ar+hur, Texas YU 2-8495 lefi' +o righi' are Joe efon Sigler, Roberf Wood, Frances Moak, Claudeflre Hilliard. and Charles FOURTH AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH 3200 Thomas YU 3-I66I STORM wnnows " Phone YUkon 5-8442 I half L. A. Ma'rhis Rufus Nunez AND SCREENS COLLAZO ALUMINUM SHOP Cusfom BuiI'r Aluminum Screen Doors Screens, Awnings, Blinds and Windows of AII Types AUTO SUPPLY CompIe'I'e Gulf Service 27 I 9 7I'h S'I'reeI' Com pIimen+s of G. D. DUHON FURNITURE I6Ih S'I'reeI' and 9I'h Avenue Ph YUIc - one on 5 24" 30I Proc+er S'rreeI Phone YUIcon 5-58lI YAKIE SUPPLY COMPANY Serving Sabine Area for 35 Years Every+hing AuI'omo+ive CompIeIe Machine Shop Service 225 AUSTIN AVE. DIAL YU 5-4328 327 Sales - Service Renials - Supplies CITY TYPEWRITER COMPANY All Makes Machines . ..C-nr:-:r:::23r''iiilifilififiliiwilif Pzfzim 2211-1-WI"1:-1f:1:ifSrE12:1-52:5:5:5:::5::::::.:f.,.,.. . 1 I "AGT:-:iz-.. Li H R Y "i -rf..-A-. ....-:rw ' c':3:i:ZF:':A:-.A.-. . . . .EP A.-:P:4:E7:f53:':':"' ' . . . . .,. .v.-.-Q.-E:-E:-.-.-W . .s..e..,.,.,,.3.,,N,.,.,.,.,x.,.+.E,.,., . . Ol m ia PHONE YU 2-I57I Y P ai47++.sTREET FURNITURE TYPEWRITERS PORT ARTHUR. TEXAS STORE P T 422I I6+h S+. CAPPS AND DON RICHARDS CLOTHES YU 5-5553 KNOX AND CHAMP HATS VAN HEUSEN SHIRTS BOSTONIAN AND MANSEIELD SHOES 735 Proc'I'er YU 5-soaz LAN DRY'S Shop and Save aI' SPENCE BATTERY AND ELECTRICAL COMPANY Genuine EIeC+riCaI Par+s 32I Sevenfh S+. Dial YU 3-4522 and 33IO Six'I'een'I'h S+. Dial YUkon 5-5588 Porf Arihur, Texas PLUMBING CO. Sani+a+ion, Comfori and Safe+y of 'Ihe Home 3232 25+h ST. YU 3-2854 TRITICO'S PHARMACY Prescrip'I'iOn 947 7I'h S1'ree'I' YU 5-5555 328 PINKSTON'S GARAGE- WINKLER AUTO SUPPLY CO. 3006 I6th Street YU 3-42I6 Why agonize with new car pay- ments? We can make your old car run like new! We specialize in repairing all makes ot trans- missions. The The The The The The The SHORT COURSE IN HUMAN RELATIONS 6 most important words: I Admit I Made A Mistake 5 most important words: I Am Proud Ot You. 4 most important words: What Is Your Opinion? 3 most important words: It You Please. 2 most important words: Thank You. I .most important word: We. least important worcl I. We wish you Success, Happiness ancl Health . . . Drs. Norman and Margaret Plgg Chiropractors W ONE STOP 'SEI'-ZVICE K" Auto and Truck Repairs Ottlclal Inspection Station Motor Tune Ups 3,55 .gi Complete ri' Wheel Balancing and Alignment Complete Brake Service Auto and Truck Springs RAYS SPRING SERVICE JOHN E. RICHARD--Owner y 349 7th YU 3-42I6 JUDICE'S CURRIES Home of 'rhe Crazy Frenchman Serving This Area for 35 Years 3005 Sevemih S+' I303 DeQueen Blvd. I449 I-I-iciigosn Ave. Your Leading Homeiown Grocer 950 Nimh Ave. ROMERO'S All' COI'ldi'i'i0l1ed Service Wifh a Smile 3400 'wh S+' 37I4 Lewis Road We Never Close 447 Ff. Worfh Ee Th rift-q hop Tlrriff-way - I . . n -1I'1'211'1'1ffff1 ' ' ATLANTIC TH RI FT-WAY WI LTZ Giani' Food Siore 370I Aflaniic Road PORT ACRES GROVES. TEXAS -x You 'foo can be heal+hy if you can be ihriffyi shop a+ ThriH-Way S'I'ores. ZF . is CompIimenI's of BLUE BONNET BOOT AND SADDLE SHOP YU 3-9645 WHERE THE HUSSAR'S BOOTS ARE HANDLED WITH CARE "Your Shoe HospiTaI" Jefferson and Orange Counfies' 2204 Bluebonnef MacAr+hur Shopping Cenfer PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS x On The Mall ORANGE, TEXAS p TU 3-Qooa SHOES DYED. REFINISHED REPATENT. REGLAZED. "Mos+ Modern and CompIe+e Shoe Repair Shops" For League Reservaiions -, A ' .- f ff , ,-V fffffsii' mWs,,4,.,,,w,,,WWVVZT?,, z I Af f .gwezzwmm ff 7 'm.w.,,.,,,ay' M f' i zczmsm SNACK BAR .v 4 71 ,M 5 Joe Hagin. Manager AIR CONDITIONED AUTOMATIC PINSETTERS TEL-E-SCORES FREE PARKING RESTAURANT NURSERY SHOE RENTAL "" OPEN BOWLING .MH I-.ff L? Kg W sm.,,,q-Eff I, ff 1 Z wif.. ,fff z 421 Wyff' M w 2 -Q ,ff ' 4 ,fwfr 53? Z TUMBLEWOOD LANES FREE INSTRUCTION M SUBWAY BALL RETURN SYSTEM 4500 Twin Cify Highway - Groves, Texas - WO 2-5766 1.- A Good Luclc, Seniors PORT 237 Wes'r Ninlh S+ree'I' YU 3-6677 MU RRAY'S BEAUTY SHOP 'Beaufy ls Near You" l837 Sfadium Rd. YU 2-4978 TNNEEDEL BROS TE o i AUTO SUPPLY, INC. Compleie ONE STOP SERVICE Dial YUkon 5-2I3I, 260l 9 Ave. Road Service Tires-BaHeries-Accessories STEPHEN SCALCO PRODUCE "Wl1a+ we sell keeps you well" PHONE YU 2-3976 l452 Houslon Ave., Porl' Arl'l1u ALAMo "S GLASS and MIRROR co. I 547 Procfer YU 3- I 696 ddie 81 JLm's Coiffu res Tinling and Color Specialis+s Original Sfyles shi 'Wd saw 45 by Experl' Sfylisi I Xxl E hi b S 2 'l Arpoliiiimeiihs Z ' x - SUPER MARKET RR 1 YU 3,4003 2400 Memorial H' h 630 Procfer YU 5-aan 'g way REY Drive In Specializing in TACOS DELICIOUS Complimenis of MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK PORT ARTHU R, TEXAS HICKS ELECTRIC CO. I 1 YU 2-2333 CECIL HICKS 22:0-lo S+. CMIYJOVFWS PARK PLACE LANES, INC. 24-Hour BOWLING "Fine Foods Served 24 Hours a Day in Our Resiauraniu BOWLING SUPPLIES Call Day or NigI'1'Is YUIKOn 3-I686 X PORT ARTHUR "HN URNITURE LIVING ROOM DINING ROOM BED ROOM APPLIANCES 3I00 I6II1 S+. YUlcon 3-3396 "II Pays . . . Io Shop OUT a Ways!" OTE ELECTRIC COMPANY Dial YU 3-7866 Eleclric Con+racI'ors Ho'IpoinI' Appliances 420I l6+l1 S'I'. Porl' Ar+I1ur, Texas I + 1-. ' ' ', I 'z Vw I 1 A w . , f".lI .I 447 5+h S+ree+ A -l- ll l P I YU 3-5511 "6 I "-VIH lj x YU 2-273l M 'R .T If .ll QI I . V P' U v , l , I I We Service Whalr We Sell I'-I s:.ri A I-I I , FAMOUS BRAND NAMES ll.-ll 2 A I F DI' ' U I-A aiiclrms' 'TT' Af I - ' T' Porl' ArI'I1ur, Texas A. E. SCOTT FURNITURE 334 Complimenfs of MARTINS LUMBER CORPORATION "BUILD IT YOURSELF WE FINANCE" 4OI-6II1 Sfreei YU 5-8835 Por'I' ATIIIUF, Texas CONGRATULATION From Your CRANE PLUMBING DISTRIBUTION SABINE NECHES SUPPLY COMPANY 800 S'I'ac'Iium Rd. 56506 Sqf- Come Io COBURN SUPPLY CO. 2II O Memorial Drive "SEE OUR DISPLAY ROOM" TI1rif+y Nif+y 5700 32nd S'Iree+ if ,"" :rf 5 ' 'I'- ',,' I , .- If ,'," 5 I ,I A - - L'f1iyffwf, -. r f , f:,1f,zf f -3214-1'-' .. , X ' J Vi1.f2f'75 'I-in 'f-' ffff'fV7ifHj?-3? ' 'I if J , I . - Iv . jg ., .I 'I,', i ff :gf I I I 'E'I I .I I 4 , In , " , k'Q' f ' .45 F ' , ,',',' I - - I ,'f, I- ff' . f I f .5 - fy V If . n 1 I Q fu I v A 4 ,IE' 4 Kff ffi-fyflgi f if"4W.42f I :Iii If f K f , . 1 F. M. PRIMEAUX, Proprieior M. C. Cleaners 81 Tailors "The Home of Fine Cleaning" AGENT FOR AVON PARKICLOTHES TUXEDO RENTAL 2825 ProcI'er YU 2-4 I 3 I PITTSBURGH PORT ARTHUR SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION PLATE GLASS COngra+uIaIiOnS IO The Class OI '6I When II' is 'rime +o build your new home see us for all of your.gIass needs. SAVINGS INSURED SAFE by FEDERAL SAVINGS sf LOAN CORPORATION "Any AmounI' . . . WiII Open an Accoun'I" ReaI EsIaI'e Loans 'For Buying-Building or Remodeling 430 Ausiin YU 2-9485 342I Twin Ciiy WO 2-5763 9 I 4 PROCTER 'YU 3-5676 For League ReservaI'ions Phone WO 2-5766 WO 2-5767 A ,lf I III,.,,,-f f ff I I TUMBLEWOOD LANES fi 4500 TWIN CITY HIGHWAY ' GROVES, TEXAS ' WO 2-5766 1Qj'D C221 SLT' t--Q' :gig AIR CONDITIONED AUTOMATIC PINSETTERS TEL-E-SCORES FREE PARKING RESTAURANT NURSERY SNACK BAR SHOE RENTAL OPEN BOWLING FREE INSTRUCTION SUBWAY BALL RETURN SYSTEM LYDAY'S GULF SERVICE "We Pick Up and Deliver" 500 7+h ST. YU 3-6679 Complimenfs of SABINE NECHES Auto Association I700 Wooclworlh YU 3-I I25 2 'TTY - BLUE BONNET GUARANTEE SHOE STORE 5 FLORIST Gives CongraI'ula'I'ion ' , Gilt? SISJTIS 'ro Seniors of Tas+e 1960-el fe' 7II PROCTER YU 3-6606 YU 2-6474 I848 I3+h S+. ALBERT and PAULINE KROHN SIMS PLUMBING CO. Member of N.A.P.C. PLUMBING AND HEATING AIR CONDITIONING Wafer Healers Washers and Dryers Dishwashers and Disposals Open Till Noon Salurclay I50I I0 S+. YU 5-8430 CLAYTON AND THOMPSON FUNERAL HOME and GRAMMIER-OBERLE UNDERTAKERS Congralulalions Io Ihe Graduales 2I05 Proc'I'er YU 5-5504 2500 Procfer YU 3-663I IF ws GOOD FOOD ' EEINQTS You wANr . .. L HEBERT .JE F851 A W - 7,3473 GROCERY CLAUDE HOLMES af SON N dugg Insurance v Agency 3300-25+h S+. YU 2-0121 ADAMS BLDG. YU 3-4558 PORT ARTH U R TRANSIT COMPANY "For POr+ Arfhurans On Hue GO" 7I5 HOUSTON YU 2-4923 A. GOUVVIER FURNITURE CO. Q S - FOR un 1 Q 5 ', YOu cAN RELAX :N.-- 840 7+h S+ YU 5-8632 ROSE RIDGE FLOWERS 8' ' , Complimenis GREENHOUSE L + Six '63 Seniors 3849-28'rh S+. YU 2-2632 SOUTHERN DEL MAR PASTRY SHOP TOBACCQ 3, CANDY CQ O QQ WA WMZ 3 BREAD 'l?,wJpASTR,ES-M eo: 7+h S+. YU 3-3388 730 9+h Ave. YU 3-480I 338 HAMPTON'S Is the Finest ond Largest Furniture Store Between Houston and New Orleans Withea Price tor Every Pocketbook AUTOGRAPHS Would you like 'lo be a pharmacisf? ln America as in no olher couniry you have 'lhe righ+ +o choose wha+ you would like fo do +o make a living. Our sys+em of free enlerprise, coupled wifh our sysfem of free educafion, is unparalleled in producing a happy individual in a free, democralic sociefy. Mulkey's Prescriplion Pharmacy believes in our coun1'ry's fulure and in our qfudeni' body as 'l'he cilizens who will make +ha'r fu'l'ure great HKW , WK K 9i'2Z'fffff W W ,i,., , ,M ,IG f f W V- ., i f'fif1fQf,,f y, - , V , Y ,Mg N2 -f' 'Z WW " ' ' i lili fy 145,713 'QW 'fC'QfC'g7 75 V L' if F d W f Io choose . . . I x G dg des Our y fl q MULKEY PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY INC. YU 235666 Q 2805 PRCCTER A Abraham, Helen-28, 167, 178, 212, 228, 231 Abshire, Mary-28, 192, 212 Adams, Mary Beth-28, 285 Adams, Rose-28 Aleman, Olivie-28, 180, 211, 226, 230, 286,287,288,289 Alexander, Winifred-28, 197 Allen, Kathleen-28, 171, 184, 187, 190, 220 Allgood, jerry-28, 163, 179, 183 Anderson, Gabrielle-28, 196, 197, 202 Anderson, Barry-5, 28, 236, 243, 263, 264 Andrews, Frank-28, 196, 197, 212 Andrus, Andy-28, 85, 137 Andrus, Robert-28, 265, 266, 267, 268 269 Aquilina, Lo Sam-28, 202 Ariso, Linda-28, 180, 228 Arisco, Mary-29, 223 Armentor, Barbara-29 Arnold, johnny-29, 196 Atchison, Clarence-29 Atchison, Sammy-29, 90 Austin, Sharon-29, 200 Avila, Carl-29 B Babino, Bobbie-29, 286, 290, 291 Baggese, Mary Catherine-29, 46, 77, 175 176,177,198,212 Bailey, Mike-29, 196, 197 Ball, Don-29, 213 Barnes, Mona-29 Barton, Betty-29, 177 Bass, John-29, 273 Barbosa, Ronald-29 Bates, Marvin-30, 171, 172, 173, 177, 178,195 Baxter, Karen-30, 74, 166, 218 Bayless, Kenneth-30 Beagle, David-30 Beard, Eugene-30 Beckworth, Sandra-30, 174 Bellot, Maurice-30, 212 Bernauer, George-30, 197 Benavidez, Kathleen-30, 180 Benoit, Marie-30, 36, 178 Benson, Mary Carolyn-30, 171, 194 Bernard, Roland-30 Berry, Milton-30, 206, 195 Bertrand, Judy-30, 215 Bilbo, Charles-30, 199, 214 Black, Billy-31, 202, 273 Blanchard, Donna-31, 202, 228, 230, 286 287 Blanchard, Susan-31, 174, 202 Boclden, Dorthy-31, 213 Bodden, Harold, 31, 196 Boehme, Rebecca-31, 180, 202 Boote, Ann-31, 47, 179, 190, 192 Bordelon, john-31 Borel, Tames-31 342 1 Senior Index Boutte, William-3 1 Bradberry, Tommy-431 Brantley, Cindy-31, 36, 79, 88, 126, 127, 128, 129, 137, 138, 141, 184, 202, 207, 220,223 Breaux, Peggy-31, 46, 78, 130, 180, 181 207,211,228,23O Breckenridge, Bob-31, 142, 167, 182, 202 3 1 Davis, Gene-23, 34, 130, 137, 143, 166 167,202,207,237 Davis, Howard-35, 197 Davis, jim-35, ,197 Davis, Janice-35, 47, 194, 202, 286, Dean, Catherine-35, 184, 187, 206, 207 211 Deckard, Cheryl-35, 100, 143, 175 206, 207' 220 Deriso jimmy 35 B d E 1 - ' ' roussar , ve yn 31, 196 DeVillier, Robert-35, 90, 167, 170, 195, Broussard, Gary-32 206 Broussard, Helen-32, 100, 1661 176, 215 Dickerson, Janice-35, 100, 176 Bfoussafiwavne-52,139 Domingue, Jean Kay-35, 176, 212, 285, Brown, Myrtle-32, 88, 143 286, 237 Burdett, Fay-32, 136, 180, 228 Dominguez, Corina-35, 168, 286, 287, Burge, David-32 291 Bufge7Judith-32 Doyle, Pat-35, 86, 101, 130, 162, 163, Buvinghausen, Janelle-32, 140, 162, 184, 2012091214316 187, 195, 202, 207 DuBOiS, Carol-55, 194, 207, 285, 286 Byrd, Karen-32, 130, 202, 207, 211, 228, Duckworth, Leonard-23, 35, 237, 245, 250, 286 248, 251, 252 C Duhon, Rodney-35, 195, 206 Calhoun John'-'32 DUmCSH1l, Jeff'-275, 216 Can. Jimmy-32 Duplantis, Betty-38 carter, Carl-32, 56, 79, 126, 129, 137, Dupontfibat-387285 236, 252 Dupy, Diana-38, 95, 130, 162, 163, 184, Cary,,:afen-32,281,283,287,29O gif, 189, 195, 202, 207, 209, 210, 228, Castaneda, jesse-32 E Castaneda, jimmy-32, 272 Cates, Ouida--33, 192 Caughlin, Tommy-33, 180, 182, 206, 207, 211 Cazemier, Harry-33, 130, 195, 202, 206 Chaddrick, Bob-33 Chamberlain, jerry-33 Chatagnier, Irvin-33 Christian, Nancy-33, 194, 281, 285, 286, 287,291 Clary, Leslie-33, 100, 176, 177 Clonney, Thomas-33 Cloar, Linda-33, 175 Coffman, Jack-33, 195, 202, 206 Coffman, Natt-33, 46, 195, 202, 206 Coleman, Nova-33, 138, 195, 202, 206, 207,220,222,286,287 Comeaux, Sharin-33, 162, 167 Cooper, Janice-33, 167, 228 Corley, Shirley--34, 96, 196, 215 Cormier, Donald-34 Courville, Milda-34 Cowling, Randy-34, 196 Cox, Carole--34, 196 Cox, Linda, 34, 220 Crawford, Charles--34 Crawford, Shary-34, 182, 207, 216 Crochet, Johnny-34 D D'Abadie, Cherie-34, 126, 142, 184, 187 202,207 Daigle, Ida Nell-34, 176, 177, 178, 180, 192,285,2s6,2s7 1DaHid, Pat-34, 100, 101, 167, 211, 227 230,231,286,2S7,2S9 Daniel, Mary Ann-34, 130 Darnell, William, 34, 195, 206 Ederly, Howard--38 Emmons, Judy-22, 38, 286 English, Beverly-38, 202, 228 English, Johnnie-38, 192, 215 Erickson, john-38, 256, 264 Escagne, Diann-38 F Faulk, Gladys-38 Faulkner, Ruthi-38 Fears, Judy-38 Feemster, Tommy-39 Felder, Steve-292 Ferguson, Linda-38, 88, 184, 187, 188, 220,286,287 Ferguson, Clifton-38 Fitzner, Paul-38 Flores, Margarita-39 Fogleman, Evelyn--39, 99, 171, 184, 202, 220 Franklin, Allen-39 Foreman, Janice-39, 136, 180, 228 Fontenot, Kenneth-39, 216 Franz, Vivian-39 G Gachassin, Dolores-39 Gallion, Sandra-39, 197 Garcia, Edward-39 207, 211, Gartin, Sue-39, 127, 129, 130, 141, 162 202,211,220,222,286,291 Gaspard, Barney-39 Gaspard, Roy-39, 197 Gennusa, Paul-39 Gerace, Joanne-39, 163, 202, 204 Gibbons, Bill-40, 89, 166 Gibson, Gordon-40 287 Gilbert, Bill-40, 85, 98, 171, 172, 195, 202,206 Gilbert, Robert-41 Givens, Elizabeth-40 Glaze, Barbara-40, 192, 215 Glorioso, Rose Ann-40, 192 Goddertz, Charles-40 Goff, Jane-40, 192, 212, 220, 224 c36ff, Judy-40, 98, 190, 191, 192, 194, 214,216 Golclblum, Randy-40, 137, 182, 202, 204 Gondron, Lucien--40 Goodel, Ted-40 Grantham, David-40 Green, Donnie-41, 195, 206 Gregory, Mary-41, ,100, 126, 130, 184, 186,187,202,228,230 Gres, Louie-36, 41, 166, 167 Griffiths, Richard-41 Guerra, Roy-41 Guidry, Lynda--41, 285, 286, 287, 291 H Haines, Kyle-41, 238, 242, 247, 248, 250, 251,252,253 Hunt, Glenda-43, 47 Hunter, Marcell-43, 175, 215, 228 I Ienna, Carlo-43, 196 I jackson, Dennis-43 Jayroe, Donna-44, 164, 202, 220 jenkins, Bill-44, 292 Jernigan, Larry-44 johnson, Bert-44 Johnson, Glenn-44, 89, 142, 166, 167 175 Johnson, Jimmy-44, 180, 239, 251, 252 253 Johnson, Kyk-44,46,195 johnson, Bill-44 Johnstone, joy-44, 175 jones, Kay-44 Jones, Don-44, 197 jones, Linda Alice-44, 166, 213 Jones, Linda jean--44, 197 Jones, Ronnie--44, 77, 93, 95, 100, 127 128,131,137,138,14O,178,218,220 jones, Sharon-45, 98, 179, 184, 194, 195 5 7 Hammock, Deith-41, 192, 215 Hammock, Sherry-41, 197 Hamilton, Mickey-41 Hanson, John-41, 195, 206 Hatchett, Jeanette-41 Hawsey, Johnny-36, 41 Hazleton, Charles-41 Heath, Beverly-42, 86, 195, 206, 220, 222,285,285,286,291 Hebert, Anita-42 Hebert, Dixon-42 Hebert, Melba-42, 177, 178, 215 Hebert, Nancy-42, 215 Hebert, Wade-42, 180 Hester, Doyle-42 Phcks, Jay-42, 79, 150, 136, 141, 179, 182,202,238,254 Higginbotham, Neil-42, 216 Hilliard, Claudette-42, 95, 166, 167, 180, 207,211,227,23O Hollander, Dennis-42, 167, 182, 194, Hinson, johnny-42 Holbrook, Dale-42 Holier, james-42, 196 Hollingsworth, Jessie-42, 79, 87, 94, 206,207,227,230,231,243 292 130, 202,206,207,226,250,286 joubert, Geniua-45, 192, 194 judice, Claire-44, 45, 171 judice, Paul--45 Judme,rnCk-44,45,196,216 Iungen, Edward-45, 175, 198 Jurischk, Edwin-45, 195, 198, 206 K Kay, David-45, 198 Kelley, Anne-45 Kendrick, Judith-45 Kerr, Sandra-45, 197, 200, 202 Kesman, james-45, 171 Killingsworth, Charles-45, 136, 195, 202 207,240,264 Kincaid, jimmy-45 Kilgore, james-45 King, Patsy-48, 100, 176 Kinnaircl, Frances-48, 197 Kirkendall, Charles-48, 162, 195, 202 206 Kline, Morton-48 Klebba, Mary Ellen-48, 95, 137, 184, 187 207,228,231,29O Knight, Reagon-23, 47, 48, 265, 273 1 2 Holtman, Bill-43, 46, 78, 197 Holzapfel, Helen-43, 180, 202 Holtzclaw, Gordon-43 Hooks, Roy-22, 43, 90, 137, 136, 138, 166, 167, 141, 207, 213, 239, 252, 266, 267 Horton, Thomas-43 Howard, Aubrey-21, 43, 266, 267, 268 269 Hubert, Gay-43, 190, 192 Hudson, Alice-43, 98, 138, 194, 207, 208 Geebel, Milton--43, 197 Huff, Deeana-5, 43, 96, 130, 175, 178, 198 Hull, Myra-43, 216 L Land, james-48 Landry, joseph-46, 48, 101, 195, 199 206,240,252 Lawson, Lamar-17, 36, 46, 48, 77, 101 127, 127, 129, 130, Lawrence, Raymond-48 Leavins, Marian-48 241,249,252 LeBlanc, Glenn-48 LeBlanc, Julie-48, 162, 195, 202, 204, 206 LeBlanc, Weldon-48, 195, 206 LeQuey, Bill-49, 175 LeBoeuf, Linda--49, 87, 197 LeDoux, Nancy-49, 285, 287 Legate, Richard-49, 98, 102, 213, 241, 243,251,252 LeLeux, Bonnie-49 Letulle, Tommy-49, 197 Light, Shannon-49 Lofton, Anne-49, 103, 130, 166, 203, 226, 230,289 Lona, Mary-49, 168 Lopez, Francisco-49 Lopez, johnny-49, 168 Lopez, Rudy-49 Lott, Oscar-49 Loukas, Diane-49, 126, 127, 171, 172, 180,207,212,228,230,286,287 Lowther, Sarah Ann-50, 212, 220 Lozano, Virginia-50, 168, 180 Ludwig, Ray-50, 98, 130, 182, 203, 207, 220 M McBeth, Peggy-50, 100, 127, 129, 130, 157, 140, 143, 184, 187, 188, 205, 206, 207, 228, 230 McConathy, Kay-50, 192 McCrary, Larry-50, 213 McCue, Pat-50, 162, 192, 206 MCCurley, John-50, 256, 261, 262, 263, 266, 267, 268 McDaniel, Mary-50 McDonald, Betty-50, 165 McDlwee, Kenneth-50 McFatter, Charles-50, 84, 137, 142, 182, 195,203,206,220 McGrew, Mike-50, 175 McMonagle, Mickey--50 McMahon, Carol-50, 221 McQueen, David-51 Machalek, Cynthia-51, 175 MacKenroth, 'Grover-5 1, 1 80 Mahaffey, Bruce-51, 136, 195, 206 Mallet, Cecil-51, 196 Malone, joe-51, 199 Marsh, Sandy-51, 190,' 191, 192, 212 Marsh, Susan-51, 90, 130, 186, 188, 212, 223 Martinez, Linda-51, 168, 212 Martinez, Lupe-51, 190, 191, 192 Mason, Eva-51, 197 Mathrole, Patty-51, 171, 180 May, Louis-51, 213 Mayberry, Alton-51 Mayea, Maureen-52, 180 Maxfield, james-52, 180, 216, 241, 251, 252 Menchaca, Robert-52, 139 Midgette, Gervis-52, 216 Miquez, Carol-52, 176, 212 Miller, Grady-52, 199, 215 Miller, Ivan-52, 171 Miller, Mary Kay-52 Miller, Ollie-52 Mills, Robert-52 Milner, Buzz-52, 137, 139, 140, 257, 263 266, 267, 269, 270 Miner, john-52 Mire, Barbara-52 343 Moak, Frances-52, 194 Mock, Ann-52, 184, 187, 188, 203, 221 Montagne, Sheri-53 Montana, Ricky-53 Moon, Janis-53, 95, 102, 130, 180, 194, 207,228 230 Morgan, Sharon-53, 197 Moritz, Carol-53, 162, 165 203, 206, 207, 228, 230 Moss, Merrill-53, 88, 192, 203 207, 228, 230, 286, 291 Moyer, james-53, 203, 206, 221, 272, 273 Munlin, Larry-53 Myers, jerry-53, 197 N Nacol, Marie-53, 180 Norment, jimmy-53 Nunez, Lynn-53 Nunez, Sandra-53 103, 167, 212, 220, 221, 224 Nusorn, Gaynell-53, 180, 221 Nutr, David-36, 53, 76, 176, 140, 257, 258,263,271,272 O Oakley, Virginia-54, 166, 167, 174, 206, 217, 228,230,231 Orozco, Edward-54 Oteri, john-54, 270 Owens, Charlotte-54 Owings, Linda-54, 96, 178, 182, 198, 211 P Pace, Nelda-54, 180, 211, 228 Pardue, Ann-54, 96, 190, 192, 285 Parent, Linda-54, 167, 223 Parent, Lionel-54, 100, 166, 167, 195, 206, 266, 267, 269, 270 Pastorick, Monty-54 Patrick, Bo-Peep-46, 54, 72, 137, 141, 174, 227, 230 Payne, James-54, 182, 203 Pecorino, Emma Rose-54, 192 Perron, Donald-54 Pitre, Billy-54, 195, 206 Porter, Erleen-55, 128, 171, 172, 180, 181, 203, 210, 219, 228, 230, 231 Porter, Tim-55 Powers, Alice-55, 196 Price, Johnnie-55, 195, 206 Primeaux, Micka-55, 216, 266, 268 Proft, Frances-36, 55, 161, 171, 172, 184, 187,188,203,204 Q Quebedeaux, Jimmy--55 Quick, Elliot-55 R Ramirez, Mary Helen-5 5, 94, 212 Reeves, Robert-55 Reeves, Harvey-55, 75, 95, 213, 242, 244, 251, 252, 253 Richard, Harold-21, 55 Richard, Russell-47, 55, 139 Richards, Melinda-55 Richerson, Tim-55, 176, 194 Riegner, Susan-164, 192, 228, 230, 231 344 Riley, Linda-140, 166, 184, 185, 187, 203, 204, 229, 230 Robinson, Sandra Roddy, Garland-257, 262, 263, 271 Rodgers, james Rogers, Diana-178, 179 Rogers, Linda Roll, Van-196, 197, 206 Romero, Carolyn-167, 192, 195, 206, 212, 287, 291 Roussel, Bill-195, 203, 206 Roy, Pat-96, 168, 169, 171, 178, 287, 291 Ruiz, Olivia-192 Russell, john- Russell, Kathryn-213 Ryan, Mike-176, 195, 206 S Salem, Glenn Sandoval, Jack-78, 90 Saulsberry, Charlyn-78, 130, 138, 167, 171, 219 Savant, jerry Scalco, Victor Schexnayder, Sandra-287, 291 Schkade, Carolyn-180, 184, 187, 194, 203, 212 Schroeder, Morgan-92 Scott, Sharon-216, 229, 287 Scroggs, Gerald Shepherd, Robert Sheppard, Gene Sherman, jerry-197 Sherwood, Bobby-196 Sherwood, Celia Shinn, Judy-171, 172, 192 203 204, 207, 220, 221, 285, 286, 287,, 290 i Sigler, Joseph Sirman, Neil-47, 90, 195, 202, 206 Smith, Bobby-182, 208 Smith, Carol-184, 187, 195, 203, 206, 207 221 Smith, Jane-162, 170, 171, 203, 220, 221 286,287,291 Smith, Smith, Karen-207, 208, 216 Lecretia-162, 180, 229, 231, 287 Smith, Olive-180, 203 Smith, Sandra-98, 162, 203, 214, 216. 220, 221, 285 Smitherman, David Snoek, Karlene-130, 175, 203, 229, 230 Solis, Irene-168, 180, 229, 287 Sonnier, john Wayne-245, 257, 263, 264 Soree, Benny-36, 167, 245, 251, 252 Stansbury, Lynn-196, 197 Stephens, Mike Stilwell, Glynn-211 Stokes, Carolyn-183, 203, 211, 241 Stone, jasper-175 Stout, Russell-73, 85, 126, 129, 139, 143, 245,248,251,252 Strange, Mickey Straub, jim-193 Strickland, Kirk Styles, Mary Surrett, john T Tate, Leroy-196 Tate, Morris Templeton, Mary jane-171, 178, 203 Tennant, Mary Beth-192, 221 Teran, Ralph-213 Terrell, Clarence Terrell, Sue-96, 171, 190 Tetreault, Don-95, 246, 264 Thames, Kay-126, 142, 183, 203, 215, 229 Thibedeaux, Darrell Thibodeaux, Jeanette Thibodeaux, Velma-180, 287 Thompson, Glen Tomlin, Linda-76, 95, 131, 140, 142, 178,180,203,207,211,227,230 Torbert, Margaret-197 Traham, Sabra-211, 229, 230, 231 Trevino, Mary Louise-168, 194, 203 Tritico, Guy-182 Tucker, james Tyson, Sylvia-162, 203, 206, 220, 221, 285 V Vamakias, David Van Slyke, Judy-47 Veazey, Manette--171, 176, 177, 178, 180 Vidrine, Beatrice-197 Vincent, joseph W Wallace, Fred-178 Wallace, John-128, 136, 137, 140, 163, 165,203,204,206,207 Ward, Diann Weaver, Preston-272 Weaver, Randle Webb, James Weeks, Carrie-47 Wellburn, Betsy-139, 140, 143, 162, 190, 192,203 Wells, Carolyn Wendlandt, Ingrid-77, 136, 177, 178, 212, 219,285,291 White, Susan-136, 203, 207, 211, 229, 230 Wiley, Billie jo Willins, Eileen Williams, Iris-136, 203 Wisson, Elizabeth-197, 203 Wingfield, Wendy-203, 207, 229, 231 287,291 Wolfe, John-274 Wood, Robert Woodson, Robert-243, 244, 246, 247, 248 250,251,252,253 Woodworth, Wayne-171 Wueller, Shirley-131, 139, 203,: 229, 230 Y Yentzen, Gene-196, 197, 273 A Abraham, Jeff-108 Abshire, Floy-108, 191 Abshire, Royce-108, 197 Adams, Elizabeth-108, 167 Adams, Gloria--108 Adams, Kay-108 Adams, Aubrey-108 Albers, Phil-108 Alleman, jim-108 Allred, Bob-108, 113, 176 Anawaty, Carolyn-108, 116, 176, 181 Anderson, Leni-80, 108, 127, 128, 129, 138, 139, 194, 212 Anderson, Nancy-108, 197 Ardoin, Donna-108, 285 Ardoin, Janice-108, 167 Atchley, David-108 Atkins, Florence-108 Austin, Howard-108 Avilez, Yolanda-108, 169 Axtell, Linda-108, 113, 198 B Baggett, Carolyn-108 Bailey, G. W.-80, 108, 126, 132, 141, 163, 165, 178, 208 Bailey, Gerald-108 Bailey, Geraldine-108 Baker, Kenneth-108 Baker, Mabel-108, 112, 167, 205, 231 Barker, William-108 Balawjder, Mary-108, 169, 190 Ballard, Jackie-108 Barbay, Elaine-108, 184 Barbosa, Mary-108 Barnes, Sue-108, 194, 231 lBarrington, Sherry-108, 122 lBarona, Andres-109 Barron, Archee-109 Bass, Earnesteen-109 Bass, Michael-109 Batic, William-109, 164, 200 Beasley, Lawrence-109, 133, 142, 172, 264 Beauchamp, Benny-109 Berry, Charles-197 Belanger, Pat-109 Bell, Melvin-109 Benjamin, Phillip-109 Berg, David-109 Berg, Donna-109, 181 Bergerson, Mary-109, 194 Junior Index Bielecki, Anthony-109 Birkman, john-109 Blackwell, Brenda-109, 194, 280 Blenderman, Louis-109, 272, 273 Bodle, Myra-109 Bolyard, Charles-109 Boland, George-109 Boles, Linda-109 Bolles, Bob-109, 126, 163, 195 Bonura, Janis-109 Boone, Joel-109, 229, 261, 264 Borres, Michael-109, 292 Boudreaux, Delphe-109 Bourg, Paul-109 Boutin, Kathleen-109, 167, 191 Bowden, Gary-109 Bowker, David-109 Bowman, Elizabeth-109 Boyer, Richard-109 Brabham, Charles-109 Bradley, Sherly-110, 184 Branham, Larry-110, 163 Brasseaux, Shirley-110 Breaux, Geraldine-110 Briggs, William-110 Broussard, Annette-110, 126, 143 Brown, Gayle-110, 164 Brown, Gene-110, 170 Brown, Lois-110 Buckner, Sharon-110 Bullock, Reva-110, 163, 191 Burke, Cecile-110, 197 Burks, Cecil-110 Burroughs, Douglas-110 Butler, Carolyn-110 Byrd, Gene-110, 132, 142, 162 C Cain, Donald-110, 236 Cantu, Roger-110, 133, 142, 169, 195, 292 Cantu, Rudy-110, 206 Cardenas, Manuel--110 Carriere, Wanna-110 Cassel, james-110, 132, 254 Cates, Ray-110, 215 Chambers, Alice-110, 132, 136, 285 Champagne, Charles-110, 163 Chapa, Carolyn-110, 169, 194 Chatagnier, Cherly-110, 167, 208 285 Church, Helen-110 Clark, Clyde-110 , 215, Clary, Terry-110 Cline, Peggy-110 Clingan, Mary-110, 178 Cloar, Ginger-110, 168, 169, 186 Clouse, Bob-111, 164, 218 Cody, Billie-1 1 1 Cody, Carolyn-215 Cole, Robert-1 11 Collazo, Eleanor-1 11, 181 Colletti, Paula-111, 194, 208 Cook, jerry-111, 186 Cormier, Curtis-111 Corley, Clyde-111 Cortez, Edith-111 Coshman, john-1 11 Costley, Carol-111, 164, 181 Craig, Janet-111, 169, 177, 290 Craig, Betty-111, 177, 285 Cricchio, Rose+1 11 Criswell, Barbara-111, 164, 182, 186, 188 Cross, Linda-111, 281 Cutaia, Betty-111, 113, 175, 198 Cunningham, Ernest-111, 266, 267 D Dailey, Juanita-111 Daire, Lynne-111 Dartez, Lillie-111, 191, 290 Dartez, Kay-111, 119, 132, 208, 230 Darville, Robert-111 d'Augereau, Renell-110, 111, 133, 126 191 Dauphine, Karen-111, 169, 181, 194, 285 Davis, James-111, 189, 266, 269 Davis, Judi-110, 111, 136, 181, 191 Davis, Rodney-111 Dearmond, Claudie-111, 181 DeFrates, Earl-111, 256 Dekerlegand, Gene-111 Del-a-Rosa, Maria-111 DeI.eon, Alex-111 Delgadillo, Isabel--112, 132, 169, 181 Demler, Sandraf112, 184, 185, 208 Denton, Wally-112, 121 deSteiguer, Nora-112, 184, 185, 208, 231 Devoll, Dianne-112, 121 DeYoung, Dolly-112, 194 Dilworth, Elizabeth-112, 177, 200 Dixson, Mary-112, 163, 191, 220 Dore, Nancy-112, 285, 290 Dorsey, Tommy-112, 273 Doyle, Janet-112, 213 Drewry, Loraine-112 345 E Earle, David-1 12 Eaves, Jolene-112, 143, 167, 181, 208, 215 Eaves, Michael-112, 264 Eck, Gail-112, 194 Elam, Deanie-112, 194 Ellis, Linda-112, 164 English, Edith-112 Evans, Lucy-112, 162, 165, 186 Ezzelle, Franklin-112 F Faulk, Lex-170, 171 Feltman, Billy-112, 197 Ferris, Sandra-112 Fett, B. J.-112, 133, 195, 208 Fischer, Joan-112, 181 Fitch, Bonnie-112 Folsom, Glenda-17, 110, 112, 211 Fleckman, Martin-112, 256, 261, 274 Fontenot, Joe Ann-112 Fontenot, Steven-112 Foote, Robert-112, 180, 181 Foret, Eloise-112, 136, 289 Foster, Elizabeth-112 Foster, Kent-113 Fox, Tommy-113, 199 G Gail, Leo-122 Gallio, Robert-113 Gallio, Sandra-1 1 3 Garrett, Fan-113, 184, 208 Gartz, Bob-220 Gayle, Leo-113 Gilleavd, Bobby-113 Gesin, John-113, 272 Glass, Mary Ell-113, 132, 137, 142, Gloria, Rachel-113, 133, 181, 208 Goff, Sandie-113, 184, 188, 189 Gongora, Robert-113 Gonzales, Edward-113 Gonzales, Emma-113, 195 Gonzales, James-113 Gooch, Roland-103, 113, 195 Gorday, Peggy-1 13 Grace, Martha-1 13 Graffio, Joe-113 Grantham, Doris-113 Gresham, Ethel-191 Green, Johnny-113, 292 2 167 Griffith, Gwynn-113, 175, 17 Griffith, Joselyn-113, 164 Guest, Allen-1 1 3, 2 14 Gutierrez, Beatrice-113, 169 Gunter , Cecilia-113, 169, 195 Guidry, Beverly-113 Guidry, Edmund-113, 133 Guidry, James-113, 238, 252, Guidry, Harry-113 Guillory, Earline-113 H 6, 198 264 Huffhines, Earle-115 Hunt, Hilton-115, 176, 177, 178 Hunter, Tommy-1 1 5, Hurwitz, Kenf103, 112, 115, 132, 162 165, 195, 205 Hutchins, James-1 15 Hum, Sandie-115, 178, 181, 183, 191 194 I Irvin, Sandy-115 Irvine, Kathy-115, 136, 176, 181, 213 Irwin, Betty-115 Hadclen, George-112, 113, 273, 292 Hale, Jackie-114, 213 Hall, Mary-114 Hallmark, Vera-114, 122 Hammers, Shirley-114 Hampton, Hanna-80, 99, 114, 194, 230 Hawkins, Lamar-114, 165, 254 Haney, Ray-114, 254 Harbert, Harry-114 Harden, Jean-114, 129, 133, 137, 138, 191, 208, 287 Hargrave, Marie-114 Harrington, Karol-114 Harris, Jessie-114, 197 Harris, Joseph-114 Infante, Dominga-115, 169, 215 Ingo, Carolyn-115, 190, 191, 192 I Jackson, Bobby-115 Jackson, Carlton-115, 257 Jackson, Sandie-115, 177, 213, 285, Jeanis, Ronnie-1 1 5 Jensen, Betty-1 1 5 Joffrion, Rickey-115 Johnson, Carol-115 Johnson Carol Irene-115, 129, 133 Johnson Gene-115 Johnson Jo Ellen-115, 123, 184 Johnson Buddy-208 286 Haskell, Peter-114, 167, 254 Hathaway, Larry-114, 199 Hebert, Hebert, Carrie-114, 115, 169 Pam-190, 191 Hebert, Diane-114 Hebert, Wayne- 114 I-Iecker, Hefley, Ashton-80, 114, 136, Martin-114, 162 Henry, Warren-114, 118 199 Greig, Carl-113, 162, 205, 208, 247, 254 346 Hensley, Jack--114, 132 Hernandez, Gloria-114 Herring, Joe-114 Herring, Melanie-114 Hicks, Richard-114, 196 Hightower, Dianne-114, 127, 133 Hill, Boyd-114, 200 Hoffpauir, Clifford-114, 164 Holmes, Jeanne-114, 122, 184, 188 Holston, Pat-114 Holt, Barbara-114 Holtman, Susan-114, 129, 133, 163, 192 230 Hoover, Dianne-115 Hosen, Peggy-102, 115, 178 Huber, Pam-115, 132, 165, 184, 230 288, 289 Hudson, Larry--115, 266, 267 7 1 Johnson, Michael-115, 254 Johnston, Wayne-195 Johnston, Howell-115 Johnston, Richard-1 15 Jones, Gene-115 Jones Juanette-115 Jones, Gordon-115, 169 Jones, Patsy-116, 181 Jordan, Buddy-112, 116, 136 Jordan, James-93, 116, 132, 217, 219 Jordan, Ronald-116, 169 K Kares, Joe-111 Kidd, Jeriy-95, 116, 239 Killingsworth, Ann-116, 127, 133, 137 138, 184, 211, 230 King, Donald-116, 254 Krautz, Karen-116, 122 Kreiter, Richard-116, 133, 142, 169 Knight, Robert-116, 266, 268 L LaBorde, Larry-116, 266, 268, 267, 269 Ladner, Sondra-116, 118, 177 LaFleur, Deanna-116, 181 Laird, Randolph-116 Mason, Lander, 19 5 Landry Landry, 1 Mavis-112, 116, 162, 175, 182 Clifford-116 Donald-116, 133, 162, 195 Landry, Eugene-116, 195 Landry, Mike-116, 127, 133, 137, 208 240 Landry, Ronnie-116, 132, 241, 242, 243 244, 248, 251, 252, 253, 266, 267 Landry, Sharon-116, 191, 285 Langdon, Marie-116, 167, 178 Latiolais, Donna-116 Leavell, james-1 16 Leavell, Joan-100, 116 LeBlanc, Buddy-178, 254 LeBlanc, Carolyn-116 LeBlanc, Geoffrey-1 16 Ledet, Lillian-116 Lee, Linda-116 Lee, Nancy-1 16 Lee, james-116, 163, 195, 254 Lee, Richard-116 Leman, Sandra-117, 172, 184, 194 LeLeux, joy-1 1 7 Lene, Melvin-117 Lewis, Betty-117 Lewis, James-117, 162 Lewis, Judy-117, 175, 184, 198, 208 Logan, Harry-117 Light, Johana-117, 132 Logan, Tirn-117, 220 Loper, Linda-117 Looper, Shriley-117, 123, 136, 162, 208 Lona, Carmen-117, 169 Low, Lois-117 Low, Jimmie-117, 183 Lusignan, Butch-117 Lusk, john-117, 177, 265, 274 Lyday, joan-117, 172, 173 M Maltese, Charlotte-117 Mannino, Kenneth-117 Maranto, Frank-198 Marsh, Martin Marilyn-117, 162 , Raymond-1 1 7 Martin, Ruth-117 Martin, Thomas-110, 117, 199, 241 Glenn-117 McComber, Teddy-117 Macomber, Donald-117 McConathy, Royce-117, 195 McCorquodale, Linda-117, 186, 194 McCorvy, Paul-117, 292 McCoy, Wayne-1 18 McCuistion, Judy-118, 177 McDaniel, Glenda-118, 164, 231 . McDaniel, Margaret-118 McDonald, Charles-118, 172, 173, 195, 256, 264, 266, 267, 268 McFadden, Donna-118, 167, 181 McGough, Mack-118, 271 McKinley, Paul-118 McLaurin, Neil-17, 118 McMillan, Verna-118, 136 McMillan, Virginia-118, 133, 162, 163 181, 184, 285, 287, 290 McMurray, Judith-118 McNabb, Brenda-118, 128, 136, 143, 162 McQueen, Sunny-118, 196, 197 McRee, Marcia-118 McVey, Judy-89, 118, 132, 181, 230 Meeker, Margaret-118, 127, 133, 137 162, 208 Melancon, Linda-118 Menard, Carolyn-118 Metcalf, Judy-118 Matte, Pat-117, 195 Matthews, Alton-117, 213 May, Melba-117 McCall, Charles-117, 182 Miertschin, Gary-115, 118, 195, 254 Miller, 186, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Ann-112, 118, 126, 136, 162, 184 205, 208, 220 Clara-118, 191 Ernest-118, 264 Gary-118, 119, 244, 263 Lucille-118, 162, 208 Miller, Lynne-118, 176 Miller, Malcolm-118, 257, 266, 267, 268, 269 Miller, Phyllis-118, 169 Morris, Gloria-195, 212 Moak, Phyllis-118, 180, 230 Moerbe, Chloe-118, 181, 231 Montalvo, Irene-118, 169, 290 Moore, Elizabeth-118, 169, 184 Moore, Paula-119, 169 Morales, Audrey-119 Moreno, Isreal-119 Morranto, Frank-119 Mosier, Ronnie-119 Mosley, Perry-119 Mouton, George-119 Moyer, Pam-119, 136, 162, 208, 230 Murray, Mike-119 Murray, Steve-119, 199, 292 N New, Ronny-119 Nolan, Teddy-119 Norvell, Diane-119, 132, 167 O Oates, Linda-119 Oatman, Francis-119 O'Brien, Karen-119, 133, 138, 208, 213 Odom, Luther-119, 139 Ogea, Abram-119 Olive, Karen-119, 133, 137, 164, 175 O'Quin, Peggy-119 Orrill, Ray-119, 127, 133, 138, 162, 203, 220 Otto, Michael-119 Overman, Carol-119 P Pampolina, Phillip-80, 115, 119, 292 Pansano, Elaine-119 Parker, jean-119 Parker, Linda-119, 162 Parker, Susan-119 Parsons, Mary-119 Patin, Darla-114, 119 Patin, Linda-119 Patterson, Dexter-119, 182 Paulino, james-119 Perez, Alfred-2 54 Perritt, Jimmy-120 Peyton, Dot-80, 120, 133, 143, 180, 181 Pierce, Marshall-120 Pietz, BarbaraT120 Pittman, Carol-120, 176 Pitts, Claudia-120, 132, 191 Pitzula, joe-120 Pornmier, Calvin-120, 200 Potter, Robert-120 Potter, Gracey-103, 120, 132, 162, 165, 172, 208 Powell, Barbara-120 Powell, Mamie-120 Powell, Monroe-120 Pratt, LaUna-120, 172 Prejean, Judi-100, 120, 136, 177, 178 208 Provost, Gene-120 Pryor, Nancy-120, 132, 164, 182, 191 Pulito, Loraine-120, 162, 190, 194, 195 Q Quinn, jane--120, 194, 195 Quinn, Larry-120, 176, 178 Quinn, Linda-120 347 R Rabuck, Robert-119, 120, 133, 244 Randall, Gayle-95, 120, 190, 191 Read, Glenda-120, 163 Read, Sherry-120, 167 Reaves, Linda-120, 162, 212 Register, Linda-120 Reyna, Gregory-80, 115, 120, 132, 143 Riche, Jimmie-120, 195 Rivas, Eddie-120 Rivas, Virginia-120 Robbins, Carol-120 Robins, Ronald-112, 120, 164, 178, 182 Robin, Mary-121 Roddy, Walker-121, 164, 182 Rogas, Thomas-121 Rothman, Charlotte--121, 177 Rouly, Caralyn-121, 197 Rutty, Kenny-111, 121, 266, 267 S Salter, Robert-121, 292 Sammons, Eugene-121 Sanders, Ellen-121 Sandifer, Connie-121, 164 Saulsberry, Dale-121, 166, 167, 178 Saunders, Gordon-121 Scheifley, William--112, 121, 162, 172 205 Scheler, Barbara-121, 133 Schroeder, Harold-121, 264 Savoie, Robert-112, 121, 162, 205, 220 223,273 Scott, Bonnie-121, 178 Scott, Carol-80, 109, 121, 132, 133, 211 Searle, Tommy-121 Sechler, Stan-121, 132, 168, 169, 208 Self, John-121 Serville, jerry-118, 121, 136 Shaunfield, Katherine-121 Shavers, Dolores-121 Schiffer, Judy-177 Schless, Donna-121 Schmeltzer, Gus-199 Showalter, Sam-121 Simmons, Michael-121 Sibley, Sharon-116, 121, 132, 143, 162 208,230 Simoneaux, Jerry-121 Shelton, Glenn-121 Sims, jay-109, 121, 142 Skaff, Philip-109, 121, 136, 274 Schaefer, Edwin-121, 195, 206 Slaupas, Anthony-122, 247 348 Smith Smith, Smith : Beverly-122, 175 Chris-122, 196 Lewis-122, 178, 208 Martha--100, 113, 122, 132, 164 Smith, 165 176,208 Smith, Pat-122 Snnth,Pawy-87,122,142,173,208 Smith, Ronald-122 Smith, Sandy-122 Smitherman, Judy--109, 122, 133, 184 208 Snoek, Loretta-1 2 2 Soileau, joseph-1 2 2 Solis, Pat-122, 127, 133, 169,182,195 Solis, Victoria--122, 169 Spears, Alice-122, 177 Spradlin, Mary-122 Stansbury, Thomas-122 Stansell, William-122 Stelly, jerry-122 Stephens, Michele-116, 122, 176, 178 Stokes, Nancy-122, 177 Stokes, Paulda-122, 285 Stokes, Sue-122, 167 Strother, Clara-122 137, 141, 168 1 Sullivan, James-122, 196 Summerlin, Robert-122 Summersgill, Mary-122 Swearingen, jonell-111, 122 T Tahaney, Mike-122 Talbert, George-122 Tapp, William-122, 197 Tatum, Linda-117, 122, 138, 164, 177, 194 Taubert, Shirley-122 Taylor, john-123 Taylor, Pat-123 Taylor, Wayne-123 Thames, Shirley-123 Thibodeaux, Gerald-123 Thomas, Dinah-123 Thompson, Kay-117, 123, 163, 230 Thompson, Ronald-123, 245, 247, 248, 249 Toliver, Michael-123 Tomlinson, Sarah-123 Tortoris, Charles-123 Townsend, Cherie-123 Treibel, George-123, 241, 254 Trenholm, Charles-123 Trevino, Theresa-123 Trokee, Mary-123, 215 Truett, Loron-123 Turner, Linda-123, 191, 198, 285 U Umphrey, Dane-1 2 3 V Vandiver, Winfred-123 Van Hess, Carl-123 Verboon, Gretchen-123, 132, 176, 178 208,214,216 Villareal, Rosie-123, 194 Vincent, Denise-123, 181 Vines, Carly jo-123, 133, 129 W Wagner, Mary-114, 123, 213 Wahl, Mary-123 Wahl, William-123 Walker, Paul-123, 168, 178, 182, 195 206 Walpole, Carol-123, 162 Walters, Marthina-123, 285 Watts, Robert-123, 139, 237 Weathington, Lee-103, 123, 168, 182, 195 Webb, Lois-124 Wehmeyer, Ethel--92, 124, 181, 194 Welch, Sherry-124, 184, 230, 231, 289 Wells, Rebecca-173, 124, 167, 184, 285 287,290 Werner, Linda-124 White, Sally-124, 290 Whitman, Pamela-124 Wiggins, Bill-122, 124 Wilson, Sharon-124 Willson, Wayne-124, 169 Wing, Regina-124 Wingfield, Pat-124, 184 Wolfe, Stephen-95, 124, 169 Wood, Trudy-124 Woodall, Jerry-124 Woods, Aundria-124 Worthington, Stephen-124 Worrell, Larry-124 Wukascb, Barbara-92, 124, 132, 181 Y Yancey, Wilson-124 Yates, Delilah-124 Ybarra, Beatrice-124, 169 Z Zampini, Richard-124 Zeigler, Bobby-124, 196 1 A Adame, Marie Elena-146, 169 Adams, Linda Ann-146, 290 Adams, Mary Helen-146 Adaway, Milton Danielf146 Albright, Billee Claire-146, 167, 173, 181,189,284 Albritton, Slagle Albert--134, 136, 146, 163,273 Alleman, Cheryl-146, 162 Allen, Donald-146 Allen, Margaret-146 Allen, Sandra-146 Allen, Sue-146, 147, 169, 178 Amrn, Kenneth-146, 165 Anderson, Bryan-146, 154, 254 Sophomore Index Birkman, Ruth-147, 64 Blanchard, Allen-147, 264 Blanchard, Terry-147 Blandford, Velma-147 Bonin, Mark-147 Boo1h,Jane-21,134,147,194 Borel, Deann-147, 191, 284 Borres, Margaret-147 Bouillion, james-147 Bourg, Greta-147 Bradley, Lynda-147, 178, 198 Brannan, Michael-134, 136, 147, 163 Brauninger, Sandra-147 Brewer, Linda-147 Bright, George-147, 183, 200, 205, 220 Brite, Carolyn-147, 163, 185 Brogan, Barbara-147, 163 188, 189 Andrews, William-146 Ardoin, Jerry-146 Arrington, Sue-182 Arrington, Tom-182 Aston, Virginia-146, 284 Attaway, Jerry-146 Ayala, Richard-146 B Babin, Laurenda-134, 135, 146, 164, 284 Babino, Marcella-146, 158 Badgu, Patricia-146, 185 Bailey, James-146 Bandsma, Linda-146, 162 Bandsma, Paula-146, 164 Bandy, Mary-146, 162, 191 Banlcston, David-146 Barbosa, Richard-146 Barnard, Barry-146 Barnette, Neatha-146 Baskin, Don-146 191 Broussard, Barbara-147 Broussard, Carol-147 Broussard Carroll-147 Broussard Gerald-147, 167, 266, 270 Broussard , Norris-147, 167 Brown, Charles-147 Brown, Eleanor-147, 174 Brown, G. W.-147 Brown, Henry-147 Brown, Nita--147 Brunson, Donna-147, 167 Bryan, Lora-147 Burks, Barbara--147, 163, 185 Burnett, Martha-147 Bush, Calvin-147 Byrd, Lee Roy-134, 135, 138, 153, 164, 220 C Cappadonna, Mary-147, 181 Capps, David-148, 254 Carcaia, Roxann-148, 164, 175 143, 147, Bass, Hartford-146 Battarbee, Barbara--146, 169, 190, 191 Bazar, Penny-146, 159, 167 Beane, James-146 Bearden, Jack-146 Beavens, Sandra-134, 147, 162, 284 Begnaud, Margaret-146 Belk, Thomas-146 Bell, Danny-146, 273 Belton, Carolyn-146 Belz, Richard-146 Bennett, David-146 Bennett, Mike-146 Benz, Ray-134, 147, 280 Berg, Judy-147 Berry, Claudia-147 Besse, Dolores-147 Bewley, Wanda-147, 284 Besse, Joy--147, 175, 182 Bigler, Bill-147, 200 158, 162, 182, 185, Carr, Cindy-148, 163, 284 Carter, john-148, 273 Carter, Sue-148, 163 Carver, Janis-134, 152, 284 Castaneda, Alejandro-148 Castro, Hugo-148, 264 Cavaretta, Lewis-148, 162, 195, 206 Chalmers, Kay-135, 148, 159, 182, 183 Champagne, Charlotte-148 Chapman, Brenda--148 Clarkson, Timothy-148, 199 Clingaman, jacquelyn--148, 163, 191 Coe, Susie-126, 135, 148 Coffey, LeRoy-148 Collins, julie-148, 174, 175 Collings, Mary-148, 163 Cone, Toby-148, 163, 186, 188 Cooksey, Gay-134, 148, 169, 185, 284 Cooper, Jeanette-22, 148, 159, 181 Cooper, Mary-148 Cortez, Richard-148 Cotham, Charles-148 Coulbourn, Martha-148, 163 Court, Marion-148, 191 Coward, Mary-148 Cox, Bettye-148 Cox, Melba-148, 176, 150 Crenshaw, James-148 Creswell, Mike-148' Cricchio, Mitchel-148 Critchfield, Barbara-148 Crochet, Mary-148 Cropper, Dona-148, 284 Cropper, Katherine-148 Crow, Thomas-148, 183 Cunningham, Nancy-148, 284 Curci, Iris-148 Curtiss, john--148 D Dauphine, Ronald-148, 173, 182, 272 Davalos, Lewis--148 David, Ruby-148 Davis, Belinda-134, 136, 148, 164 Davis, Caludia-148, 284 Davis, Kenneth-148 Davis, Loyle-148 Dawson, Judith-135, 143, 148 DeCluitt, Connie-148 DeCou, Ellen--148 Dejean, Edward-148 Dejean, Gloria-148, 284 DeLaRosa, Lydia-148 Deloney, William-126, 127, 135, 143, 148,167,183,264 DeLosSantos, Eloise-148, 191 Demahy, Helen-148 Deslatte, Darlene-148 Dezelle, Sarah-148, 153, 167, 173, 185, Die, Coyth-148 Dionne, Paula-148 Dix, Nancy-148, 152, 175 Dorion, June-148 Dolce, Noel-84, 126, 135, 138, 142, 147, 148,162,165,183 Domaschk, Gordon-148 Dominguee, Billie-149, 277, 288, 290 Domingue, Carolynn-149, 190, 191 Domingue, Charles-149 Dorsey, Shelby-149 Doty, Jesse-149, 220 Downs, Susan-149, 169, 185, 284 Doyle, Mike-149, 237, 256, 264, 271, 273 Droddy, Robert-149, 190 Ducote, Marilyn-149, 150, 167, 284 Dugas, Barbara-149 Dugas, Harry-264 Duhon, Sammye-149 Dumesnil, Curtis-149, 164, 170 349 Gonzales, Pat-1 5 1 Dunkerly, Ham-149 Duplissey, John-149 Durham, Kenneth-149, 273 Durow, Leonard-149 Dwyu, Claude-149 Dyson, Lewis-149, 273 E Earle, Karen-149 Easley, Pat-135, 138, 149 Eaves, Hilda-149 Eaves, Jean-149 Edwards, David-149 Elliott, Norris-149, 163, 200 Elsrer, Arthur-127, 134, 139, 149, 153, 264 English, Judy-149, 191, 194 Estorga, Delia-149, 191 Etheredge, Patricia-149, 284 F Falcon, Alice-149 Feemster, William-149 Ferguson, Katherine-149, 181 Finley, Charrlotte-149 Fitzgerald, Jerry-149 Fitzner, Harry-22, 149, 177 Flanagan, Carol-135, 149, 156, 163, 185 Flores, Diana-149, 191 Flowers, Linda-149, 182 Foley, Pat-149, 284 Fontenot, Barbara-149 Fontenot, Janis--149, 181 Formagus, Bing-149 Foster, julia-149 Foster, Sandra-149 Fournier, Barbara-149 Franklin, Carol-149 Frasier, Jerry-149 Froberg, Bruce-149 Furrh, Rodney-149 G Gallio, Mary-149 Gannon, Daniel-149, 164, 195, 206 Givens, Catherine-149 Gladden, Floyd-149 Glenn, Bettie-136, 149, 163 Gongora, Celia-149 Gonzales, Alice-150 Gonzales, Jerome-150 Jessie-150, 169, 191 Hufford, Carolyn-284 Huges, Hank-1 5 1 Hughes, Peggy-1 5 1 Hund, Kenneth-1 5 1 Hunt, Rodney-1 5 1 Hurst, jane-1 5 1 Garcia, Amado-149 Garcia, Lupe-149, 134, 168, 169 Garcia, Mary-149, 169 Garcia, Sylvia-149 Garsee, Gartin, Bleckie-149 Beth--135, 149, 191 Garza, Dolores-149, 169 Gauthier, Theresa-149, 167, 191 Gebhart, Johanna-135, 149, 162 Gennusa, Ragan-149, 254, 272, 273 Gillman, Becky-101, 135, 149 350 Gonzalez, Gracie-150, 169 Goodman, Arthur-150 Goss, Lance--134, 136, 150, 254 Gratham, Diane-150, 191 Gratz, Bob-150 Graves, Janice-284 Green, Hollie--150, 175, 178 Green, Sandra-150, 185, 284 Greene, johnie-150 Griffin, jack-150 Griffith, Kenny-150, 157, 175, 284 Griffith, Martin-150, 164 Guajardo, Mary-150, 284 Guidry, Roy-150 Guidry, Lonney-150 Guidry, Terry-150, 271, 273 Gulley, Lana-150, 181, 284 H Hagler, Travis-150 Hall, Carole-135, 150, 167, 289 Hall, Charles-134, 150, 154 Haltom, Donald-139, 150 Hankins, Bernard--150 Harris, Tommy-150 Hart, Mary-150, 164, 220, 290 Haynes, Craig-150 Heath, Bruce-150 Hebert, Pamela-150, 181, 190, 191 Hebert, Sandy-150, 191, 284 Hebert, Sidney-150 Hecker, Ray-134, 145, 150 Henry, Judy-134, 150, 174 Henry, Marcella-150 Hernandez, Sylvia-150 Herrera, Alfred-150 Hickson, Royce-150 Hinrichs, Dona-150, 162 Hightower, Donald-150 Hodges, Clifford-150, 292 Holbrook, james-150 Holbrook, Sandra-150 Holland, Jo Ellen-151 Hollier, Robert-134, 151, 163, 183, 254 Hollingsworth, Brenda-15 1 Honeycutt, Sue-89, 136, 151, 194 Horn, Curtis-151 Horwitz, Edward-151, 168 Hubbard, Priscilla-151, 168 Hudson, Charlotte-151, 186, 188 Hudson, Rebecca-151, 163, 191 Huebel, Gary-151 Huebel, Milton-151 I Irion, Barbara-1 5 1 Irion, Kay-1 5 1, 18 1 Irvin, Sandra-1 5 1 J Jackson, Reagan-151, 254, 264 Jackson, Reggie-1 51, 1 57 james, Martin-1 56 Jeane, Harvey-151, 206 Jenkins, Ronald-1 51 Jenny, Charles-1 51, 19 5 Johnson Charlotte-151 johnson, Ellis-151, 254 johnson, Glenda-115 Johnson, Mary-84, 136, 143, 1 Johnson, Johnston, Norman-1 5 1 Johnston, Wayne-1 5 1 Jones, Gilbert-151, 164 jones, jimmy-151, 169 jones, JoAnn-151, 167, 181, 189 Jones, Joe-1 5 1 Jones, Martin-1 5 1 jones, Merinda-95, 97, 151 Jordan, Karen-1 51 K Kesman, Molly-1 5 1 Ketcherside, Sondra-15 1 Killian, Sharon-1 5 1 King, Diane-1 5 1 51, 163 Kirchmer, john-135, 139, 151, 254 Kitchens, Marilyn-151, 191 Klages, Dwight-151, 205 Knight, Beth Ann-136, 147, 177, 206, 284 Knighton, Brenda-1 5 1 Krautz, Johnny-1 5 1 Krummel, Ruth-15 1 Kube, Henry-1 51 L I.aCombe, Anita-1 5 1 Laird, Bill-15 1 Laird, Pancho-151 Lakie, Leslie-151, 168, 206, 195 LaLonde, Judy-15 1, 284 151, 169 Landry, Arlene-1 5 1 Landry, Barbara-1 5 1 Landry, Claire-151, 159, 206 Landry, John-1 51 Landry, Jolynn-1 5 1 Landry, Rudy-1 51, 163 Lane, Je anenne-15 1 Landford, Barbara-1 5 1 Larson, Pamela-151, 174, 185, 284 Larson, Vestal-151, 199 Latiolasis, Phyllis-151, 167, 190, 191, 198 Lauve, Leonard-151, 157, 266, 268, 269 Lea, Ma LeBlanc LeBlanc LeBlanc LeBlanc ry--152 , Brenda-152, 173, 194, 284 ,john-152, 198 , Margaret-152 , Roudley-152 Lee, Daryl-195, 206 Lee, Jimmie-152, 154, 165, 266 Lee, William-152, 164 Lejeune, Sandra-152 Leaman, Alberta-152, 185 Lequeux, Blayne-152, 220 Levingston, Jimmie Ruth-152, 172 Lewallen, Johnny-152 Lewis, Shelby-152 Light, Barbara-135, 152 Lilljedahl, Teddy-152, 254 Lippincott, Edward-152, 162 Livingston, Linda-134, 152 Loar, James-152, 274, 162 Lockwood, Mary-152, 167, 284 Loewenstein, Robert-103, 152, 163, 195 200, 206 Logan, Frankk162, 254 Logan, Pinckney-152 Lona, Arthur-152 Lopez, Beartice-152, 290 Lowther, Richard-152, 162, 292 Lozano, Victor-152 Ludwig, Joanne-152, 186, 188, 189 Lumpkin, Tommy-152 M Mackenroth, Donald-152 Maggett, Judy-181 Magnus, Judy-152, 164 Malone, Maudine-152, 163 Mandel, jay-152, 164 Manley, Rufucl-152, 163, 195, 200, 206 208, 274 Mannino, Ann-152 Marceaux, Betty-152 Marcontell, Jimmy-152, 162 Marsch, Donald-152, 271, 273 Marshall, john-152, 164 Marsh, Barbara-152, 284 Martin, Martin, Brenda-1 52 Diana-1 52 Martin, Janet-152, 191 Martin, john-152 Martinez, Dominga-152 Martinez, Robert-152 Mason, Rita-152, 191 Mathis, Ray-152, 264 Matte, Nereana-1 52 May, Cheryl-152 McAdams, Marilyn-152 McCoy, Shirley-1 52 McCurley, Charlotte-152 McDonald, Sandy-152, 191, 284 McDowell, Mike-152 McDuffie, Philip-152 McElroy, Sharon-152 McFarland, Judy-152, 181, 191 McGlothlen, Scott-152 McGrew, Patricia-134, 152, 156 McGuff, Marilyn-134, 152, 162, 185 McKenzie, Darrell-152 McLain, janeth-159 McMillian, jerry-152, 159 McMonagle, Kathleen-1 52 McWilliams, June-152, 191 Meadows, Sally-152, 185 Meaux, Burnell-153 Meaux, Judy-153, 194 Meaux, Verna-153, 167 Meeler, Ted-153, 264 Melancon, Donna-153 Melancon, Carol-153 Mendiola, Homer-153 Menzeh, Chris-1 53 Meyer, Eugene-1 53 Meyer, Patty-134, 153 Midgette, Carol-153, 163, 194 Milburn, Kay-153, 163, 185 Miller, Cheryl-153 Mims, Ioan-135, 153, 163, 178, 185 Mingle, James-153 Molina, Alice-153, 173, 191 Monore, Janet-153, 191 Montandon, Mike-153 Moon, Dennis-153 Moore, Mollie-153 Moreau, Kenneth-153 Morgan, David-134, 153, 190 Morgan, Tommy-153, 162, 182, 200 Morrell, Gerald-153 Moser, Scoggy-1 53 Moss, Hilma-153, 191, 194 Munlin, Janice-153 Murphy, Daniel-156 Murphy, Eileen-153 Murphy, Mary-153, 162, 165 Murray, George-153 Musick, Marilee-1 53 Myers, Peggy-153, 185, 284 N Neal, Hoyt-134, 153, 163 Neel, Mike-153, 264 Nelson, john-153, 273 Nicholas, Jeanette-153 Nicholls, Mike-153 Nicholson, Barbara-153, 284 Nielsen, Martin-153, 164 Nielsen, Tommie-153 Nimitz, Donna-153, 163 Nogle, Richard-154 Nunez, Phyllis-154, 159, 167, 284 Nutt, Michael-154 O Odom, Don-154 O'Quinn, Brenda-154, 1-72, 173, 175 Orrill, Jolene-154, 165 Oubre, Charles-154 Owens, Margie-135, 145, 154, 185 P Pace, Janis-154 Page, joel-154 Pansano, Carolyn-154 Paris, Christy-154 Parker, Gladys-154 Parks, Charles-154 Patrick, Ernest-154 Patterson, Douglas-154, 190, 292 Patterson, Pat-154 Perkin, Linda-154, 164 Peterson, Charles-154, 220 Petteway, Cinda-154, 191 Petteway, Coy-154, 162 Peyton, Carole-153, 154, 181 A Pineda, Pat-154 Pool, Rebecca-154, 163, 165, 172, 185 Porras, Marisela-154, 169 Porras, Ubaldo-154 Powell, William-154 Powell, William Foster-154 Prejean, Mikie-154, 284 Prejean, Steve-154, 273 Price, Billy-154, 169 Price, Patty-134, 154, 162, 185 Procelle, Herbert-154 Prohl, Kathy-136, 154, 177, 194 R Rayborn, Robert-154 Raggio, Clo-154 Ramirez, Mary-90, 154, 181, 281 Randall, Marian-154 Randolph, Gary-154, 163, 182 Ratley, Jerry-154, 199, 212 Ravey, Karen-154 Redick, Jimmy-154, 254, 264 Reeve, Sheri-155, 167, 173, 185 Reitz, Donald-155 Renner, Don-155 35l Reynolds, Gary-136, 1 55, 169 Rice, Richard-1 5 5 Richard, Brenda-86, 1 5 5, 28 1, 289 Rising, Douglas-155, 254 Rising, Stanley-138, 155 Robbins, William-1 55 Roberts, james-155 Robideaux, Vance-155 Robison, Paul-264 Robison, Ann-155 Robison, Thomas-155 Roccaforte, Dian-1 55 Rogers, Carolyn-97, 155, 284 Romero, Alvin-155 Romero, Ernest-155 Romero, Lannie-155, 175, 182 Romero, Patricia-155 Rountree, Edward-155 284, 288, Roussel, Betzy-126, 135, 139, 155, 186 Rowe, Cindy-155 Rouiz, Dolores-155, 163, 190 Rumm, Sharon-155 Russell, Larry-155, 292 Russell, Peter-15 5 S Sanchez, Mary-155, 169 Sanders, Leah-155, 169 Sandoval, Sylvia-135, 155, 194 Sappington, Linda-155, 181, 194, 284 Savant, Douglas-1 5 5 Scalco, Vince-135, 153, 163, 165 Schaefer, Edwin-1 5 5 Schaxnayder, Sue-155, 290 Scherry, joe-155, 197 Schoppe, Sandra-15 5 Sclerandi, Larry-100, 155, 176, 178 Scott, Jacqueline-98, 134, 136, 153, 163 Sedtal, julis-1 5 5 Sealey, Karen--155 Segrest, Gerald-136, 156, 163, 254, 273 Self, Rebecca-156 Sellers, Sonald-156 Sepeda, Virginia-156 Shaffett, Donald-156 Sharp, Connie-156 Sharp, Sharon-156 Shaw, jerry-156 Sherwood, Arthur-156, 254, 173 Short, Teddy-156, 292 Simmons, Buddy-156 Simmons, Aric-156, 157, 254 Simon, Donald-156 Simon, Durwyn-156 Sims, Shirley-156, 181, 194 Sinclaire, Jan-156, 284 Siragusa, jerry-156, 284 Sistruck, Kenneth-156 Slocum, Bill-156, 266, 269 352 Smith Ann-156, 169 Smith, Charles-156 Smith Charles Ray-156 Smith Clark-156 Smith, Larry-157 Smith Linda-135, 157, 169, 281 Smith, Linda Lynne-156, 157 Smith, Lynn-157 Smith Lynn Vess-157, 284 Smith, Sue-157, 163 Smith, Mary-157 Smith, Micky-157 Smith jill-156, 169, 194 Smith Smith Robert, 157, 198 Sidney-1 57 Sorenson, Sharon-157, 167, 186 Spooner, Douglas-90, 157 Stansbury, Pamela-157, 169 St. Cyr, Burt-157 Stephens, Margaret-157, 167, 284 Stevens, Marsha-157 Stewart, Carroll-157 Stewart, Suzy-157, 178 Stone, Brenda-157, 191 Straub, Jean-126, 157, 163, 185 Strodera, Wanda-157, 178 ' Stroud, Chuck-157, 241 Styles, Danny-157 Suire, Carl-157 Summerlin, Libby-135, 137, 153, 185,188 Summerlin, Nancy-158 Suttle, Sharyn-158 Swanzy, Patricia-158 T Tansil, Karen-158, 174, 185 Tantilla, Robert-134, 188, 183 Tardiff, Robert-158 Taylor, Leonard-158 Taylor, Lora-158, 164, 191 Theriot, Brenda-154, 158, 163, 284 Thomas, Peggy-158, 185, 188 Thompson, Carolyn-158, 162 Thompson, Mark-158 Thrasher, Paul-158 Tipton, Linda-158, 169 Touchet, Donald-158 Townsend, Tommy-103, 147, 158, 164 195, 206, 265, 274 Tragelis, Mercina-136, 158 Trahan, Lynda-158 Trahan, Tony-158 Travis, Carol-158 Travis, Don-158 Tread, Robert-158 Treibel, Larry-158, 167, 173, 241, 254 Trenh0lm,, Portia-158 Trim, joseph-158 Trim, Robert-158 158, Trow, Richard-158, 195, 206 Truett, Priscilla--158, 163, 191 Twieg, Donald-158, 200 U Underwood, janet-135, 139, 163, 185, 188 V Valdez, Mary-1 58 VanDevenden, David-158, 183, Veal, jimmy'-158 Ventrello, Vincent-158, 292 Vincent, Richard-1 58 Voight, Pat-158 W Wahl, Charles-158 Waldron, Charles-1 58 Walker, Barbara-1 58 143, 158 194, 254 Wallace, Barbara-150, 158, 185, 206 Walters, David-159 Walters, Aloina-158 Wappler, Karen-159 Warner, Richard-159 Webb, Linda-159, 167 Wfeber, Andrea-159, 164 Wehner, August-159, 164' Wells, Virginia-159 Whaley, Judy-159 Wheeler, Down-159 Whelply, Janice-159, 191 White, james-159 White, Paula-150, 159 Whitehead, Thomas-159 Whitlow, Carolyn-159, 162 Wiggins, Sandra-159, 182, 284, 289 Williams, joe Bob-159 Williams, Thomas-159 Williamson, Sandy-159 Willis, Kyle-159, 162 Wilson, Carolyn-159 Wilson, DeAnn-159, 167, 177 XVi1tz, Linda-159 Windsor, Raymond-159, 273 Wingfield, Leslie-159 Wolf, Louise-159 Wolf, Kathleen-159, 162, 178, Wood, John-159 Woodward, Carolyn-159 Wforthy, Robert-159 Z Zumo, Frank-1 56, 1 59 186, 284 B2 iL:,sQ3'iI ,ffwiaf QF Y . 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Suggestions in the Thomas Jefferson High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) collection:

Thomas Jefferson High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Jefferson High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Jefferson High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Jefferson High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Jefferson High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


Thomas Jefferson High School - Yellow Jacket Yearbook (Port Arthur, TX) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


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